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No. 1932315

Can't believe the obligatory farmhand disclaimer lies back more than half of the threads already. Anyways, board rules, no racebait, no moidfoiling, no responding to bait etc you know the drill.


No. 1932319

The acting in Asian movies usually is better and less try-hard than in American movies.

No. 1932321

fuck y'all i loved Weezer's teal album.

No. 1932337

No I don't believe in being a good person because I'll get rewarded with heaven. I agree with the core message we're all better off loving our neighbours and incentivising messages of peace and love. I believe there's a higher power that made sense of all this and order. Why the fuck would I believe in humans they're lying deceptive war mongering pieces of shit? Humans left to their own devices do they keep order and peace? Instead of trying to pick holes in my morality why don't you focus on actual dickheads that spread complete misery and hardship to others.

No. 1932369

I don’t understand why grown women sperg out and start calling men ugly and acting disgusted when men hit on them. You’re just setting yourself up to be attacked. I just give them my google voice phone number, make up a lie about having to go and never respond to them again. It’s that easy.

No. 1932413

Sometimes you just get taken by surprise or are in a bad mood and you really just don't want to even fake niceness. I've blanked and 180'd from the last few men that hit on me

No. 1932416

Better to be fake nice then end up having acid thrown on you or some other crazy shit

No. 1932418

straight people can't be trannies because dressing up and acting as the opposite gender is some gay shit. even if that's their fetish.

No. 1932425

I would rather die standing up, than live kneeling. Ugly men knowing they're ugly is more important than my well-being.

No. 1932429

You could wait until you’re far away from him and tell him he’s an ugly loser over text. I’m not risking having to live with acid burns or getting raped.

No. 1932435

Ah yes, being nice stops rape and murder. Only mean girls get acid thrown at them. You're one smart chick!

No. 1932437

Miranda Cosgrove should’ve been the level of famous that Ariana Grande is

No. 1932439

I never said it did. What I said is I give men I don’t like a fake number and act nice just incase they’re the type to sperg out and kill a bitch. Don’t add comments to my statement that I didn’t say.

No. 1932440


No. 1932441

Why though? She can’t act or sing

No. 1932451

I'm an alpha and you're a beta. Know the difference bitch and stay silent.

No. 1932455

You’re not alpha if you don’t have a gun or the skills to fight back. You’re only stupid with no self preservation.

No. 1932470

i know everyone was shitting on astarion when he was trending here (as they should) but honestly alastor makes him look normal in comparison. I'm filled with disgust every time i have to see his nasty stickbug body and yellow teeth. he looks like a rat and his show is shit. he's so ugly I can't even imagine how people want to fuck him I'm so sick of seeing him everywhere!! have some fucking self respect

No. 1932475

I just want to know what they see in his emo boy haircut.

No. 1932480

Oh my nonna, have you ever heard Kissin U?? And yes I went back and watched iCarly as an adult I guarantee she has acting chops. Triple threat.

No. 1932483

I literally do have a gun and skills. Proving yourself a beta once again.

No. 1932485

fellow zoomer here, i can't belive i can unironically say i had a crush on Austin Butler beofre it was cool.

No. 1932494

Her singing skills are worse than Serena Gomez. There’s a reason Ariana grande is more famous. Miranda wouldn’t even be able to be an actress because she can only play innocent cute girl roles.

No. 1932495

PTSD should be considered a disease not just a mental illness. It changes your bodily chemistry.

No. 1932497

Selena Gomez *

No. 1932498

You just sound like you’re hating for fun now

No. 1932500

she’s a hater and she doesn’t know how to delete and repost. Integrate

No. 1932506

I agree, trauma changes the limbic system and the hippocampus.

No. 1932510

Ariana grande might be an irritating Coke head but she can actually sing and there’s a reason she was successful. Sure Miranda can play a quirky cute girl on a comedy kids show but there’s no way she would be able to do anything serious. She has no acting range, it’s the same thing with Victoria justice. All these nic girls who people say should be more famous than Ariana grande have nothing on her.

No. 1932521

newfags when an unpopular opinion is posted in the unpopular opinions thread

No. 1932523

Tbf isn't that the case with a lot of mental illnesses?

No. 1932525

Having passing physical symptoms ≠ your bodily chemistry changing permanently

No. 1932529

Having a “soft life” where you stay at home all day and have a man take care of you is not possible. These women who want this life are chasing a dream that’s never going to happen.

No. 1932538

It is if you can get away with killing him

No. 1932587

I don't feel sorry for adults who get excluded from social groups. I understand why that stuff is traumatizing, but at an adult age you should know that there are some people who will never click with you and some people who would. Like the comment sections whining about the women "being mean" to this one woman because they weren't talking to her. They all agreed to get on a youtube video where scrotes rank and degrade their looks, I don't feel sorry for any of these women. Clearly they wanted validation too much

No. 1932621

Fucking kek the tall only cute guy is the only one who had an ounce of sense and probably didn’t make his gf want to kill him

No. 1932662

It's possible in the situations those women are in since majority of them are wealthy enough to hire help. The issue is the ones who obsess over "blue collar men" who are typically messy, don't make that much and angry all the time and you have to cater to their every whim. It just seems like cope at this point

No. 1932710

No it’s not. Yeah they aren’t working but their blood pressure is still high because hubby is cheating.

No. 1932711

A lot of these women either come from rich families or are under cover escorts. Like this nonnie said >>1932662 the rich ones hire nannies even when they don't work. The under cover escorts/sugar babies are easy to spot because a lot of dating advice they give sounds like borderline sex work.

No. 1932716

If a guy can afford Nannie’s it’s very unlikely not cheating. I wouldn’t consider that a soft life because they’re still gonna be stressed about getting cheated on.

No. 1932993

eating indian food with your hands is disgusting. I don’t care if its traditional, indian food is generally oily or wet and getting that all over your hands feels gross.

No. 1932996

How about Mexican food?

No. 1932998

Hey if they’re getting alimony that just seems even better, now you dont even have to fuck him.

No. 1933002

I would consider a soft life being with a man who takes care of you, you’re sexually attracted to him, he’s loyal, he’s nice to you and pays for whatever you want. No one is ever going to get that which is why I think chasing the soft life is a pipe dream.

No. 1933005

never done that but I imagine it would be similar

No. 1933008

>There’s a reason Ariana grande is more famous
Because she let Dan Schneider sniff her feet?

No. 1933013

Miranda did as well or else she would’ve been black listed like Victoria justice. Miranda didnt go anywhere because the casting couch wasn’t enough.

No. 1933023

I mean yeah that's a meme but I think women overvalue loyalty in general. If you're just doing it for materialistic reasons it could be ok

No. 1933027

Even if theyre just doing it for money I wouldn’t consider that soft life. Having to fuck a man they dont like much just to have a place to live, that’s like a full time job that never ends. All those soft life girls on tiktok always have the most fucked up lives and are miserable.

No. 1933037

Because they have shit taste,anon I honestly don't blame the other anons for crushing on anime men because the bar for attractive cartoon men is so fucking low.they just call any fugly over designed stick figure a Tumblr sexy man now a days.

No. 1933155

I hate how women are indoctrinated into liking uggos.

No. 1933174

Pink and blue don't inherently suit blondes or brunettes better, it depends on the shades and hue of the colors. The women in the pic look good in what they're wearing.

No. 1933217

As an alastorfucker I'll be the first to admit I've always had shit taste in men (fictional and real)

No. 1933338

lying for fun is funny and i know that everyone secretly feels the same way. also getting drunk and throwing up all your food also feels amazing.

No. 1933467

File: 1711024938626.jpg (121.45 KB, 1200x834, Panda-1200x834.jpg)

Pandas may have pretty privilege, but there's nothing wrong with that. It is good to at least attempt to preserve most animals, especially the beautiful ones.

No. 1933529

File: 1711030067238.png (Spoiler Image,659.4 KB, 1458x632, m,m.png)

People need to understand how evil moids are in China. Nothing about Chinese men or their society is respectable. Their mentality is almost even worse than what you'll find in the third world. Any kind of evil you can imagine goes on there with full impunity, and there is no common respect for life.
The open animal torture and bestiality networks make me sick (this is not hidden). The pedophilic behaviors going unpunished. The rampant misogyny and unabashed pro-rape culture. Any normal-minded person forced to live there would quickly become a misanthrope.

No. 1933546

File: 1711030698010.jpeg (217.59 KB, 452x520, IMG_9648.jpeg)

It’s frustrating being called an XY and a scrote because you’re aggressive, I’m sorry do you want me to be some pretty little sweet soft flower who’s nice? That doesn’t work while posting on here kek, you have to be aggressive and mean and no it’s not always a fucking scrote telling you to stfu. God forbid women have a space to have extremely outlandish opinions. I hate the constant moid tinfoil on this website, it’s about the equivalent of twitters and tumblrfags constantly blaming someone as being “racist” or “transphobic” give it a break. You’re the same group of people who don’t like women being molded into one category but if you seem to break out of a stereotypical feminine mold on this website you immediately get scapegoated as a moid or tranny because wahmen can’t be aggressive. Well here I am, I must be the only ratchet, ghetto aggressive bitch on this planet apparently!

No. 1933551

Jesus. I once saw a video of a chinese man raping a hen on some shock website.

No. 1933552

People on here are reaaally reactive 1, don’t read posts properly 2, and actually not very accepting of gnc women despite lip service 3. Don’t take it to heart.

No. 1933556

Villianess is a thousand times more generic a subgenre than isekai.
I'd rather read another isekai where the mc at least fights a bear and eats goblins naked in a forest rather than another villaness with half assed ~political drama~

No. 1933558

I learned that quickly even after using this site for a few years. I genuinely don’t know why there’s gender critical threads when they engage in the opposite of their beliefs on this website. I get the background of LC was based around a bunch of grumpy lolitas from /cgl/ and casual cheeky moid-hating was apart of that culture but this is definitely not a website that’s friendly for a wide range of beliefs from a female perspective lol not even in the general boards. It’s like a culture shock when you decide to go and lurk your fave threads on /snow/, it’s like a completely different website when you hop on that board. It honestly reminds me a bit of 4chan and not in a good way tbh, it has that flavor of hidden political faggotry and obsession that ruins the fun.

No. 1933565

No it’s really not, it’s missing the irreverence that image boards have. Theres definitely prescribed opinions you’re meant to have as a woman. Also a feeling (exacerbated by the moderation style) that you can’t really banter or shitpost, everyone takes themselves too seriously.

No. 1933570

File: 1711031904284.jpg (104.37 KB, 1192x670, healthy-gamer-screencap-2_wide…)

I don't trust this scrote. Idc if he's an ivy league bitch.

No. 1933573

I usually call moid not for aggressive stances but stupid opinions that reek of misogyny. like you can shout all you want but if you're spouting tradthot shit I'll think you're a moid or a trad

No. 1933574

You’ve got to look at the reason for this though, women with out opinions from the group being called out for being scrotes isn’t about whether you are one or not, it’s about making it easier to identify the ones who are and discourage scrotes who might see such posts and think themselves welcome. If someone calls you out for male like posting it’s up to you to ignore it or ask yourself if it is scrotish, if it’s not scrotish ignore it and if it is who cares because you’re still a woman so again ignore it? Like, community policing serves a purpose and it’s not about you, it’s about maintaining the culture of the boards and not letting that culture shift so dramatically that scrotes would go unnoticed/be able to post unnoticed without a little effort.

No. 1933589

Get out of here, I’ve been called a scrote for calling someone a fake misandrist, for saying that troons are men with different porn addiction patterns, for my feelings about pregnancy, for “aggressive phrasing”, for not giving a shit about female cheaters, for my taste in video games, for not agreeing with scrotefoiling and strangely enough for not wanting to call a woman a whore.

No. 1933591

File: 1711033481609.jpg (120.56 KB, 589x800, mukaft6.jpg)

quokkas deserve to be saved.

No. 1933592

Pet cats shouldn't be left out. I say this as a cat owner.

No. 1933602

File: 1711034094214.jpg (35.33 KB, 460x443, 91-23-7-18-23-4-36m.jpg)

It's not normal for fathers to kiss their sons on the lips, especially not with the full fucking head tilt some Hollywood parents do in photos.

No. 1933604

Oh 100% with men needing to be around women but what normie male is going to post here where women are actively hostile towards male behavior that males think is normal?
Hmm, your complaints seem scrote like, you have to be female to post here you know. See what I did there? I randomly said something, did it change your reality? Are you suddenly a scrote? Have you sprouted a penis or suddenly realised you’ve had one all along?

You can have and post whatever opinion you want but other women aren’t wrong for calling it out for being scrotish because that’s their opinion. At least here you can say it without being permanently removed off the platform, at least here you can be wrong and the worst thing that typically happens is you’re called a scrote instead of someone calling your work and getting you fired.

No. 1933605

Your posts are extremely identifiable.

No. 1933606

after Jada failed to show love to him, Will aimed to seek love in his own offspring.

No. 1933608

File: 1711034401131.png (791.32 KB, 751x825, 3409.png)

Samefag, and this guy (Liev Schreiber) literally went on to troon out his son and says he has "shockingly attractive children" in his Twitter bio. It's obvious and creepy.

No. 1933612

You're not a more intellect weeb because you read and watch seinen shit like berserk. Woooow you're so much smarter than me because you read Berserk, the loli fanservice really adds to the story… Shojo teaches much more life lessons than whatever faggy sword circle jerks they have.

No. 1933616

Women are biologically better at nurturing and shaping ideas and communication than men are. Most men are thick and shallow and not fit for breeding and should be placed in a class of workers with no rights. They're dull and boring and any man worth a damn wouldn't post in very clearly defined women's spaces only. They'd be smart enough to observe only and not share their bastarded ideas. This is a place of ideals and men are not ideal at anything. Get to fuck

No. 1933620

Yeah, this shit is disturbing to me.

No. 1933626

Being a hot guy is better socially than being a hot girl. A hot guy could easily find sugar mommas who aren’t abusive and young women willing to come over and clean his house and cook every day of the week. Just look at everything women do for ugly men so I can only imagine life must be easy mode for men who actually are cute.

No. 1933628

Obviously sad obviously true.

No. 1933634

They should be snuggled right by your face in bed they are babies. I say this with a kitty right next to my face purring in my bed with me.

No. 1933638

File: 1711035978965.jpg (347.97 KB, 870x1200, toott.jpg)

weddings shouldn't be timeless. it should be a very specific time capsule of your love and who you were in that moment.

No. 1933647

Holyshit, go back to reddit.

No. 1933650

>imagine the qualities of the man who you'd immediately marry. He's tall, right? Attractive? Physically fit? Makes enough so that you don't have to work, of course! Has his own house, naturally. Is a fair bit older than you, but not so old that it causes cultural issues. No strange sexual kinks, yes, yes. Now you have to add all the unique little hobbies that you're personally attracted to, such as reading, mountain biking, being an artist, a musician, etc.

Doesn’t exist. I’m probably the only person I know in my age group who owns a house.

No. 1933651

i agree, all couples should start to hate each other the moment the weeding ends

No. 1933652

People really do not give enough empathy to women who are the ugly girl in their friend group or family. Anytime we bring up any complaints about it the first thing people are going to say is “stop being a jealous bitch and love yourself”. People really don’t understand how awkward it is to be the ugly one in the group.

No. 1933656

>He's tall, right?
No, I'm short and a dude six feet tall would be too intimidating and annoying to be around with. I want to suffer being hobbits together.
I'd also count this as an unpopular opinion.(responding to moids)

No. 1933661

I’m 5’3 and the first guy I lived with was barely 5’5. We had to have step stools to reach the top cabinets. It was cute. I was not a kind woman to him and I hope he is doing well because he was and hopefully still is a kind man. Sadly last I heard his most recent gf got him into bad dragon tier furry shit so I hope he doesn’t troon out.

No. 1933667

There is no "neuroscience" that proves women are smol bean providers misognyistic tranny brain upholder. Women simply don't rape and murder untapped like men. And that alone makes them better.

No. 1933668

idk, i think this would be a bigger problem if most guys who could be considered attractive by most didn't had the insecurities most humans have, like no matter how hot a guy or a girl can be, they aren't inmmune to stuff like depression or any other mental disorders, yeah there's obviously guys who know they are hot and can use that to their advantage but imagine those who are hot and lack the self awareness to know they are hot and maybe the next day they kill themselves, so what im trying to say here is that we should condone necrophilia for hot corpses ha, made you read

No. 1933669

Maybe if 90% of manlets weren't such flown off the handle fags who are always desperate to reclaim muh masculinity

No. 1933670

Sometimes the paragraphs that anons write about how ugly a man is or men are come off so tryhard to me. I don't like ugly men either but goddamn kek

No. 1933676

I'm honest about it but also let the hate flow through me for two reasons. 1. Men are much meaner towards fugly women they'd murder them to eat Stacy's toenail clippings 2. Fighting against the "women don't care about looks or big dicks they like personality and dad bods" propaganda so scrotes aren't comfortable being ugly and dumpy in ANY capacity. I say it everywhere

No. 1933677

Maybe those are qualities of your ideal man that YOU would immediately marry? That's a very specific man you've constructed in detail there. Food for thought

No. 1933684

Fairs, babes.

No. 1933685

This getting redtext is sending me

No. 1933701

you see my vision, anon. i think couples should have a drive thru wedding and then a drive thru annulment / divorce and then the car gets squashed into a cube with them both inside. why mess around?

No. 1933702

I have not seen an attractive man in real life in a year. Not at the grocery store, not at the mall, not at restaurants etc. If they exist where are they?(responding to moids)

No. 1933703

Jannie, no offense, but I have two sisters and my best friend is a woman, your powers of reverse psychology don't work on me.

No. 1933704

Hot men only exist on tv and the rare ones in relationships are with older sugar mommas. That’s what I believe.

No. 1933711

>go to the gym

Beefy bodies with ugly faces don’t count. I don’t think scrotes understand that by attractive we mean cute faces. Men rarely have handsome or cute faces.(responding to moids)

No. 1933712

I have a hot man but he’s not rich

No. 1933716

File: 1711039342814.jpeg (311.24 KB, 750x725, IMG_9644.jpeg)

This would be more accurate if anyone on here was actually hot.

No. 1933717

Having an attractive face is more important to women than men. A woman could be a little weird looking(Sydney Sweeney) and be considered hot if she has nice tits and ass but for a man to be hot he has to have a nice face. This is why men get angry that despite spending hours in the gym they’re still seen as ugly.

No. 1933719

He’s not super tall (not an manlet though)but his cock is massive which I prefer to tallness any day of the week kek. I’ve dated some massively tall dudes who were actual dicklets which I find disgusting.

No. 1933725

Spitting straight facts, they’ll try to hide their chinlet receding jawline faces with big nasty beards and get all muscly but can’t understand we are prefer noodle men with beautiful faces, luscious locks, and giant cocks. All things men have no control over, just genetics. If they don’t have these things they shouldn’t even bother with the gym, just give up porn and work on being perfect obedient slaves with massive wallets, it’s the only way they’ll ever get a woman. If they find time for the gym then okay sure, but it should never cut into their time making money for and doting on you.

Fuck this sounds like it’s bathed in irony but I’m 100% serious and also autistic kekk

No. 1933728

File: 1711040255953.jpeg (113.62 KB, 736x1103, IMG_9641.jpeg)

peak genetics:

No. 1933732

Tiny cocks are a common denominator when it comes to the most irredeemable scrotes I’ve dealt with/dated. The dicklets have all been by far the most assholish and depraved moids I’ve had to deal with in my life, they’ve all been abusive as well. I have a friend who sugared briefly and she confirmed that every single man was 5 inches or less and disgusting. Dudes with average but not massive cocks are a coin toss, usually the ones with decently average dicks but are balding/manlets are gonna be the sweethearts but if they are tall with decent sized dicks they can be a bit full of themselves but not usually in the way a similar looking dicklet will be. Guys that are packing heat are sweet hotties through and through who will make you feel amazing but the coin toss with them is whether or not they’re community cock. Some of them are just good for flirting and fucking around with because they’ve been with too many women and stayed a bachelor too long. The others get snatched up when they’re young and stay faithful generally.

No. 1933734

So much of what female attraction comes down to hair, face, dick size and height. That’s why males get so pissed off over women thirsting after teen pop stars etc because they have traits money can’t buy.

No. 1933737

No this is based

No. 1933738

considering all the ugly men irl and in the media who are praised, get pretty women and get called hot, faces MAY be more important to some women, but i've genuinely seen more women be harsher on other women's looks or god forbid a woman has a nice body but a face not considered attractive (like Sydney), then women and men will go out their way to dogpile and "butterface" her.
Women can be weird looking and considered hot, but so can men, to a even lesser degree. Theres that guy whose face looks like someone poured hot water on his face, and I don't think he's tall, or has a nice body or a big dick, but he's considered a "Sex symobol", Look at how men and women bitch about Sidney or that lady from "Love is blind" because they have nice bodies but some people don't find their faces attractive.

No. 1933739

I knew a dude with a big dick and he ate oatmeal everyday

No. 1933740

I've banged dozens of dudes and this lines up exactly with my experience. All the big dicked men were really nice and also super considerate lovers, ate pussy without being asked, great stamina, etc. Big dick correlates with good character

No. 1933743

Well no wonder 90% of guys are genuinely angry.

No. 1933749

Yes, ayrt and I agree. Even if they were the community cock brand of big dick man, they were fabulous to be around, ate pussy like they were starved, very considerate in and out of bed. Genuinely good times.

No. 1933752

No. 1933755

kill yourself

No. 1933757

I'm not the one literally thinking like that woman lmao

No. 1933760

gorgeous babies

No. 1933762

damn ma at least learn how to embed if you’re gonna post a comeback

No. 1933766

My desire for a male that acts like a servant/slave is not centered around making it have anything to do with his cock, this woman’s views are still catering to pornsick men

No. 1933767

Loving oneself is difficult because it feels like everything and everyone outside your mind is disgusted by you. People are so eager to live in a bigot blind world they ignore actual measurable differences between people, in this case in ugliness

No. 1933769

Agreed. This is the only place on the internet where a woman can be honest about her dislike for ugly men

No. 1933771

i hate how women into femdom cater so much to men and their ugly little dicks

No. 1933772

This is the "teehee I'm still catering to moids but I totes hate them, kill all men amirite????" Maybe some boomers are taking her seriously but the scrotes in the comments aren't because they think it's hot and have a degradation fetish

No. 1933783

True actual femdom would be basically treating men the way they treats women: use him as a maid or a nanny and make him do 90% of the chores at home, control how much he eats and if he gains weight either cheat on him or dump him,replace your man for a younger model,if he calls you out for somwthing start gaslighting him about how he is a crazy bitch and everything is his fault, be emotionally distant from him, try to sabotage him in any way possible whether that's at his job or family/friends, take all the money he makes and spend it on male prostitutes, commit DV on him, force him to have a threesome with his hot male bestfriend, oogle other men all the time, when he gets sick become hostile towards him especially if he asks for your help to do something while he is sick, if he gets a TERMINAL ILLNESS then dump his ass (or dicorce if married) and let him deal with it alone while you are together with a HEALTHY man, when you two break up make sure to let everyone and especially your new partner know what a crazy bitch he is etc etc.

No. 1933790

“Calm and respectful” discussions rarely ever change people’s minds. For most people on most subjects you have to beat the retardation out of them by humiliating them somehow or other, even more effective if other people are witness. All a respectful discussion gets is an “O I see. Well I respect your opinion thanks for talking to me” and a prompt never giving a thought or fuck about it again

No. 1933795

You ever tried to mention how men aint shit on other sites? Meta owns both insta and FB, and if you dare call out men for their sexism, you will get incels replying to you, if you are even allowed to post. I've been banned multiple times for calling out men saying horrible shit online. Lolcow is one of the few places now where we can shit talk men without any consequence. Look at reddit too. it's vile how much of the internet is catered towards men and how much they hate women.

No. 1933800

Its crazy how fragile and butthurt men are.
The men malding in the comments is even funnier considering this woman is literally doing a fetish for her niche male audience. Lol it really does seem like anything that's not "uwu you are the best thing to happen to this world" or l-oli makes men seethe. Genuinely some of the most unstable ego's i have seen, every man is a narc at birth.

No. 1933828

The fact that the vent thread is the one of the most active and popular thread on LC where people vent about their shitty lives tells me all I need to know when an ESL anon tries to argue with me about stupid shit. Also, bring back dumbass shitty thread

No. 1933836

Women who date men for money are pathetic to me and everytime I see one bragging about it online I always let them know they’re lame. I saw this girl on TikTok bragging because she has a rich bf but he was like 300lbs and I let her know she’s nasty and pathetic for opening her legs to that. Women who fuck for money always need to be reminded it’s not glamorous and they are losers.

No. 1933843

But she chose to sleep with ugly losers for money, it's empowering!!

