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File: 1714531852160.png (446.91 KB, 775x550, imisstherage.png)

No. 1986698

A place full of attention seeking, bra stuffing, body filters, fake stories, elsagate spamming, fake doctors and coomer bait, cringe fuel etc. Anyone else find this side of the internet to be particularly cancerous?
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No. 1986700

Literally made this thread so my response doesn't get lost in the void, but can you post the link to the tiktok? I would like more context.

No. 1986702

Hey, i didnt save the link and i only screenshotted it after it showed up on my fyp. But basically they were talking about how creepy the guy in the video (the video has nothing to do with lolcow) was and that lead to some people talking about this site in the comments which lead to people asking what this site is about etc on the comments.

No. 1986703

Also id like to add more context that they were calling the guy a cow pr a horrorcow in the comments which lead to lolcow.farm getting mentioned

No. 1986849

We really are doomed

No. 1986866

Oh for fucks' sake. Tiktok is never satiated till it ruins everything it touches.

No. 1986936

This makes me want to alog

No. 1987126

>tiktok about lesbians experiencing heartbreak
>comments are 70% scrotes being misogynistic or venting about their 'bitch exes' while missing the point completely
Isn't tiktok so eager to collect data? Why are videos exclusively targeted at women even getting recommended to scrotes?

No. 1987136

i don't have a tiktok acc so i can't read the comments. screenshot some?

No. 1987177

anon must be exaggerating because I checked the comments and there’s only a few faggots in the midst saying “well well well” like fucking god people are so annoying, heartbreak in general is terrible and being heartbroken from a scrote who keeps looking at IG onlyfans girls knowing it makes you feel bad and getting cheated on him will never be compared to female heartbreak where you had an actual genuine connection with another woman and it wasn’t just a hetero relationship where you as a woman are just projecting humanity and attraction on to a scrote that outside of the illusion you don’t genuinely love

No. 1987266

Why is tiktok filled with adult men throwing tantrums over nothing?

No. 1987400

File: 1714594093172.jpeg (414.46 KB, 1170x6190, fDyyBV4.jpeg)

imaging making picrel and still identifying as enby.

No. 1988319

File: 1714672458131.webm (9.28 MB, 576x1024, tumblr_qvsdjudkbM1zodjrg.webm)

No. 1988345

She is right tho?

No. 1988387

File: 1714679399230.png (506.31 KB, 1015x849, what.png)

No. 1988392

She's so real for this

No. 1988405

This girl who gets so much hate on every one of her videos because she ‘asian fishes’ (like all egirls), is a weaboo, and likes yaoi? Lmfao hardly cow behaviour.

No. 1988411

You just know those people leaving hate comments on her profile are jealous that she gets to live her weeb dreams in Japan, why can’t they direct this anger towards creepy scrote expats instead?

No. 1988440

>why can’t they direct this anger towards creepy scrote expats instead?
Because they're busy posting about her in the retarded milkless thread she's in

No. 1988443

Right ? Meanwhile e-girls were slanting their eyeliner to their temples, did ahegao poses, dressed like over sexualized caricatures but that was all fine. Muh asian fishing bad but clothes everywhere are covered in random Japanese phrases. She is cringy, and does have a few race-fakers following her content, but the asianfishing police is just self-hating weaboos virtue signaling to overcompensate for their own behavior and weird racial envy.

No. 1988486

Its because moids keep on interacting with these type of videos such as watching them and commenting on them so tiktok recommends them those type of videos even more to them since it's interaction. Thats why you see a moid in the comment section of every video made for women including even the obscure ones with 100 likes will be flooded with moids wanting to bait in the tiktok comments. (+they also like invading womens spaces)

No. 1988524

She's based and everything she said was correct, why are you posting this?

No. 1988662

I sure hope this is just some based girl self posting to try getting some radfem followers cause otherwise what's your problem? Why post this? This is the tiktok hate thread, not the post women saying true things on tiktok thread.

No. 1988706

NTA but the caption at the beginning where she had to repost the video because of "n00d1ty" probably has to do with the fact that it was posted. Her video got taken down because she has boobs and is wearing a low-cut shirt. It's a tiktok hate thread and not necessarily tiktok video hate thread.

No. 1988845

>Obnoxiously long nails
>Obnoxious coffee filled with sugar

Tbh i don't really have any personal beef, but honestly, i feel like these super long nails work as their own special form of rage bait.

No. 1988857

She isn't based at all. She's constantly talking about or referencing her "milkers" and posting coombait while calling herself a feminist, she's a fraud

No. 1989382

>makes coffee for herself
>At home
>Uses plastic cup
This is ragebait 100%

No. 1989563

this comes up on autoplay everytime after someone sends me a tiktok and i laugh my ass off everytime, i can't even tell if it's supposed to be serious or not

No. 1989622

I like a sweet flavored latte every once in a while but there’s so much gunk in that I can’t imagine it even tasting good. I also doubt that’s any cheaper (or healthier) than going to Starbucks or whatever when you factor in the cost of nespresso pods, chocolate, nearly half a bottle of caramel sauce, and whatever that flavored whipped cream shit is. Have people like this ever heard of a French press or drip coffee maker? And damn, the way tiktok creatures paw at and tap their nails on everything drives me up the fucking wall.

No. 1990005

This tiktoker has even been featured on videos talking about intentional ragebait, and is 100% intentional rage bait. Guaranteed no one is actually making coffee for themselves this way at home. Even the ASMR talon tapping is 100% done to enrage people because tiktokers like this know that a lot of people hate ASMR nail tapping sounds.

No. 1990020

Pretty sure this guy is an actor and does extreme scenarios. But the acting is so intense it becomes hilarious lol.

No. 1990026

File: 1714786008670.gif (6.53 MB, 343x374, IMG_0929.gif)

KEK isn’t that this guy?

No. 1990053

Ah okay, that makes me feel better. I had no idea the nail thing was supposed to be ASMR I thought it was just some weird monkey see monkey do tiktok shit. After seeing “watertok” beverage abominations I thought people just got into adding slop into everything they possibly could lmao i personally have no issue with sugar free flavored syrups and would have a hoard of them to jazz up my Coke Zero if I had the space

No. 1990067

File: 1714791390605.jpeg (33.05 KB, 620x271, IMG_0366.jpeg)

>coke zero

No. 1990074

File: 1714792165941.jpg (81.37 KB, 900x896, 1713197166868.jpg)

>adding syrup to COKE
You do know there's other things in artifical flavourings that aren't good for you besides sugar right? Like cyclamate? Just get one of those carbonators and use natural cordial, it'll cost less and is more yummy.

No. 1990080

I love this guys’ videos so much

No. 1990082

Nah I get you. It's like making a drink without the alcohol. Looking forward to that diet coke with vanilla goo

No. 1990083

What's wrong with cancermaxxing

No. 1990095

Idk why do people even drink diet if they don't care for their health it seems bizarre. And then adding more flavouring to their fizzy syrup seems pointless. Cancermax if you want but don't be weird abut it

No. 1990105

Drinking diet coke and smoking cigarettes and only eating things with no collagen is supposed to make you skinny and pretty but it only makes you haggard imo.
In any case it's not about the diet or the health, some people plainly don't tolerate or don't want to drink sugar. Regardless, diet coke is for people with 0 self control anyway, health was never the question here

No. 1990127

I’m actually not a fatty i was throughout childhood but have been closer to underweight than overweight for over 10 years now please clap and just dislike the sugar rush and subsequent crash from full sugar drinks. I’d rather have sugar in the form of candy than soda if I’m going to have it.
Who cares, everything is chemicals and diet cherry vanilla coke zero’s from sonic (or ocean water, that’s the type of shit I want syrups for lol) taste good and are low calorie.
Exactly, thank you. I’m not going to avoid little pleasures because drinking literally impossible quantities MIGHT potentially give me cancer someday. I’d rather consume artificial sweeteners while living a pretty healthy lifestyle than eat absurd amounts of sugar and get fat and/or beetus.

No. 1990287

File: 1714823333881.gif (929.41 KB, 498x280, kek classic.gif)

Kek nonnie my sides. I don't know and I don't care if this is supposed to be intentionally funny or not but the important thing it's that it is hilarious.

No. 1991300

File: 1714896797425.mp4 (7.36 MB, 480x854, qzIYqU7.mp4)

this is the worst genre of leftist male

No. 1991302

He embodies exactly what I hate about hearing liberals talk; how obnoxious and uncoordinated their dialect is structured. FFS a teenager can speak more professionally than this.

No. 1991315

File: 1714898718552.png (149.05 KB, 1084x1622, boohoo!!.png)

when the cruelest thing that's happened to you in the world is being thought of as a threat maybe reconsider your status in society. Black women could only hope to be thought of a threat and not be approached.

No. 1991319

exactly, and they respond with some totally original comment along the lines of "stuck in enemy territory send backup STAT"

No. 1991691

File: 1714930884001.mp4 (2.64 MB, 480x852, 4yGS13O.mp4)

does anyone fell for this though?

No. 1991697

Am I retarded but.. why is this woman trying to cancel this makeup brand? That shade clearly is not for her, she would be a few shades lighter than that. That shade would work perfectly on women like Anok Yai, not her, there are plenty of black women where that foundation would match and they would be way darker in tone. Another retarded influencer who doesn’t even understand basic color theory
>”make sure you make it more brown in the lab hurrr durrr”
Holy shit I can’t wait until Tiktok is banned cause this is hilariously stupid and unnecessary

No. 1991705

>what the HELL is wrong wiff you jessicah

No. 1991706

Kek it is the same guy! I can't stop laughing holy hell. I guess he's trying to be some kind of 'serious actor' but the redfaced screaming with the sad music is so goddamn funny. He's going to burst a blood vessel or something. The comments are cracking me up
>happiest birmingham resident
>bro is paying for our sins

No. 1991707

The hilarious part is that these men think they are not apart of the patriarchy at all KEK, they’re mainly the ones upholding it and get to hide their hands acting like they aren’t it’s so aggravating. I don’t give a fuck how men’s lives would become magically improved if the patriarchy were to fall, realistically these parasitic motherfuckers would finally die off as they have no host to feed off of anymore. When women finally stop being cowardly they would fucking genocide all of these scrotes in a situation where patriarchy would collapse.

No. 1991732

File: 1714933893236.jpg (437.86 KB, 1706x2560, GettyImages-1428769836-scaled.…)

Anon, that color is straight black and no one is literally black. If you mixed that foundation with white, I bet it would make grey. Human skin colors have different tones and colors in them. No one can be pure black, the same way no pale person could be pure white so they couldn't use a white foundation. It's simply just a poorly made foundation shade. Also, Anok Yai is not that color, she's actually around the same shade as the woman in that vid.
>ho doesn’t even understand basic color theory
I'm not trying to be rude but you can't be serious?

No. 1991735

File: 1714933952466.jpg (370.7 KB, 1000x1437, Richard-Burbridge-V-Magazine-A…)

Sorry anon but Anok Yai is definitely not that fucking deep. All those images of her looking DARK as fuck are edited. She has a dark skintone but in the light you can clearly tell she's brown and not some kind of grey coal skinned dark elf

No. 1991756

Samefag, I actually think she's lighter than the woman in your vid, but definitely not literally black.

No. 1991763

These men will complain to women and tell us we're wrong and ignorant for hurting his feelings and daring to see him as a threat instead of ever addressing the cause to the issue. If you want women to not see men as a threat instead of telling they're discriminatory bitches try to think of the very real reasons there are for women to be cautious of them, if your feelings are oh so hurt then help build a safer, more equal, society were we don't have to look over our shoulders when walking alone.
Hold your bro accountable when he's being accused and stand your ground when he says something sexist, if you see a man catcalling someone confront him, if you see an extremely drunk girl don't let some guy take her. But no, as the pathetic faggot he is he'll just complain about muh white wymyn while defending porn and calling himself a socialist.
I hate men.

No. 1991764

Wasn't this faggot grooming teenage boys??? If I remember he was much younger than he looks, I thought he was like mid 40s but was actually late 20s or something.

No. 1991767

But there are people who are as dark as that foundation shade kek, I’m not even being ignorant like seriously there are people who are that dark. And yes I’m being dead serious, she is not the correct person to be reviewing that foundation shade at all

No. 1991770

File: 1714935125126.png (242.11 KB, 1024x1024, makeup-guide-1-1024x1024.png)

Yes there are people that dark but there are no people that are literally black. I think you don't understand that it's not about how deep the shade is anon, it's the actual colors. It's about undertones.

No. 1991773

File: 1714935338798.jpeg (141.1 KB, 988x1200, IMG_0404.jpeg)

Samefag the shade is not for her, she put on way too much, didn’t even put any concealer or highlighter, a lot of these little makeup influencers don’t know how to truly do their makeup. She’s just not the shade that foundation is made for and she incorrectly thinks she is dark-skinned. She painted globs of foundation on her face

No. 1991775

I understand undertones and all of that jazz but still it’s not the correct foundation for her face therefore wouldn’t make her the right person to review it.

