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No. 322192

Not trying to vent? Not annoyed? Not asking a dumb question? Post it here.

No. 322195

Mine is, ever since finding out what "hon" is in the GC threads, seeing judges nameplates with "Hon. Firstname Lastname" makes me giggle.

No. 322199

Afaik hons are MTF / TIMs aka "transwomen"

I was confused too because I know hons as MLM-shilling facebook moms.

No. 322203

File: 1541714294262.png (146.34 KB, 283x279, pedo.png)

I came across the KiwiFarms thread about YaoiGoddessKeale/Kalematsuba yesterday, and I realized something.
In the disgust at MtFs, a lot of GC people seem to overlook that many FtMs are female pedophiles.
I think it's because there's a lot of crossover between fujoshi and shotacon fetishists, who go on to become fakebois, who go on to actually transition.
In Kale's case, they're a huge shotacon who used to draw the stuff in public during their early, early-2000s fujo/fakeboi phase. They ultimately doxxed and stalked an actual 13 year old boy at one point, and talked about almost getting a criminal record over it.

No. 322204

This is probably better served in the GC thread, but I agree. With all the hooblah about MTF tranny nonsense, a lot of people tend to paint FTMs in a sympathetic light.

No. 322206

this does not belong in this thread

No. 322266

I wish we had more boards and more posters tbh

No. 322270

Yes, I agree. it's been so slow these past couple days.

No. 322273

because milk is drying up and most cows are boring now. gone are the days of daily sperging from the true queen.

I literally check only /ot/ and 1 thread in /snow/. All other threads are hidden because they're autistic or boring as fuck.

No. 322280

Same, this is the only board I like anymore. Why do we even have a rule against nitpicking if no one is going to enforce it?

No. 322281

i really don't want this place to fade into obscurity, it feels super one of a kind compared to most spots on the internet… but it really does feel like the life's fading out of it.
i don't know if there's anything that can be done- with the average cow now knowing that oversharing is bad, milk seems like it's just on a downward trend in general. it's sad..

No. 322290

File: 1541726393767.jpg (339.93 KB, 1200x750, ID-02-1200x750.jpg)

I love Initial D and Takumi is fucking sexy. I want to have passionate sex with him in his AE86 and be a passenger when he's racing down Mount Akina. I wouldn't care if I fell off the mountain with him and died together.

No. 322291

File: 1541726516168.jpg (35.1 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

i just had some ravioli. it was good.

No. 322294

This may be the most powerful post I’ve ever seen

No. 322295

this may be the most powerful post ive ever seen

No. 322297

File: 1541727122195.jpg (15.6 KB, 236x245, mister.jpg)

I'm sad were going to have to wait 2.5 months minimum to see blowjob scene in the vento aureo anime

No. 322304

File: 1541727650487.jpg (66.14 KB, 500x494, 1532968896063.jpg)

need to get up, dookie and do some laundry and i'm too busy laying in bed next to my aromatherapy diffuser

No. 322308

This post gave me the powerful urge to play Initial D music and now I can't stop.

No. 322309

The music only furthers my sexual desires.

No. 322311

Anon, I fucking love you so much. Don't ever stop

No. 322314

man, that brings me back!! I used to listen to anime radio before youtube was a thing and they played a lot of inuyasha and initial D. Great stuff

No. 322334

I was obsessed with Eurobeat during my middle school years. 2006 memories…

No. 322362

i can't believe global warming is causing even lolcow milk to dry up

No. 322365

it would help if the site didn't change admins like seasons. it honestly feels like there's 0 leadership or moderation besides the occasional farmhand showing up to ban exceptionally retarded posters. the nitpicking rule is never enforced which leads to pages of people sperging about how much money momokun is holding in her hand for hours.

No. 322372

File: 1541737378225.jpg (64.56 KB, 604x340, cdc.jpg)

leave this thread alone

No. 322402

What are you even talking about

No. 322428

That life with mak girl needs to stop. Why do her parents let her upload that shit? The last two videos she uploaded were especially fetishy. One was her stepping on things in heels and the other was her bathing in slime (in a bikini at that, sheesh). The latter immediately got flagged and deleted by YT, thank fuck.

No. 322526

you're still salty about that?

No. 322528

I know! It's incredibly creepy and I think this video perfectly summarizes her supposedly innocent videos.

I almost barfed when I saw her mother approving of that in one of her videos. I really like ASMR and I don't consider it of sexual nature but so many people have started sexualising it and pandering to the nogf crowd that kids following it seems really disturbing. Social services should be involved in this.

No. 322529

I don't fucking know what I want! Everything is so confusing!

No. 322530

Me neither. I fear that the longer I wait, I'll have less opportunities because I let them go to waste. At the same time, I'm also afraid of making important choices and I'm indecisive. Ugh

No. 322535

This video was hilarious and spot on. Creepy as hell and the short honeycomb slurping parts made me want to hurl. I'm one of those pathetic people who listens to asmr to fall asleep but sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat because the automatic playlist led to a fucking sloppy blowjob mouthsounds video

No. 322542

just listen to rainforest sounds or thunderstorms you fucking degenerates.

everyone who likes "ASMR" is contributing to this shit problem. you are all fucking creepy regardless of it being a personal fetish or not because it acts like a fetish does. there is nothing about noises making you feel tingly, that doesn't sound like a fetish. full stop. i don't care how sleepy it makes you, get a new hobby.

No. 322549

It's not our fault that twitch thots saw the cash cow and started doing this weird shit. Everything is getting sexualised these days, the problem is not ASMR, it's the audience.

I was following GentleWhispering before she even reached 100k subs, ASMR was nothing like that. Sure, there were some gf roleplays but nothing remotely on this level.

Why should any of us give up genuine ASMR because freaks taint everything with their degeneracy?

Also, ASMR isn't a hobby. It's something you watch or listen to in the background to fall asleep to. Personally, it helps me with dealing with migraines without having to chug down pills.

Don't talk about something you know nothing of.


> but sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat because the automatic playlist led to a fucking sloppy blowjob mouthsounds video

Ugh I hate when that happens. It's like someone scratching their nails on the blackboard.

No. 322550

Lmao thank you, my ex looooooved asmr and was deeply offended that I called it disgusting and creepy for these same reasons.
>b-b-but my ear tingle
You’re gross and you should feel gross. Especially since your kink is on a public, kid infested platform. Keep your weird shit on red tube or cam sites and I honestly wouldn’t give a fuck. Asmr is so nasty because of where it’s posted, because it’s normalizing softcore sexual content, even if you aren’t wanking to it, you’re part of the problem.

No. 322551

ASMR (the actual response, not the shitshow of a community and videos) is one of those things that's really hard to explain to someone who doesn't experience it, and I get why people whould think it's bullshit, but it really is a legit thing and it's nothing like arousal, goosebumps/shivers or regular relaxation, it's a very distinct feeling. I've gotten the "tingles" (I fucking hate that word) since I was a kid, and even my dad who has never even heard about ASMR videos said that he experiences it too sometimes.

It's just that the whole term has completely lost its meaning and the community has gone off the rails. It's filled with people who have no idea what they're doing or talking about. I remember when the videos used to be solely made by people who experience it, for people who experience it, and you could discuss it without anyone butting in with "oh it's like when you hear a nice sound or someone plays with slime and it's relaxing, haha BRAIN ORGASM amiright, I like listening to hot girls whispering :)))". I wish it would just go back to being an underground thing.

No. 322553

who cares get over yourselves and stop contributing to this shitty cash cow. you guys don't need this shit, you're just acting entitled now.

No. 322554

I don't think it's worth explaining because if they don't experience that sensation, they won't change their opinion.
I wish it went back to being an underground thing too. I see so many top "ASMRtists" that give me zero tingles (I hate using that word too but for the lack of a better one…). I get that it's subjective, some people get tingles from microphone scratching, some people get tingles from water sounds etc., but all I see are just elaborate cosplays with whispering so I'm not even surprised people have a whole different perception of what ASMR is. It became an internet meme and, as long as there's whispering, people call it ASMR.

No. 322555

ntas but you sound like an autist

No. 322556

Getting this spergy over a mostly harmless series of YouTube videos is ridiculous. That child is absolutely being exploited by her idiot mother but for every weird sexual asmr account, there’s an account that is totally silent and focuses on cooking, doesn’t show any face or isn’t sexual in the least. You’re going to tell me that there’s something degenerate about this cooking video just because it’s asmr?

A few sexual weirdos exploiting it for a fetish doesn’t mean the whole genre is ruined. That’s like saying all movies are pornography, or all cosplay is for thots.

No. 322560

I want the ASMR fags to leave. You guys are ruining every thread trying to defend it because like it or not, even regular ASMR is inherently creepy. Even the pseudoscience behind it makes it seem creepy.

Plus, almost every human being experiences it along with arousal.

Just get over yourselves and stop fighting and trying to defend it.

People who defend themselves on anon are literally subhuman.

No. 322564

i agree. if people experience reactions to ASMR good for them, but you guys are acting like it's some kind of oppressed religion or something and getting all weird and defensive when literally no one gives a fuck. besides, i wouldn't doubt that it's somewhat habit forming since it provides instant gratification. shit's weird.

No. 322572

> attack someone for being pervert
> tar all people that enjoy ASMR with the same brush

Yeah okay, you were a troll all along. Don't accuse others and then act uppity and surprised when people try to explain. Fuck off.

No. 322577

I'm not even the same anon, I just think you guys are over-reacting, especially since no one is really judging you cause anons don't have identities. It's really cringy.

No. 322619

File: 1541789128317.png (558.05 KB, 705x540, tumblr_mok7qcKFoq1spj3v5o1_128…)

/ot/ is my favorite board on here, but it's so slow, no one is posting anywhere, threads die super fast (the merch one is awesome but it's dead, or almost dead, etc)

unrelated but
I love how this website can be the most wholesome place sometimes (I keep screenshots from some anon's responses to my posts in a special folder on my phone to cheer up)

No. 322680

I’m so tired lately and I have no idea why. I work a lot, but it’s the slow season so it’s not really demanding at the moment. I’m not super depressed atm (I wouldn’t say I’m happy but I’m not miserable either). But all I wanna do when I’m home is sleep. Idk why.

No. 322681

>I keep screenshots from some anon's responses to my posts in a special folder on my phone to cheer up
That's so cute

No. 322687

I’m super impressed Kooter’s thread has lasted so long and how people still keep tabs on her. Reading the old screenshots from when she was first getting popular was a blast from the past wew.

No. 322700

lmao man get out , is fine if you don't like but is not a fetich literaly it help people to sleep i'm sorry you have to be so into porn and sex you see it every were get some help huh

No. 322715

Kek she's going to screenshot your post. Add me too, anon! xoxo

No. 322915

I saw a girl stretch in class yesterday. She was incredible flexible, it made me feel like a stiff old lady. I think I'm going to start stretching again.

No. 322937

Everytime I listen to wild thought by Rihanna I can't unhear "wa-wa-waluigi" instead of "wi-wi-wild thoughts"

No. 322943

Whenever I see an anon like this one who can barely speak English (nothing wrong with that) I wonder how did they find Lolcow. I'm EFL too, not hating

No. 322953

Google images probably or just from searching up any of the cows we laugh about on here in general. ESLs shouldn't be posting unless they improve their English though because they can't read properly and often start useless fights that don't make sense.

No. 322958

File: 1541858414331.gif (985.01 KB, 408x155, dj4q3_500.gif)

No. 323011

tbh a lot of native english speakers have terrible grammar and poor vocabulary. The Internet would have been a better place if that rule was applicable to all.

No. 323294

Lately my tits get so damn cold and it's weirding me out. You'd think wearing a bra would help them keep warm, since it's an extra layer. The rest of my body is completely fine.

No. 323301

You're probably going to get a cold

No. 323345

I have a lolcow folder on my computer, for the extra good or insightful posts

No. 323356

Suffer with me anon

No. 323479

I hate that the iPad is the best thing for digital drawing yet it has the absolute worst system for importing and opening files

No. 323487


No. 323721

glad the thinspo trend shit died off after the 2000s, it was jarring to see a 1st world country like america have people emaciated as a fashion choice

No. 323762

I use google drive to upload finished artwork, then I just dl it on my desktop.

No. 323873

Interacting with normal people about banal things is so cleansing man. Wish I was a full normie and unaware even of this board sometimes

No. 323877

Agree, I have 1(one) normie pal and it's wholesome to just talk about school and his social life since that's really all he has going on. He's unpolluted by obscure internet subcultures and chan bullshit. He probably doesn't even know what /pol/ is.

Although I think I do have a deeper connection with my friends who are in too deep but have the same moral compass as me.

No. 324544

On a similar but unrelated note to the post above, does anyone actually ever deal with cows irl on a regular basis? There's quite a few on here that I sometimes cross paths with, and with the exception of one in particular, they've all been basic banal interactions.

Like I'll be having a conversation with them and smiling and nodding and pretending I didn't see them naked on the internet. I wish I didn't know this board so I could take these people at face value instead of immediately picturing a penis pump.

No. 324588

File: 1542148827740.jpg (41.83 KB, 768x528, Untitled-1-207-768x528.jpg)

I want a cat but I'm anxious about getting one for some reason. I have owned 2 cats in the past many years ago (one died from stomach cancer, the other my ex took because when we broke up I had an unstable living situation, both were rescues). Both cats were wonderful and affectionate and easy to care for. But the way some people talk about cats they're sooo difficult and destructive so I'm wondering if I just got lucky with them. However, I'm a NEET due to chronic illness and my husband works long hours so I'm pretty lonely during the day, and would like a cat to keep me company.

I guess I've just had really bad luck this year and a lot of things have gone horribly wrong so I'm paranoid about making any changes to my life. My living and money situation is very stable but it's just been such a shitty year in terms of random bad things happening.

No. 324593

The crazies who argue that the second amendment to the American constitution is an inalienable birthright given to them by god scare the crap out of me.
Why are they mostly fundies?
How do they keep such a stupidly incoherent argument going for so long?
Why is anyone listening to people who ignore a literal mountain of evidence?

No. 324612

File: 1542150935429.jpg (109.3 KB, 640x960, 72994b0faae121cf8b3993faed59b8…)

lol nah, cats aren't that bad unless you just have to have a special needs one or a breed with a lot of care. Most people who have shit luck with every cat they've ever had tend to just not understand how to deal them. If you don't think it's a good idea to get one, then don't. Maybe try at the beginning of next year to get one if you feel this year isn't a good time. I miss my cats(can't have them where I live yet) and like to go to the local shelter and play with the ones there and it's really nice. You could try that if you aren't sure you're ready yet.

On a completely different note, man I fucking miss homemade food. College food is absolute shit. I know it's not meant to be god-tier chef's cooking but fuck I get sick whenever I eat anything from the dining halls so I end up sick. I cook some stuff on my own but damn it's not the same as the food I get at home. Makes me homesick as all hell.

No. 324621

I had the same concerns as you when I wanted a cat so I looked into adult cats who already had their personalities and stuff laid out. It eased my mind and I ended up with a cuddly calm companion! I wish you luck in adopting if you decide to go through with it anon.

No. 324629

I second this. Plus, kittens can be a lot of work, which doesn’t sound like it would be a good fit considering anon’s current situation. Even a one year old cat would be less of a hassle.

I also recommend going through a small rescue, one where the volunteers work daily with the cats. They’ll have a good idea of the cats’ individual personalities and can help you match up with one that will fit your lifestyle. The one I went to also allows you to bring the cat back guilt free if it doesn’t work out. They just want their kitties to go to homes that are a good fit for everyone involved.

No. 324635

have you considered temporary fostering? maybe there are some rescues in your area that do that, it's usually the smaller ones with limited capacity. that way you can sorta get a feel for the kitty and fully adopt it if you think it would be a good fit. and if not then hey, you are helping a shelter and not committing to having an actual pet

No. 324642

this kind of happened with me but she was sick! she's all better now but she's a feisty old pampered princess. still perfect tho, my 13 year old cat still plays with toys like a crazy kitten.

No. 324653

File: 1542158176467.jpg (26.38 KB, 483x342, 17 NEWS PL30145801Veteran broa…)

This picture of Gay Byrne (Irish TV host) came up in my newsfeed and it made me think of reviewbrah.

No. 324656

…it's true.

No. 324691

I accidentally lost like 15lbs the last few weeks and all my shit fits badly so I’m sad about it. Just bought a frickin Christmas dress and now it’s not gonna fit. Maintaining a body’s needs is too much responsibility.

No. 324693

The fact that Matt from Super Best Friends Play follows and interacts with Hitomi J-Cup while being in a committed relationship with his wife really bothers me. Especially because his wife follows him on Twitter and knows about it. I guess it’s fine if she’s fine with it but it’s so goddamn weird and uncomfortable to me, not to mention disrespectful?

No. 324705

Thank you anons! I think I will go to the local shelter soon and see if they have any nice calm adult cats. There are a few I have my eye on from their website. I think a kitten is definitely more work than I'm capable of with my health the way it is currently.

No. 324736

Kinda the opposite of this, but I but my first bf became a sort of a lolcow on the weeb parts of our country's biggest imageboard a few years after we dated. Man it was depressing to try to catch up on some new cosplay/con drama when every other post was about all the dumb shit he'd done. I was still wearing some sort of rose-tinted glasses for him even after breaking up but I felt so stupid to have let such an asshat enter my vagina.

No. 324821

I don't want to necromance the language thread, so what are some imageboards and in general sites where I can practice Portuguese?

Also, please feel to name any resources, give tips, artists, YT channels for learning Portuguese if you know of any.

I really love the language, both european and brazilian portuguese sound divine to me. I could just listen to it all day long everyday.

I'm in europe so Portugal isn't that far from me and I wish I could go there for a year.

No. 324861

I'm planning for trips I'm probably never going to take. I want to visit Japan and the East coast of the USA because it's my childhood dream, and I want to visit the UK, Germany, and maybe other places in Europe. Now my sister wants me to visit Thailand because she loved her trips there and a Canadian friend is making me curious about Canada as well. I want to pack my things up and buy a good camera and travel all over the world right now.

No. 325484

File: 1542295579932.jpg (42.44 KB, 300x450, 7185636.jpg)

I'm so glad someone made a missed connections FB page specifically for my small town. Really enjoying the cringy posts, the comment slapfights, and the atrocious spelling in both. My proximity to the users makes the whole thing 10 times funnier than it should be.

No. 325505

This sounds excellent.

No. 325510

File: 1542299028129.jpg (39.71 KB, 583x583, 1486434020768.jpg)

god, /ic/ is such a shit board
there are some decent artists that show up from time to time
but the robots that lurk there are annoying as fuck lmao

No. 325528

Not sure if here's the right thread but I usually get suspicious of men who always find an opportunity to tell how evil, stalker and "narcissistic" their ex-girlfriends are. It's strange how they are always the victim and never did wrong, I know one that is like this and makes me think the actual narcissist and stalker wasn't the ex-girlfriend but him butthurt because this girl probably was the one who put an end on their relationship.(man-hate derailing)

No. 325537

Is there a thread for YouTubers that we used to watch ~5 years ago? I used to be obsessed with clothesencounters. But she got less relatable when she moved back to LA after college and started dating that British guy.

I'm so glad I came across bestdressed on youtube. She actually makes nice fashion videos incorporating thrifting which Jenn hasn't done in years.

Same with Lindsey Hughes/ beautybaby44, I used to watch her a lot in 2014 but her content got lazy. Lindsey was always a basic bitch but she went from LA basic with a Mercedes to a PNW basic that wants a Subaru…

No. 325581

File: 1542305703009.jpg (56.3 KB, 500x480, tumblr_p24jsqynm41v5i3nmo1_500…)

I really miss when social media wasn't so huge. I miss Livejournal and just having a stupid blog online back when no one had to think about being publicly dragged or doxxed for their interests. I thought pillowfort.io looked pretty good but apparently it has a KF thread for being SJW-pandery.

Anyone here actually use any online blog site? Is dreamwidth still alive? I know fandom secrets are still posting there.

No. 325589

nta but why is this considered man-hate derailing wtf?
someone fire this retarded mod

No. 325598

It belongs in vent or man-hating. Not in the "thread for everything but those things." That's why.

No. 325599

you could say the same thing for a lot of posts ITT yet this one was singled out. I mean, a lot of posts here could be classified as a vent. And saying you're suspicious of men who are bad mouthing their ex gfs isn't necessarily a man hating material, just a general remark. You continue to spin it however you will.

No. 325602

Its also probably that they were doing something rule breaking before or having this issue somewhere else. I've had to moderate on websites and chatrooms before and that happens a lot, so i don't usually like to question it.

This thread is really ill defined and shit anyway. Its basically just a "random" thread but with "no vent" rules that are subjectively enforced.

Tbh i think what would help is an admin coming in and making it clear: "no more vents period, go to the other thread" but this place has been pretty disorganized lately…

No. 325606

>penis pump
so you talk to Charms irl?

No. 325657

Was eevie a figment of my imagination??? Was that even her name???

I swear I used to follow some girl named eevie on tumblr and Gaia who was into Lolita and Pokémon….
But then she suddenly vanished
I swear she was popular….but I can’t remeber and it’s driving me crazy!

No. 325668

agreed. I miss when blogging wad more than memes and shit posting and people weren't turned into complete narcissistic attention whores by social media. (or at least they weren't as prolific.) I went back and read some ancient Harry Potter drama on LJ awhile ago and really made me miss the good ol days.

No. 325724

Yeah, I especially miss how much easier it was to just start talking to people in communities and making friends that you'd end up sperging with on MSN messenger. I miss the feeling of browsing a fan community blog and starting to recognize people in the comments by their names/icons, then going to lurk the rest of their custom icons and finding more shit in common. And holy fuck how the times have changed, back then the word "meme" to me meant "kink meme" and nothing more.

No. 325731

I put coconut oil on my face, both as a cleanser and an overnight treatment. It's working pretty well for my skin, in spite of some people avoiding it like the plague and speaking out against it. I feel pretty lucky to be part of the camp that it actually helps, not gonna lie.
I've also started messing around with raw, unrefined shea butter. I don't like the smell, but it's a lot better than any lotion I've ever used. My skin is 100x softer and smoother than before. It's affordable, too. I used to neglect myself hardcore because depression, so getting into skincare (and self care in general) was hard at first, but things are sort of looking up now. Feels nice.

No. 325732

As a brazilian, please avoid brazilian imageboards at all costs. All of them are a bizarre lovechild of /pol/ and /r9k/ with a /b/ on the side. I'd try reading news/blog posts/any long text in general and slowly pick apart words you don't understand instead. Maybe try duolingo (idk if they teach portuguese)?
I wouldn't mind giving out my (separate) discord either if you need help.

No. 325738

File: 1542321646138.jpeg (257.56 KB, 700x906, 862829B6-8B48-4152-A5E9-4CA444…)

Kind of related but I kinda miss deviant art, it brought out a lot of classic nutters like sonicrocksmysocks, snapesnogger,bleedman,ramy, etc.., I remember getting home from school and just spending hours on deviantart looking for anime art tutorials, those dumb stamps that you could put on your profile and posting shitty art. (Or Posting art I found on my friends MySpace wall) Was a little bit easier to make friends back then, I even met my first online gf on there kek.

I feel like social media is only getting worse and I hate thinking about how the young kids that are heavily exposed to it are going to turn out when they become adults.

No. 325743

I miss actual discussion. Most fans of things I like are on twitter and they just write weird unfunny shit posts, post memes and shipping fanart. I wanna discuss plot and stuff, sigh. Can't do that on such platforms. Has anyone tried the pillowfort thing?

No. 325775

i'm interested in trying pillowfort but i'm not sure i wanna spend 5 bucks on it…i know it's not a lot but if it's just a tumblr clone bust i don't want to waste my pennies.

No. 325777

Good for you anon, I always like to hear how natural stuff (esp. coconut oil) helps people out.

No. 325788

You can log in as a demo user to explore the communities for now. It's not exactly a clone of Tumblr, the devs set out to combine tumblr with LJ in that you have your own blog and can reblog your blog's content directly into community blogs, so let's say you draw a piece of fanart and post it on your blog, then you can reblog it into the community yourself instead of going through the blog owner to hopefully notice your content, or cross-posting it like back in the day.

One big controversial option they wanna implement is being able to edit/delete your OP and it would reflect on all reblogs too. I think that's a pretty cool option in itself when you think about it in terms old school fandom participation/functionality, let's say you draw a piece of fanart and people start reblogging it right away but you notice it has some mistakes/resolution issues that annoy you and you want to reupload it without scrapping the whole post and losing out on collected comments/faves. But since the devs made that feature for something along the lines of reducing tumblr-esque bullying (if people start to drag you for your problematic post you can either delete it or edit your fanart of a steven universe character to be fatter and darker and it would reflect on everyone's existing reblogs and you could try to get away with pretending it was like that from the start), it's really starting to attract the specials.

Like if the devs hadn't mentioned it as "safe space" Tumblr-inspired feature, I doubt it would've received as much backlash and people coming up with ways to exploit that function for the lulz (like replacing inconspicuous photography/fanart with gore or porn). I understand why they'd want to use Tumblr as a comparison point, but they really should have just marketed this to the old crusty LJ crowd without even mentioning the kind of demographic and site culture tumblr has, cause now the website isn't even out of beta and the scary prognosis is that if the site launches, tumblr retards will flood in and hide under the NO BULLI ;w; function to stir shit among each other for disagreeing on the sexuality of some kid's cartoon character.

No. 325793

i think that's a good option. yes it means people might not be held accountable for stupid shit they say but i think it will do way more harm than good.

im checking it out as a demo user and it seems pretty good so far, i really like the communities. might be a good place for an artist to get in on the ground floor (which is what i mainly use tumblr for) so i might throw some money at it. i think it'll attract snowflakes like all blogging/social media platforms do but it seems like it'll be easier to avoid them. and if the staff is even slightly better than tumblr's it's a vast improvement.

No. 325866

I have never heard of it before, does it have a lot of users?
Gotta say the name puts me off, sounds childish. I am an old LJ user after all too.

No. 325890

I don't think it's huge but taking a glance at the communities some of them are relatively big, like 600+ users. Your best bet is to check out how active the communities you'd be interested in are. All the ones I like are small or dead so I probably won't join until it gets bigger.

No. 325956


But it's not even "man-hating", it's just being suspicious of men.

Is one of the mods a scrot ?
I'm tired of this bs, not one single place on the internet where you can be free of them.

No. 325957

I do believe we either have a scrot or a troon mod but we also have a retarded mod with poor reading comprehension who constantly ban people for dumb shit.

