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No. 1800721

This thread is dedicated to all and any fandom discourse, particularly that which has a twitter or tumblr flavour to it.

Current topics include, but are not limited to:
> Proshipping vs Antishipping
> Ao3 Censorship and TOS
> Sapphic Underrepresentation in Fandom
> Carrds, DNIs and Call-out Threads
> Whitewashing vs Blackwashing
> ‘[Insert Sexuality]-Coded’ Characters
> Sapphic vs Fujo Misogyny Accusations
Previous thread >>1787199

No. 1800749

File: 1701820495771.png (213.64 KB, 882x724, fakebois misogyny.png)

I'm really hoping the james somerton vid pointing this out has caused a lot of fakebois to realize how openly misogynistic they were being, even if they still pretend to be moids the least they could do is not also hate women.

No. 1800750

File: 1701820766688.png (86.37 KB, 680x417, the character vs the fanart.pn…)

whats your opinion on stuff like pic rel? or anything related to heavily changing a character to adhere to headcanon ideals. Personally, i don't mind, but i hate the ones that parade their headcanons as if they were the only correct and allowed ones, even if they are STILL just headcanons. For example, the latest TMNT movie gave the characters black VAs, so now you cant do TMNT gijinkas unless they are ''black'', even though they have been depicted asian, white and black before.

No. 1800753

I like it actually! In particular I always found alcoholic Stan fanart pretty cute.

No. 1800754

It's the same old story that has been happening since forever in which a group of online friends consider their headcanon more important than whatever is happening in the canon of the stories.
At this point I don't care, I just give some likes and comments to those artists that get closer to what I think makes more sense than whatever gendercult shit that's online, I actually tend to block whoever has pronouns on bio, idiotic tranny flags and any other dumbass bullshit like made up sexualities and labels.

No. 1800758

Not really an issue. I'm not a fan of super OOC stuff myself but as long as people acknowledge their headcanons are headcanons then it's fine. It only gets annoying when people act like they're delusions are canon and shit on others who don't agree with/dislike what they're saying. And regarding picrel specifically the art on the right is probably more accurate to Stan's character than the left considering his whole depressed whiny alcoholic phase kek.
>For example, the latest TMNT movie gave the characters black VAs, so now you cant do TMNT gijinkas unless they are ''black'', even though they have been depicted asian, white and black before.
I've always found this dumb because there's no logical rationale for why one adaption has to take more importance over others besides that one has better LGBT black indigenous woc representation or whatever. They do this with PJO too, claiming anyone who doesn't draw Annabelle as black is racist even though she's white in the books.

No. 1800763

There's one character in my fandom who's depicted a certain way due to a really popular artist's art/headcanon (with darker skin than depicted) and people lambast you if you don't basically follow it to a tee when drawing the character, it's kinda sad.

I absolutely think this phenomenon happens a lot, though the example character being used being a South Park guy makes me lol

No. 1800767

I don't mind until the headcanons start becoming the "canon." Fandom becomes insufferable when people aren't able to seperate their delusions from reality. Just dealt with this in one of my fandoms where two characters ended up forming a pact while the other was intoxicated. Fandom retard proceeds to make an essay long Tumblr post misinterpreting entire canon events and why character a was "raped" and how character b is a "rapist," how if the other characters knew, they'd try to kill them (no they wouldn't) and how character a is probably traumatized despite them showing in canon that they had no issue with the formation of the pact and actually consider the character their friend. Plus, the canon event was based off an actual religious based story where said character tricks the other into a pact through intoxication, so the fact people got upset over something they failed to do research on annoyed me even more.

No. 1800769

You have got to elaborate on this bc I'm really not following how "making a pact" turned into "rape"

No. 1800775

Neither do I, but apparently the shitstorm concerning this issue was because of character a basically stating that after blacking out, they don't recall what happened after. They just know that when they woke up, they were in a pact. Pacts are basically like selling your free will away and allowing the pact holder complete control over you. For some reason, the fandom equated this to them being raped. Yet nothing in canon suggests or even implies that's what happens, yet people took it there. I remember another commenter being called a "rape apologist" for disagreeing and a lot of people using their trauma as examples and "listening to rape victims." It was kind of a mess.

