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File: 1719632972184.png (453.42 KB, 596x630, Fm2hfb9XwBI5e0B.png)

No. 2070160

This thread is dedicated to all and any fandom discourse. Global rules apply: don't infight, report and ignore bait, etc.

Current topics include, but are not limited to:
> Proshipping vs Antishipping
> Ao3 Censorship and TOS
> Slapfights between slash, femslash, and het shippers
> Carrds, DNIs and Call-out Threads
> Whitewashed/blackwashed/colorist fanart drama
> ‘[Insert Sexuality/Gender]-Coded’ Characters
> Debates over death of the author
> Stalking/harassment experienced by actors/creators

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Fujo vs. anti-fujo discourse:

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No. 2070163

File: 1719633018094.jpg (395.81 KB, 1542x1071, tumblr_80e0379c6711d69f238c2da…)

Everytime I see this shit I have to post it.

No. 2070165

File: 1719633062501.jpg (177.44 KB, 1539x528, tumblr_48de0fba4c5ec9734ef0cd9…)

No. 2070167

why does he have braces, he doesnt have braces

No. 2070168

File: 1719633256060.jpg (536.21 KB, 1449x1296, tumblr_584dcac5051007f278b8b5b…)


To be quirky I guess

No. 2070172

These scribbles are so fucking hard to read, tumblr kids need to stop making comics asap

No. 2070173

File: 1719633446269.jpg (315.38 KB, 1440x1110, tumblr_347e2ee2f66ad65de2f763d…)

No. 2070174

>LGBT+ coded character
I'm so done with this shit.

No. 2070177

Why can't these people just have an oc that they play dollhouse with? I also don't think his character is badly written at all, it serves the purpose of the narrative in V3 pretty okay.

No. 2070178

Neither of the fujobait boys are 'coded' anyway, they're just straight up homos.

No. 2070181

To tumblr bad writing is just any trope they dislike rather than characters actually acting out of character or contraditicting the narrative of the story.
Also Komaeda is objectively the best written character in DR.

No. 2070183

So cult like. This picture smells of sweat, hot cheetos and BO closed off inside a dirty, humid basement. With a sprinkle of manic panic dye in it.

No. 2070187

I think Komaeda is better than Kokichi too tbh but I don't think he's a bad character either. It's hard for me to truly think of a badly written character in all of danganronpa on top of my head, but it's been years since I engaged in it.

No. 2070190

>but I don't think he's a bad character either
No I agree, I think both are well written characters which is why them being 'victims of bad writing' is so eyeroll worthy when they clearly had a lot of effort put into their writing.
>It's hard for me to truly think of a badly written character in all of danganronpa
Nekomaru and Akane are pretty terrible, and not even because I dislike them (though I do) but because they're so pointless.

No. 2070209

File: 1719634660269.png (548.46 KB, 630x748, anger.png)

I sometimes forget how much of this kinda thing danganronpa has actually, though I think most people moved onto gacha like every other fandom.

No. 2070210

Kek that makes it even worse.

No. 2070212

>-coded anything
So it's a headcanon and straight to the garbage it goes. thanks. what the fuck is modern lgbt coding anyway, everyone with a sexuality headcanon is always 20 feet up their ass about it and ready to screech

No. 2070213

File: 1719634945327.jpg (393.12 KB, 1280x907, tumblr_40ef652e10c506860dafdd8…)

The characters are actually gay to be fair.

No. 2070229

god these characters are so ugly how can someone sexualize this

No. 2070233

File: 1719635937620.jpg (73.81 KB, 500x642, 06918e2c4491f1c900fd60bb8bcc10…)

I think Komaeda's pretty cute.

No. 2070239

I don't know much about Danganronpa but are the tags basically admitting that Chihiro isn't trans but the op thinks that's problematic so she/he is forcing his/her trans headcannon as the morally correct interpretation?

And a more pressing question: does the tumblr Danganronpa fandom even like Danganronpa? From this one being so uppity about le "trasmisogynistic writing" to that previous scribble comic's punchline being that 8(!!) characters are badly written because their writing is ableist/sexist/whatever… it makes me wonder how these people can even keep engaging with it. Compare this to the occasional "Attack on Titan is imperialist xenophobic propaganda with anti-Korean racist subtext" crowd who (from my experience) just demand that people don't read/watch AoT.

No. 2070258

>does the tumblr Danganronpa fandom even like Danganronpa?
I think they like the 'idea' of the characters but don't usually care about the killing game or murder mystery aspect of the game.
They kinda just treat the characters like OCs half the time anyway.

No. 2070274

it just became 'cool' to hate on danganronpa in the same way it became 'cool' to hate on hetalia, series with large fujo followings usually get more shit than your typical shounen shit even if their fandoms are just as obnoxious coughJojocough

This moid's vid is a pretty good example of stupid criticisms.

No. 2070350

He's the ugliest of them all.

No. 2070482

File: 1719651325966.png (1.27 MB, 1200x675, zenless zone zero.png)

I'm tired of waiting for the artist of this game to get called out when so many other artists get bombarded for less. The guy (waterkuma) is a huuuge pedo w/ his Pixiv followings (photorealistic 3DCG kids) and prior loli porn, but I've seen zero backlash against him. Though I'd guess it's because fans don't know him and assume he's uncredited/unknown like with other Mihoyo artists.
Meanwhile Twitter just complained about Omori AGAIN because the manga's author is, gasp, a shotacon. This is Mihoyo's next big game and it's coming out like, next week so maybe then.

No. 2070484

I knew this artist was a pedo just by looking at the ZZZ art direction before even reading about it. A masked zany deadpool ripoff self insert man surrounded by baby faced little girls with big tits and skimpy clothes is like the calling card for them.

No. 2070494

I doubt it'll happen because the types who would complain about that won't be playing this trash kek. Omocat gets a lot of hate because her game is popular with girls and the ones who don't like it are mad about it for whatever reason.

No. 2070504

None of the nuRonpa fans have actually played the game (or read the original Something Awful translation transcripts like we did back in the day kek). They like how the characters look and the idea of an edgy killing game is appealing to a lot of teenagers and normies, but I have never heard of them actually playing or really even understanding the game. That's why DR developed a pretty horrible reputation around online, people memefied Komaeda into some whacky creepypasta tumblr man husbando and Junko became the self insert for all the ~crazy~ e-girls and so forth, taking the characters so far from their original portrayals that if you actually played the games you would be shocked at how different they originally were. Flanderization is a real threat and can happen to any fandom.

No. 2070554

They absolutely will play this garbage because it's quirky characters in colorful weeby outfits but they'll awkwardly ignore the photorealistic porn drawings of little children, you will never catch them giving female creators the same amount of benefit of the doubt they do to male creators.

No. 2070583

the games arent even that good to begin with so honestly nothing of value was lost.

No. 2070598

No the fanbase was already awful and hypocritical in the same way back then. On tumblr everyone was talking about the Something Awful translation and I somehow managed tp avoid spoilers so I kept seeing things out of context. As soon as the official translation of the first game got announced for the PSVita I preordered it and several of my mutuals were sending me spoilers to warn me of how bad and problematic the game actually is, and the usual tranny shit about Chihiro (and what happened to Chihiro and why was supposed to be spoilers to begin with).

No. 2070611

File: 1719664480347.webp (157.05 KB, 1080x607, zenless-zone-zero-bingo-v0-5nu…)

That they like to police women more than men is completely true but I just don't see this game having the necessary appeal to foster that kind of audience in the first place. There are no good looking male characters (besides maybe the wolf if you're into that), this shit is going to be unheard of the way Honkai was before Genshin and then Star Rail. Like, I never see anyone look into Arknights illustrators or even talk about that game and it has a similar thing going on with their male/female designs.

No. 2070612

arent arknights and honkai star rail super popular though?

No. 2070636

I still remember vizie being dragged across the coals–for being a fujo? Or if you were a chirstcuck, glorifying demons and having the gull of safe edgy humor that didn't matter in the grand scheme. This energy was never utilized when TADC's creator had a alt with all their fetishes in full display. Or a self proclaimed pedophile lending their voice talents in an indie title while sane lesbian knocking on the trans agenda had their game vilified as satan incarnate and got taken down as result. If you're a woman, everything you say and do will be taken out of context to ruin your life because people never outgrew their hatred of women.
Arknights is a bad example but it's not exactly something every normie knows. I only knew of it in conversations online but otherwise the wider internet doesn't speak or even utter it despite gachas' continued raid into the mainstream. Maybe with enfield arknights could break out of that niche but your right that there isn't much to go off of in terms of male character designs. ZZZ seems like hoyo's answer to Tears of themis, a game made for husbando lovers.
the guy characters were made specifically not to offend male players either by dehumanizing them or making more masculine in a dudebro way.
I hate how proponents against omnipandering whinge about women ruining everything when that same pandering has cucked any potential femgaze we could ever get in our lifetimes. I wish there were more female-aimed media that isn't braindead rhythm games or cozy plant simulators where every moid is repugnantly ugly.

No. 2070637

File: 1719666781143.webp (Spoiler Image,76.3 KB, 920x805, GG_NtZWXcAANZgJ.webp)

Star Rail is popular because it has lots of cute shippable male characters, I mean all the previous Honkai games that only had female ones you could play. Legitimately no one besides gacha coomers seems to have heard of those until Genshin released and blew up massively with general audiences which introduced others to their previous games. All those are extremely popular as you say, but I think it's in the way where lots of people pay for and play them, but don't get into those twitter communities that like to start drama over nothing and fight about ships.
Maybe they do and I just don't see it, but the Genshit always ends up on my timeline despite me not following anyone who's into it. Like, just a few months ago I remember this artist got called out because the way she draws Cyno is stereotyping people with dark skin by making him so masculine while the Tighnari one is harmfully feminizing him and altogether it's fetishizing gay people so she should delete her account and kill herself. I really doubt you could find a similar thing happening between fans for games like Honkai 3rd, Arknights or Blue Archive or whatever

No. 2070640

i mean i dont think twitter drama matters while measuring the populariy of a gacha game. the only thing that is important is the amount of money it makes.

No. 2070643

ah rather than "popular" i should have said success

No. 2070661

True, but what I meant to say was that it won't become popular with the drama-hungry twitter users that would care about an artists' history. It might be successful, but it won't appear popular if people aren't talking about it online and they aren't going to do that unless hoyoverse adds compelling characters that weirdos will want to headcanon as just like me fr

No. 2070686

The whole “you shouldn’t make sexual/romantic content about asexual and aromantic characters” is so stupid, even worse when the defenders of such discourse start talking about how it invalidates people in real life. Holy shit, if you feel invalidated just by seeing this shit about a character, then do yourself a favor and stop interacting with fandom, since you are unable to separate fictional and real.

No. 2070702

Are there are even canon aromantic/asexual characters? I mean characters that have been confirmed as that, not characters people project their headcanon and call it coded.

No. 2070743

So far not many. Alastor is a popular one but the aro part's up to interpretation. In terms of the anime side, practically non-existent. Laios is often headcanon as autistic which often correlates to asexuality but again, it's too early to assume since anime isn't known to be outwardly TQA+ pandering as the west.

No. 2070744

>She doesn't know yurifags are the yaoi fangirls of 2024 and will play anything with sexy anime girls in it because MUH LESBIANS
The only reason HI3 didn't blow up like Genshin did was that it wasn't as heavily promoted in the west.

No. 2070745

I've seem a few but rather than asexual or whatever, they say "incapable of sexual desire" or "will never understand romance."

No. 2070759

I don't see that level of braindead shipping drama happening over the female Star Rail characters now though, it's only yaoi fans that get into it.

No. 2070760

File: 1719674753729.png (303.49 KB, 1040x1087, Fmvhfb9XwvI5e0v.png)

No. 2070766

That's called having a warped perspective, anon. If you've been so lucky you haven't seen yurifags obsessed with bronyaseele, black swan and acheron, topaz and jade, eimiko, arlefuri or any adjacent ships then your immediate circles are just heavily biased towards m/m ships.

No. 2070774

File: 1719675226215.webp (56.48 KB, 1200x675, Bronseele.webp)

bronya x seele was/is actually canon in honkai 3 kek

No. 2070777

"transmisogynistic" and it's about chihiro, a character who was never trans in the first place and whose story is all about being a male who feels bad he doesn't conform to the societal ideal of masculinity and whose entire character development hinges on him wanting to become stronger to match that standard and not run away into wearing girl clothes anymore. that chihiro is trans? these people are fucking retarded. "non controversial" and it's just shitting all over the source material. this does make me feel better about any fanart I've made though, since as unskilled as it is at least it'll never be this level of horrible and disrespectful to the original work no matter how hard I tried

No. 2070782

samefag in general observing these freaks in fandoms really boosts my self esteem and will to create fan content and not feel ashamed of myself for it even if it isn't perfect. shit like this >>2070760 looks like a 10 year old drew it and still gets 300 likes

No. 2070798

File: 1719676437076.jpg (326.36 KB, 2000x1000, nightmarebluntrotation.jpg)

Ironically the characters they do champion, like picrel, tend to be a lot more offensive than characters like Chihiro.

No. 2070803

If they have insane drama it's never discussed here or anywhere else though. All I ever see is whiny tweets about how yaoi is too popular and yuri is much better, never anything specific about how problematic it is to make Arlecchino look muscular or some shit

No. 2070835

two of them aren't even trans (bleach roach boy and grell). i don't know who bottom left is

No. 2070850

In those circles those two have been widely accepted as trans unfortunately, even their wiki pages refer to them as women and people debate about their genders all the time. What I mean to say is that the characters who they do use to "represent" themselves are usually if not always problematic compared to the characters they condemn (Chihiro and traps in general). Bottom left is a TIM serial killer from an eroge, and top left died from a heart attack after spotting one ingrown hair on his face which honestly sounds like the same "offensive" okama shit they denounce in my opinion, but if you want you can count him out since two out of those four are more than enough to highlight the cognitive dissonance of trannies/TRAs.

No. 2070857

It's hilarious that they claim Grell since he's literally a serial killer with canon womb envy. Telling on themselves.

No. 2070873

wow, is it now considered gnc for boys to have an emo phase? it's like anything and everything is now gender

No. 2070880

File: 1719680241835.webp (361.54 KB, 602x951, 675F9716-CF9F-4F47-89A5-473843…)

the guy from bleach is even funnier, since he is a perverted sadist who pretends to be female so he can get close to women and mind rape them into killing themselves so he can use their corpses as weapons.

No. 2070895

who's on first?

No. 2070956

Heart-shaped mouths were a mistake

No. 2070960

>mind rape them into killing themselves
He doesn't kill women himself or what?

No. 2070966

Who's on first

No. 2070970

Try Search image with Google in right click or use Google Lens idk

No. 2070971

That's what I want to find out!
It's an ancient word play gag nonna

No. 2070974

Zombieland saga character, the smallest in the group. I forgot his name but he legitimtely wants to be a girl and his cause of death was bc he was starting male puberty and grew facial hair kek.

No. 2070983

they're conscious when he does it and beg him not to make them do it, he does it that way because he is a sadist.

No. 2070995

File: 1719687138237.jpg (73.9 KB, 665x656, 1000017942.jpg)

Heart mouths can be cute, these idiots just ruin every artstyle, they are like plague but more stinky

No. 2071004

his name is lily anon its literally in the screenshot

No. 2071008

File: 1719688288294.png (253.79 KB, 1000x500, VB.png)

gnc is when a man isnt bald. This person cant be over 14 i remember back in the 00s every single man had this emo hair(we need to retvrn)

No. 2071012

I think she meant his real name, not his tranny name.

No. 2071033

What a disappointment when you see nice fanart >>2070760 and then the underwhelming source material >>2071008

No. 2071063

sadly its very normalized for japanese male artists to be lolicons, nobody really cares. theres so many cases of mangas going on hiatus because of their mangakas getting arrested for child pornography possession

No. 2071067

File: 1719693361119.mp4 (3.83 MB, 640x360, ZYCU68I.mp4)

Is this you?

No. 2071074

There's been like, five famous cases.
Didn't the Toriko guy call the cops on himself?

No. 2071102

Samefag but I genuinely don't know much about it and am asking to see if it was some sort of cope or joke.

No. 2071129

Im not saying all anime fans are pedos? just saying pedophilia is very normalized in Japan and it doesnt seem many people there care if their favorite artist is a lolicon or a full-on cp consumer, sadly

No. 2071180

>gnc is when a man isnt bald.
nobody knows (we know) why gendies consider anyone slightly less manly than rambo a femboy but It's funny how they worship gender roles so much unironically

No. 2072070

Do any of you feel like you're outgrowing fandoms? I'm not talking about fandoms of medias targeted to kids and teenagers. I mean fandoms with mature audiences. What do you take from your fandom that makes it worth your time?

No. 2072105

Nowadays I only care about some fandoms for Japanese series and games, so I look for fanart and doujinshi made by Japanese or Korean fans online, and that's it. I don't interact with anyone other than that, unless my irl friends are also into these same series or games, then we make small talk about that or talk about our favorite characters or scenes or pairings. My own friends also don't participate in fandoms at all except for one, and even then we talk about series we like normally while she admitted she has to be very careful online to not get canceled by her online "friends" for liking a specific pairing.

No. 2072114

I hate when western weebs start fights with Japanese fan artists. For instance when a Japanese artist draws a character‘s figure thinner than it is in canon and all the westerners gets triggered kek

No. 2072116

it isn't "normalized" kek elevens simply understand that cartoons aren't reality and no child is actually being harmed

No. 2072119

>What do you take from your fandom that makes it worth your time?
Might seem like a nonanswer, but I guess the content?
When people are genuinely excited about what happens in the series. Most of the time it's people reacting to what's official, discussing theories about what happens or reading into the worldbuilding, branching off from that rather than just making everything they like about a series up.
A fandom is rotting to me when it feels like most people into it are going "I am a fan of this series, can't you tell from how much I'm shitting on it and pretending the characters are written the way I want them to be?"
So basically, nowadays I just mute anything in English.

