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File: 1714836923881.jpeg (40.37 KB, 607x482, IMG_0385.jpeg)

No. 1990478

Don’t reply to bait


No. 1990492

threadpic is real as fuck

No. 1990493

my experiences of "friendship" have fucked me up. every day I wonder if I'm an irredeemable, awful person.

> ostracised for being "gay" and BC I'm an ethnic minority since I was small

> parents hate me, tell me its my own fault for being weird, like to beat me when they get angry
> teachers don't give a fuck because they're also homophobic
> I move to another school and join a new friend group
> act like a dumbass to make them laugh and endear myself to them
> backfires horribly
> they start bullying me too
> teachers don't care (again) and call me dumb, lazy etc
> i start breaking down from the stress. My parents still hate me and claim im depressed "for attention"
> move to another school for final stage of my education. one of the girls from my previous school follows me there
> gets upset I don't talk to her any more
> openly says she didn't want to help me with my family issues and only did it BC her parents pressured her to
> I'm completely isolated at this point, develop selective mutism, I don't talk to anyone at all
> she tells all her new friends I'm a bitch
> everyone hates me, everyone thinks I'm the devil incarnate, I'm such a terrible person
> I want to die

Thank you for reading about my mental illness I hate myslf

No. 1990521

which personalityfag please tell me please please please

No. 1990537

first time making a late payment EVER on this loan and it more than DOUBLED what the fuuuuuuuck

No. 1990580

I work a shitty retail job and the guy who was obsessed with me but I rejected a year ago is now my boss in my department. This is mildly annoying at most, I don’t fear for my safety or anything. However, my high drama boomer coworker is telling people that me and my new boss are flirting/dating/etc and suddenly a bunch of little girls I work with are pissy at me because they think I stole their man.
I wanna switch departments but our store manager says there’s no positions opened atm. Who do I even be mad at? Everyone except me sucks in this situation, I do not deserve these bc wtf

No. 1990586

File: 1714842283099.jpg (252.29 KB, 1080x975, GKK0TjlaQAAdwyc.jpg)

My elderly neighbor has started caring for a distant relatives child and I feel so bad for that little girl. Her parents are divorced, and her mom was some type of mentally ill junkie or something and barely took care of her daughter so CPS removed her from her home. She's 4 years old, has never been to kindergarten or preschool, is still in diapers and bad at talking for her age. The useless piece of shit father now has custody of her, but thanks to my wonderful neighbor she barely ever sees him.
My neighbor keeps asking me if I can let the girl pet or play with my dog but my dog is small and not really a huge fan of kids (she isn't aggressive, she would just rather not interact with them). Maybe I'll carry treats around from now on and if I see the girl, I'll offer to let her feed my dog some. I just want her to live the happiest life possible from now on man. Fuck shitty parents

No. 1990588

I don't hate you anon, at least we got lolcow haha..

No. 1990617

Cervicogenic headache anon from last thread. I genuinely am thinking about ending it. I feel better but not enough to say I feel better at the same time. I already super depressed and feel so bad physically in some way daily. Most of the time there’s no point in bitching so I don’t. I don’t even bitch when I should. I just can’t keep quiet right now. It hurts. There’s too much going on in my life. There’s too much wrong with me. I am so very tired. I have no like. Just drive. I am NEET. Everyone who gives a damn is hours away. My family is dog shit. I live in a rural area with almost zero resources. I just don’t see a reason to stay. I am a prisoner. In body and mind. I am tired of it all. I can’t take care of myself anymore. I can’t keep up.

No. 1990625

Offer help to your elderly neighbor if you can nonnieNonnie, she's old and caring for a toddler must be exhausting. You are a wonderful person and I appreciate you.

No. 1990626

Ntayrt, but stay alive just to spite the people that hate you nonnie, that's how I do it.

No. 1990639

I don’t wanna be that person to give unsolicited medical advice, but lol here I go anyway. Have you gone to a dentist? I had what I thought was a cerviogenic migraine accompanied with dizziness and it was actually just my impacted wisdom teeth causing the symptoms.

No. 1990644

If "bitch" is like the n-word to you, you have like zero problems. Maybe if people constantly said >>1990403, you'd have a case lol

No. 1990650

I've thought about offering to take the girl for short walks, that way she could be around my dog without the risk of making her uncomfortable by getting grabby. I think I'll let her settle in for a while longer and then ask my neighbor if she'd like some help. Thank you nona, Ily

No. 1990657


No. 1990682

I actually see a specialist for my jaw soon. Get to drive 2 hours away for it. It’s possible it could be from that but at the same time it’s hard to tell ngl lol. I have EDS a lot of these stem from instability also. Generally they go away after a while. Sleep, ibuprofen which at least makes me comfortable to sleep (doesn’t fully solve it. NAIDS never do) and then the dark. I thought about taking my muscle relaxer but it’s such a hit or miss when I take them for this. It’s really bad rn but I don’t know if going to the ER is worth it. They will just not know what to do and give me pain meds (always NAIDS that doesn’t do much but make me “okay” or okay in their eyes. The one time I was ever given morphine was a god send) then send me home. Idk what help my real doctor can be. It’s not like she’s much help anyway. I just am really tired. I don’t want to end up with opioids pushed at me because that’s how things are solved here (then they wonder why people are addicts). Just. This is hell and I don’t know what to do. I feel like such a faker for even talking about it but I can’t keep quiet anymore. I want to scream. Be seen. It hurts and I am tired. I hate munchies for making this seem cool or fun. I have suffered in silence my whole life only for it to be instagrammable and cool. I wasn’t diagnosed at the fashionable adult age they are. I was 7. Been treated like a fucking doll my whole life. Wasn’t allowed to do sports or gym. Basically was told I would never go anywhere and my disability would define me. (How I ended up a NEET is apart of that but also my family’s overall treatment)
I have done so much pt, taken basically every NAIDS that it’s fucked up my stomach and just had a huge array of issues since I can remember. I do what I can to manage my pain. Generally it’s not this brutal and I won’t whine about it. Even if it’s this brutal I won’t whine about it normally. Yet I am tired of not whining. I need to because I can’t keep it to myself anymore. I’m sorry nonna for this rant lol
>>1990626 I wish it was easy. I wish I could spite them. Me being here isn’t enough to spite them. I need to do more but my hands are really tied.

No. 1990696

I hate it when people tell me to just embrace my hair, but their idea of “embrace” is using 10 different products and diffusing for 3 hours . No thanks, revlon straightener it is. Like, I don’t even hate my natural hair, it’s just too much work/money and I’m a busy woman.

No. 1990713

There's a woman taking the same bus as me every morning when I go to work who does her makeup on the bus and it upsets me deeply. She's skilled and all, but she does this after having grabbed on to various things like handles when stepping on the bus, the seat when she sits down and similar, which makes me just imagine all the gross stuff she's now going to smear on her face as she pats foundation, concealer and blush on with her fingers. She plops a full makeup bag on her lap and spends the whole 45 minutes getting ready. I'm impressed and disgusted at the same time.

No. 1990717

Would u be mad if you’re sil planned her backyard small wedding on the day you leave for your month long trip/ “”elopement”” wedding? ( ours was planned 6 mos in advanced and we signed the papers at one of our fav hiking destinations ((epic sw desert hike)) with no guests. We told fam in advance due to people’s’ ailing health. Our fam is v smal). My Sil maybe had a month notice? I married into a eastern euro fam and I feel rejected lol .

No. 1990722

Yeah she's being petty. Watch Charlotte Dobre

No. 1990728

It's so stupid when giels are like "teeheee I alwyas thought I was a wavy gyal but I'm actially a curly gyal with the right products!!!"

How is slapping 10 creams and spending 1 hour every morning crunching and diffusing your """natural""" hair?

Just make frizzy brushed up curly hair the norm already.(learn2integrate)

No. 1990730

File: 1714854798135.jpg (147.83 KB, 736x1043, 4916e9d98044e6d5e8ec8405c7467a…)

Am I seriously developing an eating disorder as an adult

No. 1990733

You can be mad and it's possible she's being petty but you started it by having a faux-elopement vacation wedding you essentially disinvited everyone from. That's so weird of you. Just get married at the courthouse, then tell them, then go on a honeymoon vacation like a normal person. Why would you tell your whole family you're having a month-long "elopement" wedding 6 months in advance? Like seriously what the fuck does that even mean lol. I'm not even sure I have the details right since I can't tell if you told your sister in law one month in advance, or if you told her six months in advance and she told you about her wedding one month in advance. I also don't understand telling family due to "ailing health"… do you mean you told them in advance that you'll be married so they know just in case they die first, or do you mean you told them because they can't come to your wedding because they're too sick, or…? Just baffles me why you would tell them ahead of time just to say you're not having a wedding they can come to. Maybe SIL is trying to sooth the family's hurt feelings in a weird way. I have no idea, the whole thing is strange.

No. 1990734

If you feel like doing her a solid you should hand her some 70% alcohol for her sanitization needs, she just has to add moisturizing to her routine and thatll hopefully spare her pink eye from all the scrotes that scratch their assholes and proceed to touch things.

No. 1990736

OK so I've moved on from my ex. Great. Now I don't see the slightest point in talking to him and have absolutely 0 urge to contact him whatsoever. I've been waiting for this moment so long.

But… Nothing to fill the void!! I feel lonely as heck. I hadn't felt this lonely in a long time. I used to miss him and think of ways to fix things between us. Now I have nothing to look forward to romantically and it feels like I'm falling back into my old ways.
I need my special someone. Who could it be?

No. 1990737

I'd do this but sanitize my hands before. Still gross. But I was so mad to be wasting an hour in transportations I figured I'd at least get the most out of it

No. 1990742

~*Take the husbando pill*~

No. 1990744

File: 1714856394993.png (106.87 KB, 275x236, IMG_2341.png)

Your special someone is you, nonnie

No. 1990751

I'm mad I can't eat too much sugar, drink at all, or consume even a trace of my food allergies without my chin breaking out in a rash and giving me a deep skin bump. What is this hell? Let me live my damn life

No. 1990756

I am not sexually attracted to women anymore (too long to explain but i can still fall in love with them) and i hate having high libido. So many moids look ugly or just aren't trustworthy at all. I feel like i am fated to be a virgin kek, I don't always think of sex but it's just this stupid libido that bothers me, it's so useless. I don't even like to masturbate, i must have been born with something stupid in my dna.

No. 1990761

not to anafag but i've let my self go because of depression and gotten chubby as a consequence. and it legit makes me revert into the self loathing ED mentality i had as a teenager kek, day dreaming about being super skinny etc. it's like regressing into childishness for no reason, i thought i had overcome the wannarexic phase when i entered adulthood.

No. 1990762

you and me both nonna. i highly dislike having a libido and thinking about sex when the average man looks like shit

No. 1990776

how old are you anon?

No. 1990782

25 but i can't wait to be an old granny.
Stay strong, comrade.

No. 1990807

I wish I was skinny why cant I be skinny

No. 1990813

It’s kind of cruel, people keep telling me how beautiful I look and I feel like I’m at my worst.

No. 1990855

god why the fuck is reading pdfs on my phone so hard? i need to read this damn book but god i cannot bring myself to open up the app to actually do it. tho i’m only beating myself up about it because i am once again believing that this book will fix me

No. 1990861

PDFs fucking suck on phones, have you tried finding an epub or mobi on libgen?

No. 1990873

File: 1714864808829.gif (1.87 MB, 400x300, hank.gif)

>college friends and other acquaintances sharing their interests in our group talk
>say that i find history to be interesting
>girl that i don't know that much answers that she enjoys it too
>start talking about our favorite periods of time and how was our experience of history as a subject in high school
>i mention about a period of dictatorship in our country (latam)
>felt that she wanted me to reassure all the time that dictators are bad
>"yeah, dictators are bad"
>she talks about being weirded out by people obsessed with roman empire and nazi germany stuff
>i notice the cue and try changing subjects
>talking about other periods for some time
>decide to mention medieval times
>she starts to repeat some misinformation about it
>while the annoying part of me wanted to correct her, i decided not to, not wanting to be unpleasant
>talked about some other things and then went to rejoin the group
The whole interaction wasn't that bad, it's just my disappointment in talking about the things I enjoy and then having to moderate myself because talking about certain things in a certain way is weird behavior.

No. 1990887

If it were me I would gladly be corrected so I don't stay misinformed. It's automatically endearing to me when a woman freely spergs because she knows her shit.

No. 1990912

i wish i could murder anons through the screen. DON'T RESPOND TO MY FUCKING VENTS. can't even use the correct thread for this because everyone keeps fucking it up
I can only truly be pure and clean once I die.

No. 1990914

File: 1714866990395.png (34.57 KB, 228x278, IMG_0539.png)

anon, the bait is too easy to take…

No. 1990918

No. 1990920

Go to the get it off your chest thread so no one can respond to your dumbassery without a ban

No. 1990922

READ retard
>can't even use the correct thread for this because everyone keeps fucking it up

No. 1990924

you can't use get it off your chest anymore because they keep responding anyway and do it indirectly, directly, they dfind a way

No. 1990927

Take your anger out on me, anon, please.

No. 1990929

Sounds like a you problem

No. 1990931

kill yourself

No. 1990933

File: 1714867769157.jpeg (77.74 KB, 735x730, IMG_0384.jpeg)

question ignored in thread, suspicious maybe anons really have never dated cute men ever in their life and don’t know how to get one. i’m so sad like i thought older women were swimming in a pool of young hot scrotes what happened? kek

No. 1990934

i should've left years ago you all ruined this place

No. 1990936

hate hate hate hatehate hate hate hatehatehate HATE HATE

No. 1990938

Got fired from my job after moving to a new country in Latin America because I was supposedly acting too suggestive/provocative and that was putting me at risk for being raped. Except nothing of the sort had ever happened and I had barely talked to any males since I had arrived in the country. There wasn't any sort of documentation about what happened, nor was there the option to try a personal improvement plan.

I can't really explain everything that happened without doxing myself but I feel like there was something nefarious about the way I was fired. I thought it was cool that I was going to be part of a woman led team but they all reached the consensus that I was somehow acting slutty as a way to force me out. I thought women would be more supportive but nope.

I was told this firing was to "protect" me but this has been so disruptive to my life and honestly been one of the most traumatic events ever. Luckily my support system tells me it's not my fault but it sucks that I have to get therapy now.

No. 1990940

>wants to vent on the internet in a thread where someone would attempt to empathize with you

anon I think it’s time you invest in a journal, being unironic. I don’t get the fake humility of vent thread posters, you obviously want someone to sympathize for your troubles and it’s fine admitting that, these threads are not meant for talking to yourself you’re allowed to reply to anyone you want and it isn’t even a thread rule.

No. 1990941

i dated a cute moid but we met on a shitty mobile game server.

No. 1990946

>you obviously want someone to sympathize for your troubles and it’s fine admitting tha
no, I want you retards to stop shitting up the get it off your chest thread

No. 1990948

then go post there then and stop shitting up this thread with your poor attitude. you’re the lonely faggot having to use the vent thread to blogpost about your feelings and then get mad when people reply. it’s not a rule to not reply

No. 1990950

anon please tell me he was actually cute and you weren’t lying to yourself

No. 1990951

ayrt. yeah i have EPUBs. its way better than pdfs. it’s just so hard to form the habit of using my phone for books and not social media

No. 1990953

no he was actually cute like a 7/10. but he was very mentally ill (but so am i teehee).

No. 1990958

My goiter won't let me swallow, goddamn I can't have my usual dinner, gotta eat oatmeal again (I'm not mad about it but I needed protein) Fuck this shit cant that appointment come sooner? I don't want to starve outta here I'm already slim please

No. 1990959

what happened then why did you guys break up?

No. 1990961

Not sure if you're the same anon, i didn't reply because i've never actually "dated" them but the ones i knew were from my group of irl friends that i knew since highschool and kek yeah the moids were some years younger than me. I was somehow lucky enough to be into different groups of friends even if i was just the lowest of a low, a gamer/weeb, so i don't really have a tip.
In my experience sporty moids tend to look better in my country but that doesn't make all of them pretty.

No. 1990966

I started acting out aggressively and then went into hermit mode for days, and he was also doing the same. It was at that moment that we mutually decided that the relationship had ran its course and it was better to break up. I do wish him the best; he was a decent person regardless of his mental illness.

No. 1990978

oh you have bpd, kek. hope you find someone better and healthier for you

No. 1990979

Why are other women annoying and moralfaggy like this??? This is similar to my experiences too and it's why it's so hard for me to make girl friends and why i had a cringy genderspecial phase when younger

No. 1990985

my ex friend
>refuses to slowly reacclimatize herself to working before jumping into a 40hr work week after being out of work for 2 years
>burns out immediately
>home ever since august '23
>refuses to get a PT job to have income
>ubereats every meal, ever day
>instacarts groceries despite being able bodied
>sleeps all day, up until 3am
>doesn't exercise
>doesn't order fresh food from the grocery store
>hardly showers and brushes teeth
>uses autism as an excuse for everything
>refuses to change habits
>sobs in my dms that she doesn't want to lose me
>"no one cares about me but you!"
>"anon you never acknowledge my disability! you try to control my life! you're abusive to me!"

somehow I am the issue

No. 1990987

File: 1714870729729.jpg (40.08 KB, 736x718, 1000014523.jpg)

Hate to say it, but I agree. I believe that women are generally better people than men, but one thing that women definitely need to fix is their incessant moralfagging where it's just not important or fitting. Take for example women getting mad at older women for dating younger men. Women are the only ones who actually give a fuck and have a problem about that. Women will call it grooming, and kick up a fuss that unnecessarily attacks other women and infantalizes men. actual moids don't give a shit if a woman is fairly older than him, as long as she's hot and healthy. I think another example is the fag-defending going on here. I met literal gay scrotes that are less offended by the word "faggot" than a lot of the faghag anons here. I guess what I'm trying to say is, one of the core flaws that women have is when they care way too much about the most the most non-offending shit.

No. 1990992

>then go post there then
god none of you can read at all

No. 1990994


No. 1990995

I wouldn't call it moralfagging. I would call it conformism. Majority of female communities are plagued by conformism and having to confirm by whatever thinking or thing is currently trendy and approved by other women.
Also i would hate to use PULL as a example but i remember at their peak when being pro-trans was trendy , anyone who said anything bad about the trans community or misgendered someone would immediately get heavily downvoted, dogpiled and in some cases banned. Yet when the trans community started losing popularity and more terf talking points became mainstream then all of a sudden pull posts criticizing troons became allowed.
I remember a month before PULL got shut down someone made a post criticizing gender ideolody and they got support meanwhile if it was a year or two ago they would have gotten banned. Its the conformism of it all. There is forced conformism on lolcow too if im going to be honest, just look the booktok discussion and how anons were lashing out at anons who liked booktok and written smut.

No. 1990997

when i and other anons post in the correct thread, YOU break the rules and continue to reply. do you get it now? huh?

No. 1991000

Kek you’re right. But I’m also enjoying watching the sperg here have a melty here because other anons replied to her. Cow behavior

No. 1991001

shut up retard

No. 1991005

I would be your friend so fast. I love history and learning from other people makes me so happy, especially about other eras. I wish women could just sperg with each other the same way men do without the bullshit moralfagging a lot of them do.

No. 1991008

File: 1714871900150.jpg (29.51 KB, 564x376, 1692298219291.jpg)

>he brings gun over for no reason just see it on my side table when I get up to pee and he hadn't even mentioned it
>does a super long curb your enthusiasm impression imitating larry, jeff, AND susie very accurately like acting out a full scene alone for like 15 minutes to me
>does a high pitched voice for his dick like its a ventriloquist puppet talking until I have to repeatedly ask him to stop

No. 1991011

Kill yourself faggot
No, she doesn't know how to read just like you. >>1990992
i was using that thread normally then you messed it up. why should i go back there if you're going to keep breaking the rules?

No. 1991013

Ayrt and i agree with you on everything nona holy shit, the whole faghaging on lolcow pisses me off as well and tbh tinfoil but it always felt like it was unintegrated fags that landed here from twitter doing it too, like we all know gay men are less bad than straight ones but they are still men, and still act like one and say the most vile shit about us but because they are gay its ok apparently?

>Take for example women getting mad at older women for dating younger men

So stupid too, you just know the farmers saying this are likely the ones defending walled moids and fatasses

This is the right word thank you, conformism is what is keeping us back, i hope in the future we let go of this.

No. 1991014

>does a high pitched voice for his dick like its a ventriloquist puppet talking until I have to repeatedly ask him to stop
Surely you can do better. Like, that cannot be the pinnacle of what you can pull.

No. 1991015

i dont have bpd. i had an out of control thyroid, anemia and other things going on related to my studies.

No. 1991020

I remember reading in a thread about an artist who liked drawing WWII airplanes and their humanized versions, unfortunately, she decided to close her profiles because of incessant moralfagging/conformism for the horrible crime of also including german airplanes in her art.

No. 1991026

Sachiko Kaneoya? She's still posting just occasionally retards will sperg in her comments for no reason

No. 1991030

Thanks for the correction, nonna, didn't know her username and it's nice to know that she is still posting.

No. 1991031

Can't forgive them for stripping us of the male kancolle.
With all the posts there it doesn't happen that often, also if it happens it's just one single retard and it doesn't take 20 years out of your life, you're talking as if you live in a Hell and Hell difficulty.

No. 1991035

>does a high pitched voice for his dick like its a ventriloquist puppet talking until I have to repeatedly ask him to stop
Where do you guys find these wackos??? LMAO

No. 1991037

oh my god my boyfriend also did the high pitched voice for his dick thing. i told him if he didn't stop i'd twist his nuts until he cries and he knocked it off pretty quickly.
seriously though, bringing over guns is scary. why does he even have them?

No. 1991042

make your pussy talk back to him in a deep and gravelly voice

No. 1991043

I know it must be awkward but can you nona explain the situation of a moid doing a high pitched voice for his dick? What the fuck is that.

No. 1991047

We are in hell. Biologically is a curse, the human body is terrible not fascinating or interesting at all. Doctors NEVER listen, they do not care they never will. My life is fucking ruined thanks to all this shit but dumbasses call it a ~~*blessing*~~ it's disgusting. All bodily functions are disgusting. I wish some anons would drop dead. I'm trying to die myself but god won't let me, biology won't let me.

No. 1991050

i'm >>1991037, when we met me and my bf were both virgins. he said he was so nervous about being naked in front of someone else that he thought making his dick talk to me would lighten the mood (??). he wiggled his fucking foreskin about like it was a mouth. in fairness it did destroy the tension but i ended up putting my clothes back on and we didn't have sex for another 3 weeks. i still think about it when we cuddle sometimes and laugh.

No. 1991052

>i ended up putting my clothes back on and we didn't have sex for another 3 weeks
Understandable, thank you for this information but knowing that this has happened at least more than once already terrifies me.

No. 1991053

File: 1714874167989.png (719.93 KB, 800x800, blaaaa.png)

>he wiggled his fucking foreskin about like it was a mouth
what in the actual jesus fucking christ

No. 1991054

I use a text-to-speech reader and when it got to
>what in the actual jesus fucking christ
it turned into a spanish woman, relatable

No. 1991058

>does a super long curb your enthusiasm impression imitating larry, jeff, AND susie very accurately like acting out a full scene alone for like 15 minutes to me
Nona, I am sorry my genderbent clone escaped confinement.

No. 1991060

>text to speech
Oh wow we have a blind anon on lolcow thats so cool.

Please use your text to speech for this one too : o-o-owo swenpai pweasey weasy cwan i bwe punished? (•ω•) pwease sway wes im hworny ;3 i want-want ywou to gwo h-hard and f-f-f-f-f-fast….ah~ >/////< oh sweet mwother owf onii-chan…..AH~ it hwurts swenpai :( but i wove it ;3(emoji)

No. 1991063

Kek almost.
That was scary but it almost sounded like rapping.

No. 1991071

I just want a courthouse wedding but my mom wants me to have an actual one "for her". She's refused to help me throughout my life and now she wants me to have a wedding but still expects me to pay for it. Yeah, no.

No. 1991077

File: 1714876239194.jpg (171.15 KB, 1200x675, 1000016142.jpg)

AYRT and I got basically chased out of a female-only discord group because I dared to point out that men can and do use suicide as a psychological attack on others. I personally had to deal with a scrote trying to suicide-bait me into keeping him in my life. That, and I saw the Ronnie McNutt video. The way that moid taunted the ever-loving shit out of everyone that was close to him before he blew his brains out was objectively evil to me. Those instances opened my perspective on how the act of suicide can be and even is an actual weapon used by moids in order to give everyone in their life a PTSD-inducing "fuck you". But what did my "friends" have to say? They all lost their shit and chimped out for hours about how I was an evil piece of shit because I don't automatically see suicidal moids as victims. Again, that there is what I think is a core problem with women as a gender; they're all up in this hero-therapist-substitute mother-moralfaggy-high horse-queen of virtue-"I can fix him" complex, instead of looking at situations and realizing that not everything needs their tears and empathy. Caring too much, always trying to make someone into a victim, always thinking that turning every situation into a big fat hugbox is necessary. So obnoxious, out of touch with reality and even counterproductive when they infantalize shit like trannies. This habitual moralfagging is what got trannies as far as they did in women's spaces, and feeling like they can do whatever they want in the first place.

No. 1991078

File: 1714876288490.jpeg (89.39 KB, 750x244, IMG_0394.jpeg)

Kek you literally just copied that Reddit post of some man talking about his girlfriend speaking with a different voice for her own vagina but instead you just changed the sexes. Based reply farming, anything mentioning a scrote in here has these sad bitches running in a hurry to respond. Decentering moids my ass

No. 1991080

Nta but i would have replied even if it was about vaginas, sounds like you're the one obsessing on moids.

No. 1991081

File: 1714876634202.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1290x1586, IMG_1783.jpeg)

I want to watch pretty little liars again because it’s always been one of my favorite cheesy rewatch shows. But I was in the middle of a marathon when I got the call that my brother had died suddenly and now I can’t put it on without being reminded.

Also I wish JK Rowling would just give it a rest on fucking twitter.

I’ll always love and respect her for causing a thousand years of tranny tears (and for Harry Potter since it’s still a very fond part of my childhood) but I wish she’d just stop picking slapfights every damn day on the most troon infested website there is.

No. 1991083

I didn't copy shit, it literally just happened to me. And he did it to me last year when I fucked him too, I decided to give him another chance and chalk it up to a fluke but he did it yet again. And the nonna above me has also experienced it. I'm not GLAD that men doing a voice like mr garrison for mr hat is so common but do I appreciate being called a liar, no I do not.

No. 1991084

File: 1714876943178.jpeg (110.46 KB, 546x435, IMG_0359.jpeg)

uhh no, u

No. 1991085

you have terrible taste anon, and I bet even after he did that you still fucked him kekkkk ew

No. 1991086

I'm wondering what's worse between puppeting a dick or posting a reply like this, see you later

No. 1991091

Remember when some anon thought Zhang Yong was posting his own twitter meme here kek. Why are detective-chans like this

No. 1991099

I think puppeting a dick is way worse than an innocent shitpost anon

No. 1991116

Wrote in the other vent thread about my mum having a meltdown over me not inviting my thieving drug aunt to my baby shower.
She had stolen $28k in 6 months from my grandmothers brother, who she was getting a pension to look after because he had 3 strokes and was non verbal, unable to walk much.
I helped mum go through the bank statements to highlight each stolen transaction, she bought usesless shit like $100 mcdonalds, kfc, drugs, $70 towels. He's dead now so no consequences for her actions, don't even think the cops talked to her.

So aunt didn't come but sent mum a message. I only overheard the end of what mum was talking to her other sister and it was something like "____ being treated like this is why I would go on drug benders". Mum was in a shitty mood since, during the baby shower she spent hardly any time with guests, didn't speak to hubs parents at all, stayed in the kitchen the whole time.

Just went and read the text while mum was busy, basically said "I'm so gutted for not being invited, how could she have invited me when she doesn't have me on social media ((I have blocked drug aunt)) so it feels deliberate, she could have called me yesterday to invite me, I don't care I wasn't invited I just care that I was excluded, shit like this is what would send me on a drug bender. Love you". I'm glad she knows it was on purpose and I'm glad she's upset honestly. Quite literally the only time she's ever had any sort of consequence to any actions.
Once I leave here I might message mum to talk about how she acted but I really doubt it would do anything in the end. Having huge second thoughts about moving back here now. I don't want this sort of drama to be the rest of my life and my kids life.

Other aunt came 2.5 hours late, stayed an hour, said "really??" In a snotty tone about the baby name we picked - that was the first thing she even said to me no hello congratulations and didn't even get a card. So quite frankly she can eat shit too. I assume she's passed off i didn't invite drug aunt and spent a good chunk of that hour she was here in the kitchen bitching about me with mum.

Husbands mother noticed my mother's attitude and I just told her everything. She feels more like a mother to me right now which I find really saddening.

While the shower was still going mum was doing dishes instead of spending time outside with everyone else.

No. 1991118

File: 1714880072579.jpeg (68.05 KB, 735x642, IMG_7778.jpeg)

My cat was officially diagnosed with wet-type FIP and the vet recommended immediate euthanasia. Said his situation was very grave and he wouldn’t be likely to last more than a day or two. She was completely ignorant of the treatment that’s now available for cats with FIP that is approved for use in countries like the UK, Australia and The Netherlands. This all happened about 10 days ago, last Wednesday. He got started on the (technically illegal black market product) FIP cure called GS-441524 a few hours after that vet recommended immediate euthanasia.

My kitty man is doing great. The gofundme has raised close to $400, another friend privately donated $100, and we’ve gotten about $70 in cashapp donations. Super helpful, and will definitely get him through his treatments until we get funds dispersed from his co-parent’s 401k loan. The total cost of his treatment will end up being about $1800-2000 not including his vet visits for bloodwork at the 30, 60, and 80 day marks and the supportive rx meds (cerenia for anti nausea and gabapentin for pain - the injections of GS-441524 are known to sting, even though my little man is being so brave about it and barely flinches during his injections). Thankfully everything that the actual vets can do/prescribe(so, not the super expensive GS-441524 itself) is being 90% reimbursed because we made sure he had excellent pet insurance. It just really fucking sucks that this proven effective drug isn’t approved for use in Burgerland because our government cares more about protecting the “rights” of a patent holder than actually saving cats. Meanwhile other countries have basically said “fuck off” and approved it for veterinary use without the patent holder’s permission. This country is so fucked up in so many ways and there’s only real freedom if you’re rich or a fucking corporation. If the drug was approved for veterinary use we would actually be able to get reimbursed for it by his pet insurance.