No. 1933846

i prefer male gynos over female ones 100%. iunderstand why most women think otherwise, but i will never go to a female gyno ever again.

No. 1933847

File: 1711047924079.png (673.13 KB, 568x666, FAT.png)

True, younger women are being deluded it's going to be like in the josei CEO mangas and "crying in your pink porche" but in reality you're going to be on ozempic for a fat retard like pic rel who'll waste your time

No. 1933848

i just thought this was a picture of shia labeouf and that he got fat

No. 1933852

95% of pretty women marry ugly guys like that whether they have money or not so, so if they're retarded enough to date and marry ugly men, they might aswell marry AND get the money for as far as I see it.

No. 1933859

Or they could raise their standars idk

No. 1933867

You're not wrong but women will never raise their standards en masse. Women in the West are liberated enough to have the alternative of not settling down with a guy if they can't find one they're genuinely attracted to, but the majority of women still glams up and settles down with guys significantly uglier than them. Even gorgeous, rich celeb women who could get 10/10 fit, young models or athletes don't choose handsome men. It's never happening.

No. 1933872

I only go to ghetto planned parenthood for shit like that because they’ve always made me feel so comfortable. Male and female non-ghetto gynos? Can’t stand em.

No. 1933874

to be fair there is maybe max 1000 hot men left on earth and over half are fags

No. 1933888

There's no way. A male gyno doesnt even own the parts he's pretending to examine. You cannot tell me there is a singe male gyno out there who isn't doing it because he has a fetish or desire. It's creepy af

No. 1933895

Why? What happened with female gynos that you don't want to see them ever again?
Also, I've always wondered why a male would ever want to be a gyno. Out of all the jobs on god's green earth, he chooses to be a gyno? I don't understand. I sure as hell wouldn't become a balls specialist or whatever.

No. 1933900

We should all strive to be horseface stacy with our own Aaron Taylor Johnson

No. 1933906

tbh this has to be bait. There's been a lot of moids posting on lolcow lately. No woman in her right mind would prefer a male gyno to a female one.

No. 1933908

File: 1711050600734.jpeg (134.71 KB, 471x579, IMG_9008.jpeg)

>Men have been helping women for a very long time and now that you ladies have finally gotten ahold of political power you're nothing but cruel tyrannical assholes to 80% of men

Based female tyrannical fascists turning the world into a “horrible” gynocracy (a gynocracy where moids stop preying on children, porn is eliminated, women are seen as actualized human beings, allowed to work and exercise autonomy, reproductive rights, economic freedom, sex isn’t PIV-centric and dangerous to our health, full control over our reproductive systems and family planning, men are practically genocided or turned into eunuchs so they can stop committing lovecraftian horrors against humanity) oh no, the horror of that!! So much horror! A bitchy dense retarded woman who loves collecting Stanley cups will always infinitely have more value and soul than you, kiwifag.

No. 1933909

Honestly seeing glammed up thots with neanderthals next to horse-faced Stacy is the thing that’s finally kicking me out of being so worried about how I look despite not even wanting to impress moids kek

No. 1933912

I'm poor so I don't know, but don't upper class men actually worth anything live in environments where they do get shamed for having uneducated and stupid wives? I've always wondered how it works socially with gold diggers, where the only previous experience is working part time at Costco and barely finished high school.

I imagine it's specifically a new money thing and everyone in that environment laughs at it.

No. 1933914

Why is that? Not being antagonistic, just curious.

No. 1933915

File: 1711050815229.jpeg (118.61 KB, 474x575, IMG_9681.jpeg)

>Women unconsciously overvalue the attractiveness of other women

>meanwhile men are like at 19 year olds when they hit the wall kek

No. 1933921

your post is clearly a joke, but you should probably delete that pic cause the farmhands might mistake this as "racebaiting"

No. 1933922

what did the scrote say i just woke up from a nap

No. 1933924

why are you fucking newfags responding to scrotes? you know they come here to bait because its the only way they can talk to women, right?

No. 1933925

My mom does because she grew up in the Soviet era and had an ovarian cyst that was removed by a male gyno and he took her symptoms more seriously. Though I've never had a male gyno and my obgyn is solely women; would immediately ask for a woman too if there was one. I would say it's more likely moids to eye-roll at symptoms since they can just pass it as being overdramatic but it depends I guess

No. 1933927

he said he likes to take it up the arse

No. 1933933

Idk something to do with blah blah wahmen bad wahmen won’t suck my dick wahhh my mommy didn’t breastfeed me when I was young so now I have mommy issues wahhh all women are mediocre while men with their hairy asses and receding hairlines from all of that gayfrog potion they’ve been pumping in the water supply are the prize wahhh. Typical shit they always so, so no1currs

No. 1933936

File: 1711051328765.jpeg (9.23 KB, 259x195, schizomeltdown.jpeg)

Don't get why these fugly balding faggot crybaby incel moids bother coming onto our imageboard to seethe. You don't see us going over to 4chins or kiwifarts to scream at them kek. We just mind our own business and have a good time, while these testerical weaklings have their little mantrums over here KEKKKKKKKKK those sad little sacks of shit.

No. 1933940

The fact you have “MOID and PROUD” as your name tells me you’re a weak little bitch that desperately wants attention on a website that’s typically occupied by 50 or less “women” by the hour, you’re in the thousands of angry trannies and males who try to make a statement on this website and then get banned in 5 minutes so enjoy your attention, slut. And let me guess, you have beef with KF because they rightfully make fun of trannies or probably loser men like you, is that right? No one would really have a problem with that website unless you are reminded of how similar you are to the subjects they bully on there. KF is a biased cockhaven and you still think it’s not “incel” friendly enough kek, stfu and gtfo(do not respond to males)

No. 1933944

I agree women should increase their standards, though keep in mind that this doesn't linearly lead to men trying harder. a small amount would, yes, though go look at incels. they invent really deranged shit to avoid acknowledging the reality that women would be objectively better off without men on their level…including relatively terrible women. this stands whether or not they get hot even if it might temporarily trick women. moreover many men just don't care and their attraction to women is based around objectifying them and trying to have power over them, and a lot that whine about not getting dates aren't actually as depraved or in want of love as they market themselves as, they're pretty much melting down over the fact they can't unconditionally exploit/abuse women and have weaponized the martyrdom of not being picked. opportunistic bottom feeders angry they can't bottom feed.

No. 1933947

Because it doesn’t matter how much of an infested shithole this place can be, even among this garbage they detect women managing to have fun and having discussions that are still retarded, but at least aren’t in the realm of spamming porn and nigger every 5 seconds it must be abrupted and stopped so his power fantasy on a niche basket weaving forum can be acknowledged. Women having fun MUST be stopped anon. Just notice him, so freaking powerful

No. 1933962

File: 1711052149476.png (362.68 KB, 537x478, sexo ui ui.png)

We should start sending death threats and sperging at game companies the same way moids do to get sexy men back on the menu. I can't believe companies get away with this level of censorship because moids are whiny faggots and we just sit and accept it. We need to riot.

No. 1933963

File: 1711052193044.jpeg (277.77 KB, 605x621, IMG_9683.jpeg)

>mods when you want dumbass shit thread
>banned and auto-saged to meet its death
>mods when moids constantly stink up the threads
>lets then stay and bans users for telling them to fuck off
>mods when you forget to sage in /snow/
>banned and called a retard
KEKKK wake the fuckkk uppppp

No. 1933964

i'm watching icarly rn kek(responding to a moid)

No. 1933966

moid mods moid mods moiiid mods. moid mods!!!

No. 1933967

YES MA'AM. I agree. It's criminal how they censored this guy up. He is so sexy. We could make mods I guess, but it ain't the same.

No. 1933970

Young upper middle class men care about having educated wives but once they get older and their parents are dead they don’t give a shit anymore. Thats why for most poor women their only shot at marrying up is going for someone old because the young ones don’t wanna disappoint their family.

No. 1933971

>bans users for telling them to fuck off
Good. Anons are retards for responding to moid bait and giving them the satisfaction.
>lets then stay
VPNs aren't banned here

No. 1933974

tf do you get out of lurking on here?(do not respond to males)

No. 1933975

Mayo with fries is better than ketchup with fries. I used to always have em with ketchup but I've been enlightened recently.

No. 1933976

mayo is so disgusting you are fucking insane

No. 1933978

I’m sure you’re glad because that means you have every excuse to use the ban-happy jannies to get anons you don’t like banned. Stop bootlicking(take it to meta)

No. 1933980

my weakness is mayo with ranch

No. 1933983

I used to hate mayo as a kid, but now I love it, I don't know how it happened. Tastebuds matured?The Belgians know what's up though

No. 1933985

I have never tried ranch in my life. What does it taste like?

No. 1933986

File: 1711052653690.jpeg (52.91 KB, 567x705, 1679080980275193.jpeg)

>this got a red text

No. 1933987

Mayo with fries is the only good application of mayo, and it's better with mayo + ketchup.

No. 1933990

mayo with fries is so gross to me. I prefeer my fries without condiments than with mayo.

No. 1934007

Italian food is over rated, Italian culture is boring and their country is boring but Italian Americans are always gushing about how great they are. Your food is bland it’s just meat or veggies drowning in tomato sauce. Italian women are obnoxious pick mes with fake tits who think they’re hot shit and Italian men are racist and violent with too much hair gel and cologne.

No. 1934009

I like a spicy mayo and honey mustard mixture

No. 1934021

fries + mayo + onions + peanut sauce who's with me

No. 1934023

This will forever piss me off. They literally gave in to crying moids about his outfit. Cowards

No. 1934025

I fucking hate they way people type on tiktok and instagram reels
'im talkin abt ppl who type shii like this cuh skull emoji*crying emoji*'
You sound fucking retarded and uneducated. Especially the teen boys kek, trying so hard to sound hard like a gangster or something. Gross.

No. 1934026

Gen Z doesn't know how to write. They barely know how to read.

No. 1934027

Every single male who negs women uses his own insecurities to try to bring women down. No exceptions. No amount of looksmaxxing or hustle will ever make these men desirable to anyone but a tranny who's desperate for a date.
Every single male who likes Jordan Peterson and Andrew Tate has extreme daddy issues and has contemplated suicide at least once from the sheer loneliness of being a failure.

No. 1934035

I disagree. These shitty men for sure could find a desperate woman to love them, the problem is they want women with tons of plastic surgery and are escorts to love them but those women will never want them forreal. If they would just settle for an average looking woman who lives in their neighborhood they’d be fine.

No. 1934036

it's zesty. it's like if mayo was really well seasoned and didn't have the mayo taste. it can have a varied consistency but i feel like it goes well with steak fries

No. 1934042

I'm honestly embarrassed to be part of gen z, my god. I wonder if I'm a bit of an nloz (not like other zoomies) kek

No. 1934044

File: 1711054448394.jpeg (637.88 KB, 1218x1135, IMG_2830.jpeg)


Normie Teenagers have always typed retarded though. This is a xanga post from a girl in 2003.

No. 1934049

File: 1711054612695.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1284x1164, IMG_2831.jpeg)

Samefag and it’s honestly because they think it’s cool to seem uneducated. Young people have always acted like this, it’s nothing new.

No. 1934050

uhh, many zoomers are in their 20s.

No. 1934051

Oh my god I remember when we stylized our posts like that, blast of nostalgia

No. 1934053

That's a kpoop fan. Not what I'd call a normie

No. 1934058

Not even the oldest zoomer would have been old enough to write that in 2003 nonnie

No. 1934059

That’s not a K-pop fan. That’s Tiffany Jung before she became famous. That’s actually how Korean Americans used to talk in the late 90s and early 2000s.

No. 1934061

Tiffany hwang*
>inb4 no kpop talk

I just wanted to use her old xanga posts as an example of how retarded people used to type

No. 1934064

I've noticed a lot of people don't know what generations are what. People think Gen Xers are boomers, that Gen Zers are Gen Alpha, and nobody actually seems clear on what constitutes a Millennial. I think a lot of Millennials are still reeling over all the anti-Millennial op-eds that came out in the early 2010s and struggle to realize not everything is about them anymore. In a way, I think Boomers and Millennials are both very egocentric generations. I think Gen Zers are antithetical to their Gen Xer parents aloofness, but retain their pessimistic tendencies.

No. 1934067

its nice and herby! im not sure what they put in it but i think they chop up like dill and stuff

No. 1934075

miellnial is someone born between 1982-1996 i believe, so the author of the 2003 post had to have been millennial most likely

No. 1934077

a zoomer born in 1997 would only be 6 at the time of that post being authored, nonna

No. 1934078

The poster was born in 1989 so yeah she’s a millennial

No. 1934080

Yeah I figured that I was just giving my own unpopular opinion about the generational shit. I think the real generational divides right now are people born before the advent of internet, people born during the advent, and people born after the advent. Like, Boomers, Gen Xers, and early Millennials constitute the former, then late Millennials and Early Gen Zers constitute the middle, then late Gen Zers and Gen Alpha constitutes the latter. I feel like technology progressed so quickly between the late 80s and early 20s that those 40 years seem to have gone by very quickly.

No. 1934082

I really hate when millennials never get who they’re talking about right. Most Gen Z people are graduating high school or damn near almost finished with college, most are already IN THE WORKFORCE. What you’re referring to is Gen Alpha, not Gen Z. You stupid faggots keep talking shit but can’t even get the generation right lmfao, living rent free in your heads. We’re not responsible for every evul, matter of fact all of that gendie and culture war crap was created by a bunch of money hungry gen x’ers and millennials. You’ve opened pandora’s door and get mad when the children eat up what you morons have caused. There’s no difference between the obnoxious teenage boys mimicking sad-deep Kurt Cobain in the 90s and those teenage boys on Tiktok pretending to be wiggers, both have adopted alternative cultures because posers are timeless. I hate most millennials so much, always talking the most shit but don’t have the brain power to back it up, zoomers are not the reason your lives are fucked up

No. 1934084

I must be crazy because even this is more appealing to me than the way they speak nowadays

No. 1934086

File: 1711055685242.jpg (72.99 KB, 1000x1152, capped4.jpg)

Short pixie cuts rarely look good on women. Women have fuller faces and bigger eyes, pixie cuts make most faces look deflated and overall give early 2000s fuckboy style.

No. 1934087

its weird to think that we are gonna be in our 30s soon kek, only 3 more years. Also I know this is gonna be disappointing for you to hear but the bruh no cap fr fr doe slang was literally invented and pioneered by Zoomers, not Gen A. i remember that type of language started becoming popular amongst the youth back in 2015-16 and gen A was only 3 back then so yeah it is kind of our responsibility

No. 1934090

Hard agree, i really feel like the shortest a womans hair should be is maybe up to her ears or a little under. The ruby rose miley cyrus halsey hair doesn't look natural on any lady

No. 1934092

Dude, what are you talking about? I'm a Gen Z myself. I'm 20, and I see people my age and slightly younger (15-19 year olds, who are also Gen Z) type like that. When the fuck did I say they fucked my life up kek. I'm just talkin about how my brain hurts when I see these cringe comments

No. 1934093

I don't know when the internet lingo switched up, I remember typing like that on MSN in the late 00's and I think the latest I was typing like that was in 2012 or 2013 when Facebook messenger had replaced MSN. Had to retype this because I got the dates wrong kek it's been so long

No. 1934096

Anything that frames the brow area is good for women, anything else is only for moid faces and that's why the look like shit on women. Just shave it all off if you're gonna go with the BackStreet Boys haircut ffs, not even the butchiest of the lesbians looks good in it.

No. 1934097

If someone has done porn or sex work they shouldn't be having children. It's just not fair on the kids.

No. 1934098

Does this apply to men or just women in your view? This sounds dumb.

No. 1934099

NTA but did you read what the post said? I'm pretty sure someone means anyone kek, not one sex or the other.

No. 1934101

it sounds dumb until your kid comes home from school screaming and crying because their friends thought it would be soo funny to show them the porn you did years ago that they found online on their phones

No. 1934106

Ummm anon, I don’t know how to tell you this but… “bruh no cap” wasn’t coined by zoomers it’s just regular ebonics and mushmouth black moid speak that suburbanites use as trendy catchphrases because they listen to way too much rap/hip hop music. Zoomers have nothing to do with that kek

No. 1934109

Oh my fucking hell I'm saying it didn't fucking explode in popularity amongst the youth until 2015/2016. If you think Zoomers didn't have anything to do with the rise in its usage then thats totally ok because it still proves that Gen A didn't invent saying bruh i cant crying emoji crying emoiji crying emoji . The autism in this thread is staggering.

No. 1934111

ntayrt but i think that was just a singular example of the type of instagram meme speak that children cling to

No. 1934121

I’m 32 and the one thing I can connect with Gen z is they use gps. People over the age of 39 act like they’re going to have a heart attack if you use gps and don’t know every street name by heart. “OMG TAKE YIPPYE WHORE RD ON THE EAST SIDE OF COCK HILL”…..like bitch, just give me an address.

No. 1934122

This is funnier when you realise that Cock Hill is an actual place. In fact, there are multiple Cock Hills. Typical English and Irish place names…

No. 1934135

I'm 33 and I work with gen z they're new graduates when I've been giving off about zoomers I'm aiming it at college aged people are new graduates I'm not confused I'm just gobsmacked at how the cringe teenage period seems to have extended into zoomers 20s. I've had to listen to gen z ones try and use having bad dreams to get out of work and play chubby bunny in a workplace canteen. Maybe it sounds like we're making fun of teenagers but that's on gen z.

No. 1934137

>always talking the most shit but don’t have the brain power to back it up, zoomers are not the reason your lives are fucked up
To be perfectly fair, we're going to do that as well. It's just a generational thing, to always complain about the youth.
The post you quoted is super ironic though, since millennials loved leetspeak and gaiafag lingo.

No. 1934139

Most of the Hello Kitty merch is cheap and ugly

No. 1934143

I am glad my male family members were protective of me when I was young. Dgaf if it was "patriarchal".

No. 1934153

I was just thinking about this at work today. I was trying to give a boomer directions over the phone and she was like "ok I live on the corner of X and Y street next to the pharmacy how do I get there? Are you off Z street near the gym?" Like I'm just supposed to know every street name in this massive city… I guess if I was born before the invention of GPS I would kek

No. 1934156

That’s really lucky for you, I’m glad. What kind of stuff did they do? I have the opposite experience so I’m hungry for positive stories lol I want to know there’s better male family members out there for someone.

No. 1934170

I can't stand with antinatalists even though almost all my days I feel like dying and that my mental suffering will never end and I'll forever just spiral. Still I think it's obvious to see that plenty of people have a decent enough time living

No. 1934171

It’s impossible with them because sometimes they won’t give you and address because they are pissy that they know you’re gonna use gps and not learn the streets

No. 1934176

I hate pinterest. The algorithm is way too good and any time I open it up on my browser I instantly see 10 different images I think are gorgeous and get too overwhelmed to actually click any of them or curate any of them into a board so I just close the tab and go about my business. It's like speedrunning sensory overload.

No. 1934179

I have a soft spot for the NLOG girls. It’s weird that it’s now a popular activity to bully young girls online just for the crime of feeling different and left out of female socialization. It’s the internet pouncing on an easy target of an unconventional young woman who’s struggling with feeling isolated in her peer groups, you’d think there would be more support for people like that with all the talk of neurodivergence and autism symptoms. This is probably also a reason why so many girls transition now that I think about it, because they literally don’t feel like what they think girls are.

No. 1934198

nta, but mine were like that too. They put me in all-girls schools and didn't let me have male friends, or date. I used to be so mad as a kid and think it was unfair and over the top, but now I'm so grateful kek. Only thing I don't like is they did it for religious purposes and I hate their religion, but it kept me safe from moids and I genuinely got to live a moid-free life which is awesome.

No. 1934206

Kek that just reminds me of french and German gcse and learning how to say left and right I don't know I've forgotten.

I have never known Street names I still get confused which one is main street and high street in my home town, people get exasperated trying to get me to hone in on a location in a story or giving me directions. I have to use distinct features like if you ask me about our main city you need to describe things in relation to either train stations. The university or the city hall otherwise I just nod along and take my mind on a journey that is no where near where the fuck people are talking about.

No. 1934208

This, but also any "adult hobbyists" including bdsmfags and polyshits. If someone's hobby/"lifestyle" is sex-related and it's important enough to them to meet up with real people and engage in these activities, they shouldn't have kids.

No. 1934218

Larger than life is the best backstreet boys song.

No. 1934230

i know exactly what you mean by this and i dont disagree with you about how porn brainism is a disease and i am not trying to be contrarian but isnt it kind of crazy that life does revolve around sex? just not in the pornographic way

No. 1934249

Me too. NLOG had kind of lost way from its original meaning and I never use the term anymore. It had a specific use and then it got too broad and became another misogynistic insult somehow.

No. 1934253

So true, anime should be about life lessons, especially ones a five year old could understand

No. 1934254

>my media consumption is more intellectual than your media consumption

No. 1934260

Can you elaborate on that? Does it make a person straight up retarded or takes away some basic instincts, lowers intelligence etc.?

No. 1934270

shocked to see nonnies in the fandom thread say the american flag looks good. non-symmetrical flags are bottom tier across the board

No. 1934277

I kinda agree. Being a gamer and a therapist at the same time feels wrong.

No. 1934286

I see your point and agree that violent anime isn't intellectual, but there's some genuinely good seinen with interesting topics out there. Like anything by Naoki Urasawa especially "Monster" since it discusses child abuse and its consequences imo, Sakamoto Shinichi's works and especially "The Climber" which discusses escaping societal norm to truly be yourself, though it's actually a biography of an actual Japanese climber, "Babylon" the 2019 anime based on a novel about suicide, "Bokutachi ga yarimashita" which is a bit scrotey with gross sex scenes but the overall story is interesting. These are off the top of my head and the ones I enjoyed the most. And while not as serious as the others, parts 7 and 8 of jojo's bizarre adventures were good, the former being about rising from the ashes basically and the later about self-discovery and self-acceptance and to an extent family and the sense of belonging.

No. 1934287

For women who like older men dating must become jarring when they get into their mid 30s because by that age there’s real no novelty in the younger woman older man thing. People just see them as two old people. Also when women like that hit their their 50s do they just start dating elderly men? Women who fetishize being in an age gap relationship must just not think about what life is like after 35.

No. 1934295

>This is probably also a reason why so many girls transition now that I think about it, because they literally don’t feel like what they think girls are.
Yeah, this is very true. Many autistic girls I know have donned they/them pronouns because they genuinely don't understand female socialization and have received messaging their whole lives that they're failed women. A lot of anons resent these types of women, but I feel for them. When you are constantly excluded and treated like a freak, is it really so unusual that you'd conclude you must be inherently different? I know a TIF who is constantly telling me she wants more female friends because she thinks women are so interesting and have better conversations than men, but she struggles to relate and integrate because she's just so fucking autistic.

No. 1934298

>Many autistic girls
I noticed that a lot of autists have a history of gender non-conformity, so much so that it's actually something we talk about in my autist adult support groups, women and men alike. It's so weird because most autists, the ones I know anyway, will turn away from the whole gender norms gendie ideology bullshit and realize how retarded gender politics are, but some of them will fully embrace troonism. I've noticed the ones that embrace being troons are usually the ones that can't accept their autism diagnosis. It's weird!

No. 1934299

I actually loathe them. Like fullstop, can see through every single thing they do, know every single trick, every single small thought that runs through their pathetic little pea brains. All men become exactly the same after a certain age, if they don't have a family they are the same dude in different bodies by age 36

No. 1934300

It’s annoying when women do porn, age out and take on victimhood for the rest of their life. There’s a porn star I see on TikTok who is still complaining about the porn she did 12 years ago. Just let it go lol you made the mistake move on and get a job at Walmart.

No. 1934305

I've also noticed this. Because autists trend towards black and white thinking, something like gender ideology just doesn't make it past the filter. The "be nice" argument won't convince an autist to play along. But the TIF I'm talking about was diagnosed as autistic when she was a child and just fully refuses to believe it. I'm surprised other people have noticed it, it's so strange.

No. 1934319

And transitioning is a way for them to get a lot of sympathy and support for their differences vs getting judged for “not supporting women” and treated like black sheep weirdo outcasts. A lot of my friend group in HS (mostly lesbians) ended up transitioning over time and I think it really was just an extension of being more GNC and alternative. It sucks when one side is turning into “boys” and the other is posting slutty photos on Instagram and selling nudes on tumblr while underage. I can’t imagine how it’s like today with the complete trash on tiktok being pumped into kids/teens brains.

No. 1934384

theres not gonna be a next generation of iconic actresses or actors or models or artists because literally no one has star quality or good acting skills under the age of 40 and thats certainly not going to change. this is probably a good thing because we're so oversaturated with media thats all the exact same. i think it could do us good to be without new 'content' for 30 or 40 years.

