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No. 2073267

Previous: >>2007134

Discuss art and related topics such as:

-Talk about Art Youtubers
-Ask about art supplies
-Discuss trashy art trends
-Instagram bullshit
-Art theft!
-General Art Bullshit
-Fandom and Shipping Discourse
-AI generated art (do not shill about your ai trained models key words on a prompt do not make you a artist)
-do not post your art to be reviewed here use the designated m thread

Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:
Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix

>useful youtube channels

>where to find art
>other useful sites
painting Amrita Sher-Gil - Three Girls (1935)

No. 2073283

I think that switching my focus to a non art career was the right thing to do, but at the same time it bothers me how my focus has shifted away from my art so much. Mostly it just bothers me how much I've regressed in such short amount of time. I know the answer is to study my fundamentals more, but I already have to do so much non-art studying that when I finally get a break I just want to have fun and draw instead of studying how to draw. But I can't have fun drawing because I think about how much worse my art is and how much better people who've gone to ateliers are. But I'm also secure in my decision to not pursue art school. It's just a mental block but it feels bad. In the back of my mind I still consider giving it all up for an art career, but rationally I know I'll be happier keeping it as a hobby.

No. 2073330

Just think that while right now you're on a roadblock, when you secure a job you will have all the time to draw again. You did rhe good call going for a non-art career, honestly the only time I hated art was when I did it for a living, plus it barely paid. Also while it can be disheartening to se your art "de-evolve" due to lack of practice, what you learnt won't go away, when you're able to draw for more time you will pick up your knowledge again in no time.
Transitory times are hard but you will be able to push thru it, just keep moving on and remember you're doing this for a good future.

No. 2073359

Do what works for you! I knew for myself I'd be miserable working if it wasn't in a creative field, so I studied to become a graphic designer where I now thrive. And it's just different enough from straight up drawing/painting that I still feel happy to draw when I'm home. Granted now AI may be threatening my job kek but I think there are even more "boring" jobs rendered useless from AI (like a lot of admin and accounting that can be automized through AI instead) so it's not like I'd have been safer picking that either.

No. 2073399

File: 1719822741988.jpg (1.11 MB, 1079x1350, 1000014717.jpg)

Anons, in crosshatch style portraits like picrel, how do you decide the directon of the hatching lines?

No. 2073401

The hatching follows the planes of the face

No. 2073403

They're following the direction and shape of the forms, so try starting with that

No. 2073423

There's is no right direction, it depends on the final result you're aiming at. Keeping at least some of the lines in the direction of the place will make it more readable. Gustav Dore is a great artist to analyze hatching direction.

No. 2073447

Nonas, did you guys do drawabox? And did you feel you had any improvement? Now that I’m not busy with college at the moment I’ve been studying fundies (or at least what i think are fundies, since its a generic term? Basically anatomy studies, perspective studies yaddayadda), and a lot of people shill drawabox. Sadly I think doing those kind of studies are crucial but I’m not sure what for.

No. 2073517

Yes and yes. It doesn't teach you to draw, as such, but I noticed a significant improvement in my art. My lines are smoother and more controlled, I'm better at putting what's in my head on the page, and it helped me a ton with perspective.
If you can't be bothered to stick to a program like drawabox, do the exercises as warm ups before you draw, it'll still help you.

No. 2073523

I’d like to get back into art as a fun thing but people in this “community” are so agro it’s putting me off

No. 2073532

I second

No. 2073533

can there be a general draw thread on /m/ or something i’m also now getting tired of coming here, hoping to read about actual milk, but only seeing advice/vent/general chat posts. especially when they’re shit like this >>2073399 like go to google? i put your question into google and got ten results. fuck

i used to be guilty of doing it too so i get it but cmon now kek

No. 2073540

I don't second anymore

No. 2073593

….nonna….. it says "general art" thread in the title…
also why split it up when we clearly don't have enough milk, just scroll past the posts you don't care about. it's not like these threads move too fast because of the advice stuff.

No. 2073612

Owing to how much garbage is on it, I set myself some Artfight rules.


3. Goes without saying but no furry shit, only animals.

No. 2073617

nah i thought the title meant general art salt and/or general artist salt in the same way me saying black/blue coat means black coat and/or blue coat

No. 2073862

Those are similar to my rules too. I used to draw stuff for tifs but this year I'm cutting that shit out. Their characters are usually ugly anyways.

No. 2073880

File: 1719858475368.jpg (22.9 KB, 1170x423, cardi.jpg)

fuckkk i hate seeing literal minors have better drawing skills than me, any tips on how to improve fast? i can go on months without drawing because of lack of ideas and overall motivation

No. 2073889

gesture draw in a sketchbook with a charcoal pencil. you don't have to try to be creative while doing it so it helps me when i'm stuck in a rut. the exercises are quick but lead to a lot of improvement. this channel has tons of free videos

No. 2073900

If you can't find the motivation or force yourself to at least study fundies during months in which you don't have ideas it might be over. Those minors are good because they draw a lot, they have all day to fuck around on their ipads.

No. 2073936

>want to continue to draw traditionally
>eyesight got so bad that not even glasses can save me
>have no alternative but to go fully digital
frustration doesn't even begin to cover what I'm feeling, looks like I'm gonna have to invest in an ipad or a galaxy tab
this fucking sucks
my friend got the newest ipad, the one with M4 chip and 13 inch screen and I gotta say that thing is big, the paperlike screen protector feels pretty nice
I'm waiting for her to put CSP on it so we could play and see how it runs
surprisingly she doesn't like procreate that much, at least not yet

No. 2074019

Very frankly you can't speed through learning how to make "good" art (IDK what metric we're using here). Art is something you'll do for the rest of your life, always evolving and becoming better than you were before in ways that you might not understand until you do. Those minors who have "better drawing skills" than you will eventually plateau—some sooners than others—and may not even be at the level you're thinking they're at. By that time, when you become so good at drawing that you can make figures up in your head and put them on paper (or tablet) as though they were placed right before your eyes, you'll realize you had nothing to feel ashamed of because those minors were never that good anyway—or, they are pretty good, but approach art from a different angle, and so you have no reason to compare yourself to them.
>lack of ideas and overall motivation
I would start by obtaining a sketchbook and pencils/pens and drawing from life. Anything will do, although it might be more creatively stimulating to pose your subjects beforehand. Remember to view the world as an artist—you aren't drawing an apple but an entity that's made up of many constituent shapes, focusing on bringing those shapes together to create something that looks like an apple. I'm not sure how to fix the motivation part—try taking some vitamin D?

No. 2074183

i'm more sad than i should be about not being able to participate in artfight this year. seeing all my friends excited for it and posting their references is bumming me out a little. i didn't even do it the last few years, but i guess the combination of not having the time to do it if i wanted to, and overall feeling burnt out over drawing and lacking the spark i used to have is what is causing it. everyone who does it is still excited about drawing and likes their own art enough to post it.

No. 2074196

You're not missing out on much, considering the site can't even handle the load of people trying to access it right now. Plus, like >>2073862 said, all the characters are pretty damn ugly.

No. 2074249

holy based and this is the ruleset I will be following as well, on top of no children.

No. 2074251

Has anyone here tried to make money off coomers? Like opening art commissions for furries, coomers, etc? i’m seriously considering doing that, but I have no online presence to do that yet. Does any nonna here have any tips? Has anyone here tried doing that? Is doing regular commissions better than coomery/furry ones for money?
Also considering opening a tiktok for art stuff kek. Has anyone done that here? What were your experiences?

No. 2074341

Honestly based. I've been pretty much doing these same rules since 2022 with the exception that pronouns are fine as long as they're normal ones and no they/them or neogender shit. Although I am being pickier this year so I might skip all pronouned individuals.

No. 2074383

I only just discovered Artfight today, but it looks fun. Too bad 90% of the art looks like it's been done by teenagers—I assume they make up the largest percentage of the user base?

No. 2074509

File: 1719898018700.jpg (484.13 KB, 1170x846, anime was a mistake.jpg)

Weaboo artists have no soul or inkling of originality

No. 2074523

File: 1719899642386.gif (24.05 KB, 258x139, 1571063014401.gif)

I want to draw more but i always find myself with two problems
a) dont know what to draw
b) dont know what to practice to improve
I have no idea how people can draw for hours every single day.

No. 2074529

Why do you want to draw, if I may ask? If you're not feeling inspired and don't like to draw for hours just for the love of drawing then what's your motivation to draw at all?

No. 2074531

looks fine to me, what's the issue other than you presumably hating the manga style?

No. 2074532

File: 1719900600009.jpg (736.21 KB, 2339x1242, J2YmtZ7kAP5ggQEqSye8TE7syKHIi3…)

If I see one more "they/them" troon dude character wearying faggy clothes and high heels on Artfight I'm gonna lose it. Pic very much related. What a waste of talent.

No. 2074533

Tbh that anon is right. This thread was more about milk and artist salt than general art. A general art thread really suits /m/ and I'm sort of tired of seeing the same posts repeatedly here.

No. 2074536

Doing both of your rules too. I'd like to "reward" people with no pronouns with drawings so they know they don't have to put them and people are still happily interacting with them. Frankly if you're a gendie shill in 2024 when non-partisan trans reviews/scandals like the cass report are out and public you're just willfully ignorant and evil and I want nothing to do with you, until you stop.

No. 2074537

watch them silently remove pronouns from all their past characters once they peak tho

No. 2074547

KEK "if" they peak, you mean!

No. 2074551

I avoid gendie looking ocs on art fight but I prioritize soul and how much fun I think I'll have with the designs in my style, many interesting designs ♥. I'll try to attack nonas sometime later since my queue is filled.

No. 2074648

I'm doing furry commissions for a while now, I'm not even furry myself, but they like my art for some reason, and they always recommend my stuff to their friends, like no other type of client. They are chill, I rarely have any issues, and most of them have tons of money for no reason. I suggest go for it only if you are okay with working with the ugliest designs ever and with ruining your portfolio a bit. But if you also have regular commissions that are not furry or coom related please also do those. Furry art is a niche and getting out of it will be hard, I would love to do more non-furry commissions, but I have hard time getting diffeerent audience after doing so much furry stuff.

No. 2074752

File: 1719923099347.jpg (314.19 KB, 842x1191, 98373927.JPG)

>10+ years drawing
>both versions just being cheap imitations of popular styles at their respective times
>10+ years newer art somehow looks worse
>no actual improvement it’s just a different more boring style, you can tell because anatomy in the newer works is still off
>less dynamic framing, and the guy’s eyes are lopsided
>Artist goes by “Minami Sakai”
>actually non-Japanese, grew up in Ohio with Ghanaian immigrant parents
>moved to Japan with nobody she knows
>living there for over 10+ years
>to make manga like picrel
She said here she wants Japan to have more Black representation, but later admitted she’s been avoiding including Black girls in her works because she doesn’t want to do “Here’s Japan through a foreigner’s eyes” type stories which is boring. So instead she works on the same derivative fantasy European isekaislop kek. Stop chasing Japan, it’s sad.

No. 2074822


Got it, thank you! I have no art profile yet so maybe I’ll make a separate one for both. Did you have to make an account on furraffinity (?) or something? Sorry just don’t know how to start lol.

No. 2074851

I started out on tumblr first, but it was a while ago, but now I use twitter primarily. I don't use furaffinity much, but it might help to have one too. Still, twatter, as shitty it is, is the main way now to get commissions for me. Separate accounts art accs are a hell to manage, even to get one account going is hard, but good luck!
If you are planning to get furry comms try to make some furry/anthro ocs to practice and even just to demonstrate your style more, look more at furry art to copy some elements that are popular among them and ofc try to make it interesting, because there are tons of artists who are trying to earn money with furry art and it's important to stand out with something unique. Idk, it's of course quite a general advice, but hopefully it'll help you a bit. I'm all for fellow farmers getting some money!

No. 2074883

AYRT I hadn't thought of it like that, but that's the perfect analogy: rewarding normal people. I like that!

No. 2074961

I love bishounens, stylish boys, and generally cute short male characters and the they/them plague is a fucking blight. I can barely find any cute boys to draw who aren't troonified

No. 2075021

Thank you so much nonna, you were very helpful!!!!

No. 2075111

The anatomy is the most egregious part of this drawing IMO.

No. 2075148

Here some salt I posted in another thread but it might fit here. “Salty artist but I don’t feel supported in the art groups I’ve attended. Very cut throat under the guise of ~supportive fun community~. I sound paranoid but an artist ‘friend’ completed a drawing of hers after I shared my sketch (it was the same subject) and then months later decided she too wanted to go into a similar field and style even though she had no mention of it before. I told her I had certain goals and then a few days later those were her goals too. She’s faster than me with a bigger online following so saying this sounds like I’m paranoid and jealous since she thinks we’re friends. Am I the retarded one? Is she actively sabotaging me? I think I’m paranoid.” If anyone has similar experiences you can share. I just feel backstabbed.

No. 2075187


i have been in a very similar situation and the best advice i have for you nona is to slowly just not communicate with her anymore. it might be best to just do your own thing and not look at what she's doing. at the end of the day you're going to make your own ideas if you feel like she's mining you for those then don't mention them. just do them and post them if you feel that strongly about it.

No. 2075211

I'm not gonna use the pastures tag but I'm quietly bookmarking some of your OCs, all of you are so talented wow

No. 2075225

She doesn’t follow me so she only gets these ideas when we talk and it’s more me talking to her than her actually wanting to be friends with me so cutting off communication won’t be hard. Though now I want to treat all fellow artists on a professional level which is distant and polite, not letting down walls.
Sorry it happened to you as well, even if it’s not common it makes me feel better to know I’m not crazy. Do you still create?

No. 2075236

yeah i still draw although now i keep everything i do close to my chest though, i don't really share my ideas or works in progress anymore because that trust is pretty much gone now, even though the incident has passed. I learned i have to be not paranoid but careful about who I share my work with. The internet really does suck ass now its mostly people with other motives.

No. 2075244

It's entirely possible she isn't aware she's doing it, you could try and talk to her about it if it's bugging you.

No. 2075309

I’m at the same point right now. It sucks to keep everything tight lipped but I don’t like feeling like I’m being used or that I’m alone in a group.
Perhaps. I don’t know how to do so without sounding like an ass kek. I’ve rehearsed it in my head many times.

No. 2075449

Tbh, I wish men actually wore interesting clothes like this.

No. 2075585

File: 1719968868816.png (45.09 KB, 665x860, Untitled-8.png)

I felt like venting, lol

No. 2075591

based and accurate but you forgot the furfags

No. 2075595

her art is good and she managed to achieve her weeb dreaming of living in japan and making manga i dont understand whats bad about that

No. 2075599

what is the first one referencing to
you also forgot the genshin impact style clutter

No. 2075622

Has anyone tried Drawabox? I am stuck in this excercise. I am not sure if i got the instructions right(I am ESL).
>make a squiggly line to depict the path the boxes will follow
>then make the Y
>then start drawing one of the edges
>this new edge has to converge on the same VP as the other edges
>repeat until you finish all the edges

did i get it right?

No. 2075632

File: 1719970573454.png (61.81 KB, 665x1130, Untitled-8.png)

My bad, fixed it.
Aaah I forgot about Genshit as I don't play it. First is a ref to all the shitty, poorly-researched historical OCs.

No. 2075636

im the first one sorry

No. 2075653

Kek me too but I don't really care, my ocs are just for fun

No. 2075885

File: 1719987552128.jpeg (631.88 KB, 1170x1659, IMG_1462.jpeg)

No. 2075894

KEKKK this is so accurate it hurts tbh, I got some horrific creatures in my hitlist so I'm considering skipping them altogether. One of them genuinely draws like a schizophrenic 5 year old and I have trouble telling what the character is even supposed to look like

No. 2075906

aifags will do anything not to pick up a fucking pen kek how pathetic

No. 2075908

Were you the one that briefly used the tag? and followed me back ♥ I'm crypto and didn't tag but I planned to attack you and the others.

Kek I've been in a very similar position. I think I am paranoid but at the same time on both situations someone reassured me that the other person were emulating me. One of them was someone switching from ink and cell shade to painterly suspiciously after I established myself as a painterly artist, the other time another person copied my inking style. Unfortunately you can't really claim a subject, theme or style for yourself, but I know how you feel, nona. In my case I just distanced myself and kept doing my own thing. I wonder if it's just an issue of having a smaller presence in the group too.

No. 2075909

>colored pencils
>has pen in hand
They are so fucking bad at this. I hate ai so much.

No. 2075910

I hate it whenever someone comes to me asking for a logo. I'm an illustrator, not a graphic designer. I usually still take the commission anyway because I'm desperate for cash.

No. 2075919

Mask off moment for the aifags, I guess. Basically admitting that they do want to pass off their slop as real and will do anything to pretend it is

No. 2075925

Literally why? AI is the equivalent of posting shooped anachan tier pics of your body when everyone knows you're obese, and they still expect people to praise them for how good it looks? Like that's not you, you didn't do any work, it's not impressive nor inspiring and it makes you look quite desperate, lazy and pathetic

No. 2075927

gotta post "RJ Palmer is a gross coomer moid" every time he comes up, lest anyone forgets about it

No. 2075935

>10+ years newer art somehow looks worse
No, it doesn't? Proportions, perspective and details are way better. Not perfect, but overall definitely better. Slow progress is still progress.
>Artist goes by “Minami Sakai”
>actually non-Japanese, grew up in Ohio with Ghanaian immigrant parents
While cringe and weeby, at least if she lives in Japan a Japanese pen-name is understandable to some degree, if she wants to make it on their market and not be discriminated against.
>She said here she wants Japan to have more Black representation, but later admitted she’s been avoiding including Black girls in her works because she doesn’t want to do “Here’s Japan through a foreigner’s eyes” type stories which is boring.
Now that's really cringe and hypocritical.

No. 2076014

source on this? i'd be inclined to believe you nonna but i want the tea

No. 2076029

Literally no one cares. At least keep the discussion art-related.

No. 2076051

No I just searched the tag and bookmarked a few characters! I'm too paranoid to openly tag anything but if anyone gets an attack from someone with no pronouns in bio then it might be me lol

No. 2076102

>Unfortunately you can't really claim a subject, theme or style for yourself
It sounds like that but it’s not. The previous example was a challenge we were doing together. She already completed her idea and I showed her my work, then completed it as her own. She pivots a lot I’ve noticed. She was a digital only artist and now is traditional (that’s a marked change I’ve seen in most artists because of AI) which is fine but she follows trends a lot. I told her of this anime and she hadn’t seen the latest season and I shared my favorite character. A few days later she had a finished piece of this character and it was always her favorite too and she loved the latest season etc. It’s that type of thing that occurs when I talk with her, something new in her feed is her idea. It’s the guise of friendship yet it’s going one way, which is why I’m paranoid.

No. 2076105

NTA but I don't see how that's any less related than what has been said about accounts in previous threads (the first ten were mostly personal grievances and calling Holly Brown a fat cunt kek)
I hope no one confuses you with me, that'd be unfortunate because of my absolutely cringe as fuck character and attack folder

No. 2076106

Thats not the point nonas making. Theres many foreigners in Japan working in that industry. Its about the fact she wants "representation" but only draws europeans and probably Japanese. Its the performative virtue signal thats cringe. And the fact that she avoids drawing black people all together makes her seem like shes just a self hating weeb who's trying to convince herself that she is not.

No. 2076144

oooo nonnie any advice to thrive better in graphic design? any portfolio advice?

No. 2076213


NTA, but one that's replied to you earlier. I was in an extremely similar situation. I openly shared my hobbies and interests that were unrelated to one another then suddenly they were her interests too. The only difference was that I actually do them and like them and she just talked about how she liked them suddenly. She was always trying to but into my convos online and it felt like she was trying to skinwalk me almost. it was uncomfortable.

i think some people don't know how to find their own identity so they wear others That's not your fault or problem
please keep creating she will never be able to keep up with you if all she does is copy

No. 2076232

File: 1720015252001.jpg (45.56 KB, 716x652, 8f2.jpg)

I mean, I'm obviously the cringiest one here. Get in line.

No. 2076275

Thanks for the encouragement anon. She’s a popular artist so it’s weird that she’s acting like this. I don’t understand which is why I think I’m paranoid because no one else in our art community sees it or cares. I don’t think she’ll copy me if I don’t talk to her but my worry is she’ll continue to copy my interests and get attention because she’s more popular online and everything she does is great while saying she’s my friend but doesn't talk about me, talk to me or follow me online. It’s weird.

No. 2076409

Kind of weird to say that she hates herself because of what she draws. Maybe she just likes those kinds of fantasy stories. Not everything has to be some self insert slop.

No. 2076437

i would swear we were talking about the same person almost kek except the person i dealt with is kind of a desperate clout chaser- don't worry about how popular she is she'll burn herself out trying to be other people

No. 2076544

Kek maybe. Did she also say she can lift more and run farther and faster than you? I was talking about working out, focusing on my health and then in her stories she was also lifting the next day and running. But her times were faster than mine for example. It does feel like skin walking but I can’t understand why no one else can see it. Maybe she’ll burn out but I don’t think so. She’s pretty popular and has a lot of fans. If I talk about this it makes me sound jealous which isn’t true. I just don’t know why it’s happening. Send help lmao.

No. 2076641

Is this the right thread to ask for help with art?

No. 2076709

the last one is my best friend kek she draws this super edgy furry men covered in blood and with psychedelic backgrounds

No. 2076762

Yeah g'head what's up

No. 2076788

she seems based

No. 2076795

the only good kind of furfag art

No. 2076804

File: 1720042528138.jpg (53.73 KB, 650x650, fdb064db9264abb843c1a5798d2bdb…)

I see you anon, your ass is grass now, joke's on you 'cause my favorite color is purple

No. 2076831

All this talk of gendies via Artfight reminds me of the fact that a lot of my mutuals would drop me like a hat if they found out I was crypto. Half of them are annoying but the other half are just regular nerdy women when I ignore or grey rock gendie discussion, it's still tiring having to watch what I say.

ooh reading your story gave me the shivers, I've been through something but the other artist managed to gaslight me into thinking I was copying her and would constantly vaguepost moaning about how her "heart and soul~" were being leeched from her so, feeling bad I did a 180 on my art and once she started copying that I kind of realised what she was doing and started posting only boring nature studies. She's since gone on to skin walk other artists, I think there's a lot of people like that who want to draw but either don't have the imagination and mental library or technical skills and don't want to put the work in, or both so have to find someone to mirror off.
I think in your case with the popular artist, they're more likely to get themselves in a bit of hot water if they start doing that to a particularly vindictive person, I've seen many dramas like that that negatively impact the copier.

No. 2076846

File: 1720044898269.jpg (71.66 KB, 564x564, 156dc178cff61c18c61e895224624b…)

Whats your safest option for comissions payment? I want to use Paypal but don't feel comfortable giving randos my full name.

No. 2076857

Kofi, you still have to use PayPal or Stripe but it hides your name during transactions iirc. Also a good way to manage comms and receipts.

No. 2076895

If you use a business account you can invoice as your business/artist name, your legal name will still show up if you send payments to anyone however.

No. 2076907

she is, she draws the furry version of my human ocs and I draw the human version of her furry ocs, I'm not a furfag but I appreciate her art

No. 2076910

nta but what information does ko-fi shows to your supporters? I've been thinking about using it too.

No. 2076928

Could happen but she seems to do just fine lol she traces a lot but it’s all from poser references and uses a lot of digital brushes to help her with trad art. It’s not copying so she doesn’t get in trouble but she really leans a lot into color picking and digital tools which help her rendering and speed. Her methods are not something I agree with but that’s also how she’s able to knock out a bunch of artwork compared to me. So again saying these things makes me sound jealous because she’s popular but I hate the fake feeling I get because we’re not truly friends. Thanks for letting me vent and it helps to know it’s not just me. She doesn’t vague post but I don’t want to share any ideas or really my life with her anymore. Good to hear your skinwalker stopped harassing and gaslighting you too.

No. 2076948

My bad I got it wrong, donations are anonymous but any transaction through their commissions widget will show whatever your PayPal account would show.

No. 2076965

I can't for the life of me draw men correctly. I've tried all kinds of tutorials, methods, etc, the hips and legs simply won't come out right. It seems I can only draw feminine lower bodies. What do I do???

No. 2076970

File: 1720053856594.jpeg (296.38 KB, 900x1145, femalemusclesystem.jpeg)

AYRT, you have to always keep in mind that men are much more angular than women. You should start by looking at male skeletons vs. female ones. A woman's hips are much wider and bowl-shaped because they're meant to carry babies. Men's hips, on the other hand, are the complete opposite: narrower, and tilted at a higher angle. Do some studies of male skeletons (ranging from quick, rough sketches to longer studies where you add shading and lighting). Then, when you feel confident that you know it well enough, move on to the muscle groups.