I hate my country but I love my pets. I’m so thankful that we got enough in donations to get the first month of GS-441524 for our kitty before we were able to have access to funds from the loan. His appetite is fully back to normal and he’s gaining weight. For a while he was vomiting directly after his injections even with the cerenia for anti nausea (was told this could be a pain response), but he hasn’t vomited even once in 4 days.

Nonnies, if any of your cats ever end up with FIP, please know there’s hope! My family lost a cat about a decade ago to FIP before there was a cure and it was so devastating that there was nothing we could do for him, I still miss him and so wish he could have lived to be an old man. I love my pets so dearly and am so thankful that we received the support we needed to get our baby through his first month of treatments. He’s got another 74 days of injections ahead of him which is daunting but I’m so full of hope as he’s visibly doing so much better. Saving his life will be worth every penny and then some even though we are not rich and this is going to be a struggle financially.

No. 1991140

File: 1714881348082.jpg (12.92 KB, 236x368, e03c23418765fb3330f2f11cda4907…)

I got back on cocaine and it activated some sort of really weird and debilitating limerence. 3 years ago I was talking to this guy who had stalked me (which I didn't catch, during the time we actively talked). He was kind and sweet, but I didn't pay much attention since he was far away. The last time I talked to him he was horrible and randomly turned on me, it was also the time I called him out on talking to my friends, knowing really specific information about me. Mind you, I have never met him.

Now fast forward to today, I'm moving to this city, and I truly don't know what, besides cocaine, reminded me of him. I'm obsessively looking at our old, brief conversations, trying to decipher things, hoping I run into him. I have not made any contact in 2 years and I truly don't want to. But I have become obsessed with the idea of him. It's fucking breaking me.

No. 1991145

File: 1714881487317.jpeg (85.15 KB, 941x966, IMG_2538.jpeg)

LMFAOOOOO my ex friend is going on a rampage and her fucking dad called the cops on her and she made a half hearted attempt at suicide. cut deeper you stupid cunt. i love the false moral superiority when day 2 of breaking up and she keeps trying to kill herself but im already starting my healing journey and all. it’s so funny like literally ever friend i’ve cut off has only gotten worse off meanwhile im thriving. i fucking love life no weapon against me shall prosper.

No. 1991150

You sound like a bitch

No. 1991186

Actually going to scream because my lesbian housemate/landlord won't stop treating me like I'm her girlfriend and telling me shit like "it's like we're on a date" or "we should pretend we're dating when we do x thing" despite my absolute unresponsive silence when she says this shit. I'm a lesbian too I'm not being homophobic I literally just don't want her and IDK how to make it clearer without making the situation super awkward. She has disgusting shit hygiene, her only hobby is gaming every waking hour she's not working, and troon friends that she brings into the home she could not be less desirable to me. I'm sorry but it makes my skin crawl when she won't stop trying to make this a thing. Holy shit this situation sounds so fake and it's because she doesn't have an iota of damn sense regarding how inappropriate it is to be saying this shit to a tenant. She has tons of retarded gendie libfem friends I don't get why she doesn't spring for one of them instead of me, it's not like I'm the only woman into other women around. Ugh.

No. 1991189

Agreed. Hopefully karam will get her

No. 1991194

i explained a little bit more abt this ex friend here >>1990985
years of trying to help this ex friend and she rebuffed me at every point n now she’s big mad that i decided not to be friends with her.

No. 1991197

Sachiko defender until the day I die. That whole debacle made me lose my head ngl.

No. 1991200

Im glad your kitty is doing well on the treatment. Im sorry to hijack your post but my kitty who was only about 8 years old had that and the vet never mentioned any sort of treatment about it, instead he did some bullshit surgery that cost about 2000 dollars and when we saw her afterwards she looked horrific and passed away shortly after anyways. I still hurt about this a lot, I wish he just put her down instead of wasting our money and hurting our cat

No. 1991202

File: 1714886176629.jpg (373.58 KB, 1000x1384, 1000016151.jpg)

I looked her up. She makes a lot of good and interesting art. I saw this character around, but I never looked into who the artist behind him was. Now it's coming together.

No. 1991207

Female rage this female rage that, WHERE? commit androcide!

No. 1991212


No. 1991215

File: 1714887923129.jpg (101.51 KB, 600x991, ad2e69c67a8eaf766085e58ba9f4a2…)

I really love her art
It hits a sweet spot for me

No. 1991216

Every morning I have to get up and every morning getting out of bed is torture

No. 1991218

At the very least, I saw her comment that she just plans on posting any artwork with the German soldier on her personal site. The whole thing was retarded but at least she hasn't completely bent over for Twitter trannies.

No. 1991223

File: 1714888908672.jpg (61.36 KB, 1242x893, 1000002069.jpg)

We have a really big event the next two days at work and my lower back is killing me since my period just started. I'm going to be standing for many hours god damn.

No. 1991227

You know what I hate the sound of her fucking shrill ass voice too like shut the fuck up and shower regularly and do your laundry maybe you won't be so fucking internally desolate then. Retard. Really wish I wasn't such a hater sometimes but there are people that make it difficult and you're one of them I hate being associated with you.

No. 1991237

I fucking hate peeing, I wish I could just unpee.

No. 1991239

Sounds like she is just struggling and you are trying to portray her as the evil one on your posts

No. 1991246

File: 1714891568148.jpg (247.25 KB, 1280x1364, kittenRain.jpg)

> start master's program
> dad dies unexpectedly one week later
> mom is diagnosed with macular degeneration one week after dad's death
> mom will go blind
> boyfriend unsympathetic to me and becomes a huge asshole
> takes out his emotions on me
> barely acknowledges i am going through a difficult time
> move back in with my mom because fuck that
> older brother then troons out
> i have to pretend to be supportive
> i begin to experience health problems
> have cancer scare
> unable to keep up with my coursework because of my health
> super behind and stressed
> asshole boyfriend breaks up with me after almost five years together
> i had health insurance through him (stupid)
> need to maintain my grades so i can get student health insurance
> i physically cannot work as much as i need to do well in school
> doctors have no idea what is wrong with me but treat my symptoms
> conservative treatment plan means i will continue to feel like shit for months until i see an improvement
> mom's eyesight is getting worse
> uncle visits us to help around the house
> uncle gets into a car accident as he is returning home
> car is totaled and uncle is hospitalized
> my summer semester starts in a week and i still need to finish projects from this semester

i am ready for good things to start happening again…

No. 1991286

Why do you greentext
> like
> this

No. 1991292

Damn, anon. I'm so sorry. Life's really putting you through the ringer… Is it not possible to put a pause on school somehow and not have it negatively effect you? Like, maybe if you could explain this all to a school counselor maybe they could arrange something like that for you?

Maybe nonna's a newfriend or using mobile. Either way, don't be an ass.

No. 1991293

Not just a bitch but sociopathic and drama obsessed in that borderline "I've moved on but I'm still obsessed with you" way. It's one thing to cut ties but LMFAOOOOOOing at someone autistic trying to end her life and saying cut deeper bitch and that it's proof you're important is so detached from reality self-centered and vile, not even in a moralfag way because cries for attention are annoying but the black/white "I was her savior" to laughing encouraging her to die is abnormal and I'm tired of this unhinged cow behavior appearing here more frequently

No. 1991305

thank you for the kind words and advice nonny and yes i am a mobilefag so sorry about the formatting. i mainly lurk and don’t post, i’ll try to do better.

i am getting accommodations through my school and my professors are very gracious and working with me. it’s just hard because this program was suppose to help me with a career change and my health is preventing me from taking full advantage of the opportunities it could provide me. and all of my usual support systems are either nonexistent or dead. i know things won’t always be like this but i have no idea what future I am even working towards now that so much has changed. the only thing keeping me going is making sure my cat is happy.

No. 1991318

File: 1714898949402.jpeg (235.7 KB, 1080x1061, IMG_8641.jpeg)

I used to be friends with this twink who had ASPD and bipolar and I called a wellness check on him because he kept threatening to kill himself. I went to prom today and he came up to me and confronted me, asking me if I had “fucking nothing to say for myself.” His friend had to physically restrain him. I said he was threatening to kill himself every other day and I called 911 because I loved him and he was my best friend. He asked me if I’m retarded or if the pills I pop were just making me stupid. I told him that he could be angry at me for the rest of my life but he couldn’t look me in the eyes and tell me I didn’t care about him. I got kind of choked up and even though he was berating me he had this look in his eyes that I only saw when he broke down crying in front of me once. Part of me is miserable but I also feel like I finally got closure
Mods please don’t ban me I’m 18

No. 1991322

Holy shit Nonna, life hasn't been easy on you at all, I'm so sorry. On one hand, you've seen the true colors of your ex, you saved yourself from being in a relationship with a pest who wouldn't support you and lacked empathy. I hope your uncle recovers soon. Are there any ways you can see another doctor?

No. 1991323

are you twelve?

No. 1991336

He’s not your friend, your his emotional punching bag. What does he have to say for himself? Putting that stress on you, threatening to kill himself, what did he expect you to do? Was the last time he cried in front of you also when he was trying to get something from you/manipulate you into forgiving his heinous behavior? He was prepared to get physically violent with you so much so someone had to hold him back? I hope closure means you’re done with that worthless little prick because chances are he’s going to lay hands on you if you give him the chance. If you experience any other scrotes making the same testerical noises run in the opposite direction, don’t coddle his ass and make excuses for him because he will keep pressing on your boundaries until he knows how much abuse you’re willing to take and the tricks he can employ to make you accept more.

No. 1991342

Please grow a spine before another testerical failed abortion latches onto you. Nothing is ever good enough for these emotional black holes. Don't cry for him when he eventually dies. Cry for yourself for giving so much time and emotional labor to a creature that should have been aborted before it was born. These men aren't human- when he kills himself (and he will, things like him need the narc rush from destroying others to the point where suicide is literally their end goal, it's a mental illness thing) it's not because of you or what you did/didn't do. It's because he's sick in the head.

No. 1991353

i always assume the best of people so when i finally realize how/what they really are it's difficult for me to deal with it. i assumed the best of my coworker until i realized she's a narcissistic piece of shit that is constantly desperate for male attention. she's 30 years older than me but spends so much time kissing up to men and bragging about how much men like her. i'm in radfem spaces so i could never relate to younger women claiming that they don't feel any kinship/solidarity with older women but now that i know this woman, i get it. she also hates other women because to her all women are competition and annoying feminists and she's the only normal, decent woman left alive, which makes it even harder to meet her with compassion and acceptance.

No. 1991383

>that they don't feel any kinship/solidarity with older women
A bit strange to me tbh. Most older women I've met don't seem to care about men at all, I'd say they probably have no illusions about them at this point haha, and they surely enjoy the company of other women. I feel like it has to do more with narcissism than age, because it seems narcissistic women do tend to be more critical of other women, probably because it makes them feel special and unique, and because femininity and everything related to female sex is considered inferior in the society, and they surely don't want to be considered weaker, stupider, more shallow etc. Plus, I feel like it's easier to make a man praise you even if it's cheap and not exactly sincere. And it's especially easy when you shit on other women. I even had a lesbian (narcissistic) friend that would often talk about how she related to men more and she obviously sympathized with them more as well which was weird considering that, well, she's into women and she's not even gnc - not a bit.

No. 1991395

yes, this is exactly my experience with older women as well! which is why my coworker finally made me kind of understand what younger women claim that older women are like. anyways, i'm connected with many women who are a minimum 10-15 years older than me and they're all amazing. she's the only outlier and it's her own fault for not being able to see how great women are. she can continue kissing up to men and embarrassing herself, it's not my problem, kek.

No. 1991445

struggling for 3+ years while refusing to do a single damn thing to help herself? i guess advising her to go outside, form a decent sleep schedule, not wendys and burger king uber eats for every meal, and to slowly reacclimate herself to working by working a few hours a week with a part time job that plays to her strengths versus trying to make a full time job that only causes her autistic burnout is just so terrible and abusive. be real anon, doctors have tried to help her, i tried to help her, her family tried to help her, even her work management tried to help her and she doesn’t implement a damn thing to improve her situation at all. like ? wtf are we supposed to do?

No. 1991449

File: 1714911331792.png (82.15 KB, 225x225, Vfw9uq5.png)

>come home from work and a buy a coke for myself
>put in the fridge for cooling and get ready to relax
>my entire family barges into my room and basically spouts "how dare I buy something that supports Israel"
>have to listen to this lecture by my mom and siblings for half an hour

No. 1991471

I hate HATE HATE when moids claim popstars as "gay icons"
Basically any female pop star that isn't directly pandering to straight men/is a little weird, for some fucking reason, gets claimed by the faggots and they start to use them as their personality, like I've seen more faggots claiming to be "2007 Britney"s and aside from it being a total disrespectful act, I never see women trying so much to skinwalk or be obsessed with them. Sure, boybands have their rabid fans too (for ex. kpop stans) but it's never a matter of skinwalk or putting them in some weird sexual shit like being gay icons. Can faggots stop making everything about them loving dick already?
I was a fan of Lady Gaga when she fucking debuted because I love dance music and weird artists, I also found it to be nice to be bisexual like me back in the day only to be totally disappointed when the gays claimed her and her stating that she was simply an ally. Go have your own shitty idols! Stop obsessing over women! Women artists are for women only! Go drool on other faggots!!

No. 1991481

Yes that does sound like she is struggling. It's good that you tried to help her and give her advice, nobody is calling you terrible for doing that. It sucks that it didn't stick and that she's still doing poorly, and she shouldn't call you abusive for that, but that doesn't make her evil.
I can imagine being frustrated and cutting ties, but gloating about how miserable she is is pathetic and embarrassing.
>wtf are we supposed to do?
Nothing, you cut contact with her, it's not your problem. If you're the type of person to lose your shit posting on lolcor about how she's a stupid cunt who should cut deeper after she attempts suicide, she is better off without you.

No. 1991491

I really need to study but the movivation or concentration is NOT here. Help. I'm going to block this website and everything else and pray to god I won't unlock it in 5 minutes

No. 1991496

You can do it nonna! I'm also procrastinating by browsing lc right now so I'm not the best person to give advice on how to conjure up motivation but I'm rooting for you.

No. 1991508

File: 1714915455334.jpg (201.37 KB, 1080x1106, 539u23.jpg)

I'm so emotionally knotted up and I have no clue why I'm like this when I've never been like this. Cringe.

No. 1991520

you ever tried study with me lives?

No. 1991566

anon she’s clearly 17-19 years old, stop being so stupid

No. 1991606

File: 1714923820447.jpeg (97.09 KB, 736x730, IMG_0391.jpeg)

Such a niche memory came up related to my weight/body issues. I remember my mother always wiping off extra frosting off of desserts when she would give it to me sometimes when I was younger and said they’re fattening and unhealthy despite her being medically obese for her height and age. She would always make subtle comments about my weight especially when I started gaining some when puberty started doing its second wave on me during high school and I started taking SSRIs which increases weight gain and it was just overall weird. Out of my entire immediate family I am the most petite, skinny of them and have never exceeded 200 pounds and when I was at my skinniest I looked like a complete heroin chic lanklet with a thigh gap which I miss so fucking much ughhh and it was just bizarre how someone which was my mother who was and still is fatter than me and suffering from medical issues because of it would do things like that. The utter darkness and poison coming from Scorpio mothers scares me because sometimes I’m just sitting around and then the terrible/embarassing memories related to my dysfunctional family come up like the sting of a scorpion bite.

No. 1991608

Just learned that my best friend from elementary school whom I drifted away from because I became an avoidant fuck has metastatic cancer

No. 1991623

That's awful. Are you going to reach out to them? It's always sad finding that out

No. 1991658

I think so, yeah. It's awful what she went through

No. 1991681

Having an obese mother is a truly fucked up experience. My mom has been my entire life so I feel you, anon. One way to look at her actions, even if misguided and inappropriate, is that she doesn’t want you to experience what she’s been through. It doesn’t excuse her behavior, because it causes a messed up relationship to food and body issues. These women are miserable and remembering that sometimes (though not always kek) helps me not flip the fuck out. Just ignore her when she’s acting like a bitch.

No. 1991694

I hate how condescending my friend is. I know she thinks she’s better than me and that her life is also greater than mine but if I look at it introspectively, I could say my life is way better.
I own a house, I’m in a long relationship with someone who loves me and respects me, I have pretty close friends and a job which I love. Everyone is always telling good things about me and I don’t even have to make an effort, it’s just natural, I act with a good heart and good intentions.
Still it’s never enough for her. Be could be talking about my last achievement at work and she’d question me. Talking about my partner would mean her being passive aggressive and questioning their love for me, basically. If I tell her something that I have planned, she’d started asking questions because she wonders if I’m as alone as she thinks I am (just because).
It’s exhausting at this point because she doesn’t stop saying that she loves me and she wishes me good but it’s getting harder and harder to believe it.

No. 1991695

I hate checking Instagram. I don't know why I just don't delete that shit. I hate seeing that my former classmates have good lives and accomplish things, and I don't mean I don't want them to succeed but I wish I was succeding too. Instead I'm a filthy friendless neet that's been in the mental hospital. How come I'm the failure among all of them? Why was I left alone? I see many of them are still friends from school and all, but I am alone and mentally ill. In reality I know that I could never have friends because of my extremely controlling and mentally ill family, but I'm also to blame because I'm an adult now right? They're all succeding in such interesting ways too. One of them is a photographer, one just became a programmer in for a big company in the city, one is a tattoo artist, one's a translator who travels often, one drives motorbikes semi-professionally. Back in school they were all "lost causes" according to the teachers, everyone thought they had no direction and would go flip burgers. I was the best on my class in high school. And I'm one of the few people who didn't go to college. And I became severely ill, and I became a stupid neet with a brain that got fried from medication for years. I would be lying if I said this wasn't a huge hit to my ego. I would be ashamed to even meet them. Good thing none of them even remember me. It bothers me so much that my stomach hurts. Why and how did things turn out this way? If I didn't have chores to do (for my abusive family) and things to take care of I would have already starved myself to death.

No. 1991702

File: 1714932169429.jpg (47.59 KB, 660x689, cute rat.jpg)

it's ok nona, you are doing your best.
it's your right to be ill and take a break, you don't need to compare yourself to others.
what matters is that you are alright, being successful and what not is really not a priority when you need rest

No. 1991703

File: 1714932293627.jpeg (44.39 KB, 563x370, IMG_0400.jpeg)

Kek I love my mom but yeah she’s been struggling with her weight since forever. All of that stuff stopped when I grew up but it’s just the subtlest memories that have you rethink your relationships with your own family. The fact I’ve also never been complimented or called pretty by my own mother and my hair has always been seen as ugly if it wasn’t beautified or in braids has probably contributed to my body dysmorphia, mothers often spread their own self-hatred on to their daughters like a disease and it becomes so hard to break out of them when you grow up. I’ve grown up with no body confidence taught to me and it shows, sigh.

No. 1991708

File: 1714932651447.png (1.98 KB, 266x130, minimal eye contact.png)

she is jealous of you and wants to ruin your life.
one day you will take her allegations of your partner cheating seriously and that will ruin your relationship.
I would cut her off asap

No. 1991709

I wish boys realized how the average girl struggles so much just to look presentable

No. 1991710

God, that picture. The pain is real.

No. 1991711

File: 1714932969430.jpeg (48.97 KB, 631x631, IMG_1188.jpeg)

the one single time i miss work by accident because i read my schedule wrong, i end up getting fired. apparently i had 3 other upn violations and this was my 4th one. i don’t even fucking know what the other 3 are, i was a fine employee. i knew my manager fucking hated me so i guess she now had a proper excuse to get rid of me. i wouldn’t be worried about finding a new job but the job market is fucking abysmal right now. i’m going to kill myself

No. 1991712

they don’t. “Ugly” women spend so much of their time and money doing painful feminine beauty rituals trying to get some ugly scrote to use them as a glory hole for the night and then make her think he truly cares about her while he gets to do nothing with his appearance to make him more appealing. scrotes only apply humanness to beautiful women, the rest of us are just seen as tryhards trying to makeupmaxx for a boring night of faking orgasms to make him feel like a “man”, ugly men are not required to retrieve their “humanity” through makeup, shaving, diet culture because they are already praised for other qualities that are unrelated to their looks.

No. 1991714

i know that they don't, can't you read my original comment?

No. 1991716

Disinvited everyone from? Does getting married automatically mean everyone is entitled to an expensive party? It’s between two people. Is it that scandalous

No. 1991717

this >>1991714 is pretending to be me.

No. 1991718

… no need to derail…

No. 1991719

File: 1714933401215.png (99.62 KB, 630x220, Screenshot_2024-05-05_20-22-30…)

funny how that even when they managed they find someone, they seem to look for another ASAP.
moids truly disgust me(scrote baiter)

No. 1991721

wow, stonetoss truly never misses!

No. 1991726

>tumblr post going around about how harmful patriarchal expectations are to males because they fail to learn how to do shit like cooking, sewing and home decorating/cleaning
>used to work in a school where sewing/cooking classes were mandatory by law for ALL students and the 90% of the time the boys would force the girls in their cooking groups to do everything while they just stood to the side
Stop defending moids dammit, they’ve had every fucking opportunity to learn the same skills (and more with organizations like the scouts) and they refuse to do them anyway

No. 1991727

im venting that i keep getting banned

No. 1991736

No. 1991737

No. 1991738

Literally what's the point of even trying to be with men…

No. 1991744

File: 1714934153607.png (618.53 KB, 922x777, aids caused by men.png)

except catching AIDS I don't see anything worth the effort

No. 1991745

There's no point. Don't.

No. 1991753

Even if they did understand they wouldn't care. In fact many use it to their advantage by negging women.

No. 1991758

This happens with non obese moms too. Obviously it seems hypocritical if they are fat but I think in a deep twisted way they know that society will treat you worse if you are fat and try to "save" you from that fate. When in reality it just gives you permanent issues with food and body image issues.

No. 1991759

I love the term almond mom.
you know exactly what they do even if you never heard the term before

No. 1991761

this is 13/50 except its men
>When exposed to beautiful women, men judge their partners as significantly less attractive
unironically enforce hijabs

No. 1991762

Despite me constantly trying and remembering things for and about people everybody except one person in my life forgot my birthday. My parents, both alive and well, nothing. Siblings? Nothing. Friend group? Nope! I'm done trying for anyone, I don't even want presents I just want to be acknowledged as a human being and remembered and I can't even have that. I'm always walked all over, bending myself backwards for every body and I know they'll only care when I stop doing that. Pathetic.

No. 1991765

File: 1714934745776.jpg (9 KB, 235x207, f2a271660a3ae311fe156546ddd55d…)

I have two friends I absolutely adore, but FUCK do I hate that they are both twitter-leaning when it comes to a lot of things. They parrot so much takes from it and refuses to budge even when you present them with evidence of how bullshit the tweets they base their opinions on are. They are exactly the kind of people that twitter's retarded online activism prey on to further their agendas; kind people that want to do the right things, want be on the "right side of history", and generally want to be good people but are too mentally/emotionally exhausted by real life and too broke to really do as much as they want so they blindly rely on online activism which ends up with them falling for anything that has the right trigger words, especially if it's said by a nonbinary tif minority with a pube mustache in a wheelchair or something. I wish they weren't such sweet and amazing friends otherwise so I could cut them off so I wouldn't have to deal with it, but I have to just accept that retardation as part of their flaws and I'll just avoid anything even tangibly related to politics when they're around.
At least they didn't seem to mind when I rolled my eyes and called them ridiculous when they got rid of all their HP stuff because it's now "tainted" or defended Hogwarts Legacy so I guess they must really value my friendship too.

No. 1991766

Going to add on to this, but did anyone have a mom they think was purposely trying to make them fat?

No. 1991768

After my ex threatened me with suicide, I developed an inner monologue that plays when a person threatens suicide to manipulate people - it's "do it". Anyone that ever uses something as soul-shattering and family-altering as suicide to manipulate me into a situation I don't want to be in should just fucking kill themselves. Because at this point, you're already dead to me. I'm sorry the discord group hadn't experienced anything like that, because if they did, they would probably have certain feelings.
Rarely do I think anyone who is suicidal is a "victim" - we are all victims of the bullshit life we have to live.

No. 1991776

why are you typing like that kekk

No. 1991782

Why are men so fucking gay? I don't care about openly gay men but even the straight ones think about dicks all the fucking time and make jokes about banging their male friends. Not to mention the tranny chasers. Why?

No. 1991785

She has a style

No. 1991788

File: 1714936406040.jpg (93.51 KB, 828x812, troonz.jpg)

I heard a woman say on tiktok that all men are secretly gay and they try so haaaard pretending to like women.
but why? can't they just date trans women and leave us alone?

No. 1991793

i can’t t stop giggling like wtf

No. 1991794

If mpreg was possible, men wouldn’t even try to be in the same vicinity with women.

No. 1991799

File: 1714937040083.jpeg (219.49 KB, 1125x1012, 5D74392C-B208-4E07-B7BE-DBBA05…)

thank you nona, i appreciate it so much. my uncle has a few broken ribs and a concussion but he will be okay, he’s lucky he is alive.
as for me, i am stuck currently with my treatment plan in large part because my insurance won’t cover the next treatment option unless i stick with this one for a few months. if there is no improvement by july then i can switch to something else. that’s just a long time to continue to feel like crap, especially since i started feeling poorly about a year ago.

i’ll be okay, eventually. it just all came to a head last night with my uncle being hospitalized on top of everything else in this shit sandwich. just trying to remind myself the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train.

No. 1991804

I don't think so, i think they'd still try to use us as their servants and mommies, because mpreg men would refuse. I bet they'd ask women to parent their own children too.

No. 1991807

File: 1714937665466.jpg (21.74 KB, 400x400, 1000027407.jpg)

I really want to masturbate right now but I can't because I'm on my period and it's gonna hurt so bad, am so sad… I have a fucked up brain and it's hard for me to masturbate to my husbando, especially imagining myself with him but I finally found a scenario that works. Does anyone else struggle with getting super turned on by your fantasies/daydreams but once you try masturbating like the entire vibe just changes? Idk what tf it is, if it just takes me out of the moment or something but it's so fucking frustrating. I seriously get so horny but once I start touching myself it just, idk messes everything up. I heard of a woman that could orgasm without touching herself, need to harness my brain power to get on her level.

No. 1991813

File: 1714938118211.jpeg (46.96 KB, 735x490, IMG_0409.jpeg)

I’m one mental breakdown into becoming a FtM. I hate being a woman. I hate being the woman who is never chased. I hate my female existence.

No. 1991817

File: 1714938457726.jpg (88.3 KB, 360x357, 1712962793005.jpg)

what makes you think that being a ftm man would be easier getting hit on than being a cis woman?
genuinely curious if you think this out of ignorance or desperation, because if you think getting attention from women when you look like a chubby short femmy man then you are dead wrong

No. 1991822

because it’s absolutely over and i wouldn’t care about seeking male validation if i just become nonbinary or some shit like i can’t stand seeing women getting things they don’t deserve, it actually makes me seem like a seething bitter incel and i’m tired of being told to be happy for them. no i’m not happy for them i wish they would just fucking drop

No. 1991824

I'm so fucking lonely I feel like I'm going insane or like I'm going to disappear. (This isn't about moids or romance, I don't have any friends and have been no contact with my abusive family for a while)

No. 1991825

damn nona… you seem to hate women more than most scrotecels out of jealousy.
tell me, is it the male attention making you feel valid or just the lack of overall attention?

No. 1991826

the pandemic has isolated everyone, we all are friendless now

No. 1991830


No. 1991832

I know damn well the average person still has friends or family to talk to. I was living this way before the pandemic, fuck off.

No. 1991834

File: 1714939237448.jpeg (67.07 KB, 622x680, IMG_0398.jpeg)

i don’t want male attention i just want to be able to finally stop feeling worthless. i hate the body i was born in, i wish i could take it off like a cost and hang it up because it’s just so gross. i’m not fat but if it’s not perfect in my image it’s just so ugly. i’m just so fucking tired of wanting to be happy and smile for other women they don’t fucking deserve that happiness. sorry for typing like this i swear i’m not a summerfag or underaged it’s just crushing my soul

No. 1991836

NTAYRT but this has to be the fifth time I caught anons unironically saying "cis". christ.

No. 1991839

>Does anyone else struggle with getting super turned on by your fantasies/daydreams but once you try masturbating like the entire vibe just changes?
Sometimes it happens to me, nona, but I have ADHD so I'm a bit used to it. It's still frustrating tho kek (also, I too struggle with hating masturbating when I'm on my period even though I get insanely horny all day long during my period but there's nothing to do besides trying to survive it lol I know you can nona, I have faith in you! kek)

No. 1991842

Nona It's clear that you hate yourself more than anyone else. Being a ftm isn't going to save you, logically you know it's going to make you feel even worse. Go to therapy and try to find the root of the problem because your misery is making you more isolated from the energy it gives off in public.

No. 1991846

>tfw you already been to therapy for a few years and the only female therapists available in those fields will never understand you or your pain

It’s over.

No. 1991847

File: 1714939928653.jpg (55.42 KB, 1125x1113, kiss deprived cat.jpg)

I hate to say this but I think your problem would be solved if you found a bf who genuinely likes your body.
good luck for finding that bf tho

No. 1991849

>I was living this way before the pandemic
Same, to both your posts nonna (except I still live with my family but that's it we don't talk at all we're not close) and yeah idk it is annoying when people blame this stuff on covid. Like nah you people are fake as fuck this is how I been livin for like a decade. Seeing people cry over quarantine loneliness was pretty dramatic and pathetic to me, amateurs.

No. 1991850

It took me years to find a good therapist, nearly a decade. I finally found a therapist that fits me and I've been on the road to being a normie in society. It's never over anon, please keep on trying because you have no other option. Would you really prefer having brittle bones, balding, shit fat distribution, and hypersexual with nobody willing to fuck you?

No. 1991865

Yeah, I don't even understand why people still bring up the pandemic in regards to that topic to be honest. Lockdown was years ago and I'm sure most people have bounced back well enough. Fake loners will never know the pain of not speaking to another soul for weeks kek. Don't get me wrong, I want to make friends but it always goes disastrously

No. 1991868

stop navel gazing and get a hobby or do volunteer work instead of fixating on something that simply cannot be changed.

No. 1991869

I grew up with a brother so very early in my life I had a tomboyish personality and style, to this day i don't think i have a sense of fashion and now I'm close to move to my own place so I'm not sure if I'm "girly" enough to live on my own.

No. 1991870

>I want to make friends but it always goes disastrously
NTA, but I take it you would get chased out of spaces too?

