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File: 1720114071391.jpeg (31.81 KB, 736x736, IMG_1588.jpeg)

No. 2077788

no bait
board rules apply

No. 2077806

i love how it’s 222 and also 777 and 88. i wonder what this is a sign for ladies

No. 2077809

Time to start manifesting, or some shit

No. 2077835

I hate the feeling of needing to piss every few hours and then drinking water all over again to restart the process. This is how sisyphus felt

No. 2077837

I manifest total moid death

No. 2077840

More like sissispiss kek

No. 2077843

I hate men and their porn addictions and I want them all to die

No. 2077849

Life is just a never ending cycle of drinking and pissing. And being told how important it is to stay hydrated.

No. 2077851

This is so relatable. Even worse working a retail job. I just go to the bathroom like 6 times in my shift.

No. 2077856

Lol. More like, sis be pissin'. Nevermind, I liked yours better.
A little vent to keep on topic. The vast majority of animal owners are cruel to their pets for no reason besides convenience. It's so sad how much better people could make their pets' lives with only a little bit of work.

No. 2077859

The amount of 4fags braindead women I've encountered as of late is honestly very sad, can you imagine being so moid rotten it affects your functionality in daily life and processes? I hope they find peace someday.

No. 2077887

I wish I was making this up but I just got uninvited to a party tonight with friends because the hostess heard I was coming and explicitly told a mutual friend to inform me I can’t go.
The reason why is so tragically funny, I met this girl once at an acquaintance’s flat party several months ago with her boyfriend. She told me they were polyamorous (it is impossible for poly people not to) and how they loved it, it’s so empowering, they’re so transgressive by breaking mono-centric paradigms blah blah etc. Since I was a bit drunk and a vocal feminist, I ended up spending some time discussing my grievances with polygamy in theory (being as polite as I could) and how as a muslim woman I couldn’t support the the intellectualisation of something I viewed as an archaic method of controlling women (see: polygamy in Islam). I thought we’d had a stimulating but pleasant debate and had gotten on well. I completely ignored her boyfriend when he tried to talk (lol). They were also gender special TRAs but I maintained a cartoonishly performative TRA charade for them so I wouldn’t be excommunicated by these people forever. Anyway, now my friend tells me it seems the spicy straight poly couple are having some relationship troubles and the girl’s in a bad way. So, I’m not invited. Why? Because I was too critical of her fucked lifestyle and she doesn’t want to be confronted with an anti-poly person? I really tried to be nice. It makes me sad because I don’t get to see friends often and they’re all going to this freak’s party tonight. My friend said I should be more inoffensive and amenable like him but I won’t yield my principles. I could’ve been less inflammatory, I guess. I’m sad. I just can’t stand poly losers

No. 2077904

Why would a host want someone they don't like at one of their parties? You weren't actually invited, just decided to go with friends who were invited lol

No. 2077906

Why is every lisping gay man I've ever met a misogynistic powertripping bully? They called each other cunt/bitch so many times they took that shit seriously? I fucking hate them because I keep encountering them at jobs I've worked, it's not like I want to be around them. They're all horrible people and dogshit workers I wish they would stop getting hired. It's not homophobia when they deserve to be hated for how they act.

No. 2077912

That doesnt sound like a very fun party nonny

No. 2077913

That’s true, I guess. It’s annoying because I was actively trying to be polite despite thinking they’re weird freaks but I guess it’s now public that I’m some anti-poly radfem from my other conversations with mutual friends lol rip

No. 2077915

They view women as competition for attention of straight men, I'm not kidding. That's why they have to be the center of attention always, gossiping etc. They take out their anger on women because straight men are straight and want nothing to do with them.

No. 2077916

Regardless of if you were correct or not, what you did was rude and now she doesn't want to be around you which is fair enough.
Watch what you say and who you say it to if you don't want it to spread to other people

No. 2077925

nta but goddamn this is the vent thread…

No. 2077927

That's true sorry nonna, I didn't mean to come across bitchy. Poly people are retarded and can't be saved, go do something fun with some friends instead and avoid the drama of those people

No. 2077934

nona you’ve given me the stern reality check I needed tbh, I was rude enough that she’s remembered who I am after one conversation months ago. I’ve never made that bad of a first impression before lmao, you’re right about paying more attention to what I’m saying to others. People talk.

No. 2077940

I can't watch How to Beat videos anymore because the voice-over moid feels the need to show off his disgustingly fat piggish face. What the fuck, why do they feel the need to do that?

No. 2077946

>Anyway, now my friend tells me it seems the spicy straight poly couple are having some relationship troubles and the girl’s in a bad way
Long time ago now but I used to be around alot of this crowd and never had the nerve to say the obvious. The worst part is when there's fallout like this and you're meant to keep up the charade that her breakdown has nothing to do with the lifestyle. You have to pretend it's normal relationship drama. But their breaks/break ups and relationship problems are on a whole other scale. Elephant in the room. Be delicate with so and so tonight because her perfect poly relationship that she'd otherwise be gloating about has run into another bump. Now lets enjoy the party where that's all she'll be talking about all night..

If you're polite to a fault you just become the shoulder to cry on.. over and over all while biting your tongue about how much they're setting themselves up for more of this bs. They bend over backwards to be cool gfs but drain every female friend or even sort of friend for support all so as not to ruin the cool girl illusion they have going with the gives-no-fucks-about-her poly bf. It's never the bfs having breakdowns or feeling delicate. Coz he never even emotionally checked in.

Don't confront it, don't try and save em, don't become their ear to rant into when it's bad or gloat into when it's good. Just keep it light if it's a friend group you otherwise appreciate being in. They're heavy on trying to ban people from groups.

No. 2077948

>tfw your friend with no hobbies who smokes weed all day and does nothing starts bitching and moaning about her ONE singular problem she could literally solve if she just got off her lazy ass and took action
Holy FUCK I am so sick of this bitch. I desperately need her to pick up a fucking paintbrush and get it all out on canvas and stop using me as a medium to fucking ruminate about her retarded interpersonal problems SHE FUCKING CAUSED AND REFUSES TO FIX. I'm so fucking TIRED OF RETARDED USELESS STONERS. Try to give any advice and she puts on this annoying as fuck whiny whinging voice and she'll always say some shit like "yeah but I'm just used to chaos like it's what I need" no you dumb bitch you need to pick up a book and READ you need to get off your lazy ass and take a WALK. OUTSIDE. I can't fucking take it anymore.

No. 2077950

don't know if it's just me or if there's a sudden increase in sensitive bisexuals on /ot/

No. 2078003

I'm sick of everyone sperging about bisexuals in general, it feels like people are talking about them almost as much as trannies recently.

No. 2078008

Uh oh, sounds like your honesty hurt her boyfriend's feelings kek

No. 2078023

File: 1720126519707.jpeg (41.3 KB, 480x480, IMG_4422.jpeg)

Why is it that no matter whether I change my IP or not I still seem to be banned from crystalcafe? I was able to get around any senseless ban they handed me before, now it won't even work if I change my IP(wrong thread)

No. 2078024

Being lonely as a woman makes me want to kill myself. I barely feel like a human being

No. 2078027

It could be device id, cookies or session id.

No. 2078028

Tried clearing my cache and cookies and it's still showing me as banned? How would they be able to ban my phone kek

No. 2078032

Does downloading Opera and trying on that help?

No. 2078047

I think my relationship with my parents is really difficult, because they treated me really poorly when I was a little girl (i.e., beating me for pulling too many tissues from a tissue box, yelling at me for hours for knocking something overt things like that). But my parents treat me super good as an adult. When my car broke down and I thought I would have to charge it all on credit, they were there to help me pay for it. When I needed help getting to work, they helped me get to work (more car shit). And when I was sick, they let me use their insurance. Financially, I am legitimately spoiled by these people. I'm not afraid to admit that, that's just the truth. I had a good life financially because of them. But they still beat me (actual beatings, if it matters), and they even used to choke me on occasion. I wouldn't say I'm close with my parents, I'm not even sure I can say I love them, but I'm grateful the safety net is there as an adult. It's so… Dichotomous? It's like fucking whiplash. You would assume I love them to death, that I go out with them all the time, but it's not buddy buddy like that.
When I was in highschool, I wanted to leave my parents and go no contact the second I turned 18. And then real life kicked my ass, and I came crawling back. Well, now I'm grateful to them, like I said.
Can anyone else relate? It still causes me some mental pain to think of the weird shit they did to me. But now they take care of me when I don't have anyone else.

No. 2078049

>x happened so I'm pretty upset right now, feeling really shit honestly
>friend 1: "I hate when x happens"
>friend 2: "lmao makes me happy I don't have to experience x"
Is it me that is fucking autistic but isn't obvious when someone says/writes something like this they are looking for some supporting/uplifting words?

No. 2078051

File: 1720128484389.jpg (23.6 KB, 419x420, 1491023034980.jpg)

I'm visiting my sister soon and her boyfriend wants to introduce me to his family. Why would he want this? He doesn't have any single male family members to introduce me to or anything like that. I don't want to wtf.

No. 2078055

I think I have another swollen lymph node in my right armpit. Can't really tell cause I can't feel a lump, just pain. I'm usually able to ignore them but it hurts even when I have my arm down. Its irritating, I just had a swollen lymph node in my left armpit like a week ago.

No. 2078059

I think he's just being polite? If you really don't want to just tell him

No. 2078060

Sounds like they didn't get that you're actually upset. If someone told me they stepped on a lego I might respond similarly because the situation isn't that serious but if it's your house burning down I would try to at least say something supportive. But their reaction depends on many things, like how close you are, if they should've known that x is especially bad for you, etc.

No. 2078064

File: 1720129304380.jpg (36.16 KB, 552x689, 749ce1bf414815f0e5b536b5acdfb6…)

>Going to the Off License to get a bottle of wine
>"Not getting the usual? Haha"
Kill me now. Don't care how much it hurts, just do it.

No. 2078065

We are fairly close, and they know me well enough that when I express myself like that I actually mean it. I'm far from the whiny kind so it's not like me reaching out like this is common at all

No. 2078072

File: 1720130306260.gif (487.14 KB, 400x349, 6e35d7a835fe79f00f2e78eb4b005a…)

I need a friend who I can vent to about how much I hate my friends for venting to me nonstop like I give a fuck about their life problems and their drama with their other friends. The point in friendship when they get comfortable whining is when it's time to go ghost.


No. 2078073

How serious is their relationship? If he intends to marry your sister he probably wants his future in-laws to be friendly with his own family.

No. 2078074

Samefag because I'm still mad–this bitch is sending me dozens of screenshots a DAY of her conversations with other people I barely talk to thinking I care and I'm actually going to read them after I had a whole conversation with her about how I hate when people do that kind of thing and I'm not going to be anyone's therapsychahandmadiantrist. Fuck off and die, dear.

No. 2078083

Uninstall your browser and reinstall or download a new browser

No. 2078102

File: 1720132882304.jpeg (181.72 KB, 828x1002, IMG_6381.jpeg)

Ive been left with so much anxiety around dating due to my previous relationships. I hate having to hold back the enthusiasm, curiosity, and excitement I want to give when I’m interested in someone! But moids only respond to one thing: the chase. Even if some guy pursues me strongly as soon as I give any reciprocation in feelings it’s like he instantly starts losing interest. Do I just attract avoidant men? The only good thing about these experiences is that it’s hardened my heart and I have no qualms about cutting things off when they’re not working now…

No. 2078106

Lol I love when my friends tell me shopping t about other people

You can just tell them you are not in the headspace and can't really focus on them, and that you need to take care of your mental health and that too much second hand negativity is making you feel bad. This shit always works

No. 2078109

Deodorants with aluminum can cause this or you can have an infection

No. 2078110

File: 1720133674090.png (804.8 KB, 940x626, B7BsvU9CUAAYKv3.png)

Jetblue lost my fucking luggage. All my favorite clothes curated over the years just gone. Yes I know I can make a claim and buy a new wardrobe blah blah but I'm still in the grieving stage.

No. 2078111

>women venting about their stupid friends and nigel
>me a sigma female who vents about real shit
who fucking cares about your dumbass friends or family? shut the fuck up

No. 2078112

>comes to a vent thread to vent about other peoples vents

No. 2078113

Yes I can somewhat relate. Except for being financially spoiled. Ive always been resilient in asking for anything except once. For me the mindfuck is my mom trying to be nice after and lifetime of similar abuse. Like she seems to be being genuinely nice but it’s so out of character and i already feel committed to not being close to her the rest of our lives. But I’ve always wondered what it’s like being ‘friends’ or even close to parents as it’s an entirely foreign feeling to me. I almost feel more drawn to keeping my distance because there’s the familiar comfort in that feeling as it’s what I have known for the last 30 years.

No. 2078115

it’s ventception

No. 2078120

My Muslim mother has become more religious post 10/7 and it’s driving me nuts. Nags at me for listening to music, event lo-if for studying, nags at me for wearing pants. Praises Trump of all people, saying he’s the strong man America needs despite his very open support of Israel. I need to finish up or get new friends to live with, I don’t want to be there for when she goes crazy

No. 2078124

She praises him because it’s like her worshipping Allah, it’s male worship. Doesn’t matter what form it comes in and if it rapes her own children and makes her dirt poor caring for 20 children and cousins under one roof, she will worship and praise it.

No. 2078138

File: 1720134896482.jpg (39.83 KB, 735x717, 2afc623048358f0d8b1a446f47b108…)

Maybe I'm such a cunt because I've been perpetually miserable and ill for the past 12 months with zero progress and away from my hometown and family, just a guess. If you ever get to experience something remotely similar to my situation you would be a cranky enraged bitch too, imagine waking up everyday to a fucked up body and even more fucked up mental stability just to hear mfs talking shit behind your back and judging your every step. I'm a damn mess and I'm aware, but if y'all keep playing me I'm going to make it everybody else's problem too. Just leave me tf alone

>You'll get better soon, just have some patience uwu~

When bitch WHEN??! it's been 365 days motherfucker i'm about to turn 24 and I'm still on this mess?? I'm losing my youth to this crap, can't even go outside or enjoy anything and you just want me to be all calm and reasonable about it?! fuck everyone involved, fuck your grandma, fuck those useless meds, fuck moids for not taking "female" conditions seriously and most importantly fuck you, fuck everything

No. 2078141

Kekk I might have to. It's not even interesting drama is the problem. It's mind numbingly boring, she's telling me because lit rally no one cares but her, not even the other people involved. Just the other day she got mad and emo because moid friend A jokingly insinuated she had a crush on moid friend B, meanwhile she's spent months sending me mass screenshots containing the most mundane conversations I've ever seen with the moid friend B in question like it's the funniest thing on earth, can't go 5 seconds without mentioning the guy, and now I have to make up shit to talk on this moid A fucker I've only talked to a handful of times because that's what she wants to hear. Grrrrrrrrr.

No. 2078144

>real shit
>is unironically suicidal

No. 2078147

Thats why you only fly Alaska

No. 2078153

you forgot to put your farmhand handle on kek

No. 2078158

Been there done that. If it's soft, small and malleable don't worry, if it's hard as a rock, too big or reddish call a doc. When I used to ovulate my armpit lymphs got sore it was quite uncomfortable so hormonal stuff can make them swollen too

No. 2078238

Every single man I like turns out to be a pos. Why am I built to only date the worst scrotes?. The red flags are glittered LED crimson and I still ignore them.

No. 2078287

This is on mobile kek

No. 2078305

Same rule applies

No. 2078452

Gooooood I hope it's not my fucking deodorant cause it's the only one (that I've tried) that really works for me and I stocked up on it.
Tbh, I'm not sure what soft or malleable means. But yeah I'm not worried about it because I've been getting them every so often for a while, no other symptoms.

No. 2078471

last week my mom finally left my crazy, schizophrenic, homicidal, pedophilic stepdad. she’d been with him for twenty years. I had to be removed from the home when I was thirteen and have had virtually no relationship with her since. also, since being with him, she’s been completely alienated from her side of the family, because she’s delusional and because they are normal, well adjusted people and refuse to associate themselves with the retarded prick. when she told us she was leaving him, my aunt (also my psuedo-mom/guardian since moving out of stepdads house) gave her a bunch of money to help her get her own place. we all dropped everything and went over to help her move. mom cried to me on the front lawn and asked if I was proud of her. told me she was sorry she didn’t have the strength to leave when I needed her to. we’ve been talking virtually every day since and I was really excited to rebuild the relationship that he’d ripped away from me. cried to my older sister on the phone about it. just got a call tonight. dear reader, they’re getting back together. happy independence day.

No. 2078496

Do you have trauma of some sort

No. 2078503

File: 1720155087037.jpeg (76.54 KB, 487x487, IMG_8713.jpeg)

All I have to do is make it to the next 4th of July. Everything will be okay then. I can do this on my own.

No. 2078516

My grandfather just died. I no longer have any living grandparents now. I'm nobody's granddaughter now. Within less than 4 years, I lost all my grandparents, my beloved childhood cat, a close friend and my fav uncle. The last two to cancer. Grief doesn't get easier, nonnies, I am so fucking tired of this. I'll remember him by all the sacrifices he did in his life. He moved across country so my father could get a better life. He slaved away in 2 jobs so my father and his brothers could attend college. I got my first car two years ago only because it belonged to my grampa first. My beloved family house that I spent my entire childhood was his first and my parents bought for cheap and refurbished it. My grampa drove me to school all my school years from kindergarten to grade 12. He was a great man, known for his kindness and humor around the town, I'm pretty sure half of the town will be at his wake tomorrow. Thank you for whoever read this, I feel better for writing this. Grief is a bitch.

No. 2078518

i wish there was a middle ground between an avoidant bitchy mom and the type of mom whos incestuously overaffectionate. like stop making out with my fucking ear

No. 2078530

Im sorry to hear that anon. I will never understand women who chose their partner over their child or family.

No. 2078557

What is supposed to be a simple surgery is getting me stressed out for the way people want me to let them know everything and be there next to me. Let me handle this on my own.

No. 2078594

hugs to you nonna. he sounded like a great person and i'm so sorry for your loss. i lost my stepdad last month (more of a parent to me that than my own dad) in a freak accident so i understand the current feeling of navigating grief all too much, i hope we can heal. things will be different but theyll be okay, i think.

No. 2078597

The fact that LC has a "wholesome" fucking furry thread is so gross beyond words, actually considering leaving LC for good over it. I've seen the supposed "harmless" furries spread their degeneracy before beyond repair in other spaces. They're like the "harmless" troons, you give an inch they take a mile.

No. 2078601

all of that can be done on mobile too noni

No. 2078605

Wish I could give you the biggest hug right now, Nonna.

No. 2078608

File: 1720163266247.jpg (128.7 KB, 1000x1000, beatrix-potter-1.jpg)

This is such a terminally online post, you know animals have been drawn with human traits outside of the furry community before, right? Before the internet existed even?

If it's wholesome it's wholesome.

No. 2078620

You calling THAT a furry drawing is like saying tomboys are automatically troons, and that's the issue.

No. 2078624

>"Trans people have always existed… they just weren't called trans back then. Gender non-conformity is inherently trans! If a girl likes trucks she's a transman whether HE likes it or not!"
Not trying to bully you but that is literally what you are saying nona, just swap trans for animals and furries:
>"Furries have always existed… they just weren't called furries back then. Animal drawings are inherently furry! If a girl likes animal drawings she is automatically a furry whether she likes it or not!"

No. 2078625

good, goodbye. No one likes minimodders that cant just hide a thread.

No. 2078629

I miss being able to escape into videogames, nowadays no matter what I pick up I just end up feeling like it's a pointless waste of my time. This used to bring me so much comfort, like I'd be able to forget IRL. I don't have anyth like that anymore

No. 2078630

Ok and I don't think any of the threads condoning dating men should exist either but I hide them and move on with my life

No. 2078631

except if you alllow furries to post openly on your website it quickly becomes a furry website. they're cancer

No. 2078633

you know that you can like cute animals without being a furry right? and that the word furry has been used to reference animal creatures way before furries appropiated it

No. 2078634

Unironically admitting to being a furry or posting furry content should be a bannable offense here. It's about as bad as being a scrote.

No. 2078636

File: 1720165552033.png (62.62 KB, 434x411, 1531592634890.png)

I popped an internal dangler this morning and my ass has been bleeding ever since, it's been most of a day, I am wearing a maxipad for my asshole-blood

No. 2078637

>the word furry has been used to reference animal creatures way before furries appropiated it
Lie. Furry has always referred to the specific subculture of anthropomorphized animals that were first called "funny animals" until furry became the widely used term amongst them. Trying to bargain semantics is useless and bad faith arguing when literally everyone knows what "furry" is used to refer to.

No. 2078641

you saw my absolute lowest, congrats

No. 2078645

There are a lot of children movies from the pre 90s who used the word furry to refeer to their characters. Anyways, i hate autistic anons who get super offended over the use of a word. I wonder if they seethe this much at the anime thread too considering that weebs are crazy degen too.

No. 2078646

I don't get it, most of them are just cute animals like very fairytale style or like calico critters so I don't see the problem, I'm not a furry so I wouldn't know though

No. 2078647

Ok but that's literally the sort of content the thread is for. There is no furry porn or sexualized animals, it's obvious anon just used the word 'furry' to mean anthropomorphized animals and explicitly stated it has to be wholesome to avoid anything creepy.

No. 2078657

Out of all threads across all boards, that is the one that makes you want to leave? kek goodbye

No. 2078665

Ok i am seething. Why do ppl think that after 1 month of consistent interaction = im suddenly obligated to reveal personal info..how I look like etc. I mean like give me a year at least!! but a month??? Im an ib tard and have always put privacy and anonymity as most important when surfing the net. Like i hate how normies completely disregard shit like this. And guess what? Now I’m suspicious bc i don’t want to voice call, send pics or reveal basic sensitive info about my self besides ASL. This is just so upsetting because I feel like im the only one who sees my online behavior as normal. I.do.not.like.exposing myself! What’s so bad about that?

No. 2078699

File: 1720172949511.jpg (216.2 KB, 736x1104, 244e9c02accb1d4bb36360b84c60f2…)

I know there's no use in being envious and I typically use other people as motivation rather than get jealous, but I can't help but feel so jealous of wealthy people. Especially those who were born rich. Even just a million dollars would change my life and there are people who were born with so much that a million is just play money to them. People that have never had to work in their life, or live paycheck to paycheck, or be concerned about finding employment or college, or consider selling their body for quick money. I have ideas on how to increase my income but actually executing them is harder.

No. 2078738

File: 1720176823714.gif (2.17 MB, 498x498, peposad.gif)

>spot a cute French moid in a movie
>his head is shaven for the role but he has interesting exotic and youthful facial features
>go the usual route of checking all obscure shitty tv series and movies with him in bit parts/supporting roles
>find out that my man peaked at the age of 17-21 (!) and then started fucking balding at 23 (!!!)
>the face is still much cuter (to me) than most moids' of his age + great body, but the appearance is completely ruined by a receding front hairline (yk when the hair gets thinner and falls out at the forehead but remains at the sides of the head)
>so, there is literally only a couple of things where he's young and beautiful, with the nice long hair and good haircut
>in the later roles he's not even trying to hide the hair loss and just has a short haircut that emphasises this abomination on his head and colossal forehead
>apparently he quits acting at 31 as the last IMDB credit is from 2014 lol

God I hate men and their retarded genetics so much. I can't even have an eye candy that doesn't expire in the early 20s. Hope the moid offed himself after realising that he hit the wall and got unacceptably ugly

No. 2078742

I hate when people say "don't trust the pretty instagram pictures, you don't know what's going on behind the scenes, don't be jealous", we'll okay but they are still going on lavish vacations and having fun, there's no way not to be jealous.

No. 2078743

By wholesome furry they mean anthro characters like Calico Critters, Looney Tunes, Animal Crossing, Mickey Mouse and his friends (like Donald Duck), the Nesquik rabbit, the tiger mascot, Peter Rabbit, Hello Kitty etc

No. 2078746

That and there's people who are that fucking wealthy regardless even if dumb influencers are faking it

No. 2078752

true, also the influencers that's true of are just expensive prostitutes. Real wealthy people are enviable, they just want us serfs to shut up and resign to our fate when they know they live a way better life than we do and are a lot happier. Anybody who thinks money doesn't make happy is delusional

No. 2078753

Same! omg I'm glad I'm not the only one who notice this

No. 2078757

File: 1720178907029.jpg (23.55 KB, 426x320, 1000004025.jpg)

I dont really feel jealous of people with better means than I since most people in my age group are just terminally online and uninspiring regardless of their possessions or achievements (sorry) but I do feel a little jealousy of people who make me smile a lot. Just genuinely personable and entertaining people that aren't putting on an act are so special and unforgettable. It's really cool and I dont consider it imitatable I just appreciate it as a very special trait to have

No. 2078765

File: 1720179436769.jpg (39.3 KB, 736x736, ❏┊ᴋᴏᴍɪ sʜᴏᴜᴋᴏ┊´˗.jpg)

>Live in a hoarder house with mom
>No matter what I say has ever changed the way he behaves or thinks
>I run out of my meds I take for depression
>My doctor is on vacation
>Get overwhelmed by the house
>Trying my best not to say anything to her because if she gets upset I'll end up feeling like shit
>I feel gross, the house feels gross
>constantly hungry but don't want to go to the kitchen
>I try to clean my own room
>constantly breaking down over small things
>feeling like I'll never get it as clean as I want it to be
I hate that I'm back to thinking about ending it all, because I feel like there could be way out of this but at the same time this is all my life ever was, it was shit from the start

No. 2078767

I started throwing shit out on my own. She doesn't even notice it. Literally had stuff in the pantry that expired a decade ago and she wouldn't let me throw them out, so I waited a few weeks and threw them out. She didn't notice even after making a deal out of keeping them.

No. 2078777

I'm tired of my food allergies I feel so isolated socially due to it. I want to eat peanuts without the dread of a painful rash appearing. Go out for whatever I want, no cares in the world, no app searching for a restaurant. Hope some other anon will eat an amazing peanut or almond dish. My relationship with food is so rocky it doesn't help that some common ingredients cause issues. Shits unfair I'm so tired of it.

No. 2078853

Oh my fucking god shut the fuck up about babies and kids! I'm sick of hearing my brother's girlfriend always shifting any sort of conversation into anything about babies/kids, it's so annoying, it's always.
I don't even mind the idea of having a baby or adoption even because why not, they're cute and it's nice to be able to raise a child, help the child with their daily struggles and all that jazz.
But I don't talk about them fucking daily, I can spend at least a few months not talking about them, even as a teacher you don't really talk about kids/babies that much unless you're a preschool/middle school teacher.
Why can't she talk about anything else? She's a medic for fuck's sake.

No. 2078862

Trying to keep my overweight cat on a diet when my flatmate free-feeds her cat and thinks putting a cat on a diet is starving them is an uphill battle. Every time I take her to the vet they mention my cat being overweight like it’s my fault. It’s literally impossible when you live with other people who don’t care, especially older people. I wish cat ozempic was a thing. And my flatmate opens my door because the cat howls when I’m gone otherwise and it’s the only way to keep the peace.

No. 2078885

File: 1720188642901.jpg (396.59 KB, 2480x2480, sad.jpg)

Being excluded from a group of "friends" full of TiF, one of them tarnished my name with lies, and now people think I am her bully. We're going to table at FL Supercon (not at the same spot), and I am scared to see her and that she'll start something, like: "Anon came near my table, I bet she was spying on me!"
How can these kinds of people be like this when I have done nothing? Nobody cares about the wrongs she has done to me, but they would support her in her wrongs no matter what.
How can I find friends who would shield around me? I am tired of being loyal without receiving loyalty in return. How do I get loyal friends around me?

No. 2078908

I will never be able to have a best friend again. I miss my best friends so much. We ruined our relationships mutually and they had lots of flaws but so did I. It's been years since I've heard from either of them. I'm a shitty friend. I used to be a pick me. I've ruined female friendships for subpar moids many times. I have very few long term female friendships and the ones I still do have are family, family friends or women I'm friends with but not on a super deep level and don't see often. I honestly know deep down I don't deserve a close female friend like I used to have and I will keep all my friendships with women at an arms length and superficial level because of it. I'm very judgemental of other women.

No. 2078922

if an entire group turned on you just because the other person has a spicy label and you don't then they were never really your friends in the first place. you are better off without shallow-minded people like that in your life. if you want loyal friends you should probably stay away from TiFs and thembies in the future since their misogyny and unwillingness to think critically will eventually lead to drama.

No. 2078926

shut the fuck up and mind your business. just hide the thread, it’s clear as day the mods are transforming this place into reddit day by day with their retarded rules they make up on the fly or stick to them strictly just to make you annoyed. fuck the fat ass crackpot jannies with no lives running this site, fuck you

No. 2078928

File: 1720191085783.gif (21.35 KB, 200x198, IMG_6509.gif)

I’m so sorry nonna. I don’t understand women who choose their man over their own fucking children?! I really don’t have any sympathy for these type of women at this point. I hope you’re able to move on from this but when its your own mom I know how impossible it feels to separate your wellbeing from her life choices.

No. 2078955

you've been banned in like 5 different threads, multiple times, and had your own tard rage thread locked for sperging about this for over a month. why do you care this much.

No. 2078967

Because anon is a closeted self hating furry.

No. 2078983

i have been working a very stressful job this week and hardly have a few minutes to myself each day. its noisy and there is an alarm that blares into my ear i have to shut off whenever i step outside and other loud noises are unsettling and causing me to have so much anxiety. and theres just so much work and i have to be on guard constantly for the animals im watching over. i grossly undercharged too. im trying to be grateful and stick to my routine but today i feel so over it. i am burnt out and crying and havent been able to sleep. i just feel so unbalanced and out of routine, i cannot wait to be home. i feel so silly crying over this but i just need some rest and time to myself and to finally be out of this stressful week on sunday.

No. 2078990

I feel so emotionally null. I used to cry or laugh at some random image online but now I feel nothing. I can watch the worst fucked up shit online and I get nothing. I can't remember the last time I smiled naturally. I really hope I haven't developed sociopathy

No. 2079001

you sound depressed not sociopathic

No. 2079009

Depression is associated with low energy right? I'm still hitting the gym, going into work. I'm not lying in bed all day. I just feel numb.

No. 2079030

The worst thing about climate change is the insect migration. I just got bit/stung by some exotic shit that's not supposed to be here because I live in the warmest part of my country. My hand will be painful and worthless for 4 days minimum. Like if i wanted this life i would move to africa, or australia! I hope it doesn't fucking poison me till hand falls off.

No. 2079034

Depression is also a big sense of unsatisfaction with life

No. 2079036

Honestly most people who are depressed go to work and live normally. It's just a stereotype that depressed people lay in bed all the time. Some do, but most people can't afford that.

No. 2079085

numbed emotions and flat affect are also major signs of depression.
for example no longer deriving enjoyment from any of your hobbies is a warning sign

No. 2079092

Thanks nonnas. Even if I'm depressed it's still a relief that I'm not evolving into a serial killer or something. I booked an appointment with a therapist next week. Hopefully she can get my shit together and I can feel like a human again.
I don't get what triggered this. I am typically a very positive person. Just out of nowhere energy depression bomb shits on my life. I guess everyone has it but I'd like to know the reason.

No. 2079093

File: 1720199657400.gif (8.94 MB, 544x313, IMG_5069.gif)

I hate being the child of an addict. Even when they get sober they still have the fucking ego and victim complex they had when using. We both want a close relationship but it’s so hard to do when you remember the younger version of yourself cowering in her bedroom wishing she was somewhere else.

