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File: 1711762050167.gif (78.69 KB, 250x238, glitterfy4193451699B81.gif)

No. 1943114

the shitty glitterfy edition

board rules
>no racebait
>no infighting
>no bait in general
>rest of /ot/ board rules apply
>jannies are always watching

previous thread

No. 1943116

Love the thread gif. I was originally team #nogif but now I take it back and I'm team #gif.

No. 1943120

I know it’s image board culture but some farmers are so quick to fight for no reason at all. You can just say something as simple as “I don’t like eggs” and some dumb anon will say “wow, I guess that means you want every chicken to die then?”

No. 1943124

Sometimes I think it's unintentional. Like I could be having a laugh and typing stuff out, but if another anon is in a certain mood where they're feeling aggro, they read anything like it's an attack and respond back in crazy tones. I wish anons were more cordial to the idea that others here aren't trying to always start fights.

No. 1943127

listen, this place is so dead you have to make stuff up in order for things to be interesting

No. 1943130

How is this place at all dead every day I have fun on here and love talking to my nonas so? If you want to talk to corpses go to CC and see a real dead website.

No. 1943135

True but crystal.cafe is what I wish current lolcow was like. Pussyfooting and self-censorship language should only be reserved for twitter or reddit users. I get that not too much racebait and aggression can be allowed (even though I disregard it because idrc) but it has come to genuine tone-policing that kills any further in-depth thought and tone policing makes you unable to get to the full extent of what you mean and then anons are always going to constantly misread what you say, that’s been happening a lot lately. The lack of reading comprehension isn’t laziness we just aren’t allowed to fully say what we want

No. 1943137

shimmying is the best dance move

No. 1943140

Kek good threadpic

No. 1943147

unpopular tinfoil but no one is the celebricows thread isn’t talking or hyperfocusing about the diddy allegations like they would be spamming about lana del rey’s incest or that blonde actress’ fake big boobs or ariana grande because that thread would have to meet its ultimate endgoal that every single one of your favorite celebrities and public persona fit the archetype of a jeffrey epstein and a ghislaine maxwell and realizing the endpoint of this would negate the reason of having that thread up anymore. hollywood would finally run out of milk in a few years and there will be a new era of innovation where normies start to invest in budget lolcows like chris chan and many other nobodies and propel them to star status. my current prediction as well

No. 1943155

If you want to start a conversation about Diddy in that thread why don't you just make a post about it? You'd probably get responses.

No. 1943159

I saw that someone already tried ex. talking about that little girl who was adopted by diddy and it didn’t get any responses but other stuff did. I’m not saying they can’t talk about frivolous gossip it’s just my retarded theory

No. 1943165

It’s a shame CC is so dead, but I think the fact that moderation is so shit over there has contributed to that. At the end of the day, farmhands may be trigger-happy here, but they keep the site afloat and relatively raid-free. CC is so scrote-infested and “femcel”-based (in their own words, which I find cringe), it’s unusable for me. I get how some nonnas might not like cow culture and just want a female IB, which CC provided, so it had a more cozy feel. Personally, I still follow a few cows, but I’ve been losing interest in them, so I wish we could split /m/ into /media/ and /img/ like it is on CC so that there are more off-topic boards to use. The one thing I appreciate about CC still is how when an obvious scrote posts, like 5 anons reply “kys moid” kek. We’d get banned for scrotefoiling/responding to bait for that here sadly

No. 1943166

we can talk more about diddy, i do apologizs there are more people who apologize to syd sypihillis than diddy

No. 1943172

We can talk about Diddy if you want. I've been reading old LSA threads about him and man… P. Demon is a fitting nickname.

No. 1943175

It’s sad because the lack of moderation and the tampons packaging/female otaku aesthetic unfortunately appeals to trannies and moids a lot for reasons I’m not really wanting to go down in a rabbithole to discover. CC reminds me of moids who are addicted to girly anime like shoujo, there’s literally nothing of interest for them yet they love going on there despite them having a whole ass website and entire board dedicated to their AGP mental illness there as well. I mean tbh if the internet was way more segregated we could fair well with less moderation than males on the internet can, but that’s a utopian dream. I wish there was like an actual internet or interwebs where only women can access it, that would be super cool

No. 1943185

File: 1711766882150.jpeg (58.63 KB, 639x454, IMG_7810.jpeg)

I don’t know how unpopular this is, but I will never date anyone with body image issues ever again. It always rubs off on you, and their insecurity leads to craving validation which leads to cheating. It’s exhausting because anything you try to say to comfort them when they’re venting could possibly make it worse

No. 1943195

Same. Perhaps even more controversially, this is why I don’t date overweight people either anymore. It’s not like I’m never attracted to fat people, but they almost always have massive complexes about their weight in my experience and it’s super draining to deal with though poor lifestyle choices are also unattractive tbf

No. 1943205

You're right, i've been relying on twitter for all my p.diddy bullying needs, the guy is such an easy target. My theory is because most anons are white and they haven't been hearing conspiracy theories on him for years unlike people on websites who are more caught up with hiphop culture or are black. You are missing out, i used to love making fun of his music videos with my cousins and nitpicking him to death.

No. 1943220

I don't think anon means mock but complain. End of the day it's a choice if you have the money and those that make the choice will forever know they paid money to alter their looks at a surgical and evasive level that you can't truly walk back from. That surgery isn't going to fix the mental issues where they can't accept themselves for who and what they are.

You can form your own opinions about plastic surgery and if you want it, but I do agree the people that complain about others getting it are probably caught up in the mindset of unfair beauty standards and think those people are cheating when you're all losers for being vain.

No. 1943235

Honestly, I've been banned a few times for dumb reasons, but at the same time, I'd rather have some moderation than none at all too. We get rid of the cp raids pretty quick, and trannies/males are not allowed. It sucks women need so much moderation to be allowed to have ONE imageboard on the vast internet, yet here we are.

No. 1943237

I think a lot of times oldfags are fed up with all the obvious newfags coming in and shitting up the place. Some are just quick to anger.

No. 1943248

Muffins made of oatmeal > Muffins made of normal muffin stuff

No. 1943253

I’m so tired of the scolding about how you’re a moral failure if you don’t like how you look, I’d honestly prefer you just called me ugly.

No. 1943264

Then they should take out their anger on newfags instead of regular posters.

No. 1943304

I don't care about chocolate and I don't get why people go retarded over it.

No. 1943400

literally this. I also don’t get the cheese craze either, only fat people are addicted to stuff like chocolate and cheese

No. 1943407

File: 1711802875092.jpg (295.73 KB, 1280x720, MV5BZTRiYTA2NmMtNjE2ZC00Nzc3LT…)

I think the dumbass shit thread should come back before the year ends. It was nice to have a thread for random topics of discussion. Or maybe someone can make a "random topics of discussion" thread too, so then the newfags won't use it to drive attention to themselves

No. 1943441

Cheese is a better snack than eating something carby.

No. 1943484

maybe if you're american and your chocolates and cheeses are basically packaged lard with vomit or literally just plastic.

No. 1943515

>bringing up americans when there’s a whole world out there of different chocolates and cheeses

europoors will never stop having americans on their mind rent-free kek. it’s not lard, it’s called variety. i wish carb and butter obsessed fatties from europe would stop harping on americans

No. 1943539

I'm the OP and I'm in western Europe, even the best chocolate in the world leaves me cold, I don't get when people say they can't diet because "they love chocolate too much uwu".

No. 1943544

For me it's the coffee/tea+chocolate combo, I like washing off the taste with a warm drink, but chocolate on its own is too intense.

No. 1943653

>Or maybe someone can make a "random topics of discussion" thread too, so then the newfags won't use it to drive attention to themselves
someone did (and it contained actual decent discussions, not shitposts) and of course mods killed it

No. 1943662

I think that those who say training boys in consent-first romancing will not lower the number of rapes men commit are ultimately right, but it doesn't really matter and it should continue regardless. I somewhat agree with the ""nice guys"" that lessons like these will not help those who already want to power over and punish women later on in life, it only really makes the somewhat more oversocialized BUT also socially awkward men worry if they're being creepy and not approach women. But that's a good thing, because women deserve to be left alone anyway. Any type of romantic interaction should work on a lady's choice basis, and it is something that could be socially programmed.

No. 1943667

Just say you've never had good chocolate. Chocolate from Germany, Sweden, Belgium and Japan are top tier.

No. 1943674

>And Japan
I find this really hard to believe, Japanese desserts are pretty nasty.

No. 1943678

I like moustaches.
Just straight up big ol pornstaches, neatly trimmed.
Nobody gets it.

No. 1943682

Japan is massive country, and each region has difference types of chocolates. I highly doubt you even have taste buds.

No. 1943683

Women trying to train boys about consent is fruitless. They know what consent is, they just don’t care

No. 1943686

>Japan is massive country
The US is even larger but I don't see you mentioning chocolate from there.

No. 1943690

My only problem with consent is that by the time all the paperwork is done the mood is gone.

No. 1943693

Because all US chocolate is industrially processed garbage full of vegetable oil.

No. 1943694

As a burger the American chocolate which comes to mind is just Hershey shit that is barely even chocolate. I think we're better off being appreciated for desserts

No. 1943697

Anon what are you smoking? Fancy handmade chocolate in the US is not a rare thing at all.
I don't think that's incorrect, I'm just confused to anon bringing up Japan (which generally isn't known for good desserts, and are pretty bad at them from what I've tried) to the US which while I wouldn't say is on the level of european chocolate (obviously) it's pretty common to see fancy stuff here.

No. 1943699

Are you really defending american chocolate? It's disgusting

No. 1943703

File: 1711820430503.jpg (363.18 KB, 1254x836, disgusting.jpg)

>fluffy cakes, pancakes
I hate the overuse of eggs, eggs are gross.
>delicious sweet snacks
Those things are nasty, I'm a huge weeb and even I can admit that. Japanese desserts focus on looking cute instead of actually tasting good.

No. 1943707

File: 1711820514495.jpg (214 KB, 614x767, japandesserts.jpg)

Just say you have shit taste and go

No. 1943710

>the only good dessert is mont blanc which is french not Japanese, parfait which is based on french desserts and some dried fruit
I really don't get elevens obsession with putting 10 eggs, mochi and red beans in all their desserts.

No. 1943711

i wanna try their pudding sooo bad especially banana or coffee

No. 1943715

Japanese pudding is honestly delicious. It looks just like Spanish flan, but it tastes very different. I like both desserts.

No. 1943716

No. 1943717

Their cheesecake, dango and doriyaki will always be my favorite. Hot dango is the best thing ever, especially with peanut topping and smeared with red bean paste.

No. 1943720

I love mochi ice cream, the texture is soooo good. I especially love the matcha ones

No. 1943723

I guess this is my cue to say I have never eaten those soufflé pancakes but I do not trust them to be good. Also, a bit weirded out by japanese fixation on whipped cream. Do those viral desserts with a ton of whipped cream at least use real whipped cream or is it the vegetable kind? Cause the fake one is disgusting

No. 1943724

I’m pretty sure it’s the equivalent to flan. Coconut flan is very good.

No. 1943726

Shimmy shimmy yay shimmy ya
Swa la la la(wrong thread)

No. 1943727

Japan has always taken stuff from over countries and put their own twist on it when it comes to certain foods, especially desserts.
Their obsession with mochi is because mochi is made in Japan? lol Also, not every dessert even has red bean paste. You sound dumb as shit.

No. 1943732

>Japan has always taken stuff from over countries
No one was denying this, every country on earth does this anyway.
>Their obsession with mochi is because mochi is made in Japan?
Aaaand that's why the majority of their desserts are disgusting, mochi is fucking gross.

No. 1943733

Yeah, it's very similar to spanish flan, but tastes a bit fluffier, more airy? I like both a lot.

They use real whipped cream for the most part. I wouldnt trust 'viral' shit you've seen on tik tok to be the real experience of japanese foods.

No. 1943734

I love it too, vanilla and strawberry are my favorite flavors. Pistachio is good too.
Some of these are admittedly really nasty sounding and don’t seem like dessert at all. Agar kinda sucks. Plus if you don’t like red bean paste then a lot of these things just won’t taste good at all. But things like cornetts and brick toast are delicious.

No. 1943736

>mochi is fucking gross
I don’t like those weird “mochi” topping at froyo bars but I love the mochi part of mochi ice creams. I also find the non-ice cream prepackaged mochi to be pretty nasty. Do you even hate mochi ice cream?

No. 1943740

I wouldnt even reply to that anon at this point. They are obviously just lurking to bait. There is nothing wrong with not liking mochi, but it doesnt even sound like they've real mochi from Japan.

No. 1943746

>Do you even hate mochi ice cream?
Yes. To be honest though I'm pretty meh on ice cream in general if it isn't on top of a brownie or something. I'd rather have gelato or sorbet.

No. 1943849

File: 1711830222493.jpg (109.69 KB, 612x729, 031ed308ad4451a072a75b6e64c16b…)

I think that those 70s hairstyles are super ugly. They remind me of weird mushrooms. Esp the bangs are atrocious

No. 1943854

Fuck You all, i liked Weezer's Teal Album!
let's see if I'm banned

No. 1943858

You already posted this last thread and nobody gave a fuck. Go listen to Weezer we don't care you enjoy what you wanna enjoy more power to you

No. 1943920

Unnecessarily bitchy over anon’s fair unpopular opinion. Stop being weezerphobic

No. 1943926

If its socially acceptable to make fun of short men and manly women then i see no problem with making fun of deformed and disabled people, they are basically the same, human.

No. 1943927

same, i even cried a lot like an angst full teenager to 'the world has turned and left me here' last year when i was at my lowest

No. 1944030

File: 1711841880158.jpg (855.04 KB, 842x1200, RDT_20240331_00592774161523042…)

I know the original tweet is by a ragebaiting retard but I do think it's weird for males to snatch babies from mothers immediately after birth. It screams jealousy and pussy envy. Even weirder when they're shirtless in an effort to mimic breastfeeding.

No. 1944035

>I know the original tweet is ragebait posted by a retard…
>But I agree!

No. 1944037

Thank you for the effort of reposting your reply after I had to delete my post to add an extra sentence. You're a real imageboarder

No. 1944042

You're welcome, I wanted to be congenial. It's a tough job but we have to persevere.

No. 1944079

It's not to simulate breastfeeding, skin to skin contact is important for establishing a bond with a baby.

No. 1944153

Women need to stop caring about age gap relationships where the older one is a woman and they need to stop caring if he’s being abused by her. Scrotes didn’t care when you were 20 dating a 35 year old, so don’t worry about it the rare times a woman is the predator.

No. 1944158

I know it's wrong to comment on a baby's appearance and they often look a little weird when they're newborns but holy shit.

No. 1944188

It just hasn't been cleaned off yet, it doesn't look deformed or anything

No. 1944190

youre going to summon the horsefaced stacy hater. i agree 100%

No. 1944193

I agree, but unlike a 35 year old man dating a 20 year old woman I don’t think the gender swapped scenario is at all predatory.

No. 1944198

Idk if this is an unpopular opinion, but honestly I don't really care about age gaps if the younger person is at least 25. Once you're well into adulthood, date who you want tbh. Just don't let the older party stop you from having fun.

No. 1944285

I was gonna say something along the lines of this cause so many girls on TikTok are saying they want to “free” ATJ, they should stfu men don’t do this with creeps like Leonardo dicrapio they’re just like hell ya man

No. 1944371

This, can't fathom being such an irredeemable pickme that I'd give a fuck. The problem with age gaps between older men and younger women is not that it's inherently abusive and evil (because then what if he's not abusive, is it suddenly ok?), it's that it's a pattern of behaviour that is widespread in society, which devalues aging women and venerates aging men to an extent that it is internalized by everyone. The few examples of age gaps with older women are not a pattern, they are anomalies with no significance in terms of gender relations. A younger man is going against the grain if he's with an older woman, not being pressured into it by societal norms. It won't make anyone think less of older men or find them less valuable because it's so rare. Big fucking deal.

No. 1944395

taylor swift is more talented than people like to make her seem BUT she’s not that talented

No. 1944469

File: 1711868176612.jpeg (98.03 KB, 736x736, IMG_9785.jpeg)

No. 1944506

chocolate and cheese are both incredible. obviously shit like hershey's and cadbury will suck, much like how kraft singles and pasteurized cheeses suck. you get what you pay for

No. 1944515

But your chocolate does suck.

No. 1944518

NTA but there are quite a few really good american chocolate brands, like alter eco, evolved, Hu, theo, chocolove, divine, lily's, and many more! it's all about the search

No. 1944520

I've tasted some of the most expensive chocolate from my country and while it's good it's nothing to go crazy about.

No. 1944536

Nta but his wife is so lucky and he does love him genuinely. It seems like one of the few hollywood relationships that lasted with the man also caring about the kids. Ill never understand losers being angry a random family is happy

No. 1944551

if anything their relationship and how they became a couple should teach the seething zoomer pickmes a lesson on how to find a viable nigel

No. 1944552

Its clear you know nothing about childbirth since you completely missed the mark as to why they do this. Its to the point I'm half convinced youre just baiting.

No. 1944570

Nta but why would they give the baby to the father instead of the mother? Obviously the moid can see it later but the mother should be the one getting to hold the baby first imo, it's hers.

No. 1944591

File: 1711888942079.jpeg (143.9 KB, 736x920, IMG_9786.jpeg)

>inb4 they inevitably divorce/she drops dead/falls out from a cheating or criminal scandal from either party like a typical hollywood couple because they’re both weird but at least one is hot (it’s not the horsefaced woman who should be dating a man her own age) kek

there is no such thing as a “horse face” stacy. stacies are only extremely pretty and skinny, ugly women can’t be stacies no matter how much they tried. I wish anon would just use the correct terms for her which should be “ugly ass bitch with sagging breasts and sagging knee fat”. there’s nothing to champion about this, a bunch of old anons are just trying to make younger women feel bad for being attracted to a celebrity in their appropriate age range because they’re constantly try to prove to people that older women are just as fuckable and attractive as younger women and deserve the same things younger women have even though both groups are at different phases of their lives, it screams incredibly insecure. plenty of beautiful 33 year old women around his age and they would hilariously be called “old” even though they’re way younger than that hag spiritually leeching off of aaron by making him impregnate her. there’s such a thing as “aging gracefully” and there’s tons of things you can say or do to counteract against prejudices against older women instead of cheering a groomer on. plenty of older women to support and cheer on that aren’t fucking a younger guy but they choose a groomer as a person to project their beliefs on. older women just need to bow out gracefully, it’s jarring seeing them constantly trying to interject themselves into spaces where they’ve already gone through and should be entering a different phase in their lives. bella hadid is a stacy in every way and ugly/old bitches need stop trying to outwit ugly and outwit the objective standards of life, you’re not proving nothing but wanting to have your granny cooch be “proven” that it can still be smashed in by moids and that is a terrible example to younger women but what the fuck do I know, I’m just a “haydurrr” and “sperg” for stating reality.

No. 1944592

Nta but I feel like Stacy is more of a life style than about looks. There are plenty of pretty women getting beat on everyday, being doormats, letting men rape their daughters so they can keep their man happy, getting cheated on etc. I feel like if you’re living a loser life style you can’t be a stacy.

No. 1944596

no one's reading all that, go take your meds

No. 1944600

women get beat and abused because they’re women and all women are practically targeted and oppressed no matter if they’re pretty or not. it’s not a lifestyle, stacies are always gorgeous.
it’s the unpopular opinions thread and I can write whatever the fuck I want, go away stupid bitch(infighting)

No. 1944602

Pregnancy is gross and the only reason it’s called beautiful is to trick women into thinking it’s glamorous and they’re some kind of martyrs/warrior for enduring it. Your stomach expands in a grotesque way, you loose your teeth, vomit and piss yourself all day, lose your hair, you have to lay down on a operating table with your legs wide open screaming like an animal while strangers poke at your vagina and then after all that you give that baby who fed on your nutrients for 9 months your scrotes last name. Nothing cute or beautiful about that.(ban evading)

No. 1944604

They dont give it to the father first. The baby comes out and is immediately put on the mother's bare chest. If the mother has to be rushed to surgery they may give it to the father for skin to skin contact first but they always give it to the mother first is there isn't anything major happening. That photo would have been after the mothers had already had her skin to skin.

No. 1944605

Pretty and ugly women can be Stacie’s. Doesn’t matter if you’re pretty, if you’re living a loser life you’re not a Stacy in my eyes. A lot of pretty women live like losers and I don’t see them as Stacie’s. I don’t wanna be trailer trash with 7 kids and a scrote with a beer belly no matter how hot she is. I envy horse face Stacy more because she has a gorgeous husband who loves her and is loyal, she’s rich, educated and has economic power.

No. 1944606

shut up
I've seen average to ugly with skin deep fried by sun and hair deep fried by bleach women with adonis tier bf/husbands and being treated and acting like stacies merely for being confident. I wish I had that in me but I don't, I applaud them for it.

No. 1944608

Although there's alot of parts of pregnancy that I'm hating such as the pain and nausea, feeling the baby move inside me is such a surreal feeling and it really is beautiful. Pregnancy is hard and traumatic but it's also really amazing, being able to grow a whole human inside me is just such a wild and cool feeling. We are animals after all. I wouldn't call it glamorous though. But overall I think it's quite beautiful and I really like seeing my bump grow, it's cool.

No. 1944610

>a lot of pretty women live like losers

Absolute cope. Are you ugly, anon? You have to let that go. There’s no abundance of “ugly woman finally thrives after high school” stories in real life as much as there are plenty successful, healthy gorgeous stacies. Plenty of pretty and desired women lead normal lives and even if they’re male-obsessed losers they always have their attractiveness and illusion of a personality to fall back on. Most women live like losers because they think sticking a dick in their vagina and being pregnant and helpless is what every woman should strive for. No you’re not going to make ugly happen, it’s not going to happen

No. 1944612

Learn to read anon. I never said that there were no successful beautiful women, I said that there are pretty women who have loser life styles. Reading comprehension is very important.

No. 1944613

the only place only beauty is considered above everything is asia and even if you fall behind just a little or age you immediately are considered B rate and people start ignoring you. look at how asian celebrities, even singers who don't have to rely on their beauty get treated once their age, it's like they stop existing once they stop looking their prime and talent and power are worthless if you're a woman, it's extremely disrespectful. I'd rather see an older celebrity doing random shit like Madonna than their existence being completely erased because they don't fill a beauty requirement anymore. tbh you sound like a faggot that says yasss slay to skinny celebrities but think it's cringe when an older or bigger woman walks the red carpet in a skimpy dress.

No. 1944615

she didn't say beautiful women don't succeed, she said beautiful women can also be losers. you seem like you're both a loser and ugly on top of not being able to read which is just sad.

No. 1944616

That sounds like a parasite feeding on its host and sending chemicals to its brain to make them think it’s a good thing. Very disgusting.

No. 1944617

You’ve seen a rarity that happens because attractive people only date people who are lower in the looks department because it makes them looks like gods/goddesses in comparison to you. People who go outside, have eyes, have an observant eye and an intelligent brain will see attractive people with attractive people because attractive people usually have higher-paying jobs, most likely to cohabitate with each other in the high social/economic class because they’re the same caliber. Makes them look extremely attractive in comparison to the delusional averageoid who thinks the attractive man/woman is with them out of love and respect kekkkkkkkkkk. What Americans got wrong was caste-mixing, which is why we have a bunch of bizarre looking caste-mixed freaks and ugly/average women thinking they can genuinely bag a hot guy without the stark difference of their hilarious fugliness and his hotness showing. Being against horseface isn’t seething, it’s called having eyes and seeing that bitch hella ugly.

