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File: 1719267115895.png (480.7 KB, 500x349, IMG_2676.png)

No. 2062621

let it out
no infights, report and ignore bait
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No. 2062626

File: 1719267476221.png (97.06 KB, 276x298, kagami-annoyed.png)

>Went to make a gin and tonic after a stressful day at work
>Both my bottles tastes suspiciously watery
>This isn't the first time
I know it's my roommate/sister who did it. I'm going to confront her (again) about it and I know exactly how it's going to go. She'll get defensive then start crying about how it's so hard being unemployed and depressed and she's feels sooo bad about mom paying her half of the rent blah blah blah. Bitch maybe if you didn't spend all night stealing my alcohol and playing Destiny or whatever crap you're into now, loud af, you could get a job.
At this point I would buy her alcohol just so she's leaves mine alone.

No. 2062631

Nonnas I desperately need advice. I have some friends coming into town for a day and I wanted to hang out with them, but my bf has been sad about being left out because he has to work. These are way more my friends than his, and I’ve known them for way longer than I’ve even known him. I don’t really get to see them, maybe once or twice a year if even. What should I do? He kinda wanted to call off but he wouldn’t be able to hang out due to other circumstances. I have no clue what to do, my heart is telling me to just go be with them and have a single day to myself for once without my bf or just cancel.

No. 2062634

newfags need to stop making threads. the images are shit and using the same image as a previous recent thread makes browsing the catalog for an old thread fucking impossible. i dont even make threads but i feel bad that anons with good OP images get shirked for some attention starved moron every time

No. 2062638

That's a long-winded way to say "thank you for making a new thread" kek

No. 2062639

Pop an image in you'd like to use for the next thread after the first warning otherwise chill out. You responded quick enough enough to this one. You could have created it nona.

No. 2062640

ok but does anyone know who drew the threadpic

No. 2062643

Im not a newfag. it's just hard to keep track of previous threadpics when there's two hundred vent threads with a new one every week.

No. 2062644

I don't think I'm going to like this answer…

No. 2062645

>Bf can't join us because he works
>And even if he could there are other circumstances that will prevent him from being available to hang out
Are you seriously considering not meeting your friends because your bf can't join you? Go have fun with them! Tell him to fuck off if he tries to make you feel bad about it

No. 2062646

It looks like it's some kind of Digimon fanart so you can try searching for that on DeviantArt or something, or you could post it in the "help me find…" thread and see if you get any responses.
Don't let the hater get to you anon.

No. 2062647

He’s been really mopey about it, not really mean or pissy just kinda “woe is me” wallowing type. It’s a single day and the friends are actually going to be back a few weeks later for an event that he actually will be entirely part of. I think he just wants to be with me, but call me a selfish bitch but I want a day away from everyone and everything, him included.

No. 2062648

Oh that's not so bad I thought you were going to say it was a famous pedo or troon artist.
I like it.

No. 2062651

File: 1719268708939.jpeg (1008.6 KB, 828x914, IMG_4384.jpeg)

No. 2062654

if he is guilting you about this, it's a red flag. you should do fun things with your friends even if he can't go, period. no conditions. even if he was able to go with you it shouldn't be a problem. Just to have fun, nona

No. 2062656

Not the usual vent but today was the first time I lost a phone. It's been 1 hour and I'm still crying about it. The worst part is that I'm fucking retarded and didn't write down any of the passwords for my accounts on paper. And the virtual diary I wrote on every single day in detail so that's 6 months of memories gone. I still have hope that somehow I will find but I'm so fucking pissed off at myself right now

No. 2062658

You're not a selfish bitch, anon, it's a sign of maturity an balance to enjoy some time with yourself alone

No. 2062661

If you haven't already, call all the places where you were today and ask if someone reported a lost phone. Sometimes good Samaritans will bring the phone to the staff.

No. 2062664

So if he can’t have fun you don’t get to have fun? Anon, that’s absolutely insane that you’re considering calling off a fun day. Your partner should be happy you’re doing things that make you happy. Like, it shouldn’t even be a question.

No. 2062671

Don't cancel. You knew those friends longer than him and will continue to know them after him. Go have fun. He's an adult and if he's actually making you feel guilty about not being able to hang out too, dump him. you probably won't though otherwise just get out of your head and have a good time.

No. 2062672

I thought this video was a nice alternative to other styling systems until it got to the "fish" type now my BDD is acting up. I'd kms if someone called me a fucking FISH

No. 2062673

File: 1719269906524.jpg (13.2 KB, 300x207, 300px-Thomas_Had_Never_Seen_Su…)

After getting a bad health report last October I've been hitting the gym hard. I've been working on getting strong so weightlifting, protein shakes, chicken breasts, all that jazz. My BF who has an office job and only exercises by playing football with his friends once a week wants to join the gym so I take him along with me.
He easily beats my squat record. I know with upper body men have the advantage but I thought lower body was kinda close. I have never been so demotivated in my life.

No. 2062674

For starters, don't compare yourself to males

No. 2062675

Males are stronger than us physically in all aspects. That's why trannies in women's sports is so destructive. They will push us out of our accomplishments.

No. 2062676

Men got retard strength, nona, don't feel bad.

No. 2062681

File: 1719270699079.jpeg (155.22 KB, 439x543, IMG_1383.jpeg)

I feel like I’m about to start tweaking out. Living at home with your parent and your shitty ass male siblings makes me want to go and fly off the handle and cry, I just want a fucking decent job to save up and be able to move out how much longer will this entrapment end and it’s all my fault I should have fucking sold my body or some shit I actually can’t take it anymore. I rather die lonely than ever have a male in the only sage space I will have which is my own apartment or house due to having brothers. I miss my sister, I gotta hold on longer

No. 2062683

I thought after 8 months I'd at least be a little stronger than my lazy bf. I can pick him up now at least kek.
It's actually ridiculous how big the gap is. I hate it.

No. 2062686

i feel like vomit again, i'm so sick of this

No. 2062704

File: 1719272004576.jpeg (311.66 KB, 664x621, IMG_8252.jpeg)

I want to fondle my tongue with a fork and stab and jab at it until it gushes and bleeds out until I die and I will finally be free in the afterlife to bitch slap my ancestors and angelic guides for being useless retards letting me suffer

No. 2062708

File: 1719272267672.png (1012.64 KB, 1030x688, Fish type.png)

I think they're the fish type and they look cute to me. Should play mermaids. So i wouldn't be that worried on your place, nonna, you must be cute. I don't think it's a good alternative styling system though, kek, just use it for fun.

No. 2062718

File: 1719272693091.png (171.76 KB, 603x900, FriendsBWWeb-603x900.png)

Had a fight with a friend who showed manipulative behavior. They resorted to insults and blame shifting when I called them out on it before ending the conversation abruptly. I'm glad to not associate with this person anymore, but wish I'd recognized they were toxic sooner.

No. 2062727

i guess i have a turtle/hamster face. sad

No. 2062730

I'm sure there are easier ways to get to the afterlife, your tongue thing doesn't seem very effective.

No. 2062732

I understand this feel nonita, I felt the same way after my first 8 months or so when I started feeling really strong and seeing progress and gassing myself up, only to have the wind taken out of my sails by seeing some scrawny untried manlet who's been to the gym 3x in his life lifting more than me. It is unfair and feeling angry about that is natural, we quite literally got cucked in this department. What helped me is looking at polls and websites like Strength Level (ik it has some problems like the data is user submitted or whatever but you have to work with what you have) because then you can see how your strength level would compare if you were male. You'll see then that you ARE stronger than males who don't train, when you compare their strength to a man's at your same training level. Yeah its not going to erase the rage at knowing that despite your hard work almost any faggot male could still hurt you, but it does prove that when the playing field is even, you are stronger than an untrained man. Still, it's ok to stay a little salty forever. I still am kek

No. 2062755

File: 1719274399338.gif (152.77 KB, 220x220, IMG_7381.gif)

I’ve always picked at my hair since I was a kid but it’s gotten worse as a young adult. I just pulled out a whole chunk worth of individual strands of my hair, it physically hurts my mind and body if I can’t pull out my hair. I’m missing chunks on my hairline now and my eyebrow tails are gone too. It’s gotten really compulsive lately and it’s scaring me, I want to cry right now, I feel so scared.

No. 2062762

>tfw you completely fit their initial description of a bunny face type yet the quiz at the end puts you in the cat-faced category
tbf a moid did once say i look like a cat irl

No. 2062787

Nah just keep going nona. Remember only women can be truly natty. If you compare yourself to men it's like some guy showing up at a gym where everyone else has been on gear since they were 14 and getting disappointed he's not as strong as them, no shit, they're all juicing.

Men who do juice will literally gain more muscle mass sitting on their ass than natty men do on a strength routine, so it's the exact same comparison. Imagine how good it'll feel after a long term solid training routine when you eventually do start approaching avg guy levels of weight on the bar, that's why they get so embarrassed if a woman ever outlifts them.

No. 2062793

I suffer from dermatillomania and recently started taking new medication for bipolar disorder (quetiapine/seroquel), but it had a very impressive effect on my skin picking. I still do it a little but it's way, WAY better. I don't do it until I'm bleeding anymore and I even started wearing open toe shoes (it was mostly concentrated on my feet because they're easy to hide). If you do get treatment, though, be warned that the damage may never be fully rectified. My toenails will probably never be a normal size but that's fine, I'm happy to not have bloody feet all the time anymore.

No. 2062810

It's a bit conflicting and sad to see my dad developing frown lines. He's a grumpy guy and such an asshole but he does what he can, as an ass I guess lol. Never grew out of his persecution complex from being bullied and makes it everyone else's problem but since I've gone through something similar I can get that in a way

No. 2062814

Never thought to mention this here but I have no one to talk to about this, anytime there's a clue of a woman being considered attractive it makes me want to shrivel up and die, this is very pathetic but I have no sense of self and I feel unfixably weird and ugly. Any nonas experience the same thing, what do I even do here

No. 2062820

and yes I'm learning makeup and whatnot. I actually think I'm conventionally attractive (I hate dysmorphia) but I guess that isn't enough for me to not feel weird about other people.

No. 2062824

Is there any way to own your look or general sense of style so that you'll be so secure with your own identity that you won't give a shit about anyone else's?

Easier said than done. I don't know what magic shit happened at 31 years old, but that was my magic age for my brain to stop giving a shit and focus on myself only. I really don't care if prettier people enter the chat now, they've got their own problems too.

No. 2062863

File: 1719279929455.png (194.84 KB, 640x640, 1585637723781.png)

browsing loveafterporn is the most blackpilling shit ever, hypersexual men need to be castrated

No. 2062864

I'm curious, what do the scrotes talk about there?

No. 2062867

File: 1719280018422.jpg (59.59 KB, 1280x720, wIcrDoE.jpg)

>too busy and touching grass to have played video games for over a year
>finally get downtime thanks to illness
>log back into Steam
>play one of my favorite games
>just campaigns, no multiplayer bullshit to stress me out
>campaigns can take an hour or more
>doing good
>doing real fine and enjoying my game
>get to impossible campaign
>keep losing ~10 minutes left after 1.5-2 hours of play

No. 2062870

nah its all women, talking about their loser porn addict boyfriends/husbands

No. 2062876

File: 1719280419915.png (87.41 KB, 881x708, Screenshot.png)

No. 2062879

Jesus christ. Burn moids on the streets.

No. 2062889

Spent $60 on a big floor fan today, it worked perfectly and then I fucking tripped on the cord, broke the plugin so it's stuck in the outlet and I reopened a decade old scar on my knee.

No. 2062890

File: 1719281160329.gif (564 KB, 220x146, me.gif)

>got a 6,2 in an exam
>almost everyone in my class got a 8 or 9
I usually don't study that much, because I prefer to have more time for myself than perfect grades, but holy shit, I'm now feeling dumb because the exam itself wasn't difficult, but many of its answers depended on previous answers and I must have fumbled something along the way.

No. 2062894

This sub makes me so depressed.
>have kids
>stay at home
>more than several years invested
Talk about stuck. Glad I never married and aborted the fetuses of the awful moids I was with kek. Moids are universally shitty, which makes me feel better at least.
There was one post that described how one man got the opportunity to cheat irl with his OF interest but was a limpdick even when he had his dream woman in front of them.
It's not us. They're so fucking embarrassing.

No. 2062901

I’m glad to hear you’ve made an impressive recovery, nonni. I’ll keep your advice in mind, I’ve never gotten diagnosed for anything mental illness/health related, but your post had inspired me to check with my doctor about seeing if I can get the picking checked out, because it’s obviously a mental thing. My parents are ESL immigrants so they never bothered to take me to a doctor as a kid for the picking, along with other compulsions, time to get this shit figured out.

No. 2062914

My dad is such a fucking asshole. His sister has to start her cancer treatment tomorrow, and she has to go to the hospital at 6 a.m., but he refuses to wake up early to take her there. 

No. 2062929

File: 1719284685592.jpg (1.26 MB, 3000x3000, walled.jpg)

dang imagine marrying men

No. 2062932

My ex suddenly came back in the picture to talk to my current boyfriend. I still have so much resentment for everything he did to the both of us. He tried so many things to break our relationship, even writing to my boyfriends ex and her mom. My boyfriend says he's being cautious but I would be lying if I said I didn't want blood.

No. 2062936

I had an interview for a job that would pay $120,000 with a 10% annual bonus, and I totally blew it. It was a technical interview and either I was nervous and couldn’t come up with an articulate answer for something on the spot or I just didn’t know the answer at all. It’s been a week since then and they have not reached out to me since. I’m pretty disappointed

No. 2062968

He's cautious? He should tell your ex to fuck right off as bare minimum.

No. 2062969

At least you get job interviews, anon, I can't even make it past the initial application.

No. 2062977

File: 1719289018442.gif (19.04 KB, 220x204, 1711441787729.gif)

why the fuck am i so horny all the time god damn

No. 2063012

I hate being alive haha yippee yay From the outside in I have literally no reason to have this gaping hole inside of me but never at any point have I felt life was worth the work it takes to live. I've had good relationships, hobbies I excel at, good grades, engaging work, been physically active, etc. etc. but nothing has ever helped. I think I may have been born with something innately wrong with my brain. I genuinely work my hardest to be a positive thinker but it's all rather pointless when it doesn't match the emptiness I feel. Life is pointless, and, even worse than that, there is zero pleasure in the toil. Zilch.

No. 2063014

Just relapsed my s/h habit after being months clean. I wanna fucking croak. I've felt like shit for days.

No. 2063027

I wish honestly. I feel genuinely horny like twice a year.

No. 2063030

Me a few months ago and it felt catastrophic in my mind but I actually haven't done it since then. You'll be alright nonna.

No. 2063032

I getchu nonnie

No. 2063035

My irl friend and I are in the same fandom community online, I use my real nickname (so obviously based on my actual name) and she used one based on her username with no relation to her real name. Recently she decided to change her nickname to one that is sort of taken from her username, but is also super similar to my actual nickname and I feel so irked by this. Like if my name was Millie hers is now Mellie. If it was a genuine nickname someone gave to her it would have been fine, but she literally went out of her way to make posts about how she decided herself to go by Mellie instead and it's what she wants to be called from now on. I feel like she's trying to copy me all of a sudden and idk why. Also feels like I can't say anything because my name is technically a nickname too so it's not like she's copying my full name. Idk it's just fucking weird, why is she taking a name so similar to mine?!

No. 2063053

Thanks nona. I have had a really bad week despite nothing dreadful really happening during it. Just this weird, impending sense of doom. I hope it passes.

No. 2063074

Males are so pathetic. I wish more of them would fuck off and kill themselves. They already like to do it so much, why not do it some more?

No. 2063078

Love you nonna. I understand. Those stretches get less frequent with time. Hope you can do something nice for yourself this week.

No. 2063079

I don’t like to be involved with people as much as I used to, even though I’m mostly extroverted. It just brings too much pain and drama. I find it funny that I used to act like a super kawaii genki nice girl, and the second I mellowed out and became more honest with myself and others, people lost interest in me, especially men that liked me before.

No. 2063082

End of this week and I'm out of this shitty living situation with unbelievably unhygienic and lazy TRA gamergirl housemates. They're genuinely such miserable people that I got permanently turned off of gaming as a hobby for myself. The notion of being 30+ and doing nothing with my free time but binge eating fast food and playing live service games while blaming society for 100% of my unhappiness is so grim.

No. 2063089

Reminder that men aren't just "a bit" stronger than women, they're A LOT stronger. High school BOYS beat professional athlete women's records all the time. So make your bf do all the heavy lifting and hard work, it's all men are good for.

No. 2063097

Right now I'm just drunk to take the pain away. My stomach really hurts. My work uniforms short sleeved so I can't hide arm cuts unless I wear long sleeves, and its way too hot to do that. so i just went for my stomach and upper thighs and it hurt like hell. i'll be okay. eventually

No. 2063115

My city is overrun with fucking cockroaches, so fucking gross
I've never seen one before and they're literally terrifying they're so big and ugly

No. 2063140

Posted art of a cute baby animal from a recent animated film and got followed by "babyfurs", whichbwas my first time finding out what they are. I'm absolutely disgusted, is literally nothing safe. It's bad enough to be into bestiality but you have to be a pedophile about it too?

No. 2063143

Wtf, what animated movie was it? Is there anything about the art that might come off as fetishistic?

No. 2063158

File: 1719308080804.jpeg (315.76 KB, 2048x894, IMG_0955.jpeg)

Emi from ultraman rising.
Literally nothing, it was the most innocent art, moids are just freaks.

No. 2063172

File: 1719309937863.jpeg (16.27 KB, 328x328, 9A636F0C-80F4-4B6A-A8E1-7526B8…)

i realized i feel about people like i feel about spiders, they evoke similar feelings of unease. i think they're interesting but scary. i can handle the select few friendly looking ones okay and engage with the creepy ones just long enough to banish them from my space. i definitely don't want to be in a room that's full of them.

No. 2063177

Have you ever killed a spider anon?

No. 2063178

spidery spiders yes, spidery humans no but every day the temptation grows

No. 2063244

File: 1719317611497.jpeg (67.03 KB, 1080x1183, IMG_2580.jpeg)

why the fuck is this "hawk tuah" meme so popular right now? do people actually think this is funny? it's one of the trashiest most unfunny memes i've seen in a while and i'm actually shocked that it's caught on so hard due to the sheer retardation.

No. 2063250

wtf does that even mean?

No. 2063252

Stop hanging out with high schoolers.
It's a girl describing spitting on a penis. I had to look it up. It's from a street interview video.

No. 2063257

Vidrel. It’s trashy sure but it’s a joke, this girl seems funny I bet she’s fun to hang out with. I read somewhere she got stalked at work after this went viral people are freaks

No. 2063271

anon, i'm 19

No. 2063276

We have this one fucking creep that calls regularly at work and waits for a female staff member to answer. He asks repetitive questions about our products and goes full on abusive if we don’t have what he wants I work in a video game store. I’m used to moid bullshit I could make a whole thread on but this is different He goes silent if it’s a male voice on the line and will ring constantly after being called out but say nothing to get some kind of satisfaction.

Our shit head management are aware and gave some half assed ‘it happens at so many stories nation wide. There’s nothing we can do it’s anonymous. As we’re service orientated we can’t permit you to ignore all anonymous calls but just hold your ground and be professional’. So what, I’m supposed to smile and nod if this freak ever comes in with a knife or some acid to toss on me and my fellow women?

Im aware I’m paranoid but it’s a genuine fear of mine especially since I’m alone for a good hour every shift when the other cashier is on break. We also have no CCTV or any security button.

They make us do hours worth of reading/training on how to make customers feel welcomed and store protocol, but don’t give a fuck that their female staff are being threatened.

I shouldn’t have to worry about being abused verbally and potentially physically whilst selling overpriced copies of fifa and ugly ass pop vinyls. Fuck retarded men and fuck our spineless management.

No. 2063280

You’re rotting your brain being here, leave before it’s too late. Be young and free!
Reddit-spacing… why

No. 2063281

you're not paranoid, moids are fucking freaks and often pull creepy shit like this before escalating their behavior.

No. 2063283

Unironically very good advice, wish I had left this place when I was 19, 10 years later now I'm doomed

No. 2063287

Is this what zoomers are laughing about nowadays? It's not even funny

No. 2063336

How to deal with the possibility that my mum has breast cancer? The fact that she's 70 is also concerning. I'm not even 30 and I'm going to lose her, I cannot quit crying. I love you mom. I'm sorry you never got to see me graduate, I'm sorry you still help a grown woman, I'm sorry I was so busy with work and school. I'm sorry for living far, I'm sorry for not being able to provide for you. I'm so sorry, please be okay. I'll do anything

No. 2063367

File: 1719326077952.jpg (4.8 KB, 225x225, 1000019641.jpg)

Same woman from >>2037684 is once again being super obnoxious.
This time it's because she agreed to be a surrogate to a stranger for a lot of money.
Generally I don't care how people make their bread but it's so annoying to see her attention whore about it in group chat. First, it was the ~big announcement~ she made which elicited responses from everyone about how she was so "selfless" and "brave" for doing this, as if she weren't doing it for the money lmao. Now she's posting asking someone from our group to help jab her during our next event to "mentally get over" the intramuscular shots that she needs to administer to herself for the surrogacy process.

Sorry, but what the fuck?
She can agree to either push another baby out of her vagina or get sliced open for it on the c-section table, but her hard stop is a fucking shot?
Shut up, shut the fuck up.

No. 2063373

I think it's funny as a joke but as usual men ruin everything.
It's automatically not funny to me just because moids memed it to death.

No. 2063376

Get a job.

No. 2063383

That's wild. When I worked at a call center selling plane tickets we would get the same creeps too.
They would call just to hear female voices speaking to them and waste our times by making us read out a bunch of information but never buy anything.
However if they were creepy and abusive, we were allowed to terminate the call.

As a manager now, yours sound incredibly lazy. Like they'd rather have you deal with it repeatedly than have an uncomfortable interaction with the moid telling him to fuck off.

No. 2063386

I've been writing fanfic for a while now and I'm always proud of them, but they get like 5 kudos and no comments and I'm just… Am I delusional? Are they bad and I just don't see it? I know I shouldn't do things just for attention and praise but it does make me sad when I post something I thought turned out great and other people don't seem to agree.

No. 2063391

>one group chat/server is kinda slow but a few of us are active in it and use it for movies/gaming/vc
>person who owns it hardly uses it and constantly bitches about wanting to delete it/complains about some of the people in there
>leaves the more active group chat in a fit of pique for some unknown reason
>then kicks out a bunch of people that were actively keeping the server alive
I got DMs from friends who were kicked asking if the server got deleted and it was extremely awkward. I just know this fuck is gonna go back to the server once they get over this meltdown, so they booted those people out for literally nothing. Shit, they'll probably fucking nuke the server as well out of spite. My one regret is not taking ownership of it when they offered it to me several months ago.

No. 2063410

my lash tech took a picture of my eye for her instagram feed, i saw it and now it made me realize how bad the skin around my eyes is. i look so old, im 28 but the picture looks like its of a 60 year old. i immediately started googling all the creams and cosmetic procedures available even though i would never actually go ahead with a cosmetic procedure, it's just tempting right now i wish i never saw that picture because i never thought it was an issue when i looked in the mirror but now that is all im seeing when i look at myself.

No. 2063419

You should just hang up next time. Pretty sure there are "harassment in the workplace"-type laws, and that could definitely qualify as it.

No. 2063427

Staying firm in your boundaries doesn't feel good at all. I feel heartless.

No. 2063428

You're being a tad unfair to yourself anon. High-resolution camera lenses are not the same as a human eyeball.
It's not as bad as you think, the camera just had to capture the definition of eyelashes so of course it picked up anything else. People looking at the photo just want to see the lashes, they don't care about your skin.

No. 2063437

i appreciate you saying that nonnie, it's a good reminder. i was just taken aback by it, i actually hate pictures and usually never let anyone take pictures of me, especially in HD.

No. 2063471

i accidentally let my social anxiety take over my life and now i have no friends. i hate my job but i'm the only employee there and i don't want to screw over my boss. i'm 2 weeks into trying to quit smoking and i'm doing okay (i bummed two cigarettes but otherwise no smoking) but my withdrawal manifests as my becoming the world's meanest bitch.

No. 2063532

we are the same, nona. i wish i had advice but i don't. i am having the and issues as you and i wish it wasn't this way. i miss having a normal life

No. 2063561

It gets easier, feels better, the more you practice it. It just takes time to internalize what you deserve, nonna.

No. 2063594

The wedding saga in the Pixielocks thread is so fucking boring omg

No. 2063621

Agree, the juiciest drama of it was Steeb being forced to propose because Jill was jealous but that's about it.
IMO she stayed too long waiting for that, it's a doomed marriage through and through. The only thing to look forward to is to see the tacky wedding choices and maybe some bridesmaid drama (unless her alters will fill those positions KEK).

No. 2063653

I really can't do tasks that require thinking or just a lot of time and focus and it's making my life hell. Every time I have to write an assignment I put it off until I start getting panic attacks from how close the deadline is and how much I still need to do. My grades end up fine because in the short time I have I don't do anything else, I drop all games, I don't watch any shows or youtube, I do the dishes every 2-3 days and only shower and go out to buy food once a week. I've been living like this all my life and now I'm wondering if I should finally contact someone to see if I could get an ADD diagnosis but it's so embarrassing. What if I'm just ultra lazy and stupid and need to kill myself

No. 2063672

i ordered a drink with lactose free milk and i'm pretty sure they put regular milk in it.

No. 2063731

I want to run again, god fucking damn injuries I hate this stupid shit

No. 2063857

I have a long time friend of over 10 years who is male. He's like a brother to me now and we always get along well but the past few years he's been into the whole red pill man stupidity. We often have friendly arguments about the dumb talking points that you've heard a million times already and I try my best to talk some sense into him but he's so convinced he knows more about "modern women" and the dating world just because he gets out more than I do. One day I remember we were debating something and I brought up the men commit most violent crimes stat and this clown really tried to blame violent mens actions on single mothers. Because everything men do is women's fault in some way. I called him out on I and he was just like it's the truth. He really believes in this stuff and he has a gf BTW. She agrees with me when I challenge him sometimes but I think she just goes along with what he says most times. Anyway I was thinking about how if I hadn't known him for so long and I just met him now I probably wouldn't be friends with him. But I know he's just parroting crap he sees on social media to fit in with current guy culture. Though he says those things he always treats me and his girlfriend well. He thinks he's so brave for telling the "truth" but I just see him as having no real values or opinions of his own and trying too hard to impress other men. I hope he snaps out of it soon.

No. 2063887

He needs for all the women in his life to fuck off and he can stay in those homoerotic red pill communities instead. You're just finding out how awful and male-worshipping he is now, he just needed the opportunity to show it

No. 2063908

what shitty personality disorder do I have if I'm constantly wanting to seek attention from my friends and not having it makes me feel extremely lonely and left out

No. 2063942

It's not a personality disorder, it's just emotionally immaturity and a lackluster personal life. Not to be mean, but not everything is a personality disorder: sometimes, people can just be immature or selfish or confused and that's a normal part of life. If you constantly need attention from your friends or else you feel left out, you need to develop your sense of self more thoroughly. You need to find hobbies outside of your friends that you can do on your own time, and you need to learn how to be comfortable while alone. You need to find ways to feel secure and happy without being the centre of attention.

No. 2063955

>He's like a brother to me
Yeah, and to him you're like a piece of dirt beneath his shoe because of your sex. I don't get anons that post this stuff. I would never willingly admit to being friends with a man that consumes red pill bullshit, and I definitely would never willingly interact with one of those freaks either.
>I know he's just parroting crap he sees on social media to fit in with current guy culture
No, nona, you just don't wanna admit to yourself that the scrote you consider as a "brother" actually believes this red-pill shit and is a misogynist. It's the same thing I see everyday: a handmaiden defending a women-hater.
It's crazy because they'll stick by him instead of just admitting to themselves that they'd be better off without him and other scrotes like him.

No. 2063960

Among many mental issues, I'm a bpdemon and avoid dating at all costs because romance seems to be the one and only thing that has me fucked up. Well… for 4 months I've been dating a dude I've known for a year, really kind for a moid but it's become a "my favorite person doesn't want me" issue inside my head and I hate it. I've come to keep it under control unlike when I was in my teens and 20s but it's taking everything in me to not let my impulsive thoughts and emotions guide my actions whenever he's with friends. Like part of me is trying to keep a rabid dog locked and chained. Right now he decided to hang out with mates mid-conversation and I don't think we've had a proper talk for a while and it's really upsetting me

No. 2063963

Life Plus Cindy?

No. 2064033

I should clarify that I don't think he sees me as a "promiscuous modern woman" because he knows me and my lack of dating history (we actually used to date in middle school, that's how we became friends). It doesn't make me feel any better about his beliefs though I roll my eyes every time I hear "modern women". You guys may be right though perhaps he had these ideas all along. I guess I'm debating if it's worth it to end a long friendship over some beliefs that may change because other than that we get along really well.

No. 2064036

>Other than the fact that he is a misogynist that hates women, we get along well!
Re-read what you typed and see if you can spot the fallacies. It's crazy because you are, in fact, a modern woman, so it should be very easy for you to realize that beneath the veneer of friendship he feels the same contempt towards you that he feels towards all other "modern" women. It doesn't matter if he's had those beliefs all along or if they're from the past few years, what matters if that he believes that shit at all. It's disturbing how far you will go to defend him when he consumes that kind of content and brazenly professes to misogyny.

No. 2064041

You're not telling me anything I don't know nona but thank you for the response, I know it isn't a personality disorder I was saying that in jest. I do have my own hobbies and interests but I don't want to have to enjoy them alone which is why I want the attention…

No. 2064053

I don't get why my boyfriend likes to play his gay cards so close to his chest. In another heated discussion about a lack of communication I asked him what he even wants out of a relationship and he's all wah I already told you I won't repeat myself and it's like fuck off. Like there wouldn't be a gay relationship without me so why keep me in the fucking dark like oh boy this is a better outcome for both of us you being an asshole and me going gee whizz imagine if you just told me what the fuck is on your mind you gay bastard

No. 2064065

Im confused…youre dating a gay guy?

No. 2064073

Are you a TiF?

No. 2064077

Just got fucking layed off over the phone. And not even from my boss he made another colleague of mine do it. I don’t even know what to say. She said that “we can no longer support you on the schedule” okay so why couldn’t he just tell me that

No. 2064083

I'm just having a hard day. Stress about a lease I had to get out of came back up out of nowhere days after I was finally done with moving shit to my new address and there's stressful phone calls trying to figure out why the assholes expect rent when they approved me leaving the fucking place and I kinda just want to wallow and die. I hate shitty apartments, never move in to the cheap apartments,always read the reviews of the landlords Jesus Christ I hope these people burn to the ground.

No. 2064092

I am not at the point where I can tell my new bf about my self harm yet but since I relapsed last night I just am anxious about all these ugly scars. So we call today (LDR) and he knows I'm in an awful mood, I make that clear, but he somehow has the audacity to start making sex jokes and I visibly want to roll my eyeballs till you can see the whites into the back of my head. I care about him, but sometimes men are so dimwitted and one dimensional. My guy you think when I'm in this much of a shit mood that I give a fuck about sex? Fuck you.

No. 2064095

Seething and disgusted at this director I worked with last year. This stupid ass whore said so much bullshit to me, and honestly, in hindsight, it was all because he wanted a much younger woman to date. He probably shit his pants and wished he could fire me when I showed up to our first meeting and introduced him to my husband. Now after completely dropping the ball on our project, I see the reason why is because he started dating a girl young enough to be his daughter last year, when HE WAS SUPPOSED to be working on the project. so fucking retarded I HATE HIM

No. 2064110

Samefag but adding I am afraid he's going to break up with me if I tell him I'm not the most sexual person (and it stems from trauma) and that I'm ashamed of my scars. Hell, I'm afraid he'll ruin away if he sees them. I feel like he had to see them because my old ones are pretty visible, but it's the new ones I'm afraid he'll either hate and dump me for, or worse, might fetishize me over. I shouldn't have rushed into a relationship, it just kind of happened (we met when I was on vacation in a diff state) and I'm trying to make it work but I am freaking guarded about what I reveal.

No. 2064117

>I'm afraid that my annoying boyfriend that I don't really like is gonna dump me
Maybe you aren't ready for a relationship.

No. 2064171

No I'm using gay as an insult towards a man that's acting like a cunt

No. 2064219

I know someone may think I'm joking and I know that some anons get annoyed with husbando posting outside of the husbando thread, but please bear with me because I don't believe this fits in the husbando thread.

