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File: 1536008369953.jpg (89.12 KB, 1024x1024, 7ffdc4f69f054300c7d968b67f2e61…)

No. 680065

Rae is a famous youtube artist who "specializes" in charcol, colored pencils and mediocre compositions.

She deems herself as a professional artist yet she does not use any construction lines, techniques or skill.

>She enjoys pandering to the beauty community. She did 2 videos thay were about James Charles.

>She exegerated about the tools in a Smart Art Box saying she was ripped off but honestly just didnt kmow how to use the materials.
>Always doing retarded challenges
>Does Cheap vs Expensive art supplies but doesnt know how to use the said art supplies.
> Claims to be professional bur is a noob and a beginner at her finest.
>Over exegerates things
>Doesnt know what she is talking about

Social Media:
Instagram: SuperRaeDizzle (@rae_dizzle_)
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/SuperRaedizzle

No. 680083

Mfw when
Is this the same person making these dumb threads or…?

No. 680084

Oh god. I'm so glad you posted this idiot here. She is way overdue for a threat and this just makes my day. Throw her in the well.

No. 680085

Has anyone else noticed that she does better with the cheap tools than the expensive tools? Telltale sign of being a shitty artist right there lmao.

No. 680086

Overdue for a threat? Threats are illegal, anon. I hope you meant A THREAD.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 680088

I think Rae is posting herself here. I know she does that sort of thing for attention.

No. 680098

Obviously anon meant thread stfu if you're gonna sperg.

No. 680113

i doubt it, that would mean she realizes how bad her art is, and she probably doesn't.
also many people in the yt thread asked for a rae thread.

i honestly hate rae with a passion, but i still watch her videos a lot. theyre entertaining in a strange, cringy and secondhand-embarassing way. i really enjoy her trying to look like she knows what the hell shes talking about.

No. 680205

Oh god anon idk who you get through them she just puts me over the edge with how dumb she is with her advice and her cringy relatable basic bitch humor

No. 680210

she also traces pretty heavily. as shown on one of her digital drawing attempts.

No. 680266

me too. if I see one of her videos in the sidebar I click immediately. If she wasn't horrible at drawing in such a genuine way I might suspect she's a secret genius.

No. 680293

I'm glad this dumbass is getting a thread. Anyway, is it just me or is here art getting shittier lately? Also, her art is so insufferably boring. She never does concept art (and she herself has admitted she sucks at it), and she can't even accurately copy photos. I feel like realism is something that's pretty boring to see unless it's crazy good

No. 680340

Jfc chill bro, god forbid a human being who makes typo mistakes. Stop being a fucking sperg.

Yeah, Rae has been getting worse and her challenges are getting more and more stupid. But yeah she never does anything outside of """""""realism""""" and I think its so she can be in a safe net. She problably has the "Proko Meme" where she can copy/reference but the minute she goes to actaully use her imagination everything goes to complete shit.

No. 680477

I feel like Rae wants to be a YouTube MUA, but knows she wouldn't get the same type of audience. In her Caran D'Ache colored pencil video she described the color palette as a "color story" the way beauty gurus have been talking about palettes lately, and it made me cringe so hard. It's just basic primary and secondary colors.

No. 680480

Wait is that it? I didn’t know what the fuck she was talking about, and English not being my first language I just assumed it was some sort of colour theory slang I wasn’t aware of.

No. 680596

Color story? LMFAO!!!! Rae really has no artistic vocabulary what so ever!

I have a thought though. Since Rae seems to have no…actaul knowledge of art besides extreme basic shit, I feel like she doesnt look at other artist besides the big popular YouTube's artist (Jazza, Kasey, Waffles, ect) but other than them I dont think she fucks with anyone else. It could be why she seems to be so ignorant of everything art related. Normally, most artist watch other artist to some form or degree and it allows us to learn terminology, techniques and processes. Rae seems to fuck with only the most uninspired people ever, so its my tinfoil as to why she seems so clueless.
What do you guys think?

No. 680664

I find it interesting Rae panders so hard to the beauty community and doesn't even put that much effort into her own makeup

No. 680691

I think she puts effort into it, she just has awful taste and it shows. She also wears so much foundation that she looks plastic.

