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No. 2000171

follow board rules
don't reply to bait

previous thread >>>/ot/1990478

No. 2000182

File: 1715525471135.jpg (14.14 KB, 371x410, e585ecf22f7455c638320c4df5a894…)

Sad that post 2,000,000 was completely wasted by being deleted

No. 2000188

Samefag, but the flood detection still doesn't even actually work for actual spam. There were literally moids spamming earlier.

No. 2000191

Throwback to post 1 million

No. 2000202

Reee I’m gonna get 2222222

No. 2000206

I believe in you!

No. 2000207

My best friend hates my hapiness and I don't know why it's so hard to cut her off.

No. 2000209

>forced toxic positivity threadpic

we only sadpost here wtf OP?

No. 2000220

File: 1715527297992.jpg (160.3 KB, 1212x756, 1000003212.jpg)

I want to go back to the time when I was a child without responsibilities who spent my days playing Barbie. I hate what my life has come to.

No. 2000224

Huh? That's stressed out Psyduck as that screaming nigga from the van gogh painting.

No. 2000225

What the fuck are you talking about kek

No. 2000227

2 milly omg

No. 2000230

Why is this post so funny to me

No. 2000232

the threadpic is a screaming duck chill

No. 2000236

I hate living in a home where I have to hide my snacks. Hate having everything I eat monitored. Hate having to wait for the ideal time in the time for when the TV is on, noise is being made or people are simply out of the house so I can open a snack in peace without anyone bursting into my room the moment they hear the crinkling of plastic. I just want my treat.

No. 2000247

stop stuffing your face you fat ogre(infight bait)

No. 2000251

Psyduck is the existential dread pokemon

No. 2000254

>silly man hate meme
>comments are: I’m a trans boy does this apply to me? I’m nonbinary does this include me?

Literally not everything is about you

No. 2000255

nta but im gonna stuff a fat ogre in your face if you dont shut up

No. 2000259

Don't respond to that anon, they're super recognizable at this point because they keep making lazy bait posts calling anons fat.

No. 2000275

is this anon's family?

No. 2000280

idk but same here

No. 2000304

I had a flatmate who did that and I wanted to wash his face with a metal scrubber. So annoying, I sympathise with you nona

No. 2000334

Why are so many radfems on twitter zionists? Not Jewish, full on Zionist. This is not about criticizing Islam, they just support everything Israel does and it's just wrong.

I hope this won't get me banned but I really don't understand how you can scream women's right and then celebrate dead innoncent women.

No. 2000357

File: 1715532053116.png (202.72 KB, 464x464, 8f54806904ce51794a2bc77027e1bc…)

Literally the only way I can go to the gym and not have some sort of mental breakdown about my appearance is if I wear hoodies to cover up my torso as much as possible. Except that's going to become a problem now that it's getting warmer and I'm probably gonna look like an idiot while everyone else is in booty shorts and a crop top.

I have a buffalo hump(?) like a pad of fat on the back of my neck that isn't even hidden by stuff like t shirts, so high-neck stuff and hoodies are the only thing that hides it until I lose weight and it disappears again. This sucks. I really envy women who can gain weight and have it go to more favourable places like just their chest or hips whereas I just end up big-backed and built like a 13th century farmer because I just don't suit a heavier frame or being at heavier weights.
The thing is I could actually deal with and manage being chubby, or having a chubby stomach or "normal" problem areas. But the only people I see with this neck fat are middle-aged obese women yet I'm not even obese. I feel like everyone stares at it or thinks there is something wrong with my back. I'm hoping that once I lose the necessary 20lbs and get back down to my healthy weight and also put some muscle on, that it will be gone. It's honestly the bane of my existence and makes me feel so disgusting.

No. 2000373

File: 1715533019683.jpeg (2.21 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_2916.jpeg)

I haven't used LC in 3+ weeks I can actually feel my blood is vibrating inside my veins and my bones rattle and my cerebrum is pulsating I need to post on my beloved Lolcor… I have such withdrawls that everyday is hard because I think "What's going on in /ot/??? What's happening in /m/??? What's the newest milk???" I need Lolcor I need it so badly. This is the first time I've been on LC in so long because of the shit service here and no internet at all. I can't even browse threads but I had to post this today because I'm going crazy without it. I'll never forgive my retarded HERETIC (he went against the will of God and thought he was Jesus 2 but he was NOT the second coming) grandpa for dying and making me come to this shithole place across the sea away from internet…. Right now I'm standing on a hill with my arms stretched up to Heaven saying Lord God please give me 2G signal please I need to see LC and I'm not ashamed to say yesterday I cried myself to sleep because I missed my nonnies and my autistic LC shenanigans… I'm going back to civilization tomorrow I'm so excited to be using LC for 12+ hours every day again and not being restricted to having to walk 30 minutes through the woods to reach 1 hill on which I have to stand to pray and hope for a mere 2G because in this place there is no 5G not even 4G I'm basically in Hell or some sort of demented sick and twisted purgatory. I'm leaving tomorrow at 8:30 in the morning to go to the boat to get back home and then I have to drive 1000km but at least I rented a chair on the boat to sit down. If I get seasick I'm going to try and vomit on an ugly scrote to express some of my inner anger and release some psychic tension. Everyone in the village knows my grandpa's corpse got eaten by cats as well so wherever I go they say "So sorry to hear about your grandfather Anon, it was so sad what happened to him what with the cats (cats ate him)" and I smile and say "Yeah." because to me it's kind of funny that they ate him but apparently that makes me a psychopath or some kind of degenerate but come ON cats ate him like that's kind of funny right he's probably laughing about it down in Hell (he is in Hell because he was a heretic as well as for making me come here and thus barring me from my LC postings which I consider a grievous sin). I bought him a cat statue for his grave and everyone is gossiping about it. They are saying "How can she do that when cats ATE his body…" well Stupid Fuckers he LOVED his 15+ cats even if they ate him in the end he didn't know because he was DEAD (fucking DUH) so why wouldn't I put a cat on his grave? I hate retarded village-folk. I'm so excited to go back to my home and have my laptop and get a real spray tan instead of using stupid rub on tan like I'm some kind of Australian convict. Picrel is where I have to stand to get signal on the edge of the cliff facing the sea and sometimes I think about throwing myself off of it because I know in Heaven there is better Wifi than here but also suicide is a sin so I can't jump. I'm hoping once I get back to civilization I find LC as how I left it and not full of retarded Twittertards and baiters and fucking idiots and other bastardly types because that would really piss me the fuck off I noticed that the retarded ban thread was kind of high up on the catalog when I just got on 10 minutes ago to post this and that kind of pissed me off badly because usually that thread is filled with devious and foul-hearted baiters and charlatans that complain about my beloved farmhands but alas I was incapacitated by my dumbass dead grandpa so I couldn't catch up on the drama and bullshit. I'm happy that this thread features Psyduck though as when I left there were a lot of poor choices for thread pics so this one is very nice and pleasing to my eye and I hope it's indicative of a general pattern. I have to go now to the shack in the wood that I stay in because my arms are hurting but I will be back soon after I drive back to home from the frontier I can't wait to talk to my nonnies and laugh and cry and have a fun time with my beloved nonnies and catch up on my favourite threads and post 100+ times a day again. I think other nonnies will be happy I'm back because of how often I was featured in the funny screencap thread as I'm very humourous and sort of like a comedienne (I'm thin as well). I just hope that LC is the same and not full of retards (the annoying kind not the funny kind) and that I can resume my postings in peace with prosperity and joie de vivre in my heart Amen. Please pray for me sorry my vent was disjointed I'm basically foaming at the mouth just to post I hope to God this sends and that it uploads last time I posted it took 25 minutes for it to post Please let it go quicker this time I hate it here so much it's unreal

No. 2000383

op here and wtf
it's a reference to the scream. the duck is stressed out. where tf do you get toxic positivity from bc i'm genuinely baffled

No. 2000386

File: 1715534454440.jpg (12.81 KB, 361x361, acffd2817d0b34622d3fff27f9972d…)

Psyducks been through some shit

No. 2000390

KEK. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

No. 2000418

It's been over a year, why the fuck can't I get over this stupid crush??? It's not like he would have liked me either, can't I just stop being delusional?

No. 2000448

No. 2000471

my professor was right when he said that art is the loneliest interest to get into

No. 2000475

File: 1715539525742.png (70.56 KB, 225x225, QDAcXkCoy.png)

What not having LOLCOR for a few weeks does to a nonnie… Stay strong soldier

No. 2000501

File: 1715540919088.gif (2.61 MB, 360x360, 1686093341053.gif)

i took a break from lolcow because some anon called my husbando ugly but now im back, what did i miss? (also i have no idea where to post this wtf)

No. 2000514

wonder if I'll ever get a bf or meet another guy I'm sexually attracted to
I feel like with each passing year I miss out on good sex and I'm not in my 20s anymore

No. 2000515

We reached post #2000000 and it got deleted before anybody could screenshot it.
I also got some husbandos called ugly, I totally get you

No. 2000521

It was something like "X won" and X was some short full name i don't know of.

No. 2000524

ok i lied, the husbando thing wasn't my only reason. it was more like the straw that broke the camel's back because i was getting increasingly annoyed by anons on here

No. 2000541

Samefag it was something that started with "affy", they weren't replying to anyone and i don't remember what thread it was, sorry if that is anyone known but i like to live under my rock.

No. 2000545

>affy won
in the stoner thread

No. 2000552

I fucking hate vrything right now I was just trying to watch a goddamn movie and my mother walked in AT LITERALLY THE WORST POSSIBLE SECOND it was on x2 speed since it was some fcking david lynch movie that took forever to get to the point (lost highway) and like my mom walked in right when Patricia Arquette gets fucking boobs and ass naked Im so mad it was so fucking unlucky just watching that unfold my mom didnt say anything she just left kind of pretending like she saw nothing WHAT DO I DO? WHAT IF SHE THINKS I WAS WATCHING PORN. Sorry for the capitals.

No. 2000570

just tell her what movie it was…i'm sure your mom knows nude scenes exist. it doesn't have to be some sitcom-esque miscommunication mix-up.

No. 2000579

File: 1715545719353.gif (1.54 MB, 684x500, anime-window-rain-sailor-moon-…)

This will shock everyone but I have a complicated relationship with my mom! I love her and want her to be happy, the problem is that keeping her happy is kind of a full-time job she refuses to do for herself. I took her out to lunch today and she said some pretty weird shit about how she keeps smoking because she wants to die sooner and how she needs to update her will. If you're thinking, wow your mom sounds depressed, you should help, guess what, the people who love her all feel obligated to help, including me since I was young. But no matter what I say she won't choose optimism, won't see a therapist, won't stop dwelling on how everyone has wronged her, won't change a since thing in her life. If getting sad and waiting for someone else to solve the problem can't fix it, she won't do it.

I want to move far away (for other reasons), still keep in touch but get out from under her dark cloud. But it's harder than it seems. Everyone else got tired. My siblings managed to move, sister doesn't even stay in contact, and now it's just me. The oldest daughter, naturally. I live on my own but in the same city. I stupidly said maybe one day she could come live with me when I have my little farm in the mountains or whatever. I still feel responsible for her. It's so hard to stop.

No. 2000589

File: 1715546340703.jpeg (133.86 KB, 736x721, IMG_0535.jpeg)

Idk how any scrotes can relate to this shit. These two remind me of me and my sister (I’m obviously gon because I’m the youngest) they remind me so much of women. Scrotes can just never understand, that rite of passage shit is just not for them it applies so much to the female experience no matter how diverse and varied it gets. Scrotes never endured the amount of pain and tests that women have to endure every damn day and I will stand by that I don’t give a fuck anymore

No. 2000591

I feel like I'm on the path to becoming a hateful idiot who gets triggered over stupid shit for no reason other than to hate on something

No. 2000598

both of those characters were written by men

No. 2000603

File: 1715546961515.png (277.87 KB, 564x583, Brawl.png)

Trying so hard not to a-log the aggy pedo troon rn

No. 2000619

Spend less time on LC. Seriously.

No. 2000629

I’m depressed because I used to be close to my little sister and now she’s hell bent on ruining my life. My parents don’t like me much anymore because she talks shit and lies about me to them all the time. Honestly she was always a bully but we were never in school together because of our age gap so I didn’t notice till now. I just thought she had a mean streak occasionally. And ever since she got her first bf she’s turned into a massive pick me and now I’m not allowed to criticize men without her running to my parents saying I’m a man hater. Like I am but why does it affect her. My own bf doesn’t think my comments are bad, he understands why I’m upset with men, but she her to protect her little baby 6’5 cavemanesque moid apparently. It’s mean but I can’t wait till they break up and she gets a taste of reality that men are indeed shit. She keeps saying I act like a victim but I was sa’d in my previous relationship and while she doesn’t know that, it triggers me and adds to my dislike of her.

No. 2000642

I literally don’t care, what’s your point? Doesn’t change anything with what I have to say

No. 2000643


No. 2000658

This is why you don’t post in threads like ugly man psyop unless it’s to bait or shitpost

No. 2000706

at some.point i tried gooning while trading porn with moids (cringe i know)
it was so garbage because all they had to send was male gaze.shit, some dudes even sent me plain naked girls genuiny expecting me to feel horny at it
idk male empathy really isn't a thing

No. 2000709

Baiters and shitposters are the reason why we will never have the beauty that were the first 2 threads again, i mourn.

No. 2000716

I know anons will think I'm just being conceited, but I must speak.
I've been putting more effort into my appearance (particularly in the weight, skincare, dental, clothes and hair departments) and while I get treated better, it's so weird noticing how some other women change their behavior towards me. I notice that some people are more snarky towards me and give me a little more subtle animosity. I think the fact that I keep to myself also contributes to this, for some reason people really do not like quiet people. I'm genuinely a polite person irl, so idk. I want to say more about race factors and also about how older women of my race have been towards me, but I feel like if I do anons might just say I'm baiting. Either way, it's just super disappointing to see women acting like high schoolers.

No. 2000733

Listening to my Spotify discover weekly.
>Girls with dicks
>I like the girls who like to lie that they came
I wanna rip this scrotes head off.

No. 2000737

I wanted him to be me first, and i also wanted to be his first in a lot of things. Though the resentment, stingness and disappointment grows everyday, i can't help but still be in love with the person he used to be to me. I hate the person he is now, but every single romantic thing i see or think, my brain immediately assimilates it to him. I'm set on going back on antidepressants since they saved my life, but i just wish i could mend things with him, i wish i was able to make it right, but no matter how much we regret and feel sorry for our mistakes, it doesn't matter.

No. 2000738

File: 1715554719437.gif (4.17 MB, 540x350, tumblr_1e28f07e7cc31bf1d3f6cae…)

Decided to hate-watch the new episodes of Doctor Who (used to be my favourite show ever, back when it was good.) But nothing could have prepared me for this. An actual tranny in shitty drag makeup jumpscaring me in the 2nd episode. What the fuck have they done to this show? It's not even the same fucking thing anymore. They've ruined it. This is the worst fucking series of the decade. This creature, who is supposed to be one of the most powerful beings in the universe, actually gets offended at being misgendered in the episode KEK. I'm done

No. 2000742

We need to teach people sunk cost fallacy when it comes to waiting at restaurants

No. 2000766

I was fine with the drag queen until that fucking part. I always saw Dr who as silly, but come on now! I know that joke was designed to be "funny" regardless if you agree with troonery or not, but i'd rather not see any troons on any tv show regardless if it's to dunk on them or not.

No. 2000767

File: 1715556771640.png (25.53 KB, 275x241, IMG_2558.png)

so I’ve realized that when I’m outside walking I walk very fast in like a weird way that people might notice. I think I walk fast becuase I don’t like being around people and I’m trying to run away. Ugh i guess I just have to remind myself to keep it slow. Fuck fuck fuck. I get super nervous and my heart beats fast when I walk normal.

No. 2000768

I miss this site it's kinda spinning the drain though. Less active with interesting content, nonnas seem less friendly and more aggressive, idk if it's the influx of yung bluds or what. I'm migrating…

No. 2000770

where are you going?

No. 2000774

Pros of learning how to drive
>cut my travel time to university by 1 hour both ways
Cons of learning how to drive
>will absolutely become the family's designated driver when anyone needs a favor/drop off/pick up
>will be put in charge of the weekly grocery trip
>expensive to maintain with insurance, petrol and whatever other bills cars come with

In a way not knowing how to drive is my final rebellion and indirect way of saying "no" to this shitty family, its the last thing I have left that prevents me from fully encompassing the "mother" role despite being the second youngest sibling. I really don't know… shaving off 1 hour from my journey is incredible for me but the cons will ruin my day more regularly because these lazy fucking selfish assholes will force me to do everything and I have been tamed and moulded into being the perfect yes-woman. They instilled a fear and guilt-trip in me that prevents me from saying no. But if I don't know how to drive in the first place they can't force me… ugh

No. 2000775

No. 2000777

It's been this like every single summer. I remember last summer anons were saying this as well as the summer before that. Oldfags just have to tough out the wave of newfags every summer. It sucks but there's always going to be retards this time of year. Crime rate also tends to go up in general too kek I think summer just makes people aggro for no good reason.

No. 2000782

Samefag to add another pro
>no longer have to lug around my heavy laptop and gym bag on the bus, can just keep it in the car

No. 2000785

Another pro: car insurance prices will go down sooner. It generally goes down around 19-21 but that's only if you got your license around 16-18.

No. 2000787

Kek, what is it about summer?

No. 2000791

I can’t tell if this is serious or not kekkk, stay autistic lolcow

No. 2000794

being around my family is like being around energy vampires

No. 2000811

Check in on your quiet friends. The third wheels. The afterthoughts. Invite them to something because you enjoy their company and want to share life with them. You have no fucking clue how far it goes to be thought of first by someone else, just once.

No. 2000825

im untouchable, bitch

No. 2000826

File: 1715564161130.jpeg (1.86 KB, 275x183, images (1).jpeg)

No. 2000833

File: 1715564358081.gif (184.98 KB, 220x238, wes-fall.gif)

i want to move i don't want to make this commute i need my probation period to be over so i can go hybrid already i hate being social at work i'm not good at it and art is hard aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee

No. 2000836

Everyone forgot my birthday, friends didnt stick up for me when our resident diva faggot exploded on me for making a joke because he has emotional outbursts like a child while being older than me and they all pretended it didnt happen because they dont want to incur his wrath. and now my grandma is on deaths door. I loved her a lot though haven't seen her in a long time and can't visit (other side of country) and the situation is extremely complex as my mom tells me how vile my grandma was to her and how she hopes she rots etc and im feeling way too many things at once I feel like I'm about to explode but it's frighteningly quiet

No. 2000844

Where are my fellow based individualist only children at

No. 2000847

Being a woman and having a masculine face is a curse, especially if you have zero facial harmony. I’m not like one of those stone face russian models with high cheekbones and ‘hunter’ eyes, I look like a tranny that doesn’t even pass. No amount of weight loss can help, I don’t know what I can do at this point other than get plastic surgery which I’ll never be able to afford.

No. 2000849

who would have thought that in real life it’s not a happy woman’s club where every woman gets along, posting on here gives you that assumption kek. normie women are as shallow and competitive in the wrong ways as they usually are, it’s actually so pathetic and entertaining to watch. i bet you look good anon

No. 2000868

File: 1715568428757.jpg (35.82 KB, 384x384, Tecate.jpg)

>Look through old FB profile before I nuke it
>Check up on people from high school for nostalgia
>So many people I disliked are now single moms or have children but are not married. Many pumped out at least 3 kids within a few years of each being born.
>People I liked are living their lives and thriving
>Guy who rejected me is now ugly as sin

Feels good. I'm glad teenage me was completely right about everybody kek

No. 2000880

>hurt my own feelings by running my face through AI to give me a gorgeous body
>it's so damn realistic and 100% what my body would look like had I ever took better care if it and sought early help
>shudder to think how well people would treat me if I were actually this hot

I'm sad.

No. 2000884

wtf it’s still possible anon, like why can’t you bitches just fucking actually wash your greasy hair, take showers and go to the gym??? goddamn bruh what’s with so much of you guys being dumpy or not showering

No. 2000885

I love Mexican shinji

No. 2000887

Because I would need a tummy tuck and major plastic surgery to fix a 30+ year old body with a lifetime of hormonal and metabolic issues.
Great hygiene that I already have won't mask my loose skin gunt apron in a string bikini, anon.
I wish it were so simple.

No. 2000888

remember when poking on facebook was a thing

No. 2000891

its ok nonna youre only 30+, thats still young. you can still heal yourself and your body. instead of a tummy tuck i'd recommend cryo/coolsculpt and cavitation laser lipo, and microneedling sessions on your body can also heal loose skin

No. 2000895

sorry nonna didn’t know

No. 2000913

I feel you. I sometimes wonder if it's even worth it to lose weight when I carry years and years of neglect that my shitty parents kickstarted by controlling me through overfeeding me since early childhood. I already have loose skin. I'm only 28. I can't do this anymore. I have loose skin since elementary.

I wish it was easy to say "just lose weight" but it's so much more complicated than that. I want to undo all the damage they did to me, but I can't even be done with the mental damage they subjected me to yet. I don't know how to work out with my skin constantly touching and flapping on top of itself. It really makes me want to end it sometimes, surgeries are expensive as fuck and people are judgemental whenever I subject myself to it or now. In any case sometimes being overweight or having loose skin is more of a mental challenge than a physical one, but not many people know this because they think loosing a few pounds is all you need to do.

No. 2000927

I just remembered the discord server I made in my TiF days and combed through to find the most embarrassing brainrot in the world. Even though it was years ago, idk how to live with myself knowing I was that much of a fucking cow…

No. 2000987

>random man follows me on tumblr a week ago
>likes a bunch of my posts and replies to one
>i post a selfie today
>weird rb from a side acc with an uncomfortable comment
>asks them to take it down cuz its weird. they say some weird shit to me about how my post is public and anyone could reply to it (okay true but still weird. this blog had like 20 posts max and my random zero note selfie)
>literally about my phone case (its roberto ferri painting thats cropped. if u know anything about that painter he loves him some artistic nudity. no there was no obvious nudity…)
>blocks the acc
>makes a post about it
>they make a alt to rb it then says they will leave me alone
>am able to quickly figure it out by going thru my followers
> 28, m, texas. a bunch of moid-y weird scrote posts
>adds up
>now want to delete all of my selfies and purge any moid followers

No. 2001015

Sometimes I think about a girl I had an e-crush on, she was everything I wanted to be and I loved her personality. She already had a girlfriend so oh well! I feel like I became her in some ways, especially with some of my interests and personality shifts.

No. 2001033

I can see my dad’s balding genes in my hair more noticeably nowadays and I want to kill that man, and then myself. I swear every single ugly feature on me is derived from him. The two corners of my forehead only have baby hairs left because any proper hair is already gone

No. 2001039

Use Minoxidil girlie it's not too late

No. 2001053

I feel like I failed at making friends. I am really in my head right now and I’m having a lot of anxiety. I dunno what’s up. I just feel like I don’t belong anywhere. There’s a lot more context but I’m already typing this about to cry. I should sleep

No. 2001057

My body dysmorphia is so so so bad. I am so disgusted with myself. I hate looking at this thing I am. Its face. The body doesn’t help. Cosmetic surgery isn’t cheap and i am not made of money. Excess skin removal and a breast lift + reduction would be a good. My face I don’t even know what I would do… remove my mole under my nose? Fix my kinda crooked nose from my deviated septum esp. I have noticed a lot of girls get plastic surgery to get a nose like mine from the front. I just have a weird bump on the ridge. Get it shaved down? My eyes are like two different shapes. Get that fixed? Getting my teeth fixed maybe? Idk if braces would help. Tooth implants for the molars years of bulimia took from me for sure. Veneers look awful. would love to get waxed, afford pricy skin care stuff and salon hair care instead of doing it all at home. I have been changing the way i dress some and I am still not happy. I was fat for so long I didn’t have any style outside of fat bitch wear. Now I can and idk what to do. I can’t do make up to save my life and it wouldn’t help anyway. I only dye my hair because it’s the only thing I can truly control (and I like it. Danger hair shit posts aside). I no longer know the answer.
just trying to control this thing in some way and it’s hard to do. I hate this so much. I have been told I am pretty so many times and I don’t believe it for a second.

No. 2001059

>sometimes wonder if it's even worth it to lose weight when I carry years and years of neglect
Trust me, improving your health is always worth it! Even the prettiest woman you know is gonna age and look all wrinkly and saggy, beauty really is shallow. But both you and her can have long lives watching wonders of nature such as a beautiful sunset or starlit night, nature doesn't care what you look like or how you stuggle, it still loves you and accepts you as a part of it.

No. 2001069

Doesn't summer start in June? Where I live kids are still in school and it's only 40 something degrees out

No. 2001087

Sometimes I just feel extreme hatred towards my friend group. All of them have some form of backlog, and most of the time their excuse for it is mental illness. They are insufferable whining about how fucked up their life is from backlogs and how they weren't able to focus on our group projects together because of their backlogs + muh mentaw iwness. One of them is an alcoholic slowly becoming a chainsmoker and the others are pulling the mental illness card for their negligence on their overdue projects. I am already snapping at them for far too many times because of so much stress and misunderstandings, I just want all of this to be over and done with at this fucking point. I am never going to make myself work with these retards again, their work ethic is fucking horrible and not only that but they are all obnoxious twitterfags. Fuck them honestly, I'm going to go and find better friends after all this shit blows over because they are all just making me even more negative. No personal development happening at all if I just keep these retards around

No. 2001100

Finally no longer giving a shit at people's shitty apologies and never apologising like the retarded people-pleaser I was during my teenage years but now I just feel like a cold schizoid on the other end of the spectrum instead of being healthy in the middle.

No. 2001101

The urge to tolerate bullshit from people younger than me just because when I was a teenager I was constantly accused of being a manipulative narcissist by moids who groomed me, so I feel like it's my responsibility somehow to be nice to every person who's younger than me even though that's a logical fallacy

No. 2001105

sounds more like skinwalking than a crush

No. 2001109

I just cannot handle working, period. I feel like I enter prison every morning and cannot stop thinking of all the things I would rather be doing instead. I count the hours and sometimes cry in the bathroom. I have no idea how other people do it

No. 2001114

File: 1715595020583.jpg (15.77 KB, 320x366, 651651651.jpg)

I'm this close to re-enlisting in the military. I'm sick of pretending to give a fuck about things. I got discharged 3 years ago and I have to work with the public now. In the army I got to be autistic. This goes in this pocket and that goes in that pocket. I'm tired.

No. 2001120

Please tell us why you were discharged

No. 2001121

just an injury lol, it was an honorable discharge

No. 2001126

Am I a shit person or am I just no longer tolerating shit people or both somehow

No. 2001140

being a shit person is subjective, shit people are going to think youre a shit person for not dealing with them
just do whats convenient for you

No. 2001186

What is it with fat people and eating like cows it actually grosses me out so badly. Like why are you making these gurgling noises and moaning when you chew shut up and get a gastric bypass. It's actually so fucking nasty.

No. 2001218

This is just too stupid I swear

No. 2001227

>hung hot fwb slams me out a few times
>want to meet again but we can't find a good time weeks later even
>get a retarded yeast infection from antibiotics
>he finally hits me up today when I'm suffering the most
I hate my life I hate my life I want to have sex and did I mention that I hate my life? I already took a flutriwhatever pill I'm gonna go get monistat this is fucking retarded

No. 2001233

I hate my fucking job so much I am so done with dealing with this shit day in and day out I wish everyone would fuxk off and die.

No. 2001244

you are a round fat pig moid, you have absolutely zero rights to say anything about fat women or call them pigs (who aren't even severely obese)

No. 2001247

Let's be real, I'll never change

No. 2001248

Same. I can't believe I'll have to do this crap until I'm old. Who is the fucking idiot who invented this stupid system and why are people just going along with it? I'd genuinely rather be an irrational animal fighting for it's survival than living this life

No. 2001264

I’m so bored at work k want to fucking kill myself

No. 2001266

File: 1715609988786.jpg (84.81 KB, 736x688, 1000028426.jpg)

I cannot be fucking sober today I'm so miserable and I'm gonna smoke even though I risk having a panic attack I don't care I hate my fucking life I hate my fucking life. Hope I die in my sleep, peace out

No. 2001268

Today Im feeling fat, always hungry, angry, harassed, annoyed, i feel like I’m annoying everyone too. Im nauseous, stressed, anxious, gross. My back teeth hurt. My clothes don’t fit me right, I look disproportionate, top heavy and pot belly and the opposite of cute. I look aesthetically horrendous, like those lumpy modern illustrations of overweight purple or green women with leg hair and a light moustache. If someone I know sees me on the commute home I might throw up on the spot from shame. I think I stink. Not from BO but my natural pheromones that no scented body lotion or deodorant can hide. I want to literally punch myself in the stomach. I want to skin myself alive. I want to drown myself, fill myself with water on the inside and maybe I’ll feel cleaner, relaxed. I’m so AGITATED and can’t get rid of the feeling because the problem is literally my body, mind and soul.

No. 2001269

Last night I accidentally boiled a pot of water dry on the stove for the first time in my life. Then this morning I woke up and on the kitchen counter is a package of hotdogs that I took out of the fridge and just left there?? What the fuck is happening to me

No. 2001273

No. 2001274

Anon please check to see if you have a carbon monoxide leak.

No. 2001275

I hope you feel better soon nonna

No. 2001278

You're just getting dementia no big deal

No. 2001286

sleep walking

No. 2001300

My BF is quite fat, and I feel like I'm being gaslighted by everyone about it. To be frank, he was already overweight when we've gotten together, but it was (I naively thought) our common goal to both lose weight. I'm no anachan, I'm on the upper end of the normal BMI, but I'm quite unfit also. He eats so fucking much, and even if I consider him being a taller, more muscular guy, it seems excessive. He has a very prominent belly now.
The gaslighting part comes in where I've discussed weight with him for the 20th time, and he says he knows he's slightly overweight, but not fat, and I was so confused, because he's way past the point of slightly overweight, he's like 92 kg to an average EU male height. He has met my parents recently, and since they've known him from before they've mentioned how much he changed and I've said "yeah, he's pretty chubby" and my parents went "oh, no, he's not fat at all". Do people just think any 25+ man growing a protruding belly is normal??? Yesterday he showed me some older photos (2-3 years old) and he was so skinny then, inside my head I went "holy shit, that's the guy I want to date". I know couples can work out together and motivate each other and shit, but the main problem is that he won't ever be able to outrun his fork. I won't be his personal chef, I don't even eat healthy, I just have good portion control for the most part. I just want him to lose weight and have the silhouette of a healthy man again.

