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File: 1711221812592.png (581.2 KB, 580x595, image.png)

No. 1936458

Don't reply to bait
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No. 1936473

nonnas im so depressed because in the last years ive let myself go. ive been constantly working and eating unhealthy. i got my blood tested and i got the results and theyre bad. i have several deficiencies, ive developed acne, my back hurts all the time and im constantly tired. im so depressed because i just keep thinking how i could let it come to this point.

No. 1936485

Men might want a woman they don't actually love or desire because relationships are convenient for them. It's your friendships (or lack of it) that actually shows your worth. Others are surrounded by people, even though they have nothing other people could use them for. This is because they're loving, fun and interesting to be around. I, on the other hand, have absolutely no one. No one cares whether I'm here. I'm not necessary. There's something wrong with me. I'm unlovable.

No. 1936488

Don't feel too bad anon.. your state is super fixable.. Look up stretches for (lower/upper) back pain, that should relief your back pain pretty quickly. If you eat better from now on you'll see your deficiencies lifting, especially if you get supplements to help things along quicker, when your deficiencies improve you'll feel less tired and your acne will probably improve from a better diet too. You don't have to feel shitty for long.

No. 1936489

File: 1711224131594.jpg (12.03 KB, 604x420, s.jpg)

I don't get people who try to spin suicidal thoughts into anything meaningful, helpful, or positive. "When you say you wish you were dead it's really because you wish you could escape your situation so just focus on what you can change and try to be positive uwu" shove it entirely up your ass. Sometimes you just sincerely wish you were dead. Sometimes there's so many things you would need to change about your circumstances to be happy, that it's almost as futile a thought as "just shoot yourself in the head".

No. 1936508

This is a beyond stupid vent, but I found this bee cookie jar from World Market that was literally perfect for my kitchen and they shipped it to me broken. It was the last one they had in stock. I'm so upset. I've been trying like crazy to find another one online, and it just doesn't exist anywhere else. I would pay a stupid amount of money for this cookie jar if anyone had it but no one online does.

No. 1936512

I’ll try to convince my moid to drive me to world market in a couple days and see if they have one for you nonnie can you post a pic

No. 1936531

File: 1711227209952.jpeg (29.42 KB, 410x400, 8F3F83DB-31A7-404E-835F-3B88DB…)

I spent all day today trying to find these vintage mermaid bath toys from my mom’s childhood that I always loved so much, before I moved I was planning to fix them up and display them, so I know I packed them! But now, 4 years after the move, I’ve looked through all my boxes (yes, stuff is still in boxes because I have no place to put the stuff I unpack) and I didn’t find them, I only found the one I bought on eBay to be their friend, but that one isn’t the special ones I remember from my childhood that belonged to my mom. I don’t understand why I can’t find them. I wasted an entire weekend day searching piece by piece, taking everything out of the boxes and organizing, and they weren’t there. I’m really sad about this. Once I found them I was gonna add to the collection because there are so many cute ones, I saw an adorable black mermaid on eBay and I want it so bad… but if I’ve really lost the originals forever, I would feel guilty buying other ones while my original little mermaid friends were abandoned somewhere… I know I’m far too old to be personifying inanimate objects, but I can’t help it. I feel terrible for losing them. I loved them so much.
(Picrel is just a random one I found online)

No. 1936538

File: 1711227612941.jpeg (183.14 KB, 941x1291, IMG_7313.jpeg)

I met a cute bisexual girl the other night at a party and we were talking over Snapchat when I got home. She called me “my love” and I told her she seemed really cool and I wanted to get to know her better. I messaged her again to say good morning and showed her a couple pictures of my pets and she responded pretty dryly. Then I asked her if she had any and she didn’t respond (it’s been a couple hours). Is this worth pursuing?

No. 1936542

Maybe she’s hungover

No. 1936548

I appreciate it, that’s genuinely really sweet. But I’ve checked online through a ton of different zip codes and they’re all out of stock sadly. I’m just going to have to religiously check eBay and Mercari until someone decided they no longer want theirs

No. 1936568

File: 1711228537723.jpeg (149 KB, 1170x484, 51AD1E22-B9D0-4829-B329-3DB628…)

Men being pro “sex work” makes me irrationally angry beyond a point I can even put into words.

No. 1936575

i'm genuinely envious of people who aren't affected by women and children being hurt just because those incidents aren't affecting them personally. i wish i could stop caring. especially with media, knowing the people behind certain works were groomers and sexual predators makes you wonder about the child actors they worked with. of course i don't know them personally but i still feel bad you know? it's even worse in some cases where people won't believe the terrible things these men do despite mountains of evidence proving it, just because the men were nice to them specifically. duh of course he'll be polite to a fan, that's his job. these types infuriate me the most because they make me feel like i'm going insane, they truly don't get the concept of someone pretending to act differently amongst different people, there's no other way to explain it to them.

No. 1936576

for all you know she's still sleeping, that's not that weird on a saturday after a party

No. 1936577

>Same if you're transphobic.

No. 1936583

it means they've probably bought sex and are trying to justify their disgusting abuse of women.

No. 1936609

Today I told my mom about the bunch of times I was isolated by my classmates when I was in school. It honestly feels kind of nice? I never told her exactly what happened back then because I didn't know how to tell her.

No. 1936613

File: 1711230673713.png (75.49 KB, 512x384, 0CFCA602-4631-4B5B-8511-E2FE78…)

My boyfriend treats me like a whore. I fucking hate it. I want to break up with him. He accuses me of wanting to show off my body when I wear leggings and basically talks down to me and acts like I’m trying to show off my body… I’m very physically active and fit and go to an all female gym for fuck’s sake. I never go out to bars and I’m a complete shut-in besides going to the gym and university. I have to dress this way or my movement will be restricted and I’m starting to hate this retard. I also just have a natural desire to be beautiful and I am simply not going to wear baggy, unflattering clothes 24/7 when I worked hard for this body as someone who was formerly out of shape (I think all fat nonas are beautiful too, it’s just that I worked hard for these personal fitness goals!) I want to stop letting this controlling man dominate my life, I want my life to no longer involve male approval at all. Please pray that I get the courage to break up with him and stop being a retarded handmaiden!

No. 1936616

Leave his ass

No. 1936617

Please dump him. Hes a loser who will never change. Men like this act like they’re soooo insecure but they just get off on control.

No. 1936618

Break up with him nona, he's a jealous and insecure fag. You deserve to live your life and do what you please. Never let a moid boss you around.

No. 1936623

Dump his ass, I hope he kills himself violently and suffers before dying.

No. 1936632

Why do I attract friends who constantly neg me and barely interact with my interests when I try to be supportive of them.

No. 1936639

Leave him. I'm sure you are a beautiful girl. He's probably insecure because he knows he's punching. Maybe break up with him in public because I worry a little bit about your safety and his reaction.

I'm proud of you, nona.

No. 1936642

Just do it over text. It’s what he deserves.

No. 1936647

I dated a guy like this and if you wear the baggy clothes it will not be enough he will start complaining about you going out in public at all and if you stop that he wants you to stop interacting with people online too
just fucking get out while you can, there's plenty of guys who'll treat you as an equal

No. 1936657

At the beginning of every new vent thread there is always some anon "venting" about a fake boyfriend with the worst shittiest personality for easy replies. And it works every time. I wonder if its the same anon?

No. 1936660

File: 1711232250897.png (585.7 KB, 790x990, 71599323_p6.png)

I've been completely mistreated by a friend i was extremely close for more than 9 years, it was like i was a stranger to her and now it's been some months since i've tried to move on.
I just feel like i want to forget everything, she was the only person in the world i really trusted and cared about. I don't even want to think of her in a bad way, i just want to really forget everything since there is nothing we can do to be friends again, she was like a part of me and i was ready for anything just for her, that's all. I miss the person she used to be, at least i don't feel terrible because i know she is happy in another way, but i just want to forget everything, i miss her so much, and i'm also still very hurt but i just don't want to cry because of her.

No. 1936661

He’s real, what the fuck would I even gain from getting replies on an anonymous website? How would anything feed my ego if it was a fake scenario? This isn’t a roleplay website. You know damn well women go through these experiences and they are common.

Yes, I’m realizing that the end goal is them completely socially isolating you and claiming it has to do with “making sure you’re safe from creeps” when they really just want to be the ruler of your world.

No. 1936664

>bf ghosted me on everything last month
>added him on an alt
>he accepted and responded to me
>also unblocked me on kik and accepted my discord friend request on my main
I'm going to get an explanation if it's the last thing I do. It's a game at this point

No. 1936666

I'm 5ft and I hate my big chest. I want it gone. They hurt, my back hurts. I just want to trade chests with an A cup or a flat chested woman. Get these off.

No. 1936668

File: 1711232837863.gif (339.32 KB, 498x281, ちいかわ-chiikawa.gif)

I know it could be worse but i just wish things were a little better. I feel constantly stuck in life.

No. 1936687

god DAMN am i sick of scrolling past the daniel larson thread on snow every other day. i can hide it but i also browse incognito mode so it always comes back. fuck that ugly loser, wish his thread was never made since it seems like just one autist comes back to update irregularly - who the fuck gives a shit about that ugly mentally challenged dope? what are we, kiwifarms? talk about easy pickings.

No. 1936698

Once you’ve got no friends, confidence, hobbies and self esteem left, that’s when they discard you.

No. 1936717

I’m so sorry this happened to you but I am thankful for the warning because I feel like this is what is happening to me. It feels like the more he exerts control, and the further I stray from the woman I was before his influence and control, the less he likes me because he resents me for being pathetic enough to obey… it’s so fucked up.

No. 1936723

>bisexual woman

Already over, they’re all too dick crazy to actually pursue a healthy committed relationship with another woman.

No. 1936733

I'm honestly not having fun around lolcow anymore. I feel like the nice fun anons left and we got a carcass on here, at least the website is doing okay

No. 1936734

idk about your situation because I’m a loser retard that has never dated anyone but i’m saving that picture

No. 1936737

Have you broken up with him yet?

No. 1936745

I’m having a girls night with my friend tonight and breaking up with him over text and blocking him while she’s there so I can distract myself from potentially coping my way out of it while I’m alone and being tempted to make excuses kek

No. 1936746

It's lc it's never been nice

No. 1936750

My dad is my number one hater. He’s constantly rolling his eyes and giving me dirty looks, he acts like a middle school mean girl.

No. 1936759

File: 1711238688096.jpg (8.27 KB, 200x248, GH77PwsbcAAGqT0.jpg)

I've been sick for the past week and a half, in and out of the hospital, and today is my husbandos birthday but I'm not drawing him a card because I have course work I need to do because I've been so sick that I've put it off and I need to do it otherwise I will fail this semester. Pray for me, please.

No. 1936797

My boyfriend has developed depression pretty suddenly since staring uni last fall and it’s really worrying me. Since the first day I met him he’s always been this always happy and unbothered person, in contrast to me who has dealt with mental illness for the majority of my life. He has been my rock to lean on since day one, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that he turned my life around by inspiring me to be more like him. I’ve always looked up to him and I still do. Now seeing him getting progressively worse is tearing me apart. I’m also very scared because I have no idea how bad it could possibly get.

No. 1936802

Are all lesbians this insecure that they can’t even hear about the existence of OSA women without freaking out? Obviously if there’s more het males than SSA women, statistically women will have higher chances of ending up with males, but I’m sorry you think females are so worthless that there’s no possibility anyone would chose one before dick, feel better.

No. 1936816

How is he so willing to accept random people adding him? I hope you find out what happened.

No. 1936828

same but my brother

No. 1936832

She's not really wrong, though. I think most bisexual women choose men. Subjecting yourself to moids does irreparable damage. No one is forcing bi women to date men, they decide it on their own. When given the choice between a man and a woman, bi women will pick men most of the time. They make that decision of their own free will. SSA women aren't hard to find if you actually want to date one. It's been my experience that most of the bi women I've met were actually straight, and call themselves bi because they have ffm threesomes with their cockmonkey. Recognizing that you're less likely to be able to have a serious relationship with a bi identified woman isn't insecurity, it's a suspicion rooted in common occurrence. Acknowledging that someone isn't actually attracted to women isn't insecurity either, what? Am I insecure if I say gay men won't date women either?

No. 1936833

She started typing to respond to the picture I sent her but then she stopped

No. 1936839

File: 1711243307185.png (76.55 KB, 275x155, 1700627350978.png)


No. 1936843

File: 1711243805577.png (107.42 KB, 960x960, yes honey.png)

Honestly all I want at this point is to be a recluse in peace.

No. 1936844

>feel confident enough to upload art online for the first time in a while
>"dude what is wrong with the (insert mistake) skull emoji" x5
You know I'm happy to get art critique if it's constructive but I feel like anytime I specifically post art anywhere the mistakes are treated so harshly and laughed at it feels like a gut punch. I'm not professional by any means but if I'm making fuck ups atleast tell me how to fix it as I cannot see my own mistakes… for now I gotta suck it up

No. 1936845

I'm sorry.

No. 1936846

File: 1711243911229.jpg (144.58 KB, 1200x1200, 1000003411.jpg)

Go where the money is

No. 1936848

File: 1711244012008.jpg (72.16 KB, 1290x1295, 1000003479.jpg)

Being able to experience love even after inhumane cruelty is a blessing. Cant wait til you fucking die though.

No. 1936856

My feelings for this guy I like are getting so bad that it's making me cry. I'm not a stacy at all, and he's definitely out of my league. Do I confess or do I try to get over it? It's been two months

No. 1936857

Become a Carmelite Nun

No. 1936875

File: 1711245381294.jpg (25.04 KB, 475x538, wtf_horn_by_jump_button_dcajfh…)

I wish he cared about me as much as I care about him
or anybody did, for that matter

No. 1936877

Girl get up. He's just some man.

No. 1936887

I can't sleep. I'm tired and want to sleep but I can't. Not even cuddling my purring cat helps.

No. 1936888

Sorry youre right im being so pathetic and retarded

No. 1936891

File: 1711247218943.jpg (24.67 KB, 563x549, 0de6cb8a64404a31ec479b47113810…)

my boyfriend's mothers treatment of me makes me so fucking depressed and confused and it just sucks so much, i really don't want to be that girl that accepts the 'shitty in-law' pill.
she's very cynical about relationships and love because she was in a super abusive relationship with my boyfriend's dad.
she's also very guilt ridden because she didn't protect her son enough throughout all of this and at times was also the problem, so this has lead to her just being so obsessed with absolving that guilt to make herself feel better but not what makes her son happy.

she has had a problem with every single significant other he's had, i'm not an exception to this.
even though all of his previous partners have been a detriment to his mental health in some way, she didn't care about that, she only seems to target nitpicky things. her son and i were unemployed for almost the same amount of time, even though i was studying full time and he wasn't. guess who she called lazy?

she thinks i'm a leech because i don't have a drivers license despite the fact that i never ask my partner to drive me anywhere, he likes having me in the car with him to help him look out for things he might miss.
i've had to hide the fact that i'm planning on converting to catholicism because she hates religious people. I got hospitalized because of my endometriosis and i have dealt with some debilitating menstrual issues that she just makes fun of me for and challenges the validity of it for no reason because she thinks i'm being a victim.
I still do my chores, work, study, whatever else even with my condition and i don't make it my business to complain about it.
one time i took my partner out for dinner to celebrate him getting his license and she sounded angry and made a really off handed comment about it over the phone to him.

She's insanely overprotective and has admitted to my face that she's jumping at the bit to fight someone (physically AND verbally) because of all of her pent up anger from all of the things that happened to her. The fact that she said that to me directly has made me super fucking uncomfortable and i'm genuinely willing to end the relationship over this. She's very mentally unwell but she seems to act like she's the only person who's allowed to be mentally unwell.

She's done some incredibly nice and caring things for me but in contrast to the mixed messages i constantly get from her,it doesn't change how i feel. I'm starting to get emotional-incesty vibes from it because she randomly said a few weeks ago that her son is the "only man in my life that i love" so i'm not feeling great about it. For all the nitpicky criticisms she has, anything good i do for him is met by silence or "well you should be doing that anyways!" She claims to care about me deeply and has a tough love approach but i don't really accept that. I don't deserve to be treated this way. I feel like i get demonized for being autistic as well even though i'm high functioning and have good social skills and awareness and all that shit.

I was literally one of their only supports during their DV case against his dad a few years back and voluntarily made myself homeless just to stay by my boyfriend's and her side, i feel like i've proven myself to be a good partner and she still doesn't care and treats me with suspicion.

My partner has been good about this, he's also frustrated by her behavior and has offered to talk to her about it but i told him no, because she's going to straight up explode over it and i'm setting myself up for more mistreatment so i need to think it over to figure out how i'm gonna go about it.
She's just an angry and bitter person by nature and i can't change that, nor will she change for me.
I've told my partner that if she keeps treating me this way that i'm going to leave, he was understanding but he doesn't want to lose me because he's told me multiple times that "you're the only person i've loved who actually seems to care about me and my wellbeing." and i can vouch for that, i knew most of his previous relationships and how they treated him.

sorry for rambling but i genuinely have nowhere else to post this.

No. 1936893

Ate too much chicken and got indigestion plus diarrhea all night. I still feel kinda ass, I'm afraid to eat anything my stomach feels sensitive still. I just want to feel normal again man I got shit to do

No. 1936894

Could you and your boyfriend cut ties with her and move elsewhere? She really does seem like a cruel person to be around, so I get your frustration. It's good that you are aware of the option of dumping him if this persists.

No. 1936903

File: 1711249127350.jpg (42.2 KB, 540x540, aaaaa.jpg)

I'm so sick of my friend bitching about her shitty life and neglecting to make any effort to change. She's been dealt a bad hand but some things are genuinely her fault but she has the maturity of a toddler so she refuses to accept any responsibility and resorts to begging for money instead of finding resources or accepting non monetary solutions.

I can point her to every solution in the world, hell even hold her hand or offer to do things for her, but she refuses to act, or she'll say she do it and then fails to meet deadlines or do paperwork because "muh ADHD" and "I self sabotaged because I don't deserve good things" or pulls out a bunch of other pop psych self-dx excuses, but never admits it's her fault. She's never going to change. She's been like this since we were teenagers. She lives in the moment and has no concept of thinking ahead. She needs instant gratification and if solutions require pain in the moment for later rewards, she doesn't do it.

I don't want to abandon her but her life's been a downward spiral of poor decision after poor decision and I can't help but just watch now. I can't blame her fully though because her dad is an abusive and manipulative piece of shit but she constantly forgives him and refused to renew the restraining order against him, then he went back to manipulating her. Everything is so, so bleak.

No. 1936908

Don't apologize to me just get up

No. 1936938

File: 1711253891884.png (115.35 KB, 248x275, C7162A74-CD40-455F-B5C0-F7DC13…)

I’m obsessed with a girl my ex seemed to be friends with after we broke up because I can’t tell if they dated or not. It seemed like she liked him a lot. My gut says they didn’t date but it stills messes with me. I don’t think he just hooked up with her either because he has massive mommy issues and gets attached really easily. He’s a massive people pleaser and especially goes out of his way for anyone he feels bad for, regardless of attraction. She’s not very pretty either, sorry From what I’ve seen he’s spent most of his weekends with his guy friends and whenever the two of them hung out it was always with other people and he always seemed to be sitting next to his male friends instead of her. When he started going after me he was pretty much glued to my hip. She also never vagueposted about them being together or at his house or his dog which she does with a lot of other things. She always seems to be alone on her days off. She posted something about missing a guy and it pissed me off for some reason. It just pisses me off because my ex has pretty much spent the entirety of our separation with people he fucking hates but acts like I don’t exist because he hates himself. Like I just don’t understand how you can tell me how I made you extremely happy but because that’s scary you’re going to spend the next year punishing yourself bending over backwards for people you don’t like and who treat you like shit. He’s a massive people pleaser who is creating a self fulfilling prophecy because he constantly pushes the people who care about him away while waiting hand and foot on massive losers who only take advantage of him. I think he’s really pathetic but I still pity him and wish he would come back and build something healthy with me even though I know he’s too far gone. I can’t get over him because he came in at the most painful and vulnerable time of my life, showed me real care and affection, and then just pulled the rug out from under me because he was “scared”. All I’ve really heard from the grapevine is that he apparently doesn’t do much anymore and is hanging out mostly with people he told me he hated. I know these people too and I seeing them hang out makes me want to a-log and tell them all of the shit he said about them but I know I’d just look insane so I just keep my mouth shut while I slowly die inside.

No. 1936939

File: 1711253984904.jpeg (83.45 KB, 1125x1093, IMG_5711.jpeg)

She didn’t mean anything by it but when I asked my mom what makes her feel most fulfilled in life she said her career when she was a nurse and not raising me and my sister. We’re both intelligent and positive additions to society, more accomplished than our peers for the most part. It hurt my feelings. I’m sorry mom no one at work will care about you when you’re gone in 30 years but I will.

No. 1936942

taxes are so retarded. only opening a Roth IRA to get my dad off my back even though im for sure dying/kms in this decade

No. 1936952

File: 1711254953795.jpeg (229.74 KB, 700x393, 1706396425814.jpeg)

Anon from >>1925335
I finally applied for it, all it took was distracting myself by filling the form out on my phone while cooking dinner. I'm surprised at how I didn't really feel anxious or excited after I was done and showed my mom, I got more excited thinking about writing this post and thanking the nonnies who encouraged me, thank you anons!
I know I'm gonna feel some anxiety if they actually hire me and I start working, but I finally did it after 2 damn months and 24 fucking days!!!!! I think the final push was seeing how my distant friend just came back from a meeting across the country while I was spending the time playing games. And yet with their debt and leadership roles and going on boats while in an expensive college, they've still played and completed more games and gone places than the actual longtime NEET. Every time I feel bad for the rage and jealousy I feel, I remember the moid shit he did, how his friends made comments about us kissing, moved their seats so we sat next to each other, looked surprised when I talked to other guys near him, etc. Like it was all a big ploy to "help out their boy" making me feel like a trophy to eventually be won because I'm a girl and exist around him. Well, still a khhv and will never touch him, but it's good jealousy and motivation bait to better myself.

No. 1936977

I just want to scream my lungs out so bad!!!! I feel like I’ve been holding in so many feelings and emotions recently. I’m so tired of everyone taking my time whether it comes to work or personal relationships. No one ever listens to the boundaries I set when I mention how emotionally spent and mentally drained I am. Then I push people away because I feel like that’s the only way they can understand I need my space. There’s times where I just cry on my way home from work and I’m just so tired

No. 1936978

considering she's his only parent left given that his dad is an abusive tard who wants nothing to do with anybody, probably not and i wouldn't want him to do that.

He does love his mum, and they support each other a lot so i've never considered the idea but i'd rather just leave than make as big of a decision as that.

No. 1936989

been there, she won't change and if it's genuinely affecting you or it's coming back to you in a way, leave.
don't feel bad for it, the only way she's gonna learn is if she gets a good kick up the ass in the form of realising that her friends won't tolerate her retarded behaviour. you're doing her a favour by giving her a reality check. she sounds dopamine addicted.

No. 1936992

as much as i hate life i feel something when i look at the moon. even though things went to shit very rapidly the moon is the only constant in life and it will be until i die. along with the sun but i don’t look at it for obvious reasons

No. 1936996

I love this, you're right

No. 1936999

I just want to die. I just want to die. I just want to die. I need a hug so bad I want to die

No. 1937014

i have all this anxiety and i don't know why. i won't stop throwing up. all the things im worried about i can't control and the things i can control are already done. so why do i feel this way? i haven't eaten a normal meal in weeks because i throw out all back up. maybe ill at least lose some weight through it all

No. 1937026

whats wrong? id give you a hug if i could nona
I had that happen when i was drinking like 200mg+ of caffeine daily.. do you drink coffee or energy drinks?

No. 1937029

I'm subhuman trash. I'm a shut-in NEET who pushed herself outside her comfort zone last weekend at an important event for a cherished friend and then got sick for two days after because I'm just so weak and unfit for life. The event was full of high-achieving and driven people in her life and I wonder why I can't have that energy. At least the physical pain and fever have subsided but I've been uselessly depressed ever since and gotten nothing I need to do done. Getting my limitations driven home by my body so tangibly right after being forced to interact with so many literal social elites is making me feel miserable.
And I need to find a decent job ASAP because my landlord wants me out in two months and my only other option would be going back to my parents which is an absolute no because they make me want to kill myself. I get so mentally ill when I'm living with them and hate the person I become. Not to mention I'm in a constant physical hell of joint pain for some stupid psychosomatic reason when I'm there too.
I don't know what to do. I go to bed every night full of anxiety hoping I'll wake up with the strength to do something for myself and it never happens. I'm scared. I'm at the whims of my body and when I try to push past that I crash hard. I'm not in control. I need help and I don't think anybody would believe me if I told them I do. Who would? "My body shuts down when I try to stop being a lazy piece of shit." It just sounds so conveniently bullshitty.
Whatever. I'll suck it up and hope something clicks. I've had miracle periods where I'm normal and I can live life doing normal things every day and achieve goals and shit. But it's never in my control. And somebody always pushes me past that and I break down again. It's so stupid. The last time, I was great for 4 months and then I was pushed into a week long trip and it destroyed me. I told my mother I was anxious about this happening and she told me that was a stupid concern. But it wasn't. I never recovered. It got so bad I was looking up how to kill myself every day until I quit my job and finally felt some peace for about a month. But now look at the situation I'm in.

No. 1937045

i drink one coffee every morning but no more. im pretty strict about it because of poor sleeping habits. i haven't changed anything recently either. this anxiety just started and now it won't go away. ive tried everything

No. 1937052

Thanks nonna, I would love that hug

No. 1937054

File: 1711269376066.jpg (430.39 KB, 2048x1365, is gonna be alright.jpg)

2 Timothy 1:7

No. 1937069

what does it mean if i wish i could take away the pain of everyone in the world and hold it within myself instead

No. 1937072

Why are you christfags like this stfu

No. 1937076

Thank you, that's sweet

No. 1937087

File: 1711273424667.jpg (126.45 KB, 1280x720, its gonna b okay.jpg)

No. 1937094

nta but come one, she was trying being helpful.

No. 1937100

I wish I could articulate better what rubs me the wrong way about it, but seizing someone's suicidal thoughts as an opportunity to preach "god's word" and rub your religion in someone's face is gross, condescending and uncalled for.

No. 1937101

I don't think she's trying to spread her religion, rather trying to give comfort that god loves them.

No. 1937102

This is a really weird way of looking at that post anon.

No. 1937103

I get it. Didn't even post whatever that verse said.

No. 1937113

He took off our relationship status on Facebook, it's over

No. 1937120

File: 1711277175631.mp4 (7.63 MB, 576x1024, ssstwitter.com_1711209052358.m…)

not to be mean, but i really struggle to understand why this happens so often. what possesses a western woman to carry herself to all these islands in the carribbean and african countries for random moids to "marry"? they all end up finding out the men already have local wives and kids. did these women just think they'd be worshiped over their race or nationality? moids are scumbags all over the world, ffs. these men in particular are happy to mistreat young and conventionally attractive women from their own country. a relatively wealthy first world woman is nothing but an easy mark, and it's even more apparent when it's an older or less attractive one. if you live in a nice country and moids disappoint you, it's time to look into other ways to find fulfilment in life.

No. 1937121

File: 1711277399729.mp4 (6.14 MB, 576x1024, ssstwitter.com_1711276780446.m…)

samefag, she has a daughter too. this shit can't be anything but embarrassing to watch a parent do. the moid that swindled her wasn't even handsome.

No. 1937123

Sexual attention from a man, thats literally it.

No. 1937128

Man not to be mean to you but this type of post would fit the dumbass thread better

No. 1937129

Its a vent, her post fits here

No. 1937130

This is so sweet I'm so happy thank you so so much

No. 1937131

How is this a vent

No. 1937133

it's venting about seeing women get played by men. it's insane and ridiculous to any normal person.

No. 1937135

ty anon, i saw multiple examples of this same story and i'm just sick of it. the dumbass thread is for light hearted shitposts iirc, so i don't see how it'd fit there.

No. 1937155

I learned last year that a former friend's mom passed away, and I can't stop thinking about how much she must be hurting. She had always been struggling with her father's passing back when she was 15, and now her mother passed away before she turned 30.
I don't want to reach out, I don't want to be friends again. We were close for many years but the way she fucked up not only me but pretty much everyone around her up to the point she became a very common topic in therapy for many of us (I still occasionally have her very mean backhanded compliments and bullying tactics playing in the back of my head whenever I have the audacity to feel good about myself) and from what hear through the grapewine she hasn't changed much. But my heart hurts for her from time to time. Despite what an awful person she is/can be I still hope she has a decent support system helping her keep herself together.

No. 1937163

My boyfriend’s dog has had diarrhea for days, and I’ve been up at night taking care of him. I’ve slept maybe 10 hours in 4 days and I feel like I’m going to have a nervous breakdown. In this time his dog has pulled me down the stairs outside and now I’m covered in bruises and scratches, and he goes out every 10-30 minutes because he can’t tell if he has gas or actually needs to poop. He doesn’t want to come back inside after he poops, and jumps on me and scratches me every time I try to grab his harness and pull him inside. He bit me one night when I grabbed ahold of his harness. He slips out of it sometimes and then just takes off running into the woods, so he’s clearly not feeling bad other than having to poop a lot. I’m just really at my wit’s end.
Last night was the most I slept in a row and I slept maybe 4 hours, got up this morning the same time my boyfriend did to the dog barking at the top of his lungs. My boyfriend took him out twice, I couldn’t go back to sleep but my boyfriend was trying to go back to sleep. The dog starts barking again as I’m just trying to have some sort of peace laying in bed. “Can you take him out? I’m so tired”. What the fuck do you mean you’re so tired? You?? You’re tired??
I know it sounds dramatic and maybe I’m just emotional because I’m sleep deprived and feeling sick from it, but this ordeal with his dog has made me rethink our entire relationship. If he was like this with a baby? I couldn’t imagine how it would be. I’m so mad at everything right now I just want to scream and cry.

No. 1937170

I just heard a moid saying that childless women should pay an extra tax for not having children and that would pressure them to find a husband and have kids. I hate moids so much

No. 1937171

Are you the one who posted the other day? Jesus Christ just dump him already. You spend most of your life nannying a fucked up dog you don’t like and didn’t choose to get. Why isn’t he looking after his own damn dog? This thing is scratching and threatening you and he doesn’t care.

