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File: 1704752010301.gif (422.57 KB, 450x306, IMG_2558.gif)

No. 1844346

Do you have opinions on things that don’t belong in the vent or things I hate thread bc no1curr? Found some milk from a community that hasn’t been active since 2007? Is there a fight going on between two YouTubers who nobody but you has ever heard of? This is the place you rant about it.

Some topics include

>internet drama between people who aren’t milky enough to be personal cows

>vintage milk that you weren’t on lolcow to comment on, but bringing it up in the cows thread now is spoiled milk
>your strong opinions on mundane things that bother nobody else but you
>fandom/community drama from niche places
>the political climate of a country that nobody on lolcow would know or care about
>spergs on existing cows that would get you red texted if you said it in any of the cow/how you actually feel about cows thread (Use the catalog)

No. 1844360

This feels like a dumbass shit thread clone ngl..most of these things are already discussed a lot in other threads

No. 1844373

This is so interesting cause tonight I was wondering if I should make a more direct dumbass thread for dumbass opinions on pop stars or celebrities that aren't milk or on topic for celebrities

I will use this thread I'm just overwhelmed I've an outlet. Give me time

No. 1844388


The dumbass shit thread kind of gets flooded with shitposts and memes. This thread is so that the topics can be somewhat contained to one area. As much as I love ranting about shit no one cares about, lots of people hate that it leads to infighting and off topic discussion in threads that aren’t about that thing

No. 1844404

>spergs on existing cows that would get you red texted if you said it in any of the cow/how you actually feel about cows thread
Anon the how you feel thread allows those types of comments too, this feels like a newfag thread

No. 1844410

File: 1704756193408.gif (1020.14 KB, 500x281, 1000013219.gif)

I get that it was a dumb mistake for that anon to accidentally post her own face, but I hope she's not letting it get her down.

No. 1844411

I always thought the dumbass shit thread was meant for shitposts and memes, so I agree this is probably a more focused alternative. I like this thread, I never know where to put thoughts on old or niche internet drama that don't really have a dedicated thread/are so irrelevant to the dedicated thread it would be a non-contribution.

Same, I admit I chuckled at the anons who gave her shit for it, but I do feel kind of bad. A sad rookie mistake.

No. 1844412

The monster high reboot sucks megaballs. The doll collecting community as a whole is filled with whiny sjw (they/thems and they/hes) wetfarts who will stifle any criticisms with accusations of being a bigot or whatever, and retarded misogynistic faggot men and there is an incredible concentration of these two types of people in the monster high doll collecting scene. And they will rush to call you a nasty bitter 30 year old (kek) if you don't like the reboot.

All of the things I hate about Monster High G3 (lore/character changes):
>Lagoona BLUE… is pink
>Frankie Stein is canonically an NLOG themlet
>Frankie is blue now…
>Frankie no longer has neckbolts because nickelodeon is a faggot company who didn't want to work with Universal
>Clawdeen is HALF werewolf???
>Clawdeen and Howleen are not related
>Clawdeen is now a loser dork
>Draculaura is a witch for some retarded reason
>Draculaura no longer has cute Romanian accent
>Cleo's not a bitch anymore, not very fun
>Cleo and Deuce no longer dating, therefore losing some of the punny campiness the original had
>Deuce and Clawdeen are a thing…?
>Cleo would not date Frankie, she would bully the fuck out of her for going by they/them KEK
>Mouscedes is back for some reason
>they made CATTY NOIR, an incredibly famous popstar in universe, a giant fatty for diversity points
>Ghoulia, the nerd, is now le epic skater gurl
>Ghoulia, the zombie, no longer speaks in zombie groans, and no longer moves slowly… like a zombie
>Ghoulia is green now, kind of fugly as hell
>Toralei is a rich mean girl…
Like it's so retarded.
Also the dolls are incredibly fugly now. The clothes, the fashion, it's all so cheap looking. They watered it all down in the most "grew up on tumblr and kweerio livejournal" millennial. I guarantee if Steven Universe had been canceled none of this shit would have touched Monster High.

No. 1844413

Anons I' sorry this is written retardedly but I am high rn.