No. 2001305

File: 1715612129233.webp (25.47 KB, 720x360, Volume-Eating.webp)

I don't see how you can deal with this without finding a way to cchange his food habits
I'd say cooking healthier meals would be a good start, if you could cook them together he'd learn to be autonomous as a cook
If he can't help but get big portions, he needs to get big portions of low calory foods

No. 2001306

I don't think that's it because I woke up this morning period kek, I don't really feel dizzy or confused now just tired.

No oddly I remember taking the hotdogs out of the fridge I think I just had a massive brainfart

No. 2001326

File: 1715613373908.jpg (47.66 KB, 1200x600, cat-scream.jpg)

I'm heading to my first music festival next weekend and I am freaking out. I'm terrified about drunk high people breaking into my tent while I'm asleep. I can't bring pepper spray or anything else so I have nothing if I get attacked. The ticket was a birthday gift from my friends so I can't not go. I think I'm just going to fake sickness on the first day and bail.

No. 2001327

You should bully him tbh. I bullied a bf into working subtly by saying how I missed feeling his muscles and then going to the gym regularly myself and causally dropping stuff like
>ugh, I had to work out on machines that are facing the guys side of the gym so we had to stare at each other the whole time! It was so awkward
>on my way out of the gym I turned the corner and this huge built guy was walking so fast he collided with me. It was like full body contact and he tried to catch me. God it was so embarrassing
I had him pick me up from the gym a couple of times to make sure he saw how nice the guys bodies are there too kek. I also once bullied someone into losing weight a little more accidentally, I just couldn’t contain my awe about how often and how much they ate. He would say how hungry he was and I would be like “again? We just ate an hour ago” he’d whine like I need to eat more than once a day and I would say “I’d hope it would last you a little longer than an hour though, wtf”. Or I’d be watching him pour honey and granola onto his bowl of yogurt endlessly and just stand there gaping and be like that’s so much honey holy shit, you’re going to get diabetes. One time when I was drunk I poked him and said “you are so round” kek. Eventually I challenged him to go sugar free with me for 2 weeks and negging him how he probably can’t and he accepted. After that he was complaining about how boba and lattes are two sweet and started eating a lot better. You should really consider because at this point there’s not much to lose, you should dump him if even the bullying doesn’t work.

No. 2001328

Reporting in.

No. 2001329

Ugh. my tea cup smells weird after coming out of the dishwasher. it doesn't smell like typical dirty dishwasher, it's really weird and almost like chemicals.
now i can't drink my tea i made for work and i have to deep clean my dishwasher when i get home to figure out why it made my dishes smell like that.

No. 2001336

Tbh the only thing that worked for me is counting my bf's calories for him. I literally installed MFP on his phone and did it for him then showed him the end of day journal that says 'If you eat this much everyday you'll be x weight by y date'. Kek. The app bullied him for me. But once he realized how much calories he was eating in a day vs how much he is supposed to eat, he started enforcing his own calorie deficit on himself.

No. 2001338

Nona can't you buy a small lock to keep the zippers closed? That way you can lock it when you're inside and then lock up the tent when you're out at the festival. I think it's more likely that you'd get someone trying to steal your stuff than a drunk person trying to get into your tent kek

No. 2001349

mad at my moid.

No. 2001353

File: 1715614903835.jpg (81.58 KB, 988x1394, 1000002847.jpg)

Even when I moved away and our friendship pretty much turned to long distance, it was strong but it feels like she has become a lot more distant. Making new friends I'm proud of her, but whenever she talks to me it's always about her friends, the drawings they make of her, their group photos, the funtimes they have together, their tastes or how about how her job sucks it's getting on my nerves. Never a "how are you" or "wanna hang next month" even after mine and last time we actually shared a heart-to-heart it had to do with how she felt betrayed by one of her friends. Eventually sorted. She didn't even remember my Birthday. Like I know people move on and whatnot, every individual can do what they want, how they like… but seeing your once best friend do so in realtime with stamps stings more than simply being told to fuck off

No. 2001354

it might still be sleep walking. I do it all the time and sometimes I also remember what I was doing, and often I even wake up in the middle of it and am like "what the fuck am I even doing", then go back to bed kek

No. 2001368

File: 1715615698520.jpg (9.24 KB, 480x360, hqdefault-2498637400.jpg)

I played myself. I work at a mom and pop place because I wanted an easy, laid back job and all I've done is make them richer. They go on multiple family vacations a year, have a homestead and are expanding to an air bnb, and I barely have gotten $2 more per hour since I started years ago. I know I have no one to blame but myself for the sad sate of my life, but I don't have the energy to apply myself. I don't want to work or pay thousands of dollars to learn a trade that may or may not make me successful, I don't want to do anything. I just want to lie down in my casket already.

No. 2001377

I've heard locks are just a sign saying "valuable stuff inside this tent. Please steal". My friends said keep all the important stuff underneath the tent and I'm going to do that but I'm still worried about the night. I've heard Deep Heat spray is a good alternative to pepper spray but I'm still worried.

No. 2001385

Thanks nonnie I ended up just crying a bunch and watching my favorite show. I'm just so exhausted all the time, my days off are coming up soon so maybe I'll feel better.

No. 2001389

>I just want to lie down in my casket already

life is what you make it. the whole “I’m only working to put money in their pockets” rhetoric is twitterbrained and stupid and is manufactured to make you miserable. don’t feed into it and don’t let it make you think that what you’re doing is stupid and pointless. if you really feel that way, then try looking for a new job. it’s not so scary once you start. and for the love of god, try changing your outlook on things. it takes effort, but life gets exponentially more beautiful once you start thinking that it is.

No. 2001396

I used to have hope but I've been beaten down and now I'm fully blackpilled on life now. Thanks for your tough love anon but I'm just gonna wallow for a little while longer. At least I have a hobby that quiets my thoughts. The fact that life is all in cycles drives me insane. I can't stand it. I don't know how any of you stand it. Nothing is beautiful to me anymore. I want to rip my hair out and scratch at my skin until I bleed.

No. 2001404

Lol we share the same brain. I perpetually surprise myself by falsely remembering things that I did but then it turns out I didn't, or thought that I didn't and then turns out I did. Although I have ADHD for the longest time I feared that I might have dementia or something

No. 2001407

i am so disappointed in my boyfriend for liking a piece of media that i thought was only for braindead people. like i had higher expectations of you man

No. 2001408

If I have to read "I forgot cis people" exist one more time, I'll yell.

No. 2001409

What's the piece of media anon?

No. 2001411

It's a movie that came out recently and I found to be stupid, it's nothing red-flag worthy really. I just hoped I'd have someone to share my thoughts with and I was disappointed it wasn't him
I'm not mentioning the name of the movie because it's an unpopular opinion and i don't wanna get blasted by other anons

No. 2001422

Why do you have to be so early to buy for concerts? The concert I want to go to is in 4 months and it's already sold out

No. 2001431

same, I'm unemployed atm and feel like the day goes by so fast already, when I'll go back to working my life will basically be on fast forward mode , losing 10 hours daily doing shit I don't like because I have to be another cog in the machine

No. 2001433

File: 1715619470941.jpeg (1.45 MB, 3024x3968, IMG_3727.jpeg)

I hate this retarded stupid boat ride. It's been 4 hours already I want to see land. I am not a fish I don't belong out here. I'm getting sea-crazy. I'm foaming at the mouth. Why is the cellular signal better in the middle of the ocean than it was on land in the shithole place? So many questions. Part of me wants to burn this boat to the ground (waves technically) and sail away on the escape boat and watch them all flap in the water like ants but I didn't bring a lighter.

No. 2001436

>losing 10 hours daily doing shit I don't like because I have to be another cog in the machine

No. 2001437

File: 1715619626238.jpeg (10.6 KB, 275x275, 652684.jpeg)

I was shopping at the store I work at, off the clock and out of uniform, and I said "excuse me" habitually to a moid who wasn't even in my way. As I was walking away, I heard him say to his wife "That doesn't make sense. Don't say excuse me, just walk past." OKAY. Okay. I'm so sorry that I'm habitually polite. I will be a rude, disrespectful bitch from now on lmao. I will go out of my way to bump into you. Might spit at you, too.

No. 2001439

I hate haaate hate people and especially moids who think of themselves as ~so sensitive and emotional and delicate.~ I blame my father for this, being raised by a male who thinks he's the most misunderstood, deep empath despite being constantly abusive and self-victimizing about his own awful behavior is a special sort of hell. I cannot stand him. Useless, unemployed leech of a man, emotional vampire who projects all his weird bullshit onto everyone around him and expects everyone to read his mind and know exactly what he wants, when he wants it, and if you don't give it to him, you must hate him and also be a deeply bad and selfish person. He flipped out and chain smoked this morning because even though he told me I don't have to cook breakfast for him, he apparently expected me to magically know that I should ask him if he wanted some anyways. My mother is always doing clean-up for him, trying to relay his tragic childhood trauma to me so that I can be "more understanding." It pisses me off because I don't even pick fights with him or argue back, when he has his meltdowns I just sit there and take it because I know it's useless trying to reason with him. But that's not enough, I have to apparently also genuinely not hold it against him that he's a massive retarded faggot. I only came here because my mother was crying on the phone about how everything is falling apart and she needs to me to look after my younger sibling since she doesn't have the bandwidth (shocker, my father does not do any childcare, and never did for me either). But somehow, my father is absolutely convinced he's the most considerate, selfless, noble creature on this planet. Fucking insane. I cannot wait to get the hell out of here, I don't know how I'm going to make it another week.

No. 2001445

4 hours? are you going somewhere or is this a day trip? anon this is making me cry with laughter why are you stuck in the ocean and posting on lolcow?

No. 2001446

Average dumbass moid. It's like saying "behind" in a kitchen, it's just in case they didn't see you. It's manners. IDK why it pisses me off so much nonnie, but honestly I might have fought him for you over that. What a stupid bastard

No. 2001449

Share your thoughts with us, maybe we'll agree!

No. 2001451

kek former soviet block country , yes
don't get me started on the fact that I had so much unpaid overtime previously and HR got alerted when I reported 1.5 extra hours one month (and then they fire you, because you want to be paid a little bit more because you did so much bs that is NOT in your JD)
overworked and underpaid is the worst, while my former colleagues earned 2-3x and didn't have 1/10th of the stress I did, I hate my luck (or lack thereof)

No. 2001453

Lol I spent like net 5 minutes browsing other people's social media and I feel like absolute shit. Literally everyone I know earns more, looks better, has a more interesting life and better mental health than I will ever have

No. 2001454

i am jealous anon. i wish i was on a boat in the middle of the ocean right now. i hope you see a dolphin or whale or something exciting

No. 2001456

Same anon. Everyone else will just shrug and say "that's life, deal with it" but I don't want to deal with it. I wanted to die instead of working 10 years ago and I still feel the same now. Sometimes I'll enter a new job and have a honeymoon period for maybe 6 months to a year and then go back to being miserable. It doesn't help that I've only been working unskilled, low paying jobs that have no upward mobility because working is so mentally taxing to me. The more I work, the more I fantasize about jumping off a building or blowing my brains out. I don't want this.

No. 2001457

I wish that was me on the boat, that looks peaceful and fun

No. 2001459

two of my biggest bullies are living like this. one is incredibly fat with a man who won’t marry her (but did give her two kids) and a bunch of ghetto tattoos and the other has four-five kids by different dudes and is posting thirst traps on facebook kek. so much for becoming a model or going to california and pursuing music eh kek

No. 2001466

Inspired by snow/res/1984807.html#q1993633

I don't understand why people nowadays can't be a little weird without going absolutely delusional about things to the point of fucking their lives over it and I'm growing tired of it all. It's like people don't know how to play anymore, if that makes sense? They can't seem to enjoy and entertain ideas without them being "valid" or without literal psychosis attached. See, I don't think there actually is anything wrong with having weird ideas or fantasies, that's what makes us human. But people seem to take everything too seriously nowadays, I'm not sure if it's autism among specific demographics, or society in general went insane. I never truly understood otherkin because the whole experience of relating and projecting onto characters, animals, nature, and such comes off as such a basic human trait, I don't see why it needs a separate identity label and more so, I don't see why it needs to be twisted into a literal psychotic experience where you deny your own reality in this world.
Why do things need to be taken to the point of absolute delusion for the sake of being valid anyway, what's the point? Same goes to gender. It's fine to entertain and indulge in ideas of being the opposite sex, or come up with abstract ideas about sexless society. Hell, screw it, it's fine to entertain these ideas sexually. But why is there a desperate need to make fantasy a reality? Why do people literally meme themselves into things? Are these people really that boring? I'm so tired. Technically I'm much more aligned with weirdos than normies, but these people aren't weirdos at this point anymore, they're straight up braindead and psychotic and can't turn off their larp mode when it's not appropriate anymore. I'm tired.

No. 2001467

yes anon, you get me. They think they are being "logical" when in fact they are being irrational as fuck.

No. 2001470

Damn dude really went out of his way to be angry at something, I'm pretty if you hadn't said anything he would have muttered "well excuse me" or something.

No. 2001477

Why oh why am I always drawn to people that live a million billion miles away from me? I have been in two long term relationships, and both were LDRs. I've had two other big crushes on people and they were also from different continents. Jfc can my brain just let me fall in love with someone who actually lives in my general area?

No. 2001480

File: 1715621697700.gif (165.66 KB, 380x380, monday-again-garfield.gif)

More willpower than a marine

No. 2001492

Now how can you know all that just looking at their social media? They can look better than you, earn more than you, and have more interesting lives than you, but their mental health could still be shit.

No. 2001541

File: 1715625896082.jpeg (161.28 KB, 1120x976, IMG_7390.jpeg)

I thought I had banished my disgusting eating disorder mentality back to Hell where it belongs, but GOD DAMN this entire fucking balletcore-“coquette”-ArianaGrande-Ozempic-KPop era of the past few years is doing its best to fucking resurrect it and Jesus Christ I hate it so much, it feels like I’m right back in 2004 again

No. 2001542

Is it Dune, Poor Things, Planet of the Apes or the Sydney Sweeney romcom

No. 2001543

This is kind of a good idea though, just do it with healthier goals and portion sizes..

No. 2001545

These plates are retarded, just buy smaller plates in general. They'll probably look cuter too. Anyway yes anon I hate the comeback of heroin chic. Stay strong and don't deprive yourself of nutrition.

No. 2001562

>buy mom her own snacks
>she insists on eating up mine
i hate living at home so much kek. trying to look for roommates but everyone lives 30+ minutes from my job and that isn’t feasible when i hate the ten minute commute i have to do every day

No. 2001583

Are roomates really better than family (let's say if they weren't straight up abusive) ? I've always wondered

No. 2001591

File: 1715630762382.jpg (27.51 KB, 356x374, 1393835503404.jpg)

I wish I had a female friend but I was in a male dominated industry for years and in general normies get put off by my awkwardness so it seems like I can only be friends with people as awkward as me lol. I had a close friend in my early 20s but she hurt me a lot and I put up with it for years, eventually I couldn't take it anymore so I distanced myself even though it hurt. I made a friend online a few years ago, it was my first new friend in so long and I was so excited because we had a lot in common, had the same niche interests, she seemed really nice and was also a slow replier and patient with replies like me, but then she suddenly went nuts one day and was messaging me frantically that she was gonna kill herself and I just kept saying I was gonna call an ambulance and to please tell me her exact address (we live in different countries) and after a few hours she said forget it sorry and never talked to me again.
I know she's still alive thankfully because I see her online but that scared the absolute crap out of me. Since then I've been too nervous to try meet new people on or offline and my remaining friends from college are lost in the gendie bullshit ether and they just keep getting worse every year, at this point we're all into our 30's so it's getting embarrassing. I expect they're both eventually gonna fully interrogate me and make me spit out that I don't buy into gendie delusional shit and exile me to their terfberia, so I'm preparing to be friendless soon. I just wish I could be irl friends with another nonnie but I'm too scared to try to search for one in my backwater country.

No. 2001599

Moids are so vile and tiring. My mom got some random comment on her flower video she uploaded onto pinterest that roughly translated to "my dick kisses all your mothers and sisters" on Google translate from Arabic. What? Maybe it should be read the other way around, but it was stupid to come across.

No. 2001604

Nonas I feel like if anyone can understand me it's you here on lolcow. I think I need to carve out a non traditional career path for myself because I just can't grit my teeth and pretend for long periods of time. I spend my teen years and early twenties working retail, food jobs, random freelance gigs, for family and with periods of neetdom in between and I have various skills but no stability and no money to show. I keep trying to learn different things or commit to a career path so I can get a house and get to travel but nothing seems to be working out, or I'm not sticking to it long enough. Most recently I got some it certs so I can maybe get an office or remote job but the whole needing to make a portfolio and stand out in a volatile job market and go through rounds and rounds of interviews and speak corporate and pretend that I care and want to be there in years and that I have a dream company to work for is just too much. It's so disconnected from anything real and most jobs seem to be just bullshit that feeds other bullshit companies and my brain just gives out.
Granted I've never worked a corporate job before but in my other jobs even though I worked well and got along with my coworkers managers always disliked me. I just cant pretend and put on a face and I'm too honest and my feelings and demeanor are too obvious so I just can't deal. Also having tasted the freedom of not having to work all the time after I got out of school I can only last months at any job before I have no more energy and end up getting extremely stressed and physically sick because of the stress and quitting. How do I make a life where I am free to pursue all my passions but also support myself? I know some people do it all but I'm not one of them, I'm super sensitive and easily exhausted and when I have a full time job all I do is eat work and sleep. I want to fully enjoy life and do so many things and I cant wait until I'm 70 for that I just can't.

No. 2001613

It's not fair that we have to be so careful on this site, I also wish I had female friends I could be my full weird self with but I'm way too paranoid to leave any contact info on here.

No. 2001616

i understand you, i feel exactly like this too. i hope you can find something that works out nona cause i'm in the same boat. it's just all too much. i can't pretend every day on top of doing work that means literally nothing, i just can't

No. 2001619

i imagine my roommate wouldn’t feel entitled to my food and would give me privacy and wouldn’t also expect me to bring them treats and meals after work and would generally take care of themselves so yes. also an apartment would at very least be air conditioned, my roommate wouldn’t go “ummm i don’t want the air conditioner on so i’m going to say it’s broken even though it was just working like, last week”

No. 2001623

why is it that every time a pimple starts to heal, another appears to replace him? when will I have clear skin?

No. 2001642

File: 1715633492496.jpeg (81.05 KB, 736x624, IMG_0556.jpeg)

I WANNA SCREAM THIS WEBSITE IS BECOMING SO FUCKING BORING THE SAME TOPICS CAN SOMETHING INTEREST ME PLEASE. I gotta be a bad nonnie, I got be a smooth nonnie, I gotta be a slick nonnie, I gotta be a baiting nonnie

No. 2001646

why dont you make interesting posts instead of complaining

No. 2001647

When I make interesting posts I’m almost always banned kek

No. 2001648

The rotating topics irritate me too. And they get discussed in every thread. Anons used to be interesting.

No. 2001649

File: 1715633727000.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.94 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3733.jpeg)

After 8 hours I made it. I feel so jubilant and relieved. My ordeal is nearly over… Now I just have to drive 2000km back home.
I've made a few posts itt (like >>2000373 ) and last one but basically to make a long motherfucking story short basically my dumbass retarded grandfather died and got eaten by cats and nobody else besides me could leave their life in a minute to go plan a funeral so I had to drop everything (using LC for 12-14 hours a day) get on an airplane and travel across the sea, over the mountains, & beyond the trees, to the edge of my SHIT country's frontier where I've been virtually held prisoner by filial duty and no cell service for 5 long weeks in an isolated village of 35 people a 2 hour drive away from the nearest grocery store. I originally thought it was gonna be like a week or 2 but nooooo this place is so backwards and bureaucratically braindead that I had to wait 3 weeks just to have a funeral after begging people to help dig his shit grave and then I had to wait 4 weeks to get an appointment with his bank to get an estate account and I'm STILL waiting for the autopsy report because they couldn't even analyze it in my country they had to send the samples to America for real experts to analyze it. Until I get the estate account basically I'm fucked for money as I used up all my tard bux this month AND last month so I have just enough for the gas to make it home and maybe get food once or twice on the way. Overall, people dying is really fucking annoying and I don't recommend it to ANYnona. If you can; live a life of hermit-like tranquility that way you don't have to bother with planning funerals, picking out urns, begging people to help dig graves, worry about grave robbers, etc..
If by peaceful and fun you mean horrifically foul and sickly then yes you're right. I understand why sailors go crazy. There's nothing here except stupid water.
I appreciate your optimisim and zest for life but dolphins are weird and tbh I'd never want to interact with one because of their association with France (re: dauphin) as well as their general appearance (shiny and hairless; too much reminds me of male baldness which makes me sick and disgusts me) as well as because they are the "tricksters" of the sea and I'm NOT the person they wanna be trying to "trick" …

No. 2001650

Samefag but I honestly think the same topic discussions (which honestly, are mostly infights) have to do with this site becoming more hivemindy.

No. 2001651

>"I'm gonna try to be more social this year!"
>finally gets the courage to reach out to strangers
>strangers actually reply
>oh shit
>too anxious to even open the messages I got days ago
KEK why am I so retarded?

No. 2001652

screw the haters

No. 2001656

>I appreciate your optimisim and zest for life but dolphins are weird and tbh I'd never want to interact with one because of their association with France (re: dauphin) as well as their general appearance (shiny and hairless; too much reminds me of male baldness which makes me sick and disgusts me) as well as because they are the "tricksters" of the sea and I'm NOT the person they wanna be trying to "trick" …
kekkk what

No. 2001658

Looking at threads made even 2-4 years ago make me extremely blackpilled. We used to have so much fun, anorectal vibes are over… if that meme was made today the anon who posted it would have been called a tranny/porn-addicted moid who likes anal and would’ve been redtexted for such a funny joke. Sad!
Ngl I’m gonna have to blame the performative radfems for this

No. 2001662

that sounds exhausting anon, i hope your life settles back to normal soon.
you're completely right about both seafaring and dolphins.
(btw can i ask what your issue with france is?)

No. 2001666

Lolcow has gotten so stale for me I started using discord again, kek. Sometimes I accidentally almost call a discord gendie “nonna” or say something problematic and blow my cover though. I miss my real nonnas, but spending all day here was like rotting in a prison

No. 2001669

>the anon who posted it would have been called a tranny/porn-addicted moid
Are you retarded, baiting, or him? Because that was a self admitted pedo scrote from 4chan who spammed porn whenever he got banned for his anal fetish posts. He was disgusting and obsessed with women's "purity", not a le funny meme.

No. 2001672

How in the fuck can you stand being in those discord chats for long? That gendie shit is even worse in tight quarters, at least with redditor you can speak your mind 5 seconds before you get downvoted and banned lmfao

No. 2001686

my skin is so bad i just want to die. i used a new product (bb cream) and now i have little red pimples all over my face. i can count at least 20 of them. and i have fungal acne on my forehead that just won't go away no matter what i try it just gets redder and more itchy. i hate myself i hate myself i want to die i want to tear my skin off and die i feel like i'm the only person in the world who has bad skin even though i know it's not true

No. 2001689

Ayrt I joined a niche bl server so even if it’s full of gendies, at least there are no actual moids present, just women. They mostly just talk about weeb shit and occasionally have virtual signaling competitions over palestine, but they’re honestly not any more annoying than anons acting retarded here
I lurk on the other farms, but I’ve never posted/don’t have an account. Although I can enjoy following their cows, I’d rather interact with weird gendie women who are ultimately harmless and have the same interest as me than /pol/tards who have migrated to the scrotefarms

No. 2001693

I hate larping newfags like you so much. You aren't being slick.

No. 2001695

>Ngl I’m gonna have to blame the performative radfems for this
It's honestly the old admin's fault for nonsensically banning /2X/ against everyone's wishes

No. 2001699

>muh internet pitchfork wielder
Stop trying to be a detective. Seethe. Not a newfag and never will be.
Isn’t that just the equivalent of lurking, so you don’t really talk to anybody just use them for entertainment? That’s barely worth it… you can practically just do the same thing here

No. 2001705

Oh my god yeah, the rotating topic of the week gets old the first time, and it's all hatred based too and anyone who has a different stance on it either gets overwhelmingly called a retard or creates a us vs them style infight. I can't believe lolcow has gotten stuck in a kafkaesque Facebook negative feedback loop in the past ~10ish months.

No. 2001709

Second ayrt, the deleted post I replied to said something like I should just use kiwifarms over discord. I was explaining that I only lurk on kf, not post, because the moids there are retarded

No. 2001721

mods are fake as fuck they created this reddit forum culture by themselves because they know the admin is never around to see and truly understand what the fuck they have turned the website into. there’s no way someone with the most crust bucket standards would allow this shit, just no way

No. 2001737

Who the fuck is going through the catalog and bumping ancient threads

No. 2001756

what’s the point of making more friends when adults think child shit like anime and marvel is something to connect with and makes someone interesting? it makes you seem so boring just because you don’t play a fucking video game or something

No. 2001768

You know there are adults out there that don’t like either of those things right?

No. 2001794

>Spend €60 on scented candles on Etsy
>Every single one smells like ass
Seriously someone needs to step in and do quality control on Etsy. This is the third time I've bought stuff off the site and it's been shite. The reviews must be full of bots or something. I've wasted so much money on this useless internet shithole

No. 2001799

File: 1715640011806.jpg (27.91 KB, 400x400, 1705066814369.jpg)

I just want someone to make art with. I want someone who looks interesting and is willing to be my muse. Or someone who wants to get better at art and is as obsessive as I am. Please. Fucking god. We don't have to be intimate, it can just be simple and carefree.

No. 2001801

File: 1715640183423.jpg (39.43 KB, 540x423, tumblr_e534b44d341e118601c763c…)

Me too but I am retarded and extremely avoidant

No. 2001812

yeah like the majority of adults don't like either of those things. whenever i mention games as a hobby, people think i'm weird.
were you buying candles for the interesting shapes or because you actually wanted something to smell good? most people making scented candles on etsy are making them in their kitchen, with no knowledge of scents, and are using pre-made blends of fragrance oils. etsy is really only for buying novelty candles not meant for burning. if you want better candles, try goose creek or kringle candle.

No. 2001815

I'm introverted was extroverted when younger and had a lot of friends, but honestly being extroverted was probably a phase. It was exhausting. I was a prime target for insecure bitches to gossip about. I was sexually assaulted during these times and also tarred as a slut because again insecure petty girls actually got jealous at my sexual activity I didn't even consent too cause the guy was apparently desirable. Clearly not that fucking hot since I didn't fucking want him to be intimate with me. Anyway. Sometimes I feel lonely or my bf pisses me off and I don't want to vent to my family or I just want a female perspective but then when I think about what having a friend entails etc perhaps I am too selfish now or perhaps it's been so long I've had that type of platonic relationship where we mutually respect each other check in on each other ask how we are be open and honest without worrying you'll be abandoned. Idk. I'd love a friend but I'm also self aware enough to know that sometimes I don't want to fucking do anything. I've honestly have been depressed since a child and isolating gets such a bad rap but it's peaceful apart from feeling like everything you experience think and feel is so inconsequential to anything you might as well feel nothing cause no one cares. Even my bf gets annoyed at me when I think I'm being funny with some of my vents or observations and he thinks I'm nagging him and the thing I'm complaining about I wish for him to fix and take on the burden but I'm just narrating my life. Idk if this resonates with anyone or if it is in fact depression and of course I have no social energy when all my energy is consumed with simply not rolling over and laying dead.

No. 2001817

Same, nona. I worked in the video game industry for awhile, there was one cool girl I worked with and she left not long after I started. So then I was mostly just surrounded by brogrammers, autistic men and troons, I feel like I missed out on making "work buddies" with other women.

No. 2001819


No. 2001877

In general, yes. Regular people who are around your age will not feel as entitled to your attention, nor will they have ridiculous expectations. Nor will they have a long history of your conflicts built up to the point of constant stress. When I left my shitty family, roommates were a breath of fresh air. If you're thinking of getting your own place with roommates in an effort to leave your dysfunctional family, I would recommend taking that leap, even if it makes you ridiculously financially unstable. It was the best decision I made when I was really young.

(The only thing that could go wrong is if you end up with a bpd-chan roomie … I would take my shitty family any day over a bpd-chan roomie. Sometimes, you just get dealt a crazy hand.)

No. 2001908

Nta but this has been a problem since before dumbass shit got sage. Imo the thread used to have a lot of discussions mixed with silly, low effort shitposts, but recently it was like anons were using it as the absolute shit post thread. Just filled with low effort posts and anything else got ignored. Possibly newfags who don't really get that it's not actually a shit post thread? Idk. Not to mention the infights that spanned across multiple threads like a month before it got banned because of spergs.

I've been posting against the autosage cause the reasons the admin gave were awful and nonsensical, but tbh when I remember how much it sucked before it was autosaged idk if its even worth it for it to be back. I will keep asking them to prune /ot/ of the actual bad threads though.

No. 2001926

Today I have been like physically unable to peel myself out of bed. I feel so awful. I have been so horrifically depressed. My body dysmorphia has been making it hard to shower or even look in the mirror. I have been trying to battle it but today. Can’t. This is not what the kids called based, red pilled or epic. Ugh.
>>2001908 this is a better convo for meta but I think even if we don’t bring back dumb ass shit a general discussion/conversation thread. I had some good back and forth conversations with some anons in dumb ass shit. The shit posting was annoying but there were a few gems here and there. The infighting was awful tho. Autosage exists and I feel like it should be used more but I digress.

No. 2001941

>Mother, in shocked pikachu exasperation asking, after performing the barest of minimums for me in life while placing ridiculous expectations and stress on me while I struggle to navigate independent life with no financial, emotional, or physical help from her or anyone in my shitty family: "What will you do when I am gone?!"