No. 1991876

File: 1714941618332.jpg (24.96 KB, 479x479, e35e7336f6df9d4f83e6bd5f536d4f…)

I ate almost two entire ice cream sandwiches and now I feel incredibly ashamed. I'm scared to check the calories but I have to so I can figure out what I can eat for the rest of today.

No. 1991881

File: 1714942163148.jpg (86.38 KB, 661x872, arthurSchopenhauer.JPG)

there's family over and i feel cringe watching videos and listening to music instead of socializing but between my family and i things are very awkward so i'm staying in my room

No. 1991883

ty anon for attempting to reason with my mental illness
how long did it take you to find a good one? i’m so impatient and burger healthcare always has the shittiest fucking normies who only fill in therapist/psychiatrist roles for the large paycheck and the status it gives them, so they only see it as a job to sit there watching me as a loser wallow in their pain for 30-1 hour and they do absolutely nothing but get paid for it at the end of the day and then it repeats. >>1991868
getting that dick implant surgery immediately

No. 1991888

HERGHHHH i just dropped my vape in my glass of wine and now its broken.

No. 1991890

File: 1714942687137.gif (1.92 MB, 540x545, 1664326790861.gif)

>been needing to reschedule an endo appointment
>put it off because lazy bitch syndrome
>run out of insulin needles
>nurse says I will get this one refill but I will have to schedule an appointment to get any more refills
>okay whatever
>on last pen on long acting insulin
>have literally one last dose to give before I'm out
>mfw it's fucking Sunday and I can't call to reschedule because every bitch ass healthcare worker is at home
>mfw I rescheduled an appointment on the mychart app
>mfw I'm going to have to drive an hour to the hospital because no option for virtual visit
>mfw I'm probably going to go without long acting insulin for a few days
>mfw fucking diabetes

No. 1991904

Your life sounds amazing, sorry tho

No. 1991908

You're right nonny that is a total first world problem kek

No. 1991925

A vent's a vent, leave it off and take it easy

No. 1991928

Not chased, just ignored and purposefully left out or made fun of. Or the people that do want to be around me have ulterior motives that come out sooner or later. I've tried things like joining clubs at my university but it always seems like I just am missing something. I graduate in a year and still have made no progress socially. I'm sure it's probably something to do with having (professionally diagnosed) autism and general weirdness that comes with being isolated. I haven't given up but constant rejection is making me feel a bit jaded recently.

No. 1991930

Such a stupid fucking issue to have in an otherwise really good relationship but I just get so irritated by my girlfriend's lack of creativity. She's put a lot of money into pursuing a job in the industry and can't get one and sadly I'm just not surprised! She won't work on art in her spare time and has no personal projects to show potential employers.
But what annoys me is just that every main character she makes in her latest "teen/young adult queer romance/drama/whatever" concept is… herself. Skinny white lesbian who is stereotypically pretty and smart as a whip but so lonely and hated by her community because of her lack of social skills. And it's FINE the first two times but now seeing it happen over 4 characters I'm just so over it. She refuses to write anyone that isn't her and it wears me out. If she doesn't want to engage with men or straight people, I disagree, but fine. She can't even make 20-something lesbians that aren't white or, god forbid, don't have a tiny button nose. Pisses me off sometimes especially because I'm not white and it sometimes feels like deep down she thinks my features aren't as appealing to her.

No. 1991988

I'm uncontrollably attracted by doctors it's crazy

No. 1991989

got catcalled while wearing a mask. the male sex never fails to surprise me in bad ways.

No. 1991990

all male doctors are whores

No. 1991991

ik its part of the hot

No. 1991993

not when they have 4 baby mamas that are either nurses or assistants. can get real messy.

No. 1991995

File: 1714951409911.jpg (505.36 KB, 2048x1368, 186334621_10160894326452437_29…)

mid 30s and having a bit of an existential crisis lately, but I feel so numb I'm not sure if it's normal not to even stress about it anymore, because society made me feel like I need to stress about this shit on a constant basis
>no boyfriend, kinda want one (especially when I get horny), but aware most (few) good men have already been taken years ago
>cba to date, I'm very quick to dismiss guys because I can't create feelings out of thin air when there's clearly no "spark"
>want to have kids but I think I'd be fine without any as well
>my career plans fell through the roof (corporate life can be comfy but I got fired from my last job because a higher up misogynistic moid had a grudge against me,I wish I'd make this shit up, so all my efforts were ultimately not really appreciated)
the job shit will resolve eventually (the only thing I miss is the constant flow of money) but atm I think I'll focus on getting back to being a gymrat, that shit made me happy
thinking if I should try to find a younger fwb, I was saving myself for marriage kek so I never really slept around and never had my "dream" bf (yeah I know that's kinda stupid to say, but I feel like I missed out), might as well have my dream fwb, and these younger guys are kinda cute, would it be that bad to want to have a fwb? I need something to wash away this boredom and I miss the after sex cuddles the most.

No. 1992002

I'm so retarded. I cannot believe I placed the wrong order and now I'm just hoping the seller lets me cancel.

No. 1992014

7 years nearly 8 was how long it took me to find a therapist and psychologist to work. I'm a burger too but my state has slightly better healthcare and because I live closer to city areas. MD. I typically go to hospitals that are part of a bigger insitute, just mental health facilities that aren't soley focused on mental health or have more to lose if medical malpractice is discovered. Make sure that when determining your psychiatrist or therapist the hospital allows an easy process for denying or replacing your current one because that's how I ended up replacing 4 psychiatrists to find the one that suited me best. I also just realized researching for my response the institute that I'm receiving treatment from is only found in my state

No. 1992015

File: 1714952984224.jpg (200.4 KB, 1098x781, 1000017705.jpg)

I've never had this kind of friendship and it kills me every day

No. 1992019

reconnect with a childhood friend

No. 1992023

File: 1714953572168.jpg (23.84 KB, 439x520, FNsAH8TVkAAThLF.jpg)

I don't care about any celebrities because they don't say shit about anything that actually matters.
If I were some famous nepo baby from a first world country, I'd bring my audience's attention to shit like the German pedophile adoption project, the subhumans walking free after torturing kittens and puppies in multiple countries, the long-term health effects on HRT and puberty blockers, I'd support organizations that actually help women and children and don't just say they do, etc. If I had unhinged, hyper-dedicated stans, I wouldn't be spending my time slurring, all fucked up on coke on IG live and sending them to piss on some rapper's relative's grave because she said something mean about me on a song. I wouldn't be writing worthless songs about dating some of the ugliest, most intolerable men on earth as if it was the romance to end all time. Nobody would be arguing about whether my tits or ass are real, I'd be in trouble for saying some piece of shit named something like Luaw Wan Chi needs to euthanized for various crimes against humanity and co. I would've ruined the life of that one pedoscrote from nowhere, USA who's been raping and killing animals for 30 years with extensive proof and confessions but still hasn't been sent to jail because the two police officers in his small town probably used to rape pigs when they were young and think it's fine. I would've asked why the focus is on "destigmatizing sex work" when the majority of sex workers are trafficked women or are literally only doing it to survive and want better options. Why some people are insisting their identities aren't informed by fetishes, but also claiming that being against pornography is somehow hatred and bigotry toward them. Why shit like BVO is/was considered "safe" and why the FDA lets certain companies get away with shit.
Even if I couldn't change the entire world, my work and presence as a public figure would actually stand for something. I'd be doing shit that'd actually make a difference. I know that sort of thing isn't really allowed, but once you reach a certain level of fame, you are basically untouchable, and I resent that nobody at that level uses it for anything good or worthwhile (besides maybe JK Rowling). I feel like I've been cursed with so much fucked up knowledge over the years, and it makes me feel insane that I can't do anything about it. I try to take little breaks here and there, enjoy the small things, but I can't ever go back to how I was before (not sure I really want to). If you try to do the things I mentioned as a normal person, it's a million times harder. People don't know, they don't care, it gets censored, it gets "lost", you are "crazy" and "lying" (and then they start reporting you when you come with the proof), you get punished and deplatformed for "hate speech" if you try to do or say something, your whole life can get ruined. You have to wait 5-7 years for the same information you knew about and were trying to tell people to be "approved" by the mass media, and then the same people who attacked you will act shocked and suddenly pretend to care. You're just supposed to be a good girl, pretend everything's okay, eat/drink the slop, consider getting lip fillers and surgery, sing about dick/pussy and shake your ass or pretend it's sensible to worship those who do. All because "Haha we're all just meat on a spinning rock mannnnn stop caring so much" fuck off

No. 1992035

ive never heard of that what the fuck…germany is repulsive

No. 1992047

add to your list the outrageous number of rapists who walk free in Germany and never get punished at all. There are many shitty things about other countries but in some, there are ways to incarcerate minors who commit violent and sexual crimes. They don't just walk free because they were minors when they decided to torture a
and/or gang-rape a younger minor.

No. 1992071

living in texas and not being able to leave makes me want really want to kill myself

No. 1992077

Why is this girl skinwalking me so obsessively? She made up a whole new personality, changed her typing style, started getting into the same hobbies as me, and lies about being into them since childhood. When she judged me for that same shit in childhood and was never interested in any of it. I'm so sick of this. I want to never speak to her again, but she's one of my oldest 'friends' (we only know each other because of our families). I hate her, but I don't have many people to talk to. My life is a fucking joke. She's taking everything from me. My personality and now she's even trying to steal my other friend. I can't have anything to myself. It's almost like she's done trying to become me and now trying to replace me by becoming a better, upgraded version of me. I sound schizo, but I'm not. I lost my trust in her ever since I found out she was a pathological liar who faked mental illnesses whenever they 'trended' on tiktok. But I never knew it could ever get this bad.

No. 1992078

When I'm going to sleep I just fantasize about a man laying on top of me. Not really in a sexual way, I just think it'd feel so cozy and safe. Sometimes I even pretend I can smell him and run my fingers through his hair. Man-shaped weighted blankets when?

No. 1992095

No offense but are you both in high school or something

No. 1992108

huddled various things separate family members have given me as gifts through the years. They’re treating me like shit lately, over literally nothing. My mom only calls me to gossip and talk about herself then barely asks at the end “hbu? Good? Okay bye” before hanging up. Whatever. Anyway, gathered things that meant Love From Them to me, hugged them close, and counted at least 65 hits to my face. Half with my fist, half striking myself with my laptop charger. I feel bad about my cat who climbed on top of me and started making biscuits and purring. She didn’t even flinch through the whole thing. Just kept making biscuits and getting closer to me. I’m sorry, kitty.

No. 1992113

i hate having the skills and knowhow of a schizo stalker. i don't want to know how to do these things but i do and i wish i could unknow how to do it. cursed information. having this knowledge plagues me and brings me more anxiety than anything else. i hate the internet.

No. 1992159

I was bedridden for three days and i feel like shit. I am 22 i shouldnt have these health issues. Fuck whoever in my family had scholiosis and passed it onto me, fuck you. I fucking hate how no one cares about my health issues, they only care about my mom's health issues. Despite knowing i was bedridden due to my spine my grandmother still dared to ask me to help her lift something incredibly heavy, and when i said no she started saying that i want to kill my mom. Its always like this, they never give a shit about me, they only care about my mom and forget i exist.

No. 1992169

can you wrap a weighted blanket around the pillow insert of a husbando body pillow and still fit it inside the husbando case?

No. 1992171

File: 1714966308737.png (1.19 MB, 1746x1252, 8e32a6789y98.png)

>Man-shaped weighted blankets when?
boyfriend pillows are kind of close

No. 1992172

File: 1714966338648.jpeg (126.98 KB, 900x900, 099.jpeg)

samefag or maybe this one

No. 1992174

it's okay nonna, i still love you even at your most violent unhinged. sweet dreams

No. 1992176

File: 1714966511480.jpeg (218.32 KB, 425x687, IMG_0403.jpeg)

I just wish some of the users on here would just fucking die. Not an angry troon or moid. It’s definitely time to close all tabs and go to sleep kek, it’s getting to me

No. 1992178

deleted and reposted so i don’t seem sus. goodnight anon

No. 1992182

No. 1992184


No. 1992188

i hate men i hate "not all men" handmaidens i hate MRAs i hope every man on earth bleeds to death from getting assraped because all they care about is coom, my manhate is rightous and justified but i can't even engage in escapism, fictional moids still remind me too much of irl men and i hate them with every cell of my being. i want to disfigure a male so that he can taste even a second of the pain he inflicts on women every day just by being alive. i want to turn a male's nutsack into a raspberry smear on the sidewalk. nothing is helping distract me from the violent rage, how am i supposed to keep living knowing that some man right now is beating his girlfriend, assaulting random women, causing harm to animals, jerking off to violent pornography, I WANT TO KILL THEM ALL.

No. 1992191

Drop a hint and tells us who was it

No. 1992197

Go to sleep tired, wake up tired, love this life.

No. 1992217

you ever come across an artist who draws the stuff you like, the specific not so popular character you like, just for their artstyle to be the worst of tumblr art that looks like it smells of shit, piss, trash and bo.. i hate it… nobody draws my husbando enough and the overfixated artist has to be this… its over… so over

No. 1992221

i hate spending money on expensive food and alcohol just to puke it all up

No. 1992227

i’m so tired of fucking everything up. some dude shows me basic human kindness and my feral retard brain kicks in and i immediately feel like this kindness is a finite resource reserved for people other than me and start panicking about how miserable i’m gonna be when they stop being kind to me and of course every time i fulfill my own prophecy because nobody wants to get involved with some pathetic bitch that gets sad when people are nice to her!! everything was going fine and then i got scared and sad and fucked it all up. i hate my brain. i just want to be loved and instead i keep collecting people who could have loved me until i became unbearable. i think i should just die.

No. 1992251

Anon, do you have abandonment issues? Sounds like something traumatic happened in your childhood. If that's the case, don't be that harsh to yourself, it's hard to acknowledge it you have trust issues and heal from those those experiences.

No. 1992257

I keep feeling like I'm a terrible person but honestly I feel like I deserve to be sometimes.

No. 1992314

Scrambling to get several thousand dollars so I can move out & it’s rough man

No. 1992343

I hate being poor and knowing that no amount of work will change that and every year I get poorer because everything gets more expensive. Just let me finally win the lottery, I've lived enough years being poor and I desperately need a break I can't take without money.

No. 1992345

I miss the shitposting threads so much none of you understand

No. 1992362

File: 1714989559132.jpg (216.01 KB, 1000x1000, 1000_F_72511354_hZu1RgKFaXGG0o…)

Same and everybody fucking pretends like things getting more expensive not every year but every 3 months in my country is all normal and fine?? When nobody's pay got bigger in like 5 years except maybe teachers and state employees who always get everything they cry about. Why are they pretending this is fine..i don't get it, i can't pull more money out of my ass that our paranoid schizophrenic goverment think i'm hiding.

No. 1992364

I feel dumb for having such an irrational and intense hatred of someone, but I'm also confused as to why other people don't also hate this person? How much bullshit can you overlook before you just stop giving that person the attention they are so desperate for? Why are these bad qualities just being completely ignored? This person is insufferable and you're spending hours with them in person, you're not convincing me you're actually having a good time. What did you do exactly? Walk around shops? You can't even have a real conversation with someone like that, you don't actually exist to them, you're a living wall for them to talk at. I don't get it. Maybe having experience with people like that just makes me more sensitive to their nonsense? But anyway, I just need to let go of this anger and hatred because it doesn't do anything for me, and I'm not even around that shit anymore, regardless of who it's from.

No. 1992371

"You're too harsh on yourself" nah I'm just being realistic, fuck off with your fake positivity bullshit.

No. 1992377

You really are a pathetic bitch, but it's okay

No. 1992379

Fuck off with your forced negativity

No. 1992388

why am I only attracting narcissists? and why do I keep falling for it when they show me the tiniest bit of minuscule (albeit fake) kindness? I think I am so starved that my mind consciously feeds on whatever crumb someone offers and I am so sick of it. I wish I could meet someone who is interested in genuine friendship, and not in using someone and being validateds

No. 1992406

File: 1714995635852.gif (2.81 MB, 360x360, Tumblr_l_570236949228719.gif)

Legit want to kill myself. I'm tired of living with this scrotes and being gaslit everytime I mention the reality of their behavior. I'm literally married and my husband goes into a fucking rage if I even talk about this shit and always tries to say the majority of men are good it's only a small percentage that are bad, and it pisses me off so fucking much. Thier wouldn't be a plethora of evidence to the contrary if that was fucking true. I wish I peaked earlier so I could fucking kill myself already without feeling guilt. I have to be with someone who even though they have been a good partner, I will constantly have to doubt and be scared and suspicious of them. He says he will love me forever but I really at this point think men have no control over their rape ape instincts and just want to fuck every young "hole" they see. I want to fucking die. Why did God the universe whatever do this to women. Why do we deserve this torture to our bodies and souls while scrotes live life on easy mode. I would never be a tranny but if a magical pill made it as if I was born male, I would take it, just to escape the misery and the invisible eye I constantly feel under. Being born female is being born natures punching bag.

No. 1992412

Yeah I know.
If I want to call myself ugly and retarded I should be free to do so without anybody piping in saying "nuhuh that's not true".

No. 1992422

File: 1714996729511.jpg (81.98 KB, 1024x1006, 1694285942097.jpg)

I really doubt that you're as ugly as you think you are or nearly as retarded. We tend to hate ourselves harder than anyone else ever could, people are deeply self critical based on arbitrary standards that are placed upon them by themselves or other people. I am no stranger to self loathing. You're not ugly and retarded, I refuse to believe that. You are entitled to self love, anon, it's not "fake positivity" it's self preservation, it's survival. You deserve to care about yourself and like yourself. The standards you measure yourself against do not matter. We're all gonna die, no one will remember any of us, what we looked like, what we hated about ourselves, none of that is relevant. So just try and enjoy yourself and live your life for you.

No. 1992430

it's more that self deprecating people are really annoying to be around and poison the overall vibe, it makes sense that others would try to put a stop to it.

No. 1992449

Me neither, and both men and women act like if you're a woman you instantly have access to all these friendships and community but it's just blatantly untrue unless you're a normie, and somehow it's entirely your own fault or you're a "pick me" if you just never had a good female friendship. Nevermind trying to have friendships or even relationship with moids, they pretty much just want someone to fuck most of the time and that's it. The male loneliness epidemic is a joke, any woman who is even remotely different or can't fit in (both personality and looks wise) is 100 times more lonely than any moid will ever be. I'm sick and tired of how people pretend like because I'm a woman I'm less lonely and have so many friends and live life on easy mode when society panders to moids and being a woman is by default so much more depressing, scary and lonely. I can't even go on a walk outside without thinking I might be raped and killed, can't even talk to a moid without them being emotional retards who just want to fuck me, can't even talk to other women without them considering me weird for not being like them, but somehow I'm supposed to think moids have it worse. Yeah, sure.

No. 1992452

As a military kid I constantly moved around and always had to start friendships from zero, and since there was no social media back then I couldn't keep contact, add to this that the constant moves made me socially stunted and this is how I stopped making friends at starting at age 10. Now things are better, I haven't moved from the city since 2010 (and I don't want to do it ever again) and I have close friends but I'll never know what it's like to have a best girl friend and sharing a special bond with her.

No. 1992453

Meeting a friend offline for the first time in years makes me feel like an insecure teenager again. All the exact same thought patterns and emotions that I thought I matured from. It looks like all I did was move my social interaction to the internet where everything is slower paced and distanced from the human.
I'm not especially upset, I just find it interesting. Somehow the feeling of "don't abandon meeee" is almost pleasantly nostalgic.

No. 1992455

Ntayrt, but I'm glad that other people hold this view. Putting yourself in the box of retarded and ugly can be a good defense mechanism when you're young(it's the only reason I survived), but when you're an adult, you have to drop that mechanism or else it will consume you. Even if you are ugly and retarded, you have to find reasons to want to live, or else you stagnate and your life becomes a living hell.

No. 1992456

You could still find a woman you can strongly connect with as an adult, even if it won't ever be that childhood friend bond. I dislike how people automatically assume every woman just had that experience handed to her just by existing, when it isn't true at all. The best I had for female friendships were classmates at school who just betrayed me and treated me like garbage after a while, and women I barely have anything in common with because they're way normier and libfem types so we only have surface level interactions and can't really connect on a deeper level.

No. 1992457

I don’t care if males are raped, assaulted and killed. Tired of women being forced to care, I really don’t. Only care about wahmen and girls being done wrong. Wouldn’t even feel bad for them if they finally addressed the issue and tried to fix it, just don’t care about their wellbeing at all.

No. 1992458

My dads surgery has been delayed 3 times now. I understand there are always more urgent cases but he's dying from pain.

No. 1992459

counting down the days till my cousins feral beast of a dog finally bites one of the kids this house feels like a literal prison. can’t jump or touch anyone else or she’ll lunge at you and with 2 under 10 y/o kids in the house???? jesus christ

No. 1992460

Is it aloging to point that there exist a lot of easily found household poisons for dogs if she keeps attacking you? They can literally die by eating things they find on the floor like baker's chocolate, grapes, or Tylenol. That's what I would do if I was trapped in a house with a dog I feared would kill me.

No. 1992463

this is why I love the dog hate thread

No. 1992494

If I'm reading this correctly do those pie graphs say 70% of gay men and 80% of het women are cases of HIV? topkek. Men and women with STDs need to be treated like lepers and kept on a diseased list.

>Aids caused by men
Did the women infected with HIV not choose to fuck men? Does human agency not exist in women to you?

No. 1992507

If men could control themselves, there would have never been an AIDS epidemic. Instead men had so much unprotected sex with so many people, that a backwoods chimpanzee virus from bumfuck nowhere in Africa is now a worldwide virus that has killed forty million. Imagine having so little self control. Men could never handle the responsibility of being able to have children.

No. 1992508

I honestly think I could have ADHD but I'm not even sure how to seek medical advice for it or if I even should because what fucking grown woman goes to a doctor for ADHD. Plus I have bigger mental problems I should probably seek attention for first.

No. 1992513

So you're doubling down on the idea that women apparently can't control their own consensual fucking of men? Women fucking diseased moids then spreading it about is the same as gay men, and that stat is absolutely bleak. It paints a dire picture. Not to come off as combative from pure text alone but what are you even arguing here?

>Men could never handle the responsibility of being able to have children.

Who mentioned that and what has that got to do with anything? kek, gross. I don't want to think about that.

No. 1992515

Men with AIDS rape women and kids, so I get why anon considers that maybe moids need to get castrated in order to stop spreading super viruses.
And yeah, /some/ women don't mind having sex with petri dishes like your average "bisexual" moid, but there's still a huge number of moids with HIV that just rape women, kids and sometimes even other moids.

No. 1992516

Wrong person, that was my first comment on this topic. But my point is that AIDS and HIV would have never been a fraction of the problem they are, millions would have never died, if men hadn't spread the infection so far and wide by having so many unprotected orgies with strangers. They're animals and they give in to their animal instincts.
>Who mentioned that
Me. I mentioned that. In the comment you just read. Men could never build civilization or carry it on, they needed the foundation that women built and they needed to be kept in line by women, but they usurped leadership and so it's all going to shit.

No. 1992518

You probably have issues with setting boundaries and/or have people pleasing tendencies. I have the same problem with attracting shitty people and realized it's because I have poor boundaries. People can pick up on self consciousness and boundary problems because theyre looking for someone to take advantage of.

No. 1992519

Pretty sure all your issues would have to be diagnosed by the same person anyway, which woule be any mental health professional. If you have ADHD it's always good to get help for it, no matter how late. If untreated it can become a cause for other issues like depression with the way it can negatively impact your life. Good luck nona, I hope you get better

No. 1992524

Wait until you find out about HPV rates and how they also aren't caused by rape but rather the consensual spreading of disease. I somehow don't think 80-90% of women are raped and contract HIV or HPV from it, maybe in horrific patriarchal moid shit holes where womens rights are obliterated but not the average woman in the developed world. This is maximum cope for poor impulse control and a lack of accountability for your own actions.

It sounds like you have strange delusions of women holding some sort of invisible collective societal power over men that I don't see. That women are "keeping men in line" while also being the main victims of abuse of their male partners and apparently contractors of their diseases, which isn't very in keeping men in line. If women are keeping men in line why are they allowing themselves to become diseased by them in droves? People here often mock gay men and their rates of HIV but heterosexual women are no better. The origin story of AIDs doesn't matter now and I'm aware males are disgusting, we don't need to talk about its global spread when can very easily still avoid it altogether. Are women who willingly choose to indenture themselves into marriage and pregnancy also somehow the fault of men because they benefit from it? Do women have any agency ever for their own actions? Couldn't women theoretically stop fucking men then no HIV would spread to women almost ever?

No. 1992528

>what fucking grown woman goes to a doctor for ADHD
Anon this is stupid as fuck. If it's making you suffer then go get it diagnosed. Tons of women are getting diagnosed later in life because doctors are retarded and used to think pretty much only boys could have ADHD and autism since neurodivergent girls don't act like hyperactive chimps.

No. 1992531

ADHD does not exist.

No. 1992538

Oh nonny, you're my only friend… why are you giving me the silent treatment?

No. 1992540


No. 1992548

The diagnostic criteria is so comically vague that basically anyone can claim to have it. Plus almost all the parents of naughty, shit-for-brained school children who come to my practise would tell me that their little darling has ADHD (no they don't they're simply not academic which is fine). It's a munchie illness that medicalises normal struggles and the only reason it's not being debunked is because Big Pharma is making a fuckton prescribing methamphetamines. Plus parents need a cope for their brat not being ~speshul.

No. 1992549

(FYI I'm a medical receptionist not a dr. btw.)

No. 1992563

Eh, it has become very overdiagnosed (especially in recent years) and is often given as a diagnosis to unruly kids, but it can't be made up because there are actual differences between ADHD and normal brains. I just think that probably about 30% of people don't actually have it because it has become known as the quirky "I have no attention span heehee I hyperfocus on silly thingz!! Don't call me lazy, I have task paralysis uwu" disorder when it's actually debilitating when untreated. My personal opionion is that if someone could hold a stable job, isn't in debt and achieved any kind of higher education when they were unmedicated they're misdiagnosed.

No. 1992565

I got one of the best news of my life today, in the heat of the moment i ask a friend to go out to celebrate with me. I tell her i'll go home and shower first. Jut one hour after i offer her to go for a drink i cancel because my mom offered me to go to a restaurant. She's clearly upset because she was ready to leave.
I guess i'm selfish but i don't want to feel bad today, especially since she barely congratulated me. She did the same thing to me on multiple occasion and i always reassure her, why can't she do it just once ? fuck

No. 1992575

Pretty sure theyre referring to men spreading stds by having sex with animals and other men

No. 1992577

that was rude of you but if she does it to you all the time then oh well, she doesn't have much of a moral high ground to stand on. if she repeatedly drops plans with you at a moment's notice and isn't happy for you when something good happens then it sounds like she isn't that interested in actually being your friend.

No. 1992584

I failed my driving test today and I'm feeling like shit about it

No. 1992587

At my job everyone's been told they can take a free day for team building event on friday except for me, I have to work that day. I've been told this just today, feels awful because I actually liked people at my company and would not mind hanging out

No. 1992592

All this for a cat jfc

No. 1992596

There are worse things in life than being ugly and I'm tired of reading people bitch about it.

No. 1992623

Fuck yeah. I understand if others are being cruel to them about it but people who indulge their own internal voyeur and then whine about their looks should start living in first person.

No. 1992627

File: 1715013813190.jpeg (12.91 KB, 150x150, IMG_0960.jpeg)

The scale says I lost weight, so why the fuck do I feel fatter?

No. 1992632

One of my hobbies is a massive blackpill. I expect moids to suck, and they do, but it's so disheartening when I see some women encourage scrote degeneracy.

No. 1992633

You could be bloated, making you physically feel fat, alternatively you could be dehydrated, making your scale look lower. Your cycle might have something to do with it too.

No. 1992638

File: 1715014336563.jpg (48.63 KB, 680x561, GC2uQJRaoAIrcMb.jpg)

My online best friend of 3 years wants to meet up, but I like the fact that we've kept our friendship strictly online (chats and voice calls). She even brought up the desire to buy a plane ticket and I hate how it makes me feel trying to come up with a way to let her down gently.
I know I can't fault her for wanting to progress our friendship and that it's on me for never experiencing that desire, but damn does it suck.

What hobby?

No. 1992641

Is it VNs

No. 1992644

File: 1715014583827.png (333.65 KB, 398x456, fine..png)

I fucked myself into a corner by relying on a scrote. Now I'm living with a physically abusive moid because I can't afford rent on my own and also afraid of him going to my landlord and getting me evicted if I ask him to leave. Studying for a degree and flying tf out asap when I land a job. Every day I wake up in abject horror, knowing if he has a bad day for whatever reason it's going to be taken out on me when he gets home. Hilariously, he 'saved' me from a somehow worse relationship. Out of the frying pan into the fire.

No. 1992647

Worse, it's online RP in adult-only spaces. Cringe, I know. The space is like 95% moids, maybe more, and many women who stick it out are coom-brained from the moids' hedonism treadmill. It's hard to find women who are just enjoying themselves without pandering to scrotes for the most bottom-barrel attention.

No. 1992665

Really? I thought RP was such a girl thing, like fanfiction.

No. 1992672

File: 1715017147423.gif (991.95 KB, 500x281, tumblr_dcf3fafff61c7e71b2e412d…)

I thought that I was finally getting better mentally but I fell into a slump again. I genuinely don't know what to do with myself and my life to develop myself cause I honestly don't care. I'm thankful for the life I have despite the occasional bs and my betterment over the years but there's still something missing. If I have a day off, if I don't have chores or something like that to do, I feel lost. I don't even feel like browsing the internet anymore and I do it out of habit. If I had infinite free time, I'd probably spend it sleeping or looking at the ceiling. I don't even feel as shitty as I used to but I STILL don't feel like anything is fulfilling. Idk if I haven't been trying hard enough or if I'm somewhere there and what I look for is around the corner. I've been trying for 10 years. I'm tired. The most comforting thing in my life is my bed and even that can feel like shit after a while.

No. 1992673

It is if you're a teenager or stick to canon/fandom and m-slash. Once you get into 18+ only spaces it turns into a degen scrotefest fast.

No. 1992679

Why would you do this to a good man, nonny?

No. 1992684

Deleted it because I’m spiralling but probably because I’m really fucking stupid kek

No. 1992685

Nooo, i want to know what you wrote kek

No. 1992688

Typical I cheated now I feel bad don’t want to tell them but at the same time the guilt is consuming me very fun situation kek

No. 1992690

What country are you nona? Is he on the lease? Are there social welfare programs for needy women in your area?