I'm starting to become upset because I can't be fulfilled by anyone in the same way I'm fulfilled by my husbando. Both women and men, my love for real people simply is fleeting and very shortlived meanwhile I've loved my husbando for almost a decade (if not an entire decade already). I DO have the space in my heart for both a real person and my husbando, but my love for them just doesn't last. I don't hate them either, I just get bored fast and my love diminishes. The only people who I truly have unwavering love for are my grandmother and my husbando. I know you might be thinking "just be willing your husbando and avoid IRL people", but that won't work. I want to be married and to have children. My biggest dream is to be a mother. My husbando cannot raise kids with me (I refuse to be a single mother) . My husbando cannot hold me at night or truly take care of me. He cannot have conversations with me. He cannot kiss me or fuck me. He's not real, he's just my ideal partner and something that's made me happy for a very long time. But if I only dedicate myself to him, I cannot be completely happy either. There's still a hole in my heart that neither my husbando nor a real person can fill.

No. 2064231

You're right I agree with a lot of what you're saying. I'll talk to him about it. I guess I just have hope that I can change his mind and I saw what he was like before. 10 plus years is a lot

No. 2064237

File: 1719360306950.gif (385.85 KB, 354x200, 006e65464c61082b6730beed7c1548…)

ahhh I keep getting hives all the time, my nose is difficult to breathe from and itchy, and I dont know if its an allergy or just the crazy hot weather lately.. should i get an allergy test?

No. 2064247

>Even after all that, I'm still gonna try talking to him so that I can believe his lies and forget about all this.
It's noble of you to want to save a friendship of so many years but it's ignorant to know what you know and carry on acting like he's not watching Andrew Tate videos and talking about how much he hates women with his fellow scrote friends. Just disengage completely.

No. 2064288

I have mixed feelings about unfriended someone today. It was an online friendship for clarification kek. He was acting like a dick for the past few days and said something that offended me, I told him that what he said made me mad and instead of apologizing he told me to "talk to me when it passes" kek so I just unfriended him. I feel nice that I stood up for myself because past me would have done just that, but I also feel bad that he didnt even care about me that much to say sorry. Idk, we were friends for a few years and it was fine until recently, I really cared about him and enjoyed talking to him and it hurts to think that maybe that was just onesided.
Bleh, its fine I guess, it'll pass but it hurts now

No. 2064302

why not make your own server?

No. 2064319

Men are like dogs. Seriously.

You being his friend "like a brother" and the fact that he has a gf even though he concerns himself with modern dating and single women for some reason..someone should point this out to her that other women are always on his mind is reward for his shitty beliefs.
When a dog is naughty, you do not encourage the behavior with social reward like positive interaction and treats. You disengage and discipline.

He would change his views with the quickness if they would cost him the women in his life.
But he is continually rewarded with benefit of the doubt and grace and chances.
Would he do the same for your radical beliefs about men if you had them, when he can barely tolerate the facts as they are?
Think about it, anon.

Gah, third repost is the charm hopefully? Christ.

No. 2064325

I understand completely where you're coming from nona, it's a taboo subject over in that thread but I'm one of those who has both an IRL relationship and a husbando because what I get out of them is different, but I have much more love in my heart for my husbando.

No. 2064350

>He cannot have conversations with me.
yes he can, use ai chatbots.
thank you for taking your 3dpd sperging here instead of shitting the husbando thread. Hope you find some fleshie you can procreate and be happy with.

No. 2064370

I feel like this is obvious but conversations with a robot are not the same as conversations with a real human. My husbando's personality is too multifaceted and easily misunderstood anyway, people struggle to characterize him and I can't imagine AI being much better at it so I've never been interested.

No. 2064372

Maybe you could try finding a scrote with low self-esteem and no family and convince him to get plastic surgery to look like your husbando and brainwash him into thinking he is the husbando? Just brainstorming here.

No. 2064392

I don't think so, someone trying to imitate my husbando would genuinely piss me off. It shouldn't be anyone else's burden anyway, it's not fair to try and mold someone else into something they can't be just because I have internal issues. It just wouldn't be right for me to throw my problems onto someone else.
Thank you anon. Iirc, I actually think there are quite a few anons like us who aren't completely dedicated to either real people or their husbando waifu.

No. 2064398

I hate this fucking duck will all of my will. This is the same type of stupid cutesy animal that other women use like kuromi and hello kitty to distract from their personalities that mirrors a beast from the depths of hell. Animal crossing lovers and the fans of that strange looking blue character wearing a leather jacket are among those shitty groups of people as well

No. 2064446

File: 1719366136209.jpeg (77.1 KB, 735x727, IMG_0674.jpeg)

I cut off all the toxic people in my life (cocaine addicted evil pro ana twink, another moid who made fun of my addiction behind my back, my cheating ex, the guy I lost my virginity to when I was a middle schooler and he was a high schooler, etc) and got sober and now I’m incredibly lonely. I have a few real friends but they all live far away and I rarely ever see them. I feel like there’s this special connection you can only have in a toxic friendship where both of you enable each other. I miss it but at the same time I don’t. I have nothing to do. I just stay home all day and browse the Internet until I have to go to work and then I go home and sleep. My life is so dull, every day is groundhog day. I’m moving to a different state soon so maybe I’ll befriend some new people there

No. 2064461

File: 1719366372354.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1488x2056, IMG_3976.jpeg)

>strange looking blue creature wearing a leather jacket

No. 2064468

If you're in the same fandom chances are you're into the same stuff, and it could be a coincidence? My irl friend has a username based on some quirky word combo (think something like unicornspaghetti and she has gone by unicorn online for years, not her real user just an example) but I recently started getting really, really into a character whose name is her username (as in, the character's name would be unicorn) and constantly sperg about her but it's not like I'm obsessed with my friend and tweeting about her.

No. 2064489

ok but you’re right about that, kuromi/sanrio women are demonic. how is it that the most cutesy-loving women are the most evil by far

No. 2064496

File: 1719368371360.png (51.06 KB, 275x92, IMG_1417.png)

kekk, I mean picrel who was used in a banner
bpd splitting

No. 2064513

jesus christ i didnt' think a fucking cutesy pokemon threadpic of all things would be this contentious. sorry the cartoon duck hurt your feelings or w/e

No. 2064539

Someone just mentioned loving summer, FUCK you. every time someone mentions summer i lose my shit. god i want to frolick in the grass. i can’t stand being a neet anymore why can’t I enjoy summer! I hate my issues. The girl that I like is probably hanging out with friends and kissing boys or whatever while I’m a rotting virgin who hasn’t had fun in years because I hate myself too much to go outside. Anyway yeah I love summer too…

No. 2064541

I hate that Mangadex has a rule against transphobia which gets enforced with an iron fist but their sexism rule is more of a suggestion.

No. 2064556

It always sucks loosing someone you thought was a friend :( It's the ultimate betrayal. I'm sorry nonna but I'm proud of you for standing up for yourself!! I always try to think of it as "I'm glad I'm seeing how not good this person is before I put in more time and effort into the friendship". Best of luck!(:()

No. 2064586

It’s a pokemon, from what I’ve seen the sanrio girls don’t like pokemon that much other than cutesy gothic or pink ones.

No. 2064634

I’m probably just depressed and need to go outside more and socialize, but the thought of having to actually work for a romantic relationship feels tiring for me even though I have had fantasies about being cuddly and whatnot with crushes. Maybe it’s just better in my head.

No. 2064665

please tell me the transphobia rule is at least restricted to the forums and not uploaded content

No. 2064669

tbh I didn't know mangadex had forums, are they worth checking out? also I love how you can open any bl that's obviously gay from the cover and the comments are full of moids going "WTF is this?!"

No. 2064672

Nooono, that’s Charlie Chaplin!

No. 2064674

TBH I've seen open transphobia on the forums and it's been fine, it just depends on whether the series is a gendie magnet or not. Saw it got bad enough once too to the point the scanlator had a meltie and started putting pro-troon stuff in pages prefacing chapters, only to get reported and banned for it because pushing personal agendas there isn't allowed kek.
I enjoy them. Sometimes it's the only place you can find discussion on more obscure series, and it's a fun thing to read in general. YMMV depending on the series because that determines who is attracted to whatever thread you're on, but in general ecen at its worst it's pretty tolerable imo.

No. 2064679

File: 1719374215616.jpeg (27.91 KB, 739x415, IMG_1424.jpeg)

I want to bully this cute little nerd so bad and put his top hat on top of my boobs(derailing)

No. 2064708

My grandma seems to be a coomer who always moans in her room in the early morning and night. Seems like a really weird problem to have but my room is right next to her and it sucks…

No. 2064710

>My grandma seems to be a coomer
I'm sorry but this made me laugh

No. 2064712

He married a 14-year-old

No. 2064713

File: 1719376708857.jpeg (192.42 KB, 1000x563, IMG_3290.jpeg)

No. 2064716

I thought she was 16? not much difference

No. 2064730

knowing that so many moids back then would marry underage girls is so blackpilling. I legit believe all men would date children if it wasnt illegal.

No. 2064733

They would. Hence why I will never not roll my eyes whenever the “why shame women for having babies with moids!” argument comes up. When such a large proportion of women were sexually assaulted by their fathers as children (so they’re pedos AND incestuous) how can you have a child with that thing? Level 100 handmaiden, feeding a scrote new victims. When the majority of men watch porn, and the majority of are addicted to the barely legal kind (or even CP). Just checking the coomer thread should be enough to blackpill you immediately, all the women concerned about their husbands, about the father-daughter porn, when they have daughters. And these are the ones who were CAUGHT. “My nigel is different!!!” No he’s not, and that’s been proven time and time again.

No. 2064749

I am not looking forward to this day. There's so much bullshit I have to deal with but I don't want to. I'd love to just crawl back into my bed and spend the next 20 hours there but that's not possible unfortunately. It also sucks because the weather here is finally warm and sunny which usually gives me lots of energy but all of the problems I have to solve are overshadowing mundane things like good weather that would otherwise make me feel better. Now anything that could be considered fun (like going on a walk or meeting up with a friend) annoys me and feels like a chore instead of a pleasurable activity. I have no idea what is the cause of this but I really hope I find a way to get it under control soon because now I'm perpetually irritated/annoyed and just waiting for every day to pass just so I can finally go to bed and not deal with anything for a few hours.

No. 2064805

Creatively butting heads with your lover is so hard, I just wanted to have brain children and have fun making them.

No. 2064812

File: 1719384085675.jpeg (94.58 KB, 904x868, IMG_7256.jpeg)

>be me
>wake up at 5 am because broke and need to work
>busy day with work and school, stressed as hell so my stomach hurts
>had to house sit and water my family friends huge ass garden for an hour in 110 degree heat
>depression is kicking my ass, cannot stomach food
>I feel like I’m gonna pass out all day bc no eat
>saving grace is hobby event thing I love that’s an hour away
>le drive while drinking energy drink, I feel okay
>hobby thing was awesome
>its 11 pm
>I get to my car to go home
> I feel like I’m gonna pass out bc of the previously stated conditions, migraine so light hurts my eyes
>it’s fine I’ll lock in and drive home, I’ve done this drive a million times before
>le driving home
>20 minutes in, finally got to major highway
>there’s a 9 car pileup
>all the semis are blocking the freeway
>estimated hour added to the drive due to how horrible the traffic is now
>fuck no I am not getting stopped for an hour while I feel like death
>somehow shimmy my way off of freeway
>i feel sick and tired, I swallow my pride and call my mom to ask what street I should take home
>she drones at me about which streets go where
>kay bye imma drive now
>le drive
>she call me back
>”noni just follow my instructions and I’ll get you home”
>I feel ecstatic that my mother who lowkey hates me is being nice to me
>”oki mom”
>”okay now turn right noni onto freeway, you’re past the wreck. I’ll hang up so you can focus”
>I turn right
>snap out of my tired state and realize my mom sent me westbound on the wrong freeway
>I need to go eastbound on a freeway 10 minutes down the road
>my mom calls me
>”im gonna figure it out myself STOP CALLING ME”
>le hang up
>le fucking fuming
>start screeching like a retard in my car getting off the freeway
>pull into a shitty McDonald’s and screech to a halt
>there’s like a drug deal going on there I notice
>now I’m crying because my mommy issues got dragged into this clusterfuck
>le cry because mom was nice to me for once in my life
>and I snapped at her
>I start banging my head on the wheel in a retarded fit of tears
>I start to calm down and even my breathing
>my head is pounding even more because of retarded head banging
>there is blood on le forehead
>consider suicide
>pull up Google maps to my house
>drive back in the worst physical and mental pain imaginable
>park le car in garage
>consider suicide again
>mom sees me as I walk in
>she says nothing and looks like her normal, pissed off self
>I go upstairs
>I write about my retardedness on lolcow

Fuck this chungus life

No. 2064816

The politics I see from mutuals online are insane, especially from leftsist people (though I would assume that's partly because I see more of them than rightists).
I now see so much like
>"no dabate (with people who disagree with me)"
>"if you're neutral you're actually evil scum who secretly worships trump".
>"If you're a woman afraid of getting raped by troons you're and evil bigot who should shut the fuck up, rapists are gonna rape anyway so who cares"
They literally can't even accept someone is neutral now? It's so disgusting how they have no ability to even have empathy for someone having a different view than them, all while priding themselves on and pretending to be "the open and tolerant side". And these aren't even outlier freaks, they're fairly normal people who I know pretty well by now. It's scary.

No. 2064821

Im socially retarded. I spoke like i was on lolcow irl

No. 2064837

she's a TERV icon, how can you hate her?

No. 2064855

How can women be both the sex that gets pregnant AND the physically weaker sex? How come women don't have any sort of defense mechanism if they are the ones to get pregnant? If men are physically stronger shouldnt they be the ones giving birth? It doesnt make sense for women to be physically weak. What's the point in all of this?

No. 2064878

So many YouTubers/streamers whatever are being exposed for SA , abuse and messaging minors. What YouTuber hasn’t been? Pewdiepie. Maxmoefoe. I can’t think of anyone else

No. 2064955

File: 1719395729646.jpg (104.59 KB, 635x790, roy-dupuis-523165l.jpg)

I'm on step 9 in AA where you're suppose to make amends. Years ago, I had an ex who I got suspicious of so I keylogged his computer. I caught him changing his age to 16 so he could have cybersex with teenagers. I found the nudes he was sending out and I sent them to everyone in his contact list and dumped him. He would call or email me after this and I'd just get drunk and reply with long screeds about how he's a disgusting pedo.

I looked him up when I was thinking of making amends to him and I found that he had been arrested for battery and had a court case for foreclosure. Seeing the mugshot was oddly satisfying. I realized, I can't make amends to this asshole because you're not suppose to do them when they could injure others and I honestly don't think I could talk to him without calling him a fucking pedo loser.

I should probably talk to my therapist about this shit, but I really don't want to. I know it was wrong of me to keylog him and send his nudes to everyone, but at the same time, I don't think I would've broken up with him if I didn't know. I don't want to think about him anymore or remember that period in my life.

I'm kinda irritated with AA. I realize that making amends is suppose to help me move forward and be a better person, but this is making me dwell on the past.

No. 2064961

You did a based and morally correct thing, does AA really everyone to make amends to, like, abusive ex husbands or men who raped you or whatever that you may have retaliated against? Surely there is some common sense and logic in the program that doesn't require you to apologise to people who did something 100x worse than whatever you did? How the fuck would it help an alcoholic to force themselves to be generous to a disgusting pedo scrote, honestly…

No. 2064962

File: 1719396338018.png (257.23 KB, 690x835, 1716485451820.png)

>doesn't know Azumarill

No. 2064971

Women have higher senses and less testosterone that makes them do insane stupid shit, that ensures that they don't get into dangerous situations and are able to avoid them. Also women are weaker in brute physical strenght, but the female body is built in a way that makes them more resilient, a male body would break with pregnancy and they can't take pain.
By nature the males are designed to stick around and fend off other males/serve the women. Poor selection made them useless.

No. 2064972

stomacheache again because of nerves. I miss getting distracted with my heartbeat now I'm just feeling so numb

No. 2064978

IIRC AA had strange religious/cultish undertones so I'm not surprised that they'd push that, if they do. But anon also said it's not required if the person could injure others.
You did the right thing imo. If it weren't for the keylogger they would have never had a strong case against him and now he can't hurt others thanks to your actions, so I think if anything you should be proud. If AA can't understand that, they're wrong and can go fuck themselves.

No. 2064979

Who could have possibly predicted that the mechanics would badger us into a protection plan and then completely ignore us? Who could have known that hitching to a company we barely know could end up with us being treated terribly and blown off for appointments all while the appliances continue to break down? Who could have guessed that companies don't keep their word and will do literally anything to make a buck and ensnare people?
Me. It was me. I predicted this. Not that anyone ever fucking listens.

No. 2064988

these ugly motherfuckers really do be out there chasing after women who are way out of their league
the standards for men are nonexistent, how dare I be a bitch who wants an emotionally available man who'd support me so that we could grow together
it's hilarious when they get defensive and pick on other women for the dumbest of reasons when they look like roadkill

No. 2064991

This is a hot take but I don't think it's our lack of brute strength that led us to being subjugated but rather our natural tendency towards risk aversion. We've had guns since forever, women are understandably just too scared to take risks when it can cost us our safety and lives while men are basically programmed to be sentient meat shields and disregard any negative consequences

No. 2065003

>local coffee roaster opened a cafe so I stopped in to buy a drink
>paid $7 and change for the smallest sized iced coffee, refused to add a tip
I'm not going out to eat anything anymore, these places are getting way too cocky

No. 2065013

I don’t know if I’m going to be homeless but it’s looking like that may be the case and mentally preparing for it is tripping me up.

No. 2065024

I bought a $7 ice cream the other day and when the employee turned the screen to me, she stared at me and the screen, so I picked the lowest tip amount of $1. I'm still mad at myself for letting myself get pressured. There is no such thing as getting a "little treat" anymore. I could've bought two tubs of ice cream or a fast food ice cream dessert for that price… don't be like me.

No. 2065025

I hope you have somewhere safe to stay while you work things out. I know how it feels.

No. 2065029

Looking for places to find and might even consider Job Corps. Worst case scenario: military. Thanks nonny

No. 2065043

I hate my avoidant ex so incredibly much for giving me an anxious attachment style when I was previously decently secure. He had "muh anxiety" around asking people to hang out so I always had to be the one initiating, but often when I asked to spend time with him he ditched me after a couple of hours to be with his friends instead. I was never his priority. This went on for 4 years.
I'm dating a new guy now, and I asked him if he spontaneously wants to meet today, but he can't because he already has something planned with a friend. There's nothing wrong with this, people are allowed to have their own lives jfc, and yet the rejection is making me bawl my eyes out. I feel like I'm annoying as fuck and too needy whenever I get rejected like this, and I can never tell whether I'm being unreasonable about how much time I want to spend with a person because of that shitty dynamic I had with my ex. I want to see this current guy a lot more than once a week during the weekend, but expressing my needs feels so clingy, and now that he rejected me this time, I never want to ask him out again. Fuck, I seriously can't believe I'm crying this much about such a stupid issue.

No. 2065063

I can see this. The other day I was watching something history related where the founding fathers were having standoff gun duels over minor arguments. I just kept thinking this is peak retard way to handle an argument, men have always been violent and stupid. Women are smarter and have more self preservation instincts.

No. 2065068

The fact I could go into labour at any time between now and 12 weeks stresses me out so much.

No. 2065071

I want to dump my boyfriend because he isn’t nice to me, not even a little, but his mom loves me and she put a picture of me among the family portraits and such and both her and his grandparents have it (it’s like a printed collage) and the idea of them taking it down and erasing me from it makes me cry

No. 2065073

File: 1719409286945.jpg (26.35 KB, 500x500, artworks-28A5RCLoicdDoC4E-x3bz…)

>trying to live my life
>constant flashbacks of being abused since childhood
>everything reminds me of what I went through
>can't make normal connections because I can't relate to anyone
>fail at coming across as normal or nice even though I try hard to socialize, it's like people can tell im dirty and "other" and me being isolated makes me act weird anyways
Just kill me

No. 2065075

>I'm still mad at myself for letting myself get pressured. There is no such thing as getting a "little treat" anymore.
IKTF. I feel like a total clown for paying that much for a coffee. I don't even get anything fancy in it so that price is just a ripoff.

No. 2065087

Men are way too fucking sensitive, I can't deal with this shit

No. 2065100

This makes me sad
Flashbacks are hell. I hope you find some peace

No. 2065106

fuck man I’ve been feeling so good mentally lately and something just triggered me so bad. I suddenly feel like I wanna kms and I know it’s irrational and will pass but fuck this feeling. Fuck this dumb world I try so hard to be happy and positive and it just beats me down again. I will be happy I won’t let it win.

No. 2065113

File: 1719412122551.png (29.44 KB, 937x250, pjeROkg.png)

It seriously pisses me off that tons of women stay with these nasty ass moids. Not only is he fat, he also shits his pants regularly. Imagine knowing this about your scrote and being the one to wash it out and STILL wanting to stay engaged. Retard

No. 2065137

It's fucking 28-30 degrees Celsius outside, and yes I'm away from home on a small holiday. But I had three days in a row of doing shit, Sunday being eight hours in the train commuting, Monday walking around in the old town of where I'm staying, from and to the Airbnb to boot, and yesterday I took a full day trip, took the train to the bigger town even though it was 26-28 degrees Celsius out and was gone from 9:30am until 6:15pm.
I don't think I have to justify not wanting to walk in through urban landscapes in the heat when it was already unbearable yesterday. Not like there's a lake or a coast nearby to dip my toes in some fresh water, otherwise that'd have been my plan today. Just because you mean well as an Airbnb host, doesn't mean you get to decide how I use my days on holiday. I have eight more hours of commute tomorrow to get back home, I'll be glad to not have overworked myself today to recharge my batteries.
So I'd rather just not get a sunstroke before I leave for home tomorrow and chill, goddamn.

No. 2065149

i want to post my cat on lc so bad because she's so cute and precious you nonnies deserve to see her, but my friendgroup is the kind that is aware of lc and very loudly against these "evil bully forums" but also probably lurks here so i don't dare to. it's making me depressed that i can't share her sweet little face. she is just SO cute you can't imagine.

No. 2065156

do you ever scroll so much for so long you feel like throwing up

No. 2065160

File: 1719414019794.jpg (195.65 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

You're looking at it wrong. Men are stronger because they're the expendable ones. They're quite literally evolved to protect women, who are more important than them because we are the ones who get pregnant and care for (their) babies.
Men also burn more calories, they're less efficient that way as they need more resources and women can easier survive and thrive on less, so we're more efficient at surviving that way. We also do things like store more fat and handle cold better than men too, we're better suited for survival in ways that men are not.

We evolved this way because we are pack animals who are meant to work together, so I mean it when I say men LITERALLY evolved to protect women and to do the heavy work for us. Some species like most birds of prey, whales, spiders, frogs have significantly larger females. That generally happens when they live alone or the off-spring is mostly external (laying eggs) so the mother often protects them alone.

No. 2065161

Men are meaty because they're meant to die first in famines and feed us with their flesh

No. 2065171

Aww nonnie, that sucks, I'd love to see your little angel. Sending virtual cuddles to her ♥

No. 2065178

File: 1719416179738.jpeg (96.71 KB, 912x662, 1651093332961.jpeg)

i'm getting really frustrated with my best friend and i don't know how to deal with it. no i'm not willing to just "cut her off" because she has been a good friend of mine for years and i know she would be there for me. i just need to get some shit off my chest.
>moved back to her hometown after finishing university
>very extroverted but no friends in hometown
>had to dump boyfriend she got shortly after moving
>got a new bf quickly but complains about him all the time
>got a job in her field instantly after graduating
>hates her job, her boss sucks
>constantly complains about her weight
>i tell her she looks fine (she does) and offer help with exercise
>comes up with excuses for why she can't exercise
>for example, starts running with her mom
>immediately quits the group because she says she's too slow for everyone
>says she hurt her ankle and stops running altogether
>i give her a program recommendation for weightlifting
>she says she can't go to the gym because she knows too many people there
>i complain once about someone taking up equipment they aren't using at the gym
>"i hope you know that's why i'm too scared to go to the gym, because of what you said"
>my fault she doesn't work out because i was annoyed by someone once i guess
>constantly complains about her job
>i tell her to look for a new job
>she won't take part time work in an unrelated field while looking for new work
>constantly complains about where she lives
>i tell her she should move to the city where i live
>it's a few hours away from her hometown, very big, lots of people for her to meet
>"i can't nonna it's too expensive"
>she has been living rent free in her own apartment for past two years
>has no bills except for food and gas
>"nonna i can't go back to school in the city because i have so much debt"
>she went to university on a full ride scholarship
>has virtually no debt
>meanwhile she's saying this to me someone who had to pay with loans for everything >and is now in law school with a massive debt load
>has ocd, constantly scared she has an sti
>messages me all the time describing what she thinks are sti symptoms
>has been checked by multiple doctors dozens of times
>veritably does NOT have an sti
>i do research and find out this is reassurance seeking
>tell her i care about her but i can't give her reassurance about whether or not she has an sti (she doesn't) anymore because it's harmful
>she gets mad at me
>doesn't speak to me for a few days
>comes back
>quickly starts describing imaginary symptoms and asking if i think it's an sti again
>we used to text all the time
>almost 24/7 communication
>now she never initiates conversations, ever
>check and see that every single talk we've had for past few months has been started by me
>when i do start convos, she just answers the questions in the barest way possible
>does not volunteer anything or talk normally
>i try to get her to talk by asking her how she's doing
>every time i do she starts complaining about every single thing in her life again
>i encourage her to take a break and do some relaxing activities
>she does
>immediately starts complaining about them again
>completely stupid shit about how her manicure isn't as nice as she wanted
>has full on breakdown because she feels so stupid for taking vacation then not having fun
>it's the first day of a week long vacation
>i'm tired
>i'm so tired

No. 2065185

Cba writing the specifics but I'm just so totally let down by my boyfriend. He doesn't care or respect me. We're not friends. I think he likes me cause I'm younger and look even younger and that's it. He also accuses me of lying and being unfaithful so I reckon he's just telling on himself there too.

No. 2065198

My friend has been borderline harassing me to help her make macrame plant hangers ever since she found out i knew how to make them. She had this whole plan that her and I were going to make 50 of them and sell them at a garage sale and make $750 (lol) and split the money. I finally went over to her house last weekend to help her make some because she didn't know how and wanted me to show her. I ended up making some (including 2 for her kid, i made him one and he got mad and fucking cut it up and then started crying that he didn't have one anymore and she tells me "just make him another one") and she did absolutely nothing. I asked her yesterday if she had any more made and she told me "no, i'm not gonna do it anymore". Then last night she sends me pictures of the gifts she's giving to her kids teachers and i see the plant hangers that i made are included in the gift. Holy fuck she annoys me so much sometimes

No. 2065200

My friend rescued sugar gliders from someone she knew who was mistreating them, but since they've been in her care they've become severely obese, like double the weight they should be and can't move around well. I hate that exotic pets are a thing and they're so easy to obtain.

He sounds like a piece of shit moid and you should dump him

No. 2065211

So date his mom and grandparents then

No. 2065262

File: 1719419836941.png (209.22 KB, 605x360, GMS65taWIAAY3Qu.png)

i hate my life and myself, i'm not sure how to put it into words. i know throwing pity parties won't help either. i'm still young and i just can't see myself living for another 40 years or so, what am i supposed to do? my heart hurts so much

No. 2065271

File: 1719420163754.jpg (24.6 KB, 576x537, 1000052315.jpg)

Venting so it was very tl;dr

Additional vent about this:

I know I can't control my boyfriends life and who he can and can't speak to. But my ex is an actual psychopath which I know is a meme right now but the fucker has actually 0% empathy. He took his mom to a theme park during summer, she's old and has joint problems and didn't even get her a wheelchair or a scooter to be on. Fuck this guy. I made it very clear I don't want him in or even around my house. He hasn't messaged me yet and just keeps texting my boyfriend about casual things (like nothing happened here amiright?) I'm so tired of everyone around him taking pity on him and forgiving him. I wonder what needs to happen. This man cheated on me multiple times and gave me a STD while he was my first and only sexual partner. He then went around and told everyone it was I who cheated on him. I don't know if there's anything that could happen that would quench the desire I have to see him suffer so that's why I try to be chill about it but again, I would be lying if I said I didn't want vengeance one way or another.

No. 2065275

The most minor of rants but still one that irks me. I hate when I read personal accounts of women who will say stuff like, "I had terrible grades, a bad home life that lead to me almost dropping out of high school, and never went to college. But I decided to turn my life around because I wanted to be a doctor. So I went back to school as an adult, got my pre reqs to get into college, studied super hard and got my bachelor's, and at the ancient age of 26, I got into medical school!"
Biiiiiitch, 26 isn't ancient! You're only two years behind everyone else. I want hope that someone in their thirties can go back and start from scratch. Not someone who took a gap year before settling down.

No. 2065288

File: 1719420477826.jpg (58.98 KB, 564x564, a1c132379864a72290f9fa378c87ce…)

Today at work we got the news that the location I'm working at will be closed by the end of the year. There were changes happening withing the company in the last couple of months, but I never thought that they will close it down entirely. I've been working there for over eleven years now (it's basically still my very first job) and I never worried what will happen "after that" because this company exits for over 100 years now and was a very stable job throughout the years. We got the option to continue to work at the other location of the company but it's far away (over one hour by train/car) and I did a lot of commuting when I used to study (which also over an hour for each way) and I wouldn't do it again. Moving there is also not an option for me for various reasons.
Idk what else to say because I'm sad. I already miss my coworkers who I've been working with for so long at this point. I'm telling myself that I should see this as a chance to try and learn something new but change is scary lol.
I have also other problems that that I've been dealing with already so today's announcement really crowns the mess I have to deal with and I'm tired.

No. 2065290

Moidlets are always such a mean spirits giving you weird grimacing looks in public while girls at least up until 6-7 yo are usually really shy and self conscious, afraid to say if something's wrong. The moidlets just go demon mode with their mean face expressions

No. 2065291

I'm in my 30s and I started from scratch, too poor to go to university, but still, got an education and taking further training at the moment and after that, I will get fucking rich and happy (at least I hope so, kek). It's only too late to start new if you are dead, before that, try to do/achieve what you love and want.

No. 2065293

Scrotelets are encouraged to be as mean, obnoxious and loud as possible by their fathers.

No. 2065295


Additionally: I feel like part of the resentment and unfairness keeps me spitting out so much negativity about him. So whenever someone brings them up I always feel the need to remind them what he did. Is this a woman thing? They treat me in a way that's sort of "oh here we go again" but it upsets me that no matter what they're all so casual about him and they like to treat him like he's just a dumbass with no ill will. I truly wish I could make them go through the experience of dating him for eight years since the men only know him as a friend.

No. 2065307

lol I hate this too. As a former performer who used to be a working actress and had to take a long break away for other jobs, sometimes I look at those “People Who Got Their Break Later in Life” listicles and it’s always like “[Actress] didn’t get her start until later on in life, when she was cast in [famous production] at age 28!!!” And the list will continue on with moids who didn’t get famous until their 40s and 50s but the women are always somehow only getting their big break before or around 30.

No. 2065308

When I was in very early teens a 2-3 moid from family was calling me a whore and closing me in a room now he's early teens and still acts the same but those moidlets are always out with their mothers. Sometimes I feel like those kids are about to spit on me or like they are disgusted because I walked past them

No. 2065310

I haven’t seen a cute scroteling in years. They’re always screaming, moving like a possessed animal and trying to pick fights. Ngl I think about kicking them like a football

No. 2065326

File: 1719421394561.jpg (38.55 KB, 500x506, 043e9ecd0cd6e2eb6390bf474ee905…)

I can't with this constant sunlight anymore. I go to work while the sun is up, I go to sleep while the sun is up, there isn't any darkness in between and it's making so fucking depressed. And when you tell people that you have summer depression the reaction is "oh, you feel a little unwell like we do in the winter"… honey, it's a depression, I can't sleep, can barley eat, feel a tiredness that nothing seems to be able to cure and my suicidal thoughts are growing every day, that isn't feeling a little unwell. And the only things that could help at little be would be a dark, cool room and pills and I don't have anything of that, so I have to suffer for the next 3 months. And yes, I hope they all get real winter depression this year, maybe they will realise that it's not "feeling a little unwell".

No. 2065348

Can someone please help me and explain to me how am I supposed to handle the absolute bitch my father has chosen to be share his life with? I'm sorry I'm so full of pent up anger towards this woman. They have been together for ten years and it has always been like this. She will appear overly friendly and caring so it's not obvious how mean she really is. Whatever I like or achieve, she will find a negative side to: my favorite color is so ugly so she will gift me everything she accidentslly gets in that color, I only went to school I really enjoy bc I'm broke etc. Really small things but she always has to make the remark. If I'm really good at something like gardening or baking bread she will have to out do me and especially make it so I can't bond with my father about that thing anymore. I never see or talk to my dad without her around. Third big thing is my mom. My mom is clearly a narc. For some reason this woman has the strongest urge to defend my mom. My mom abandoned me and fucked over my dad for so many years. I don't understand how she supposedly loves my father and can still defend my mother? Me she clearly hates or whatever so of course she would minimize my hurt.