No. 1937173

Please tell me you're not that anon with a boyfriend who's huge untrained dog has hurt you multiple times

No. 1937174

I bet he screams and cries about child support and taxes going to single mothers and families kek. Their tactic to force women to procreate is all stick and no carrot. They hate and resent our ability to give birth so much that it physically pains them to reward and appreciate women for it.

No. 1937175

She definitely is.

No. 1937176

womb envy

No. 1937177

I dont understand why you stay with him. Seriously, get a grip already and leave.

No. 1937183

File: 1711283688405.jpg (59.09 KB, 736x1174, GF1WghibcAUqg9K.jpg)

I feel bad about it but I'm starting to get sorta peeved about being surrounded by people with low self esteem. I think it's getting to me.

No. 1937187

Same anon, he’s a great partner in every other aspect besides how retarded he is with the dog. I’ve tried to give leeway because it’s his first dog, and the dog still is very young so I’ve been hoping he’ll calm down as he gets older. I just don’t know how to set boundaries within this situation because it’s new to me.

Is it fair to make the dog entirely his problem by refusing to be the one to take him on walks? My boyfriend is very adamant about not having anyone else train him, for a few different reasons. He’s way too crazy to go to someone else’s house and my boyfriend definitely doesn’t want a stranger over at our house. I don’t even know what “training” he specifically needs, he just has general behavior issues. I’ve never dealt with a dog like this, that just refuses and physically fights against you trying to give him commands. I’ve never dealt with a dog that I have to worry about hurting me. I just really don’t know where to start handling this issue

No. 1937193

I got no closure. He added me back on discord then deleted me again. I blew up at him on that acc and called him delusional and a coward for how he treated me.

No. 1937194

>emotionally abusive ex texts me
>"You look so pretty in this pic, how old were you here?"
>picture of some girl in her mid-late teens who vaguely resembles me
>wtf that's not me, where did you find that? who is she?
>"Oh I'm kinda faceblind"

Great so he's saving pics of random teenage girls assuming they're me. Piece of shit creep. My stomach's been in a knot for a day now. He loves "sweet and innocent" women. I was that, until he started emotionally abusing me for a whole year. Men love demure women they can use and abuse and ruin. Preferably as little personality as possible except giggling, nodding and smiling.

No. 1937197

Men never give closure, they're too cowardly to even break up with women. They just start treating you terribly so that you'll break up with them. Men are masters of slow ghosting/mentally checking out of the relationship. I've been there. You can try ANY kind of approach to get the closure you so desperately need, HE WILL NOT GIVE IT TO YOU. He's way too emotionally unintelligent to sit down and even just write out a text stating why he's done. But most of all, he doesn't give a fuck about giving you peace of mind.
>"It's a game at this point"
We're just playing ourselves doing that. They love the "crazy ex" clinging on crying for an explanation.

No. 1937198

>Is it fair to make the dog entirely his problem by refusing to be the one to take him on walks?
>He’s way too crazy to go to someone else’s house
But a dog behaviourist is specialised in handling difficult dogs with behavioural issues.. (You're also still walking him in public.. he can't be both safe enough to expose him to people outside but too crazy to have a trained professional who knows what he's doing handle him)
>My boyfriend is very adamant about not having anyone else train him, for a few different reasons.
Are there any other reasons than you mentioned?

If that dog is truly beyond training and there's truly no options available to have him trained, don't you think your boyfriend should be rehoming the dog? Shouldn't your safety be more important than the dog? Your bf is not being fair to you. I especially find "we can't have him trained at our home because I don't want a stranger over" to be beyond reason considering how severe the situation is.

No. 1937200

People are so fucking eager to talk about others' misfortunes to make themselves sound interesting. And then wonder why I don't tell them anything personal. You're oh so comfortable telling me about how your friend is detoxing and whatever personal details go with it what makes you think I'm too stupid to know you'll do the same to me? Privacy really doesn't matter anymore. I hate the idea of people that have never met me knowing my personal shit.

No. 1937201

Did you ever tell us what breed this dog is cause honestly that’s pertinent information you’re withholding from us

No. 1937202

>Same anon, he’s a great partner in every other aspect
He cares for neither your physical or mental well being. He is a fundamentally bad partner. Are you fucking insane?
>is it fair to make the dog entirely his problem by refusing to be the one to take him on walks?
if you stop doing everything for him, he will have to do it himself, and he will realise that he doesn’t like it and trust me; HE WILL FIND A SOLUTION. But it’s because he cares about himself, his own time and his own comfort. He has proven that he doesn’t care about yours. You are his fucking dog nanny. Please for the love of god STAND UP! I am genuinely enraged by your spinelessness.

No. 1937203

>Privacy really doesn't matter anymore.
People have always gossiped

No. 1937204

No, but I'm also curious now.

No. 1937205

WHO CARES? It’s a horrible fucking dog.

No. 1937206

I know, I'm just angry. I know the irony of bitching about this on a gossip site kek, I just don't feel like I can trust anyone anymore because they'll tell my shit to someone else eventually. It's part of life or whatever I just refuse to accept it.

No. 1937208

We live in an area with a lot of land so he’s never walked in public, that’s been part of his issue is that before I lived with my boyfriend he wasn’t really exposed to other animals or people. Now he’s too big and crazy to take out in public
Bernese mountain dog
I’ll try to have a serious conversation with him tonight about it all if I can actually manage to get some sleep and not be so irritable. It’s just been hard because like I said, his behavioral issues are so far beyond what I’ve ever had to deal with in the past. I grew up with literal pitbull rescues and still have never dealt with any dog behaving like this. My last 2 terrier mixes I had were full of energy and they were so much easier to manage

No. 1937210

i haven't attended my sport hobby activity thing in months and now i'm super ashamed and scared to go back

No. 1937215

He needs to be rehomed. It’s very clear that neither of you can cope with him. If you’re not gonna do that or dump your shit bf (who honestly seems like he does not care if you live or die) you better be prepared to shill out for a professional, and no bum ass excuses of “oh I don’t want a stranger in muh house!!!” So you enjoy being miserable and sleep deprived or what? Please I’m begging you just do something about it because if you come back here again whining about the same problems then I’m gonna get seriously pissed off with you.

No. 1937216

Ntayrt and I understand this but that kind of "bisexual woman" who only wants threesomes with his scrote or making him horny hurts "real" bisexual women too! It happened to me many times to get approached by some of them and when I realized they weren't interested in me for me but for their shitty fantasy involving their moid, I got hurt and felt as like I was only a "puppet". Fuck that shit. I don't understand it. I'm bi and I would never involve a man in my moments of intimacy with other women. Sorry for the sperg.

No. 1937218

are you guys going to try and turn this is into the dog hate thread and sperg about breeds? enough, who gives a shit? it could be a damn chihuahua, and at the end of the day, the anon would still need to leave the irresponsible moid who refuses care for his pet properly (or just rehome him with someone who will).

No. 1937220

>bernese mountain dog
Oh dear lord nonnie these dogs are walking medical debt and grief time bombs even when they’re the best dog ever temperament wise. They legit only live 6-7 years before inevitably dying of expensive to treat cancer. You need to dump this man. If you won’t you should contact some breed specific rescues because these dogs are not for first time dog owners and definitely not for anyone who is even vaguely strapped for cash or unwilling to put tons of work into the dog. And of course as soon as they’re adults they tend to get some aggressive form of cancer and die. I wish people like your moid didn’t exist cause this dog breed only exists because people keep buying them. They’re not inherently bad tempered but they are inherently genetically fucked up.

No. 1937221

>They legit only live 6-7 years
Well there’s a positive at least.

No. 1937222

NTA but seek help, no one wants to hear it lmao

No. 1937224

I’m sorry but this dog sounds like absolute hell to live with and it’s not like it’s happy is it? It’s a neurotic anxious mess that’s not being looked after properly. If it can’t be rehomed it needs to go to the great big dog park in the sky ASAP.

No. 1937225

If you fantasize about dogs dying, you have problems

No. 1937227

I'm just glad I told him off in a way he was unable to ignore. I know he saw it, the discord isn't blocked like he did to all my other accounts. I don't care if it's over the top and cringe he needs to hear it. Also the one time he tried to bring me for a gym date the gym said his account was defunct and we had to leave it was embarrassing

No. 1937228

Are you stupid or something? You think I’m getting off to the idea of the dog dying? It’s not my fault they’re inbred so badly they have the life expectancy of a fucking hamster.

No. 1937229

Nta but what other options are there to alleviate its constant distress and discomfort kek

No. 1937230

Unlike a hamham they don’t just drop dead either you have to euthanize them or drop thousands into cancer treatment

No. 1937231

This is only a valid take when applied to distressed/discomforted and sickly humans as well, kek

No. 1937234

I fucking hate how unhygienic boomers are. Just wash your stupid hands after taking a shit and don't give me a weird look when I caught you not washing your hands. Fucking gross reeeeeeeeeee

>My boyfriend’s dog
>Is it fair to make the dog entirely his problem by refusing to be the one to take him on walks?

Well, as you said. It's your bf's dog so yeah it's also his problem. You're just being a doormat for your bf and his dog in this situation. Leave or continue to suffer.

No. 1937235

I told my mom about being sexually assaulted now she's freaking out and wants the guys name and says I should never date anymore. I'm 29

No. 1937236

Who said it's your fault? It's just weird that you're happy at the thought of a dog that's not part of your life (and that seemingly no one has even attempted to treat or rehome) dying.

No. 1937237

Very considerate animals aren’t they?

No. 1937238

I’m happy at the thought of you dying simply because you’re fucking annoying.

No. 1937240

Like I said, seek help lmao. Your aggression isn't normal.

No. 1937242

Is it ok that i want to be a single mom? I hate men but i love children and i really want one. I would only have sex with a man so i can get pregnant and then id raise the child on my own. I dont know why people judge single moms, my mom got divorced when i was 10 and then she raised me on her own and her divorcing my father was honestly the best thing she has ever done, i have so many bad memories of him. also he never made an effort to contact me after the divorce.

No. 1937243

>be human
>breed dogs in irresponsible ways
>seethe at the dogs for not being "considerate" in their existence
I'll never understand some of you. Cause and effect? Fake news, it's the damn doggerino's fault

No. 1937244

ntayrt but no, she's right and you are weird

No. 1937245

I love dogs but I truly don’t understand why anyone puts themselves through the gauntlet of grief inherent to certain breeds, Berners being one of the most confusing ones to me. Like at least when a pit is a nice dog they’re generally fairly healthy other than random skin allergies and live to be like 15, and they do have a unique look to them even though I think they’re ugly and dangerous and don’t want to be around even the nice ones. But getting Berner from anywhere besides the local pound is a wild choice that screams to me “I can’t even do a basic google search about the dog breed I’m choosing” cause any rational person would read about their genetic health issues leading to a dramatically short lifespan and be like whoa, nevermind.

No. 1937248

>I’ll try to have a serious conversation with him tonight about it
Do that and don't let him walk all over you anon, stand up for yourself and assert your needs. And don't let him make his problem your problem.

No. 1937249

File: 1711287676327.jpeg (937.41 KB, 1170x1978, IMG_6627.jpeg)

Same! I really wanna live in a mommune. The way moids acted like this was a fate worse than death, this is literally my dream and seems like an idea way to raise a child.

No. 1937250

NTA, but it's because it's too easy to get dogs from shitty breeders and people are selfish. Propagating certain breeds shouldn't be legal, but people would rather ignore the problem, allow the trade to go on for $$$, never hold anyone accountable and either pretend it's a coincidence, or act like those dogs just showed up out of nowhere to torment people. In an ideal future, pet ownership would have much stricter requirements.

No. 1937251

I want this but without the baby part

No. 1937252

It was a joke you retard.

No. 1937254

Stalker ex has added my husband since he has gotten nowhere with trying to contact me.
Husband has deleted the add but holy fuck when will it stop?
Its been 4 years and I was sent a screenshot of him talking about dreaming of me 2 weeks ago.
Hes had a whole gf since 2 weeks of me dumping him.
I just want it to end already.

No. 1937257

Sure jan

No. 1937258

that's a boston marriage

No. 1937260

As a stalker ex I am not trying to victim blame you or say you even owe him this but you have told him to fuck off right

No. 1937263

Many many times, I figured he is trying to get a reaction from me so I have stopped responding altogether.

No. 1937264

nta but wow oh yeah anon, im sure he will stop if she just asks him nicely.

No. 1937267

It's not a good idea unless you have some kind of strong financial backing, like a job that makes enough money or offers enough time off to support having a child on your own. And you can't expect everyone around you to be willing to help either. I used to work in a low income area and there were a lot of young adults who kinda trapped themselves in poverty because they just wanted to have a baby without thinking long term about raising a human for 18+ years

No. 1937268

This dude has schizophrenia, if I'm remembering the story correctly. You can't just tell a schizophrenic stalker fuck off.

No. 1937269

She thinks her cutesy bpd hello kitty girl stalking is comparable.

No. 1937271

Youre correct, I am that nona who talked about it before. Its just neverending and I'm exhausted. Hes found out I'm pregnant, he knows the month the baby is due. I was tempted for my husband to accept the friend request and tell him to fuck off but I doubt that would do any good anway, hes trying to get a reaction so thats why we are ignoring here on out.

No. 1937272

Also no offence but maybe stop stalking your ex

No. 1937275

God that's awful.

No. 1937276

Just block him and ignore. You're egging him on by interacting

No. 1937278

How exactly am I interacting?

No. 1937280

Ok good I figured you weren't the type to abruptly ghost or block because that honestly brings on stalking and deserves it

No. 1937281

Aaaa you are the nonnie that got chased out of discord servers and pickmes were feeding him infos?! How are you doing??

No. 1937282

No, because humans are more intelligent than dogs and disabled people have actually produced things of substance and have gone on to do great things. Disabled dogs rot and stew in pain until they die from some pulmonary embolism or a gajillion tumors.

No. 1937283

Single moms or moms with children from multiple men were the norm in my area, and that shit was miserable. I got a better job and finally left, but people need to stop glamorizing single motherhood. I feel like most people don't get how bad it is until they see it all around them

No. 1937284

I've learned you need to create your own closure certain people just can't give it

No. 1937285


No. 1937287

If you can't say goodbye you deserve to be tormented

No. 1937289

This is a lesson too many women need to learn.

No. 1937293

I disagree, if someone blocks you leave the alone.
Yes, I found out it was 2 of the girls in the girls server I was in and thought they were my friends. I had no clue they were even in the same circles let alone knew him and would feed him information. Even if they didnt believe half of what I said, clearly the fact he is still obsessively talking about me 4 years on would clue them in that hey maybe we shouldnt be total cunts and throw this clearly distressed pregnant woman under the bus for… ugly balding fat male praise? The thought they know everything he did to me and still back stabbed me in such a way makes my skin crawl. One straight up said she wants to torment me? I literally thought we were friends. I swear on my unborn baby I did nothing to deserve such vile actions from people I thought were my friends.

No. 1937295

dont project your hangups over the unicorn nigel that got away onto other womens situations

No. 1937298

Sorry to be another anon to jump in on this, but if you want nothing to do with this dog, you gotta tell this guy that it's either you or the dog. I won't go too far into it but I was in a similar situation, though we both wanted to train and rehabilitate the dog. (different breeds but a working dog like a berner) Even as we trained he got worse at some points before getting better, and with no training, this dog will only get worse and worse. From the dog's perspective, he's only seeing success with his behaviors and to him he sees nothing wrong with it if he's not being trained to do otherwise. It doesn't sound like this man wants to do an iota of work on the dog.

On the off chance this guy wants to keep the dog and do training. I still think he should get an easier breed as a first dog but, As this dog is already aggressive, I would not recommend shock collars or prong collars. Or trainers that use them, at least not as a first step. It can make behaviors like this worse (biting, attacking).

No. 1937300

And what about retarded humans, vegetables, microcephalic babies, people suffering from crippling dementia, advanced cancer with no cure in sight, etc? Lots of doctors complain about hospital beds being filled up by people rotting and stewing from horrible ailments. It gets even less rational when you remember that most people, even able-bodied ones of average or above average intellect, don't go on to do great things. It's even worse when you factor in severe mental disorders.
I'm just saying it's dumb to hand-wring about things like MAID, aborting fetuses with down syndrome or pulling the plug if you can accept it for other species.

No. 1937303

how do you let contact with LC anons go far enough that they can do shit like that….

No. 1937305

Some people are cowardly and bring shit on themselves and play victim

No. 1937307

What do you mean? The girls werent from here they were from some unrelated girl group

No. 1937309

I'm containing a panick attack for about three hours now. I keep feeling waves of tears, chestpain, knotted throat and that feel of fainting only to suck it inside and gaslight myself with affirmations of "everything is going to be fine" to lull the fear.

No. 1937310

>that honestly brings on stalking and deserves it
Don't be retarded and victim blame here just because you were an ex-stalker. Nothing warrants stalking. If she had an abusive or turbulent relationship, do you sincerely think it would do her good to not ghost or cease communications with the guy afterwards? Fuck off.

No. 1937311

I thought you were talking about a server organized on LC. Still same things applies why are you giving that much personal information to strangers online that they can identify who your stalker ex is and feed him information? Am I misunderstanding something?

No. 1937312

Stop projecting and learn to read. She never mentioned they were from LC.

No. 1937315

I really thought wearing my ita bag everywhere would deter men from me but they don't even notice it. I will just continue to pretend I didn't notice them. They ALWAYS try to talk to me when I'm obviously listening to music too.

No. 1937317

I don't think you know what projecting means.

No. 1937318

This sounds like an anxiety attack, not a panic one.

No. 1937319

They already knew him, without my knowledge. I had joined with my original account and trusted them enough to rejoin with my new account after I abandoned it because of my exs harassment.
I had no way of knowing they knew him or that it would get back to him, because they were my online friends for over a year (which I assume that whole time was feeding information back to him).
He talks about me and would send people to my old account every month in clusters, he posted my old username in so many servers each time. I dont know if thats where the girls linked me to him or what. Either way they knew I was his ex and laughed with him about me being scared of him, I've read the conversation.

Exs would come up in conversation and I opened up to my friends about a stressful situation and looked for advice from people I trusted.
I was trying to get pregnant and shared that with people I thought were my friends and had been kind to me up until I found out they had been feeding information to him. I dont even know if they know that I know it was them, I had already left the girl group before I found out the girls were talking to him.

No. 1937327

You were niave but we all learn sooner or later. Good luck nonnie

No. 1937334

Get that shitbull mix out of that baby’s face immediately

No. 1937336

I just wish I knew what they got from it? Hes gotten so gross since I dumped him, I swear evil people rot from the inside out.
If he was some desirable handsome charming guy I could understand it but hes not, he looks like Gru but has balded and is so fat now and spends so much time talking about me. Its just baffling.

No. 1937367

I need lobotomy

No. 1937372

I'm doing a lot better lately, but I still passively wish I was dead. My friends and boyfriend are so wonderful to me so I keep on living for them. Them, and my OC that I love with all of my heart. I developed her a few years ago and she just has his healing aura to her. If I end my life, she will be left without a creator to draw her anymore. The fact that life is so brief is comforting. Even though living is uncomfortable and unpleasant, it'll all be over soon.

No. 1937389

I saw someone posting about finding hidden cameras in their Korean air bnb on insta, and some moid replied with " women are making this up to make Korea look bad" with a blank pfp. Like fucking kill yourself

No. 1937393

They're retarded, two way mirrors at clubs in South Korean women's restrooms have been a known thing. Not a stretch to think hidden cameras would also be used.

No. 1937400

Reading chumplady article's comment section I realised there are so many women who get cheated by their scrotes even in old age (70+) when old moid dicks should not even be functional anymore. Bleak.

No. 1937404

I'm saying over my ex's apartment next month for 1 day cause i need to catch a train where he is and don't want to pay for a hotel. Things didn't end super great (for me). I'm going to bring it up and if he doesn't apologize to me for what he did, I'm going to send his family and friends proof of all the abusive things he did to me. I don't expect anything out of it, but I feel I need revenge in some way. I'll post it on LC, please back me up nonnies and make fun of the moid with me when I do it.

No. 1937411

it's dumb as hell but i'm worried about my music taste being too basic again. also so hyped and nervous about this job offer. it doesn't say anything about me needing a driver's license and i have a state id, social security card, etc. forms of id i just don't have that. i'm worried about the background check too, if they need anything past calling my old bosses and making sure i was actually there then i am totally fucked. my last job just called but that was retail

No. 1937427

I don't have the energy to do anything atm, fuck everything, seriously

No. 1937428

Girl… what? Just pay for a hotel. Respect yourself more than this.

No. 1937431

No I want to use him like he used me and show him I don't care. We talked about trying again in the past and he's still hung up on the idea but I'm over it. He also owes me money so I'm going to go collect it, and let him know he was an asshole and won't be seeing me again.

No. 1937434

I don't think staying over at his appartment for 1 day is using him tbh

music is for your entertainment not to prove something to other people..

No. 1937439

It's actually become such a huge issue, there's a term for it in South Korea. Anyone who thinks that place isn't a literal shithole for women is beyond delusional. I'm nor shocked at men defending it because they hate women so much

No. 1937442

Have some self respect. You guys aren't together anymore, and he won't ever be sorry for his actions. If he didn't apologize during the relationship, he doesn't care. Just move on. Staying with you ex, even for a day screams "I can fix him" mentality so many women have. Just rent a cheap motel or air bnb

No. 1937443

Delusional. Anything you do with a man means you owe him . Don't do it

No. 1937454

I don't want to fix him tho. I want to see if he's sorry, and if not I'm exposing him, that's all. Why are you guys such buzzkills.

No. 1937455

don't do any of this shit. instead go to a supermarket. replace his conditioner and shampoo with nair (or any other hair removal cream you can find, like veet cream). throw away his aftershave and replace it with bleach. any deodorants or things that have caps on, put inside of a bag and throw it away outside. pour bleach on his laundry basket, shake it around so it ruins most of his clothes. clog his bathroom with toilet paper or even better, flush some plastic thing so it's permanently clogged until he has to call a plumber. do all of this before leaving, say 15-30min, say you're going to take a shit or shower. once he finds one thing, he won't expect there will be another trap waiting for him. nobody will believe him if he tries to blame it on you, that's crazy shit and he knows it.

No. 1937456

He doesn't give a shit, if he did he would have apologized or tried to make things right by now. Just move on, you're only embarrassing yourself here.

No. 1937457

absolutely based

No. 1937459

Kek the nair is a great idea, I just might. I hadn't thought about messing with his stuff.

Well if he doesn't I'll just send the stuff to his family.

No. 1937460

She actually thinks anons will defend this behavior too. So embarrassing

No. 1937463

I'm not asking anybody to defend it, I just wanted to mess with him and laugh about it. I'm still gonna do it even if you think it's a bad idea. You can call me retarded and disagree nonnie, it's ok.

No. 1937468

if he was abusive, i'm worried about you staying over nonnie, even more so if you plan on messing with him. he definitely deserves it, but keep your own safety in mind.

No. 1937486

i learned while my mom was dying that my dad and his family had been harassing her, calling her on her phone and sending schizo letters to our house. she told me the last time we had spoke over the phone and was going to contact him, but i told her not to worry about it and just let me deal with it. after she passed, i let my father know about everything that had happened and come to found out, he's been obsessively googling my name (i legit have no idea why) and found out i am living in paris now as i had written some articles for a class i was taking in university. he had flown all the way from the usa to paris to try to stalk/confront me at university…thank god our campus is spread out all over the 7th arrondissement so he actually went to the administrative center as opposed to where classes are.

i wish i could be angry but i'm not. maybe it's because i'm emotionally exhausted from my mom dying, but i just wish my father would leave me alone. he doesn't even care that my mom is dead at all. it just confirmed to me he had no feelings for her whatsoever and it's just me me me me. i've met other people who divorced their partners and they still often times have feelings for their exes and still get sad when something bad happens to them. but my "dad" (i use this term loosely) just started raging in my emails about how he wanted to see me because boo hoo, he wished he had fought harder. blah blah blah, he wanted to ask for forgiveness. then he had the audacity to try to invite his retarded sister and mean ass mother to MY mother's funeral. i literally asked him, the fuck is wrong with you? my mother is dead and all you can think about is yourself. he wasn't even sorry that she was dead so i know he is probably lowkey happy she's gone.

nothing that he said to me made any sense. this is the same idiot who tried to take me from my mom, had a whole ass blog where he never mentioned my existence, admitted to having an emotional affair with another woman, and the only time he did talk about my mom, it was only to whine about her gaining weight and not having the energy to entertain his weirdo friends whenever he wanted. he dropped all his blessings he reaped from my mother's support, such as becoming a professor at a really nice college back home and auditioning and writing scripts for tv, because he claimed my mother and i were "holding him back" somehow and that he was going to become super rich and famous the moment he left us. now he's a broke dusty doing grubhub deliveries, living in a house in the mountains with like 5 other people he is not related to. i told him that he's paying the price for all his sins…he dumped us, shat on us, and nearly ruined my life all to chase after "superwoman" and whatever pipe dreams he was smoking on.

i just don't even know what to say or think anymore. i just wish he would stop bothering me, and let me live my life in peace. nothing he said to me in our email conversation were convincing in any capacity; it was just your usual emotionally manipulative bullshit. he just expects me to allow him into my life and let him do whatever he wants like i'm sort of slave. why is it so hard for some people to accept that you don't want to be bothered with them? i didn't even go into all of the emotional issues i had growing up due to his abuse, like having an eating disorder, being suicidal, low self-esteem, depression, dropping out of high school. issues that i had to work on, alone, because he was too busy being an arrogant prick and terrorizing my mom. it's a miracle i never hurt myself, and he's never apologized about it. he just says he was "bad father", but doesn't actually own up to how he was a bad father to me. it's just always about him, not me, and i told him that i don't believe anything he's said is sincere or that his apologies are genuine. he's still a controlling narcissist and i hope he falls into a hole the next time he delivers someone's nachos.

No. 1937487

This is literally what a lot of ancient societies were like.

No. 1937488

Is there anyway to get a restraining order? I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. I cant imagine having a father do that to both you and your mother (rip to her by the way.) If you are over 21, you are an adult and this should be considered harassment and you shouldnt have to deal with him. Cut off him entirely if you can

No. 1937501

i sent the emails to my university and also screenshots from his insta of him outside the admin building. there's really nothing i can do at this point other than make sure all my info, such as my apartment address, is not visible on our searchable database. thankfully i look a lot different now than i did when i was a child, so he's unlikely to recognize me. people who know me don't even recognize me anymore lol. since he doesn't live in the country and isn't a citizen, i don't think the french police can do anything about him stalking me. thankfully the dean was pretty responsive, but i still worry. i think i'll be ok though. my father can barely afford to fly even domestically. he's still a broke loser who can't manage his money - i remember a few years back when i was still living at home we got a letter from a credit card company trying to find him for $13k unpaid bill kek. so nothing has changed much in that regard. i shouldn't have to live my life in hiding all the time just cause he can't own up to his shit.

No. 1937502

Oh actually I think sending proof to his family is a great idea kek I just don't think she should try to get his apology first.

No. 1937506

Nonas ive been working so hard for a year now and i managed to save up 10k, before that id spend all money and i decided to stop it and save up but i feel bad because i feel like thats not enough for a 25 year old.

No. 1937513

good job, nonna! that's really good for your age, so many people live paycheck to paycheck, have huge amounts of debt, and no savings

No. 1937516

File: 1711303923120.png (753.75 KB, 662x530, fgh.png)

my stupid retard boss is supposed to give me feedback on my writing and keeps procrastinating out of sheer laziness or anxiety or whatever. this isn't even the first time it's happenned, but i finally confronted her and she caved in. her recent comments are such a fucking waste of my time it enrages me. instead of providing the structural feedback i asked for, she keeps going over the same background section for like the nth time. the section that multiple people have seen already and that has been fixed according to their feedback. she also keeps squeezing in misguided comments like "why is the font this size?" and asking me to state something that is factually incorrect, which she would know if she had fucking payed attention to the work she is actively supervising. i swear to god this is early onset something, because no matter how busy you are, how the fuck do you forget some detail that has been relayed to you at least five times unless, of course, you don't give a shit? i am quite literally on a countdown with this thing and can't afford to waste more time, but she's so out of touch and/or fake empathetic i want to scream. what sucks the most is that i have no way out of this and just need to see it through and be done and done, but it's like she's deliberately prolonging my agony. mfg i break down and cry almost every day cause i'm so fucking burned out and i just can't take time off right now.

No. 1937517

I'm 29 and don't even have 1k in savings. You're doing fine anon, just keep working hard and saving. Make sure to find a way to make your money grow as well because savings depreciate over time due to inflation.

No. 1937518

This is really good savings for your age. Please take an investing course (usually offered for free by your bank) and start investing your money. A lot of people make the mistake of letting money sit in a savings account when they can be making a lot more on the stock market!

No. 1937551

i'm realizing that
>many people apologize not because they're sorry, but because they want to escape any future consequence. it's fear, not guilt.
>many people are aware of when they hurt you, or when they do hurtful things; they simply do not care.
>you don't have to forgive everyone. you don't have to sit down and explain to every person who hurts you how they hurt you, especially if it's someone who won't matter in the long run like a person who's casually in your space. you can just cut them off ahead of time. it's better to move on, but you don't have to forgive or forget

No. 1937554

I filed for bankruptcy at 24 kek

No. 1937561

What was that like and how has it changed your life

No. 1937572

My credit score went from like 450 to 700 in a couple years but I’m poor and retarded and in debt again 6 years later and my credit score is back down to 500 something with about 7k of debt again. If I hadn’t been a disabled tard would’ve been great all around. Still don’t regret it and would recommend it, just don’t be retarded all over again

No. 1937577

What caused you to file? I swear I'm not data farming I've just never heard anyone be open on the topic here and I'm curious is all

No. 1937582

Unemployed with 20k+ credit card debt and 13k worth of pending lawsuits stressing me out. Thought I could get a job cause I didn’t realize how disabled I was so figured a fresh start would be best. The bankruptcy cost me about 2.3k

No. 1937588

>pending lawsuits
That you filed or that someone filed against you? Kek. Was the credit card debt from schooling?

No. 1937601

Should I confront my ex about the years of mental abuse?
I'm in a good mental space and realized that what he did was beyond fucked up

No. 1937606

No. 1937607

What do you want to gain from confronting him?