No. 325968

agree. I'm surprised I haven't been banned yet (I abide to all the rules and rarely derail)

No. 325974

I once read something on here about an anon's bf's pupils becoming dilated when he's close to cumming and honestly, that so fricking cute. I can't wait till I get my first bf

No. 325981

That’s so pure anon, best of luck to you!

No. 325992

It may seem cute now but he'll fuck you over soon. You should dump him.

No. 326015

>you should dump him before you get him

I'm hollering

No. 326021

Men-haters please stay in your thread. Or at least learn how to read.

No. 326037

File: 1542388807634.png (285.39 KB, 500x281, lurking.png)

I've started following a personal lolcow of mine on twitter and he isn't following me back for now. He isn't posting as much stupid crap as before though so it's not as fun as it could have been if I did that earlier, instead of blocking him and lurking from time to time. I don't think he recognized me at all, since we know each other irl but I'm not dumb enough to use my real name or selfies on my social media accounts.

No. 326168

Not sure if right place so I feel not, direct my useless ass to the correct thread BUT is there anyone who knows what happened to this girl on tumblr? Her usernames were: emotionallyprovocative, boringdisorder and alienposition? Would love to know what happened to her but no idea how to go about it.

No. 326216

Fuck the norovirus

No. 326380

Has anyone else ever befriended or started dating someone to find out they're actually a big fan of a cow whose thread you frequent a lot? I found out the guy I've been seeing likes wigonhead and instantly flashed back through half a year of lolcow posts

No. 326519

fucking RUN. any guy that likes wig is a chauvinist nutjob that obviously has a hardon for manic pixies that will skin themselves for the attention of literally the loseriest men imaginable

No. 326590

File: 1542488175593.jpg (180.91 KB, 1280x1280, 1510500097294.jpg)

>kpop critical thread criticizes how S.Korea has impossile/harsh beauty standards
>Last thread they're tearing apart some Kpop singers who look completely fine

There's some loonies in that thread

No. 326597

Those anons really bother me too.

No. 326604

I would've been curious as to why.
It's one thing if he wants to fuck her for being tricked into thinking she's ~le edgy girl~, but if he agrees with what she says and does then that's a definite red flag. Especially the anti-feminist and troon aspects.
Either way, you sure you want a guy with shit taste? Next time he mentions it point out those flaws about her and see what he says…

No. 326613

Either way, to any sane woman, it's a dealbreaker. There's really no excusing it. I hope anon and her bf are like, 18, because it's a million times even more sad if they're not

No. 326620

the anons tinfoiling about bts being literal nazis sounded wild too

No. 326625

>it's a dealbreaker
I wouldn't be that dramatic. People are allowed to like stupid things and stupid youtubers. What matters is why for and to what extent. It's possible he may only like her ~yoonique gorl so randum~ persona and no deeper than that. I'd give someone the benefit of the doubt or at least the chance to explain.

No. 326652

guys that like MPDGs are narcs and that's her entire schtick. it's a dealbreaker for me. the minute a guy buys her kind of "i'm the only good gurl out there!!! man, women are DUMB!" shit (which is literally her entire brand and her only appeal), i'm out.

No. 326662

A lot of the things posted there can be posted in the kpop thread!
I was hoping for shit like how the kpop industry is wrong and does harm, all that jazz.
It's pure weak shit, sigh.

No. 326797

I sometimes read the Dakota thread just because the people posting there are the actual milk. The amount of obsessive a-logging is simply hilarious and the thread always follows the same formula.
>Zooming in Dakota's photos to figure out OBVIOUS SHOOP!!! and laugh about it for 40 replies
>Digging up age-old drama from 2012 for the hundreth time
>Repeating "her career's over now!!" for the 4th year in a row
>Nitpicking is worse than in the momo thread, for example "the japanese call her kotaro because they think she's a disgusting mannish ugly gaijin lmaooo!!!"
etc. It's so hilarious that I don't even care what Dakota does, I just want to see how the crazy spergs in her thread are doing.

No. 326798

I was on board with the k-pop critical thread in the beginning but when I mentioned the same point you did the underage army/anti-army anons started screeching at me to fuck off and stop ruining their fun. People like them are the reason why k-pop stars are ran through dozens of plastic surgery procedures and starved to the point they can faint on stage yet they still have the guts to laugh at the girl idol they don't like having an ugly nose or being "fat" despite having a BMI of like 17.

No. 326807

I need more sites to browse. I love dumbass drama and watching people tear each other apart ala lolcow and lipstickalley, or just dumb articles like betches, any other sites I should know?

No. 326809

No. 326849

>I was hoping for shit like how the kpop industry is wrong and does harm, all that jazz.

Oh c'mon. We do discuss such things all the time! Pretty sure you haven't read all 10 threads of it.

No. 326850

Seriously, it’s annnoying. Wouldn’t be surprised if PULL was lurking in there too.
I’m tired of hearing about how old hyuna or some random idols look.

No. 326852

I know there are a lot of petty anons with body image issues here but damn it's boring to see their posts about some celeb's nose.

No. 326857


Plus is that the only thing we're meant to discuss? There's only so many times you can say "Wow, 18 year old trainees having to starve themselves to 45kg is messed up" and "It sucks how a lot of Kpop idols need to get into serious debt to even start their career" before it gets boring as fuck.

No. 326878

And sperging over chin surgery and someone not being ana-tier thin for the 100th time doesn't get boring?

No. 326906

I’m sick of native english speakers complaining about non-natives grammar errors when they speak only one language.

Yes, I’m not native speaker myself. English is one of the four languages I speak.

No. 326912

i hate that, too. am native english speaker but damn, they're really nasty to people who make really minor mistakes. it's fucking HARD to bounce from language to language and takes a lot of courage to even try speaking to people when you aren't like completely confident. i have severe anxiety wrt languages even though i like learning them thanks to people like that, esp in america. my family is cuban and i can't even speak to them in spanish without getting so nervous and sweating bullets that they'll be nasty to me about pronunciation of obscure words that i never hear or other mistakes so now i avoid it completely.

people need to stop with that. it's just mean and prevents people from progressing.

No. 326954

Unfortunately, I think that’s just a product of LC being an anonymous board. Nobody knows where you’re from or what your mother tongue is unless you say it. However, a lot of anons here are needlessly rude. Sorry you have to deal with them. At least you are bilingual— that’s a pretty awesome thing to be, because many posters here only speak one language.

No. 326961

That thread is a fucking mess honestly, a shame because there are a lot of interesting things to discuss that aren't "omg look how old and ugly this idol is, and she's had ps!!"

A lot of those same native English speakers don't even know how to pronounce foreign words in their own language properly or make weird grammar mistakes themselves, so as far as I'm concerned you can just ignore that shit.

No. 327007

If that can make you feel a bit better about it, those people are often the same ones who type "should of" instead of "should have" without noticing what's wrong with it, even though that's their first language.

No. 327010

Any ((interesting)) discussion has already been beaten to death in all the general threads plus the korean culture one. There's nothing to discuss that hasn't been mulled over 15 times already, if you bothered to read all the threads. And there's nothing stopping anyone from actual discussion, just if you don't get a lot of replies that's because the topic has been talked about a bunch of times already.

No. 327016

Same and I don't give a fuck neither about any sarcastic language advice nor having an europoor accent. Beyond basic English lessons in school I never had any support with learning English as my parents were too poor to shell out on private lessons with an native English speaker (unlike parents of many of my colleagues, some of them doing much worse with their English than me). Everything I know, I learned from voiceless video games like N64 Zelda, songs, some books and internet. Excuse me if my English is not flawless (especially when I have to speak ot when I am mentally exhausted and my lips cannot ketchup with my mind…). For the education I was given, I am doing fucking great and I refuse to be ashamed. As long as we can understand each other, everything's good. I will not attempt to force an accent which would come off as cringy, tryhard and fake as I could not do it very well anyway.

No. 327024

seeing people type "should of" makes me homicidal

No. 327029

The thread should just be a kpop gossip thread so fans and antis can join hands and have fun together tinhatting, instead of the mess it is now

No. 327030

The thread should just be a kpop gossip thread so fans and antis can join hands and have fun together tinhatting, instead of the mess it is now

No. 327041

I can assure you that even if you make mistakes, very few native english speakers as fluent in another language as you are. I study a few languages for fun and could never write a post like you just did.

In english speaking parts of the internet people might be more demanding about how fluent posters should be, but in general a lot of ESL people on eng language sites are actually really good.

No. 327089

Thank you, you are very kind. I just reread my post and cringe at the mistakes made by my phone 'correcting' my shit without me noticing. I am not that dumb irl I swear kek

No. 327096

File: 1542604284932.jpg (159.06 KB, 818x503, pPdNZ3c.jpg)

Seeing native English speakers correcting ESL users' grammar and making fun of them is pretty funny since in my country they're the ones who are consistently the worst at picking up our language and insecure as fuck about it to a point of grovelling and prefacing everything with
>h-haha I know my French is really bad I'm so sorry please don't bully me
They're completely unable to function outside of their little "expat" (because "immigrant" only applies if you're poor and/or brown I guess) bubbles and I often notice that they fetishise the shit out of us and our culture, especially if they have an SO who is a native, they will parade them around social media like a prized show pony and then blog about their glamorous life abroad

This is the person making fun of you on the internet, just remember that, I have yet to see one who behaves differently

No. 327106

are you dummies talking about people pointing out mistakes being unfair because you're ESL when they can't even know you're ESL?

No. 327114

This. Most people "calling out" anons for being ESL are doing it as an insult (most of the time because the post is fucking retarded). Yet here are these anons whining because they're fucking insecure about their speech. Languages are not that hard or embarrassing. And what's more, shitting on ""expats"" for calling you out is cringy.

No. 327118

how-old is seriously weirding me out. Whenever I post a picture that I think I look super cute in it will tell me I am like 45 and when I post one that looks weird or that I look busted it tells me something like 8. It's driving me crazy! I just want to be a cute 20 year old, not some weird middle-age baby.

No. 327164

that shit is notoriously inaccurate. don't take it to heart.

No. 327270

nta but man, expats are the cringy ones. I have never ever met a decent self-procclaimed expat.

No. 327289

English is a germanic language and french isnt. Thats why its so hard so maybe stop being a bitch and start helping them out instead of whining online.

No. 327291


I have an app like that on my phone and it's told me I'm a 60 year old man and a 12 year old girl. In the same lighting, on the same day.

No. 327296

This reminds me that I actually had some American "friends" (not really) criticise my English, because "You're German, shouldn't it be really easy for you?"
Well then, why don't you start learning a Germanic language as well?!

No. 327299

I wonder if Tumblr being removed from the app store means the staff will actually try to fix the porn bot problem.

No. 327300

Tell me more, are the expats you know American or British or from somewhere else? I've never been aware of any of them except in my city somehow and you're making me curious.
>They're completely unable to function outside of their little "expat" (because "immigrant" only applies if you're poor and/or brown I guess)
So true. I was shocked that I was treated like some foreigner when I was born and raised in France and have the French nationality compared to white Canadians who came to France to study in my university a few years ago.

When it comes to vocabulary it shouldn't be too hard though, there are a lot of words that are written exactly the same or have the same etymology, the difference is the pronunciation. What's tricky are these words that are written the same way and have the same origin but they don't have the same meaning, but honestly it's nothing compared to learning French grammar but it should just as difficult as if you were learning German because of things that don't exist in English at all.

No. 327356

Suck it up and learn. If millions of Chinese students can come here to study and manage to learn it without acting like uppity twats, surely you can too. Nobody owes you kindness when you don't offer any in return.

No. 327360

It got removed?
I haven't been on tumblr for a while, how bad is the bot problem?

No. 327364

Today my dashboard has been filled with people complaining that their accounts have been deactivated so idk apparently something's happening on a larger scale

No. 327388

really, really bad. like half the notes or reblogs on any given post is from porn bots. I've had 100 new followers in the last few weeks that are ALL porn bots.

I heard it has something to do with the site autobanning blogs they detect as spam…which is a lot of them because porn bots reblogging everything and flagging blogs.

No. 327417

From what I can piece togetherfrom what people are posting (staff STILL hasn't addressed it):

-tumblr removed from app store due to porn bots
-tumblr starts deleting ALL NSFW blogs
-this includes artists and big popular blogs that may have posted something occasionally NSFW (pissvortex, hugely popular, was deleted despite being a shitpost blog)
-sex worker blogs (like Shay's) are also being removed

I shouldn't be surprised staff has been completely silent while the site is melting down, but…wow.

No. 327418

File: 1542661620399.jpg (219.09 KB, 1046x1600, 958.jpg)

Kek I'm glad nsfw blogs are getting deleted randomly, people complaining that their precious nasty porn drawings are going to get deleted and hoes incomes. I hope they delete most of them

No. 327423

kek, that pic. like we should gaf that sex pozzie dipshits are going to need to get a job at chipotle instead of embarrassing themselves and letting men endlessly humiliate them for like, $800 a month

No. 327426

Uuh my account was deleted and I never posted NSFW content. Only text posts which were not porn but not granny-safe.

No. 327431

i'm all for porn being banned from tumblr but there are many blogs tagged as NSFW by the staff just for having gay content on it or some slight non pornographic nudity.

No. 327440

You can email support and get your blog back. According to users who contacted them, they released a new bot to counteract the porn bots and any non-bot blogs that are getting deleted is an unintended side effect.

So no, Tumblr isn't banning porn from their platform.

No. 327473

Do you know anyone who got their blog back and how long did it take?

No. 327478

>tfw someone uses a photo of a child to make that point

No. 327481

One blog I follow only took a few hours. They were banned early this morning and back this afternoon.

No. 327484

Yeah i posted the screen capture and i thought the same

No. 327486

It might depend on the timezone of the user. Wish me luck anons…

No. 327506

No. 327508

this. it's a load of shit that they took down the app themselves to fix it. no one does that because it destroys the app's history (popularity, downloads, reviews) it was super obvious that apple removed it and tumblr tried to cover it up.

No. 327538

File: 1542689151492.png (166.65 KB, 427x522, D0B899CB-D330-402F-8E87-4BADBF…)

i’m lowkey addicted to reading lolcow and kf. i feel like i’m 14 and in my 4chan phase again mostly because i don’t actually like these places but i stick around because there’s always new content and every once in awhile someone posts something funny. it’s definitely made me a lot more bitter and self-critical, though. i’m ready to move on but i hate basically all social media and i need something to browse in my off time orz

No. 327568

I'm in the same boat. I ditched fb, insta, snapchat, etc in 2016 and honestly feel much better in the anonymous setting. Haven't shared a selfie in years. The only people who I see are people I know irl and have my number.

I used to live in 4ch ~2005-2010, I think this place is better in many ways. There is definitely some negativity around but it's not nearly as damaging as the insanity I've seen on 4ch. I don't think this place has made me more bitter but instead given me a window into the thoughts of other women, and I really love that! I also love the moments where I'll burst out laughing at something especially on-point / witty / just plain silly.

No. 327581

I kinda wish tumblr would just be deleted forever , but at the same time tumblr is really good for pics/inspo/art and other platforms are shit, especially twitter. Can’t win on social media these days.

No. 327589

Feel you two, I abandoned my social media and went back to anonymous posting i.e. lolcow. I'm a 4chan oldfag myself as well (since 2004)
and I've been familiar with the board culture for years, but the fascination with lolcow is that it's like 98% female, a demographic other imageboards haven't managed to create. I used to be sort of a "not like other girls" kind of girl, but lolcow definitely helped me get out of that mindset because we have a ton of intelligent, mean, nice, funny etc. girls on this board truly showing you the depths of what other women are thinking when they can share their thoughts anonymously. I love it. Girls are socialized to keep up appearances so having a place where you can be as ruthless as possible really helps.

No. 327592

I can relate a lot the last couple of anons re social media and image boards. Anon discussion is fun but often very negative and I get so addicted by checking various threads. It is hard to use lolcow in moderation.

No. 327593

okay so there's this band I really like coming to my town
but the two next days I'm supposed to be in a whole other region to do LARP
I'm still debating on buying a ticket to the concert or not, bc I love this band and it's a great opportunity, but I'm going to be so tired during the two days , esp since I'm a "NPC" which means I can have a lot of different roles

No. 327595

I had the same before but I got more into podcasts and ebooks instead. I'll always prefer anonymous boards to everything else but obsessive use is so bad for you. Even before we get to the toxic behavior of anons, just reading everyone's depression blogs on /ot/ just because /snow/ is going slow is just going to mean you're taking in a lot of negativity that isn't even relevant to you
I feel you, I wish I could still have a corner that felt mine where I could make friends and have a pseudonym but insta has turned so I genuine and tumblr sucks dick.

Just go, you'll regret it if you don't, if it's too much then just dial back on your larp hours though you big nerd

No. 327742

What does v [something] mean?

No. 327743

Sorry i’m stupid i thought this was the question thread…..

No. 327745

i use it to mean very. like v pretty or v stupid.

No. 327764

Not sure if this belongs here
Can someone please recommend me books with charming and ardent love stories like Elizabeth and Darcy's from Pride and Prejudice, thank u god bless

No. 327770

I assume you've read Austen's other books? If you haven't, the Northanger Abbey has a very sweet love story.

Bridget Jones's Diary is literally a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice, and very cute in its own right.

You might also enjoy the Rosalind Thorne Mysteries. It's inspired by Austen, set in Regency London, and the heroine is clever and witty. The first book is about her and a policeman trying to solve a murder mystery, so there's romance but also an interesting mystery plot.

No. 327806

Thanks so much for the suggestions anon, I'm bored as fuck in the middle lf nowhere and have no bf I really need something to make my heart melt

No. 327809

Using this thread to post some stuff about the tumblr situation.

>tumblr lied about being taken down from the App Store

>tumblr was taken down due to CP, mostly user submitted CP (minors posting self-CP) and allowing minors to share and view sexual content
>tumblr is NOT simply trying to delete porn-bots, they are deactivating ALL NSFW blogs in order to verify that they don't belong to minors who are distributing any self-CP/ or involved in 18+ activities

So most users will get their blogs back, but the real focus is on underage users making CP of themselves and other illegal activities.

No. 327851

Have you read Jane Eyre ? It's a bit longer and more "dark" than Pride and Prejudice but you should like it.

what about the "MAP" ('minor attracted person,aka pedophile) communities that people keep reporting but the staff never cared about it and aren't even tagged as NSfw

No. 327858

Not sure about that, but apple probably doesn't care about that atm either. Both companies are clearly just trying to cover their asses and likely don't legitimately care at all. Fuck, tumblr didn't even have a filter at all until 2013.

No. 327859

This girl…. just… lol

No. 327865

She even did the "I get ID'd all the time uwu" thing, lmao

No. 327873

File: 1542756572714.gif (983.92 KB, 200x234, 5B897F2B-70D1-461B-87EF-0277B0…)

Omfg… I’m so glad I watched that. This girl is cringy enough to warrant her own thread.

No. 327881

File: 1542758254190.jpg (69.91 KB, 470x470, 1534985274217.jpg)

>3 mill views
The absolute state of weebs

No. 327889

File: 1542759281960.jpeg (47.87 KB, 474x474, 4E38278A-8079-477F-8AC3-CAD988…)

THIS is her kek
So young looking uwu

No. 327890

what's the chance that this isn't a completely fake voice? how do men not question this? it's so bad.

No. 327903

Damn, she’s a literal ~ not like other girls/I’m so smol~ meme. This isn’t some elaborate troll attempt right? There’s no way someone that looks like that is mistaken for being underaged lmao

No. 327908

it's just men that like anime and think high pitched uwu voices are always legit, and a real life thing . think i read somewhere about japanese girls training their voices to sound as feminine and cute as possiblle from a young age, and carrying that on into adulthood to appeal to men but i'm not sure. but yeah, girs like >>327889 are only doing it for attention and to appeal to their weeb orbiters online. himeahri, lilypichu, and kyaandere all do the same shit and they all have one thing in common; anime.

No. 327914

Dear god what the fuck
I don't know what I am supposed to do with my life from now on after watching this

No. 327915

I don't know how anyone buys these "I was bullied for being too kawaii" stories.

No. 327916

She has a thread on PULL

No. 327917

I found out my shitty ex posts nudes on reddit. Not sure what to think about that lol

No. 327918

Is she milky enough for one here? Need some new more milk.

No. 327921

You can always tell when people are faking their voice because of how much it waivers and changes at the beginning and end of a sentence. Most people's voices don't quiver as much as the fake high-pitched ones do, I've been friends with people who have naturally higher-pitched voices, not the anime type though. Even theirs don't waiver and and sound like they're on the verge of tears.

I hope these girls do irreversible damage to their voice box by trying to be a cute little lolicon when they're well in their twenties.

No. 327933

Dunno where else to put this so: ideas for packed lunches to take to work? My bf winds up getting takeout every day and to save some money I want to start packing him lunches. (I live within walking distance of my workplace so I just walk home for lunch and have soup.) I'm not much of a home maker and just started learning to cook so I'm not super creative when it comes to making lunch. So far my only ideas are putting soup or pasta in a thermos.

No. 327948

Anybody has any experience using myus.com? How is the service?
Or any recommendations for that kind of sites, i want to order from usa and ship it to a warehouse and then to my country.
Like some zenmarket but for usa (there's lots of sites so idk)

No. 327949

If we ended on a bad note, don't expect to call me up years later and think we're still cool. I'm too old to get sucked back into the lives of people I've purposefully left behind.

No. 327970

Honestly a sandwich is the perfect little lunch. Spend a bit more than usual to get a good loaf of bread (try a multigrain and forget white) then hell, light buttering with a slice of non-plastic cheese is enough. Make two if it isn't. Cold cut meats, tomato, onion, lettuce, salt and pepper to taste… I typically toast my bread before making one but untoasted is good too.

No. 327975

My boyfriend takes a hard boiled egg, a kielbasa, carrots, string cheese, spinach, and grapes with him. Sandwiches worked for a while in the past, but he got sick of them after years.

No. 327980

i make my bf and i bento, mostly cause i grew up with them. sometimes he does it, but i do cute shit to them that he loves.

No. 327981

sage, but i'm haffu and he's japanese.

No. 327984

Look into meal prepping if you'd like. I think there's even a subreddit for it so you can find lots of easy to do stuff

No. 328021

Maybe you could try looking up some Instagram foodie posts. I’ve found a few accounts that make delicious looking lunches out of a few ingredients. I personally just bring fried rice to lunch.

No. 328039

>I’ve found a few accounts that make delicious looking lunches out of a few ingredients.
nta but do you happen to remember any of them?

No. 328048

nayrt but i like themealprepmanual change_begins_with_you

No. 328093

damn you really need fast hands for magic to work

No. 328145

I really like zestmylemon. She makes a lot of healthy and tasty looking plates, but if you don’t like eating vegetables, she might not be for you

No. 328158

I got a haircut that needs elaborate styling and now I'm mad that I have to style it possibly fucking up my hair in the process.
I knew this would happen but I'm still annoyed.

No. 328171

Thanks! I love vegetables so you're good.

No. 328188

What haircut?

No. 328207

I really recommend Brothers Green Eats! They make tons of meals thats are both super easy to make and wicked cost efficient, they also cover a lot of different styles of food as well.

No. 328219

I guess you’re replying to me so
I got a short layered bob that I sweep back
I like my hair straight, which I’m trying to achieve with a blow drier, because it’s more gentle than a hair straightener and I have not found the right products to hold it back yet so It’s kind of a pain in the ass right now

No. 328336

I am currently almost blackout drunk trying to buy myself little christmas presents becuase I know my fam is going ot get me shit i dont want/need (No hate on them, they are TRYING) lmao. Any tips on what to get myself to surprise me? I already bought some perfume and deleted teh order cnfirmations from my emal. (Should I go back and sage this? oops)

No. 328349

Aha buying yourself presents is so cute. Maybe a nice makeup palette or lipstick you've been wanting.

No. 328375

File: 1542874390995.gif (342.73 KB, 300x300, tumblr_inline_nkqoulMPJR1r6xvt…)

I feel good!
I was anxious and scared as shit for a whole year because in uni I have to deal with a lector that obviously hates me and I needed a favor from her to be able to even stay in uni.
Today I finally asked her and she said yes and that she's ready to help me whenever! What the fuck? I've been scared shitless over it, I lost a lot of sleep in that year just from anxious thoughts and shivering. And she just said yes! What the fuck I was afraid of all this time?
I also refilled my meds and bought a cherry pie today. For the first time in months I actually feel like I'm gonna be okay.

I'm working on slowly uprooting myself from a decade of severe depression and I made myself a lot of promises and so far it's been going fine so there's that too.
Maybe I'm going to be a functional adult after all. And after wanting to die for so long too. Maybe life isn't hopeless bullshit.

No. 328380

I'm glad things are going your way, anon! enjoy that cherry pie!

No. 328391

Cute lol. My rec is stationery from Aliexpress (if you like that sort of thing obv), it costs literal cents so you can buy a tonne of it for like 10 bucks and even if you were sober you wouldn't remember all the shit you bought.

No. 328416

I’m proud of you anon! I’m rooting for you!

No. 328428

is there like a website or forum for lonely women who have never been in relationships etc?

No. 328430

We have a somewhat active tfw no bf thread on crystal cafe, but most farmers hate the place. And it's slow.
There's also /r/trufemcels if you're into plebbit.

No. 328435

plebbit full of trolls. I wish there was some type of serious community for lonely women on the internet who have problems like that. Men have them by the thousands. Guess we're stronger and just get on with life alone.

No. 328469

just checked my instagram feed for the first time in a long time and apparently one of my favourite artists is dating my ex gf

i mean good for them both they seem like a good match but lmao this just feels weird man

No. 328530

I think that women are less likely to use image boards or reddit and that's why there are no quality places for lonely women.

Maybe you should think about creating an image board for lonely women or something? Or an discord with some verification so it's harder for trolls to join

No. 328533

I went to a new dr today and got really excited when she weighed me and I weighed 124lbs (where my scale at home says 133lbs), my scale is old and beat up so I was thinking maybe it needs replacing or recalibrating or something…

Then I realised she weighed me on fucking carpet.

No. 328612

You could make a thread here, but we have tons of those. Also tfw no qt 3.14 long haired boyfriendo to cuddle with

No. 328633

I wouldn't get too excited at a doctor weigh-in. My overweight mom got weighed recently, and the nurse was like "and we'll just subtract 20 pounds for your clothes and shoes" like it was a routine thing to do. And then my mom went "oh yeah of course. it's the clothes and the shoes."

It was the deep south, so I guess the nurses been burned before by patients being uncomfortable with numbers, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's not the mentality in more places.