No. 1944618

My beautiful parasite

No. 1944619

You’re a retard who can’t read because I addressed her point. And you can call me ugly and a loser all you want, we’re all anonymous sagtits.

No. 1944620

I think ugly women who can get attractive men , be confident and get money are 100x more stacy because despite having the odds against them they made it. Horse Stacy has more power in Hollywood than all the pretty Stacie’s who have to give blow jobs to get roles. Horse Stacy is the one choosing who gets roles, not the one who has to show tits to get picked for them.

No. 1944622

No the fuck she doesn’t kek, she’s probably sucking older cock to appease the elites along with Aaron’s because people in Hollywood love swapping fluids around. She with her squidward big nose gives off Ghislaine Maxwell vibes. Those people especially the women always look yucky and pruned because they’re all inbreds that love molesting and oppressing each other

No. 1944624

Don’t be mad that horse face Stacy got to marry a cute 18 year old and your favs are married to men 20 years their senior or ugly. Support the underdogs, don’t be a hater.

No. 1944625

>You’ve seen a rarity
a rarity that happens on every fucking town and everyone knows an example of? kek
>People who go outside, have eyes, have an observant eye and an intelligent brain will see attractive people with attractive people because attractive people usually have higher-paying jobs
you're under the illusion that being attractive makes you instantly not poor. sometimes you win the genetic lottery but you're still poor, even if being naturally attractive increases your opportunities. maybe you're coping because you bought your way into beauty with PS or you have celebrity brainrot that makes you think money=beauty, but it ain't it..
>Makes them look extremely attractive in comparison to the delusional averageoid who thinks the attractive man/woman is with them out of love and respect kekkkkkkkkkk
I don't know how to tell you this but there is only so much you can do to your appearance with money. a lot of rich people buy into looking presentable but at best they look plasticky (kardashians for example, some are attractive, others like kylie were always "averageroids" and now just look uncanny valley) and at worse can look like a blown up doll.
>What Americans got wrong was caste-mixing, which is why we have a bunch of bizarre looking caste-mixed freaks and ugly/average women thinking they can genuinely bag a hot guy without the stark difference of their hilarious fugliness and his hotness showing
you're giving too much emphasis on appearance and linking it to wealth, I think that's your issue here. when you're rich and everyone you know is attractive because they bought their way into it, there is more to it than bagging an attractive partner. you'd know if you were attractive yourself.

No. 1944632

Anecdotes don’t work, people are prone to lying and fabricating. There are also people (like you) who think they are observant and think it’s a regular occurrence just because they saw one or two anomalies out in public, but can’t notice consistent patterns. That’s a sign of low intelligence, anon idk what to tell you.
>you’re prone to thinking attractive people aren’t poor
General rule still applies. Most people aren’t comfortable with having attractive women visibly in pain or suffering, while uglier women are expected to take the abuse and stress. Attractive people are viewed differently than uglier people, incel moids like to call that “halo effect” but there’s nothing oppressive about it, it’s psychological because harmony, balance, novelty is more inviting and exciting than chaotic mess, which is visible ugliness and deformities. There are things people just naturally know like it’s a pulse in their body and can’t be explained, like the quiet boy everyone avoids who eventually ends up shooting the entire school because people know something is wrong, it gives an aura of off. Ugliness is a sign of poor genetics such as being bad-built and having poor fat distribution in a woman is which signals a lot of underlying health problems. You can’t conceive of a world where people can have ulterior motives compared to what they superficially represent. Attractive people develop narcissism, narcissists have a savior complex, the narcissist with the savior complex who was turned narcissistic will of course “save” or play hero with someone who’s obviously ugly and downtrodden in society. How hard is it to scrutinize the reality of people’s intentions in relationships? I actually even view an ugly person getting a hot scrote as a huge power play or show of dominance from his part, he can get practically any person he wants while the ugly woman is way more restricted than he is. It reminds me of rich men, but their wealth is in their body and face. That’s just how it is.

No. 1944638

Samefag this logic makes me laugh so hard though
>when you're rich and everyone you know is attractive because they bought their way into it, there is more to it than bagging an attractive partner
>also assuming normal attractive people are kardashians with the same kind of money, mental illness, and connections they’ve always had to begin with, are publicly known for being posers even in Hollywood who bought their way in and are seen as ANOMALIES there

High-strung on that copium.

No. 1944644

Its because pregnancy was patriarchilized. If we were living in a matriarchal society with actual research on how to battle pregnancy, partum and post partum problems it would be different.

Im tokophobic af but you sound really troubled about your female anatomy

Congrats nona, I wish you the best for you and your baby

No. 1944648

Uhh… it wasn’t patriarchy that made the male genome attempt to extract maximum resources from the female. However you are correct that pregnancy would be easier for us if we reached our fitness optima… this isn’t to do with ebin matriarchal birth practices though but things like fetal resorption which other animals can do.

No. 1944649

No I’m not troubled by my female anatomy. I just see pregnancy as just a natural process that’s gross. I don’t think it’s bad but it’s not beautiful either. It’s just something gross humans need to do to continue the species. I think sex is gross too.

No. 1944656

Thank you nona, I cant wait to hold my little one!

No. 1944657

Young people who work and live at home and their parents don’t make them pay bills have no excuse not to have at least 50k in savings by the time they’re 30

No. 1944658

You're right, Maxwell is who she reminds me of

No. 1944667

THIS. I have a friend who's 23 now and always lived at home and was having a really well paying job in pharma industry after graduating for over a year now. And she said she got pregnant and told me she was worried because she had 0 savings. Like her checking account was like 7 dollars. She doesn't have to pay rent, bills or even buy groceries. H O W. I legit couldn't control looking absolutely disgusted at her bc I grew up poor and literally have been saving almost every cent I could always. She still goes around traveling, buying clothes for HERSELF and renting airbnbs I really haven't talked to her in a while since she's 6 months pregnant now and is still acting insanely childish and selfish.

No. 1944672

I don’t even understand young neets who sit at home whining because they have no future and I’m just like “ok get a job at forever 21 or some shit and start saving” and they look at you like you’re insane. People don’t understand the opportunity they have when they have parents who don’t want their money.

No. 1944690

I don't think that should be an unpopular opinion. Hell I even stopped talking to most of my old friends that were in their twenties and spending all their money on stuff like videogames instead of saving and then whining about having no money. And now they still have no money. Although I lived with my parents I saved over 50k from my jobs/online selling and used it towards buying a car and going to community college + (currently) university.

No. 1944692

File: 1711895909855.png (1.99 MB, 2056x1280, horseface stacy vs pickmes.png)

No. 1944701

No. 1944703

File: 1711896690502.png (6.68 MB, 2048x2048, pretty woman privilege 2.png)

>meanwhile the ''stacies'' are dating these creatures from the depths of hell
backies are just jealous they waste thousands to be appealing to men and can only score 5/10 porn addicted men while horseface stacy gets to bang cuties in their prime

No. 1944705

very based

No. 1944708

i wouldn't call any of these women stacies though, they all got sucked into pedowood

No. 1944716

anon said stacies are ''pretty and skinny''

No. 1944724

God shes ugly

No. 1944726

File: 1711899436874.webp (29.8 KB, 686x429, IMG_2885.webp)

She’s in Japan so she probably spent thousands on plastic surgery just to marry one of her middle aged nerdy fans

No. 1944729

None of these women are Stacies, they’re casting couch girls who prostitute themselves for fame. Barry Keoghan is also a casting couch whore so he and Sabrina are perfect for each other

No. 1944730

so whats a stacy then?

No. 1944733

File: 1711899926919.jpeg (42.89 KB, 317x480, IMG_9646.jpeg)

No she isn’t, she’s average looking.

Anyway I think it’s funny with age gaps how when the woman is the older one, they usually look the same age and it isn’t even obvious that it’s an age gap relationship, or she might seem a few years older at the most.
When the man is the older one though, he always looks like the grandfather or dad of the younger women, even if it’s a smaller age gap of like 10 years.

No. 1944737

I want ATJ to break up with horseface stacy because i want her for myself, she cute.

No. 1944739

didn't even know he had dumped the mother of his kid damn

No. 1944742

File: 1711900493535.png (194.58 KB, 1440x1442, IMG_9768.png)

Caping for an ugly hook-nosed bitch just to be a troll, kekk.

No. 1944743

where did you get that picture of horseface stacy and ATJ?

No. 1944746

File: 1711900677828.jpeg (124.63 KB, 634x951, IMG_9724.jpeg)

I don’t understand all the mockery of her looks, it seems like people are just jealous of her and their relationship. She’s in her 50s here and has had 4 or 5 kids, and I’m sure she looks better then all the seething femcels who are obsessed with her

No. 1944749

File: 1711900752959.jpeg (135.23 KB, 1280x731, IMG_2886.jpeg)

If people want a stacy who looks hot and is with a man a lot younger than her what about Kristin Cavallari? She’s 38 with a 24 year okd

No. 1944750

You don't have to be femcel to think she's unattractive

No. 1944752

turbo based.

No. 1944753

why does it matter if shes hot? why do women have to be hot all the fucking time while men are ugly and get to date hot women. So tiring.

No. 1944754

she looks like every almond mom ever lol

No. 1944756

A beautiful, successful woman who people desire to be like or idolize. Those celebrities in the picture are just former child stars whose parents basically pimped them out and then they agreed to prostitute themselves as they got older. I sympathize with them but I wouldn’t think of them as stacies

No. 1944757

File: 1711901035980.png (657.84 KB, 817x420, bellahadids.png)

>sagging breasts
>sagging knee fat
>try to prove that older women are just as fuckable and attractive as younger women and deserve the same things younger women
>older women just need to bow out gracefully
>bella hadid is a stacy in every way and ugly/old bitches need stop trying to outwit ugly and outwit the objective standards of life
>granny cooch

You're soooo scared of aging kek that you adopted scrote language as well. OP is prime representative on who is buying out anti-wrinkle cream and caking talc makeup products on

No. 1944758

>A beautiful, successful woman who people desire to be like or idolize
so horseface stacy?

No. 1944759

She isn’t unattractive though, you are

No. 1944760

She is very attractive to me and seeing anons sperg about what an ugly hag she is reminds me that most women here are as brainwashed by moid beauty standards as your average moid.

No. 1944763

celebricow anons are a bunch of bone rattling pickmes so it makes sense they get pissed off when they see a normal woman succeeding in life.

No. 1944764

My attractiveness or lack thereof does not change the fact she is unattractive

No. 1944765

File: 1711901170837.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3464x3464, 0EF5AEF3-B39B-44B1-AF68-4D35F5…)

>tfw you have to battle with the cock-obsessed granny anon (baiting/infighting)

No. 1944766

absolutely seething

No. 1944767

this makes no sense what the fuck is going on here

No. 1944770

she's literally just a mousy average looking mom that you wouldn't bat an eye from seeing at soccer practice, stop projecting grandmanon

No. 1944771

The context for this take is US-centric so I apologize for that. But I don’t understand why so many low-income families insist on enrolling their kids (usually multiple) in private schools instead of public schools. Having to pay for uniforms on top of tuition and putting their kids in an environment where they are at an obvious disadvantage to most of their peers (and will likely be singled out because of it) doesn’t sound like the best use of money for people who are scraping by. Just put that money into a college fund instead, no?
I know that especially in immigrant communities, where I’ve noticed this phenomenon is common, education is seen as an important way to climb out of poverty. But I think the disparity of quality between public and private schools is way overblown in most areas (not including Florida and some other southern states.) I guess it’s not common knowledge that the best teachers usually gravitate towards public schools which actually give better pay and benefits than most private ones. I’m not trying to say that poor people don’t deserve nice things, I just think that private education is not worth its price tag when public schools are largely not as bad as everyone thinks they are.

No. 1944772

Built like a high school English teacher. There’s plenty of wahmen who are built like queen dust-eggs who have an equally looks matched fatfucker moid. You must be lying and trolling pretending that woman is in the same caliber as that man, she wouldn’t even be with him if she didn’t groom him. I’m not surprised since there’s plenty of freaks here who think shota boys are cute, porn addiction isn’t cute from women either. This isn’t a feminist website, that bitch is ugly but I applaud you for your top-tier bait when we all have eyes.

No. 1944773

I’ve noticed that a lot of the women who hate his Stacy wife have an extraordinary amount of internalized misogyny and talk about women and aging in a very creepy way.

I just saw some woman online saying that Aaron should leave “expired granny” for her because she’s “a beautiful ripe young teenager” because she’s 18, she sounded like an incel.

And notice how Sam is a devious groomer for dating Aaron at 18 years old, but if Aaron left Sam for an 18 year old his fangirls would all rejoice

No. 1944774

File: 1711901464602.jpeg (4.31 KB, 250x375, images - 2024-04-01T031018.874…)

Same vibe honestly

No. 1944775

I don't get all the seething about her when the guy looks like that, on every picture I saw of him he looks braindead.

No. 1944776

stop seething it's pathetic

No. 1944777

File: 1711901539003.jpeg (36.49 KB, 220x175, IMG_9794.jpeg)

(((nasolabial fold))) anons when their mouth flaps can’t fight off those nightly hot and cold flashes. aaron is for the younger women, go slap a bladder pad in your panties and stop trolling(baiting with atj)

No. 1944778

true, he's already post-wall. He was cute when she married him though.

No. 1944779

Celebricow anons are the ones who praise her and call her a Stacy, the spergy fangirls calling her an ugly hag are in other threads. Celebricow anons were just saying she should leave him for a new 18 year old now that his looks are fading

No. 1944780

I hope you die horribly and painfully

No. 1944781

No one is seething dumbass. It’s ironic these grannies are talking about “pickmes” when it’s always the grannies trying to put down younger girls for dick. It’s grannyanon thinking it’s a high achievement to have him despite her having absolutely no other accomplishments and no one knows who tf that granny is besides her being with Aaron kek.

No. 1944784

People pretend like he is being held against his will and that he's being abused by her; he makes his own money and they're clearly satisfied with each other. Far more superior than Leonardo da vinci and the hundred of other scrotes who aged HORRIBLY and picks up women they knew when she was 15

No. 1944785

we alredy had this retarded infigth on the celebricows threads and the anons there were the ones seething about how shes ugly/a groomer/too old and writting fanfiction about him cheating on horseface stacy with lana

No. 1944786

How does it feel to know that you are going to age like the older women you hate so much and there is literally nothing you can do about it?

No. 1944787

I actually remember the Lana post. I think it’s one sperg

No. 1944788

when you turn 25 you are going to an hero with that weak bitch mentality

No. 1944789

Unpopular opinion, I just think she's ugly there is no other conspiracy behind it.
I don't care that she groomed the guy, I don't care that she's so much older. I just think she's ugly because she looks ugly, simple as.

No. 1944792

You’re getting older every day. I’m guessing you look much older than you are, which is why you’re so bitter and angry about the aging process. It’s always ugly rough looking women who call women over 30 old hags

No. 1944794

i think all women are beautiful, even you

No. 1944796

Not everybody needs to be beautiful though and that's OK.

No. 1944798

Nta, but same nona. I find it very hard to see women as ugly, they're all cute to me in some way or another and I'm not saying this as some cringe, fake-positivity, love laugh live shit.
Moids on the other hand, I'm very strict with. 99% are ugly as sin.
All that fighting up above is so ridiculous to me kek

No. 1944800

You’re aging, your eggs are practically protein powder, age out and bow out and leave him for the younger girlies. You can troll all you want calling that ugly son of a bitch a Stacy, which is admittedly hilarious, but we all have eyes and the truth will always stand. No matter how much you try to pull out the word “pick me” which virtually means nothing and is overused just as much as Karen, grannies are still fighting for the D at 50+.

No. 1944801

File: 1711902350176.jpeg (572.75 KB, 1170x1441, IMG_9526.jpeg)

This is a perfect example of a Stacy with an older male, who just so happens to look like a deformed mental patient. He looks like an old man compared to her, despicable. Women should never date or entertain older men. If they were the exact same age he would automatically look older. Men simply do not age well, too bad for them and their pickmes.

No. 1944802

i correlate uglyness with monsters, and no woman is ''monster'' levels of uglyness. Ugly women look friendly and harmless, ugly men look scary as shit and like they are going to skin you and turn you into a chair or something. That spongebob guy ariana is dating is something out of a nightmare. Horsestacy looks kind and cute, she has a very contagious smile.

No. 1944803

Keep it going nonners, you can keep calling my young ass “bitter” when there’s no such thing as a non-alcoholic, non-drug taking, non-white woman aging early during their 20s. Keep defending him and her ugly ah

No. 1944804

dating an ugly man strips you out of stacy status. A true stacy would never humilliate herself like that.

No. 1944806

>implying hot older men don’t exist

shut uppppp

No. 1944807

I hate the stupid “empty egg carton” myth, red pill tradthots and incel worshipping pickmes should all kill themselves painfully right now. Women can give birth up until menopause, men lose their fertility at 30 and can’t produce healthy offspring after 34, which is Aaron’s age

No. 1944809

Ah, the evilz white women, of course, you paint a clearer picture of what you are so insecure of besides your age.

No. 1944810

Find a different website, no one here likes you

No. 1944812

File: 1711902630453.jpeg (73.92 KB, 738x143, IMG_9796.jpeg)

And when does menopause start, nonnie?

No. 1944814

/g/ fully embraces anons like me and you can’t stand it

No. 1944815

Ignore her, she’s clearly an escaped mental patient who needs a straitjacket and a lobotomy

No. 1944817

More then 10-20 years after men lose their fertility, because women age better and more slowly. That’s why women should only date younger males before they hit the wall and their sperm dries up at 34

No. 1944820

booohooo how dare I not like that ugly horseface that granny troll keeps peddling around. she fucking sucks and so do you and you >>1944809(retard)

No. 1944822

Not really, no. I frequent /g/ and grandpafuckers are made fun of regularly older men are usually posted in their prime, not at their current age

No. 1944823

You’re just jealous. By the time someone as intolerable as you finally finds a male who would put up with your ugly annoying ass you’ll probably be her age or older btw, and everyone will think of you as an old granny just like you’re calling her

No. 1944825

Also ascribing value to women whether they can still have children or not is disturbing, where do you put young childfree women then? Pure retarded tradfag rhetoric.

No. 1944828

Goat cheese is repulsive. Tastes like musty balls. How do people eat that shite?

No. 1944829

File: 1711903179527.jpeg (47.39 KB, 413x451, IMG_9428.jpeg)

Marilyn can’t lose her Stacy status regardless of how many fugly men she dated, she’s one of the ultimate Stacies

No. 1944830

No one wants a nasty pet moid to walk around with and pretend to love as much as granny-anon and you.

No. 1944833

I think she looks great. She obviously takes care of herself. She scored high with ATJ, and for that, she is a based Stacy.

No. 1944834

She was murdered by the married man she was fucking and is still being sexually exploited by the old men she fucked when she was alive. Beautiful woman with a tragic life but she definitely lived the life of a loser, she wasn’t a winner, she wasn’t a stacy.

No. 1944835

Gorgeous lady, she should still be alive drinking her raw egg milkshakes..

No. 1944836

unpopular opinion but marylin is pathetic. Being the most recognized thot is pathetic.

No. 1944837

Norma Jean lived a very painful and lonely life and was desperate to be loved, do you even care about her beyond the way she looks? No you don't, like your average moid.

No. 1944838

This makes me sad sexism runs so deep. It's like other women cant fathom a woman being with a hot man if they themselves don't think she is attractive. Like, she isnt dating you. Let her do her thing. Ugly men are with attractive women all the time and yet here we are. Sexism amongst other women sucks so much

No. 1944839

"Grannies are still fighting for the D at 50"
You should never fight for the d. A wasted life is not one worried over your aging looks its one worried that males will never find you attractive. What's it matter if a woman is ugly, if she doesn't simp for men then she has her life straight. "Leave the men for the young girlies" you can have them, especially since you're competing with said old women, raw chicken, and dogs.

No. 1944840

This. It also never made sense to me anyway, because women have at least one egg each cycle until menopause, even if she has fewer eggs it literally doesn’t matter because she’ll have eggs until she’s physically incapable of getting pregnant. She’s not going to have thousands of children so it doesn’t matter how many thousands of eggs she has left. It doesn’t matter that much which age she decides to have children either, her 30s may be the safest decade but 20s, 40s and 50s is also fine if that’s what she wants. Men in the other hand can only produce healthy children in their 20s and early 30s, and their sperm count lowering does strongly affect their ability to reproduce, unlike the egg count lowering. It’s all just projection on their part.

Anyway, every time people talk about this I get more and more glad that I’m child free

No. 1944845

your seething about a celebrity you personally don't know dating a hot younger men is so funny nona, tell me more about nasolabial folds and your skincare routine kek

No. 1944847

I feel bad for her, I don't think she was pathetic, but I do think she lived a sad life no one should want to emulate. Men were obsessed with her, but they also objectified her, even in death.

No. 1944849

She OD’d, but yes she was exploited and had a difficult life. Being mistreated by males doesn’t make her less of a Stacy, that doesn’t make sense
She wasn’t pathetic, and she wasn’t a thot just mentally ill and vulnerable
I’m the one defending her and being a Stacy isn’t purely about looks. I’ve also been calling Sam Taylor Johnson a Stacy and she’s not as attractive as Marilyn

No. 1944850

Again with the “y-you’re seething” cope. Keep projecting. In case you were looking for tips, I use sunscreen, La Mer and drink water instead of raging at a granny being called a granny and fingerblasting myself to shota fujo porn.(infighting)

No. 1944851

Maybe she does seem kinda pathetic, which I’d understand. Think about how you feel when you see adults who spent their entire lives in foster care. That was marilyn, only richer

No. 1944853

I just know you’re ugly. La mer is an expensive scam by the way, Nivea has the same formula

No. 1944856

Soft goat cheese is nasty but solid sheep’s/goats milk blend cheeses are wonderful. Midnight moon is one I’d highly recommend

No. 1944859

Goat cheese is so good. You reminded me my local wegman's has so much cheese. It's amazing

No. 1944861

I’m a model, rage harder. Left my shit town and am living large while the old hags who made my life hell for being a sensitive woman are struggling, just like you do here. Keep going with that Nivea shit, see where it takes you. Bitch is 50 years old and thinks it’s a flex to groom minors??(baiting)

No. 1944865

Stacy’s don’t allow themselves to get mistreated by scrotes and if they do they learn the first time and never let it happen again

No. 1944868

Nta and I don't care about those two people at all, but what's with the fake positivity wtf. "Uwu, everyone is beautiful! All that matters is what's on the inside" this is lolcow kek.

No. 1944872

you are beautiful too nonny dont get jealous

No. 1944873

Thank you for the laugh nonita, I love schizo talk like this.

No. 1944876

So what if this is lolcow. I think all women are beautiful in their own way. Women have been told their entire days they are worthless unless they look a certain way, but men's tastes in women keeps changing and is usually false anyway. The amount of women who killed themselves on the operation room table to get shitty implant or BBLs is sad. Women need to stop hyper focusing on looks and build their mind and personalities.
Men's opinions of women aint worth shit.

No. 1944877

>Thinks it's a flex
Go back to TikTok

No. 1944880

TikTok is where the real Stacies make money and connections. I know bum like you wouldn’t get it. Only connection you’re making is your wi-fi dying while you scroll through the comment section.(infighting)

No. 1944882

I know your tranny ass didn’t just hop on my bait.(infighting/scrotefoiling)

No. 1944884

Calling me a tranny for rightfully mocking grannyanon won’t change the truth. “I was baiting, guys, I was only pretending to be retarded” is a pathetic cope.

