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File: 1541712909036.jpg (30.05 KB, 600x464, DnVuF50U0AABrN9.jpg)

No. 322192

Not trying to vent? Not annoyed? Not asking a dumb question? Post it here.

No. 322195

Mine is, ever since finding out what "hon" is in the GC threads, seeing judges nameplates with "Hon. Firstname Lastname" makes me giggle.

No. 322199

Afaik hons are MTF / TIMs aka "transwomen"

I was confused too because I know hons as MLM-shilling facebook moms.

No. 322203

File: 1541714294262.png (146.34 KB, 283x279, pedo.png)

I came across the KiwiFarms thread about YaoiGoddessKeale/Kalematsuba yesterday, and I realized something.
In the disgust at MtFs, a lot of GC people seem to overlook that many FtMs are female pedophiles.
I think it's because there's a lot of crossover between fujoshi and shotacon fetishists, who go on to become fakebois, who go on to actually transition.
In Kale's case, they're a huge shotacon who used to draw the stuff in public during their early, early-2000s fujo/fakeboi phase. They ultimately doxxed and stalked an actual 13 year old boy at one point, and talked about almost getting a criminal record over it.

No. 322204

This is probably better served in the GC thread, but I agree. With all the hooblah about MTF tranny nonsense, a lot of people tend to paint FTMs in a sympathetic light.

No. 322206

this does not belong in this thread

No. 322266

I wish we had more boards and more posters tbh

No. 322270

Yes, I agree. it's been so slow these past couple days.

No. 322273

because milk is drying up and most cows are boring now. gone are the days of daily sperging from the true queen.

I literally check only /ot/ and 1 thread in /snow/. All other threads are hidden because they're autistic or boring as fuck.

No. 322280

Same, this is the only board I like anymore. Why do we even have a rule against nitpicking if no one is going to enforce it?

No. 322281

i really don't want this place to fade into obscurity, it feels super one of a kind compared to most spots on the internet… but it really does feel like the life's fading out of it.
i don't know if there's anything that can be done- with the average cow now knowing that oversharing is bad, milk seems like it's just on a downward trend in general. it's sad..

No. 322290

File: 1541726393767.jpg (339.93 KB, 1200x750, ID-02-1200x750.jpg)

I love Initial D and Takumi is fucking sexy. I want to have passionate sex with him in his AE86 and be a passenger when he's racing down Mount Akina. I wouldn't care if I fell off the mountain with him and died together.

No. 322291

File: 1541726516168.jpg (35.1 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

i just had some ravioli. it was good.

No. 322294

This may be the most powerful post I’ve ever seen

No. 322295

this may be the most powerful post ive ever seen

No. 322297

File: 1541727122195.jpg (15.6 KB, 236x245, mister.jpg)

I'm sad were going to have to wait 2.5 months minimum to see blowjob scene in the vento aureo anime

No. 322304

File: 1541727650487.jpg (66.14 KB, 500x494, 1532968896063.jpg)

need to get up, dookie and do some laundry and i'm too busy laying in bed next to my aromatherapy diffuser

No. 322308

This post gave me the powerful urge to play Initial D music and now I can't stop.

No. 322309

The music only furthers my sexual desires.

No. 322311

Anon, I fucking love you so much. Don't ever stop

No. 322314

man, that brings me back!! I used to listen to anime radio before youtube was a thing and they played a lot of inuyasha and initial D. Great stuff

No. 322334

I was obsessed with Eurobeat during my middle school years. 2006 memories…

No. 322362

i can't believe global warming is causing even lolcow milk to dry up

No. 322365

it would help if the site didn't change admins like seasons. it honestly feels like there's 0 leadership or moderation besides the occasional farmhand showing up to ban exceptionally retarded posters. the nitpicking rule is never enforced which leads to pages of people sperging about how much money momokun is holding in her hand for hours.

No. 322372

File: 1541737378225.jpg (64.56 KB, 604x340, cdc.jpg)

leave this thread alone

No. 322402

What are you even talking about

No. 322428

That life with mak girl needs to stop. Why do her parents let her upload that shit? The last two videos she uploaded were especially fetishy. One was her stepping on things in heels and the other was her bathing in slime (in a bikini at that, sheesh). The latter immediately got flagged and deleted by YT, thank fuck.

No. 322526

you're still salty about that?

No. 322528

I know! It's incredibly creepy and I think this video perfectly summarizes her supposedly innocent videos.

I almost barfed when I saw her mother approving of that in one of her videos. I really like ASMR and I don't consider it of sexual nature but so many people have started sexualising it and pandering to the nogf crowd that kids following it seems really disturbing. Social services should be involved in this.

No. 322529

I don't fucking know what I want! Everything is so confusing!

No. 322530

Me neither. I fear that the longer I wait, I'll have less opportunities because I let them go to waste. At the same time, I'm also afraid of making important choices and I'm indecisive. Ugh

No. 322535

This video was hilarious and spot on. Creepy as hell and the short honeycomb slurping parts made me want to hurl. I'm one of those pathetic people who listens to asmr to fall asleep but sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat because the automatic playlist led to a fucking sloppy blowjob mouthsounds video

No. 322542

just listen to rainforest sounds or thunderstorms you fucking degenerates.

everyone who likes "ASMR" is contributing to this shit problem. you are all fucking creepy regardless of it being a personal fetish or not because it acts like a fetish does. there is nothing about noises making you feel tingly, that doesn't sound like a fetish. full stop. i don't care how sleepy it makes you, get a new hobby.

No. 322549

It's not our fault that twitch thots saw the cash cow and started doing this weird shit. Everything is getting sexualised these days, the problem is not ASMR, it's the audience.

I was following GentleWhispering before she even reached 100k subs, ASMR was nothing like that. Sure, there were some gf roleplays but nothing remotely on this level.

Why should any of us give up genuine ASMR because freaks taint everything with their degeneracy?

Also, ASMR isn't a hobby. It's something you watch or listen to in the background to fall asleep to. Personally, it helps me with dealing with migraines without having to chug down pills.

Don't talk about something you know nothing of.