No. 328638

The dr acted like I would dread being weighed after I told her I wanted to lose more weight but I told her I weigh myself daily so it's nonissue. Her whole office was carpet so I guess she didn't have anywhere else to weigh me really but still. They aren't really keeping an accurate record if they're weighing me on the worst possible surface, so I'm annoyed (and also it got my hopes up that I lost more weight than I thought, lol).

No. 328648

Haha day after posting,
The stationary was a good suggest!!!! I know I spent some money on AliExpress but I don’t remember what all I got, I know there are some stickers and letter sets, but that’s about all I know, so it’ll be a fun surprise.

No. 328651

>dr office

How vile

No. 328681

She doesn't even sound ~kawaii uwuuwuwuwuuwu~, she sounds like she's bored to death or retarded because she speaks so slowly.

No. 328849

I like having podcasts as background noise because I like listening to people talk, and lately I've been watching a lot of Joe Rogan episodes. I sometimes imagine that I'm part of the conversations, a third person sitting in the studio. I occasionally even pause the video and say my own opinions and answers out loud like I was actually sitting there talking to him.

I'm probably gonna accidentally create a Joe Rogan tulpa or something.

No. 328850

File: 1542979179698.jpg (36.35 KB, 500x388, tumblr_onojqenHQ31w5tj2lo1_500…)

I spent most of my teenage years at imageboards. It solidified my character, helped me grow (into a huge fucking mess admittedly).
And I must say, after all the male-dominated imageboards lolcow seems like actual home. People are actually nice to you if you aren't a shithead, there's genuine discussion and support too.
I just wanted to say that I love all of you girls.

No. 328851

nice bedding, scented candles or incense if you're into that, cute socks, skincare stuff, hair accessories or jewellery or bag charms, plushies or merch of things you like of other kind (posters?), novelty fairylights (saw some really cute lobster shaped ones recently..), kitchen accessories, a book you want to read maybe?
hope you have some nice prezzies!

No. 328854

I'm quite the same. Practically raised on board culture. Out of all the boards, and despite lolcow's flaws and spergs, it's the comfiest. I hope it never goes anywhere.

No. 328859

Same. I don't understand the constant complaining about it and I don't think /ot/ is so terrible. I see so many people complaining about /ot/ and idgi. Have they been to male imageboards???

No. 328864

Also, me. Growing up on male-centric imageboards honestly made it hard for me to relate to other women. I wish there was a lolcow secret handshake so I could make some IRL female friends.

No. 328868

Through a weird series of events I won't bore you all with, I actually met my bff via lolcow and tbh she's the only one who can really understand me. Im so grateful lol

No. 328877

File: 1542990561192.jpg (42.61 KB, 750x630, a73.jpg)

A cute emo boy liked my pic on IG. Not the current "unwashed white boy with trashy facial tattoos who worships Lil Peep/xxxtentacion and has a failing career as a soundcloud rapper" emo, but "straight out of 2006, probably listens to My Chemical Romance/Blink 182, would have a handful of people catfishing as him on MySpace" emo.
I have a huge, embarrassing attraction to that aesthetic (possibly because I'm bisexual and it's almost inherently androgynous), so it's a nice confidence boost.

No. 328878

Is he 13 or what

No. 328888

He looks anywhere from 16 to 22. Might just be from a small town that's really backward on trends.
Either way, I'm not touching. Still cute.

No. 328889

I found out a friend used the site because she laughed and said “that’s pretty milky” when I was talking about some drama between two of our other irl friends. We have both chatted about youtuber and cosplay drama before so I was always sus, but the “milky” thing cinched it. Pretty mundane revelation story but we laugh about it sometimes.

No. 328890

There were a cluster of emo kids at my high school last time I went (I was picking up my sibling). It was bizarre, like a 2006 revival.

No. 328896

That reminds me, I know for sure that someone at my uni uses lolcow since she got banned while using the school wi-fi lol.
Part of me wants to know her identity, but another is afraid she'll judge me for being an overweight anon.

No. 328904

I remember seeing some emos a couple of times roaming the streets last year
although they looked like they were in college
wonder what happened, haven't seen any in a long time

No. 328921

Inb4 it's one of the racebaiters or scrotcels

No. 328929

that's a pretty funny story tbh

My best friend and I discovered Lolcow through PULL, at the same time. At first we were both kind of disgusted with the abundant salt and harshness from everyone, then we got addicted to it kek. I'm >>322619 so you can see how I went from "this is so mean and unfair" to "this is kinda wholesome tbh"

She's only a lurker though, but she likes to try and guess where I posted, which threads I created… it's pretty funny. I can't imagine anyone else from our acquaintances using/browsing lc though. (but we're not from an English speaking country so it makes sense)

No. 328950

I was a teenager in the early to mid 2000's and I remember all the stupid fandom wars we had back then, they were so massively tame compared to the doxxing, death threats and political fights we have on social media now. Back then the worst you would get was someone writing about you being a nutcase on some fandom wank community and people would laugh at it. Now you're in the danger of having your family harassed, getting you fired from your job and even physically assaulted and branded as a bigot if you ship the wrong characters. It's absolute madness now, I'm so glad I'm not a teenager during this time period.

My god I had completely forgotten about him and I just had to check out if he's still around, and now he's even more of a softcore shädman than he used to be. And how the hell did his art get actually worse during all these years?

No. 328951

This! I use a few goth tags so lately I've been getting young emo boys liking my pictures, I know they're just trying to promote their pages with l4l but I felt so unnerved by it I put my age on my account just in case, I swear I'm not fishing for children I just want to wear my outdated fashion crimes
It wouldn't hurt if more cute adults wanted join the revival though

No. 328957

wait is bleedman the guy who did that creepy goreporn comic with the characters from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy?

No. 328970

File: 1543018398022.png (1.13 MB, 789x596, IRLbleedman.PNG)

not that anon but, I think so?
Sounds like something he'd do, I always thought all the panty shots of the PPg girls were creepy even back in 2008.
it's amazing how he's still around, all he really does is complain about movies. I wonder how old he is now, this pic was taken in 2007 and he's looking around 30-40.

No. 328977

File: 1543021135481.gif (124 KB, 250x241, 456344.gif)

I'm surprised I lost like 4-5kg by only eating when I'm hungry and not overeating

There are a lot of cute farmers tbh..
source: eye thread

No. 328978

I saw a pretty long haired man on the bus today and thought of all the anons on here who have a thing for such guys.
Wish you were all there.

No. 328979

I never got the appeal to those guys. they all look like horse people to me. centaur mfs.

No. 328980

I'm not into them either, but I did think of other farmers.
Centaurs, lmao anon.

No. 328981

I'm one of the anons that likes long haired guys and I can confirm that part of their appeal is indeed their similarity to Centaurs.

No. 328989

I had a hot bath with a bath bomb and I smell really good and feel nice. I already want to take another one. It's so damn cold and I just want to soak in hot, soapy water forever.

No. 329016

I think Jenna Marbles' bf is gay and using her for money. He has serious gay vibes.

No. 329017

Are like half the threads in /snow/ only kept alive by like one or two vendettanons these days? This is ridiculous.

No. 329020

Thanks anon now I'm going to laugh and think of centaurs when I see hot long haired guys

I really do like the look, but so many skinnyfat metal guys who aren't good looking just let their hair grow without trimming or maintaining it properly and expect to become some Thor babemagnet.

No. 329024

I think he is using her for money, he seems fake-nice all the time. Like seriously sucking up. Everyone in the comments can't see it though and always write "relationship goals". Glad I'm not the only suspicious one

No. 329065

really? I never got those vibes, I always thought they had really good chemistry. I hope it's not the case, Jenna seems like a genuinely sweet and intelligent person.

No. 329161

idk, she got banned for calling Jill a spoiled white girl or some shit.
Anon if you see this…let me know. We could be friends and then anonymously complain about each other on here.
I never got those vibes either. They seem close and judging at least by older vlogs (I haven't watched his recent ones) and their podcasts he comes off as clearly attracted to her. He might be bi though.
I wonder if anons are just saying that because she's older than him lmao.

No. 329230

Nitpicking momo for not wanting to keep the box to a figure is stupid
I've thrown away figure boxes too
It ain't that big of a deal ya weebs

No. 329237

I mean it's obvious that she did it precisely because she knew it would piss off the ultra weebs.
I think it's stupid to be pissed off over boxes, people are allowed to do what they want with their stuff and it's poorfag logic to exclaim "b-b-but to some people that's 1/2 their paycheck!" Welcome to the world of people with disposable income, they dgaf.

Moo did it to get that sweet attention and they're happily feeding into her. And watch, she'll still get money from idiots on patreon.

No. 329243

yea, personally i thought it was funny, she's probably ruined her own stuff and will whine about it later.

No. 329354

File: 1543107499588.png (753.21 KB, 930x1568, Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 1.57…)

Guy that fucked a hot pocket showed how delusional he was once again by claiming to get tons of attention from girls with boyfriends, a bunch of girls proceed to post caps of him sliding into their DM's knowing full well they were in relationships…https://www.facebook.com/colin.downer72/posts/543875872741412

No. 329365

what's with this new meme of reporting snap/patreon/whatever thots to the IRS? i know men are bitter that all they have to do is post some cleavage to the tune of thousands a month, but it's supply and demand. get your pathetic fellow men to go out and get laid instead of lusting over women who clearly don't give a shit about them except for their money.

No. 329367

people on both sides of the issue are being dumb as fuck about it. i doubt your average sex worker with a premium snapchat is making enough money that the IRS would care about

No. 329368

who are some of your favorite cows/favorite threads on here? threads you’d recommend? all my personal cows are dead right now and i need a fix

No. 329371

onision, shoe0nhead, and raven, personally

No. 329374

you're just envious someone thought of a funny way to turn heat on nasty cows after this site just clutched pearls for years

No. 329380

whats there to be envious about? you're really super invested in a bunch of thots not getting money? get a life dude.

No. 329650

I miss Ginger Bronson bullshit and I listen to her cringy music for nostalgia

No. 329655

me too, trap house grew on me

No. 329675

It's a thinly veiled excuse to go after beaches n shores. A punch down. """Trolling."""

I just wish they'd go after people worth pursuing, like the skeevy tax evasions by corporations and millionaires. And yet that would require actual effort, and possible legal blowback from people rich enough to pursue damages if their accusations were to be false. Oh and, not to mention no attention from hot sluts.

They just found an excuse to make the lives of women they don't agree with harder. They don't care about anything or anyone, literally just watching people burn. It's stupid and transparent.

No. 329695

I wrote pretty much the same thing as you in the related thread down to the same words, reading your comment here I thought I'd gone mad because I didn't remember posting in this thread
I'm really glad I'm not alone in feeling this way

No. 329705

Does anyone know what PT is up to these days? I saw that she lost a lot of weight but that was years ago…

No. 329727

Lol remember that anon that made that rap about her and put it on soundcloud? Good times.

No. 329746

My YouTube music mixtape is basically 2001 kerrang right now.

I feel like a kid again.

No. 329771

She's skinny now but still the same unhinged queen. Unfortunately she's still pretty reclusive and it hasn't done much for her mental health. I think the lastest drama was that she went through a phase (may still be going through it?) of thinking she was growing a dick and turning into an anime boy, and refused to see a doctor about it. People speculated it was an STD of some sort but no one knows for sure.

No. 329782

i used to think lolcow got nicer over the years, but i went back and read the first kotakoti thread and it was weirdly nice and realistic? people who blogposted or got dramatic about her weight were called out and it seemed like a much more fun environment.

No. 329822

It's definitely gotten meaner and crazier. Nobody back then argued about the dumb shit people do here now. 2014 was a simpler time though.

No. 329873

Just a random fun thing I noticed on lolcow with regards to people who don't wear bangs.

You're either:

1) five/six/seven head
2) Neanderthal

No. 330070

Lolcow pressured me to get bangs.
…but it does look better.

No. 330551

I do some transcription work for beermoney (especially with upcoming holidays). On most of these sites you get an editor check your work before finally sending it to a client. Well, usually I just get a rating and I get rated well on average. However, on rare ocasions I get a really nice comment with a rating. It sounds stupid but things like "Awesome job" or "Great work, it's fantastic", or "Thanks for looking up these terms. Keep it up" makes my day a bit brighter. I'm a perfectionist so anything less than perfect puts me down in the dumps. It's stupid because these beermoney sites pay peanuts, it just makes me immensely happy that someone out there appreciated something I did. It sounds pathethic but whatever…

No. 330565

Same, she really niled it on the Lost sad bbdoll with that song

I'm cackling anon

No. 330593

Keep thinking that. You look like coconut head or like you have a medieval bob. Theyre not even practical to boot.

No. 330854

File: 1543375252268.jpeg (5.15 KB, 228x221, questions.jpeg)

I need help writing a plot point for a story.
The MC wants to make a deal with a being from a race so old and evolved that they are basically god like. He wants to bring someone back from the dead and the god agrees only if the MC gives/does something for them…
I have no clue what something so old, and essentially has seen and done everything would want from a lowly human. Add ideas?

No. 330876

File: 1543378017363.jpg (139.62 KB, 720x960, IMG_7464.JPG)

fuck I need to do my schoolwork. I'm so close to finishing up the semester. But my motivation is at 0% and I am barely skating by here at the end. I sure wish I didn't procrastinate everything all the time.

No. 330881


No. 330922

I moved abroad to a country in a shitty timezone and get so lonely online in the evenings because all the americans are asleep lmao. Wake up and entertain me you bitches.

No. 330932

There's a mouse in my flat. All I have are cardboard sticky traps. What the fuck do I do if it gets trapped in one?

Actually it did a couple of nights ago but just by the tip of its tail. The squealing! I swept it into the hallway. When I opened my door to figure out what to do it got free and ran back into my room.

No. 330974

I honestly don't know what else to do other than drowning the mouse once they're stuck. It feels really shitty but they're basically done once they're trapped on that kind of stuff.

No. 330979

File: 1543403519624.jpg (145.92 KB, 1200x900, 42e4df65-4762-47f2-adfc-627f05…)

i miss miku

No. 330985

Uh…Michael Jordan lives a lavish life as a millionaire and is famous and adored. We're not Michael Jordan.

Why are you typing like a retard too

No. 330992

nta but are you retarded? not even asking just to be mean.

No. 330995

I also miss the Vocaloid fad

No. 330998

File: 1543409067048.jpeg (409.41 KB, 579x800, 2008-06-17-105189.jpeg)

I miss ME-tan and the other OS-tans.

No. 331078

I'm surprised someone still remembers the OS-tans. That's some 2005 tier shit.

No. 331315

File: 1543482073702.jpg (110.35 KB, 900x675, happy_flandre_by_k4glimit-d3b1…)

Man I like snacks! I like bean burritos, I like chips and salsa, chips and queso, queso and taquitos, choco straws, apple slices and peanut butter, salt and vinegar chips, beef jerky, wasabi almonds, wasabi soybeans, roasted broccoli, french fries, miniature sandwiches, Dansk butter cookies, mini peanut butter cups, gyoza, pizza rolls, pizza hot pockets, cucumbers with siracha, avocado toast, triscuit crackers and cheese, bagels with cream cheese, quesadillas, carrots and hummus, fried burritos with mustard, sardines, and probably many other snacks I cannot remember!

I am a snack enthusiast!

No. 331571

I am happy Bunny Ayumi is considered sexy by so many people, because she has very noticeable nasolabial folds so it makes me feel better about mine.

No. 331590

no one but lolcow cares about nasolabial folds. literally no one. don't give it any thought at all. people are apt to notice every other aspect of your face/body before they notice age lines. if the main thing wrong with you is prominent nasolabial folds, congrats you're pretty.

No. 331595

File: 1543532369260.gif (894.7 KB, 500x389, bhtf.gif)

i love snacks too! cucumber sandwiches, marinated white beans with crackers, queso, carrots, shrimp chips, watermelon, guacamole, hummus with pasta chips. so many good foods

No. 331642

wheat thins are god's creation and i love them so fucking much. i will eat half a bag of them with spinach dip.

No. 331870

I'm dying. I ate too many french fries (made too much). Why? I don't like wasting food. So now I'm all nauseous and can't sleep. Idk what to do. I can't even think of them, the very thought makes me more nauseous.

No. 331931

I haven't been using my blow dryer in ages, but now that I might actually need it I find a fucking SPIDER inside it. It's dead, which kinda makes it worse because I can't scare it out with heat and let my cats eat it, instead I'm gonna have to fish it out with a fucking stick or something. I'm so fucking grossed out FUCK

No. 331935

my bf's mom is amazing, i'm so happy that we get along so well. she's done such a good job raising her two kids alone, my bf and his sister are both so incredibly kind and it's all thanks to her.

No. 331944

Oh shit. I only use my hair dryer on extremely rare occasions too. You've got me paranoid, anon.

No. 331948

ive read some people say that jenna marble's boyfriend seems gay or fake but idk they seem really cute together and his reactions seem pretty genuine and sweet/like he's pretty into jenna/likes being her companion in more than just a strictly attentionwhore-y way.

they seem to have a nice partnership and while i'm sure it's not perfect or anything near perfect, it's nice to idealize from afar. they seem very sweet together and i'm envious even though i'm sure it isnt all it's cracked up to be bc of the inherent nature of online ecelebs and stuff

No. 331949

Seems gay? I don't see it. He just seems like a chill guy who genuinely likes her to me.

No. 331952

File: 1543594658389.png (65.43 KB, 500x254, a to the b.png)


No. 331953

this is wholesome and i love it

No. 331969

>my least favorite rice is American rice
>black American's rice is always out of a box but it gets the job done

Really? So like Uncle Ben's?

No. 331971

usually Zatarain's

No. 332042

File: 1543611911459.jpg (136.46 KB, 640x480, HowDoWeShotWeb.jpg)

Feels weird being this old but hey, at least we got the glory days of photoshops and image macros.

No. 332106

File: 1543618944403.jpg (135.71 KB, 500x333, 47312-Christmas-Town[1].jpg)

Went into a store yesterday and got the christmas bug listening to their music. Been listening to a playlist of holiday jazz and drinking peppermint coffee all day today. I've been holding out for as long as I could since companies think the day after Halloween is a great time to get started with holiday decorations, but bring it on. I love this stupid commercial holiday so much.

No. 332139

File: 1543623002171.gif (975.45 KB, 500x281, mxre7hEX4h1sc1kfto1_500.gif)

Got a new job and they have some very strict IT security rules. I wasn't able to check lolcow all day. I missed you bitches.

No. 332143

90% I browse lolcow at work lol like I am right now. That sucks

No. 332258

I'm in the middle of interviews for a job I think I will most likely be offered. It would pay two more dollars an hour than my current position, and 30% off their rental properties. (They're luxury apartments that start at $2400 so this is HUGE). I've been at my current job for 3 years so it's a little bittersweet, but I'm thinking about how I'll finally be able to afford a place with my boyfriend where we can actually get a dog!
>>332139 I browse lolcow so often at my current job haha I'm kind of scared I wouldn't be able to get away with that at my potential new job

No. 332306

not shitting on you but if your salary is one where $2 an hour actually matters is it a good life plan to rent a luxury apartment (unless it's like.. 90% off)? maybe your bf has more money i dunno. I mean, will you be spending more than 1/3 of your income on rent?

No. 332312

this is going to sound horrible but I keep getting really bad intrusive thoughts when I masturbate..about…my dad.. and its freaking me out. How do I stop them?

No. 332339

Every couple months or so I get a sex dream with my dad. It's never rapey and I'm always VERY into it but then I wake up and feel disgusted.

No. 332342

I've had this a few times. In the dream I'm always really turned on and then I wake up and feel a mixture of confused and repulsed.

No. 332356

>I browse lolcow so often at my current job
this is the same with me, i actually love what i do since it basically requires me to stay in a room and turn off and on alarms. i wouldn't want to get a different job that requires more work now that i know the ~luxury~ of this one.
not even just browsing lolcow, i'm able to do so much shit. i get to draw art and play video games.
this job is SO easy and it's so weird, because my site has such a high turnover rate.

No. 332359

Aren't you guys scared of browsing it when we get one of those cp/gore raids? This is why I never browse lolcow or even crystal.cafe on work computers, just my cellphone.

No. 332361

no one's around when i'm at work since it's an overnight shift. also, i use my phone as a hotspot for my laptop so nothing is recorded.

No. 332383


My sympathies Anons.

No. 332393

been fascinated recently by how many people on the front page of snow have pink hair. does dyeing your hair pink make someone more likely to be a cow, or do cows gravitate to pink hair? these are the questions

No. 332446

i feel like it's a special combo of most cows being unemployed plus being (or having been at some point) weebs.

No. 332455

>>332306 oh no i get where you are coming from. The two dollars does make a difference for me but wasn't enough without the 30% off. Where I live, apartments are around the $1800-2000 range for anywhere barely decent. You literally have to live with someone else or multiple people if you are not making a tech job's salary here. I would be basically paying the same amount of money renting there as anywhere else, except most apartments in that price range do not allow pet's/don't have accommodations such as on site gym/pool/etc. It would be just around 30% of mine and my boyfriends combined incomes.

>>332356 That sounds so fun! I would get away with reading comics and watching movies at my old position.

>>332359 I literally never thought about this/ don't understand and at this point I'm too afraid to ask. Even though I browse this site all the time I still feel like a newfag

No. 332468

I've never seen that, knock on wood.
Just be glad you haven't, either.

No. 332480

It was an issue a few months ago, but we haven't had those cp bots on here in a while. The mods would always take hours to delete that shit too.

There was gore on here only like 2 weeks ago though, which the mods also took a ridiculously long time to remove… It was a picture of a dead girl.

No. 332499

>you post this
>an hour later someone posts some creepy pedo shit
You cursed us, anon.

No. 332543

at least it wasn't legitimate cp this time, just creepy

No. 332572

File: 1543703001547.png (980.81 KB, 584x589, rverwer.PNG)

She still lives anon, her concerts still sell out.
I still love Miku, she keeps the 12 year old weeb in me alive.
also this image >>331315 reminded me of that damn Ronald Mcdonald madness video where they edit it him to sing U.N. Owen was her?
Makes me regret not completely getting into Touhou back in 2007.

I just want to say I really fucking love bags. I'm not sure why but I love buying them and using them.
There's so many cute bags and not enough money in my wallet, it is suffering

No. 332588

do you live in seattle anon

No. 332597

File: 1543706777714.jpg (14.76 KB, 281x187, f5d.jpg)

Just uploaded a college paper with seconds to spare on the deadline for the first time. Am I a real college kid now?

No. 332652

I watched this cute doc about this style of bag recently, anon. You might like it!

No. 332688

almost. you need to get addicted to adderall next. blame it on that almost late paper

No. 332725

i wish the characters in animal crossing had eyebrows

No. 332779

>>332588 no, California.

No. 332834

I'm on like day 20 of Stardew Valley and still haven't introduced myself to the last 2 people in town, I don't even know who or where the fuck they are lmao.

No. 333114

File: 1543763297659.jpg (488.88 KB, 900x675, advent chicken.jpg)

>that damn Ronald Mcdonald madness video where they edit it him to sing U.N. Owen was her?
holy shit i fucking loved the Ran Ran Ru videos. I was obsessed with Ronald McDonald for a years because of that video and the other one where he dances to Fascination MAXX from Dance Dance Revolution. i was never into Touhou or anything, just fucking Ronald McDonald…
Also Colonel Sanders. I unironically loved all the internet jokes about the rivalry of Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders. McMatrix was one of my favorite Newgrounds flash animations.
god, this just brings me back to my autistic years in middle school and high school. so innocent.

No. 333266

File: 1543778271944.gif (1.37 MB, 498x372, tenor.gif)

sorry for asking a silly question in this thread but I couldn't find a "dumb questions" thread.

English speaking anons!
I'm currently writing an application letter to NYU but I'm Swedish so my English sounds awkward sometimes haha. How do I say that "I'm studying the subject teacher program in English and History"?
Do I say" majoring in English and History"? Every sentence just sounds weird

No. 333268

anon, we literally have an active thread called the dumb questions thread. clearly you didn't look very hard (or at all)

No. 333270

hey pal! nyu!! awesome! so by subject teacher program, you mean you are trying to become a teacher later?

if you are just studying those, not trying to become a teacher, you would just say "majoring in english and history."

No. 333271

correction, it's a stupid questions general thread >>327795

No. 333272

goddamn they are esl asshole. chill.

No. 333277

Are you aiming to become a teacher, anon? I would say "majoring in English and History" is fine and if you have aims to be a teacher then "majoring in English and History, with the aim to become a teacher of those subjects."

No. 333282

oh I'm so sorry, I didn't think of searching stupid instead of dumb.
Yeah I'm super hyped haha!
In Sweden there's a different program for teachers who teach high schoolers, we call that the "subject teacher program". My two subjects to teach are English and History. Is that not a thing in the US? I'm going to study my second year of the program at NYU, so I thought you guys also called it Subject teaching..

No. 333319

File: 1543782543236.png (54.48 KB, 328x396, 1499908771296.png)

Fuck people still thinking about Christmas. It ended over 11 months ago.

No. 333321

File: 1543782761755.jpg (18.85 KB, 640x360, 139856246u856.jpg)

i love this

No. 333328

File: 1543783279087.jpg (41.6 KB, 277x260, 1455728369346.jpg)

Christmas is a shitty holiday anyway, people are actually celebrating an suspicious old man sneaking inside people's houses with no permission and being friendly to children? Really?

No. 333335

File: 1543783588754.jpg (59.52 KB, 1024x576, Dd7bo0-V4AAthcv.jpg)

Explain this meme please.

No. 333428

oh boy wait till you hear about the one in April where he wears his fursuit

No. 333435

OH shit, so it was the same old guy?
Who would have known?

No. 333455

I saw you. Put that back.

No. 333462

sorry to break the joke train in this thread, but i'm so happy that there's a new miranda constable thread–the last one's picture literally made me uncomfortable. she's got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes. when she comes at ya, doesn't seem to be livin'… until she bites ya.

No. 333635

I am really amazed that Jenna Marbles seems to have not aged at all in her appearance throughout her youtube career. I am not a fan of her old look, nor her current one but it is kind of crazy that with the tanning and heavy makeup of her youth she almost looks younger now. Also her dogs are ugly af. This isn't intended to be a meanpost btw, I am not really a fan or a "hater" of hers.

No. 333650

other than the tanning she has always taken very good care of herself. she's pretty serious about dieting and exercise.

No. 333652

I looked up her age and she's only 32. Most 32 year old women don't age very hard if they're smart enough to wear sunblock and abstain from heavy drinking and smoking.

No. 333845

i was just thinking that. she looked horrible back then, the only difference was that she was thinner. i wish she'd drop that ugly spray tan though. she'd knock off like, 10 years immediately.