No. 2076995

I'll try, thanks nona!

No. 2077048

Same. Half the people giving me art this month would turn to death threats if they knew even a little what I think of gendies kek. It is kinda satisfying to think that the art I give that these people fawn over is made by an ebil terve.
Side note, for those attacking nonas in the pastures tag, are you adding any hints that you're from LC? I'm tempted, it might be a better way to find more based female artist friends, but I'm also paranoid about being exposed somehow kek.

No. 2077054

nah, i'm just using the tag. i don't wanna do anything more risky, and besides i have gendie friends and don't hate them

No. 2077064

AYRT, yeah it does have a little sense of sneaky satisfaction when they go from "ugh JK Rowling literally is Hitler" to commenting nice things about your work.
Also I'm thinking of adding a little cow or milk carton watermark to any attacks on characters in the pastures tag. If asked about it I'll just say it's part of a challenge or something lmao.
You don't sound jealous nona, you sound more frustrated which is perfectly fine given the situation. I'm glad you feel better after venting, it can be a bit of mindfuck to deal with sometimes

No. 2077084

I plan to write something inconspicuous in the private message section of attacks.
It's especially hilarious when the "terfs dni" gendie/tras follow and interact you.

No. 2077113

File: 1720065281706.png (94.02 KB, 605x852, Untitled-10.png)

The artfightconfessions tumblr has some pretty fucking funny rants about this.

No. 2077119

I don't think donations are anonymous either, when I get a Ko-Fi I can always see the donor's legal name through PayPal when I receive it.

No. 2077222

But harassing someone else with gendie flags isn’t worth a ban or report? I don’t think I’d bother if people are that retarded. Good luck participating farmers, may you find crypto artists.

No. 2077248

That blog is my guilty pleasure. The people sending in asks sound like such miserable people to be around

No. 2077296

I would have said just look at his likes but they're hidden now… He's basically just famous for being into hentai, liking, commenting and commissioning hentai works. He used to do it publicly but if you weren't aware maybe he cleaned up his public act the last year or so? I had to unfollow him because the gross coomer shit and hentai on my timeline got very uncomfortable.

No. 2077307

>All this talk of gendies via Artfight reminds me of the fact that a lot of my mutuals would drop me like a hat if they found out I was crypto.
My top 3 commissioners are a poly they/them, a TRA moid and an enby. It hurts a tiny bit knowing they'd want me dead because (checks note) I don't think children should be castrated and mutilated and that male rapists aren't women. Tho I love the fact that they keep unknowingly supporting and praising a massive terf kek

No. 2077312

GIRL SAME the more tranny customers i get the more free time I can give to trashing them and showing everyone their true colors. What a beautiful circle of life.

No. 2077324

For copycats (when you can't just ghost and leave) I always recommend telling them untruths to send them off on the wrong trail. Pretend your new goal is something else you don't actually care about to them, see if they copy it.

No. 2077372

File: 1720080461787.jpg (598.95 KB, 1080x2190, 1696306261530.jpg)

No. 2077377

fascinating that even artists that arent openly coomery in their art still manage to be massive degenerates.

No. 2077402

what was the name of that schizo chinese artist with really nice colors? rei something

No. 2077405

Robaato's a shit head but spot on here. Under every viral tweet about art, AI, or NFT discourse there's a guaranteed RJ appearance

No. 2077420

File: 1720084141416.jpg (720.71 KB, 2048x2048, jdge.jpg)

How do you find new artists now that twitter hid likes? i want to find artists with nice colors to study from

No. 2077427

Same! I get way more tranny customers than normal people, like just recently i worked on: big titty tim, tif with tit scars, a femboy character with pronouns and the client is unwashed autist in a skirt, an enby girl and even not clearly begendered individuals still have they/them as their pronouns. I don't even care anymore, it's just funny to me that they are the majority.

No. 2077430

Make a business account on paypal, a new one, don't turn your current private one into a business one. It'll ask for a contact name, this one has to be your full name but it won't be shown on any transactions. In my case it didn't need any documents, but if it asks you for anything you can't provide just delete the account (or register your business/yourself as self-employed officially, that's what you should probably do anyway even if you make less than 1000$ a year and don't need to pay taxes (though in the US you need to start paying taxes on your self-employment income once you make more than 400$ a year)).
Ko-fi donations are "anonymous" the same way twitch donations are. On the site itself it'll show customers usernames, but inside your paypal transaction history it will still display both your names (or your business's name if you're using a business account).
If you have trouble setting up a business paypal you should try vgen. Ask mutuals if they have a code for you (just make a public post about it) or participate in their stupid little challenges. They have a payment option that'll hide your name from the commissioner, but it apparently takes a bit longer to process

No. 2077434

File: 1720085963694.jpg (241.89 KB, 960x1058, 1000001913.jpg)

Holy shit, of course this is a thing kek.

No. 2077448

They have money to waste on hormones and operations, so of course they have enough money to use on commissions of their sparkledogs. Most of the ones I have seen around just come from well-off families (I guess since they had no problems growing up, they invented the problems themselves to feel special kek)

No. 2077469

PayPal is still the most used payment method but because of my country's regulations I can't make a business account without submitting actual business information that I can't have unless I make $5000 or more a year. So I just gave up kek, my commissioners are pretty good and I also get their names and information during the transaction. None of them live in my country either so it doesn't really matter.

No. 2077485

It’s painful to get used to, but I usually look through an artist’s following list. Usually artists will follow and interact with accounts with a similar style to them. So if you like an artist on their following list, look at that artist’s following list and so on. If you’re looking for anime art, another option is to look on Pixiv. Start with a Twitter artist you like that links Pixiv in their bio, follow and like a bunch of art, and then let Pixiv’s algorithm do its job. Your Pixiv homepage will have a lot of “recommended works” based on the artists you interact with, follow, like, bookmark, etc. You can also look through art tags, Pixiv rankings (sorted by daily, weekly, monthly), or look at an artist’s following and bookmark lists.

No. 2077524

File: 1720096041863.png (859.65 KB, 841x720, 1575603590820.png)

Admittedly I'm having way too much fun drawing for farmers, kek. This is probably the most excited I've been for Artfight since 2020, and it probably has something with not drawing the same old sparkledogs and uggos and the fact I've been experimenting far more than usual.
I hope this becomes a yearly thing.
I'd recommend looking at the Art You Like threads and the Westaboo art thread, lot of really good artists mixed in there.
I've just had a quick peek at the account and man, some of the anons are real handwringing miserybones.

No. 2077539

joined artfight as soon as I read this post/about the tag lmao, I hope nonnies will keep posting cute ocs for me to draw!

No. 2077588

File: 1720102855896.png (2.54 MB, 1550x1100, S7k8N5Sz5TnBBrHQKnBvIkWgxFkBst…)

I'm real tempted to write into the tumblr and give them my "toxic trait" (which is that I like to save the images of good art from shitty tranny artists so I can study and steal their techniques, hahahaha). Picrel. If you're a troon or you even have pronouns in your bio, your art style is fair game for me to steal and adapt.

No. 2077729

i can't wait to draw for nonnies!!!! your ocs are so cute

No. 2077762

I have no OCs, I have trouble with design, but I'm already sketching two lovely nonnies OCs

No. 2077830

Valid nona, I do the same.

No. 2077874

Nope nona I’m way too paranoid, I even thought multiple times about deleting my account kek

No. 2077951

I have this weekend off so I can't wait to finally draw for you anons, get ready for some attacks! I only have one OC up but the rest of them are self-inserts so it would feel weird to add them as well I think.

No. 2077976

This looks like that one chuck e cheese’s photobooth machine they’ve had for 20 years.

No. 2077981

Same! I have so many characters bookmarked!

No. 2078559

It must be for the bad reputation of Calarts, but I swear I cannot see someone with this portfolio wanting to be in that art school.

No. 2078562

I found a whole sleeper cell of based women on Artfight, kind of a shame some of them don't have more attacks as they're pretty good. Their rules say stuff like "no misogyny/misogynistic slurs". Idk if it would be okay if I linked them, though, would anyone mind?

No. 2078563


All her individuality is going to be smoothened out when they're through with her, if it hasn't already happened.

No. 2078569

File: 1720159329062.jpeg (88.86 KB, 736x731, Practice, ling xiang.jpeg)

Explain it like Im 5 pls but
How do you study art?
Do you do just a ton of studies, copy from the artbooks, follow along something like picrel?
Idk why but I can never get myself to start studying I just get overwhelmed with how much I don't know and need to do

I'm always jelaous of artists with such elaborate sketchbooks, mine are just pencil drawings

No. 2078616

>How do you study art?
i am on the same boat. What i did is make an art schedule that starts from simple excercises and resources and then slowly starts introducing harder subjects.

No. 2078618

You have to focus in on one aspect of the painting you want to study from if you want to do master studies. Is it lighting? Composition? Color? Choose one so that you don't overwhelm yourself at first. I've seen studies where an artist would take a section of the piece and do that. Not everything has to be the entire painting copied!

No. 2078632

link me, I'm interested!

No. 2078658

Please don’t. Better give tips on how to spot them. But no pronouns/no bio with good art speaks for itself

No. 2078682

Care to share?
I have some schedules from other artist but they take up a whole day everyday and im employed

No. 2078690

care to share those? mine's just doing warm up excercises from drawabox + figure drawing + choosing something i struggle with and doing studies on that. On the latter, I tend to change the subject weekly instead of daily, otherwise i feel like it doesnt stick in my brain.

No. 2078697

Are they farmers or not? It takes just one tranny to google an artist, find this thread and see it as nothing but evil TERFs spreading dog whistles. That goes against the whole point of going crypto with the tag but at least those farmers (should hopefully) know that it’s like playing with fire and are prepared. If they’re not using the tag, you’re just assuming that they’re are. Let’s not unintentionally drag those users into it if the word ever gets out. Support them silently, if they’re one of us they’ll know.

No. 2078701

i checked the tag and anons mog trannies skill wise. Even if trannies went against them they would just embarass themselves and their ugly sparkledogs with titchop scars.

No. 2078702

No problem, after i get home cuz they're on my computer

No. 2078708

File: 1720174052641.jpg (56.09 KB, 1080x487, Screenshot_20240704-204707_Chr…)

NTA but they're genuinely so much better skillwise and character designwise. Also it's kind of funny how a anonymous gossip site is way more supportive of each other than a gendie hugbox, pic related kek.

No. 2078709

I went through the blogs of people interacting with that blog and found a lot of their ArtFight links and almost all of them have really mediocre art and OCs. My favorite anons are the obvious aidens constantly seething about pretty bishounen characters getting more attention than their hairy fat old man OCs

No. 2078747


No. 2078761

So childish kek there's no such thing as artstyle theft. You can ""steal"" from anyone you want, it doesn't matter.

No. 2078772

Do you need OCs to participate in Art Fight?
I have none (got zero interest in making up designs/stories) but I enjoy drawing others' characters and I would like to attack other nonas.
Every artist seems to have OCs so I'm not having luck finding info on this.

No. 2078775

No you can just draw for other people without uploading OCs. You can also upload your custom characters from games (for example a lot of people use their FFXIV characters) or even pets if you want to give people something to draw for you in return, though.

No. 2078779

You can participate without ocs. I've come across some users that draw for others only. Or if they do have an OC it's something silly and easy to draw like a Sanrio-esque character.

No. 2078832

That's good to know, thanks! I will try making an account later today then.
I guess I technically have a single OC, but it's just a mascot to put on my artist card when I sell stuff kek

No. 2078905

Nah, not farmers as far as I can tell, just Russian lesbians, kek

No. 2078909

Look up "warm palette".

No. 2078949

Looks like a telegram group of Russian lesbian friends. Good for them tbh! Glad to see more based women participating in fun stuff like AF. It's a sad state of things when women have to be secretive from pick-mes and tifs. Males would never go to bat for women the way these pick-mes start hate campaigns for them.

No. 2079095

File: 1720199751638.jpg (205.05 KB, 1200x675, EFtBgWfU4AE2yYa.jpg)

No. 2079096

File: 1720199846505.jpg (159.91 KB, 1024x819, 1690114928649.jpg)

No. 2079097

Kek maybe we can add schedule references in the OP post? This is far from the first time and last someone asks for artist schedules for some reason.

No. 2079316

I did that but only saw gendies

No. 2079344

>consume art
Lol they make this sound so internet zoomer.

No. 2079355

>week starts on sunday
into the trash it goes

No. 2079424

File: 1720237848565.jpg (9.21 KB, 600x300, 1686869410391.jpg)

tips for drawing with your shoulder? i am doing the 250 box challenge and my lines are so wobbly and shitty

No. 2079515

Is your tablet big enough for it? Do you have a big space to move your arm around? Try getting a drawing glove if your hand adds too much friction to the tablet

No. 2079599

i am doing it in traditional

No. 2079855

File: 1720290510282.png (354.13 KB, 598x637, leochamposa.png)

>MFW The old art is the one on the left.

Why some artist do improve like shit?

No. 2079874

How does this even happen?

No. 2079885

Try on bigger paper. Get a sketchbook that's at least DIN A3 and draw big to fill up the pages, it'll force you to use your shoulder more.

No. 2079887

File: 1720293564810.jpg (355.95 KB, 2048x2048, 405292919_651709660503747_5479…)

It doesn't kek. The art on the left is clearly the new one, just look at the rest of the account. Picrel is from november 2023 and it looks nothing like the 2018 artwork. No idea where anon got that

No. 2079902

OT but I fucking hate it when people put the ‘after’ picture first. Like how retarded can you get.

No. 2079908

>used to have a gorillion OCs
>draw them every day
>mental health improves over time
>loses all interest in OCs and now I have nothing I care about drawing

No. 2079916

Not that difficult to tell if you have eyes or follow the artist. Maybe they didn't want old art displayed in their media tab.

You should try shipping ocs with friends kek it's always more fun to work on something together

No. 2079934

Kek why is this real

No. 2079968

>You should try shipping ocs with friends kek it's always more fun to work on something together
Why should I care about shipping fictional characters when I'm in a real relationship with a real person now?

No. 2079980

This reply made me feel exactly like the girls in the OP image

No. 2080030

I only found out about Art fight now and I was thinking about participating next year, and I'd like to hear anons' experiences with it. Has it actually been worth for you? Like did you get actually good art of your OCs or did you end up investing a lot of time and effort in drawing others' OCs only to receive either nothing or rushed art way below your own skill level? I really don't mean to be ungrateful because I know most people want to genuinely try their best but I'm uncomfortable with the thought of not getting anything out of it or someone forcibly troonifying my character or something. How do you find characters that interest you?

No. 2080073


I block pronoun havers the try to follow me, im in two art servers that dont pander to troons and added friends from there, but im also not interested in receiving good oc art. Im good and have many talented artist friends so i get plenty, i just enjoy the challenge of drawing others ocs for fun. I also just like getting in attack fights with my friends. I would just set your expectations and only draw characters you really want to draw if youre worried about not getting enough bang for your buck basically. If you have interesting designa more talented artists might just draw your chars because they like them.

No. 2080074

Damn. Because playing with dolls is more fun with another person, it doesn't have to be romantic if you don't want to. But why complain about having no subjects to draw then, is your partner not good enough to function as a muse kek

No. 2080189

kekk it's ship art of the hetalia versions of chile and argentina

No. 2080343

I really despise this style. It always looks so flat.

No. 2080472

How can I develop the habit of drawing men? Every time I get into the zone, I always end up drawing women, and I feel terrible about it. I promised myself that this year would be the one where I improve my drawing skills, especially when it comes to drawing male figures. However, I often find myself struggling to come up with ideas like pin-ups and illustrations. I just wanna draw beefcake…

No. 2080479

File: 1720353040098.jpg (244.92 KB, 1364x2048, [23-04-20] 1649135088607842304…)

find male whores and draw them

No. 2080489

At first I always hyperfixated on aspects of male bodies that I liked, like the abdomen right around the belly button and groin. I started my drawings from that point, which made it easier to keep from transforiming it into a woman. Also the thighs, calves, butt, and shoulders. Collect references for body types and parts that you like, and stick to referencing those before branching out into different body types. It might be more difficult if you like leaner men though. I've been told on here before that I have a very gay male taste in bodies.

No. 2080495

>very gay male taste in bodies
Why is that? I'm curious?

No. 2080499


No. 2080519

I've posted pics of male bodies that I enjoy and have been recommended that rokudenashi artist before.

No. 2080681

It would be extremely based if you played dolls and drew oc ships with your partner. I love writing stories with mine.

No. 2080709

File: 1720370238083.jpg (127.33 KB, 1080x1080, 1646807316404.jpg)

How do i improve my lines? I want to stop chicken scratching

No. 2080716

File: 1720370492004.png (516.35 KB, 600x590, 588109cdcErNwT1B.png)

Here's some tips that applied to me
>Come in with the idea that it's gonna be a fun experience interacting with people with cool art/ocs rather than treating it as a way to get free commissions.
>Focus on designs that you think is fun for you to draw, this way you won't get burned if you didn't get an attack back. Likewise you're not obligated to attack people you don't feel like.
>If you really want higher guarantee to get attacks then avoid low attack-high defense ratios. I saw some with like 30-60. A lot of people will mention if they're too busy or have attack priorities like friends.
>Literally no one cares if you choose to avoid drawing troon shit or anything you're uncomfortable.
>It's funner with friends to have revenge chains with. Makes you more visible in the front page too.

>someone forcibly troonifying my character

Kek, where did you hear that happening? Just stay out of troon spaces, af circles are pretty segregated.
>Like did you get actually good art of your OCs or did you end up investing a lot of time and effort in drawing others' OCs only to receive either nothing or rushed art way below your own skill level?
I'm getting good attacks, My biggest issue right now is how it's the same set of characters getting attacked kek. Also I'll call back to paying attention tp the attack quality/turnout of a person you're attacking if you really care about that.

No. 2080723

Stop doing them. Put your mind into it. Draw the lines. This is such a non issue.

No. 2080730

i always get told that but i find getting rid of the habit insanely hard, especially while doing timed figure drawing where my brain is already focused on other things

No. 2080731

I either
A) Paint over the sketch
B) Duplicate the sketch (if your pen has opacity), merge both layers and clean it up by erasing.

Recently, I also found out Flash has super good pen stabilization/post-correction (probably since it works in vectors) and that's what I have been using lately for lineart kek 2007 program doing wonders…

No. 2080736

you need to give yourself time to break the habit before you resume regular study. timed exercises require you to use muscle memory that you've developed through practice, so doing those will reinforce you doing chicken scratch until you've had enough time to retrain your muscle memory. practice a bit away from timed exercises, and then return to them when you can draw unbroken lines without thinking about it much

No. 2080743

File: 1720371550119.jpg (217.91 KB, 869x1237, 2c2150f1a237b9e8a16f732f4094a1…)

Those are wonderful tips, but sadly i am working on traditional! I want to make a manga in ink, but my lines are so shaky. I dont understand how some artists can make wonderful flowing lines like pic rel without fucking up.
thanks, i will!

No. 2080744

Fill a couple of loose papers without lifting too much the pencil, from one point to another, diagonally, parallels, do some big circles etc. Then do the timed exercises with a pen and without lifting it at all, and gradually be less restrictive I guess

No. 2080746

Try using a brush to ink! The difficulty curve is steeper, so it’ll be frustrating at first, but your lines improve so fast when you use a brush. That’s how I learned to stop chicken scratching.

No. 2080747

this sounds great, i will do this. Thank you.

No. 2080750

>Try using a brush to inkç
what do you mean by brush? i am using fineliners and i ordered a fountain pen to use with ink too(because this artist uses a fountain pen).

No. 2080763

File: 1720372892834.png (15.59 KB, 200x200, th_s2acvmE4XY6w9PbXepiceDHmQep…)

I've seen well over 50+ artists on Artfight with this exact same style, holy shit.

No. 2080765

the one in your pic? i like that one.

No. 2080767

They're a dime a dozen, nona

No. 2080776

i dont use artfight or twitter so i havent seen it, it looks nice to me. I have always liked more realistic faces over more moe anime ones.

No. 2080813

The colours are so nice

No. 2080895

In what way do these look similar

No. 2080905

All things western with a hint of anime is the same for this breed of anons.

No. 2081078

Who is that? Reminds me of someone I used to follow on tumblr.

No. 2081080

Someone named BerrYori

No. 2081501

Just make a sketch with pencils then ink it? It's a practice makes perfect situation, there are no big secrets.
Unrelated, but the way her fingers aren't pressing the keys bother me

No. 2081541

Maybe this video could also be helpful, a lot of the stuff he talks about is what you'll subconsciously learn if you do exercises like >>2080744 describes. Just google around a bit and you'll find some specific prompts. Do those daily until you notice a difference. Also study some of your favorite artists. Search for real time inking videos too, a lot of artists do it much slower than you might expect.

No. 2081609

she's doing that thing where they press all the keys in a row

No. 2081711

>Share a discord server with some hobbyist artists
>One of them has no actual industry experience, yet wants to make art her day job
>Her portfolio: endless sameface drawings with pillow shading and stiff composition, only actually decent at drawing just one thing that she milks endlessly to the point it loses its value, some generic pride flag stickers and soulless sloppy FoTM work for good measure (and a quick buck), an absolutely insufferable whiny, bitter personality nobody finds attractive and who posts only once a month on her socials so that she receives minimal engagement blaming muh mental illness for making her procrastinate
>Still has the audacity to be snarky at other peoples' art
Sorry for random personal cow art salt vent, maybe some nonnies can relate since these people seem to be dime a dozen as nobody wants to be just a hobbyist anymore, everything has to be a profitable form of employment. For any anons ITT who keep asking about how to build a follower base, start with avoiding everything mentioned above.

No. 2081869

is she trying to get into concept art? if so lol lmao good luck. But if shes trying to get into animation or something else, then she doesnt need to be good. Outside of a very few artists most western cartoonists and comic artists cant draw for shit.

No. 2081899

I've heard that often but wouldn't they need to have connections to get into a job then? There are hundreds of talented artists trying to get into animation, I don't believe they'd choose a random discord degenerate over them kek

No. 2081921

AYRT I think she's just one of those "people should pay me for drawing whatever I want" people, I don't think she has her sights on any industry job in particular. So many anons on this thread as well constantly complain about not having enough followers or engagement without ever thinking about their end goal as a commercial artist.

No. 2081955

>these people seem to be dime a dozen as nobody wants to be just a hobbyist anymore
I think that also has to do with people arpund you, the second you start learning a skill everyone thinks you're gonna profit from it and that mindset gets absorbed unconsciously.
Or maybe I'm just a retard kek Everyone expected me to become an artist since I have been drawing since I was little so I thought that was the road I had to follow. Later on after high school I became a hobbyist artist and started to enjoy drawing again (I would get stressed because I was on a cycle of "I don't draw good enough -> That's the only thing I know bow to do [due to people arouns me] > I'm never gonna get a job").
Sorry for blogpost but yeah the point is that society just works like that, if you go online and see every single artist selling theie stuff, you end up thinking that's what you're supposed to do. The best art comes out from pure autism, I wish monetizing wasn't so normalized/expected in art spaces.

No. 2081958

>I don't believe they'd choose a random discord degenerate over them
there are so many discord degenerates working in the animation industry. Butch Hartman draws like ass and still managed to get into the industry. You only need connections, not skill.

No. 2082076

Nonas who is your art cow? Mine is probably that one with the weird incest comic and evil Cartman oc.

No. 2082087

Any tips on networking part in the way to get into industry? Follow, like, reblog, mention, commenting may be too straightforward and weird them out?

No. 2082088

File: 1720464513888.png (Spoiler Image,35.66 KB, 978x720, FlupInMXEAwWD5A.png)

terry/tbrainrot, the horrorcow ex tranny who draws self ship art with lisa simpson. Her account got nuked and i have no idea if she resurfaced under a new name.

No. 2082090

File: 1720465126817.png (134.25 KB, 608x492, twitter.png)

why do people like this artstyle so much? unironically uglier

No. 2082094

These like, “putting art styles / quirks” into a box piss me off

No. 2082098

Probably just because Hazbin did it.

No. 2082100

I followed Nemu until she quit the internet, and I’ve yet to find an artcow half as funny as her… she spoiled us

No. 2082112

This right here.

No. 2082124

excessive detail in eye designs is an easy way for artists to jazz up their otherwise bland character design (easy example, generic anime). It adds 'interest' in an area that's already a natural focal point, and cheap 'personality'/expressiveness– even if one-note and locked into a very set range. It's like clown makeup kek. Plus artists love doodling eyes, this puts those hours of rigorous scribbling in margins to work.