> but sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat because the automatic playlist led to a fucking sloppy blowjob mouthsounds video

Ugh I hate when that happens. It's like someone scratching their nails on the blackboard.

No. 322550

Lmao thank you, my ex looooooved asmr and was deeply offended that I called it disgusting and creepy for these same reasons.
>b-b-but my ear tingle
You’re gross and you should feel gross. Especially since your kink is on a public, kid infested platform. Keep your weird shit on red tube or cam sites and I honestly wouldn’t give a fuck. Asmr is so nasty because of where it’s posted, because it’s normalizing softcore sexual content, even if you aren’t wanking to it, you’re part of the problem.

No. 322551

ASMR (the actual response, not the shitshow of a community and videos) is one of those things that's really hard to explain to someone who doesn't experience it, and I get why people whould think it's bullshit, but it really is a legit thing and it's nothing like arousal, goosebumps/shivers or regular relaxation, it's a very distinct feeling. I've gotten the "tingles" (I fucking hate that word) since I was a kid, and even my dad who has never even heard about ASMR videos said that he experiences it too sometimes.

It's just that the whole term has completely lost its meaning and the community has gone off the rails. It's filled with people who have no idea what they're doing or talking about. I remember when the videos used to be solely made by people who experience it, for people who experience it, and you could discuss it without anyone butting in with "oh it's like when you hear a nice sound or someone plays with slime and it's relaxing, haha BRAIN ORGASM amiright, I like listening to hot girls whispering :)))". I wish it would just go back to being an underground thing.

No. 322553

who cares get over yourselves and stop contributing to this shitty cash cow. you guys don't need this shit, you're just acting entitled now.

No. 322554

I don't think it's worth explaining because if they don't experience that sensation, they won't change their opinion.
I wish it went back to being an underground thing too. I see so many top "ASMRtists" that give me zero tingles (I hate using that word too but for the lack of a better one…). I get that it's subjective, some people get tingles from microphone scratching, some people get tingles from water sounds etc., but all I see are just elaborate cosplays with whispering so I'm not even surprised people have a whole different perception of what ASMR is. It became an internet meme and, as long as there's whispering, people call it ASMR.

No. 322555

ntas but you sound like an autist

No. 322556

Getting this spergy over a mostly harmless series of YouTube videos is ridiculous. That child is absolutely being exploited by her idiot mother but for every weird sexual asmr account, there’s an account that is totally silent and focuses on cooking, doesn’t show any face or isn’t sexual in the least. You’re going to tell me that there’s something degenerate about this cooking video just because it’s asmr?

A few sexual weirdos exploiting it for a fetish doesn’t mean the whole genre is ruined. That’s like saying all movies are pornography, or all cosplay is for thots.

No. 322560

I want the ASMR fags to leave. You guys are ruining every thread trying to defend it because like it or not, even regular ASMR is inherently creepy. Even the pseudoscience behind it makes it seem creepy.

Plus, almost every human being experiences it along with arousal.

Just get over yourselves and stop fighting and trying to defend it.

People who defend themselves on anon are literally subhuman.

No. 322564

i agree. if people experience reactions to ASMR good for them, but you guys are acting like it's some kind of oppressed religion or something and getting all weird and defensive when literally no one gives a fuck. besides, i wouldn't doubt that it's somewhat habit forming since it provides instant gratification. shit's weird.

No. 322572

> attack someone for being pervert
> tar all people that enjoy ASMR with the same brush

Yeah okay, you were a troll all along. Don't accuse others and then act uppity and surprised when people try to explain. Fuck off.

No. 322577

I'm not even the same anon, I just think you guys are over-reacting, especially since no one is really judging you cause anons don't have identities. It's really cringy.

No. 322619

File: 1541789128317.png (558.05 KB, 705x540, tumblr_mok7qcKFoq1spj3v5o1_128…)

/ot/ is my favorite board on here, but it's so slow, no one is posting anywhere, threads die super fast (the merch one is awesome but it's dead, or almost dead, etc)

unrelated but
I love how this website can be the most wholesome place sometimes (I keep screenshots from some anon's responses to my posts in a special folder on my phone to cheer up)

No. 322680

I’m so tired lately and I have no idea why. I work a lot, but it’s the slow season so it’s not really demanding at the moment. I’m not super depressed atm (I wouldn’t say I’m happy but I’m not miserable either). But all I wanna do when I’m home is sleep. Idk why.

No. 322681

>I keep screenshots from some anon's responses to my posts in a special folder on my phone to cheer up
That's so cute

No. 322687

I’m super impressed Kooter’s thread has lasted so long and how people still keep tabs on her. Reading the old screenshots from when she was first getting popular was a blast from the past wew.

No. 322700

lmao man get out , is fine if you don't like but is not a fetich literaly it help people to sleep i'm sorry you have to be so into porn and sex you see it every were get some help huh

No. 322715

Kek she's going to screenshot your post. Add me too, anon! xoxo

No. 322915

I saw a girl stretch in class yesterday. She was incredible flexible, it made me feel like a stiff old lady. I think I'm going to start stretching again.

No. 322937

Everytime I listen to wild thought by Rihanna I can't unhear "wa-wa-waluigi" instead of "wi-wi-wild thoughts"

No. 322943

Whenever I see an anon like this one who can barely speak English (nothing wrong with that) I wonder how did they find Lolcow. I'm EFL too, not hating

No. 322953

Google images probably or just from searching up any of the cows we laugh about on here in general. ESLs shouldn't be posting unless they improve their English though because they can't read properly and often start useless fights that don't make sense.

No. 322958

File: 1541858414331.gif (985.01 KB, 408x155, dj4q3_500.gif)

No. 323011

tbh a lot of native english speakers have terrible grammar and poor vocabulary. The Internet would have been a better place if that rule was applicable to all.

No. 323294

Lately my tits get so damn cold and it's weirding me out. You'd think wearing a bra would help them keep warm, since it's an extra layer. The rest of my body is completely fine.