Sell your fucking house. Your car.
Liquidate anything I fucking can to eliminate the debts I had to take on to get me by in life which now cripple me in adulthood (that you blame me for) all because I had only the most meager conditional support from you.
What the fuck do you think, bitch?
Who are you to larp as a concerned parent now? You were fine with bullshit like, for instance, forcing me to sign away my only inheritance to go to you from my last living grandparent when he passed. Or constantly threatening to kick me out or telling me to go shack up with men whenever I would dare inconvenience you by not abiding your every mental illness request.
I'll always 'joke' with people that for my first house, lost to my scrotoid ex who sued me for the sale of it, I actually bid against my own fucking dad for it–he lost cause he is a loser too. My family has never done shit for me besides be my main antagonists.
I love hearing my mom fear terminal illness and how she would go to Hawaii to "Kevorkian" herself, not because I give a shit that her poor choices like chain smoking will rightfully catch up with her, but because that way she isn't burning up any savings or getting her property confiscated by the government to cover the medical care. Her death will be my holiday!
I cannot fucking wait, and I'm so angry that my family is so shitty that I do have ghoulish thoughts like this and absolutely no love for them as they do unto me.

I tried. And I still try. I wear the mask now and play nice to their faces so that way I can vulture their carcasses for all they're worth when they are gone.
I hate them.

No. 2001968

My wonderful friend who I love dearly is having this god awful situationship and I keep trying to tell her this boy is a scrub. Why do pretty girls flock to these scrotes? This guy ticks all the boxes; unemployed, has never asked her out on a date or gotten her anything nice, yet she had him over n they were fucking?! Mind you my friend is a 10/10 beautiful, smart, kind woman. I told her straight up stop doing things for this man who isn’t even committed to you but she fawns over him like a high schooler who just had her first crush. It makes me sick.

No. 2001995

I am at my lowest point. After years of being convinced that the grown man demanding sexual favors from me was okay, it’s only last year I realized how bad I was being brainwashed. I submitted a cyber report, with all of his information on it in 2023. It’s only now, in 2024, that a police officer showed up to my home, interviewed me, and told me there wasn’t anything they could do, since the statute of limitations is up. And even then, it would have been a misdemeanor. I hate the Justice system, and I hate men.

No. 2002020

I'm just tired of being sick almost every day.

No. 2002030

I'm very greatful for my life. I have a wonderful husband, a healthy baby, nice house. I had always kinda been unsatisfied and felt unfinished, I kept waiting for happiness and satisfaction and thinking the next event would bring it, but now I have it all and I don't know what to do with myself. I feel like I'm still waiting for something but I don't know what. I don't know how to relax and enjoy myself. I tried getting a hobby idk, its not that. It's like this internal thought pattern I'm stuck in.

No. 2002050

I started collecting retro video games in the early to mid 2010's and now I just want to sell a lot of it off. Some of the weeb games give me a headache because I just do not like that shit anymore. Luckily my collection is easily worth double what I paid for it (I guess I chose a good thing to consoom kek). But the thought of starting an ebay store and shipping things off is intimidating, but i just want less stuff.

No. 2002067

Today I went to an international food store with headphones in my ears, but not on. Every time I go solo I am harassed. It does not matter what I wear or how I interact.
I quickly collect my items and head to
The check out and this man steps up next to me and starts unloading his groceries in my pile saying that I am going to pay for them.
I do NOT know this man.
I say “Excuse me, what the fuck? Im not buyng your groceries, I do not know you. No, back off.” I say this again and louder. The owner steps in and tells him to walk away and this psycho starts yelling that Im racist. The owner walks me to the car and this man followed me out talking violently. I took a photo of him and said if he ever approaches me again, I am filing for harassment.
Men are fucking retarded I swear.

No. 2002075

I feel bad about every millisecond of life I consume and it'd be cool if I could just become mentally well and proceed without feeling insane guilt over nothingburgers, but that's not happening so I'll just have to embrace an evil mindset and become an evil woman.

No. 2002083

I did the same thing as you! eBay is super easy to use and honestly I made a lot of money off of my video games, enough that I still go to garage sales and thrift stores in my spare time sometimes to see if I can pick up any retro games to profit with. A lot of the time the people buying my old games were other video game stores across the country, sometimes they were parents looking for gifts for their kids, other times it was just dedicated gamers. Either way, I never had a bad experience on eBay and I recommend you try it out! It's annoying at first but after you make a few sales they remove all the red newbie tape. Just be sure to price your stuff higher than average but accept offers that deviate from that price by 10% for games that aren't as sought after; for games that are sought after, start a 10 day bid at a good price (average for market) and if it doesn't sell after 20 days put it up for general sale. It's way easier than you think. I sent all my games by letterpost as well so the shipping is super easy!

No. 2002092

It's worth it anon. I've sold a lot of me collectors stuff really easily and tbh i still have a couple of nintendo ds games i need to get rid of. I'd also use mercari too since the fees on ebay are honestly kind of crazy nowadays, but it's just good to get rid of stuff no matter what, especially if you know it's going to somebody who will value it.

No. 2002096

File: 1715658063620.png (1.88 MB, 1080x1050, IMG_5214.png)

My life is changing and I’m happy and excited but I also feel scared and alone even though I’m not. I don’t know if I’m making the right choices and I don’t want to disappoint the people I love. It’s overwhelming and I just want to run away but I know that won’t solve any of my current problems.

No. 2002115

Good luck nonna, do your best, I'm cheering on you!

No. 2002174

av-kun did turn out to be an actual confirmed moid though…

No. 2002176

File: 1715667364576.jpg (55.42 KB, 728x517, media_GM6_zjfbQAAy5vB.jpg)

I hate my mother. She does everything she hates other people doing to her, e.g. cut her off mid sentence, to me. Can't point it out because she'll pretend she doesn't. She also has a terrible temper. Literally screams first and might apologize later although she barely does that to me. I just walk away for the most part anymore because I figure what's the point. She'll never change because she celebrates her shitty behavior, she calls it standing her ground.

No. 2002184

File: 1715668428031.jpeg (636.47 KB, 828x1423, IMG_2524.jpeg)

well, lc was name dropped on xitter a bunch of times under this tweet. at least if the twitterfags think we’re fascists or some retarded shit like that they’ll stay away, I hope?

No. 2002185

File: 1715668464333.jpeg (262.25 KB, 828x843, IMG_2525.jpeg)

I hope kiwiscrotes die

No. 2002188

I don’t really have anyone else to share the news with, but I wanted to tell someone. My boyfriend finally proposed today. I was sick and looked super gross when he did it, but I’m still happy(not a vent but congrats)

No. 2002189

I think I have a good shot in the top three spots of the competition but I need to brace myself if I don't. I hate competing so much. I feel confident during the competition but the waiting for results part absolutely kills me. It makes me want to stop competing when I think about the possibility of failing.

No. 2002192

Congratulations Nona!!!

No. 2002193

I don’t know whats happening to me. Every time I look at my hands I feel so frustrated by their size. Why are they so small? Yes its silly to complain about but they seem half their usual size I want them to go back to normal

No. 2002198

not related but holy shit that pic makes me uncomfortable

No. 2002199

File: 1715670600967.png (506.35 KB, 626x716, challengers.PNG)

It's Challengers , maybe I was too harsh when I said it's braindead but it was completely lost on me and I didn't find it as thought-provoking as it probably wanted to be. He thought the characters were well developed and he liked the conflicts between them. We've talked since then and I feel like I took his opinion too personal, guess I just wanted someone to hate on the movie with kek
Slightly tangential but we've been talking about watching Poor Things together (he doesn't know anything about the plot). I got spoilt about some stuff and as someone who struggled with csa I decided against it and I told him he's allowed to watch it but I don't want to talk about his thoughts on it, I'm sure I'd really lose my shit if he liked that movie and defended it

No. 2002200

That woman is literally walking around with her ass cheeks to the world, of course it's uncomfortable.

No. 2002201

>man i'm friends with troons out
>immediately starts posting about how sad they are
Why. This isn't even the first time

No. 2002202

My father keeps saying he's going to spend "my inheritance" and that there will be nothing left for me.
I keep telling him that's fine, it's his money, I'm not expecting anything from my parents once they die.
I've never borrowed money, never asked for anything, never been without my own income after 18, while living at home I paid my parents rent and paid for my own food/utilities.
I don't know why he is under the impression that I care what he does with his money?

Why does he keep saying this? Is he wanting some sort of reaction from me? I don't get it. I'm not even 30 yet so it's not as if he's on deaths door.
Is this some weird boomer flex?
What is he wanting from this interaction? I see him a few times a year and each time the same conversation about him spending "my inheritance" has happened?

No. 2002205

cutting off my ex was like the best fucking decision of my life
i've seriously rarely made such a wise decision
how did i deal with his bullshit for so long that is a mystery

No. 2002206

File: 1715671212406.jpg (6.55 KB, 256x256, 84d0215cd93345f4c8db43139ec361…)

Feeling very doomerpilled. I'm 22. I have a job that pays alright, more than a lot of my friends get and basically the average for my country. I live at home. I don't spend much on going out, I don't smoke, I basically save 90% of my paycheck each month. All of these things considered I won't be able to buy a proper apartment for myself for at least another 8 years if I even manage to secure a loan, and even if I manage a space of my own, I would not be able to buy an apartment in my own city, which I love to death, for at least 15, not a decent one. I can practically consider myself lucky if I secure myself an apartment above 35sq meters that I'll be paying off for another 30 years. Anons I don't want to be 35 living in my childhood weeb room I might just seppuku.

No. 2002208

File: 1715671337733.jpg (75.89 KB, 698x500, fb5a0a372107e0dc8e8f943dea1d71…)

it's time

No. 2002226

the news stories that fuck with you thread has me wanting to write abusive degrading terrible things to incarcerated men, the rapists and pedos. they do not get to get fed and watered in a cage by the state and not be psychologically terrorized, they genuinely deserve it.
hope this doesn't count as alogging I'm genuinely so shook and nauseous and full of seething rage

No. 2002229

If it might makes you feel any better that's our entire generation, we're all suffering this shit and I feel either the governments will actually get their shit together or some radical party actually offers solutions in times of collapse.

No. 2002235

Congrats! Wishing you many years of happiness

No. 2002266

>study from home
>life is bearable, genuinely happy sometimes
>internship on site
>literally crying underneath my facemask on the subway to work stuck between two smelly armpits

I used to think the improvement of my mental health when I switched from highschool to college came from learning more interesting things, but the truth is I just fucking hate the wagie life
I don't care that much that I have to work just spare me the transportation/wasted hours on site

No. 2002283

File: 1715681689050.jpg (65.99 KB, 602x561, kGe6mv9.jpg)

I hate books that use random words from languages the main characters don't speak in the book. What the fuck is lulu lala bitch I just know there's an equivalent in the English language for family members. No one uses their mother's language only for family members I in fact call my grandparents grandma and grandpa in English even though I don't speak English in my daily life. If someone irl told me "I was talking to omma yesterday" I'd stare blankly. We get that they're not like any other Americans, they're Americans with ~culture~ and we do not give a fuck. You can make it sound normal when it comes to traditions and holidays why you gotta make it so unrealistic and overused when it comes to random family member words

No. 2002286

I think I felt my soul leave my body from cringe looking at that pic

No. 2002287

Lol nonnie I always thought it was weird too.

No. 2002288

>No one uses their mother's language only for family members
Some do. It's a but weird irl.

No. 2002289

I hate when someone asks you for something they're not entitled to, and you'd be a bitch for saying no but at the same time they don't deserve it
I spent literal afternoons taking notes for this and that lesson why that lazy bitch was going out living her best life, having more free time than me, and now I'm supposed to give her my notes, because if I said no I'd be a bitch
Like fuck you for even asking

No. 2002291

from now on I'm going to pretend not to have any notes and deny having any study material because cunts WILL ask and WILL resent you if you say no
Lesson learned

No. 2002323

you sound somewhat sane nonna, I really with I had a friend like you.
In my 30s too and only got one close female friend and I cherish her a lot because we've been through some tough times together.
I don't tolerate the gendie propaganda either and have had a huge fight with a group of casual friends who don't find anything wrong with trans"""women""", I was so disappointed in them lol.

No. 2002329

>I hate books that use random words from languages the main characters don't speak in the book
It's even worse when authors force characters to randomly say shit in their first language because they're too lazy to put any effort into researching real common grammatical errors people from that country would make. Like an Italian character randomly going "Ah, mamma mia, si, va bene, we can do that, mi amico". No actual ESLfag who has a decent grasp on English bursts out in a language nobody else in the room speaks unless it's reflexive exclamations like "excuse me" after bumping into someone or something. Some cultures like the Irish use Hiberno-English, but I doubt even they use that manner of speaking around foreigners who don't understand what the fuck they are saying.

No. 2002380

I just randomly thought of this girl from a reality show and looked her up on social and it made me so sad to see she's botched her face since being on tv. She was not conventionally beatiful, had kind of prominent nose, but I thought she was so naturally stunning. Now she looks like an AI unrecognizable insta baddie. It is just so sad to me. She took all the character and uniqueness away from her looks. I used to think I wanted a nose job but when I see the afters it makes me realize there is no point.

No. 2002393

time to grow out of wattpad

No. 2002395

File: 1715694207592.jpeg (55.57 KB, 1124x379, IMG_0558.jpeg)

>celebrating being legally chained to a scrote

No. 2002403

Congrats but did you post on the vent thread on accident?

No. 2002404

File: 1715694864486.jpg (356.05 KB, 1080x2340, 1000008154.jpg)

Occasionally there's a style of clothes that comes into trend that like… irritates my autism. Makes me viscerally disgusted, I don't know why. Right now it's crop tops that are tight and button down the center, triple points if they're not wearing a bra. I think it's cause I imagine it on myself and the fabric would cling and rub my fucking nipples and AUGH I can't even stand looking at it. I can't wait til it cycles out last one was those tops that have like the cross lace v necks I'm so fucking glad they're gone

No. 2002407

It looks unfinished

No. 2002408

File: 1715695296145.png (79.57 KB, 688x1434, jfrqx.png)

No. 2002413

Not this retarded argument. The nigels I’ve seen that have been posted by anons themselves are nothing to envy over, I assure you anon. Tradfags trying to defend being legally entwined with a man, that is a disaster waiting to happen with the kind of scrotes these anons choose. Not being cock obsessed takes a certain type of mental acuity that not every woman has, so I get absolutely understand don’t worry

No. 2002415

Don’t be a cunt.

Congrats nonnie!

No. 2002420

File: 1715696281003.gif (3.63 MB, 540x400, IMG_3727.gif)

No. 2002423


No. 2002424

Marriage isn't for everybody but a lot of people do it and are happy. I wouldn't insult anyone for picking either side. Men are generally shit but there's a few good ones out there. I'm the furthest thing from a tradwife and I still want to get married someday.
Just take the stick out of your ass and be happy that nona's happy.

No. 2002425

>The nigels I’ve seen that have been posted by anons themselves are nothing to envy over
I have no dog in this fight but it's true. I always remind myself of this when an anon posts here complaining about how shitty her nigel is but then starts defending him when other anons tell her to dump him. There's no helping people retarded enough to cape for their ugly scrote because he's nice to them once a fortnight kek

haven't you already been redtexted for using these stupid gifs? quit it already

No. 2002438

>there’s a few good ones
it’s so over for womankind, huffing that semen crust flakes off a dick copium
the fact that she was smelly and unwashed when he proposed gives me junkie vibes. she and her ugly ass scrote probably aren’t junkies and are likely normal but it just feels so off

No. 2002447

I'm honestly wondering how you function in day to day life with this much cynicism and spite. Like take a Valium or something nona.

Inb4 red text for infighting. Mods put something funny on mine please.

No. 2002456

File: 1715698526709.gif (417.76 KB, 220x295, IMG_0569.gif)

>”ughhh why can’t you just shut up and take a dicking already like all women should!!!”

You’re gross. I can just tell what underlying thoughts you have through my web schizo lenses. All form of sex with men, consensual and nonconsensual, is rape. PIV is rape. No amount of cope and cognitive dissonance can make this cruel reality disappear. An entire woman’s life is like taking Valium, just ignore it until you pump babies out, take birth control to get blood clots, work and die. Choose your favorite water and chemicals to slather over your face so you will eventually get married to one of anon’s scrotes who puppets his own dick with a voice. It’s absolutely over.(bait, infighting)

No. 2002458

Don't use 'cunt', that word is misogynistic.

No. 2002460

File: 1715698778078.jpg (72.2 KB, 768x960, Dzyrj14UcAU2mhi.jpg)

We don't live together, so there aren't many opportunities to cook together, and me preparing him food for him to take for days ahead is something I'd want to avoid at all cost, as I do not wish to become his mother. He does eat out a lot, which is in direct relation of him having zero control over portion sizes. He can cook, he just doesn't most of the time.

I guess bullying is the way, although I'd say I've already made countless comments and jiggle his belly, and question why he's eating again after a full dinner and make direct comparisons between what I ate and what he ate on the days we spend together. He himself, to his own horror, told me that when he visited his family this weekend he probably ate like 4-6k calories in a day, so it's not like he's completely unaware of CICO or calories in general, but he thinks he can just "work out more" and will start losing in no time after this few months period of stressful life stuff is over. I've sent him a video of a guy basically spending most of a day's time to burn 6-7k calories to show how absurd it is he thinks doing some pushups etc. before bed and maybe 1-2 hours of cardio a week is going to do anything but barely slow down the rate he's gaining. If I don't see any genuine effort after his stress with buying a home and dealing with that clears up, I'll surely make an ultimatum because I don't think my attraction will hold up once the new relationship energy completely runs out.

No. 2002464

My mother (as much as I hate her) is decently pretty. Why did she reproduce with an ugly moid and make me, a hideous daughter.

No. 2002465

Literally same situation

No. 2002466

And I thought I was blackpilled

No. 2002469

You had me going there for a while but now I'm 90% sure this is trolling. If it's the other 10% you have a very sad life where you can't empathise with someone being happy and that makes you happy. Get checked for APD and I hope you can work yourself out of it. It's never too late to get a redemption arc.
She might be from the UK or Australia where it's not a gendered slur. Even then she was being a cunt, fuck her.

No. 2002476

I used to have empathy for women being mistreated by men, but seeing how defensive and indignant they act towards any woman trying to help them is disgusting. Seeing how they dump their female friends for a terrible moid who mistreats them is disgusting. A lot of them also engage in BDSM and genuinely believe it's a man's right treat his girlfriend like a sex slave and screech if you "kinkshame" men for being into this garbage. They defend porn and sex work instead of lamenting for the women harmed by it. The depressing reality is knowing that women aren't just innocent victims, they also perpetuate misogyny against other women and enable disgusting violent misogynistic men by dating them and having their children. I hate everyone.

No. 2002477

Not sure what auditory processing disorder has to do with this

No. 2002479

Yeah I probably should've spelled it out - Antisocial personality disorder

No. 2002482

>get checked for mental illnesses if you don’t want to fuck or marry scrotes

Pick me.(infighting)

No. 2002483

File: 1715699782625.jpeg (52.63 KB, 640x637, IMG_7327.jpeg)

>Mixed race ex tells me I’m not his normal type white as hell
>Dumps me because he says I’m amazing and it scares him
>Doesn’t date for awhile
>Gets with another white girl who shares a lot of the same traits with me dollar store edition
What is wrong with moids. I wouldn’t think much of it but when he’s saying he likes black girls, leaves you because he doesn’t feel good enough, then moves on with the next white girl with bangs it really makes you wonder. Same hair color, similar split dye, she definitely recently cut her bangs probably once they started dating, similar style to me, similar body type, both have glasses, for fucks sake we even have similar names. I feel like he’s trying to skinwalk our relationship because he knows he fucked up. I look like the polar opposite of his ex and this girl and I have way too many similarities

No. 2002485

sometimes it works, a nonna from this thread called me a retard so bad that it made me reconsider my life choices and actually leave the rapist moid i had.

No. 2002489

He sounds like a retarded little boy, don't fixate on it, the human brain tends to hyperfocus on "rejections" even when they're absolute wins/bullets dodged.

No. 2002490

>split dye
Egirl hair?

No. 2002493

You're better off without a loser like him nonnie.

No. 2002495

>Dumps me because he says I’m amazing
Probably went into this fully knowing he had a planned expiration date on seeing you. Likely to do it with the next one too. That's what breaking up because you're just too amazing usually means. I wouldn't get too deep into analyzing his types or believing his version of why shit happened the way it did. If it makes no sense.. man's out bullshitting women.

No. 2002498

File: 1715700943706.jpg (536.12 KB, 1210x680, snail-shell.jpg)

Anons with hypothyroidism, does it get better? I feel like picrel, so sluggish, slow and retarded. I'm always so cold, tired, dizzy and extremely depressed, the mental brainfog won't let me get shit done I get exhausted so easily I feel like a grandma. I'm getting my meds tomorrow, it's been so long since I felt normal, I'm sick of being sick

No. 2002500

meds will fix it don't worry nonna

No. 2002502

Normally I’d agree but I’ve known him for awhile and after dating him it’s very obvious he has rock bottom self esteem. He’ll bend over backwards for people he doesn’t like and gets uncomfortable when anyone does anything nice for him. He really does hate himself. Also probably why this girl is fuck ugly

No. 2002506

The girl did nothing to you. Why do you have to shit on her instead of your defective moid?

No. 2002507

mods need to start banning the nonas who nigel outside of the nigeling threads
I don't even have anything against nigeling but if it's causing a huge infight every time and it's seriously getting boring

No. 2002508

I know he’s a fucking loser. He would get all pissy about people he disliked being ugly and is now dating someone I think he would’ve called ugly before.

No. 2002509

Yep, I wish people understood that you can't fight other people's battles and demons. If they get pissy and defend their abusive moids then it's time to let it be, if they like it I love it. Help them when they do feel ready to get out

No. 2002512

As an ex-cat owner I can understand the feeling of loving your cat and wanting to share some of that with your friends, I really do.
But holy shit some people really take it too far. Please stop sending me pictures of your cat everyday and then getting pissy if I dare not to respond sometimes. Your cat is cute but I do not need to have daily photoshoots and 24/7 status updates on him, holy shit please grow a personality

No. 2002514

Let her be cranky she's clearly pissed about the whole ordeal

No. 2002517

File: 1715701937217.gif (4.72 MB, 640x640, IMG_0570.gif)

Because he doesn’t like you. Literally just move the fuck on already, you look pathetic trying to pine for a moid’s attention who already replaced you with the same basic bitch. You’re not as unique as you thought you were if he was able to find someone who looks and acts exactly like you, so please evaluate your false sense of superiority and overconfidence. I love reading these kinds of posts, could never find me pining hard for penis this bad

No. 2002518

If you call her ugly a few more times will it actually fix whatever is really bothering you. It's not her fault he gave you some flakey break up excuse. He's absolutely full of shit and you still sound like you ate some of it up.

No. 2002530

File: 1715703087461.jpg (46.14 KB, 567x688, 006a11558365602324982a9bea5a42…)

>receding hairline at 22
>Deep ass voice
>Very hoarse, dark body hair everywhere
>Extremely oily skin, you could fry an egg on it
Just got told I've hyperandrogenism, it's so fucking over. Whatever went wrong is making me look like a fucking tranny and I CANNOT cope

No. 2002536

File: 1715703305553.png (35.44 KB, 1430x121, Captura de tela 2024-05-14 131…)

Why are moids like this?

No. 2002537

I want to know why too. Why be angry at some people having more melanin in a post-apocalyptic setting?

No. 2002538

You mean coarse not hoarse. Hope you’re able to fix your hormonal imbalance sorry about that.

No. 2002542

Did he ever actually play any of the games? Black people have always been present in Fallout.

No. 2002543

What makes this funnier is that the kiwifag who probably posted that is probably non-white. Self-hating moids are so entertaining

No. 2002545

So she looks just like you but she’s fuck ugly? Kek, self-own.

No. 2002551

Black people? In the US? I'm shocked I tells ye. Once I'm done clutching my pearls I'm reporting this

No. 2002557

KF doesn't punish racism unfortunately, bc it's moid country.

No. 2002558

Just locked myself out of my apartment. FML

No. 2002560


No. 2002563

>So she looks just like you but she’s fuck ugly? Kek, self-own.

I’m dying at this anon, the lack of self-awareness is astounding. Reminds me of that discord anon mentioning that they’re oppressed~ POC and it was revealed they were white as snow KEK

No. 2002573

I tried to try a new nail length and shape. I fucking hate it. I want to rip these things off my my hands but I'm trying to strengthen my natural nails so I have to keep them on.

No. 2002575

My phone just randomly shut off and now it won't turn on. Fucking kill me.

No. 2002579

File: 1715705369705.png (320.27 KB, 1080x905, Screenshot_20240514-124624.png)

For years, decades even, sci-fi was suck if you were a woman reading it. Yeah, there were the greats, the female authors who wove amazing tales while not succumbing to self hatred or sexism, but they were rare and far between. Everything else was written by men, centered on men, and was saturated by casual misogyny.
But then starting in the mid 2000s there was a golden age. Where thousands of female authors started writing and the sheer volume of available works meant that you could find hundreds of stories to your taste or liking, in the exact world building settings you preferred.
But now, the sun is setting. Stories are containing less and less women, and more and more non-binary they/thems. Stories are no longer about girls bucking traditions in order to dominate in a men's world, they're now about girls bucking traditions because they were secretly men all along. Like this screenshot. This is a story about a dystopia robot spy network, and the other spy robots stop to ask the spy robot its pronouns? It's a robot!
It's such a shame, it was amazing while it lasted.

No. 2002585

Why the fuck does no one talk about all the loose disgusting skin that’s left after you lose weight? I feel great with clothes on and then absolutely disgusted with myself when I look at my body while changing or showering. I hate that you cant do anything about this besides an expensive procedure. Fuck.

No. 2002596

Oh god it will never not be funny to read some character from a fantasy setting talking about its pronouns like a terminally online soy redditor retard, even the slash..

No. 2002601

File: 1715706581300.png (51.29 KB, 443x621, abrathatfits.png)


No. 2002602

Gender ideology IS misogyny, always has been. That's why it was adopted by the mainstream so quickly. We were groomed for generations to hate ourselves and idolize men. Feminism is hard and painful because it breaks our conditioning. Gender ideology came in as a cooler, more liberal feminism, but it actually gave women a way to hate ourselves and feel good about it.
I"m very pessimistic about our prospects for the future. Worst case scenario women are kicked out of the concept of womanhood and it becomes exclusive to males, and we become idk, something else. Uterus havers. Breeders. Whatever it is they wanna call us. And we'll be clapping and thanking trans women for dignifying us with the soles of their boots.

No. 2002603

File: 1715706755116.jpg (68.94 KB, 750x639, t08e4lZ.jpg)

No. 2002606

I dont really get how that would change the results anyway

No. 2002608

Male's bust measurements are 90% gigantic ribcage and zero mammary tissue.

No. 2002610

File: 1715707526264.jpeg (174.79 KB, 941x900, IMG_7556.jpeg)

most of the time i live in dissociation or something, but sometimes i wake up for a while and i'm like wow everything is fucked. my whole life and everyone else's has been fucked because people are so stupid, including myself, even with endless resources at their hands everyone is just too tired, helpless, nutritionally weak, tricked by others to care about the things that really matter. sometimes i think about the world and look around and i see a nightmare all around that we've built and i feel so alone because it's like nobody else can see and feel it. it's like i can smell the rot in the air and feel it on my skin, taste it in the food and can never get away. i wish i wasn't in so much pain over this, something i can't even describe without sounding crazy and retarded. i think i'm just too sensitive

No. 2002616

File: 1715707798169.jpg (91.07 KB, 736x981, 4ab7d7d0b2b78fc62b25329333fb40…)

Not a suicide post, but I'm genuinely tired of living sometimes. Every day we wake up, have to eat, and then fall asleep. Days pass like water dripping into a lake. I'm tired of not having much to look forward in life. I feel like I will never find the love that I'm looking for, have my dream career, or look the way I want to. I know this one girl who is perfectly pleasant, but she has everything that I want and got it because her parents are rich. She's under 30, owns a house, has a career in my hobby, is married, and is now expecting twins. I'm not angry at her life or wish her ill, I just don't see myself getting those things that I desperately wish for. I feel like a broken thing, born imperfect to actually get normie goals. It's not that I want to die, moreso I wish I was some sort of omniscient being that could observe people's lives instead of living my own, but not be "alive" myself. Or be able to go into a pod for like 10 years without aging to get a mental break from living.

That being said, I'm not complaining and doing anything about it, I am actively working towards my goals. I finished my degree last week, my self-esteem is much better than when I was younger, and I'm hopeful for jobs even though the search sucks. I just wanted to sigh and vent here a little bit. You know those days when you wake up and sigh because you didn't really wanna start another day? Shoutout and hugs to other nonnies going through it.

No. 2002617

It's always been like this, I think. The type of suffering changed, and now we have way more time to suffer (imagine living until you're 90 and your body is failing and begging to die and you have to keep it running by increasingly more complex methods bc dying is a no-no). Well tbh the old way of suffering still exists, but it's relegated to the third world and people in abject poverty.
Anyway, the solution is to become selfishly dedicated to pleasure and distraction.

No. 2002625

File: 1715708709999.jpg (60.96 KB, 500x491, hghhg.jpg)

Sounds like the start of a cheesy romcom. You will encounter your soulmate during some shitty accident (you slip on the side walk, the car brokes down, ect etc). Same shit as the hallmark christmas movies but without christmas. Good luck nona! Destiny is calling!

No. 2002630

Ntayrt , I got the ban for avatrfagging with Lucille, so no. Not her. Kek

No. 2002648

The word mantrum isn't used enough and it's perfect for the way scrotes act

No. 2002656

My brothers girlfriend had a seizure last night in my laundry room. She wouldn't go to the hospital after which pretty much confirms to me that they're still doing coke and that's what caused it. It was scary, her lips were purple. I just dont understand why they won't get help and take it seriously. It's so frustrating to watch them both throw their lives away and not care.