No. 680695

Why can't you just make a mega thread for all of the shitty youtube artists there are so many

No. 680696

Imo, anyone who only copies photos (i.e. someone else's art) is not a real artist. Chloe Rose is the same, I'm sure there are more small ones on YT but these two stand out to me. They're the type of people who can't fathom how people draw from their imagination but are oddly smug about their xerox skills.

That said, I kinda agree with >>680695, besides being terrible at art I don't think Rae is that milky.

No. 680699

No. 680703

This. I don't understand why we have a shitty yt artist thread and 80 other threads about specific shitty yt artists, only maybe one of which is consistently milky (hb). Mods should move the shitty yt artists thread to /snow/ and move most of the artists who have their own threads to it.

No. 680725

I don't, a good few of them deserve their own threads because of the shit they pull on the daily/weekly so they get discussed quite a bit in their own threads.

I mean if maybe people should post new people FIRST to the YT Artist thread and see how well it does there first, if it takes up a good amount of convo then yes, they obviously deserve a thread, if not, leave it to there.

No. 680822

Why does it even matter that there are lots of threads what a stupid thing to complain about. WAAH I gotta scroll a whole second longer WAAH

No. 680922

The art community is so mellow that people mostly go to those threads to rant about something they don't like rather than actual milk

No. 681149

>many people say rae should have a thread
>some of you spergs: "Waah! Idk why Rae even has a thread she is just like by the other artist!!!"

But in all seriousness, if it bothers you guys just hide the thread, it makes you guys look really suspicious/retarded for complaining.

No. 681402

the sad thing is that she doesn’t even do decent realism. you either make an amazing replica of the image (usually in order to learn something and improve with your artistic expression/imaginative pieces) or use said artistic expression to create something that imitates life, yet has the artist’s emotions/design elements/other things incorporated into it that make it visually interesting. And that’s just in copying from a photo. She has some very basic knowledge of realism, but I doubt she has much elsewhere in things like composition, color theory, etc. Actually, plein air studies would probably help her a lot, especially if she gives herself a time limit for each sketch. Life drawing too.

No. 681482

Isn't this that same girl who always boasts how 'classically trained' she is?

No. 681556

File: 1536166120897.jpg (187.81 KB, 842x1402, raebubbles.jpg)

anyone remember rae's stolen bubble art tutorial?

No. 681558

File: 1536166622467.jpg (162.49 KB, 1108x596, improvement.jpg)

Old milk but this is 5 years difference, redrawing the same image. 5 years to learn basic shading with colored pencils… I'm very pleased this cow has a thread now.

No. 681571

>>681558 lmao the proportions are so much worse

No. 681610

File: 1536170685706.jpg (193.25 KB, 676x1648, dizzle.jpg)

a few more old pics while the milk is dry

No. 681837

Where is the improvement?

No. 682089

nice samefag. also why are you talking to yourself, kek.

No. 685938

File: 1536685156387.png (531.29 KB, 774x438, Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 18.5…)

from her new video…

No. 685940

File: 1536685212906.png (424.44 KB, 579x367, Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 18.5…)

and the other one. she called this a "cursed video", but thats implying her content isn't already cursed anyway

No. 686101

Her "signature" fucking pisses me off. She still has preschooler handwriting. If you're gonna call yourself an artist, Rae, at least get a decent signature ffs

No. 686150

jesus fucking christ. here's the video by the way

No. 686546

Kek. Daaamn, I dont even paint traditionally like that, but yeesh her process is yikes. Like… she really used a white gel pen for ALL the highlights? The whole point of the challenge is to ACTAULLY paint and make the card look GOOD. Tbh it looks like she is barley trying and wants to just hurry up and get it done. It could be just my nitpicking but I feel like Rae rushes way too much and once something comes out """"presentable"""" she stops. Like she never trys to push herself.

No. 687331

The saddest part is these will probably sell for like 50 a pop just because it’s pokemon branded. I honestly don’t see how these people can call themselves original artists when the majority of their sales isn’t original art but rather buttons and stickers and miscellaneous crap with copyrighted characters on it. Like, your audience is only buying it because finding actual liscenced shit is hard/expensive

No. 688163

Lol fan art isn't real art anon please do go on about your 10 super creative OCs we would love to hear how special awesome you are /s

No. 688200


Does she not realize there are pens specifically made for lining that don’t smear when used with alcohol markers? Or is she so obsessed with cheap shit that she refuses to shell out for a Micron pen.