No. 1944886

Of course I can only say this as an adult who grew up disabled but I think it’s stupid there are parents who will try to force kids to get off of swings/certain structures at the playground because they think they’re solely for disabled kids. Like yeah, it’s disability accessible, but do you think that means it’s just for your child? Fucking NO kek. Part of being a parent to a disabled child is adjusting your expectations and being capable of understanding that yes, your child has issues, but the world does not revolve around you or them. You can’t beg strangers children to get off the swing all because you think it was built solely for your child. If you want 24/7 access to accessible play structures, purchase your own. If you can’t afford it, thats not anyone else’s problem and you trying to make it their problem just makes you look pathetic. Get used to being disappointed, because thats what life with a real disability (or a disabled child) is like.

No. 1944888

Girl you are not supposed to be here unless you are 18

No. 1944891

oh goodness here we go again…

No. 1944892

Keeek you are a Tiktok visitor, go cry about not having a ski-slope nose or how many inches your waist is or whatever. I wonder how much you're saving for plastic surgery(infighting)

No. 1944898

I wasn’t pretending to be retarded kek, it still qualifies as bait.

No. 1944899

I would be dying laughing at this infight if I wasn’t feeling unwell holy shit lmao

No. 1944914

Yeah, 18, not 80. The younguns use slang sometimes, get over it grannyanon.(infighting)

No. 1944915

>I’m a model
Let me guess, you were the mentally disabled diversity hire?(infighting)

No. 1944932

jeeze its really flu season on lolcow kek, i’ve been sick as hell the last few days too

No. 1944936

i know i’ve probably come back here and said this like 500 times but man am i social media is dying, especially because it breeds stupidity such as what we’re seeing above

No. 1944949

stop derailing about ATJ. First it was celebricows and now here. Continued derailing and infighting especially across threads will result in longer bans.

No. 1944957

Mensa level IQ, BMI 15 over here and 5'10 with a perfect walk, actually. Gave up an engineering degree to rise up. Keep reaching with the granny femcel projections.(infighting)

No. 1944959

What? nobody’s talking about anya i thought we were talking about marilyn

No. 1944965

You’re like two hours late in regards to ATJ…applause applause applause…

No. 1944967

File: 1711908375935.jpg (77.02 KB, 690x720, 1599264644036.jpg)

>I'm a model
a model citizen of lolcor you are

No. 1944969

File: 1711908466094.jpeg (174.18 KB, 487x1080, IMG_9611.jpeg)

My unpopular opinion is that he’s the only attractive man in hollywood at this point in time. There are 2 or 3 who were attractive when they were young, but they’re old fuglys now(baiting after farmhand post)

No. 1944970

Aaron Taylor Johnson

No. 1944971

Saying “I’m a model” as if it means anything just makes you look retarded because everyone can be a “model” these days kek, and everyone thinks they are one just because they set up their phone and take a few pics. Like if you were sent to an actual casting you’d get fucking eaten alive.

No. 1944972

>killed herself
>was the side bitch of a wonky eyed motherfucker who got shot
>started as a sex worker
she's iconic but stacy? nah, mental illness and addiction are not stacy-like behavior.

No. 1944976

is that shia labeouf?

No. 1944977

NTA but she’s an honorary stacy

No. 1944979

imagine giving up an engineering career so you can serve the male gaze and be thrown in the trash as soon as you reach 25. I guess it works for you since you will kill yourself around that time anyway.

No. 1944981

>Like if you were sent to an actual casting you’d get fucking eaten alive.
You probably would be, yes! But not everyone is you.

No. 1944984

Oh honey.

No. 1944986

Bank accounts don't lie, nonners

No. 1944988

I will light a candle and give a prayer for your engineering career and modelling career that never took off. amen

No. 1944989

doesn't count if it's your sugar daddy or actual father dropping your month stipend so you don't do retarded shit.

No. 1944990

Well I think you can be rich without having to model or even work, what else are trust funds for? Also models being rich is actually quite a large misconception, models don’t get paid very generously if they’re not Bella Hadid

No. 1944992

It’s Aaron Taylor Johnson

No. 1944995

being a model is basically a side gig for bored trust fundies kek I hope La Mer carries her wrinkles until 30 so she can shine a little longer…

No. 1944997

My cousin was an international model but she was smart enough to quit at 22 and is now studying to become a chemical engineer.

No. 1945003

Walter White queen

No. 1945004

If she’s iconic and beautiful then she’s a Stacy though, and she’s still one of the most famous women of all time decades later

No. 1945009

Keep writing fanfiction about a life you could never imagine, grandmanons. Some of you might even follow me on IG, maybe I'll give you some shout-outs. Hmu if you clock me, I'll send you some care packages ♥(infighting)

No. 1945014

Post your IG and I'll follow you queen

No. 1945016

I think using women as mannequins shouldn't be a thing. Models are very easily abused and overworked, which is why we see them crying on the runway all the time over the last 20 years.

No. 1945018

Omg Vlada I'm such a big fan can i have your autograph

No. 1945035

Trans women should replace women in Hollywood, the pop and porn industry. I’d rather see them being objectified and abused than real women.

No. 1945040

Yeah men used to play all the women’s roles back then, I don’t see why we shouldn’t go back to that if all the lefties so vehemently believe that “trans wammin are wammin!1”

No. 1945041

thorough her life she didn't really have much agency over herself, her mental health and even her profits as actress and wasn't respected pretty much still after death. if you think being a stacy is just being beautiful and known for it you are scrotebrained or underage. she's literally known as a sex symbol and nothing else, died alone and miserable only to be objectified even after death. that's not being a stacy.

No. 1945045

Oh my god shut up can we please just admire her for being beautiful and talented? I don't know what a stacy is but this is a dumb thing to be so bent out of shape over

No. 1945048

all I'm saying is that dying alone and miserable with no social support network because you were a pickme for married men instead of befriend other women to become someone who is objectified after death is not stacy behavior, calm the fuck down. I never said she wasn't beautiful or talented.

No. 1945050

Nta but Marilyn Monroe would’ve fucked your husband in a heart beat if he was rich and powerful enough and wouldn’t have thought once about you kek

No. 1945051

really i think you need to calm down, nonna…getting mad at a lonely woman who committed suicide because you think she was a "pick me" is just appalling.

No. 1945052

Good thing I'd fuck Marilyn in a heartbeat too! If Marilyn resurrected right now and said "lets fuck" to my good ol Nigel I'd probably ask to watch.

No. 1945054

yeah that's exactly my point, she was a massive pickme and was not a "girls girl" type of woman, she didn't have female friends. since fucking when being a pickme is stacy behavior? happy birthday mr. president was the cringest pickme shit from that era.
I guess my unpopular opinion is that marylin monroe was not a stacy and was a pretty sad woman.

No. 1945057

Nta but I don’t believe she committed suicide. I think she was murdered because she was going to expose the president for having her as mistress and he no choice but to take her out.

No. 1945062

nonny literally everyone knew what she was up to after the happy birthday mr. president thing. people just didn't give a shit.

No. 1945064

I think thats a reasonable theory as well, she died from "accidental" overdose but JFK could've very easily had that doctor prescribe her barbiturates at a dosage that he knew could quickly kill her

No. 1945066

it's not like everyone took barbiturates like it was popping candy either. it could very well be accidental.

No. 1945068

>girls girl
Go back

No. 1945070

The crazy thing about it she did the whole
Mr president right in front of his wife with no shame. I worked in a nursing home and all the old women there thought she was a talentless thot(or whore as the silent generation would say). The feeling bad for Marilyn girls support girls is just some zoomer shit.

No. 1945072

Do you think millennials don't also like Marilyn?

No. 1945074

i wonder why he didnt want jackie to sing to him

No. 1945075

Right because it goes straight from Silent generation to zoomers. Good job nonna

No. 1945079

back to where? I've been here for half a decade.
I think she was able to do it because nobody took her seriously. it always irked me she had very few female friends. even decades after she died not a single actress from that era stepped up to say anything good about her. as much as she's iconic I bet she was insufferable to be around and a massive nlog.

No. 1945089

I really don't feel like I want to have a daughter because I don't want her to call me a bitch or give me a stern look or tell me that she hates me. I'd cry a lot harder at that than I ever could having to pay for damage repairs or picking my son up from school for fighting.

No. 1945090

File: 1711912582536.jpeg (91.95 KB, 640x640, 59B1CD24-6565-45B2-A86A-4F2605…)

No. 1945091

okay, one friendship? also kek at her befriending someone clearly much uglier than her, how typical of pickmes.

No. 1945093

brigitte bardot, anita ekberg, judy garland, jane russell, do we need to list every single woman that it's recorded she was friends with?

No. 1945094

Oh typical pretty pick me who picks a fatter less attractive woman to be friends with. Color me surprised.

No. 1945097

how many women more are you going to google? I can too say I was friends with someone who died out of respect and that doesn't mean jackshit.

No. 1945098

Calling another woman ugly? That's not very girl's girl of you anon

No. 1945099

just make a marilyn monroe hate thread already, this derail is getting old because you love to tinfoil about a woman whos been dead for like 80 years. very pickme of you to talk down on another woman like this. tsk tsk…

No. 1945100

oh I'm sorry I am supposed to expect literally every person in the 1950s to think a fat black woman was the epitome of the beauty standards. my bad.

No. 1945102

File: 1711912900266.jpeg (7.96 KB, 205x246, stop.jpeg)

No. 1945106

>not even posting the full image
idiots used to be able to save pics

No. 1945110

oh ok enlighten me and post the whole pic, oh great one(infighting/derailing)

No. 1945111

File: 1711913037902.jpeg (19.81 KB, 165x268, IMG_9684.jpeg)

No. 1945112

File: 1711913125309.jpeg (3.47 KB, 45x54, 1711912900266.jpeg)

made it even smaller for you, eat shit(infighting/derailing)

No. 1945116

someones on his man period

No. 1945117

File: 1711913217798.jpg (1.77 MB, 3033x4248, sexyy-red-lucamarieg.jpg)

I love Sexyy Red's fashion style and how she always dresses consistently.

No. 1945121

No. 1945122

She’s so cute compared to other rappers like Manny Thee Stallion but she’s literally wearing a bra with transparent in this anon, trashyyyy

No. 1945124

millennials Just used Marilyn Monroe as an example that fat women can be hot, which is ridiculous since she wasn’t fat at all. Zoomers are the ones who want to paint Marilyn as an innocent little princess and not a drug addict who likes married men.

No. 1945125

Delusional, she's trashy and disgusting. At least Megan actually has a pretty face, isn't covered in old tattoos, and doesn't twerk at middle schools

No. 1945133

Sexxy red the type of woman I can imagine arguing with people at the welfare/food stamp office with 3 kids and a pregnant belly. Megan looks class and put together.

No. 1945135

her lines are hilarious sometimes. I think she's funny.

No. 1945137

Spongebob was never good and anyone (especially adults) who claim to be “fans” of it are pathetic.

No. 1945138

only sunscreen and a chemical mass produced shit? what a pleb, I was expecting from you blood bathes from virgins

No. 1945139

i suspect that at least some of the bone rattlers in the pro ana scumbags thread aren't actually anachans but instead are either normal weight or overweight larpers who say that clearly malnourished cows aren't really skinny because it makes them feel better about themselves.

No. 1945146

File: 1711914042985.jpg (271.83 KB, 2048x2048, 69c6e00738804c599a700066f53251…)

she's the ghetto princess!
Imo sexyy red's face is cuter and she didn't twerk in the school, she flipped them off

No. 1945152

File: 1711914225873.gif (1.05 MB, 220x275, IMG_9805.gif)

And picrel isn’t ghetto and trashy? Ohh, you’ve both fallen for that ridiculous Roc Nation funded psyop that ratchet Meg is “classy” kek.
>shorts a size or two short wedged into her buttcrack wafting her ass smells into the camera
>mm much class

Nonnies, it’s rap ffs, most female rappers are ghetto and that’s ok

No. 1945155

No she looks like a pretty girl twerking. Sexxy reds entire vibe is section 8 housing. She looks exactly like the type of woman who sells her food stamps to buy weed and lace front wigs.

No. 1945159

She's pretty, so yes, it's trashy, but it's not as bad. Pretty privilege exists, you have to deal with that.
A pretty, clean-looking girl engaging in trashy activities isn't the same as someone who straight up looks and carries themselves like their entire life/persona is trash doing it.

No. 1945166

You can't smell through a camera.

No. 1945171

>wafting her ass smells into the camera
Anon, is there something you need to tell us?

No. 1945178

I can't stop staring at that gif, americans are so weird, why are they doing this, how is this a dance, is this supposed to be attractive? appealing to moids? it just looks ludicrous.

No. 1945180

If you’re not a black woman, then you need to shut the fuck up. Your lack of social awareness tells me you’re either a robotic Asian or retarded brown person(racebaiting infight)

No. 1945189

NTA, but no sane black woman defends Sexy Redd's presentation and behavior regardless.

No. 1945191

It's what women do when they make a career out of pandering to porn-addicted moids (especially, and more specifically in this case, black ones).

No. 1945192

I’m a black woman and I know a section 8 dweller when I see one

No. 1945197

Twerking is a traditional African dance that African Americans started doing back in the day. It got popular in mainstream media within the past 17 years.

No. 1945198

Me when I lie about being black. Just be outright racist anon, jfc no one really cares(racebait)

No. 1945201

File: 1711915970881.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.12 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)

Me when I’m telling the truth. Pic related. Sexxy redd is a hood rat embarrassment and i find nothing she does cute.(self posting autism)

No. 1945202

This is 100% more leg movement and no naked ass.

No. 1945204

You're a white moid who either has a gross ghetto fetish, or is deliberately trying to make black women look as dumb, trashy and slutty as possible. Probably both.(infighting)

No. 1945207

File: 1711916183777.jpeg (292.44 KB, 1284x685, IMG_2888.jpeg)

Twerking has historical context. If you feel twerking is ghetto and slutty that’s on you.

No. 1945208

jesus christ girl you want me to send you some food or something? youre twiggy ramirez

No. 1945209

File: 1711916217345.jpg (10.43 KB, 236x236, 37dced681c8fe4e32c954d681eaf28…)

Absolutely. Her music is terrible, absurd and campy that it almost seems to be a parody. It's not meant to be taken seriously at all lmao. It's so bad it's good and she's trolling.

No. 1945211

Or I’m an actual woman who just doesn’t care about the outrage and genuinely finds her cute??

No. 1945213

Can’t be a coincidence that the only non ambiguous black woman they’re allowing to have any shine in the rap game is this one. Even ice spice comes off as more classy than her.

No. 1945214

You are a fat burger who gets mad when black women aren't like you.(infighting)

No. 1945215

No more being mean to each other

No. 1945217

oh ok so someones hangry, also this has nothing to do with being black your wrist is just super tiny my apologies nonnaritte

No. 1945218

File: 1711916443677.jpg (Spoiler Image,92.18 KB, 300x300, ice-spice-dresses-as-betty-boo…)

How is Ice Spice classier than her when she dressing like pic rel and rapping about shit and farts?

No. 1945220

Samefag, I notice right-wingers like Ben Shapiro are the ones who obsessively shill Sexxy Redd. Right-wingers and ghetto people. They must share a brain defect. She supports Trump, too.

That video you posted isn't from the 90s, and you made up a lie about a "traditional African dance" to try and legitimize trashiness. The things you attribute to "natural blackness" are either false, or fucked up/much worse versions wrought by a bad past in America.

No. 1945221

Just had Easter dinner and scarfed down yet another Cornish game hen. I do not particularly like them but my mom always acts like they're a great treat. I guess it's because her mom loved to make them. Not sure how popular they are, but it's just not for me.(not an unpopular opinion)

No. 1945222

Samefag I think weave-wearing white dick obsessed coons like >>1945201 that self-post are even more pathetic and majorly hypocritical. Sexxy Red is a cute ghetto thuggin Stacy and you’re mad. She’s had that same racist shit you spew told to her by many just for the misfortune of her being born a poor black woman, she even publicly said she was raped only to get laughed at by a bunch of black men for saying she was which explains partly her behavior. You’re a disgusting self-hating sheboon, have some shame(racebaiting infighting)

No. 1945223

Wrong thread anon

No. 1945225

I'm not that anon, her wrist is just normal. I know Americans like it when black women are XXXXL and/or as mannish as possible so that gay moids and fat women of other races can go "yasss kween slayyyy" ala Lizzo, and it's sick.(infighting)

No. 1945226

>I don't like cornish game birds even though they're popular!
This is an unpopular opinion so akshually it's the right thread.

No. 1945227

>weave-wearing white dick obsessed coons
Moid confirmed(infighting)

No. 1945228

Ice spice gives high class whore or stripper for rappers. Sexy redd gives no money, baby daddy ain’t paying child support, selling food stamps while kids at home eating mayo sandwiches, backwoods cigars, basement tattoos. Ice spice is still promoted as sexy pretty mixed girl while sexy redd is just single mother who lives in section 8 housing with roaches. No coincidence that they’d have the one who looks unambiguously black as the undesired single mom image.

No. 1945230

Yeah I’m definitely a moid (sarcasm indicator considering most of you are autistic) and not me picking up your self-hatred and projecting it on qt Redd. I’m attracted to women and bisexual, seethe(infighting)

No. 1945231

>tee hee she's trolling
Yes, that's why I ignore it. If she's posted on Lolcow, though, it's fair game to call a spade a spade: this shit is trashy and ugly. Even if you degrade yourself as a joke and for money, it's still degradation.

No. 1945233

>not liking a gross ghetto rapper who actually wears weaves and is obsessed with white, jewish, and black dick??? coon!!! weaves!!!!!!
Kek. I'm not even the anon who selfposted, but you're clearly racist, delusional and dick-brained calling women slurs for not sharing your disgusting kinks. Rope.(infighting)

No. 1945235

>Ice spice gives high class
stopped reading here

No. 1945238

I didn’t know it was impossible to like how a celebrity woman looks without necessarily liking her music and style. I also didn’t know a woman existing is a “kink/fetish” now

No. 1945240

File: 1711917217243.jpeg (86.09 KB, 683x1024, IMG_2889.jpeg)

Ice spices image is just New York girl who is laid back and keeps it cute. She gives she twerks at the club and goes home to a high rise luxury apartment. I’ve never seen sexy redd wearing anything classy or nice, she always looks like she shops at simply 10 or rainbows.

No. 1945241

I have no skin in the game because I dont care about either but claiming a rapper that wears skimpy clothes and raps about shitting and farting is classy is a massive reach.

No. 1945242

what? i'm sorry but her wrist looks skeletal KEK. no one ever said a word about wanting black women to be obese. Do you really need to overanalyze and argue about everything? Why can't we just enjoy each others company…(infighting/derailing)

No. 1945244

you and her need to eat protein, healthy fats and fibers asap.(infighting)

No. 1945251

I'm slightly overweight for my height and my wrist looks just like hers. I think it's just bone structure/something related to height. A lot of people's wrists look like that. Not skeletal at all. If you want to see skeletal, check out Eugenia Cooney.

No. 1945252

Reminder that the sperg who keeps posting about how they "just like" ghetto rappers/"thots" also calls black women sheboons, coons and other insults at random if they don't like it: >>1945222
They posted previously about being attracted to bimbo aesthetics, has spammed photos of the Claremont twins in previous threads, etc. They'll never provide any proof they're a woman or black, because they're probably neither (and no one should be providing them with proof they are, because they'll probably steal the photo to try and catfish). Even if they are, they're mentally unwell and clearly have internalized racism/misogyny from porn brainrot and a pickme mindset they project on others. This isn't a sex work positive space, most users don't like white or black "hoe" celebrities, and they're not wrong for disliking that sort of thing. End of story.(infighting)

No. 1945254

Black people didnt invent charcuterie(not an opinion/dumbass shit anon)

No. 1945258

Old slang words and phrases (from the 40s all the way to the early 2000s) are so cute and charming.

No. 1945259

File: 1711917961170.webp (131 KB, 1200x800, IMG_2890.webp)

British food is better than Japanese food

No. 1945261

i've never really been able to get into baked beans but i could eat sausage and nothing else for the rest of my life

No. 1945262

Haven't had much British food, but thank the lord for fish and chips and apple crumble!

No. 1945264

so are we not allowed to talk about dumbass shit at all anymore?(literal autism)

No. 1945266

Agreed. People should talk more like they're in a black and white sitcom.

No. 1945268

Asking as a beaner, what do baked beans taste like?

No. 1945271

Sweet but a little tangy

No. 1945273

File: 1711918613834.jpg (151.6 KB, 825x1000, 81Key7ozpmL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

There's a lot of things wrong with Japan, but their food just isn't one of them. Even their weeaboo snacks are better, picrel.
But why those two countries in particular, anon?

No. 1945275

Pocky tastes like cardboard dipped in cheap off brand cake icing

No. 1945277

That pic is disgusting but Japanese food really is mid at best, it’s just hyped because weebs and maruchan ramen. Pho is way better than ramen, and maruchan ramen is also better than real ramen kek

No. 1945287

britbongs have canned baked beans in a tomato sauce (disgusting) while burgers have canned baked beans in a pork brown sugar molasses sauce (savory, sweet and delicious)

No. 1945289

File: 1711919296575.jpg (12.55 KB, 225x225, download (6).jpg)

Maruchan ramen is disgusting, and massively overhyped. Only Top Ramen and Cup Noodle are as bad.

No. 1945291

Which noodle brand would you rec?

No. 1945316

Buldak ramen or Samyang

No. 1945325

Japanese food (in Japan) is hyped because the ingredients are generally a lot fresher and taste better, and they don't slather everything in oil and sugar. Makes food from America/Canada/UK taste like grease slop, yes there's a lot of delicious food in these countries but you have to pay way more money for anything similar. And yes there's a lot of gross/unhealthy garbage in Japan too, but it's easier to get delicious and healthier food. Other than that I think Spanish food tastes the best especially when considering price

No. 1945329

moids should never be allowed on social media, ever. women can be annoying sometimes but moids get obsessed and throw tantrums over nothing

No. 1945333

Nothing nonas say on here, even the most schizo posters, pisses me off as much as moids on YouTube comments and elsewhere (instagram is really bad too). They are so evil and hate women so much

No. 1945339

I really don't see what anons see in him, he's an average white guy, he looks like Danny Gonzalez but with a permanent pixar red nose, that is back when he was younger, now he looks middle aged and like a fuckboy with the retarded expressions he pulls 24/7 thinking he looks ~smexy~ and super washed out with the blond hair. She didn't win anything when he didn't age well, better luck next time I guess.

No. 1945350

File: 1711922390996.jpeg (394.49 KB, 1170x1875, IMG_9747.jpeg)

Women who joke about being the other woman are usually unattractive or plain, and are just overcompensating

No. 1945356

File: 1711922481616.jpeg (403.1 KB, 1170x1864, IMG_9745.jpeg)

And people who overline their lips are mentally ill

No. 1945357

The man the attractive woman is dating is also attractive so your sperging doesn't apply to this situation. If you want attractive men you have to be attractive, too, or you'll end up only being approached by uggos who think you're desperate and an easy lay and think they can take advantage of you. Being beautiful intimidate that kind of guys and makes the less weird ones approach you, better than nothing I guess.

No. 1945358

i agree he aged really fucking bad and also doesnt seem to shave himself consistently.

No. 1945365

>he's an average white guy
Nah, the average white guy (or average guy for the matter) looks much much worse than this. But I do feel kinda annoyed at him due to over exposure on LC and as seen in >>1944746 the age gap is becoming rapidly irrelevant.