No. 323301

You're probably going to get a cold

No. 323345

I have a lolcow folder on my computer, for the extra good or insightful posts

No. 323356

Suffer with me anon

No. 323479

I hate that the iPad is the best thing for digital drawing yet it has the absolute worst system for importing and opening files

No. 323487


No. 323721

glad the thinspo trend shit died off after the 2000s, it was jarring to see a 1st world country like america have people emaciated as a fashion choice

No. 323762

I use google drive to upload finished artwork, then I just dl it on my desktop.

No. 323873

Interacting with normal people about banal things is so cleansing man. Wish I was a full normie and unaware even of this board sometimes

No. 323877

Agree, I have 1(one) normie pal and it's wholesome to just talk about school and his social life since that's really all he has going on. He's unpolluted by obscure internet subcultures and chan bullshit. He probably doesn't even know what /pol/ is.

Although I think I do have a deeper connection with my friends who are in too deep but have the same moral compass as me.

No. 324544

On a similar but unrelated note to the post above, does anyone actually ever deal with cows irl on a regular basis? There's quite a few on here that I sometimes cross paths with, and with the exception of one in particular, they've all been basic banal interactions.

Like I'll be having a conversation with them and smiling and nodding and pretending I didn't see them naked on the internet. I wish I didn't know this board so I could take these people at face value instead of immediately picturing a penis pump.

No. 324588

File: 1542148827740.jpg (41.83 KB, 768x528, Untitled-1-207-768x528.jpg)

I want a cat but I'm anxious about getting one for some reason. I have owned 2 cats in the past many years ago (one died from stomach cancer, the other my ex took because when we broke up I had an unstable living situation, both were rescues). Both cats were wonderful and affectionate and easy to care for. But the way some people talk about cats they're sooo difficult and destructive so I'm wondering if I just got lucky with them. However, I'm a NEET due to chronic illness and my husband works long hours so I'm pretty lonely during the day, and would like a cat to keep me company.

I guess I've just had really bad luck this year and a lot of things have gone horribly wrong so I'm paranoid about making any changes to my life. My living and money situation is very stable but it's just been such a shitty year in terms of random bad things happening.

No. 324593

The crazies who argue that the second amendment to the American constitution is an inalienable birthright given to them by god scare the crap out of me.
Why are they mostly fundies?
How do they keep such a stupidly incoherent argument going for so long?
Why is anyone listening to people who ignore a literal mountain of evidence?

No. 324612

File: 1542150935429.jpg (109.3 KB, 640x960, 72994b0faae121cf8b3993faed59b8…)

lol nah, cats aren't that bad unless you just have to have a special needs one or a breed with a lot of care. Most people who have shit luck with every cat they've ever had tend to just not understand how to deal them. If you don't think it's a good idea to get one, then don't. Maybe try at the beginning of next year to get one if you feel this year isn't a good time. I miss my cats(can't have them where I live yet) and like to go to the local shelter and play with the ones there and it's really nice. You could try that if you aren't sure you're ready yet.

On a completely different note, man I fucking miss homemade food. College food is absolute shit. I know it's not meant to be god-tier chef's cooking but fuck I get sick whenever I eat anything from the dining halls so I end up sick. I cook some stuff on my own but damn it's not the same as the food I get at home. Makes me homesick as all hell.

No. 324621

I had the same concerns as you when I wanted a cat so I looked into adult cats who already had their personalities and stuff laid out. It eased my mind and I ended up with a cuddly calm companion! I wish you luck in adopting if you decide to go through with it anon.

No. 324629

I second this. Plus, kittens can be a lot of work, which doesn’t sound like it would be a good fit considering anon’s current situation. Even a one year old cat would be less of a hassle.

I also recommend going through a small rescue, one where the volunteers work daily with the cats. They’ll have a good idea of the cats’ individual personalities and can help you match up with one that will fit your lifestyle. The one I went to also allows you to bring the cat back guilt free if it doesn’t work out. They just want their kitties to go to homes that are a good fit for everyone involved.

No. 324635

have you considered temporary fostering? maybe there are some rescues in your area that do that, it's usually the smaller ones with limited capacity. that way you can sorta get a feel for the kitty and fully adopt it if you think it would be a good fit. and if not then hey, you are helping a shelter and not committing to having an actual pet

No. 324642

this kind of happened with me but she was sick! she's all better now but she's a feisty old pampered princess. still perfect tho, my 13 year old cat still plays with toys like a crazy kitten.

No. 324653

File: 1542158176467.jpg (26.38 KB, 483x342, 17 NEWS PL30145801Veteran broa…)

This picture of Gay Byrne (Irish TV host) came up in my newsfeed and it made me think of reviewbrah.

No. 324656

…it's true.

No. 324691

I accidentally lost like 15lbs the last few weeks and all my shit fits badly so I’m sad about it. Just bought a frickin Christmas dress and now it’s not gonna fit. Maintaining a body’s needs is too much responsibility.

No. 324693

The fact that Matt from Super Best Friends Play follows and interacts with Hitomi J-Cup while being in a committed relationship with his wife really bothers me. Especially because his wife follows him on Twitter and knows about it. I guess it’s fine if she’s fine with it but it’s so goddamn weird and uncomfortable to me, not to mention disrespectful?

No. 324705

Thank you anons! I think I will go to the local shelter soon and see if they have any nice calm adult cats. There are a few I have my eye on from their website. I think a kitten is definitely more work than I'm capable of with my health the way it is currently.

No. 324736

Kinda the opposite of this, but I but my first bf became a sort of a lolcow on the weeb parts of our country's biggest imageboard a few years after we dated. Man it was depressing to try to catch up on some new cosplay/con drama when every other post was about all the dumb shit he'd done. I was still wearing some sort of rose-tinted glasses for him even after breaking up but I felt so stupid to have let such an asshat enter my vagina.

No. 324821

I don't want to necromance the language thread, so what are some imageboards and in general sites where I can practice Portuguese?

Also, please feel to name any resources, give tips, artists, YT channels for learning Portuguese if you know of any.

I really love the language, both european and brazilian portuguese sound divine to me. I could just listen to it all day long everyday.

I'm in europe so Portugal isn't that far from me and I wish I could go there for a year.