No. 1937614

File: 1711309026241.jpg (52.79 KB, 640x631, c95d786d5cb97fe65f557f11b79557…)

i need someone to get inside my car and run me over please and thanks
i cant take it

No. 1937615

I’m getting really sick of all the hateful and overly aggressive responses to the most retarded possible posts. why everything is suddenly getting taken so seriously? It’s constantly like
>not funny didn’t laugh
>wow you’re so fucking dumb what is the matter with you
>you suck
like shut up

No. 1937619

No matter what I do, or what think I should do I fuck up every fucking time. I want to KMS but before I do that I want to stuff myself with coldstone creamery, I fucking hate my life

No. 1937621

i bet it's period syncing

No. 1937628

And how exactly did the OP do that? God some of you are insane siding with a creepy scrote.

No. 1937630

I don't know. Closure
But perhaps talking to an abusive scrote will get me nowhere. He won't admit he did anything wrong or it was all my fault anyway

No. 1937631

Nta but no it’s a larping tranny/scrote.
That’s exactly what he will do so don’t bother.

No. 1937632

why do you have to have a life and interests outside of me i am thinking of you every minute! every millisecond! of every bloomin day!! i feel like a dog waiting for her master to come home and i have definitely cried over you more than once and i am crying over you right now and i wish i could leave handprints outside your window and smell your hair and be with you 24/7 all consuming obsessive love with you is all i want!! why dont you love me the way i love you. i would pull out all my teeth with pliers and let you put bamboo shoots under my finger nails if it meant we could be together. put me in a blender please i love you. I love you. i want to be with you so bad i could gouge my eyes out. ban me idc she doesnt love me whats the point :'( free me from this prison

No. 1937635

are you ok

No. 1937637

File: 1711310024957.jpg (57.13 KB, 500x491, download.jpg)

No. 1937641

that is correct. who wanna come bash my head in with a hammer.(integrate)

No. 1937643

No. 1937645

Horrible flashbacks to an old bf I had who spoke like this. He ended up being violent and abusive and did not indeed feel grateful when he finally had me.

No. 1937649

No the pending lawsuits were from credit card companies against me for defaulting. Not from schooling. Didn’t take out any private student loans. My conclusion is I’m too insane to have credit cards.

No. 1937662

if you're in a good mental space, don't even bother. if he mentally abused you he will continue to play mind games with you and it will absolutely go in one ear out the other. it will not make you feel better

No. 1937665

Don't do it. He's the same person, he will twist things and be delighted to be able to upset you one last time. I guarantee he's still horrible and hasn't reflected on anything.

No. 1937670

Why do women keep doing this shit to themselves. Girl, dont bother. Why are you letting your ex live rent free in your mind? Move on

No. 1937671

You give yourself closure. Stop depending on men to do it for you.

No. 1937690

My bf isn't really interested in having sex with me anymore. Promises to me that he doesn't watch porn. Lol. No chance of me ever getting another boyfriend so I guess I'm bound to to be loveless but at least I have a roof over my head. But still….sewertheslide as the kids say

No. 1937693

Just cheat on him or something. Scrotes who show no interest in you aren't worth it and it's only gonna get worse

No. 1937696

The biggest revenge is just success. I got abused for years and became successful living his dream life while he's still miserable in his shitty little town not even capable of moving out. Just ignore him and make yourself better, these types of scrotes THRIVE on the idea of "ruining you for the next guy" and when they can't do that they become suicidal

No. 1937697

it is so infuriating to see the most butchered shitty automated google translations for my language that YOU CAN'T TURN OFF i'm just so fucking tired of it.

google is literally pure shit now!! reverse image search was butchered and made impossible a few years ago, they fucked up their own font database so you can only filter for "popular", now they only show you fucking AI, if i quickly need an image .png and .jpg are the LEAST likely file options to turn up now and they removed it from settings, the first search results are always just ads and i swear they filter out "terf" sites for being too "problematic", and thanks to their handy dandy "localization" shit if i try to look up something about another country i still just get local results that are literally no fucking help.

anyone know a better search engine i should switch to?

No. 1937699

I switched from Google a few months ago. I had already switched to Firefox from Chrome in 2019, but I had some affection left for Google search. It's been totally fucked since 2023 though, and I finally got tired of it and switched to DuckDuckGo, I like the search engine so far but I find Google Maps is still the best out of all the maps.

No. 1937701

for reverse image searching, labnol.org and yandex. idk alternatives for regular searching tho.

No. 1937702

>The biggest revenge is just success.
Seconding this! And shit talk him to everyone you know, let them know what an abusive loser he was. It usually prompts more women to join in and you get to bond over shitty men kek nothing is going to hurt him more than to seeing you happily thrive and be successful.

No. 1937716

Can’t stand how internet feminist discourse seems to be more focused on “calling out” pick-mes than the atrocities moids commit

No. 1937721

I think you're right, you'll probably be left unsatisfied and frustrated if you attempt getting closure from him. It's probably for the best to resolve those feelings on your own.

No. 1937725

No. Just wait for his life to turn shitty. My worst ex died from drugs a few years later. Another guy I dated in hs who was unkind to me is now living with his mom and has never had a job. Bad people usually don’t go anywhere in life; sociopath ceos are the exception, not the rule. Your ex will probably get what he deserves at some point.

No. 1937726

Karma will get them 100%. All the discord groomers I met end up in jail getting raped by other moids or are still complete failures. Even exes I was meh about ended up failures kek. I'm convinced there's some supernatural force that causes men to live the lowest quality life possible depending on how many women they hurt

No. 1937727

Nta but this was so inspiring to read.

When that happened to me in my relationship he did start cheating later because we weren't having sex even though it was his fault. I think it's probably over.

This post is also inspirational.

No. 1937735

ntayrt but i've noticed a weird passive agression lately as well

No. 1937736

this is sorta believable. I noticed there's always a certain week or two every month or every other month where anons just get irrationally mad

No. 1937739

it's really annoying to be ignored
I'm also semi-irritated because I read some article where the headline was "because psychology is male-centric, there may be more female sociopaths than previously thought" and it's like yeah…?
There is such a thing as benevolent sexism. I think it's defeatist, as a "sex", for women to constantly compare statistics as proof that we're the less violent or less abusive sex. If we believe in ourselves we can be the most abusive and violent sex of them all

No. 1937743

I like how THAT is their first conclusion and not the fact men are underdiagnosed and women are overdiagnosed. Moids should start bringing all of their comments on 4chan/reddit/tiktok/etc to therapy and maybe they'd get a proper diagnosis kek

No. 1937747

I hate being horny and lonely, I wish I was asexual or at least a lesbian so I can naturally not want moids. I am so close to settling to hanging out with a dude I’m not even attracted too just so I can feel the warmth of another person. Holy fuck I hate this I hate this I hate this, I feel like I’m reverting back into femceldom

No. 1937748

Eat my butt nonnie

No. 1937752

We will never be the most abusive sex considering how men act

No. 1937755

I hope you're okay

No. 1937765

I just want to dieeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

No. 1937768

File: 1711317372752.jpeg (20.98 KB, 256x256, IMG_2514.jpeg)

Me too nonnie hugs we will make it and be happy someday

No. 1937779

I don't want a masters degree. I don't want a phd. I want to live a quiet and simple life worshipping Jesus.

No. 1937781

Someone tell me to open this email and read it so I can go to bed

No. 1937785

hurry up and open the email, you're only dragging things out anon

No. 1937786

File: 1711318079147.jpeg (77.9 KB, 750x920, IMG_6587.jpeg)

Open that email and read it so you can go to bed

No. 1937787

Thanks I did it, that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, now I can go to sleep thanks

No. 1937790

File: 1711318266141.jpg (77.26 KB, 884x897, sweet-dreams-cow.jpg)

i'm proud of you

No. 1937795

so disappointed that the dog who chewed up the internet cable didn't get shocked.
dumb fucking bitch destroys everything she sees I'm going to feed her and her brother chocolate one of these days
her brother deserves it too for lunging at people's faces to bite them

No. 1937798

Thanks but I'm too ugly to cheat. He treats me well apart from not having sex with me. I was going to die alone before we crossed paths so oh well. I was never meant to fully be human I guess. Beggars can't be choosers. I'm gonna marry him and live in one those old timey English marriages where you are more friends than lovers.

No. 1937802

File: 1711319691347.jpg (41.72 KB, 640x468, 1853078676341.jpg)

The family thinks I'm crazy, dramatic, retarded, they never take what I say seriously, act like they're smarter than me, belittle me, treat me like a young child without basic common sense, and don't trust me with the simplest things like staying home alone even though nothing happens. These are the same people who speak in tongues, believe that a rapture will occur every single year, believe in various multiple dimensions, accuse random, real women of being trannies, talk about seeing visions and hearing things that aren't there. All of this despite receiving higher education. Yet they think I'm crazy.

No. 1937803

I honestly don't know if the conversation we had was rethinking we could get back together. I don't know if he still wants to be with me. He indirectly broke up with me overnight because he assumed we were going nowhere based on our conversation from last night. I'm working so hard on bettering myself. He keeps asking me on what he should do, but every answer is thrown back with "But I'm so busy! I can't do all that!" Well then what do you want? As it turns out we both think the same way because of the trauma we've gone through, I think we're both too insecure. We both run with the same assumptions that stop us from opening ourselves up from each other. Also, when I end up mirroring what he does, he shuts down and tries to throw it back at me. I questioned him why he does this and he didn't understand what I was saying.

No. 1937808

if gremlin the woman has a harem of billionaire bfs you'll be fine. just go have sex with a man that likes you

No. 1937819

my dog fainted twice (so far) today. both times i let him out he came back in and fainted within the minute. he's going to the vet on the 1st but his fainting is getting so much more frequent, im so worried the end is closer than i ever considered

No. 1937884

File: 1711325575773.jpg (27.21 KB, 449x449, 86665ec68cc0798d862807388b375f…)

My tongue and eye has been twitching for the last 3 days and it's "only" one of many anxiety and stress related symptoms I've been experiencing, I tried to ignore it and I just started hyperventilating on a friend group call so bad I had to leave. I hate giving in to panic attacks and I live with my mother and I don't want her to be worried about me plus I hate not feeling in control of my body and feeling like I'm dying but at the same time I think that once this "big bad" will be over, I'll feel better. I'm actually forcing myself to write this so I distract myself but damn, when does this hand…am I cursed to suffer panic attacks all my life? Id on't want to take medications all my life and therapy isn't working because I can't accept all the bad things that happened to me and apparently I'll be happy once I see the karma hit back.
I wish I could disappear rn

No. 1937890

i’m green texting because it is easier
>start new job
>become friends with some guy who works at another department with the store, we like video games and other dumb shit
>he’s also friends with my manager, also a girl
>i add him on >>discord
>because whatever why not
>days later he asks me to vc and invites me to server
>i’m tired so no plus i can’t see the vc anyways
>he invites me to another server
>look in it
>it’s literally just him

No. 1937892

Why does my mother still control who I date at almost 27? Why am I letting her?
I need to live my own life I fucking hate this.

No. 1937898

why did i have to run into an ex for the first time in years when i look like absolute dog shit? i'm already going through a depressive episode and rotted in bed till late afternoon. finally forced myself to go outside albeit with greasy ass hair and in worn out clothes in need of a wash. i don't have feelings for him anymore, i'm just so pissed at myself for missing this one chance to stick it to that bald rat. hope he chokes on his own shit for ruining my day.

No. 1937971

I WISH I has a boyfriend who didn't fuck me but treated me well.

Actually I wish I had a sexy lil' armless/legless moid, missing one eye, maybe his tongue cut, just really cute. He would have nubs and walk on them. I would clean/wipe him, brush his teeth, jack him off, BUT force him to clean the floors by attaching some towels to his nubs and watching him go, and make him workout somehow so he maintains a good physique (of whatever is left of his poor little mangled body).


No. 1937974

Based. This is true equality. Gotta match those statistics!

No. 1937983

Kek nonna. For some reason I thought of that one little dwarf guy from Dungeon Meshi walking around on nubs.

No. 1937994

I was jumpscared by a hilarious dick pic on twitter and this is the first time I miss dumbass shit not being autosaged so I could share for 5 minutes and then delete. It looked like something kirbynon would draw. I laughed.

No. 1938007

I swear everyone woman I know has period syncronization this month.

Is this part of some prophecy?

No. 1938009

My alcoholism ruined my 4.0 gpa. Obviously my life isn't over from that alone but it's feeling like the first of many things it's going to ruin or at least the beginning of the spiral that will end me

No. 1938029

I want to crawl out of my skin. I'm so sick of the way I look and it makes me feel ridiculous. I know based on outside opinions that objectively I'm at least a little bit pretty, but I feel borderline deformed. I'm 5'4 and fluctuate between 118-123 lbs and I legitimately feel obese. My jaw is super wide and my arms and legs are horribly thick and I thought losing weight would help but even when I weighed 105lbs I still looked fat and ugly. I don't know what to do because I'm nearing 30 now and this has been completely ruining my life for well over 8 or so years now. I don't go outside, I don't take pictures of myself or let others take photos of me, and it makes me want to cry because someday I'll be old with almost no photographic record of my existence. I'm honestly somewhat posting in hopes that an anon will bully me into reality, but I probably need therapy.

No. 1938045

Take more pictures and don’t look at them. Hide them and then unhide them after a year or so. Works for me. Once the image is in the past you can look at it with less criticism and self hate. You need to work on your self esteem for real, but in the meantime this should help.

No. 1938056

No anon, your 4.0 was ruining your alcoholism

No. 1938060

Nta but this is great advice thanks

No. 1938064

if you wanna feel better you can laugh at me
>start great college in dream city, doing well and leader of teams and such
>have to drop out because of my first pregnancy
>right after I was about to move to Australia to work for a magazine, can't do that anymore
>get shit in order, go back to school
>get recruited by Ivys, get recruited by NFL cheer squad
>get pregnant again
I love being a mother more than anything but I am a complete poster child for childfree anons kek do not be like me unless you are insanely in love with the idea of being a mom

No. 1938112

I was shopping for shapewear earlier and they were sold out of almost everything but xxl and xxxl. Fatties are disgusting. You can even see the intended weight and height chart on them, they go up to 300 pounds. I know companies make a lot of money off fats but I wish they wouldn't. I'm not talking chubby or even normal fat, the super obese deserve nothing.

No. 1938119

That's the spirit kek
I'm sorry anon, I'm happy you enjoy motherhood though. You sound like a very talented person, at that. I'm in my state school and not involved with anything or anyone else at there, I just come and go like an NPC.
Regarding pregnancy specifically there's luckily no chance of it for me because I'm a lesbian and a virgin and would probably get it aborted if, uh, something bad happened. But I still appreciate the sentiment lol

No. 1938131

File: 1711338143688.jpeg (47.89 KB, 280x217, IMG_4994.jpeg)

got like 20cm of my hair cut off at the hairdressers when i asked to get my ends cut didn't even get the layers i suggested and i can't stop crying. i don't give a fuck that hair grows back and that at least i'm not bald it took me three years to grow it to that length and it was one of the only things i felt good about i'm fucking gutted

No. 1938134

What does that even have to do with anything?

No. 1938136

NTAYRT but literally nothing, because its a vent. Are you retarded?

No. 1938139

"I bought shapewear today. Fat people are retarded" like ??? Girl what is your point

No. 1938140

NTA but if the only thing left are xxl and xxxl, then doesn't that mean the op should be mad at skinny people and mid-weight people? Since the fatties haven't bought up any of the shapewear that she wanted? kek

No. 1938141

File: 1711338695082.jpg (103.42 KB, 564x743, gnashing of teeth.jpg)

>be me
>have made great strides toward becoming less chronically online
>try to make plans with irl buddy
>experience disproportionate mental anguish (weeping and gnashing of teeth) because she hasnt responded yet
>"she hates me"
>extreme urge to block forever and never speak to again for not answering fast enough

Why am I like this? It's hard being retarded. NGMI nonas

No. 1938142

Exactly. Wtf was she on about

No. 1938144

About once a month I do a themed dinner night for my boyfriend. I design a little themed menu, decorate the living room, and then have some other small activity for him to do related to the theme.
This month’s theme is One Piece, and the activity is a short treasure hunt that leads to the menu for the night. I have a lot of fun with these and I know he thinks they’re cute and appreciates them, but I feel like he doesn’t have the full appreciation that I would if someone did something like this for me. And it’s fine it’s not as if he’s obligated to. I just sometimes wish men loved the way that women love, if that makes any sense at all.

No. 1938145

Don't gnash your teeth nona. When I was younger I used to be the same way, always worried that people didn't like me or something. What helped was that I had a very personal conversation with Mary, mother of Christ, and she told me stuff. If you don't believe in Mary that's okay too I'll sum up what she said basically: so other people have lives and they're busy, just like you, and sometimes you yourself don't respond to people right away because you're busy with other stuff, so when someone doesn't respond to you, you should extend the same favour they'd extend to you. In other words, just think in your head "hey, she's probably busy, she'll get back to me when she gets back to me!" We can't control others, only ourselves and our reactions to others. If you want other people to treat you with kindness, you have to be kind yourself and be graceful with people even if they're not perfect people.

No. 1938146

Just stick through it and you'll see later that you were overdramatizing it.

No. 1938159

I think she was saying that it was gross that so many fat people need to buy shapewear to the point where its sold out? Its ok for her to be grossed out kek you don't need to overanalyze a strangers vent post

No. 1938162

please say sike i’ve been having the worst cramps but i haven’t been mean to any anons, forever period synced i suppose

No. 1938165

well now he's definitely gonna be able to identify you since you described the situation pretty clearly nonna

No. 1938166

But the majority of the shapewear sold out was normal sizes the bitch made no sense

No. 1938167

But that's not what op said kek… like, if only the fat sized shapewear is left… then the fat people weren't shopping for shapewear… right?
I honestly hate hearing that you even allowed a scrote to see lc. I feel grossed out by that. You should do better.

No. 1938185

blackpill feminism thread is like a congregation for the most mentally ill individuals on this website

No. 1938192

Right. Imagine being so “feminist” you revert back to the misogynistic idea that a male has the power to turn a female into “used goods” (women who have had heterosexual interactions being called “cockbreathers”, “cumwhores”, “tainted by semen”), or thinking that men are just animals without the ability to reason therefore absolving them of moral responsibility. And it’s always always women without any romantic or sexual experience and a lack of social life. I get the loneliness of being a lesbian weirdgirl or whatever but letting yourself become a shut in whose “social” circles end up being strictly lolcow and radtwt truly rots your brain and makes you unable to empathize with others.

No. 1938194

Tbh a lot of them are bitter straight women

No. 1938200

wasn't the cockbreath/cumwhores/etc poster just one sperg? (i dipped out of there months ago so idk if more joined)

No. 1938212

Cockbreath-chan is really recognizable but I don't think she's the only one posting like that. I don't follow the infighting in that thread though. "Cockbreath" was an insult that predated her posts anyways, I would see it on tumblr although it was more from edgy radfems who really hated bi women in particular.

No. 1938239

Yeah and she is a bisexual who fucks men trying to pass herself off as a lesbain.

No. 1938288

I'm turning 27 this year and I relate to everything she listed except for the driving thing. But I can only drive somewhere if it's really close I'm stoopid. It's so over. Even here on lolcow there are successful career women. And I hate the anons that get to go to college and shit but still complain about it like shut the fuck up at least you got to go. It was wild to me when I found out some parents actually save up college funds for their kids I thought that was some fake tv bullshit.

No. 1938295

I hate self hating bisexuals kek wtf is her problem.

No. 1938299

I'm so traumatized from my ex I spent all weekend trying to get at him and it made me feel worse. I feel so used

No. 1938306

I hooked up with a guy at the pub while drunk, and have been feeling like shit about it because I’ve seen so much misogynistic bullshit about how “women will regret sex and cry rape to avoid responsibility” but like… I was one shot away from blackout drunk. I don’t even remember the sequence things happened in, I remember talking with him, asking a woman in private how I could escape the situation and go home, we had sex on the floor of his bathroom. I remember I made myself puke because I felt so sick, in the same bathroom in front of him. I did not set out to have a hookup- I have a problem with alcohol, once I start drinking I just want more and more, and he had offered me drinks. He was sober, just off work. I do take responsibility for my own fuckup- if I hadn’t started drinking again, none of this would have happened! But I think he did take advantage of me.

No. 1938324

My bf(?)/ex messaged me in the middle of the night telling me he's dropping off all my stuff tomorrow and never speaking to me again and then I get another text from him asking what happened to us and saying he's finally realizing what exactly I'm struggling with. All I've been doing is trying to find out healthy ways to communicate and it gets pushed back by him. I'm struggling with the fact I've never had a healthy relationship. I'm vjust so confused. I've been silent with him because he's emotionally checked out, he's making the calls, when he indirectly broke up with me, I felt like I didn't need to give him the time of day because clearly he cannot be this support person I need while I'm having my own internal battles.

No. 1938342

On tiktok they coined the phrase “grapist”. It’s borderline non consensual but in a grey area if you know what I mean. Most men achieve 90% of their fucks this way.

No. 1938347

Are you sure you didn't just have 20 cm of split ends? Split ends can travel upwards if you don't get a trim regularly.

No. 1938353

Damn no offense but that's gross.

No. 1938358

>experience disproportionate mental anguish (weeping and gnashing of teeth) because she hasnt responded yet
>"she hates me"
>extreme urge to block forever and never speak to again for not answering fast enough
>Why am I like this?
Could it be BPD? I've seen this exact account by some people with BPD. Hope you can get through it nonna.

No. 1938370

File: 1711366194265.jpeg (750.58 KB, 1290x1659, IMG_6475.jpeg)

Listen we all know who and what you are. It’s very obvious. You know what to do.

No. 1938372

No need to kick me when I’m down, nonna, I feel bad enough as it is.

No. 1938379

File: 1711367255771.jpg (33.18 KB, 736x744, 1000021847.jpg)

bruh….i do the exact same shit, im actually going through it right now. do i have fucking bpd? im not hypersexual and dont engage in risky behaviors but i get so fucking obsessed with people, definitely to unhealthy degrees. when the person im thinking of doesnt talk to me i want to scream and cry and i get so mad at them and want to go no contact.
the first half of this is weird but i have been trying to keep it in mind. even though it also makes me feel bad because they have busy fulfilling lives while im sitting around thinking of them all day. detaching for a short while. trying to get my brain to calm down. pray for my mental health nonnas.

No. 1938384

that is not a nonna. that is a moid which means his opinion should be completely disregarded. i'm sorry for what happened to you. you were taken advantage of by a predator and that is not your fault.

No. 1938386

NTA, but it doesn't matter. If the customer says they only want their ends trimmed, then the hair dresser should explain why they recommend more, but she should only trim the ends. Hair stylists so entitled with their opinion.

No. 1938387

What are you talking about, if (if) she had 20cm of split ends then those ARE the ends she requested to have trimmed.

No. 1938389

File: 1711368766933.jpg (66.24 KB, 1036x1037, 39161.jpg)

>get out of emotionally abusive relationship
>start dating new moid, feel severe hatred for men at this point and i don't even like him but he pays for stuff and even helped me out with a few bills
>realize you can't rely on men for jack shit so if they're not paying there's nothing they can do for you

>always tells me he's there if i need to vent, calls me his wife, literally wants to get married and seems to worship me

>asks me how i'm doing
>tell him doctors suspect my mom has cancer and i'm scared to see the results
>his reply: "Ok"

Men are so male it's unreal.

No. 1938399

why am i mostly attracted to broken bad boy types that have the messiest lives?? i dont even want to fix them and we dont even have similar lifestyles but i keep feeling attracted to those types of people and i attract them too. i dont even get hurt but i would really want something stable and normal for once. why does this happen and what do i do to fix this?

No. 1938400

I'm sorry, nonna. That's so infuriatingly tactless. I hope your mom is okay, and that it's just a scare.

No. 1938413

Thanks nonners but it wasn't that surprising. I'm using my energy on female friends and female family members. Even men who manage to feign empathy ("Oh I'm sooo sorry about that…") lack the emotional intelligence to actually navigate situations like that or provide genuine support. They're just "there" like a worthless statue. Yes I'm rage ranting but female friends have actively lifted me up so much during bad situations and I do the same for them. My best friend is lesbian and in a long term relationship and holy shit I'm so happy they have that strong genuine bond. Those two would kill and die for each other. Men could NEVER

No. 1938419

>not hypersexual and dont engage in risky behaviors
From a previous vent thread or whatever thread on lolcow, some BPD nonas were also commenting that they're not hypersexual. Honestly, don't think too deeply on it on here. If you really want to get proper answers, look into some professional diagnosing you to give you some peace of mind. You'll be OK.

No. 1938425

You fall for what you think you deserve. Work on your self-esteem and confidence and you won't be interested in them.

No. 1938437

Literally nothing good has happened to me since i turned 18. in fact my life has just kept getting worse, and i dont see it getting any better. im going to be living in this miserable small town with my hoarder family for the rest of my life. nobody is coming to save me, ever. im completely alone in this world, im an autistic freak who has never belonged anywhere. at this point im just praying to die in my sleep already

No. 1938440

How the FUCK do these men manage to hit on the ONLY lesbian in the entire gym?? Is it because I have mid long hair? Because I have rbf, overheard headphones and the facial piercings also tend to ward them off but it still somehow happens that every now and then some retard manages to hit on me. Like dude how???

No. 1938453

Venting about it again because I'm pretty sure my mother is straight up going to sabotage a possible relationship I could have with someone.
I never should have mentioned any of it to her. I fucking hate this, I'm a grown woman. I wouldn't blame someone for wanting to avoid me while I have this shit going on in my life right now.

No. 1938473

I saw a dead cat in the road what the fuck man. Right in my neighborhood, this fucking sucks, poor baby. Why did I look.

No. 1938476

Embarrassed myself in a work meeting and sweat through my clothes. I’m never going to get a job where I’ll be respected as more than a secretary. Why did I bother killing myself for a 4.0 in school when I’ll just be stuck in these sorts of positions forever. I went from being treated like I was very intelligent all throughout school to being treated like a lowly secretary because that’s what this position is and it’s the only thing I can get with my useless degree.

No. 1938485

I swear they just hit on any woman ever, they dont even care if we arent interested. That's really annoying, especially at the gym. No one should be hitting on anyone at the gym. Let us sweat and work out in peace, moids

No. 1938486

File: 1711377238106.jpg (66.89 KB, 736x716, 1000021855.jpg)

I was so excited to get shit faced and smash some pasta and watch a movie but there are people! Everywhere! 6 adults and a baby is too much for one house with paper thin walls im gonna blow my fucking brains out bro

No. 1938487

No way, anon. You have a degree, so that's already a step up than someone like me who doesnt. You just gotta keep your eyes and ears peeled for something better. You can do it.

No. 1938488

Some men would hit on their own grandmas if society didn't frown upon it. Don't feel bad anon, they don't care if you're lesbian or have piercings, it isn't you, it's them

No. 1938490

you need to stop drinking. use this horrible experience as motivation to quit. sage for samefag

No. 1938493

It's a psyop and people are buying into it.

No. 1938496

File: 1711378503950.gif (21.81 KB, 340x270, NONNY OH NONNY MY BELOVED.gif)

I'm actually screaming. I swear I always tell my nigel about my fantasy of cutting his legs and arms and secluding him into a well. I'm gonna add the mopping workout routine but I guess I can integrate it without removing the well, I can use the little basket attached to a rope I would use to send him food to lift him up for his gcleaning/workout time! Thank you very much. This is why I come here and have been doing it for years, where else can I find this type of blessed connection, nonnie?!?

No. 1938497

I'm not that angry over it but i feel the same way, i just don't see how you can hate a woman for acting that way more than the average thing a moid can do. Pickme girls don't even believe in what they do, i think they just want to feel affection or matter to someone and that's much a better reason to me than moids liking a pickme just because they want someone easy to fuck or whatever, and i say this as someone who gave up on dating because most of the ones i found attractive ended up being pickmes.

No. 1938499

File: 1711378706755.jpg (153.9 KB, 2048x1575, F2xNK_pXgAIA6gD.jpg)

aaaand he came back. he unblocked me and texted me seething and asking who i was fucking right now. if it was his discord friends or my ex. ignored him and kept seething and texting, but then he started playing victim and saying he was sorry for everything LMFAO. continued to ignore him until he started seething again, and the moment i replied and told him to fuck off, he instantly started to talk about his perfect madonna ex missing him and being with him right now. that he cheated on me and i totally deserved it. it was actually scary, because i realized that such an insecure and anorexic motherfucker didn't cheat on me and was actually lying. same with his ex, i can see your steam activity and you were playing your autistic games instead of being with her. anyways, it's wrong to talk to me doing all this pathetic show while you're, alledgedly, with your madonna virgin perfect ex. stupid and extremely insecure flaite being creepy and delusional, using a poor and retarded woman as a narc supply, without her knowing.

then something stuck to me. he said if me coming back with my ex was all a lie to put him away. and as we know, moids alwways project. this is a pathetic vulnerable narc. i'm starting to think all this convo about his ex wanting him back was a lie to test me and break me a little more. but it backfired as i told him to fuck off. he can't cope with the fact that i don't want his boring ass anymore so he texted me again to make himself sure that he is the one discarding me. it's ridiculous at this point because he will come back again, with the same modus operandi.

No. 1938501

File: 1711378802111.jpg (41.56 KB, 442x632, DbNUeXHXUAED.jpg)

This is so cringe and autistic and servile. Sorry I just can't.

No. 1938502

girl just block his ass and be done with this shit ffs

No. 1938503

It's because of the stereotype that women need to be held at a higher pedestal compared to men and men are to be able to make mistakes. Women can't make mistakes, they're more likely to be "helped".

No. 1938504

File: 1711378878169.jpg (28.09 KB, 554x366, 3f3ncsU.jpg)

>tfw 24
>never had a first kiss
>never had a boyfriend
>never went on a date
>don't have friends
>want to kill myself
>love my computer games
it's over.

No. 1938506

>tfw 24
still young, just not a teenager
>never had a first kiss
there's still time
>never had a boyfriend
there's still time, many men are single, the problem is finding a man worth dating and trust me, being single is better than dating a shitty scrote
>never went on a date
go on a casual date at first, like a coffee shop
>don't have friends
can't help you with that, my social group is tiny too
>want to kill myself
>love my computer games
nothing wrong with that, just don't overdo it

No. 1938507

I would be your friend in a heart beat. This sounds like the coolest thing ever. You are putting a lot of effort into something like this, and I'm sorry he does not appreciate it.

No. 1938518

Learn to love yourself nona, it's the best thing ever and the only true thing you will hold on for all your life. Better than being surrounded by fake people, stuck with someone toxic, or insecure if someone is being honest. Enjoy your life and don't rely on others, maybe you will meet the right people or not, who knows, i wish you the best and i know it's not something easy to do.