No. 2072123

File: 1719756633602.jpg (242.08 KB, 1600x1200, P170317169.jpg)

i wonder how triggered western people would be if Nana was published right now, it's tim burton tier of thinness in here ( or maybe japanese mangaka gets away with it because they aren't white or some shit ? )

No. 2072215

i've always thought this but man is the art of nana ugly af

No. 2072284

Nana is actually popular nowadays

No. 2072289

Couldn't get into it
Zero handsome men

No. 2072295

File: 1719764427079.jpg (198.71 KB, 1482x739, Sukuna-Crazy-Jujutsu-Kaisen.jp…)

watch jjk for sukunas beauty

No. 2072297

File: 1719764489591.jpeg (64.75 KB, 480x451, IMG_4499.jpeg)

The only cute one (picrel) unfortunately turned out to be a rapist scrote or something like that I don’t remember exactly. Moreover the art style only looks good in its manga form imo it doesn’t translate well into anime at all.

No. 2072304

zoomers love nana but i wish they would cancel it. i'm tired of seeing poser weebs consoom because hachi is literally them or something

No. 2072354

>triggered western people
we literally don’t care about that anime anymore. you can continue to get shoved into tuna can trains where the moids prey upon you

No. 2072396

Going to be honest, this might sound weeaboo or whatever but women only cars would be nice compared to "ignore the schizo moid that's screaming about shoving needles up his taint" I have to deal with anyway.

No. 2072492

More or less what >>2072119 said.
I really enjoy fanart and talking about the actual story

No. 2072587

..well except for the ones who trace over images of real children kek

No. 2072669

Yeah, it happened slowly over the past few years. I can’t stand the preaching or the ugly Fa art. I can handle ugly beginner art but ugly politicized fanart pisses me off.

I still watch the older stuff I life, and I lurk the oldest forums I can. I miss the vibes but it has no purpose for me anymore

No. 2072700

nta but I would have started this show way sooner, since day one even, if someone told me Sukuna is voiced by Junichi Suwabe. Unironically.

No. 2072707

File: 1719781005560.png (306.53 KB, 709x992, IMG_4817.png)

No. 2072963

File: 1719791714996.jpeg (124.3 KB, 1022x1163, IMG_5567.jpeg)

This is so fucking funny

No. 2072965

i will never understand one piece’s popularity. the art is ugly as fuck and the creator’s a pedo apologist.

No. 2072967

Their friend died in the yaoi mines, crushed by Bakudeku doujinshis.

No. 2072970

I need the full pic asap

No. 2073030

I liked the very beginning of the anime when I was way younger, it was just a normal, fun shonen 90s/early 2000s anime that didn't take itself seriously. And from what I've seen of the manga the art was a lot better and more charming than what I keep seeing now. I don't get how anyone can get invested in this series now though, my little sister is a huge fan and from what she told me it seems very repetitive now with no end in sight. At least I managed to read JJBA fairly fast when the anime started because the series has very distinct stories with different protagonists so it didn't feel like it was some neverending shit with vague foreshadowing that doesn't even pay off. And the art looks like shit now.

No. 2073054

File: 1719798262252.png (1.17 MB, 1044x2118, IMG_4829.png)

This is straight-up slander. I know Emma and she is Asian, she's not fond of unnecessary wokeness but she's absolutely liberal, this is a story where the racist is presented as a villain for abusing a young black girl

No. 2073189

>Villain does villain shit
>This is extremely poor taste!
Oh my fucking GOD. Familial trauma really is going to be the only acceptable conflict right now, isn't it?

No. 2073262

I don't watch precure but fans of it freaking out over one of the characters getting married is really funny (he turns into a bishounen guy btw)

No. 2073435

Can't wait for Jillian to talk about this shit and apply it to herself because she got proposed to as well

No. 2073438

Troons just love being represented by problematic shit like that, I think it's funny

No. 2073492

File: 1719832717494.png (464.46 KB, 902x1147, IMG_8375.png)

wtf does this mean

No. 2073495

File: 1719833051975.jpg (19.53 KB, 314x311, images-1.jpg)

Homosexuality is when anime

No. 2073504

File: 1719833834320.png (70.88 KB, 1156x528, precurereddit.PNG)

the precure fandom is hilarious

No. 2073507

>imageboard user never heard of shitposting
it's over

No. 2073529

bisexuality is a joke. anon above me claims it’s shitposting but they genuinely believe any heterosexual relationship that is slightly not stereotypical is bisexual somehow, possibly because the female acts in a “masculine” way and the male acts in a “feminine” way. bisexuality is such a joke

No. 2073543

Are you 12 years old? What is this casual retarded homophobia and sexism… That img has nothing to do with real life it's a shitpost meme template. There is no truth there. That's not even what bisexuality is, you are confused.

No. 2073545

Don't reply to bait, just report it

No. 2073621

File: 1719844029758.webp (58.67 KB, 2048x1024, 894E75B4-78DC-431F-8378-2EBFFA…)

no, like i said bisexuality is a total joke these days: most of them are just spicy straights. they think those characters are queer bisexuals for the reasons i stated, it’s just picrel mentality in action…it’s a joke yeah but there’s a grain of truth in it to them

No. 2073649

How does making them bi make a straight ship less straight?

No. 2073663

I legitimately forgot we were talking about ships here, I thought you were talking about bisexuals in real life. Nevermind kek

No. 2073674

Do Eastern fans easily accept source material getting watered down in adaptations? I know that Japanese anime fans can get unreasonable at times over things like colour changes but it feels like when it comes to Western adaptations people are willing to throw out the source material so it can appeal to broader audiences or Political Agenda TM (You decide what that means) and the original story just gets watered down.

When I say “Eastern” fans I don’t necessarily mean Asian fans but I guess anime/manga/manhwa/manhua fans and I noticed that in that sphere it’s more acceptable to be bitter as a purist but in Western adaptations it’s seen as irrational

No. 2073719

Because you can draw fanart of the guy getting his arsehole gaped into a vintage golf bag without having canon episodes banned in China since he has screen time with a wife

No. 2073723

Okay but you're seething over a shitpost which makes you giga turbo cringe by the rules of sacred imageboard culture.

No. 2073729

nta but bisexual IRL are annoying as well

No. 2073756

File: 1719852137555.jpg (48.37 KB, 526x527, bsd.jpg)

I wish the new fans could understand that BSD is a seinen, is not a shonen anime.

No. 2073861

No. 2073888

File: 1719859090070.png (215.08 KB, 1191x706, IMG_4503.png)

and then there's picrel

No. 2074056

File: 1719869003803.jpg (108.54 KB, 1073x485, zenless.jpg)

i'm looking foward to it because it looks fun, plus i like the urban style. apparently they seem to be shooting in all directions with this game, soon enough there will be some yaoi bishies if they feel like catering to more people lol

No. 2074211

>1 bishounen vs 30 lolis and big titty waifus
>T..they'll implement more yaoi bishies…. won't they?
Anon, give it up.

No. 2074278

Japanese people dont give a shit. Yana is an open shotafag and still works for Disney.

No. 2074282

Both people in this screenshot are cringe as fuck

No. 2074285

there are a lot of thots who will play this the same way they play LOL and collect Sonico figures despite being straight

No. 2074423

I don't have hope for this game giving any bishies, not even the new male characters they showed off so far are cute

No. 2074924

From what I have seen japanese media portrays tims as being either 1) gay drag queen clowns (you can see this in one piece and other older gag series) or 2) the "trap" archetype (bridgette and astolfo) who resemble(and often act like) small, under-developed children. The former is a mocking joke that japense drag queens don't really mind, while the latter is pedophilia

No. 2074927

This cringe is so good. It makes me feel like that hands-rubbing-on-face meme. I love it.

No. 2074971

Play yes, but would they argue about it or make fanworks? I doubt it

No. 2074972

I’m not going to watch that video but traps aren’t portraying tims. Traps merit is incel pedophile bait but they were never meant to present transgenders or the men who are into them. Tims like them because they fit their agp wish fulfilment but the characters themselves aren’t usually agps. Forced crossdressing fetish content is the closest ‘representation' agps could get

No. 2075104

I bet you he'll interpret samurai pedastry as mtfs too. I hate leftists like this.

No. 2075284

i said that as an ”if”, i personally won't be looking for it to happen as i tend to prefer cute girls anyway

No. 2076072

File: 1720006474642.jpeg (63.74 KB, 600x456, 49657E27-A32D-4BD9-9D4F-257DED…)

Women getting mad at other women for enjoying eroge is the most bizarre form of female intrasexual competition I’ve seen. Instead of lusting for the approval of a wealthy, well built, attractive men, they’re tearing each other up over fat recessed hairline neckbeards whom the attractive man wipes the ass of. You are not special for having an array of loli body pillows and posters of naked anime women, in fact you’re just like the people you clamor against. And to be completely honest with you, as someone who’s been into vns way before tik tok Pinterest popularity bullshit or whatever I’m glad more women are getting into them (even if it’s usually the worst ones).

No. 2076081

This isnt a woman problem this is a loser problem

No. 2076086

File: 1720007399901.jpg (6.01 KB, 231x218, 7_0e0854gksa0353.jpg)

>i’m glad more women are getting into tranny loli rape games

No. 2076090

> Or a self proclaimed pedophile lending their voice talents in an indie title while sane lesbian knocking on the trans agenda had their game vilified as satan incarnate and got taken down as result
what are you talking about so I can avoid it and support the lesbian

No. 2076093

It’s not any form of intrasexual competition. Hope that helps.

No. 2076096

I was talking about vns in general, which include bl and completely sfw games. Either way I really don’t care if a woman enjoys for example saya no uta when I know she likes it for different reasons than the moid does, even if they’re consooming the same game.

How so?

No. 2076113

This guy is a big TRA and also a a huge incel, fyi. It's a shame because he does well researched and well argued videos.

No. 2076117

File: 1720009430741.webp (197.75 KB, 1280x720, IMG_9859.webp)

>one piece
speaking of, why is one piece being hailed as some kind of troon-positive series and that okama island is ackshually super progressive (in some mysterious way they refuse to specify when asked)

i see op fans saying shit like
>imagine being transphobic and into one piece, oda literally hates u
like are they really that stupid or just plain delusional? both?

No. 2076172

let me rate youre that weird susahibifag who was mad at people saying its shit loli rape bullshit (which is it)

No. 2076175

If they're a fan of something, then it/its creators must also support them and their identity/ideals. One Piece is also a lot of people's first anime from back in the day and it's also still ongoing, so it holds both a nostalgic and current presence in a lot of people's lives, so I'm not surprised it's something troons have latched onto considering all their typical traits and many of them starting off as nerdy weebs

No. 2076200

I mostly do the same, talk with some friends, and check specific artists for fanart, but it's really not the same as it used to be. I used to be able to go to forums and have interesting discussions about the series with strangers without being overly aggressive or full of delusions.
Tbh all my fandoms turned into your example, even older fandoms. That's why I feel maybe I am the outlier at this point. I am in both English and non English parts of fandoms. I agree the English fandom has those issues, but the same problems are already poisoning my non English fandom counterpart and it wasn't free of its annoyances. I can't stand either right now.
That's exactly how I feel. I can't bring myself to talk about my favorite series in the current fandom spaces. I see no point and the few times I've tried were incredibly disappointing. I'm coming to terms with the fact that the problem might be me.

No. 2076201

i don’t really get this post as nobody here is fighting for male approval but i do think lc’s views towards media are tumblr-y sometimes…except instead of it being twansphobic it’s just claiming x plotline is misogyny and pretending anime characters look like children. like it’s moralfagging of a different stripe

No. 2076206

File: 1720014247325.webp (42.32 KB, 290x342, 85415504-56F4-4CF5-B59F-2505A3…)

bridget and astolfo just look like girls with pecs…like in no reality do children have wide hips. do you think those genshin twinks (scara is the main one that comes to mind) resemble children btw

No. 2076220

Nigga what. I love subahibi a lot but I fully acknowledge it’s definitely an outlet for scajis coomer degeneracy and I’m not gonna deny that.

I’m not talking about lc, I’m talking about places like twitter kek

No. 2076226

>if a woman enjoys for example saya no uta when I know she likes it for different reasons than the moid does
Those women getting into saya no uta are getting into it for male attention though, yes, fat crusty weeb male attention. Sure, the average farmer who has played those games is probably an older weeb who is just playing a popular vn. But the resurgence in saya no uta is absolutely due to discord kittens and ethot wannabes who for some fucking reason enjoy the company of failmales

No. 2076249

mtf troons actually look like picrel kek, lesbian subreddits are unfortunately full of transbians selfies and I see no difference lmao

No. 2076349

Trannies I know really love this character and it's funny seeing what he actually is while all I've heard is them saying he's a stunning and epic representation of trans women and acting like he's an amazing character
yeah, I really hate how whenever I find a cool jp artist they always do loli shit. not even just drawing loli characters, actual sexual lolicon type of content

No. 2076353

i know you just posted that roidpig to prove a point but please stop. do you have any anime recs with cute boys btw you seem to have good taste otherwise.

No. 2076369

Is a female forum a female forum if there isn't moralfagging?

No. 2076370

i don't think it's intrasexual competition as it's mostly pickmes into vns nowadays trying to show off for males, but as someone who also read vns way before they suddenly gained more popularity recently I'm on the same boat and I'm tired of how much people here act like if you enjoy any of it at all you're automatically the same as a scrote or a pickme even if you aren't excusing the bad aspects of these mediums whatsoever or reading/watching anything for male attention. they'll still come for you on the sole basis of consuming something moids enjoy and act like you can't like anything that isn't idk, feminist books or boring normie media. and then they want to act like they're any different from the trannies and other genderspecials who moralfag and police people having different preferences from them

No. 2076373

I've seen users complain about boring unsexualised media and accuse the fans of being pickme's because of stupid reasons like "the art style is porny" (it never is kek)

No. 2076633

Why do we need to moralfag? It's not like women are out there diddling little boys and raping scrotes after jilling it to yaoi porn?

No. 2076643

Idk, maybe its that despite moids no longer necessarily being the goal, the competition to be the "superior" women is still there?

No. 2076648

as women we are more prone to try to keep society on a straight line somewhat. "just do whatever you want bro I don't care bro we don't need any rules bro who cares if anyone gets hurt I just wanna coom" is the nature of the male

No. 2076654

I just read whatever has a semi interesting sounding plot or has yaoi in it.
Eroge, otome, BL, general galge all work for me.

No. 2076867

That's retarded. We shouldn't be held to the same standard as men when women are way better at telling the difference between fiction and reality than they are.

No. 2076902

kek stop it

>Why do we need to moralfag? It's not like women are out there diddling little boys and raping scrotes after jilling it to yaoi porn?
exactly, yet women into weird fiction get called pornsick. like i feel women who willingly suck cock or do the whole lana del ray cnc coquette shit with their men are far more "porn sick" than a woman who reads shota oni sometimes

No. 2076968

Damn, I was obsessed with Yes 5 back then just remembered they were getting new content. Nozomi and Coco (who yeah, transforms into a human) was a popular ship and obviously pushed by the network, why are they acting surprised? Guarantee it’s performative activism.

These guys can’t be real lmafo.

No. 2076975

It’s only because of that tranny Okiku bathing with the women and that Yamato girl (calls herself male out of admiration or something) who bathed with the men lol.

No. 2076999

The Yamato shit is so retarded because it's only Westies who think she's trans and literally everyone else just sees her as a woman with a comedic larping gimmick.

No. 2077076

Felt hook line and sinker into female socialization

No. 2077083

this is like the terminally online version of when boymoms force their daughters to take care of their retarded younger brothers and do house chores while their brothers rot away in their coom dungeons playing lol and not lifting a finger

No. 2077088

i recently started playing Vns and its insane how a bunch of them have genuinely really good plots with waifushit and coom sprinkled on it for no good reason at all. Right now i am sticking to the classics like higurashi and BL VNs but man some of the coomery ones like saya no uta sound pretty neat

No. 2077090

Some authors throw in coomshit whenever they worry about the selling risk involved with a storyline or character.

No. 2077091

>waifushit and coom sprinkled on it for no good reason at all
That's their main paying demographic from the inception of the medium, plotfags have never been and never will be anywhere close to profitable as coomers.

No. 2077102

File: 1720064265792.jpg (203.02 KB, 800x600, Ryoko.Tanbo.full.315203.jpg)

Swan song in particular has that issue, the horror of the snow for the first few hours of the game is pretty amazingly done but the random waifu shit and BADASS HREO ruins it, not to mention that they add a random good alternate ending for no reason, same goes for the latter half of subahibi.
Bothers me less with stuff like Higurashi though since all the characters are genuinely complex and likable despite having moe tropes added in.
>some of the coomery ones like saya no uta sound pretty neat
Eh, it has some okay stuff in it but it pretty much 90% relies on how you feel about Saya herself, who since I'm not that into waifu stuff does nothing for me. Ryouko is pretty good though, it's nice to see a female character who's motivated by revenge and not sexualized.

No. 2077124

File: 1720065940980.jpeg (185.63 KB, 1200x1000, BAF48EA2-5F39-48BC-B3B5-CC9B0A…)

bridgets best design was when he was in the pachinko game and looked more boyish, i really wished they let him mature into a pretty man who didn't care about performing stereotypical masculinity or femininity. sad he just gets mindbroken by a fat fed into accepting his childhood grooming.

No. 2077147

i wish they'd just kept him as a trap, i like the new design

No. 2077445

File: 1720087764220.jpg (42.27 KB, 979x550, 1000018077.jpg)

Based. I like you nona.

The first few VNs I played were all eroge because back then there were hardly any translated BL and otome. I got severe whiplash every time the writers pulled that sudden coom jumpscare crap. To this day I have not recovered from the famous "mana transfer" 3p shit from the original Fate game.

