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No. 2031808

This thread is dedicated to all and any fandom discourse. Global rules apply: don't infight, report and ignore bait, etc.

Current topics include, but are not limited to:
> Proshipping vs Antishipping
> Ao3 Censorship and TOS
> Slapfights between slash, femslash, and het shippers
> Carrds, DNIs and Call-out Threads
> Whitewashed/blackwashed/colorist fanart drama
> ‘[Insert Sexuality/Gender]-Coded’ Characters
> Debates over death of the author
> Stalking/harassment experienced by actors/creators

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No. 2031817


No. 2031821

I hate this but also love this because that character is so loved by obnoxious moids. Please turn him into a cringey "lesbian icon".

No. 2031870

File: 1717324045013.png (797.45 KB, 892x720, Screenshot 2024-06-011.png)

Saw discourse popping up on my TL yesterday about BG3 fandom being "disgustingly ageist" and it turns out it was over this mod. God forbid women want to look at a hot Edward Cullen-esque twink and not a saggy jowly old man

No. 2031872

To be fair right looks like a plastic wax K-pop-tier doll. If they made him actually attractive none of these people would be complaining.

No. 2031873

nah i agree right looks even more ugly

No. 2031875

>charming wrinkles
lol, lmao even

No. 2031884

why is everyone on this board so against age

No. 2031889

charming wrinkles belong on grandmas nonnie, not on someone you'd like to fuck

No. 2031898

File: 1717327619081.jpg (83.34 KB, 600x800, gillian-anderson-600x800-8f6b7…)

Couldn't be more wrong

No. 2031900

these are sexy wrinkles, it's different + not a moid

No. 2031904

someone edited Arthur from Red Dead 2 to be a cute twink and the butthurt was legendary

No. 2031917

A sign of female autism is being unable to deal with things you don't like.

No. 2031929

File: 1717331628349.jpg (87.71 KB, 500x500, cempp.jpg)

Of course they had to choose the one where he looks the most uncanny valley. As if they are no better ones where he doesn't have wrinkles but still looks normal. I hope they make more no winkles mods for Astarion so they can keep seething over people doing whatever they fuck they want to do with their game.

No. 2031936

>faggy music+drama teacher who works nights at the jazz club. will never launch his band. drinks coffee and abuses stimulants. has students who like him despite his raggedness.
>obese jock mouthbreather who sits behind you in school and huffs down your neck the entire class. is slowly collapsing under his own weight like a red giant star. peaked in high school. unrecognizable by the first class reunion.
Not an Astarionfag but lower right and upper left are very cute considering the character they had to work with. Pity they don't keep his curls.

No. 2031942

>bottom right
damn. if they had consulted actual women and made him look like that in game I would have understood the delusional simping.

No. 2031958

>bottom right
really? I don't like any of them (or the character in general) but that one just makes him look like one of the (imo) blandly ugly male face defaults. Ah well, each to their own.

even though Astarion looks haggard, I can still squint and see what others are into about him. Gortash though, I just cannot see the appeal in (it's not like he even has a particularly fun presence in the game, like idk Raphael's performance, he's just some dumb wanker… is just being a villain enough?), yet I see so much thirsting for that hairy cretin kek

No. 2031964

>that one just makes him look like one of the (imo) blandly ugly male face defaults
It gives him a face that knows about text messaging.

No. 2031972

top right is the cutest

No. 2031983

It's hilarious so many think he's ugly that six different people made their own mods to fix him.

No. 2032102

top middle for me.

No. 2032108

If I can't tell why people like a character I just figure it's a matter of personality and gap moe.

No. 2032121

>I know I already bitched about them doing it to Halsin
I think it's so funny how these types have all the time to bitch about male characters getting airbrushed in mods (which you can choose to use or not use, by the way), but they won't say a word about it happening to any female characters in any media whatsoever.

No. 2032170

File: 1717349631319.png (197.19 KB, 1118x1347, xJYAbZCM.png)

So this is only partially related to fandom, but it does have a strong correlation. I was watching a film video essay (which I sorta half agreed with), I was this one inconsequential comment(as well as a few TIMs and TIFs) and it reminded me of something. Most people didn't realize how unironically, the vast majority of film study theses (and a good chunk of other subject theses as well) will take some movie that is barely remembered, misinterpret it and create retarded takes. I've seen theses about how Gone Home is actually about racial imperialism, or how Hook is an allegory for the fear of queerness around of children and there are thousands of theses like this, and the vast majority of them get approved. When you see a moronic breadtube pulling some bogus source, this is what they're referencing 99% of the time

No. 2032242

i don't hate hot older characters. i hate astarion for being shilled as sexy when he looks like an old oil tycoon's mother.

No. 2032261

I deleted my Tumblr and Twitter because of gendies and callouts, so I ended up looking on the Reddit sub for a new game I got into. It's predictably moid-infested (SFW but cheesecake fanart is posted often), but I noticed that during actual character/story discussions I see people talking about trans headcanons getting downvoted to the negatives for once. It was a sight for sore eyes. Are female-dominated spaces really that broken now? I don't want to be friends with moids but I honestly might stick to mixed-sex spaces and befriend the women in those.

No. 2032276

>watch anime filled with sexual innuendo, some even super blatant
>fans vehemently deny anything sexual, call you a creep and a pedo for pointing it out
still one of the weirdest fandom phenomen, does everything go over their heads? do they play oblivious on purpose? do they think that if you notice something sexual happening it must be that your brain is rotted?

No. 2032288

i'm dead convinced that most fandoms only look at fanart or read fanfiction full of headcanons divorced from the actual show than watch the actual source material.

No. 2032291

considering the fact the newer generation has no attention span to watch a 25 min episode you might be onto something

No. 2032297

nah new animes are just boring. i have no problem rewatching all episodes of death note, but watching just one episode of frieren makes me fall asleep.

No. 2032310

It really is a female fandom thing, it fucking sucks. But even in mixed fandom spaces, when you do find other women, they almost always bitch about the men being too transphobic, and they clearly assume you're going to agree with them because you're a woman.

No. 2032364


No. 2032375

since other nonnas are doing it–for me the two on the left are the best, with honourable mention to top right.

No. 2032380

wtf asstarion can actually be hot and not look like a 70yo groomer?

No. 2032382

Same. New anime is just so.. empty. It feel soul less compared to what I used to watch in 2006-2015

No. 2032384

>charming wrinkles
No hope for younger women, huh.

No. 2032390

That's just because twatter is on a constant virtue signaling purity race to see who consumes the most artsy non-lewd animu so they can go around gloating about being less coomer than thou on the peseants who watch anime with fanservice, all despite the fact that practically all anime are made by degenerates anyways.
You will have people swearing to you on their mother's grave that Chainsawman or Dragon Maid aren't coomer at all, despite Makima being Fujimoto's personal fetish mistress since he was in highschool or there being a loli with melon-sized breasts, I'm also convinced Lucoa is literally invisible to them.
Whoever made the wish to the monkey's paw to make anime more mainstream should be detained, I guarantee these people didn't watch anime at all before the late 2010's.

No. 2032395

zoomers with dragon maid. I remember when they used to get angry at anyone lewding Kanna, when she's obvious lolibait.

No. 2032397

I'm convinced zoomers dont even watch anime. They watch youtube or tik tok reviews of anime and based their smooth brain opinion on that.

No. 2032399

they watch anime but while playing surway surfer or chatting on discord with their friends.

No. 2032414

File: 1717360415880.jpg (1.94 MB, 4000x1689, 6th t.jpg)

I don't think so, there's a lot of fairly recent stuff that's great if you get out of the trending bubble.
There's three shows ongoing now that Im watching that are both fun and nonfanservicey.

No. 2032416

sorry to be that person, but digital art is so soulles. Older anime backgrounds mogged these digitally made ones.

No. 2032418

I'm not surprised.

No. 2032460

File: 1717363046824.jpeg (262.89 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_9066.jpeg)

Agreed. I miss the hand-drawn painted backgrounds, everything is too sharp and clean now and it’s just not as comfy

No. 2032462

>There's three shows ongoing now that Im watching that are both fun and nonfanservicey.
Which ones nonna? Also those bgs are very pretty, where are they from?

No. 2032947

Am I the only one who has had it with fandom spaces bitching about diversity and representation? And yes it’s a very specific subset of people who ruin it for everyone else

No. 2032963

File: 1717387503277.jpg (233.79 KB, 971x1600, Art+of+Spirited+Away+(G)+-+17.…)

AGREED. I like how people strive to emulate the Studio Ghibli style but in digital form. Like dude you can download Ghibli-style tree brushes all you like but you'll never replicate the natural, organic quality of them.

No. 2033020

File: 1717389198162.jpg (673.26 KB, 850x1152, sample_709bb370783ee8cccb59cca…)

It makes me laugh when western weebs try to convince eachother that obvious fetish female characters are good ''strong female representation''. I don't know if they genuinely believe it or of they are just coping to justify liking a medium thats 99% boob fanservice. I have seen retards try to claim the gunsmith cats girls and revy are strong female representation!11!.
How do you reach this level of brainrot where you are incapable of discerning between a real female character thats meant to be cool and strong, and obvious waifubait made because the author likes drawing hot women?. Also, dont get me wrong, i Love Revy and Rally, but they are clearly coom bait and not meant to be genuine strong female characters. Its like when people ask me why i draw guys with guns instead of girls with guns. I am a straight woman, i just like cute guys.

No. 2033027

I don't think they're necessarily mutually exclusive. saying a woman can't be strong because she is sexy (and therefore caters to the male gaze) is similar to when scrotes say women can't be smart or independent or have genuine hobbies/interests if they care about their own appearance and put effort on it.

No. 2033030

that wasnt even my point.

No. 2033032

I wouldn't say Revy is waifubait, coombait though, yeah.

No. 2033033

samefag but to add to my argument, separating female characters between sexualized and virginal is just madonna-whore complex rebranded.
what was your point then? media for scroteshits still can have characters that are strong even if they're poorly written most of the time and whored for the audience.

No. 2033036

Revy is waifubait for scrotes that like getting dominated.

No. 2033042

calling waifubait for men ''strong female representation'' is just bleak and shows you have 0 understanding of how men work.

No. 2033050

I figured she was too "damaged" for that sort of thing.

No. 2033064

I didn't say they were "strong female representation" but the term is so overused you might as well call anyone who is female and not designed for the male gaze strong female representation.

No. 2033069

It is true that there's a difference between a character being "strong" and a character being "strong representation", but how exactly would you seperate the two?

No. 2033071

You wouldnt call yaoi boys good gay male representation, so i dont understand why men with mommy dommy fetishes get praised for basically indulging in their femme fatale fetish.

No. 2033078

a well written character is not necessarily good representation. I don't know what the fuck is the problem with fandoms nowadays but everyone wants to identify themselves in the characters. I just want to see interesting and well written characters. a lot of villains are irredeemable people but are interesting, well written and entertaining. zoomers are ruining media with the incessant need for representation. I don't mean this for people who are like "uwu I want see more black/asian characters!!" but for people who think every single anime slop character should be deeply analyzed through a social justice lens. sometimes dumb shit don't need explanation to exist. let garbage be garbage.

No. 2033081

File: 1717391618749.webp (77.1 KB, 550x820, 08_7d15f433-e8d6-4b6e-b46a-956…)

its not hard. If its made by a woman then its strong female representation, like Riza. If its made by a man, its just a strong mommy dommy character. I find it funny zoomers will cry and cancel any woman who dares to draw yaoi because ''its fetishizing gay moids!!1!'' but will look the other way when a man, like the chainsaw man author, explicitly shouts his dominatrix fetish and still praise his dom mommy characters as ''strong female representation''. For example, you will never see riza get a figure like this.

No. 2033083

that's because men get better written characters in mainstream anime/vidya and female characters are whored for the audience first and whatever traits they have are secondary, hope that helps.

No. 2033084

NTA but the backgrounds are from an anime called Sonny Boy. Probably my top anime in the past 5 years.

No. 2033086

I think it's pretty obvious to anyone that revy is a coombait but you can still appreciate her if you like her archetype. it's not impossible to like a character while realizing its' origins are trash and you're not the audience for it.

No. 2033088

Only because she's pokemon, tbf. Bunny figurines are probably the most common "let's sell out" alongside gacha collabs and the original creators arent usually involved as tar as I know. If the companies can get away with it, they will.
It's the same with the most random definitely not husbando bait male characters getting perfume.

No. 2033095

>a woman can be strong because she is sexy and while catering to the male gaze guise!!!
Take your libfem ass back to xitter whence you came from.

No. 2033096

Samefag, but writing this reminded me of that recent deal where a live action adaption changed so much, apparently without the author's consent, that the author straight up committed suicide.

No. 2033099

I guess every woman you know that has a scrote can't be strong because they submit to men, right?

No. 2033101

Learn to separate reality from fiction and come back to this conversation.

No. 2033103

Which anime?

No. 2033104

you're the one who has a hard time separating fiction from reality if you think a character can't be taken seriously if it's sexualized. it's a character, it didn't choose to do it, you can stop hating it.

No. 2033106

File: 1717392391736.jpeg (253.93 KB, 1200x873, Sexy_Tanaka-san-tp1.jpeg)

Sexy Tanaka-san.

No. 2033111

thats exactly my point though, i even said i liked revy in my original post. But she isnt strong female representation she's a walking fetish.

No. 2033113

I think that's a bit harsh, she wasn't rep or anything like that, but I wouldnt say she was just a fetish.

No. 2033114

revy has always been waifubait, she wears extremely short shorts

No. 2033117

she isn't strong female representation because she is not supposed to represent a real woman, she is supposed to represent the idealized view of woman through a moid's pov, same can't be said about riza like another anon pointed out, because she was written by a woman. but to say revy is just coombait is a bit reductive because she does have an interesting story, personality, etc.

No. 2033118

that's my fucking point, a moid did it, you can stop hating the character or the people who like the character for the not sexualized parts of it. some of you will hate women for breathing but don't care about what moids do.

No. 2033119

And? I said the people that make bunny figurines don't care at all if the character is waifubait or not.
They make whatever character they can sell as a bunny figurine, good female rep or waifubait.

No. 2033124

I don't care if moids keep doing it, but I want to see bunny figures of beloved male characters too. imagine the scrote seethe if there was a solid snake bunny figure. males should be more sexualized, it's impossible to get rid of the male gaze, so let's create our own female gaze.

No. 2033126

just because she is well written it doesnt mean she cant also be coombait.
nta but you are the exact same twittertards i was complaining about in my original post. Literally incapable of liking something without politicizing it first.

No. 2033127

File: 1717393024466.jpg (222 KB, 1200x713, tumblr_mlvsqqJ4dj1rm4v7ro1_128…)

>if you think a character can't be taken seriously if it's sexualized
I do think that. I will never respect fictional characters created entiriely so a man can jack off when he looks at her. Meanwhile men are throwing shitfits when their precious video game male MCs look a bit too attractive or by the gods, sexually attractive, because they can't "take them seriously" otherwise. A woman exualizing herself for the male gaze be it fictional or real will never be "taken seriously" and you know it.

No. 2033131

there is nuance between a character written solely for porn and a character that has fanservice but a compelling story. it's not black or white.

No. 2033132

File: 1717393094894.jpg (235.92 KB, 1536x2048, 20240324_062924.jpg)

I can definitely agree on that.

No. 2033134

being unable to enjoy a character unless she is written the exact way you want is policizing it you fucking retard

No. 2033137

>A woman exualizing herself for the male gaze be it fictional or real will never be "taken seriously" and you know it
so you don't separate reality from fiction, glad we agree on that. also lol'd at you being such a big feminist then saying women who are sexualized shouldn't be taken seriously ever.

No. 2033139

i literally said i liked revy several times. I am just not a delusional nutjob so i understand who she was written for. If a woman didnt like revy because she finds her too sexualized i would get it. Meanwhile you and the twitterfags would cry muh sexism for a woman not daring to like a coomer character made with one hand by a moid.

No. 2033142

nta but why do you keep talking about real women? anon is clearly talking about female characters drawn by men.

No. 2033144

I literally never said it was sexist to not like a character because it was sexualized. but it's retarded to assume every sexualized character is solely coombait because there are good written characters out there being whored for the audience.
>you and twitterfags
I dont even have a twitter account kekk

No. 2033145

Degrade yourself for moids all you like, just don't pretend it empowers you in any way.

No. 2033146

>there are good written characters out there being whored for the audience.
Any other examples of such characters?

No. 2033148

she literally said a woman catering to the male gaze fictional or REAL won't be taken seriously. you know who thinks that? men. men don't respect women who whore themselves, thats madonna whore complex 101, am I supposed to be ok with men not respecting women even if they do something I find personally morally reprehensible for myself?

No. 2033150

Nta but "She's a walking fetish, nothing but coombait, waifubait, made by a moid with dick in hand" and "I like her as a character tho" seem like they come very opposing views.

No. 2033152

literally use google I'm not your maid and you're new to the media if you don't know examples of your own

No. 2033155

Kek my nonnie you're the one making this argument and you can't even bring the evidence back it up? Sad.

No. 2033159

literally every so called deep anime has female characters with interesting backstory but at some point get fanservice for the male audience, I'm not going to point out examples because you will nitpick them and I have no time for it. use your thinking cap or stop being a newfag retard zoomer.

No. 2033163

i like Aoba too even though he's a whore.

No. 2033165

>I'm not going to point out examples because you will nitpick them and I have no time for it.
So you're aware your argument doesn't stand on two legs and have already given up. Godspeed nonnie get some sleep.

No. 2033167

godspeed you fucking retard go play genshin impact or some other chinese slop and pretend what I'm saying is not a real issue because you haven't watched any anime outside the garbage your fandom has pidgeonholed you.

No. 2033169

Eroge and BLge might be the only media where characters made for cooming might actually have stories and personalities sometimes, huh. Not Aoba though he's just a whore (that I also like).

No. 2033172

All of you are proving my point. You are incapable of discerning a real woman from a female caricature written and drawn by moids for moids, and thus end up defending a scrote's fetish as genuine strong female representation.

No. 2033175

I don't think you understand the line between coom media and "normal" media is way blurrier for moids. if an anime exists for them, they will add fanservice for the sake of it. stuff advertised to teens (shounen jump type of slop) will have fanservice on it.

No. 2033177

Calling men whores is different, it's one of his charm points.

No. 2033181

i am true feminist i think both men and women can be whores. Both revy and aoba are whores and i like them equally.

No. 2033182

your point was never up to debate to begin with, you already came here with a pre assigned opinion and no willingness to change. you call others twitterfags but that's the default twitterfag stance. just sad.

No. 2033184

File: 1717394135591.png (1.14 MB, 1132x720, 1635812453012.png)

That's it. World peace achieved

No. 2033190

i genuinely have no idea whats your issue with my opinion. Is it because i called a spade a spade instead of deluding myself into believing revy is somehow good female representation? she's a fetish, learn to accept it. That doesnt mean she's a bad character.

No. 2033193

Whoever decide to us "strong female characters" to actually mean "well written characters" need to be forced back to school for one more decade. Words have meanings, I'm sick of illiterate tards saying that actual strong, fun female characters are bad representation (yet another separate notion) for women and then listing female characters who are not strong mentally or physically instead. Once on tumblr I saw someone saying Tohru Honda is a strong female character which… kek I don't even know where to start. The idealized doormat who forgives and talks no jutsu an attempted murderer on behalf of the victims while the actual victims don't forgive said abuser in the next scene is sooo strong but don't you dare recommend female characters from an action series that has tons of action scenes! Anyway, start using the correct words to describe characters and maybe there wouldn't be misunderstandings.

No. 2033194

Nta and don't take this an an example because I won't say her name because spoilers, but something I've read had a female character die. While she would 100% be categorized as "boobie waifubait" when it came to visuals I was surprised at how most comments were respectful, practically obituaries about her personality and her life. How she was both bold and arrogant, how she was cherished and blessed in her life both inverse and out and how even in death, she went with utmost grace and dignity.
Ngl it was pretty nice, I liked her too.

