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No. 2007134

Previous: >>1951437

Discuss art and related topics such as:

-Talk about Art Youtubers
-Ask about art supplies
-Discuss trashy art trends
-Instagram bullshit
-Art theft!
-General Art Bullshit
-Fandom and Shipping Discourse
-AI generated art (do not shill about your ai trained models key words on a prompt do not make you a artist)
-do not post your art to be reviewed here use the designated m thread

Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:
Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix

>useful youtube channels

>where to find art
>other useful sites
painting :Elizabeth Nourse - Self-Portrait as an Artist (1892)

No. 2007137

Did you ever get told that your interest in drawing is stupid by someone like a teacher or a parent? How much did it hurt?

No. 2007141

When I was a kid it bothered me but now idgaf

No. 2007143

not going to lie they were right about keeping it a hobby and getting a real job. the current job market for artists is fucking bleaque

No. 2007144

pre AIshit i used to make a shit ton of money off commissions, now i only get one or two every 2 months.

No. 2007145

I think AI is basically photography 2, it will kill off illustrators (99% of self proclaimed artists) but fine art will continue to thrive as always. It’s who you are, not what you do.

No. 2007147

My mom always said I was wasting my time and ripped up any drawings of mine she found so I started going to great lengths to hide it. I still hide most of what I make and never post anything but I still draw almost every day and have been for years. I probably have some art related neurosis or something now kek.

No. 2007148

I dropped out of an “elite” art school in my country and I’m now a neet and professional unemployed art snob. Am I the only one here?

No. 2007150

>but fine art will continue to thrive as always
yeah because its money laundrey

No. 2007152

My parents imply it. It wouldn't hurt as much if they weren't supportive of my sister working at a generative ai company. They know how to rub salt into the wound I guess

No. 2007154

photography killed painting not illustration. AI will force artists to be more abstract again.

No. 2007155

yes, i didn't even have any aspirations to sell it, the part that really pissed me off was everyone asking me to draw them and then family members getting wise that it's upset me when they intentionally misunderstood what i was drawing so i developed a crazy complex that my work was unrecognizable as what i was trying to actually draw. i wasn't even bad, just mediocre but i stopped drawing for a long time because i was like what's the point, no one knows what i'm drawing and it will never make money so who cares. i regret giving it up now because i used to really have fun and enjoy it.

No. 2007157

Many times, people would even tell me I would die by hunger because "no one commissions art".

No. 2007160

I was warned that it'd be difficult to make a living off of. Half listened to it, definitely easier to keep finding joy in drawing when it's not dictated by a need to live.

No. 2007161

File: 1715994114797.jpeg (8.9 KB, 256x197, images - 2024-05-18T105604.609…)

AI is nothing like photography, tell me you don't know what photography is without telling me.
There were other events at the time photography was getting big (wars, famine, extreme recessions etc.) that lead to a marked change in how painters painted and artists created, yes photography did make a decline in advertising and family portraits commissioned paintings but it didn't replace art and became its own art form. It seemed like that in America but America is also not the whole world.

No. 2007162

But that's always been the case with art? There's a reason van gogh kept painting even though he could've just taken another job and even when he was straving he stuck to it. We all can do "proper" paying jobs noones stopping you we all have been told there's no career in art no stability but being a artits is always a gamble in everyway, a real artist will still create art even when there's nothing left but your fingers and any surface

No. 2007166

Samefag but do you think Pablo Picasso despaired at photography being a thing and was like "oh noo, I must paint in cubism because photos look so much more realistic than my art reee!!!" or was there an actual philosophy behind it? Why didn't Monet just take pictures of his garden because his blindness was impacting his work to the point he could barely see the shapes of the plants? Why was there a sudden shift to postmodernism in the first place?

No. 2007227

does anyone know of resources to paint/draw clothes that arent morpho? i like his books but i feel he doesnt go in depth about certain things

No. 2007269

File: 1716002256654.jpeg (100.06 KB, 638x826, IMG_4234.jpeg)

Anatomy for Sculptors is pretty in depth, in my opinion. Any decent book oriented more for sculpting/3D is basically a medical anatomy textbook stripped down for artists.

No. 2007278

i was asking for clothes nonny, kek. Morpho has a book discussing folds and stuff, but it doesnt get into rendering and the examples are only drawings.

No. 2007309

File: 1716003848146.png (358.7 KB, 1920x1080, proko minion.png)

I cant stand most of the art teachers that get shilled as good. I hate how much they rely on bullshit like ''feeling the form'' without properly explaining it, or how they have horrible art like Proko, Vilppu, and Hampton. I wasted so much fucking time trying to understand their lessons until i said fuck it and started looking for more obscure booked shilled by people that can actually draw. I gave up on figure drawing so many times because everyone was saying Hampton was the best, but looking back at it his figures are gross and doughy. Proke is absolutely horrible at drawing too, you can tell he never draws for fun, he just copies like a machine.

No. 2007327

File: 1716004595459.jpg (58.27 KB, 449x600, 9780486455914_p0_v1_s1200x630-…)

How to Draw Drapery by Cliff Young
Old, but teaches the fundamentals of drawing clothing
There should be a PDF of it online somewhere

No. 2007329

Who are the artists that ‘can actually draw’? A lot of artists just don’t click with others. I have a how to draw clothes book that spent a lot of pages to scientific explanations about folds. It didn’t help me draw better but was just confusing.

No. 2007336

people in this thread need to do more observational drawing rather than constantly looking for tutorials or books to spoonfeed them a magic answer. Once you have a basic grasp on fundamentals and specifics such as drapery, you should be able to apply that knowledge while doing studies or simply looking at references, eventually being able to simulate those things in your imagination as you go. There is no secret sauce, just pay attention to what you're seeing and why it is the way it is, and you'll see an improvement in your art.

No. 2007337

File: 1716005351084.png (2.89 MB, 2181x3659, horse girl.png)

>Who are the artists that ‘can actually draw’? A lot of artists just don’t click with others.
this dude for example. He recommended that korean anatomy book and a book i have never heard of before called ''anatomy for artists form and pose''. Ofcourse, i understand everyone has different taste in artists, but personally i love drawings with very strong anatomy/form, so i found his recs exactly what i was looking for.
I am just saying that it's worth a try to pester artists you like and ask them the resources they recommend. It's better than wasting time finding what works for you best or just following the herd and studying the most popular books. A lot of japanese artists also recommend Morpho, and that stuck miles better with me than Hampton/Proko/Vilppu.

No. 2007345

>That korean anatomy book
Which one? NTA. Will also check Morpho out

No. 2007347

Probably Stonehouse, you can get a pdf of it on archive.org

No. 2007350

File: 1716006451637.webp (40.4 KB, 395x500, stonehouse book.webp)

This one, its called StoneHouse. Can get cringe at times, like that time the artist started talking about how he used to get beaten by his teachers at school, but it's really good. I specially enjoy how many views of the bones he teaches you to draw. I actually like how it explains the different functions and stuff, i found out it helps me visualize the bone rotating in my head easier. I feel like the morpho approach can get confusing at times and i struggled with it without having anatomy for artists by my side.

No. 2007374

Seconding the recommendation for this one. I was reading through this in my free time when I was taking a cadaver anatomy lab course in my first year of med school and it's very accurate and well-done. All the origins/attachments of the muscles as well as the movement planes of the joints were correct. You can tell the author really studied the topic.

No. 2007391

yeah its giga autistic which is surprisingly helpful. I used to think just knowing the forms of the muscles was enough, but learnings about what they do and how they work is so helpful.

No. 2007482

does anybody feel like their art gets temporarily uglier when they look at ugly art for too long? like if i've been scrolling through some random who draws ugly faces and immediately draw a face it comes out hideous, i have to look at something pretty for a while before i draw to balance it out

No. 2007516

But wasn't everyone saying that this book is filled with inaccuracies, pseudoscience and misinformation??

No. 2007519

Sometimes. The art you see can affect the way you draw. Sometimes my drawings turn out better after looking at very ugly art because it gives me a weird boost of confidence kek

No. 2007521

I think Hampton is good but his method might either induce or exacerbate chicken scratches. He doesn’t do finished illustrations and you can sometimes tell

No. 2007539

>his method might either induce or exacerbate chicken scratches.
what do you mean? now i feel called out because i chicken scratch a lot.

No. 2007640

It’s not a bad thing but for beginner artists it can become a hard habit that’s hard to unlearn. When someone complains about being too reliant on a specific brush for their line art or that their line art in general sucks that’s usually a big reason why. Their lines aren’t confident strokes, they’re unsure of how their line should look like so they hide with with other lines.

No. 2007683

do you have any favorite abandoned art accounts nonnies?

No. 2007735

File: 1716043984270.jpeg (101.02 KB, 593x960, IMG_8577.jpeg)

I have noticed so many art teachers rely on heavy self-promotion rather than actually being skilled. Human anatomy artists tend to be the worst in that regard.

No. 2007878

As a kid, all my family told me I should think about getting a "real job" every time I said I wanted to be an illustrator. It hurt a lot, but I don't hold it against them because in the end they were right. It's difficult to get an art-related job where I live, and after ai took off I gave up on making a career out of art/graphic design.

No. 2007956

This image is like an optical illusion in that it looks good on first glance and on second glance it looks like beans on toast

No. 2008011

Yes, my parents don't value my art at all, even after getting freelance work in the industry. All my cousins and family acquaintances are engineers and doctors and have normal high paying jobs, and an artist will never make that much money, so it's embarrassing work to them. It used to bother me a lot, I've literally drawn while crying after being shamed in front of guests one time, I've built up a thick skin.

You only get one life on Earth, you don't get a second chance to live life differently, that's the only truth.

No. 2008027

You know at least you're living your best life, most doctors I know are very bitter and sad people. I know a family of doctors and most of them are alcoholics who sleep with a bottle of vodka next to them kek.

No. 2008112

File: 1716062259171.png (76.43 KB, 372x397, 1647385296899.png)

Made an art request and trade thread if anyone is interested!

No. 2008124

File: 1716062973370.png (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1392x864, u.PNG)

Does anyone remember that Russian artist ulrikbadass who draws femboys? she recently made a comeback and deleted one of her old post explaining why she was gone and posted a new one (pic rel) I never thought she would make a comeback ever but I guess I was wrong.

No. 2008127

i hope she stops drawing femboyshit and shifts to drawing twinks

No. 2008213

File: 1716067463600.jpg (392.67 KB, 1564x1073, 1000017203.jpg)

Her reel about her "progress" over a decade made my jaw drop at the levels of delusion. How is possible that it's so difficult to "make it" as an artist, yet talentless hacks like this get along just fine?

No. 2008215

I guarantee she's from a richie family. Rich family + shitty stylistic art + a fitting aesthetic will get you very fucking far.

No. 2008216

cool, new femboy artist to follow

No. 2008222

i used to draw a lot to cope with my mom's abuse – that wasn't the intent but i guess that's why i did it – and she pointed it out ("lol you always draw when you're pissy") and i stopped for many years

No. 2008223

wonder if she's still a massive artcow bully or if she actually grew up

No. 2008231

tl:dr? mean girl artists are my favourite kind of artcows.

No. 2008236

you too can get a bob

No. 2008315

>she treated her patrons? Members? Like shit
>drew some shota shit (actual nude child)
>apparently she's a tif too
There's a thread on her but it's in Russian https://holywarsoo.net/viewtopic.php?id=2687

No. 2008566

>(actual nude child)
wtf of a real child or just shota?

No. 2008708

Why… Why not just unify all the dead art threads.

No. 2008908

Is there anywhere I can dump old drawings that I'd like to share as bases? I have a ton of old drawings of bodies I made I'd love to see people use as bases for characters and clothes. I was going to use deviantart but after they accepted ai stuff it's gone down the crapper.

No. 2009189

i saw this and i knew she would be popular on social media for something else. i've seen people with 100k+ followers for their selfies start selling art, and it doesn't matter how shit it is, people buy it.

normally it's a bit better than this though. an 11 year old could draw better. she should look at some artists from the 1920s and do studies. but she won't because it's her 'style'. i'm sure she sells some of these but she would sell a lot more if they were actually decent.

No. 2009194

File: 1716110774239.png (3.27 MB, 3335x1990, Fisher studies.png)

does anyone else have more examples of artists talking about how they study art?

No. 2009268

god this is unreadable I hate self-censoring idiots on mainstream social media

No. 2009325

>How is possible that it's so difficult to "make it" as an artist, yet talentless hacks like this get along just fine?
like most other industries who you know > what you know. she's popular and has fans who love her, perceived social value lets you boost your prices a ton. that's why certain twitter artists can charge thousands for a piece that'd only go for hundreds max from a similar, small artist

No. 2010122

Is there any anons who use/have used vgen before?
I've been thinking about making a vgen account but the process of being approved is tedious

If someone here has been "approved" before, how long did it take? Is it worth it?

No. 2010287

1800dustbunny made a video accusing toyhouse of supporting zoophilia, and got a bunch of backlash for it that she had to disable comments, lol.

No. 2010299

She's butthurt and lying about how she never traced or stole designs but she's also not wrong. I also think she's either selfposting or has a vendettafag because she's been a literal who post-dollieguts but keeps getting posted around.

No. 2010318

Does anyone know any archives of some unedited lectures of people teaching art fundamentals? Kinda like theater bootlegs but for art.

No. 2010368

File: 1716182848920.png (2.35 MB, 400x3540, 5400419304.png)

Wasn't sure whether to put this here or in the bad short comics thread on /m/, but I'll just stick it here.

I don't even know where to begin with this. Garnet isn't even a human being, she's a pair of aliens. I can't even fathom the logical leap she took from "Mammie" to "black best friend." The trope she was describing was clearly tokenism, not sure why she had to tie it in with Mammies. The stuff about indigenous characters was reasonable, but she undercuts it by using a real person as her main example. Is Sacagawea just existing bad representation, somehow? Is it bad that she's revered when she accomplished something historically important? Anyway, then you have the most impressively retarded bit, where the artist declares that it's racism to give the characters eye colors other than black and brown.

>BIPOC characters must have light hair and blue eyes to be magical

Literally all of the examples are of people with white hair, which no one is born with and anyone can develop. And because this person (with a degree despite how garbage their art is!) apparently slept through her classes on character design, it totally went over her head that white hair connotes wisdom because it's associated in real life with the elderly. So white hair is really common visual shorthand for precocious wisdom, which is the case for all three of those characters. Also, did it not occur to her that a character named Storm has silver hair because, y'know, storm clouds? Has idpol poisoned her brain to the point where she doesn't understand basic symbology?

>Baleful polymorph

I'm so sick of hearing this about the same three movies and I don't even like Disney shit. It's clear confirmation bias, because there are movies where the nonwhite characters don't turn into animals (Lilo & Stitch, Aladdin, Mulan, Atlantis), and where white characters do turn into animals (Beauty and the Beast, Brave, Sword in the Stone), not to mention the movies that are just Western fairy tales with animals instead of humans (Robin Hood, Oliver & Company, The Lion King). The colorism one seems fair enough, although I don't think she had to get hyper-specific with the bullying archetypes. Colorism is a problem in general across a multitude of contexts.

>Consider BIPOC voices!!1!

I mean. It's pretty obvious based on her shit portfolio that she's being hired for her "voice" and not her artwork. I think it's valuable to be conscientious of representation especially when you're creating something that depicts another group, but this is just completely brain-poisoned. This kind of stuff is always created by suburban kids with white-collar parents, that's why they have the headspace to worry about frivolous shit like the microaggressions of Disney movies. You know what? If you spend more time crying about Disney (which the OP has worked for!) than you do worrying about your next paycheck, you officially aren't "oppressed."

No. 2010373

i am not reading all that shit

No. 2010378

File: 1716183496235.png (423.89 KB, 631x637, 5574150.png)

No. 2010379

File: 1716183685189.jpg (114.34 KB, 742x960, 1000016824.jpg)

Picrel reminds me of Harriyanna Hook. I don't hate her, but goddamn she really spergs about cartoon black characters like no other commentary youtuber I've seen before.

No. 2010382

I was totally expecting some encanto mention in there, wonder what they would have said about it? Is encanto the only safe cartoon then?

No. 2010386

File: 1716184353934.png (1.24 MB, 1080x2965, image (2).png)

American Mcgee having a mini meltdown about AI, I agree with him about a few things even though I'm very anti-AI but there wasn't a need for a ragepost

No. 2010393

Should say that there were only 10 comments max that I could see on the original post about AI in general, out of 103 comments.

No. 2010396

Do you have the context from the original post that sparked this? Seems to me his first mistake was bringing up his initial talking point (cancer-related?) on socmed and expecting any sort of rational discourse.

No. 2010417

File: 1716186979689.jpg (1.04 MB, 1079x1795, Screenshot_20240520-163201_Ins…)

He posted an AI image, said it was AI generated in the comments and a couple people got mad so he made this whole tirade and is still arguing with people in the comments of his new post.
I don't think it had anything to do with cancer beyond the original post being about a plushie design based around the disease, which isn't out the ordinary as he makes those kinds of plushie designs all the time.

No. 2010420

File: 1716187133208.png (1.27 MB, 1100x1440, blue.png)

the colorism example from Proud Family really gets me because "Ashy and nasty" is such a specific black on black discrimination thing that no one knows outside of the culture unless they're a racism autist

No. 2010426

based AIshit is a disease

No. 2010429

esmeralda is a gypsy, it's not uncommon for them to have hazel or green eyes lol they're not even familiar with her ethnic group but decided to lump her in with everyone and say dumb shit. and how many times are they gonna bring yue in this discussion, her white hair is PLOT RELEVANT ffs

No. 2010433

Oh okay, thanks for the full context. Yeah he's probably venting in public at artist friends who have been telling him off behind the scenes for being an AI shill. It's pretty funny that he brings up overseas outsourcing considering that's been the core of his damn business since he fucked off out of games.

No. 2010435

>I'm very anti-AI
you mean you're a retarded luddite(ai bait)

No. 2010437

As you said with the white haired characters they don't make any sense. Storm is given white hair as part of her design with storms and clouds, this seems pretty obvious when considering her eyes. Yue has her white hair tied with the moon and sea spirits. Kida while considered a poc is an entirely made up race/ethnicity in the first place. With Atlantis being surmised to be a part of Greece she would be Mediterranean and they have more eurocentric features. Honestly there is problems with the way they did Atlantis but I would say that's more of the coopting native islander aesthetics aspect and not the atlanteans physical traits. Yue more than likely would've had black hair just like the other water tribe members and blue eyes are shown to be an uncommon but not rare trait with them that once again is used to reiterate the motifs of water. They do similar with the other nations, you can find earth benders who have green eyes and fire benders who have golden/amber eyes.
And esmeralda would also have more eurocentric features due to her ethnicity. Notice how the the artist drew her with thicker lips than she has in the movie?
Honestly I do agree with some of what the artist is saying but they used piss poor examples for most of the talking points.

No. 2010440

File: 1716189712675.png (159.54 KB, 720x1087, IMG_20240520_011750.png)

If I'm latina but not black/indigenous am I bipoc? I don't understand the term, this is a genuine question. I'm ESL

No. 2010442

bipoc is a term invented precisely to exclude east asians

No. 2010446

How so?

No. 2010454

It's funny how being "inclusive" renders most of what she says pointless. She should just say black people if that's what she means. For example the romani people in my european country are indistinguishable from the people of native origin, and that includes pale skin, lighter hair and eyes. She'd see them as white, but they're romani, so automatically poc. If they were depicted accurately she'd probably call it white-washing.
Plenty of asians have really light skin as well, plenty of middle eastern regions have non-brown eyes. "They're given european features" yeah because those pocs ARE actually a form of european and/or naturally have those features? Like you can't say "poc noses are wider and flatter than europeans" when "european" includes white minorities that have similar noses, and poc includes arabs with thin noses but with high strong nose bridges. You can't have your cake and eat it too, trying to speak too broadly about racism never works out imo.

No. 2010458

He thinks a person who studies art to get good is the literal same as AI? He sees artists as machines without agency or innate creativity or value, like some kind of human copy-machines

No. 2010464

I thought it was a term meant to highlight black and indigenous people, but then all the other people of colour are tacked on at the end so that they're not outright blatantly excluding them

No. 2010465

NTA but it's very American-centric, which is ironic, I never see Australian Aboriginals, Maori, Torres Strait Islanders, Papua New Guineans and many other indigenous and/or darker skin people use that term or have that term used to describe them. BIPOC means someone of African descent or Native American, and sometimes a heavily stigmatised group of people like the Romani that get bent into weird stereotypes that loop back around to being racist for those sweet virtue signal points.

No. 2010467

These people are always the same peabrains.
"Do you know what else trains on real art and steals art from real artists? REAL ARTISTS" Yeah but real artists not ONLY look and copy or get inspired by other art, that's such a small % of what they do that it hardly even matters. Real artists look at nature, look at patterns in our reality, convert feelings and sounds.. even smells into visuals. Real artists compute perspective and can change it to enhance things on the painting, they give meanings to visuals and connect things that weren't connected before. So may other things to be said but i suck at putting it into words.
Real artists get in the zone and sometimes come up with things that nobody visualized before. Our brain is amazing and i think the biggest problem with these types of people is that they're missing the connection to something higher than them when they're coming up with art. "I look at pictures and then i draw because the picture inspired me" okay retard not everybody is so simpleminded, most artists can do much much more with their brainpower.
And everytime i try to explain this i get the snowflake treatment.. I'm a snowflake becaue i can do something they can't and they think i'm lying. I for example can't do math, but is every math scientist suddenly a snowflake because he/she can do dificult math? Fuck these people really..

No. 2010475

File: 1716193377594.jpeg (33.67 KB, 458x669, images - 2024-05-20T181522.750…)

It's surprising because American McGee should know all that, he has several artist friends and has had a massive amount of help from artists volunteering their time and effort (some of it unpaid iirc) to help with the Alice games, which would not be the success they are if it didn't look or feel the way it did, and again with the designs for his Plushie Dreadfuls. Using AI to brainstorm isn't awful, but his response to slight criticism is quite bad and makes him look like a raging and uncaring retard.

No. 2010684

>ripped up any drawings of mine she found
3 days late but your mom is a bitch. Was it hard to recover from this?

No. 2010697

i have been waiting all day for them to open applications

No. 2010711

File: 1716220266597.jpg (Spoiler Image,452.49 KB, 2000x2000, nngL1cPwiWo.jpg)

Same. I hate how they constantly give out codes to people who can barely draw. What is the point of having this invite only system if you take on people with this kind of art?

No. 2010720

yeah, its useless. With how exclusive it is you would expect it to have nothing but high quality artists, what the fuck is that shit?. I see excellent artists that dont get codes.

No. 2010794

Not surprised someone with such an unoriginal idea would suck off AI and techbros profiting from it.

No. 2010925

it's funny to me because one of their methods is through literally trying to get the highest stats possible on a post to "prove" that you can make it big (without counting the contest they do where you can get a code literally through their discord's popularoty poll aka you need to show off and get others' approval to prove you're worth it) but then they go and give out codes to people who don't have high following/engagement and who also can't draw for shit.

No. 2011076

i knew a moid who made this retarded argument before and it's just stupid as hell when with photographers it's like an actual skill you need to develop unlike AI where you just throw some prompts in and that's about it. it's insulting to photography to even compare the two at all

No. 2011089

I thought it opened every Monday
I hate how they call it "skeb style" instead of requests like normal people kek

I was surprised that someone with 30 followers received a code from them lol
And there were no posts with #vgen tag on her account either

No. 2011111

File: 1716242198796.png (105.09 KB, 640x960, 1000016839.png)

I'm not even an artist, and I agree. In photography, isn't there an actual skill? It's not just snapping photos of nice things, there's techniques to practice on different cameras to help you get the right "feel" of a photo. There's skills photographers have to learn, like getting the right angle, setting up or finding a fitting background, or picking out the right subject. Isn't AI just telling a fuckin bot to draw or write for you? AI is so simple yet cheap, but I guess that's why it's no surprise that moids like it so much.

No. 2011124

i think it's okay to give codes to smaller creators (growing nowadays is really hard), just give it to people who can actually draw or whatever! To people who have at least some art on their account and not countless sperging posts or no posts at all.
I hate how hard it is to grow as an artist on twitter, it's funny how i get commissions (not even cheap ones actually) but have basically no engagement on my posts.

No. 2011140

Tell me your secrets anon, how do you get commissions with no post engagements?

No. 2011172

honestly not sure. some of my commissions are referrals from past clients, some of it, i think, i got from sharing my commission info under artshare type posts i guess (but not much), some of the commissions i get from other sites specific for commission work. But it might not work for everyone, i got really lucky with referrals some time ago, because a client found me without me even opening my commissions and then recommended me to other people. So it's really weird how it work, kek

No. 2011221

File: 1716248779559.png (149.77 KB, 386x545, 1716227188856.png)

Idk if this is the right thread, but zone sama got doxxed

No. 2011247

He strikes me as a massive grifter (those pander plushies being shit out from every woe is me sob story and mental illness posted in the comments) so this doesn't surprise me.

No. 2011254

>everyone insisted zone was a woman

No. 2011280

No. 2011288

File: 1716252391483.png (140.79 KB, 590x644, 268694_1142115582-zone-tan.png…)

You don't know zone? They're the most infamous coom artist

No. 2011312

Looks like someone fused AVGN with YMS

No. 2011364

Yeah she’s 100% right about this one tbh.