No. 324861

I'm planning for trips I'm probably never going to take. I want to visit Japan and the East coast of the USA because it's my childhood dream, and I want to visit the UK, Germany, and maybe other places in Europe. Now my sister wants me to visit Thailand because she loved her trips there and a Canadian friend is making me curious about Canada as well. I want to pack my things up and buy a good camera and travel all over the world right now.

No. 325484

File: 1542295579932.jpg (42.44 KB, 300x450, 7185636.jpg)

I'm so glad someone made a missed connections FB page specifically for my small town. Really enjoying the cringy posts, the comment slapfights, and the atrocious spelling in both. My proximity to the users makes the whole thing 10 times funnier than it should be.

No. 325505

This sounds excellent.

No. 325510

File: 1542299028129.jpg (39.71 KB, 583x583, 1486434020768.jpg)

god, /ic/ is such a shit board
there are some decent artists that show up from time to time
but the robots that lurk there are annoying as fuck lmao

No. 325528

Not sure if here's the right thread but I usually get suspicious of men who always find an opportunity to tell how evil, stalker and "narcissistic" their ex-girlfriends are. It's strange how they are always the victim and never did wrong, I know one that is like this and makes me think the actual narcissist and stalker wasn't the ex-girlfriend but him butthurt because this girl probably was the one who put an end on their relationship.(man-hate derailing)

No. 325537

Is there a thread for YouTubers that we used to watch ~5 years ago? I used to be obsessed with clothesencounters. But she got less relatable when she moved back to LA after college and started dating that British guy.

I'm so glad I came across bestdressed on youtube. She actually makes nice fashion videos incorporating thrifting which Jenn hasn't done in years.

Same with Lindsey Hughes/ beautybaby44, I used to watch her a lot in 2014 but her content got lazy. Lindsey was always a basic bitch but she went from LA basic with a Mercedes to a PNW basic that wants a Subaru…

No. 325581

File: 1542305703009.jpg (56.3 KB, 500x480, tumblr_p24jsqynm41v5i3nmo1_500…)

I really miss when social media wasn't so huge. I miss Livejournal and just having a stupid blog online back when no one had to think about being publicly dragged or doxxed for their interests. I thought pillowfort.io looked pretty good but apparently it has a KF thread for being SJW-pandery.

Anyone here actually use any online blog site? Is dreamwidth still alive? I know fandom secrets are still posting there.

No. 325589

nta but why is this considered man-hate derailing wtf?
someone fire this retarded mod

No. 325598

It belongs in vent or man-hating. Not in the "thread for everything but those things." That's why.

No. 325599

you could say the same thing for a lot of posts ITT yet this one was singled out. I mean, a lot of posts here could be classified as a vent. And saying you're suspicious of men who are bad mouthing their ex gfs isn't necessarily a man hating material, just a general remark. You continue to spin it however you will.

No. 325602

Its also probably that they were doing something rule breaking before or having this issue somewhere else. I've had to moderate on websites and chatrooms before and that happens a lot, so i don't usually like to question it.

This thread is really ill defined and shit anyway. Its basically just a "random" thread but with "no vent" rules that are subjectively enforced.

Tbh i think what would help is an admin coming in and making it clear: "no more vents period, go to the other thread" but this place has been pretty disorganized lately…

No. 325606

>penis pump
so you talk to Charms irl?

No. 325657

Was eevie a figment of my imagination??? Was that even her name???

I swear I used to follow some girl named eevie on tumblr and Gaia who was into Lolita and Pokémon….
But then she suddenly vanished
I swear she was popular….but I can’t remeber and it’s driving me crazy!

No. 325668

agreed. I miss when blogging wad more than memes and shit posting and people weren't turned into complete narcissistic attention whores by social media. (or at least they weren't as prolific.) I went back and read some ancient Harry Potter drama on LJ awhile ago and really made me miss the good ol days.

No. 325724

Yeah, I especially miss how much easier it was to just start talking to people in communities and making friends that you'd end up sperging with on MSN messenger. I miss the feeling of browsing a fan community blog and starting to recognize people in the comments by their names/icons, then going to lurk the rest of their custom icons and finding more shit in common. And holy fuck how the times have changed, back then the word "meme" to me meant "kink meme" and nothing more.

No. 325731

I put coconut oil on my face, both as a cleanser and an overnight treatment. It's working pretty well for my skin, in spite of some people avoiding it like the plague and speaking out against it. I feel pretty lucky to be part of the camp that it actually helps, not gonna lie.
I've also started messing around with raw, unrefined shea butter. I don't like the smell, but it's a lot better than any lotion I've ever used. My skin is 100x softer and smoother than before. It's affordable, too. I used to neglect myself hardcore because depression, so getting into skincare (and self care in general) was hard at first, but things are sort of looking up now. Feels nice.

No. 325732

As a brazilian, please avoid brazilian imageboards at all costs. All of them are a bizarre lovechild of /pol/ and /r9k/ with a /b/ on the side. I'd try reading news/blog posts/any long text in general and slowly pick apart words you don't understand instead. Maybe try duolingo (idk if they teach portuguese)?
I wouldn't mind giving out my (separate) discord either if you need help.

No. 325738

File: 1542321646138.jpeg (257.56 KB, 700x906, 862829B6-8B48-4152-A5E9-4CA444…)

Kind of related but I kinda miss deviant art, it brought out a lot of classic nutters like sonicrocksmysocks, snapesnogger,bleedman,ramy, etc.., I remember getting home from school and just spending hours on deviantart looking for anime art tutorials, those dumb stamps that you could put on your profile and posting shitty art. (Or Posting art I found on my friends MySpace wall) Was a little bit easier to make friends back then, I even met my first online gf on there kek.

I feel like social media is only getting worse and I hate thinking about how the young kids that are heavily exposed to it are going to turn out when they become adults.

No. 325743

I miss actual discussion. Most fans of things I like are on twitter and they just write weird unfunny shit posts, post memes and shipping fanart. I wanna discuss plot and stuff, sigh. Can't do that on such platforms. Has anyone tried the pillowfort thing?

No. 325775

i'm interested in trying pillowfort but i'm not sure i wanna spend 5 bucks on it…i know it's not a lot but if it's just a tumblr clone bust i don't want to waste my pennies.