No. 2033197

you have brainrot and think the only "valid" type of female characters are the one who you can see yourself on because they're not being whored for scrotes. I just try to appreciate characters for what they are and ignore any sexualization if the character is worth it. we're built different and you will keep clutching pearls while I'm still able to enjoy media not made for me while still recognising its' flaws. you're the epitome of a twitterfag, won't take anything but "representation", will politicize any character and won't accept people might see media differently.

No. 2033209

To be fair "strong" is both a literate (physically powerful) and a figurative notion (psychologically resilient; or when it comes to characters in a story also: well written; complex) so this was bound to happen when people are already discussing with ambiguous terms.

No. 2033210

god, i wish i was a scrote. i wouldnt even have to try, i would draw some big booby waifu and then make her 'strong' and i would get hoardes of women defending my coom creation. Its funny because i even agree with you, i just dont delude myself into thinking the moids who created said characters are actually doing me a favour. They see us as trash.

No. 2033211

same people who seethe women might like a booba type of character won't see any issues with how relationships are portrayed in shoujo and thinks the mcs are strong females kek the hypocrisy is palpable.

No. 2033216

so? its pretty well-known shoujo mcs are mostly trash

No. 2033217

Do you think the moids who create such characters see them as strong female representation? kek.

No. 2033223

These characters tend to have female fans so I assume the authors do see them as such after seeing fans' reactions and fan polls? Who knows.

No. 2033224

I know they see us as a trash and thats why you won't catch me buying merch of it. but you'd be lying to yourself if you never got entertained by an anime that ticks not feminist boxes because otherwise you wouldn't be watching anime anymore. we already have slim pickings because most things are not for us and the few things that are for us have to respect moids' sensitivities so I won't judge women for liking anything. I will always judge moids but women are allowed to like garbage if they want.

No. 2033225

do you seriously believe that or are you just coping?

No. 2033229

Soon we're gonna have idiots saying Hachi is a strong female character because she's written in a realistic way, except the truth is that she's a realistic portrayal of a total low IQ loser, which means she's NOT strong. Not here but online in general.

No. 2033230

I see you've never gone to a con or something. there are a lot of women who unironically think characters from shounen jump slop are supposed to represent them. it's just sad to me.

No. 2033232

>but you'd be lying to yourself if you never got entertained by an anime that ticks not feminist boxes because otherwise you wouldn't be watching anime anymore.
did you even read my original post? i said i like that type of characters, i just dont see them as good female rep at all.

No. 2033235

I believe it. I'm not saying that's the correct opinion though. There are people out there sperging over racial or female representation all over the internet and yet they write the most stereotypical and even offensive shit ever. I remember John Green on tumblr doing this but his books didn't seem all that amazing.

No. 2033236

most women in anime are not good female rep even if said anime are written by/for women. japanese women in general re just expected to be doormats. actual good feminist rep is very rare.

No. 2033238

i seriously doubt japanese men of all people care about strong female representation. They have always been unapolagetically coomerish.

No. 2033239

so this whole dumb debate was for nothing because we both agree on the same thing

No. 2033242

they care about female representation in the sense they want to sell a manga to a wider audience. thats why you have stuff like that abomination with female characters only on shounen jump. nips have realized selling mangas only to teenaged boys is not gonna cut anymore but they also dont want to write actually good characters.

No. 2033244

pretty much kekk

No. 2033246

i dont think men draw female characters because they want female readers, on the contrary. If they wanted female readers they would draw cute boys.

No. 2033248

have men actually ever listened to what women actually want? they will concoct theories in their head about what we want but asking the female audience what we actually want is the last thing they will do.

No. 2033250

men would rather kill themselves than draw cute boys. They already know stuff with cute male characters becomes popular with women.

No. 2033252

I do think it's possible to have a character be sexual but written to be completely unpopular with men. Not all sexualized characters are waifubait, some work as rage bait, sort of deal.

No. 2033253

It really depends imo.

No. 2033255

… isnt that just spokon?

No. 2033258

some of you will bend over to defend men at all cost

No. 2033262

How is saying "some female characters are ragebait" a defense?
If anything, wouldn't that be worse?

No. 2033264

File: 1717395503613.jpg (80.51 KB, 800x532, tokyo-otome-road-34442.jpg)

This 100%. Especially since we are talking about Japan. Most Japanese female otakus care more about male characters than female ones. This is why Otome Road is 99% stuff about male characters.

No. 2033268

if she's sexualized then she's coombait. I dont know how that's a hard concept to understand. Men draw the tits first then they slap a personality.

No. 2033270

some series have caught on how to get the fujos hooked with no effort on their side. basically the moids are figuring out how to milk money from fujos and manchildren at the same time for the same character. like that gojo character got everyone on all sides hooked, some women went insane for him.

No. 2033273

This. The female characters = female readers feels like a western thing mostly. Sure, most stuff for very little girls like mahou shoujo follows that formula, but after puberty most women are interested in hot men. Its why women gravitate towards spokon while scrotes gravitate towards cgdct/idolshit.

No. 2033276

For some reason I recalled Megan The Stallion cosplaying Gojo as soon as I read your post.

No. 2033277

There's plenty of cases where men don't draw a character until way after.
Some add sexualization to the official release after they see reactions.

No. 2033278

This is the real threat to women imo, not moidslop being chock full of mommy dommy/submissive waif/big tit airhead female characters but moidslop figuring out how to milk the starved and thus considerably wealthy fujo- and yumejoshi machine by making one or two 1 note personality vacuum male characters into bishounen.

After things made genuinely for women like Yuri on Ice get cancelled because studios sell out to the shounen machine I find this actually incredibly offensive as a fan.

No. 2033285

File: 1717396107065.png (3.14 MB, 1192x1194, harem protags.png)

Eh, I think a lot of people just have rose colored glasses. Anime has always been majority garbage with some stand out greats here and there.
The 2000s haremshit is modern day isekaishit, and shounenshit has always and always will be hot garbage.

No. 2033287

care to give some examples? because men arent deep creatures, they draw booba with the intent of cooming

No. 2033288

File: 1717396142000.jpg (Spoiler Image,97.46 KB, 850x638, F0hxbWNXgAEYkiE.jpg)

Speaking of, that mahjong manga where the female character's breasts expanded like mad.
Forgot to spoiler pic, I'm sorry.

No. 2033289

Ritz is female…

No. 2033290

this is very true, fujos and yumes are basically starving so any handsome male in anime is ripe for picking and they've now realized it how to milk it. I blame jojo for making them aware of the female audiences on shounen slop.

No. 2033291

>be male mangaka
>be attracted to mommy dommes, add mommy dommes to your manga
>as part of developing the supporting cast give a character a toddler-age little sister, don't sexualize her because that's not what you're attracted to
>release manga
>otaku start thirsting for the little sister
>start sexualizing the little sister to appeal to them
Not the win you think it is.

No. 2033292

nta but it says N/A in gender on manga updates

No. 2033297

In a way the mainstream moid-run animanga machine finally acknowledging that female fans fixating on one or two male characters have been supporting moidslop shounen and seinen for years (see Gundam before they added the mechs being kept afloat entirely by female fans) is welcome but on the other hand, if shounen starts milking all the female fans with barely anything the way they're already doing the future for actual women-catered media looks bleak.

No. 2033300

I would have no issue if they actually sexualized the fuck out of these characters. but they will always cater to moid sensitivities first. there won't be actually media for the female gaze.

No. 2033301

File: 1717396580593.jpg (714.66 KB, 2002x1000, image (2).jpg)

So, has anybody given these a try?

No. 2033302

anime for women is basically already dead outside of maybe like 1 shoujo anime per season

No. 2033303

Though we're probably never going to get something like this again and that's a bit disappointing.

No. 2033305

these look insanely boring

No. 2033310

I think I've finally gotten too old for jumpshit so no

No. 2033312

Akanebanashi looks interesting, I love rakugo. Left looks like MHA's artstyle and right looks like some shoujo and I'm not interested in both. Middle at least has a cute boy, and sorry but cute boys are essential in any female-catered manga even if it's got a well-written female protagonist.

No. 2033314

It's safer to just shill stuff for moids and add a hot guy for a good score.

No. 2033317

or read non shonenshit, go read ryoko or something

No. 2033318

What anime?

No. 2033320

File: 1717397495140.jpg (317 KB, 1559x945, 20240602_235044.jpg)

Yeah, the male characters are pretty good, nice variety.

No. 2033323

File: 1717397633592.jpg (708.15 KB, 827x1169, 20240602_235320.jpg)

I also like the coffin teeth.

No. 2033331

nice art, gave me flashbacks to a Nnoitra husbandofag from a million years ago though kek

No. 2033333

I think fandom should just if it is or isn't activism. I wish we at least had some nuance on this topic. It's either reading toddler rape hentai is okay and definitely won't affect you at all, or not being mad about x thing in social politics in fandom/liking this character makes you a member of the KKK and you need to neck yourself asap. Insert antishittery and proshittery too. It's getting old at this point and makes me wonder where the pendulum will swing to next.

No. 2033337

I just wish it was easier to find your ideal circle like it was in the 00s- early 10s. Nowadays it feels impossible to find anyone whos even anti trannyshit, let alone ones who share your same stances in fandom.

No. 2033367

This bullshit came about as a kneejerk reaction to moids taking over MLP to an extent that you couldn't interact with the fandom without being bombarded by porn. Teen girls saw that they couldn't do shit to make moids fuck off so they took their anger out on other women. They pretend they're moral crusaders caping for the terminally oppressed but really they're just crybullies who desperately need some sense of control over their lives. They have every mental and physical illness in the DSM and they're troons and also their DID headmates are all poly so you can't say anything to them or you're evil.
Because of how retarded, volatile and authoritarian they are, they piss off everyone they interact with. They get cancelled by their fellow cows, do callouts for whoever cancelled them, and on it goes. It seems to have gotten to a point where everyone's pissed off at them and their hysterical black and white thinking, so it's now acceptable to block or bully them back. Hard to tell if this is going to make much of a difference but it has pushed the most retarded ones out of the spotlight, and whenever someone with a 'problematic' past surfaces, they're more likely to get shit for their past actions, so they also tend to lie low or change their usernames.
I don't think things will go back to how they used to be until it's normal to have a completely anonymous online presence again. No selfies, no identifying information, nothing. Maybe when Tiktok dies and there's less incentive for kids to put their lives online 24/7 they'll calm down.

No. 2033368

There's been a global trend towards media censorship recently, it doesn't affect only fandom. Must be something in the collective consciousness, maybe in the last 10 years animanga (which is highly sexual because of reasons linked to japanese culture) becoming globalised and early internet access traumatizing children with internet pornography who have now become messed up adults (though they won't admit it; see tranny social contagion), there is a pushback towards sexual and deviant sexual representations in fiction. I'm just speculating, would love to hear other nona's thoughts too. As for the pendulum, it's going to swing like it always has - an era marked by puritan/catholic/you name it media censorship followed by an era marked by media libertinage and open sexual deviancy.

No. 2033369

The enshittification of the Internet also ruined fandom. Tumblr was a mistake, twitter was an even bigger mistake, centralized algorithm-based social media is a plague and we should bring back forums and communities. The closest thing we have right now is discord servers, but they still do not hit the same.

No. 2033374

It's not just animanga, nearly all mainstream western movies and shows these days have gratuitous sex scenes or fetish bait and people are getting rightfully fed up.

No. 2033388

its probably because more and more people are pornsick nowadays.

No. 2033390

That just goes to show that we're at the tail end of an era of sexual liberation and free, available and extreme sexual content in our media. I mean just as an example aren't women being pushed into extreme forms of sexualization what with the normalization of doing onlyfans while also losing their reproductive rights worldwide? Sexual content around is reaching extremes which is why the reaction (demands for less sexual content as well as censorship) is equally extreme. That's why sexual liberation and sexual repression is a pendulum, many such cases in history.

No. 2033391

>I think fandom should just if it is or isn't activism.
I see completely forgot the word decide
>their hysterical black and white thinking, so it's now acceptable to block or bully them back.
I feel like people are getting there, it's generally acceptable to do so but it's not yet acceptable to say in female fandom spaces something along the lines of "you're insane and I do not care about your moralfagging because this this and that isn't about real world politics for me. Go talk to a wall".

No. 2033401

The soundtrack is so nice, I still listen to it.

No. 2033406

I agree. Things really need to be kept separate, otherwise everything turns into a big flavorless goulash. And nobody sticks around, grinding away for years at a thing. They hop onto the next big thing, because they'll get forgotten and buried if they don't.

No. 2033409

Kek I think we're getting there. The retardation has gone so far that even the ones perpetuating this shit are getting fed up with it. I think that what's really driving this shift is a mixture of everyone getting sick of the oppression olympics and an ageing userbase. Teens are taught to believe anything they see if it comes from a popular account. They then grow into adults who suddenly realize that they have no actual skills, the unskilled jobs they write fanfic about actually suck, and they have the social skills of a paranoid chihuahua. They don't have time to send death threats to other SU fans with incorrect opinions, and seeing someone sob about how they're oppressed for not seeing enough fat BIPOC rep in Disney is kinda grating when you're struggling to keep yourself afloat. That's not to say that there aren't retarded adults, but most of them are the '25 year old minor, ickies DNI' variety.
Because of how impossible it is to scrub yourself from the internet I think there's going to be a big shift towards letting kids make mistakes and not hounding people over their pasts. Hopefully it becomes the norm to not put your personal information online again, but there are too many attention whores for that to happen any time soon.

No. 2033415

i have never seen an antiport ''anti'' they are normally coombrained themselves.

No. 2033417

sex sells and people (mainly men) are more pornsick than ever. I know several moids that won't even touch media that doesn't sexualize women in some way.

No. 2033484

>cute boys are essential in any female-catered manga
Tbh I wished there were mangas aimed at women with zero male protagonists.

No. 2033508

I think Astarion is sexy and I think men with wrinkles are hot.

No. 2033537

I hate it too. Just enjoy the goddamn IP or find another one. Don't pollute the fandom landscape with your DEI retardation

No. 2033574

Nonnie you must have lost your way to the unpopular opinions thread

No. 2033575

pisses me off whenever I see his smug dumb face

No. 2033580

I clown on Astarion a bunch but his face is among the least offensive parts of him. Partially agree with you though, some fictional dudes look really cute when they've got a few wrinkles and like they haven't slept in three weeks.

No. 2033583

but is that really that unpopular of a opinion? maybe it is here but women outside of lolcow seem to love him

No. 2033589

normie women are psyoped

No. 2033591

what about mahou shojo? there is plenty of that

No. 2033642

magical girls is a genre for moids now, thank the shitty lolibait madoka show for that

No. 2033703

Too childish for me, I want something more adult.

No. 2033704

I belong to several "minorities" and the diversity obsession is retarded. Diversity in cartoons or YA novels is not the be-all of activism. It's not activism at all. I don't care about how some movie has a mixed raced queer disabled character when it's still legal to fire or refuse employment someone like that for arbitrary reasons.

No. 2033714

File: 1717424014437.jpg (844.58 KB, 1280x1873, tumblr_nvyk4zMm8X1rhxw9lo2_r1_…)

You can thank lolicon otaku in the 80s and loli otaku animators who latched onto little girls like Minky Momo and had them as their waifus. It's far from a current thing.
If you think of at least one mahou shoujo anime made after Minky Momo that you like, it's guaranteed the production team of the show catered to the moid otakus who watched them and loved/lusted over their heroines, at some point.
Mahou shoujo is for little girls first but for otaku moids second, kind of like how MLP ended up but not nearly as blatant about it.

IMO this is why joseimuke is becoming more and more popular in female otaku spaces. Shoujo has been unpopular for decades and mahou shoujo is a moid playground unless the series is 10+ years old (like older precure seasons, sailor moon, etc; doremi fsr has been appropriated by moids).
The closest thing I saw to a mahou shoujo female fandom in current years was when Love Live was popular with women.

No. 2033716

>its too digital
>they look boring
>actually I'm not into shounen
>the genre is too moidy
>It's for children
I doubt any suggestion will be good enough.

No. 2033722

There's gonna be a Hanakimi anime adaptation soon, pray that there won't be stupid gender discourse while it's airing.

No. 2033726

almost no one will watch it so you should be good anon

No. 2033727

joseimukes are getting more popular bc both fujos and the self inserters like it

No. 2033730

I don't know if I should be happy about it or not at that point.

No. 2033731

Antishippers are more concerned about AO3 and shipping a 17 year old with a 19 year old than actual porn. I've known antis whose only issue with Pornhub is "it steals from sexworkers" and think being a porn star is a valid job.

No. 2033735

Puriteens who screech and mald over underage anime people kissing and fucking and then proudly support IRL "sex werk" "the oldest profession" "IRL porn is empowering to women" will never fail to baffle me. Where are we that we are defending the human rights of pixels instead of the real women being drugged and abused by the porn and sex industry.

No. 2033741

I'm open to all kind of suggestions but there's surely more options than stuff aimed at moids or grade schoolers.

No. 2033792

i'm so sick of female fandom obsession with purity and holding the same views as everyone else. no you can't husbando this "obviously underage" fictional character or you deserve jail, no you can't ship this or you deserve jail, no you can't say you hate trannies and gender shit or you deserve jail, no you can't say that you find hijabs and religion retarded or you deserve jail, no you can't criticize the oversexualization of women or you deserve jail, no you can't have your own opinions unless everyone else agrees with it or you'll get treated as the outcast. it's so fucking tiring meanwhile moids can say the most deranged crazy shit to each other and their friends will just laugh or ignore it. i understand why some pick mes say they prefer interacting with moids, because they don't feel overwhelmed all the time about keeping a certain image

No. 2033800

it's simple puriteens don't actually care that one contradicts the other, they just need to regurgitate popular opinions in order to get validation from their female peers. they don't care about morals, they just want to look good or feel pressured to do so, even if that means hiding their real interests. you'll notice how many of them are very very quick to switch sides once another formerly unpopular take on a topic becomes popular.

No. 2033862

The goalposts constantly change with them. If they were consistent about their morals and were critical of IRL porn/BDSM/etc. too I'd have no problem with them, but they always change their opinions. I knew one who screamed over how one anime ship is grooming and bad representation but then will get into Hannigram and have cannibalism kinks.

No. 2033886

>Using “puriteens” unironically

No. 2033888

It's further back then that, mahou shoujo has always had a bunch of scroteshit.

No. 2033894

It just sounds funny, what term would you rather anons use besides "young adults who have weirdly conservative values and buy into purity culture"?

No. 2033903

NTAYRT but it makes you sound like a 30+ she/they fandom mom with a blog full of Reddit-tier monologues about how Bakudeku mpreg is kweer activism

No. 2033904

>implying “purity culture” isn’t a sex-pozzie psyop

No. 2033909

Feeling attacked much? Maybe when you stop being underage it won't trigger you so much.

No. 2033912

File: 1717434046805.png (42.75 KB, 828x238, nope.png)


No. 2033913


No. 2033914

>We shouldn't use words because uhh….the bad people use them!
You're stupid.

No. 2033917

It's kinda strange to see how (female) fandom becoming political has the effect that on one hand it's both politically liberal (see Palestine activism fanart) but leans more and more morally conservative (problematic fiction culture) while on the side you have male otaku degenerates who are politically conservative but morally liberal (if not libertine). You'd think it'd be the opposite, conservative fandom moids would be the ones to become antis and harass artists for wrongthink based on religious purity values while LGBTQIA women in fandom would have a more empathetic, tolerant of the other and "don't like don't look" type of attitude.

No. 2033923

it makes sense to me, historically women have been more inclined to keep each other in check, it was mostly women accusing other women of witchcraft back then. meanwhile moids don't tell other moids what to do or try to cancel each other

No. 2033930

I'd garner it's men historically who needed to keep women in check (so they wouldn't have reproductive control and go have sex with other men) and thus created a society which taught women to keep each other in check on their behalf. And we come along into this society and we bear all this historical burden of patriarchy without even realising, even when we have a form of reproductive rights and control for the first time in history. However, I'd say men do keep each other in check in even more violent ways by waging literal war against each other. So why aren't they doing it in fandom?