No. 2079102

the dryer didn't properly dry my clothes last night and i didn't notice a smell on my clothes this morning so i just wore them. now that i'm at work i can smell myself and i stink. no amount of body spray is helping. i need to go tf home. i don't want to be known as the stinky girl around here…

No. 2079120

i'm told that trannies are living in my head rent free but if i check the tags for things i've loved for years and years and i see nothing but troon nonsense and i enter the hobbies i've had for years and years and i see tranny nonsense and if i see a pride flag hanging up anywhere, and it's that botched design with the brown black stripes, or if i just enter a fucking bakery and the zoomer who takes my order is a very obvious greasy-haired poor posture having high-pitched voice troon then am i REALLY the problem? it's stupid to be this disturbed by meeting a troon irl but i'm just so sick of them. when will this shit end already

No. 2079123

also why are they always so…blatant, i guess? i feel like i very rarely see short men troon out, it's always big foot. like come on now you fat footed bitch be for real

No. 2079125

are we supposed to just roll over and take it? i don't see why women shouldn't be upset about this issue and think about it often. it's being forced on us. telling you that they're "living rent free in your head" is fucked up. like sorry for caring about an issue that effects 51% of the population? gtfo

No. 2079126

I feel so stupid in group projects. I'm super sensitive to rejection and it makes working with others impossible. A and B will be nice enough to invite me to join them but if I share something I wrote and no one replies within a day I start feeling awful and like I'm a burden and like they don't really need me so I should delete it and hope no one saw. When it's just a normal piece of writing that they might use but right now they're both busy with their own lives and deleting it would only make it seem like I'm not contributing anything or that they need to pull my teeth to get anything out of me, making me a bad group partner.
But is it that difficult to say something like "Thanks, I'll look at this later!"? Not even thanks, just an "ok" or literally any form of acknowledgment would be fine. I'm also highly motivated by others, so if I put hours into something and don't even get one word in response I lose all hype and just focus on doing the minimum to get out of it. I never know if I should bring it up because it'll make me seem like an idiot and like everyone needs to cater to me in ways other people wouldn't require. I should have more going on in my life, I shouldn't be so fixated on the single projects I'm involved in. I should also forget to check the group chat for days because I'm busy or hanging out with friends but unfortunately I have nothing so I obsess over these things that others can ignore.

No. 2079134

>like sorry for caring about an issue that effects 51% of the population?
real as hell and you put it into words so well. bit ot + rambly but it's becoming incredibly common in rf spaces online to yell at other rfs for "focusing on trannies too much" like…men are trying to dissolve 'woman' so they can wiggle themselves into the definition, how is that not a serious issue? i get that complaining about them online doesn't do much, but it does soothe mental irritation and personally i've gotten anons where libfems are like "you're a dirty terf and i'll break your kneecaps pee your pants but x post did get me thinking blah blah" like is that not a good thing?

No. 2079137

I went out with my friend yesterday for a drink, and realised that I haven't felt happy or excited in years. I'm not sure if I've ever felt love or appreciation for anyone in my life. I don't feel an urge to make friends and other people are mostly an annoying chore, and yet I feel pain at the fact I come off as 'boring' and dry around others. People don't like or trust me at all, and I can't come to terms with that. It's like every facet of my personality is at odds with what society wants me to be, and nothing will let me get what I want (to be able to live my own life the way I choose, without being bothered, basically).

The only things that seem to excite or move me are violence and power. I crave violent sex but I hate men and I would rather dominate them than be submissive. I can't be bothered to build my career because it feels so pointless; being a woman means power comes with more useless responsibilities and judgment. So many people around me are irritatingly passive and fickle, too scared to do things, but even when I have good ideas and leadership I'm never listened to, because muh hierarchies. I don't even care, I just want to be a massive cunt to people. I'm tired of pretending to be nice because that's what young women are 'supposed to do'.

No. 2079138

I'm in IT and you'd think the industry really became more welcoming for women in the last years if you go by names only, but no, it's all the same guys just wearing skirts and it's still as misogynistic as it's always been if not more

No. 2079139

If simply seeing something you don't like being discussed triggers you this badly you need to get off the entire fucking internet.

No. 2079140

We’ve been dating doe two years. If you could even call it dating. I guess im not what you wanna take out and show off. I guess even when i have a bf im still not special enough to take out out and be shown that I’m loved and special . I guess thats okay. Im not that someone anyhow. Thanks for solidifying what my mother told me hears ago.

Would you like me more if i was skinnier? If i was thicker. Are my breast not big enough ? Do you do the bare minimum so i still want to sleep with you?

I just want some romance. I want you to take me out. Why do you make me feel like i want to kill myself. Maybe if i did you would regret not treating me like the girlfriend you wanted and not just a girl you wanted to fuck.

No. 2079141

Uuughhh I need to go out and do some stuff but outta of nowhere my ankle started too hurt a LOT. It's really cold here so I think that's why. It feels like there's a needle inside, right where the bones meet.

No. 2079144

I hate fireworks and the people who support them an unhealthy amount. The benefit you gain from them is so small compared to the damage you cause with them. To me it is the peak example of American selfishness. And the conversation that ensues every year about whether or not they should be banned is so black pilling for me because it just reminds me how little we all care about each other, the wildlife, and our planet. This is as good as it will ever get, we will continue to get worse, things will never be better than they are right now and I miss when I had the hope that they still could be

No. 2079151

I spent New Years in eastern europe once and it made me grateful at least some fireworks are illegal where I live. It's absolute hell when people are constantly launching fireworks 24/7 from their house the entire week before New Years for no reason.

No. 2079158

>Trying to bargain semantics is useless and bad faith arguing when literally everyone knows what "furry" is used to refer to.
This. Furries are sexual degenerates with a fetish for antro animals, which also half of the time translates onto real animals too, everyone knows that. Everyone who identifies as a furry knows it too.
The ONLY people who think furries can just mean "liking cute cartoon animals" are literally children who are actively being groomed by older adult furries into being furries, to fuel their own adult fetish. It's been said before, but there are very clear parallels to how troonism works with the grooming of kids by insisting the something that has always been sexual at the core is totally just a cute little innocent identity.
I still think the so called "wholesome" furry fetish thread should just be locked, I do not want such degenerate coomer shit brought here.

No. 2079164

File: 1720205721626.jpeg (10.65 KB, 198x255, images (36).jpeg)

Would you say picrel is fetishistic?

No. 2079166

Don't give them the right to see you at your highest.

No. 2079196

I think my social skills are irrevocably fucked and I will never fully fix my social anxiety. I have made some progress lately because I work in the healthcare field, and I am forced to interact with patients and management. I can do some small talk successfully and I feel elated when I can get through conversations without awkwardness. But most of my interactions I feel something went wrong. My therapist barely helps she just says she's proud of me for working and going outside instead of being a shut in like I used to be.

No. 2079215

File: 1720210697803.png (3.77 MB, 1107x2400, 1000006489.png)

I can't stand being a poorfag anymore. I just received my salary and I already will have to spend half of it paying debt. I need to get a second a job because this one isn't enough.

No. 2079229

it's 100°f outside with 60% humidity and the neighbors dogs are outside barking. i feel so bad for them. they bark all day and night, i don't think they ever bring them inside. in my city it's pretty much impossible to contact anyone to do something about it too, so i just sit here feeling horrible for the dogs. i know they won't take me seriously if i try to talk to them about it either. it's just so sad i don't understand why people get dogs just to have them suffer. i hate people who treat animals like shit

No. 2079235

what sort of pick-me Kool Aid did this bitch drink because I want it far away from me

No. 2079237

File: 1720213119980.jpg (907.03 KB, 1080x2044, 1000009130.jpg)

Sry reposting cause I had to crop my pfp out

This is absolutely INSANE advice to give women and I am saying this as a sahm w house and kids!! I don't know who sold this poor bitch the lie "just shut up and make him happy and you will be rewarded!" Every single girl I know who had this mindset got fucked over, this girl looks young so I guess she's still inexperienced but the more you let men walk over you the less they respect you and the worse they treat you. You 100% have to set firm boundaries and expectations and make yourself heard and never do shit "just for him hehe<3" including sucking dick. I don't suck dick and I would whip my husband's ass if he stopped doing his share of housework, women need to be firm with men otherwise they'll walk all over you. Also why is it always the women giving this garbage "shut up and serve king" are always dating pervert bisexuals or abusive men double their age? I didn't check this girls account but I just know it's the later

No. 2079248

I don’t like being afraid of making friends

No. 2079259

I hate it so much that 2 jobs seems to be the norm in the states

No. 2079260

Samefag but I’m not done yet I even stopped talking to the only online friend I had because I became scared of what would happen if she kept getting to know me.

No. 2079261

>get the home of your dreams
They always miss the part where it's all under the shitty moid's name.

No. 2079262

>Woah did you hear all that it sounded like someone was crying
Yeah it was me

No. 2079265

I am 21 years old and I’m questioning if it ever gets better, or if I should just give up or what. Being halfway through the year is really getting to me and I don’t like it. The thoughts that have been pushed to the back of my mind and ignored are now front and center and I’m forced to confront them and I don’t like it.

It doesn’t help that other people around my age (extended family members) seem like they have shit going for them. Nursing school, married, welding job, engaged. One of them is like 20 or so and he’s already got a baby boy. That guy’s a total abusive douchebag and I know I’m definitely not ready to have a kid anytime soon, but I still can’t help but feel a tinge of envy towards these people. They feel like adults, while I still feel like I’m stuck at 18. It doesn’t help that I live like a teenager anyway, considering I still live with my parents, have no relationship experience, don’t have a job, am basically a shut in, and am still in school. Which even if I graduate, it’s probably not going to be on time since my mental health was in the garbage for most of my college career. Only now am I trying to fix things, although it feels like it’s too late. Even then, I still have to figure shit out and get an internship or a job or something, anything, to give me purpose and at least let me look like I have my shit together. I don’t know what to do, maybe 21 is too soon to tell but I genuinely do feel like a failure.

I wish I just had some Jiminy Cricket guy on my shoulder to tell me what to do, how to not fuck up my life and how to be a responsible functioning adult and not be a total disappointment to my parents.

No. 2079270

21 is barely any different to 18, the claim that you are 'stuck at 18' sounds absurd to my 32 year old ears. And being jealous of an abusive 20 yr old moid for having a kid??? Feel sympathy for the mother instead maybe, you're really losing sight of what's important here. That is too young to have a kid for almost anyone let along an abusive male who is likely to ruin 3 lives.

Go get a part time job at a fast food restaurant or something, it doesn't have to be a fancy job. You'll make friends and money and have something to put on your resume.

No. 2079271

File: 1720217560796.gif (191.63 KB, 220x220, 73102103-6052-4A0D-BEF9-4D227F…)

In my 20s I was really into techno, I started collecting vinyl, had decks etc.
Long story short I ended up leaving all my vinyl behind when I moved out of a flat about 11 years ago. By this time I’d not listened to them in a few years and they weren’t popular, so although I was pissed, I let it go.
Well, either it is my insta algorithm or all that stuff is currently in.. I just hope whoever found my treasure chest of vinyl kept them and didn’t use them as quirky decor.
That fish56octagon guy plays a lot of it and he’s currently viral so that could be it.
It would be worth so much money now!

No. 2079273

None of the stuff you're worrying about even remotely matters, like graduating in time or whatever your relatives are doing. Just chill out, calm down, live your life.
>does it ever get better
Absolutely not and you need to accept it as soon as possible if you want to survive

No. 2079278


This. The sooner you stop caring about what other people are doing at the expense of your own life and happiness, the better you'll feel. You'll get there eventually nonny, just stay strong and immerse yourself in as much fun stuff/hobbies as you can while you have youth and free time.

No. 2079279

nonny i know it does not feel like it right now but you’re like 5 minutes into life, i swear things will get better

No. 2079281

Someone I was mutuals with unfollowed me, like I wish I knew which post it was lol

No. 2079286

I mentioned him since he’s extended family and see him around rarely. I avoid him though, he’s awful. The mother I’ve seen maybe twice, and I’ve never talked to her so I she’s basically a stranger to me. I hope she leaves him though, she definitely deserves better. Last I saw him, he was just holding the baby and talking to other extended family members that I don’t really go out of my way to talk to either. He’s an abusive piece of shit and I’m partially relieved that he had a son and not a daughter, though it’s a double edged sword because that means he’s probably going to raise another piece of shit moid. I only brought him and the baby up since I’d like to be a parent and be married too someday, I didn’t mean to sound sympathetic or jealous of him.

No. 2079299

>One of them is like 20 or so and he’s already got a baby boy
That's not an accomplishment

No. 2079307

I was in a worse position at your age, now I'm 27 and roll my eyes at my younger self so hard thinking how I could've ever thought things were "too late" or that I was a "failure" at only 21 years young ffs. It gets better, you're only 21, you're allowed to mess up and you don't have to get from A to B in a straight line. Never mind the fact that your problems honestly aren't that bad.

Don't be jealous of people stuck in marriages or with kids in their early 20s btw, one of the stupidest things you can do is chain yourself down when you're that young and lack basic adult life experience. By time you're 30 many of them will be unhappy behind closed doors or divorced because they were too young to make good decisions about their life partner.

No. 2079320

I'm nearing 35 and none of the people I know who got married in their early to mid 20's had it last. None. All of them got divorced because they grew apart and said that getting married at like 21 was a huge mistake. Anon, go to school, get a generic degree, find an internship and suffer through it, enter a real job and you're set. I was suicidal and ridiculously depressed thorough my college years so if I was able to get all of those things done, you can too.

No. 2079337

File: 1720224152183.jpeg (163.26 KB, 640x640, IMG_1831.jpeg)

i wish for nothing more than to be on disability and have money while still being a mentally ill NEET!! my boyfriend is willing to provide for me while i don’t work to fix my health but i love money way too much. not in a materialistic way, i’ve just grown up kinda poor so i never knew what it was like to have that security. my job makes me miserable and i consider quitting every single day but my boss likes me and she’d be torn if i quit and everyone knows that. i don’t want to fuck anyone over i just want to fix my mental and physical health!!!!!

No. 2079338

I’m a sales lead at a bra store. I got this job specifically to have a work place where there’s no men. I’ve been working there for a few months and yesterday during my shift my manager tells me about a new hire we have, when he comes in it’s a male, a fucking male. I’m thinking in my head: what place does a fucking male have to work at a BRA STORE. The intentions can’t be good. I’m so worried am I being overly paranoid??? I understand we are short staffed but a male in a work place like this cannot have good intentions, there’s 16 & 17 year olds who work here and I’m worried for them. What if he tries pulling shit?? Why even hire a moid for a job like this?? Am I being overly paranoid? I’m so worried, I’m only a sales lead so I can’t do shit, I’m so upset.

No. 2079339

Almost same shit as being a male gyno, kinda weird. He could be a gay man who is interested in fashion or some shit and trying to get a start. That’s really fucking weird though and I feel like most customers that see him are gonna request a woman or leave.

No. 2079340

If I went to a bra store and saw a male employee there I would flee and boycott it.

No. 2079347

your reaction is normal that's really weird. is he gay at least?

No. 2079352

No matter how you split it this is maximum creepy and the manager is a fucking creep too for not questioning why a man wants access to vulnerable underage girls and women. No matter his reasons for taking that job, even if they are good, makes his presence not creepy. Why is he working there? Does he not know or care that his very presence could make the female customers uncomfortable and scared? Is he just doing shelf stocking and being kept off the floor/away from change rooms? I’d turn around and walk out if I saw a man working at a bra shop. There’s no good reason for it, the money can’t be that good and surely it’s not the only job available to him. Even if he’s a stand up guy, him having that position and defending the “normalcy” of his presence in such a position will still serve as cover and embolden other predators. The whole thing is creepy.

No. 2079356

What scares me the most is that he’ll be on the floor, with other women and customers and doing bra fittings. I wish I was in a higher position to do something

Gay or not no man should be in a place targeted towards women for women, gay moids are just as bad as regular moids.

No. 2079380

I just want to fuck someone and get over my ex so bad, but none of these chuckleheads actually come through. They always weasel out of it. I had something lined up for today after work, and I'm like, damn, finally. The 4th fucking guy. And he won't send me his fucking address so I can swoop in, bang him, and then vanish. Like, HELLO. They ask me what's up, if I'm free, if I'm down, and I'm like yes, yes, and yes. SO WHAT IS HAPPENING. OMG I am JUST going to buy a vibe, I swear to GOD. What is wrong with these pathetic losers that they don't want to bang? The red pillers promised me a cock carosel and I haven't even seen a merry-go-round or even a see-saw, what the HELL.

No. 2079387

It's weird. Funny you say that, when i used to work in a clothing store, we would always tease the men whenever they needed to be tasked with tidying the women's underwear section, but typically they were always sent to either homewares or mens clothes. I am imagining what the reaction would have been if they insisted to be on the women's underwear section, nobody would have let that go and he would have been called weird.

No. 2079390

The real good dick is busy every weekend and doesn't respond on apps much. You have to wrest it from other girls and their own male midwit short attention span adhd brains. I suggest the gym and eye fucking some 18-21 year olds (less mileage and more stamina), and making it clear if they don't come over you're blocking them asap.

No. 2079396

Men have no place in a bra shop. I don't give af what their excuse is

No. 2079408

whenever I get sad or angry I use a burner number to send a dick pic to my ex. when he responds "my ex girlfriend has been posting my number online please report whoever told you to send this" or whatever it makes me happy knowing he's thinking of me <3(no emojis)

No. 2079415

as you said it yourself, chances are these people you're working with are not obsessed with group projects and busy doing something else. unless a project is due the next day, it's not surprising at all that they aren't checking on it every day. plus, looking like you aren't contributing will hurt you more than submitting something that they don't like. just do your part and if they don't react to it, it's their problem. lastly, stop thinking that your group partners are better than you. even if they reject/don't like some of your work, it doesn't mean they're right and you're wrong. their idea could very well be shit but they're pushing it anyway. it's the downside of having to work with others. are you judging their work the way you expect them to judge yours? anyway. stay strong nonna just get it done and try to find other things to focus on.

No. 2079418

File: 1720237112049.jpg (44.79 KB, 540x528, 16538e38154522f246_b8f6959b_54…)


No. 2079422

I fucking hate it too, nona

No. 2079460

I thought being with a younger man would be fun but I’m honestly starting to hate it. He’s 21 and I’m 30.
>strict schedule and can only be around at certain times because he NEEDS to work out at the same time everyday
>we never can have sleep overs because of his sleep schedule. So he pretty much does yard work, we fuck and he leaves
>sex is boring
>always 2-3 hours late for everything
>he’s at that age where men are basically in love with their male friends and need their whole life to revolve around them

Yes, he is cute but at this point the only reason I’m still around is because I don’t want to do yard work or physical labor myself. We have already discussed these issues time and time again and then he acts like I’m abusing him and then never changes. After this scrote eventually cheats, I’m done with men. I don’t wanna deal with the uggos my age and I don’t wanna deal with zoomer retards. I’m celibate for life after this.

No. 2079467

File: 1720244840147.jpeg (29.24 KB, 590x386, IMG_0908.jpeg)

it was literally this temp yesterday nonas I’m dyin

No. 2079479

Just binged on my diet cause my family got a fuck ton of sweets for july 4th and from a relative so I'm going to run up and down the stairs to make up for eating 500 calories worth of sweets at 2 am sigh

No. 2079484

aren't you allowed to express concern or surprise even if you're "only a sales lead"? hope the customers will complain..

nta and it's not, but why the fuck would someone call it furry on lc of all places, this term is undeniably associated with male degens at this point

No. 2079490

>doctor lady friend tells me that burn scar tissue is actually more damaging than cut scar tissue
>remembers I used to bum cigarettes up and down my forearms
>so that's why my nerves are hosed

No. 2079495

I've been having a mental health crisis recently after feeling good for a while

No. 2079500

I feel this on a spiritual level nona

No. 2079505

Confirmed. I have an (accidental) burn scar that has managed to survive all kinds of attempt to smooth it out. Large like 13 inch long (also accidental) scar that was thick with like loops and turns has almost completely faded with little effort but one small burn scar hasn't changed at all with intervention

No. 2079562

my fucking brother shat all over the toilet seat again. how hard is it to miss the giant gaping hole in the center? it’s also littered in his pubes like he’s plucking himself. i cannot wait to get out of this place. when i was younger i got diagnosed with ocd because i would hold my pee because i was scared to go into the bathroom because of this sort of thing, but how can it be normal? wouldn’t anyone else do the same if they were faced with a bathroom like this?

No. 2079563

I visited my autistic friend last week and it shocked my how gross her room is. For the record she's high functioning and very sweet. She still lives with her mother. She has a small lap dog who she feeds in her room (iirc it's to prevent a larger family dog from eating it first) the bowl is a mess and there's sloppy dog food all around it on the floor, literally her bedroom floor. I'm not sure if she's really a hoarder, but she has a lot of empty boxes and unsorted things she's bought. I honestly think it's just a lack of energy, she doesn't want to live in a mess but she doesn't have the energy and executive function to clean it up due to the autism so the empty boxes just remain there and slowly pile up.

She gets along great with her mom, but she's meek and often says she doesn't want to bother her mom and make her do even more work. After visiting I'm honestly annoyed with her mom, I know your child is an adult but you KNOW she's an autist who needs help cleaning! And it's her house, she shouldn't let anyone live in a bedroom with wet sloppy dog food all over the floor to begin with. I know my friend, there is literally no way she'd refuse the help if it was offered to her.

She also has 3 adult non-autist siblings living just around the corner. You couldn't arrange it so one person just cleans up the dog food for her? Or help her to feed it outside, or in a different room or something? I'm not saying they should clean up ALL of her messes for her, but if you see something isn't working out that just isn't ok - like living in a bedroom with wet dog food all over it - then why wouldn't you step in? It's not "teaching her to be independent" to make her live in her own mess when she's unable to keep up with cleaning, you have to actually help her find ways to deal with it.

No. 2079575

My bf has to drive hours to see me but I get squirrelly after so much togetherness all weekend. Like I am a lowkey person and a lone wolf a lot of what I do is solo stuff so I feel overwhelmed after a couple days. I woke up today at 5am just for a little alone time and he still came out here 10 minutes later to "see if I was ok" then went back to bed. I just need to be by myself a little. Honestly he talks about moving in together in the future and stuff but I don't know if I want a man up in my shit so much again. It's nice saying goodbye and having the place to myself all week

No. 2079588

tysm nonna, she is the kind of (unwashed) person who likes to collect various health and queer issues to showcase how much of an "oppressed minority" she is, despite being white and from a wealthy family. kek

No. 2079591

scott robinsons how to draw is going to make me kill myself

No. 2079592

I need a hug. Forever. And never let go. And sleep forever in a hug.

No. 2079598

A few weeks ago the stupid moid next door drilled into our wall and today he's gone through our fucking ceiling. I'm getting him evicted, I don't fucking care. How retarded are you that a) you drill through someone else's ceiling, and b) you keep going through said hole until the huge long drill bit comes through and smacks on our floor? He came round afterwards to apologise and said he'd fix it but I told him to fuck off. He can't even drill a hole properly, like I'm letting him anywhere near my flat. I'm a fucking autist so the idea of having to let some actually competent builders in is already stressful enough. It felt good to tell him to fuck off and shout at his stupid grinning little mate but fucks saaaake why do i have to deal with this shit. The only way he's getting his drill bit back is if I shove it up his fucking arse

No. 2079633

My ex keeps texting me and I want to text back and be nice but it's making me feel so low again. He's such a superficial manchild who insults my friends while bitching about his own, I'm going no contact. He's so dramatic you'd think he's a closet fag. I've had enough, I don't deserve any of this shit. I hate that I still feel sympathy for that retard, all he does is drag me down. Sexist piece of shit.

No. 2079644

I feel this nonna… think forever hugs could fix me too, hopefully forever

No. 2079673

This is such a non problem but I wish I had more time for myself. I already spend a lot of time during the weekdays at work slaving away shit I don't like, I'm too tired to really do much after work. Sometimes I also need to help out some stuff at home after and now, somehow my friends come out of the woodwork and make plans to hang out during weekends so I have even lesser time for myself. I'm lucky to have a bunch of normie friends but I just wish I had time and space for alone.

No. 2079678

File: 1720272558922.jpg (121.26 KB, 1280x1024, wp3083008-985373437.jpg)

same here nonnie, i have the same exact nut allergies and i have to carry an epipen at all times. i wish i didnt have to live in complete paranoia and exhaustion, and not being able to do basic things like order food, go out to eat, or go anywhere out in public worrying about what i touch

No. 2079723

>Friend complains I don't text her or tell anything personal
>Text her something personal
>Get voice memo from her and a friend yelling sarcastic you go girl in the mic
And she wonders why I never talk to her, why the fuck is this my only friend. I feel so miserable I have no one thats why I texted her and this is what she does to me, put my misery on display for her friends probably talking shit about me too. What the fuck I thought she wasnt like this.

No. 2079731

I miss my cat so, so much. I haven’t seen her in 7 years but I still miss her and love her and think of her little scent and her face everyday

No. 2079747

Little girl outside throwing a tantrum, crying “I want mommy” over and over. Heard the man with her, presumably her dad, reply things like “yeah, and I want a ferrari” and “cry, cry” in a sarcastic tone. I get that kids can be tiresome, but I still wanted to throw a brick at his head. Console your fucking daughter you insensitive ass, no wonder she wants her mom

No. 2079760

File: 1720280116588.gif (22.42 KB, 220x220, 1000034434.gif)

It's so hot today that my plants were already limp this morning before I could move them from the windowsill, I'm so sad, one of the flowers had finally sprouted and now she's all withered. Fugggg

No. 2079767

I feel like I'm gonna give myself cancer one day just from the amount of resentment I have to hoard.

No. 2079786

I made myself some mint tea with old leftover tea + dried mint i found in my kitchen and now my stomach is wailing and begging for mercy

No. 2079800

Ever since getting diagnosed as autistic/ADHD it's just been a constant bombarding of shitty childhood memories of when others would bully me, except now there's a new context that they bullied me BECAUSE they knew I was slow. Today I remembered a close friend I had in elementary school that gradually drifted away. Towards the end even she turned mean and got a new best friend to hang with while ignoring me. I decided to look her up on Facebook and of course she's married now with a successful career in the medical field while remaining friends with other people we grew up with. It's not fucking fair. Why the fuck did I have to be robbed of a socially adjusted life with this stupid fucking brain? Even as an adult shit still sucks because I became a jaded mistrusting bitch assuming everyone was out to be backhanded and leave just like her, but that's also not the right response. Just fuck man, fuck everything

No. 2079829

You'd think after over twenty years of not speaking the same language as my parents, our communication problems stemming from literally not understanding the other one would be close to zero, but it's actually a weekly occurence.

No. 2079903

File: 1720295743722.jpg (234.44 KB, 1005x553, ClubMarianScreen2.jpg)

I wish there were still any decent MMOs to play around. Sometimes I just get this random urge to chat with randos online (general loneliness/urgent desire for a conversation asap) but going to anonymous 1 on 1 chatrooms just pairs you up with horny moids. I miss the core of an MMO being this "public group chat" in a way.

No. 2079919

He forgot the first hours of my birthday and of course the moment he realised he apologised profusely. We had to go to dinner but we didn’t do it because he was tired. Since then I’m not almost talking to him, not because I’m mad or disappointed or out of spite, I just don’t want to make the effort because it’s useless at this point. Worst part of it? He’s not catching up hahahahaha, I thought he would notice that I’m only talking maybe 15% of what I usually do but of course he didn’t! This was the signal I needed at this point, I assure you I don’t even want to cry about it, it’s not worth it.

No. 2079936

My best friend wants to become a famous writer, but keeps getting rejected or ghosted by agents and publishers. She wants her story to become a TV show and after having tried several times she's now become incredibly bitter and sad. She hardly writes anymore and always has a negative cloud hanging over her head, talking about how unfair the system is and how no one gives her a chance. I feel sympathy for her, but I miss who she used to be when she was just goofing around and being creative for herself and for the fun of it. We used to hang out and talk almost every weekend and chat constantly online, but now her negativity makes me not want to see her. I feel like she's not interested in me anyway, she acts cold and sometimes even bothered by ne talking to her, because all she cares about is making this one dream come true and nothing else matters to her, especially not her friends.

No. 2080005

Sometimes someone can be so painfully tunnel-visioned and can’t really see the things around them and how they’re affecting other people. Have you tried talking to her about this and how it makes you feel? Also, have you ever suggested she put her story on Wattpad? Plenty of stories have become real books on there and she can probably get more feedback.

No. 2080018

Thanks for the reply! I've talked to her sometimes and she's been apologetic, but forgets herself soon after. She's really stuck in this spiral, so I hope she eventually finds some sort of solace before she starts ignoring everyone in her life over this. I've asked her to post her story online, but she doesn't want to because it would cheapen her work according to her. Plus getting it approved and published through a real publisher would be the only way to prove that she's actually talented, which is probably why she takes the rejections so personally. Might try to use your wattpad idea, though, it's a nice argument for sure!

No. 2080044

I’m so stressed and scared it’s to the point where it feels like I’m floating out of my body. Why can’t my heart just stop beating

No. 2080066

I keep having these obsessive intrusive thoughts about someone and it is killing me. It makes my heart race and I feel shaky and awful. I'm going to have a heart attack and I can barely function.

And to make matters worse it is hideously hot.

No. 2080092

I don’t undersrand why people say Andrew Tate and adjacent influencers are impacting young zoomer men, I feel like they have a much bigger grip on millenial men. Like why do I see so many 30 somethings, many of them fat, no hobbies other than watch TV and scroll social media. The manosphere equivalent as the millenial moids who have no hobbies other than watch marvel movie and scroll reddit. At least zoomer coomers are into drawing and reading or something

No. 2080134

I uploaded a story that said "I love being alive and pampering myself"
And in the next 2 seconds someone replied with "I hate that I'm alive and I hate that I get psychotic breaks"… OK? Thank you for telling me I guess…
(I always try to be a good friend and listen to all of their vents but shit, they're so much economically advantaged than I am and all their problems are starting to sound first world tier shit)
I've been recovering from mental problems as well (pretty ugly self harm) but after all of that I'm finally in a good place with family and friend support… Maybe I am overreacting?

No. 2080156

File: 1720319560930.jpeg (72.79 KB, 650x925, IMG_5699.jpeg)

why the fuck aren’t there any good nsfw bl games. dmmd and nucarnival are ugly as hell.

No. 2080161

my friend constantly 24/7 talks about her various mental illnesses and addictions and how everything and all her problems lead back to them which is exhausting. she is always complaining about something, about having no money, but refusing to work more hours, fucking random men but complaining about loneliness. it gets exhausting, rarely does she ever say anything positive.

No. 2080162

>get obsessed with someone in my age bracket online
>they've achieved way more than i have
>got a good job at 21 rather than 24, have their own apartment (if not a house outright), etc.
>end up spending an hour just digging through their socials
>mind kicks in
>"what country is this"
>never is it america
that always makes me feel better but i'm also bitter about having been born here. normally it's some euro/asian country btw, in one case it was in africa but she was eagerly moving to the uk

No. 2080164

this is why I prefer befriending stacies, they are actually uplifting and have enough social tact not to heave shit on you randomly. you will usually rise to the level of those around you, and it seems like you need better friends.

No. 2080211

New rule that should've already been a rule: If you're any sort of alt as a woman you cannot be a misogynist. If you have finger tattoos I better not see you spouting anti abortion rhetoric. If you have a septum ring I don't want to hear a damn thing about male suicide rates unless you're trying to raise them.
Wtf even is that? I am so sick of interacting with cute alt girls and just hearing the most vile woman hating garbage spew out of their mouths.

No. 2080215

I find myself getting nauseous so easily these days (I'm having digestive/gas problems) and it makes it hard for me to stomach a lot of smells. Ketchup is a really bad one for me, but a more common problem is sweet and fruity smells which SUCKS for me because im someone who enjoys gourmand and fruit scents. I haven't even been able to light up the ol' wax warmer cause all of my wax melts are sweet, food or fruity smells. Not to mention, the nausea makes it harder for me to eat. It literally feels like I'm pregnant.

No. 2080232

Samefag (can't delete and repost), I think the digestive problems are also giving me acid reflux, ugh.

No. 2080251

File: 1720329515457.jpg (9.17 KB, 194x259, images (2).jpg)

I hate how Sailor Moon finally got a new artbook, but instead of just reprinting the old art as is, we got a hot fucking mess of 700 illustrations squished onto 200 pages. It looks worse than those Chinese pirate artbook magazines.