No. 1844415

File: 1704756612520.jpg (79.11 KB, 720x580, LC.jpg)

Unless this is just someone pretending to be her for laughs, it got to her.

No. 1844417

the dumbass shit threads allow any topic, the absolutely retarded shitposting thead is the one that's exclusively for shitposts

No. 1844428

Playline dolls are always ugly, if it isn't kids buying them then it's people who can't afford higher end dolls so I'm not surprised it's most fakebois in their teens buying them.

No. 1844432

>playline dolls are always ugly
Disagree, there are no higher end dolls that really scratch the itch that Monster High at it's peak did. Nowadays playline is kind of at a weird spot. Not as bad as it was during the death of Monster High but it's weird.

Anyway most bjds that people buy are kind of skint and bland looking. Like why spend all that money just to dress it in some cheap mohair wig and yard sale moxie teenz clothes.

No. 1844433

I love Lucinda so much I hope she becomes healthy. I feel like she has the spirit and would be capable of becoming normal again weight wise

No. 1844435

The way they massacred my Lagoona…

No. 1844438

File: 1704758027419.jpg (2.35 MB, 3024x4032, mkeu6kv3ivq91.jpg)

The dolls are so overwhelming to look at now. This is so Justice circa 2012 to me.

No. 1844449

Some niche community drama I think about often because it was so insanely stupid is when "cottagecore discourse" started up on Tumblr, where a bunch of people decided that the cottagecore aesthetic (which was still quite niche and limited to tumblr at the time, this was late 2019-early 2020 before it exploded) was romanticizing colonization, and everyone who reblogged pictures of landscapes and farm animals and indulged in fictional daydreams of living alone in little houses with chickens were problematic racists because the teenagers wishing they could garden and bake for the rest of their days reminded them too much of American colonial settlers, regardless of whether or not any of those people were American.

(Admittedly, the aesthetic had drawn a sizable crowd of the tradwife/white supremacist freaks, but they were generally shunned from the wider community from what I remember and most cottagecore blogs were falling over themselves trying to prove they were pro-LGBT and not racist.)

It was pretty amusing to watch from afar (all the usual virtue signaling and "omg so problematic!" from the tumblr crowd), and as cottagecore became a mainstream thing the incredibly stupid thinkpieces about whether or not escapism through nature photos was ethical really made it special. It was especially great when indignant farmers (real ones) joined in on bullying the children and 20somethings and posted about how much their life in the countryside sucked ass and was so unfulfilling, which maybe said more about them than anything else. I remember seeing insane posts from people raging about it and how racist it was. Some of the people raging about it were pretty cowish tbh (i remember one going by the kekworthy url of cottageburner that seemed particularly unhinged), but I don't care enough to try and look them up. Did anyone else witness that shitshow or is this a little too tumblr focused?

No. 1844457

File: 1704759059065.jpg (36.92 KB, 640x480, anjnfsnasfa.jpg)

I had a decently big cottagecore blog and pulled the im an indigenous woman card to get out of the discourse.

Am I? Technically yes. But I don't have tribal affiliation because I'm from south america and my family are just fucking catholics lmao.

No. 1844458

Why do I always attract the opposite of my type? I always tend to attract black nerds and light haired yee yee country guys and not even cute ones, and they're the demographics I'm least attracted to. I feel like I must be truly doomed. every time a guy who's actually my type comes along he turns out to be deranged.

No. 1844470

File: 1704759592063.png (118.9 KB, 604x1308, Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 7.17.…)

holy shit nona I kekd. None of the discourse really never came my way since my blog was really small at the time, but seeing how much people twisted the aesthetic to make it evil and "rEpEaTiNg CoLoNiAl HiStOrY!!!111" was insane. People making posts like picrel without a hint of irony is peak tumblr.

No. 1844478

these "people" need to be conscripted first when the next conflict starts up
they are pollution, covered in skin

No. 1844483

How was the "wlw" being considered straight happen? Like, I actually believe that was a thing that happened cause tumblr, but what was the argument?

No. 1844486

IIRC, it's the "lesbians like cottagecore" joke being referenced by some nuanceless moron. I don't actually remember seeing anyone say specifically that gay women were required to like it, except for maybe stupid teens.