No. 2033932

KEK why would she admit that openly? What a loser

No. 2033937

File: 1717435335144.png (92.04 KB, 907x487, notice that her issue isn't th…)

Because she's still a self hating fujoshi, she's also just convinced that she can make us actually normal fujos troon out with her.

No. 2033940

File: 1717435548294.png (204.98 KB, 562x669, Screenshots_2024-06-03-12-24-3…)

What is it with TIFs and "converting to Judaism", converts aren't even accepted in their faith

No. 2033941

This, it’s due to gendered social structures and a “principle of empathy” thing, in other words these out of touch women online might in effect be parroting slogans for arbitrary cherrypicked political topics or enforcing some conservative social ideas, but they’re centered around the concept of an “empathetic,” righteousness-for-the-underdog kind of social standpoint, whileas male nerd spaces that applaud fascism, imperialism, or bigotry in the name of might and efficiency also allow coomerism for the same reason of disdaining the general principle of empathy and collective social obligation (even when complaining that others are the “true” degenerates who fail their imagined ideal fascist collective or libertarian faux-survival-of-the-fittest fantasy, this is based off self-serving ideas of strength and masculinity rather than a desire to actually embody or promote empathetic community-oriented behavior, which is also why they are so glaringly different from their imagined/symbolic Chad selves).

No. 2033942

I've seen a lot of fandom fights between moids but usually they aren't related to moral issues, just dumb arguing about shit like meta or powerscaling. mostly it's about who or what is better, who sucks, a lot of genuinely autistic shit etc. they don't care what someone else jacks off to, unless it's something that they find funny enough to mock like feet or being gay but these days even that is considered tame for their standards. they also don't care about sensitive topics

No. 2033944

Special snowflake syndrome? I'm surprised they haven't started mass leaving 'judaism' because of the palestine conflict kek.

No. 2033947

>You'd think it'd be the opposite, conservative fandom moids would be the ones to become antis and harass artists for wrongthink based on religious purity values

This was how it was in the 2000s, but the switch flipped that the "content police" are liberal-leaning and secular instead of right wing religious people.

I have Jewish family and the conversion process takes literal years and has to be overseen by a Rabbi, there's a good reason why more traditional Jewish sects don't trust or accept converts. None of the online converts put in the effort.

>Lou Sullivan quote

KEK. Of course the straight women who infiltrated LGB spaces in the 70s and died from AIDs from cruising is her role model.

There's clout in being an anti-Zionist/pro-Palestine Jew, but I notice some of these TIFs take the "leftist pro-Israel" view too.

No. 2033948

Holy shit, she's getting so close my nonnies. If this is the direction fujo TIFs are going just a little bit more and they'll peak.

No. 2033949

>the fucking "dying like a gay man" quote

No. 2033951

This TIF calls herself a Zionist though.

No. 2033955

They won't. Being a boring old run of the mill "cishet woman" is TIFs worst nightmare. Even if they wake up to the retardation of gender ideology, their mental illness ensures they'll just latch onto the next trendy identity, whatever it is

No. 2033958

File: 1717436334723.png (391.88 KB, 940x502, they anger.png)

The schizo anti types on twinbuns page have become my favorite internet people to laugh at as of late, omedetou!

No. 2033959

She's literally just taking the piss out of them at this point

No. 2033961

moids usually fight over shit like which character is the strongest or which waifu should end up with the mc.

No. 2033964

File: 1717436586446.png (79.66 KB, 747x275, theIQ.png)

I think it's cause moids just don't give a fuck and moids also don't give a fuck about other moids in general. Women do it seems. I'm so tired of it though. I do miss the early 2000s and even early tumblr where you could write/draw whatever garbage you wanted and no one really batted an eye as long as it wasn't complete degeneracy like scat or zooshit. I'm under the impression that some women do police other women just to feel morally superior though. I see moids doing it too and then get caught with horse porn in their twitter likes.

>Moid has IQ in bio


No. 2033966

…is there seriously some random man moralfagging about yaoi wtf? Please tell me this is a tif. I'm bewildered rn.

No. 2033968

from my experience, sometimes they are real gay men who just want to be offended by something women do. or just trolls. a lot of gay men are huge trolls and will start fights just for the sake of drama

No. 2033969

Frankly it's strange to have people complaining about how everyone is a judgmental puritan while at the same time complaining about how magical Girls are basically unwatchable because men watched a series that came out 40 years ago.

No. 2033972

there's more than one person who uses the thread nonna

No. 2033973

Not acknowledging each other at all is the weird part, nonna.

No. 2033974

madoka is getting a new movie this year and the precure fandom is filled with moids. theres also this shitty lolibait ecchi magical girls anime now that was very succesful with moids. (not to mention fate prismas popularity with moids) so its not just a "series that came out 40 years ago", its a very up to date issue.

No. 2033976

I can't be bothered to argue with the people trying to incorporate anime into a feminist framework. If they weren't retarded they would have realized anime has never been and will never be feminist a long time ago.

No. 2033977

Yes, moids watch anime. Is mecha and shounen off the table for you too because Char fucked waifubait minors?

No. 2033979

Yet Madoka is one of the two actually good mahou shoujo anime.

No. 2033980

yeah but who cares its still shitty lolibait for pedo moids at the end of the day. not to mention the writer seems to have an lesbian fetish.

No. 2033982

Yes moids… watch anime that's out and they don't really care who it's targeted for.
Is mech off the table for you too because Char wanted to fuck minors and Eva was about minors wanting to fuck adults or do the cute boys make it okay

No. 2033983

>its still shitty lolibait for pedo moids at the end of the day
You can literally say this about every mahou shoujo if you really stretch it.
>not to mention the writer seems to have an lesbian fetish
He likes BL too.

No. 2033984

i've never liked mecha shit and most new shounen shit is awful so i frankly just dont care anymore. but i loved the magical girls genre as a child so seeing what it envolved into is just sad.. what happened to making shit like Wedding and shogu chara?

No. 2033985

Tbf that is what they're saying. All mahou shoujo is bad, even precure.

No. 2033986

File: 1717437891883.png (41.78 KB, 601x342, Screenshot 2024-06-03 110310.p…)

Right? If they were consistent about it I honestly wouldn't give a shit and just assume that they have overbearing christfag parents or something but instead it's kind of the opposite.

No. 2033988

eh many of them were made by women that actually created the mangas for young girls and not moids. like did you ever see an male shugo chara fan? most likely no.

No. 2033990

>but i loved the magical girls genre as a child so seeing what it envolved into is just sad
Been like that since the 70s anon, I don't know where you guys are getting 'MAHOU SHOUJO WASN'T LIKE THIS TILL MADOKA' from.
Well if that's their viewpoint then at least it's consistent I suppose.

No. 2033992

This. Anons here are complete hypocrites when it comes to their morals surrounding female fanservice. They'll rail on madoka while having a shrine dedicated to Gojo, a character from an anime that has an incestbait /ss/bait fanservice pair and all around horrible treatment of female characters. They'll ignore all bad depictions of female characters in it just cause one male character from a shonenshit makes them coom.

No. 2033995

>like did you ever see an male shugo chara fan?
Yeah on /a/ and they waifu Amu, not gonna say they're common but they do exist.

No. 2033997

no also i hate eva, has to be one of the most overrated things i've ever watched, not a single character was likeable in any way.

No. 2034000

I'll be honest I don't get the worship Madoka gets, it was just an okay show to me, one of the reasons being the ugly character designs that prevented me from taking it seriously.

No. 2034002

i was the one who shat on madoka and no i dont have a shrine for gojo and neither do i like modern shounen. i do like some of the older ones though, but i dont do husbando stuff.

No. 2034006

File: 1717438387284.jpg (178.17 KB, 1080x810, 8iuMr7Z8BDOvLuDOR5j9keS2sAS0qH…)

I liked the funky shaft direction and the witch designs, but yeah it's just okay.

No. 2034009

The original Cutie Honey was an ecchi series for men, it didn’t get a shoujo anime incarnation until Cutie Honey Flash in the 90s. This incarnation of Cutie Honey anime was made by and for scrotes, it’s not part of the shoujo anime genre.

No. 2034012

The anon they were replying to brought up Madoka though which is aimed at adults rather than children.
Also saying cutie honey isn't mahou shoujo is pretty stupid since almost everyone classifies it as such, unless you're saying any mahou shoujo that isn't in the shoujo genre doesn't count in which case Madoka wouldn't either.

No. 2034014

That reply is the most foul thing I have ever read. She HAS to be underage to have an opinion that retarded

No. 2034015

Completely unrelated but seeing the retarded ways people censor words on social media is so weird to me. Idc the reason for them doing that, it makes them sound silly.

No. 2034016

Twitterfag take. In every imageboard you ignore the posts you don't care about and go on your merry way replying/fighting with the posts you're actually interested in. Multiple conversations can happen at the same time. Meanwhile on twitter people literally don't know how to not engage with bait/shit they don't care about. I'd suggest you lurk more.

No. 2034017

Because it was revolutionary for its time.

No. 2034019

Okay, I'll just ignore you then.

No. 2034021

Wasn't Cutie Honey made by grand giga coomer Go Nagai? Of course it's gonna be degenerate as fuck, this is the same guy that made Devilman kek.

No. 2034022

Just as holy queen PT intended here in our precious lolcor ♥

No. 2034027

>cute girl characters
>Witches have drastically different/interesting designs
>Cute + edgy

It's not that hard to see why tbh

No. 2034031

Soundtrack isn't half bad either, tbh.

No. 2034037

I don't respect Urobutcher but I liked Madoka for commenting on the fact that young girls are treated as disposable by society and the enormous suffering they carry. Kyuubei is also an interesting allegory to those who prey on teenage girls and throw them away like trash once they're done with them. Whenever I follow Russian ice-skating drama sometimes I remember Madoka. Not hard to see how it could have made an impact with women and teen girls, on top of the cute and non-sexualized designs (except for Mami).

No. 2034041

File: 1717440024594.png (Spoiler Image,442.44 KB, 1211x580, Kekko Kamen - Wikipedia.png)

Devilman was one of his tamer works in comparison (it was shocking for the 70s but mild now), Kekko Kamen was probably among his worst off the top of my head.

No. 2034045

Even for anime girls with big boobs I wouldn't say Mami is terribly sexualized.

No. 2034049

It was more original when it came out. I have a theory it's best to see it at no more than 19 years old (I saw it older and my first though was I would have liked it a lot more when I was younger). Still I think it's a good show and it didn't let me down.

No. 2034056

File: 1717440734315.jpg (143.36 KB, 640x480, Mami_Tomoe_Anime_Design.jpg)

I agree, compared to the CGDCT shit you see today she's not even that bad. Her design was very iconic and every teen girl was cosplaying her and making fanart of her back then. It says a lot about the show that no "edgy" mahou shoujo show after Madoka has had the same success among female fans.

No. 2034061

File: 1717440938736.jpg (21.87 KB, 265x376, Mahō_Shōjo_Ikusei_Keikaku_ligh…)

I knew a girl into the mahou shoujo raising project novels, but even then I think that was a really niche group.

No. 2034062

Is it worth reading?

No. 2034064

File: 1717441065229.jpg (97.36 KB, 1170x658, MV5BYjM1ODA3NzItMDdjYi00ZmNhLW…)

What's the female appeal of it? Googling it and there isn't much but most of it is already sexualized.

No. 2034065

I honestly appreciated how that even though Mami has huge boobs and the whole her being a representation of a mom thing, we never saw the underwear of the girls, no matter how crazy they moved, that was pretty nice.

No. 2034066

Like the other nonnas said, it left an impression because there was nothing like it at the time and the people who watched it didn't know about all the twists/spoilers that pretty much can't be avoided now even if you haven't watched it. They went in and thought it was yet another magical girl show like precure and got greeted by episode 3 kek. The soundtrack and visuals are also very nice/original.

No. 2034067

File: 1717441190122.jpg (350.38 KB, 1214x1783, 2be642782069a6e3655b1becc8b8f4…)

Apparently the first arc is considered to be the worst by far and just a generic Madoka ripoff, but the later arcs are supposedly good? I find it kinda hard to believe though.
There's some good character design here and there but also a lot of this type of thing >>2034064

No. 2034072

calling Cutie Honey ecchi is unforgivable. I'm sorry to weeb but Go Nagai is basically an insane genius and Cutie Honey is the original mahou shoujo wether you like it or not.

No. 2034074

It was retarded but entertaining in a trainwreck kind of way. I can see younger weeb teens loving it due to the ott edge and the designs though.

No. 2034075

How is it not ecchi?

No. 2034077

But it is ecchi…?
Also Go Nagai's stuff sucks.

No. 2034079

Bro have you even fucking read it? She hides in a park fountain at one point and gets fucking tongue-fucked by the kid and the old man.

No. 2034080

I feel like the edge era has kinda died off, if you're not a shounenfag you're more likely to be into stuff like bocchi nowadays.

No. 2034085

This is probably part of the reason why I don't really watch new anime kek. Still have a pretty strong edgelord bent.

No. 2034099

isnt bocchi an waifufag show?

No. 2034100

Yeah, waifufag stuff is far more popular with teens than edgy stuff.

No. 2034113

File: 1717443039175.jpg (1.84 MB, 1981x3752, 1692332949496.jpg)

Honestly, it's pretty fun, but I can say that some of the designs are probably too much for a lot of people here.
It stays edgy but doesnt go too far with it, but it does get away from Madoka into a more murder mystery type deal, it changes from arc to arc, the third being more of a chased time mission, etc.
Pic related are some designs I think are pretty good.

No. 2034137

I’ve read all three
Akane Banashi is alright. I’ve read the least of it, it’s focused on rakugo so either the cultural disconnect will put you off, or you might enjoy learning more about Japanese culture. It has some cute boys but I couldn’t get into it, my sister who reads all of shounen jump really likes it though
Ruri Dragon is the shortest and is a very mellow and comfy SOL. It has some cute interactions with the mom character, I found its portrayal of the teenage girl protagonist charming and non-moidy enough.
Blue Box I read the most of. It has an unambiguously female author, it’s basically just a shoujo romance with a male pov character. It’s good if you want a chill hs romance with a focus on sports, it’s cute and a little silly and the couple gets together in a reasonable amount of time, but it’s also very mellow.

No. 2034138

>Go Nagai is basically an insane genius
You're saying the guy who made shit like >>2034041 and >>2034079 is a genius?

No. 2034153

Wtf is a waifufag show? The characters in bocchi aren't particularly appealing. People like it because bocchi is a shy friendless loser and they relate to her. It's just an SoL.

No. 2034158

File: 1717445071221.png (244.78 KB, 500x734, IMG_5590.png)

He was kinda based for this one

No. 2034162

File: 1717445381737.jpg (18.43 KB, 450x300, he was a cute 70s uke tho.jpg)

He fucked up by making Akira ugly once he turns into devilman, I don't like either Ryo or Akira though, both of them suck.

No. 2034172

bocchi is very popular with waifufags dont lie kek

No. 2034188

>waifubait this
>waifubait that
"Waifubait" isn't a character trait nor a genre, every single female character and show with female characters with appealing designs (99% of anime, manga and games) is "waifubait" simply because said female characters will always get at least some male fans. It's a really dumb, empty complaint that doesn't amount to anything on it's own, Sailor Moon is now a "waifubait" show I guess because you will have men argue which character they think is the most attractive.
The Loud House is my favorite waifubait anniemay.

No. 2034191

sailor moon was made by a women for little girls so its something completely different but nice try

No. 2034196

Dropped the middle one when she had to learn from the one Female Master how to talk sexy

No. 2034201

"waifubait" isn't just a female character that male fans will like, it's a female character that was made specifically for the purpose of having male fans cooming to her to sell figurines.

No. 2034216

File: 1717448498581.jpg (Spoiler Image,194.38 KB, 784x1145, Akane-banashi - Story 48 - 6.j…)

She doesn't end up talking sexy, the lesson of that arc is that she shouldn't force herself to be sexy when it doesn't fit her character and isn't funny, and thst as she ages and gains experience, her performance will change. At the end, she does such a nonsexual and silly performance that it's funny for the audience.

No. 2034220

Every anime with a group of cute girls is popular with men. What do you even mean by waifufags, 4chan weebs? Yeah she's popular with that type of men because they relate to her.

So you mean something like Kancolle, not something like Bocchi.

No. 2034230

File: 1717448922318.jpeg (92.18 KB, 1170x1026, f5b6ab96-3d89-4605-8706-80e388…)

Ngl when I think of whether bocchi is waifubait, I just think of pic related.

No. 2034263

so? its still waifubait, shit like k-on, love live, yuru camp non non biyori and bocchi is all waifubait for men that want teenage waifus. doesnt mean those shows are bad though kek, i love k-on and yuru camp.

No. 2034270

>So you mean something like Kancolle, not something like Bocchi.
It applies to both. You don't seem to have been exposed to enough male otaku to really get it but that's a blessing.

No. 2034271

So you're just referring to SoL. It's a pretty useless term since every single female character from an SoL will be waifubait.

No. 2034276

most older women want to see cute boys. But you could try josei like nana

No. 2034285

Not by their definition. Bocchi wasn't created to sell coom figures/merch. It's literally a manga with no sexualization made by a woman. How is it comparable to Kancolle? Just because otaku latched onto it? Men latch onto everything.

No. 2034300

When a woman likes Bocchi or any other cgdct show, I assume she enjoys the slice of life aspect, and likely relates to the characters in a pretty innocent way. When a man says he enjoys those shows, I do not trust him even one bit, because I know he has a body pillow of the youngest character and thinks about horrific things with her.

No. 2034322

he sounds tsundere

No. 2034365

My thing is that tv and media aren’t fuckin real, lol. when you’re a kid it’s nice to grow up seeing yourself on tv and in stores and comics and whatnot. But those are consumerist pleasures we have, because we’re privileged. It’s a privilege to be able to produce entertainment, tv shows, anime, comic books, block buster movies , sell expensive action figures and toys, etc. and it’s a privilege to consume them! They’re all apart of capitalism and sold only as products. In that sense it really shouldn’t fuckin matter if every superhero on the side of a cereal box is a blonde haired and blue eyed kid, or a rabbit with a top hat. It means nothing at the end of the day and anything it fullfills is so shallow, surface level, and egotistical, that it warrants not even a fraction of the urgency people treat it with. It’s just not that important

Why not devote your time to uplifting real people who look like you in your community. A fat obese black lesbian ninja in Naruto is not a practical or realistic role model. It’s totally an ego thing that retards on twitter want to treat like a ‘life or death’ thing.

No. 2034371

nta but is “moeshit” better

No. 2034404

a lot of people seem completely unable to recognize fan-service/target-audience unless it’s extremely blatant or overly sexual with like panty-shots or something

No. 2034436

jesus, how new are you? have you never heard of the term moe?

No. 2034443

>My thing is that tv and media aren’t fuckin real, lol. when you’re a kid it’s nice to grow up seeing yourself on tv and in stores and comics and whatnot. But those are consumerist pleasures we have, because we’re privileged.
Exactly, I understand the argument that kid's shows having an interracial couple or G-rated gay couple or disability treated as a non-issue is good because it's educational, but I don't understand why anyone over the age of 20 cares as much. It feels like they care more about seeing diverse fiction than supporting real people like that. If I want "strong female" representation I can talk to my independent female family members, if I want to support disabled people I can donate to a charity.

No. 2034445

I get wanting to avoid dumb shit, but dropping out before the story even tells you what it's trying to do seems dumb, like moids who drop because the female lead might talk to a male character that isn't the lead and that means they're basically ntr'ing them.