No. 2080254

ED trigger; this video makes me wanna starve(integrate)

No. 2080297

I remember when I thought the new place I moved into was finally somewhere quiet. I got asshole neighbors that laugh really loud and have loud sex past midnight here too. Fml. I hate houses and the idea of living in one but are they really the only option for getting complete quiet for someone misophonic? That can't be right though because I used to live in one with my family and one was a raging schizo screaming into the night on one side of it and the other was a kid that suddenly started a band in his garage. And I've tried pretty much everything else from white noise to headphones. Apparently nothing helps me sleep other than pure, unadulterated quiet where I'm 500 miles away from the nearest human. I can't emphasize enough how much this tortures me. It's to the point I unironically wish I was deaf (Except these assholes shake my bed too so I have to feel that shit too.)

No. 2080308

just get some earplugs to sleep in. you can't hear anything that way. and you're right about the house thing, unless you're out in the country then your days are filled with the noise of lawn mowers and/or children screaming.

No. 2080316

i hate when they do this. I own jc leyendecker's artbook and they mesh 10 illustrations on a single page and normally give full pages to his ugliest paintings. How dissapointing.

No. 2080319

I've tried that too but I'm a side sleeper that constantly tosses and turns so they always fall out of my ears.

No. 2080348

Also wearing earplugs every night is not good for your ears.

No. 2080352

Gonna cultivate some mushrooms in there

No. 2080360

iatyart but I've tried white noise for years too and it's weird so many people say it helps them because I find it almost just as bad. It does usually drown out my neighbors, which is great, but now having to fall asleep to what feels like you're inside an airplane or have a bunch of loud TV static on feels impossible too. It's very distracting and annoying in and of itself. Tried other variations like pink and brown noise, and it still bothers me. Haven't heard of other people having this problem and everyone seems to swear by it helping, so maybe I'm just the world's most noise-sensitive person or something.

No. 2080363

File: 1720337475510.gif (705.21 KB, 667x500, 1000034579.gif)

It got so stuffy and hot in my room I woke up having a panic attack because I CANT FUCKING BREATHE. And it hasn't even reached 100 degrees yet, but it will be 100+ for the next two days, I'm gonna fuckinh die

No. 2080365

Where do you live that sounds like hell

No. 2080423

FiL always gets me unreasonably annoyed, like he gets on my nerves. He's always nice and does favors for us like giving us car rides, helping to move stuff etc so I can't ever express my irritation at his annoying way of speaking/reasoning unless i wanna be seen as a huge asshole. He has this stereotypically spineless, meek autistic moid type of personality, says 'damn' every other sentence for no reason like a middle schooler who's trying out "bad" words, tries to solve things in the least practical weird way every time like he just makes shit up and I have to gently steer things away from idiocy without raging. But he's nice so I can't flip out.

No. 2080493

Everyone talks about glow ups and no one seems to mention glow downs. Imagine being a cute kid who gets compliments from everyone and everyone has a crush on them and then turning into an ugly woman as an adult. Seems hard to believe? Well that's my fucking life, my bone structure may have worked as a 10 yr old but it looks terrible now and no one even looks at me. And my body never developed after 12, I never got tits and ass. Meanwhile I have friends who looked average when they were kids and now they're absolutely stunning goddesses. I think people don't realize how heartwrenching it is to literally peak in elementary school and end up looking like a weirdly developed grownup

No. 2080494

A girl asked me on a date but she said she wants to go swimming. I don't want to say no but I like to get dressed up and wear makeup on first dates and swimming when I don't know you yet is just not my vibe.

No. 2080514

I hate that I'm not affected by caffeine or sugar. If I'm really tired there is literally nothing I can do about it, like nothing can give me an extra kick so I can at least be somewhat temporarily productive.

No. 2080526

I knew the company I hired into at the beginning of the year had a reputation for being "cult-ish" but JFC I wish I knew how fucking insane a huge chunk of employees were. The company is just for-profit… it's the low-ranking employees that give it a cult reputation. They think they know everything but they don't know shit beyond their and other minimum wage jobs.

No. 2080532


No. 2080540

File: 1720358908329.jpg (12.76 KB, 228x275, bait used to be believable els…)


No. 2080542

You sure it was a girl who asked you that nonnie? Usually that's a guy trick to see you without makeup to judge how pretty you are.

No. 2080575

I have come to "understand" or at least have less hatred for FTM's. I am not trans. I never want to be a man, I love being a woman. I just want to be free in the way that a man is allowed to be. I am trying to free myself from femininity but does that mean I have to turn to masculinity? I don't know how to explain how I feel or why these feelings have appeared out of nowhere. I keep telling myself I will never let myself troon out, I mean logically I could never wish to be a disgusting moid, but I can't help but feel jealous of they way they can just exist and aren't stifled the way women are.

No. 2080577

File: 1720363099911.jpg (68.96 KB, 490x700, 1000014893.jpg)

I confronted my Nmom with the fact that she abused me. I was so nervous but of course it was pointless. She claimed that she was shocked and told me that she will 'ask her friends to confirm if she's ever been abusive'. Then she immediately switched narratives and asked me if I considered that the 'abuse' I'm talking about was actually just the fact that she was a single mother, which was HARD.

I came home crying. A part of me still wants to be cared by her and validated by her. But it's all futile. She spun this narrative of me being a selfish, careless, disobedient daughter and her being a martyr who tried her all to raise me to be a normal human, but alas she failed. She also cited me as the reason for her illnesses (due to the stress I caused her). I'm still crying. The whole thing feels so fucking unfair. She raised me to be a nervous, socially anxious mess who is unable to make friends but since she built the image of the popular, loving mother, everyone near her believes her story of the selfless mother who was unfortunately cursed with a weird daughter.

I feel like my life still revolves around her and I often find myself wasting time with pointless fantasies of her validating my feelings or admitting that I'm not worthless after all. And this is after literal decades of therapy and attempts at self-improvement. I just literally don't know how to move on

No. 2080581

majority of tifs are just nlogs or wanting to live the yaoi fantasy, they aren’t having these deep thoughts. masculinity and femininity are bullshit ideas that are only good for aesthetics, do what you want and don’t think on them. don’t obsess over acting masc or femme. literally just don’t be a dumbass and live your life

No. 2080582

I keep waking up feeling like I can't breath. I'm not overweight so not sure what that's all about, but it's scary. I woke up from a dream feeling like i was suffocating, and now I'm trying to catch my breath even a few minutes after

try second life, not a joke

No. 2080583

File: 1720363832671.jpg (33.15 KB, 360x360, 1714541844041.jpg)

Men are just all the same.
>fall into meme of caring about a man after his insistence about wanting a relationship
>guy toy out of state when I am in his city for business, so it makes matters less lonely for me
>doesn't act like a pig to me, good fuck … that's about it
>don't get sucked in too deep, don't announce a new relationship, had a feeling
>his room is messy, his employment is so-so, his car just broke
>seems to like me for the fancy dinners I take us to on my company's dime
>ask him what he likes about me, he talks up big what we have in common but notice he does not say a lot about my looks which bothers me cause I am way out of his league
>he sleeps in today
>I check his browser history
>two days before I got here he watched porn and chaturbates of le thin women big implant tiddy trope
>you know, everything I'm not
>he wakes up, slightly apanic that I am at his desktop but plays it cool
>I lie and say I am looking for a game to play
>he swiftly sets me up with a game to play while he goes to cook breakfast
Idk fam, a few days of porn out of a month when I am not here I guess is not so extreme but it spoils it for me knowing I'm not who they'd pick if they had the options.

No. 2080586

> Chaturbate
What, like actually talking to the porn stars? That's over the line imo.

No. 2080587

sleep apnea. do a sleep study and fix this

No. 2080594

I sympathize.
I have never been fully attractive to any of my partners, so I just fetishize it. I'm the creepy ogre taking advantage of them.

No. 2080598

i thought only overweight people get sleep apnea though?

No. 2080602

a quick google says that's wrong and is full of people asking "I have sleep apnea, but I'm skinny. why?" it seems like a minority of sleep apnea sufferers have "central sleep apnea" as opposed to "obstructive sleep apnea" which is caused by being overweight. either way, though, if you can do a sleep study, they can probably help you figure out what's going on.

No. 2080604

i guess i got a doctor appointment to make tomorrow. thanks nona

No. 2080635

This, take advantage. 90% of moids would choose a porn star/famous e-girl/influencer over their girlfriend any day but realistically they have no chance with them so use this as an opportunity to treat them like your toy

No. 2080680

Fucking gross. Don't cope and cover for him. What does this guy do that benefits you in your relationship? Make you feel less "lonely"? Get a pet and friends for companionship because this guy is just another loser using you for meals and a quick fuck.

No. 2080694

If she really is a narcissist then she will never admit to treating anybody poorly. They always prattle on and on about whatever makes them look good and everyone believes it. Even people who are trapped in the abuse cycle believe it. She's got you under her thumb and you have to break away.

It's so fucking hard though. I completely understand what it's like to crave love and validation from a mother who is incapable of giving those things. Honestly, I could've written your post. It's awful being raised by someone like that and nobody fucking understands. If you've tried and tried and tried with her and she's still being a piece of shit, then unfortunately it's time to cut her off. Maybe not all the way at first: look up low contact first. You need to separate yourself from her manipulation and grow by yourself. This involves kind of "re-parenting" yourself too. Give yourself the love and nurturing you didn't get from her. I know not everyone can just up and move out but if you live with her please try to make a plan to leave. Run for the hills, try to heal and grow, and do not come back. I believe in you nona.

No. 2080787

My mother is a narcissist and I agree with >>2080694. They will never change. The only effective thing you can do against a narcissist is create physical and mental distance from them i.e. moving out. Possibly never speaking to them again but that may be pretty difficult if you are already pretty isolated like I am. I moved out but I still spend the night at her place and call because I have a grand total of 0 friends and no relationship, and she is the only person that remotely cares about me even if in a twisted way. There's still alot of remaining codependency. Still better than being under the same roof any day though, of course.

No. 2080800

File: 1720374812047.jpg (161.38 KB, 1200x872, i'm_like_a_birch.jpg)

Wish we could just piss our period out in a single sitting instead of having to wait for it trickling out like some chunky birch sap.

No. 2080806

>fireworks are american

No. 2080819

No. 2080825

Decidual cast

No. 2080828

I just had a dental cleaning last month and I started having some sensitivity and now I think I have a cavity since i see at least staining (if that isn't a cavity). I'm so bummed. Is it really possible for a cavity to pop up in a month? Did my dentist just not catch it? I'm uninsured for dental (USAfag) unfortunately.

No. 2080851

Dont judge me, I know its bad
This started during the pandemic internet brainrot part, I was too online

I want to be famous, I want to be good and great and someone. For good reasons of course.

Again, dont judge me,I KNOW its bad
The chance I actually become fanous is small so Ive done "things" online, nsfw stuff. I havent shown my face that much really
I am just worried it will haunt me if I ever become famous. The kind of things Ive done are bad, and yes there is photo evidence, videos, that was the whole point
I WASNT thinking
The moids that have those, some dont have them anymore I think, Im stupid, I did it again today. Trust me that you would never take someone seriously if you knew what im talking about

What do I do? I think its fun, what I do I mean, im fucked up or whatever but i like it, I just dont know what to give up
I dont know if its too late given whats already out there so might as well stop trying to be famous and do whatever(unintegrated posting style)

No. 2080852

File: 1720377713889.jpg (9.54 KB, 480x360, moreyouknow.jpg)

Nowhere did they say that. You're probably retarded so I'll just tell you: They're talking about fireworks and america in the same post because it was just Independence Day / 4th of July in the USA and everyone had been blasting off fireworks for a week, tons of vendors and shops selling fireworks everywhere, people literally set them off in the day for fun around this holiday.

No. 2080855

I’m so depressed I don’t feel hunger and can’t bring myself to make anything to eat. I haven’t eaten anything at all today and I don’t feel hungry at all. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in bed most of the weekend so my body doesn’t need to replace any energy.
There is no way to fix my depression and there is nothing I could do to make it better because I’m depressed about inherent traits of myself that make me incompatible with society and happiness.

No. 2080864

I have tens of thousands of followers on social media for my art and have a discord server with around 1k users in it. I'm pretty sure my ex mod just groomed a minor in there. Like 99% certain. Idk what to fucking do or if I even can do anything. I started to suspect something was up towards the end of his tenure but didn't wanna start slinging around accusations if I was wrong, but then he left and him and the kid kept hanging out, and now they're matching icons pretty much everywhere. After he left and they still hung out, I immediately messaged the kid and tried to tell her it was really inappropriate for them to keep hanging out and I'm here if she needed help but she didn't respond to me and that was a few weeks ago. I never expected something like that to happen in my server, I just feel so dumbstruck. I feel like I've done all I can, he's not in the server anymore and she won't respond to me, I'm not a cop nor am I her parents and they live on an entirely different continent which they're probably using to justify their age gap (15 to mid 20s). I just hope they don't try to make it all out to be my fault later when she eventually realizes what happened to her and justifiably feels angry. I was in the process of moving when she started being active in my server so I had no internet and only noticed when it was too late. If any of you are in similar positions, this is your divine message to put more effort into vetting your mods than me. This shit feels so gross.

No. 2080868

Main water line is leaking and it's oven level hot outside. Fuck everything.

No. 2080874

File: 1720380039698.jpg (51.19 KB, 717x717, 1644768350852.jpg)

Update, I just submitted a ticket to discord support. 15 is the AoC in her country and 16 in his, I'm not sure what can really be done, but I tried. I really did.

No. 2080883

You made the mistake of choosing a moid as a mod. They already have groomer stereotypes to them. You did what you could, so don't be too harsh on yourself.

No. 2080892

I feel like you might want to screenshot/archive everything you can that relates to this (your server's logs and chats with both of them) It sucks ass but when a man does something fucked up, the blame always seems to shift to the nearest woman. Especially if you're a popular artist, there's a lot of envious people out there. For what it's worth, you did more than was expected, and it's definitely not your fault

No. 2080932

this is why you don't involve moids on your projects. if I had control over anything only women would get hired by me.

No. 2080965

The person I was riding home with kinda snapped at me and for some reason it just killed my mood. Normally I'm like a duck and things just roll off me but Idk. Made me feel tired and sad and just want to crawl under the blankets and go to sleep. I miss my mom and dad. I miss my grandmas. At least I'm home I guess

No. 2080997

I asked a friend to watch my cat for me while I was out of town for work for a few days. He offered to do it but then completely forgot about it and kept trying to flake out of it. This is after I loaned him money for gas and groceries several times, gave him rides, and listened to him bitch for hours about his deadbeat girlfriend. I would’ve paid him and all he had to do was show up, feed the cat, and give her love. Now I have to front the cost to a pet friendly hotel with money that I don’t have. Lesson learned I guess. Fuck moids.

No. 2081009

>summerfags be like
Only two-three months until you Reddit spacing fags are gone

No. 2081010

I hate summerfags so much, it's unreal. All they have to do is lurk and learn to integrate and they refuse.

No. 2081012

just leave a bunch of food and water out, and then leave a toilet open for good measure. cats are very independent. you're cat will be fine, it'd probably be even happier if you were gone

No. 2081024

We get it, you never had a pet.

No. 2081028

File: 1720388823017.jpg (1.09 MB, 1667x2048, woe.jpg)

well nonnas, I think I just saw a brown recluse spider on my closes and I'm horrified. not really sure what to do tbh.

No. 2081037

Not the one seething about fireworks going off once a year. Objectively not retarded, and additionally, unbothered.

No. 2081042

ayrt, she has bad separation anxiety so I can’t. I work 12-14 hour days and she struggles with those. I’m just upset at myself for bending over backwards for a one-sided friendship

No. 2081045

Ok? I genuinely don't think you knew why she was talking about fireworks and america at the same time.

No. 2081046

sometimes i wonder if i may have bpd but then i realize all the times ive been left and abandoned and eventually recover and forgive and it’s never ruined my life like it would a bpd person, i just have insane martyr mentality and feel the need to constantly sacrifice myself and constantly be seen as a good person/liked

No. 2081049

File: 1720390667198.jpg (2.31 MB, 2340x4160, SALT SALT RAKES HO SCYTHES.jpg)

fucking jobless stoner upstairs keeps the television on at a volume where the conversations are unintelligible but the music rattles my goddamned ceiling and skull all fucking day because she's looooonely… because her pet penis is off at his security guard gig. some of us have the weekends to ourselves and are okay being alone without constant fucking noise, brenda. some of us wanted to have a nice quiet Sunday. SOME of us really don't appreciate that you're doing this shit AND have set the smoke alarm in the hallway off twice today with your fucking eyesearing dank ditch kush, you fucking dipshit!

No. 2081060

File: 1720392061220.jpg (53.82 KB, 735x767, 1000002784.jpg)

damnit its hard to give a quiet person the silent treatment!

No. 2081079

File: 1720394034274.jpg (6.77 KB, 170x173, 1718642810337.jpg)

>don't go on dates
>feel like a freak

get depressed

>go on dating apps

>all hideous moids or gross fuckboys
>go on dates anyway
>it sucks

get depressed

It's an inescapable loop but possibly only solved by accepting my fate of dying alone, which i cannot

No. 2081084

Was at a concert on Friday with a few coworkers and I won't be going out with boomers ever again. It was late and 100s of us were all walking to the train station and then one of my coworkers just starts ranting and raving and refusing to leave and she's like late 50s. A few others lived in town and the rest had rides so me and a male coworker said we'd make sure she gets the train. We're nearly there and she starts wailing about her deceased husband and refusing to board the train I just wanted to go home and it was the last train so I was trying my best and the dude was over it and walked off. Next thing this other women late 40s, starts grabbing me and telling me to listen to her and I was like who are you I didn't know if she knew the coworker but they didn't. This random had a tight grip on my arm and i just wanted to go home so I kept asking her to go away and she was just so drunk and mental I was also drunk so what I did next probably wasn't smart. I yelled to the guy we were with who was smoking and watching to help and I may have called the random woman a fat bitch. Well next thing she tried to pull me to the floor and grabbed the hood of my hoody. My phone tumbles out of my bag and my glasses. I'm now bent over and my wrist is still not being let go and now my hood. I manage to secure my phone and glasses into my bag with my free hand, there is now another man and a transport worker trying to get the fat bitch off, I'm being choked and finally I reach with my hand into this ratty bitch's hair, twist it around get a nice taut grip and yank that shit right out of her fat head and sprint I mean sprint to the train. Monday will be interesting

No. 2081216

File: 1720403068992.png (1.04 MB, 989x1000, 71Biheh0J9L._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

Ugh, I just noticed I meant I'm >>2080319, not >>2080348. My bad. Anyway, I did order these cute ANBOW ear plugs I found because I'm desperate. My neighbor screams and laughs like an insane person (Which is what I think every person that laughs and screams that loud is). I hate people here so fucking much its unreal. Here's to hoping these actually fit this time. The reviews seem pretty good, at least.

No. 2081224

Same. I always wondered when the caffeine would "hit" and I would be awake but whenever I drink something like coffee, I'm still sleepy.

No. 2081225

i've had plenty, and they've all been self sufficient enough to be home alone for days at a time. it's a cat, not a child, retard.
pets personalities are a reflection of our own, maybe if you didnt coddle your cat so much, it wouldn't have that anxiety.

No. 2081226

File: 1720403757662.jpg (225.4 KB, 1440x1800, 1000004822.jpg)

> be me, asleep
> I almost never have wet dreams
> suddenly this one time I dream that I meet an extremely hot and interested woman
> we flirt
> "say anon, if you meet me at this specific door in 10 minutes we can take this further"
> ohyes.jpeg
> 10 minutes pass
> venture out into the complex-type building my brain has conjured up to sweep my waifu off her feet
> think
> get no action
> wake up absolutely malding

No. 2081240

save me, nonas. i can't stop throwing up from anxiety. i am crying again. it's been a whole year of this

No. 2081241

kek nonnie no that's absolutely tragic

No. 2081243

What are you anxious about, nonnie? It may not help but this video always helped me when I was having terrible anxiety. Please feel better soon.

No. 2081315

If you know better you should do better is such simple yet difficult advice to follow.

No. 2081399

File: 1720410473144.png (266.36 KB, 918x589, 1720044282657.png)

I can't fucking take it anymore, my lower back hurts so much that I got roughly 1.5 hours of actual sleep. Didn't matter what position I was in, it still hurt so much.
I want a 2 week medical leave but of fucking course I won't be allowed to do so for bullshit reasons. At this point I need horse tranquilizer or something.

No. 2081403

a bunch of years ago, i was almost carjacked in front of my house. it was street parking, 10 feet from my bedroom window. i never get in the car and wait to drive off, but my friend was having an emergency and calling me. i had seen a strange woman sitting on a power box nearby in a way that gave off weird vibes, so i had my suspicions up, so i didn't relax while quickly dealing with my phone. some random urge said to look up at the rearview mirror and i saw a man crouched against the driver's side door of the car parked behind mine, in the street, looking like he was holding something and like he was trying to avoid being seen. he saw me notice him and bolted for my car, but i already had it on and slammed on the gas too quickly. the lock on the back door behind me was broken, so he would have gotten in. this happened almost 10 years ago now and i still can't relax when sitting in a parked car. i was lucky to escape unharmed, but i don't think the trauma will ever leave me.

No. 2081414

Recently, I have been really starting to process and understand how traumatizing middle school was for me. I was relentlessly bullied by the teachers. They would purposely grade my papers incorrectly to fail me, accuse me of things I did not do, gossip about me and make me cry. I was a very unhappy kid with issues at home and for whatever reason, this urged them to pick on me. I never told my parents about it because I never felt like they would care. I'm a grown woman now and I cry for my younger self. I do not understand why a grown adult would feel the need to bully a small child. Wherever those teachers are, I hope they are suffering

No. 2081417

i hate muslim men so much and idgaf when they're killed

No. 2081422

My biggest gripe about being interested in styling clothing is the fact that if I were to find outfit inspiration online or anything, I have this need to consoom. Worst case is actually having an outfit I like but then realize I probably wouldn't even walk out with it in public in the first place. What was all that for?

No. 2081431

I'm sorry that happened to you. I truly despise adults who want to ruin someone's childhood, especially from a position of authority. I hope those teachers barely get paid.

No. 2081433

I'm sorry, nonna. Similar shit has happened to me, too. Some people seem to become teachers just to have power over someone weaker. I hope those people break their ankles.

No. 2081494

Thanks for your comments. It's just so hard afterwards, I keep replaying our conversation in our head and I just literally can not sleep. I keep imagining scenarios where I make her understand that her behavior HURT me and she finally understands, apologizes and changes. Or scenarios where I accomplish domething outstanding and she'll finally love me. But it's all pointless. It just sucks because meeting her or talking to her even for a few minutes guarantees that I'll be feeling miserable for weeks after

No. 2081509

Humans are so dumb yyy. I only care about the big picture, it's not that complicated, human have a cunt and dick they are not that sophisticated as all the studies dressed in smart words about them say. I don't need studies I have an autistic pattern perceiving mind.

No. 2081512

I hate how everybody expects victims of abuse to be the perfect victim. If you're not perfect and you made any mistakes at all, now all of a sudden you're just as bad as the abuser. Its like people forget that victims are human too. God forbid you're aggressive ever, or if you delude yourself and think they may treat you better. God forbid you ever cut them off. God forbid you ever give them a taste of their own medicine.

No. 2081515

fucking mood

No. 2081517

Dude I am crushing on is ultimately a gross coomer dont care still gonna fuck around, he’s fun and makes me cum so hard and ngl I’m a bit degen too I was floored when he told me he usually just cums in his sheets after he jacks it!? Thought he was joking at first, but no. He really thought that was just nothing but a thing.
>”I washed the sheets before you came over!”
Tbf he did, with specific soap that I’m not allergic to, but cmon man get some Kleenex or hankies and jizz in those or a sock or something not your sheets. And then later he told me he’ll wear a pair of contact lenses for 2 weeks. Why are scrotes all so gross? and why will I still fuck gross moids To be fair other than that he is personally hygienic and has never been smelly or anything.

No. 2081528

The kind of posts cia would write to troll someone like me

No. 2081529

File: 1720423041001.jpg (10.67 KB, 275x240, 1000007217.jpg)

I'm short but my body isn't petite. It's just very proportional for my height. In saying that I'm also not overweight, and I've been working out a good bit and I've slimmed down a few pounds as well. I was in some group photos recently and I look fucking massive. One of my friends is genuinely a bigger and taller girl. We look nearly the same size in the photo. Why the fuck do I always look terrible in candids?? It's fucking with my dysmorphia because I know I'm doing well for myself. Am I bad at posing? I can't smile? Nothing looks good. I feel like specifically iphones make me look like shit, I'm not sure if it really is focal length or me aaaaahhhh

No. 2081531

Ayrt and Nonnie I also fear the cia is after me in an only half kidding way

No. 2081535

kek I had the opposite, my mother is an obsessive declutterer. She would throw out everything, important documents (my immunization record for one), clothes, food, just anything. Probably 100x better than a hoarder though

No. 2081550

I opened the thread to complain about the same thing, nonna (though I'm slightly tall). My face just looks massive in pictures. I have a round face but it doesn't look as incredibly large IRL, and I know for a fact I've lost weight and my face slimmed, too. I always get shocked by my pictures because I look like fucking Chris chan, massive cheeks, retarded smile, cryptid pose. I'm getting married next month and it sucks to know I'll hate the pictures.

No. 2081553

I feel the same. Most of the time I think the iphone camera just fucks with the lighting compared to in real life and the focal length makes it your face look narrower. For me I honestly think it's a combination of me and my iphone. I only mention about me being partially why I don't think I look good is because I feel like I basically only look good in front of the mirror at home but then whenever I go out and see my reflection I feel ugly as shit.

No. 2081559

I hate the sun so fucking much please go away leave me alone

No. 2081560

i have the same problem except it's not even just phones but professionally taken photos and photo IDs too, they all make my face look 200 pounds despite being skinny irl. i think all cameras are broken by default tbh

No. 2081566

I need to get out and make friends because the only people I socialize with being illiterate actually retarded fucks on this site is smoothing out my brain

No. 2081587

5th time I fail my driving license test, I think I'm just too retarded. It took me 10 years to graduate college and I'm unemployed rn and I can't even manage to do something that millions of 14 year old American children can do every day. Feel like taking myself out at this point because my existence is just an embarrassment

No. 2081629

File: 1720434705215.gif (1.73 MB, 498x278, tumblr_139559abf3182683ca0bfcf…)

I want to be able to live for myself but I don't even know how to. I have a STEM degree, I work full-time, I go to the gym and eat well, present myself well, am frugal with my money and don't have "toxic" vices but I don't value any of it. I feel like I live a very miserable and soulless existence trying to meet the expectations of a well-adjusted person. Before getting my shit together, I was a NEET and I enjoyed it but also used to have severe anxiety attacks daily because I was so worried about the financial instability. If I went back to NEETing it would be self-sabotage of the highest degree, but at the same time, the way I live now is only serving my employer, my family, and society at large. Maybe I should just get an iron infusion

No. 2081642

Stop getting drunk and trying to contact me you absolute fucking retard, I don’t want anything to do with your disgusting, alcoholic, manipulative, self involved, shrieking narcissistic self.

The best thing was that money not going through, hope you stared at the email stating it didn’t go through and felt shame boil up inside, and you reached for the bottle again.

I will never open that door ever again and I hope you fucking die behind it.

No. 2081677

5th attempt failure here too, I gave up a couple years ago, you have all my support anon, don't let it define you, work towards smaller goals that make you feel accomplished and happy, I'm going for my motorcycle's license because there is no ''exam'' in my country, only a controled driving exercise, once I get that license and spend a couple of years getting road experience I'll try the car license again, I've been said this helps a lot and I hope you're in a country where this is a possibility you can consider

No. 2081687

Maybe your life just lacks a little spice right now. Maybe you could do something a little crazy once in a while to shake things up

No. 2081740

Ngl you sound insufferable as fuck. Most people don’t care or give a shit about politics and you autists are incapable of playing the social game which is why you get invited and ostracized from your friends and family. It’s possible to find outlets for your beliefs without destroying your friendships and chances of meeting new people, like at parties. Using lolcow.farm in repeat episodes is like a slow rotting disease that creeps up out of you when it needs to be transmitted to another person irl, it’s necrotic and deadly and looks for other people as its host. Don’t let pseudo intellectualism and tumblrfag smarminess ruin a good time, it’s a negative cost to try to “save” people who don’t want to be saved, you just look like a loser trying to do this with normal people, just don’t. You also seem equally weird as these people if you constantly befriending trannies and gendies, this applies to every anon I keep seeing who complains about their friends being mentally deranged alphabet mafia members and it really starts to say something about you rather than the people you’re complaining about. You can get better friends

No. 2081750

Discussing poly relationships is hardly political. Its calling out retards for being retarded and now the girl is upset because her gay boyfriend probably over stepped the alteady extremely lenient boundaries and now she doesn't want to be confronted with someone who won't have sympathy

No. 2081757

Everything is political

No. 2081758

I think people are so increasingly snowflakey lately. Nobody can handle actual discussion or debate irl. They all pretend like they're super open-minded as long as you're 'respectful' but then when you challenge them too much on one of their beliefs they instantly subconsciously go on the defensive. I think it's just human nature made worse by internet hug boxes as of late. Literally no one can handle honest conversation with opposing viewpoints anymore. It's honestly sad.

No. 2081768

File: 1720446664984.jpg (19.76 KB, 474x481, OIP (17).jpg)

my 7yr old phone is finally dying and im pissed i have to buy one of those quick degrading phones now

No. 2081774

you can always hunt down an older model second hand if you're not concerned about software updates

No. 2081775

Calm down, retard. Nona is literally the normal one in this situation, if anything I think she should be thankful the trash took out itself. If anything it's the poly clowns who are socially ostracizing themselves by cultivating a community of handmaidens who can't look them straight in the eye and call their degenerate lifestyle for what it is.

No. 2081791

autist x autist is truly an unfortunate combination. i'm doomed to a life of virgin hikkineetness

No. 2081798

There’s nothing degrading about cute flip phones, they’re coming back in style

No. 2081799

Ofc she’ll just attack the woman and not the moid. It’s all about another woman wanting to feel superior to another woman and not really caring about the actual wellbeing of that person. I have to spell this out to spergs who can’t pick up on social cues that maybe, just maybe, people don’t want to be yapped too about stupid shit during a party. Nobody wants to be confronted during a fucking party and it’s inappropriate, you people would be horrible to befriend kek

No. 2081805

NTA but if someone doesn't want to talk about something, they could literally just say so. If someone keeps a discussion going, like I assumed they did with anon, only later to reveal they were secretly offended all along, they're a retard. Conversation is a two way street and they could at any point in time just tell anon they don't want to discuss polyamory or just refuse to engage.

No. 2081807

She doesn’t want to talk about it and doesn’t have to give her a heads up, just assume they don’t want to talk about it and let it go. You can’t save everyone

No. 2081809

I got a ticket from the security guards that they'll tow my car if it's not moved in 24 hours, is this because I'm so autistic about parking in the same spot every day? It said employees may disregard but I'm still scared the assholes will tow me, I just got everything fixed man leave me alone.

No. 2081813

Start taking a photo everyday when you park; show the time stamps

No. 2081818

I think I'm just gonna have to park in a different spot every day now, and I'll leave a note on my car saying I work there. Fuck all scrotes, fuck the security guys, and fuck the homeless tweaker scrotes and the ones who keep committing crimes at my work that necessitate the need for security. I want to live in a scrote free world.