No. 688214

ouch, the tone of this is totally ruined

No. 688323

Christ the way she blends markers just infuriates me. Her linework isn't dynamic at all. It's so shaky.. Just.. Why.

No. 688326

honestly who the hell gave this girl an art degree

No. 688339

File: 1536959952096.png (313.64 KB, 607x452, Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 23.1…)

jesus, that drawing is SO lazy…

right? and then lowkey blaming it on there not being any brush tips… as someone who mainly uses markers without brush tips, it really is not that hard to blend them if you try

also the way she keeps trying to get sponsors is giving me the worst second hand embarassment

No. 690140

something ive noticed in this video is that she tries very hard to be like other youtubers such as mikaela long, various beauty gurus, maybe even enya and those types of vlogger/makeup/relatable youtubers? she uses the nintendo shop song as her background, which is completely within her right to do so, but its like iconic of mikaela long and one of her most notable ways of editing. then she does all these random zooms that show shes trying to be a relatable teen or whatever but shes failing so hard. the zooms make no sense whatsoever, like when she zoomed in on her jack-o-lantern decoration. i know that it's nitpicky but she just comes off suoer tryhardish to me.

No. 690219

As someone with a visual art degree, I can tell you now out of my years of studying, and two different degrees, I've literally only met one other talented student who I deemed superior to myself, one, then two others who I respected artistically but I was technically better. I don't think I'm that great, gifted but I can do more. Most people studying art are hacks, and think an art degree is a substitute for therapy or in this case, thought art was the easy route.
This girl though, she can't even swatch lol she obviously has no interest whatsoever in art. Glad I found this thread, I was interested in the cheap alternative to copics but couldn't believe those streaks lol not to mention the other videos, I needed to vent.

No. 690224

Her hater video was disgustingly arrogant as well lol when she showed that Dali drawing as proof of her TalEnts, child no.

No. 690234

This really shows how bad her technique is, and her ignorance.

No. 690241


No one cares about how talented you think you are rofl.

No. 690279

as someone without a visual arts degree, I can tell you you sound like a smug asshole who probably doesn't have an ounce of the talent you think you do. take your self-important blog and fuck off, retard.

No. 690628

Except I’m not the one calling myself a professional artist lol

No. 690632

ffs, sage this shit

No. 690645

If you like her artwork why are you even here? She lacks technical ability, creativity or even basic knowledge. You don’t have to be able to draw to state that.

No. 690647

SAGE YOUR SHIT lurk moar god damn it.
I've been to art school too; I don't go around telling everyone on lolcow so my opinion seems more important. No one's telling you they think she's good, they're telling you not to blog. It's irrelevant and arrogant. That's all.

No. 690648

why are you replying this to me fucking newfag

No. 691229

>most people studying art are hacks, unlike me, a truly gifted individual
You sound like you're worse at art than Rae. Degrees don't mean you're good, I'm really sorry you had to find out this way.

No. 691302

this thread is a shitshow kek

No. 691512

its funny because u didnt sage.

No. 691516

Legit James Charles self portrait was better, at least he didn't make himself cockeyed

No. 691527

That'd be a hard achievement, and that's not what I meant at all, I was stating the obvious for people who ever bothered wasting their time doing visual arts, in response to someone questioning how, if you had art class in high school it's obvious then. It makes you uninspired, you'd want to study art because that's your talent and passion, and meet people who can encourage you and inspire you to create, not drag you down and feel bored, wasting everyones time including their own.
If you want to do things like design, or apply to grants/residencies and get into shows you need credentials lol
You can learn these skills without help (since one would assume competency before studying) but the whole point to studying art is networking, having the time to grow and getting critique, and working with others that'd hopefully inspire you.
Degrees obviously don't mean you're good since majority who study visual art or even graphic design are terrible, and push terrible agendas, it's like studying music and everyone is either tone deaf or takes inspo from Iggy Azalea.