No. 2011477

I've seen people with almost no interactions on their twitter account but have a lot of good reviews on vgen, I'm gonna assume your art is really good anon

Maybe I still have a chance to get approved but it's embarrassing for me to try the likes/RT method

No. 2011570

this aged like fine cringe wine

No. 2011598

File: 1716263253280.jpg (50.33 KB, 374x370, 1000016845.jpg)

>pedophilic, graphic videos of teenage girl characters being sexualized and brutally raped
>creator looks exactly like the basement-dwelling pedophile incel you'd expect to even make that kind of shit
why am I not surprised. It's like when Shadman got doxxed and ended up looking like how his "profession" would have you expect. Weak chin, lanky hair tied to a ponytail? That seems to be a common trait with degenerate coomer "artists".

No. 2011603

the greasy hair with a ponytail is a stapple in the cringelord core fashion movement

No. 2011631

ignorance is bliss

No. 2012093

Iast year I used to get a lot of commission request from the dnd/oc fags but now even if I posted that I'm open for commission again on reddit/facebook/tumblr I'm not getting any. Where should I post?

No. 2012221

As a very amateur artist I liked this woman's video on how she draws the body. I realized using straight lines more to sketch will help me be more fast and clear in my work.

No. 2012225

samefag, I know obviously learning anatomy in depth is important to improving and this video will have flaws but I draw so slowly right now I'll take anything kek.

No. 2012251

You could just learn real figure drawing instead of this ugly chicken scratch and then resize shit

No. 2012426

Are there instances of normal people stagnating despite drawing and studying for years? i feel like i havent improved since forever but i actually do study and draw daily

No. 2012466

Yeah. I can’t/won’t name specific instances but it does happen. It’s usually a matter of forming bad habits when you’re studying, not asking for critique or advice, and only drawing the same things over and over.

No. 2012483

NTA, but where can I get advice besides /ic/?

No. 2012506

by making friends or paying for critique from teacher/classes. or posting here, but none of the advice i see is very different from /ic/

No. 2012564

Are you on social media at all? There are lots of facebook critique groups, less so on things like Twitter or insta. I think it’s better though to make friends or at least acquaintances irl with other artists. Just ask them like “hey can I get your honest opinion on this if you’re not busy?”

No. 2012765

how do you feel about patreon leaks? I've seen some really salty artists lately that their patreon only art got leaked online.

No. 2012806

Who are good Sakimichan Copycats?

No. 2012816

Victims of tumblr. These people should be embarrassed that they let a bunch of teenage girls shape their beliefs and worldview…until this day

No. 2013058

Sometimes I feel for them if they're a smaller artist but it's a dumbass way to wall off your art. Patreon is the easiest wall to bypass.

No. 2013712

File: 1716351893592.jpeg (67.39 KB, 733x712, IMG_5524.jpeg)

>Sees epic rendermaxxed fanart for obscure media I’m into
>Checks artist gallery
>Patreon coom shit

No. 2013725

pff get on my level
>artist i like rts extremelly well made mecha art
>dont think about it twice, mass dl his entire gallery
>check his art
>its half extremely well made mecha art half futanari big cock big breast expansion coomshit

No. 2013888

nice oxymoron

No. 2013970

The retardation of this post has so many layers. Like you're wrong about so many different things, I don't know where to start. Excellent bait tbh.

No. 2013985

File: 1716358111087.png (708.52 KB, 1200x600, storm.png)

In the comics, Storm has no pupils whatsoever, while in the films, her eyes are brown. I think the person who made the guide is just a retard who knows nothing about the character and somehow assumed that her eyes were blue.

No. 2013996

Don't worry about it unless you live in an anglophone country. "BIPOC" is just a blanket term for anyone who isn't considered white in the United States. The problem is that Latam countries have their own racial/ethnic minorities, and a lot of people who actually live in those places consider themselves "white" if they have majority Spaniard heritage. That's why "non-white Hispanic" is a category on the U.S. census and other official forms. Anglophones consider all Latinos non-white, but a lot of Latinos consider themselves white. The whole thing is idiotic. Hope that answers your question.

No. 2014008

Why do they all look like this? I went to college with a couple guys who went on to become Patreon cartoon porn artists and they have the same look.

No. 2014011

It's kind of hard to be "good" when you're copying something that's shit to begin with. It's like asking if there are any "good" Linkin Park cover bands.

No. 2014061

I miss magazine covers nonnies. It's so sad you dont see art anywhere nowadays.

No. 2014097

IMO I think /ic/ is really good for what it is. It’s really hard to find consistent and good art discord servers. You can’t just pop by and post without contributing but also they have a tendency to get overrun by kiddie drawings. I also noticed that a lot of servers I’m in kind of became inactive in 2022. You can find good servers just looking through tiktok which sounds really cursed but I’ve come across servers that have a mix of abilities. Artistlounge on reddit also isn’t bad.
Anyway those are my favourite.
- Radiorunner’s
- Sinix
-Heard about Monochroma but never joined it

No. 2014099

File: 1716364134107.jpeg (57.9 KB, 454x640, images - 2024-05-22T174818.655…)

Oh my god same, plus book cover illustrations that aren't stupid bland stock photos or graphic design. Growing up I collected Goosebumps purely because of the cover art

No. 2014103

File: 1716364461063.jpeg (95.23 KB, 500x410, IMG_1975.jpeg)

The white haired complaint is borderline brain dead and the artist should die of embarrassment.
It has nothing to do with race and all the more to signify that there’s something unnatural about this character. Same goes with coloured (usually blue eyes) that the character is almost ethereal. Rarely do you see white (or Japanese) characters like that.
I saw the complaint about eyes before on tumblr years later I still think it’s stupid. No wonder you rarely see people being innovative with black and brown characters because you get unhinged shit like this. Artists are so weird about, you can have such a bland and boring design but god forbid you don’t give them white palms.

No. 2014104

File: 1716364483801.jpeg (13.18 KB, 183x276, download (5).jpeg)

Samefag I love the foreshadowing in this cover (main character was the ghost the whole time and died in a house fire in her sleep), you wouldn't get that with a getty pic or something like picrel. Vile book by the way, worst thing by Stephen King

No. 2014112

Leaking is disrespectful and I fully understand artists leaving over it. That said, I don't think it does as much damage monitarily as they might think, as the people who want the leaks were never going to pay and the people who do pay tend to be people who genuinely like to support the artist as a person. But even while knowing that, seeing people steal your work and post it to get thousands of likes and comments while you get nothing in return can't be easy to deal with

No. 2014164

If a canonically 9 year old anime girl is drawn looking and acting like a toddler, is that loli/pedo bait? Someone iadt said it's not and that even just pointing it out makes you a freak, but like why the fuck else would they be drawn that way?

No. 2014174

without more context, it could either be loli-pandering or just people not knowing how to write/depict children. It's not uncommon for people to either have child characters behave way too old or way too young without it being due to anything perverted. Unfortunately though it doesn't need to be intentional bait on the part of the creator's for pedos to take it as such and flock to it.

idk hard to say without seeing the character, but yeah the main non-bait reason would just be creator incompetence.

No. 2014240

I have no fucking clue who this is but from what I read here he's disgusting
> Shadman got doxxed
I only know who this is because of a 4chon post but it seems a lot of nsfw artists all look the same: unkempt

No. 2014258

Do you think art twitter has been invaded by bots as well? Lately there's been an abundance of extremely simple or straight up bad art getting unfathomable amounts of traction, especially if they are attached to a Japanese account.

No. 2014304

File: 1716384697941.jpg (497.19 KB, 1093x803, Poppy_concept_art.jpg)

It was about Poppy from pokemon scarlet and violet. Keep in mind she's 9 and a usual 10 year old looks like Ash Ketchum in the pokemon world.

No. 2014313

That is definitely meant to look like a 5-year-old.

The silhouette is very, very reminiscent of the JP kindergarten uniform, while the headpiece mimics a bonnet. The 'key' is both a latchkey thing (Japanese kids go to daycare/elementary by themselves from early ages) + it stands in for a pacifier.

Fat ankles are also a thing often seen in 'loli/shota' porn that is influenced by 1960's manga.

No. 2014338

it just looks like its heavily inspired by tezuka

No. 2014366

File: 1716386462811.webp (334.76 KB, 1942x3462, 58C0E9AE-738C-457F-92AF-2BD829…)

she’s supposed to be cute and i feel it’s rare for children to become an elite four member, so they probably wanted to highlight that fact. a character that’s actual lolibait within that same series is probably like, marnie

No. 2014367

thats not loli.

No. 2014606

a normal looking teen character is lolibait and the actual fucking toddler design >>2014304 is not? I assume you're the lolicon from the pokemon thread

No. 2014618

File: 1716394715820.png (445.32 KB, 384x856, Misty_Journeys.png)

Just as a comparison, this is what a girl canonically around that age looks like in pokemon. Poppy is so clearly lolibait and denying it is retarded.

No. 2014626

NTA but just because a character is underage doesn't mean when it's moid baitish it's loli bait…
Both are gross but that looks a 14 year old, it's not a nine year that looks like a fucking toddler.

No. 2014671

if you are going to cry at the sight of every child character why do you even watch anime. I think having a 10yo like misty wearing slut clothes and being more obviously revealing than ash is worse than a girl thats very obviously inspired by tezuka and 70s anime.

No. 2014689

File: 1716397210007.png (320.4 KB, 414x727, Chibi_Chibi_-_Anime.png)

This is how a 5-7 year old looks in the Sailor Moon universe. Poppy is clearly meant to resemble a small child, the fat legs are a distinct design trait given to very young characters in anime. The designers look more suspicious for saying she's 9, why not say her real age? At least she's fully clothed.

No. 2014705

and arale is 13 and looks the same. This is so dumb, in anime big titty monsters are 14yos.

No. 2014726

>misty wearing slut clothes
she's wearing shorts and crop top

No. 2014763

I legit don't see anything wrong with her design? It's just a girl in a dress.

No. 2014770

and its too revealing for a 10yo specially since none of the boys show that much skin

No. 2014777

well we found the lolicon
nobody else thinks it, it's just this lolicon-chan trying to defend her loli-taste by calling normal looking kids sluts

No. 2014790

if misty was drawn by a moid in a moid franchise like one piece everyone would be calling it pedo pandering. To be lolibait it has to be sexualized. Arale isnt lolibait because she isnt sexualized, kid chichi is wearing a fucking bikini so she is lolibait.

No. 2014791

Misty is 10? I thought she was sixteen?

No. 2014795

yeah she's 10. Pokemon always had the problem of sexualizing underage girls so its funny anon is reeing at one of the only non sexualized underage girl in pokemon.

No. 2014801

not responding to any one post i just am popping in to say you all are retarded(shitposting retard)

No. 2014807

File: 1716401520816.jpg (69.79 KB, 564x846, 78293701d85d0842ce86cf64aa559a…)

Does anyone know where to find curated images to do value studies? like a pack or something. Whenever i find one on pinterest i end up finding it sucks for value studies.

No. 2014913

her eyes are blue in most of the cartoons she appeared in

No. 2014961

how is this thing lolibait, if it's a 9 year old looking like a 5 year old it's still a 9 year old??? it's not a 25 year old but she looks 10 looking character wearing revealing clothes but it's ok to sexualize her because she's 25!!!1!, jfc, it's 9. it would be disgusting to sexualize her either way

No. 2014977

File: 1716408171605.jpg (55.76 KB, 1421x799, R (6).jpg)

i wouldnt say this is lolibait since its a child drawn as a child but she does looks like a toddler and not a 9 yr old and seeing her mannerisms prove it too, perhaps the pokemon devs wanted to add a toddler in but aged her a bit. im just horrified at the thought how pornsick the pokemon community is, adding a character like this is hell, even though pokemon is supposed to be for kids

No. 2015395

I want to like what videos and tips I’ve seen from him but his voice and face is off putting. He gives creeper vibes though I can’t say if it’s true or not.

No. 2015415

curate your own pack. If you enjoy this one image you found, go and find more individual images for yourself. And then mb you can share your pack with others. And if you don't, then others are left in the same situation you were in..

No. 2015422

lmao so tru, if you have a problem with this design representing a 9yo then you have some issues yourself.. mb a bit a projection happening here..

No. 2015493

File: 1716429809561.png (841.31 KB, 680x700, 897.PNG)

In the comics when Storm originally debuted, it was specifically pointed out she was given various rare and exotic features that don't classify as neither black/white/asian/ect. Over the years they've quietly moved on from this canon she no longer has the cat eyes, and they sort of flip-flop on the hair texture depending on who's drawing her, but she was deliberately designed to be more 'exotic' it's not just the hair.

Pocahontas is another one to a lesser extent, where they deliberately aged her up, then modeled her after various models of varying races. With the artist mentioning when questioning why they aged up a 14 year old: "We’re doing a mature love story here, and we’ve got to draw her as such. She has to be sexy."

No. 2015556

the problem is that i am shit at values so its hard to tell until i am already doing value studies and then i relize they are crap

No. 2015569

Do you want to do value studies from artwork or from photos? If you want to do it from observation the fastest way to do it is from older b/w films and doing quick comps from still frames. Has the side benefit of dramatically improving your compositional skills as well.

From other artists, American illustrators like Mead Schaeffer, NC Wyeth, and Dean Cornwell are the standard recommendations.

No. 2015901

>how is this thing lolibait
I'm glad so many nonas are innocently naive, but it would be good for you to learn how to recognize moid's fetish designs, just because it's not a big titty anime girl doesn't mean this isn't catering to a particular fetish. As other anons posted ALL other characters at around the same age look at least 3 times her age while she's designed to have toddler/kindergarten features, speaking patterns and mannerisms, and she was put in a position of "authority" which is something pedos do to say the child was capable of consenting all along. While the person who designed her may not be a literal offending pedo they're highly likely to be a lolicon and this is appealing to their own fetish. You can find loli and shotacons even just here on lc so it's not a stretch to think a japanese weeb drew their lolicon fetish into a character.

No. 2015923

lolibait is always sexualized, she isnt sexualized

No. 2015931

Men would sexualize the character even if it wasn't loli bait, so why does it matter?

No. 2015932

File: 1716451971906.png (2.22 MB, 1080x1920, 1000010782.png)

not really, i could actually put all of the genshin lolis here. all of them are obvious lolibait yet not really sexualized.

No. 2015935

>not sexualized
>clearly the focus are her thights

No. 2015936

Everything about genshit is so boring and soulless. I don't understand the appeal

No. 2015937

its free and it doesnt look worse than the average anime game.

No. 2015944

its easy to make porn of is maybe one of its appeals?

No. 2015945

gacha innit, plus its the free breath of the wild bootleg so perhaps that too

No. 2016042

I mean, I looked at her pixiv tag (the japanese one) once and… yeah. Not looking again

No. 2016046

it sucks that women and female characters cant exist without being sexualized this is why i only draw male characters

No. 2016054

Opinions on color picking? good thing or bad habit?

No. 2016059

>lolibait is always sexualized
god i wish it was that simple

No. 2016062

yeah they knew EXACTLY what crowd they made that character for, they knew what they would do to her seconds after release. She wasn't designed for literal toddlers too young to even play pokemon to "identify with"

No. 2016066

>Opinions on color picking?
Expand what you mean? Picking from another image/aritst? Unless they use minimal and flat colors it's perfectly fine, nobody owns colors

No. 2016074

you can do it, but it's pointless and a bad habit, you'll never train your eye to pick the color yourself that way. colorpicking, if i understood correctly what you mean, is a really unreliable way to take the color, since all pixels are not the same color on the images usually, there's noise and all that stuff that changes it.

No. 2016083

Good for studies, some artists use really interesting colors that I would like to understand better for myself, like I can look at the colors more objectively that way. Also for lazy rendering practice for photos I'm recreating 1:1

No. 2016355

File: 1716478008432.jpg (263.31 KB, 1080x1350, GOQ_8UvWQAAfcou.jpg)

Just once I want to see someone with this kind of artstyle not be allergic to expressions. If it wasn't for the "burn" at the bottom you wouldn't even know this was supposed to be Regina George. I get that the "pretty girl smiling off into space" genre is a guaranteed hit but how do people not get fucking bored when every other big account does it?

No. 2016358

looks more like karen rather than regina lol

No. 2016363

This makes Regina look like an innocent nice girl lmao

No. 2016366

I thought that was Karen, the cheerful expression would make more sense if it was. I agree with your sentiment though. I think a lot of it is artists not knowing how to "squash and stretch."

No. 2016370

I completely forgot about the cartoons lmao

No. 2016374

File: 1716478960222.jpg (35.87 KB, 400x596, EHgFjvGU4AMCY_W.jpg)

I thought it was Elle Woods at first. Idk, it's a fine drawing, just very generic.

No. 2016383

It's hard to put expression on a girl and still make her look pretty, and apparently being pretty is the most important thing when it comes to drawing girls. Even Disney animators struggle giving their girl protagonists fully expressive faces.

No. 2016408

File: 1716480492383.jpg (308.04 KB, 1200x1200, EYd1wyaUcAAzJak.jpg)

No, I don't think it's bait. To me, it seems more like the female designs became increasingly cutesy over the years compared to the designs from older generations. I think they just prioritized cutesy-ness over logic. I think if they just made the character taller, it would solve the problems with the design. Like another anon said, it's a fine design for a six-year-old.

No. 2016412

What ever happened to tomboy culture smh

No. 2016417

>Artists are so weird about, you can have such a bland and boring design but god forbid you don’t give them white palms
God I hate that this is considered a requirement now, because it looks like shit on any art style that isn't super realistic. It's such an unnecessary detail, there's literally nothing wrong with making characters' skin all one color if you're working in a cartoony or comic-book style.

No. 2016419

Lotus bubble is a known art style clone anyway, give her a few weeks once she stops getting high off samdoesart she'll move onto someone new, I remember when loish posted about how strange it was that she was even copying her font choices

No. 2016420

To be fair I don't see much difference in outfit functionality between Leaf and the rest (except for maybe Serena, her outfit does seem too "fashionable" to go adventuring in.) Another protagonist as tomboyish as Kris would be nice though.

No. 2016433

doesn't exist in japan

No. 2016482

She isn't a 6 year old though, nor was she drawn for 6 year olds to enjoy. If a 6 year old plays the game she'll look like the people you posted.
But Poppy also isn't the first "suspiciously smol uwu girl" character pokemon has had, there's one in legends arecus and iirc sun and moon had one? (Though neither was designed to have kindergarten clothes in those cases) I think a designer on the team just likes the trope.

No. 2016484

Untrue, but they're always a "prince lesbian" who the girls all fawn over

No. 2016486

I didn't say she was six, I said that's what she looked like and suggested that she be drawn taller.

No. 2016695

i dont know where you guys are getting that poppy is lolibait because i decided to turn off the loli/shota filter on gelbooru to check how much porn she has and outside of one single artist who draws her with gigantic porn there is barely porn of her. In fact, pretty much all he porn seems to be of her with a normal body type and huge breasts for some fucking reason. The entire poppy tag on gelbooru only has 11 nsfw pics out of 639 images

No. 2016716

the whole argument is stupid, 75% of all pokemon girls are extremely underage characters but designed to pander to moids. this isn't any different, if she's lolibait most of them are

No. 2016738

>except for maybe Serena, her outfit does seem too "fashionable" to go adventuring in.

she's french.

No. 2016758

No. 2017189

This isn't an expression issue, it's their features. They only draw the same face with little to no variation, exactly like samdoesarts does. He did a fanart of Ella Purnell in Fallout recently and surprise surprise, it still looks like every other female he draws, which is funny because Ella would be a great subject for his giant dolled eyed obsession, but he had to give her the same face ofc.

No. 2017402

File: 1716518340294.png (60.36 KB, 946x805, nycntau0yyk61.png)

At least Digimon had a few tomboys,but the designs for the Digi destined girls went to shit after Tamers.I don't know why the designers at Pokemon keep giving the girls thigh highs,mini skirts and shorts that is weird when they're younger than 15…

No. 2017406

He's not Asian?not surprised he looks like that though,pasty bastard.

No. 2017844

I am finally turning into a rendermaxxer, hell yeah

No. 2017850

Tell us your wisdom O'great rendermaxxer so I shall too rendermaxx my cavemanesque chimpouts sketches

No. 2017857

uhh maybe women just think thigh highs and mini skirts are cute? there’s nothing wrong with that lol they just like cute things like that

No. 2017860

File: 1716555278364.jpg (110.53 KB, 500x504, smiley cat.jpg)

i looked at enough rendermaxxed art it finally clicked with me now my art will finally get more than 1 like

No. 2017864

>you wouldn’t even know this was supposed to be regina george

Envy makes people lie. If you’ve seen the movie we all know what she wore, her bunny Halloween outfit is iconic as well. What is with you fucking autistic pathological liars in this thread? Art looks pretty good and not every art has to include crazy hyperexpressions you see in cartoons and anime. You’re ridiculous as fuck

No. 2017865

NRA but envy? This is mid as hell and nothing anyone aspires to achieve. I thought it was the bimbo from legally blonde, too. And I watched both movies.

No. 2017868

This is clear lolibait. If the children in your show don’t look like actual children wearing clothes meant for children then it is unfortunately pandering to disgusting scrotes, you people give way too much excuses for Japan kek

No. 2017869

this is one of the rare times farmers aren't seething foaming at the mouth how his art is "bad" (when it isn't) just that he has turbosameface which he does and has admitted. why are you upset

No. 2017870

>erm it’s mid as hell
The rendering is great, style is generic but still cute, anatomy is good, it’s way better than the slop I’ve seen on here that’s for sure

No. 2017875

nta but its the most ''generic instagram'' art i have ever seen, boring as fuck

No. 2017877

>rendering is great
oh so you're a noob. that's sweet

No. 2017884

File: 1716557153694.jpg (103.7 KB, 412x539, 1589926511815.jpg)

If you took away that burn collage you wouldn't even know who the character was bffr. Also the rendering sucks, the values are shit and the blending and colouring are muddy and the differentiation between the hard and soft lines look accidental and amateurish and I can literally see where the liquidify tool was used. Other anons are being too nice, this is fucking garbage beg shit and I've seen corprophillic vore furry guro 19 year old tif porn artists with a better grasp of anatomy and rendering. There's no form either it's fucking rendermaxxed symbol drawing!!

No. 2017887

File: 1716558114511.jpg (727.2 KB, 1079x1738, Screenshot_20240524-234103_Chr…)

Like what the fuck is this section? Disgusting.

No. 2017890

who would be jealous of this? i am jealous of leyendecker and those animu artists that can draw insanely detailed background, not of this boring beg shit.

No. 2017892

File: 1716558474572.jpeg (58.73 KB, 792x410, IMG_0850.jpeg)

Show art or sincerely take the biggest glass of shut the fuck up
Personal taste
Nitpicking to hide your jealousy kekkkk. You farmers draw like absolute shit and think the only artist that exist in this world that are capable of delivering “troo artistry~” are japs who draw sameface anime characters. Get real, it’s cute and definitely not ugly or mud that person is clearly at a higher level of artistic ability than a lot of the farmers here
Again show art or gtfo. Plus, picrel, jealousy is a disease(infighting)

No. 2017893

>Show art
nta but post your work first to show you arent a begginer impressed by the most basic artstyle in existence.

No. 2017897

File: 1716558863840.jpeg (738.75 KB, 750x1127, IMG_0851.jpeg)

I’m cackling like how is any of her artwork mid? Nothing about this is mid and I bet years of practice has gone into her artistry, it’s not entirely her fault she has to draw glass-eyes dolls to even be noticed through the algorithm. Her shit is still cute and good artwork
>m-muh liquify pen!!!
Bitch it’s a digital TOOL, cool your jets.

No. 2017900

its boring

No. 2017901

File: 1716558988656.jpeg (741.92 KB, 750x771, IMG_0852.jpeg)

Cute and impressionist-inspired. God forbid it isn’t hyper realistic art from the wifebeater era. Hate you /ic/ faggots so much, full of hot air but your art is always garbage

No. 2017903

samefag, *watercolor
Personal taste

No. 2017905

I dont understand whats so impressive about heavily referencing instathot and pinterest pictures, i hope you are baiting.

No. 2017906

File: 1716559392880.jpg (2.43 MB, 3072x4080, IMG_20240524_170226.jpg)

Getting genuinely angry while white knighting insta slop is crazy. Digital is drawing on easy mode. Also what's up with the "I'm cackling asdjfhfjf" twitterspeak?

No. 2017907

I thought this was samdoesarts? It's not? Just a copycat? Lmao

No. 2017908

I'm a traditional architecture artist who doesn't post online, what am I to be envious of? Sorry I have eyes and studied art history and illustrative techniques so I can tell what's a stylistic choice and what's stupid beg shit by exposure to actually good art alone.
Anyways I hit my peak when my art became a threadpic, I can die happily.
She skinwalked Loish for years and still lacks a understanding of colour and form somehow, now she's skinwalking Sam- it's really fucking easy to pretend to be good when you're heavily referencing everything you do.

No. 2017909

dunning kruger blindness is real, jfc. i don't even think her drawing is amazing but way to prove the whiteknight right

No. 2017912

nta but thats yours? pretty impressive where did you learn how to hatch?

No. 2017913

I'm not amazing at all, just not impressed. That's all.

No. 2017914

fair enough

No. 2017915

NTA but at least she can draw hands

No. 2017916

dont listen to that retard, your art mogs that generic loish slop.

No. 2017918

anon it's literally older high schooler level

No. 2017920

i went to art school and no one in my class could render like that, the loish shit screams ''teen girl who just copies whats popular''. No teenager is drawing carefully hatched art and still life.