No. 1934385

A lot of the big actresses and actors were trained young or do the arts route (not talking about nepos) and I just simply wonder if the whole inclusion thing and body positivity means some of the ones coming up have acting chops they're just not scouted like models or maybe headshots only matter to trash media firms. I have no idea it is interesting.

No. 1934388

I didn't even have to finish reading your post for me to know you took her profile completely out of context

No. 1934413

i could never kiss my child on the mouth, i didnt like it when my parents tried to kiss me on the mouth as a kid

No. 1934430

Onlyfans is modern prostitution, i can respect the act of taking advantage of desperate and retarded men who would praise and give money to women for no real reason other than "she looks pretty" but I'll never respect a woman that has fallen that can't do anything but whore herself out to men and i hate those women who get triggered over men not dating them for having an onlyfans like you brought this upon yourself you stupid bitch why would anyone respect you if you couldn't respect yourself enough to not whore yourself out.
I'm tired of seeing my friends giving up on careers and job opportunities for the easy way out, Fuck!

No. 1934441

I agree honestly.

No. 1934465

Not that I disagree that only fans is very bad, but there's like a pretty big difference between someone going out on the streets and having sex with strange men and some lady masturbating in her room for a camera. There's varying levels to this stuff (when it comes to danger and exploitation), I don't think it's fair to say that it's all on the same field.

But yes, people should stop turning to sex work when they're at a dead end or when they just don't know what to do. I was in a position where I considered it once because I thought it would be easy money, but it's not in any way worth it or fast and easy. Sex positivity convinced so many young women that sex work is a safe path to lots of money, it made so many women forget that there's other, better options that won't literally eat away at you and follow you for your entire life.

No. 1934468

samefag, sorry for how illiterate I sound in this post. I just woke up.

No. 1934523

I don't like OF girls as much as the next anon but what's with non stop sperging lately? We have a cam thot thread plus majority of OF girls are just extremely desperate young girls on the verge of homelessness just trying to make money any way they can. At least the handful I knew irl.
>women who get triggered over men not dating them for having an onlyfans
Did moids tell you this? Cause literal porn stars can have boyfriends kek and moids will pressure their gf into doing onlyfans. Never heard of a woman struggling to date because of onlyfans

No. 1934534

nta but i don't think theres much of a difference, because either way you're selling your body to men, whether its up close and in person or over the phone is unimportant

No. 1934535

>the easy way out
OF girls are not rich, almost none of them make a long term career out of it, and even fewer make a liveable wage. Plus, there is a huge difference between prostitution and OF. Kind of weird to call it "modern prostitution" when modern prostitution literally exists. Besides, the whole "OF girls get triggered because they can't get a boyfriend" thing is a meme moids came up with to cope with the shame of being so pathetic they pay women for nudes. Mind you I don't support OF, camwhoring, prostitution, or any other form of "sex work." And I think women who do it voluntarily have mental problems.

No. 1934536

NTA but every woman I've ever had a conversations with who had OF has complained to me about men not wanting to date them because of their OF

No. 1934537

yeah people get really mad about “evil whores” in a very personal way. fuck sex work and fuck only fans but I don’t hate the individuals who made a stupid decision.

No. 1934540

No it isn't. OnlyFans gives people the chance to cosplay as a prostitute. That's all it is at the end of the day. They'll never face the reality of prostitution nor the reality of life as a sex worker, but they'll try their best to mimic it in the most unrealistic ways. Online "sex work" isn't actually sex work, it's just cosplay.

No. 1934541

Weird? Even all of our cow e thots have boyfriends, moids literally brag on tiktok about their. If they're having trouble getting bfs it's definitely some other reason or they simply don't want to. Hell I probably wouldn't want one either if I had to deal with cheating moids and pedos all day. Don't moids brag about using their gfs onlyfans money anyway?
I personally don't know the situation of women who got lured into but I don't let them live rent free never mind posting about them non stop. I'm convinced the OF girls sperg had her bf cheat with an of girl

No. 1934544

>whether its up close and in person or over the phone is unimportant
It's very important in calculating physical risk. You're not risking STDs, unwanted pregnancy, rape, battery, and straight up murder by selling nudes. There are different risks to camwhoring and OnlyFans like your digital footprint, but there is a pretty clear difference in physical threat level.

No. 1934547

All of this and not to mention that for prostitutes, having a pimp is the norm so they're pretty much being trafficked. I admittedly don't know how many women on OF are being coerced/forced to make content, but surely it must be less than prostitutes.

No. 1934549

Every OF woman I've talked to has been single, in fact a few had their partners break up with them over it when they found out. I think maybe you're seeing a bias of people on social media rather than your regular joe.

No. 1934551

This has to be an individual experience. How many OF girls do you know exactly? And how close are you to them for them to talk to you about why men break up with them? Belle Delphine has been in the same relationship for ages, even meg is married, Riley Reid has a husband and kids for crying out loud. There's even ex crack prostitutes on tiktok that are married. The only cows who've had trouble maintaining relationships are those like Shayna and Stormy and even then all the men they were with were cool with them doing OF and the relationship didn't even end cause of that. You mean to tell me every single OF girl on social media just got lucky but it's actually super common for them to all be begging for men and crying over being rejected? You should know better than to make up fanfiction especially during the time when gender swapped hagrid had a harem or billionaire bfs yet yes I'm so sure the average OF thot is crawling and crying for a man

No. 1934553

You're bullshitting anon, about 90% of people who own OF accounts (creators and users) are married. Not even including those who are in relationships but not officially married

No. 1934554

Yeah moids routinely whine about “whores”, “sluts”, promiscuous women, experienced women, sexually active women which also doesn’t stop them from seeking them out.

No. 1934559

The mel gibson phone call is actually fucking hilarious. I wanna know what the green thing was.

No. 1934562

I honestly don't think kids using make up or skin care is a good thing.
Messing with your skin like that, really you should just stay out of the sun, have fun with make up on special occasions, and worry about skin care when you're older.

No. 1934567


No. 1934576

They only mean this for normie women kek. Most moids will make every exception in the book if she's hot enough. Ask a moid what his celeb crush is and he will name some woman who's done nude scenes left and right and likely has 100+ sex partners and herpes. They don't care, moids will put up with literal serial killers and pants shitters if the woman is hot, ofc they don't give a shit about women who sold nudes

No. 1934578

I agree, my daughters are in the age where they're exploring skin care, I just give them tools like rollers and ice globes and a basic cleanser and moisturizer with no acids or anything.

No. 1934590

Idk I know an incredibly beautiful woman who did porn and sells nudes now and every guy she’s been with over the past 4 years turns out to be a cheater and uses her for her money and companionship. You’d have to find a progressive but not porn rotted guy to be with because some creeps will only date a sex worker to have novelty of his own personal whore to show off or whatever objectifying attitude is ingrained in them which is why I can see it being difficult if that’s the only man you happen to attract, especially if you want a long term thing. It’s easier if you start with someone you have a stable and solid bond with so you know they won’t freak or be weird about it.

No. 1934594

I dont know them directly but would come into contact with them as I worked in a popular bar. Bar therapist yadda yadda. What I'm saying is the ones who whine about men not wanting to date them probably dont advertise that on their social media, where everyone is putting on their best face.
That's also why I said everyday joe blow from down the street arent willing to date everyday joeana blowana from down the street that also does OF. I'm more inclined to believe the women I've had direct contact with who isnt trying to advertise a certain lifestyle online to many followers.
I have nothing to gain in bullshitting, I dont really care if someone on lolcow believes me or not.

No. 1934601

>every guy she’s been with over the past 4 years turns out to be a cheater and uses her for her money and companionship.
Even the most prudest of prude women are dealing with the same shit. At least these moids expose themselves quick unlike trad women who are told to be good little virgins forever and have some moid use 10-20 years of their life to pump out kids+ free labor just to leave her on her ass. This problem isn't exclusive to OF girls and it's pretty deceptive to women to pretend like being perfect their entire life will make men treat them right

No. 1934604

>I dont really care if someone on lolcow believes me or not.
Good cause we don't kek.

No. 1934605

Thats fine

No. 1934607

It’s very flawed. I know very unscrupulous women who straight up just lie about their past, only use guys for money, “monkey branch” (not judging them for this, just saying) etc and they’re ahead because of it. It’s very just world fallacy to assume bad things only happen to “bad” people. Same with the risks of casual sex all still being present in a relationship with arguably even less reward.

No. 1934609

At this point there's no point of being "good" for moids. Women who do everything moids ask get fucked over the most

No. 1934611

Correct. It only serves them.

No. 1934628

I like the video of Christian Bale screaming at the lighting technician on set of Batman. Honestly the guy sounded like a smug asshole who had it coming. Why would you adjust a light during a fucking scene?

No. 1934658

my old ringtone for the newnonnas

No. 1934665

Hahahah I love this so much. Almost as much as the alex Jones remixes. I would go clubbing if they played this kinda stuff.

No. 1934778

this lifestyle only works when you're young though. easily manipulated moids are stupid but they're also shallow creatures that heavily fetishize youth. you can take care of yourself and look younger than you are but once you reach a certain age many coomers are no longer interested. look at lori lune. for most of her life she had no problem finding moid after moid to support her, but for years she's been stuck with kevin's crazy ass because she's almost forty. she even gets less engagement from her online audience.

No. 1934866

Sounds like that would happen with any moid then. May as well get as much out of it while you can before he moves on to the next thot.

No. 1934867

It would fill my heart with so much joy beyond any normie clubber’s wildest dreams if they played this banger at the club while my brain was melting on a couple hundred ug of lsd

No. 1934916

Nta or she could be single, get a job and not spend her life jumping from one meal ticket to the next

No. 1934923

Usually women like that end up washed up and broke at the end of it all

No. 1934952

Straight but building a life with another woman > Having to bear with a scrote and constantly coddling him about his shit stains.
Just because you're straight doesn't mean you should force yourself to deal with an extended penis kek

No. 1934954

>Straight but building a life with another woman > Having to bear with a scrote
I 10000% agree with that but how do you find another woman who wants to settle down in a platonic lifepartner-ship?

No. 1934955

It's impossible to talk about geopolitics with other women. They always have the most dumbass tier takes. It's one area where I'll give moids their due, most are far more turned on about the Machiavellian ways in which our world works.

No. 1934964

It's creepy and weird. I didnt even think about skin care until I was already in my early 20s. Kids just need to be kids. It's sadly more the parents encouraging this behavior

No. 1934965

I feel like most western women will just turn it into a debate about immigration anyways. They don't really care.

No. 1934969

I agree with >>1934954 it sounds pretty implausible because most women will eventually abandon you for a scrote anyways. It could only work if you do it with a family member probably, but still, if your female relative gets swept away by a scrote you will still be in the same predicament.

No. 1934974

Ngl whenever somebody asks me I just say everyone is too fucking old and old people should not be able to hold office regardless of whatever they're peddling.

No. 1934975

Tbh it's hard and you'd have to find someone who has around the same idea you want with no intention to be a handmaiden. My sister is in a similar situation with her best friend where they've been helping and living with each other for about 8 years. I'd rather stay single and keep looking than settling down with a balding ED scrote. As well as, a lot of my normie friends have been starting to be openly hatred of moids here in burger. Depending where you live I think there's light at the end of the tunnel because more and more women are getting sick of them and rather stay celibate

No. 1934977

I wonder where all the cool non retard women like the ones on lolcow hide?

No. 1934984

I’m agoraphobic so I’m in my house

No. 1934992

File: 1711125273369.jpg (Spoiler Image,39.99 KB, 720x720, 1000085817.jpg)

This is literally how men feel. No wonder they develop cuckolding fantasies.

No. 1934997

and this is exactly what excessive exposure to Onlyfans is doing to the younger generations.

No. 1934998

File: 1711125741954.png (938.21 KB, 544x850, 58d29993ad5f5ee124b1c00cdfd3ae…)

The Tribune Tower in Chicago is ugly

No. 1935001

>Ya know I hear this a lot, but try and consider it along these lines … imagine that you started dating a guy, he's handsome and basically everything you want. He's also a musician! About a year or so into the relationship you discover that he's kept love poems to his past lovers, kept their nude pictures and continues to masturbate to them. He claims the poems are music he wrote but he cried when he saw photos of you and your friends because you dated one of the guys in the pictures for a week in high school. The guy from high school is dating your best friend now but your boyfriend said the photos made him feel uncomfortable, so you were considerate of his feelings and took them down.
>How would you feel? I've seen women go absolutely ballistic over finding things out like this, and it's because they're experiencing the same level and species of emotional discomfort that men feel when they learn women aren’t living breathing flesh lights. A woman's body is an object for sexual gratification to men, it's something that deep down they cannot help but see as intrinsically belonging to them. It's like a favorite sex doll. So, if you've done porn or you've "sold" that flesh light to other men for a lower price than you're demanding from him, he's very likely to assume that you're the one taking advantage of him. This causes him to think "well, I need to balance this power differential out somehow …"
>And for men, cheating and spreading disease is one way to do that.

Kek this is a brilliant unpopular opinion nonnie. I’m just imagining a scrote gazing at a sandwich and whispering what a beautiful piece of art it is.

No. 1935005

Is this unpopular or just something nobody thinks about

No. 1935012

Women who treat their pets like children need constant psych evaluations. It’s clear that most women are built to be handmaidens for the patriarchy where they want children but it’s nearly impossible to pursue their career and be a caregiver and the tiny percentage of women like me who aren’t built to be handmaidens no matter how much the culture tries to mold us into one. I don’t care how NLOG this comes off it’s so true I wish other women would just stop fighting it and stop projecting on domesticated animals. I can’t find the tiktok/YT shorts creators but she had a gigantic “pet” pig in her tiny bugpod apartment kekkk, what prompts a woman to act so weirdly?

No. 1935014

Women like this are insane to me and I cant defend this behavior. People who call their pets their furbabies or even worse when they call them their sons or daughters, when talking about a cat or dog. Like jfc.. It's honestly so creepy. Even worse when they try to say raising a dog or cat is the same as a human child.

No. 1935016

Men should KYS and save women the trouble.

No. 1935024

Why do normie women asspat men for going to therapy? Like incredibly cringe memes "when he says he goes to therapy" and it's a woman obviously turned on.

No. 1935025

It clearly isn’t and it’s because they’re able to control every aspect of that animal’s life unlike a human who eventually grows up and gains their own thoughts, opinions, personhood, it frightens the narc and misanthropic types who constantly moan about their childhood trauma and that somehow translates into every human being as evil as their parents and magically a dog or even a cat who is heavily dependent on your affection and care are all-loving wholesome creatures that definitely don’t fuck your house, non-aggressive, etc. Also the ones who bring their nasty little dogs in the grocery store, they’re always the rudest or most socially retarded people I’ve ever met.

No. 1935029

It's always the crazies with the little dogs too who want to push them around in a baby stroller. It weirds me out so bad.

No. 1935034

Are you ok nonna? Your pseudo intellectual takes, while amusing, are making me a bit worried for you. It makes me sad that you think men are so subhuman they can’t even take accountability for their own choices and that you think women are the ones responsible for men cheating. If he doesn’t want to date a whore he shouldn’t and if he finds out later she is one, he should break up with her no? Just because a woman’s cycle is less reactionary as compared to a mans, doesn’t make mens failure to tame their biology the fault of women.
It also seems disingenuous to suggest a women going ballistic after finding love poems is comparable to a man cheating but I guess we are here for unpopular opinions, so well done to you.(report and move on)

No. 1935037

its a penis-haver, just ignore it

No. 1935038

>The only cows who've had trouble maintaining relationships are those like Shayna and Stormy

Weebs are always the most insane e whores. Anime is a death sentence for relationships and sexuality.

No. 1935043

Unpopular opinion: anons who claim to not like moids are usually the most crazy, BPD-addled, dick-obsessed woman you would regret having a friendship with as she would probably throw you under the bus for her nigel. Dick really got y’all talking about men when they really don’t give that much of a fuck about us as we do with them. I remember the old LC discord admin who would constantly brag about her wedding to her disgusting fiance despite men being banned from the entirety of the discord. Using feminist talking points on the streets but being dick-crazy in the sheets, can’t trust nobody nowadays.

No. 1935060

You can be an actual nun or the biggest porn star in the world and it makes little to no difference how moids treat you.

No. 1935082

>You want men to teach other men how to control themselves and redirect that energy towards more productive things, but you also don't want men to obtain to sexual independence?

No one here wants anything for men, the only thing we want for them is to contribute more to their high suicide rates. Stfu(report and move on)

No. 1935087

File: 1711130593844.jpeg (82.28 KB, 960x932, IMG_6295.jpeg)

My cats are my sons and daughters tyvm.

No. 1935091

Lol, natural selection actually stepped in and gave them a shovel shaped dick to dislodge competing sperm. You can draw your own conclusions about whether men have an innate need to avoid “sluts”.(report and move on)

No. 1935096

no one gives a fuck

No. 1935100

Well, human psychology and biology aren't very well matched in a lot of ways. It was only around 10,000 years ago that we even figured out sex results in conception.

There are still many cultures today that don't fully understand, at the collective level, the relationship between sex and pregnancy. So, under such conditions you'd certainly expect over the course of half a million years for there to evolve a biological mechanism such as that.

No. 1935102

File: 1711131260898.gif (1.41 MB, 165x293, IMG_9685.gif)

Sigh, it’s the same Chat GPT scrote from yesterday. And you didn’t create shit, the only thing you do is sit your matted hairy ass on a chair and post on a website where you’re clearly not allowed. Back in the 1920s-1930s you would have been factory made cannon-fodder for the war led by scrotes who’ve actually done something with their lives, which is less than 1% of men while the rest were mostly criminals, failsons and ingrates cheating on their wives and raping children. You’re virtually useless as fuck and rely on other men as much as women that are practically forced to rely on other men to survive. You’re getting high off of the crumb of power those elite moids have given you and it won’t last long, go kill yourself.(responding to bait)

No. 1935105

It's just a moid, stop responding to moid bait. Look at how they type. They came from reddit.

No. 1935106

kek all the moids who use that argument are neet lardasses who contribute nothing to society

No. 1935112

There were priviliges jewish men in concentration camps had that modern women don't. This kinda makes me not care about male holocaust victims. I think middle eastern women have suffered more than any of them ever did. They weren't forced to get married at age 9 and have their clits chopped off. I'm risking a racebait ban for this but here it goes: the only reason anyone cares about the holocaust is because it targeted males also. The witch hunts were so much more brutal but nowadays they're rarely seen as anything more than haloween attractions. Open any news website and read what 'western, privileged' girls go through everyday: raped by their own fathers, skulls crushed by gamer raging brothers, kidnapped for human trafficking… None of the men in auschwitz could comprehend this kind of suffering. You grimace at photos of their emaciated bodies but the nazis starving them live on inside the minds of teenage girls. The human scum of auschwitz were encouraged in their raping and the little star on their chests didn't take away their male privilige.(bait)

No. 1935113

Too much yapping when his defective XY chromosome that serves absolutely no purpose but giving him a slimy dick and early-onset balding will finally be gone in the future and it will again try to find another base to cling itself on to sustain its pathetic, parasitic existence. Nature is healing

No. 1935115

File: 1711131727096.png (242.16 KB, 450x299, exCI6MZ.png)

I really don't understand your logic. Cause yes, it's a human desire to seek love and affection, people can and do become mentally unstable due to isolation, so having a reliable companion like a dog or cat is important. If there was a society where there was joint motherhood and women can assist in raising children and if our communities would have stronger bonds, most these issue would be less common. However for now, it exists. but I do also believe that people should prove their responsibility before owning a pet. I guess that's my unpopular opinion

No. 1935119

File: 1711131838032.jpeg (Spoiler Image,108.06 KB, 933x948, 1708108837884.jpeg)


No. 1935121

… it’s exhausting being the resident jewish sperg on this site kek

No. 1935124

File: 1711132108485.gif (893.7 KB, 342x500, IMG_9686.gif)


No. 1935125

im not even the anon you were replying to but okay, faggot

No. 1935127

Ok name 1 right middle eastern women have that jewish men didn't.

No. 1935128

> It was only around 10,000 years ago that we even figured out sex results in conception.

No. 1935130

idk… the right to live?? but ok, I don’t want to argue with you just to defend moids of my religion, even if I think you’re out of touch with reality. love and peace, anon

No. 1935134

they’ve likely died from disease and famine, opposing allies were probably stopping resources from coming into germany which contributed to more deaths. i honestly can’t take palestine, the holocaust, israel, any other type of historical tragedies and wars seriously when people still subsist on the subjugation of other disenfranchised groups. don’t tire yourself out, everything you’re told especially as a woman is always BS and likely all of this shit was a cover-up for men’s failings

No. 1935139

I see you didn’t deny the cuckold cleaner allegations.

No. 1935143

Dude who gives a fuck go jerk off to gay porn or something

No. 1935146

>wahhh why do other women care for living beings
Why does this bother you? Do you realize people are different, and you don't have to do the same? Usually, it's undesirable men that get mad about this because they see the pets as interlopers taking up space that could be filled by themselves or their spawn. What reason would a woman have to care, unless it's some pickme "noooo what will the moids think?!?!" thing (spoiler: they think you are dumb and defective for not taking their dick too, and they will still find you dumb and defective if you do take their dick)?
Companion animals like cats and dogs are forced to share a planet/society with selfish, abusive humans, and they can't speak up for themselves or carve out good lives on their own. It's good if not all humans are scumbags and choose to care for them to the best of their ability.
>but why not just have babies or adopt kids
Not everyone should be reproducing, sorry to tell you, and a child is a much bigger responsibility than a pet (but both kinds of lives are valuable). If someone feels an urge to care for a living creature, why are they wrong for not wanting a kid? I'd rather deal with millions of zealous dog and cat and rabbit and pigeon moms than the swathes of neglectful, abusive and poorly-equipped parents we see today. In fact, I'd say it's more narcissistic to deliberately bring a child into the world (or choose to put them under your authority) unless you know for sure you can give them the best life possible for a full 18+ years.

No. 1935147

always makes me smile

No. 1935148

who's dick envy

No. 1935149

I wish there was a way to inspect the moid posters for age/location because I just wanna know what demographic of scrote would waste time posting on LC while openly announcing their maleness. Not even trying. Ironically very male behavior.

No. 1935151


No. 1935153

File: 1711133082366.jpg (20.05 KB, 510x510, 1706527482325.jpg)

Stop responding to him you dumb ass hoes. How many times do we have to teach you this lesson

No. 1935154

>it’s undesirable men

No I’m an anon who can’t stand seeing you retarded freaks everywhere online and in public by letting them loose to go shit and run on everybody’s property and aggressively attack you just for moving a muscle. The amount of brain rot you must have flying into a frenzy just to defend some constant shit-pisser and eater always makes me laugh, are pets supposed to be better than humans or something? Because I rather take humans over a pet any day, not like that’s a choice I have. It’s not normal to dress up a pet in child’s costumes and treat them like a toddler because they’re animals, not babies or infants needing of constant care.
>companion animals are forced to share a planet with selfish, abusive humans
The abusive humans that created the internet for you to post your retarded opinion on? The abusive humans that’ve created everything necessary for you to survive? Maybe you should be attacking unethical animal breeding and domestication itself tbh. If you’re emotionally reliant on an animal, you’re just weak, cowardly and deflecting deep-seat emotional issues on something that acts like you haven’t fed it in 5 minutes. Case closed.

No. 1935168

There's beauty in women loving their pets. I see old ladies loving on their little white dogs and giving them the affection, presumably these bitter nonnies never received, and it makes me smile. If you don't get enjoyment from seeing a pet get the lucky match of an actual caring woman then you're a snarky bitch

No. 1935171

I love when women treat their animals like children because it pisses men off if its a pretty woman who picks being single with a cat

No. 1935173

File: 1711133585124.jpeg (188.54 KB, 563x478, IMG_8589.jpeg)

Ngl but I really want a hot pet scrote to call me dollface right now, not the retarded one in this thresd who’s probably some tranny or fatfuck but an IRL nigel with nice abs and punchable cute face

No. 1935175

>just spending Friday mansplaining to the women about how great I is and all the great things I have not done and hoping it somehow materialises into me losing my virginity

No. 1935176

Pig disgusting. It’s always female dog owners that are massive bitches to other women anyways but are willing to place so much attention into their raggedy white dogs.

No. 1935182

You are psychotic, and it's clear in how you jump to "everyone who doesn't mald about this must be the kind of person I'm complaining about". I'm allergic to most animals, and it still hasn't turned me into a scatologically-fixated autist like you lol. I don't care if someone wants to put a kitten in a little dress, I'd rather see that than a child in old, dirty clothes because someone didn't have the finances to care for all a human child's expenses (many such cases).
>The abusive humans that created the internet for you to post your retarded opinion on? Th
The internet exists, so humans can't ever be abusive. Got it, kek. History and the current world we live in are all lies because some humans made good advancements as well. Please don't have kids, I'm sure you'd have deranged melties like this at them whenever they don't kowtow to even your worst thought out opinions.
The weak cowards are those who are insecure over other's choices and have unresolved reproduction/cuck anxiety.