No. 1844489

>joined in on bullying the children and 20somethings and posted about how much their life in the countryside sucked ass and was so unfulfilling
This was always so annoying to me. For one people liking the idea of a simple farm life is not a new thing (Marie Antoinette did this) and two what exactly are they 'proving' by saying someone's animal crossing town isn't accurate to actual farm life? No shit it isn't, it's a video game that gets used as a dollhouse simulator most of the time.

Reminds me of some Mina le video where she complains that balletcore is racist because…more white women doing ballet pictures are on pinterest?

No. 1844490

>Forced hyper femininity
kek what?

No. 1844502

I originally defended her in a different thread but after I saw that I want to retract my statement because those posts were honestly just embarassing.

No. 1844523

Is it bad that I can’t think of any opinions I have that nobody would care about? All my opinions are based and true abs that’s my opinion

No. 1844529

the word valid has been completely ruined for me by gendie freaks. can't see it anymore without expecting the "uwu ur so valid for being a he/him/they/them lesbian genderfart! ofc ur self diagnosed DID and 700 other disorders are valid king! ur so valid!" the word has become completely nullified

No. 1844542

guess you could say its lost its validity huh nonnetta

No. 1844547

i twitch a little every time i read the words “parking validation”

No. 1844551

I raise you "problematic" and "empowering". Empowering especially sounds to me like a slur the way braindead libfems use it to justify anything form wearing makeup to selling one's body in an ultimate act of self-harm and destitution.

No. 1844561

The word ‘romanticized’ too, the zoomers in my english classes use it in every sentence when they’re trying to sound intelligent even when it doesn’t make any sense

No. 1844575

beauty and fashion is dead in the west

No. 1844578

I wish I lived in the 80s

No. 1844586

File: 1704765322052.jpg (6.99 KB, 300x168, index.jpg)

it's humanity's destiny to live smushed together in the megacities of the world like bugs

No. 1844606

I agree with pretty much everything (I just really like Frankie's design no matter the generation even if I hate that her bolts aren't there anymore) I hate new Lagoona's everything. Hate how Frankie is a themlet and canonically in a relationship with Cleo of all people. It's just badly written fanfic at this point.
I also hate Cleo's new design. I keep seeing people praise the new designs because they're "realistic" without acknowledging how bad the colors are, the fashion, and the makeup. Like holy shit the makeup and fashion are so bland and uninspired. Like what is up with Abby's outfit. She looks like she'd walk into a Starbucks at the Mall instead of a Coffin Bean at the Maul.
I know you say it's caused by Steven Universe's cancellation, but sadly this was a problem before with Mattel. Just look at how terrible Barbie is. Barbie is literally dollar store quality. If only Mattel had let MGA buy them out. Maybe we would've gotten at least 1 decent 4-year run of a new Monster High generation.

No. 1844615

File: 1704766331778.png (56.4 KB, 300x100, IMG_2561.png)

This milk is rancid as fuck, but I can’t discuss it in her thread or the “what do you really think about cows” thread cause I don’t really have a strong opinion on her as a cow, it’s more of just rambling and no1curr
I was not around during the time Venus left Margot, but from reading old ass threads, it was surprisingly hopeful and a lot of people were rooting for Venus. Ofc there were people concerned about it, but the vast majority were really happy that Venus got out of her abusive situation (don’t whine and say “but she wasn’t abused” she was, it just shouldn’t be used as an excuse for her bs). Hell, I still see this one banner (picrel) wishing her good luck in her new life. Kinda sad.
It’s weird to watch people lose hope for Venus in the old threads. Cause well into her bs, lots of people defended her bc “she was abused and doesn’t know how the world works, she’s in a new country and she’s still learning” and this is very true for maybe the first year, cause it’s a huge change. But after enough bullshit, people finally got tired of her dumbassery and started realizing that she’s a fucking wreck. I’m not really interested in Venus as a cow, more than I’m interested in lolcow slowly getting tired of her shit. I was not here for this time, but fuck, i wish I was.