No. 325777

Good for you anon, I always like to hear how natural stuff (esp. coconut oil) helps people out.

No. 325788

You can log in as a demo user to explore the communities for now. It's not exactly a clone of Tumblr, the devs set out to combine tumblr with LJ in that you have your own blog and can reblog your blog's content directly into community blogs, so let's say you draw a piece of fanart and post it on your blog, then you can reblog it into the community yourself instead of going through the blog owner to hopefully notice your content, or cross-posting it like back in the day.

One big controversial option they wanna implement is being able to edit/delete your OP and it would reflect on all reblogs too. I think that's a pretty cool option in itself when you think about it in terms old school fandom participation/functionality, let's say you draw a piece of fanart and people start reblogging it right away but you notice it has some mistakes/resolution issues that annoy you and you want to reupload it without scrapping the whole post and losing out on collected comments/faves. But since the devs made that feature for something along the lines of reducing tumblr-esque bullying (if people start to drag you for your problematic post you can either delete it or edit your fanart of a steven universe character to be fatter and darker and it would reflect on everyone's existing reblogs and you could try to get away with pretending it was like that from the start), it's really starting to attract the specials.

Like if the devs hadn't mentioned it as "safe space" Tumblr-inspired feature, I doubt it would've received as much backlash and people coming up with ways to exploit that function for the lulz (like replacing inconspicuous photography/fanart with gore or porn). I understand why they'd want to use Tumblr as a comparison point, but they really should have just marketed this to the old crusty LJ crowd without even mentioning the kind of demographic and site culture tumblr has, cause now the website isn't even out of beta and the scary prognosis is that if the site launches, tumblr retards will flood in and hide under the NO BULLI ;w; function to stir shit among each other for disagreeing on the sexuality of some kid's cartoon character.

No. 325793

i think that's a good option. yes it means people might not be held accountable for stupid shit they say but i think it will do way more harm than good.

im checking it out as a demo user and it seems pretty good so far, i really like the communities. might be a good place for an artist to get in on the ground floor (which is what i mainly use tumblr for) so i might throw some money at it. i think it'll attract snowflakes like all blogging/social media platforms do but it seems like it'll be easier to avoid them. and if the staff is even slightly better than tumblr's it's a vast improvement.

No. 325866

I have never heard of it before, does it have a lot of users?
Gotta say the name puts me off, sounds childish. I am an old LJ user after all too.

No. 325890

I don't think it's huge but taking a glance at the communities some of them are relatively big, like 600+ users. Your best bet is to check out how active the communities you'd be interested in are. All the ones I like are small or dead so I probably won't join until it gets bigger.

No. 325956


But it's not even "man-hating", it's just being suspicious of men.

Is one of the mods a scrot ?
I'm tired of this bs, not one single place on the internet where you can be free of them.

No. 325957

I do believe we either have a scrot or a troon mod but we also have a retarded mod with poor reading comprehension who constantly ban people for dumb shit.

No. 325968

agree. I'm surprised I haven't been banned yet (I abide to all the rules and rarely derail)

No. 325974

I once read something on here about an anon's bf's pupils becoming dilated when he's close to cumming and honestly, that so fricking cute. I can't wait till I get my first bf

No. 325981

That’s so pure anon, best of luck to you!

No. 325992

It may seem cute now but he'll fuck you over soon. You should dump him.

No. 326015

>you should dump him before you get him

I'm hollering

No. 326021

Men-haters please stay in your thread. Or at least learn how to read.

No. 326037

File: 1542388807634.png (285.39 KB, 500x281, lurking.png)

I've started following a personal lolcow of mine on twitter and he isn't following me back for now. He isn't posting as much stupid crap as before though so it's not as fun as it could have been if I did that earlier, instead of blocking him and lurking from time to time. I don't think he recognized me at all, since we know each other irl but I'm not dumb enough to use my real name or selfies on my social media accounts.

No. 326168

Not sure if right place so I feel not, direct my useless ass to the correct thread BUT is there anyone who knows what happened to this girl on tumblr? Her usernames were: emotionallyprovocative, boringdisorder and alienposition? Would love to know what happened to her but no idea how to go about it.

No. 326216

Fuck the norovirus

No. 326380

Has anyone else ever befriended or started dating someone to find out they're actually a big fan of a cow whose thread you frequent a lot? I found out the guy I've been seeing likes wigonhead and instantly flashed back through half a year of lolcow posts

No. 326519

fucking RUN. any guy that likes wig is a chauvinist nutjob that obviously has a hardon for manic pixies that will skin themselves for the attention of literally the loseriest men imaginable

No. 326590

File: 1542488175593.jpg (180.91 KB, 1280x1280, 1510500097294.jpg)

>kpop critical thread criticizes how S.Korea has impossile/harsh beauty standards
>Last thread they're tearing apart some Kpop singers who look completely fine

There's some loonies in that thread

No. 326597

Those anons really bother me too.

No. 326604

I would've been curious as to why.
It's one thing if he wants to fuck her for being tricked into thinking she's ~le edgy girl~, but if he agrees with what she says and does then that's a definite red flag. Especially the anti-feminist and troon aspects.
Either way, you sure you want a guy with shit taste? Next time he mentions it point out those flaws about her and see what he says…

No. 326613

Either way, to any sane woman, it's a dealbreaker. There's really no excusing it. I hope anon and her bf are like, 18, because it's a million times even more sad if they're not

No. 326620

the anons tinfoiling about bts being literal nazis sounded wild too

No. 326625

>it's a dealbreaker
I wouldn't be that dramatic. People are allowed to like stupid things and stupid youtubers. What matters is why for and to what extent. It's possible he may only like her ~yoonique gorl so randum~ persona and no deeper than that. I'd give someone the benefit of the doubt or at least the chance to explain.

No. 326652

guys that like MPDGs are narcs and that's her entire schtick. it's a dealbreaker for me. the minute a guy buys her kind of "i'm the only good gurl out there!!! man, women are DUMB!" shit (which is literally her entire brand and her only appeal), i'm out.

No. 326662

A lot of the things posted there can be posted in the kpop thread!
I was hoping for shit like how the kpop industry is wrong and does harm, all that jazz.
It's pure weak shit, sigh.