No. 1991778

It doesn't really matter who's reviewing it anon. The point she's making in the video isn't that it doesn't match her, she's saying that it's a black foundation that would match no human on earth because no one is literally black. If she's a makeup reviewer, she's making videos for makeup consumers in general not just herself.
>I understand undertones and all of that jazz
I don't think you do if you're still talking about how dark the foundation is

No. 1991783

File: 1714936268470.jpeg (53.13 KB, 735x620, IMG_0406.jpeg)

Doesn’t look purely black to me uwu. The black paint comparison was such an exaggeration, it’s probably just another crap foundation you have to do a zillion things with to make it look good on your skin. But again my point still stands she is not the correct person to be reviewing it. It doesn’t matter if she’s targeting to a mass amount of makeup consumers, it would make more sense to appeal to the very people which that product would likely match to and of course none of her chitlin fanbase who have like 20% white genetics and lighter skin tones would ever use or touch a shade that dark. It’s just another round of virtual signaling. Tl;dr makeup sucks and she’ll be fine(uwu)

No. 1991784

File: 1714936283735.mp4 (19.77 MB, 1080x1920, Snapinsta.app_video_10000000_1…)

Nobody is that shade of black. She compared black paint to the foundation. When you look at Anok Yai pictures and she's wearing a black outfit, you'll notice she isn't pure black. Nobody blends with black clothing the same way nobody blends with white clothing, because humans have blood under their skins there will always be an undertone, nobody is black paint.

No. 1991791

>moar tiktok disinformation videos
Tiktok is not a reliable source, don’t care how much bald scrotes get up on that app and claim to be experts and professionals. I want to see that foundation being used on a person whos skin tone matches that shade or it’s just typical internet retardation.

No. 1991792

>Doesn’t look purely black to me
Well we already know from the Anok Yai thing that your perception is not very good. Also,

No. 1991796

Um are you making fun of a neurodivergent individual, nonny??? Ermm making me hella uncomfortable erm

No. 1991806

It's not even from tiktok kek other anons have explained to you several times why nobody will match that foundation. If you understood undertones you would know nobody has a grey undertone, the blood will still make people some shade of pink/orange/yellow

No. 1991812

I actually wanted to search and on this woman it does look like a shade that would work on someone just a smidge darker. And I don't doubt there are darker people out there than this woman. At least their 590 shade is tested and approved.

No. 1991816

I think anon is just being intentionally dense

No. 1991820

There’s a solid chance they made this hilariously black foundation that no one will actually use just to shut up retards who always whine that shade ranges aren’t “inclusive” enough. Like in recent years no matter how dark a foundation line tries to go people online will whine that they didn’t try hard enough and they’re excluding a handful of black as the night women (and occasionally people will do the reverse and complain that the paper white ladies have been excluded) They preempted that by making a shade that doesn’t exist IRL and it backfired, who cares it’s no reason to feel personally attacked. Making a color like this pretty much just seems like a failed marketing attempt is what I’m trying to say.

No. 1991828

File: 1714939039369.png (63.03 KB, 561x286, Opera Snapshot_2024-05-05_1457…)

So apparently the shade only contains one ingredient, black iron oxide. So perhaps they were trying to cash in on the Krewe of Zulu market.

No. 1991837

I hate summerfags and their superpower of never being able to shut the fuck up

No. 1991841

I feel so vindicated right now, thank you anon I knew I wasn’t fucking crazy
Girl shut the fuck up and kiss my ass(infighting)

No. 1991843

You literally asked if you were being retarded just to get pissy with everyone who gave an explanation on why the foundation is bad. God I'm glad I'm not low enough to bootlick a makeup company, a lazy one at that.

No. 1991844

>tapping everything before opening it
This is identical to videos made for toddlers. Incredible. Adults who watch stuff like this need to be sterilized, and if they already have kids they should be taken away.

No. 1991848

Knowing the foundation would fit someone else’s skin tone who is actually fully black with no slave owner blood ≠ bootlicking the makeup company(bait)

No. 1991858

What do you feel vindicated? it still didn't match her, funny how the one that did had brown in it, huh? I wonder why.

No. 1991864

ot and not to sound male but i wonder how many beautiful girls i've seen are just wearing a lot of makeup kek

No. 1991880

File: 1714942060459.jpg (95.95 KB, 736x935, 1000015927.jpg)

IME a surprising amount. Look at any A-list celebrity without makeup on. Saw some coworkers and lab mates come around without makeup on a few times, and they looked like they never got any lick of sleep. I get that makeup is an easy mask for any acne or blemishes or whatever, but when you look half dead without it, you might as well just cleanse your face and catch some sleep already.

No. 1991892

Some women look drastically different but the majority of the time I think we are just so conditioned as a society that women need to be presentable at all times that our flaws are hyper focused on when no one would notice them on a moid.

No. 1991897

>Wasn't this faggot grooming teenage boys?
he looks like grooms teenage boys.

No. 1991903

Dark undereyes are genetic for some people and no amount of sleep can fix it. They can't help it nona

No. 1991913

You're right, nonnie I'm sorry.

No. 1991918

>boohoo it's because I'm a black man
>a white girl would rather interact with a wild animal than me
Every black girl I know picked bear as well. Men are trying to play the race card with this not knowing that it literally doesn't matter. White, black, Asian, Latin, purple Martian, it doesn't matter. If it's a moid, always avoid.

No. 1991923

I remember feeling horrified at a footage of two piece of shit hunters breaking into a bear den and illegally shooting a hibernating mother bear and her two cubs. I think anybody with an IQ above room temperature would choose a bear over a moid. Moids can go eat shit.

No. 1991937

I hate this genre of video:
>"I was just a poor kid starting out with no art talent, and then"
>2012 poorly copied pop culture photo
>2013 poorly copied pop culture photo
>2014 poorly copied pop culture photo
>2015 poorly copied pop culture photo
>2016 poorly copied pop culture photo
>2017 poorly copied pop culture photo
>2018 poorly copied pop culture photo
>2019 poorly copied pop culture photo
>2020 poorly copied pop culture photo
>2021 poorly copied pop culture photo
>2022 poorly copied pop culture photo
>2023 poorly copied pop culture photo
>2024 poorly copied pop culture photo
>250,000 hearts
How are there grown ass adults who aren't ashamed to post shit like this? I knew this was embarrassing when I was in middle school and didn't even have the internet yet.

No. 1992110

lmao as if fully black people without a drop of white blood don't havs brown undertones. even literal africans are not grey, including the ones posted ITT(responding to bait)

No. 1992421

File: 1714996666559.jpeg (501.09 KB, 655x1007, IMG_5270.jpeg)

White girl goes to Korea to become a model uwu without studying the language and then being hit with the harsh realities of society.. she’s not ugly by any means but she’s definitely not uwu smol size as she claims. Even by western modeling standards she’s big, she’s just being delusional

No. 1992493

Models are always so retarded but this really is something else

No. 1992496

She really doesn't look small, plus that haircut looks like shit on her.

No. 1992497

It's even funnier when there's literally no improvement. The ones where you can't tell which one is the 2012 and which one is the 2024 crack me up. You've been at this for 12 years and still can't trace a straight line? Come on.
KEK oh yeah, she's a Korean size 0 for sure. Can't imagine why they'd call her a plus size model in a country where normal, not-model women strive to weigh under 50kg. She might not be ugly, but she doesn't fit the current Korean beauty ideals. Is anyone even going to book her? What's the point of moving to a new country where you don't even speak the language if you don't already have something lined up?

No. 1992500

I don't want to be mean but pretty much everyone can be a model now huh. Her face isn't ugly (but also not super beautiful) but she is chubby and her hair is bad.

No. 1992501

the hairstyle of the moid in the background, holy shit please wear a hat.

No. 1992509

I just know this is one of you anons. Come on, speak up and tell us, we know this woman is one of you lol. White women living in EA is not far fetched, Eastern European women are usually koreaboos and go there to model or attempt music careers. They really need to learn to plastic-surgerymaxx, bone-brothmaxx, and stop eating so much. Koreans love pretending fat people or those who aren’t even fat but not bone thin don’t exist so it’s going to be a hard time for her to live there. It sounds like such a fucking hellhole to live in for women now that I think about it, I rather be a dumpy britbong than live in a country like that where I know any public restroom I seat my butt on is going to be surveyed and recorded by one of their perverted men.

No. 1992546

why are koreans so obsessed with plastic surgery to begin with?

No. 1992559

File: 1715009132746.jpg (36.97 KB, 736x290, 1000022464.jpg)

They don't want to look Asian, that's what I can get from the surgeries they get, being the most popular the double eyelid surgery.
Which is funny because lots of weebs and koreaboos would die to look asian.
It's the classic "the grass is greener on the other side".

No. 1992599

gotta correct you, weebs and koreaboos do want to look asian but only if they're a cute asian waifu otherwise never.

No. 1992602

Other nonnies, is the lighting that much brighter in the second photo, or does the surgery actually change her upper face that much?

No. 1992612

I commented on this woman's tiktok that she shouldn't feel the need to put in that much effort for a pasty, overweight and bald manlet and got a warning for mobbing kek.

No. 1992628

All that shit and she looked uglier at the end what the fuck

No. 1992631

her eyebrows look ridiculous after kek

No. 1992636

The way she squirts that perm solution straight from the container nearly onto her eyeball gives me anxiety. Put it on a fucking brush first! You're going to blind yourself!

No. 1992640

This is deranged behavior

No. 1992652

Don’t get me wrong she’s pretty but the snatched facetuned pfps right above the woman looking normal in her videos is always so funny to me.

No. 1992654

File: 1715015392917.gif (6.42 MB, 494x793, oie_qbOtPSnVMTAv.gif)

omg my god when he comes on screen just to flash his fat bald head it's too much

No. 1992674

She looks just like a baby doll! I'm so jealous of her soft cute features

No. 1992753

Damn people are really following trends that don't suit them at all.

No. 1992783

this is ragebait right? the before was so much better… the fake tan and freckles just make it look like she has mud on her face

No. 1992800

next thread pic material

No. 1992802

great work nonna

No. 1992804

>all that money, time, effort, and pain for a fugly scrote
these girls need to wake up holy shit, it doesn't even look good either

No. 1992928

No. 1992965

It could also be intended for mixing - even though they didn't market it that way. But I've seen super pale girls talk about buying plain white foundation to mix with normal light foundations so they get a better color match.

>putting perm solution right next to your fucking eyeballs
what the fuck

No. 1992990

It really is not for mixing, if you mix that black with other foundations it comes out as gray

No. 1993254

"white girl from portland" is exactly how you're acting, sir
also if my white ass said "a black man from l.a." I would get side eye for mentioning race.

No. 1993517

File: 1715054953071.jpeg (110.95 KB, 1500x1500, at_organize-clean_dust-on-furn…)

I actually don't think there is anything wrong with her doing this, but I think you should only put in as much effort in your appearance as your partner does. Shes waxing, laminating, and probably wears makeup so her dude should be willing to exercise, get a hair transplant and have a simple skincare routine. He looks as though he would leave dust on your finger if you ran it over him.

No. 1993626

Idk about other nonas but my recommended related vid for that was her 'sundress' test where she shows her moid groping her because she put on a sundress. And he is wearing some gross stained looking sweatsuit. Why would you brag about the fact you got your disgusting scrote to grope you on camera when he looks like that?

No. 1993698

Literally a jump scare, I gasped.

No. 1993701

I'm a pasty white girl and I don't really mean this to come out offense but if I had this skin tone I'd never wear foundation. Well I only use bb cream but point being you can tell im always tired or when I get a zit. That stuff isn't as noticeable on a dark complexion.

No. 1993710

File: 1715080980564.jpg (221.68 KB, 750x624, Screenshot_20240507_082017.jpg)

Whenever I see a woman with this complexion make some sort foundation review it always feels ridiculous because 10/10 times they have perfect, clear and smooth skin.

No. 1993753

It’s like the cool girl monologue but worse.

No. 1993770

why does every woman from new york sound like that?

No. 1993781

File: 1715085695984.mp4 (272.18 KB, 480x854, h5wT9tg.mp4)

god free my people from gay male humour.

No. 1993805

Sounds like she was describing herself kek

No. 1993825

KEK I don't care what any other anon thinks, she is fun and I want to be her friend

No. 1993968

For sure ragebait. I was gonna give her the benefit of the doubt until she saran-wrapped her eyelashes. Save your emotional energy and don't watch shit like this, nonnies.

No. 1994066

All this bullshit just to look better in the "before".

No. 1994684

I agree, I'm so pale you can see blue veins in my face/under eyes. if my skin was this beautiful I wouldn't wear a scrap of makeup.

No. 1994695

I don't understand a word of this

No. 1994980

ough uma thurman is so hot here waow

No. 1994992

Ayrt and I don’t get it either. I have never met a girl like that. I don’t get how a woman like that would be a pick me.

No. 1995185

She's literally my favourite active lolcow rn.
>posts about love for yaoi and japan
>gets only angry and hateful comments
>accused of ""harming"" multiple people with her posts
>completely ignores and continues regularly posting love for yaoi and japan

she's kind of based and lives by the "cringe but free" lifestyle everyone that hates her wishes they did

No. 1995507

This was funny tbh

No. 1995956

You're retarded, anon. This video goes into it all. There are no undertones to that "foundation", it's literally just black facepaint with no blended colors (in stark contrast to them mixing three different colors for their palest foundation).
It was literally too black for a South Sudanese woman who tried it (again in vidrel), she said the same thing about the brand, and they are probably the darkest black people on earth. You seeing an edited photo of some very dark-skinned people doesn't mean they're literally the same color as your phone when it's off. This is so embarrassing, please never talk about these kinds of subjects again.