No. 2081854

File: 1720453190939.jpeg (208.88 KB, 735x1020, IMG_1623.jpeg)

I fucking hate the anons on this website, they ruin everything for me. This is the reason why I hate having female friends or having female coworkers or even talking and being around female coworkers they just fuck your shit up. You want this one sliver of happiness or joy out of slaving away and surviving irl. Nope! Go fuck yourself basically, at least with moids you already know what you’re getting, with women they put on a mask before they reveal they are cunts from the depths of hell. I rather take a parallel universe of being in middle school getting teased and bullied by other little girls than this shit, I just want one thing you and fuckers can’t simply have someone have a nice thing this is why we can’t have nice things I fujcign I just feel like one automated bot getting my data stolen and it’s been a waste of time, none of this shit is real and I want to wake up from this nightmare. Wake me up goddamn it wake me up

No. 2081867

me when the post after mine gets all the replies

No. 2081870

Me when I get redtexted for being too much of a girlboss

No. 2081874

Anons think attention and replies don’t matter. Yes it does and it doesn’t make you a cow for wanting attention, that’s a normal human thing and it doesn’t get removed with anonymity
Have you noticed they’re redtexting people now for doing the crime of being mean to someone, didn’t know that was against the rules. Infighting rule is too strict and rigid there’s a difference between a passionate heated convo and an infight

No. 2081875

i wrote something very similar to the farmhands when they banned me for rightfully telling a retard nonny to jump off a bridge

No. 2081876

File: 1720454265987.webp (59.77 KB, 1280x720, home-alone-2-donald-trump.webp)

4chan is down the hall and to the left

No. 2081877

So which thread is yours?

No. 2081882

I just feel like if I was in between jobs for three weeks and counting that the house would be spotless and everything that is on the 'I'll do it when I have time' list would also be done. You have so much free time and watching you play video games all day and then suddenly get a burst of energy at 5pm when I'm off work and you want to get shit done TOGETHER is infuriating. I am the sole breadwinner right now, I'm up to my eyeballs in both debt and project deadlines and you want me to do anything at all after work? I'm grateful that you cook the meals and take care of the kitchen but holy fuck dude that can't be everything you do. Please have some initiative and make good use of this opportunity to organize the fucking house. I am tired of asking. You need to get it together.

No. 2081883

File: 1720454683844.png (153.69 KB, 468x398, 103265.png)

No. 2081885

Who tf said anything about 4chan? Also learn how to rename your files when you’re using your computer nonny

No. 2081886

Also can you retards from /snow/ stopped getting banned on the west coast ips, it’s so damn annoying when I have nothing to use

No. 2081889

i want to move out but i know my mom is going to freak the fuck out i'm so sick of her anxiety and retardation determining my life, but i was an idiot who felt responsible for her emotions and now am stuck here.

No. 2081891

Now if I said this in the tarot thread I would be the bad guy and redtexted. I could’ve said a whole lot worse

No. 2081892

>tfw you take lolcow too seriously instead of treating it as a frivolous Laotian gossiping circle

No. 2081894

Who’s taking it more seriously, the bitch that decides to act like a bitch to you and then get mad when you don’t like it. I was going to finish my post with a point but I don’t know where it was going but I hate when it goes like this
>someone posts
>another anon doesn’t GIVE A SINGLE FUCK and does something that annoys you and hopes you’ll be ok with it
>is annoyed by their action that they know would’ve annoyed you
>states you’re annoyed
>muh rude and mean
Fuck that, I don’t care if we’re anonymous I’m going to call your stupid shit out I fucking hate them and everybody right now(infighting)

No. 2081895

File: 1720455170089.jpg (60.45 KB, 807x480, trumphomealoneappearance-35894…)

There are a lot of sincere moids there you can frolic with then complaining about how evil wahmen are here

No. 2081896

I love the nonnies on this website, they make everything better for me. This is the reason why I LOVE having female friends or having female coworkers or even talking and being around female coworkers they just make your day!. You want this one sliver of happiness or joy out of slaving away and surviving irl. Sure! Go to your nonnies! With moids you know what you’re getting but why should you put up with it? They put on a mask of a vile animal before they further reveal themselves as hideous beasts from the depths of hell. I rather take a parallel universe of being in school with other girls than scrotelings in co-ed, I just want support and you nonnies never fail to give it, this is why we have nice things I fujcign I just feel like one big ball of joy and warmth it’s been a worth it! none of this feels real like I don't wake to wake up from this cozy dream. Don't wake me up, 5 more minutes, honk shooo mimimimimi honk soo mimimimimimimimi

No. 2081897

warning this rant is written badly and is probably confusing so be it
ugh hate my partner's self imposed rule about traveling by air. One flight every two years. It KILLS spontaneous casual conversation about dream destinations or just saying stuff like "ooh we should go to [far away country] and try eating [food] or see [art exhibition]" because for this one topic he'll be autistic enough to seriously say "Sure, but we'll have to wait another two years for that other trip we talked about?" and I'll just go "never mind whatever forget I said anything". He does this with his mom as well when she tries to small talk or day dream about going somewhere together and they'll almost be talking about two different things - she's just trying to have a nice conversation and he'll be like "mom no stop I can't only if it is the first week of September do you have a date in mind???". So the one flight per two year thing. We live in Europe so we absolutely CAN choose other means of travel for going within Europe or so, I even agree with him that ideally people shouldn't fly as much if they can avoid it.
However. While most of my family is in Europe I have some family I'd like both of us to meet in burgerland, while at the same time our dream is to invite friends and go to Japan again and it just feels so fucking monumental when I try seriously planning a trip - what if my choice of burger destinations or timing sucks and I have to wait a hundred years for us both to try again? Did my shitty trip ruin timing for Japan? Oh yeah my sibling in AUSTALIA would really like to see us again when the fuck is that supposed to happen!?!? I mean, I'll go on my own if I want to/need to, and it's not like we'd start flying all over every few months if he eased up, we can't afford that - it'd just be nice to not have to take it so seriously if I want to bring him along. I guess he can meet all of my far away family when grandma eventually dies and they come for the funeral, just what I always dreamed of… "hey cousin, I know gram gram is lying dead over there but listen to this really cool thing my partner did also wanna do shots? we have to decide which one of you we'd most like to visit every 8 years". Good vent, also I do mostly tell him to shut up and go along with it when it is clearly small talk about trips that don't matter and everything's fine but I'll still cringe when he can't be cool about it in conversation

No. 2081898

Because you are acting like a bunch of evil creatures that do something you know isn’t acceptable and try to gaslight and make the other person who is annoyed by it feel like a bad person for not liking it. It’s obvious as day, human behavior doesn’t simply go away through anonymity

No. 2081900

If you don't want a thread here, don't act like a cow.


No. 2081901

lol Based positive nonushka. I love being around other women and having girl friends to be sincere and close with.

No. 2081903

File: 1720455490610.gif (2.18 MB, 640x512, IMG_1633.gif)

Great now the fuckers are going to create a new rule or some shit that’s just gonna make it shittier and less fun to post in the thread, I hate it brahhh, men get their 4channels and we get censorship and banned for that and banned for this why can’t I be free as a woman?? There’s nothing wrong with shitting up anything while men get to shit up everything on the internet

No. 2081904

File: 1720455540212.webp (93.66 KB, 1066x1066, monolith.webp)

No. 2081906

all of this over some gay cards? i don't get tarot can someone explain why the nonna is so upset over some other nonna doing a reading or whatever that she dragged the fight over here?

No. 2081907

Don't know if you're just making fun of that other anon or if you actually feel this good about us, but I love you too nonners. Anons unironically give me something to look forward to in the morning and I'm happy I get to read what you crazy ladies have to say.

No. 2081908

File: 1720455742087.jpeg (122.5 KB, 944x755, IMG_1634.jpeg)

atheist when they have to explain why their grandparents are hominids

No. 2081909

What? How is this about tarot, I thought it's a snow cow mad about her thread?

No. 2081911

because they didn’t even give me a chance to reply to the anons who wanted a reading, they just decided to do it anyways because I was gone for 3 fucking days! god forbid you stay away from this website

No. 2081912

woo folk are schizo asf and get super possessive over "energy". so ig it's bad juju for an anon to get her energy all over another anon's reading

No. 2081913

I took a glimpse in the tarot thread and looks like some message was seen as rude/some tarot reading was stolen because someone was gone. Blah, blah. Pointless nonsense that's not worth replying to and getting mad about lol.

No. 2081915

isn't anyone allowed to reply though? why can't two people do the same reading?

No. 2081916

why can’t you just not do the fucking reading? why don’t you let the thread die off and go and do something else? is that nearly impossible??

No. 2081917

because then those readings might contradict each other and the tarot readers have to deal with the cognitive dissonance.

No. 2081918

>they didn’t even give me a chance to reply
Lmao that anon didn't fucking disable your reply button. Tarot tards are babies.

No. 2081920

File: 1720456182464.gif (181.96 KB, 200x150, 1000034695.gif)

Oh hell yeah. Finally some good fucking food. Keep going off schizo

No. 2081922

Oh no! Now the anon has two fake info sources and not one! Whatever will she do?

No. 2081923

Because it doesn’t affect you, now the thread is fucked because the retard just couldn’t hold off on the instant gratification from posting.

No. 2081926

nonny i do not post in that thread, i'm looking from an outsider's view cause idgi

No. 2081928

Would you skepticfags go somewhere else? Nobody cares if you believe in the cards or not because you’re dragging the point away from the rudeness of that anon and making it about your beliefs

No. 2081929

It's OK, babycakes. There will be a new tarot thread. Better hone your speed readings and keep the tab open before someone snatches it up.

No. 2081930

Getting mad at someone else answering a question on a basket weaving forum makes you look retarded no matter the subject.

No. 2081932

3 days doesn’t mean I wasn’t going to respond to any of them, but they just went ahead and did it. I wouldn’t care if they asked before doing it but the fact they did it anyways and said “oh, I hope this is fine but type, type, type” wouldn’t that be rude? Do you fuckers not have coworkers that act like this or something where this behavior isn’t as noticeable?

No. 2081933

NTA but you're the one that started throwing a tantrum in the vent thread. YOU brought it here. We're gonna make fun of you.

No. 2081935

>the rudeness of that anon

No. 2081936

I don’t care if anybody finds me retarded, it’s plain fucking annoying when people do that and I’ve seen countless times when anons were allowed to get annoyed by somebody else’s actions and nobody said a damn thing. Of course everybody is on that anon’s side and she’s probably sitting here reading these fucking responses laughing because she knows she was a cunt in the wrong kek, I only wanted to vent because it’s just so frustrating

No. 2081941

>but the fact they did it anyways and said “oh, I hope this is fine but type, type, type” wouldn’t that be rude?
No? What is this logic?

No. 2081943

You know you would be annoyed if it happened to you in any other circumstance. I can’t stand when bitches try to act nonchalant and unbothered by things that they know they would be bothered by. If you don’t even care then why are you even responding?(infighting)

No. 2081945

Makeup is for UGLY BITCHES!

No. 2081947

Tarot bitches, not even once.

No. 2081949

>Why are you responding?
Because your meltdown is funny. Im enjoying the show. I hope you're very embarrassed by this when the psychosis finally wears off.

No. 2081950

>get on anonymous imageboard
>get mad when other anons reply to whatever they want
Where the fuck do you tards come from? This isn't twitter, anyone can reply to anyone.

No. 2081953

>Do you fuckers not have coworkers that act like this
ma'am this is a latvian underwater basket weaving forum that most of us use for fun, not our workplace. none of us knew who you were before you blew up all over the tarot thread and then the vent thread.

No. 2081954

Seriously, acting like she literally owns a thread. You forfeit all rights to what you post on anonymous platforms, this is basic knowledge.

No. 2081957

>One flight every two years.
Why? Is he insanely OCD and will have a screaming crying meltdown panic attack if he flies more than once every two years? Is this some Co2 shit?

No. 2081959

CO2 shit

No. 2081960

I never fucking said I owned the thread don’t reply to my shit and don’t assume I wouldn’t have done the readings in due time. You people are so fucking insufferable, if I were a mod I would’ve banned that stupid anon and told them to go and take a fucking break before deciding to do that shit. Was I suppose to be happy about it or something???(ban evasion)

No. 2081961

>Was I suppose to be happy about it or something???
Yes, actually. Tarot is about the querent, not the reader. As long as the anon asking for help got an answer she can work with, that's what matters. Your ego should not be a part of it.

No. 2081962

File: 1720457599340.jpg (34.37 KB, 755x508, Stop.jpg)

Nonnie, it's time to stop and log off. You don't need to keep explaining yourself and have others laugh at you. You'll do another reading another day.

No. 2081965

oh my god… you need to start taking flights on your own I guess. that's an overly strict rule. I'm guessing he doesn't have family all over the world like you do?

No. 2081971

Nonas what do you think of incels constantly trying to 'threaten' women with chatbots/sexbots/surrogates/gene editing?

No. 2081975

threaten who? lmfao they aint gonna be missed

No. 2081979

I don't know if this even counts as a vent but I'm not sure where else I should post this. Randomly clicked on this guys video to use as background noise and to my annoyance, it starts with a long ass rant about the most how a female youtuber vaguely referenced him and he's happy that his fans defended his honor politely. The thing is, from what he says on the video… The mention was literally a single sentence.

Basically his fans were so offended that this woman didn't suck his e-dick that they left multiple paragraphs long comments. She even removed it from the video. It wasn't an insulting mention and it was super vague. Idk it twisted my panties for some reason. Moids being thin skinned bullies always does.

No. 2081980

>chatbots, sexbots
Hope they crawl into their internet hole and stay the fuck out of civilized society forever. Nothing of value is lost when moids give up their lives for bots.
Should be illegal in all circumstances. Incels talking about it like it's a good thing just reaffirms my belief that it's immoral.
>gene editing
KEK like they could even afford it. It's great when moids shout from the rooftop about how irrelevant they are.

No. 2081982

yeah all his relatives are laughably close by, and I already do choose air travel for myself when it's cheap or convenient. He doesn't at all expect me to follow along with his rule and will use his once in a two year flight on my thing without complaining but it still sucks like why am I looking into how long it takes to go to wherever by land/water just to not "waste" one of his rare flights and also he is retarded about small talk about this topic. Annoying, but not a deal breaker for me - sometimes my far-away fam comes to see us so it evens out a little.

No. 2081983

You should put this in the questions thread instead of the vent thread.

No. 2081984

i used to watch this guy, specifically his hours long videos on Onision's books and Empress Theresa, i thought the videos were decent and amusing, but when i tried watching him again i just couldn't, something about his attitude pisses me off, like those books deserve to be shat on but he acts like his career is so much better like literally who has heard of MicroGod?

No. 2081987

File: 1720458572816.png (13.22 KB, 275x265, 1717323081457.png)

I feel so ugly these days, it's like after years of building my self-esteem it just came crumbling down so you have to rebuild that confidence again day by day and it can be an excruciating task. You took one step forward and two steps back, that's usually how it goes.
One of my bad habits that I tend to do is looking at other beautiful people and feeling bad about myself. Why can't I be that pretty? Why am I so ugly? Why does my body look like that?… It's a neverending cycle, it feels like I'm in hell.
I'll try to unlearn my bad habits, I just want to feel beautiful and accepted.

No. 2081989

File: 1720458618083.jpeg (113.73 KB, 754x935, IMG_2323.jpeg)

I will never go to another too many games. I’m prone to catching illness at cons. Thought I was safe with hand sani, vitamins and keeping my hands off my face. but the day after I come home I started feeling symptoms. It’s been about a week and I’m on my period, have a cold and now I’m fighting a sinus infection. It’s absolute hell and I’m not going back next year or to any gamer event again. I’m supposed to file papers for starting a small business this week but my plans are ruined.

No. 2081992

I think it's funny because realistically, it's not them who would be the biggest customers. Chatbot websites are already overwhelmingly female when it comes to bot creators. I can't wait for the seethe and copefest when this will be implemented more into reality kek. We all know we're going to treat our bot husbandos better too, meanwhile your average incel will probably break it within a month.

No. 2082011

It sounds like you're really working on it, but you might want to try tricking your brain from a different angle. Ask yourself why you want to be pretty and what benefits are. Then, once you've decided those benefits, figure out how you could achieve them without the shortcut of being pretty.

No. 2082019

don’t know if it’s classism or what but the treatment/respect i’m getting from nurses and doctors now that i’m on my big fancy health insurance from my corpo job is so much better than when i was on medicaid. so weird

No. 2082022

it’s first day of my period and my stomach hurts like hell holy shit

No. 2082026

Nta but I think ai image sites are more male and chat sites are more female because men don't have the capacity to keep a convo going, read long text, stay engaged for hours and they just wanna get quick mindless jerk off material while women are, well, not as rotten brained even when we're losers lol

No. 2082028

It is a guilty pleasure for me to watch videos like this, but these booktube moids are never good at writing themselves. They just want to shit on other authors. Alizee is at least genuinely entertaining and doesn't have this weird moid superiority complex. Even the retarded booktok zoomers just have fun and are usually aware the books they like are not very well written.

No. 2082032

So I just moved into a rental with a yard and I noticed that there were stray trees that had grown into the berry bushes, that previously had been cut down and had just grown tall again. So I cut them down, so that the berry bushes could get some light again. And out comes my neighbour who also rents in the same complex and yells at me that I'm ruining it, that he is the one who keeps the garden and that pruning now will ruin everything bc you're supposed to do it in fall or spring and that he is way older than me so he knows better. Wtf asshole. Cutting down a tree that isn't supposed to be there can be done at any time of the year, and his old ass should know that since he has lived so long. The point is that its not supposed to be there, I wasnt pruning it, I was cutting it down like it had been several times over. Dick. He can complain to the landlord I guess, who also has cut down those very trees when he lived here.

No. 2082034

im sure i have a swollen fucking lymph node or whatever on my pubic area. it hurts so fucking much. JUST TO TOUCH IT HURTS!

No. 2082043

I quit my shitty admin job a month ago and I've been unemployed since. I'm frugal and have enough saved to feel comfortable but I hate the idea of having no money coming in, and my routines are slowly degrading. I've gone full NEET, and although my mental health has finally returned to normal (back to my hyperfixation bs, writing again, can actually breathe instead of being angry and upset 24/7) I feel like I'm wasting my potential.

I hopefully start a proper job in Autumn but until then it feels like I'm doomed to fall harder into NEETdom, become a shut-in, etc etc. I can't motivate myself to go out and I don't have any strong friendships - the ones who stick around are pretty introverted and autistic so don't want to go out much. I go to a local meetup group here and there but it's cliquey and difficult to break into the existing groups. Idk it feels like I'm going to rot but part of me is fine with that, because it's still so much better than being micromanaged and humiliated by a shitty manager every day.

No. 2082044

it might be an abscess or infected cyst

No. 2082049

i hate seeing friends and people i knew in high school listening to music i listened to when they called me out for it sounding like shit and now some guy that works out is listening too type o negative? stupid reels make songs popular

No. 2082057

Men are genuinely so thin-skinned. Their egos can't handle a slight bruise. Your post reminded me about a moid who received a short negative critique on his book by some woman, and he wrote some nasty book in response and dedicated it to her. I think it starred her as a character in there too, but I didn't look too deeply into it. They're deranged.

No. 2082060

This pisses me off too. They only like things when social media tells them to like them. Literal herd mentality

No. 2082064

My sister did that to me so much. I've always been really into music so as a teenger there were a lot of bands i found just before they really blew up. My sister would make fun of me for my music taste so hard, but multiple times she then turned around and started loving them as soon as her friends started to listen to them. She was super abusive to me in general this was just one of the ways she would find to criticize me for just being myself.

No. 2082084

I wish military men weren’t such faggots. I find them very attractive. I want one to crawl around on the floor and bark for me.

No. 2082095

I love these zoomer girls I'm friends with but they're so fucking annoying with their desire to immediately post pictures after certain events
you won't fucking die if you post the pictures 1-2 days later

No. 2082109

finally a subculture i can identify with

No. 2082115

File: 1720467377223.jpg (37.06 KB, 640x480, 1646904829908.jpg)

>22(almost 23)
>from a shitty third world country
>mediocre at everything
>no job experience

I dont know what to do, i feel like i have already ruined my life to a point of no return. I want to study something, but i feel too old and retarded, i can barely commit to drawing once a week, so i am not sure i will be able to stick to college, plus my grades in hs were terrible. I feel so lost. tfw so retarded i accidentally posted on the wrong thread.

No. 2082118

girl you're 22, how long is the life expectancy in your country if you feel like you ruined your life already?

No. 2082123

its not just that, i just dont think i can improve my life in any meaningful way. Everyone else is going places but i am stuck being a retarded loser.

No. 2082126

You're incredibly young; it's insane for you to think this way. In fact, having this mentality is the only thing that can permanently fuck up your life at your age. You have years to 'find your path' before you have to actually start worrying whether you're a failure.

No. 2082127

I hate zoomers' need to randomly take pictures of their friends. Like get that shit out of my face

No. 2082136

Beyond hurt right now nonnas. If I have one piece of advice for you, don’t be friends with your boss. She was texting me about being excited for this event we were gonna go together but then another coworker said she was talking shit about me at work for a problem that isn’t all my fault. I am really really hurt and upset. I don’t even know what to do. Do I even want her to join me for the event? Do I talk to her?

No. 2082146

I had a boss like that. She acted buddy buddy but then threw me under the bus for a CLIENT’S MISUNDERSTANDING (I did everything correct and by the book and was carrying the entire operation, was always 24/7 on call, etc) telling them over the phone
>I’m so sorry about anon, she’s very young and inexperienced and it was our mistake to hire someone like her
She said this while I was in earshot. Why?
I gave my 2 weeks notice the next day. Fuck that two faced bitch.

No. 2082159

I’m so sorry nonna, that’s so fucking fake and rude, I’m really glad you moved on that from place and her. I’m trying to me empathetic for my boss because I know our jobs are stressful, hers even more so but like. Kinda insane how I was blamed for a department hour cut because I “stand around” (heavily disagree already) and when everyone else does too. Literally everyone. She never even talked to me about this issue and told me there was a different reason for hour cuts.

No. 2082177

No, that’s shitty, and if I were you I wouldn’t cancel the plans, but afterwards distance yourself as politely as you can and keep your relationship more formal.

No. 2082200

I think I could deal with a purely sexual infatuation with someone, but a non-sexual obsession centered around a type of approval that is so suspiciously paternal? That shit is killing me

No. 2082204

You’re in your Lana era

No. 2082216

No thanks

No. 2082252

I only like them in fiction, the real ones are mentally ill.

No. 2082277

File: 1720477079634.jpeg (6.76 KB, 275x183, images (2).jpeg)

Today is my birthday, which makes me even more self-conscious of how shitty my life is at the moment, having so much problems going on and seemingly endless health issues and scares, I just cannot truly enjoy this day, this year's has been terrible for me and my family. I just want things to get a little bit easier for everyone and for me, that's my birthday wish, I'm not asking for miracles, I just want everything to ease a bit, to catch a breath in the middle of the storm. I'm so, so tired…been through so much that a single moment of peace is all I can hope for and all I want

No. 2082284

How do I deal with being the black sheep of my family? None of my mom's outside of 1-2 people (my sister and cousin) family talks to me and barely return my calls/texts. I'm not willing to enable my mother's toxic behaviors anymore after a lifetime of it, so I got voted off the island. They also say I only call when I need something, despite multiple attempts on my end to hang out with them/casual convo. None of them even reached out after my suicide attempt because my mom turned it into how the event made HER feel and how I'm fucked up for making her feel terrible.

I alternate back and forth between not caring too much and torturing myself over it. I don't really have friends outside of my boyfriend, so maybe that just makes me focus on it more. How do I just stop giving a fuck that my family doesn't care??

No. 2082285

happy birthday nona, I'm sorry that the previous year has been so hard on you. I hope this year brings you some peace and space!

No. 2082286

I am considering just going to my local gp and crying to one of their nurses and doctor that I can't take it anymore and need mental aid. Everything is fucked up which is fucking my emotions up and my emotions are fucking everything alot more. I'm tired of crying of feeling anger of hurting the people around me it makes me wonder if I have a PD. I can't handle it, it hurts

No. 2082324

I just watched I saw the TV glow and now after reading a little I'm finding it's about trannies. I had my suspicions while watching the guy was going to troon out based on a scene he wears a dress, but it was nice visually so I watched the whole thing.

No. 2082343

Happy birthday, nona. I hope you find that peace someday soon ♥

No. 2082347

I wish young women would wear work-appropriate clothes again. I hate seeing college girls at retail jobs having their ass ogled by every man and her coworkers literally following them around with their heads pointed at the ass in front of them. Stop wearing fucking shape wear as top layers, have some goddamn self respect. Dont wear midriffs, stretch pants and streetwalker chic then complain online about old men looking at you.

Real fucking empowering to be a piece of meat though, right?!

No. 2082360

I have this idiot family member who I practically raised when I was a teen. Her and her siblings. And when she was like 14 she decided fuck me and everything I’ve done with her, she didn’t want to abide by my rules anymore, and she moved back in with her parents. Which fine, whatever. But she immediately went off the rails and I found her tiktok that showed her hanging out with some older female friends that were 18-19, and grown as men that were 21+. Videos of her literally blacking out, half naked, binge drinking, just trashy ass behavior that was the complete opposite of what I had tried to instill in her. It only took like a year of being back with her parents for that all to start happening. So I compiled a bunch of evidence and took it to her parents, and they continued to not parent her.
She ended up having a baby at 16, the bd bailed, and now her parents are split up and the baby is pretty much full time with her father while she goes out and parties. She was dating a guy for a little bit when she was 17-18, but they broke up and she’s just been acting like such a trashy thot lately and it kills me. All she posts on tiktok is her whoring around in clubs trying to make her ex jealous and I just never wanted this life for her. It makes me cry all the time, I did everything I could. Sacrificed so much of my life, worked all through college for her, I did everything and gave up my teen years when I wasn’t even 10 years older than her to try to be there for her. And now all there is to show for it is her underage drinking in trashy dirty clubs while her baby is states away. I hate this.

No. 2082375

File: 1720485872307.jpg (56.86 KB, 735x775, bb819fb0e5fc5d9cc103babfef8f7d…)

And people say relationships with women are easier and healthier..

No. 2082381

They really aren't anon

No. 2082420

I just wasted my entire evening laying on a couch because I had a doctor's appointment with a shitty result
I have to get a colonoscopy

No. 2082424

Lost like 6 lbs so far since starting weight loss in may but it’s only been from my gut and hips and not my arms. Please my upper arms are so big I look normal in t shirts and huge in tank tops. Still have 12-17 lbs to go before my goal so I know I’ll see some more progress eventually but this sucks and also it’ll take like half a year considering I only lose 1 lb a week and it’ll only get harder. I’ve only been walking and light dieting so far though, I do feel stronger since I started walking so maybe I’ll start doing more exercise

No. 2082452

File: 1720493074742.jpg (219.83 KB, 915x675, 1000014931.jpg)

It's almost 5am where I am and I've been awake since 2am because of the heat. Send help

No. 2082457

Anon, it seems to me that the problem is them, not you. The way your mom made your suicide attempt about herself is especially fucked up. I'm sorry you have to deal with these losers
>don't really have friends outside of my boyfriend, so maybe that just makes me focus on it more
Correct. The more you focus on developing your own social circle and doing your hobbies, the less their malice will affect you. Give the book 'Adult Children of Emotionally Immature parents' a try, might be a useful read. Also look up the grey rock or the yellow rock method on how to deal with these people

No. 2082481

I lost 30 pounds and my upper body looks almost skeletonized, you can see my ribs above my breasts, but my thighs did not lose a single fucking inch. I only lose weight from the hips up. I have short disproportionate legs and the only thing that could make me look normal would be to slim down my fat legs, but even after 6 months and huge weight loss, they are untouched by all my effort. I'm not being bdd, I measured. I literally only started losing weight because of my thighs and nothing even happened in the end. I can't lose more than 10 more pounds without going into underweight BMI.
Anyway I hope you have more luck than I did.

No. 2082484

Which is worse, people who screech about hunting animals (for food) while eating meat from the grocery store, or vegans who screech about animal rights while buying hoards of slave labor fast fashion and plastic goods? Leaning towards the former but they’re very much the same type of people

No. 2082510

It feels like a gas chamber in my room and I hate it. It’s not even that hot or even warm, it just feels so humid in my room

No. 2082537

I keep on staying up thinking about the Gunjo yuri Taxi cab scene. Why would she sleep with him? Am I not mature enough to understand what was going through her mind? It's seriously fucking with me and making me upset

No. 2082549

If you live in the US, try taking your test at a different dmv. That's what my sister and mom ended up doing. The driving instructors vary in their adherence to the exam in every dmv.

>a slow rotting disease that creeps up out of you when it needs to be transmitted to another person irl
NTAYRT but this actually does happen to me occasionally with increased use of this site kek. While polyfaggotry is degenerate, nonny should keep the sperging to a minimum irl

No. 2082580

I've come to hate my job, my family is falling apart, bf's visa might fall through and if so he'll have to leave the country, I'm too socially retarded to make friends. I feel like I'm trying so hard, but none of my efforts matter.

No. 2082582

my dogs been having problems with a weepy eye and I thought it was just allergies but now it's bleeding. she doesn't have a regular vet, I'm financially unable to pay for a new one unless my dad helps me, and he's out of town. this situation fucking sucks and I know if I call him tomorrow begging for financial aid so she can see a vet he'll find a way to blame me for it somehow and ask why I didn't take her earlier. I've been at work and thought it was run of the mill allergies you shit heel.

nothing is going right right now

No. 2082598

File: 1720509954274.png (140.77 KB, 525x471, oh god.png)

>be me
>report someone for constantly smoking weed and committing ID fraud
>cops do nothing except 'note it down'
>now I'm in trouble with my family over it and I might become homeless despite paying rent

No. 2082626

Did you report a family member?

No. 2082645

File: 1720514299732.jpg (Spoiler Image,34.57 KB, 744x432, 20240320_144232.jpg)

I dont feel like im ugly and like the way I look now compared to years ago. But people make me feel ugly. I feel like i get treated like shit by my boss and coworkers and just people in general because Im not pleasing to their eyes or something. Like would I have no problems with others if I was a normie's idea of a 10/10? I keep wondering what's wrong with me. I suppose my personality is shit too bc Im too weird for most average people but too mundane for other weirder people. I feel like i don't fit anywhere. It's a feeling that's always been with me but wont go away.
There's many things that make me feel like this but one of the main ones is the dates ive been going on recently. I dont really feel like anyone is pursuing me, even after dates. It makes me feel self-conscious. Like would someone prettier ever feel that way?
I just wish I could restart life with a more normal brain. Then maybe i wouldn't have to even worry about looks as much.

No. 2082653

Well first of all not being "weird enough" or "normal enough" is not something to be ashamed of kek. You actually aren't required to 'fit' anywhere or try to force yourself to fit somewhere either. As far as your looks go, have you gained weight or something or just stopped hyper-performing femininity? Maybe you could ask someone you trust to be honest with you about how you look better and just try to emulate that, but only if you're truly bothered by your looks and can handle the constructive criticism

No. 2082656

I reported a boyfriend of a family member, and turns out she's a massive handmaiden who lets him boss her around even though I contribute more to the household.

No. 2082668

I hate my pale, flabby, pudding-like belly. It’s just a wiggling, deflated food bag with no tone or firmness at all to it. I still had it even with 18% bodyfat (which isn’t super healthy anyways) I know I should just learn to accept it, but it gets on my nerves

No. 2082682

Sorry anon but that's pretty dumb to do if you live with her. Did you really think she wouldn't be pissed?

No. 2082697

You need to work on your self confidence before you morph into a plastic surgery caricature in your quest to stop being a doormat by looking pretty. I'm serious, growing a spine and working on your personality will help you more than beauty will.

No. 2082719

My apartment is depressing and a mess and I was suppose to begin sorting it yesterday but instead I wrote the day off but did go and get supplies and stuff so I really should start into it but I'm overwhelmed. However I will persevere because I am fed up of living in misery and not living my best life. Thank you for reading

No. 2082726

Anon, if it feels overwhelming, do one room a day, and doanother tomorrow, etc

No. 2082733

Try looking up the UFYH website and subreddit. I'm messy as fuck too, and what gets me the motivation to clean is to see other people tackle their landfill rooms and make them look pretty. You can do it nona, once you get started it's really not that bad and living in a clean and organized space will feel amazing

No. 2082753

Why am I getting all the bad juju in the universe today. Fucking miserable it feels like the world is spitting on me.