No. 1800781

File: 1701823497995.jpg (498.42 KB, 605x853, wp-content-4.jpg)

i like it. I have always preferred fanart that interpret the characters differently and in different styles. While it's super impressive when people can copy a cartoon's original style it would be boring if all fanart looked like that.
I also don't mind racebending or making characters fatter, or changing a characters hair color/eye color/hair length etc. basically anything that changes a characters appearance. But I hate when the artist claims that their headcanon is the superior version. Making changes, like racebending can be interesting picrel is a good example. The artist Wooh Nayoung have some cool art where she reimagines european stories in a korean setting. you can tell when an artist changes a character because they genuinely wanna explore how a reinterpretation affects the story, and when an artist changes a character just so they appear more progressive and woke.
>the latest TMNT movie gave the characters black VAs, so now you cant do TMNT gijinkas unless they are ''black''
this often happens in fandom where the characters don't have canon races. It's the worse.
Similarly I hate when people treat Word of God as canon. A writer will tweet "this character is gay" five years after a show has ended even though nothing in the show indicated that, and suddenly shipping him with a woman is homophobic.
me too. I don't care much about south park but i follow some westaboo artists who likes it. At first I found their South Park fanart a bit jarring because it was "angsty" compared to the actual cartoon. But it has grown on me. Same thing with the Hetalia fandom. Both fandoms have gorgeous fanart

No. 1800793

The turtles will always be asian to me. Specifically Japanese. Same with Splinter.

No. 1800828

I'll never understand why they decided to make Splinter a Jewish weeaboo.

No. 1800945

I don't mind it as long as it doesn't "replace" the canon design. Sometimes I wonder why people who deviate from the source so hard don't make an OC at this point. When it comes to headcanons for humanized versions of non-human characters, I decided I'll never draw human versions for that reason. It goes into "damned if you do, damned if you don't" territory on what race/culture you draw them as. I used to have a SJW mutual who was eaten by her own over My Little Pony humanizations.

No. 1800948

File: 1701838727414.jpg (23.79 KB, 330x495, my-little-pony-twilight-sparkl…)

i have no idea why the mlp fandom decided twilight was black, and black only. they got so assblasted by the bishoujo line, kek.

No. 1800950

I've seen people also headcanon her as Asian or Indian, but a lot of the same people who decided she has to be XYZ race were also mad that Equestria Girls made them aracial by giving them purple/blue/green/etc. skin. Which was the safest move on Hasbro's end, I noticed both the female/SJW side of the fandom would crucify anyone who didn't make everyone tri-racial, have vitiligo, trans, and disabled, but meanwhile the male/brony side would lose their mind if any character besides Zecora was drawn with dark skin.

No. 1800955

You're so cute nona

No. 1800979

File: 1701841198282.png (Spoiler Image, 7.18 MB, 5000x1471, 202111.png)

It was for drawing human Pinkie Pie as white wasn't it?
Bronie's had such boring human designs, picrel being the best example of that, the only difference between characters is just boob size and sometimes a tan. Bronie's only exposure to something with an all female cast is CGDCT anime where the only difference is hairstyles and boob size and it really shows. If the show was about humans instead of ponies they'd be diverse like most girl's media with an all female cast. Look at Lauren Faust's Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls for example.

No. 1800982

i think people should be allowed to depict gijinkas as generic. It's so annoying when artists are forced to make the characters different size/color just for the sake of inclusivity. I know that when i draw gijinkas of male characters i want to draw them as cute bishies and not fat uggos lol.

No. 1800990

>meanwhile the male/brony side would lose their mind if any character besides Zecora was drawn with dark skin.
didn't they also once harass a black girl just for cosplaying as twilight

No. 1800992

nta but what are you talking about?

No. 1801112

Picrel is obviously South Park and I think it's cute when it's Japanese/Korean artists doing it. They seem to actually watch the show and understand what the characters' personalities are like and base their designs on that. They also make very cute in-character art and in general Japanese westaboos make better art than Western anime fans.

Meanwhile the Western equivalent of that tends to be ugly character designs and making a character into some type of minority.

No. 1801126

I had really wishes the other thread was used, mostly cause thin tweet screenshots pics are hard to find.

No. 1801129

sorry i didnt realize, i will reuse it for next thread

No. 1801132

She has dark purple skin, pretty close to black.

No. 1801133

File: 1701860688667.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220916-184201_Tum…)

The example I'm most familiar with is Dick Grayson/Nightwing. In most canon portrayals, he's depicted as a sarcastic, snarky pretty boy, but he can be serious and competent when he needs to be. In fandom, he's turned into a big-bottomed, overly feminine gay moid who is always depicted as super dark-skinned (see >>1798112) and is designated as the uke in most pairings.