No. 1844618

File: 1704766477635.jpg (133.59 KB, 1080x1332, g3-prototypes-v0-wv639uzz1gmb1…)

Ayrt, I meant that if SU had been canceled early in its run then the dumb, pointless kweerio livejournal millennial stuff wouldn't have touched Monster High kek.
I agree with you about Abbey, even though she's genuinely one of the best g3 dolls out at the moment. She's very pretty, but in comparison to the older Abbey it just feels like something is missing entirely. She's lacking something very crucial. It's like that with all of them.
A lot of G3 looks like it was inspired by Aliexpress listings LMFAO.
>If only Mattel had let MGA buy them out. Maybe we would've gotten at least 1 decent 4-year run of a new Monster High generation.
That would have been an absolute dream. The prototypes for g3 look like something MGA might have done, too. I really wish they went with something like the prototype dolls, I think they're so adorable. Frankie's is kind of lacking though, but that Draculaura and Cleo are soooooo fucking CUTE.

No. 1844622

File: 1704766730144.jpg (124.96 KB, 900x696, 1000013220.jpg)

Huh. Kind of funny that they made Draculaura the "thickest" one. In the original online cartoon, she (only losing to Ghoulia) was the most petite character in the show.

No. 1844626

It's to capitalize off of the chunky aliexpress egirls who desperately wish they could be her but miss the mark in every way.

No. 1844632

Have they ever shown prototype Lagoona? And yeah the Frankie proto has something to be desired. It's like the beginning stage where you can see they were going downhill. Also her oroto-head was stupidly modeled after the nlog actress that played her instead of doing something cute like Draculaura.
I mean out of the original lineup, who could they choose where people could come up with a decent reason for her being curvy so their decision could be justified? Deuce is a man. Cleo is a mummy so she's auto skinny. Ghoulia is dead and therefore auto skinny. Frankie is supposed to be made of perfect human parts and sorta dead/alive. And Lagoona is a swimmer. Clawdeen is a possible choice but also could've possibly promoted obesity in pets. Also Clawdeen was chosen as the MC and therfore had to be a nerdy relatable half-human (despite the fact that Draculaura is literally a vampire and therefore previously human as well as Ghoulia and Cleo unless they changed even more lore)

No. 1844638

File: 1704767753633.jpg (90.06 KB, 1080x1221, uqvra086q2ob1.jpg)

Prototype Lagoona on the right… she's a hot mess. I miss her blue skin tbh but those blue brows aren't very cute and those red shoes must have been a "fuck we forgot to put shoes on her grab the nearest sandal and take a picture quick" move.

No. 1844641

Samefag, but aside from that she's cute to me. I wish they gave her different eyebrows though. One second thought her prototype outfit is giving lifeguard so that's pretty cute.

No. 1844642

Aw I like her slimmer head. I swear all the gen 3 dolls have really wide heads so it would've been nice to have a slimmer one. And the jacket could've worked if her hair wasn't a thousand and one different colors (should've stopped at blue and blonde). Those shorts and shoes were definitely a choice. And despite changing almost everything about her proto design, they kept the blue eyebrows. I like her makeup though, it's better than the makeup we got.

No. 1844648

Nta and only tangentially related but the new MH dolls look way more coomery than they ever did before. I’m so sick of the fake fear of anorexia being used as a woke cover for peddling coomshit on children

No. 1844652

Oh god that reminds me of the coomers on 4chan's fashion doll thread that were all over Draculaura being "thicc." I swear it was the grossest shit. Literally left and never looked back after those Torelei pics were posted.

No. 1844666

Ntayrt, but what Toralei pics….?

No. 1844668

File: 1704769162323.jpg (120.5 KB, 1080x1128, kktt .JPG)

Not a cow per se but someone cow adjacent/always in the pastures who was fairly popular in Livejournal > Tumblr > Instagram and who made her family part of her “brand” recently got separated/divorced and I’m dying to know what happened. I’d also like to know if the guy she keeps featuring is her new boyfriend.