No. 2082754

You're the one who automatically jumped to the conclusion that she would get plastic surgery instead of like losing weight or wearing makeup outside and washing her face or something

No. 2082797

I wish I had fandom friends my age to sperg with. I know I'm old (late 30s), I know I should focus on "more important" things in life, but I've been a nerd all my life and nowadays have no one to fangirl with. I'm not complaining that most of fandom skews younger, it's entirely understandable, but while I'm not opposed to talking about my hobbies with people in their 20s, it feels like the vast majority of people in my fandoms are some kind of gender special and/or write fanfics where they trans my favourite characters.

I just wish I had someone around my age who's mature enough to not equate shipping with activism and is just… chill.

No. 2082882

I fucking hate taking care of plants. I'm taking care of a hibiscus my mom got me but we got a new pot and it's so heavy I can barely move it. Plus she just put it over a shitty small piece of plastic that was full of runoff water so now I spilled it and it got water all over my living room floor and my balcony floor. Fuck this thing, I want to throw it off my balcony.

No. 2082887

File: 1720535218808.png (516.35 KB, 564x423, IMG_5233.png)

Of course management is so fucking out of touch that they don’t understand the productivity expectations they have are impossible to meet most days with the way they assign out work. I can’t do shit if certain people aren’t here and instead of giving me permissions and access to do things on my own they’d rather have me sit on my ass then give me lecture about why my numbers aren’t looking good. I have a one-on-one meeting coming up in a couple weeks and I’m ready to let them all know how incompetent they are. Can you explain to me why our workflow is donethis way if it clearly hurts our overall numbers? Fuck these dumb boomer bitches.

No. 2082897

File: 1720535777826.jpg (28.3 KB, 599x315, 1000034809.jpg)

I can feel my friends drifting apart. I knew it was too good to last. Back to being on my own.

No. 2082917

Nobody talks to me I literally cannot make new friends. And my only friend group.. irl and in our gc/other online spaces I get ignored by them too and I'm going through my own shit rn, so I decide to just distance myself and leave and they keep bombing my phone. Like omg are you ok, omg please come back! I've told them several times I didn't leave for attention I'm just going through a storm and only have myself as support n they keep begging to hang out, to talk to them again etc. Ignoring what I actually fucking said again. I hate people but I desperately want people to talk to.

No. 2082921

>I get ignored by them too
>they keep bombing my phone. Like omg are you ok, omg please come back!
>I hate people but I desperately want people to talk to.
It seems like your friends can’t win… Either you think they ignore you or they blow up your phone. It seems like you think the worst of them even as you crave connection

No. 2082931

I want to fucking kill myself. I wish I was an asexual being with no need or reason to deal with relationships and people. I'm so tired of being that clingy annoying partner. I want to be my own person. I want to have my own goals. I want to be happy alone. I'm so tired… But I know that I still wish I could be held and loved. I've gone through too much of my own useless self inflicted hurt. I wish someone else could bandage and fix me up instead. I want all of this to just stop.

No. 2082974

i feel that anon. don't feel bad, all friend groups have lulls and time limits, people get wrapped up in their own lives. keep the door open, but also do your best to move on in your own way. i don't consider myself a social butterfly but i realized i really do dabble in a lot of different groups for this reason, everyone in the group slowly drops off and i'm usually one of the last ones left behind so i have to keep meeting new people so i won't be lonely. spending time alone is nice, but we're human and we crave connection with others eventually.

No. 2083029

My mother went to the church to light up a candle for me and pray that I'll be "normal" and I'll have friends (for the record, I do have my fucking best friend). How many friends does she want me to have? 100? Better to have one real friend than 10 fake friends(it happened to me when I had to "mask" to fit in and befriend a bunch of people so my mother wouldn't say shit about me like how I'm friendless or how I'm bad at socializing or how this and that and whatever). Gosh I just didn't find the right people to befriend and I've told my mother this and she still doesn't understand. I am picky when it comes to befriending people because I want to be myself and I don't want to "mask" anything.

No. 2083034

Samefag I told her that those people I befriended just because of her didn't even care about me or being my friend, but she was like: WELL AT LEAST YOU WERE THERE IN A GROUP! AT LEAST YOU MET PEOPLE!

No. 2083048

Happy birthday nonna!! ♥

No. 2083078

made the mistake of giving my number to a guy I'm not even interested in and he keeps messaging me. Like, dude, get the fucking hint that I'll message you when I can, I've been fucking busy, you spamming me is doing nothing but pissing me off more jfc.

No. 2083087

once again wishing my mother could’ve been 100% evil instead of a person who breaks my heart in both good ways and bad ways

No. 2083098

Block him. I did the same.

No. 2083114

Why can’t you faggots get a grip and just tell him it was a misunderstanding and that you’re not interested. You bitches are so hopeless sometimes

No. 2083144

Just read a tarot reading on my crush and it says shes boys obsessed it's so fucking over fuck my shit life

No. 2083147

just ghost him he’ll survive

No. 2083171

ayrt, you have a point about regular lc use leading to brainrot sperging in public, just wanted to vent but I came out of this with some pretty helpful albeit unsolicited advice so I’m glad to have this space even with retarded bait like this >>2081799 I’d rather listen to women rationally outline their opinions than their greasy nigels, I didn’t talk to her moid because I don’t care what he has to say kek the only way to interact with scrotes is by ignoring them

No. 2083195

LMAO. I dropped Gunjo after that shit. The whole manga is just edgy garbage made for bihets so that they can go "omg literally me I also suck cock 24/7 and have a girl crush teehee"

No. 2083198

File: 1720552027092.png (84.38 KB, 318x324, uhhhhh.png)

Just applied for some jobs at walmart. I hope I get a job there, but even if I do get a job there my parents are still going to be disappointed in me. I mean, I know their approval does not technically matter but damn does it hurt being the stupid bitch of the family. I'm not gonna say I'm the black sheep or anything, but no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to 'make it' elsewhere. Damn…

No. 2083219

This rant is about needing a man The only thing that's giving me some hope to live is finding a man I can depend on emotionally and to take care of me when I have mental episodes and the fact that I will never have that because the few man that would do that for a woman are not going to go for me when they could go for pretty smart white women with accomplishment and social significance is slowly dawning on me and it's stupid to admit this in any feminist space but I don't see a point in life if I don't find someone like that for me. I never learned how to function and if I pretend to be normal for too long I inevitably have episodes and the stress and energy needed to function doesn't seem like it justifies the pain I feel during the down time. My only reason to have goals and a life in general is to share it with "dream man" but realistically even if I did find him he would inevitably get tired of dealing with me, no one is patient enough to love me. It's sad and wrong to limit the meaning of my life to a partner I know but I seriously don't see a point in life if I don't get that. Struggle to do the smallest things, to get up, to take care of myself, to work for hours, to pretend to be normal for long enough to maintain friendships,… all for what? To never be loved? To never have the comfort I imagine I need? This is because my parents never held me as a kid but nothing I can do about that now. I just want to know there's someone to make the struggle of living worthwhile and someone who would love me even if they see me at my worst. But I'll never get that. I'm not the type of woman anyone would be patient for. I'm destined to be miserable forever, but never brave enough to end it.

No. 2083225

File: 1720553690606.jpg (14.83 KB, 504x334, oops.jpg)

what does it do to them? I've been wearing earplugs every night for the past four years…

No. 2083252

this is what I do all the time idk what the fuck was wrong with me this time

No. 2083274

I got the internship I wanted but my boss is useless and has barely given me any instruction. Whenever I ask him for help he goes on a ridiculous tangent for the longest time to conceal the fact he can't actually answer me. Almost all the other employees work from home and I don't feel like I can ask them for help when I haven't even met them in person. I wish someone would just give me some clear-cut tasks no matter how boring

No. 2083276

Mothers are really fucking dramatic and delusional a lot of the time and all you can do if you don't want to hate her is learn to give 0 value to her opinion at all, imagine letting her opinions bounce off you. You sound like you know what's best for you.

No. 2083278

Are you in Texas or Arizona??

No. 2083299

File: 1720558191457.jpeg (104.36 KB, 736x669, IMG_1648.jpeg)

>No more money
>No friends.
>Isolated from sister
>Having a hard time finding another job
>Feeling perpetually tired physically and spiritually
>Been bleeding out the vag for at least two weeks now
>Have pcos
>Feeling trapped in situation
>Epitome of prolonged shit life syndrome
>Still in early 20s but getting to the point where my will to fight against my suffering is fading away
This is why women get married out of desperation. I would get married to a man with money but most men are broke and useless.

No. 2083349

File: 1720561972462.jpeg (58.05 KB, 640x635, 1639184315974.jpeg)

I'm 26 and it just clicked for me that my mom's love is toxic. She embodies the devouring mother archetype. I always considered her to be the most loving, caring, nurturing woman in the world so I could never associate her with dark traits. But now I see it- as a child she always found it too cruel to task me with chores, too painful to deny me desserts, too harsh to ensure I did my homework. I grew up given any comfort I desired, was never pushed to stay in any sport I picked up, never made to challenge myself in any way. She even let me drift out of high school simply because I didn't have motivation. I essentially had to teach myself how to be independent later on yet never saw any flaw in how she raised because it was so kind, so gentle.

Now I can see that this has all been a subconscious effort on her part to ensure I lack independence. She openly admits her dream is for me and her to live together again. She really thinks that me moving back in with her would be positive growth & she suggests it often. Note: I literally have my own home, a stable career and a supportive partner. We're even planning on children- there is no reason for her to suggest this. I feel her desire goes beyond healthy maternal love and missing me.

As I've gotten older and parenting comes up in conversation with her, she's always very quick to call me cruel for stating that I would make sure my children have responsibilities. She visibly pouts, gets upset, and says I'm being "mean" to her dog when I don't give him french fries or chips from the table. Any sort of discipline, restriction, or resolve-building behavior she sees as tyrannical or abusive. I now see how much this hurt me growing up. I'm finding it especially hard to forgive my literal child-self for flunking out of school because she never put any expectation on me. I feel so heartbroken and evil for even recognizing these dark aspects- ultimately I still think she's a good person- just broken and using me and her role as Mother to try to soothe herself.

No. 2083351

I'm so tired of my bf's mother. She's overbearing, but in a subtle way that makes me feel bad for letting it bother me so much. Any "quick" stop over at their house turns into an hour of her practically demanding that we take tons of food, before getting upset that we don't want all her extra costco food. She needs to stop buying food with the intention of pushing it on others. She has no respect for boundaries, not out of ill-will, but general obliviousness. She attempted to come in to my room at 7:30 am once, because it was an "emergency" (she and her husband needed to give someone a ride to the city, and wouldn't be around for breakfast. A text would've been enough). I wanted to finish up in the bathroom the other day and she insisted on coming in and taking all her stuff out so I could have more room and asking if I needed anything etc. I'm not a child, I can move an object if it's obstructing me.
>bf and I go to pick something up from their house
>I'm super sick, ask if I can grab some water to take some ibuprofen
>she freaks out, tries giving us boxes of tea, sends bf to get some lemons for me
>I'm left standing there while she explains different remedies I need
>bf returns with lemons, she's upset because they're not the ones she would've chosen, has to go get some herself
He and I ended up leaving with a bag of like 20 lemons, a huge thing of honey, and boxes of tea. I never got to even take my ibuprofen.
It sucks because she's genuinely looking out for everyone, but it turns into her attempting to mother grown adults constantly. It feels silly to take such issue, but the frustration adds up as it's so constant. It's hard to even talk about it because it sounds so minor, but it's draining. Her fussing is constant, you can't even get a glass of water without her practically offering an entire beverage menu and trying to fill your glass herself. Asking her to politely stop feels like kicking a puppy. "It sounds like she's just trying to be nice!" She is, and she doesn't stop. She has covid rn, which is why I'm so frustrated right now. My boyfriend and I cat-sit for his parents over the weekend, when they got back, they tested positive. They're not super sick which is good, and he and I wanted to leave as we both have work and don't want to get sick. It took us twice as long to leave while we tried to pack everything because she kept interrupting. Tried to get us to take her entire kitchen practically. She kept coming in to the room to point out all the things we needed to pack. What happened to trying to keep just a little bit of distance from someone when you're sick? I find her fussing to be disrespectful, and then I feel crazy because she's just being nice, and then I get mad because for the love of god she won't give me any space, and then I wonder if it's just a me thing.

No. 2083355

Wow whoever did the design for this art book should be fired. I wouldn't buy this garbage. Turn them into volumes instead of cramming all of the artwork into one book.

No. 2083379

File: 1720564067782.jpg (37.5 KB, 600x507, 1632671056924.jpg)

Wish I had no social skills like I had (or hadn't) until just a few years ago. I didn't see what's wrong with being blunt and standoffish when someone did just as much as giving me weird vibes and didn't even think about considering anyones feelings when voicing (only ever when asked, because I didn't talk to anyone at all unless spoken to, which's another thing I miss) my opinion or anything, because why would they ask if they don't want me to be honest?, but then something just switched in my head when I turned like 20 and nowadays I feel like I'd be the worst person ever and it'll ruin my actual entire week because I keep ruminating on it if I don't try to act like the most pleasant and kindest version of myself I could ever possibly be, even if that person actually doesn't even deserve anything more than the absolute barest minimum of basic politeness, can't believe I miss my uberautistic ass

No. 2083389

I spend money on groceries to make my own food but everything turns out bland and mushy

No. 2083390

that doesn't sound very fun either and I'm sorry to hear that, but atleast you could maybe try hiding things you don't want to be thrown out..?
I feel so trapped here, I want away from everything.

No. 2083391

Welcome to infantilization

No. 2083394

I'm so sick of wasting time on job interviews only to get ghosted afterwards. Even when applying during the pandemic I got a rejection email, now it seems companies just cannot be arsed to perform the most basic courtesy. Makes me so angry.

No. 2083399

costco got rid of the churro and now there's nothing worth ordering there i'm going to kill myself

No. 2083411

I wouldn’t mind any of this if she were able to connect me to a job and financially help me, I at her have a devouring mother than a broke emotionally immature mom

No. 2083413

Trying so hard not to get through this year without stabbing myself, the pain is too much to bear anymore

No. 2083414

Mothers like that don't want you to get a job or be financially independent. Unless children with these types of parents recognize what is happening is unhealthy and break away, they end up as NEETs who are completely reliant on their family because they never learned how to be an adult

No. 2083436

So my dad just found a bunch of abandoned kittens on the side of the road at his work a few days ago. He's sorta just left them there and has been feeding them that cat food in a pouch (idk what it's called). I've seen photos of the kittens and they're very skinny. Some seem to have some patches of fur missing, He wants to bring them home tomorrow, but I've never taken care of cats before. I've taken care of newborn puppies, but those were fed by my dog until they were old enough for kibble

No. 2083461

when i was in elementary/middle school i was bullied for liking anime and now its fucking everywhere. so many people are lame and just like whatever other people like

No. 2083464

A tranny literally wrote that he's always skeptical of any organisation that's pro women that just allowed me to freely ask does that mean pro women = anti trans so then… etc. And it has been annoying me all day now and through it I have discovered an amazingly cringe content creator called eretvr and his existence entirely is pure cringe and completely devalues what a human is

No. 2083476

Don't know a lot about how to care for kittens compared to puppies, but I know the one difference is that kittens need to be stimulated in order to use the bathroom until a certain age. I found this guide when looking kitten care up online: https://www.cats.org.uk/help-and-advice/pregnancy-and-kitten-care/care-of-newborn-kittens
Can any cat owner nonnies give advice?

No. 2083528

God can these assholes fuck off with the fireworks already? It’s July 9th on a fucking TUESDAY, fuck off

No. 2083533

File: 1720574851060.gif (535.88 KB, 320x240, dumbo-cry.gif)

I don't want to cry myself to sleep again.

No. 2083535

No nonna, don’t cry ♥

No. 2083571

no one I would normally pester is available right now and I'm taking this personally somehow (I know for a fact they're all genuinely just busy and can't talk), I wish I could make my brain quieter

No. 2083579

lowkey wish I could throw a tantrum and blame things not working or turning out right on everyone and everything else, just like my dad. I know that's a retarded course of action and an immature way to respond to this feeling though, so I'll keep it inside.

No. 2083581

I can't watch tv with my mom because she's playing tiktok/telegram videos with volume on while the show is on. She gets mad at me when I decide "fuck this" and leave. She also will actively ignore me when I talk to her yet gets mad at me when I mimic her behavior. I hate how stupidly obsessed she is with her devices.

No. 2083628

I don't want to die, I just want to be a different person, but since I can't be a different person, I guess I want to die. I developed into a person whose mental state and convictions make it impossible to live happily.

I wish I could go back in time to my childhood and butterfly effect myself into developing a different type of brain. I also sometimes wonder if a little brain damage from an accident would do me some good, because it would change my thought processes. I also would like to do psychedelic drugs to see if that would alter my mind in a more tolerable direction (but I have no connections or friends or any idea how to access this).

No. 2083629

>feels chunky piece of period blood clot come out
>it hurt a little coming out of my cervix
i hate those, but why is it so satisfying to push them out

No. 2083641

File: 1720582307559.jpg (7.26 KB, 400x300, 1000006949.jpg)

I'll get called out tomorrow at my job because of a mistake I made today. The manager already sent an angry message to my coworker.

No. 2083649

Ahhhhh!!!!!!! I'm going to kill myself!!!!!! I'm going to kill myself!!!! Just kidding. Good night and sweet dreams anons.

No. 2083652

I'd love to have my little fandom space on tumblr but it's so full of those gender fandom people, it's getting quite annoying. I wouldn't mind seeing they/themlets or trannies but when everywhere reblog is about "omg teehee I'm so queen!" Or "owning the terfs" or whatever it gets geniunely annoying. I just want to see silly posts and art of the shows I like for gods sake.
I'm not constantly talking about my bisexuality because it's just one thing about me, I don't get why these people are constantly reminding everyone why they are so "queer"

No. 2083656

File: 1720584434421.jpg (19.43 KB, 263x275, 1718907164172.jpg)

Ugh, I cannot stand my mother at all. Somehow get talking about an old friend of mine who was bilingual, could speak German and English. My mother goes on to asked if she and her siblings were born here or in Germany. Told her not sure but then she goes on a crazy ass rant about them being anchor babies. Like what the fuck?? My mother knows nothing about my old friend except her parents were German and she had quite a bit of siblings. My mother never really talked to my old friend's parents so she knows absolutely nothing. I hate when she pulls shit like this. It's so messed up.

No. 2083670

>find weird schizo conservative on reddit
>He's a registered sex offender
Why is this so common

No. 2083684

god my pms is so bad that im getting urges to say verbally abusive things to my loved ones what the fuck

No. 2083701

It's so cringe when I post something that's denigrating towards my bf and I get some cow coming out of the woodwork to defend him and call me mean. You never see men doing that to each other when they vent about their gfs but some random woman will cape for my bf like he's going to fuck her or she'll get good girl points for putting me in line? I dunno what mental illness causes these women to read a vent and side with the bf I can't imagine being so dick aligned. I can say what I fucking want to about my pet scrote and treat him HOWEVER I FUCKING WANT, I will not be tone policed

No. 2083703

i think maybe they get defensive because when the topic of male counterparts arises they immediately think of the fact that they don't have one and want one, so when they see posts that they consider to be disappreciative of the man that you have they might feel the urge to protect something they wish they had

No. 2083717

There are honestly so many scrotes and scrote brained women on this site anyways, hurt dogs holler nonnie. You can always tell

No. 2083720

I don't get this behavior at all, tbh. Go coddle men literally anywhere else. I'll side with a nonnie on here over her scrote any day. Key his car, queen. Yes, you should break up with him because he left the toilet seat up.

No. 2083763

It's so cringe when anons pretend to hate moids and still date them. It makes sense that misogynists date women because they derive many benefits from a heterosexual relationship. You, on the other hand, are just a retard who might become part of the domestic violence or femicide statistics at any moment.

No. 2083769

why is my boyfriend such a fucking faggot i hate him so much

No. 2083771

I reject your curse, lesbian femcel witch

No. 2083776

nta but it's not really a "lesbian femcel" thing to point out hypocrisy kek. it makes no sense to date someone you hate.

No. 2083793

I don't think I ever done it here but I can understand them. It's shitty or at least dumb to crap on your partner - if you feel this way about them, why won't you leave? Find someone decent or be single. It's really hard to sympathize unless you're in a really complicated situation and can't leave just now.
>You never see men doing that to each other when they vent about their gfs
Since when do we use such men as an example? It's normalized for them to disrespect their women and live with someone they despise because they know no one else would take their shit and they're not capable to have normal relationship anyway. It's not the life you want.

No. 2083796

I have a that Whenever Wherever Shakira song stuck in my head and I can't sleep because of it

No. 2083801

File: 1720602954208.png (70.24 KB, 524x353, JK73B767G.png)

My hard work to quit being a loner paid off and I found a friend. Problem is, she's new to the city and therefore doesn't have anyone but me to hang out with, and now I'm worried she's going to ask if I can introduce her to people or take her along to social outings. I don't know how to tell her that I was too depressed to keep up with human relationships for 5 years. The only one I could introduce her to is the guy I'm dating, but they'd absolutely HATE each other kek so I'd rather avoid that even though she's mentioned she'd like us all to do something together.
I wish I didn't fuck up all my friendships because of my shitty mental health, it's so difficult to make new connections as an adult.

No. 2083832

I hate the current lolcow, dystopia of a society we live in today. I wish I could tell my younger self that those years were actually the chillest most aesthetic times she lived in and to cherish it because it will all disappear soon.

No. 2083848

File: 1720607892347.jpg (3.98 KB, 123x110, 1446585073007.jpg)

My mom just vented to me about how annoyed she was at her chronically ill sister. (For context they never got along and her sister never was a good person before getting sick). She told me she hated hearing her moan or cry in pain, it bothered her and made her angry. She thinks she's doing it for attention and has no sympathy for her. She told me nobody likes sick people, nobody likes dealing with sick people. Nobody likes being around sick people, that people just want to avoid you when you're sick. But I'm also sick, I also have a painful chronic illness, I also cry in pain, I also look and act sick in front of other people. It hurt so much to hear her say this. I know it's true, that's why my fiance left me when I became ill. My mom lives in another country so she doesn't see me suffer every day but if we lived together I guess she would say the same things about me. I know she does this because she grew up in an abusive home where nobody cared about her feelings, but it still makes me so sad to hear that from her. She has always been dismissive of my illness, my pain, saying it wasn't real or that I could just think the pain away.

No. 2083855

nonnie thats so nice! Im also a loner working to make more friends and I'm very happy for you. I also lost most of my friends when I was dealing with depression for +3 years, so I have a hard time telling people about this. Good luck with your new friend!

No. 2083943

File: 1720618488431.jpg (22.91 KB, 589x520, 1000004173.jpg)

Men are spastic gorillas.
They're moronic. They are walking bad omens. Coked-up retard strength at all times. And what's worse? They have the fucking AUDACITY.
Clumsy, thoughtless, brain-dead, stupid, spastic, roided-up apes.

No. 2083947

I want to erase every part of who I was before 9 months ago. I feel like I was so stupid, so childish. Like I wasted so much fucking time, I resent myself for not trying harder, for not doing more things. I feel anxious and lost and so deeply lonely today. I need a hug

No. 2083950

This and most importantly: smelly. It doesn’t matter how much showers they take and if you dip them in bleach and sanitizing liquid they still stink like canines. I have an extreme tinfoil belief that men descended from canines and not apes, apes exercise some form of intelligence and self-cleaning and encourage fur picking as socialization which encourages them to do it even more, men do not have any of these.

No. 2084000


No. 2084044

I mean I understand that, but also he was the one who called the cops and then ran away before they came. I had him on video shouting at me before the call, so might as well release everything I had on him so it's on record. He is a physically abusive/cheating/controlling moid so even if she hates me, I'd rather him be out of our lives. Better that she hates me than her being dead a year down the line when I can't be there to protect her.

No. 2084047

Funny that you're angry with me because I didn't want to participate in doing something that was clearly distressing MY dog. "I feel alone on this" as if you don't regularly do shit without talking to me first and expect me to go along with it, smile and shut up. You know she was abused by my brother and yet you decided to act just as aggressive because she wasn't cooperating with you. As if the right thing wasn't just to leave her alone instead of trying to force an animal to ~respect your dominance~ or whatever the fuck you thought you were doing. Absolute fucking retard.

No. 2084066

karma is real - what you put out into the universe will come right back at you tenfold. my awful, piece of shit grandfather got into a car accident with a police officer. from the damage i've seen and the location where the accident occurred, i do believe the police officer was also at fault (he clearly saw my grandfather's big ass car and still hit it dead on). instead of apologizing and just letting the police do their thing so that he could walk away without any issues, my grandfather apparently started mouthing off at the police officer, told him it was his fault, he was stupid, just stuck his whole foot in his mouth. so now the police cited him and his license got suspended. i would feel more sorry but my grandfather has been terrible to me these past few months since my mother died and up until recently did everything in his power to try to take my inheritance from me. he tried throwing me out, not paying bills, not fixing things like the washing machine, taking my mom's car so i couldn't drive, stopped giving me the money my mom asked him to give me while i waited to get everything from my trust sorted. not only did he betray me, he betrayed my mother, even after claiming that he loved her so much and would do anything for her. and it was all based off of pure greed as he has more than enough money and just sold a house, so he is far from broke or destitute. it's sad that families are often like this but i have zero pity for him and i am enjoying watching god kick his ass. i just saw on our mail digest that he's getting a citation so he is totally not walking away from this situation at all and i fully expect them to revoke his license. serves him right.

No. 2084082

I'm the anon youre replying to. Like the other reply said, they won't help you do anything to become independent. My mom would verbally say she wanted me to go to college but put no effort into actually making sure I finished high school let alone had any sort of college fund or preparation. The devouring mother wants you to stay in her nest for eternity- she feels threatened or at best, saddened by any connections you have outside of her.

No. 2084084

Being unemployed is genuinely the worst pain ever and it fucking sucks living in this hell era during the most crucial period in my life. The fucking pandemic and this crazy job market ruined every chance I had to actually start my life. Not even asking for anything crazy just a job to be able to pay my phone bill and save. Im so done I cant take the pressure on me from my mom to get one when I have been trying for months and months applying to every job I come across, fixing my resume over and over. I want to give up on life

No. 2084088

WHY IS MY LIFE SUCH A MESS……. Everything cost money. Why the hell wasn’t I born a cat…

No. 2084102

File: 1720629887097.jpg (400.43 KB, 1920x1080, 1000004783.jpg)

>pour my heart out to therapist about being unloved and too traumatized with other people
>"Just love yourself"

I don't know what to say. Why do all therapists eventually come back to this retarded point. If I knew how to love myself I wouldn't have these issues. How do you justify loving yourself when no one else has.

No. 2084107

File: 1720630427645.png (25.74 KB, 642x539, i had similar experience.png)

I'm in the same position and it sucks and I hate that everyone has expectations of you that are out of your control.

No. 2084109

File: 1720630830472.jpeg (389.69 KB, 1480x2117, 62420dd3b874ec4e5dabae5b.jpeg)

I gained a little weight, and now my thighs are looking big and bloated, like in pic rel. Not good.

No. 2084110

Skill issue my therapist never said that shit to me.

Jokes aside, your therapist doesn't seem very good if they reduce their suggestions to just that. They should be helping you find reasons and ways to strengthen your relationship with yourself, not just telling you to do it.

No. 2084112

she looks good and cute, sorry about your insecurities.

No. 2084119

The fuuck i've just been bitten by this mysterious insect for the SECOND TIME! my hand just started being okay and now my other hand is fucked. Wtf?! It's a lightning speed flying bastard that just bites a chunk of flesh out and then leaves you with the biggest dose of poison i ever saw. Fucking hell, i didn't sign up for this poisonous bullshit, it's not supposed to be here. FUCK CLIMATE CHANGE

No. 2084120

same my thighs look massive when i’m sitting but normal when im walking it makes me feel like a sack of flour

No. 2084126

File: 1720632508598.jpeg (285.74 KB, 600x360, IMG_1664.jpeg)

Look at how gross it gets. You’re fine nonny but this is just nasty like cottage cheese clumps, shayna tier. At least shayna looks clean(derailing)

No. 2084131

Scrote brained

No. 2084133

I’m very good at deluding myself for absurd periods of time and constructing narratives that I can be okay with but I’ve got to face the music at some point and realize that a man is a man is a man and I’m never going to be happy and I’m always going to be looking for a love that probably doesn’t exist because all men are selfish, porn-addicted, emotionally stunted retards who could be bested at empathy by a fourteen-year-old cataractous dog who has stomach sores and sleep apnea.

No. 2084135

It’s gross. You don’t have to be a scrote to see that

No. 2084137

damn i thought the thicc/pear look was still popular..

No. 2084138

STFU handmaiden

No. 2084140

These women look fine they just need to work out more. Clumpy thighs go away with enough cardio and push-ups (at least in my experience they do).

No. 2084141

bait used to be believable

No. 2084143

It's popular, but I don't like it. It makes me feel like someone's aunt who wears fajas to the mall.

No. 2084144

ntayrt but are you a newfag? you really think that critiquing appearances is something only men do KEK?? i recommend you lurk moar

No. 2084146

it’s definitely not anymore, they’re just still trying to peddle it

No. 2084147

File: 1720633823278.jpg (153.45 KB, 1170x913, 15508442643.jpg)

>less than 100 pounds and my body still looks like this

No. 2084149

definitely bait. these women are easily like 20-30 lbs lighter than Shayna and the woman anon posted here >>2084109

No. 2084160

I have to try not to insult people, it’s one of my bad habits that I like doing. I call people faggots, retards when it’s so unwarranted and it makes people not like even if it’s through the screen, I must stop and be more respectful.

No. 2084163

Literally how nonna??? Unless you have sagging fat from losing weight. You’ll be fine, but those female rappers are absolutely disgusting looking with vomit-tier bodies.

No. 2084165

Having an opinion isn’t bait. Latto is overweight, dare I say fat but that gets you slapped with a rattle redtext for daring to not be a fat fuck NEET like one of the farmhands. “That could be me!!”

No. 2084166

There's different factors but together maybe you can envision my complete frustration and disappointment. My dad left my mum for a younger woman (standard) after becoming more brazen with his affair. He left the home at 10. This then turned into my abusive childhood at the hands of my mother. And I always rationalised that she was hurting and dumb kid shit etc. Anyway I have my life and it's pretty cliche. Have two violent boyfriend's. Become a recluse. Have no friends. Anyway. I'm in my 30s. Speak more with my dad after him being absent for years. He comes around when my step dad suddenly passed and felt sorry for me cause my step dad was a good man. Anyway. Turns out mum was the one that cheated routinely on my dad. Would go to hotels to meet men. Had a reputation etc. Several abortions. All this stuff. I have yet to let her know i know and I dont think I will. I've hated her for years for how she treats me but I'm currently in the will and the executor so I'm happy to keep my mouth shut. Anyway my step dad not even dead a year and my mum has said this is the longest she's ever been single and she can't cope. She made such a stink with my step dad's bio kids about where to be buried and she's already thinking about husband no. 4billion how about stop being a whole you're retired

No. 2084167

File: 1720634456349.jpg (86.49 KB, 1074x1079, GFMhMXoWEAEpqkr.jpg)

researching on a horrorcow and now i want this world to explode

No. 2084169

idk who these women are but two of them are literally skinnier than the photo anon was comparing herself to, kek. even the one with the bleached hair is arguably the same size but just styled differently

No. 2084171

felt, nonnie.

No. 2084172

i don't fucking know, the cellulite has always been there even though i've never been overweight at any point, same with the shitty fat distribution. i wish there was lipo for specific body parts. if it's disgusting on them why would it look any better on me?

No. 2084173

That should be had two violent boyfriend's and that my mum should stop being a whore.