No. 326797

I sometimes read the Dakota thread just because the people posting there are the actual milk. The amount of obsessive a-logging is simply hilarious and the thread always follows the same formula.
>Zooming in Dakota's photos to figure out OBVIOUS SHOOP!!! and laugh about it for 40 replies
>Digging up age-old drama from 2012 for the hundreth time
>Repeating "her career's over now!!" for the 4th year in a row
>Nitpicking is worse than in the momo thread, for example "the japanese call her kotaro because they think she's a disgusting mannish ugly gaijin lmaooo!!!"
etc. It's so hilarious that I don't even care what Dakota does, I just want to see how the crazy spergs in her thread are doing.

No. 326798

I was on board with the k-pop critical thread in the beginning but when I mentioned the same point you did the underage army/anti-army anons started screeching at me to fuck off and stop ruining their fun. People like them are the reason why k-pop stars are ran through dozens of plastic surgery procedures and starved to the point they can faint on stage yet they still have the guts to laugh at the girl idol they don't like having an ugly nose or being "fat" despite having a BMI of like 17.

No. 326807

I need more sites to browse. I love dumbass drama and watching people tear each other apart ala lolcow and lipstickalley, or just dumb articles like betches, any other sites I should know?

No. 326809

No. 326849

>I was hoping for shit like how the kpop industry is wrong and does harm, all that jazz.

Oh c'mon. We do discuss such things all the time! Pretty sure you haven't read all 10 threads of it.

No. 326850

Seriously, it’s annnoying. Wouldn’t be surprised if PULL was lurking in there too.
I’m tired of hearing about how old hyuna or some random idols look.

No. 326852

I know there are a lot of petty anons with body image issues here but damn it's boring to see their posts about some celeb's nose.

No. 326857


Plus is that the only thing we're meant to discuss? There's only so many times you can say "Wow, 18 year old trainees having to starve themselves to 45kg is messed up" and "It sucks how a lot of Kpop idols need to get into serious debt to even start their career" before it gets boring as fuck.

No. 326878

And sperging over chin surgery and someone not being ana-tier thin for the 100th time doesn't get boring?

No. 326906

I’m sick of native english speakers complaining about non-natives grammar errors when they speak only one language.

Yes, I’m not native speaker myself. English is one of the four languages I speak.

No. 326912

i hate that, too. am native english speaker but damn, they're really nasty to people who make really minor mistakes. it's fucking HARD to bounce from language to language and takes a lot of courage to even try speaking to people when you aren't like completely confident. i have severe anxiety wrt languages even though i like learning them thanks to people like that, esp in america. my family is cuban and i can't even speak to them in spanish without getting so nervous and sweating bullets that they'll be nasty to me about pronunciation of obscure words that i never hear or other mistakes so now i avoid it completely.

people need to stop with that. it's just mean and prevents people from progressing.

No. 326954

Unfortunately, I think that’s just a product of LC being an anonymous board. Nobody knows where you’re from or what your mother tongue is unless you say it. However, a lot of anons here are needlessly rude. Sorry you have to deal with them. At least you are bilingual— that’s a pretty awesome thing to be, because many posters here only speak one language.

No. 326961

That thread is a fucking mess honestly, a shame because there are a lot of interesting things to discuss that aren't "omg look how old and ugly this idol is, and she's had ps!!"

A lot of those same native English speakers don't even know how to pronounce foreign words in their own language properly or make weird grammar mistakes themselves, so as far as I'm concerned you can just ignore that shit.

No. 327007

If that can make you feel a bit better about it, those people are often the same ones who type "should of" instead of "should have" without noticing what's wrong with it, even though that's their first language.

No. 327010

Any ((interesting)) discussion has already been beaten to death in all the general threads plus the korean culture one. There's nothing to discuss that hasn't been mulled over 15 times already, if you bothered to read all the threads. And there's nothing stopping anyone from actual discussion, just if you don't get a lot of replies that's because the topic has been talked about a bunch of times already.

No. 327016

Same and I don't give a fuck neither about any sarcastic language advice nor having an europoor accent. Beyond basic English lessons in school I never had any support with learning English as my parents were too poor to shell out on private lessons with an native English speaker (unlike parents of many of my colleagues, some of them doing much worse with their English than me). Everything I know, I learned from voiceless video games like N64 Zelda, songs, some books and internet. Excuse me if my English is not flawless (especially when I have to speak ot when I am mentally exhausted and my lips cannot ketchup with my mind…). For the education I was given, I am doing fucking great and I refuse to be ashamed. As long as we can understand each other, everything's good. I will not attempt to force an accent which would come off as cringy, tryhard and fake as I could not do it very well anyway.

No. 327024

seeing people type "should of" makes me homicidal

No. 327029

The thread should just be a kpop gossip thread so fans and antis can join hands and have fun together tinhatting, instead of the mess it is now

No. 327030

The thread should just be a kpop gossip thread so fans and antis can join hands and have fun together tinhatting, instead of the mess it is now

No. 327041

I can assure you that even if you make mistakes, very few native english speakers as fluent in another language as you are. I study a few languages for fun and could never write a post like you just did.

In english speaking parts of the internet people might be more demanding about how fluent posters should be, but in general a lot of ESL people on eng language sites are actually really good.

No. 327089

Thank you, you are very kind. I just reread my post and cringe at the mistakes made by my phone 'correcting' my shit without me noticing. I am not that dumb irl I swear kek

No. 327096

File: 1542604284932.jpg (159.06 KB, 818x503, pPdNZ3c.jpg)

Seeing native English speakers correcting ESL users' grammar and making fun of them is pretty funny since in my country they're the ones who are consistently the worst at picking up our language and insecure as fuck about it to a point of grovelling and prefacing everything with
>h-haha I know my French is really bad I'm so sorry please don't bully me
They're completely unable to function outside of their little "expat" (because "immigrant" only applies if you're poor and/or brown I guess) bubbles and I often notice that they fetishise the shit out of us and our culture, especially if they have an SO who is a native, they will parade them around social media like a prized show pony and then blog about their glamorous life abroad

This is the person making fun of you on the internet, just remember that, I have yet to see one who behaves differently

No. 327106

are you dummies talking about people pointing out mistakes being unfair because you're ESL when they can't even know you're ESL?