I have come to terms with my father being an absolute push over. He won't stand up for me and I respect his choice. I had no intention of raising anything since I want to keep things peaceful and have relationship in his terms. However, I'm now pregnant. Idk if it's the hormones or what but this bitch ain't pulling this shit anymore. She tried to scare me with very serious disease my father might had been having (of course didn't have) and that I would miscarry if I had it too. She said I should get in touch with my mom - my mom who fucking abandoned me - to get all the support. She said my unborn child has I a right to know her. I'm sure I don't need to explain how fucked up and hurtful thing to say that was. I'm pregnant and I don't have a mother. The way I have to go through everything again is so hurtful and I have no one who could relate. This comment just couldn't be anything else than pure evil.

Idk what to do. It has been many other crazy incidents but I can't explain them all. I don't want to ruin the remaining shallow relationship with my dad but once I stand up for myself it's the inevitable result. I just can't take the thought of her behaving the same around my child. I never really learnt how to keep my mom at arms length because I went no contact so this feels so hard and I'm now too easy to provoke due to hormones. I feel like she wants to see me explode or something. I feel crazy like I'm just imagining it all. How do I handle her please help?

No. 2065375

It’s weird seeing zoomers shit on andy and ley ley (visual novel game made by westerner woman that implies incest but doesn’t portray as a positive thing, but the fanbase does) but worship doki doki literature club (vn made by western male whose creator is a huge fan of totono) and totono (japanese vn where the pink haired main female characters talks about raping little boys and having sex with animals) like I get if you were disgusted by all of them, but the cognitive dissonance to shit on one but not the rest is so weird. do these girls even play these? Do they know what their creators are into? Every time I see someone cosplay Aoi while screeching about problematic media I’m like do you know??? Why are you into this, there’s so much anime and adjacent media without rape or degeneracy or even fanservice jfc.

No. 2065389

Woman does incest and suddenly biggest deal in the entire world when in moidspheres it's completely fine and normal. Let my girls be freaky please. and more standards for males.

No. 2065470

File: 1719425051394.jpeg (7.95 KB, 119x145, IMG_1412.jpeg)

I wish my brother was involved with gang violence so he would “tragically” die at the hands of gun violence so I can finally have a safe and clean home so I can focus on what needs to be done so I can finally gain my sense of independence.

No. 2065473

I think you’re just as bad as zoomers if you like that japshit at a grown age. Grow up anon

No. 2065517

nta but what constitutes growing up in your opinion?

No. 2065526

Growing larger pussy flaps tbh

No. 2065545

I'm having a horrible week so of course standing in queue for tobacco the man in front is my previous team leader. The job whi h I hold a lot of resentment for fucking me around and ruining my last family holidays while my step dad was still alive. He was trying to ask how I've been since which is an OK normal thing to do but I am a mental depressive mess and my only task today was to phone the doctor about an overdue mental breakdown and then buy tobacco. I had scripted what to say to the cashier not what to say to my old team leader about why I went on the sick and then quit. And he was so curious and we use to get on but I am a husk of who I was 13 months ago and the cashier was also awkward because he knows I like as little chit chat as possible. Anyway my bf is still not talking to me for whatever fucking reason so I'm telling you guys he probably thinks I somehow managed to have sex with him during the transaction. It's been a shit week and it's only Wednesday.

No. 2065617

File: 1719428268732.png (282.05 KB, 459x929, hello ancient machine.png)

It's in every little crevice. From reading the story of humanity since it's dawn to just living your own instance in its present. Even on some silly internet site on year 20xx as you relax after a long day of your absurd performance to get ???? richer till it dies someday. Billions will always be blind to blatant indoctrination, to realize it brings nothing but isolation and suffering. Sometimes I hear the same swinish noises inside even me. Trying to have empathy for anything including yourself becomes more and more irrational with each passing day. I try to ignore it all but today isn't the day.

JUST KIDDING nonnies haha anyway watch the shittyflute billie jean it's funny like and subscribe

No. 2065628

Fuck it. I don't even care if I sound like a tin-foiling retard this is 100% a psyop. It doesn't even have to be a government one but there is no way you can look at this and think there isn't some malicious ulterior motive to this stuff being mad. It feels too forced and manufactured.

No. 2065630

hello there

No. 2065671

I'm trying really hard to ignore the compulsion to wash my hands. My blanket has a wet spot and my brain is telling me it's saliva from an animal that has rabies when it's likely from the fact that I JUST washed my hands so I probably touched it with my wet hands when I sat down

No. 2065689

I hate summer it’s the most disgusting season idk why normies love it so much. imagine being too damn lazy to shovel some snow to the point where you gaslight yourself into believing sweating like a pig is in any shape way or form preferable

No. 2065705

Most of them still recall summer as it was 20 years ago before climate change fucked up the seasons forever. I used to love summer and hate winter, but now that my country doesn't have winter and summer is regularly 40 degrees I hate it too. I just think of the seasons as wet season and dry season now.

No. 2065706

You see this because you click on these, my youtube suggested videos are all historical cooking videos, cave diving freak accident deaths, and dodo animals

No. 2065736

Yeah. I watch vgame walkthroughs and listen to music, maybe even watch some dumb cat videos every fucking day. Oh wait I remember once opening a wojak puppeting video last week. Very normal algorithm. Anyway, big picture kudasai.

No. 2065753

>make a friend
>things are going awesome! we have a lot in common and we start bonding
>their issues start coming out
>actually they are extremely insecure, self sabotaging, and self-absorbed
>make multiple attempts to help them and teach them about adult skills they didn't learn
>try to help them move past their mental block and encourage them to love themselves and do better
>more negative traits come out like joking about being a homewrecker knowing i'm married and i'm visibly uncomfortable with those trashy jokes
>realize she actually fucking sucks and she's a black hole sucking out any potential joy in her life and others
>trying to cut her off now
my breaking point was listening to her constantly complain about her new gf and when i told her to dump the poor girl if they're so incompatible she goes "well i can't get anyone else so someone like me has to settle." and then complaining about how condescending the new gf is so i inquired about what exactly they're saying thats so awful and it turns out the new gf is actually very nice and trying to help her. it was just so mindblowing. like does she complain about me too? it was something fucking retarded like bitching about how her avocado tree isn't growing so the new gf went out of her way to read and send articles on what could be wrong and try to figure out how to help and my friend said "she acts like i don't know what im doing and talked to me like im a child." you are such an awful fucking person wtf?
the new gf had the self respect to dump my friend and went on to say how my friend is a negative person and she had to force herself to like her and she can't do it anymore. i actually didn't know most of the reasons why i learned it from other people she admitted it to. she was finally called out and she just deflected and cried about being rejected and her time being wasted. its baffling. why are you such a fucking loser? a miserable person? you are almost 30 years old and acting this pathetic? im so done with her

aww nonnie i'm genuinely sorry you are have been and are still dealing with this. i've been in the exact same situation as you with a seemingly pushover father and abusive stepmom and biological mom. the hard truth i had to learn when i was younger is that my father is a grown man capable of his own decisions and chose these women and allowed them to hurt me and nothing i ever said or did made any impact in his decisions. i know it sounds really upsetting at the idea of cutting off both of your parents, but i really think you should start thinking about that idea.
yes she does want to see you explode, she does enjoy seeing you miserable. and because your father refuses to defend his child, he also enjoys seeing this at worst, at best he's simply apathetic and that's still just as bad. you are an adult now and you are able to protect yourself and your peace, you are allowed to choose who you want in your life. the enablers of abusers are just as bad as the abusers themselves. and now that you're pregnant you also have to protect the peace of your child because i guarantee you she will do the same to what you made, because it's from you.

No. 2065755

Went out with my parents because they offered to by me dinner, and I spent a lot of the time subtly being made fun of and having insults flung at me. I guess it was worth it for free dinner. Anyone else grow up being the family's clown/cheerleader and now you just have to keep the smile on even when you're burning alive. Haha, just kidding of course…

No. 2065771

Went walking around drinking yesterday, in hopes one moid would approach me. Nope! The bars were relatively empty but still. Just ended up getting a parking ticket. I don't even like drinking but I'm getting lonely.

No. 2065785

File: 1719434186740.png (278.32 KB, 400x338, IMG_8669.png)

Missed my one monthly ‘socially interact with people your age’ day at my book club

No. 2065791

File: 1719434655044.jpg (46.91 KB, 400x400, 1000001822.jpg)

I wish we had some of the same standards for food in Canada like Europe does. So many foods make my stomach hurt but when I'm over there it doesn't matter. Even food quality in Japan was amazing. I think about food too much kek

No. 2065803

Just wait until you learn that most tumeric spice here contains ungodly amounts of lead and other toxic metals.

No. 2065809

i would rather be sweating at the beach than scraping my car windshield at 6am in the freezing cold

No. 2065812

of course you would since youre lazy

No. 2065814

I've started to fucking hate it when women put on cute baby voices, it actually sounds repulsing to me now

No. 2065818

idk just stop being poor and get a garage or even just a heater for your car, no scraping needed lol

No. 2065839

I hate being the weird girl. In school I was bullied, whatever everyone gets bullied at least once but when it comes to dating I feel like I'm either a novelty or a burden. I've had men lecture me about being "normal" constant remarks of "why can't you just be noraml" on the other side it's "i like that you're weird" then as you get comfortable they become more uncomfortable. "sometimes you scare me" or they never respond to anything and have this vague look of disgust or annoyance. all I am is a story to tell to their friends.

No. 2065863

how do you figure

No. 2065864

stop being poor/fat and get an ac unit

No. 2065866

>now she never initiates conversations, ever
>check and see that every single talk we've had for past few months has been started by me
>when i do start convos, she just answers the questions in the barest way possible
>does not volunteer anything or talk normally
Damn, how is this a best friend? She sounds insufferable with her whining. I won't even tell you to dump her. Rather, remove the "best" from the title because this is plain depressing.

No. 2065873

File: 1719437439664.png (22.42 KB, 488x628, images_1693667399044.png)

I don't think I got the scholarship but it's okay, I tried my best and will try again… I'm just a bit disheartened, that's all

No. 2065881

I'm glad I don't have a car kek I love winter

No. 2065884

Why the fuck is the supposed love of your life casually friends with a man that treated you like shit and spread rumors about you? It sounds like he doesn't even fully respect you if he's just casually talking with this psychopath and pitying him for whatever reason. Is this supposed to be normal? The fuck?

No. 2065898

i actually love winter too and love the snow, but i'd still rather be at the beach soaking up the sun than shoveling wet snow off my car

No. 2065901

>spend five minutes removing ice from windshield with the heat on
>spend twenty minutes driving in car that's baking in the sun, over 120 degrees inside, waiting for the AC to kick in
Personally I prefer winter

No. 2065911

Monsters, how should I feel? Creatures lie here, looking through the window.

No. 2065928

vent thread is just
>my nigel is a piece of shit
>my nigel is a piece of shit
>my nigel is a piece of shit
Over and over again

No. 2065931

idk where you all live but clearly nowhere near where i am. it's way faster to cool yourself off than it is to warm up, it's a freezing slopping wet cold that chills you to your bones and only a hot bath will fix. and it takes way more than 5 minutes for your car to heat up enough to melt the thick layer of ice and wet snow on the windshield

No. 2065934

Why is the freak squirrel that spies on me through my bedroom window from his gay tree posting on my lolcor?

No. 2065951

Fuck sparkling water it tastes bad and doesnt help with hydration as much as regular who even likes it.

No. 2065957

this is why nigelposting needs to be on /g/ man i’m tired of seeing it

No. 2065967

Why do anons seem to think Nigel is just a term for any anons boyfriend. If they're pieces of shit they're not Nigels

No. 2065969

The term is already bastardized from it's og purpose it's the next evolution. It og was used to mock women going "ooh not my nigel"

No. 2065977

I didn’t know trees can be lgb(41% the T) anon

No. 2065981

File: 1719440519165.jpeg (265.01 KB, 750x856, IMG_1431.jpeg)

how many more overs can it get for the female race honestlyyy(ban evasion)

No. 2065986

You probably don't spend enough time talking to them. Oh well. Go back to your concrete and your gasoline.

No. 2065993

File: 1719440958805.jpg (56.17 KB, 474x474, d1c77c65044dd624a88db0e8f3572e…)

I'm so tired of thinking about food and my weight. It feels like I can never just eat what I like, and I don't even eat junk food! I love fruit, I make my own mostly veggie meals, and don't drink high-calorie drinks aside from fruit juice once a day if that. I look at a burger and wear its calories for 4 days straight. Bless my genes for making women in my family the baddest bitches to survive the northern European winters but like… can we not hoard calories like hibernation is two days away? It sucks to either constantly watch my intake or not care and then get soft. My cousin eats like shit and she's fine. She doesn't get belly rolls like I do, but of course I was always the fat cousin to get mocked even though I took care to make homemade food and researched healthy meal prep. I wish I could turn the thoughts about food off and never think about it at all. I wish I was the type of person to be apathetic about food.

No. 2066002

Me when I think the tree spirit is trying to flirt with me and have my babies

No. 2066008

Ugggggh my dad is so useless nonnies he’s so emotionally immature and just keeps his head in his phone all evening while my mom does every house chore

No. 2066009

I like it NONA.

No. 2066020

So tired of the dozen chatroom threads. I just want to engage with other anons in meaningful ways about interesting topics.

No. 2066027

What chatroom threads

No. 2066033

most threads here have a set topic wdym? the only chatroom one left is bechdel test.

No. 2066036

I opened up the site and the first things on my screen were inferior XY specimens and their torsos. I gagged out loud. Also I completely forgot men had nipples.

No. 2066039

I fully believe that thread is full of gay moids. They're so weird and catty to each other if someone posts a dude they don't like too.

No. 2066041

That one and the celebrity thread on /ot/ are full of faggots and there's no way you can convince me otherwise.

No. 2066080

At most that thread is 4 or 5 twinks constantly spamming the exact same picture.

No. 2066081

You know the feeling of just being tired at 1AM in the middle of a heat wave without a ventilator in the room that's underneath the roof (so the warmest place in the house) ? So much so that you thought this one time maybe you can sleep with the window and door open. And then, because it's not your house, the cat of the host decides to get inside and tries to commit seppuku by getting it's front paws outside of the window to sit on the exterior frame because why the fuck not , so you have to close the door after lifting the cat out. Then, comes flying in some fucking buzzing mosquito, that is going to ruin any chance of ever going back to sleep because the hunting after it starts as the heat doesn't leave the room since you closed the window too.

And as I'm writing this, the baseball cap I used to fan myself with that I laid on the bed was enough to attract attention of the "beast". I was so enraged I slammed both my palms onto the baseball cap, finally squished the thing so hard it smushed itself onto the bedsheet sorry it sorry.
Now I can sleep in this oven without a constant buzzing noise at least.

No. 2066082

including this thread. shitposting isn't venting

No. 2066117

Update. So I talked to him today and I started by asking him what his current takes were and how much of the stupid he belived and he said that he doesn't watch that type of content anymore. He's more into conservative type content that focuses on family now and said he didn't agree with everything fresh and fit types said. Now he did double down on the single mother thing and we and another mini discussion about that where I repeated my points from last time but he still believes it's the mom's fault for "choosing to be poor" by being single. Anyway he came from a single mom and had a rough relationship so I guess he's not going to budge on that. I told him that if he still supported misogynistic ideas I wouldn't be friends with him anymore and he said he was hurt. Later on he said he couldn't stop thinking about our conversation and how he was hurt and I gave him a lot to think about.

No. 2066118

The infighting over pop artists ITT is so retarded. I want people to actually pay attention to the milk but like everywhere else on the internet it's become a sperg fest over T. swift. She's not even that interesting. Move on.

No. 2066126

Crazy incels really try to ruin the more normal men.

No. 2066131

Be the change you want to see nonnie. If you want nonnies to write thoughtful responses, do that yourself. If you think you are and you aren't getting the responses you hoped for, maybe you're just not saying anything worth thinking about.

No. 2066144

What a weird thing to say

No. 2066148

I thought that last paragraph was about the cat for a second kek

No. 2066154

I miss when this thread was about actually venting and you didn't have to worry about 2-3 snarky shit replies to your vent and then an ensuing infight.

No. 2066156

nta but it's not that weird. interesting topics won't pop out of thin air you have to post some yourself

No. 2066157

>Though he says those things he always treats me and his girlfriend well.
With shit like this you always have to remember that it's not good to be an exception. Hard pill to swallow but the grace only lasts as long as you fit within his specific definition of women thay deserve respect. And it's always when you're in a bad way that that support stops.

No. 2066166

You just proved my point dummy

No. 2066177

Sometimes I actually can't believe how accurate my horoscope is, and bad my luck is; that I cope by deluding myself everything must be secretly be being filmed for an audience otherwise what in the statistically anomaly is this shit.

No. 2066185

once you lose weight it’s easy nona, I don’t think about food at all anymore. You just have to tough it for a little while and then get it done with for good.

No. 2066194

Ive been so depressed lately and I dont know whats wrong with me. I just spend the whole day feeling empty and then cry when I get home. I have no social life/friends to talk about this so my days are just work, reading, knitting and then crying.

No. 2066338

Oh nona, I’m sorry. What do you do for work? Maybe you need something more meaningful or aligned with your values? Are there knitting groups you could join, even online just to get started socializing? I strongly believe in-person human contact is necessary and we need to have community around us, so that’s all my suggestions. Co-workers? It’s not your fault, our environment has been engineered to cram us together but make us lonely so we buy things. Most people are relatable and want to be kind, I know you can find some other women who also feel empty for similar reasons ♥

No. 2066343

Oh! Samefag, could you hang out at a local library just to be around people? They usually have flyers for events too. My hometown is pretty liberal and LGBTQIABCDEFG+++ leaning so personally I avoid events to avoid MTFs and self-hating women, but there’s no way every community and every event would be like that. I should take my own advice

No. 2066344

i want to leave this party and go home and make some shitty drawings. i am bored! also i fucked up and only ate appetizers instead of the main dish so when the hostess asked if i liked the food i said yes when i never ate it, kek.

No. 2066351

> fruit juice once a day if that
Stop drinking fruit juice. Better yet, stop drinking anything other than water (or black coffee and tea). If you want juice have it 1-2x a week max, but honestly just stop drinking it and just eat straight up fruit instead. It tastes the same and actually has fiber and fills you up instead of being basically boiled down to sugar water that doesn’t make you full. 8 oz of fruit juice has ~140 calories. Measure out a cup of water IN the measuring cup, that barely looks like anything right? If you just stop drinking it entirely that’s 1000 non filling calories that you don’t eat that week. I can’t really speak on the other things but seriously drink juice less, you don’t even have to diet and imo it’s the easiest change to make compared to starting an exercise routine or being picky about what you eat. I used to struggle with my weight and seriously, cutting out any sweet drinks and only having them maybe 4-5 times a month if that makes a huge difference.

No. 2066418

Thanks for the answer nonnita, its a small town so everytime I go to the library to pick a new book theres only old people reading the newspaper kek, maybe I should talk to them because I was mostly raised by my grandmother and I think thats why old people like me… lol. Maybe I join an online knitting group! that would be nice
Thank you again nonnita you are so kind

No. 2066425

>I make my own mostly veggie meals
It's possible that you're eating too much carbohydrate and not enough protein.

No. 2066471

i asked you one simple fucking thig and you couldn't even do it. wtf man. im so annoyed

No. 2066520

>stop drinking it entirely that’s 1000 non filling calories that you don’t eat that week
you're so right but UGH juice is so good. I can't argue with this logic, thank you math nonnie.

>It's possible that you're eating too much carbohydrate and not enough protein
Yes, I think this is also true! I probably should eat more meat, but I don't always like the taste. I try to incorporate beans and cheese into my diet but it sucks when the flipside is I get really gassy. Nonetheless, I've probably been carb-heavy with some of my veggies recently. I appreciate your advice, thank you!

No. 2066609

File: 1719456620265.jpg (54.02 KB, 736x485, 1000036308.jpg)

>be me
>try to fuck husbando on character.ai
>finally get a nice scenario
>Everyone keeps interrupting me
>now everyone is watching annoying soccer game
Let ME BE HORNY IN PEACE I only feel horny like once every few weeks at best.

No. 2066611

genuinely think this site is overrun by trannies now because the "things that made you chuckle #2" thread is just full of shittoks that's either misogyny or "fag haha im funnie" type humor and it's fucking retarded and not actually funny unlike the first thread which had quality posts.

No. 2066629

Are you latina perhaps, also love that picture

No. 2066644

File: 1719457392723.jpg (47.15 KB, 750x744, ebd5920e4c5f28d6141edbe9e9c4a2…)

My moid shaved his beard by mistake and it gave him body dismorphia, on one hand it's swaggy because he now looks even more like a nerd that needs to be bullied (hot) but then I discovered that he has a fucking WEAK ASS CHIN it's so cursed, you can never win with moids

No. 2066645

Nta but how could you tell?? Is the mascot beside Ronald specific to Latin America? I always just thought they had the same mascots as us like Grimace and the Hamburgler

No. 2066649

tell him to try bonesmashing

No. 2066652

Porque en mi país también tenemos partido de fútbol y mi vecino con voz homosexual está grite y grite, also that pic reminds me of this

No. 2066668

Si, al menos ya terminó y por fin puedo seguir manoseando a mi husbando en paz.

No. 2066682

I saw a previous bf without a beard in a picture once and was so traumatized by how ugly he was without it that I had a hard time kissing him for a week

No. 2066695

nona kek the first countries anyone thinks of when soccer is brought up is latin america, also latinos are huge weebs as well

No. 2066696

every boyfriend mentioned on this site watches porn so they’re all pieces of shit

No. 2066698

ladies please stop giving bearded men attention the chinlets are going to continue reproducing ew

No. 2066699

that sounds so humiliating, he has a naked face and he has a mouthbreather chin. my condolences nonna

No. 2066708

I am truly an irrevocable failure. I'm so trapped in myself I just want to claw my way out. Most days I just hope I suddenly get hit by a car and die unexpectedly because I'm too much of a coward to actually kill myself

No. 2066721

It’s honestly so hard being this retarded. I completely depend on commissions for income and yet last year I somehow managed to leave my apple pen at the plane when moving to another country where technology is thrice as expensive. I got a new one, and today I dropped it on my coffee and it won’t charge anymore. Just a tiny thing on the great scope of things I mess up over and over. It gets expensive and more and more frustrating. Im legitimately sure I have some type of retardation. I try to make lists and follow steps as to function properly in society but I keep making stupid mistakes. I have seven pieces with a deadline for the 30th and rent is coming up. I’m honestly exhausted of being so stupid. Extremely tempting to just kill myself

No. 2066724

Sometimes I just feel so trapped in my living situation. I feel trapped in my own body, my own mind, not to sound edgy or something. With how things are, it’s so hard for me to make friends and have a life. It’s so hard. I have to take care of my mom while my father and brother don’t do anything but make messes and act disgusting. I can’t hang out or have people over because my house is so filthy from my brother and dad no matter how much I clean it it feels stupid to try. My mother has nobody but me and my sister to talk to and vent to about how my dad doesn’t love her. It feels so worthless to be alive. I am just here wasting time. I am now 25 and what do I have to show for it? I can’t ever move out. My mother will never divorce my dad and she will always need a caretaker. I love her but she is so negative (understandably so) but we cannot bond over things anymore because she is always complaining. I feel like such a shell of a person. I only really have online friends and I can’t even tell them the truth about my day to day. I just feel stuck and trapped. I’m trying to find a therapist but also trying to find another job right now. It’s just a lot

No. 2066731

did my shitty drawing, i am at peace now.

No. 2066738

File: 1719462368859.png (269.08 KB, 383x463, sad Samus.PNG)

I have a manlet fetish but irl they are so contemptible it makes me not want them just to spite them.
“I’m a 5’3 male…”
I start fantasizing about throwing around this little shrimp like a bean bag. I imagine lifting him with ease and squeezing him while his feet dangle off the ground. I imagine dressing him in cute clothes. I imagine tilting his head back and bending down to give him a kiss. I imagine his compact body clinging to mine. How cute he’d look frantically moving against me panting and moaning how much he loved me. How much I’d love teasing him but allow myself to be vulnerable in these intimate moments and let him claim me as entirely his.

Then I continue reading and it’s a 3 page essay written by a deranged animal about how women don’t deserve rights because he can’t get easy hookup sex. All my fantasies about a tiny sexy Nigel bf dissolve into nothing and he somehow becomes an even more horrible prospect than just about anyone else.(wrong board)

No. 2066748

Retarded navelgazing: I'm extremely introverted, awkward, and mistrustful of other people. I've been told many times by other people that I'm so extroverted and socially fluid, but I genuinely resent the me that is enjoyed by these people because she's so far removed from my actual self. My inauthenticity actually disgusts me but I have no idea how to shake off this mask. I really do think I'd be happier if my outside could reflect my inside better but years of childhood abuse have conditioned me to skinwalk as a different woman in social situations. And then I go home and drown in self hate and the ingrained belief that something about both mes are just so innately disgusting.

No. 2066869

Something that helped me when I dealt with similar problems was reading about the Crystal Mind theory. Basically, I always felt so fake and disingenuous when I was around others because I thought my Self could be divided into my "real" Self and the Mask that I put on for others, and this caused me distress. It was that dissonance I felt, like I was somehow faking it around everyone and if I slipped up they would realize I was some type of fraud and hate me for it. But according to the Crystal Mind theory, our Self is like a shiny diamond: all the different sides and edges reflect differently and can appear differently, but it's all the same in the end because it's only different facets of one gem. So now, I don't feel such dissonance anymore because I know the Self that I am around others is just as much a part of me as the Self I am alone.

No. 2066895

It feels like the Internet is slowly going back to being edgy again, just like it was back in 2016-2018. But it feels so much worse this time around. There's insane amounts of open misogyny all over places like yt and Twitter. And because just saying "nigger" isn't shocking enough for zoomer boys, we have a flood of "totally ironic" pedophilia from them. We have so many people now doing stupid cunny and pedophilic jokes right in the open. Being a severe porn addict (gooner) is just played off for the hahas despite that whole community containing people openly distributing CP. And all the post now saying how there's totes going to be a race war because @groyperlittegirllover on twitter said so. And in the end despite all this trannies are barely affected. Accounts like validLs get knocked off twitter, but Elon makes sure to let's open zoophiles, racist or misogynist stay. I don't even want to get into the weird ironic sadism shit too. Haha posting animal gore, so funny.

No. 2066905

My thoughts on how bad Twitter has become is like, you know how back in the day 4ch was considered like an edgy website that teen boys used to share their dark twisted thoughts or whatever? Basically, now 4ch is mostly either 30 or 40 year old failmales or troons. I don't know anybody under the age of 25 that actually uses 4ch in any meaningful way. It's got that reputation for being an edgelord site now, so for those that want to transgress it hold no appeal for them. What the edgelords like is the reaction they get. Most don't want to be in an echo chamber because it's no fun for them. Twitter became the "new" 4ch for this generation's edgy teen boys to be freaks on. I got off Twitter years ago because I realized it was just a place where a bunch of edgy losers coalesce to ragebait and be creepy. The "edginess" of the internet never really went away, it's just the torch was passed on from one website to another. You seem like you have interesting thoughts on the subject, you should share them in the Anti-Social Media thread.

No. 2066944

AYRT I was not expecting such a helpful response… I think that makes sense, I will read more on this. Appreciated, nonny.

No. 2066952

i blame the pedophilia part on anime

No. 2066953

File: 1719475917795.png (192.16 KB, 774x676, crystal self.png)

>I was not expecting such a helpful response…
I'm trying to revitalize /ot/ by becoming the most kind and helpful nona that I can be. I encourage you to pay it forward and reply in a kind and helpful way to someone else in some other thread.
>I think that makes sense, I will read more on this.
I don't know how old you are, but I'll share with you that my fucked up shit childhood really affected me too for the longest time. It was like this cloud always followed me around and no matter how sunny it was all I could see was overcast skies. A lot of people feel the same way. The armour that I wore was so heavy and weighed me down so much, but I still preferred to wear it because I was so afraid of vulnerability. Accepting myself, all my positive attributes and my negative ones too, was a journey that I'm still on but I wanted to tell you that everything passes. One day I just woke up and I realized I had the power within me to part the dark clouds all along. You'll get there too, you just have to keep going because if you stop you won't make it.
Also, it's Crystal Self, not Crystal Mind, sorry I misremembered

No. 2066958

I'm on my period right now, it's not as bad but still sucks. I feel unrested.

No. 2066960

File: 1719476709967.jpg (10.31 KB, 338x338, images-3.jpg)

NTA but this is very helpful information for me too, thanks nonna. If you have more to share about the subject please do

No. 2066965

It was bound to happen after years of so called "wokeness" being the norm. People get annoyed being told what they are and aren't allowed to say, I've seen multiple commentary guys or streamers talk about it before like vidrel and I've seen it happen to a lesser degree with different things. Like "fujoshi" used to be a bad word for evil fetishizers, but suddenly everyone seems to have relaxed and you can joke about it openly and call yourself one as long as you aren't being too sincere. Genderbending was called transphobic for a while until people pointed that that's fucking stupid and now it's totally fine again. Everything goes through these weird phases.

No. 2066973

File: 1719478215815.jpeg (2.41 MB, 4096x2304, phonto.jpeg)

I cant make my naturally thick eyebrows work. I simply can’t pull them off. I look so much better with thin browns and literally everyone in my life agrees. I think it’s because they grow too close to my eyes.

No. 2066985

Where's the second image from?? It's so familiar it's like I saw it in a dream once. Also I agree about the eyebrows thing, my mum always wants me to keep mine thick because she lived through the overplucking era of the mid 90s and has regrets, but I just don't think they look all that good on me.

No. 2066994

File: 1719479556033.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x2335, IMG_4070.jpeg)

The "have you ever seen this man in your dreams" man

No. 2066998

File: 1719479734965.jpg (27.26 KB, 600x600, KJFFE_8545.jpg)

No. 2067017

File: 1719481120874.jpg (16.47 KB, 326x326, 2hsb17.jpg)


No. 2067026

I've been in a relationship for the last nine years. We only had the usual problems, nothing too special, little arguments now and then. I fully trusted him, always. I always told people how he could cheat anytime he wanted when I’m not at home and that one of the things I truly worship about our relationship is the trust we have in each other, we don’t keep secrets, every time something happens (i.e. someone trying to flirt with one of us), we talk about it and I saw it as something good to know, trusting the other person when we could not say a word.
He works as a piercer and right now he’s working during the night. He always tells me how his day went when he arrives at home, usually after I left already to work.
Yesterday I found out that some weeks ago, when he left work (maybe at 5 or 6 in the morning), he went to a friend’s place, by a friend of a friend who’s her flatmate, to get her a piercing. She’s someone that I know and I know she went after him so many years ago but he always refused to be with her. They kept distance when he started going out with me, when we recently started he told me about her and of course I felt insecure at that moment but after almost 10 years together, I don’t think as her as I did back then.
That day I was talking with him by message and it’s true he never told me where he was (it’s not necessary after all) but he never mentioned her.
I tried to act nonchalant yesterday and I asked him if he had any pending work for these past few weeks because maybe a month or two ago, he told me he was going to meet up with her because she asked him for a piercing (along other people too) but he didn’t give me a clue about going to her house, he just told me about other people, not her.
And I couldn’t stop crying since yesterday. I know it’s not that terrible, I know nothing happened (her friend was there), I just can’t understand why he didn’t tell me. I swear, every time I talk about him and our relationship, I always talk about the trust we have in us, how we know our love and respect is the most important thing, how we respect each other even when there’s other people around. And know I don’t know what to think. I know that maybe he didn’t tell me because he doesn’t want to make it important, just 10 minutes and he was gone, they don’t talk that much nowadays, maybe he didn’t want me to make me feel insecure as I was when we started dating, but I just can think that he lied to me.
Why should I know that some stranger went to to his workplace and started asking him to go out and not that he went to a friend’s house?
Why should I know that some girl wrote her number in his arm even when he told her he has a partner and not that he spent 10 minutes there before he came home?
I’m sorry because I’m ranting, I just can’t stop spiralling and feeling betrayed, I don’t keep secrets from him and this seems crazy right now.

No. 2067031

I really want to do DNA testing but I already have health anxiety and I'm afraid that it would turn out that I will have some sort of neurodegenerative disorder in old age that will prompt me to die a slow and horrible way

No. 2067035

You're hurting because it sounds like your arrangement is unfair, if he's "allowed to cheat" and you cannot or will not do the same. I think if he's going to be selfish like that, you should be a little selfish for yourself too, and leave him out of it.

And yes, it hurts really really bad when all you want is him. I know how it feels when you just want him so bad that even thinking about exploring other options for yourself hurts or feels like a downgrade. Been there. It can even feel worse and hopeless if you try and you end up having an awful time while he had a better one with other people. Just try to find your own happiness without him, even just for a little bit. Take a vacation from him mentally and find yourself again. Sometimes distraction can help you find clarity in what's the next best step when you're spiraling, a distraction, even if it's a self-directed hobby or spending time with other people, can snap you out of it.