This too, though I've also seen this kinda aesthetic for years in some art communities/fandoms. The not-eyeshadow-but-shiny-eyelid thing is common in tumblrsexyman fanart and original designs aiming for that kind of character, for some reason. Don't quite see the appeal kek.

Didn't tearzah/her clones also do something similar?

No. 2082147

File: 1720469528738.png (628.35 KB, 1737x1064, lum_2022_2024.png)

For me, it's constellor/penporo, and while they’ve been mentioned in this thread in the past, the milk has been oh so plentiful in the last year or so.

>already popular and talented anime artist known for their cute boys while also being a menhera who DFE frequently at the slightest hint of drama

>promare releases and she immediately shotguns the gendie sissy femboy fakeboi hypno juice. becomes a tif and changes name, pronouns and entire brand to suit it.
>amass an even larger audience from drawing coomer art of her cuntboy self-insert persona that gets plastered everywhere, even on her swf main twitter.
>suddenly goes on hiatus in late 2023
>returns having detransitioned and now draws exclusively “curvy” naked anime girls with minimal if no backgrounds or details
>art now undeniably worse in every way
>old nsfw twitter gets nuked and now replaced with disgusting bottom of the barrel hetero hentai trash where she writes about painting with her boyfriends cum
>turns out she hooked up with a coomer scrote artist whose been camping in her replies for several years
>DFE related not only to “trans” but “gay” and “lesbian” now. become vaguely homophobic and refuse to talk about it.
>tfw you desist but only because you were groomed and got dicked down by an older man with a fat fetish and breeding kink
>become a stay-at-home unemployed breeder tradwife whose audience is entirely cumbrain moids who lap up every doodle that somewhat resembles a female figure

She's like if Benjamin Button was a modern day twitter artist

No. 2082151

I miss her so bad anons. She’s actually how I found lolcow. Someone on YouTube was using a deranged profile pic of Toad from Mario barfing into a Tupperware container and I didn’t rest until I had tracked down the artist and found her thread.
Ever since then I’ve been trying to get my artcow fix elsewhere, but it’s just not the same.

No. 2082152

oh my GOD THIS IS PENPORO? I stopped following her around her promare era I had NO IDEA she ended up this bad. I'm fucking shocked.

No. 2082155

jesus what a downgrade, its like puppychan 2.0

No. 2082170

File: 1720470435697.png (1.99 MB, 1812x1856, GO9tycgbUAArT0_.png)

she's not deserving of a thread but she's still hilarious in her own right. it's like she's drawing bad on purpose because there's a certain point where laziness or lack of skill is no excuse.

No. 2082174

maybe we should have a proper art cows thread general on /snow/, like how there is the western animation cow and book author threads that are compilations of cows

No. 2082180

I think that would be fun, but farmhands would probably just lock it and tell us to use this thread.

No. 2082182

i think they know this thread is mostly for art talk rather than cows now

No. 2082184

By building and maintaining professional relationships like in every other field. Sometimes people choose to go to artschool just to be able to make those personal connections. Leaving friendly comments somewhere won't be enough, you need to actually get to know people which is easiest if you can meet them irl at work-related events and such.

No. 2082186

File: 1720471698874.jpg (50.9 KB, 735x485, 8c8eaec9a7adf5c0e8efc97d76222a…)

>I don't know what it's called
What is this weird need to have a term for everything, I keep noticing it in tutorials too picrel is a random example. It's exaggerated make up or sometimes just how an artist likes to draw, what is it supposed to be called?

No. 2082190

its literally just called lens flare, its a fucking real thing that wasnt invented in fanart. Holy shit zoomers are low iq.

No. 2082191

There actually is one, but it hasn't been active since 2021. Would be nice if nonas could revive it

No. 2082197

shadman ruined an entire generation of artists

No. 2082211

>becomes a tif
>art turns coomer
Ew. Why do women fucking hate themselves so much that they degrade women worldwide?

No. 2082212

Zoomers barely know that human history goes back further than 1989.

No. 2082215

>returns having detransitioned and now draws exclusively “curvy” naked anime girls with minimal if no backgrounds or details
>old nsfw twitter gets nuked and now replaced with disgusting bottom of the barrel hetero hentai trash where she writes about painting with her boyfriends cum
>become a stay-at-home unemployed breeder tradwife whose audience is entirely cumbrain moids who lap up every doodle that somewhat resembles a female figure
Fucking christ the mental illness spiraling should've stopped at being a fujo TIF with a cuntboy fetish, that would've been the less horrifying ending. The degradation in skill and descension to madness is devastating, what a huge waste of potential. Lord have mercy.

No. 2082227

In cases like hers I always feel like the cuntboy phase is just a safe/easy way to transition from yaoi to het porn which is what she actually always wanted to draw kek. Oftentimes it happens as the artist starts to have sex irl and realizes that she doesn't care about yaoi anymore.

No. 2082234

not to infight but continuing to draw cringey self-indulgent cuntboy art of your ocs is leagues better than getting groomed by moid and drawing art to appeal to him.

No. 2082237

She was always drawing self insert coom art of how she thinks she looks. The way she saw herself just changed. This is pretty common for TIFs

No. 2082240

File: 1720474625218.jpg (788.39 KB, 2250x3000, GQe5qEeaIAAKSuX.jpg)

This, being a TIF drawing your cuntboy OC getting fucked is cringe but being groomed by some scrote coomer into enabling his moid degeneracy is straight out depressing. Her old art was really dynamic and promising, especially the 2018-2020 era, but now it's all thrown out for the sake of drawing with Nigel's cum.

No. 2082244

They are both self-indulgent, her taste simply changed. Both eras could have been influenced by other people in her life that she wanted to please. Getting brainrot from cartoon porn is bad no matter what kind kek

Interesting how these are mostly girls when that's not how she got popular

No. 2082246

I'm guessing she intentionally picked the pieces depicting female characters for this simply to hide the fact that she used to be a fujo so that all the coomer scrotes following her now wouldn't be turned off.

No. 2082249

I love how you can tell she used to be able to draw women normally kek

No. 2082257

she peaked in 2018. This is so sad to see.

No. 2082350

reminds me of mery that korean artist thats been basically drawing nothing but hyouka fanart for years. she's drawn coomer art before but now it feels like she's pandering to them every other day. I don't even think she was specifically a fujo but her osomatsu art was nice to look at imo.

No. 2082361

File: 1720484817687.jpg (Spoiler Image,758.04 KB, 1079x1186, Screenshot_20240709-093212_Ins…)

>Australian mentally ill furry TIF larping as anime boy, used to go by speelseal but DFE in early 2023
>suicide by train survivor, used to show off bloody images of her amputated leg just after the operation on her instagram story and highlights as well as ED body checks
>apparently disowned by her family
>3/4 of her 2021-2023 was about this attempt, giving way too much information about it
>went through a phase last year of only speaking in Japanese for some reason
>opened a Discord server mid last year, was barely in it except to publicly berate her then boyfriend
>Earlier this year her mutual twptwp travelled from Wales to the US to hang out with her TIF girlfriend, another mutual chiritrei, who draws vore and transformation shota fetish art and a corprophile
>they break up after twptwp returns home, chiritrei citing that twptwp pressured her into sex while twptwp claims chiritrei was emotionally abusive
>twptwp begins venting to pest about the relationship, meanwhile pest is cheating on her boyfriend with chiritrei and relaying all that information to her
>twptwp finds out and makes a callout post about them, in response they make fun of twptwp and pest breaks up with her boyfriend who is apparently such a simp that he allows her to continue living with him free of charge
>both pest and chiritrei are now hated in their art circle, with several large art accounts verbatim calling them evil and mentally deranged, despite everyone seemingly being fine with their unchanged behaviour before and twptwp is still vagueposting about them constantly

No. 2082363

She posts under wicker_kingdom now and has a locked NSFW account on Twitter.

No. 2082369

File: 1720485466222.jpg (Spoiler Image,744.16 KB, 1080x1083, Screenshot_20240709-103350_Ins…)

another one is crabsbeverage, which I think I'm going to let the art speak for itself, and yes this is one of the tamer ones. A lot of her art involves maggot filled vaginas and things like that.
Spoiler for furry having sex with cartoon dragon

No. 2082384

I think both styles are cute, I don't care about the cow in general, but the art is really cutely rendered and I appreciate the actual hips and the fact that the arms match with it. I hate people who draw thick girls but their waist is super small and their arms have no fat on them and it's basically a bimbo, but they call it plus size, like Sonico.

No. 2082388

There will never be another Nemu and it kills me inside. She’s the one who got away.

No. 2082391

You don't mind the thin neck though?

No. 2082443

this is the most degenerate thing I've seen today

No. 2082455

If it's observing another artist's work, I always like to think of it as layering. It's similar to your picrel. You can notice how it looks more simplistic from the beginning and gets more detailed later on. Sometimes it's also good to look into any timelapses an artist has posted to get a better understanding. Cleaner/flat artwork is much easier to break down for me, so I guess to handle more detailed artwork, I like to think the process is somewhat similar, but textured art just has much more extra layering with varied brushes used so it might look confusing at first. For me, if I find a composition that might be too difficiult for my level to study, I just break it down into parts, like finding a portion of the piece I want to have a better understanding of and just end up staring and observing that area trying to discern what kind of brush or technique that artist used.

No. 2082461

It's not pencil thin, anon. It's just a neck. Do you mean you want them to have triple chins? Come on.

No. 2082568

File: 1720506518601.jpg (16.97 KB, 530x117, Capture.JPG)

From a "they" kind of profile on Artfight. Kind of surprised because the "they" is named Lana.

No. 2082585

I feel that the pressure is more intense when they're slightly more advanced than the average person because it's like, "you spent all that time being good, so you're going to make money off of it at some point, right?"

No. 2082588

wrong, it's danganronpa's fault

No. 2082685

>reminds me of mery that korean artist thats been basically drawing nothing but hyouka fanart for years.
i admire her autism, its really cute

No. 2082689

i've gotten a surprising amount of detailed and nice art of my ocs, especially considering my own skill level isn't that great. of course there's going to be some stinkers in the mix, but the beginners seem to put in effort too. some people who get a lot of attacks will revenge in a sketchy style. but no revenges or attacks ive gotten were obviously rushed. and i haven't had any gendies try to change my characters or anything, everything has been true to reference

No. 2082703

i miss holly brown, in general i love bad webcomic cows but havent found one as wild as her again. what happens next is interesting but the creator is just your average TIF and not that milky imo.

No. 2082707

a fatty of that size would have at least one double chin

No. 2082784

What’s her new nsfw @?

No. 2082861

NTA but they're just cartoons nona, she shouldn't have such a flat stomach either.

No. 2082874

Part of Holly Brown's entertainment value was how she drew out equally petty and salty cows-in-the-making who did really bad redlining over her work to flex their own skill only to end up looking like absolute clowns with zero self awareness. I'll never forget how RU had an entire discord op against her despite being almost like a mirror version of Holly kek.

No. 2082886

>I'll never forget how RU had an entire discord op against her despite being almost like a mirror version of Holly kek.
good times, i remember when she got dogpilled by ic scrotes. I wonder if she still lurks.

No. 2082892

There will never be an artcow like Snapesnogger was.

No. 2082894

File: 1720535615266.jpg (405.96 KB, 1638x2048, [24-07-05] 1809265556924801072…)

Whats the thing you struggle the most with? for me, it's faces. I really love detailed faces like pic rel, but mines always end up all wonky and weird. Ofcourse, it's a matter of practice and it's going to take me a while until i am good at it. Funnily enough, i always get complimented on my hands kek its like i have it all backwards.

No. 2082896

For me it's perspective, it always looks wonky.

No. 2082900

i recommend drawabox, it helped me immensely

No. 2082947

I think its tbrainrot2 but its private

No. 2082987

Also faces for me. Morpho helped me get better at them but it's still a struggle. I'm so jealous of people who grew up copying pokemon or voltron or similar stuff, at least they subconsciously learned how to draw with pleasing proportions

No. 2083057

>I'm so jealous of people who grew up copying pokemon or voltron or similar stuff, at least they subconsciously learned how to draw with pleasing proportions
Kek same, I'm really good with overall human anatomy but faces end up being a huge struggle for me, I always end up making bland, stiff samefaces despite my desperate attempts at trying to improve. I wish I spent all my time just drawing bishounen fanart during my formative years.

No. 2083064

File: 1720544555857.jpg (142.9 KB, 1280x976, 151.jpg)

the voltron and pokemon style is super ugly imo. I have always liked how yoh yoshinari draws faces and i wish he would have stuck to this style instead of generic moeshit he went for in LWA

No. 2083131

It's not about it looking ugly, it's about the proportions and being simple yet pleasing. Artists start copying that and when they continue to develop their own styles they don't have as many issues drawing faces. Yours would've also been a good starting point, but then again literally anything but the western cartoon and deviantart slop I grew up with would've been good. There's a reason westaboo art tends to look nicer than western fanart

No. 2083156

Please post the art I'm begging you

No. 2083561

I have a lot of trouble placing characters in 3D spaces and it often culminates in me really struggling with whole body perspective. I get complimented on my illustrations, and that's good and all but I really want to get heavy into concept art and storyboarding because of a personal project. I tried learning blender but it seemed a bit daunting since I don't have the right fundamentals. I have no interest in animation but storyboarding guides have helped me immensely in learning how to more or less place characters in a scene, framing, composition, visual storytelling, proportions etc. I want more than a pretty picture I really want to tell stories too. I often use a 3D object to map out the floor but it seems more like a crutch than anything. Any good recommendations?

No. 2083688

draw more from life (both figures and environments– go out and sketch the people around you at a cafe or park or other public space like a gallery/museum [zoos are a personal favourite because there's animals and people, two birds with one stone and all that kek]), do studies of scenes from films that you enjoy/are known for their cinematography and note how and what is being communicated in them, and reading up on film and comic theory might also help you.

>learning blender but it seemed a bit daunting since I don't have the right fundamentals

I'm a 3D artist who started with 2D, and the majority of 2D theory/fundamentals are transferable to 3D (especially 3D sculpting), the main hurdle is learning the programs and using a more 'mechanical' process to create what you want. Blender is very easy to learn as it's very well supported in regards to free resources and youtube tutorials, especially compared to the industry standard programs (eg I use Maya, which was pretty hit-or-miss tutorial-wise for years in comparison lol). If you just want to use it to block out staging, using primitives or random stand-in assets should be enough (eg a desk can just be cubes of varying sizes stacked on top of each other in the rough shape if you just want to visualise perspective), and then use the camera view and camera settings to set up the scene how you want it. You don't need to fully model or sculpt everything unless you actually want to create 3D art or animation.

>3D object to map out the floor but it seems more like a crutch than anything

This is actually a really common technique within industries like animation, both 2D and 3D, during production stages such as boarding. It's also not uncommon for concept artists to use 3D in their process, especially for things like games where they'll work on top of greybox level screenshots etc.

Artists have used mock-ups and maquettes etc since forever, it's a tool and not some hack-fraud cheater method, you're still applying your skills and knowledge to create a final product. Good luck!

No. 2083787

>I'm so jealous of people who grew up copying pokemon
Me, except I copied the actual pokemon and not the humans kek
All I drew when I was little-a teen were animals since I found them way more cute than people so now trying to learn human anatomy after so many years is being a disaster, bodies I can understand more or less, but when it comes to faces and neck/shoulders it's a complete mystery to me.
Lowkey I wish I were into furryshit during these early years since at least these stand on two legs and have a more human-ish face, I would be struggling way less now.

No. 2083808

I'm in an AA discord and some of those people are straight up stupid. They were discussing business cards and how "disrespectful" it is to just take one without buying anything. Are they for real? Business cards are literally meant to be free advertizing for you, you should be fertilizing the ground with it to get people to notice you! Yet they act as if it's a precious sellable product and taking one is bad?!
And it doesn't even seem to be newbies, it's people who have spent time, effort and money on selling at many cons. Imagine being so cheap you don't want people to take your fucking business card for free, I just can't stop cringing over how immature they are

No. 2083809

File: 1720603258839.png (44.76 KB, 589x408, sb.png)

TRA and gendie infested Shortbox Fair is open for applications ♥

No. 2083834

Most people who take cards do so to keep an eye on the artist and/or to buy stuff from them at a later date (no everyone carries enough money to buy every single thing they like).
I have seen artist cards that are pretty much a mini-print, they add gold stamping, pop-ups and all so that's on them if they want to turn something that is more than fine being a cute design on a cardboard into merch. No matter how they look their use is the same and people will take them anyway. If they're so angry, then give them as a purchase bonus (akin to a Thanks You card) but that defeats its purpose.
Theyre just complicating everything themselves and getting angry at randok innocent people.

No. 2083906

Think it's called foreshortening but overall properly placing arms and legs in bent positions to look properly 3d. I want to draw more dynamic poses for drawings.

No. 2083915

File: 1720616761028.png (607.41 KB, 1024x1127, _oc__by_penporo-dcr19zd.png)

That's sad actually. Men really are poison, you can tell she was just a very insecure girl (in a south asian country iirc) who went down the tif pipeline and then met a moid who most likely exposed her to degenerate porn and practices and now she has adopted his shit taste because she has no personality by herself. I followed her when she was still on the old deviantart and drew her cute Orion character. Then she saw Promare and started basing her ocs and style off of it, but technically she was very nice. Then she became a full-on tif and kept drawing her "male" (aka cuntboy) sona with a sci-fi setting/story in which the "guy" would arrest people and subdue them by fucking them (porn-brained as hell) and now this… what a waste.

No. 2083989

The video that has helped me the most with understanding perspective.

No. 2084049

Does anyone know where to get high quality refs? i used to use a russian torrent site, but i forgot the name of it.

No. 2084058

File: 1720626118006.jpg (129.2 KB, 1200x675, 1000040760.jpg)

I think the eyeshadow/dark/colored eyelids detail is kind of cute on simple characters, it reminds me of courage the cowardly dog because of the medium.

No. 2084061

Was it rutracker? Also VK group TD - Склад уроков рисования is great source i think (you'll need a vk account though). https://vk.com/albums-29809816

No. 2084064

> rutracker
yes thank you!

No. 2084067

>turns out she hooked up with a coomer scrote artist whose been camping in her replies for several years
>DFE related not only to “trans” but “gay” and “lesbian” now. become vaguely homophobic and refuse to talk about it.
>tfw you desist but only because you were groomed and got dicked down by an older man with a fat fetish and breeding kink
what the actual fuck, any caps?

No. 2084079

Man Artfight is really making me jaded to all these retards. (I'm >>2073612 lol) Glad I set those rules out 'cause it weeds out 90% of these insane people, but shit… finding a good, normal, unique artist with no brainrot is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Flickr, lol

No. 2084108

I knew someone like that. Always criticizing people who didn't prioritize technique, while she lacked it completely herself, making very stiff and bad drawings. Bitter personality, only caring about followers. Also blaming mental illness for not posting. Why do this to oneself? people are encouraged to insist on making money from art, and they can't recognize when there's no improvement and it's better to keep as a hobby than to torture oneself (constantly complaining about hands being difficult, artblock, etc. honestly do they even enjoy drawing at all?)

No. 2084264

Brujo isn't being milky right now, but she did do a q&a on her Instagram story recently and she pretty much detransed her kakyoin girl (no caps)

>will only go by she/her pronouns in her soon to be comic

>"comes out as genderqueer" when character is 30

No. 2084288

It's blown wildly out of proportion. The 'older man' in question is 23 and she is 21, which is considered grooming now for some reason? I also can't believe farmers here care if women are drawn fat. This such non drama.

No. 2084323

I only occasionally check on her, was her comic gonna be mostly high school or not? Because if that's the case, then yeah, it's pretty funny that she has already 100% detransed Kate for the part of the story that people actually care about.
I also saw that QnA. It was noticeable to me that she always defaults to feminine pronouns for Kate except if the question itself used male pronouns or if it was directly asking about Kate's gendieness. It's so clear that she bases the way she talks about her characters on netizens' opinions lmao.

No. 2084346

The fujo -> ftm -> het pipeline is real. It's like slowly realizing that girls aren't actually icky and now they only focus on them

No. 2084406

Yes, it seems like it mostly focuses on them being teens. (Though Brujo likes to draw Kate as a sexualized busty older woman sometimes which again, makes me laugh when she says she becomes genderqueer at 30.) she did say she is adding their child to the story, so I’m wondering how she is going to treat boyfriend character. (She recently did some posts about him being a girl or whatever, to please her fans.)

No. 2084614

do you have any examples of her homophobia that's fucking hilarious, we used to be mutuals in 2017-2019 and watching her devolve was actually crazy

No. 2084615

Sorry for venting, but I feel like we live in such a bad era for artistry. Looking at nearly any household object throught the ages they've all gone ugly, plain and "minimalist". Take keys for example, they used to have intricate beautiful designs and now they're all just a little tag. My grandma has old cutlery, floral patterns are etched into them. Everyday objects used to not just be for function but also be works of art. I'm sure I'm being silly but it's so sad to me that those things go lost. Why is it that when technology advances art seems to be the first thing to get cut out?

No. 2084619

things used to be beautiful because they were meant to last for ages, but modern stuff is meant to be replaced by equally cheap garbage from china

No. 2084664

File: 1720655569825.png (50.39 KB, 939x420, Screenshot 2024-07-10 165059.p…)

If you search her handle on twitter followed by whatever "qweer" word like trans or gay, you can see she deleted every tweet including those words. This is probably tinfoiling but on her toyhou.se profile, she borrowed a character profile template from another user and changed the "orientation" tab to "favorite food," also nowhere does it mention certain characters are trans even though they were listed as so prior. If it isn't tots kawaii big boobie animu yuri, she baleted it.

No. 2084688

I feel like it's coming back though. A lot of millenials are into beige minimalism while it seems like colorful and maximalist design is becoming more popular with zoomers. Everything's expensive and low quality so people want to put what money they have towards interesting pieces or they customize their own.

No. 2084728

File: 1720658553284.jpg (272.39 KB, 640x600, 54269ed71abf03560b2c1c9d5ff0f3…)

Because China, because cheap consumer plastic shit. Because "minimalist" means less labor, less paying designers, less price-point cost. Why spend money on dyes when you could just sell uncolored shit and charge people 5 times as much? (This is why I like vintage crap.)

No. 2084771

File: 1720661704371.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1170x1301, 1710042696058.jpeg)

>tfw will never live in a cozy 70s house
why live. At least i can make my sims and my ocs vicariously live through my autistic fantasy of livign in a 70s mcmansion

No. 2084794

Nosebrox and his old friends. He was a pedophile owner of an old /ic/ server. He even has a wiki that he made of himself.

No. 2084795

did* pussy wiped it off

No. 2084798

https://wici.fandom.com/wiki/W/ic/template:yotsuba Lol, you're right, he deleted mentions of him, but he has a section here. I wonder if he searched up his user? Nosebro still has a tumblr iirc. Last I heard, he was running away from something and was broke.

No. 2084803

File: 1720663701239.png (627.44 KB, 1128x783, 94872389472.png)

I swear to god this reminded me of this tweet
Aren't most things in conventions expensive anyways? Some people aren't even being disrespectful when they take business cards. I had a friend go to a con and she wasn't able to buy everything from them but she was happy to collect the business cards she can get from the artists and shared it on her story.

No. 2084820

Business cards are my favorite thing about cons! I like following new artists.

No. 2084838

Wow I remember that faggot when I would frequent /ic/ yearssss ago. Good to know I was right about him being a retarded loser

No. 2084931

I'm happy whenever someone takes a business card. It means my art was notable enough for someone to want to keep tabs on. I find it astonishing that there are people that entitled.

No. 2084992


Nonna, art is just like society, fashion, beauty standards, politics, etc: all of those swing from one extreme to another, time after time. In the 1920s, women started wearing looser dresses and dropped the corset (symbolizing the new rights they had) and Art Nouveau, am flowery and complex architecture style, was bombing. Years later, in the 1930s, women were back to wearing hourglass silhouettes (the great depression also symbolizing a small fall in feminism’s wins) and Art Deco was on vogue, with very concrete and mathematical-like designs. Theres timeless examples of art going from a minimalist style to a maximalistic one, reflecting on society itself. The minimalist trends of art are probably caused by the 2000s oversatured, very colorful presence (think of Mcdonalds ads). So naturally arts tended to gravitate towards something less saturated, with beiges and stuff. We’re probably going to gravitate towards maximalism again.