No. 1992698

I’ve been hating work a lot lately. I’m a software developer but the past couple of months, I haven’t been doing much actual developing. People keep either getting laid off or resigning and all those responsibilities get pushed onto those who are left. Lots of those tasks I’ve taken over are in areas I’m not familiar with nor have I had any actual training in, we have to pretty much figure things out as we go. It’s kinda ok since the mangers don’t expect us to work overtime or have everything done plus all of our regular work. But I just feel so useless some days because I don’t know what to do for something and the team will already be busy with something higher priority so I just have to wait until they’re done. I feel like I don’t understand half of anything and have this looming feeling like they think I’m not being productive enough even though no one’s said anything like that. I compare myself to other teammates who seem to have the ability to figure things out better than I can and who’ve only been around a couple months longer than I have. I don’t know if I genuinely suck as a engineer or if they are expecting too much out of me. I feel like I have three different job roles right now.

No. 1992709

Nonnie… Instead of worrying about your ex friend or whatever, you should worry about the shit you consumed

No. 1992710

I am truly blackpilled on life. There is no hope. There is no "getting better", there's only experimenting with different methods to cope with how shit life is. The more I talk to other people with more life experience and learn about their lives, the more I'm convinced that everyone is just as scared and sad as me deep down. I envy those who can delude themselves into being happy and thinking life is good, and I hope they stay that way forever. I may be a lazy piece of shit who doesn't want to work this dead end job or be part of the rat race at all but at least I can admit it. I want a swift and painless death for my 30th birthday.

No. 1992720

YouTube buffering non-stop like we're having 2008

No. 1992724

Man fuck customers who throw a tantrum and threaten to "take their business elsewhere" when you don't cater to their every want and need. It's like they get off on the fact that you have to grovel and try to make things better for them which only emboldens them to do it again to you or others. It's always miserable old bastards who do this too, hurry up and die already

No. 1992734

Are the beginning stages of a relationship supposed to feel tense? I really like this guy, we've only seen each other in person three times, and I know I don't want to throw myself at him because we're not officially together yet. We're also 60 miles away from each other, so I'm like struggling…

No. 1992735

File: 1715023116239.jpg (36.44 KB, 564x554, 1000017725.jpg)

As if i wasn't cursed enough in this world by being lesbian god decided to fuck me over once more making my type middle eastern women

No. 1992755

When I used to do phone customer support I would always get boomers threatening to report the company to the consumer protection police or whatever it's called, and I would just say "ok you're free to do that" because I didn't care and didn't know what else to say kek.

No. 1992763

I can't believe she's pregnant with baby #2 and she's only 31
happy for her but sad for me and my friends who really want to have kids but can't because of medical reasons or because we didn't find our other half, life really is unfair sometimes

No. 1992777

Just tell him, it's already over

No. 1992780

I am so tired of interacting with socially inept people who don't understand basic social cues in my personal life. At least here when someone acts retarded I can just excuse it as this being an imageboard, but when it's people in my dms or even irl being unable to read social cues it drives me insane. I used to prefer talking to fellow losers with the same niche interests as me and be very lenient on people being socially inept since I've always been anxious and socially awkward myself, but the more time passes the more I realize I might be a loser but I'm still far, far better at communicating and reading social situations than most people I interact with who are into the same things. It makes me feel so out of place and it's like they don't have any common sense and decency. Group chats I'm in to discuss shared interests are so dry, it's like talking into the void while each retard just talks about themselves and ignores everyone else, there's 0 connection happening most of the time, just people being self centered constantly and talking at the air with no consideration for anyone else. It's just like, what is even the point of making a group chat when no one engages with each other really, then they get surprised when I am no longer engaging after a while. Not to mention most of them end up trooning out or being some type of gender special, on top of also proudly talking about having porn addictions (including some women). I also think it's funny how they complain they don't have a gf and "wish there were more women active in chat" when they make it an actively hostile environment for any self respecting woman to participate in, since even if the pick mes go along with it sometimes you can tell they still avoid being active. Whenever a guy is actually being nice and not a porn sick faggot they call him a simp too. I unironically had a dude tell me he thinks one of the other guys in chat is "lame" just because he doesn't expose his entire sexual tastes on the internet and straight up acting like he must be some sort of hidden pedophile just because he doesn't act like a coomer online. Actual insanity. Apparently you must be a pedo now if you aren't talking about your sexual tastes 24/7. Reminds me of retards calling me asexual and a prude for not wanting porn shoved down my throat every 5 seconds.
Anyways, I never thought I'd say this but at this point I honestly prefer interacting with normies since at least they can hold conversations, read social cues, and usually don't pretend like having a porn addiction is normal/don't bring their fetishes into casual conversations, etc. They do go along with the gender shit most of the time too which sucks but eh. I'd rather talk to a 60 year old I have nothing in common with at this point.

No. 1992794

I can't imagine a future where I'm happy without the perfect man as my husband. I really feel like thread pic about it

No. 1992803

I can't even navigate through this properly becaude I was never taught this, nobody expected me to and thought I was too dumb
Well now they're right because I need help and of course the answer revolves around how much smarter and better my sister is because she figured it out. Should have just aborted me if I'm this much of an issue

No. 1992805

What exactly are you trying to navigate, nonna?

No. 1992806

tfw hungry
tfw boyfriend is sick and sleeping upstairs so he doesn't get me sick
tfw can't go in kitchen because it'll wake him up from his midday sick nap.
fuck i should probably just go out and get something

No. 1992807

Girl go get something to eat

No. 1992816

File: 1715028615336.jpg (14.42 KB, 500x290, 31f13b05d5e6b9cd793061cc826ff9…)

I thought planning things was hard, turns out it's super easy! The only hard part is a bunch of idiots wanting to change everything for the worse last minute after having said fuck all every time you asked them for comments or objections… no, fuck you, you had your chance.

No. 1992819

College stuff, first time applying and going in circles with staff
Starting to think I should have listened to my family and not bothered at all

No. 1992823

SUICIDE WATCHERS ARE WRONG! The MOST common advice for suicide prevention is "don't be afraid to ask them if they're suicidal" but that's one of the worst things you can do to someone who is in distress. They claim it doesn't "give them any ideas" but it fucking does! It's the same as with EVERYTHING else "what are your pronouns" makes kids wonder if they're trans, "do i look fat in this" makes girls wonder if they're also too fat, "is your mental health bad in any way today" makes kids go through all the things that are bad with their lives that they otherwise wouldn't have thought of - social contagion of mental illness is fucking real. It pisses me off that pretty much every mental health institution has been fooled into harming people by asserting they HAVE to make the distressed person considers suicide this way.

No. 1992830

the older i get the more i realize how much my parents failed me and it's really hard not to resent them completely for it. they put me in situations i never should have been in as a kid, and even though they say they always "wanted what's best for me" it never actually was what was best for me. they really think it's the thought that counts when it comes to taking care of another human. i could never treat a child so poorly even if they weren't my own. it's really hard for me not to look down on their intelligence because of the things they did, but they really just seem so dangerously stupid to me

No. 1992832

a lot of parents completely fuck up their kids and don't see them as actual living beings but extensions of themselves

No. 1992840

i’m scared because i’m realizing this too anon. i realized it when it’s too late, when you become an adult nobody cares about the emotional damage your parents retarded choices and parenting has caused you lmao

No. 1992844

Probably happened due to missing two days of meds, but I wore shorts today and ended up crying in the gym parking lot over how my legs are covered in hideous amounts of freckles. I'm insecure about my arms too, but at least my arms are tanned, so they blend in a little better. I just hate having them and how they're near impossible to get rid of without blowing my entire life savings. Even then, if I skip sunblock for even a little bit they just come right back. I feel so ugly. I wish I had nice skin and didn't have to wear long sleeves in the blazing sun everyday.

No. 1992847

Anon they're freckles, not grotesque lumpy tumors. There's literally nothing wrong with you.

No. 1992849

File: 1715030659473.jpeg (86.79 KB, 736x722, IMG_0383.jpeg)

My tard brother has pulled my entire family apart and it makes me want to scream and smash things but instead I just went outside and went to the library instead to read a book kek and I feel somewhat better. The relationship with my mother is not what I want it to be, my sister has moved away and we barely speak, my other brother is virtually fucking useless because men are just entirely useless and never have to fully take on the emotional brunt from the family. Imagine the opportunities my mother could have had if she didn’t have to care or not exclude my tard brother for not finally putting his ass in a group home, imagine the relationship I could have had with my sister if she decided to stay a little longer and now she’s working 12+ hours alone 24/7 to pay her rent and bills in an expensive city which I seriously hope she finds some refuge out of the shitty america work culture. This fat, ugly, wasteful motherfucker has practically ruined our entire lives and my mother’s choice to keep him wherever we go out of fears of him being excluded WHEN WE WERE ALREADY NEVER CLOSE TO BEGIN WITH is what angers me. I’m truly not upset at her for making that decision I get having to play the balanced mother role where you can choose one child over the other but clearly she has chosen that fat motherfucker over the sanity and wellbeing of her adult daughter children and even her economic opportunities. It saddens me so fucking much that she would be able to travel, move around, I wouldn’t be burdened with burnout and mental illness where I could function so I could help her it’s all so mentally exhausting. I hate men so much. I literally rather have an autistic sister than an autistic brother, I stg if I had an autistic sister we would be bumping it everyday and bonding even if we’re grown up but I genuinely don’t care or love my brother and wish he would drop dead. I’m tired of being told to waver my feelings and to get over it. I’m tired of people extending sympathy and understanding to males but as a woman you have to make like one and suck up all of your feelings.

No. 1992856

Don't worry, she'll get bored of it eventually. This happened to me a couple years ago with a close friend and at the time it annoyed the shit out of me. I slowed contact and stopped talking to her about my interests, additionally, got into some stuff that was more "inaccessible" or boring to her, and it's no longer a problem. I don't know how long this girl has been skinwalking you, but if it's been a year or less, she'll get bored and stop. If not, she probably has genuine mental problems and the friendship is more trouble than it's worth in the long run.

No. 1992858

get out nonny. the only way a moid should respond to women's complaints about men is apologetic understanding. anything short of that shows he cant empathize with women at all

No. 1992888

I wish my mom would let me be poor and uneducated.

No. 1992900

I've had this happen too nona. I really know what it feels like, like she's trying to take EVERYTHING from you to replace you. Or maybe not even to "replace" you, but to take control away from you and to make it all hers instead because she can't stand you having anything she doesn't have - doesn't matter that she didn't care for it and even openly mocked those things, she just wants them becuase they are yours.
Honestly the best thing you can do is to cut all contact and never speak to her again, it's the only thing that helped my situation.

However if you truly despise her and want to mess with her… pretend to be into something you're not. If you have real friends who dislike her too get them in on it.
You could tell her you've realized you're not a girl but non-binary and are going to be taking testosterone as soon as you get it approved. Say you really badly want a buzz cut because they look so masc and cool, but you're waiting until your T gets approved so you can do it at the same time. Maybe even post a filter of it asking "how do i look?" and get those friends to commnent "yass looking so enby, you should do it!". See if she takes the bait and troons out.

No. 1992921

Give them to me I love my freckles and want more kek

No. 1992932

Sheltered bitch

No. 1992952

this is what she would call me lol

No. 1992955

least out of touch upper class person

No. 1992963

burgerland, no he's not on the lease but he's not above blackmail and will definitely tell my landlord that I've been letting him stay here without him being on the lease which is a 'violation' or w/e, and idk I've been homeless before and see this is a better alternative to that kek although maybe I'm just being retarded and rationalizing

No. 1992971

you deserve better nonnie, sorry you're going through this challenging time.

No. 1992976

i am not upper class. i live in a 3rd world country. i just dont have the drive to get out of my situation.

No. 1992979

Correct me if I’m wrong but can’t you call the police and say he’s basically trespassing?I’m in the uk where that’s a thing so I’m not sure about the US

No. 1992991

by upper class I mean 'not poor' basically. Unless I misunderstood.

No. 1993013

Had the silliest argument at dinner
>Be me
>Make toast with whole grain frozen slices of bread
>Adjust toaster to high power because this type of bread takes longer to toast
>Unplug toaster
>Sister wants to use toaster too
>She puts white slices of frozen bread on toaster
>Bread burns because she didn't check the intensity it was set on
>Sister comes to table and demands I inform her when I change the toaster button
>I'm like??? Can't you just check it and adjust it by yourself like I always do???
>Mom says she's right, I should have told her, she burned her toast because they both always use the same intensity and I changed it and they never have to touch it because they ALWAYS have it set the way they want
>Tell them they should check the button, it's like any other electric appliance (microwave, heaters…) they need to be more conscious when they cook
>She insists I inform her if I change the button
>What the fuck no, just look at the number and change it, why do I have to inform you whenever I use the damn toaster
>They both insist
>I say fuck off, if I'm going to do that we all should inform of our toaster activities Kek (still think it's dumb as fuck)
>I also say they shouldn't try to police me like that and that they always love telling me what to do
>My sister is super angry at me
Girl just look at the fucking number on the button of the toaster and adjust it however you want, how fucking stupid you are that you blame me for your burned toast? And of course that escalated to me being a ruthless person. I don't fucking understand anything, I fucking cried because I literally don't know what I am doing wrong. I never ever complain about dumb shit like this. Just literally look at the damn number on the button and adjust it the way you like it for fucks sake. And my mother agreeing with her, why? The worst part is that she later got angry at me because I pointed out that they wanted me to be the only one to look at the damn button and adjust it, I would have always had to put it back the way they wanted if I didn't point out how fucking stupid it would be to inform of the fucking toaster situation. Am I supposed to wake you up on Sundays when you sleep until late and I have breakfast before you: Hey sis, careful with the toaster, I roasted some frozen slices of rye bread, watch out for that n.5 at the toaster setting button. ???? Fuck oooofffff, I am a second class family member

No. 1993029

Elderly care drama with a bunch of alcoholic family members is the worst, the cops showed up a half hour ago and the people fighting aren't even at this house

No. 1993044

I don't understand how do people care about the met gala seriously
why do we care what shape or color the fancy weird fabric they decided to wear is

No. 1993061

its fun to judge the outfits

No. 1993064

No. 1993065

Showering is a whole fucking event. I seriously have no idea how you people do this weekly let alone DAILY

No. 1993067

You don't shower often???

No. 1993068

i dont understand wha tthe criteria is

No. 1993072

Some outfits are uglier than others

No. 1993074

it can take 5 minutes (almosr as short as brushing your teeth)
you van even brush your teeth while showering for extra efficiency

No. 1993075

i dont understand how you define ugly and beautiful to me 90% of the outfits look like weird trying hard to stand out stuff ….. i just dont get it

No. 1993076

Shower cap + short haircut saves a lot of time

No. 1993077

Sometimes I shower twice in a day, love it

No. 1993078

honestly I love lolcor

No. 1993079

It's haute couture anon. You either get it or you don't and sadly you don't and probably never will.

No. 1993080

I hate showering too nonnie. Its probably been more than 3+ months since I shampood my hair (its curly) and probably like a week+ since I showered. I don't smell bad and my hair is not greasy. My overall hygenine is good. I just hate showers and baths. (I also get hives from the heat).

No. 1993083

No. 1993084

i really dont
isn't there a manual explaining why this weirdly shaped dress is beautiful and why that one is ugly?

and why it switches every other decade

No. 1993085

Honestly I said I don't smell but what I mean is no one has said anything kek.

No. 1993086

I only hate showering when I'm at someone else's house.

No. 1993087

If it's been over a week, you stink. Dead skin cells build up. you're greasy

No. 1993089

File: 1715037541548.jpeg (31.33 KB, 768x383, IMG_1675.jpeg)

i’m really letting my life go down this path, i met this girl and we hit off, same interests and everything but she pressured me to relapse on self harm and i gave in like a mother fucker (was 4 years clean prior) we do shit like this all the time, we cut ourselves and send pictures of it back and fourth stuff like that but i’m starting to regret it, i feel like i’m too deep into this shit now to stop. i’m so desperate for love from someone that i’m harming myself for them, i’ve been cutting daily and it’s becoming draining, i’m breaking down cause who knows when i’ll ever be clean again, not at this rate. why must lesbian relationships always be like this

No. 1993090

File: 1715037554595.jpg (123.62 KB, 736x833, 686306104963035955de590d6f216e…)

the met gala just reminds me of the capitol in hunger games
weirdly dressed rich people while im poor
only the poor are watching the rich and not the other way around

No. 1993091

why dont you switch the cut pics for nudes

No. 1993092

i want to hose you down

No. 1993093

Yeah ok we get it

No. 1993094

you people say this every year.

No. 1993095

so theres no manual
because its true….

No. 1993098

we do both

No. 1993100

i'd date you if my mom wasn't going to kill me for it

No. 1993101

then drug stashes

No. 1993104

I think my dad's going to get arrested

No. 1993107

How does this even happen? She's just like "yo nona, if I cut, you cut. It'll be romantic"?

No. 1993110

I’m waiting for someone to finally take the bait. Cmon take the bait already, make it interesting for me.

No. 1993111

So my dad just had a standoff with a bunch of cops at the house and I'm just stuck in my room while he's acting like a psycho. At least there aren't any guns here, I guess

No. 1993112

File: 1715039098043.gif (2.28 MB, 615x500, IMG_0443.gif)

What the fuck is so goddamn terrible with showering? It’s the only moments of peace and tranquility you have compared to the rest of the day where it sucks. You can make it fun by blasting music and singling along, pretending to be your own talk show host while you caress your body feeling like a model in the cover of a magazine. Autists have broken brains they can’t even do the most basic function of self-cleaning that even stray cats know how to do and are extremely well at keeping the stink off them it’s EMBARASSING. Cats know how to keep clean than a literal human being with supposed advanced intelligence kek, anon you’re a literal subhuman. You gotta fix that shit, go to CBT and tell the brain doctor to zap you so you can finally know the epic joys and benefits of showering.

No. 1993191

One of my friends whom I texted/called/played games with every day has suddenly stopped talking to me. I wouldn't consider her my closest friend in the world, but we shared very niche interests and opinions that I couldn't talk about with anybody else. She hasn't blocked me on anything but has also stopped posting/is online much less than usual. I've asked her if she's okay and no reply. I feel so bored and lonely without her to talk to, and anxious as well because I'm overthinking everything she could possibly hate about me and the fact that she won't ever talk to me again. This really sucks.

No. 1993203

Certain tech moid cucks be talking big game about simping over female techies but I have yet to be handed the FAANG job I am entitled to, what gives? These mfers too pussy to even look in the direction of a cute girl in reality.

No. 1993268

I know right. I don't bait a lot and I always make it funny and plausible, so why is it that the most tiresome obvious bait catches the most fish?

No. 1993316

i have a fat gross tard brother too and it fucking sucks. basically ruined my entire family and there's nothing we could do about it. i wish there was a way to permanently institutionalize him since he'll probably never be a normal functioning adult

No. 1993320

>My overall hygenine is good

No. 1993434

I used to love showering but then I moved to the US and the bathrooms are too small and I can’t fucking stand the toilet being in the same room. I feel like I’m drowning because the walls are just paint and plywood getting damp and humid, sometimes the exhaust fan doesn’t work and there’s no drain on the floor so the floor mat sops up the water but never dries! Anyway, the bathrooms here are terrible but you should still shower every day goddam. Are you at least scrubbing down everyday with a dry brush and sand or something, you need to get the oils and dead skin off regardless.

No. 1993482

I keep on fucking humiliating myself and for what? I'm so embarrassed every single time I talk to you and I expect something different. And you can never handle when I treat you the same way you treat me. I fucking hate living like this and I don't know what to do anymore. I can't even bother saying I love you back because I don't even know if it's love, it's just some fucking codependence when I think things get better when in reality you're using me to abide time before some other girl comes over and ruins her life over for you. I can't wait to rot and die so I can see you in hell and be recognize how similar it all is.

No. 1993484

and recognize* I'm not bothering to repost and fix it

No. 1993510

NGL I'm disgusted that you think you even have a chance with me.

No. 1993560

File: 1715061439344.jpg (32.14 KB, 845x330, 1000000857.jpg)

my current cycle of wake up, eat breakfast, spiral into a paranoid fit, vomit, spend my whole day paranoid, calming down after work, coming to terms with myself, only to sleep and wake up to do it all over again is exhausting. it's not sustainable. i am running out of what little sanity i have left and things need to change.

No. 1993563

No you don't

No. 1993580

tons of "straight" men are downlow and end up giving diseases (that they caught from other men) towards their wife/gf without the woman realizing until it's too late, that's how this stuff happens

No. 1993599

>No appetite or feeling of hunger
>Can't eat any real food because forcing myself to eat will make me gag and anxious
>Only able to eat high-calorie snacks
>But they're unhealthy and fattening so not eating them either
>All food causes remorse
>End up eating nothing at all
>As a result I'm constantly fatigued, exhausted and my stomach hurts every time I do attempt to eat something
How did I meme myself into disordered eating once again like this? I've had a shit relationship with food for all my life and severe BDD, I could be borderline underweight yet still consider myself a chubster. I'm in my 30's, I should've grown out of this years ago but it flares up every time I'm in a high-stress situation with work being too hectic, my self-esteem went into the dumps and interpersonal relationships are on the rocks so I start seeking control of something in my life. I managed to drop cutting in my teens but this shit persists. Fuck it.

No. 1993608

i bought 10+ bananas yesterday and theyre all fucken gone already. fucken pig of a brother eats everything in goddamn sight. bitch needs to use his fucken brain and consider that there are other people in the house.

No. 1993614

File: 1715068963498.jpeg (64.29 KB, 799x720, IMG_3750.jpeg)

>bf uploads a pic of us and one of his friends points out that my outfit it’s from an anime
>me: hehe what a cute comment
>Bf: he’s gay

Um ok?? I’m not trying to fuck him I just thought the comment was cute. I know I shouldn’t get upset but he just had to make it weird. Maybe I should stop being nice and start calling my bf cock sucker maybe then he’ll lighten up.

No. 1993618

i jus know your asshole is throbbing so hard rn while you're writing out that big long repsonse to obvious bait

No. 1993620

if this is about a post in unpopular opinions, i don't think the OP is baiting

No. 1993622

File: 1715069526144.jpeg (11.06 KB, 217x183, IMG_2735.jpeg)

Brain please stop overthinking I beg of you I hate feeling like this

No. 1993624

samefag I mean I know bait is posted there sometimes but there are people who sincerely hold that belief and the anon i responded to sounds real

No. 1993627

>Couldn't women theoretically stop fucking men then no HIV would spread to women almost ever?
The end game being human extinction I presume? And no, I doubt women would be clamoring to get artificially inseminated so they could be single moms or raise the kid in a lesbian commune.

No. 1993630

still living with my ex moid a whole year after he broke up with me and boistered about moving out. he didn‘t, but we got along well enough and he payed most of the rent and even though i‘d never take him back after what happened i accepted the situation. he suddenly started talking about moving out again a few days ago and i got suspicious. my intuition went wild and i snooped enough to find out he has a date with a girl who looks incredibly similar to me. i‘m going insane over this because i can‘t confront him and feel powerless. the date is on thursday. i already planned so many scenarios in my head how to embarass him for trying to recruit a clone of me BEFORE moving out and sparing me of the pain. we were together for 6 years. it hurts how he never changed, blamed everything on me and now tries to go to the next as if nothing happened and he has nothing to fix about himself. to take some kind of control back i will do something while he is on the date to subtly remind him what he‘s doing is incredibly stupid. i won‘t cause a scene, just subtly shove it in his face he‘s living with his ex girlfriend who he is still emotionally attached to.

No. 1993637

get unhinged and add the girl on social media

No. 1993651

File: 1715075182626.jpeg (19.76 KB, 590x332, tired.jpeg)

I'm scared I will never find any good friends outside of my current nerd circle, who are of course painfully PC in the liberal sense. They engage in gendie propaganda all the time and there has been one total instance wherein they could have peaked, but they continue to fall for the veneer of the transgender brigade and kiss the asses of men who will never return their affirmations. Anytime I criticize my chronically online, sex-positive friend for her disgusting hobby of downplaying issues that severely affect women she would get angry at me and rebuff my attempts to sway her away from being the insufferable handmaiden that she is. I am so fucking tired of gender shit invading my nerd circle, I miss the days where we only gave a shit about trashtalking each other's favorite seiyuus like the neurotic weebs we were. Now gender ideology has fucked up all my friends' brain chemistries and I have a feeling this growing detachment will force me to give up friendships I have held dear for over six years because of a misstep I make in being "PC" like they are. I wish nerd hobbies never became interwoven with the gender cult online. Fuck gender.

No. 1993656

Not for as long but I was stuck living with an ex because of costs/time left on our lease/housing shortages and you stay stuck in this 'might aswell of just broken up yesterday' limbo state until you can fully seperate. The feelings are understandable but then if you say them out loud you'll only made out to be crazy because b-but you're totes not even together anymore. Idk if it's taking power back if you react to it. Any negative reaction to him dating again will be read as 'muh crazy ex' 'women will fight over me' etc. There's no eureka moment where he'll own up to his faults or get it. Only serves his ego to have an ex of a year still caring.

No. 1993666

you‘re right, i definitely don‘t want him to twist it like that. i thought about calling him when he‘s out with her and if he picks up ask him a really inconspicuous question like where he put the tool box. my intention would just be to remind him i‘m still a big part of his life and he has to act now if he doesn‘t want to hurt me, definitely don’t want to come off as crazy or like i know exactly what he’s doing. she seems like a really sweet interesting girl i hope she isn‘t stupid enough to get with that loser. the situation he‘s creating sucks for everyone, if they fall in love or whatever it‘s not exactly off to a good start when he‘s still living with his ex gf who he occasionally eats out. why are moids so stupid.

No. 1993682

File: 1715078730298.jpeg (77.82 KB, 562x546, IMG_2632.jpeg)

You are the common denominator in all of your fucking problems. Play victim all you want, we both know it’s true. You and your friends constantly share snide looks and comments and then you get all offended and confused when someone calls you out on it. Your fatass BPD bestie must be rubbing off on you. Other people confronting you about how your actions make them feel are too much and too needy and have to be cut off but her calling you every night to bitch and moan about every little piece of irrelevant bullshit is just her love language. I wish I could tell you to your face in so many words how much I hate that fat hoe.
Stop complaining about how broke and sad you are when you spend all your money on trips and concerts. Stop crying about how worried you are about your coursework when you procrastinate and cut study time to go boozing with your friends. Stop stressing out your boyfriend and telling him he’s not doing enough when he flies up twice a month to see your dumbass and takes you out every weekend he’s here. And stop talking about all the men you lust after when he’s not in town and complaining about being committed, then turning around and acting like a future spoiled housewife when he spends anything on you. Stop getting your nose out of joint when the house isn’t clean to your standards then acting stupid when you and your friends leave it a fucking mess. Stop complaining about the power bill when you’re the only one running the dryer in the middle of a sunny day. Stop buying fruit you never finish and leaving it out in the kitchen to rot. Stop quoting tiktok therapists like they know what the fuck they’re talking about. And stop coming to me spieling out your one-sided problems expecting me to enable and coddle your stupid ass when you’re clearly in the wrong, and getting a stank attitude when I don’t. I’m not listening anymore.

No. 1993746

Had a dream last night I was cuddling with my husband's sister in a car, and got really into it, started pining for her and feeling blushy as we exited the car. I keep being lesbian in my dreams but I can't figure out why cause in waking life I'm extremely straight. Not even in a repressed way, I'm full fujo and women being involved kinda ruins it. Don't feel any draw towards women whatsoever. I don't get it…

No. 1993756

File: 1715083974241.jpg (4.18 KB, 480x360, merightnow.jpg)

Tried to make a small poundcake to cheer me up, it's been in the oven for 10 mins and it hasn't even begun to grow

No. 1993761

>she seems like a really sweet interesting girl i hope she isn‘t stupid enough to get with that loser.
You need to love yourself as much as this random girl, do you even hear yourself? Just move on and go on dates as well

No. 1993765

^^ this nonna is absolutely right. OP needs to focus on herself.

No. 1993768

Love when addicts and former addicts come in to shit on support groups of children and loved ones affected by addiction. We’ve shown the addicts in our lives so much patience and grace and yet we’re not allowed to vent and complain about addicts because “their life is already so hard! You don’t know what they go through! Have more empathy for them.” Okay but where was this empathy from them when I was a child and around that shit? How am I supposed to not feel anything but anger and disgust for most of these people when they will full on neglect and abuse their own children then go around a cry how it’s not their fault that they abandoned/hit/burned their kid, it was the drugs making them do it! They chose the drugs and alcohol over their friends and family so let the ones left behind have a place to fucking vent without your druggie ass coming in for fucking sympathy points.

No. 1993769

oh yeah it's finally growing

No. 1993777

My acid reflux is killing me. I legit feel like someone is strangling me

No. 1993795

I hate passive aggressive people so much. Stop being a cowardly loser and say how you really feel. I even apologized to you and instead of having a genuine conversation with me and getting angry or venting you just throw these underhanded comments around. Well fuck you. You're a stupid whiny dumbass and I'm glad your project will never become shit. This is why you have no friends.

No. 1993802

No. 1993827

I think a lot of suicide related programs partially base their policy around liability issues. Like the crisis line or some other mental health hotline - you're encouraged to ask directly "do you want to kill yourself" - no euphemisms like "do you want to hurt yourself", no, straight up encouraged to ask people if they want to kill themselves.
It's such a black and white, arbitrary system. Most people DON'T want to kill themselves if they're in distress and communicating with you. All it does is discourage people from telling the truth for fear of institutionalization.

No. 1993867

File: 1715089711026.png (813.05 KB, 749x776, IMG_3778.png)

I have $20k in debt. The monthly payments and interest rate is killing me and I’m so scared of losing my job. My rent is going from $1300 to $1800 after July as well. I’m lucky enough to move back in with my parents but I feel so defeated.

No. 1993880

They're raising your rent by 500 dollars??? Is that even legal? What the fuck is this world??

No. 1993905

File: 1715091032787.png (449.55 KB, 563x574, GMLIsuIbkAA_jeQ.png)

I talked to my mom about how I wouldn't be surprised if have dyscalculia and she said she doesn't think so. I point out to her how I have consistently gotten F's in math exams starting from the age of 8, even if I spent 3 hours a day studying for them for weeks. Like, I used to celebrate when I got a D, it was that bad. She said she thinks that was because I've always been "sabotaging myself" by convincing myself I'm bad at math (???).
When I listed all the issues I have with numbers and calculating things she seriously said she also has those problems and that it's normal. She has a fucking PhD in MECHANICAL ENGINEERING and is trying to convince me that she is as shit at math as me, someone who can't even remember a number sequence of 3 for longer than a couple of seconds.
Holy shit. Why can't she just accept her daughter is a fucking retard instead of coping this hard?