From a nonnie that wanted to kill herself since she was born kek.

No. 1938520

This is cool as hell, wish I had someone that cared about me that much

No. 1938521

its really not it sounds very cute and thoughtful and fun

No. 1938525

Maybe to you. Maybe I'm a mean or horrible person but I truly feel this way about this.

No. 1938528

>But I think he did take advantage of me.
Yeah. You fucking up with drinking too much and he taking advantage of your drunken stage can both be true at the same time. Sorry that happened to you.

No. 1938530

File: 1711379778980.jpg (29.58 KB, 563x590, d0f37bf0303e7e5243f7dfc4c221d3…)

why the fuck is insurance so difficult to navigate!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1938537

>at this point im just praying to die in my sleep already
Donʼt do that, seek therapy instead.

No. 1938538

I mean this with absolutely no offense and I think it's very sweet you put in this much effort, but maybe it's a bit hard to fully appreciate it because it sounds like it's a tad bit child-like for a grown adult? Especially the treasure hunt part I mean.. (or whatever side quests you normally come up with)..

No. 1938540

Block him. Move on. Stop being embarrassing and respect yourself

No. 1938542

I get so genuinely annoyed that people around me believe in shit like ghosts. Stop being a dumbass ffs. And they get SO offended if you tell them they're wrong like lmao then fucking prove they're real, I'll wait.

No. 1938545

This anon >>1938537 is right. Seriously. Seek professional help if you have the means to. When I was 18 or 19, I was in a similiar situation you are in now and I distinctively remember my mom telling me "(name) I think you have depression, you should talk to the doctor about it." And I refused. In hindsight she was right and I could've saved myself so, so many years wasting away. Learn from an older anon's mistakes who also thought her life was doomed, it really wasn't but I just couldn't see it at the time and neither can you. You're not the big freak you think you are, your life is not doomed, you just need some help to get your mental health and life back on track.

No. 1938546

they want you to give up and die instead

No. 1938550

As a kid I used to do little treasure hunts for my mom lol the prize would be something I had made, like a drawing or beaded necklace. I'm sure it was a lot more fun for me than her but I know she still appreciated it. If you have female friends you can do a similar night for them, maybe they'll have a better reaction than your bf. Some adults don't like "childish" things but plenty of us haven't gotten stale and boring and still love it kek

No. 1938551

i used one of those dumb hasbro ouiji boards AT a cemetery b/c i was so certain fuck all would happen. after like 15 minutes of asking politely for ~any spirits~ to come out and talk i gave up and drove home. to this day when i tell people i did this they freak out because "ghosts are real!!" and "ouiji boards are dangerous!!". the only people who believe that shit want to believe it, you just have to roll your eyes

No. 1938552

File: 1711381204979.jpg (54.34 KB, 300x298, 1710549279779.jpg)

male aggression is so fast its scary especially in teen moids,theres a stray cat in our neighborhood that sometimes sneaks in our house to steal food shes quite energetic as shes still very young and i can coax her out with some food or just carrying her out but my father and my brother literally kick her out or try to hit her with a broom to get her out ive tried time and time again to intervene and always get hurt in the process just today it happened moid brother was angry and decided to let his anger out on her i stopped him and got my chest punched atleast the cat got away safely but i did call him a faggot afterwards for attacking a cat, it scares me how moids easily lose to anger i hate them so much

No. 1938555

we've all been there nona! leave her a bad review online and never go back

No. 1938557

That was very nice of you, I hope the cat lives a long happy life and makes more men in your neighbourhood seethe. And I also hope you are okay anon, a punch in the chest must've hurt. You are my hero!

No. 1938558

>I'm sure it was a lot more fun for me than her but I know she still appreciated it.
Let's be real that's probably the dynamic between anon and her boyfriend… he's entertaining it to make her happy

No. 1938559

He doesn't want a themed dinner like he's a 6 year old birthday boy, he wants an Onlyfans subscription and a hall pass kek

No. 1938562

I dont wanna do shit today. But I will. But I dont wanna. But I dont wannaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

No. 1938572

i have become the worst kind of weird Al Yankovic fan, the one who was born too late to see his peak fame.

No. 1938580

I get where youre coming from but Ive been clinically depressed since i was about 7 and was in therapy for most of my teenage years..its not really for me. I feel a little better now at least

No. 1938589

Nonas fucking hell, i’m in my new job and completely winging it. I’ve pirated a college textbook and have been going through it like hell but obviously I need a little time. All the stuff in this textbook I should already apparently know. I’ve talked to my boss and coworkers trying to adjust expectations a little without saying “hey I don’t deserve this job at all” and I suspect they think I have low self esteem because they keep assuming I know shit that I don't.

But someone in my team presented the topic i’m supposed to already be proficient in and at some point he said oh I don’t know much about this topic actually, but I think nona does and EVERYONE turned to me. I went on to recite what I had read not 30 minutes before that presentation, acting like I’ve known it for years. I got so lucky and it can’t keep going on like this. I keep getting these small tests of knowledge that I somehow pass. I can’t ask anyone anything about the role off the top of my head because it could be something super basic. Even the coworker ive bonded with has started to get suspicious about just how silly my silly little questions are. I’m just spending 8 hours a day, 5 days a week feeling like I’m 1 question away from being found out.

No. 1938591

File: 1711383691061.png (912.79 KB, 753x686, yeah haha.PNG)

Does anyone else have a friend group where you're constantly wondering how they REALLY feel about you, because you get the feeling that they're so non-confrontational they'd stick around with you long after they were sick of you?
Sometimes I feel like I'm a little monkey doing a dance for people, and going please look at me, please laugh at me, please interact with me, acknowledge me, consider me - I'll do the same for you! look at me do it! now you do it!
and I'm going crazy. I'm really paranoid, I guess. I have this pit in my stomach that nobody would actually be there for me, nobody would try for me like me with them, nobody is going to help me, I am actually alone at the end of the day and ultimately people will drop me if I don't 'get over' something quick enough or sweep something under the rug

No. 1938597

File: 1711383928356.jpg (9.54 KB, 306x278, 6049d33a1303a65236f1e737ae5aac…)

A friend of mine got so defensive earlier today when we were shit talking her dad, I am still upset at her reaction but still laughing my ass off at this level of copium.
This joke of a man used to refuse to hold hands with her mum in public (probably to seem single to other women), constantly bought porn mags, taught his 12 year old son to watch women's bodies on the beach with sunglasses, and was a drunk verbally abusive father and husband. I told her that one of my family members behaved similarly and that he was a cheater, that if this guy (family member) was my dad I wouldn't have left him get away with hurting my mum, and she immediately defended her scrote dad saying he would NEVER sleep with another woman. That I shouldn't immediately think he's like my family member and that she knows him enough to know he's an imbecile but committed to her mum. He always defended her mum when other people had an argument with her, and not only that but he's also better now!!! They're so committed to each other now that he's borderline elderly. So that means he loves and respects her right lmao. It isn't just because he is getting too old to get shit women that easily, or because he wants someone to wipe his 80 year old ass.
Um, ok so you'd have known right? If he cheated on your mum when you were 7 or 10 they'd have told you, his little kid, about it? How can you be so sure with all his shit behaviours? He already cheated with mags and by trying to sell himself as single, is it really that far fetched to think he went to bed with another woman?
I'm struggling to comprehend if she's just coping hard or if she genuinely thinks all these red flags don't heavily imply he fucked other women on the side. Maybe the truth hurts too much.

No. 1938601

File: 1711384088618.gif (1.08 MB, 498x498, dog.gif)

Woke up today and felt like Moscow is going to be nuked at midnight.
Finally freed myself of shitty male stalkers and my first sensation was to conquer the world.
Pride will be the end of my world if I fail to control myself.(newfag)

No. 1938602

all the time nonna, im a disgusting excuse of a human being that i constantly believe the world is an awful place that is only nice to me because of how much pity i cause, they know im a doomed soul who's fate will be self inflicted, my existance is probably something that people keep up at night beacause they might think im under their bed or might jump out of their closet.
so even if you feel bad or you probably your friends are a bunch of fake bitches that want you dead you are atleast better off than me, im sure even my family want me out of their home as soon as i learn how to drive.

No. 1938606

How did you get the job?

No. 1938607

You're not a bad person.
Forgive yourself and help others escape your fate.(namefagging)

No. 1938611

i try but i have a feeling that no matter how much i help i'll eventually kill myself and the worst part is that those people might actually go to my funeral and make them feel worse.

No. 1938614

That’s the thing. I didn’t lie and just straight up said what i did at my old jobs, but they mainly asked me about my people skills and once I got the job was told it was based on gut feeling. One or two of my past tasks overlapped with this job but there are HUGE chunks that I have no clue about. I’ve told them what i do know in detail and said i’m not too strong in other things, but I suspect they think I’m being modest.

No. 1938616

Even if you are right, stop being nosy, why do you care so much about your friend's family being so shitty? Let her figure out how to manage it, you won't enlight her behaving like that

No. 1938623

>laughing my ass off at this level of copium.
What a cruel reaction when you're supposed to be her friend. Try to put yourself in her shoes, it's difficult to navigate feelings around your own father being a rotten person, coming to terms with how his actions have impacted your loved ones and perhaps fearing how his behaviour reflects onto yourself in the eyes of others. You could stand to sympathize a little bit more when you're her friend.

No. 1938624

No. 1938628

It sounds like you're doing well despite your worrying nona. I feel like a lot of people get into jobs they aren't fit for but as long as you can get caught up with enough of the stuff you should know you'll probably be in the clear and it'll become much easier after that point. Like, think about boomers who can't operate a computer working in offices or how people can get good jobs without qualifications due to nepotism or sheer confidence. Nothing bad or irreversible is going to happen to you even if they find out. The worst they can do is fire you

No. 1938629

Sometimes the most bitter of nonas lack sympathy and fail to understand those that should be close to them.

No. 1938630

i need to say thank you to the nonas in this thread giving advice and encouragement. you've helped me so much even just reading other replies. for the first time in almost a month i ate a normal meal without throwing up from anxiety. we're all gonna make it

No. 1938645

I don't feel like a human being. Everyone can communicate so easily but I usually get misinterpreted or ignored. I just wish I could make a friend who would make the effort to understand me and wouldn't use me to look better in comparison or have someone around who is easy to make fun of. But deep down I don't think I deserve it

No. 1938650

Our neighborhood is FULL of feral rat children whose parents are too busy getting blasted to give a fuck what the little shits are doing. They're out on the road screaming from the time they get home from school until 11 (or later) at night. Even though these families are on CPS's radar, putting in noise and trespassing complaints doesn't do shit. We have to wait until damage is done to our property for the cops to so much as talk to the parents, which is the reason we had to put in cameras three years ago. Imagine having a migraine and someone else's brat child is screeching just under your window. In your own driveway. Oh, and the parents of the worst ones pull the "but they're autistic they don't know any better!" You fucking BITCH your son took a screwdriver to our front door, what the FUCK does that have to do with autism?! Moving isn't an option. Usually welfare leeches last only 2-4 years in rental properties until they're kicked out but we're surrounded (in front of us, beside us, behind us) by outliers.

It would be more peaceful living in a fucking dog kennel.

No. 1938652

so? i let my boyfriend sperg to me about WoW lore lmao i know it makes him happy even tho i have literally 0 interest in the game. i like seeing him excited even if i can't fully appreciate what he's telling me

No. 1938656

I'm sure those "rat children" are having a worse time having been born into such circumstances than you are having to hear kids yelling outside. Sucks about the property damage but if you're renting it's not really your problem

No. 1938676

I swear every parent blames autism or ADHD for their poor parenting. My neighbours have 3 loud, annoying ass kids who are always outside screaming at the top of their lungs or crying it's so damn annoying. I can't enjoy the backyard in peace when the weather is good because they always come out and ruin it so I feel your pain kek

No. 1938677

I wish I had a bf who could sperg to me about WoW

No. 1938678

As long as you're aware that's what's going on.. (considering you seem to confirm my suspicion)

No. 1938679

Incredible black and white thinking. I can laugh at this ridiculous situation and be confused at her choice to remain oblivious to the obvious and still feel sorry for her. Also I'm not being nosy, she has complained about him for years and is always venting about how much of an asshole he is. It's crazy that a vent post gets me called all these bad things with all these assumed imagined ideas of me. I'm constantly giving encouragement to anons here to seek help and stop destructive behaviours. The reading comprehension and intelligence of the average poster here has really gone downhill.

No. 1938682

Extremely late but nonnie, are you me? I could have ghostwritten this post myself, right down to the dates. I feel for you and I understand you completely. In my case I know we can never be friends again as the bridge has been burned utterly but I miss her so much. She was a daily part of my life for 9 years and I could have done anything for her. I thought we cared for each other and it broke me to find out she didn't care for me the same way and was willing to throw away our friendship without even wanting to try and fix it. I tried, on my end I did all I could. It's been months but I still care about her so much even if I know it's best we're no longer in each other's life. I guess therapy changed me too much and we're no longer compatible people, even if I still wanted to have her in my life. I hope she's doing well wherever she is and that she's happier without me, even if it hurts so much to think about.

No. 1938684

samefag but why the fuck are men GYNOS I DONT WANT THEM TOUCHING ME

No. 1938699

I told my best friend already my boyfriend and I broke up, but we were able to make amends and he really wants this relationship to work. I feel so seen and heard by him after he was able to clear his mind, I think we just really need to give each other space for a day when conflict happens. I feel weird/bad if I mention to my best friend "oh nevermind, were back together"

No. 1938717

i dont know if it gives both of you hope but my best friend and i had a bad falling out as well but we started being friends again a few months ago and also hung out together. we missed each other a lot and i decided to text her again and now were best friends again. never give up

No. 1938737


Yeah, yeah. Boohoo. It's not their fault, the poor children can't choose their shitty home life so that justifies them being everyone else's problem.

And no shit if I were renting the property damage wouldn't be my problem. If I were renting, I wouldn't have paid out of pocket for a security system.

No. 1938741

Ayrt (second anon) but she took our entire friend group in the divorce, let's say, so on my end there's a zero chance we can ever go back to what we used to be. She shittalked me and smeared me so hard she got most of our mutual friends (that she knew longer) to block me. Meanwhile I tried to stay dignified and not talk shit about my best friend even though I felt like she wronged me and look what I got. Mind you this is all online people so it might change your perspective. I'm happy you managed to mend things with her though and I applaud you for your strength of character to contact her again. I'm still bitter at how nuclear she went and at the person she turned out to be, but I wasn't her first "victim" so it shouldn't have surprised me. I guess to our mutual friends seeing me stand by her side even through her numerous explosive friend breakups must have made me seem untrustworthy. I did love her and I forgave her for her flaws for a long time until I couldn't. I even tried to fix it but she didn't want to. Oh well.

No. 1938742

Samefag I mean first anon, second chronologically here.

No. 1938748

the same kind of thing happened to us. i shittalked my best friend to our online friends after we had our fall out cause i was an emotional dramatic bitch but she was also being dramatic and unfair towards me and then we didnt talk for literally a year and a half. then we talked again and we both admitted that we acted wrong and in february we met up for the first time after being friends for 6 years. maybe you guys could be friends again but only if your friend is willing to work with you and admits her wrongdoins, otherwise it wont work out…

No. 1938750

Well I'm happy that you weren't ever neglected as a child and don't realize how evil that sounds. Maybe you could sell your house and move to a nice gated community away from dirty poors? Then you could focus on learning how not to Reddit space your posts

No. 1938755

I'm not gonna make it

No. 1938757

my life fucking sucks. I’m fat, ugly, no social skills, no experience in anything,no friends, no love, no degree at my late 20s I’m still in school but i fucking suck and barely keep up on top of that i fucking hate the major i picked but it’s too late to change it. I just wanna crash my car to a wall going 150mph and kill myself i cannot do this anymore there is no point. It’s over for me.

No. 1938759

I can't really imagine myself having any friends anymore

No. 1938760

The receptionist at my job deleted my all day room hold for this conference room so she could put another meeting in there, and now she's saying "wow that's weird that it's gone" as if she didn't delete that shit herself. I have the original email saying my room hold was approved, I still have the room hold on my calendar but she deleted it from the conference room's calendar, and I have the email chain for that other meeting where someone says (to the meeting requestor) "I see (receptionist) put you in (big conference room".

This isn't that big of a deal but now I have to be stressed finding another big enough room for these long ass time slots because this bitch deleted my room hold without telling me and refuses to admit it. The person who needed it asked if it was available, but there was no "it's already taken." Just removed my fucking room hold as if I didn't put it there a month in advance. All my other holds for the same room for this entire week and next are untouched EXCEPT THAT DAY.

I was out on vacation and I had brought back souvenirs for my coworkers (and something specific that the receptionist asked for) but now I'm bitter so I'm not bringing any in for anyone.

No. 1938770

You could still go ahead and give the souvenirs to certain coworkers and just skip her. Oh whoops, that's so weird that her gift is not there.

No. 1938779

you will nona

No. 1938795

Was a retarded piece of shit yesterday and drank way too much and literally ended up with acute pancreatitis in the ER, which I went to after spending 12 hours vomiting cause I knew I needed fluids and some antiemetic cause Zofran wasn’t helping me at all. I am never touching alcohol again. I told my bf to be mean and nasty to me if I try to convince him to let me in any capacity, I can’t handle this, my body can’t handle my binge drinking anymore, this pain is horrendous. They were going to admit me to the hospital due to high lipase levels but the CT scan showed my pancreas looked good/fine(god another fucking ct scan I’ve had so many recently I swear I’m irradiated and killing my cats from my own irradiation and anxious about cancer from all the shit I’ve had done in the past 6 months).

I have not vomited in over 12 hours and have kept water down by mouth and been drinking tons and tons of water and also having a light small meal of rice and chicken breast. I hate myself so much. I am so retarded. Why can I not control myself. I can’t be trusted around things like alcohol and I am making the vow to never touch it in any capacity ever again. I can’t even tell my mom about what happened because she will judge me.

No. 1938796

Fuck me, I think I have narcolepsy. I've been abnormally tired my entire life and doctors always just said "Idk let's check your iron levels. Oh they're fine? Work out and practice better sleep hygiene lol idk".
Fucked up REM sleep, hypnagogic hallucinations, excessive daytime sleepiness, subtle cataplexy, I have it all. I was always under the impression you had to nod off with a droopy head all day long to have narcolepsy, but nope. If all the retards I went to for help asked about three more questions I probably would've gotten diagnosed with this shit earlier than my late 20s before it literally ruined my life and turned me into a years long NEET. Holy fuck doctors are so incredibly useless.
Now it's time to find some sleepfag doctor to schedule an appointment for in 6 fucking months. I hate everything. Why couldn't I have just been a normie that isn't 50 mental and neurological illnesses in a trenchcoat

No. 1938815

I feel like shit right now I feel feverish and shivery and like I’m gonna throw up I took Pepto and Tylenol but what else should I do? I have work in. A few hours I just wanna not feel like crap and lie down.

No. 1938816

Anon I think you might have the flu. I never had the shivers with the average cold.

No. 1938817

>I was always under the impression you had to nod off with a droopy head all day long to have narcolepsy, but nope.
i also learned about this when doctors suspected i have narcolepsy years back, it's not just people who pass out at random. which sucks because people don't take you seriously when you say you might have it.

>Holy fuck doctors are so incredibly useless. Now it's time to find some sleepfag doctor to schedule an appointment for in 6 fucking months. I hate everything. Why couldn't I have just been a normie that isn't 50 mental and neurological illnesses in a trenchcoat

i feel you nonnie. weirdly enough i had a similar experience as well. my sympathies go out to you. when you have a sleep disorder that isn't insomnia, nobody understands, not even doctors. i was in treatment for 4 years and absolutely nothing got done, and i mean nothing. not even a diagnosis. they just shrugged their shoulders at me 90% of the time. doctors are genuinely useless. i hope it gets better for you and that you can come to a resolution with it. well wishes to you, i feel your pain

No. 1938826

>tfw you realize every man you're attracted to has gayface
So that's it then, I really am going to die alone and sexless or bearding for some coward playing pretend at best

No. 1938831

I've been thinking I have narcolepsy too, since I have all those symptoms, I empathize with you about the iron levels thing lol even though my iron levels are usually a little low. I don't really know what to do about it though, doctors literally never listen to me about anything. Rarely has it ever been that a doctor just admitted they weren't sure what was going on and refer me to a specialist, it's always just "ummmmmmmm don't care. thanks for the money get out lol". Shouldn't be legal.

No. 1938841

Overheard a gay moid at my job mention lolcow.

No. 1938844

File: 1711400903784.jpeg (29.93 KB, 564x400, IMG_0325.jpeg)

we’ll never be free

No. 1938849

explains the fag behavior i’ve been observing recently

No. 1938853

Thank you nona. My hatred for doctors just intensified even more at your story, fuck them all. I hope you could resolve some of your issues through other means, even if these fuckers absolutely failed you. It's absolute bullshit how lazy they are when it comes to anything that doesn't have an immediate solution they can slap on it like antidepressants or useless live love laugh type advice.

They're so incredibly useless. Going to the doctor is such a lose-lose situation when it comes to little known disorders like these. Either you don't bring up anything and they don't do shit, or you mention what you suspect you might have and they assume you're self diagnosing. Especially because narcolepsy is often treated with stimulants, which makes their ant brained alarm bells go off in case you're drug seeking and not just a hypochondriac.

No. 1938857

like "lahlcow dot farm" outloud?

No. 1938904

Nowadays if a moid suddenly say something a little too emotionally intelligent I always assume it was copied from chatgpt. Moid words are more worthless than ever.

No. 1938910

>Sometimes I feel like I'm a little monkey doing a dance for people, and going please look at me, please laugh at me, please interact with me, acknowledge me, consider me - I'll do the same for you! look at me do it! now you do it!
Too real. I have a similar feel with my current friends where we all get along fine and I'm the happiest I've been in a long time socially, but I constantly feel like I'm being annoying and clingy to them because I'm trying not to let it on that I really want their attention and to do things together, I'm not used to people actually wanting me around and at the same time I don't want to scare them off and be alone again either. Probably just the 'tism acting up

No. 1938940

Same I feel like shit. This sucks

No. 1938942

"yeah there's this place called lolcow dot farm, like four chan, it's an online board they talk about. Like. Everything. Gossip. All these posts and Internet drama"

I felt like running out of the building lol. Not out of shame for lolcow just out of pure cringe.

No. 1938947

Will have to move out of my apartment because my rent went up. Barely any friends and the ones I do have, I can't even converse with on a regular basis. Job is stressful as fuck and more times than not, I end the day feeling incompetent. And now, probably as a result of all of that, I am feeling very lonely. I wish I had someone who I felt very connected to and can talk to, but I feel that some of this must be my fault because I do have friends and such and yet I don't feel that way with any of them. I don't even know how I could begin to find a relationship like that

The other day my mom told me that I obsess over these things because I don't have any "real" problems (like money or children to look after or trauma or anything) and am sheltered. She's definitely right, but obviously that made me feel even worse. Like I'm depressed over such trivial things and yet I just can't bring myself to be content and happy.

No. 1938950

My entire body shriveled reading this, I can't imagine what it must have been like hearing it.

No. 1938957

Hope you're lying

No. 1938958

Had to cover for someone momentarily at work because they had a stomach issue. He came back to work after getting something for it at the pharmacy nearby. I hear from someone else that he is currently on ozempic (he wants to loose weight) and the same thing happened yesterday. Later he proceeds to shit himself, spread it all over his jacket and backside and continued working for several hours! I feel so bad for him because it must have been mortifying, but also beyond grossed out and he should have taken a sick day at the first sign of trouble - especially if something similar happened yesterday. Glad I'm not at work for another week.

No. 1938964

Hope he finds this post kek

No. 1938982

I feel like I don’t even have the right to complain about my life considering how there has been no exceptionally awful events, but I’m just so unhappy all of the time for as long as I can remember. I think my biggest fear is that I’ll never find a way to make it better and to find contentment in my every day life; that this is just an inherent part of me.

No. 1938984

If he's reading this thread right now, I just want to ask what part of 'female imageboard' does he not understand? If you like gossip, go on twitter and please leave us alone

No. 1938987

I miss hearing children outside when I lived in the boonies. No one wants to leave their houses in these nice apartments. It feel dull and empty.

No. 1938989

so fucking pissed right now. literally just 2 days ago my sister (lets call her br) suddenly and unexpectedly told my mom that they (her, her husband and their 2 toddler sons) are going to move back in. they moved out over a year ago and my other sister (sz) moved out permanently last year to live with her bf after a huge fight with my dad. so it used to be 11 people in one house with 4 bedrooms. i've shared a room with my twin sister my whole life, so thats what i was doing before they all left. my sister and her family lived in one room, parents in another, two younger sisters together, me and my twin, and then my eldest sister had a makeshift room in the attic when she would come home. so after br moved out, sz moved to their room. after a few months she fought with my dad and moved out for good, that was last summer. about a week after that i realized 'hey finally i can have my own fucking room for the first time ever wow privacy for once' so i moved there, which is where i've been for the past 8 months. so until 2 days ago all was well, until br announced her homecoming. eyeroll. ofc we all wondered where tf they were planning to sleep since there's literally no space anymore. she texted and said that i shouldn't worry, i wouldnt have to move out. i was relieved until just 15 minutes ago. this biotch has the nerve to tell me that she "didn't want me to be blindsided, but dad is going to talk to you about the room tomorrow". the fuck? talk to me about what exactly and what kind of wimpy ass text is that lmfao this bitch clearly realized that theres little to no space for them and asked my dad to get me to leave the room. fuck that shit lmfao i told her im not leaving. the audacity has me raging rn. like you rlly just expect me to pack up all my shit at the drop of a hat and move out again for you? fuck no….and on top of that idk why the fuck her and her gamer loser ass husband can't keep a job. my sister gets a new "job" every few months but something always coincidentally goes wrong and she quits it within a week or so. she has quit 4 jobs this way i swear. families always want to do trifling shit to you and act like its nothing

No. 1938991

File: 1711414657490.jpg (24.15 KB, 563x561, ee5867f3e93f06877534bf5689a6f7…)

Fucking sucks that everyone I've dated had a thing for skinny women with big tits. Even if I was "the exception" or they were open to other body types I still knew the truth.
I'm not even fat or overweight, I'm athletic but I'm solid and bottom heavy. I know this body is attractive to someone, it's attractive to me.
I just feel like the last person on earth attracted to women of my build because I found a string of people who weren't actually into my body.
They weren't all men by the way! Which is even more fucked.

Only after being single did I realize the pressure I was putting on myself to not eat. I eat enough now and I love my body again, if only I could find someone else who does.

No. 1938992

Isn't she ashamed along with her husband? They have two young kids and they're being so careless about working and settling down. Hold down your room, nona.

No. 1938993

The fact that a country like Burundi exists is really sad.

No. 1938994

having adhd and being type a is the worst brain combination. recently moved and during it, our ikea platform bed that had huge drawers underneath it broke. i had an extra bed frame, but we stored everything under the ikea one. we spent so much money on the move that i can't justify buying a new frame with pullout drawers again or a dresser and everything is so expensive to ship here. IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE having nowhere to put any of our clothes. we have one closet with just stuff strewn everywhere, i put all of my nice clothes/work clothes on a clothing rack, but for my every day stuff i've been using those little fabric cubes and laundry baskets and it's making me rage. every time i take something out it messes up the organization and gets all fucked up. previously i made dividers in the under bed drawers so it was easy to find everything (e.g. favorite tshirts, shirts that can be messed up, nice leggings, fucked up leggings for gardening, etc). i fucking hate mess and not being able to find things easily bc if i can't see it, it may as well be in narnia. i've been scouring fb marketplace/craigslist/thrift stores but there is nothing. and unrelated but i've been so stressed i haven't colored my hair in three months and i look like i'm balding but i don't want to spend 2 hours fucking with my hair when i don't go anywhere anyway but it would probably make me feel better. if any nonnas read this thanks for listening, i'm super isolated in the place we moved to so i don't have anyone to vent to and even just word vomitting anonymously helps

No. 1938995

Yeah, I feel this way too. How can I just be content with things?

No. 1938997

I wish people would let me grieve in peace and not force me to "stand up and see the light". Dud, this still hurts, it will hurt for a long time and will take me tons of time to get up. Hurrying me makes me feel like shit.

No. 1938998

Everyone has dumb preferences, but I'd like to believe that those people you dated saw beyond just your body and loved you as you were. At least, I would hope they did at a point. You shouldn't focus too much on your body and how you want someone to view it as ideal/their "thing" because you might get a plain old fetishizer who objectifies X or Y on you rather than viewing you as a person. I hope that you may find your love one day soon and feel at peace without worrying about how you do or do not fit their criteria.

No. 1938999

samefag but our large ikea bookshelf also broke during the move, and we have a metric fuckton of books so there are just boxes and boxes sitting around that i can't put away and it's driving me fucking insane. i just want to be moved in so we can have fun decorating and not feel like i'm living in a storage container. i hung some artwork up in a few rooms yesterday which has helped a lot for my mental state because it's not just blank speckled white walls, but it still feels like i'm living in this weird foreign place (because i am)

take your time. grief is tricky in that it never stops hurting, you just get better at accepting and dealing with it. i wish i could give you a hug, and fuck anyone who doesn't understand that you can't just immediately 'snap out of it'. if you don't process it, then it will fester and come to bite you in the ass further down the line. good luck

No. 1939003

I hate that Ikea is basically the only affordable furniture out there, at least to buy new. It’s like you sneeze and a shelf will fall apart. I hope you find some alternatives to your chaos stat, nona. That would drive me crazy, too

No. 1939016

File: 1711417280755.jpeg (81.51 KB, 576x923, IMG_4386.jpeg)

Goddammit I hate this gay ass generation. We all joined this group for making friends but now because I dared to come up with an idea for us to hang out aside from the shitty event coordination everyone thinks I’m weird and doesn’t want to talk to me anymore. Guess I’m the retard on the playground now haha! We were all supposed to be doing this as only self care and totally ironically hahaha!

No. 1939017

>Later he proceeds to shit himself, spread it all over his jacket and backside and continued working for several hours!
what the fuck did no one else notice the shit smell? he definitely must have smelled having that on himself for hours

No. 1939031

I'm sorry that happened to you, anon. It's unfair that this should happen to you when you were just trying to put yourself out there. I'm sure you meant well.