No. 2085001

Sigh should have stopped at fujo. The rancid dick literally destroyed her skills and charm.

No. 2085353

File: 1720706940500.jpeg (146.51 KB, 963x963, F4j1WdtXkAASJ4j.jpeg)

Did Cyarin stop drawing or is she just not posting art on twitter? It's almost been a year since her last artwork, I wanted to see her regress some more kek

No. 2085358

this doesnt make sense because the 50s,60s,70s,80s,90s and 00s were all really colorful

No. 2085424

File: 1720712995654.jpg (91.18 KB, 616x480, 70s-pad6.jpg)

Oh it's still doable, anon. Just gotta save up enough cash to buy mid-century modern furniture, AND pay someone to restore them (if needed). My dream is to live in a MCM house with a conversation pit.

No. 2085442

I’m not only talking about colors.

40s - world war, hourglass silhouette is on vogue. Art deco
50s - space age, hourglass silhouette is on vogue. Minimalist architecture (midcentury)
60s, 70s - new breakthroughs in feminism, mod fashion and a new beauty standard for women: being boyishly thin. Late modernist architecture, which includes brutalism

No. 2085628

File: 1720726943882.jpg (128.68 KB, 454x682, booth.jpg)

Still can't get over Artfight. It's my first year doing it and I've come to realize it's kind of like one big psyop against women (hear me out):
1. Anytime I see a thumbnail of a beautiful woman, it's either a man or a woman with pronouns. Or a woman with her tits cut off.
2. A majority of strong/interesting female characters are butt-ugly. Like "sole of my shoe" ugly. Or they're deformed in some way to make them unappealing.
3. Any time there IS a beautiful woman design, she has to have her tits or ass out. Or she's pedobait.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy variety in character designs, but holy shit, I feel like we need a bingo card for this shit. I can't get over how many female artists on Artfight are troons or they/theming themselves out of being a woman. It's like they can't stand the idea of being a woman so they try to negate it and toe the party line. Don't they feel miserable?

No. 2085631

Speaking of artfight, has anyone seen any actual moids on it? Every single profile I come across is a woman whether "cis" or some flavor of troon. I'm just curious if men would actually participate but on second thought since it's an art gifting game probably not since moids are freakishly selfish.

No. 2085633

I hate gendies and tras too but like 80% of the people I follow there are nothing like what you said lmao. Everyone's always hated girls and women, it's just this generation's version of doing that.
Yes, there's actually an ic thread about it.

No. 2085635

Wtf I wanna follow the people you follow then, this shit is disheartening

No. 2085639

Every single man I've seen on there has eventually been banned because he was blatantly trying to get fetish art from naive children. It's always some really autistic dude with mspaint scribbles of inflated furries or something. The only mtf I've seen on there also got banned from the discord server recently for posting constantly about his fat fetish and tried sending a tumblr army after them for 'transphobia'

No. 2085647

>tried sending a tumblr army after them
im gonna need caps for this one kek

No. 2085655

Git gud at finding estate sales and combing through Facebook sales. You can find amazing pieces for dirt cheap with time and patience.
Performative wokeism requires the inclusion of Quasimodo in a dress, nonna. If your art isn't exclusively potato-nosed vitiligo'd wheelchair-bound hijabi FTMTFTM autistic amputee strippers holding flags and smiling, you don't get to join the cool kids club.
There are good artists in Artfight who are normal about girls and women, but they're drowned out by the tide of women with more internalized misogyny than the entirety of Reddit.

No. 2085660

File: 1720728793540.png (95.49 KB, 1080x772, tumblr_140435f6a4e76f88c305040…)

I can't find his specific post right now but he's apparently been banned from multiple servers due to posting constantly about his fat fetish. I searched the AF server and there's literally hundreds of pages worth of his comments and he seems extremely annoying lmao. Here's an ask from that confessions blog that introduced me to him and started his meltdown.

No. 2085672

>Tfw want to do Art Fight so badly but don’t want to go back to being a furry

No. 2085735

>Tfw want to do Art Fight so badly but don’t want to draw men

No. 2085768

KEK I checked the ic thread and they've got pup/pupselfs posting in it. I had no idea tards with neopronouns used 4chan… embarrassing.

No. 2085825

You can choose what to draw btw

No. 2085908

File: 1720746498621.jpeg (529.72 KB, 828x1063, IMG_2146.jpeg)

I like Shay but I don’t like Kelsey’s art. Her stuff is really basic shit you could find on a canvas in home goods. I will say I’m impressed at how she makes a living off telling artists how to make money instead of actually making money off her art.

No. 2085910

File: 1720746702802.gif (14.04 KB, 220x220, IMG_5716.gif)

>choosing to complain about artists drawing ugly women while ugly old male characters are everywhere

No. 2085911

if this is legit i will be joining when my art is good enough, hell yes

No. 2085998

File: 1720753677569.jpg (42.86 KB, 617x319, Capture.JPG)

Yeah but they're easy to ignore. Plus, I wanna draw women.
And speaking of, I was going through a specific tag just now and found a character with a cool design. Went to check the artist and make sure there weren't any pronouns, found her personal site, and found this on it. I'm gonna draw her character for sure now.

No. 2086018

based i like her

No. 2086024

Giga based? Artfight W, etc. I actually didn't want ic moids getting too comfy in a female (yes even tifs) dominated site.
Literally git gud a pressing the random button.
Starting to think it's anons sourgraping. No one has a gun to your head, only a small 10% maybe cares about points andthey're so obvious because they do nearly YCH looking pieces because they produce these en masse. It's really just draw what you want and have fun the website.

No. 2086027


No. 2086069

please share her personal site nona, I'd love to check the pastures tag but I don't have an art fight account

No. 2086166

File: 1720767155476.png (Spoiler Image,6.13 MB, 2137x3508, 29103890842.png)

There hasn't been an update from her or her friends/family. I suppose there's art block since she has posted about lacking inspiration and you can see the general carelessness in her work. There has been some thoughts about her being seemingly frail though. Could also just be that she wants to take a break from her art career overall, who knows.

No. 2086300

I stopped following her a long time ago but I remember she was posting something about wanting to stream gaming on twitch. There's nothing like video games to stop you from doing art tbh

No. 2086355

File: 1720789717232.png (122.95 KB, 193x265, IMG_5378.png)

I know it'll just take time to get used to it and figure out a faster workflow, but I spent two hours just trying to paint a granola bar wrapper on a screen tablet

No. 2086359

Whenever I see a woman getting random “you’re looking so thin, are you ok?” Comments I can’t shake the feeling that she’s using an alt to get people to notice how skinny she is.

No. 2086373

kek nonna, very relatable

No. 2086383

File: 1720792915071.jpg (1.77 MB, 1500x2250, 1000009134.jpg)

Picrel but I'm wondering where the "Woman disguise herself to prove to be as stronger/clever as a man" trope went. I was waiting for this book thinking it was about it, but the character of the left is "no binary". Dunno because Chira now identifies herself as "agender" or because a straight couple with a no gender comforting woman is so '90.

Angry nonna yells at cloud.

No. 2086396

call me nitpicky but i hate this style

No. 2086405

File: 1720794820616.jpg (263.72 KB, 840x1320, 1000009136.jpg)

Chira is amazing at doing quick sketches and cell shading art, but her art really changes when she has to make a full illustration like that cover.

No. 2086409

dorito chin lookin mf

No. 2086410

she needs to work on her colors and rendering, it looks really flat in >>2086383 imo

No. 2086412

I know some but they're all troons who do fetish art. some draw good but the subject matter is…

No. 2086414

File: 1720795677729.jpg (481.7 KB, 1280x1808, Kim_Jung_Gi_2018_Sketch_Collec…)

>some draw good but the subject matter is…
you can describe 98% of moid art like this

No. 2086416

Nah she means Glitchedpuppet-esque transformation and slime fetishes disguised as cute

No. 2086442

How's art fight going for you? I'm having a lot of fun, I got more attacks than I was anticipating and I wanted to upload more characters as I finish their refs but I'm prioritizing revenges now. I wish this had been around when I was a teenager, it would have been so nice to be encouraged to draw all Summer long.

No. 2086457

Awesome, I think I did a little more attacks than got defenses so far but I'm having so much fun and the people receiving them has been so kind so I've just been on the grind. Attacked a few nonnies too!

No. 2086469

I haven't got many attacks but I'm still having fun attacking others. I keep saving more and more bookmarks and I have 3 pieces on the go because I want to draw so many characters

I'm not doing what some nonas are doing and disregarding gendies and their characters. I respect it and I love the idea of the pastures tag but apparently I have terrible taste so I end up drawing "it/theys" a lot

No. 2086470

Awful. I have little energy to finish sketches, I want nonnas to have nice attacks but I dislike and redrew pieces. Maybe I just post my OC first and then it gets easier itself somehow.

No. 2086475

Haha nona I bookmarked bunch of homestuck fantrolls. I wish they had more arrogant regal fish guys. They're my faves.

No. 2086497

It's been fun and pretty productive. I've slowed down a bit because of work but I recently got some really beautiful attacks so I'm feeling reenergized! I've gotten a good amount of attacks and am feeling a little overwhelmed but I think I'll focus on drawing back for nonnies first before I work on stuff for anyone else.
Don't sweat it nonnie. It's supposed to be fun! Even if you only can do sketches, I'm sure they will be appreciated. But definitely post your OC so you can at least get some nice gifts, too.

No. 2086498

File: 1720801862493.png (342.64 KB, 596x506, jackie-droujko.png)

Did she pick a bad drawing on purpose to rage bait? Girl be looking like a mahi-mahi fish with muscular sclerosis hands

No. 2086508

File: 1720802235326.jpg (99.09 KB, 1440x946, 449848371_18445464943046305_34…)

her art is just quirky and ugly like that. Stylization and rendermaxxing over fundies like any ngmi. She has a course, too.

No. 2086513

File: 1720802452074.png (231.16 KB, 808x547, whyy.png)

her course looks awful, basically you are paying to take all the soul out of your art. I fucking hate how artist in the west are encouraged to simply their art to make it cheap and easy to mass produce, it never looks good.

No. 2086545

I can't stand this channel and she pops up in my recommendations every now and then. She purposefully picks beginner level artwork and just redraws them in her own style as an "improvement" and they all end up looking like extremely aged 00's cartoon style while she adds her annoyingly smug commentary over it without really teaching anything.

No. 2086551

I've been having fun! I managed to draw more attacks than last year, and I received my first craft attack in all the years I've been doing it and the person offered to mail it to me. I've been a bit slow the last couple of days because I've been out a lot but gonna try to catch up a little since I recently reorganized my bookmarks and want to get through a bunch more before the end of the month

No. 2086597

File: 1720804729614.jpg (110.54 KB, 504x523, concept_001.jpg)

Kek there are so many older, better illustrators who can do this

No. 2086599

Slogging through the unicorn tag trying to find a unicorn oc without fucking pronouns or "slay queen yaaaasss gurl we stan that" gayness

No. 2086611

Alas I just found out she hasn't been on Artfight in almost a year now.

No. 2086893

just drop her @ lol or if you don't want to explicitly say it just encode it using base64

No. 2086936

File: 1720822547306.png (59.27 KB, 1000x1430, influence chart_.png)

Would anons be interested in a thread to post your influence charts? i would like to see everyone's favourite artists

No. 2086961

I like the idea. But why make a new thread? Why not use this one?

No. 2086965

oh sure that sounds great too!! i will post mine in a bit

No. 2086971

Aw anon you must have missed me before I took the pastures tag off mine, that's alright since maybe she wouldn't have been to your taste though. I hope you find a cute unicorn oc to draw! I found one I want to attack and I'm rolling my eyes at "she/they" on her reference image but at least she's cute enough to ignore it.

No. 2087020

Looking at Brujo Ari’s insta, pretty funny that this art got removed (along with many others)

No. 2087031

File: 1720827529057.jpg (6.7 KB, 275x275, 1716170873290.jpg)

NTA BUT if you're the account I think you are I think your unicorn lady is very pretty and I've been having fun drawing her.
Been a slow poke with making my refs so I haven't posted anything yet, I have been working on drawing every farmer I see's ocs and hope to be able to post them all in a day or two.

No. 2087047

Your unicorn lady is really cute but I'm afraid I'll do a shit job drawing her

No. 2087060

Yeah she basically removed this girl from the story, or she plays a minor role in it or something. The story is basically a het romance now between a nlog and totally a transguy.

No. 2087073

I was so sad when I saw this for the first time. There's so much identity and movement in the left one already and it's pretty simplified as is. From a cool, fashionable and nerdy sporty girl who likes baggy clothes and doesn't even seem to care or mind her long shoelaces to regular "tomboy" skater girl cutout. How is this not an objective downgrade? At least keep some of the interesting design elements and storytelling. It's making me mad.

No. 2087079

File: 1720832350011.jpg (95.71 KB, 918x795, Fight4-copy-original.jpg)

we have to go back

No. 2087094

File: 1720833040188.jpg (119.98 KB, 1510x884, Screen_Shot_2017-11-10_at_10.3…)

I didn't participate this year due reasons, so seeing people enjoying it makes me happy at least.

No. 2087114

The previous is cute. I dislike how she changed the lips. I don’t know anything much about character design but the lip shape was one of the things that caught my attention and she just straight up changed the shape to something flat entirely. The fact she changed the face shape confuses me too, why would you give her a pointier chin?

No. 2087115

Maybe I'll see when you post your attack then anon!
Impossible. You could draw a stick figure drawing of her and I would be delighted and revenge back. The month is going by so fast, I hope I'm able to attack more farmers before it's over.

No. 2087166

>The month is going by so fast
oh so true nonny, i haven't even posted my characters yet

No. 2087171

For the nonas who post their art online, do you also secretly draw things that would be canceled in the blink of an eye if you post them? Or am I the only weird one? I constantly see people who follow me calling out other artists (female artists obviously, because they never cancel male artists) for some moderately problematic drawing, while I draw the same things or worse in secret. I feel a little dirty, to be honest.

No. 2087176

I feel like this is a far less uncommon experience than you think at this point. It doesn't mean that I'm not a judgy person who doesn't shit talk about what I don't like with strong opinions (kek) but at the end of the day women can just be cringe and annoying and make content that I hate at the very most. Women are easy targets for cancellation unfortunately regardless of what I think. My advice is to keep drawing what you want because things change and maybe what you like will be acceptable to post one day and something you've made before will become a faux pas. Who knows

No. 2087178

File: 1720841278602.png (1.91 MB, 1077x1272, influence chart_2.png)

here's mine. I feel bad for putting leyendecker and rockwell next to animu trash kek

No. 2087321

So… if artfight doesn't let me submit an attack to a user (the submit button does nothing) it's because I've been blocked, right?

No. 2087375

Their Discord posted yesterday saying some people are having trouble submitting attacks, are you using Firefox? Their advice was to clear your cache but it might be fixed by now. If you've been blocked I don't think you'd be able to access the person's profile at all.

No. 2087577

Shit-tier taste

No. 2087582

> Chaco
> Shit tier taste

No. 2087612

>I took the pastures tag off mine
nta but oh no! nonas please put it back for a while! i only just joined in on artfight and I want to draw nonnies ocs

No. 2087663

File: 1720892516918.gif (987.99 KB, 245x230, giphy.gif)

Salty vent: I said I couldn't participate in Art Fight for personal reasons, and one of them is because one of my favorite artist blocked me out of not reason (I blocked her back). It really stained me to participate in AF in general, even if I wouldn't have never drawn her shit and expect her to draw me something back.

No. 2087718

Kek could it be because your profile gives off a bad vibe? You shouldn't think that much about blocks though

No. 2087721

I meant leyendecker and rockwell. Everyone seems to be emulating them these days, it’s tiring.

No. 2087725

Probably? Then again, I always attacked in AF but never received a revenge, so it felt kind of pointless (and no, I wasn't attacking the popular artists).

I should stop of being a bitter nonna.

No. 2087770

Do you have a swastika or anything terfy on your profile? Not a single revenge is crazy, I've seen what could've been some moid from ic receive one for his generic brown hair red shirt oc he had one shitty drawing of. Did you forget to upload characters?

Not shit taste just because you are bored of it.

No. 2087774

Nothing at all, I just have human characters and feral ones. I can draw furry characters without problems.

No. 2087857

please recommend me those artists who are emulating rockwell and leyendecker i would love to follow them

No. 2087878

I'm genuinely so curious about your profile, I wish I could see it.

No. 2087896

literally just look at the average twitter artist. everyone and their grandma is trying to emulate those two those days and it's so embarrassing because since none of those artists try to understand the logic between their poses, colors and composition they end up with garbage that looks like a shitty bootleg

No. 2087900

Nonas I want to try Artfight but after making an account and looking at some of the character designs there my drive to participate plummeted due to the amount of absolute dogshit designs and the ridiculous amount of furfags and object people. God I just wanted to draw some pretty women but I'm on page 33 and almost nothing came up (the few that did are some genderspecial he/him lesbian with five nationalities bullshit). I'm so sad.

No. 2087935

File: 1720907106358.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1574x4720, A156D6A5-042A-41D6-9B01-4FFFE8…)

>gets called out for tracing ASK, etc
>I don’t know how to tell my dogs

No. 2087938

i dont use twitter though, cant you just drop the @?

No. 2087948

use the Pastures tag!

No. 2087964

>tfw started making one of these and gave up because I barely ever draw anything so there'd be almost zero resemblance to any artists I admire

No. 2087974

I never really understood tracers who have the technical skill to render but not draw. Did they just sleep through anatomy class?

No. 2087999

File: 1720910264644.jpg (675.31 KB, 1000x1246, map.jpg)

Took me longer than i thought.
Thores Shibamoto, John Kiraly, Phoebe Herring, Leon Spilliaert, not a specific artist but landscape(mostly trees) drawings with color pencils, anime lmao, photography in general and i have learned a lot by taking photos myself, Alexei Savrasov.

No. 2088010

Really varied taste, i like it. John Kiraly is lovely, i remember seeing his art in Hard Boiled next to a painting by Hiroshi Nagai and i was dying to know his name.

No. 2088341

File: 1720918072914.png (6.19 MB, 2500x1723, rendevok.png)

Nona your seething made me look up J.C. Leyendecker on danbooru to search for the clones you speak of and I found this artist I had completely forgotten about. I got so pissed when I first saw her posts some years ago because she made these very close copies without using any of that in her own artwork (top left is from march 2021, all the studies are from 2020 - march 2021). It was like she only copied his shit for clout without actually learning from it which seemed pointless and like cheating social media to me. Now I don't really care, the pieces do look nice, she was always open about it being studies and it's not like online attention means anything. Art is about having fun and if the likes on these motivated her to keep going that's fine. It's not like she was profiting off of it. So I understand the dislike you have for it but it's not that serious kek a lot of people want to emulate him because his art just looks nice

No. 2088413


NTA but on my case I just dislike the Leyendecker/Rockwell emulations because most of them are just bad copies of their pieces rather than an exercise of the style itself. Instead of trying to understand their art style and create something new from it they just keep copying the same tired old five or four most well known (and easier to emulate) pieces and change the characters so it's their OCs or whatever their current fandom blorbo is. It just looks lazy and unoriginal to me, I'd be a lot more receptive to it if those people were actually trying to study the style itself rather than just create an obvious copy of the artwork.

Also sorry but I personally find it pathetic when artists mimic Leyendecker's white paintsroke background while the drawing of the character itself is so smooth and digital looking. It looks so bad and to me it makes it even clearer that the person sees the art style as an aesthetic rather than a style to be studied. It's lazy.

No. 2088510

File: 1720919927394.jpg (69.57 KB, 564x852, 8615d8fe482f7c34fb59846d680e09…)

Agreed, that's why I never follow artists who do that shit. All the redraw trends are so tired, how many copies of The Fallen Angel, Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan, The Kiss or Saturn Devouring his Son do we really need?
The only artist that I've seen study and develop the style is sssantine, everyone else does one or two pieces and immediately goes to back to whatever they were doing beforehand

No. 2088527

Don't forget the 2830348 copies of Mucha's artwork also. This one makes me orrationally angry because I am a huge lover of the artstyle cultivated in the Art Nouveau scene and Mucha's works are beautiful expressions of it but all of those redraws just trace the geometric stained glass-like elements of his work (particularly of his Four Seasons series and works of the same type as "The Music" with that crescent moon shape) and call it a day, it makes me so angry at how lazy those are.

No. 2088531

Sorry kek, the salt kept me from betareading.

No. 2088905

I drew my ocs saying silly terf things when I first peaked. And all my fem ocs are canonically terfs btw.

No. 2088994

File: 1720932460850.png (126.33 KB, 1616x1000, Untitled.png)

Anons whining about artfight how shit the average art is, in a site full of kids even. Are you also avoiding pastures tag because the style is not good enough for you lmao. I've looked up other artfight posts in lolcow from past threads and it's always complaining about shitty art and gendies all the way 2 years back kek.

Then what makes you think nona's asking for the average shitty knock offs and not people who understand leyendecker and rockwell's style well?

No. 2089194

??? what are you trying to say

No. 2089506

Nonies who have a patreon: how much should I charge for different tiers and what is something people want to pay for?
I was thinking in having one cheap tier that unlocks sketches and hd drawings, a medium tier that unlocks images of how a complex drawing was made, and a last tier who unlocks psd of my drawings and full process videos. Is that enough?

No. 2089512

Are Leyendecker and Rockwell really that popular? Damn it, looks like I'll have to pick another artist to bring up whenever someone asks me who my favorite artist is kek

No. 2089519

You're all too miserable about ignorable things and refusing to browse the pastures tag making you have the least amount of fun in a low stakes online art game.

No. 2089621

Sounds fine. But patreon isn't just about getting the rewards, in the first place it's about supporting you. Look at the way others do it, I've seen a lot of artists make their lowest tier 1-5$ and the reward is basically a thanks. One artist I follow has multiple tiers that offer the same as the first one and the description says something like "but you want to give me more money".

I feel for her, what she did was shitty but I'm guessing she's never gotten that much negative attention before. It's super distressing but you wouldn't understand if you haven't been in a situation like that before. I hope someone in her life can remind her that people on twitter don't matter, especially because those people will have forgotten all about it in a week or two

No. 2089688

who cares if they are popular? this isnt a contest to see who has the most niche obscure taste in art

No. 2089831

Her rendering isn't anything, just flat cell-shading, and if she's tracing you can bet she's lifting entire color palettes off other illustrations too. It's easy to color in a coloring book.

No. 2089901

I don't even care much that they're popular (because who hasn't heard of Norman Rockwell?) but I don't like Xitter/tumblrite artfags or weeaboos and the thought of sharing similar tastes with them makes me instinctively recoil.

No. 2089908

this is so stupid, there is always going to be a tranny who shares the same taste as you. Why do you let them have so much power over you.

No. 2089964

They don't. >>2089512 was just a joke/mild annoyance. I probably won't even remember making this post in about a week.

No. 2090152

File: 1720994428605.png (1.06 MB, 1080x846, 1720993681933.png)

Posting this here since it's specifically about the art but the simplistic style of lore Olympus was already a bit difficult to fudge up yet still Rachel was pumping out abominations like this with a team helping her. You mean to tell me that nobody cared enough to at least make that shit look like the characters weren't all having strokes. I mean even Steven universe's inconsistent art still gave the characters symmetrical faces not something that looks like it was drawn by a child still learning fine motor functions.
I fixed the fucked up eye by cloning the good one, and still she couldn't be bothered to do that? It truly shows how it became just a money making opportunity for her. Sad how people are willing to throw their ability away just for $$$. I'm not even saying the art was some master level shit but I liked it. Only for it to turn to child's drawings by the end.

No. 2090160

>Me smirking like a cartoon villain at the "PROSHIPS DNI" people following my main while I post problematic nsfw art on my art side account

No. 2090161

It pisses me off Rachel ever made money off of this because after a while, it seemed no one did editing or quality checks on this shitty webtoon.

No. 2090458

Names? I only recognize Trinity Blood, at least I think that’s what’s at the top left. Your examples are fun because the variety.

No. 2090476

Same. The character style inconsistencies bothered me especially the main pair. Pink Persephone was skinny and kind of curvy then baby face and fat and then skinny and her height varied too. She became the smol bean uwu type when I stopped reading. Blue Hades was never attractive. His chin became like a 90’s yaoi design and I think he was rounder too as it progressed. Not to mention the drama felt contrived and I didn’t really care for the main two so I stopped. I assumed it ended but maybe it’s still going.