No. 2067043

Thank you for your advice anon. <3
I didn’t explain myself well, when I told he could cheat it was an example of how we don’t to these thing, we don’t have an open relationship nor we accept being with other people. When I tell people that example it’s for them to understand that every time I go out, or whenever I’m not at home, he could do it and he’s not doing it (I know, it’s the expected in the relationships, it’s the bare minimum), and I think this is what’s hurting me the most, telling other ones how he would never do something like that and even when he didn’t, he lied to me still.
I just can’t understand why he didn’t tell me even if it’s not a big deal, I would have accepted it and that’s it, I always told him what hurts me the most is not the fact that it’s happening, it’s him not telling me and having to find out by other people.
Last week I already told him that I appreciated his trust in me to tell me things. A colleague told me that she wouldn’t want to know all the things that some people could tell to her partner because she couldn’t stand it and I told her that for me was the opposed, if he didn’t tell me shit and then I went to his workplace and saw what it’s happening night after night, it would be so much worse because I could feel like he’s living a double life or something.
And that’s what I told him, and know I feel dumb because he already went to her house and not said a word. Even when we were talking yesterday and even when he could have made a comment about it, still he didn’t said anything.(<3 )

No. 2067045

File: 1719483302337.jpg (1.39 MB, 1200x752, 1000013605.jpg)

I just really really hate myself and my juvenile defense mechanisms, the fact that I still have social anxiety after 10 years of dealing with it, the fact that I freeze up in conversations and feel that I will be judged if I open up too much. My first reaction when someone initiates a conversation with me is that they want to take advantage of me and the more I speak, the more ammunition I'm giving them. I hate being a neurotic mess who is always viewed as the 'weird one'. I hate that I always procrastinate on unpleasant things snd even answering to a text is a HUGE effort. I want to be normal and confident but it just doesn't matter how much therapy I'm getting or how much I get out of my comfort zone

No. 2067049

He didn’t tell you because he’s attracted to her. Whether he’s fucking her or not I can’t tell you but he’s definitely fantasizing about it. Otherwise he would’ve simply told you as usual.

No. 2067052

File: 1719483838125.jpeg (19.63 KB, 275x275, 1683144345452.jpeg)

This is awful so be warned. I just saw a cctv video on twitter of a woman randomly being attacked by moid on the street, all she was doing was walking but she was so badly beaten, he kept kicking her in the head so many times until she couldn't get up and then he started trying to rape her
I hate these videos and how many of them exist, not to mention the times it doesnt get caught on camera.
I hate moids so fucking much, males are so below women intellectually and emotionally they might as well be apes. To save the earth, no more males can be born

No. 2067053

>I always told people how he could cheat anytime he wanted when I’m not at home
>Why should I know that some girl wrote her number in his arm even when he told her he has a partner and not that he spent 10 minutes there before he came home?
>I just can’t stop spiralling and feeling betrayed, I don’t keep secrets from him and this seems crazy right now.

Play stupid games win stupid prizes ig

No. 2067057

File: 1719485005084.jpg (9.92 KB, 239x266, 1000019686.jpg)

I had to move back in with my thrice-divorced mother after I ended my engagement to my useless ex.

She runs this house like a detention center and her being a retired geriatric with no moid to bitch around & nothing better to do all day does not help matters. While I understand she is doing me a favor by offering me to move back in, I feel that I have once again taken on a weird parentification role where I am her therapist (victimhood tirades against men which I don't disagree with altogether but she never had the same empathy for me when I would come to her about my man problems when she never set a good example; shittalking my stepdad who albeit deserves it is still not something I enjoy hearing since he is the nice parent to me), and wanting me to take on a caregiver/provider role that her chosen moids used to occupy a la domestic tasking and screaming at me about her bills. The difference being? Unlike her chosen shitty men, I actually listen and help her.
Such is the life of an only female child to an emotionally immature parent. I try to stay calm by telling myself that this bitch just has unresolved traumas–in spite of the much better environment my grandparents gave her versus what she did for kid me–that stunted her brain to where she never developed past her teenage emotional narcissism and main character syndrome. Should have never married or had a baby, but here we are.
Like it or not I have no choice but to cope.

Anyways, cannot help but laugh at her hypocrisy now that age and life lessons like her failed marriages have made her regress more towards her true self now that her perfectionist mask has been shattered. Examples? Well, for instance, I buy the household groceries. She's expensive because she'll eat through snacks in a night that would last a normal person week, and thanks to her undiagnosed OCD I spent hundreds on laundry supplies alone per month (she'll waste a wash cycle and detergents on two towels, a pair of PJs, and a washcloth or two almost every day but then later complain to me that my twice-weekly shower is what's hiking the water bill). My point being that she has little self control and is domineered by her impulses.
To say I don't fuck with her is a lie. When I go to the store I purposefully buy sweets and snacks that I know now as an adult that I can control myself from overreating, but she cannot. Cakes, cookies, carb snacks, etc.
She's whining about getting fatter and not fitting her clothes. Even though she likes the stuff I bring home, she begs me not to buy.
I purchased a half cake and more than a quarter of it was gone by the evening before I had my first slice lmao.

Why? I was an obese child and teen thanks to her abuse and neglect. The type of headfuck parent who thinks overfeeding=being a good parent with the added bonus of accusing fat kid of being spoilt and lazy so that she could justify depriving me of other needs and forcing me to do her household bidding. I was her whipping bitch. Obese children exist because parents provide them the shit food, disordered eating habits, and environment that brings them to be that way. She would stock the house with temptation foods and prepared very few healthy meals. I ate a lot of fast and convenience foods. At the time, her full time job and tobaccy habit made it so she never had the opportunity or appetite to eat much of it so her figure remained petite. She would criticize me for trying to adjust my eating habits like cutting back or eating vegan, she would accuse me of being eating disordered. I remembered begging her to please stop buying sweets and cakes and bad food. It wasn't fair, I had no buying power as a child to purchase my own to eat differently. I didn't have a smoking addiction to artificially curb my appetite or boost my metabolism. The insulin spikes and crashes from this food would make me crave even more of it and make me feel hungry. The primitive part of my brain who enjoyed the junk food clashed with the intuitive logical part telling me it was wrong. And then she'd criticize me for it, telling me I just needed to have more self control! Cruel. Evil. Like a shark.

If my mom wanted to control herself today, unlike child me, she could. If she wanted to buy foods and snacks that she thought were healthier, she could. If she wanted to exercise and use her government-funded gym membership for useless old farts, she could.
She chooses not to. Hence my petty revenge is relishing her stupid bitch tears that she's eaten herself out of her pants size.

She attempts to trigger me, but they often fail much to her sand-pounding. Shit that got me as a teen and young adult are just old hat at this point, if anything her antics are boring to me now. Yesterday I bought myself a healthy(ish) lunch of a poke bowl with a side of smoked salmon. I had asked her before I went to the store if she wanted me to get her anything, said no. When I returned I was peacefully enjoying my meal at the table. She skulked over to gawk at what I was eating to inspect it and pass commentary about it. It makes me angry because it's so damn rude but I ignore her these days. When I was younger she was very condescending and horrible (i.e. if I would want Thai food she would pull her eyes into slants with her fingers and nip nong ching chong at me). But anyway, she does not like any seafood that is not battered and fried, so you would presume she would have no interest in my food. Yet because my lunch was of quality, she snarked about how I am eating good and started to ask me 20 questions about where I found my meal at the store, what's in it, etc. It's rude as hell when someone is trying to eat, but to her I am to be answerable no matter what. Got pissy when I gave her a curt response that I had picked it up from the prepared food stations which conveyed my annoyance. She grumbled off that she was "confused" as if it were some complicated rocket science that she just had to receive a detailed answer on.
I don't care that she's bored, I would never treat her this way even if I thought she wouldn't have a meltdown receiving the same treatment.
It's why I don't care that she is a fattie. My mom was my first bully and still is one. Best part is, she can't accuse me of mistreatment cause I am actually spoiling her and she just needs some self-control like what she used to yell at me to have, right??
>tl;dr mfw my prom queen abuser narc mom gets her comeuppance later in life all because she cannot put down the cake

No. 2067064

Where does this trust come from anyways? I wouldn't come close to trusting a moid unless he was worshipping the ground I walk on daily (impossible). If he's just some guy like your bf of course he's going to act like this.

No. 2067066

That sounds like pure hell, anon, I hope you're able to move out as soon as possible and get to live your best life like you deserve. Your mental strength and patience are being tested but you remain unbowed, I applaud to you and I admire you

No. 2067069

kek this reminds me of how my narcissistic mother complained about ballooning in weight during menopause after she made her daughters feel like shit over our appearances for years

No. 2067073

They really don't learn shit until it happens to them and even so they still have special blinders that keeps them believing they are true victims and everyone else experiencing the same are the causes of their own misery.

No. 2067083

File: 1719487798951.jpg (394.01 KB, 2250x1500, 1000003980.jpg)

I'm sorry I can't be her

No. 2067093

i dont feel like doing anythinggggg and i still can't leave work

No. 2067099

I am too

No. 2067104

File: 1719489604696.gif (182.86 KB, 214x200, 1708571201119.gif)

My friend always conveniently feel a little bit sick or have an unusually heavy period whenever we are supposed to meet up at my place and cancels last minute. She has before complained over how inconvenient she thinks it is to get to my place (it's a 20 minute train ride) as if I don't take the very same travel route when I go to see her. I love her, but for fucks sake does this infuriate me. Her place is lovely so I don't mind going over to hers but I just hate that she won't return that favor.

No. 2067117

File: 1719491353661.png (837.41 KB, 1050x784, 7r33.png)

>oh boy some inactive threads were bumped, wonder what was posted
>two different "i'm sooo racist and edgy haha" posts
at least they admit it i guess. hopefully it's a phase.

No. 2067138

> The type of headfuck parent who thinks overfeeding=being a good parent with the added bonus of accusing fat kid of being spoilt and lazy so that she could justify depriving me of other needs and forcing me to do her household bidding.

Wow, this really hit close to home. I feel you nonna and I'm glad you have been able to find little ways to cope and get back at your raging mom. Hope you can move back out soon and be free!

No. 2067161

Thank you for your words, nonnie. For years it has been a process accepting how my father is and letting go of the hope of having even one parental figure. Even before evil step mom came along really. Now I just feel so weak and yet so strong at the same time: it hurts to know I will never get what I seeked out so much but for my own child I have to let go and give it to them. Somehow having a child of my own and the amount of love I have for them even now is empowering but also a way to process what happened to me and what it caused. Therapy etc. never did the quite same. Your words helped me to really gather my thoughts, thank you. It sounds like you found peace and I hope I will find it too.

No. 2067191

File: 1719499404712.jpg (11.86 KB, 275x275, 1698659290280.jpg)

My head is so fucking big. I've always struggled to find a hat that would fit my head and anything I tried on female departments was too tight. Today I wanted to buy this cute straw hat for vacation, but the size on the hat was 56 cm. I finally measured my head and it's fucking 60 cm (23.62 inches). Nobody believed me when I said I had a big head, now I finally have a proof. Looks like I'm destined to buy male hats… I don't even have genius level IQ, why is my head so fucking big? Are there any advantages of having big heads? I hate it, I will never wear cute hats and look good in them, I want to cry

No. 2067203

This stupid bitch at my work keeps showing up late. Either show up on time or don't show up at all.

No. 2067207

File: 1719500813991.png (321.5 KB, 828x1792, IMG_7357.png)

Check out this site!

No. 2067208

is anyone else getting tired of ai fear mongering and moral grandstanding. to my knowledge it’s all ultimately an autocomplete tool so to see people claim it’s literally going to kill us and it existing is stressing them out piss me off. it can’t do anything you can’t do with a google search and time. moralfagging over “soul” is dumb too like 99% of content creators produce content that is indistinguishable from aislop. maybe they should do better instead of claiming the human spirit is at risk or whatever.

No. 2067212

Am I dumb if I moralfag over ai porn of kids and women being made?

No. 2067216

Thank you so much anon. I have to check if they ship to EU countries. The last time I ordered a package from USA they sent it back kek

No. 2067217

i was more so referring to ai generated imagery and writing and other creative pursuits

No. 2067222

I agree, AI is inevitable. It just needs proper regulation. I think the most retarded idea I’ve seen surrounding AI is that it will gain the same amount of consciousness that humans and animals have and that’s completely false, it’s just a regular tool built off of others work (which will cause massive copyright infringement kek) and data they’ve been stealing from people for decades. AI and robots will never be like us, they are basically just overly complex toasters.

No. 2067235

I don't get the fear mongering of people afraid to lose their job because no matter what, you need key words to feed an AI something people who have an expertise already have in their brain andight require a bit more time and effort to do but will do in the spectrum of their own talents. AIs don't have yet a feedback function to correct or critique whatever an AI is doing to "learn" the right way, and even then, it'll take several critiques and inputs for it to mimick a person's 20-30 years of learning by doing.
What I'm kinda done with is the "We'll put a chat function on our website (which an AI responds to). We're so progressive" from different corporations, as if the chat function 1. Didn't already exist ten years ago 2. You didn't need a team of people to feed it the right stuff for it to even be used by customers/users instead of calling or emailing the staff directly because they know their shit.
Personally as someone in the hospitality industry, I'd rather have an AI answer 75% of the emails by entering keywords that the enquiry should have to get a, b or c response, sometimes with documentations directly enclosed in the response email, instead of having to repeat the same email answer by hand but to fifteen different people because too many people can't fucking google.

No. 2067240

The best video criticism of AI I have seen.

Yeah it is an advanced autocomplete tool, not intelligent at all, but problem as always have been humans who now want to use it to fuck over others as much as possible and gain profit from it

No. 2067243

Because they know each other since they were kids and he constantly has a rotation of people to come back to. My boyfriend tends not to take anything that's done to him to heart ever and is the kind of person who calls anyone he's talked to for a while a "friend". The only thing I can say on his favor is that he seems to respect my wishes to never bring him to our house and he doesn't want him contacting me.

My vent is really the frustration I feel because no one knows my ex like I do. They were probably friends with him years prior to me knowing him but they never went through years of dating him.

No. 2067247

Move to Ireland nonna

No. 2067250

My recently ex-best friend has a mother like this who has a BPD and is constantly bored and dopamine-seeking. She is turning into her mother. This was a hilarious and cathartic read, thank you for sharing!

No. 2067254

I've been feeling so angry lately due to trouble in my family and men I know being absolutely horrible to people I love. Went to the gym today which has a women's only section, which I absolutely love, and up until now I have never spotted a man near them.

Well, today there were two men cleaning the women's locker room. I said I needed to get changed and they told me to wait. 20 minutes later they're not done, and I just felt a wave of anger overcome me. I get that it's their job. I get that the locker room needs to be cleaned, but I was so done with men inconveniencing every aspect of me and my family's lives lately that ripped I the door open, told the men they sucked at their job, slammed the door and left the gym fuming. I felt embarrassed soon after and I hate that I created such a negative memory from a place I have only ever gone to unleash energy and feel good in, all because I couldn't take a few seconds to breathe and calm the fuck down.

No. 2067264

people who phrase things in the most negative and needling way piss me off. my boyfriend basically accused me of being attention seeking for ordering BUMPER STICKERS. it’s not even what he meant but it’s the exact connotations of what he said and i’m like retard pick better words instead of wondering why you piss people off! it’s an art form, speaking. practice it.

No. 2067273

goddamnit it was literally in the middle of typing a post about not going to get a coffee this morning and kicking the habit when my boss asked if i was going out to get one and handed me his credit card to buy us both one

No. 2067279

I've been working for 2 years (24 now) and it has been eye opening to see what women my age are like. I guess i lived in a bubble. They loove talking about marriage and it's genuinely npc-esque like the way they speak is all the same. They are say that men "mature late", that you need marriage for "protection" (u guys work and have financial freedom without your man too) and how "its a symbol of commitment". They all have the exact same thoughts on men and marriage. Like they complain about them, act like they are annoyed with them, are so called feminists or defend womens rights, but they legit are so obsessed w marriage.
The "marriage obsessed woman" trope was something that i assumed was dying down but im kinda sad to realize it is very much alive.

No. 2067281

It's so fucking hot outside I don't feel like doing anything. I keep thinking I might get some energy if I go outside for a walk in the nice weather but I end up coming home in an even worse state. Bitch you got shit to do get your shit together

No. 2067287

I'm still in college but many of my classmates are older women and the only two topics they talk about are their kids or their man. I don't mind listening to them but, it seems a little dull to have your existance only revolve around your kids and partner.

No. 2067305

File: 1719507238194.png (221.77 KB, 614x763, papyrus.png)

if you keep ignoring what i have to say its gonna fuck you over one day. i have a feeling this would happen less if i was male.

No. 2067481

File: 1719515176795.jpg (182.42 KB, 742x980, earthworms-vintage-illustratio…)

I know my mother loves me but it feels like so much of her love and approval is based on how gender conforming/feminine I am. I'm well groomed, hygienic, clean, I take a lot of care with my body, hair, skin (far more care than my brothers do, and yet she never criticises them for their bodies), but she's always so vocally disappointed in me for not shaving and not wearing makeup. I feel like shit knowing that her love is conditional on my body. I want to scream at her, you made my body this way, I was born like this. I want to view my female body with neutrality but I can't, because I know my mother hates my "natural" body.

No. 2067489

As an asexual I’m kind of jealous of straight women’s desire for sex and relationships. I’ll never get to feel love or sexual desire. When women start going on about their bfs eating them out or giving them good sex i wish I could relate. I feel nothing towards sex and I find it pretty boring. I’m also envious of straight women’s love for a scrote being so strong they’re willing to put themselves in life threatening situations, I’ve never felt that passionate about anything. I think being like them would make life more exciting. This TikTok made me think about it, like imagine feeling something so strong that you can ignore every red flag and be so blissfully high/drunk in love.

No. 2067503

File: 1719516573489.png (434.37 KB, 790x563, theend.png)

what is the point of going on? my existence is pointless. whenever I try to be a member of society I fail miserably. no one is proud of me. no one cares about my meager accomplishments. I have no one to go for walks with, or talk to. my family doesn't care about my declining health. I feel like i'm really close to the end. I just don't have enough to keep me going anymore. I go for nature walks every day and I feel briefly happy when I see the birds and trees and bugs and the sunlight… but then the walk is over and i'm alone, no one to share the beauty and joy with. i reach out to people and they respond with an emoji and never message back. i think it's curtains for me, kids.

No. 2067521

ANOTHER $1,100 in car repairs?!! Fuck this shit so hard, I'm just trying to get it running so I can finally get it smog-certified and get it off my hands. I'm going to miss my little car so much but it's 20 years old now and become such a fucking money pit. I'm sad.

No. 2067545

I should've focused on dancing, get fit and social, then post videos and get viral when I would've anticipated the short reel format. But no, I had to get self conscious when my mom said to stop dancing in front of the TV as a little kid, and started drawing manga like some brother dopamine validation. Any other major fail in my life that took a shittier path has always been male fault and the weak socialised female

No. 2067556

My partner just tried coming after me for telling him I'd set up the downstairs bedroom again— I don't always feel comfortable not having my own room.. his kid got my own old room, we're usually upstairs but his kid just comes in constantly at night.. and I just want my own space, in my own house, you know? Can't go to the living room since he's there on my pc, kid has now walked in on us having sex, I'm not feeling great and sick myself and she'll just sit on my bed and will refuse to leave. I do my best, I'm childfree, especially now, I hang out with her, we go on hikes through the forest, she got a mom and another dad though and just.. they're in my house and I feel like I'm constantly coming last. Which I get, a kid comes first.. but I just want my own place in MY OWN DAMN HOUSE. Where people have to knock?? And he got so upset about that, I literally saw my father who did the same with my mom about the very literal same room, in the very same house. Which is now MINE. Tried telling him yesterday to take his kid to the doctor since sick.. tried looking up doctors that were open, he got so pissed. "The meds I gave her worked, no more fever" but yes, that's what the meds do, doesn't really deal with the origin of the fever though? Was pissed at me for that, for intervening, yesterday the doctor told him she got something she needs antibiotics for.. (big surprise for me of course…)

Can someone teach me how to unlove someone? Tell me that I'm not too old with 33? I'll have to outwait my dogs, but I'm down for a well knotted string at this point.

No. 2067566


No. 2067577

Don't do it nona. I don't wanna throw around platitudes but I do appreciate your attempts to integrate in society. It's really easy for some people but really hard for others and just trying is already a commendable effort. You seem to crave human connection. It's hard and seems hopeless sometimes, but it gets easier the more you try.
Try to look inward and think of what parts of you you like, there ARE things about you to like, I promise you, I'm not saying this as some gay ass canned response. Working on having a better idea of who I am, what I like and what my morals/pillars are made it way easier to socialize and recognize who was worth my time and effort. Maybe it can be positive for you too.

No. 2067591

Just cried because my mother wanted to fight (again) and threw the usual insults at me. I'll never get used to it. I've done and still do so much for her but she still hates me. I know she might have an mental illness, I know it's normal for mothers to like their sons better so I shouldn't expect too much. But it still hurts. My father saw me crying but he won't do anything about it. I have no one else. The only person I kind of interact with is her and she's always been completely emotionally unavailable. She sees me as some kind of maid that needs to be around for chores and help and money and nothing else. I'm tired. It's been years. Years of me wondering if I'm overreacting, if my mother maybe loves me in a weird way, why I have to go through this. I've already had a mental breakdown, I've already gone through physical and mental pain. When will it be enough?

No. 2067592

> I know it's normal for mothers to like their sons better
It absolutely is not… sorry your mom is just one of those ones

No. 2067600

Hey nonna, I fully understand your feelings because my mother seems similar to yours and I have gone through tons of emotional abuse while growing up and even now in adult age. Same with my non-participating dad (who actually became abusive too but I was already an adult by then)
Sadly, while she does have issues, she will never change. And it will be hard to rebuild self esteem even the sense of yourself - it's still a work in progress for me - i would suggest to try to work on your independence if you are still dependent on them, your emotional health (maybe finding a therapist) and allow yourself to get angry at her - to get angry at her because she does not deserve you. This is where healing will begin, I think.
I wish all the best for you…

No. 2067618

I fucking hate men so much. I can't talk about why right now because I don't want to mess up the court case. Fucking superobese rapist abuser thief hypocrite fraud. I can't wait for everyone to know, you piece of shit. I will not rest until you are brought to justice

No. 2067625

My boomer parents don't know how to not eat like shit, it's baffling. They've never been overweight, but because they're getting older I've been trying to get them to watch their health to no avail. A constant diet of no vegetables, sugary coffee creamer, fast food with sodas, etc. When I point out that they don't need to dump extra calories in every meal and explain to them that sugary granola isn't actually healthy, their reaction is surprised Pikachu face.

No. 2067637

>>I know it's normal for mothers to like their sons better
No, it's not.

No. 2067649

I’m so sad. I was on a beautiful 5 month hike and 2 months in I have 3 stress fractures and have to stop for 4 weeks. I can’t afford to sit around for four weeks so I need to get a job now and start my life so suddenly, I was enjoying being free and exercising so much. We walked 15-20 miles a day. All fresh air. I saw maybe 10 other people throughout an entire day. I made friends, I’ve never had so many friends in my life. All from different places, Washington, Germany, Florida, UK, Canada. I’m so sad. We just got to the most beautiful mountains and were so excited to go back and start there, alpine lakes to skinny dip in, fish to look at, so many animals and I even got over my fear of bees. Now we can’t go back and I’m stuck back in this society, I don’t now why we built it like this, I’m in America and it’s all cars and pavement and packed apartment buildings. I can’t walk anywhere, much less 15-20 miles a day. I’m in a boot, I have to hobble now.

You are amazing and strong anon!

No. 2067656

If you’re going to abandon everything, at least abandon it for a thru hike then. Go hike up into the mountains, disappear for some days or weeks. At least try to do some big thing before you die, if you die on the hike then no harm, no foul. If you like nature walks, you’ll be so happy out there. You’ll meet people who will love you.

No. 2067672

It doesn't make it right but in many cultures this is true

No. 2067676

She might love you in a weird way but it doesn't matter if it's a way that's harming you. And what you're describing sounds genuinely harmful.

No. 2067685

I have Covid and I hate my fucking job.

No. 2067712

Holy shit I have Covid too, how's it hanging nonushka? What's up with your job, are they making you work?

No. 2067716

File: 1719526250708.jpeg (25.81 KB, 250x234, 3F54D26E-0F71-48E2-8E8E-3134D7…)

>Dm an ex friend telling her she’s wronged me and to stop being a hypocritical bitch
>Doesn’t even respond, just makes her pfp the dreaded black circle and her name as “im sorry”
>She’s 20
I can’t deal with this shit anymore kek

No. 2067719

No. 2067726

I can't stop fucking crying

No. 2067727

nona, i don't know you but my heart goes to you and i wish we could cry together.

No. 2067737

Jsyk this reply made me cry all over again. You nonas are so compassionate sometimes… thank you

No. 2067756

I keep having 30 second crys out of nowhere what the fuck is going on why am I so unstable

No. 2067789

If you don't know her irl just stop responding. You don't owe her your attention or time.

No. 2067805

I try to be loyal, kind, hard working, literally the best I can be but here I am, 9 months later after loosing my job, friends, car, moid, and with no will to live. Nothing good has happened to me in over 9 months. I am suffering while the terrible people around me are happy. I work so hard to get better only for things to get worse every month. What did I do do deserve this? I try to be patient and optimistic but I am still here. Stuck in my room and crying wishing for anything to help me.

No. 2067872

File: 1719532603924.png (31.88 KB, 737x265, Screenshot_347.png)

comments on this are depressing and spooky https://x.com/718Tv/status/1555718302592376834. is it true? are men really that much stronger than women?

No. 2067877

Car repairs are the worst, and I'm sorry you had to fork out so much money. Your car has been with you through a lot I'm sure, and 20 years is a long time. Your next car will be even better.

No. 2067887

I swear I see multiple women on here dating a divorced father with a kid, and it always seems like a hassle and bad idea. I can't imagine a moid being so good that you have to take care of him and his offspring who won't even listen to you. It's your house, not theirs. It must be nice to freeload, but you should speak your mind about ground rules. Your space is important to you, and you shouldn't settle just because "kids come first" or some other cope. Stick up for yourself and your values.

No. 2067895

We are screwed.

No. 2067899

No. 2067905

Car repairs always piss me off. Maybe I'm neurotic but I feel like the mechanics always rip me off or do some weird shit to my car. If you wanna talk more about your car you should post in the car thread
Some other anons might offer advice or something

No. 2067914

It’s always the same shit with me. I never stop. I can watch the patterns unfold over and over and I’m stuck watching.

No. 2067928

All women should just train like sumo wrestlers.

No. 2067948

are you fucking with me

No. 2067952

No. Are you underage or something? Women are weaker than men.

No. 2067961

yes, they are physically larger and have tard strength. an average man could beat a fit woman. i think women should all carry some weapon for self defense it's the only to make it fair tbh

No. 2067967

I'm 32 and single as fuck. I still get plenty of dates and interested men, don't fall for incel psyop.

The only problem is, is that many men are unworthy. At our age, typically any decent available men were married once before or have kids from another relationship. It doesn't mean you have to settle, you miss 100% of the shots you can't take because you're stuck with someone making you miserable.
I don't blame your scrote for putting his kids first, but they will always be first to him. It's the right thing, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't be respecting your space and value as a partner. You even tried to book a doctor's appointment for his kid for fuck's sake. I know you said you are "childfree" but you are technically not. Those kids occupy your home taking up your space and sharing your resources. If they're sick, you'll likely get sick too cause that's how involved they are. You are more like an adoptive parent who is being given no credit or wife title.
How long have you been together? How long did he wait before he considered it okay to move his kids in with you? Are you guys gonna get married?
Doesn't sound worth it, imho.

No. 2067973

Just carry a gun if you can

No. 2067976

do women have any biological advantages over men?

No. 2067990

No. 2067993

No, we’re not as smart or intelligent as them and never will be. I don’t even know the fucking point. Most big names in history have been men, most inventors have been men, most ceos are men, anyone who’s made significant contributions towards the world is a fucking man. For 1 influential woman there’s at least 100 influential moids. I genuinely think are only redeeming quality that isn’t something abstract unproven bullshit like “women are more intuitive” “women are more reasonable” is that we can give birth and I fucking hate it. I hate being a woman. I wish I wasn’t born as one. Being a woman is fucking miserable and we will never be seen as an actual person, just a walking pussy first

No. 2067994

Self-cleaning, self-sustaining genitalia. Empathy. More creative. More dexterous hands.

No. 2067995

go back to the blackpill thread

No. 2067997

Women live longer and are more likely to survive hardships like famine and disease than men, even as babies. Women are also better at endurance.

No. 2067998

We survive better. Disease, famine, stress, injury, pretty much everything life throws at us, we can and do survive better than males. Men's lives are literally cheaper than women's when you consider how physically fragile they are (not talking tard strength, talking about ability to survive).

No. 2068003

higher pain tolerance

No. 2068004

I’m right though. When anyone on here mentions positive traits about women it’s always our uteruses or something to do with our genitalia or how we’re better at being efficient doormats. I want to hear about traits that focus on our mind. Women like Marie curie are once in a lifetime geniuses and that’s all we here about because intellectually we are just weaker than moids

No. 2068005

We’re able to create life. Our bodies grow a whole new organ just to support the process of creating our child whose entire body and cell makeup is from your rib. I also find it really amazing how breastfeeding works, the way that female nipples can break down enzymes in her infants saliva to detect exactly what nutrients they need

No. 2068007

Scroll up.

No. 2068008

>Its always our uteruses
You’re saying that like it’s a negative thing? That is a massive, important part of womanhood, and I personally consider it to be an immense advantage but I can’t speak for all the momfags here

No. 2068015

There is nothing about how they are intellectually. Half of the replies mention genitalia anyway

So? I don’t want my only positive trait to be that I can reproduce, that means nothing to me because I have no desire to have kids. If you ask even radfems any advantage we have over men it’s that we can reproduce gaiz. You never hear about intellectual or creative accomplishments of women because we fall flat compared to our male counterparts. I’m sure if you asked someone the advantage of being a man over a woman, you’d get a rainbow of responses, whereas if you asked the inverse it ultimately boils down to reproduction and Muh empathy. I fucking hate being a woman

No. 2068018

>intellectually we are just weaker than moids
You're judging women by intelligence standards that have been created and perpetuated by men who have barred women from participation for millennia. In the last few decades we have been able to participate evenly, we have absolutely stomped males within their own institutions and best them at their own standards. These days MRAs and failmales alike whine about how grade schools and universities are suddenly unfair to boys and are stifling their learning because boys simply can't keep up with their female classmates.
Half the posts are about survivability too, but I suppose you're only going to pay attention whatever will confirm your misogynistic biases. Good luck with that.

No. 2068020

I don’t really think “intellectual or creative accomplishments” actually matter in the grand scheme of things so thats probably why I don’t care kek..I think you might be worrying too much about stuff that doesn’t matter nonna

No. 2068021

File: 1719537095180.jpg (110.61 KB, 728x546, New-colossus-emma-lazarus-stat…)

>You never hear about intellectual or creative accomplishments of women
Yeah, you're right, women have never done anything that will be remembered forever, oh wait

No. 2068023

It's always shit like this

No. 2068025

jfc it was one reply out of six and none of the others mentioned reproduction at all get the stick out of your bum

No. 2068027

i fucking hate pregnancy, i want to have children but i dont want to get pregnant. Men have it so easy, they get to have all the good things without all the pain.

No. 2068028

> I don’t want my only positive trait to be that I can reproduce
What are your positive traits?
> I fucking hate being a woman
So you see no positive traits about being a woman? Could that be because you yourself are intellectually lazy and have made no move to find woman who extol virtues you value? You’ve done no investigation into womens contributions and creativity because you yourself see no value in being a woman? Just because other women find value in their reproductive capacity and empathy doesn’t mean all other women do or that you have to, we aren’t a monolith, you can find your own value and worth. Female contribution is also often overlooked because what is valuable about a woman is valuable about any human being, it’s just when a man does it he’s suddenly super special because penis. What value do men have that women don’t that you think makes them so much better and valuable?

No. 2068029

Yeah, the fact that women haven’t contributed to society en masse is totally not a big deal and the only thing that matters is that we’re efficient incubators. Got it

> Half the posts are about survivability too, but I suppose you're only going to pay attention whatever will confirm your misogynistic biases. Good luck with that.
I don’t care about survivability if it means that it’ll just be used to breed more scrotes into the world. Better survivability means nothing in the grand scheme of things if we all go on to lead menial lives as the fate of our sex.

Now compare that to the amount of male creatives and historical figures who have gone on to change history. Women like her are exceptions, not the rules

No. 2068033

Pregnancy for me it was actually really great, my depression subsided for the first time in my whole life

No. 2068034

>haven’t contributed to society en masse
Creating that society is contributing to society..it feels like you’re just looking for things to complain about now

No. 2068035

good for you, i still find it terrifying. Its like something out of a body horror movie.