No. 2017921

Well I still made it into the second best art college in my country for free, so there's that

No. 2017922

I told you, these /ic/ tards keep invading these threads and the /m/ art-related threads with their hypocritical opinions and shit-tier art skills. I can’t take any of the posters in this thread seriously and I try to evade their advice as much as possible

No. 2017924

she posted her work but you havent, which proves you arent better than her anyways kek

No. 2017926

File: 1716559945730.jpeg (22.3 KB, 307x164, IMG_0853.jpeg)

>your chicken scratch practice sketches mog that loish slop
KEK the copium is unreal. Gotta believe it to make it real, I respect the delusional attitude(infighting)

No. 2017929

>Posting pepe but no posting your work

No. 2017934

I’m not an artist, I just have functioning eyes and some grasp of reality.

No. 2017936

genuine question but are you a lesbian? because i cannot understand any normal woman who isnt a lesbian or some normalfag woman living vicariously through that slop thinking that stuff is great. It's genuinely so boring, reminds of gross pinup art from the 50s where the only appeal was sexy woman standing.

No. 2017937

the loish copycat isn't amazing either anon but the hatched drawing is pretty close to the same level of skill. sketching digitally vs trad doesn't have much difference either, it's making fully finished drawings that digital has a massive advantage in. granted lotusbubble is just a samdoesarts copycat minus the actual technical skill

tbf most people in art school are dogshit

No. 2017939

The loish ripoff has more effort put into it and I get the appeal of lotusbubble’s art, along with loish’s even. Also who cares about ripping off, artists get heavily inspired by one another and it’s not always out of arrogance it’s probably out of admiration.

No. 2017942

she doesnt draw, what an unexpected twist

No. 2017944

File: 1716560427382.jpeg (646.7 KB, 750x884, IMG_0855.jpeg)

I’m still gonna vibe with the generic art tbh, still cute and easy on the eyes

No. 2017945

Eh, digital doesn't have much fine art value. A good chunk of it is just illustration work and it's economic value has diminished thanks to AI technology. No one will pay you to cartoonify instathots if stable diffusion can also do that.

No. 2017947

Kek, we knew all along. But I'm not so sure about "she" after the pepe.

No. 2017952

Yeah because moids only know or like pepe. This website has turned to shit

No. 2017953

could be the ai baiter i remember them shitting on anon's skills too, it would also make sense why they like that slop

No. 2017957

digital art and traditional art skills are interchangeable anon… sure you'd have to learn new techniques but it's not like everybody starts out being incredible at say watercolor or mixing paints. it's not like your knowledge of color, anatomy, etc disappears when you transfer to one or another. is this bait?

No. 2017958

Have you noticed how none of the anons have said they draw better? Weird! Maybe having exposure to art and eyeballs means you can comment on it regardless of skill, why do you think art critics that don't do art are still a respected opinion within fine and historical arts? I can say Jeff Koons art is ugly diarrhoea and I can still be right even though I can't make ugly life sized Michael Jackson statues.
Heavy referencing is fine for master studies but doing it all the time just shows you lack personality in your art and you're restricting yourself quite heavily doing so as you don't learn much from it. You can tell the difference between a Domenico Ghirlandaio and a Michaelangelo, even though the latter was a apprentice of the former.

No. 2017963

if you like that kind of modern pickme pinups you are a cuck, you think men enjoy looking at pretty bishie art? they dont. You are a cuck and i am ashamed of you and your shit taste.

No. 2017964

This isn’t about explicitly stating something their words implied much more. It’s called reading inbetween the lines, something you learn in elementary school kekk

No. 2017966

File: 1716561276126.jpg (84.59 KB, 1080x1441, 438299777_7265563513569810_104…)

This one is hilarious. Fiona gets yassified, drama due to fatphobia accusations ensues as expected.

No. 2017969

File: 1716561544316.jpeg (33.91 KB, 462x660, images - 2024-05-23T203726.075…)

I'm this >>2017884 anon, I do not think I am better because I do not do digital art. The only digital art I've made in the past 7+ years is two 20 minute track pad cow doodles on MS paint because I was pissed at the AI sperg. Art is a silly hobby I do, it's not that important to me and I'll call shit art shit if I want to.

No. 2017970

The skills developed in traditional are interchangeable with digital, but I can't help but think digital is inferior in every way. I do both myself but I won't lie to myself and say using the "now mix the colors for me" brush on procreate is actually the same as doing it all by yourself with real paint. It's just not. It also doesn't have real art investment value save for a couple gimmicks. There's no single original copy and that just depreciates its value by a TON. I would never purchase something digitally made as long term investment, and neither do most companies. I'm kind of an artfag irl involved in gallery circles, and my friends have to deal with investors. Digital illustration is just… not as valuable. Not even baiting just my two cents. Of course not everyone cares about the buying and selling of artwork here and that's totally fine. But I do.

No. 2017972

I can't believe some of you fell for the retarded newfag bait, but maybe some of you are newfags themselves. Don't post your art. It doesn't matter. Every single anon who asks for this is only trying to spark a infight, they don't care for your skills and if they think that drawing is so impressive, then what would even really indicate that they have the knowledge to judge your skills. Stop feeding the trolls and replying to bait. We have other threads to post your art, take it there.

No. 2017975

>Yass queen fiona is uglier than ancient cgi fatty fiona

No. 2017977

economic/investment value has nothing to do with technical skill though. i've seen plenty of god tier trad artists switch to digital for faster output, as well as digital artists with similar skills to trad art. "digital is drawing on easy mode" is an entirely different statement than people don't want to invest in digital drawings vs physical works.

No. 2017978

>appropriating gus
no, no stop no no no. being a gus-chan requires you to be a real one and you are indeed not a real one

No. 2017980

Not a newfag and it wasn’t bait. We can thrown away the presumption that having your own personal opinion is bait

No. 2017982

It literally IS easier though. You have buttons to achieve things that would take hours of work and years of practice in real life. Most basic example: trying to achieve a perfect gradient digitally vs traditionally. C'mon. Digital lacks both investment and skill value, this is coming from someone who loves both.
Yeah it wasn't my proudest moment. The gamer rage got the best of me!

No. 2017987

what exactly is wrong with this?
why is everyone getting so worked up about this art? It's cute and nice to look at, pretty colors. I don't see anything wrong with it
and shocker, but people have different opinions, this is beggining to sound like retarded reddit hivemind
some artists just love to draw pretty girls , it's their thing, it's what they LOVE, isn't art supposed to be fun? not everyone wants to be a fancy ass artist

No. 2017995

lowest common denominator ass opinion

No. 2017997


No. 2017999

again, you're not wrong about stuff like that but i meant knowledge of anatomy, lighting, gesture, perspective, etc. it's all applicable to digital and trad. versus skills specific to the medium, which like you said, takes time to learn. like i said, doing a digital sketch vs a sketch like >>2017906 is almost pretty much the same

No. 2018000

adding on that yes digital has ctrl z which makes it quicker/easier to produce a polished drawing. but you can usually tell if a digital artist relies on ctrl z a lot and if they'd be able to produce the same result with pencil and paper

No. 2018002

I said I agree that anatomy, gesture etc. was interchangeable in my original post. You're not disagreeing with me, it's right there in the first sentence.
>The skills developed in traditional are interchangeable with digital, but

No. 2018003

my bad anon, glad we're on the same page

No. 2018004

File: 1716563304744.jpeg (638.84 KB, 750x921, IMG_0856.jpeg)

More eye cleanser from looking at anon’s tryhard sketches.(bait)

No. 2018006

Sure, jan.

No. 2018007

Nah it's fine, its very easy to misunderstand each other over text and no names. It's bound to happen.

No. 2018009

File: 1716563417510.jpeg (37.13 KB, 650x430, images - 2024-05-25T010840.249…)

I didn't think this would turn into a infight, the original poster's idiosyncrasies just annoyed me. Anyways it's a good break from the typical same old discussions.
Anyways, what is everone's opinion on the thing in picrel? Just curious to see where the sentiment ends, after all not everyone wants to be a fancy sculptor

No. 2018015

AI before AI technology was a thing. Its scroteslop, but still more valuable than 99% of the shit that gets posted here.

No. 2018021

>chromatic aberration to hide imperfections
>"eye cleanser"

No. 2018023

kitsch art always have such a menacing aura

No. 2018029

It's life sized Michael Jackson, not much could be a scarier statue

No. 2018030


No. 2018032

not a fan but I think it would look better if the faces weren't painted the way they are. I'm sure it's some element of the artist's vision for the piece or whatever, but imo it just looks tacky and like a mass-produced ceramic figurine… which is impressive since it's apparently life-sized kek

No. 2018035

its life sized too? scary as fuck.

No. 2018036

File: 1716564474287.jpg (33.64 KB, 331x400, 1000015881.jpg)

It really does.

No. 2018038

The faces look like something that belongs on an antique doll

No. 2018039

File: 1716564678214.jpeg (40.22 KB, 677x453, images - 2024-05-25T012802.796…)

Actually it's much bigger, horrifying
His thing is making everything tacky and superficial because something something he used to be in marketing. He's the guy who made those horrible metallic balloon dogs

No. 2018040

File: 1716564683342.jpeg (263.91 KB, 2048x829, FN1gSeSWUAUq6QG.jpeg)

I have seen people crying about how Pepa looked like a "real latina" on the left and was unfair that she ended looking like on the right. Have they slept during the "Dos oruguitas"? The grandpa's hair and skin tones were exactly like Pepa's.

No. 2018041

yea god forbid people draw because they love to draw

No. 2018042

File: 1716564836822.jpg (58.91 KB, 550x744, 50c2bc0080b7a014c6342dbeb862b9…)

since we are talking about kitsch art, i cant help but love it. It's so sincere and cute. I specially like old postcards like pic rel.

No. 2018046

the nitpicking that happens in art threads on lolcow is so insane kek there’s nothing wrong with this. like genuinely pyw let’s see how good you are

No. 2018047

You are only allowed to make art that some balding 50-year old will buy to put next to his eames chair.

No. 2018048

Kek I forgot it's even bigger. Idk why it's so much funnier to me now.
I always found kitsch art a convoluted term. While some artist entitled themselves as kitsch, a lot of art got pulled into that solely because people thought they were tacky, but the concept of tacky can change. I never saw these postcard you posted been described as kitsch, but I'm not from the US, so that could be it.

No. 2018049

OP here, wasn't expecting an infight either. My point was that the pic, which popped up on my timeline (don't even know who the artist is), was a dime a dozen style and I wish the subjects weren't always smiling into space. Because of that it wasn't immediately clocked as Regina (even on Twitter some replies agree). I didn't say it was bad, didn't attack the artist or their skills, nor said that it needed John K tier faces. It's inoffensive generic art that the algorithm favors, and in my opinion, some brow quirks or a smug grin could've made it stand out a little more. Don't know how that opinion equates to "pathologically lying" or envy, but the discussion's ran its course. God forbid women do more than smile prettily, god forbid people like drawing and looking at smiling pretty girls.
As for the statue, it's campy and would look cool at some sideroad tourist museum off Vegas. The scale is scary though

No. 2018050

nta but its an ugly generic style. There are thousands of break downs of how to draw like sam does art. Its not impressive or interesting and generic girl standing is single-handly the most overused topic in art ever.

No. 2018054

>god forbid people like drawing and looking at smiling pretty girls
if yu have bottom tier taste you are going to get criticized for it, same way i would criticize a moid who only likes pinups and generic moe art(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2018056

People who don't draw and believe they have a valid opinion about art is like men believing they have a valid opinion about women's bodies. They don't even know what they're talking about, of course that opinion will be bullshit.

No. 2018057

I always tried to like this shit but I just can't. It just makes me bored. I can't get into something that doesn't have any essence. Pretty girls staring at me isn't art because it just feels like looking in the mirror. I appreciate the hobbyists but they need to know their place and shut up when theory is discussed. Controversial opinion: intellectualism and education isn't bad

No. 2018059

It's so cute!!! Already lurking oldpostcard website, thanks for suggestion, nona

No. 2018062

whats the name of the website?

No. 2018063

>making everything tacky and superficial because something something he used to be in marketing
>those horrible metallic balloon dogs
ah, of course, no wonder it feels empty

It's interesting to me how similar some of the stylisation here is to anime kek, though I agree with the other anon I wouldn't peg this as being 'kitsch', but tbf I'm more familiar with kitsch furniture and decor and not illustrations.

No. 2018065

AYRT the original poster I meant was the anon who calling everyone jealous but I apologise for the confusion. You have a much more reasonable critique than mine, I was just pissed kek
Not even close a comparison anon, most online artists work in the subjective or constructive frames, the former having the audience's opinions on it help define the artwork (as it's a connection made by the artist between the artist, the audience and the world) and the latter is focused on techniques and mediums which the audience can break down and question why the artist did what they did. Basic art theory 101, this is high school stuff.

No. 2018066

>t. fat permabeg

No. 2018096

Are you retarded?

No. 2018164

i don't know if this has been posted before, but this vid is a lifesaver. i doodled along with it and i feel 10x more comfortable with drawing hands now!

No. 2018230

It’s cute as hell. stop malding bitch

No. 2018245

>nonas praising the loish/samdoesart skinwalker
the absolute state of this thread

No. 2018258

>anons who want to turn lolcow.farm into a hivemind circlejerk where if you deviate from the general opinion you get shat on endlessly and posters instigating to get the mods to ban you

this place is hopelessly mirroring Reddit a bit too much

No. 2018260

its only one samefagger unlike the wk some nonas spend their time drawing than to bootlick a clone of a clone

No. 2018273

Too much time drawing like shit and permabegging online for likes and retweets with their shit artwork with no progress being made. None of you are good at art and like to go around acting like you are.

No. 2018276

I don't think she's amazing but it's not as bad as anons are making it out to be. Anons shit on better artists all the time too

No. 2018301

nobody actually good or well-known will want to post their art because being found out you use the TERF site is social suicide, and doing well as an artist is based on your popularity. drop the pyw shit please.

No. 2018314

>the clone of a clone
I bet they all follow her on ig and consume her content daily hoping to be like her one day, no wonder there are so many bland artists these days and they all have the same bland drawing style. The AI is feasting on this style and throwing up even more bland copies. There comes a point where this artstyle becomes tedious and nauseating, just like the calarts artstyle.

No. 2018324

Bitch we kill trannies in my country!

No. 2018326

This is way too much passion for defending an insta nobody, I'm starting to think it's her. Genuinely weird obsession with dragging out this conversation.

No. 2018379

File: 1716582602941.jpg (2.23 MB, 2250x1845, some1else.jpg)

I know he's a coomer, but how the fuck does this dude upload fully finished pieces almost every day? insane

No. 2018388

looks like traced models

No. 2018391

This shit doesn't even look that hard to do, a NEET could pump that kind of shit out. The only real detailing is the hair and the rest is just abstract animu girls and abstract design.

No. 2018403

i guess i must be below beg because i cant do that lol

No. 2018419

These are the same retards calling lotusbubble’s art “slop”. I wish otakus would have been thrown in the same factory they made the COVID virus in

No. 2018422

it's not beg, that anon is just being salty. he's skilled but there's not much detail other than the hair and face of the two girls. crop out their faces and you'll see it's largely just undetailed shapes. if he rendered it fully he definitely couldn't do 1 a day

No. 2018429

It's not every day it's like once a week. If you're used to pumping out artwork and draw similar stuff, it's easy to make 1-2 decently rendered pictures a week.

No. 2018440

He uploads every 3 days or so. I only followed because he's one of the rare artists that draws bgs but i was soon spammed by his stuff on my feed because he uploads so often. I guess it impressed me because i am used to bottom tier artists like ixy who just draw half body anime girls in a white void.

No. 2018455

how do you know he uses 3D models? his art isnt stiff enough to be traced imo

No. 2018457

File: 1716585162203.png (75.18 KB, 596x795, lul.png)

here are some models you can try out YUhSMGNITTZMeTl3YVhobGJHUnlZV2x1TG1OdmJTOTFMMGhWU0RSTmRIWXk= just copy paste and decode this so the actual page doesn't get dmca'ed

No. 2018459

samefag, you can alter features on the models just use the 3d settings

No. 2018466

go back to /ic/

they all have the exact same proportions as a CSP model

No. 2018467

Am I retarded or does this perspective not make sense at all? How is the water all the way at the top of the frame but it looks like we are looking almost straight on the girls but only slightly from below

No. 2018484

>almost every day
I saw his twitter account and he posts every three days, sometimes two days. The image you shared is something that can be done in 6 hours more or less depending on your skill level, perhaps even less, so it is quite credible that he has finished this drawing in less than three days if he at least worked on it a couple of hours a day. I say this based on the fact that I consider myself from an intermediate level and it takes me approximately 5 to 6 hours to finish a similar drawing, I am very slow. But he seems to be a professional, so it is obvious that it will cost him much less time. As you advance and become more expert in something, the time it takes to do it decreases considerably.

No. 2018485

knows where to work fast vs. where to put more detail and time.

No. 2018552

you are looking from under the water. I like the composition even if its nonsensical, but i just love summery illustrations so i am biased.

No. 2018686

wish I wasn't retarded and could actually rendermaxx. hate seeing drawings with worse anatomy and proportions etc get attention because of rendermaxxing

No. 2018737

you can get attention without knowing how to render, just draw cool/cute stylized fanart. i'm positive most farmers would call me shit but i routinely get tons of likes (not really comms though bc it's just for fun for me). just draw fanart if you want attention

No. 2018769

File: 1716599171860.jpeg (53.04 KB, 557x551, images - 2024-05-25T110126.478…)

Domenico Ghirlandaio wasn't Japanese but stay mad at phantoms >>2018686
Rendermaxxing well needs a lot of reference images, you don't need to learn to rendermax to get popular (one of the biggest artists I follow does colourful unblended hatch work and black and white sketches) but if that's the path you want you better start studying from photos, and doing that a lot

No. 2018770

They're not women,they're pre teen girls and the Pokemon designers are males soooo it's not hard to give them pants.

No. 2018774

This shit is so repetitive how do people not get bored of the stupidly girly stuff???I have never liked any of the pokegirl designs because they're bland and suck ass.

No. 2018783

I have never liked any of the pokegirl designs either, nona. But to be honest I really don't care because all my focus and attention go to the pokemons, to me humans are just there occupying space.

No. 2018796

Cute vid I found, I like the art style. Vibe kind of reminds me of jellypoo if they weren’t dick-obsessed

No. 2018805

I love that zoomers went from making fun of boomers and their ''phone bad'' memes to making their own versions of those same memes.

No. 2018830

This is just budget vewn

No. 2018847


No. 2018860

I mean are they wrong?
Vewn was never original, who cares

No. 2018868

Vewn at least did it better

No. 2018871

No. 2018873

Speaking of vewn wonder what happened to her series that was supposed to come out a year ago..

No. 2018891

Sage for blog but I used to work with her at a grocery store for awhile a few years ago, she was sweet and really funny. She didn’t speak about her art much, and we lost touch after she quit. I kind of forget how huge the art community online really is because I forgot about her until I checked this thread. I didn’t know she had planned something so if it didn’t happen I hope she’s doing ok

No. 2018916

You made me remember this video.

No. 2018978

love the coloring but kek that snout

No. 2019293

File: 1716621685223.png (409.76 KB, 639x1280, Sun_Moon_Mallow.png)

>Pokemon designers are males soooo
Not true, there's always been female designers too since gen 1, in gen 7 they even outnumber the males, tho in most cases there's been roughly a 60-40% ratio with a few more males. Picrel is a kid/teen confirmed to be designed by a woman for example.

No. 2019990

Nona, start every illustration with a background in mind. Get the background in, and adding the characters on top will be 10x easier. Illustrating is painful when you draw characters in the void and only think about where they are afterward. Real life is a giant background with humans placed on top of it. Even if you have an abstract background in mind, know the colors and lightsource or perspective before ever drawing the character. If you want to draw a character sitting in a chair, draw the chair first.

No. 2021313

File: 1716734041150.jpg (506.67 KB, 1706x1080, lavander town eqg.jpg)

Thoughts on lavander town's equestria girl redesign? Rainbow dash is probably my favorite. I like twilight too but she looks a bit too moe for her character. Pinkie pie is cute. Applejack and fluttershy are a bit generic. Rarity being drag queen inspired kinda piss me off. Overall, I do think lavander town's style is a better fit for colorful designs such as these. And her pony designs are really cute. Honestly, she would probably gain from leaning more into furry designs since you can get away with a lot more stylization and anatomy inaccuracies than with human characters.

No. 2021318

Too much leg and too much eyes.

No. 2021319

I like Twilight's design but trying to focus on Fluttershy's face is giving me a headache.

No. 2021337

they look horrible together. if she used the fantasy skintones original show had it'd be better than her having to decide what skintone to make each of them. rarity needs more going on, maybe a boa would be fun.

No. 2021349

Weird to see how her style has managed to remain almost entirely stagnant for the past 5+ years. Besides getting slightly harder to look at. By themselves they've got some cute aspects but put all together like that they look overwhelming.

No. 2021429

File: 1716742596184.png (63.03 KB, 720x720, file.png)

Wait, Eigaka is a woman? Or is he a troon?

No. 2021439

i hate her retarded style so much, but the designs are ok

No. 2021456

I cannot take this artstyle seriously. It feels like I'm 12 and I'm browsing deviantart. I guess the clothing ideas are ok, but this reminds me those fashion board based on characters they used to post on Pinterest and tumblr. If this is supposed to be an actual artstyle to animate, then it's terribly overdesigned.

No. 2021485

are there artists that paint like mossa cannabis that arent mossa? i like how he paints but i hate him and how he draws faces

No. 2021642

Is this video good or is he just bsing?

No. 2021671

Watch the fucking video yourself you fucking zoomer

No. 2021819

I’d recommend zooming into art more often as it can break the illusion of detail if I’m any sense. When you look closer into this image, you’ll see how quickly the background was drawn. The girls in the foreground aren’t all that special either, the rendering is minimal. I think what sells it are the bright colours and the ripple effect that I guess is supposed to represent the water.

No. 2021820

Wish is crap

No. 2021897

Isn’t he a pedo too

No. 2021937

yes, and an insufferable attention whore

No. 2021969

I did. I just wanted to know if he was bringing something new since he’s pushing the whole “as an ANIMATOR here are my thoughts “ or if he’s just rehashing previously stated points (that im not aware of)

No. 2021977

You’re setting her up for failure by posting her art in here anon KEK

No. 2021985

Do you think this is the first time lavander town got posted here?

No. 2022074

I thought I found a nice south park artist, until I saw her baraag. I thought it'd be typical shotacon stuff, but for some reason she draws exclusively straight lolicon there

No. 2022205

Eigaka is probably either just another moid who is masking as a woman, or a pornsick woman who draws a ton of shota. I'm leaning toward moid but the latter isn't out of the question. It doesn't really matter. He draws some sick shit. He doesn't strike me as a troon, though.

No. 2022212


Her art has always been visual clutter, essentially when she has multiple characters standing together like that. I'm so sick of that runny eyelash thing that's been trendy where the whites of the eyes extend to the eyelashes. It looks gross, but overall, this is a hot mess. Nothing surprising.

No. 2022308

It's the tumblr red noses for twitter zoomers, I can't wait for this bleeding eyewhite trend to die. It's even more grotesque to me than skin fangs.

No. 2022403

any of you participate in /dad/? if so, do you think you have improved or at least developed a habit of drawing every day?

No. 2022484

Social media is competitive and performative

No. 2022491

kinda weird to specifically pose someone to show off their armpit hair

No. 2022497

Not if it's a character's unique feature. In this case it's a fun detail that her armpit hair is also rainbow coloured.

No. 2022504

Woah does she have a strain of alexandrias genesis

No. 2022540

It's a lot of effort for a dye job

No. 2022612

No. 2022662

whats her name?

No. 2022663

I wanted to join dad but if you check the users with the highest streaks they all suck. Most have been drawing for years and barely improved, and also its 90% moids drawing coomshit.

No. 2022704

Late as fuck but there was a time 3 to 4 years ago where every single one of her new videos were posted here and was in a threadpic iirc, kek. Also she had terfy views in the past and Tumblr and Twitter already hate her so what failure is to be had besids the one already experienced?
Honestly she's kind of based for effortlessly drifting on her below average art after so many years. I genuinely can't believe she's outlived Kasey and Holly in relevancy after all these years while barely improving, if not regressing after the slight improvement in style in 2020.

No. 2022829

File: 1716823084624.jpg (720.63 KB, 2600x1537, 1593589134281.jpg)

What stuff do you draw nonny? i am trying to draw more, but i cannot come up with things to draw. I wish i autistically really liked something.

No. 2022880

I think I improved. It's one thing to learn how to draw well, but it's very handy to just whip out a good drawing any time, which does get honed in /dad/. Most of the members I cared about left at this point though.

No. 2022935

cityscapes and starter home designs (<1600sqft). My descent into Cities Skylines and Urbanist youtubers is what kicked this off.

Try to find ANYTHING that remotely interest you and you'll start to want to design your own versions of that thing.

No. 2023190

Seems less like a fun detail and more like the designs entire schtick, she's practically pointing at it

No. 2023452

I tried it some years back, and I don't think it really moves the needle much vs. any other long term drawing challenge I've tried. It's always come down to my personal commitment to doing a thing and if I'm willing to put the time aside to do said thing regardless of format.
But the other anons are right about the overall state of the site in terms of stagnation and coomshit for submissions. The format inherently encourages people to either throw up shit sketches which reinforces bad habits, or people toss up a bunch of WIPs of the same image which is also really fucking boring. I wouldn't use it as a place to improve because the bar is in hell.

No. 2023515

dont forget the owner hasnt drawn since 2021 kek

No. 2023652

File: 1716864385528.jpeg (29.14 KB, 222x305, IMG_5546.jpeg)

Why are the most technically skilled artists the most degenerate? All moid artists are obviously, but I’ve been seeing women in the industry go the e-thot route as of late. It’s frustrating.