No. 691547

Clearly they don't teach you how to properly structure a sentence in art school

Why do I feel like you went to one of the art institutes or some shitty college lmfao

No. 691812

>"Not what I meant at all"
>starts op with "as someone with a visual arts degree" and continues to ramble on about how you've barely met anyone who's as ~skilled~ as you

Nice backpedal. Your art institute degree is not worth as much as you think, especially since you seem to be comparing high school art classes to art school. Sounds like you went to a crappy school and are vastly overestimating yourself.

It's really interesting how in every thread, a handful of anons will surface that seem to be just as bad as the flakes themselves.

No. 692130

they did sage lol. you really have no idea how any of this works do you

No. 692156

File: 1537392758707.png (14.54 KB, 563x139, rae.PNG)

anyone ever notice that rae follows and comments on blaire white's videos/social media? i think its a bit interesting

No. 692298

i am 19 and i could draw better than her when i was 17.. its because she values the kind of art that gets attention on instagram over anything meaningful or original.. if she was at art school she'd get her ass kicked by every damn teacher lol…
also he humor is soooooo cringeand love how her aesthetic is litcherally one most 14 yr olds have..

No. 692315

thanks for sharing but literally nobody cares about how talented you think you are

No. 692325

thats the thing i was shit was i was 17 lmaoooooo

No. 692338

again, nobody cares

No. 692349

sage ur blogposting

No. 692485

God, her jazza-style is so fucking scary to me

No. 692631

File: 1537454444464.png (831.2 KB, 750x1334, A04FA305-3AA9-4858-A278-53D6EB…)

Her newest video…. the comments are blasting her for being low key racist. She had a large assortment of browns (“these are too reddish”) and chose a white skin color.

Also she didn’t color in the lines lmfao wtf

No. 692847

File: 1537471334631.png (898.42 KB, 750x1334, 7DAD817C-D798-4F30-94AC-C11206…)

this aint it chief

No. 692867

Who would even pay for this? I pray to god whichever dumb soul that coughs up the money doesn't receive the print with the top of it all ripped up

No. 692927

why is she charging 350 dollars for it if copics aren't lightfast and it'll probably start fading in less than a year??? yikes

No. 692965

Tinfoiling but could this be what originated hulloalice’s latest video about copic lightfastness and pricing accordingly?

No. 693072

nah, i don't think so. it's a pretty common thing with youtube copic artists.

No. 693239

idk what color the browns she used actually are since i dont think she swatched any of them? but ngl not every brown is created the same and some look like shit for skintones.

No. 698524

No. 698530

not to nitpick but this looks like an apple.

No. 701318

oh lord shes so airheaded and cringe

No. 701327

sorry for the samefag, but holy shit. "i had wroten my name". she must have some kind of learning disability because holy shit. and her over drawn lipstick jesus

No. 701462

Does she not realize that the pen body is the cost not the pen ink?

No. 702977

I was actually okay with her making these kind of videos, she seems to be having fun and its enjoyable to an extent.. then I heard her say she was a "professional artist" that just bugged the hell out of me, she thinks so highly of herself and her art that she thinks she's fit to be called that. I just hate how she lowers the word "professional artist", when her art isn't even a tad bit professional…

No. 703256


I don't think you all understand what the word professional means. Professional = it is your profession. If Rae is making her living as an artist, that makes her a professional artist. It has nothing to do with what her art looks like.

No. 705524

uuhhhh….what? hold on a hot second. this bitch thinks she can sell her “original drawing” that’s a fucking study of a peach done in copics on sketchbook paper for that much? is she truly that delusional? why would you try to sell that and not something more creative, like who in the world is going to buy a drawing of a fucking peach and for that much.

No. 708039

Is Rae stupid? Why is she holding the brush and knife that way? Is she doing this on pupuse to seem quirky or is she just genuinely dumb?

No. 709007

This was a mess and it didnt even look like she was trying. Why wouldnt you pick a softer brush to blend the colors together???

No. 709012

she's so embarrassing, she didn't even try

No. 709117

rae is super embarrassing. she comments on blaire whites instagram posts like "step on me with your heels, mommy" STOP

No. 709129

File: 1539201663091.png (2.31 MB, 1413x758, rrrr.PNG)

>>708039 why the fuck is she sitting like this and holding the brush this way????