No. 1993914

point out literally any boomer disease she has and say she is convincing herself she feels like that and she should stop taking medicine for it kek

No. 1993916

try to get a new credit card that will allow you to do a balance transfer and has an introductory 0% APR. it should save you some money in interest.

No. 1993933

>she keeps turning up/turning off the AC during southern hot morning where it’s about to peak 90 degrees today and through the rest of the week

I want to kill myself, I hate everything and I hate mothers with fucking menopause where they’re always cold. She’s fat so why is she always running cold, is it because her metabolism is busted? I hate being a NEET, I hate being friendless, I wish I could win the lottery so I can move as far away from this place as possible.

No. 1993936

Most moids are socially retarded and have no business being in customer-facing jobs. I ordered a sandwich and a coffee at a cafe then went to go sit outside. Normally, at this place and other "nice" counter-serve cafes here, if you're waiting in the outside seating area someone brings your order out to you when it's ready and it's not super busy. This fucking idiot man however, walks all the way to the patio, sticks his head out the door to tell me the order's ready, and then disappears back inside before I have time to even get up. He could have used the exact same amount of effort to just bring me my damn order, but instead I had to put all my shit back in my bag, go inside the cafe, and awkwardly carry my coffee and sandwich back outside. Completely bassackwards customer service.

No. 1993941

Not to mention they’re more inclined to stick assorted non food safe items in your food.

No. 1993942

i feel your pain nona, i'm in the same boat. debt is fucking hard. feels like ive been making payments for years and im somehow in deeper than i was before.

No. 1993951

File: 1715093167025.jpg (20.26 KB, 211x250, 4w7e2t.jpg)

It's been raining since February, then the sun comes for 1-2 days and then it fuckin rains again for two weeks. I live in south europe and while I hate the heat and the longer summer is postponed is better, the lack of light (I don't dislike the light, I dislike the heat) is making me feel like picrel. I want to stop taking vit d supplements and I want to put away my winter clothes already, I don't ask for much, just a nice spring day with light and a breeze blowing but no, it's been shit weather, wind and water. I'm forced to blow dry my hair because the humidity makes it look like shit and they're getting dry due to the frequent washes please stop this I'm not used to this…

No. 1993959

What a fucking retard kek. Honestly thats probably generous, he's retarded but it was probably some sort of male ego thing that provoked him to make you grab your order rather than bringing it to you.

No. 1993964

Definitely a male ego thing. A lot of men see serving women, even in their literal professions, as beneath them.

No. 1993997

File: 1715095537105.png (28.55 KB, 892x263, SQ57thT.png)

I hate men so much it's not even funny. I hate that their whole existence centers around what makes their disgusting penises hard. I wish I could neuter them all. Even the "good" ones.

No. 1994031

This is so retarded I can't believe they're this stupid

No. 1994046

Crystal cafe seriously looks like it's only populated by moids at this point

No. 1994047

is it good

No. 1994054

It is. I sometimes lurk on moid sites like 4chan because I find incels amusing and entertaining, and they seem to think crystal cafe is THE female ib. I’m surprised more don’t know about lolcow since it’s so much more active, but I can only thank god for that

No. 1994057

Maybe. Luckily your delusional threatening of women into having kids can't work on the few women that aren't total retards.

Maybe it's worth considering that it's not worth bringing new people into this world just to suffer because of your personal moid obsession and greed. >>1993997 Here's the people you're bringing new girls into the world to suffer for. I hope it was worth it. Also nice shitting on lesbian women and any women who don't want to spend their lives doting on men.

No. 1994059

> they seem to think crystal cafe is THE female ib.
let them think it is. it acts as a lightning rod

No. 1994089

Yeah thank god.

No. 1994113

File: 1715099796550.jpeg (53.25 KB, 540x525, IMG_1894.jpeg)

I feel like lolcow operates in cycles for how enjoyable it is. Like there will be a few weeks/months where I genuinely enjoy my time here, laugh my ass off regularly, and vibe with nonnas. Then it’ll turn into a hellscape, only for the cycle to repeat. I hope the nice and funny nonnas return soon, I’m not sure how much more of this I can take

No. 1994114

are you sure you're not just depressed? i found lolcow funny lately

No. 1994115

I don’t think I’m depressed, I’ve just seen too many anons getting riled up over the dumbest shit lately, and not in an entertaining way

No. 1994134

thanks nonnas, my self-esteem is pathetically low rn. i'm PMSing aswell and new moons tend to make me emotionally volatile like this. i went on a hike and texted some friends and i feel better now.

No. 1994154

it might relate to class cycles, as summer rolls in the college (and actually underage) kids might spend more time here

No. 1994172

I think this is probably the reason tbh

No. 1994190

It's not even really a vent but I simply don't have anyone to talk to, so sorry I guess. I think my male co-worker is really into me. The thing is.. I really dislike men and I'm looking for a girlfriend (which is kinda hopeless tho). I'm 23 and he's 41 which is already really icky but even more so cause I look younger than I am. Not a flex I promise. He simply won't leave me alone, it's like I'm magnetic or something. I am enjoying the attention but I AM terrified of him coming onto me in a physical way. I just want it to stay the way it is right now, just talking shit and goofing around, you know? Please don't try to touch or even kiss me, please!

No. 1994191

>anon we’re going to get your coworker to train you to also do this part of the job so she has a bit less on her plate
>okay sure sounds good
>proceeds to talk at me, not provide anything for me to do as practice or show me how to enter everything into the spreadsheets properly, no communication on what parts of this she’ll still be taking care of
>receive email from coworker telling people to email anon@work.net from now on if they need X thing done
>don’t even fucking know what to do really beyond the most basic stuff
what is it with this place and doing a half ass job at training people, no wonder people will have been working here for a decade and still have no clue what the hell they're doing

No. 1994194

If you keep leading him on he'll think you want more, stop being a retard and begging for attention from some old scrote twice your age. Also learn to integrate

No. 1994207

Not sure if this belongs in here but I fucking hate that alpha beta omega shit in fanfics. It’s so gross, it makes me squirm with disgust anytime I encounter that shit. The very detailed and graphic depiction included (sniffing scent, rubbing, heat?) makes me gag. I was looking for fanfics of my favourite character on ao3 and it turns out that not an insubstantial amount is this a/b/o bullshit. He’s kinda of niche so he’s like a side character in those but it’s still so vomit inducing. How does anyone even write these kind of stories? This must be some zoofilia fetish no? Ew.

No. 1994208

>it's like I'm magnetic or something
It's because he's a pedo creep and you aren't telling him to fuck off, anon please grow a brain

No. 1994225

It’s funny that about 6 months ago I was genuinely concerned that i’d lose my residence and be kicked out the country because I couldn’t find a job, thinking of the logistics of starting anew once i’m deported to my home country and now i’m pissed that someone arranged a 3 hour in person meeting, i’m mandatory on the ONE day of the week I marked myself as home office. I mean i’m still doing home office tomorrow and just not attending and I’ll take the heat if it comes but it’s funny how your standards shift depending on your circumstances. Anyway, pissed at the disrespect.

Right?? I really feel this but for me it happens when I don’t come on here for a few weeks and it might actually be MY vibes are off.

No. 1994253

i thought putting a nice plant in a random planter on my new neighbors deck as a housewarming gift but didn't write a note and i can hear them being like "this is nice but where did it come from?" am i fucking autistic along with having adhd

No. 1994255

kek this is cute

No. 1994273

Yeah, that's why they prefer to hire women for such jobs most of the time, kek. I stop shopping if i see a moid behind the counter and hope to catch a day when it's only women there.

No. 1994281

File: 1715111690996.jpeg (5.77 KB, 300x168, uminoose.jpeg)

>1-2 hour window to masturbate until 9 before family and ipad kids living downstairs comes up and takes over the floor EVERY SINGLE GOD DAMN FUCKING DAY
>Somehow they still come up at 7 some days to make food like they don't have a kitchen
>Take a chance and find a dating page
>newest post is from man a few years older, same area as me
>Check profile
>Face of a gay gorilla baby
Yeah, just my luck

No. 1994282

There hasn't been any fun anons in like a year, I don't think they're ever coming back and tbh I don't blame them.

No. 1994283

>>1994191 i'm sorry nonna, that was my last job and it literally broke me. i made training sheets for all of the jobs they threw me into because they had none and i knew some other poor woman would be thrust into it with no training (sad kek) fuck them but find another place and have one person as a reference. godspeed

No. 1994284

maybe get a fucking job?

No. 1994291

oh how dare anon not wageslave!! she could be in college and her family is agreeing to pay for her, you don’t know her situation at all kek

No. 1994305

I find you all very pathetic, which is how I view myself right now.
I'm a sociopath and I told someone IRL for the first time. It wasn't as nice as I expected. I actually felt like I hated myself a little more because of it.
I wish I could make anyone reading this hate me more than I hate myself. If I could do that, I would feel a little more in control. I've rarely been out of control.
I really thought I understood it all: people go based off of emotion. But it also includes things like, their upbringing, and what they individually find important. I fucking hate it because I can't relate.
It's like there's a club that is only appreciated by those not in it.

That's what I thought people on these forums had. I wish I could have some of your feelings, and I only said that because all we share is that we've given up.

I'm tired of pretending to be human, why do you all keep pretending? Can somebody stab me already and remind me we're, in reality, made of flesh in blood until we die?

No. 1994309

discounting the reddit-spacing, I hope you keep living your best sociopath self, nona

No. 1994310

I finally understand why people say "oh, it doesn't matter what my future partner does for a living, as long as they enjoy it" because the guy in my new relationship is fucking miserable at his job and he can fucking kill the mood in the room within like a minute, and he has some kind of compulsion to bring up his shitty, boring job constantly. I've already told him that he should go home and unwind before visiting me because him coming over and then talking miserably for 20 minutes bitching about his day and then trying to initiate intimacy doesn't work, because by that point I'm dry and just as miserable. And I have a similiar, boring ass public servant job too (while also being underpaid compared to him). He needs to stay another few months because of some administrative shit before he can start a new job, so I'm trying to be tolerant for now, but if he decides to stay or this shit persists into his next job, I'll have to break up with him to save my sanity. I don't want to listen to someone's unhappiness daily

No. 1994312

The urge to go full-blown junkie with opioids never goes away. No matter how "functional" I am on the needed dose for my physical issues, I always feel the temptation to go bananas. That slight hit of drowsiness, jussst on the edge of the abyss… so tantalising. My dipshit GP put me on 8 times the recommended dose of my anti-psychotic recently and while, yeah, I thought I was gonna have a heart attack, I must say the comatose feeling was delightful. It made me realise how much I miss that life… if you can call being passed out by noon a life.

No. 1994326

There has been a helicopter circling over my general area for two days now. I would like them to locate whatever the fuck they're looking for and FUCKING FUCK OFF ALREADY. I saw it hovering over one of the nature preserves on my commute today, so I know I'm not fucking crazy. It's loud and cyclical and I want it to fucking stop already. Please and thank you.

No. 1994359

Men shouldn't be so whiny and weak. Their whole purpose is to take care of the woman they're with. If he can't even find joy and pride in that and instead makes you unhappy daily, then he is useless. You don't have to tolerate anything, if anything, you should have higher standards for yourself. How can you love a man who goes out if his way to make you unhappy?

No. 1994374

I want to stop binge eating so bad but I can't do this alone. I quite literally need someone to lock me in the house so I won't go buy crap to stuff my face with. Goddamn

No. 1994386

File: 1715118757909.jpeg (231.92 KB, 491x634, IMG_0444.jpeg)

I’m too afraid to admit I may have some form of PTSD/hyper vigilance even though I’ve never really experienced any childhood abuse or physical trauma that would cause it. It almost feels like I don’t deserve to say I have hyper vigilance because I never experienced those things and my situation is weirdly unique compared to typical PTSD/CTSPD victims. I don’t have much of an extreme pity story, it’s just a sequence of events that have lasted inside of my head and continue to affect my behavior until this day. I don’t think anyone cares, what they mostly care about is masking my emotional reactions. I feel bad when I have outbursts.

No. 1994403

I think my healing process involves deep disgust
I am getting literally nauseous thinking about my ex

No. 1994408

I hate project managers. I've never met one that could properly manage shit without unnecessarily complicating things and/or throw the people actually getting shit done under the bus. If I had the chance to be Hitler, I'd send PMs to the gas chambers instead of Jews.

No. 1994410

File: 1715120569399.gif (46.77 KB, 542x640, chainsaw-man-nerd.gif)

>If I had the chance to be Hitler, I'd send PMs to the gas chambers instead of Jews.
did you modern managing techniques were founded by rescued nazis?
For example Reinhard Hohn
We owe PMs to nazis

No. 1994417

Just get a kidney infection and lose your appetite while simultaneously thinking it's CHS from your copious marijuana consumption until you lose your sense of both hunger and thirst until you end up in urgent care a year later with extreme pain in your side. Worked for me!

No. 1994419


No. 1994432

I don't know why but I love her so much
I can fix her(subject is a minor)

No. 1994433

Who is this? She's cute.

No. 1994435

this looks like one of my friends

No. 1994440

she doesn't look like that in real life.

No. 1994448

it's some r9k attentionwhore

No. 1994450

I'm 15 weeks pregnant rn and had for the third time the same horrible vivid dream where my mother (who physically abused me in my childhood and we hold okay-ish distant contact now) kicked or punched me in the stomach. In the most recent one I even checked and had bled into my panties. In each dream I just scream and tell my Nigel to beat the shit out of her. Which he actually doesn't, but instead just restrain her.
I hope this is psychologically okay to have recurring dreams about.

No. 1994451

isnt she underage? i remember her being posted here a while ago

No. 1994456

she could be, i don't know
mena girls often look younger than they are though so it's hard to say for sure (saying this as a mena girl who's constantly being mistaken for a 14 yo)

No. 1994459

She can't be fixed by anything but dick sorry
Giving self post(male)

No. 1994463

>She can't be fixed by anything but dick sorry
wtf is this take…. this isnt' the "post like a moid" thread
>self post
just a coincidence tbh
I'm also french speaking as a matter of fact, maybe that's why I find her so adorable, she reminds me of myself

No. 1994477

I hope mods really do read the reports they get and isn’t just a thing they dangle in our faces to laugh and pretend we really have any sliver of power on this website. Report and ignore

No. 1994487

shes cute but the filter is extremely visible…

No. 1994522

please don't, nonna

No. 1994560

i have decided to run from my problems. literally. i have chosen to start staying at the gym for hours lifting and running in order to stop thinking about my problems. i will run until my body is too weak to care. i will get better. i will get stronger. the internet doom bullshit will not conquer me. if the thoughts come for me i will strangle them, i will beat them, i will run from them.

No. 1994601

the mental illnesses you cant deal with thread has done wonders for my mental health because i refuse to go to therapy.

No. 1994652

mother is extremely wasteful and disrespectful towards my things, food especially. if i voice any complaints she says, "well now you know how i've felt all this time xDD" but i know for a fact i've never eaten up my things and HER things or gone into her food and thrown it out after a few bites because i didn't like the taste of something that wasn't even for me. even if i did briefly behave that way in my teens, you are pushing sixty. i love her and all and this house is so shitty that it would make anyone into a lousy jerk but come the fuck on and grow the fuck up

No. 1994657

still no period reeeee
I'm figuring an abortion is expensive as fuck now too
anyone got a drano martini recipe?

No. 1994658

like today she goes into one of my fancy salads and brags about not even being able to eat it. apparently she just took one bite, spit it out, and threw it away. are you fucking crazy, i literally bought you your own goddamn salads to eat. such weird and childish behavior

No. 1994670

File: 1715138614848.gif (729.16 KB, 220x220, IMG_0448.gif)

very close to having a mental freak out i’m so angry and livid i want to chomp on the fucking steal beams that couldn’t melt the twin towers. bless goddess for not making me born male or i would have already

No. 1994703

Try the German labor cocktail for a few days, it was the only thing to start contractions and put me in labor after age old exercises, teas, fruits, etc. Id imagine it makes someone in early pregnancy shoot that thing out

No. 1994809

The worst part of being in a female-dominated hobby subreddit (or any forum really) is that at least once a day a moid will post something like
>Hi ladies, is it okay if I, a moid, like your hobby? People have told me this is a stupid hobby for braindead bimbos but I really like it so please give me asspats for being a moid who likes your hobby.
It's the most annoying shit in the world and they always rake in tons of likes and comments, it's so fucking embarrassing to watch. Just post your shitty beginner mistakes and leave, you never see women doing the inverse either because men would roast them for being attention seeking and insecure.

No. 1994963

It feels good when the female userbase pushes back though. Moidposting has been getting worse in the romance book subreddit, but ever since one scrote made a post saying
>Hello you stupid bitches, REAL MAN here to tell you that all those male characters in your idiotic little books don't act like men irl do
more users have been telling men to fuck off kek. It's probably because there's a lot of middle aged women on that sub who are less likely to be terminal pickmes. I see the same on the otoge subreddit and the girls there bend over backwards to kiss softboy moid nuts whenever they appear. Women seriously need to grow a spine

No. 1994967

I'm so sick of being gluten free because of my body. Every little fun snack I find that is both enjoyable and affordable keeps being discontinued or sold out. My relationship with food is terrible because of food allergy reactions. There isn't much joy in food I am so sick of tiktok or whatever trends keep causing my items to be sold out in every store around me. Fuck you assholes you can eat at every restaurant, every fast food, go anywhere without a care in the world. All your food can be ordered to your house at almost any hour of the day. Mine is all prepped in my kitchen where I have to redo all the dishes for tomorrow's meals. I'm so tired of this shit.

No. 1994970

Absolutely love it when my body keeps me up with bathroom problems for most of my allotted sleeptime. Totally great. Doesn't make me want to feral scream at all nosiree.

No. 1994983

File: 1715168062628.jpeg (52.18 KB, 563x709, ibijoje.jpeg)

My dad had an accident and has to learn how to walk again. I'm just so devastated, life was looking up for him and right that second this had to happen, the hospital is constantly changing thoughts about when he'll be released and how everything will work out and it's just all so unexpected. Really makes you think about how life can be taken from you any moment, it was because of the stupidest accident too, fucking frat bros who couldn't watch where they were going. Tomorrow there's a family event and much as I'm happy to see them I'll have to recount over and over again what happened, how it's going now and I don't know if I can handle it all. The whole situation is messed up as it is the last thing I want to do is repeat it all day, it's only understandable they want to know and are worried but I just want to think about anything except what is going on right now. There is just no way to describe the way I feel, I can't stop crying and got sick probably because of the stress. I can't take it anymore but I have to. I hate talking about this like I'm the one who got hurt but my life got turned completely upside down and I just don't want to be alive if this is how it can be.

No. 1995015

3 months still no job. All because I want to get into any part of tech since it's the only thing I'm somewhat good at. I picked the worst possible time too.

I have money so at least I'm covered for a while but my mother is becoming more and more aggressive so I'm probably fucked in a few months.

No. 1995036

It's embarrassing to witness two grown men fight over turning on the lights in the office. Hearing jackass, asshole, dickhead feels like I'm in school watching kids fight but these are 40 year olds.

No. 1995038

File: 1715173304366.png (21.68 KB, 243x275, IMG_0455.png)

Saw this in the mtf thread and it almost made want to cry, I feel so seen and heard. I wonder if this was posted on CC kek Manifesting fat sociopathic autistic male family member to drop

No. 1995040

I can't wait for the end of the work week. Tomorrow is my last day. Please god let it go by quickly. I can't take this stupid shit much longer

No. 1995050

Im so sorry anon. You could make an announcement at the start, to spare yourself repetition.
Praying for you and your dad; I hope healing happens quickly.

No. 1995051

I feel like I'm seeing more incorrect usage of your/you're and they're/their/there than ever. Go back to school.

No. 1995063

I hate how half of the food in grocery stores is already sold out even though it's only 2pm. I can't shop in the morning because of work. This is the third store I'm going to and it was a waste of time because there's nothing here either. It feels like people still think covid is gonna kill us all so they keep hoarding food kek.

No. 1995069

File: 1715175385452.jpg (205.65 KB, 946x2048, 20240508_093538.jpg)

I don't think school can save them if essays like this exist out there in college.

No. 1995075

Thank you so much nonna ♥ Good idea to say it at the beginning, they probably realize it's not fun to talk about. It will be nice to spend some time with them regardless.

No. 1995085

File: 1715175942948.jpg (179.25 KB, 1200x799, 1000013070.jpg)

Have to work. Don't want to work.

No. 1995090

I'm already at work, cheers nonna

No. 1995120

I'm so fucking sick of my retarded nigel shedding body hair all over the bathroom. I have boob length hair and the amount I find of my own isn't even comparable to what I find of his. It is disgusting. I clean it all up and then a day later it is already everywhere again. I want to go home.

No. 1995121

Why are you cleaning up for him? My older brother does this and as soon as I enter the bathroom after he’s done I tell that faggot to clean his hair up. These balding scrotes think they can leave those shedding strands around because they’re small, fucking disgusting.

No. 1995135

Get him on minoxidil kek

No. 1995137

Probably because he doesn't do it himself. If you've ever lived together with a man, you know that most have lower hygiene standards than women.

No. 1995141

my nigel's actively in contact with his ex who is pro-troon and apparently got mad at him today about his instagram stories being anti men in womens bathrooms and he backtracked publicly on main. never stuck up for me like that.
kind of, hate to say it, got the ick. like okay have each other then? why the fuck am I here if youcare more about her opinion than mine?

No. 1995142

NTA but make them do it then? The fuck? Their girlfriends aren't maids. Living with a scrote that can't be bothered to pick up after himself is no better than being a single mother ffs

No. 1995149

This is the second woman I've seen today complaining about their bf kisses their ex's ass. The other one said he even sends her money. You should have the ick he is blatantly showing how he feels

No. 1995150

So when you breaking up with him?

No. 1995151

Girl train him to clean it up himself. They’re like dogs. If you don’t nip that behavior in the bud it’ll only get worse.

No. 1995152

The guy doesn't want to clean up, the girl can't force him because she isn't his mother so she ends up doing it herself because she doesn't want to live in a nasty home. Often in those situations you can only either do it yourself or break up, which they usually don't, not over just that, and moids know that. I've seen it several times with close friends, my own mom and even experienced it myself. Sheltered me thought my mom was dumb and I wouldn't be like her, I wouldn't end up with a guy who couldn't clean his living space properly. Boy was I wrong thinking that would be easy enough. At least I know how to recognize the manipulative 'I won't clean so you're forced to because I know you can't stand it'-dynamic but most women don't. Or that's my experience anyway, yours may differ I guess.

No. 1995154

We argued about it last night and I got him to agree to clean it up whenever it happens, but he still hasn't. He's currently at the gym so I sent a text asking him to after he comes back and showers, and he responded "what's the magic word" kek. Why should I have to ask him politely to fix something that he caused himself? This isn't the only problem I've faced in relation to the bathroom either, he also fucking flicks water all over the bathroom to the point where there are always small puddles on the floor, both by the shower and sink, and I have almost slipped because of them. When I complain about it, he tells me that I'm the only person who has ever had a problem with it therefore I am being unreasonable and should have to ask him nicely to stop. He also said that if he asked his friends if they do the same they'd agree, and I told him that's because men act like pigs kek. Yes I could ask him nicely, but from prior experience, I know for a fact that isn't going to solve things, and if he does do anything to fix it, he will do it in the most half assed way. There has also been several other issues I've faced while living with him but I won't get into that. All I know is that I'm stuck here until next month and I am strongly considering leaving him once I get back home.

Is body hair shedding related to regular balding? He has a lot of body hair and showers everyday, so I just assumed it was because of that. His head doesn't seem to be balding from what I can tell.

No. 1995155

he backtracked like just deleted the stories or he actually apologized for them or something? i can see why you got the ick. what a pussy

No. 1995158

File: 1715180417621.png (262.24 KB, 640x535, IMG_1192.png)

Blogpost but what would you do if you were me
>make friends with this chick in sixth form when I was desperate for a friendship as I had been friendless for years
>both of us very shy so naturally strike up a friendship
>over time she gets more and more confident and normal
>she gets too confident, rude to me, often making me the butt of jokes etc
>she turns into the exact opposite kind of person I enjoy being around, gets herself diagnosed with autism etc, pro tranny even though she’s a lesbian and admitted herself she could never be with one
>mum pays for her to come on holiday with us, she refuses to take her depression meds, instead spending the entire time sexting some girl, starts crying to leave early so we leave this holiday which has cost my mum thousands of pounds so she can go home and fuck this girl. Says the sex was awful anyway
>on my birthday I want to go to this arcade. Since she has absolutely no interest in it and only cares about what she likes, she complains the whole time, goes off and sits in a corner listening to Taylor swift in her earphones because she’s have a ‘sensory overload’ (but goes clubbing and to concerts all the time.. ok) so we end up leaving early, on my fucking birthday
>invite her round for Christmas. Start playing nirvana, the most inoffensive shit ever, she starts complaining telling me to turn it off so i say it’s better than Taylor swift. She literally starts shouting at me in front of my family, telling me how Taylor swift saved her life and i know how important it is to her…..
>regularly had stops in front of me and was rude to me
>when we went out, she’d get insanely drunk, vomiting resulting in us always having to leave early. Rude to me when she’s drunk too
>whenever in public acted extremely embarrassing. When Taylor swift or whoever would play in public she’d literally start screaming and it would embarrass me so much
>acts extremely spoilt and genuinely has had nothing bad to her besides her parents being divorced. Meanwhile I’ve told her the shit I’ve been through, don’t even milk it or discuss it, and she acts like she’s worse off than me and im the ‘spoilt’ one
>generally just really fucking annoying and completely different to when I first made friends with her
So she messages me and i don’t reply. Tell myself I’ll get back later. Don’t get back so she continues texting me. Says she’ll turn up at my house and shit. Been texting me for about two months now and haven’t replied, getting my brother to ask for me etc. Not being in contact with her has genuinely made me realise that I don’t want to be friends with her and don’t miss her friendship. What do I do? Am I being mean/unreasonable?

No. 1995161

You should had unfriended her ages ago

No. 1995167

Exactly, thank you nona. I recognise that he is doing this but I'm currently staying with him at his parents' house, which he is using to his advantage because he knows it means I can't argue with him properly in case they hear or find out. I know I'm not in the wrong, but his mother clearly didn't discipline him enough as a child and hasn't complained about this to him before, so I doubt she would be on my side if she found out. I can't afford to stay in a hotel for the rest of the month, so the best I can do for now is just put up with having to clean it myself until I'm gone.

No. 1995169

Tell her to fuck off
Why that picture though? What's wrong with dove soap

No. 1995170

how gross is the cocktail to drink? I've never heard of this before and i'm very interested

No. 1995172

you fell for a shitty female sociopath’s trap lmao, she’s not even good at being one

No. 1995177

People usually shed hair if a) they dont brush/look after it regularly or b) are balding, this is ignoring obvious cases like stress or a sickness. So either he doesnt maintain his hair daily (even a simple comb through is good) or his balding journey has started.

This type of behaviour is so easy to ignore at first but the slowly growing resentment becomes genuine hatred later down the line. Either train him or dump him tbh

No. 1995180

I'm suicidal when I don't take my antidepressants but when I do I am an unmotivated, exhausted zombie. Unsure which is worse

No. 1995182

File: 1715181099167.png (136.13 KB, 261x320, 1689875910113.png)

>"what's the magic word"
>should have to ask him nicely to stop
dump this useless faggot

No. 1995186

I ate two very sugary croissants today and now my belly hurts. I only ate the second because my mum bought them and bought too many, so she was going to throw it away.

No. 1995190


No. 1995191

If you're staying with him at his parents' isn't that all the more reason to make him clean up…? Why does that mean it's your responsibility to do it? Just leave it dirty, once his mom cleans up after you're gone she will know it's her sons hair and not yours. It's nasty to live in those conditions, but I'd rather do that instead of demeaning myself by picking up a man's pubes because he's too lazy to do it himself

No. 1995202

he's usually not one to give a fuck but all of a sudden his ex (who is from a very libbed out state and a ~SEX WORKER~) apparently gave him shit today about a "transphobic" post he made, so all of a sudden his stories went from MEN IN WOMENS BATHROOMS IS GROSS to "wow…so nice to know I can change my mind..the beauty of being human is that thoughts can change". he says he "didn't want to hurt his friend" and doesn't want to rock any boats. okay lol.
meanwhile we live together and he's invited her around with her super weird idk, "best friend"? lesbian lover? who sat there and judged everything we said.
the ex and the girl she brought round watched my stories all day, I was wondering why until he got home (I'm full blown terf schizo on main kek) so
big fucking cringe all around.
fingers crossed I get my period tomorrow

No. 1995203

File: 1715181893976.jpg (41.11 KB, 540x588, tumblr_a726bc1b380a916bed5f173…)

every single morning i tell myself i'm going to be better today and not gorge myself on sweet snacks right before bed and every night i fail. it makes me feel so fucking bloated and nauseous the next morning, i just have no self control. ive been gaining weight and im so fucking uncomfortable in my body, i haven't had sex with my boyfriend in months because i'm just too uncomfortably bloated all the time and insecure. i look at pictures of myself from 2 years ago and i want to die. how did i let myself fall back into this binge eating habit?? sometimes i blame my parents for locking up all the food when i was a kid and instilling this "eat it all now while you have the chance" mindset. i need to change, badly.

No. 1995205

Why the moid

No. 1995206

Delete this right now

No. 1995207

File: 1715182003783.gif (438.77 KB, 220x138, IMG_0287.gif)

>met a nigel at the place i work at
>coincidentally the nephew of one of the managers
>nepotism ofc
>weirdly hit it off, makes me nervous because i really don’t want to date a coworker’s family member
>friend plans little get together
>we both go with each other
>drunk me can’t even remember what else happened kek
>only remember nigel pulling out his crusty wallet and fumbling to pull out condom
>eyes are blurry and he’s making a disgusting breathy baby voice gross
>wakes up next day
>shit is sprawled everywhere
>phone mysteriously disappears
>drunk me groans and tosses myself off bed for no reason
>hear an immediate squish like foot stepping on ketchup
>sits there for a few minutes before deciding to see what is on my back
>thought it was my underwear at first but pulls a stringy used condom taped off my back
>not concerned about the disgusting shit but more concerned about the condom being tattered
>hasn’t seen this nigel back at work since this happened assuming he immediately resigned and went to work elsewhere
>period isn’t coming back

girls, I’m screwed

No. 1995209

Anon it's not your period, your boyfriend is a weak faggot afraid of conflict who is prioritizing his retarded ex's opinions over yours. I do not want to inspire any paranoia in you and I hope that if it is your period you will be able to think about your relationship in a level headed way and remember that my rando anon opinion is only going off of your shared information, but to me it feels like maybe he's still into her and doesn't want to ruin his chances of getting back together with her. Males are sneaky fucking snakes that way.
Also I'm being for real right now his piece of shit cunt ass should not be inviting his retarded whore ex to your place. He should not be hanging out with her. He should not be friends with her. You are not unreasonable for not liking it.