No. 334287

File: 1543913717281.jpg (29.8 KB, 450x600, PB9d7.jpg)

I dropped a laptop I bought a week ago on the floor.
Only the AC adapter broke thankfully and there is no visible damage, but I still fucking hate myself for being such a clumsy piece of shit.
That's why I always buy affordable and mediocre tech, I will just fucking drop my expensive phone and break it and will have no money to replace it.
I have butterfingers and one day I'm going to break something important and valuable and I would actually cry.

No. 334639

I don't like watching youtube videos that are more than a year old. People change so much and it's so jarring to see how different a lot of youtubers are like even 2 years ago. Youtube keeps recommending me videos from people that are like, 7 years old. That shit depresses me too much and I don't even know why.

No. 335146

File: 1544093883408.png (65.99 KB, 174x226, 5eb57449ad99156eac5c552b9bdeb8…)

posting a random image to get the gore off the front page

No. 335360

i swear seeing the kinds of men you guys are into, i just dgi, and i guess there truly is someone for everyone. women have such varied taste.

No. 335369

Wow, it's almost like women are people and every person in the world is different. Really makes you think…

No. 335391

not really. if you think about it, men truly desire the same type of girl, just with different styling. women's tastes truly are varied, as i said.

No. 335413

that's…not true at all. men fuck (and even date) all sorts of women. fat, thin, fashionable, frumpy, pretty, homely, etc.

No. 335423

I'll be 20 soon and I haven't got my ears pierced yet. I really want to wear earrings, how much does getting them pierced hurt?

No. 335428

not a lot, it's not much worse than getting a shot

No. 335458

It doesn’t really hurt that much. They’re mostly just a bit sore afterwards if you lay on them. What kind of earrings are you going to wear anon?

No. 335472


Get them done at a piercing studio using a needle and bead rings for comfort.

No. 335488

getting them done isnt the hard part, healing them is. i sleep on my side and mine took so fucking long to heal because of it.

No. 335737

File: 1544207638950.jpg (5.33 KB, 246x82, pornhub.jpg)

I'm not an antisemite or a conspiracy fag but fucking lol at pornhub changing their logo to this for hanukkah

No. 335859

i mean dont they also change it for xmas and shit other shit ?

I think this is actually more disrespectful to jews than other way round. Happy Hannukah while you watch Teen Step Daughter Gets Anally Raped.

No. 335861

maybe so, but the jew theme was especially funny to me

No. 335892

This site has been partially responsible for fighting back against my internalized misogyny after years of browsing sites like 4chan.

No. 335898

I agree. While this site can be the etomime of picky, maybe vapid,
i'd prefer to those spergy monkeys on 4chan

No. 335952

Same, this site makes me feel ugly as shit but I can deal with that, at least it doesn't completely dehumanize me

No. 335956

File: 1544251207703.png (638.5 KB, 800x504, FB3B3EF6-5562-45D0-954E-41F04A…)

Claire and Leon look like shit in the remake. Especially Leon, can’t believe they did my boy dirty like this

No. 335968

I was watching a tiddy streamer on Twitch today and someone said "oh sweet summer child" and she took it as someone saying she looked like a child and used the opportunity to brag that they will always look like a child even when she is 70. For the record, she looked like a normal mid 20 year old. This is very dumb and pointless to share, I just found it funny.

No. 336021

Who was it?

No. 336040

Her name was Liyakitten. Her channel was very quickly deleted, likely due to her only wearing a lace bra with tape over her nipples and showing off her nudes on her iPad. It was quite a spectacle.

No. 336260

Holy fuck, that's Leon? HOW?

No. 336902

Mars Argo and Aly Art sure do look similar! Is Mars Argo a gamine too?

No. 336931

This sounds incredible, I should spend more time on Twitch

No. 337174

File: 1544412398297.png (1.45 MB, 3640x2140, 1519681331056.png)

that [neet noises] anime girl reaction pic is so fucking cringy and tranny teir. every single time I see it I think of pic related.

No. 337425

Today I dreamt that one of my favourite artists turned out to be a tranny.
He's in his forties so it was really fucking bad especially with the hon attire. I just want to pour bleach in my eyes.
Guess browsing the GC tread in the evening really got to my head.

No. 337466

File: 1544466862178.jpg (95.07 KB, 750x750, rBVaJFmSXjaAL1b6AALDV1g2j48226…)

Don't want to bump the old makeup thread so here it goes:

Has anyone tried using a wing stamp?

I have hooded and uneven eyes and I don't really have the time to practice a lot so I thought I might give this thing a try

No. 337470

isn't there an active makeup thread in /g/?

No. 337472

Anon, are you me lol
I have hooded eyes too, I got the 'kitten' sized one and it does wonders!
Takes a couple of applications to get used to it but I think it's totally worth it.

No. 337477

It's been 20 days since the last post and I usually have shit luck with people replying so I thought I might as well put it here since ot is pretty active

Guess I know which size to choose then. Though I have to order it via ebay, but it shouldn't be an issue

No. 337505

Probably the wizard and the other military guy that'll come back in town later in the game
Just look up the wizard's tower's location on Google.
Sorry for answering 8 days late

No. 338092

File: 1544564949950.jpg (34.81 KB, 335x340, 1543903359407.jpg)

The thread pic for the celebricows #4 thread in /ot/ makes me laugh bc I'm a white girl who put adobo seasoning on chicken for the first time recently

That is all.

No. 338144

Why did you mention you're white…?

No. 338163


No. 338214

File: 1544574555255.png (19.06 KB, 1733x275, lol.png)

For people who are doubting/keep wondering that trannies are on crystal cafe and not real women. This was in the "what other imageboards do you frequent?" thread on sushgirl which is another imageboard that's userbase is predominately male, despite its name and interface. I found this sob story and thought it was pretty funny.

That one male mod on cc really let his basement-dwelling friends shit up the place.

On another note, dreamch.net looks comfy.

No. 338216

fuck. I really prefer cc over lolcow tho.
Tho old lolcow was best.

No. 338220

I'm pretty sure many are still biowomen, though.
I am and I post there, plus the discord girls who go through a voice test (I assume) also still post.

No. 338223

It's pretty obvious most of the site is now run by males. The giveaway is in a lot of the OPs of new threads shitposting 4chan-tier s4s anime memes without any direction of a real, decent thread topic and the way a lot of the posters type. A lot of the banners on that site were made by me so I've been there since the very beginning and there's a gigantic difference in atmosphere and sorts of users there now. I imagine a lot of old farmers left crystal cafe when they started realising that trap larpers got a hold of the site. Real shame, because it used to be comfortable except for the fact that the admin was giving away anons' ips to one of the old admins here. Regina or something.

No. 338228

I think it's dumb that sites like cc have so many boards from the get go. You only need like two or three, you can make more when there's actual demand for them. Did cc end up getting rid of like half their boards because they were dead?

Anyways fuck cc, I still want a terfy chan. If someone ends up making one, they should go full harpy loser mode and ban handmaidenry + discourage uwu-y shit. Maybe it'll give men less of an incentive to post. Female wizchan tier. Witch chan? Idk. Some other farmers seem to want one too but every time it's brought up, the discussion always fizzles out a few hours later. Nothing comes out of it.

No. 338235

Idk, I don't want a full on witchchan but having a collective radfem mindset seems to be the only thing that really puts off men from taking over (on top of having overly girly weeb/drama/cgl interests that even traps can't into). I just wish there were more female dominated sites because every time a man invades our space, he brings all his loser buddies to breathe on us until we're gone as if they don't have hundreds of other imageboards to post on…it's frustrating. It's hard to find programmers that we can genuinely trust to make an imageboard like that. I know it took Crystal a while and even then, admin didn't know what she was doing, advertising the site on r9k was the ultimate death of it.

No. 338238

Why don't you learn how to program and do it yourself

No. 338244

Because I have a job in another area of expertise and don't have the time. Why don't you?

No. 338245

Sounds like a lazy copout.

No. 338247

Yeah, same. The programming stuff shouldn't be that hard though, I can already into computers enough that it wouldn't take too long for me to understand all that technical shit. But I'm not going to do anything when I have zero idea what to do beyond that and no one to help.

No. 338264

sigh because the joke is that Ariana, a white person, put adobo on her chicken and became Latina anon

No. 338319

I hate that I enjoy Morrisey's music so much because as a person, I hate him with the fire of a thousand suns. Vid related is what I listen to when I'm worried about Brexit, even though the lyrics are barely applicable but it makes me feel better about the whole situation. I know this is retarded.

No. 338327

File: 1544601248659.jpg (9.95 KB, 355x355, 1544592090119.jpg)

This creepy sextoy mouth has nasolabial folds!

No. 338355

What to gift a 21 yo theology student who's interested in history (mainly middle ages)? He also likes GoT and Star Wars.

No. 338365

I'm more concerned about the fact they put teeth on this thing.

No. 338367

You too, since you deliberately avoided my question. I don't even like programming. It would be best to have someone else take on the task.

No. 338373

But why don't you, then?

No. 338397

Figures? GoT Books?

No. 338424

File: 1544625491302.jpg (31.07 KB, 400x362, 70000.jpg)

table games of some sort? like warriors of catan or medieval rpgs, something like that. otherwise seconding the other anon, books and series merch is a pretty good bet.

No. 339067

File: 1544757939467.jpg (77 KB, 1533x711, acd3fa0291ad0673954d8c2b2e7b8a…)

Anyone want to play cards against humanity?
the password is lolcow

No. 339074

He would most likely be into Paradox Studio games, if they haven't got either Victoria II, Hearts of Iron IV or Europa Universalis IV on steam I'd recommend gifting any of those to them.

No. 339166

anno 1404 is a good game. it's known in USA as Dawn of discovery.

No. 339270

How would it be antisemitic?
MINDGEEK who owns pornhub and other porn websites was created by jews and its sitting CEO is jewish.

No. 339279

i'm not saying it would be antisemitic. Just… wrong. Porn is wrong as fuck in general though.

No. 339387

I found this ban/redtext hilarious for some reason >>>/g/103178.

No. 339395

File: 1544827026123.gif (73.93 KB, 454x256, pixel.gif)

Not sure what's up with my nervous system but whenever I feel strong emotions, I get sensations in my arms and hands based on the emotions I'm having and it just started a month ago. Feeling despair? Stabbing sensations run throughout my arms and hands. Very happy/excited? Warm, tingling sensation. Turned on and horny af? Indescribable.

I've tried googling it and I can't find anything about it.

Whenever I've been feeling sick with a fever or migraine in the past year, I get weak and tingly in only my left arm until it eventually becomes paralyzed and I'm unable to move it at all until it recovers after a few hours.
I went through heart and brain scans that all came back normal so apparently there's nothing actually wrong with me. Strange. Not that I'm complaining, I guess it makes things more exciting for me when these emotions occur.

No. 339441

This is actually fascinating. Have you talked to any psychologists about this? Preferably ones with knowledge of neuroscience? Are you sure that it's the emotion first followed by the arm thingy and not the other way around?

There's a new-ish theory of how emotions are generated and felt that (as I understand it from hearing/reading small references) says feelings (happy/sad/etc) are these broad concepts applied to describe actual interoceptive sensations. There is no guaranteed set of stimuli that can generate a particular emotion because the emotion is something closer to a word that you learn/invent and which varies across cultures. Maybe a sensation in your arm could become linked to a certain emotion.

What you're describing sounds like it's going the other way around though, or there's some feedback through this specific region. One of the researchers at the head of all this stuff is Lisa Feldman Barrett, she's got a book "How Emotions are Made". If you're interested you can do a really deep dive googling her name. I feel like there's a scientist out there that could probably learn something by slapping some electrodes on you, lol.

No. 339453


Look up Conversion Disorder and Somatic Symptom Disorder.

No. 339548

sounds like your body is exerting exaggerated physical symptoms for your emotions. feeling sensations along with your emotions is normal, but your case is extreme!
i have a panic disorder where there's times when i'm panicked and i'll start getting foggy vision and shortness of breath. this also happens when i'm excited, as both symptoms trigger the same sensations. my brain mistakes the two and i'll end up thinking something terrible is about to happen.
there was one time my panicked emotions diminished, but instead of feeling psychological fear, i had a throbbing headache that lasted a few days. when it went away the panicked emotions came back.

No. 339587

Have you guys heard about Threatin?

He just admitted it was a hoax. But the music is real!


No. 339602

This was really interesting Anon, thanks for linking it.

No. 339657

Yesss. What a story I read about this right after it happened. This man is hardcore delusional and narcissistic. I genuinely do not give a shit about him. But I want to grab his wife and literally shake her. Knock on her head like Hello? Anyone in there? You do not need a man that bad, lady. She just keeps embarassing herself by letting her name be associated with his. They published where she worked or works…her photo was on the site, her Instagram. It's so humiliating. She'll wake up after he does more damage and embarasses her even more. But it'll be hard to feel sorry for her. If she's not a total moron she won't look fondly on the years she spent tolerating his nonsense, acting like his narcissism is normal, following him around filming fake interviews, empty venues and God knows what. Wasting your life away for this walking cringe of a man. Fake label, fake pictures, fake fansite, doctored videos. COME ON.

No. 339673


I was also following the story right after it broke, but I didn't find out he was married until the RS article. Holding out for the rockstar wife life?

And it's crazy how no one had been able to dig up anything on Jered's life before Threatin.

Waiting for an update from the bassist Gavin Carney. In his video a few weeks ago he believes and supports Jered but says he will be "very shocked, disappointed and sad" if it is a hoax.


No. 339675


And the clubs that booked him? Total fail on their part in verifying his claims.


Apparently I didn't follow the story long enough. He was doxed not long after.


No. 340770

File: 1545074407288.jpg (75.95 KB, 500x500, ptičice.jpg)

Do you think pic related is a nice bday gift for my mom? She loves birds and I do love the necklace but I'm afraid that it's too cheap? The price tag is approx 30 euros so 35 bucks. Is that too cheap for a silver necklace? Because I don't mind spending more but I really want to get her this one. It's so cute!

I'd probably combine it with a nice chocolate box.

No. 340774

Anon if you think she'll love it you should't think of the price tag. The quality will prob be just fine for a necklece. It's cute!

No. 340775

Yes, it's not about prices you clearly put thought into it and considered what your mom likes. So that makes it a sweet gift, bonus chocolates will make it extra lovely.

(I always add a little gift with the main gift too it's cute).

No. 340778

Thank you <3
Now I can't wait until I get it for her. I'm just worried that it feels cheap or looks cheap in reality. The store seems legit and has good reviews but the necklace seems too perfect so…

No. 340865

File: 1545095376790.jpg (17.71 KB, 250x250, f2BACQoF.jpg)

a fit asian checkout guy said he likes my hair, i never get compliments on my appearance so it felt nice granted he seemed like one of the chatty checkout people but i'll take what i can get kek

No. 340906

massive fucking huntsman spider in my house meters away from me and I'm just eyeing him. don't try anything thot

No. 340908

I know that feel, anon. I'm happy for you! Treasure it.

No. 340909

Yuck, I get those ugly fuckers in my produce boxes at work. At least they’re relatively harmless.

No. 340913

Nayrt but very long story short I once rolled onto one of these fucks in my sleep, so it obvs went into defence mode and bit my leg. Ended up being surprise allergic to said bite AND it got infected and took about a year to heal. What a fucking nightmare

No. 340946

File: 1545145358557.png (364.85 KB, 702x637, 1535220036520.png)

Just realized I've been on this site for two years now

No. 340989

Since we're sharing creepy crawly stories…

Yesterday I found a massive cockroach in my room. It was so big, without my glasses I thought it was a mouse (which we also have in this inner city dump).

No. 340991

It's been over 4 for me. Don't feel bad.

No. 341006

File: 1545156481647.jpg (33.38 KB, 512x512, heh.jpg)

> bored
> decides to read some yaoi for the first time in 7 years
> wow i actually still like this
> feel weird and ashamed because 70% of my social circle is gay men
> its still hot though
> raises my libido thats been dead untill now
> go out and party bc libido up
> maybe i'll hook up w someone cute
> like 10 of my gay friends are at the party
> feel creepy and angry at myself
> what kind of radfem am I ?
> still reading yaoi after that

No. 341007

>respecting men
huh? If you were getting off to lesbian fetishism, sure.

No. 341014

It still feels creepy to have yaoi flashbacks when your close friends kiss, idk

No. 341016

File: 1545158366175.png (42.07 KB, 184x168, ww.PNG)

>yaoi flashbacks
I know what you mean anon. Sometimes if I'm watching a show with two male characters my brain still tells me which one would be seme and which one would be uke. I don't know how to turn it off.

No. 341040

File: 1545162794307.jpg (18.96 KB, 248x481, sennheiserMX375.JPG)

I'm looking for headphones like pic related because I feel that these ones are no longer sold by the company and whenever I look for In-Ear earphones or earbuds (whatever you call it) I only see those ones that you put "into" your ear but I HATE those so much.

So, does anybody knows similar ones?

No. 341044

File: 1545164864787.jpg (417.39 KB, 1280x1280, 1532633302105.jpg)

I forgot how good it feels to drag someone.

No. 341046

Checked the site for that brand and they seem to still sell them?
just not in black.

No. 341071

I dreamed that Shane and Onision collabed again for a buzzfeed-esque video and were both giggling together like best pals.
As I watched it in my dream I though "Well Shane is as shitty as Onision after all…" and woke up.

No. 341086

i hate the ones with the little silicone rings too, anon. they make me nauseated.

No. 341438

update she had babies under my bed and I woke up with like 10 of those little bastards on my exposed arm. like congratulations but fr…

No. 341439

ur next.

No. 341443

File: 1545238336463.jpg (40.71 KB, 400x600, IMG_4345.JPG)

Im lowkey broke saving for my apartments deposit but I still got my mom some pretty nice things and I generally got the people I care about good items I know will be used but also hits a sweet spot in them! (I love making people realise I listen, tbh fills my heart cause i only keep very few people around me on a consistent basis)
I know im not gonna get the world in return, which is fine too because we're all just in a pinch atm and currently despite the bumps im on a pretty good road!
(Also drink water and take care of yourselves anons & love your vagina. I see too much self deprecation over it like y'all despite the apocalyptice nature of the world ur vulva is neat & I will fight any man or woman who tries to get in your way over it)

No. 341606

File: 1545266861156.gif (3.51 MB, 540x304, GiddyAlertChrysomelid-size_res…)

Tomorrow my mother in law will be gone!

No. 341607

I wanna ask something to straight anons who like to use sexy clothing, like showing cleavage etc: is it because you like it or you want male attention? I'm not talking about the times you just throw something to go on the grocery store, but when you're getting ready to a party or smth. I'm sorry if this sounds autistic or robotic, but I just fucking hate males checking me up and all of my female friends around me hate it too, so idk

No. 341611

I want to show off my body while I'm young and it still looks nice. You only get one chance/time in your life to do it so why not? You can do it tastefully if you want.
Also, if you have huge boobs, any normal thing, like a tank top, that you wear is automatically overly sexualized anyway.
I don't do it 24/7, I like to sometimes when I go out to concerts or something. But it became a problem around my guy friends even if I was wearing normal clothes. No matter what you wear, if you have a "sexy" body, guys will check you out and treat you like shit anyway.
Lately I've been wanting to be more courageous and post some kind of lingerie pics or something on instagram like I see other girls do sometimes, I haven't ever been one to do that. I'm more of the person that would want them to be more artistic than trashy, though. In the end who cares what other people think?

No. 341613

File: 1545268162175.jpg (46.88 KB, 417x600, cde712297f2c1dc82e9df825ec4410…)

I don't know if it's considered "sexy" in 2018 but I like to wear pencil skirts since I think it highlights my waist and makes me look less blocky.
In a way I suppose it is to appeal to men since it showcases curves, but I also just enjoy the silhouette/office lady aesthetic it gives off. And I try to always keep my chest and knees covered.
(I'm also a disgusting bisexual, so perhaps I shouldn't have answered)

No. 341615

I do it to get compliments from other ladies tbh.

No. 341647

this is so wholesome, thank u anon & also i did the same thing! extremely broke right now and my savings are dwindling but I still managed to dig around to get everyone close to me amazing gifts because it just feels like the right thing to do, like the least I can do to show appreciation for the few friends I actually have lol. the holidays can sometimes get really depressing for me but they do always make me realize how much i genuinely enjoy giving gifts

No. 341655

this tbh

No. 341659

i was just showing my family something on my computer and didn't realize that i had an ass-naked screenshot of shay/dolly mattel saved in the corner of my screen. and i use large icons

No. 341675

I’m so sorry that happened to you

No. 341707

Hahahahahaha holy shit F

No. 341711

File: 1545288236066.jpeg (1.34 MB, 3024x4032, CE769850-19DC-4D1E-976C-D8D18C…)

i hope i dream about joel from vinesauce being my friend
goodnight lolcow

No. 341731

It's actually been two years for me too! I ran into a thread about averyniceprince being a drunk a while before and went looking for it again and found this site. I stayed for the momokun drama and /ot/. I showed my friends the momo drama and now we make a game of it every year to see who can get the awkwardest picture with her at fanime. It's stupid but eh

No. 341749

Yeah, I ended up finding lc by trying to find what happened to Tuna because I used to follow her old tumblr for laughs. I stuck around for a few different threads.

No. 341762

Same, I found her thread through /cgl/ when it was still active. I got curious because she became less active on tumblr and I wanted to see why she posted less art all of a sudden. I'm way more used to her handle "barleytea" though.

No. 341805

just message him you fucking moron

No. 341861

Wow you sound like a loser.

No. 342028

Im sorry to hear the holidays can get depressing, I have friends who arent super fond of it at all, but I hope you manage to pull through. Im baking cookies this year so ill chuck one in the fireplace to pass some sweetness your way! Anons on a budget are top tier gang

No. 342041

My therapist forgot to schedule a new appointment for me so I'm supposed to call the office to book a new time, and it's been a few weeks and I still haven't done that. I'm a tad bit anxious about this but also loling because I'm going there because I have severe problems with my shit memory. So I'll probs actually remember to call them in february or something. My shit brain only reminds me of stuff like this way after office hours.

No. 342062

Make yourself a note and keep it where you'll see it. I may be super-projecting but don't "forget" things like these just to sabotage yourself. It takes guts to go to therapy regularly, kudos.

No. 342063

dang, why do mods have to lock threads when a death occurs? rip hartley hooligans thread. gwen was always the real focus anyways.

No. 342069

I'm sad that it seems quite dead around here recently. We had a slump like this back in 2016 when the mod drama was going on but it feels lonely looking at posts from hours ago.

Understandable though considering the severe lack of drama this past year.

No. 342098

Every time I remember this at night I put myself an alarm for the next day, but I always happen to be doing something when it rings - so it's like oh! i'm gonna finish frying these eggs, then I'll call them, and I forget to do that within 3 seconds. I feel like a goldfish lol. My therapist appointments are pretty much me and her going through stuff like this, she helps me pay rent and call places bc I literally won't remember to do that.

But this kinda did gave me the idea to send a message to my friend and ask for her to do this for me or call me and make sure and I'll do it.

No. 342101

Cow culture is dying out. When was the last time any real milk happened? Even Moo's sexual assault scandal was pretty lackluster and had no real impact. Tractorgate DID have actual consequences but between a lack of sperging on Onion's part and the whole thing being quietly settled it wasn't very exciting. Nothing in /snow/ is milky, it's pure nitpicking and autism.

Cows are finally learning to keep their shit to themselves. We are never going to see anyone like PT again. I come here for /ot/ and a few flakes I have soft spots for these days.

No. 342111

I think it's because of posting issues. Sometimes nothing can be posted for hours, or the multi-posts. It's a server issue.

No. 342112

Seems like an oversight to forget to schedule an appointment for forgetful anon

I have a bad memory too. I like to put pending tasks in my eyeline (wherever you sit most often) so you can't miss it.

No. 342201

File: 1545386316240.png (1.02 MB, 916x722, Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 5.55…)

can anyone tell me what the fuck this is I've googled and found nothing I'm freaking the fuck out

No. 342202

thats a tongue anon

No. 342203

fuck off

No. 342205

Very hard to tell with the potato quality of that picture, but it kind of looks like an aphthous ulcer.

No. 342206

iPhones are pieces of shit. it wouldn't focus how much I tried.

That white bit is literally like a skin tag growth that has grown out of my mouth like a little stump with that inflamed area around it. Its not flat. I can't find anything on the internet that resembles it.

No. 342207

I've had something similar there, it was like a vein (but it wasn't a vein) that suddenly detached from the tongue and became this short weird tail. I don't even know when it disappeared lol, but it did. It wouldn't hurt or anything. Just ignore, don't pick on it

No. 342209

File: 1545389508343.png (814.62 KB, 938x636, Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 6.50…)

but it does hurt when it drags and when I eat

No. 342212

why dont i do drugs alone with people i dont want to have sex with ?

No. 342218

then see a dr if it's bothering you dude

No. 342224

Snip it off anon, its probably calcified skin anyway

No. 342228


What you describe sounds like your frenulum ripped.

No. 342355

Just tried to take selfies with my fresh fringe but looking at the pics, from the fringe to the make up to my tartan shirt I look like a fucking emo kid and I'm cackling

No. 342716

feels extenely autistic that i am starting to be more fixated on fictional characters than i was during my high school weeb phase

No. 342790

My younger sister and I have always been super close and I always took care of her.

We're now both in our mid to late 20s, and she's been neet since she finished high school.

I've been supporting her and I don't really mind that. In fact, I enjoy being the one that works and coming home to a non cluttered place with someone to talk to about whatever.

I realize this arrangement is weird but I like it?

My main worry is that if something happened to me she would be in trouble. I do have savings but she has no working history and she doesn't even have friends.

I feel I may be doing her wrong by enabling this lifestyle but we've already talked about this and she told me she was OK with this. None of us wants to get married and neither of us really ever dated.

This is not a vent or even a question hence posting here. It's a bit weird when I think about it.

No. 343146

I orgasmed by queefing and now everything feels weird. I think my vagina is gonna explode

No. 343150

I like to stuff my hand down the front of my pants for no good reason when I'm comfy and laying down

but my bf instantly turns it into a sexual thing if he's around

Can't I just use my furry hand warmer in peace

No. 343158

That sounds nice actually, I love my little sister to death but she's too messy to live alone with kek.

Anyway she is at risk by being dependent on someone else, but that would also be true if she was a housewife/SAHM so I don't think you need to feel weird about it. And you're much more likely to be loyal than a husband so really it's not a bad position to be in.