No. 2068040

I'm sorry that you think women lead menial lives.

No. 2068053

Women with the virtues I value don’t and can’t exist. I wanted to work in tech before I realized I could never best my male coworkers and that it’s a useless effort and I should just accept that as a woman I’m gonna be considerably more useless and stunted. Also I don’t give a fuck about Muh reproduction if pregnancy is becoming increasingly less needed and in 100 years women are gonna be considered obsolete to the masses since life is most certainly gonna be created other ways.

>What value do men have that women don’t that you think makes them so much better and valuable?

They simply have better brains than us, that is all.

I want to hear about women who have defined history and created life changing inventions, not just “give birth”.

Most of them do. By the time they’re 35 most women are nothing more than vessels for their scrote husband and slaves to their kids. Whenever I hear about an important accomplishment of adult women in my life it’s always that they’re married and/or pregnant. Honestly I envy them, I wish I could accept the fact that the only thing we’re equipped that we can’t outperform men at is reproduction but I can’t.(derailing)

No. 2068055

I don't want this anymore. Why did you lie, again?

No. 2068057

Look, anon, if you feel so inferior, what does complaining about it get you? Can’t you just do things without having to outbest someone else?

No. 2068063

Defined history with what though? Also at this point in history what ‘life changing inventions’ do we need? Is it not acceptable for women to just live peaceful, relaxing lives where we’re not expected to do shit for anyone kek? If you wanna go Girlboss it up then thats cool but the majority of us don’t want to fucking to do work because it’s just unimportant kek. ‘Define history’? That sounds like something Grimes would say kek

No. 2068066

>They simply have better brains than us
You can't be serious. Moids routinely psyop themselves into trooning out from watching sissy hypno videos on youtube (most of whom are in your precious tech btw). If you don't think you're better than that, then there's literally no hope for your self esteem.

No. 2068068

obviously not anon, she has to remind us inferior wimminz about our natural place in the world, otherwise there's nothing to confirm her misogynistic drivel

No. 2068072

>They simply have better brains than us, that is all.
Shit bait but I'm responding in case any young or impressionable anons are reading this. Just because you couldn't cut it in tech doesn't mean that other women can't do it. I know plenty of great female engineers in my life. "Better brains" is actual bullshit, most men I've worked with are retarded and have huge egos.

No. 2068074

You're a moid, aren't you?

No. 2068083

I don’t want to accept mediocrity and the fact that there will always be a man that will outperform me.

Jesus fuck it’s insane how youve been conditioned by the patriarchy to accept female mediocrity as the norm and something we should all strive for. Also I meant throughout history in regards to inventions, not just present day. All inventions to brought us to where we are today were invented by men and without them we’d genuinely be nothing. Thanks for proving my point that we will never be as useful as men.

And those same moids are also 500 iq geniuses who are the best in their fields that just so happen to be naive retards.

I’ll start believing the contrary when I’m given proof that we are historically and even currently as useful as moids are.

Listen, I don’t care if they have spergy behavior or whatever if they’re accomplished, because they usually are.

No I’m just a horribly jaded woman who’s heartbroken by the fact we aren’t important except for reproduction and being good mothers and even other radfems seem to confirm this for me(derailing)

No. 2068086

You might want to take this to another thread because this is the vent thread not the ‘i wanna argue about how much i hate being a woman’ thread

No. 2068089

I disagree with you strongly and I think if what you were saying was true it wouldn’t have been necessary to kee women out of education, they would have self selected out of it naturally. However I do find it funny how many people immediately jumped on you with the we can get knocked up card like it was an argument, lol.

No. 2068097

That’s fair, I want to be proven wrong so badly honestly but the ”feminists” telling me how we make efficient incubators and nothing else isn’t helping kek

No. 2068103

nta but fucking wow kek the words you’re using are funnily anti-female for someone who’s claiming to be so concerned with the importance of female greatness. calling women incubators? you really have to have some kind of mental disability to not comprehend how much of a logical fallacy that is kek. go take your meds

No. 2068105

it was one fucking post dude

No. 2068111

>muh male IQ argument
If you took time to study the history and philosophy of science, you would know that so many goalposts were moved because of women. When the IQ tests were being developed, they literally changed the test questions and criteria because girl students scored higher on them compared to boy students. They couldn't fathom at the time that girls could be more intelligent than boys, so they concluded the test itself must be flawed and they kept on retesting the IQ test until boys scored higher on it and that is the type of IQ we use today. So much of past science was done with the assumption that men were inherently more intelligent, etc. as compared to women and this skewed so many statistics. People worked towards these conclusions instead of working towards objectivity.

Consider also that many times in history that female dominated fields become looked down on and disrespected unless males start to dominate them. This is how computer programming, originally a woman's job because they equated it with secretary work, changed into a men's job. Once they see women excelling a field that has big bucks in it for the future, they want a piece of that themselves. Doctors as a profession aren't respected or paid well in cojntries where women outnumber men.

Human culture shapes our "science" and many other factors. This is why systemic misogyny is so insidious.

No. 2068117

Well, did you know the highest IQ in recorded history belonged to a woman, Marilyn vos Savant? Also idk if this will make you feel better but often women’s accomplishments were outright stolen or not acknowledged like Rosallind Franklin.

No. 2068119

Stop misinterpreting what I’m saying on purpose retard, I’m mocking you “feminists” who only respond to my posts with “b-but we can get pregnant!”


It’s multiple(this is the vent thread)

No. 2068120

File: 1719540108937.gif (18.25 KB, 410x274, 099E628F-DB02-48D5-BAD8-3710A4…)

>They simply have better brains than us, that is all.
Holy shit, that’s hilarious. Sorry you hate yourself and have no intellectual curiosity. You are mediocre and (sorry to tell you) it’s not because you’re a “woman” (which I doubt) but keep telling yourself that if it helps you get through the day.

No. 2068122

to be fair i'm sure we'd have more female masterminds or whatever if the female sex weren't forced to be breedmares for most of human history! i wish i could find that picture of the mother painting in her kitchen while cooking food

No. 2068123

File: 1719540173625.jpg (437.31 KB, 1275x1024, 1275px-Margaret_Hamilton_in_ac…)

Anon, it's not women's fault that you're so sheltered and narrow-minded that you can't be bothered to crack open a fucking history book and look up all the amazing things that women have done. You're heartbroken over your own ignorance and retardation.

No. 2068125

>b-but we can get pregnant!
i don’t really get this weird complex you have against that, did your mother not love you?

No. 2068128

Maybe try saying what you mean instead of accusing others of misinterpreting when really your verbatim statement sounds like something an angry gay man would say

No. 2068130

You’ve said yourself you will always be mediocre because of your biology. Take your words to heart and actually accept it. I don’t see the point in arguing

No. 2068132

Sameefag. There were also so many female chemists in the early-mid 1900s in Europe. Marie Curie, Irene Joliot-Curie, and many others (note that there were also Nobel Prizes awarded to men when women did substantial work and would have been credited if the award was awarded today). This is during time periods when women's education was difficult to achieve because people were so insanely biased against it.

No. 2068136

It's not obvious? Loved women do not go on imageboards to sperg about women's supposed inferiority.

No. 2068138

File: 1719540564995.jpeg (108.16 KB, 500x499, IMG_2739.jpeg)

No. 2068143

Because it’s fucking weird. I’m sick of whenever someone mentions female accomplishments or something we outperform men with it’s always pregnancy. I’m sick of hearing it.

Once again, one woman in a sea of remarkable men.

This is true

Thank you for all of this info. Do you have anywhere I can read more about this?

I never claimed I was some super genius you retard. I claimed that if I were a male I’d have higher intelligence and thus more of an effort to work for what I want to accomplish(derailing)

No. 2068147

How is it weird though? It’s really the opposite of weird. Why do our accomplishments need to be identical to males? If you really are concerned about leaving your mark on the world then why are you arguing on LC about how pregnancy is weird instead of making history…

No. 2068150

>remarkable men
Men that have made it hard for women to be respected in stem fields or be comfortable working alongside them. Its all frat shit and you can see it clearly on threads where anons talk about feeling ostracized or even not wanting to follow career aspects because of the moids in them

No. 2068151

I have faith you'll have a better future ahead of you. Suffering comes and goes, but you still have us, nona. Your contributions are appreciated.

No. 2068152

Oh shit, we did it!!!! We found the monolith, the woman who represents all women. See she’s a failure and lacks intellect so we all do!
Kek please get over yourself. Your failures are your own, it’s not because of your sex (actually it might Y?) it’s because, again, you’re intellectually lazy.

No. 2068154

File: 1719541064188.png (40.69 KB, 744x513, Screenshot_348.png)

bit ot but it looks like the strength gap is diminished when weapons come into play

No. 2068155

You're for sure a moid or you wouldn't continuously slap down examples of extraordinary women. You're either a moid or just willfully ignorant.

No. 2068156

>I claimed that if I were a male I’d have higher intelligence
Males have a higher instance of extreme IQ on both ends of the bell curve. Sure, there's a chance you might have been a moid supergenius, but there's an equal chance you would have been a drooling retard. Overwhelmingly though, the odds are you'd be just as remarkable as you currently are.

No. 2068157

They don’t have to be indentical to males, anon is just upset that males have had a monopoly on cerebral pursuits for most of our history.

No. 2068159

I can’t lie I’d rather all the men be doing the educational research shit if it meant that they weren’t around children/didn’t have any direct influence on them

No. 2068160

I hate feeling so ugly. My 11 lines are so pronounced for someone who’s only 9…

No. 2068161

File: 1719541271479.jpeg (69.66 KB, 500x500, IMG_1475.jpeg)

Falling in love as a woman is probably one of the most traumatic things ever. You try to reach out and make yourself own and then people just take advantage and throw you away, treat you like a joke and then you close yourself off, become aggressive and neurotic even and now you’re a “bitch” or “childish” for not wanting the same victimization to happen to you again. It’s all so tiresome and it makes me want to cry admittedly, it makes me feel so powerless, I feel like I will never ever be able to feel safe and comfortable expressing my emotions because everybody is practically out to get me for no reason when I do. People sniff out and prey when a woman is vulnerable and letting her emotions shed in the open like being in the ocean with an open bleeding wound with sharks swimming around. When will it end

No. 2068163

free jodi, my girl did nothing wrong

No. 2068165

I only just learned Jodie was half Mexican

No. 2068167

Bragging about being able to reproduce is like bragging about being a moid and being able to inseminate a woman. Idk why you’re so pro status quo

This proves my point that moids are on average more intelligent and women are mediocre as fuck and it ultimately boils down to our biology

Jesus fucking christ. It’s because of people like you that no one takes women seriously. Literally fuck you. “I’m totally complacent being a sahm for a useless moidlet who’ll probably grow up to be a rapist while men sit and do the hard stuff hehe girl power!”(derailing)

No. 2068168

She had that Mayan blood

No. 2068170

Came to write this, kek. This is what happened, it's not because they "have better brains", jfc.

No. 2068173

>You're judging women by intelligence standards that have been created and perpetuated by men who have barred women from participation for millennia. In the last few decades we have been able to participate evenly, we have absolutely stomped males within their own institutions and best them at their own standards. These days MRAs and failmales alike whine about how grade schools and universities are suddenly unfair to boys and are stifling their learning because boys simply can't keep up with their female classmates.
I find it amusing how the anon you replied to completely skipped your well-written rebuttal and only focused on your survivability comment. Embarrassing.

No. 2068175

I think you might have misunderstood what my statement means, I am saying that I would rather men do that than not have a direct influence over children.

No. 2068176

>literally fuck you for not wanting men to molest babies
please just leave

No. 2068177

falling in love as a *straight women kek

No. 2068180

Instead of posting about this in the vent thread you should maybe post this in the male envy thread >>>/ot/1585927

No. 2068181

Literally fuck you for saying you’d be ok with women not accomplishing anything.(infighting)

No. 2068184

ayrt, but no one ever said that women shouldn’t accomplish anything. womens accomplishments are just different from men’s. trying to mimic men isn’t going to change that. but i agree with >>2068180
this conversation fits better in a different thread. this derailing is going on for too long.

No. 2068185

Why are you acting like you aren’t straight. If you’re a lesbo and bisexual it also isn’t as nice on the other side as much as you guys want to say it is, you guys have scraps and barely have long-term commitments

No. 2068187

I find it interesting that you characterize anything that’s not related to children as ‘mimicking men’.

No. 2068190

What are the accomplishments you consider different from moids that aren’t homemaking, children or breeding, quick(derailing)

No. 2068194

once again, if you wanna continue this conversation please redirect it to the male envy thread. this is the vent thread, and derailing to argue about your insecurities is not welcome and has no power here.

No. 2068200

I over-reduced my curry sauce for my udon and now it's gloopy. Damn.

No. 2068209

Ohhh my god who cares these threads move fast and nobody looks at them after they’re full.(infighting)

No. 2068226

I hope all of those bugs that crawl into your eyebrows and eyelashes at night crawls into every single one of your nigels drawls and makes his penis necrotized to the point of falling off

No. 2068228

Demodex mites? They can't survive a scrotes toxic ball gas. They only exist in elegant places like my cute lucious lashes

No. 2068264

File: 1719544778574.jpeg (54.94 KB, 320x326, IMG_0731.jpeg)

I cannot relate to 99% of women and I feel like they are literally a different species than me. I feel like an alien that fell to earth. I can’t even talk about this because I’ll get called an NLOG or a pick me even though I don’t relate to men at all either and I hate them. The weird thing is that I like a lot of stereotypical girly things but I still feel like an imposter. I look like if you ordered Paris Hilton off Wish but I have this internal Patrick Bateman monologue going on inside my brain at all times. I can’t tell if this is a sperg thing or just the result of being heavily bullied as a child by other girls

No. 2068277

Nona I was exactly like this and trust me it gets better. It'll be hard but you just have to put in the effort to find a female friend who you share idiosyncrasies with and can vibe, be it online or irl. Female socialization is a bitch when you're autistic or gnc but having at least one close female friend is better than being a friendless pickme.

No. 2068279

File: 1719545267695.jpg (59.42 KB, 736x733, bcea6e764e5fa5bbd53ac64539fa79…)

It's called autism with a dash of narcissistic traits. I'm not even judging you. Keep going, work on your dark triad and become ascended from the normie peasant women

No. 2068280

I relate to the women on this forum, so I know that there are women out there who are like me at least, I just don’t know where to find them in real life

No. 2068281

Add a little cold water to it.

No. 2068283

File: 1719545406438.png (497.71 KB, 615x616, 7ee.png)

No. 2068316

File: 1719547997001.jpg (201.11 KB, 1200x1200, 1000009103.jpg)

Pack it up, the queen of the dark triad already won

No. 2068328

just realized that maybe I don't have any real friends and they're all just there to have me as company so people wouldn't think they're lonely people.

No. 2068352

>age 20-25
>my opinion doesn't matter because i'm too young and dumb so what do i know
>age 25-30
>my age is always rounded up and used as some sort of insult
>even at 25 i was apparently "pushing 30"
>turn 30
>suddenly i'm informed that i'm in fact "middle-aged" and therefore my opinion doesn't matter
>doesn't apply to moids though, they get to live it up in their prime until their 70s because they "mature slower" according to these retards
with women like those living around me who even needs misogynistic scrotes, i feel like an idiot for falling for their ageist fearmongering. my grandmother, aunts and their cronies could give the meanest farmer a run for her money.

No. 2068363

I can't get to sleep

No. 2068369

Me neither. Wanna fight?

No. 2068372

Sure, I'll grab my scimitar

No. 2068376

File: 1719553579028.png (161.14 KB, 393x308, Kt1wTik.png)

i drained the separated oil off my latest jar of peanut butter which changed the texture completely and i loved it. usually just threw the rest of it out when it happened in the past because i thought it was weird.
bought a new jar when it ran out and it's all properly mixed and shit, this sucks i want my dry nut butter back

No. 2068377

File: 1719553581413.jpeg (46.79 KB, 640x960, IMG_4006.jpeg)


No. 2068427

Sometimes I still think about killing myself. I have enough medication to do it. Fucking hell can someone please stamp out these intrusive thoughts

No. 2068431

ayrt, thank you so much for saying that. Yesterday was such a shitty and horrible day. I hope you heal very quickly so you can start hiking again. When I was in the hospital awhile ago, I liked watching videos of people hiking in exotic locations. I wonder if that would only make you more depressed though.

No. 2068432

Do any other nonnas here absolutely despise loud noises and need earphones to block that irritation out, or is this normal?? Like the feeling it brings on anger and actually hurts, even if it might not seem that loud to others? Also happens with any sounds at all, I feel it might just be super sensitive hearing. I'd post this shit in stupid questions but I've been in this car with a retard who has her phone so loud with the car radio in the bg it's all clashijg together and I don't have any earphones for music to block it out I can't fucking handle it. It makes me want to tear my hair out and chew my nails like I used to. Asked her twice and she just sasse

No. 2068442

File: 1719557461888.png (33.49 KB, 128x128, sponge_2.png)

Everyone likes/coddles my male pharmacist coworker who acts super inappropriate and unprofessional. He's always gossiping about the technicians that work there, but mainly gossiping with his favorite girl technician. He got super uppity about me parking in "his" favorite parking spot when I first started working there. And Ive heard he's made rude comments about me already even though i havent even carried out a full conversation with him yet. Our lead pharmacist is the one that babied him when he first started years ago (jumped into the computer system to help him with tasks he struggled with, even on her off days). But of course whenever Ive needed help, she puts me down and tells me to "figure it out". She's a boy-mom btw so that clears things up a bit.
But anyway, he has inappropriate conversations with one of the girl techs all the time, saying shitty stuff about the other women that work there (and I think commenting on some techs body odor or something). I just genuinely hate him. He seems like a massive Faggot that gets away with a lot bc he's a younger male in a largely women-packed career path.
Just hope he gets put in his place soon.

No. 2068443

you may have some sort of sensory processing disorder

No. 2068444

File: 1719557539144.gif (11.55 MB, 281x498, cool-fun.gif)

Look at me anon you don't want to kill yourself you want to have breakfast and pour some milk in a bowl for me

No. 2068450

File: 1719557861513.jpg (152.44 KB, 1280x959, GQ38R26WEAAGcyl.jpg)

I've always felt like such a stupid idiot for letting myself go and eating everything. I hit 80kgs around 2 years ago and have slowly decided to lose weight.
So far, I think I've lost around 10kgs but I could've stopped when I was around 65kgs yet I let myself snowball into 80kgs and have to bust my ass working out and dieting every day after stopping for a year. I hate it, if only I could go back and prevent this sooner so I don't have to suffer like this.

No. 2068451

File: 1719557925582.gif (1.99 MB, 229x162, 1531516614038.gif)

I feel like I'm outgrowing all the people I know and the things I enjoy but I already don't have a life so I don't know what to do. I can't just spend all my time on lolcow I think I'd actually kill myself if I couldn't have a few weeks every couple of months or so where I don't feel the need to check here. I've had this sudden realisation that I haven't anything worthwhile and I fucking hate everyone around me and have to restrain myself from being a massive bitch to people.
I was going to kill myself at the start of last year and I'd spent months and years preparing for it so I never fucking did anything and it's crashing down on me fuck I hate this

No. 2068452

File: 1719557982653.jpeg (109.54 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_4180.jpeg)

It's late at night so I'll probably just go to sleep. I'll have a good breakfast tomorrow though

The cute cat makes me feel better.

No. 2068455

But also is there any point anyways? Everything fucking sucks whether or not if I find something new to distract myself with maybe I'll get back into smoking or something considering air pollution going to fuck up my lungs anyways

No. 2068468

File: 1719559359430.jpg (29.7 KB, 636x638, b16.jpg)

>whenever I get on birth control I get horrifically intrusive violent and destructive thoughts about others
>stop taking birth control so these thoughts are background noise
>at risk of osteoporosis if I don't take birth control
>get back on birth control
>about to go on my period
>in a constant state of intense anger that makes me want to scream and cry
>even the tiniest of things is enough to set me off
>having non-stop thoughts about killing the family dogs because they're a main contributor to my health issues and constant physical and mental discomfort and my family has decided that some heckin doggorinos are more important than my own health and comfort.
Jesus Christ, someone please help me. Usually such thoughts are background noise. I know the dogs negatively impact my health. I know that the family will never get rid of the dogs. I know that I must simply deal with it until I move out (Dad's words.). Usually, I am able to calm myself down by simply telling myself that I'll "work hard, move out, and be able to live a healthier life free of this allergen" but it's not working. I am shaking with rage as I type this I can't sleep because of how angry I am. Why why why am I not important enough compared to some dogs? Knowing I'll have to deal with constant screeching (one of them is a husky), the disgusting smell of their bodies and slobber and fur, the constant feeling of having fur covering everything is sending me into a state of panic and anger. I feel so dirty in this house I feel unclean, I can't take it. Please someone tell me it'll be alright. Please.

No. 2068503

I need to vent about this because I tried to live a "pure" life like an absolute fucking retard for more than 20 years only to receive nothing in return. Instead of learning to enjoy my life like other women I tried to maintain a perfect chaste image thinking one day I'll meet a man who will knee to myself and treat me with utmost respect. Thinking that he will respect my efforts and love me forever. Thinking that he will see me as different, as someone untouched, as someone he doesn't want to defile. WELL I'M RETARDED for those of you who are still young virgins and read this stop caring about your virginity and "giving it to a special man" because that special man, even if let's say he appreciates that you gave your virginity to him, wouldn't care if you weren't a virgin either. Like it wouldn't make a fucking difference.
Men will never reject a woman just cause she smokes (not saying you need to start smoking cause it's still unhealthy and gives you wrinkles), or cause she has nose piercings, or cause she has tattoos, or cause she drinks like a fish, or cause she wears full face of makeup and fake lashes and long fake nails, or cause she has fake tits and lip fillers, or cause she has some extra weight, or cause she has a very high body count. This is all just bullshit they say to themselves, in order to seem like they have "standards" but they don't actually care. Men don't care about the life you live, they only care if you're hot. They don't actually care about virginity, only to prove something to themselves and brag.

No. 2068507

That's awful, I am so sorry about your situation, anon. I hope you get the chance to move out soon and the dogs munch on all your dad's favourite things.

No. 2068508

How the fuck do I deal with the immense discomfort I get looking at the width of my hips? I hate this. I don’t want to look like this. I want them to go narrow fuck fuck fuuuuuck

No. 2068511

It's kinda worse nona, there are men who want you to be a virgin, but those are generally THE worst kind of men. In an absolute best case scenario for those men they're part of some deeply religious community and they'll expect you to join it too if you get together. So you really only attract degenerates if you try to stay pure for a man and see it as a virtue.

No. 2068512

File: 1719564062074.jpg (3.19 MB, 4032x3024, 20240627_172009.jpg)

Been living with my boyfriends family for some time now and the place is foul. Absolutely hoarder tier and filthy. Moving out is currently rather unlikely for a number of reasons so we are trying to make the most of it by living rent free and saving to potentially buy. But this is really fucking with my head. I make an attempt to deep clean areas that clearly haven't been touched in like 10 years (if ever) spending hours on my days off and feeling really satisfied, but I guess because these areas don't even register to them as places to clean the effort goes unnoticed. We are constantly being told how we are useless and do nothing around the house ( I refuse to vacuum rooms I don't ever get use of, pick up after general slobbishness and dishes that are not mine) I do the bathroom fairly often though as nobody else will and I can't stand using it. Its just such a headfuck. Me and my boyfriend work 12 hours and don't want to come home to this. His brother stays here too. Hasn't had a job in years. Just sleeps on the couch and spends his benefits on weed. And somehow we are the lazy ones.

I don't know how I can cope with this much longer. I try to make the place habitable, but it's a losing battle and I don't have the will anymore.

No. 2068513

oh my god me too. I'm built so thicc and I hate it. even at my skinniest my bones are so wide i look twice the size of my peers…

No. 2068514

Ps. Why are poor people like this. This is a council property, in this current rental climate this place is a privilege. Its a whole ass 4 bed for 500 a month.amd its treated this way.

No. 2068515

Both of you work 12 hours and can't afford some place to rent?? Where is this

No. 2068517

I lived my entire life like some sort of hopeless romantic waiting for the right man to give my virginity to, someone who would be my soulmate, like in romantic movies and now I realize all this time I'd be attracting only massive creeps. It's true, only old farts, degenerate incels and religious moids care about virginity. The moids I've always been attracted to, young fit and hot, wouldn't give a shit. In fact, it's the opposite, me being a virgin is a turn off for them cause ain't nobody got the patience to babysit a woman with zero experience, unless she's like 18 or 19. By the age of 25 you're a pathetic loser if you're still a virgin and men will think there's something wrong with you.

No. 2068520

Guess I’m screwed then

No. 2068522

Didn't say I couldn't afford it. Its the demand for rentals around here right now. We have applied for easily 80+ places in the last 6 months. Mostly places we don't even want. But it seems they go within a day or there's better applicants. It is what it is. If we can put our money buy for a year or two we should be able to buy something.

No. 2068523

We're in the same boat, sorry

No. 2068524

Honestly maybe don't shrug off religious guys like that, because while they're clearly the minority of churchgoers there are a few that have muscles, are hot and are mentally sound that are devout Christians as well. Unless this cant align with your values at least.

No. 2068529

The thought of sex makes me want to vomit and cry. Babysitting is a good way to describe how it’d probably go.

No. 2068530

I know they exist but you need to be part of a specific community to meet them and they tend to marry very young. I do think they might be a good alternative for older virgin nonas who might still believe in the concept of romance, but you need to fake being religious too.

No. 2068532

ever try to post but your VPN was already banned by some other nona

No. 2068533

Yes kek a VPN I use for streaming services is blocked here for some insane kpop post

No. 2068534

>By the age of 25 you're a pathetic loser if you're still a virgin and men will think there's something wrong with you.
Nah, you don't need to even tell them. Just say you don't have a lot of experience and that it was years ago since. If they get sus just pretend that first guy really sucked in bed so it put you off and that's why you're a bit uncomfortable and inexperienced

No. 2068535

someone was apparently permabanned for not sageing, years ago. like damn, how much did she spam for that to happen

No. 2068584

I have had two shitty years being a beet after having to move back to bumfuck nowhere after my ex started hitting me and I had to up and leave, losing my job in the process.
This guy is 40 while I'm in my 30's and he has is own appartement that he decorated with taste. He's been alone with couple distance relationships. He has is shit together but he's lonely and wants to lock me down I think. He knows full well about my shitty neet broke status but doesn't seem detered by it. He's OK looking, the sex is fine but he's not my usual type. He's not a gamer dude spending all his time behind a computer. He does like football which is bleh. But mostly, he likes reading about history which seems healthier than endlessy playing lol or magic like my exs did.
He says he wants to help me and I guess he wants kinda desesparately a companion to do stuff with.
Dunno if I should go for it. A life with less internet and phone time would probably be good for me. But I'm afraid I'm going to regret it and won't be able to coordinate our lifestyles (I obviously don't have any of my shit together while he seems to be so stable and normal).

No. 2068609

Women like you shaming other women is why virgins in their twenties hook up with shit men JUST to get rid of the shame and end up in toxic relationships.
Early twenties is a risky and stressful time when you're old enough that people are starting to expect certain level of maturity from you, but you are also dealing with studies/student debt/new job/learning adult life skills and Hella stressed, and often don't have enough experience to avoid a lot of life obstacles and deal with other people's bullshit. 23-27 aged women are extra vulnerable to bitchass abusers because they THINK they should be equipped to deal with this and don't expect they could become a target, but often regular smartness and behavioral maturity is not enough to identify red flags.
Just let women mature in their own pace and stop putting arbitrary goalposts on their bodily autonomy.

No. 2068646

Virginity is really given too much importance. For any older virgin nonnies if it bothers you and gives you a complex, I suggest just getting rid of your own hymen, technically then you are no longer a virgin. Like >2068534 said you really don't have to tell them. You don't even need to worry about having experience or not, there are literally books on "how to have better sex" you can read if you worry about what to do or what to expect and it's a million times better than trying to learn from porn or something.

No. 2068667

>pregnant with 3 kids
>stupid fucking nigel is only there for a few secs and looks like he isn’t busy at all
>exhausted and still cooking for everybody
somebody get me out of this nightmare please

No. 2068679

I have this almost irrational hatred towards Alexa Sunshine's wardrobe. Not even her personally, until she starts to talk about her style or specific items (which I hate itself or on her) lovingly. I don't know why because this literally never happened with anyone else and I don't care about fashion that much. But something about the way she combines her clothes makes me feel visceral dislike.
If there were threads focused on her wardrobe, or terrible wardrobes in general with her appearing often in it, I'd keep reading.

I know the intensity of my emotion is out of place but -seriously asking stylish anons- am I wrong about her style?

No. 2068681

Living like this is a choice and one I'm certainly not making

No. 2068684

> I suggest just getting rid of your own hymen
Nta but that's not how hymens work, they're just the skin around your vaginal opening, you can't ''get rid'' of it. Unless your vaginal opening is closed because you weren't born with an opening, then you need to get it surgically perforated as a preteen (or period blood won't come out and you get TSS), but that's relatively uncommon. Some women have more noticeable hymens because they look dented (a texture mistakenly associated with a non-virgin woman), some women have hymens with no noticeable edges and other women have very thin unnoticeable hymens. You can bleed from intercourse even as a sexualy active woman when you're not fully aroused and/or wet down there. Men (and a lot of women) believe that hymens are some sort of temporary ''seal'' or ''membrane'' at the vaginal opening that they have to break in order to have sex but the fact is that most women bleed when they lose their virginity because men are brutes.

No. 2068703

It also bothers me when I see those videos of women making lunches for their grown fucking husbands like they are one of their children and whenever people bring this up in their comments they always have to make a video defending their husbands “oh he works a lot and does the bare minimum of providing financial stability!!” who cares, they are practically insinuating the dude would drop dead because he’s incapable of taking care of himself without a wife or willing girlfriend yet women who probably slave away at their jobs manage to take care of themselves while being alone. Hetero relations are inherently parasitic

No. 2068714

>oh he works a lot and does the bare minimum of providing financial stability!!
I think this is such a non-argument for men not doing their fair share in the household and raising the kids in general, even if the woman is a SAHM. The fysical and mental load of working an 8 or 9 hr day job where you have 1 clearly defined job and you're done when you leave at the end of the day does NOT compare to managing and being responsible for the household and your kids every waking and sleeping hour of the day.

No. 2068720

Bonus: The woman also works a full time job yet nobody makes her lunch because she has been gaslit into believing the narrative that men can only go to work and maybe mow a lawn once a month.

I will blame them for their own misery. Smart women don't tolerate this obvious horseshit.

No. 2068725

Moids are the ultimate victims. They spread rumours about how I get people fired, the only person who ever got fired was a drunk man who continued to sexually harass me then threatened me with violence when I quit tolerating him. Funny these losers talk shit but still stare at me and lurk around me like animals. And the second I don't want to talk to them or acknowledge them, they spread more rumours about how awful I am. I make more money than them and I don't involve myself with weirdos, especially after that awful experience with the guy mentioned. Cry harder losers. You want me to come over there and give you attention because your life sucks and if I don't I'm a witch, literally that's what they call me.

No. 2068796

File: 1719583457994.jpg (74.01 KB, 736x782, 0ff824e69dd7774fc520cd96715682…)

Actually fucking ruined my body after crash dieting and I'm still seeing the consequences, I unravelled a shitstorm on my perfectly healthy system and it seems like I'll never see the end of it. After a year or so of eating nothing but carbs and maybe chicken, I basically speedrunned insulin resistance courtesy of my grandpa's genes (former diabetic 2), which also made me develop PCOS too. Jesus Christ I'm such a retard, the biggest there is, I didn't even know I had so many diabetic relatives?? DNA is a powerful thing, and you may think I'm fat as hell but it's actually the opposite and that's why I thought it wouldn't catch up to me, I thought I could overconsume and have a bullshit diet without ever worrying about sugar yet it happened regardless, I was too careless. I don't look the usual profile because I shouldn't even be here, if I had a normal diet like i used to this wouldn't have happened, this was all a big, big mistake and now i gotta get back on track somehow. Can't even look at coca-cola and cake the same anymore them bitches diabolical

No. 2068815

File: 1719584240179.jpg (68.94 KB, 750x639, t08e4lZ.jpg)

Woke up this morning and came downstairs to some random moid I've never seen before asleep in his underpants on my couch. Apparently my roommate thinks it's ok to let people crash here after going drinking without telling me. Send me a message or something at fucking least.
I'm going to need to spend all evening disinfecting the couch. It reeks.
God I can't wait until I can afford to live by myself.

No. 2068828

Can you elaborate more? You crash dieted but only ate junk food?