No. 2034460

No one is ever obligated to finish a story if the set up seems to be headed in a direction the audience doesn't like. Sure it could be revealed to be a galaxy-brain twist for something great but if I can't beat the author of Abandoned Empress with a crowbar then I don't have to engage in media that is going in a direction I dislike, and sticking around to find out doesn't make someone ant better than those who left for greener pastures.

No. 2034469

File: 1717458026151.jpg (111.45 KB, 1400x700, 1000029773.jpg)

To me, a show is waifubait if:
>characters have at least one onsen episode with "kyaaaaaa my towel" moments.
>characters have at least one beach episode in which they just pose for the camera
>weird bendy knees
>one of the characters is/looks too young but is somehow wise/actually older than what it seems
>one of the characters has ridiculously huge boobs and that it's a constant theme in the show
>awawawawa uguuuu voices
>doesn't even dare go out on a date with an anime guy that isn't basically a self-insert
>barely male cast, or the male cast is unappealing/adults
>the only adults you see are the moms/relatives of the girls or male teachers that are totally very nice, maybe one actually cool guy that's taken as a joke/turned into a pervert later on
>the adult women speak in Ara Ara
>Perv anime autistic girl with no sense of boundaries (another moid self insert)
>or all of the girls are obvious waifu archetypes: deredere, tsundere, kuudere, autist, etc.
>any sort of panty shots or underwear on sight
>crossdressing moids/traps (part of the small male cast)
>maid episodes/theme
>sick girl episodes with mandatory ridiculously high fever that makes them hallucinate and make ugüu sounds
>unironic bunny girl figures/ outfits
>literally focusing on a waifu anime girl that's quirky in some way or another
It doesn't mean I will never watch it but I will avoid watching it because I know I will get annoyed, specially because of the Fandom that surrounds that anime.

No. 2034472

bocchi was literally published on manga time kirara, a moeshit magazine for men. I dont know why anons are coping.

No. 2034499

It's not a yuri magazine?

No. 2034501

I'm talking about when a story is barely getting into an arc and people flip hard, its not even some galaxy twist, it's usually pretty obvious what direction it's going in.

No. 2034513

please don't tell me you're dumb enough to think that most yuri is meant for actual lesbians or women.

No. 2034529

>she hasn't fucking read NANA
Honestly look into josei at all, usually more mature and aimed at adult women.

No. 2034538

No, I just put general moe and yuri in slightly seperate categories.

No. 2034545

they are both the same thing, fanservice for men

No. 2034560

Whatever, I'm just asking if it's the lesbian type or the male self insert type.

No. 2034562

there is no male self insert in neither

No. 2034574

File: 1717466002381.jpeg (100.47 KB, 1280x720, IMG_8372.jpeg)

Moe has a self insert male protagonist pretty regularly, though not as often as it used to since waifufags get mad if they even see a male character now.

No. 2034598

that thing isnt published on manga time kirara

No. 2034642

nta but imo people care so much about (increasingly niche) 'representation' as teens/adults because it indulges their narcissism and means that they don't have to apply as much effort to empathise with the characters on screen (which is an attitude that is at least partially taught and fostered by all the identity-based media discourse going around the last decade or so). I honestly think that a person should feel fucking embarrassed to say "I can't relate to x character, an abstracted facsimile of a human, because we don't share x trait", because if they feel that way about fake shit, I can't imagine their opinions towards real people who differ from them are much better.

Visual media is bad enough, but this attitude being applied to literature bothers me the most, since the whole point is being in someone else's head and experiencing their world and thoughts, so dismissing an entire story just because it doesn't match you specifically (not your interests, but you) is just so warped to me. But idk, I've never looked to fiction to see myself, so maybe this is a me problem, sorry for the sperg kek

No. 2034656

Didn't know where else to post this but I didn't realize how batshit insane the NaNa fandom was, especially when it comes to their ships. I've been into the manga, anime, and movies for years and only now decided to venture into the fandom. I don't know if it was always this way, but the group think is a bit insane there. You can't have a different opinion without someone literally arguing you down. That and it's filled with fake lesbians and troons.

No. 2034672

>I honestly think that a person should feel fucking embarrassed to say "I can't relate to x character, an abstracted facsimile of a human, because we don't share x trait"
>I've never looked to fiction to see myself, so maybe this is a me problem, sorry for the sperg kek
I personally feel the same way. This is a horse that's been beaten in this thread before but I feel the same as a minority or whatever. Things have happened since then but I think I mentally get placed into the self-hating box or learned helplessness box when I tell people I don't care about rep these days, but at least I don't get lectured anymore. Sometimes things are not about me or for me and I'm okay with that. I can understand why seeing a character that looks or acts like me would be nice in a sea of shit and LA quota pushers but it's not a deal breaker for me.

No. 2034933

Seeing how some anons talk about things they don't know at all and insist that they're right makes me realize that these threads aren't any better than the fandoms we're criticizing.

No. 2034964

>Randy Marsh "old"

He's like 38, not 100. What is wrong with zoomers

No. 2034968

File: 1717481818769.jpg (48.96 KB, 714x749, 1672016654049.jpg)

Does anyone else larp as a man online to participate in fandom without all of the downsides from being female? I feel like a traitor but i would 100% get cancelled if i didnt.

No. 2034985

File: 1717482507367.jpg (57.71 KB, 600x710, 43a.jpg)

Sometimes I feel so smug knowing I was able to enjoy certain fandoms before they went completely downhill.

kek when I saw Nana in tiktok videos I knew it was over. It some how managed to attract the worst type of people.

No. 2034988

the sad part is they arent even sexualizing the characters in that pic, its just dumb japanese moid humor.

No. 2035005

>Sometimes I feel so smug knowing I was able to enjoy certain fandoms before they went completely downhill.
Which ones? Spill it.

No. 2035042

I don't specifically larp as a male, but I never correct anyone assuming that I am one, which is common kek (the parts of fandom that stereotypically attract women don't interest me much, especially not for anything I'm currently into, so the lack of that on any of my accounts apparently means I must be male. That and the mechas… despite female mech fans/artists not being that obscure a niche lol). Same thing happens outside of fandom though, spent years in a gaming group where it was assumed I was a guy until I went on mic lmao.

I don't think you're a traitor for specifically pretending to be a guy either, fandoms are supposed to be for fun, and so many of them are full of toxic rats who'll only attack and harass female fans but ignore far worse moids, so whatever lets you have a good time and avoid that shit is worth it imo.

No. 2035117

Cutie Honey was made for male audiences and the manga was released a shonen magazine. It's not really a show you can compare to actual mahou shojou for little girls because the demographic and targets were completely different… it also aired in the dinner/late afternoon time slot like Lupin the Third instead of early in the morning or after school.
Vidrel is mahou shoujo FOR GIRLS made by Go Nagai (coomer author of Cutie Honey, for those who don't know) and you can see the clear difference in tone and imagery.

Also, sidenote, Honey is a gynoid meant to look like an adult woman, she was never a character that lolicon otaku latched onto. She was always meant to be a character for men and boys, unlike other mahou shoujo before Minky Momo exploded in popularity.

No. 2035140

a lot of older mahou shoujo had fanservicy OVAs for men. One of the creamy mami ovas has them getting attacked by tentacle monsters.

No. 2035176

I tried reading Nana and I didn't like the narration, and it seemed too romance focused for me, I don't think I'd be able to stand a protagonist like Hachi.

No. 2035179

File: 1717499803336.png (1.82 MB, 1051x2451, scd.png)

I hate skin colour discourse so fucking much

No. 2035180

File: 1717499825500.png (1.05 MB, 1044x816, scd.png)

No. 2035182

I like this thread because it's like a double feature. You get to enjoy both the fandom cringe and the nonas embarrassing themselves arguing over it.

No. 2035200

Yes, and Creamy Mami came out after they knew they could have an otaku audience. They had an idol voice her and they accepted male otaku at their live events for little girls. For the record, majokko otaku are part of why otaku in Japan always had a reputation as horny pedophiles and part of it is due to their presence at these kinds of events.

If you look at most actual mahou shoujo before Minky Momo got a male otaku audience it's anime like Chappy (vidrel) or Sally where the sexy content is equal to zero. The characters are cartoony and silly and there is an emphasis on cuteness and whimsical things, but it's not made to be titillating in any way.

The outliers are Cutie Honey (made for men) and Majokko Meg (made for boys first and girls second and it replaced Honey on the same timeslot), and even then Meg already toned the sex appeal down compared to Honey because the idea of an anime about female characters for men wasn't popularized yet. Even then, Honey and Meg aren't little girls, because back then they had no ideas that being into little girls would become a widespread phenomenon in japanese nerds.

Mahou shoujo was not a genre made for males, but it developed to cater to lolicon otaku earlier than you think. And again, not just shows like Madoka or the recent coom fotm magical girls or Prisma Ilya cater to male otaku. Sailor Moon, Mew Mew, some PreCure seasons, etc, all catered to male otaku to acceptable levels when they aired.
Now, I'm saying that these shows are tainted and impossible to watch due to this fact, just that mahou shoujo as a genre in Japan can't be separated from the adult male audience anymore.
It's something we magical girl fans have to make peace with or not think about, because it does feel like some sort of betrayal even if it's just silly cartoons.
The only solace I feel in all of this is that if a show is good the otaku shit is negligible. Also I do feel schadenfreude when shonen mangs and shit like Inazuma Eleven get lewded by fujoshi.

No. 2035209

anything that has a female only cast is bound to attract horny men. Like mlp for example. Same reason why south park has a fujo fanbase. Japan is intelligent enough that they realized horny nerds want to look a cute guys/girls and monetize it, i dont know why the west doesnt do the same.

No. 2035227

Now you got me thinking about all of the Inazuma MLP crossover art I made in high school

No. 2035230

>Creating content for pedophiles is intelligent.
Go back.

No. 2035239

literally where did i say that

No. 2035246

I hate it too but specifically because my laptop was loosing it's color in the screen for years slowly and the art I would make looked fine on my screen but different on other screens

No. 2035250

lmfao I know her, I’ve seen her REEE comments in lots of GC posts on Tumblr

No. 2035266

File: 1717505832356.jpg (13.08 KB, 248x328, 1000007715.jpg)

The Silent Hill 2 remake, like I get it's mostly a style change. Angela doesn't look like she's in her 30s or 40s anymore, and is a little more chubby I guess that's fine.
But they toned down the sexy nurses and Maria when their entire thing is being a male sex fantasy like are they changing the time period maybe she doesn't have to be like Christina Aguilera but this outfit fits her role better than the dress and coat combo they showed.

No. 2035273

What is with FTM fujos and converting to Judaism? To collect oppression points? Trough this has kinda backfired in the last months.

No. 2035274

judaism has a gajillion genders

No. 2035275

>dying like a gay man

No. 2035305

It's going to be shit no matter the style changes, how can people still put their faith into Konami after all the shit they pulled? They just want to consoom the classic yet overused horror video game.

No. 2035421

All the characters look uglier. James especially. They purposefully aged him up.

No. 2036294

>anything that has a female only cast is bound to attract horny men.
Oh, okay. I get what's going on now.

No. 2036385

Do you ever wonder how fandoms would have grown if characters where put into different genres?
Like instead of idol, spoken or something like that.
Or something more extreme like an isekai or battle harem protagonist into a spokon or male only cast shounen or vice versa. Would you still like your husbando if he was transported into another world?

No. 2036404

Nagai WAS a genius and is one of the most influential men in anime/manga history. In fact, he was the original ecchi giga coomer and had the PTA boycotting his series in the late 60's.

No. 2036407

So the state of modern anime is his fault?

No. 2036411

File: 1717565688470.webp (57.09 KB, 860x763, 0ee1e28644233e0a5ed626e45ebd70…)

They didn't even give em nipples, I swear to god all Japanese male gamedevs are just secretly gay.

No. 2036414

all men are bisexual, thats why there are so many baras and traps in the stuff they make

No. 2036418

Yeah but they make them purposefully ugly. I'm not talking faces, I'm talking anatomy. Flat pecs, no nipples, never shaded properly to show that, yes, men have both sharp angles and soft curves… drives me nuts. Especially in gacha games, they treat male characters like second-class citizens, art-wise.

No. 2036424

Tbf, isn't that partially just granblue's style?

No. 2036429

File: 1717566443408.png (182.87 KB, 960x800, Nemone_B.png)

They're more than capable of making pretty art. They just don't want to for the male characters.

No. 2036437

It's can be pretty, but the artstyle doesn't lend itself that well to what you're looking for, is what I meant.

No. 2036442

i dont understand any woman who plays mixed gachas for the husbands, you are cucking yourself.

No. 2036456

Ah I don't play Granblue anymore, anyway, I was playing it on Chrome 'cause there was an English translation patch at the time. But I grew bored of grinding.

No. 2036459

File: 1717567306357.png (160.61 KB, 640x940, Fully_Voiced_Gran_(Summer).png)

No, it can, it's like I said, though: the devs hate men.

No. 2036491

Those pecs are still flat and the shading is the same.

No. 2036495

i will never understand why they are incapable of making guys fully shirtless

No. 2036767

I'm confused by your question, familiar archetypes exist across genres/demographics (i.e hotblooded leader, calm and cool lancer etc). I hate isekai shit but I actually like AU fics, not sure if that's what you're asking though.

No. 2036780

A lot of sites delete your post for saying naughty no-no words like what tiktok does with CP and SA. You can't discuss mature subjects without sidestepping the censors leaving the whole post/video a nonsensical world salad of doublespeak. It doesn't stop at tiktok since zoomers censor their words on ao3, the site where posting whatever you want is the point.
>doesn't give them nipples
more like straight. Moids start fuming at the mouth when a anatomically correct bishe is so much as implied to have nipples.
What is going on with his pecs? Male chest aren't shaped like that?

No. 2036970

File: 1717604746754.png (172.85 KB, 640x628, Summon_b_2040411000.png)

Do they though?

No. 2036983

One femgaze character in a sea of coombait big titty and loli waifus doesn’t mean anything

No. 2036988

File: 1717605473607.png (382.42 KB, 960x800, Npc_zoom_3040286000_02.png)

Granblue is bu far one of the more equal opportunity fanservice gachas though. The winner of the popularity poll for both men and women was Sandalphon even, not a waifu or loli

No. 2037001

I really don’t care, I’ve seen the skins of gbf and men wearing clothes like that is 1 for every 20 coomer cards. Enjoy your scraps, just don’t try to shill it as being totally pandering to women

No. 2037048

NTA but what is your ideal gacha/mobage, nonna?

No. 2037062

They all need to be banned

No. 2037077

Isn't there not much worth in giving more than scraps if the audience didn't want gacha to exist to begin with?

No. 2037078

Yeah, where the fuck are his nipples?

No. 2037080

something like blue archive just with hot men

No. 2037089

File: 1717609492213.jpg (25.21 KB, 460x276, male-nude-desmarais-009.jpg)

>Male chest aren't shaped like that?
AYRT, that's what I'm saying dude!! The devs are so scared of coming across as even slightly homosexual for daring to put time and effort into a goddamn illustration of a man's torso. Meanwhile an ACTUAL artist would just get on with it and paint the damn thing he set out to paint.

No. 2037100

I'm ntayrt, I just wanted to post my anti gacha opinion. Female gachafags deserve scraps so that one day they’ll wake up from their gambling addiction

No. 2037104

Discord ruined fandoms a lot more than social media ever did.

No. 2037110

and the male do not or what? do you just dislike the gachafag women?

No. 2037111

eh no twitter is basically speedruining to ruin fandoms as many fandoms as possible

No. 2037133

nta but it's obvious that nona thinks gachashit is predatory and women deserve better than becoming gambling addicts

No. 2037151

Nta but most gachafags aren't addicts, and honestly I don't care if adults ruin themselves for a jpeg, they should know better.

No. 2037157

File: 1717613122584.jpg (18.62 KB, 474x474, OIP (10).jpg)

>gachafags aren't addicts
you're a gachafag arent you?

No. 2037171

Nta but nona if all gachafags were whales then gacha would be making a bazillion dollars.
The reality is there is a very small number of whales (genuine gambling addicts) dolphins who just like one or two characters and will only spend on them, and the massive amount are free players that don't spend any money.

No. 2037182

Yes I've played a few gacha games but I've never spent money on them, so fucking what?

No. 2037277

Based. Sometimes I wanna travel back in time and tell my younger self to invest in coding so that one day my femgaze video game dreams are fully realized.
Wished there were more buy to play hero collectors where all the main heroes were cute and hot guys. Maybe then less women would rely on gacha to get their husbando fix.

No. 2037352

Too much Kyman yaoi

No. 2037420

File: 1717626753072.png (212.12 KB, 960x800, flatass.png)

I hate how many pathetic bones GBF throws. Look at how flat this ass is. Meanwhile, all the female characters have extremely detailed and shapely tits and ass and many sport extremely lewd outfits.
Anyone who plays these games for the husbandos is deeply cucked. Idgaf if Lucipher and Sandalphon are sad cute yaois.

No. 2037442

Exactly. Most gatchaplayers are Free 2 Play. Very few actually whale

No. 2037443

How fucking depressing is it to have that body and no ass. 1/10

No. 2037448

File: 1717627647239.png (36.07 KB, 1023x295, waitwhat.png)

I thought you were joking, anon. WTF?

No. 2037499

Yeah, it's hard to tell what info is legit but from what I've heard online, the the script writer refused to work with her and when they kept arguing, it was decided that the author would write it herself.
She had no experience with script writing and the show suffered as a result.
When people went to the scriptwriter ont their instagram they went "lmao it wasn't me lol". The author committed suicide soon after that.

No. 2037731

Women are their own worst enemies now a days. it sucks so much, and I miss the early 2000s fandoms every day. I miss the days of no tranny/gender politics so much

No. 2037742

yeah, definitely twt and tik tok were the downfall to most fandoms. It's causing smooth brain syndrome in a lot of the recent generation.

No. 2037840

File: 1717646767666.png (7.82 KB, 500x500, 1651774805962.png)

i am making my own shitty game with husbandos. I suck balls at coding and art, but it feels nice to be able to make something no big company is willing to do.

No. 2037845


No. 2037846

No. 2037848

Ngl I follow a couple of fujos that make rpgmaker stuff for characters they like, it's always nice to see what they do. I support you nonnie

No. 2037859

Even if the art is ass it's the heart that counts

No. 2038472

File: 1717694513971.png (143.9 KB, 931x756, Screenshot 2024-06-06 122041.p…)

No. 2038672

1584 upvotes on a Reddit post kek. A lot of people are tired of troon fics basically being disguised hetsex but they're too scared to say it because of muh transphobia

No. 2038719

You know this trend is cancerous when other trans-identified people are calling it out. It's funny because a decade ago the narrative was that transpeople are too dysphoric to use their genitals, wtf happened to that? I see people admitting this on anonymous sites too.

No. 2038750

Thought r/ao3 was wisening up before the community downvoted and berated the user for being "transphobic". For what? Pointing out countless trojan horse fics promising m/m and f/f only to be met with piv but it's so totes gay because the author said so.
Piv in slash is somehow more queer than two men actually having sex. Don't quote me on that, that's what I've gleamed after lurking the thread and finding a several users defending the sanctity of such a cursed genre of fanfiction. These are the same retards whining about het a/b/o but turn around defending a/b/o AUs that turns one of the MCs into a woman in every sense but name. The cognitive dissonance is giving me a brain aneurysm just thinking about it.
Is it too much to ask for slash to be about normal same-sex pairings without coming off as a crytoterf?
Some say they do, but dysphoria conveniently ceases whenever they like, no matter how nonsensical and arbitrary. It's different when they do it. Consistency was never on tifs and tim's mind while living out their deluded lives walking fetish trucks since to them, becoming the opposite sex is the important fulfillment to true degeneracy. They don't aspire to men or women, only ukes and cute anime school girls despite vehemently denying every form of sane rhetoric levied at them.

No. 2038795

I only watched the anime when it came out but from what I remember it was really fun, you're basically just seeing a bunch of women slowly losing it and going from sophisticated plans to going ape-shit in a full on war.