No. 1995212

No. 1995213

Try eating hemp hearts nonnie, eating 1/2 cup before bed with yogurt or dinner kicked my binge eating habit. You can do it too nonnie. Also leaving the food where you can't reach it or locking it away will help. I binge on everything and anything sometimes but I found making it less acessable helps.

No. 1995217

He's ugly and fat and you should dump him.

No. 1995218

No way nonnie, I've seen some ugly boyfriends but are you for real

No. 1995223

Your period is late thats all.

No. 1995225

Eat 3 spoonfuls of chia seeds

No. 1995226

Is there such a thing as being so autistic you overanalyse the tiniest mannerisms and pick out details that make people "so them" and unique? It makes me crush on people really intensely if I pick up a unique micro expression. I want a lobotomy I'm sick of getting limerence on people I don't know. I don't notice jokes and sarcasm, but oh how that nerdy moid's left eyebrow raised half a millimetre in such a unique way that now I will think about him for the next 4 months.

No. 1995227

I wish I was lying, I need to convince him to get on minoxodil so bad

No. 1995228

He's a lost cause

No. 1995229

She mentioned her period because she might be knocked up by the scrote, anon is as big of a cow as everyone else in her life kek

No. 1995231

PLEASE. you just need a new bf nonnie, this guy is ugly as fuck. like theres no way.. please nonnie, be joking. I beg of you.

No. 1995232

repost him real quick I missed it

No. 1995233

I mean he still has hair left…

No. 1995234

did someone screenshot the picture of her ugly boyfriend, repost please kek

No. 1995235

he was so ugly you are lucky you missed it

No. 1995236

you need someone to drill inside of your stupid fucking head to give you a lobotomy. kys

No. 1995237

File: 1715182515698.png (Spoiler Image,469.55 KB, 659x746, creature.png)

here you go nonnie

No. 1995239

I don't agree with you. Accidents happen and anon sounds like she's anxious as hell in general. I'll never point and laugh at a young woman who believes sex is immutable and is surrounded by retarded gendie havers and lovers. She sounds very isolated. I really feel for her. kind of wish I knew her so we could be schizo terves together and laugh at our shitty gendie loving friends kek

No. 1995242

Are you the nonna who collects bf pics? Pls make a comp and show us kek i need to laugh more today

No. 1995244

There is no fucking way…what are nonas here subjecting themselves to?

No. 1995245

File: 1715182801632.jpg (303.59 KB, 1920x1080, asmongoldbutfat.jpg)

he looks like asmongold but fat

No. 1995252

These gotta be the same bitches who are aggressive in the ugly man psyop thread calling everyone’s husbando ugly. This is insane to me, you uggos can’t even get a fucking chad worth doing all of this shit for. I feel ripped off, and disappointed in so many of you

No. 1995253

ty nonas. honestly he's trying to knock me up for god knows what reason. like stoked at the idea, even though we're poor as fuck. my dr recently put me back on progesterone for PMDD (like I wouldn't have full blown postpartum psychosis if I did get preggo) but I haven't taken it yet. been expecting my period for like a week now, terrible anxiety and my chest feels like agony if I even bump it. I was going to talk to him about it when he came home today but he dumped the whole WOW "my ex" HATES MY TRANSPHOBIC RHETORIC like no. yeeting this fetus if it's even a thing.
I treated myself to some wine and cigarettes about it I'm so convinced that this is not happening. they can have each other???? like I'm so sick of this.
even my mum is like he's weak af and wont stick up for you (because of his mother treating me like shit) and if I told you the rest you'd just pity me
I'm not a cow like >>1995229 says (maybe a little, or else I wouldn't be here) but it made me cackle. I love you guys so much

No. 1995254

I found another nonnie with her bf pic but I don't want to post her (gif) but we can shame him too kek

No. 1995261

He's not my bf he's just someone I found on the net

No. 1995265

Thinning, scraggly hair, shitty neck beard, weak chin, flabby body. Girl he better be eating your pussy like it’s a 9-5 and acting as your housemaid to make it even slightly worth it

No. 1995270

I'm hoping this is some random reddit moid coming here for tips and points and getting absolutely dragged kek

No. 1995271

Lets see

No. 1995274

>I was going to talk to him about it when he came home today but he dumped the whole WOW "my ex" HATES MY TRANSPHOBIC RHETORIC like no.
Nope, nope, nope. Dump that retarded faggot. He definitely wants to bone her. Do not get involved with bitch-ass men who simp and suck up to their retarded exes. Do not allow it. If you give them an inch they will take 50 miles. They are like dogs. As soon as you start giving them human food scraps they'll start helping themselves whenever they get the chance.

No. 1995277

oh my god kekkk

No. 1995279

File: 1715183678968.gif (893.85 KB, 155x275, 20240508_085324.gif)

Fat and ugly.

No. 1995282

he looks kind of like Nathan but with shaggy hair

No. 1995283

He looks like he’s pushing 40, these are the moids nonas cry about in the vent thread kek

No. 1995284

The double chin gags

No. 1995285

You just know that ugly scruffy beard was stabbing her face whenever they’d make out

No. 1995286

I'm attracted to men's bodies and faces, but their personalities are always so repulsive. Even if I meet a man who seems to have decent emotional intelligence, he's still stunted and autistic/retarded in some major way. Emotionally and intellectually, men are not on my level. Even if I date a man who is educated, has a good job, has a lot of friends, it still feels like he's missing something essential, something human, and that I would be lowering myself to be with him. I'm beginning to understand why some people are into husbandos.

No. 1995287

File: 1715183939514.jpg (94.3 KB, 768x1024, 1000027777.jpg)

Dano bf. Never 4get.

No. 1995288

Nonnie was really pretty too, idk why nonnas subject themselves

No. 1995291

These are really the men nonnies nigel about, fuck me kek

No. 1995292

KEK this one never fails to crack me up

No. 1995295

Why do you call your shitty bf's Nigel, isn't that acronym supposed to mean they're "good"??

No. 1995296

This is why it's so funny when Nigel havers try shitting on single/virgin anons. Like girl you didn't win anything look at him

No. 1995299

That bitch was retarded, and it was months ago

No. 1995302

Ew, JUST had a moid say "hi my pretty little butterfly" to me at work, the fuck?

No. 1995303

What happened? Why did she even post of a gif her of and her bf

No. 1995305

I think she came back after saying she was in psychosis lmao, she was either nigelling over her bf or having problems with him but she wanted nonnies opinions and then they broke up shortly after posting kek

No. 1995307

good for her

No. 1995309

If thats actually a farmer she looks cute, I love blonde curly hair

No. 1995312

What the fuck.

No. 1995315

Guys it's fabricated, I was just bored

No. 1995318


LMAO now I pictured that guy saying that

No. 1995327

I work with men and honestly I am so scared of all of them all the time. They're all gross and nasty and talk about how they cheat on their wives and couldn't care less if they left or died. I hear the worst of it. I hate men.

No. 1995332

My nose keeps bleeding.

No. 1995333

report him kidding. unless?
every farmer deserves better than any of these moids. seriously if we all knew each other irl none of us would be in these fucked situations I swear.
also I'm only here cause nigel knows "you need your levity" aka doing anything remotely feminine aka enjoying omg fashun the julia fox show. he chucked a shitfit calling me manhating cause I've listened to her audiobook like 4 times now and watching all her interviews. she speaks actively about the warmth of female friendship and the beauty in the women she knows when every man has failed her. interesting.
he can stay up all night when I have work the next day but if he goes to bed he wheedles at me until I come too. to what, be used as a fleshlight? last time we drunk fucked I said "my pleasure matters too" and it's like he hasn't been the same since
my levity is not being a fucking girlfriend for two seconds, cleaning and cooking and paying rent when he gets mad at me when HE smashes one of MY pretty pink glasses cause I left it too close to the counter edge and he's "too clumsy" and I need to be "more aware" like it's my fault he broke my shit. next day I find my rice cooker with weeks-old rotten rice in it and make him throw the whole thing out cause he ruined it. my pretty pink rice cooker I coveted and saved for is ruined in the rain now and he hasn't replaced it. but it's my fault.

No. 1995337

She kept attention whoring across threads on /ot/ about him. She would ask us for advice and complain about him, but she just wanted to be an annoying sperg about her cringe bf. Here is one of the posts >>1667205

No. 1995349

File: 1715185288192.jpg (80.27 KB, 720x276, Screenshot_20240508_092014_Chr…)

She sounds manic lool, what a nonna. Thanks kek

No. 1995367

I've been depressed before but it's never been to this extent, dear god get me out of this mess just somehow. I'm absolutely dreading tomorrow, I have a family thing but I can barely contain my own tears and I'll just be a wet blanket but I don't want to be that person who just doesn't show up. Hope I can have an excuse to leave early, I really just want one day to myself to just not be around people and give myself time to get over this. I can't sleep, can't eat, can't smile I just want to be anywhere but here.

No. 1995378

Her posts across that thread are a riot

No. 1995384

You've put it into words, nonna. I genuinely feel like men are less human than women are. Not inherently, necessarily, I think a boy could be raised to be fully "human" in a perfect (matriarchal) society. But as of right now, they feel closer to chimpanzees than we are. Misogyny truly is complete projection. I think men know deep down that they aren't as human as us and are jealous.

No. 1995393

I know this is gonna sound vain as fuck but I wish people would stop hitting on me all the time. No matter if I am at work or walking,I am always hit on. I have resorted to wearing baggy clothes and I am still hit on. I wish this was not the case. I am paranoid and too anxious to leave my house and even instacart my groceries because of it. Men offer me snacks and candies sometimes too but I won't eat it because I'm afraid of being drugged. Taxis and ubers scare me too. I live in fear.

No. 1995394

File: 1715186501542.jpeg (32.04 KB, 604x604, IMG_4338.jpeg)

Had to go to harassment leadership training for my new job today and answer all the questions about pronouns/gender identity correctly. Even read a situation about a TIM in the workplace and pretend that I would totally respect his valid identity uwu Kill me. Please god let this mess end before I make it to an official HR position.

No. 1995395

Harassment training over some pronouns kek, what is this world coming to

No. 1995406

Not to sound obvious but what's your body language like? Your expression? If your body language is meek and prey-like that seems to attract creeps more. Carrying myself like a man and keeping an irritated scowl on my face helps. Making myself unattractive didn't work but making myself unapproachable did.

No. 1995410

I am such an alcoholic and I know I won’t stop until I finish this box of wine, I hate when I drink everyday for a week straight (at least, it’ll probably be like two weeks straight since I have plans all weekend ahhhhh)

No. 1995413

What the fuck, that's so infuriating

No. 1995415

Meanwhile a lot of women still get sexually harassed every day at work

No. 1995420

Is it an alcoholic thing to drink until you can't stop? Because if so, same. I can't touch alcohol because of it. So I don't drink.

No. 1995445

>get a date with a cute girl
>she seems kinda spacy lots of typos
>asks me to go to the park today
>last minute asks me to pick her up
>say yes
>hour later says she's there with her friend having a picnic and to join them
Um, no. We are adult women meet me one on one I think you can fucking handle it. Maybe she's a druggie either way losing her number

No. 1995451

I’m really good about pacing myself so I never have more than 5 drinks in a day if I’m drinking literally all day (like on a trip) but I will just have 1-4 drinks every night for weeks on end very casually. Idk I feel weird about claiming the label of alcoholic because I have friends that are way worse than me, like 10+ drinks every day, throwing up most weekends, it interferes with their jobs, etc. so I’m nowhere near that level, but I know I have very very little self control.

No. 1995453

First corporate job huh?

No. 1995462

So I am a woman in my mind twenties, but I still do things for my parents from time to time. My Dad just told me to do a whole bunch of things that is literally the EXACT opposite of of what my Mom told me to do. I can't tell if they are secretly fighting or what. Anyways, I think in this case, in order to avoid getting on trouble with them, I shall just do nothing.
Ahhhh… They're still playing this stupid game, even at this age…

No. 1995470

Samefag. They fucked off last night but are back this morning. It's close enough to shake my house on some of its rotations. I don't know what the fuck they're doing, I just want them to stop. The constant aircraft noises and house shaking set off my PTSD so bad that I had to leave the house yesterday and was shaking most of last night. I'm gonna have to do it today too because the damn helicopter is shaking the house and I don't want to be a shivering sadbitch all night again.

No. 1995471

This is a peeve of mine but I get it lol “nigel” is so good because it’s layered. A male that is perceived as great by the woman but is still objectively an average moid. So it could be argued as correct usage.

No. 1995487

dump the alcohol in the toilet
youll ge tbad illnesses later and youll die early if you dont

No. 1995508

My best friend has started dating a 40 yr old cocaine addict and hasn't talked to me in a month except to update me about when she is doing coke with him. I feel so heartbroken and betrayed but also worried for her.

No. 1995512

This is going to sound so retarded but it feels like only anachan girls/women are taken seriosuly when it comes to "quirky" art and if you're a chub or even normal weight nobody gives a shit about it. Feels like I have to starve myself for people to look at - not me - but my art.

Similarly tho only fat girls are allowed to be funny, as soon as they lose weight they're just "annoying" even though they're acting exactly the same. It's like there are these stupid stereotype people adhere to without even knowing

No. 1995513

Losing your friends to coke sucks ass, I know what you're feeling nonnie. I lost my bestie to a coke addiction. So sad.

No. 1995516

My other coworker is annoying the fuck out of me.

No. 1995520

Sorry you might not want to hear this, but it really could be that your art just isn’t that good right now. Lots of artists do well without ever revealing their face or even disclosing their gender. This sounds like a cope.

No. 1995537

Migrant africans in the UK.

I'm just sick of the creepy men always gawking and they're everywhere now. Either as security guards, bus drivers etc. And they all seem to have school of kids. I'm getting on buses where I live in Manchester and there's just tons of African women with a heap of kids. All the women have big arses and wigs on which need burning.

And their arses stick out - it must be like fucking a bouncy castle.(racebait)

No. 1995551

Nta but my friends got heavy into coke last summer and it’s really scary to see someone in the span of the year go from doing coke on the weekends with their friends, to doing it on weeknights and calling off of work the day afterwards, to getting off coke for a week just to go visit their parents to show them they’re “off” drugs. Thankfully they started testing it and rn haven’t done coke in a few weeks so I’m really hoping that era is over.

No. 1995583

File: 1715196942304.gif (472.48 KB, 498x278, 8484737.gif)

I've been trying to read up on cannibals more and why it's wrong, but I keep going in circles. It just says that you can get kuru, which is a prion disease, when I try to find more about prion disease, it's stated that it's found mostly in the brain but has been found in sheep muscle meat.
Not much else. My autism isn't satisfied.

No. 1995592

Why do I keep falling in love with women that are a) straight b) religious on top of that. Why does my brain have to do this shit to me. Not only would my feelings be unreciprocated if I confessed but my crush would despise me, hate me. Every time she starts talking about her bf it's like I get stabbed right in the heart. The happiness I feel when I see her, talk to her, hear her voice is unparalleled but I know for a fact this would all disappear if she found out about my feelings for her. Don't know if that would be for the better or for worse. It's suffering either way.

No. 1995639

File: 1715200147202.png (710.39 KB, 640x547, IMG_4163.png)

Sending you good and strong thoughts. I can’t imagine the long term struggle this will be but I do somewhat know that feeling; my dad was in a horrible head on collision earlier this year and I remember the fear and sinking feeling in my whole body while waiting to hear from the police or hospital or anyone. The two of you will get through this even though it feels like an eternity. You are a good daughter and your dad is very lucky to have someone to worry and care this much about him this much.

No. 1995640

File: 1715200190134.png (5.99 MB, 6300x7700, 1000008036.png)

I saw men saying that the hades 2 version of hestia was a downgrade (hades 1 version)

No. 1995641

File: 1715200321957.png (1.28 MB, 716x1140, 1000008037.png)

Vs hades 2 version. Hades 2 version looks objectively better to me though. Her clothes actually resembles a forge and her hood is a hearth, meanwhile the old one is just… a red Greek skirt and some flowers? How is that better, people were acting like they made her ugly as some woke agenda

No. 1995646

File: 1715200495153.jpg (206.37 KB, 1200x800, 1000008035.jpg)

And it's not like they made her old and less fuckable to pwn the gamers there's plenty of sexy women in the game. At this point men cherry pick the ONE woman not designed for goon and get offended about woke games.

No. 1995647

I can't wait to have clear skin. I know my skin is improving and I'm trying to be patient but it's such a pain how slow acne clears.

No. 1995674

No, you quackbrained bitch. We're trying to avoid this fate and rescue other women from it. Rather, it's the ones with bfs like that who barge into the thread because we're mocking the ugly fictional scrotes that remind them of their horrific conquests.

No. 1995679

Me too. We gonna look great in the near future.

No. 1995681

Depression is making me have no enjoyment in things I used to enjoy. I don't wanna go back on SSRIs though

No. 1995682

This isn't the thread for this, but this isn't Hades 1 Hestia, this a fanart someone made 4 years ago based on the game art style. They didn't change Hestia, because she was never in the first game.

No. 1995686

Is my boyfriend a coward or am I just a karen? Greentexting for ease.
>we order something from delivery
>it’s missing one of the two items
>he won’t call the fucking store
>fine whatever we order the same item again for him
>it comes leaking and a mess and it’s not even full

No. 1995692

Your boyfriend is a little bitch who won't have your back if things ever get real fucked up and you need to get it 'right'. Like ehat the fuck? Why is he not there for you? They fucked up. THEY did. So why is he defending THEM? Fuck him. Annoying bitch ass.

No. 1995693

He’s just a coward. Or lazy. You paid twice for something and they couldnt even deliver it to you properly

No. 1995694

I'm in the same boat right now. Why no to SSRIs, though? I've been thinking about getting on them.
Kek he's such a coward. I'm sorry you have to deal with him.

No. 1995695

Sorry for being so annoyed but I hate the gaslighting men do to make women feel crazy, you are not a "karen" for spending your money on something and it not being to standard. Men are such bullshit. Like you shouldn't even NEED to ask if you are a karen, idfk with men anymore. Seriously. Why is it so hard to stand up for you?

No. 1995697

He’s not defending them, he’s pissed because it’s his order that keeps getting fucked BUT HE WON’T DO SHIT TO RESOLVE IT
Okay I’m glad I’m not just being a bitch. He tried to text chat with useless DoorDash support instead like what the fuck is this going to do oh my GOD

No. 1995702

Men are so fucking retarded. I am watching a youtube video on camping horror stories, but 9/10 of the time, moids put themselves in dangerous situations.
This idiot heard people walking around outside his tent hours before the sun set, but decided to stay anyway. Of course they started to harass him in the middle of the night. it's his own fault.
Moids can travel the world freely but still decide to do this

No. 1995706

I think you and your boyfriend need to be sterilized

No. 1995714

We're all gonna make it!

No. 1995716

This would really irritate me, your boyfriend is supposed to support you and defend you from bullshit like this. He might respond better if you called him a pussy.

No. 1995725

Julia Fox is a faker, she has no problem defending rapists and attended some PornHub awards show just a few months ago.

No. 1995745

You need to find yourself a man who is not afraid to speak to the manager.

No. 1995753

File: 1715206636180.jpg (10.19 KB, 275x275, 1683524521024.jpg)

Why am I embarrassed by everything I do? It is as if I feel ashamed of myself. I don't really think I'm a bad person, but I just feel shame in everything. I am embarrassed by my looks, my style, my personality, and literally every single choice I make in life as well as everything I do and say. I know that I am not confident in myself but is there any way out of this? I feel literally nothing but shame all the time.

No. 1995758

I think her updates are a hidden cry for help. It's "exciting" for her, but if she needs to consistently inform you, it sounds like her experiences come with onset fear.

No. 1995765

sometimes i feel struck with guilt when i remember i ruined my sisters life

i did it out of greed, i thought it was unfair she got to be an irresponsible money pit without suffering any consequences

but the truth is now she's going to turn 25 and being 25 she is still living like a child, being told off by my mom and stuff

i feel so bad for her when i think about it
if i was her i'd be absolutely devastated about the situation

it's not entirely my fault since yeah i'm not the one who failed her classes for her but if it wasn't for me snitchinh she'd still have some type of independence

whatever i do, i regret it
if i hadn't snitched, i'd regret being 80k short on parent money compared to her

if i snitched, i'd regret ruining her life

i try not to think about it too much and in the end i do think i made the right decision but god i feel so bad for her and she hates me too so i lost a sister

No. 1995776

didn't go for a run this morning but plan on going this evening. i couldn't have even gone since they were paving my road this morning but I'm super in a crying/helpless mood. i don't know if it is related to not running this morning. im doing everything right and somehow im sad wtf? am I getting my period?
> thinking about how me and my exclusive fwb have nothing in common aside from fun when were are together but nothing to really converse about during the week when apart
>just feeling that I have so much life still ahead of me is super draining to think about

No. 1995782

some people are just leeches and thats ok. learn to forgive yourself or no one else will. also drop the reddit spacing pls. mods will ban you for it.

No. 1995786

It's like taking so much in my power to try to set up a date with this guy I'm seeing. He's upset his work schedule doesn't really line up, only certain months he'll get weekends off, this month is not the month lol, which tbh I don't care about his work. I just want him to be excited to set up a date together as soon as possible. He's great and amazing in person, should that matter most? I asked him if we could start video calling in the mornings to make up for the days we'd be unable to see each other. I feel like I'm smothering him with wanting attention, but I'd rather be with someone who can accommodate for me.

No. 1995789

honestly it's tough because despite being here a long time I browse reddit often and whenever I come back from it I'm reddit spacing….

No. 1995791

I've had nothing but bad experiences with them. I was on and off SSRIs for most of my life starting at age 11. I hate how they're the default treatment for depression because they don't fucking work

No. 1995797

Crystal.cafe is THE female imageboard, lolcow is more centered around gossip

No. 1995803

Why do you need to type like a retard on Reddit? There’s no need for every sentence to have its own line

No. 1995805

kek I was wondering that, I've never seen anyone write like this on Reddit

No. 1995811

When you're posting on reddit, you have to space it like that, otherwise if you space it normally by just hitting enter once and then starting your new paragraph, reddit's code doesn't consider that a paragraph break. So if you hit enter only once, your shit will be one long paragraphs with no breaks once it's posted. Hitting it twice makes the code recognize the space, and so it then turns into normal paragraphs once posted.

No. 1995813

It’s mostly moids who post like that to manipulatively whine about their pathetic lives

No. 1995815

Samefag you don’t need to make each sentence about the same topic a separate paragraph, that’s the retarded part

No. 1995819

I always thought that term meant it was you who posted the first post, not that you were adding a follow up question/comment.

No. 1995824


No. 1995828

I'm so fed up with my mom. She blamed me for getting molested and told me I would go to jail for it, made me feel horribly guilty and plead for forgiveness for fucking years and now she's wondering why I'm friendless and unmotivated? I could have recovered if she didn't treat me like the perpetrator instead of the victim but she did. I brought it up numerous times but she never even acknowledged it. I don't know if she can't handle the blow to her ego or if she honestly thinks she's in the right. I'm just an inconvenience to her, nothing more.

No. 1995842

File: 1715211117176.jpg (69.86 KB, 564x752, f89c0c1df33918b83aac4521ff47c0…)

I am an avid romance reader and it really annoys me when people say romance novels are just porn and people who read them are just porn addicts like WTF. I feel like people who say that have never actually read a romance novel.

First of all, the actual explicit parts probably makes up only a few pages in the book. Majority of the book has an actual plot with characters. Women who read romance do not just want straight up erotica, they want the fluff, the banter, the silly stories, the happy ending, ect. I would argue that the smut is part of the emotional pay off.

I just think its absurd to say that it's porn addiction when you often have to read 200+ pages before the actual sex happens. Meanwhile, for real porn, it takes less than a minute for a man to pull it up on his browser and then start jacking off. Also, at least as far as I am aware, most women are not masturbating directly to romance novels. I'm not saying it never happens, but for the most part I think women will read it like any other book. Perhaps it could inspire a fantasy for later, or subliminally influence women (bdsm becoming more popular after 50 shades, for example). But they are not getting off to it the same way men are to porn and rewarding themselves with an orgasm every time.

Speaking of 50 shades, I do think that romance novels can have a negative influence, and I do think the "dark romance" genre is degenerate and cringe and I do not support it. But on the flip side, there are also plenty of romance novels with good relationships and loving sex and it annoys me that is just looked over and people still scoff at it. Idk, I just think it's frustrating when people do not consider how there can also be positive influences too.

Another point, people who complain about teens and preteens reading smutty novels need to remember that this is part of a larger problem in society. In a world were there is no longer a "tween" demographic and we have "sephoria kids" is it really surprising that even the books they are reading are mature? I'm not excusing it - it's abhorrent and there should probably be a rating system or something - but I do think the root of the issue extends beyond the marketing, the publisher, and the author. Children always try to mimic adults who they think are cool. So long as adults on tiktok keep talking and recommending books, these children will be influenced to buy and consume them. Personally, I think it's their parents fault for not vetting the shit they see online and the books they read.

I could go on, but i'll stop here.

No. 1995858

Not particularly a vent since it's nothing that happened to me personally, but it's soo insane how abusive men are usually also super charismatic. I've seen dudes who are super chill, personable and funny but they literally beat their wives and girlfriends. I even know men like this in my family. I think that's why a lot of people don't end up believing victims, because they hear it and they're just like "what? Him? He couldn't hurt a fly!"

No. 1995859

>But on the flip side, there are also plenty of romance novels with good relationships and loving sex and it annoys me that is just looked over and people still scoff at it
Thing is, is that the ones with good, non-abusive romances don't become super popular/mainstream and aren't getting big million dollar movies the same way 50 shades did.

No. 1995862

File: 1715211875833.gif (305.13 KB, 498x336, spongebob-coffee.gif)

I'm not near the "Midlife crisis" age range (typically 45 to 64 years old), but I feel I'm having one the more I realize I'll be 40 next year.

No. 1995864

I fuckinn hate myself rn for responding to him and letting him get to comfortable and make me feel warm inside again. I hate him and wish he’d get std’s with the other hoes he’s seeing all over his Instagram following

No. 1995889

I know. It sucks. I wish things were different and degeneracy didn't run rampant and ruin everything.

No. 1995931

File: 1715215565090.jpg (41.35 KB, 750x655, 545645.jpg)

I've struggled with my mental health before, but just when I thought I'd finally "grown out" of it in my mid-20s, I've started having bouts of mania. They last a couple days but I'm louder and happier, and also much easier to piss off and much easier to make cry than normal. Basically, all my emotions are heightened and I just generally act like an annoying piece of shit. Followed by two days where I can't get out of bed. I've never had ups and downs like this, especially when there's nothing I can pinpoint to causing it.

I'm very frustrated because I have no idea why this is happening, if it's even mania, or how to get help. It's making me rethink my career advances, since I know any stress will make it worse, and it's making me even more hesitant to start dating again.

No. 1995939

File: 1715216027046.gif (255.71 KB, 220x265, alice-in.gif)

>want to buy new bullet vibe
>still living at home
>terrified mom will open my package and see my shit
she hasn't opened the last few packages (ipad and headphones respectively) but i really don't want to take a chance…but i really want a new vibe too, the motor in my current one feels 'off'. it's still good but it's not as rumbly as it should be

No. 1995947

Do you live by a walgreens? Their sex toys are pretty okay. I use the little purple bullet vibe and it does the job and has like 6 settings too.

No. 1995950

are you in the US? use amazon lockers, i use it for what i don't want parents to know. i throw out the packaging there and smuggle my stuff in my purse.

No. 1995959

File: 1715217074782.jpg (95.28 KB, 736x706, 29631ead4e0909a1b8812ab68e5f9d…)

Hornyvent incoming
I have been wanting sex so badly for like the past week. It has truly been a struggle. I'm single and have been single for a LONG while, but I can't do hook-up culture because I don't trust men to be attentive, clean, or perform well so fuck that. Plus, idk if anyone feels the same way but I can't feel comfortable or derive pleasure from sex if it's not a loving relationship; the love and trust is what makes sex have more than physical value for me. No judgement to anyone else, that's just the way I'm built. Anyway, I'm so frustrated that men have (rightfully) earned the reputation of being absolute slob monsters and narcissists 'cause if they weren't maybe I WOULD be more open to a hook-up. But nah. I lament that I'm physically frustrated but it truly is better to be single and unbothered in the long run. And it sucks that I'm in a gendieland university area too, because I prefer women over men but the pickings here truly are slim. I sincerely don't think there is any women-attracted woman here that isn't a fake qweer, a tranny, or a themby. One of my supervisors is a wonderful charming butch and she is a themby, too (and taken, lol). WHY. I can't even find a cute woman to trust (and grind on!)!!! Hell truly is a place on earth.

No. 1995961

File: 1715217106097.jpg (143.33 KB, 1080x1380, 20240413_211829.jpg)

Finally broke down at work like my colleagues have. Time to find another job, wish me luck nonas!

No. 1995967

not brave enough to buy one in public kek

i wish i could, but i can't drive and an amazon locker isn't within walking distance. i briefly considered just sending it to my office's mail room, kek, i don't know if i could have personal stuff delivered there though

No. 1995974

How expensive would it be to get an uber to pick it up from an amazon locker?

No. 1995982

It really stings to think that I will probably have to drop out of my hobby degree. I created fantastic pieces about crime and violence because I was truly enthusiastic about this. The practice hours for my primary degree will conflict with my classes. I can't just scoot by taking easy classes no more.

No. 1995998

Can't you send it to a friend that lives near you, so you can pick out from there?