No. 1935196

File: 1711134359855.png (325.13 KB, 623x453, cute.png)

You've clearly never been in the line at the vet. These type of ladies and her dog are the sweetest bunches together and they're super proud of how well they treat their dog. I've never had a female dog owner be rude to me or ever heard of that kind of trope.

No. 1935199

You are either a disgruntled man upset that women don't have to be your broodmares to find fulfilment and help others anymore, or a pickme mate-guarding by trying to browbeat women into cohabitation with males via shame. Both are sad fates. That anon and others like her aren't "massive bitches to other women" except in your fantasies.

No. 1935202

Quit yapping so much. Children have infinitely way more value than pets and their owners. And for someone who just said they are allergic to pets, why are you intensely defending those who love taking them around and don’t give a fuck about how much they and their pets invade your space (which is 99% of pet owners). That doesn’t make any sense, I wouldn’t defend something that is constantly psyoped into brought in human spaces and would of course cause me health/medical issues. No one is malding, schizo

No. 1935205

Based. It makes me happy seeing other women with pets they love, I can't relate to anyone who seethes about it.

No. 1935207

It’s because you already don’t go outside to begin with anon kek.

No. 1935208

>Quit yapping so much.
Go back to Twitter to cry about your devalued sperm and incel status, kek. No one wants to have your babies, and that's why your genetic line is already over. Nature is correcting itself.

No. 1935211

love and peace to you too, anon. I would never defend the men of my race either lol

No. 1935214

Nah, shit is pathetic. Picking up your dog's shit and letting them sleep in your bed and lick your face isn't cute.

No. 1935215

Neither of those applies to me, I can’t stand pet owners who treat their pets like babies and children, there’s something extremely wrong with them and I can’t place my finger on it. It’s like displaying your obvious mental illness or mental disability like a tranny does.

No. 1935216

I'm happy for you, anon. Sadly I've worked in food service for too many years, and most people with dogs insist they bring them inside to eat with them. It's always women with fake service dogs too.

No. 1935218

There's nothing similar between people who take care of animals and crossdressing rapists. Only someone of the latter group or similar would liken the two, to be honest.

No. 1935221

You have nothing else to say except for accusing me of being a scrote or an incel and not an anon who’s tired of retarded pet owners and pet defenders like yourself. It’s all so tiresome

No. 1935222

Fuck sillypoo's stupid video reminding kiwiscrotes of this site, it's the only explanation of these retard itt

No. 1935223

Stop yapping. Those who deserve to reproduce aren't crying on imageboards about dogmoms, kek.

No. 1935233


No. 1935235

You sound insane. Chill out.

No. 1935236

In general, the only people who get mad about pet owners are weird and deficient. Normal people don't care.

No. 1935237

I already have kids though, weirdo.
>quit yapping
Go back to twt, zoomertard

No. 1935239

File: 1711135212015.jpg (41.78 KB, 736x736, 1700208895418.jpg)

I also hate people who bring their dogs places they shouldn't and/or don't train them, but being mad that people love their pets is weird as fuck. Humans will imprint on a roomba ffs, it's built into our instincts to love other creatures

No. 1935240

So, you're just mad other women aren't making your same choice? You sound kind of unhappy, maybe you have regrets. I'm quoting you with the "yapping" thing, in case you have early onset dementia, see >>1935202.

No. 1935241

>n-no u
Doesn't really work after all the mentally ill rants about shit and piss and the value of children, nonny

No. 1935243

I put them in the same category as dollfags. Especially the ones who have several of those realistic shrek babies. They can do whatever they want yes, but I avoid them as much as possible.

No. 1935245

This, you are giving him what he wants, even the femdom posting likely turns him on. just report and ignore.

No. 1935246

I will not respect your pronouns or gender identity, sorry.

No. 1935249

I don’t understand why people make a big deal about women having their first child after the age of 35 but no one makes a big deal if it’s the 3rd or 4th child. I don’t understand why the first child needs to be born before 30. It’s the same shit

No. 1935250

I remember going to an artshow once and it was packed with people during the summer and some dude brought his big dog to the event. The dog kept licking the condensation off the dude's beer. Poor thing was clearly thirsty but the moid was too busy getting off the attention the dog gave him. Like dude just leave her at home next time, putting a dog in a crowd also seems like a shit idea because someone could trip or step on the dog.

No. 1935255

How many times do we have to repeat the same thing? Do not respond to scrotes baiting and posting, AT ALL. Just report them and move on. By giving them any attention what so ever you are only encouraging them to come back and continue shitposting. Do not be part of the problem.

No. 1935256

It's men doing the "wall" meme, and some mothers doing the whole "misery loves company" thing. How dare you not sign away your youth to a child immediately? I've even seen some talk about wanting to be a "hot mom". It's very dumb.

No. 1935257

It's pure sexism. There is nothing wrong with a woman having a child after 30/35. The thing people never mention is that men should not be having kids that late in the game. Look how many autistics we have now

No. 1935258

Finally someone who actually goes the fuck outside and knows what I’m talking about. It’s straight deranged behavior and the anons defending it are likely trolling by pretending to think it’s wholesome admirable behavior. Bitchy ass karen normie women walking their slobbering golden retrievers in the suburbs just waiting to call the cops on children playing outside and the machismo scrotes who think their dogs give them just as much ego as they would if they owned a muscle car walking their pitbulls at the beach, a family-friendly public area at all places (real shit I saw a few days ago). Pet owners have to be the most one-dimensional, personality dense and spatially unaware NPCs I’ve ever seen.

No. 1935259

I hate people who bring their dogs into a crowded event. They stink and people always have to extra careful around it. You can easily spook it, step on their tail, etc. There needs to be more push back to stop allowing dogs everywhere. I feel like people who do this have no friends. (I dont care if they dont have a spouse) but that is some friendless activities.

No. 1935265

>Bitchy ass karen normie women
This thread is so infected lately. "Karens", "yapping", "muh 7 inch dick", complaining about le foids, the list goes on.

No. 1935266

based. thanks farmhand ♥

No. 1935273

File: 1711136091017.gif (980.1 KB, 220x264, IMG_8243.gif)

ban VPNs and then we’ll listen, us responding to them is not going to stop them from trolling when they can just vpn hop all they want all day long. scrotes exceed the amount of LC tranny jannies, so stop placing your lack of mod resources on to the userbase and bring back dumbass shit thread ffs

No. 1935277

Kek, they’re clearly never going to get rid of you as they rather blame the userbase for their poor moderation. You’re just going to come back over and over again and everyone here has to take the fucking blame and bans for your stupid ass, I hope you’re happy.(responding to bait)

No. 1935279

Right? As soon as I saw that, I stopped reading because I realized what kind of anon it was

No. 1935280

Who is "we" you're the only one with these retarded IMG iphone reaction images. Go on 4chan if you want to argue with scrotes ffs

No. 1935285

You must be one of those retards who genuinely think the word karen is as offensive as the word “nigger” which btw is constantly used against black women every day and you don’t see them trying to stop time. It’s such a frustrating first-world problem when you complain about the word “karen” when other women have endured way more than you and it shows because you’re fucking offended by the word KAREN of all things. Get a fucking grip(racebaiting)

No. 1935288

>image reaction

This is an imageboard retard, what the fuck do you want me to do? Are you autistic?(infighting)

No. 1935290

>angry failmale moid pretending to be a black woman so he can use the n-word

No. 1935297

File: 1711136805583.png (476.82 KB, 797x793, cat1.png)

boo(take it to dumbass shit)

No. 1935299

Not a male no matter how much your dick-obsessed self wants me to be.
>use the full word
>gets banned
>attempts to censor word
>will still get banned for censoring it
>damned if you do damned if you don’t

This website is turning to literal shit. All of the censorship and scrote accusations makes you walk on fucking eggshells, I’m tired of censoring my speech for hysterical people. Ironically enough you have to act like a huge fucking stereotypical woman just to be accepted and say the right things when this is the unpopular opinions thread. Did your parents drop your head in the toilet when you were a child?(infighting)

No. 1935300

I'd be doing this with my HS BFF, except, she has these two severely mentally retarded brothers she has to care for full time and I can't hang with that shit

No. 1935304


No. 1935306

>same reddit spacing, autism and tard rage

No. 1935309

No you’re constantly banned because it explicitly states in the rules that no men are allowed on this website. Fuck off. At least be discreet about it because there’s just no fucking way they can ban every moid off this place especially if everyone is anonymous. It’s guaranteed there’s a good chunk of scrotes who post and lurk here and actually do a decent job at not getting detected like in /snow/, most jannies wouldn’t give a fuck if you would stop saying you’re a man and learn to integrate. But of course men ruin everything and everyone has to get banned and censored for your existence. God I fucking you

No. 1935310

File: 1711137204949.gif (550.1 KB, 200x204, 200w (2).gif)

What are you guys arguing about?

No. 1935312

Anons responded to scrote bait, and now we’re down to the last retards standing

No. 1935313

Moid is attention whoring and very mad about women having kittens and puppies instead of kids.

No. 1935314

idk, moids shitting up the site as always

No. 1935315

>comparing a sentient living being to an inanimate doll
Actual psycho behavior

No. 1935316

Not all the responses are from moids though, kek

No. 1935318

Give it up already

No. 1935319

why do you even go on lolcow if you dont like it here kek go argue with scrotes on 4chan or something

No. 1935320

File: 1711137539785.png (835.95 KB, 1278x1130, Screen Shot 2024-03-22 at 12.5…)

My mom has one of those. And the way she talks to him makes me ill. Sometimes he eats his food so fast he chokes himself. And he's literally allergic to grass and needs to be given pills daily so he doesn't break out in a rash. Those little dogs are dysgenic as fuck. My unpopular opinion is that I hate dogs in general. They're gross, and take up resources. They bark all damn day and shit up public spaces.
But it's sad to me too when women do this crap. It's like, she spent so much of her life with her sole purpose being a "mom" that she feels existentially unfulfilled without an ass to wipe. Having pets is one thing, but talking to them like they're a literal human infant is cringe as fuck(there is a dog hate thread)

No. 1935325

Men look their best age 17-23. There have been so many cuties who look like completely different people only after a year of turning 24.

No. 1935326

Because if it's not a scrote (he types and behaves way too much like the confirmed scrote ITT and posted things mocking the janny for not having kids), it's a failed tradwife who wants all other women to make the same mistakes as herself.

No. 1935329

It would be even more embarrassing if it actually was a trad pickme but I doubt that’s the case

No. 1935334

stop talking like a retard

No. 1935338

why dont they ever clean their dogs eyes or take them to a vet to figure out a cure for the weeping

No. 1935340

How many times will you change your story, switch VPNs and samefag? No one's fooled, lmao.

No. 1935342

I agree with you but why the fuck do you type like a retard kek
>girl's girl
Go back to tiktok or twitter or wherever you came from and leave us alone. Cheers mate

No. 1935345

Ayrt and I partially agree, dogs with health problems for the sake of looking cute shouldn't have been made in the first place. But they were and now they need people to take care of them and it's more of the spite people hold on only women for having a pet she loves so dearly since it's not a child. There are flaws and inconveniences of course some of them have but that doesn't give people a free pass to be irreverent because they see a woman being happy with her animal(s)

No. 1935350

You're right nona, it's a tragedy

No. 1935351

File: 1711138322524.gif (166.71 KB, 957x121, picasion.com_ipJw.gif)

No. 1935353

Lily Pulitzer stuff is cute

No. 1935354

Real. One anon once put it the best, and I quote (paraphrased): "the opposite of love isn't hate, since hate implies the presence of passion, it's apathy."
I can't call myself a misandrist because I don't take any actions against men in any way because it's out of my power, and I can't call myself a feminist either because I can't take any feminist action without dire consequences due to my situation and circumstances, I just don't care about men. There just there I guess, I minimally interact with them and don't pursue them in anyway for now, so they're rarely on my mind and I never feel the need to vent about them since I don't even come in contact with them that much. The anons who complain about men 24/7 seem to be hanging around heavily male populated areas either online or offline, or are into dating and relationships and need to vent their frustrations of it not working out, but they still go back to it for some reason.

No. 1935355

File: 1711138456307.jpeg (308.93 KB, 808x643, 1D5BCB6E-89F1-4206-9ED0-0BFEED…)

Men can’t be leftists because they all want private property (wife)

No. 1935356

File: 1711138472219.jpg (108.59 KB, 1500x1000, baby-francois-hangur-103122-2-…)

Baby monkeys are cuter than human babies.

No. 1935357

Not a mod, but thank you for admitting to samefagging and sperging out, kek.

No. 1935360

NTA, but you're definitely a retard from Twitter. Take your meds and leave.

No. 1935361

I think people who feel the need to go "MMM BACON!!!11!!" or "AWW LOOK AT THE LITTLE HAMBURGER YUMMY YUMMY!!!" at any video of a baby farm animal are fucking weird and I believe there is nothing wrong with eating any animal, dog, cats, squirrels, etc.

No. 1935365

dawg, close the tab

No. 1935367

women need to wake the fuck up

No. 1935373

Unpopular opinion: Older women taking care of dogs or cats means about the same thing to me as taking care of babies. I'm indifferent. As long as it makes you happy and there's no abuse going on, great. Maybe I'd think differently if the human species was going extinct, but it isn't. I don't know why some people expect all women to care about having babies or think of human childcare as some magical sacrosanct thing, but it's pathetic.

No. 1935376

Nta but middle eastern women also don't have the right to live and are threatened by murder or life imprisonment in "rehabilitation" facilities if they step out of line. They're not guaranteed to live 100%, it's a gamble.
>t. arab woman unfortunately
Not saying the suffering of Jewish people didn't matter or something, I personally think it's really strange how many people hate Jewish people but never give real reasons as to why, and all the reasonings seem to be based on bullshit religious beliefs. But people in Israel and Jewish people all over the world still have better lives and rights than the average arab/middel eastern woman. Some arab women even think of running away to Israel and converting to Judaism just to get a chance at a better life, since Israel has better human rights conditions and a more advanced society focused on scientific research. Unlike arab/middle eastern countries that think science=disbelief in allah and the end of society, and only consider science if it's gonna get them money or good reputation. After all, it was Jewish people who invented DNA testing before marriage to avoid genetically inherited diseases and disorders, Einstein was Jewish, and some great writers like Kafka were Jewish, but arabs have 0 real achievements, and the only known arab scientist had to flee to America to get support for his scientific research about lasers, while his home country fought him for daring to advance physics.

No. 1935377

leftism also isnt fun or sexy anymore

No. 1935385

>To right wing men, we are private property. To left wing men, we are public property
>The new pornography is left-wing; and the new pornography is a vast graveyard where the Left has gone to die. The Left cannot have its whores and its politics too
Dworkin was insane at times and I don't agree with everything she said but she nailed male politics and her predictions of what would happen to the left were scarily accurate.

No. 1935386

Nothing is fun or sexy anymore, welcome to the worst timeline

No. 1935389

Then leave instead of foaming at the mouth whenever we don't share your retarded takes, kek. Also, you will never have a male brain until (or unless) you're a rapist.

No. 1935407

It's like a corporate building at the bottom and a gothic cathedral at the top

No. 1935408

>ive lurked since 2013
correct me if i'm wrong but wasn't lolcow born in 2014?

No. 1935410

File: 1711140724654.png (838.97 KB, 2708x654, KEKK.png)

Old lolcow was a lot more fun

No. 1935418

ayrt, I agree with pretty much everything you said (though I do think arabs have made plenty of scientific achievements! the scientific revolution in renaissance europe was largely inspired by the ottomans, who at the time, encompassed most of the arab world). my issue with the post I replied to was how that anon brought up the holocaust and auschwitz specifically as some sort of “gotcha.” I understand she just wanted to rant about jewish moids or whatever, but the reality is that most women and children were gassed upon arrival at auschwitz because they couldn’t be used for hard labor like the males. millions of jewish women were raped and killed during ww2. I see anons post their edgy takes about the holocaust all the time on here, and it’s just exhausting. I know it’s a common talking point that jews bring up the holocaust too much, and maybe they do, but I’m not the one making these posts about it, trust me kek

No. 1935420

I’m going to start doing this just to piss off people like you lol

No. 1935423

I'm trying to grapple with the realization that every aspect of female biology is designed to help men trick women into sex (ie carrying their seed and genetic data). Women cannot enjoy sex organically, it's a fucking scheme.
I saw all the feminists for years insist that the clit is our pleasure center and proof that we're meant to enjoy sex. They conveniently ignore its most obvious function: To allow men to play with it to distract women from the humiliation and agony of PIV. The female orgasm is literally designed to fool women into thinking that sex with moids is good. Everything about the female body is just to serve men's interests and help them manipulate women. It's all fucking disgusting.(bait blackpill post outside of 2X)

No. 1935432

This a really embarrassing way to admit you’ve never had an orgasm.

No. 1935437

I'm sorry nonnie but what

No. 1935440

They're being edgy which is why it's off-putting

No. 1935449

Women who never had an orgasm should be banned from writing about fictional sex. No Tifanny, kpop men don't want to take your strap in their unclean raw butthole and neither do you.

No. 1935451

I forced myself to have an orgasm, and I realized it was completely pointless. There is no utility to it, and that's why het women are obsessed with sucking cock and other male worshiping activities. It's part of the fucked up female biology. The function is to trick us into reproducing.(ban evasion)

No. 1935455

Nah ,it's the husky owners,they are maniacal Karens.
I feel bad for your kids already

No. 1935469

A good portion of men prefer ugly women and avoid pretty women, the old chinese saying "an ugly wife is a treasure at home" is sort of true for a lot of them. I remember being really young and overhearing a group of men talking about it, one was saying how his current girlfriend was ugly and how it's so much better this way, and how much trouble pretty women are.

I think after a year or two men don't really care what you look like unless you're obese or deformed. You can be the most beautiful woman in the world and after the novelty wears off, you're just like every other girl to him.

No. 1935470

>the scientific revolution in renaissance europe was largely inspired by the ottomans, who at the time, encompassed most of the arab world
They didn't, it's a cope arab came up with and gaslit the world to believe in. The truth is half their "inventions" are stolen from Indians and chinese scientists they came in contact with during their trade journeys, and the other half is either by persians or by arab men who weren't Muslim and were alchemists (which is haram in islam), and they murdered those people brutally because they believed science, and especially medicine and astronomy, are huge sins that somehow lead to disbelieving in Allah, so they executed anyone who was into it. They had their own equivalent of witch hunts basically but for scientists. The sources about this are censored and blocked and I don't feel like using a vpn to fetch them, but you can find them if you use the right words to look it up. And if they were truly as loving of science as they claim, it wouldn't still be frowned down upon to this day. I remember growing up watching science related youtube channels and following an arab science magazine, and they both were attacked and sent death threats for their posts 24/7. And there's this guy calles Ada7ee7 or something on youtube who's in a similar situation because of his passion for science, but he continues on posting and doesn't care. People went as far as claiming he's a "zionist" who supports Israel or whatever because he signed a contract with a TV channel to sponser his youtube videos and make them high budget. They unironically think science=infidelity to this day, despite benefiting of scientific research and inventions. Sorry for the spergy long rant but I just hate my ethnicity and its people so much and wish people would wake up to how truly retarded and vile they are and stop defending them, not referring to you, just in general.
On the topic of the holocaust, I think it's valid for Jewish people to keep bringing it up since they still face discrimination to an extent and people who deny it (I still don't get why do they feel the need to do that? What do they get from it?), and the whole Palestine situation which is the consequence of the holocaust and Jewish people's need to flee Europe. If the holocaust didn't happen, this whole conflict wouldn't afaik. It's a tough situation to be unwanted wherever you go, and I kinda understand the feeling, so I sympathize with the racism Jewish people face, despite not agreeing with the religion.

No. 1935473

I’m not pretty but most of my bfs have grown attached to me because I’m “male brained” and kind of aggressive. Im not really feminine at all and when I drink I will rant about the most violent shit ever. Idk why this is attractive to some men. I’ve also never been physically abused because they know they’d be murdered first.

No. 1935479

My friend got a husky and now she hates it, but wont dare do anything about it. feel bad for her, but huskys are notoriously hyper active high maintenance dogs.

No. 1935482

Its depressing. I've had a scrote tell me "picking the slowest gazelle of the herd." Once a moid decides he wants to get married he snatches anything because they're using women for the same thing anyways. The talk about what men want is retarded

No. 1935498

Autism isn't a disability its a behavioral issue. Trying to compare yourself tweaking out at stupid shit like a little baby during your "meltdowns" isn't comparable to those of us who suffer from physical disabilites.

No. 1935515

Kek nonna, that’s been my experience too. Guys claim they want a brainless bangmaid but I think they’d all feel better if they recognized that their place is serving women and aiding women in our machinations, not the other way around.

No. 1935632

i miss farmville

No. 1935648

This is a very interesting point. Also, having your first child later in life actually has a positive effect on women’s longevity.

No. 1935650

File: 1711153034925.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1284x1478, IMG_2842.jpeg)

The clermount twins are sexy and I’m saying this as a non troon woman

No. 1935663

Fast food is getting more expensive but a lot of people swearing it's unaffordable suck at ordering. Ofc when you get the most expensive combo on the menu, double it and get cookies or something on the side it's gonna be expensive. Even wendys has those huge bag meals for like 5 bucks. I also remembered seeing some lady bitch about how her food from a restaurant was 39 dollars when it was like 4 pizzas, bread sticks, desserts and 4 drinks kek

No. 1935668

If people didn't have a camera glued to their hand all the time and the desire to photograph themselves, I reckon more than half or them wouldn't give a fuck about half of their interests that are just photo ops.

No. 1935679

File: 1711155377331.jpg (53.21 KB, 550x1105, 1000015841.jpg)

They look like shitty imvu characters.

No. 1935714

I think the "when girls take pictures they have to add themselves ugh" is fucking retarded.
Photos of places are all over the net. Your shitty picture of the grand canyon on that day is probably going to be one in a thousand that look exactly the same off of google. What makes it yours, specifically, is that you were there.

No. 1935719

Curious what you consider these photo op interests to be? I know lots of people only travel for the pictures they get to post of themselves online after kek

No. 1935733

overlined lips look horrific

No. 1935749

Other women going on about how white women age “poorly” is pick me behavior.

No. 1935766

With this I wonder if it's some sort of unconscious racial bias that people are less aware of how their own races age. I've seen every race say every other race ages badly.

No. 1935773

i think white women age beautifully, the deeper your wrinkles are the more time you've spent living and reacting to things which isn't something to be ashamed of

No. 1935800

Yeah crow's feet are hot on any women, smile lines are just a physical indicator of joy. They make a person look kinder to me.

No. 1935940

>the scientific revolution in renaissance europe was largely inspired by the ottomans

The scientific revolution and the Renaissance are about two to three hundred years apart. One is part of the Enlightenment and the other came just after the High Middle Ages.

No. 1935942

You'd best be fucking joking. There are a lot of good Korean actors but acting in both Japanese and Chinese films is awful and it's something Japanese and Chinese themselves acknowledge (over emphasis on casting shitty idols as leads for example, rather than good actors).

No. 1935944

It's possible and I've seen friends do it (usually marrying software devs). What they don't tell you is that you have to be prepared to marry someone you're just not physically attracted to like Taylor R did.

No. 1935947

Ngl I don't care about looks that much and neither do many of my friends. There's a broad idea of what he should be like: same race, not fat (chubby can be ok) etc, but beyond that I've mostly been attracted to more abstract things. For example with my most recent boyfriend I found it hot how good he was with his hands/DIY stuff.

I feel like a lot of this inversion/reflection of male cruelty back onto them from people here is more of a cope than anything.

No. 1935951

Uncannily accurate post. In my experience those ranting about men the most and constantly injecting conversation about men into every conceivable fucking topic on here are the sluttiest. Usually been fucking since they were 14 or 15, meeting men from 4chan and other cesspool nerd hangouts, screwing around at conventions if they're a little more social etc. If you've ever met these women online you know they're always with a man, even if it's just some casual thing, they quite literally cannot go without dick for more a week or two. It's a BPD thing through and through.

It's pathetic and embarrassing. Telling men you hate them and then begging for their dicks and acting out degrading sex fantasies BPD freaks are usually into is a massive L of face for all of us. Men just end up laughing at us and call us "dickmatized".

>I remember the old LC discord admin who would constantly brag about her wedding to her disgusting fiance despite men being banned from the entirety of the discord.