No. 2038810

So many people coping and saying PIV sex can be gay and that it's totally transgressive, it's too funny. It's literally the most represented type of sex and was never criminalized yet you'd think otherwise based on the comments. No one demeans PIV on the basis that it's gross (gay sex) or not real (lesbian sex). These people are so terminally online that they think fanfic readers not liking tranny het on AO3 is peak oppression, they will never experience a sliver of what gay people experience.

No. 2038831

They literally reinvented heterosexuality right down to the same heteronormative pussy bottoms and cock tops. Would it hurt for them to liven things up? have it the other way or write straight sex? They're not going to jail writing hetbend. Tag it, move on, and stop trying to be special. 3rd world fic writers get arrested for less but suggesting trans headcanons are a woke man's genderswap is a felony.

No. 2038848

File: 1717707725942.jpg (97.36 KB, 1078x516, img11.jpg)

>Using gay sex terms top and bottom for heterosexual sex acts
>Using gay sex terms in reference to lesbian sex but it's actually heterosexual sex
We are hitting retard levels that shouldn't even be possible.

No. 2038889

Nah fuck that shit. Fandoms are supposed to be fun and not stressful. I don’t like what seemingly most fangirls are into so i venture into fanboy spaces. Like >>2035042 said if someone assumes i’m a fanboy I don’t correct them idc just let me talk about dumb fan stuff in peace.
This shouldn’t even be stated but I’m not attacking anyone, everyone enjoys fandom differently and deserve to have fun without having someone breath down their necks

No. 2038930

I remember there was a trend a decade ago where people joked about their het ships being subversive because they wrote about pegging or femdom, I'm not a hetfag but I preferred that over claiming trans PIV is queer. I wish I could transport these zoomer gendies to back when sodomy laws were around.

No. 2038939

I don't larp as a guy but I'm in male-heavy sides of my interests and everyone assumes I'm a man there. Obviously it has its downsides like how the majority of moids only care about coomery but if you find a couple of decent people it's not a bad experience. There's a lot less tone-policing/virtue-signalling/retarded social justice politics and even if you say something politically incorrect you don't have to worry about people pulling a sudden 180 on you.

Of course you can achieve the same thing with women but in my experience it's 100x harder to find likeminded women, LC is my only option for that but it's not really an apt substitute for regular interaction on social media. Even the seemingly apolitical ones start chanting TWAW protect trans kids up out of nowhere so I gave up.

>I remember there was a trend a decade ago where people joked about their het ships being subversive because they wrote about pegging or femdom
The new thing is calling het ships "bi4bi" therefore it's queer and not tainted by icky allocishet privilege even though it's a man and woman in a relationship. Though it's worse than the pegging = subversive jokes because these people are serious and will call you biphobic if you call their ships straight.

No. 2039013

File: 1717715734571.jpeg (835.84 KB, 1125x1351, IMG_2195.jpeg)

Not sure where to post this but good news Monster High is ditching the Nickelodeon movies and went straight to universal. Say goodbye to they/them Frankie Stein!

No. 2039021

unrelated but i am glad the dark universe failed. The universal monster fandom is one of the coziest fandoms and i would have hated for it to be ruined by marvel spergs.

No. 2039022

I wish they brought back EAH

No. 2039032

I'm ashamed to say that yes, in anonymous discussions or critiques I act as if I'm a male because I feel like people take my opinions more seriously

No. 2039034

Japanese moid humor is so weird, it's always just gay shit

No. 2039726

I used to make fun of people talking about cancel culture, but holy shit they werent kidding i just got put in a problematic fan artist list. Holy shit, I havent used social media since i was 12 and had a Deviant art account over 10 years ago, things truly have gone to shit. They have like 30 followers so i just laughed it off and continue posting, but its hilarious it happened.

No. 2039736

Most moids just wish they could be gay but they truly believe they're oppressed, kek.

No. 2039742

it really is ridiculous- can you tell us your crime/s without giving yourself away? I had some freaks turn on me for saying I wasn't interested in creating things for a ship involving my favourite character or depicting them the way they were demanding me to (their headcanons, basically) and was therefore a bad person kek. Fizzled out after a week or so but man, it was embarrassing to witness.

No. 2039748

>can you tell us your crime/s without giving yourself away?
drawing south park yaoi, not even nsfw just kawaii autistic ship art. I guess shipping the cartoon, neon colored characters from a show that throws slurs every two episodes is too offensive nowadays.

No. 2039762

Seriously? What a dumb thing to get uppity about, especially for a show that's not just edgy but has also canonically acknowledged its large fujo fanbase. Regardless, hope no one bothers you over it anon

No. 2039764

The new zoomer fandom is insane. They harass the asian fanartists too.

No. 2039777

South Park literally has a yaoi episode KEK You'd think they'd realize no one on the show gives a shit about shipping two characters

No. 2039795

they put me under proshipper kek. I dont know if its because its ''shota'', or because they are enemies or both.

No. 2039796

File: 1717782680901.jpg (67.13 KB, 897x1132, 6636bcb4572e6bb9a0f4eab2587c8b…)

Anyone making edgy things kawaii gets so much hate for some reason. Adding that kind of feminine cutesy touch to something usually masculine or problematic triggers something in the brain

No. 2039826

I think sometimes (but not always) that backlash towards cute-ifying or wholesome!AU fanart for darker or edgy media stems from fans of that kind of media expecting the fandom to reflect it and make more of it rather than change it into something it's not– eg you play a horror game only to find the fandom full of pastel positive vibes art etc. Not saying that's even a bad thing, only that the expectation of a fandom being a gateway to more of the things you like not being met can tick people off, or make other fans seem 'fake', especially if it's something niche. You see it with reboots and remakes that change the original aesthetics or tones as well.

(personally most of my fandoms are so small and slow I'll take anything at this point– so long as it isn't gendie etc kek)

No. 2039828

so they want racist south park art?

No. 2039880

Interesting, I never thought about it like that. Fandom has become such a weird group thing where people assume everyone in it should feel the same or treat the media in question the same. And when some people don't it becomes a "but we're not like that part of the fandom" situation.

No. 2040126

File: 1717800739372.jpeg (395.78 KB, 2048x1260, 56894930-64FF-4911-AC95-D7B0D3…)

I wonder why the bulk of vocaloid fans at least in the west are women when the majority of producers are male. In fact the only big name female producers I can think of are oster project, hitoshizuku, ghost and pals (ayden i think), and cilla. No I’m not counting coomers who make rabbit hole edits or naked project diva mods, which are the majority of male western vocaloid “fans”.

No. 2040170

File: 1717802954409.jpg (67.4 KB, 500x500, artworks-000223260086-wvyrhq-t…)

I think more men make indie music in general, why else do you think there were so many brony songs? Also damn you left out the women who did vanaN'ice aka the most fujo project there is…

No. 2040188

female producers are very rare in the entire music industry

No. 2040922

File: 1717860771645.jpg (84.16 KB, 500x598, Weneedtogoback.jpg)

You're right anon! Zoomers and older alphas are definitely ruining the fun in fandom. They want everything to cater to them and cannot accept different interpretation of their favourite characters. The most annoying part is they will go ballistic when people have fun with non-canon pairings/shipping. I was called out by a snot-nosed zoomie for commenting that A character should be with C character instead of A character's official pairing with character B because they have more screen time together but this zoomie got buttmad and pulled the "Bu-but A character is a minor card!!!". Thing is character C has a 4 year gap between character A but is still a teenager like character A. So there wasn't a "minor" issue at all! I hate how zoomies/alphas are quick to use the "minor" card to win a disagreement or worse, cancel a person. Why can't they just use their brain to at least argue why they think A and C wouldn't be a good pairing instead of jumping straight to cancelling a person. Does no one teach them how to have a fun discussion/debate anymore? Or teach them to ignore views that they don't agree with instead of taking everything personally? I'm definitely gonna stop engaging in big fandoms now. It's too risky out there. You can be cancelled at any moment by a random snot-nosed kid just because you "headcanon" their fav character wrongly. It's crazy out there in the fandom world, especially for fanfic writers and fanartists.

No. 2040934

Keep in mind there is a shit ton of producers who never got popular.

No. 2040937

Nona why are you shipping minors in the first place kek you shouldn't be getting invested in kids media and arguing with children about it. If they are 17/16 and 13/12 and the person you're arguing with is in that same age range they'd obviously find it gross.

No. 2040944

go back to twitter. Kids dont belong in fandom.

No. 2040945

it's the cute anime art that isn't hypersexualized waifufag shit

No. 2040951

I agree with you, but younger millennials do this too. The biggest antishippers in my experience are either 19 or over 30 despite the "fandom mom" stereotype. The way young adults and teenagers weaponize being a "minor" is weird to me too. I hated being a kid and wanted to grow up ASAP (I was scared of pedos kek), when I was a teenager in fandom I never brought up my age or sneaked into adult spaces because I just wanted to be respected as a fan.

No. 2040981

Fandom is not a group or anything, it's just random people who like the same thing. It would make more sense to say that kids don't belong on social media

No. 2040991

They're cartoons. You need to go back.

No. 2040992

File: 1717865153381.gif (1.96 MB, 373x498, you-have-alerted-the-horse-hor…)

Cows, which kind of problems you see in the fandoms you usually interact?
I'm usually in some fandoms that allow fucked up content without moralism or virtue signaling, but they are still full of gendies.

No. 2040993

why are you calling us cows

No. 2040994

My bad, I though it was just this chans version of nonna.(newfag)

No. 2040997

newfags are so cute

No. 2041001

Tbf some people ITT definitely are cows

No. 2041006

I'm not mad about it, I just genuinely wonder how anon can get so invested in cartoon children.

No. 2041008

Its fandom, people get invested in fictional serial killers/mass murderers/racists/etc. They arent real, they are characters.

No. 2041010

Its mostly a twitter and discord male fandom in the west, so waifu wars.
Damn dudes act like they're electing a fucking president. Weirdly enough the Japanese fandom has a lot of moms so their problem is mostly just art drama. Weird separation between the two. What type of show gets western side 20 something moids and the eastern side 30 something women?

No. 2041069

Why are you arguing with teenagers online

No. 2041116

I haven't watched or been into anime for a long while now, but few days ago nostalgia hit me and I started reading discussions about anime on various forums/message boards and there is so much sick fucks who want to talk about "real life loli".
Saw a question something like "do real life lolis wear camisoles?"..what the fuck do you mean by "real life loli", actual children? And everyone is replying to him like he asked a normal question. As if getting aroused to drawn children was not disgusting enough, now they pretend saying "real life loli" somehow hides their pedophilic intentions.

No. 2041120

what kind of anime are you watching that attracts so many lolifags

No. 2041126

since anime is now a normie thing, apparently being sexually attracted to drawings of a 8 yr old children is also completely normal nowadays. men in my school sometimes just casually talk about what anime character they would fuck, and one time they mentioned sakura kinomoto, i never wanted to kmys that badly.

No. 2041141

Wasn't watching but I was googling stuff about series I used to watch a while ago, some of them being Higurashi, Madoka etc. Also was reading discussions about newer series that seem to be popular. Anyways I am too old for this shit

>men in my school sometimes just casually talk about what anime character they would fuck, and one time they mentioned sakura kinomoto,

Back in my day, saying this shit as an adult (or older teenager) would make you an outcast in an instant and now I see it is for a good reason.

No. 2041151

>Higurashi, Madoka
they are scrote shows what did you expect

No. 2041869

So true. Some young millenials are bonkers too. I hate how some of them hide behind the "fandom mom" label and try to dictate what is okay and not okay in a fandom. They try really hard to be the "queen bee" of the fandom which also ruins the fun. This ain't high school people! Same anon. When I was a kid I just lurk around deviantart and ao3 and never engage in fandoms at all because I know most fanfic writers and artists are adults. I respected their works and never comment on anything that is not to my taste because I know I'm the one who wrongly encroached into an adult space. There's a reason why sites like dA and ao3 gives out warning that you have to be 18 years and above to read/see the contents. But zoomers/aplhas love to ignore the rules set out in these sites and get mad when they read/saw weird shit on the internet. We should really bring back small internet communities and gatekeep more. Dumping everyone and their grandma in one single normie social media site like Xwitter and IG just ruins the fandom experience.

No. 2041889

children, particularly ones that aren't sharp enough to keep their real age hidden, should just be banned from the internet entirely until their frontal lobes mature

No. 2042106

No. 2042113

File: 1717924835586.jpg (132.98 KB, 1080x1701, 1714027699958.jpg)

It's creepy how mainstream it is now to openly like lolis, this image got around 80k when reposted on some meme account

No. 2042123

twitter scrotes give me aneurysms

No. 2042130

women who sexualize themselves for men and women who are sexualized against their will by men are completely different

No. 2042133

its not the maddona whore complex. men dont repect women that sexualize themselves because of how they view sex and puritanical ideas of sexuality. feminists dont respect those same women because they cater to their oppressors.

No. 2042137

proship antiship autism they all ship underaged characters with each other though so its just watching two pedophiles fight but ones into child x child and child x adult. and you can't kill yourself.

i try to avoid these people and keep to drawing meditated abuse of my (adult) bias.

No. 2042307

I'm in the Discord server for a small indie game and it's being absolutely spammed by people making pride flag edits of the main characters, all of whom are grown men that have no inkling of being trans/aroace/whatever the fuck. It's just embarrassing and annoying how exactly three people can shit up an entire server and if you say anything you'd get dogpiled for twansphobia and kicked. Sage for blog, I'm just shocked the twitter/tumblr gendies have even gotten to a tiny, male-appealing game that just came out months ago.

No. 2042351

what game? this happened with fallout after the normalfag show and i hate it

No. 2042366

Men lost their ''its fiction'' rights because they actually commit crimes

No. 2042413

Felvidek. It's even weirder because the gamedev based the character portraits on photos of his IRL friends and they're getting trans headcanons left and right.

No. 2042487

File: 1717954966137.jpg (29.96 KB, 368x600, c582df057330ecbecfb3fead72b88b…)

>Minor characters

Mmkay but what if I was a minor at the time the show was airing? What am I supposed to do not age? I know he's not a good example because technically/canonically he's a grown ass man now, but I can never tell where people land on this kind of thing when it comes to Husbandofagging. It feels so off-putting getting called a pedo for liking a character I've liked for fucking years. And also since the situations they're all put in is not based in reality anyway.(I'm not talking about loli/shota characters btw I'm talking about the fictonal characters that were popular with my age group at the time.) Where is the line exactly?

That's not normal but it has always been a thing. Anime becoming mainstream is probably the worst thing for everyone right now.

No. 2042502

What the fuck, I played that game a while ago and there's nothing about it that would appeal to the rainbow crowd I thought. There is no hiding from these people, is it?

No. 2042505

i never understood people who see characters are real people. I get it when they are actually played or voiced by minors. But if someone husbandofag's kyle from south park, a characters who's voiced by a grown adult, then i dont see how that correlates to pedophilia kek.

No. 2042509

Most of the time everyone expects you to move on and find an older character, which is kind of what happens when the Fandom is mostly a bunch of trend-hoppers with the attention span of a wasp on drugs.
Most people don't seem to understand that you can be in love with a character for literal decades.

No. 2042517

There is no line, people just need to get their head out their ass and realize anime isn't real.

No. 2042530

notice how none of these people go lecture the anime forums of men lusting after lolis and instead gallop around women's fandom spaces to sperg about how we should all be in love with disgusting old men or fatties

No. 2042545

One thing I never understood was how so much of fandom is against "aging up" characters. I still like the characters and ships I had in middle/high school (who were my age then), why is it so wrong to want them to imagine them as my age? It's like if I keep a character who was 16 in a show that aired in 2009 the same I'm a pedo but if I draw them as a 30 year old that's also creepy because "I'm fixating on a minor and want to see them grown up for creepy reasons"

No. 2042549

Tbh, in that case it's mostly because they're too retarded to understand that women aren't like the average moid that makes anime little girls look like ugly ass bimbos and call that "aged up versions" there's literally not an equivalent bimbo style for anime boys that doesn't look straight up retarded unlike the kind of drawings that shadman and other coomers does.

No. 2042550

isnt the male equivalent those women who draw pecs like tits?

No. 2042551

Ashamed to admit I managed to at least somewhat guess it. Old and middle aged men are all the rage with twitter/tumblr types now, and once I saw the youtube essayists start talking about it I knew it was only a matter of time. None of this matters anyway, since even politely disagreeing with a gendie headcanon (or in some cases, deliberately ignoring them) makes you the most horrible person on earth for some reason. Gendies can't ever calmly disagree or meet halfway on something and that's 90% my annoyance with them.

No. 2042555

Not really, because they do that to already buff characters. I really have a hard time imagining an exaggerated design of men that doesn't look straight up retarded and that has been actually used to signify sexiness like how the hourglass figure with huge breasts and huge ass have been used for so long.
But I guess it could be that, still thought, I haven't seen women making hyper buff drawings of characters like Astroboy or Hanako while saying that it's an "aged up version" of the characters.

No. 2042569

I understand how you feel. I think for me, the line is drawn when the character is written to be a kid and visually looks like a kid. I also really like the Elrics, and I like a lot of sports anime male characters (even though they all look like adults but somehow are 14). I think if people find men liking little girl characters creepy, then they should understand why people would find it weird if women liked underage characters. At the end of the day, they're not real, but I still find it weird in certain circumstances.

I also think arguments like >>2042530 are pointless because women do find men who like loli weird. It's just a universal thing and that's why a lot of women aren't 24/7 tweeting screenshots about how men like loli or how weird it is. We know a majority of men are into loli, why would they spend 24/7 talking about how bad it is, or even go in those spaces? It's just a bad deflection. On the other hand too, I think people spend too much time online because women anime fans in real life all still have crushes on the teenage characters, it's online fandom spaces that are policing about it.

No. 2042576

>I think if people find men liking little girl characters creepy, then they should understand why people would find it weird if women liked underage characters.
i dont hold women to the same standards as men because women dont rape. Normie women like worse stuff to be honest.

No. 2042577

Some people have weird reactions to characters being 'aged up' because they see them as a sort of eternal child/teen/whatever and don't like that illusion being broken by implying they will age and get boring jobs and have non-chaste relationships– you ruin their endless summer, so to speak. It's retarded I know, but also something I've only really seen strongly in regards to media that's very static (cartoons are a great example, where characters will be the same age forever despite the show going for years or even decades), but not so much for media that has characters age and mature (especially if they're depicted as adults, not just older teens) over the course of its run.

This obviously isn't the biggest reason for this nonsense, but I thought I'd bring it up since it can be behind a knee-jerk distaste towards the idea of ageing up characters that doesn't have much to do with shipping or anti/proship idiocy. For younger fans they might find it confronting to see an outside force change something they relate to into something they're not ready for yet (eg ageing a teen character up to college age), and for older fans it might be that they want a character to stay a pristine time capsule (especially if it's from media they enjoyed when they were younger/same age as the characters in it), or they might see them from a more parental/sibling perspective with anything else being disruptive towards that.

No. 2042581

that game? the silly Hungarian rpgmaker game? I'm sorry you had to deal with those people. I'd instantly asked to be banned if I were you.
Guess anything and everything will get the rainbow mafia to soil anything sacred.

No. 2042587

File: 1717960389428.jpeg (234.36 KB, 736x1040, IMG_1464.jpeg)

>I think for me, the line is drawn when the character is written to be a kid and visually looks like a kid

Tbh I also draw the line there since it’s reasonable. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t for some reason but maybe it’s because they’re young or retarded or something. Im also a huge sports anime fan and I recall when there was a resurgence in popularity for HQ!! during COVID. I’ve witnessed a lot of “UM ISNT HE A MINOR” despite the characters being tall and muscular (anime also came out when I and lots of artists were still in high school). Even at that point they were already adults in the manga. Even with recent animes like My Hero, literally all of them were muscular and a lot of the time their fanart made them look way older anyway. I don’t mind “aging up” a character either as that pretty much falls into the same realm of AU ideas. But maybe that’s just me

No. 2042591

In a similar vein, I feel like I can't bring up my husbando anywhere, I've only been in love with him for close to a year but we have a ten year age gap and he's of legal age at the current point in the lore, but just barely. I don't give a shit I only care that I love him, but I really don't want to subject myself to the predictable arguments I know I'll get.
I probably worded this really badly but oh well.