She's using 590, not 600. That's not the black facepaint the OP is trying to defend.

No. 1995990

File: 1715219040432.jpg (444.7 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240509_001955_Gal…)

Why are normies starting to use this lingo…

No. 1995993

how is this bad? good for her kek

No. 1996002

File: 1715219767385.jpg (424.5 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240509_002010_Gal…)

No its weird and shows that even normies are becoming chronically online

No. 1996003

Normies have been chronically online for a while, nonna. Such was the downfall of the internet
At least she realizes how exploitative "sex work" is, presumably. Hopefully she peaks the rest of the way

No. 1996020

she's peaking, let her be.

No. 1996026

>she's peaking
Ok this is unpopular but can we find another word for this instead if sounding like cultists who are about to peak someone into a religion.

No. 1996027

Yeah, it started around 2016 but it got worse in 2020.

No. 1996030

It's the concept not the word. All synonyms for radicalisation, and who cares? Every ideology and belief system in existence thinks radicalisation to their own side is a good thing.

No. 1996047

Is she though

No. 1996054

I feel like it has the opposite implication, as in it's the realization that pulls you out of cult-thinking

No. 1996059

Realising its okay to say men aren't women isn't an introduction to an ideology, it's a fact of reality that doesn't link one to anything. Ascribing beliefs such as man always bad is ideological but women peaking isn't in and of itself an ideological matter

No. 1996072

Then, "beginning to disagree with gendiesm". Either way, the word itself comes with no implication beyond the concept. So if someone considers wanting to change someone's opinions to your own as cultlike, it's not the word.

No. 1996227

Yeah I agree. To me, peaking is when you hit your highest point, the peak, where it is just all too much to ignore/too much to continue placating gendies feelings. The dumbfuckery keeps getting higher and higher until you hit the peak and are like "alright enough of this stupid shit"

No. 1996229

I'm so late to this but the 600 shade literally only has the black pigment in it. No other pigments, just pure black pigment. Nobody is that shade, everybody on earth has different undertones, meaning there should be other pigments in it. The pure black pigment being the only pigment in it makes it basically just a sheer pure black facepaint. IF there were other pigments in it then it'd be debatable, but the singular black pigment says all I needed to know. It's just the same thing as the palest person in the entire world is not literally pure white, they still have undertones and such, nobody on earth could match a pure white color because it doesn't exist in human skin tones, even an albino person couldn't wear a pure white shade.

No. 1996871

File: 1715289151976.jpeg (121.62 KB, 644x866, IMG_3409.jpeg)

They want to be oppressed so bad

No. 1996873

File: 1715289176910.jpeg (22.21 KB, 750x200, IMG_3410.jpeg)

No. 1996874

File: 1715289202105.jpeg (24.79 KB, 750x253, IMG_3411.jpeg)

No. 1996882

>women commenting on male behavior towards women: entirely true accounts of irl male violence.
>males commenting on female behavior: misogynistic stereotypes disproved by ten seconds on google (men cheat at higher rates, men are often leeches more so than women, etc.)

No. 1996889

Why can't they type properly?

No. 1996901

>why women choose bear: afraid of rape, getting murdered
>why men choose tiger: getting cheated on, getting judged or mocked
Men are afraid women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them

No. 1996906

Notice they're not afraid of getting raped

No. 1996907

File: 1715289966545.jpg (76.67 KB, 700x927, stacy.jpg)

Yes she would

No. 1996913

>lets start our own trend
How about you just stop raping and killing women? Men are such stupid, emotional babies.

No. 1996914

Every single time, men prove women right. It's insanity

No. 1997260

File: 1715304944313.jpg (70.72 KB, 568x800, 80cdbfad-98b2-40af-a046-1d1af6…)

>she shouldn't feel the need to put in that much effort

This logic is so fucking retarded lmao. I'm convinced yall have no self esteem if you think baddies do this to please their provider moid and not because they love themselves and are vain

No. 1997293

thank you lolcow for my daily men-hating fuel
bet he's broke and lives with his parents, you have no money to worry about

No. 1997315

File: 1715306418645.jpeg (54.72 KB, 559x548, images - 2024-05-10T115825.186…)

>55,000 grizzly bears in NA alone, from 2000 - 2017 there's been 48 deaths in NA from bear attacks
>4,500 tigers worldwide, from 2014 - 2022 there's been 497 deaths caused by tiger attacks
Have fun

No. 1997385

if she loves herself why is she with >>1992654?

No. 1997388

Retarded newfag fell for the psyop makeup and fashion companies lay out. There wouldn’t be a need to do all that shit if moids didn’t make it a forced lifestyle. You don’t see women in third world countries do this shit to make themselves feel good

No. 1997650

that's like saying morbidly obese people eat because they love themselves and not because there is something deeply wrong with them

No. 1997801

File: 1715351855020.jpg (706.28 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20240510_040902_Tik…)

I ran into this live 3 times in the past 2 months. It's always the same, OP playing and not saying a word and just standing idly in front of these NPCs. The woman makes choking noises, all on loop. Am I tinfoiling if I think this is some sort of weird fetish shit? And of course tiktok won't ban it, but saying "(thing) is dumb" in a comment is too offensive for the app…

No. 1997811

This art is so sweet nona, thank you for posting it

No. 1997821

how is a woman going to cheat or be a gold digger when you're both lost in a jungle? men are actually retarded kek

No. 1998211

File: 1715371610691.mp4 (5.77 MB, 648x576, jBZtVFU.mp4)

>the joke is objectification
bet the one on the right isn't even gay

No. 1998217

I don't think a lot of people who are anti-sex work were ever radicalised to believe it was a good thing in the first place. It's hard to think sex work is good as a woman when you are painfully self-aware of the fact that you would rather work in the coal mines than sell your body online and already find porn unappealing without ever engaging without any kind of radfem literature. I've seen a lot of takes by normies making unpopular opinions videos saying that they could never support it and replies saying they feel relieved about being validated for their beliefs. I believe that people who say make the argument that people can do what they want say it to mask their true thoughts. So many people don't support troonery or sex work, but the voices of the minority who scream the loudest about being against such things being an act of bigotry override the silent majority.

No. 1998253

File: 1715375534488.mp4 (2.45 MB, 720x934, ssstwitter.com_1715375274619.m…)

>tiktok assoholes put soap on the floor that's a pain in the ass to clean
>about to slide to make tiktok video
>based employee takes it away last moment
>"it's ok we are on tiktok!"

these clowns have no idea NO ONE FUCKING CARES

No. 1998262

These are the scrotes that need to be put into labor camps where their paycheck at the end of the months get distributed to everyone but them. They don’t deserve to have a dick either, sterilize and chop, turn them into wageslave eunuchs

No. 1998266

Wish they got shot like that one prank scrote

No. 1998342

File: 1715382651573.mp4 (5.05 MB, 480x852, ssstwitter.com_1715382567256.m…)

No. 1998344

This is fake kek. Yes you can buy these suitcases but they won't be full of new clothes in your size ready for you to wear kek

No. 1998360

I know but still the fact that this is a thing and people make ragebait of it annoys me kek. Didn't even watch the whole video to see if he wore the stuff

No. 1998545

File: 1715400955182.png (2.33 MB, 1080x1806, 1000000225.png)

This is supposedly Nara a few days after giving birth, a back to back pregnancy mind you. Hopefully her defenders don't get assmad at me calling is suspicious, doesn't your uterus not even contract that fact back? Gotta keep up with unrealistic expectations towards women I guess

No. 1998561

I hate to be that person, but some women can snap back this fast if they are gym rats. Plus, we don't know if she has saggy skin underneath because we haven't seen her torso. Not saying that it isn't possible for her to have had one of those tummy tuck c-sections a lot of celebrities get to fake snapping back really fast.

No. 1998562

Snapping back is realistic but a few days after birth? The uterus alone takes 6 weeks to contract back to the original size, we've been on the Internet this long and people still can't admit a lot of social media influencers are artificial

No. 1998564

File: 1715402993609.jpg (103.38 KB, 736x981, 1000000229.jpg)

Example - this lady is more in shape than Nara, still has a uterus bump days after birth lol

No. 1998565

Fair enough, then the most likely answer is that the photo was from before she was pregnant.

No. 1998566

True, or plain ol Photoshop. It just makes no sense to me why so many women want to see her unrealistic lifestyle she presents as ideal, all it accomplished was scrotes and other women having insane expectations of women

No. 1998567

Ot but wow that’s super impressive

No. 1998568

off topic but i remember this lady and her instagram comments lmao

No. 1998576

No because that foundation is straight up black paint while Anok Yai is human with warm undertones

No. 1998689

Did you watch the video? She literally goes "Do you still love me uwu?" in between to her pig tier moid. A true baddie wouldn't give a fuck because she knows she could do better.

No. 1998751

Scrote confirms he can’t fathom being alone with a woman without sexualizing her. Looks like the bear and I will have to rescue that tiger he intends to fuck. ‘Woman stuck with you in the jungle’ isn’t your girlfriend and there is no other boy, weirdo.

No. 1998766

That's fucking weird for sure. It's from the RE7 dlc, the MC is hearing the noises and checking and the father is drowning the mother in the bathtub and it's a looping animation, it won't stop until you walk in. I never heard anyone comment on it until you posted and decided to check. I saw one or two comments saying it was hot or clipping her noises. I think some moids are sexualizing the way marguerite has her ass up and is making choking sounds. Moids are truly disgusting. The creator you posted is probably trying to rile people up for both this weird fetish and normal people feeling uncomfortable with the looping animation or her being drowned. God I fucking hate this so much.

No. 1998786

there's this woman I know who was telling me about one of the times she has given birth(I think her first out of 3 kids) and she was going around the hospital wearing baggy sports clothes and they told her to leave because they thought she was a visitor and wouldn't believe she just gave birth. She told me she only gained weight due to her bump and nothing else and I remember seeing her in a wedding after a while and she looked stunning. And even now, after 3 kids, she looks skinny and athletic and you can only tell by the slight loose skin in the front of her belly that she gave birth

No. 1998898

that's still realistic though, not turning into a victorias secret model a couple of days after birth

No. 1998904

Why are men so butthurt about cheating? Not like she sold you into slavery, calm down with the “betrayal”

No. 1998905

Not gaining enough weight during pregnancy will result in a baby prone to fatness. It's not healthy.

No. 1998919

it also lowers immune system and makes the child more likely for developmental delays, praising women for staying super skinny despite of pregnancies even though it risks her and her child health is such a scrote mindset

No. 1998923

>grimes only eating spaghetti and butter while preggo with elon's kid
neglectful anachan or based elon's-line destroyer? either way a poor baby suffered
I still can't believe she admitted that, and she nearly went bald. fuck oath

No. 1998951

I've noticed alot of celebs and influencers seem to go out of their way to be pictured out and about wearing the whitest clothing right after birth too. Is post partum bleeding not a thing. While other women are in diapers and old school thick as hell pads I just snapped back in that area too?

No. 1998989

Well, they're not going to post themselves in diapers and milk stained PJs on social media. When social media influencers post on social media, it's like mini maternity shoots for them if that makes sense. Normal woman like wearing white in maternity shoots because it's a color that reflects serenity, divinity, cleanliness, and fresh-ness, so that's probably why you see influencers wearing it.

No. 1999244

File: 1715463515726.jpg (6.89 KB, 168x300, 1000000230.jpg)

Influencers absolutely do post reality of postpartum, Nara Smith's entire thing in particular is constantly pedaling about how much better she is than everyone. Even if you call out her being inconsistent her followers will literally DEMAND you be jealous

No. 1999273

I just saw some article about how Ozempic might be interacting with birth control, so women get pregnant while on it and they don't realize they are pregnant. The article ended by saying these women went straight back on Ozempic after giving birth. It was pretty fucked up. I will look for the article but I'm exhausted from working on shit all day nonas, I might post it in the morning if I fall asleep too quickly. pls no ban

No. 1999335

women are really putting themselves through slow painful deaths to appeal to scrotes yet again. The same moids that pressured you into going on ozempic and eating 3 almonds a day will just turn to the thicc trend yet again whenever the media and porn tells them too

No. 1999497

nara is in her early twenties, that's probably why she is able to snap back so fast

No. 1999590

Age wouldn't make your uterus contract back in a couple days, there's teens who don't go back that fast ffs. People will say anything outside of admitting an influencer is fake kek

No. 1999592

File: 1715483622867.jpg (371.94 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240512_051054_Gal…)

Tiktoks obssesion with feminizing Jojo is weird. And you can tell its about that because they always chose pictures of her with long hair, makeup and more feminine clothes as a example of how she needs to look.

No. 1999594

File: 1715483794139.jpg (434.57 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240512_051103_Gal…)

No. 1999598

File: 1715483958812.jpg (387.79 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240512_051826_Gal…)

No. 1999600

> is in her early twenties, that's probably why she is able to snap back
> there's teens who don't go back that fast ffs
That’s not how that works, age has absolutely nothing to do with how the body looks after pregnancy or how quickly the body goes back to normal. Teenage girls especially are less fertile than adult women, teenagers and young adult women have higher risks in pregnancy, it’s better for women to wait until after their mid twenties at least because it’s safer. It sounds like you’re saying that teens are better suited for pregnancy and won’t be as affected by it or something, which isn’t true. The stomach gets stretch marks depending on how big it gets and genetics, it has nothing to do with her age.