No. 2090834

I prefer tp stay apolitical online, so no terf stuff. But if it's stupid fandom shit I do, I even have a bunch "Proshitters DNI!!!" people following me despite the stuff I draw being very much what they "hate" (because at the end of the day, most of these people are just virtue signalling. If the art is good they're gonna follow unless oomfie #34 notices it and tells them X artist is problematic block and stay safe)

No. 2090856

This is why i only follow asian artists, since you and all the other twitter western fags are too obssesed with discourse and drama which is why your art is always shit.

No. 2090858

i say this often but i hate twitter for posting art goddamn. i post my art and it gets maybe 2 rts and thats it. the internet is absolutely awful for artists atm
ive never participated because i dont really have ocs that i care about.. can you request them to draw your favorite characters instead lol

No. 2090876

NTA but she implied she stays out of discourse? You can completely ignore discourse but still find it silly that the types who'll write 200 page Google doc call out on a woman who is slightly "problematic" because they're jealous of her and constantly virtue signal about proshippers (fake and gay thing to be concerned about either side in the first place) and evil "terves" interacting with you positively. I have retarded mutuals who I just grey rock whenever they try to talk about retarded discourse with me and never keep up with any of it purposefully.

No. 2090890

File: 1721027482730.jpg (137.49 KB, 1080x608, GNrST3WWgAAMOeR.jpg)

>how it feels when you stop worrying about internet points, nuke all your social media accounts, and just show your art to your art teachers to get feedback so you can continue to improve.

No. 2090920

I wrote names in my post except for 1 landscape, anime girl and a photo

No. 2090931

nta but the anime girl is by unxii and the concept art seems to be from warframe? and the others seem landscape paintings

No. 2091010

>can you request them to draw your favorite characters instead lol
Unfortunately that’s against the rules because of copyright

No. 2091027

going okay, i have a few sketches i want to finish and too many bookmarks to be able to realistically keep up with them. not happy with my skill level though so i feel a bit bad about the nice attacks i've gotten

No. 2091440

Yeah I stay out of discourse. The average summerfag doesn't know how to read, don't mind it much kek
(Maybe she thought I get into discourse for saying words related to it despite me saying I stay apolitical, which also includes discourse to me)

No. 2091492

I've been noticing a 10:250 ratio of retweets to likes, it's so crazy.

No. 2091534

Well that explains why I'm seeing a lot of "ocs" that are just copyrighted characters slightly altered.

No. 2091659

Where are the names? I must be blind lol I can’t see them in the image.
Thanks anon

No. 2091743

I noticed this too, it's even worse after the option to view likes was removed. I'll be lucky to get 2 retweets at most but I just made peace with it at this point. I don't know what the secret to engagement is and the algorithm changes so much I just don't care anymore.

No. 2091796

Me. I started getting inspiration from pre-social media works. I only ever interact with internet artists through digital painting tutorials kek.

No. 2091851

File: 1721083648902.mp4 (333.86 KB, 1280x720, that horse has seen things.mp4)

LS mark's pilot looks atrocious. This is going to be such an eyesore once it comes out. He had the audacity to shit on vivzie to then put out something this hideous and soulless.

No. 2091854

File: 1721083850759.mp4 (185.9 KB, 1280x720, why.mp4)

This one is so bad. Its giving me a headache. He's obsessed with adding dumb filters and effects to this crap without realizing it's making it look even cheaper.

No. 2091926

File: 1721087007563.jpg (78.81 KB, 1191x345, names.jpg)

They are in the post not in the image attached

No. 2092010

Totally blanked on that and I was looking at the post lmao ok I’m going back to lurking

No. 2092195

It looks like it's trying to mimick the line weight of The Powerpuff Girls but it's still bad.

No. 2092337

Yeah, you’re allowed to use fan/AU characters inspired by a franchise, but not canon characters with nothing changed

No. 2092453

put this in the western cartoons thread

No. 2092545

I wonder if she told her dogs the bad news already.
To be fair master studies are essential copies. I understand Leyendecker was tumblr/twitter favorite artist and a lot of people jumped on the train for clout, but it's not different from the thousands of Mucha-like art we used to see years ago.

No. 2092569

that's the thing, i'm finding "au" characters that are just canon characters but furry or with tit scars kek, literally the only thing changed about them. i'm just ignoring it and still having fun though.

No. 2092725

What cartoon is this?

No. 2092784

I use cashapp cuz you can use an alias on it, and people can’t see your personal details either.

No. 2092850

But only americans and brits can use it afaik

No. 2092904

File: 1721143078435.jpg (167.57 KB, 1280x1359, 10.jpg)

This is so fucking funny to me. Reminds me of Nemu. Do you know why her account got nuked?

No. 2092936

That to me is so weird… Like people on twitter just glaze over the weird lisa art (just mention it sometimes) and then shit on her “transphobia”. To be honest I was reading the callout post people made on her and I was laughing at her resposes to the tras. But then I felt bad knowing that she posts so much degenerate shit. I guess people can’t say much on her art since most of them support that kind of stuff.

No. 2092979

File: 1721150364798.jpeg (53.7 KB, 493x721, Messenger_creation_706aec06-90…)

No. 2092985

Makes sense for personal issues to be mentioned before general moral ones, especially if the people complaining are into the same shit

No. 2093014

Pretty sure she just deleted her baraag account herself because she suffers from bouts of depression. I think her original Twitter account got banned for trolling. I remember she's drawn some even nastier shit than the cringe Lisa self-ship art like Helga from Hey Arnold getting mutilated by Olga and Ranfren fan art of gender-swapped, child Randal getting molested by Luther. Her work screams that she was molested herself. Not that that excuses it.

No. 2093329

>it's not different from the thousands of Mucha-like art we used to see years ago
It's different in the sense that every western/American artist is obsessed with making every piece of art a reference, there's absolutely no sense of originality in a sea of twitter fanartists drawing x character as y movie screencap/meme redraw/fashion photo/manga panel etc etc etc. I understand why some people avoid original content because it doesn't get as much attention but this trend is so fucking boring and soulless

No. 2093336

the tom and jerry reboot

No. 2093349

File: 1721171578348.png (1.15 MB, 1247x908, 13.png)

maybe i am being super schizo but i am almost sure this DAD user its her. Her way of coloring is so similar to terry's.

No. 2093354

So true. That recent heat stroke one got old so quickly. No one made anything inspired by it, no, it had to be the exact same poses and you had to see about every character you can think of doing it. It's the same as people who can only communicate in phrases they've read online, no original thoughts.

No. 2093368

what's your thoughts on this nonnas?

No. 2093391

Imo on some level this advice is helpful. There are many artists who would benefit from drawing more than one type of person but with different hair color/eye color. But I don't want people to lean too much into this advice, that's how we end up with your typical twitter/Tumblr fat ugly racially ambiguous people drawings. Find a middle ground. Find a middle ground.

No. 2093396

Drawing like a Koreanboo style or drawing like a Twitter/Tumblr ugly/racist/woke style? I would rather stay with the Koreanboo style.

No. 2093422

>noo you cant draw pretty boys you have to draw ugly men too otherwise you are a bad artist
i am so tired of this shitty advice, you never see scrotes telling men to stop drawing samefaced uguu kawaii anime girls but these pickmes are always parroting this pickme retardation. I am going to draw only pretty boys and varied women and these idiots can suck it.

No. 2093428

Well, there are different features that can make a guy pretty, it doesn't need to be the exact same face. More power to you though

No. 2093429

In an ideal world all male characters would be pretty and fit, while women would have a varied range of looks just like real life.

No. 2093430

>there are different features that can make a guy pretty
thats a lie. You dont need to be nice to men they would never return you the favour.

No. 2093464

Can someone explain to me why big artist accounts on like Instagram will discover your work but only like a few things. Is it just encouragement like hey I like it keep going?

No. 2093466

I have the same question

No. 2093493

I've literally never drawn a man that wasn't attractive to me because that's a waste of time but I like various facial features. The sameface manhwa slop isn't for me but it's fine if you like it, that's all.

What do you want them to do? They are normal people, they saw your artwork and liked some of it but didn't want to follow.

No. 2093506

Ayrt and I agree. I just think this issue goes beyond those studies, like you mentioned. Even current fanarts are just repetitions of existing ideas. Most fanart I see are studies of stillframes, redoing photos with the characters, or just awfully similar to already existing fanart. Whenever there's an artist who stands out for the smallest reason, a million copies of it emerge.
They liked a few pieces, but maybe not enough to follow you. It feels like you're overhinking this.

No. 2093509

Maybe she should stop looking at pinterest drawings of korean idols. There's way more variety of men in art than there's of women. This advice works best when someone knows how to draw, otherwise you end up with unappealing busy looking images.

No. 2093548

File: 1721181642073.jpg (1014.48 KB, 2048x2048, tumblr_d61883ac70b25df627637c5…)

i wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt because i thought she was a teen, but shes in her 20s.

No. 2093552

Picrew looking ass

No. 2093554

They do that so you are forced to look at their superior more famous art

No. 2093570

cuz they only liked that piece of art and don't wanna see the rest of your mediocre art in their feed

No. 2093598

I don’t know how anyone has the patience to draw. Every time I draw it feels so boring and redundant

No. 2093599

It really makes me seethe that these are the degenerates that have artistic gifts. It’s almost like a good part of your brain where you do reasoning and logic shuts down in order for you to draw very well.

No. 2093604

They like a couple things as a reminder to look at your art. I do the same thing on tumblr with artists whose styles I like but I'm not interested in the rest of the stuff they post. I just check their tags once in a while.

No. 2093611

File: 1721184639680.png (1.38 MB, 2546x1991, this piece is pretty neat.png)

you need motivation to put hours of your life into grinding fundamentals, normal people end up like >>2093598

No. 2093613

I swear. Like there has been multiple times that I found a cool artist and I was full of happiness but AS SOON AS I SCROLL THROUGH THEIR TWITTER… All joy is lost. Mgong, auroradiarion…There was this girl that had tons of cool historical art but someone was like “man so funny when porn artists finally use their skills and put it to good use” and she took it so personally. Called them a prude etc. And also she was retweeting and complimenting Range Murata’s weird fucking art. That to me was something else. How does someone retweet his weird shit?

No. 2093616

>There was this girl that had tons of cool historical art
who's the artist?

No. 2093621

File: 1721185183882.jpg (25.59 KB, 685x287, Screenshot_20240716-234711~2.j…)

No. 2093622

Yeah tell us the artist. It’s so annoying when these pieces of shit have better art skills, makes me want to alog even further

No. 2093624

File: 1721185222090.jpg (31.45 KB, 627x288, Screenshot_20240716-234726~2.j…)

No. 2093626

Range Murata has been famous for decades, he can be as much as a freak as he wants and no one will care.

No. 2093628

That’s exactly what they meant to do. SJWs or socially conscious people hide their racism. A racists will outright tell you that you’re an ugly nigger bitch or something like that, an SJW in the back of mind thinks you’re an ugly nigger bitch but tries to find ways to beautify it and virtue signal about it in an obnoxious way where I know you just harbor the same beliefs as the racist. It grosses me out so much

No. 2093633

File: 1721185637017.jpg (320.94 KB, 1280x1808, Kim_Jung_Gi_2018_Sketch_Collec…)

>try to be a people pleaser by putting down women who want to draw pretty men
>it backfires with the people you tried to suck up to
lmao, meanwhile men are drawing nothing but half naked big titty women and no one gives a shit or complains about them not drawing diverse vitiligo queer fat trans women

No. 2093635

All the women are naked, young and pretty while the wall scrotes are dressed and old. Kill all men and dump their heads into a moving river with alligators

No. 2093639

kjg was well known for drawing nothing but the same same-faced naked woman over and over like a sped

No. 2093643

Waittt he’s literally me but he’s a man so it doesn’t count

No. 2093650

maybe you are his reincarnation he died like 2 years ago

No. 2093651

In his defense, he was quite smart to draw without guidelines and all from memory. Sad that sometimes he did coomer shit.

No. 2093655

This is not a sign of intelligence, just muscle memory built from years of practice. Anybody can do this.
was it covid

No. 2093658

Its rivaeri_ on twitter. I found them on pinterest and got so giddy over the fanart. But then I saw them reblogging loli art by range murata and the smile slowly died in my face. But honestly most of their twitter is unremarkable? They seem ok overall aside from the weird shit.

No. 2093659

He died of a heart attack.

No. 2093670

File: 1721187928971.jpeg (49.39 KB, 736x408, IMG_1776.jpeg)

oh, I thought the artist you were talking about was actually going to have some good art but well you know… lol

No. 2093682

File: 1721188490224.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x3158, kek what.jpg)

The lolishit made me unfollow but he was right about the porn thing, this thread is so fucking annoying kek. I'd be so fucking mad if some random entitled sounding minor on twitter told me I'm wasting my skills by drawing yaoi or whatever else I wanted to do in my own time

No. 2093690

who cares, literally everyone follows range murata because he has worked on a lot of games and anime. She didnt even reblog anything coomery from him. Some of you judge women so harshly over the dumbest things but then go and make excuses to justify things made by scrotes.

No. 2093694

Sorry nonna… Its not some crazy rendermaxxed weibo art, I was just happy to see someone posting medieval art.

I get that, people are way too entitled on twitter nowadays specially randos commenting on art. I just didn’t click and check the thread properly, just saw the “YOU ANTI ART PRUDE!” and rolled my eyes.

No. 2093697

This. Artist retweets a famous artist that has worked on a bunch of stuff? No fucking way.

No. 2093714

You didn’t scroll enough to see them retweeting the loli with a bra looking weirdly at the camera? Sorry but that to me is coomery. And the ohhh women excuse doesn’t work either since I have no idea if they’re a woman or not lol. I’m not pearl clutching, shitting on women, I just didn’t want to follow someone retweeting loli shit, I just wanted to see muh historical shit. They weren’t retweeting his popular manga work, just loli shit.

No. 2093718

she mostly rts sexy male art and seems to mostly draw men, its very obviously a woman

No. 2093757

File: 1721191840139.png (Spoiler Image,178.55 KB, 582x818, rivaeri.png)

I agree with your overall statement that people judge women too harshly and make excuses for scrotes.
>She didnt even reblog anything coomery from him
But in this case, she retweeted coom bait loli art from him. I like some of murata's work, like how he draws some men, but let's not excuse his degen stuff, it's pretty obvious.

No. 2093762

its still retarded to judge this random female artist who rts and draws men 90% of the time just because she rt one loli drawing from murata. In your own post you are making excuses for Murata while condemning a woman who doesnt even draw that stuff, she just rt his art. Its so weird to me how people will make excuses for liking degen male artist or degen stuff made by men but then a woman draws one single problematic piece of art and everyone jumps at them like a pack of rabid dogs.

No. 2093774

>just because she rt one loli drawing from murata.
She retweets several of them, you should look into her profile before coming up with these assumptions. I understand the other anon not liking it, but that doesn't mean I think the same. You are implying things I've never said or thought out of my post. I actually follow rivaeri and like her art, I can dislike her retweeting his loli art and still enjoy her art, the same way I enjoy some murata's work and hate his loli coomer art. I was simply pointing out it was indeed his coomery loli bait art and not a single one. I genuinely hate this black and white thinking, I was not condemning her, on the grand scheme he is the true degen drawing that shit, I wouldn't put her in the same group as him. That's just me, maybe that anon deeply hates his coomer work and doesn't want to see it at all, I wouldn't blame her. I just ignore it and stay for her work, as I do to so many other artists. It's not realistic to expect every artist you follow to align 100% with your ideals.

No. 2093787

>Murata while condemning a woman who doesnt even draw that stuff, she just rt his art.
Nta But she can also retweet his sfw stuff? But she didn't and retweeted blatant loli porn.so that makes her a lolicoomer regardless if she's a woman or not you fucking retard

No. 2093792

I follow this artist, they've been complaining about how they get followed by people so I figured they purposely retweeted stuff to "shake off" audience they don't want.

No. 2093795

We are never making it out of the patriarchy

No. 2093798

Im sure retweeting pedo shit will help that alot!

No. 2093801

It does work ngl.
>don't want to get canceled with problematic female content
>just retweet famous moid artist
>moid artist is popular so they'll just leave quietly

No. 2093802

I am gonna do this. Its a good tactic tbh. Reminds me of when moids used to gatekeep k-on by larping as nazis.

No. 2093804

>don't want to get canceled with problematic female content
>retweets more actual problematic moid shit
?? You can't be this retarded to think that works? The only thing that does is cementing you being spineless and offering yourself to be cancelled more although deserved if you're into lolishit.

No. 2093805

i dont think you understand what she meant.

No. 2093806

Larping? The majority of kon fans were neo-nazis

No. 2093808

yes i am sure a bunch of basement dwellers watching nipponese cartoons were neonazis for real and not just larping edgelords

No. 2093815

KEK I can’t believe people are still keeping this meme alive

No. 2093852

Sometimes I forget how the current day lolcow generation is filled with 4chan-grown pickme edgelords but then I see posts like this exclaiming how we should totally larp as nazis to "gatekeep" and that's super based and redpilled.

No. 2093880

you have terrible reading comprehension

No. 2093886

File: 1721215178317.jpeg (Spoiler Image,269.71 KB, 944x1333, FPwPEKxUcAQgy5I.jpeg)

Interesting. To me the taste in men always seemed like that of a gay man

No. 2093887

File: 1721215438839.png (478.7 KB, 1068x902, zippertits.png)

baras with tit chop scars is the most feminine thing you can draw nowadays

No. 2093917

>wow it's so cool that moid weeaboos pretended to be nazis to protect their high school uguu anime from other people!

Sometimes I'm thankful my sister was a normalfag that would wrangle me when I was a anime obsessed teenager. I'm not completely OK but at least there is some sense of knowing I have to stay away from incelish moids and touch grass/attend yoga classes once in a while.

No. 2093928

>wow it's so cool that moid weeaboos pretended to be nazis to protect their high school uguu anime from other people!
imagine thinking gatekeeping is bad when TIFs and trannies invaded and destroyed every single female space ever

No. 2093942

i love drawing hideous TIM caricatures

No. 2093976

Yes, I like her art but I just don’t want that on my feed. I never wanted to start an infight and I’m sorry. To me obviously Range Murata will always be the worst in this situation, he’s drawing that degenerate shit. She’s simply retweeting it but I didn’t want to see that lol.

No. 2094065

If you like her art, you can also stop reposts from the user to stop seeing all that shit. I do this with everyone who loves to retweet palestine gore.

No. 2094079

The goreposting still going on is so insane, makes it impossible to look at someone's profile.

No. 2094121

THANK YOU!! Will do that.

Honestly its because people on twitter are entitled and if they see someone not retweeting palestine gore everyday they get mad.

No. 2094331

Not sure where to ask this other than here, but I'd like to make secret terf stickers for my next con and I'm thinking of hiding them in plain sight by using phrases that would make the acronym "terf". Any ideas? Also feel free to steal this idea if you want. It can be silly shit like "the elegant racoon family" and I'd draw a cute little racoon family (and play dumb if anyone questions it kek)

No. 2094349

we are getting dangerously close to "the narwhal bacons at midnight" of terf dogwhistles here.

No. 2094355

Then what? Just racist?

No. 2094370

What's your go-to spot for attractive male references?

No. 2094374

Insanely cringe idea and honestly no better than kawaii prideflag trash. Not even something to smugly giggle about because people genuinely won't care that it's an acronym. It's funny you'd think someone would care enough to ask

No. 2094378

The everlasting radiant friends!

No. 2094398

the evil rabbit fairy
the elegant rockstar fox
the endearing rabbit frolicking

U can make some with radfem as well, you may even have more combinations.

No. 2094406

i am conducting a little experiment:

No. 2094408

three emo rat friends

No. 2094410

File: 1721249549994.gif (258.82 KB, 250x250, _.gif)

Can someone please recommend me some zine creators that aren't completely politically retarded and make actual good art?

No. 2094412

Tyranosaurus eating russian forces

No. 2094417

What exactly are you asking? Do you want to buy finished zines?

No. 2094418

just some visual inspo

No. 2094431

Ikr, they really think most people give a fuck about that stuff irl. Most normal people stay away from that troony toon pandering stuff

No. 2094435

I can’t believe anons are defending her but if a cow does something way less worse than that they act like the cow murdered their grandmother in plain sight kekk

No. 2094453

It all depends on whether or not you like or dislike the person and lc isn't a hivemind anyway

No. 2094467

File: 1721252288854.jpg (424.01 KB, 1080x1440, Screenshot_20240718-073316_Chr…)

Try looking at the Black Fog zine, the quality is very mixed because it's made by 4channers and lainchanners but has some really lovely sections and I haven't seen any politisperging in any of the 3 volumes

No. 2094483

Just buy doujinshi

>4channers and lainchanners
That just convinced me to not bother with it at all.

No. 2094506

File: 1721253073100.jpeg (38.81 KB, 255x379, IMG_5987.jpeg)

k-on was never for a female audience in the first place so idk why you felt the need to keep going. Every time women resort to male tactics we just get shit on anyway, it's why men attack female workout spaces and women like Rowling.

No. 2094565

File: 1721255725760.jpg (89.76 KB, 1280x720, GRH92L8a4AAzHRZ.jpg)

I swear sometimes I feel like I'm too harsh on TwistedDisaster as I still continue to listen to her streams as background noise from time to time when I'm drawing and she always manages to say something retarded. Something that really annoys the fuck outta me with her is her numerous excuses for most things in her life. She was talking about in the last few streams how she's finally gotten a cane for herself because it's hard for her to walk now because of "teehee I have a chronic illness" (Nah it couldn't be that she looks like she weights close to 200+ pounds when she's a 5'3" in height). Bitch you're 30 fucking years old, it's not "normal" to have to walk around with cane at that age. She's so in denial about her weight and her dumb ass zoomer friends just validate and indulge her in her delusion because they don't know any better since they lack actual life experience (most of her friends are 19-24). She says she's trying to eat better so she can get control of her weight but then every stream she seems to either be eating junk food or drinking sweetened coffees and I wouldn't think anything of it if she stopped making excuses.

As for her art, still looks DeviantART-tier but she swears that she knows her art is more than good (we all need confidence so I won't fault her). And then of course this newest video she put on her YouTube about "muh gender identity", another pathetic thing she's done to make herself seem more unique and interesting than she actually is. She's just a glorified spicy straight (yeah i know she says she's bi but she's never actually dated a woman LTR) but oh wait, she's also "aro-ace".

She's just silly and it wouldn't be so sad if she at least had self awareness but because she mostly hangs with zoomers, of course her retardness can't be reeled in. It's also kinda cringe how she tries to try so hard to be the 'cool old lady" by using phrases like "raw-dogging" and"dog water" kek.Like ma'am, settle down.

No. 2094566

She’ll likely be old at 40 and elderly at 55 while people older than that remain in phenomenal health and compete athletically. Happens to everyone who gives up on their fitness in their youth and folds into “muh mobility issues, muh aches and pains” due to being an out of shape fat loser who was relying on adolescence itself to keep their bones and joints healthy and their energy levels normal. Giving up on legitimately pushing your body to perform its best because your lifestyle failures have rendered it weak is a death sentence.

No. 2094599

File: 1721258348599.jpg (40.71 KB, 750x288, GSsKA8kbYAA6hx_.jpg)

Pumpkin the Gentleman is getting blasted for posting out of pocket/sexual shit around "his" underage audience again. He privated before I could see it for myself but I guess he went on a tirade about how he thought keeping his account 16+ while posting borderline porn was okay to do because of how Japanezy he is having "lived there most his life" and how that's what he's used to, along with growing up with lolicon and shotacon being normalized etc etc. literally only digging himself deeper.
This is all gonna be hilarious when he's finally outed as an American tif or something because I am not buying the fact that he's the Japanese blasian cis man he claims to be with one of the most blatantly tif artstyles in existence and the fact he literally only interacts with western fandom culture (which makes him saying he's so used to japanese age customs even funnier)

No. 2094624

i mean gatekeeping worked for that artist. If she wanted to filter retards that might cancel her over drawing the wrong things, she did good.

No. 2094628

I don't care if it's proven wrong already but I swear I feel it in my bones Pumpkin is DestinyToMoon

No. 2094634

File: 1721260605501.jpg (Spoiler Image,191.06 KB, 1080x1068, Screenshot_20240718-095044_Chr…)

100% a weeb tif living in America

No. 2094637

you can tell its a woman because a moid would not give a fuck

No. 2094642

men don't talk like this, not even schizo ones

No. 2094644

File: 1721261522905.png (Spoiler Image,418.48 KB, 661x928, help.PNG)

That account is so gross kek such a disgusting artstyle. No idea what this is supposed to be either

No. 2094659

how did someone with such a repulsive style get so many followers?