On a separate note, I'm so tired of moralfags who are in denial that they are a failed moralfag. They play edgy games, fall in love with "problematic" characters and write longass essays about how HER husbando raping his love interest does not make him a rapist because REASONS (he was just jealous and afraid of abandonment, you don't understand). Other characters who have done similar (or even less problematic) actions are evil enough to get the electric chair, but not her husbando. Such a moralfag-lite is in denial that her oshi gets a free pass simply because his design and sob story is to her personal taste, and seethes over other fans who either celebrate him being "rapechad" or consider him a tropey rapist character while being honest about simply liking his looks.

No. 2077450

Its impossible to enjoy anime/VNs and be a non-hypocritical moralfag. Nobody wants to accept it, but 99% of anime is degenerate and the people that moralfag about it arent the ones enjoying the 1% truly non-problematic anime(like precure and other anime for toddlers).

No. 2077641

No. 2078122

File: 1720134266140.png (1.61 MB, 906x906, yamato.png)

>"What do you mean he calls himself with male pronouns because she admires a moid? He's a trans man like me!".

Is like ignoring her whole purpose for TRA brownies.

No. 2079089

Waiting for the day Oda reveals Crocodile was a man all along. I seethe so hard when I see him with mastectomy scars or make gendie manifestos regarding him

No. 2079156

File: 1720205412322.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.2 MB, 1640x2133, GRu33wpWQAA7KcU.jpeg)

Or make Yamato start to call herself with "atashi".

No. 2079267

If this ever happens they're just gonna call it transphobic storytelling and that Oda is wrong just like what they do with Naoto.

No. 2079697

this could've been a good genderbent piece but the scars ruin it.

No. 2079782

I have no idea why they think Oda is some progressive guy. Did they not see all the trannies on tranny island? They're all repulsive. That Kiku fag was a mistake

No. 2079823

Late but wouldn’t his adult character look too much like the vampire goth? I don’t play but there was online talk about they changed him too. I assume they’d make Bridget the same as the goth character, draw a woman and call him a man. I’d love more VK-like characters but they’ll all be changed into women while female masculine characters are changed into men, like the one armed samurai woman or the one piece girl. It’s boring frankly.

No. 2079858

File: 1720290611896.jpeg (15.35 KB, 557x349, EQtVEsjUcAES6yQ.jpeg)

In their defense (?), most of the actual fans of OP weren't even born when the manga started, so they're not used of Oda's shenanigans.

No. 2080168

There was definitely some "historical revision" going on after more normies got into OP during the pandemic because people used to consider the Newkama arc transphobic before that. But nowadays I see OP fans claiming that Bon Clay/Ivankov are actually good representation for non-passing trannies. From a TRA standpoint I don't see how the Newkama shit isn't transphobic considering they were basically portrayed as mentally ill ugly predatory gay men.

No. 2080180

File: 1720324042258.png (2.71 MB, 3268x3759, 1000007176.png)

kinda confused on what you mean here? there's nothing really gorhoc about his design. realistically speaking, if they did go with the bishie angle, he'd just look similar to Ky while still keeping elements of the nun dress. I know you said you haven't played Guilty Gear but could you be reffering to Testament when you were talking about a goth character? picrel I doubt they'd look anything similar giving the contrasting aesthetics. Plus Testament isn't really seen as the "femboy" of the series the same way Bridget has been

No. 2080374

I'm so fucking sick of trannies in fandom. Women used to be able to talk about the objectification of women in media (especially in anime and video games which are rife with this shit), but nowadays you can't even bring the topic up without a million trannies dogpiling you with their stale "um ackshyually as a lesbian I looove this objectified female character/fetishized yuri ship and I think there's nothing wrong with it! some women like this kind of stuff too uwu" takes. Of course you fucking like it, you're the literal target demographic for those characters because you're a straight male you braindead fucking scrote. And you can't point this shit out because then you're the bad guy. You can't say that their opinion is invalid because they lack a woman's perspective on the issue, because then you'll be labeled a transphobe and ostracized by the whole community and your point will be moot. These "progressive" trannies have shut down any discussion about the objectification of women in media far more effectively than incels or rightoids ever did and I fucking hate it. I fucking hate that I can't point out the obvious, that these men are not women, much less lesbians, and that the only reason they're okay with coomer content in their media is because they're just like any other filthy, degenerate heterosexual moid. And you would think that the fact that real women still hate those character designs and only trans """"women"""" like them would make them realize that they have nothing in common with real women, but I guess if these people had any self awareness they wouldn't be trannies in the first place.

No. 2080376

Why her head so fuxking small momokun build

No. 2080379

NTA I don’t know what indie game has the pedo va, but the game with the creator who criticized the trans movement is likely Heartbeat.

No. 2080437

it wasnt the creator, it was the girlfriend of the creator.

No. 2080440

>"um ackshyually as a lesbian I looove this objectified female character/fetishized yuri ship and I think there's nothing wrong with it! some women like this kind of stuff too uwu" takes
Oh, absolutely to hell with that take. It's maddening to see so many Pick-mes and TIMs defending this drivel under the pretense of empowerment without a hint of irony in their words. my thresholds for coomshit is high but it should be acknowledged yuri was always meant for straight people, not to mention yuri hentai with it's male gazey visuals and ooc sex scenes. But since anything that stars women and no men is feminist, even a lesbian porno is deemed a sex positive masterpiece to these ingrates. Maybe that's why TIMs hate yaoi and attractive men so much. It's the only space they can't invade as engaging with why women like BL will unveil their inherent misogyny and reality checks don't really mix with troons.
NTA the former was billie bust-up. I was using it as an example where men get away with more shit than women. There's actually a video on the subject by sarah z if you're willing to find it. It doesn't go into too much depth since obviously a third of her audience are troons and genderspecials so tread carefully.

No. 2080458

File: 1720350440009.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x2400, 1720140581718.jpg)

funny you mention momokun.. also its a man but trannfied for ggs troon coomer audience

No. 2080460

jesus fucking christ what did she do to her face

No. 2080546

Smoothest knee in the us of a

No. 2080548

where do you nonas go to sperg about anime/shows you're obsessed with? i used to go on tumblr, but it got so bad i deleted. however i still crave discussion

No. 2080590

I enjoy writting at Dreamwidth, but it's a wasteland unless you're into live action media and books so I just spreg about my videogames alone and hope someone sees kek.
80% of discussion nowadays happen at Twitter (bad) Discord (even worse), so the only way is to try finding normal people at Twitter. But honestly I have found most of the chill people over Tumblr, maybe you can give it a second opportunity. It's one of the calmer social media right now, there are tons of genderspecials and such but the callout phase has gone away since the highschooler userbase has grown up.

No. 2080591

File: 1720364534059.png (1.82 MB, 1483x2413, 1000007177.png)

Testament was isn't really "trans" but due to the very nature of him becoming a Gear, somehow made him sexless, he's considered nonbinary currently. I still call him he, but his design was always meant to be androgynous. I actually like his new design sans the widened hips. takes away the androgyny imo because now he just looks like a flat goth woman. atleast the voice being a mix of masc/fem is still present in Steive. the Japanese dub voiced by a woman, in English he's voiced by a TiM. doesn't bother me all that much since at least he's talking in his regular voice and not forcing a transcent

No. 2080595

also I apologize for the typos, I'm a mobilefag

No. 2080611

I don't.

No. 2080686

Unironically this. I’m too tired to spend all of my free time aimlessly looking for online friends with similar interests to me. Then having to actively befriend these online friends and get into their invite-only discord. Then having to tolerate not being able to be myself and having to be on their good graces 24/7 so I don’t get kicked out. There just isn’t a point to this anymore. I would rather be alone and shitpost on image boards.

No. 2080701

Testament is still considered a man. His new design is just absolute shit.

No. 2080703

Bridget would have been so much better if he became a sexy ikemen type character. I hate what they did with him. GG sucks now anwyay.

No. 2080704

Why is the west so obsessed with thinking traps are trannies? Because they're not.

No. 2080713

Tbf, Bridget is one of the few times where it really is the case.

No. 2080792

Because they think Japanese people aren't enlightened enough to realize traps = trans even though actual tranny characters exist, they just don't care about them.

No. 2080885

File: 1720380603406.png (233.17 KB, 570x680, 79407826-398A-4553-AE9D-48CCA4…)

the official eng arcsys account shared this fanart before bridgets official strive debut, and while this leans a little too masculine imo, i think a design like this would have been much better. from a story standpoint, having bridget grow up and mature into a man who doesn't concern himself with others opinions and live for himself would have been so much nicer. they could have even stuck to the plot of him having to go and save his twin brother, and actually earn his villages respect, but now he is just a weird manchild who talks about wanting to have "cute offs" and says shit like "let me TRANSfix you!" before fighting people. pure shit.

testament was always supposed to be androgynous, but i think people are exaggerating how "ambiguous" his design was in the past when he had quarter back shoulders and very visible cock cage. there has been a lot of people claiming that he was always supposed to be nonbinary too, but by playing the old games it is obvious he wasn't, with the amount of times he gets called kliffs son. the word daisuke used when talking about his ~gender~ in his strive reveal was indeed the word for "sexless", but i still think its incredibly lame. we'll never see any of the female gears take on a more masculine or androgynous appearance, and this shit was totally for taking a female gaze character and making it into a basic goth slut for coomers and trannies, what a tragedy…

No. 2080890

>and says shit like "let me TRANSfix you!" before fighting people
there is no fucking way he says this, the fuck

No. 2080898

File: 1720381322350.png (1.32 MB, 1920x863, FCE4C7EC-B47E-4D46-8140-EF56FF…)

i couldn't believe it myself when i first heard him say it.

No. 2080904

the west is really bad at understanding gender nonconformity in any shape

No. 2080912

File: 1720381839034.png (7.41 KB, 914x42, something he says after he win…)

outside of it being a joke or restricted to homosexuals, i mean.

this is so corny. reading over his old quotes from the og game and he used to have some entertaining sass. i really wonder why they couldn't have just left him ambiguous if they wanted to pander to trannies

No. 2080963

Can it be helped though? It seems like Japan is pandering to this thought at times like that paper mario ghost. Nintendo toned down her sister’s disgust and changed it from being an okama joke to actually being trans in the official translations. I thought it stayed the same in Japan but nope, seems like they toned it down too. They also added a new line: “born as male but heart of a woman” which is similar to what Okiku (the tranny from one piece) says and from what little I know, it’s officially trans.

No. 2081057

Frankly, Testament looks like a fag

No. 2081066

He was a hot goth guy and he loved Dizzy. Now he is just a generic troon goth "gf".
I will put a whole room lego carpet in Daisuke Ishiwatari's bedroom.

No. 2081569

File: 1720427685702.png (1.05 MB, 971x705, Gg_bible_p066-067_zer0kage.png)

I agree the whole point of Testament was to look androgynous, a concept Japan used to obsess with late 90s and early 00s. Malice Mizer was a great example of this, but I'm not deep into japan fashion music or history to go into details. All I know is that they have a long history with ambiguous representation, going back to their Kabuki theatre era. If you look up the Onnagata history it's really telling how Japan sees this gender non conformity and it's still very misogynistic and male centered. When more men star jacking off to women turning into bara man, you'll see it happen to some character.

No. 2081574

File: 1720428278795.png (178.13 KB, 398x460, n5keuap7g9by.png)


No. 2081657

Otome nonnies, in bl thread some fujo nonnies discussed about otome fandom being toxic. Is this true? Specifically talked about otome leddit and twitter and about a blog reviewer that go cyber bullied for writing a bad review about a popular otome game.
If you know give me more milk please kek.

No. 2082016

The most notable drama was the love and deepspace bl ban but otherwise I ain't sure.
in other news, has fandom drama been slowing down? this thread has been a tad slow lately.

No. 2082021

>in other news, has fandom drama been slowing down? this thread has been a tad slow lately.
I think the biggest spergs purged their systems of the worst autism fujo discourse or have just stopped posting, so we're left with a slower, actually readable thread.

No. 2082025

>love and deepspace bl ban
What? The creators banned creating Love and deepspace BL? Or was the userbase angry at bl? Pls tell me more.
Kek, yeah. That anti-fujo vs fujo thread was a great idea, actually mostly cured the constant fujosperging that was a problem for years.

No. 2082037

iirc they just banned posting bl content in official spaces, not altogether

No. 2082086

Well, whatever, their game sucks anyways, one of their characters refused to talk to me after i clicked on him too much, what even is that? And if it's one of the most famous otome fandom current drama, then it's not that toxic at all, kek.

No. 2082089

This thread's also not having those 'what is acceptable husbandofag material' (and gachashit) spergouts anymore. They were kinda wild so I miss coming to read the latest fandom thunderdome session a little kek, but it's clear those posters have either moved on or are having their fun in the ugly man psyop thread, and it is nice to have more chill discussions

No. 2082093

I wish western feminists would cancel scrotes like the based korean feminists do. The pro/anti nonsense is so useless when shadman is still allowed to have a platform, like so many other degenerate scrotes like goosework. Meanwhile, korean feminists managed to cull the most prolific and famous lolifag, the guy behind the shitty ''uoh'' meme. The faggot got banned so many times he had to drop his fanbox and completly stop drawing nsfw lolishit. He recently tweeted that he was going to stop drawing, too. Lmao, get fucked.

No. 2082096

lol based, any screenshots? That also brings a question to mind though, what ever happened with that limbus company(?) drama? I remember a Korean woman got hit by strays for a tweet about something she didn’t even draw.

No. 2082122

Otome leddit and twitter has milk usually. From the usual, trannies pissed and "muah body dismorphia i can't self insert to a female heroine" (in an otome game) to schizo husbando fighting.

No. 2082133

Fuck, i wish we were as vicious as them, it's completely possible. I know korean feminists are also famous for closing popular korean prohibited pornography website that was working for more than a decade. They actually fucking closed it, it's possible. They're inspiring, i love them.
She was fired ("voluntarily left", lmao), sadly. I don't think anything happened later? Everything just kinda stopped after that.

No. 2082139

> any screenshots?
some anon posted screenshots itt a while ago, i will see if i can find them. But tl;dr: feminists got dorontabi fired from working for major gacha games because they exposed his tweets where he would post irl children(those disgusting ''junior idols'' and models from russia).

No. 2082143

western feminists are too worried about coddling trannies and accepting sex workers to even go against men. Shit is pathetic here

No. 2082144

This bridget is so perfect, and I am salty af this isnt canon right now.

No. 2082145

>I will put a whole room lego carpet in Daisuke Ishiwatari's bedroom.
Based. Let me join you.

No. 2082202

>he loved Dizzy
That shit made me cringe ngl

No. 2082279

File: 1720477216521.jpg (269.79 KB, 720x1696, dorontabi.jpg)

>He recently tweeted that he was going to stop drawing, too.
not really

No. 2082292

File: 1720478334826.jpg (207.73 KB, 720x1449, dorontabi1.jpg)

I missed this comment

No. 2082393

i agree, dizzy is a hot garbage character. her design is embarrassing and i find it hard to understand how any character is supposed to like her, she acts like a genuine retard and floats around in her panties like a pervert.

No. 2082422

Wouldnt it be good representation for FtM's that dont want to get their tits chopped off just to leave Yamato as they are?
I mean I don't believe in the whole gendie nonsense but its a shame that the character they project as being nonbinary/transmasc they're not allowed to have breasts.

No. 2082563

File: 1720504957046.jpg (200.07 KB, 1001x431, 1000018300.jpg)

Personally the worst type of drama I see is genderspecials trying to rebrand otome to include their gender religion and pronouns lipservice, and shitting on sane games for not having such crap. But these clowns havs been around for quite a while and "inclusivity" discourse has become quite common and is ignored by most normie players, you'll just occasionally see politically correct otome bloggers say something in their reviews about the game needing to be more inclusive, kek. Picrel is your average leddit genderist from 3 years ago and it's still pretty much the same.

No. 2082596

File: 1720509853925.jpg (561.35 KB, 1036x1441, retard.jpg)

There are these retard posters at both otome and bl subs. I thought they were baiting but actually they weren't. That cow is kind of milky but i think he's a baiting scrote or legit retarded.

No. 2082597

File: 1720509883343.jpg (304.85 KB, 950x1418, retard2.jpg)

No. 2082600

File: 1720510202373.jpg (71.61 KB, 1079x221, Trigger warning retard word.jp…)


No. 2082603

Average gooner husbandofag train of thought, no form of media can ever be enjoyed if they can't explicitly self insert and due to the smug feeling of superiority for preferring Christ-approved straight romance they can't fuck off to play an entire genre filled with het romance and sex scenes but instead demand a completely different form of media to pander to their needs. But if some genderspecial Aiden wants otome to have a cuntboy male option for muh ~inclusivity~ in yume garbo they go psycho ripping her apart immediately for tarnishing their fantasies with faggotry kek

>That cow is kind of milky but i think he's a baiting scrote or legit retarded.

Sadly I know people like this, they exist.

No. 2082607

why do they write like 12 year olds?

No. 2082617

this girl never left 2012

No. 2082635

Can we talk about the pregnancy fetish this person has

No. 2082640

File: 1720514053816.jpg (716.35 KB, 1080x1759, ....jpg)

>lived in US
that means he's trans

No. 2082647

Can you link the post? I wanna read the comments.

No. 2082651

OP is a tranny scrote not a tradthot husbandofag…

No. 2082655

Source? Browsing her post history she's just an autistic Brazilian yume self-inserting into femMC from P3 to ship herself with Ryoji. Sounds like a routine husbandofag to me, not a tranny.

No. 2082658

No. 2082660

File: 1720515485121.jpg (419.27 KB, 1080x1685, Reasons to learn jap.jpg)

>non binary rep!
>eh anon actually the original Japanese word means androgynous
>translator did such a great job then!