No. 2042593

Nta but you're probably arguing with them too, they are everywhere, including here on lc.

No. 2042652

its why i try not to engage with other women in fandom, they are too judgamental. Its sad, but i didnt spend 10 years grinding to not be able to draw what i want, so whatever.

No. 2042656

I basically live through non English threads at this point tbh

No. 2042664

>women dont rape
Why do people always say this when talking about the men and women liking little kids. Who cares, it's all weird. Not every girl is a saint and the entirely of the cow boards proves it

No. 2042665

i noticed non english speakers are starting to get infected with the same brainrotting virus amerilards have. I uninronically started being super toxic and drawing normalfag filtering stuff because users with the tranny flag started following. Like when k-on fans larped as nazis to filter the plebs.

No. 2042669

If you see cartoons as real people you need to get checked to be honest. Even bishies look nothing like irl men.

No. 2042672

Because they're not little kids, they are fictional characters. The point is that men are famously terrible at distinguishing fiction from reality and so their fictional preferences seldom stay within the realm of fiction. This is not the case with women. Women are not out here enacting real world violence and sex crimes and attributing it to their taste in media the way men are, and so I don't really care what degeneracy a woman likes in her fanfiction.

No. 2042675

How horrible. At this point, I'm genuinely wondering if it's better just to AI it out.

No. 2042707

these people were already disconnected from the general population, but it's absolutely bizzare to see shit like "queer activism" or caring about OC's when our nations are dealing with some financial crisis or civil conflict. I turn to fandom to escape the fucking reality of my nation, what's the point of getting into a pointless american identity conflict

No. 2042738

I don't know if you guys read my original post or not but I made a clear statement that I understand it's not real. It's still weird if you see a character written as a kid and that looks like a kid and still find it attractive, man or not. They might not be real, but the way you interact with the fiction is telling

No. 2042758

>the way you interact with the fiction is telling
As fantasy, how horrifying

No. 2042763

I see more anons saying that women can distinguish fiction from reality more than men can, which I agree with as well lol but, do anons here also hold rapey, abusive, and yandere male characters in hetero content for women to the same standards?

No. 2042766

They are CARTOONS bitch

No. 2042768

literally no kid looks or act like that. Just because 3DPD lives rent free in your mind it doesnt mean every other woman thinks of fleshie cock all day too. I like bishies, and there isnt a single 3DPD that has the body or face of a bishie irl. Because they arent real, they are a fantasy.
Submissive women are cringe, but yes. The ''women like dominant male characters, that means they want to be raped and abused irl!!'' is something moids say to justify the abuse of women.

No. 2042770

Do you mean like knowing the difference between yandere behavior in fiction (hot) and yandere behavior irl (not hot and very ew)? Because if so: duh.

No. 2042777

My husbando is a yandere that killed millions in a terrorist attack for the female lead.

No. 2042824

>written as a kid and that looks like a kid
I'd agree if we were talking about fictional children depicted by real children, but Enstars boys and South Park blobs do not resemble real children in any way.
Yes. I have zero interest in that sort of thing, but it would be ridiculous to think that women who are actually want to be stalked and locked in cages.

No. 2042884

File: 1717974228992.jpeg (75.44 KB, 1022x475, IMG_4813.jpeg)

Tiktok fandom spaces are not real

No. 2042886

File: 1717974260092.png (52.71 KB, 384x384, 1717363383711584.png)

Personally, yeah. All my friends who like slightly fucked up shit like Diabolik Lovers and generally bad boys in anime and manga tend to make it very clear that a real life equivalent would be horrifying and it'd suck.

Otoh I've had one of my few male friends once tell me that he stopped with lolicon after meeting his nieces in another country.
Then he went back to drawing and cooming to lolis a few years later.
Really makes you think. Gross.

No. 2042890

I guarantee you no one outside of twitter/tik tok gives a fuck about this.

No. 2043064

Idk in my personal experience women who draw/consume maledom publicly are pick-me’s irl. Maybe that’s just in my own fandom though.

No. 2043422

It's true kek. Although you can recognize that they're not real, seeing someone posting about wanting to "rape x or y character" is quite revealing
Did you read my post at all? I've never mentioned bishies once. I like bishounen boys too, and have even admitted to liking characters that are called minors sometimes. I think you think I'm accusing everyone interested in underage characters of being pedos but I'm not. I'm just saying it's weird if they look or act too young, but I'm not holding you at gun point. Sorry if I'm giving you flashbacks or something.
>south park
Never mentioned any of these. Also, those characters are not written like children. I mean characters that are written like kids.

No. 2043798

I think the author was just horny my man

No. 2043803

fujimoto just has a very obvious femdom fetish, its baffling that people are still trying to pretend like csm is some sort of deep work about abuse instead

No. 2043812

men are such pussies than being topped is SA to them

No. 2043814

Post the game here when you finish it!

No. 2043816

Coomers will overanalyse this shit to death I swear. It kind of sickens me how they simp for Himeno so much especially when she is a serial groomer and almost rapes Denji.
The plot is an excuse to have fight set pieces, which is why part 2 is tanking in sales in Japan.

No. 2043869

>especially when she is a serial groomer and almost rapes Denji
wtf why did no one tell me csm was this based

No. 2043875

she pukes in his mouth too, if you're into that nonna

No. 2043882

if he makes denji eat her out while shes on her period i will apologize for all the years of csm slander

No. 2043885

sadly, no. the closest i can think of is Denji sucking on another dude's tentacle dong for money.

No. 2043887

I haven't read that much into part 2, but I think people making such a big deal about CSM's psychosexual stuff is actually an indictment of the way shounen treats women and sex. The whole "if I save your cat you let me touch your boobs" arc is based on the unspoken rule that Denji needs Power's consent to grope her, and Denji doesn't even try to sleaze out of the deal. I think a lot of people finding it super deep is people that are used to shounen slop where the pervert character just walks around committing sexual assault for giggles so when they see something a bit more realistic and more serious than that their brains explode.

Kek nonny he hasn't done that but if you keep saying that you might give Fujimoto ideas

No. 2044244

Do any other yurifags get annoyed by people calling the most male obssessed characters "lesbians suffering from comphet"? People should just let some female characters be straight. I don't expect all F/F to be goldstars but I want nothing but to have cock hungry characters out of my yuri.

No. 2044247

File: 1718047041596.png (1.34 MB, 752x2061, IMG_9067.png)

The pinnacle of fandom political brain-rot has to be how, if there's a character who is a police officer or detective(even in a fantastical setting) they must automatically be labelled as a racist fascist.

No. 2044277

I saw this, turns out vi has been a cop in LoL since she was introduced as a champion, her title is vi the enforcer and she has a cop skin. The people crying over this are Arcane-onlys

No. 2044342

I hate it, I'd rather male obsessed characters be headcanoned as bi instead of "comphet lesbians". It's polilez shit.

No. 2044410

Not a yurifag but it's frankly retarded. And these same people will turn around and accuse you of being a exclusionist goldstar…even though the whole of point of being lesbian is liking women? lesbians don't have sexual fantasies about men, envision a future with one, but then decide they're gay becuase a woman looked at them funny.Speaking as a former fauxbian, the comphet doc has to be a disaster for ssa race.
have they not read the lore? There's whole wikis detailing everything surrounding vi and the entire setting. It's free.

No. 2044465

I am a Yurifag and yes, I despise this so much. The second thing I hate is when the manga prides itself on being a yuri, but it starts off with one girl simping for a moid, while the other girl desperately tries to get her attention. It’s degrading to see a lesbian take the role of secondary romance in a fucking Yuri

No. 2044489

it’s ok you can say ff7

No. 2044868

File: 1718090099569.jpeg (940.69 KB, 1284x1469, IMG_2704.jpeg)

Also not a yurifag but I feel this way with Nana. Hachi was hopping from man to man and gendies still whine about it being "queerbait" when it's a shoujo and the first scenes in the anime involve her going around with an older man. She's bisexual at best. I do like the pairing between her and Osaki Nana but these retards need to realise they were intended to be close friends and mabye platonic soulmates. "Compulsive heterosexuality" doesnt mean shit when characters go off and have sex with multiple guys repeatedly

No. 2044872

It's just stupid ass projection because people put too much emphasis and importance on individualism so they have to ALWAYS relate shit to themselves OR ELSE. That's why they think all characters must be a flavor of queer despite evidence against it.

No. 2044874

Leon Kennedy must make them seethe so hard

No. 2044904

File: 1718095041145.png (86.55 KB, 1785x315, made me think.png)

>and showing men frolicking in a field in white dresses because the evil women are dead or similar idiotic stupid shit.
maybe there's some very schizo fakeboi who's written something like this but usually the women just get shipped with another guy/girl (if they get shipped at all) in regular BL shipping/stories.

No. 2044905

AYRT I was thinking of Nana when writing that. I swear everyone that calls her a lesbian is just a bihet larping as a lesbian so they project onto her as a coping mechanism. Arguably they're even worse than Hachi because they're "self-aware" about being a lesbian but still tweet about lusting over men 24/7 and then blame it on comphet. Having toxic relationships with men doesn't mean you're experiencing comphet, that's just every other straight woman's experience kek. No idea why they're so allergic to her being bisexual when she acts like the average annoying bi woman that constantly talks about how wonderful girls are but only dates men.

No. 2044906

File: 1718095157087.png (102.67 KB, 859x616, even if asuka did a girl she'd…)

Do you mean Asuka?

No. 2044910

Only time this worked was with Yosuke, because he was written as bisexual anyway (just got removed for hurting male fee fees)

No. 2044912

Yeah. Same with the most misogynistically woman obsessed male characters being called comphet gays.
>I swear everyone that calls her a lesbian is just a bihet larping as a lesbian so they project onto her as a coping mechanism.
This is also my general theory about why it's so prevalent

No. 2044913

I guess but Yosuke is so in line with the game's general stupid tone when it comes with women that he still gets no cred from me. Sorry I'm a Persona hater kek I think it's all so faux deep without doing anything particularly bold or interesting

No. 2044915

I'm not really a fan either, I'm just saying that it's one of the few times the 'comphet moid who is horny for women all the time' actually tracked.

No. 2044917

Too real. There's a new character in a series I enjoy who is a cop and fans are all deeply enamored with him. They reconcile this by being unable to ever talk about him without prefacing it with statements about how he's so unsuited to being a cop or how it's his only flaw or etc. Suck it up and just accept that you like a cop character it's not the end of the world. He's not real. Your consumption isn't activism.

No. 2044918

Kek sorry for going off, you know how it can get with Yosuke discussion

No. 2044922

File: 1718096059279.jpg (123.85 KB, 680x660, tumblr_93348d99c828d894395318f…)

Hahaha you're fine, the fandom take on comphet also annoys me a lot of the time too and I say this as a fujoshi.
Every now and then there's actual decent reasoning and speculation for it, but a lot of the time it just comes down to 'I LIKE THIS CHARACTER BUT THEY'RE STRAIGHT AND THAT SCARES ME' like ship whatever you want but don't act like you're somehow 'deeper' than anyone else for convincing yourself that an obviously straight/bi character is ACTUALLY MEANT TO BE COMPHET

No. 2044940

nta and I don't know anything about LoL, but in my experience, these types of people don't read the lore of anything. You would think with wikis things would be more accessible, but not really. We used to have to scrap the internet for info and now fandoms rely on their headcanons and twitter takes.
If they want to fuck the characters, they suddenly don't care about it kek

No. 2044950

In any case, can't these people just suspend their disbelief for .5 seconds for a fantasy setting? The paw patrol cops won't hurt you, calm down. Could've googled the character and found out the moment for arcane s1 trailer dropped and saved themselves the disappointment of watching the cop show starring Vi the Enforcer. Literally Bob the Cop, I don't know what to tell you.

No. 2044988

File: 1718103857331.jpg (221.85 KB, 728x708, chocho.jpg)

>A fat obese black lesbian ninja in Naruto is not a practical or realistic role model
I have nothing to add to this discussion, I just find it funny that you mentioned naruto for this example

No. 2045103

File: 1718114841860.jpg (28.94 KB, 564x564, stinky lizard.jpg)

I genuinely have no hope for Gen Z or Alpha. Media literacy is dead and buried, there's no room for nuance. Obviously when a 30-year old is watching something like My Hero Academia where the characters and their motivations are meant to be relatable regardless of your age (proving yourself, protecting your friends, finding your place in the world, feeling slighted etc.) but they're all teenagers for the sake of convenient storytelling, you're going to find them relatable and also get invested in the relationships they have. If they were real kids whose situation you got way too into, that would be disturbing because they're not a controlled story written by an author but living, sentient beings with complex inner worlds you're not allowed access. But those other teenagers are fictional characters created and written by an adult. And I honestly don't know the extent of brain damage one has to have to put committing child abuse and """shipping minors""" in the same ballpark.

>I hate how zoomies/alphas are quick to use the "minor" card to win a disagreement or worse, cancel a person.

For some reason, maybe the influence of pedo-peddling Gen Xrs do with their Y2K revival and nymphet fetish and helicopter parenting, I don't know, zoomers are obsessed with youth and thinking of themselves as perpetual children and self-infantilize to no end. Always failing to realize that soon enough they will be in their 30's too, and they'll have to lay on the bed of fandom policing that they made. Oh no, that 16-year old character didn't grow up with you and you still like shipping Naruto and Sasuke like you did when you were 15? Too bad they're 12 and you're a pedo now. You wrote the rules!

>Why can't they just use their brain to at least argue why they think A and C wouldn't be a good pairing instead of jumping straight to cancelling a person.

I would much rather read a painfully autistic, 16-page essay about why A/C is a better ship than A/B filled with cited sources but because zoomers have a raging hate boner for millenials being invested in fiction, it's completely verboten to indulge in such behavior. I remember a Gen Z anon on Lolcow saying how she thinks it's embarrassing that Millenials care so much about "Disney and Harry Potter" instead of "real issues in the world" (and ironically enough, Zoomers themselves treat fictional people as real people and real people as cartoon characters) which speaks enough about their mindset, you have to make everything into an issue with morality to justify your opinion. That's how you get all this endless hand-wringing about muh problematic ships and muh problematic themes in media. Zoomers bitch and moan about "wokeness" ruining their fandom experience yet then turn around and post dogshit takes like this >>2040937 and get personally offended when someone headcanons their self-insert as a lesbian, I've had enough. Everyone under 25 should be banned from fandom spaces, I'm laying it down right now. When I was 16 and hanging out in fandom spaces I kept my fucking mouth shut about my age because I would've been gatekept like crazy if they knew a kid was amongst their ranks and that's how it should've stayed like. Centralized social media needs to fucking die so that the data harvesting done on teenagers stops being the greatest currency online and we don't have to tolerate their presence anymore.

No. 2045131

I don't know if it's prevalent in males, but the zoomie girl phobia of aging is so embarrassing and pathetic. I knew a 19 year old girl who'd talk down to people in their early 20s as "grown adults" and "at your big age." I wonder if all the mean, bitter 40 something women I've met who have been mean to me in my 20s were like that when they were 19.

No. 2045145

File: 1718117935890.jpg (45.68 KB, 400x533, tumblr_1dadd0fa86573bcd7e18016…)

Even when you find a small, mostly pleasant fandom, tumblr still manages to do its thing. Like sure, just ignore the actual lesbian representation in the show and insist that the genderless robot is a lesbian.

No. 2045146

Those types are funny, they don't seem to realize that everyone ages, you just know one day they're gonna wake up and have a crisis when they notice an extra wrinkle on their face.

No. 2045157

Honestly I don't fucking care because I don't browse twitter and keep myself to true yurifag circles only instead of pretentious normie gendie circles.

No. 2045161

Well said anon. I actually saw a study that claimed zoomers are the generation most likely to fall for extremist views kek. It explains a lot.

No. 2045227

These people have literally been on the internet since infancy, yet still fall for the most obvious rage bait. She's literally posted that Arizona has no sushi or thrift stores how do people possibly think she's being serious kek

No. 2045280

File: 1718126678344.png (383.28 KB, 598x628, 1567898671558.png)

Wtf is comphet

No. 2045285

compulsive heterosexuality, when a gay person tries to convince themselves they're straight and/or are in denial of their sexuality. In fandom it's just used to dismiss a character isn't bi or canon pairing but actually gay/lesbian and with my preferred ship

No. 2045288

Thank you

Whats the point of going through all the gymnastics? Its not like amyone has ever had an issue taking two straight men who are friends & making them gay.

No. 2045321

That's not politically correct anymore, you need to have schizophrenic delusions about what happens in canon or else you're not allowed to ship blorbo and stinko. Sorry.

No. 2045345

I think it's mainly two reasons. One, zoomies are obsessed with representation and seeing themselves in fiction and for whatever reason think they can't relate to a character unless they share every microidentity with that character. Two, simply being delusional about your headcanons is lame now and gives you zero authority in discussion. If you're able to insist your headcanon is plausible/semi-canon that gives you free reign to shit on anyone who doesn't agree and puts you in the superior position; you can brag about how "media literate" you are and everyone else is some phobe/ist.

No. 2045354

File: 1718130129484.png (92.62 KB, 1066x511, dating what rival.png)

People just really like being pretentious about shit. Weirdly despite gay ships making up the vast majority of fandom 99% of the time when I see someone bring up comphet it's for a lesbian ship/character.

No. 2045374

It's not about having fun anymore, it's all about arguing over how canon your favorite non-canon pairing is with strangers online. In Hachi's case, arguing that's she's bi and doesn't even realize it because she's much more attracted to men would make a lot more sense than arguing she's a lesbian in denial.

No. 2045389

these people should stop begging and just draw/write their own stuff. Oh wait, they do but not even their fellow gendies care.

No. 2045392

To be fair I respect people who continue writing what they want even if they know literally no one cares

No. 2045404

same, but in the case of gendies they do get what they want and they still dont watch it. They pretty much ruined western media with their tranny cocksucking and they still refuse to give a shit. Crap like guardian spice and deadendia is tailor made for them but they still insist on ruining anime with their tranny headcanons

No. 2045407

also the person who wrote the comphet doc eventually admitted that she's not gay but just bi kek

No. 2045437

Theres a certain freedom in being the only person creating material for a ship

No. 2045466

Maybe deep down, these so-called diverse pieces of media just aren't that good? Why want what "cishets" have been enjoying since time immemorial only now they're more overt over it. They want queer rep in shows they like becuase in the end, they like the same stuff they do but won't voice why they like it besides "it's so valid".

No. 2045487

I support lesbian Asuka truthers because as insane as they sound they will never have a fraction of the degeneracy of your average moid waifufag. If it makes them seethe I don't care KEK

No. 2045504

Still retarded but it's a cute sort of retarded so it's fine.

No. 2045527

No. 2045542

I really, really, really can't see comphet as more than a nuh-uh most of the time. But at that point just say nuh-uh instead of your cope headcanon because a character's sexuality causes you genuine mental anguish. But I'm going to be honest I can't handle sexuality speculation anymore whether what's being argued for is gay or straight characters. It's too tiring and 99% of people doing it currently are insane individuals.