Reminds me of the FDS discord: the admin was in a relationship with an Indian man who didn't even tell his parents about her. She was only

No. 1935967

Ugh… idk how people can think this way. You still have to fuck him. Do you think about him doing DIY while you do it? Idk how you can be in a sexual relationship and not want to pickle his Rick first and foremost

No. 1935991

I'm not, and I actually think Korean movies are acted the worst out of the bunch. Still better than American movies though. Of course an aidoru whose main selling point is doing fanservice or fujobaiting (where it's entire point sometimes is being kinda awkward and unpolished) is going to be shit but actual actors do very well. While I'm at it, I think French movies are acted better than American ones, too. German movies and Russian movies are worse than American ones.

No. 1936032

Going into debt for vet bills is clown behavior. You don't need a new credit card just so your cat-sized dog can live for two more years.

No. 1936057

I don't think you have any idea how bad the casting decisions for my J and C dramas are. I can only conclude you think having live action actor go "woahhhhhh!" and make anime faces is good acting.

Tell me which German and Russian films you've seen btw, since you almost certainly seem like you're bullshitting.

No. 1936062

She was only what

No. 1936071

Me either, sounds like coping tbh. No men date women for their DIY skills and personality, they won’t even look at an ugly woman—they’re just invisible to men. I don’t know why women force themselves to date ugly males for retarded reasons like being good with their hands. Like the thought of some moid I’m not physically attracted to huffing and puffing over top of me makes want to curl up and die kek

No. 1936108

So much of pet culture sounds extremely silly and stunted.

No. 1936113

One very constantly repeated and absurd notion is that having mental health problems makes you more empathetic.
In reality, the kind of people who parrots and identify with this discourse may act empathetic for a while, but they’ll show their claws in case you disagree with them. Very funny that so many of them display interest in going for a psychology major/working as therapists, since many haven’t reached normal levels of emotional maturity.

No. 1936116

And yet, it's still better than having a moid's babies lol

No. 1936138

People who follow accounts solely dedicated to fight videos are low IQ.

No. 1936141

I mean my bf isn't ugly. Of course you should be physically attracted to your guy. I guess some of the more extreme takes about only being attracted to someone who is conventionally very very handsome make my own preferences feel odd?

No. 1936144

Most men don't hate women nearly as much as the Internet would have you believe. I've showed Tate videos to my dad and he thinks he's purposefully encouraging men to self sabotage themselves.

No. 1936147

Makes more sense to name your daughter after yourself than a man naming his son after himself

No. 1936154

They’re absolutely nothing on people who treat their pet as some sort of surrogate husband/wife. Covert incest is acknowledged but what about covert beastiality?

No. 1936156

Your dads right about Tate but that doesn’t mean men don’t have some sort of inherent disdain for women. They do, every part of every society and culture confirms that. If you really want to get to know your dad check his internet history.

No. 1936157

The Indian parents got her…

No. 1936159

You mean literal zoophiles, or are you just trying to sneak the whole pornsick moid "woman with big dog? bros….you just know…."/"something something white women" meme here?

No. 1936161

i don't think she means beastiality i think she's talking about people who treat their pets like their child?

No. 1936173

I don't even like dogs but I'm happy this is an unpopular opinion. If you take responsibility of a pet, you should give it the most you can.

No. 1936183

Closure after a breakup is a myth and I hate pop psychology for making it seem like a necessary stage of the process. I’ve known so many girls who have been sucked back into shitty relationships by men who know how to manipulate them because they need to meet one last time for “closure.” Pick yourself up, forget about him and move the fuck on.

No. 1936185


No. 1936274

A lot of women need to accept the fact that majority of scrotes aren't worth being with and him getting out of your life is way better than "closure". Plus majority of scrotes who don't offer "closure" aren't worth being with anyway and are likely using the silence to try to manipulate the woman into sticking around. So fucking glad so many women are learning their manipulation tactics and avoiding them

No. 1936278

Amen nonna

No. 1936280

Research shows that being abruptly ghosted/blocked activates the same areas of the brain as in drug withdrawal. It's extremely painful and hard to understand unless you have been through it. It feels like psychosis

No. 1936291

People you dislike being unlikeable, unfunny, ugly or distasteful is not milk.

No. 1936296

If you're trying to give poorfags advice and cant understand blatant exhaustion to the point where you feel like you're going to faint standing up you need to shut the fuck up because I'm not gonna take a word you say seriously after that

No. 1936299

What research?

No. 1936329

Tired of Asian diaspora members publishing endless articles about how 8 years old kids thought their lunch box was smelly.

No. 1936333

I've known more than one family with a son and a daughter combo that used the parents' genderswapped names for the kids, and it always weirded me the fuck out for some reason. I'd never name a kid after myself.
But I really hope the father-side family name inheritence will die out soon because a woman risking her life/health condition for a kid for them to carry on the name of a man who risks nothing and will probably provide less for a child over lifetime is such a fucking scam.

No. 1936374

I don't like or trust anyone who names their son after the dad. That shit bothers me on a visceral level. Like, the mother suffered through labor and birth for your child. Is that not enough? Half the DNA is already yours, but you want more? I hate women who give into this. The child does not deserve your name or to be a jr. It screams male narcissism

No. 1936385

No, it’s overwhelmingly men who fuck animals. Moids project because of all the beastiality porn they consume of forced trafficked or mentally ill women. But there’s a subset of people who literally treat their (usually) dog like a wife or husband. It’s not that they want to fuck the animal. They just talk about the animal like it’s a spouse and they sleep in the same bed etc. usually it’s an animal of the opposite gender and they joke that it’s a substitute for a life partner. They have even less boundaries with it than the people that treat their pets like kids since it’s their direct equal.

No. 1936393

The kind of people who get triggered by infighting I assume are the people at work who aren’t a manager but try to tell their coworkers what to do all day and are the first to tell on people and constantly kissing the higher ups ass

No. 1936404

It's warranted. I bullied a chinese girl in elementary because her food was smelly.(racebaiting idiot)

No. 1936423

No that's asshole behavior. It doesn't mean you are the average white person any more than the average Asian is one of those Hawaiians who bullies white people.

No. 1936426

kek the school bully scrolling on lolcow

No. 1936430

Beta behavior, I bullied the kids who didn’t eat their crusts for having inferior genetics.

No. 1936431

No. 1936433

im envious of people who dont know what it like being extremely desperate for money and living in an area where fast food places reject you and pay you nothing(wrong thread)

No. 1936447

It's sad to say but the safest place for most young women is with their dad rather than living on their own right off the bat at 18.

No. 1936451

you really think girls moving out at freshly 18 are in safe conditions?

No. 1936456

Read that again

No. 1936459

you read my post again. Most girls who are in a rush to move out ASAP are being abused by their parents. I personally haven't met someone who moved out at 18 who HASN'T been abused by their parents

No. 1936465

I'm grateful for your envy, even us well situated citizens can use a self esteem boost from time to time.

No. 1936471

They got the last laugh since the white kids are the reason nobody is allowed to eat peanuts.

No. 1936486

crunchy moms are the reason why white kids are allergic to everything, its even worse since they wanna instill their retarded shit on everyone else "only feed cooked organic fruit at 6 months and nothing else!" "if you don't eat organic vegan keto paleo while pregnant and breastfeeding your baby will have 50 health problems in the future!"

No. 1936491

Men that abandon their children should be castrated so it doesn't happen again.

No. 1936493

No. 1936498

I actually really enjoy giving blowjobs even if he doesn't go down on me.

No. 1936501

Agree. Paying child support does nothing, since so many of them dodge it and create another family elsewhere.

No. 1936502

Nothing funnier than a man being kicked in the balls.

No. 1936518

Kek, agree.

No. 1936520

File: 1711226621997.gif (9.8 MB, 720x396, cgehnU.gif)

No. 1936549

Kek they’re so poorly evolved. Why are they just dangling around exposed like that? Why don’t men have better protection around their balls? I think god did this to them on purpose as a punishment.

No. 1936569

I know we are free to say whatever here but i cringe so much whenever i read something about kicking guys in the balls no matter the point because it just makes me think of moids who are into cbt and get obsessed over it, i'm not talking about it here because i can't know but i saw so many of them doing that while trying to pass as a woman in other places, disgusting.

No. 1936573

dairies and meats are the only foods that are truly healthy

No. 1936578

i've heard about a kid who is still in a vegetative state because he ate a little bit of cheese when he was younger, that happened because it had bacteria but i guess that's harmful for any kind of food, maybe.

No. 1936579

Based and true

No. 1936580

You would know a lot about trying (and failing) to pass as a woman wouldn’t you? Kek.

No. 1936581

Ecoli salad outbreaks

No. 1936584

They also give you mean farts

No. 1936585

thats insane as fuck, if anything cheese would wake me up from a coma

No. 1936586

I wish we had a "good men stories" thread to cope tbh. The blackpilling is genuinely destroying my mental health.

No. 1936588

isn't there a nigel thread in /g/

No. 1936589

thats a good idea anon, i love hearing happy stories and recollections

No. 1936590

Yeah that's not what I'm talking about. The Nigel thread is just nonas bragging about their boyfriends buying them expensive stuff. It ends up sounding like a bunch of sugar baby relationships.

No. 1936591

Are you stupid? Why would i even say that if i was that kind of moid i'm talking about? Or do you think i'm a moid that got hurt over reading that? I'm just saying i always feel uneasy about reading that kind of stuff online because of them.
Yeah, it shocked me how something like that happened over a tiny bite of cheese.

No. 1936592

Lol look in the confessions thread how ppl on here react for saying a baby benefits from having a good and present father. This board doesn't deserve whitepills.

No. 1936593

go away

No. 1936595

You just can’t take the L and fuck off can you? Is your scroteling ever gonna wake up or did daddy get mad and shake him to death?(infighting)

No. 1936599

You can find that content elsewhere though. Stories of men saving children/animals from rivers and fires, good fathers, good sons and such stories on tiktok or whatever. If anything content like that destroys me even more because it reminds of men who do have it in their programming to do good, and yet even the same person forced himself on a woman whining about his blue balls once or doesn't even see women as fully human

No. 1936600

you don't have to infight every time you see something you apparently don't like. its ok to relax.

No. 1936608

One time Ted Bundy saved a child from drowning. True fact.

No. 1936611

No. 1936615

you (general you) have to like manhate but if you don't, you can find a billion website where people post wholesome stories about nice dudes. this isn't the place. let us haters have this space

No. 1936621

I wish people were more aware that facial harmony is way more important than just having the “right” features kek I know a girl who is barely old enough to drink who has terrifyingly overfilled lips that barely move. Her natural lips were really thin but they fit her face and she had a very cute, girl next door look to her. Now she just has one of those sleepy influencer faces.

No. 1936624

LC has never been a site about hating men. It's a site for documenting and laughing at cows that also has boards for off topic discussion.

No. 1936627

this. lolcow was never a radfem board in fact it was kind of the opposite when it was born kek

No. 1936633

I've always wondered about that. How did it turn into a radfem board? I was shocked when I scrolled through the catalog to find the oldest threads and saw moids posting here kek
I'm glad lolcow is the way it is now though. The only place on the internet I've found people like me

No. 1936634

she never said it was the site's purpose but it's not about loving moids either like kek can we have anything? seriously where else can his discussion happen this freely

No. 1936640

Stop browsing LC. Or if you won't, remember that the real world isn't like anons on LC say it is. Many people here are autistic shut ins with little real world experience, some have psychotic/other severe mental illness tendencies too (like pakichan, cockbreath chan, that new one obsessed with jesus and angel numbers… the list goes on). I'm saying this in general btw, it's not just about manhate. Many anons have reported how this site makes them feel worse mentally. I am NOT saying hating men makes you psychotic, there are definitely endless reasons to hate them, but focusing so hard on that hate will make anyone miserable. The world is not so black and white as anons claim it is, and it applies to everything. Spend a little less time here at least, get some hobbies irl. Maybe join a book club or something and talk to real people.

No. 1936641

i dont think she meant

No. 1936645

And why aren't vegetables and fruits healthy? You're American?

No. 1936649

I think it does a disservice to actual radfems like Gail Dines to call LC radfem. People like Dines have never been about seething at men and when I send her content to my brothers they're actually sympathetic to it and support it.

I guess this is an unpopular opinion so I'll colon it: I think lolcow is just a place where a lot of women who were groomed online as teens have congregated. BPD women who often had a slutty past and were unfortunately taken advantage of too. These women aren't really systematically radical feminists. They don't really have a radical feminist worldview or anything and as others have pointed out many of them cannot go for longer than a month or two without dick. They just see radfem rhetoric on its most surface of levels as some weird catharsis to their experiences of grooming or casual sex.

No. 1936650

Oh my god why does everything have to always be one extreme or the other? I don't mind the manhate (I do if it turns back into misogyny), but wouldn't a dedicated radfem site be better than a gossip site that was born as a place to mock the appearance of weeb women? That part never made sense to me

No. 1936652

vegetables and fruits are definitely wonderful and healthy too but I think dairy and meats are what really keep us going our hardest. Protein, potassium, calcium, vitamin D, zinc, iodine, and countless other nutrients/minerals are present in the two food groups, and they also kept the population alive for who knows how many years

No. 1936654

File: 1711232110420.jpeg (45.77 KB, 537x399, IMG_8105.jpeg)

girl you aren't understanding me. it's not about politics i just can't take these people seriously when they complain about manhate on a site made for hating people in general. i don't believe this is or should be a radfem website either

No. 1936656

I mostly agree with you, but I don’t like the idea that there is some sort of purist, lofty ideal of radical feminism that the women of LC can’t ever reach because we’re damaged or manhating or whatever. LC isn’t a radfem site because a good portion of it has been curated to mock other women. But I do still think this is a place where women can become exposed to radfem ideas in a positive way as well, like the many anons who have been peaked by this site and detransed when they realized transitioning would not allow them to escape the patriarchy

No. 1936659

ayrt and i didn't say hating men was the point of the whole site just it's nice to have a place where you're allowed to do it.

No. 1936662

>How did it turn into a radfem board?
It hosts radfem discussion but the site itself isn't radfem. There used to be a sticky years ago reminding anons that LC is not politically aligned to any ideology.

It's not about hating men and it's not about loving men either. Men deserve the criticism of them that gets posted here, that doesn't mean the entire site needs to be dedicated to hating men.

Radfem discussion on LC has always been shallow and very surface level. As much as anons claim the label, it's clear that very few anons bother to read or study radfem theory.

No. 1936663

I don't care about purism either but I just don't think they're interested in radfem stuff when it comes down to it. I'm just tired of bippies and their grooming sob stories as heartless as it sounds.

No. 1936695

File: 1711235024674.jpeg (215.85 KB, 828x1133, IMG_0862.jpeg)

ayrt, but no? not trying to start an infight, just a bit of a history sperg kek

No. 1936700

Is your argument that the scientific revolution was started by Ottoman Turks?

No. 1936704

Women have the right to vent their hatred of men without making it palatable for your sensitive little bitchboy brothers. Fuck them and fuck you. Let us be haters in peace.

No. 1936705

File: 1711235644007.jpeg (Spoiler Image,113.99 KB, 1000x1414, IMG_4334.jpeg)

As an alastorfag myself, I don’t quite understand it either. I have no idea exactly why I find his design attractive but I do, I’ve always been into skinny moids with pointy features IRL so maybe that’s it and the exaggerated features trigger that part of my lizard brain kek

No. 1936706

no, I was originally saying that scientific achievements from the arab world (under the rule of the turks, at the time) influenced the scientific revolution in renaissance europe, as that’s what I was taught in my college studies, though another anon stated otherwise here >>1935470. the anon I just replied to said that the scientific revolution happened several hundred years apart from the renaissance, so I was just showing how that specifically is not true

No. 1936719

But things like the Copernican Revolution were indigenous. The Islamic World believed in the Ptolemaic Geocentricity, including the Ottomans.

If anything the Renaissance has more to do with the Greeks of Byzantium fleeing West to Italy following the Turkish conquests.

No. 1936720

Every radfem on soft web always gets banned on multiple platforms while grifters and moids who’ve said the same things these women say (Ex. Jordan Peterson) are still platformed and earning millions while banned radfems are spammed with death/rape threats and hate mobs, so I guess they come here because their justified misandry and criticism of trannydom and patriarchy is more receptive here than on social media. Not their fault, plus I think it’s a natural progression that this site would adopt some form of feminist political ideology, you’re actually allowed to criticize and make fun of delusional trannies here, everywhere else even on 4chan it’s a huge tranny celebration festival because tranny is another porn category that men are eager to integrate into mainstream society so no one can question them anymore. I mean even at the root level this isn’t a “radfem” site but it’s a more welcoming space than other places tbh

No. 1936739

>But things like the Copernican Revolution were indigenous.
agreed. however, the “scientific revolution” encompasses more than that. during the renaissance, older scientific texts from the arab “golden age” were translated from arabic and circulated throughout renaissance europe. I believe the greatest arab contributions to modern science from this period were in medicine. however, based on my discussion with the other anon who may know more than me because she’s arab herself, the extent of these contributions are debatable, and I’m not an expert. this is just how I was just about the scientific revolution in my college program

No. 1936748

People don't understand how even just changing the system slightly will make sex worker non existent
Remove right to work laws, offer places that give free training on different short term trades, make minimum wage actually adjust to the price of living + rent control. Make laws making sure employers give fair hours, and for fucks sake remove ghost job postings and make sure employers have to legally hire someone for every job they post. This alone will completely remove almost all sex workers and trad wives but most people aren't ready for that conversation since they'd rather jump through hoops to blame desperate women trying to get by

No. 1936752

i don’t find alastor hot but he is fascinating and so much fun to watch for some reason. it’s like staring at a disco ball when you are drunk or watching the flames inside a fireplace on a cold night. he has 0 sex appeal to me but i find him so entertaining. he is so bouncy, the funky tacky design, the big smile, the transatlantic accent… he is just so fun.

No. 1936758

The true answer is that there is no such thing as a "scientific revolution". The way we're taught the scientific method at school is a total lie, nothing like that sprung up and became widespread. And it's full of nonsense as well, why exactly do you need a "hypothesis" to test something? You don't, you can have no hypothesis and still go through with it all the same. The charts themselves used to promote the scientific method can't even agree with the placement of the hypothesis. The causality assumptions the scientific method is predicated on go as far back as Aristotle, it's not from the age of enlightenment.

It's marketing done in the early 20th century by the "WAOW SOYIENCE" crowd to promote this trusted elite in labcoats that are morally and intellectually better than everyone else. It fed into the Technocrat movement in the 1950s, where these autistic engineers sat around sucking each other off about how they were the ones who should run society, because they're so smart and rational, completely without personal interests. It's exactly like Plato thousands of years earlier just so happening to come to the "rational" conclusion that philosophers like him should run everything.

No. 1936792

the bigger his dick is the dumber a man is

No. 1936795

Most men are stupid, this just sounds like a coping mechanism lol

No. 1936806

There are a lot of sex workers who don’t do sex work for money they just want clout

No. 1936807

Yeah a lot of onlyfans "creators" do it because people paying for their nudes gives them a confidence boost

No. 1936810

The most advanced medicine outside of China during the Middle Ages was Byzantine.

No. 1936815

The smaller a mans dick is the more evil, conniving, and obsessed with women's business he is

No. 1936818

tenacious d is really good. even their coomer jokes.

No. 1936819

File: 1711241676099.jpg (342.75 KB, 1024x1271, 1000003533.jpg)

Byzantine, beautiful gowns

No. 1936821

Excellent guitar, wouldn't call it an unpopular opinion I think most people just don't care about tenacious d

No. 1936854

I'm not saying it doesn't happen, from what I've seen most SWers are just desperate women, often time abandoned by their parents before they're able to support themselves or just being affected by the economy

No. 1936855

We became friends afterwards. Her family owns a tech shop and I go there when I need stuff fixed.
I'm asian myself though.

No. 1936864

File: 1711244726370.jpeg (521.17 KB, 1120x664, IMG_2858.jpeg)

I’m not usually attracted to scrotes who are old and balding but I’m into ruby frankes husband. He’s so innocent and ruby abuses him and that personality trait is rare in men. She pretty much kicked him out and he told him his job is to live far away from her and pay her bills and he did it.

No. 1936868

I was referring more to like actual street walkers, strippers, Craigslist panty sellers, happy ending massage ladies, etc. Some girls try to go after OF in tough financial situations since they get brainwashed into believing it's a fast way to make money, but a lot of women who do need money and are suffering from the economy get sucked into RL sex work. I definitely know multiple workers who wouldn't have even thought about it if it was possible to get a substantial job

No. 1936880

>He totally had no control over the abuse of his children
Sure thing…

No. 1936881

They're both ugly as fuck

No. 1936884

Ruby is a pretty woman IMO but she emanates pure Machiavellian wickedness and it distorts her features.

No. 1936886

kek hes bald

No. 1936911

Vegetables and fruits have simple sugar and fibers, so they're important as well. But I see your point. Though not all vitamins are present in meats and diary afaik, and some people are lactose intolerant or can get their hormones messed up by consuming diary.

No. 1936913

i LOVE plane food

No. 1936915

File: 1711250080387.jpg (95.09 KB, 894x898, moonface.jpg)

No. 1936916

He literally has the stereotypical karen haircut kek, its so bad

No. 1936917

seafood is the lowest calorie thing in the world but you feel so huge after. even if you pound down raw oysters and crab legs you're barely eating above 200 calories but i feel so fat after

No. 1936922

Anons calling other anons fat is annoying and unfunny

No. 1936925

Mia Goth?

No. 1936932

They might be high in protein. Protein makes you feel full.

No. 1936943

Junji Ito is pretty mediocre

No. 1936968

File: 1711256602219.jpg (40.28 KB, 640x640, ahh.jpg)

I wish the royal family would just abolish itself already and hate everyone involved but I kind of wish Kate and Meghan would leave their husbands for each other just so both sides can seethe

No. 1936983

these people are ugly as hell. inbred genes with a drop of spanish and generations of alcoholism and abuse.

No. 1937000

No. 1937008

Lesbians have it easier than straight women. At least they aren't attracted to their predators and can actually experience love(men arent capable of loving).

No. 1937023

>why exactly do you need a "hypothesis" to test something?
What’s the point in doing an experiment if you have no idea of what you hope to achieve by doing so?

No. 1937059

Joooooin uuuus theeen…

No. 1937061

You know you can write this down on AO3, nonnie.

No. 1937073

Blackpill-chan you always say the same thing with the same words. You're like a broken record.

No. 1937075

i wish nonny, i wish. I am roided so i would be such a good fucking butch but god hates me and made me straight.
i am not blackpill-chan, i just feel jealousy of lesbian anons because real men are so disgusting

No. 1937077

Sorry then. You all sound similar.

No. 1937081

It's not even a blackpill to be honest, it's just true.

No. 1937086

i want to believe female intrasexual competition is just a misogynist meme but celebricows thread and other stuff women do makes it so hard to believe sometimes. so that's my unpopular opinion that there's some truth in it.

No. 1937098

Women are socialized to be like that, it's sadly true.

No. 1937108

It isn't just a meme but at the same time, there exists competition between men too, it isn't just a woman thing. Though you could argue "bros before hoes" and how men support other vile men meanwhile women ostracize women who don't conform, but I honestly don't think it's that pronounced irl, and women are the first ones to help other women in need.

No. 1937118

>there exists competition between men too
i have never in my life seen an example of this. Men get angry if the fully caked thight clothes wearing skinny stacy picks chad instead of her, and instead of trying to be more appealing to stacy he just swallows in his misery and blames the world for not being naturally appealing to stacy.

No. 1937172

>meanwhile women ostracize women who don't conform

actually i was thinking about the exact opposite when reading celebricows thread and so on, women being absolute harpies towards pretty women lmao

No. 1937270

Hate how you have to preface every search for a horror manga with no Junji Ito

No. 1937316

i know a lot of women are insecure about it but i think that long torso and short legs are cute

No. 1937328

Love you

No. 1937343

Maybe not competition per say but they don't give a fuck about each other's well being. Maybe a little "go to the gym bro" or "nice job bro for two minutes of nofap" They also can't build communities without degeneracy involved, they all draw r34 about anything. That's enough for me not to be jealous of whatever the fuck scrotes have going on

No. 1937345

You're right that the competition just stays with him seething about the chad, how much the world owes him. and posting his face on some looksmaxxing sub asking how he can improve or if it's ogre for him.
Isn't the hating on women you think are better part of it? Competition or whatnot. I was also thinking about if a woman expresses wrongthink she's immediately cast off, or hating on girls who are tomboyish, don't shave, etc or just any way 'undesirable'.

No. 1937346

File: 1711291536796.jpeg (615.29 KB, 1144x607, IMG_0095.jpeg)

I hate Jeremy Fragrance, I have a sick feeling he has skeletons in his closet and has committed crimes against women, I don’t like seeing him as a meme

No. 1937348

I agree with you so much. And thank you

No. 1937349

>meanwhile women ostracize women who don't conform, but I honestly don't think it's that pronounced irl,
Only women have subreddits like this, though, to put other women down.
And yeah I know you said irl, but it doesn't matter really.
In men's communtities, they get along in spite of their differences, I've never really seen that pettiness because they weren't socialized that way.