No. 2082664

>She's a mod of the sub
What the fuck

No. 2082666


this post is very milky(this is an imageboard)

No. 2082712

he completly nuked his fanbox and hasnt drawn nsfw loli since he got called out by the korean feminists lmfao now he only uploads shitty sketches once in a while

No. 2082731

>constantly pissed, with the ability to magically burn off any amount of doughnuts he eats? Yeah, that's testosterone, dude
Male character being affected by testosterone = he must be trans? kek what

Somewhat related, but I'm so tired of posts 'analysing' characters or that are disguised as meta but are really just headcanons that border on delusion glutting up fandom tags/discussion. Picrel is like 'here are the reasons for my tranny headcanon' and then proceeds to list… more headcanons as justification. Retarded.

No. 2082766

What's up with braindead otome game and just female husbandofags and this emoji? They always spam it? The ones who aren't retarded never use it.

No. 2082817

File: 1720528534341.png (65.65 KB, 760x769, Capturdse.PNG)

All of this sounds annoying as hell. why does anything aimed at women (OSA no less) need to include everything under the sun? Why can't something cater to one audience and be done with it? and lol at the galge answer. Maybe the real reason is scrotes will tell you to fuck off with your IDpol whinging and go in your own lane as you should. Not trying to be "queerphobic" or whatever, but does it bother anyway else that female spaces can let post like these happen but in a male one, the person gets laughed out of the room. It's like everyone can't stand up straight.
I and many others want media aimed at them with themes to resonate with women not whether or not being ace is totes valid or something.
It should be a miracle that amare's taking off becuase I'm tired of this drivel.

No. 2082863


Otome are not for trannies.
Yaoi are not for faggots.
They're made for women by women.
For female entertainment and female masturbation.

No. 2082884

They always use women's spaces as dumping grounds for undesirables because we're socialized to be nice. We all need to start being mean assholes to these people, that's the only way we can protect our spaces.

No. 2082898

this is why the west can't handle joseimuke and by extension anything japan makes because cultural differences inadvertently breed divide and self-entitlement. It can't just be a simple otome in the west, characters with atypical pronoun usage and presentations need to be localized as genderspecial to appease a small fraction of the human population. You can't just have yaoi, it has to have fakeboi representation or it's totes problematic. Every time a western company tries to appeal to women, they always shit the bag and end up decentering women in some shape or form by shoving in wokeslop. I don't mind seeing lesbians and bi women in female-aimed content but having the whole TQA posse for no reason besides the faintest abstraction of inclusivity.
As much as I hate scrotes, I wish more women take a page from their gatekeeping handbook and drive these people out. I'm so sick and tired of every space with women needed to tiptoe on eggshells to make a small portion of retards placated. I had to leave several after the pick me-ism became too much to bear on top of all the virtue-signalling.

No. 2082954

yaoi is ackshully gay porn and in glorious nippon men consume and create it

No. 2082960

the only moid i have seen make yaoi was a guy who's married and has children, funnily enough

No. 2082963

Yes. Reading these reddit replies the women there are way too nice to them. I know that they'd get banned if they replied to them as they should and some are also chasing karma there lol, so don't want to risk ban, but still should reply to them in very blunt way fuck them off.

No. 2082966

Some people just want to see if they can write a good one, I guess.

No. 2082967

i think hes just a fujo simp his yuri manga has like 5 fujo characters

No. 2082984

You mistook it with bara

No. 2082993

File: 1720541480763.jpg (547.18 KB, 1080x1689, tr1.jpg)

>reddit nona turning the tables on them in the least rude way
>they're ganging up attacking her and pulling the victimu cardo

No. 2082994

File: 1720541513171.jpg (442.66 KB, 1080x1453, tr2.jpg)


No. 2082995

File: 1720541553215.jpg (484.59 KB, 1051x1450, t3.jpg)

>swarming like roaches

No. 2082999

File: 1720541738275.jpg (575.29 KB, 1079x1567, Not agreeing =trasphobia.jpg)

>hurting fee fees

No. 2083011

File: 1720542627854.jpg (503.06 KB, 1080x1603, brain freeze .jpg)

No. 2083014

File: 1720542676978.jpg (467.31 KB, 1079x1599, moids mentioned .jpg)

>scrotes mentioned

No. 2083018

File: 1720542786971.jpg (483.93 KB, 1080x1600, stop using word queer you are …)

>who's more retarded

has a point about misogyny though

No. 2083019

File: 1720542842979.jpg (577.3 KB, 1079x1602, give this reddit nona a medal …)

>rescue this reddit nona

No. 2083023

Least misogynistic TRA

No. 2083038

Goes to show they don't see characters as characters but as little dolls meant to be a mirror for them to project into.

No. 2083230

kek so just a big nothingburger.

>completly nuked his fanbox
yeah but he still has his job according to his tweets, wasn't the whole point of the call-out to get him fired? something like "since women were unfairly fired, men should also be fired." his pixiv is still up, his twitter is still up, his gelbooru page with +500 posts is still up. they only got him to nuke his fanbox which, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm sure it wasn't his main source of income anyways.

No. 2083481

> These "progressive" trannies have shut down any discussion about the objectification of women in media far more effectively than incels or rightoids ever did and I fucking hate it

There’s something to be said about much more effective progressivism is at censorship or justifying bigotry. Just recent Nazis tried to make the protocols of Zion mainstream but the whining pro=Palestinian leftists were more bigoted and effective. Or how they claim punctuality or caring about education is white supremacy, compared to literal white supremacists who openly call for genocide against the groups they hate. I hate the modern discourse. Sorry for rambling

No. 2083488

I don’t. It sucks but all the old forums are dead and modern social media moves too fast, too preachy with ugly race fanart, or degrades into discourse. I’ve outgrown it, but I miss the good old days

No. 2083493

Western feminist are more offended if you roll your eyes at Taylor Swift than literal child porn online. Just ban/block these men instead

No. 2083592

File: 1720578447364.png (156.47 KB, 700x654, fujo terf.png)

What if you're a fujo radfem like me though

No. 2083594

Gendies are giga-retarded and can't even comprehend that the "joshi" in fujoshi necessitates that the person be female because acknowledging that would be transphobic.

No. 2083704

>>2083011 Kabedon nonny a little silly using "queer" but based otherwise, >>2083019 lostpoint nona is fully badass and deserves to escape the preddit hellhole. It also gives me hope how the majority of the voters in >>2082597 went "lol nah I'll just play otome to date men as a woman", common sense still prevails even if most women are scared to openly say no to the gendergoons.

No. 2083727

There is plenty of ryona for you to enjoy.

No. 2083730

No matter how right she is, i can't take women who are using queer and gendie vocabulary and pronouns seriously.

No. 2083755

I can't believe yaoi is terf now, what the hell is yaoicore though KEK

No. 2083804

not a radfem, but consuming yaoi is based. Love it when men are on the receiving end of the sexualization stick. We need more that stuff.

No. 2083831

why does everything need to be a ''core'' now

No. 2083891

nah there are plenty of male bl consumers and authors. it isn’t some feminist space it is literally just gay porn in japan. the women (and men) creating the yaoi you consoom generally aren’t going into it with the mindset that it’s a hallowed feminist womyn space they’re just thinking “sweet! gay porn!”

No. 2083971

fandom dot com got an ugly mobile redesign and now its unusable on pc. God i hate mobilefags so fucking much.

No. 2083980

if there was some way that you could make your website inaccessible from mobile devices, you would avoid 90% of retards and children interacting with your stuff kek. Funny how that works. Smartphones were the biggest mistake ever created.

No. 2083990

but yaoi appeals to women whereas bara appeals to men? I can get men entering the space if their type of men barely appears in the latter, but why though? Because it got men in it?

No. 2083993

that's a long way to say you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about

No. 2084002

You have neither

No. 2084011

It kind of did start that way in the 70s though.
>nah there are plenty of male bl consumers and authors
But they're not the majority

No. 2084013

please enlighten me, where are those male bl authors you speak of?

No. 2084014

>nah there are plenty of male bl consumers
TIFs arent men

No. 2084023

here’s a small sampling: https://blnews.chil-chil.net/newsDetail/18790/. they are tough to find for reasons that may be obvious (homophobia) but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. can’t find the twitter thread right now but a bl author posted a long thread on how many gay guys who do bl write under (female) aliases to avoid harassment

No. 2084030

>Osamu Tezuka
>Fucking Gengoroh Tagame
>Nagabe's furshit

No. 2084039

none of that minus boku to is bl, its all barashit

No. 2084041

Samefag but the site itself even admits right in the article that 90% of the mangaka featured on chilchil are women lmaoooo

No. 2084051

i wasn’t trying to deny that women are the majority, i was simply pointing out that there is a sizeable # of dudes into bl and nobody in japan moralfags or politicizes about their 2d smut. i get tired of the moralfagging and high horsing about porn here

No. 2084053

there was literally someone moralfagging in the comments about how men shouldn't be allowed to publish bl. there is no sizeable amount of men making bl, the article mentioned it's a small minority and their examples were bara, furryshit and osamu tezuka

No. 2084056

This is funny because while I know some GC fujos personally, most radfems in my experience hate yaoi because "it's porn aimed at women and problematic". Real feminists don't care about fanfiction.

No. 2084071

It's so sizable that they had to find fringe furshit that can't be called BL by an definition and literal barashit to round out a list of TWELVE male authors. Everyone knows male authors are a tiny minority and this is acknowledged by everyone except the most delusional faghags who seethe at the fact that a gay porn industry controlled completely by women exists.

No. 2084076

Ngl mot into furshit but I like Nagabe. His art is very moody.

No. 2084124

File: 1720632357877.png (129.09 KB, 350x431, rick.png)

Not uncommon, most of the time moids relate with characters like picrel. But at least they don't do it for "trans/gender envy".

No. 2084328

That image is saying people who are against fujoshi are radfems.

No. 2084401

File: 1720646910722.png (51.56 KB, 718x463, sasuke he's rly cool sakura th…)

It's crazy that people still give a shit about Naruto let alone think that Sakura is a great character.

No. 2084403

We could unironically weaponize this with the combined power of our autism kek

No. 2084417

File: 1720647682569.jpg (101.64 KB, 409x630, romantic.jpg)

lmao what has SHE been reading?

No. 2084421

File: 1720647817206.png (70.95 KB, 1209x403, she isn't real.png)

Sasuke is max level tsundere

No. 2084423

>h-how dare they headcanon the girl as just their bestie and not a love interest!!!!!! be normal about women for once!!!
hetfags are so tiring

No. 2084437

Feminism is when you prioritize fictional female characters written by men over real women enjoying content made by women for women, lmao okay. I wish these people can just be honest with themselves for once and be like hey i like this F/M ship dni if you don't, it's that easy

No. 2084473

File: 1720649894941.png (84.34 KB, 625x541, I like madohomu but this rage …)

Angry yurifags are even funnier to me.

No. 2084493

File: 1720650538835.png (1004.51 KB, 600x4511, end of the world.png)

Found this while scrolling through an Ao3 search on Xitter. Someone drew fanart for a fic and is getting dragged because 'orientalism', aka putting the blonde dude in that outfit. The quotes, too, are just filled with 'kys', it's pretty deranged.

No. 2084515

File: 1720651469691.jpg (127.94 KB, 800x600, cd89ad85830fa7a0cedf053d400a4e…)

did the artist delete the post? i don't see how an anime boy wearing skimpy clothes is racist

No. 2084536

> two male characters that you yuri-fy
Ngl I feel called out because I used to write OC yuri content where the leads were usually shameless female ripoffs of male characters that I liked kek. Maybe that's what the kind of thing they're referring to?

No. 2084538

File: 1720652238052.png (98.51 KB, 233x427, Shantae_hgh.png)

These dumbasses never have the same energy for stuff moids enjoy like picrel

No. 2084547

I think they either mean that or when people ship two female characters so they don't get in the way of the gay ship that they actually care about sort of thing.

No. 2084554

File: 1720652554206.png (1.91 MB, 600x5984, screech.png)

Looks like she did. Unfortunate for her but unsurprising, they were sperging extra hard. It's honestly fascinating to see as an outsider to the community, I honestly would not have imagined a picture like that being capable of spawning such vitriol.

No. 2084556

File: 1720652618539.jpg (190.7 KB, 1080x1080, 1cae271e57b52fec1ff3d65aad50e3…)

My first thought was actual m/m couples that twitter users just call lesbians without changing anything like picrel but it seems like OP has an issue with genderbends. I don't think liking a female version of a male character means you don't like female characters though. It's obvious why people would prefer more developed characters (like Dabi/Hawks who play a big role in the story) over actual extras with no screentime

No. 2084570

i just know that none of these people telling her to kill herself have ever faced racism in their lives.

No. 2084582

File: 1720653327203.png (93.22 KB, 619x555, Screenshot 2024-07-10 161422.p…)

>men are inherently more sexual and disgusting than us pure women
It's true though, and I don't give two fucks about Dunmeshi.

No. 2084593

dunmeshi continues to attract the most annoying people online

No. 2084596

That's basically true for every isekai+native isekai.

No. 2084606

How is that terfy at all? I know it's a meme gendies call everyone bad a terf or every problem is because of the terfs, but that's just fairly normal observations from any non normie non pickme woman

No. 2084609

I think it just comes down to people don't want to accept that most people in fandoms for shows that aren't full moeshit or super moidy shounen are women.

No. 2084621

>terfy to say it's just a fetish for mlm shippers
Incredible how quickly things change

No. 2084624

It's considered terfy now because they think all girls who read BL are fakeboi eggs.

No. 2084625

Most rfs I know don’t care about or even like yaoi, only polilez tumblrtards get heated over yaoi

No. 2084641

Kekkk I wonder if any TIFs are reading this and malding because they're being lumped in with the ICKY DISGUSTING FUJOS

No. 2084702

>Native Isekai
So like….fantasy?

No. 2084748

I know I'm supposed to enjoy fandoms for myself and never care what anyone else thinks but I got turned off dunmeshi for these kinds of things just like genshin. I don't want to even draw or be associated with a retard fandom full of retards, trannies and groomlings. I could be missing out on some things but I can't bring myself to give a shit when interacting with the fandom in any way shape or form is like walking into a special ed class

No. 2084830

File: 1720666032835.jpg (66.35 KB, 540x488, 1000011295.jpg)

I love dunmeshi, I have for years and have been following the author closely since the ending. I don't plan to stop those things but the anime fandom it has attracted are some of the most absofuckinglutely obnoxious virtue signaling ugly washers and turbo aggressive seething political yurifags. It's a shame, but I just complete ignore and avoid the fandom now. Hopefully in time it will heal but it sucks when things were really comfy and relatively sane before.
I have been wearing a related cosplay the last couple years to local cons/renfests but the online fandom has been so radioactively offensive to me that I'm probably gonna mothball it for at least a year. It used to be so lovely to find other fans but I don't want to interact with any of these new people.

No. 2084904

File: 1720673997579.png (36.62 KB, 1280x276, GR_M9hxbsAA5IGx.png)

Not sure if this is the right place to discuss this but I know a few Ranfren readers browse here. Captainhowdie recently updated her Terms of Service page and it seems like she is attempting to forbid NSFW work of Ranfren now. Incredibly retarded move and it seems like the way it's worded is her weak attempt to try to scare her audience of zoomies from making bad Ranfren porn kek. Apparently some Ranfren NSFW artists are already getting shit for this. I'd really like to see her try to attempt to enforce this but she's probably just going to rely on her audience of braindead teens to bully artists.

No. 2084906

She's at least 5 years too late but I'm not mad at this, most NSFW Ranfren works are absolutely shit tier cringe with the exception of one VK artist who would probably tell retards to fuck off if they harass them.
Besides I'm pretty sure this is a response to the constant nagging about the Randal daki, picrel

No. 2084907

File: 1720674696870.png (Spoiler Image,824.23 KB, 1066x1920, tumblr_nlryqgpk9d1u9ujuwo1_128…)

dropped pic

No. 2084911

File: 1720675225152.jpg (415.67 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_d3624eb13cfbdc4ada56005…)

Wrong image? That drawing is pretty old and actually by one of Howdie's old friends, a TIF that goes by danielcalmdown. Howdie has drawn Daniel's OC with Randal years back. Pic related

The drawing was reblogged by Howdie herself here: https://captainhowdie.tumblr.com/post/114690731235/danielcalmdown-it-was-really-fun-to-draw-its

I do want to see the cringe daki though if that's what caused her to instate this rule.

No. 2084914

Nah zoomers were shitting themselves over this drawing and the fact that she reblogged it. Yes, that are actually that fucking retarded to sperg out at her for that

No. 2084915

thats no wonder considering everyone in that show is obnoxious too.

No. 2084918

Ah, okay. Zoomies dregging up old, insignificant shit as usual to try to cancel creators. I assumed it was going to be zoomers getting mad over a really ugly Randal daki someone is trying to sell on Etsy or something kek.

No. 2084929

>it's worded is her weak attempt to try to scare her audience of zoomies from making bad Ranfren porn kek.
i dont think its that, considering she retweets catmen art from jap yumes all the time more so its over artists not getting cancelled over it.i know one fanartist who drew adult ranfren porn being called a pedo despite her clarifying she ages up the characters so it could be shes trying to keep her fanbase safe

No. 2084934

>Dungeon Meshi has a terf problem

No. 2084937

The part where she asks people to follow Canadian law is the part that I find questionable. I know that they have laws against shota/loli there but people outside of Canada don't have to follow Canadian law. It's honestly really stupid reasoning for the ban. You're probably right though that she also probably wants to protect people in her fandom. She's approaching her mid-30s and has to deal with a fanbase that's mainly teens and early 20s women who say the most deranged things to her and try to create drama. I can imagine that might cause some stress to her.

No. 2084951

>You're probably right though that she also probably wants to protect people in her fandom.
It sounds more like some type of anxiety to me rather than wanting to protect people, maybe she saw something and thought it was uncomfortable

No. 2085012

>called a pedo despite her clarifying she ages up the characters
That's just standard Twitter fare at this point, sadly

No. 2085032

Is the ranfren creator a troon now? I thought she was just your average imageboard oldfag until I checked her steam and it had boygirl as a past name or some shit.