No. 2002676

File: 1715712617084.gif (1.63 MB, 776x776, GNDfAh3a8AAEN-a.gif)

Man, I want to cry. I fell into a deep depression years ago, which made me distance myself from all my friends, so I have none at the moment. Not even online ones. I've also quit university and have been unemployed ever since. But now, I'm finally tackling my issues after getting properly medicated for my mental illnesses - I am applying for jobs, trying out new hobbies, working out, and am becoming more social again.
These past months have been great thanks to all my effort, but whenever I tell my mom about the positive things I've been accomplishing, she subtly shits on them.
For example, I just texted her I have two job interviews this week, which means a lot to me. All she said in reply was, "Ok. The field fits what you studied really well."
I dropped out of a STEM degree and what I've got lined up are shitty jobs because that's all I can mentally handle for the time being. Would it kill her to praise me for once and tell me she's proud of me? I'm already upset enough with myself for wasting all my potential and this many years of my life on nothing, all because my brain is broken. Like, my bad for not landing a prestigious job in my mid-twenties like she did, but I'm unfortunately incapable of pulling a doctorate out of my ass, so what am I supposed to do? Would she prefer if I sat at home and kept being depressed? Sign up for uni and become even more of a failure by dropping out for the third time? I don't understand what she wants or expects from me.
She acts like I'm crazy for agreeing to go to those job interviews, and like I'm a weirdo for volunteering at an animal shelter. When I tell her about the creative projects I'm spending my time on, she talks to me like I'm a little child showing off some macaroni art. She's so, so, so overprotective of me, even now that I'm pushing thirty. Going hiking on trails with plenty of other people in the area has her worrying like I'm at risk of getting ambushed by a rapist kidnapper the instant I set foot in the nature reserve. I lost 15kg, and whenever I mention working out, she treats me like I'm an anachan despite my healthy BMI.
The worst part of it all is that she doesn't seem to do any of this to be malicious or sabotage me. I've mentioned how she reacts like she's disappointed or upset with everything I choose to do, which genuinely surprised her. She really doesn't notice the way she treats me is unhealthy.
It has given me weird complexes and anxiety disorders that have always made me feel like I'm too retarded and frail to work. I've been mooching off the government since my mental health began spiraling, and whenever I struggled with money, my parents let me live with them for free and gave me monthly allowances. I know I'm super spoiled and this sounds like an absolute dream, but the fact I've had them as my eternal safety net and that my mom insists on doing everything for me has prevented me from ever actually becoming a functional adult. I have no idea how to handle any beaurocracy stuff, I don't have a driver's license, I lack any income or savings, I'm incapable of basic grown up tasks like remembering to pay my bills on time. I have NOTHING to show for my almost three decades of being alive. The last time I achieved anything worthwhile was getting my country's equivalent of an associate's degree close to ten years ago. I'm the biggest womanchild in the entire world.
If I wasn't fixing my life and my parents spontaneously died in a few years, I would be fucked. They're the only people I interact with on a regular basis since me and my ex broke up, and who the hell would want to be friends with, date, or hire a dropout loner with close to no work experience in her 30s?
Because of all this, I can't help but feel bitter due to how my parents raised me, which in turn makes me feel like such an ungrateful piece of shit. Other people go through actual abuse, while I'm here whining about being a middle class NEET whose parents coddled her too much.

No. 2002697

File: 1715714343817.jpg (473.56 KB, 1200x1440, vilhelm-hammershoi-interno-str…)

I feel like my personality consists exclusively of negative thinking, worry, anxiety and catastrophizing

No. 2002699

I relate to this, I often envy people who have the house and the dog and the kid and the car and everything even though I don't want these for myself. I just want the thing that drove them to have these things, if that makes sense?

No. 2002702

Cut your mom's negativity out of your life

No. 2002703

Some people will have sex, not shower afterwards, and hit the streets reeking of badussy. Shame on you.

No. 2002707

I don't know what to tell you, dear nonna except that I'm literally i the same situation. Having daily crying fits over not having an education despite having all the opportunities in the world and juat wasting them. Shame and guilt and regret up the wazoo, but no place to vent/talk about it in fear of being hardcore judged because of my solid middle class upbringing, no trauma, financial support from parents etc. Sending you a big virtual hug and hoping you'll feel less alone.

No. 2002716

I'm so fucking angry at my sister. She decided to take up gardening like a week ago and planted a bunch of shit in pots and covered it in slug pellets. She had a cover for the plants but didn't bother to put it up. Today while she was at work I caught one of my cats looking like he was eating the pellets out of the pots. I freak the fuck out, call a vet but decide that he probably wasn't really eating them and just leave it, and take him to my room and keep an eye on him.
When she comes back I tell her about it. She was like 'yeah he likes eating the pellets I had to keep shooing him away' and laughed about it like it was funny. She said it wasn't a problem because the pellets were the ferric phosphate pet friendly ones.
What the fuck?
Not only did she see this happen she didn't put the cat back inside, cover the plant pots with the cover she had, tell me about it, or anything, while my cat was left with free access to the literal poison he was going out of his way to eat. Yes they're supposed to be pet safe but that doesn't mean you can just let your pets eat them with no issues, what the fuck.
He seems fine for now, but I've had mixed information about how toxic they are and how long it might take take for effects to show. If I had known what she told me I would have taken him to the vet immediately. At this point it's probably too late to get him to throw them up. I assume he'll be ok since it's been something like 10 hours and he's totally normal, but I'm so upset that she would let something like this happen.

No. 2002720

I’m 29 but I spent most of my teen years and 20’s at home, in my room. I only recently started going outside more especially after getting a car, but I regret that I wasted so much of my life away.

No. 2002721

She truly thinks I’d be fuming about her not answering my messages, actually I even forgot she had to answer me until now. Pathetic.

No. 2002748

I'm having trouble figuring out what's real and what's fiction, but my therapist doesn't take me seriously, even when I thought she would, as a woman. I keep thinking that if I don't do a certain thing, someone might die, even if it's unrelated and nonsensical. She laughed at me and told me to rationalize it but no matter how I look at it, how retarded it seems, fake or not, it makes me so afraid.
These thoughts have been plaguing me since I was 11 and they've caused me to drop out completely, I have no friends on the web or in real life, because I am so scared of losing somebody to this compulsions, so scared to talk to anybody or gaining something to care for. My mother is so sweet, but she's falling for "Spiritual manifestation" slop on Facebook and telling me that if I keep thinking about this, I will attract it, and it's driving me insane.

No. 2002759

File: 1715717658777.png (1.35 MB, 1088x1028, GNXYfx8bcAAR4D22.png)

I completely get what you mean with the no place to vent about it thing. Helicopter parents basically love you too much, so it feels tone deaf to say it fucked us up too much to study and work when there are people out there who got physically and mentally abused but can still get a degree and hold down a job. It's heartbreaking to think about how simple life was supposed to be. Study, get a degree, find a job in the field. Should have been easy, and yet for some undefinable reason it turned out to be impossible.
Thank you sweet nonnie, I hope things look up for you soon. The best advice I can give you if you aren't currently working due to anxiety is to go volunteering, the low stakes environment helped me a lot with gaining enough confidence to trust myself with talking to people and completing basic tasks. It helps that many volunteers are really sweet middle aged to older ladies. We got this, we're still young.

Are you diagnosed with OCD? Look up magical thinking if you aren't. I'm sorry your therapist sucks nona.

No. 2002790

You sound bitter, your sister is right. Cats are not retarded dogs and that shit is not toxic. Cry more. And yes, I have multiple cats and I fdo gardening. Even the vet kek'd about you. Get over yourself

No. 2002830

>Would it kill her to praise me for once and tell me she's proud of me?
Nona, we're proud of you! Some poeple just aren't that expressive, especially through text and especially older people who didn't grow up using chat rooms and emojis all the time.
>She really doesn't notice the way she treats me is unhealthy.
Moms worry, it's what they do. It's hard for them to turn off mom-mode and not see you as the little baby girl you were. It's a bit annoying, but it's honestly easier to accept it and let her have her little baby moments with you - she's the only person on earth who gets to do it after all. Try to meet her half way and say like "thank you for worrying mom, but I can handle this. I would appreciate if you could show some positive support and say that you believe in me too". Ask her if she can teach you practical house stuff too so you can learn to be a functioning adult. I'm sort of in a similar situation to you actually, I'm both grateful my family lets me take things on my own slow time but I'm also wondering how much I'm stunted becuase they insist on doing things for me that they think I can't handle but I wish I could learn how to do on my own. I think it can be hard for people who weren't coddled to understand just how isolated and incapable it can make you despite it looking "easy" from the outside.

No. 2002837

>she's falling for "Spiritual manifestation" slop on Facebook and telling me that if I keep thinking about this, I will attract it
Obviously that is NOT true, however… your brain gets good at what you practice so when you constantly let your thoughts get the best of you like that you do manifest bad things for yourself and train it to keep doing it.
Try looking into it medically. Get hormone levels checked and so on, gut health is linked to anxiety so perhaps a better diet can keep you more in check. It won't remove the thoughts, but if they're easier to handle you can get back to having a more normal life

No. 2002856

That pic feels really relatable

No. 2002881

File: 1715722759248.jpeg (144.58 KB, 941x1277, IMG_5131.jpeg)

I hate how intersectional every one of my hobbies has become with politics. I agree there should be basic awareness on global events, but why do I have to see Palestine updates on my cosplay account? Why should I care about “transphobia” in my Lolita communities, and gender fluidity in fairy kei?
Regardless if you feel like certain fashion/music subcultures are inherently political, it feels like it’s so much more in your face and you can’t escape it.

No. 2002895

Your niche interests attract niche people

No. 2002896

College is a scam, but I will never tell my family that.

No. 2002904

Why is it so hard to talk to some people online? I even try to only talk about them and their hobbies since everyone says people like to talk about themselves and they still don't respond or give me one word answers??? Howwwww.

No. 2002905

I need a bra for my butt, it hurts when running up stairs.

No. 2002907

I get scared, gomen

No. 2002908

Exactly. I like engaging in my hobbies to unwind. Fun shit isn't activism

No. 2002909

This is just the internet in general tbh. It's become almost impossible to compartmentalize different aspects of our lives. It really sucks.

No. 2002911

It's honestly ridiculous at this point, while yes, being into obscure shit or random shit has never been 100% politically free (look at nazi furries, ignorant Hetalia cosplayers and manga, anime and other cartoons having references to past and modern politics) but I think leisure spaces just shouldn't be centered around a constant contest to see who is the most politically conscious person in the room.
Like yeah, there's war going on (there always have been a war going on somewhere but they're not ready to acknowledge that) and schizos are trying to tell us that we shouldn't worry about the pedophiles wearing diapers changing their clothes around little kids.
But do we really need to remember this every second? Even the most retarded and random communities have people talking about shit like why we should accept mediocre moids with feminization fetishes in women's sports and why Muslims/Jews depending on the team you support, should stop existing because your team is better or whatever.
You seriously can't do anything without someone talking about their newfound sexuality (ew) or about how they read the news about this or that person who has an opinion on whatever new concept has been changed to accommodate some retard that hates his/her body, sometimes there's also just obvious shit stirrers trying to find a way to cull anyone who does wrong think, and names new public enemies that only those that check Twitter daily could know about.
It's just ridiculous.

No. 2002917

zoomers are old enough to enlist, this looks like an age-appropriate match to me honestly. Marines aren't called crayon-eaters for nothing, she's probably using the shit out of him lmao.

No. 2002920

My thoughts made a loop and I returned to the point where I believe that it is easier to find myself any semi-decent husband in this country rather than get a job with certain conditions.

No. 2002921

File: 1715725311894.jpeg (39.55 KB, 628x480, IMG_0620.jpeg)

i have three bald spots on the back of my head now from trichotillomania. i’m scared, what if it doesn’t grow back this time? i keep plucking and can’t stop. life is currently too stressful to find better coping mechanisms

No. 2002943

File: 1715726398441.mp4 (198.77 KB, 426x238, minnie.mp4)

I was leaving the shop and there was a gang of young scrotes standing outside. In typical scrote behavior they thought it would be funny to run up and start screaming at me and laughing. Maybe it's for Tiktok or some shit? I don't know. I seriously want to go back and execute every single one of them.

No. 2002962

Nona, I feel you. I don't want to project my own mommy issues on you, but I think a lot of moms like this are actually very codepedent and do not like the idea of you being a real adult. They want you to be a little child they can dote on forever, even if it destroys your happiness and isolates you from everyone. If your mom actually wanted you to be successful and grow, she would nurture your innate desire to become independent rather than smothering you. It's a very suffocating, selfish love that cares very little about what would be good for you. You're on the right path, and I think you'll feel a lot better when you cut the cord. My mom was a proud self-described "lawnmower parent" and would cut me down relentlessly whenever I tried to be my own person. She treated me like I was retarded and then acted like it was unfathomable that I had no self esteem or confidence in my competence because she was so "supportive." You just have to ignore her. Even if it isn't malicious, it sure isn't the selfless love she is presenting it as.

No. 2002967

I got pizzaface acne again and I feel so ugly. I got bullied for it so much and I thought I'd be over it but I'm not, it makes me feel like people are going to walk up to me and call me disgusting to my face again. I feel so shallow for this but I want to cry, I know I'm much more than a pretty face but the fact that it hits me so hard after all these years makes me realize how insecure I actually am.

No. 2002981

File: 1715728407597.jpeg (910.5 KB, 3024x4032, A1C555CB-AFE4-4EB9-9C77-14D0E1…)

I don’t know how to help you anon but I have a similar problem. I pick at the skin on my scalp until it forms scabs and then I keep on picking at it some more. It’s a vicious cycle that has my hair and fingertips reek of blood. Maybe you can try to pick the hairs off of cleaned mango seeds? I know it’s retarded but on the plus side you eat a bunch of yummy mangos

No. 2002985

Can you switch to pulling your body hair?

No. 2002986

I was riding my bike and passed by a toddler and her dad (?) she said hello enthusiastically then asked if i was a boy or a girl. I looked it up on google and the only thing that came up was trannies having the same question asked to them. I know i'm probably overreacting but it put a dent in my mood because i've always been insecure about how i look. Should also clarify i have xx chromosomes and have never presented as anything other than female my entire life. Am i that fucking ugly or are kids just curious?

No. 2002993

It’s just toddlers being toddlers, you never know if that child has a little quirk and asks that to everyone since some kids that age are curious about everything and will ask anything. Plus some kids are weird and dumb, once this 10 year old child kept insisting my twin sister was my brother when we were teens because she had short hair (she very clearly looks like a girl, we were 5’2 and underweight), I kept saying I have no brothers but this kid kept talking about my “brother”, and this kid was not a toddler, so it was very strange. I’d be more concerned if it was an older child but since it was a baby who asked that it’s likely harmless and you look totally fine

No. 2002995

I wouldn't dwell on it. Kids are pretty dumb. Every time my niece see's a horse she says my name. I'm like 90% sure I'm not a horse.

No. 2002998

Kids strongly associate colors and actions with sexes instead of looks. Is your bike non-pink or were you wearing a blue shirt? Because that could be a strong reason why the kid asked.

No. 2003005

My bike is black with pink and purple flower patterns, but i was wearing a tie dye shirt with blue, white and magenta with shorts and gymshoes. That might explain it actually, thanks for helping me rationalize it nonnie kek

No. 2003012

The child's parents might be pro-troontards and told the child that it's rude to assume someone's gender or whatever.

No. 2003015

I have that same issue. I have a bunch of old scars on my legs and thighs, I’m such a hopeless retard. That is good advice though, mangoes are pretty expensive but I can try with something else and I don’t want to become more emotionally dependent on food. I have to learn to distract myself with the stress but it’s getting harder and harder nowadays. Thanks though nonna ♥
Unfortunately no. If I did I wouldn’t be a hairy yeti kek

No. 2003018

I've been feeling so exhausted and weak lately. I feel faint getting up and moving my body and I sleep like 11 hours a day. I had blood work done months ago and they said my iron was slightly low but not low enough to do anything about. So I'm just stuck living with this apparently. I almost passed out fixing my shower curtain and it got so hard to breathe. I wish it was an easy fix.

No. 2003019

Kids are probably one of the most honest people you will ever meet. I think it has more to do with you not fitting in with traditional gender roles than assuming you’re ugly or a troon.

No. 2003035

File: 1715732198355.png (245.54 KB, 622x540, 1711599839181.png)

I never though I had a strong accent but then today I was watching a presentation I did and I sound like such a dumb rural idiot. Why has no one mentioned this to me before? I thought I sounded neutral. Fuck. I'm a living stereotype.
I don't hate where I'm from but fuck I sound dumb af on camera.

No. 2003064

>junkie vibes
I don’t want to continue the infighting but I wanted to clarify we had been hiking all day, and I was sick from altitude sickness. I wasn’t offended by the anti marriage posting or anything but the jump to being a drug addict was odd

I’m really happy still about being proposed to, but we both immediately ended up with food poisoning and I can’t help but be a little sad the memory is being tainted. We had dinner reservations for somewhere really nice, cancelled them last minute because we were so exhausted from hiking, ended up getting Mexican food, and now we’re both stuck in the hotel sick together. Even worse, I was looking at restaurants around where we’re staying and the food all looks So Good which I never usually think about restaurant food.
Everything looks delicious and I can’t have any of it, I’m just here with my sink water green tea.

No. 2003097

File: 1715737721381.jpg (48.5 KB, 640x365, 3x9bso.jpg)

My mom bought some food for my dad and she got his order slightly wrong, next thing you know he's screaming at the top of his lungs over a minor mistake. Hate living with this obese retard, thank god he's probably gonna croak soon kek.

No. 2003108

Fight upthread reminded me of a vent I wanted to make a few weeks ago. Nigelchan made me remember how my friends are kinda condescending towards me for choosing to remain single instead of settling for a shit moid like in my past. Sometimes they have set me up on dates with horrific moids. And so now, I have the audacity to be single and childless in my 30s! Not that I am enamoured to not have hit relationship milestones-as I was lied to and treated maliciously by some exes who set me back on those things-I just don't think marriage and children are what they're cracked up to be if you're trying to do it with a shitty scrote. Which is the majority of them, and they're good Nigels until one day they choose not to be.
I am a working professional, and I fuck men on the side when I have an intimacy need but realize most are not worth the entanglement outside of fun.
All that said, my lifestyle seems to bother friendos despite me being the most happy and independent I have been in years.

Wanna know my friend's dirty secrets?
Their Nigels suck.
They just put up with them and their sick shit just to be in a relationship and tick the boxes.
I'd spill the tea but I'd be doxxing myself, they use chanboards. They'd be the types to try to compare their relationships to the problems posted here while smirking to say hurr well not my Nigel while they cognitively dissonance themselves from the reality of their relationship problems.
Some of the low bar mediocrity and shit they have taken from their scrotes just to say they are in "successful" relationships would make the messiest nonny here BLUSH.
Doormats..wish my old friends weren't gone like this.

No. 2003110

>tfw burgerfag
>get accused of being a nonburger several times and dragged across multiple threads
jesus christ I DIDN'T KNOW OTHER STATES DIDN'T HAVE SEATBELTS OKAY? every school i went to in my childhood had school buses with belts so i thought it was the same everywhere. i never went to schools in other states so this is the first time i learned this. leave me alone

No. 2003114

Girlllllll spill the details

No. 2003116

File: 1715740082856.png (209.61 KB, 1125x1600, dwfef.png)

work was stressful and annoying today and when i got home all i did was read rather than practice art. this is our busy period but i hope tomorrow's not like this. i'm even going to bed an hour early, goodbye

No. 2003143

Sprained my ankle in front of my mother on Thursday. I don't have health insurance so I have to take care of it by myself - except I haven't been able to do that because my mother still expects me to do literally everything. Not once has she said "I'll do that, go put your foot up". Instead it's "why haven't you done ___? I knew this would happen you never want to do anything". Her foot "has hurt for months" so god fucking forbid I have an injury because hers will always be worse. Now my ankle is swelled up to the size of a baseball because I hung lights up in the backyard by myself in order to please her. Fuck me.

No. 2003147

samefag I'm still angry about this. am i really the only ameritard that had school buses with seatbelts? you guys are making me feel insane.

No. 2003162

File: 1715742271437.png (485.63 KB, 900x675, ATHF - Mayhem Of The Mooninite…)

Haven't had a smoke in 1 1/2 years but I need a cigarette NOW

No. 2003171

File: 1715742847007.gif (67.26 KB, 220x206, 1704754630166.gif)

My parents have the emotional intelligence of young teenagers and oh my god is it tiring.

No. 2003187

File: 1715744006059.gif (127.64 KB, 640x480, IMG_7837.gif)

Of course she just hit me with the “we all have issues going on” when I tried to stick up for myself.

No. 2003199

"I think about this all the time" no you don't. "I think about this once a week" no you don't. "I think about this daily" no you don't. And if you did you'd be retarded.

No. 2003226

I talked to an online friend of mine about a bad experience. Her response confirmed what I thought, but it just made me feel like my heart's been ripped out. I wonder what I should've done differently. I feel so weak and generally unhappy.

My reaction used to be to vent at the person who made me feel that way. But I think I'm more mature than that, now. I'm frustrated with myself. I'm not sure what I wanted.

I didn't want my bad suspicions to be confirmed. Yet, I don't think I would've been happy if I had received a fake answer.

I hate that I'm so unlikeable. I wish I knew what I could've done differently.

Above all, I wish I knew what influenced me to talk about it with a friend when I only ended up feeling worse.

No. 2003261

File: 1715751344647.jpg (15.29 KB, 350x303, 380b420dfc26337e1e4103cdb1218d…)

My sister's moid pisses me off so much it's unbelievable, I want him to fuck off forever. He's younger than her (they're both in their 20s but she's more late 20s and he's more early 20s) and I really feel that he's a retarded sperg and wasting her time. He tried to get her to agree to be polyamorous because he caught feelings/attraction for some chick he barely knows 9 months into their relationship, which my sister shot down so he backtracked hard on it. Whole time gaslighting her about it. He supposedly promised to go to therapy for his attachment issues but I don't buy it for a second. I told her to dump him if he doesn't get a therapist soon but I doubt she will even if he doesn't. Even her friends that know him told her to dump him and that she doesn't deserve to be treated like that. Apparently her therapist (who is a gay moid) called her friends "reactionary" and told her that if she sees a future with someone who's "willing to improve themselves" that she should do what she wants. Isn't that terrible advice to give a woman dating a manipulative loser??

No. 2003262

Saw a funny-looking moid at the bus stop and he started fingering his ass right next to me whilst waiting. Then he gets off the bus and does a triple take at me. No one makes eye contact in this country what the fuck was that

No. 2003390

why do I keep thinking about my loser ex please god help me

No. 2003408

File: 1715763397283.jpg (40.09 KB, 400x400, 1000003623.jpg)


No. 2003421

I got something like a bf and he's so great but… He doesn't smell good to me. I don't know if it's like teeth or something but he seems to take care of himself so I kind of fear it's just his personal scent. And that's one of the most important things in a relationship. Fuuuck, one time I find a guy that's actually cute, thoughtful and nice and it has to be ruined by this

No. 2003425

You better sniff around the inside of his mouth he must have carries or something. An ulcer even. If not you better chop him.

No. 2003432

seeing a moid acquaintance(24, friend's brother) nonstop simping for a freshly 18 year egirl cosplayer on social media is strange, especially when she looks exactly like his internet ex who turned out to be 15 but that was hidden from most of his group for months due to blackmail or whatever. nothing wrong with being into petite if they're of age I guess but it's suspicious and I don't think he realizes we can see it. even my friend somewhat brought it up when we went out for coffee. oh, moids….

No. 2003470

i’m going back to sugaring but i don’t want to. i’m terrified. last time i met up with a sd he raped me (i’m sorry if i shouldn’t use that word for it but i didn’t want it, he was supposed to drive me home, we weren’t supposed to do anything and he did that to me and now i can’t function, i suspect i have a trauma disorder from it but my not-actually-a-therapist therapist wont let me get evaluated for ptsd).

i know it sounds ridiculous and like im a greedy whore probably but i genuinely have no options left. i’ve been denied by health insurance despite my doctor trying to tell insurance agency several times im too ill to work or go to school, i had to drop out of university because i couldn’t take it anymore. because of the welfare system in my country i can’t even do part time work because i will lose what little welfare i get currently that barely covers my rent, you’re not allowed to have any income at all if you go on welfare and with the state i am in right now i can’t do full time work.

i’m a socially retarded autist. i struggle so bad in social situations and get social anxiety and it’s a huge part of the reason i couldn’t stay in university, along with my other health problems. i tried to kill myself a while ago but failed.

i get im retarded, i get that this entire situation is idiotic and absurd and probably my own fault. you don’t need to tell me. i just needed to let this out somewhere because im exhausted and terrified and i needed to let this out somewhere because i feel like im about to implode on myself and like when i do i can’t be put back together. i wish i was normal or that id succeeded in killing myself or something because i feel dead and like i die a little more every day as my meeting w the sugar daddy is nearing

im so scared and so fucking tired

No. 2003475

File: 1715768851865.jpg (19.04 KB, 302x238, e7c402e24afc2ba358db2ba80d6b9e…)

Oh nonnie… I wish I could take all your troubles away

No. 2003477

I hate my job so much. My whole day is ruined whenever I have to work, I can't wind down normally from it so I 'have to' smoke weed after in order to not go insane when I don't even think about it on free days. I've been getting sick every 2 months since I started working again, plus stress at home, I can't take it anymore. I don't want to give up on life but I'm just so exhausted. I don't want to rely on tardbucks (I don't even know if I qualify but the shame of it all is too much) and I don't want to rely on some tradwife fetishist either. I wish I were dead.
I'm so so sorry nonna

No. 2003481

Nonna, I’m so sorry that you’re resorting to sugaring, please let someone know where you are when you meet this guy in case anything happens and take all the precautions you can to stay safe.

It’s fucked up that you can’t work part time on welfare, welfare programs should encourage people back into work, not scare them away from it.

I wish I could help you

No. 2003525

He knows that you know (his butt digging ways)

No. 2003563

File: 1715774717746.jpeg (80.05 KB, 628x619, IMG_7160.jpeg)

thank you so much nonnas, i appreciate your words so much. i’ll let my best friend know when it’s time so she knows where i am, ill be as careful as i can.

No. 2003647

File: 1715778121122.png (676.28 KB, 714x669, IMG_20240515_145855.png)

>wear a real bra instead of a sports bra or tank top for the first time in 3 years on my quest to become a normie
>end up looking like picrel in all the non-slobby clothes I own
I swear this isn't a humblebrag. A disgusting scrote is ogling me like I'm walking tits as I'm writing this. I hate this so much but I like my boobs and really don't want to get a reduction just because men are apes

No. 2003655

eww fat(rattle rattle)

No. 2003658

File: 1715778820775.jpeg (42.73 KB, 520x390, 51810EDA-D36E-4890-9720-4733A7…)

Had unprotected sex just over a week ago and the guy was kinda freaking out incase I got knocked up, I said it’s all fine because I’ve got an implant but now im lightly bleeding and praying I’m just spotting from my bc implant and it’s not actually implantation bleeding.

No. 2003659

>has unprotected sex with scrote
this thread is so entertaining, let me get my popcorn kekkk

No. 2003660

welcome to being a normie don't worry about the scrotes they are everywhere. if you feel more comfortable in loose clothes they make non-slobby loose fitting blouses and cardigans etc

No. 2003661

an implant like an IUD? If you have that it's not unprotected sex.

No. 2003666

File: 1715779253327.jpeg (212.71 KB, 736x738, IMG_0631.jpeg)

>learns about illusion of choice

No. 2003667

Like the implant that gets inserted in your arm, or the one that goes in the vag? If it's the arm one and you've had it a long time (like you've had multiple implants over a ten year period) I think bleeding is quite normal. I've had mine around ten years now (this is my 4th? I think) and I've started spotting and bleeding recently after a blessed decade of no periods.
But do go get a pregnancy test for your own peace of mind!

No. 2003675

Soz Nona I was drunk and it was a one off x

No. 2003683

Yeah I have it in my arm have been on it for about 4 years (removed then a new one put in after 3) should be alright but I’m going to take a test when I get home just in case kek

No. 2003697

Loose clothes tend to hang off my body really awkwardly, but I'll look into it! Better to look like a fatty than a titty monster kek. Ty nona

No. 2003701

The more you warn someone you love about their shit scrote.. the more they typically cling to him. It becomes this 'me and him against the world' type of bond. Therapists should recognize that shit. It's definitely more common than his 'durr everyone around her just happens to hate me for no good reason' bs

No. 2003709

File: 1715781538725.webp (36.28 KB, 390x390, IMG_2542.webp)

Omg i’m going crazy; i need to vent before i start encouraging my friend to commit crimes. She just broke up with her nigel and i thought they had a pleasant normie relationship, now i’m finding out he
> took her money for frivolous shit despite having a high paying career + investments and her being early in her career (if i knew i would have told her to absolutely not give him money)
> didn’t pay her back for YEARS, didn’t help her in any way financially to get set up
> broke up with her because he was too much of a weenie to mention her to his ethnic family for YEARS and folded on the first familial objection

This guy was our college senior and i used to respect him and thought he was a not terrible nigel for my friend but he’s just another scrote in the end. They’re acc all so selfish and horrid omg

Bumble was wrong acc celibacy IS the answer. I’m glad she’s out now but i feel awful for her

No. 2003719

>i’m going back to sugaring but i don’t want to.
Nona don't be stupid, you don't have to at all and you are actively CHOOSING to do it. You just tell yourself you "have to" so you can use it as an excuse to use it as a form of self-harm again, stop fucking lying to yourself and others about it. Stop that shit and don't meet up with that gross retarded moid anymore or any other moids who want to buy your body for sex. Just ghost him, delete your sugaring accounts and fuck off. I don't fucking care, just don't do it.

Let's be realistic for a minute, shall we? You say you know you have trauma from doing this before. You know the sugaring shit ruined you and is what made you hit the rock bottom you're at. So why the FUCK do you go back to the thing that didn't work before? The thing that literally created the situation you're in. All you'll do is get newer fresher trauma to suffer even more from. Are you that desperate to let the moids ruin you, are you hoping they'll rape and kill you so you don't have to be the one to kill yourself? I don't care what "sex-positive" "sex work is real work" shit you've read on tumblr because none of it is true and like you've already experienced you'll only meet the sickest rape ape moids who will harm you. Being poor is a billion times better than being rich and getting raped. I'm asking you seriously: Do you WANT to get better, or not?

No. 2003726

This lmao

No. 2003748

Single moids need to be dragged to a public square and hosed down on a regular basis. How hard is it to shower once a week and not stink like a fucking public toilet.

No. 2003754

File: 1715784972458.jpg (46.38 KB, 622x650, E8J2I9QVgAIWlxV.jpg)

Love getting a response of "I have no idea." to a kindly worded inquiry sent to a manager at my job kek. No offer to look into it, no suggestions on where else I could find out how to proceed, etc. Just straight up being catty for no reason other than that she's in a bad mood. What a cow, if you're so miserable working here then quit and save us all the trouble of dealing with your bipolar ass

No. 2003778

Normie or not, a lot of men are sneaky and should be questioned about their habits and actions. How could he use her like that when he's already rich anyway? God, I hope she has a happier and fulfilling life ahead of her.