No. 2023656

>the industry go the e-thot route as of late.
Western troons and twitter tards maybe but I haven't seen this all, it's a myth that you need to be a degenerate to draw better the more you repeat that mantra the more you're doomed to do it, but hey atleast we'll get a artcow out of it

No. 2023658

porn is the strongest motivation people have to get good at art nowadays. Career options? well you have uhh soulless space marine concept art artist or working on some baby calarts shit, or going the con route if you have the money. Not strong enough motivations i would say, it's why so many concept artists have nsfw side accounts like the futa yordle LOL guy. In a way i get them, i draw only for myself and i draw some nasty shit. Maybe 20+ years ago i would have tried to go legit, but its 2024 so i just choosed a safe career and do art as a hobby.

No. 2023659

File: 1716864866870.jpg (147.3 KB, 1200x916, putahontas.jpg)

nta but there are tons of industry veterans who are degens. Even before the internet, like frazetta, chris sanders, tezuka. Its basically impossible to find a scrote who doesnt draw big titty women. Pic rel is official art from Disney artists in the 90s.

No. 2023662

Maybe read my post before replying where did I mention scrotes? I'm talking about the ethot thing the only one I can recall is the castlevania artist who posts thirst traps? But that's all

No. 2023670

never heard of that DC ethot fauxbian who loves to draw sexy girls for her moid audience and cosplay catwoman? sozomaika.

No. 2023674

I think someone in a previous thread posted an old iconic artists personal drawings and they were extremely racist depictions of white women having sex with black men only they were depicted like animals. It was some of the most pathetic shit I've seen posted next to that Chinese (?) artist who did the 3D art of women being tortured.

No. 2023682

>DC ethot fauxbian
Not at all, what's her name?

No. 2023820

File: 1716875302660.jpeg (9.54 KB, 165x170, 45A31EB2-34F8-4558-B612-D75C3B…)

A lot of artists are deleting their art off insta and leaving, are you? And what other sites would you go to?

No. 2023822

Sorry forgot to mention, because of the AI thing.

No. 2023827

Has anyone tried this? I want to try it, but I cannot decide which artist I want to copy.

No. 2023828

I think the degenerate part is exactly why it makes it way to us, people are outraged/grossed out by it so they talk about it, and their fellow pornsick moids spread it around more. Art that is "just" good doesn't get the same treatment.
In the same vein as a eurofag I can't name a single sucessful person from Florida, but I could tell you a shit ton of crazy "floirda man" escapades. They're more memorable, for the wrong reasons.

No. 2023834

It sucks, but it has to happen. It's so blatant how they don't give a fuck about artists and people's personal data all for ai shit. However, instagram was a bane of my existence for years,so I hate this platform so much, so I kinda somewhat even glad this happens. But it sucks how there's barely any good websites for artists nowadays. Everything is filled to the brim with ai slop, the state of DA makes me want to cry, I even prefer gross fetish shit era than this soulless ai crap.

Do we have to return to this conversation every week now? Yes, there's a ton of degen artists that are good at art, still, there's even more porn artists who suck at it even if porn addiction forces them to try more difficult compositions and their autism makes them hyperfocused on art. There's still tons of artists that are not degens and can draw nice art without degeneracy. It's just porn is what gets clicks unfortunately so you get more of that on your timeline.

No. 2023836

File: 1716877226763.jpg (9.48 KB, 275x155, 1716756436355.jpg)

Everyone's fucked either way because it comes into effect next month, while it takes three months for Instagram to delete things from their server and backups after a account DFEs

No. 2023837

File: 1716877365056.jpg (67.51 KB, 736x736, b8e41731d1f163bd923f5ca443a542…)

Every time I see tips for character designing (in the cartoony area) they say "vary the shapes" within the charcters, like make one tall, skinny and pointy, the next short and round etc. and while I can totally understand why it's supposedly more visually interesting I just don't personally agree. Ever since childhood I've always consistently prefered the shows/comics with "similar but different" designs and even find the mixed shapes to look clashing and like they're not even from the same universe. For example I prefered w.i.t.c.h. over steven universe. Maybe my personal taste is just boring tho, but I'd like to hear anons thoughts about it lol

No. 2023838

>moids all have varied body types
>one single token ugly woman
>thicc bitch showing ass
kek these idiots are so predictable, wasnt there a comic about this? it feels like a parody

No. 2023843

Insta’s been gone. Twitter for networking, Tumblr/personal site for funsies. I’m not going to keep bouncing around, because I’m hoping that this mass collection of images/videos is just a precursor to all the big AI slop generators jacking up their subscription prices, and adding massive watermarks to the free tiers under the usual tech guise of rapidly increasing demand and processing costs. The “democratization of art” bullshit was just bait to get all the lazy no-draws addicted.

No. 2023856

File: 1716879291460.png (1.43 MB, 1428x1118, be4d0129a1d80dd468c523b3bebcd3…)

> designs and even find the mixed shapes to look clashing and like they're not even from the same universe.
I'd love to know what you think of these women then if you think W.I.T.C.H. has good designs. Everyone being the same stick figure gets real boring real fast, and that's coming from a Bratz fan.

No. 2023862

I’m seeing a lot of pushback lately against the concept of “shape language”, calling it ugly etc, but there are so many different ways to play with proportion/shape and keep things interesting without drawing literal triangles and cubes all the time. It just seems like a shame to write it off as a concept entirely but I think the fact that the “pretty, skinny girl smiling demurely” genre has taken off on social media the way it has is partially to blame.

No. 2023868

It sucks because tumblr also has ai scraping enabled on default and twitter will add it soon if it's not available already. Just because companies want to make as much money as possible off of their free services

No. 2023896

They have different body types and heights in witch, they're all slim girls but they aren't the same, are you thinking about winx?

No. 2023937

File: 1716889557174.jpg (111.23 KB, 735x558, 53ae0b65263810b1600475d63681c3…)

Look at this and tell me these girls have distinct body types. they're clearly based off the same base model even if there are slight height differences.

No. 2023955

I am fron Singapore.
I saw the back of a (really tall, I'm used to being around my 6'4" boss and would guess this tranny be around 6'+ too) white man in AGP/what seems to be a man cross dressing running from behind to in front of me.
It felt too compelling to give the benefit of the doubt to assume what I saw was rather either an unusually tall awkward-postured woman or a crossdressing-for-jokes dude. At this point i can no longer suppress disgust while writing this post.
Any troon encounters from SG?
Saged for potential racism.(wrong thread)

No. 2023971

Well I didnt know you were talking about the cash grab animated series, I was talking about the detailed comics where the girls are fleshed out and have unique styles, personalities ,hobbies and traits

No. 2024019

I think you're lost nonna the mtf thread is this >>>/snow/1995251

No. 2024044

File: 1716900970499.jpeg (78.86 KB, 736x722, IMG_0895.jpeg)

>cash grab animated series
Oh my goddd every show is a CASH CRAB because every show has to MAKE MONEY TO RUN IT FOR A FEW SEASONS AND PAY EVERYONE. How does it feel to be more retarded than other people anon?
>not fat
>no strange looking
>different races/backgrounds
>different personalities
What’s the problem here? kek

No. 2024053

>wish doesn't look bad, audiences just think it's watercolor style looks like tv animation.

What a shit video. How can anyone watch this movie and think they succeded at all in making it look like it was painted?

No. 2024065


I have tried it and it's a decent way to focus in on what you want to improve. I saw results towards the middle of the second month, but I'd say to stick with it you really need to have a good eye for critiquing yourself and looking at aspects of your work that you know you need improvement on, and the discipline to focus on those weak points.
It's not a method for everyone, especially if you have issues comparing yourself to the artist you chose. You need to look at elements of their work objectively and constantly look at what you're lacking. It's a solid method I'd recommend to anyone who's ready for it, but not for super beginner artists. Good luck nona!

No. 2024079

The only push back I've ever seen is here and on /ic/. Most people push this way of thinking all the time when you're learning character design

No. 2024114

I really want to delete as well but I doubt Instagram will delete my images from their servers immediately, I’m wondering if I should upload a bunch of nightshaded files instead.. plus I really don’t know where to go and I’m following a bunch of instagrams that are great archives of historical images that I need for the project I’m working on

No. 2024122

I'll just wait for PinkiemachineStudios' Alicia and the Kingdom of Starlight project to get further. I'd take an animatc of a better fanmade Wish than that sorry excuse of a Disney film

No. 2024132

in the comic they look quite different in a realistic way, irma is slightly chubby, hay lin is very thin, cornelia is elongated, will is petite etc

No. 2024143

This form of thinking has its roots based on design. You can study gestalt and apply it to your art without making characters look so geometrical. Simplifying characters to this extent is more of a 2d animation thing, helps with consistency and simplicity. Shape language has always been a think, just look at art deco and art nouveau. My only issue with your pic is how every concept art teacher latches to this extreme examples as peak designs. You can simply a form without turning them into geometrical blobs.

No. 2024165

the problem with 'shape language' is that it's usually taught at its most exaggerated, and then most people see it as a shortcut to successful character design and have no idea how to use it with any nuance or that they can even build their own shape language within their projects. So you get a lot of generic, creatively cheap designs such as those within the 'calarts style' family of design choices, which actually hampers shape language's purpose of helping to tell the audience about the character, story and world. If you make your protagonist heavily rounded because round = friend, with no other shape language or contrasting elements, then all you've really done is shown you stayed awake for at least one of your character design classes and that your character has little going for them if all they can inspire is a flat design.

(I'm not against shape language as a concept btw, just frustrated with how it's been communicated and how people avoid using it more subtly and with varied layers)

No. 2024171

may i ask which artist you choose?

No. 2024349

nayrt, but appreciate you sharing how long it took before you started seeing results. Were you sticking to a set number of days per cycle of
>finished piece
or did you just let things run for as long as each step took?

No. 2024373

I want to try this but I'm afraid I'm gonna end up with a copycat style. usually I tend to be inspired by multiple artists to avoid that, but this practice experiment would require me to focus on only one artist and it sounds kinda risky

No. 2024430

i feel this way too, i think im gonna try it but instead of just one artist ill do a different artist every month. i think a full month would be enough but im like.. intermediate trying to figure out how to level up so ymmv

No. 2024509

i feel this way except there isnt a single artist i really want to draw like, all of them have different qualities but none is my n1 fav artist

No. 2024567

File: 1716923050879.png (228.63 KB, 640x791, o8omold430531.png)

>Does not want to see women be fat and ugly
I can't help you with that bad take. Seeing women with non-standard designs is cool AND interesting. Pic very much related. I know some women here hate Oda's art but I think this is a good example of having a mix of cool looking and wacky designs. Now if only one piece could have girl characters look like this all the time, it'd probably have a lot less hate…

No. 2024681

File: 1716925564870.png (636.46 KB, 750x1019, J7LAwPa.png)

I hate AIcels so fucking much

No. 2024686

They are insanely cringe. I cannot imagine living without having a single skill, at that point you might as well just be considered an animal.

No. 2024689

>doorknob on the giant wall
>Computer screen is backwards


No. 2024690

Even animals have skills kek. aitards are so fucking cowardly a fucking pencil scares them so much so they can't draw.

No. 2024711

Oda is especially offensive because he goes out of his way to make his men look varied but 99% of his women are blow-up dolls with sameface

No. 2024712

File: 1716926876020.jpeg (122.06 KB, 736x736, IMG_2144.jpeg)

Pokémon Sun/Moon had the best character designs and one of the best anime adaptations.

No. 2024723

the female characters all look exactly the same

No. 2024738

kek what world are you living in

No. 2024783

Do any of you have webcomics? How much of your script for them are done/ and what is your process like? Do you have recommendations for processes/tips to follow? What are some YouTubers you like to watch relating to webcomics? (Sorry for all the questions, I'm curious!)

No. 2024785

No. 2024799

this has to be bait

No. 2025095

File: 1716938105346.jpg (323.22 KB, 854x918, 1000018384.jpg)

Why is this a trend lately? People are trying so hard to make fatness a minority trait lol

No. 2025098

>tfw thin people are the actual minority in America
Where are my oppression points wtf? I was promised…

No. 2025113

File: 1716938472947.png (125.02 KB, 572x349, 1AE_0012_900x_jpg.png)

No. 2025130

if there any other context to this like who drew it, why they are posting it? Anything besides random meme because I haven't seen this happen at all on any of my socials from artists I follow.

No. 2025143

nayrt but i dont think she posted a meme just a screenshot of i assume a twitter post, but ive also noticed this just people drawing more fat people in general. largely depends what kind of artists you follow but i think in general the population has gotten fatter so people are drawing it more i really dont care as long as its not that extreme obese feeder/fetish shit lol

No. 2025148

whats the point of making such boring ocs

No. 2025166

Wish someone could link an example of an artist.

No. 2025180

nta but there was the jeff the killer deathfat autist. It feels like there are more fat fetishists now

No. 2025224

its called availability heuristic, body positive "sjw" art has existed for years but it doesn't mean its a trend,the more you interact with the content the more you think its a trend. but i will agree theres been a push to accept "piggies" as husbandos but some sane ones ignore it

No. 2025290

average fat anime character design

No. 2025388

Is it worth it to make an art twitter in hopes to find art friends, or is it impossible to find non tranny art mutuals anymore?

No. 2025437

Very difficult, unless you're into something extremely niche, and even then it's not a guarantee

TBH, Twitter isn't worth it to make friends even if it's the place most people go to for art in western-speaking circles now, there's too much shitflinging and people don't even talk or post about art a lot anymore, just politics and how xyz character is "totes tranz"

No. 2025583

Does anyone have any ideas to get traction on a digital art youtube channel? Like trending topics. I'm thinking of starting one but it seems like the only popular videos atm ibis paint reviews and tutorials.

No. 2025585

damn that sucks, i just want art friends. And no, i will not use shitcord.

No. 2025610

Break up any heavy study of one particular artist's work with days where you either study someone else more lightly who has a contrasting style, or better yet, observational drawings. When doing observational drawings either focus on realism/accuracy (especially if you're studying a very stylised artist), or try and pay attention to your own stylistic choices and what qualities you naturally favour while drawing. Drawing subject matter that the artist you're studying doesn't usually draw will also help (eg if they only draw people, draw some animals or plants, etc)

Also don't just mindlessly copy when you study another's work, take note of the specific choices and qualities in their art that you really like, how they compare to your existing style, and how they might fit in and become habit while you draw. Discard the stylistic elements that don't innately interest you, or you find tedious to include– an art teacher of mine said that you find your style when you're enjoying the process of putting each line or brushstroke down, both the gesture itself and the form it takes as it comes together. Good luck anon!

No. 2025710

I hate to bring up AI (again!) in the art thread but I do hope that the trend in AI "art" pushes artists back to traditional/analogue media. I am personally looking into sculpturing/metalworking myself.

No. 2025713

Any other autist who wants to draw in 5 billion different styles and can never settle into one? i feel like that's whats stunting my progress the most

No. 2025739

Focus on art direction and not art style. Discern and choose the pros and cons of either styles to best fit the message of your piece.

No. 2025748

I hate this forced meme of a cope regurgitated in the recent threads so much. Anons should just take an art course and get properly grounded and git gud.

OCs and comics.

No. 2025752

i mean more in the sense of not knowing if i want to stick to anime or go for a more realistic style

No. 2025761


No. 2026303

File: 1716994749561.jpg (74.34 KB, 500x1000, 48e01l.jpg)

What's stunting your progress the most is you not drawing and instead wasting time thinking about this shit kek, it's only clueless beginners who complain about this. Sometimes intermediates who don't draw much anymore, they just look at other's artwork and go "wow, I wish I could do that!" and then they continue scrolling for another few hours before spending the rest of their free time gaming. To be good at anime you need to have solid fundies anyway, just try everything and see what you actually like and what sticks. How often do you draw during the week?

No. 2026431

Has anyone ever tried facepainting kids at birthday parties and other events? I have pretty solid drawing skills, but I'm trying to find some alternative jobs that would still require an artist.

No. 2026443

Yes and there are tons of super easy tutorials if you want quick and easy facepainting designs. I recommend ONLY printing out the designs you want to do, meaning if you only have 5, do 5. You can offer little one-off designs like a flower on the cheek or hearts around the eyes too for a discounted price as these aren't as full-face. Plus two butterfly wings make a heart, so it's perfect for little touches of cute for kids.

The only people who will make the kids hate their makeup is parents telling them that it doesn't look right. Otherwise, kids love having paint on them regardless because their imagination fills in the blanks. It's so freaking cute. Also don't feel bad if you put out a tip jar. This was a thing 20 years ago too, so don't feel bad about how tipping culture is currently. You're doing something worth tipping. Only other thing is make sure you bring an umbrella and make it strict that you stick to ONLY what is on your options board. Deviating could result in people noticing one person and then it spreads you will do whatever and that can cause a lot of issues if it isn't something that you are comfortable creating with paints anyway.

No. 2026481

Thank you for the advice nona!

No. 2026690

You are projecting hard because i draw daily.

No. 2026978

File: 1717027914953.webp (150.17 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_5561.webp)

I’m glad I only got into art as a hobby. If I spent thousands on art school only to get mogged by a 16-year-old Chinese artist who puts out renaissance paintings every weak I would have killed myself.

No. 2027026

Is drawabox worth it?

No. 2027039

art school is for finding a job and getting connections not for getting good. there's so many shitty grads who find work, i never went but i have friends who did and so many of their peers were terrible, even just ok ones found work for disney or netflix.

No. 2027283

Ayrt, a bit late but real humans obviously fall into "same but different" category. There's not a single person there half the height of the others, a triagle shaped head, or body round as a ball, one having a nose 3 times bigger than the head, etc etc
>“pretty, skinny girl smiling demurely” genre has taken off on social media the way it has is partially to blame.
This has consistently been my opinion since before social media really existed though, I just prefer pretty unison looking groups, and I don't think that's abnormal?
>My only issue with your pic is how every concept art teacher latches to this extreme examples as peak designs. You can simply a form without turning them into geometrical blobs.
Yeah you can still add the shapes subtly to hint at personality instead of being so literal with them. But cartoons "for kids" are always dead set on making all the characters extra distinct from each other by shape.

No. 2027311

> There's not a single person there half the height of the others, a triagle shaped head, or body round as a ball, one having a nose 3 times bigger than the head, etc etc
But little people exist though, so do sumo wrestlers, and so do Mr. universe bodybuilder champions with shoulders twice the size of their waist. All those people exist in real life. You might not like the way they look but all of these are very possible for human beings to achieve, even if it's exaggerated for animation and art in general. It's just not interesting to have characters look like they all came out of a vat of Ken dolls.

No. 2027322

>But little people exist though
Come on now nona, don't be obtuse.

No. 2027326

File: 1717055517438.png (1.68 MB, 1024x1707, kaworu_nagisa_render_by_justra…)

I don't see the problem with what I said. having unique designs is a good thing. Albinism is rare in real life but there are plenty of characters in fiction that have pale skin and white hair. Why shouldn't you draw uncommon features in art? That seems unnecessarily stifling.

No. 2027420

Are any of you using cara? Seems like another artist-focused site that won't take off because there are no normies on it

No. 2027490

NTA but no they’re not loll, the obsession with having a consistent and distinct “style” right away is a stupid tumblr hobby artist psyop. Just fucking draw and let your “style” develop organically and stop worrying about whether or not your Instagram feed full of warrior cats fanart looks “cohesive” or not. Not trying to be mean, but just get your fundies down and then take it one step at a time, you’ll be fine

No. 2027519

File: 1717078529747.jpeg (5.41 MB, 2233x2980, IMG_1002.jpeg)

>john lennon tif

No. 2027538

I'd like to give it a chance, but I fear it won't take off. I made an account. I have a sheezy but it's filled to the brim with furries and the site is a bit "patronizing" with all the dumb "we cater to every little mental illness" shit it has.

No. 2027542

samefag, instagram is shitting on itself right now but it had my best reach.

No. 2027549

File: 1717081576206.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x1596, IMG_8070.jpeg)

When I realised picrel was about Gaza I did a triple take so bad I think I might have snapped my neck. While I hate call-out culture as much as the next person but we seriously need some retarded popular YouTuber to start pointing out how offensive it is to cute-sify the monstrosity of what is currently happening in Gaza. It’s the only thing I can see being able to stop these self-righteous Twitter TIFs from making their disgusting anime fanarts about dying children.

No. 2027551

Does anyone have tips for how to make an artist statement not sound ridiculous? I feel so pretentious talking about 'my practice'. I genuinely don't think my art has much meaning at all. I just slap shit down on paper because if it stayed in my brain it would fester and I'd go insane kek.

No. 2027556

Here you go: https://www.artybollocks.com/(this is an imageboard)

No. 2027559

Using war as engagement for your mediocre art. Fan art at that! Wow. This person needs to get backhanded.

No. 2027560

Agree. The art of real life dead children is particularly distasteful because you know these attention whore artists are only doing it for likes and views. I don't mind the graphic designs/posters and other awareness art. It crosses a line when it's literal "fanart" of real life dead people. The anime crossover Gaza art is pure autism akin to Sonic mourning 9/11.

No. 2027561

File: 1717082113595.jpg (153.07 KB, 1080x769, 2024-05-30 18_15_03.980+0300.j…)

This you?(infighting)

No. 2027563

this kills me as a longtime dunmeshi fan why does the fandom have to attract such drooling tards

No. 2027568

i have your exact opposite problem. so many ideas, not enough skill or time to get them out

No. 2027571

Wholesome media has always attracted these types

No. 2027575

File: 1717082729724.jpg (426.3 KB, 1000x1837, 2024-05-26.jpg)

i don't know much about Sinfest, but i liked how TERFy he became. but what the fuck is he on to draw this?

No. 2027584

AYRT, nope but they’re absolutely correct

No. 2027589

A bot could have come up with this concept. It's literally just smashing together two things that are trending on social media right now with no regard for how cohesive they are.

This happens whenever a manga gets a popular anime adaptation. The same thing happened with BNHA: the fandom flooded with retards when the anime aired. It's kind of incredible how having to read something filters out so many morons.

No. 2027590

Straight up antisemitism. He's never been sane, but this has got to be one of the worst things he's ever drawn. Don't defend this crap just because he's a broken clock and he's right once a day on troon shit. This is an insane person.

No. 2027594

It's exaggerated and probably intentioned to be some polfag wankfest but it's true that America's retelling of ww2 is often hideously dense.

No. 2027595

Amazed that americans genuinely believe they're the one who defeated nazi germany.

No. 2027597

Devil's advocate: most cartoons for little girls are designed with toy production in mind. If the characters all have basically the same base body type, that's easier to make dolls for because you can use one mold for all of them. You can see this in shows like Winx Club or FiM, where the only characters with diverse body types are supporting cast who probably won't get made into dolls. It's kind of novel that Monster High has one character (Draculara) from the main cast who uses a different mold.

No. 2027599

where did i say that? i never said i was worried about having a distinctive style, that's something you projected onto my post. I was just unsure of where to focus, if realism or heavy stylization. Jesus, this thread has some of the dumbest anons.

No. 2027603

The allies still probably would have won without the U.S., it just would have taken longer. They basically would have had to wait for Germany to inevitability run out of fossil fuel. That's why Hitler made such risky plays in Russia; he was trying to reach their oil fields. It is important that the U.S. sped things up by intervening, though, because with each passing day, more civilians were being killed in camps. (Not that the U.S., was particularly sympathetic, though, most Americans at the time opposed allowing European refugees into the country, and some actually died in death camps because they were denied asylum by the U.S.)

No. 2027612

Giving fictional food to real starving kids is so wholesome.

No. 2027614

I bet the artist thinks they've actually helped and contributed something.

No. 2027624

They drew their anime husbando saving the day in a war zone for internet clout. It's so transparently mining trending topics for clicks, come the hell on. It's tacky at best.

No. 2027641

Well, you asked a dumb beginner question about something that'll work itself out the more you draw. You need realism for fundies, but if you don't like it you can always do something stylized. It's not one irreversible decision

No. 2027646

The normie-tier comments on this are so crazy, it's what I imagine all of facebook is like

No. 2027669

>It's not one irreversible decision
it is though, artists who focus on realism cant draw stylized cartoons for shit. Look at proko, he's incapable of drawing a minion.

No. 2027677

If you're basing this off of a handful of troons and scrotes you hate, then you might want to focus on other artists. Personally, I can do both. Sometimes I'm told I'm too stylized because I like going to the extreme when it comes to non-pain-in-the-ass rendering on real subject matter. But there's a lot of classically trained artists who have gone on to work for cartoon companies like DC/Marvel and Pixar/Disney/Dreamworks. Even Ghibli.

No. 2027688

I cant trust your word because i havent seen your work. But I have seen tons of artists who go for realism and then cant switch back to stylized cartoons. Realism and more stylized art have different habits that kinda contradict eachother.

No. 2027701

nta but that isn't really true, most of the really great animators who were highly flexible when it came to art style were also very good at realism and had solid fundamentals. If you don't know the rules you can't break them, especially not in an interesting and convincing way. These were also people who had to be flexible though because of their jobs, most people you see online never have to switch up an art style and will therefore lack the ability to observe what makes a different style function and fuck it up. A person's art is a reflection of how they train and limit themselves.

Proko's issue in this regard is that he's very much an art teacher and clearly doesn't experiment outside of the core subject matter that he teaches. Plus he's a good example of why you shouldn't publicly show your first attempts at a new subject or style until you've gotten some practice in and better understand how and what you're doing kek

No. 2027709

can you give some examples? i have personally never seen someone jump from concept art tier art to something more stylized like anime. Again, i train the fundamentals every day, its just hard to decide whetever i want to go with a more realistic style or stick to extremely stylized art, so my portfolio is all over the place.