No. 2085064

She's a typical FtM fujoshi, I think she's been that way for a while but didn't talk about it much

No. 2085069

>If there is a fan project or act of using the characters in a way I don't agree with, I can stop it at any time.
What does she mean by that? Realistically, how can she stop anything like that? If someone wants to make a Ranfren plush and film themselves shoving it up their ass or something, what can she actually do? Or does this only apply to commercial fan works?

No. 2085091

TRA fujos should just grow tougher skins and stand their ground on shipping BL and keep to their space.

No. 2085243

New generation angry yurifags mystify me because back in the 00's and 10's himejos were usually turbo autistic and horny but relatively chill and minding their own business, yet now we have a fucking community filled with unhinged polilezzies constantly screaming and shitting their pants about f/f not getting as many fics on AO3 as m/m ships, complain about fujos being "misogynistic" for not being into their femships and yelling LESBIAN REPRESENTATION!!!! at any unapologetic coomershit directed towards men. It directly corresponds to the rise of "trans lesbians" and many times when you see someone parroting the rhetoric described they have a trans flag on their bio (or a k-pop PFP) so make of that what you will.

No. 2085248

She goes by as a they/them "agender" more specifically.

No. 2085295

These people make it hard to be into men. Can't even fall back on that excuse because apparently sexuality is fluid and straight women can enjoy yuri somehow. Most may relate to women, but they prefer if the other partner was at least a male and not another woman. It's less relatable once things become generally romantic and the likelihood of taking something out of it lessens over time. I can handle some f/f, but I hate how it's written, so I stick to m/m and f/m only. My preferences and others' is not indicative of some conspiracy against "lesbians". Some people don't see the appeal in f/f, and that's perfectly fine. One shouldn't force somebody to write what they want or risk turning a hobby such as fanfiction into a content mill.

No. 2085303

She can't do anything which is why I find this whole section retarded. She is acting like she has some sort of authority over what others can do when she is just a poor, mentally ill hikkiNEET.

No. 2085306

My god, young fujos need to stop being such pushovers and tell political yurifags to suck a tit and shut the fuck up with none of this weird ass pathologizing derailment. It's one thing to discuss the treatment of female characters in fandoms but using how rabid you are over a female character vs a male character as a baseline to assess how you treat women in real life is absolute lunacy and really shows how far removed zoomers are from reality to the point they treat fictional characters like real people, and not fictional facsimiles born out of a single person's mind. Like in one of my fandoms you got unironically called a misogynist for hating a character that looks like the most scrotish gooning fantasy design you could imagine.

Let's be real, most of these yurifags (who aren't trannies) are male-repulsed straight girls i.e. polilezzies. That said, it doesn't matter which sexuality you are, you can enjoy a well written romance or enjoy a good ship no matter if it's m/f, f/f or m/m unless you're a raging homophobe because at least personally I don't have to self-insert like a loser or compulsively masturbate to the sex I'm attracted to. It's just a fact that a lot of mainstream yuri is born bland and only appeals to a very specific demographic instead of a more wider audience, especially because yurifags lack the charisma, dedication and sense of community people like fujos have built for decades.

No. 2085313

Honestly I think most of these yurifags are TIMs, I swear 80% of the time I find a "lesbian" online it turns out to be a man in a skirt.
There are some actual discussion happening, but their train of thought went into a "There's no fanworks related to female characters = Misogyny (which can be true at times, but mostly on how fandom treat male vs female characters, specially when it comes to morally dubious ones)" so "Less f/f works than m/m ones = Misogyny" pipeline. Which makes no sense.

No. 2085320

Most of them are troons, I was wondering why none of these she/her "lesbians" with anime PFPs had no IRL photos like most girls regardless of sexuality post but only cooming over anime lesbians laced with extreme male-coded aggression and entitlement while screeching about "misogyny" (i.e. female fans drawing fanart of bishounens), scrolling their feed soon exposed them as trannies due to mentioning HRT or other telltale signs. They just successfully co-opted the discourse about the lack of interesting female characters and turned it into "you prefer a male character over my coomwaifu so you're a misogynist".

No. 2085321

i hate ranfren, its so zoomery and retarded. I dont understand the appeal. The only mildly cute character is randall but TIFs crucify you for lewding him for some reason.

No. 2085362

> The only mildly cute character is randall but TIFs crucify you for lewding him for some reason.
because that version of him is 13

No. 2085374

File: 1720708359981.png (19.21 KB, 1220x220, disclaimer.png)

Just noticed she seems to have added this to the site recently. She probably has already had too many encounters with deranged zoomers at this point. I've seen too many teens poorly cosplaying as Satoru or Randal and cutting themselves. Imagine what she gets in her inbox.

No. 2085394

It's so weird because my experience is the exact opposite. I haven't seen anyone blowing a gasket about lewding Randal and there's tons of JP and Russian fans that make lovely art. Feels like a lower concentration of annoying TIFs and zoomers compared to my past fandoms

No. 2085416

yaoi may appeal to women more due to it the overwhelming female authors and it being a subgenre of shoujo, but genuinely how many gay/bi men even in Japan, prefer Bara? or technically geicomic as it's called. I doubt all gay dudes in Japan are into super muscular bears. fudanshis both consumers and writers may be in the minority but they exist. even the ones who keep their gender secret could potentially be men too

No. 2085427

I don't know if she might have something against R-18 fanart personally or not, but that shit is illegal in Canada so this could be just to cover her ass.

No. 2085446

You first need to take into account that gay men are already a tiny minority in the genpop, now you have to narrow it down to gay guys who are nerdy and into animanga, and then you have to narrow it down even further into nerdy gay guys who don't just satisty their lust from IRL sex/IRL porn, and then you narrow it down even further to gay guys who can stomach the rather "fem-brained" depictions of gay male sex common in yaoi enough to call themselves fan. You're working with a really negligible pool. The whole reason geicomi was created in the first place was because gay men in Japan didn't jive with the depictions of gay relations through the female lens.

No. 2085458

The annoying ones I see complaining about lack of wlw content are always coming from agp TIMs who are repulsed by straight content or anything involving males. Don't know why you would attribute these annoying types to "polilezzies" when those are the ones who would be repulsed by yuri and would rather read yaoi.

No. 2085460

It is actually not illegal to draw porn in Canada unless a minor is being depicted. Randal is definitely coded as a minor though even if Howdie did canonically say he is ageless so, yeah, she is likely covering her ass and trying to save herself from future trouble.

No. 2085501

why? he looks so old though did howdie slap that age into her blorbo so no one could lewd him

No. 2085514

File: 1720718809215.png (475.58 KB, 813x1097, callout.PNG)

Because that entire part of the fanbase left when the big callout doc dropped in early 2022. It mentions things such as Nyens old design from 2012 where he is fully black with only his features left uninked being blackface, his current one referencing Nevada-tan (I don't know why that's an issue and the doc doesn't say), having Randall say "hey my nigga, what's up" in one old comic, the ratmen obviously being racist asian caricatures, howdie having a link to Elliot Rodger's manifesto on the website, posting about BL and then about a school shooting memorial the next day, howdie being anti-semitic for including a swastika in a drawing of a oujia board and lastly making art of Luther x Randall and reblogging picrel as >>2084911 said. New english-speaking fans who use twitter that are made aware of this doc apparently leave the fandom quickly so it has no chance to grow but I guess tiktok zoomers have an easier time ignoring it since it's such a fragmented platform.

No. 2085528

He's always been an ambiguously-aged teen. It always made me wonder if Howdie is a closeted shotacon since she's always fixated on young-looking anime boys like Bedman, Bridget, Kokichi, and the boys from the Mother series.

No. 2085597

If there really were terfs in the Dunmeshi fandom I'd actually read it and join ASAP. I've mainly just been seeing monster girldick shit and boypussy mpreg from osmosis on Twitter. Gross. Also none of these things are "terfy" rhetoric at all.

No. 2085616

The fandoms people say have a TERF problem literally never have a TERF problem, literal schizo behavior. The only fandom that might have a sizable amount of cryptos is Enshitmble Stars but even then it's not even worth it when 99% of the other fans are gonna chimp out at you over Arashi.

No. 2085661

Back when the Limbus Company controversy happened, I was pretty surprised that some of moidy series fanartists I followed retweeted korean feminism and terf stuff. Deleted any LC stuff they had and never looked back.

No. 2085669

What these people perceive as "TERFs" aren't really the same as how we define them, they're talking about the baby polilez rudefems who hound fujos like they were paid for it and always accuse them of misogyny and being troon eggs.

No. 2085690

Which is funny because those fujo haters complaining about muh women representation are 50/50 split between AGP troons and female polilez yurifags who would rather side with said troons than other women.

No. 2085697

I've literally never seen a fandom that has a large amount of TERFs. Usually the fandoms people claim are full of TERFs are just full of normies and normie transphobes. Anyone who isn't into standard wokeism these days are called TERFs.

No. 2085706

Terfs in fandom this, terfs in fandom that. What are some actual fandoms that have a sizable proportion of terfs in them other than hp?

No. 2085710

Most terfs in fandom spaces tend to be crypto so idk, vocal terfs usually don't post any fandom shit on their blogs.

No. 2085718

Man I don't give a fuck about any of that. Good riddance to the annoying people though

No. 2085887

There aren't even a large amount of TERFs in the HP fandom kek everyone there constantly virtue signals about how much they hate JKR. Most people aren't going to be open TERFs in the first place if they're heavily active in fandom spaces. I know some cryptos and they're huddled in their own small circles and only make transphobic posts that can be played off as jokes making fun of 14 year old xenogender people.

No. 2086189

overwatch attracts a lot of them for some reason, despite being a pro-trans ip. Terfs love moira

No. 2086714

It's because yuri and BL fans didn't have to interact that often up until now
Mostly due to there being more variety in shows made for women and shows made for men.

No. 2086723

File: 1720810564125.png (400.63 KB, 630x577, really.png)

What does Madoka have to do with a coomer mahou shoujo exactly? Coomer mahou shoujo series for moids have been a thing since the 70s anyway (cutie honey)

No. 2086734

Madoka magica was made by lolicons, so i get them.

No. 2086738

Most anime period is, including mahou shoujo for little kids.

No. 2086741

File: 1720811336227.png (526.67 KB, 1280x1821, U_GAIM_002.png)

True, they have also been pandering to otakus since the 80s.

No. 2086744

And that's why I get annoyed when people shit on Madoka in specific by comparing it to obvious fapbait anime like mahou ako and shows for toddlers like precure.
I really don't give a shit if the anime is made by lolicons or not because almost every show is, I care whether it's a good anime or not.

No. 2086752

anime is a medium made by men for men, with one or two shows every 10 years actually meant for women. I know it's defeatists, but this is a moid's world and men are always meant to be the target audience of almost everything ever

No. 2086755

I don't think a show being made for men automatically makes it bad or means that women can't enjoy it. Most of my favorite anime/manga (that isn't BL) is seinen anyway.

No. 2086757

i didnt say it was a bad thing, i just said that most stuff is meant to be for men. Women who grasp at straws trying to paint meduka as a feminist anime when its made by 5 lolicons are actually cringe beyond words.

No. 2086766

>i just said that most stuff is meant to be for men
Ah my bad then.
>Women who grasp at straws trying to paint meduka as a feminist anime
Personally I don't think I've seen any visual media that I would actually consider feminist. Some books sure but I don't think I've seen a tv show (animated or otherwise) that I personally consider feminist, I don't particularly care about that anyway though I just think Madoka is a genuinely fantastic anime.

No. 2086873

shouldn't the real issue be the obvious paedophilia?

No. 2086877

what pedophilia? that guy looks like the most generic skinny bishie ever

No. 2086879

Obviously, I personally love seeing them forced to get pregnant. It's so humiliating. like can you imagine having the ability to give birth being exploited against you and used for your oppression? It would be so humiliating, good thing there aren't a class of human beings that actually go through this(bait)

No. 2086884

We're a long, long way from retro fujos and the surprise "Saudi Arabian prince with giant pet tiger and bodyguards kidnaps the mc and forces him into sexy belly dancer outfits" trope.

No. 2086889

Talk to your doctor about upping the dose of meds. Whatever they give you, it's clearly not enough.

No. 2086908

The current focus has shifted towards Russian mobsters, both for het and bl stuff

No. 2086914

I hate the fact that I can't like manhwas no matter how hard I try. I just can't handle the drawing style and the bright colors. I'm sure some of them have good stories, but I just can't take them seriously. The only manhwa I have read was Killing Stalking when I was 13, after that I tried to get into that world but I just couldn't.

No. 2086919

I tried rereading Killing Stalking recently, but I just could not handle the random 3D assets. They always took me out and would bother me

No. 2086923

manwhas are the anime equivalent of calarts in western animation. Insanely ugly mass produced style for retards.

No. 2086925

One of my favorite manhwas is Concubine Walkthrough it also has bright colors but a rather unique color palette and style. Maybe you'll like it. It starts out as sword art online, but with palace drama and some seemingly unhealthy romance instead of fighting (it is not the "ahkshually she just needed to act better so he wouldn't abuse her" trope I swear) but has tons of plot twists and one of the most insane but well executed endings. Maybe you can give it a chance. I mainly want to talk about it with nonnies though, kek.

No. 2086926

I'm sure that if I were to read KS again today I would also dislike it because of that. One thing that bothers me is that the things you thought were amazing when you were younger aren't actually as amazing as you thought they were. And that feeling becomes even stronger when you are an artist who became better over time.

No. 2086928

this video is cringe in a bad way

No. 2086935

File: 1720822521929.jpeg (43.21 KB, 488x628, images - 2024-07-13T081040.470…)

The only manhwa I've been able to finish were Bastard, I Love Amy, and Roach. Bastard had some really noticable 3d asset use that took me out of the story at times but other than that it's not the worst

No. 2086941

Thanks for the recommendations nonnies, I'll give them a try.

No. 2086954

Almost all fiction made in Korea comes off as soulless and manufactured to me. Kpop, kdramas, webtoons, it's the same shit.

No. 2086967

File: 1720824080367.jpg (249.59 KB, 914x1113, style.JPG)

samefag, picrel shows the style. I honestly think it's beautiful. Appreciating details also pays off, as many minor details foreshadow a lot of the twists later on.

No. 2086970

File: 1720824152869.png (86.03 KB, 951x580, coping hard.png)

Holy fuck this cope

No. 2086976

Kek I feel like this is directly Addy's fault

No. 2086981

File: 1720824529075.png (271.23 KB, 726x805, or she's just a typical menher…)

Kek it's possible it further highlighted it but this coping has been going on for a few days, particularly with redditors coping about their waifu.

No. 2086982

addy is such a funny sperg. She literally cosplays characters from eroges that have sex with shotas and shills saya no uta, but her blorbo hinting at being a shotafujo is just too much for her.

No. 2086984

File: 1720824750643.gif (2.47 MB, 498x498, 1000005090.gif)

> MENTALLY ILL character has STRANGE and CREEPY preferences
Oh this poor oblivious male kekekekekek

No. 2086988

What’s wrong with liking the sfw Saya no uta

No. 2086989

File: 1720825138223.jpg (30.44 KB, 300x471, 1066460_ful.jpg)

>sfw Saya no uta
Unless you mean the American comic book adaptation, that isn't a thing.

No. 2086992

Obviously I hate the original but this is so fucking cursed.

No. 2086995

No, I mean the edited version on steam that took the loli parts out. Is it really that terrible to be a fan of it? Isn’t the whole point of it supposed to be a horror story, not sexy?

No. 2086996

Kek it's still not SFW at all though
But personally I have no issue with someone being a fan of Saya.

No. 2086997

>Isn’t the whole point of it supposed to be a horror story, not sexy?
This may surprise you considering how incredibly naive you sound, but horror and sexual content are frequently paired together because people like that

No. 2087000

you can like it, but saya is meant to be a loli waifu. Otherwise she wouldnt be a kawiwi animu loli and it would be whatever this western abomination is >>2086989

No. 2087001

Well, I should specify as long as that person is a woman and isn't hypocritical about it I don't care.

No. 2087002

Just read Annarasumanara, it was made before the entire medium got ruined by mobile phone layouts and cgi model slop

No. 2087011

offtopic drama but the account who replied to that tweet used to be a TIF who ran a nazi fanblog on tumblr and posted "his cock" (very obviously not her cock) on KF to "prove he was male"

No. 2087014

Kek, I like how you just happen to know the lore.

No. 2087019

File: 1720826746084.jpg (28.59 KB, 567x592, 1000005092.jpg)

> Tfw a Nazi fetishist unironically gives Twitter weebs a reality check
Fuck me this timeline is bleak.

No. 2087191

This but with danmei. I've read 3 different danmei all by different authors and they all look and read exactly the same. How do people get addicted to this slop?

No. 2087427

>What does Madoka have to do with a coomer mahou shoujo exactly?
When it aired around 10~ years ago it had a large coomer male fanbase that negatively influenced the mahou shoujo fandom on tumblr. It also brought in many edgy fans who wanted all mahou shoujo to be like Madoka and who made edgy and lewd fanart of precure.
So now the fans who were left scarred by it a decade ago (lol) are reminded of that point in time whenever a new edgy/lewd/edgy-lewd mahou shoujo shows up.

No. 2087428

Is this real?

No. 2087430

File: 1720869220726.jpeg (51.04 KB, 443x693, images - 2024-07-13T211251.883…)

NTA but yes, unfortunately it's a sack of shit

No. 2087536

Is it a realitycheck though? This gimmick account posts characters that look gnc, the personality doesn't really matter in that regard.

No. 2087643

File: 1720891379991.png (1.22 MB, 640x1440, R3nVUDn.png)

What is wrong with western localizers? Why the fuck do they insist on shoving those goddamn stale twitter jokes into every single one of their fucking works?

No. 2087657

Aside from Nekomata calling the MC a fuckboy it's not actually that out of character from how demon negociation works in this series. Fire Emblem will always be worse. I'm using this comparison because of how the crossover game TMS or something like that got localized like a Fire Emblem game and not like a Megaten game, as in, very poorly.