No. 1945366

Nta, good point. I noticed in countries and cultures where they oppress women extremely, they let them get into acting and being pop stars and the military as a form of fake feminism and a "compensation" to turn and say "see? We let you do something, we're not THAT oppressive", but ofcourse it's roles where they abuse women sexually and objectify them. Happens a lot in the middle east especially.

No. 1945376

Pretty above average but that picture is one of the cutest couple photos I've ever seen. Her dorky mannerisms and smile with his just happy to be there look is so very delightful

No. 1945377

I remember a surprisingly based snapchat spotlight comment by a moid saying "car guys should be put down" on a car guy's video, and he got lots of violent replies by angry seething car moids. Proving him right. They're a special breed of autistic and annoying and the reason car pollution and traffic exist. I will not elaborate because I have nothing else to add. And yes, I use snapchat and spotlight I'm sorry for being cringe.

No. 1945382

File: 1711923627163.jpeg (18.99 KB, 216x171, 1711908466094.jpeg)

Same, I've never heard of him before because Idc about Hollywood shit in general and don't watch marvel slop which seems to be where he's frequently featured, but seeing all the posts about him here made me despise him and hoping for a big scandal between him and his wife where he's the bad guy or something so anons would stfu about him. So much for the "ugly moid psyop" sperging when this is the guy infighting ensues over. Picrel looks like a terrorist.
>inb4 the body is attractive though
What's the difference between him and ugly incels who work out thinking it would make them hot then? The body alone isn't enough, any moid can have a fit body if he works out, but he can't work out the ugly off his face.
That's wholesome nona, you can have that.

No. 1945393

File: 1711924284253.jpeg (125.44 KB, 665x1000, IMG_9760.jpeg)

>Picrel looks like a terrorist.
Anon, kek. He was cute when he was young, he’s still good looking for a male over 30 imo

No. 1945396

I agree, they’re really cute together. They always look happy in photos together unlike most couples

No. 1945399

He was obviously much hotter when he was younger, but he's hot for a 30 year old and he seems to have mantained his body at least.

No. 1945402

I’d shag him

No. 1945405

File: 1711925112983.png (1.68 MB, 1170x1402, mommy.png)

I really don’t care if Kylie is 98% plastic I think she’s really beautiful and I hope she’s happy with her kids. I think she still would’ve been just as beautiful if she never got plastic surgery and just allowed herself to grow into a woman.

No. 1945420

File: 1711925775165.jpeg (52.3 KB, 482x400, IMG_9787.jpeg)

It’s actually concerning how quickly men age, this is less than a decade apart. It would take a woman like 20 years for her appearance to change so much

No. 1945424

again, he's still hot though.

No. 1945425

I think so too I’m just startled by the difference

No. 1945426

He takes care of himself too. Now imagine the males that let themselves go immediately after highschool or college.

No. 1945498

then women will be shilled phalloplasty then vaginoplasty to become AFAB transwomen kek

No. 1945519

File: 1711930344171.webp (25.07 KB, 275x301, Robbie.webp)

I'm genuinely not trying to be contrarian or infight but I don't see what's hot about this either. Reminds me of picrel but no glasses and blue eyes, his eye color is a nice shade of blue though. I'm so sorry I don't see it.

No. 1945520

I want ATJ so bad and my last ex was a slightly better looking version of your picrel so you might be on to something.

No. 1945546

The only thing they have in common is the curly hair.

No. 1945562

The potato nose and the big lips?

No. 1945567

this guy looks like the prolapsed anus lips monster from monsters inc

No. 1945578


No. 1945584

You need lasik

No. 1945648

Being a boy mom is the ultimate form of pickmeism. I’m not talking about women who have sons that they’re trying to raise into productive members of society, those women are just doing their best with the shitty hand they were dealt. I’m talking about those weird moms who go on and in about how “daughters are just soooooo much drama, I’m glad I’ll never have to deal with periods, no common whore is ever gonna be good enough for my precious baby boy” and it’s so common.

No. 1945655

i can't find the video but that one mom who jumped up into her teenage sons arms and wrapped her legs around him after he like won a football game? incestuous as hell.

No. 1945660

I hate this so much

No. 1945662

>Utah mom
>her son, Brixton
Mormons are wild

No. 1945667

what the hell kind of name is brickstin?

No. 1945685

File: 1711946363158.jpeg (203.58 KB, 720x724, IMG_0133.jpeg)

I don’t understand the whole “middle child” thing. I almost feel like I’ve been Psy-oped into thinking it’s the worst thing in the world but I never felt that way at all? I never thought OH IM NO LONGER THE BABY OR OH IM ALWAYS IGNORED. It was never like that for me yet people keep pushing this meme. I never thought My parents had a favorite either mostly because my mom has said nasty things behind my sisters backs that I’d know for sure would make them cry. I’ve just accepted that they’re fucked up no matter what.

No. 1945729

Seriously it's insane the amount of media I see of women frothing over their sons.. it's fucking gross and then you get the equally gross mother's in the commented defending the video. It's obvious their husbands aren't meeting some sort of need and they're projecting it onto their sons and it's putrid.

No. 1945778

My brother is the middle child and he was definitely my mom's favorite (just as were talking about boymoms kek) and my younger sister was my dad's, guess I got middle child syndrome'd despite being the first.

No. 1945830

those mothers want sons and not daughters because their pickme brains view any younger female as competition even if she is their own child. pickmes are absolutely terrified of aging and the thought of raising a girl who will one day grow up, attract male attention (no matter how unwanted and inappropriate), and maybe even be prettier or thinner than they are is their greatest nightmare.

No. 1945892

File: 1711980750383.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1284x1877, IMG_2895.jpeg)

Boy moms love their sons because it’s the first time in their life they have experienced unconditional love from a male. The love they have for their sons turns sexual.

No. 1946026

This is literally unpopular since over 70% of so called pro-lifers in my country support it, but I think IVF and being pro-life are incompatible. At least with abortion there's an issue about bodily autonomy because it's wrong to make a woman carry a fetus when she doesn't want to and sex does not guarantee pregnancy. But IVF doesn't have that kind of nuance, it just creates embryos and everyone involved knows that only some will be implanted and others will be destroyed or kept frozen for an indeterminate length of time. It's literally creating multiple human lives with the intention to only preserve some and destroy others. I seriously don't understand why pro-life people (the ones who are without using it as an excuse to oppress women, which most of them are) are suddenly okay with that, but they're not okay with abortion.

No. 1946036

Freud can't keep getting away with it!!

No. 1946037

NTA I grew up as the youngest daughter in a family of 7 daughters and I guarantee they can be just as bad, if not worse, than sons. My older sisters said some of the most disgusting shit to my parents before they left them for literally no reason at all kek, they just felt like being edgy and having a groupie runaway moment at the ages of like 20 and 30. I’d rather have to bail some retarded scroteling out of jail than have my daughter spit in my face and tell me what a dumb cunt I am

No. 1946049

>i would rather my son be a criminal that have a bitch daughter

No. 1946066

I think a big part is also because moids pit women against each other because they force women to take care of them because it's easier to pretend they're incapable. Why these boy moms are constantly coddling their wittwe sons since straight off the bat the moids aren't raised to be expected to have an inch of competence while for girls it's vice versa. "Boys will be boys" stemmed from ancient Rome ffs and I'm glad now after 2,500+ years we realized maybe scrotes should't be mommied to retardation

No. 1946070

Criminality is temporary and even if it can’t be rehabilitated, you can still close them off from society. your child hating you is permanent if they want it to be.

No. 1946071

Your retarded criminal scrote son would probably beat you to death but sure, much better than dealing with an icky daughter am right?

No. 1946074

I never said “icky daughter” retard, did you read my post? I said having a daughter who hates you is much more painful than having a retarded son who doesn’t take you into consideration. Also I’m not a single mom so that’s just not a possibility.

No. 1946076

doublepost sorry and not even just that: my son being a criminal is something i could live with, my daughter running away or deciding she suddenly doesn’t want to be around me anymore after I created her with my body would be much more traumatizing than my scroteling doing that to me.

No. 1946084

Can’t blame socialization if they’re women and they know what it’s like to be a little girl. The truth is a lot of these bitches are just jealous seeing a younger version of themselves and they wanna fuck their sons because it’s the only man that ever loved them.

No. 1946095

So you'd rather your scrote child be a menace to other people instead of a daughter who just doesn't like you? Okay.

No. 1946104

Yes, I would. Because men are menaces no matter what, and that can’t be changed no matter who their mom is. But mothers and daughters have the opportunity to forge a happy relationship, and if for some reason my daughter hated me I’d have no choice but to kill myself. Your moid son acting the way scrotes do is to be expected.

No. 1946127

I’m bi and I prefer older looking people in general. Both men and women look better after 30. Idk why they just look more adult, more powerful and worldly. People under 25 just look so babyish to me. Like the right is a strong man and the left is like a little brother figure I just wanna give him a noogie.

No. 1946136

ya id feel way worse for fucking up my relationship with/the life of my (hypothetical) daughter than my (hypothetical) son

No. 1946162

I think all different kinds of husbandofags should just exist in peace, who cares if some woman likes a man you think is fugly? Literally who cares if you like character X or character Y

No. 1946174

they do though? , the husbando thread on /g/ has a rule against anons shitting on other anons husbandos

No. 1946183

it's literally just one or two spergs who think someone having different taste is a personal attack on them. hopefully their containment thread works

No. 1946187

do you seriously think women arent allowed to hate ugly men? lmao

No. 1946197

Stay in your containment thread. No one cares about your ugly faggt bg3 husband(infight bait)

No. 1946200

it can be fun to talk shit and this is a website built for shittalking

No. 1946205

I don’t really see how there’s been some huge culture shit like anons are acting like in the mtf thread and others. I appreciate the radfem-lean of this site, but this has never been a radfem site and anons are bound to have different opinions. there’s been tradthot vs radfem infighting for as long as I’ve been here, and even worse, anons accusing anyone who disagrees with them of being a tradthot. of course, there are definitely moidposters, especially in threads that do dunk on women, and I wish them all a pleasant kys, but that’s not new, unfortunately. we’re literally on a site that was created to mock cringe women cosplaying and such? feels like hypocritical moralfagging

No. 1946210

Ikr like let me enjoy my salt and pepper moids kekk, I feel like the ones constantly promoting “young hot males” are straight up weirdos or borderline female nonces

No. 1946214

Oh my fucking god we don’t give a fuck kekk. Every site has some sort of political bias or underlying political belief and radical feminism no matter how much you want to reject it and see as an ideological threat will always been an influence on a website that is critical of moids 24/7. I don’t see what would bother you about women having specific opinions unless you’re friends with a tranny or smelly TIF you keep trying to coddle and defend, there’s nothing wrong with being transphobic

No. 1946215

0 reading comprehension

No. 1946216

I feel like /snow/ and the offtopic boards have completely different posters and board culture at this point tbh

No. 1946219

Yeah, /snow/ has more oldfags and is much slower so it’s a lot more chill over there (on a good day) but everyday here it’s like a new breed of retardation is dropped

No. 1946223

no one's stopping you from enjoying whoever. there's a bunch of husbando and male attraction threads that only allow positive talk. you can just hide the hater thread if it hurts your feelings

No. 1946225

I'm both surprised and relieved no one's shat on my husbandos here, even though they are all objectively terrible choices.

No. 1946226

It shouldn’t be legal to send pregnant women to jail. No matter what they’ve done.

No. 1946230

This. They get angry when you call them pickmes but they are the first in line to defend ugly men. The thread isn't even an ''husbando hate thread'' it's a discussion thread to criticize ugly men getting shilled as attractive, but they take it personally even though the world already gives them countless amounts of ugly men to pick from.

No. 1946244

To be fair nobody likes having their tastes shit on, it always starts infights. You should've seen the meltdowns that happen when anons dare speak ill of enstars or nu:c boys kek. I fully support a ugly man hate thread though

No. 1946250

no one is shitting on their taste though, i dont understand why they take it personally. Getting offended when ugly men get criticized is beyond cringe, boymom levels of cringe even.

No. 1946251

I’m sorry but aren’t we all pickmes if we’re all pining for attractive men? I’m genuinely lost. There’s nothing pickme for liking older men because liking older moids is not a new thing, neither is the /g/ anons falling for the typical pretty boy thing. Both can coexist and live in harmony like wtf

No. 1946256

>anons when you read another person’s posts, acknowledge what they say, add interesting additional inputs to make it a conversation

i’m explaining human A and B conversations on the internet to an autistic woman, holy fuck

No. 1946257

It's the same group of autistic anons shitting up the site over men, just ignore their antics

No. 1946262

how is trying to defend ugly men not pickmeism? women who like pretty men arent pickmes because they dont bend themselves into a pretzel trying to defend ugly post wall men, they like ATTRACTIVE men.

No. 1946267

You’re conflating ugly with age, ironic coming from a crowd who gets their granny panties in a tizzy when you criticize horseface woman’s relationship. There are sexy, matured geriatric moids that balance out the cute, soft younger ones. There’s already a scarcity of facially beautiful men to begin with

No. 1946270

You’re conflating ugly with age, ironic coming from a crowd who gets their granny panties in a tizzy when you criticize horseface woman’s relationship. There are sexy, matured geriatric moids that balance out the cute, soft younger ones. There’s already a scarcity of facially beautiful men to begin with

No. 1946274

i don't think everything surrounding men is pickmeism thats my unpopular opinion

No. 1946276

Why are you acting like you are dropping the mic over this nothing burger 1/10th thought. Have some courage and expound on that and maybe people will care

No. 1946280

Women age like wine, men age like milk. You can enjoy geriatric men, but pushing it onto other women is pickmeism. If you think wrinkly men are beautiful, you do you, there are several threads where you can sperg about it without trying to push it onto women who like attractive men.

No. 1946283

nta but where are these old man shills trying to force everyone else to share their taste? Disliking old men is the popular opinion here

No. 1946286

i didnt post it for anyone to care nonnie..i was just posting my opinion

No. 1946288

read the thread, there are tons of examples of media pushing ugly men as attractive.

No. 1946289

No one is pushing it on to other women and I’m certainly not a twitterfag who has fallen for male babygirl psyop. I can post a bunch of pictures of extremely ugly, haggard older women that would match up with ugly haggard older men. And that’s totally not even true, we facially age faster than men but facial aging doesn’t equal ugliness or unworthiness; being ugly is an addition to being old if you were already ugly

No. 1946293

lmao you tried to start an infight by missing what I was saying and assuming I disagree with radfems and their presence here. you’re exemplifying exactly what I was talking about kek
>anons when you read another person’s posts, acknowledge what they say, add interesting additional inputs to make it a conversation
cool, you did none of the above

No. 1946294

just look at teh redtexted posts in the threzd. or at the current knfight in/ meta/. some anons are really defensive over their husbando.
i know it's tempting to defend your fave characters, but some people just don't know when to hide a thread

No. 1946295

i don't know how unpopular this will really be but baring a child with down syndrome sounds humiliating as fuck, especially because everyone will know that it was your fault for having shitty genes that can't even handle a little chromosomal division

No. 1946303

>No one is pushing it on to other women
>Also aging doesn’t equal ugliness
Yes it does, in men. Women dont go bald for once. Do you seriously think modern post wall dicaprio is on par with 90s titatic dicaprio? lmao

No. 1946304

ok NTA but the Mr. Clean look can be hot on some men

No. 1946306

you really cant say anything bad about men in lolcow without women jumping in to WK them

No. 1946308

I once vented about my ex having muh anxiety at the grocery store and 4 bitches replied jumping on his jock I wanted to puke. Take him then enjoy holding poopsikins hand cuz the crowd makes him anxious

No. 1946309

Only black men can look ok bald. Literally never once has a white or brown baldie looked cuter than with hair.

No. 1946316

That's not whiteknighting kek? That's just stating a fact

No. 1946329

Well no fucking shit sherlock. If you shit on someone's tastes or what they like they're going to shit on you right back. I'm not even into smooth egg-head baldies but this is basic communication 101.

No. 1946340

Those little boy fucker anons just want an echo chamber to shit on everyone else without anyone counteracting their viewpoints. It becomes so boring and one-note and that’s how every /ot/ thread is eventually killed, for example our precious Dumbass Shit Thread that birthed many funny inside jokes and arguably kept this website alive through the pandemic. This is how it goes: an entire thread is made because of a petty infight made in a thread or different board and then eventually someone else comes in to give their opinion and you’re either bombarded by a bunch of retards or mass-reported to keep their little snowflake safe space of hatred with a one-track and single-minded line of thinking. When I type this out this shockingly reminds me of how Reddit threads operate kek ,commit wrong think and they sick the mods on you or you’re “downvoted” to oblivion for not being a bootlicking faggot.

No. 1946352

Utter delusion. Patrick Stewart for one.

No. 1946365

What annoys me most is the
>"Why can't we hate ugly men? Are you saying we can't hate ugly men??? Is that what you're saying that we can't hate ugly men????"
No, that's what nobody has been saying. Nobody has said they can't talk about something or can't have an opinion. As if they're that special. Some anons are just annoyed they have the carnal need to bring it up literally everywhere and anywhere and get offended when you someone shits on them right back. Not to mention the subtle treatment and view of all women as a monolith and that any woman who doesn't abide by their strict standards of what a woman should like is a psyopped pickme. The most egregious thing of all is that all of this multi-thread diarrhea autism started not because of an actual terrible ugly man that some anons were being genuinely delusional about his ugliness like Wario or The Duke but over the most milquetoast average anime man. If this started because some anons were reee-ing that other anons didn't find the Duke hot then I'd be 100% on the side of the uggoschizos but it wasn't which pisses me off the most.

No. 1946369

If you go to the husbando thread on /g/ and call someone's husbando ugly you are going to get banned because it's against the rules of the thread. There are already tons of threads to bootlick ugly men.

No. 1946382

agreed, there's no point to a thread that you can't have discussion. it also reminds me of when a certain fujo-hating anon sperged across multiple threads and ban evaded until she got her own thread for fujo hate as well- luckily this seems to have mostly calmed down the fujo infights in all the other threads too. the autism was simply too powerful to be contained

No. 1946390

derailing the thread to defend ugly men and call every woman who isnt into decrepit men a pedophile isnt discussion, it's just infighting. Anons right now are discussing how the male beauty standars degraded through the years, you are free to join the conversation.

No. 1946393

File: 1712001169616.webp (54.05 KB, 615x627, IMG_0139.webp)

Even Mr. Clean!?

No. 1946400

no one cares that your granny ass wants to date another woman’s college-aged son and cloaking your fetish for young boys with thinkpieces about male beauty standards. there are no male beauty standards to begin with because men are evaluated on other traits and preferences compared to women that don’t include their attractiveness or beauty at all while every trait and preference shown in women always goes back to how “pretty” and nice she is to look at. you people don’t know how to kill one petty little topic in an infight and keep it pushing now you have to make a zillion threads defacing that one anon who happens to like older men. god i hate when women act like a bunch of fucking regina georges conspiring a group of people against ONE fucking anon you happened to argue with on tuesday 6pm or whatever the fuck(infighting)

No. 1946408

>the anon that derailed the thread over horsefaced stacy being ugly and not deserving ATJ is also a grandpa lover
kek, hilarious. Literally pickme final boss.

No. 1946411

I used to have a crush on Mr Clean and the Bounty lumberjack as a kid. I don't know why, but Mr Clean inspired me to keep my room clean.

No. 1946415

Pickmeism isn't really a big deal as long as she's happy it only becomes dangerous when it results in her moid abusing her love, which unfortunately happens too much

No. 1946420

No, pickmeism is a problem no matter the amount. The problem here is what anons call pickmeism (liking and defending a character they don't like) is not even pickmeism. For it to be pickmeism you have to be benefitting a man at the expense of yourself and other women.

No. 1946423

I thought pickmeism was just wanting to find a boyfriend? Sorry I'm kinda retarded

No. 1946425

Pickmeism is when a woman does something you don't like

No. 1946426

>For it to be pickmeism you have to be benefitting a man at the expense of yourself and other women.
Trying to pretend old and fat men aren't ugly benefits men. It lowers their already rock bottom beauty standars.

No. 1946429

>granny ass
>little boy fuckers
kek that's not even what the thread is about
people are discussing casting choices and character design. it's not just about husbandos.
you could want to fuck emperor palpatine personally and still agree that male character design trends shift toward older and less conventionally attractive men.
there are longstanding threads where you can gush about husbandos with negative comments being banned. i don't see why the reverse is so bad. just hide the thread.

No. 1946430

The horse face Stacy hater was 1000% a coked out fag who thinks he's being cunty or whatever. I'd recognize that typing style anywhere

No. 1946434

Wish i understood what any of these words mean

No. 1946435

File: 1712002160023.jpeg (33.08 KB, 539x810, v82tpJF.jpeg)

If we're simply talking about looking okay bald, Latinos and some East Asian men pull it off just fine without it hurting their general attractiveness, imo.

No. 1946436

File: 1712002213791.png (293.96 KB, 1000x1000, stonetos is fat and i would no…)

tl;dr its just this

No. 1946438

File: 1712002305216.jpg (102.16 KB, 780x438, intro-1687324126.jpg)

UHH You're forgetting someone…

No. 1946463

No offense, but how? If you're already attracted to that type of man, your standards were already at your personal baseline it was neither higher or lower. This is even more weird when it's applied to fictional men. It's only pickme behavior if you're hurting others or yourself at the benefit of a man. It would be pickme behavior if
>I'm not attracted to this bald egg head man but I will pretend to be attracted to him for male validation and I will also call women who don't like bald men shallow bitches
but how is it pickme behavior if
>I am attracted to this bald egg head man because I like bald egg head men, I've always been attracted to them they're my type
That's not being a pickme, that's just unconventional tastes. At this point, it's starting to become what >>1946425 said where you're considered a pickme for not following a imaginary monolithic standard for what women should like and be attracted to. I find it annoying and a little gross, it's the same as moids who call women bitches for not following a specific standard of attraction they deem appropriate. Women can't be individuals, they have to follow my standard. That's what I've been getting. I feel like I have to make this clear since 95.5% of you jump to this conclusion, but I'm not saying you can't criticize or shit on someone's tastes this is lolcow after all and some of you have a point where Holly Wood does push a dynamic of ugly old man and beauty model-esque young woman but I'm just confused on how a woman becomes a pickme for liking something that isn't the norm. It sort of devalues the word 'pickme' into "you are not acting to my standard you bitch".

No. 1946465

I think it's that 'tough guys' can pull it off, my theory is that subconsciously we assume that a tough guy did not actually lose his hair but shaved it (as prisoners and military men do). Whereas a normal guy with no hair usually has male pattern baldness. Typecasting in TV and movies definitely reinforces this.

No. 1946466

Nonny I love him but he is not hot

No. 1946472

ok but again no one is criticizing your taste in men? we are criticizing the men themselves and how they are pushed as attractive when they arent. I don't understand how calling objectively ugly men ugly is shitting on anyone's taste. Shouldn't you be happy women consider those men ugly so you have more chance with the uglies?

No. 1946476

>missing my point and ignoring everything I just said
I can't even be surprised anymore.

No. 1946483

I am not missing your point, you somehow take anons shitting on ugly men personal and try to twist women making fun of ugly men into women making fun of women who find ugly men attractive, when that was never the point of the thread. You are getting called a pickme because instead of letting women vent about ugly you deliverately go to a thread you dont like to white knight ugly men. A woman saying she likes old men isn't pickmeism, but a woman trying to convince people that guy isn't old and that old men age like fine wine is pickmeism. I don't understand what you don't get.