No. 1939034

What the fuck do you do for a living where it's even possible for someone to wander around covered in shit all day?

No. 1939037

You should tell him in front of a bunch of people that it's full of "transphobes." Hopefully that'll scare his faggot ass away. Classic gay moids, colonizing female spaces and culture.

No. 1939051

I have had utterly unlucky experiences with moids, and it makes me so sad. Thinking of some of the experiences is traumatizing. Not even just the abusers and psychos and men who tried passing me around or evil stalkers but thinking back to the men who were almost disgusted by me way back in grade school.
Am I not worthy of love?
I am a lover girl and not super picky, I hopelessly have fallen for quite a few guys, yet nothing has stuck. Maybe I need to think strategically, because men tend to not like girls who are too into them.. unless his bros hype her up or something.
I'm into a moid right now pretty bad. I think he's sweet and motivating and has golden retriever vibes. He makes me happy to wake up in the morning, but I have a feeling he doesn't like me like that at ALL. It sucks because he's just my type. So cute. So positive. So motivated. So himbo. So proffesional. Please pray for me or something. I'll tell him I think he's cute and then I'm not sure if I should ask him anything after that or just let him make the move. I have to see it "crash and burn" a.k.a. get a straight "no, I'm sorry" otherwise I'll wonder if he's just a polite professional or complete nimrod, like all those painfully stupid stories moids love to tell about women hitting on them and they didn't realize until a decade later.
Wish me luck.

No. 1939054

Ain't no way this is real. Shit is such a prominent and immediate smell. He would have been told to go home.

No. 1939060

You must do your duty as a farmer and kill him now. This place should be like fight club.

No. 1939062

That's frustrating as hell. Hold strong. There's nothing worse than loser parents who drag their kids down with them. (speaking of your sister and her husband)

No. 1939064

grief nonnie: thank you for the hug. I can deal with being depressed and grieving for a long time, it will not going to stop me to enjoy stuff, but "snapping out of it" is no gonna happen.

No. 1939174

One of my pet birds has gained 17g over the past couple months, and 5g in the last two weeks alone! I am so worried she has a fatty liver or some other disease or cancer or ailment. I'm getting her a vet appointment asap, but I have to wait until next morning to make one. All I can think about is how bad it could potentially be and how I might lose one of my most precious friends ever. My chest hurts so much. I've already lost an animal before and it took years to get over their passing. My baby is so young too, I really hope she's ok….

No. 1939226

Your sister is a parasite and your parents are enablers. It sucks, but moving out would probably be better for your mental health in the long run. I don’t mean right away, just something to work towards.

No. 1939227

File: 1711439883317.jpg (39.36 KB, 440x587, beckley.jpg)

>all i want in a boyfriend is long hair and not watching porn
>this is somehow too unrealistic for modern scrotes
at this point i have accepted i am dying alone, but it hurts looking at photos from the 70s/80s/90s and seeing all the cute scrotes i could have dated if i was born a few decades earlier. I would accept the hideous modern scrote look of rugrats twins hair and stubble beard if they at least had a good personality to compesate, but they are more misogynistic and lazy than scrotes from prior decades. No wonder scrotes are currently ''suffering'' from a male loneliness ''epidemic'' when they are ugly, porn addicted, lazy and don't have fun personalities anymore.

No. 1939230

My boyfriend’s brother keeps showing up to the house to stay over for a couple of days, and he takes up the room i use as a study which means that every time he’s around I have to work on the kitchen table. It’s really annoying me and of course my boyfriend’s not saying anything in my defense because he doesn’t want to rock the boat. Said brother then leaves everything a mess, including his dishes that of course I have to clean up because god forbid my boyfriend rinse half a spoon by himself. At least it’s inspiring in a way, i’m a freelancer and am picking up 3x the work I usually do to save up money and get my own place. If I have to be a cook and maid, I want to be one just for myself.

No. 1939231

Should've said, he drives a vehicle for the company so he just sort of sat put in his driver's seat after his accident. So now there's a shit infested vehicle for the other drivers to enjoy. Wtf

No. 1939234

Is he like massively obese? I can’t even wrap around the idea of just sitting in your own shit and not noticing for a whole workday, or not cleaning up after yourself unless you’re basically disabled. Even pigs don’t sit around in their own shit. Wtf i’m so baffled

No. 1939236

Something has to be wrong with my ovary. I’ve been having crazy period like cramps the last few days even though I’m not close to my period or ovulating. I’m all sweaty and I have this weird pinching pain in my pelvis that I’ve never felt before. Can’t even get to urgent care or ER til tomorrow afternoon so here’s hoping it’s nothing fatal kek

I stg being a woman is a blessing and a curse. I’m so thankful I was born as one but holy shit why are our bodies built so fucking dumb and painful

No. 1939238

I'm sad that I had to wake up at 3 am and not fall back asleep. I had a dream that involved me working at a small family run car loan company. Our loans were at 6%. Also, some kid was practicing driving on my car or maybe he was buying it. It's possible we were a driving school or car dealer on top of that too. I wish I slept through the night instead. What a stupid dream series. Give me back my happy dream where I was going on a date with mystery guy.

No. 1939244

Think he was too embarrassed and ashamed to move until his shift was over and everyone around had left for the day. He is not massively obese, but he has been known to sit put with his phone all day in favour of coming out to chat at hourly break time - guessing he's sometimes been too lazy to climb the stairs to get to where we would see each other. We can reach him on radio comms, or call his phone, so no one bothered to check on him.

No. 1939248

I don't understand how you did wrong? Like what's wrong with these people? I think they overreacted

No. 1939250

I made my Nigel drop porn and grow his hair long

No. 1939253

The fact that you had to beg your Nigel to stop watching exploited women being raped is pretty sad lol

No. 1939254

he's already corrupt at that point, he's worthless and will relapse or do it behind your back anyways.

No. 1939260

File: 1711445756053.jpg (8.97 KB, 275x266, 1669124680665.jpg)

A lot of my issues come down to seeing things for what they are, and getting yelled at for trying to say something.
I know it's not just in my head because when I show or explain it to other people (including strangers), they come to the same conclusion as me. When I spend too much time in a place or group, I see things I didn't know about before, but other people around complicit or naive and they all start getting upset when it's brought up. Don't get me wrong. Some things are negligible. Life is full of little hypocrisies. My problem is when it crosses into justifying harming someone who didn't deserve shit, or excusing (sometimes praising) the exact same behaviors in one person and punishing the next for it. The naive people are the ones that make me the most sad, because it's not that they're trying to manipulate me. They just don't see it, or they don't want to believe it. Then, a week, maybe a couple of months (or even years) later, everything I said and suspected ends up being true. This is how I felt with the tranny thing. You can throw all the evidence and signs in their face, and they just fucking ignore you.
I suppose the solution is to play the game, be manipulative and bread crumb people into coming to the same conclusions on their own, but I don't like doing that. It's slow and frustrating. When there's something important, I want people to know. I want everyone on the same page, and I want problems solved. And it's always too fucking late by the time they accept what I said. Fucking mass gaslighting, I feel schizo sometimes.

No. 1939261

Samefag, now that I think about it, this isn't even just an interpersonal dynamic. I try to explain my problems, whether they be emotional or based on some kind of bureaucratic system, and I get fucking ignored. So much of my life has been held back because no one fucking listens to me and I have almost no control. Even the people in charge in my retarded country's systems show insane incompetency. Makes me want to kms and hope I reroll in a better society.

No. 1939264

Could you not be blackpilled for five minutes

No. 1939275

I feel you, I have it the same. It's frustrating to see things as they are quickly when everybody else needs years to see it. We should be in charge of the world and not the most stupid and slow ones out of us… but that's what democracy always ends up being.

No. 1939276

I’m sorry anon. I think I know what you mean. I would listen to you.

No. 1939289

>stop shitting on men and lower your standars!!!
no, lol

No. 1939297

I dont wanna brag but my bf has long hair and doesnt watch porn

No. 1939299

But he watched porn before. That's my problem. At least in the 90s or 80s i could have snapped some guy that never opened a porn mag before, now it's unlikely since they all start consuming barely legal teen gangbang facial abuse at 15 and it's too gross even if the ''totally dont look at it anymore i swear'' they are already poisoned.

No. 1939300

Trust me back then all of them looked at porn magazines and they lost their virginity pretty early, youre just romanticizing that time

No. 1939301

>sexually attracted to men but find them insufferable
>romantically interested in women but not sexually attracted to the female form
damn this heterosexuality shit sucks

No. 1939304

Neither did mine and he still coerced me into sex and left me when I wouldn't give in anymore. Maybe if he had watched porn there would have been less coercion. All men are trash.

No. 1939309

Healthy food only fruit pizza no processed food parents who are overweight are insane like clearly it’s not working for you

No. 1939312

They exist nonna. My ex and best friend has long hair and is disgusted by porn (he is so granny like kek) and my current bf with long hair too thinks porn is distasteful and an offence to his aesthetic and moral sensibilities. Both were raised by strong female figures, highly educated and critical of the stereotypes of manhoodness.
Don't shut yourself off from meeting scrotoids but set your boundaries and standards high, apply a cero tolerance policy, and don't gave the benefit of doubt: he has to prove himself to you. Good pet material scrotoids will stay and trash tier scrotoids will run.

No. 1939313

Where did you find these specimens, I want a long hair porn free bf too kek

No. 1939318

god how I want game studios to just openly be "transphobic" already. No gender shit, no crossdressing, no troon flags, if they make troons they're realistic agp uggos and you're actively making fun of troon villain characters in the games. It's about time they're kicked out and made fun as the gross predatory ideology they are

No. 1939322

but porn magazines at worst had some naked pinup, nowadays the kind of shit they jack off too is gross incest or outright abuse. I can make an exception for pinups, but i cannot excuse the absolute disgusting shit that moids can access nowadays.

No. 1939325

My vent is that I need an urine sample from my cat and Im waiting for the pee since five am without results. In an hour I have uni and my family is retarded when it comes to pets.

I met both in social media. With both we bounded having long and rich conversations (which we have too meeting irl as acquaintances) about music, politics, spirituality, philosophy, films and with my bf fashion was and is a current topic. They both showed respect towards me and my boundaries and let me made the first move.
I guess is a matter of being open to meet new people but not actively seaking. If someone grabs your attention go for it.

No. 1939327

Lately mom keeps talking over me almost every single time we meet and when I mention about it to her she always shifts the blame on me in some way. How do I make it stop? It feels like she doesn't respect what I have to say

No. 1939333

>Have nothing to do til 5.30pm
>It's 12 noon
>See that number on the clock and start panicking that I'm going to be late and everyone's going to hate me because of it
>I live 10 minutes away from where I'm supposed to be for 5
Why is my anxiety acting up so fucking much over things that are so fucking STUPID. I can't shake the feeling that I'm running late and my heart is pounding. I have 6 fucking hours chill tf out brain

No. 1939343

File: 1711457555908.gif (9.54 MB, 540x398, 1000011500.gif)

I have ADHD and keep fucking up tasks at my job and have this constant anxiety that I will be fired. I did something incredibly stupid yet again which prompted a 'catch up' call with my manager. I'm tired of making mistakes which leaves everyone around me wondering if I am retarded, then being told what to do only to forget it or mix it up and do it badly later.
Also, my bf has a bit of an anger management problem and shouted at his manager at work and so another thing I have to worry about I guess is both of us losing our jobs

No. 1939367

kek that was my plan last year but then they moved out so i just moved to a different room instead and now they just fucked it all up again
thanks nonas and its so infuriating bc they didn't even come up with a plan b or even a plan a for that matter, just immediately started moving back in. they finished moving everything last night and now they're using the dining room as a makeshift room which is what they used to do 3 years ago before their first son was born…its so obvious that they just expected to be able to move back in to their former room and now that that plan's impossible they don't even know what to do. i don't want to / can't move back in with my twin bc she is filthy, smokes weed all day which stinks up the room, has poor hygiene etc. plus she has a cat with bladder issues or smth that she never even takes to the groomers, and her room literally stinks so bad that you can smell it from downstairs

No. 1939379

kind of a minor thing but i'm jealous of how many long-time friends my boyfriend has. i've been meeting a lot of his friends recently and a lot of them go as far back as middle school or early high school. i have absolutely zero friends from when i was in school and it just makes me sad now. it's something i used to be fine with but i dunno, i just wish i had childhood friends or non-university friends in general

No. 1939385

Hey nonny? The stress from dating a moid who is so unstable he yells at his boss at work raises your baseline anxiety level and affects your performance at work (among other things). If you live with him, it's that much worse. There is no future with moids like that.

No. 1939386

I feel you nona. My boyfriend has long-time friendships that go back to preschool age. As far as I can remember, I was pretty much friendless and bullied.

No. 1939485

being 22 is weird. i feel like a daughtermother to everyone because i am an adult but so young. also i accidentally ran a red light because i’m a tard who got her license last month and i was confused by the lights at a left turn and i want to just burn my license and stay off the roads at this point

No. 1939506

This is literal bio hazard and your company could be shut down for not reporting that shit (literally.)

Yeah, just move out at this point. You cant even complain because you are still living with your parents and as retarded as it all is, they still have the ultimate say in what's going on under their roof. Find a way to move out, and you'll have true freedom. It sounds like you're valid in complaining about your situation, but it doesnt mean anything unless you do something yourself to get out of it. Good luck

No. 1939510

If more game devs were openly anti trans, games would still sell. I dont think trannies have as much power as they think. Look how big JKR still is and how much Hogwarts Legacy sold, despite the dumb ass 'protests.'

No. 1939513

I understand the ADHD situation, especially at work. I try my hardest to change that myself, keeping a notebook, doing step by step things, keeping a squeezeball in my pocket when I feel myself drifting from my current taks. However, there is no excuse for dating a rage moid. Dumb him and have one less thing to worry about. I hope it all goes well for you, seriously, one ADHD woman to another.

No. 1939522

File: 1711466878501.jpg (92.25 KB, 1200x671, D0IHDt8WsAAWY5V.jpg)

i dont know if i can take it today. my cat woke me up by meowing in my face and knocking my water bottle over, i got stuck in traffic and barely made it to work on time and now i have to sit in this office that smells like fucking eggs because one of my bosses loves to pretend he's a fitness junkie and has to make eggs at work every morning and then brag about how bland his chicken and rice is at lunch. its going to be a long day

No. 1939579

i am destined to be alone and miserable. god wanted me to suffer all my life. no friends. no family. just my boyfriend who will probably leave me because i am too ugly. i want to slit my fucking wrists

No. 1939585

exactly. i feel like shit when we're talking about our school experiences and mine always lead back to being bullied/having no friends

No. 1939592

For some reason I hate it and get triggered when people start explaining their thoughts don't work the same as others or things like that, like they think their brain is special or something

"I think in arborescence"
"Thoughts go super fast in my head"
"I can guess the idea the person is going to speak before they finish their sentence"

idk stfu kys

No. 1939601

nonnies I'm reading some posts about moids who want to have sex with their wives after they've just given birth and it makes my skin crawl and so angry that I can't put it into words. HOWWWWWW do they not fucking understand it takes time to heal physically and mentally after you pushed out a human bean out of your vagina??!
what the fuck is wrong with them? I want to marry and have kids but the more I look at the relationships around me and read shit online, the more I'm turned off. jfc I knew it was bad and compromise was a thing but the lack of empathy is off the charts

No. 1939629

For an extra amount of disgust, read about the existence of the husband stitch. Awful.

No. 1939637

So, I was leaving a store behind an old lady, and in front of the entrance was this 10 year old, pants down, pissing on the sidewalk. This lady said “Son, you are old enough to know that what you're doing is wrong. You need to ask the cashier to use the restroom next time”
And this little shit said “fuck you” and pushed her.
I snapped, and pushed him. He fell to the ground. He said “Im gonna tell my momma- Im gonna call the cops on you”
I said “Go ahead! Cameras caught you urinating in public, nudity in public, AND you assaulted the elderly. Call the cops, I dont care. You know you are fucking up.” And he ran inside crying.
Fuck him. Fuck his parents and fuck anyone else who lets him get away with this shit. Little fucker wanted the reaction; he got it.

No. 1939641

You're awesome, nona. I'm glad you helped that woman and told him off. These shitheads need to learn proper respect, and their parents aren't giving them any lessons.

No. 1939646

It may get me in trouble one day, but I have zero tolerance for anyone harassing or verbally assaulting women/girls in public. I have straight up got in mens faces before and protected complete strangers. Fuck men. Fuck the little shits who are not even trying to behave; fuck them ALL.

No. 1939654

Hell yeah nonna! Thank you for standing up and teaching a little shit a lesson! Reminds me of something that happened to me once- I was in line for the ATM and a group of tiktok kids started surrounding me to annoy me and one kept shoving his phone in my face to film my reaction. I grabbed it out of his hands and threatened to smash it to the ground and they left me alone after that

No. 1939656

I admire your drive to help other women and put those scrotes in their place.

No. 1939661

i've been struggling to make drs appts, making myself sick with anxiety over the thought of calling them. it took weeks of build up and most of my courage. I called, and my fucking phone didn't work and the lady said I was cutting out and she couldn't hear me so I had to hang up. I feel SO defeated right now. I'm never going to be able to bring myself to do it again. what the fuck. I tried so hard, and got so far, and in the end it doesn't even matter.

No. 1939665

Nonna I would call for you if were were not on an anonymous board… can you ask a friend or family member to help?

No. 1939666

Are you able to send an email?

No. 1939667

anon, if you were too ugly, he wouldnʼt date you, iʼm sure you look fine. and donʼt slit your wrists. seek help.

No. 1939669

This song just showed up on my YouTube and now I am remembering my teenage crush on Jared Leto back in the 00's… What the fuck happened to him? I remember being told he was nearly 40, but he was still so young looking that all the 15 year olds in our group though he was the dreamiest man to ever live. Why do cute scrotes always age horrible or reveal themselves to be terrible people?

No. 1939675

Can't you make an appointment online? I can even directly message my GP.

No. 1939690

File: 1711477334269.jpg (123.65 KB, 1078x934, 1710981975016.jpg)

Obligatory image I must post.

No. 1939694

I want to state a theory for why I think my mother is a boymom for 1 specific brother but I feel like even the implications of this hypothesis is disgusting

No. 1939700

nonna, are you me? Especially because of the Linkin Park quote at the end, kek. My advice as someone who just can't call anybody, except for one person, do it after you wake up. Wake up, go to the toilet, brush your teeth, get a glass of water on your table and then, call whoever you need to call. It will give you anxiety, sure, but your mind isn't really awake at that moment and more on autopilot, so you just make the call and don't have much time to think about it. Hope you can do the call again very soon, it's annoying that not everything works through e-mails.

No. 1939712

Say it nonna. Does he look more like the dad or something?

No. 1939722

There is this constant humming noise in my flat. It's been here for 5 days know and it's been here for many more days the years I've been living here, so I know it will stay for another month or two or three. It's just driving my fucking insane, I can't sleep properly and wake up after 3 hours of sleep every night, if I can fall asleep at all. I guess it's a combination of stuff my neighbours do and the heating system and so I can't do anything about it. I can't wear earplugs, I get nightmares wearing them and I won't hear my alarm in the morning, I tried listening to white noise and rain sounds, but it does nothing. Only thing that helps to fall asleep is getting drunk, but I don't want to drink anymore, I just want to get away from here, have some money and some silence.

No. 1939731

I fucking curse my polite socialization. The only ex I actively dislike has sent me a message asking a completely reasonable question for me to answer, and I'm 99.9% sure there's some bullshit coming after this, I don't want be completely rude and ignore it completely or accuse him of his shitty intentions upfront. I don't think he can even entertain the idea that other people might dislike him.

No. 1939735

>Does he look more like the dad
Yeah exactly that
Its sickens me a little because my dad was domestically abusive. My brother is emotionally manipulative and she doesnt even realize it because he doesnt hit her like my dad used to. I just want to leave these people behind.

No. 1939739

I'm so ugly and insecure about it and it's ruining any chance for social relationships I could have. I know no one would want to be seen with me. I know I come off as desperate when I try to make friends. I know no one will want to date me. It's so depressing. I'm back to my teenage years where I would cry about how much I hate my parents for having me knowing how ugly their features are.

No. 1939740

The receptionists at the doctor’s and dentist don’t like me and be gossiping about me. I been only polite to them. Is it because I’m a tomboy or single? What did I do wrong?

No. 1939741

bbg you're so damn fine though

No. 1939745

this is what started it after I saw an instareel yesterday about this
I did not know this was a thing and that some doctors do it WITHOUT THE WOMAN'S CONSENT
it's fucking wild

No. 1939748

OMFG i was talking about this with my nigel last night. I looked at him and was like "did you know your ass and vagina can turn into one hole if you tear when giving birth" and he was like "yep and sometimes they stitch you too much and call it "the husband stitch"" and i was like wow i forgot about that. i don't know why i assumed that the skins just grew back together.

No. 1939755

my labia literally started growing together after birth and I had to troon style dilate.

No. 1939757

Some days I look in the mirror and think I look like a model. most days however I feel like I'm ugly and deformed. I'm really insecure rn and I feel like my head is too big and I look like a man

No. 1939760

Work is so boring we shittalk people every time they leave over the most random shit you shouldn't take them personally

No. 1939774

my online friend is nice and I'm grateful to have her but sometimes she just infodumps about her ocs and I really dgaf.
like sometimes it's actually interesting and i engage w her but other times….. man im sorry but what made you think I want to read all of this at 7pm on a Tuesday

No. 1939785

File: 1711484426344.jpg (566.99 KB, 3840x2160, R (1).jpg)

Same anon that talked last thread about finding out i was living in a alternative reality my brain created, and i just found out yesterday my face (and body) is not only fucked up with acne, but also possible ridden with type 2 rosacea and i'm losing my shit, as if my life wasn't hellish enough. I can't fucking believe i got rosacea as a fucking 19 years old (i'm 25 now) and now my face is fucking disgusting from it. Everybody treats me like i have the leprosy and even tell me my face looks fucking ugly. The dermatologist i saw yesterday prescribed me a lot of shit to put on my face and said the scarring is already inevitable, i will be taking antibiotics for 3 months and i want to fucking kill myself. As if i don't fucking hate myself and my face enough already, i just feel fucking deformed. My face looks like shit, my body looks like fucking shit, looking in the mirror just fills me up with enough despair to make me cry.
My mental health is on the verge of being completely broken and i'm about to be unapologetically insane.

No. 1939790

File: 1711484868300.png (195.35 KB, 481x356, 1583568673073.png)

I hate it when people like things I like. The only people who should be allowed to like my liked things are people I like. Reee. Yes, I'm salty my favorite manga series is the fotm anime right now

No. 1939791

What series is it? Just so I know and never like it.

No. 1939799

File: 1711485281785.png (331.32 KB, 278x470, maomao.PNG)

Kusuriya no Hitorigoto

No. 1939801

Ok, thank you for answering

not Op but Uzumaki, Junji Ito. It’s a really good horror manga.

No. 1939812

It's most likely not your fault and more of the bad environment we all live in.

No. 1939819

Cool, I shall never contribute to the hype. Might watch only maybe when everyone else forget about it.

No. 1939820

They got Gojo's VA calling the mc a good girl you never had a chance to gatekeep unfortunately

No. 1939824

Do people actually watch seasonal airing anime dubbed?

No. 1939826

>Gojo's VA
Huh? Yuichi Nakamura isn't in Apothecary Diaries

No. 1939836

>"Hey anon, I started watching that show you really like!"
>omg, yes! You'll love it!
>"Yeah but I don't really get it, I'm just kinda half-watching it while I'm doing other things though."
I HATE when people do this. I'm not gonna request that you are gonna spend the entire time hyper focusing on the episodes, but you are not getting the full experience of any movie or show if you are just gonna have it more or less running in the background. It pisses me off that people do this and then complain about how the thing wasn't really good when weren't even paying attention!

No. 1939841

And his bullshit attempts at trying to approach me have come to the surface within 2 exchanges, this is the second time in the last two years. Now I'm forced to be somewhat rude, and I hate this, just leave me alone.
On the other hand I'm low key enjoying seeing his come crawling to any woman he's known and is near his age to take him. This is the reality of the fantasy of men thinking men become valuable over time, when you have Mickey Mouse hairline, a boring high-income job, no 20-year olds want you because you look old as fuck to them and no 30-year olds want you because you're icky as fuck.

No. 1939850

The older I am the funnier it is to hear someone say "for most of my life I have studied/trained [etc. something "deep"]" and then it turns out the person is like 22 kek. Obviously it's not meant to discredit them or whatever, it's just funny

No. 1939868

My friend recently told me she started watching "that show everyone's been telling her to watch forever", and I was like oh what show? And she said Avatar the Last Airbender.. but that she decided to watch the Netflix live action version instead of the original. At the risk of sounding like a redditor, it hurt my feelings a little like why even pretend girl? You are watching straight up trash, AND spoiling yourself for the actually good series. Usually I love her but this annoyed me so bad idk I can't stand this generation

No. 1939883

It's so bizarre having family members with mental illness. It's like how am I half your age but somehow more mature and have better communication skills? Being around adults that have the mindsets of teenagers is so weird and I never know how to respond to their outbursts because part of me just wants to laugh in their face because all I'm thinking is "I would've done the same thing when I was 15!"

No. 1939888

When i have bad days at work my biggest regret in life is being a nurse. I hate how you get bullied by patients, by your co workers and even by doctors. The patients dont respect you and are rude because you arent a doctor, co workers are rude and bitchy, the doctors are rude and see you as below them because you arent one of them. I seriously wish i wouldve chosen a different job.

No. 1939897

I noticed I had a sore dark spot on my scalp back in December and thought nothing of it (assuming it would just heal)
I looked again today and now it’s an open sore I didn’t notice. I don’t have money to go see a dermatologist…. What could it be? I’m noticing more tiny dark spots that are sore on my scalp as I investigate more. Not to be dramatic but I feel like I’ve manifested something fatal for myself.

No. 1939898

I feel like I've seen a couple nurse nonas share the same sentiment. Are you sure you wouldn't like to possibly work elsewhere? I'm sure you're still young and can manage better elsewhere. Sorry for prying.

No. 1939904

post a pic
You seriously have to go to a derm ASAP

No. 1939908

I'm sorry nona. I'm in and out of hospitals a lot and nurses have always been awesome to me

No. 1939909

I hate being sick, why does it feel like I’m always goddamn throwing up or boogery or feverish, how come I can’t just have a stronger immune system? I just get sick after sick and I’m always talking something for something and doctors tell me to wait it out get lots of rest, I need to work too survive i would love to have someone take care of me but I’m just having to take medicine and be feeling like crap underneath it all

No. 1939911

I'm sorry nona. I'm just a student but I get that sentiment. It makes me want to drop out to be honest. The bullying from senior nurses really got to me at one point.

No. 1939914

Go to derm anyways, go to urgent care/ER if not.

No. 1939918

I’m sorry, abusive family sucks. I hope you get to leave them soon.

No. 1939919

As other anons have pointed out, please go to a doctor ASAP (within 5 days) or ER. If you go to the hospital to have it checked out and are concerned about costs, ask for itemized receipt at end of your visit to cut down costs. My initial guesses, without photo, would be: A) Tinea capitis, B) Lichen Planopilaris, C) Some sort of psoriasis or common dermatitis, or D) Skin cancer. The last example is the least likely, and even if it is skin cancer, don't fret as the majority of cases aren't fatal and they is a very good chance it can be excised successfully if you catch it in time. Since you've had this for over three months now, you need to go see a doctor immediately to get a proper diagnosis. I can't stress that enough, you need to go to a medical professional and get it checked out. It's abnormal that you've had an open wound for this long.

No. 1939922

I've had something like this for a year now and it's from a drop of dirty roof water that hit the back of my neck while urban exploring, lol. It keeps closing up but then at the slightest irritation opens up again as a large sore or tryptophobia tier little scattered round wounds. It travels too and I currently have it on my jaw and I want to scream every day. I've been given antibiotics as cream and then pills and it's still not gone so I have to go back and have a sample sent into a lab to figure out what it is. Go to a doctor anon, it won't go away on its own

No. 1939933

I honestly can wait to have children (too poor atm), but I've heard going through childbirth is like an exclusive experience and nothing else can come near replicating how childbirth feels. Honestly wild to think about. It's enticing yet scary to imagine, because knowing that knowledge, you can't exactly imagine what that feels like until it happens to you.

No. 1939942

You can also tear in the opposite direction

No. 1939943

Im having a breakout on my feet and it's irritating me so bad. It's not itchy or anything, but it's a bunch of little bumps and it's making my feet ugly! I am gonna try to switch my soap and see if that helps.

On another note, the Francis Scott Key bridge collapsing has been tearing me apart inside. I don't mean to make a terrible tragedy about me, but my biggest fear is ending up in a body of water while in a vehicle, and I have awful anxiety so imagine how anxious I've been feeling and all the intrusive thoughts I've been experiencing. I really pray to whatever higher entity there is that everyone who was on that bridge will be rescued.

No. 1939959

Every single woman is different. My sister has two kids and she told me both births werent that bad for her. She was in labor for less than 5 hours each child. I've also heard women who have had the opposite. My mother was in labor for 30 hours with me. Dont let anyone fear monger you. Read books, speak to women, but ultimate whatever happens is different. We have also highly developed medicine for women in labor now compared to not even 50 years ago. I'm having my first child soon, and ofc I'm scared, but I am doing my best to keep positive.

No. 1939960

File: 1711499269345.jpg (159.56 KB, 1024x1024, 13794318_f1024-1501729049.jpg)

Fungus amongus
Also, get one of these, better be safe

No. 1939962

File: 1711499386324.jpg (39.67 KB, 750x750, 1686633488870.jpg)

this is a retarded vent but why does everyone in college seems to make friends so easily, man like i can't see my close friends but i'm jealous because they have other friends who they constantly talk with and hang out meanwhile i don't eat lunch with anyone or talk besides work stuff, it's like they're moving on with their live but i'm getting stuck and it's not like i can just stop caring about social interacion while every time it's shoved in my face that i don't have friends. or at least i don't see my friends because of schedule. i dont wanna depend on them and wanna make friends outside of them but i just dont know how and im not asking for advice on how to make friends. idk i just wanna stay home if im gonna be as useless outside but if i stay inside too much im gonna start feeling guilty because ik its obviously just a big cope that i cant socialize with people and that no one sees me

No. 1939966

I need to stop eating so many carbs and drinking so much alcohol, fuck. If I’m cooking at home it’s rice, quinoa, or pasta based, and if I’m getting food out I’m getting a sandwich or a pastry. I want to buy some nice clothes online next week and I’m worried they won’t fit!!