No. 2084175

Toning the area where cellulite is has helped me. I think sometimes once you get certain far cells accumulated and they become cellulite that's pretty much them there and you can improve the look but no be rid of it

No. 2084176

doordash scrote asked me for gas money. i am already tipping 3 usd just to be kind so this is crazy. definitely revoking that, i don’t really care that you don’t have gas in your car. i’m going to stop using door dash in general though it’s crazy that you can’t see the driver before you tip

No. 2084180

I had cellulite and strech mark since i was 13. I was always very skinny and did aerobics for years, it's just in my genes I guess.. and I don't give a damn. It doesn't hurt anybody and i have bigger things to worry about than minor flaws on my ass and legs. Some nonnas are way to obsessed with their bodies. Troon tier.

No. 2084181

like seriously why are you working a job where you need to drive without gas kek. sending me a bleeding heart text that you need the money “in cash” too. stupid bastard

No. 2084182

Like the other anons said, build some muscle to tone and shape your body

No. 2084187

ew please say you reported him

No. 2084188

What would be revolutionary for these delivery apps is by being able to choose the sex of your driver. Male delivery drivers on instacart as lazy and uncommunicative, most of the female drivers are derail-oriented and get almost everything right. It’s always scrotes doing doordash, uber eats and instacart screeching and being entitled about tips

No. 2084190

digital serfdom doesn't pay. You also shouldn't use doordash and be surprised that people with no money show up at your door and beg. That's the kind of person that doordash is relying on to be desperate enough to do the gig. Get it yourself you lazy ass.

No. 2084194

For a site that's "mostly radfem man haters" some users here care way too much about their bodies/weight and how they appeal to men(derailing)

No. 2084197

strech marks

No. 2084200

Because most of us aren’t lesbos and are attracted to men.(infighting)

No. 2084201

I'm esl and I'm canning fruit right now, I don't care to check my grammar

No. 2084203

Funny because if I stay thicc, men would like me more because where I live, being thicc and having big thighs and a big ass is trendy. Being skinny makes you less attractive to men.

No. 2084205

Men couldn't give a shit about cellulite.

No. 2084208

you’re adorable nonny

No. 2084209

Yes they do

No. 2084210

No you don't have to be lesbian to not be a performatively misandrist pickme, don't blame "lesbos" for standing out as pathetic side by side with other straight women nona

No. 2084213

I want to appeal to nonas but alas…can't even do that because I still look huge at 90 pounds

No. 2084215

Any man that would write off a woman solely because of cellulite and nothing else is probably a faggot

No. 2084219

I know this is probably an unpopular opinion but I think a natural thicc body type of peak femininity.

No. 2084222

Samefag but I truly mean it when I say anons finding me unattractive hurts more than some random moid. It's one of the many reasons why I refuse to befriend anyone from here

No. 2084224

Get a therapist. Get a personal trainer. What is lolcow going to do for your body dysmorphia and cellulite other than call you cottage cheese or a pickme?

No. 2084226

you shouldn't care what the baiting idiots on here think anon, they're not worth it.

No. 2084227

You’re punished for trying to have decent conversations with others on here, don’t take it seriously kek(ban evasion)

No. 2084236

don't have internet at home rn because my provider is being a bitch so i'm staying at my sorta fwb's house for the past few days and the coming two days or so because i work from home. we've been kind of living like a couple and it does feel good but we both know a relationship would be a bad idea. but it does feel good for now. but it's a bad idea etc. we've been doin' the nasty for about six months now but i've known him for years. please god give me the strength to not date him!!! he's basically everything i'm looking for in a man except that he's balding. won't date a bald man ever unless he gets cancer sorry

No. 2084280

I started taking antidepressants (SNRI) and my sexual desire has decreased 100%. I don't have any desire to go on a dating app or read smut. The last time I masturbated was over a month ago and it took me over half an hour to have an orgasm. It's just too much of a hassle and I don't bother anymore and I also don't care. I do feel lonely though and I wish I had a few friends to do things with on the weekend. What bothers me the most is that it completely changed my appetite. The only thing I want to eat are ramen fire noodles and chocolate cake. It's annoying. I'm also scared I'm going to gain weight. I'm going to try to hide vegetables in the noodles.

No. 2084284

I think I'll get fired today

No. 2084286

I've been best friends with this person for almost two years by now and recently we started to talk less because of some stuff on my end (my routine got busier, I'm trying to fight off burnout and avoid depression, among other shit). I joined a server for a fandom we're both in because I felt like I needed to be exposed to a more social environment and talk to more people in general and I'm honestly thriving, but my friend is fucking pissed at me because I'm not talking to them as much. I talk to them every single day, literally every day, but they get mad at me because I talk too little or because I'm giving too much of my attention to the fandom server (my social battery only goes so fucking far). For days now they've been sending me pained and angry tirades about how I don't really care about them, how I make them feel lonely, how I'm not doing enough for them, how I'm not giving them enough attention, how they don't believe I love them (platonically ofc) because my actions don't show it (because I'm not replying to their every message withi a 10 minute timeframe). I promised to talk to them more and I did, but after I took a brief pause to do some chatting in the fandom server they flipped the fuck OUT at me and started giving me the cold shoulder and are at it again saying I'm a shitty friend for ignoring them simply because I made the choice to talk to someone else first and left them on standby for…one or two hours. Like LITERALLY I just stayed away from their DMs for around two hours max to talk to other people.

I love them as a friend. They're my best friend. But I'm so fucking tired nonas. Nothing I do is enough. I want to talk to them and I do want to do better as a friend but I also want to have a broader social circle and talk to other people without feeling like I NEED to be at their beck and call at every second. This is fucking destroying me because it's making me think I'm an awful fucking friend who's prioritizing others above someone who I'm much closer with but…at the same time…why can't I talk to other people? Why can't I take a break and chat with others? For just one day? What is going on?

No. 2084287

My mom is like this. I now just accept the role of a villain when trying to establish some very basic boundaries, emphasising no means no and not accepting a mountain of things I won't use. There's no winning, and no sympathy from others but I get it.

No. 2084291

imo that's not a real friend, they're just obsessed with you and feel entitled to your attention. they don't see you as a person with needs they just want you for themselves. get away from that person.

No. 2084294

As someone whose acted exactly like your friend in the past, it's not your fault. She doesn't own you or your time. You have a right to do what you please and take breaks from interacting with her. People like this usually act this way because they have a fear of abandonment. At least I did. All you can do really do is try to reassure her that you don't want to abandon her but really need some space and she needs to respect your needs as a person or the friendship won't work out in the long term.

No. 2084298

That's the thing…I reassure them constantly. I've told them again and again how much they mean the world to me, how I'll always go back to them no matter what, how their friendship is irreplaceable to me and so on. They know that I'm an extremely picky person when it comes to my close circle because of my severe trust issues and they know that they are a very special friend to me because I allowed them into that close circle of mine. They literally have no reason to feel abandoned by me because I constantly express how much they mean to me. If I were barely talking to them for weeks on end and never changing on my approach then fine I'd agree, but I talk to them EVERY DAY. Just not EVERY HOUR, but EVERY DAY regardless.

No. 2084318

It pains me that no moid could see beauty in me even when I (and I hope not to sound vain) see it in myself

No. 2084327

File: 1720643613616.jpg (126.5 KB, 1096x766, tumblr_583928b915b6fd871208a9a…)

I feel the exact same way with most of my relationships but I never say anything because I know it's irrational and unfair to the other person. It's silly but I only realized it after seeing posts like picrel. Now I still agonize over it despite knowing that late messages don't mean I'm getting ignored, people can have multiple friends and that friendship can't be ranked or compared. I really don't think there's anything you can do about it beyond the reassurance you've already given them, at this point it's their personal issue. In my case it happens because I haven't had secure friendships growing up and it only gets better when I'm busy irl or talking to multiple people at the same time. When I'm fixated on one person and don't have a job or classes to focus on it literally kills me that they aren't also available 24/7. Even if they were to go out of their way to make time for me, if I later see them leave a comment somewhere or chat in a server I'll feel betrayed and hurt even if it's 5 hours they spent with me vs. one small joke they made to someone else. If your friend is anything like me nothing will be enough until they work on themselves which you obviously can't do anything about. Maybe it would help if they also joined the fandom server so they could talk to more people while also being able to talk to you at the same time?

No. 2084334


>Maybe it would help if they also joined the fandom server so they could talk to more people while also being able to talk to you at the same time?

They are in the server as well, I joined alongside them. But they refuse to talk to others because they have a hard time talking to new people even though the people in the server are very easygoing and welcoming and have done multiple attempts to talk to them.

No. 2084341

File: 1720644100946.jpg (5.1 KB, 231x218, 1000006982.jpg)

No. 2084354

There's nothing you can do then. You can't make an insecure person believe you when their brain is basically wired to tell them it's a lie

No. 2084394

File: 1720646606429.png (73.02 KB, 430x512, 182838399393863.png)

Some autist over at 4cuck has begun stalking threads around a game/character I like because according to him it's "off-topic" to the board in question. I could call him out but I feel like that would only exacerbate things on account of being a relatively well known personality, yet I feel more and more uneasy starting any conversation around said topic in fear it will make him snap or something else.

No. 2084439

Bitches don’t know that trauma made me violently antinatalist

No. 2084453

how are you a well-known personality on an anonymous website…

No. 2084463

Essentially by being a namefag on hobbyist threads, drawing in this case.

No. 2084468

File: 1720649803601.jpeg (69.2 KB, 736x729, IMG_1669.jpeg)

I’ve been unemployed for about awhile now and I desperately need an income so I can apply to housing aid. I can’t live in this place anymore, I hate almost a majority of my family and I can’t rely on anyone. Every single person in my family is unreliable. I don’t care if you call me some “welfare” moocher for applying for this aid, it’s quite possibly the only way to get out of my shit living situation, it’s the only way to pull myself up. The only thing I need is just a stable job but the job market is so brutally fucked where I live (US anon) and I have no connections. I’m too scared to try to market myself on social media to get my tiny rinky side business rolling. I’m looking for one sliver of luck and fortune to be on my side, just for once. Let me have some real good luck please

No. 2084470

I’m sure the two wisdom teeth trying to come out of my small jaw desperately wants to come out and I have no money for it either, wish me luck in the emergency room if I have to go there in a few weeks because I know I’m definitely going to have to go there or just die

No. 2084491

my banking app keeps sending me "youre spending against your budget" notifications and it fuckin kills me inside every time. as if i don't already know. i'm going to turn off notifications so they can't keep reminding me of my shitty financial situation.

No. 2084502

File: 1720650779411.jpeg (59 KB, 735x739, IMG_1673.jpeg)

>nobody ever talks about the profound sadness of drifting apart from an important woman in your life like your sister
>women only talk about how much they love their stupid fucking fathers and brothers when they will never know the love that’s held between two sisters struggling under the same situation with different circumstances
>she’s older and i’m younger and we are drifting apart and she no longer understands or probably cares about me anymore
>it hurts so bad and i didn’t understand how much this hurts until i started randomly crying
>doesn’t know if i’m crying over something that was an illusion or something that was actually there like our bond
>loves my mom but i always felt emotionally separate and distant and even drained from her because whenever she is sad i want to be sad and whenever she’s happy i’m happy it whenever she’s depressed it makes me want to stay far away from her because i can’t handle it sometimes seeing someone who needs help and i can’t help because i also need help
>male family members remind me of wandering dogs and not actual human beings with any sense of care, depth or empathy
i feel so lonely because nobody understands this feeling. i miss my sister niggas and i don’t care if she probably doesn’t feel equally the same anymore because we haven’t really spoken like we used to in a long time

No. 2084516

Living through a hell nobody in your life will ever understand is torture. It has destroyed my life, my hopes, my physical and mental health, and my everything.
I hope for the best for you nonnas. I hope we find ourselves again.

No. 2084578

>she’s older and i’m younger and we are drifting apart and she no longer understands or probably cares about me anymore
Why do you think that anon? Is there anything you can do to try and stay or get close to her? I can't imagine she would stop caring about you if you had a close bond to begin with, sisterhood isn't like a normal friendship where you can easily lose interest in each other.

I'm an older sister and I can't imagine ever not loving my younger sis even if we become less close. She's having a baby soon and I'm scared we'll drift apart because she'll be busy and her new family will be priority but that couldn't change how I feel about her.

No. 2084579

I swear to God I hate this more than anything. I'm never spending against my budget either, but regardless they send me that notification almost every day. I still have a few hundred in the bank, so I don't get why randomly I need to get that notification every time I spend $2 on a bottle of water.

No. 2084595

File: 1720653741989.jpeg (206.17 KB, 700x525, IMG_2111.jpeg)

>tfw once again find things I threw out reappear in the house

I swear to god I’m at my limit anons. My mom is psychotic. Literally keeping broken shit under the bed and yet will continue to complain about the house being too small and not having enough space. I hate the boomer mentality of hoarding random shit. Especially clothes that don’t even fit her. There’s been time where I throw things in the garbage bin outside and she’ll go out of her way to pick it out and put it back in the closet. I’m lucky she’s a nazi about cleanliness otherwise she’d probably be saving actual garbage and rotten food. I want to move out so bad. I can’t deal with her unhealthy addiction to saving all this junk and only decides to purge it when she wants to fill it with different junk.

No. 2084598

Because of certain family issues I rather not say on this website. It’s not that anything bad has happened between us but money issues has been tight and she’s been picking up this burden and it’s been making her stressed. I’m just glad she was able to move into a nicer apartment and according to my mom she’s been getting promoted within the company she works at and she works remotely which is why I’m so jealous of her. I feel like this money strain and my failures and mistakes is what’s making us drift apart, also our age. I wish I can give it her all but because I was young and she was one of those parentified siblings it ended up working in her favor because at least she developed life skills that was able to make her move out and find a living while I am just bubbling under my inexperience and incompetence. I feel like she’s just getting tired of me. I think you should explain that to your sister you don’t want to drift apart because of her new baby on the way, you can even try and find a way to hang out with her and her baby and even help her if you want to but I’m sure it’s difficult if you live farther apart from each other.

No. 2084629

Sorry nona thats rough to deal with. I have a friend who I'm convinced is a future hoarder as she's already got OCD and is showing signs of it. I think living with her parents at the moment is the only thing keeping her on track… I have no idea how to stop someone from developing into one and i know it's not actually up to me to stop it from happening but still, she's my friend and I don't want to just watch it happen…

No. 2084791

I'm so angry because I still report to my mom like I'm in grade school or something and then inevitably get pissed off when she tries to offer advice. Like I haven't been performing well at work recently, so I told her about it and how it stressed me out and then she kept giving me all this advice and I just kept saying "I know that" over and over because it's stuff that I've already thought to do. I feel so irritated after talking to her because now I feel like I'm in trouble at work and now I'm in trouble with her too. But why am I reporting to her on how I'm doing at work anyway? I think I wanted her to tell me that it was going to be okay, but it isn't reasonable to expect her to do that. So now I'm angry with myself too because I feel even more anxious having talked about it. I should have just not said anything and worked on it myself. I'm not going to be able to stop thinking about this for the rest of the night probably.

No. 2084831

Thank you nona. She's joked to me that I have "lots of rules" for her to remember. These include not touching me during casual conversations (in that old lady way of touching your arm/hands) and not standing right outside the restroom door and trying to talk to me while I'm in there. I've accepted that my friends find it hilarious, but at some point they'll experience a coworker or acquaintance that ever so slightly crosses socially acceptable personal boundaries and I can't wait to let them rant about it over tea with 20-something lemons.

No. 2084847

i forgot about something that was important to him. I’ve apologised, i’ve asked how to make it right. he won’t go for it. it feels like he doesn’t love me anymore. he said my affection feels insincere. now he’s stormed off out of bed to sleep on the sofa. i don’t know what else i can do??? feels like nothing i do is the right answer. i’m going away this weekend and i don’t want to leave on bad terms, feels like im being punished. is it not normal to be affectionate to your partner when you want to emphasise how sorry you are??

No. 2084913

File: 1720675309896.jpeg (157.69 KB, 941x712, B8C82A76-50E4-4229-8301-89316B…)

I don’t know if I can ever learn to love or even accept being a woman. Remembering sexual dimorphism exists is enough to send me spiraling, and the fact that I have the biological capacity for pregnancy and my entire body is constructed around it makes me nauseous. Fighting the troon demons like crazy right now. Anyone have any advice for dealing with dysphoria?

No. 2084927

You're body is not constructed around pregnancy, it's just something you could do. You should download a fitness or a yoga app and make some exercise, you will realise how good it feels to train and stretch your muscles. Your body is your home in the material world, take care of it and you'll enjoy earthly pleasures like swimming at the sea, hiking in the middle of nature or just eating a delicious meal after working out.

No. 2084928

You have to remind yourself that this isn’t something you can change and to live with the cards you’ve been dealt. There is nothing else to do. Also, TiF-ing out only makes it worse.

No. 2084942

>Remembering sexual dimorphism exists is enough to send me spiraling, and the fact that I have the biological capacity for pregnancy and my entire body is constructed around it makes me nauseous.
I feel you, I think it's scary too. But you won't get pregnant, I won't get pregnant, it'll be okay and we'll continue living our lives doing things we love and focusing on things we find productive. Our goal in life is to be happy. Hang in there nonny

No. 2084948

Another day another wondering if life is even worth it. I'm not doing very good, I have no friends and it shows, I really hate it

I don't know if I'm unlikeable or just very stupid. I want to disappear

No. 2084955

I refuse to troon out. I do not date. I am young and thin and have big tits and I hate sexual attention. I wish I was born male, but TIFs are shit. I avoid dating or hookups. Instead I get my sexual and intimate needs met by roleplaying as male characters and writing fanfic from male POVs. I am extremely introverted and like living alone so I don’t feel romantically lonely at all.

No. 2084970

Don't listen to most troons either terfs feminists and misandrists both of those groups are insufferable and feed you delusionals first ones I don't even have to say what kind of delusions and other will deny existence of biological femininity or existence of the natural difference between sexes and will get mad at you for dunking on womanhood, I personally react like this to the sexual dimorphism: I see the traits male physiognomy naturally embodies and I react to them like they are a predator, I'm not like other women, also if you wanted to manifest tourself physically into the reality as a masculine form or as someone into into sexual submission or being sexually servile then it would visually look like a male body however our mental preferences are limited by biological gender and we can't do no shit about it so both of those groups of people only make it worse, I experienced cruelty from terga on other website their intentions aren't good, I never called myself trans etc but they started calling me a ftm and taunting me, once I got a dumb message on a website for sending anon questions and it reeked of extreme troon obsession turning into vileness towards me it all cause she imaged me as a ftm which I never called myself ever(integrate)

No. 2084981

What's biological femininity

No. 2084987

If you look at a woman body it physically has visible feminine traits and male body / physiognomy has masculine cause femininity and masculinity is biological and also having piv or straight sex in general or even just any sex as a woman makes you engage in femininity because of your biology suggesting it's inherent and limiting someone's mental preferences. Woman body is also made to give birth and feed babies>have a uterus womb which has to get a baby out and get the dick in which needs a vagina made to get penetrated, that's also biological femininity(integrate)

No. 2084993

File: 1720681333967.jpg (30.36 KB, 563x444, 24302954435a.jpg)

Yeah. I got ~misgendered~ again by a complete stranger normie IRL just a few days ago and it fucked me up so bad and really made me think about how nobody even permits me to be a woman for being a butch lesbian following a masculine code of conduct due to being raised with a brother and boys around me, and even working in a male-dominated field. Radfems can keep telling me how magical my body is for being able to get pregnant (can't even do that due to dysfunctional ovaries so lol, lmao) and my breasts are so boobily wonderful but if the signal I get from everyone around me, including a lot of "gendercrits", is "we don't see you as a woman" then why should I do it either? The only reasons I haven't trooned out is because I couldn't bear the stress of living stealth, my already minimal puddle of a dating pool would dry up completely and I would set myself up for a significantly shortened lifespan, numerous medical issues and possibly irreversible baldness and body hair growth.

And I don't even hate being a woman, god no, I would not want to be a cis man because they're subhuman beasts. The issue is that I'm constantly being denied my female sex. I just want people to leave me alone, respect me and stop giving me shit for minding my own business and not actively corresponding to their shallow view of what a woman should be like. I sympathize with a lot of depressed SSA TIFs and "non-woman enbies" because no matter how cringe they are, I know how painful it is to always be denied womanhood but yet be hated for leaving it altogether. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. Apparently the only acceptable option would be to turn tradfemme and personally I would rather kill myself than go down that route.

No. 2084994

You need to use punctuations because your post sounds very unintelligible

No. 2084996

I’ve met gay men less obsessed with cock than you, it’s impressive.

No. 2084997

>Radfems can keep telling me how magical my body is for being able to get pregnant (can't even do that due to dysfunctional ovaries so lol, lmao) and my breasts are so boobily wonderful but if the signal I get from everyone around me, including a lot of "gendercrits", is "we don't see you as a woman" then why should I do it either?
They sound like fake radfems, unfortunately a lot of "radfems" are trad in disguise

No. 2084999

There's nothing hard to understand in it anyway cause everyone can see something this apparent in life besides troons and terfs - misandrist - feminists and any politically correct or denialist people and kinda the current society where the mentality is "everyone is the same and equal uwu" maybe too(integrate)

No. 2085000

Anon shits herself over a fact duh human bodies have dicks and vagina and vagina has to get a dick in to get pregnant what a degenerate point!(infighting)

No. 2085002

I have absolutely no idea what this post is trying to convey. It's like reading that "how is babby formed" copypasta.

No. 2085004

Ever since I started dating my moid my life has reduced to just him. It's just him and me and I have no other friends because they either hurt me, mistreat me, misunderstand me, I don't think real deep friendship is possible because there's always something off. My life is so boring though

No. 2085007

Sorry you are dumb then and can't understand the simplest thing like the existence of a pussy and a dick and one having to get into the other to impregnate and both being made for this purpose. Look at a human woman body, can you see feminine traits in it? You can. Then look at a male human body and you will see masculine traits it naturally is visible from outside(infighting)

No. 2085008

…so you're saying that femininity is having a female body? No shit? Also remember that non-straight and volcel women exist, you sound a little too lost in the sauce with all this cock and vagina and dick and birth shit. Relax, biologically not everyone is meant to have sex with moids.


All of these things as true though, and plenty of women live without men. I don't know why you sound so angry about that, do you want women to grovel and drool at the sight of the superior masculinity and keep in mind that they're just inferior baby making machines (according to you)? Get a grip.

No. 2085011

I'm dating someone for 3-4 months while on Erasmus abroad. Our countries are not too far away. But I asked yesterday about what does he see in future or how does he value this because it would be a factor as well if I were to work in his country for a bit. I'm leaving in 3 weeks and I think it's time to talk about this. I think I phrased it all wrong and now I'm the clingy one and he got cold feet. Before he was very much the clingy one. But now he isn't sure if he can give me what I want because he's gonna be studying in another city for 10 months and then he might have to be moving around to far away countries for work. I never said I want a marriage or something because it's too early so I did stop him. After that, he did say he wants a relationship with me and that he loves me.
I wouldn't move just for him, for me 10 months in the city he's moving to would be a good career investment if I found a job there. But of course it would be a factor and if he isn't really serious about dating I wouldn't come. But he is important to me and we're already around 30 so it is getting harder to find people you vibe with. It was later evening, a day before I got my period (I'm always weird) so I think I shouldn't have brought it up before thinking of how to say it properly and carefully.
It all left a bad aftertaste. It's probably gonna revert in a few days (max. 5) if I give him space and get more detached again. It's so stupid how men always want you when you don't want/need them and when you catch feelings and show it, they get cold feet. Still, I'm gonna be feeling like shit for these 5 days, even if I know it's not that important. But honestly, this relationship probably won't survive. I fear he's all talk no action. It's just strange how he's all 'I don't deserve you/love of my life/you're forever mine' but when you actually try to be constructive about it, poof.

No. 2085013

File: 1720682406024.png (29.08 KB, 630x434, punctutation-what-is-punctiati…)

heres something you might find useful, anon

No. 2085014

Lolcow genuinely needs to start implementing a grammar test because despite being an ESL-chan myself I still can't comprehend speaking in these chinglish kind of riddles with your whole chest.

No. 2085016

She's on a schizo rant and her mind is probably too poisoned by porn and moid "biology" gotchas, her thoughts are going very fast and she has no time for punctuation nonna

No. 2085017

>drool at the sight of the superior masculinity and keep in mind that they're just inferior baby making machines (according to you)? Get a grip.
They live like this anyway forever and ever. They are the ones who are obsessed with the other sex romantically. And I didn't say lesbians don't exist it just doesn't contradict my point. And yes those ratfems are actually wrong, braindead and childish and mae keverything about men and worship womanhood aka literal tortures cause uh menz subhuman! Then they kiss men and can't live without the straight romance and none of them treat men like subhuman

No. 2085018

When you start an infight cause you said women have a vagina that gets the dick in and baby out.

No. 2085021

File: 1720682834569.png (1.05 MB, 683x1024, Fun-Activities-for-Punctuation…)

No. 2085023

What's the fucking point of venting in this thread if everyone is going to infight about irrelevant shit
Same here, like, what in the schizo rant did I just read?

No. 2085026

I don't think anyone but the voices in your head denied this, anon. Yeah, vaginas exist and they can pop out babies and take in dicks. Doesn't mean it's the purpose of every woman alive ever.

>And I didn't say lesbians don't exist it just doesn't contradict my point
It does though, you're conflating women's bodies with straight sexuality and an hypothetical obsession with reproducing and cock. Femininity isn't being subservient or obsessed with moids, as you said femininity is having a female body. Lesbians and volcels also have female bodies, but they don't fuck men, so in your eyes they are not feminine because they don't play that role, but femninity isn't a role. And worshipping womanhood doesn't equal being obsessed with men, you're just too horny and pornbrained probably.

No. 2085037

It's sad when an anon has a vent and just needs a little reassurance but then some schizo comes in and posts walls of texts of irrelevant shit no1currs about.

No. 2085040

>me: have a good day and stay hydrated it's hot outside today
>moid: are you trying to insult me?

??? literally how did he come to this conclusion

No. 2085041

Sometimes I can barely process the post on here

No. 2085043

I feel the same way as a lesbian

No. 2085047

File: 1720686808050.jpg (7.3 KB, 196x257, macaquefacepalm.jpg)

It's so hard when one of your best friends struggles mentally and gets herself into trouble. I know it's not my job to be the hero and save her, but on the other hand what kind of friend doesn't even try? So I'm stuck in-between and don't know what to do while she keeps clowning around.

She's not formally diagnosed but as someone on the spectrum I can tell she's also on the spectrum, and she pretty much agrees and have had therapist who thought so too, they just never got around to actually test her. She is a former sugar baby obsessed with expensive fashion. She stopped for a while it after she was raped by one of them. She did report it to the police which I'm proud of her for, but it's likely not going to go anywhere since there's not much to go by and he used a fake name deleted his sugaring profile. I thought that had finally made her stop for good but then she recently got back into it, just this time she's just scamming men online by leading them on so they buy her expensive brand items before ghosting them. She's still making plans to meet some of them though, just pulling out last minute with some excuse, meaning they still have a rough idea of where she lives. It's so incredibly stupid of her to get back into it when it already got her raped before. Like did she seriously not learn the lesson? I keep telling her it's a bad idea and she agrees and says I'm so nice for talking sense into her and being realistic, but she just keeps doing it anyway being all "I can't help it, I'm sorry".

She says she's too mentally unwell to work or study. She lives for free with supportive parents and nearby adult siblings, nobody is expecting her to pay anything any time soon and I still see her vent on her secret social media about how "she has no choice" but to be a sugar baby because of money. Our mutual online friends are like "sex work is real work, you go girl" because they all have fucking brainrot, but since I know her irl I know every single penny goes not to living expenses, but to expensive fashion. She is clearly mentally unwell but idk how to be supportive or help her when she acts like this.

I honestly think she wants to do sugaring for 2 reasons: the male validation more than the money. She's not conventionally attractive so this is a way she can pretend all men want and chase after her. Secondly she's always been into dark fiction and tragic aesthetics (think reading rape fanfiction and worshipping Lana Del Rey). I think she's maybe sort of subconsciously living out those fantasies by making herself into the beautiful abused victim who gets compassion from everyone. Then I feel bad for thinking she caused all this herself.

No. 2085055

I am so sorry, that sounds exhausting. Let us hope she finds some form of media to fully dedicate herself to and that she'll get self esteem by writing fanfic.

No. 2085056

Males are obsessed with sex to the point they humiliate themselves, abuse animals and children and can get memed into literally anything being their fetish. Wearing a skirt = instant boner. Seeing a barefoot child = came in his pants. A goat = instantly wants to fuck it now. Being a bit physically stronger is just not a good trade off if you have to live your life enslaved to your own sexuality. The only reason you think men are better is because you're a woman who don't actually know what it's like being a man at all, you're just afraid of abuse from men so you'd rather join them and be an abuser too in hopes that it would protect you.

No. 2085081

Greatest advice is to stop idealizing and worshipping the male body and experience as if it were the standard, therefore superior. Think about why you hate that women have that physicality, is it because you see it as a downgrade to men? Do you hate the fact that your body can sustain pregnancy because you see it through male eyes, as something that's imposed to you forcefully instead of simply a possibility of your body? Why is is bad that your body can sustain pregnancy? Why do you think that male bodies being constructed around fucking non stop, violence and dying easily is the better option? Think of why you don't see women as just people and you yearn for a male-like body, is it because you're attracted to them sexually? Are you mistaking your sexual attraction for a desire to become the subject of your attraction?

No. 2085098

NTA but do you think people like her "idealize and worship the male body" or "mistake sexual attraction for desire to become the subject of the attraction"? What kind of a lizard brain thought is that? I'm pretty sure that anon described the existential fear of being stuck in a female body and feels disconnected to the fact that she's capable of becoming pregnant, which is completely understandable as pregnancy is still a gigantic risk to our survival and men are always looking for ways to exploit our reproductive capabilities, and the system's behavior is autonomous and largely out of our control. It gets very scary the more you think about it.

No. 2085118

>What kind of a lizard brain thought is that?
nta but people who have gotten over it sometimes describe exactly that, detrans women for example. Some of them talk about how they mistook their attraction and admiration for "i hate being female and want to be male"

No. 2085148

Congrats for that derailing armchairing I guess, but it still has nothing to do with how anon described her feelings in quite obvious detail.

No. 2085229

File: 1720699208681.jpg (21.06 KB, 275x144, 1000000778.jpg)

My roommate, who is nearly 40 fucking years old pissed me off so much tonight. Our dog has diarrhea right now so when my bf and I came home we noticed he went by the front door. I went to go clean it and locked the door since I didn't want anyone swinging it open (for context its usually unlocked since we live in a good apartment building and only two of four roommates have keys). I forgot and went on with the night. Come 3 hours later around 2 am my roommate starts banging on the door as if he's going to break it and I run over after hearing it right away. I unlock it and say oh sorry we forgot to unlock it and he just starts yelling at cursing at me. I explain it was an accident I forgot to unlock it then he continues to throw a fucking tantrum. My boyfriend wakes up and tells him to just chill out and listen for a second but he's so fucking stupid and keeps repeating "I can't come into my own fucking house?!" like what the fuck. Then I absolutely just exploded because it's just been a long time coming. I told him to fuck off and to not speak to me like that. Its also 2 am and we do have neighbors so him trying to break the door down was stupid and he could have easily texted or called anyone. I yelled at him and told him to get the fuck out of my face and go to bed lol. I haven't been this angry in a long time. My adrenaline was going for nearly an hour after and even hours later I'm still pissed. I just can't believe I actually sent him to his room like a child. Or I can believe that because he acts like he's 16. Pathetic. I wish he would move out but he couldn't live on his own, he's that useless.

No. 2085236

tfw my art doesn’t even look bad it just looks lazy

No. 2085244

>hear an ad for prep
>"I have lost so many friends to HIV"
>"I'm trans and want to live a long, happy, and healthy life"
Sir, your lifestyle will not lead you to live that long, happy, and healthy life. I need to configure that Spotify apk I keep stalling on. I'm sick of it all.