No. 1946494

Nope. No. It's my fault I should've included the sentence.
>Nor am I saying you can't call a man ugly, fat and or old when the man in question is ugly, fat, and or old.
If I had included that you've wouldn't have missed my point or got confused and jumped that hard. Ot but sorry mods, I was using a VPN to watch a show and forgot to take it off before posting here.

No. 1946503

hes lightskin

No. 1946505

Then i dont understand what's your problem. No one is calling women pickmes being attracted to unconventional men, they get called pickmes for shilling ugly men as attractive. Men who like fat or 40yo+ women don't try to shill them as attractive, they understand they have unconventional taste in women, I dont understand why some women push those type of men as conventionally attractive, especially when the bar in men is already extremely low and getting even lower every day.

No. 1946511

That isn't what a pickme is though.

No. 1946526

It is. You are beneffiting men by holding them at lower standars, and worse, barging into spaces women created to make fun of them and discuss how ugly men are pushed in media to defend them.

No. 1946532

File: 1712005237900.jpg (49.29 KB, 770x480, Women-Shaking-Hands.jpg)

>barging into spaces women created
I have not done that. Actually, this is fruitless and stupid. I'm a disgusting pickme who's lowering the collective standards of all women, deal?

No. 1946536

It's a group of women on a niche website discussing moids in the media that they will never meet IRL. It's not that deep.

No. 1946538

Then why do they get so pissed when women call them ugly? kek
they are already low, that's why those ugly men are allowed to exist in media in the first place.

No. 1946543

This is why people need to stop misusing the word pick me, it leads to stuff like this.

No. 1946545

Blue coloured cars are fucking stupid and if you drive one I won't associate with you.

No. 1946547

File: 1712006292702.jpg (252.77 KB, 1024x1024, snail accepting Jesus's love, …)

I will pray to the mother Mary to return your sight.

No. 1946553

Why is there a snail in the stained glass??

No. 1946557

Cause I love snails and involve them in my depictions and descriptions often.

No. 1946566

I think the world would be a better place if people got slapped more often. Not punched or beaten up, just slapped when they are egregiously disrespectful. Enough to sting and be humiliating but not enough to actually injure them. We value talking about our feelings too much and it makes people even shittier because they learn how to manipulate and self-victimize with therapy speak. If someone calls you a cunt they need to be slapped, not sat down in a safe space and gently told that calling women cunts is bad.

No. 1946569


No. 1946576

Who would be allowed to slap who, though? If anyone feels disrespected for whatever reason they perceive can slappity slap, it'll be slap fights for the rest of eternity. Like, I get your example and agree in theory, but to think it through makes it seem like a terrible idea.

No. 1946589

There's already a "men shilled as attractive that you find ugly" thread on /g/ so I don't get the need for the new discussion thread. Nta.

No. 1946590

This one is a discussion thread plus it allowed 2D characters.

No. 1946605

Not the first anon, but while the discussion is interesting, the problem is for some reason the anons who usually start it are enstarfags and genshitfags who think underage looking shota characters are the peak of male beauty, and they claim their shotas are bishies. They tend to dislike actual bishie, i.e. young men and older teenage male characters with mature builds and faces but still pretty, and call them "roidpigs". I know because I got into infights with one of them once. They're always the first to call any animu or vidya character that doesn't look 8 an "ugly roidpig" and that's why everyone is so done with them and hate their obnoxious attempts at pretending to care about male beauty standards, and why anons call them "boyfuckers". I remember one of them sperged so hard about one of the enstars character being called faggy and feminine because he wore dresses and skirts, and she was attempting to redefine femininity and masculinity to try and prove she isn't attracted to a faggot boy animu boy, when nobody would've really cared if she didn't say he wasn't faggy and feminine. This is usually in the fandom discussion threads iirc. The current sperging anon who started the ugly men discussion yesterday and made that thread reminds me of those anons in her talking points and style, so she could very possibly be one of them, and it's probably why anons are suspicious of that faux concern thread.

No. 1946606

there isnt a single mention of enstars or shotas in that thread what the hell are you talking about why is it so insane to some of you to believe normal women hate ugly men?

No. 1946610

the ugly men psyop thread has nerly 400 replies and no one has mentioned shota or gachashit. it's fairly reasonable discussion so far. you're reaching

No. 1946615

It really doesn't come off that way, I wasn't involved in the infight yesterday at all and I was excited about the ugly men thread being made because I don't like seeing ugly men shilled everywhere not because of shotashit. And like other anons have said, there hasn't even been mention of that, we're not going "eww this 20 year anime man is so grosss and old my husbando is better," we're just saying how physically unattractive Jack Black is, really not that deep. Someone's mad their husbando was called ugly.

No. 1946616

They are so pissed off women are standing up to the ugly man psyop and rightfully shitting on geriatric men that get shilled as attractive they are calling women pedophiles for finding Leon Kennedy hot. Insanity.

No. 1946636

I wasn't even involved in the infights yesterday or in the current discussion thread, and none of the characters or people criticized are my husbandos, I'm just saying there's a pattern to that. Every time some anon criticizes someone else's husbando for being ugly and she gets asked to share her "superior" taste, she always posts a genshit or enstars character, so now everyone assumes the "ugly psyop" anons are those kind of anons. I personally like Leon and think he's hot, but I did see some anon recently saying he's as ugly as Astrion from balder gate or whatever it's called, and there have been some anons who claim any adult looking character is ugly period. You can see it even in the AI generated images thread, if some flat animu boy is posted no one says anything, but once it's a more mature/adult male character some anons gets pissed and called it ugly. I haven't read all of the ugly men psyop thread yet, the discussion isn't a bad idea, but as some other anon mentioned it's sometimes over the most milktoast average looking characters ever, like the Laos guy or whatever his name is. He's not hot but not glaringly ugly either, but some anon insisted on sperging about him out of all characters and actors worth complaining about. I think she even created the thread out of spite that no one took her sperging seriously because the character she hates is inoffensive. And I bet if we ask her to post her taste it would be the flatest most plain anime boy ever. Anyone who feels the need to put others' tastes down and brags about their own taste usually has shit taste themselves and are insecure about it and projecting real hard onto the other anons. I don't even like dungeon mushi or whatever it's called or the characters from it, but I'm on the side of the anons who like the laous guy because they didn't do anything wrong to deserve being attacked and called "pickmes" and be blamed for all women rights violations for liking a 2D drawing of a bulky man. It's so retarded to get so heated up about that. I don't like many of the husbandos anons post about, but I simply hide their threads or ignore their posts and let them be, it's not that hard and they're very harmless autistic women, just leave them be. If you want to blame someone for the ugly Hollywood actors, it's the old and possibly gay men running Hollywood's fault, not the anons posting about their husbandos. Same thing goes for the ugly characters, it's the artists'/character designers' fault, and people who are into that kind of stuff just happened to flock into it because it's their thing, not because they forced the artists to draw these characters or something. It's not like they'd go to every artist drawing attractive youthful characters and demand them to change the design to fit their own tastes, at least not the anons here, maybe twitter and tumblrfags though. I'm weirded out by this victim complex some people have over this topic ajd trying to act oppressed regarding it, I never find any trouble in watching shows with attractive characters or finding fan art or original art of said characters, so I don't understand the need to act like male beauty in fiction went extinct all of a sudden. Why are you even looking for male beauty in Hollywood when Hollywood hasn't made a decent movie for more than a decade now? It fell off a long time ago and it's pointless to search for anything of value in it, simply look at other forms of entertainment and you'll probably find something you like. This seems like a non-issue to me and a very terminally online one at that. This is all I'll say on this topic, to each their own.

No. 1946643

The fact this all happened because of Laios is outstanding.

No. 1946650

You are making shit up trying to discredit a thread just because they shit on ugly men. No one in that thread has posted shotas or genshin characters and the anon calling Leon ugly was a blindfaced autist Astarionfag who thinks Astarion looks the same as Leon.

No. 1946652

File: 1712013442237.gif (156.89 KB, 250x200, bca617451b38986d1d36c97dae7f62…)

What is wrong with you, we're not making fun of anons posting their husbandos, the only ones we do make fun of are the ones who keep posting their husbandos itt going "I know he's old and ugly but I like him uwu".
>If you want to blame someone for the ugly Hollywood actors, it's the old and possibly gay men running Hollywood's fault
>Same thing goes for the ugly characters, it's the artists'/character designers' fault
That's what the fucking thread is for jesus christ, that is the literal thread topic and discussion. We're not blaming women for any of it, minus the anons who were calling that twitter user who self ships with deathfat Jeff the Killer a pickme for some reason. It's one thread, hide it if you get so offended by a thread you haven't properly read.

No. 1946653

It's no use, don't respond at this point.

No. 1946656

the jeff the killer deathfat artist was shitting on women drawing twinks and telling them to draw fat men instead, she is a pickme to be honest.

No. 1946665

jfc use the enter key. this is unreadable.
im sorry a gachafag was mean to your ai husbando or whatever this novel is all about, but you're coming across as unhinged.
the ugly man psyop thread has been mostly serious discussion so far, no one is posting shota or enstars.
no one is saying shit about your husbando in that thread and even if they were, that's allowed here.
people are allowed to dislike something you like. there will always be anons disagreeing with you and saying shit you don't like. get a grip.

No. 1946672

i always read jfc as jeff the killer

No. 1946678

I wish there was no anime adaption of my favorite mangas so it remains niche and the fanbase doesn't get invaded by tourists who only care about flavor of the month shows, the shit I had to read about Dungeon Meshi here…

No. 1946680

Fascinating how disliking something one likes is allowed but the inverse isn't. The entire infight and the thread were born because of some unhinged anon being like "why do people like this character I don't like?" and now we're here trying to pretend it's some huge political scheme or something instead of simply differences in taste. And again, I'm not into ugly or old characters and would never defend their appearances, but I find anons who husbando them to be endearing, something the anon who started all of this is incapable of doing for some reason. She was calling them "pickmes" and other insults, and it's very obvious from the op and thread pic it's probably her who started the thread to play victim after anons opposed her way of criticism in the fandom discussion thread.
>there weren't any genhshit/enstars/shotas discussed
Yet. Give it some time and they'll reveal their true colors as they always do. They use the "ugly men psyop" and "bishies aren't allowed anymore" talking points all the time to shill their attraction to shota, and if you have been present in the previous fandom discussion threads you would've known. The ugly men thread doesn't exist out of genuine desire to discuss a phenomenon, but out of a petty infight loss, which is why I'm and some other anons wary of it. Give it a day or two and it will get locked because it's gonna turn into infighting central thread pretty soon. I'm not against the discussion but it's obvious the one who started it did so out of bad faith and she'd probably start baiting in the thread in no time and ruin it for those who take it seriously. I was tempted to post some characters in it but I thought it would probably start infights or would end up coming across as mean spirited to the anons who husbando the character I was thinking of, and I don't mind those anons in the husbando thread, so I decided to not do it because they're really not hurting anyone. Only complaint is the amount of fan art of that character clogging tags of other characters I like.

No. 1946682

File: 1712015150534.png (652.63 KB, 1451x822, ai autism.png)

lmfao i cant believe anon got so pissed over her aislop moid getting called ugly she had to come here to write walls of text about it. Anon was right, she is unironically autistic.

No. 1946687

File: 1712015249801.jpeg (431 KB, 828x1606, IMG_3208.jpeg)

literally the OP pic

No. 1946692

Dungeon Meshi is so fucking average and I can't stand people like you who get so offended when someone dares to dislike it. Also most characters are ugly. Maybe if it had less ugly moids people would like it more. Who tf wants to see a fat moid with a boring haircut, a middle aged midget with huge ears, and a fat short moid with body hair and a huge beard.

No. 1946694

kek that anon is definetly autistic. Non-autists can tell the anon calling her ai moid ugly wasn't a pedophile shotafag genshitter or whatever, it was most than likely a non-aifag passerby who saw her gushing about the technology that's being used to make deepfakes of 14yo girls and called her uncanny valley fakemoid ugly because it looks uncanny, not because he doesnt look 8 years old or something.

No. 1946697


No. 1946701

I don't care about the fuckability of characters to be able to enjoy something, grow up.

No. 1946703

>feeder fetish the anime
What the fuck do you even like about it?(bait)

No. 1946704

dont forget the only female mc is a kawaii uguu elf waifu who gets fanservice scenes

No. 1946708

It's not even a feeder fetish anime it's a cooking one.

No. 1946711

I'm not saying you have to care, it's just another reason why DM is average as fuck and why a lot of people don't care for it. Your manga is very unremarkable in several aspects.

Two females in the maim cast and they're both kawaii uguu tards. Thank god Falin is gone.

No. 1946714

Please don't reply to bait.

No. 1946716

anons will watch an anime with a kawaii blonde elf girl and catgirl who get bath fanservice scenes and get angry when anons point out how unfair it is that laois is average and fat

No. 1946719

you're paranoid. this is an anonymous website, there's no point in trying to divine who's posting what. not every anon is the one genshitfag you're obsessed with. many people don't like AI shit and they're going to talk shit about it.
if the thread devolves into infighting mods will lock it, it's not your problem. in the meantime just get a grip and ignore it.
people are allowed to be mean here and shit on stuff others like. if you want a bastion of civility i would advise against frequenting imageboards.

No. 1946726

ignore the aitard, they lack reading comprehension. If she read the OP of the thread she would understand its a thread to shit on ugly men, not on women with unconvetional taste in men. It was never about shitting on women with different taste, it was to criticize how ugly men are atively being shilled as attractive, which she doesn't seem to understand.

No. 1946728

Wait, then why are women getting called pickmes?

No. 1946737

It has been explained a million times already. Please read. No one gives a shit you like old,fat or ugly men, you actually have 3 or so threads to sperg about them in lolcow, but white knighting them on a thread that was made to criticize them even when the OP told you not to do it is pickme behaviour. If you go into a thread where women vent about being tired of old/fat/ugly men getting shilled as attractive to call women pedos for not liking geriatric men you are a pickme. You are actively insulting women and putting them down for not liking ugly men and not lowering their standars so ugly men have a chance with them. Like holy shit just leave women shit on ugly men in peace, do you think men would do the same for you?

No. 1946739

anons will call anyone a pickme (tradthot, scrote, retard, moid, tranny, etc.) over the dumbest shit. you'll live

No. 1946740

Then explain this
Someone already sperging about how only gacha games characters are attractive.
There are infights between those who like the ugly men and those who dislike the ugly men already from the get-go of that thread, are you blind?
While the anons who liked the characters shouldn't have replied to the posts, their replies weren't attempting to start shit and some agreed with the thread, but some anons still attacked them for it.

No. 1946741

how is calling women pedophiles for not being into geriatric men not being a pickme??

No. 1946743

>Someone already sperging about how only gacha games characters are attractive.
kek anon that post is actually SHITTING on gachashit. It literally starts with ''i hate the rise of gacha games''. Did you try to ctrl+f to see if you could blame an anon of being a boogeyman to prove your point and didnt even read the post that's shitting on gacha for ruining bishies? embarassing

No. 1946746

> their replies weren't attempting to start shit and some agreed with the thread, but some anons still attacked them for it.
the OP literally says not to come to the thread to defend ugly men, you guys couldnt bare seeing ONE thread not dedicated to bootlicking ugly men so farmhands had to fucking redtext it to tell you not to do it. Just hide it if it bothers you so much jfc.

No. 1946747

Samefag but there's also an anon who's saying Free! had handsome anime characters, when the characters are highschoolers, and she posted a fan art that seems to exaggerate what the character actually looks like. I'm not against the concept of handsome characters and actors, but the ones who whine about not getting that always post the most subpar examples of what's supposed to be attractive then get all obnoxious about how they're so superior to others who don't have the same taste. I think they can't fathom the idea of someone having a specific taste naturally and not being forced into it or something, it has to he some grand scheme or conspiracy or something and not just simply the average person doesn't have that good of a taste, or that people who are into ugly shit are into it to fit in with the crowd and would probably move on to the next new things as soon as possible or secretly like different stuff and just want to impress their friends. I assume most of the twitter and tumblrfags into ugly characters are teenagers or young women so they have that kind of group mentality still and are too afraid to deviate, they'll outgrow it eventually. So I don't take it that seriously.

No. 1946748

Seek help

No. 1946750

free was insanely popular with women, it's being used as an example because it's one of the rare anime that was made exclusively for women. Jesus seek help.

No. 1946754

Ayrt, and I didn't defend any characters/moid in it, and I don't like any of them, in fact I agree with some of the criticism, it's just the weird hostility against weird women practicing their hobbies in peace that puts me off it. Criticizing the character design itself or the looks of actors is totally fine, but each anon criticizing always drags the fans of said character/actor into it which makes the anons who like them feel the need to reply and it becomes an endless back and forth chain.

No. 1946755

>it's just the weird hostility against weird women practicing their hobbies in peace that puts me off it.
for the trillionth time, its not about shitting on women who like ugly men

No. 1946756

Are you trying to imply Free characters cant be handsome because they're in high school? Kek

No. 1946757

ayrt i know this discussion is confusing but am not the ine calling anyone a paedo. i'm trying to explain to the aitard that there are worse things than being called a pickme on the internet
stop rehashing every stupid interaction you've had on this website, no oine cares that you disagreed with some rando about anime boi #374895 once. if someone posts somthing you don't like you can either report it or move on.

No. 1946758

sorry anon its just that they get so mad about women calling them pickmes but then sperg about how women who dont like old men are all secretly pedophile shotafags playing 4D chess and that they actually aren't just women tired of the double standars in media, they are actually disingenous enstargenshit pedogachashitters who hate AI! kek

No. 1946760

also, they are very obviously newfags. The old man psyop shit didnt start with the fandom thread, it's actually way, way older and started in one of the celebricow threads.

No. 1946761

Are you seriously posting this on lolcow where we have whole boards dedicated to shitting on women for doing things some people disagree with?

No. 1946762

Both sides here are autistic schizos.

No. 1946763

Yup. I thought that thread was gonna be fun to discuss actual real men shilled as attractive, but of course the weird anime weaboos had to come in and ruin it with obsessing over cartoons. It's so weird because how can anybody be so obsessed with 2D moids?? It makes my head spin.

No. 1946765

When you realize all of this is over fictional 2D men it becomes so fucking retarded.

No. 1946766

you can still discuss actors and ignore people talking about things you don't like, it's really not hard

No. 1946767

Not really, but why not give adult anime characters as examples of attractive character designs? They exist. And to me the free designs aren't even that good to keep bringing up as an example.

No. 1946770

Yup for real. I was excited to talk shit about how ugly moids are shilled to be attractive, but then I realized the whole thread was for anime husbandos and I got disheartened. It's so annoying. Like, of all things do we really have to sperg and infight over drawings? Why can't the thread be for real actual human beings instead of animes, it's dumb.

No. 1946771

>how dare you use an example of an anime that was extremely popular with women for having attractive male characters and that made moids think anime was over for pandering to women instead of to their dicks!
kek and you are angry that women are ''shittign on other women taste''? are you perhaps underage? free was insanely popular with women back in the day for being the only anime with fanservice for women

No. 1946772

>waaaaa the heckin weird yucky weaboos
You're on a website made for weebs retard. Feel free to discuss your hideous real moids but the OP mentions characters too, so its your own fault for lacking basic reading comprehension. Its an issue that plagues both real and fictional men.

No. 1946773

there's a lot of discussion about actors too

No. 1946774

why does it bother you that fictional depiction of men are criticized? by that logic then women cannot complain about the sexualization of women in anime and videogames since they arent real and it doesn't matter

No. 1946775

>being this retarded
The OP literally has irl moids

No. 1946778

I was around when it was popular but didn't get into it because it looked like mega fujobait, just like all the other anime back then like kurokono basket or haikyu or whatever it was called. At the time I outgrew my fujo phase so I wasn't interested in the cyber politics of animu and its effect on nerds online, I didn't even knew weebs infight about that stuff, I simply watched what I liked and ignored what I disliked. But I think it's dishonest to say it's was made for women, because all my peers who were into it at the time were teenager girls. And again, I don't see the appeal of the designs, the super round faces and eyes are just not for me.

No. 1946779

Did you read the thread at all? Hell even scrolled it?

No. 1946780

>But I think it's dishonest to say it's was made for women
kek just because you are uninformed it doesnt mean you are right. Kyoani makes anime for otaku with spending money, their anime sales depend on otaku buying overpriced BD that are over 100 usd per set of 3 episodes, something teenage girls cannot afford.

No. 1946783

they hated nonny because she spoke the truth

No. 1946784

more like because she's an autistic AIfag

No. 1946786

No she just wants to cry about the heckin weebs ruining her day. Lmao.

No. 1946788

No. 1946797

I feel like I wished on a monkeys’ paw when I wanted an anime adaptation, so many new fans that aren’t even halfway through the series who think they know everything about it.

No. 1946801

Newfags wouldn't have lasted five minutes back on 4chan before LC. Anyone that posted their favourite character was relentlessly trolled.

No. 1946805

I remember when a rikkafag banned the waifufag threads by larping as a sex offender pedophile who trafficked children

No. 1946806

File: 1712021208282.jpg (299.13 KB, 720x1322, IMG_20240402_042443.jpg)

I'm middle eastern and I think American women will end up just like us very soon. This is how it started

No. 1946807

oh and he also bullied some scrote with terminal cancer on the birthday of his waifu. The waifufag scrote ended up crying about how rikkafag ruined the last birthday he would spend with his waifu kek. Meanwhile anons itt are crying because anon dont like old men.

No. 1946808

This, kek

No. 1946809

I think farmers' sons will have very tight buttholes because their mothers are so tense all the time.

No. 1946810

a boy son? more like aboytion

No. 1946813

you're right but most yanks don't know enough about the middle east to understand that

No. 1946815

I got a bit overweight last year, and I was really worried because I was convinced it was going to be hard to get my weight back down based on how other people talk about losing weight like it’s one of the hardest things to do in life. So I didn’t check the scale at all in fear of it being discouraging and just blindly cut down my portions at meal time and eliminated snacking, not a huge degree, I was still comfortably full at all times. I was actually shocked at how easy it was. I checked the scale again for the first time after a couple months of doing that and I had dropped 15 pounds, right back to my healthy weight.
After that experience, my perspective on the weight epidemic totally changed, probably for the worse (less compassionate). I used to have a lot of empathy for fat people because I figured it was really hard to lose weight. Now that I know how insanely easy it really is, it makes me look at overweight people totally differently. I mostly just can’t believe the majority of the population doesn’t have the willpower to eat 1 scoop less of mashed potatoes at dinner. I’m already pretty cynical about most things about society, but this has been another blow to my faith in humanity. When faced with food over abundance, humans apparently just eat blindly and find themselves incapable of not doing that, even with the education about healthy portions drilled into our heads since pre-K. The urge to Kirby-inhale overrides all common sense. It just is so bleak.

No. 1946824

You assuming I wouldn't abort that thing?

No. 1946838

She was saying gacha games were the only games with "cute" boys, but she disliked gachas for the paying system and wanted the "cute" designs in other kinds of games.

No. 1946840

File: 1712024414385.jpg (35.39 KB, 391x500, s-l1000.jpg)

LOllll, nonkaaaaaaaa I'm howling

No. 1946844

Bacon is disgusting. It doesn't taste of anything but salt, it's ALWAYS greasy, and half the time it isn't even crunchy, just weird and wet and flaccid. Literally any other meat would be better.

No. 1946854

Why would you even think about something like that?

No. 1946855

She didnt even say that and she didnt mention genshit or enstars either. You are tinfoiling so hard.

No. 1946858

File: 1712025485933.png (550.33 KB, 602x452, middle-bacon.png)

You should try middle bacon.