No. 1844691

It was a coomer reviewing the Toralei doll. It started out normal and I thought nothing of it. Then the moid just had to post pics of the doll with her microphone. Link attached for any nonna who wants to go on a deepdive of the gross moids that latched onto Monster High (warning for the gross Toralei doll pics)

No. 1844698

File: 1704770982991.png (418.92 KB, 526x419, got wood.png)

I'm addicted to hate browsing nlog hipster bdsm-adjacent sex worker twitter, it's so fucking gross and dumb and I can't look away. Some of it crosses over into the ftm thread and some could fit in the twitter hate thread and other stuff but I'd rather not derail those. It's not enough for its own thread either, most of the women are not really cows. The juiciest stuff is just grossout bsdm antics which isn't really milky. I just want to nitpick about their endless stupid photoshoots and dumb EARTHY ARTSY SENSUALIST, SKILLED CREATRIX OF EROTIC EXPERIENCES website copy and the complete lack of activity on their wishtenders and shit. Picrel: Example of the kind of promotional shitposts they're always making, not milky just stupid.

No. 1844713

This happened in the sims community. Some poor CC creator released a set of cottagecore CC clothes for TS4 and used an image of the clothing being worn by white and black sims in a field. She was railed by simblr because people thought it was a reference to slavery when that wasn't her intention at all.

No. 1844714

That was so insanely autistic. All moids who collect fashion dolls should be thrown into a deep pit. I'd prefer the catty fags to freaks like these.

No. 1844729

That chain necklace and that shaved head literally makes her look like a slave or a trafficking victim; which wouldn't be far off from how sex workers operate in sex industries.

No. 1844763

File: 1704773316499.jpeg (145.42 KB, 790x1000, 59ED8D5B-8730-49C5-8798-364B1D…)

the inuyasha reboot sucks. the following is my stoned ramblings about my thoughts towards the anime and what i would have changed about Yashahime.

1) Sesshomaru having sex with his 16 year old ward needs to be addressed. They have given NO justification for ruining a decent character with pervert shit besides the fact that ~he loved her uwu~. Such a cope, especially for a character who is barely warming to humankind via watching Rin grow up, I really don’t care that he dropped her off in a village for four-five years before they got together officially. Yashahime is such garbage fanfiction-esque writing. They took the fan favorite mysterious figure in the series and neutered him to make the pedo-washing tolerable.

2)He should have had an arranged marriage with a demoness similar to Kagura in my opinion and the series should have explored the lives of his full demon children. If he has to knock up his ward, for whatever reason, skip the emotional intimacy and make it strategic. Maybe he knocked her up to give her crazy powerful half-demon children to protect her so he could fuck off and do real demon business. Literally anything else would be better.

3) How does Sesshomaru even know Kagome has a brother, let alone entrusting his (essentially) sister-in-law’s family to raise 1/2 of his spawn? It makes nooooo sense it kills me. Just chuck them on Kikyo’s sister. Anything is better. There might be a plot reason one of the twins goes to the future beyond just repeating the events of the main series but it wasn’t a good enough reason for me to remember frankly.

4) Inuyasha and Kagome being robbed of the chance to raise their child is, imo, such a disgusting betrayal to do to previous main characters. It robbed me of breath to find out because it is such a fucking bleak premise for your nostalgia bait anime reboot.

5) just look at these ugly fucking designs. i want them dead. inuyasha’s daughter is fine i guess but the twins are soooo bad.

No. 1844766

File: 1704773406639.png (985.67 KB, 736x808, these are fugly sorry.png)

it's weird to compare decora (which is very tacky and ugly) to clothes that women who are actively oppressed and being sold off to men honestly but okay.

No. 1844785

>ghetto fabulous fashion
What? Is it just decora but appropriated for black americans?

No. 1844792

File: 1704774105878.png (1.12 MB, 728x818, Screenshot 2024-01-08 202338.p…)

The post is vague as fuck about what exactly it is, I guess according to this anything with a bunch of shit on your face is 'ghetto fabulous'

No. 1844796

File: 1704774180977.png (93.51 KB, 901x594, yeah I don't get it either.png)

No. 1844797

File: 1704774222399.png (5.5 MB, 1906x3000, tmp_WbjFn2_583c0a29adff4c85_Ge…)

I just believe that these posts are blatantly made for the hopes of being viral and becoming known for starting a discussion that nobody really needed to have. If you search Ghetto fabulous it literally looks nothing like decora, even when it borrows from from decora which has only been done a handful of times. Neither fashions look anything like what the Indian woman is wearing.
There's zero relation at all, it's only in recent years because some female rappers get sanrio nails or that one time Nicki Minaj wore a decora inspired outfit. Think the kind of stuff that lil kim would wear in the 90s or the film b.a.p.s.