No. 2003800

not just single moids, it's unbelievable how many moids who have steady relationships who fucking reek. and I am a BO enjoyer not poop, mildewly laundry and bad breath though!

No. 2003807

File: 1715786342202.jpg (106.19 KB, 1520x1080, Evpv-bVXcAMSA2e.jpg)

>Find a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life
This is some top level bullshit we need to stop telling kids. I was a nerdy teenager so I picked a degree in Computer Science and Video Game Development. After 5 years I have a Masters and all I could get was a job in mobile games. That sucked so I switched to web development. Most of my day is just spent in meetings deciding if we should move a button 15px to left. In college I was messing about writing mods for games and other fun stuff, now I can't even look at an IDE outside of work without feeling annoyed. Everyone here is such a transparent sycophant.
Corporate life kills passion

No. 2003811

You're pathetic and whoring yourself out isn't exactly university material, nor something you can attach to your LinkedIn but it's likely your studies and contribution to the world as well as yourself are not worth anything if you value yourself as not worth anything. You're not a ally of women nor a victim; you're an enemy of women and a ally of rapists. Consider getting a hobby you can make money from that isn't whoring yourself out and getting a part time job instead of bringing all women down to the level of cumrags and then complaining about your pathetic failure of a self-centered yourself.(infighting)

No. 2003823

My mom got a gift for my boyfriend birthday coming up, very nice of her and ofc she didn't have to do that
Motherfucker says its weird that "someone who isn't family gifting me something"
Dude never shuts up about gettied married but my family isn't considered his family? That's going to be your future mother in law idiot

No. 2003827

>BO enjoyer
Why you even talking lmao

No. 2003832

because I'm disgusting and still won't deal with 90% of moids who some how managed to gross out someone who enjoys stink

No. 2003834

NTA. Fresh sweat on an attractive moid can be hot. I love the smell of my nigel after he's worked out

No. 2003839

I despise bearded men. They are everywhere. Don't they have shame? Haven't they stopped to look at themselves and wonder if they look good? Whats even worst is women lusting after these scrotes. Contaminating the population. They look so unkempt and gross, wtf?

No. 2003860

NTA but you need to calm the fuck down.

No. 2003863

All men are ugly. For every "beautiful" men i can find 10 women 100000x more beautiful than him. Why dont they get plastic surgery to be more attractive? They whine about being depressed and lonely and how women only care about your money but they then say women peak at 14-21

No. 2003874

I'm pretty calm, kek. You're reading text on a screen not being threatened at knife point.

No. 2003875

even if i don't want date men i still care because even outside of a relationship im valued for how attractive i am. The most status i can get is a young woman. If men were women they would kill themselves so fast.

No. 2003919

Seconding this. Gym fresh nigels smell great

No. 2003935

File: 1715788716071.jpg (172.48 KB, 1200x800, FhJFlvfXwAAPO3Z.jpg)

No. 2003962

Great work, nonnie. Tell that mentally ill woman how pathetic she is and everything else she already knows. That'll show her.

No. 2003971

>isn't exactly university material, nor something you can attach to your LinkedIn
Right, women who resort to selling themselves should never, ever try to do anything better and less degrading with their life.

No. 2003980

You need serious mental help.

No. 2003995

Most feminist lc poster

No. 2004006

Glad you got radio'd because this post is extremely ass at best

No. 2004026

File: 1715790582532.png (222.33 KB, 635x471, 1703704956455191.png)

No. 2004029

Grass is greener on the other side anon, if you're flat people mistake you for a child and you still get sexualized by pedo moids. I just wanna wear clothes without feeling like I'm whoring myself

No. 2004031

I legitimately think that 20 yo girls who brag about their 30+ yo bfs are fucking retarded

No. 2004041

File: 1715790914354.jpg (9.04 KB, 320x180, GM_H4_QX0AACZqK.jpg)

Bait used to be believable

No. 2004046

Where do you see them

No. 2004059

I want to feel bad for them only because I know media groomed them to be that way but it's so hard once I start hearing them talk down to older women or accuse older women of being jealous for calling them out

No. 2004085

i feel so horrible. i work fulltime and in my freetime i help animals at shelters and i also work at a women shelter but i feel like it isnt enough. im just 1 person and that obviously isnt enough to change the world but i want it to change so badly. the money i earn literally just goes to buying food for myself, giving my sick mom money, donating to animal shelters and i save the rest. i wish more people would put effort into making the world around them a better place because then im sure things would actually change but no one cares.

No. 2004102

> accuse older women of being jealous for calling them out
THIS OMG, I actually had this happen irl once, it was crazy. I notice it a lot online too.
Media definitely groomed them since most are into the "daddy" kink bullshit
on what planet is a 14 year old difference NORMAL?
my biggest problem is that most think they're better than grown up women and that they're super cool for dating older men and for having sex nonstop (they always, always brag about the sex).
had it happen irl several times and I see it so much online, media brainwashing

No. 2004104

I had the opposite scenario tbh. I shaved my head a couple of years ago because of irreversible bleach damage, so I’d wear a beanie and my typical dark baggy clothing, and one day at work a little girl, toddler age, pointed to me and referred to me as ‘she’ to her mom. idk how she knew, because I was also wearing a gay mask. It made me feel less ugly.
Sorry not tryna flex on you, you just helped resurface an interesting memory

No. 2004114

File: 1715792422487.png (334.51 KB, 480x467, hellohhih.png)

>Ex personalityfag
>Got my act together once I got properly medicated and started focusing on actual important shit as well as my hobbies
>With all of this in mind, I haven't done my antics in about a year and have acted in line for the most part, and when I don't it's detached from said personalityfagging
>Used as LC boogeyman for random retards on this website now for threads I've never posted in

At this point it's more funny than anything rather than a serious vent, but it did bother my autistic ass at first

No. 2004123

Komaeda? Or Kirby?

No. 2004124

>got my act together and got medicated
Now you’re boring. All of the divine autistic spark in your brain is being suppressed by the SSRIs.

No. 2004128

my mom spends money on retarded stuff and then cries about how she and my dad are too broke to do anything or go anywhere on their 25th wedding anniversary. NOBODY told you to buy a $500 photography setup, nobody told you to buy dozens of table sets for no reason, nobody told you to buy a new pair of Nikes sneakers every month. The moment I tell her she kinda sucks at saving her money, she plays victim and acts like I’m just bullying her, or will act like I’m just a stupid child that should stay out of her financial business.

No. 2004130

gotta be pakichan

No. 2004132

yuripedo you were posting like a week ago

No. 2004140

Not disclosing who I am for obvious reasons but you got it all wrong, I'm a fujoshi and yumejo

True nonnie, I'm gonna give myself self-inflicted schizophrenia by locking myself up in a closet and doing nothing but LSD, thanks for helping me reach enlightenment.

No. 2004146

>yumejo and fujo
Suuure yuripedo

No. 2004148

i'm trying to wean off stimulant laxatives after years of dependency while adjusting to psych meds and feel like i'm losing my mind. i need to go buy some probiotics and miralax to ease the pain but that shit is fucking expensive. please wish me luck anons

No. 2004155

>Strike Witches pic
I want to empathise with you but that image is just all kinds of bad

No. 2004167

I wish I was at home playing Animal Crossing!!! Fuck!!!

No. 2004169

It's komaeda isn't it, discharge eating was posted twice today

No. 2004184

File: 1715793446673.jpeg (23.45 KB, 456x434, IMG_1254.jpeg)

You guys I’m very nervous. I’m poor and get government benefits but I secretly got married to my foreign friend in exchange for money, and I’m afraid my benefits people are gonna find out about my marriage. I have the meeting in two hours and my ass is all tight and my stomach hurts I’m so nervous. My mom is fin and there too and I don’t want her to find out either

No. 2004200

> I secretly got married to my foreign friend in exchange for money
kek spill the tea nonnie, what country is foreign friend from? how old are you and how much money, need me a friend like this kek
I'd do this too, based nonna for bamboozling the system

No. 2004214

File: 1715794110231.jpg (119.96 KB, 1920x959, ava.jpg)

i'm also an ex personalityfag whos ashamed of my behavior. i've been thru hell in a handbasket and i'm truly apologetic and sorry for the times i went off. the meds still haven't fixed me entirely yet but i am facing my future, so that's progress. after years of struggling with mental health, my dangerous decisions, partially being unmedicated, self harm and also the remnants of my eating disorder coming to bite me in the ass, i think i shouldn't be alive sometimes. but i am.

i don't visit this site or imageboards much anymore.

No. 2004215

This is a bananas level of stuff to unpack. Hope is goes well for you nona

No. 2004219

He’s from Russia, tbh I don’t remember the year I got married to him but it’s been a while now. Maybe 2017? I initially got paid $1k a month but now he just pays my phone bill. I‘m actually gonna divorce him later this year especially since I don’t get the $1k anymore and this kinda stress isn’t worth the phone bill. HOWEVER if you’re not like me and you don’t need to keep the marriage a secret, it’s totally worth it.
I was originally gonna marry a Vietnamese guy for money (he offered me $2k a month) but he wanted me to live with him and actually act like his wife, so I went with the Russian instead. My russian husband and I only meet like twice a year for document reasons. He should have his green card by now but he’s too esl to explain to me his situation.

No. 2004226

Thank you if I don’t update later it means the IRS arrested me and I’m in a fema camp

No. 2004227


No. 2004229

Im gonna take a guess and say Rancefag but I'm not sure if the timeline matches

No. 2004236

File: 1715794442218.gif (2.23 MB, 326x259, 1705187597604120.gif)

No. 2004239

I need to know more

No. 2004244

Damn fuck sugar babying, I gotta get into this so I don’t have to work for awhile

No. 2004248

File: 1715794707250.gif (11.76 KB, 106x131, tumblr_inline_p8n2y2zRY41qm0sr…)

I lied down with my cat for a short nap and woke up 5 hours later.

No. 2004253

do it, I was able to neet it out for a few years. Kinda wish I saved my money though but obv I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed

No. 2004261

Kekkkk just pretend you were scared other people knowing that you had a Russian husband considering the recent events kekkk this is wild

No. 2004283

I've been banned on cc wtf. I go there like once or twice a week and always avoid the more controversial threads and definitely didn't post anything inflammatory or remotely ban-worthy. What the fuck? And I can't even see what post I was banned for? Are cc bans permanent?

No. 2004292

Definitely rancefag since i’ve seen you brought up a few times in the last few days. I still hate you btw

No. 2004294

Let us know if the meeting goes well nonny

No. 2004299

>I’m afraid my benefits people are gonna find out about my marriage
That information isn't accesible to them in the first place? Or did you mean the money exchange part of it?

No. 2004307

Man I need to get some rich Chinese dude to pay me 5k a month to marry me so he can get EU citizenship or something. Malta sold citizenship for a million euro at some point to rich foreign business men.

No. 2004313

>You have been banned from all boards for an unspecified reason
>Your ban was filed on X and it will not expire
If you got that message it was indeed a permaban, if it mentioned a specific period of time for the ban then it's not permanent. The CC team (not sure if snail is alone these days or if there's any mod left) is very busy, trafic has gotten even slower than it used to but raids are still very common, so maybe she permabanned you by mistake. I was permabanned once and got to talk to her, other permabans by mistake followed some time later but I couldn't contact with her

No. 2004325

Same anon that replied to you, I went there to check by myself and I'm banned as well, the regular ban window didn't pop up, just a small one that said that I was banned. Admin must've blocked all posting, it's weird that the pause is taking more than 5 hours already

No. 2004339

I’m waiting right now for them to call me name oh god I have the shits

No. 2004344

Good luck anon, please be safe. I am very similar to you, but ptsd from childhood. I am small but still ended up getting a foot in the door doing manual labor that was rough at first, but better than the sex work I was doing. Manual labor moids don't have good social skills, and they expect the few women around to be weird. In my experience, you get cut a LOT of slack if you're pretty (I'm almost never on time, I constantly ask for help, I say weird stupid shit all the time, disappear into the bathroom when I need an extra break). But if my messy retarded ass can work part time to scrape by, I'm sure you can. You are more than you think, I promise. Before this job I racked up like 10k in debt because I was mostly stuck in bed shaking and sobbing for most of a year, lmao. I had to get to rock bottom before I really started to come up, and have been through many meds and therapists over a lifetime. Maybe if I was given housing etc I never would have been forced to try something completely new when I just couldn't deal with sex shit anymore. I ended up growing my social skills and confidence a lot, and my anxiety turned out to be OCD which is now treated by the correct medication. I think a lot of anons are like us and I want you all to know there is hope. Not to magically become normal or healed and fit in with everyone else, but to find and/or carve out a space in the world that fits your unique shape. I'll keep you in my heart. You deserve better and I know you can achieve it. <3

No. 2004354

ayrt thanks for the details, holy kek this is great, is the rusky handsome at least?
I hope your meeting goes well!
were you younger than 24 when you married him?
god damn it where was this kinda shit when I was young kek

No. 2004360

I’m spiritually holding your hand nona

No. 2004361

My oldest friend is going ftm and they are definitely getting more aggressive but all my online searches say 'oh nah I actually got much more calm'. Perhaps my friend is using the increase of T to channel and release their big emotions, and it's not necessarily aggression. Maybe she's enjoying not being the one being attacked their whole life. It's not just her reactions, she's gotten more forceful in getting a hug, which gave me such a gross feeling. I have this awful deep fear somewhere in me like an alarm bell. Idk what to do. We've been friends so long she's part of my family…but I…dunno.

No. 2004371

I would have thought the government agencies communicate with each other at least enough to know about marriage. Wow. Get your bag, nona. Is this just a thing college students do? Where would you even find older dudes looking for this kind of arrangement? God I love women in scamming.

No. 2004372

thank you so so much anon. this post warms my heart and i’m so happy for you that you’re not in this pitch dark place anymore. i’ll keep you in my heart as well, thank you so much for taking the time to reply <3 you give me hope and i’m so grateful.

No. 2004376

This might be the last time I post in a while. I'm in court tomorrow for burglary. I don't think it was really that but it's what I'm being charged with. I'm going to plead guilty but this isn't my first offense so I don't believe the judge will go easy on me. My previous convictions were for theft and once for assault. My solicitor says best case scenario I get six months or a suspended sentence. Maybe I need this. I'm a mess. Will update if I have any funny Orange is the New Black stories once I'm out. Love everyone here.

No. 2004380

he was kinda out of shape and unkempt when I first met him but he’s lost a lot of weight since then and styled his hair so he looks pretty decent now.
you can do it at any age. Actually he’s a few years younger than me, some of his friends married American women in their 40’s (the women know it’s transactional and aren’t in love or anything)
thank you omg, just telling people this makes me less anxious

No. 2004389

File: 1715799043144.png (293.6 KB, 733x731, 6850DDEA-498D-46FB-A8C9-431B26…)

My older sister came to visit last minute after a long while to help with some sad stuff happening in the family. I was happy she finally was able to drop by, but it became apparent she was more torn up than I thought. Things pretty suddenly fell apart, I tried to reassure her and she started attacking me, as well as saying a lot of things about personally and stuff.
I'm still really shocked and I messed up saying a few choice words in return, but I mostly just feel sad and confused about the things she was saying. We had a rough childhood but she's been kind to me the past several years. So it all felt pretty out of nowhere, but very detailed and specific like she'd been stewing. I understand she was probably just stressed out and it wasnt really "about" me, more the trauma of the family situation. So I feel even worse to have said anything back. But I'm still pretty gutted, as well as about the fact she's saying we're "over". I know we've all been suffering to no ones fault, but I feel like I lost so much so quick.

No. 2004392

Why go down this path nonnie

No. 2004395

Omg farmer prison arc. Hope your court case goes well, nonna! Update us when you get out

No. 2004399

We will miss you nonnie and be waiting for your return. Much love

No. 2004409

I was trying to get my dog back from my ex. He's a worse piece of shit than me. My pup would've been dead in weeks

No. 2004414


No. 2004416

Why are you doing this?
But it’s just theft, it’s not like you murdered someone. You’ll be fine in the long run

No. 2004417

Oh wtf that shouldn’t even count as theft, I thought you stole a designer bag or something . I take back what I said

No. 2004425


No. 2004435


No. 2004436

Some of previous convictions were from robbing bags and clothes kek. I never did it from any shop that couldn't afford the loss. I think they are just going to compound it up to use it as a reason to lock me up

No. 2004440

Anon. Do you want to get out of the situation or not?

No. 2004448

The benefits meeting was so quick and they never asked me about my marriage status, I think I’m in the clear for now

No. 2004453

Can you study when you’re in jail? There’s some certificates I wanna get but I’m so lazy.

No. 2004503

Anons, I have a friend going though a similar experience since about a year back. Is there ANYTHING a friend could have said or done to make you stop? I'm offering her support/love best I can and I don't judge her for her decisions even though I don't approve of her selling her body.

Idk how relevant it is, but for some background info she lives with her parents still and they're very supportive of her, so is her older sister. They literally let her live as a neet for free for 5 years and don't even expect her to pay rent, yet she acts as if doing sex work is her only way of paying that non-existent rent. (I've talk to her parents, indont think she knows I know she doesn't pay rent at all) Does she really truly just want to engage in dangerous behaviour as self harm?

To be fully honest I'm hurt that she doesn't seem to care I (and her other friends and family) have to worry about her safety 24/7 because of it. And then she thinks if she just don't tell us we'll worry less? That just makes it so every second of the day I don't know where she is I'll have to worry instead.

No. 2004515

Worst. Cramps. Ever. Why do our wombs hurt more after an emotionally draining month women must be protected save women give women chocolate and a cold compress I'm fucking roasting to death

No. 2004516

>eating pasta
>lurking threads
>enters stupid questions
>”i think it tastes good”
>wtf are they talking about
>scrolls up
>of fucking course

I wish I could build a time machine so I can take some of you back to the 40s and throw you in the gas chambers.

No. 2004533

First rule of /ot/: you don't eat while lurking
Second rule of /ot/: you don't eat while lurking
I've had so many meals ruined by posts, most of them involved pictures of male celebrities tho

No. 2004534

Unrelated but I really wish I had someone that gave a shit like you do back when I was doing dangerous shit.

No. 2004550

What is with all the racebait today? It's like one anon is running around being annoying

No. 2004553

Probs someone from kiwifarms.

No. 2004554

My retarded ass put some stuff on top of my car when running late to work and I left my whole ass purse on it. Didn't realize till 20 minutes later. Neighbor found it, thankfully. My glasses are smashed and I doubt the warranty or insurance the store gave me will do anything. I can't believe I had a moment like that. My morning brain fog is getting worse.

No. 2004572

My family doesn't understand free space. They think it's ok to cover every counter, table, flat surface with snacks, bags containers and junk. We have a table in the kitchen that seats 6 people and there's enough space for maybe 2 people to eat on it. I hate that this makes me feel so cramped and anxious

No. 2004596

kirbyfag still posts, she made another post in the husbando thread around a day/hours ago and some days before that too
nah pakichan doesn't type like that, hasn't stopped posting for a year like op said and isn't into weeb shit like strike witches. it must be one of the weebier ones like ko-chan, rancefag, etc.

No. 2004598

how is that site still working

No. 2004601

File: 1715810386766.png (344.22 KB, 798x521, uhreforever.png)

also congrats going on meds. the side effects suck and urge you to want to quit sometimes but eventually it's worth finding something that keeps you stable

No. 2004603

The janny handing out racebait bans for anons using the n word is only egging on the edgelords. I think it’s an extremely retarded mod decision. I don’t use that word because I’m not black but even normalfag sites don’t ban it because it’s very common for black people to use and only hateful in certain contexts. Since we can’t id race on an anonymous ib, I think it should only be banned for racebait if it’s used in a hateful way

No. 2004609

ONE HOUR AND 27 MINUTES UNTIL I CLOCK OUTTTTTT. It was moving so quickly until just now and there's literally nothing to do lmfao. I'm a wagie so I can't just sit at a desk and go on lolcow and plus my job is quite an active one so I legit just have to stand and look busy. I was having fun speedwalking and now I have to pace around like an anxious horse because there's nothing to do REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 2004638


No. 2004639

File: 1715812714423.jpeg (38.98 KB, 434x309, IMG_0640.jpeg)

They really are just banning anyone these days huh

No. 2004642

nigga looks like he is about to give the meanest, slopiest blogpost about his detransition story. tifcore

No. 2004654

A guy from my old job has been nominated for a national award based on work I did!!!

I cant fucking believe it, he was the team leader I was deputy for a side project at work, I did all of the work because he didnt give a shit. I set the whole fucking team up. I managed everthing. I did everyone elses work as noone else cared. I set up the events. I made the connections, partnerships, relationships with outside parties that was needed. I set up lot's of template files, wrote instructions to carry it on after I left as I didnt want it to collapse. I bumped into an old collegue today and ask if he knew if my old side project was still running, and he fucking tells me the guy is nominated for a national award FOR MY FUCKING WORK!!!!!!!!! ITS FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE!!!

There is fuck all I can do about it! I hope he doesn't win.

No. 2004657

Holyshit, there has to be proof you can submit. Really sucks this is happening to you. And at least this will a lesson not to go anyone else's work. let them crash and burn

No. 2004661

Kek anon please, you're killing me

No. 2004662

Nonnas learn from this never ever set others up to succeed, when you leave a job or when you are at a job don;t leave instructions, don;t leave templates, don't do or leave anything that can help others, delete everything.

Possibly on my old employers system that i dont have access to. But they wouldnt help as if he wins it looks good for them. I would just come across as a jealous ex-employee making up shit.

No. 2004668

Steal all of his personal info, go online, pretend to be him and do something that would highly jeopardize his job, pretend to be a concerned citizen calling into the job to report on it, send mass emails pretending to be different people demanding he gets removed for doing a no-no, profit.

No. 2004669

File: 1715814860699.jpg (5.34 MB, 3024x4032, img.jpg)

I don't know where to put this, it's a little too dark for the mundane thread even though I was doing something mundane. I guess it's a vent because it pissed me off.
I walked into a random clothing boutique today, the type with aesthetic displays that sells new frilly clothes of mid quality, dresses made of vaguely stretchy fabric, chunky jewelry, greeting cards, maybe some candles or journals, that sort of thing. This was on the wall in the dressing room. I have been thinking about it all day. I think this is supposed to be a feel good photo and message. But her working conditions look totally fucked up. She's been employed there for ten years. She sits on the floor. She's not wearing shoes. What the actual fuck? Am I supposed to look at this and feel like "yes I am supporting a working mother by buying the chunky jewelry"? Because I just felt like I would be contributing to her exploitation. There's no way she's getting paid enough. It's literally a picture of a third world sweatshop. Not only are they exploiting her labor but they're exploiting her image as a PR tool to convince people this is somehow a good arrangement? It's outrageous.

No. 2004679

i dont think that would work, and knowing my luck i would get found out

No. 2004695

That image is messed up. Even in the back, you can see other people hunched over without any shoes on. Could they not take a better photo of her against a nicer background showing off her work?

No. 2004701

I agree with you. That photo is literally sweat shop tier. How do we even know this photo is going towards her directly? I feel like they could say anything in that photo and make people feel empathy. Whose to say this is really her?

No. 2004735

I can't fucking stand people who refuse to let you walk out mid argument. "Let's talk about this," "Don't leave angry," "Don't walk away from me," just shut up. I don't want to argue with you, I'll just say something mean and you'll try to one-up me and neither of us will be able to take it back. I don't get why people don't just let me go calm down. Why must everything be hashed out immediately in the moment? My mom says this is my "acting like a man" trait but I think it's retarded to argue when everyone is irrational and upset. I'll get over it after I go cool off for awhile and then we can just act like nothing happened, why why whyyyy do we have to talk about it ad nauseum? It fucks up my mood. I hate my father and every narrative he has about me is evil and hypocritical, but why should I have to argue for my dignity when I can just roll my eyes, conclude he's retarded, and get over it?

No. 2004737

Wow this is so tone deaf. I would have left a bad review on their website.

No. 2004755

I agree with you. People who push to immediately talk about things are dense and inconsiderate of the other person as well. I know if I saw someone fuming, I would not engage with them and let them cool off. Oh, but of course, if you're a woman then that's totally fine. Your boundaries can be pushed and shoved aside. I feel you, nona.

No. 2004763

Exactly, but they always say I'm the one being inconsiderate. I get mean as fuck when I'm angry, so in my mind, it IS considerate to just walk away. With distance, I usually realize I just don't care about whatever we were fighting about that much, and even if I do, the differences are so insurmountable that arguing wouldn't change anyone's mind. So what's the point? To just use each other like emotional punching bags until we're tired? But God forbid you be a woman who prefers to sort her feelings out alone and have the audacity to draw firm lines around this preference.

No. 2004768

File: 1715823046544.png (535.81 KB, 628x638, pppp.png)

This is for sociopathic rich people who get off on women like that being "lesser" and also want to feel like they're doing something good at the same time. Suffering is "authenticity" to that crowd. It wouldn't hit the same if she wasn't hunched over in a sweatshop.
I agree that they should improve that woman's workspace and give her and other workers better pay than what they probably do, but they won't because they can get away with this shit and richfags like it.

No. 2004774

what kind of shithole do you live in anon

No. 2004775

Everytime troons use pictures of other women that look like me to prove that "real women also look like TiMs!" it makes me so upset, even if I know it shouldn't.
Makes me think if that is really how people see me, life's punishment just for having been born kind of ugly. All my life my appearance is a subject of mockery, and turns out everyone around me does actually perceive me like a crossdressing male, not even as a joke.
It makes me particularly sad that other women might not approach me for this reason, and I'm quite shy, so most don't get to hear my voice. I start feeling like I shouldn't even go outside, because I don't even want people to acknowledge I exist. FML

No. 2004778

File: 1715824021423.png (816.11 KB, 1080x1105, 1715801487770.png)

Women like these give me the ick. It really grosses me out. Be normal.

No. 2004779

I don't think I look particularly troonish but I'm frequently mistaken for a man on the phone and it's made me wonder a few times if people think they're speaking to a crossdresser or something and it bothers me.

No. 2004780

Tried to find any traces of her or her nigel's real faces and found nothing on all her and his social media. Based on her nigel's tweets though, he seems like a crybaby bitch with autism.

No. 2004785

What the fuck is with the repeated mentions of looking underage? Especially knowing how she's made other comics where she draws herself in a more sexual light.
>I'm not a child!
>Often mistaken as a minor
>Baby face
>often asked for IDs
>Fits in children's clothes

No. 2004791

File: 1715825023769.jpeg (Spoiler Image,255 KB, 2048x1327, 1715806678307.jpeg)

I know a girl just like this. She's Chinese but has a Japanese nickname, is short as fuck, wears school girl skirts, likes genshin and kpop. She has a YouTuber bf with a discord server where she constantly attention whores when people post their pets (LE HECKKIN CHONKO DOGGYUWU type of shit) and she's totally ok with the moid talking behind her back about how much cum he leaves inside her. I want them to fail so hard, I really do, but it feels like people like these never break up with the whole "manic pixie dream girl meets depressed coomer moid with clout" being so prevalent in society. They met each other on a dating app too.

No. 2004801

I can't get over the awfully drawn hand in the right panel. Whenever I see this comic, my eyes always zone in on it. It's like he's deformed. Don't let deformed moids fuck your comic character.

No. 2004802

File: 1715825798711.mp4 (11.04 MB, SnapTik_App_693063446968259712…)

Random vent, but the fact that so many womanlets obnoxiously bring up getting mistaken for a child, many of which are proud of it bleeds into the realization that it's to brag about getting mistaken for a teenager or a child. Seriously, this artist >>2004778 brings up having a small body and getting mistaken for a child like one hundreds times in one comic panel alone. But why would a woman want to always talk about and brag about getting mistaken for a child? I've notice that womanlets who do this are always terminally-online, where the pedophiles like to congregate. So me thinks these women are so drunk on the kool-aid of pickmeism, that they even digested the pedophilic sense of males' attraction to the female gender. So instead of being embarrassed to be mistaken for a child and shutting tf up about it, femlets go on Twitter and blog endlessly about how basically proud they are that they look like children because to their sad, strange little pedophile-complacent minds, looking like a human with an underdeveloped body, age, and brain is the new "sexy".

No. 2004810

as a womanlet I think it's just cope that turned into pickme shit. I don't understand the uwu smol meme, personally I think it would be fucking awesome to mog random manlets

No. 2004813

The United States lol

No. 2004814

Mom is schizo ranting acting like shit she's reading from known scammers is going to happen. She spends everyday watching and reading this garbage but can't learn how to use her cricut which she's had for 2 years. Priorities

No. 2004822

File: 1715827807285.jpg (36.16 KB, 736x736, f283e129ea6209adaebcbe06f936a0…)

Why would the tech industry become oversaturated and hard to get into right as I want to get into it? It's like I have bad job luck. I thought I finally found something good and that I could do. I just want money damnit!!!

No. 2004825

what industry? i feel you, i am an artist

No. 2004839

Hi it's the nonna from months ago. I think I'm finally leaving my tranny husband (ftm) because I told him I want cock lol. I'll be a late 20s divorcee but whatever. I'm tired of being tied down.

No. 2004840

I don't remember your last post, why did you marry someone without a dick if you wanted one the whole time?

No. 2004841

I fell in love with him before I knew kek. It's a long ass story. I was v depressed and thought I was asexual.

No. 2004842

Why are you calling your wife "husband"?

No. 2004843

It's what's on the marriage certificate kek

No. 2004847

your post is confusing, did you mean mtf? did this person start off as male or female?

No. 2004849

File: 1715829973388.jpg (Spoiler Image,259.69 KB, 847x1200, EckjeEQXYAMbnyU.jpg)

Female (posted a cute male as compensation)

No. 2004854

Tech, I want to be a software engineer. I get the art thing, I feel like AI is fucking up everything and it's even worse in the fields where there's already little (stable/decent paying) career options

No. 2004879

Period srarted. I have cramps, nausea and work starts in an hour. Can't even sit. I wish I'd just die.

No. 2004887

File: 1715832520799.jpg (15.6 KB, 378x350, FftngAWXkAEHTGZ.jpg)

my tonsils hurt and i think its due to my acid reflux. fuck my life

No. 2004896

average bislut behavior(infighting)

No. 2004902

this 'mogging' 'looksmaxxing' shit is beyond retarded, i can't believe this generation is getting more superficial

No. 2004903

Great I left my best and only headphones at work where they could be stolen. Now I have to wake up super early to get there before everyone on my day off. My boss with an attitude problem will immediately go "what are you doing here!?" I fucking hate her.