No. 1939967

im really afraid to give birth. i’m doing as much as i can to make the experience as quick and easy as possible; drinking teas and eating foods that tone and heal the uterus, massaging my perineum, etc but Idk. Having a breech baby can totally destroy a birth plan, that’s what I’m most terrified of

No. 1939971

college is a transitional period in life where many people make new friends, but also many people feel very similarly to you. are you taking classes or just working?

No. 1939972

The friend finder thread legit makes me depressed

No. 1939975

You can nonny, trust yourself. You can make friends. It's never too late

No. 1939977

Do you talk to people in your classes? Do you take part in any clubs?
>I'm not asking for advice on how to make friends.
You don't need advice nona you just need to be yourself and talk to more people and they will gravitate towards you if they're your kind of people. Give yourself time.

No. 1939983

only trannies and mentally ill women who only want to “befriend” you so they can skinwalk your entire personality and blackmail you with all of your personal shit use that thread. you can’t ask for friends, friends come naturally, only predators and creeps asking people to be their friends with fake bios and descriptions. they’re all lying about themselves in that thread so they can trap someone and fuck them over kek

No. 1939994

I tried 3 times and got ghosted every time, I was really hoping to make a friend or two.

No. 1939996

File: 1711500506373.jpeg (410.94 KB, 822x450, IMG_8043.jpeg)

you have to get the flavor of this website off your aura or probably take a shower, wash your hair, don’t wear hoodies, or don’t be a greasy dingy bitch mayhaps. at some point socially awkward people have to face reality that normies can smell what’s off about you without you having to open your mouth, you have to play the game to make friends nonners. the secret is that dont seek out to make friends, you have to create pawns for your own use. it sounds awful but that’s what friendship is really all about but normies don’t want you to know that so they like to call it “friendship” and “relationships”. you have to get ahead of the game if you want nice and reliable friends, you have to play with their minds. be inviting but not too inviting, smile, stay quiet, when it gets too suspicious do a couple of favors or niceties for them to keep your motives out of the radar, collect all of their secrets, observe and don’t say a lot and only enough. socially awkward people say nothing and see too much so they’re threats, extroverts talk too much and know too much people so they’re seen as reliable, you want a healthy balance of both, and keep people as pawns and never get too in-depth with friendships especially with people around your age.

No. 1939999

May or may not help but I'm from a small country and everyone was super clicky based on where they were from. Everyone knew someone from the same school. In second year I put myself out there and started joining random clubs. I never really got on too well with people from my course but now a couple years from graduation I'm moving to a country I don't know the language from with a girl I met in Stich and Bitch. I'm still crappy at stitching.

No. 1940002

Jesus Christ how severe is your autism? I think like this too but I'd never actually go out and admit it, even on an anonymous basket weaving forum, god damn.

No. 1940003

That's not true, I've made one nice friend from that thread

No. 1940005

Schizo sociopath post

No. 1940010

What do you mean with ghosting? People who delete you and delete all their messages? Or just someone who takes too much time (days) to reply?

No. 1940011

i'm only taking classes but only go twice a week because most of my classes are virtual
thanks nonna i wanna make friends
i go to a guitar club but apart from three people no one ever talks between each other. i talked to a guy twice but that was it

thanks for all the replies, im gonna sound stupid but im really self sabotaging when it comes to friends because a big insecurity of mine is that i always approach people but no one approaches me. it feels like while some people dont have to do anything i have to do twice the effor of a normal person to have friends and they dont approach me naturally so i feel like im just bothering them and since i entered college i honestly gave up the idea of being close friends with someone. like i can be friends with someone but not go all out like how i usually do with my close friends primarly because i dont think well ever talk again after the semester ends. also sometimes i feel like i only want friends because they make everything easier in the sense that i usually feel nervous when im alone in public but friends just kind of cushion that, i also fear that a lot of my identity is based on my friends because when im alone idk what to do. like i straight up feel very uncomfortable everywhere because i feel like im making unsettling expressions or just being uncomfortable so i sometimes think i just want friends as a part of my identity, but at the same time loneliness is one of my biggest feelings. i don't like some people as persons but i envy their happiness. even if i was never a good student or got the best grades or had strict parents i neverl felt free because i didn't do the things i want. i do reckless things for fun sometimes but it's just one lived moment like a caroussel effect. i do something that defines as a person with people and feel good for a moment but when im alonei go back to how i am. or well i did because like i said i don't have friends. i just dont want to feel lonely and envious everytime i go outside. sorry for the text but i had to vent

No. 1940013

they replied once (to my first message) then never again

No. 1940019

i would never say this anywhere but on an anonymous website, that’s why I’m telling anon the truth anonymously. autistic people would scream this shit out on a microphone in the middle of an NYC subway if they could, just gotta spread the truth in a space where i can

No. 1940022

>traveling sore
Horrifying. Do you still continue urban exploring? Damn, you're discovering new diseases.

No. 1940029

I once added someone from the friend finder thread and did this, and I still feel guilty about it… it had nothing to do with her either, I just didn't have the energy to continue the convo at that moment, and since we weren't already friends, it felt too awkward to pick it up later

No. 1940033

plenty of normies wear hoodies tho

No. 1940038

That's rather extreme, but I've yet to meet anyone who was anything close to that. I've had some connections fall off, but I've also made some good friends from there. It really depends on who you choose to contact. Speaking of which, I need to reply to a nona's email that is overdue.

No. 1940040

File: 1711502255079.jpg (32.72 KB, 514x672, masks by shel silverstein.jpg)

I am the 3rd ayrt, I didn't wanna give advice because I didn't want it to be unwarranted so if it's still not wanted don't read but if it is here it is:
>A big insecurity of mine is that I always approach people but no one approaches me.
Do you look approachable? I know this is weird to ask, but a lot of people will read body language before making contact. Doing something simple like wearing brighter colours, looking up more, or smiling more will draw more people in. When I was super self-conscious and friendless in university, I dressed like a goth and I don't think I ever looked up, so it was no wonder that people didn't want to talk to me since they thought I'd be uninterested in talking. Once I developed more self-esteem in my fourth year, I began to smile a lot more naturally, and I found that a lot of people were more open to talking to me - even for small things like asking for directions. I'm not saying a big toothy smile or anything, but I find just a small smile or even just smiling with the eyes alone will draw people towards me moreso than if I just rest my face with a scowl as I usually did.
>I can be friends with someone but not go all out … because I don't think we'll ever talk again after the semester ends.
This is a self-sabotage. You can't make true and honest friends without first going through that awkward acquaintance stage. Two of the friends I made in university were just peers that I always sat next to and talked to during lecture breaks, we ended up studying together, then once the term ended we just kept talking and even chose the same classes together. Good friends take a few months to make, it's not something that just happens overnight. Even if you do grow apart after the term ends, not all friendships are forever and some have their natural conclusions. You won't stop being friends, you'll just be acquaintances, and those are great to have too.
>When I'm alone I don't know what to do, I feel very uncomfortable everywhere
Being in university is about individuating and self-discovery, it's normal to feel this way at your age. If adolescence is about individuating from the parents, then young adulthood is about individuating from the friends. We are all unique, other people can help shape our identities but we can't rely on them to be our identities. When I was in my freshman year of university, I was so terrified to go out alone, but then I started to go places alone, at first places like the library, the café, but then I got to the point where I'd even go to sit-down restaurants and bring a book, or go to events on my own just to drift around. It's a good feeling to be secure in ourselves to be alone, but not lonely. Continue to explore your interests, make hobbies, go on walks around the city and see what places you're interested in like museums, galleries, restaurants. Your early adult years are meant for creating hobbies and interests that you can devote your spare time too; when I didn't have any hobbies, I felt very alone and awkward all the time. I had too much free time, and I would end up intellectualizing about it and being philosophical instead of just sitting down to read a book or go out for a hike in a new park.
>Loneliness is one of my biggest feelings
Feelings are fleeting; don't let them become an identity. You feel lonely now, but it won't always be this way, especially if you continue to branch out and socialize. Like those peers in your guitar club; since you're all together often, talk to them more! Even if it's just boring small talk, try to talk and joke with them. You'll be surprised at how people you see often will open up to you quicker than people you see rarely; research something called the proximity effect. If you feel extra lonely one day, don't be afraid to call your family if you're on good terms with them. My grandmother helped me a lot throughout my university career even though she lived 1000km away, we used to spend hours talking when I was particularly lonely and I learned a lot of wisdom from her.
>I never feel free because I don't do the things I want.
You're the one in control of your life and your destiny nona, you have the power to change everything you want whenever you want. In my motivational psychology lectures, one of the biggest things I took away from the course was that change comes to people spontaneously: one day they're one way, and the next they decide to be a different way. There's no "right" time to grow because growing is a lifelong process. You'll be alright in the end, just have faith in yourself. You aren't broken up or different or stupid, just an insecure young person that's trying to navigate the world alone for the first time: everyone has been there, some earlier than others and some later, but we all find our way through it one way or another. It's a part of life and you'll make it.
Sorry if this was long winded I just wanted to offer you some advice about this because I related to you

No. 1940044

Very incorrect, I've found a few nonas that I really like from that thread.

No. 1940052

File: 1711502794308.gif (1.85 MB, 498x270, well.gif)

>wunjo poster was a male
Lol I knew it

No. 1940058

KEK for real???

No. 1940061

his posts in the doll thread on /m/ are wiped out too

No. 1940062

I’m so upset, there as a leak on my storage room that I didn’t notice and a bunch of clothes with sentimental value hace bad black spots from mold. Washed with soap on the washing machine but the stains seem like they won’t go away… guessing stuff like vinegar or baking soda is not even worth trying, according to reddit.

No. 1940066

all the retards crying about how his persinalityfagging was sooo kyoot deserve a ban too. feel bad for the farmhands, they shouldn't give in to people encouraging newfags male or female.

No. 1940067

With this mentality I don't believe you have any friends. Call this autism or mental illness, I call it a form of retarded cruelty. Pure sociopath.

No. 1940068

File: 1711503884634.png (333.68 KB, 1043x699, wunjo the scrote.png)

His post on cc after he was found out to be a scrote… pmsl this is so pathetic

No. 1940073

Yeah she sounds like a loser and probably overinflates her own value in the eyes of other people

No. 1940078

I see what this guy meant when he said he was really weird. He should do something actually worthwhile and volunteer at a shelter or something, not try to make friends on random imageboards as if he's some savior. Autists can't read the room

No. 1940081

No. 1940082

I miss him

No. 1940085

I'm having anxiety out of nowhere and I'm getting upset inside, I hate this feeling so much

No. 1940088

File: 1711504964868.gif (359.05 KB, 220x188, oaklinks-monkey.gif)

A bf to kiss on the head would make me better

No. 1940091

File: 1711505207965.jpeg (97.56 KB, 1117x689, IMG_9043.jpeg)

He ain’t shit, girl

No. 1940102

The intricacies of breastfeeding has me very nervous that I will fail with it.
I hope I'm an overproducer and I can donate to nicu babies and make breastmilk soap for baby.

No. 1940105

File: 1711506053153.jpg (173.21 KB, 960x1200, 20240306_220151.jpg)

I dont

No. 1940107

>make breastmilk soap for my baby
Soapchan is pregnant?

No. 1940109

She would make breastmilk soap for Jill

No. 1940116

It's meant to be great for their skin, assuming they aren't allergic to my breastmilk. Milk baths are also meant to be good if they have skin issues.

No. 1940122

It's fucked up that herpes can give you encephalitis.

No. 1940124

How is this a vent. Are you suffering from the herpes simplex

No. 1940126

File: 1711507242582.jpeg (857.62 KB, 784x1217, IMG_6531.jpeg)

(I would post this in the get it off your chest thread, but its very schizo over there)
I have told you to book a therapy appointment to save this relationship and all you do is cry and make excuses about calling the super scary therapists to book a fucking consultation. I have given you a list of therapist you can email to book. I have complied online options.
look, you stupid lil bitch of a man. I have been patient, I have been flexible (to a fault), and I have now given you my final demands. Book the damn appointment and face your fucking issues or I. AM . OUT.
This is a waste of time and a waste of energy, and all you do is throw temper tantrums about having to fix your fucking issues.
That why I have moved upstairs and avoid you!
I want to move out and all thats keeping me here is the rent free living while I save to move out!
You are not worth this stress you giant man baby. You are not marriage material. You live your groundhog day over and over and OVER.
You are a little bitch who wont face your issues. You rely on mommy and daddys money to survive. And my god! You are so lucky to live in a 4 bd home rent free, and yet you never consider school or trades or anything that would offer retirement. Why would you?! You have had everything handed to you.
I will never fuck you again, you spineless pathetic excuse of a man.
I am only 3 k away from being comfortable moving away and on in my life.
Now that I dont smoke weed all day to numb myself I cant stand even the most basic task involving you! I had to be retarded high to tolerate your bullshit day in and day out.
Holy fuck when your parents die you will not handle the house, or the taxes, or anything correctly and you will be shit out of luck. Thankfully I avoided the engagement and I am moving on! I would rather be broke and hustling everyday and single than deal with you any longer.
Your parents failed you, and you have tossed life into the trash.
So FUCKING pathetic, I cant believe I saw any potential in the first place.

No. 1940128

No, but I saw a case of it once and I still think about it from time to time. It's disturbing how seemingly small illnesses can mess up your body.

No. 1940129

Had therapy today and my therapist said I'm really far in my recovery compared to other people who start therapy, I mentioned how I was in therapy previously for almost 7 years, so I guess that makes sense. I'm good at self soothing, I'm just hard on myself. One thing is that my bf is not good at those things. I'm recognizing I'm the more secure partner and giving him more control in the relationship, when he's emotionally unstable and hasn't put in as much time to heal from his trauma, is not a very good idea. Any future conflict we have, I will have to lead it, because I now notice when he's not listening to me, he's in child mode, having a flashback trying to tell his parents he's good enough and they're not understanding him. I have to give him the space he needs whether he wants it or not.

No. 1940130

samefag I'm a paranoid person so any neurological pathologies are very disturbing to me.

No. 1940141

Oh, do you think it's fungal acne? Interesting. And thanks anon, I've been needing to get some tools to keep in my car in case of emergency but I've been putting it off

No. 1940155

File: 1711508964082.jpeg (175.24 KB, 768x507, IMG_9659.jpeg)

I love coming into this thread and seeing how pathetic most of you are sometimes, makes my life seem 10x better. And most of it is surrounded by men or friends, you should know by now that none of those people are dependable lol(bait)

No. 1940176

You still ended up in the same place as everyone else here.

No. 1940178

I am actually curious, not trying to make an insult, but do you have friends?

No. 1940181

My American friend took me to three different coffee places and they all sucked. Like I couldn't drink any of it. I don't know why she was insisting. I told her it was fine, we could get burgers because those were actually good. She took me to another coffee place. I tried to pretend to like it so we wouldn't go to another chain. I'm dying

No. 1940226

What three coffee places did she take you to?

No. 1940233

Can anons please scroll up half a page before posting the same exact post to the funny screencap thread I swear to god

No. 1940235

There was one screencap that was posted like 4 times in order because anons can't scroll up for a second or two and it pisses me off because when I see the funny screencap post number go up I get excited but then it's just a repost and I punch my pillow and get angry for 5-10 minutes before calming down it seriously makes me see red I hate it

No. 1940241

As an American I agree. I have a lot of foreign friends and they instantly switched me over to actual coffee

No. 1940243

>I get excited but then it's just a repost and I punch my pillow and get angry for 5-10 minutes before calming down it seriously makes me see red I hate it
Kek nonnie this is so dramatic but I feel you

No. 1940247

Some old online friends have mine have become super successful in different fields (rightfully so, they're hardworking), and it's hard not to feel jealous and depressed when I've made nothing of myself and just work a pointless desk job. I used to be in social circles with such cool people and was so motivated but I lost that at some point and now have nothing to show for myself.

No. 1940286

Noooo Im so sorry, that was me. I double checked actually, but when I realized there were images that just weren’t loading for me, it was too late to delete. I’m sorry nonnie.

No. 1940292

I think it's because most American shops focus on fast and mass produced beans. It's technically coffee, but the baristas don't know what they're doing or it's that coffee on tap stuff that's pre brewed that's been in the heating canister for hours which makes it even more bitter. Makes my eye twitch.

No. 1940303

File: 1711518217853.jpg (81.69 KB, 736x763, 1000022043.jpg)

im so lonely. i feel like i dont even know how to be a person anymore, what do people even talk about. i need a walkthrough for my own life. i just want to be someones favorite person, i want someone to like me and think about me when im not around. a guy i used to talk to a long time ago went to a concert and messaged me afterwards telling me that they played a daniel johnston song and it made him think of me and i still hold onto that as one of my happiest memories. to be thought of, to see or hear something and think of me, its so simple but thats all i want. for someone to love me as much as i love them, for once, please. please.

No. 1940305

File: 1711518388242.jpg (100.44 KB, 1080x1137, 410342-You-Still-Haven-t-Met-A…)

I understand how you feel nonna. You aren't alone. The phrase in pic rel always makes me feel better in moments like these

No. 1940306

Nonna I know this is a temporary solution but you could always try the friend finder thread, at least it has helped me reconnect with people when I feel isolated. Online friends can be a blessing sometimes

No. 1940310

People keep trying to assert dominance over me. I guess it's just a human thing but even if youre just existing people will act hostile towards you and I'm so receptive to it that i can't control my emotions. It'll make me feel like crying and i'll cover it up with anger. I wish I had a shitty memory for people and could move on easily but I'll remember for a long time and ruminate on it. It feels so unfair because having these emotions is letting them win and they'll never experience how they made me feel. I feel so weak for even admitting how much it hurts and I usually just cope by ignoring the feelings. I just wish I had more control over my reactions and that I could make it not bother me. I dislike the thought that this is going to happen to me for the rest of my life, that I can't overcome these emotions and I'll keep repeating this over and over. I just don't know what to do, I hate having these memories.

No. 1940311

i have thought about using it but im so nervous and i have nothing to talk about. i added a nonna from here a few years ago but we only talked once and then never again.

No. 1940317

Sometimes I wish I could hang out with fellow lonely nonnas. But I don't think it's a good idea because of the horror stories I hear. But know there are a lot of sympathetic people here.

No. 1940319

What horror stories?

No. 1940326

File: 1711521963540.png (513.51 KB, 1140x950, 1711309406221.png)

If I kill myself, would I be doing the world a favor?

No. 1940327

No. 1940330

No, suicide would be doing nobody a favour, especially yourself. Everyone has their time to die naturally, you shouldn't take it into your own hands. It's not right to mess with it, in the same way it's not right to snip a plant before it has a chance to flower and bloom. What if tomorrow something wonderful happens? Or the day after? Save dying for when you're 80 nona, you've lots of time to figure things out in the meantime.Are you the nona that likes to look at liminal spaces and swimming pools? I recognize the photo

No. 1940340

I'm not, sorry

No. 1940357

I know this probably won't change your mind, but this I know, the world as we know it(as in the current world political order) is ending, there will be chaos for sometime but things will start anew and be much better for all of us.

No. 1940364

God it's no fucking wonder why so many lesbians troon out or identify as some nonbinary gender. I saw that viral video of the 190cm Ukrainian (?) female cosplayer who's popular in China and other women in the videos and comments were treating her like a sexy mall santa (while she reciprocated), slobbering over how this sexy mommy could carry them home and lesbians are winning soooo hard. Seeing lesbianism treated as an erotic aesthetic and a fun way to get headpats and hugs from nonthreatening "non-males" knowing they won't rape and stalk you like men do would make anyone who's been actually ostracized by their sexuality want to become some third gender nonwoman nonman who is seen as an individual potential partner at first and not a novelty. I hate it so, so much.

No. 1940365

Yeah or they call something a phase but it lasted 3 months kek. I love young ppl.

No. 1940368

You sound polilez

No. 1940371

Please explain what is wrong with women finding other women hot

No. 1940377

I can see the issue of the online sphere being ingenuine in claiming "lesbians are so winning, we're all lesbian now" when IRL they're pushed away or only used as aesthetics if they fit a certain character type (muscle mommy). But I have no idea how that'd push people to troon out

No. 1940382

god i wish i was 190cm

No. 1940387

Are you talking about karina coser?? She’s very attractive so I understand the fawning over her but I feel like it’s cause a lot of her fans are esl so they go to extremes of saying things like that

No. 1940390

Wanting a male lite or a mommy substitute to carry and pamper you and calling it lesbianism

No. 1940395

How is being attracted to a woman any of that?

No. 1940397

Honestly it's that juxtaposition between being considered a gross dyke in real life but on social media seeing female same-sex attraction being fetishized would make one believe they're only valid for a sexy aesthetic to shout horny lesbian memes at but not as what you are and becoming a "non-woman" would distance yourself from that experience. We all know young women troon out often as a cope to being sexualized but with lesbians it's even more pronounced.

No. 1940405

I wish that I could be pretty and skinny. I wonder how it feels like. I know that If I would be prettier and skinnier I would be way more successful in every part of life. I am drawn to someone but he won‘t even look at me. We were good and close friends but it was onesided and he never even bothered to reach out first to me. He is absolutely gorgeous and a sweet and kindhearted person but just not to me because I am too ugly. I know that he finds me funny and nice to talk to but not more than that. I wish that the men I crave attention from would look at me the same way I look at them. He doesn‘t go out of his way to talk to me and looks rarely at me but when I catch him looking I take the chance and hold eye contact as long as possible. He is giving me mixed signals and I can‘t read him. I bet that being prettier and skinnier would help. I just can‘t drive myself to workout. The only way is when I isolate myself from everyone and overexercise for weeks. But after one mild inconvience I break down and start rotting in my room again. I am skinny fat and have a round and chubby face which irritates me extremely as I can see some potential. I don‘t know I just wish I could be effortlessly pretty and look good no matter what. When I am outside I can always see the beauty or unique charm that they have. While I see it in others I can‘t see it within myself. I often skipped or missed out on hanging out with my friends due to my fear of being the ugliest person in the room and just not wanting to be seen by anyone. It‘s only 3 months left till summer. I can‘t be fat, ugly and miserable for another year. I have to do something.

No. 1940412

I want my surgery incisions to stop itching!!

No. 1940423

I got diagnosed with autism as an adult and I feel like a poser. Whenever I see an autist, it makes me feel extremely neurotypical. I struggled socially when I was younger but I'm doing okay right now. Nobody would be able to tell that I'm on the spectrum. All of my friends I've met online and meet up every month or two so I'm doing fine socially. I can read people's faces and tone and reactions and just mimic them back to fit in and I've generally been considered 'outgoing'. Basically a failed normie. I've never had a meltdown before and I don't stim much or have much sensory issues. I should just undiagnose myself and say I am normal. This is it, I am cured.

No. 1940427

Your frame of mind surrounding yourself is so much more powerful than just changing the way you look. I'm a firm believer that you are what you believe. Love yourself nona, say kind things to yourself in the mirror every day until it becomes second nature. You are beautiful, you are intelligent, you are creative, you are sexy, you are energetic, you are capable. I believe you can shift yourself into an energy that reflects who you want to be. If you see it and believe it then everyone else will see it too. You want to be prettier? Just assume you are. You want to be skinner (in my experience, moids actually care way less about the way your body looks and more about the way you carry yourself, whether they know it or not), just assume you're skinny. Just don't do it for a stupid fucking moid.

No. 1940429

File: 1711535065989.jpg (Spoiler Image,190.96 KB, 2330x3072, ugh.jpg)

Can't stop won't stop but I'm taking better care of hygiene now and I got all my shots. Trust me anon it was worth it, it was a fully intact residential home with floor to ceiling goth/metal and avril lavigne magazine cutouts pasted to the wall and all kinds of things.

No. 1940430

NTA but that's very sweet it helped me too thank you

No. 1940433

Love my friends but some of them (adult women nearing 30s) spend a few days every month freaking out and spamming me with how depressed and anxious they are and how they fear they're going crazy and feel suicidal, and I have to coddle them and tell them it's ok even though I'm at work or busy with my own life… and every time it turns out they get their period right after and it was all just pms. Again. And every time I say "see it was just pms and you got through it" and they're at best going "oops tee-hee how silly of me sowwy" but next month they're at it again, and they think it's deadly serious depression taking over their lives forever, again.

No. 1940435

That is freaky, but you're still doing what you love. Neat.

No. 1940442

I think so.

No. 1940444

How did you get diagnosed with autism if you barely show any symptoms?

No. 1940445

Oops, I'm also guilty of that, except for the contacting friends part (I have none). But I always become somewhat suicidal when I PMS and since I don't track my menses, I have to think when the last one ended and realize "oh, it's just my hormones sucking ass again".

No. 1940448

File: 1711536864363.jpeg (474.18 KB, 1150x1136, IMG_6693.jpeg)

I want to torture this man to death. I want to put a blowtorch up his rectum and scorch his insides while he screams in agony. I want to disembowl him alive. I want to see him in the worst agony a human can possibly feel.(alogging)

No. 1940453

I was originally told by two friends that I was 'clearly autistic' when I was pondering to them if I had ADHD, since I was struggling to be functional (NEET shut-in). After doing some reading, I went to the doc's office that specializes in autism diagnosis and got the test done. Had interviews separately done for me and my older siblings among other tests. I got the diagnosis after all of that but I don't believe it because I pass as a normal just fine in person? I went with a private doctor since public healthcare here is slow/scrotebiased/on public records. But now I'm just thinking that I got the diagnosis because I paid for it? Why wouldn't they entertain you if it means money for them? I could get a second opinion but it's not worth spending more money on this and just pretend that I'm normal.

No. 1940455

I think if two friends told you you're clearly autistic, you don't actually come across as neurotypical

No. 1940459

balding and a manbun…no wonder he's miserable lmao

No. 1940465

Would he say the same if we switched it to "male sexuality"?

No. 1940468

That depends on what the friends view as autistic, it could be something that's normal but they saw a tiktok where this normal trait was said to be autistic by some idiot and now they think it's autism kek.

No. 1940469

File: 1711538069834.jpeg (641.92 KB, 1170x1236, IMG_6695.jpeg)

No. 1940471

lmfao he's balding

No. 1940475

I think he’s a faggot too. And he’s Irish. I said the other day that Irish men are all disgusting and evil.

No. 1940478

File: 1711538821248.jpeg (249.97 KB, 1170x1261, IMG_8216.jpeg)

Why do men dress like this

No. 1940481

Seriously wondering why you're giving this sub 500 follower moid the time of day in your thoughts. Honestly feels like trying to whip up a raid to embolden him.

No. 1940482

the final boss of faggotry

No. 1940486

I need somewhere to vent so I don’t get banned from Twitter again.

No. 1940487

Fair enough

No. 1940488

>nobody cares about your heavy periods foids!
>cancer treatment is more important!!
Does this retard not realize that for women with ovarian cancer the first symptoms that usually indicate something is wrong was experiencing heavy periods?

No. 1940489

Besides he’s already being dragged enough.

No. 1940490

men dont even know where the clitoris is located you think they are going to know that?

No. 1940493

ChatGPT sucks at writing date rejections, it makes into a business email

No. 1940497

My two brothers who I love to death are only in their early teen years and yet I'm already in tears and grieving about the day they inevitably grow up and the path goes two ways:
our bond strengthens, or I become a childhood memory to the both of them
I know people come and go and it's better to live in the now rather than looking back at the past or dreading the future but it's so hard.

No. 1940509

File: 1711542203404.jpg (142.42 KB, 768x768, ezgif-2-ce16f16457.jpg)

Stupid shift work gives me Wednesdays and Thursdays off. Everyone is busy so I'm just hanging out by myself and drinking wine at noon watching anime in my PJs. I have to use my annual leave to do anything social. JFC I need to get a new job. This is becoming a habit. God I wish I didn't do environmental science in college.

No. 1940510

Your post made it seems as if she's a giant naked huge-titted thot when in reality she mostly dresses as cute male characters. What would she expect if she does romantic roleplay with fans while dressed as their fav anime boy? Of course they gush about her. And all of that has nothing to do with you, you are not her. According to that logic all straight women everywhere should go mental because tons of cosplayers who sexualize themselves for moids exist (and worse).

What I find way more crazy is what happened with her husband: apparently he babytrapped her and financially trapped her to get her to stay in China, then cheated on her causing her to get depressed. And then he mysteriously drowned while they vacationed in Bali…

No. 1940514

File: 1711542391996.jpg (44.14 KB, 736x737, d029e31d9d7db68f9669ccf87bc021…)

>get some money
>Finally buy pro microphone, to record music
>Install it
>Can't hear shit
>"Sorry but this micro won't work without an additional tool called phantom power"
>No more money left, nobody wants to spare some
>Microphone catching dust as we speak
>People staring at me like I have two heads everytime I ask for a "phantom power" tool
I wish god stopped trolling me, it's not funny reeeeee

No. 1940518

apparently her dead moid also sexualized their daughter said he can't wait for her boobs to grow and pinched her chest so good for her if she just let him drown kek

No. 1940524

Can you return the microphone and get a new one that doesn't require the extra tool?

No. 1940528

All condensed microphones (the ones that you see at studios, for vocals) require it, any other microphone will sound like ass in comparison. Fortunately, I just found a store that sells phantom tools

No. 1940536

Why is it so hard for me to connect with other people? I'm quite empathetic and friendly but I always have problems truly connecting with others on a deep level, like friends or something. I've been isolated and left behind for so long it seems my brain doesn't even process or needs close relationships anymore and it scares me. I feel like I'm always putting on a masks of sorts, maybe I can't connect with people genuinely because they're not actually seeing the real me, but who would want to? I'm not normal and I don't want people to get so close to me, they could realize there's something deeply wrong. I feel so alone and isolated, even around others

No. 1940537

Got a haircut and feel like I look like a Person of Gender. It’s not a bad cut, but I don’t want people to think that about me. I’m just a lesbian.