No. 2087698

Same reason so many western vns or otomes are treated as ironic or jokes, everyone is scared of being genuine. Especially with games and anime since that's still seen as nerdy even though it's all mainstream

No. 2087720

how exactly are otomes mainstream? in my entire life i never meet someone who actually played an otome game.

No. 2087727

What twitter jokes? Isn't that just regular vulgar street talk that's basically directly translating their speech from the Japanese dialect?

No. 2087742

I remember as a kid I had to get a harpy for some reason in one of the games and they were all so mean to me.

No. 2087797

that man doesn't even look gnc though

No. 2087823

Gaming and anime as a whole are mainstream but western devs still treat everything related to or inspired by it like it's something to be embarrassed of

No. 2087834

Plus nerds desperately want to believe that they're still kwerky for liking basic normie anime kek

No. 2087884

File: 1720904352146.png (307.55 KB, 540x417, q6iFrnX.png)

I feel even as a kid I should have realized how poor the quality of some of the art is. like picrel doesn't seem to be an intentional art style, It's a result of laziness. I have a strong belief that in a few months most Korean artists will start using AI for their artwork as well

No. 2087945

Is there such a lack of decent media that people need to resort to liking pieces of censored coomer media? I lose respect for moralfags in the fandom that want to like fucked up shit but don't want to be associated with the bad parts. Just own up to it. You can like something and still admit it's fucked up and criticize it. Doing these mental hoops is Addy's tier of coping. We all like something with its issues, you can consume and enjoy them without being blind to them.
The need to come up with justifications feels like a consequence of the fandom callouts over absolutely nothing. They seemed to have reduced in numbers, but a few years ago there was a google doc callout of a hundred pages on every single nobody on the internet and it was always filled with the most petty minor thing on earth. At what point did we misunderstand the differences between criticizing something and labeling anyone who enjoys it to any extent a sinner? Any discussion in the fandom turns out to pointing fingers and calling names.

No. 2088197

In defense of Koogi, she had to dealt with tons of hand pain to update the comic as soon as possible even if many orthopedic surgeon told her to get a fucking rest (doesn't help neither that the fandom was quite horrible and ungrateful back then). And considering how WebToon is quite harsh with deadlines, I do believe that most Korean artist will start using AI for their artwork as well.

No. 2089291

File: 1720945005011.png (279.04 KB, 827x811, CBOxwub.png)

what does this even mean?

No. 2089294

i think it's those edgy tards that like putting a dark morbid spin on femininity, like that meme of "girls in love"

No. 2089310

kek i feel like some of the stories are already ai generated with how all these villainess manhwas read the exact same.

No. 2089328

op wants more dark stuff in yuri instead of just fluffy shit, this was by some shipping/oc account

No. 2089420

File: 1720963017114.jpg (137.74 KB, 960x1619, 0db.jpg)

I hate that these cherry picked, out of context caps are being passed around and made to look like as if they're just the same as replacing proper main story context with memes.

These caps are from demon negotiation dialogue from Shin Megami Tensei V. Demon negotiation is a mechanic you employ regularly to convince demons to join you or give you items. Through the series, demon negotiation always had silly and stupid dialogue to keep players amused and lighten up the tone of the games (since the main plots tend to be dark). In SMTV they went ham with localizing these dialogues but what they did is not out of place and doesn't take away from the main story (which sucks this time around).

No. 2089467

Has SMT not suffered enough? These are so bad

No. 2089470

can we talk about the straight isekai genre and how trash it is?

Literally almost every single isekai has one of these plots:

>Male lead is addicted to cheating

>Female lead goes through extreme emotional and physical abuse and trauma that at this point its torture-porn and martyr complex.
>Male lead abuses the female lead, has a mistress, and kills the female lead. Then the female lead gets isekaid into the past and tries to make him love her again or tries to get revenge but in the end still ends up with him and they live happily ever after.
>Stories where the female lead gets isekaid into the body of the mistress and ends up with the male lead.
>The male lead and female lead have a age gap where FL is teenager and ML is adult.
> Rich princess Female lead has a mysterious illness that makes her body weak and therefore all of the kingdom hates her and bullies her and she is so oppressed.
>the "interesting" quote that the male leads say about the female leads (the ones who get it get)
>the other female characters in this story only exist to either be characters whose sole existence is worshipping the female leads existence or being evil antagonists who want to homewreck the female leads relationship.

No. 2089485

I particularly don't understand whenever the MC kind of forgets she's not even from the world and then just acts like she's from that world, actually caring about the characters and such.
Like yeah, she can care about the characters because that means she's empathetic, but it's weird when the author just forgets that the MC isn't from the world of the story and she stops making plans or remembering the original plot of the story.

No. 2089489

File: 1720966985915.jpg (632.98 KB, 2160x2880, p20230499_b_v13_aa.jpg)

Isekai is really shitty, but is entertainment for moids so I really don't care about it.
I recommend .hack//SIGN, magic knight rayearth, the vision of escaflowne or digimon adventure.

No. 2089500

I get the outrage over localization and translations that drastically change a character's personality or plot points but anons who take everything at face value and call WOKE TWITTERFAG MEMES!!!! at literally anything including an SMT demon negotiation moment that has even appropriate amount of localization and is basically 1:1 to the original dialogue should go to reading machine translations if they want a soooper accurate faithful nipponese version and then cry about not understanding the context of the puns, cultural references and slang.

No. 2089505

when I said straight isekai I was talking about josei and shoujo, not the one for moids.

I think they just do for the plot, like a plot filler when they don't know how to make a certain action happen.

No. 2089546

I think this is just an edgy way of saying "yuri stories are boring, I wish things would get more extreme."
Moid isekai are way different from that. They're more
>"gets the chance to escape from slavery, sticks to being a servant for the mc because he's "nice" and has crazy superpowers that make him rich af
>mc is able to cook food for women and this is the sexiest thing they have ever seen in their lives
>They're all ridiculously sexually aggressive while the mc is complete herbivore because literally everything has to fall into the mc's lap

No. 2089582

almost everyone already knows those are usually trash, its pretty much like low effort mass produced fast food.

No. 2089593

File: 1720972979739.jpg (354.15 KB, 847x1200, e5922602-fd6d-4511-8d57-e6d746…)

This one is quite different and I'm glad it got an anime adaptation.

No. 2089661

I feel like this discussion is better fit for the anime thread and not the fandom discussion thread

No. 2089795

File: 1720979510644.jpg (295.78 KB, 1024x768, a37d1d290c088dff53ed4a98b997de…)

Because of so many isekais I have began to forget what actual pure fantasy animes are like
Western based high fantasy is a truly iconic part of anime history but the last decade has turned the settings and characters into a shallow skin that dozens of lazy shows simply wear as a costume with no soul. That's why I think Frieren is such a refreshing call back to the real heart of the genre that used to be taken more sincerely

No. 2089827

Ngl the fact the male protagonist is usually passive and cooks/cleans better than his female LI has the potential to be based kek. Too bad for all the other retarded scrotey tropes.

No. 2089837

File: 1720981364206.webp (138.58 KB, 897x1280, 6h6h.webp)

A lot of moid isekai are pretty blatant about the female characters clearly just jumping at a good deal kek.

No. 2089871

I'm not sure if I should put this under the spicy straight thread or this thread but what causes this uptick in self proclaimed asexuals that make and consume porn? Isn't the whole point of being asexual the adversity or indifference to sex and romance? And then you have them still whining about shirtless men and women in bikinis but one look at their likes and it's a minefield of niche fetish porn.

No. 2089922

My favorite brand of "asexual" has got to be the "Oh, I love having sex with my partner. I just don't want to have sex with everyone all the time like all the sexual people out there."

No. 2089925

porn brain rot?

No. 2089948

people nowadays need to turn everything into a sexuality. Thats why ''demisexuals'' is a thing when it literally just means not being a whore and jumping to bed with the first scrote you see, which is common. They could be based and say they are misandrists who hate 3DPD but they gotta attention whore and claim its asexuality to be part of the gendie crowd, because they are sheeps.

No. 2089951

Sorta related, but I recently read a fanfic that I thought had a decently compelling premise but good lord the fucking author could not for the life of her stop letting the main character ramble and sperg about how “oh I’ve never felt attraction like that” or “I’ve always felt different because unlike my peers I don’t want to fuck other character” and I had to just drop the fanfic and I muted and blocked the author because I never want to interact with that sort of crazy ever. She literally wrote almost entire chapters about the subject and had the audacity to be like “oh I guess I can tag Ace-spectrum character even though I shouldn’t have to.” Literally irked the shit out of me that I even wasted my time reading it. Like I honestly thought the ace-spectrum tag would just be a minor detail in the story from the way it was worded.

No. 2089952

Because in fandom/queer/whatever spaces being cishet is seen as shameful and boring so people will grasp at any label they can. Add onto the fact that people obsessed with labels are terminally online and barely interact with people irl, they will interpret their lack of romantic/sexual life as asexuality even though they're obsessed with porn. To be fair some of those people are functionally asexual, mainly the anime weeb ones in particular who've probably deluded themselves with fictional standards.

No. 2089967

english title?

No. 2090025

File: 1720987699511.jpg (301.74 KB, 1080x1955, 1000018512.jpg)

Tbh the crappy ones are obvious from their summaries, it's pretty easy to avoid them but I understand the sheer number of them being annoying. Still I've managed to find several good straight isekai that don't fall into this formula
Picrel beware the villainess, I love my homegirl Melissa so much

No. 2090029

I agree, beware the villainess is a work of art. The male lead is so cute too

No. 2090034

they're just fat and ugly but won't acknowledge that and say they're asexual to throw off being forever alone even tho they're always in heat basically (as their tastes and "art" shows)

No. 2090054

Nta but No Longer Allowed in Another World.

No. 2090075

that honestly just sounds really sad, knowing you're to fucking ugly to get sex and then resort to calling yourself "asexual".

No. 2090101

desperation to have a unique elgeebeetea label definitely plays a part, but ime the women who do this generally have hangups around the idea of having sex or dating in real life, so despite obviously feeling sexual attraction, claim asexuality as a way of keeping people off their back from asking why they aren't dating or married. Seriously wish it was more socially acceptable to be voluntarily and happily single. Alternatively, and the more common variety in "asexual" moids, their preferences are so extreme and fetish ridden that everything they are sexually attracted to is not in the realm of real sex acts people can even do in real life, so while they coom to wild things like vore, inflation, vehicles, whatever, they have no interest in anything that would involve another person's sex organs, so they view themselves as "asexual"

No. 2090132

so thats why so many husbandofags call themselve asexual?

No. 2090242

"Asexual" husbandofags most likely just never felt attraction to 3D men and consider themselves asexual because they would never fuck or date one.

No. 2090930

File: 1721030323900.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1170x1858, IMG_5724.jpeg)

While I don’t hate Megan thee stallion I really hate her fans especially after she released her weeb/otaku songs. Her Americanised Japanese fans are the most annoying

No. 2090932

File: 1721030366748.jpeg (452.18 KB, 1170x861, IMG_5725.jpeg)

What compels a non—American into liking this

No. 2090937

Toxic yuri/wlw/sapphic story
So like the same shit people complain about here are how most GL/WLW stories are “so fluffy omg we’re holding hands you’re soo cute a a a aaa”

No. 2090944

So let me get this straight, people are stereotyping all yuri as braindead fluffy slop when My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness shows a manga that's neither edgy nor fluffy, just a story from the perspective of a flawed maladjusted lesbian. I don't read a whole lot of yuri–the ones I did read were western–so I never understand this criticism. Like, is it toxic for a same sex couple to be flawed like any sane human being? Depends on who's being asked, but I think when people say they want more yuri where the characters feel human, this isn't what they meant. Not saying these sorts of stories can't exist, but to need to add toxicity as a means of interest reveals an uncreative streak in people.

No. 2090952

>of a flawed maladjusted lesbian
are you sure you read about the same kabi nagata whos into ddlg shit? and definitely not a lesbian

No. 2090955

why is megan allowed to do a cringy song about being a weeb but avril lavigne was mocked relentlessly for it

No. 2090957

I just meant the manga itself. What the author does has no bearing on the work itself but that is in no way condoning their actions. So what makes you think she's not a lesbian? She hasn't voiced any attractions to men nor has she even considered having sex with one. You can read bl and not necessarily be straight provided you're not aroused by what's going on. I just think the book's good.

No. 2090958

File: 1721033272703.jpeg (Spoiler Image,71.3 KB, 627x489, images - 2024-07-15T184307.365…)

NTA but what do you mean she's not a lesbian? Because she read yaoi at one point or because she's a late bloomer with serious issues? AFAIK she's never fucked a dude. I'm not even defending her, I think the older woman/mum fetish is weird but lesbians don't have to be well adjusted because they're human beings like the rest of us

No. 2090960

Please not the kabi nagata infighting again

No. 2090962

MLEWL isn't "yuri", it's an autobiographical manga about a lesbian author. It doesn't belong in this discussion.

No. 2090970

tayrt a bit of correction i might've confused kabi with another mangaka similar to her whos a transbian,so thats on me being retarded but the ddlg point stands. her works should be read as autobiographical and not yuri.

No. 2090975

Because Avril didn’t dress like a whore often enough

No. 2090976

Not the same audience I guess. I haven't listened to either songs but Megan has a reputation as an actual real, nerdy otaku who ships sasunaru and spergs when her anime husbandos come up. And allegedly she was like this before becoming famous. Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't know much about her.

No. 2090981

Because Avril wasn't a bona fide weeb like Meghan who's actually dedicated to her anime autism. Avril just used the very very Americanized surface level "Harajuku girl" aesthetic for a very short while when it was popular.

No. 2090982

Avril got hit with cultural appropriation accusations by Westerners and hello kitty was cringe back then.
Also idk but her song is a bit cooler and fits her persona . The pic that was circulating had Avril look very un-Avril like to general audiences. She looked like a scene queen which is cringe of course instead as a punk princess that she’s known for

No. 2091020

same nona…. i used to mourn there wasnt a lot of yaoi content of the characters but god would i take that instead of what we have now. If I have to see another zippertit kabru comic shilled as "so deep meaningful mlm!!!!" im showing up on the news

No. 2091021

NTA but there was discourse about this before and another native Japanese lesbian mangaka brought up that she has written about being attracted to both men and women (maybe in a blog?) before. The confusion stems from localization and because the term lesbian is often used as an umbrella term in Japan, as in, not exclusive female homosexuality, according to other mangaka. The title of the manga itself is sort of a mistranslation because it's translated as "my lesbian experience" when it's more like "my experience with lesbian brothels" or something like that.

No. 2091023

File: 1721040891072.png (302.57 KB, 350x496, the_guy_she_was_interested_in_…)

That's one story. I can name a couple dark yuri stories, but it's not a stereotype for nothing that a lot of yuri are like pic related, pretty but fluff.

No. 2091055

File: 1721043765537.png (360.24 KB, 681x567, SELF2MD.png)

>Me: opens an average Korean manhwa
>An average Korean manhwa couple:

No. 2091060


No. 2091061

KEKK there are good manhwas but it's so cringy to see all those low effort comics with shitty soulless coloring where the top is a fridge and the bottom looks like he's twelve with big sparkling eyes but somehoe he's the same age or older than the top.

No. 2091137

Tbh i feel like lesbian = any wlw even if she’s bi is what most cultures do. Same as gay.

No. 2091205

File: 1721057122410.png (201.2 KB, 1175x584, persona4.png)

The immense seething this kusoge causes will never end

No. 2091223

Persona isn't a kusoge

No. 2091350

Naoto doesn't deserve this level of mental illness geared at her

No. 2091432

How so

No. 2091451

>As a trans guy around Naoto's age
>Naoto's age is 15
Stoped reading right there. She shouldn't even be online yet.

No. 2091456

To be fair, that manga is an illustrated autobiography, not fictional. I love dark relationships regardless of the sexes involve but a story of a real woman with tranny tier fetishes like DDLG hiring a prostitute is too gross even for me. I honestly laugh in hindsight that she's such a femcel she dissociated before trying to have sex with the escort, lmao

No. 2091776

Naoto's a shit character anyway, she just repeats shit Yosuke already said but everyone acts like she's a genius for saying it.

No. 2091876

there is an anon that calls everything she dislikes a kusoge

No. 2091889

Persona 4 is a kusoge to me and its treatment of Naoto is part of it.

No. 2092049

File: 1721090090960.png (357.42 KB, 781x556, spend 5 minutes on buyfag.png)

Coping Sonico fans will never not be funny

No. 2092057

File: 1721090215697.png (141.14 KB, 894x628, super ironic since she's 'nonb…)

No. 2092059

you can go on my figure collection and find thousands of scrotes with super sonico displays. If this bitch had any other color of hair these dumb ethots wouldnt give a shit about her. Pink must be the most brainrotting color ever.

No. 2092062

What an idiot

No. 2092064

File: 1721090453473.png (176.61 KB, 892x702, moids hotglue magical girl fig…)

I like pink a lot (though burgandy is my favorite color) but agreed.

No. 2092069

File: 1721090566613.png (74.06 KB, 1093x298, Yes.png)

>I guess it's okay to be into BL though because that sexualizes men

No. 2092076

Do Japanese female sonico fans exist and/or do they come up with such elaborate copes to explain their interest in such figures or is copium like this really just a feature of western anime fans? If so, why?

No. 2092082

File: 1721091062537.jpg (235.71 KB, 615x920, 694488_615.jpg)

They exist (Sonico did a collab event with sanrio puroland where a fair amount of Sonico cosplayers showed up) but they're not nearly as common as animecore girls on tiktok think they are.
Obviously women like that do exist in Japan though, someone's gotta produce the lingerie loli art that they all buy.

No. 2092092

Do they do the "i-it's totally not coomshit for men and actually made for the girlies" mental gymnastics though? How do they talk about their hobby?