No. 2004918

File: 1715834858452.jpeg (79.01 KB, 500x375, IMG_9410.jpeg)

I met up with my boyfriend at a park and I brought him a dried rose as a surprise. He left it in a tree instead of taking it home because he said it would get crushed if he put it in his bag, even though I told him he could just put it in a container. When we returned to the same spot it was been crushed and destroyed because he just left it there. I’m so pissed off

No. 2004984

I was on a trip with my friend recently and I met up with some random dude to spend time with while my friend was doing other things. I was supposed to just use him for company and entertainment but he saw right through my bullshit and refused to be treated as disposable. We ended up spending way more time together than I had planned. I kept telling my friend I'm not interested in him and not developing feelings but honestly now that the trip is over and I'm back home I miss him terribly. I feel like a loser for crushing on someone after only three days. I'm usually pretty cold-hearted and treat men the way they deserve to be treated but this guy just outright refused to be treated like that and it's so attractive to me, I let my guard down completely and even cried in front of him kek. So pathetic.

No. 2005002

idk nonnie he sounds like a good person, can you message him to hang out sometime or something? Yes yes I know moids in general suck

Speaking of moids sucking I have a friend but I haven't talked to him in a while. Recently he ended up being in a relationship with a 23 year old. For context he's early thirties. It left such a bad taste in my mouth that I just didn't want to talk to him anymore. He was venting and I acted disinterested so we stopped talking. He feels like a pedo to me even though I guess they're both adults? I feel like I'm losing my mind.

No. 2005004

Same fag but I read again and DONT take my advice. Ive fallen for the cool guy shit before and they guys ended up being assholes. Maybe it's limerence and you feel slightly attached because being vulnerable. Sorry for armchairing

No. 2005008

moids cry for not getting compliments and their first flowers at their funeral when someone gifts them flowers.. ridiculous

No. 2005009

I do have his contact info but I should've been more clear, I was on a trip abroad so yeah, he lives in a different country. It's not terribly far away (two hour flight) but it's not like I can just ask him to hang out spontaneously. Also I agree what you said about limerence, I think my brain just associates him with the trip itself cause it was one of the best trips I've been on. If he came here and we were to meet again it wouldn't be the same. I don't even know him as a person, three days is not enough to get to know someone on a deeper level.

No. 2005013

Nona email the organisers of the prize about it. Show any proof you've got, like proof of employment and say you're open for further questions.
If they don't reply start a social media campaign, just write it all down and tag/contact the creators of the other nominated works.

No. 2005088

File: 1715855477540.png (351 KB, 496x577, FbXFIqvXwAMZ8iS.png)

I told my mom I probably gained a few years of life by not having a boyfriend and plan to keep it that way and she immediately got offended and made passive aggressive remarks? Like damn, especially you out of all people, who had to live through abusive deadbeat and childish moids, should agree with that? I swear I could say the sky is blue and she would still find a way to disagree.

No. 2005098

i’ve talked to this guy online for the last 3 or so years, we were romantic on and off, would go long periods without contact etc. i always found him super cocky and insanely egotistical, but i figured it wouldn’t be a problem as sometimes it was kinda endearing and/or for cute ‘playfights’ where he hopefully would just drop it a bit and laugh about it.

after we tried to make it serious near the start of this year, to no ones surprise, he is incapable of getting his head out of his own ass. he is so condescending to all of his online/irl friends and verbally shits all over them. he gets into strange moods where he thinks he’s really witty and intellectual, and makes off the cuff disses and jokes for a few hours (admittedly, sometimes he can be funny) these jokes are usually at the expense of others, especially if they interrupt his ‘bit’ or change the conversation topic from him.

this behaviour has always gotten on my nerves about him, and after talking so often this year, i found myself getting progressively angrier (ofc.
i expressed to him that i’m sensitive and have attachment issues blah blah, i’d like it if he was completely honest with me and reassuring/compassionate. due to the nature of him finding himself a comedian, i would always be included in his little moods as well. constant jabs at my intelligence, generalising my friends as all stupid for finding him annoying, backhanded comments.
i eventually got sick of it, after so many fights stemming from me just expressing my feelings and wanting some affection.
he always goes on about how he can’t handle jealousy from women and thinks the trust should already be earned. first thing he says when we break up is that i’m an ‘attention seeking clubber who doesn’t know any better’ and ‘have a hugbox of simps i can always crawl back to, i’m way too friendly and personable with men’.
ironically, the only simping i’d encountered in the last year were from HIS weirdo friends negging me (projection?). called me ‘obviously more stupid than him’ and said ‘if we both know you’re dumb why should i have to pretend you aren’t?’ mainly because i didn’t feel like watching arthouse movies the last month because i was binging shitty comedy movies and trying to take my mind off of life.
he resorted to just saying i’m libtarding out and got mad that i called him egotistical because ‘thats a gay word’ while i was trying to have a serious conversation about how he made me feel.
he’s 27 btw. lives at home, kek yes im retarded nonas ik

No. 2005105

When things on paper start to mean nothing at all

No. 2005113

She got offended precisely because she has a history with deadbeat moids. She feels like you're calling her out for making shit decisions and/or wants you to suffer because she did and feels jealous.

t. I came from a long line of boymoms and middle-aged pickmes who made shit decisions and then made it their female children's problem.

No. 2005120

i was briefly a personalityfag and i don’t feel guilt for my actions honestly. i’m just biding my time and practicing in secret so i can brag about my progress at year’s end in the thread

No. 2005150

I have not been able to sit comfortably since my period started yesterday omg these have been the worst cramps ever. I just want to curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep

No. 2005155

I’m still thinking about this. factory workers 100 years ago had better working conditions than this.

No. 2005158

I don't get this either, my mom pities me for not wanting to get together with a scrote at all even though my dad treats her like garbage right in front of my eyes, was abusive to my sister and I growing up, etc. How retarded would I have to be to want to potentially be in the same miserable situation? It's like because they know they made a bad decision they want to suck other people into also making bad choices so they aren't the only one who has to suffer

No. 2005162

I am so fucking burnt out on life and everybody and everything. I've tried to get sober so many times and I feel like I'm a slave to alcohol. I can't enforce boundaries with anybody, everybody takes advantage of me and wants to socially dominate me. I lash out at those that put up with me until there's nobody left. I take brief moments of pleasure and they make my day but I'm just a sometime for people. I'm not important to anybody. Nobody gives a fuck about what I want, if I try to uphold a boundary or ask for anything I get cut off. It's easier to cut people off first and not even ask. Everybody lets me down. I only love my aunt and mom in this world everybody else is just using me in their own way. I feel like the world wants to pick my flesh clean then grind my bones and snort them

No. 2005183

it's been my experience that women like this also define your self worth entirely on whether or not you're in a relationship. they think even being with a low quality moid that you outshine in every way is better than being single. they would rather their daughter tie herself to someone she is unhappy with and have his children than live a satisfying life on her own.

No. 2005186

File: 1715864688752.jpeg (443.63 KB, 750x691, IMG_0644.jpeg)

>hasn’t spoken to online friend in a month or two
>she randomly messages me she’s finally graduating
>immediately suspicious feeling like an “last option” friend for her

I feel so awkward considering for some reason we were both flirting with each other KEKKKK. What a blurb. I’m sure she will probably see this anyways, she seems like the type to lurk this site, not really post but lurk it from time to time or maybe I’m too hopeful

No. 2005193

I need to fart so bad but I'm stuck in a packed train without a bathroom

No. 2005197

ease it out silently. there's so many people there that they'll never be able to pinpoint where it originated.

No. 2005203

File: 1715866576764.jpg (64.58 KB, 735x654, 1000012119.jpg)

My step sister has come to live with my parents and I, and she brought her two kids with her (of course) because she realized way too late (eight years in) that her boyfriend is a fucking loser. I like her, but I hate that she had kids so young because they burn me out every fucking day. It's the type of energy-drain that's making me tired of being in my own motherfucking house. It never occurred to me how much mess a child makes until two of them started living with my parents and I. Every single day, the house gets messed up because of them. I have never cleaned this much in my life, and I had to let children stay with me before. I have to eat in my room because no matter how much they're told to stop smacking, they keep doing it and it's almost painful. Seriously, the eat food in the loudest way imaginable, it sometimes feels like they do it on purpose. The bathroom. My god, do they fuck it up. They manage to leave food debris and toilet paper on the floor, deliberately choose not to flush, and leave the sink running even when everybody tells them to stop. They're eight and five so they can't be that retarded, but then again my sister did fucking coffee and pot while she was pregnant with both of them so maybe they are. They have no indoor voice at all. Any dialog from them is in the form of a scream or a yell, and it makes me hate talking to them. I hear everything they do, everyday when they get home from school. They are perpetually sick, and they cough as loud and open-mouthed as possible every fucking where and no matter how much their mother tells them to cover their mouth. They never leave anyone alone when someone's in the living room. A movie can be taking place, and they'll throw themselves in the center of the room dancing, cartwheeling, and play fighting to obviously get attention. They always look over your shoulder and want to know what you're doing. They sit on the stairs to fucking SPY on you when they know they should be upstairs and asleep. They constantly lie about what they like, so a lot of their snacks go uneaten unless it's by an adult because they are never honest about what they know they like. I tell myself that they're like this simply because they're children, but even then I have met a dozen kids that are so much less annoying than they are. What I hate the most about this is that it's making me experience a quarter of what it's like to be a mom when they're not even mine, and when I never asked for this. They can be playing together just fine upstairs but if they catch that someone is downstairs, they're gonna come down here to play now because these particular kids aren't the type that can be 100% fine by themselves in a room. These particular kids are the type that chronically need an audience. Again, they're not even my kids and they drain me out so fucking much. I like their mom, I can chat, go out with, and watch shows with her, but the kids? I don't hate them, but I really wish they weren't born yet, my step-sister was too young when she had them anyway. yeah yeah, I know I need to get over myself and learn to like kids more.

No. 2005204

they make being short their whole personality uwu ~ smol, tehee I'm short therefore forever young

No. 2005208

I need an update from russian husband tax-evading nonna

No. 2005209

Why does that make you suspicious? Do you suffer from paranoia?

No. 2005210

It's one of those explosive gassy farts that would make the train implode… only 5 more minutes and I'll try to drive by fart outside

No. 2005211

Forget if I said it already because my life is a mess of misery but the bright spot is apparently I gave my fwb a black eye the other night by mistake. I'm in a horrible mood today but knowing that angelic scrote is walking around with a shiner caused by me gives me a little bit of pleasure and makesme think everything might be ok. I need to beat men and I will be happy I think

No. 2005219

I told a toddler I like her dress and she narrowed her eyes at me, coughed on her dad, and then tripped on nothing and fell down on the sidewalk.

No. 2005238

NTA but worst part of wagie life is PRETENDING to be busy when you're not. Managers think a customer is going to come in to the shop and call the cops over the workers standing still or god forbid sitting down. Sorry you're living the bad ending horsegirl life nonna.

No. 2005244

Your boyfriend is retarded he easily could have taken the most basic caution to keep it from getting crushed. Hopefully he realizes this and makes it up with changed behavior in the future.

No. 2005255

Nonnie your moid won't even take care of something that is dead and desiccated. This is a caution sign.

No. 2005257

You don't need to 'learn' to like kids more, nonna. Your living situation just got turned completely upside down and you're not coping well just like 99% of any other people would in your shoes. Childrens behavior is predictable and explainable, so if you're seriously at your breaking point consider watching child psychology vids on youtube (attention seeking, deceptive behaviors, chronic fucking screaming) to see if there's an environmental change that can help curb the behavior. Good luck, I don't envy you.

No. 2005279

File: 1715871568601.jpg (173.45 KB, 1200x1200, 10d9919ddb132366f239d9db80c785…)

I got a suspended sentence!!!
I've never been so relieved.
The system works.

No. 2005282

File: 1715871733824.gif (8.97 MB, 720x540, celebrationbounce.gif)

YES! Congrats on only getting probation nonna! Were you able to get your dog back?

No. 2005289

No, unfortunately not. As part of my sentence I can't go near my ex so I probably won't see my dog again.
My solicitor said I could open up a civil case to try get him back but the whole burglary thing isn't a good look.

No. 2005296

Oh, look, another friend group dynamic I am being pushed out of thanks to a couple of new jealous pickmes upset that I fucked their male interests in the past and throwing tard rage that they are probably still interested even though I will never mess with them again.
Tale as old as time.

No. 2005297

I’m so sick of the newfags in here using tiktok language but I can’t report them because there’s still plausible deniability

No. 2005303

You're talking about "-maxxing" and "mogging", aren't you?

No. 2005304

>plausible deniability
With how heavy moderation is right now? Doubt it

No. 2005310

File: 1715872997334.jpg (25.15 KB, 400x344, BkpOaZjgZW_MAJiQOqqt3iR4afwM7f…)

Nts but that would be weird cause those definitely aren't tiktok terms lol. I remember my first exposure to maxxing and mogging was years ago here on lolcow, before tiktok existed.

No. 2005312

Those are imageboard terms that were gentrified by tiktok

No. 2005315

I think it must be because of the retarded tiktok/twitterfag speak like
>This sends me
>It gives
>-core unironically
>In my [something] era

No. 2005322

To be fair some of those terms have trickled into my vocabulary and I have never not once used Twitter nor Tiktok.

No. 2005327

Ngl, it's really hard not to type like that here despite being a user for many years. I can't lie to myself that a lot of twitter speak and culture doesn't entertain me. It doesn't help that i am in a lot of black female spaces where people talk like this casually before it was hijacked by little white girls and gays who made it annoying.

No. 2005337

I know language is fluid and all that stuff but I get why anon is mad at anons letting the tiktok and twatter lingo win.
This just means that it's so used everywhere that even spaces like lolcow will end up talking like a retarded tranny in less than a few months with stupid shit like
>serve (or serve cunt)
And so on.
Actually I'm annoyed by how there's a retard in a tiny group of kind of friends of mine, that keeps talking like a tranny because all she does is consoom, and I'm kind of bitter about it because I drew probably the best animu boy ever with a cool pose and she said he looked "cunty" I wanted to kill myself in front of her.

No. 2005346

>i am in a lot of black female spaces where people talk like this casually before it was hijacked by little white girls and gays
I feel this hard

No. 2005361

File: 1715875409181.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, 3PtbYnKx.jpg)

>my mom is invited to someones house by relatives. she does not know the host
>she is way too drunk and starts yelling at the dogs and swinging at them
>attacked by dogs
>needs surgery
Hopefully she'll realize that treating everything less powerful than her like a punching bag is a bad idea but I doubt it. I wish I could say I'm living vicariously through some dogs but I can't even muster up the feelings to do that. I just don't care anymore.

No. 2005362

i hope the dogs don't get in trouble for it

No. 2005372

I am going insane I need people to casually talk to because being alone with my thoughts makes me go all weird. I used to have my brothers to talk to but then I moved out and then I had my partner but now he works nights and I barely see him and then I had a group of online friends but then we had a falling out and the ones that are still my friends are busy and even though I always thought I was an introvert it turns out I still crave people's company in a low energy way. I'm stuck posting here on lolcow instead of having real people to talk to and I'm so lonely.

No. 2005379

Once you dont care about your abuser anymore, that is when you truly healed from it

No. 2005382

Nta but same, they don't deserve getting hurt or even killed.

No. 2005383

Wasting my life away as a NEET but when I tried to get out of it I attempted suicide, it was too much for me to bear. I want to be alive, but I don't want to be alive in this way.
Feels like I've never had a time I was happy and satisfied, but isolating myself is the closest I've ever been to "that", and I don't want to leave this. At the same time I know I'll get tired of this too and if I don't leave now it'll be too late, or maybe it already is, I don't want to find out and I'm so afraid.
The way I am now, I'm scared of everything, I struggle to post even anonymously, I'm so anxious I can't even raise my voice to speak to my therapist so I'm just wasting money, and I was assaulted a little bit ago so I'm petrified of going outside, even just hanging around in my porch. My family members tell me I'm looking worse and worse everyday, even started saying that I'm looking "old".
And at this point I just hate receiving advice, I feel too retarded to even follow it correctly. I'm living this way on purpose and wishing someone would take me out of it by force, but no one deserves that responsability. I'm just so lost.

No. 2005412

>she said he looked "cunty"
Gross. I hate how much drag show speak is infesting everything. You should've pretended you had no idea what that meant and gone "ew what does that mean" kek.
Reminds me of when I bought an anime boy sticker at a convention and my friend called him a femboy. But it was just a regular cute anime boy with a hairclip in his hair. Society is in shambles.

No. 2005454

I have to write an email to my tutors telling them that I won't be doing my project until December. I was supposed to deliver it in June so I should have at least half of it done, which is not the case at all. It will take 2 mins to write the email but I don't want to do it. I'm the slowest student at my class even though I don't have a job. I feel so dumb. I've a bad year so far, the only thing that makes me crawl out of bed everyday is my dog.

No. 2005458

ew all these terms are so faggoty. they really do fucking hate women

No. 2005461

Most "faggot" speak is stolen from black women. It goes like this: black women > fags > twitter > white women. Obviously I'm not talking about fishy.

No. 2005480

File: 1715882660712.png (866.14 KB, 998x998, PNG image.png)

There’s this guy I talk to in a beginner German class we take for fun unrelated to our degrees and I keep running into him outside of the weekly class (we dont study the same degree). As a result he lives in my head daily with me imagining delusional scenarios about us even though I know he’s just being a nice civil person like he would be to anyone else who would have ended up sitting next to him in that class.
Even today we both coincidentally had an exam in the same hall, he smiled and waved at me across the hall despite me being several rows across and away behind. I KNOW that meant nothing to him but to ME thats A LOT.

I do this with every guy who ends up being nice to me, even last year I was in a group project with a group of friends and we had to use discord regularly to complete it together and there was one really cute guy in the group who was so sweet to me making sure I was included and my voice was heard during calls, I ended up finding his IG and concocting delusional thoughts of us interacting.

I’m literally the female equivalent of men who fall for any woman being nice to them except I’m not delusional enough to think they like me back or that I’m being led on. I hate getting a reality check about it though

No. 2005484

Most faggots love skinwalking and stealing from women. There’s nothing original about drag queens it’s all about ripping off the works and creations of women. Fags are not fashion innovators either idk where that comes from

No. 2005505

I miss my ugly ass ex, I’m so horny rn

No. 2005518

You know what, that is so true. The way fags talk now, especially online, is mostly vocabulary and body language black woman have already been using 10-20+ years ago. Why they copied off of black women specifically, I have no idea.

No. 2005523

I was more talking about wannabe femcels. I haven’t noticed a particular uptake in twitterspeak recently.

No. 2005548

File: 1715885514040.png (837.17 KB, 640x601, IMG_6616.png)

i know im dying. ive felt sick for so long but it has just been played off and ive persevered. i shouldnt have ignored the mark that started appearing on my boob a few years ago. i get breast pain all the time now, and i have several new moles that have grown bigger and darker. i feel my body shutting down now before i can even get help. my bones crack every time i move them, im so tired, i feel sick all the time, my legs tingle and feel numb and i twitch all over, im finding it really hard to walk on my leg now. if you can, please pray for me. i have a doctors appointment hopefully soon as ive been too scared to go before. i guess this is it

No. 2005576

I feel the same but because of alcoholism, depression and being morbidly obese. I hope everything is okay nona. I seriously do.

No. 2005596

I'm with you, anon. Try to have the most peaceful mindset you can until you get your appointment. I wish it comes as soon as possible.

No. 2005611

File: 1715888175367.gif (1.74 MB, 540x304, 1000016764.gif)

So for the day I move far from my current location and sit one inch away from changing my identity to start a new life, should I post an enormous final message on my "family" social account to reveal the pain my family had been putting me through and why I never truly liked them, or should I move in silence and go out like a ghost?

No. 2005620

Ghosting will bother them much more

No. 2005630

File: 1715888991527.jpeg (331.97 KB, 1178x1519, IMG_9531.jpeg)

I hate “damaged” men so fucking much it’s unreal. Any man who makes being sensitive and emotional his whole personality is even more likely to be a predator than a regular retarded jock. They’re covert narcs who pretend to be more insecure and fragile than they actually are so that you’ll validate them. When someone made fun of my ex for sexting with his significantly younger female friend’s 53 year old mother when he was 16, he threw a fit and said told them he was groomed but when I asked him about it he was laughing and said he just did it because his friend thought it would be funny

No. 2005632

I'm finally done with exams and relaxing a bit
Oh how I wish I had someone dear to me to take care of me
Just cook a delicious pasta dish together, have them massage my sore back, take a bath together and then make love
Just a perfect relaxing night like this, it'd be so nice

No. 2005633

hard agree. literally every predator justifies their fucked up actions as them having some sort of damage/struggle in the present or the past. the sensitive virtue signaling ones are just the type of men who will be able to manipulate women around them to get close enough to harm. most rape isn’t violence from strangers. it’s men who women personally know who are justifying it in some way or other. it’s sad but a lot of them justify it because of “their trauma”. you never see female victims go on to prey on men for some reason though hmm….

No. 2005636

File: 1715889416617.jpg (42.55 KB, 736x900, 090f2e911387a46bcc93406d6c7b71…)

Spoiler because it's too long I got sick + anxiety and it's hard for me to eat, I can stomach few stuff nowadays and most of the time I'm not hungry. Got told I should eat several small meals through the day while I get my appetite back with levothyroxine, pretty easy and straightforward if only my parents didn't antagonize me for eating less than I used to, they straight up believe I'm deliberately starving they don't understand I'm literally sick no matter how many times doctors explain it to them. Not only do I look wasted, the added stress of these two literally fighting me daily over not gorging myself it's draining me, it makes me feel guilty for something I cannot control. I force myself to eat, yet it's not enough, eating with no hunger is awful yet they cannot even appreciate those efforts. I know I look ass but I need more patience

I don't like getting dramatic in here but this is genuinely one of the worst eras I've been through in my life. Despite being just an hormonal dysfunction, this situation really has destroyed me physically and mentally, I literally got no pride left. I cannot look in the mirror, I don't even go out nor like to take showers because then I would've to touch and see my body. My favorite meals gross me out, they look at me crazy for eating oatmeal, I forget stuff and mess up more often, i had to drop out for some weeks. Everyday it's some bullshit and I feel so alone, I don't even know how I managed to not kill myself, prolly because I'm so stressed I just forget about the days as they go by, i cannot remember what happened last week for example. I pray every night for literally any type of help but it just seems like the same damn day repeating itself, I feel like I'm on a permanent dejavu, trapped into another dimension with a body I don't understand nor recognize. I'm miserable and deeply scared, any improvement in my quality of life would mean so much for me. I just want to be normal again but it's been so long it sounds like a pipedream to me at this point, I cannot remember what life felt like before all of this, i just cannot believe a pill could fix this fucking mess but I sure hope it does

No. 2005659

time is passing by so quickly
I miss the feeling of being a kid, when everything seemed eternal

No. 2005703

>develops a crush
>goes schitzo at sight of reflection
Every fucking time!

No. 2005733

Sometime in the last few years I went from planning for the future to, eh, let’s see how far I can realistically get before suicide becomes the better option. Even the best are set up to fail and I am far from the best. I work so hard yet I look ahead and still see myself dying destitute

No. 2005741

I wish breaking up was as easy as it sounds. I hate that I care about him. I don't deserve this treatment, I don't accept it but every time we have a fight he starts crying and yelling how much he loves me with his stupid puppy eyes. I wish his family wasn't so nice, I wish my family didn't love him and always takes his side, I wish he cheated on me or some bullshit but we're just not right for each other. I don't have anyone else either, no friends nothing. Why did I decide to depend on a scrote in the first place, I wish I could go to the past me and just say "don't settle for less anon". I need to break up with him and somehow accept I'll have no one left and need to build a social network again. Never start dating, love is so cruel.

No. 2005773

I sympathize deeply with having to eat despite having no appetite because of thyroid issues. It's so disgusting. The physical disgust you feel when you place it in your mouth, the meaningless as it sits on your tongue as you get no pleasure from the taste, and the mechanical chewing followed by the nausea and choking feeling from swallowing. And then you're expected to do it like fifty more times just to finish one meal. And then you're expected to eat three meals a day. It's exhausting and it's just easy to not eat and lose the weight.
I hope it gets better.

No. 2005778

I’m experienced with loneliness. But feeling so alone when my partner is under the same roof is new to me. This somehow feels even worse.

No. 2005782

I just told a family member on the phone, who has said I can talk to him about anything during this difficult period of my life, I have been feeling a bit under the weather for couple days. Then this piece of shit replied with "Oh, see I told you, you don't exercise enough. You're so prone." Like what the fuck? It's the equivalent of "Well, you kinda deserved to be sick, haha." to me. Not the first time for this kind of backhand comment from him but this one was the last straw. All trust are now completely gone and shattered. I will keep talking to him for reasons but there will be zero sincerity from now on. Enjoy the show, fucker.

No. 2005783

the more i drink the more i understand why people become drunks. just feels good. when i move i'll just enjoy a drunk saturday kek

No. 2005822

I'm in a similar boat nonna. It sucks needing to get out but not being able too. I've tried breaking up but he always throws tantrums and my family can't stop bringing him up as "perfect." I wish I never agreed to this. But I hope you are able to get out soon. Remember that this is the only life you get to live so why spend it with someone who makes you miserable? That keeps me going.

No. 2005862

Red is supposed to be CHERRY. I am so sick of all this fucking bullshit every day non-stop crap is flung at me… If I ask for a snow cone and I ask you what flavour it is and you literally run the fucking ice cream store and you tell me it's cherry but it's NOT cherry it's actually strawberry why did you even do that to me?? I don't even know why they make other red flavours what's the point when cherry already exists?? I'd get it if strawberry was pink or something but NO it's usually red so like half the time it's tricking you and tricking the consumer in general which is a bad business practise. Whoever made strawberry flavoured stuff is actually pissing me off really bad right now I'm typing this and I'm so angry I'm fuming. I just wanted a snow cone now I have a piece of shit in a cone that tastes like dog crap even though it's red so it SHOULD taste good, however, I was lied to and betrayed by someone I thought I could trust that goes to show you: never try new restaurants or ice cream parlours because it seems like they are often run by either sadists that get off on seeing you disappointed OR idiots so retarded that they can't read words so they honest to God don't know how to even sound out the word "c-h-e-r-r-y" but whatever I guess this is what I get for indulging myself and getting a snowcone on a hot day. Ugh.

No. 2005872

Idgaf if I get banned for racebaiting but I hate uwu hijabi muslim girls who are rude as fuck. I saw one who bullied me in middle and high school around town today and her friends looked at me and my friend and bumped into her on purpose. She only told me after but I'd have tugged that thing right off her head if it wasn't considered a hatecrime, walking around like you own the place with your identical braindead club of towelhead servants. Pretend to be so uwu pure when you bully everyone who isn't like you, god I thought my anger issues were gone but these types of people make them come right back. These bitches haven't changed a bit, fucking physically confront someone you never met because she's walking next to someone you bullied for being autistic in middle school. Fuck you and fuck your god.

No. 2005875

File: 1715907473089.gif (892.69 KB, 500x390, 1000016769.gif)

>walking around like you own the place with your identical braindead club of towelhead servants

No. 2005877

They pretend to be uwu modest while wearing 10 kilos of makeup and yelling at everyone they see. Idec if you're muslim but these particular women have made my school time absolute hell and seeing them again provoked a new level of anger, how can you not change in so many years?

No. 2005882

I'm no muslim or even an arabian. I'm not even offended by your anger at those wannabe-Stacy bitches. Shit, as wild as I get in here, even I know better than to act like a disrespectful fool IRL like your bully did. I was just looking at your poetic way of insulting her.

No. 2005883

Kek sorry anon I'm just so angry, if they do or say something to me that's one thing but don't touch my friends.

No. 2005887

AYRT sorry I deleted my comment because of a typo. But nah, you're not wrong for being mad at them. They were out of line, not you.

No. 2005890

Thank you nonna, idk how you can be over 20 and still act like that. I guess they only make themselves look stupid in the long run but it's just depressing, back then I always thought they would be ashamed of their behavior in a few years but I guess some people just don't want to change.

No. 2005893

Should have smacked her upside the head when she passed by. Say something like "Oops, I have autism and tourettes. I was triggered." Fuck em.

No. 2005944

File: 1715914209836.jpg (148.6 KB, 1200x900, 1000016162.jpg)

Did a person, especially a family member, ever scream at you that you never share your true thoughts, opinions, feelings, and interests with them but you're okay with that because you would rather die than fully trust them?

No. 2005977

No. 2005980

how is it even possible that we have nukes but not a fan that blows cold air and doesn’t need a pump through a window? is there some magic fan in china or japan i just don’t know about aiiiigoooo

No. 2005981

im kinda struggling right now i'm trying to quit smoking or at least cut back drastically because my cough has gotten really bad and its turning into a deep wheeze and i just feel weird not being able to smoke. the technique i'm using is just trying to make it through the next 30 minutes without smoking, and then make it through another 30 minutes without smoking, again and again and again until i eventually forget that i need it, but its really hard. its not the same as alcoholism or drug addiction to nefarious drugs, medical marijuana is seen as beneficial in my state so 'addiction' or overuse of it isn't taken very seriously and is basically laughed off because MMJ is seen as the only drug that for some reason isn't possible to overuse.

No. 2005982

Where would the condensation go? How would you be able to have clean air? It would be like only recycling air conditioning in your car, just power-recirculating the same pollutants, bacteria, dusts, etc into your air for you to constantly reinhale and become sick from

No. 2005987

Yeah, and you know why they do that? Because they want to have fodder to later manipulate you with. That's why you don't need to tell them shit

No. 2005989

No. 2006005

you hit me with the dumbass shit nostalgia. rip

No. 2006009

samefag but i just want to be high. ive been eating to satisfy the time that i'd be smoking and i dont want to get fat i just want to not feel like this

No. 2006046

File: 1715921249176.jpeg (283.74 KB, 750x751, IMG_7074.jpeg)

I hate the favoritism shown to a scrote at my work. It’s so tiresome seeing this moid being treated like a god and his arrogance growing by the day as a result. There are plenty more capable women at my job but ofc they get overlooked. Fuck working, fuck scrotes and fuck pickme enablers of this behavior.

No. 2006052

Your post reminds me of a strange lesson I had to learn from working. If a girl or two describe a guy something like: "awesome though weird but you'll get used to him", chances are he's just an asshole and they only admire him because they wanna fuck him.