No. 2027724

I'm >>2027677 and I agree with you. I think a big part of it is not forgetting to still practice everything now and then. When you stop drawing for a year after being a realist, randomly start up cartoony art, of course going back you'll need to practice some stuff again, but I don't know how anon is taking one artist and basing everyone's talent off of that. Good artists can do a lot of both, some just prefer to focus on one over the other, specifically online if one gets more attention than the other.

Classical artists have been discussed all over these threads. Please just lurk. We mentioned Disney and Pixar and even Ghibli. There are so many people who work on these, Hayao Miyazaki, the director of Studio Ghibli. There's a massive example for you. Also your portfolio should be all over the place. Anyone who has told you otherwise is an idiot. It shows range and how a studio can tweak you to fit into where they'd want you as an animator, CA, background.. I don't know where you are getting your information, but everything you've been saying is wrong.

No. 2027760

File: 1717091416569.jpg (54.75 KB, 563x577, c094e261af7d8f95eae199ca0cf806…)

There are many artists with broad ranges, though they usually don't go for photorealism which is what I assume you're fixated on? Very close copies of photos are for studying purposes only, everything else will have your personal touch whether you like it or not. And like other anons have said, you only get hardstuck with western comic face syndrome if you don't go out of your way to try different things once you notice.
Picrel is by 82PIGEON, I'm pretty sure she's been posted before and there are tons of similar artists.

No. 2027765

Jesus Christ this is just insensitive

No. 2027800

nayrt, you should always tailor your portfolio according to the job/style/studio you're aiming for, and absolutely don't include shit you hate doing because that's what you'll always end up doing. For some fucking reason employers always zero in on the thing you hate the most to give you work for.

No. 2027867

The fandomization of war is the end of us all…. how fucking insensitive there comes a point when you have to stop playing dolls with your favorite show characters in a real WAR. These are the same people who'd call Disney fascistic if they drew mickey that way. I can't imagine a war refugee seeing this

No. 2027885

You’re mad at this because he’s right. Israel pretty much owns the entire American government

No. 2027889

thats not realism nonny kek its just rendermaxxed and less rendermaxxed anime

No. 2027893

Are you serious.

No. 2027895

I wish we had a Palestineautist cringe thread. This war has really made all the retards come out to play on previously unprecedented levels.

No. 2027897

with realism i mean norman rockwell, art that looks like actual human beings

No. 2027900

Nta but Nonnas right, the "realistic" version is still semi realistic and wouldn't look weird in a korean mmo. Pigeon has done done realistic work though so he's capable of it

No. 2027901


No. 2027905

You can post it in the autism thread which this is, clown world really reminds me of 9/11 art tributes

No. 2027919

Forgive.me if I'm asking a supremely stupid question nonnies, but can anyone give me tips about improving at drawing plant life/trees? There's something about looking at all those leaves and detail that I loose the plot and end up drawing scribble covered mess. Again sorry if dumb.

No. 2027944

think of them as shapes and values, dont focus on the details until the very last

No. 2027956

Not at all! It's best to see trees as silhouettes and the tree leaves as blobs, this is a good video on it

No. 2028023

that's social justice activism cringe, not autism cringe
>Look at proko, he's incapable of drawing a minion.
This prompted me to scroll the thread and find >>2007309 i'm keking so hard

No. 2028045

File: 1717100786906.jpg (4.97 KB, 225x225, prokoisagoodartteacher.jpg)

This reminded me of picrel which is Proko's attempt at drawing a kangaroo from imagination. The only value Proko has in the art world are his interviews with other artists who actually can draw.

No. 2028050

he also did an insanely crappy comic about his dogs but i cant find it now

No. 2028064

I found it. I have seen 15yos draw better than this.

No. 2028204

Most of the interviews feel very shallow, which ones are your favourite.
I like his podcast with Marshall

No. 2028302

Is there a good place where I can post my art and get feedback that isn't /ic/?

No. 2028663

File: 1717125389439.png (2.74 MB, 1200x1530, aliya.png)

you have a fundamentally flawed understanding of what realism is. Realism exists in all art that aims to depict things in real life. Classical pianting, pixar movies, anime, all stem from realism with different levels of abstraction. For example the lego movie, with featured abstracted models of characters as designed by lego in their toys, but completely computer-generated and animated to look like stop motion animation, and rendered with incredibly realistic lighting to further the illustion of real life. Multiple layers of realism and abstraction, which exists in varying degrees within all art.

Artist with a good understanding of the concept of abstraction can have diverse range, all the while emitting their personal style into all genres which they may dabble in.

No. 2028682

its insane how some of you are incapable of understanding a very basic sentence

No. 2028739

nta but what do you mean then? be sure to use pictures, since everyone is so slow, apparently

No. 2028794

this scrote really has some nerve to post this, considering all his stuff is over rendered animu shit that looks wonky as hell. tbh if he had a nicer voice and didn't speak in such a condescending way i wouldn't even care to post him

No. 2028837

what do you mean, anon? Personally, when describing my job to people, I just do it the corporate way. Say I'm an illustrator for books and games, pretty much.

No. 2028840

File: 1717141412582.jpg (253.67 KB, 1406x2048, 5538915.jpg)

Does anyone else follows an artist that keeps nuking and coming back?

No. 2029048

File: 1717162639825.png (1.61 MB, 1253x1132, lmao.PNG)

>I can't draw men but I can draw women!
I don't think so kek all his social medias are dead and his last patreon posts were in may, april, december, september, march. This motherfucker does not draw and should not be listened to.

No. 2029171

What's wrong with these though? They look fine, not overly coomery either.

No. 2029205

File: 1717170332281.png (489.25 KB, 1330x1178, IsvN1lC.png)

>not overly coomery

No. 2029209

Anon, there's porn and then there is this. There is a middle ground.

No. 2029255

>They look fine
Are you serious? Coomery aside, it's quite evident this guy has no idea how 3D space works. Most of the features on these girls are floating. Look at the one in the top right corner. Are you seriously telling me she looks fine? Her face doesn't even make sense; the structure of her chin doesn't correlate with where her mouth is, her eyes are front facing but everything else is 3/4 angle and she looks like she's fucking balding. The girl underneath her is not better, she looks like a wikihow illustration. No definition, no form, a hack's knowledge of anatomy. The blond one at the bottom, I guess she's supposed to have a single horn on her head, but it's not actually there, the hair doesn't interact with it, it doesn't fit the shape of the forehead. It straight up looks like she's unaware of a turd falling on her. The one in the red dress… are you seeing her legs? Can you imagine how they connect to her pelvis? Well, neither can I because her anatomy doesn't make sense.
I could go on, but I'm seriously getting angry the longer I stare at these. I didn't know this guy existed only an hour ago, and now I'm seriously upset that he's out there giving art advice when he's a glorified symbol artist. Nothing wrong with being a noobie, but geezus at least be aware of it.

No. 2029272

Maybe it's because I'm not trying to grade all art at a master-class level. Cartoons are cartoons for a reason, they don't have to be set in realism or perfect proportions. The art really doesn't bother me because I'm not praising him as being the best, he's good at what he's doing. The rendering alone is well done compared to his characters when he is actually shading and not just leaving flat colors.

No. 2029299

I'm not attacking your tastes, nona. You asked what was wrong with his art, and I told you. Your enjoyment of his art isn't the problem here, it's him thinking he has any qualifications to be giving art advice and overall him being a little smug shit. Chill out.

No. 2029309

I swear there's some newfags in here that keeps trying to WK these artists. First we had some derailment about the other artist about regina george, now we have this. Is this the same tranny who goes out their way to infight?(report and move on/take it to meta)

No. 2029312

Lolcow isn't a hugbox, there are always going to be different opinions and not all of it is whiteknighting because you don't agree. Some people genuinely don't mind certain art or don't care. They are allowed to chime in about their takes.

No. 2029315

Okay, but most users don't go out their way to infight and pick in arguments. We never had a problem this high before summer, maybe you summerfags should get out and go back to your male centered boards. Who gives a shit if you disagree with the poster? Move on. It's so annoying to see arguments over some shitty artist instead of the general discussion of art.

No. 2029348

You've seen so much anime porn that this doesn't register as abnormal anymore kek

No. 2029406

Girl what? That's coomery as hell.

No. 2029450

nona you have porn brainrot if you think that's normal wtf

No. 2029667

If anyone is annoyed by wking/baiting, please just report them instead of responding to them or giving them any attention. If you have any disagreements please post in meta.

No. 2029698

why is whiteknighting = defending your position in the thread now kekk

No. 2029710

Ikr. Honestly looks like he incorporated AI into it with makes all of it kind of look like shit but some of them (the ones without the giant unrealistic balloon titties) look salvageable. Doesn’t look any different from the casual anime slop anons love to consume daily kek

No. 2029717

That's my point. Fuck the ai bit if it's true, but this looks like anime I've seen get full on series back in the day. The rendering alone is pretty nice.

No. 2029728

don't wanna get into what the discussion has devolved into here, but I have been seeing a lot of these art youtubers lately who are amateurish and lack a body of work which compells me to watch the video. I always vet a new artist's art that I come across on yt before I decide whether or not I should spend time watching the video.

Unfortunately I think this is symptomatic of the content economy. Skilled artists are busy making money from industry work, or running their own brands/businesses, while the artists who aren't good enough for the industry found out they can make money of conent, and not actually their art. Art is just the niche/vehicle through which they push their content. They put more effort into the content than the art.

Don't really have any real insightful thoughts about this though since it seems pretty cut and dry, and I don't think that's changing anytime soon on art yt. I wouldn't bother getting worked up over what other ppl do/don't do. Some people are just tryna make a living and if it's not offensive or harmful, simply don't engage. The livelihood of a channel hinges on its engagement anyway, so you'll be doing your part but not engaging if you don't like the content.

No. 2029801

it's not the worst, but it's a style only turbo coomer men have. i've noticed men who only consume le epic newgrounds western animu styles draw their women manly with overly rendered details, but with extremely flat faces. and i don't mean flat faces , just like they shade it like it's a 2d plane. it's just gross looking

liking someone's art isn't whiteknighting. all the artists who've posted their work in here range from average to dogshit, you can see the quality of work on lolcow in other threads are also around average. seeing anons dogpile on someone for being bad when they're the same skill level is weird

No. 2029870

ok i watched the video and I'm mildly annoyed lmao. The rant he goes on about how colour theory is oh-so-simple and ppl are making it overcomplicated is classic dunning-kruger. He's not on the level to understand the complexities of colour theory and thinks it's simple. Maybe he's playing it up for a joke, but it makes him look dumb. Not that I should need to explain, but in traditional art you can't use layer effects and need to actually understand colour theory to mix the right colours. You may be able to get by without this theory in digital art but a better understanding will hundred percent make your art better if you are actively thinking about it.

No. 2029875

Eh, I can tell that there's parts that are more wonky than anything anime officially releases, except maybe top right that's just a face lol.
Put your finger over their faces and try to figure out how their body works. They don't.

No. 2029883

Nta, but no one is saying there are no flaws at all, just that personally liking it isn't some issue. The bodies are wonky, obviously, but it's not overly terrible and at least it's not extreme fetish or nudity/sex. Let anons like it if they do.

No. 2029906

Well, if they like it then I guess I can't say anything, though I figured they didn't from the way they put it. I just think nonas were valid in saying it's easy to spot.

No. 2029981

late but hows the community? i agree that it won't take off, but i don't really care about that. i'm more interested in talking to other artists.

No. 2029990

really funny how he goes on a rant about the symmetry tool being shit and making characters look dead inside, yet draws that bottom right pic. that woman is staring straight through my soul

No. 2030038

File: 1717218875960.png (Spoiler Image,124.25 KB, 1389x918, drawpile_rPQYUqCiFV.png)

Why are DAD users so fucking bad? imagine having a 1130 drawing streak and still drawing like this

No. 2030094

Based /dad/ coomer slander.

No. 2030096

Ngl this I can tolerate, the lolicons I cannot

No. 2030097

they are the same thing, you think this dude doesnt wanna diddle dogs and kids?

No. 2030106

File: 1717227970233.jpeg (1.97 MB, 1873x3329, IMG_9372.jpeg)

They are so fucking bad. I went in to check because i was contemplating making an account, but seeing some of the biggest accs draw like shit made me realize that maybe forcing myself to draw every day is a bit counterproductive. The spirou fujo is amazing though, she's the only artist that doesnt suck ass.

No. 2030156

You can draw the exact same thing every day and not improve besides maybe getting faster at it, to get better you have to actually think about what new things you're doing and learning. Like, seansketches has been drawing daily for 2000+ days by now, but he's gotten so good in that time because he's not exclusively coombrained the way someone who'd draw >>2030038 is kek

No. 2030170

File: 1717236126064.jpg (643.48 KB, 2224x1556, DyVtoDqW0AAalac.jpg)

have you never read calvin and hobbes

No. 2030405

Great example nonny
Playing around with style is kinda really common and being balanced enough to bounce around with how realistic you get is expected in terms of artistic industry. If you're struggling maybe pic a focal point (like if it's character design focus on character designs for various shows like a slapstick cartoon, a magical girl anime, a slice of life coming of age series for preteens etc. If you want your own specific style to set the standard for the piece you're more than likely working alone and not part of bigger projects so a portfolio won't do much since you're working on your own project in an indie scene.

No. 2030805

>seeing anons dogpile on someone for being bad when they're the same skill level is weird
That's most human beings on the earth with an opinion. I'm sure you apply this to every other aspect of your life, right? You're not a good movie director I bet, please refrain from calling a shit movie a shit movie in the future then. You can have an opinion on something you couldn't do better, in fact everyone is like this and they say what they think all the time. I find it weirder that you expect a high valued critique on lc of all places.

No. 2031321

>you can see the quality of work on lolcow in other threads are also around average.
Nonas in the industry or big artists are not gonna post their high skill works lmao.

No. 2031536

there's some genuinely high quality stuff posted in the drawpile though. i just doubt those artists are here nitpicking shit to death/being salty. in general though even off of lc i think it's just a trend that shitty or average artists (or technically skilled artists with nothing to really say) are often the loudest and rudest and bitchiest

No. 2032000

>scientific explanations about folds
I'm the target audience, please do share the title

No. 2032336

nayrt. my first thought was: i never thought i'd live to see spirou fujo art. But then I realized: who am i kidding, of course there's a spirou fujo out there lmao

No. 2032345

I don't think you'd believe me if I said I worked in the industry and this is your average fotm waifu artist which a lot of people in lc find distasteful.

No. 2032388

>you can see the quality of work on lolcow in other threads are also around average.
you clearly havent gone to /ic/. I used to be a regular user from 2014-2021 and genuinely the only good artist i can think of to come out of that shithole is fisher.

No. 2032426

nta but then that's more of a critique on subject matter than actual proficiency. I think his takes are mediocre at best and the art is boring but he's not bad.

No. 2032603

Potato potahto in some cases. Defending coomery moids will get people mad at you in lc.

Theres quite a lot of las/dad artists who has since fucked off and work in the industry. There's been a few discussions about shit like animation and concept art that align with my experiences and others I know that makes me think there's a handful of pros here too. obviously not the ones repeatedly begging for tips, but plenty are lurking.

No. 2032681

File: 1717372322790.jpeg (6.87 KB, 320x360, 1664236594300.jpeg)

There was some anon who said they had bilibili tutorials to share, where are you?. Please share them.

No. 2033584

Those of you who use Instagram…how are you feeling about the current AI panic? Are you staying? Leaving? Anyone on the new app Cara yet?

No. 2033681

Depressed about it but i'm choosing to stay. I don't want to get the Cara app I'm choosing artfol over it and it's kinda sad that every artists I followed forgot about artfol

No. 2033701

Same anon but these same artists i followed also have an artfol account (i followed their artfol accs as well and they haven't posted there in like a year or two). I don't understand why they can't just use their artfol accs

No. 2033723

I don't know about you, nonnas, but for me Artfol is just pretty slow (functionality wise) and doesn't feel very convenient to use. I don't know how Cara is, but maybe some people also felt that? I don't know how it is for Cara, but I also always tought it was a really dumb decision to start Artfol as an app only. Even now the web version is still in beta version. I genuinelly believe that Artfol taking so long to release a browser version was a really big part on its popularity loosing momentum so hard, and I don't really understand the logic behind it.

No. 2033806

I'm not worried because my art is shit and not even AI would use it for training.

No. 2033921

Cara is very slow atm, understandably, I hope it improves. I am using it on desktop only, I refuse to download another social media app. The community is very nice, but I have no idea how to get views/likes. Is it through hashtags? I've posted 4 drawings and they all have zero likes, and I have no followers lol But I like the layout and browsing art on there way more than instagram. I still have instagram because too many artists I like are still on there, same reason I keep a twitter.

No. 2034544

File: 1717463652824.jpg (66.79 KB, 600x600, 1644388510376.jpg)

I genuinely cannot wrap my head around construction. I suck so much at it even though i study a lot. My head just cannot visualize the ribcage/pelvis in 3D.

No. 2034573

I want to go to Cara, but I already screwed myself with making a stupid artfol account and I don't want too many socials. It's just too difficult to keep up with. I'm not planning on deleting my insta though bc I talk to my friends and relatives on there.

No. 2034575

another app everyone will forget about in a month's time, great

No. 2034576

Does anyone struggle to get past the rough stages of making art because it looks so fucking ugly? I've seen many processes and they always start off looking weird then progress to a beautiful drawing but I get stuck at the ugly stage because I look at it and believe there is nothing better to come, I believe that every process of the drawing must be beautiful for me to be skilled

No. 2034652

File: 1717471787146.webm (1.5 MB, 720x1024, 1679460705715891.webm)

same. I need to stop watching stuff like pic rel before i draw, it depresses me

No. 2034663

Try making a model with blutack or something that matches the construction forms you're trying to visualise. It doesn't have to be good or particularly accurate, I just find that making a maquette can help with stuff like that (or complex scenes), and I rarely see people talk about it as an option.

I used to be really bad with that, but what helped me was dropping digital art for a while and picking up an inherently messier medium like painting. I was so focused on learning painting techniques and starting at a rougher stage instead of trying to get perfect, crisp digital lineart that I gradually learned to stop caring about the fugly parts of the journey and that everything can be painted over so don't care so much about mistakes it's all about confidence and persistence. Digital art is great, but I do think it can be easier to get into these ruts with it than traditional mediums sometimes. Hope you can get past this block soon anon!

No. 2034666

Post some examples of what you've done and we can critique it and help you. Also don't worry, you have to be essentially a grandmaster of figure drawing to know how to replicate everything from memory. Even I do refresher courses every now and then.

No. 2034671

Watch Steve Huston's videos. I'm >>2034666 and his figure drawing videos are fantastic.

No. 2034680

here are some studies i did today >>>/m/388885 i also dont know how to develop confident lines, i normally end up doing several sketches and at least 2 layers for lineart.

No. 2034689

I don't know how the algorithm works in cara, instagram nor twitter so I don't think's anything changed for me personally kek. I'm struggling to get impressions on all 3 but I think it's mostly because I don't have a habit of drawing FOTM or even fanart for that matter. I know me and a couple of other friends like to stay delusional about becoming famous on our ocs alone, and although we're decent artists I think that's pretty unrealistic unless we win the algorithm lottery.

I think my problem specifically is that I'm a social media leper who can't keep up with an algorithm, trends or deal with content creating worth shit. I throw my drawings every week or so and hope I get blessed by the zucc or the elongated muskrat and it feels like no matter how gud I get I'll always be stuck. I try not to care about numbers but it's futile. Is it just me?

No. 2034712

File: 1717474411541.jpg (33 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

AYRT. Here's my feedback. This is coming from about 15-ish years' worth of professional drawing experience (as in, art that I can look back on and not cringe too hard at). Hope it helps.

1. Don't draw digitally. Trying to learn anatomy, figure drawing, still life drawing, etc. on anything digital is absolutely awful. Why? Because, for a start, there's a separation between you and what you're drawing: the screen. Secondly, you need to remember that digital drawing programs have pressure sensitivity. And it can never recreate nor compare to drawing on a piece of paper in real life. From now on, stick to drawing in sketchpads (don't pick paper that's too rough, either, 'cause that WILL fuck up your drawings.)

2. Draw BIG. And when you draw BIG, draw with your entire arm. I studied illustration in college. We were taught this from day one. You learn to capture the gesture and flow of a figure with your whole arm. This allows you to, in turn, give more life to the drawing, because you're in motion, too. But ALSO because of this simple rule:
- Draw the gesture with your whole arm. Draw fine details with your wrist.
Drawing with your wrist should only be used for just that. Think of it as a painting. If you're painting a portrait, you don't grab the smallest brush you can and start painting every single pore on the person's face. You start with broad strokes, defining the basic shapes and pose, and "carve" the head and face from those. Then you add the fine details at the end. When you draw only with your wrist, you restrict yourself.

3. When you draw gestures with a pencil, hold it like picrel. This, combined with drawing with your entire arm, is one of those secrets nobody will tell you about. You will, over time, learn to control how loosely or how tightly you wield your pencil. And by doing this, you also control the weight of the line. This will help combat your chicken scratch, because you'll feel more confident in your skill. I can already see you're starting to do this, for instance, the figure laying down with her arm draped near her head.

Start with these three pieces of feedback. Hope they help.

No. 2034726

File: 1717474733858.jpeg (77.91 KB, 632x651, crying chinese hamster.jpeg)

>tfw too poor to afford a sketchbook
its over nonny

No. 2034739

Steal one.

No. 2034742

Just get loose leaves of paper then. Hell, I prefer drawing on printer paper myself. I'm sure if you go to a library or something and ask for a couple of pieces, they wouldn't say no.

No. 2034757

ah, i though those counted as too rough. I will try then.

No. 2034774


Advice coming from an industry professional (character design focus).

I'll politely disagree but won't fully get into what the anon said. Drawing traditionally to learn fundamentals is always ideal but you clearly state you can't right now and that's fine.

-Get a sketching brush that flows (plenty of free ones off deviantart,gumroad etc).

-Gesture drawing is meant to be quick, so you shouldn't be thinking too much other then finding the flow of the form, put on a timer for 15-30secs.

-for confident lines draw through and don't think. Your eyes need to go where you want to draw next on the page, do not focus on where your digital pen is at."Ghosting"(hover your pen above your tablet and motion the action you want to do. For example draw a circle in the air and when you feel confident that you have the motion press down onto the tablet.)the motion of what you want to draw.

Download and read "Drawing with Force" by Michael D. Mattesi for figure drawing and more tips.

Vilppu is a good person to look at. He has a book forget what it's called. You can pirate some of his recorded classes.

No. 2034782

thanks! these are timed. They from new master academy figure drawing videos, but i dont remember which one. I will try an sketching brush next.

No. 2034788

Wonderful! New Master Academy is a great one, if you have a subscription I'm pretty sure vilppu has recorded videos on there.

Micheal literally does live classes and leave the recordings on youtube of student work for his classes. I don't know if he still does it (he did during covid for 2 years) but he sometimes would review peoples work who weren't in the course if they put it in the drop box. He uploads weekly. He has every video that can help you, all digitally.

You can learn how to draw on paper when you have the money.It's just a slight adjustment.

No. 2034805

I use michael hamptons method, i just dont like it that much. All his figures look kinda ugly to be honest.

No. 2034952

I see AI as another tech trend tbh. It will probably die when it will be overused and a new market for filtering will be up.
All of these niche art sites are useless, there is no point in sharing art with only artists. I like average people, and they are in normie social media sites.

No. 2034994

This is exactly how I feel, I like to network and socialize with other artists but I don’t want to alienate normies either. That said I don’t want to lose all of my artist contacts on IG either and a lot of people whose work I enjoyed are already nuking their accounts on there. I don’t really want to move or maintain too many socials but I’m wondering if this AI fear is warranted and about to result in a mass exodus from IG or if it’ll just die down in time.

No. 2035081

how do you remember all the muscles? is there a good method?

No. 2035214


In the same boat, nona. My art is decent but it doesn't do well cause I'm not a fan artist. It's kind of discouraged me from posting but in a roundabout way it's helped me with staying off social media and not fretting over it. I don't have an answer. I quietly upload when I want to. I think constantly posting when you're an artist is a load of bullcrap. I don't want to even think about how much time I wasted wondering if there was something wrong with me and my work, but it's useless to try to keep up with an algorithm. Just keep doing what you're doing.

No. 2035293

Astonishing how they can do expressions well when it comes to males lol but god forbid women have an expression other than pouting sexily or smiling cutely

No. 2035339

That's cause it's a boring art style, kek

No. 2035357

No offense nona but I fucking hate these art styles. I feel like everyone who draws like this has some sort of mouth fetish and I'm the opposite lol also would it kill them to draw even one person with a bigger nose

No. 2035374

I'd recognize those line-of-action.com hands anywhere kek who's the artist? I love seeing how others do their studies. I'm guessing the second part was using reference photos and the last one was only using a reference for light/colors with the figure being more freely stylized

No. 2035404

On social media art needs to be something any random user would want to share. They aren't following you because they like you, they do it because they get something out of seeing your work. So it has to be beautiful or funny/relatable/otherwise interesting. If you don't do fanart you can do trends, recognizable tropes or memes. Try looking at the posts on your timeline and figure out why they could've gotten the numbers they have. Some of them are obvious, but oftentimes I come across art that makes me want to click retweet because it simply looks pleasing. Then I check out the account and it has less than 5k followers and none of their other posts give me that same feeling, so I try to pinpoint what it is that made that post special and wether or not it's something I could do.