No. 2085355

my back has always been shit but in this past year it has begun decaying at a rapid rate, walking and standing hurts. my last straw was when i was out at a concert that i had waited months for and never thought would play in my area only to be there for hours only thinking about how fucking bad my back hurts. so i started getting more intensive help for it, but its obvious that i am slower/cant do as much/etc and now im gaining a shitload of weight because i essentially can't do more than occasionally walk around. I have never had back rolls in my life. I woke up today with fucking back rolls. I noticed them while walking my neighborhood. all i could do was get home and cry while i apply my anti-pain creams and take a shitload of ibuprofen so that I can do my chiro stretches.

on top of that, i could never pay to have my wisdom teeth removed which isnt usually a problem (every other year i will have growing pains but eh), two nights ago i guess one them teefies decided it was going to exist and started growing so that i am not only biting onto gum tissue with my top row of teeth, but biting into a layer sitting on top tooth. i woke up to it rupturing in my mouth and i was bleeding everywhere.

i am so defeated nonas. i guess on the plus side i cant eat anymore!

No. 2085365

File: 1720707839889.png (253.92 KB, 402x463, Rttyhh7.png)

I just found out I have a long lost sibling. Not only that, but they've had a super hardcore life. I'm talking about watching people die in front of them, bullet scars, having to change names, John Wick tier. Plus they have really attractive and successful genius kids and ngl I'm a loser autismo fujo weeb neet.
Obviously I want to try to connect but what the fuck do I do?? Like bro, they walked past my anime calender I am so lame.

No. 2085368

I don't think someone who has been through that much really cares if you are a looser nona. As long as they also want to connect I wouldn't worry about it.

No. 2085373

Same. I have a half-sibling whose a math wiz and is going to uni. Meanwhile I'm stuck with my shitty wagie job and have no friends. romantic experience and post regularly on lolcor.

Worst yet, they're a year younger than me—yeah it's a super small age gap, but where I'm from high expectations are held on the older one.

No. 2085375

Men are stupid

No. 2085382

I just don't know what to do, even something basic like do I call them the next day? Do I wait for them to call me? Like, do we go to a restaurant or hang out? We don't speak the same language either. I've never met any extended family, I always just figured my parents were black sheep of the family and my dad didn't like talking about his past, and when he let slip I figured he was just big fishing the gangster stuff but APPARENTLY NOT.

No. 2085393

I have to learn to stop seeking validation from my father because he's an asshole. In other ways though, it's like sorting a pros and cons list in my head
Pros of my dad
>helps me fix things
>helps me financially with my car without me asking (ever)

>gaslights me about literally everything - will literally lie to my face about shit and when I call him out he gets mad and doesn't admit anything
>has never apologized to me for anything, for lying or thinking the worst of me when it wasn't true
>typical appeal to authority political opinions where he thinks he's smarter than everyone else but watching fox news and reads the epoch times
>treats my mom like shit, talking over her, yelling at her

I already know what I can do but I feel weird doing it. And then my mom is worse in some respects:
>used to tell my brother and I all the time that she wants a divorce, she regrets getting married and having kids, that my dad doesn't do anything to help, that my dad is a loser, and a coward, and lazy, and disorganized, and x y and z
>but now that we're all grown up and out of the house, my mom continues to complain and I say "then get a divorce" and she goes oh no haha no I wouldn't do that
>constantly talks shit about my dad in front of him to me like he's not there
>complains about how my dad is a coward and a liar and all this bullshit but still acts shocked Pikachu face when I tell her what he said or did like a fucking idiot

My stupid parents will never learn or understand how I feel because they think they know everything and like to pretend that my feelings don't matter. I've spent most of my life trying not to cry or show any kind of emotion, or tell them my issues, yet they still treat me like a histrionic freak when I get upset at them

It's like they don't understand how their constant bickering doesn't stress me out because I used to think that if I was a good kid and I did everything right, their marriage would improve and things would be normal. They don't give a fuck about any of that, and if I told them that, I'm sure they'd act like I'm an idiot. I feel so crushed all the time. Like nobody takes me seriously and nobody thinks I'm going to be okay. I hate the fact that I can't connect with my parents on literally anything, and they refuse to connect with me. I'm sure if they read this, they'd act like I'm exaggerating or making everything up and feign outrage and "reassure" me that everything I feel and think is wrong and I'm just insane. I fucking hate them. I wish someone could see what they do and tell me that I'm right, or that I have a right to feel this way. It's so frustrating.

No. 2085428

I don't wanna work reeeeeeeeeee

No. 2085429

Maybe he's been called dusty before and took it personally.

No. 2085434

>man shows interest in me online
>first thing I do is check his height
I feel like such a massive bitch but I just want tall guys. Manlets never again.
>cue frustrated manlets calling me a bitch for not wanting to have sex with them
their true colors always show kek

No. 2085436

Eating healthy is so huge… I usually eat more sugar than I should, I eat a donut a day in the morning. I Weigh fine but lately I have been feeling like I should eat healthier so I stopped doing that and replaced it with a smoothie that's got wild blueberry, banana, spinach, and peanut butter. Didn't think about it beyond the annoying urge to eat donuts but it's only been a couple days and I started noticing my skin has an extra glow to it. I also feel a little better. It wasn't even a major change I made

No. 2085441

my cheater, loser ex posted a tweet (as a meme) about being kind hearted and I couldn't believe it. This is the grossest most meanest guy I've ever met, and I've even called the police on him after we broke up and he has the gall to think he is kind hearted.
Men are so severely deranged that even though I shouldn't be surprised I am still always surprised by their sheer retardation.

No. 2085477

Can’t stand when people lie about the weather. Of all things to lie about, why lie about something I can literally walk outside and see isn’t true. One of my friends always adds/subtracts at least 5°c when talking about the temperature outside. If it’s 25°c, she’ll say it’s 30°c. It’s not the biggest deal worth correcting but it’s so weird and bugs me like do you think im stupid and can’t read a thermometer?

No. 2085487

So mad I wanna kms. Why didn't I speak up yesterday and ask my coworker to turn down his fucking Austin Powers movie? I got brain blasted by all screeching, a throbbing headache, and it was so hard to think that I fucked up several times. It doesn't fucking help when a few of my coworkers' mistakes got automatically blamed on me by the boss who didn't bother to check who fucked up before assuming it's me, because I handle the majority of those tasks. Kms kms kms kms kms

No. 2085502

This is such a weird thing to be angry about. Also some areas might be warmer than others such as urban heat islands.

No. 2085504

>Obviously I want to try to connect
Why? It's a complete stranger, why do you feel the need to talk to this person? Don't force a relationship just because you're related. If your sibling has expressed interest in becoming friends, then that's great, but also don't be disappointed if they aren't interested in spending time with you. Tbh, if I was them I'd feel spiteful as fuck that you got to live an easy life while mine was that fucked up kek.
Just an anecdote, but I have a half sister who's way older than me. We talk once a decade at family get togethers because we have absolutely nothing in common. If she one day tried to become close to me for the sole reason of us having the same father I'd feel really uncomfortable.

No. 2085510

I probably should have added that they were the one to find me and my other siblings and expressed that they wanted to connect.
I just don't want it to be one sided on their part, or have them be so disappointed after going through so much.

No. 2085521

Actually now I'm worried that they might be spiteful. I mean, tbf my family grew up and still is pretty damn poor, talking "as a kid I dug through dumps for clothes" tier which is in part why I'm so embarrased when they're basically John Wick, but still, it's hard. I don't know.

No. 2085527

shes probably going off by feeling and not checking a thermometer. Why are you such a sperg

No. 2085550

i'm not actually angry, i'm just venting. we live in the same area so it's not hotter where she is, she just constantly exaggerates it for some reason. we're trying to figure out something to do together this weekend and i suggested a hike in the mountain (where it actually is a few degrees cooler because of the elevation) and she said "it's going to be 30 degrees nona." even though every weather app ive checked says it'll be 25 in town, so even cooler on the mountain. I dont care that much, i'll do the hike another day without her, but just why? just say you don't feel like it

No. 2085557

Does anyone have any insight on how to make life fulfilling?

I have a Nigel where I am positive that what fulfills him is making me happy and my life comfortable. But I don't have a drive like that. My entire goal in life was getting out of my abusive upbringing. I got out…and now what? It's been years laters and I engage in interests. But there's nothing driving me.

I read, I journal, I love listening to music and reviewing it, I make bracelets, I have many niche interests (autism-tier), I take college community classes for fun, I love online communities and I've been visiting lolcow since 2016, but none of it makes me feel like I am doing anything meaningful. I was a wagecuck project manager and at least I felt 100% consumed by that and it did fulfill me, I suppose. I liked having goals to meet all the time. However, I literally didn't think of anything else then and I didn't read or do any of the above hobbies. It is as if I forgot entirely who I was. I would have been happy to move out and live in an apartment all by myself and look through spreadsheets and projects all day. But I know that lifestyle also made me depressed, but it did fulfill me.

I've thought of volunteering at a horse therapy place near me so I can learn about horses and so I can possibly help out teen girls who are going through a rough patch. But then I think about how selfish my decision to do that is. Of course, no one is purely altruistic. But I'm no role model or someone who should help the younger generation. I don't want children.

I now am helping my Nigel build up his father's business and I guess it's cool, I get to learn a trade and honestly I enjoy how much more active I am. I still am bored to tears by it, though. Small businesses are busy, but not in the way it is when you're a project manager and have 100s of projects to go over. Small businesses are simple and slow by comparison.

What do any of you nonnas do to enrich your lives?

No. 2085563

I spend a lot of time outside and in nature, this reminds me of how massive everything is around me and for some reason it just relaxes me and brings me peace kek. I also love to spend my time taking care of my mom and my nigel too, knowing that they feel loved and are healthy and 100% cared for is what really brings me a physical feeling of fulfillment

No. 2085569

You feel disconnected from a purpose because nothing you are doing right now has a greater purpose. You should volunteer with the horses. It’s not selfish, it’s just a good fit for you because your life experience gives you direct empathy and skillsets those girls need to develop. People gravitating toward helping causes that affected them is a good thing.

No. 2085577

nta but what do you mean has no greater purpose nonny? working in a family business and caring for your loved ones does sound purposeful

No. 2085588

Who is her Nigel and his father helping? Is his dad’s business something with a negative or positive impact on the world and environment? I am assuming that anon knows at some level that caring for “her family” only really benefits these two scrotes and herself at the end of the day

No. 2085599

I'm feeling stupid and pathetic today, I don't see the purpose of doing anything with my life, it seems like I will never have some of the basic things most people in my country have. I try to be grateful for my health but I can't get enough mental strength just from that. Tomorrow will be better

No. 2085604

Yes, I love being outside as well. My Nigel and I always take a 20 minute walk everyday before we get to work. I should work towards being outside more instead of staying cooped up in our room or my office. I think what's interesting is my Nigel feels like the one taking care of me…he doesn't like to burden me with anything and he considers it a privilege to simply know me in the way he does. He loves listening to my thoughts and much of his "value" from me is just who I am intrinsically. I love my Nigel, but I don't think he means the same to me in terms of being an enduring life goal in the way I represent that to him. Maybe I am too selfish of an individual to experience that kind of fulfillment or joy.

I need to set that up. I keep on telling myself that I don't have time, but I definitely do. I'm just so used to spending all my time for my own wants.
Your comment has made me think that maybe it's that I'm not valuing what I provide for others. I do help my Nigel's mom out and she does appreciate me a lot. Maybe I don't value helping people enough.
It's their own business and it's B2B. It's a trade related to manufacturing. It is cool seeing where the parts end up, it's not for a nefarious reason. His father is retiring soon (end of year) and my Nigel and I are set to continue the business. I expect that might make me a little more busy. It's just not like I ever thought as a kid what job I'd do because I was so focused on the steps to follow so I could get out of my bad family situation. I feel like a lot of my feelings are related to the fact I "reached" the goal I wanted to and now I have no idea what to really continue on for. You are correct that I'm not really benefitting anyone else other than myself, my scrote, and his parents.

No. 2085617

File: 1720726085989.jpeg (284.52 KB, 560x568, IMG_2835.jpeg)

Am i the only one who wants to kill myself to the point where they have the whole thing planned out, method, place, mode and outfit? I can't fucking do this anymore.

Pleaee tell me something encouraging. I cannot fucking take anymore. I can't live with myself, my actions, my inactions. I can't live with the things iVe done.

I don't belong here

No. 2085622

File: 1720726274153.jpeg (418.09 KB, 1284x593, IMG_2693.jpeg)

>love playing Yorick for Lea*ue of Legends
>Not many high ranking out there
>YouTube Recommends a 1+ year old video of Guy name slogdogs
>Watch it but can't enjoy because he is simply too vulgar and disgusting attitude
>Whatever I go click on his twitch link on YouTube
>Pic related
>Immediately disgusted and angry
Angry moid to pornsick troon is NOT a myth.

No. 2085654

being the competent smart girlfriend fucking blows why is my bf so incompetent he’s literally a fucking himbo i literally have to handhold him for everything but you know what it’s whatever he pretty much serves me

No. 2085663

Hi nonnie, I hope this message reaches you. I used to fantasize about killing myself all the time and even have a couple attempts but now I am not suicidal at all and enjoy life. What changed? I tried about 5 different mood stablizers and now eat a protien-based diet where I eat a lot of chicken and fish. I am currently on ablify and it works very well. Sometimes I get intrusive thoughts about suicide which I like to indluge in occasionally but things are much better on medication. Things can get better and failing is the only way to succeed. Do not be afraid to fail. I wish you luck nonnie. If I can do it you can too.

No. 2085677

You, as you are now, are entitled to a genuine shot at life. We are all born as we are, randomly in this world without purpose or reason. Some mega successful bullshit CEO has about as much purpose on this Earth as the poorest of homeless men. You don't need to be anything. You don't need to be rich, you don't need to be successful, you don't need to be beautiful or loving or smart or even kind. There is no thought, logic, or reason to how we exist. Just by being born means you are allowed and deserve to be here as much as anyone else. So carve your own path and live.

No. 2085683

Did a little bit of backroading yesterday to get to some swimming holes, most of the forest around here is owned by logging companies and they put up gates to block off entry. This specific gate that i went past had public access hours and said it would be open until 8pm but when I tried to leave, the gate was closed. i called the number they had listed and the guy who answered was such a fucking asshole.
I told him where i was, he told me it was $250 to get out of there and then told me i wasn't supposed to be there, called me stupid for going past the gate (at the time i was speechless thinking i was going to have to pay $250 and didn't think to mention the sign stating it was public access hours). I told him i'd figure it out and tried another way out but it was also gated. I came back to the original gate and called the asshole back, he starts yelling at me "its $250 i dont have time to talk to you it should be unlocked anyway dont call me back for another hour im busy right now" and literally hung up on me as i was trying to get a word out. i figured it out after he said it should be unlocked, i started messing around with it and found a tiny little lever in a hidden spot that opened it.
It's kind of my fault for not messing with the gate before calling, but i just figured it would be locked since they usually are if theyre closed. But he also could have just told me that the first time i called instead of calling me stupid, accusing me of trespassing and yelling at me. If you hate your job that much maybe don't sign a contract with the logging company and have them put your number on all their gates.

No. 2085684

Weaponized incompetence.

No. 2085698

File: 1720730619673.jpg (21.51 KB, 460x434, e4c34ca6f787cb58676325e20c0189…)

I'm so tired of being socially awkward and mute but I've been like this for years and I don't know how to change.

No. 2085700

Why are you mute, nonna? Is it because of anxiety?

No. 2085716

thank you nonita

No. 2085727

I fucking hate my boss so bad. Like im sure that she is an okay person outside of work but goddammit is she ever a dick rider for corporate. They always are but like she acts like this place is the ER

No. 2085730

Kek she didnt reply

No. 2085746

Why is everyone at my job so fucking retarded? I never get to work with the actual competent people so I always have to pull my weight and 2 other people’s when I work with a certain couple of idiots. And then everyone wonders why I’m such a miserable bitch at work, whenever I’m with people who know their shit I’m actually at peace. I fucking hate my job, I miss when my old coworkers were around before they both got fired for retarded reasons. Why do they decide to keep the two retards who barely show up and don’t know shit?

No. 2085772

My boss sent me the nastiest and most aggressive message on my day off, threatening to fire me basically over me not having been scheduled, thusly me not having done the shit I usually do before opening. So my boss now thinks I just never do these things, and me explaining how I do these things was me making excuses. I also found empty beer cans in the break room and am pretty sure she was drunk messaging me during a shift.

No. 2085783

File: 1720737035308.jpeg (142.3 KB, 828x1284, IMG_1743.jpeg)

I was psyoped into believing a cute nerd who has never been with other women was the way to go. But he thinks all women look like instagram skirby abominations and that I am a strange exception because I have body hair and a labia. I almost married him. There was a reason he had never been with anyone else because other girls could tell he was a creep but my scrotometer was broken so I thought I was just lucky. I feel stupid. I’m not even sad really just disappointed in myself.

No. 2085784

KEKK I’m so sorry but these texts out of context are making me laugh a lil

No. 2085785

it is funny lol he is right about my moles and missing teeth but damn

No. 2085787

You should straight up spoof his granny's number and send him penis gore. Fuck that scrote.

No. 2085789

Send an anonymous email to the people above HR telling them she's drunk on the job. If you can, take a picture of the beer cans too. You should also look for another job while you do this.

No. 2085799

Just tell him thanks for taking the time to notice so much about me lol then block that cunt.

No. 2085803

All men can do when they’re dominated beyond belief is bitch about your looks. I would edit him into gay porn and give him a micropenis if you posted his photo here, do you want me to spread it online?

No. 2085810

kek nta but ill hire you one day
write his flaws to him as a mega paragraph

No. 2085818

File: 1720739810874.jpeg (22.99 KB, 736x522, IMG_2144.jpeg)

I hate getting recommended tiktoks of women who have nice jobs and live in nice places and can buy all these nice things. Some of them have amazing jobs where they get decent pay and don’t have to interact with people. I’m so angry that that isn’t my life and I’m almost 30 and still stuck at my parents and trying to finish school with little to no money. It makes me want to scream and off myself. I WANT MY OWN PLACE. I WANT TO GET AWAY FROM MY PARENTS. ITS NOT FAIR

No. 2085820

I'd post that screenshot publicly to let friends and family know what he's like (though maybe remove some things if you're uncomfortable with it). No one should be able to say "aw what a shame it didn't work out" they should all go "holy fuck what an absolute fucking dick, glad you dodged that bullet"

No. 2085821

Stop doing their work for them nona. They're just gonna make you keep doing it and everyone will end up assuming that was your job to begin with, because you seem to "happily" do it everyday while they don't.
Just let things go to shit unless they do their part, that's not your problem (I'd look for another job tho, sounds like a shit place)

No. 2085837

you know at first i felt bad about perhaps coming off as standoffish or rude at this little party my job held for my birthday until i remembered i messaged my boss about my benefits not having kicked in a week ago and she hasn't responded yet. anyway now i don't gaf. i would 100000% rather have had a confirmation on that single email instead of an hour long foodie event where i sit there gritting my teeth and pretend laughing at jokes. i feel like a bitch for typing this and being this way but fuck it man this is WORK

No. 2085839

Remember that online isnt reality. Usually it's a personality and fake for validation from random strangers.

No. 2085840

>hair is dead af
Mans gay

No. 2085866

I regret taking these courses. Why the fuck is one of them a landwhale that has an AI genderated loli in a onesie for her profile picture and the other a chronically online loser that has zero self awareness in public? I wish I could shrivel away.

No. 2085867

I'm sorry you allocated your time for such a loser without having an idea of his true nature, but at least he chose to reveal it before you got married. He sounds so nasty and petty, probably won't find any sense of happiness with that character of his.
On a side note I love how much he's seething in those messages. Trying so hard to find anything to pick apart and bully you about so that he feels victorious. If those were recent I'd call him a faggot and move on. Hope you didn't take those messages to heart, the things he listed are extremely common and normal.

No. 2085868

fuck this scrote but 'razor blade toenail' has me snortling

No. 2085871

kek anon what is the course about. My Comp Sci course had 2 fatties out of 11 students, but we didn't really interact with them, especially because one of them had dreads forming at the back of his head due to not washing/brushing his hair and the other one smelled like shit.

No. 2085874

he's giving off very strong repressed homosexual energy. good riddance!

No. 2085876

File: 1720743566667.jpeg (583.35 KB, 1282x2839, IMG_9089.jpeg)

total moid death NOW. I’m not joking anymore

No. 2085878

if it helps that man will most likely never reproduce and if he does the daughter will just be like vargs first daughter and rebel against him

No. 2085902

File: 1720745993861.jpg (33.45 KB, 605x238, solutions.jpg)

I contacted my father today, for the first time in my life. I still feel all jittery and weird and elated about it. I'm glad I finally did it, it had been hanging over my head for so long. He was willing to talk to me, at least a bit, which is a good start. I'm still stressed, I don't know how this will go. I wish I could just relax but it's so weird.

No. 2085919

File: 1720747174072.png (784.41 KB, 470x785, Me.png)

I hate my face, I hate my looks, I hate my hair. I think about cutting my face off all the time.

No. 2085921

There’s a reason your mother found him unfit, remember that. There must be something deeply wrong with him. Tread carefully

No. 2085922

I want to cut it all off, all of it coming off. No one likes me anyways, no one has ever been a single friend and my life is shit, so why not embrace it? I want to cut it all off. Clearly state just how I fucking feel.

No. 2085933

KEK what a massive faggot. i wonder what he looks like

No. 2085942

Everyone there knows I’m so miserable… it’s funny because I truly do work my ass off as there’s only two competent afternoon people, yet I get shittalked when I’m exhausted and I’m not always up to 100%, and my boss is genuinely far too nice and extremely passive aggressive so she never really talks to the retarded people, she’ll instead just complain and go “blah blah everyone’s performance comes back to me blah blah” and pretty much simps for the higher ups. Exhausting.

No. 2085947

Technically, he left us. But you're absolutely right, he's unfit obviously and I will be careful. Thank you.

No. 2085953

>arby’s molded flaps
Did you find this faggot from /soc/?

No. 2085968

Terminally online moids are beyond saving. They are so out of touch with reality that I can't help but be amused with their retarded takes. It must take decades of manosphere/porn consumption and neetdom to create the modern male loser. It's joever for them.

No. 2085996

Here we go again. It's a few days before my period, and I feel myself growing sad and depressed. Of course my mind keeps wandering and focusing on the negatives. Oh well, time to try and sleep.

No. 2086026

File: 1720756117444.jpeg (13.64 KB, 225x225, IMG_5893.jpeg)

I shouldn’t have looked her up. She’s moved city for college and has followed all these pages about anonymous love letters at the college. It’s not normal to still be this obsessed and depressed over her 8 months later. I’m going to be sick on myself.

No. 2086080

No they’re not, what’s wrong with you?

No. 2086100

File: 1720761154904.jpeg (73.3 KB, 736x744, IMG_1671.jpeg)

I’m so excited for a shit-tier retail minimum wage job that I could possibly get an interview for if the recruiter responds to the email. I’m this desperate, I’ve been unemployed for awhile and had to stop my college classes just to work and I lost everything. I feel so pathetic but the job market is so fucking shitty and life keeps getting in the way of me trying to figure out what the fuck I’m going to do about my education fiasco. Also for sure it’s a job that’s going to roast and spit me out like a gutter hog but I desperately need the money. How do I survive a potentially shitty job for a few months if they do contact me to interview me and decide to hire me? I also plan to find something on the side to give me some small income here and there.

No. 2086140

This moid at my work's face literally pisses me off everytime my eyes accidentally lands on it. I think its the weird autistic smile and the low eq behaviours that tick me off. All autsitic males need to be culled i swear.

No. 2086158

There's no HR, she's the store owner and my contract ends next month as it is but it was still pretty upsetting, good i don't need to see her there for more than a few hours a week or two

No. 2086167

I hope the miserable better than you or holier than thou type superiority complex retards see not death but a great happiness one day. One that opens their eyes to joy in even the smallest things. Because it is a fucking asspain trying to talk to their condescending asses, I hate stupidity too but you retards could make the conscious effort to make it better for the people you're surrounded with rather than be so up your own asses.. enjoy life and make memories. I also hope they get the fuck out of my life, this is teenage behavior. They're too old for this shit

No. 2086169

File: 1720767438860.png (468.48 KB, 500x505, lloll conssoom.png)

i dont know how to exist without a constant yearning for company. I have 2 friends that i see about every 1-3 months but i dont feel that close to them. i always have these things happening in my life that i get excited about and want to share with someone but i always feel like theres nobody to turn to. Im tearing up writing this, not even sure why. I just have this hyper clingy weird gross little part of me thats always clawing at my insides trying to make me latch onto any new friend that gives me a crumb of attention. I feel pathetic and alone. i just want to learn to fully appreciate my own company without a part of my brain going "lets message that one person and ask them to hangout soon." "lets share this to someone". i just want to be completely alone and be okay wtih it since irl everyones either a shithead, annoying, or thinks IM the annoying shithead.

No. 2086176

You're putting one foot in front of the other to better your life. You don't know how much is fabricated by the influencers online about their lives. With continued effort you'll live in your own place surrounded by people and things you like on your merits and hard work alone. You got this Nonnette!

No. 2086213

File: 1720773298289.png (219.31 KB, 704x839, IMG_5508.png)

I’m a German-Turk and my dad’s cousin married a useless young toyboy from Turkey and brought him here. He’s jobless, lazy, fat, failed his German language test and recently started pretending to be depressed because "he doesn’t even have any children”. Yeah no shit if you marry a woman in her 50s. Now she keeps coming to us crying and complaining about him. She refuses to divorce him because she’s scared they’ll deport him back to Turkey. Who the fuck cares if they do? It’s not a dangerous war torn country kek. There’s absolutely no reason to have a guilty conscience about a lazy scrote being deported back to a completely safe country. It’s so fucking frustrating trying to speak sense into pick mes.

No. 2086219

How to feel present? I don't feel present. I don't think I have for years. I am too much inside my head? Just watching stuff happen around me. Feels a bit like I'm on autopilot. I don't know what to do to wake up. I feel like I don't properly wake up in the morning. I tried cold showers, helps a bit but just for short time. I know pain helps me feel present, probably the adrenaline, but that's out of the question. I'm just inside my head, feeling latent stress and worry ruminating about actually useless stuff while my exterior is happy, going through life when most things are going good now. Probably also need to limit screen time drastically. But I do feel shitty when not using electronics and just staring, hope it goes away if I stick with it. Because with books/music, I also just stop feeling real so that doesn't help.

No. 2086220

I have so much anxiety I can’t sleep and can’t stop moving. How do people live like this

No. 2086227

i need to just die so fucking badly i hate existing so much i dont belong on this shit planet holy fuck why wont my heart just stop in my sleep and spare me from this pain

No. 2086232

Praying you find a kind and generous and wealthy partner to fix all your problems nonna

No. 2086234

which cow nonny I'm curious

No. 2086248

> How do I survive a potentially shitty job for a few months
Count down the months and keep applying for better jobs. My only drive right now is to improve my situation.

I wanted to ask her that question yesterday as well but forgot, so thanks for doing that in my place.

No. 2086268

I wish I’d never had children so I still had the option to kill myself. Now I’m stuck.

No. 2086281

I feel uncomfortable whenever older women express jealousy over my age. I understand that it’s normal as you age to yearn for youth at least a little but it bothers me for some reason… I guess I want to be told it shouldn’t be valued? I really admire older women so it feels wrong. I’ve met so many women who honestly come across like they put themselves down for no longer being 20 years old. It also slightly grosses me out, I think. It feels the worst when it comes from your own mother too, I want her to be someone I look up to, not the other way around. I know this is something I’m thinking too much about but I’m at a stage in my life where I’m thinking about growing older seriously and it hurts me more, I guess. I wish every stage of life was uplifted and romanticised as youth is, especially for women.

No. 2086289

I also want to kill myself but can't do it because my mom is still alive.

No. 2086314

If I could snap my fingers and go back to being my 20 year old self all over with by extension my 20 year old brain and 20 year old level of lessons under my belt, that'd be a hell no. I don't know if older people fawning over youth just forget that part.

No. 2086325

>supposedly a flaw

is he joking? moles are sexy as fuck he's a god damn trogolodyte

No. 2086326

anon this guy is a faggot homosexual

No. 2086329

i hope he gets deported soon anon

No. 2086331

nothing on tiktards.com is real. Delete the app in so serious. There's some welfare mother on there who has people convinced she's a wealthy tradwife it's all fake

No. 2086366

It is disturbing to see people make other people’s who they aren’t directly friends with nor related to deaths about themselves.

No. 2086388

reply " ok straggot" and block

No. 2086404

Please please please I need to have sex please God grant me the sex I am going to lose my mind soon

No. 2086406

File: 1720794858388.jpg (283.63 KB, 1517x2048, [22-10-15] 1581358528115003392…)

send him meitu'd chinese male thots and start complaining about why he doesnt look like pic rel, i do that with every scrote i interact with just to put them in their place before we even start a friendship

No. 2086407

how long has it been nonna? its been three months for me and I got a vibrator and now have never been happier.

No. 2086417

i’d be fine with it if other people weren’t such sensitive cunts. i’m not saying i don’t also have my moments of sensitivity, i’m only human, but it really feels as if 80% of people i meet have never encountered a quiet person before and they automatically assume i’m stuck up or i hate them or i’m not listening to what they say (despite directly looking at them and asking questions) or i’m an easy target.

No. 2086428

I can't with Rome's public transport, it's beyond third world country. How is it one of the countries with terrible humidity and hight temperatures but they don't even have air conditioning in their trams? It's all dirty, full of people because it breaks down all the time or just stops randomly and everyone has terrible public transport etiquette. I've only seen tourists give up seats for elderly and people don't even let other people get off before they try to push themselves in the bus/tram. I could never live here long term because of the terrible transport, I couldn't imagine living with this. Never getting anywhere on time and boiling during the way. I don't get how Italians are maybe even more nationalist than burgers always talking about how their country is best at everything. This is terrible.

No. 2086435

Dunno how you nonnas do it. I broke up with my partner of many years and was already hooking up a couple weeks after.

No. 2086448

Stupid fucking roommate moid’s hour long shower + 15 mins at the sink running water nightly has made the water bill the equivalent of like $60 a month. Units used went to 30. It was $20 and 15 units with my old roommates.
I’m in and out of the shower in 10 minutes max. I ain’t payin for this shit anymore

No. 2086454

File: 1720799672284.jpeg (76.48 KB, 735x793, 2E09E3AC-2381-44DC-A1C6-F19A79…)

>Why do you think that male bodies being constructed around fucking non stop, violence and dying easily is the better option?
Waow, I actually never thought to associate the sexually dimorphic features of the male body solely with their role in reproduction the way I guess I do with the female body. This helps a bit, I guess. I definitely have a lot of internalized sexism I need to unpack. It doesn’t help that everyone’s a gendie now so I can’t find many GNC women to talk to or look up to.

No. 2086465

Nta but they're so right. Women's bodies are made so they can give birth, but even if they don't they're still made to nurture minds and teach other people, to be social pillars of society, to create and to have fun with each other. And men are made to fuck. They're nothing but fuckable toys meant to bonk other men with a club so they can stay the most fuckable toy to women. It's pathetic really.
Men try to tell themselves it's the other way around, but men are the ones obsessed with sex to the point it dictates their whole lives while women can chill being celibate and still enjoy life because there's so much else for us.

No. 2086479

>in and out in 10 minutes max
There’s gotta be some crevices you’re missing and I bet you’re not exfoliating anywhere near as much as you should be. Nobody should always be taking military showers, gross.

No. 2086482

Anon is stinky as hell. Look at the tmi thread, anons have piss poor hygienic standards

No. 2086484

This pic is killing me kek

No. 2086485

NTAYRT but how long do y’all think it takes to shower? 10 minutes is longer than it sounds like, you should definitely be able to wash your whole body in that amount of time kek

No. 2086488

Just getting out and getting a job doesn’t mean you’ll ever be able to afford a place of your own. Maybe with a couple roommates but alone? Keep dreaming, especially if you don’t have savings and have just been in school your whole 20s.