No. 1996004

Society or the media or patriarchy or whomever the fuck bastardised sex is so fucking gay and annoying. Sex doesn't have to be dirty extreme filthy x rated and voyeuristic. That shit would put anyone off from the experience. Why does the love making act have to be lowered to violence and extremes being the aspiration. When did love making stop being about love? I'm genuinely asking. I feel like American pie for its time tried it's best to show some healthy teenage relationships exploring sexuality with Kevin and tori and chris and Heather. But like when did the devolving properly happen? From what's left of the music channels they play old videos half the shit that comes out now wouldn't get past the certification for day time viewing. Like you can have orgasms and not be deranged. No wonder there's boys that perpetuate the whole practice girl trope, like practice for who and whst occasion when is the big fucking show who's it for? Does this make sense

No. 1996005

I agree except
>When did love making stop being about love?
Modern conceptions of love have been short-lived. For most of human history, sex was about control over resources (a woman's body), political/financial gain, and procreation. Not love

No. 1996007

Exactly this lmao. Men only started peddling love the past 3 centuries and that was created as a way to help lesser men (outcasts, abusers, jobless) get women.

No. 1996008

Then perhaps it's romantics I yearn for and the rest of the bastards are over compensating due to some insecurities about some porny shit they've been exposed too. Getting unwanted sexual attention is my biggest pet peeve tbh, the fact people crave it and not the intimacy disgusts me and I like to think I have a healthy attitude to sex. I feel agile and flexible making love but no need for exhibitionism, to me that takes me out of the moment. A narcissistic probably enjoys it though, perhaps if you have lower standards for who you fuck you have to get horny for yourself.

No. 1996009

There's romance stories from antiquity

No. 1996011

Anon you know exactly what i meant, dont move the goal posts.

Love as a abstract became solidified during the late middle ages.
Romance or romance stories did not boom until recently and most romance is also created by women (most known authors of the past and present of that genre have been women) Im sure you can find some anecdote of some male author too that writes romance or some ancient stuff but it doesnt change that it became a thing recently.

No. 1996012

There are, but courtly love from medieval romances (about knights and their adventures, not to be confused with the modern connotation of "romance"), for instance, is quite different from contemporary depictions of romantic love. And even if it existed as an idea in literature, "love marriages" were not the norm culturally

No. 1996013

What fucking goalposts you gay bastard are me and you about to sort out sex and love tonight. Stfu.

Love has been a concept for a very long time it's in every religion. Maybe marriage and choosing your own partner hasn't been around as long as the concept of romantic love. I'm sure society in itself isn't much different in that the undesirables pay to fuck the less fortunate.

No. 1996018

>Love has been a concept for a very long time it's in every religion.

Yes but i was referring to the type of love which is romantic i thought that was obvious based on the convo topic.
There were romance stories but they are different compared to recent ones that are about unconditional men + women love >>1996012

Alot of romance material from even 3 centuries ago is so bad and cringy so i can only imagine how worse it is the older it gets. (Speaking from experience as someone who read older poetry and stories about romance)

No. 1996023

I started the convo. I specifically asked when did sex get bastardised to the extremes we see today were porn tropes are practically mainstream and the expectation of the carry on women are expected to perform in the bedroom. You telling me peasants tilling the field were as porn sick as the scrotes of today? Idk why the fuck you're stuck in a few centuries ago where you alive then? I mentioned a film from the 2000s, I'm asking when society tipped the fucking scales to the mess we see now.

No. 1996028

You’re looking at this from the wrong side. This happened whenever “society” made male sexuality an insatiable, ever escalating, bottomless pit. So probably around the time the male sex evolved.

No. 1996034

That isn’t true at all. Romantic love is involved in many myths, folklore and fairytales in cultures around the world. There are myths from Ancient Greece involving romantic love which are still well known today.

No. 1996035

Y chrom cannot reshuffle its genes, literally degenerating and dysgenic

No. 1996039

The scales were never tipped instead they were revealed. In the past there were perverted men too the only difference was that they would hide it but still commit those acts and then blame somebody else for it (she seduced me, it was the devil..).

Churches back then used to engage in literal sexual human traficking. And no im not even making that up you can look it up how the catholic church used to have brothels and force women into those brothels.
Men were always porn-sick

No. 1996041

NTA, even if the idea of "romantic love" has existed since antiquity, the OP was talking about sex no longer being about "making love." I'm >>1996005 for context. I think sex, especially in antiquity, was quite far removed from the concept of love

No. 1996042

I was talking about the male evolutionary niche, which evolved as we split into two sexes.

No. 1996045

Yeah and it's funny that anons used greece as a example too when we all know in what a raunchy vulgar way ancient greece used to depict sexual acts.

No. 1996049

True kek

No. 1996051

What side should I be looking at? I already blamed the patriarchy in the OP. Now women after a few decades of gaining equal ground are being memed into being "sexually liberated", whoring yourself out as not degrading, icons like Kylie Jenner and the entire trope of teehee cosmetic surgery is nbd but I don't trust doctors. Society has also pretty much stuck up their finger at being kid friendly, the shit my 5 year old niece comes out shocks me she's already in her bi phases ffs.

Just it's bizarre these days. I feel like incels fear sex that's why they can never just find some willing girl that's been memed into believing being sexually desired is the be all end all it trumps romantic love. There's not enough believers in it. Incel rampages are an overreaction to anxiety performance. They cut straight to guaranteed extreme violence. There's some men I know that lament about not having relationships and have apparently paid for sex which is so gross but then I would never introduce them to a friend. I don't think any woman should have to settle for a scumbag. I guess there's always going to be groups of society I'm going to be revolted by but I feel like something happened. Society broke again and devolved. We couldn't handle free access to data and there's far too many sad pathetic men online for me to contemplate

No. 1996056

But the person I responded to said that romance has only been peddled for the past few hundred years, which I’m saying is objectively untrue. Romantic love has been part of stories for as long as we have records of them existing.

No. 1996060

Nta but someone needs to say love is a pair bonding thing as far as current established science suggests and is old as fuck mate

No. 1996066

Ayrt, that's fair. However, I do think what we consider romantic love to be, and everything that it encompasses, has changed dramatically in modern times
I don't think anyone is arguing against this

No. 1996067

>it got worse after 1800's
Yes i agree it slowly started during modernism and then it got so much worse during post-modernism. If any anons want to read about that i suggest it, there is alot of things to read about the post-modern movements involvement in pro-pedo stuff and the psychologists involved. Many psychologists during that time were very sick twisted men who hurt children.

No. 1996068

You’re looking at it from “patriarchy made men this way”. I’m asking how this “patriarchy” managed to affect all men in every country, time period and culture. From my perspective, men are like this because of their reproductive role, and have basically always been the same. All that changes is whether we can get away from them. It’s also an amoral strategy, they’re not evil on purpose, it’s just what guarantees the largest probability of reproductive success (which to them is literally more important than being alive).
You are right that women are being memed into things that empower no woman ever under the guise of liberation. Pretty much every society that gave women some degree of freedom did this at the cost of making them more sexually available to try to stymie the wound. (It never works because this deficiency quote literally by design cannot be addressed).
Tldr moids are moids because they’re moids. Not
patriarchy/porn/socialisation/capitalism/agriculture/mommy being too mean.

No. 1996071

There's been a local pedophile exposed near me and it's actually shocking how handsome he is for a near 50 year old. I'm talking classic Hollywood and to think he wanted to fuck kids. He was targeting single moms on dating apps. Like. That's a mind fuck what fucking way does your brain have to be wired to want to do that? It has to absolutely have something to do with power and its just such a foreign concept to me to want to have sex in such a violent and physically agonising way. Like as a grown woman a penis can sometimes hurt me, that's every time for a child. I am disgusted even typing that and can imagine some scrote lurker actually getting excited and that sickens me. How can all people not yearn for the pinnacle of romantic love between two consenting adults. Genuinely. Like sorry for being a romantic but to me a wasted life is to not experience and keep love. Sorry if that's not you but keep your filth behind closed doors, we get it, no one loves you

No. 1996073

You seem out of touch with reality. Yes we do live in a porn-sick society but when your examples are kylie jenner or kids with unrestricted internet access such as your neice then it's tone deaf. You could habe found better examples.

Also i don't know if you know but incels have always existed, the only difference is that back then they didn't have a term for it. I remember stumbling upon a site that indexed all homicides caused by incels and they have existed for a very long time.

No. 1996075

Try thinking of it from the perspective of a creature that evolved to have a zero sum game mindset and defer to those it perceives as above it and spit on those it perceives as below it.

No. 1996076

So the romantic moids are unicorns

No. 1996078

Yes. So do you know that out of 300 chinese emperors only one chose to stay loyal to his wife?

No. 1996081

I think you’re very silly if your idea of winning is getting “romantic love” from a moid.

No. 1996083

Seeing the "girl greets husband at door every day" video and people's reactions to it reminded me that 99% of straight ppl are into maledom. Including all the bimbo lolita/daddy stuff. I feel like I've spent my whole life in an online bubble where it hasn't been a case and become totally out of touch with what normal people think.

No. 1996084

Wtf are you talking about. My examples are real life examples not unique to my experiences. Kids are exposes extremely early to sexual concepts these days compared to recent decades idk how many times I have to mention idgaf about centuries before. I'm aware men are thought of as simple minded here but there are actual men in the world that believe in the same concepts as me even if they are sparse. Men have and do seek romance and not just sex as well.

I've been molested as a minor like I'm aware about all the common talking points being spouted at me but society wasn't so exhibitionist and porny in the last 3 decades as these days. Like people keep saying shit like the scales haven't tipped they've been revealed, therefore it has had a lid on it. The lack of shame in what soke women wear these days is an eyesore and just shows a lack of self respect. Why objectify and debase yourself voluntarily at any moment. The attention seeking behaviour of society and thirst traps male and female. It's just so ugly tbh

No. 1996087

I'd have to love him too

No. 1996092

that was really cringe to me. i'm sure they're both happy as hell but seeing a woman bounce on her heels like a little dog for some scrote just annoyed me

No. 1996097

yeah it was her childish mannerism that made it very cringe to me. definitely lolita fantasy vibes.

No. 1996100

Moids only see romantic love as a guarantee to sex

No. 1996101

Better for him to romance me and play the part than have the mindset of Andrew tate and try and imitate some porn he's watched

No. 1996103

>Men have and do seek romance as well

I can't take this seriously and i know deep down you don't believe this either.

Men being superficially infatuated with a woman short-term is the only thing close to romance for moids and even that's not actual romance.

No. 1996108

Then it's I who feels sad for you.

No. 1996109

Bitches don't know about JRR Tolkein. Wrote an entire insert for his wife and made her the most beautiful elf in existence and his entire life was bound to serving her.

No. 1996110

I'm fact let's take two fantasy writes right now as a case study. Tolkien and fatty GRR Martin. One can write romance, one writes erotica featuring pedophilia

No. 1996112

That just delays the porn imitation for a few months.

No. 1996116

I've had one guy ask about anal maybe 2 years into it and I denied him. Sorry that's been your experience

No. 1996117

The virgin GRR Martin vs. the chad JRR Tolkien. Somenonny please make a chart for this.

No. 1996118

Idk why you’re being snarky, trying to find le perfect romantic unicorn isn’t really a meaningful solution to the male problem. You’re not getting anything out of it aside from intangible mental comfort. If you really want their behavior to improve you remove them from society and make sure no woman can be materially impacted by their whims.

No. 1996119

At this point it feels like you are trying to moreso to convince yourself that men seek romance and "porn-culture and these sluuuts" ruined men.

You are basically going "not all men" at this point. I know you saw my previous reply where i asked you how do you feel about how only one out of 300 chinese emperors chose to be loyal to his wife and treat her like a human being.
This is what i mean, you can find the minority instances where some men were into romance but that will not change the fact that the majority of men view romance and relationships much difgerently than you and have since the beginning of humanitiy.

Let anon be delusional, i actually relate to her becauae i used to be just like her. I used to be romantic obssesed so i know why they are being so delusional and coping since i did that too.

No. 1996123

What’s funny is you can look in any time period in history and find records of men whining about how the women are all dressing like loose sluts nowadays.

No. 1996128

No I'm asking when did the concept of making love becoming abstract and sex with violence became mainstream to the point sex culture is mainstream and even children are picking up on terms and ideas far too early.

This isn't unique to men is my point which is why its fucking annoying it gets reduced to a Reddit tier discussion of well actually in history wah. There is a society phenomenon where sexual exhibitionism is becoming more and more common place and no longer a private thing between two consenting adults. It's no longer a private intimate act. It's now a public declaration of "look at me I'm sexy! S-e-x-y!" Like what's the sexual currency being spent on? who gives a fuck. Like apparently its a naive and cringe concept to want mutual love and respect yet people are chasing sex and somehow that's less cringe. Stis and risk of violence, but wait violence is sexy

No. 1996132

This is because they view their whole self-worth only through the lenses of romantic love with a moid that's why they cling to it so much. I call this the "romance indoctrination" and it happens to women since they are children where they are the main targets by the media and everyone around them to see romance as the ultimate be-all achievement, as something needed, something unconditional, that a moids love is more important and higher than self-preservation, self-love, relationships with family or friends, achievements, money etc.

Love has been a tool used for ages to force women into accepting abuse and the bare minimum. There is a term for.it called "ride or die" and that's encouraged for a woman t be ride or die for a man, especially in the black community, but thankfully there are women waking up in the black community and not repeating the same mistakes that there 'ride or die' mothers made.

No. 1996137

And stis are dirty, but sex is dirty. Do you get what I mean? The concept of filthy dirty love is bombarded at us these days there seems to be zero romance specifically these days unless I'm not watching enough Netflix I have no idea! The over sexualised behaviour of people is absolutely cringe and desperate to me moreso than the desperate idea of finding romantic love and intimacy with one person. Obviously shit happens I broke off an engagement before and not for sexual reasons. I can hand on heart say that man never debased me in the bedroom and we definitely had exciting times but we never subjected anyone to them and neither performed any attention seeking behaviour towards any other potential romantic partners. No infidentlity. There are other reasons relationships do not work out. However the topic is sex and idk. There's something extremely off putting with the vulgarity of sex in the media today and in society in general. I feel sorry for anyone dating currently I was single a few years and it was fucking rough how men spoke to you and yet there's women that let them get further than talking. It's a fucking crisis and it's getting more accepted. The amount of people that downplay kinkshaming and that a person should be upfront and majority these people are undesirable as fuck and I doubt they've done half the shit they've claimed. It's a dick swinging contest for some fucking reason but relationships are cringe

No. 1996139

Licentiousness has been found ubiquitously throughout history (though kept underground for the most part), but nowadays, with pornography and the way pop culture and social media have become permeated with it, it's inescapable and bleeds into our interpersonal relations.

No. 1996141

I'm successful and able to be independent. I've been in a relationship these past two years and we both maintain our own homes. I work in stem. It's nice I can work in something I'm interested in and afford shelter but realistically I don't have the connections or means to do anything massive with my life. I contribute. I didn't need a man by my side to her established but I want a romantic partner and that makes me a point of ridicule. Do you see how fucked that is

No. 1996142

I think finding love is like winning the lottery at this point.

No. 1996145

You want sex without the actual sex and that's why you are confused. If you want to consume romance you can easily find that in the media and especially in novels or shoujo. But for some reason you want to watch people have sex without it looking too "sexual and graphic".

There is a abundance of sweet romance that you can find anon but for some reason you look at smut and then conplain about that smut… ? Thats what im getting from your posts, you are confused and you are making me and other anons confused.
Just go look for fluffy stories where there is implied smut instead of the actual smut.

Also i wont get into the "romantic partner" part of your statement since i already said that men will mever view relationships and romance the same way that women do and that men view women who are hopeless romantics as being suckers.

No. 1996148

Where are you getting I want to watch others engage in sex? I'm horrified that once something generally thought as intimate and private is bastardised to the fast and easy sex culture we see today. We've even got transvestites recognised as normal and you can be born in the wrong body, your fetish is totally valid of course you should have been born a hot bimbo what was God thinking

No. 1996151

You literally started this whole discussion by saying how the media doesnt portray love making (which is sex) anymore and instead now its all graphic and violent and then you gave a example of some show/movie where you thought love-making,sex was portrayed in a good way.

At this point i think you are baiting especially with the random troon mentions.

No. 1996157

How's it a random mention the discussion wasn't about me getting upset at films, it's all forms of content there's a shift where aexual exhibitionism is more mainstream and the concept of making love has become cringe. Romantic love is cringe. Sex has to be extreme. Normies discuss kinks. People revolve their life around sex but the idea of a fulfilling relationship seems so far removed the idea is constantly ridiculed

No. 1996186

Having high myopia makes me want to kms

No. 1996233

File: 1715237833329.jpeg (92.58 KB, 1169x429, IMG_6998.jpeg)

Taylor Swift is burning a hole in the atmosphere with her jet flying back and forth and meanwhile my phone is all “uwu let’s wait to charge until it’s less of a carbon footprint”

No. 1996234

A friend of mine is dating a guy from a really popular pop punk band. As by usual standard the guy is a complete fucking asshole. Yeah I know people will probably tell her that she can just "walk away" and all that other bs but I do feel like unless you've been in a bad abusive relationship it's easier said than done. She's currently making plans to leave now anyways and I think that's a huge step forward but I really fucking hate this guy. When they do break up I just want to tell everyone to avoid this dick head at all costs. He's based in Cali if that narrows it down (probably not but whatever lol). It's always these fucking shitty types of insecure men that can only make themselves feel better by beating on women. They're all the same type. I feel like I'd genuinely beat the living shit out of him. What a fucking pussy.

No. 1996238

Is she dating Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day? I feel like I saw videos of him drunk and coked out with college girls recently even though he’s married

No. 1996247

you mean popular pop punk as in 2000s or as the current zoomer pop punk trend? both 2000s and zoomer pop punk are abusive moids usually. i just wanna know if theyre Brand New abusive or Machine Gun Kelly abusive.

No. 1996250

i just cried on the floor for an hour cause I cant tell if everyone wants me dead or its just my bipolar disorder

No. 1996255

we want to kill you

No. 1996256


Maybe more towards MGK. He's abusive enough that he draws blood when he's physical. Also I'd say current pop punk (last decade or half a decade). My hint is Thriller, InVogue.

No. 1996257

I found notebooks I wrote ten years ago and now I want to kill myself.
Why is falling apart such an easy thing for things to do

No. 1996276

honestly makes sense I'm terrible

No. 1996279

Boo, those labels are full of literal whos. I was hoping for celebricow-worthy gossip

No. 1996285

it's honestly scary
i saw in some youtube video that they are trying to make the electricity market an hourly market for consumer : https://www.epexspot.com/en/news/30-minute-continuous-intraday-trading-successfully-launched-france-germany-and-switzerland
basically instead of making the electricity production adequate to the consumption (thus making surplus managing the responsibility of electricity sellers), they want to let the electricity be produced however and have the consumer decide to buy it or not, at the market price
i don't know how to explain this more clearly without making it a huge block of text but it's so dystopian.
anyways, i hate this! ^^(^^)

No. 1996302

I fucking can't stand traumacore people. I don't mind when people are a little raw for a moment and present some difficult stuff they're going through, but I'm in this discord server with a girl who keeps fucking trauma dumping in the general chat. It's so obvious when people are over dramatizing their problems and adding some fabrication though. And when they do it in a way where it's less about seeking help and more about wanting the attention on themselves, cause their fucking sperg out ALWAYS has to be the center of attention you can't even have a conversation around it. Just so fucking annoying. I know what theyre doing but can't really call it out without coming across as a bitch. And they said something happened to them and I said "I can empathize with that, something similar happened to me" and then they start saying how actually theirs was worse and then grab 10 new things out of the closet to air out, my god SHUT UP

No. 1996363

I'm too autistic to have any friends but at the moment I want to have someone. My dad died a week ago and while I do have family, I wish I had someone that isn't grieving themselves to comfort me.

No. 1996417

I stopped being nice towards men. I've lost my patience entirely. now I just tell them to kill themselves. increase the male suicide statistic. I care about the male mental health epidemic, I want to worsen it.

No. 1996419

I’m sick of my sister thinking that she can look down on me for anything. Especially considering that she is an adult who regularly pisses herself because she’s too lazy to use the toilet.

No. 1996425

File: 1715262404150.jpg (122.75 KB, 826x871, 1651948842980.jpg)

My friend thjat I have known for the longest time has become so incredibly woke. I've had my discussions with her (like about the JK Rowling trans shit) but she gets very influenced by shit she reads online, anything other leftists think she needs to think too. I really need new friends. Sigh.

No. 1996442

File: 1715263556405.jpeg (53.12 KB, 828x636, 1710372531695.jpeg)

i'm constantly torn between being lonely while also feeling the urge to isolate myself. i used to have more friends but due to my shitty mental health and no longer using social media i dropped contact with all of them and now i'm too ashamed to talk to them again. i'd like to make new friends but i don't know how i'd go about doing that considering i'm borderline agoraphobic and have numerous health problems that make socializing difficult. i thought about making a neocities page and trying to find friends that way but idk. sometimes i wish i could be friends with nonnas on here but the anonymity is what attracts me here in the first place.

No. 1996457

Come to movie nights and tunesdays nonnie, you can make friends there! I've made close friendships with some of those anons.

No. 1996467

i was one of five women to graduate with a cs degree from my uni, and the only “poc” period. i don’t really count the few east asians/indians that were were speckled amongst all the white guys. but anyway i feel guilty for working an easy data analyst job, i feel like i should be eagerly trying to get us to space or wherever or working on something more hardcore and prestigious than “how many people bought z thing during a time period and why”

No. 1996492

File: 1715266320043.jpg (34.46 KB, 640x632, 1714340672435748.jpg)

Some annoying ass things I see on the boards in no particular order:
shut the fuck up you stupid illiterate bitch, you ruin every single fucking thread with your annoying, useless interjections
no you stupid fucking bitch it's a pronoun it's literally a pronoun used to keep a person's gender anonymous because this is an anonymous board you fucking freak, go back to crystal cafe
yes you stupid bitch because you're asking strangers on the internet
harry potter sucks and it doesn't matter if a terf wrote it, harry potter fucking sucks, it's stupid, it sucks, and it's garbage, and I'm shocked that people on this board proclaim to love it so much - I imagine it's because people here have no taste
and you're retarded, we get it, seeing people post on lolcow being hypercritical of others and then go into detail about how stupid they are on the internet is possibly the most infuriating thing I've ever seen - you stupid bitches need to focus on your own shitty life than criticize others

No. 1996494

When does this happen

No. 1996497

I can't remember seeing any HP fangirling outside of the thread in /m/. Only JKR fangirling.

No. 1996507

My cat is sleeping on the bed AGAIN but I have to change the sheets. Thankfully he sleeps 5+ hours so now I'll end up changing them at like 9pm, but I don't have the heart to move him lol

No. 1996524

A lot of the nonnies who complain about their LDR bf usually end up admitting they found each other through imageboards or discord (which overlaps with /soc/)

No. 1996525

It never happens, that's why I'm venting about it.

No. 1996531

This is who I imagine posting the most rancid vents

No. 1996536

No. 1996538

>seeing people post on lolcow being hypercritical of others and then go into detail about how stupid they are on the internet
I agree with you but I don't think these people are even frequenting cow boards.

No. 1996539

I cant stand when boomers expect waitstaff to literally suck them off or they'll leave a bad yelp review at small, family-owned restaurants, but younger generations who make those "the owner of this Greek restaurant literally screams at his wife in front of patrons. This place is so authentic and amazing!" are almost just as annoying. Why do zoomers and millenials always over correct the mistakes of their parents to an obnoxious extreme.

No. 1996542

Speaking of sourcing men from the internet whats the fucking point of suggesting a date idea only for him to say "Yes! That sounds great! The guys in my server would like that too" Motherfucker are they gonna be in the bedroom with us while we fuck too? Get off the fucking kusoapp

No. 1996544

i don't know why you think that, I read shit like that on lolcow all the time. "Shayna is fat!" meanwhile on /g/: "I am so fat anons help I'm a fat freak!". Jill thread: "Ugh what a bpd bitch!" meanwhile on /ot/: "hey anons I have bpd should I kill myself?"

No. 1996546

>assuming those anons are the same people
Anon pls

No. 1996547

In my experience he's only going to do or like whatever his retarded discord friends also like and will send photos of you to them.

No. 1996550

>assuming i'm assuming

No. 1996552

There's a lot of people who only use /ot/

No. 1996558

I don't feel that my aunt is going to survive.

No. 1996560

Yes boss I surely am looking at the document and studying it during this Teams meeting and not browsing lolcow on my second screen.

No. 1996561


NTAYRT but there's definitely a lot of overlap. Farmers tend to like cows they share common ground with. Jill's farmers are mainly weebs into j-fashion, shayna's got a bunch of sex workers and BDSM fags, etc. makes sense that farmers who have the same insecurities as cows would post in their threads. Especially for failures to thrive like shayna and Jill.

No. 1996571

The farms are fucking boring today, where is everyone

No. 1996582

Spotify has put lyrics behind the premium paywall, fuck spotify

No. 1996583

We're going to watch Eurovision on cytube, you're welcome to join

No. 1996588

I spent 6 hours scrolling today. Should I just kill myself?

No. 1996591

No but you'd feel better if you read a bit or did something else away from screens like doodling/journaling

No. 1996594

File: 1715273541453.jpg (153.81 KB, 600x826, they-dont-think-it-be-like-it-…)

Is troon shit ever gonna end? I feel like it's getting more and more ingrained in media, society and even in law. This is a huge leap backwards for women's rights, and people are cheering and clapping.
My only hope is that, in a few years, trans children realize that puberty blockers not only destroyed their bodies but also stunted their brain development (which is also something that is growing and developing during puberty), and that trannies in general stop lying to themselves and start admitting that gender affirming surgery is nothing more than butchery.
And even then, radfems and gender critical women will never be vindicated.

No. 1996596

I hope I don’t get this job. I don’t even want to live in that city anymore. But I am so worried they will offer me a lot of money and I won’t be able to turn it down. What a strange problem to have

No. 1996607

Can someone tell me why the tabletop game community is almost entirely comprised of annoying fucking gendies and alt-right types? Where do these fucking lowlives come from?

No. 1996611

I think years of self harm has officially caught up to me. If I cut my forearm I get the worlds weirdest pain and my arm goes numb. Weird scar tissue build up and nerve damage I am guessing. I am not a deep cutter then it comes to my arms. It’s always been thin and shallow shit. There’s a couple that are kinda deeper and big but not gore myself level like you see in the proana/bpd bitch threads. This isn’t even a deterrent to not do it. This is a deterrent to do it else where. As if this will not also start other places. Fuck. I wish I could quit. I’m not 12 anymore.

No. 1996620

Hate hate the youtube walking tours that put random pretty women walking by, or worse, walking in front of the camera guy in the thumbnail as clickbait. I'm annoyed because I like those videos but I wonder how many creeps watch them too

No. 1996621

Same reason as you are, gendies are of the type that mindlessly follows any low effort geek-labeled pop culture trends.

No. 1996624

File: 1715275512251.jpg (28.34 KB, 320x240, 1402462738919.jpg)

I need to get out of the carpool thing with my coworker. Ever since we have the same times at work, she invited me to join her on the way home bc she lives basically "around the corner" from my place. It's going on since last spring but ever since she sold one of the cars, her husband is now the one who drives us home and I hate it ever since. Usually there is one more coworker who is with us because she gets out of the car halfway though the ride, but when I'm alone with them I can feel that I annoy them (or especially him) with my present inside the car. It's also always like they completely ignore me until I get out and the goodbye from her is always so half-assed compared on how she communicates with me when he isn't around. They do not act that way to the other coworker as well. Then yesterday at work said female coworker said that her husband told her that my bag is the reason why everything is scratched on the seats and backside of it. I have a fabric backpack, that has like no keychains or whatever to could scratch something, but she said that I have to put the backpack inside car truck next time I drive with them and idk but I do not want to got with them anymore. All those weird vibes with him and acting annoyed with me and the statement from yesterday wants me to quit this. She is currently on vacation so I have bit time about bc I do not want to make it awkward at work since it is a very small company and everybody is super nosy (especially the other coworker who drives with us). I wish I would found a new place in a different part of the town a lot faster bc I could have avoided this carpool a lot earlier. I need a good reason to tell her to dip out of this.

No. 1996625

you can always just say “hey i want to go to work by myself from now on. thank you for driving me though” the next time you talk to her. i don’t think she’ll be offended at all nonna

No. 1996626

yeah I guess this is the way to say it but nosy coworker will be still nosy and hate her for that kek

No. 1996627

>low effort geek-labeled pop culture trends.
Nta but do you have any more examples of these trends?

No. 1996630

if you want to beat around the bush and not risk offending her maybe you could just start by telling her you have errands to run after work or are meeting up with a friend or something and will be commuting yourself because of it, and then just keep saying those things until they stop asking if youre carpooling with them?

No. 1996634

Nona she just wanted to be smug to feel better about herself i guess.

No. 1996636

This is what I thought as well, but I need to think of a lot of good reasons how to avoid her on the long run. As stated above, I'm currently apartment hunting so this could work from time to time. Being direct could work, but could make thing awkward since she tends to take things at times very personal.

No. 1996637

I don't understand why people are so concerned by troons, I'm convinced you have to be terminally online to even care about it

Like, I've seen one IRL like once or twice in my life (and I live in Paris)
How exactly are a troons a problem? Like sure they look ugly and stupid, and it would be creepy having them in your bathroom plus it's a fucking waste gender transition is reimbursed by welfare, but honestly I don't understand why they are such a big deal for people

No. 1996647

He coulda casually said that in all the times you've already rode with them. The 'passing on' of the message via wife afterwards is weird. Probably more to it but men hating on their gf or wives friends/coworkers and making shit uncomfortable is such a thing.

No. 1996649

NTA but that must be nice for you then. Where I'm from I see them daily, there's just so many. At my work, at the grocery store, in the bus, at my school. I've had to go into a public bathroom multiple times to see a troon there. If you haven't even experienced how actually scary that can be I don't think you should have an opinion about it. A lot of them are fucking 2 metres tall and macho just like any man, just in their mother's dress. Stopped going to the pool because I kept seeing fridge sized men showing their junks in the women's changing room.

No. 1996655

kek where tf do you live for troons to be so common?

No. 1996658

Because it's not just about you, frog. It's about the little girl who got molested by a troon in a bathroom, the woman who got her skull bashed in competing against a troon, the mother who got raped by her troon son, the women whose achievements were stolen by troons, the kids who had to watch their teacher wear fetish z-cup silicon breasts, the women who lost everything for daring to speak against them, the kids who get groomed in tranny discords, the girls who mutilate their bodies and then regret it, etc.(racebaiting)

No. 1996660

This is what I thought as well, especially since she told me it in a way like an adult would berate a small child that damaged something on purpose. Annoyed the hell out of me in that moment.

No. 1996663

Definitely not in France. I can tell you don't travel much if you automatically assume everywhere is like your country.