No. 343204

Anon, please explain how you did that

No. 343398

File: 1545594894514.png (190.73 KB, 266x284, 1446810347303.png)

I'm trying to gift myself a JoJo figure but I can't decide which one to pick so I'll probably end up buying nothing.

No. 343401

File: 1545596241587.jpg (38.77 KB, 562x750, 35784b19-4c64-4a7f-9185-1402e3…)

you could pre-order the kakyoin nendo

No. 343422


No. 343504

Do you believe wishing death on someone makes you a bad person?
I constantly say that like, pedophiles and rapists should die, horribly corrupt people should die (I'm a CSA survivor so like, the first two are a very personal hatred,) but my boyfriend told me it was a scummy thing to say and "bad karma."

No. 343532

I will tell you this right now, anon. Anyone– and i mean especially men who do not think rapists should die horrible deaths is a red flag. As a SA survivor myself (same with my partner. We're both women) i wouldn't tolerate a lack of empathy like that. Tell him bad karma doesn't exist, because if it did, innocent women wouldnt be getting raped to begin with.

No. 343546

i'm a survivor as well, but i don't really wish death on people. there's a difference between thinking they should die, and hoping they do.

also i personally hope those kinds of people go to prison and experience the pain they inflicted on me for the rest of their lives.

No. 343563

File: 1545646121109.jpg (8.85 KB, 192x263, index.jpg)

As a pre-christmas present (we actually don't celebrate 25th in this country, only me and my girlfriend have a tradition of having mulled wine and putting up my christmas tree) I'm giving my girlfriend a box stufffed to the brim with the exact type of her favourite candy and a miniature bottle of Chivas Regal 12 because when we met and started dating it was on sale in full size bottles and she taught me to drink with it, so it's a very fond memory. I would have much preffered giving her a full size bottle, but it's now like 5 times the cost we used to buy it for when we were 19 and I am poor.

No. 343597

this is so cute anon

No. 343603

Bad karma for who? Those people should die. They are a net negative for society. Sounds like your bf sympathizes with them.

No. 343616

Exactly, lol.
It's bad karma to keep them alive , let alone allowing them to stay in society.
Your boyfriend is a fucking dumbass incapable of basic empathy for victims, even while you ARE one.
Seriously reconsider your relationship.

No. 343628

File: 1545661660346.jpg (542.83 KB, 1080x1227, Screenshot_20181224-142344_Ins…)

I really don't understand why people are calling her ugly.

No. 343655

who is she and why is she being called ugly….

No. 343673

She’s certainly not ugly but to be fair, her eyebrows aren’t doing her any favors.

No. 343683

'cause she looks like a silverback gorilla?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 343688

>those shitty baby hairs
>those eyebrows
>that highlight

No. 343689


Bria Myles, a debate was sparked about her on Twitter which caused her to be trending.

No. 343691

stupid blog/OT (but this thread is all about OT so..) : there's a rap song from my homecountry and if you translate some of their lyrics its something like "My friend's stomach hurts from cheap beer, but my other's friends brother is a surgeon so he's drinking Chivas". Sounds better in Croatian I guess.

No. 343695

File: 1545676183864.jpg (9.16 KB, 236x236, 2443caee749b11d3fc8cfe97b0df87…)

I never thought that we'd reach a point in fashion where people strive to look like IMVU avatars.

No. 343700

File: 1545677040148.jpg (71.32 KB, 625x415, bratz-photos.jpg)

And/or Bratz dolls. It's like the future was predicted in the early 2000s…
I just find it odd women are "supposed" to look so cartoony now, both in terms of makeup and proportions (with plastic surgery and etc.).

No. 343703

File: 1545677098802.jpg (54 KB, 540x562, tumblr_pk3ri8M5YE1rca3vi_540.j…)

oh hell no

No. 343708


No. 343722

kill yourself you filthy cac(a-logging)

No. 343739

What's bothering me the most is how her highlighter is placed. Why the fuck is it so low. The angle and eyebrows in both pics isn't doing her any favors either.

No. 343741

File: 1545681019381.jpg (99.45 KB, 1080x810, larry you fucking idiot.jpg)

Merry DL-6 day everyone!!

No. 343763

on the subject of highlighter : why do women put highlighter on the top of their nose ? I'm all for the dewy look but that shit just looks oily.

No. 343772

I do it because it draws focus away from my nose bridge to the tip of my nose

No. 343774

you look stupid and you will feel embarrassed about it 5 years from now

No. 343784

YES anon, you're so right. It looks awful. I'm not big on unnatural colours of highlighter either, looks so tacky to me.

No. 343799

Anon you are the best fr lmao

No. 343864

File: 1545711655104.jpg (82.64 KB, 1024x768, 1w4jouznxz501.jpg)

Merry indeed. Don't get yourself framed for murder this holiday season!

No. 343892

i laugh like jimmy carr sometimes just to annoy my boyfriend.

No. 343893

it’s really barely noticeable, as highlight as supposed to be. just because the Instagram version looks dumb doesn’t mean it always looks stupid that way.

No. 343923

Merry Christmas, lovelies! Shout out to all you anons with no family, all you retail workers, and everyone else too! Take it easy!!!

No. 343963

What special thing should i do for my cats for Christmas?

No. 343989

Make a dinner for them with something they really like? Or just play with them - maybe with a box or string or a youtube video.

No. 344004

I usually give them a bit of the food that's been cooked like chicken or turkey. If I get them a new toy I'll bring it out and play with them and I love putting out catnip. I used to have a cute grey kitty who went nuts over catnip so that was her holiday festivities lol.

No. 344051

we go my cat her favorite really junkfood cat treats and bought her a present! it was just me and my fiance (and our cat) so she was super into the present opening. got her a cardboard house with one of those scratchy floors you can fill with catnip. needless to say it's been a few hours since we set it up and she's already turned it into a boat.

No. 344054


No. 344075

the instagramreality subreddit got linked in the mickey thread and i gave it a look. first i got excited because i thought it was going to be an expose on instagram fitness trainers who use edited photos to sell workouts and shitty protein power.

but instead its just all people comparing the photoshoot photos and candids of low level isntagram celebrities and going "SEE!!! NOTHING IS REAL INSTAGRAM IS ALL FAKE!". the users of the sub insist its not for pointing out photoshop but to point out how angles/lighting/makeup make instagram fake.

so what do they want people to do? every time they post a sefie include a disclaimer saying "i took this in good lighting with makeup on, i dont look like this in real life!"? are we supposed to purposefully post ugly and unflattering photos of ourselves to make sure no one thinks we look perfect all the time? it just reeks of insecurity.

if someone is using their edited photos to sell you a lie, thats a problem, but theres nothing wrong with trying to take a photo in a flattering way. especially a photoshoot picture.

No. 344125

File: 1545816969411.jpg (70.15 KB, 750x753, 7a313580-2317-4dfc-9f03-979a3a…)

kek the kpop critical thread is broken. it's a belated christmas miracle!

No. 344128

I clicked on one of them and it had the most hilarious photoshop fails. Flat heads, impossible waistlines, missing ribs. Only one of the posts was about "lighting and angles" which I agree is a pathetic nitpick.

No. 344136

I have an innie and for most of my life people have told me to only clean the outer labia with soap and just gently wash with water the inner bits.
It's never felt clean to me and I started really scrubbing the inner labia with soap and it's changed my life, I feel so much better and cleaner. I'm mad at people (who I assume are outies) constantly telling me how to wash wrong. That's my dumbass shit for today. Have a great Boxing Day, anons. I'm spending it as a second Christmas with my grandparents. Wbu?

No. 344137

I have an innie and for most of my life people have told me to only clean the outer labia with soap and just gently wash with water the inner bits.
It's never felt clean to me and I started really scrubbing the inner labia with soap and it's changed my life, I feel so much better and cleaner. I'm mad at people (who I assume are outies) constantly telling me how to wash wrong. That's my dumbass shit for today. Have a great Boxing Day, anons. I'm spending it as a second Christmas with my grandparents. Wbu?

No. 344138

I have an innie and for most of my life people have told me to only clean the outer labia with soap and just gently wash with water the inner bits.
It's never felt clean to me and I started really scrubbing the inner labia with soap and it's changed my life, I feel so much better and cleaner. I'm mad at people (who I assume are outies) constantly telling me how to wash wrong. That's my dumbass shit for today. Have a great Boxing Day, anons. I'm spending it as a second Christmas with my grandparents. Wbu?

No. 344139

enjoy your UTIs and yeast infections.

No. 344140

Careful anon or you'll have thrush by NYE. Don't scrub hard and always use a nonscented sensitive wash like femfresh and you should be fine, but if you go overboard even once you'll understand the warnings aren't just for fun

Kind of relared, my Christmas has been vag centric too after the result of a bad infection. It's all cut up so in order to get it to heal properly I have to rinse it with salt water every day. This is so stupid, no normal person needs to endure this. May everyone's vags be merry and fine though

No. 344143

Really hope this is a man.

No. 344149

Please update us in a month when you have thrush.

No. 344153

I have an innie too but how are you not getting clean enough with just a washcloth and warm water?
Usually by the third pass with a washcloth the smell is no longer present and the cloth is clear. I only use soap for my groin and outer bit.

No. 344154

File: 1545844466079.jpg (33 KB, 225x253, 345645.jpg)

>Scrubbing the mucous membrane of your inner labia with soap
thinking about the rash and irritation this shit would give you fucking hurts me physically, I really hope this is a maleposter

No. 344160

I used to lurk the langblr community for some helpful learning tips and they’re honestly one of the most cliquish and condescending communities on tumblr. The majority of them also have vendettas against Americans, or at least the Aussie langblrs did.

No. 344161

I looked through several posts, some were ridiculous photoshops, but many were just people posting a photo and asking if it’s shooped. Or making fun of mother’s for posting their own joke “Instagram versus reality” comparison photos. It’s just another subreddit to hate on women. I saw a perfectly thin woman told to “work out more”. Reddit sucks. The women on that subreddit do seem really vocal about how shitty the men are which I’m glad about

No. 344164

I also have an innie. If water isnt enough, use an intimate cleanser but don't use soap. Soap has a too high pH, it's bad for you.

No. 344170

intimate cleansers are kind of a meme tbh. i got a bad UTI once from a sudsy one i used, but i like the cleansing wipes.

No. 344184

File: 1545863141726.gif (967.32 KB, 500x220, 4507D935-942B-4CC4-9A35-AF78D2…)

I desperately wish the Truman Show was real. But with a decently large group of people separated from the rest of society. Just take a bunch of babies and watch them live 24/7 until they die basically just to see what humans are actually like.

No. 344192

how would putting infants in an artificially controlled situation show what humans are really like?

No. 344194

>separated from society

Obviously not exactly like the Truman Show with producers and actors etc. Just them completely alone in a wilderness setting with hidden cameras.

No. 344196

…they would die. infants do not cope well without someone else caring for them. studies have been done on infants in orphanges and how babies adapt to low-care environments. the answer is, they don't, they can develop all sorts of issues or potentially die.

No. 344203

File: 1545866163564.jpeg (95.5 KB, 1252x1252, WOWYOUDON'TSAY.jpeg)

No. 344204

that sounds really rough anon, i'm sorry. get better soon! may 2019 be kinder to your vag.

No. 344208

I love this idea too anon, besides the fact that it would be the equivalent of society giving a thumbs up to the life-long exploitation of someone; but maybe it does this already.

Surely people with the highest security clearance or hackers basically are already capable of doing this to the rest of the world.

No. 344215

tangent but i feel kind of bad for the queen. she's born into a similar kind of lifelong "acceptable exploitation". i get that she can quit, but that's a person's whole life dedicated to ceremony and she's been bred and brainwashed from birth into it.
i hate the monarchy for much more worthy reasons but i do feel a pang of sympathy for queenie

No. 344229

File: 1545880714689.jpg (76.99 KB, 746x888, Sluts have hearts too.jpg)

You ever just was a gigorno ho but wanted to be a virgino? Because that's me…(namefagging)

No. 344233

I have a shirt that I legit think is haunted or possessed by a negative energy.

I got it at a thrift shop & it low key looks like Gucci.

I’ve only worn it twice. First I wore it to class, cried, and the next day I dropped out of college. Wore it again months later to a job, cried, and the next day I quit my job.

No. 344234

Even though I haven't done anything to fix the problem, my hair has stopped shedding as much. Confused but happy.

No. 344263

Don't forget to Subscribe to PewDiePie!

No. 344282

Just spent a morning spooning with my ex from back when I was a teenager and I feel so fucking good from it. We didn't even do anything, but I just feel really attractive and sexy and it was nice to touch a body that I used to know so well

No. 344292

I just want my pussy licked so bad. sucks being ugly

No. 344325

File: 1545913341152.jpg (32.93 KB, 480x480, 1543879733032.jpg)

My older stepsister who used to mock me and bully me day in and day out has aged like milk! Guess your drugs, partying and bad diet caught up with you, huh Angel? Who is the manface now you whore!

No. 344326

Some dumb bitch I used to know in high school is a semi-famous instahoe and youtuber and I just found out a few days ago. She's my new personal cow now, she's even worse than I remember her.

No. 344387

is this a joke ?

No. 344393

Thank you for caring anon! It's starting to heal faster after lots of sleep, I'll never take intimacy health for granted again. May you always have a healthy, happy vag in 2019!

Same anon, like sure "fuck the monarchy" and all that but as much as I'd love to be born into riches, all the other stuff that comes with it is no joke and I kind of respect the old boot. You can't admit this stuff in public though or people just roll their eyes. I also wish Diana hadn't died, she she probably would have done some great stuff.

No. 344394

post links?

No. 344429

Ditch the shirt wtf

No. 344447

I don't think I should, she won't stop talking about our city in her videos and posts and I think at some points she mentions our high school by name so if anyone I know finds this I could be outed as a farmer. I'll tell you this though:
>she's a white Kim Kardashian wannabe who uses a racial slur to describe herself to make herself seem exotic
>There's no English translation to this slur but an equivalent would be a white girl who likes KFC and hip hop calling herself a "nigger" jokingly all the time but disliking or avoiding black people
>so many photos that focus on her cleavage
>has some lips implants and had a surgeon do something to her nasolabial folds that makes her look uncanny valley and thinks that whenever someone has body issues they HAVE to use surgery. And since nasolabial folds are a bit of a meme here, she talked about it herself
>thinks people who are against the use of surgery or people who personally don't want to have surgery done to them for this reason for this reason are all jealous or poor people, unlike her who has always been a spoiled brat
>talks about fashion and makeup a lot but can't put on makeup for shit
Overall she's just a ridiculous person that me and my friends laugh at occasionally.

No. 344495

File: 1545945769239.jpg (131.02 KB, 1024x678, koreannoods.jpg)

Just tried pic related. It literally tastes like ass. I thought it would taste way more differently wtf. Now I'm stuck with 4 more because I bought it in a 5 pack ;-;

No. 344502

4chan is boring and I don’t get why it’s the most popular imageboard. Maybe I just don’t understand the humor because I haven’t been around since it’s early days, but every conversation seems so shallow. I also don’t like how the threads disappear after a certain amount of posts. If anything, 4chan is good for memes and that’s it.

No. 344518

4chan has been shitty since 2009 when that anonymoos we r legun meme shit was happening. You missed it's prime, there's definitely no reason to browse it now as even young normies know about it. It's just filled with retards.

Also most of the memes there now originated on tumblr and reddit. They don't even know it yet complain about both sites because they're clueless.

No. 344520

lol ikr? it tastes like tea leaves or something

No. 344535

File: 1545950243489.jpg (32.34 KB, 480x360, 2tqpqjP.jpg)

I agree, 4chan creatively died many years ago.
Even it's early days the photoshopping wasn't amazing, but at least there was a group trying to produce original content.

No. 344566

I feel like it died when moot censored posts about gamergate.

No. 344628

some guy shouted at me and really upset me at my job a few weeks ago. today i found his facebook. currently having some elaborate revenge fantasies using his photos and posts. its kind of helping.

No. 344667

Most of presents we ordered with gf won't be there for a christmas party with our pals. What's worse, her gift is not here either.
I'm contemlaining just going to a fabric store and sewing her that hoodie she wanted for years and I never got around to since my machine is shit with stretch fabric. Wish me luck.

This year we're gonna be a complte giftless failures at the main event oh my god and we even ordered 1,5 early. Fuck Aliexpress, fuck my countries postal system.

No. 344668

Most of presents we ordered with gf won't be there for a christmas party with our pals. What's worse, her gift is not here either.
I'm contemlaining just going to a fabric store and sewing her that hoodie she wanted for years and I never got around to since my machine is shit with stretch fabric. Wish me luck.

This year we're gonna be a complte giftless failures at the main event oh my god and we even ordered 1,5 early. Fuck Aliexpress, fuck my countries postal system.

No. 344674

Bf complained yesterday when I didn't want to have sex with my friends hanging out in the next room and now he couldn't do it for the same reason and for some goddamn reason he can't see his hypocracy, he said I was being a prude and he just has performance issues. Admittedly he's been quite drunk the both days and he'll prob apologize tomorrow but shit I'm still mad

No. 344723

I ruined 3 meters of fabric and still did not get what I wanted to. And I was so hopeful.
Now I have nothing to give her and feel like a total failure.

No. 344734

I'm sorry anon, perhaps it can be salvaged still. Here are some ideas:

mini pouch
fabric flower 'bouquet'
scrap keychain or pendant
table coasters
fabric bracelet
kitchen hot pads

You might also be able to turn the fabric into a strappy crop top, or a triangle bandana top. They don't require much fabric.

No. 344782

Fuck men are so fucking stupid and simple minded.
Like, have some fucking respect for the guests in your place. I highly doubt they're going to be permanently staying there, so nothing is going to happen if you abstain from sex for a couple of days.
Maybe you guys could just have a relaxing night with massages or a nice shower together. But I bet your boyfriend thinks both of those are just lead ups to having sex.

No. 344813

Anyone have any good anime recs? Also anime website recs because I haven’t watched anime for a long time and all the websites I used to go on became shadier than usual.

No. 344835

It's ironic that I'm a farmer. I'm lactose intolerant irl.

No. 345055

File: 1546039944311.jpg (908.05 KB, 6000x4000, goat.jpg)

I love crumbly goat cheese so fucking much. Truly the Greatest (cheese) Of All Time. I made a salad that had more goat cheese in it than cucumber. So good! Thank you goats!

No. 345070

its true, its so good… You made me crave goat cheese and I cant even buy it because there is already camembert, mozarella and emmentaller in the fridge and buying MORE cheese would just be unreasonable.

No. 345097

cheese is the greatest edition to most all meals. god i love cheese

No. 345135

File: 1546049889672.gif (637.88 KB, 498x281, tenor.gif)

I put this in another other thread but my old GM at the Gamestop I used to work at is going viral for getting yelled at and he's such a piece of shit and deserves it.

He cheats on his wife, harasses female employees, and is an absolutely terrible manager, I lowkey hope he gets fired from this

No. 345137

>cheese edition

No. 345166

Where and do you guys hide your secret files, if at all?
Your nudes, your old chat logs, your freaky porn etc

No. 345167

Is it the troon video that was posted on the GC thread?

No. 345171

File: 1546054266890.png (520.78 KB, 684x562, dont call anyone 2.png)

You mean this viral video?

Top kek, anon!

No. 345172

File: 1546054369271.jpg (25.62 KB, 437x320, _93931558_b9a023bc-ed5f-4a42-b…)

Yep. It's this >>344772 one for anyone out of the loop.

God I don't support screaming at retail workers because you don't get what you want, especially because I got yelled at for dumb shit all the time when I was there, but seeing that manager get his ass handed to him was glorious. Knowing him I wouldn't be surprised if he was saying 'Sir' to them on purpose.

I found this out in the wild too, no one sent it to me. Truly a glorious viral vid for me.

No. 345183

>implying that ugly caveman didn't deserve to be called a sir

No. 345187

File: 1546056310913.png (14.4 KB, 767x229, Lenny_shrug_by_nightmare_wyldf…)

Eh sorry anon, definitely acting like a fucking psycho though. Not gonna go into detail but there's threads I avoid on here.

I sent this to my old co-worker and she was so happy seeing him freak out. I'm so fucking glad I don't work there anymore. I got hired over a year ago by a different manager and had to deal with a terrible transition when he came on. As a manager he:
> Wouldn't schedule you if you didn't have 100% availability, not an exaggeration
> Ending up scheduling the only 3 employees that could work 7 days a week
> Forced those 3 employees to work more than 40 hours a week with no benefits and no overtime
> 5 other employees (Including myself because fuck you college is more important than Gamestop) were left with absolutely 0 hours for months
> Before I went back to school, wouldn't let me do my training on the computer in the back, so I would have to do it up at the front and help the customers at the same time
> Holiday season so obviously never actually get it done
> That Gamestop was the best one in the state when I was first hired, he came on and lost its Prestige status by March
> Had terrible customer service skills, talked like a condescending douche no matter what the subject
> This is not the first time he's been yelled at like this kek
> Many regulars stopped coming to our store because of his attitude
>Was cheating on his (v cute) wife with his "best friend"
> "Best friend" had an absolutely busted face with a potato nose, fucked up teeth, and was dead behind the eyes
> His BF would walk around the store for several hours just waiting for him to go on his lunch break, which he always spent with her
> Hired another girl who was kind of a cow herself, constantly flirting with her and creeping her out
> Despite the fact that she has a boyfriend AND HE'S MARRIED
> It gets so bad she has to transfer to another store

That's just the tip of the iceberg. I left awhile ago because I wanted to focus on college and also was basically fired without getting fired. (Not scheduled for 3 months, he didn't like me because I didn't want to fuck him). I wish I knew more but unfortunately I don't talk to anyone who still works there because they all left too. I guess as proof his name starts with 'D' and this store is in the Southwest. Rather wouldn't dox him or myself so I'll keep it at that and see how viral this goes.

No. 345191

im so sorry you had to deal with that anon but holy shit this bit of milk is creamy

No. 345192

File: 1546057038251.gif (1.61 MB, 300x169, tumblr_p7m1vozNC11qcpw29o1_400…)

I'm glad you're getting enjoyment from this, and I hope he's embarrassed as fuck about the whole thing because he sounds like he deserves to suffer, but he didn't really do anything wrong in the video itself. He corrected himself when the customer asked him to.

Also, I appreciate your use of aggretsuko reaction images.

No. 345199

File: 1546057898223.jpg (222.52 KB, 653x488, _103246043_aggretsuko2.jpg)


Don't feel bad for me, I got out of there pretty early and I don't have rent/bills so my jobs were always for spending money. It sucks not having fun money but I'm actually going to be graduating college this year because I don't have a terrible retail job that makes me want to die. It's my coworkers who actually had families and bills that I felt super bad for. Either you worked to death for him or you starved and got yelled at when you had to get another job that limited your availability even more.


Definitely watching the vid by itself I understand that it's all on the customer. I would side with him too if I didn't know them, but since I know him it's all just sweet sweet karma for me. There are a few times in the vid where he switches from 'Ma'am' to 'Sir'. I think he was trying to make it seem like it was an accident but I wouldn't be surprised if he was trying to purposefully escalate the situation.

I hope no one I know sees these posts because they'd totally know who I am because of the Aggretsuko images lol

No. 345366

That's dumb as fuck, buy yourself some goat cheese, you don't eat these types of cheese the same way and you don't prepare the same meals with only emmental or camembert so it's not a big loss or a waste.

No. 345373

File: 1546077512250.png (339.21 KB, 500x310, greasy gregs.png)

So farmers, if you absolutely had to choose, which daddy dom Greg would YOU lay?

No. 345375

both are insufferable but if i had to.. skeptic

No. 345376

Disgusting, anon. I'd rather die. But probably septic, because I'd love to trigger shuwu.

No. 345381

if suicide isn't a third option, then preg. he's a fat idiot but he's not a caveman with aspergers, chest acne, and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of debt (who is also retarded).

No. 345387

100% Onion

No. 345394

100% anon? I'd love to hear your reasoning, Septic is a fat doofy oaf but Onion is a diseased looking gremlin.

No. 345395

onion, but he has to undergo a full body deep cleanse first and wear a ball gag because I don't want to have to listen to his shit.
she'd claim to get off on it, but inside she'd be dying.

No. 345397

It's just what my subconscious is screaming at me. It would be so much more degrading to get dicked down by shoe0nhead's obese, low T, trap-chasing, learning disability-having sloppy seconds. I've gotta go with Onion, no doubt about it.

No. 345403

This is the final form of the thread "Men who you're ashamed you want to fuck" type of deal.

I honestly am undecided.

No. 345455

persuasive argument!
my initial instinct was skeptic just because i'm convinced gurg is actually a rat king, unconvincingly puppeteering the skin of an ugly man. but you're right. thinking about it, i could get off on the hate element of fucking onision.

No. 345536

I'd go with Skeptic because of Onion's "hotdog in a turtleneck." No real pros to Skeptic, that's the only rationale I can think of.

No. 345550

Cheese deserves its own thread.

No. 345551

thank you based anon, gonna buy some goat cheese to eat on the 31th.


No. 345615

It's so satisfying when you've been too busy to visit lolcow for a few days and finally get to log on and catch up on all of the milk

No. 345632

>log on

No. 345646

type it into my browser and press enter then… they mean the same thing

No. 345662

File: 1546125417677.jpeg (53.52 KB, 1280x799, D93FC67D-3BAA-4DAA-A65F-3A6E60…)

Any of you go through Bandersnatch? I was unamused for about 60% of it, but then it was kind of fun. Didn’t try to play through the whole thing (apparently there’s 5 hours of material?) but got a couple of endings.

No. 345666

The thing that made it so unsatisfying, in my opinion, is that all of the endings, maybe not the Netflix one, were kind of half assed and that there was no secrete ending you can only get if you complete all of the other endings.
It was disappointing tbh, doesn't feel like it was made by people that actually respect interactive stories.

No. 345669

late but *subconscience

and I think I just meant conscience anyways kek

No. 345672

I would have definitely preferred a full season to this. I was only really entertained going back through the alternate endings, but they all kinda got muddled after I did a few. There was no satisfying twist or omg moment and I felt like the story wasn't very fleshed out.

No. 345676

I enjoyed it but I felt like every plot thread (time travel, metarealities, conspiracy theories, etc) was only skimmed over very briefly, rather than explored to the fullest like they would have been if the creators had just picked one and written it into a traditional episode.

No. 345685

File: 1546130479782.jpg (91.62 KB, 404x838, yeet.jpg)

I know nobody really gives a shit or anybody will see it much, but is this too creepy/tacky to sport? It's a key cover.