No. 1937360

Women are more conformist than men and the social punishments are severe. Plus to a lot of women social death is worse than real death so these unwritten laws are important.

No. 1937363

His rec for Chanel bleu was great, my husband wears it and it smells fantastic. I feel like he's a closet homosexual deviant though, like enjoys getting shit on or something equally as disgusting

No. 1937366

Literally look at the nitpicking and infighting that happens on this website, everything feels so catty and like Nona's are just waiting for someone to word something that could be taken out of context so they can jump on it. I like lolcow despite that but holy shit some women here are nasty and rude for no reason.

No. 1937370

Nta but I feel like people argue more and are more toxic to each other on places like 4chan. Theres really no place women can go and just be a full blown bitch without being heavily modded and controlled. Anywhere that has majority women people have to act sweet and civilized towards each other and it’s annoying.

No. 1937371

I hate Irish men.

No. 1937374

If I were hot I would get a job are twin peaks or hooters. Those jobs seem like an easy way for hot women to make a lot of money because of tips without having to do sex work. I see nothing wrong with these jobs for women who want to use their pretty privilege to make money but don’t wanna whore themselves out.

No. 1937376

this is actually also sort of true, this is one of the only places you can be openly cynical and bitchy. but is also over emphasizes female conformity, correct opinions, being a girls girl, not thinking you’re special, etc.

No. 1937382

You can really see how female conformity works because bitches are on here are still scared of being judged or argued with on a completely anonymous website lol. Like imagine going on 4chan and trying to enforce the rules on other anons, I’ve never seen this happen on similar websites that are majority male. This website is one of the rare places women can be a little bitchy but you can still see the female conformity even on here.

No. 1937386

I agree with this.

No. 1937407

Same, they're so ugly and boring. They only ever talk about football and drinking. The thick farmer accents piss me off. (I like Dublin accents though.) God, they're so bland. It's like they're vegetables or something

No. 1937420

saging off of cow boards is so tryhard

No. 1937422

Boy cats are not more affectionate and loving than girl cats, but they are more unhinged which makes them funnier.

No. 1937424

I want to post without bumping the thread sometimes.

No. 1937440

squishmallows are the funko pops of plush toys

No. 1937453

No. 1937469

Nah not in today's world where people are having mental breakdowns over tipping

No. 1937471

He did get accused of rape by one woman, idk the details though. He stated he was sexually assaulted by gays as well.

No. 1937494

Companies not letting people use their phones when they want or eat is stupid. It’s too controlling and it’s like slavery.

No. 1937500

I had a place that wouldn't allow me to eat when I had low blood sugar so I'd just let myself pass out. Needless to say they don't bitch anymore

No. 1937504

if you're diabetic, you should sue

No. 1937505

I live in America where employers don't have to do anything or they'll blame me for not having a medical card (while they conveniently don't offer insurance or pay me enough for a doctor visit). America is 3rd world tier with workers rights

No. 1937507

Ive asked before if he actually raped someone and nobody answered me

No. 1937526

The food one I can see but the phone one makes you sound like a teenager telling its teacher detention is unlawful imprisonment.

No. 1937529

he’s probably a lying faggot who wishes a gay guy would assault him

No. 1937532

? Gay men sexually assault or come on very strong to other men just as much as straight men do to women.

No. 1937535

We don't even have workers rights. Most states are "At will" meaning they can fire you anytime for any reason.

No. 1937537

Damn that's intense.

No. 1937541

I agree. It's insane to me. I understand not using your phone on the work floor, but when there are zero customers, why the hell cant I check it super quick or answer a text?

No. 1937543

Nobody else even follows that rule because everywhere you go the workers are on their phones except maybe restaurants

No. 1937546

If someone works retail and looks at their phone or has a quick snack when there's no customers, then who cares but making it a right for someone that works in manufacturing or has a potentially dangerous job wouldn't work. There would be food over what ever was being made, more mistakes because they would be distracted by their phones and someone eating around dangerous chemicals or on a hazardous work site is obviously a bad idea.

No. 1937556

Yeah, it's really awful. There are many horror stories of people (especially) women getting hurt on the job and needing some time off and when they get back, they are let go almost immediately. It's even worse if you are pregnant. It's extremely difficult to prove discrimination. I had an old fart yell at me at my last job because he thought I moved his bag in the break room, when i didn't. I was 60 days into this job, but I still reported the incident and they fired me over him. He's still working there to this day

No. 1937567

Oh ok so he probably just had sex with a gay guy and said he got assaulted, that sounds more realistic tbh

No. 1937568

Unless you go back and shove a lawsuit in their face, you don’t even need a lawyer to do that either. Life hacks nonnaz

No. 1937571

Whats your deal, he was with a group of guys and they tried to heavyhanded pressure him into groupsex and he bolted. Truly you can't believe that gay guys are somehow different from straight guys? You think they've never raped before or just like flail their wrists when a guy says no? Kek

No. 1937574

I agree with this. Depending on your job, you should not have your phone on you for dangerous distractions. Retail is one thing, but working restaurant or working with machinery is different.

No. 1937576

No i don’t think straight guys can get raped, actually. Or any guy for that matter.

No. 1937578

samefag i probably should’ve mentioned im not saying gay guys aren’t capable of rape i’m just saying that usually guys want to have sex with any hole they can get and that was most likely the case here on both sides

No. 1937580

He didn't get raped, he got away. But saying gay men don't rape or attempt rape is insane, they aren't any different from straight men statistically and use party drugs etc to roofie and rape just as much. Like that guy from the UK who lured drunk straight men into his apartment and raped over 200 of them after drugging them and filming it.

No. 1937581

this can only work like 1% of the time. Majority of courts do not give a single shit about workers right and will tell you to shut the fuck up and find another job(while also doing nothing about indeed doom scrolling and ghost jobs that can make the job search process last years)

No. 1937622

i dont mean like taking it to a court and askingh for a lawsuit, i mean storming up in there and threatening to sue for discrimination. usually thats an easy way to get your job back because why would your boss wanna go on the stand and admit to the whole jury that he fired you just because he felt like it kek? even if you don't get your job back, you can still squeeze severance out of them

No. 1937625

>i mean storming up in there and threatening to sue for discrimination. usually thats an easy way to get your job back because why would your boss wanna go on the stand and admit to the whole jury that he fired you just because he felt like it kek?
serious question? have you ever done this before? I have on multiple occasions and they will do nothing, lawyers will blow you off and the judge does not give a fuck. I even had social workers on my side that didn't do shit. As much as I would love the idea of employers finally facing consequences for unreasonable firings the law protects them way mor

No. 1937639

yes i have and thats how i've avoided being fired from like 5 jobs LOL but this probably also only worked for me because i'm visibly disabled

No. 1937644

Being an ugly girl with a hot mom who made babies with an ugly man and you look like him and not her has gotta be a terrible existence. Especially if you have a hot mom who is still in her prime 35+ and the boys at school are comparing you to your mom and befriending you to talk to your mom. I bet girls like that have so much resentment towards their moms choice to breed with uggos.

No. 1937650

I highly doubt this unless you live in an extremely liberal area that cares about workers rights. In literally any other situation it's "too bad so sad, back to indeed shouldn't have been unlikable". I've even seen anons pull this card to other anons specifically to sex workers who rely on sex work because they keep getting fired or very poorly paid.
On top of that Americans are wayyy too at each other's throats and would rather tell people to suck it up or give bizarre and unrealistic advice instead of ever admitting it's the system that should change kek. I even had some retarded Republican moid to tell me to move to a different city and be homeless until I find work and then wash people cars in hopes of getting 25 cents, in which he claimed "you can buy a couple of clothes and food with that". Yeah, not even joking. Also seen people claim they made 7.25 min wage while paying for a 1k apartment all by themselves while going to school. The giving poors awful advice cycle never ends, in fact I'm almost certain listening to these "tough it up and do this you fucking retarded poor people!" crowd is what dug me deeper into trouble in the first place

Anyway I'm glad it worked for you but in reality employers are protected like empresses around here.

No. 1937836

Kek this reminds me of the anon that goes into threads telling poorfags to save 3,000 for a fixer upper house, only eat pasta every night, and said that "sleep is a luxury so just shut up, drink coffee and do housework all night after work". Unless you're getting advice from someone you know for fact has gotten themselves out of shitty financial situations don't take advice from anonymous morons who don't give a shit if their advice fucked you over or not.

No. 1937839

Sage for samefag but don't take advice from anyone who thinks you're stupid or is insulting you in general. Someone who thinks low of you will NOT give you good advice.

No. 1937840

If someone has a really pretty face as a child 98% of the time they’re gonna lose it after 18(for example Brooke shields). Usually those super angelic faced children grow up to be plain or ugly.

No. 1937844

I'm sorry but everything about how this is written sounds incelish

No. 1937845

yeah the babyface really does not age well, especially at ages 40 and 50…i feel so weird when i see old ladies with faces like infants that still have wrinkles

No. 1937847

Anon, if you think people are becoming ugly when they reach adulthood it's not because they're actually ugly it's because you're a ped-

No. 1937848

Nta but I do think poor people have an issue stepping outside of the box and trying new things. That’s the difference between someone who is going to stay poor and someone who will leave poverty is their ability to listen and try new things. Usually when you give any poor person advice they’re gonna tune it out and scream “lalal I CANT”, just because it’s a uncommon path even if the advice is given to them by someone who escaped poverty the same way.

No. 1937850

That’s not that I said. You came to that conclusion due to your poor reading comprehension. Have you ever considered trying hooked on phonics?

No. 1937851

damn, I haven't seen candle jack get someone in fore

No. 1937854

kek this made me smile

No. 1937856

I agree completely, the issue is that you see so much insanely crappy advice given towards poor people that borderline seems predatory, same tactics mlms use. Telling people to shut up and listen especially when people are given as bad advice as I've seen anons here give or like >>1937650 it's just gonna result in failure. It's like you have to search a sea of trash to find good advice. I have seen anons give good advice here like job corps suggestions or telling anons struggling to get good job security to get a union job. But I've also seen advice as poor as credit card debt, losing sleep and eating crappy and buying and equally crappy home, etc

Telling poor people to just listen to anyone that tells them something can lead to some extremely dangerous situations or failure, and they need to understand not everyone has their best intentions in mind and people who see them as stupid and not deserving of sleep, healthy food, etc doesn't care about them

No. 1937857

>Usually those super angelic faced children grow up to be plain or ugly.

No. 1937858

I never said everyone grows up to be ugly. I said kids who have those angelic doll faces like Brooke shield usually grow out of it by 18 and look totally different. Go back and read what I said again and try your best to comprehend.

No. 1937861

Nah she's kinda right, and I find kids gross. The kids who have babyfaces long after early childhood tend to have bloated pumpkin heads (I am a example of that)

No. 1937863

"I didn't say EVERYONE turns ugly as an adult I just said SOME people do"
Is Brooke Shields actually ugly or does she just not look like a child?

No. 1937864

*in adulthood

No. 1937866

I’m an anon who purchased a cheap home that wasn’t a fix upper and didn’t have a high down payment. Most poor people would say I’m a liar and I’ve had people come to my house and say I’m lying about owning it and I’m actually renting. Poor people can’t break out of the mind set that just because the poor people they know didn’t do it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

No. 1937867

Yeah… its pretty normal to stop looking neotenous as an adult.

No. 1937868

You literally posted multiple bills of repairs costing several thousand before your house even became livable. Stop inserting yourself into shit anytime poor people are brought up, at this point I'm just convinced you regret everything and are just trying to stroke your own ego about how much smarter you are than other poorfags

No. 1937870

I think most people who have model tier faces grow up to be ugly or plain and people who usually start off weird or ugly grow up to be prettier than those who started off with above average faces

No. 1937871

>I’ve had people come to my house and say I’m lying about owning it and I’m actually renting
Where on earth do you live where this is a thing that happens?

No. 1937872

What were the bills I posted? The only bill things I paid on this house was 5k to change the floors. Nothing was wrong with them, they were just ugly to me.

No. 1937874

>I'm so poor! But I did it with no help! Get on my level idiots!
>Teehee I also dropped 5k just cause the floors were ugly no big deal

No. 1937877

If you think 5k is an outrageous amount of money to have or save this is why you’ll be poor forever

No. 1937878

Trying to convince people you're rags to riches while treating 5k like nbd is exactly why you're a meme here now. Good job

No. 1937880

5k is not a lot of money at all though

No. 1937883

Kek I know middle class people who would barely be able to cover a few hundred ER visit or car repair, nevermind dropping 5k on floors directly after spending 3k and god knows what else just to make the floors fit the aesthetic. My mom gets disability and my dad makes $30 and even they wouldn't be able to cover that, especially not for aesthetic reasons
>Inb4 they're just idiots because..
Nope, their mortgage is reasonable, they never go out and I don't even know when the last time they brought new clothes are. You can't just use your magical budgeting powers to save up 8k and drop it likes it's nothing, especially 5k being for something so frivolous. Even if this was true an actual poorfag wouldn't treat 5k like it's nothing just to make the floors pretty

No. 1937888

It is to someone trying to give poorfags barely scraping by good advice. At least try to larp properly if you wanna be taken seriously. That's almost 2-3 months salary for poor people like who are you trying to fool

No. 1937889

They’re idiots for having kids knowing they’re poor. Another issue with poor people is they have kids and add more bills to their life they can’t afford. If you’re poor to survive you’re gonna have to stay child free but most poor people are just gonna cry eugenics.

No. 1937891

5k is life changing money for a lot of people. Fuck off.

No. 1937893

>$30 an hour is poor
Girl I can't kek

No. 1937894

Don't even bother, anon would claim those people are just stupid and should've just tried harder

No. 1937896

Unfortunately inthis economy 30 dollars an hour is enough to live ok as a single person but you won’t do that good with kids.

No. 1937897

A year's worth of your (claimed) mortgage is no big deal? Are you sure it's everyone else that's bad with money? Kek

No. 1937900

>hated by the left for muh white privilege that no amount of female suffering will counter
>hated by the right for being a feminist/woman
>everyone shits on you and it's ok
>fetishized by moids of all colors
being a white woman sucks politically

No. 1937901

But with your super smart budgeting skills they should be living in a mansion right? Kek
Also it's not like I was born yesterday, my dad's salary was upper middle class back in the day. How delusional do you have to be to think the economy stayed steady for the past few decades? Oh right I'm talking to the moron who dropped 5k on flooring to look pretty while insisting it's no big deal

No. 1937902

I hate how “pick-me” became an anti-tomboy slur. That word was for evil, delusional women who would sell their daughters into sex slavery all for a mans attention. One of the few words in the black community that actually acknowledged the insane misogyny in the black community

No. 1937903

5k isn’t a big deal to me. It took me 6 months to save 10k for emergency money and even I still consider myself broke because if someone really serious happened 10k ain’t shit

No. 1937904

Something really serious*

No. 1937906

Okay? Do you want a fucking cookie?

No. 1937908

You work at Walmart, supposedly was tired of paying expensive rent, despite making poverty money with what you claim was high rent you saved 8k and then another 10k while insisting that money is basically nothing? That makes no sense, unless you were on food stamps, Medicaid, etc idk how saving that much money would even be budgeted especially in the amount of time you claimed

No. 1937911

You had enough to put away a little over than 800 monthly for 6 months, all while paying high rent, and every else?

No. 1937913

Idk how it is in other states or cities but the average office job is 18 an hour and retail is about 16. It’s for sure possible to save 10k in 6 months with hard work here. It takes a lot of sacrifice but unfortunately when you’re poor you gotta suck it up and do what you gotta do.

No. 1937917

Let's say you work 18 an hour, that's about 30k a year, give or take a little less after tax
That's 2500 a month. You'd have to be putting away about 1600 a month to save 10k in six months like you claim. That's 900 left, minus 500 for what you claim mortgage is that's 400 a month left, minus another hundred for gas, electric, etc. how are you paying health insurance, phone bills, car maintenance and insurance, gas for work/transportation, and food? That's barely 13 a day left for food, probably closer to 5-9 after you paid phone, unless you're constantly taking out payday loans or living off of gov benefits that's not even possible

No. 1937918

She tells lies or lives with mom and dad

No. 1937919

Kek yeah, she's become a meme here basically for the same shit. Can never answer anons pointing out gaps in her story

No. 1937920

She said 10k in 6 months. That's a little more than 1500 a month.

No. 1937924

It's 1600-1700, while paying 500 in mortgage. That's like what, 200-300 monthly left over ? Not even including other bills like utilities and such kek.

No. 1937925

That’s why you get two jobs. If you find some entry level office job that pays 18 an hour, work that during the day and find some laid back job for night. That brings you to about 4k a month, save 2k and use the other half for bills etc. you’ll be at about 10-12k in 6 months. Once you get the money just quit the second job since it’s just some bullshit you don’t care about anyway. Like i said it’s not gonna be easy and most poor people aren’t going to be willing to put in that much effort.

No. 1937927

the 2020's have been wonderful

No. 1937928

So you make 15k? Now you're seriously not making sense. Saving up 1600 monthly wouldn't even be possible with 15k years since each month summed up would've been 1200

No. 1937929

I'm nta.

No. 1937931

That's great if you're not paying taxes, health insurance, college, etc do you even know how much places take out in tax, SSI, Medicare, etc? If you actually got paychecks instead of larping you'd know(infighting)

No. 1937934

English is the most retarded language ever, I feel like the rules of fucking Simlish make more sense than the rules of English. Not ESL at all, but I wish English wasn't the lingua franca of the world.

No. 1937935

Idk how it is for other people but my paychecks are 1100 after taxes, health insurance etc are taken out. Why is this hard for you to believe? Have you never worked?

No. 1937938

For most people gaining wealth has little to do with their own abilities. Being from a family that isn't poor and buying an asset at the right time isn't something most people have control over.

The world's lingua franca will probably be Chinese by the end of the decade.

No. 1937940

Kek this reminds me of when I was making 18/hour, 40 hours a week, plus a restaurant during the days I was off (14 hours shifts 3 days a week). My paycheck from my main job ended up equalling like 400-500 a week after taxes and I didn't even have health insurance or other bills besides rent. I made an extra 200 working at the restaurant and had fairly cheap rent for the area (800 monthly). If I were to save 1600-2k monthly I'd have to rely on food pantries or something. I can't imagine putting 2k away monthly while paying a bunch of other bills unless I had SOME form of financial assistance

No. 1937942

If you do this you will likely exhaust yourself to the point you'll end up with medical bills and then you'll be back at square one. It happened to me on a smaller scale. You can't necessarily grind like it's a video-game, life has a way of giving you surprise expenses that completely erase any progress you made on building savings.

No. 1937943

How much is your insurance and how much do you make? SSI and Medicare alone take out a few hundred nevermind income tax

No. 1937945

This happened to my husband's mom. She was all about "just work 3 jobs you lazy fucking idiots" just like anon, she fucked her back up and developed a bunch of other health problems from stress and now can't do shit but mooch of her parents while being bitter all day and has to beg her parents for McDonald's money. For some reason will still scream about how we need to get job after job. I foresee that future for anon kek

No. 1937946

Anon doesn't even understand exhaustion that some people are so damn exhausted they can't even do housework when they get home kek. I've seen her demand poorfags to shut up, drink coffee and do housework, cook, clean, after working a heavy job 14+ hours instead of just getting a 1 dollar burger or something. She doesn't understand hard work or the toll it takes on her body or else she certainly wouldn't be screaming in here how it's no big deal and that thousands aren't a big deal

No. 1937948

I would work all those hours and just quit when I got to my saving goal, take a break and find a new job that’s part time. Most other broke people would find my life unorthodox but it works for me.

No. 1937950

Where do you live where jobs aren't a big deal to get? Even Amazon and McDonald's job acceptance rate is less than that of fucking Harvard

No. 1937951

I pray you stay in good health and your body doesn't break something along the way. It's not always your choice. If I could go back in time I wouldn't work those extra hours because what I have now is chronic.

No. 1937953

Her parents are wealthy ignore her(infighting)

No. 1937954

In my state it’s pretty easy to find work and most places I work at have a high turn over rate because people come and then quit. So entry level office jobs, retail etc is always high wrong because no one stays at those jobs long.

No. 1937956

>work at have a high turn over rate because people come and then quit
Are you SURE that's the reason?

No. 1937959

I assume that’s the reason but I’ve never had an issue finding jobs. I’ve never worked in fast food though and I probably never would unless I’m extremely desperate. I worked at Amazon once but I quit. Like I said my life is probably different from other poor people, I consider myself poor but I have more than more people on my socioeconomic level.

No. 1937963

You can't possibly believe people just come in and quit for no reason lol. A lot of times due to right to work laws employers will fire people for a lot time, no reason and just mark that they quit to avoid paperwork/unemployment. During COVID there was a huge outburst of companies promising sign on bonuses and firing people before they qualified for their bonus. You refuse to answer any other question or holes in your story and it just seems like you're just stroking to stroke your ego about how you're smarter than all the other poors but in reality it's a competition between piss and shit. You having a $500 a month home and eating pasta every night won't stop the rich from fucking you over like everyone else

No. 1937966

Well if you want to continue living pay check to pay check and believing nothing is possible unless you have rich parents enjoy your life like that I guess lol(infighting)

No. 1937968

I live fine because I was smart enough to not listen to your advice. What works for you won't work for everyone else and sometimes can actually cause people to get in shitty situations. Have fun being stuck in a dead end career eating cheap crappy pasta forever just to show those stupid poor person you're a better slave than everyone else. There's a reason why smart people don't take advice from someone screaming about their damn head off on lolcow just shut up, work work and work and don't do anything else as if this is the Holocaust "work will set you free" . You're coping with something and I'm not about to get into whatever the hell is making you so bitter towards other poors who are on the same level as you

No. 1937970

nobody ever escaped poverty by complaining lol. waaaahhh they're rich and im not! its not fair!!!!! grow up

No. 1937973

Why would you need to eat only pasta everyday to not be extremely broke? Chicken, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, rice, lettuce, pastries etc are not that expensive for a single person. Also what is wrong with pasta? It’s good.

No. 1937975

File: 1711330173829.png (805.27 KB, 600x600, 1000000101.png)

See everyone? Just got my own cabin master gave me. If you put in all the extra hours for master, save your manillas and skipped your bread you could've been just like me. Just keep working lazy morons

No. 1937976

Yeah because the anon currently pulling these fake numbers out of their ass inconsistently is totally someone who escaped poverty and not a pathological liar

No. 1937977

ur gloating about living with ur parents until they die

No. 1937978

It's just an exaggeration, but the anon did admit to her meal plan which is mostly just pasta

No. 1937979

Only person living with parents is musk tier rags to riches larp

No. 1937982

lol I’m not shocked you’re accusing me of lying. A lot of other poor people in real life think I’m lying and claim I’m renting.

No. 1937984

Kek not you missing the point. You're still a slave and trapped just like everyone else. When you die no one cares you had the best cabin on the plantation because you worked hard and neglected your health for it, you never got to enjoy your life to it's fullest. You're on the same boat

No. 1937985

I don’t understand why people have an issue with eating the same thing everyday if it’s home cooked but are ok with eating the same thing everyday if it’s from a restaurant

No. 1937986

you tried to convince us people were coming to your house to tell you that you rent. how fucking insane do you have to be to convince any of us this is reality?

No. 1937988

Maybe anons schizo and was hallucinating all along

No. 1937989

I don’t need to convince you of anything. I’m just having a bored chat, you’re the one butt hurt.

No. 1937990

really? cause you coming out the woodwork to defend like your life depended on it and even posting your "bills" on multiple occasions could've fooled me

No. 1937991

>people would come to my home and tell me I'm lying and really renting
She absolutely is paying to own a house that belongs to a family member

No. 1937992

Are you even a woman(scrotefoiling)

No. 1937995

kek it was probably her parents coming to collect her room rent and she was convinced it was strangers who found her address somehow, went out of their way for the purpose of telling her a single phrase and leaving. makes sense to me

No. 1937997

I’m not defending my life i was just giving examples of how most poor people are stuck struggling because of their mentality and not wanting to accept or listen to alternative avenues of living

No. 1937998

That's not even remotely true you're just a bitch.

No. 1938001

File: 1711331159454.jpg (78.72 KB, 1080x1263, 1000003554.jpg)

No. 1938004

I mean it’s pretty true since you’re claiming 5k is a lot of money, you’d have to only eat pasta to afford food etc etc it’s all cants. If I told you right now you could buy your food cheaper at produce markets or meat markets you wouldn’t listen to that. There’s always alternatives for poor people to do live life better but they don’t listen.

No. 1938008

I don't think that is the case in many parts of the world.