No. 2035424

Why should you care about social media to begin with? It's the antithesis of art. Don't be a slave to it. Draw what you like, anon. I once got a gig from a news site to draw a series of famous people at the time. It got some views here and there, and I had fun doing it, but I never reposted any of it or flaunted it on social media. And by sheer dumb luck, one of the illustrations went viral. I had nothing to do with it. But that's what it was: dumb luck. So ignore it and just do what you like.

No. 2035863

not related to the infighting about pretty girl art from a week ago, i just spectated that argument cus it was funny, but i laugh every time i see this image. it's just too funny when posted in the context of this anon believing shes better then an instahoe artist when she draws like a highschooler that is passing their art electives with a hard C+. she's too much of a crab to realize shes on the tradart side of the coin of stagnated adult that draws like a struggling teenager lel
>unproportional tiny babby legs
>all the muscles not related to the shoulder are guesswork that makes the figure look doughy
>arms on the right are too short, arms would stop at his ass instead of mid thigh
>positively no understanding of feet, just a sacks with a heel and maybe an ankle when she remembers
>crosshatching in random directions instead of using it for what its for, defining form, not just fancy shading
>inconsistent line weight while hatching makes him look like he has back hair in some spots and like a child shaded it in others
there's nothing more satisfying than an art e-peen measuring contest that draws out everyone with a dunning kruger complex kek it makes me almost miss visiting /ic/

No. 2035909

People on here think any drawing depicting a female character is literal porn. Especially when it’s drawn by a guy, then it’s practically visual rape at that point.

No. 2035916

ayrt I like looking at drawings of women in general, I don't care if it drawn by a man or a woman. These aren't even literal porn like you said which is insane. this is such middle ground art.

No. 2036009

The intention behind his art is coom. It doesnt matter if it isnt coomery, he isnt drawing women because he sees them as human.

No. 2036031

File: 1717543057826.png (93.45 KB, 611x1019, Makima_anime_design_2.png)

People get turned on by all sorts of things, Tatsuki Fujimoto is 100% a coomer and most of the women he draws wear baggy business suits. You can't spend your life worrying if someone is getting off to a picture or not (which would have no bearing on if the art itself is bad).

No. 2036035

Anon some of us grew up with 90s manga, those clothes aren't baggy whatsoever.

No. 2036037

Help me nonnies. I was doing great, finally happy with what I was drawing and on the road to semi-realism until I got pressured into making fanart for this scrote for 6 months and now my art just looks like generic moeshit. I can't post examples as I fear I'll be recognized, but is there any way I can actually recover? Or is it over for me?

No. 2036043

you dont need to white knight a moid who only draws women because he can coom to them

No. 2036044

File: 1717544001494.webp (19.52 KB, 1000x1200, 2018-New-2017-Dark-Blue-Double…)

Baggy relatively. You should never have that many creases in a well tailored suit

No. 2036053

File: 1717544332304.png (199.39 KB, 320x659, epalyyjxep2a1.png)

Nta but I think people have this perception because her coat looks pretty big on her, at least in the manga.

No. 2036058

Are you finished with the gig and are you no longer under obligation to maintain a moeshit style? Just go back to what you were working on prior to this work, you're only stuck with this if you believe it. Who the fuck is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to keep drawing something you don't have to anymore?

No. 2036060

It's been over and I've been really trying to make up for it since January. I feel like my skills regressed too hard to even be able to go back. Probably being a little too defeatist though now that you put it that way. Thanks

No. 2036102

File: 1717547142522.png (894.53 KB, 720x1394, file.png)

I have not entered twitter in almost half a year but today I was curious to visit one of my forgotten cows profile but when checking her media tab, I was surprised to see that it is full of black squares? What does this mean? The media has been eliminated by herself or by twitter?

No. 2036136

she still draws? i though she was in full schizo mode

No. 2036215

File: 1717553298830.jpg (138.28 KB, 659x633, 1000001663.jpg)


Counterpoint: just because this is a normalized style of drawing anime women doesn't mean it's unrealistic and exaggerated. Literally look at the coomer perked up big boobs. Imo he fits that online wanime artist phenotype who posts cheesecake to softcore (with girls with tight clothes in poses that show up either crotch or boobs, maybe even pointy nipples if he's feeling frisky).

No. 2036264

I got rid of my ipad (for money ofc) and I might start drawing in the million sketchbooks I have sitting around unused. How do you get used to going back to traditional art? Digital is so easy

No. 2036268

if you aer going to be a coomer moid at least be good like manara or kjg, this faggot art is soulles and can be easily replaced by AI shit

No. 2036284

I don't think I said any of that but okay.

No. 2036299

>whatever the fuck are these
From left to right, and from top to bottom
>knock off Hatsune miku with ugly Chinese outfit
>dark hair + red eyes + pale skin + spaghetti strap top + random character on face = groundbreaking
>White hair + red eyes + glasses = omg amazing design, never seen before
>knock off Hatsune miku with ~cool dripping top~ in an amazing black and white half and half style (so impressive, how could've never thought of that?)
>shitty arknights OC with dumb tech techwear and ~bunny ears~ because it's a ~cool~ mix of soft and tough (definitely something new)
>token dark skin girl with the pussy out wearing stockings or retarded pants that look like stockings with a (never seen before) animu school girl uniform's top
>decent looking character staring into your soul, probably for boring pfp
>the girl with the impressive dark hair and red eyes combo with random face tattoo, is actually wearing a SO cool and SO amazing outfit that's a spaghetti strap top with a COOL animu school girl skirt because she's soooo cool and edgy! Not like other girls!! But holding a purse because she's feminine ugüu
>animu girl with random horn on the forehead with the world's coolest lace bra
Now that I think about it, yeah, you're right anon, the designs are definitely innovative and not a mixture of the most boring and tired animu porn tropes that has ever exited, plus the poses and colors tells us so much of the not generic personalities of these characters, all of the anons criticizing you should apologize already.

No. 2036302

Can't believe anons are acting this way to someone saying they aren't offended by the art lol

No. 2036305

File: 1717558586266.jpg (434.2 KB, 1638x2048, GPLKhGeasAE7lpk.jpg)

nta but no one is offended by generic coomshit. We are just calling a spade a spade. I dont give a shit if an artist is a coomtard if he's a good artist, but that dude's art is beyond boring and generic. It looks like he has never drawn a background or a figure in perspective in his life.

No. 2036309

I'm just saying it's really cool and describing it as it is.

No. 2036331

File: 1717559985729.jpg (1.27 MB, 1229x1608, Бритвин, Орлиное перо 5.jpg)

>defending coomer art when there are hundreds of years' worth of art from better, more talented artists
I can't tell if you're trying to be funny or if you really have no clue about the history of art.

No. 2036412

File: 1717565727932.png (443.09 KB, 1164x821, anatomy for sculptors.png)

Is this correct? trying to learn art by myself is driving me crazy.(wrong thread)

No. 2036415

nonnies can you PLEASE share some of those chinese/whatever rendermaxxing short videos?? my lineart and gray scale drawings are decent and i'm pretty good at anatomy but my colors looks like total garbage

No. 2036417

Who's the artist? Looks amazing

No. 2036425


No. 2036470

Why don't you just study color theory, then?

No. 2036507

The art is good but why use this as an example when the artist also draws mostly characters standing in the void with little perspective

No. 2036521

literally most of what he draws has some sort of extreme perspective

No. 2036598

Any thoughts on Cara?

Seems to be made in response to AI scraping. It's not run by facebook unlike insta, and you can actually curate your feed so that you don't have to see stuff you didn't sign up for.

On the other hand, it is also a twitter clone.(this is an imageboard)

No. 2036610

Another social media clone that will be forgotten in two weeks. It's looking bleak when it comes to centralised art spaces like we used to have, I can't even keep up with all the new ones popping up.

No. 2036654

It'll flop because it's not normie-friendly. In the current age where everyone sees art as a business you can't get that deviantart community feel because every other artist is now considered competition. It's all about the numbers and if you want to make friends you go to discord.

No. 2036664

I would kill for a deviant art clone. I dont see the point on a twitter clone.

No. 2036680

i really miss old DA. it was my first art site and motivated me a a lot to draw more

No. 2036685

the customizing aspect was so good too. I loved littering my page with retarded stamps.

No. 2036783

File: 1717592546317.png (196.44 KB, 590x668, 908ipo.png)

5k likes on this, a tutorial for an style that is just using the airbrush and gaussian blur. Do people really need tutorials like these, can't they simply use their eyes? Isn't like this is anatomy or anything, I think anyone can understand how to give their art this effect with just seeing the original image.

No. 2036786

I really love the layout, it was built for art posting. It's already superior to instagram for the sole fact that you don't have to fit your art into preset dimensions. But I fear artists will abandon this app quickly because they don't get the high numbers on there, and artists have been brain broken by social media to chase numbers above everything else.

No. 2036793

NTA but I think a problem with these "artist first" plataforms is that they don't realize they need non-artists to flourish a community. Yes DA and such used to have a great userbase (in the sense of users being active with eachother and such) but the internet has changed and most people nowadays won't bother to engage unless their friends are on it as well, with includes people who don't draw. This also extents to people whith art-related job, if only artists join the plataform their reach is way smaller and so get way less comissions. They will just post their art and leave, treating the site like another porfolio.

No. 2036795

It's hard to figure out to do most digital art techniques, simply finding the filters and tools on your art app is a struggle, like navigating any computer program. It took awhile to understand how each blur effect worked in photoshop, and how to even use it correctly.

No. 2036806

it took me years to figure out how to do a generic animu shading style

No. 2036812

>asking for art advice in art thread is now bannable
nta, this website sucks

No. 2036814

Lots of them yes, but I don't think "This art has blurry lines so I will use the default airbrush that makes blurry lines to draw" is hard to figure out if you have been using any digital tool for a bit.

No. 2036820

Another site destined for obscurity. Twitter, Tumblr, and by extension DA thrived due to a significant number of regular users, while platforms like Inkblot and other artist-focused social media sites will always be relegated to serving as portfolios, given that everyone else on those platforms is an artist as well. No one talks about toyhouse but everyone talks about twitter becuase it's mainstream. You have to be under a rock to not know what twitter is. Two cents, Cara might go under unless a miracle helps it achieve the status it needs to carve a niche since right now most bubbing social media sites aren't doing enough.

No. 2036822

>do not post your art to be reviewed here use the designated m thread
Jannies have been overly strict lately but they're not wrong in this case because this is in the OP rules

No. 2036854

I hate OP for making that retarded rule, for why can’t you people choose reasonable thread rules or just put none??? Literally kicking yourself in the foot with this type of behavior

No. 2036855

I would agree with you, but considering how often people here say they have no idea how to render (despite often also saying they've been grinding their fundies) and are looking for some holy grail tutorial, people really do need things broken down for them rather than just looking a something and figuring out how it was made for themselves through observation and their own knowledge of their tools

No. 2036859

some of you are dense, the post was clearly made to shit on the original AI shitter grifter.

No. 2036866

How is anyone "kicking themselves in the foot" by making a rule against asking for critique in the thread for bitching about art and asking general questions when there is another one for critique

No. 2036868

Well yeah obviously, but I don't really care about that and was just responding to the other anon's comment in general

No. 2036871

No. 2036872

Yes it was made in response to someone making AI in that style, but the thread was made in genuine faith (and many other people liked it)

No. 2036947

yes because some people don't understand how to layer property or which brushes to use or where to start. A tutorial isn't an issue lol I'm more dumbfounded by the people calling this a style and then complaining about AI stealing it, but now they want to show how they would draw in that style. After originally acting like style alone is unstealable and you're not allowed to recreate art or draw in that style if someone else owns it.

No. 2037279

dont want to

No. 2037960

How do you tell if a figure was drawn by a man or woman?

No. 2037962

i dont think there is a way, there are a lot of pickmes who draw coomerfied figures

No. 2037970

You can't. But some men in my figure drawing classes would always draw the boobs in every exercise and some would spend more time rendering them than the rest of the body.

No. 2037981

why are male figure drawing models always so old and fat, wtf

No. 2038009

idk where you're looking but I've never had that problem. Look up sites like 'freephotomuscle' or 'bodies in motion' (have to pay for full library access, but even their free stuff is good), use the free preview images from artstation pose reference packs, or just look at dancer/martial artist and modelling photography on pinterest if you still can't find anything that matches what you're trying to practice.

No. 2038027

File: 1717660388860.png (Spoiler Image,287.02 KB, 400x557, heinous.png)

line of action has nothing but fatties and men with 0 muscle, pic rel

No. 2038076

Ah yeah, I never really latched on to line of action. I don't mind using models with old/unattractive bodies (this is going to sound very rude but I do creature art so they're helpful to me kek), but they're not really great when you're trying to learn things like muscle and bone anatomy or their movement etc and are more useful when you start branching out into more varied character design or realism (or never, if you just want to draw some hot bishies, of course).

No. 2038104

it was a good Artstation alternative. Now it's flooded with low quality fanarts and attention whoring.

No. 2038157


It's refreshing to see an ig alternative, I'm sick of artists stressing over Instagram. But at its core, it's just another social media clone that's been hyped up.i hope it sticks but they need to secure funding because the cost of going viral is expensive, and the last group of people who'd want to pay for the upkeep of a site is all the low quality fanartists and memers who've moved over and made the place more expensive to run. Not everyone who goes there will stay and I'm willing to bet that it'll die down and become a ghost town in the next weeks.

It happens every time. Everyone just goes crawling back to twitter and ig after making a big fuss over how bad those platforms treated them.
I also can't relate to big industry artists trying to preach from on high about The State of Art on the Internet. So moving to Cara sounds more like it's for them rather than something everyone should care about.

No. 2038565

I'm thinking of buying an ipad mostly for drawing but I'm a poorfag. Do you guys think it's worth it? Has anyone here ever used cheaper alternatives? What's the quality of the art software in these?

No. 2038578

Yes. Procreate is constantly updating and without having to pay a monthly fee. It's a one time purchase and DREAMS [is okay].

No. 2038616

File: 1717698452767.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x1418, IMG_7854.jpeg)

Hey anon, here it is. Sorry for the late reply. “The Artist’s Guide to Drawing the Clothed Figure” by Michael Massen.

No. 2038703

I honestly think they get off on the idea that people (women) are looking closely at their naked bodies

No. 2038739

god i hate this fat fuck i stopped using line of action because i kept getting my retinas burned with five images in a row of his fugly hairy ass. there needs to be a whale filter on that site.

No. 2038743

I'm really frustrated that all the female figures can be hot and attractive but almost every moid is a middle age dead weight with beer guts and a chin full of hair. I found far better reference material on IG of all places than the site meant for figure studies.

No. 2038748

I just started using vintage gay porn magazines. If men are only studying from sexualized images of women then I'm gonna balance the scale and study from sexualized images of men.

No. 2038753

same. The /g/ ideal man body thread has been carrying my art for a while. That thread is gold. Genuinely what is the point of studying decaying old men and morbidly obese landwhales? you aint gonna learn shit when all the muscles are hidden.

No. 2038801

Tbf it has photosets with overweight women as well, it's just good to have different types of bodies to study even if it's only for quick warm-ups. If the person making the photos isn't attracted to men they won't care if they are attractive or not.

Which are your favorite sources? I've been looking at repost accounts on twitter and tumblr to find good references because seeking out magazines is so bothersome kek

No. 2038856

I stopped using this site because of this fatass. He would pop up almost 70% of the time, it was so annoying

No. 2039079

you don't have to pay full price. poke around on ebay, i got mine open box for like 500 usd

No. 2039092

I had an art class with an unattractive model (old balding fat guy) and when a moid asked why he modeled his response was that he went to Italy and was inspired by all the art and statues that he wanted to be involved in art making

If I'm looking for attractive guy bodies I'll just browse fitness forums because lots of guys post nudes or progress pics

No. 2039423

old men are so cringe, you will never be a greek statue sir. Leave the job for fit men. If i paid for a figure drawing class and a old fat moid with no muscle definition showed up, i would quit. What a waste of time.

No. 2039425

>Tbf it has photosets with overweight women as well
except the 80% of the female models have nice bodies while 100% of the male models are hideous

No. 2039441

and you believed him? kek poor nona

No. 2039445

I saved up for a brand new 2018 version one, I just found out I wasn't really big into display tabs, lol. It's nice to have while traveling though.

No. 2039447

File: 1717752668865.jpg (314.32 KB, 1080x974, jflslfkgwioeir.jpg)

True but those are just the sets that have been made available to the site. I think it's ok for quick figures but I've switched to posemaniacs because of it. More interesting angles and you can actually see the muscles. Just sucks that it has been bugging recently

No. 2039450

one of the best life drawing models in the classes I took was an older man, not at all because of his physique but because he was really good at holding interesting and emotive poses. Worst model was a younger woman who just sat around boredly acting like she was god's gift to artists because she had an instagram following lol (had similar problems with a young gymbro guy, but at least he'd hold decent poses for muscle practice… until he got bored or whatever and relaxed the pose halfway through, losing definition or shifting the placement), and everyone in the class agreed that the best model we worked with by far was an older lady who was both a delightful person and poser. What I'm getting at is that sure, while a young/fit/attractive model would be nicer to stare at for a couple hours of drawing, the model's ability to pose in an interesting/beneficial way is more important imo (and btw I'd say that the fat moid in a chair an anon posted does not fall into that category kek)

If I'm going to draw off of photo references, then I just find what I'm looking for rather than waste time on pre-curated pics that don't match my requirements.

No. 2039470

studying from 3D stiff models sucks

No. 2039472

ok but i dont care about the poses, i care about the mus cles and landmarks. Which fat old grandpas have none of.

No. 2039630

File: 1717770516208.png (3.69 MB, 3072x1664, jfif is a cancer.png)

What are some underrated artists you like? I cant believe this artist only has 1k followers.

No. 2039804

You could argue that a good artist would notice landmarks even with suboptimal subjects.

Kek the obvious 3d model usage here. I guess you just have to give this guy some time, eventually that kind of artist will gain traction

No. 2039898

File: 1717789255215.jpg (17.97 KB, 427x459, 97a17a1178ec01c219657992db8c97…)

How many of you are going to lightbox this year? I'm going to meet two of my mentors in person and mutuals but I've never been. Is it just all exchanging business cards like trading cards or hoping your studio oneitis graces you with a portfolio review if you already don't have a "network in"?

No. 2039899

>Kek the obvious 3d model usage here
nonnies ITT will see any artist thats actually good and accuse them of using 3D models.

No. 2039907

Nonnies itt will conflate skill with not using shortcuts ever

No. 2039915

I reverse searched the pic and that artist only posted 19 drawings in over a year, i doubt she needs shortcuts when she isnt trying to ''make it''

No. 2039921

File: 1717790896957.jpeg (469.68 KB, 2153x1478, IMG_1776.jpeg)

nayrt but considering the amount of resources available for artists who use CSP or blender it’s very easy to set up a 3DCG model to draw over. I found a model for that guitar in like two minutes on the CSP assets website

No. 2039922

What does making it have to do with anything? How would someone who makes 19 drawings in a year have the skills to freehand this?

No. 2039924

you post everything you draw?

No. 2039928

What is the point of bringing up that number then?

No. 2039929

doesnt look the same to me. If she uses 3D model she should make more stuff tho, her style is pretty. Feels weird that someone who uses 3D models takes so long to draw to me. The only artist who uses 3D model i know shits out like 5 fully rendered drawings a month.

No. 2039935

This feels like a selfpost or some kinda shill for a friend IMO, why are you going back and forth from
>they should draw more
>artists don’t post everything they draw

No. 2039940

Isnt the idea of shortcuts to make things faster? why would she need to do that when she doesnt post much to begin with.
kek i wish. I just think her style is pretty, thats it. I personally dont have social media and i draw only for myself. I am not a zoomer so i can draw without someone dangling internet attention in front of me.

No. 2039944

File: 1717791604792.png (6.17 MB, 2888x1419, naluse_flow.png)

Not necessarily. Maybe she just doesn't post everything. Some of the 3d model dependant artists I know post once every few months and it's because they don't like drawing that much. But a lot of artists use them in more or less obvious ways, I doubt you only follow one artist who does. It's a normal tool.

No. 2039946

I'll never understand why so many people clutch their pearls at artists using shortcuts to aid their process. just because an artist isn't able to perfectly nail down every single aspect of the human body completely freehand doesn't mean they're a hack. let artists fucking draw even if it means using 3D assets and premade brushes to aid them.

No. 2039947

I just find it funny that artists posted ITT always get accused of using 3D models or AI without proof. Seems like a stupid nitpick. I dont care if she does but there is 0 proof besides ''she draws very detailed so it must be 3D!''

No. 2039949

I think what always gives 3D models away for me is the body size, there’s rarely any variety outside of the wispy teenage anime girl anatomy. Also the barely drawn hat vs the shoes and guitar are such a giveaway that other art is traced, it literally looks like rotoscoping with a brush mimicking MS paint

No. 2039958

insane nitpicking.

No. 2039966

Why would you need proof if it's so obvious? It doesn't make the drawing less. The overall image is nice, especially the colors. It's also not really nitpicky, just an observation that you seem to be weirdly hung up on. Is it because you didn't notice?

No. 2039968

>its obvious because i said so!
man, you are going to flip out when you find out about anything animated by kyoani studio kek

No. 2039996

I feel like you were lying when you said you don't care if artist use 3d models

No. 2040062

File: 1717797050506.jpg (38.27 KB, 735x624, 1000011563.jpg)

So many art 'tutorials' are like this. They can be helpful as a supplement, but an overeliance on them hurts beginners more than it helps them.

No. 2040624

black squares in media tab = youtube links. Twitter counts linked videos as media but puts black squares instead of thumbnails for some reason.

No. 2040663

I use 3D models and post like once a month or so because I work a day job and don't have much time to draw for myself, but also because I don't post every scribble I've worked on. 3D models are a very convenient tool for figuring out the composition before you start investing time into the piece but just tracing over them will always look shitty and rotoscoped like the other anon said, you're supposed to use them as a reference.

It's just the crab bucket mentality, their pride doesn't let them use the shortcuts everyone else is adapting because it's "cheating" so they just seethe at them instead. When digital art started becoming a thing people were calling that cheating too as it's "easier" than traditional painting. And with digital art I remember some people were calling layers "cheating" because you were supposed to get everything right on one layer like in mspaint just like god intended.

No. 2040669

Speaking of one layer in ms paint, anyone know what happened to that one artist who allegedly got doxed because they would post their art and include the ms paint toolbar in their work?

No. 2040675

I think it was a troon who faked it for attention? Might be wrong though

No. 2040725

funny enough nobody was even being critical about the artist or other people using 3d models, it was just assumed that they use models and the original poster got mad

No. 2040727

it wasnt a troon, but it was a ginger

No. 2040734

I feel like art might be one of the hardest skills to master, at least to me. As someone who codes + does live2D models + studies English + goes to college for something unrelated to art, art is the thing i struggle the most at. It seriously makes me appreciate artists more. But idk maybe its just me, I wonder of other nonnas feel the same.

No. 2040777

Could it be because men tend to not care, if not overrate their attractiveness, while women are far more likely to be self conscious so the less conventionally attractive women are less likely to submit themselves unless they feel "attractive enough" while men have no such qualms?

No. 2040799

File: 1717852940181.jpg (994.92 KB, 3517x5276, rajiv_27871.jpg)

>and you believed him?
I just said what he told the class, no need to make assumptions about what I think. I also just remembered that NMA's models included some guys like Rajiv but he's def not attractive in the femgaze sense

No. 2040803

nta but i will take any moid that isnt fat or old at this point.

No. 2040820

The main issue with using 3D models is just that beginner artists will use it without understanding the fundamentals. It’s no issue when an experienced artist does it like so >>2039944 because you can still see how they’ve honed their craft and that using 3D isn’t a crutch unlike with a beginner.
I remember when the same argument happened on twitter involving SVVART, one of her defenders also used 3D but the art looked like it had broken anatomy.

No. 2040832

Of course beginners shouldn't use it as a crutch, it was already said that if you use them just to trace anatomy it won't look good. But they're a very good addition to an artist's toolbox for figuring out poses and compositions that work just like those wooden dolls and Body-kun figures before them.

No. 2040861

Except anons will bitch about any artist using 3D assets, be them beginners or clearly experienced, which is what annoys me to no end. Of course a beginner shouldn't rely on models and premade assets since they still need to learn and improve skills, but why complain about an artist who's clearly experienced? I honestly don't understand this aversion anons have to artists using shortcuts to improve their workflow.

No. 2040871


something something 'you're only a real artist if you can draw like the old masters entirely freehand without tracing off filthy digital tools to speed things up' something. they'll claim i'm exaggerating but we all know it's their mindset.

i also lol at people complaining about artists using 3d models for objects. i don't remember which thread it was anymore bc it has been a while now but i have vivid memories of nonas complaining about some art that was typical anime girl holding a big gun and while the art itself was fine and very well rendered (it wasn't even coomerish) people started shitting on the fact that the gun was a 3d model or traced from one. fucking lmao.

No. 2040886

It's such a dumb mindset, and is nothing new either- the camera obscura was also a debated drawing tool as it was seen as 'cheating' kek.

3D, either cgi or a physical maquette, is such a useful tool when you're trying to do anything more complicated (especially on a time crunch), be it in structure or just lighting and anons should try using it as a reference first before slagging off on other artists who do (especially ones who clearly didn't just trace the 3D and call it a day). I am a bit biased though as I do both 2D and 3D art kek

No. 2041038

The problem is when anons accuse artists of using 3D without proof. Feels a bit shitty considering that art probably spend hours grinding and drawing just to get accused of taking a shortcut. If you spent hours on a piece and someone accused you of tracing 3D models wouldnt you get mad too?