No. 345692

hello give me this! i want one

No. 345693

Nah. I'd be impressed and intrigued if I saw a girl strapped with that in public.

No. 345696

I thought it was fun. The story is really weak, but I don’t think it would’ve been easy to follow for the mainstream viewer if they made it more complicated. I see this as just a test for the medium. It would be cool if they did another choice episode that was romance themed like Hang the DJ.

I wish they did more with Colin and Pearl. I also didn’t find much of a reason to care for Colin, he wasn’t likable or unlikable, he was just blank, which I’m sure was the point.

No. 345701

I’d choose onion because he was actually kind of good looking a few years ago, albeit the overuse of lighting in his videos made him look better. Skeptic has always been unappealing to me.

No. 345702

so disappointed with it. got boring after a couple hours and I did get most of the endings but it didn't leave an impact on me and it was quite forgettable/parts were predictable. I felt no connection with any characters and the story did not have anything to hold my interest. I just want something as good as Shut Up and Dance.

No. 345754

i fucking love the movie friday. i watch it all the time. if i could only watch one thing for the rest of my life, it would be friday.

No. 345845

File: 1546151016865.gif (1.63 MB, 250x187, 0KXlU2I1.gif)

TBH I'd choose death.

No. 346286

This is fucking adorable anon.

No. 346314

File: 1546198624367.jpg (30.44 KB, 500x375, c001f48b920c62f7b4710cc09419d1…)

Kewpie merchandise is oddly cute. It has an element of surrealness to it.

No. 346515

File: 1546218367000.jpg (48.17 KB, 576x1024, Bh2G2YfIgAACSlm.jpg)

I was digging around in my ear like the Neanderthal I am and I was just about to pull a big satisfying chunk of dried earwax out but I couldn't get it out and now it's pushed farther back into my ear and probably gone forever. Pic related, it's a very accurate representation of how I feel about it

No. 346681

I love writing in shitty comments such as Mickey's (Jones) and Momo's and write something that's either complimenting them or disagreeing with other anons and receiving replies such as "Hi X!" I even got banned for that shit, pathetic threads, and pathetic teams administration team!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 346727

My wallet got stolen. It had my debit card, all the membership cards to pharmacies and pet stores, about 10 bucks in loose change and about 20 bucks my granny gifted me to splurge a bit on myself these holidays.
I'm not mad I had to cancel my cards or the little money that I actually worked for. I'm mad about the 20$
My grandmother got me a gift to treat myself to something silly and indulgent and now this crook hangs around with a wallet of barely 30 bucks in it. Was it fucking worth it for my prescription cards, surely you would like some antidepressants now that you stole from the poorest person around.
And I bought the wallet this autumn too. It was cute.

No. 346783

I feel like the person arguing about women working in the tradthot thread, who everyone keeps accusing of being a maleposter, is probably just Brittany Venti. But anyway, can't say anything about it there without it being all hi cow and cringe.

No. 346787

Im sorry for your loss anon but im p sure you're not the poorest person around kek

No. 346798

Ended the year with a good wank. A++, only regret is not doing it closer to midnight so the fireworks near my place went off as I came

No. 346820

anyone recommend any good online computer games? I'm very bored

No. 346827

I would really enjoy if one of the overtly mean and nasty anons confessed on here about why they're such cunts to any-and-every-one. Just curious!

No. 346846

Self hatred tbh

No. 346854

Literally seen one confess the other day in unpopular opinions that they interject themselves into infighting and pick up arguments even if they're not the OPs of them just because they're "bored."

No. 346971

I never understood the appeal to this guy. And throwing your educations out of the window because of Youtube? The way he talks about being relevant sounds so unhealthy.

No. 346974

Isn't he still doing online school?
Eh, if he makes money off of it I don't blame him. Very young effeminate makeup boys are in right now (look at James Charles).

No. 347071

Last night was NYE in my country and I got an email like 4 min after midnight that this place I submitted an application to had just opened it. HR must've been having an even more boring NYE than I was if they were looking at applicants then, lol.

Youtube isn't gonna be around forever. Putting all your eggs in one basket is stupid as. I hope for his sake he's still in school.

No. 347391

I was shocked by the title but he later reveals he is enrolling in online school and not actually giving up his education. I suspect he hated going to school for more reasons than just hating homework, like bullying or anxiety disorder. He would cover it up with editing and funny voices but he is always mentioning how he is depressed, wants to die and is ugly.

No. 347421

my guess is mental illness. a lot of the stuff some of the anons spew sounds borderline incelish like they barely leave their rooms or something

No. 347427

File: 1546350727234.png (195.59 KB, 445x450, 1546011134740.png)

my friend keeps sending her selfies in my group chat, just interrupting the conversation and adding nothing. in fact, she barely says anything at all in the chat and her only form of communication is just sending unrelated selfies

its making me cringe so hard because i just cannot understand the reasoning behind doing that.

No. 347543

Of course these points are always the first to come up when one of those type of people are confronted, but I always thought other anons were tying to be insulting; I guess they really are probably just miserable, power-hungry faggots. Hm.

Funny bc I'm a loser and I don't feel comfortable acting like I'm not so it doesn't compute kek

No. 347816

In recent months I've found myself crying from happiness a LOT more than I ever have before. I used to do it very rarely, but now I'm getting teary at the littlest shit, like commercials and short clips of Disney movies. I have no idea what could possibly have caused this.

No. 347835


hormones, gurl.

No. 347894

I'm starting to dislike getting high around dudes i'm attracted to bc it just makes me hyperfocus on all of their flaws and it turns me off a lil

No. 348092

File: 1546456062323.png (127.07 KB, 276x299, 1494163479377.png)

I think new year resolutions are stupid because nobody follows them but I'm willing to give them a try. So my resolutions for 2019 is to finally finish all the video games, books, manga and anime I ever started and dropped at some point, or even bought. If I have enough free time after that with my job and college I'll try to start games and manga I've wanted to play and read for a while. I'll report back once it's done. What are you guys' resolutions for this year?

No. 348120

I know it sounds stupid, but you should just listen to the weed. If it's happening every single time you get high with this guy, the weed and your brain are trying to tell you something.

I feel like a lot of the anxiety/paranoia I got while high was because my brain was trying to tell me something about this person that I couldn't admit sober.

No. 348130

I will be forever salty about the fact that I missed the last Kaka and Taco video before it was deleted. It was the infamous snuggle tooth one. I only managed to see some screenshots of it but from what I remember it was described as something really hilarious to witness.

Also, no more Penus Angelicus and Morning Routine Video by Margaret. Specially the morning routine video holds a special place in my heart for being such a mess. That filthy house, the ass shots of Magot during the work-out and the infamous leg hair shower ….

No. 348144

i agree

No. 348145

Dumb shallow question, but how do I not look terrible in photos? I look super normal irl but like an ogre in every photo, even selfies.

No. 348154

I'm pre-menstrual so… just saying.

I'm truly annoyed that every time I eat a dish that has meat in it, the meat has something disgusting which throws me off entirely. Sinewy, chewy, gross shit that has terrible texture. I feel like I can't take any bites larger than a nibble otherwise I will have a mouthful of rubbery tendon or something. I'm mostly referring to chicken meat. I tried not being such a bitch and just dealing with it but I can't. I'm legit annoyed rn

No. 348155

samefagging but whatever

I feel like a failure as a human being being so uppity about doing something we have done since the dawn of time but like jfc I just want to be able to enjoy taking a regular bite out of my chicken.

I know how this sounds… Anyway thanks for listening.

No. 348161

Honestly, I feel you. I eat meat very infrequently now because it tends to gross me out the majority of the time. I put up with chicken sometimes since I do love the taste of it but my god, beef is the worst offender for me. It's repulsive in every way.

No. 348163

if she's your friend why don't you ask her about it

No. 348165

I dunno, it's happened with more than one guy and I mean physical flaws. Like how big their pores are and dumb stuff like that. I wouldn't break up with a dude for having big pores lol

No. 348184

It's honestly not a big deal to not like meat, and I'm saying this as a meat-eater. Almost everyone this day and age would get sick at the thought of eating livers and hearts and testicles, but people ate those no problem once-upon-a-time. As time goes on, people will probably think muscle and bone are pretty gross too.

I can't wait until lab-grown meat becomes cheap, because not only will animal husbandry decline and people can be vegetarian without sacrificing taste, but also veganfags can't be moral about not eating animal products anymore, it'd be like bragging about not eating bull testicles due to moral reasons kek.

No. 348186

same kinda thing happens to me whenever I smoke, I hardly ever smoke anymore because it makes me so anxious and sometimes I even have panic attacks. some people just have weird reactions to weed tbh

No. 348198

I fucking love porridge like congee, oatmeal, cream of wheat, that shit is yummy and makes me feel comfy

No. 348199

My cat always follows me into the bathroom and now I feel weird d whenever I poop without her.

No. 348406

Same anon, People judge me cause I dont mind making porridge with water and not milk like im sorry my love for all things gooey and wheat makes you uncomfortable but with god as my witness water is free and nothing will get in the way of me and that bowl of ancient comfort. (Cinnamon and brown sugar is staple reasons to why i just stay perpetually chub cause the last 5lbs are just sustained on my gluttony)

No. 348419

File: 1546523228466.jpg (159.89 KB, 1000x668, tumbleweed-tiny-house-roanoke-…)

I've been obsessed with minimalism and tiny homes. There's just something about tiny homes that are cozy to me.

No. 348423

Ah, same!! I love the design that goes behind being to create a comfortable living area in such small spaces, and I’m also and ecoslut so it goes hand in hand. Ever since I found out minimalism is more than just an aesthetic and have slowly adapted my life to it I do feel like it’s improved a decent amount, a lot less clutter and money being thrown about. I’m also a lot more likely to buy good quality items now rather than many poor quality items

No. 348429

Me three. I’d like to shift over to a minimalist lifestyle someday soon.

No. 348462

SAME. I used to watch a lot of house tours on YouTube for tiny homes. I was in Japan recently and it was so impressive how they manage to live in such small spaces. Definitely check out Japanese house tours on YouTube because they've come up with lots of really cool tricks (storage under the floor, ovens the size of microwaves, toilets with built-in sinks that recycle the water you wash your hands with so super eco-friendly). I also love Marie Kondo and her concept of only keeping things around you that "spark joy" makes so much sense to me especially in a world where we're taught that having lots of celebrity-endorsed items in our house that we didn't particularly even want in the first place is going to make up happy, when it doesn't. She has a new Netflix series and I'd highly recommend it.

No. 348552

Food is literally the only thing that makes me happy. Fml.

No. 348591

Her series "Tidying Up" is on Netflix now, actually.

No. 348601

Not to be a dirty communist, but can anyone tell me what exactly Jeff Bezos does all day to justify making so much income that if someone were given $1 every second from birth, they'd still have to live to 3500 years old to be as rich as him? Like, what exactly is his work, and why is it more worthy/deserving than that of people who do hard labor, work as janitors, teach the youth so they can achieve in life, etc etc? What justifies this amount of money compared to the squalor in his country, and around the world that hasn't been alleviated by people working harder? How can this not be considered "gaming the system" in some way?
I'd like to believe that people who defend the current state of capitalism aren't idiots or just evil, but I'm seeing a lot of shit that makes me pause.

No. 348602

File: 1546549172353.jpg (15.83 KB, 300x300, 71419898.jpg)

lul owning a successful business lul its his right lul creating jobs lul

No. 348612

>I'd like to believe that people who defend the current state of capitalism aren't idiots or just evil
I heard it being described as them defending their "richsona," which is why Elon Musk has a lot of defenders as well. Defenders think that, on the (very likely in their delusional eyes) chance that they get rich, they want to have as much fun, opportunity, and freedom as these guys.

No. 348637

i am 100% serious when I say that if I had the chance to personally kill Jeff Bezos, I would. The day he dies, I will be genuinly happy. I'm not even being edgy or anything, I legit hate the guy with a burning passion.

No. 348650

could you tell me why?
I don't like him either but to me he's just another corporate body that only thinks about amassing more profit. Why do you hate him specifically out of all the others?

No. 348855

File: 1546582893187.jpg (23.86 KB, 460x468, 9mzxNuz.jpg)

i havent had a cigarette in a week. i want one so bad. but this is a perfect time to quit. im a week in why no keep it going

and on a side note, fuck people who take up the whole goddamn aisle when food shopping like bitch this works like the streets i swear to god, i just want my ziplocs, move.

No. 348857

I just went on crystal.cafe and everyone here wasn't kidding when they said it was full of guys and larpers

Every thread is like
>I'm 6'2 how do I look more feminine

Not a real woman in sight

No. 348896

File: 1546599067267.png (29.12 KB, 774x270, bezos.PNG)

nayrt but he became this rich by exploiting people, you should look up some ex- Amazon employees stories, it's absolutely crazy. Some have to keep bottles to pee in all day because they can't even make time to go to the toilet to be able to keep up with the pace. Their wages are very low for such stressful work conditions. Bezos also believes in "fear motivation" or something along those lines, here are a few links that could answer your questions better :

pic related is from https://www.vox.com/2018/8/30/17797786/amazon-warehouse-conditions-bernie-sanders

"Why Jeff Bezos wants Amazon employees to ‘wake up every morning terrified’" https://www.cnbc.com/2018/08/28/why-jeff-bezos-wants-amazon-employees-to-wake-up-terrified.html


haven't read through it yet but there's probably a ton of shit here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amazon.com_controversies

No. 348897

because it's so uwu and pinuku and kawaii, trannies flock to it cause that's their idea of being girly. Crystal.cafe played itself

No. 348927

My resolution is to kick my diet soda addiction. I'm drinking one as I type so that's going well

I had high hopes for cc, it's sad how fast it went to shit.

No. 348934

Not to mention the retarded admin there advertised it in ALL the wrong places.

No. 348941

I'm quitting soda too. I have found natural fruit juice is good to ease into then eventually more water. Best of luck anon!

No. 348951

Yeah it's too uwu kawaii. I have seen anons here make plans to create another imageboard for women - make sure the theme is as anti-girly as possible to turn off troons, kek

No. 348959

It's actually unbearable. It's the same whinging about not having a bf that you'd see on 4chan or r/incels or other male larping. Who even wants to read that?

>"I REALLY want to be a housewife and have 20 kids with my cult leader bf uwu"

>"ofc I support men's rights! I loooooooove men! :)"
>"How can I make my voice higher pitched? How can I look more kawaii? Stripey knee-high socks are so in, ladies~!"
>"Can we have more social threads? I want to make 'friends' .u."

No. 348960

I'd actually support that. The creator of cc was a fucking idiot who advertised on 4chan, tumblr, reddit and other hubs for trannies wtf did s/he expect. If we only advertised here, it might actually work.

No. 348963


She didn't advertise on 4chan, though. It was raided by it multiple times because Spoony revenge posted there when she was banned for being a sperg. She posted it on /r9k/ and robots flew there either to raid or to LARP.

I still visit there, and the admin claimed to be gendercrit, but I guess it's hard to tell sometimes. Which is a shame.

No. 348966

tbh I mainly go to cc just to complain about being ugly/no bf since I don't want to subject you lot to it.
Everyone here is good looking and socially successful it seems. It would be nice if we had a new womens only chan that doesn't make fun of a "femcel" thread if it pops up. Which I understand happening here ofc since it's a gd gossip site, it's expected even if I don't like it.

No. 348968

that in itself isnt bad but imo the prejudice with femcels is that anons that screech about murdering all men ruin it for the others who just want some love.

No. 348969

Lmao I use cc to keep my annoying spergs off here too, it’s like my personal dumpster. I find it hilarious that the troons get to read about how nasty and abusive men tend to be. Glad we can contribute to the anime-themed toilet bowl in our own ways.

No. 348972

women should be supporting femcels since lookism ACTUALLY affects women not men. Femcels genuinely get treated horribly by society and don't run trucks of peace into people or commit mass murder cos they get don't get attention from men.

No. 348981

Well it was advertised on many other shitty locations and s/he keeps asking where else it should be advertised so clearly the man/tranny invasion hasn't put him/her off. Being gendercrit doesn't mean much when you leave up posts from "femcels" and the same conversations about religion and men's rights that you'd get on /r9k/ or /pol/ anyway.

I don't have a problem with femcels tbh I just would prefer if they were self-help threads or something positive like how people managed to get out of that mindset. Incels/femcels will attack anyone that doesn't 100% agree with them that they're ugly and will never have a partner. Living in that echo chamber is what holds people back from meeting someone, not that they're actually hideous or that they're not a "stacy". Lmao anyone could be a "stacy" if they just took care of themselves.

No. 348986

nta but first we need to define what femcel means. I don't want to have a bf, I don't hate men either but I am critical of how most men view women, I do call out bullshit when I see it and I was called a femcel here a few times just for having a different opinion. And when I did go and check the man-hating thread, anons there posted concerns and insights until robots decide to shitpost and the whole thread derails.

I don't get why everyone keeps talking about femcels when I don't see the female version of an incel here no matter how much you try to portray it that way.

There are no way near the amounts of >tfw no bf or >stupid chad why doesn't he like me? or >I should toss some acid on his face then he will have no choice but to like me!

The closest thing I could think of is the stereotype of a cat lady but I never understood why being a cat lady is bad thing.

Also, you can have a normal life and be a functioning part of the society while being a virgin and/or be distrustful of men.

No. 348990

Well since incel means "involuntarily celibate" and you are willingly not having sex with men, I wouldn't consider you one. The difference is that incels/femcels are desperate for a partner and they'll often whinge about how they don't have one due to things they can't control (they're ugly, they're not rich enough, they're socially awkward…most of these things are just excuses though because plenty of those kinds of people have partners) while also not making any effort to improve themselves. So it's basically just an echo chamber of people reminding each other that they're "not good enough" which is toxic af. Ofc these people can't find a bf when they're convinced that nobody will ever love them and it's not their fault so they shouldn't bother taking care of themselves.

I haven't seen any "femcels" here either but I have on CC where they often go on about "stacies" and "chads" which is exclusively incel/femcel lingo. I agree with you that choosing to not date isn't a problem.

No. 348991

what I've noticed from femcels even when they do hate hate men, its for a valid reason. A lot of incels definition of bullying is girls not smiling at them. lol.

while I've read heartbreaking stories from femcels and how they've been treated by guys. Just yesterday this girl told me at work, her male co-workers readily helping the attractive girls but dismissing her completely then overhearing those guys talking about her and how they "don't do shit for ugly women".

everything incels cry about is complete projection.

No. 348997

I agree threads should be a bit helpful if they do exist, admittedly asking questions on/g/ has helped me level up in the past. Although I don't think everyone can be "stacy" lol. Having shitty social skills turns people off, and not everyone is blessed with decent bone structure or the funds for plastic surgery. A space to just vent about the experience or being an ugly social failure isn't a bad idea imo
This for instance is a valid experience worth discussing among people who struggle with the same thing.

Idk where anons get off calling man hate anons femcels lmao, most of you have bfs, are lesbians, or have sworn off men.
Femcels just can't get dates for whatever reason, usually just bad luck either in genetics or timing with the right people. I'm average but it's been the second reason + garbage social skills for me, even though I've approached multiple (not even conventionally attractive) men and make an effort to care for myself.

No. 349000

I find it interesting that people don't even bother to psychoanalyse femcels, why they ended up that way, why they feel alienated by society etc.

No. 349027

I think the hardest when losing a bad habit is the beginning, I read about it long ago but I don't remember the number of days it takes on average to lose habits. Good luck with that though, and thanks for reminding me to stop drinking soda too.

I remember going to cc everyday when it was just created and having high hopes for it, but it became a boring mess really fast. The fact that so many robots and trannies came and started useless threads that we already had before was the beginning of the end for me. Even before that it was too slow. I haven't used it in months, I'm going to check it out, I'm morbidly curious.

No. 349032

The manhate thread kept getting accused of being full of femcels but it never made sense. Much of the complaints about men are due to bad experiences with bfs, sex, men pursuing them etc, and any celibacy is very voluntary. There did seem to be a couple of very unstable, insecure girls (the one who wanted to kill herself, the one who thinks men have vitriolic hatred for small tits) but I never saw manhate that revolved around being unable to get one. Not being left alone by men was always more of an issue, legit femcels are really rare and the chance of them acting like entitled incels is very low.

No. 349034

femcels are not just the "female" version of an involuntary celibate. it includes dangerous ideas of gender and lecturing women.

No. 349035

>dangerous ideas of gender
Like what?

No. 349038


No. 349039

this but unironically

No. 349040

How is it dangerous? At worst it just stops someone from fucking. It won't put people in danger like actual incel crap.

No. 349046

you think inserting those ideas in women's heads won't harm women in the long run? LOL

No. 349048

i think that letting women think that PIV sex outside a relationship is a good idea will harm them more.

No. 349049

who fucking cares as long as you're wearing a condom and taking birth control

No. 349050

wow that's literally a response I got for posting I'm lonely and want to experience a relationship.
I felt really bad about it because it was paired up with insults, and no one really called out those anons/defended my post so I thought it's like a legit thing, a normal opinion to have, which made me feel like I'm in the wrong until I realized the "femcel" isn't a term made up to argue with man-haters, it's actually true. Damn somehow I missed when we started to call each other sluts for not being celibate. What the fuck went wrong

No. 349051

what do you want anons to tell you? if you're too ugly or socially inapt for a relationship, it's no one's fault but yours

No. 349053

jesus anon, take a break from posting here and take a nap, go create a femcels forum or something

No. 349055

right? imagine if male incels infected every single thread on 4chan by lecturing every poster that mentioned having sex with a woman or a girlfriend like femcels do to women here that don't talk about men constantly like

No. 349056

it has be happening since the dawn of time
>letting women think
lol you talk like incels too

No. 349062

There is literally one anon who takes that hard line stance and people have been raging about the one big argument she had with everyone else ever since it happened, like a week ago. Dont you think it's time for everyone to move on and not act like she represents a significant majority opinion on lc? I cant believe people took it seriously and got hurt feelings. Political celibacy is a thing but it is rarely discussed here.

No. 349063

Again, how would it harm them? So, some women are alarmist and point out negative things about relationships with men. And? Will this lead to physical harm of someone like the male incel killers?

No. 349066

>socially inept
How do you even fix that? Aside from just being kind to people I still sound awkward to talk to and don't know where to start.

No. 349072

It might be easier for other anons to give you pointers if you talked a bit more about yourself, because we don't have much to go on. Do you not know what to say? Do you have trouble reading social cues? Do you stutter or talk too fast? Are you overly self-conscious? Are you afraid of accidentally offending people so you come off really stiff? etc. (Edited to add you might wanna use the advice thread instead of this one)

No. 349077

File: 1546630448747.jpg (621.11 KB, 2000x1334, epa_file_usa_hurricane_katrina…)

Does anyone else have a weird interest in crazy fucked up stories? Recently i've been reading about Hurricane Katrina and never realized how insane it was. I have family in New Orleans but they evacuated. Here's some wiki info if you have a morbid curiosity like me

>People who couldn't leave town evacuated to the Superdome, the roof began to cave in eventually

>no water purification equipment on site, nor any chemical toilets, antibiotics, or anti-diarrheals stored for a crisis
> the smell inside the stadium was revolting due to the breakdown of hygiene, urinals, and plumbing.
>three people died, two of them were elderly medical patients
>also a man who is believed to have committed suicide by jumping from the upper level seats
>unconfirmed reports of rape, vandalism, violent assaults, crack dealing/drug abuse, and gang activity inside the Superdome
>a National Guardsman was attacked and shot in the dark, so the National Guard inside the Superdome used barbed wire barricades to separate themselves from the other people in the dome
>While a few medical patients were able to be transported out by helicopter, it was not until August 31 that the first group of about 100 tourists (mainly international visitors) were "smuggled" out from the Superdome to the Sports Arena next door. This was done as covertly as possible so as to not cause rioting or charges of favoritism

>reports of groups of armed men running rampant through the streets, looting and pillaging unattended buildings and stores

>Charity Hospital, one of several facilities attempting to evacuate patients, was forced to halt the effort after coming under gunfire
>Snipers stationed on roofs across the city
>People at the Convention Center who died, regardless of cause of death, were not moved or removed and were left to decompose
>Bodies left all over the city floating in floodwater or rotting on sidewalks, some were reportedly torn apart by dogs
>Armed white militias cordoned off many of the streets in Algiers Point and threatened to shoot any blacks they saw, one man shot and killed 3 blacks
>six days after Katrina, a group of police officers wielding assault rifles and automatic weapons fired on a group of unarmed civilians, wounding a family of four and killing two, including a teenager and a mentally disabled man

>At Memorial Medical Center, Dr. Anne Pou and nurses supposedly euthanized roughly 20-40 patients by administering lethal doses of morphine

>The bodies sat in 100 degree weather for 10 days and no conclusive toxicology reports could be performed

Anyway, just think it's pretty wild that this kind of stuff happened.

No. 349078

It's better that women are wary of men rather then being too naive. As another anon pointed out, at worst she won't have sex with someone, at best she will be more careful when entering a relationship. tbh I haven't seen many anons parroting what you said and women in general will on average advise their friends to be careful with men so I don't find it specific to "femcel" culture or what not.

The only one that's a loser in your case is a man that may have one less fish in the sea he deems his own. It actually reminds me of that thread where I was accused of being a femcel for pointing out the overpopulation issue even though I didn't state people shouldn't have kids but that having more than 4-5 kids is selfish. I got the impression that men get butthurt the most when things like baby-making and having sex is mentioned in a bad context. really makes you think hmmm…

No. 349079

There are far more abused young girls and women for not being careful enough. You honestly sound like a man because I can't imagine a woman thinking being careful is a bad thing since we're constantly reminded to be on guard. If something does happen to a woman, she's accused of not being careful enough and it's her fault. It's like you can never win no matter what.

No. 349092

I have a morbid fascination too.
My dad did work in New Orleans years after the hurricane and said that the airport still retained a foul smell because they had used it as a triage.

Events like that have made me take any kind of disaster warning seriously. I'm shocked when people voluntarily choose not to evacuate when they receive warning of impending disaster. Everyone thinks we're sooo safe when the fact is anything could happen and then it's every person for themselves.

When I was a sophomore we had a girl transfer to our school for the year because she couldn't go back to her home in New Orleans because of the damage. Felt really bad for her, I could tell she wasn't bothering to get too attached to anybody for the fact that she knew nothing was permanent. Kind of symbolic if I really think about it..

No. 349099

No, but it'll make it harder for men to get it in, which will increase the rate of incels and drive up rape stats, on top of creating more incel killers. Men, as a group, will be in a sexual emergency, so they'll have no choice but to give in to their primitive instincts and punish us for depriving them.
Women should just make access to their bodies equal opportunity to all men, and accept the title of "slut" with pride. Sex positivity is the only viable path, because sex is a need, like food or water. Men, especially, need it to function, which is why so many of them are willing to pay for it. We need to work with them, not against them, if we want to live in harmony.