No. 1938010

I’m in the USA so I can’t really speak on other countries. Poor people for sure have more options here than anywhere else.

No. 1938011

shut up

No. 1938019

You're still stuck on pasta but couldn't point out multiple people who pointed out obvious bullshit in your stories?
>See your numbers were inconsistent, you made an outrageous claims of people coming to your house to tell you that you rent, didn't explain your budget or bills whatsoever, etc

No. 1938022

I don’t need to prove if it’s true or not tho lol Im sharing my experience to inspire other poors

No. 1938024

>Im sharing my experience to inspire other poors
you haven't accomplished anything outside of proving further and further you're just lying. You almost got people with your first few sperges but you just end up lying more and more obviously and then instead of explaining the gaps you just claim everyone is just lazy. Yes if you want to scream at everyone else about how you're the better slave and they're just lazy at the very least answer the anons pointing out gaps or bizarre things you claimed like people coming to your house to tell you that you rent

No. 1938025

Ok well think I’m lying then I don’t care kek(ban evasion)

No. 1938027

Lmao this anon lives in Detroit in a shithole neighborhood. I remember her from other threads bragging about how she bought a house in a shithole suburb and that poor people just arent trying hard enough to own a home she bought for pennies (because its a shithole neighborhood).

No. 1938030

Poor people will spend 2k a month to rent in a shitty suburb tho.

No. 1938031

>I remember her from other threads bragging about how she bought a house in a shithole suburb and that poor people just arent trying hard enough to own a home she bought for pennies (because its a shithole neighborhood).
oh my god why is she like this? it's like she's trying to convince herself she's making it more than she's trying to convince everyone else. we got well off rich people pretending to struggle and struggling people larping as rich

No. 1938032

are these the same poor people stalking you to tell you that you rent?

No. 1938033

Doesnt change that your house is in a shithole neighborhood.
She posted a photo of some house thats 25 minutes away from her place as proof that the area isnt a shithole kek

No. 1938034

new proposal - permaban shitty house anon

No. 1938035

Idk because I never said anyone was stalking me or telling me to rent. Are you so mad that you’re making up stories now? Kek

No. 1938036

>She posted a photo of some house thats 25 minutes away from her place as proof that the area isnt a shithole kek
KEK. Every fucking disaster city has mansions 25 minutes away. Even Gary indiana has mansions 25 minutes away

No. 1938037

>I never said anyone was stalking me or telling me to rent
you claimed people were just showing up to tell you that you don't own and that you rent

No. 1938039

She conveniently ignored the crime stats I posted of her area last time she was sperging lmao I'm surprised she hasnt been mugged yet. There is a reason why her shithole house was cheap.

No. 1938046

I've never claimed to be poor, you're confusing me with someone else. But probably because people dont want to live in shithole Detroit in a shithole house lmao

No. 1938047

The shitty house anon has now been permabanned for ban evading on top of shitting up this thread. Stop infighting with them, stop responding to them. They are baiting you and it's working. Report any future posts of theirs for ban evasion and do not respond. Anons who take the bait any further will be banned for twice as long as usual.

No. 1938049

Now that's an unpopular opinion. Can you explain why you think so?

No. 1938051

I'm ESL and I LOVE English and its wild rules, because it reflects its history and stuff and I enjoy the linguistics of it and how "dynamic" it is. Compared to my static first language.

No. 1938055

anons will we look back on the 2020s like we did with our 2010s aesthetic? I'm scared, 2020s minimalism is the worse

No. 1938076

ridiculous isn't it. when you can get so much cheaper in the inner city

No. 1938079

It sucks and it all goes back to the idea of being seen as a symbol as opposed to being an individual. I know it can be difficult but we used to make an effort to do so

No. 1938090

God why can’t automation work already?

No. 1938092

I just keep quiet in daily life. I have a fake normie personality and keep my weird interests to myself. I have accepted the fact I will not find anyone who understands me in real life and the time period I wish I lived in is too far gone. I have no choice but to bite my tongue and wage slave

No. 1938096

Id rather have women like that treat their pets like that than an actual human child. Most people on earth are not built for parenthood and shouldn’t be forced into it for religious or economic purposes.

No. 1938103

There’s no place for a straight women who really wants nothing to do with men. It’s either force yourself into normalcy or be totally alone with no friends at all

No. 1938122

Because they take women’s rights and education very seriously. I know Israel has very real problems but Jewish Americans have the highest QOL on earth because they take education and connections seriously

No. 1938127

I understand why people used to hate in overtly political people and to not talk about politics at the table. I feel like all modern hobbies and scenes are tainted with the most uptight privileged whiners and you can be booted out for the smallest infringements but they have no problem keeping the worst creepsters aboard. As long as you say the right words in the right order everybody loves you.

No. 1938168

Anon is just venting about her backstabbing friend.

No. 1938171

I hope not, 2020s fashion and aesthetics are the worst.

No. 1938173

I miss the parapolitical leftists from the 70s and 80s. They did some great research.

No. 1938174

i love using the word gay as in happy

No. 1938175

i dont think there anything wrong with saying retarded things on a website thats built for you to lose brain cells

No. 1938182

>they really don’t give that much of a fuck about us as we do with them
Then why do they constantly come here, and other sites that are meant to be women-only, to shit it up?

No. 1938183

Then go post on an autism forum

No. 1938186

is that what your mom responds to your emails with

No. 1938197

Tumblr tier attempt at clapback

No. 1938199

go back to breastfeeding your goat

No. 1938233

Weird beastiality fantasy you have

No. 1938509

Fresca sucks!

No. 1938519

Is that not what this place is? I don't think anyone here is normal.

No. 1938526

File: 1711379641965.jpg (133.19 KB, 1600x800, 2x1_SuperMarioHub_image1600w.j…)

Mario games and the overall franchise is boring as fuck. I get it that it's a starter game for little kids but to this day, do kids even play with consoles? Kids are glued to phones and ipads, there's no reason for Mario to exist anymore. All the games, except for Odyssey for some little details here and there, are the fucking same, the designs has always been trash and it's not even fun. At least the Zelda franchise tried to go into a different path, Pokemon is doing whatever the fuck that is (even if open world games suck but at least is not the same shit) and Mario is just there. Mario fans are the Disney adults of videogames, it's pure retarded brand loyalty.

No. 1938560

have you tried it with gin

No. 1938571

unpopular opinion: only a moid cares this much about videogames.

No. 1938582

Nta but even if i only played Mario Kart i agree and i hate him and his franchise kek. I think Mario is genuely for retards and i hate moids who are into it but then again i'm pretty sure they are into it because they like to lewd Princess Peach since they were 7 or something.

No. 1938585

I'm not a gamer but I'd totally play the platform mario games again if a nintendo console magically made it's way into my life

No. 1938587

me too nonna, i love the mario videogames and since my brother got me the tiny super mario game and watch novelty thing, i have gotten addicted to classic super mario, right now im trying to beat the first mario without shortcuts (that's the only way the world select is unlocked lel)

No. 1938596

I was easily entertained by super mario 64, mario kart, and that one wii mario game when I was younger. It's weird if someone is still heavily invested in it when they're adults and should grow up.I think the most absurd is when they're still into Sonic.

No. 1938617

im so glad that adults who are into sonic have the stigma of someday becoming the next chris chan so they get spooked out of their obsession.
the most derranged mario adult is MovieBob but he is still pretty obscure to normies so liking mario as an adult isn't seen as bad as liking sonic.

No. 1938620

If you like platformers they're still some of the most consistent best imo. Plus if you like cute aesthetics the Yoshi spin offs are guaranteed fun and cute. Super Luigi Bros is legit weirdly hard and Mario Kart is probably one of the most fun racers out there to play in a group if you're not in the mood for a serious racing game. If anything they're also very adult-friendly since you can pick them up and put them down anytime.
They're certainly all-ages games but I don't think you can really age out of them because they're that enjoyable level of cute without being too mindnumbing. Serious games with plot aren't suddenly "adult" and if you chose the games clearly built for all ages than towards the younger demographics you'll still get the same challenge as with Super Meat Boy or whatever platformer you'd play just in their style. Arguably I've played more childish "serious adult" games than Mario through the years just because by trying to be adult it feels more childish.
Though I might be biased cause I got a DS emulator just recently on my phone so I've been playing Mario and Luigi Partners Through Time while on the bus. Also jailbroke my wiiu recently so Yoshi's Wooly World has been a fun play with my little (adult) sis and we've got a bunch of other Nintendo games on the docket kek. I've been having a blast with them but no idea about the recent Switch games but I've got a switch emulator now too so I guess I'll find out if the wii/ds era was the best and if I'd agree with you now once I've tried those.

No. 1938693

Drugs should be legal. Well maybe not stuff like opioids. But what is the matter with speed, you can give it to 12 year olds who have ADD like candy but responsible adults cant use it for fun? It is a waste of police resources to chase drug users or pot growers.

No. 1938697

The 2D Sonic games are icky. The 3D Sonic games up until Colors are good. As an adult, I still like them, I don't play them often though. The only good current Mario game is the Maker series and that's it. Mario Sunshine and Mario Kart Double Dash were the last good Mario games in my eyes.

No. 1938704

I’d like to have a child but I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I had a daughter. Knowing that she’ll have a miserable life and it’ll be all my fault because I put her there…I’d just feel horrible for causing all of her suffering.

No. 1938705

Yeah legalizing drugs sure does sound fun and everything but then you look at a city like Portland where you can buy MDMA at the grocery store while some guy aspirates on the sidewalk and realize it’s not all hunky dory

No. 1938709

>responsible adults
>responsible adults
>responsible adults

No. 1938710

If drugs were so accessible, more people would be killing themselves out of delusion for sure.

No. 1938727

I’m grateful that the government here has decided to rollback the idiotic decision to let everyone rot themselves with whatever drug they please. It is more than depressing to have to call the police multiple times a week because you see a body on the sidewalk that isn’t breathing. This isn’t what America should be like.

No. 1938747

Microdosing is an actual thing and various effects happen as doses of the substances change.

No. 1938763

Sims 2 and Sims 3 is boring and a bitch to play if you’re a brokie and don’t have a high-end gaming PC. I think a lot of people are unfortunately clouded by nostalgia and the fact that in order to play The Sims 3 you would have to not play with certain packs in order for it to run, it was also the victim of loads of micro transactions and was the same bland mess that the The Sims 4 gameplay and worlds has. I decided to play the Sims 2 and was incredibly bored because I could remove all my mods from Sims 4 folder and play the base game and get the same experience. I think all of the games are boring because the fundamental aspect of dollhouse/life simulator games is that you have to apply your own imagination and play adult dollhouse to make it enjoyable, you have to make your own stories, characters, and worlds to make it fun. You’re constantly made fun of for giving a shit about the aesthetics of your gameplay and it’s always targeted towards women who play the game. I don’t agree with the zillions of DLCs, the greedy and duplicative business practices but the current shit game will always hold a special place in my heart and I don’t care.

No. 1938765

File: 1711395603353.jpeg (128.41 KB, 704x1000, IMG_2014.jpeg)

easy solution, just play the OG. the best version

No. 1938809

based nonners

No. 1938829

I play the Sims 3 to this day and you do need a slightly buffer setup for it than an older gaming laptop, which most people played it on back in the day, but it doesn't need to be a high-end PC at all. You do need to cap the FPS and install core mods for it to function without imploding on itself. The problem for me is that after experiencing the open neighborhood, I can't go "back" to any other Sims iteration as my main game.
But I'm also the type of autist who'll change everything from their socks to their bedframe to the given Sims' "color theme" which would probably traumatize anyone with taste

No. 1938880

>Sims 2 and Sims 3 is boring and a bitch to play if you’re a brokie and don’t have a high-end gaming PC.
This isn't true. TS2 will run without issue on a 15 year old mid range shit box. All you need to do is use Graphics Rules Maker.

No. 1938951

It’s seen as a gotcha, as the one thing while women fail at

No. 1938960

But they have to deal with homophobia and a very small dating pool. Everybody has their problems

No. 1938965

i think you and your girlfriend or boyfriend should be able to make fun of and laugh at each other the same way genetic family members can like your brother or sister. its not healthy or realistic to have your ass kissed all the time, everyone needs to be roasted kek

No. 1938968

Beautiful people should only ever procreate with beautiful people. All uglies should be sterilized. I fully support eugenics, damn the economic consequences

No. 1938970

You need money to try new things. You need money to move out. You need money to go back to school. You need money for new equipment for new hobbies. It’s so easy to talk down to somebody to try new things when you have never been in that position. Like 90% of the advice for women is literally to whore themselves out. No thanks

No. 1938981

100 percent agree with this. if you cant afford a pet, don't get one. I had a friend get a dog after her divorce and set up a good fund me less than a year later because he had to have emergency surgery. It was embarrassing.

No. 1938983

I support eugenics in a way to have healthier babies and not tards. There are too many tards and autists in the world right now.

No. 1938985

Nah, men should kiss their girlfriends' asses at all times.

No. 1938988

Some autistic people are really into eugenics.

No. 1938996

I dont know if this is unpopular even but I hate when people say something is "cunt" or "cunty" its especially bad when men say it. I dont know why i feel this way.. its just an ugly word. Im not gonna get pissed at somebody for this but I will be uncomfortable on the inside.

No. 1939001

This is definitely not an unpopular opinion on a female board like lolcow. I agree with you. It's shit. The whole part of 'gay culture' or 'drag culture' makes it more sexist.

No. 1939002

It's annoying. Sometimes I get it but I've been called a cunt as an insult so many times I hate hearing it.

No. 1939007

ATA and i totally get what you mean. My bf spoils me but he still buzzes me sometimes kek, I think its sweet when we're able to make jokes about each other

No. 1939030

Jesus was a great guy and He was real

No. 1939032

i dont think this is an unpopular opinion

No. 1939036

99% of guys think it's acceptable to dunk on women, especially their partners so how is it a cute thing? I only find banter entertaining or sweet when my female friends do it, since they are more reserved.

No. 1939041

Jesus was the most perfect human. Choate in every way.

No. 1939057

..This is literally one of the most popular opinions in the world

No. 1939065

I'm not even christian, but Jesus seems chill af, and I would smoke a bowl with him.

No. 1939073

Jesus was gay and had a foot fetish

No. 1939108

i wiah i cloud get drunk with Jesus, he seems like He would be so much fun to ride a mechanical bull with. Or watch fail videos with.

No. 1939129

Woah projecting ideals onto Jesus? He was a carpenter not an OC

No. 1939137

carpenters can get crunk too nonnarita

No. 1939141

Almost as if they don't like the experience of being born autistic and wish they were normal

No. 1939144

ntayrt but eugenics is a good thing, weird people should be barred from babying

No. 1939145

hottie x hottie doesn't guarantee shit, a combo of genes could still produce an ugly kid.

No. 1939148

Jesus doesn't want to ride a mechanical bull he said to get a girlfriend and leave him alone

No. 1939150

Jesus never wants to be left alone he loves all his kids

No. 1939151

literally me. My mom could have married a literal millionaire but decided to pick my ugly deadbeat dad instead.

No. 1939154

Not you tho. I asked him

No. 1939155

Too bad I'm gonna worship Him anywas. You go king

No. 1939156

Ew simp. Pickme

No. 1939157

Not that way. Some do think their sperm is better than normal people's. They tend to be stemcels.

No. 1939158

Victorious was one of the best Nck shows

No. 1939165

Oh, then that's a bad thing. Reminds me of Varg and his "the Swedish man is autistic" tweets kek.

No. 1939167

Just reminded me that murderous faggot said soygoy

No. 1939171

you can join me nonnie cmon

No. 1939189

File: 1711431753762.jpeg (54.01 KB, 400x602, IMG_0044.jpeg)

This is what a dad bod is to me. No fatties please.

No. 1939191

you have the taste in men of a gay furfag

No. 1939193

I haven't seen a dad like this yet

No. 1939195

Stay fat and mad scrotey(scrotefoiling)

No. 1939212

love u

No. 1939268

People who believe in souls, but claim all living beings except for humans are "soulless" are fucking retarded.

No. 1939454

Fujos are like straight women-plus. I mean that endearingly but I find it funny when fujos are self proclaimed man-haters because they are the most men-loving women in existence. In fandoms they are the ones hating the female characters for no reason while acting like the male ones are the only ones that exist. They make everything in the media about whatever they ship the hardest. Pretty much every fujo I know has some kind of internalised misogyny and subconsciously worship maleness, it’s why nowadays the majority of fujos are TiFs who are so obsessed with men they want to become them kek, they see women as lesser. I used to be defensive of people who criticise them because anything that women and teenage girls liked is criticised but now I honestly agree that they’re pretty annoying and basically rot fandoms. I mostly don’t hate them though, they can be funny, but the ones who simp for old men and ugly men are so irredeemable. I just think it’s weird that respecting fujoism is being shilled as progressive for women or something when they - usually, not always - have some issues.
(I think there have been fujo discussions on here before because I’ve heard anons mention it, but I was not here so apologies if I’m repeating something already said.)(fujosperg breached containment)

No. 1939462

anime men =/= 3DPD

No. 1939470

I went to catechism school as a kid and I remember getting so angry at the teacher for saying animals don't have souls and thus don't go to heaven that I stopped going kek.

No. 1939478

Zoomers aren’t that bad. Almost everything people say about them was the exact same shit they said about us (Millenials) when we were that age. Like any group there are going to be retards and smart ones and ones that are just average, but because of social media we see the retards get highlighted the most.

No. 1939480

Boomers were right about "phone bad". We were just too prideful to admit it. Now, millennial (with terrible fashion sense) parents are shoving eye killers 24/7 to their kids. Seriously, I see this shit all times at malls.

No. 1939481

Am fujo and agree.

No. 1939484

If liking anime men is separate from liking 3dpd, how come straight women aren’t simping for anime women?

No. 1939495

Because they are straight. Liking anime boys doesn't mean you are a lesbian, it just means you are into an extremely idealized version of men that does not exist irl.

No. 1939502

Boomers barely even know that a phone can use the internet, boomers were the “TV bad” generation which was also kinda true luckily you couldn’t take your tv everywhere 24/7

No. 1939503

yes, everything you said has already been rehashed to death in this site. and there's a huge difference between fictional male characters and irl moids. collecting figurines of some animu character and writing fanfic about him is not the same as allowing moids control over your real life. the character is essentially a construct of your mind, you decide what to do with him. it doesn't have remotely the same implication as an irl relationship with another person.
even fujos/yumes who go to great lengths to devote themselves to a character don't usually do the same to 3d moids. usually they don't even give irl men the time of the day
some fujos go for characters they're attracted to, some go for characters they relate to, or whose story they find intriguing, or a ship whose dynamic they like.

No. 1939507

They definitely do. common simp targets include some character from madoka, the girl in evangelion, one of the sailor scouts

No. 1939580

high people can't consent, be aware of this.

No. 1939596

chatgpt ass response

No. 1939625

Utah is the Middle East for rich white people and Mormonism is their Islam

No. 1939632

It’s not that uncommon. I’ve seen a lot of women simp for girlboss characters or really just well written female characters that are relatable.

No. 1939633

I’ve never heard those women claim they were straight though…

No. 1939655

Anime men are better in every way possible, that's for sure.

No. 1939674

I always saw Mormonism as burger Islam.

No. 1939678

File: 1711476719691.jpeg (112.26 KB, 569x720, EE212AE7-2E81-416B-AB80-A74ECE…)

True Joseph Smith was literally inspired by Muhammad

No. 1939681

Yup. All the same shitty religions that control every aspect of women

No. 1939724

slightly chubby to chubby women (NOT obese landwhale) have an easier time finding a bf and usually have a larger pool of men to choose from rather than skinny women

No. 1939726

that quote is fake but there's still a lot of weird overlap with Mormonism and Islam, I'm saying this as ex ex-Muslim whose watched a few documentaries on Mormonism

>Both make a big deal their founders were initially illiterate, yet wrote their scriptures "miraculously"

>Both religions Initially started off from Christianity and later underwent significant transformations to establish them as distinct
>Joseph Smith's group faced exile due to their beliefs and relocated, similar to Muhammad and the early Muslims, their new locations attracted more followers, leading to a surge in their numbers
>Muhammad and Joseph Smith both made further modifications to their faiths and held positions of authority, passing on their leadership to pragmatic successors (Brigham Young and Umar)

No. 1939732

I personally think jehovah's witnesses is the western version of Islam

No. 1939734

Both of their leaders were polyamorous and pedophiles too.
I know quite a few JWs and I still think Mormonism is closer. JW is still quite nutty lol.

No. 1939744

File: 1711481470146.jpg (131.78 KB, 806x1200, dd32ebfad.jpg)

Really unpopular but Mormonism was unique as a white supremacist ethno-nationalist religion specific to the United States. It had its own style, aesthetic and feel to it, manifest destiny manifested as a religion.

Then in the 1970s it reformed and became just another generic evangelical church. It's sorta just boring now and not really a unique thing.

No. 1939747

Damn, really? That's pretty interesting. What country are you from? Because it's the opposite where I live. And in my dad's country apparently men are attracted to obese women, and some women there take these pills made for growing cattle

No. 1939749

You're 100% right

No. 1939752

I think it's a "grass is always greener on the other side," situation. If you're thin, you get denigrated for having no ass/small boobs, and if you're fat, you get negged for having a flabby stomach or saggy tits. Moids want a fat girl's ass, a skinny girl's waist, and a plastic girl's tits. They're retarded.

No. 1939762

I'm from a balkan country. Obviously fatshaming is still extremely prevalent, and thinness is still seen as the ideal among women however it's different with men. They tend to fatshame the most but at the same time they still chase girls who are on the average-chubbier side rather than thin girls. I've heard men say that they'd rather choose a slightly fat woman with a big ass than a skinny woman with no ass. Skinny women tend to be in a weird area where the other women envy them but men don't pay much attention to them (unless they have unlikely large boobs or a very pretty face)

No. 1939763

Not only phone bad, but many things boomers claim I agree with. Like how music went downhill with time, how lazy and spoiled people became, and some political views here and there. It's like I'm spiritually a boomer and accidentally got born in an older zoomer's body.

No. 1939767

Yeah, but what made me say that is JW have that cult mentality and teachings to them, keeping each other in check, cutting off anyone who leaves their cult etc. Islam does the same, except they cut the heads of those who leave.

No. 1939804

File: 1711485379648.jpg (94.13 KB, 959x1236, bfa.JPG)

Koreans are the ugliest group of Asians, so it's understandable why they're all hooked on plastic surgery and even after spending thousands they can only hope to look average at best.(racebait)

No. 1939809

I saw a clip lately where a guy was raging out about chubby women wearing tops that show any cleavage. In his mind they're massively showing off that they've got tits and they're not allowed do that because
>having tits only counts on thin women

Its my new fave retarded quote

No. 1939811

I really hope you don't get banned racebaiting, and while I'm not gonna comment on their racial looks or whatever, I do think they are among the most tackiest people in the world, everything korean I've thus read or watched has been so incredibly tacky.

No. 1939817

I feel so blessed being a flat average woman

No. 1939822

>Koreans are the ugliest group of Asians
I honestly think it's Southeast Asians.
t. SEAsian

No. 1939825

I think it differs from girls to women. Skinny girls/teens have it a lot easier to find a boyfriend while it's often near impossible for the chubby girls to find one. As adult men prefer curves it becomes easier for slightly chubby girls as they are now seen as normal and approachable. The skinniest ana-chan level of women now find it near impossible to find a boyfriend. And for the ones who as teen girls were seen as the attractive one simply because they were the skinny one suddenly have to rely on their adult face, which may not actually be attractive. And suddenly when being skinny isn't as important anymore the previously "undesirable" chubby girls are suddenly pretty women, who also likely have bigger boobs than them.

In every school class I've been in the skinniest girl(s) was considered the prettiest by both the girls and the boys, even though looking back objectively… they were not lol as adults some of them are frankly less than average looking, yet somehow they had all the boys after them and the cuter chubby girls had no one. I think teens are more susceptible to think beauty standards are "true". There's something about the undeveloped brain that attaches to labels to make out what is good vs bad. It's like they can't make out for themselves what they actually like so they have to rely on the social hierarchy to tell them until they're mature enough to know on their own. They're told skinny is prettier so they all believed it and it became their truth.

No. 1939827

I agree. Chinese people are the most attractive naturally out of all east asian, probably because of the genetic diversity.
KEK anon, you're not wrong tbh. They don't have an identity or style of their own and all their stuff are derivative of Japanese, chinese and American culture. I remember back in the mid 2010s there were culture wars between china and korean on who invented the hanbok or whatever it was called. But, there are 2 exceptions to the tacky stuff, "Iron Kid", a cgi show about a kid with an iron fist stuck to him a la omnitrix, and gives him an armour with martial arts powers. It's very cool, I recommend it. English dub is on nyaa. The other is "legend of blue", 2000s 2D animated show with fujobait and a good female character, but there's no English subs or dub unfortunately. It was very unique and interesting, where it takes place at a futuristic world where everything relies on sea transportation and water surrounds cities, and there's an agency that protects the sea from a mafia and they have submarine fights kek. And they're all looking for a legendary gold boat that has all kinds of treasures, and the only person who's worthy of it is the main character who is named after a real korean historical figure who was a huge sailor and trader, named "Jang Bogo". I'm guilty of liking some korean manhua though but I'm too lazy to recommend them.