No. 2045625

This literal who moid made a commentary on Twinbuns. I guess anyone can make videos these days and get views because he completely went off track and brought up some of the most retarded points ever.
>starts off the video with a clip of Twinbun's "asianfishing" and she's just wearing a jfashion outfit and has straight bangs
>autistically seethes over bakudeku even though it has nothing to do with twinbuns, mad fujos ship them because "they're canonically straight" as if noone is allowed to use their imagination anymore
>"yao eye"
>whines about women writing BL because it's "weird and objectifying" gay men while being a straight man himself
>jojos fan
How are you going to make a video on a topic you don't even bother to research about kekk. I guess showrunners should just cease to make characters that are in any way different from them because it's objectifying now apparently. They love doing mental gymnastics to justify their hateboners for her when 10 years ago she would've been some standard weeb noone cares about. Genuinely don't know how they see her as asian

No. 2045628

That person looks and sounds like an FtM

No. 2045629

Anon I'm like 95% sure that's a troon.

No. 2045634

I thought you were right but he is a dude KEK, I found his ig with photos of him shirtless and there's no scars

No. 2045646

I can't find the IG, could you post screenshots anon?

No. 2045657

>whines about women writing BL because it's "weird and objectifying" gay men while being a straight man himself
these people are on a mission to make yaoi sound based

No. 2045679

File: 1718149932526.jpeg (981.37 KB, 1284x1704, IMG_2724.jpeg)


No. 2045687


No. 2045691

I'm genuinely shocked because he's like the most FTM-looking and sounding man I have ever seen in my life, no joke. But apparently it's a fuckboy who didn't have enough success with shirtless selfies so he found his niche in parroting overly regurgitated hypervigilant fandom discourse 3 years late for all the 13-year olds.

No. 2045740

No idea who that is but I've seen surgery results where there were no scars so it's possible.

No. 2045744

I refuse to believe this is an actual male. It’s a photoshopped chest like that one blonde fattie who does medieval shoots, right????

No. 2045758

File: 1718154910965.png (3.36 MB, 1838x2048, Flqc4VJXwAInTq0.png)

>Canonically straight
I'm not a shounenfag but that seems like a cope kek.

No. 2045765

True but his build looks pretty male from the back as well in the corner. It might just be a man who's feminine in the face for whatever reason.

No. 2045768

Yeah he doesn’t seem FtM to me just short and autistic.

No. 2045781

Full offense but I don't trust male shounen writers to understand what "comphet" (a second wave feminism concept) is enough to write it effectively or respectfully. Write your own fics and webcomics.

No. 2045791

File: 1718158678521.png (1.27 MB, 1057x700, man he's ugly.png)

Speaking of autistic, why are most of his instagram photos him in a shitty dingy room putting his hand out?

No. 2045802

That's just a part of being a shameless celebrity tbf

No. 2045829

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and it’s consequences

No. 2045876

Watching, already starting to have notes
>video example of Asianfishing is just random white women
>twinbuns is Asianfishing because…she makes videos about Japan? As if this is somehow a new concept that's exclusive to her
>Jojo is a shit tier manga
>for some reason he claims anime isn't part of Japanese culture even though it very clearly is, it'd be claiming Disney isn't a part of American culture kek
>says yaoi in the most racist way humanly possible
>Imagine thinking Bakugo and Deku are straight
>Some random con clip of a dub voice actor as if that means anything
>For some reason he thinks bara and BL are related genres just because they have gay men in them while forgetting that BL is a subgenre of shoujo
>ignores that the majority of bara doesn't even have a fuckin plot
>immediately lies because he can't properly type Japanese by saying 'YOU CAN'T FIND IT ON GOOGLE' as if lolicon manga isn't extremely easy to find on google
>ignores that plenty of people watch horror purely to see gore effects for entertainment
>also ignores that BL has plenty of well written stories and writes off the entire genre (totally not racist and misogynistic guys)
>says she needs to go to therapy for uh…yaoi meanwhile he's screaming at her and batting for bnha characters
>Nitpick but he has a minecraft shirt with makes me like 90% sure he's a groomer projecting

No. 2045996

he's cute ngl he should shave off that dumb moustache

No. 2046049

>Nitpick but he has a minecraft shirt with makes me like 90% sure he's a groomer projecting
Oh for sure, this kind of an asshole is the one you'll see numerous callout posts for in a few years outing him for having sexually harassed and manipulated 16-year olds to send him nudes on his Discord server. Ticks all the boxes with beating the dead horse discourse, clickbait videos, overdramatic callouts, intentional misunderstanding of the source for a more dramatic effect, sperging about fujos and an abundance of shirtless photos.

No. 2046056

I couldn't watch this video for more than 10 seconds, his voice is too annoying.

No. 2046092

fucking kek the minecraft quilt

No. 2046094

I feel so sorry for this girl. At least she's in Japan having fun while their detractors are greasy manlets stuck in minecraft themed rooms, but it must suck doing literally nothing and still getting haydurrs.

No. 2046120

File: 1718191533946.webp (Spoiler Image,23.1 KB, 453x437, 1716742420414.webp)

>last pic
Every time I see this pose I think about this cosplay

No. 2046131

File: 1718192695262.jpeg (35.47 KB, 941x558, IMG_6293.jpeg)

I joined a niche fandom recently and made a good mutual friend, who I’ve been bouncing back and forth smut ideas with a lot. Recently they randomly asked me when I’m going to write a trans![insert our favourite character] fic, as if it was a question of WHEN I’m going to do it, irrespective of whether I wanted to or not. Obviously I fucking don’t. But how the hell do you respond to that kind of query without outing yourself? It’s like these people deliberately phrase it as a trap; a weaker person than myself would have just caved already out of fear. How should I non-suspiciously tell them to knock it the fuck off? This person is likeable otherwise, plus the fandom is tiny, so I don’t want to lose our friendship.

No. 2046140

File: 1718194084311.jpg (35.51 KB, 320x233, ---.jpg)

and this one is ftm
inspired by Henry Bowers?

No. 2046145

Say that seeing dick/vagina (depending on which flavor of trans she wants you to make the character) triggers your dysphoria and you can't write a fic like that without having a panic attack. Don't worry about it not making any sense, those people are used to accepting anything a self-proclaimed trans person says without question.

No. 2046153

I hate that I knew what this was from before even reading the text.

No. 2046154

Say that you don't feel like you'd be able to accurately portray their transness and feel that it would be better to leave that sort of thing to a trans author, especially when it comes to the delicate intricacies of smut (lol). Use Own Voices/lived-experiences/representation logic against them, usually works and makes your dismissal seem like it comes from a place of concern for marginalised groups rather than disgust.

No. 2046179

This is clearly a tif who cannot grow a beard and has a mustache to not be misgendered, not to mention the plushies.

No. 2046182

I'd rather lose the friendship if I were you.

No. 2046184

ding ding ding this is the correct answer.

No. 2046281

I’ve been in similar situations recently and tbh, being honest and saying “I don’t see the character like that” is a good way to handle it. Just say you don’t like the headcanon, you don't need to lie about it. If they’re a decent friend at all they’ll respect you.

No. 2046292

This one made me kek but unfortunately I think they use some ‘it’s transphobic to imply that a trans man with a vagina isn’t valid’ retarded logic these days. Not the optimal response.
This one is good, I should have gone with it. Seems pretty clean cut.
And this is ultimately the one I went with. I might have been a bit soft with it but I think they got the message. Thank you nonas

No. 2046339

File: 1718209349466.jpg (611.64 KB, 2448x2694, wozeo2cpm3k31.jpg)

There's a kind of top surgery called keyhole. In this method the doctor places an anchor or a keyhole shaped incision around the areola extending to the underside of the breast. Then a small device is inserted to melt fat and a low power vacuum is used to extract it. After this is done the area is stitched up reducing the breast size. It doesn't leave any scars at all. But they're only done when the breasts are small (A or B cups at most). Usually the nipples may look botched but they end up healing well and may look normal. She seems low body fat in that picture so it makes sense the surgery would have good results. She acts like a TIF and looks like one so I'm sure she is. Trust your instincts nonnas.

No. 2046344

nonnies it's obvious this is a tif.

No. 2046345

i am surprised its a lesbian tif though, you would expect them to be the fakeboi mlm type

No. 2046349

The reason so many TIFs do the worst tit chops and they scar so bad is because they are fatasses who can't have this surgery performed on them, they don't know the options, they like the scarring or they have terrible hygiene and can't take care of themselves so the scars always look worse than if they took care of them.
Best way for a TIF to pass is not to say she's a TIF, not to be extremely short, voice train (they never do it, I know some who have and they don't have that froggy voice), exercise, dress like a man, have manly interests and hang out with men. Which they never accomplish.

No. 2046350

I feel so bad for her. She literally does nothing wrong and gets hated for just being a woman into J-Fashion.

No. 2046352

HSTS maybe. If there's a male equivalent, there's a female equivalent.

No. 2046361

TIF JJ Mccullough? Never thought I'd see the day…

No. 2046362

This is always a pain. I recently made a friend in a very niche fandom and she at least doesn't feel the need to insert troons into her fanfic, but recently she brought up the topic of gender identity (as in apologizing for correctly assuming my "gender") I find this frankly hilarious and adorable, because her wording makes it obvious she has correctly recognized that I'm female and now she's just asking if I have a special identity lmao. Though this gives me hope that she's just a normie and not into gender bullshit big time. I'm esl and eurofag so I think I'll go with pretending to be stupid and say I'm not into the whole gender discussion and don't know what's that about.

No. 2046364

Obvious shop, the wall panels behind the arm aren’t even aligned. On the screen in the back it looks like she just has her small tits out kek

No. 2046376

File: 1718211602556.png (56.68 KB, 1000x337, Screenshot 2024-06-12 095837.p…)

>Lying this hard when he spent a large portion of the video yelling about Bakudeku
I really hope he gets cancelled by these retards kek.

No. 2046385

File: 1718211905330.jpg (Spoiler Image,269.68 KB, 878x1300, Boku No Hero Academia - Chapte…)

>my problem is sexualizing underage characters
Then why would you watch mha in the first place? It's such bullshit to anyone with eyeballs.

No. 2046388

File: 1718212242203.png (2.09 MB, 750x1334, official art btw.png)

why do these people even watch anime?

No. 2046391

File: 1718212307138.png (168.97 KB, 562x914, Screenshots_2024-06-12-12-10-5…)


No. 2046392

Hahaha fuckin' loser is already backtracking because he knows he fucked up.

No. 2046395

faggot barely has 100k subs and is already cracking under pressure of the gendie fanbase she cultivated

No. 2046447

KEK I wonder if he would have a "problem with sexualizing underage characters" if they were shipping them in heterosexual relationships.

No. 2046451

Clearly not since he's fine with MHA having constant fanservice for the female characters.

No. 2046452

I find the "characters never say they're straight they're just assumed that" retarded as fuck kek it's technically true but they always follow it up with "therefore the character could be gay/bi canonically" which is just stupid. It also makes no sense for a character to randomly declare their sexuality be it announcing they're straight or saying "I only like women" because scenarios where they'd be prompted to do that rarely happen especially in a shounen anime when people just want to see villains get beat up. So dumb how fandoms abandoned simply being shameless with headcanons and now they pull this erm actually shit.

No. 2046467

Teenage girls being treated like sex objects? That's just how it is! Teenage boys being portrayed kissing? PEDOS GET THE ROPE

No. 2046529

File: 1718220905082.jpg (758.4 KB, 1080x1627, Introducing Feminism by Cathia…)

Compulsory heterosexuality was coined by Adrienne Rich in the 1970s (later published in the 80s) to explain the social, political, and economic conditioning of women in patriarchy to think that marriage (to a male) and motherhood are inevitable. Her answer to this was that all women should be political lesbians who are unavailable to men because partnering with men undermines their feminism. She even separated real lesbians versus political lesbian feminists. The "lesbian existence" was primarily about "erotic and emotional choices made by women", and "lesbian continuum" (woman-identification as opposed to heterosexual-identified/male-identified women) included all activities relating to boosting women up socially, politically, and economically. This included activities like African women's trading networks. So it was very broad and not largely related to sexuality at all. Although I know that many bi women political-lesbians did actually have sex with other women because they wrote about how fun it was, and then had to fight for the custody rights of their kids they had with their exhusbands within the law when the law actively worked to disadvantage women more than it does now.

Basically "comphet" has always meant "straight/bi woman who identifies as a lesbian but is not actually lesbian." and fandoms (who are always spouting off how they "hate terfs!!1!" and how ~all cis lesbians are terfy~) appropriated this radfem terminology for some insane reason, probably to do their 5 minutes of femslash activism (akin to briefly acknowledging the awkward bullied kid in the schoolyard and sympathetically wondering how she got that way) before they continue flicking it to yaoi characters being drilled on mrm while they publish male/ftm under the m/m category on ao3 like a catholic at confession. Respect to them or whatever but I wish they'd STFU because they fill up the lesbian tags with their BS but never draw or write anything. It's all performance. Probably out of guilt of being the absolute most useless members of fandom that nobody likes, not even their discord friends can stand them, and I know this because their friends have DM'd me just to complain about them kek.

(Also no hate to actual fujos btw I think normie fujos are fun to hang out with.)

No. 2046546

File: 1718221269516.png (376.24 KB, 751x622, never played tsukihime, just k…)

That's pretty funny since the yurifag who I see using it the most is a tranny.

No. 2046745

I fucking hate hazbin hotel, but I’ll never understand “critics” entitlement to the show because (specifically the male) characters are mostly skinny and twinkish for lack of a better term. Part of it is applying realism onto fictional characters (ie: saying angel dusts alcoholic boyfriend should be fat because he drinks a lot) and another part seething because not every character is a bi black tranny amputee fat vitiligo furry with s/h scars. The funniest part is hazbin hotel is already a pretty woke show, yet these new gen tumblrtards still find a way to seethe over it. What gives?

No. 2046773

i remember when people were losing their shit at satan being a qte blonde manlet twink instead of some ugly bald roided bara like all the other satan interpretations. Its so annoying because no one complains about satan's daughter being all cutesy and waifubait(it actually makes more sense her dad is cute too), but god forbid vivzie wants to draw some twinks for the tumblrinas.

No. 2046915

File: 1718238944080.jpg (562.96 KB, 1920x1080, cover1.jpg)

> yaoi characters being drilled on mrm

No. 2047056

File: 1718244624649.png (354.83 KB, 350x493, lucifer_smt_1.png)

In the judeo-christian mythos, Lucifer is basically the first twink or one of the first twinks of history. It's something Hazbin actually takes from religion (most of the time it just does its own thing), so you know whoever's complaining is just complaining for the sake of it. They try so hard to find morally right reasons to hate on Hazbin from their insane gendie lefty POVs, but they really can't because the show is the most inoffensive kiddie adult cartoon ever (it also preaches rather christian moral lessons lmao), so they make up the most ridiculous and inane shit just to have the moral high ground over Vivziepop and her sparkledogs.

(Picrel is Lucifer from Shin Megami Tensei 1 who's even twinkier than Hazbin Hotel's; never heard anyone complain about him).

No. 2049513

File: 1718421432864.png (373.15 KB, 360x1387, 29DBECBA-F49D-48A3-9D8D-49A718…)

Is it me or did anyone else remember this character making moids seethe? What was up with that?

No. 2049540

Akechi kun? Everyone I know liked him

No. 2049556

File: 1718424973544.jpeg (31.87 KB, 359x359, IMG_9855.jpeg)

Moids hate him and his fanbase consists of lesbian fujos, making him the peak moid character of all time.

>character revolves around him being a mommas boy and le revenge for mom

>hates his dad
>murders another shitty dad character who tried to sex traffic his own daughter, though he didn’t know this but it still makes him based

goro is based. I rest my case.

No. 2049568

because the game fujobaits him hard with moids' self insert

No. 2049641

>Wah wah wah, cool motive still murder!!
They always say that retarded Brooklyn 99 line when others say they like him. So much coping and seething when people state they like Goro. Haru's dad is a fucking cunt and Haru hardly exist as a character anyway. And the Futaba pedos cry too because he killed her mom. Whatever, Goro makes moids mald and tells dreamer faggots like Maruki to fuck off.

No. 2049652

Sage for retardation but there’s a mini game involving the feather men in universe series that heavily implies goro was experimented on and worked in tandem with futabas mom, and neither of them knew the consequences of the metaverse then. Meaning goro killing futabas mom most likely was an experiment to see what would happen. I think the whole narrative of him being a victim of circumstance, and to “le evil adults” is what actually made me empathize with him more than I would with moid characters specifically because he was a victim of circumstances to the evil men in his life, like his father and his lackeys. That and his mom being a victim of having to do SW for survival + his anger at the injustice society had done to her but also respect for all she did for him in that one confidant scene, all to me is very female gaze-y and like a woman wrote it. it also helps that moids seethe so hard over him being the really obvious gay bait for the protag that makes me like him more out of spite kek.

No. 2049656

Same fag I hate the term sex work as it sounds way too normal for something so evil that commodifies women, put prostitution sounded too harsh idk just know I’m not a libfem retard

No. 2049674

They hate the fact that he has more character depth and relevancy than any of the cardboard waifus while the mc they self-insert as canonically cares more about him than any other character as implied by Royal's 3rd semester arc and bad ending. Akechi and Shuake continue to be relevant long after Persona 5's heyday and Atlus will continue to pander to fujoshi because of it.

No. 2049679

File: 1718432614144.jpeg (99.84 KB, 735x594, IMG_3425.jpeg)

You’re so based Nona

No. 2049798

File: 1718445684665.png (217.57 KB, 680x381, EeAT8TxVAAIvxf-.png)

you are all so smart. goro is the deepest thing persona 5 could squeeze out of itself ever since release.

you can also tell he's the favourite of rokurou saito (who did the spinoff manga mementos mission and picrel)

really hes just a mega cutie and his tragic angst makes me love him so much.

No. 2049880

It’s funny, because the same moids that cry about akechi are usually adachi fans and even defend him. Adachi is my favorite persona character but just something to think about

No. 2049903

They hate him because he's a good-looking clever bishonen that has more plot relevancy (he's the main antagonist up until a certain point) than any of their waifus and the MC canonically cares for him even if players choose to not do his confidant (in vanilla P5 you didn't really have a choice since it was automatic). In the game he has all these details in his design and lore that mirror the MC and this doesn't happen with the other characters. In Royal his showtime with Joker has writings on the signs in the background saying "Prodigal sons" and "Two sides same coin", Atlus decided to really push the fujobait with them and it made moids seethe so hard kek. Idc what the personafags say, I still think Persona 5 was good only because of him and otherwise it would have absolutely sucked. Atlus knew this too and decided to bring him back for Royal and tbh it's laughable how they were trying to put the red-haired mary-sue as equal to him, it only made her look even lamer.

The fact that they added a whole new minigame cleverly hinting at this (the name of the scientist that can be read as Wakaba, the grey featherman symbolizing Goro against the other feathermen who are the thieves, all of this connecting to the cut content of Wakaba's silhouette as the master of a palace and her concept art where she's shown experimenting on people) is insane to me, the women on the team really went off. How he does not have his own little game is a mistery.

No. 2049905

Samefag, from a gameplay standpoint he's quite OP when he's in your team and in vanilla P5 his boss battle fucks you up, so more seething from the moids.

No. 2049980

File: 1718462925586.jpg (446.2 KB, 1080x1749, SjIRaNW.jpg)

Bridgerton discourse is:
>book fans seething about "francesca being a lesbian"
>bisexuals seething about "lesbians erasing francesca's bisexuality"
>bisexuals seething about "Ben's actor calling his character pansexual"
Happy pride month

No. 2049984

File: 1718463087529.jpg (228.29 KB, 1080x1498, NbEMMi4.jpg)

No. 2049989

>creator/person within production likens x aspect of a character to y thing while waffling about it (possibly says something more complex or contradictory to y), does not concretely state x = y
>illiterate fandom retards: Character's x = y confirmed!

I'm so tired of this in general tbh

No. 2049992

File: 1718463620711.jpg (237.01 KB, 1080x1219, i6bkLA8.jpg)

No. 2050019

So funny how fandom girls circled back to polilez, with all the aroace lesbians I see despite being so allergic of anything radfem.

No. 2050069

File: 1718470570303.jpg (104.35 KB, 718x618, i hate this.jpg)

i hate these people with a passion, have we fallen so low we are using a fucking war for clout?