No. 2068837

I’ve not seen one singular video of a man making lunch for his hard working wife, just the vice versa. Then young women are being bombarded with “don’t think, just eat hot chip and lie and slather lips with lip gloss and resting in my femininity while my man thinks for me office siren divine femininity”retardation that rots their minds, including mine. There are male chefs and cooks and they do cook for their wives but they are rare or do it as an ego thing, not out of genuine selflessness and heart like women.
Men and self-hating women which is about most of the female population think if you don’t want to suffer as a mother, just close your legs. I remember seeing a video of this chick on the subway saying she wouldn’t get up for a pregnant woman because she practically got herself in that situation and the wageslave is forced to work (even though nobody is realistically forcing you to be a wagie, free yourself). It’s the lack of empathy and understanding not even from men but from women that’s jarring, a lack of understanding on how this patriarchy works kek they genuinely don’t understand how childrearing is a full-time job with overtime you never get paid for and if you have moid children they’ll just end up being misogynistic and violent even if you fully catered to them and tried to do soft parenting.

No. 2068838

ergghhh i asked an acquaintance to hang out but completely forgot she was a lesbian and now i'm stressing since they way she replied was kind of flirtatious and so i immediately asked to invite our mutual friend as well who i know way more and also havent seen in a long time
im so mad i even tried to be social

No. 2068924

God if you're out there please just take my life away tonight in my sleep I really can't do it myself

No. 2068935

We need to start shunning women who display this kind of behavior and cut them out of our lives.

No. 2068949

I have a friend who reaches out to me once every three to six months to "catch up." I don't really see the point of it anymore though. They never feel like meaningful conversations. I'll just complain about my job and give updates about my life. Then my friend talks about whatever new thing they've been researching or what movies they've watched. And then we say good night and talk again in another three to six months. Talking infrequently doesn't bother me, but it doesn't feel like we're having a conversation. Just both of us talking about things that the other person doesn't really know how to respond to besides "that's cool." I honestly wish we could just stop lol. What's the point of keeping in touch or catching up if nothing meaningful is discussed anyway?

No. 2068959

This is going to sound deranged and I'm aware of how retarded it was but I was too young at the time to know better. Basically, I avoided all types of protein (meat, dairy, fish, beans, etc) and ate nothing but filler foods like bread, pasta and the ocasional chicken, no vegetables neither, so I was considered medically malnourished, my body needed more nutrients than that

No. 2068967

I didn't think it was possible but this summer makes me hate scrotes even more than I already did. Every single woman I saw today who wore a dress shorter than her ankles got an absolutely ridiculous amount of oogling by moids, some of them shamelessly turning around even with their girlfriend on the hand. It's 90 fucking degrees outside. Leave them alone. Just fucking leave them alone you piece of garbage.

No. 2068970

This morning I farted so extremely loud that I woke up at 4 am from it. It was diabolical and sounded like an explosion. I'm really scared that I woke up the neighbors in the apartment above me and that they will tell me "hey anon…can you please not fart so early in the morning we can't sleep" or some shit like that

No. 2068985

>no libido at start of the month, repulsed by males and sexuality in general
>get smacked in the face last week with uncontrollable sex drive
>some point this morning suddenly lose it and the idea of sex disgusts me again
what the fuck is wrong with me? this can’t just be ovulation right

No. 2069001

File: 1719592045739.png (245.54 KB, 622x540, ahhhh.png)

I have had a song stuck in my head for three days now. It is driving my crazy. I've tried whistling and humming it into shazam but nothing. Aaaaahhh this is so annoying.

No. 2069039

Babe….it will get better eventually ok, I promise. Just hang in there. Don't think like this.

No. 2069073

>They spread rumours about how I get people fired
They're such retards. Considering their fear mongering and rumor spreading, maybe they should keep their distance from you and possibly treat you in a nicer way lest they get fired too lol. They're so stupid. Keep doing your job as always and make that money, nonnie.

No. 2069074

>moid messages me, asks to join on a gig that he has extra ticket for
>tell him if he is interested in me, I am not into him
>sends me this pathetic wall of text
>wants to get to know me but mostly just wants company for the gig
>says how he has no male friends to ask
>(I have seen him multiple times in a bar/event with group of moids)
>no preassure for anything
>okay then, tell him can go listen to music but I have a bf (lie)
>not interested in going anymore
>admits he was after pussy

Another reminder moids have no respect for us, only for other men. I fucking hate them kek.

No. 2069127

My boyfriend said he considers gender non conforming women to be as bad as trannies and it was the most retarded thing I have ever heard. I wish he would just stop voicing his opinions to me because he never has any correct ones. This statement of retardation in particular makes me want to buzz my head and dress like a butch lesbian to rub it in his face kek

No. 2069138

Me: Hey I think those people are scumbags
Friends: Well we're not so sure, let's not jump to conclusions and alienate ourselves from the community
Other person: Hey, I think those people are scumbags
Friends: Hmm they may have a point
I hate when people treat me like I'm insane. I hate when I don't get acknowledgment that I was right. I hate feeling like I am not being heard. And most of all, I hate cowardly men without the moral fortitude to call out scumbags EVEN IF it alienates them.

No. 2069183

I always assumed those videos were either for an engagement $/account gimmick thing (like those bento videos on youtube with millions of views), not something they do every day

No. 2069198

Sometimes when I see some random woman on instagram screeching and seething on random posts I google their handle and it’s really telling when their username pops up with a bunch of comments on how to parent their child/toddler

No. 2069207

I personally believe that a lot of women like this are bitter because they didn't get picked. Nobody is that smug about pregnancy just because they don't want kids.

No. 2069211

>looking through rural towns on Google Maps
>click on some religious statue
>some woman posts a random photo of her baby son and daughter lying on a bed at home, but the daughter isn't wearing any pants
What the fuck? How and why would someone post that there? The other photos posted were by some guy who was fishing and holding up his fish. This disgusted and irritated me because this isn't a normal photo to take or post anywhere.

No. 2069216

retards uploading photos on accident after they or their kid opens google maps on their phone

No. 2069217

What the fuck, that's messed up. Did you report it?

No. 2069223

A while ago I asked my boyfriend to help me with a personal project and I took a break from it after he gave it the OK. Come back to it and no it's still a mess. "I thought it was intentional"
He does stupid shit too like if he sees me struggling with say cleaning he just stares and waits for me. Like just asking if someone needs help or if XYZ is correct when he knows it needs to be ABC.
But when his friends need help he's always 100% there and ready for them and is actually competent lol

No. 2069229

Yes, I reported it. It was posted 7 years ago too, so it was up for a long while now.

No. 2069232

I'm not sure if it's because I turned 30 this year but I'm kind of done with life. Life is boring and mundane 90% of the time and you really have to work in order to afford the 10% that's not boring and mundane. I just can't be bothered. I've been dealing with suicidal ideation since I was in elementary and it gets better but then it gets worse again. There is no recovery, just management of your thoughts. I have no one to blame but myself for not actively trying to make my life better but again, I just can't be bothered. I can't even be bothered to end my life, I just passively hope I die in my sleep or in a sudden, painless accident. Maybe I'm just cranky because my muscular pain is at it again and I'm sick of this.

No. 2069243

I was molested by my sister's boyfriend and she brushed it under the rug. I was 11. She and her boyfriend were 19/20 atm. All she did was make him say sorry (barely) then were went out for pizza as an apology. They told me not to tell our mother, because I "forgave him" and it was over. She didn't break up with him until he crashed her car about a year afterwards. I still think about, it's been years… her fucking car meant more to her than I did apparently. I fucking hate my sister so much. She's awful in so many ways.

No. 2069250

I need help. My bf said I have to stop being friends with my friend (I broke up with him two years ago) and I asked if I could think about it. We ended on civil terms and stayed friends, and I’m friends with his friends. He’s also in my WoW guild and works for my dad so it’s hard for me to ghost him (and kind of a shitty thing to do).

No. 2069251

Don't let male insecurity dictate your life. Giving you any ultimatums like that is a red flag. Tell him to grow up or fuck off.

No. 2069260

I want to kms I'm old and it's been endless job rejections for even the most basic bitch stuff. Over qualified for half, under qualified for other, rejected by all of it. Cancer take me now

No. 2069266

I'm so annoyed and frustarted right now. I had mental health/money issues a few years ago so I ended up dropping out of university but eventually I got my shit together and managed to graduate last year, I've been applying to jobs but because I have a cozy (albeit unrelated) job and I'm a homeowner I've only been applying to jobs that sound interesting to me and not just blindly to get a job asap or else I'll starve. My mom has a friend that works in the field I studied and I've always liked and admired her, yesterday they hung out and apparently the friend told my mom I'm too old already and no one is gonna hire me. Like lady wtf? I'm shaken because I'm already insecure about my lack of work achievements at my age but honestly what else is there to do? It's not like I can materialize a time travel machine and yell at past me.
And of course because I'm a sensitive bitch I decided to skip the gym and get in a mood instead of taking in in stride.

No. 2069272

That or child trafficking

No. 2069288

You're the only one who can really evaluate your relationship with your friend. Maybe you would feel upset if your bf was still friends with his ex and had the same kind of relationship with her as you have with him

No. 2069293

I fucked up so bad. Yesterday and today I ate a ton of salami and now my guts are revolting.

No. 2069302

If it was someone he broke up with and they both moved on I wouldn’t

No. 2069303

Why does he want you stop being friends with him?

No. 2069305

He thinks it’s inappropriate because we used to date, he keeps stressing that “you were intimate”

No. 2069313

Scrotes are opportunistic. Your ex is likely still into you and it’s delusional of you to think otherwise nonny because men are usually unable to get over their exes kek. And if he was truly over you he wouldn’t bother being your "friend“ anymore let’s be real here. Probably just waiting for a chance

No. 2069328

staying friends with an ex is never worth it. you probably should stop being friends with him but not because your new bf demands it.

No. 2069329

where is the random thoughts thread

No. 2069346

Nope. Fuck that. Your bf has to grow up and realize that not everything is about him. Not only have you been friends with him longer than your bf has been around, but he also works for your dad. Meaning that if you were to do what your bf says, it will ripple and affect you, your friend, your dad, your mutual friends, and your guild. Sorry bf-kun, this is bigger than you. Now obviously if you didn't want to be friends with the guy, using your bf as a convenient excuse is fine. But it doesn't sound like that's what you want to do, so your bf is just gonna have to deal with it.

No. 2069390

In the reverse situation I'd be pissed too.

No. 2069407

nta but the reverse isn't really comparable. women are routinely correct to be cautious about a moid's ex just due to the nature of how most men act (like >>2069313 said, they're opportunists). but men who try to isolate their gfs from her male friends are usually just being controlling and insecure with no basis because he should at least trust his gf to have good judgment. it's a double standard, but a reasonable one imo

No. 2069429

it's totally comparable

No. 2069433

"male friends" don't exist, they're all waiting to fuck you.

No. 2069443

Woman who distrusts bf and his ex-gf friend: Correct, based, understands male nature and knows that since he's still friends with his ex, he's 90% likely to still want to date her.
Man who distrusts gf and her ex-bf friend: Insecure, controlling, is taking out his (correct) distrust for the other man out on his girlfriend and trying to isolate her from others so she's more available to him.
That's correct, and it's up to the woman to decide what she wants to do with those orbiters. If her bf doesn't like it, he can leave, simple as. But him expecting her to ditch people already in her life is the same tactic abusers use to isolate their victims. He's simply not correct to do it the same way a woman would be correct for insisting her bf ditch his female friends.

No. 2069461

I’m getting nervous just by thinking about being nervous. I’ve been a borderline shut in pretty much all year, and I’m starting to dread going back to college in August. It’ll be senior year and I don’t even know if I can pay for it, I don’t even know why I bother but it’s too late to quit now. I have to at least graduate. I need a job but thinking about interacting with the public scares me, I know nothing is going to happen but my brain is fucking with me. I can feel my breath and my teeth grit as I type this. The only good thing I’ve done this year is not starve myself.

No. 2069468

File: 1719604988109.jpeg (273.71 KB, 583x587, IMG_1490.jpeg)

why is life so boring

No. 2069470

Tbh I think it depends if he wants her to cut off every male friend vs just her ex. If it’s just the latter, I don’t think it’s totally unreasonable. But it’s still her call.

No. 2069495

That's sometimes a good thing, it can be enjoyable especially if they have your back when you want your boyfriend ass beat

No. 2069497

Interacting with a person who think they're more smart and rational than they are drives me up the fucking wall. Then they treat me like I'm some scatterbrained retard because I admit that my memory fails to recall something exactly. I don't want to become a fucking cunt calling out every minor mistaken or misremembered thing they say in a day, even though they've caused quite the trouble sometimes. How the fuck are people so blind to their own shortcomings? Is it just pride?

No. 2069510

i regret admitting my ed to my friends but not even for good reasons

No. 2069511

File: 1719606787813.jpg (30 KB, 373x250, 6036132-1661a5c7c5e7acd10d381c…)

My mom has gotten into the essential oil/oil craze. She's acting like castor oil is a magic bullet because Facebook said so. She gets mad if you even suggest that it isn't this wonder oil. I hate when she jumps on these old trends. Yes she has gotten into the woo stuff more. It's depressing and her research is seriously just Facebook posts.

No. 2069520

File: 1719607391275.jpg (227.33 KB, 720x718, ChLzcNy.jpg)

I feel like shit about myself rn. Why have most friends I've had hated me? Why does my own older sister dislike me? Why do my coworkers seem to also dislike me? I feel so isolated and hideous. I keep buying makeup and clothes, trying to lose weight knowing it's all pointless. I could look the prettiest ive ever looked and still make people dislike me. My personality is bad. Im too quiet and seem bland. I can't carry a conversation. Something is really off about me and others can tell easily.

No. 2069531

That honestly sounds like something someone insecure/jealous would say. You're never "too old".

No. 2069532

File: 1719607876413.jpg (15.19 KB, 121x168, 51F5XoTA1LL._AC_UY350_.jpg)

You know, I've done some thinking today. I lean into this kind of loser weeb/nerd combo roll really hard around university people and even my own family, like, I lean really hard into it. Even to the part where I am exceedingly cringe, and I acknowledge I am cringe. But, I think I do such things because if I did not lean so hard into this clown nerd loser roll so hard, the only part of my "personality" that would be left is the shitty so called trauma response personality. I mean, I noticed most of my shitty identity in highschool revolved around the fact that I got sexually abused by family members when I was a little girl.
Having grown up that way, I think it's really frustrating because I genuinely feel like I was not allowed a chance to grow or develop an acceptable personality. Like, in some ways, I think being a woman who's overly cautious and paranoid about literally every walking make is less societally acceptable than the thousandth nerd loser clone. That's why I took this personality on, in some sense. It's much easier to have people chalk me up to a happy go lucky loser than to have people know me as, say, the group trauma dumper. It's all a facade, I know it is. And I'm sure it will all come crumbling down around my ears, but honestly? I don't care. I don't care if most of my personality is an act. People treat me better like this, like this class clown kind of dumbass than they ever did when I was myself.
And don't get me wrong, I still side eye men "in secret". I'll never do e-thot nerd behaviors or whatever (because I know what they're really like), but, other than that I just go about my merry life as fake. It is frustrating to some extent because I'm not at peace that I lost my childhood and teens to sexual abuse, but I also know if I spend too much time dwelling, more of my life will only burn away. It's a catch 22 I guess. What can you do? It's not like people love me as a weeb nerd loser, but at least they don't look like they dread my presence (when I was a so called trauma dumping teen. Despite this, did the system ever take me out of the house where I was being sexually abused? No, lol, they didn't.)

No. 2069542

It’s good for growing hair, moisturizing skin and treating wounds that’s about it kek. I wish these love and lighters would stop clinging so desperately to their christian beliefs and just get into witchcraft already

No. 2069544

File: 1719608156401.jpg (1.62 MB, 2000x1435, 1716754338515.jpg)

Leaving my porn addict scrote husband and becoming homeless soon. I've made plans, but I have to fight my fear of being alone and unable to care for myself (my family is dysfunctional) to save myself. I will never marry a man again. Pray for me please nonnies…

No. 2069548

Seems like people treat you bad probably because they are pieces of shit and know they can get away with it because you're quiet and innocent, instead of solving their actual problems they retaliate with you

No. 2069550

now who’s the clown here, the man who used you as a free bangmaid and therapist or you? man you guys are clearly not using the lolcor teachings properly. call some women’s shelters, you may be fucked because depending on where you live they may be at max capacity(infight bait)

No. 2069578

File: 1719609701026.jpg (46.8 KB, 623x439, it’s so over.JPG)

reeeeee the picrew spammers are back at it again in the husbandofag thread. just when that thread was actually becoming fun again…

No. 2069583

Praying for you. You'll be better off without him no matter how hard it is

nta this is the vent thread don't talk like a psycho when someone says she's leaving the abusive situation; wtf kind of logic is that? You're stupid for not leaving so now you shouldn't leave? Eat shit

No. 2069586

I hate men's fragile egos so much. My work senior fucks up at work and I try to make up for his mistakes since it's reflecting badly on my workplace as a whole and I'm just trying to be nice, and then he gets mad at ME for trying to help him and outperforming him at a job he's been doing longer because his ego is too fragile, and puts me down / acts like he doesn't need my help etc when he clearly does since he keeps fucking up. Actually so fucking retarded and made me regret ever helping him out at all

No. 2069588

Contribute to it instead of complaining then. There's always someone unsatisfied jfc this is why I never post in it anymore

No. 2069593

I do contribute, lol. and now the thread is filled with the same picrews of random anons that I do not give a fuck about seeing. how many husbandofag threads are going to be derailed by picrew spam? god, I miss the earlier threads when nonnas actually used the thread to hornypost and shitpost about their husbandos

No. 2069594

those threads should be moved to /m/ at this point, the spirit of the original threads is gone and hopefully the spammers would finally discover the actual picrew thread

No. 2069595

I genuinely don’t understand why they don’t just use the /m/ picrew thread for their spam

No. 2069597

Because they need to avatarfag

No. 2069598

Something I've noticed recently is that whenever a specific husbando gets more posting people complain about it in other threads and the husbando stops being talked about.
Picrew are safer, I guess.

No. 2069602

that’s not what’s happening though, I don’t care if a bunch of anons post about the same husbando. I just don’t want to see picrew spam. just to clarify

No. 2069603

she didn’t say it was abusive nonna

No. 2069604

i'm tinfoiling admittedly, but i always had a feeling that some of them don't even know about/or never used the other boards in the first place

No. 2069608

I mean, considering the picrew spam only blew up in the last few months iirc, I wouldn’t be surprised if a bunch of them are newfags.

No. 2069611

I took a nap and had a dream where my biggest celebrity crush of all time was (somehow sexily) playing the saxophone and acting really cocky and sexy and was styled like she used to be in years past and I woke up so horny but when I went to finger myself I realized I forgot I’m on my period and have a tampon in. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 2069615

Just speculating on why there's a lot of picrew and less normal posting, didn't mean to sound like I'm starting something.

No. 2069633

File: 1719611391565.png (146.42 KB, 419x219, a8f43a704674a3f4c2ccb26d83085e…)

I was already married by the time I found lolcor, nona. I realized my mistake after the fact. There's no need to be so insulting when I already said I am leaving. I found a place to go already.

No. 2069640

Pissed that I just happened to be scheduled long shifts back to back and can't fucking play Dawntrail as much as I want to.

No. 2069646

ntayrt were you aware that he was a porn addict before you guys got married? how long did you date then marry for? you don't have to answer these, but i'm really sorry he was so shitty. things will be hard for you for a while but then you will realize how much better you are without him, and i'm really glad you were able to find a place to stay. stay safe and good luck nonna.

No. 2069655

I hate how AI has affected classes. I'm taking an online class in critical thinking (lol) and all the discussion posts use the exact same talking points even if they're stated in different ways. It drives me up the wall because I need to respond to 2 posts and I realized after the 1 post I responded to that nearly all the other posts were identical in the base content of them. It really is saddening.

No. 2069660

File: 1719612448376.gif (379.11 KB, 128x128, 1714319681547.gif)

No, I wasn't aware. I literally found out because he couldn't perform during sex and he admitted it. We were together since high school; dated 3 years, married 2. Thanks for the kindness, nonnie.

No. 2069673

I can't use playground swings anymore because my hips are too wide. I wish I could be a child forever

No. 2069687

How do you deal with rude strangers? I just dealt with some ghetto ass lady that tried to fight me for quite literally no reason, and now hours later the whole interaction still stings.

No. 2069690

I feel sick and bdd is kicking my ass. Why is my face so round

No. 2069701

My parents told me they tried to raise me and my brother equally and they didn’t and there are a ton of things they did but one relatively small but still depressing thing that added up over time is me being expected to make a cake for every birthday/mother father’s day/christmas since I was 12 years old and gifts since I was 8 years old and getting screamed at if the gift i made was “bad” (because I can draw and he can’t lmao so he could gift a scribbled on paper and that’s fine) but my brother not having to do anything until he got a job and was asked for $ gifts (which I also started doing after getting a job). And when I asked my mom why they never ask him to make a cake (when he was 20) she just said it’s because he doesn’t know how. I just remember my mother screeching at me on mother’s day when I was a ten year old because she didn’t like the card I made and how she said I was immature and ungrateful

No. 2069709

Lost 5 lbs but still need to lose 15 more to reach my goal and it’s already getting harder

No. 2069737

She thinks it can magically cure my hemosiderin staining and got mad when I pointed out exactly what you wrote. What's funny is I was using it for moisturizer not that long ago which she forgets that she thought I was being dumb for using it too. Part of me would be interested in how that would play out if she'd drop the pretense of christian beliefs. She actually has never read the bible nor knows how to. Her excuse before was it was intimidating and now it's the bible is written wrong so people interpret it incorrectly. She also got into tarot cards recently after throwing a fit about me talking about them because those are evil. It's astounding how she'll drop certain view points after someone she watches says it's okay.

No. 2069806

My ex was like this. He saved this infuriating behavior for me alone. You need to get away from this man, because I ignored these danger signs and he was so fucking abusive over time. I'm in a legal battle for my future now.

It's not normal to stare at your partner struggling to carry a dog or a pile of books or a giant suitcase. It's not normal to stare into space like a fucking psychopath and not ask if she needs help. It's not normal to feign incompetence.

No. 2069912

I am once again asking my body to let me sleep at a normal time.

No. 2069971

watched a video about how the number of a girl with DID was posted and a bunch of kids would prank call and make her do horrible shit. Obviously within the video the creator claimed everyone he interviewed and himself didn't take advantage of her but given the nature of moids is that statement really trustworthy? I truly feel for vulnerable women with mental illnesses like this. I hope nukes are dropped during ww3, this world is filth and only fire will cleanse it of the trespasses that we've all committed whether we know it or not. As much as I hate troons Chris Korda was on to something.

No. 2070015

honestly I just try to put my mind off it by doing things I enjoy and try not to ruminate one the situation too much. I'm sorry that happened to you, nona.

No. 2070074

File: 1719628961094.png (275.59 KB, 480x360, ac1.png)

I have an exam in about 45 minutes that I just know I'm going to fail. I need this course for my degree and of course this scholarship. If I fail this exam I'm just going to withdraw from the course and stuff it into my senior year. Taking this Operating Systems as an online course was a huge mistake, I'm way too much of a retard for this stuff…

No. 2070093

why did I throw my dead ciggie inside my room trash instead of dumping it in the garage trash? now my space reeks

No. 2070094

oopsie daisy

No. 2070102

Ever since my grandpa died in a car accident, my fear of death has gotten worse. It's been nearly a decade since he has passed and I'm still having anxiety and dreams about people close to me dying gruesome deaths. I know I need therapy, but I'm scared to face it.

No. 2070104

can't unfuck what has already been fucked, I tried body spray last night and this morning to no full avail

No. 2070158

Helped a guy I used to date years and years ago get a position at my job (we would never see each other) and he literally ghosts a week into it so he can go back to being an Uber driver so he can spend time with a woman he met online who lives a few hours away. AND he sent me pics of them shirtless in bed (covered) and said "this is more important" when I asked what was up lol wtf. We are in our early 30s btw. Makes me look bad for vouching for him but I guess that was my first mistake

No. 2070238

Nonnas, I'm in shambles, I literally want to cry and kms. I'm so delulu. 4 months ago I started my first job, I was so excited that I didn't paid much attention to the contract and conditions, I was so naive. Since this is a big serious company I trusted in them. Two weeks ago I got unfairly fired They said to me that the company is leaving the country so they are starting to cutout some employees at the beginning I was ok bc I knew that I was gonna get a Juicy Paycheck for settlement according to the law. Nonnas let met tell you, today they paid me and its is a misery, a joke, They owe me the double. I feel so stupid and delusional. And that bitch from HR don't answer my chats and calls. Now I have to get a lawyer. I feel like I want to cry. I worked so hard and this is how they are paying me.

No. 2070246

I’m sorry but I’m rewatching Breaking Bad and was reading about why everyone hates Skyler and the reasons are so fucking retarded. They hate her for being smug, but love Walter for being smug, they hate her for putting her baby in danger by smoking once but love Walter even though he put his entire family in danger for years, they hate her for being “annoying” but love that fat retard Hank who is a million times more annoying, and Saul. “She kept Walter away from his kids wahhh” because he lied to her for a year and she still didn’t know what secret he was hiding and then when realizing he was a meth cook she didn’t want him around her kids, completely fucking justified. “She fucked Ted” her and Walter were separated. “She only stayed with Walter because of the money” Marie and Hank needed money so Hank could fucking walk again so she begrudgingly let Walter back into her life so they could make up that story about his gambling to pay Marie without raising suspicions. She knew about the money for half a year while hating him, only starting to rekindle their relationship because Walt stopped lying to her and disappearing for days on end and started putting effort into their relationship again. She didn’t even sleep with him again until hearing that phone message of his dramatic goodbye when he thought Gus was about to kill him. And then she emotionally detached from him again after his “I am the one who knocks” speech. None of her affection was ever tied to money, after Hanks death she rejects it all. If people true think she only liked him for the money they are autistic, she loved him as a broke high school chem teacher and hated him as a millionaire meth cook. All this has proven to me that the a man can outright cause the death of a young woman, attempt to rape his pregnant wife, force a traumatized retard (yes I’m talking about Jesse) to murder an innocent man, and be an all around piece of shit and still be forgiven and beloved but a woman can’t even sleep with a man while separated and smoke 3 ciggies while pregnant and she’s the worst person on the planet. Some people literally just hate her for fucking Ted. I love this show but the fanbase fucking sucks. And Skyler is the best character, her actions regarding Walt are completely justified, her anger is justified, her precautions are justified. She got Walt out of trouble with the car wash, she saved Teds ass. She’s a Stacey through and through.

No. 2070254

Unfortunately, yes. Which is yet another reason why it's incredibly retarded for troons to say they're women.
Males have more fast-twitch muscle fibers that can carry more force in short, powerful bursts of energy. We, on the other hand, have more slow-twitch muscle fibers (Type I fibers) that are smaller and contract more slowly and are better for long-distance running and we can produce larger amounts of energy slowly and are less likely to fatigue. We're just not the same.

No. 2070260

File: 1719637737342.png (155.91 KB, 310x470, tire iron.png)

i HATED skylar cause shes uggo. men are always ugly so i dont really care if male characters are but Marie and Skylar are diarrhea in a cup

No. 2070264

Well that just proves my point even further that the fanbase is retarded.

No. 2070267

You have to be over 18 to use this site.

No. 2070272

>men are always ugly so i dont really care if male characters are
you're weak and cowardly, it's the hand scrotes have dealt you and you're just going to put up with them?

No. 2070280

>asks a mundane question to derail infighting
>one of the responses sparks a different infight
i'm just gonna go to bed

No. 2070286

Nta but is that all you are leaving him for? I never been in a relationship so I am ashamed to say I would have stayed and guilt triped him for money

No. 2070297

I just killed a scorpion in my bathroom. I hate these little shits so much. Guess there'll be no sleep for me tonight.

No. 2070309

i was doxxed a few months back by a 4chan bpd schizo and idk… nothing has happened but it stays in the back of mind every now again especially since i found out he hadnt moved on not too long ago. it was a crystal castles esque incident (the newest drama with jupiter and that girl) basically. i hate men so much its unreal. staying far away from anything social especially servers or meeting new people as a result.

No. 2070322

File: 1719641452610.jpg (Spoiler Image,80.85 KB, 850x515, 1716216682730414.jpg)

Would having a one night stand with an attractive moid cure my romancestarvness?

What I mean by that is that I never had a bf. Lost my virginity to friend ,not attracted to him at all. And I genuinely can't go outside because seeing cute men makes me want to kms. I can't get a boyfriend cause multiple reasons so maybe sec would scratch that itch for a romantic relationship??? I am desperate and tistic

No. 2070332

I'm going fucking insane because of drugs and people mind broke me I'm the type of person that plays the same 2 autistic games and is satisfied with life by doing so. They are so jealous and outraged that I am happy with so little or I make them insecure. sigh. I was quite responsible and got good grades and was careful about the future (autistic aka unpopular with normies) like any other self preservation type yet fate still let them get to me. IT IS WHAT IT IS

No. 2070335

are you sure its not just your imagination that you cant get a bf? i know for a very long time my super low self esteem, body dysmorphia and fear of men convinced me i would have to pay someone to fuck me at that point. maybe go on a dating app and see if you can find someone youd actually like to date comes along? no offence but youd be surprised by how lenient good men are on your looks and mental health.

No. 2070336

Got to fire a useless, aggressive, deathfat scrote today.
He's currently retaliating and creating fake text conversations to try to legitimize slander that I contacted our own employees to buy weed off them kek. As if I would ever be such an animal to give in to whimsical impulses, like his relationship with Ronald McDonald. Trouble for him is he went off unhinged at my boss too, so now he's 100% cooked.

Don't feel bad for him. His first writeup from me was because he took his 9 year old son to work to do his job for him which is manual labor. Fatty bomblatty abused his son for being a lazy turboshit. He stole time constantly, and HR actually was going to escalate him to term warning anyway due to missing a week of work in like a month and never notifying me and thinking he didn't owe it to report until I would ask.
He went off on me today because I asked him to please put everything back at the end of his shift because the client had complained and thank you. Little bitch baby hates it when I ask him to do his job so he threw a tantrum and called me a liar. Then said I was not the boss of him. I advised I was suspending him.
I got my manager to back me up and we suspended him. He knows he will lose his job and is threatening his lawyer.
Lmao, hope he ropes. But hey, if he wants to harass me and attempt to ruin my livelihood just because he is pissed he can't get free money for nothing anymore, I think my wicked little fingee may accidentally slip up and call CPS to report him using child labor, whoopsie.

No. 2070339

the art is vomitrocious but i'll take whatever Ugly Bitch stuff i can get

No. 2070372

I give up and going back to socializing with TRAs. I'm thankful for what lurking though gender critical spaces did to me and what kind of information it offered me in regards of female oppression and dysphoria. Everything else sucked. I felt like I'm getting systematically retraumatized by things people I tried to befriend told me about literally anything else. I don't use this word lightly here, my mental health deteriorated since I started engaging and looking for women to socialize with. As annoying as genderists were, they never mocked me, never made me feel like I'm inferior for any given reason. For fucks sake, I think I met less males in my life who made me feel this way. I'm living a really mundane life but I could not talk about it, the only topic I could explore is gender criticism, homophobia and misogyny, all political. With genderists, I talked about everything, except trans criticism. The choice is obvious and who the real friends are is too. When I asked for help, I was mocked for having issues that I have and it was obvious that some were happy I got what I "deserved" for the "sins" I committed, from being "abnormal" in my literal surface level internet user hobbies to relying on a man. TRAs and some people from rad circles who eventually left those, however, never judged. Never belittled, never considered me a freak to turn into a laughingstock. They offered me the help I needed, gave money, spend nights with me, took me out, and were actually genuinely worried about me as a person, not as a collective image of a woman seen through a bunch of expectations and stereotypes. I used to fight with TRAs over this, that radfems don't see women as a monolith, but I am not sure if it was something I tried to convince in them or myself instead. "Vagina havers" may sound dehumanizing, but it's not the words that truly give off this impression, it's the passive, continuous attitude and perception. I felt like a collection of labels, not like a human. I don't know why am I posting this here out of all places. Maybe because I know how many of those like us are lurking, including some of said friends I met through gender critical spaces. I don't know why are these places full of monsters ready to go after ones they deem weakest. I don't also care anymore that political climate keeps radicalizing and feminism is getting crushed by either trans or conservative side. I give up on trying to be a part of group that insists on making it worse personally for me and finding my severe trauma funny.

No. 2070374

File: 1719644189785.jpeg (374.54 KB, 1094x574, IMG_0748.jpeg)

The Vocarooanons like the dramatic reading about ugly men on celebricows was funny. I hate that we’re not allowed to shitpost and I the dumbass shit thread was fun

No. 2070378

That was like… sherlockwhoian type dramatic reading humor

No. 2070385

>complaining about meanies on a fucking imageboard

No. 2070407

other than the one you mentioned the rest were super annoying attention seekers and personalityfags

No. 2070412

Or you could socialize with people who're just… normies?