No. 709778

is it just me, or does it look like there’s a film over her painting? maybe it’s just the glare from the camera lights, but it looks weird.

No. 711218


joel made better bob ross art in mario paint without having graduated art college

No. 714362

Rae shows some decent art on her channel, of course, it isn't hers

Please don't draw over this persons art, Rae

No. 714364

when she said she wanted to color one I wanted to scream.

No. 714455

jfc those lights look so cheap and shitty.

No. 714871

Only she would think it is fine to deface another artists work, especially one as old as that.
Also, goat and lamb lel

No. 715463

Even her subs said it's not a good idea to color them. She could just scan it instead of ruining someone's hard work

No. 715494

the fact that she’s just touching all over the pages with her bare hands triggers me beyond belief.

No. 715845

>talks about how important and personal sketchbooks are to an artist
>"maybe I'll color it or draw over it" :)
>"It's from the early 20th century in America so I couldn't possibly find out the social context"
>"Can you imagine what he would have been able to do with Sakura Microns??"

Oof. She comes across really uneducated and kinda dumb in this.

No. 716258

Didn't she study history in school? I'm not even from the states and even I can figure out the context easily.

No. 724436

I'm assuming it's partly because she's a leftie but still set herself up like the right-handed Bob Ross. If she switched sides she could probably hold the brush more naturally

No. 726251

I rage posted the last long comment and had to hide my yt because her child fans came for me

No. 728564

She gets on my nerves because she is just genuinely so dumb. Like in that watercolor video posted early, really? Rae somehow doesn't understand why someone would pay $60 for 8 tubes when she claims she's a professional artist? Maybe it's because some people actually give a shit about investing in their art.

Rae is one of those fucking kids that gets their art degree through a state school because they're too dumb for any other major.

No. 728565

I'm really shocked she's even graduated university. You'd think one of the first skills she'd pick up would be to not rake her hand back and forth when she's coloring like a goddamn 4-year-old.

No. 731449

She has introduced her videos by saying 'without further or do' rather than 'without further ado' multiple times now, she's not the smartest cookie.

No. 736698

No. 736701

How many times is she going to regurgitate the same fucking video ideas. I think I've said it before, but the quality of her art really does just keep going down the shitter. That first strawberry had no effort. I know the supplies were absolute horse shit, but I feel like she still didn't even try. The construction was so sloppy, especially compared to the second one. The paint was shit and there's no making it better though. The second one is barely better with the biggest difference being it had a flat colour due to the nicer pencils. Also, while I've never used the colourless blenders before, I feel like she was 100% using them wrong. Maybe not, but it did look weird the way she left all that blank space between the two colours and then tried to smear them together. Last one is a bit extra nitpicky, but the comment about how artists might get the false idea their work is shit because they're using brushes 10 cent brushes was fucking stupid. Of course the 10 cent brushes are going to be shit. Even a 12-year-old would know better

No. 746091

My conspiracy theory as to why she holds her pens/brushes so stupidly is that she's actually not left-handed. I swear, that's the only rational explanation for why she's so bad. It's exactly how people look when they hold things in their non-dominant hand. I think she claims to be left-handed because its different and quirky. It's like she's forcing herself to use her non-dominant hand.

No. 746097

Another awful video. Here's a cheat sheet.

If she likes the brand: ohmygodyouguys this is so nice so nice look at this packaging so nice I haven't used them yet but I love them look at that PIGMENT sooo smooth wow such good value I love this this is soooo cool wow

If she dislikes the brand: ohmygodyouguys this is soooo hard to blend what this is so overpriced what is this these are literally so bad I can't even its so bad terrible terrible this cost an entire dollar and I don't know why this is so bad

If its a comparison video: I'm going to spend two minutes on this one and purposefully make it look like shit and then I'm going to spend half an hour on this one and try my best, to prove my point about the products I like

There I just saved you from every watching any of her videos.

No. 746370

Yeah you're right that's not how you use a colorless blender. She was smearing colorless wax onto the blank paper. She should have layered the colors lightly to build the color she needed and used the blender to help mix them and smooth the surface. It's the same concept as using a white pencil but without the white pigment. The white pencil can change the color you're trying to achieve. You can use a colorless blender to burnish as well and not waste your other pencils.