No. 1939830

Agreed. In my country some men even prefer obese women to skinny women.

No. 1939840

Japan is so overrated as a touristic location. I think Thailand and China have more to offer.

No. 1939846

His eyes and nose were better before. I hate that one plastic surgery nose they all have. It all looks the same.

No. 1939848

I don't think he's ugly? He just has an underbite. He could have been really cute if he got that fixed. Right looks too much like generic kpop guy/male idol #5943.

No. 1939851

Only thing I'd go to japan for is authentic japanese food for a reasonable price, ain't no way I'm paying 15$ for 4 maki rolls that have mayo and cream cheese in them, which is the only thing all "Japanese" restaurants in my city sell. They overcharge and have the American versions of the dishes, it isn't worth it at all.
Nta but I agree, he also needed skin care and some kojic acid for the unholy dark lips, and to grow his hair properly since having it shaved increases its size and looks horrible.

No. 1939866

When you say skinny do you mean healthy slender weight or do you mean actually underweight? Because I've definitely noticed a lot of men are put off by the anachan look, it's basically only other women who find it appealing (which I wonder might be part of the reason teen girls go anorexic in the first place, to avoid gross moid attention after hitting puberty), but healthy-looking slim women are popular with guys. Though maybe some men view attractive women who are slightly chubby as being more 'approachable' than a thin attractive woman so they're more likely to ask them out or something

No. 1939874

actually wasn't there research showing that on average men are more attracted to medically underweight women? might have read wrong but it seems to vary immensely based off the country. also not condoning this, obviously if it is in any way true that'd make men seem shittier.

No. 1939902

File: 1711494469436.png (337.18 KB, 375x500, XiPvvkM.png)

I don't think it's ever accurate to label female rulers of the past as feminists. I'd go as fat to say that before the late 19th century there were no feminists, there were certainly women who sought certain freedoms, but their aspirations were not even close to equality or even liberal feminism, let alone structural changes of actual feminism .
I think the worst case of this is with Queen Christina of Sweden, everyone knows that she was a lesbian who caused a scandal because she didn't want to marry. People gloss over the fact that she was deeply religious, spent fortunes on various religious texts, gave up the throne so she could convert to Catholicism and live the rest of her life in Rome and yet really not a single modern telling mentions that reality about her, I actually think it's disrespectful to take away the genuine religious faith she had in her life.

No. 1939916

Id go Further to say that they get the best. Physically fit men, every time I see a buff or lean fit man he is joined by a woman who has rolls and a tummy and chubby thighs , they don’t even have to be that curvy with the big ass

No. 1939939

Men don't like nerd women no matter how much they say otherwise, the breast reduction girl from modern family is a good example, i was literally her and it was accurate for the first few seasons but then her character began getting hit on by sexy guys by literally just being herself.
That's not how real life works, the way this nerd girl that's is extremely similar to me is represented on this old fox tv show is really unrealistic!
I wouldn't have gotten breast reduction if my acting career was on the line, my well-being can wait if I'll make all that fucking money!

No. 1939951

Women who give birth should be ruled as mentally/physically disabled for the rest of their lives. The amount of women who are mothers and have birthed any children, especially scrote babies, their minds are probably metabolically at the same level as a serial killer when you think about. The amount of sociopathy and general disregard, lack of concern, lack of compassion, lack of understanding and foresight for other people just to defend your son should rule you incapable and unfit of ruling an independent, free life. I came to this final conclusion after watching a video about how women are attached to their children when they are born and probably for the rest of their lives and that’s how women are always stuck with the childcaring and childrearing in situations where she’s turned into a single mother and the nature calls the scrote to evade duty and responsibility. So take this natural process of bonding with your child (to the extent of defending them when they’re accused of DV, sex trafficking, rape, etc.) then nature curses you with the 50% chance of a male infant, the fact that it’s even more dangerous to birth a male infant, male infants require so much resources and attention even when they aren’t even sentient humans, it’s probably sucking all of those life-sustaining nutrients from the mom that relegates her brain to the only amount of logical brain power that you see in an anachan, your mental processes and faculties are slower and therefore your decision-making is less reliable. The fact that childbirth already is physically stressful and dangerous should tell you how much it chemically changes your brain and the fact that being a happy little barefoot mummy shitting out scrote babies is promoted and seen as the peak of human altruism should tell you why it’s promoted, it’s just like the promotion of fat women, it’s the make women less intelligent and more physically and mentally incapacitated. Pregnancy makes you less intelligent as a woman. So scrote mums should be barred from jury duty, voting, because if you defend and coddle your son to the death because society has been able to exploit that biological function where you put your scrote baby above morality and law, then… we’re fucked.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1939954

Marzipan is one of the healthiest foods for you!! Almonds lengthen and heal your telomeres

No. 1939957

remember ladies
>for fucks sake DO NOT reply to bait

No. 1939968

I think it would be nice to visit Japan once in my life, but there is only so much to see that hasnt been vlogged to death by weeaboo youtubers. I definitely want to see Kyoto shrines and other historical stuff in person, but I'm way more excited about visiting other parts of Asia.

No. 1939969

It shouldn't be considered weird or lesbian to want to basically marry your best friend. It should be just what happens when you find someone, regardless of sex, that you just love deeply. Why is it okay to say that you love a man but it's weird and everyone clearly judges you when you even imply that you love a woman?

No. 1939973

you know I’m absolutely right, that’s why I sure as hell don’t want to be pregnant because you turn into a male-identified tard that starts magically defending sex offenders and rapists when you have children, it’s almost integral to being a mother that you have to defend your awful scrote sons and even other people’s sons. even having a daughter and the fact she could become lost because the culture got to her, it’s truly not worth it, pregnancy legitimately turns you into a helpless trapped disabled retard

No. 1939974

If you are marrying a woman, you are a lesbian. tf is wrong with you? Lesbians already dont get taken seriously because of men and fake bis, but you really think a woman marrying another women shouldnt be considered a lesbian thing?

No. 1939976

I saw it and immediately reported it. Please do not reply to this bait, nonnies

No. 1939987

Just because someone else has vlogged it/been there doesn't mean you can't be there too? I'm not trying to stir up something I just can't really see from your perspective.

No. 1939998

Why would I have to make my chromosomes stronger? It's not like I can lose them

No. 1940008

Blondes actually don't have more fun. In fact, fun isn't determined by hair colour so much as it is by texture. Wavy haired people have the most fun, followed by curly, then by straight, and then by bald as last. It's not rocket science.

No. 1940009

That's not at all what she said.
Cause lightning can't strike the same place twice? jk

No. 1940015

lengthening your chromosomes can also lengthen your life!! cool isnt it i never knew we could regrow our telomeres

No. 1940016

Interesting. Where do you stand on people with very thick hair.

No. 1940018

NTA but the smartest ladies have the thickest hair to protect our big brains

No. 1940026

This is a cute theory anon but I regret to inform you that I have wavy hair and I'm the most boring motherfucker on Earth.

No. 1940027

Respect your elders died the moment the older gens dropped the ball and became more and more incompetent and objectively idiotic about important topics. It's always the stupidest fucking old farts and old hags too that demand agreement 100% of the time because they were never an example or an idol of a person to be when they were young, so they think maybe using social customs to force people into believing they're intelligent is going to work. Nah, kek.

No. 1940031

>Cause lightning can't strike the same place twice?
What's that supposed to mean?
Ooh ok! I never knew that. Im usually a pistachio person but I definitely should eat more almonds

No. 1940035

You're trying too hard.

No. 1940043

I think its just nuts/legumes in general, those pistachioios are probably just as good as almonds. I wonder if pistachio marzipan is a thing tho

No. 1940046

File: 1711502494034.jpg (2.71 MB, 3840x2160, from bill shakespear.jpg)

Picrel. Only the fun people will admit that they're boring; the boring people will die clamoring to claim to be fun.
I agree with other anon that thick haired women have big brains, but refer to my hair texture post for the level of fun that they are/have.

No. 1940051

I think I agree with you. But I’m not sure… I just think platonic legal partnerships should be allowed; if you sign enough papers you can get close but it’s not the same as essentially legally becoming family like with marriage. You can’t file taxes jointly no matter how many papers you sign even if you are supporting each other as much as a married couple.

No. 1940056

If you get mad at someone for not doing something and your method of telling them to do that thing was “no don’t worry about it you don’t have to” you are actually insane, you are not normal, you are crazy and I don’t care if all of society thinks this is acceptable, it isn’t and I’ll die on this hill.

No. 1940097

The "respect your elders" type of old person was almost universally a rebellious shitty teenager himself, it's the same arrogance on both ends.

No. 1940111

i love this post

No. 1940117

Nonnie, you are queer

No. 1940131

I think motherhood and learning how to love and care for a child can only make a woman smarter and stronger

No. 1940133

Tell that to my mom

No. 1940134

Best post of the night honestly.

No. 1940140

You are my favorite nonnie

No. 1940149

It doesn’t, you become a braindead disabled retard who birth’s anon #1940131, that’s enough to make an ancestor cry. I don’t see what’s wrong with stating the obvious about pregnancy, if women were truly not mentally disabled after they gave birth they wouldn’t even want to do it again but for some reason even after being crippled, helpless, and unintelligent for 8+ months women are enticed to risk their lives again by doing that horror show all over again, which is fucking insane to me. That is not a person who’s in the correct state of mind, I don’t care how much you want to ignore it, once you become pregnant you go full stupid that you can’t revert back to your natural ways. Having children forces you to live in an unnatural way that drives the female brain insane. You’ve practically bought into the grand conspiracy of intercourse that is only in favor of everybody else but ourselves and I really don’t want to be a helpless, braindead, mentally disabled and disturbed woman because of the affliction of pregnancy. The healthiest thing would have to at least let women have total full control over the world’s reproduction or plunging the earth into low populations, but there’s nothing healthy or gleeful with being saddled with kids and the post-care of people tending to your post-retarded state. Spooky and scary(ban evasion)

No. 1940163

It literally reshapes your brain and alters your brain chemistry permanently. You can tell who’s been pregnant and who hasn’t using only an MRI scan. It doesn’t turn you into a drooling retard but there is some weird hijacking/co-optopting/parasitism/antagonism at work. People get really mad when you point this out but I doubt the authors of the biology journals that talk about this are all evil antinatalists. I think we should talk about this more.(responding to bait)

No. 1940168

I've never met a single woman who's given birth who comes remotely close to anything you have described. Shut in NEET hands wrote this post.(taking the bait)

No. 1940172

Jannies are always quick to show up when you say something about men but the moment anons start calling mothers drooling retards they just disappear. Great work, team.(take it to /meta/)

No. 1940173

They did ban that anon though. I agree though, they banned me for saying an actor has gay face.

No. 1940174

If only that were true, it would fix my mommy issues and her atrocious decision making kek

No. 1940249

Depends on the situation. I've seen a lot of women get their shit together quick after getting pregnant. how do people even think mothers manage to become doctors, CEOs, lawyers, scientists, etc if they all just became vegetables after birth? These people must live somewhere where a baby hasn't been born for a decade cause everyone else can easily name mothers they know that are smart and successful

No. 1940298

File: 1711517707670.jpg (Spoiler Image,144.12 KB, 886x886, unnamed.jpg)

I'd date a scrote with a hair system over a bald one and if I had a haired man go bald I'd make him get one. Spoilered for puke balding

No. 1940301

I never understood why scrotes are so weird about being bald. If they don't like it, why don't they just get a wig? At least that shows people you care. Most bald people don't care anymore and that's a part of why they're so unattractive, besides the bald bit.

No. 1940302

wtf is anon supposed to like? Old man Cillian Murphy? Lol cmon

No. 1940307

and they always compare it to womens aging or something like ?? at least these moids have cheap and obtainable ways to fix this issue. the only way to "fix" the issues moids complain about is typically 10k worth of surgery and 6+ week intense healing process that requires boat loads of pain killers

No. 1940308

All the men I've seen who fully shave end up finding other ways to be confident than just some hair on their head. The ones who keep hiding it with bad comb overs always end up being insecure retards. They'd rather make quick comments on someone else, always. They should hurry up and embrace it or get one of the many hair fixings for men.

No. 1940337

Kek the first one is how my ugly scrote ex ended up balding once I left him. Evil people rot from the inside out. I'm glad hes bald.

No. 1940477

If i was a man i wouldn't give a fuck about balding. I don't give a fuck about it on men even as a woman. Who cares about hair? 13yearold me with a cute emo boy fantasy maybe..

No. 1940500

i don't care about balding either. it's just part of the aging process. what gets me is moids who go on about women hitting the wall while their own hairline recedes along with their testosterone levels

No. 1940687

It looks ugly. We're expected to go through retarded lengths to be considered "groomed", yet the baseline for moids is so low they can't even wash their asses properly.

No. 1940690

Men care about balding and it makes them go crazy. The solution is simple: use rogaine before it's a significant loss or wear a wig topper. Simple as.

No. 1940692

"Lack of third places" and "non-walkable cities" have been lapped up by American social studies students and commentary youtubers as the main reason for social isolation in younger generations, but it's such bullshit. I live in a big, walkable city full of hangout spots, parks and libraries (although I don't know how that even gets on the list of third places, since that's the last place you chat up people), and young people are absent from these places. Why? Because we have the inernet, people would rather watch shows and chat at home. Changing American cities like this would certainly be positive for the elderly and young families, but it has nothing to do with millenial-gen-z social isolation.

No. 1940694

Someone has never had their hand buried in a thick head of curls getting eaten out with ringlets wrapping themselves around your fingers

No. 1940708

stop telling us about your wet dreams, we all know you have a crush on Al Yankovic

No. 1940717

File: 1711555949398.jpeg (73.74 KB, 1078x787, IMG_1056.jpeg)

No. 1940720

i care because bald men are fugly

No. 1940722

balding men are living proof god is dead

No. 1940724

Shiiiit I thought straight hair people had the most fun they just have to add volume to their hair and brush it in 5 strokes poof leave the house

No. 1940728

OK, Delilah. Most women that want to live in long-term relationships make peace with the idea of men balding, because they must, but it completely changes a man's appearance. One of my tinfoils is that yellow-fever is increasing with younger women partly because they lose their hair slower/later.

No. 1940729

i agree, i have grown so hostile to this one bald whinny bitch on youtube that makes me think of all bald men as whinny bitches until i get to know them.

No. 1940732

This. The ones that just own it and shave their heads completely look so much better than the men that desperately try to hide it by using comb overs.

No. 1940733

Al has greasy thin hair that’s almost as grody as a baldy it’s got to be thick

No. 1940850

File: 1711561161335.png (622.21 KB, 916x722, baldie.png)

We should follow pic rel

No. 1940868

Anyone who hets pregnant and then uses "I couldn't do X because I had to take care of a newborn", INTENTIONALLY, should be ridiculed. Unintentional pregnancies are one thing, but the number of times I've witnessed from start to finish someone making decisions so that they can say "Sorry, I was taking care of my newborn" is startling. Do the project first and then have kids, since these people are so addicted to long-term investments.
I feel sorry for people being already pregnant and then being swamped with misfortunes. They shouldn't be lumped in with those women. Maybe it's all strawmen? Kids are a bad investment unless you have your shit together.

No. 1940870

once again, nonnarittes
>for fucks sake DO NOT respond to bait

No. 1940878

File: 1711562556053.jpeg (7.96 KB, 205x246, download.jpeg)

No. 1940882

people who get upset when their friends/non work related acquaintance don't immediately respond to their texts are selfish and have overinflated egos (as long as it's not a text about someone flaking on plans they agreed to)

No. 1940894

You’re going to get banned for having common sense. CC is so right, this website has been dominated by a bunch of nigel sympathizers nutting in them and in turn turning them straight retarded and incapable of truly living their lives to the fullest. Anons are strung high on full copium that motherhood is beautiful and aspirational when it’s the one thing that stops women from having a sound of mind and a healthy, organized life. Tranny jannies will be used against you to get you banned, as always. Reporting people and getting people banned while crying about newfags and twitterfags bringing that same behavior here is so hypocritical. Shutting down convos because they can’t simply just not read or click off the tab, so fucking annoying and are the cancer killing this site(bait)

No. 1941006

You will when they get their greasy head sweat on your face lol

No. 1941040

I know this may be bait but honestly I kinda agree because growing up my mother would always bitterly and angrily say that to me. She obviously regretted being a sahm that was fully dependant of her husband and when confronted about it she would often blame her kids (especially me, the daughter) for having to leave work or education. What did she want me to say? Sorry? Don't have children if your moid is useless and you don't want to sacrifice your time.

No. 1941052

being an abusive mother is not what the other anon is referring to, she's essentially baiting by talking down on all women who provide their undivided attention to their newborn, hence why she used the word specifically.

No. 1941057

ayrt Weird how this is labeled bait? I thought this was an "unpopular opinions" thread. I knew I'd get shit for it since I'm probably posting an Un Popular Opinion. I agree with this post to an extent. I'm calling it; not bait.
Don't have kids if your shit isn't together. Simple as. I'm legit confused how this can be misconstrued as anything else?

No. 1941060

That's not it at all. I'm literally saying that your kid is the cause of why you can't fufill your obligations. This is your own interpretation of what I was saying.
Basically creating >>1941040 's type of situation. Good try though. It's not the kid's fault they're born but holy shit do women of SPECIFIC TYPES do this and I hate seeing it happen in real time.

No. 1941064

We can scroll up and read your post, little man. Just stop trying already.

No. 1941071

I really like my appearance and I feel like it matches me. I can't imagine what its like to think you're ugly or hate your body or face so much that you pay someone to chop you up and throw away the pieces.

No. 1941084

That's not an unpopular opinion anon. It's just humble bragging. So, good for you?

No. 1941100

Relationships are kind of confusing for me. I always wonder: what do they talk about? What do they do? Don't they get overwhelmed with each other (especially if living together)? Do they hold secrets from one another? If so, how many? I don't know but having a partner sounds exhausting and you can't exactly ghost them for a few months.

No. 1941101

Extreme judgement just made it impossible to socialize. You say the wrong thing accidentally and people are ready to lynch you. Majority of loneliness has just been a self fulfilling prophecy for lack of forgiveness in this society

No. 1941108

I can't really understand being happy or okay with having a bad relationship with your siblings.
I mean, I get it if a horrible situation happens and you just can't justify trying to connect, but being drifting apart purely due to socialization seems sad.

No. 1941110

> what do they talk about?
> What do they do?
Whatever you would normally do outside work.
>Don't they get overwhelmed with each other (especially if living together)?
Ideally no.
>Do they hold secrets from one another? If so, how many?
doesn’t matter, you’re separate people internally.

No. 1941111

i've never found a relationship with your siblings to be necessary

No. 1941112

They need to log off.

No. 1941115

indoctrination of children into religion should be considered abuse in modern courts, and while people can believe whatever nonsense they want, they should be ridiculed for talking about it in secular spaces (outside of church)

No. 1941117

Agree. Impossible to enforce but agree.

No. 1941119

This and recording. Hard to go out and enjoy yourself in public when there's people candid filming randos. Nobody does anything fun anymore because they're too worried about going viral for being cringe or whatever and risk a bunch of internet sleuths contacting their job or visiting their house.

No. 1941120

I feel like most don't, despite what it seems like in entertainment.

No. 1941123

What if you have nothing in common or nothing exactly horrible happened but your sibling is not the nicest person in the world and certain little things eventually pushed you away?

No. 1941127

I'd probably keep trying to connect, or at least feel pretty bad about it. I wonder if I'm being old fashioned.

No. 1941129

File: 1711574477870.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1125x2121, 1711564968213.jpeg)

I think the Chanel Barbie clone aesthetic is cute. I wish I could pull it off but pink isn't my colour.

No. 1941136

In terms of best colours for cats: Calico extra based because they are all girls> Orange > Tabbies > Black > White > Tortoiseshell > Grey

No. 1941139

File: 1711575025533.jpg (148.04 KB, 1280x720, 1000002710.jpg)

hard agree, it's so feminine and luxurious if i had the money i would be one of those girls trust me.

No. 1941146

Love that off- white in the bedroom. It's so pretty.

No. 1941163

For me, it's calico, black, grey, orange, than any other color. But yes, calicos are superior

No. 1941167

File: 1711576320511.png (615.62 KB, 500x750, IMG_2811.png)

Black>>>>> grey > tortoiseshell> calico> tabby> orange> white
i dont' like it when they have pink noses idk

No. 1941175

idk if this is unpopular here but i find it odd that when a girl has "daddy issues" or hates her dad, the popular narrative is she's gonna seek out older men to fill that void and a lot of them use that excuse that they never had a father figure in their life and so they feel attracted to this older man which i can understand on paper, but i hate my dad and all it's done is make me find older men even more repulsive, not the other way around. if anything it made me grow up to dislike older men and feel more suspicious of them, not seek them out

No. 1941188

Jodi Arias was a huge pickme.

No. 1941192

Hard agree, her behavior in the interview was so cringrey like she was trying to woo him to get let off

No. 1941208

File: 1711578616431.jpg (32.34 KB, 450x300, 461511.jpg)

Colorpoint and/or lynx point are the best. Bonus if it's a tortie point.

No. 1941218

Orange tabby > other tabbies > grey/blue > everything else

No. 1941224

Same, the last two moids I dated were younger than me. I find old men extremely disgusting.

No. 1941225

I have always understood references to that type of girl's daddy issues as relating to the fact that her father was mostly not in her life by his choice or abandoned the family, not that they had a poor relationship or that she necessarily disliked him

No. 1941231

I guess there's different types of daddy issues? I can somewhat relate to the part where you overvalue the praise/recognition of older men (which I hate because I know that older moids tend to be especially disgusting) but at no point does it turn into a sexual thing for me

No. 1941245

I think the daddy issues is just an excuse women use after they date older men and he fucks her over and she’s humiliated so they try to use trauma as a reason they let an old man clown them. Those women would’ve dated older men regardless if they had trauma or not. Tons of men have terrible abusive narc moms but you don’t see them trying to get into serious relationships with women old enough to be their mom.

No. 1941256

File: 1711581884537.jpg (27.71 KB, 700x489, Tabby-Cats.jpg)

Brown tabby > Black > Tortoiseshell > Calico > Grey > Orange > White
Picrel is nature's perfection, the original cat color. I may be biased because my very first cat was this color though

No. 1941261

Calicos and torties are always very cute and sassy, very tsundere kek

No. 1941277

Attachment styles are dumber than astrology. At least astrology is fun and has a cool aesthetic and most people understand it's not science. People who are into attachment styles become armchair psychologists and it's fucking annoying. Ooooo you don't smile enough, can't possibly be a natural rbf you're AVOIDANT-DISORGANIZED and therefore TOXIC!

No. 1941301

Sounds like it hits too close to home kek.

No. 1941311

I work with a cat foster program and they call it "tortitude." While there are definitely extroverted, super-friendly tricolors out there, studies have shown that they are more likely to have that sort of "tsundere" personality type than others.

No. 1941327

Can I ask why is pink not your color? If you have light skin and brown hair, light pale skin blonde/light skin/ginger/dark brown/black hair, dark skin and brown/blonde/light or dark brown/black hair I think you can pull it off. I can only see you not pulling it off if you have red undertones to your skin.

No. 1941330

Kek it's just the same baiter going around trying to make something that's scientifically studied and written about en masse in the field of psychology seem "dumber than astrology." I don't think they know what attachment styles mean from their example. Weirdo.

No. 1941336

I would rather deal with a million astrology girls than a single psuedo-psychology moid. At least astrology girls know the reason why they feel a way towards you is usually ridiculous, moids will convince themselves bizarre theories about others in their lives and then justify it claiming "well I just know" and won't even try to find a logical explanation for their nonsense. Guess that's what happens when you live in a world where women have to go out of their way to prove every point but men can say weird shit and people take him seriously

No. 1941391

i think it can be both since i've had some annoying people tell me i have daddy issues just because i have a bad relationship with my dad. but people do say it for what you've mentioned as well

No. 1941559

this looks like a coquette bedroom

No. 1941593

Scientifically studied doesn’t mean much in a meme field like psychology, but even if the concept is sound some random on an imageboard isn’t qualified to diagnose you with anything so it’s silly. Sort of
like how everyone on Reddit sees red flags when you breathe.

No. 1941613

attachment styles dont sound like a real thing thats some tiktok psychology bullshit

No. 1941614

Have you ever read a psychology journal in your life?