No. 2006054

Omg yeah and hes never actually attractive but there are slim pickings at the establishment so they laugh weirdly intensely at his retarded jokes and are like "omg Brian this isn't you" whenever he gets into a fistfight with another line cook

No. 2006066


No. 2006070

not even being facetious how the hell did you chew off acrylic are your teeth made of stone

No. 2006077

Most of my boyfriend's coworkers are Californian women, and he's inadvertently getting an annoying Californian accent, complete with vocal fry and expressions like "That's crazyyyyyy". It's the biggest fucking turn off and I don't know how to make him stop.

No. 2006083

i nEED to dye my hair; should i get it over with tonight? it's like 10pm here and we leave 8pm tomorrow

i just don't WANNA like i know my husband would pay for it but i think it's a waste of money since i used to work at a a hairschool for years and know how to mix it but it's so fucking MESSY i wish i could have an ai that would do this

No. 2006094

i'm the nonneta that has been all over the vent thread for some time few months ago sperging over being harassed and ghosting the guy i liked after not being able to cope with my situation. i ended up not having to do anything nonnies told me to do because he started to leave me on read and ignore me on his own, so i haven't messaged him for a month now because of how bad i've gotten mentally.
Things aren't well, i know it wouldn't be this hellish if i were on my meds. i plan to make a psychiatric appointment asap so i can go through things in a more smooth way. i'm very lucky that my friend has been supporting me all this time and is set on not letting me message him and harm myself any further. i just want to heal and get better one day.

No. 2006107

sorry for laughing nonny, that does sound cringe inducing

No. 2006110

File: 1715926576196.jpeg (Spoiler Image,68.05 KB, 1080x242, IMG_6857.jpeg)

Nonnas, can you be honest with me? Do you think my teeth is ugly?
I think they’re fine and never had any problems with them until one day I saw someone on tiktok said that its not good for you and you should invest in braces (which I currently don’t have the funds to).

No. 2006118

Tbh anon I don’t think people care unless you have no teeth/ or methhead teeth. I like how it looks like you have fangs tho. If it doesn’t interfere with the rest of your teeth or puts your oral health at risk there’s no need to get braces.

No. 2006119

I dont think your teeth are ugly, but damn is Count Orlok in your family tree somewhere?

No. 2006120

Yeah as a fellow teeth haver, invest in dental care please

No. 2006122

The fangs are cool, I don't think they're ugly.

No. 2006123

Are you British?

No. 2006126

cool fangs

No. 2006127

japanese girls are paying to get your kawiwi animu fangs

No. 2006129

they look fine lol that level of being "crooked" shouldnt even count. im just surprised (neutrally) at how pointy your canines are

No. 2006130

File: 1715927582983.jpg (23.79 KB, 539x561, crying.jpg)

i met a guy off the internet and i think i have a crush, but i am so ugly i am fearing meeting him. At first i though he was going to be equally ugly but he sent me a photo and he's pretty cool, definetly beyond my league. I dont know what to do i dont have money to invest on my looks and he wants to meet soon.

No. 2006131

ntayrt but it looks like her canines are twisted on their sides so we're seeing a sort of profile angle rather than the front on look of the teeth.
i wouldn't think twice about your teeth if i saw you out and about, they look like the average person's teeth. when i see your teeth i don't think anything. you have ambivalent teeth. most people have somewhat crooked teeth anyway. even after i took out my braces, some of my teeth shifted from their "perfect" positions (even tho i wear my retainers every night) and the dentist told me that everyones teeth are constantly moving as they get older. i recommend you talk to a dentist not about braces but just a retainer for night-time wear. even though they look normal now and you don't have any dental problems yet, in the future something could happen so you should try to preserve the nice smile you have now. retainers are usually priced in the 100-300 dollar range so its not a total crazy rip-off like braces. at the end of the day, making sure your tooth enamel is healthy and that you avoid cavities and tooth loss should be a #1 priority in everyone's life.

No. 2006134

I have no idea nonnie, I vaguely remember I ripped them off from the base of the nail (near the cuticles) but the ones on my thumbs have visibly been chewed on. I’m doing some serious drunk forensics to figure this out

No. 2006135

I knew nothing about tooth loss until today, when I found out at the dentist about my bone loss. Remember to floss, nonnas. Apparently nearly half of Americans over 30 have gum disease.

No. 2006137

Was it painful?

No. 2006138


No. 2006139

Surprisingly not! But I’m trying to get the ones of my thumbs off in the same way and it’s not working at all. They’re completely stuck. I don’t know what sort of insane of tard strength I must have unlocked while drunk…

No. 2006140

Yes. Early periodontal disease.

No. 2006141

Sorry to hear about your bone loss nona. If it makes you feel any better, I had something similar with gum recession because of over-aggressive brushing. My dentist told me about remedies though, and I'm planning on getting a gum transplant or gingival veneers in the near future. It's super scary to think even though I go to the dentist twice a year, something like this could happen and it made me really rethink my outlook on dental health and hygiene. I hope it gets better for you in the future nona.

No. 2006144

Thank you for your kind words. I've definitely had a change in my outlook as well. I'm going to look into preventative measures to make sure my dental health does not get any worse. Good luck with your teeth nona, and thank you again.

No. 2006145

BONE LOSS? I am so fucked nonnies. You can never get rid of gum disease and I got that shit as a kid

No. 2006147

If he knows what you look like and still wants to meet there shouldnt be a problem.. does he not?

No. 2006148

he doesnt

No. 2006149

Gum disease is treatable, and although you can't grow your gums back there are lots of ways to address gum loss before it leads to the point of bone loss. Look into gum transplants, veneers, and improve your existing dental hygiene routine. It sucks that dental care is so expensive, but it's our teeth are really important. It's never too late to change your habits and to fix it!

No. 2006152

bby girl go anyway, there are a lot of things you can do to immediately make yourself better looking day of like fixing your posture. also drugstore mascara and tinted chapstick makes a world of difference for dudes for some reason. there are plenty of tutorials online for ways to style your hair on a budget or with what you have in the house. aside from trying to go out of your way to look better for him even if you’re a goblin dudes are objectively less attractive than women and will do just about anything for the chance of breathing near a woman.

No. 2006153

thanks nonny, its just that he's the rare moid that isnt a bridge troll or unemployed thats actually interested in me. I got 0 money to buy anything so i guess i will try to brush my hair nicely. It truly sucks being a poorfag.

No. 2006164

I always forget what the millionth post was, so it’s always a lot funnier whenever I see it.

No. 2006181

File: 1715935778425.jpeg (93.48 KB, 540x960, IMG_7982.jpeg)

Nigel broke my heart and left me and is some stranger idk probably gonna kill myself can’t stand living with my parents my dad is so fucking abusive everyday with him is hell at least I could delude myself into thinking my Nigel loved me and he did a lot more for me than my dad ever has if it weren’t for my mom I wouldn’t have a place to live can someone please come put me down like ol yeller. I literally have a court case after this man hurt me so many times the one time I defend myself I’m being charged. I’m too loyal and too poor to get into it even good lawyers were telling me this isn’t something I wanna fight in court. I hate life. I hate not having a lover to be next to. It’s just fuckboys and smelly losers. I hate being disabled. Fuck my life forever. That man was my best friend and now I can’t even go home. He probably wants me to die and if he doesn’t it’s because he wants me to suffer. I still love him. I’m a fucking retard.

No. 2006206

File: 1715937439246.jpeg (142.59 KB, 960x1076, IMG_7918.jpeg)

Samefag at least I have (prescribed) benzos to keep me in some sort of stasis of false sanity for now, bless. Wish I could feel somewhat whole without another person to love me. Wish my family could be more supportive and not so antagonistic, wish I didn’t move from a bustling fun hip place to the middle of fucking nowhere bullshit sticks ass super old people area. Just fucking sucks. If I do find anyone else it will probably me settling for some ugly scrote my dads age ffs. That’s not the life he ever wanted for myself. What’s the POINT. My ex broke me down to pieces and I’m in little broken bits with such a distant support network. I wanna spend most days with somebody, how am I ever supposed to get to know someone if I’m not seeing them multiple times a week? I hate talking over text. But then meeting people in person I’m fucking AUTISTIC with bullshit issues like what I have all the cards stacked against me. Fuck my Saturn return fuck being this big age and living with my shitty dad I hate this.

No. 2006216

for years the only thing i offered the world was being attractive and now i'm 25 single, have no social skills and barely getting to know myself (i spent all my "goood" years in retarded and toxic romantic relationships now im so bad at having connections no one will talk to me)

No. 2006220

It’s so hot. I want to die.

No. 2006221

File: 1715939060323.jpg (22.62 KB, 349x512, 4888f3d138e904e5021d337f89035c…)

>I'm 25
>I've spent all my "goog years"
Nonnie, the good years have just begun

No. 2006236

Nonnie you're super young. Some people come to the same realization much later or they don't at all. There's still a lot of time to change something. You have to be extremely lucky to have good and healthy relationships in your teens or early 20s without any or very little previous experience.

No. 2006241

they're fine but I'd deffo consider braces once you can afford it because the front teeth don't look like they're aligning perfectly

No. 2006247

Latereply but thanks nonnie, I hope you can get out too. I feel so sick from worrying, wish he'd break up with me.

No. 2006249

File: 1715942170411.jpg (124.31 KB, 667x1000, 1000013419.jpg)

I feel like I will never escape my mother's programming. She raised me to be a helpless, dependent child with zero self-esteem. She was always right, I was always wrong. I'm always the one who needs to be corrected and directed because otherwise I will fuck up things and get lost. She's always been conditional in her support; she will financially support my education, but only if she picks the degree I will study. She will give me money so I can buy myself clothes but only if she gets to pick what I should wear. She always knows best.

Recently I got engaged and literally my first thought was, 'oh no, she's not going to like this'. And when I mentioned it to her, naturally, I was called rash (we've been dating for over 2 years) and stupid. Then when she dealt with the shock, she told me 'that I am on my own now'.

I hate the depressed, helpless and dependent baby she raised me to be and I hate that as an adult in her 30s, she's still emotionally the center of my universe. Whatever I do or say, I feel like she's in my brain, monitoring and judging everything. I have been in therapy for decades with multiple therapists and the topic has always been her her and her, and yet I feel like I haven't improved anything and nothing has changed.

No. 2006252

Was going to write a longer post, but I just think therapy is a meme.

No. 2006253

It's actually a thing that zoomers use terminally online imageboard and videogame related terminology on their normie conversations now. Look up etymology nerd, he explains it

No. 2006254

Sometimes I feel like it's too heavy when it doesn't need to be and then it's too light when it should had been harsher

No. 2006260

2 years is kind of a short time tbh

No. 2006270

cant find anything anon

No. 2006276

aaaaaaaaaaaaaa i wanna buy shit i wanna buy shit i wanna spend my money aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

No. 2006284

Love the fangs nonny, I think they’re cute. Keep them.

No. 2006297

I like your fangs a lot actually. Fix them if they're actually harming your health, but if it's just visual do not bother. Orthodontics are a scam anyway.

No. 2006300

File: 1715946982050.jpeg (115.21 KB, 685x1200, IMG_4440.jpeg)

Why cant I wake up to a body like this.

No. 2006301

Cut her off. No contact

No. 2006314

You wanna look like an ant?

No. 2006325

get contact lenses with meitu installed

No. 2006327

No one looks like that irl. Don’t be retarded

No. 2006343

Download photoshop

No. 2006352

File: 1715952259634.jpg (11.89 KB, 236x291, animeboycrying.jpg)

Im not a TRA or woke but also not a radfem. I'm not a radthot or pickme but I dont hate men. Why is the internet full of discourse I just want to have fun

No. 2006365

File: 1715952763062.png (819.88 KB, 1192x900, IMG_0674.png)

I really hope that anon answers my questions for the tarot read for read kek, I’m going to get upset if I don’t get it honestly

No. 2006384

i think my friend is unironically racist wtf

No. 2006401

thoughts are prayers with you anon, love you

No. 2006416

i hope you’ll be alright nonna, praying it isn’t anything too serious

No. 2006419

I added too much pepper to spaghetti napoli I made and now it’s spicy as fuck (not in a good way), I’m so sad because I’m sure it would taste really good without it.

No. 2006422

Try cooking more tomatoes or whatever you used to make the sauce and add it in

No. 2006425

I have only one tomato left and I have to save it for my family, but thank you for advice nonnie. It’s only today’s dinner anyways so it’s not that bad.

No. 2006428

File: 1715956812936.jpg (29 KB, 500x435, 8b5b7f7edbf1484b63fdbbfc187518…)

I wonder when I start to feel an adult? 24 and everything in life feels unreasonably difficult. Feeling like a toddler with adult responsibilities, so overwhelmed.

No. 2006444

nta but ive actually seen girls with a body like that irl, it makes me jealous

No. 2006456

I know I have cubital tunnel syndrome but now I'm wondering if my stiff fingers are also a symptom or if it's potentially arthritis, since it runs if my fathers side of the family.

No. 2006469

I'm 25 and I feel the same. I don't think I'll ever feel like an adult, I still see myself as a big child among people who know what they're doing.

No. 2006475

You guys are delusional if you think thats shooped

No. 2006478

I have difficulty verbalizing my thoughts so i hope this makes sense but i fucking hate how horny big boob art or whatever is always fucking shoved down my throat as a straight woman. If you don't wanna see someone's stupid fetish you're automatically labelled as a "prude" or "jealous" because god forbid you aren't attracted to women. Can you imagine if women talked about moids like this? They'd be shut down immediately and called creepy but the reverse is the norm. The worst part is other women encourage it, especially bihets or fakebians that are like "OOH MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY BIG BOOBA I LOVE BIG TIT HENTAI" and openly promote moidgaze art and shit on other women for not liking it. I could just be a seething flatty or whatever but i'm just not attracted to boobs at all because i'm straight, and i don't see porn/hentai or small chested women being talked about like this to perceive it as an issue.

No. 2006504

Get off of insta and tiktok it’s rotted your brain. You can have a similar body for sure, but she’s definitely shooped.

No. 2006512

That's normal, anime and all the fetishization of women's bodies in general is fucked on every level.

No. 2006513

Is this before or after she ate something for the day?

No. 2006514

That is a one piece woman come to life tf you mean it isn’t shooped. In the improbable case that it’s real, she’s had BBL and lipo or something

No. 2006524

File: 1715962215706.jpeg (41.69 KB, 1080x605, IMG_7877.jpeg)

>7 hours later
>nobody replied to my vent
Screaming into the void someone please open it up a little for me so I can just jump in fuck

No. 2006573

File: 1715964022442.jpg (66.67 KB, 736x736, ducky.jpg)

sometime i wonder if my mental health is bad or if i just feel like shit. as per usual i woke up yawning and exhausted. i have only woken up feeling refreshed once in my life and it was the best day in my life, i was euphoric…solely because i felt good and could think straight. now that i'm getting up in the years i realize that things won't really get better for me.

No. 2006583

God, I want nothing more than to get out of this shithole, it is the only, only thing I think about. Every single day. I have never once felt at home here, I want out so fucking bad and it genuinely scares me to think that I never might. If I haven't made it out by thirty, I will kill myself. I will not spend my whole life in this shit place.

No. 2006591

Sometimes, I wish I did live in the worlds that incels concoct in their heads. I truly wish my life was on easy mode 24/7, I never experience any form of suffering and I never have to work for a single thing.

No. 2006629

Kek, nobody gives a fuck about your marriage

No. 2006635

i'm sick of this life where we're constantly competing

No. 2006651

everyday i wish i had killed my parents for birthing me into this world, selfish bastards.

No. 2006664

i thought i healed but i can’t even look at photos of myself at my lowest without feeling sad and fearful

No. 2006674

I turn 31 soon and it never ends. Adulthood is all about being a stupid child with literally no idea about what is going on. My late grandmother agreed with me, she said you never stop feeling like a teen in an adult's body, you just get a little bit more experienced with life as it goes. Adulthood is also about pretending that you know what you're doing, just so others won't judge you. In reality though, nobody knows.

No. 2006751

I’ve been binge eating again… I always feel like shit after but I just never feel satisfied so I keep eating. Life is hell

No. 2006762

3.5 more hours of work i cant take it anymore set me free!!!!!! i am on my period and i'm fucking EXHAUSTED i can barely keep my eyes open. it should be illegal to have to go to work while on your period

No. 2006763

If men got periods it would be

No. 2006770

My legs hurt because of my period and there's some annoying child screaming outside.

No. 2006801

I'm too stupid and retarded to learn and get better. Everyone else moves ahead while I'm forever stuck repeating the same retard mistakes over and over. I wish I could just pay someone to live my life for me and be the me I'll never get to be. That sounds retarded but I'm too stupid to do better myself. I wish I could get someone else to make me better for me. I know that's impossible. Everything I ever think of and say are retarded gibberish. I hate being a stupid retard.

No. 2006820

Did you fail at something again? if so, just take a break for a bit nonnie

No. 2006823

Just use my branch you stupid piece of shit! That’s what the git history is for asshole! I am not copying my shit to yours do it your damn self faggot

No. 2006841

I wish I was born pretty and smart. I was browsing twitter and came across this ethot cosplayer twitch streamer Stacey who also works as a software engineer and graduated from an Ivy League, and I've never felt so insecure in my life. Some people just have everything…

No. 2006869

I just poked myself in the eyeball with a spiky plastic wrapper. Wtf do i do now

No. 2006889

File: 1715980055865.jpeg (211.06 KB, 1500x1500, nona's new look.jpeg)

Start looking for affordable yet fashionable eye-wear like picrel.

No. 2006895

Damn you're right, maybe ill look good with an eyepatch

No. 2006904

i hit rock bottom i posted on 4chan soc and got addicted to male attention and now i can't stop

No. 2006905

File: 1715980748041.jpg (37.03 KB, 736x483, e64be5bec1839b1d5aa89f67f7c703…)

Nonnas, I am tired. Idk how they do it but literally every moid my age I talk to is already in a relationship. The supposed male loneliness epidemic I swear must be some fucking psy op. I've met males who were deathfats, unwashed, uncharismatic, uneducated, poor and worse and they're all in a relationship. Idk how so many women seem to be able to just conjure a Nigel out of thin air whenever, when even the bottom of the barrel moids are all taken. I know this is retarded, heterosexuality should really be classified as a mental illness I kniw, but, man I want a Nigel too!

No. 2006912

That’s why incels don’t really exist. If you really can’t get a girlfriend out of the various women with extremely low standards and expectations for the men they date then you are truly far gone and can’t be fucking helped.

No. 2006932

As an ex /soc/ camwhore, i can empathize. It's a vicious cycle. If you want a safer outlet of seeking scrote attention just install a dating app but don't reply to any of the moids on there. 4chan scrotes aren't worth anything and i was essentially groomed by one (i nearly got into a relationship with a 30 year old at 18 years old, we even made plans to meet up)

No. 2006942

try aiming at the middle or top of the barrel instead? there's surprising amounts of normie and even handsome men out there who aren't dating around

No. 2006952

Keep reminding yourself what the moids on the other side are very likely to look like. Channers don't practice basic hygiene.

No. 2006962

File: 1715982490623.jpg (103.22 KB, 1200x675, ytj.jpg)

I miss art communities so bad. I miss having mutuals in online art spaces getting excited about each other's creations, collaborating and giving each other ideas. We really had it all. I'm actually crying because I feel so lonely. Every piece I finish just sits there useless and unseen and even if I put it online it's not the faceless internet crowd I want to see it, but people I have a bond with. Having 5-6 art space friends who all like each other's stuff is 1000 times better than tons of unknown followers and likes. I miss feeling seen. I miss taking part in other people's ideas. I miss that connection so bad.

No. 2006985

File: 1715983419162.jpg (50.47 KB, 640x253, tumblr_mo415pWPCH1qe0nxpo1_640…)

Please don't remind me. I used to be a Deviantart kid in the early 2010's. I've met so many fantastic friends there, and we used to spend all evenings talking on Skype about our OCs, fandoms, art trades etc. Now all of them are either troons or no longer artists and the friendships fizzled out after so many years. Fairly sure it's now impossible to form such (surprisingly healthy) connections in this way. The internet used to be so human wtf happened??

No. 2006987

met this guy on tumblr (first mistake) he messaged me and i thought he seemed cool and pretty attractive, into the same music, no porn on his blog and kept it very casual for the first bit. started flirting a little bit and i end up sending nudes (second mistake, biggest mistake) and ever since then he's been HOUNDING me. like multiple messages a day, even if i dont reply. always really creepy gross messages don't even want to post the worst of them but a tame one would be like "dreamt about eating your ass last night please feed me" and i ended up blocking him eventually on every app. he creates fake accounts to message me and beg me to unblock him, sends me anons on tumblr and everything. like jesus fucking christ dude take the hint. i seriously thought he was cool at first and a little out of my league tbh

No. 2007008

I'm feeling so lonely and I wish something would shut off my restless mind

No. 2007009

that sounds so fun
there used to be sites where you could roleplay by drawing your oc and making them interact with other people through drawing
I wish I could find a place like this

No. 2007013

i share the same feeling and for some reason posting art on ig just doesn't feel right, it feels superficial like only caring for likes and followers and no actual connection with other artists. it sucks

No. 2007020

Does anyone have fits of irrational anger when depressed? Like seething anger? How do you control it? I need to act bubbly for an occasion tomorrow with a bunch of people I’m not really into and I’m always really bad at faking it and covering it up, so people hate me for being present in the first place. How can I disconnect from my anger and act bubbly for 8 hours?

No. 2007021

Same. It is genuinely soul crushing and I don't want to create anymore.

No. 2007023

i want to move to a big city so bad. not new york or houston but like…seattle. dc. san francisco. i just hate being stuck in the south so much even though i have an okay job and can live well here it’d be like being poor anywhere i want to be

No. 2007033

There's still no power where I live…fuck.

No. 2007035

This is the dumbest thing to be annoyed over, but my bf is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist because he watched that French guy's documentary and it bothers me so much because he regurgitates "jet fuel can't melt steel beams" (yeah, in perfect settings, not in aggravated settings with a mass impact, etc.) and it makes me a little unattracted to him. I can get behind the argument that the US knew by the time the plane took flight or maybe even before then. But to act like the towers falling down was staged is just crazy to me. I am all for looking at alternative theories and points of views, but I also like to research rebuttals and other perspectives to gain a more holistic perspective. It feels silly to me when people watch one documentary and their perspective matches just the one argument they read/watched/heard etc. I wish I didn't feel this way because it makes me feel unattracted.

No. 2007040

as someone who used to be on dA a lot in the mid 2000s, I miss old internet communities like you wouldn't believe, we really didn't know how good we fucking had it
hell , even early tumblr was good

No. 2007043

irritability is a depression symptom itself, unfortunately. depression is also tied to poor sleep so that could be related too. consider it like a game where you try to act opposite of how you feel? or bribe yourself with a treat afterwards. is this something you truly have to go to like work or family event?

No. 2007048

He makes me so fucking miserable and doesn't seem to give a shit about anyone else unless they cater to his fetishes or flavor of the week hyperfixations
But if I leave then I'm the abusive one and he's gonna kill himself on a plane, supposedly

No. 2007054

Family event but I have to go. I already avoid most events but not going to this one especially when the person has done me so many favors before would be shitty.

No. 2007055

is anybody out there
does anyone hear me

No. 2007060

Can this summer depression shit just stop? I hate it so fucking much. No one understands it and everyone thinks it's something like "oh, you hate your body, so you hate wearing short clothes and therefore feel depressed during summer" or "you can't afford a vacation, that's why you are depressed". No, you fucking pricks, I have summer depression, I'm depressed, my brain is a stupid shit and is making a fuss about sunshine and heat and the only way to heal it is medication (no money) or having a cool room I can go to and recharge (no money, again). There is no cure like a daylight lamp, because the massive amount of daylight is the problem for my brain and it's nice that no one understands it, but all those suicidal thoughts are creeping back into my mind and I know that I will have to avoid certain spots in my city in a few months again to not act on something I don't really want to do. And if anyone ever tells me again that I just have to thing positive and go outside to catch some sunlight to make my depression go away and how nice the weather is, I might lose it. If people tell me that they are depressed during the winter, I understand it and won't give them any needless advice or act like they are imagining things, just because I love winter and feel the best when it's cold and raining, so why can't they shut up and stop treating me like a stupid child who doesn't know what is good for it.

No. 2007071

No. 2007079

I really hope both Trump and/or Biden die before the election. I can't stand US election season the internet becomes fucking unbearable

No. 2007080

I don’t know how I’m supposed to go to work 40 hours a week while ALSO looking for a new job and a new place to live, while ALSO losing my pet, while ALSO being so constantly sad and lonely and tired. I’ve passed up promotions because I’m not good with people and don’t feel like I can put more energy into my job than I already do. I’m tapped out. I feel like I’m doing about as well as a fuckup like me can do and guess what, it’s not a life. I try and make progress when I’m feeling okay but it never lasts and I slide back again, I just survive, try to save my money til my savings inevitably gets wiped out by the next thing. Continuing to show up for work when I want to blow my brains out is taking 100% of my effort and there’s just nothing left for anything else.

No. 2007088

I cannot fucking stand people who have/claim to have ADHD, which at this point in society seems to be every second zoomer and their dog. The constant bitching and moaning that they "cant do this coz of my adhd", trying to link every topic of their conversation ever to their "adhd" and how theyre so special and different, making it their entire personality. I'm sure maybe 5-10% of the diagnosed ones are actual retards who biologically cannot physically focus, but the other 95% are just lazy undisciplined little shits who've been coddled and spoon fed everything their whole life so theyve never needed to actually buckle down and work. They do bad in school because theyre fuckin dumb. Then they just stick their hand out for amphetamines instead of actually trying to yknow put a slight bit of effort to better their life and habits. Everyone procrastinates, everyone struggles with motivation to do mundane and/or boring shit, but its a fact of life that sometimes you just have to DO shit, motivation or not. I was kicked out at 17 and went straight into full time work living with strangers yet these cunts cry about doing the dishes living in their parents house at 26. Psychiatry/neurodivergence field whatever you wanna call it is such a scam in this society, every minor personality quirk or action is pathologised and subsequently used as an excuse.

No. 2007092

I just finished a book and now I’m sad. I

No. 2007103

>every minor personality quirk or action is pathologised and subsequently used as an excuse.
I’m the dipshit who posted above you, I actually have a zoomer colleague who is currently trying to get on disability for her mentals and while I deeply sympathize, it makes me feel like a fucking idiot for just…sucking it up and working while she gets to stay out. I guess my pride is screwing me over but I can’t debase myself like that when I’m obviously still able-bodied, even if I do want to throw myself off the roof once in a while.

No. 2007108

what book

No. 2007123

I went to the store today to buy two new pairs of jeans and god I fucking hate my body. I don’t like looking at myself in the mirror and dressing rooms make me nervous, especially when there’s other people around like today. The jeans themselves were fine and they fit me great but it’s been soured. I don’t like my body. I’m too thin and my body’s a rectangle shape so I just don’t feel “womanly”. I don’t have a defined waist either so that’s another point of insecurity. I’m just flat and thin and I used to get made fun of it back when I was a kid and it still kind of fucks with me even now as an adult. I hate it whenever anyone makes any comment about my body, even “positive” ones like me being thin because that just makes my stupid ED brain want to relapse and I hate that too. I’ve been normal about food for months now and I don’t want to just throw that progress away. I’m not tall either (I’m 5’1”) so I can’t even pull off the cool modelesque androgynous look. I just look awkward.

Additionally, I’m paranoid of how other people perceive me and my body. Sometimes I worry about being thought of as a TIF by other women when I’m not. I feel like I have broad shoulders. I feel like I look like a little boy. I don’t really dress particularly feminine either and I prefer modest fashion, I always have. But that doesn’t compare to the idea of being perceived by moids which is 10x worse. For one, I feel like no one would want me anyway because I’m disgustingly thin. Two, with my physique and my baby face I’m paranoid that any moid who did like me would just turn out to be a secret pedo which grosses me out. I just wish that there were more women who look like me that don’t lean into that disgusting wannabe coquette autopedophillic bullshit that seems so common with being “petite”. I don’t want to be some disgusting moid’s disgusting fucking fetish. I want to feel attractive and desirable, or even cute. I want to like my body. I believe that all women’s body types are beautiful but I just can’t show myself that same kindness.

No. 2007164

I'm so sad. I don't want to leave college yet. I'm going to miss my friends and being on campus. I'm not ready to be a real adult.

No. 2007169

File: 1715995128269.jpg (48.96 KB, 728x720, 1000015852.jpg)

Goddamn, I never realized how fat people can fuck up some furniture until I got back the office chair that my mom was borrowing. It feels wobbly in odd places, like it's going to dismantle on its own eventually. No offense to any overweight anons.

No. 2007170

no worries i take pride in being the destroyer of chairs and mcD bathrooms

No. 2007171

Bf used toilet brush on the sink and is confused about why I said it's gross………

No. 2007174

No. 2007187

That’s fucked up

No. 2007194

I've had a similar experience in ihop where one of the seats were completely sunken in and i felt like i was falling into the void. It was ihop afterall, so i blame them rather than the individuals responsible, they knew their clientele was fat bitches.

No. 2007199

This is a vent for things that have passed and cannot be changed. I looked at old photos of myself. 1) I was insecure for the wrong reasons 2) my body was fine 3) my hair was not 4) or any of my glasses 5) I'm really great at bringing out animals charisma in photos this is not a negative thing but unfortunately I don't share photos online anymore but I'm proud of every photo of an animal I've took. Thank you for reading

No. 2007231

File: 1715999819610.jpg (30.6 KB, 600x338, 1000003661.jpg)

No. 2007241

I’m tempted to talk about a tranny on tiktok that picked a man instead of a bear and got sexually harassed by men but hes underaged. Oh well, he learned the hard way.

No. 2007242

Same, for some reason i just don’t know why I was so difficult on myself while looking back at old photos. I look fine, it feels like you saw the worst version of your body but in actuality no one cares and you look like a normal child

No. 2007267

i can't get over her. i'm never gonna find anyone even remotely like her in my life and I don't know how to face the rest of my life with no prospect of ever falling in love or touching another person. before her, I thought it would be easy to live like that and I accepted it with no strong feelings either way. now it feels impossible.

No. 2007270

Is anyone else like really, really sick? I feel like I’m dying and I can’t keep any food down.