(Before anyone mentally slow takes this seriously, the statements above are 100% sarcastic, but I'm convinced this will turn out to be the underlying message behind all this fake feminist sex positive "yasss girl sell your holes and accept financial scraps from men to get by!!! slut power!!! killin' it!! by allowing just anybody access to your sexuality for the right price, or even for free, you are actually OWNING your sexuality!!! it's self-empowering af!!!" shit).

No. 349100


It's one thing to be careful but it's another to basically tell women that if you have sex you'll get pregnant and die. Yes you should be careful of course, but there's nothing wrong with having safe sex with someone you trust.

Are women not allowed to enjoy sex anymore? Just men? Fucking lol this shit all comes full circle… you literally sound like incels. No wonder you're all cunts you never get laid

No. 349103

File: 1546633873393.jpg (70.48 KB, 692x414, sPR8mgZ.jpg)

>when femcels think the only alternative to "NEVER HAVE SEX WITH A MAN OR YOU WILL DIE" is "omg sex positive!!! slut pride 4ever!!"

No. 349105

I still don't understand you anons calling man haters femcels.
To be a femcel means you really want to get laid lol.

No. 349107

NTA, but I see no issue with veering more on "Be careful, don't trust men, know the risks" than the "uwu fuck who u like, anything less is fearmongering, slut-shaming and femcel prude shit!!!" shit we see in the mainstream.

I posted >>349099 and I have sex with my boyfriend, so I'm not a femcel or anti-sex, lmao, but nice try. I just recognize what's going on with the narrative being pushed. It's to placate men so they won't insist feminists are prudes trying to block their boners. No one with a brain thinks that shit is inherently empowering, considering human trafficking rates.

No. 349108

involuntary is not in the title "femcel", you illiterate. seeing as women can get laid, it's a title for women who refuse to have sex because they pathologized sex beyond recognition, similar to incels.

No. 349110

you sound really fucking naive. libfems push all this "sex positive" shit because they want to hoe around with no consequence or shame like men do. it has nothing to do with making feminism easier on men, especially given the fact that men against feminism hate that kind of shit anyway. it's dumb to think that women doing stuff that happens to fall in line with what men want are doing it for them.

No. 349111

This describes 90% of libfems. If it was about hoeing around shamelessly and sexual freedom, there wouldn't be so much anger and alienation at the concept of some women not wanting to do that, or being anti sex work.
>the fact that men against feminism hate that kind of shit anyway
This has nothing to do with ignoring men's wishes, and everything to do with the fact that to misogynists, women can't do anything right but function as sex dolls, pump out kids, live as slaves and die.

No. 349114


No. 349115

you just glossed over what i said to post shitty buzzwords and reeeee about the same thing i said was naive. i actually dislike libfems and pro-sex shit a great deal, but arguing with idiots like you is tasking because you think you're better than others.

No. 349116

just say you're jealous of prettier and sexier women AND GO

No. 349117

What. Are you autistic? I'm bisexual and I love pretty, sexy women. I just think sex positivity BS is just that.
I'm sorry if you're a brainlet who still thinks giving your holes to any Tom, Dick or Harry makes you a powerful Stacy goddess, but grow the fuck up, lmao.

Who's ree-ing? You haven't addressed anything I said, you're just getting mad over nothing. There is nothing wrong with personally wanting to "hoe around" because you love sex. The issue is when retards use that as a political "in". You might be an actual femcel to not see that.

No. 349118

you sound like a broken record. please seek help.

No. 349119

Projection 101. Hope you get therapy.

No. 349120


NTA but you're the one who sounds retarded, anon.

No. 349121

>giving your holes
Damn feminists really do want to be men, huh? You sound just like one!

No. 349122

>shitting on a group so hard that you end up acting like a reverse version of them
>expecting libfems to not be retarded 14 year olds who want to be able to fuck all their high school classmates without being labeled a whore

it's also really fucking lulzy that you somehow think you're the sane one here and are condescending against people who disagree with you. you have just as little free will and are just as controlled by society as everyone else, get off your high horse. your shitty knee-jerk reaction is not special.

>i'm bi!!

prepare to get betrayed by the people who were defending you

No. 349123


Why are you reeing so hard? Do you have an STD you're insecure about or something?

No. 349124

convincing argument

No. 349125

i agree that sex positive shit and SW is stupid. i'm just not a platinum retard who assumes that the idiot libfems promoting it are somehow plotting to pander to shitty men. women are allowed to do and think stupid shit for themselves.

No. 349126


Sorry I don't care enough about convincing you to type up a whole thesis to prove we're two different people. I'm sure you'll manage to cope.

No. 349127

If I wanted to be a man, I'd be a tranny or a dumb pick-me (or tradthot) who worships them. If I sounded like them, I'd be reeeing at women to give up their holes or else they're femcels.

Nothing in that post has literally anything to do with what I said, or even really qualifies as an argument. I's just bitter-sounding insults. Especially this, lol:
>prepare to get betrayed by the people who were defending you
I don't know your trauma, but screaming on imageboards is not the answer. Get well soon.

No. 349128

Libfems parrot that sexposi shit for the same reason they insist they wear make-up and shave their legs because it's their own persona, non-culturally influenced preference. They're lazy, not very intelligent, and don't want to change behavior they know is ultimately unhelpful and unfeminist.

Men parrot that sexposi shit because they see it as a useful way to get more sex.

No. 349129

Don't engage her. She's clearly stupid. People who drink this much man-hate koolaid are just as annoying as the people who drink too much libfem koolaid that they bitch about. People with extreme views are always the same; extremely retarded.

No. 349130

Use your brain. There's a reason libfems focus so much on straight sex specifically, and why every sex positive singer talks about dick.

No. 349131

Who cares. Everything anyone does is culturally influenced, even going against the norm. Being a radfem political lesbian or a slutty libem are both just different reactions to cultural influences. So acting like it's not is foolish, you've simply chosen a route you think is better.

No. 349132

The only stupid extremists here are those of you who unironically think telling women to abstain from PIV sex entirely is the big brain method, and that libfems are just sex-hungry with no other endgame or cultural influences on the brain.

No. 349133

Are there really political lesbians on Lolcow, or is that just a myth like the "femcel" meme some people keep trying to push?

No. 349134

>Everything anyone does is culturally influenced, even going against the norm.

Duh? Tell that to the libfems, they're the ones who think they magically escaped all social conditioning.

No. 349135

It's a meme pushed by people who think lesbians don't real and are just angry straight women suppressing their secret thirst for dick.

No. 349138

Why are there no grey areas on lolcow? It’s either abstain from PIV and never date men, or fuck men all the time without condoms and get STDs.

A middle ground exists, farmers, let’s find it and stop infighting.

No. 349139

nta, but where the fuck did you read anons here telling others to completely abstain from sex and that if they have sex they'll die?

I see you (and another anon/s?) repeating that but I haven't seen this agenda pushed here. Unless urging someone to not rush into a relationship translates into that in your mind?

No. 349140

File: 1546636802525.jpg (1.12 MB, 1000x1102, superdome7.jpg)


They're making the next season of American Crime Story about the Anne Pou thing which is how I got into my wikipedia deep dive lol, hopefully it's good. I never realized before that almost 2,000 people died, and it's insane how many pictures there are online of bodies. Even news reporters had bodies in the background while on live TV. Supposedly a lot of the stuff people said happened in the super dome is myth, but also the Bush administration and Ray Nagin did a lot to ensure that people thought they had the situation completely under control so I wouldn't be surprised if it was a lot worse. Honestly it's my worst nightmare to be caught in a natural disaster like that

No. 349141

ntayrt but It's pretty common in American schools particularly in bible belt area to teach abstinence only. I'm not libfem or anti sex but imo that has the potential to be harmful

No. 349142

I used to hang in the man-hate threads regularly and never saw anyone telling straight women to abstain from all PIV sex.

No. 349143

That's essentially what I said, and I got yelled at and called an idiot femcel who needs to seek therapy by mentally ill farmers. Lolcow is fucking weird.

No. 349145

I understand that but that's not a "femcel" problem or anons proliferating that idea.
While telling someone any carnal desire is shameful and warrants a place in hell is damaging and not a healthy mindset, it's definitely not the same thing as telling someone to wait and be careful.

No. 349146

>Today, in not being able to read threads or scroll up

No. 349147

I wanted to reply to a different anon

No. 349148

Oh, my bad, anon.

No. 349149

also, sorry

No. 349150

Don't be this cute, anon. We're trying to have an irrational slapfight here, you can't come in the thread and make me feel soft like that.

No. 349151

where are anons telling people to fuck everyone they want to tho?

both side just want to make themselves sound right, no one on lolcow is actually saying
>don't fuck anyone ever or you'll die
>fuck everyone and be a slut there are absolutely zero consequences

Can you all go make your own forum or something for this shit it's fucking annoying.

No. 349152

Wait and be careful is fine to tell women, but look at this thread. Anons calling women names, STD shaming, accusing women who enjoy sex of just being brainwashed. You do know that women who enjoyed sex “too much” could be locked up in asylums just 60 years ago.

It’s not an either or, both statements can be true. Women can be shamed for having their own interest in sex and a sex drive, and women can be influenced to perform sexually for men due to he conditioning of living in a patriarchal society. Both are true. Just like how women are often mocked for wearing makeup while also being mocked for not wearing makeup.
There is no “winning” as a woman, no matter what choices we make.

No. 349153

This but unironically. No niceness allowed

No. 349155

File: 1546638418873.gif (56.12 KB, 350x160, 4ac7157cb431fc273096b91e3b04db…)

Awww :3
I love you anon

No. 349189

File: 1546643742135.jpeg (77.6 KB, 539x531, 2CFB7346-D27F-4F6A-9ACB-DA949D…)

My brother's girlfriend has an obsession with pineapples. I have my obsessions too Sanrio but it’s made to be marketable and bought, as opposed to pineapple which is just… a fruit? She has a pineapple keychain, brought pineapple the first time she came over to meet the family, a pineapple backpack. The one time I went to the mall with her she nearly bought a pineapple phone case, but it was too expensive (though I am surprised she didn’t own one already.) Pic related is her Facebook bio. I don’t mind it, because as I said I have my obsessions too, I'm just curious I guess.

No. 349191

pineapples are delicious

No. 349193

I don't really know tbh my mom likes really really tiny things doesn't matter what it is can be the randomest thing and she thinks its either cute or can't stop laughing. I've tried to make sense of the aspects i don't really get but i come up with nothing. Chick just likes pineapples, i guess. If i were more of a normie and had a Facebook it'd probably be hedgehogs. Why? For me its that I'm a cute grumpy asshole that really identifies with the cute little shits. I go out decked in floral stuff particularly roses and skulls a lot and the lady at the liquor store knows me by it. People have their things. You just gotta go with it sometimes and don't think too much of it.

No. 349196

She sees them as cute the way you see sanrio as cute. And pineapples are 10 million times more "marketable" (kek) than your basic kawaii obsession, if you really want to get into that discussion. It's an item that appeals to literally everyone and there's cute prints and pineapple themed items.

No. 349197

honestly, that's hilarious and I wish I knew her

No. 349200

>And pineapples are 10 million times more "marketable" (kek) than your basic kawaii obsession, if you really want to get into that discussion
NTA, but holy shit. Calm down. Imagine getting antagonistic about fucking pineapples and Sanrio, kek. Everyone has their thing, it's not a competition about whose special fixations are least "basic".

No. 349201

She wants everyone to know her pussy tastes good

No. 349211

Looks like you need to calm down since you're reading that post negatively and were so hurt by it lmao. Do you have a sanrio obsession or something? Chill out, loser.

No. 349214

No. 349216

Imagine being this upset because someone stated the truth about pineapples selling better than Sanrio.

Did you mean to type that into your url bar?

No. 349218

this is cute tbh, people with little quirks like this are endearing. also makes it easy as hell to shop for on holidays because you know that even if you get them a cheap little trinket related to the thing they like they're genuinely appreciate it.

No. 349219

File: 1546647874347.jpg (151.74 KB, 838x324, 1529733487065.jpg)

>turning a wholesome conversation about innocent interests into another internet slapfight
I swear some people are using Lolcow as a place to RP as the bitchy Regina George types they were too socially retarded or unattractive to be in high school, and still could never be IRL.

No. 349220

Yes, you could use a therapist instead of wasting your money on weeb plushies.

No. 349221

Why did you reply multiple times? Did I strike a nerve with the therapist thing or something? It's 100% not that serious. I refuse to believe more than one farmer gives this much of a fuck about liking fruit versus weeb characters, of all things. I don't even like Sanrio, kek. Here is your last (You).

No. 349222

Ikr that anon is pathetic getting upset about sanrio. Anon didnt even really diss it

No. 349224

Seriously. All this because an anon took another anon liking Sanrio as an attack on pineapples.

No. 349225

It's not serious but here you are still derailing the thread and tinfoiling that there's not other people browsing /ot/ the same time as us. You really are a loser. Sorry I hurt your feefees when I stated pineapples sell better than Sanrio. It's the truth so you're gonna have to get over it someday.

No. 349228

>attack on pineapples
Just stop already. You need help.

No. 349229

No. 349231

uh, kinda off topic i guess but speaking of regina george, anyone else think it's weird how people seem to love that character? i thought the point of mean girls was to comment on how awful teen girls can be towards each other and to criticize girls like regina and the plastics. yet people totally idolize the plastics and don't seem to see the irony

i know the movie is pretty much just a meme and people are just having fun with the whole ~on wednesdays we wear pink~ thing but like, no one's suppose to actually want to be regina george or see her as a "queen"

No. 349237

File: 1546648950335.png (294.57 KB, 371x369, sniffff.png)

I never found doge memes funny, but some friends of mine have been ironically spamming them in our group chat. Now, I actually laugh a bit when I see them, especially deformed or gross ones. It's fucking stupid, but I can't help it at all.

No. 349238

File: 1546648951324.jpeg (62.09 KB, 540x464, 5741DD2A-38EE-4DD5-BD48-90CD04…)

This comm has become so hostile over the last few months and it’s only getting worse. We need to make more positive themed threads to counteract the negativity

No. 349240

File: 1546649061468.gif (1.16 MB, 480x358, stopit.gif)

No. 349242

You were already told to.

No. 349244

File: 1546649123067.gif (767.05 KB, 298x298, tenor.gif)

I'm >>349189 my apologies. I'm a newfag I didn't expect my post to cause infighting. I could not give less of an iota of a fuck if Sanrio or pineapples are better.

Thanks for the non-spergy replies.

No. 349245

we need a hellweek. desperately. i pray the new admin will instate one as soon as she comes on board.

No. 349246

Again with this shit? I'm not >>349196

Let it go already you said that would be the last (You) yet you keep posting about your asian bby shit.

No. 349248

Everybody loves a good villain. I honestly feel like it's just the girl version of all those guys who idolize Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.

No. 349250

please get banned already. no1curr

No. 349252

It's not your fault anon. The people on this website just never fucking quit.

No. 349255

File: 1546649935791.jpg (28.7 KB, 474x247, durian.jpg)

No worries, I think maybe Lolcow is just particularly bad before Christmas vacations end.
>mfw the Sanrio versus pineapples autist is now attacking people who are saying to stop the madness
I wish the thread would just get back to normal. Holy fuck.
More on fruit, though, I think durians are overrated.

No. 349259

i'm sorry anon. the anon that came rushing trying to defend both your guys' honorable rabu for sanrio is embarrassing…. anything japanese brings out the strangest people on here.

No. 349265

She just keeps going, and now she thinks I'm you.
I really don't know what that brand did to hurt this person's feelings to the point that anyone who's not weirdly pissy about it is automatically a fan with plushies, but they'll probably calm down on their own soon. Thanks for trying, at least.

No. 349266


>>349240 thinks you and the sanrio anon are me lol. they desperately need the last word

No. 349268

I meant this for >>349240 but I can't delete, RIP.

No. 349269

Holy shit stop already. You have to be a troll nobody cares about sanrio and pineapples this much.

No. 349270

I stopped long ago, while you've been pathetically dragging this out and accusing randoms of being me. Just let it die, you're the only one who cares.

No. 349271

Oh really? Because that was only my second time posting itt the whole month it's been here.

You remind me of that unhinged woman obsessed with Lord of the Rings except with Sanrio. It's laughable that you are bothered this much about pineapples selling more than Hello Kitty or whatever it is that you cannot seem to get over.

Vid related - it's you.

No. 349272

i can't even tell which autist is which in this thread anymore but let this sanrio vs pineapple thing die please, you all need to take your meds.

No. 349273

>It's laughable that you are bothered this much about pineapples selling more than Hello Kitty or whatever it is that you cannot seem to get over.
No one is arguing about this except for you at this point. No one is pressed about Sanrio or pineapples but you. I'm sorry about whatever shitty history you have with it, but give it a rest.
I can't believe you went digging for a video for the sake of insulting an anonymous person on an imageboard. This is sad, obsessive behavior.

No. 349274

it's time to stop, anon. let this pineapple sanrio shit go.

No. 349276

File: 1546652451593.gif (1.26 MB, 443x259, giphy (5).gif)

the fuck is going on itt

No. 349278

I really like 1:21 when she has to confide in Frodo about some woman talking about her behind her back. That would be you sitting at the table talking to a Tuxedo Sam cutout about pineapple anon who seems absent.

No. 349279

concentrated autism in its purest form.

No. 349280

It just never ends with you, does it? I'm only one of those posters. Take your fucking meds. Stop watching your own video, recording timestamps and trying to come up with "clapbacks" to everybody who's telling you to quit. Let it go.
>inb4 you read the last three words and try to start a fight about how pineapples are better than Frozen

No. 349281

>it never ends with you
>keeps coming back to argue with every anon who tells you to stop and is laughing at you

No. 349282

Yes, that's what you're doing, and it's autismal. Everyone is tired of it.

No. 349283

still desperately needing the last word huh. that's not very kawaii of you sanrio-chan

No. 349284

File: 1546653858279.png (8.95 KB, 404x399, 1519226062674.png)

>muh last word!!1
You're so embarrassing about how much this pointless shit about corporations and fruit means to you. Take it already if it'll stop your insane pineapple Sanrio sperging.

No. 349287

File: 1546654354744.jpg (105.57 KB, 641x534, 1329068399414.jpg)


>all this samefagging

How many times are you going to say "Take your meds!" You keep accusing everybody of being the same anon yet here you are samefagging.

No. 349289

This is just cringy. We're all begging you to seek help.

No. 349292

File: 1546654891050.jpg (Spoiler Image, 305.83 KB, 825x1024, 2577266764_9a4d0b1962_b.jpg)

How to destroy a thread in one image.

No. 349295

>both used the word "embarrassing"
Samefag alert.
I'm kidding, but this really does need to stop. I was replying to her, too, so I'll take my ban if it means this will end.

No. 349296

Sure, Jan. Get well soon.

No. 349298

File: 1546655575777.gif (1.96 MB, 377x272, tumblr_no6xqvE4Ty1sjyujmo1_400…)

Did…did you all just fight over pineapples and Sanrio?


No. 349303

File: 1546655958680.jpg (25.1 KB, 474x318, kjn.jpg)

Yes. Be careful, or you'll get accused of samefagging for thinking this is retarded and wanting it to end.

In other news, does anyone else fucking hate Furbies and is bothered that they're a sort of nostalgic "trend" now? They're so ugly, but apparently there's a huge community/fandom for them.

No. 349306

I wish I was a flake/cow. I wish I had the confidence/mental issues to put myself out there and get attention, instead of rotting away alone and forgotten

No. 349308

Ironically many lolcows and snowflakes do feel alone, which is why they dive into attention seeking behaviors in the first place. The grass isn't always greener, etc.

No. 349364

OT but I thought the lady in the video seemed really sweet and harmless.

No. 349451

I took a break from the male hating thread only to find it locked, it was the only place I could go and talk about how I'm sick of the way men are and whine about it in solidarity with other girls. Now I feel alone.

No. 349459

I never posted in it, but reading other women vent is cathartic for me.

No. 349460

It really is nice to vent and not be shut down and called crazy for it

No. 349473

Is there any eng site for downloading e-books? There are some titles that are not translated into my language and I know no shady eng sites to get them from

No. 349476

No. 349478

File: 1546688107608.jpeg (64.75 KB, 500x500, 1544E569-DC7E-4C61-9AB7-EA655F…)

Mfw they have everything except the book I’m looking most for.

No. 349480

File: 1546688678761.jpg (44.8 KB, 380x376, 1532249159516.jpg)

ah yes I got it! Thanks!!

No. 349481

np, glad it helped

No. 349482

vkontakte is also pretty good for downloading books.

No. 349487

Not a site, but I prefer using #bookz on IRC to get ebooks. I swear they have (almost) everything. Here's a guide:

No. 349489


No. 349509

File: 1546696182711.jpg (141.55 KB, 700x982, tumblr_pjhu23Je561qecu65o2_128…)

I've seen certain anons here and on /g/ reeeing about her being an awful weeb in cheap clothes who looks like a little girl or whatever, but I seriously forgot how pretty Fanny Rosie actually is, and how well she pulls off all her outfits. She looks like a Disney princess, it's hard to believe she's not a model for all the brands she wears.
I never use the "jealous" argument when a girl shits on another girl, but in this case, I can't think of a single good reason to dislike her. She doesn't even tarnish her name with crazy online drama. It's insane.

No. 349532

Ugh I used to download books like this alllll the time but now I get an error that apparently all Android users get now. Now I use libgen.io but it's not as good as IRC. I learned how from that same guide you posted. Sad panda

No. 349560

When people talk a lot of shit it usually does mean they're jealous unless you rile up the drama yourself and attention whore. I don't hate anyone and mostly just skim gossip and hate threads to find out more about a person that interests me. I totally understand hating a person like shoe though.

No. 349592

agree, in the case of fannie, or just the idea of women wearing what they want in general, most anons seem extremely jealous and bitter. maybe not of the style specifically, but definitely over the idea that other women are wearing what they want.

No. 349602

Yeah I agree, I think she and her style is beautiful in a very princess-y way and she is totally inoffensive.

I feel like anyone reeeeing about her just think she's overrated. Like, if people weren't always fawning over her, they wouldn't think she's a weeb in little girl clothes, because they obviously really zero in on the very few outfits she wears that aren't distinctly mature.

No. 349618

I want to make a fake tradthot twitter account to troll alt-right incels, but don't know how to get a following. I don't want to use pictures of myself for obvious reasons … any tips on how to get started?

No. 349619

get someone else's pics and catfish.

No. 349625

Use some random normie's pics from their social media account. They're less likely to be recognized and traced during a reverse image search, even if just for awhile. Make up a fake name too just so you're not ruining someone's image, they'll catch on that it's a catfish quickly if they're recognized.

No. 349687

Interesting, even if you can't name or link the account for authenticity reasons you should report back on how it goes.

No. 349697

That’s only for public domain books.
No good if you need modern journals or books.
Still can’t believe that none of the sites have ‘Now you’re one of us’ tho.

No. 349700

follow other tradthots and post in their comments, etc.

No. 349710

Idk too much about catfishing, but wouldn't you just be able to use a random pic (like not of anyone) like the redpillgirl or whatever she's called did?

No. 349711

Yes, men win again. They constantly laughed about raiding the man-hate thread on /r9k/ and now they got exactly what they wanted. No more places on the internet where women are allowed to complain. I wonder if the mods will unlock it at any point.

No. 349713


Thanks for tips guys. I'm planning on starting off as a normal tradthot, repeating their typical talking points, and gradually saying crazier and crazier things and see if anyone notices. Hopefully I'm successful, I'll report back!

No. 349727

would enjoy updates. godspeed!

No. 349728

men didn't win, you idiots just lost because you wouldn't stop getting baited and sperging like morons.

No. 349731

Yes, I'm well aware that some easily baited anons ruined it for everyone else. I had higher esteem for the posters here; I'm disappointed.

Keep us posted, anon. It sounds like a good time.

No. 349743

File: 1546750809877.png (893.38 KB, 742x464, SOtcmZJ.png)

Me three!

It's my worst fear too. Imagine going through all that in the Superdome during Katrina (assuming all those stories are true); it must've felt like a localized Armageddon. Meanwhile, the world goes on as normal to the point where here we are in the present day, discussing whether or not that shit even really went down. Nuts.

More morbid obsessions please! The only thing coming to my mind right now in the same vein are the crowd crush incidents. When crowd capacity goes beyond like 4 bodies per square meter, the crowd itself takes on fluid-like properties and people literally get swept up and crushed– suffocated to death.

The Hillsborough Disaster is probably the most famous example. In 1989, 96 people were suffocated, trampled, and crushed when event staff fucked up and let too many people inside a stadium in Britain. Some survivor's testimonies can be found online and they are super brutal.

>People in front were shouting. People were shouting out behind but you couldn't turn your head to look round. Every so often you would get someone yelling out in agony, then it would stop. Then they would yell out again. There was a lot of noise but every so often you would hear someone shouting out louder above the noise.

No. 349744

You can avoid reverse image searches by using screencaps from videos, it just has to be hd so it's not obviously from a video

No. 349752

Wow, interesting and terrifying read. You might be interested in this one:


Bonus, if you search there are videos from outside the club of ppl trapped, screaming, and burning alive. It's a real nightmare. Idk why this stuff fascinates me too. I'm also a big fan of true crime podcasts and documentaries.

No. 349754

Still laughing at this. Seriously unhinged.

No. 349758

I agree.

No. 349769

This scarred me for life tbqh. Now every time I go somewhere that I know will be crowded, I am hypervigilant about finding extra exits and staying out of the thick of people. The video is horrifying, but I couldn’t stop watching. I think the fact that it happened so quick was what was so fascinating and scary.

No. 349781

i got an air fryer for christmas and i love it. besides desserts i can't picture myself using my actual oven. suddenly months old frozen samosas are delicacies.

No. 349818

shit this is absolutely terrifying. But fascinating too.
There's even a list of human stampedes and crushes on wiki.

>More morbid obsessions please!

Seconding that ! let's revive the true crime thread >>>/ot/239479
(although idk if we can discuss these types of disasters anywhere ?)

No. 349821

Why the fuck can't Jehovah Witnesses stay in their lane and leave me alone?? You know I don't want to come to your "meetings" and after a year you still won't give up. Talking about "I'm expecting you",as if God will have that same energy for me when only 144k people go to heaven according to your beliefs lmao. If you don't wanna be friends with a non-jw family then leave, the door is wide open. And calling me 5 times? In the morning? That's a little unnecessary don't you think?