No. 748571


Sage for less than no contribution, but her frickin Gucci pen video came up in my recommended and I hadn’t watched it yet so I thought why not, I hate having brain cells, so let’s do this.

I regret everything. How is this girl so dumb? Like really. How is she actually this dumb? Blew up a pen, no idea what inflation is or how it works, doesn’t realize that ballpoint pens are always going to be ballpoint pens, got excited over basic packiging details (erhmagerd it has clips!). Like has she never seen a pen before this? Has she never walked into a Staples and seen all the stupid expensive pens?

Also we didn’t see the pen explosion. I wonder if it actually happened or if she just said it exploded for teh drama and tensionnns.

No. 748888

It is very awkward on how she holds her tools, I don’t see why she doesn’t just move the canvas to the left and face it that way,
you know, so it’s more natural for her…?
Or maybe it’s just a trend for many you tubers to lean right

No. 776301

I was watching her newest video the "drawing things I'm not good at" and this is petty shit but she fucking keeps calling those off brand markers copics like this is
petty but jesus they aren't copic you dumb bitch they are alchohol based markers

Sage for off topic kinda sorry I'm super new(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 851481

She better than all y’all including me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 851513

Thanks for your insight, Eli

No. 854480

It sorta weird that a kid friendly channel would interact with a person involved in politics(necro)

No. 880475

I mean she's comparing a very heavy and loud (at least it's working) eraser with a tiny and cheap eraser from the end of a pencil. Haven't she heard about a kneaded eraser?? It's cheaper, bigger and it works perfectly. And I thought she'll choose a somewhat useful eraser.
And it was supposed to be a "professional" comparison video.

No. 881982

File: 1571448588731.png (58.32 KB, 495x527, rae.PNG)

How useless were the 1000 comments the first time she asked? did she… forget she'd asked three months ago? did she expect the answers to have somehow changed? did she actually do anything different over the last three months?

No. 882143

>we didn't see the pen explosion
it did happen, kek. it's on her other channel.

No. 918126

ya all need some water for that salt(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 918958

Shit, she makes me believe I can have a decent art channel

No. 919018

File: 1579170997341.jpeg (661.01 KB, 750x738, 91E403BB-C991-47A2-8A9A-9601F8…)

my favorite part about raes videos is probably just the sheer amount of beginner mistakes she makes despite claiming to be a professional. some of her best moments imo:

-“acrylic is too transparent and thin, i like the opacity of oil” “acrylic just layers on opaquely and doesnt blend!” “acrylic dries too fast”(apparently doesnt know what a paint retarder or slow drying medium is)
-writes down “2b” and “5h” to compare, “2b” is actually a nr2 HB pencil, 5h is obviously very soft
-just the way she talks, constantly saying “popped off”, “thats where its at” “come thru” etc like some kind of alien that only learnt to speak human language through beauty youtube videos

No. 919048

The worst was that one she got her buddy "art teacher" to grade her. Just totally reconfirmed my stance that art teachers are trash, went on that persons insta and it's like even worse than Raes shit.
I really wish I never ever looked into artists on youtube lol it's fucking depressing seeing people call it art and stan someone below an elementary level.
and she talks like every wannabe mua on yt, she watches too much RuPaul.

I mean I kind of hate acrylics as well but I mean, not because i can't use them. She paints like colour by numbers, and it'd probably help if she didn't use like shit $1 brushes but really these are all excuses for her just actually not being able to paint anyway.

No. 919053

She also traced a selfie for this painting and still managed to make the face completely wonky

No. 919157

I love how the hair resembles human feces so well, just a big ol' turd
All of Rae's oil paintings look incomplete, like she stopped before any detail work