No. 2070431

I did a completely retarded thing and (tried to) have sex with a moid who's in an "open relationship." Lo and behold he had to stop midway through cause he was thinking about his gf and feeling like shit about it. Turns out they've been open for two years but I was his first "opportunity" as he called me (gag). I should've known better, I've always avoided non-mono moids but he was way too hot to pass by. But now I just feel gross. I told him off and kicked him out right away.
Nothing of value was lost though, he had a small dick.

No. 2070436

This is such a well behaved family but their unchecked cronic illness is so annoying. All their disgusting sounds they make in the bathroom coughing, spitting and cleaning their noses

No. 2070462

>Watching a show
>Go to Youtube
>First recommendation is "X's Death | Show Name"
I know you're tracking everything I do Google but is it so much to ask to not spoil every single thing I get interested in.

No. 2070469

My boyfriend keeps rage baiting me. He talks about things that make me angry and when I tell him to stop he keeps pushing it. He never accepts a "no" or a "stop" and just keeps pushing me to my limit until I snap. And then he pretends to be the victim in this situation because I “went off on him”. Yeah no shit I’ll go off on you if keep rage baiting me when I’m begging you to stop.

No. 2070470

>rage baiting
I think this is just a form of mental abuse not rage baiting nona. He sounds like a freak, you should dump him and find someone that respects you.

No. 2070505

File: 1719653507937.jpg (195.08 KB, 1600x1200, 1000003982.jpg)

I'll never be able to compete with her

No. 2070514

I'm fucking cackling, I just found out that Megan thee stallion made a song where she mentions the jjk characters by name. The chorus is literally "can't touch me like Gojo".

I know she's a weeb and I'm not a fan of rap, but I thought people were just shitposting. Nope, it's real.

No. 2070539

No. 2070546

You're being mentally abused and he's going to shift the blame on you, dragging your name through the dirt by calling you an abuser. He's a snake with plans. Please leave him this won't end well for you

No. 2070547

Currently crippled nonna from last thread.
It's so, so anxiety-inducing when I ring for a nurse to help me use a bedpan. I never know whether it's going to be a man or woman, obviously I want the latter… Who knows, maybe the male nurse/medical assistant has a scat fetish or something or something equally gross.
Still have no idea how long I'll be in this depressing place. God my lower back hurts so much… never had an accident at all before.
I know now how other injured nonnies have felt. Lack of movement is the absolute worst.

No. 2070550

She also referenced sasunaru in a song once kek

No. 2070563

I hope your recovery goes well anon. Hospital staff can't say no if you request to be taken care of exclusively by female nurses, right?

No. 2070564

I've been waking up with horrible back pain and a sore throat and get feverish a lot this week not sure what's going on with me but it's ruining my weekend plans. My house is a wreck and I stink but I'm in too much pain to move I'm going to do a dab and pop an ibuprofen 800 and hopefully get the laundry dishes vacuuming and general cleaning done take a shower and get dressed. God that's a lot hope the redbull kicks in if my heart explodes at least they can't say I'm a slob when they find me

No. 2070570

It's a choice to be with this man

No. 2070578

Sadly, since hospitals are so understaffed + big gendie rhetoric in my country, my
nurses got standoffish with me when I asked if I could be helped by another woman.
I think there's a "not all men" thing at play too.

No. 2070588

I've seen too many trannies around the city recently and they're all the same gross greasy type. Tall, skinny, unwashed hair and wearing a shitty denim skirt with leggings underneath. Of course all of them are also white dudes in their mid to late 30s. I was at Costco the other day looking down at my receipt and I heard a specific type of voice. I imediately assumed it was a tranny, lifted my head and of fucking course it was. I hate seeing them they disgust me kek

No. 2070615

File: 1719665402963.gif (6.89 MB, 400x226, EJq4uW.gif)

>Eight arms
>Insane camouflage
>Able to survive on land and water
>Multiple brains
I really hate that we evolved from monkeys.

No. 2070622

Shit, I'm so sorry, I hope you have the best of luck while you recover

No. 2070633

Why the hell do modern doctors need to be coddled like this kek. I know it's a taxing job but absolutely no sane person believes that "I want to be assisted by someone of the same sex" is a personal attack.

No. 2070642

File: 1719667079098.jpeg (43.57 KB, 500x281, 1701999095720.jpeg)

I decided to organize my reaction image dump folder today. Like 80% of them are super bitchy. I didn't used to be like this, I think. I don't know if it's this site or just the internet in general but I've become really cynical. I know this was a gossip site from the start but it didn't feel as mean as it does right now. I'm gonna dip from the internet for a while.
Inb4 not your hugbox bitch, go back to Tumblr, kys etc
Picrel was the favorite image I found

No. 2070730

File: 1719673144169.jpeg (168.34 KB, 735x635, IMG_1500.jpeg)

Racist faggots have come out of their unclean NEET dwellings talking about immigrants and this and that and their “beautiful” culture being eradicated or whatever the fuck their new viewpoints are nowadays god I just want to be happy for once in my damn life. Somebody sedate me pleaseeeeeee who the hell cares about any of that shit???? Where can you find normal fucking women to talk to or do I have to create an imageboard for thi?

No. 2070736

I can't stand when women adopt male forms of consumption. Like when a woman is "bisexual" because she finds women aesthetically pleasing but feels the need to consume a woman like a man to prove it, so she calls some cool female character mommy and pretends to be thirsty but it's so… detached you can tell there's no actual sexual appetite behind it. It just comes across pickme and trashy. You will never be one of the guys just because you pretend you can consume like them! Or they will be overly sexual in a mannish way just constantly. They also usually are pickme in other ways though and will separate themselves from other women anyway they can and throw them under the bus for being honest and genuine. A woman can like something men hate like Taylor swift, and I respect her for being true to herself. I don't respect women that throw that women under the bus so they can try to get in with the wolves..

No. 2070741

You're not going to find normal women on any imageboard. By virtue of being on imageboards you're setting yourself up for a 90% chance of whoever you talk to having some fuckoff crazy belief in the back of their head that they won't reveal until you mention something offhand and the sperging starts.

No. 2070742

my friend just fucking broke out of the psych ward and i woke up this morning to him screaming my name from outside my window and i look outside and he's there, surrounded by cops. i went outside and talked to them and they took him back, he was sobbing and screaming, jesus fucking christ. now im sitting here drinking my morning coffee thinking about what to do with my saturday lol

No. 2070749

You reminded me of how I deleted my entire reaction image folder years back. It felt freeing, in a way. Wishing you well on your journey, nona.

No. 2070753

Just try to report it. It's literally larping pol transplants who slowly ruin the board thanks to lax and enabling moderation plus certain personality fags who don't even get banned anymore.

No. 2070768

I think I know what post you’re talking about nonny. The worst part is that she was complaining about literal children. Projecting your anger onto innocent kids because of their skin color is nasty scrote behavior

No. 2070770

It really isn't. Women aren't a monolith, women have opinions, even uncomfortable opinions.

No. 2070778

Raging about people’s skin color is not a mere “uncomfortable opinion” it’s pure retardation don’t even try to downplay it. Don’t bring this type of shit here. If you want to voice that “uncomfortable opinion” (literal racism) so bad go to /pol

No. 2070781

What's the point of being here? I never achieved anything and no one will miss me, I'm a failure

No. 2070784

Funny that those specific racebait derailers were barely existent until recently.

No. 2070787

Continue existing purely out of spite. Sometimes I think about how happy people would be if I died and then I get mad, because fuck them, I'll die on my own terms.

No. 2070789

if you have no point, then you owe nothing to anyone else, and you can go out into the sunlight, buy a tasty drink, go for a walk, and make selfish decisions purely for your own enjoyment. maybe. I agree with you, though

No. 2070805

Maybe people are tired of staying quiet. I care about the indigenous population of my country and I like living in my own, unique culture with people who look like me and have the same values I do. Wanting your country to become a melting pot seems very US-centric. For some reason no one's putting pressure on the Japanese to become more welcoming to foreigners.

No. 2070806

File: 1719676986785.jpeg (297.62 KB, 960x821, IMG_1470.jpeg)

Yeah we’re aware women can be racist, that’s why I don’t give a fuck about female solidarity. I hope your bucktoothed ancestors finally die off idgaf

No. 2070807

Why do I have a nagging feeling it’s one of those based gorl~ sillypoo fags kekk

No. 2070810

yeah fuck back off to pol

No. 2070811

Wouldn't her ancestors already be dead?

No. 2070812

Your grandparents, aunts, uncles… they can still be alive anon

No. 2070815

Or maybe it's a bunch of spergs who can't stay in their designated websites and have to shit up ours. Go back.

No. 2070819

I hate people of my own ethnicity for ruining our reputation in a European country I want to live in. No way I can immigrate there or make friends if I succeed. They ruined our reputation throughout the entire continent tbh. I agree that if you want to move to Europe, you should embrace their culture and values instead of making your own neighbourhoods and never assimilating and making them feel othered in their own country. Whenever I talk about this irl no one wants to acknowledge how weird it is to stay in a country that's so different from the values you're sticking to but they think the same thing about refugees in our own country. If anything I'm not mad at refugees because they didn't choose to live here but my own ethnicity chooses to live in another country and not respect their values. I might be a political pickme cause I think I should have the right to live there and not them.

No. 2070826

I found out my boyfriend has a trust fund and he’s so worried it’ll change my opinion of him.. I kind of knew about it before but didn’t know how much money he had. In the grand scheme of things it’s not a lot but to me, it’s a lot. He doesn’t understand why this would change someone’s opinion of someone, it just changed mine not even in a negative or positive way but in a neutral way I guess, but now the cats never going back in the bag I guess. We’ve been together for almost 2 years so it’s natural that we’ve gotten to a point where we talk about money but I wish he was firmer on not telling me how much he had. It only came up because he casually mentioned pulling $5,000 out of his savings account for traveling, when I know he does not have that money just readily available to him for anything else.

No. 2070833

I did the same as you nonna, waited like a hopeless romantic for "the one" and I had this mentality until 21 when I got sick of being the good girl everyone wanted me to be and getting nothing in return, only more psychological abuse even. Still a virgin tho, but for reasons like avoiding shit moids with shit hygiene and STDs, trust issues and being very cautious of who I'm vulnerable with and also didn't meet a guy I found remotely fuckable. I had other experienced women my age, older or a bit younger than me tell me that it's better that I am like this because of their many horror stories regarding sex with moids. You're good, don't worry.

>it's the opposite, me being a virgin is a turn off for them cause ain't nobody got the patience to babysit a woman with zero experience, unless she's like 18 or 19. By the age of 25 you're a pathetic loser if you're still a virgin and men will think there's something wrong with you.

Well I am at that age where I'm supposedly a loser in their eyes and that's on them tbf, you protected yourself from pain and shit experiences. And like >>2068534 said, you don't even need to tell them you're still a virgin, just invent an excuse like your first and only experience was so shit he didn't even get the right hole or something. Plus, hearing that a lot of guys wanna see a virgin bleed and becoming brutes during the act as a result makes me wanna lie and lie my way kek.

No. 2070856

You do realize this is partially because women were (and are in some parts of the world) held back by men? this is just a retarded MRA talking point that pretends as if men just did those things because they're epic and soo much smarter than women when in reality women weren't even allowed to do that shit KEK and even then many of those accomplished moids were only able to as a result of their wives doing everything for them or even stealing ideas from them. If men are so much smarter why are women outperforming them in schools the second we get access to education? why do they die earlier and are terrible drivers (which they project onto women) and do retarded shit like killing themselves and children over having no gf? The list for their retardation goes on. There might be some smart moids but 99% of moids are retarded and the average woman is smarter than any of them, which to me is far better lol, who gives a shit if they have geniuses if on average the common moid is an unintelligent, violent ape that's ruled by his cock? besides being physically revolting, which women also typically aren't nearly as much as men. Giving birth isn't our only good quality at all, we literally outlive moids by 5 years on average lmfao sometimes double that depending on the country, due to having an inherently superior immune system and better chance at survival in general in harsh circumstances compared to them. If you ask me being able to live longer in itself is already a massive quality over men and proves our superiority as a living organism. we also age better despite their muh wall meme (don't go bald as commonly for one lol), and have better endurance, besides just being less emotionally retarded and not ruled by our libidos nearly as much. But sure, men are totally better. Lol. lmao even

No. 2070860

I can't stand my mom's autistic obsession with clothing sizes. She forces me to buy the absolute smallest size of clothes I can squeeze into. Like, if you don't have to lie die or jump to zip up a pair of pants it's too big. I look like fucking shayna when I leave the house and i want to kms.

No. 2070874

There are a number of accomplishments in history that were credited to men but were actually accomplished by a woman. Women get fucked over in history for many reasons such as male historian bias and regular old sexism. There’s also the fact that women in history were forced to take a man’s name and everything they do as property of their male counterpart gets credited to the man under his name — makes it confusing even if you know a woman did something but you can only find it recorded under a man’s name. It’s just a giant psyop and you fell for it.

No. 2070885

>me being a virgin is a turn off for them cause ain't nobody got the patience to babysit a woman with zero experience, unless she's like 18 or 19. By the age of 25 you're a pathetic loser if you're still a virgin and men will think there's something wrong with you.
Any man that would think like this of your virginity wouldn't be worthy of having sex with you anyway. Moids whine about older women being "ran through" but then turn around and act like if you're a virgin in your 20's it's a bad thing. Like, pick one. Also, being a virgin is only ever a red flag in males since they become addicted to porn much more frequently and turn into incels from not getting laid. It's also because it's typically a case of them being virgins against their will, while for women, you could've had sex anytime you wanted and yet you're still a virgin. It isn't a personal failing for you because you could've had sex with any random moid (you just chose not to), while for a male it often is because they want to fuck women but they can't nearly as easily. Therefore, when anyone says you're a "loser" for not having sex, all they're doing is claiming it's a bad thing you never lowered your standards and fucked a random male to get it over with or just to fit in. Besides that, an actual quality male (if that even exists at this point) would love you and therefore have the patience to want to guide you through sex and make your first time great for you rather than acting like you're a loser for being a virgin and inexperienced at it.

No. 2070898

Samefag, someone who actually loves you would be glad to be part of your first time (and not just for creepy fetishization of virginity reasons) and to be able to share that with you. Unfortunately, this is rare and most men think as you said, but my point is, it literally doesn't matter because any moid that thinks like that is disposable and being a virgin will never make you a loser if you're female when you could get rid of your virginity in 5 minutes by just asking any random bottom tier moid to fuck you. It really isn't an accomplishment when you're a woman unless you fuck only really hot men (which most women don't)

No. 2070920

File: 1719681790625.jpg (18.54 KB, 207x244, steals.jpg)

Very late reply about my friend taking a username similar to my real name
>If you're in the same fandom chances are you're into the same stuff, and it could be a coincidence? My irl friend has a username based on some quirky word combo (think something like unicornspaghetti
It's really not, the name is not like that at all as it's just a real name.

Using the same fake examples as before, imagine my name is Camille and everyone calls me Millie, so I used that as my username. Her name is Amanda, and her username that was unrelated to her real name and was a fandom name that ended in -me, let's say it was Zeldame. So she decided that the -me part warranted her choosing the nickname Mellie for herself. So now me as Millie is supposed to accept Amanda as Mellie when it's really close to my real name, and only works as a nickname for her username at a stretch to begin with. It just makes me uncomfortable and I feel a bit hurt over her "stealing" my name.

No. 2070933

Another thing I wanted to add (don't want to spam too much so last one) is, if a moid gets to have sex at all with a woman he's already extremely lucky, but if he gets to have sex with a woman who is a virgin and specifically picked him and no one else despite her standards and rejecting moids who wanted to fuck her before for years he should feel nothing but honoured. And not in the "she's so pure" religious way, the "wow I feel so special" way. Men are also the ones who need to be good at pleasing you and not the other way around first and foremost, so you being inexperienced shouldn't actually matter that much and it's a bigger issue for the male if he lacks experience or is bad at sex actually, since it becomes dubious whether or not he can please you or make you orgasm, because it's men that have an easier time getting orgasms compared to women during sex.

No. 2071014

Fuck your mom, go buy the right-sized clothes that fit you, nona. You're not 8 years old anymore.

No. 2071047

>look at people's profiles on selling platforms
>see some variation of "saving up money to see bf, buy my stuff" on a few profiles now
What the hell. This is grim and embarrassing. Don't put that you need to sell your items and save up money to see your discord boyfriend in your profile. For fucks sake, if you're doing an LDR, at least let him be rich or pay to have you fly over.

No. 2071050

You're completely right nona. A person of worth would never think less of you for being a virgin.

No. 2071075

File: 1719693852199.jpg (49.58 KB, 1535x818, FCQxgzlWYAAgP2z.jpg)

Does anyone else feel extremely anxious because of the hot weather? I've struggled with anxiety for years but it just gets worse during summer. I have troubles with breathing, I sweat way too much, my heart rate is higher that normal, and I just feel like something bad is about to happen. I very heat sensitive and the moment the temperature goes up I'm losing my shit. Maybe my autismo also plays a part in being oversensitive to temperature but I've seen the same sentiment being shared by non autists; heat just makes some poople very anxious. Idk what to do. I drink as much water as I can but it just makes me feel sick, like I'm about to vomit?? I don't know what to do, it makes me insane and I can't sleep

No. 2071076

why do my hands always feel dirty, even after I've washed them reeeeeee

No. 2071100

File: 1719695661701.png (13.84 KB, 290x198, 1685244315500728.png)

I'm not trying to bait or cause an infight posting about this but I think I'm friends with an unironic Trump supporter. I already had my suspicions but the way she reacted to the recent debate made me put two and two together and confirmed it for me. I admit I'm a britbong so the intricacies of US politics are lost on me but it really rubs me the wrong way. I know the democrats aren't exactly any better but my god, how can you do that to yourself as a woman? Have some bloody respect for yourself. Never escaping patriarchy, indeed

No. 2071113

Speaking as an American, you can't really have respect for yourself and also have a political affiliation. Don't me started on the scrotes, but even the women in politics are huge pick-mes and misogynists.

No. 2071120

Instead of getting mad about it and assuming her beliefs, why don't you have this conversation with her and ask her? If she's your friend, you should be able to have an open dialogue with her. Maybe you could even find common ground or persuade her.

No. 2071135

i've got about ~1500 saved up. like 400 just for casual spending until payday hits the week after next. i really hope nothing else breaks or needs to be replaced so i can stack up maybe 5kish by november and move, finally. my mom is getting suffocating and she thinks it's cute that she's "living vicariously through me." i'm 25 already it feels so pathetic to still be at home

No. 2071220

I have a really nice comfortable life I don't work, have a husband baby, good marriage, nice house, life is easy but I thought to myself I really can't wait to be dead. Living is just very exhausting. I'm tired. It will be a relief, even if I'm not seeking it out or anything

No. 2071226

Do you live in a city? I used to feel the same about summer. Then I moved to a desolate rural area and I no longer care about summer being hot. It's still not my favourite time of year but I don't hate it either.

No. 2071234

Anon go see a doctor, you're not supposed to feel like that especially under your circumstances

No. 2071270

idk if I had a husbandbaby I might want to kms too

No. 2071312

File: 1719708620828.png (265.61 KB, 679x374, IMG_5770.png)

>mom didn't tell psychotic alcoholic dad that I'm leaving for six weeks tomorrow
can this please wind up being as underwhelming as possible, I don't want to him to go off on me or for me to come back and find all my shit thrown out

No. 2071320

I started feeling stressed about heat for the first time last summer because of the heat dome. it was so intense and the trees died. even though I've experienced a lot of high heat in my life where I live, climate change and the idea it will only ever get hotter is extremely stressful.

No. 2071346

I hate how curvy women are sexualized and automatically seen as indecent and vulgar in comparison to women who are slim. I could wear the exact same thing as a woman with no boobs or ass, but only one of us will be sexuality and seen as "slutty". It doesn't make me sad or insecure, it makes me angry.

No. 2071347

File: 1719710835321.jpg (65.1 KB, 558x817, 1668077723823.jpg)

Would having a one night stand with an attractive moid cure my romance starvness?

What I mean by that is that I never had a bf. Lost my virginity to friend ,not attracted to him at all. And I genuinely can't go outside because seeing cute men makes me want to kms. I can't get a boyfriend cause multiple reasons so maybe sec would scratch that itch for a romantic relationship??? I am desperate and tistic

No. 2071351

a one night stand? definitely not. a relationship? maybe

No. 2071357

Can't get that I am pretty sure . I'm bulimic(can't recover), really autistic and live in a shit Misogynistic ableist country

No. 2071380

From now on I decided I won't continue talking when interrupted, I don't care if I was in the middle of saying something important, I'm tired.

No. 2071386

i’m sure you can pretend to be normal for a little nonny

No. 2071416

I'm pretty sure you posted this earlier, also why the Dakota pic?

No. 2071418

Why did you post this twice? Is this bait?

No. 2071422

This was probably written by a tranny or /r9k: moid who thinks this is what women ask on a female imageboard kek(scrotefoiling)

No. 2071434

Moids who talk about politics, especially when they're on opposing viewpoints, are incredibly embarrassing. Having to listen to two family members go at it while everyone else is silent and zones out on a dish at the table is rough.

No. 2071517

Well getting a relationship is not quick plus local moids are not even cute so I would have to find a tourist
Pretty sure it was deleted unless I mixed up the threads


I know there I no way for me to prove myself to you since you cant self post here but incase you care that really hurt my feelings that you would call me a man for being lonely. You most likely have had relationships in the past so you do not get it

No. 2071519

does it really matter? youre not even american…and both of the candidates are old shriveled up perverts, its just a matter of who will do a better job with the economy really. just talk to her about it if really bothers you

No. 2071707

Talked to my autistic moid about my previous suicide attempts (all overdoses) and he starts explaining to me how I can get a gun permit. I'm gonna shoot myself in front of this retard and make him watch me die. Fucking asshole.

No. 2071766

I'm getting very sick of the retarded jobless hobbyless elephants living above me. at least two of them stay home all day blasting music, yelling, stomping around, dragging furniture, dropping shit on the floor constantly - the music usually starts in the morning and stops in the evening but the stomping, yelling, furniture moving and what sounds like bowling balls being dropped on the floor/thrown around their apartment continues on and off throughout the entire night into the mornings and all throughout the next day. it's seriously nonstop. these people are unwell. they are either all constantly sleep deprived or have some sort of shift system where one stays up making noise while the others sleep then they switch off. seriously how do these losers never leave the apartment and constantly make the loudest annoying noises? one of them seems to go to work every morning while the other two (or three?) are home doing absolutely nothing with their lives. I'm going to have to start going to a library during the day to focus on my work. jobless scrotes are even more annoying and useless than lice or fleas.

No. 2071778

the urge to just avoid people other than family and age and then die alone.

No. 2071780

I already accepted that I'll never stop being poor and unloved. I'll spend the rest of my days in this world daydreaming. I don't care anymore, fuck everyone.

No. 2071782

Signed up for a "queer" dating app and got about 100 likes from moids within the first couple of days and not a single one from another woman. Feeling kind of really down about it cause the whole reason I went on there in the first place was to meet women. Does anyone know why this might be?

No. 2071787

File: 1719729679386.jpg (203.41 KB, 757x493, 1534296567787.jpg)

How do I explain to my friend about why you analyse media the way we do?
I'm taking a summer course that is partly based on analysing movies, and my friend was asking about it so I started talking about the current block where I'm analysing the gun in a movie as both a fetish (both sexual sexual and religious) and phallic powersymbol. She got very confrontative all "why do you analyse it like that? Did the director(s) SAY it's supposed to symbolise that? I don't get reading into movies like this you are just putting words into the mouth of the creators!". I'm not eloquent enough to really explain it to her, so I settled for it simply being to say it's important from socio-political climate since since we have movies that are a response to second-wave feminism like Aliens and Terminator 2 (they get mentioned a lot in my course litterature) and the postfeminism response to those characters through Charlie's Angels action babes. She still wouldn't quite take it but she seemed to think it's a better answer than the previous shrug I gave her because I couldn't quite find the words, she is someone that isn't very fond of anything that requires analytical thought - she gets almost aggravated by media that have a lot of metaphorical elements and usually write them off as bad or "unfinished" because of it. I don't think it is because it makes her feel stupid and she is definitely not an autist, but something about it seems to almost set her off because it's only during those times I see her take this almost aggressive stance.
How should I explain it to her next time this topic comes up? Because it is inevitable that it will be brought up again and her unusual frustrations with it always catches me off guard. I'm not very good at finding the right words at times, especially when I feel confronted like this, so I would love to have something ready in the back of my head so I can start an interesting debate with her about it.

No. 2071794

File: 1719730283565.jpg (111.99 KB, 680x611, freakout.jpg)

i hate living with a retard who starts screaming and slamming doors and throwing shit every time literally anything happens, its unbearably stressful, im gonna get my first gray hair by 22 or something

No. 2071800

File: 1719731252496.gif (290.34 KB, 498x361, 1711339262537.gif)

>miserable as a child, nightly breakdowns of wanting my life to end, can barely function socially and act like a brick wall. constant pain and fog
>for whatever reason, finally have one good sleep as an adult under odd circumstances and felt alive for the first time ever, everything felt SO different and I could think straight finally
>realize that maybe something is wrong with me and seek help
>sleep study diagnosed me with severe sleep apnea (no, I'm not fat)
>think this is it, I can finally feel ok!

And…months later, and I still haven't been able to fall asleep while using the damned machine. Doctor hasn't helped. I honestly feel like I'm already dead. I even loathe that I had that one wonderful day. at least I wouldn't be agonizing over the idea that things could be better…

No. 2071801

I’m just remembering something so it really isn’t recent, but it never ceases to amaze me how this one woman I’ve known, treated her childhood friend of many years poorly all because she finally met a moid.

No. 2071803

File: 1719731465523.jpeg (11.06 KB, 217x183, IMG_2735.jpeg)

I hate how there are virtually no interesting cows anymore and it’s hard to find them because most people act like spergs on the internet now. More and more I find myself missing the internet before COVID.

No. 2071805

Can you get a second opinion from a different doctor? You need to be insistent and pushy with doctors, most of them give up when your problem can't be explained by the most obvious or common condition. I've been there too so I know it's hard but unfortunately you're the only one who cares about yourself so you really need to stand up for yourself and fight to have your shit taken seriously in the medical system.

No. 2071811

>Pretty sure it was deleted
the ayrt literally quoted the original version kek >>2070322

No. 2071823

I'm just tiered. My mother and my fiance ganged up on me yesterday to tell me I should be more happy. I am happy. I am happy when they are not there.Mother wants me to be the prefect little house wife but I m not and he is useless as a 'provider'. I earn more than him I brought the house and the car and they sill dont respect me. Fuck them.I wont even put her in a care home when she's old she can rot alone. And the moment he leaves for a work tip I am changing the locks.

No. 2071824

I love my friend but she's a people pleaser who's never honest, even though I tell her it's ok to be and she doesn't have to agree with everything I say.

For example let's say I want to say I love ice cream but make a typo accidentally saying "I don't love ice cream" instead. She'll immediately say "omg me too, hate it, it's so cold and awful" and I have to sit there like "uhh sorry that was a typo… I really love ice cream…" feeling stupid but then of course she's like "oh, me too! That's what I meant too, sorry!!!"
It hurts that she won't be honest even about unimportant things like that. I don't know if she secretly hates everything I say and do, or if I dislike something she's hurt because she actually likes it but pretends not to.

No. 2071832

I was going through some photos I had and found a photo of me and this friend I don't talk to anymore a few years ago and it just made me sink, sort of. It's not like I want to be with her long term, because she has a boyfriend and I don't think we're compatible like that, but looking at the photo, she looks pretty compared to me next to her, like why would she even like me at all. I feel like she probably likes the fact that I used to have a crush on her because it strokes her ego, that's why I feel sunken.

No. 2071834

My mother loves to complain about not having money but then buys another $30k+ old car.
She's talking about buying a 5th one now.
She was complaining to me during a visit and I stopped her mid sentence to say that I will probably never own propery and will be forever having to rent and that I don't want to hear about her money troubles when she has nearly 250k worth of cars sitting in sheds.
How tone deaf are boomers.

No. 2071835

Sick of being invisible and getting no attention, worst thing is that people don't believe me when I complain about that.
>"oh no anon, you're so pretty and smart, people are probably dying to talk to you"
Lmao no, it's not because you have no problem meeting people that it's the same for everybody.

No. 2071841

I just severed the head of a chicken and was losing my shit the whole time because the bone wasn't giving in and I had to stare at this dead bird up close to figure it out while the TV in the background went on about God and consciousness (certified 1970s moment). I fucking wish this shit had been taught to me early on so I wouldn't be so chicken myself. I am 26 years old but if I had to gut a fish I would just faint. Pathetic. Is this why so many people are going vegan now ?

My answer would just be "Most media is meant to be analyzed. Movie directors put details in for us to notice. It's like a painting, having to think five minutes about the feelings behind that painting doesn't make it a bad painting" but also, I have no friends for a reason.

Maybe "Movies have two dimensions, one as entertainment and one as a riddle" but that sounds kinda spergy.

Some people are just like this though, I doubt she will change her stance if she really doesn't understand.

No. 2071875

i think i'm going to be a friendless hermit for the rest of my life. sometimes i want someone to talk to so bad but anytime i try to connect it never works. like yeah i can hold a conversation (online, not irl, i'm too socially retarded for that) but i can't feel anything for the other person, i just straight up don't really care for them. it's mostly cause no matter how similar the other person is to me, i always feel like i'm a completely different species from them. the only people i can feel an actual tangible connection to are people i knew as a kid, aka. my family. even the irl friends i had in elementary, middle and high school were few and far between and the relationship between us was always shallow.
i just think there's something fundamentally wrong with the way my brain developed so that i can't foster a connection with anyone and feel normal emotions and shit. i hate the feeling that i'm always othered and looked down upon for being asocial and borderline autistic and weird but trying to be a regular well adjusted human being makes me want to kill myself, it feels so gross and invasive. idk what to really do, idk if i'm even looking for advice or whatever. i'm just kinda thinking about how socially dead i am everytime i hang out or am around anyone.

No. 2071977

Why is my coworker trying to talk about religion with me in the break room? Like, he already leads the topic with "This is a personal question but…" and still proceeds to ask. Yes, I do think you're stupid for believing in magical woowoo, no, I would not tell you this to your face because I understand the concept of TPO, I gave you the most inoffensive responses possible, why do I have to listen to you lamenting it all for ten minutes straight, still? He'll leave the place towards the beginning of next year and I couldn't be happier.

No. 2071981

My Tumblr "For You to Explore" page keeps showing me pictures and posts uwuing about gay men and it makes me want to vomit. I do not give a single fuck about men, let alone male separatists. I just want to look at pictures of animals and Victorian dresses, not see men who only use women as incubators to produce more boys. I keep blocking every single person who posts this shit, but Tumblr keeps forcing me to see this instead of stuff I would actually be interested in.

No. 2072015

There is nothing wrong with you. It was willed that you would come to be born on this earth, all of your cells working to keep you alive, you're a piece of the earth around you. You belong here, and are loved.
Definitely long term loneliness, which can also be a lack of connection, exacerbates the difficulty in connection and making friends, it's not your fault, parts of your brain develop with interaction.
I have a similar experience in being an 'other', feeling looked down on. This world is shallow, so I found that when I dressed up and tried to look cuter, people forgave my errors. Honestly, you do have to pretend around most people, and it's lonely, but it gets you along in life. I'm not speaking from a high horse, I've actually been super awkward recently.
Your people are out there, you just have to look. I know it's hard. Sometimes it's the internet, sometimes in hobby groups.
I'm not going to pretend life will be easy for people like us, it's not. But I think you'll find your person, as hopeless as you may feel. I actually prayed to God and asked to meet my best friend before this happened- now I'm getting married. Still asocial, but some people will make it worth it. Anyway, you do have to pretend in this world, life is hard, but I know you'll meet your person. A lot of us are on here.

No. 2072084

What’s TPO? I would just look him in the eye and say “I don’t want to talk about religion at work, talk to your priest about this.”

No. 2072120

File: 1719756520836.jpg (25.5 KB, 600x428, inhale.jpg)

I wish my mom wasn't so awful. Why do narcissists always play from the same handbook?
>retired divorcee mom living on her pension whines and bitches all day about never doing anything or going anywhere and having no friends except her narcissist brothers
>when I do take her someplace there is always something wrong with it
>any friendships she has are long distance who she has not seen in a decade or more and she rarely talks to anyone past a superficial level
>she lacks the energy she once had in her youth to keep up pretense that she enjoys anything including "non-useful" company
>trying to see if she can be friends with any of my girlfriend's moms
>one of my friends has a very sweet mother who has a lot of similar interests and hobbies
>doesn't have a mean bone in her body, very strong outlook on life despite having a nasty terminal illness
>she travels a lot and does fun things every now and then in spite of it, married rich
>think what good times my mom would have with her if I introduced them
>"Anon, she is dying"
>implying she is not someone worth getting to know because of her illness
Omg, who says shit like this?!
It's infuriating! I am trying to once again help her and not only did she come up with a bullshit excuse as to why it won't work like usual, she manages to say the most insensitive and cruel shit. It's so fucking embarrassing to know underneath her fake public mask–which at bare minimum she has the sense to put on thank goodness–she is a terrible person like this.
Funnily enough my ex-fiancé said something similar when we went to adopt a pet once. He refused a lap cat that would have been a perfect match for his energy level because he told me that she would die due to being older. What the fuck!!!! Why do they all have this shit take, it's spooky!