No. 349822

They gotta convert you to get into heaven. Basically collecting souls.

No. 349825

Well yeah I understand, but I'm kind of done with christianity/ any religion at this point (because personal reasons). It's not as if I will go to heaven in the first place even if I converted, they should really just leave me alone.

No. 349838

File: 1546777182467.jpg (63.6 KB, 700x394, 19164506_303.jpg)


Same here! Also this >>349743 reminds me of what happened 2010 in Germany. Mismanagement of a Technofestival ends up in a mass panic, 19 people die, a lot more suffer injuries. It will be 9 years this year but looking back at the pictures and watching the videos that were made when everybody got into panic mode are just rough to look at and something that I keep in my mind when I go to concerts.


No. 349839

This may not work if you're family so they know you well enough but telling JW you're excommunicated usually gets them to fuck off, because it's forbidden for them to interact with people who have been excommunicated.

No. 349844

just tell them that you're jewish, they'll leave you alone

No. 349859

Another murderino chiming in
I am genuinely starting to worry about these kinds of overcrowding disasters, especially in the light of terrorist attacks in concerts here. A friend of mine wouldn't go to big concerts after the Manchester terrorist attack even though it pales in comparison to the size of disasters in the US. If you guys are into on the smaller stories that happen during these incidents, one prolific story from the Manchester bombing was a homeless man that was praised for helping people in the attack, so much that people raised a bunch of money for him, and then suddenly news came out that he was stealing from the people he was supposedly helping. The media circus around it gave me whiplash, you have to wonder if journalists were sitting on details to deliver them at optimal times

his sounds lame but the Hillsborough disaster got so much more real to me after that episode of GoT where John Snow was getting crushed in a battle scrum, and to a lesser degree the asphyxiation death in OitNB, what a horrible way to go

No. 349913

different anon but that interview was so heartbreķing to read, i have spent the past 2 hours reading related wiki articles, so horrifying

No. 350006

terrorist attacks at concerts or bars terrify me because you probably wouldn't even initially hear gunshots since its so loud and when you realized what was happening everyone would be freaking out and running around like crazy. I'm in the US but things like the shooting at the music festival in las vegas and shootings at bars are horrifying, and in most cases aren't even really preventable because people are buying the guns legally. Every time I go to a movie I still think of the shooting at the theater in Colorado and get nervous if someone comes in during the middle of the showing or something

I'm going to post a few greentexts in the True Crime thread if you guys want to start posting in there again

No. 350028

Headed there now!

No. 350060

File: 1546807439926.jpg (71.91 KB, 600x803, black-goth-fashion_large.jpg)

Does anybody here remember a fashion blog that was called whatareasianstereotypes or something like that? It was a blogspot about new wave, goth and alternative inspired high fashion.

Idk if it was deleted bc it's been a while since I checked it for the last time (around ~2011?). I just randomly remembered it and I really liked it as an fashion inspo but can't really find something that isn't about asian stereotypes because from how I remember the name…

No. 350063

lowkey annoyed the trendy body type for teens is closer to my own and I grew up feeling inferior cuz I could never achieve the borderline anachan thigh gap shit that was trendy when I was a teen.

highkey annoyed that body types can even be trendy, that shit is so fucking toxic

No. 350089

You mean T H I C C?
If so I feel the same, as a (broad shouldered) pear. Although if you're in your early-mid twenties it applies just as much I'd say (even if going without the insecure teenagehood would have been nice).

Anyway I also agree "trendy" body types are dumb, but it's always been this way. idek who decides this nonsense.

No. 350102

Does anyone else feel like they could be much more attractive if they could just change 1-2 features? For me, it’s my complexion. Had perfect skin as a teen and then got wrecked by cystic acne from 20-22. I’ve been trying to remedy all my shit with better skincare for the last two years, but my icepick scars make me feel like a nasty crater face. I heard lasers can help but can’t undo all the damage. I miss having clear, unblemished skin.

No. 350103

Not that I don't agree that any kind of body fetishization is inherently toxic, but speaking from experience as that chubbyfat teen, I'm also glad there's a broader inclusivity of shapes so that teens don't have to go through the awful bullying and hurt feelings I did as a kid.
People used to make me feel like literal hitler for having boobs and a thick lower body. It makes me feel better that someone out there can have it a bit better than I did.

No. 350104

Yeah as a woman in her mid-late 20's currently, it's shocking to grow up and grow out of "trends" as a whole, only to look back and see how terribly toxic the body-centric trends were in early 2000's. My lower tummy will never look good in low rise jeans!! And they aren't the only kind that look good so it's fine!!

No. 350109

Yeah, basically. Felt disgusting for having a big ass and thighs and it feels weird that that's what's being praised now. Also other random things like having big eyebrows is on trend and mine will never grow back to how they used to be bc I overplucked them when thin eyebrows were a thing.

I don't think the current trend is any better, btw. It's all the same shit. Instead of shooping ourselves thin, women and girls are shooping themselves thick.

I get what you mean. I watched a couple of recent coming of age movies, and I felt like the female relationships depicted were more varied than the 2000s alt girls vs mean girls thing.

No. 350116

File: 1546811589046.jpg (205.67 KB, 303x455, 12-Ian-McKellen-in-the-title-r…)

I never got into theater but I have a hankering to watch a play. I like horror the best, but in my search for horror-themed plays that I could also watch online, I realized that many many classic plays are full of darkness, murder, and descent into madness which is close enough to horror for me. Can someone give me a few really fucked up plays that would be easy to find recordings of online or even at my library? I'm assuming most Shakespeare are like that, but which is the most fucked up? Also I'm not terribly good at receiving Shakespearean language, so other playwrights are wholly welcomed!
I even signed up for a free trial of Broadwayhd bc it really is hard to find televised stage plays (for obvious reasons). Amazon Prime Video seems to have some as well, I'm going to start with King Lear featuring Ian Mckellen.
Also, it's odd because some of these screen recorded plays really just look like cheap movies bc they are not acted out on stage but on sets. My brain can't comprehend it. Can someone shed light? Perhaps these play-movies are more focused on actors' performances than film? Idk if that even makes sense pls let me know if it doesn't lol

I basically concluded my search for recorded stage plays streaming online by realizing I need to just start going to actual plays locally. Luckily I live in a place where there's a ton of theater and arts.

Should I have posted this in the movie thread? Oh well.

No. 350125

Welcome to the world of theatre, anon!

So, lots of classic Gothic horror novels have been performed as plays which might suit what you're looking for - The Woman in Black, Dracula, Frankenstein, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, for starters.

Then in terms of Shakespeare plays, Hamlet is a pretty dark look at the human psyche. Othello also features Shakespeare's perhaps most evil villain, Iago, and is worth looking at. Macbeth is pretty grim, as is Titus Andronicus.

Also worth having a look at Greek tragedies, such as Oedipus Rex and Antigone, which are quite disturbing.

In terms of dark plays covering a variety of themes such as rape, addiction, murder, etc., you have a lot to choose from. Tennessee Williams wrote quite a few tragic plays - I would definitely recommend starting with A Streetcar Named Desire. Similarly, Arthur Miller - try Death of a Salesman. Different sort of style but Endgame by Samuel Beckett is just bizarre, you might like that.

On a 'camper' side, plays like The Exorcist (adapted from the film) have proved quite popular recently. And, then there's musicals, which are definitely worth looking at… Sweeney Todd is absolutely excellent, and is about as dark a musical can get. American Psycho is very unsettling, as is Spring Awakening.

Hope this was useful - any questions please don't hesitate to ask! I can talk theatre all day :>

No. 350129

I 100% believe id be cuter with a better nose and bigger lips, but surgery won’t make it look good enough so I’m just going to suffer with the face I have

No. 350130

A girl at the gym was wearing a full face of makeup and drag lashes and it made my skin crawl. I saw the glue in her eyelashes too like there is NO way that's not uncomfortable and gross when you start to sweat (if she even got to that point). I don't want to gatekeeper because I have makeup on after I come from work but makeup wipes are super lightweight so there's no excuse..?

No. 350157

Then why ask if you know the answer?
Most people don’t fuck with religion because it’s for cavemen and psychos.

No. 350159

Maybe she just wanted it on?
It’s dumb but it doesn’t need an excuse lol. It’s 100% gatekeeping.

No. 350177

Maybe it's just easier to wash off the makeup and post-sweat face once than to have to go through the trouble of washing two times?
I've definitely worked out in makeup before, so I'm not sure about other peoples' reasons but it was usually because I forgot or I just figured I was going to wash my face after the workout anyway.

No. 350186

Thank you for all these suggestions! I'll surely come back if I have any more theater-related needs. I really appreciate you listing all those titles for me to check out. Many of the titles were very familiar but I have never actually looked into them, as I figured. Ty

I began watching Carrie the Musical last night and ………wow I hate musicals. Nothing wrong with that one in particular, I think it's just the nature of a musical. I actually stopped watching. It felt extremely cringey. I felt burning embarrassment during the songs. But honestly I really appreciate the talent it takes to act-sing so I may just go back and finish it. What a strange feeling.

No. 350189

Maybe she doesn't think it's weird and gross enough not to. Or maybe she's insecure and doesn't like seeing herself or presenting herself without the lashes. Gyms are typically full of mirrors and other people after all.
But I totally understand your reaction. That's what we're here for on lolcow hehe. Just don't cow tip her irl kek. Live and let live!

No. 350190

ntayrt but musicals are generally cringe to me, unless it's a musical where music/singing is part of the plot. I saw the musical "once" in london and it was quite good because the characters are supposed to be singers as their careers iirc (it's been a while since I saw it, don't remember the plot too well), so the singing occurs as a set/show, if that makes sense. it's not forced and characters don't just break into song mid-sentence, a lot less cringe imo!

No. 350222

Hope they will be of some use!

And re: Carrie. Ah. Yeah. I know you said it wasn't specific to Carrie, and just it was the nature of the musical that you found cringeworthy, but I promise you, if you are watching a good musical, that's the sort of thing that doesn't bother you. It becomes quite noticeable in poorer shows like Carrie and, actually, another horror-themed musical I had the displeasure of seeing, Dracula. I think the fact that the lyrics and music are so bad just emphasises the ridiculous nature of people just bursting into song. Whereas in truly quality musicals, that shouldn't be an issue. As >>350190 said with the example of Once, not only are the characters singing "in context", Once is actually a good musical, lol, so that sort of cringe feeling shouldn't be present.

If you did want to have a look at Sweeney as it is exceptionally good and creepy, don't watch the Tim Burton film as it is cringey and terrible. Instead you'll be able to find official filmed versions online, probably on places like BroadwayHD.

Good places to start with musicals in general, in case you or anyone else is curious - Les Mis (everyone always enjoys this and rightfully so), Hamilton (the new Les Mis - definitely lives up to the hype), Next to Normal (absolutely amazing contemporary show about mental illness), In the Heights (written by the same person who wrote Hamilton, about Latin American New Yorkers), and Cabaret (extremely political and exciting, still holds up today).

Vid related, 'You Don't Know / I Am the One' from Next to Normal, one of the most powerful pieces of theatre I've ever seen.

No. 350232

Next to normal is amazing, one of my all time faves. Spring awakening is also up there, highly recommend it (Set in late-19th-century Germany, the musical tells the story of teenagers discovering the inner and outer tumult of teenage sexuality) it's one of the only musicals where I liked every single song.

No. 350233

Ah samefag but I just realized you already recommended Spring awakening up there…my bad haha.

No. 350315

File: 1546864814519.jpeg (117.82 KB, 969x546, 6CDB3300-8E9F-41E1-9FA4-20D846…)

So glad to see some love for N2N💖 it’s so brilliant. I can’t believe it hasn’t transferred to the West End yet. I only recently gave Spring Awakening a go and I really enjoyed it - the music is reminiscent of N2N and Duncan Sheik also did American Psycho, which I love, so it makes sense that I liked it. I’ve heard lots of good things about Come from Away, I might have to give that a go.

Any other theatre-anons here? Is it worth setting up a thread?

No. 350333

I'm not a theater person myself, in fact I actively avoid drama student, but I really recommend looking to see the small independent plays happening in your area especially if they're done in interesting ways. Sometimes it's awful but sometimes you see something that stays with you forever, recently I saw a play written in the 1700s about the political fall of a king that I would have thought would be a snooze fest but the actors walked around you as they acted and it was electric

No. 350650

I'm the OP of this thread and tbh I expected to get roasted and this thread would die but wow over 900 posts.

No. 350660


ty for this thread, anon

No. 350717

Anyone else realise that they are kind of alright? I've always had low self esteem and a good amount of bdd and ed, and though I looked like a cave troll, with the personality of one too. But now I have gotten a gorgeous boyfriend, I have friends who give me genuine compliments, and people who are interested in getting to know me. So I must be a decent person?

Idk while it is nice to finally have some self esteem, it makes me frustrated that I've wasted my time hating myself and dating lowlifes

No. 350739

File: 1546936266105.png (625.6 KB, 1280x1024, 1543226447541.png)

I was so excited to have a cute dress but I accidentally got it in the wrong size. I misunderstood the bust measurement and thought that the bust meant what was actually the band, so the dress is way too small.

At least maybe I can give this one to my little sister, or perhaps it will fit once I lose a little weight. The apple life is not easy anons.

No. 350754

I'm kinda living in both of these worlds rn, I am and have been in good relationships with wonderful and good looking people, I have friends that like me, I've been told that I am great at some things I do. But I also feel like I am the shittiest and ugliest person alive and my life is going nowhere because of it. I feel like I'm wasting so much time and potential because of my bad self esteem since I really don't have any reason to feel like this. So what I'm trying to say is that it's really great that you have come to that point in your life anon. It's no use to think about what you could have been, it will take away from your current well-being and what is the point in feeling like you're a decent person if you still cling to your past? Just make the best out of what you have now. I'll try to get there too some day.

It's a good thread OP.

No. 350764

Nah this thread is so good. We needed a place to talk about anything and everything without it being a specific topic or venting.

No. 350765

I hate the way Americans spell color, makes it expenontially more annoying to order watercolour paints online when I have to switch between the spellings to find what I need
Also kinda just looks like retard spelling tbh, did you guys really need to remove the u from so many words?

No. 350766

shut ur whoure mouth!

No. 350771

"Colour" looks even more retarded

No. 350773

Agree anon. Colour works because it needs the “u” sound. If you just had “color” the sound doesn’t work…it should be pronounced like “colon” but with an R.

No. 350779

Found the American

No. 350814

Maybe don’t order paints online if it’s too hard to type “color”.

No. 350821

I said it’s annoying, not too hard to do

No. 350986

For some reason I had a dream last night that Onision visited the farm, as in it was a real place you could walk to, and 6 other anons here came to life (?) and I could see what they looked like. Anyway, he was trying to groom me (im not even underage kek) and the other anons were surrounding me, bullying him off our land, defending me, laughing at him, and basically telling him to fuck off. It was really strange. It was the first time I've had a dream about this place and I've been here since Stamina Rose days.

It really does.

No. 350988

kek imagine if this was actually a physical farm where we went to meet up with other girls to gossip about internet celebs irl. We'd have to print out nudes and selfies to nitpick.
lolcow meetup when

No. 350990

A lolcow meetup would go horribly considering we dont have the most mentally stable girls here lol. Not to mention people here are so self conscious and shy.
>tfw anons didn't even want to do a lolcow sings _____ video when i mentioned the idea

No. 350994

You're probably right, anon.
I know that an anon here goes to my uni but would be nervous about meeting just her if she noticed this post/another I made before…

No. 351013

File: 1546972703811.png (1.83 MB, 1586x1597, Gay76.png)

Reacting like this to an LGB reveal is just as embarrassing as getting offended and angry over it. You can be happy about representation, but these "MOVE I'M GAY HAHA GAY MEMES HE'S OURS NOW HE'S GAYYY HE LITERALLY CAN NOT STOP SUCKING BIG JUICY MAN DICKS HE LOVES BEEFY MEN HE'S SO GAYYYYYY"-reactions are just… come on. It's just a gay dude, not the second coming of Christ.

No. 351030

I'm always looking for a late 90s early 2000s ad for cola or pepsi where this couple was stuck in a car with snow all around them. And a hand of one of them grabs the glass soda bottles from the snow on the car, where they kept them in lieu of a fridge.
Still have hope I'll find it one day.

No. 351088

Idec they made him gay, but now all the tumblr kids are going to draw stupid pride fanart of him and it’s going to be cancerous. Also lol at Blizzard for doing this a few days after the Ellie controversy, it really activates those almonds huh.

No. 351120

My sister is so obsessed with this k-pop group and has been for years, that it takes up most of her life on a daily basis (aside from work). I just find it bizarre - although I would never tell her. I also wonder what she would be like if they didn't exist.

No. 351165

Thos shit bothers me too. And now watch them also remove any form of personality the character had and make it all about him being gay.

No. 351174

I know the exact ad you mean, now I'd like to see it again as well

No. 351177

There is a subreddit for that. Maybe post there? can't remember what it's called

No. 351181


I hate when characters are gay/come out and then nothing else.
This happened in IASIP and it ruined Mac.

No. 351185

yep. all the internet cares about is mac's gay manpain, not like…him as a character. it's fucking tired. i get that gay people are hungry for good representation in the media but no one's entire identity is their sexuality. and if it is, that's fucking sad.

No. 351191

No. 351290

i guess this is a stupid question, but are other women really that weak while pregnant? i always see TV portrayals and even hear some coworkers talk about how helpless pregnant women are. when i was pregnant i worked up until the day my water broke with no issue, i even had to carry some stuff during the work day, but i made sure it wasn't unsafe. i just always hear women talk about taking a month off before the delivery or various things, and they usually work pretty easy office jobs.

No. 351298

idk, I know my mom worked until the very last day she went into labor. I know personally a few women that worked until the month before delivering, but that's personal anecdote.

off topic, but my father was so fucking stingy that he forced my mom to take the bus to the hospital when she went into labor.

It always makes my blood boil when I recall that.

No. 351303

fuck that noise, i'd have picked up the phone and dialed 911. rack up that ambulance fee baby.

No. 351314

There are definitely multiple male mods, see the man-hate thread getting banned AGAIN because they didn't like what they read.

No. 351317

i know this thread is for dumb shit that doesn't belong on other threads, but this doesn't belong on any thread.

No. 351318

depends on the woman and their pregnancy. really you can give birth or go into labor at any time near the end, so some women take the last month off just incase. some do it just to enjoy free time before the baby comes, to get the house in order. and some women have very difficult pregnancies. i know two women who had their water break too early and had to be on complete bed rest for as long as possible. theres also pregnancy related disorders that can cause constant fatigue and constant neverending nausea which i imagine makes working difficult.

No. 351319

idk, if you have the leave I don't think there's a problem with taking off however much time you want. it's probably less about being weak or in a "delicate" condition and more "i dont feel like working like this anymore".

No. 351322

Eh, first time around I felt completely fine - was just as active as I was beforehand, but waddling. But now with my second I’m only about halfway and I can barely walk or bend over. It really does wear out your body, I wonder how many years I’ve taken off my life by having children tbh. With the diets and lifestyles a lot of people lead I wouldn’t be surprised if first time pregnancies wear out some women to the point of over exhaustion and helplessness, while still active I was so exhausted that I could barely think straight a lot of the days. Id say it’s pretty normal to be rendered almost helpless by a parasitic condition that prioritises all functions in your body to your child rather than you

No. 351323

Should I buy a ps4

No. 351324

Idk, knowing that dudes are reading everything we say and taking note is interesting. The narrative being controlled by men is also interesting. I wish they were more fussy about who they let moderate.

No. 351325

thanks, that makes a lot of sense!

i totally understand that, i only stayed on because i was getting sweet bonuses for working during the busy season.

this makes sense too! thanks.

No. 351326

no buy a switch

No. 351329

it depends anon. i really like mine to use youtube, netflix, hulu, and all but you can do that with a chromecast/amazon fire/etc if that's the only thing you're looking to do. I also play a lot of OW and Spider-Man (ps4 exclusive so it helps the value of it). I have the standard one so I dont know about the pro.
>>351326 the switch is fun for its portability and the games it has but you cant really do much of the above and the games are much more limited than the PS4. (it has hulu and youtube but you can also do that on your phone as well.)
I guess it depends on your game preferences. I'm glad I have both, I can't wait for the new animal crossing!

No. 351332

File: 1546994511580.gif (1.58 MB, 360x202, 8a8.gif)

No. 351338

File: 1546994842575.jpg (31.71 KB, 600x600, 1537349931587.jpg)

This is the new "if someone disagrees with me they must be a cow!"

No. 351341

at this point im not even interested in the man hate thread anymore. we go there to vent and complain about the things men do to us and all we read is them telling us the same shit we see and hear daily, along with stupid fucking idiots who only ever comment to argue with them and never participate in the actual discussion. the only people getting our thread banned are people who aren't even there for the reason it was made. so it's like, whatever. just let them have what they want i guess.

No. 351345

yes and play yakuza 0

No. 351348

No. 351349

PS4s are cheaper than a switch right now, there's also a larger collection of games at cheap prices since it's been out for a few years. I recently got a Switch and the thing holding me back from getting more games is that the prices barely budge. Although I am having fun playing Puyo Puyo Tetris demo and Pokemon Quest and I'm saving myself for Animal Crossing & a few other games. Both of them, you can access the stores in different regions so it's up to you. Also, for PS4 if you have a Vita you can do remote play, but it depends on your connection.

No. 351365

I think its fine to let the manhate threads lie fallow for a bit they should just have clearer rules. Like maybe requiring 1-3 weeks in between new manhate threads could be good.

No. 351366

They tell us to report the scrots, and when we do (in this case one singuar scrot) they lock the thread because banning one person was too much work. When they just banned as per reports and let the thread roll along it was much better.

No. 351369

is there a way I can get ps4 games for cheaper than what I would pay on amazon? I mainly want ps4 for rdr2 but it's so expensive

No. 351383

check out you local facebook market place or garage sale apps for your area. even check gamestop since its been out long enough that people should be trading it in by now.

No. 351384

I meant more in reference to how some anons think it influenced the rest of the site in ways they dislike. Kind of like pruning trees to promote better growth.

I agree they should have just banned the spergs though.

No. 351417

File: 1547003285129.png (327.12 KB, 502x490, GALS!_Vol.10_Chapter_9_-_Manga…)

I feel insanely confident when I dress in gyaru/gal fashion and similar flashy, 'slutty' clothes. I've lived with an ED for years and severe trauma/ptsd with a ton of slut shaming and I've come to just.. say whatever if people think of me like that, because it makes me feel attractive to myself? And it sucks because I know it makes my boyfriend really uncomfortable with the way other guys look at me, even though I don't want their creepy leers and I'm not aiming to get their attention? idk. I'm just rambling but I wish I fell in love with a different style that didn't make my bf so uncomfortable and jealous and I know it's not his fault

No. 351421

i wear the same stuff but my bf is into it, he likes making dudes ogle me and then grabbing me in front of them to make them jealous.

No. 351423

samefag but i was going to ask if maybe you could put it a different light towards him.

No. 351425

where can i find good quality manga/anime theme hoodies? i dont want omocat's bullshit but i want a cute legit one

No. 351426

Ok, I bought the ps4 lol. I'm going to buy rdr2, what other games should I look at? I like adventure games I guess, honestly I barely play video games so idk what to get at all. Also can you get digital codes for games or do you have to buy discs

No. 351427

you can buy a lot of them on the PSN store, digital download. sony is actually trying to move completely away from disks so most things are digital.

No. 351453

Spyro, Spiderman, Horizon: Zero Dawn. I also liked Detroit: Become Human but it's kind of a meme and not everyone's cup of tea.

No. 351487

Bloodborne! Also, the Last of Us and Persona 5.
And as the other anon said, Sony is looking to move away completely from discs. All the games I have are digital and the Playstation sales happen often enough so I don't need to buy it in one of my stores where games are usually much more expensive.

No. 351489

rdr2 was amazing. And personally, I highly recommend Yakuza 0 - it has an amazing storyline.

No. 351491

you can get both digital and physical. please, please buy yakuza 0 i think it's on sale right now too. also the demos for yakuza 6 and yakuza kiwami 2 are available to try out, the demos got me into the series, i put in about 10 hours in the yakuza 6 demo from just roaming around and collecting shit.

No. 351500

best game of the year

No. 351501

Really? I thought it was shit. An open world not worth exploring, cliche characters, tedious repetitive missions.
I wish there was a refund system like on Steam alas, I could only give a one star.

No. 351510

I wanted to finally upgrade from Windows Movie Maker to better video editing software but Hitfilm Express is so hard to use, not very intuitive or user friendly. Especially from a dumby like me. I liked Wondershare Filmora, a good middle ground! But I cannot afford it.

No. 351532

which game are you talking about?

No. 351558

Sounds like AC Odyssey kek

No. 351675


thank u pals my ps4 is arriving friday can't wait to play!

No. 351815

If it turned out that lolow was a surveillance state controlled by male mods I wouldn't give a shit. Oh no they discovered my periods are chunky and I like getting fucked in the ass, what are they gonna do? Tell the church?

No. 351819

This post obviously isn't about Yakuza 0.

>I like getting fucked in the ass
Gross. And yeah, you need Jesus, bitch.

No. 351823

>what are they gonna do

masturbate, probably

No. 351824

File: 1547078652692.gif (2.83 MB, 560x315, tricolor-airline.gif)

project diva future tone tbh

No. 351833

i dont get roleplaying, like, for fun. so many people really love that kind of stuff, but how do you get into it? like, i don't think i can suspend reality well enough to escape that i'm not whatever i'm roleplaying or pretending to be while writing. i feel way too self-aware and it kind of sucks. i wish i had some form of 'heatlhy' escapism that works as well as it seems to for a lot of people. people are really madly into that shit.

No. 351838

I mean, I think there's merit in not getting completely immersed in what you're writing when other people are involved. I've been an RPfag since I was like 13 and the people who use roleplay as escapism range from being mildly unbalanced to extremely fucked up, mentally ill people who thrive on wish fulfillment. I've met the absolute scummiest people on earth in this hobby. For me it's just fun - I love to write and I love writing with other people, that's really the extent of it. Even as a teenager when my life was a lot shittier I was always aware that none of it was real and that other people were not their characters. It's when people blur those lines that it gets fucking messy.

If you do try to get into it I wouldn't really be too worried about trying to be completely immersed. A bit of detachment is healthy.

No. 351849

i didnt want to shit up moo thread with this but anon who posted >>623783 truly made me cackle omg