No. 1946861

I hate crispy bacon. Bacon should be floppy

No. 1946862

Because I like loosening 'em up

No. 1946867

a lot of the time it's hidden/untreated hormonal and thyroid issues, at least for women. I constantly hear stories about women who literally have to starve to get slightly-less-chubby and then once they die it turns out in the autopsy they had PCOS or a huge swollen thyroid. it makes me sad since all it literally takes is a pill for their lives to be 10x as easy but the people running around and screaming about how "calories in, calories out, its that simple!" and making people feel like they're simply lazy and gluttonous rather than getting the proper medication needed to function

No. 1946877

Giving cows attention only enables their behavior, and spending time writing big long posts about how horrific they are is kind of cowish on its own.Probably is orgasmic for all these fucking freaks to see that people are writing comments about them on a thread dedicated just to them and their antics kek

No. 1946894

>I hate the rise of gacha games and the slow death of low budget JRPGs for consoles in japanese games. Part of why is that now most pandering to female demographics in terms of sex appeal and cute male characters is relegated to gacha games
>pandering to female demographics in terms of sex appeal and cute male characters

No. 1946925

Astrological cusps aren't a thing. Scorpio season ends on 11/21, so you're a Sagittarius from 11/22 to 12/21. You're not a scorpio-sagitarrius cusp kek. You're one or the other.

No. 1946929

I'm telling you. Most people dont understand how much they consume. I stopped drinking sugary drinks or putting so much sugar in my coffee (just oatmilk right now.) I do 30 mins a day of cardio and weights. It isnt a lot, but it is doing something. Most people over estimate how much they are eating. I don't even track. I just try to eat less crap over all, and if I feel snacky, I have fruits or veggies instead of chips or cookies.

No. 1946930

Bacon is incredible when you have a good cut of pork. It sounds like you've just had really mediocre bacon.

No. 1946932

File: 1712032556389.jpeg (402.07 KB, 1357x1890, C2E913B7-69DE-4924-B8BF-CC066D…)

celebrities are not like us

No. 1946933

You're right they're worse

No. 1946946

Idgaf about trannies anymore.

No. 1946954

File: 1712034190064.jpeg (8.09 KB, 205x246, youre stupid.jpeg)

No. 1946960

I never had pork bacon, but I had some beef version of it (not jerky) and it was very good, but I agree it was too salty and greasy, but I personally don't like crispy food at all.

No. 1946986

You really believe that? After he posted sexualized photos of his actual little sister, her feet and her face next to his dakimakura? After he said offhandedly "Yes, I've had sex with real children, but loli is better guys" with an autistic rant? Please anon don't be fucking stupid

No. 1947006

Me neither. I still dislike them and disagree with pro-troon law changs around the world but I don't want to spend my energy reading about them anymore.

No. 1947015

Don't need to read around the subject to realise that trannies are mental and certain governments are all for new voting demographics and wasting money and resources on such a non issue. The world's going to shit. There's pedophiles with high ranking influential jobs, sex trafficking is essentially a meme at this point. Why not let people humiliate and mutilate themselves

No. 1947021

Basically I just hate them and I don't respect the people that choose to drive in them. I've made my friends cancel blue-car Ubers in the past, and it's one of the reasons I'll be in the cold dark ground before I ever use a "rideshare" app (cabs but more expensive for some reason and at least with cab companies you can call ahead and tell them not to send a retarded blue coloured cab)

No. 1947043

But what makes you hate them?

No. 1947058

Must there always be a justification?

No. 1947085

This seems kind of obsessive. How did you convince your friends to cancel Ubers with blue cars?

No. 1947097

Well once I tell them about it they cancel it on their own because my friends aren't stupid? Duh.

No. 1947098

Women are as much to blame as men for the prevalence of porny violent shit in sex these days. Lost count of how many women talking about how much they want to be choked and hit. Manifesto chan was a sad coper.

LC cope incoming.

No. 1947102

Sounds like you're making up a phobia for attention, ngl

No. 1947104

Anon unless you wanna upload a picture of your PhD in psychology then I don't wanna hear about muh phobias that I apparently have. All I said was I hate blue cars and suddenly we have a million blue car defenders itt calling me mentally unwell. God.

No. 1947107

Well it is pretty unusual, and irrationally hating something so mundane to the point of inconveniencing others speaks about soemthing deeper

No. 1947110

Well if you knew why you wouldn't be such a fan of blue cars either, but sometimes in life you don't get to have all the answers. I would have told you too if you weren't such an armchair psychologist.

No. 1947112

Its just her mental illness.

No. 1947120

keekkkkkk this is the weirdest bait anon i really commend you for it

No. 1947121

Thinking your hatred of blue cars is unusual does not make anyone a psycho. Also, multiple anons replying to you.

No. 1947125

You sound kind of irate. Why lie about hating things on lolcow is all I'm saying, unless for attention?

No. 1947129

File: 1712053065054.jpeg (56 KB, 700x700, IMG_2470.jpeg)

Um ackcyually you're lying and you're mentally ill and you're baiting. I am very smart.

No. 1947131

>samefagging because your bait got called out

No. 1947155

how the hell is saying you dont like blue cars bait

No. 1947160

>how can saying random bizarre shit be bait

No. 1947164

I love the infighting on lolcow

No. 1947167

"i dont like blue cars" isnt random or bizarre idk what to tell you

No. 1947169

That's not what was said though?

No. 1947170

I would love to be able to ignore em but I can't, because they insert their slimy little selves everywhere.

No. 1947173

What was said was
>Basically I just hate blue cars
I dont think thats bait but thats just me

No. 1947174

Going to a salon to get your brows done has to be the most useless thing, if you can't do it on your own I think you're retarded (I'm not talking about people with disabilities ofc).

No. 1947175

>If you can't do this you're retarded! (Unless you really are retarded)
This made me kek

No. 1947176

Nah, it was >>1946545 and >>1947021 idk if we're looking at the same posts

No. 1947178

In this post >>1947021 the very first line is "Basically I just hate them (blue cars)" which is what I just typed in my post >>1947173 so maybe the posts are just different on your screen

No. 1947181

I think you just have issues with selective reading, or your eyes don't parse anything past the first sentence, maybe the last. Get well soon nonny

No. 1947183

Ok then miss meanie

No. 1947185

Don't get snippy with her when what was said was that the other nona won't associate with people driving a blue car and makes friends cancel ride shares because of it.

No. 1947186

I guess that unpopular opinion about not liking blue cars was just too unpopular for this thread

No. 1947188

What is the reason behind you refusing to have anything to do with blue cars?

No. 1947189

Yeah I realized it after posting lmao, I was obviously using retarded in the online way, not the "medical" way.

No. 1947194

Men are attractive when they're crying.

No. 1947211

I love lolcow so much, where else on earth can one witness a hours long sperg fight about blue cars.
I agree.

No. 1947301

A sperg about blue cars after a poignant post about how retarded trannies are. Hmmmmmmmmm(troonfoiling)

No. 1947313

>Nobody didn't respond to my post about troons….
>The next poster must be a troon!!1!!1
Take your meds. Just because nobody responded to your troon post and everyone chose to go apeshit about blue cars instead isn't good enough reason to troonfoil

No. 1947331

Good lord, not everything is about trannies (which I am very glad about)

No. 1947358

I don't mind when overly religious people try to convert me as long as they aren't assholes about it. To them they really believe it so it comes from a place of care. It's almost touching if they're sweet about it. And they're easy enough to avoid.

No. 1947398

File: 1712069439152.png (978.84 KB, 653x579, aloy.PNG)

I disagreed when the scrotes complained about Aloy's ""facial hair"", but now that I started playing Horizon Forbidden West I can't help but think she looks like she's been very heavily drinking the whole six months between the fist and second game

No. 1947400

Very long hair is gross. Past the tailbone — no matter how healthy it may look — makes me shudder to see it.

No. 1947406

while it's not super unrealistic, she looks like she's gained a ton of weight. Frankly I'd expect that head to be attached to a near obese body

No. 1947408

You’re implying this website isn’t used by tismo women with strange hyper fixations. Remember these are the same anons who have Garfield husbandos

No. 1947415

Why did they change her face from the original model? I always thought she was super cute without being overly sexualized

No. 1947421

Western game devs are retarded and think hyperrealism is the best thing since sliced bread

No. 1947422

AYRT and I agree, her model was really nice in the first game. The cutscenes in the second ones make her face look even weirder too, like it's a fish eye lens or something. Idk if they wanted to make her look more realistic?

No. 1947426

>uwu I can't brush my teeth or shower more than once a month cuz mah depression!
Is so disgusting. It's always the type of people to take 80 pictures of themselves in a day too for some reason. And now I can't even be disgusted by it without hearing 'muh ableism'.

No. 1947428

I used to be that person but I did it not because I was depressed but because I wanted to make people who still use public transport at 30 to consider suicide

No. 1947429

What does this even mean?

No. 1947430

>I wanted to make people who use public transport at 30 to consider suicide

You know that in many countries public transport is a reliable and common way to transport or were you bum-maxxing so moids would stop harassing you in public?

No. 1947432

No. 1947435

I would have preferred Aloy to be more sexualized even as another woman. She had the potential to be very cute.

No. 1947440

you didn’t brush your teeth so people would be grossed out by you on public transit and stop using it because you perceived them as too old for it? am i getting this right?

No. 1947444

So people under the age of 30 don't have any sense of smell according to you?

No. 1947449

I would much rather date a minimum wage moid who is younger than me and is attractive than date a guy who is even 2 3 years older than me and has a high earning job. I had friends my age date guys ten or so years older and i know theyll all become thirty and their bfs will still look after 20 year olds. I feel like guys who date older at the start also are mature enough to keep liking their wife/gf as she gets older. Like aaron (not tryna start a fight). Im 23 and i dont date guys even if they are 24. I wpnt entertain mens delusions that they stay young, and ill keep on hating women my age who date older because at this age, you arent as much as a victim as you are the enabler of the incel narrative that men keep being attractive as they age

No. 1947452

Hyperrealisism ruined my slutty twins from DMC. I'll forever be salty about that

No. 1947456

based devs now mens know what it feels like when they turned dante and leon into an ugly slob

No. 1947459

Not based. We rarely get female mcs as it is, and plenty of women liked how she looked. It wasnt a male only thing. She was fine and they ruined her. Western devs obsessed with hyper realism have done nothing but harm to characters in modern games.

No. 1947463

remember girls whenever you see someone in shape its unrealistic and a government plant to keep the misogyny agenda going, lmao.

No. 1947471

File: 1712072875539.gif (878.51 KB, 500x277, heavenlyhottie.gif)

Fuck hyperrealism. Bring my porcelain faced pretty boys back. I need ethereal, otherworldly beautiful men.

No. 1947476

This right here. I'm so glad the remake of FF7 didn't ruin a lot of the characters. Like my favorite cringe lord since 1997, Vincent.

No. 1947484

I believe people on twitter use tone indicators to troll each other. You can't tell me they aren't using /genuine and /neutral to be little shits. But I don't have twitter so I have no real idea.

No. 1947486

>oh no we got one single female mc that doesnt look like a sex doll
why does it bother you so much? you can go play bayonetta or lollipop chainsaw, attractive female mc in videogames are dime a dozen who cares if there is one who isnt a model.

No. 1947490

I was going to reply to you explaining why your post is retarded but I don't even want to waste my time on that

No. 1947495

File: 1712073695149.jpg (26.18 KB, 563x732, woww.jpg)

I'm glad Square Enix still values beauty and hasn't changed up too much. And yes nona, Vincent is awesome.
I just want to be whisked away to a beautiful world with beautiful people when playing games. Just like the golden age of gaming.
If I wanted to see fugly men, in a fugly environment, I'd just have to step outside.

No. 1947500

TIFs are hot

No. 1947515

A lot of western feminists overhype korean feminists, they are incredibly niche. they have something like 14000 members in a country with ~50 million people, obviously they can make a big noise but it's they are making actual substantial changes, just today I saw radfems attributing Korea's declining birth rate to the 4B movement, when it was just east asia's deciling birth rate.

No. 1947516

I don't necessarily agree with the younger comment but it's always very obvious when it's a couple where the woman was motivated by money. You see a lot of Indian men with White women where I am and the guys are always doctors or lawyers and almost always much less attractive than their wives (even more than is usual).

These are how dead bedrooms are created btw.

No. 1947518

You can't talk about the fact that SK is a shithole that went from a massive birthrate to the lowest because they don't take care of their homeless elders and their society is literal bug kingdom shit

It's an Asian country so feminism and diversity are bad there even in the eyes of many leftist westerners. Double standards because truly they see their nations as superior in some ways

No. 1947522

Korean moids will always blame feminists when the real issue is no one wants to date, marry and reproduce with a korean man who will just use her and abuse her. It's been said over and over, but most korean women are brainwashed and extremely conservative. The reason why the birth rates are so low is because everyone is working 80 + hour weeks and no time for anything but drinking and passing out. feminism is literally illegal is the shit hole that is korea. Your options for jobs are basically housewife, idol and working for samsung. (and maybe opening one of the dozens of chicken and beer places)

No. 1947523

It's not about being sexy to me, her face just looks weird, especially after having just completed the first game the difference is very distracting

No. 1947524

that game has moid characters with acne scars and your problem is the mc gaining a bit of weight?

No. 1947525

Thank you! It's actually horrifying that the most cases for suicide are homeless elderly and the youth. They followed Japan's model exact, and now their economy is about to tank all the time. The higher ups are sweating bullets beccause people in the west are getting tired of kpop and that's their main source of global income next to electronics and tourism

No. 1947529

Cope. Female mcs are not a dime a dozen. There was no reason to make her hideous when her model was perfectly fine in 2017

No. 1947530

>no one wants to date, marry and reproduce with a korean man who will just use her and abuse her.

This is why seeing young girls go over there looking for some prince charming is so terrifying to me tbh. Anyone who has lived in Asia knows how Asian moids operate: they try to speedrun you into marriage and pregnancy so you're locked in forever.(racebaiting)

No. 1947532

Latin American feminism also gets brought up a lot as "radfem" but feminista radical has a different connotation where I live, it means someone who riots no matter what feminism they abide by. Most of them are libfems who love trans drag queen stuff too, but at least I'm happy they're fighting for abortion
>t. Latin American

No. 1947534

I like Aloy because she isnt sexualized though?? There was no reason to make her ugly

No. 1947536

They are even more retarded because korean men aren't going to marry an ugly western woman. They just see them as easy pussy

No. 1947539

Yeah no. Korean men aren't crown princes anon. There's plenty of KMWF marriages these days. They don't have the luxury of being picky themselves.

No. 1947543

Was I defending Korean men though? Read it again. I know your comprehension is probably gone as a zoomer, but come on. Koreaboos watch kdrama and think this is how korean men are, when all they want are easy sluts to fuck. Korean men are vile because they hate feminism and women's equality.

No. 1947552

I know you're not saying them. But Korean men will marry foreign women and that's exactly why it worries me. These women have no idea the sort of life they're going to be trapped in.

No. 1947555

*defending them, sorry.

No. 1947557

idk this game but she looks fine in both and it's good they actually aged her up a little which never happens to female characters in games. with tomb raider they just made trash nulara prequels because god forbid she'd get old at some point. my unpopular opinion is video games need to be way more "woke" (no trannies though)

No. 1947558

That sounds like a them problem. If they really think Kdrams are real life, then they deserve whatever reality check happens to them.

No. 1947562

File: 1712075583494.png (644.04 KB, 533x581, le redditor.PNG)

I'm not that far in yet, I was just distracted about them changing a perfectly good face (which is what you look at the most in the game). Though you did remind me of the travesty of changing this guy into a fucking redditor

Speaking of sexualizing, I did the mistake of looking at mods for Horizon Zero Dawn and literally half of the mods are making her topless… the second game just launced on PC and it already has tit mods too

No. 1947572

Kind of harsh. They're victims of propaganda.

No. 1947574

I think this is partially due to how much moid worship there is in Latin culture. It's a true stereotype that latinas often hate their daughters and let their sons get away with murder, because their whole culture treats women as worthless but in a different way than China/India

No. 1947579

Only the most brainwashed and mentally ill women marry actual Koreans. If you just have an Asian moid fetish you can easily satisfy that on the west coast

No. 1947588

so even if you wanted to a SAHW, you can't, cause the economy is at such an awful state, I wouldn't even have time for feminism if I had to work a company job that would kill my soul.

No. 1947593

What propaganda exactly? They can feel free to do research on korea and korean moids anytime.

No. 1947597

nta but Kdramas are literally stated funded, they are designed to have the broadest appeal humanly possible.

No. 1947606

And yet the internet is free. If you are going to korea with yellow fever, thinking their men are perfect, not searching the 80 hour work week and anti feminism there, you deserve whatever you get. There are plenty of documentaries online showing the true dark sides of korea like hidden cameras, drugging and raping women, etc

No. 1947646

ugh same, and actual rad fem ideology is so niche that you have to walk on eggshells to not offend libfems.
t. comes from the most progressive country of latam

No. 1947746

You can be a misandrist and fuck/date/marry men contrary to what some anons here believe. Men are misogynists yet they still seek out to fuck and use women. I can be a misandrist and only milk them for their money and their dicks if it’s worth a shit, I can be attracted to them without having some belief that they have inherent value like regular women.

No. 1947748

Misandry isn't real, anon.

No. 1947757

Okay boss babe, good luck with that.. I'm sure you wont grow to hate them even more and start hating yourself because you're allowing someone you view as a lesser to penetrate you

No. 1947787

Yes it is, I hate moids. The only thing that doesn’t exist is femcels but normies see us as misandrists and it is realistically true. I hate men and don’t value them.
Not everyone is a full lesbo/asexual anon kek

No. 1947801

i agree with the rest but disagree with marriage. why would you legally bind yourself to a man if you hate them it's just stupid, even misogynistic men either just date or are divorced

No. 1947802

I hate moids too, anon. The problem with misandry is that it holds no power irl. You cannot use your hatred for men to advance in life or for violence. Women have had the lesser hand in society because men hate women. There is nothing but violence against women from other men. There are glass ceilings and male only spaces, but the opposite doesnt exist for women. Therefor, misandry does not exist, just because you demand not to be killed or violently assaulted by said men.

No. 1947805

the difference is that the average woman is attractive and most of sex is pleasuring men, meanwhile the average scrote is butt ugly. You better not give them blowies and think you are so misandrist for that.

No. 1947806

No. 1947809

you know married women are less happy than single women right?

No. 1947812

You don't have to stay betrothed anymore

No. 1947813

true but i meant more like staying married unless you're looking for an opportunity to get $ through divorce. tbh i'm not a misandrist but i don't get the angry responses to you. you can hate men and still acknowledge society is misogynistic while trying to use then. why are anons so angry

No. 1947814

Money is financial freedom. It's why women fought for the right to have their own bank accounts and not to be SAHW all their lives. Any woman who marries for money will be miserable in the long run.

No. 1947818

Because these women are stupid. I know someone who just got divorced after being a SAHM for decades and now she has no money, no job history and bad credit. You are putting yourself in a hole by doing something dumb like that. You are not guaranteed money through divorce either.

No. 1947819

she never said anything about being a sahm or being unemployed though. most rich divorcees either come from wealth themselves, have some corpo girlboss lifestyle and will be perfectly fine alone, or have young children (and are sahm temporarily) and can milk the moid through divorce

No. 1947834

Based young nonnie, come over to the cougarhood.
Seriously tho I'm in my early 30s and the only dude I dated older than me (by less than a year) was so heavily deranged even if he appeared normal. I don't date anyone under 25 but 26-29 is prime in men. My current moid told me from the start he was into older women and worships me.

No. 1947850

How's he worship you I'm interested. Is it security and fisnncisl benefit or is he chatting you up to keep a secusl relationship

No. 1948042

I don't like kiwifarms but they have much much much better cows than lolcow.
99% of lolcow cows are fucking boring, I think it's telling that my favorite one last year was that invader zim furry in the animation thread.

No. 1948336

File: 1712110590976.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1251, pit.png)

I'm neutral about pitbulls. I think they're too common for how specialized their training/space needs are, but I don't dislike them, nor do I defend them wholesale.

No. 1948344

Hard agree. Nemu and Soren were the last interesting cows

No. 1948358

I don't think it's so much that "cow culture" has dried up like some other anons have said in the past few weeks in different threads, but more so that there are lest dedicated farmers now than there were in previous years.

I usually skim through the Personal Cows thread once a week or so just to keep up to date, and there are a few posts that I think could be funny threads with interesting milk if anons did more digging. I remember with Soren's thread, it was like anons were actual detectives going through old password-protected blogs, finding fanfiction, etc., and with Nemu it was crazy seeing how many anons seemed to have ties with her as an artist from her Tumblr days. I think that that style of posting and sleuthing is less common now, more people wanna be spoonfed, more people want to nitpick (like do we really need 150+ threads on Shayna? I know she's a pet favourite but come on her threads have been the same dozen comments regurgitated over and over again, it's so boring), and, fewer people want to spend hours digging up good milk.

Right now, most threads consist of pretty boring "milk" for legacy cows that IMO, are pretty milkless and just not funny to laugh at anymore. I think that's the reason I prefer reading through old threads (from circa 2015-2018) so much, because the anons in those threads seemed a lot more robust in their approach and desire to milk a cow for everything they were worth, plus there was a lot more insight and humour and not just "she is fat! HA!" or "she got a boob job! HA!" type of comments. I wish that there was like a dedicated timeframe or something, kind of like Hellweek, where users were really encouraged to try and find new cows to milk. I understand that most cows, even really funny ones like Phoebe, start out in the Personal Cows thread or one of the funnel threads like the Pro-Ana Scumbags, but sometimes I think it would just be fun to encourage farmers to farm like they haven't farmed before and see what new lolcows we can start milking.

No. 1948362

File: 1712112329788.jpeg (613.97 KB, 3022x1576, 8D98D623-8783-44E8-9717-80CBF3…)

No one talks about the untold 2XX terf-chan to /g/ fag husbando pipeline. I keep flickering on and off, but /g/ and watching some anime while being a current NEET and bored has made me seen the small pros of attractive, bearable moids.

No. 1948367

I know another nonna pointed it out somewhere, but she mentioned that another reason for the dry spell is that a lot of farmers seem averse to using tiktok, which is where a lot of cows are nowadays.

No. 1948372

The milk has been dry for ages, I've seen people saying that years ago

No. 1948373

I didn't know crystal cafe had a terf board

No. 1948380

i’m talking about the hidden board here (2XX) anyone barely uses and then crystal.cafe in general since it’s more radfem friendly kek

No. 1948412

I saw some insane drama about yourubers a while ago and no one here or on KF was talking about it. one of them is called Freckles Zelda and it feels like someone nonnies here would obsess over.

No. 1948413

I hate looking at my partner when he's going down on me and I hate having to look at him when I'm giving oral. Oral sex is a serious task the giver should be focused they may look to see if the receiver is comfortable but I do not want to watch. I want to close my eyes and focus on pleasure and I don't want any onus of myself to be worried about creating a pleasing visual or anything. I want to fucking enjoy it

No. 1948418

10 things to hate about you was one of the most annoying films in history. that cocksucking poem at the end was just ugh. would've been much more stacy if she was capable of holding her own without some scrotal

No. 1948422

I kept seeing the dvd when I worked in a thrift shop, but never felt like watching it. What was it about? Looked like one of those 2000s nlog movies

No. 1948426

its about these two sisters one id the stereotypical dumb popular cute high school girl and the other sister the other conversely stereotypical edgy semi-lesbian "artsy" girl. they live with their single obstetrician father who doesn't allow them to date but for some reason the younger daughter has this logic that if she can get the older brooding sister to go on a date with heath ledger it means the dad will let her go on a date with joseph gordon levitt. they all shack up and drama ensues and at the end when you think they're about to break up the edgy one reads heath ledger this pathetic poem about how badly she needs him while crying in front of her classmates and then he buys her a stratocaster. the end

No. 1948435

File: 1712116633162.gif (979.72 KB, 500x269, 1RyF.gif)

Heath Ledger was really hot in it, though. Honestly, just watch a Youtube compilation of his scenes in it and skip everything else kek.