No. 2094662

I wasn't buying the TIF tinfoil but
>the super obvious tip and veins outline
Yeahhhhh that's not a real dick

No. 2094663

Pandering to zoomers and engaging in parasocial relationships

No. 2094666

File: 1721263340008.jpg (Spoiler Image,157.32 KB, 785x932, 1000019847.jpg)

i've always hated whenever this account came up on my tl for the bullshit they get into everyday but i checked their nsfw acc out and the pinned tweet already killed me, the descriptions and drawing yourself like this for people to make fanart of lmfao that's beyong narc shit

No. 2094667

i have seen a lot of tifs lately larping as barafags. Imagine being so insecure about your sexuality and gender you meme yourself into a gross moid fetish.

No. 2094673

File: 1721263919724.jpg (909.18 KB, 1925x2048, very masculine.jpg)

insanely cringe

No. 2094675

If there was any doubt before that this was just a standard homophobic TIF , this image blew it out of the water kek. Also not to start a debate or anything but those hands look very pale to be using the word in the drawing.

No. 2094676

Constantly posts porny ass tweets but their art is so unerotic. But honestly that’s what I see in a lot of coomer art. No eroticism, only pornography

No. 2094677

File: 1721264223670.jpg (Spoiler Image,484.38 KB, 2048x1507, 1000019848.jpg)

can any actual japs identify this handwriting as authentic and not google translate?

No. 2094678

you need to be mentally ill to find anything drawn in the calarts style erotic

No. 2094680

This is what women who fall into the weird dichotomy of "internet addict" and "sheltered" think men are like kek

No. 2094683

Stop calling every bad style calarts.

No. 2094684

No. 2094685

Why is the bottom of the dick bulging out

No. 2094706

File: 1721265790271.png (99.15 KB, 533x582, Illustration.png)

because its a virginal tif who has never seen a non dildo dick larping as an hypersexual gay man.
Her feminine hands kek. She's the type to complain about white washing but her hand looks so white.

No. 2094708

The vein colour makes me feel pretty confident that this is a white woman. Very problematic considering her weird sassy black man LARP kek. Speaking of veins, look how hard she's straining to make them pop lmao.

No. 2094721

i honestly think she is probably pale hispanic, the whole blasian larp gives me first generation american latina vibes.

No. 2094722

File: 1721266956884.png (243.72 KB, 575x447, thembie twitter.png)

I hate how the male side of the internet is like
>yes bro post more cunny uooh 12yo pussy lick tummy gamer child gf mommy step on me
and the female side is
>ummm are you using denji, a grooming victim, as a reaction image while saying something sexual??? idk thats kinda pedoy sis

is there no sane side of teh internet anymore?

No. 2094726

This is probably the most terminally online tweet I have ever read. Also there is no way Pumpkin is a man, the nsfw tweets make it obvious it’s a coomer tif

No. 2094727

its sad how zoomers dont have media literacy and are incapable of understand something as simple as a shonenshit manga made by a scrote with a dommy mommy fetish

No. 2094730

How do people like this still even exist on Twitter, I thought the rampant racism and zoo porn would've scared them off already

No. 2094735

99% of all pumpkin 'controversies' are of their audience being genuine zoomer retards and making a huge deal out of nothing at all lol

No. 2094737

File: 1721268078575.jpeg (20.83 KB, 547x561, images - 2024-07-18T092834.584…)

And she doesn't want her sona to be shipped with white/light skinned women according to her reference. Very funny

No. 2094739

>green eyes
so blasian

No. 2094744

File: 1721268467312.png (13.98 KB, 592x88, lmao wtf.png)

i would feel sad if she wasnt a cringy tif. But comparing someone to epstein just because they drew horny sfw stuff(thats lets be honest its all over tiktok anyways) is mental illness.

No. 2094748

the forceful squinting and the quirky doodle i can't

No. 2094751

not japanese but it wouldn’t surprise me if “ラレニ” is weird google translate slop because i can’t find it in any dictionary or search, unless its one of her ocs names? it looks like she botched 飲 too.

No. 2094762

katakana is used for english words so yeah its probably an oc name

No. 2094782

It's too neat, it feels like they typed it up and wrote over it. Unless they have perfect handwriting, but it's highly unlikely. I can only speak Japanese, but both I and my actual Japanese friends have horrible Japanese handwriting. Never met a Japanese person who's young and can write in font-perfect writing

No. 2094794

Seeing artists this good at anatomy and still believing one sex could turn into the other is wild…

No. 2094795

File: 1721271110585.jpeg (44.53 KB, 640x480, images - 2024-07-18T124556.163…)

Yeah it seems traced and mesh transformed, also has zero difference in line weight where you'd expect some. Picrel for comparison.

No. 2094798

Can sketchbooks by modern artists be considered zines? Many of them are not sketchbooks in the traditional sense, I think.

No. 2094817

I doubt this is a TIF

No. 2094819

its 100% a tif, men dont talk and draw like her

No. 2094841

It says something to the effect of: "Swallow like a good boy/girl~". Overall, the handwriting isn't terrible but the うに of ように was a bit sloppy (most notably, an inadequately rounded う along with awkward stroke spacing for the に) and so it's not surprising that >>2094751 nona misread it as ラレニ. You'll notice that this person writes both kanji and hiragana in the same size, whereas most people tend to write hiragana slightly smaller than the kanji. Larger size kanji allows for more strokes and it makes handwriting look nicer. I'm leaning toward this person being a weeb.

No. 2094845

But the other scars are fine

No. 2094864

She's just in denial of her failing health. Whenever she talks about her health issues, she says that her doctor says it's normal. Her having to need a cane to haul her ass because she has back pain and mobility pain so it makes me think that she has a fat logic doctor or she's lying to make herself feel better. In another stream she said that she can't be out in the sun for too long because she has a sun allergy and sunscreen doesn't work. It feels like just an excuse so she doesn't have to go outside and take a walk. She also has breathing issues but again, it's because of her "chronic illness".

She also can't afford to eat healthier (buying healthier foods at the grocery store) because it's too expensive . It's just excuse after excuse after excuse and it's obvious that she feels justified in them because her retarded zoomer friends just go along with her and validate.

I just can't believe how delusional she is about herself and it's gonna be too late when she finally does get that wake up call like a heart attack because of her morbid obesity (which according to her doctor, she's really not that obese kek)

No. 2094887

I hadn’t heard about her in years. Last I read she had a gf tif who was also an artist but there was drama then they broke up. Her style has some tells but I don’t see it here. She’s also lied about her being darker than she is in the past so if this was her resurfacing it wouldn't surprise me. DTM has done a lot of lesbian shipping and TiF lesbian tranny art too while being accused of fetishizing. If she’s now a bara yaoi artist she’ll get canceled again kek.

No. 2094941

File: 1721285901017.jpg (34.5 KB, 564x541, 1716322043838.jpg)

atleast you're not on the russian art side where a open pedo artist (whos now a zoo artist) is friends with another very popular pedo and the most egregious thing they got called for is fucking tracing…and the copius amounts of self harm scars…and suicide baiting on the regular

No. 2094948

give names

No. 2094951

holyravioli and mossacanabilis

No. 2094957

File: 1721287334308.png (Spoiler Image,5.28 MB, 2048x1500, kek wtfff.png)

i went to her profile and i cant believe this is her art now. She regressed so fucking badly, what the fuck happened. Shes charging 300 for this shit, too.
isnt he korean though?

No. 2094960

File: 1721287514570.png (2.98 MB, 1172x2048, holy ravioli.png)

compared to her art from a year ago… its scary to regress this much in a year

No. 2094962

Is mossa called a pedo because of the loli stuff or did he actually do/say something?

No. 2094966

loli stuff. He has a baraag account where he posts very violent drawings of lolis getting raped.

No. 2094970

tayrt ,he is ( i was only taking about holyravioli) and remember that if the korean police finds out what he makes he can be jailed since he has said himself he references actual cp(which i hope happens soon)

No. 2094973

>he has said himself he references actual cp
He did? Source for this? I knew he was a pedo but first time hearing this.

No. 2094974

He's a criminal because he drew le wrong things.

No. 2094984

> since he has said himself he references actual cp
what the actual fuck you cant drop a bomb like this and not post receipts. He has half a million followers this could be huge if true.

No. 2094985

there is no way a moid who draws loli isnt a pedophile.

No. 2094986

Did he? You're not confusing him with the uoh guy?

No. 2094989

File: 1721289226333.jpg (174.19 KB, 629x1659, 1694873054876.jpg)

you can check the baraag proof for yourself >>>/ot/1697604 ( im not downloading that shit)

No. 2094990

where does he confess to referencing cp? all he said is that loli is equal to real cp in korea. Man you got me excited for nothing, i hate that fag and i was hoping he could get cancelled and jailed for real.

No. 2094994

File: 1721289642053.jpg (40.14 KB, 272x333, delteshit.jpg)

if hes posting art and studies of ACTUAL children thats referencing cp you fucking retard, he has this image in his baraag. he might not get jailed in America for this but he can in korea learn to read.

No. 2094995

>if hes posting art and studies of ACTUAL children thats referencing cp you fucking retard
thats not what was in the screenshot retard

No. 2094996

Isn't that wysterias account tho. He's the one who's heavily referencing kids

No. 2094997

smells like balls in here(scrotefoiling)

No. 2094998

It’s depressing how many Russian moids are brazen pedos, it seems to be so normalized there

No. 2095002

are you a loligooner yourself that you're so defensive over this? anyone with working eyes can tell that's what's he's doing.
yes and so does mossa

No. 2095003

>if hes posting art and studies of ACTUAL children thats referencing cp
Lol, no. Do you even know what CP is? Referencing real life children for your loli porn is obviously awful but that doesn't make the original pictures "CP that he's referencing". Also that censored image looks like that of an adult, source that it's a minor?

No. 2095005

File: 1721290374475.jpg (158.03 KB, 687x955, GKJV6BoXYAAf7JO.jpg)

holyravioli is a woman.or a troon

No. 2095007

>how dare you not believe something i said without proof reeeee
i hate lolifags and i especially hate mossa but you cannot claim that bullshit without proof. I think all men who draw loli are pedos, but as long as there arent children harmed its not comparable to cp where children are harmed for life. Mossa is big enough that he could get cancelled just for drawing the violent lolishit he does, but hes a man so no one cares to go against him and underage tranny antishippers would rather go against TIFs who draw cringe barashit like mr pumpking.

No. 2095008

>is on a account full of pedo porn
>multiple posts are referenced from real children
>mossa himself is classifying his work as child exploitation work aka cp
>source its a minor?
rope yourself

No. 2095009

has he drawn real children like shadman or do you refeer to underage cartoon characters?

No. 2095012

File: 1721290770004.jpg (Spoiler Image,4.24 MB, 720x13164, 1694896267286.jpg)

Idk if this is what anon is referring to, but the account from where this >>2094994 reference come from isn't mossa, it's some /ic/ dude

No. 2095015

i checked the post and >>2094994 is an adult woman too. Literally whats the point of making up bullshit when mossa being a lolifag is already bad enough.

No. 2095018

Relax summerfag.
>is on a account full of pedo porn
That's not his account.
>multiple posts are referenced from real children
Again, awful but doesn't make the images of real children he's referencing CP. CP is images of children /being/ sexually exploited.
>mossa himself is classifying his work as child exploitation work aka cp
He's not classifying it, he's saying Korean law /might/ classify it. And even if it is, it doesn't make the original pictures he /references/ CP. Possession of CP is another crime.
>source its a minor?
Yeah? And?

Pitiful state of LC. Nobody knows how to bring actual receipts with real proof anymore. Believe me I'd like to see this guy in jail as much as the next person.

No. 2095022

> awful but doesn't make the images of real children he's referencing CP.
tayrt i didnt meant it like that i meant as in hes taking real life photos of children and making them pornographic i suppose my wording wasnt right. after a bit more looking into it does seem to be not his account so i might be wrong on that one but his original account still has lolishit on it (which i consider equal to cp). the more pitful state of lc is seeing loli art not being regarded as the heinous shit it is but in any case i hope lolifags and mossa rot in hell.

No. 2095023

> the more pitful state of lc is seeing loli art not being regarded as the heinous shit
nta but literally everyone itt agrees lolishit is gross. Its your fault for not doing proper research.

No. 2095024

File: 1721292409244.jpg (946.18 KB, 2048x1516, tumblr_6f8c2efc2592cc0085b2f6b…)

I'm not sucking her ass or anything because I find her porn disgusting but she's working on a fully coloured comic at the moment and has barely drawn let alone finished anything besides that since late last year. (Also that's art from 2021/22) Holy Ravioli/Divquel Quee has been a personal lolcow of mine for many years and I can pretty confidently say she makes that content to get attention and to add to her edgelord persona rather than a Nemu-esque fetish, you can tell because it changes a lot from year to year- couple years ago it was necrophilia, then it was zooshit, now it's incestual period blood sex. Like she's mega retarded but to compare her to fucking mossa of all people is a bit silly

No. 2095038

its a tor link. Weird its on zlib, though.

No. 2095045

being this cringe and degenerate and still somehow virtue signaling would be impressive if it weren't so sad

No. 2095046

File: 1721295586503.png (189.28 KB, 722x791, nmlp.png)

I remember him retweeting a video of a fish being eaten alive, was upset about the new law in S. Korea banning dog meat and looking through that account, he drew this. Even if this guy isn't referencing CP, he should kill himself kek

No. 2095047

he's always rage baiting on his twitter, he's a massive attention whore

No. 2095049

>Insanely cringe idea
Why do you think someone who hangs around lc isn't cringe kek
>It's funny you'd think someone would care enough to ask
You ain't ever met a troon I hear. They salivate at the very thought of accusing a woman of transphobia. I also have HP stuff, I've been asked and had loud indirect comments about that several times by angry goblin women and greasy tims.
thanks nonas kek

No. 2095061

File: 1721297718873.jpeg (Spoiler Image,260.45 KB, 750x857, A7BC6009-6887-4177-AEEC-2981AD…)

Well Brujo is certainly drawing this character as a “woman” as often as possible. I think it’s funny this character is supposed to mainly be in high school

No. 2095069

It's so weird this happens so often to artists who have mostly a female audience. Why does it always end up in coombait? Or them self inserting themselves into their popular oc?

No. 2095075

This is hilarious, come on

No. 2095076

It's called a heterosexual woman's wish fulfillment. She wants to be a hot young girl irl so she will draw her self insert as a hot young girl. Literally a tale as old as time, nothing weird about it.

No. 2095110

Do you think there's any that are just closet homosexual?

No. 2095121

Have some standards kek

No. 2095133

isnt the love interest still a tif? maybe shes into tifs

No. 2095136

The obsession with blasian or wasian (but mostly blasian) is peak fetishisation or race-worship, I’m surprised no one calls it out

No. 2095139

no lol, ssa women don't sexualize women like that

No. 2095142

the pornsick ones do, like the yuripedo

No. 2095147

File: 1721303799853.jpg (164.59 KB, 956x751, 1000019858.jpg)

holy larping weeb. she's 100% not Japanese and most likely not blasian either.

No. 2095148

Yes they do.

No. 2095149

>there's no way ssa women could ever like seeing women in sexy poses
Go back.

No. 2095152

what i'm saying is that brujo's sexualization of women is definitely just latent bisexuality from pornsickness on the internet

No. 2095153

And you know this how? You in her head?

No. 2095154

Nta but maybe she's just attracted to women? Why do farmers think being attracted to women is frolicking in flower fields and braiding each other's hair kek. Go outside and you'll see that les/bi women also like seeing women being sexy, naked/scantily clad women, women with big boobs/ass, etc…

No. 2095156

Stop doing this, it's embarrassing.

No. 2095157

>definitely just latent bisexuality from pornsickness on the internet
its definetly this, its like ethot pickmes and their obsession with super sonico

No. 2095174

I feel like she is realizing she likes women or maybe she always has, or as the other nonna said she uses her as a self insert. She is really obsessed with Kate and likes to draw her a lot more than the boyfriend.

No. 2095190

I think Kate is just her self insert tho.

No. 2095301

why did she get hate for this? i mean its literally true, dragon ball is for like 7 years olds and it has ton of degeneracy in it lol. I find it zoomers both love and hate anything more problematic than bluey, they are walking contradictions.

No. 2095361

Please spoiler this; I’m not looking at it long enough to see if it’s a child

No. 2095363

It pays good money.

No. 2095368

alkemanubis could be making much more money as a normie concept artist than as a pedoshit artist

No. 2095370

How do you know this? Do you have the numbers for what pays better? Also we were talking about Mossa and not alkemanubis. Two different people with different skill levels.

No. 2095375

I personally enjoy Mossa’s art, minus his pinup stuff. But then again I don’t get offended by drawings

No. 2095379

Same, I enjoy his historical designs and the slightly unsettling feeling his art gives out. Compared to alkemanubis upthread who draws the most AI-looking slop I've ever seen, mossa at least is doing something interesting with his style.

No. 2095380

inb4 moid accusations, so do I. He's able to make pleasing drawings and it is possible to just ignore stuff you don't like. By the way people talk about him itt you'd think they were being tortured with his loli drawings clockwork orange-style.

No. 2095416

mossa doesnt even make money of lolishit his commissions are like 90 usd a piece, thats what the below average furfag charges

No. 2095422

File: 1721323466747.jpg (180.89 KB, 850x1202, sample_ad919617562bb95598a2421…)

>Compared to alkemanubis upthread who draws the most AI-looking slop I've ever seen
alke has been drawing like that for ages, pic rel is from 2018. AI was trained on his art. I cant stand how everything mossa draws is commshit, at least alke used to make cute pieces like this before he went full lolifag.

No. 2095432

Now I understand nonas blabbering about the double standards. With male creators “just ignore the art! I don’t get offended by that art”. With female creators, chaos ensues. Like seriously in this same thread people were talking about him possibly owning illegal material lol

No. 2095434

freephotomuscle is a site where buff japanese dudes post copyright free drawing references i really like that site!

No. 2095441

Anon whose post you’re quoting and I don’t do that with female artists either kek. Don’t project your hypocrisy on others

No. 2095444

Tell me who's tearing down the female artists itt? It's certainly not men. No one hates women as much as other women. The ones saying to "just ignore" are in fact also women. So if anything the double standards are made by the same individuals who are affected by them.

No. 2095448

The vast majority of people who participate in cancel culture (especially within the art community) are women themselves though so what's your point?

No. 2095453

I think having an incredibly vivid imagination both helps me and hinders me in some ways. It helps me when I'm making illustrations but when it comes to comics or character interactions it's definitely a hinderance because I'll just imagine it and let it simmer there because nothing I can draw yet can reach the point I want to. I wish I was the type of person who could think of a cool idea and go "cool! I should make a comic about this so people can see how cool my idea is!" but I actually think that's not how my brain is wired, but at the same time I see far less experienced artists draw character interactions with a childlike whimsy and it makes me wish I was like that. Is there any way I can train myself to be like that?

No. 2095461

This thread has always been overran by /ic/el moids who step out of the woodwork to whiteknight loli artists and sperg about muh twitterfags when someone thinks using real children as referenced for CP isn't worth frowning upon. Every single time.

No. 2095469

Was this supposed to make it better kek

No. 2095470

>I don’t get offended by drawings
saying this like it make you so mature lol. if you don't get offended by seeing childlike characters being sexually violated like mossa's been drawing on his degen baraag you're sick

No. 2095471

>everyone who disagrees with me is a moid
I think you should kill yourself(alogging)

No. 2095473

>characters being sexually violated
Bruh do you think gore drawings equals real murder too?

No. 2095475

No, you go contribute to the male suicide rates. They're clearly not high enough.(scrotefoiling/alogging)

No. 2095479

nta but being offended by any form of fictional media is retarded. If it's breaking any laws just report it and move on. What point is there in exposing yourself to shit you don't like. Breaking news: there will always be shitty people who do shitty things, but no amount of moral grandstanding is going to make them disappear.

No. 2095480

Does every post here need to be verified with a DNA test for you to not scrotefoil every five seconds?

No. 2095481

No. 2095482

wow you sure are saving the lives of so many cartoon childlike caracters right now. Bravo(infighting)

No. 2095486

>Breaking news: there will always be shitty people who do shitty things, but no amount of moral grandstanding is going to make them disappear.
What kind of argument is this KEK. In this case, let's just stop condemning murderers and rapists.

No. 2095490

File: 1721326457364.jpeg (262.02 KB, 1210x2048, GNRs7y5aMAAD18q.jpeg)

Artists being milky =/= not being able to ignore their art you don't like. Just because an artist (male or female) acts in a cowish manner (like pumpkin gentletif above) doesn't mean I "can't ignore what I don't like" about their art or don't find some of their art appealing. I'm sure everyone can agree that it's a gigantic shame these lolicons sometimes make actually good art.

No. 2095491

The obvious difference being that murder and rape are serious crimes with real life consequences, whereas making fucked up drawings are not. I cannot believe how you can be this dense

No. 2095492

Now that we're in the middle of summer there are so many NLOGs posting here

No. 2095493

not equating a drawing to murder and rape makes someone an NLOG now? All words have lost their meaning now

No. 2095495

Don't you know, anon? You're a puritan moralfag if you're offended by a pedo scrote drawing lolicon referencing actual children for drawn porn. Stop being offended over cartoons!

No. 2095498

is this the new word to describe any woman you dislike or disagree with now?

No. 2095500

But it shouldn't matter according to you. You can't just pick and choose. But if you want a non-violent example. Racists and misogynists will always be around, doesn't mean we should just shut up and not shame or talk shit about them

No. 2095501

How new are you that anons using NLOG is new to you

No. 2095509

Did you even read my fucking post? Do I need to spell it out for you on the level of an infant? If someone is committing a serious crime with real life consequences: report it and condemn it if you want. If someone is simply being nasty or doing shit you don't like, but with no real consequences: Ignore it instead of letting it live rent free in your head. Freaking out over shit you don't like does literally nothing except put you in a bad mood from constantly exposing yourself to it. Also being racist and misogynistic isn't a fucking crime and anyone is allowed to express their opinions no matter how much you like it or hate it. The internet is not end never will be the safespace utopia you want it to be

No. 2095513

a year ago people weren't calling literally everyone and their grandma an nlog over anything. Try ctrl f searching 'nlog' in any thread here from two/three years ago vs today.

No. 2095515

Remember that time a moid read hentai manga and used it as inspiration to sexually assault a bunch of girls? I do.

No. 2095516

>women defending male artists as if children werent #1 for ai tags in specific sites, as if pedophiles havent been creating child sex dolls and as if it wasnt proven that the more porn a man consumes, the more sexually violent he is.
This is men get away with shit, because you will see nothing wrong with your male friends oggling at porn caricatures. You may not be scrotes, but you're handmaidens who deny the plausibility of coomers possibly going into extreme cases when they get the chance. I dont consume male art, I dont watch media and I dont care to, because I'm not a dickrider. I will never go out my way to defend a moid, it will bite you in the ass. Let me know when they start sticking up for you.

No. 2095518

>isn't a fucking crime and anyone is allowed to express their opinions no matter how much you like it or hate it
Which also applies for the people who don't like it and openly shame those who are racist or misogynistic or like/draw loli. This isn't a hard concept to grasp. Idk why you people think this whole free speech thing only goes one way.

No. 2095522

>a year ago
>Two three years ago
Thank you for confirming what I said.

No. 2095523

I’m sorry but I don’t understand why you’re giving all this advice to us if you’re on the same site as us? Like we’re on lolcow. If yoi simply ignored people doing dumb degenerate, like you advised us to, then you wouldn’t be here at all. You’re criticizing the people shaming the moid and not the moid himself. You gotta set your priorities straight. I don’t want to scrotefoil but, yeah.

No. 2095525

I'm only wondering what the point is in intentionally offending yourself instead of spending your time and energy on more meaningful things?

No. 2095530

You are literally on a lolcow gossip site. In the art salt thread. Talking about things and people you don't like is practically the whole point of the site.

No. 2095533

Do you understand how exponential increasing works?

No. 2095536

wow youre such a martyr. You're doing wonders for women all over the globe.

No. 2095537

Nayrt but are we supposed to organise society around what mentally ill moids do? Just because some scrote reads Shakespeare and blows his brains out means Shakespeare is bad now?

No. 2095540

>no negative consequences
>Plenty of studies have shown a link between porn use and sexual violence. In particular, men who act aggressively towards women are typically also heavy porn users.
>he few available studies suggest that the media do have an impact because the media keep sexual behavior on public and personal agendas, media portrayals reinforce a relatively consistent set of sexual and relationship norms, and the media rarely depict sexually responsible models.
You are retarded if you think men are not impulsive enough to want to further it when it is proven pedophiles seek out legal outcomes and worsen their paraphilias when they seek such things.