No. 2072126

sometimes you will get a kneejerk negative reaction to closeness or social situations in general, i know i feel gross and invaded and want to escape too when i try to talk to certain people. in my early 20s i was very lonely and looking for friendship all the time, now i've finally amassed a net of friends, but i still feel like an alien who just managed to skirt by. honestly, you just have to embrace how shallow most connections with people are. just because you're not connected on a deep spiritual level doesn't mean the friendship isn't meaningful or that they don't care about you, and when i realized this i felt less lonely and was able to love back. what you're experiencing is way more normal than you think, and there's nothing wrong with you anon. best of luck.

No. 2072144

File: 1719758322774.jpg (38.47 KB, 735x616, 973f3b689f1de35ad807890f40974e…)

>a cyst on my thyroid
>several small cyst on my boobs
>several other cyst on my ovaries
>forced to move to the place I watched my brother drop dead
>all of this happening just months after my car caught fire in the middle of the road and almost fucking died
No wonder I'm constantly tweaking, anxious, restless and tense like a Chihuahua on crack I cannot catch a breath, this is all way too fucked up and it's happening all at once. I don't remember life being this hard to live and nobody in my circle understands how frustrating it is, I can barely eat or sleep since I'm on so much pressure and stress constantly. Everyone keeps telling me it will get better and it's starting to sound like bullshit

No. 2072161

Give it time. You’ll get over it sooner than later.

No. 2072165

>June, supposedly summer season
>Leaving on a tropical country
>Somehow it rains and rains every damn day, the sun hasn't come out in weeks
>Wind is cold as fuck, sky is always gray
It's almost like it's replicating my mental state, how curious

No. 2072166

You forgot to mention it’s a one-aided crush and he doesn’t like you which is a good thing to remember when he inevitably tries to get in your pants after you make it too obvious you like him. Please stay away from him. focus on making more money

No. 2072168

Please lurk before posting.

No. 2072169

Isn’t June the rainy/monsoon season in some tropical countries? So that’s normal.

No. 2072179

I got hacked bad. I found a text file with all these logins and passwords. I suppose by a keylogger? And my passport number. It was all in an innocuously named folder (my initials-Documents) which included a pic of my passport and other IDs. It definitely wasn't me and I have a password manager but it wouldn't do that? It was likely going on for a long time because my laptop would randomly heat up. I'd do cleans and virus scans and just look around and nothing, I took it to a PC repair shop and they said it was just the fan and replaced it. I gaslit myself and believed it's because the laptop was 6 years old.

I'm just trying to reckon with the idea my passport info has been stolen, I think. Amongst other things. I need to find a new place to live within 4 weeks so it's been forcibly put on the backburner and I did a factory reset on my laptop which is now running quietly. But I don't even know how to begin to approach it. I don't know the consequences of it. Is it not common? I almost wish I never found out because it feels like I can't even do anything, it's just out there now.

No. 2072180

I mean yeah nowhere did I imply it wasnt one sided on my part kek i do think im not retarded enough to make it extremely obvious though

No. 2072181

god the atrocious spacing and extra commas, i can practically smell the manic disorder and bpd all the way from here

No. 2072183

>"Anon, she is dying"
lol what the heck. As if we aren't all slowly dying here. Sorry you have to deal with a narc like her, nonna.

No. 2072186


No. 2072240

Fucking gayass ai keeps calling me small and petite no matter how many times I specify otherwise. Is it that unrealistic for even a make-believe guy to like a “tall” woman?

No. 2072327

I had a friend who would do the same thing to me. They'd refuse to stop by telling me that "friends are supposed to talk about everything!" or they'd tell me that I was a bad and manipulative for telling them to stop. Then after I'd snap they'd pull the "I'm not your therapist!" card and keep calling me manipulative. But when I wanted to talk about something they found "triggering" they'd call me a "sociopath" and expected me to coddle them. It's probably a BPD/NPD thing, trying to paint themselves as victims or "small little babies who need to be protected". You should dump him before he sucks every ounce of empathy in your body like my friend did to me, people like them won't stop behaving like that.

No. 2072464

I hope all my cats will have a healthy year and we can reunite again in September for more years, I'm too scared to even make it a dumb post in the sonic thread. Well if my brother dies before all the better

No. 2072509

All my exes 100+ games are still shitting up my Steam account because of family sharing, which you (for some reason) cannot disable as the recipient. It's been half a year since we spoke, and I've been hoping he would disable it by himself eventually, but I guess he forgot it even exists. I'm going to need to contact him about it, blegh. I really hope he doesn't misconstrue this and think I'm using it as an excuse to talk to him.

No. 2072514

i cant wait to feel at peace again and not take it for granted this time

No. 2072518

It isn't worth it, is it?

No. 2072526

Can't you just private them or something?

No. 2072545

Time, place, occasion. Wish I would've done that instead of giving essentially a non-response, but we share a lot of shifts so I didn't want to make things awkward by being direct. But now I wonder why I should care about making things awkward when he's the one who started it and didn't care, either… lol

No. 2072555

Isn't there a setting that hides games you don't have installed?

No. 2072567

>show my friend art project in wip stage
>oh. are you going to do anything about the cracks?
So fucking rude. She hypes up her other friends crochet projects all the time probably because she gets free stuff from it but I just get brushed off and mean digs

No. 2072582

Honestly, I just kind of want any trace of him gone from my life. Privating or hiding the games feels like a bandaid fix. It's annoying, but it's easier to send him a quick message to tell him to disable family sharing. Thanks for the suggestions though nonas

No. 2072612

I think suffering is inventible but supposedly we manifests anything bad that happens to us including physical sickness however it happens to just fuckin anyone and they are forced to take it it's inventible you can't not nothing but just take it and suffer the tragism of life as much as you try to be pure and not manifest anything bad you will still probably get cancer and die brutally as anyone else around you

No. 2072625

nonnies is it normal for someone who's been violently abused their whole life by violent victim bpd mom and violent and stupid dad to fantasize about torturing them someday or am I just particularly sick in the head.

I think i'm kinda normal otherwise

No. 2072626

Suffering is inevitable but I don't know if we manifest bad things in our lives. Whenever I see a wonderfully kind woman get sick or deal with something unbelievably cruel I think about what a big cosmic joke life is and wonder just how normal people can cope with the absurdity of it all. I know it's not that serious but sometimes it is and it drives me insane.

No. 2072641

A lot of people suffer because of their own bad decisions but there’s so much in life that is completely out of our control. Pretending like anything bad that happens is somehow within cosmic control are coping and probably haven’t dealt with the actual bad things in life.

No. 2072651

they keep the TV volume so high I'm going deaf…

No. 2072665

you're normal and that is an understandable reaction to abuse by people who are supposed to care and protect you. wish you the best nonny.

No. 2072672

why is living with other people so irritating. algae in the water filter pitcher, dishes and utensils still have food and gunk on them in the cabinet because nobody wants to spend the extra 15 seconds to clean them right, bugs flying everywhere because they think they can just leave food and snacks out. even though they complain about shit being dirty, they never make an effort to help me clean regularly, they just act like i'm some sort of retarded ocd nag who notices everything too much, and they love to blame everyone else in the house but themselves. i try to talk to them about it while they're doing nothing, sitting around on the couch or at the table, and they're always like: UgH this is not a good time for me! stop being annoying! we can talk about it later, and we never do. and what's there even to talk about? like holy shit just help me keep things clean PLEASE ITS NOT HARD there is fucking huge green algae bloom in the water pitcher we've been drinking from for who knows how long because i neglected to take care of ONE thing out of 100. i tell them to keep it in the fridge and out of the sun, tell them to please make sure the dishes are clean before you dry them, tell them that we'll never get rid of the bugs until they stop leaving food bags eveyrwhere because thats where they're laying their eggs, it all falls on deaf ears and for what

No. 2072695

nonna I am exactly like you.. I just can’t make friends, even online ones. And I’ve tried but they all fizzle out in a day or two. I have no advice because I am 30 and probably will be in this state til I die. I am sorry, but it feels good knowing there are others in the same situation as I am. Makes me feel OK since I am not the only one.

No. 2072699

I had a really awful date today. We went to a petting zoo and one of the chickens hopped on to another one and he pointed at them and said "look, a rape is happening" or some dumb shit like that. I was eating some bread and I felt so much second hand embarrassment that I wanted to throw the bread into his face. Like you are 27 years old fucking behave yourself in public you are embarrassing me and everyone around us you stupid pos. Your parents clearly failed you. He would also get a weird kick out of making himself look intellectually superior and would correct me like a teacher. He would also ask me if I knew what deep throating was. At this point I was just annoyed so I played innocent and said I didn't know what that was and that he should please explain it to me. That kind of pissed him off. I blocked him after I got home.

No. 2072722

thank you nonnies and best of luck to you both! i just have this weird dillema going on where i have a need for human connection and feel lonely but the second that i obtain it i just feel fucking awful, like a mental hangover.
i probably should have said it in the of post (i forgot), but this also applies to love in a way? i have a want to be accepted and loved and whatnot just like everyone else, but being shown love even by my family makes me feel physically ill and i end up pulling away because of how vile it makes me feel. idk whats up with that, if i could get a therapist i'd ask them but at this point i don't even care that much since it's unlikely to ever go away. best course of action to me seems to just accept that i'm simply different and not cut out for this shit and to find a way to comfortably be a shut in hermit without attracting too much negative attention from those around me.

you're not alone nonna, i do hope it gets better for you, or at least that you find peace in being alone

No. 2072763

The more I'm doing well into adulting, the more I feel like an empty vessel. Maybe I don't have anxiety anymore and I regulate better my emotions, or it's a new wave of depression, but my brain feels so detached to my body and whatever it's happening I can say it's unsettling.

No. 2072771

File: 1719783322187.jpeg (41.32 KB, 736x616, IMG_1528.jpeg)

This had to be one of the most worst years I ever had. Last year was pretty bad but at least I was making money, now I’m just suffering and chronically broke. We’re already halfway in and I already want to kill myself. Most of it is my fault because I am extremely exhausted, depressed and it makes me like procrastinating until the last minute. Free me.

No. 2072788

It's normal as long as you don't act on it. Don't feel bad for anything in your mind as long as you don't get obsessive or make irl plans. Better than having a sad whipped dog mentality and wanting to cower and please evil people to be honest. As someone who went through similar things I'd rather have your outlook than mine.

No. 2072800

Got an official complaint from a customer saying I was being malicious because I asked a clarifying question and got a 20 minute talking-to from the owner. Idk why I'm so upset. I never mean malice unless you're mean to me and it takes a LOT for me to want to do that. What the fuck.

No. 2072807

Fuck them. I hate retarded customers. Something similar happened to me, nothing is more frustrating than the manager taking the side of the customer instead of backing up their own employees.

No. 2072814

It's ridiculous. The customer assumed I was calling them fat because they ordered a second thing of something they already ordered, and they said it made them feel sad and like they should go on a diet because I "you want another one?". You can definitely say I could have asked better but what the fuck is that assumption?

No. 2072821

Kek they got mad because you unintentionally called out their fatty activities right in front of their face. Piece of shit NPC customers don’t like their flaws brought up, it brings too much self-awareness and that’s scawy for them

No. 2072831

>The customer assumed I was calling them fat
This reminds me of vidrel for some reason kek. I hate when customers come in with a bad attitude and take it out on staff. Don't let it make you feel too sad, it was just their shit lives that they wanted to make you feel bad about.

No. 2072844

thanks nonnie, i think i calmed down a bit. You shouldn't feel bad either, if you wanted to please them means u still care which is not a bad thing just don't waste it on them and save what's left

No. 2072850

The thumbnail looks like pt

No. 2072862

I have hair on my stomach and chest it makes me feel fucking GROSS (plus I swear I’m getting more and more)

No. 2072869

don't talk about this in the unpopular opinions thread

No. 2072871

Thank you nonnas, that video made me laugh thank you for that. It just sucks when a manager takes their side and doesn't even believe in your character. It's whatever I guess.

No. 2072875

File: 1719787229144.jpeg (173.48 KB, 436x486, 1717037151541.jpeg)

fml i am sorry

No. 2072932

I wish I could send a taste of how I’m feeling to my friends when my body dysmorphia flares up and I reach out for help for once (happens maybe once every two-three years, I’m usually to embarrassed to ask for support). They seem to kinda wave it off as me just being a bit insecure and not take the fact that I am in absolute DISTRESS over the prison that is my body, I’m talking about literally being on the verge of throwing up when I catch a glance of myself in the mirror and hyper focusing on the parts of myself I hate the most for days on end. It just doesn’t seem to register to them.
On the other hand, I don’t know what I want from them either when I’m struggling like this. I think I just really want them to understand, at least that’s what I’m feeling at the core

No. 2072957

I finally found the spot on my jaw where all the muscles are knotted and goddamn it hurts so fucking much to press on it and massage it but I'm hoping I can help my body finally heal these trigger points because I've been dealing with TMJ for over a year now and I just want my life back. Someone please tell me I won't deal with this for the rest of my life because I don't think I can deal with that. Please. Someone please tell me one day I'll be able to live like I did before. I don't even know how this happened, it was all seemingly overnight.

No. 2072983

File: 1719793286642.png (1.52 MB, 1280x920, 1667180541233.png)

My period blood has ruined so many pairs of pants and underwear. Now I have to throw them out and will have almost no underwear and anything to sleep with. I'm sick and tired. Fuck my period, I hate it so much.

No. 2072985

Wear black period panties

No. 2072993

i wish i could be one of those women who's cool and aloof about her interests, a silent monolith of knowledge that people are wowed by when she speaks. instead i'm either an overemotional sperg or a robotic monotone sperg depending on the topic. horrible.

No. 2072994

relatives coming into town on the week that i'm going to be on vacation with my close family. they're gonna be at my house and i just know they are going to go into my room without my permission and let their 2 young boy kids treat my OLD FRAGILE bunny like a petting zoo. i can just see them picking her up and throwing her around. im so fucking anxious idk how i will be able to enjoy vacation without thinking about it. i didn't know they were coming into town until today, we're leaving soon and there's nowhere else i can put my bunny while im gone. she is well taken care of by grandma when im not home, but i doubt she'll be able to keep the kids out of my room even though i give explicit instructions not to. their parents DGAF about invading my space and disrespecting me. i dont want to leave my bunny here alone with them…..i feel so bad about it… if i could be sure they'd stay out of my room it would be fine, but they treat it like a petting zoo to entertain their kids every time they come

No. 2072998

I didn't know those were a thing. They actually work? They aren't specially for a period or anything, but I have a pair of black panties already and I managed to ruin them too.

No. 2072999

Are you wearing the right pads or putting them on correctly? I still leak in weird places on my underwear like the very back or front which you're supposed to put in the sink and scrub with soap and cold water before putting in the washing machine.

No. 2073001

Witnessed the aftermath of a shooting right outside of my window. I cant sleep soundly and I'm just angry that gang members think its so fucking cool to just endanger random people, i hope they end up dead in a ditch yesterday

No. 2073034

Same anon. I'm the overexcitable kind of sperg which is especially offputting.

No. 2073057

Yeah, I should be. They still never manage to stay still by the time I wake up though. Honestly considered switching to tampons at this point, although I hate them.

>which you're supposed to put in the sink and scrub with soap and cold water

That's something I need to get better about tbh. I should wash them immediately but I wait for days until the blood is so dried there's no way I can get it off anymore.

No. 2073072

I hate how difficult is for me to hide my ed when people won’t stop asking if I’m okay at the same time they remind me how prettier I look now.

No. 2073100

Can't believe I'm seeing this video again. We used to quote it in high school all the time. Lady is GOATed.

No. 2073108

Holy fuck, just encountered the biggest retard I've seen in awhile. Pornsick male that can't spell saying that society doesn't have a need for women and femboys look better than women. "Women don't look like woman anymore, it's an uncanny feeling." Incredible how confidently retarded they are. If there was a button to instantly kill faggots, I would slam my hand onto it. The world would be a much better place.

No. 2073115

File: 1719801153584.jpeg (65.17 KB, 416x288, IMG_1530.jpeg)


No. 2073141

pick one for us

No. 2073159

Yeah set a rule where the moment you see stains on your underwear you change them and wash the other ones in the sink. Tbh sometimes I let them sit in there for a few days until I'm washing a load

No. 2073176

we can talk about fat people again, how about that

No. 2073224

Might break up with my bf cause this relationship just feels mediocre. I wrote out what i want and need and im gonna communicate it clearly but if he doesn’t give me that I will leave. It makes me sad to think about because he isnt a bad person but i want to feel special and appreciated.

No. 2073236

You first

No. 2073256

Damn, that sucks. Life isn't giving you any breaks, I'm so sorry. You're right to be feeling overwhelmed, anyone would. I hope things get better for you. Some cysts are not that serious, I got them in my ovaries too and had some in my breats that went away with time. I'm hoping the same goes for you. Sending you a hug.

No. 2073289

Same nonna, like I love the moid I am with but I refuse to stay if he can’t match the energy I desire in a relationship. I can list out all the reasons he’s great on paper but just because he passes the litmus test of not being a complete shitheel like all the godawful moids nonnas put up with in /g does not mean I should settle, nor should you.

No. 2073296

I am not looking forward to this month, let alone week or day. I just want to bury my face in my pillow and pass out because I didn't sleep enough because of too much work but I have so much more shit to do, so many people to respond to but I really can't be bothered with any of them right now. I'm just hoping that 3 hours from now I will be able to sneak in a nap for 3-4 hours. And then I gotta go back to work. The only thing I don't understand is how exactly did I fuck up my brain/brain chemistry so much that even responding to someone feels like such a daunting task? I used to be so much more productive 3-4 years ago. I could study for hours every day and didn't even feel very tired. No idea what went wrong but I hate every second of my existence now, except when I'm sleeping kek.

No. 2073298

Oh no, why?

No. 2073316

nta but i assume its because ppl think it's cute?

I have some as well and it doesn't bother me but if u rlly hate it bleaching is least tedious and does the job pretty well

No. 2073382

I just talked about a shooting and no one replied to me lmaoo you dont care

No. 2073383

Being an extroverted autist while having avoidant tendencies is a fucking curse.

No. 2073388

Literally me lol. I used to call myself an antisocial extrovert quoting that Kendrick Lamar song. At this point I don't even test as extroverted anymore in personality tests after isolating myself for more than 5 years

No. 2073396

Nonnies please do not laugh at me. But I found official licensed Hello Kitty equipment for smoking weed. I am so heartbroken, I am shocked. I am worried this changed my perception of Hello Kitty forever.

No. 2073397

These anons don't care, they might as well be baiting at this point. I see several interesting threads being ignored or dead, m and g barely have posters compared to ot.
There's no way it's official kek

No. 2073402

Everyone is leaving this town because they know someone to crash with worst case but I don't so I'm stuck here until I can financially move. I hate it here so much. The climate is god awful. The politics are getting worse here with right wing men moving in. I'm so alone and tired of just doing my basic tasks to live.

No. 2073404

File: 1719823189185.jpg (102.71 KB, 1000x1000, HK3352-DIS1_600x600@2x.jpg)

Unfortunately it is nonnie. Check Hello Kitty G-Rollz, picrel is one of the available items. They have weed rolling trays (I think), ashtrays, lighters, tins and packs for storing weed.

No. 2073407

File: 1719823874298.png (110.99 KB, 272x275, 1677387815967.png)

The Shaynas of the world have won

No. 2073409

File: 1719824110016.png (562.37 KB, 661x933, tin.png)

I like these tins but I wouldn't use them for weed. It's funny because weed is omega prohibited in Japan

No. 2073410

It doesn't look official at all. If Sanrio had to pursue every intellectual property infringement, their lawyers would die before they reached page 2 of Aliexpress. If these were sold in the Sanrio store, then yes, I would believe it's official.

No. 2073412

The tin design with hello kitty wearing an onesie while carrying a teddy bear is giving Shaynacore

No. 2073414

File: 1719824564324.jpg (7.42 KB, 236x240, 1e0c0796ddfd99286411e111dd357a…)

I just read about this influential politician who was talking about being a big fan of Ayn Rand and reading "Atlas shrugged" as a teenager and being really into it and I might've popped several veins.
what else is there left to say.

No. 2073420

Ayrt and I'm glad you understand, for the longest time I thought I was an introvert because I'm a nerd but I was just coping from having abysmal social skills and no friends, I realized I was extroverted very recently and I'm trying to be better, but damn is it hard.

No. 2073424

Literally me fr. I love talking to people I just hate hanging out if that makes sense kek. When they get too close it's too much

No. 2073426

DuckDuckGo is literally free

No. 2073428

sorry just saw your post, do you really think i can find one despite me ed?

No. 2073433

i am so fucking wannarexic brainrotted(only got to bmi 16 and i am fat again now). That when i clicked on the proana thread every spoop nonas where talking about i felt jealous over. Like i know logically one should not because it fucks up your health but my deppression bypasses that you know

No. 2073470

I'm so fucking tired of being stressed. I try to regulate my anxiety and worries but I still feel that underlying distress. I have had horrible brain fog for ages now and it's not going away, I feel so defeated and I'm even tired of complaining about this in my mind but I can't stop thinking about it. I need a hobby.

No. 2073478

The pressing just destroyed a 100$ pillow I brought because they didn't check it beforehand, didn't even start by saying sorry but blamed me for it instead. I was so pissed and shocked I almost cried there and this old moid fart couldn't even take responsability for it. I'll go back in a few hours to see if he "fixed it" like he said he would (it's totally shredded so I doubt it) but I'm ready to go full on karen-mode to get my cash back.

No. 2073484

I'm starting to think I'm incapable of being genuinely happy. I have moments but I spend the vast majority of my time feeling unimportant and empty. Its like I've spent years of my life trying to make the people around me happy, and yet when I reach out for support I do not receive it. I'm tired of being disposable, of always trying to fix things on my own. I'm not gonna kill myself cos that shits embarrassing but I think about it a lot. I think about how I'd do it, what would prompt me to do that. I'm so casual about the concept of killing myself, I'm not afraid of death and often want it to happen naturally and without warning. I can't be bothered writing notes for people because I don't even really know why I'm depressed anymore. I don't know why I'm angry, I just know I'm tired, I can't sleep. I'm tired of sleeping on the sofa. I'm tired of my sleep not mattering. I'm tired of my feelings not mattering. I'm tired of providing comfort to somebody who is upset when I'm quiet and keep to myself yet irritated when I want attention. I am resentful of listening to the television in the next room whilst I function on barely any sleep and work. I can't fucking stand it. I am so sick of being less important. I am tired of being told that my attitude is poor and so I'm not loved anymore. I make changes yet nobody else will. Why should I be nice? Why do I owe that? I am tired and I am neglected. You snore because you're fat. You said you wanted to lose weight years ago and yet you are still fat. The problem is you are fat and you will not acknowledge it and I cannot say it because it will hurt your feelings. You're a fat lazy fuck. Eat some fucking vegtables and stop smearing condiments on every meal.

No. 2073485

File: 1719832409550.png (415.47 KB, 623x467, 141-1-0-1564169275.png)

>eat like pure shit or nothing at all for days
>skin looks amazing, 0 blemishes
>eat healthy
>break out

No. 2073488

a pimple takes 1-2 weeks to grow, so a pimple is only indicative of the bad choices you made at that time and not the night before

No. 2073490

Even super surface level white heads? Because about 3 formed over night and I've been eating healthy for a good week

No. 2073491

Bought EU size 32/XS shorts, they're so tight on me they're difficult to zip and button up. I'm literally underweight, what kind of bullshit is this

No. 2073496

Nonna those are for teenagers, if you’re fully developed they won’t go past your hips no matter how skinny you are. You might have better luck with asian brands

No. 2073500

Holy shit. I didn't know I needed this.

No. 2073510

What the fuck are you talking about kek

No. 2073547

Might be a combination of your fat distribution + being tall. I'm underweight and I usually wear size 34 but have size 32 jeans from when I was severely underweight. My build is bottom heavy so I definitely don't fit into size 32 rn unless I'm sucking in my tummy.

No. 2073564

im only gonna be able to save up like 7k instead of 10k like i wanted to this year because im gonna go on vacation, it makes me sad but its better than nothing

No. 2073573

Sorry, i’ll try to put it in words your ana brain can understand.
“Lol fatass”

No. 2073655

I have a sister in law and a niece (related by my relationship, she's only a year younger than me and is more like a cousin). Both are Mexican American and their husbands are white. I'm white and my nigel is obviously Mexican American hence his sister. I'm hanging out with them all at a pool and the white guys literally are just saying racist and misogynist crap I've heard in minutes. What is so gross to me is that my niece's husband has only been part of the family for maybe 2 years. I feel so disgusted. Why do white men get with WOC if they just can't wait to make digs at their expense? My sister in law also has a kid and although he looks white, he's still half Mexican. It just disgusts me and catches me off guard to the point where I don't say anything out of shock. My nigel and me never talk shit about each other's upbrining, culture, or ethnicities. Yes, I hear a lot about how he's disappointed in his culture and how he wishes it were different and I critique my upbringing as well. But we'd never so brazenly joke about it in public in front of other people. Maybe in private, but it just feels disrespectful to me that it's in front of others and that the white partners clearly enjoy talking shit. They love to use their digs at my female relatives to then talk shit about other races and it's just gross. I wish I knew why my relatives stayed with their men…it's awkward because they'll laugh some of it off at first, but then they just get quiet. I wish they weren't with men who seem to resent being with them.

Of course, what do I know, maybe it is cool with them, it just seems odd how it comes out of nowhere.

No. 2073665

Everything is going right in my life but I feel like everything is wrong. Why can't I feel good? I wonder what is missing. More exercise?? I seriously don't know what to do to feel good.

No. 2073673

Wtf nonna that's fucked up. Where do you live ? Does this happen often

No. 2073721

I'm not sure if this is the result of an episode or actual spiral but I have never wanted to just pass on more than I have lately.. and I've been telling myself for years "hey! I finally don't want to kill myself." Mix of emotions in such short time is too much to handle and nothing is going right. I just want to close my eyes and peacefully fall into nothing

No. 2073747

size 32 eu is literally for children/tweens and it corresponds to xxs, not xs. 34 would be a woman's xs, like the other anon said 32 sizes are constructed differently because they are for tweens (no space for boobs/ass), they are not just a smaller version of a woman's garment

No. 2073760

EU kids' and pre-tee sizes are in height, 32 is an adult size. And the EU sizes aren't equal amongst the different countries, a 32 in Italy is smaller than a 32 in Germany.

No. 2073784

File: 1719853565462.jpg (165.82 KB, 1382x1536, 1000014732.jpg)

I am afraid of developing dementia because I've been depressed most of my life and it's one of the contributing factors (I also have ADHD, which is another…). Sometimes it already feels like I have it, I've always had a shitty memory, cannot recall parts of my childhood, most of the days feel dull and gray and 'where did I put xyz' is a recurring problem in my life. I also have brainfog all the time and it's extremely hard to be present and pay attention to what's going on around me

No. 2073791

this website has been infested with scrotes and pickmes. i’d rather read pages of nonsensical schizophrenic rambles than the shitty, unfunny misogynistic garbage i’ve been seeing lately. any time you disagree with someone it’s “you bitches are always crying about something” or a retard calling someone’s good point sperging or an autistic meltdown. absolute fucking brainrot i can’t believe i keep coming back

No. 2073799

i'm planning something very cool and exciting but my best friend is being unsupportive and ignoring my messages talking about my excitement/looking for reassurance because she's jealous. she hurt me once before in a similar situation by ignoring my messages for a while and then finally exploding one night that her own problems were too big to be excited for me and she was just jealous of the freedom to do things/lack of problems i comparatively have. she knew it hurt me and felt bad about it, but i can tell this ignoring me now is to avoid doing that again. it doesn't feel like i have any friends that are able to swallow their own feelings and be happy for me. it feels like everyone is in such a bad situation that they automatically react negatively to me being in a positive one. it's not jealousy for the things i'm doing, it's that i have the freedom to do them and aren't constrained by what the average person is suffering from right now. i wish i had at least one person i could talk to who didn't make me feel like i was bragging condescendingly about my advantageous situation versus their shitty one.

No. 2073801

My dad wants me to drive almost 6 hours for his business tomorrow. I would be paid, and I only have to drive there, I get a ride back. I just feel annoyed because it makes me feel like I'll never grow up. On one hand, i do love my dad and want to help him out. On the other, it feels like i can't say no without crushing guilt and extreme sadness. I fucking hate feeling like this as a 27 year old.

No. 2073809

The hateboner for all the women in the celebricows thread is genuinely concerning to me.

No. 2073816

every post about Florence Pugh or Sabrina carpenter smells of moid

No. 2073821

I moved countries for my boyfriend and then for school. At the time my family and I had a strained relationship. But time has passed and our relationship is better. Meanwhile, my homesickness is getting worse and worse. The country I am in now also has a lot less resources and more health risks. I am not moving back because I have my boyfriend, just started school here and am making friends. But I’ve been so depressed lately that I’m just trying to distract myself as much as possible until class starts again. Studying is one of the few things that makes me happy right now lol

No. 2073829

Do you share this freedom/exciting things with them? Do you ask them about their day/projects etc? Perhaps you are being more selfish than you realise. If not, maybe you should start seriously networking and seeking people who are in a similar or better position than you. Otherwise your growth might be hampered by an unsupportive community.

No. 2073830

from an outsider's perspective, that sounds kind of your dad. i'm sure it's frustrating to you personally especially after a lifetime of it, but it's not forcing you to do it or expecting you to go without compensation. you may not want to get into his business, but it's still nice that he's extending these opportunities for you to make a little extra cash. really, if he was guilting you or being toxic about it, he'd be trying to get you to do it for free. either learn boundaries and express to your father that you're really disinterested in this but appreciate the sentiment, or understand that a lot of people would love a side hustle for some extra cash right now and would envy your situation.

No. 2073839

in the sense of sharing it, it's impossible not to because i generally have an enviable life where i'm frequently doing cool things. just documenting my life as plainly as possible will illicit jealousy becuase the things i'm doing are things many people wish they could do. i'm not trying to brag here, just explain vaguely and in short. i'm not really the "how was your day" personality, but all my friends definitely talk to me equally about the events happening in their own lives. i'm actually overinvolved in a lot of my friends' daily emotions because i have a mental healthcare background and i allow them to use me for free therapy (to an extent, mostly just to help them figure out where to start with a therapist or pull them out of crisis). so really, i'm often burdened with their venting and negative emotions (which is how i can sense their feelings about me indirectly in addition to more overt things), but i never do the same because i'm just not comfortable with that kind of emotional sharing. so i don't think i'm being selfish by expecting people to listen and give even basic reactions to my excitement and happiness for my life when i do the same or more for the despair and suffering in theirs. i definitely feel like my community is unsupportive and that it's holding me back because i don't want to lose my friends by being too unsympathetic/unrelatable, but i also can't relate and find their choice of lives miserable. i get not having much choice in having a shitty job or paying expensive rent or something, but all of them seem most focused on just buying things and spending as much time horizontal in bed, consuming media and unhealthy food in as large of a quantity as possible. i've spent years looking, but i haven't been able to find anyone outside of that, partly because i didn't follow a traditional life path (have kids) and partly because of the circles of people that my hobbies and interests put me in. this pushed me to finally put a long-dreamed-of plan of a big move and career change into action, and i know when i announce it, people are going to get weird about it because having the freedom to do that is rare and a lot of people would love to be able to do the same but can't because of their life constraints. i know this sounds like i'm being paranoid, but i've had people really do weird shit out of jealousy, like i've had multiple people hide my accounts from their feed on social media because i went someplace that they really want to and can't and they got too jealous seeing it; literally, one of them actually told a mutual friend that sentiment directly, i'm not projecting or making that up. i know at least a few of my friends are "shadow friends" because i've had outright haters who didn't hide it and those people are obviously friends with them and reporting back to talk shit. i'm not a person of any kind of influence to get this kind of bullshit, people are just sad and have nothing better to do with their lives than hate on someone who's doing well at the same job or whatever. i just want to find people who can at the very least go "oh, that sounds awesome!" and swallow their own emotions sometimes.

No. 2073847

I only read the first 4 sentences of this post, but you sound obnoxious

No. 2073869

When I said sharing, I meant: do you invite them to partake in these “cool” activities? Or do you just do them by yourself, show off and exclude them for the rest?

No. 2073878

I think your friends would be much better off without you, you sound absolutely insufferable. It's amazing you have friends at all.