No. 1948436

It's a "modern" take on The Taming of the Shrew.

No. 1948495

File: 1712126319548.png (280.59 KB, 575x562, Captura_de_ecra_2020-02-25_as_…)

I don't think Porfirio Rubirosa was all that and I don't know how he swindled all those rich women to marry him.

No. 1948496

they were old lonely women and many men didn't show interest in them, it's as simple as that.

No. 1948498

He was older than them. Two of his wives were famous french actresses Danielle Darrieux and Odile Rodin. He was also linked to Zsa Zsa Garbo, Eartha Kitt and Alexandra of Yugoslavia (among many others).

No. 1948550

Femcels are a thing and I don't get why Nigel-havers refuse to understand that.

No. 1948556

hahahaha this is your brain on pickme.

No. 1948570

Anon is dumb but that's not being a pickme. People seriously need to stop misusing pick me.

No. 1948577

File: 1712142322062.png (346.39 KB, 600x672, 0FMSxk4.png)

men who are attracted to "femboys" are just pedophiles

No. 1948593

BDSM is boring and unsexy by definition. Things and actions are only sexy if they are somehow remotely related to sex, like skimpy clothes are sexy because they draw attention to the body parts that incite a sexual response from normal humans (assuming their brains are not numb from overusage of porn). People who are obsessed with BDSM "play" spend too much time with these cringey and scripted power trip scenarios that are wooden, mechanical, and not sexy in any way.

No. 1948598

People do not deserve benefits for doing nothing. Mental illness is not a disability or a valid excuse not to work.

Unless you're in a wheelchair, you can work. I see literal downies serving up at McDonalds.

No. 1948599

I don’t think this is unpopular among normal (non porn addicted) people

No. 1948602

Ehh I agree with your general sentiment but there are autistic people who absolutely cannot work. And I’m not talking Chris Chan level, he could work, there’s much worse as in they’re largely nonverbal, violent, huge, and have the mental capabilities of a 5 year old. I don’t think they employ people like that

No. 1948603

AYRT That counts as being disabled and would warrant benefits. Depression, anxiety etc do not.

No. 1948609

Anorexics should not receive taxpayer funded treatment. It encourages them because they love being sick. It's a choice. Let them die.

No. 1948616

kek what all these lazy good for nothings really need is to pull themselves up by the bootstraps amirite?

No. 1948623

Welfare queen spotted

No. 1948633

>Mental illness is not a disability or a valid excuse not to work.

Depression/anxiety are classified as such when you’re recording or documenting you have a disability on job documents. I honestly don’t get women who have a “muh bootstraps” mentality, a Stacy would fully realize that hard work and labor is a huge psyop that women shouldn’t be falling for and that we should be slackers because the amount of work we put in we never get the equal reward or opportunities. If women finally became lazy slackers, a lot of the economy would fall and crumble because it’s not privileged scrotes changing or contributing to the world, it’s likely hundreds of thousands of underpaid/unpaid women running many of the global economies without actually having any power in it. True unpopular opinion is that women should receive monthly UBI for being born a woman in a world that has no intentions of making it safer for us to live in

No. 1948634

Tranny movement legitimised encouraging people's delusions. If one body dysmorphia is cured by invasive surgery we should lipo the anachans so they fan feel euphoria. God bless

No. 1948636

File: 1712148842048.png (109.37 KB, 264x275, 1706507184440.png)

absolutely based

No. 1948637

I think women have a hard time relating to older women. If you're a teen girl you're unlikely to admire any female over 30, but you may still be into moid actors in their 50s without an issue. It kind of makes it so every generation of girls have to learn how shit men are on their own because they don't listen to the older women's experiences. And the lack of older female role models makes it so girls and young women are even more panicked about growing old, they don't see anything to strive for. At best women just admire their own mother.

No. 1948643

>Mental illness is not a disability or a valid excuse not to work.
I mean you say that now but severely mentally ill unhinged moids going into society to interact with you is not something you'd really want

No. 1948645

I think this is overblown. Speaking as one, most young women aren’t into old saggy scrotes and most of us have a healthy relationship with each other / take advice from older women especially online. Women here have a worse perspective because the other women they have encountered (eg on male-dominated spaces like 4chan or weebs) are prone to being pick-mes who only listen to moids.

No. 1948649

File: 1712149983505.jpg (105.31 KB, 500x500, 1700899573868.jpg)

she says that and immediately goes full ick mode when she sees someone mentally ill or even slightly weird in public, let alone working in service industry, would go karen immediately.

No. 1948670

Down Syndrome is not a mental illness, it's genetic

No. 1948673

Kek this convo takes me back to the time I tried to tell someone on cc many years ago that moving to Korea just to meet the moids was a terrible idea. She was convinced I was trying to tell her to back off so I could have more for myself. I would love to know how this endeavor went, if it panned out.

No. 1948681

File: 1712152914418.jpg (23.17 KB, 344x282, 1701580045682543.jpg)

>She was convinced I was trying to tell her to back off so I could have more for myself
Holy shit, did she think there are like 20 people in Korea?

No. 1948707

gen z girls still want to be girlbosses deep down, a lot of them larp as trad/stay at home wives/gf as a coping strategy for the awful economy. Job searching process has become hell on earth, right to work laws being abused by employers, crappy pay especially after they make you spend an arm and leg on certifications/degrees, unaffordable rent and housing and majority of other needs. I'd guarantee at least 90% of trad girls on tiktok would do a 180 if they were given sustainable jobs

No. 1948791

A woman can't rape a man.

UK law also supports this, however this is going to be used to prevent trannies from being charged with rape.

No. 1948794

Thank you! You are an amazing nonnie and I wish you nothing but only good things this week. I hope you find money.

No. 1948796

How so? They are still men with dicks

No. 1948809

not in the eyes of political correctness

No. 1948841

File: 1712162031660.jpeg (817.82 KB, 1284x996, IMG_2907.jpeg)

Women who date men old enough to be their grandfather are just as weird as the older man in the relationship. They’re because equally perverted with strange fetishes.

No. 1948845

She's a victim. This is not consensual. If you have to pay a woman to fuck you it's not a relationship, it's abuse.

No. 1948847

File: 1712162305025.jpeg (1 MB, 1284x1524, IMG_2908.jpeg)

Naw she probably genuinely has a fetish and enjoys it. She has Lolita shit on her TikTok. Of course when she ages out of being desired by pedos she will say she was groomed.

No. 1949049

I hope you find money too queen let's both get rich

No. 1949052

I thought becoming trad happened when you didn't have to work anymore

No. 1949053

File: 1712171838332.jpeg (143.76 KB, 828x828, ygg2pec1.jpeg)

Either way, you can't be a tradwife or a girlboss CEO even if you wanted to. As of now, you are either living with six other people in one apartment or moving back in with your parents.

No. 1949071

I wish lolcor was more aesthetic. no more boomer meme threadpics please! original edits are cool, but I’m tired of the ugly pixelated memes that look like they’re from 2011

No. 1949103

Fat people shouldn't be allowed to wear skinny jeans.

No. 1949109

This is baloney. Young couples (with or without kids) were able to afford homes like the top one up until the dot-com-boom and the Great Recession.

No. 1949116

Not to be edgy, but if it's a male tranny raping a man, then men only have themselves to blame for passing laws that support troons.

No. 1949137

It's possible if you marry into a rich family/trust fund moid or some other moid that's already doing well for himself. I also feel like the wage gap contributes a lot to this - a lot of the fairly affordable-education careers are blue collar work that women get sexually harassed and beat out of. Even jobs that once paid women well like nursing, child care, office jobs, etc are below poverty nowadays since only fields dominated by moids kept up with inflation

No. 1949145

I feel like legally it may become recognized that logically, yeah, they absolutely are men even if they take estrogen and shit because how else would they be a "trans woman" who changed his legal gender to female if they weren't a man

No. 1949147

i was able to afford my home and i'm not even 25 yet kek. i feel for all the poor lennials and fellow zoomers of mine who are stuck living in some flophouse

No. 1949151

Maybe not a unpopular opinion on lolcow, but I don't believe the meme that lolicons aren't pedophiles.i remember reading on kiwifarms about a sight called all the fallen. It's a lolisho only website. They had a forum section, but they had to cut it up into two "sections"because actual pedophiles kept speaking about real children and were "muddying" the main forum. They also held a poll asking if real CP should be illegal and 60% of the users said no.

No. 1949154

No. 1949164

I don't believe it either and I got banned from places for saying if you're attracted to a drawing of a child you're a pedophile. they will forever try to cope they are not mentally ill. I can only hope people who consume that kind of media don't have children in their lives.

No. 1949182

Agreed so hard. They're literally attracted to child-like bodies. It's not that these are chibi characters doing cute kid things and acting non sexually. Drawn pedophilia is still pedophilia. If it weren't specific to the child-like aspect they'd just be attracted to all cute characters, not just the loli ones yet you don't see chibi appreciation forums…
Also over time I've noticed loli designs getting more explicitly sexual by including massive breasts and thighs even in mainstream manga and anime. It's meant to be titillating and unfortunately it feels like mass grooming to shove this in people's faces all over while trying to get them horny.
Jumping off of this to add that I think mostly the same of shota lovers. It's creepy and gross to be attracted to kids or things drawn as kids when you're an adult. I've heard people claim it's purely cause they find them "cute" but again, they don't tend to like cute characters, only shota and usually end up revealing attraction to shota or read shota doujin anyways. two anons mentioned some shota doll came with a tiny penis in another thread and how "cute" it was and it made my skin crawl. How do you say these things and not realise what you're saying? Imagine if a scrote got a loli doll and was happy to report it had a "cute" vagina or something

No. 1949225

what, thread? or do you mean the yaoi chibi doll? because that one was of an adult character

No. 1949244

It shouldn't be controversial to say that white majority countries are better for women and that these white majority countries becoming less white bodes ill for the future.(racebaiting)

No. 1949250

I am an hypocrite because i hate loli and lolifags but i enjoy shota. I have liked it since i was like 12 and i still do to this day. At least my excuse is that the type of personalities i like in male characters are never given to bishies, only to shotas. Pretty much all bishies are annoying stoic borderline abusive dominant guys and i just like cute and blushy characters. I watched so much shoujo shit trying to find male characters i liked to no avail. It's painful.

No. 1949255

>all bishies are annoying, stoic, borderline abusive, dominant guys
that is just straight up not true but ok

No. 1949256

Well I guess I can give lolis/shotas in official anime a pass. My issue is original artwork. many lolicons and shotacons have admitted to tracing CP or softcore shit of kids.

No. 1949263

uh did you read my comment correctly?

No. 1949264

NTA but what stuff are you finding where bishies aren't cold abusive assholes? Outside of yaoi, I haven't found many.

No. 1949267

They redtexted her as racebaiting because she spoke the truth. Why would admin want to deny the extreme crime rate against women in Asian, African, and other far eastern countries?

No. 1949268

care to give some examples? pretty much everything i have tried has those type of characters. Hell even the thread pic of the otome thread is making fun of how common it it. I dont remember which shoujoshit it was, but there was one that had the exact same type of character i like, but the female main character still rejected him and choose the toxic dominant faggot over him. I fucking hate Usui so much, he's the absolute worst and my friends in high school were obssesed over this faggot.

No. 1949274

just browse the shoujo tag for literally more than 30 seconds holy hell

No. 1949277

Kawaii nante kiitenai is a good one

No. 1949278

nta but
>cant give a single recommendation
so you agree? kek

No. 1949280

>Madoka is obsessed with shoujo manga—specifically manga that features younger, innocent guys who fall for their Senpai. So she should be thrilled when a gorgeous kohai comes to work at her father’s restaurant…except he’s rude and standoffish, and wants nothing to do with her.
he sounds like the type of male character i said i dont like. Why cant he just be cute, i hate tsundere faggots.

No. 1949282

>Adorable, innocent, and sweet—there is no greater combination! However, to her utter annoyance, it is a guy with the exact opposite personality of Madoka's type
The art's cute and assuming he's not a toxic male lead I'll add it to my list, but other nonna is into shota because they're the most likely anime boy demographic to be cute and sweet, and they're less likely to be toxic or assholes.

No. 1949283

The vast majority are. Stop getting offended over nothing and give recommendations instead.
Try Otomen. I read it a long time ago but I remember it being pretty cute. It's about a stoic-looking guy who has traditionally feminine hobbies like sewing. He's very moe.

No. 1949285

you could also try Mizutama Honey Boy or Beware of the Villainess!

No. 1949292

> It's about a stoic-looking guy
sorry nonny thats exactly what i dont like… i like guys that look cute and act cute… like a genderbent of the female love interest in romance anime for moids that are kawaii desune blushy and extremely nice to the protag. I watched way too many of those because i liked to genderbent the roles in my mind kek
>Mizutama Honey Boy
has crossdressing and i hate tranny shit like that, sorry. I already made an excetion for princess jellyfish that i regret deeply, so now i just see it as a red flag and avoid it.
>Beware of the Villainess!
I will give it a try, although i find manwha very offputting.

No. 1949293

Yes. Even when training for nursing you're required to do a full time jobs worth of free labor yet I've never seen that be required for moid professions.

No. 1949297

>Mizutama Honey Boy
That was peak, especially with the princely fmc

No. 1949298

i would also recommend Uruwashi no Yoi no Tsuki because the art is just so beautiful

No. 1949302

>that are kawaii desune blushy and extremely nice to the protag.
He is like that. The whole point is that everyone thinks he's a cool stoic ikemen but he's blushy as hell around the MC and dotes on her and has traditionally feminine hobbies. He even blushes while reading shoujo manga.

No. 1949305

A lot of scrotes are very disrespectful to female healthcare workers. I've seen it many times. They look down on you because you're a woman. They would never pull that shit with a male nurse. Nursing assistants get the shortest end of the stick because the harassment and violence they can face is scary. My friend got bit by a patient once.

No. 1949307

I will check it out, i like the mc is GNC, but the moid looks like typical stoic bishie trash.
>The whole point is that everyone thinks he's a cool stoic ikemen
i get it, its supposed to be gap moe. But even just looking stoic is unattractive to me, he needs to look cute and have a cute personality. Sorry, i know my taste is extremely niche, thats why i stick to shota.

No. 1949328

well then if you like shota so much try Yankee Boy and Otaku Girl (although sadly the author seems to have dropped it)

No. 1949329

this anime is pure moidshit

No. 1949332

yeah i was thinking of checking it, to be fair i dont like shota made by men but its the only alternative.
its my favourite, i love it. I am so sad its been on hiatus for so long, i hope the author picks it up some day. I would kill for some normal shoujo about a cute boy and an otaku girl(that actually looks like an otaku, not pretty girl who happens to be an otaku).

No. 1949335

>to be fair i dont like shota made by men
Ntayrt but it was written by a woman.

No. 1949336

idk if you like bl but shota oni is another cute one

No. 1949338

so another case of a woman going the coom route so sell her manga

No. 1949340

yankee onee or the one anon posted and deleted? i know yankee onee is by a woman, its why i like it.

No. 1949342

Nah, she's was always a lolicon.

No. 1949343

sadly i dont like shota bl for some reason, only straight shota. Unless they are both shota like kizeki whatever its name was, but that type of BL has been dead since the 70s.

No. 1949348

the main girl isnt a lolicon though she has bigass tits despite being only 13

No. 1949351

The author wrote lolicon before Boku Yabai.

No. 1949353

I believe autism is being overdiagnosed and used as an excuse for bad behavior and a lack of proper parenting.

No. 1949356

samefag, I also believe phones are to blame for many behavioral and developmental issues we see in children. Call me a boomer.

No. 1949372

same, its fucking sad to see that even 5 year old children use smartphones nowadays

No. 1949375

i agree with this part, there are studies on this, like how tiktok mimics adhd symptoms but the symptoms resolve when tiktok is taken away. however, i don't think autism is overdiagnosed, i think it was just previously underdiagnosed, like most disorders in general have been. there's evidence that high-functioning autism was prevalent historically, but didn't cause issues with blending in society like it does now. either way autism tests are very in depth and it's very difficult to get an actual diag. it's not like adhd where kids with too much sugar got the label slapped onto them despite it being a complex disorder, it's costly and expansive. what is a problem is autism fakers, pretending to have been diagnosed but are lying to fuel their victim complex. that's a huge problem because it leads to people not understanding that even high functioning autism is really disabling and being "neurodivergent" is some cool quirk meant to be celebrated rather than a wall that separates you from others.

No. 1949383

File: 1712188742782.jpeg (1.99 MB, 1284x2287, IMG_2910.jpeg)

I think it’s kind of funny how much Gen z girls seethe over Aaron Taylor’s wife. They don’t even care that he’s been groomed they just are mad they can’t get him. By their morals they’re too young for Aaron anyway, he’s in his early 30s and most of the gen z girls bitching look early 20s and late teens. They just can’t stand seeing a woman who doesn’t fit their beauty standard with a good looking men and shows.

No. 1949390

You're right. Its been proven with recent studies, especially in gen z.

No. 1949394

File: 1712189506739.jpg (560.37 KB, 1908x3000, 1711626856849.jpg)

The guy they're hating on her for:

No. 1949396

he aged so bad. I hope horseface stacy dumps him for a newer model.

No. 1949397

File: 1712189961299.jpeg (308.08 KB, 539x901, IMG_9853.jpeg)

>he’s in his early 30s and most of the gen z girls bitching look early 20s and late teens

yes because he’s fairly young and attractive and women like dating men who appear young and attractive. no one wants to have him literally you fucking spastic granny retard, the rules of having a celebrity crush is that if they’re with someone the crush is automatically ruined because it ruins the FANTASY. it has nothing to do with the “youngins” being jealous of that hag, ironic considering that girl in the tiktok doesn’t look the bit least attractive but old bitches are just gonna be nasty, old bitches like always carrying a vendetta against younger girls because of past trauma. like stfu anon, stop pretending to act stupid, no one really wants him especially since these girls figured out he’s a nasty granny fucker with a punchable face and low self-esteem. young guys who fuck, date and marry older women have a fetish just as much as the fatty chaser or trans chaser, they’re not chasing you for your personality~ or not being like the other girls in this context not being like the hotter women around his age that would actually look like a normal trophy couple, men who bat for older or younger women have mental issues and in this case aaron just wants to be appeased and praised by some retarded hag with a zillion eye bags because that’s how grooming works. older women don’t have anything in common with younger men at all, you can throw away that horseface “gigastacy” cope and troll away because it isn’t working anymore

No. 1949403

Hey KPeezyyy

No. 1949404

>no one wants him

Women write love letters to serial killers in prison. He would have no issues finding another woman if he wanted to. Horse face Stacy is one of the rare women who found someone who loved her beyond her looks or age and pick mes are jealous because they have to put on tons of makeup etc and their bfs still don’t love them.

No. 1949407

File: 1712190260987.jpeg (327.48 KB, 1103x1222, IMG_9854.jpeg)

they’re honestly so pig-disgusting now that I think about it, him and the both of them. that nigga is dead to me, literally looks like a photo OP of some christian mom taking her drug addict son to therapy, yuck. men who fetishize near-graves (older women) or cradles (jailbait women) are gross as fuck and would fuck about anything and have absolutely no standards. bitch walking out there looking like youtube ceo susan wojcicki and he looks like a retarded o-shaped mouth soyboy thumbnail vlogger kekkkkk. trash

No. 1949412

File: 1712190571190.jpeg (706.98 KB, 1135x1086, IMG_2911.jpeg)

Draya Michelle has a 20 year age cap with her scrote and she’s hot. She probably looks better than the average zoomer girl.

No. 1949413

If only they had this much rage for men who do this to women literally 20+ years their junior, sometimes even to teenagers. A woman 'grooming' a man will never be the same as old men who date teens. stupid pick me

No. 1949414

His body is insane, but his face aged so bad. Sad.

No. 1949415

This is all filters. Stop capping for some dumb gen z bitch

No. 1949416

File: 1712190910975.jpeg (828.74 KB, 1284x1546, IMG_2912.jpeg)

Draya Michelle is 39 and her baby daddy is 22. She looks better than him tbh

No. 1949418

Question. Is this fucking dude popular in the real world or is it just lolcow obsessing over these people all the time? because I feel like I see them on the front page every other time I come here and I can't stop laughing about it because I am literally never ever thinking about this man. I just checked wikipedia and see he's in three movies coming out this year so if you tell me he's popular, I'll believe you, but it's still so fucking funny to me

No. 1949419

Literally no one cares about anomalies because we all know that is a rarity.
Cope. Leave younger women alone. I honestly don’t know why older women have such a vicious bull-headed vendetta or anger towards younger girls going through the same things they probably did when they were younger too, makes absolutely no sense to me. Aaron is the equivalent of expired milk husbando for young girls, no one is fighting for that shit especially since they found out he had kids with the granny and that makes him infinitely less attractive as most women prefer men who are bachelors or signal some form of independence. That man just wants another gross mommy wife; Freudian dynamic. Moids who grow up with no moms be like

No. 1949423

Samefag but it’s hilarious too that you >>1949416 used some eventual baby mama/sneaky link rotation woman when basketball american basketball players are known to be one of the most downlow hypersexual, serial cheaters of the entertainment world. No one wants or desires that man kek, Mulan can keep him

No. 1949424

he was in a couple of well known movies that i really enjoyed but it just seems to be a trendy topic here atm.

No. 1949425

You’re making fun of old women too though. It’s so funny how the new generation of younger people talk shit then hide their tails and say “you can’t say that I’m young!”. At least the young people of the past talked their shit and stood on it and didn’t try to hide behind age so they could be rude and not get made fun of back.

No. 1949431

Not gonna lie its weird how her son is also his age. Awkward.

No. 1949432

Old, bitter, coping. Older women don’t deserve any fucking respect for the amount of shit they put younger women through and basically become tyrannical bullies next to the patriarchal/predatory bullshit we also have to handle on a daily basis. Older women who have zero wisdom, foresight and intelligence can’t act like they have authority on anything, sorry.

No. 1949433

Get over it. Men have been pimping yall out for centuries and the same things gonna happen to your daughters, your anger is directed the wrong place.

No. 1949435

I’m sorry but who’s also being used to pimp those women around? It’s always mothers or older women that the younger girl trusts who always pimps them to other men or utterly betrays them because older women stay dick-obsessed and delusional even through all that life experience.

No. 1949436

Go get guidance from older men then since older women are so bad to you. It’s not my job to give guidence to young people, that’s why I don’t have kids.

No. 1949441

Mentioning dumbass shit thread outside of that thread should get a 1 day non-appealable ban. I'm so tired of seeing the dumbass shit thread spergs complaining about it in /meta/ and shitting up the suggestions thread there with their nonsense.

No. 1949443

if you're actually young, i hope you never live long enough to be old since you hate old women so much. wouldn't want to become what you hate, right?
I don't like age gaps but it's funny to me seeing what moids usually do to women get reversed

No. 1949444

File: 1712192487707.gif (2.54 MB, 498x498, IMG_9855.gif)

>likely lonely
>no kids
>old bitter and browsing lolcow

kek, this is too fucking rich(infighting)

No. 1949447

I appreciate and love my older female relatives including my mom but not bitter stranger betsies trying to ruin young girls’ fun.