No. 2095541

Literally the videogames cause violence argument. Please stop embarrassing yourself. Also the manga and the crime are still two separate fucking things. Or do you think we should just ban all form of media that depicts any kind of violence or harmful acts?

No. 2095543

Do you spend this much effort defending victims as you do pedo artists?

No. 2095545

What pisses me off is women defending moid artists when males have ostracized women for years from art spaces, implying women are even in the same monolith as men.. I would understand defending female artists, because women are not majority of perpetrators, nor are they influence enough to actually commit such things.
Yes, I unironically believe this for men. Why do you think most serial killers are school shooters had a history of watching violent porn, or why those men had a fixation on such media? I'm not against women consuming such media, because unlike men, they're not the ones committing such things, are they? They're not the ones who increase domestic abuse when their sports team lose, men are. I would shun any male who watches such things. Men who have a fixation on gore are to be ostracized. I will scrotefoil, because it is obvious men and women are different when it comes to this.

No. 2095546

Are you running out of shit to say so you have to resort to imagining insults about me?

No. 2095550

you're right lets just put a ban on all forms of media. No more movies, games, literature or anything because it might inspire some horrible crime. Fucking genius

No. 2095551

Nobody is defending moid artists. Saying that you like some of their art is not defending them.

No. 2095553

So did everybody itt forget what happened to shadman

No. 2095555

What victims? You mean the cartoon characters in the drawings? Last time I checked, pixels on a screen don't have the ability to form thoughts or communicate.

No. 2095556

shadman was openly sexually harassing multiple kids though.

No. 2095559

Yes, I think we should ban all forms of media for men. I think they should be born in jail and prove their way out. Retard, only a male would get offended by what I said, because I'm not criticizing women, nor would I even agree with banning any media for them, because they're not the ones committing crimes. Let me guess, you think a man watching a movie like siberian film is fine because he just has an edgy taste? Or are you going to be deliberately obtuse and act like men and women are the same when they consume media? There's a reason why men are rape apes and why women aren't. I'm simply stating that men are more prone to being impulsive, women would not act on a whim based on what they consume. Im sure your beloved male artists like Andy Warhol would never do anything harmful to other women/girls.
No, not that specifically, but I meant defending male consuming such things. I'm going to scrotefoil, because all my points about the consumption of porn leading to sexual aggression isn't being answered, lol.

No. 2095560

What happened to him? Last thing I heard he was a heroin addict and went to prison for gun-related charges.

No. 2095562

aaah, the "you choose to be offended!!1" argument
yes yes, don't speak out on things you don't like, don't notice behavioral patterns, especially the ones regarding men
last time i saw this take it was coming from a moid so…

No. 2095563

Anons are defending moid artists though kek. Saying that you're not doesn't change that that's what's happening.

No. 2095566

>all my points about the consumption of porn leading to sexual aggression isn't being answered, lol.
Because this is the art salt thread and nobody is talking about porn consumption, it's entirely offtopic. Yeah we know moids consume violent pornography and then assault women. The only point being rightfully addressed is that fiction leads to real life violence because, you know, drawings are fiction. Contrary to pornography.

No. 2095567

Why are you defending men making media that depicts women and children being harmed while their male audience is willing to imitate it IRL? What is the point of your posts here?

No. 2095568

Who is? I don't see any post defending moid artists.

No. 2095571

Fictional porn is included. I included how media affects sexuality as well, but you're going to deliberately be obtuse and deny the plausibility of men being more prone to acting on their whims when they masturbate to their rendered 10 year old girl.. because what? It's fictional? I wouldn't give a fuck if a woman was a shotacon, do you know why? Because women are different, they don't act on a whim. Or do you think hentai doesn't count as porn despite it being literal animated porn? This is like saying a coomer who masturbates to only 2D porn isn't a coomer, he still is.

No. 2095574

Laws aren't permanent, new ones get made or altered. Being racist and misogynistic is actually a crime where I live, so what's your logic? People can only complain about things that are considered crimes? How do you think they came up with those laws?
Kek the irony of infighting and asking this.

No. 2095576

i fucking can't, as if lolifags aren't hoarding real life cp
paraphilias only become worse over time, lolishit is literally entry level pedophilia for scrotes

No. 2095578

Was not gun related, take another guess anon.

No. 2095579

I'm not defending shit. I'm literally only saying that there is never any point in censoring media, no matter how distasteful it may be. The fucking drawing didn't kill anyone, the mentally ill man did. Do you understand that?

No. 2095583

most heroin and crack addicts also consume lots of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana. Should those also be outlawed because they are gateways to harder more harmful substances?(derailing)

No. 2095585

Nta but you need to have your hard drives checked pedochan.

No. 2095588

Let me make this clear, there's a distinct difference between say, a man heavily obsessed with gore or children's cartoons, and a woman obsessed with that. If a woman told me she liked the film, siberian film, I would think she's just an edgelord, or maybe she sees something in it that I don't. She could tell me she's obsessed with ciel from black butler, and I would not give a fuck. A man tells me he loves siberian film, and I automatically know he goes out his way to be some form of sex pest, he has this predisposition to already see women in such a way, he seeks joy in it. I automatically assume he has a paraphilia, or he tells me he is obsessed with anime like sakura card captor. Women like that show because it reminds them of their youth, men like it because they fetishize it and get off to it. Don't be so fucking retarded.
The drawing has an audience, and it is meant to profit off of mentally ill men, it is meant to create more mentally ill men. I have already shown how media affects men. Do you think the legalization of prostitution increases or decreases sex trafficking? I want to hear your answer for this, because I need to make a point.

No. 2095589

you think I'm a pedophile because I don't condone censorship totalitarian control over media?

No. 2095591

You are acing as if women could never commit violent acts or behave like degenerates. Just because males are more likely to commit said acts doesn't mean the likelihood of a woman doing it is 0%.

No. 2095594

File: 1721329926031.jpg (126.78 KB, 1064x1200, FCY66CsVgAU-B6A.jpg)

This is how I know you're a male or an NLOG. Where the fuck did I say women do not commit crimes whatsoever? I said men take up majority of it and have low impulse control.Men literally make up 98% of sexual violent rates, you imbecile.

No. 2095595

It's all or nothing with you people. No nuance. Either allow everything or it's totalitarian censorship, like theres nothing in-between.

No. 2095597

Just checked. Original arrest was 2 counts of assault & battery involving a firearm.


No. 2095598

any form of censorship is a slippery slope and you know it.

No. 2095600

Report and ignore, it's a moid/baiting tranny/possible tif/NLOG. I cannot fucking believe I almost believed it wasn't a moid until he brought up "women do it too" KEK.

No. 2095602

since when is alcohol, tobacco and marijuana a substitute for hard drugs? no one jerks off to lolis without being a pedophile
your idea of a censorship-free paradise gives leeway to pedos(derailing)

No. 2095603

>you can say “I like this artist” and somebody will say “so you’re a pedo?”
Is the theme of this thread kek

No. 2095604

but if it's a possible tif/nlog then it's not a man. You can't ban someone for simply being retarded

No. 2095606

Im beginning to think it's one of those trannies that used to brag about starting infights, probably from leftypol and 4chan. A lolcow thread was posted on r9k just about two hours ago, we're going to having baiting trannies/moids probably.

No. 2095613

Not censoring doesn't deters the zoophiles,pedophiles, troonoids it only emboldens them.thats why we have MAPs and zoophile furs in the open now it's because we let everything ran free that we have to the point where braindead retards like you are justifying the existence of drawn child porn, yes lolicon and shotacons are pedophiles plain and simple. If a artist keeps posting children or animals being raped is not them being artistic but them outright commiting crimes which HAVE real life consequences ,with what certainty can you say they don't have real cp or zoo shit? Or they aren't reenacting these things behind closed doors? Can you really give a guarantee that the artist drawing toddlers being raped has done nothing to any real toddler? Seeing you defensive over this shit only outs yourself being a degenerate

No. 2095616

Once again, please, REPORT AND IGNORE. Do not continue the infighting/derailing/responding to bait.

No. 2095625

Does anyone have good brush packs to recommend for Procreate?

No. 2095641

kek I love this thread

No. 2095653

Sage for bringing the topic back up, but I think the double standard of “fictional CP causes child rape” and “violent video games don’t cause violence” is because the former involves the libido and the latter (hopefully) doesn’t. So it makes sense to think that people who like fictional CP would have similar real-life desires, whereas people often enjoy violent games and horror movies for the thrill/challenge/etc. and not because of an uncontrollable sexual urge.(stop)

No. 2095779

Loish or ImagineFX had a brush pack in recent years that was a staple for Photoshop. You can also import Photoshop default brushes into Procreate if you’re switching programs. What brushes are you wanting specifically?

No. 2095782


No. 2095790

I agree with this, they pull scrotefoiling out of their asses when they have no more valid arguments.(reviving infight discussion after farmhand warning)

No. 2095795

is it that hard to understand for these dumbasses that normal people don't want to see videos of corpses on their main page. you are an art account, I'm not expecting to see shock videos at all. what is wrong with you thinking it's okay to do that

No. 2095801

Shut up pedo defender.(trying to continue infight after farmhand warning)

No. 2095823

Atyart I wasn’t even apart of the infight I’m just stating scrotefoiling is a cop-out response

No. 2095826

It’s just a summerfag baiting.

No. 2095885

fucking this. this is such a pointless thing to do at this point and doesn't bring awareness, just makes people more desensitized to shit that's happening. I hate how you never expect to see this shit, and it terrifies me to even look at the main page sometimes.

No. 2095899

I commented on someone's ig story telling her posting those kinds of videos out of nowhere just make sensitive people sick and she kept telling me I'm an ignorant. the world will change with the power of ig stories I guess

No. 2095916

Even on tumblr people are pressuring others to keep reblogging these things even if you’re an art account. I’m not even sure if that kind of “online activism” works lol

No. 2096001

File: 1721357546670.jpg (627.05 KB, 1169x2686, brujo.jpg)

These people are so close to becoming self-aware kek

No. 2096020

File: 1721359375012.jpg (157.7 KB, 800x1144, magic-knight-rayearth-5207-442…)

For anyone here who's a concept artist, I have a question (from a fellow concept artist): do you HAVE to post shit on social media to get freelance work or hired by studios? I really despise it and only just post my work on ArtStation.

No. 2096022

I feel like her writing Kate like this and then making her “genderqueer” is so stupid

No. 2096070

no, half the people I work with don't post shit. Just be good, have a portfolio website, apply to job openings and keep in contact with fellow industry pros

No. 2096083

he locked his acc so i dont have the ss but im pretty sure he tried to claim he never had a nsfw alt when he clearly has one, the one im replying to here, that has 30k followers and only now does he randomly come out and say "uhhhh guys i never had a nsfw acc!!! at all!!"

No. 2096086

File: 1721367303404.jpg (347.62 KB, 1079x1151, 1000037819.jpg)

im not a native japanese speaker so correct me if im wrong here but

pumpkin claims to have been born or at least grew up in japan but his japanese here doesnt read like a native speaker? Japanese is a language that often omits a lot of things and adding the "anata" in the second sentence is something I'm pretty sure a lot of native speakers often says should be avoided. I could be wrong though


No. 2096114

>portfolio website
Like hosted and coded by yourself? Or Wordpress, carrd, ArtStation would be enough?

No. 2096122

File: 1721372884553.jpeg (71.74 KB, 538x886, GSwBBv9bsAATLSX.jpeg)

The larp is insane in that case

No. 2096126

This person is 100% not Japanese.

No. 2096129

Definitely not a native. This reads like Google translate.

No. 2096130

Such a fucking cringe larp

No. 2096145

all those are fine. As long as your work can be displayed clearly for recruiters without having to click too many buttons. Recruiters should be able to take one look and immediately know if they should put you in the no pile, or if they should look further

No. 2096164

Barely any kanji used outside of N5 is kind of suspicious but "何だっぺ" perplexes me because it could be a typo of "何だって" but the keys are obviously too far apart from each other, but it also could be a trait from the Ibaraki dialect where って gets replaced with っぺ. Often when these people claim to be at least part Japanese or having grown up in Japan they usually are despite having terminal Americanized discourse brainrot, he wouldn't be the first one to be honest. Also I don't know, I always thought he had a very signature ugly gay moid drawing style and overtly horny way of talking to the point I was pretty surprised that this thread is suspecting him of being a TIF.

No. 2096181

>Often when these people claim to be at least part Japanese or having grown up in Japan they usually are
Are you kidding? Larping as a japanese hafu is the turbo weeb's grift as old as time itself. Maybe she just heard 何んだっペ in an anime and thought it'd help her ~pass~ as a native. The rest of the tweet is not native level. And come on, she has the most obese female TIF artstyle and interests I've ever seen, and literally retweets cuntboy art on her nsfw account.

No. 2096186

>I always thought he had a very signature ugly gay moid drawing style
what gay moid draws like her? gay men draw draw like tom from finland

No. 2096188

KEKKK she privated her account.

No. 2096200

A gay moid would show off more than a dildo in Kuromi underwear though

No. 2096216

>were not even given the chance to prove toxic male stereotypes wrong
same person that thinks it's so totes male to post a photo of her hand gripping a dildo under hello kitty clothing

No. 2096219

It's kind of funny when you start taking Japanese classes and switch to Japanese keyboards on PC/smartphone, it becomes VERY obvious when people are faking kek

No. 2096224

yeah if she was totes a gay man she would have an only fans by now

No. 2096255

I honestly feel nothing but pity for whoever actually finds this hot. May they find better taste in 2d men, even the copy-paste mobile game ones outclass this

No. 2096283

>womanhood has you experience a negative incident with a man
>recognizes male-patterned behavior
Humans love to project these natural ills on to some imaginary abstract idea like “toxic masculinity” that can be reformed and healed, they approach males like therapy, education, workplace, everyone is equally capable of humanity that they have to work towards. It does nothing to fully address the issue. Anyways her japanese larp is retarded and a bad attempt for attention because there’s plenty of japanese people on twitter who will call you out on your shit. She’s going to run out of larps soon

No. 2096286

lmfaooo i know for a fact no actual native japanese just randomly breaks into japanese in the middle of an english sentence. she's such a retarded attention whore, i genuinely can't wait to see this larp crash and burn around her. wonder how she'd handle an actual controversy considering how she's handled all else.

No. 2096291

AYRT, thank you anon. I feel waaay better after reading that. (Although I do seem to get flung into the no pile quite quickly lol)

No. 2096322

> I always thought he had a very signature ugly gay moid drawing style and overtly horny way of talking to the point I was pretty surprised that this thread is suspecting him of being a TIF.
She draws like she's never seen a penis in her life. Look at this >>2094666 and tell me an actual moid drew that.

No. 2096404

yeah that 何んだっペ has nothing to do with dialect. the hiragana u looking like a ra in that shitty handwriting pic made me question her, but this tweet solidifies that she not only isnt japanese, she probably doesn't even speak n5 level japanese kek. how do her followers fall for this?


ignoring the blatantly obvious shit, just the useless repeating of sore here is a dead giveaway. i thought larping as japanese with shit-tier japanese was a dying art so i hope she keeps going kek

No. 2096429

File: 1721409096568.gif (249.26 KB, 330x206, 1503303545819.gif)

Are you girls really in the pastures tag on artfight?? Finally a reason for me to join that crap, i'm gonna draw all of you.

No. 2096436

File: 1721409760001.jpg (76.24 KB, 330x361, lmao poor.jpg)

i feel so sad when westoids troll nice japanese artists like this

No. 2096439

If you have to "prove" that you're a nice person then you've already failed kek

No. 2096440

>how do her followers fall for this?
I have noticed so many young teens, many identifying as TIFs, following artists like her who are obvious TIFs but treated as if they're actual men. My own theory is that the pandemic, lack of socialization from that, and gender brainrot from consuming social media has caused a lot of these teens to become completely unaware of how men are actually like so they buy into this fantasy of the hafu bara softboi.

No. 2096442

Jesus from a glance I thought the tomato icon was a pumpkin and that pumpkin bitch was rebranding herself into full japmode

No. 2096444

File: 1721410206663.png (72.13 KB, 984x1228, [24-01-27] 1751354465960296922…)

af cf can actually draw hot men

No. 2096446

> Gaming related name
Every moid fits into 1 of 4 archetypes.

No. 2096462

The thing is that you will never have the problem of befriending a woman and realizing she was pretending to be your friend to have sex with you. Like, that's the primary thing. I don't know how it's so hard for people to realize this. I can't befriend moids at all until they prove to me that they're not attracted to me and even then, it's weird. It's not even like I'm hot, but men will fuck anything with a pulse, so wariness is required.

No. 2096484

File: 1721413290350.png (207.22 KB, 527x396, pretty hands.png)

is there a reason as to why hands are so fucking hard to draw compared to everything else?

No. 2096487

It's hard to make tubes look just right and not too tubish or not tubey enough

No. 2096490

File: 1721414172670.png (185.05 KB, 317x278, IMG_1234.png)

This post felt like cold water down my spine. I de-trooned a while ago, joined a new fandom, started talking to (and eventually flirting with) some gutter-level degenerate coomer, started over-sexualising myself, stopping drawing yaoi and started drawing curvy coomer female characters until I snapped out of it and randomly deleted one day without looking back since. I had no idea this pipeline even existed for other female artists, but I can confidently say that it’s predominantly a low self-esteem issue. As an old fan of penporo, I hope she can muster the strength to pull free of this rabbit hole.

No. 2096493

i feel the same as you, it's sickening, her fakeboi stuff was insufferable but she really didn't have to go full throttle trad

No. 2096495

the inverse of this pipeline is the kodomo no jikan author stopping to draw lolishit and starting to make BL

No. 2096496

would Muskrat exile me if i chose to do a "mirror" of this?i don't care for most edgy racist bullshit but this in particular gets my bile rising for some reason

No. 2096497

what do you mean by mirror? i would say do not pester nice japanese artists with any bullshit. It makes me sad to see this artist who bothers to respond to every single comment she gets with emojis or thank you get trolled like this by retards

No. 2096500

Why are they trolling them?

No. 2096502

Interesting story nona, glad you got out of it. From your perspective, would you say drawing coomer stuff as a female was in some way to make yourself appear sexier - as if the drawings were an extension of yourself? Thinking of how girls shoop themselves into looking sexier when they know in reality then don't actually look like that, but they then live in a fantasy land as if the compliments from horny men commenting is actually about them and their real bodies. Is drawing coomer stuff kind of the same?

No. 2096503

scrotes being scrotes i guess

No. 2096504

Juvenile, racist sense of humor. They find it hilarious the Japanese person is ignorant about what they're saying.

No. 2096506

i think he does have an influence over what she draws tho, if what >>2083915 nonnie says is right, maybe she met a fellow SA scrote that's she's set to get arranged-married to and he could only tolerate her having an art account with cute girls only and no gay shit.

No. 2096508

mirror as in how Megalia users apply a "mirroring" strategy

No. 2096511

samefag, he's not SA, but i think she's still fixing to get an arranged marriage out of him

No. 2096541

File: 1721417086249.jpg (147.59 KB, 1242x1633, GSwem_LXcAAk-ed.jpg)

That pumpkin bitch also made this response to the same woman venting about feeling insecure over her body. Literally proving the point that men don't care about anything but sex kek

No. 2096542

AYRT, absolutely. I was highly insecure and used coom porn as a form of idealistic projection. To make matters worse, the moid in question kept giving off these subtle racist signals but was only too happy to indulge in ‘tan’ girl porn. Being brown-skinned (like penporo…), I tried to indulge in that fantasy for him, trying to seek out his approval. Unbelievably pathetic and embarrassing of me. Never again. Currently I’m back to yaoi, but also trying to seek a healthier balance as concerns my own sexuality and womanhood. Some progress has been made. We’ll get there someday.

No. 2096545

> ‘Finna eat you right up’
Whitest sentence I have ever read. ‘Black/JP’ my ass. At the very least it’s a suburban kid with a tan playing up the African-American slang for twitter points. Cringe.

No. 2096547

I'd delete my account if it did this to me tbh

No. 2096548

this is so embarassing, this is the type of stuff they should be draggng her for, not for using denji as a reaction image

No. 2096550

forgive my samefag, did/does she actually engage with pumpkin? I need to know what type of retardation we're dealing with

No. 2096551

It's actually pretty creepy to do this on someone's personal post about their insecurities. Nobody cares if you find someone fuckable.

No. 2096557

fucking gross

No. 2096565

File: 1721418718224.jpg (Spoiler Image,92.76 KB, 828x1021, GStPGdRX0AAzaep.jpg)

Their accounts are both private and I haven't seen any screenshots with her responses but if you look up their names some people have drawn fanart of them together. I'm guessing they were at least friendly publically

Every pumpkin interaction is super gross, I have no idea how this shit got likes at all

No. 2096566

wow the bar is so low for coomers

No. 2096571

Kek it really is. I don't get what about this or puppychans art attracts people, her current tumblr is pulling similarly high numbers for whatever reason

No. 2096572

i truly cannot understand how this horrendous art style with her hideous pumpkin head can be appealing

No. 2096574

Honestly I have a feeling pump's fanbase is made up of three types of women.
1. Attention starved minors
2. Attention starved adults with or without a fetish for fat feminized men
3. Women who just kinda got sucked into his friend circle and go along with it

No. 2096578

File: 1721419514520.jpg (Spoiler Image,605.91 KB, 1080x1577, 1000019893.jpg)

You're probably right

No. 2096582

unironically more skilled than anything pump has ever drawn, how are you getting outclassed by the toddlers in your fanbase
I'm almost surprised there wasn't a big stink about people drawing the oc as a woman or as a skinny person instead of a tru and honest japanese bara man!1!!

No. 2096584

Kek and I thought zoomers hated corny shit

No. 2096601

File: 1721421320972.png (381.38 KB, 577x398, Screenshot 2024-07-16 062834.p…)

Yeah I'm fully convinced this is a larp, between corny stuff like this, using it as a cape for controversy, and doing a really poor job at the language, I don't think pump has a speck of japanese dna. Or best case scenario, is just westernized beyond belief and making little effort to actually connect with japan outside of what gets internet POC points.
Gonna derail a little here, but honestly I find these types of larpers really sad. A lot of them are Asian/Arab in my experience, (if pumpkin is really destinytomoon, she's mexican if my memory serves me right) so it's not like they have no culture and need to fill the void, they just find theirs inferior for one reason or the other. Picrel is some really beautiful iraqi traditional clothing.

No. 2096621

I wasn't going to comment on it but the dialect part seemed fishy to me because japanese racefakers like to rely on muh dialects for whatever reason (i'm okinawan!!11!!!) or at least that's my personal observation. It always happens to be a convenient excuse for a typo or blatant translator fuckery. But I also thought larping as a jap with crappy japanese was a dying art too, and I hope with all my heart this is destinymoon it's going to be so funny when she gets outed again like a retard

No. 2096623

Honestly I really want her to be outed if that's the case, but I have no idea how they'd even compile the proof for that unless she says or does something that no doubt links her back to DTM.
But based on the 'eye reveal' I don't think DTM had green eyes or that skintone. I have some doubts.

No. 2096626

File: 1721423402887.png (487.63 KB, 639x918, lmfaooooo.png)

men arent capable of this type of cringe, is too feminine brained

No. 2096627

File: 1721423614349.png (328.61 KB, 742x657, kung fu revvy.png)

at least she is making more effort in her larp than puppychan

No. 2096630

I’m scrolling through /ot/ in bed and I just fucking spat my red-coloured drink all over my white bedsheets at this (but I forgive you for making me kek this hard)

No. 2096636

File: 1721424279478.png (Spoiler Image,249.63 KB, 375x585, Screenshot 2024-07-19 141658.p…)

KEK the short-lived puppychan larp, I remember it like yesterday. I genuinely have no idea how she thought she'd get away with that while making ZERO changes to her style. Artcows were simply more openly looney back then.

No. 2096640

i want to know what went through her mind to made her think this wasnt going to backfire on her? kung fu isnt even japanese KEK shes so retarded. I cant help but like her, she's so fucking retarded and funny. I miss harmless artcows like her.

No. 2096643

File: 1721424588946.png (269.77 KB, 545x509, Screenshot 2024-07-19 142844.p…)

nowadays she's on tumblr as wolfertinger666, drawing her tru and honest trans man oc named salem. Still a total autismo.

No. 2096646

I can't imagine having green eyes and deciding to larp as an Asian moid, anyone with green eyes is considered better looking just for the color of the eyes, Jesus.