No. 1844801

>If you search Ghetto fabulous it literally looks nothing like decora
All of the above are ugly, so I guess that's what they have in common.

No. 1844804

Wish I never looked at that

No. 1844805

File: 1704774482718.png (313.86 KB, 542x476, strip catan gross.png)

This is why I gotta rate the topic as No1Curr even tho I curr for some retarded reason. At some rate they've been sold a lie that this is empowering and not just fucking stupid, which is sad. Most of them must have other jobs but it's not quite a LARP because they're actually putting themselves in harm's way while fishing for free michelin star meals to check off their bucket list and taking part in disgusting bdsm nonsense. They're no Schadenfreude Shaynus. They're all 30-something urban millennials with liberal arts degrees portraying themselves as some flavor of your artsy classy woodnymph companion who loves the finer things in life. The aesthetics and antics are so deeply Millennial to the point of cliche it hurts my Millennial brain. The endless Urban Outfitters-coded boudoir shoots and lingerie, it's maddening.

No. 1844806

What the fuck is all this thread redundancy. Dumbass shit and mundane shit isn't enough?

No. 1844819

File: 1704774820121.png (2.93 MB, 1000x1414, bratz.png)

Seriously it just looks like Bratz Forever Diamondz fashion. The definition even says it comes from hip-hop so like Destiny's Child fashion. The closest I could see to decora would be the OMG Girlz but they just had loud colors.

No. 1844828

File: 1704775047870.jpeg (37.54 KB, 433x282, IMG_5470.jpeg)

Interest spergery: I wish Sanrio would do more with other characters besides just the mainstream ones. Things like Magical Twin Comets (the goth counterparts to the Little Twin Stars) or Big Challenges (the long unused crocodile who only reappeared in one of their games last year. I find unused or barely utilized characters with interesting designs to be fascinating and wonder why anyone scraps them

Similar goes for non-Sanrio obscure characters and mascots like Sweetypuss, who was created by the It's happy bunny guy.

No. 1844832

File: 1704775085314.jpeg (91.08 KB, 749x827, IMG_2238.jpeg)

Sweetypuss can still make a comeback…

No. 1844836

File: 1704775252073.webp (3.03 KB, 228x228, Sanrio_Characters_Shinkansen_I…)

I agree! My fav Sanrio deep cut is Shinkansen.

No. 1844837

>and wonder why anyone scraps them
I guess they just don't sell merch and they're not willing to give them another shot when they can just release a newer character

I'd like to see more stuff of cinnamonangels

No. 1844840

File: 1704775446975.png (1.06 MB, 1093x817, hanamaru.png)

speaking of sanrio, their new ghost character is so cute! All his merch sold out basically immediately though.

No. 1844841

File: 1704775511324.jpg (159.54 KB, 1200x630, rilu-rilu-fairilu-kv.png.jpg)

>Magical Twin Comets
Oh they're so cute. I didn't know they existed, but I should've guessed after Kuromi and Lloromanic there's probably more edgy Sanrio counterparts. I just want Rilu Rilu Fairilu to get more popular

No. 1844847

lmao what the fuck. thanks for sharing even though I probably shouldn’t have even looked

No. 1844893

kek that's so cute and reminds me of my favorite band.

No. 1844897

Imagine if they made a doll line of this, my wallet is in trouble.

No. 1844920

This girl loves The Dead Milkmen

No. 1844923

File: 1704779721155.jpg (722.03 KB, 1280x1833, 1000002453.jpg)

personally i love jewelpet it's one of my favorite sanrio franchises (along with sugarbunnies) but i don't see many people talking about it anymore.

No. 1844924

File: 1704779807419.jpg (6.84 KB, 160x160, 1000002454.jpg)

samefag but people only talk about the same jewelpet characters like ruby, garnet and sapphire. where's the love for luea???