No. 2050178

I can't unsee the polilez similarities when so-called ace lesbians shclick to yaoi but swear on their mother's grave they're totes gay, pussies are just gross but since it's intersectional and woke, it gets a pass without question. What ever happened to "if pussies turn you on, you're lesbian"? Too exclusive? Little too terfy? Is sex so sinful that lesbians actually enjoying sex is a oxymoron to them? But oh wait, SSA lady sex don't count because no peen. Kek…

No. 2050190

Downton had the same issues as this series, modern sensibilities with an old world pastiche and it drives me up the wall. Of course they’re going to highlight whatever characters they want and ignore the canon; sucks for the fans if they speak out they’re racist or sexist et al. I haven’t read the books but from what I saw it’s even more modern than Downton, like Marie Antionette (Copolla version). Period pieces used to look like they were set apart (look at the fabric and fashion for example) and now it looks cheap and tired.

No. 2050206

J fashion always moves fast, maybe moreso today than in the past b/c of social media but I really like older looks; I don’t even know if they’re still popular anywhere. Looks like classic Lolita (kuro/shiro/dandy), Decora, Mori, Cyber Goth, and more. I don’t see why she’s hated for dressing in a fun way.

No. 2050224

Never fails. Moid Adachifags will worship the ground Adachi walks on and reams his asshole without a thought, but cry little bitch tears when Goro is mentioned. Murder is only based with their incel supreme does it actually.

No. 2050237

File: 1718475941690.jpg (4.47 MB, 1312x6062, 1698479613362.jpg)

Reminds me of this, a perfectly normal pair of gfs.

No. 2050260

this is just fucking friendship kek

No. 2050268

I really cannot stand how easy it is for "proshippers" (who are mostly minor girls/ftms) to defend lolicon/shotocon and to see adult men in the same spaces. If you go on tiktok and search up nekopara, you can easily see 13-14 year olds associating in these spaces and adult men following them. People are so adamant on defending the "anti" shit, but are forgetting that fandom spaces are including kids, and as much as we blame the parents, these people never seem to blame grown men following kids in these spaces. I do not think women liking anime characters is the same thing as men, but let's be honest, men are different from women who consume such media. Women in these spaces are so adamant on defending the men in these spaces and keeping other women in check in fandom spaces, that they're not even noticing what's happening under their nose. I had to call out a 20 something year old following a 14 year old girl in these kind of spaces talking about how she wanted to get groomed. I keep seeing posts that are like "KEEP MINORS OUT OF FANDOMS!! KEEP MINORS OUT OF ___"?? Like, that's not going to stop the pedophiles in your spaces going after kids.

No. 2050270

Tbf that sort of friendship is rare enough nowadays I'm not surprised some people can't understand what it is without thinking it's some sort of romance.

No. 2050375

I was mutuals with an aroace lesbian once. Her "sexuality" could be summed up into being an online shut-in that only wants to be friends with women, probably because she's uncomfortable with men and constantly calling her favorite male character a lesbian. Which isn't a problem in itself, but with the current zeitgeist where the more microlabels you have the more social currency you gain it just leads people to identifying as the most retarded shit. Autigender greyace lesbian is the new celibate husbandofag.

No. 2050558

File: 1718492556004.jpg (133.1 KB, 1080x706, 1000017919.jpg)

I never thought I'd see someone calling NaruSasu incest, what an insane take.

No. 2050645

That post might be bait but when is the shipwar meta going to change from making up incest to try and harass people? kek

No. 2051074

It's not, but they don't touch enough grass to know imo.

No. 2051119

Oh hey, I know this person. She's active in the French Revolution fandom on Tumblr and also posts comics about her experience with autism. Those two facts should tell you all that you need to know, kek.

No. 2051131

File: 1718525837027.jpg (70.1 KB, 736x736, gay.jpg)

Leave sasunaru alone lmao

No. 2051139

because of kishimoto making sasuke and naruto reincarnated space ninja brothers destined to be opposites or some shit thanks to the movies kek naruto became a shitshow

No. 2051141

That will sound hurtful but please drop that friendship nona. A person who supports troonism is not a good friend.

No. 2051153

Say you will make it next week, then forget. Or do write it but make sure it's your shittiest fanfic so far so they never ask you for such a request ever again

No. 2051164

My favorite female character in P5 is Sae and I'm sure she's writte. the way she is because she's not a love interest so the writers weren't limiting themselves to just making her one of the good guys whose character development doesn't matter because hers is directly linked to the main story instead of optional and linked to a confident you can complete whenever you want. This is also exactly why Akechi is well written in comparison to most of the playable characters and why he's so loved by the fandom. He has surprising twists that aren't all about worshipping the MC, his how story is plot relevant instead of some side thing like Makoto wanting to befriend some classmate because they both like Hello Kitty or some shit, and it's obvious the writers had a lot more freedom when writing Akechi. There are more female Atlus employees now so maybe P6 will try to have more female characters who are actually important and who aren't exclusively good people for the sake of not making social links/confidents easier to write.

No. 2052594

Goro is so fucking based and I love him, absolute peak male character as you said. He was the only character not kissing the retarded waifubait Marysue's ass in Royal too and his and Joker's detective&thief dynamic made moids seethe so hard Atlus is too scared to confirm his alive status for good.


No. 2052607

How isn't this just friendship? I know sex isn't always a necessity in a relationship but becoming extremely uncomfortable and repulsed with bodily contact included with a lack of physical attraction comes off to me as more of some trauma response or simply not being attracted to this gender. I knew a girl who used to completely lack a sex drive but she saw sex as equal to a hug or a handshake, she didn't desire it but she didn't have a panic attack when it came up.

As an actual fujolesbian I hate these people so much because they lead you on bragging about being the gayest bitch around but when push comes to shove, pussy doesn't suffice and women are only good for emotional support and as caregivers like in that comic above, not for sex or serious relationships. They're the kind who self insert all the time and after they get a boyfriend when nearing 30 they turn on fujos and relentlessly complain about straight content not being popular enough in fandoms.

No. 2052677

Sae is also a favourite of mine. A shame they had to sexualize her in her palace but she's a cool villain there too and I really love her monster boss form. You're right in saying that her not being romanceable leaves space for actual character depth and growth, while the waifus may be nice (but not too much tbh) in the main story but their character gets destroyed during their confidants because they turn into blushing shy uwu giwls thirsting over the MC (because god forbid males don't have romance content involving a doormat that kisses their self-insert's asses) and then once their arcs are over they almost disappear. Kasumi going "senpai" every two minutes was the most grating thing.
To this day I still don't know why so many moids latched onto her. Among the female team members she's the blandest one who also has an annoying ass voice that you're forced to hear 24/7 in battle once she joins. She's pushed as the clever one but she only repeats what everyone says calmly and makes basic observations. Her social link sucked, her arc sucked and her non-existent growth sucked. You can't show a person finally freeing themselves of strict social norms/high expectations, going ham and dropping the good girl act and then… go back at making her the good girl with perfect grades who respects everyone. Akechi also does this but successfully.

No. 2052950

File: 1718647699112.png (340.93 KB, 1251x831, bruh.png)

No. 2052961

i need to know more of this autismo lore. How the fuck do you get triggered by the pink ball baby game.

No. 2052963

I was just about to ask this kek. The among us one too? How does it "trigger dysphoria" the characters are blobs

No. 2052965

File: 1718648072196.png (20.68 KB, 1051x82, every male yandere is a rapist…)

I have no idea, I just randomly found this person on a VN server and I have no idea what gender they are (they say she/her pronouns, so it's possibly a really strange flavor of agp?)

No. 2052968

File: 1718648304848.png (746.35 KB, 913x642, waifu header.png)

Definitely a guy, first time I've seen a guy into DID larping though damn.

No. 2053000

insane levels of shit taste only a moid could have, i cant believe he's almost 30

No. 2053035

This reminds me of that one 'asexual transman' and her wife, who essentially lived as long-term roommates and best friends until the wife realized she wanted kids at some point, leading to their breakup. I suspect neither of these women were ever gay, they met on Tumblr as teenagers and decided they didn't want to be "icky straight white people"

No. 2053041

File: 1718651435962.jpg (1.42 MB, 3264x2740, 192730237.JPG)

samefag, this is her

No. 2053049

File: 1718652240425.png (27.17 KB, 648x196, cop propaganda.png)

It's amazing how retarded any discussion about procop/acab regarding fictional characters can get.

No. 2053066

They were only “together” a few months? That didn’t last long. They usually turn out like Noelle Stevenson and her wife, a confused maybe lesbian to trans pipeline because her maybe bi gf now wife strung her along (thanks to an open relationship with her bf and probably still wants a man) and now they’re “happily” married. Her comics are wild.

No. 2053067

>if i stop being funny, i die
so she's posting from the great beyond?

No. 2053074

>They were only “together” a few months?
They were together for 7 years and divorced seven months ago (from the comic's publication)

No. 2053077

That has more gravity but it’s not conveyed at all in that comic; but again I hadn’t heard of it until it was posted here.

No. 2053124

samefag, I meant to write that they were together for 9 years, not 7

No. 2053153

>You can't show a person finally freeing themselves of strict social norms/high expectations, going ham and dropping the good girl act and then… go back at making her the good girl with perfect grades who respects everyone. Akechi also does this but successfully.
God, this. Nothing about Makoto changes once she becomes a phantom thief, she continues being just the same uppity goody two shoes person she always was, never really talking back to her sister, still being a teachers' pet and a doormat, the only thing she really does is getting the data from Sae's laptop and that was only out of necessity and Futaba did all of the actual work to begin with. The same happened with Kasumi, her entire character arc was "stop living in your sister's shadow" and then… she just goes back to skinwalking her sister just the same. Meanwhile Akechi becomes an entirely new character post his mask off part and it sticks. I honestly fucking hate how lousy the writing for most female characters is yet we're supposed to pretend like it isn't and that we just have to fix it in our headcanons instead of demanding better.

No. 2053228

I wish makoto had a similar demeanor change with her arc like goro and embraced being abrasive AKA dropping the good girl act. I initially thought that was the direction she was going and I was so hype for an aggressive, bossy, smart female character but noooo. You can only have lovable bitchy characters be moids… I love goro but my girl makoto deserved that treatment too. I hate her as a character but I love her hypothetical potential. We need a rewrite of the game but by autistic fans they’ll get that shit right.

No. 2053230

Samefag, autistic **FEMALE fans kek

No. 2053332

I've seen tons of tumblr mtfs that claim to be "systems," maybe they're just less prevalent on twitter

No. 2053547

They only care because it is currently the mainstream issue that you constantly see on the news. Once it fell out of relevancy (i.e Russia-Ukraine, BLM), they will move on to the next issue for activism clout. There were waves of palestine activism long ago and its just the same as now, performative and self-serving. There's nothing wrong with being aware of worldwide news, but making it your entire personality? You're better off shooting people there if you want to show you really care.

No. 2053588

god can't people just admit to liking things anymore? also kek at mindhunter being 'copaganda' when so much of it is about how insane the MC is and how no one really knows what the fuck they're doing and gets shit wrong. It's also weird to frame media where the targets are only serial killers, who do truly monstrous things, as being propaganda– it's not like the show is about punishing petty criminals and druggies or something (saying this because those are the types I see these people bring up as being unfairly handled by the police), and it even tries to be sensitive about racial issues while also being period accurate (whether you think it succeeds or not, point is that you'd think these people would see the effort if not appreciate it). Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Mindhunter pre-date the true crime streaming boom as well?

Anyway, hope it does come back, it was a fun show

No. 2053731

League fans have basically been predicting this since Arcane came out. I love seeing them correct Arcane fans by going “she’s not a piltover officer she’s THE pullover officer”
It’s going to make for fun internet fights i guess

No. 2053749

File: 1718692621799.jpeg (740.46 KB, 2048x2048, 74233BC2-ED9A-40A1-B879-015D1B…)

This is deeply offensive .

No. 2053759

What's offensive? It's not some genderbend cosplay of the female characters, the cosplayers are dressed as these two gay guys from JJK.

No. 2053764

How do you people even participate in "fandom"? I recently got into a fandom after many years of only consuming old things. First thing first, if you follow any of these people on Tumblr they're always genderspecials. They're all very obviously women but none of them will admit to it. Recently there is this gender meme on Tumblr where you pick your gender out of a series of squares and literally nobody is just a normal woman?? I followed these people because they wrote fics and I thought they seemed normal, but then you go on their page and they're reblogging their headcanons for trans!character or vile fanart where the character has mastectomy scars. Are people more normal on Twitter? Maybe some people have a higher tolerance for this stuff but I will never willingly talk to a tranny

No. 2053773

>Are people more normal on Twitter?
Normal, non mentally nerds tend to lay low on twitter so good luck finding them in English speaking and just western spaces in general. They'll have a few followers or have private accounts. The more vocal fans are the exact same ones you described and tend to have a lot of followers, post way too much for them to not be neets, and younger, clueless fans will think everything they say is true and canon just because they say shit without any reliable sources or word their headcanons like they're an academic thesis.

No. 2053813

Step 1: Don't be involved in fandoms for literal 15-year olds.

No. 2053848

What do you mean by "for 15yo"? Fandoms are communities of fans so you can't know how the fans are without interacting with them a little. If you mean "liking series or games made for a 15yo audience" then it's a separate matter and it really doesn't mean much because some series are popular enough that they have plenty of adult fans so if you're into popular shonen manga or anime and you know what you're doing you can potentially interact with only adult fans. And sometimes you have shitty brats posting about trans headcanons online about series oe video games explicitly made for adults.

No. 2053855

I'm in a fandom for old people and plenty of women on tumblr are still genderspecials. You wouldn't know unless you went on their profiles and saw the he/him bio though, they don't post gendie shit, act like obvious women with zero attempt to be masculine, seem perfectly mature and normal otherwise, etc. It's actually bizarre, and it's so offensive to me that these women don't want to be called women even if they make zero attempt to be anything else… it's so obvious they just think it's an inferior thing to be. They don't seem to care about being male but they sure as hell don't want to be an icky boring woman.

No. 2053871

Yes this is exactly what irks me. Like if you're going to fully commit to being a tranny I can at least respect the effort you put into assuming this new identity. These people are so clearly women but for some reason they have to identify as some special gender? It's so beyond cringe especially because most of them are in their 20s or even older. If they were just kids I would find it funny but these are grown women saying "ooh my gender is in the C4 square but actually sometimes I feel like a B3"

No. 2053880

15 years olds insert themselves into every fandom, no matter what the media is targeted to. If they think it's cool and edgy they'll show up eventually. There's nothing safe from them.

No. 2053896

If you want fandom to be tranny-free you might as well give up. Even if you manage to avoid following troons everyone else is a troon supporter so there's no point. The best thing you can do is not care about interacting with fandom as a whole and instead make a couple friends with the same interests. Every crypto I know doesn't involve themselves in fandom or a specific "subtwitter" of a series, they just have a vetted circle of friends that aren't crazy gendies. It takes awhile but it's worth it.

No. 2053918

File: 1718704547722.jpg (132.14 KB, 1080x710, IMG_20240618_114954.jpg)

Has anyone noticed the uptick in yaoi vs yuri sperging lately? I've been seeing so many posts that read exactly like this in the last few weeks, and all of them spawn tons of discourse in the comments and quote retweets

No. 2053922

i have always felt the opposite, like there is always way more yurishit than yaoi

No. 2053924

Yurifags keep ruining things for everyone. Everyone else hates them from what I've seen and the more I see posts like this the more I get it.

No. 2053944

Maybe it's an unpopular opinion, but the focus on pairings and shipping really ruined fandoms. The rest of the fandom discussion revolves around people's headcanons and interpretation of the lore to support their fucking ship. There's nothing wrong with it at first, but fandoms have become way too centered around it. It's impossible to be part of a fandom and not care about shipping anymore.

No. 2053954

Yes, I've been wondering the same for some time before I realized those yurifags are all troons. The "Why are female fandoms so male focused and misogynistic??? my lesbian waifus need to love too" narrative is entirely driven by male trannies addicted to lesbian porn so keep that in mind when you see it parroted on Lolcow as well.

No. 2054001

i agree, especially the dungeon meshi fandom has become hardcore cancer with all the farcille x laocille shit. like STFU nothing is canon you fucking retards.

No. 2054064

OT but what's the source for the original? It's really cute

No. 2054074

agree, and it especially sucks when the original media has some really interesting ideas and themes and no hints of romance, but the fandom instead fixates on the fanon versions of two characters who have been warped into cliche moulds/romance dynamics (or sub/dom shit). Tbh I probably wouldn't mind it half as much if characters were still kept at least mostly canon (and the setting maintained intead of shifting to generic modern/mundane AU etc), but that's apparently a big ask even if the canon character is a simple archetype and not complex in the slightest.

Worst thing though is how showing dislike/disinterest for a ship can get you marked as 'suspicious' in some fandoms, even if you're super polite about it or don't ship anything in general. So weird and entitled over something that should just be a bit of dumb fun.

No. 2054159

File: 1718726276748.mp4 (5.33 MB, 640x360, video.mp4)

the latest episode of smiling friends caused some controversy on twitter for this joke. The line 'all cultures are equal' said in a mocking tone. The wokies only then discovered that zach had tweeted racist stuff in 2016 and the voice actor for mr boss had also made racist joke videos where he used the n-word multiple times, so they realized that a group of edgelord newgrounders would not be progressives, but the reactions are pretty insane, I have seen people call zach a christo-fascist

No. 2054170

So they draw the line at racism but not misogyny? Okay.

No. 2054219

this was so obvious since season 1. people need to get over themselves, it's a fucking cartoon made by some dweebs
how does this make sense?

No. 2054225

Kek it’s funny they expected any better from creators who make this type of edgelord cartoon shit, but also the blind dogmatism that has to be involved in constantly criticizing patriarchy, racist cultures, Nationalist bootlicking, evangelicalism, etc. but then piss yourself when someone goes “yeah maybe some cultures are kind of bad.”

No. 2054241

imo the line just sounded like it was mocking that kind of twee saturday morning cartoon moral lesson at the end of the episode thing, not anything serious. You'd think they'd take more issue with literally anything else to do with Mr Boss– even in this episode worse stuff is implied kek

No. 2054302

I don’t think these people seem to realize that the main reason women gravitate towards mlm pairings/male characters is because a lot of them are attracted to men, nothing to do with muh “internalized misogyny” or whatever bullshit they spew. Also I’m pretty sure that the op is a troon, I doubt an actual woman would say this unless she’s under the age of 17.

No. 2054321

> the way she is because she's not a love interest so the writers weren't limiting themselves to just making her one of the good guys whose character development doesn't matter because hers is directly linked to the main story instead of optional and linked to a confident you can complete whenever you want

I think this is why I liked Futaba more before she joins the phantom thieves than after. Her arc about being a guilt ridden neet who needs help exorcising her demons by blackmailing the cast was fun. Then she joins the cast and despite being socially maladjusted, immediately starts mouthing off to everyone and talking all the time. Her social link was boring too. It’s like you can be interesting until you join the cast, at which point you must be prepared to turn into a blushing uwu girl.

No. 2054351

Same, the contrast before and after her dungeon was too big for it seem believable. I like Ann a lot and her arc happens early enough that she can grow for the rest of the game but her confident was a waste of time except for the rank where Shiho shows up but since the writers came up with way too many playable characters she and Ryuji get overshadowed pretty quickly. The cast would have been a lot better if you removed Makoto, Haru and the new OC donut steel waifu from Royal, and if you made Futaba show up earlier instead so she could get better gradually instead of just needing a few days to go from a PTSD ridden neet to the most extroverted character in the team.

No. 2054380

these peoples problems would be solved if there were more lesbians in the world but there arent. i genuinely dont get this desire to want f/f be as big as m/m, as a consumer of f/f i dont want that tbh theres beauty in something being niche and attracting only people that are genuinely into it.

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