No. 2092093

File: 1721091196324.jpeg (650.99 KB, 800x1200, 73497b17e1805fba82208c00bffe26…)

the only japanese sonico fan i know of is some coomer male seiyuu who's obsessed with huge tits. Something i have noticed is that most sonico japanese cosplayers are fat kek

No. 2092098

>I don't know if I have even seen any men who are really into sonico figures
kek the delusion, I'm sure that figure her hands are tied to the bedframe and her legs are up is not owned by men, for sure, or that Christmas figure that she's only wearing a ribbon across her body, I'm sure men are not interested at all.

No. 2092099

File: 1721091331953.jpg (271.53 KB, 826x1159, to be fair I guess stuff like …)

>i-it's totally not coomshit for men and actually made for the girlies
Kek, yes they do that all the time. Or at least claim 'Sonico's been reclaimed by the girlies'
>How do they talk about their hobby?
Unless they're really degenerate most of them just say stuff like 'I love Sonico because she's so cute!'
Weirdly I don't think a lot of them view her in a sexual light.

No. 2092100

>Can we stop pretending that women cant also enjoy the sexualization of female characters?
What a mouthful. Can we stop pretending that most of the pickmes into these kinds of characters aren't simply conditioned by a sexist society to find male approval by objectifying women? Imagine first sperging about how women can totally like needlessly sexualized female characters (as the original article was talking about how even in shoujo you can't escape from them) and then falling back to the "ackshually they're just cute and totally not sexualized!!!" cope.

Checked "her" youtube channel and of course it's a moid. Go figure.

No. 2092103

File: 1721091504620.jpg (116.26 KB, 640x585, df1f1f04e7b9b1aeaa54937a6c19d3…)

>sanrio collabing with a company known for making violent and lolicon eroges
japan's so fucking weird at times

No. 2092105

Shut up nonnie Sonico is for the cute fashionable pinterest girlies because I say so.
>as the original article was talking about how even in shoujo you can't escape from them
Well, the original post was about a fanmade figure (probably one of those Chinese resin ones) that showed a close up shot of Tohru's underwear which is why people were reasonably upset.
>Checked "her" youtube channel and of course it's a moid
To the surprise of no one. I was thinking it might just be an extreme pick me but it being a moid tracks even more.

No. 2092109

File: 1721091641289.png (2.05 MB, 2109x1055, vampire abuse boys x sanrio.pn…)

Sanrio collabs with everything.

No. 2092110

File: 1721091694103.jpg (50.67 KB, 850x850, sample_e0220161a883bea3cd7f886…)

also the official illustrations are drawn by tsuji santa, who has drawn for loli eroges and also did super fucking weird sexualized baby and child sonico art. Why cant coomers leave cute things alone.

No. 2092111

dont you womminz understand that coomshit is totally liberating and empowering??? you're a misogynist if you disagree!

No. 2092114

File: 1721091813637.png (3.55 MB, 1900x1200, sanrio higurashi.png)

No. 2092116

higurashi is understandable, because its actually good

No. 2092120

File: 1721091961955.png (887.02 KB, 1200x675, mx-oshinoko-tsutaya-20231005-m…)

True, just pointing out that Sanrio does collabs with 18+ (or at least heavy otaku) media all the time.

No. 2092122

File: 1721092003015.png (57.65 KB, 860x398, sonico_wedding.png)

kekk reclaimed by the girlies, like how they released a wedding figure with wedding rings. Ofc she's wearing a cute wedding dress and not some tacky lingerie…

No. 2092130

>the MALE ring
b-but i thought only women liked sonico chan…

No. 2092135

File: 1721092535342.jpg (180.12 KB, 600x850, 896c00ca1ffb17883226a95358a56e…)

I had to look it up and it's real kek

No. 2092138

anyhon else feel empowered looking at this feminist icon?

No. 2092146

i like really scrotish anime myself and i have a few swimsuit figures of my favourite female characters, but i legit dont understand the appeal of super sonico. She has no personality, her proportions are nauseating and she has the fashion sense of shayna. There is nothing remotely appealing about her and her ugly ass figures that look like cheap aliexpress hooker outfits.

No. 2092147

File: 1721092866314.png (Spoiler Image,637.32 KB, 550x800, weddingsonico.png)

Yup, it's real. All her figures have peculiar descriptions, usually including something about her body.
Don't worry, we can remove that pesky skirt, for maximum empowerment!

No. 2092153

File: 1721093105026.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3500x2385, 1393126.jpeg)

>spend 3 seconds on MFC
>first post is a sonico shrine by a 31yo scrote who ofcourse has the toddler sonico figure where she's covered in cream that looks like cum front and center
maybe he's secretly a tgirl, may his egg crack. Inshallah.

No. 2092155

File: 1721093211205.png (Spoiler Image,162.01 KB, 281x350, marriedtosonico.png)

Actually checked on this video only to spot the marriage sonico figure, fucking kek.

No. 2092167

File: 1721093993562.png (53.16 KB, 1168x205, realistic queen.png)

I don't know about you girlies but I'm feeling pretty empowered right now
He has the halfscale one too kek.

No. 2092168

whats with the blind speds trying to claim sonico is realistic? huge tits and ass with skinny everything else is more unrealistic than the average anime girl

No. 2092173

>The obese one without balloon tits doesn't have figures.
Why could that be? A true mystery. I bet it's the other girlies gatekeeping, for sure.

No. 2092174

>Checked "her" youtube channel and of course it's a moid. Go figure.
Holy shit I was expecting the typical nasal clocky tranny voice but he really sounds like just some guy.
Those tweets immediately reeked of transbian to me, but since the bio said they/them I assumed it was a case of major turbo pick meism. This honestly the first time I see a themlet moid, 99% I can automatically assume every they/them to be a woman.
Now him claiming to never see any male Sonico fans makes more sense. He probably saw plenty of them, but they were either fellow trans girlies, or they were obviously male but didn't have "he/him male" plastered on their bios, so his gendie status requires him to not assume their gender.

So the original tweet wasn't even about Sonico but he still made it about his tittywaifu? So he's just comparing animanga for young girls to eroge games for grown moids.
I also notice him talking about "smutty shoujo", as if that wouldn't just be josei, which is actually targeted at a mature audience (probably the word josei isn't kawaii uguu girlhood euphoria enough for him).

??? Does Sanrio have a moid audience? Or are the traumacore BPD sanriogirls also a thing in Japan?

No. 2092184

>Or are the traumacore BPD sanriogirls also a thing in Japan?
Considering stuff like this https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/31027429 and the nekopara artist being a woman, maybe.

No. 2092189

File: 1721095195442.jpeg (905.73 KB, 2048x1536, pictures you can smell.jpeg)

>Now him claiming to never see any male Sonico fans makes more sense. He probably saw plenty of them, but they were either fellow trans girlies, or they were obviously male but didn't have "he/him male" plastered on their bios, so his gendie status requires him to not assume their gender.
To be fair, the guy himself doesn't seem to own any Sonico figures. He has Mai chan's daily life in his WL though so pretty obviously still degen.

No. 2092209

gross tranny, leave sakura alone

No. 2092222

cant people just simply like an oversexualized anime character because they like it? why over excuse it with all this political bs?
I liked bunny suit Mikuru as a kid because I thought she was hot, didnt need to make it a political statement.

No. 2092227

oh it definitely exists. theyre just called menhera over there

No. 2092231

because that means admitting they like something problematic like the male gaze

No. 2092236

i mean when i was a horny teen i just found her hot and guiltily saved pictures of her. this new moralfag shit is crazy

No. 2092240

>the male gaze
Zoomies don’t believe in that anymore. They think men are the oppressed ones

No. 2092245

Have these people never considered that the reason they don't encounter male Sonico fans is because they're in female spaces in the first place? No shit you don't think male coomerd exist when all you scroll is Pinterest and stan twitter. But sure 17 year old Sanrio girls are responsible for all of Nitroplus' revenue.

No. 2092248

File: 1721098530196.jpg (61.93 KB, 291x688, neil gamien fictives.jpg)

I wanted to see how the Sandman fandom was reacting to the allegations against Gaiman (what with the second season of the netflix show being announced and all), and was pleasantly surprised that they're being pretty mature about it. Then I saw this.

Imagine thinking that you are literally a fictional character and making it a core part of your identity and then finding out that the author who created you is a disgusting creep. These people have to find a way to cope that doesn't invalidate their fictional character souls, I guess. Would it surprise you to know that this poster also claims to have DID and that their headmates collectively use they/he/it/bug pronouns?

No. 2092261

>They think men are the oppressed ones
Unronically this

No. 2092269

No. 2092435

I'm gonna throw up, men need to leave my daughter Sakura alone

No. 2092492

File: 1721111043661.jpg (771.79 KB, 3072x3072, 1718341236468.jpg)

No. 2092498

Like with every generation, the loudest are the pickmes. Gen Z teens and women don't really want to date over Discord and/or randomly get choke slammed during sex in my experience.

No. 2092502

File: 1721111479406.jpeg (5.46 KB, 259x194, images (14).jpeg)

Jumpscare naked molerat

No. 2092509

kek the commenter is right. I'm not familiar with what threadpic is from but how is this even visually gender non-conforming? it literally just looks like a dude with long hair

No. 2092531

but guys, don't you know that the journalist is a terf?? that makes all claims void. neil gaiman did nothing wrong

No. 2092538

File: 1721114336078.png (37.82 KB, 528x263, jkrgaiman.png)

I just found it so hilarious that JKR lives rent free and thinks she's still worse than a literal alleged abuser of at least two women. Oh right, I guess JKR totally 41% all trans people of course.

No. 2092551

Based. She seemed cool and mysterious in the first half of the game and then became boring as soon as she became a playable character.

No. 2092553

I'm morbidly curious now, which seiyuu is it.

No. 2092557

>male author rapes multiple women
>female author is anti-tranny
>the rapist is somehow less harmful
Holy fuck take me out of this timeline

No. 2092560

eguchi takuya. He wiped everything pre 2023 off his blog but he was a huge sonicoomer

No. 2092568

They're already losing their minds at the bdsm criticisms, I wish this didn't have to be about troons again.

No. 2092570

What an idiot, 2023 is too recent so if he actually worried about his reputation as a piece of shit coomer otaku who collects expensive and inappropriate figurines he should have deleted posts way earlier.

No. 2092578

i mean its not like it matters in japan, he probably just got a bigger female audience since his love stage seme days and didnt want to look like a coomer to his female simps

No. 2092589

Sorry I meant to say "yes gen z unironically believe this, which is very unfortunate" I guess I didn't explain myself correctly. Pls forgive me nona

No. 2094646

boring ass shows

No. 2096438

Can I ask what Gaiman actually did? I cannot be arsed to wade through the dredges of Tumblr myself. If you don’t mind?

No. 2096451

Allegations that he and his BPDette wife Amanda Palmer are creepy sex pests towards young women/their staff.

No. 2096458

1st accuser was a 21 year old nanny/au pair of theirs
>On the day they met each other he climbed into her bath and fingered her without consent
>He did surprise anal several times including once using butter as lube(?)
>Once the pain from anal was so bad she passed out
>She says he also hit her with a belt and would make her do degrading stuff like perform oral after doing anal as "punishment"
Gaiman says everything was consensual and there are whatsapp messages between them where she thanks him for the sex etc. Worth noting here is that she went to AP about this and she said the nanny was the 14th woman who had said something like this

No. 2096465

2nd accuser was a 20 year old who met him at 18 at a book signing
>tried to get her to do a threesome with her friend when they were 19
>told him not to penetrate he cause she had a UTI but he did it anyway and it was very painful
My take is he obviously has a taste for extremely young women and at the very least is a serious creep who has been abusing his fame to fuck fans for years at this point. Even if the sex was consensual the weird power tripping, enjoyment of pain and disregard for boundaries is concerning. Also worth mentioning is he had accuser #1 sign an NDA backdated to her first day of employment (thus covering the bath incident.) She apparently went to the police about it but they said no charges would stick.
(Sorry for the essay btw, just hadnt really looked into this myself and came away more than a little disgusted)

No. 2096476

AYRT, thanks Nona. Sucks to hear as someone who is (was?) a huge fan of Good Omens, not to mention that I inherited that passion from my mother. Men simply cannot be trusted. I hope these poor ladies are able to successfully press charges.

No. 2096813

File: 1721435135851.png (432.82 KB, 624x551, B5E864AA-FD9E-45D8-A6A8-65487D…)

Why are female hetfags so cucked? Picrel is one of many I’ve encountered, straight women obsessing over the woman I presume they’re self inserting into to the point it borders on homoeroticism except they’re straight. Hell I’m a yumefag and I never understood this voyeuristic expression of sexuality

No. 2096817

To be fair, your post could be said for fujos. Anyways, the actual reason is as 85% self-insertion, 10% trying too hard to be quirky and a small 5% of brainrot.

No. 2096820

They're trying to convince men that they're ~one of the boys~. Standard pickme behavior.

No. 2096821

I have never seen fujos obsessed with female characters like a moid is unless you’re talking about general self insertion

No. 2096822

Nah, I mean obession/self-insertion with the uke character.

No. 2096823

Ayrt is just trying to start up yet another infight about fujos. Just ignore them.

No. 2096824

it makes sense for a straight woman to obsses over a male character though, this comparison makes no sense

No. 2096826

Same. I dont get female sonicoomer, shes so fucking ugly yet they seem to desperately want to make it a girly thing despite sonico being a mascot for a coom company.

No. 2096827

>endos dni
The fuck is an "endo?" An endocrinologist?

No. 2096828

Wait, maybe I didn't type it out correctly? I meant more so the whole "hetfags are so cucked" part I don't really get how self-inserting and obsessing over a character in a M/F ship makes you any more cucked than self-inserting and obsessing over a character in a M/M ship.

No. 2096830

Retards who larp having alters without a special twauma unlike the honest and true retards with alters with horrible twauma (Their parents grounded them.)

No. 2096831

a straight woman sexualizing a male character is normal a straight woman sexualizing a female reeks of pickmeism and insecurity

No. 2096833

I don't know. Obsessing and self-inserting over any character no matter the orientation or genders involved seems pretty cucked to me.

No. 2096835

Who do you want us to obsess over? 3dpd moids?

No. 2096839

Tbh I often want to talk about how beautiful and cute my favorite female character I have in a hetship is. I'm straight, but I just really do adore her just as a character, and from women who self-insert I imagine people enjoy comparing themselves to a woman who they also percieve as beautiful.
I feel the issue is a lot of women don't know how to express finding girl characters beautiful without defaulting to coomer moid talk given how prevalent it is online. You can think a girl looks pretty in a bikini without sounding like a moid about it, you can say a woman looks cool without saying you want her to step on you, you can say an anime girl is cute with a pretty design without saying you wanna fuck her. But moidery poisons women's minds everywhere.

No. 2096844

No, obsess all you want. Self-inserting into a ship of any kind is what makes you a cuckold.

No. 2096853

i feel like your picrel is a very far cry from actual pickme language.

No. 2096895

I know what you mean and it's always the most male gaze character too. I have a feeling they think they are subverting this into their thing, but to me, they are just reinforcing it. I don't know who that character in your pic is, but some of the characters they fawn over are clearly just fanservice with barely any personality other than generic waifu bait.

No. 2096907

Picrel is generic titcow who’s entire personality is being demure and sucking the mc’s dick, except she’s a teenager for pedo scrotes, so yes she’s exactly what you described

No. 2096912

Who cares. You're literally getting asshurt over the way people engage with romantic fiction in their own heads. I'm not even into shipping and I think you're being ridiculous.

No. 2096918

Are…are we really arguing that self inserting into a fictional relationship is cuckolding? Do you people go outside?

No. 2096947

and the posts after that

No. 2097030

File: 1721462332500.png (53.42 KB, 883x237, funnily enough this isn't the …)

No. 2097036

File: 1721462543751.png (126.99 KB, 877x595, Screenshot 2024-07-20 010146.p…)

Women do not have internalized misogyny because they don't want to read yuri

No. 2097040

I see this argument a lot. No, no fujo is secretly thinking about fucking you mutilated ‘she’-pigs. It’s not even a case of politics, I just don’t think about troons in my daily life if I can avoid them. Least of all in my nsfw material. Fucking ew.

No. 2097045

File: 1721463211886.png (80.21 KB, 882x456, Screenshot 2024-07-20 011307.p…)

No. 2097047

And what these people consider "sapphic work" is always big tittied Genshin girls they genuinely believe to be "made for sapphics".

Actual schizo posting. What the fuck.
Yeah, I've seen the most narcissist ones do this recently. Deadass claiming that effeminate ukes are appropriating "transfeminine culture" kek. The narcissism is off the charts.

No. 2097048

>And what these people consider "sapphic work" is always big tittied Genshin girls they genuinely believe to be "made for sapphics".
In this person's case it's literally fucking Naruto characters.
>Deadass claiming that effeminate ukes are appropriating "transfeminine culture" kek
Truly troons will try and worm their way into every aspect of fandom.

No. 2097053

she's right tho, yuri is not always male gaze and there are a lot of female authors making gl

No. 2097080

File: 1721468827793.png (200.23 KB, 570x563, 6ohKt4B.png)

Is there a term for these troons (because it's always troons) who complain about this? They'll claim to be misandrists or whatever, but the truth is they view themselves as failed males and they just hate the idea of women being attracted to good looking males.

No. 2097097

By this logic I'm intellectually challenged for not reading LOTR? yea know there are people who don't yuri, because they just don't like it. It's not a moral falling on their part–simply have nothing to gain by reading said content. That doesn't mean all yuri is bad and not worth your time, but I don't see fujos busting down doors when someone says they don't read yaoi.
True, but it's like finding diamonds in a turd shaft. You weren't find a single good gl manga that isn't riddled with male gaze fanservice and braindead pandering.
>owl house
Why do people hyperfixate on a show for preteens? Isn't that a tad creepy? And no, them saying this would be something they loved to watch that age is a shitty excuse.