No. 1940547

File: 1711545562211.gif (4.23 MB, 320x564, IMG_8847.gif)

Those period simulation devices that men get so they can “know what it feels like to have a period” is an entire meme. They know the pain, cramps, mood swings, being called hysterical for wanting things during your period, they know how uncomfortable and embarrassing it is to navigate the world with something that comes naturally to every healthy woman every month, it’s a shitstained form of bragging and gloating in the form of virtue signaling when every single one of those weasly little scrotes make those videos of faux-empathetic algorithmic outreach for the handmaidens that lap it up. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, they know, what women forget is that they don’t and will never care about making your lives easier. They’re bragging and gloating they never would have to endure the suffering and perception of their own bodies that are placed on women. Our physical pain is embedded into our bodies and everyday living, men have the luxury of eschewing pain by deferring it into other channels instead of experiencing it themselves firsthand and that’s what that entire meme encapsulates in a horrific way. It heavily implies men will never ever get women and our pain and strife unless they turn our pain, suffering and oppression into costumes (trannyism), entertainment, and pre-packaged experiences and even then they still don’t get it, because it’s like a sick enjoyment for the privileged class, akin to horse-racing and tourism. Male “empathy” is exactly like tourism matter of fact into the female human experience.

No. 1940550

I want them to get taped to their nutsack and crank it up to full power

No. 1940551

I hauled my ass all the way to the library only to go on my phone and not study… what is wrong with me.

No. 1940554

Life is just not worth it anymore

No. 1940555

It makes everything into a business email. I once asked it to send a flirty message and it was like something a divorced 50 year old man would write on e harmony. Absolutely soulless, no edge, no genuine humour.

No. 1940562

File: 1711546477023.jpg (168.31 KB, 1080x1440, karina-cosplaying-arlecchino-a…)

Karina coser? I only learned of her when I saw some clickbait title about her husband dying, he apparently was a pos
the chinese are OBSESSED with her

No. 1940564

If men had periods, pads would be free, jobs would be more forgiving and accepting of their health concerns. If men could get pregnant there would be abortion clinics everywhere like they’re Walmarts. Everything is fine and dandy when it’s placed on the other sexed half of the population, isn’t it??? All so tiresome.

No. 1940581

My water bill was just $450 instead of $45 because they fucked up and it gave me a panic attack because my house flooded before and it cost me $16k and even though it's okay IT'S NOT OKAY YET and I am still freaking out and will until it's resolved next month djaksjd

No. 1940595

He's back

No. 1940599

last night i was playing dbd for first time and holy molly the game is a little addictive. i was sacrified first or second in most matchs because i'm a noob, until i don't know how i got to be the last survivor alive and killer started to play with me until he guided me to the hatch. i fucking cried, it was my first win. thanks oni you're a hero

No. 1940603

For 8 days now I've had this weird sinus infection that makes the front of my head hurt like hell whenever I try to make effort.
So I haven't been going to the gym at all because weights make me feel like I'll have a stroke and the worst of all is that I can't even masturbate in peace because it also makes my head lowkey try to kill me.
This sucks, I want to go back to normal already. Masturbating is one of the few pleasures in my life…

No. 1940605

It feels like no one reaches out to me unless they need something. I saw I had a text from a friend of mine from years back and when I opened it she’s asking me to mail her old notes back to her. This is the second or third time it’s happened where someone I haven’t spoken to in forever only reaches out because I have something they gave me and now they want it back.

No. 1940608

I hate our oversocialized society so much sometimes. "oh, wow, that sounds great, smiley face", "thanks for contacting me", "how kind of you" are phrases that burn away at my soul and I just want to send a wall of text of repeating LEAVE ME ALONE to people that want anything from me.

No. 1940621

I shouldn't have been born

No. 1940645

Ive about 4500 hours on it and as much as it pains me to play alone it is addictive. Alsk i like seeing my favorite IPs together in a game that doesnt take too much brainpower like the big maps of fortnite(unless you're killing)

No. 1940648

File: 1711553058119.jpg (26.91 KB, 1080x384, 1000007086.jpg)

Brains been fried I just recovered from a 3 day fever from a stint with mastisis and it still feels like I'm viewing life through a telescope. I am active and lively though.

No. 1940660

it's my friends birthday party weekend coming up, i'm excited to go and hang out but what i'm not excited for is she expects that i'm sleeping over. i love her but she has the WORST taste in movies and i dont know what else we'll do all night besides put some movies on. every time i watch a movie with her, she always picks some random, shitty, netflix produced, full action movie. it's her birthday so i would feel bad if i picked something i wanted to watch but GOD i do not want to have to sit through another shitty action movie. she doesnt even pick ones with any humor or anything. i have no clue why she likes them, she's single and lives by herself so she picks them 100% on her own.

No. 1940661

File: 1711553548959.jpg (44.81 KB, 445x369, ezgif-1-3d5dff345b.jpg)

I'm so bad at confrontation. On MS Teams I'm great; I can give multiple paragraphs about why their approach is stupid, they are stupid for suggesting it and the company is stupid for allowing fuckwits like them to be hired here. During IRL meetings I'm a mumbly mess. I'm all "yeah… ok… yeah…i think we should… no yeah that's good…". This isn't a hostile situation like getting mugged I should be able to speak up. God I'm so useless. I wish WFH never ended.

No. 1940667

Put up with one more cause its her birthday but after just bring out your phone or do something else and if she asks say you don't like the movie, then suggest next time picking out a movie together maybe you can bring over a USB and elevate her taste

No. 1940671

Make a suggestion that's in her wheelhouse but also something you wouldn't mind watching and see if she takes it. I don't think recommending a movie she'd also probably like would hurt. Ask her if she's seen Bullet Train. It's an action movie but it's pretty fun and doesn't take itself too seriously so you should be able to enjoy yourself as well

No. 1940782

After my car got broken in twice since last Summer my friends said leave it unlocked and noting inside. The thieves will just check it out and leave it alone. Like a ghost. Started that a week ago and this morning I awoke to a broken window, my glasses cleaner swaps gone and a fresh turd in my seat.
Fuck this. I'm done living in the city. I'm moving out to literally anywhere.

No. 1940804

File: 1711559435115.jpeg (36.98 KB, 612x408, IMG_7500.jpeg)

I fucking hate it when work is slow!!!!! I have to track all my time, so I'm just sitting around with nothing to do but knowing I'm gonna have to figure out a place to "use" them, which means maybe working over the weekend. I was put on too many hours for a project that is just starting and the meetings are too spread out for there to be tasks to actually work on. I've already asked for other work to do in the mean time and I'm all caught up. FUCK it's torture just being chained to my computer and waiting on other people. I can't even properly fuck off and use my afternoon as a stand-in weekend.

No. 1940848

All the fun lolcows have gone to pasture, and it annoys me more than it should. The energy /snow/ had when Shay was the most "normal" lolcow when compared to the absolute insanity others were getting up to. It's so BORING now.

No. 1940861

Good luck nona! Let us know how the healing goes

No. 1940872

>Those period simulation devices that men get so they can “know what it feels like to have a period”

No. 1940876

NONAS, don’t have kids before your brain fully develops. Can’t believe I permanently tethered myself to an entitled misogynist. Can’t believe I HAD HIS CHILD. Sour grapes, one minute oh I’m so beautiful smart amazing a good mom and you’d do anything for another night but the next minute (I said no) I’m MID TERRIBLE PERSON AND A WHORE. I literally want to die. I can’t even take you seriously, we were NEVER gonna get back together dude!!! we had the police called on us when we fought there wasn’t anything good that came out of our relationship except our child,and I feel so bad for him because he can see our co-parenting relationship that was once amicable become strained. I just am scared my child will absorb these harmful ideas about women, I don’t owe you anything of the sort besides platonic friendship or even human decency also you got fat and you used to call me hamburger you hypocrite I guess being fat only counts on girls, we never needed court before but I don’t even know what to do..

No. 1940880

And I just know the blackpill nonas are gonna reply like “see this is what you get broodmare also you shouldn’t love your son because he’s a scrote” i genuinely want to kill myself

No. 1940893

Why care about what the "blackpilled anons" that live in your head might say about this? It doesn't matter if it could have been "avoidable". The fact that matters is that you are hurt and rightfully scared about what this might mean to your son's upbringing. What matters is that you recognize the situation. Being anxious about it means that you are a caring mother, you will find a way to counter the harmful stuff your ex moid might try to imprint on your son. Don't worry. Ask other nonnies HOW they would do that.

No. 1940897

I feel so low right now. I got called obnoxious, self-absorbed, and narcissistic for not caring about obsessive and possessive people (mainly moids). I want to cry and never stop. It hurts so much. I'm trying to do something soothing.

No. 1940899

>used to call me hamburger
Kek hamburger, that's so fucking stupid. Don't worry nona, he's going to look horrible and greasy in a few years, and even if he doesn't he will bald and lose his ability to get erections. Nobody under the age of 25 should have kids imo. Tbh late 20's to mid 30's sounds much better, it is so hard to raise them especially when you're not fully developed yourself. Raise your kid the best you can, call him out when necessary, teach him about misogyny, be vocal about being antiporn, don't picture him as a perfect little boy who could never do wrong uwu when hes older (so many mums are delusional) and you'll be doing better than 90% of boy mums

No. 1940907

>got called obnoxious, self-absorbed, and narcissistic for not caring about obsessive and possessive moids
Why do you care tho?

No. 1940919

Seems like you still haven't grown.
You're in a shit situation because of a shit moid, yet your first thought is to shit on imaginary female haters before anybody even said anything to you…

No. 1940922

Because she really called me out saying I would drain traumatised people and told me I was splitting. Basically saying I was BPD.

No. 1940923

My family hates me and they’re convinced I will fail in all aspects of life, they tell me I’m behind and no one will love me. Even my younger sister who I used to be close with is taking part in their bullying. She’s angry I still live with her at 24 and she treats me horribly because she knows if I tell my parents they’ll defend her and hate me even more. I just don’t know what to do, I live in probably the most expensive place in the world (even rural areas are too expensive) and I have a useless degree that won’t get me a good job so I’m stuck at home. If I didn’t have a car I could afford to leave and struggle with minimum wage but I’m stuck on a loan that my parents forced me to take. I don’t want to move away since my friends are the only thing keeping me from ending it all, and unfortunately I have no girl friends I could move out with and split rent with. I’m so scared since I don’t know how much longer I can take this. I’ll always be a failure no matter what I do and my parents said my sister will do well in life but honestly her narcissism and bullying will keep her back, she already lost all of her high school friends because she’s a bully but she’s fake enough to lure new people into her life. My parents say I’m a nice person but being nice doesn’t get you anywhere in life, so I’m doomed to fail according to them. I don’t know what to do anymore I just want to die

No. 1940924

I don't hate you, nonnie. You have a friend here.

No. 1940929

Damn zoomers really do have the most retarded and annoying conflicts.

No. 1940938

Thank you, it means a lot

No. 1940953

That's just stupid on her part. Don't let her get to you.

No. 1940958

You got this! And you're welcome

No. 1940959

File: 1711565155446.jpg (215.89 KB, 1242x1200, 1000001988.jpg)

>want to see men dominated
>after 5 layers of mental gymnastics get accused of being a misogynist

No. 1940960

Thank you.

No. 1940961

File: 1711565208691.png (336.79 KB, 941x694, MlEAEhx4h7uDuE8223.png)

I'm making an online dating profile for the first time in over 5 years and I feel like my entire profile is so boring. I have some normie interests, but I'm really mostly into weeb shit and vidya, but those things would only attract pornsick nice guy weirdos. Doesn't help that all my pictures are selfies because I'd rather skin myself than ask someone to take pics of me.
Nonas save me from single hell, I just want to speedrun dating and get to that comfortable part of the relationship where you can be retarded together

No. 1940965

File: 1711565344263.jpeg (Spoiler Image,44.94 KB, 359x325, IMG_4586.jpeg)

Spoiler for gross picture (my hair was washed earlier in the day)
Pic request
I do have HSV-2 so I don’t know if that could be a factor. My head has been itching lately but I don’t know if that’s just my paranoia.

I’m so nervous to go to the ER. I went last year because my throat kept hurting but they just turned me away saying it was nothing (I thought they would do a biopsy or something but they just shoo’d me away) the cost of that visit just to shoo me away was 1500$ I’m nervous they would look at my sore and do the same again and costing me an arm an dollar (I make less than 10000k a year so these costs really stick it to me)

I know is absolutely retarded to come to the net like this for medical advice but I just need somewhere to vent. I feel like if it is something serious, it’s something that I’ve manifested.

No. 1940976

All of the black pill anti-mother bait that keeps getting posted just confirms that mothers are 1000x more lucid than obsessive anti-natalists KEK

No. 1940978

File: 1711565821144.png (166.47 KB, 582x529, 8943523065902376.PNG)

Kek I think tweet in picrel was pretty accurate though. I have to admit it's jarring to see this when a non-pretend lesbian would gross the average CCP-grown Chinese girl out.

No. 1940982

Why? Where? Who?

No. 1940996

Samefag, 50 left swipes on bland scrotes later I'm hopeless rather than insecure. God damn why do people think traveling and going to concerts is a personality trait

No. 1940997

damn your pic hurts kek I hate being a tall woman who is not some sort of lady dimitrescu mommy dom

No. 1941002

This is very concerning and you need to get that checked out by a doctor immediately. There's no such thing as manifestation it's all just blind luck, and you're lucky that you noticed this before it got worse. Please go to a doctor and don't test your luck. If they try to shoo you away be very clear that you need a diagnosis or a biopsy. I know it's hard to do, but we have to be active patients when we go to the doctors because half of them are lazy asses and they don't want to actually do their job. After the visit ask for an itemized receipt of all costs; also please inquire about indigent care. Read over this link and do some research, because you make under $10k a year, you might be eligible for certain programs: https://www.goodrx.com/insurance/low-cost-free-healthcare/qualifying-for-hospital-indigent-care

No. 1941013

KEK this was my experience downloading a dating app too, there was maybe ONE cute guy out of the hundreds I swiped through. Like I'd rather be single for life if NPC-tier scrotes are the only options out there.
> God damn why do people think traveling and going to concerts is a personality trait
Same with going to the gym, why the fuck are all the men on dating apps obsessed with the gym or wanting a "gym wifey" it's retarded

No. 1941019

Gym or fitness makes sense to some extent because if you’re an active person dating someone who isn’t fucking sucks. They will always drag you down in some capacity.

No. 1941022

And under the "I quote too much" prompt they always have shit like HIMYM or Spongebob. Bonus points if their grammar is absolute garbage or they're already balding in their late 20s. Bleak as hell.
Not if they make it their entire personality though. They're all either fat fucks or men whose entire profile is cycling

No. 1941023

File: 1711568402076.jpeg (72.82 KB, 828x803, IMG_5101.jpeg)

>why are you in this art class if you're not sure you want to have a professional art career
Because I'm going to draw fetish art for money and don't feel like telling you that.

No. 1941026

>I always put the shopping cart back
>The Office

No. 1941027

Don't forget
>I'll cook for you
>I'll kill spiders for you

No. 1941029

What the hell, are only aspiring industry professionals allowed to take classes or what

No. 1941030

Nice, what type of fetish?

No. 1941031

It's still so unfair when i can see women with perfectly fine looking skin while i look like i'm turning into freddy krueger. I really can't have shit in this life. It hurts nonny. Literally too since my face hurts like hell.

Crippling social anxiety ridden Linkin Parkfag nonnas, rise up!!!!

No. 1941032

…do you live in Canada?

No. 1941033

She mostly dresses up as a guy tho, so most of her fans see her as a irl anime boy not a lesbian. Her husband might have been shit but he wasn't ugly and was said to be rich, plus she also got photoshoots while dressed as girly girl, so she was also liked as a feminine woman who just happens to be tall.

I feel like most of the domme mommy shit by lesbians is only said in a poor attempt to make very tall women feel better about themselves - at least I often got "compliments" like that in response to saying I hate being tall.

No. 1941036

Message to all nonniez, I strongly enoucorage you all to play your states lottery. The chances of winning are much higher and the payout can last for much longer than compared to Powerball, Megamillions, etc

No. 1941047

File: 1711569677078.gif (1.87 MB, 400x300, hank.gif)

I'm so fucking retarded.
Almost every lab class I do something very basic wrong in the microscopes.
One day I had accidentally moved the coarse focus while in the 2nd objective len, today, I had to quickly change microscopes (because mine was very dirty) and forgot to adjust the coarse focus.

No. 1941051

File: 1711569934095.jpg (137.86 KB, 928x1024, 1709570532853.jpg)

>video of a chicken laying an egg
>all the comments are calling it a 'he'

No. 1941053

i think i found the tumblr of a discord user i talk to and she's a typical rabid sjw who posts about hating terfs. i know i shouldn't be surprised and most people try to be polite in real time chats but tbh i feel retarded for enjoying our chats so much

No. 1941055

>and I did that with ChatGPT!!!
I hate having to resist telling my retarded coworkers that yeah, bitch, I can tell

No. 1941059

I think it should become more common to bully AIfags

No. 1941081

Based, I won 40k in my state lottery last year. It ain't much, but it's better than always winning $0 or free plays in the national lottery

No. 1941085

I'm almost 30 btw. I have male and female friends but the male ones I'm not romantically attracted to.

No. 1941091

The amount of women who admit to needing stimulants or romance/smut books to get them in the mood to be intimate with their husbands or boyfriends is tragic. Basically forcing themselves to have sex with a man they clearly aren't attracted to is just so bleak. I don't know how people live like that I'm shuddering just thinking about it

No. 1941095


I think a lot of people just have relationships of convenience they don't actually like each other

No. 1941103

Nta but when I tried changing my mindset to this it backfired hard and everyone else ended up hating me, they preferred someone with low esteem.

No. 1941107

He's gone. I miss him again

No. 1941109

Nonas please give me advice. My friend has started dating a moid and I feel something is off. He's really religious and sort of conservative (non American). That would be a red flag for most women who want to be independent but she's a NEET who can't work, so I don't think it applies to her case. He's very antiporn, seems to be mature and doesn't get drunk or does drugs, so he has a lot going for him compared to the average scrote, but I don't know. Maybe I'm overthinking it because I have religious trauma.

No. 1941118

So you let the trash take itself out. Low self-esteem is how you attract the lowest sort of scumbags into your life. Let them hate you, go find people who actually care about you as a person instead of a thing to fulfil their creepy power fantasies.

No. 1941125

Thank you, one time I had a necrosis so I know that I'll probably be fine as long as I go to the doctor. I just hope it doesn't leave a scar in my face lol

No. 1941140

Maybe not. Call me old fashioned but that could be women's intuition. If you friend is a NEET then there's a power imbalance already in the relationship. I feel that you should be supportive of your friend and watch that moid closely

No. 1941147

my friends cat keeps pissing/shitting in her potted plants. she bitches to me about it every time it happens and every time i tell her to put rocks in them. she told me she did, and when i went to her house i saw she literally had one single rock on top of her dirt. i told her she has to cover the entire surface with rocks or else he'll keep doing it. we went together to the beach to get rocks. once we put them in her plant he seemed to leave it alone for a couple weeks, and then she decided to take those rocks out and use them for something else. now she's bitching to me that its happening again and asking if she can have my macramé hangers. i've already given her half of the macramé i have and now she's asking for more. like why the fuck are you so retarded about this?? its really not rocket science.
i think part of the reason her cat keeps doing it is probably because she doesn't clean its litter enough. she's not really a good cat owner. her cat is obese and barely even a year old. she also manhandles the poor thing and lets her kid do the same. she told me she was going to rehome the cat a few months ago (although she never did) and then not even a couple weeks later she tells me she wants another kitten. it drives me up the wall.

No. 1941149

I think she just wants all of your macramé nona and she is tricking you into giving it to her by taking advantage of your sweet nature.

No. 1941151

Why are you friends with an animal abuser? That would drive me nuts knowing she cant take care of a cat. They are 100 percent doing it because the litter isnt clean enough for them to use.

No. 1941155

Manifesting to get this guy off his lazy ass and DO SOMETHING.

No. 1941168

I hate dealing with lazy fucks at work who fake language barriers.
Get fucked and quit already.

No. 1941169

kek it seems like it! maybe i'll just send her a link to the website that i learned how to make macramé on.
i seriously ask myself this all the time. she stresses me the fuck out sometimes but we've been friends since childhood and i cant just kick her to the curb. i try to give her advice and point her in the right direction but sometimes she's just too obtuse and/or lazy.

No. 1941178

File: 1711576778813.png (783.52 KB, 900x600, 1519933839516.png)

trying not to think about how I've convinced myself that my low sex drive is "normal". Like objectively my bf is attractive, he's sweet and never pushy, and when we do have sex I have a good time. But I almost never WANT it except when I'm ovulating. Meanwhile thinking back to my ex gf I was like a feral creature, couldn't keep my hands off of her kek. I've never felt as horny for a moid as I did for her, all she'd have to do is like kiss me or touch my thigh and I'd melt. I fucking hate this so much. My bf and overall life is otherwise perfect in every way why am I broken like this

No. 1941180

Maybe because you're not attracted to men? Or it could just be how you naturally are? Either way don't think too much about it that'll only make it seem worse.

No. 1941183

This could be a million things including simply being more attracted to women than men, so please don't think I'm trying to tell you otherwise. But have you had your hormone levels etc checked?
For me specifically my iron deficiency can completely kill my sex drive. So just wanted to throw it out there as a possibility.

No. 1941195

Online interactions don't feel authentic to me anymore, real interactions haven't felt like that for years now. The only way I temporarily escape from my loneliness is watching a movie with two well written characters or dialogues and then self insert.

No. 1941198

Maybe you are subconsciously afraid of becoming pregnant? Does sex with your moid always lead to PIV? Meanwhile when you have sex with women it's just fun and exciting without any worries?

No. 1941201

A man I've dated literally a decade ago suddenly meme'd himself into believing I was the "one that got away" after his 5-year long relationship fell apart and he can't make it work with any woman since. He keeps fucking dumping like therapy-worthy shit on me in messages, saying we had such a great time when we were together (we dated for less than a year). I'm honestly just confused on what planet he was on back then when I was constantly up crying in the middle of night because I hated the sex so much. I've deleted his contacts before but he keeps readding me after a while, and some of his confessions are really hilariously pathetic (ex. him having a mental breakdown from a pocketpussy), so I keep reading them, even though I know I should've just blocked him long ago.

No. 1941207

Scrotes with avoidant attachment style are the worst because they'll make up all this bullshit in their heads about past relationships and then breakdown about it. Hopefully he kills himself soon so you don't have to witness his slow mental devolution for longer.

No. 1941212

idk I'm sure I'm bi but I do think my attraction to women is much stronger. for much of my life I considered myself a lesbian and only dated women, until one day I got blindsided by a crush on a beautiful moid and had like an existential crisis kek. maybe it's just a longing for what I'm "missing out" on, especially since I'm in a pretty serious long term relationship and will probably never date a woman again unless something drastic happens
holy shit I didn't know iron levels could affect sex drive?? I have always had low iron and used to take supplements but they absolutely wrecked my stomach so I didn't take them for long. Maybe I'll finally get that fixed, and get my hormone levels tested too since I've never done that before. Thanks nona ♥
idk nonnie pregnancy does freak me out kek

No. 1941214

Nta but I’m to the point where I will send an attachment style quiz to a man so I can weed out the honest ones who are avoidant. Sure some will lie but in my experience most of them are too stupid to figure out what it is I sent them and then reveal their actual attachment style.
Personally I feel like it’s my right as I overcame my fearful-avoidant attachment style when I treated my BPD so now I have a secure attachment style. I dated an avoidant for 2+ years and I am never doing that shit again. I notice most men are avoidants. I also notice that most avoidants end up dating anxious/fearful avoidant women who (out of insecurity) are doing everything for a moid that doesn’t give a shit about them. I wish avoidant men would meet their match instead of the other way around so they can feel unloved and worthless themselves.

No. 1941216

do you have a favorite/most accurate quiz you could link? I'm curious about myself now

No. 1941230

No. 1941234

File: 1711579855143.jpg (19.25 KB, 683x1024, attached by levine & heller.jp…)

AYRT, there is this great book I read called "Attached" by Levine & Heller (picrel) that goes into detail about this and something I learned from it is that most people with avoidant and anxious styles actually date each other because it fulfills their internal biases in regards to relationships. I don't blame you for taking the test, I usually do it together with the person on the 3rd date along with a bunch of other tests to "get to know each other better!" but really it's just for me to weed out the losers I shouldn't waste my time on.
Most accurate that I've used most frequently was Griffin and Bartholomev's Relationship Style Questionnaire (RSQ), its questions are based on the participants past experiences in their relationships, so it's best used by people that have been in 2-3 relationships. If you want one that takes into account only the relationship you're currently in right now, try the State Adult Attachment Measure (SAAM) instead: this questionnaire is better at measuring your present state.
Had to delete and reupload this post because I forgot to attach the picture kek

No. 1941236

Oh ty anon I’ll have to check that book out! I also think it’s a clever idea to give them a bunch of quizzes at once so they don’t figure out what you’re doing kek. Do you actually give the scrotes the full questionnaire? Is it available online?

No. 1941239

My friend, you do realize that bpd doesn't work that way.

>I cured my unsecured attachment style. I now have a healthy and normal secure style

>Also, take this attachment style questionnaire so I can feel in control of the situation

No. 1941244

I feel your exact pain because my job also deals with budgets for our projects, and I absolutely hate having to track my time spent on each projext. There have been a lot of slow periods lately here as well. I calm myself down by saying that it's all on my manager, and he will tell me what to charge to in the end. Keep hanging in there, nona.

No. 1941248

>I have to check that book out!
I really recommend reading the book because it helped me learn a lot about myself and relationships in general. I recommend it to everyone I meet that asks for advice about their relationships and so far everyone that read it really enjoyed it and learned a lot!
>Do you actually give the scrotes the full questionnaire?
Yes. I've had dates take questionnaires before, the most I did on one date was 3, and honestly they don't take that long to complete and once you've had some wine or drink it can become a decently fun activity to do together (e.g., a chance to see how the scrote feels about certain questions, read: past partners). I'll usually prime them by talking about a "new friend" that takes a bunch of questionnaires and talk to them about it for a while over dinner, then after we've eaten dinner and drink a cup or two of wine I'll laugh and and say "hey we should take some of those questionnaires, my friend left a copy here wouldn't it be funny just to see what they're like?" half-jokingly, most of the time they'll laugh along and agree to it once I show them that it's only a page or two. I then act super concentrated and like I'm really thinking about the questions (even though I've done them a hundred times kek) so that the date takes my lead and acts seriously and answers thoughtfully too; in the end, we both actually learn a lot about the other and it does help us (at least me) make choices about whether it's right to continue on with seeing each other. It take it slow in relationships though, like I'll only get 'serious' with a person after 12 dates and never sooner than 4 months.
>Is it available online?
Most psych. questionnaires can be found online with a little bit of digging, you might find a .pdf or something like that, but you can also check reference books at your local library or use an online pirating site to find them. In my case, I just copied the test I found in that book I mentioned and typed it out on my own and print it out beforehand.

No. 1941250

You have no idea what you’re talking about and you have no idea of my history/medical records so I suggest you get over yourself and stop being so condescending towards an anonymous person. People like you are the driving force of why people with BPD are often demonized as monsters who can never be loved. BPD can actually be overcome with DBT therapy and a full psychological evaluation to confirm that you don’t meet the criteria after. Yes you will have had BPD formerly and nothing changes your upbringing and past emotional responses but with the right coping mechanisms and skills you will be able to self-regulate and thereby reduce the criteria that you meet, effectively overcoming the BPD diagnosis. BPD is mostly rooted in bad coping mechanisms and emotional regulation in my experience with others in group DBT classes. Most of us learned very shitty habits from a narcissist parent as a child, were scapegoats, and developed poorly because of these circumstances. But with hard work and active efforts in changing your behavior you can get past those things.
I also have to wonder if you ever consider that maybe you have some issues yourself and that’s why you’re so hellbent about trying to spread misery regarding BPD? I notice a lot of people who are obsessed with BPD people are punching down and projecting their own issues onto BPD people. DBT therapy is helpful for a variety of personality disorders fyi. I won’t reply after this as interacting with you is a waste of my time but I want to reiterate for all the people with BPD that you can have a life worth living and foster securely attached relationships. Cheers.

No. 1941251

If you knew anything about psych you'd know that attachment styles can change over time, especially with therapeutic intervention. You sound like a Scientologist or something.
Don't let it get to you nona that poster was obviously huffing glue or something.

No. 1941257

Kek ty anon I appreciate your help. I just don’t want people with insecure attachment styles and codependency issues to think that they’ll forever be in horrid relationships with avoidants. There’s so much negativity that effectively hurts people with BPD when instead they could be inspired and motivated to get themselves actual relief from the condition via DBT skills. DBT really changed my life and my attachment style so I have to advocate for it.

No. 1941270

Lord, sorry you're dealing with your ex who's like that. My ex I dated for 6 years who was avoidant reached out to me last summer and I had to tell him to leave me the fuck alone because I'm not gonna try to befriend or associate myself with a man who will pay escorts to have sex with him, spend hundreds a month on weed and beer, basically throw money at external resources, but freak out over me buying something less than $200 every year or so. Like you think I forgot about that while you say "You were literally marriage material" to me? Absolutely idiotic. Yeah, I am marriage material, not for you. That's why i left you lmao.

No. 1941276

>Uses Pepe instead of Cece
>Expects anyone to care about their opinion

No. 1941281

Aren't you the same anon that lied about going on 4chan at 5 years old in the confessions thread earlier? It's the same file name and the same weak attempt to bait. Weirdo alert.

No. 1941286

>4ch at 5 years old
Men are retarded

No. 1941287

I can’t imagine a woman on here being so triggered by a discussion of attachment styles of all things. He’s probably seething because he knows he wouldn’t even get a first date with the attachment style anon. It could also just be retarded bait which is sad because it’s not even clever, but simply a display of how much time they have to waste. It’s time to get a job babe.

No. 1941299

for once i did my work early so i can relax and draw, but i have cold and feel like shit so i won't. stupid cold.

No. 1941303

i think the universe wants me dead or something. my ex who i more consider my old best friend came back to me. after i told him i felt like talking to him just dragged me down. i accepted him again, and i dont know if i regret it. i'm so madly in love with him, i feel like ive never had such a connection with anyone ever. we long distance dated for a whole year, but broke up due to mental issues and the pain of not being together. he decided to get over me by talking to other girls. he told me all about them. its been about 2 and a half months and i'm so in love with him. but he has a girlfriend now. and ever since i started talking to him again, every single day something german related has come up (he lives in germany). the first day a german man came on this radio station i listen to every day. they never have guests. in history class, for some reason we skipped two chapters and went onto germany related stuff. every single day. every day im reminded of him. every day when i speak to him im reminded im just a friend now and reminded of her. i just want him. i love him so much so dearly even though he's done me wrong sometimes, i feel like we are soulmates even if he doesn't love me in that way anymore. i'll never find anyone else like him.