No. 1999601

I thought it was between two men and Zendaya? What part of that is fujoshi? KEK
Even then I’d assume she was just there for the horny anyway like all the women going to the movie. C’mon.

No. 1999606

>Teenage girls especially are less fertile than adult women, teenagers and young adult women have higher risks in pregnancy, it’s better for women to wait until after their mid twenties at least because it’s safer. It sounds like you’re saying that teens are better suited for pregnancy and won’t be as affected by it or something, which isn’t true.
are you okay? I wasn't supporting the idea of teen pregnancy at all, just using it as an example to point out anons argument of "she's young that's why she dropped 50 lbs straight after birth" doesn't make sense

No. 1999607

I do wonder if she'd receive the same level of mockery if she wasn't obviously a lesbian and GNC, like if she was just a cringe straight/bihet woman with slightly worse music than Olivia Rodrigo

No. 1999609

Femcel phenotype with a bad nosejob

No. 1999621

how can you tell its a nosejob?

No. 1999682

Two women in my building just gave birth within the last 6-12 months and neither of them are back to pre-pregnancy fitness although both were thin and fit before, I have a hard time believing that women are 'snapping back' as quickly as some influencers seem to so I assume it's either photoshop or surrogacy. In celeb cases it's usually surrogacy.

No. 1999708

Yes and yes. Idk why anons are pulling the "maybe she's just young! Could be just x y and z" and never "maybe influencers are photoshopping". We have whole ass threads dedicated to cows that Photoshop yet somehow they don't believe this particular woman is kek

No. 1999721

YouTube slash tiktok random pause cadence voice makes me want to throw these men off a cliff

No. 1999729

It looks fake as fuck

No. 1999739

I knew this girl kek I respect that she’s still a proud fujo

No. 1999744

Most of the sexual tension is between the two guys, kind of disappointing that we can’t have any legitimate f/m/m stuff in movies. They’d rather appeal to fags than women

No. 1999747

How do you know her

No. 1999748

Nosy ass

No. 1999749

Then why you bringing that up girl

No. 1999752

My problem with f/m/m stuff in media is it's usually degenerate and implies the men have a deep love while the woman is just a prop or plot device, while f/f/m stuff (like that one shitty woody allen movie) turns both women into props for the gross moid to abuse.

No. 1999764

Wasn't me

No. 1999860

wokies are never happen no matter what

No. 2000100

File: 1715522316779.jpg (32.01 KB, 409x565, shades.jpg)

this. it's either not dark/light enough or too dark/light. it's obvious a lot of influencers have noticed that topics like lack of "inclusivity" or racism bring them engagement and views. who cares if a brand is selling a black pigment, they have 20+ shades that look like actual skintones and can be mixed. but no, let's pretend that this is their only option for women with a darker complexion.

come on, you know damn well the one on the right chose these angles and this top on purpose. you don't need to put the camera towards you let alone your breasts to film a cooking video. at least it's another young woman reacting - gay or not - and not a disgusting scrote, although she must have plenty of those in her comments.

No. 2000109

NTA but you're retarded and don't understand how makeup works kek

No. 2000110

>let's pretend that this is their only option for women with a darker complexion.
No one did this, though. Why make things up?

No. 2000277

please, the woman in the tiktok that started this discussion picked the darkest shade, literally admitting that it looked black on the website, only to get offended that it's too dark on her. in a different video she tries the shade that's actually her color, the undertones are just too warm. it could have been her initial review of the brand but obviously "their darker shades are too warm" generate less views than "you guys need to stop ordering minstrel show black at the lab"

No. 2000281

It's a poorly made product. It's so sad seeing anons whiteknight for these companies, especially a makeup company.

No. 2000338

ya thats cuz im pretty and dont need it

No. 2000409

What a troonish response

No. 2000411

She used the shades intended for dark-skinned people because she's a dark-skinned woman. One was garbage, and she said so. Why is that a problem? Why would a makeup company produce minstrel show black?

No. 2000417

agreed, some people literally worship brands like their life depends on it and it's pathetic.

No. 2000449

Kek yeah my penis is green with envy

No. 2000462

? Meds

No. 2000624

File: 1715547415904.jpg (399.91 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240512_225412_Gal…)

People on tiktok defending stealing people's cats if they are outdoor.

No. 2000631

Wonder if they’d feel the same way if I stole their bike bc it was outside.

No. 2000633

At this point people like you are worse and more unbearable than any wokies. The paint is literal black paint with a literal grey cast, there is absoluetely no one on earth with that color no matter how dark they are. People payed money for that and they are allowed to complain, that doesn't make them wokies. People shouldn't stay silent to appease losers like you.

No. 2000634

They're right. If you don't want someone to take your pet in, stop letting them roam around outside with no supervision.

No. 2000637

File: 1715547731572.mp4 (1.95 MB, 480x852, ssstwitter.com_1715531285377.m…)

this made me feel disgusted. maybe because it looks like piss? idk. total waste of time

No. 2000640

I don't fully agree with them, but I understand. If you live in a very populated area and let your cats roam outside, you should be glad if someone caring finds them and takes them in, as opposed to some psychopath killing them, a bigger animal attacking them, a car hitting them, etc.

No. 2000645


There are people in the comments saying they took all the necessary precautions to keep their cat safe (chipped them, collar, kept them inside majority of the time) and one time their cat got outside the door or bolted and the person who stole them didn't want to give it back, and people to that replied saying "finders keepers", and whoever finds the cat gets to keep it.

Even with all the necessary precautions your cat can still escape and get stolen.

Also let's not defend animal stealers when most of them are animal re-sellers and breeders.

Yeah i don't agree with cats being outside since it can be dangerous (dogs, cars, psychos) but i still don't think you should steal someones pet.

No. 2000646

That’s the only thing tiktok got right, leaving your pet outside on the streets and crying about it being stolen is on you. Cats are also responsible for the decline of certain bird populations and are more likely to get mauled by stray dogs or hit by cars when left outside

No. 2000648

I find it dystopian the dhit people will do for e-fame

No. 2000649

Exactly. They're defending a shit product to dunk on some weird concept of "muh woke", not unlike moids who seethe about women discussing anything at all and insist it's "muh feminazis".

No. 2000655

To me it all depends on if the cat has a collar and is chipped.

If the cat has no collar and isn't chipped then i guess it's somewhat fine but when the cat has a collar and is chipped and you take it knowing who the owner is..then thats scumbag behavior.

No. 2000684

He wasted a 100 litres of water doing that…

No. 2000696

Some people are so retarded, they have to throw out the baby with the bathwater for everything and cannot imagine not swinging on a pendulum for issues. Who would have thought that the "wokes" aren't always hysterically whining?

No. 2000707

It's not stealing. If you allow your animal to roam outside, you're a bad animal owner. And it's always morally right to take animals away from bad owners.(baiting)

No. 2000735

File: 1715554531445.jpg (470.78 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20240512-195504_You…)

No. 2000748

Kek it's not a one shade fits all. If a white woman picked the wrong shade willingly to complain about it no one would take her seriously. They show on their website who their darkest shade is intended for. It does seem darker than it should be which is a problem in itself and honestly all their colors seems off, so it just looks like a bad product/brand, but not a brand that purposefully offered only jet black for dark-skinned women. People cannot complain about things online without making it political these days.

No. 2000764

Nta but you seem to not understand that the shade match isn't the issue. No shit it doesn't match her, that's not the point of the video. She's a makeup reviewer, so they review makeup regardless of if it's for them. There's some makeup reviewers who will literally swatch entire lines of foundation just so people can see all the colors.

No. 2000789

The picture they used for that color doesn't even depict the model wearing it, and you'd be able to see that if you watched the half-assed tiktok the creator posted where the colors don't match up on either of the men's skin and they do a switcheroo back to 590. Literal South Sudanese people have confirmed it doesn't fit them. The reason it doesn't work for anyone is because there is no undertone to it. You might as well put ash in a bottle and call it foundation. No one competent makes foundation that way, lmao. At this rate, brands should start selling straight-up paste or mayonnaise in a bottle for $50 and insisting it's special moisturizing egg-based foundation for pale northern europeans, kek. Dickriders like you would defend their honor for sure.

No. 2000883

>381 usd for shitty foundation
even dior and chanel foundation doesn't even reach anything close to that price, what even is this?

No. 2000893

Honestly, anyone defending the idea that a straight up black pigment was an honest attempt at a foundation shade has some biases they are refusing to admit and just want to gaslight people. Anon defending this know exactly what they are doing, as did the brand who decided to waste their resources just because black people annoy them. It's pathetic tbh.

No. 2000896

Idk where anon is from because it’s $48 USD on the burger website.

No. 2000915

File: 1715573069536.jpeg (28.18 KB, 828x237, IMG_3779.jpeg)

i don't think those are us dollars. the foundation seems to be little under 50 usd. could be hong kong dollars

No. 2000962

Isn't the owner of the brand from Hong Kong?

No. 2001086

File: 1715591319221.jpeg (3.68 MB, 3098x3872, E3192DA2-10BB-4365-9FB2-9B1571…)

Retarded TikTok user takes “abandoned” baby deer from its established home in forest to keep as a pet. It is physically apparent that this fawn is not abandoned and knows its mother is around. Why can’t people just leave nature alone? The user posted an update and has decided to bring the fawn to a shelter opposed to returning her to her mother/home.

No. 2001135

Idk I live in a rural area and see so many cats hit by cars, I kinda half agree lol…

No. 2001141

I know animals are often pushed out of the nest really young, but I can't help but think that being separated from it's mom was probably incredibly distressing.
>Amazon delivery driver chased deer
>Random human takes it home
This is literally the type of shit in movies that makes animals turn evil against humans.

No. 2001165

Outdoor cats have an average lifespan of 2-4 years, indoor cats have an average lifespan of 12-18 years. There is literally no other information that a person needs to make a responsible decision about their cat. It's pure laziness is what it is. They don't have the time or patience or care to actually engage their cat by playing with them or walking them outside on a leash and harness. If you put your cat outside, you're the enemy.

No. 2001263

This. If you throw any other animal outside with no enclosure, no collar, no chip, nothing it's practically expected they'll run away or get attacked by a predator, idk why people think cats or any different. Even if you throw farm animals outside with no enclosure you'd have to be pretty retarded to think nothing bad will happen

No. 2001576

Deer leave their babies hidden in weird places to bring back food. Mother probably thought a wolf ate her darling….

No. 2001992

Its true. Cats that go outdoors can die or get severely injured.

No. 2002295

File: 1715683298127.mp4 (6.87 MB, 1080x1920, Y2meta.app-J'AI FAIS CETTE BLA…)

the caption is just "who was expecting this ?"
this has more than a 100k likes and this disgusts beyong imaginable. I always wonder why women act in this kind of videos, it's worse than doing onlyfan to me

No. 2002301

If you live in a tiny one room apartment and barely go outside it's common sense that it's immoral to get a big dog. If you have a little garden it's still not moral to keep a big horse in it. In the same way if you get a cat in an area where it's not safe for it to go outdoors, you're just being immoral and a bad owner. The exception are the cat breeds humans have fucked up so bad they can't even go outdoors on their own - and those are immoral to breed/keep to begin with.
And as an owner if you let your animals go free outside you have to be aware of the risks that come with it, that's common sense. Your sheep may get taken by a wolf, your rabbit by a fox. A cat living longer because it's not out in nature doesn't mean it's better for them, just like it's not better for a human to be locked up for their entire lives either - as covid should have taught most people. People just don't care because their own egotistical gain from having a cuddly cat at home outweighs the thought that it may be immoral. Cats "domesticated" themselves and have been used to keep away vermin for thousands of years, it's only a VERY recent idea that locking them in a tiny apartment to keep them "safe" is what is good for them.

No. 2002302

Your idea revolves around that the only two options are "outside or cardboard box apartment"?? Makes no sense

But as for farm animals, even if you try buying a farm animal without a proper fence/enclosure you'll be laughed at and denied, if you have cows but no fence and constantly complain about how they're getting out and people are stealing them you'll get laughed at and people will question why the fuck would you buy an animal you put zero security measures over. Why does this magically not apply to cats? I'm not gonna buy a goat to release outside no fence, chip or anything else and cry when it gets stolen, eaten or anything else. Idk why people decided that cats were the only pet on the planet that doesn't need any sort of protection but here we are i guess

No. 2002303

>I always wonder why women act in this kind of videos, it's worse than doing onlyfan to me
Not to be overdramatic, but it's literally a betrayal. Nearly every woman will have at least one instance of being made to feel uncomfortable by a moid on public transport, and bus and train stations are spots where sexual assaults frequently happen. This bitch portrays it for a lolsorandumb TikTok? Women like her should be burnt at the stake.

No. 2002306

Exactly, at least OF women are honest about their intent, these are not only pandered towards children but anytime these sorts of videos are made people use them as an excuse to crazy -make women that call them out "wow if that's how you saw it you're the pervert" etc

No. 2002314

I view women acting in shit like this as massive cope. Similar to how some women repeatedly stay with abusers because in their minds they made the "choice" to even if there are no realistic options for better men.
Women like this choose to participate in misogynistic discourse cause they are gaslighting themselves and believe the disrespect is ok because they think they're laughing with men who are actually laughing at them.