No. 1996669

Damn. I'd be irritated too with how they blamed you/your bag along with a condescending tone, as if that was the most convenient thing in the world to blame.

No. 1996670

Please dont ever bottle up your feelings. It can literally give you a heart attack or a stroke or a seizure and you'll be dead in the blink of an eye. It's better to get angry or overemotional for a few hours than to allow your emotions to harm your body

No. 1996678

>tells therapist I didn’t come to my session because I felt awful and depressed
>”im sorry that you feel bad”
>no concern about how i am depressed
>therapy is a fucking joke
>mental health help in general is a joke and idk why I bother trying to get it. It’s never helped me in the long run.

No. 1996684

There was literally a troon protest in Paris last week, not a gigantic manifestation but still enough to be obnoxious.

No. 1996688

therapy is so fake, having a diary is based

No. 1996697

Even that doesn’t help me anymore or do anything. I keep taking my meds like they are going to do anything for me. I just really give up. The last few months have been so dog shit

No. 1996701

Holy shit anon. I hope you recover quick and well.

No. 1996716

The caffeine must have given me an autism attack, because what the fuck was that? I can't believe I ever doubted my diagnosis.

No. 1996717

Update. The interview actually went well. And now I am reconsidering it. lol. I am indecisive. Idk what I want out of life.

No. 1996743

Ocd pretty bad today. Sigh. It's like almost every action I am like oh my god what have I done. I accidently said the secret phrase and now unless I say it backwards my family will be under duress. This shit is absolutely ridiculous, I know it's ridiculous, but the paranoia is real. Wish I could just turn it off

No. 1996755

I wish I could play music in the background while reading, but I end up screeching along every single time, so in the end I don't read at all because multitasking is a myth and fries your attention span reeeeee.
And no, instrumentals aren't a viable solution, I don't really like them, and I sing along to those I like, too.

No. 1996762

I'm just saying that these don't seem like very common occurences and I feel like outside of online spaces they are not that active (besides in Canada maybe)

No. 1996782

File: 1715284582871.jpg (31.84 KB, 564x577, 684d2f1c156fc4f30ed08589390f1e…)

Nonners I don't know if i just overreacted about a situation that just happened outside my house but I would appreciate any thoughts on it.

It's 8pm where I am and I just went outside to put some recycling in the bin and get my cat back indoors. A white car pulled up outside my drive as I was doing the recycling, it was a car with a man in the front driving and then another guy in the back. They pulled up just to ask me where another street was and I wasn't sure so I said "maybe left of me, but I'm not sure, sorry" and he said thanks.

Naturally this is where I expect the man to drive off and find the street but he stayed parked outside my drive for about another 10 seconds and just sat there, and then said "Have you had a nice day? Nice weather isnt it"
Bear in mind it's evening, I'm alone on the front of my property and on a quiet street and the dude hasn't driven off yet after getting his answer.
Alarm bells start going off in my head and I simply say "yeah" then quickly walk off, almost running to my garden to lock the fence, get my cat and then I go back inside.
If this was a woman asking me that I probably wouldn't think much of it, if it was my moid neighbour who I already know asking me that I wouldnt think much of it. But this was a car with two strange men inside who just lingered outside my house. I was nervous and told my bf, he stormed outside and argued with the two men and told them to fuck off , the men denied even saying anything to me.

I don't know about you nonnas but If I've ever had to ask any stranger for directions the most they get from me is a "thank you, hope you have a good day". I don't linger next to them for a bit and then try chatting to them again for fear of seeming creepy. Why can't two moids have this awareness too?
I don't even know if I'm overreacting about it either because I just naturally distrust moids I don't already know and I don't want to be around them especially if I'm alone. I got a thud and heavy feeling in my stomach as soon as he asked me that because I quickly realized how close they were to me and how they could just jump out and grab me or something and no one else was around. I feel retarded but also justified in my response and my bf's response, I don't know how to explain it.

No. 1996784

samefag sorry for the reddit spacing I posted this on my phone and didnt realize it would be have retarded spacing

No. 1996787

paragraphing is fine and not reddit spacing, epsecially when you're writing a lot of text

No. 1996798

It's true. Nobody wants to hear it because this is one of the only places that people can still rant about trans people, but it's excessive. It's psychotic. It's borderline schizophrenic. I get it's going to be concentrated in the anti-trans threads, but why do I have some crazy bitch frothing at the mouth because I used the pronoun "they", or I didn't know that a person was trans and I used the pronoun I thought was assigned to them? It's embarrassing, it's pathetic, and it's odd how so many people screeching about their free speech being impinged on only to do the same thing in the free speech website. Weird

No. 1996811

You weren't overreacting, you did the right thing asking someone else to come outside, in this case your bf. Never trust a stranger, nonnie

No. 1996812

Nonnie, what you're describing is your intuition. Always listen to it. Better to be paranoid than abducted or worse

No. 1996814

Troons are fucking weird and it's so strange to accept people mutilating themselves for some fake gender euphoria. We're even exposing children to it at elementary school for some fucking reason. Shit has went downhill so fast with the onset of all the gender politics, its embiggened every pervert all over the globe.

No. 1996821

I hate you all. But most of all, I hate myself.

No. 1996823

that's a scary situation, don't doubt your intuition.

No. 1996832

>I use they for trans people if I don't know which pronoun was assigned to them
Sorry you make it too easy, maybe it is a you problem if it rattles you this much

No. 1996835

You types are really getting too comfy and trying to take a mile of "crazy online bitches obsessed with harmless twanz" from the original "not everything is about trannies" plot kek, this is why you get those responses it's just gatekeeping

No. 1996837

Kay, see you tomorrow

No. 1996838

Anybody can translate?

No. 1996842

I woke up way too early and looked up my abuser's social media after having abstained from that for months. The sleep deprivation and traumatic memories of that are really fucking with me right now..

No. 1996843

Go back

No. 1996844

Ok nonnie try telling that to all the women who have been hurt by troons. They're probably going to spend the rest of their lives advocating against them. Just because it isn't common, it doesn't mean it isn't worth standing up against. Specially when social consensus constantly tells you the opposite.
You're also missing the big picture. The issue isn't that there are men out there dressing as women. It's that there are men hurting women, it's that society is siding with these men while abandoning women, it's that people are telling them their experiences aren't a big deal, it's that people are complaining when they talk about it. It's another form of misogyny, and if you allow it, it will just get worse. Is misogyny enough of a common occurrence for you?

No. 1996851

I just got home from travelling and I'm super sick, I wish I had someone to take care of me and cook me soup, but my fridge is empty and my cats need more litter, can't afford delivery so I gotta drag my sick ass outside and run errands.

No. 1996852

I will try… what some see as schizo tranny hate/obsession is a form of gatekeeping so the anons who say stuff like "they aren't that common", "it's not a big deal" etc come off as suspicious. The next step in that logic is "they don't even harm anyone, leave them alone!" The tranny hate here may seem like exaggeration especially to those who are lucky enough to not have any experience with them due to where they live/in their hobbies. But I think a good portion of nonnies do have to put up with troon bs every day because they live in any major US city, or like anime, and come here to vent about it so I don't mind. It's pretty much the only place on the internet where they can. I wish the threads that weren't focused on moids/troons got more activity though

No. 1996872

it's a cult, what will happen is main cult will lose more casual members but core group will become more vicious and dig their heels in.

No. 1996879

It boils down to individualistic cool girl women who think they're so chill and unbothered and want to show that by throwing other women under the bus for being "hysterics" should those women have class solidarity. They do this by writing paragraphs on how much, unlike the terminally online angry femcels here, they don't care about e.g. women binding and men redefining womanhood under law and you shouldn't either because it doesn't really affect you. All they care about is their little lives and that somehow makes their ignorance a flex on nonnies. It's just anti-feminist backlash for a particular demographic of "not like the other feminists" who are honestly too lazy to care enough about women's rights issues to be feminists but won't stop inserting that laziness like it's actually a super hot take

No. 1996888

Honestly the only super anti trans woman I've known was a perma NEET terminally online who had never encountered a tranny and I don't think many of you have either but I could be wrong

No. 1996891

I've known personally*

No. 1996895

Like seriously I'm a feminist and I think labour laws making pregnancy and motherhood difficult, or police offices being destroyed by austerity, whatever are 10x more harmful than troons on women rights but all you hear online is how scary men in a wig are
Idk kind of cringe

No. 1996899

Go look at the articles on Reduxx and see how common it actually is. You're ignorant, and you're choosing that.

No. 1996905

Capeshit especially comics, pop-science, weebshit, certain vidya games, other board and card games etc

No. 1996908

>go look at a troon hating website and see how many reasons there are to hate troons
That doesn't mean much + that's still terminally online behaviour
If you had statistics maybe I'd give you credit for saying troons are a wide scale problem

No. 1996910

Oh god, and PC building

No. 1996911

So what are you into?

No. 1996912

Rummaging through my storage cabinets, I realize I have a lot of neat mementos from my concert-going days. Some of the things I have are incredibly rare too and the musicians have either passed or haven't toured in ages. Wish I had friends who share the same taste in music as me to sperg out with about these bands… Never made any friends in those music scenes because I was too shy back then.

No. 1996916

you misread. You prove my point that you're frothing - I said I used the assumed pronoun for a person - like if I see someone with long hair, makeup, no stubble, probably filters on insta, I assume they're female. But god forbid I make that assumption, because one of you freaks will come out of the woodwork and shit up the thread with "UMMM ANON GET YOUR EYES CHECKED THAT'S A HE" like sorry I upset you retard(infighting)

No. 1996920

See, this is a reasonable response. Anons flailing about transgender people are just as, if not, more annoying than people who make gender their whole personality. It's so annoying and it ruins literally every thread with derailing about what pronouns I'm supposed to use to describe someone because anons are so OBSESSED. Sorry I didn't "clock" a person like all you self-described trans-experts can, I'm trying to focus on WHY they're a lolcow besides their gender identity.

No. 1996921

Newfag. Why are you projecting your single experience that is probably just you assuming things about her to suit your narrative on all other women here? I had a best friend for many years who transitioned and turned out to be AGP and it was a horror show, I was sexually harassed by an AGP IRL because I'm gender nonconforming and he targeted me for it badly enough I had to file a police report who bothered to follow up, my own therapist at the time defended it because therapists are taught to see TIMs as a vulnerable, pitiable class, I binded "safely" from indoctrination and have lasting medical issues from it, I know of two lesbians at different local corner shops who transitioned and then detransitioned with lasting effects like no breasts and frog voice, and this is on top of a few other experiences with the gender cult beyond whatever else women share every day about theirs online. Every woman is qualified to speak on misogyny anyway. It shouldn't bother you that women care a lot about rebranded misogyny more than the misogyny does but it sure is easier just to dismiss the whole thing with a few insults about women, isn't it

No. 1996923

The statistics are from the real world…

No. 1996924

there are no stats on that website it's just a compilation or article

No. 1996925

>keep a person's gender anonymous because this is an anonymous board
This is a woman-only board though, the only ‘people’ that would want to keep their sex a secret on here would be men. Also anons are right to shit on reddit spacing, newfags need to learn to integrate.

No. 1996926

Yeah, but what if I'm talking about ANOTHER person and not myself? That could be a man or a woman. So if I describe that person as "they" to not give a clue about their gender, that's what I want to do on an anonymous image board. But if I refer to said person as "they", there's always a chance that a pronoun-sperg will come out of nowhere and set off the troon-alarm because I used they instead of he or she

No. 1996929

Every other anon on here should be a woman too, there’s no need to be worried about assuming anybodys’ sex on here.

No. 1996932

I'm talking about people in my real life, anon. Not people on the internet. If I want to refer to people in my real life and not out myself, I like to make it as anonymous as possible. It's annoying when I'm being policed on pronouns and it has no bearing on the situation.

No. 1996933

File: 1715291130410.png (25.17 KB, 781x362, Capture.PNG)

"People who identify as women", ah yes, because it's as easy as "identifying" as one. And fck me for being an actual woman who's had to suffer through years of the usual misogyny in tech, the harassment, the bullying because I cannot opt out of my womanhood or being female! What a shame, but it's ok, the first man in a skirt that "feels like a woman", probably was the sexual harasser and misogyn, and definitely makes twice what any actual woman makes, can just swoop right in and take seats from actual women? The same men in skirts that will never be inconvenienced by periods, pregnancies, sexual harassment, bullying, the way most women do in their career, the same men that did not get overlooked for promotions? Why do they even need to be part of that event? What's even the point of your event if you are just allowing anyone with a skirt on? Come the fck on, it's high time that trans ideology be stopped and women organise. These are men, and men should not be part of any space that needs to remain uniquely centred on us. THEY ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH SPACE as is. They don't need to colonise even more space. Most women hate what people like you are doing, and are too scared to speak up because we know we will be bullied/attacked. Why is every event, organisation, sports etc, why are women in these places letting men walk all over us? I'm so tired of seeing this seriously. Fuck them big time.

No. 1996935

File: 1715291236271.jpeg (159.62 KB, 640x640, ab6761610000e5eb43633ee607e147…)

I like the bladee album

No. 1996940

>Yeah, who wants uggos in the women's bathroom amirite? But it's not that bad, annoying feminazi bitches
>Now prove men skinwalking and assaulting women is a problem. No, not with a women's website, women using the internet is terminally online NEET behavior
Women will always vent about our problems with each other so integrate or fuck off

No. 1996943

My sister is the most peak gen z attention seeking person on earth and it drives me insane. She thinks having bisexual friends means she knows everything about gay people and trans people, and that she’s basically lgbt even though she’s straight. Like her saying cunt and fruity makes me want to scream. I’m gen z too but I’m older and in my mid 20’s. I literally need to stop looking at her insta posts since that’s where she behaves the most annoyingly and it makes me so mad

No. 1996944

What do you want stats for

No. 1996945

If mentioning someones sex in your post is enough to reveal your real identity, just don’t make the post at all. Use some intelligence.

No. 1996947

It sucked ass

No. 1996950

is this bait or are you low iq

No. 1996951

which is your fav album

No. 1996952

I'm asking you what specifically you want the stats on so I can get them for you but nevermind, bait away

No. 1996953

Oh sorry
Well I don't know the amount of tranny sex offenses or the amount of welfare money spent

No. 1996954

Why, when I could just use a general pronoun without having swarths of psychopaths correct me?

No. 1996957

I miss when trannies and moids were actually uncomfortable and cautious of posting here. Moderation choices really fucked with the vibe.

No. 1996958

Eversince and 333 are good

No. 1996959

They were always here shitting up the place

No. 1996960

You speak like a virgin teenage boy who just discovered he can condescend women on the internet and the anon is right you're making up your own problems to have an excuse to drag this on(infighting/baiting)

No. 1996962

it's the vent thread you stupid bitch. I'm sorry that you're on the most condescending female-only board on the internet.(infighting)

No. 1996964

Not with that amount of confidence and entitlement. The one here is at it for 5 hours now.

No. 1996965

It's really funny how everyone who irritates you is a man.

No. 1996966

it's summer break and i can't find a job. i wish i was dead. this life of sitting at home doing nothing all day is crushing. i can't even do fun stuff to distract myself because you breathe outside and it's $100. i saw someone bring up how zoomies can't be independent because everything is expensive and the job market is abysmal and it's true. my professor told our class to travel while we're young and i can't help but think she's out of touch. i wish i could have the fun college experience of going out all the time but i'm forced to live at home and commute for hours to save money. i can sense the stress my mother is going through. she spent $500 on groceries for us and it was such little food. i need a job to help out but i get no emails back. if only i was born earlier

No. 1996967

Don’t post personal stories online if you think people will be able to tell who you are based off of it.

No. 1996968

Seen a tranny on meta say this and getting redtexted as a man. Hint: It's not everyone, just you.

No. 1996970

Your endless virgin teenage boy "bitch bitch bitch" raging at feminazis is its own thing nonna. Newfags always come here and claim that attacking nonnies for hating men/trannies is board culture and seethe at the gatekeeping because they haven't actually integrated at all kek(infighting/derailing)

No. 1996971

Anons getting mad because I called out their incessant seething about trans people in inappropriate contexts, thinking I'm mad at "feminazis" (never said that, wasn't talking about feminists), insisting I'm a tranny or a man because I push back on their bullshit, and telling me to just alter my posts so I don't incur the wrath of angry frothing losers for daring to use a neutral pronoun. This is the state of lolcor, and you bitches think I'M ruining it(infighting/derailing)

No. 1996974

It's not like the tranny spammers are going to stop so just drom the argument already

No. 1996975

and why don't you sage and stop being a newfag you fucking moron

No. 1996977

You don’t need to sage on off-topic boards.

No. 1996978

You don't sage on /ot/ outside of Celebricows kek try harder at your larp

No. 1996982


No. 1996983

Women will always vent about our problems with eachother so integrate or fuck off still stands

No. 1996984

I'll take my L for assuming you had to sage on OT, but I still find it weird I'm a tranny and larper because I call out annoying ass shit on this website.
I'm a woman that somehow doesn't fit into your demented idea of how women behave. Yes, an actual woman.

No. 1996987

Ngl lolcor is one of very very few female-heavy spaces that even still allow all of this bs to be criticised and allow women to share their opinions on this so ofc they're going to be defensive about it.

Also going along with using they/them pronouns and generally going along with this entire ideology in the first place is how we're in this mess. Unless you're at risk of losing your job or your home, stop enabling their language.
A few years ago it was genderfluid and they/thems and now we're to the point where our cervical smear letters cant even call us women. Language is very powerful and not adhering to bullshit terms is even more powerful.

No. 1996989

Wow the mask really fell off kek.

No. 1996990

Stop playing victim. You're not being oppressed for insulting women for gatekeeping a board dedicated to sharing problems which notoriously includes men

No. 1996992

OK that person has got to be a tranny lol

No. 1996993

>I'm a woman that somehow doesn't fit into your demented idea of how women behave. Yes, an actual woman who calls trannies trans people unlike you classless bitches.

No. 1996995

Fuck sake I had to work with a fucking 6ft2 ratty ass looking man who identified as a woman and my work involves changing into ppe, it was sex segregated changing rooms with showers and guess who the tranny got lumped in with. I'm also safety advisor and had to have so many discussions about appropriate work wear around chemicals. Fucking tights with glittery spiderwebs a fucking 4 year old would wear to a Halloween party and your docs are not appropriate you big queer cunt. He'd hang out and wait on you if you wanted to take a piss before lunch no one felt comfortable around him. Handsy too kept talking about Russian aristocrat Catherine the great and hilary Clinton when he's from donegal, born after good Friday agreement and claims to have ptsd related to the troubles he wasn't alive for. They're fucking weird attention seeking cunts and I am so glad he followed his boyfriend who also identifies as a woman to the university.

No. 1996998

We should start a bingo card with retarded ass sentences they love to drop here.

No. 1997000

Right, you're the one being oppressed.
anon schizophrenically thinking I'm transgender
more schizophrenic behavior that perfectly encapsulates my point
I didn't use your special word, I used a no-no word, and that means I'm not a woman
you don't even think I'm a woman, how could you discern where I've posted?

No. 1997002

*classless seething frothing loser obsessed inappropriate exaggerating bitches
and all of these characterizations are used for feminists and TERFs in general by TRAs, men and pickmes but don't tell they that

No. 1997004

Look at you loving the attention KEK

No. 1997005

Is this the same Reddit tier fag from late last night who was annoyed at the board being dead earlier.

No. 1997007

>I didn't say tranny, I said trans people, so I'm a brave persecuted NLOG fucking up your status quo.
It was you telling other women what to say and what not to say, so no, you're just a baiting newfag refusing to integrate and blaming everyone else for it

No. 1997009

trannies coming on lolcow like "hell yeah finally a female board I can discuss feminine stuff in" and get triggered by the constanr tranny hate
it's not ruining the threads it's ruining your experience lf the website by reminding you you are not welcome here

No. 1997012

I'm obsessed with amouranth
I wonder what it feels like to have a body worth millions

No. 1997016

100%. Tranny hate is man hate. So sick of woman who have made social justice a personality cling to treating trannys like treating actual members of the queer community. It's a massive step back accepting them into lgb. They're not a normal state of being they're completely against nature. You dint have to have a medical intervention to be gay straight or bi it's innate being a walking abomination is not a natural state we should be accepting of. It's a fucking joke it perpetuates gender stereotypes, it's a fucking mockery of womanhood and you're a bigot if you gatekeep female experiences from a man. Society is a fucking joke. There's actual repercussions for calling a spade a spade and recognising biology. A massive win for attention seekers

No. 1997020

Imagine thinking saying "trans people" and "they" is a no-no and that it's daring to do it in a place where women say tranny. While arguing that nonnies are the terminally online ones. That's not how real life works. It's why this place is so gatekept for nonnies who have to put up with you in real life. Holy shit

No. 1997024

Thank you so much nonny. I needed that.

No. 1997028

Being a handmaiden is just as bad..

No. 1997030

its just bolt ons

No. 1997035

Long time lurker, first time poster so here goes:
I feel so lost and aimless it’s driving me insane. I am 21 years old. I’m going to a public college and studying art, fumbling my way through it. My teenage years were hell and incredibly unstable. I’ve been depressed since I was like 15. Moved to a different school sophomore year of high school, I felt like an outsider. My dad cheated on my mom that same year. We moved across the country the year after that so I changed schools again, felt like even more of an outsider and sat alone at lunch pretty much everyday. Then covid and lockdown happened and I was stuck with my parents and their arguments (it got to the point that I had accidentally watched my mom choke my dad, they didn’t notice me so I pretended that I didn’t see anything and went back to my room). Covid made us move across the country again back to our hometown, went back to my old high school where there was post covid bs. Somehow graduated high school without me killing myself.

Then, college. Chose to study art because I wasn’t good at anything else and I was too poor and too much of a mess to get into an actually good school. First semester of freshman year I was living in a women’s shelter with my mother and sister. My dad also tried to commit suicide twice and he failed. Second semester we were able to go back home. My whole college career has consisted of failing classes, procrastination, self sabotage, disordered eating, self harm, and suicidal ideation. I’ve seriously been considering dropping out. I can’t even do art properly. I say that I write and draw and paint but that’s kind of a lie. I do do those things but I’m hardly ever motivated to do them, or even finish anything. I’m wasting my time and my potential and I’ve tied my art to my own self worth. So if I’m not “good enough” then that becomes warped into “I’m worthless”.

All the bullshit that happened has ruined my adolescence and early adulthood and I’m just expected to be normal after all that. I never got therapy, meds didn’t work, I hardly have any plans for the future since I think I’m going to kill myself by 25 anyway. I try to forget the past and refuse to think about the future, leaving me to live in the present and just waste time. Oh yeah, and about two years ago I found out my little sister was molested when we were kids which made me homicidal and might’ve given me POCD, so that’s fun.

I have no friends and I’ve sworn off romantic relationships out of a fear of vulnerability and being self aware enough to know that I don’t have the energy or mental stability for a romantic relationship. I’ve never been in a romantic relationship period. I’ve wanted to, but I think I need to fix myself before bringing anyone else into this.

All this to say, I’m a mess. The only good things I’ve done this year is not starve myself and learn HTML so that I can make my own website. Other than that I’m a mess and I’m wasting both my life and my potential, wasting time that some people would kill to have by doomscrolling on the internet and hating myself. I wish someone would just tell me what to do and how to figure out my life

No. 1997040

If you're artistic can't you kill two birds with one stone and start treating college like you're starting to brand yourself and put your feelings in your art. Pick a theme don't tell anyone and apply it across every project make stuff uniquely you and identifiable state to materialise your self worth again through your talent your creativity. You'll complete college and hopefully know your worth and that you're fine and life is a mess for everyone and we can't predict the future and taking time to give yourself peace is fine but you'll get more peace if you don't feel guilt over things you shouldn't.

No. 1997044

There’s a void in my chest that I can’t fill and distracting myself with anime doesnt work effectively anymore

No. 1997051

You’re right, thanks. We kind of have to do something like that anyway when it’s time to graduate as part of a senior exhibition. I kind of dread it but it’s too late to back out now. I’ve thought of having the theming be somewhat based off of my own struggles and just make paintings flip flopping between personal experience and things that bring me comfort. I’m not sure though, it’s still a ways off

No. 1997052

>take my L
Oh ok, so you're just a dumb zoomer trying to prove to somebody you're not like other girls. I've met so many like you, get some new tricks.

No. 1997056

Sounds cool I wish I tried harder at university. I know you've wrote some sad stuff and I'm not ignoring it but I think you'll come through all of this and all the best for your final project. You've got this!

No. 1997061

can you nonas venting about troons and crap take it to the GC thread? Stop derailing the vent thread about it.

No. 1997064

File: 1715297327066.png (1.06 MB, 800x800, IMG_7195.PNG)

> at the end of my senior year in hs
> think that since i’ll never have to see these people i might was well start talking to people, what’s the worst that can happen
> start chatting with this one guy in my psych class who i knew to be nice from middle school
> i bring up tumblr
> he says he has tumblr too and asks for my url
> check my notifications, and someone with she/her in their bio had just followed me
> ask if it’s his blog, he says yes
> i think okay, whatever
> he starts showing me some memes on his phone
> as he’s scrolling I just see hundreds of images of femboy furry porn, anime girls, and pictures of cheap aliexpress lingerie
> class is over and I leave as soon as I can
> when I get home he messages me talking about how he wants to sew us matching outfits
I wish I was lying, I wish I was just making this up to slander tims or whatever. I so desperately don’t want to believe that this actually happened. What the fuck.

No. 1997082

>stop venting in the vent thread
tranny janny indeed

No. 1997090

File: 1715298949788.jpg (73.45 KB, 530x529, Screenshot_20240510_113521_Chr…)

>look up social media of workplace
>see photo of coworker, click
>interview style q&a in the caption
"What's your favorite dance music?
"Where's your ideal vacation spot?
>even the questions make me roll my eyes
>employee answers optimistically like a robot with predictable ai
>start making up my own answers
>realize how bitter i am
>my vacation spot would be in my room alone so I could read lolcow
>tfw the superpower i would choose is invisibility, so other humans wouldn't mess with me, and for having the option to steal anything
>or to read minds, so i could always please everyone and finally get what i want and not be manipulated and discarded
>mfw this cow just says "flying, to see beautiful sights!" cow, i sigh
>he has a favorite dance music
>if i HAD TO dance it'd be to goth shoegaze music while on downers
>remember i tried poledance in case i had to strip and whore for money
>my life is fucked up and nobody knows it
>it consists of dealing with mood swings, psychotic symptoms, the motherfucking irritated bowel disease, multiple allergies, debt
>i look like a normal everyday becky
>nobody cares unless they want to fuck me
>boss basically softfires me for not being single
>i tried many copes that failed
>realize my life is just shit
>other people are baseline happy
>while i am baseline suffering

No. 1997113

when my family eats out of my dinner bowl with my own spoon, slurps on the spoon, then gets so close to me that i can smell their breath while they talk when i'm just trying to eat holy shit get away from me please please please i feel disgusting

No. 1997117

Ew. When I was a child my mother unbeknownst to me drank from my can of softdrink, left cigarette spit on the rim. I've come past and thought it was normal soft drink left on the rim of my can and slurped it. Ever since then I've never shared drinks or cutlery. Sorry your family doesn't respect personal space

No. 1997121

im still newish at my job and like a month ago i booked someone for a service that im now sure their insurance doesnt cover. back then i didnt know the difference between a nutrition appointment and a naturopathy appointment and i didnt catch it until she was apready IN her appointment today… if its rejected by insurance that means i put her on the hook for a $225 appointment i feel so baaaaaaad

No. 1997125

read that as jewish at my nob

No. 1997144

I wish I could stop being so negativity biased because it's seriously fucking up with my mental health. I already have poor trust in myself due to an anxiety disorder (thanks mom's shitty bf who insulted me since I was a child till my late teens, kindly die) but there's one thing that's keeping me overthinking. In all my life, my friend described me as kind, reliable, the "mom" friend who even in burn out, always made sure that everyone was happy/taken care of but I had the biggest misfortune of meeting this moid who called me "extremely narcisstic" just because I wasnt available for him for a night and sometimes I believe it and I want to fucking cry. Maybe it's my period related emotions speaking but that was so uncalled, it's a mix of self doubt and sadness at that cruelty. Fuck him. I just want everyone to be happy and me to be pleasant to be around…

No. 1997188

Nonna I’m sorry you’re feeling down. Don’t believe in moids. You’re not awful because he was trying to manipulate you into letting him be his fleshlight or whatever he wants. Narcissist is now one of those buzzwords that people use to pathologize others to win arguments. Being liked by everyone is impossible, especially because moids and women typically have different intentions toward women. Take care of yourself first because you deserve your own help more than anyone else

No. 1997277

File: 1715305373203.jpg (117.39 KB, 1024x768, open_bible_in_sepia-194222716.…)

this is a life vent with religious vent. my life has been mostly shit and i am lead to believe that it happened so because i lost faith. i used to believe in god, but also magic. as a child, this is normal. but then i started to believe in magic more. i tried doing witchcraft like manifestation and curses when i felt sad and angry. i have awful and blurry memories of getting drugged and raped and threatened and abused by adults, including my own parents. it never made sense, i think it is religious psychosis. there was some secret that elite politicians are raping children and then give money to the parents to keep it a secret, to earn more money or something. i hated everybody, did not trust anybody, and i wanted everybody to pay. my family followed greed and when i had the choice to stay with other family members permanently, i chose not to, because i was afraid of people's judgment. if i listened to god at that point i could have stayed with the part of the family who was not abusive and not that greedy. i thought, nobody would marry me from such a broken shitty family, so i stay with my parents through horrible years, while they are berating me for any reason possible and comparing me to my brother. this made me want to run away and troon out at one point. i started doing drugs and getting advertised onlyfans. then in college i had my entire time wasted by moids and teachers who tried psyopping me into prostitution. i know it's crazy and hopefully only in my head. but everytime i tried submitting an important assignment my computer broke down. submission deadlines got switched around, my schedule got switched around, i constantly worked yet it never really mattered, nobody was available for help and i was constantly shown oversexualized propaganda like camgirl vloggers, porn memes and doomer memes about how nobody can ever afford anything unless they are hypersexual, polyamorous and prostitute. i felt extremely hopeless yet didn't believe or spoke to god until after a near death experiene from withdrawals and still not even a year after that. i thought only degeneracy leads to success yet i was "too weak" to start lying, cheating and manipulating for it myself. i thought it was over and i wanted to kill myself. nobody ever cared about me, and i wanted somebody to do that, so then i believed in god.

No. 1997284

Usually people who get schizophrenia develop it as teens/young adults. You could get help if you see a doctor about it.