No. 1949452

Yeah no wonder women cant' have class solidarity, we are fighting over mundane shit

No. 1949453

>Considers a woman being childless to be a mark of failure
Boy, I wonder what kind of hands wrote this. Definitely not ones with a Y chromosome, that's for sure. Nothing but Xs here.

No. 1949459

No one said that but yourself. I mean if you said you’re a failure for not having children, then I guess you’re right? Congrats?

No. 1949460

It’s not hard to find a baby daddy. Men fuck animals and food items so if I wanted a baby I could have one.

No. 1949461

File: 1712193199482.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, low quality bait.jpg)

No. 1949464

File: 1712193369251.gif (1.25 MB, 220x275, IMG_9808.gif)


No. 1949471

um yes have you not been on /g/

No. 1949473

The real unpopular opinion on lolcow is that all human beings only exist to reproduce and no matter how upsetting that may be its the truth

No. 1949475

File: 1712194256503.png (95.73 KB, 416x490, gus fring elsie.png)

you mean

No. 1949476

Are you that anon who confessed it feels wonderful to have a scrote cum inside of her, ewwww

No. 1949477

Then why are you here?

No. 1949478

Technically. It’s not our sole purpose in life though.

No. 1949480

On a biological level maybe. But people always find other purpose in life or die frustrated

No. 1949484

incorrect interpretation of biology and natural selection. we don't 'exist to' do anything. we simply do it

No. 1949490

I said it once, I'll say it twice, he looks like a terrorist. And this is gonna be controversial but he wasn't hot when he was younger either, he already had the "will age badly" features from the start. Now all that makes him ugly is these features accentuated. I don't know how to explain it though.

No. 1949493

The amount of violence you're expected to deal with in nursing is unethical. I've also seen moids tell military wives they should've expected to be abused and they don't deserve resources because of poor military mans PTSD. Is there any profession that's mostly taken by moids where you're expected to be a punching bag and not fight back? Never heard of any

No. 1949494

Nta but I can't wait until me and my scrote try for a baby so he will cum into me.

No. 1949500

Seems like you both have defective genes so it's not happening any time soon.

No. 1949504

i must've missed that kek but no thats just the evolutional truth

No. 1949506

i mean yeah your parents likely only did have you with the expectation that you'd bare their grandchildren and continue spreading their genes

No. 1949507

but the whole purpose in life is to have a child though, thats why everyone pisses their pants completely miserable trying to have a career or become famous

No. 1949512

honestly sounds like a pyramid scheme.

No. 1949514

thats what a family is, a pyramid that might have some skinny parts if there arent very many children

No. 1949515

I'm sorry nonny, but it's not my fault if skinniness is aspirational, I don't make the rules.

No. 1949516

There isn’t some overarching objective purpose. Also if it was our only purpose everyone would do it automqtically and there would be no need for shilling or coercion.

No. 1949517

most people do do it automatically, nonna. are you forgetting that?

No. 1949518

Based on what. I love to be safe and horny with the man I love.

No. 1949519

Sex is way better than drugs

No. 1949521

browsing lolcow is better than both of those

No. 1949522

You ever done either

No. 1949523

Not true, sexual antagonism is widely documented in biology. And women plainly don’t want to do it if they’re not being forced, see all the whining about birth rates. Sorry.

No. 1949524

i dont need to, i have lolcow and god

No. 1949525

God wants people to have orgasms. It facilitates reproduction.

No. 1949527

The birth rate is only down by 1.6%, it's not having an extreme dip kek. Also most women do want to have children, it is usually men who are aversed to children and are the most commonly abusive parent.

No. 1949528

God loves to get a shout out during the act too!

No. 1949529

Saur trew that’s why female orgasms don’t facilitate reproduction.

No. 1949530

then why did he make men unable to find the clitoris

No. 1949531

Haha they actually do! When a woman orgasms it engages her muscles that encourage the sperm to the ovum. Oh you sweet child.

No. 1949532

but female orgasms do aide reproduction
grab your husbands finger or tongue and put it directly on your clit next time, i cant find the sensitive spots on my moids dick i'm not psychic

No. 1949533

Yeah that’s why men wrote laws that artificially granted them access to women, because they don’t want to reproduce. I guess that’s also why they kill themselves and shoot up schools when they can’t reproduce (muh looneliness epidoomic).

No. 1949534

what law which country? i'm confused now can you post a link maybe

No. 1949535

I've only done drugs (DXM) and it was pretty shit but I would rather do DXM than have sex.

No. 1949536

Thats just nyquil

No. 1949539

It was still a high.

No. 1949541

File: 1712196889605.jpeg (35.15 KB, 562x546, IMG_3767.jpeg)

No. 1949542

Please noni I googled what you said verbatim and I cannot find anything? I want to be able to give an informed response

No. 1949543

>what are abortions

No. 1949545

Are you talking about abortion laws? I understand if you're referring to pregnancies from rape or incest but not only is that not the majority of women who receive abortions, but consensual sex isn't being legally granted artificial access to every single womans body. Thats a ridiculous conflation.

No. 1949546

Wasn't that long ago men could legally rape their wives you cunt.

No. 1949550

I said rape, that includes marital rape. Married women can receive abortions and order abortive medication without permission from their husbands kek.

No. 1949552

Kek kek kek. Allowing rape is allowing access to a woman's body regardless of insemination

No. 1949553

When did I ever say rape should be allowed. Are you just bullshitting now

No. 1949555

Are you illiterate(infighting)

No. 1949557

If this were true, mothers and fathers would be the happiest people in the world, even broke single ones. Successful people would stop caring about their jobs and anything else because they fulfilled the one goal (having kids).

No. 1949558

Yeah cause when you have a kid you gain infinite amount of money and no longer have to provide a living anymore…

No. 1949559

No, you said "allowing rape is allowing access to a womans body" in response to my statement being that even married rape victims are still capable of receiving attention.

No. 1949561

a lot of successful people do not enjoy their jobs big surprise there

No. 1949562

>Yeah that’s why men wrote laws that artificially granted them access to women,

No. 1949564

>Evolutionally we all exist to reproduce

Great job nonnies

No. 1949565

what if anon lives in a different country where abortion isn’t a central woman’s rights issue, calm down. there’s plenty of foreign anons here who also don’t even speak english who also don’t understand burger politics

No. 1949566

What law says "any man can have sex with any woman he wants"? You're oversimplifying abortive laws, you're not capable of comprehending that the majority of abortions are from consensual sex.

No. 1949567

You said the point was to reproduce, not make money and help your kids live and propagate further. In America, tons of parents kick their kids out at 18 and think that's normal, in fact. Don't move the goalposts now.

And having kids doesn't make them think everything's hunky dory and okay and perfect.

No. 1949568

What country would a woman not be aware of male lawmakers fucking about with our reproductive health? The countries with child brides??

No. 1949569

Surprised the kids got to 18 since the parents stopped earning money and we're just sitting drooling with shitbeating grins on their faces going gee whizz this is awesome for 18 years

No. 1949573

Just reproduced, everything's solved sisters. Life and reason for being sorted

No. 1949574

NTA but
>why would we not be the global center of attention11!1!

No. 1949575

I'm not even a yank

No. 1949576

Just gave birth and got direct deposited 2,000,000 dollars

No. 1949577

Ok my post got hijacked but I was talking about things like inheritance laws only going to sons, artificially restricting women’s access to education, voting or owning property, and marriage essentially being the only way you could survive. Only a creature deeply concerned with reproducing at all costs could come up with laws like that. If that was women’s natural purpose there wouldn’t be any need to coerce them into doing it in the first place.

No. 1949580

those are just byproducts of it. none of those things existed for the millennia proceeding the last 300 or so years.

No. 1949584

Men bastardised women's right to choose their partners for centuries. Majority of women feel a biological urge to reproduce, birth rates drop due to the economy and opportunities provided by the times.

Also societies in India with female infanticide shows how deranged men are in regards to women.

No. 1949585

true, if we didn’t psyop women into becoming mothers and birthing children I don’t think any of us would exist right now. another example of men hijacking women’s wombs because they’re jealous we can actually create and sustain life

No. 1949586

Byproducts of the male need to peddle cum or die? I agree. It manifests in different ways but the core need is the same.

No. 1949590

Those things never would've happened if the point of our existence as a species was to reproduce. We've always been able to breed. Stop the mindless cope just because you can't figure out why you exist.

No. 1949594

That’s a pretty crucial point as well- most of the men whining about how they can’t get laid now wouldn’t have this problem if their fathers could get laid without coercion.

No. 1949597

our point is to reproduce, and there are many people who think they're above it

No. 1949598

Collectively all species have the urge to reproduce or they'd cease to exist. Humans evolved to birth offspring with huge brains that are very demanding on resources. Menopausal women evolved as a function to aid in nurturing infants. We've gotten so good at it and with modern interventions mortality rates across all ages lessen. Yea not everybody needs to reproduce, but I guarantee if housing was more readily available and wages comfortably above inflation you'd see a lot more families.

No. 1949601

But it is easy to reproduce, and technology does make it easier because its easier for couples to meat. Contraception and abortion were only invented because some people enjoy avoiding the consequences of consensual choices.

No. 1949604

Ok, but that doesn’t make it our only purpose. And it if was our only purpose nobody would do anything else with their life. It’s also pretty clear which sex has an all consuming urge to reproduce at all costs and which sex would be better off not reproducing at all than reproducing with a substandard mate.

No. 1949608

Human advancement and technology makes it harder to reproduce, not easier. It's dumb to think the only point of life is to have kids when that's been proven wrong many, many times. In fact, the invention of contraception and abortion proves the entire idea wrong. We as a species would be too blissful from fulfilling our life purpose to ever want to prevent births, let alone go off and invent things like cars or write fiction. At 18, your job would be to have kids and figure out the rest later, and we'd all agree on that because it'd be so natural and intrinsic to our being.

No. 1949609

Dumbass it was our only purpose from the beginning of time, technological advancement doesn't change that. I think you're avoiding the millions of years proceeding extremely recent history.

No. 1949610

even over 1000 years ago - like in ancient Babylonian history - stuff like treating little girls like cattle to sell off and tie to older men existed. it might have not involved the whole political systems that emerged in prior centuries, but the reduction of girls and women into commodities to control instead of as whole people treated the same as men has been long lived. some governments explicitly wanted to use women as broodmares to produce more working bodies and soldiers. a lot of people also treat babies like commodities. that's why they want them so bad even under horrific or exploitative circumstances: they aren't little people…they're public goods to those sickos.

it's often a psyop meant to get women to both work themselves to the bone (let's be honest most potential AND devoted male partners can't comfortably support a whole family + healthcare + enrichment), bare children, and then caretake for other people that never will fully reciprocate the care. this system makes a lot more sense when you realize it's parasitic; a lot of people depend off of women being chumps that self-sacrifice themselves.
I love that you believe that babies are a consequence. happy for you

No. 1949611

Anon you can have whatever purpose you want but self preservation and maintaining the species is the purpose of living organisms. You remind me of the radiohead video where everybody just gives up and lies down

No. 1949613

It actually hasn't been proven wrong, also reproduction is the only purpose of all species. Cars being invented doesnt change that. You're grasping at straws and trying too hard to sound smart now

No. 1949614

>humans only started caring about things that weren’t reproduction in the last couple of hundred years

No. 1949615

>consequences of consensual choices
So, it's not the reason we exist, but a consequence? Like what, a punishment? That's not adding up with it being the point of us being here nonna.
It's not easy to reproduce when the money system is penalizing you and grinding down on your soul all the time, when housing is fucked, etc. Other species don't need to do or make all that shit to meet and have kids. We didn't in the past, either. Birth rates were higher way back when, too.

No. 1949616

Yeah, literally. Overconsumption and self interest has misdirected people from our sole reason for existence

No. 1949617

consequences as in results, dummy

No. 1949618

>you didn't prove my cope wrong just because you pointed out a bunch of things that blatantly contradict it
Can you actually argue, or is your whole thing just saying "no", repeating yourself and complaining about people "trying to sound smart"?

No. 1949620

that's fine, anon. I know you're quite insecure about your fetish but…it's fine if you go and make more babies and donate your eggs and volunteer to be a surrogate for women that really want children. I want you to know that we see you, and understand you. if you've been looking for the green light to fulfill your dreams, this is it.

No. 1949621

I think you’re confused. Yes, every human is only alive because someone reproduced for them to be there. That doesn’t mean that’s the only thing they, or their parents, are supposed to do with their life. If that were true then people would never try to learn or create things or do anything that wasn’t raising children. Also if you’re worried about overconsumption, you probably shouldn’t be encouraging more reproduction.

No. 1949622

If our sole reason for existence was reproduction, that'd be our main and only real self-interest, because it'd fulfill us fully. It obviously doesn't, tons of people don't want it, and that's why life is the way it is now and post-partum depression exists kek. Give it up.

No. 1949624

No. 1949625

There is no argument kek, you can't really argue with basic logic. We are all reproduced for the purpose of reproduction to continue the human race, much like all animals are reproduced for the purpose of reproduction to continue the animal race. Does this make enough sense for your pea sized brain or do we need to keep running in circles nonners?

No. 1949626

Sure jan

No. 1949627

>people needing to exist for the world to continue is a fetish
scrote detected

No. 1949630

Anon you're breaking their heart they want to go to the moon they don't have time for reproduction.

No. 1949631

No one ever said you cant learn and create things without fulfilling your biological expectation to reproduce? Men are capable of it, so are women…

No. 1949633

What are you even doing here then? Go tend to your brood. Or get knocked up chop chop

No. 1949635

A lot of anons here are moms, nonna kek

No. 1949636

Wtf are you doing here your purpose is out there or would you leave us to the fate of the planet of the apes

No. 1949637

Who expects you to though. You’re not obligated to reproduce just because your parents did. The ability to reproduce isn’t a binding contract that you have to fulfill. And you just said it’s our sole purpose and everything else is a distraction or a result of technology.

No. 1949638

Ok NTAYRT but some of us can afford a nannie

No. 1949639

Go invent the next big invention if you're so speshul

No. 1949642

If it was basic logic, you wouldn't be heavy breathing over your keyboard angrily insisting on it to multiple people, kek. Other animals don't need to advance to the point we did to reproduce, and we still don't. You're just upset we have options now. Maybe you should go and have children instead of arguing with other(?) women on the internet.

No. 1949643

I’ve never seen a mother try to shill it so rabidly.

No. 1949645

There's not some random figurehead ordering you to do it but you were also only created by your parents with the expectation that you'd reproduce their genes

No. 1949647

I’m gonna invent a device that detects if you’re male and vaporizes you if you try to post here.

No. 1949648

I think you're projecting now, not a word of what you said disqualified the factuality of my statement nonita

No. 1949649

You're so mad, and for what? I don't need to go to the moon, I can relax and do whatever I want with my life while I'm here. That's my right, as a human being. If you need to breed, I'm sorry if you can't, but that's not an issue I struggle with.

No. 1949650

You sound autistic that you can't grasp biological fact of what a human is and how it continues to exist. When would any great mind leave books of work and knowledge behind if it's superficial to consider the next generations

No. 1949651

Not really. People have children for all sorts of reason including the condom breaking or trying to secure a lifestyle.

No. 1949652

it was a joke. but I'll take you at face value. it is pretty much adjacent to, or no better than a fetish because…if some of us wanna have a child, that's gonna happen…and if they don't want a child, that won't happen. there's nothing we can say to truly decide that for them. so, why repeat, "breeding is the only thing that matters!" over and over again unless there is some ulterior agenda here? that might be sexual, economic, social, etc. because what type of person would decide to have a child somewhat because of what some random on lc said? and do you think they should be having a child?

No. 1949654

Yeah and thatt's still them fulfilling the whole circle of life thing. Does this not make sense? Like genuienly

No. 1949656

Nobody said "breeding is the only thing that matters" the neutral statement that everyone (every single species, humans, animals, specs of dust) only exist to reproduce, which is true.

No. 1949658

File: 1712200526029.jpeg (200.01 KB, 640x761, 1646369359367.jpeg)

>reeeee you roastie's reason to live is to be our breeding sow and it wasn't for feminaz- I mean, selfishness, you wouldn't be misguided now
The same bait. The same infight. Every fucking week.

No. 1949659

Projecting what? All I've said is we have options (which is a fact, as much as you don't like it), and that if you think otherwise, you can go and fulfill your reason to exist right now. You should really take the time to read what people say instead of jumping to conclusions.

No. 1949662

I never tried to claim that you don't have options, however having options doesn't change the fact that everything exists to have a reproduction of itself

No. 1949663

I would be disappointed in my mother if she was browsing lolcow, ngl.

No. 1949664

This was the original post >>1949473 this never ever pigeonholed women. I wrote the original post, I mean it when I say EVERYONE exists for the sole purpose of reproduction. Men, women, rats, fish, every single species. If you don't like it then argue with science

No. 1949665

I didn’t say that? But if you’re worried about future generations there are far more lasting ways to impact them than having one or even several children.
No, it doesn’t make sense, because you’re saying they do it with an expectation that their genes will be passed on even if they do it against their will or for a reward. You’re ascribing a reasoning to the action that isn’t there.

No. 1949666

Kek kekkerson anon you can rot in your room forever for all I care, your individual purpose is whatever you want it to be. Doesn't negate the fact thousands of years of evolutionary design has penetrative sex as the means to continue the species.

No. 1949667

But the action is there because most individuals do eventually reproduce. You aren’t having an easy time keeping up. I thought autists were supposed go be like rainman types.

No. 1949668

File: 1712200816631.jpeg (374.77 KB, 707x494, IMG_4929.jpeg)

>I can relax and do whatever I want

No. 1949669

Only by technicality.
Did you know that the male penis is evolutionarily designed to shovel out the semen of competitors? Just a fun fact.

No. 1949670

Yeah you've mentioned it about 40 times this past month

No. 1949671

I can guarantee that every single woman on this earth's contribution to humanity is better than carrying some failmale's sperm trying to convince women on the internet to fuck with him.

No. 1949675

If someone has a child for the welfare money and doesn’t give a shit about it afterward, do you think the reason for that was “in hopes the child would pass on their genes” or for financial reward?

No. 1949678

File: 1712200981065.png (234.99 KB, 400x400, 1654433958348.png)

>so mad you replied twice
Calm yourself. I know in an incel's mind it's either bedrotting or nuclear family, but the world is bigger than that. I promise. Your failure to reproduce doesn't make you worthless, only your bitterness and forcefulness toward others. I'm sure you could attract a nice partner with a change of personality!

No. 1949679

what technicality? both men and women are required for reproduction retard

No. 1949680

Did you also know that males live shorter lives partly due to the somatic maintenance required to keep them producing sperm?

No. 1949681

I didn’t bring up gender, but it’s interesting you did. Hmmmmmmmm

No. 1949682

Both ♥ junkies want granchildren too

No. 1949683

>I'm autistic would a human extort a person for monetary gain

No. 1949684

File: 1712201052567.jpeg (355.54 KB, 1200x1459, IMG_9858.jpeg)

Did you know that the male penis deserves to get chopped off and most men are only deserving of being penis-less eunuchs which in turn will turn them into less violent and easily controllable creatures? I sometimes wish a gynocratic dictatorship existed. I would prefer a misandrist fascist leader over whatever XY-sucking slop were force fed now ugh

No. 1949686

Ok then answer my question at the beginning of the sentence, what technicality? There is no technicality.

No. 1949687

Two different posters love

No. 1949689

Dementia needs to be taken more seriously.

No. 1949690

Who’s that, your sub?

No. 1949691

It was a hypothetical, maybe you’re autistic. Answer the question.

No. 1949693

I have a masters in molecular biology you don't need to give me fun facts are you the idiot that thinks a female orgasm is devoid of function

No. 1949695

Did you know if a man

No. 1949696

>T-Two different p-posters

No. 1949697

Technically everything we evolved was to maximize reproductive fitness. That doesn’t mean it’s all we’re supposed to do. Reproduction is also far more of a sole purpose for males which is why they come here to shill in a last ditch attempt at getting female attention.

No. 1949698

Maybe you’d like to explain to me the role of the paternal genome in pregnancy then.

No. 1949699

why are you crediting another fag for my post? go do your AP MFA biographical astronomarigelogy homework if you’re so genius, mean ass.

No. 1949700

Weird they hate mothers too. Men are so complex can you tell me about them

No. 1949701

>brings up porn when the discussion is about finding a mate
Addiction really ruins a person

No. 1949702

So you admit you're a fag? Are you upset about hets not breeding and giving you their babies or something?

No. 1949703

>we evolved to exercise reproduction, b-but
Ok glad we can agree on that, thank god that discussions over
Men and women hate each other equally nonnalita

No. 1949704

The y chromosome is riddled with disease thankfully my daughter and their daughters and their daughters daughters will never have to physically experience it because God is good!

No. 1949705

My guess is it's the cp spamming meta tranny.

No. 1949706

Jesus christ, you really need to lurk moar. Do you think when someone says samefag they’re saying “samelesbian”?

No. 1949707

What does porn have to do with youtube

No. 1949710

>reproduction is required by all species for the continuation of life
>it’s bait by the men who spam child pornography

This is why everyone calls us stupid

No. 1949711

Literally gasped I was just thinking about him…

No. 1949712

>i said "lurk moar", do i fit in with the kids now
You didn't say "samefag". Notice how you didn't answer the question?

No. 1949713

What's YouTube

No. 1949714

That wasn’t your argument though. Your argument was that if you don’t do it you’re or fulfilling what’s expected of you even though these are abstracts that don’t have feelings.

No. 1949715

>wow you used the word fag that must mean you’re a lesbian who who who who who
Dude, you’re just playing games now

No. 1949716

unpopular opinion I seriously think some of the jannies are trannies and they only allow the gender ideology/mtf thread to exist so they don’t raise any suspicions. reddit mods probably snuck themselves on to this website, applied to be mods, became mods and are turning this website into a micromanaging mess

No. 1949718

I’ve been saying this for years

No. 1949720

It's dumbass troll anons probably.

No. 1949721

I wouldn’t even be shocked

No. 1949722

you’re a psychic because it makes the most sense. who’s really vetting the mods? how do they confirm their identities? do they all use one discord or another platform where they show their faces on screen calls or something??? this place has actually been taken over by petty ass reddit trannies.

No. 1949723

I never called you a lesbian, stop fantasizing.

No. 1949724

There’s no way to vet if someone’s female online anyway

No. 1949725

Yeah after they can't hold a discussion they lose their resolve fuck up their samefagging start larping as other anons to samefag too then get mad at the mods. This their purpose instead of getting laid(samefag)

No. 1949726

ngl that’s a suspect response

No. 1949730

It’s just true though, even if you ask for voice and face time stamped AND government ID you can get discord kitten #12 to do it for you.

No. 1949731

Do you even remember what your original post said, numb skull?

No. 1949732

I just acknowledged you calling yourself what you are, and no one calls lesbians fags. You can't even LARP properly, it's sad.
>numb skull
Definitely an old queen.

No. 1949733

>women aren’t allowed to use the term numbskull
this logic makes zero sense, you’re literally just trying to change the subject now. I pray you gain another brain cell or the chromosome you’re missing

No. 1949736

>narrates own tireless actions performed in a bid to convince women to have sex
>still never gets laid
What did you mean by that?

No. 1949737

You're giving me vince nictora vibes

No. 1949738

>greentexting things that were never said
Schizophrenic and biologically ill-suited to mating. That's really sad. I'm glad I wasn't born a gay man.(infighting)