No. 2002369

Welp, time to get rid of my 9 year old cat that has been with me through good and bad times and love from the bottom of my hearth since it's immoral to keep him now that I moved.
Girl fuck off

No. 2002414

Most cows in the US aren't kept in fenced enclosures. Where I live if you don't want other people's cows on your property you have to fence them out. My chickens aren't enclosed either except at night, I don't have a fence. The cats keep mice/opossums/etc away from my house and livestock and they keep the birds out of my vegetable garden, they're not rally pets any more than the chickens are.

I think it's different if you are in a suburb or a city but you were talking about livestock so idk

No. 2002418

>big dogs and farm animals can't be kept in an apartment and need adequate outdoor space
no shit kek, are cats and horses the same size in your mind or something? cats clearly do well in various sizes of living spaces otherwise there'd be plenty of outcry from animal rights activists that keeping a cat in an apartment is "immoral" and that only people that live in the middle of bumfuck nowhere can own one

No. 2002719

As a (literal) farmer, no. In most states it's literally illegal to own livestock with no fence. Majority of auctions won't even allow you to bid unless you have proven you have a proper land, enclosure and food for the animal. You don't know what you're talking about

No. 2002731

Not you trying to blatantly lie. Not a single state has been a free range state since the 1800s, meaning no you don't live in red dead redemption where cows are apparently roaming everywhere and it's everyone else's responsibility to keep them out

No. 2002737

So you think the meat and dairy industry just let their investments run free and get away, eaten by predators etc? Get real, no way in hell that is happening.

No. 2002755

nta but there's an anon(s)? who've been denying normalities in America, almost positive it's the same anon who claimed all American school buses have seatbelts in the baby thread

No. 2002758

The size of a dog is not necessarily related to their energy/space requirements. Lots of little dogs need yards but for example great Danes or greyhounds make very good apartment dogs.

No. 2003123

File: 1715740785270.jpeg (349.91 KB, 1170x977, IMG_2488.jpeg)

No. 2003134

If a cat is clean, healthy, groomed and has a collar on this is such a terminally online thing to do. If it’s a cat without any identification and looks hurt or sick, then obviously it’s a good idea to care for it. But leave it to deranged tiktok users to have black and white thinking about every fucking thing

No. 2003140

Rescuing a cat to a tiny apartment is better than it being in a tiny cage or euthanized. So long as it has everything it needs and gets like moderate enrichment it's fine.

No. 2003161

The conversation is feeling very black and white, aren't people here capable of nuance?
Cats naturally wander and enjoy going out but they always have a very specific area they don't really go outside of. Obviously if you live in an area full of dogs and cars then it's not safe for the cat to go out but acting like it's morally correct to steal a one if it enjoys sitting at the front porch is beyond deluded.

No. 2003168


No. 2003180

Literally no one is talking about people stealing cats off of a front porch, that's clearly not what anyone means when they say a cat is outdoors.

No. 2003185

How can you be sure though? Do you really think it’s a far stretch for some psychos on tiktok to think because a cat is outside in any capacity they should be removed? This is tiktok we’re talking about

No. 2003192

Anon you are making shit up just for the sake of an argument. When people talk about cats being outside, it's cats roaming outside. If anyone is snatching cats off of porches, it's definitely not the majority.

No. 2003195

Step into reality please

No. 2003247

I didn’t make anything up, I wasn’t the anon you meant to reply to. I don’t think cats should be outside either, doesn’t mean I think these retards on tiktok are in the right for taking other peoples pets when you’re assuming they’re as sensible as you want them to be

No. 2003473

>they always have a very specific area they don't really go outside of
This is a myth. They polled cat owners on how far they thought their cat wandered and how big its territory was, and then they tracked the cat by GPS and the results were magnitudes off from each other. The cat with the largest territory in that study alone wandered across 1,351 acres. Besides, if I have a bird feeder in my yard, your cat doesn't have to wander far to kill all the songbirds.

No. 2003492

Just going to post the same reply I left days ago.
>Outdoor cats have an average lifespan of 2-4 years, indoor cats have an average lifespan of 12-18 years. There is literally no other information that a person needs to make a responsible decision about their cat. It's pure laziness is what it is. They don't have the time or patience or care to actually engage their cat by playing with them or walking them outside on a leash and harness. If you put your cat outside, you're the enemy.
There is no nuance to your cats life.

No. 2003643

>walking them outside on a leash and harness
It's funny how I've never known an outdoor cat enthusiast who actually owns a harness and leash. Apparently they're all for their cat's rights to freedom except when it involves them as the owner doing the slightest bit of work.

No. 2005227

>mostly listen to music and only subscribed to single women
>constantly get recommended mra channels, passport pedo bro shit and trad shit
This pickmes channel is basically her bringing her husband and kids plates and her husband "rewarding" her by saying something sexual. All comments are cringe but the worst are the moids who have a problem with her husband getting his plate after his kids - because the head of the house should eat first, he is the provider, he did all the work, he needs his strength the most (in case society collapses and he has to fight) and the kids need to grow up and learn to deal with having to wait! The kids are babies and toddlers…
It also always makes me sad seeing girls and young women comment that they wish for such a relationship too, they're being set up. At this point I totally believe that youtube is controlled by evil moids trying to push their propaganda with supposedly lighthearted clips that lead you down to a cesspool of misogyny. Of course the women created this content aren't fully to blame, she seems to be happy with how her family works but she also titled a video with "keep his stomach fed and his balls empty", so to a certain degree she definitely is supporting the trad family bangmaid rhetoric too.

No. 2005232

Samefag but I also often get videos of women "complaining"/bragging about how early they get up to cook their husbands lunch for work.
It's a constant promoting of women suffering.

No. 2005248

>"keep his stomach fed and his balls empty"
never seen a worse advertisement for being married to a scrote in my life kek, being a pickme wife sounds like hell on earth

No. 2005373

Literally. Reading that phrase ruined my morning.

No. 2005380

>keep him hungry and his balls flattened

No. 2005390

>keep him flattened and his hungrys ball

No. 2005393

i do think it's actually complaining/venting/a cry for help though. under the guise of a humble brag or entertaining tiktok video. i'm sure a lot of these women are reading the comments from other women telling them how wrong the whole thing is and finding solace in it even if they can't change the situation or don't even necessarily want to change it, for whatever reason.

No. 2005456

>"keep his stomach fed and his balls empty"
so in other words snip his balls and feed them to him?

No. 2005457

Why, I would love to castrate my man and feed him his testicles!

No. 2005824

File: 1715904001616.mp4 (1.73 MB, 1080x1920, Snapinsta.app_video_43946649_1…)


No. 2005832

Terminal pickmeism. I wonder if she even gets paid to do this.

No. 2005836

Gotta love that filter and camera perspective to drive home how proud she is that she looks like a child. Don't you just love it when grown women are so brainrotted by the internet that they start confirming to men's pedophilic tendencies?

No. 2005867

Why did she remove the word child from the image? Let me guess to pass it off as "just loli"?

No. 2005868

No joke, I would kill myself at least a year later maximum if I knew my face was attached to this.

No. 2005901

Is she retarded? It's obvious she's in her 20s. Asian women who indulge this retarded fetish are pathetic

No. 2005903

The internet was always degenerate but man it's absolutely wild how people today will attach their face to something like this.

No. 2005906

she genuinely doesnt look like a child though..

No. 2005916

Is she actually Asian? All the filters it's hard to tell lol.

No. 2005935

Send her to a kolhoz

No. 2005938

File: 1715913231763.mp4 (1.05 MB, 720x1280, C54F074DC82BD5A31634B6FDE77B9F…)

it's this girl https://www.instagram.com/princesita.melody/
this was on her ig stories today. the audio basically says "hey girl why aren't you in school, hey girl, girl!" she also uploaded a video cosplaying as dolored from lolita, hit-girl from kickass and in her tagged photos you can see she also cosplayed a child character from genshin
she's constantly pedobaiting saying she's a "legal loli" and obviously her followers are all pedos

No. 2005957

She's not asian

No. 2006045

she literally has an adults face she's just really short ..theres lots of places where its common for women to be around 4'11 but you dont see them appealing to pedos like this

No. 2006053

Yeah as soon as the filter moves shes 29

No. 2006074

File: 1715923979020.png (342.03 KB, 389x751, kekw.png)

she looks like chespirito without the filters lmao

No. 2006080


No. 2006082

I know a pickme just like that and they're as insufferable as they get

No. 2006091

Women like this are so pathetic. "HAHA YEAH IM SHORTUWU" is their whole personality. Their videogame music listening faggot ass yellow fever bfs are pathetic as well.

No. 2006097

No. 2006104

I know this is hard to admit but sometimes I feel really jealous of this type of women. They get picked so easily and get to live a simple life where they pretend to be cute and loved by everyone. I'm insecure. I don't want to be picked by a man, I already have a boyfriend, I just wish I was unconditionally loved like that. To be seen as harmless. I have such a different body type to this.

No. 2006111

I don't get it. Women with small bodytypes that aren't pickmes feel bad because they know scrotes see them as a child and that's why they're attracted to them. It's not unconditional love it's just coomerism from gross middle aged men.

No. 2006116

Can't relate at all kek, just being able to look down on the average moid clears my skin and cures my mental illness.

No. 2006128

I'm saying this as a woman who is conventionally unattractive, i really can't see what there is to envy. Women like this always attract the nastiest men possible and there's the constant imminent doom that you will hit the wall with these women, since you will look middle aged eventually and won't be able to pedo bait anymore. Plus she is using heavy filters, we don't really know what she looks like, so she can't be that confident in herself.

No. 2006157

I look barely legal, and life is hell. Men think they can do whatever they want because girls and young women are often afraid to call them out. People think my boyfriend is lucky to be dating an 18-year-old. Men are vile.

No. 2006166

Gonna put this hot take out there as a womanlet, when I remember that I'm only five feet tall, I hate it because that puts my chances of properly fighting back against anyone next to zero UNLESS I have a gun (which I don't).

No. 2006171

But she isn't even cute irl kek Her face looks… very adult. Also, i'm not that short, but sometimes i'm riddled with worries that my height is inferior… I know that if i was tall, i'd still hate it. You can never win.

No. 2006183

>video game music listening
Mega kek, real

No. 2006205

Men dont uncondionally love any women, just desire sexually and will put us into retarded porn categories legal loli/mommy milkers/blonde bimbo/kinky goth etc. And as much it sucks for everyone I think short, young looking women get the absolute worst, literal pedophiles.

No. 2006217

File: 1715938688972.jpg (84.92 KB, 798x1080, photo_8f44c4b9_0410_3f38_df13_…)

Kek. Lmao even

No. 2006228

I genuinely have no idea where you got this from. I'm a womanlet and people just see you as short and that's it. The harmless notion you think is cute is usually just a weakness for these moids. Most don't love small women. They love the idea of being powerful. They want to feel big and strong, it's all about them and their insecurities. Any sane person who looks at that grown ass woman acting like a kid thinks she's retarded, not cute. Apart from being able to fit into small airplane seats more comfortably than the average person, I don't see a reason to be jealous of short women.

No. 2006235

Same, I used to hate my tall height when I was really young but now I fucking love the feeling of being taller than all these moids and being able to look down on them.
Repost I clicked on the wrong anon

No. 2006259

>I just wish I was unconditionally loved like that
Is it really unconditional if it only lasts for as long as she's uwu smol and young? Every woman who builds their entire identity around being short and kawaii ends up having a mental breakdown once she ages out and starts antagonizing younger girls who take her place.
I'm a regular degular height woman who looks mostly average to above average and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Pedos to the left of me, manlets with anger issues on the right.

No. 2006271

No hate to any shorties here but there is a obnoxious subtype of short women that loooooove bragging about being smol like shoe, ariana grande, ect. I hate being tall cause I really just don't want to be noticed or seen but when you stand over people it makes you feel huge. It definitely contributed to eating problems. But you can't just say that short women have it easier. It's always a exchange with these things. But society definitely favors women being as small as possible. Both physically and mentally.

No. 2006273

No. 2006434

what nationality are you anon? i live in a country where the average height is relatively tall so tall women have always been the ideal. it's pretty much only on tiktok and in weeb and other nerd spaces i see the petite tiny teen shit getting hyped up.

No. 2006472

NTA are you perhaps dutch or belgian? I'm latina and most women here are on the smaller end, no matter the age (a lot of abuelitas are like 1.50m). On another country, I would be seen as average height, but where I live I'm on the taller end for the average woman. It's always weird to me.

No. 2006490

ayrt i'm swedish. i'm 170 cm and i'm not seen as tall here just mid. i think the irl ideals vary between countries but the online culture affects everyone regardless.

No. 2007260

I was looking for clips from a show, and got jumpscared with this

No. 2007330

can we get archives of this instead of just the links? not only can they get taken down and this thread will have 0 context but some of us use vpns/are from a country where it is blocked. posting this on /meta/ too

No. 2007424

Off topic, but does anyone know the song?

No. 2007426

Dare by Gorillaz.

No. 2007428

Thank you.

No. 2007461

No. 2007522

Are short women actually saying this or are tall girlies just taking personal offence to women who were born with what you percieve a more fortunate stature?
I'm short and I would rather be average height because gaining weight is far easier when short.

No. 2007753

No, nonna. There really are short women using their borderline midget height for pickmeism. We just had a session where we chewed out an artist and a pedobaiting twenty-nine year old for sexualizing their short heights.

No. 2007760

A session…?