No. 2096650

File: 1721424981944.png (45.41 KB, 543x282, Screenshot 2024-07-19 143544.p…)

samefag, more autism

No. 2096653

File: 1721425052160.jpg (443.47 KB, 1079x1676, Screenshot_20240720-073603_Chr…)

I wonder if she's referring to Pumpkin the Gentlemen here

No. 2096654

not even asian, shes larping as a blasian moid to be super unique and speshial

No. 2096657

File: 1721425145066.png (372.05 KB, 420x513, Screenshot 2024-07-19 143758.p…)

oh yeah, totally.
I also forgot to mention that salem is her self-insert.

No. 2096658


I remember pumpkin posted some other selfies that had darker skin, is anyone still following the acc that can check?

No. 2096659

Mental illness

No. 2096660

wait, how old is the pumpkin tif?

No. 2096662

>19 years old
I mean, yeah, nine-teen, but that's a grown ass adult, not a child, most people use their 18 years of life to learn social cues and shit, yes, even the actual autists do so.

No. 2096667

19 according to her xitter

No. 2096668

I’m 19 and this pumpkin lady is retarded as shit. Hope this contributes to the discussion somehow.

No. 2096669

i cant believe there are anons that still believe pumpkin is a moid. What 19yo moid would depict themselves as a tumblr sexy man at 19?

No. 2096680

File: 1721426099799.png (10.69 KB, 535x95, Screenshot 2024-07-19 145358.p…)

on the wolfertinger post, what happened to kiwifarms and lolcow being the 'muh evil nazi site'?

No. 2096683

It's honestly not a bad larp for a cringe ass TIF like her. Too bad pretending to be a totes real moid didn't protect her from being cancelled like every other female artist out there catering to the same audience, nor strengthen her feefees enough to weather the storm without locking her acc and going on hiatus. The fact that she caved to this stupid drama (drawing her fat pumpkin OC in a sexy kuromi outfit while having "16+" on her bio) is proof enough that she's well enough female. A real moid would never give a shit.

No. 2096685

File: 1721426318893.png (426.34 KB, 375x561, 1709351257467.png)

Stole this from the other farms. Our blasian bara cis gay moid everyone

No. 2096686

Because 2020s TERFs = 2010s feminazis.

No. 2096687

actually surprised she isnt morbidly obese

No. 2096688

I take back everything I said. Destiny take off the contacts and let the tan fade, we know it's you.

No. 2096689

I don't really give a shit if she gets cancelled but I think it's hilarious that so many of her followers are acting so upset at seeing that kuromi outfit like they didn't follow her in the first place for her ugly coombait art. How is it any worse than the usual sloppy kissing with detailed tongues and saliva she's usually posting??

No. 2096690

honestly I'm thinking xitter just got tired of her kek

No. 2096692

File: 1721426593476.jpeg (66.73 KB, 640x800, EbgqhIMXYAUbz16.jpeg)

Is she really destinytomoon? Looking at the latter's art, pumpkin's art seems comparatively much worse, especially when it comes to her line weights. I haven't seen a pumpkin drawing with such clean lines.

No. 2096693

they look the same to me, pumpkin just uses a slightly different brush

No. 2096695

Can't believe she didn't even put in the effort on the LARP to get a fake muscle suit to match the fake penis.

No. 2096697

Probably just art regression in the scenario that she is. Picrel and pump's art have a very similar vibe still.

No. 2096700

File: 1721426883490.mp4 (1.98 MB, 858x456, ssstwitter.com_1721426841948.m…)

This is the stupidest drama I've ever seen kek

No. 2096701

I mean kudos to her for learning how to render/filter as to attempt to distract from her atrocious anatomy.

No. 2096705

holy fuck, this might really be the end of pump once and for all

No. 2096707

seeing zoomie gendie on zoomie gendie crime is my favourite past time

No. 2096709

Tbh if we only had art I would think she was Destiny, but you can pretty clearly see she's darker skinned than Destiny and thinner/flatter too

No. 2096711

File: 1721427288913.jpeg (20.26 KB, 221x241, IMG_3280.jpeg)

Nothing says ‘manly’ like a female breast, am I right, fellas?

No. 2096713

Her larp is lacking when it comes to real-life photos. Any self-respecting TIF knows the two bras trick.
Also, her 'dick pics' were kek-worthy, does anyone have the one where she used a banana?

No. 2096715

File: 1721427594983.jpg (111.62 KB, 350x501, 1000043427.jpg)

She didn't even try to change the design of the pumpkin which is a clear copy of the pumpkin nightmare manga's helmet.

No. 2096719

to be fair its just generic as fuck anyways

No. 2096723

File: 1721428057422.jpg (423.68 KB, 1664x2048, GQdxs-UaIAMMQXT.jpg)

Pumpkin apparently has a black cousin, which there is photographic evidence of tied to a pretty convincing digital footprint (info from the other farms so take with a heaping grain of salt). DTM has said she has a Jewish cousin but never said she had a black one so unless she never brought up them up to use as a future larp later I kind of doubt they're the same person on top of physical differences (which one of those could just be a tan to be fair)

Pic unrelated, more Japanese larping and attempt at a grooming larp? The very stilted and bad Japanese translates to "Grandpa why am I wearing girl's clothes?"

No. 2096726

File: 1721428134971.png (182.68 KB, 599x525, Screenshot 2024-07-19 152719.p…)

Moral of the story: Don't be a retard because twitter will get you someday, no matter how much zoomer lingo you use.

No. 2096727

File: 1721428226913.png (114.33 KB, 599x508, Screenshot 2024-07-19 152943.p…)

samefag, we did get one good thing from this

No. 2096728

Kek she can't even write 何 correctly, 1000% a larper. This is so refreshing, I haven't seen a weeb jap larper in a long time…

No. 2096730

File: 1721428325051.jpg (159.27 KB, 903x1008, 3b72973fd9156e36d98f4fc77a031e…)

her larp is so retarded, lolicon has nothing to do with a characters age. Konata is a high schooler and shes a loli, shinobu is a loli and shes a 1000 year old vampire, pic rel is a loli and shes canonically 25.

No. 2096735

Of course the histrionic TIF is now trying to softlaunch an abuse backstory. I'm not saying she's never been abused or anything but nothing about the scenario in this picture feels genuine.

No. 2096736

I have a friend who is in her 30s who follows and likes this pumpkin TIF's art. Not a good feeling.

No. 2096737

File: 1721428795111.png (180.63 KB, 597x403, Screenshot 2024-07-19 153736.p…)

nonnas… Is twitter thinking what we're thinking

No. 2096739

File: 1721428911413.jpg (118.96 KB, 604x755, pumpkin.jpg)

Peep those manly proportions

No. 2096741

Kek no. These people don't actually care. Most of the ones complaining already hated her cringe roleplaying and the few hundred people who unfollow over this don't matter. She got popular for memes and those gross drawn thirst traps. So when she continues posting in a few months no one will give a shit that she, what, posted the fetish slop they all signed up for?

No. 2096744

We’ve already clocked her as being a TIF, so if she was really abused by being forced to wear “girl’s clothes” then it would only make sense if she were a boy and her grandpa had a crossdressing kink(?). Otherwise, it’s just standard school uniform for elementary girls in Japan, and makes absolutely no sense as an abusive situation. Another blatant lie.

No. 2096747

The saddest thing is that there are still going to be retarded minors who see this and think she is a hunky pumpkin bara.

No. 2096748

I thought this ugly fashion died in the early 2010s next to the obsession with moustaches. Holy fuck this ugly cringy hipster fashion deservers to be forgotten and left to rot in that era. Only a woman who grew up lusting after tumblr sexy men could still be obsessed with suits and bow ties.

No. 2096750

File: 1721429302236.png (Spoiler Image,901.02 KB, 485x812, 1709262963550.png)

Here's the banana pic

No. 2096751

If she is an abuse victim then it makes her tweets in >>2096122 even more retarded than before kek

No. 2096753

the background music kek

No. 2096757

I once spoke to a TIF who had been a child victim of SA by her uncle and she was also a massive male apologist. I think it’s a trauma response. If they can successfully create a fantasy version of men in their head, a version that is pure and perfect, then they won’t have to confront their own real life experiences. Trooning out then allows them to escape their own body (which has been, in their mind, ‘tainted’ by the SA) and ascend into this fantasy for themselves. It’s genuinely tragic to watch. As for pumpkin, who knows… who knows.

No. 2096762

I almost feel bad for her. Male artists who are actual lolifags and bigger degens never get this type of treatment. Shadman, mossa, etc never get this level of harassment.

No. 2096763

god i love this, i missed weabs with bad japanese
>i grew up in japan
>cant write 何
>着ている instead of the shorter form a child is more likely to say with family (着てる)
>"why am i wearing girl clothes" instead of "why do i HAVE to wear girl clothes" because she doesn't even know the basic nai to ikenai kek
maybe im autistic but "why am i wearing girl clothes" sounds so funny in that stilted japanese, its almost implying she just woke up wearing a female uniform. like she had no part in the process of dressing up, it just materialized on her kek
with everything being "appropriation" these days a lot of weab race fakers steer off of trying to actually use japanese ,so they're less fun. i love this cow because her larp has just enough effort to make it funny but not enough to actually learn the fucking language. i hope zoomers dont chase her offline, like >>2096762 said actual male artists don't get this much shit

No. 2096772

Well, shadman and mossa don't have parasocial teen followings from tiktok either. Everyone who follows them knows what to expect so they have no reason to act outraged. The people who do complain about them aren't fans anyway so they can brush them off. Pumpkin and puppychan fostered these teen audiences that they act all cutesy and wholesome with; they tell them to call them by parental terms and vent way too much about their personal lives to strengthen the parasocial bond. So when someone at any point raises concerns about something, no matter how small, it becomes a very personal issue because their following feels deeply betrayed.

No. 2096776

Pumpkin was stupid, but this also teaches all female artists a lesson: have ovaries of steel. Block dumbass zoomers when they say stupid shit. Most of the backlash Pumpkin got was dumb (the Denji thing? Hello???) but if she stood her ground instead of privating her account, maybe people all over twitter wouldn’t be making so much fun of her now. But the most important thing right now is that how is someone so stupid as to pretend to be a born and raised japanese blasian tif but is not bothered enough to learn the language properly to make a better larp kek

No. 2096781

File: 1721431470631.png (175.63 KB, 615x761, GSz4_E-WkAAbABQ.png)

I wasn't following the account so I didn't see it myself but so many people complain about pumpkin making an abundance of corny vent comics. I don't think blocking and ignoring was ever an option for this one

No. 2096785

I cannot believe someone older than 16 seriously made that and posted it

No. 2096788

They do but they ignore it tbh. Replying to hate only makes it worse andvtiktok teens are always looking for someone to pick on

No. 2096841

>maybe she met a fellow SA scrote that's she's set to get arranged-married to and he could only tolerate her having an art account with cute girls only and no gay shit.
There's no reason to assume she's getting manipulated into drawing things she doesn't want to just because she got into a new relationship. People change over time and maybe the things that used to interest her just don't anymore, it doesn't have to be a conspiracy.
>samefag, he's not SA, but i think she's still fixing to get an arranged marriage out of him
How is this an arranged marriage if she's trying to get engaged? That makes no sense.

No. 2096872

File: 1721442409517.png (246.15 KB, 720x1280, puppychan.png)

I can't help but feel sorry for her.

No. 2096873

File: 1721442443109.png (343.13 KB, 747x872, 1711226862635.png)

null_bis/deadspacedog/pgp is my personal cow too

No. 2096878

Having a scat fetish would be more respectable than that.

No. 2096890

File: 1721444542112.png (45.55 KB, 546x512, aaaaaaa.png)

might be tinfoiling but do you nonnas think archon of flesh (that tif that really likes w40k twinks) might end up the same as develv?? their styles are already kind of similar, and both have a weird fixation with twinks, and now archon is getting into historical shit like develv. i'm calling it now, she's gonna start drawing eunuchs soon

No. 2096904

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all schizo our way out of the consequences of our actions?

No. 2096913

File: 1721446130420.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.66 KB, 775x436, split.jpg)

No. 2096957

There are currently 9 people who have characters under the tag.

t. Someone who has an Art Fight account but is not participating this year

No. 2096960

File: 1721450858840.jpeg (284.83 KB, 828x1037, IMG_3916.jpeg)

as someone who's into the whole history fanart/shipping,stuff a lot of ppl in the fandom are pretty wack. sometimes it's in a good way and sometimes it's straight up basket cases, but either way she'll ptobably fit in. it's a pretty accepting fandom.

No. 2096979

Not to A-log but I hate this degenerate pornrotted scrote, I'm so tired of everyone praising him as some sort of god when he can only draw women from porn, and I was so happy when I heard he died a few years ago. Rest in piss.
kek agreed

No. 2096989

File: 1721453807636.jpg (160.92 KB, 1125x1388, 311573490_663791601778654_8029…)

I really didn't like him either. His sketchbooks had bestiality and other porn-induced brainrot. His one gimmick was being able to draw well from memory but those drawings just came off as a bunch of meaningless noise to me with annoying porn shit thrown in. There was nothing meaningful or memorable about his work. Overrated gimmick artist that braindead normies love.

Also, I'm reminded of this illustration that pisses me off with how utterly gay it is.

No. 2096996

it seems insensitive to the people who were murdered that people are using photos of those war crimes as shock content on twitter to make others feel bad. I don't like it.

blog this is true, I was a self hating diaspora weeb for awhile before realizing that it's fucked up to idealize and obsess over a culture cartoons of half-naked 14 year old girls made for basement dwellers. I know there's more to Japanese culture but modern Japanese media and culture is 99% consoomershit and coomershit at this point. I know a lot of SEAsians who idealize Japan and feel like "inferior" asians and it's so sad.

wait i thought this fucker was a TiM. I still don't believe it's a female without pics.

kek of course it's all scrotoid "artists" in the picture. how egotistical and narcissistic to think he'd ever be even close to the level of most of these guys with his second-tier wankbait.

No. 2097009

who is that asian dude with the andy warhol hair?
>how egotistical and narcissistic to think he'd ever be even close to the level of most of these guys
this was made by someone else after his death btw

No. 2097011

I’m also into history shipping and by all measures, this ‘archon’ person AYRT posted seems completely tame in comparison to everything I’ve seen kek

As someone who was inspired by his work (shock, horror), this would be a lovely image if it were something like the artists sending him off into the light with a standing ovation. But instead, you have Da Vinci studying from him because…? The only redeeming factor here is that half these are artists were also coomers and creeps, kek. And it’s not the ones you might think.

No. 2097022

File: 1721461208923.jpg (155.09 KB, 828x1626, GS1m0q2XAAA06bK.jpg)


sorry but if i found out a "friend" from a long time ago made vent art about my mental health issues and and drew my sh without my knowledge i would be pissed

No. 2097023

File: 1721461243861.jpg (49.03 KB, 828x363, GS1m0q3XsAAzo8i.jpg)

No. 2097026

To be fair if you do this kind of attention whoring things (because come on… carving someone’s fucking initials on your body presumably in public?) of course people are going to remember it.

No. 2097032

File: 1721462414631.png (325.92 KB, 1274x805, ZwdBgNY.png)

also the panel after this, It's such a girly idea of "angst"

No. 2097042

it's not that i think she's getting manipulated, i think she's switched up her subjects bc she has realized drawing yaoi and cuntboys won't get her laid.
>How is this an arranged marriage if she's trying to get engaged? right my bad

No. 2097059

forgot to sage oops
>this would be a lovely image if it were something like the artists sending him off into the light with a standing ovation
no it wouldn't because he's a generic degenerate coomer moid who contributed nothing unique, new, or creative to the art world.

No. 2097060

what's SA? saudi arabian? am I just really stupid?

No. 2097062

IDK why everyone's transvestigating him so hard. this typing style / image of his life isn't just a girly thing, it's an autist male/socially awkward male who watches way too much anime thing. He's obviously copying these social scenarios from anime/cartoons in a way to make himself seem cool and badass, i've met tons of males like this. And the fake dicks thing, I don't think it's because he's a TiF it's probably just because he has a micropenis and is embarrassed which is arguably way worse.

No. 2097063

Hasn't she also claimed that revvy and puppy were alters that magically dissolved?

No. 2097065

South Asian

No. 2097070

It's not just the style/image. like fat men draw themselves in a "bara style" when they're fat irl as well, not built like this >>2096739

No. 2097092

Please. What kind of male can't even draw a dick? That's the first thing they draw the moment they pick up a pen.

No. 2097093

>He's obviously copying these social scenarios from anime/cartoons in a way to make himself seem cool and badass
You need to be 18+ to post here

No. 2097094

File: 1721470754473.jpg (Spoiler Image,364.46 KB, 908x1198, 1000020505.jpg)

i just had the most surreal experience ever on a discord art server where we were discussing shading and this moid started talking about shadman and his shading being fascianting or some crazy crap i genuinely cant believe he thought SHADMAN was a good refrence

No. 2097098

Ew. Out of every artist out there, shadman? His art is mediocre even if you just look at it technically and ignore his nasty pedo shit.
Knowing discord, this guy didn't get called out, did he?
I'm so sorry nonna

No. 2097100

Didn't he get arrest for having heroin on him? How is he still making this crap?

No. 2097101

I never heard anything about heroin, but his most recent arrest was october 2021 for assault with a deadly weapon.
I believe he was also expelled from his art school way before that, and investigated by hollywood. I feel no sympathy for him, very deserved and may every edgy coom artist meet the same fate.

No. 2097104

Honestly I'm pretty sure pumpkin grew up in Japan during childhood but migrated overseas early on which would explain the immature manner of speech and awkward yet correct grammar, and blasian ethnicity in Japan is pretty common for military families serving at an American base in Japan for a limited time. I don't think it's a racefaker because there have been a lot of such cases like what I described and I know some personally, but there's a high probability that it's a TIF.

Yeah this thread whiteknighted Mossa tooth and nail but are giving her 400 replies worth of shit over cringe vent comics kek

No. 2097105

ignoring the shadman coom aspect, did the retard you were talking to mistake shitty dodge and burn tool use. maybe an overlay layer with the default airbrush, as actual colour blending by hand? This is bbys first digital shading level stuff christ

No. 2097109

The reason moids get less shit is simply because they care less. Female and TIF artist are more likely to feed the mob, thus producing more to kek at. With that being said, we should trash moid artists more regardless.
Right? Either a troll or just genuinely tasteless and trying to fit in with art folks. You can get moids to like anything with the lowest effort rendering.

No. 2097110

This thread whiteknighted a pedo simply because "he cares less"?

No. 2097118

File: 1721473262868.jpg (366.31 KB, 1280x1808, Kim_Jung_Gi_2018_Sketch_Collec…)

i really like kjg, he's one of those artists i look into when i need a shot of inspiration. Most artists just draw one thing, so seeing someone being able to draw very complex things on a whim is insanely encouraging and inspiring. He's a coomer, but so is every other male artist on earth. His tutorials are also really good.

No. 2097121

>I don't think it's a racefaker because there have been a lot of such cases
This makes no sense. Just because the larp is believable doesn't mean that it's real. It's what makes it a convincing larp. You're not the only one who knows what blasian japanese-americans are a thing that exists.

No. 2097123

Well… Yeah. The only substantial milk he produces is gross lolishit, and you have no idea how many arguments can be made over the 'muh fiction.'
But I haven't seen anyone itt who actually likes him? Just arguing on the basis of whether he can be jailed or not. Maybe I'm being optimistic and just misunderstanding.
>He's a coomer
…He draws lolishit porn, doesn't he. Well, time to screenshot picrel and forget about him forever.

No. 2097124

>He draws lolishit porn, doesn't he.
no? what are you on about, hes just a run of the mill coomer into women dressing slutty

No. 2097129

>Graphic loli porn is considered less offensive than some TIF drawing angsty vent comics
The state of lolcow everyone. People agree that women are judged upon harsher standards than degenerate men yet enforce it themselves here all the time to the point they just shrug at a pedo moid but spend hours upon hours investigating some retarded could-be-troon for cringe crimes.

He draws little girls being brutally raped and violated with bloodied noses and all, it's all on his baraag account (baraag.net/@cannibalism).

No. 2097130

>He draws little girls being brutally raped and violated with bloodied noses and all, it's all on his baraag account (baraag.net/@cannibalism).
i was talking about kjg, learn to read

No. 2097132

Admitting my mistake, misinterpreted the post quotation. Point still stands, he's a pedo and doesn't get enough shit for it.

No. 2097133

yes he does, but talking about how mossa is a pedo isnt a milky, talking about a retarded tif who fakes being japanese and a bara moid is funny

No. 2097134

Sorry nonna. Atp I just expect them to. Still gross but whatevs.
I'm not defending him, but not everyone wants to break down the newest child blowjob porn and thoroughly analyze it every single time. He's disgusting but there's nothing new to discuss about him, except for whatever other shit he rightfully gets in his real life.

No. 2097135

File: 1721474459352.jpeg (205.03 KB, 945x2048, IMG_2107.jpeg)

It’s been a while since this thread had this level of drama

No. 2097137

Could it be that cows which take the bait and produce pleintiful milk over minor things are simply more interesting than the pedo artist who doesn't acknowledge, respond or bawleet in reaction to criticism because he gives no shits about what he does?

No. 2097138

are zoomers really offended over this? they watch anime with grosser undertones like dragon maid or chainsaw man

No. 2097140

In that case anons in this thread better not complain about women getting way more shit than actually degenerate moids if they can't walk the walk themselves. Anons don't want to talk about actually harmful scrotes because "it's boring" but endlessly dunk on some teenager larping as a big dick bara, but then turn around and whine about the unfair standards about how Shadman and Mossa are left alone.

No. 2097142

File: 1721474772392.webp (60.98 KB, 600x709, 6-866x1024_rut4iz_600x.webp)

nayrt but any advice for climbing out of that rabbit hole? I've been drawing cheesecake for a good chunk of my life, but I always had ideas for drawing cute men that never become a reality. I either give up or get disappointed when they don't pan out the same as how I envisioned it because I'm so used to drawing female bodies that it doesn't seem natural to me. Wished it wasn't, but just as I'm good with headshots, I'm just too good at drawing women to deal with drawing men worse.
>You can get moids to like anything with the lowest effort rendering.
so if I were to appeal to a female audience, I should draw like pic rel? From what I've seen, most male artists who aren't professionals don't focus on making objectively good art, while women tend to. you're more likely to see women drawing pieces worthy of being hung in a cathedral while men draw the artistic equivalent of shit on the wall. This is all generalization of course.

No. 2097143

My proposed solution is that we condone poking the cow for moids but not for women. Worked on CWC.

No. 2097146

look i will defend mgong tooth and nail, but that tif sped totally deserves getting ridiculed. Shes the type that wouldnt think twice to send her 100k followers to harass women drawing yaoi of naruto and other innocuous stuff.

No. 2097152

Nonna, just draw what you like. Sometimes the simple non-act of not drawing sexy animu bunnygirl porn will make scrotes seethe.

No. 2097155

I'm not defending pumpkin because she seems like the most insufferable type of person I know but what I am doing is pointing out the lack of self awareness anons have here and why exactly women online have to bear metric tons of shit more pressure than men who get away with horrifying behavior because everyone is so desensitized to their moid bullshit. Anons are willing to believe that she's a TIF lying about being a blasian man raised in Japan with only random anons theorycrafting through highly conditional evidence but demand airtight proof of pedophilia for moids drawing loli rape and fraternizing with people who obviously use little children for reference for their loli porn (and you just know they're doing it themselves) the contrast is bleak as fuck.

No. 2097156

File: 1721475854507.jpg (99.72 KB, 576x488, 1720901690335.jpg)

We've already talked about mossa and after a certain amount of time discussing him, it gets really depressing and agitating really quickly. Yes what he draws is fucked up but it's awful wallowing in that misery caused by the fact that nothing has or likely will be done against him and any infight about lolishit always ends up being the most horrible thing to be a bystander to, let alone being involved in. This isn't moralcow.com, this isn't callout.com, let us make fun of amputee fetishists and retarded larping TIFs. That's been what the thread is for since the very beginning.

No. 2097160

> Anons are willing to believe that she's a TIF lying about being a blasian man raised in Japan with only random anons theorycrafting through highly conditional evidence but demand airtight proof of pedophilia for moids drawing loli rape
these two arent even comparable. One is a retarded internet shenanigan made by attention whores and the other is something life ruining and illegal that harms children. Ofcourse people are going to demand proof for the latter. It also isnt us cancelling pumpkintif, its her retarded twitter tif fanbase.