No. 2041249

Why would they ever care kek pointing it out isn't the same as accusing them of cheating, that's only your brain making the immediate connection. Who's the artist even, reverse image search doesn't bring up anything

No. 2041298

>pointing it out isn't the same as accusing them of cheating
i never said its shitty, it just feels scummy to shit on artist's time and effort like that.

No. 2041340

I'm not the other nonna, but the guitar looks like a 3d model because it has more detail and way more realistic rendering than the girl. To me it looks slightly funny because it reminds me of those old cartoons where you could tell which background element the characters were going to interact with because it was drawn slightly different, even if it still looks good.
>If you spent hours on a piece and someone accused you of tracing 3D models wouldnt you get mad too?
If I thought 3D models were cheating and only used by lazy people that can't draw, yes I would. >>2039996

No. 2041505

>but the guitar looks like a 3d model because it has more detail and way more realistic rendering than the girl.
that's just an stylistic choice…

No. 2041573

Where do fujoshis go for references ?

No. 2041618

File: 1717888917100.jpg (200.5 KB, 2500x2156, 71u5d4Mu-UL.jpg)

I'm mostly a traditional artist, but I want to get back to digital. I have an old tablet like picrel, so it takes some time getting used to it.
Does anyone have any ideas or tips on something I can make myself consistently do to get used to it? Like a little challenge or if anyone who has good video tutorials?

No. 2041631

In japan they have thousands of reference books for fujos. Once i get a nice job i plan on importing them.

No. 2041852

No it's because most men are inflated ego exhibitionists who get off on people looking at their naked body. While the mostly attractive women who do it are actually doing it to help artists. This is also why there's less "ugly" women than "beautiful" bc they feel less confident in their body while the mostly hideous males know they will get free attention from women which to them equates to attraction while attractive men don't need to go harass someone's vision with their naked body to get attention from the opposite sex.

No. 2042010

Maybe try doing some draughtsmanship exercises? Doesn't need to be anything elaborate, just something you can do a bunch of quickly as a warm-up and to help with hand-eye-coordination- eg draw three dots spaced out in an arc and then try to quickly connect them with a single, smooth stroke.

No. 2042145

do any of you also feel sick when working with oil paints? i think it's the terpentine, i'm working with an odorless one right now but it's still making me feel all dizzy and shit

No. 2042194

lmfao are you a man, or what(scrotefoiling)

No. 2042532

I always feel like such a cheater for using color correcting tools like gradient maps and curves or whatnot, I wish I could just spit out pretty colors without needing help

No. 2042548

Even professional artista use those anon, don't worry. If you have the tool why not use them? And it's not like using gradient maps in an appealing natural way is easy.

No. 2042562

… anon please tell me you're working in a well-ventilated room while using even odourless turps (and keeping its lid on, of course). It's safer/less-noxious than the regular stuff but you can also feel unwell from it precisely because it's not as noticeable and you might not realise how much you're inhaling.

If you are in a well-ventilated room etc though, maybe try using another, less-toxic solvent? Or you can be me and wear a respirator lol (I work with lacquers and resin a lot, not oils).

No. 2042969

I finally made an OC after seeing every artist having one, it's pretty fun. Now I know what to draw instead of staring at the blank canvas. Do you nonnies have OCs?

No. 2043317

Yes, I make comic and illustrations with them.

No. 2043444

Yeah, I make stories, simple drawings and even roleplay with some of them.

No. 2043551

My main oc is like my little dress up doll… I was on a kick where I would watch cool music videos and then do little semi photo studies where I draw him in whatever outfit or scene I screenshotted that I liked instead. Just inserting your oc into whatever you like is super fun

No. 2043708

I only draw OCs and people like them fairly well, you just have to be creative and draw illustrations with them doing more than just them standing around looking boring, I'm also working on a comic about them. And I love my OCs, they're quite literally my children and drawing them brings me more joy than anything in this world to be honest. Confining myself to only fanart is such an alien thought to me when I could be experimenting with whatever I want with my own characters.

No. 2043713

Don't. They're there because digital art needs them. Digital coloring works very different from traditional coloring because digital colors work on a different coloring system and thus they don't blend the same as traditional paint would. It's really hard to get proper vibrant colors on a digital color system without adjustments, that's why a breathtaking scenery in front of you will look dulled and toned down in a photograph unless you adjust it in post.

Switch to linseed oil or walnut oil instead of turpentine. They're non-toxic and much more pleasant to work with.

No. 2043797

File: 1718018765230.jpg (206.36 KB, 701x559, Grand-Rapids-Comic-Con-Summer-…)

Nonas who go to conventions/art markets etc, what kind of items do you buy? What do you wish they had, what do you never buy? Do you buy fanart or personal art more?

I like to buy smaller prints and stickers. I don't trust myself to not ruin a big print before getting home so I rarely buy those. I want to buy things to use them so I wish there was a bigger varity of items, I only need so many keychains and pins and I find them hard to display as art in a non-tacky way. I'd rather die than buy anything pride-flag or pronoun related no matter how cute the art is. I prefer personal art over fanart, unless it's for my absolute long time favorite game/show.

No. 2043806

File: 1718020103241.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1620x2160, C6323AF4-C5E1-4AF1-908A-AF522A…)

i used to love them but i feel like i'm too old for them even at my tender age. haven't gone in a while. 50% of the tables were just anime posters for the flavour of the month anime, 40% were badly drawn kawaii shit and gendershit. i just walked right past all of those, there were a couple of gems and some cool comic artists though. only thing i can justify buying is zines and comics, the pins are always so tacky even if the art is good.

it was similar case when i visited artist alleys in russia, BUT there was a greater variety of artists, you could see some genuinely skilled and beautiful art, i actually had fun looking around. had to stop myself from commissioning half of them for sketches there and then lol.

No. 2043853

I pretty much started art because of my OCs as a kid, because writing about them just wasn't enough apparently kek. I use them as subjects and motivation for studying art to this day, though I haven't posted anything to do with them or the projects they belong to in years.

What's your OC like anon?

No. 2043856

>i used to love them but i feel like i'm too old for them
Same. I'm in my 30's and despite being a hardcore weeb I simply don't have any interest in endless amounts of sameface chibi fanart acrylic charms and stickers anymore and that's like 90% of everything being sold at artist alleys, the rest being Deviantart level prints that I would not want to hang up my walls even if I was being held at gunpoint. I'd love to see more variety and creativity, even fanart can be impressive if it's an unique take.

No. 2043861

I wish there was more fandom variety. everything is genshin or some fotm anime now. I get excited when I see a table with merch of many different things. I also love stickers like you so whenever I see stickers of not so popular fandoms I like I buy them all.

No. 2043881

Tbh, when it comes to merch, conventions are boring because even though anime is watched by many, consooming isn't something that happens so often over here because anime stuff is really expensive, the shipping is insane, it's not worth buying even in bulk to sell here, only a few people buy stuff to sell at cons, and it's always the popular anime of the season and maybe genshin impact, which, yay for me, but not that much in the end.
Even if you're a weeb at an anime con you're kind of discouraged to buy stuff, the moment you're 12 years old you're too old to watch anime kek, so even the vendors look at you like you're the biggest disappointment ever.
Artist alleys on anime conventions here are depressing because making a business here is also a pain in the ass and most people don't have disposable income to buy art, they just use it for other stuff like clothes, you will never see those super cute stands in all pink with creative stuff, it's always the same 6 stands of people selling even more flavor of the month animu fanart, which is mostly stickers, posters and small prints.
I have a friend that will give away free zines because she knows that even though her art is amazing (she kind of hates her own art, I love her art) she knows that no one will want to spend even a dollar on original art, it's just not appreciated.

No. 2043886

File: 1718024311433.jpg (813.33 KB, 1726x2048, F8cZR2gbQAArl3h.jpg)

cons are so boring, it's al ''anime of the week'' over-rendered trash. I would kill to experience those japanese cons that have artists selling merch of bizzare and niche stuff like billy and mandy, or cute oc stuff.

No. 2043954

good quality stuff intersectioning with stuff I like is extremely rare in my country (Brazil) I go to a lot of events, and the type of stuff I buy depends on the event I'm going. I prefer buying original art rather than fanart. I usually just buy prints and stickers, I used to buy pins but the price went by 3-5x lately, and I don't have anywhere to put them so kek. I really like buying stuff from artists I like, the type of cons I go are the usual anime/nerd con, artistic/indie comic con and japanese culture con. The last two usually host more artists that will sell original art. Anime cons here have a lot of ugly generic anime of the year art, and indie comic cons are full of cringe gender shit aimed to teenagers that were groomed on discord. I'm 29, engaged to be married and own my own apartment, and the walls of my bedroom and wardobe are full of art prints and stickers I bought in cons in the last 5 years. I don't care, I embraced the cringe, it makes me happy.

No. 2044020

File: 1718033424538.jpg (35.1 KB, 365x478, tynra6gevnn61.jpg)

I only really buy from the people selling imported merch from Japan because 90% of fan merch where I live looks like picrel

No. 2044049

Coming from the perspective of someone who does artist alley, small tables like this wouldn't get you into any anime con nowadays. The reason you don't see unique and varied artists like this is because the juried cons don't pick. The artists who get picked have online shops and giant displays, are popular online, or have the most generic anime/cute styles. It's hard to get in if you're a smaller hobby artist or draw in a unique style.

No. 2044269

oh I see, I feel so retarded lol thank you nona

No. 2044290

lol I love stalking Angela too, she's so schizo. She is not posting on twitter anymore, but she went full schizo and is doing youtube videos including onde where she says she has an alien boyfriend and then RPs as him (vidrel) and other shit, check it out kek

No. 2044322

I used to buy a lot of sketchbooks from established artists at comic cons because it was a good way to study, but it's pretty easy to be "done" with that after a while. I've never really shopped anime con artist alleys because I'm like the other anon where I'm selling and/or a majority of the art is generic/fotm as others have said. Anything non-sketchbook I've bought in the past was either original art or extremely good takes for a favorite IP that I expected little to no official merch to be made along the same vein. Along those lines, I find it fucking wild to see how many artists are doing shit like sanrio fanart.
And aside from the whole jury issue, it's also now riskier to do a lot of shows in burgerland because making back the table without chibis or fotm fanart's harder with rising costs. The only artists I've seen make it big on original work have big online followings, styles that are cutesy generic or they hitch a ride on other trends that are going on at exactly the right time (frogs, mushrooms, etc).

No. 2044497

this is literally the job of colour graders and compositors in film, television, animation, etc. If you can do it, and you can do it well, it is something to be proud of.

No. 2044507

just came back from a con and bought some hand made ceramics, clay keychains, some nice original prints, wooden standees. I try look for cooler products with more design thought put into it. Whilst there in a lot of tired fotm prints and keychains, you will occasionally find really cool well designed products that will never exist as physical merch, especially ones for smaller fandoms/franchises. Often this kind of merch will be pricier as well since the design costs and overheads are higher, but if you like to see more of this stuff you have to be willing to fork out the cash for it, bc these artists require the support to continue making this cool stuff.

No. 2044540

I love the artist in your pic, I wish I could buy some of her art and be sure it won't get damaged when it arrives.
ntayrt but that's sad to hear. These used to seem like cool places for small artists. I was never into chibis and anime art that much and as I got older they don't appeal to me at all.

No. 2044611

Youtube has tons of videos about it, but in my case I still ink traditionally to then re-mark it digitally.

No. 2044881

I feel blessed that the local big anime con doesn't prejudge artists. They have a small section of about 10-15 invited bigger artists, while the rest just goes to the first buyer to make it fair to everyone. It means sometimes a shitty newbie gets in but they quickly learn their place and don't apply again until their art is better, and varity has been pretty good when it comes to art styles. Tbh as a weeb I wish there was more high quality anime art there, it's leaning a bit too far on the western cartoon side for me (you know the specific western cartoonime mix that is all over tumblr).

My absolute favorite to thing to buy are zines/comics/manga/books (which are usually rare). I don't even mind the ugly tumblr style if they have a good story kek

No. 2044883

Where do you live nonna? That sounds like a nightmare.
All the merch I find is either clearly imported from Aliexpress and sold at a huge markup or absolutely terrible, I'm so jelly of your cool finds nonna. I've given up on cons at this point.

No. 2044888

As someone who has been a judge many times, this isn't simply true. At least not for the convention I've judged for (no, obviously not telling which one) nor for the ones I know about. Most of the stuff that gets outright rejected is just not high enough in quality, or it's a clone of all the rest of the numerous applicants sending in a portfolio filled with anime of the month acrylic charms or Pride flag pins clearly rushed to make a quick buck. Of course some of them make the cut because most conventions want to give new artists a chance. The artists with giant stands who are popular online are usually popular because their work is actually good, so naturally they also perform well in the prejudging phase, not because of judges outright favoring them.

No. 2045016

If I was a judge I'd vote out anyone with pronoun/pride stuff visible anywhere in their portfolio. Even if the other judges were woke I'd argue it's enough to have 1-2 persons selling it and that it gets far too repetitive to see the same thing on every table. No she/they needs 40 identical pronoun pins, they just get one single pin. But I'd try to hide it of course and just blame it on their art quality kek someone has to be the adult in the room and veto the groomer cult stuff being sold to children and teens

No. 2045110


NAYRT, but if I were on a judging panel, I'd do the exact same for genshit/hoyoverse bullshit. One or two artists is enough, we don't need it to be hoyo alley. The last con I went to was disappointing because every other table was just that. Not a single attendee looking to shop in artist alley would miss yet another genshin/generic'froggy/mushroom' artist. Artists pumping out fotm anime should be limited in number and then the rest should be artists selling majority quality original work and maybe 10% fan art.

I wished that were a standard across the board. Maybe it'd teach dumb bitches to stop dropping hundreds on fotm uninspired charms/pronoun merch that won't move anyway. I sound harsh but I'm sick of the con scene showcasing the same shit year in and year out. I'm also on the verge of giving up even just attending.

No. 2045113

AYRT, this is how I argue it too because it's true, but sometimes they drop the pronoun pins and pride flag charms from their portfolios to seem more unique but still put them up for sale at their table because it's easy income.

I get what you're saying and believe me, it's annoying to even the judges that everyone's cranking out identical wares, but when around 90% of all of the applicants are only selling Anime Of The Month fanart and pronoun pins there isn't a lot you can do for quality control. Slim pickings for original works especially, most of those artists get their income from industry freelancing and commission work, not from artist alleys at anime conventions.

No. 2045142

How the fuck do I draw children. Even stylized children look like weird ass adults when I try.

No. 2045205

Ears are always going to be set lower on the head and make the eyes bigger. That's a big key for the face alone. For the body, kids vary, so that's mostly up to you.

No. 2045636

i do about 70-80% original art and was rejected from a con recently whilst many friends who do fotm merch got in. Even those who I know don't make as much as myself. So I feel the con themselves, have pigeonholed themselves, and not even neccesarily that they don't have enough original artists to choose from. Of course, just talking about this specific con I was rejected from.

No. 2045639

that's a shame. I definitely try to avoid the mass produced aliexpress stuff. But simply as this stuff becomes more commercialised, artists will find the best ways to increase profit margins. The reason why 90% of AA is prints and charms is bc they sell, and have low overheads. Not much you can do as a consumer, but if you are an artist, then you can try to make the cool stuff you wish others sold, and encourage other friends to do so.

No. 2045682

Venezuela, I think it's a blessing in disguise kek, I have shit money management skills so I know I would end up buying a bunch of stuff.
What I really consider to be very sad it's how my friends can't even imagine selling their art because it's just imposible to do that. Sometimes I pity buy stuff though, maybe someone else does the same and that's why there's at least 5 or even 7 artist exclusive tables at every con.

No. 2045689

Crap, I want to improve by making more finished pieces, but i genuinely have 0 ideas. How do you come up with things to draw?

No. 2046171

You must be an outlier nona, because anime cons are filled to the brim with the same stuff everywhere. I never see small hobby artists in AA anymore, like from the early 2010s. It would be helpful if AA judges put up a checklist of things they were looking for (table display, shop, merch, originals/fanart) so at least applicants could understand why they were rejected and fix their portfolio for next time. Even you saying you reject people with a bunch of fotm anime charms and pronoun pins is sending mixed signals, because an outsider looking in sees that there are plenty of artists who do exactly that and get in, so what gets you into a con these days? I see artists with years of con experience and unique products get rejected. More often than not, the people who consistently get in are either popular or have generic styles. Again, if cons were more straightforward with what they really wanted, it would be fine. Applicants are throwing darts at an invisible board.

No. 2046233

If artist alleys weren't so insular and self cannibalizing, people new to the scene with something fresh to offer wouldn't be compelled to chase down what's popular while squashing the stuff they actually want to make. That sets a precedent for what people are willing to buy, they expect fotm because that's what they wanna drop money on. It made sense before when there was almost no official merch available for people's favorite thing but that's what dealers are for now. It's redundant to shell out money to make items for shitty trends that die off in a year when everyone's over it.
Another mistake a lot of artists are making, especially ones new to the scene is thinking they can make a living off of artist alleys alone, when it really shouldn't be. It was viable maybe 10 years ago. But now they'll do 5 bad shows and have 2 good ones and still convince themselves it's worth it. I wish the best for most of them I just wished there was more of a market for original work and not so much of an expectation of having the biggest displays and shiniest merch.
I'm not just talking about anime cons where the expectation is almost 100% anime, I'm talking across the board, it's gone to shit and as long as people keep chasing the moving goalpost and going into debt for weekend events that keep getting more expensive, I don't see the scene recovering, unfortunately.

No. 2046654

File: 1718225572285.png (279.89 KB, 592x535, twt.png)

is it cute? sure. also borderline unreadable and full of tangents

No. 2046657

This is why some of you will never improve.

No. 2046659

genuine downgrade

No. 2046666

big forehead

No. 2046671

File: 1718226726138.jpg (229.16 KB, 1620x2048, girlputtingonsock.jpg)

First you have to look at photos of kids. The one big, BIG thing you need to remember with children is that, unlike adults, they are NOT self-conscious at all. When kids pose for photos, it looks stiff, formal, etc. and loses all the spontaneity that children have. So your art should capture that perfectly. Don't draw kids "posing" because it will just look fake and boring. Have them doing something natural. Secondly, you have to remember that children's proportions are not only bigger head + bigger eyes. They also have chubbier hands and feet, with less prominent wrists and ankles. Kids usually still have baby fat.

No. 2046688

I can see what she's trying to do, but if she hadn't posted the original pic I would barely understand what's going on in the new piece.
I she remember she got posted some threads back as well

No. 2046697

This is an interesting art style but it's way more suited to like, stained glass art of abstract flowers and birds, not anime girls

No. 2047149

Cute and experimentative.

No. 2047164

File: 1718251416185.png (1014.9 KB, 933x914, sonia.png)

i think the direct comparison makes it look worse than it actually is. In isolation, her new style is way more appealing, interesting, and stands out compared to the majority of social media artists. Although the tangent thing is a fair critique, seems like a difficult style to find the right balance, and she will improve with practice and time. But as with all artists, sometimes you make good stuff, sometimes not so good stuff. But in general the new style is a straight up improvement, no doubt about that.

No. 2047172

Sameface syndrome big time, jesus christ.

No. 2047175

I think part of the problem is that the original pic wasn't designed for her new style, so it translates poorly (or she could have made some other choices to help it work better). Converting more complex art into an iconic/graphic/simplified style can be pretty difficult, so I'm not even saying that she's bad for flubbing it a bit here. Her other pieces are much better, and make for cute and cohesive merch too. Wonder if she ever draws open eyes though kek

No. 2047184

maybe same expression syndrome, but the faces and heads themselves have a lot of variety that help to differentiate. I'm seeing variety of chin and forehead proportion and roundness, variety of head shape/skull structure, variety in nose size. The changes are subtle but tasteful, and well managed in this style. You could argue for more ethnic variety but let's be fair, not that many artists are out here drawing an ethnically diverse range of characters. In fact, in this small snapshot there's probably more diversity than most characters artists entire portfolios.

No. 2047215

I honestly think it's an improvement. This new style is more of a "brand" and she can always go back to drawing the other style any time she wants for personal art

No. 2047216

Oh, I like these a lot.

No. 2047219

forearm is super long on both pics.

No. 2047220

Seeing artists on twitter being asshurt that you can't see likes anymore and how hurtful that is to artists. I call bs, nobody is going through other people's likes to find art, and if you wanna see the art they actually like and support you'd look at retweets. They can still see who likes their own posts so it's not even a big change in the end. I'm convinced people are just mad they can't witch hunt evil wrong-thinkers anymore by going through their likes

No. 2047227

>I'm convinced people are just mad they can't witch hunt evil wrong-thinkers anymore by going through their likes
I saw some retards saying that doing this will hurt twans artists and protect pedophiles not realising it was a self report I don't mind the the likes being private you can still see them if you follow someone besides who the fuck lurks into someone likes to look for art?

No. 2047228

Nta but even following someone doesn't allow you to see their likes.

No. 2047234

I actually went through artists's likes to find other artists because many of the good ones follow each other and many don't put captions in their posts so I usually make good discoveries. The only people I've seen complaining were people like me saying they'll miss out on interesting tweets and accounts now, not artists but they were all Japanese or Korean.

No. 2047240

>The only people I've seen complaining were people like me saying they'll miss out on interesting tweets and accounts now,
I've seen nothing but post along the lines of "this will hurt me as a marginalized oppressed person, evil musk bad" posts. Most platforms don't allow you to see others likes, or they allow the user to toggle and hide them. The only weird think is it took them this long to implement it.
I think creeping through likes is weird, the odd person like you who go through them for art is far from the norm. For now you can still go through retweets + who they follow and find artists that way so I still don't think much changed?

No. 2047259

I used to check who follows who because I like series and game that are kinda niche nowadays but the list is never completely shown. A youtuber followed me long ago and I recently checked his account again, saw he gained a lot more followers but I was wondering if they're bots or if he follows random people like me to bait them into following him. I could only see the first 50 followers in the list as opposed to his 800 followers. It's the same with replies and quotes regardless of how many of them are from private accounts.

No. 2047322

File: 1718264471005.jpg (157.48 KB, 1080x1126, brujo_ari_ - C7h3AXWvwkd.jpg)

I always find it hilarious how whenever they write an "us vs those icky normie girls" scenario, people in the comments literally do not care and root for both parties.

No. 2047359

File: 1718265896223.jpg (149.79 KB, 736x827, 0c1a45530a5a2ebd62031c01d9f434…)

It's got that sanitized globo-homo look that people talk about on here. I think it would look nicer if she leaned into more organic geometricism of art nouveau or something.

No. 2047369

That's happening with everything on twitter for some reason. You can also only see a few hundred posts on someone's profile or media tab. Old posts are basically lost if you don't have them bookmarked since the search function seems to have been completely fucked by the url switch or something.

It's just people panicking because of the slightest change kek posts that get a lot of engagement will still get pushed by the algorithm so there's no difference. I hope it does lead to more retweeting though, the 1:100 ratio I've been experiencing is crazy. The only twitter accounts I had that grew quickly were those for fanart of somewhat niche asian games because those communities tend to retweet basically everything and make "lrt" posts instead of commenting directly.

No. 2047382

This reminded me of when Instagram used to show your followers what posts and comments you liked. Some dude randomly brought it up in an insta reel I came across recently. Imagine the absolute flaming tire heap that would create now with all the Twitter refugees on that site.

No. 2047385

i still cant believe the two characters on the right were jojo and kakyoin at one point.

No. 2047473

I’m so tired of seeing this tif artist and her copy cats

No. 2047474

Samefag, I think it’s so funny she wanted them to be a gay trans couple and now they’ve just reverted to being a straight couple.

No. 2047514


Also want to add that Japanese comic markets have people sell their products for little to no profit as they price their items at like the production cost. It is way less about profit and more about sharing the hobby.

No. 2047598

It's the same face, anon, spare me the "variety of head shape/skull structure" soft-soap. I'm not blind.

No. 2047602

But anon that would require skill and talent and research!

No. 2047649

File: 1718294173977.jpg (230.66 KB, 864x968, m.jpg)

They're both ftm though

No. 2047651

File: 1718294206113.jpg (74.05 KB, 372x470, kevin-wada-kevin-wada--medusa-…)

I want to try my hand at watercolors but i want some inspo in rendering, do nonnas have any fav watercolorist? i dont really know much watercolorist except kevin wada or dovegraveyard, but it doesnt have to be necesesarily that "realistic"

No. 2047652

I like the new changes unrelated to art, but way before it became "x" I see others likes recommended to me on my timeline, and I'm sure my art showed on theirs.

No. 2047668

There's a whole pantheon of Golden Age illustrators who worked with watercolor, anon, go look them up.

No. 2047673

This one's cute. Looks much better than her kakyoin cringefest, delicious linework. Too bad they're tifs, but i actually prefer this to 'two characters who look entierely female but actually they're transbians' (kficc, sadly)

No. 2047704

lc is so allergic to 99% of art styles for existing, kek. I'm sure they'd find something to pick about if it was just the first pic in >>2046654.

No. 2047734

File: 1718298751127.png (23.48 KB, 270x187, Pmndw4N.png)

Any other nonnies going to participate in Art Fight? I know it's cringey but there are some really cool ocs/artists that do it. Anyone interested in a hashtag or something so we can find each other?

No. 2047741

Imo, it's never cringey. This stuff is fun.

No. 2047756

I'm participating this year! I'd love it if there was a tag we could use but nothing as blatant as "#lolcow" kek

No. 2047757

isnt that for furries only? never understood how it works

No. 2047761

No, it's for any kind of oc. It's basically just art trades for a month that you can reciprocate if you want.
Any suggestions?