No. 2007764

Ntayrt but why would anyone want to be short? I thought it was considered to be an objectively negative trait to have, like being cross-eyed or fat.

No. 2007781

This is so goady anon, jokes on you because I have no issue with being short I just wish it wasn't so easy to gain weight.

No. 2007786

>tfw 4'11" and 160 lbs look fatter than someome who's 6'2" and 220 lbs

No. 2007791

File: 1716046447720.jpg (206.92 KB, 1079x1393, 1000016801.jpg)

Hate to be that person, but I don't think 160 pounds at 4'11 is ideal.

No. 2007798

Samefag, whoops I just realized it was to compare BOTH kinds of overweight. In that case, I think both look bad to me.

No. 2007800

Not all nonnie, but I feel like every girl has ran into at least one that obnoxiously humblebrags.

No. 2007801

>there is a obnoxious subtype of short women that loooooove bragging about being smol like shoe, ariana grande, ect.
Except a majority of "uwu I'm soooo smol" girls are obese. I have quite literally only ever seen genuine short girls using the smol bean cope to compensate for their weight. Skinny short girls are few and far between, and a majority of online girls who do this larp on social media get exposed for either

A) having an ugly face and using filters

B) exposed in candid pics for being significantly taller than they claim/fake with their camera angles.

There are multiple lolcows who have been done like this kek. Smol beans are fatties or fakers and that's the truth

No. 2007810

being fat makes you unhealthy and unnatractive by default, being cross eyed makes you look retarded…being short is just being short. it's only considered an unnatractive trait if you're a man

No. 2007813

Being short can definitely make you look retarded though, even as a woman.

No. 2007815

Does it really matter, it's annoying regardless if they are faking or not. Point is you don't see tall girls bragging about being tall and uwu cute. It's not something that is sexualized or favored unless you are a model or something. Let's not sperg about height though. Their is ways gonna be benefits and cons to certain features.

No. 2007818

only if you're the type to claim you're a legal loli or whatever or lean into the pedo shit. just being a normal short woman doesn't make you look retarded at all
>No hate to any shorties here but there is a obnoxious subtype of short women that loooooove bragging about being smol
i have the opposite problem where i'll just say my height (which isn't even that short, just slightly below average) and moids are the ones who will start making me out to be a super smol bean, then when i try to correct them and say i'm not even that short, they'll ignore it and continue it anyways. it's genuinely really annoying and makes me not really want to say my height ever since they'll always put me into that box regardless of if i'm even short or not

No. 2007820

samefag but i think that's probably how it starts with a lot of those women except they genuinely love moids treating them like a little smol bean and won't deny it or anything even if they know they're not that short, they just pander to them even more basically

No. 2007843

Did Nigel leave you for a shorter woman anon? What the fuck is your problem

No. 2007851

This^^^ moids say it knowing women will be flattered to be called small. And then women play into it.

No. 2007862

>you don't see tall girls bragging about being tall and uwu cute
There are plenty of tall girls on social media who build their entire identities around being ebic supermodel tol girl waifspo. You don't meet them as much irl for some reason but let's not pretend that tall girls don't have their own variation of this. The only truly non annoying flavour of height is average height (5'3 to 5'7)

No. 2007863

I'm 5'1 but this gave me a hearty kek.

No. 2007868

Women who do the mommy-dommy larp are also super annoying. Something about a 5'9+ nlog coming into contact with a phone is arguably more annoying than short girls since they boil their entire existence down to "I can peg you".

No. 2007869

Cisgendered women don't do this.

No. 2007876

it's also hard to avoid having them say it in general once they've decided to put you into that box even when you don't play into it. they'll see you correcting them as you being humble or something in my experience or think you're just a shorty in denial unless you're actually tall or genuinely completely average. the only way to avoid this really seems to just not give out any information about what you look like in general, or only talk to men irl so they can't have these weird warped perspectives of what you look like based on photos or your general height
I hate that, the mommy stuff is so pornbrainrotted and I hate how many women lean into that as well
I think you mean real women, and they do unfortunately.

No. 2007888

99% of those comments always come from troons

No. 2007905

I feel insane someone just asked what song that was

No. 2007907

Yeah but they aren't as common as the midget sized ones trying to appeal to pedos

No. 2007913

File: 1716051683638.gif (3.02 MB, 320x180, 1000016803.gif)

I fucking know right? Gorillaz is pretty mainstream and everybody loves DARE. I get it, not everybody knows all songs but that anon not knowing it kind of hit me.

No. 2007924

Coming back just to ask: is anyone else creeped out by the way she dances? Knowing that this is a grown woman who straight up pedobaits makes the childlike dance rather jarring to watch.

No. 2007939

yeah it's creepy how she tries to be like "sexy" with the first moves and then at the end it's just her shaking her ass

No. 2007967

why not bring it to a vet? most pets nowadays atleast where i live are microchipped. its absolutely wrong to just take them as your own if you havent even put the effort to get the microchip scanned. plenty of cats and dogs break out of the house by accident, opening a door, escaping from their harness/leash/collar etc.

No. 2008525

When they want gay dollars but don’t actually want to be gay

No. 2009320

> being ebic supermodel tol girl waifspo
I've literally never seen this before in my life but I've seen the opposite many times. Why when this discussion comes up all the short nonnies get offended and pull a whataboutism. Ok you personally don't do that, but please stop pretending other short women don't love making that a personality trait. Society favors women being smaller and less than men. I'm tired of this stupid discussion. I can find plenty of pedo baiting short women, which is morally evil. I can't even find a example of a tall girl bragging and if she did, it isn't to pedobait. Which is objectively worse??

No. 2009330

Is that the singer from Maneskin? Tf is that pedo stach

No. 2009363

It's so over for us fam.

No. 2009500

I recognized the song but forgot the name lol

No. 2009556

well, all is forgiven.

No. 2010503

File: 1716197799675.jpg (504.51 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20240520_113517_Gal…)

I hate those "animal rescue" videos where they just buy up a whole pet store. You're not rescukng shit, you're just adding to the demand while encouraging others to buy from the pet store too. Way to go retard.

No. 2011850

How is this supposed to try to be gay? Are they genderspecials or something?

Men will fetishize about any trait in women, and there will always be pick mes who try to cater to them. If not a physical trait it can be bragging of a hobby popular with moids, larping as tradwife or bimbo, being mens right activist etc. They just use whatever they got.

No. 2011880

>How is this supposed to try to be gay? Are they genderspecials or something?
Nta but I guess because Dove Cameron calls herself "queer" despite exclusively dating men

No. 2015258

Pedo channel pedo photographer

No. 2015264

File: 1716416923703.jpg (223.5 KB, 1440x1258, Screenshot_20240522_172713_You…)

David Hofmann the dance photographer is a pedophile and pedophile panderer

No. 2015272

All scrotes who do dance photography are pedophiles. Grown men have no business being involved in any aspect of the dance world.

No. 2015459

File: 1716427956938.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 3423x2567, 1000003671.jpg)

I always wonder if I would find him more attractive if I didnt know how badly built his ass was

No. 2015464

I dont understand why the average person involved in these child-centered activities do not seem to understand that all the adults around their child are preying upon them.

No. 2016446

Dance moms don't care they pimp out their daughters all the time

No. 2016449

You know it when you see it. This is basically pornography for pedophiles.

No. 2016649

I hate men so much, it should be law to not have them in any jobs with children.

No. 2016671

late but it's basically a "socially acceptably slightly quirky girl who remains quiet and lets her boyfriend be the shining star in the relationship". the woman in the vid is not criticizing her as much as the moids who want this type of woman to be a subservient "alt version" of basically a tradwife. as someone who lives in a hipster city these women absolutely exist

No. 2017227

Ok, thx for explaining.

No. 2021951

>"TikTok is essential for discovering new music."
>99% of TikTok videos use 1 of about 25 music tracks.
>99.9% of songs in their database have 1-20 total uses ever.
I can't understand why people like this. It's autistic child behavior.

No. 2022350

File: 1716789968663.jpeg (209.2 KB, 753x743, IMG_9772.jpeg)

Fuck Israel and everything but this is so retarded. Jews have no ancestral connection to Israel but African Americans have an ancestral connection with Africa which means it’s justified for them to steal African land from people who are already living there? Also, I refuse to believe this girl is more than 5% Native American.
Sure, Emily.

No. 2022352

>me, a native
A native to WHERE

No. 2022353

Sweden, judging by her skin tone

No. 2022368

“Her name’s Emily”
Kek ok why is this so true

No. 2022391

I always wonder what happens to these people in the long run. What happens when you get older and your boyfriend/fans/simps are still attracted to lolis and childlike behavior and you’re no longer “little and young”, but a short middle-aged woman? What happens then? Do they just have a giant meltdown when a younger generation comes along?

No. 2022395

Theyre going to be baby Jane. Just ignore them and let nature take its course.

No. 2022397

Chances are they're under the delusion men want youngER women rather than simply young women. So if she has an older bf, he will always be older and she will always be younger, therefore he will always be satisfied with her… when in reality he is exclusively attracted to children/teens and she will get dumped when she ages out of his preferred range. Absolutely bleak.

No. 2022398

And that's why short pickmes never prosper.

No. 2022416

Reminds me of a girl I knew who was like 5'6 and telling everyone she was so short and tiny kek

No. 2022800

Why is there a small but loud minority of people clearly pretending to be native American? I know there was the ones who did so for free college and stuff but all this seems to just be for Internet points… Why?

No. 2022844

File: 1716823595474.mp4 (18.13 MB, 576x1024, ee15637c637cb88c2b3a067ac478de…)

Faggots need to be banned off social media

No. 2022851

Everyone knows what a neat whiskey is, what an insufferable fag. Even if by some mircale someone hasn't heard about a neat whiskey before, its very much made obvious in the song what it is, like thats the point of it being mentioned.

No. 2022873

I hate his white tongue

No. 2022876

How do unwashed 40 year old looking men like these manage to mansplain the most innocuous meaningless nothing everyday shit, oh and create fictional scenarios of women caring about whatever autistic fixation they do "in the wrong way", just to be bitterly misogynistic? You can tell he's releasing pent up rage at a woman who broke up with him in these quirky Snapchat pedo rants

No. 2022886

>Except a majority of "uwu I'm soooo smol" girls are obese.
Holy shit this just unlocked a memory of one of my old managers who giggled about her ex-bf picking her up all the time because she's "so smoll". She was short and like 200 lbs, he could pick her up like that because he was cracked out all the time.

No. 2022967

i mean, unless your moid is unfit and the same height as you, then every male can pick you up. you have to be with a skinnyfat manlet or be deathfat obese tier to make them unable to do that.

No. 2022969

It's so fucking gross I'm throwing up. Tongue cleaners should be more common in society

No. 2023090

I'm a slob but at least I keep my fat ugly ass in the house. So when I see people filming with white fat ass tongues and crusty lips it makes me cringe. Why get on camera like that?
Jacob Gellar makes great videos but lord his mouth…and he loves to be on the camera.
As soon as I saw his tongue I gagged. Keep that shit to yourself scrote

No. 2023388

This account makes me feel the way some anons felt about nara Smith, there's nothing wrong with the post themselves but it gives me a weird vibe

No. 2023635

File: 1716862342559.jpg (305.2 KB, 1152x2047, 1000003719.jpg)

You're not a girl bitch

No. 2023636

Like "office siren" to gays is dressing like fucking flapjack? Trying to look like a teenage boy? Hahahaha okay

No. 2023638

Just found out Hozier is pronounced like Frasier

No. 2023649

I assumed it was whisky in a cup with no ice and I don’t even drink. All to have this waste of life confirm it in the most condescending way possible. We need more slurs for straight men. Why tf would any adult woman think a near whisky is a cocktail when the song is about not liking sweet things.

No. 2023654

File: 1716864624115.jpeg (186.5 KB, 720x405, IMG_6592.jpeg)

what was the point of this 1/1000 hypothetical? is he hoping to confuse some visually impaired fan with his blatant skinwalking? this is so fucking embarrassing.

No. 2023669

siren? bitch you are the whale. i cannot stand faggots.

No. 2023675

It’s not, this retarded faggot is mispronouncing it. It’s pronounced how-zee-ur.

No. 2023678

Anon called him a faggot but his rant was 100% pretentious straight male glazingb

No. 2023680

Girl I've still been saying that shit wrong. I thought it was Hoe-jee-ur.

No. 2023681


No. 2023692

File: 1716866102436.jpg (163.79 KB, 946x2048, 1000003729.jpg)

No. 2023694

The entire account feels weird. But all the multimillionaire pronatalists on social media do

No. 2023713

>the likes

No. 2023716

Unbelievable. I’m so tired of internet rotted assholes that I can’t even feel angry. I’m tired.

No. 2023717

I hope he gets brutally assraped by a pack of meth addicts. This retarded shit isn't even funny.

No. 2023726

ragebait but moids will post this and wonder why women want nothing to do with them

No. 2023824

why do we not bully paper-white people for claiming to be native anymore

No. 2023876

Isn't this the lady who made a whole thing about how you don't need lots of money to have children and it turned out she has like 20k dollar stoves and other equipment?