No. 327114

This. Most people "calling out" anons for being ESL are doing it as an insult (most of the time because the post is fucking retarded). Yet here are these anons whining because they're fucking insecure about their speech. Languages are not that hard or embarrassing. And what's more, shitting on ""expats"" for calling you out is cringy.

No. 327118

how-old is seriously weirding me out. Whenever I post a picture that I think I look super cute in it will tell me I am like 45 and when I post one that looks weird or that I look busted it tells me something like 8. It's driving me crazy! I just want to be a cute 20 year old, not some weird middle-age baby.

No. 327164

that shit is notoriously inaccurate. don't take it to heart.

No. 327270

nta but man, expats are the cringy ones. I have never ever met a decent self-procclaimed expat.

No. 327289

English is a germanic language and french isnt. Thats why its so hard so maybe stop being a bitch and start helping them out instead of whining online.

No. 327291


I have an app like that on my phone and it's told me I'm a 60 year old man and a 12 year old girl. In the same lighting, on the same day.

No. 327296

This reminds me that I actually had some American "friends" (not really) criticise my English, because "You're German, shouldn't it be really easy for you?"
Well then, why don't you start learning a Germanic language as well?!

No. 327299

I wonder if Tumblr being removed from the app store means the staff will actually try to fix the porn bot problem.

No. 327300

Tell me more, are the expats you know American or British or from somewhere else? I've never been aware of any of them except in my city somehow and you're making me curious.
>They're completely unable to function outside of their little "expat" (because "immigrant" only applies if you're poor and/or brown I guess)
So true. I was shocked that I was treated like some foreigner when I was born and raised in France and have the French nationality compared to white Canadians who came to France to study in my university a few years ago.

When it comes to vocabulary it shouldn't be too hard though, there are a lot of words that are written exactly the same or have the same etymology, the difference is the pronunciation. What's tricky are these words that are written the same way and have the same origin but they don't have the same meaning, but honestly it's nothing compared to learning French grammar but it should just as difficult as if you were learning German because of things that don't exist in English at all.

No. 327356

Suck it up and learn. If millions of Chinese students can come here to study and manage to learn it without acting like uppity twats, surely you can too. Nobody owes you kindness when you don't offer any in return.

No. 327360

It got removed?
I haven't been on tumblr for a while, how bad is the bot problem?

No. 327364

Today my dashboard has been filled with people complaining that their accounts have been deactivated so idk apparently something's happening on a larger scale

No. 327388

really, really bad. like half the notes or reblogs on any given post is from porn bots. I've had 100 new followers in the last few weeks that are ALL porn bots.

I heard it has something to do with the site autobanning blogs they detect as spam…which is a lot of them because porn bots reblogging everything and flagging blogs.

No. 327417

From what I can piece togetherfrom what people are posting (staff STILL hasn't addressed it):

-tumblr removed from app store due to porn bots
-tumblr starts deleting ALL NSFW blogs
-this includes artists and big popular blogs that may have posted something occasionally NSFW (pissvortex, hugely popular, was deleted despite being a shitpost blog)
-sex worker blogs (like Shay's) are also being removed

I shouldn't be surprised staff has been completely silent while the site is melting down, but…wow.

No. 327418

File: 1542661620399.jpg (219.09 KB, 1046x1600, 958.jpg)

Kek I'm glad nsfw blogs are getting deleted randomly, people complaining that their precious nasty porn drawings are going to get deleted and hoes incomes. I hope they delete most of them

No. 327423

kek, that pic. like we should gaf that sex pozzie dipshits are going to need to get a job at chipotle instead of embarrassing themselves and letting men endlessly humiliate them for like, $800 a month

No. 327426

Uuh my account was deleted and I never posted NSFW content. Only text posts which were not porn but not granny-safe.

No. 327431

i'm all for porn being banned from tumblr but there are many blogs tagged as NSFW by the staff just for having gay content on it or some slight non pornographic nudity.

No. 327440

You can email support and get your blog back. According to users who contacted them, they released a new bot to counteract the porn bots and any non-bot blogs that are getting deleted is an unintended side effect.

So no, Tumblr isn't banning porn from their platform.

No. 327473

Do you know anyone who got their blog back and how long did it take?

No. 327478

>tfw someone uses a photo of a child to make that point

No. 327481

One blog I follow only took a few hours. They were banned early this morning and back this afternoon.

No. 327484

Yeah i posted the screen capture and i thought the same

No. 327486

It might depend on the timezone of the user. Wish me luck anons…

No. 327506

No. 327508

this. it's a load of shit that they took down the app themselves to fix it. no one does that because it destroys the app's history (popularity, downloads, reviews) it was super obvious that apple removed it and tumblr tried to cover it up.

No. 327538

File: 1542689151492.png (166.65 KB, 427x522, D0B899CB-D330-402F-8E87-4BADBF…)

i’m lowkey addicted to reading lolcow and kf. i feel like i’m 14 and in my 4chan phase again mostly because i don’t actually like these places but i stick around because there’s always new content and every once in awhile someone posts something funny. it’s definitely made me a lot more bitter and self-critical, though. i’m ready to move on but i hate basically all social media and i need something to browse in my off time orz

No. 327568

I'm in the same boat. I ditched fb, insta, snapchat, etc in 2016 and honestly feel much better in the anonymous setting. Haven't shared a selfie in years. The only people who I see are people I know irl and have my number.

I used to live in 4ch ~2005-2010, I think this place is better in many ways. There is definitely some negativity around but it's not nearly as damaging as the insanity I've seen on 4ch. I don't think this place has made me more bitter but instead given me a window into the thoughts of other women, and I really love that! I also love the moments where I'll burst out laughing at something especially on-point / witty / just plain silly.

No. 327581

I kinda wish tumblr would just be deleted forever , but at the same time tumblr is really good for pics/inspo/art and other platforms are shit, especially twitter. Can’t win on social media these days.