No. 1844938

i want a crazy frog comeback

No. 1844940

File: 1704781724099.jpeg (221.99 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_5473.jpeg)

I love him so much, someone did a fanart of him next to one of the comets and I desperately crave more content

I used to have an obsession with drawing ghosts when I was younger so it makes him even cuter to me

cinnamorolls and lloromanic demons need attention. it's kind of baffling with the increased popularity of cinna worldwide that there's not more focus on the rest of the cinna gang

I need to familiarize myself with the jewelpets more

No. 1844954

Stupid stale milk that I'm writing out because I have no one to ever tell about this. I was part of this video game forum. They had a voting system as well as this feature where if you earn enough points from votes, you'd automatically gain some restricted editing privileges, the idea being that good contributors could help clean up low quality posts.
One guy had this ability and some powertripping mod was harassing him one day for no reason, so he just decides, screw it, and spam edited posts to show an image of the unjust treatment he received. Obviously he was banned and the edits were reverted. But for whatever reason, this was a big deal to people and spawned a ton of autism.
For one, some users who joined years after the fact, who have never even met this guy, would make posts WKing him and campaigning that he should be unbanned because "he totally changed! I believe in his heart!!" I have no idea why, but for some people he was like a martyr even though half of them didn't even know anything about him or his ban.
On the other hand, others were bizarrely fearful of him and constantly gossiped about him like some sort of ghost story. The story got insanely exaggerated too, with details about him being an illegal hacker who went rogue and broke the website after he was rejected by a mod that he had a gay crush on. It snowballed as this absurd game of telephone where people who don't know a single thing about this random user were tinfoiling and basically inventing fanfiction about it, and actually believing it.
For whatever reason mods on the website had a seething grudge over him and treated him like this Voldemort figure where you're not allowed to mention his name. One would even ban people just for being friends with someone who vaguely alluded to support for him, so random people were getting thrown under the bus for the weakest association.
I actually know this infamous user and would talk to him off-site, and even he has no idea why he became such a legendary and polarizing figure over practically nothing. One time he went back and made a bunch of duplicate accounts, not even doing anything with them, but people started crying and losing their minds over seeing his accounts in the user list, sending furious messages to him saying to go away and begging mods to do something. One schizo had a meltdown because he perceived one of the account usernames to be a specific, targeted insult towards himself (never mind the fact that nobody knows who he is) and everyone just went along with it. One mod also had a meltdown about how he was getting bullied somehow through all this and another mod had to step in and take control because he went paranoid banning totally innocent accounts.
The strange thing is, despite being totally unremarkable, there is something magnetizing about this infamous person that just makes you want to either alog him or adore him. Maybe it's just because this random cult of personality sprang up around him, but as someone who actually knew him, I almost kinda get it.

No. 1844969

I do survey's for extra cash, and I did one, it was about sex or something, when I finished it, like the last question it booted me out but the last page had a link to a cow's twitter on here.
So I was basically scammed by a cow? or whatever. This happens a lot though with Surveys and it's so annoying.
Yes I'm broke and a neet, but i made over maybe $700+ since November doing surveys on multiple sites. I just try not to think about how much time I'm fucking wasting and how little a hour a get.

No. 1845045

Does anyone else ever think about what it must be like to be a long term lolcow?

LC will have been around for a decade this year which means pixyteri will have been a cow for over ten years. Even lesser cows like Shayna have been discussed on this site for seven years which is most of her adult life. Imagine being a cow for so long that it becomes a completely normalised part of life.

No. 1845078

File: 1704791809390.jpg (2.57 MB, 3264x3264, evil bitches.jpg)

I watched a video on lack of female villainess in anime and then attempted to make a 3x3 for female villains in weeb media (including weeb stuff that isn't anime) and FUCK it was hard! Firstly I kept it to one per franchise as an attempt to not have Umineko take up the entire thing (since it has a lot of based evil ladies) and then to think of 9 that I think are actually well written (which was hard enough) to at the very least entertaining to watch (Yuno definitely falls into this category) took a hot minute!

What are some series with actually good female antagonists?

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