No. 920402

another one of my favourites, just because of how stupid she is

>truly truly truly truly truly

>thinks blending card is for testing marker blending (its cardstock for drawing)
>thinks you twist tombow markers on the back to bring out more ink (its double sided)
>"the more heavier the pounds are"

mmmm grayons

No. 920409

Apparently the green eyed monster has been keeping busy… Is Rae a super good artist? No. Do I agree with her choices of/opinions on art supplies? No. Do I think that she rushes through her work too quickly and seems to often not put enough thought/heart into it all? Yes. But do I think that she has the potential and skills to create something much better? Yes. And chances are, that a sizeable portion of the people that have posted here, are on a lesser skill level than Rae is. Anyone can come online and, protected by the veil of anonymity, claim to be great and amazing at all kinds of things ( right, 690219 ? LOLOLOL, you´re like my favorite here…) And what Rae is doing is not just about art. She is putting herself out there for people to see, and having something like 1,29 million subscribers, she is obviously doing something right. And that seems to be the part that bothers most of you, not her art work. Making a living and generating a decent amount of fame, simply by doing what one actually loves to do? Sound pretty awesome. And when the person, who is lucky enough to be able to achieve that, is just some regular someone, there´s going to be jealousy. The fact that most of the comments here are hateful and insulting towards her as a person, while there is basically no reasonable critiquing her art, shows that this thread if by no means about Rae´s work but about a bunch of clows asking themselves , "Why her and not me?" And by the way: It is pure candy to see you guys calling another person stupid, when so many of you do not even know what the term "professional artist" means.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 920412

File: 1579445759668.png (478.93 KB, 772x445, Screen Shot 2020-01-19 at 15.5…)

learn how to use the site before you post lol. also literally what are you talking about? green eyed monster?
just because she has a lot of subscribers doesnt mean she isn't allowed to be criticized, and shes stupid and fun to mock so we mock her. simple as that

No. 920413

Oh yeah anon we’re really jealous of Rae’s fame over here. You got us. Rae’s thread isn’t even that bad or harsh compared to Baylee or Holly. It does have more obvious whiteknighting to make up for it though.

No. 920445

I'm sure everyone is super jealous of Rae's ability to screw up facial proportions with a reference, and so envious of her ability to miss her own likeness even when tracing the image. Not to talk about her talent of making everything look unfinished at best and like something a moderately talented 12 y/o can produce at worst.
I too dream of having a professional art career without any venues, without selling anything, without barely producing anything, year in and year out of stagnation and a elementary school audience.
Ya got me there anon

No. 920448

not to mention living the dream of having a huge audience of 11 year olds that cant even spell your 3-letter-name and a handful of other youtube hacks that lie straight to your face and will never give you proper criticism, forever making you unable to improve your mediocre art.

also turning from a cringy but creative and likeable emo teen into the most boring and even more cringy normalfag wannabe artist who doesnt even know what a fountain pen is.

totally jealous.

No. 920506

File: 1579462976408.png (659.97 KB, 546x598, Screen Shot 2020-01-19 at 20.4…)

rae: has used markers like 2 times in her videos and obviously doesnt know how to use them properly
also rae:

No. 920556

God, those things are expensive too wtaf is with that hoard

No. 920639

It's much like her colored pencil hoard, she got really expensive swiss ones and won't use them because they're expensive

No. 921826

aren't most of those fake copics? She likes to invest money on such things because she doesn't understand colour theory lol

No. 921838

That's really not an accomplishment to be better than Rae, most middle school students can do the same so I don't know why you'd doubt people criticising her lol. and what art is there to critique? She doesn't make art, the things she posts aren't things one would even find in a sketchbook of an artist, even ones of the same skill level lol at least I'd hope for them otherwise how dull.
Regardless, if you have a set of eyes anyone can critique art famous or not. I think if an adult who has never drawn wanted to start could surpass that level in a matter of months or even weeks depending where they started.
And you know why no one would ever post their art on such a place, her 12 year old fans would harass us for the next decade.
I'd still dislike her stuff even if she was competent and could draw photorealistic like she attempts, because it's boring as hell but at least she'd have the skill to teach the basics to her tween fans. I would've even given a pass as a person but her personality is pretty insufferable too but anyway, I'd rather just criticise her "work" than her as a person.
I dislike all users like her that are popular online as well, I don't understand the point, what artistic pleasure do they get from that or personal satisfaction? It's the equivalent of saying you love cooking and you post pictures of plain toast. But those people don't go out there making big claims like "professional artist".

No. 928911

One of my favorite things about Rae is when she says that she is really bad at acrylics (which is true) and then pulls out some equally bad oil painting, saying that that´s what she´s really good at. WTF? And then there is her new video, taking sand paper to a brand new Iphone 11 and later painting a Micky Mouse on it. It was a gift for her mother and I guess it´s nice that she got her a gift but WTF? I know she did this because this is some stupid trend right now and she apparently followws every stupid trend, EVER. This time she was able to follow a stupid trend, flex on little kids, and make a video without having to first come up with an original idea - 3 of her faves all wrapped into 1, she must have loved it.