No. 327589

Feel you two, I abandoned my social media and went back to anonymous posting i.e. lolcow. I'm a 4chan oldfag myself as well (since 2004)
and I've been familiar with the board culture for years, but the fascination with lolcow is that it's like 98% female, a demographic other imageboards haven't managed to create. I used to be sort of a "not like other girls" kind of girl, but lolcow definitely helped me get out of that mindset because we have a ton of intelligent, mean, nice, funny etc. girls on this board truly showing you the depths of what other women are thinking when they can share their thoughts anonymously. I love it. Girls are socialized to keep up appearances so having a place where you can be as ruthless as possible really helps.

No. 327592

I can relate a lot the last couple of anons re social media and image boards. Anon discussion is fun but often very negative and I get so addicted by checking various threads. It is hard to use lolcow in moderation.

No. 327593

okay so there's this band I really like coming to my town
but the two next days I'm supposed to be in a whole other region to do LARP
I'm still debating on buying a ticket to the concert or not, bc I love this band and it's a great opportunity, but I'm going to be so tired during the two days , esp since I'm a "NPC" which means I can have a lot of different roles

No. 327595

I had the same before but I got more into podcasts and ebooks instead. I'll always prefer anonymous boards to everything else but obsessive use is so bad for you. Even before we get to the toxic behavior of anons, just reading everyone's depression blogs on /ot/ just because /snow/ is going slow is just going to mean you're taking in a lot of negativity that isn't even relevant to you
I feel you, I wish I could still have a corner that felt mine where I could make friends and have a pseudonym but insta has turned so I genuine and tumblr sucks dick.

Just go, you'll regret it if you don't, if it's too much then just dial back on your larp hours though you big nerd

No. 327742

What does v [something] mean?

No. 327743

Sorry i’m stupid i thought this was the question thread…..

No. 327745

i use it to mean very. like v pretty or v stupid.

No. 327764

Not sure if this belongs here
Can someone please recommend me books with charming and ardent love stories like Elizabeth and Darcy's from Pride and Prejudice, thank u god bless

No. 327770

I assume you've read Austen's other books? If you haven't, the Northanger Abbey has a very sweet love story.

Bridget Jones's Diary is literally a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice, and very cute in its own right.

You might also enjoy the Rosalind Thorne Mysteries. It's inspired by Austen, set in Regency London, and the heroine is clever and witty. The first book is about her and a policeman trying to solve a murder mystery, so there's romance but also an interesting mystery plot.

No. 327806

Thanks so much for the suggestions anon, I'm bored as fuck in the middle lf nowhere and have no bf I really need something to make my heart melt

No. 327809

Using this thread to post some stuff about the tumblr situation.

>tumblr lied about being taken down from the App Store

>tumblr was taken down due to CP, mostly user submitted CP (minors posting self-CP) and allowing minors to share and view sexual content
>tumblr is NOT simply trying to delete porn-bots, they are deactivating ALL NSFW blogs in order to verify that they don't belong to minors who are distributing any self-CP/ or involved in 18+ activities

So most users will get their blogs back, but the real focus is on underage users making CP of themselves and other illegal activities.

No. 327851

Have you read Jane Eyre ? It's a bit longer and more "dark" than Pride and Prejudice but you should like it.

what about the "MAP" ('minor attracted person,aka pedophile) communities that people keep reporting but the staff never cared about it and aren't even tagged as NSfw

No. 327858

Not sure about that, but apple probably doesn't care about that atm either. Both companies are clearly just trying to cover their asses and likely don't legitimately care at all. Fuck, tumblr didn't even have a filter at all until 2013.

No. 327859

This girl…. just… lol

No. 327865

She even did the "I get ID'd all the time uwu" thing, lmao

No. 327873

File: 1542756572714.gif (983.92 KB, 200x234, 5B897F2B-70D1-461B-87EF-0277B0…)

Omfg… I’m so glad I watched that. This girl is cringy enough to warrant her own thread.

No. 327881

File: 1542758254190.jpg (69.91 KB, 470x470, 1534985274217.jpg)

>3 mill views
The absolute state of weebs

No. 327889

File: 1542759281960.jpeg (47.87 KB, 474x474, 4E38278A-8079-477F-8AC3-CAD988…)

THIS is her kek
So young looking uwu

No. 327890

what's the chance that this isn't a completely fake voice? how do men not question this? it's so bad.

No. 327903

Damn, she’s a literal ~ not like other girls/I’m so smol~ meme. This isn’t some elaborate troll attempt right? There’s no way someone that looks like that is mistaken for being underaged lmao

No. 327908

it's just men that like anime and think high pitched uwu voices are always legit, and a real life thing . think i read somewhere about japanese girls training their voices to sound as feminine and cute as possiblle from a young age, and carrying that on into adulthood to appeal to men but i'm not sure. but yeah, girs like >>327889 are only doing it for attention and to appeal to their weeb orbiters online. himeahri, lilypichu, and kyaandere all do the same shit and they all have one thing in common; anime.

No. 327914

Dear god what the fuck
I don't know what I am supposed to do with my life from now on after watching this

No. 327915

I don't know how anyone buys these "I was bullied for being too kawaii" stories.

No. 327916

She has a thread on PULL

No. 327917

I found out my shitty ex posts nudes on reddit. Not sure what to think about that lol

No. 327918

Is she milky enough for one here? Need some new more milk.

No. 327921

You can always tell when people are faking their voice because of how much it waivers and changes at the beginning and end of a sentence. Most people's voices don't quiver as much as the fake high-pitched ones do, I've been friends with people who have naturally higher-pitched voices, not the anime type though. Even theirs don't waiver and and sound like they're on the verge of tears.

I hope these girls do irreversible damage to their voice box by trying to be a cute little lolicon when they're well in their twenties.

No. 327933

Dunno where else to put this so: ideas for packed lunches to take to work? My bf winds up getting takeout every day and to save some money I want to start packing him lunches. (I live within walking distance of my workplace so I just walk home for lunch and have soup.) I'm not much of a home maker and just started learning to cook so I'm not super creative when it comes to making lunch. So far my only ideas are putting soup or pasta in a thermos.

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