No. 2086493

Are you washing your buttcrack, in between your ass cheeks, washing inbetween your legs, washing your scalp, your back and neck? You’re a little stinker, nobody can do all of that within 10 minutes.

No. 2086494

Never say never. Anon can win the lottery some day

No. 2086495

>your buttcrack, in between your ass cheeks, washing inbetween your legs

No. 2086496

How is this sus? You’re supposed to wash those areas. Moids never wash those areas and if they do they never do it well

No. 2086501

Please say sike.

No. 2086505

The shitty thing is, is that for every bio kid you have, you’re cursing your soul to at least one additional cycle on this prison planet. The only way to reach nirvana is to live at least a few lives without breeding.

No. 2086511

I'm gonna do an experiment for two weeks
Week 1: 5 minute shower every day and change of clothes daily
Week 2: 30 minute showers every day and only 2 changes of clothes during the week
I want to smell which option stinks less overall

No. 2086516

Why do I need to exfoliate
Those things take literal seconds to do

No. 2086523

Why would you ever not change your clothes everyday this is an absolutely retarded idea.
I can smell your flaky ass from here

No. 2086525

15-30 minute showers are based. Only poorfags cry about water bills going high and shit trying to be cheap and stingy on a fucking natural resource of all things sacrificing their own hygiene to be smelly and poor. Pick a struggle, I rather be a clean poorfag than one counting pennies like a rabbi on the street

No. 2086529

You are defending a moid taking an hour shower

No. 2086535

Would you rather no shower? Then you have a stinky moid who has no consideration for your living space by not showering. Glad that faggot takes an hour shower, encourage him to get some shaving cream and take off all of that beastly fur from his body. Start brainwashing him into cooking meals as well. Transform him into a fuckable male house slave or continue whining about him raising your water bill. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade

No. 2086536

If you’re fat it will take you longer than 10, yeah. More surface area.

No. 2086543

Extra crevices

No. 2086556

Whoever first got a migraine then mated and passed down the gene to other people FUCK YOU

No. 2086571

File: 1720803882486.jpeg (62.29 KB, 735x804, IMG_1695.jpeg)

>you’re fat if you like being clean!
Kek what is this logic? Moving the goalpost because you’re chronically stinkyyy

No. 2086574

You posted this image 5 times before please find a new one. Nta

No. 2086577

Actually yeah you can do that within 10 minutes, probably less. How long do you think someone should scrub each of those body parts for?

No. 2086581

Nta but there’s zero reason to take short showers. Are you guys poor or something?

No. 2086588

There are tons of reasons to take short showers. More fun things to be doing instead, more necessary things to be doing instead, waste of energy, waste of resources, waste of money, considerate of other people in the house, etc.

No. 2086591

Not even possible because we’re not all the same posters
Ntayart they are cheapskates who decided to get a male roommate over a female one. I can’t take anybody on this site seriously

No. 2086594

Quick I forgot to wash the period blood off my pussy and the rest of my dirt and grime but I’m late to shitposting on lolcow!! You faggots will spread the plague so fast if it ever comes back

No. 2086601

Taking long showers makes my skin dry as fuck.

No. 2086604

I mean if posting on lolcow is the number one thing going on in YOUR life….
Farmers go off the absolute rails over other people’s hygiene habits. It’s such a reminder of how many autistic women are here it’s insane

No. 2086610

I thought it was over the roastbeef pussy insults, it was- it is loser scrotes making those comments, moids who's moidy thoughts do not matter but I got a girlfriend recently and I feel so insecure when she goes down on me or looks at me there. I don't shave and she says she doesn't really care (she shaves though). I still feel insecure and because of it I can never relax enough to let her make me feel good. She doesn't have bigger lips like mine, and even if she did I wouldn't have cared at all, but when it comes to me I feel so insecure. I was a loser and told her about this last night after having sex, and that I tried to cut my pussy lips once, and she assured me she thinks I'm pretty there but I feel like she's lying. This is so fucking stupid anons, I thought it was over it but I'm starting to hate how it looks again.

No. 2086619

My boyfriend is just as retarded as any other man. He needed to get a new phone as his broke, so we went to the electronics store. He spent ages and so I sat down at the seating area thats right next to the phone section. An hour pass and I wonder if he just left me bc wtf doesn't take that long. No he had been looking for me and not found me, despite seeing which direction I walked off in and me sitting down in the closest of the TWO seating areas in the store. Fucking retard. I feel like a fucking ketchup bottle in a fridge, men are literally blind and barely human.

No. 2086623

If you need an hour to wash your vulva you might actually be special needs

No. 2086624

Autistic women barely take enough showers and always look dumpy and unkempt

No. 2086626

Or how about you stink and are lazy?

No. 2086628

What's your shower routine kek

No. 2086629

I stink because I don't spend an hour washing my vag? If thats the case with yours, thats an infection and no amount of washing will help, you need to go to the dr.

No. 2086631

Don't be ableist. I imagine it could be hard to find when you're obese.

No. 2086643

why is my flatmate such a retard, dude constantly complains about his weight (he's fat) and wonders why he's not losing… he eats four large takeaways a week, constantly snacks, basically never exercises and regularly drinks beer???? are moids really this stupid or is he a special case

No. 2086649

Exactly, if this isn't true then why do moids constantly try to pressure us into giving up our sexual and reproductive freedoms? Explains a lot about why single men become whiny, useless incels blaming women for society's problems while single women just, idk, chill out, spend time with their friends and adopt some cats.

No. 2086665

had a lot typed up but all i can is people are really stupid sometimes and i can understand why they are where they are

No. 2086668

You’re literally supposed to put lotion on everyday so maybe learn how to take care of yourself and a good soak wont do this to you

No. 2086678

So I'm supposed to fuck up my skin on the daily and then use lotion to fix the damage I've caused, instead of not taking stupidly long showers to begin with. Perfect logic.

No. 2086687

I hate him I hate him I hate him I’m sick of letting this happen fuck fuck fuck

No. 2086692

I took an antibiotic a week ago (cephalexin) and stopped the dosage on Sunday. I also quit adderall cold turkey about two months ago. It's been 6 days off the antibitoics, and I am still dealing with frequent panic attacks and constant foggy mind. I keep on thinking I have brain cancer. I do not know why this is happening to me, I finally took iron supplements and whatnot, and I am taking a probitoic. I cannot go to a doctor, as my health insurance is this state only covers emergency and urgent care, but I plan on moving back to my original state next month and plan on getting all the tests. I sometimes feel like I am about to faint, and I need to know if anyone had similar experiences. Maybe my gut was destroyed, or maybe it worsened low iron for me due to the antibiotics? I don't know. Has anyone dealt with this?

No. 2086708

My friend wants me to sleep over tonight because we're going on a day trip together tomorrow except she lives half an hour directly south of me, and we're going directly north. We'll literally be driving right passed my house on the way to where we're going so i don't understand why i would drive all the way there and waste my gas going to her house when she could just stop and pick me up in the morning. It just doesn't make any sense. But now i feel bad because she's asking when i'm coming over tonight and i really don't want to or have time to. I'm working today and when I get home this afternoon I have to do all my laundry, clean up and go grocery shopping or else i'll have to do all of that on sunday right before i head back to work for the week. I'm going to have to tell her that but I hate having to do it because i'm a people pleaser and hate having to say no.

No. 2086718

The antibiotic smacked some kinds of bacteria right in the face but the interruption led to some other remaining bacteria to multiply because the other bacteria were removed

No. 2086721

sounds like she is just excited nd wants to see you. she probably would do it thats why. but your decision is valid. good job on standing up for yourself nonna..

No. 2086722

I hate him I hate him I hate him I’m sick of letting this happen fuck fuck fuck

No. 2086745

Stop posting that or you will be subjected to a hour long shower with soap bars instead of water

No. 2086762

Or an hour long repetitive interrogation about your cleanliness. With a creepy emphasis on the butt crack and bumhole.

No. 2086770

You’re right, I did actually get some acne and my sebhorric dermatitis flared as soon as I took it, but I took it for a toenail infection (it fell off). I’m not as anxious as I used to be, but I do feel cloudy and stuffy. Do you know how long this would last? I hate this feeling.

No. 2086800

File: 1720813653547.gif (26.45 KB, 220x210, sad-cat-content-aware-scale.gi…)

I'm doing nothing for this summer, i'm just staying at my house playing game i'm completely ok with it. It's just that i'm 22 and i feel like i'm wasting my youth by not going on vacation with friends. I'm been to the beach for a week with friends but it was very weird, they didn't intend to invinte me in the first place and i just hated not being able to be alone. But it seems like such a part of everyone else's youth. This year i went to spain with my university, so some friends were here but once again i hated it. I guess i also don't have any friends group, i pretty much everyone and the only friend group i have i hate them too, i just stick with them to have a friends group. i hate goinf aboard, i hate doing tourism and i'm pretty sure tourism is so heavily promotted just as a way to make more money. I know this kind of lifestyle isn't for me, i'm not a big beach person and none of my friends would like to go hiking and as a woman i'm scared of doing it alone.
I'm the first one to say that happinees doesn't look the same for everyone but i feel like i'm missing out, like i have a problem for not wanting to travel. the only times i regret not travelling is when my best friend went to one of her onlien friend's house but we never went together i suspect i'm in love with her and that's why i'm so jealous of everyone who comes near her. Next year, i'll have to do an intership aboard so it will be stupid to spend money to act like a tourist when i'll travel for work and things i actually enjoy next year (i like to travel if it's for work, like an actually purpose, not just tourism) so it's a good things i'm not spending money rn to spend on useless things.

TLDR this intelligible rent : is it weird to not like travelling with friends during the summer ? will i regret this later in life ?

No. 2086804

God, I am such a piece of shit. Whenever I relax, I end up acting more like a piece of shit and feeling awful about it afterwards.
I just want to say and do the bare minimum but I always end up relaxing somehow and opening my stupid fucking mouth and everytime I realize it would have been better just to leave shit be and keep it to myself.

No. 2086809

I am burned out from college, I don’t think I can finish. I’ve been at this for 6 years now and I’m still and undergraduate. Don’t think I’ll ever become a graduate or get my masters or PhD, what’s the point.
I’m struggling with my grades barely passing this summer semester. I don’t have motivation anymore. I’m tired and I can’t even complain because I’m privileged to be able to go to college at all, even if I am on loans. Kms,

No. 2086812

If you can afford traveling abroad with friends at 22 but you don't fully enjoy it just spend the money on something you actually like or save it up. Don't do something because you fear you will miss it later, what's the point of acting like this if you're not enjoying it in the present? Memories don't get better unless they were good to begin with

No. 2086816

I hate these random spouts of anxiety I get sometimes. I'm literally just lying on my bed chilling out, what the fuck is my brain freaking out for? There is LITERALLY nothing that should set me off, but I can still get a lolrandom anxiety attack making it hard to breathe and uncontrollable tears running

No. 2086819

>Memories don't get better unless they were good to begin with
that's such a good advice ! you're right i'm still yound, i still have tme to find wha i like to do, thank you !

No. 2086820

I've been working whole day, even before evening shift today I've been doing freelance shit. I've been longing to rest both physically and rest my brain. But no. My jobless retard of a girlfriend is away from home and now I have to pick some shit up in Roblox from all of her ten accounts before 1 am. I'm gonna KMS, I love her but this idiot is an adult woman who does nothing but play games everyday all day because her parents are ok with her being a neet, meanwhile I'm struggling to keep myself afloat. I hate her sometimes, but she's then only person who ever loved me and I love her much, this is so depressing sometimes.

No. 2086822

I'm 24 and my family is dead, it could be worse anon

No. 2086827

wtf ?? when did i say i had the worse life on earth ?? nonies on here complain h24 about their retarded moids ans no one "kim there' people that are dying" them

No. 2086829

Have a great summer anon, hope you can also figure out your feelings for your friend too kek ♥

No. 2086831

Drink/eat a lot of yoghurt with live bacteria. One with no sugar or additives, just plain neutral yoghurt.

No. 2086841

I wish I could stop seeking validation. I need to always be reassured and have my ego stroked or I feel like I'm the worst human alive. I have no idea if I'm a good person, I genuinely try to be but it doesn't matter if others can't see that. What is wrong with me? It's nothing as stupid as male validation, yet validation from anyone is nice. I really hate myself and I think I'm the worst person ever.

No. 2086842

i'll trade probbles with u i'm serious

No. 2086846

I don’t understand those who provide an invitation for further information and sound annoyed when someone actually asks for more information. I asked a question to this professor through a call and she gave an attitude. She brought this on herself for providing “call me at (XXX)-XXX-XXXX for any questions.” This was for buying used items from her and she only provided one day with a certain time frame to sell them so of course I chose the quickest route for contacting.

No. 2086852

thank you i appreciate that

No. 2086853

>i do that with every scrote i interact with just to put them in their place before we even start a friendship
nayrt but kek nonna, that's so based

No. 2086894

Whenever people say "why would a grown adult want to be with someone sexually inexperienced" I die a little on the inside. I get why people say that but still. I'm not a child I'm just an adult turbovirgin

No. 2086922

>cute nerd who has never been with other women
>thinks all women look like instagram skirby abominations
Did you mean: Incel
Also this >>2086388 , don't bother giving him any more of your time and energy. He just wants attention and will 100% be ultra seething afterwards over never getting to touch those "molded flaps" ever again.

No. 2086987

I think people mean it in a way where it’s weird where someone makes it a requirement for dating someone versus organically meeting someone who isn’t super experienced.

No. 2087009

File: 1720826249648.jpeg (42.18 KB, 933x870, IMG_7885.jpeg)

>watching an old recording from 1995-2000s nick
>still has the ads included and there’s one for Space Jam

Man, this makes me feel so damn old. The passage of time is so scary. I had almost forgotten that Space Jam is an old thing and it was new at the time this was airing.

No. 2087012

People say that because there are scrotes out there who think any woman who has slept with more than a couple dudes is used up, spoiled goods.

No. 2087017

No I get it, I get how it can be weird, especially if it comes from a sexually experienced man with ideals of purity, but I don't think it's necessarily always a red flag if it's someone's preference. Like I said, I'm not a child, I'm an adult with sexual boundaries, and I can learn. The only difference between me and someone with sexual experience is exactly that. These sorts of generalizations well-meaning people make tend to make me feel talked down to and unwanted (by "decent people", that is, instead of "virgin-seeking creeps"), and I'm already part of a demographic that tends to feel unwanted by nature so it only makes me feel worse.

No. 2087137

File: 1720836326605.jpeg (114.73 KB, 1280x720, image0.jpeg)

I'm in a low place and wish I had the guts to OD. I collected enough medication from the 6 months my doctors used me as a guinea pig, now this one is starting not to work and all I can think is how much it'll hurt for my heart to convulse until it stops. I'm tired of this fucking pathetic ghoul obsession coming back to haunt me, it makes me want to fucking die. Everytime I try and escape it comes back. Every single fucking time. And I for one am very tired of the effect that this ordeal has had on my mind and body that I already feel half dead
Maybe I'm not built for meds. I probably fucked up my body too much with all the self mutilating. Damaged nerves and shit
Time to find a new therapist.

No. 2087138

I have an old tape of a kim possible special somewhere. I wish I still had a VCR player to watch it on

No. 2087148

File: 1720837380127.jpeg (130.69 KB, 500x434, IMG_4963.jpeg)

I shouldn't expand upon this but I'm really disheartened that there are no spaces for former celebrity obsessed ppl to convene and discuss the effect of it on their mental health. It'd probably turn into an oppression Olympics circlejerk, but I'd literally take anything to discuss with others who've gone through the same for advice and support. Everywhere has been a dead end. The one BBS forum site I found was straight up dead. I don't really think r/limerance will work, I need something specific to celebrities. There's no AA for stans. There's no AA for a lot of very specific and harmful obsessions, esp not in my bum ass shit fuck city. Hell, my city is so ratchet it doesnt even have a support group for adult self harmers. There's one for teens but not for adults. This is what I get for still being stuck in this southern trash can

Considering what a problem "stanning" has become with deranged Swifties, kpoppies and other fandoms polluting social media, I am surprised there are no formal or even informal support groups for this kind of shit. None online and none irl. Am I just not looking hard enough? Or is it really that unrecognized and uncared about?

No. 2087161

File: 1720838561644.jpg (42 KB, 564x560, 8be2bc34d2c730c5c2278c6b67dcdc…)

I have such a terrible phobia of pregnancy and babies that it's ruining my health and relationship.
>panic attack everytime i have piv sex
>developed ed due to dumb thought process if i starve its less likely ill get pregnant
>horse dose of birth control thats probably killing my sex drive and fucking up my liver
>cant get sterilized because i had a bad reaction to anesthesia before
I don't know what to do, my therapist doesn't know how to deal with this, there's no resources anywhere, my mom is starting to worry about my physical appearance and how ill i look but i don't see any way of feeling better.

No. 2087172

That feeling when you live in a neighborhood where there are different music venues that are busy in the summer, so much so that all the party goers and night owls of course make their way home drunk and/or semi-drunk passing your street, and talk for fifteen minutes in front of your house before they go their separate ways (cuz they probably haven't talked enough before kek).
I can't wait for the winter to be here again, and for the silence.
Add to that a neighbor who decides to reheat his food at 4:30am in his kitchen (which is the floor and room above your bedroom) and talk with his relatives overseas because it's a totally normal thing to do at 4:30-5:00am.

I'm tired

No. 2087197

File: 1720843060807.gif (2.08 MB, 275x155, 1000001215.gif)

I was on the phone to my friend explaining my roommate being a dumbass the other night and some random dude walking close next to me turned and went " You need to give that guy love and respect, he doesn't need advice from a single woman!" And I just fucking looked at him and went "dude you don't know what you're talking about" and he responded with "YES I DO". I just laughed at him said ok and walked ahead. He then caught up behind me at the next light and my friend on the phone asked what I was doing now. I just turned around, looked at the guy and said "Going to the beach to meet my boyfriend unless some weirdo wants to tell me otherwise" and walked away. I don't think I've ever had a man say I was single lmao. That guy hates women. Kind of wish I said more but I think that guy must have been triggered by something I said kek

No. 2087280

You could make a thread about the problems of stanning or ex stans thread. What would you put in the op description?

No. 2087281

I love this gif kek

No. 2087282

Nona, I get it that it's phobia but maybe try being reasonably cautious? You don't need extra dose of birth control, just take the normal one diligently. You can use condoms additionally, every time or during ovulation. Or you can stop having penetrative sex during ovulation.

No. 2087283

I got work the next couple days but I'll see what I can come up with.

No. 2087284

maybe spend some time with a baby you'll see they're not all that bad kek, i don't know how to help about the fear of pregnancy part though.

No. 2087286

This is OCD. Not even joking. See a psychiatrist instead of a therapist.

No. 2087291

The thought of her having sex with someone else like how she had sex with me is making me psychically nauseous.

No. 2087303

Literally just stop fucking then.

No. 2087393

I've been in hospital all night and now they've told me I'll be in until Monday because they want to run more tests on me that just won't happen over the weekend. I could barely cope with it last night and I definitely can't cope with three more days of it. I don't know how anyone gets any sleep here at all - the nurses all clatter about and stand outside your room having loud conversations at 5 in the morning. The food is revolting and I'm already a really picky autist - with coeliac disease, just to make things extra difficult for everyone. I haven't got anyone with me right now and my only family member is sleeping so I can't even vent irl. The only good thing about it is that I've got my own room (but that's only because I can't stop shitting kek)

No. 2087394

File: 1720862595559.png (776.22 KB, 1200x1130, 52ma5b-3723826034.png)

I'll be looking forward to it nonna, I'm interested in the topic. Here's to hoping you come back and don't forget!

No. 2087400

Is sex even enjoyable for you then? Why keep having it? Why go on bc? Is moid dick really that irresistible that you suffer because of it? This is clearly a mental illness btw and you need help, but in the meantime why torture yourself like this?

No. 2087404

I hate it when someone in your household is going somewhere and taking their sweet time "getting ready" so you have to put your entire routine and life on pause until they gtfo but they just aren't leaving.
>sister wants to go somewhere with her friend, waiting for friend
>can't go about my day because she'll get in the way
>can't sit in the living room cause she keeps pacing around and digging for things that she will clean up "later", i.e. I will have to do it or live in a messy house
>can't go piss because "oh wait i forgot my sunscreen, can I come in there and get it real quick?"
>can't wash my face because she needs something from the medicine cabinet "real quick"
>want a snack, sister is in the way making herself something so she doesn't get hungry
>wait can you grab me that thing real quick? I have my shoes on
>oh have you seen this other thing? can you help me look?
>friend finally comes over
>hey, Friend needs some water
>hey, Friend needs to pee, can you finish up in the bathroom real quick?
Just get outtttt

No. 2087407

My fucking bf overwatered all my plants while I was gone for a 5 week internship. Came home and almost all of my plants were SOAKED standing in water. Had to throw some away, replant all the large ones, all roots where rotted, i could WRINGE the water from the soil, literal mushrooms where growing in one of the pots. Has taken me hours to replant and try to save them but I know some of the larger ones won't make it. I've had some of these plants for over 10 years, they were huge and pretty and he fucking ruined them all despite getting clear instructions on how to specifically not overwater. I can't believe how insanely retarded men are, i'm fucking devastated. He was genuinly surprised and had no idea they were standing in a literal pool of water? One succulent was completely yellow with soggy leaves and he saw no problem with that?? He feels bad about it and have been asking how to make up for it but I genuinly don't give a shit and there's literally no way for him to make up for killing my decade old houseplants. I'm just gonna openly seethe and never forgive him. I should replace him with a fucking palm tree.

No. 2087408

This is so annoying and I'm surprised that it even is an issue, but whenever I've lived with people, them saying they're about to leave means at least half an hour or more or them being extra annoying. You said you were leaving, why are you watering the plants? Why are you suddenly hungry? Why do you stall? It's like they suddenly remember everything they were planning on doing just as they decided to leave. Just get out, dumbass!

No. 2087412

Men don't really care and aren't human. Imagine ruining your partners precious plants because you're too fucking retarded. I'd kms out of guilt. I'm sorry anon, I hope your remaining plants grow alright.

No. 2087413

File: 1720866406144.jpg (169.92 KB, 1920x1072, 18-2472848832.jpg)

why every time i start working am i expected to know everything already and do everything at the speed of light??? i am already dumbing down my resumes so these hr nobodies do not feel mogged by my experience and education and this shit still happens. i am not a classist snob so get off my ass. fucking tards suck each other off in the break room or what? retarded scrotes snitching on me with made up slights because i won't suck them off? that or a post-menopausal roastie karen finds any and every way of making my life hell while i just want to exist and earn a living. dumb motherfuckers should really experience some kind of trauma to transform them into compassionate beings. fucking faggots. if i were to pass down half my childhood to any of them, guaranteed these fugly bitches would not be alive for long. let me torture and murder my ex coworkers in minecraft. for justice.

No. 2087414

Male's weaponized incompetence strikes again

No. 2087419

>girlfriend has a bunch of plants
>wtf man, I could fit a gaming console there, why does she need so many anyway
>fucking kill them with water
>she spends hours trying to fix your "mistake"
>watch her suffer in silence
>she will never ask you to do anything again AND you freed up gaming space
>feels good man

No. 2087431

I love my friend but she's a bit stupid sometimes, she's texting me all super upset because she's at an establishment dying of thirst in the heat. She sends several long paragraphs about it and I do feel bad for her. I ask if she's asked a person working there if there's anything to drink. She hasn't so she goes and does that and they immediately give her free water without a problem. Girl, you're dying of thirst and you couldn't figure out to even ask them by yourself?!

No. 2087432

>despite getting clear instructions on how to specifically not overwater.
Fucking dumbass probably didn't even read them. You should ask him what the instructions you left for him were, if he doesn't know after 5 weeks of doing it you know he didn't even care to read. If he knows them, he clearly didn't follow them on purpose.
Keep seething, he deserves it.

No. 2087433

AITA who said something along the lines that I give up on life, on people, and suffering I had to endure and continue to that I'm so desperate that I will start praying and someone replied with a retarded meme. The prayer has been answered. On top of everything, I have a brain tumor. What kind of joke this existence is. Maybe the god truly exists and made me to suffer.

No. 2087438

Dump him, jfc

No. 2087439

Are you ok nonny?

No. 2087441

dump him.

No. 2087442

i seriously want to end it all lately. i've never been this suicidal before. the world feels so bleak, i'm a retard at my job and just working part time stresses me out so much i hurt myself via hitting or burning. i've been on disability for 5 years and i don't know how i'll ever manage a real full time job with how stressed i get. i hate my job so much, i get so panicked my field of vision narrows and i hyperventilate. i want to scream at customers for being near me and they aren't even doing anything wrong and how the fuck can i manage to do anything if entry level retail makes me this stressed and upset? i've been broken up with my ex for almost two years and i want a relationship but i feel dead inside on dates. no excitement at all. i lost both my elderly cats within 6 months of each other. i can't stop drinking to cope. i'm taking classes part time for cybersecurity/it/networking certs but what's the point. i'm fucking losing my mind i don't know what to do anymore.

No. 2087443

Only the second thing is incel-like (>thinks all women look like instagram skirby abominations). Fuck him, he's a douche

No. 2087449

He did it on purpose.I bet he can follow instuctions at his work, so unless he is too retarded to function it was intentional.

No. 2087476

YOURE DEAD MOTHERFUCKER, DEAD. HITTING DEFENSELESS WOMEN BECAUSE WHAT, YOUR DAMN FUCKING COCK TOO SMALL? on my friends name I will make your life miserable. I wouldn't have cared if you'd fucked off to Thailand though my friend had to talk me out of hiding weed in your luggage. But no, now you're back and what? Hitting her again? I will ruin your life you spineless piece of shit.
Fuck I hate moids so much. I want to imprison that one in my damn cellar and make sure he never leaves through the door again.

No. 2087483

File: 1720876253167.png (103.86 KB, 880x791, Screenshot_20240713-063631.png)

I am so fucking done with dating. I am so fucking done with moids. I am fucking done. I can't fucking stand this. These fucking idiots just want to sit on the apps and send me bullshit comments like picrel or "wyd" or even just emojis.

No. 2087488

File: 1720876644088.png (115.34 KB, 654x476, IMG_0190-1.png)

And the ones that can actually string a sentence together it won't actually ask me out. Oh my fucking god. I could not make it any easier. Just ask me out. I will go. I will fucking go. Let's just go do something. I am tired of being on the apps. I want to go out. Even for coffee. Just to get out of the house. Just ask me out! Just fucking ask me! Oh my fucking god! Could not be any easier! How are you still failing! Moids are completely worthless.

No. 2087491

Your reply is annoying

No. 2087494

oh my god why is he telling you he's broke? what are you supposed to do with that info? you were clearly trying to meet up him in person. what a mong.

No. 2087499

Nta but hey gorgeous

No. 2087500

Ewww. Men live life on easy mode, yet the brokies always want girlfriends.

No. 2087502

Police on Monday motherfucker, I'll make sure she takes you down this time. And I know she didn't tell me about so many other things. But someone told this time. They write me from fucking Italy. Your wife has more friends spannong the globe than you could ever imagine. And now I'm involved again. And just like last time, there'll be hell to pay. Should've fucked off to Thailand. She tried to keep it from me to protect you for a very good reason. Now you crossed the line.

I want this fucker to burn so damn badly, guess I'll have to start with his precious car and bikes.

No. 2087507

Kek. Did he respond after that?

No. 2087508

So my dad died recently. It wasn't a major shock or anything, he'd been ill for a while, and we were told there was no hope left by the doctors the last few weeks of his life. But even so, it has been very hard on all of us, and for my mom especially.
But that's not really why I'm posting this here. You see, we got access to his cellphone after he passed, and going through his chats, I saw that he'd been sending and receiving explicit texts to and from a whole bunch of thots online going back to several years. It's been a huge shock for me and my mom. For me especially, cuz I always knew my dad as a sweet, kind, caring, generous man. He'd never hurt anyone. He was always cheerful and easygoing. Never once was abusive to either me or my mom.
I want to mourn his death. I want to cry. I want to feel sad. I want to miss him and love him. But every time I think of him, of all the good times I spent with him, these horrible chats come to mind instead. It's all I can think about. My last memories of my dad are now these disgusting texts to these whores. I don't even know who my dad is anymore. I don't know what to do.
I guess on one hand I shouldn't be shocked since most men cheat, but I really did think my dad was different. I really did.

No. 2087511

Awww. I hate to read this.

No. 2087512

A woman saying that isn’t insufferable, the moids giving out the same responses with no genuine desire to actually talk to women are insufferable. Women should actually be more honest when it comes to replying instead of coddling moids

No. 2087513

kek what is this reddit shit

No. 2087515

Literally just ignore them, moid messages aren’t worth the emotional labor of getting annoyed over

No. 2087516

At least you can move on quicker now realizing he was just another dumb male.

No. 2087517

It really is all men. I'm so sorry you and your mother had to see his disgusting hidden behaviour. The way some men manage to appear caring and loyal while partaking in degenerate shit at the same time is psychopathic.

No. 2087520

The worst part is, my mom is now absolutely devastated. She stayed by his side the whole time he was at the hospital, and couldn't stop bawling her eyes out after he died. And finding out these chats broke her heart. She's inconsolable and I don't know what to do

No. 2087542

fuck you fuck you you just couldnt wait to do that huh. it brings you such sweet satisfaction, reliving your mean girl days, always picking on the weak, always looking for a problem to stroke your own ego, because you cant function without moid validation. fucking bitch

No. 2087554

this is sociopathic behavior, he doesn't even care this much about his partner and her hobby? this is clearly important to you. sociopathic, gross behavior. you have your own decision to make but do not let this slide.

No. 2087555

I just don't want to work anymore. I wish I was born rich.

No. 2087560

>nonny has a brain tumor
>nonny voluntarily dates a moid she knows she should break up with but she’ll continue to ignore the major red flags
>gets a billion replies
>overwatering plant story
>sounds exactly like that reddit story posted here a few months ago
>another fake nigel story
>le sith
another nonna asked but are you literally okay. is the tumor benign or cancerous?

No. 2087579

I wish I was an asshole nepo baby who only has to pretend to work and dates even richer assholes

No. 2087592

Same, I'm sick of these cocksucking bitches dating these retard moids and then crying about it that they turn out to be a retarded moid. Jesus Christ every minute I spend on here is making me misogynistic towards straight women fr

No. 2087602

Nah you're right, I'm expecting too much from scrotes. I deleted my account, and I'm just gonna be single. It'll probably be better for me instead of getting annoyed. Better for me in every way.

Hey gorg

Nah. But literally I put a lot of effort in my profile to let them have plenty of stuff to respond to. That's my fault for expecting the gender that will fuck canteloupes to have working braincells.

Unmatched that fucker literally right after taking the screenshot. Coffee in this little town is $2.50, fucking worthless scrote can't find $2.50 of change in the parking lot? He can't find it in his couch cushions? Completely disgusting, he should be composted.

No. 2087623

>broke as a joke
I hate that this made me laugh

No. 2087627

Me too but only if the assholes are hot

No. 2087632

I'm honestly considering writing an article or making a site too. I'd say I'd start a discord server but the last time I tried to moderate and start a server I was terrible at managing it and it fell into chaos. I'd say I'd wanna start a subreddit but reddit is hell and filled to brim with stans and astroturfing that any anti stan content would get invaded and swarmed

No. 2087635

Same. Other people seem to be able to cope with having to work but it makes me suicidal when I'm trapped in a job I absolutely hate. I can tolerate my current job but I make chump change.

No. 2087677

File: 1720892991929.webp (67.97 KB, 1280x720, IMG_1016.webp)

My own mother photoshopped a photo of me like picrel to post it on social media, knowing I have severe body dysmorphia. Who the hell does that. I found it last night and it’s still bothering me.

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i'm constipated

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