No. 928929

Sage for non contributing but I read iPhone 11 and sandpaper in the same sentence and I instantly cringed. How can you do that to a brand new cheaply made piece of tech? I can imagine dumb rich kids and teens doing this, not an adult that claimed to be incredibly poor as a kid.

No. 929036

Well, I guess she IS a celebrity now and can afford to show everyone that she can now afford to wreck expensive shit. Seriously, if you want to give your mother a phone with her favorite character on it, why the hell do you sand the phone down and paint it? How about painting on a phone cover like any normal person would? But I guess that just isn´t spectacular enough and if you´re a great artist you are only making the object in question more valueable.

No. 929241


Last sentence is sarcasm, yes? Please say so.

No. 929342


Yes lol, I did not think that I need to mention that.

No. 930541


I know, like WTF, I have never worked with markers before and even I know what goddamn blending card ist. I guess there is no shame in not knowing something but it´s shameful as fuck to be too stupid to google something you don´t know BEFORE publically commenting on it.
And the "the more heavier the pounds are" is just ridiculous, too. English is my second language and this still sounds super wrong to me. Why is she not noticing anything wrong with it?
Also, I absolutely hat it when she says "popped off", it sounds totally gross.

No. 952600

You are so rude she is professional and you should not be saying mean things about her on the internet. Keep it to yourself you're such a rude person.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 952632

Are you lost? This is a whole site meant for talking shit about people.

No. 955905

JFC she's basic. How did she study art? She doesn't even know the difference between warm and cold red.

No. 955918

Yeah, also the way she pronounced lapis lazuli made her sound really uneducated. And that sloppy swatching. But I was amused how she fawned over those "rare" colors like SO BEAUTIFUL WOOOOOOW

No. 955929

I couldn't even watch past that "swatch" of the vermilion jfc.
She also sounds so dumb saying the color doesn't exist anymore, like lady yes it does, it's just made with different pigments today..
Give your audience some knowledge at least, and please for the love of god mix the paint on a fucking palette first

No. 956003

She is painting with a hue anyway she isn't using genuine cinnabar vermilion! You can still buy genuine lapis pigment but her's was a hue too. Granted the genuine is very expensive.

No. 956371

And she way overpaid for that lapis hue, like 30 usd for a tube of ultramarine mixed with grey chalk?
Full pro, Rae, full pro.

Yeah, you can buy gen lapis paint, but unless it's for conservation purpose, it's pretty pointless. It's uneven in color, it's easy to replicate by mixing regular ultramarine and it's superexpensive. It makes more sense with watercolors, but even Daniel Smith's version is on the shitty side, just so they could price it down so anybody would buy it.

No. 956620

She is great at art why you gotta hate half of your suck and just sit on your asses also day(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 973172

Seriously people you really need to stop hating!!!!! Rae works really hard and you people are talking about how bad her art is.I bet you people can't draw better than her. Seriously she has been working for years on her art and you people are just going to criticize her like that. Some people are just starting out and that's okay but she has been working on art for YEARS. All you people are just talking about how bad it is.All you people ever do is just sit around all day. Don't criticize someone's art like that if you can't even draw! I understand you wan't to make excuses like "you can't see me" or "you don't know me". Seriously don't be rude to other people like that.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 973194

If she really has been working for years on her art, why the hell it still looks bad? All her "hardworks" isnt't showing at all. Allegedly she went to art school and somehow it's still bad! The quality of what she makes is questionable and it only left us to wonder if she's even practicing the basic stuff you know? fundamentals! For someonw who has been to art school, her craft is really, royally underwhelming.

No. 973703

Are you 11 or something? this is a salt thread, go cry somewhere else

No. 975887

Anonymous 58 seconds ago No. 975886
I find her content entertaining but I just can’t stand the way that she thinks she knows everything about art supplies when she doesn’t. Also, recently she’s been literally making the same videos over and over again. How many cheap art supply videos can you make??(newfag)

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