No. 1941306

Heal yourself it’s okay you’re sick

No. 1941307

Block him block him block him never talk to him again block him omg

No. 1941308

God moids are so retarded. The scrotes I dated who I had nothing in common with and barely even spoke to have put me on this ‘one who got away’ pedestal even though they’d be shitting on me if we were still together while the moids I had real, genuine connections with shut down so hard because of their avoidance insist we weren’t right for each other (with no concrete examples) while still keeping tabs on me. I think moids really can’t fathom being with a women they actually see as a partner rather than an accessory to their life.

No. 1941309

i've considered it, but i cant find myself to. he tells me he really values me as a friend and he tells me im like one of the only ppl he can trust. i love him either as a friend or not, i dont know if i ever can. i know long term it might make me feel better but ugh

No. 1941310

it feels like my own mother doesn’t care about me. she will pay for my distant cousin’s rehab but when i start having mental health struggles and tell her about them she explodes on me and starts swearing at me and calling me crazy. she only cares about me when i’m useful to her. it’s like a switch goes off and she goes super sadist mode when i’m not useful like when i forget to do a chore around the house. i’m not even asking for much. i take myself to therapy, i pay for my own medication, i’m trying to get myself in order by myself. all i’m asking for is basic fucking compassion and understanding and she can’t even give her own daughter that. it feels like she cares more about my distant family than me. i get that she has the pressure of financially supporting them but she doesn’t need to take it out on me. i’m so tired of everything. the breaking point was she keeps calling out my sister’s name when she means to call me. she does it repeatedly and i feel like it’s on purpose at this point to remind me that i’m nothing and she’ll care about literally anyone else more.

No. 1941314

I've said it before and I'll say it again, there's a reason males write their love songs about women that don't want them (anymore). Males perceive your value by how little you want to put up with them. The moment you become bangmommy is the moment they lose all "love" for you.

No. 1941315

aw thanks, i'm bummed out i was really excited to draw tonight but i'll take it easy in bed

No. 1941317

i want a four day work week kek…or i want to be shifted to a hybrid schedule. if i'm still with this company (it's great so hopefully i am) when we do our yearly reviews or whatever i'll ask about going hybrid, i'm a tech gal anyway and it seems like i'm training myself on our systems…which is fine, i'm just saying, i probably don't need to be in the office for it kekeke

No. 1941337

I’m so tired of the new wave of female streamers doing pov cams of their tits and ass rigged to the vibration physics of the game they’re playing and I’m tired of troons taking up those spaces where (if they do degen shit or not) playing as a totes female gamer and reclaiming their “girlhood”. It just sucks cause there’s times I want to stream playing vidya games but I just see how over saturated it is with that shit that it’s just exhausting. I know I can play games for myself but sometimes it’s nice to banter with an audience and discuss game theories or whatever the shit. I’m just tired of how oversexualized everything is. Like damn is game fan service not enough anymore kek.

No. 1941344

Women making themselves this accessible to fucking losers is definitely not helping with their entitlement problem

No. 1941346

lol you reminded me of when i went on twitch to put on a stream of a game i like as background noise, and the first stream I saw was a girl with her facecam taking up 80% of the screen and her giant cleavage was out and the actual game was like crammed into a tiny corner… really grim state of affairs

No. 1941350

File: 1711588633366.jpg (116.28 KB, 1179x787, F1rPFrhWcAUVhpO.jpg)

i ruined my friendship with this one girl and i still feel really bad about it. we're still friends but we dont talk that much and when we do its really awkward. ik shes distanced herself from me on purpose. i wish i could talk to her about it and apologize but i have no idea how to bring it up. god why am i so socially retarded im gonna cry

No. 1941354

>doing pov cams of their tits and ass rigged to the vibration physics of the game they’re playing

No. 1941361

Omg nona bless you for not having to see this yet. If you check the twitch thread on snow a nona posted a video of it

No. 1941366

I’m in the really ugly point of my cycle and I feel hideous. My lips are suddenly gone, my jowls are bulging because I’ve been stressed, and my eyes are so hollow. My bangs need to be trimmed and my lashes need to be tinted again. My brows really need to be waxed and when my brows are grown out my face looks doughy.

No. 1941374

like controlling their vibrators? what the shit

No. 1941386

I'm mentally exhausted with how much women are sexualizing themselves. I'm a history loser and the museums i've visited that display lost art from women is so inspiring. Same with the areas I've visited that talked about women's suffrage and how so many women wrong through hell for us rights. Why are these modern day women throwing it away? It's honestly so depressing

No. 1941389

>it ain’t much
damn that would change my life lol. I’m gonna buy a ticket.

No. 1941402

when you realize objects and degraded things are called "she" (boats, non troon men when called wives or lesbians or just referred to with she/her , etc.) and "little guys" or other cozy sfw items are referred to as "he" and women get male'fied whenever doing something powerful (e.g. i want her "strap") a lot starts making sense

No. 1941403

I think I’m finally done with men and therapy. I’m done with people who don’t understand me telling me things like they know more than I do. When they have never had my experience. Ready to go full separatist and live in a community of women and cats. It sounds so peaceful.

No. 1941409

Based, and good luck.

No. 1941412

Wish there was a thread for unfeminine women or whatever label you want, specifically whichever gathers the “why do i struggle to connect with women” thread but god whenever I realize just how much femininity I have to perform as an adult a part of me dies. I understand why tifs are breaking out by the thousands. I was watching a video of a woman rushing to her workplace and even though her skin looked fine she still plastered makeup all over. I always thought you just applied foundation and blush if your skin looks like shit. I’ve been very confused about the whole process lately especially when I see women with nice skin. What’s the point in putting on foundation (evening out your skin tone) and then applying blush (unevening your skin) if you have good skin.
Especially when it comes to lighter skinned women it’s maddening, you already have red cheeks wtf is the point of this.
I never really cared until I started getting tiktok videos and it’s been freaking me out.

No. 1941416

Same. 40k would mean a lot to me, especially since i'm having the worst time finding a new job.

No. 1941417

Uninstall tiktok. It's literal brainrot.

No. 1941420

>whenever I realize just how much femininity I have to perform as an adult
you don't have to. nobody is holding a gun to your head and i feel it's unimportant unless you're explicitly trying to attract a partner

No. 1941425

This. It's so annoying. No one is forcing women to spend hundreds and thousands on fake hair, nails, eyelashes, shaving, makeup etc. You are doing that shit to yourselves. I've never went into a nail salon more than twice in my life, and it was to support a coworker that got a new job. I dont wear makeup unless it's a special event like a wedding. No one is forcing women to be extreme femininity. And these online women are crazy fake. No one looks like that 24/7, and if they do, they need therapy.
Once you realize the real world isnt tiktok, you'll live a much better life.

No. 1941430

I wish I could go back to the year my life was ruined, get over the trauma quickly and do everything differently. It's been 8 years and I haven't grown mentally and only regressed socially. I mourn the person I could be if I was mentally stable.

No. 1941439

Things can always change for the better nonny, don't give up

No. 1941440

File: 1711595456407.jpeg (28.04 KB, 192x194, IMG_1957.jpeg)

tfw growing random skin tags
wtf man, is this genetics?

No. 1941445

After almost six months, it’s finally going to be over tomorrow. And somehow I still can’t make up my mind about how I feel. In the past months, I’ve swung from one extreme to the other ad nauseam, and at this point, I don’t know if my opinion will ever settle. I hate uncertain things and I hate not being able to finalize my thoughts. This has all been so incredibly hard on my emotions, and I feel like even after this formally ends, it’s going to continue to be. It was a miracle, and then a tragedy, that something like this could mean so much to me in so many different ways.

No. 1941446


No. 1941455

I don't think this applies to Texas. I'll never be a lotto winner. Even 10k would open so many doors for me.

No. 1941462

Tiktok isn't representative of most women. I'd say the vast majority of women I work with wear minimal makeup. Obviously the women who put the most effort into their appearance are going to be the ones who advertise themselves on social media.

No. 1941475

i think a lot about how i hope that zoomer parents wont shove an iphone or ipad in their kids face to get them to shut up and repeat that cycle of abuse but it's already happening and i see it occurring everyday with young parents

No. 1941476

Yeah, I don't know where people are seeing these crazy dolled up women. When I go out basically anywhere, women with full faces of makeup were not common at all. Not like I asked, but it was probably just mascara and maybe concealer or a little eyeliner. Is it the industry you work in or something? Maybe sales reps and airline hostesses wear a lot, but I think the average woman generally only does a full face for events. Shit takes like an hour.

No. 1941478

>I don't know where people are seeing these crazy dolled up women.
They're basing their worldview on what they see on their phone screens.
>When I go out
They don't go outside nona. That's why they think that way.

No. 1941484

my eyesight is incredibly bad (-8.5 diopters) and lately i've been depressed about it… i'm considering making a thread for eye issues (near/farsightedness, contacts, lasik, glaucoma, etc…)

No. 1941494

yes please do i lost my eyesight because of hikineet reasons and always regreted it

No. 1941498

So pissed off right now why did someone just accuse me of being a Troye Sivan fan just because I knew he was from South Africa why do people act like they know me

No. 1941501

what happened? i keep using my phone really close to my face in the dark for weeks on end and then when i snap out of it my eyesight is suddenly slightly worse, this happened back in november and last month. i will definitely make a thread soon

No. 1941503

It's called a joke you dumb bitch. What is wrong with some of you omg

No. 1941509

Okay sorry I over reacted about it I was just really upset because you said I was a Troye Sivan fan but I'm not and I thought you were purposely trying to hurt my feelings with your remark I take it back I'm sorry that I over reacted to your post I didn't mean to hurt your feelings I was just being open and honest with you and looking back I regret what I said because it was a spur of the moment decision and I'm really sorry it went the way it did but in the future please don't say I'm a fan of Troye Sivan because it's not true

No. 1941511

Imagine he has to read this on those SNL skits where they read mean tweets lol

No. 1941512

I have a lot worse to say about him

No. 1941514

she's just a little quirky. see

No. 1941515

File: 1711599839181.png (245.54 KB, 622x540, 1640553214260.png)

fucking sick to bastard death of being in a relationship, the only reason i choose to be in one is because of financial reasons (splitting rent and bills etc) while i drag my ass out of the worst i've ever been in my life. it's just so fucking disappointing.
i'm going back to my local college, i'm working, it's not enough to support myself to live elsewhere during a super bad rental crisis/shortage where i live so i'm working hard to get myself a career so i can fucking have some financial stability and fuck off.
i am genuinely convinced that men are fundamentally incompatible with women. they're childish retarded apes. i used to fantasize about marriage but I cannot view it as anything other than imprisonment at this point. i'd rather go insane from isolation than live with a stupid, emotionally retarded and volatile moid who i can't depend on for shit. fuck this gay earth.

No. 1941516

oops someones angry

No. 1941527

Ask hospitals local to your area if they have any financial assistance programs you can apply for. I just had about $30k worth of hospital bills waived for me

No. 1941554

You wish?

No. 1941558

File: 1711603278221.jpeg (16.48 KB, 225x225, E854D270-1D4E-4DAE-9BC2-716723…)

I’m obsessed with beautiful young men and I draw them and have pictures of beautiful men at my house hanging I’m just so boy crazy I spend lot of time in g ogling dudes and their bodies, and I get cuteness overload at them, I like don’t even get horny just goddamn giddy and I feel like I’m falling in love, I don’t think I even can get Horny sometimes.. which sucks I can’t masturbate to sexy men, I just have to stare at them and admire it all, and idk what to do with all this burning desire and passion so I just stare and let my heart rate go up
Also my bf reminds me of Miyavi so delicate and pretty in the face his eyelashes and eyes are womanly almost. And the skinny body, he also has such a kind of soft voice I feel like a shotacon but he’s 2 years older than me he’s just super boyishly handsome and frankly that’s how I like em. Never liked beards or dad bods i will never like that shit either. I may just be a weird pervert

No. 1941564

Are you even over 18

No. 1941568

I’m 25

No. 1941572

What's wrong with that, as long as it doesn't interfere with your life? You just sound guy-crazy and have a type.

No. 1941573

It reads like y/a

No. 1941575

Weird bitch

No. 1941577

Yeah I mean it’s not overbearing but I do draw a lot of cute shirtless guys, and yeah there is nothing wrong with it but I’m probably gonna be a cougar like ATJs wife
he kinda has bad skin so if I posted him anons would be like EWWW HE HAS PIMPLES, BURN THIS OILY SCROTE I don’t mind it tho I think he’s truly the most beautiful man I’ve ever met even with his acne

No. 1941580

Please use punctuation

No. 1941585


No. 1941586

i'm 80

No. 1941591

File: 1711605284423.jpg (39.64 KB, 639x454, 755.jpg)

No she's based

No. 1941592

File: 1711605376750.jpg (69.17 KB, 2048x1365, 1000003564.jpg)

You won't be doing any of that.

No. 1941594

I’m going to throw a dead rat and your auntie

No. 1941596

this looks like a dick rising up in the sunrise. where did you find this?

No. 1941597


Me too nona, 2016 was a year in which I ruined my life too. It's all my fault. I've learned from it but it never goes away. I think about it everyday. Best wishes to you

No. 1941599

File: 1711605592904.png (327.66 KB, 632x331, ed8620c95535ea5ca783740d205065…)

jokes on you i dont have one, looks like youre going doing with the dead rat!

No. 1941602

She did use punctuation? There's apostrophes and commas?

No. 1941604

Not a single period in those run-ons

No. 1941606

I mean they're short sentences and you didn't even end your replies with a period? So what's the point?

No. 1941607

Did you not read her post above that or are you just being combative for no reason.

No. 1941608

Kek she used periods in the op too, even an ellipsis?? I'm not trying to be combative, if you're reading it like that I don't think you've seen combat. It's just weird to critique other people's use of periods, especially when you needed to be reminded by me to use them yourself

No. 1941610

Yeah you're just being combative.

No. 1941615

I caught the ick for a guy I've been dating. There's nothing wrong with him and nothing happened or changed but I feel grossed out by him now. I think I was meant to be single.

No. 1941616

my best friend started male hormones and i love her too much to talk to her about the things she's doing to her body or to argue when she talks to me about trans rights. i know it isn't up to me but she's changing and i know our friendship will never be the same. she is for kids taking hormones and men invading our spaces and talks about bullshit politics constantly. we can't spend a moment without her bringing up those topics even if i try to avoid them. we were the type of best friends people dream about being. the type in movies where they finish each others sentences, dress in matching outfits, share every hobby together and tell every secret to. i would have spent my life with her. it's not a surprise its happening but i feel like im losing the person i love the most. i will never have my best friend ever again but i would do anything to keep her in my life.

No. 1941617

I you should ghost that retarded fagot

No. 1941619

I've been grey rocking him. Can't ghost him completely cause he's a part of my friend group. Learned my lesson about dating friends for sure.

No. 1941624

Men have to be taught how to be human beings and they still won't

No. 1941626

I'm gonna die alone because I suffer from cringe and irritable bitch syndrome and I never realize it until it's too late. I don't even mean this in a romantic relationship way I'm seriously incapable of forming good relationships with anybody but the most tolerant of people because I'm so testy all the time. I wish I could just live independently of all social contact until I hit 65 and then go into the woods to curl up and die in a cave instead of the ignominious death in old age I know I'll have.
And I don't have BPD I just have the personality of a socially inept and ornery old man in the body of a 20 something year old woman and I'm trying my best but it's so hard to change. The only thing that grows is my pile of regrets as I gain more awareness without managing to improve my character.
It's embarrassing to be alive.

No. 1941635

Nah just relax

No. 1941642

I just want to disappear for a while
Head into the woods or whatever. Live by myself, do nothing, don't have to feel guilty for not being "productive". Just me, alone.

No. 1941687

File: 1711621977057.jpg (67.49 KB, 1080x1080, immanuel cat was absolutely ho…)

I envy people who can sleep naturally. I'm tired of relying on meds to sleep, tired of needing to take them twice when they don't work, making me a braindead zombie and fucking my metabolism up. Insomnia is ruining my life and I miss being able to fall asleep without worries

No. 1941698

I've went no contact with my mother. I've just been thinking a lot about all the things she's put me through and although it makes me incredibly upset I'm trying to combat it with knowing that if I'm ever blessed with children, I'll make sure they get to have the mother I didn't. I missed out on so much because of my mother, and now I'm just trying to work hard so I can provide for my grandma and future kids. I hope my daughters will never know what it's like to feel the things I felt. I have a lot of healing to do before I have kids, but I want to give them all of my love and I can only hope to earn theirs back.

No. 1941699

have tyo ever tried using those long form vidoe ssays and podcasts?

No. 1941702

File: 1711625794823.gif (935.97 KB, 200x190, rage.gif)

>mom asks me to help her access her hotmail
>i trie inputting the acc and password she gives me
>ofcourse, she fucking forgot her password
>whatever i can get a code from her phone and reset it
>nevermind she changed her mobile phone number
>literally cant do shit anymore to save her retarded account
>she starts screaming at me and telling me i dont wanna help her and when i explain her i literally cant do nothing she starts shouting about how ''everything is possible you just dont wanna help me''

Like holy shit why did god give me such a fucking retarded cunt of a mother every single time i try to help her do something and it doesnt work out because she's retarded i get blamed for not trying enough. She's so selfcentered and thinks the world has to revolve around her and her retardation. I fucking hate her so fucking much.

No. 1941711

File: 1711626897952.jpg (82.3 KB, 932x929, IMG_8610.JPG)

i'm 28 and have been chronically online since i was 10 years old. and i don't know how to cope with the changes that have happened to the internet and the direction it’s going to, even though i now am a functioning member of society. this post is probably going to sound really schizo, but idk how to put all of my thoughts into words.

>severe social anxiety from ages 10-12, parents don't bother to get me any help so i spend all my time on habbo hotel (kek) and various forums and boards

>my punishment is literally to go outside and be away from the computer instead of being grounded
>as i get older my anxiety decreases by itself i still spend 85% of my free time online

late 00s and early 10s internet culture shaped my identity, but more importantly it was a place i could find people who were 'like me' (retards). i could become a part of communities and make friends who also struggled socially and talk with them through webcam for hours. i really miss those times, and i know it's not just nostalgia speaking. the internet wasn't as corporate as it's now and instead of platforms hosted by profit driven companies, like twitter or everything in meta's portfolio, you had more 'independent' forums. i miss forums so much, nonnies.

i've used online communities as a crutch my entire life, mainly because i was a friendless loser. and now, even though i've done a full 180 from who i was at 10 and to who i'm not, i still rely on online communities. i don't know why? i think i see the 'connections' one makes in places like lolcow as more valuable than those in real life, due to my chronically online way of growing up and thinking. i just hate the direction the internet is going and has been for a while. it's crazy to see just how different things were pre-pandemic and how they're now. and i can't imagine how bad things are going to be with ai and algorithms on steroids.

No. 1941713

It's honestly sad how unfun and corporate the modern internet is. Even if you do find some niche communities they often are infested by either trannies or schizo /pol/ tier moids.

No. 1941717

sounds like they all have low self esteem. You outgrew them, flourish nona

No. 1941721

File: 1711628124520.jpeg (77.78 KB, 735x743, IMG_5492.jpeg)

I hate the fact that I likely sound like a major league muncher to most people. I try not to talk about my fucking myriad of conditions but when you’re beholden to as many mental and physical health issues as me, it’s bound to come up relatively quickly. I mean one of the first fucking things people ask others when getting to know them is what do you do for work or school? I have to explain I’m working on my case for disability and can’t do either.
>but nonnie you’re young and you look so healthy!
I don’t even know how to respond to this. I generally just don’t respond at all. Almost wish I could go back to before my celiac disease was diagnosed/under control, at least then I looked sick because I was a fucking skelly-chan. But no, gluten free diet actually made me be a normal BMI for the first time in my entire life and I admittedly do look very healthy as long as I’ve eaten some red meat in the past couple weeks. But celiac is only one of multiple bullshit problems with me that make my life a living hell. In a way I’m glad I’m usually either too physically sick to leave the house and that when I’m physically kinda sorta okay enough to leave the house then my agoraphobia often comes into play. It’s just all bullshit. The other day I had to go to the ER and the registrar asked me the what do you do questions and then hit me with a “you’re so young and look so healthy” spiel and I just didn’t have anything to say back. I’m tired of living with all these nerfs and the constant fear of getting nerfed by god even harder since once you have one autoimmune condition (I already have multiple) you’re more likely to develop more of them. Fucking great, it’s like there’s a timer set for me getting lupus/RA/etc in the background of my life.

No. 1941723

i feel you nonna. i have multiple health problems and am a neet as a result and people treat me like the laziest person on earth because of it even though i am constantly unwell.

No. 1941739

nonnie i was a fellow habbo hotel user for most of my childhood (even played tons of the retros) im a few years younger than you but feel similarly since i grew up with the internet as my solace during abuse/neglect and theyd also take it away to punish me (for being on it) without realizing why id cry and break down without it kek. now its merged with the real world and its terrible. i had a time i kept revisiting those childhood websites looking for something…i miss the old internet a lot. i still use it for classes and in my free time but i prefer to less and less because nature is more of an escape at this point. i dont think ill ever make meaningful connections outside of the internet, though.

No. 1941742

I assume this is normal for women, including myself

No. 1941744

I was hit with an overwhelming wave of depression today. I am writing about it hoping it helps. I lost my job. I feel so alone, I'm in a town I hate. I feel like I can't do anything right which I know isn't true but my emotions are telling me it is, I must be a fool to find myself in this place at this point in my life. My only friend is hundreds of miles away. I should go visit her. I am not broke at least which is good.

No. 1941753

Because they are influenced to make the amount of money you see the top 0.002% of e-thots + the libfem shit saying sex work is real work1!!! I despise seeing women use the demand argument. You are not beating moids in their own degradation game by "taking away their money."

No. 1941755

>start thinking about old movies from my childhood
>the actors are all dead
>tears start welling up in my eyes
I'm at work damn it.

No. 1941760

NTA but I became celibate after my short adventures into "coolgirldom" in my very early 20's I started dating a guy and we had sex after a week of dating, because sexual liberation and shit and the idea "damn I don't want to accidentally get pregnant from this guy, I'd rather die". Since then I've moved away from the idea of having kids in general, but this intrinsical feeling struck me like a lightning after like the second time we had sex (used condoms, and I was not on any BC). The idea of casual sex does not exist for me anymore, while people around me treat it like something inconsequential.

No. 1941764

File: 1711634351961.gif (4.66 MB, 540x304, 1000011561.gif)

Cannot decide whether I will be fired or if this is my usual premenstrual paranoia

No. 1941767

Moids are such whores. I swear, a man should have 1 testicle sliced off for every woman he sleeps with. Also, moids should cover themselves until they are chosen by a suitor-ess. Moids who are too whore-ish should be impaled.

No. 1941769

God I hate how jealous and angry I get when I like a guy. It's some flirt at work.

No. 1941774

File: 1711635825968.jpg (276.23 KB, 1080x1182, 1000005575.jpg)

I saw this random clip on ig and thought the girl had a cute outfit while she was dancing. Then this Neanderthal walks into the frame. Why are men so hideous? Men like this deserve to be bullied

No. 1941775

I've gotten called neurotic and crazy by moids because I don't want to have PIV due to risk of getting pregnant. Birth control is never 100% effective, and if you have sex multiple times a week for years, it's bound to fail eventually. Any miniscule amount of pleasure (for me, it's almost 0, I dislike penetrating myself even, and I also get no mental pleasure from it) is not worth the risk. Thankfully I've also been with guys who love pleasing me in other ways so I don't have to avoid sex completely anymore. I don't get how women have casual sex that involves PIV, it would have to be 200 orgasms worth of pleasure for me to even consider it.

No. 1941779

AYRT, yes, this 100%. I'm afraid I'm going to ruin relationships for myself by being so desperate, so I try and counter my "look at me" behavior with bouts of isolation so I can wean myself off of the need for acknowledgment. It's … it feels pathetic. I know we all want to be acknowledged and get attention from people we love, but it's like, once I get it, I don't internalize it. I'm like a bottomless pit of want. It's disgusting.

No. 1941781

If you're on birth control, and he wears a condom , and pulls out, then you're pretty good, but I respect you for using your limits and boundaries because some women just don't respect themselves when it comes to sex.

No. 1941782

Typical tech troon gear

No. 1941783

You'd be surprised at the amount of women who think an IUD is or hormonal BC is enough, and don't get their moid to wear condoms. So many women don't double up on birth control methods and have had their lives ruined. All for what? They probably didn't even orgasm, either.

No. 1941791

I'm sad but not surprised. The amount of women that are blatantly retarded when it comes to birth control is insane. Condoms should always be involved. Raw dogging a dude is nasty af

No. 1941804

It's nice that you found some dudes that aren't obsessed with PIV being the "main event" of every sexual encounter. The reason I just don't even bother dating is because of the headache I imagine it'd be to explain to any man in my country that I expect him to wear a condom even past the first few months or we mainly have a menu of non-PiV, not to mention finding a unicorn who takes it upon himself to get a vasectomy. Getting your tubes tied is not allowed here unless you hit certain thresholds (age, number of children), and it'd cost a fortune getting it done abroad in private care for now.

No. 1941806

File: 1711638934914.gif (867.1 KB, 400x400, 1703690833676751.gif)

The glitter text maker I use isn't working

No. 1941808

>not to mention finding a unicorn who takes it upon himself to get a vasectomy
It's saddening how it's all pushed on women to take birth control while it's a rarity for men to even consider a vasectomy. I'm happy for my best friend whose husband is getting a vasectomy since she doesn't want kids. I think there's a glimmer of hope yet.

No. 1941810

Men are so fucking pathetic. If he can't even get a vasectomy for you he shouldn't be allowed anywhere near you. I'm sorry it's such a hassle. It really shouldn't be, but men continue to find ways to be worthless.

No. 1941817

I hate my period SO MUCH I hate being so bloated and in pain and the mess of it and how irate i feel throughout. i hate that it’s a sign of being healthy as a female reeeeeeeeeee

No. 1941822

Vasectomies are non-invasive and reversable too. it should be pushed onto men as the norm, instead of women who are fucking up their own hormones with birth control.

No. 1941824

Only mentally ill manwhores get a vasectomy. This is not bait it's what I've seen

No. 1941826

I'm so tired of these pseudo-intellectual lana del rey fans who stopped maturing at 19.
>My husband isn’t my partner. He’s my mentor, my lover, and, only in certain contexts, my friend. I’ll never forget it, how he showed me around our first place like he was introducing me to myself: This is the wine you’ll drink, where you’ll keep your clothes, we vacation here, this is the other language we’ll speak, you’ll learn it, and I did. Adulthood seemed a series of exhausting obligations. But his logistics ran so smoothly that he simply tacked mine on. I moved into his flat, onto his level, drag and drop, cleaner thrice a week, bills automatic. By opting out of partnership in my 20s, I granted myself a kind of compartmentalized, liberating selfishness none of my friends have managed. I am the work in progress, the party we worry about, a surprising dominance. When I searched for my first job, at 21, we combined our efforts, for my sake. He had wisdom to impart, contacts with whom he arranged coffees; we spent an afternoon, laughing, drawing up earnest lists of my pros and cons (highly sociable; sloppy math).

No. 1941830

Most men who get them are married and their wives use sex as a weapon. It's sad, but they usually hold out on sex until their husbands get one. Like men always have to convinced to do better.

No. 1941833

And that's especially what makes men even more pathetic and weak. Women are willing to go on birth control even though it puts their lives at risk and lessens their quality of life. Moids can't even handle getting a non-invasive reversible procedure to maintain their girlfriends' health and quality of life. Literal parasites.

No. 1941838

It’s interesting how these girls find mentorship in older men they’re fucking but won’t listen to their mothers, any of the older women in their family, will not listen to any older women at work and would never befriend ant older woman

No. 1941843

>I had high breasts, most of my eggs, plausible deniability when it came to purity, a flush ponytail, a pep in my step that had yet to run out.
lmao female hands did not write this piece

No. 1941851

i get morbid hyperfixations that annoy my boyfriend because how the fuck are you supposed to participate in a 9/11 documentary marathon that your girlfriend is glued to

No. 1941855

She studied English at Harvard, and her writing still somehow sucks, kek.

No. 1941858

My relationship is robbing me of my self-esteem and independence and I don't know how to stop it

No. 1941859

I hate how overused the word is but my god if this isn't the pickme to end all pickmes

No. 1941876

File: 1711645693789.jpeg (45.39 KB, 720x720, IMG_1745.jpeg)

I've been annoyed all day having to deal with sharing a room with two coworkers that sit around doing fuckall and now I just walked into the break room and a third coworker was using my salad dressing…

No. 1941879

God I fucking hate social media. I just deleted my Insta for good. I've been following some friends and people I know but there's this girl who I used to follow because I liked her content and now she's just like every other pseudo positive influencer. Posting stories about how fake social media is and how you shouldn't believe the perfect facade yet she'll post the same shit that she's supposedly against and contradict herself.

No. 1941880

You'll be okay nona. Losing a job and not being happy with where you live are two very difficult things to go through. Somehow, when things are going wrong, we blame ourselves and think we must have ended up here because of some personal failure. Things might be hard right now, but I doubt that it's all your fault that things ended up this way. I know that you'll be able to get yourself out of this rut! It might take time, but many things do. It sounds like your situation is hard enough as is, so don't add to it by beating yourself up over it!

t. nona who was in a similar type of situation a few years ago

No. 1941885

This whole article is so stereotypical, there's a point where she overhears the old female friends of her old man discuss their relationship in the bathroom worrying about how it'll work out and her takeaway is that they're jealous because she had what they did not, kek. Maybe those women could have easily married him if they wanted to, if we imagine any of this happened anyway

No. 1941886

I hate myself so much for not just studying to get a job that pays good money, being single and making a very average income is a hell hole.

No. 1941905

I fucking hate the impatient drivers in this town. The dumb bitch that is honking at me at a red light while I clearly still can't turn because it's not safe can go shit a brick and die. My mom says I drive too slow when she clearly drives like a retard that has no idea where she's going, constantly forgets turn signals, and swerves in lanes. Fuck driving and fuck retarded drivers!!!

No. 1941910

>I had high breasts, most of my eggs
Do egg counters know that a fetus has 6 million eggs. A newborn has 1 to 2 mill and by early puberty you've 300k to 400k.

No. 1941911

Drew Monson has changed a lot

No. 1941914

What does flush ponytail mean?