As for Nara Smith, I find her videos creepy but her fans are the absolute worst. Getting dressed up and making cooking content has been a thing since cable and even then people were capable of admitting the creator likely just orders take out/gets box food in their jammies on the reg but you can barely point out she likely has help with her content without her fans foaming at the mouth. Like common no one actually thought nigella makes 3 course Mediterranean food from scratch in body con dresses daily, people are so brain rotted they actually believe Nara smith is kitchen slaving in Gucci daily. They also claim to not cater to trad content but they clearly do

No. 2024229

are these people just edgy or are they fr

No. 2026057

File: 1716978200666.mp4 (490.56 KB, 320x568, 1716916795499.mp4)

Most surprising thing I've seen in a while. Extremely degrading tstl

No. 2026059

How do women willingly participate in something like this? It is so sad

No. 2026067

Low IQ and pickme mentality I guess.

No. 2026068

She's not like other girls she's FUN

No. 2026079

Why do I share a earth with these evil fucking monsters??

No. 2026106

Is he going for the tif look? Does he fake a froggy voice too?

No. 2027341

>jews have no ancestral relation to israel
so why their holiest sites are literally in jerusalem?

No. 2027459

This woman putting her cat over a pot of boiling water as a joke. I hate people.

No. 2027472

American evangelicals have their holiest sites in Jerusalem too. What's your point?

No. 2027604

And what religion would their religion be based on?

No. 2027606

File: 1717085008897.jpeg (194.64 KB, 1024x592, rxIZRPj.jpeg)

>Jews have no ancestral connection to Israel
so don't most people to the places they currently live in yet are claimed as "their" land? borders have changed dramatically throughout history because of migration, war, cultural absorption, etc. and many ethnicities don't live in the exact location of their tribal ancestors yet they are politically entitled to the current land they live on. israel's war crimes should be acknowledged and the state should be held accountable, but it is a bad faith argument to act like israel's geographic location and their connection to the land is any more or less arbitrary than any other nation's

No. 2027620

you're right, but they hadn't been there for years, whereas many europeans and africans for instance have been in their countries for many years, as had the palestinians in what is now israel. i don't think you can displace people who have such long roots there. yes everyone is a migrant, but planted seeds create roots and you should not tear them up. that being said, i hope the current situation does not affect any jewish diaspora negatively, i understand the want for a safe place and a community, i just very much disagree with these means

No. 2028146

this poor child was 17 and every year more people learn about her and try to be the edgiest about it. I really wish people could let her rest in peace. it reminds me of the hentai manga some degenerate
made about her story

what is she even wearing ? i bet she is a conservative, i hope she appreciate her traditional marriage

No. 2028452

You're kind of forgetting about how Israel is literally throwing Palestinian families out of homes they've lived in for generations so they can be given to brand new Jewish immigrants from the west. The question isn't "do Israelis have a right to live in Israel" the question is "do western Jews have a right to replace Palestinians in the West Bank" and the answer is obviously no.

No. 2028464

NTA. I agree with your sentiment about Israeli settlers, but you know that’s not how the Israeli settlements in West Bank work right? The Israeli settlers built their own communes basically, often on privately owned Palestinian land, but they’re not literally going door-to-door evicting Palestinian families so some Brooklynite can move in

No. 2028548

Nigella looks healthy and doesn't pedo pander though. At least the tradthots back in the day had personality. Nara strikes me as someone who doesn't form any opinions, have any hobbies, etc outside of what her man demands

No. 2028564

File: 1717121522023.jpg (22.55 KB, 1004x357, 20240127_221338.jpg)

No. 2028567

What in the actual fuck, people have 0 decency.

No. 2028569

I fucking hate this

No. 2028573


No. 2028578

who but conservative thots would wear something so tacky?

No. 2028580

Who cares. Rape still isn't funny.

No. 2028582

File: 1717122095304.jpg (49.93 KB, 960x660, 20240127_025908.jpg)


No. 2028585

I really wonder what was even going through that woman's mind when she helped these scrotes plan and followed through with the skit. I wouldn't trust a guy who even jokes about women getting raped, it's almost amazing to me that there are so many women who are genuinely okay or oblivious with moids showing their true nature this obviously.

No. 2028759

pircel alone I dont even want to open it up fully. The fact those vile moids are out and free to this day.

No. 2028832

>woman complains about deadbeat baby daddy not wanting to pay his child support
>manchild reacts just to giggle about it like a toddler because he made hating women his internet personality
>checks channel, he made an entire song just to taunt single moms
I wanna say what we're all thinking, but I don't feel like coping a ban just yet.

No. 2028851

Living in this bullshit economy where prices are soaring higher and higher.

No. 2028865

File: 1717146980592.gif (170.84 KB, 153x283, 1000017064.gif)

I met half native americans before, and they can pass pretty well for plain white people. But knowing the amount of actual white people I met, who used their ancient native american grandmother/grandfather just to say they're native american, I'm still willing to bet she's one of the latter. If you're less than 10% of a race or ethnicity, you gotta let that shit go. Don't know why Americans love to do that shit, I don't go around calling myself British just because my great grandfather was from England.

No. 2028866

As if it was a choice between that or starving, as if there wasn't any alternatives to make money.

No. 2028880

That lady is a troll and has literally claimed to give birth to a cat and all kinds of other stuff. The single mom guy is batshit insane though, him and his followers literally taunted a lady off the Internet because she was widowed and made an account dedicated to medical care education for her disabled daughter (who got disabled from the car wreck that killed her husband). They kept stitching the video and laughing at her for being a single mom, single moms live rent free in their head idk what damage they have but I hope they heal and get a job or something

No. 2028898

Male validation is their lifeblood

No. 2028925

Kek at the pickme single moms in these comment sections who have to make it known they're not like other single moms and can have a laugh, just for these same moids to rip them apart about how their market value is next to none (even if dating wasn't mentioned), how they better not be on child support and how she should've thought about that before she chose him, etc. these moids HATE single moms with every inch of their soul, they won't even properly investigate if it's a "stupid woman getting pregnant with a random" situation just because they can't bare to miss a chance to foam at the mouth about single moms

No. 2028930

You both seem to be exactly right about this guy. Went through his channel, and literally every short is him having a hate-boner for single moms. He is so obsessed with them, it looks like a symptom of a mental disorder. I've seen white supremacists less obsessed with hating black people than this guy spending almost every video on single mothers alone.

No. 2029186

Yeah he's probably retarded.

No. 2029241

File: 1717172344508.mp4 (10.46 MB, 480x854, 81cjonv2.mp4)

You just know this creep watches the most disgusting and misogynistic porn

No. 2029259

What tf are those caterpiller eyebrows and that gross picture on the wall??? But on the topic of the video, the real solution to all of this is to stop trying to get into relationships and just live alone. This whole partnership thing doesn't seem to work, or they wouldn't have to patch the million problems that come with it.

No. 2029288

I would be the first to complain about the girls freaking out over this song on tiktok, but he managed to sound more retarded than all of them in a few seconds. Any person can google neat whiskey, why is he so obsessed over this imaginary scenario that absolutely never happened? Reddit tier made up story too. Why would they even think it would be a cocktail when the rest of the song provides plenty of context that it's not. What a genuine dumb take, fits his ugly stupid face.

No. 2029328

God he is so annoying and worst part is everyone knows a guy like this irl. Also in the end he says he likes sweet drinks himself, does even the thought of a girl liking whiskey make him that pissed because it is "manlier" kek.

No. 2029396

Retarded + he likely got rejected by a single mom and now makes it his duty to let everyone and their moms know how all single moms are the worst thing to exist. That's how these moids typically work

No. 2029400

He doesn't talk to women in real life. One of his mates who tolerated his behaviour got a girlfriend who had a child from a previous relationship which made the friend cut ties for good.

No. 2029411

That's typically how it works, I also have a weird feeling his hate for single mom goes much sinister than what they're seeing, like he dated a single mom and tried to diddle her kids and when he got charged he pulled the whole "well you're a mom you should be lucky I'm showing you attention anyway" card

No. 2029522

whats up with these chinese ai home renovation videos?

No. 2029538

I hate how funny I find this

No. 2029594

Before they made those shitposty meme videos they did actual serious home renovation videos where they would cut up a small living space to make it efficient and modern. They received a lot of criticism on those videos, and frankly for good reason, they'd do a lot of nonsensical stuff, such as blocking out natural light and adding useless almost unreachable shelving and storage. So somewhere down the line they started posting videos mocking a these criticisms which would include a lot of these bad design elements. People enjoyed these videos more then their usual stuff so it's almost all that they do now.

No. 2029831

I dont trust a grown man who uses a ring light

No. 2029965

any man that has a hate account for anything never has innocent intentions. Just look at inventing elizabeth

No. 2029968

Everyone eating that shit up like crazy and hes a scientologist. I saw men defending him even after learning all the extra information.

No. 2029970

Women need to start making videos about the pick-me boy/leftistbro/male feminist epidemic

No. 2030162

I couldn't help loling a bit either. Idk I like absurd computer-generated stuff though. I still watch eggdog when I feel sad

No. 2033856

I hate tiktok so much

No. 2033871

Those likes mean nothing, especially on Tiktok, same with 100k likes, 1M likes etc. Bots bots bots, just like on Twitter

No. 2035876

File: 1717534960912.jpg (78.27 KB, 394x553, 1000011654.jpg)

No. 2035886

That woman went viral because when people pointed out that her boyfriend was abusive she was in the comments calling people vanilla

No. 2035902

File: 1717535444434.jpg (75.18 KB, 735x500, 1000011655.jpg)

We are going backwards

No. 2035908

Why would you go to the er for that what do you even expect them to do for cervix bruising? What a weird pickme.

No. 2035936

To flatter her bf. There's no way for a penis to even bruise your cervix hard enough that you have to go to the hospital

No. 2035944

You can feel him seething at soft boys cause women find fem soft boys sexy and this guys the opposite of that

No. 2036055

this + your vaginal canal elongates when you're aroused, literal midgets have used XXL dildos perfectly fine. If you're being injured during sex it's because you weren't aroused

No. 2036080

Dicklets try to meme that the vagina is only so deep but that isn't the case. Most women are not shallow vaginad unless they are unaroused or have trauma that prevents their pussy from getting deeper and aroused

No. 2036081

She probably went for a kidney infection and lied for attention on tiktok

No. 2036300

i knew a couple like this (porn and social media addicted) and they went because she had an unbearable pain during sex and only found out it was cervical bruising at the er.

No. 2036895

She probably made that up for attention then. If you actually hurt in the cervix so bad you had to go to er you wouldnt be like omg guys we just kinky.

No. 2037107

the cat probably has fucking a urinary tract disease causing it to pee outside of its litter box, that's how they let you know something's wrong with them since they can't fucking talk… this dumb bitch wouldn't know that though since the cats are just props for her little tee hee clickbait videos. Probably stressed the poor thing out even more.

No. 2037780

File: 1717641491804.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1819, 1000000300.png)

Anyone else roll their eyes so far back when moids claim to be assaulted? I mean adult moids though, ofc assaults that happen when they're kids is valid (IF they're honest about it happening)

But it seems like the same old shit
Moids claiming to be assaulted by a woman
>An accuse they use to rid their conscious is cheating (what they typically accuse women of)
>It never actually happened or it didn't happen in the way they described, but they use their experience to silence women
>It never happened, but they made it up and for some reason use it in arguments about how false rape accusations are everywhere for some reason?

Ik some moid on 4chan or something will probably screenshot this to rant about "look at what these evil women are saying" as if they don't blame actual children for being SA'd

No. 2037783

There are different degrees of assault

No. 2037796

Of course there is, but most moids lie or overexaggerate for the purpose of putting down women

No. 2037798

Was the woman fucking blind or so high that she couldn't see? Kek.

No. 2037807

Ngl this dude is a small personal lolcow of mine. He always posts these stories of being homeless but I feel like he’s lying in most of them

No. 2037814

>that hair
Looks more like he was assaulted by a clown

No. 2037987

Kek this. Most moids are already so fucking disgusting, smelly, and everything else. Heterosexual women already have a hard town having consensual sex with people they're actually attracted to why the fuck would some woman want to put in all that effort and risk her safety to assault an ugly gross moid who can't wash his own ass?

No. 2038005

File: 1717658795124.jpeg (68.09 KB, 828x558, IMG_1384.jpeg)

KEK these women’s replies are so funny. Most of the comments are from dumbass kids/teens anyway. Which why the fuck is anyone under 18 allowed on tiktok anyway?? Like these retards would keep me from pursuing young dick.

No. 2038008

Most of the "older women" look 20s-30s max too. That guy is probably 25? Moids actually think a woman being 3 yrs older is some scandalous cougar chasing relationship when women are told they should date moids damn near a decade older on the reg

No. 2038029

File: 1717660526918.jpeg (211.97 KB, 828x813, IMG_1387.jpeg)

What is it with booktok and masked men anyway?

No. 2038031

They're ugly and it's a psychop to normalize hideous men

No. 2038039

File: 1717661402663.jpg (36.31 KB, 225x350, 95425.jpg)

most dudes are kinda pudgy or recessed nowadays. they can pretend he has a jawline underneath the mask

No. 2038276

I do think the tiktoker is lying for attention, but you absolutely can end up with internal bruising and bleeding by a big penis + rough sex. If you punch any organ hard enough it will cause health problems. I've known a woman who almost died as she was bleeding so heavily… No comment on the moid she went on the date with - disgusting monster…..