No. 2097120

I was still a teenager when it was airing, but there were groups of either adult men or troons who only really cared about it as a sort of yuri fantasy

No. 2097125

When it aired, I was a bit too old to really be watching this stuff so I bailed after season 2. The yuri content nearly put me over the edge but the lackluster episodes combined with the weird fanbase turned me off from ever touching it again. And lo and behold, witch of mercury was released and those same fans flocked over for their next obsession. I don't hate yuri or lesbian couples at all, but I wish the ones that weren't written for scrotes or straight women became more mainstream.

No. 2097127

and? i still dont want to read about women kissing, i aint gay so i got no interest in that

No. 2097131

a lot of that boils down to the unique culture of japanese lesbianism and how it was/is expressed. most schools in japan were segregated for a long while, so there was a culture of 'bonds' between older class girls and younger ones. many times it wasn't physical bond, think of it as something like lesbian until graduation but on a much larger scale. this culture was the foundation of yuri(and probably yaoi) and something many japanese girls had either experienced or seen

No. 2097148

samefag, another big influence was the prevalence of stageplays in schools, where taller and slimmer girls would portray male characters, this also impacted yuri narratives, that's why there's a tendency to be excessively dramatic, without the inclusion of angst or explicit sexual content.

No. 2097225


No. 2097295

ot but gendies talking about feminism always makes me kek, if you asked her what a woman was she would crumble

No. 2097317

Then just say that instead of "oh, it's all malegaze, that's why I don't like it" like the people OP is complaining about. I don't know what het media is like because I don't consume it so I don't make arguments like "it's all cringe maledom" just because I've seen a few tiktoks complaining about Colleen Hoover.

No. 2097377

File: 1721492115895.png (373.77 KB, 667x668, wgpUzlF.png)

It's one of the reasons why I find yuri kinda boring tbh, because it always involves these 'princely' girls who are just women doing a caricature of an outdated idea of a male prince, but taking it seriously

No. 2097380

I get it but I did really like pic related tbh. She's not lesbian though.

No. 2097383

Why do people feel the need to over explain their dislike of something? Just say it's not your cup of tea and move on.
Is that really true? all the yuri i've seen has two equally feminine leads with maybe one of them being on the boyish side.

No. 2097389

NO. that anon is retarded. please assume any post that generalizes yuri (or yaoi) is coming from someone who
>doesn't actually read it and is making statements from afar
>reads it only casually/reads only what's popular
>reads it, but doesn't understand everything they've read is a drop in the bucket because they don't actually know how to read jp/kr/cn and can't access the wider genre

No. 2097410

>Why do people feel the need to over explain their dislike of something?
The need to find a greater, more intellectual/political/'just' way to legitimise and frame your dislike of something was a massive thing on tumblr back in the day (and livejournal iirc) and spread from there, because it makes it harder for someone to contradict or disagree with you as they run the risk of looking stupid (replying with a simple, direct 'no' instead of their own uni thesis using similar language and talking points), like some kind of evil -ist or like they also disagree with the real world issues that have been tacked onto some dumb piece of media.

It's very tiring.

No. 2097504

There is a thread for discussing fujo discourse made so we don't discuss it here

No. 2097584

Why? It's literally fandom discourse.

No. 2097627

fujo discourse is a containment thread.
it was established bc people just wouldn't stop rehashing the same argumeent for/against fujos to the point it took over the fandom threads.

No. 2097631

because fujos can't take what they dish out without having a meltdown and they'd rather seethe about another tweet thats crying for more yuri for the 1837465th time(fujo infighting outside containment)

No. 2097640

The seething about yuri posts usually end up just talking about female characters generally though.
People want to like them and there's plenty that do have some they like, though they're not "ideal".

No. 2097655

> Do you ever go outside
You're in the lolcow thread made specifically for anons who get emotional over twitter fandom discourse, what do you think kek

No. 2098492

File: 1721584551711.jpeg (255.37 KB, 1170x721, IMG_3379.jpeg)

When will it ever end

No. 2098504

Its still a coom genre for men, its like saying ''please dont say moe is male gazey!! there is moe written by women!'' . At its core, yuri is a genre thats made with the sole intention of appealing to men who fetishize lesbians.

No. 2098527

I wouldn't mind Mulan-esque "what if they were genderbent all along" headcanons if they actually made them female. IME these "male characters that are women to me" are always TIMs lmao

No. 2098529

Me with Sauron tbh he's so me

No. 2098530

The "princely" girl is such a straight girl ideal too, not saying that SSA woman can't like it but it's literally a takarazuka archetype and the only women I've ever seen fawn over it are painfully spicy straight who love the idea of an attractive, emotionally available idealized non-man but still will always pick a scrote over her. That's my gripe with most yuri though, it's mostly just wish fulfillment for heterosexual women and men and I find it really hard to relate to the characters for that reason. (Note: I don't count autobiographical works by actual lesbians as "yuri")

No. 2098555

A lot of the time they're TIFs too, or straight girls who wanna pretend the hetship they like is actually sapphic to look more progressive

No. 2098565

It's true, cute boys are all TIF to me. I can use he/him and see a flat chest but deep down I know they're a girl.

No. 2098595

>It's true, cute boys are all TIF to me.
Curious,were you dropped on your head as a infant perchance?

No. 2098608

Where are you people coming from

No. 2098614

No. 2098617


No. 2098619

>most yuri though, it's mostly just wish fulfillment for heterosexual women
Lolwut. Het women don't read yuri. That's the whole problem that these TIMs and handmaidens complain about, that straight women aren't reading enough yuri.

No. 2098621

This whole thread is a magnet for terminally online fandom types of which come mostly from twitter and tumblr. What did you expect?

No. 2098624

Literally every yurifag I know is either male or a straight woman but okay.
>That's the whole problem that these TIMs and handmaidens complain about, that straight women aren't reading enough yuri.
No, the problem is that BL content exists. They literally think that if people weren't creating all the fujo fanart and fics that effort would be going towards yuri. It's zero sum thinking.

No. 2098638

Pretty sure those het women are bi at least. I can't imagine fiction that involves romantic and sexual attraction between women to be any interesting to heterosexual women.

>They literally think that if people weren't creating all the fujo fanart and fics that effort would be going towards yuri. It's zero sum thinking.

Well yeah because fandom consist mostly of straight women and there's nothing fundamentally interesting for straight women to create yuri fiction. If you think yuri is for straight women wouldn't you expect to see more of it in fandom?

No. 2098645

Your personal experience is not universal Nona. Also maybe your “straight” friends that read yuri are not straight.

No. 2098648

It all boils down to shipping and a lot of female characters simply aren't relatable or interesting enough for female nor male fans and their only value is often the sex appeal. If female characters were more popular as a whole f/f shipping would be much more prevalent than it is now, as witnessed in fandoms that are built around female characters. Steven Universe for example was huge and it was nothing BUT f/f ships, but a lot of the most popular franchises like Shounen Jump manga feature mostly male characters which means the m/m ships are the most visible. Also fujos just happen to be the most active participants in creating fan works because they're the ones who never get any confirmed content so they have to make it all by themselves. BL manga itself is a very niche genre just like yuri.

No. 2098651

Please show me where all these straight women who read yuri are at.

No. 2098655

>a lot of female characters simply aren't relatable or interesting enough for female […] fans
Yeah, that's called being heterosexual, hun.

No. 2098656

>All male shounentards are gay

No. 2098657

Male shounentards don't make yaoi of male characters they self-insert into. Het women suddenly wouldn't make yuri or be into yuri if they liked certain female characters.

No. 2098661

I'm sorry if you operate on the basis of being able to enjoy only the ships of your personal sexuality but a lot of people can actually empathize with people of different orientations and find their character dynamics interesting. Truly a loss for you.

No. 2098663

File: 1721591651378.png (2.28 MB, 1440x1080, Lady_Oscar_personaggi.png)

NTA but what do you think was a huge part of the demographic of Lady Oscar? Do you really think only seventies Japanese lesbians and men made this such a successful series?

No. 2098665

That's cute and all but it doesn't reflect in reality.

No. 2098666

You gotta be retarded if you think The Rose of Versailles is yuri. Fucking kek. Have you even read that shit? It's het. 99% het, 1% fem characters lusting after Oscar for the lulz. Don't be fucking retarded please.

No. 2098667

Doesn't Oscar love a man?

No. 2098668

Also series like L Word definitely wasn't carried by a male and lesbian audience kek.

I honestly think it's curious how they can totally accept gay and lesbian people appreciating and enjoying stories about heterosexual romance but if you're straight and like a homosexual one you must be AT LEAST bi and god forbid if you're a homosexual and like a homosexual ship of your opposite gender you're secretly straight. Weird how that works.

No. 2098670

File: 1721592032759.jpg (52.23 KB, 485x632, images.jpg)

My favorite type of discussion in here is to see fujolards pretending they know about yuri and witnessing the extremely dumb and ignorant takes they have.

No. 2098673

The thing is that while it's true that het women can appreciate some same-sex female couples, they are absolutely not interested in producing that content themselves or autistically consume that content like yurifags do.

No. 2098677

Well, yuripedo is just as ignorant about fujos and BL despite constantly talking about them so we're even in that regard. I'm still waiting for her to give yuri recommendations that has butches in it but she just keeps defaulting to fantasizing about how much she wants to have sex with fujos.

No. 2098679

Take your meds

No. 2098681

File: 1721592498490.jpg (169.49 KB, 1106x1532, 426daf1c04ec4e1a35d9517997de26…)

i wonder if yuripedo likes virgins empire, the author is like her and has a fujo fetish

No. 2098682

The author of this is a bisexual moid lol

No. 2098685

You guys have a slap fight thread for this.

No. 2098686

>a yuri series is created by a pornsick moid
Just as the prophecies told kek

No. 2098687

more like straight pickme

No. 2098699

File: 1721592811998.webp (284.06 KB, 1115x1600, 00034.webp)

Personally I prefer yuri series by pornsick women.

No. 2098703

You might be a little in love with her when you keep bringing her up with this level of obsession anon

No. 2098711

>L Word definitely wasn't carried by a male and lesbian audience kek.
Are you retarded

No. 2098716

File: 1721593162049.png (1004.39 KB, 800x1138, asdasdasdasdasdasdasdasd.png)

i will give it to male yuritards, they are normally insanely good at art.

No. 2098728

So you're here calling other people pedos but you like this thing? LOL

No. 2098730

No. 2098734

What are your favorite yuri series, straight nonna?

No. 2098742

thats how the farmhands baptized the yuritard, i didnt name her myself. Akebichan looks like every single yuri manga ever made anyways.

No. 2098748

File: 1721593713631.jpg (235.37 KB, 1400x2000, how-do-we-relationship-vol-9-9…)

Post straight-core yuri manga.(wrong thread)

No. 2098757

File: 1721593889817.jpg (183.73 KB, 900x1280, fdc3acb6-84cf-4a3a-8140-ab01e9…)

Here is another one all the straight girlies love.

No. 2098759

File: 1721593956579.jpg (211.8 KB, 1205x509, gunjo001.jpg)

And this is hands down the all-time favorite for straight women.

No. 2098760

File: 1721593971837.png (271.42 KB, 422x480, vVEKmzF.png)

I tried watching Lady Oscar and it has the exact same issue I talked about earlier. It's theatrical and over-the-top. I could never see it as anything more than Japanese school children just doing a play on the French Revolution

No. 2098764

scary as fuck artstyle

No. 2098767

Does something like Gunjo really count as a yuri manga? I feel like it crosses over to the actually lesbian comic genre, similar to the distinction between BL and geikomi.

No. 2098768

File: 1721594166754.jpg (344.63 KB, 2560x1800, Maria-sama-ga-Miteru.jpg)

And this is the one that all heterosexual yuri boomers realized they are heterosexual with because it cannot get any more peak heterosexual than pure, raw, unadultered platonic love between no homo girls than this.

No. 2098771

She's just having a meltie, ignore her

No. 2098774

File: 1721594392570.jpg (188.81 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

And when you're feeling alt-thot this is definitely the heterosexual yuri manga to go to.

No. 2098775

I don't read much but the manga I've liked the most was Blue. For anime I liked Asagao to Kase-san, Watashi no Yuri wa Oshigoto, Yuruyuri, and I loved the Maria-sama ga Miteiru series. But I still have to watch a lot of the classic yuri series.

No. 2098787

File: 1721594693685.webp (181.42 KB, 1114x1600, kakeochi_01_01.webp)

When you feel like there is not enough bisexuality and cuckoldry for you to relate to, pic related never fails to attract the heterosexual female audience with the stuff they like.

No. 2098788

File: 1721594706269.jpg (208.28 KB, 570x611, d6d3b6f5c3c813e82ca5a9373f8dfc…)

the only yuri for straight women

No. 2098790

Ironically enough every single Maria-sama ga Miteru fan I've met has been a gooning scrote in his 30s or a millenial woman who's been married to the same moid for 15 years KEK

No. 2098792

File: 1721594867748.jpg (94.19 KB, 697x1000, 81zhuInydaL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

If everything else is too gay for your taste but you still want to be cool with your tumblr friends you can just headcanon that this manga is about lesbians and call it a day.

No. 2098798

I'm not being ironic at all.

No. 2098803

What I want to know is why don't lesbians create their own genre of lesbian manga separate from Yuri if the stuff that exists doesn't appeal to them, like gay moids made their own thing separate from yaoi.

No. 2098813

But yuri does appeal to lesbians

No. 2098821

File: 1721595369073.webp (66 KB, 750x1073, Anise_Summer_2002_cover.webp)

These days it's commonly called rezu but of course a retarded fujo that doesn't know about the genre wouldn't know kek. Also most lesbians in Asia simply like GL/yuri, and it's only terminally online western tardfems that seethe about it because they think the whole genre is made by scrotes out of ignorance (how would you ever know if you spend every evening getting off to feminist greek-style shota rapefics).(infighting)

No. 2098827

Okay, my fault for asking an honest question when an unmedicated schizo is currently online.

No. 2098828

>Maria-sama ga Miteru fan I've met has been a gooning scrote in his 30s
Why would gooning scrotes like this series then. There's no hot women for them to coom to and most of the series is just women talking

No. 2098834

i find it hilarious you call fujos pedos when you are the one defending oneeloli

No. 2098836

File: 1721595769702.jpg (322.65 KB, 1024x759, 1318481954642.jpg)

The Marimite novels readers were 90% women, but when the anime got released it actually got a mostly male following. It's one of those instances where where scrotes thought it's fun and quirky to like a super girly series. thus it prompted nearly a decade of Marimite references in other anime and Marimite crossover fanart with turbo-moid media.

No. 2098845

if you haven't figured it out, it's someone obviously baiting

No. 2098847

nah its the yuripedo, its her signature sperging

No. 2098886

File: 1721596961950.mp4 (4.86 MB, 480x360, 新学期AVEMARIAN (1).mp4)

tbh I don't actually resent Marimite being popular with the scrotes. A lot of cool shit popped out as a result of such popularity. There was even a doujin fighting game released which sometimes I still play in an XP VM. I'm just happy a yuri-adjacent work ever got as popular as this. No other yuri-adjacent series has 4 seasons besides Yuru Yuri (which is kinda garbage anyway).

No. 2098963

File: 1721600605816.jpeg (318.75 KB, 1170x1332, IMG_2344.jpeg)

>every average shitty comedy

No. 2098978

File: 1721601634753.jpg (230.6 KB, 941x1200, FzU8bgnWIAUSgdN.jpg)

I'm a himejoshi instead of a fujoshi. I like yuri despite being a woman, and I do not think it's boring.

No. 2098979

File: 1721601634955.jpeg (22.5 KB, 640x410, images - 2024-07-22T084023.572…)

>Green text
True, that ship dynamic if it were more misogynistic is basically The Big Bang Theory

No. 2098981

They are mad at you, but you're right. There's something going on about people who really dislike lesbians. I've seen them in specific threads and whatnot, there used to be a frequent poster that would flat out being extremely homophobic against them, and loved yaoi (pakichan). I don't know why anons are willing to ignore that specific fans are willing to hate yuri more than yaoi, and use the excuse of it being "male gazey". I will defend fujoshis, but a lot of them dislike himejoshis.

No. 2098983

isn't there a thread on /g/ dedicated to this

No. 2098991

No, the op post means it in a troon way. The /g/ thread is for tomboys or masculine women

No. 2098993

File: 1721602197256.jpeg (362.71 KB, 1200x1704, 7049969eec49bf1a90f4055e50a6e6…)

himejos definitely have it easier in western fandom spaces, i'll just say that

No. 2098998

>Loving yaoi
How do you manage to be so incorrect so confidently.

No. 2099009

Because they are pretty much non-existent so no one has them in their headspace.

No. 2099011

Did pakichan not like yaoi? I saw some posters tinfoil her liking it a while back.

No. 2099015

She is the biggest fujoshi/yaoi hater on this site, why else do you think anons accuse anti-fujo spergs of being her?

No. 2099134

pakichan only likes varg.

No. 2099295

Pakichan likes yaoi involving Varg.

No. 2099297

Does pakichan still use lolcow

No. 2099300

I haven't seen her in a while, maybe her VPN subscription ran out.

No. 2099392

This is basically a lesbian conversion therapy manga, all the girls that didnt kill themselves by the end turn out to be straight after all and get into relationships with older men

No. 2099406

MC never got into a relationship with a man or killed herself. Plus the only actual yuri was between her and the dead dyke, the rest of the manga was het.

No. 2099442

The natural response of fujocoomers is to project their obvious porn addiction onto others

No. 2099445

this discussion is strange to me since fictional taste doesn't equate to real life sexual preferences. what do you think of the sheer amount of lesbians who create and consume yaoi?

No. 2099448

Not wanting to date men doesn't equate to being a lesbian.

No. 2099449

>what do you think of the sheer amount of lesbians who create and consume yaoi?

No. 2099451

It's not even a discussion, it's obvious it's someone is just baiting

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