No. 2007272

My mom sometimes really says weird shit to me and then I realize some awful shit about her parenting all along kek. I still love her but godddddd. Annoying

No. 2007276

Men are legit retarded by default

No. 2007292

Yeah you will

No. 2007300

You sound exactly like me and my feelings for her. This isn’t the part where I tell you it gets better though because unfortunately I’m still miserable over it.

No. 2007303

How many years has it been for you? I'm coming up on 1 and a half

No. 2007304

About a year. Last August if we’re being exact but I knew how I felt about her for maybe a year or two before then.

No. 2007367

File: 1716007309273.jpg (23.33 KB, 998x725, 1000010204.jpg)

So my grandmother's cars have all been hand-me-downs from my grandfather and thanks to that she has this track record of cars that last 2-3 years and breakdown, she has one in the local garage getting a new motor and few other parts right now. Anytime a car breaks down, my grandmoid always blames her despite being the one who keeps preventing her from getting herself a good fucking car.
Today they both pissed me off. That asshole had finally suggested she look for herself a car with his insistence and I'm jusy asking my nanna… who's paying for it? "Oh he is!" The idiot is on the pension while you let him bum off of you, he can barely buy himself food, how the fuck is he going to pay for it? Not to mention this manchild has this thing where he helps pay something just to have the upperhand on you until every cent is owed, he lacks a bone of empathy or kindness.
Long sperg but tldr my granddad is a despicable, entitled manchild of a moid and my grandma never learns… it's only my business because I'm living with them, but I'm so sick of her justifying his every dickhead action in life out of pity

No. 2007377

I just spent 20 ish minutes deleting 4k pics on on my phone (I can’t couldn’t delete all at once since there’s important pictures I didn’t want to delete) and for some reason the pictures are still there wtf

No. 2007388

Did you go to permanently delete and accidentally restore all

No. 2007409

My close friend keeps telling me that she's going to go back on drugs and I feel hopeless because it seems like nothing I do or say will convince her not to. If she overdoses or becomes a homeless junkie it will be my fault for not being a good enough friend and effectively talking her out of it but I genuinely don't know how to do that, so far anything I've said has bounced off of her. I don't want to lose one of my only friends like this but it seems like an inevitability at this point.

No. 2007411

Whatever she does in her emotional state is not your fault. She's putting herself in her own situations and making her own choices.

No. 2007418

I had a bpd anachan friend that dabbled in hard drugs. I was once like you and stretched myself thin for years trying to get her help. In the end, I couldn't do anything, she changed for the worse personality-wise, and we have since parted ways. You can bring the horse to the water but you can't make them drink. Keep in mind that none of this is your fault and you're already a much better friend than those around her who are probably encouraging or influencing her chaotic behavior. Wish you both well.

No. 2007432

I've tried getting into the art commentary cows thread like 3 times but every single video is either someone talking over overwatch gameplay and is completely incomprehensible, or a youtuber with the ugliest persona on earth rambling for 5 hours with too many receipts and involved parties to keep track of

No. 2007476

My roommate is in her mid-20's and can't seem to understand she's meant to pull her weight too. She sleeps 14 hours a day and bedrots, knows I work and never have a second to myself yet I feel like I do everything around the house. When I do try to tell her to do something, she acts like she's being crucified. She shows a lot of weaponized incompetence all the time, blames it on being autistic, insists she does mean to do things right but "just can't". I've had some observations/experiments like seeing what happens if I don't put stuff away, take out/empty the trash and whatnot- It just. piles. up. If the recycling pile is getting unstable she'll take whatever she tried to shove in there and put it in the regular trash. Her living space is cluttered from floor to shelf, hasn't been dusted in months, never heard the vacuum once. If the other roommate and I weren't here I seriously wonder what state the place would be in. I just don't know what to do to get my point across without her acting like I'm some nagging bully for telling her to please put something away. I can't live anywhere else right now and I also feel as a friend, the behavior is concerning. No one else in her life at this point would be willing to help her grow up in this area of life. I'm curious if there's any autistic nonnas here who could put it in perspective.

No. 2007481

tbh the only thing you can do here is let it rot and see if it bothers her. but like that said as an autistic girlfailure myself a lot of the time they don't see mess until it's like… really bad by most people's standards so you might not be able to tolerate it. but thats pretty much the only way to get her to do something.

No. 2007483

>seattle. dc. san francisco.
oh nona those are the last places you'd want to go to, trust me

No. 2007488

Planks break my entire spirit

No. 2007493

Everytime I need a new batch of my prescription supplement, my GP needs to manually review and accept it before the pharmacy will get it for me. I requested a new batch on wednesday and she still hasn't accepted it yet. Normally she accepts my request for a new batch within 24 hours so now I'm worried she has rejected it because I didn't make an appointment with her to discuss the results of my blood test last month but they were just about what I expected so I didn't think that was necessary.

No. 2007499

>If the other roommate and I weren't here I seriously wonder what state the place would be in.
>I'm curious if there's any autistic nonnas here who could put it in perspective.
>walls go moldy
>blankets and pillows go moldy
>cup goes moldy (drink from it anyway)
>toilet goes moldy
>sink goes moldy and clogs
>fridge full of rotten leftovers
>flies invade in the summer time
>zero empty space on floor

No. 2007533

First day at new job at old folks home in the gastro section, everyone goes out for a smoke because theres nothing to do. I think "ok Imma just vibe on my phone". 10 mins later, scrote team manager comes in and says "WERE YOU ON A BREAK??? YOU NEED TO ASK FIRST BEFORE YOU GO ON YOUR PHONE." MF EVERYONE WAS FUCKING GONE TO SMOKE WITHOUT TELLING YOU, IF I WENT ALONG THERE WOULDNT BE A PROBLEM??? FINE I'LL JUST GET LUNG CANCER THEN KYS

No. 2007535

It's really weird how smokers pretty much universally are allowed to go on extra sneak breaks non-smokers arent.

No. 2007557

I hate my Nigel’s BPD sister and I wish he’d stop enabling her like he said he would even though she screams at him every chance she gets.

No. 2007575

File: 1716029168635.jpg (33.72 KB, 564x564, dariamtv.jpg)

My boyfriend knows I love kids and hate work so he told me he wants to work hard to support me and hypothetical future kids, in a way I think it's sweet that he thinks about our future together but it makes me feel stuck and I don't know how to tell him. I'm 20, why would the next step in my life be to settle down with kids from my first boyfriend? Thinking about this type of life for the rest of my life feels suffocating to think about, I believe he really thinks it's what I want too but I don't. I'm not ready for anything this set in stone. I love him but I do not want this, I don't know what I want but I definitely don't want to feel pressured into anything until I've set a clear goal. I don't think he has any ill intent it just makes me feel so hopeless knowing my future will probably be like this because I'm horrible at saying no to anything. I want to at least have a chance at a normal career for myself, much as I hate it relying on someone for all income scares me a lot. I feel so hopeless and like my life and what I do now don't matter because I'll be stuck at home for the rest of my life anyway. I know he thinks he's doing me and himself a favor trying to split it like this but I want a life of my own too. I don't even want to break up, I'm fine with the way things are now but the future seems so daunting, almost like I don't have a choice. I wanted this life beforehand but not anymore, at least wait a while to build my own life and what I want. The thought of the future being this set in stone is just overwhelming, I don't want to end up like some Ibsen character because I deluded myself in my 20's into thinking this is what I wanted. If it reaches this point there's no way out, I need to talk to him about it and if he dumps me that's that. I don't know anons, I feel so lost in life.
Your boss sounds retarded anon.

No. 2007580

this is like having a monster in law, run nonny if he's not willing to stand up to them

No. 2007583

When I was working at a restaurant, I just took an unlit cigarette out and had myself a fresh air break.

No. 2007584

it was a soyjak

No. 2007587

I'm not that anon but I need a bad bald bitch to hold me at night. That is all, thank you.

No. 2007603

Ordered an AC unit online and I guess they got rid of their in house shipping and just use Door Dash and now the delivery guy is texting me about the order.

Am I supposed to tip cash? I don't even have the fucking app. I've never used Door Dash before in my life I hate this. When I order something online I just want it to show up I don't want to text a fucking driver. Fuck this I hate it. Bring back UPS.

No. 2007610

>watch food vlogger
>she had some videos with a guy who didn't show his face in them
>don't watch her videos for a period of time
>come back and notice a few thumbnails featuring an ugly bald-headed guy with the nastiest looking crunchy beard
If this is the same guy whose face she didn't show on camera, she should have never shown him on camera. What the fuck. I haven't watched these videos, so I don't know how he acts and all. Ugly man psyop is real though.

No. 2007624

just found out one of my favorite twitter mutuals that i thought was a lesbian yume is actually a troon. should i kill myself? we’ve been close mutuals since like october. i thought it was a girl fr because he didn’t show the obvious signs of male coomerism but turns out i was fucking wrong. i hate everything

No. 2007628

always lie and say you smoke even if you don’t

No. 2007633

Samefag, this was a fucking work day from hell. I'm not fulltime employed there, I just work at one of those agencies that offer you day jobs each week because I need the flexibility. There were supposed to be TWO other people like me, and I only took this job because I was under the impression I wouldn't be all alone. As it turns out, FOUR (!!!) of this retirement home's usual employees are sick and I was then supposed to fill in for all four of them because the other 2 guys who were meant to come along with me were also missing KEK????????? I've never been at this place, their actual boss wasn't there, I barely have any work experience in this type of job (worked as a hotel waitress before) and then the employees were all getting snippy and rude with me when I was floundering because I didn't know what the fuck to do. I have a decently thick skin but today almost made me cry. Between retarded employees yelling at me left and right for not reading their minds and being slow, to being expected to do the job of 2 to 4 other people when I have never even BEEN TO THIS PLACE BEFORE was so fucking draining jfc. And then they handed me some phone with their real boss who yelled at ME as if I was somehow responsible for the two other guys from the company I work for not turning up.
At least the old people were all cute and loved me. They kept asking if I'll be back tomorrow and I kept saying "aww unfortunately not" even though I was counting down the seconds my shift ended and spiritually cursing the employees around me and the missing faggots. I got up at 5am and endured 8 hours of this shit I want to die at the thought of doing it again on Wednesday. The other jobs I've done have always been fine, but holy fuck was this the biggest shitshow I've ever had to witness.
I'll do that from now on too, fuck this

No. 2007642

yeah men and libfems suck ass but i don’t care about them enough to go full radfem like i’ll just acknowledge their retardedness from a distance but do my own thing. i really dgaf about politics. never once voted in my life, probably never will. it’s like whatever. I'm not katniss everdeen I won’t change the world, why bother?

No. 2007644

>I never voted
It doesn't matter if you don't take an interest in politics when politics takes an interest in you. You're more retarded than any libfem out there.

No. 2007657

You are literally a libfem.

No. 2007664

I'm always dissing my younger self but honestly that kid was so damn resilient, nothing actually faced her and she was going through some serious shit yet still faced life with no fear, I'll never be even 1/4 as cool as her. She gave zero fucks and had a strong, almost invulnerable attitude for a 12yo. She would slap me and call me a sellout pansy and tbh I deserve it, I may be relatively mentally stable and with more abilities nowadays but I lack her hardheadedness and pragmatism, I got way too comfortable with life to the point I dropped the qualities that made me strong enough to face adversity back then

No. 2007666

Politics doesn’t take an interest in us, though. Should I vote for the side that wants to throw women who had abortions into prison or the side that’s importing thousands of grown migrant men into my city?

No. 2007668

NTA, but it sucks so much. It's like both sides hate women but in different ways.

No. 2007671

>Ugly man psyop is real though
it really is, I didn't know how bad this was until the recent threads on LC

No. 2007681

My coworker is ALWAYS interrupting me it’s so annoying

No. 2007692

a really ugly guy was very upset I didn't respond to his message on facebook, and he kept sending me songs that he thought were my type (as a joke)
I don't even remember how I got him on my friends list but I just deleted him, he was so fucking entitled that I did not reply like fuck off, I don't owe you anything, get the fucking hint

No. 2007694

If that were the case they would've never banned women from voting. The Congress can force 9 year olds to have rape babies and apolitical pacifism won't save them. Fuck off

No. 2007697

do words even have meanings anymore? i just said I’m not into politics. I am not “literally a libfem”, I am no feminist at all. Lol. I don’t care about politics, mainstream or not. Die mad about it.

No. 2007700

You're already dead. A net 0.

No. 2007701

>If that were the case they would've never banned women from voting
>The Congress can force 9 year olds to have rape babies and apolitical pacifism won't save them
Oh are you referring to the case of the migrant girl that for impregnated by a migrant man? Or the migrant girl that was found with the dna of dozens of men inside her at the border?

No. 2007702

If voting was meaningless they would've never banned women from.voting. What's there to not get you smoothbrained faggot? Oh nevermind, you think abortion bans only effect the disgusting immigrants. I hope you never get raped, little miss trumpina.(infighting)

No. 2007706

My gaming mouse has begun double-clicking now, so I guess I need to replace it. I was looking up the recommended FPS mice and holy shit, the cheapest was still well over 100 euro while the one I have was around 50 and considered high-end.
Fugg… just when I was thinking of getting a new guitar too… I hate gaymer shit so much.

No. 2007707

NTA but saying "banned women from voting" implies that women had the right to vote and then had it taken away.
>you think abortion bans only effect the disgusting immigrants
What? Where did she say that?

No. 2007709

I think anon's reffering to the time before women were allowed to vote.

No. 2007711

When were women in America banned from previously voting? Is English not your first language?
Also “trumpina” lmfao I’m not Republican or conservative in the slightest. You won’t even acknowledge why some women feel unsafe around migrants and why we won’t continue to vote in democrat politicians that create the policies that allow child rapists to walk away with a slap on the wrists.
Fucking retard, go suck off the hiv ridden dick of a disgusting migrant if you feel so bad for them

No. 2007719

Just looking at job ads makes me want to puke. I don't want to go through this shit again.

No. 2007722

Nta but what are you talking about? Women in America weren't allowed to vote. White women got the right in 1920, non-white women some years after.

No. 2007726

Banning women from voting implies that we could have previously voted in this country but then got banned from doing so

No. 2007728

I feel like it's pretty obvious what anon was trying to say though…

No. 2007730

Is it normal to be completely creeped out by websites like mastodon or fediverse? They genuinely make me sick but it feels it's no different from when i was 9 and terrified of 4chan. Just makes my stomach churn how there are open pedophiles on the clearnet and how easy it is to get into their communities. I'm not talking about lolicons or shotacons or what-have-you bc i don't consider that to be on the same level morally as people who want to fuck actual kids. Just disgusts me

No. 2007734

It quite literally isn’t. She’s saying that we were “banned” from voting because we would’ve all been girlbosses and voted for our own self interests

No. 2007736

I mean, yeah I think it's pretty normal to be grossed out by a website home to pedophiles. Though both are unironically on the "tamer" side when it comes to open pedophile websites.

No. 2007740

You’re a retarded conservative whore being intentionally obtuse. You know damn well what I meant.

No. 2007746

i hate teenage boys, especially those around 15. I live in a rich neighborhood so they're even more infuriating and entitled. they're always roaming around in groups and trying to impress their peers by doing the stupidest shit like yelling pussy near little kids, calling the girl they're interested in a whore behind her back and overturning trash cans. god why do they always yell. they don't feel an ounce of shame or empathy.

No. 2007747

Take a chill pill

No. 2007748

you’re a liberal cunt that gets her opinions from the most upvoted Reddit comments

No. 2007754

Okay now kiss.

No. 2007755

File: 1716044755532.gif (180.98 KB, 220x216, 1000016798.gif)

>that gets her opinions from the most upvoted Reddit comments
NTA but ouch.

No. 2007756

I think that's normal. Obviously not all fedi sites are bad, but the fact that there's a community of pedophiles both there and Twitter is disturbing. The one upside is that it makes it easier to know how to spot them.

No. 2007759

>Oh are you referring to the case of the migrant girl that for impregnated by a migrant man? Or the migrant girl that was found with the dna of dozens of men inside her at the border?
NTA but what's the implication here? That it doesn't matter if it happens to migrant girls, or that local Americans don't do this (despite there already having been at least two recent cases of minors being made to have rape babies because abortions were made illegal where they lived)?

No. 2007761

Liberal? I vote for anti immigration parties in my country, I just don’t believe in excusing child rape even if the victims are immigrants. You can see forced birth happening to good white people too, but I bet you enjoy it.

No. 2007768

Exactly. I bet that anon sees herself as a feminist, but would get married to a moid who goes to places like the Philippines to rape little girls because "Well they're all just brown prostitutes anyway, it's not like my Nigel is doing it to my daughter".

No. 2007773

Where has she said that though? Have I missed a comment?

No. 2007775

I dont have a leg in this fight, but ikr? Like accusing the other anon of being okay with a pedophile husband? Jesus fucking christ, that is a wild amount of serious assumption to a literal anonymous user.

No. 2007776

It’s obviously a baiting scrote

No. 2007779

Why does she respond to one anon saying that congress can force children to have rape babies (and that that's bad) with "Oh are you referring to the case of the migrant girl that for impregnated by a migrant man? Or the migrant girl that was found with the dna of dozens of men inside her at the border"? What point was being made there? It doesn't exactly sound like it's coming from a place of compassion or care for girls who aren't white and/or born in the US, especially when she was complaining about migrants from the start.
Like, why would migrant men raping young girls ever be a "gotcha" to someone saying forced impregnation of young girls is bad? A normal person would just think that's all the more reason to vote against a party making that possible/legal, so what was anon trying to say? Think logically.

No. 2007784

NTAYRT, but calling others scrotes after posting literal scrote-tier takes does not help anyone.

No. 2007785

When did I ever excuse child rape you stupid bitch
>but I bet you enjoy it
kill yourself

No. 2007787

??? what LMAO
Me being anti-migrant means I’m pro white men raping brown girls? help lmfao >>2007779
Anon was berating another person for not voting and I chimed in by saying both sides were trash, libs for importing more criminals, and conservatives for wanting to imprison women for getting abortions. Then she went on to talk about child rape victims as if that had anything to do with what I said, moron.

No. 2007789

Exactly. She acts like forced birth and rape only happens to those pesky immigrants and it doesn't matter for that reason. It's explicitly racist and just not true. Also when I said that women were banned from voting she pretended to not have understood what I said and started sperging about immigrants. We've got a racist bitch among us.

No. 2007792

Did r/redscarepod find out about lolcow?

No. 2007793

stop talking to yourself nonnie

No. 2007794

NTA but can you respond to >>2007759 if that's not what you meant? Like, explain how migrant moids raping children is a good reply to "Child rape is bad". The whole world wants to know.

No. 2007797

NTA but
>e-everyone is samefagging if they disagree with me
You really must come from reddit. This is pathetic.

No. 2007803

I’ll summarize
>both parties are bad, voting is useless
>yes but what about children who get raped?
she’s implying that voting democrat is the lesser of two evils because republicans are anti-abortion and would want a pregnant child to give birth
I respond by saying that the very case she is referring to was because a migrant man raped a child.
My point is that both sides are evil.
Also nobody ever said white/American men are perfect angels and would never rape children. I’m against importing MORE moids to this country when we already have our own share of disgusting men

No. 2007806

I’m not gonna entertain your weird fantasy about me being cool with having a husband that rapes children you absolute freak, yes I do think you’re samefagging(infighting)

No. 2007809

Ok so you can't defend what you said. That's what I thought.

No. 2007811

Me being anti-migrant male makes me ok with child rape? You’re an idiot lol

No. 2007812

>Anon was berating another person for not voting and I chimed in by saying both sides were trash, libs for importing more criminals, and conservatives for wanting to imprison women for getting abortions. then she went on to talk about child rape victims as if that had anything to do with what I said, moron.
This doesn't answer the question, kek. If it has "nothing to do with what you said", why wouldn't you just say that? Who would see someone saying child rape is bad and being made legal by moids in power, and then think "Well migrant moids are raping migrant girls" makes sense as a response? That just means the right-wing moids in power are enabling rapists from abroad and at home. It does sound like you're dismissing child rape as a "migrant issue".

No. 2007814

Bitch I'm anti migrant male too, you're just being a Benita Shapiro right now. What does the US legalising rape babies have to do with Le Mexicans?

No. 2007816

Try asking the mods. You won't because it's probably what you're doing and you don't want to get called out.
You sound like a rapist enabler covering up for disgusting male behavior. And no, it didn't happen because of a migrant. This has been their plan for a while, and it's also why they're fighting against it being illegal to marry children. Are you going to reply that this is because the South is ackcheally pro-Muslim or something?(infighting)

No. 2007817

No. 2007821

She's going to weasel around with semantics and call us samefagging scrotes forever. Don't even bother, she's retarded. She doesn't care about child rape victims because she was never one herself, selfish racist bitches can't be fixed.(infighting)

No. 2007826

File: 1716047707535.jpg (465.26 KB, 1200x1623, 1200px-Stoned_Fox.jpg)

Can you guys stop arguing

No. 2007831

Ot but this picture always reminds me of paki chan

No. 2007832

fat and ugly?

No. 2007834

? We saw pakichan and she's not fat

No. 2007837

That's what the fox looks like, so I assumed you were making a parallel in that way.

No. 2007839

File: 1716048025132.jpg (47.29 KB, 517x690, 34455534.jpg)

stop arguing in the vent thread please

No. 2007844

Is it me or does that cat's face look kind of human-like?

No. 2007846

No, it's just that I think she once posted a gif of it on the tiktok/shorts hate thread

No. 2007848

This infight has gone on long enough, it is not productive and this isn't even the right thread for this type of discussion. Ban evading posts will be removed, and anyone replying to them will be temporarily banned.

No. 2007850

File: 1716048263214.png (96.86 KB, 561x338, jaxon.png)

Kinda resembles this baby

No. 2007855

That fox actually has a very normal BMI, fyi.

No. 2007861

File: 1716048795651.jpg (143.11 KB, 627x1013, Skin relief.jpg)

I can't remember what thread someone posted this in but I bought some for my dry skin and my skin feels so good. Thank you nonnie. Posting in vent thread cause I'm mad I forgot what thread I was in.

No. 2007864

have sex with me janny

No. 2007866

Sometimes I wonder what the jannies even look like.

No. 2007871

File: 1716049132561.gif (72.95 KB, 518x640, IMG_0707.gif)

I feel so invincible now that I know I can use divination to get info on an anon’s life, including her deadbeat nigel she loves to brag about kek

No. 2007872

get info on me

No. 2007873

File: 1716049293042.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1920x1080, IMG_0709.jpeg)

No. 2007874

Tell us your ways

No. 2007880

File: 1716050023457.jpg (56.28 KB, 651x575, 2udf01.jpg)

Hearing people say that period cramps legitimately aren't supposed to be that painful is freaking me out, because my whole teenagehood and even now my menstrual cycles have been very painful to the point where it felt crippling. Almost every cycle, it even made me throw up. My mother and even teachers always told me that painful periods are just unlucky, but now I'm seriously questioning if I had something like endometriosis this whole time.

No. 2007885

Was gonna say you probably have cysts or endometriosis, definitely get checked nonnie. Period cramps are somewhat normal but if it’s so painful there’s definitely something wrong

No. 2007920

my gramgram is a textbook sociopath (for lots of reasons but less what's visible here) and i usually have great patience with her but i finally lost my shit yesterday. for reference i use mobility aids (cane/walking stick for short distances, wheelchair for long) because reasons. she started using a walker at home and a cane in public probably because she's nearly 100 and feeling unsteady. that's fine. she uses me as a support/guide in public and for some reason only will use my bad/cane side, so i have to swap which hand i use my cane with and now i'm unsteady and a risk of making us both fall but i deal with it best i can. she's usually faster than me because unlike her i have actual physical disabilities that make it hard/painful to walk. so yesterday she finally says, while grabbed onto my arm and practically tugging me along with her
>anon can't you go any faster?
and i tell her
>no, i can't. the stick isn't for show
it's been almost a day and i'm still seething. that woman has watched me slowly lose my mobility over my entire life and has the audacity to criticize me while expecting my help at the same time. she hates it when i need my wheelchair too, because she thinks it takes attention away from her and that people are judging us. just frustrating. i love her but god i'm going to be very unkind if she does it again. i'm happy to help, i don't mind if someone gets impatient with me, but goddamn i will not help someone and be yelled at for it at the same time. fuck all of that.

No. 2007927

File: 1716052305828.webp (49.64 KB, 640x479, aOYZDPy_700bwp.webp)

I always assume most of them are Eastern European.

No. 2007928

have you seen her hands? she's at least chubby

No. 2007945

In the picture with her grandma that she posted, she seemed pretty thin iirc

No. 2007961

Crying a little because I saw a video of a Congolese woman talking about how 4 men raped her while pregnant and then made her eat her husbands penis after killing him. She said it with such little emotion, almost like she's numb to it or can't even afford to be emotional about it. My heart hurts so bad from women suffering from every conflict right now. It's just such a big reminder that a lot of your safety in this world depends on where you happened to be born. This world is so evil, it makes me sick.

No. 2007966

File: 1716054248484.webp (42.26 KB, 564x675, IMG_4780.webp)

>someone spergs to me for the 4th time in the past week that they need to drill a new hole in their belt
>the first few times I just politely smile and say nothing
>this last time I say “oh wow! Are you excited about that?”
>”ermmmmm……. I guess ?!” in that you’re so rude I can’t believe you just said that tone

No. 2007986

My flat chest makes even the most revealing clothes look modest.

No. 2007991

File: 1716055549868.jpeg (29.12 KB, 250x188, 018E7AD6-B56C-403F-BE64-826739…)

Update: I went downstairs into the kitchen and those two kids made such a fucking mess with their chips and other snacks, that now we have ants swarming the floor to eat and carry all the fucking food they spilled and didn't even bother to clean up. I've seen dogs eat, shit, and play with more grace than these two children, I am officially done with living alongside my family. There's too many people I lost trust in/secretely resent, and now there's two children that aren't even house trained. Fuck this house, fuck this family, fuck this life. I cannot wait to disappear from this all.

No. 2007995

Kek why?

No. 2008050

This guy is making me feel insane for liking bishonen franchises and shipping characters together. He thinks because I do that it's okay for him to ERP/sext, spend the entire day on fetish sites, join porn discords, etc. All because sometimes I like to talk about anime with anons on a Chinese Cutting Board Forum. I know nonnies always say nerd men are shit but man sometimes you don't realize until you go through it yourself. I'm sorry everyone you're right

No. 2008058

>moid comparing male habits at their worst to women's objectively different and much healthier interests to make himself feel better about being a degenerate
as usual. but you actually told him about this board? I wouldn't tell a moid about this board, even if he was my boyfriend.

No. 2008059

So block him and stop talking to weird groups of moids?

No. 2008060

No I haven't, he just assumes it's 4chan I'm talking about
And yeah I don't get why they always try to compare the two activites when they're completely different. "Oh my woman buys romance paperback? Guess it's ok to subscribe to Onlyfans now"

No. 2008063

Nerd moids are a bunch of whataboutists and devil's advocates who purposely misunderstand any nuance in order to enable and excuse their own shit behavior. I'm glad you've seen the light nonna.

No. 2008064

Just break up with him. Jesus Christ.

No. 2008068

File: 1716059812223.gif (514.14 KB, 220x167, IMG_0711.gif)


No. 2008069

I don't usually just tell anons to break up with him because usually I feel like relationships are a lot more nuanced than people realize, but break up with him. Kek. I had a boyfriend like this and he was terrible and secretly a lolicon. Do not date men who are on porn discords/fetish sites. Seriously. That's the bare minimum. The fact that he's even remotely involved in those communities and is willing to tell you about it, means he's probably a way bigger degenerate than he lets on.

No. 2008080

this is truth. there's a 0.5% chance you meet a decent (for a moid) moid on those sites, but the fact that he is in those spaces at all is a Very Bad Sign and should not be overlooked. and even the halfway decent ones eventually succumb and degen out hard due to peer pressure

No. 2008099

>go to lesbian fanfic site
>actually just full of trannies posting their slimegirl and mind control "doll" fetish fics

No. 2008182

>give my mom desktop password so she can work (after she forgot her laptop at a friends house far away)
>been a week she has access to my computer everyday
>today, 10:30pm, my computer is still on
>tell her i gotta sleep
>shes like "ok let mz just save my work"
>she starts her work???
>30 minutes pass, i start getting pissh as im super sleepy
>she starts asking me to help her finish
>try to help her,.its a fucking mess
>get annoyed and tell her she can continue tomorrow
>she gets pissed off and starts telling me god will punish me for not respecting my mom or whatever

she always starts bringing up god and calling me a bad child for setting boundaries
she had all week to do her work and she has to start it 10 pm when im in bed

No. 2008186

Maybe temporarily move the desktop out of your room and ask that friend to mail the laptop?

No. 2008194

for the mailing i dont think id trust mailing services for a computer

itd be a hassle moving the desktop but i think ill end up doing it, i thought it wouldn't be necessary since im out of my room literally 10 hours a day

if she was just a bit more respectful and prioritized finishing her work (its not like she doesnt have time when she takes 3 hours naps on the afternoons) over leaving it until my bedtime it wouldn't be necessary but what do you want

No. 2008243

>go to grocery store to buy granola
>boxes of shitty general mills cereal are $7.49
>I can now buy two bags of granola for the same price as a single box of sugar kibble

No. 2008260

File: 1716068484998.gif (7.78 MB, 640x640, IMG_0678.gif)

I swear I will spam this gif everywhere it’s just so on point. I have enough anger to explode 1000 planets simultaneously. Trying to be a nonny and not alogging is like biting your teeth, sweating, clenching your pussy lips together so you don’t say the magic words: kill yourself or I hope he dies. I get it’s just words on a screen and I should relax but I don’t know how much longer I can contain my female rage that’s been fermenting for years

No. 2008262

But is that gif real

No. 2008270

I love and support you anon. Go berserk

No. 2008285

>doesn’t know about the dr doofenshmirtz anime spin-off

No. 2008286

i opened the window for a second and my cat ran off. Now he hasnt come back in a day and i am deadly worried. I am crying. I am praying he's fine and just exploring and not hurt somewhere.

No. 2008297

File: 1716069521350.jpeg (135.34 KB, 1500x1082, IMG_0715.jpeg)

using this as my 3-leaf clover to protect me from the jannies

No. 2008303

That's a 4 leaf clover you SILLY and DUMB nonnie

No. 2008328

File: 1716070114351.gif (148.71 KB, 498x249, make-this-day-your-bitch-good-…)