No. 2038382

they're ugly and they wanna be cringe without their faces being online forever

No. 2038869

the way I've been seeing girls that can't be older than 18 get called old and stuff on tiktok, is everyone that doesnt look like a toddler on tiktok an "older woman" now?

No. 2038909

God you're so right. Men don't have jawlines anymore and their body is pudgy or recessed too kek. They're never chiseled in any way.

No. 2039362

That's always been the case amongst teens on the internet, don't you remember how you felt about 20-30 year olds back then?

No. 2040164

File: 1717802699363.jpeg (95.21 KB, 505x672, IMG_4771.jpeg)

This “woman vs tiger” thing is gonna be my last straw….jesus

No. 2040174

what do you mean? this is hilarious kekkkk
Is there more context that makes it bad? I have not seen anything but this that you posted just now, but that looks like a meta-parody that's making fun of men

No. 2040181

It’s essentially men trying to do their own “man vs bear” thing to feel oppressed, and everything they say about women is just “she hurt my feefees”

No. 2040186

if that is genuinely designed to make me feel like women are bad and not send the message that men are pathetic then they didn't do it right. that image is 100% making fun of men.

No. 2040193

This is so funny, they really tell on themselves.

No. 2040198

Men are pussies

No. 2040202

You can tell from his prey eyes alone and the way the skin wrinkles under them like Steve Buscemi that he is ugly

No. 2040203

I'm mostly shocked by the scouse brows

No. 2040514

teens aren't calling other teenagers too old kek, it's typically just mad adult moids incapable of taking disagreements so pretend to see "signs of aging" that don't exist to bring women down if they disagree with them. Worse than 2014 lolcow tbh. I've seen women do it to, but just to be petty. You can be 80 lbs and have a doll face and get called fat, aged, etc if you say something someone doesn't like

No. 2040530

Did he fill in his eyebrows? Kek, if he is trying to be mysterious and seductive by being masked, he is doing a horrible job. I don't understand how men with lean pathetic skinny fat builds thin just throwing on a mask is good enough. He doesn't have nice enough eyes for this.

No. 2040550

Yeah its either tint or some sort of brow gel

No. 2041314

File: 1717877075449.mp4 (7.85 MB, 480x854, 1000003908.mp4)

This is unfortunately not satire. I hate people like this. You aren't otherworldly and unobtainable, you're rude and insufferable. People aren't intimidated by you, they sidestep you because you're an emotional vampire and drama queen.

No. 2041319

>'I am merely just a fantasy'
You are a PARIAH kek

No. 2041320

>video only mentions moids
>PeOpLe ArEn'T iNtImIdAtEd By YoU
Moids aren't people, and she's right.

No. 2041332

If you havent encountered someone with mania and delusions of grandeur then idk what to tell you because everything about this screams mania.

No. 2041338

File: 1717877870141.mp4 (10.02 MB, 576x1024, cODGTvyhvYyIJAQF.mp4)

No. 2041351

This is retarded and tonedeaf but at least she means well.

No. 2041388

What about this is manic… it's just some girl who's coping because she doesn't have a nigel by making a pointless tiktok about how she's above having a nigel because men are shit. She sounds annoying but she's right that men are shit.

No. 2041433

It appears the tiger already mauled him

No. 2041478

She gets on and the men in the corner start making whale sounds in unison

No. 2041491

I'm sure she means well but this comes across as so patronizing

No. 2041525

are we not going to talk about that makeup

No. 2041556

holyshit, men are so pathetic. This is why you're afraid of women? because she might call your dick small? men would literally never survive a week in a womens shoes.

No. 2041575

is he going to fuck the tiger

No. 2041577

Idk why moids think this is threatening. Like you'd choose a tiger over a woman? Uhh good? We literally just said we don't wanna be alone with you

No. 2041585

Men are insane. They are so dependent on women that they literally cannot fathom why a women doesnt want to be with them.

No. 2041591

Did it not register as obvious satire? Look at the filter

No. 2041593

Imagine being this fucking sheltered and fragile. We really should be meaner to moids, maybe they'll kill themselves in higher rates if we just make enough microdick and manlet jokes.

No. 2041595

It is a joke. The vid is making fun of incels.

No. 2041596

Nah she's doing it for content. There is no "meaning well" since she is not talking to a real person. She's just doing this to make herself look good / make her followers think that she is good. She needed content and she wanted to be part of the whole body positivity thing, like when a spicy straight wants to make a pride video, she wants to be part of something when she's not. Oh but she's totally alt and people judge her by her looks so she totally Gets It, I'm sure~. She should stay in her lane and do a video about not being ashamed of your busted ass teeth and lisp.

No. 2041597

It's hard to tell at this point because there are enough men who are serious with this shit. See

No. 2041601

The average moid always tells on himself about how little he understands true pain.

No. 2041607

It's not a filter, that's how men really look like!

No. 2041609

Leave the tiger alone, you pervert

No. 2041632

no, ive seen this guy on tiktok he's really looks like that and only posts about hw ugly he is and how women dont like him.

No. 2041994

Because it is a joke account. Wow some of you are really susceptible to bait

No. 2042012

Can one of you link his account? I want to see for myself.

No. 2042015

Anon, why would a man put on a fake filter to make himself look uglier to say that if it weren't a a joke. One zoom on his avatar immediately confirms that you're lying, even if people are gullible enough to think it isnt a filter

No. 2042102

Please stop platforming men with hare ass prey eyes

No. 2042151

>she's lowkey valid asf bruh

No. 2042228

I mean he is right about social media. But still using it, probably searching "bad" content by women on purpose and getting mad about it.

No. 2042231

File: 1717937940906.jpg (124.65 KB, 720x1043, Screenshot_20240609-134909_Ins…)

What the fuck kek

No. 2042235

ew are tiktokkers larping as scene queens now

No. 2042257

Can zoomers create their own styles for once? Damn. And why do women literally coddle men for every degen shit they fucking do while men shame women for liking tall dudes, while men out here want to fuck children. Kill me I'm sick of Earth.

No. 2042262

I can't wait until she's "Karen" aged and understands why all of us castigate pedoshit moids.

No. 2042276

Fucking kek if I saw a girl dressed like the ghost of Vicky’s past I would burst out laughing full stop. It was a retarded style the first time around and it looks even worse now as the Shein copy

No. 2042282

>Shein copy
omg I didn't even realize how low quality her outfit is. Her collar is sagging under the weight of the jump ring!

No. 2042641

File: 1717963290946.png (929.46 KB, 1179x1780, aa4Rvh9.png)

I hate these irony poisoned "dumb bitch humor" If all the sticker said was "I don't know how to drive". I think it could be a funny joke and I would love to see it on the road but they had to make the sticker misogynistic because they know women shitting on themselves will unfortunately sell

No. 2042774

Cursed object. This is inviting vehicular accidents into your life.

No. 2042795

tbf it would probably be better for female tigers to get human rather than tiger moid dick, don't tigers have fucking spikes in their dicks? and she could maul him if she wanted kek. moids always find a way to be even worse than you imagined, human or otherwise

No. 2042938

File: 1717976227563.gif (463.84 KB, 220x220, he's white.gif)


No. 2043268

Diagnosing random people with having mania based off 30 seconds of them being an annoying 20 or so year old? This isn't Twitter

No. 2044147

No. 2044155

"Passenger princess duty" yet sits in the car alone in the garage. Couldn't even get her mom to drive her around the block to make it look like she has a life.

No. 2044198

I enjoy the part where she has put her Reese's in a lock box like they're meds that have to be kept away from children.

No. 2044380

I thought people had moved past Stanleys

No. 2044998

File: 1718104755243.mp4 (6.38 MB, 480x854, y5WYBKQ.mp4)

you gotta be tripping if you're comparing racism with "fatphobia"

No. 2045011

Isnt it racist to equate fat = black? People who usually cry about fatphobia arent naturally curvy women but actually fucking obese, not a healthy state for a body for any race or sex.

No. 2045012

holy shit, is she calling all black people fatter than average? That just warps back to racism. Hasn't she seen black Africans? What a burgoid take.

No. 2045019

fat activism has been saying this for years already

No. 2045045

I find it fascinating that no one questions the label of "fat." Everyone has some fat, which is essential for survival. On average, women have more body fat than men due to biological reasons. What she is really talking about are overweight people. Overweight individuals, particularly women, are often stigmatized because we live in a hyper-individualistic society where personal freedom is equated with complete self-responsibility. As a result, being overweight is seen as a personal failing rather than a consequence of poor nutrition education or the easier access to low-quality food over healthier options.

This narrative, that being overweight is a moral failing, is pushed by the system itself. When people become ill and burden the healthcare system, the blame is placed on individuals rather than on politicians or food companies. This is a classic example of victim-blaming. When capitalism fails, it’s you and me who are held responsible for the massive health crisis of overweight and obesity.

While there are similarities between this issue and racism in terms of systemic oppression, conflating the two places undue burden on minorities, particularly Black people. This is exactly what capitalism aims to do—shift the blame onto a minority for a systemic problem that affects everyone.

No. 2045070

What a disgusting combination of snacks to eat together. No fruits or nuts or plain chocolate, just highly processed garbage who's flavors clash.

No. 2045108

I'm always amazed at how incredibly racist these retards are. Their ideas of inclusivity literally come from minstrel shows. 'Black is fat because muh fried chikin' is a take you'd see on /pol/ and yet they still convince themselves it's progressive. I want to believe it's the UPFs that they eat that make them this stupid and delusional but we are in the era of pretending trannies are the gender they LARP as, so who knows.
The most infuriating part is that this isn't even ragebait, it's what they genuinely believe.
You're being way too logical about this. The HAES movement is led by brainlets who think the word 'obese' is a slur and call themselves deathfats while screeching that BMI is a lie.

No. 2045270

It's even worse.

No. 2045309

File: 1718127921012.mp4 (1.52 MB, 688x1224, Snapinsta.app_video_1041C4F8F3…)

Am I the only one who finds this weird? The caption was "Account run by mother, and i accept the suggestions only from brands, not from men who are in love"

No. 2045340

this video was so awesome. I love this woman and her autistic interest in fat people. Her channel is a gold mine of interesting content about fatties

No. 2045347

NTA but same, I’ve been watching her since she first started out. I love her voice too

No. 2045356

Those a covert pedo accounts

No. 2045403

So her mother reads the creepy comments but still keeps posting her for money? That should count as child abuse.

No. 2045430

Her accounts been up since 3, moms probably fully aware what demographic is watching her.

No. 2045493

Kek the way I've been called "too young to understand" and then instantly get called middle-aged/old depending on how it fits the argument is insane. I also follow someone who's a literal 18 year old and gets called a "bitter middle-aged woman" by moids daily

No. 2047103

This girl stood no chance.

No. 2047224

I can tell you spent too much time on /cgl/ because outside of imageboards I've never seen or heard teens calling 20-30 year olds old back then, and I was a teen myself. Literally all popular celebrities were in that age range and all of us looked forward to being older and independent. When I was a kid SATC, Desperate Housewives and 13 going on 30 were massive and that's what I grew up thinking it was going to be like.
I'm like 99% sure internet incel rhetoric poisoned young women now thanks to leaking out into the mainstream because I read a few "over 25 is expired" comments back then too, but they were on a specific far-right incel forum that I accidentally stumbled onto.

No. 2047718

Something about all these jokes is really weird to me. Especially all those insisting crabs don't feel pain. If you're gonna eat animals at least show respect for their lives a tiny bit.

No. 2047811

File: 1718303101027.png (469.74 KB, 1079x1430, 1000000326.png)

Tiktok only pretending to care about mental health yet again since it's about moids. If there was an article about a single mom offing herself TikTok would have a fucking party, they already mock women for postpartum mental health issues, mental trauma following being raped, and so on, yet we're all supposed to bow down for the mental health of vets who'd dismiss and laugh at our own mental health issues? No thanks

Oh and don't get me started on when female vets have mental health issues, suddenly it's "you chose that, no one made you join the military, etc"

No. 2047816

pick me eradication. now.

No. 2047819

scale it larger and this is just a fancy IT building kek

No. 2048052

kekkk these weirdass antibullying roleplay scenarios are so funny

No. 2048140

I hate this shit, and same with "I'm gonna eat 5 times as much meat just to say fuck a vegan" low iq types. I'm not vegan or vegetarian and I'm not ashamed of the fact my body needs meat, but it's so moid brained to have no respect for the fact something had to give its life so you could eat. Spending its last moments alive torturing it for internet hahas is a special kind of evil whether or not it can supposedly feel pain

No. 2051924

File: 1718582693259.jpeg (988.71 KB, 1242x1954, IMG_5127.jpeg)

Is it bad that I found this whole slideshow extremely funny?

No. 2051939

This is psychopathic behavior. Like wtf, I eat meat, but I wont torture animals for funsies before I consume them. Have some goddamn respect.

No. 2051941

Women who go into the army and go through mental and physical harassment are expected to take it silently, dont you know? Apparently babying men is totally okay, but when women have real issues, they somehow brough it upon themselves. Then when other women do something to help them, men cry and go 'what about us?' and pick mes defend them

No. 2051942

File: 1718583648265.jpg (344.37 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240617_022015_Gal…)

No. 2052370

No. 2052444

Okay this girl seriously annoys the fuck out of me. She talks about murder cases while she snacks on food and even when she isn't eating spicy ramen while talking about people getting murked, her dialect is so childish and ridiculous that it makes me feel like she doesn't take any video seriously.

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