No. 2047813

Is there an easier way to browse artists/OCs than using the ArtFight site's search function? I hate how it seems to only give a single randomized page of results with no filters other than the tag search, so looking for artists I'd actually want to trade with feels like a slog and I end up getting discouraged lol

No. 2047832

Maybe using a lolcow specific phrase could work? like out to pastures or nonni

No. 2047939

“I want a straight ship but those aren’t trendy right now, so I’ll just call m/f yaoi”

No. 2047988

this is like if generic instagram art and globohomo blobs had a baby

No. 2047990

> nobody is going through other people's likes to find art
this is exactly how i find artists

No. 2048002

Has anyone tried the 250 box challenge?

No. 2048007

>besides who the fuck lurks into someone likes to look for art?
me kek it's pretty much the only way i find artists (posters in general) with similar tastes because i don't like scrolling through my timeline. curation is so much better and easier to me this way.

No. 2048016

that frankly sounds stupid lol, you're supposed to make the timeline have the good art, and why do you even follow them if you don't look at the timeline?!

No. 2048018

Same. Its how i found one of my favourite artists who's always deleting. If you use your timeline all you end up with is generic artists who draw generic things to get likes and rts, meh.

No. 2048033

This is so alien of a concept to me that some of you don't actively seek out new artists to follow. If I didn't go out of my way I'd never see art I liked organically. My tastes are just too niche for that to happen and most twitter users don't tag their stuff properly.

No. 2048034

what kind of stuff do you like nonny? i get you. I mostly like artists who focus on backgrounds and anatomy and those arent the ones that often get shilled by the algorithm

No. 2048038

mutuals like eachother's art and i give them a follow to basically save the profiles of people i really like and it "boosts" them so that's my reasoning. it's not like i never scroll through my timeline kek i just prefer not to, i'm used to using the website this way. sometimes people's accounts are just archives of their own art and nothing else, which is often the case ime with the types of artists i enjoy, so the liked tab serves the purpose of showing me what my fav likes/is directly inspired by without them retweeting anything. also what >>2048018 said, twitter doesn't allow you to see full following lists anymore and often times when someone is a serial deleter or gets suspended often, going through their mutual's likes is a good way to find them again because it doesn't always get announced.
but tbh i know i'm an outlier using the website abnormally kek

No. 2048039

File: 1718314574719.jpg (232.28 KB, 1475x2048, otoohu.jpg)

now i am worried my favourite schizo artist is going to delete and i wont be able to find them again, ugh fuck elon and his retarded changes

No. 2048074

Old videogames, old (60s-70s) anime, westaboo
art, classic literature, stuff were you're lucky
to find 5 or so new pictures in a YEAR. And if you liked a side character from an already obscure piece of media? Yeah good luck with that.

No. 2048096

I so tired of Jaiden. She's a massive fucking attention whore. Like c'mon you are literally rich and have hoardes of simps why do you need to attention whore so hard? I give it a year before she comes out as nonbinary.

No. 2048108

I think she's annoying too, but she gained a career and simps out of being quirky and relatable. she has no choice but to continue oversharing like this kek. The only video I've watched of hers was the one where she went to japan for a pokemon event and the way she casually joked about her severe shopping addiction was crazy

No. 2048196

A big thing about this challenge is to remember what your suppose to learn from this. Too many people just try to rush through it to reach the designated number of boxes to say they did it and gain nothing but some carpal tunnel and a bunch of poorly drawn boxes.

The point of Drawabox is to understand how to draw a 3d box from various angles. The reason for this is that all things you could ever think of drawing can be placed in box so if you can draw a convincing box from any angle, it becomes a little easier to place a different object in said box and draw that object from varying angles as well. You have to take your time and pay attention to each box being correctly drawn.

No. 2048336

Her art is actually pretty decent imo. Too bad she's a giga NLOG who unironically calls her straight couple gay just because she gave he/him pronouns to a blatantly female character, without even putting in any other effort otherwise to make "him" seem like a dude. Though I guess since they're both meant to be TIFs, they are technically a lesbian couple.

No. 2048405

She’s starting call “him” a girl now. I think she only kept the he/him when the girl was supposed to be Kakyoin.

No. 2048409

File: 1718336093181.jpg (181.03 KB, 1080x1350, _spacechannel555_ - C1idR4-smT…)

She claims he's "genderfluid".

No. 2048428

why are these artists so scared of having gnc female characters

No. 2048431

she isnt even gnc shes turbo girly

No. 2048453

Nayrt I think she meant why can’t she just make her gnc instead. Afaik she is making her character this nlog tomboy character now that is still pretty feminine.

No. 2048455

I genuinely want to know how the online art discourse (mainly twitter) complains about how to industry is extremely hard to get into, Visual Development specifically.Surely they don't believe just cause I draw super good I'll get in.

It's not, if anything I would argue getting getting work "back to back" is hard depending on a variety of factors. You can always tell who doesn't try when try have their eye oneitis studio but scoff at the idea of working at ____ studio when literally everyone is hoping between all of them. Every job now is networking, it crazy that they would openly bash an artist working at a studio they want to join and get surprised that they never get it.

It's like complaining about a college or establishment openly on your public social media, apply there like they aren't going to peek at it, then going "WHY DIDN'T I GET IN?!!!"

No. 2048499

I'm having a bit of a hard time making sense of what you've written but I get the gist I think. It is extemely hard to get in, and even pros atm are having a hard time finding work due to the state of the industry and the economy. There are certainly ppl who are too loud on socmed and hurting their chances, and ppl who aren't effectively networking, but there are also many capable ppl doing all the right things but still struggling in these times. TBH, I think biggest gatekeeper is indeed skill level, so for ppl with the skills who are still having difficulty finding work, I can empathise. And for most ppl who are doing everything right and still not making it, the only thing left to do is get better. What I do think we need more of is community support, friends, family and peers, so we can vent our frustrations to ppl who care, instead of using socmed for that.

No. 2048650

I got burned after the first year I did this kek. It's not fun when you dont have friends to bounce off too, even if I enjoyed drawing others designs.

No. 2048889

Yeah unfortunately the broken search system is the only way to look through artists and ocs iirc, that's why I was hoping we could make a tag or something,
pastures would work, I think. It's not being used for anything rn.

No. 2049026

In this case I think it's just because this character used to a fan headcannon femboy version of a male jojo character that she shipped with Jotaro, but then she slowly realized she actually wanted to do an extremely standard high school girly prep girl x brooding semi-jock and this is just a result of the extremely awkward very gradual transition. Maybe by next year this character will be literally just a normal girl. The artist will probably still hang on to some sort of gendie label for the sake of optics, but it will be some extremely inconsequential fake stuff, like making the character a she/they or "any pronouns" while using only female pronouns when writting about her.
The Jotaro OC will probably stay as a TIF though, because she has even drawn him with chest scars so it would look worse to untrans him.

I've seen this posted on multiple threads and I think nonnas are overreacting to her getting this mad about her being an "attention whore" is a bit spergy, honestly, but adding those stereotypical "ZOMG I'm yelling and zooming around because that's ADHD for you teeheehee so hyperactive!!!" drawings in the back when she built her whole internet presence on being shy and awkward is kek.

No. 2049482

File: 1718418036512.jpeg (149.47 KB, 600x881, IMG_5626.jpeg)

Gonna get flamed for this but tbh Amano’s works aren’t that good. Sure he has a few great pieces and uses color composition well, but most of his art is very sketchy and feels unfinished. Don’t know why every they/he on Twitter wants to be him kek.

No. 2049483

making a whole video coming out as ''asexual'' is attention whory, she's also an ex anachan

No. 2049522

Make one.

No. 2049537

She should watch the kettle stitch one instead. Hardback books are so classy. I made one in high-school using printer paper as my textblock and it still looks so fancy. I just watched the vid and it's not a kettle stitch. I originally watched the older vid to sew my book. It still is a good book binding technique

No. 2049543

Just because there are copycats of him doing far worse than him doesn't mean the artist they're copying from is "bad", his works still show pure skill, but I suppose not everyone has to like his art.

No. 2049549

Never said he was bad, just said most of his stuff was lazy.

No. 2049643

>sketchy and feels unfinished.
That is exactly what I like about his art besides his compositions. Overpolished and overly rendered art is kinda boring to me. I understand your criticism though, and it gets worse when it comes to his newer art, but I give him a pass since he's old. I do think he's a bit overrated because weebs put him on a pedestal. His art gives me similar vibes to fairy tale book illustrations, like Arthur Rackham, Warwick Goble, and so on, which I also really like.

No. 2049717

File: 1718436719113.jpg (Spoiler Image,95.41 KB, 541x878, 20240615_023007.jpg)

I've come to the conclusion that I'm just going to draw coomery men and women. I know it's better to draw a wide range of bodies but I just can't help but draw women with things I don't have. And I don't have hips or an ass, or long slender legs. I do want to learn to draw obese people though because I like curves. Pic rel is a woman with an interesting body shape to me that would be fun to draw.

No. 2049723

File: 1718437610895.jpg (Spoiler Image,599.5 KB, 3073x3246, IMG (405).JPG)

I cant bring myself to draw coomery women, they are so boring to me. I do like drawing sexy coomery men though, but i enjoy my women to look realistic and cool. I wish there were more picture packs with women that have interesting bodies, most of them look like generic sluts. Pic rel is my favourite reference pack ever. If it were for me i would draw nothing but roid stacies and himbos.

No. 2049726

This is so hot

No. 2049766

I was watching a video on a "small business artist" and she said something along the lines of "I didn't think I could do art because I didn't see anyone who looked like me doing it". The girl in question is asian(filipina), so she was saying because she didn't see any asian/filipina artists she thought she couldn't be one. I find that such an odd mindset, I've never once equated my looks or ethnicity with what I can/can't do. I've personally never felt the need for "representation" to get inspired by people or feel connected to them. Am I the odd one? Do you nonas feel the need to see people "like you" do something? (not trying to race bait so don't sperg out k thanks)

No. 2049771

There are many Filipino and ASEAN artists in general
That’s the brain of someone too consumed by ideology made up by 15 year olds on tumblr
I’m in the opposite boat where i get really jealous when i see other artists from my country idk why especially if they’re drawing similar to my art and not fine art yes imm aware that’s mental illness

No. 2049772

Is she in a different country or also based in the Philippines?

No. 2049787

Anon where can I find this pack

No. 2049815

I think age has to do with it. If you grew up during the 90s and early 2000s art was "faceless" in the sense that you could follow an artist online (Deviantart, forums, comics, etc.), maybe they'd land an industry job, and you'd never know what they look like. But from the 2010s to now, artists are getting their start on algorithm driven social media sites. Instagram is the biggest mess where artists will mash up their art, pics of their nightlife, and sympathy baiting black screen vent posts in an effort to be "real" and connect with fans. It makes sense for people to talk about lack of representation discouraging an acting career, but it makes very little sense in terms of drawn/handmade art

No. 2049990

File: 1718463573147.jpeg (841.93 KB, 1170x1789, IMG_4308.jpeg)

She obviously has lots of Nouveau inspiration, maybe not in picrel, but it’s an interesting style for the type of audience she has.
It still feels weirdly business-corporate or “globohomo”. It feels like belongs to branding I’d expect from a white owned boba shop or any east asian inspired place.
Is she trying to pivot into branding?

No. 2049993

File: 1718463626731.jpeg (799.1 KB, 1170x1705, IMG_4309.jpeg)

For some pieces it can be hard to read the pose

No. 2050007

I know what she's going for, and I think it's an interesting cute idea, but I don't know why she goes so hard on the forced tangents, they look so bad and make everything so hard to read.

I can't tell what the hell is going on with the goose's back foot

No. 2050016

As well as what other anons have pointed out, I think she needs to work on her poses more/understanding the pose in the ref she's chosen more. She's completely missed the way the original's twisting and angling, and the way she's conveyed the hair cutting too far into the torso doesn't help either. It fails to capture the flow of the original and makes the anatomy more confusing/off (thought the bust was actually the shoulder at first glance, for example). Changing the values on the guitar slightly would also help, it looks like she couldn't decide how far forward in the foreground it is or if it's at an angle or something. Also seems like she's avoiding covering up more of the face even when she probably should with the arm, which is something a lot of artists do tbh

(I do think it's a cute style for more graphical art or merch though, just think there's more polish needed)

No. 2050034

PLEASE does anyone know where I can get actually good screen tone brushes for procreate, or how to make my own

No. 2050061

Keep saving until you can't save no more. Things on the internet won't live forever so always make sure to save regardless of if the artist is fine or not.

No. 2050149

iirc she was american
>I think age has to do with it. If you grew up during the 90s and early 2000s art was "faceless"
That's kinda sad to think about, before anyone could do popular art but now you kinda have to be young and pretty to make it

No. 2050159

I think she's got a good style going tbh, it just needs a little bit of work to be perfected. It does read as a bit corporate but to most people that's not even bad. Normal non-artist people don't know about/aren't bothered by the globohomo style

No. 2050177

File: 1718473450968.jpg (83 KB, 920x607, letired.jpg)

it finally happened to me anons. just received an anonymous tumblr msg asking me to take down an art i've drawn because it made them uncomfortable since i made the character look too much like a child. i can't help that i can only draw in chibi style. but i decided to delete it anyway. don't want to cause further drama. i'm definitely fully migrating to pixiv. can't draw anything too risque in chibi style anymore nowadays in the western side of the fandom since you will be hunt down by the prude patrols.

No. 2050181

cant you just ignore the ask?

No. 2050182

just tell them a flat "no" and move on. don't let those retards control what you can and can't draw.

No. 2050188

why are you letting some anon dictate your content lmfaoooo?

No. 2050201

i mean i could. but like i said. i don't want to cause further drama or "witch hunt". tbf i should've known that this is what i'll get for being in a fotm shonen anime fandom full of normies. kek

yea you're right anon. next time i'll try not to panic and delete.

cuz some fans in a fandom can turn ugly and vindictive? i kinda get why most japanese artists disappear and delete their art account. it's too much hassle.

No. 2050205

File: 1718474920005.jpg (75.52 KB, 633x738, 1561139211870.jpg)

I think my problem is generally that I hate being perceived. I'm an artist that a lot would consider skilled, but it doesn't matter where I choose to post if if I'm simultaneously stuck in this place of wanting to be recognized but not wanting to be seen. What am I so scared of? It's just schizo thought patterns

No. 2050218

Put it back up lol

No. 2050274

I'm joining for the 4th year because it motivates me to draw regularly for a whole month. I'm also not super good at character design so bookmarking and drawing designs i like without having to put in the effort of designing them myself is really nice. i also like picking out one or two early beginner artists to draw them something because they get so excited, it's cute

No. 2050329

This is so fucking ugly. The original is lively and dynamic and her redraw is so stiff and fugly.

No. 2050335

Why do you care so much about randoms opinions. Yana toboso is known for actually drawing shota and still landed a job in Disney. Only westoids care this much about not offending people with their art.

No. 2050343

Any tips on participating ArtFight, I read they do a profile check? I don't know I'm just hesitating being alone in foreign community.

No. 2050349

Alright, I'll attack good character designs with this tag but no promises.

No. 2050350

Holy broken spine, batman

No. 2050793

im in the same boat as you, and honestly its hindering my work at this point because i dont want anyone to see "me" in the art yes i know im retarded. change your ways while you can nonny

No. 2050842

on tumblr? never. that site is dead to me. on other sites? yes. heh

because i'm just a nobody hobby artist who just wants to fandom sperg in peace. i just want to dump my sexy animu chibi arts somewhere without getting piled on by annoying (i assume, young) westoid fans. god wish i was as powerful as yana toboso. she's living the dream. hope the new season of black butler anime won't be ruined by the puriteens.

No. 2050849

no offense but you sound like the type of retard who gets into internet fights. if you don't respond they won't do shit, which is what moid coomer artists do

No. 2050857

ignore them. That's what hurts them. This is why they never attack male artists, because they know moids dont give a shit and wont do anything about it. I once got called a pedo for drawing slash of IRL people who were in their 20s but played teenage characters in the show. I just ignored it and they fucked off. Now i draw my cringe happy days slash in peace, the fuck are they going to do about it if i dont care and refuse to take it down?

No. 2050888

>using “puriteen” unironically

No. 2050900

nah anon. im just a coward. i don't pick fights on the internet. it's too troublesome. it's my first time getting such msgs. didn't think a small artist like me would get such msgs. so i panic and delete. next time i will act more like a moid coomer artist and ignore all msgs.

true anon. dang, that sucks being a called a pedo. i would feel sad. but i'm glad you stood up for yourself and ignore the haters. your an inspo. also, just want to ask, doesn't some site allow ppl to report your art and it will get taken down by the site? in that situation, would you repost the art back up?

sorry, did i use the word wrongly? im esl. so i might have used it wrongly.

No. 2050912

meanwhile a moid I know regularly draws underaged characters and was called out for it. he immediately added on his bio "all characters drawn are +18" and was spared from the wrath of twitter. it takes so little from moids to get absolved yet women keep policing each other. women do a lot of shit I disagree with but I won't police anything they do. it's never fair.

No. 2050915

> doesn't some site allow ppl to report your art and it will get taken down by the site?
why would it be taken down? i dont draw anything illegal. I dont even do nsfw. Its just spergs.

No. 2050919

I will never forget when americucks bullied Kaneoya into apologizing for drawing WWII themed art. Its so rare that women do military art in the first place and all the rare queens that do get bullied by autists. Meanwhile men are drawing lolis in nazis uniforms getting raped and they dont get flack for it.

No. 2050947

i've seen some artists got their art taken down due to reports even though their art was sfw. maybe it's an anomaly.

No. 2050954

they know policing a moid artist (especially coomer moid artist) wouldn't get them anywhere since coomer fans of the said artist will attack them back. so they target women artist because women artist don't or can't fight back. i wish fans of women artist would gang up together and fight back like how coomer fans do. but it never happens irl. it's a sad situation.

No. 2050974

moids simultaneously will masturbate to the most heinous shit then call out fujos for creating something like hetalia.

No. 2050977

This. Reminds me of the whole countryball controversy. If most countryballs were female and most of their fans were male there would have never been a pushback against it. I think countryballs are autistic but those artists were only bullied for being female.

No. 2050982

countryballs are literally a copy of hetalia in a memefied way for scrotes. they also despict the countries' actual events sometimes so you have actual hitlerballs and warcrimeballs being teehee so evil. I used to browse krautchan back in the day and hetalia looks tame compared to it.

No. 2050984

I think you're confusing countryballs with country humans

No. 2050986

countryballs are genderless but they're clearly done by and for scrotes.

No. 2050988

i meant country humans, that were popular mostly with teenage girls

No. 2050998

I know that

No. 2051072

block and move on anon. You give them an inch, they take a mile.

No. 2051083

The geometric obsession seems more deco inspired than nouveau imo, as another anon pointed out, she needs to stop with the tangents. I feel like she's imposing herself to stay on a strict grid, when she doesn't really need to do that, this isn't pixel art.

No. 2051143

File: 1718527189099.jpg (32.79 KB, 1357x758, yeah_miiverse.jpg)

I'm so fucking tired of this thing already. I can't stand artists being so retarded on twitter anymore. Yeah we get it you don't like the new update, get off twitter then since it's been shit for a while anyway, and it's not like you can't see who liked your posts. Now if you go on some artists' pages in the media tab it's all full of pictures of yeahs.

No. 2051147

Oh is that what it's about, kek. It was so annoying.

No. 2051158

I found it funny at first, but starting the 4th replies section filled with them got bothersome. Nowadays I just go to quotes since the replies are filled with bots, but now even small tweets are filled with the Yeah! spam. I wish they could write an actual reply along with the image at least.
To be honest that is what has been happening with memes nowadays, they're everywhere for 3 days and get stale super fast due it.

No. 2051165

Girl Tumblr is hold with duct tape, if they're annoying just say you didn't get the ask(s), 8/10 times that excuse is actually true kek Tumblr loves eating asks, it has been an issue since its conception.
That aside, 90% of callouts go nowhere (specially on Tumblr) trust me, its best to ignore. People may make a fuss about at firsr it but barely anyone will unfollow and most people will forget it in 2 days and/or the second you make a great piece they want to RB. Been on Tubmlr since 2011, had multiple callouts (both for my art and terf crimes) and people are still here, it's all performative.
Unless you run an online business, don't give a fuck about what other think. Most of the impactful callouts are actual serious ones (abuse, racism etc.) and on Twitter, and even them people forget about them soon, no one is gonna dox you because you drew a chibi riding a dildo on Tumblr, don't worry. People have more common sense than you think.

No. 2051177

What does this picture mean? I'm not a twitterfag

No. 2051179

Mursk made likes private, so now people reply to posts with that image to let others know they've liked the post. Thought it was gonna stay as a joke, can't believe people are actually doing it.

No. 2051192

That's fucking retarded

No. 2051194

Learn to not be people pleasers, this happened to me too and I stoped drawing for 5 ish years until I couldn't carry the weight of my own paranoia anymore. Had to learn that I don't need people's approval, some people might hate what you do, you still need to keep going no matter what

No. 2051275

She forgot the organic part of art nouveau design.
That reminds me of an anonymousJapanese artist who took his/her art down because it was a stylish design of Native Americans. The artist was respectful but drew the characters like superheroes or models. It wasn’t cultural appropriation but he/she got bullied thanks to SJW and deleted the work.

No. 2051374

I remember when I used to post in /dad/ and people who didn't know what I was going for kept giving me criticism while missing the whole point of the piece.

No. 2051430

File: 1718555257796.jpeg (397.01 KB, 1164x1600, IMG_5630.jpeg)

I have a lot of mixed feelings on Betty Jiang. She seems like one of those genuinely skilled artists who’ve been duped by the industry into creating soulless AI fodder Artstation concept art. Her weird thirst traps made me lose respect for her…

No. 2051446

Edrw is the artist, she is very talented but she barely posts since some white american with a slightly native grandma decided she was jealous and cancelled her for being "racist" (aka drawing cool shit that's inspired by native american culture).

No. 2051478

>duped into drawing AI fodder
The iq of some anons in this thread worries me…we are reaching levels of retardom that shouldn't be possible

No. 2051516

I’m right unfortunately

No. 2051554

>also check e-hentai

No. 2051593

Don’t be put down by the name lol. It’s an archival website that also has SFW artbooks.

No. 2051661

File: 1718568470396.png (189.27 KB, 1246x679, 1706132298745184.png)

It's genuinely the worst trend I've seen in a while, it makes no sense either since as likes in Miiverse didn't clutter your feed and you could hide them. It's using Nintendo nostalgia not understanding how it worked.

No. 2051822

I don’t have twitter and don’t understand what the graphic means. Are they trying to find other artists since likes are gone now?
Thanks anon. I thought she DFE’d all her work and left for good. It’s always liberal white women who get upset too, especially online. It gives them a pet project to “complain” about others aka makes them feel special for bullying.

No. 2051842

nta, but they're trying to check out more art of the artist, but media tab shows also image responses they posted, and it's full of retarded reaction images.

No. 2051844

why do you care how other artists like to use their social media? They have no obligation to make it a clean pristine presentation of their portfolio. If you wanna see that go to their dedicated portfolio website, ig, artstation or whatever. Twitter's always been cluttered with reaction images anyway. Some artists care about their media tab, some don't.

No. 2052201

NTA but if I saw someone I follow constantly spamming like that I'd probably end up blocking them.

No. 2052351

and you are welcome to do that

No. 2052492

explain, what do you mean?

No. 2052507

this hidden likes thing is such a nothingburger. My metric have been better since its launch, as my account is seen as suspicious by trannies, and now people feel more free to like my stuff.

No. 2052518

A lot of people here just see the art as a final output and not realize the purpose of art pieces as a developmental part of a bigger process, I've learned that the hard way threads back.

No. 2052547

Nta but I don't really care, I just think this Miiverse thing is retarded and if I see an artist spamming this shit I'm not looking up their art anymore. Funny that the same people complaining that Twitter isn't artist friendly proceed to clog up the only gallery-like tab with stupid yeah reactions.

No. 2052552

Ayrt, the yeah thing is essentially just spam and I'm tired of seeing it. I understand people can do whatever they want with their social media accounts, but if an artist in their art account just spams this (as well as dumb reaction images) then it just tells me they're not worth looking into.

No. 2052663

Im drawing more stuff that's genuinely fun and makes me happy, but I've noticed my follower count keeps going down. I gained a lot of followers a few months ago drawing some fanart for a popular show, but now I want to draw other fun fanart for less popular shows. And the dropping count makes me feel kinda bad though. Like if my art was truly "good", they'd stay regardless of what I draw.
Im trying to understand now why I should post online at all.

No. 2052737

>if my art was truly "good", they'd stay regardless of what I draw.
It doesn't work like that. Most people follow expecting one thing, and if you change it they get dissapointed and leave. Remember that these people also have emotional attachment to the series/characters and that plays a huge role on their decission to follow, they want to see cool art of [character they love], not cool art of random stuff.
To make a dumb analogy of the situation, imagine your local ice cream shop re-brands into a pizzeria. Even if the pizza is good people who went there to buy ice cream will stop visiting it, though there may be some people who keep going because they like pizza as well.

I think your reasoning only applies to people who draw original art, because most followers come due to the art style rather than for the subject itself.
In truth, if you draw fanart people will come because they want to see art of their favorite series. When you change the fandom it's normal a good chunk of people will leave because they get tired of seeing characters they don't care about on their timeline, others will stay in hopes you return "to your roots" and a few will stay because they like the new subjects or simply because they enjoy your style.

No. 2052852

File: 1718640569233.jpg (77.86 KB, 640x481, van-hemessen-retrato-de-una-jo…