No. 1801134

File: 1701860866064.png (165.99 KB, 900x1112, E1vdJJmUUAAg_c8.png)

ugh that's so ugly, why do westoids always take the rare fem-gazey characters and turn them into disgusting faggots?

No. 1801145

She is Indian in my head

No. 1801147

Uglifying and/or troonifying eye candy for women is truly a crime.

No. 1801168

Dumb from an objective point of view, but I don't care enough to criticize it

No. 1801170

i dont understand the reasoning behind turning him into a jeffrey star tier faggot, like do they get off to it or is it purely to be a contrarian?

No. 1801171

Very smart tbh

No. 1801233

Both I guess, but I believe the majority is to be contrarian especially the ones that are more sexualized, ironically. But there are also girls who fetishize gay moids, it isn't a big deal cause some nerd posting drawings on twitter is not the same as AGPs infiltrating lesbian spaces, but it's sexual fetishism still.

No. 1801245

fetishizing gay moids and daydreaming about being a faghag is beyond sad

No. 1801264

part of it is projection. they want their favorite male characters to be just as feminine as they are, but its also them trying to pretend to be "gay men". they think these are what twinks are like.

dick grayson being a bottom is based, tho.

No. 1801295

Your husbando will suffer from anal prolapse and contract AIDs.

No. 1801317

thats hot.

No. 1801337

File: 1701880697653.jpg (73.69 KB, 670x518, 4d84016b41c901f0bca2c97c768b60…)

He'll probably survive, nonnie

No. 1801341

Top/bottom discourse is faggy and cringe, frotting >>>>>>

No. 1801344

This probably belongs in /fujo/ nona

No. 1801351

idk I have a love/hate relationship with m/m precisely because how gross anal is. and if it's not anal it's troon/cuntboy/omegaverse shit. to be honest I also find the overfocus on penetrative sex in m/f and f/f really annoying and an obvious influence of male gaze mainstream porn. speaking of that, has anyone else noticed how the writing in smutfics is getting more and more pornlike, even the ones by female authors?

No. 1801361

Anon. Its a smutfic. Its supposed to be like that.

No. 1801365

no, I meant like moid coomer shit seeping into so-called "female gaze" works

No. 1801366

Why do retards not understand BL is not the same as irl gay moids, whom are disgusting?

No. 1801371

I know but even with all the works that are so far removed from actual gay moids I still wish there was less focus on penis going into anus/"boypussy"/yaoihole/whatever. Also top/bottom discourse is always retarded and cringe.

No. 1801378

"Reading exactly 0 comics." So they don't even attempt to learn about the character's background or origin and just basterdize them to their liking. I said this in the last thread, but people need to start making OCs it they're not going to attempt to follow at least some of the canon characterization.

No. 1801385

Yeah this really does belong in /fujo/ kek.

No. 1801434

File: 1701885933369.jpg (167.71 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (3).jpg)

I feel like her being a darker shade of purple kind of went with that concept, but it's all up to interpretation. Anyway, I'm not really into MLP, but the Princess Luna doll looked really beautiful IMO.

No. 1801486

>speaking of that, has anyone else noticed how the writing in smutfics is getting more and more pornlike, even the ones by female authors?
Yeah, actually. Artwork drawn by women, too. I always thought that radfems who considered all fictional porn to be as bad as IRL porn were unironic prudes, but I'm starting to get where they're coming from when it comes to modern fanworks and original artwork on social media.

No. 1801492

She looks so pretty

No. 1801494

Anime boys don't poop.

No. 1801529

based nona
also there's not enough grinding, even within m/f
I think I get where your're coming from nona (even if I don't mind anal or piv) the act of penetrative sex is not hot by itslef there needs to be something more to it

No. 1801559

File: 1701892885642.png (309.36 KB, 604x860, GI.png)

I fucking hate genshin skin color discourse and I fucking this graph with every fiber of my being! like yeah there probably is some colorism factor, but I highly doubt that dark-skinned tones were even considered when implementing it. So, I don't get why there's any point in complaining about such a trivial matter. Genshin Impact has countless other issues, yet it's always this one that people choose to focus on!

No. 1801574

If they take such an issue with the lack of diversity in Genshin then they can go play that Dislyte game but none of them ever do. Just like that #BoycottGenshin shit where everyone complained about how racist the game was then went back to playing it 2 days later.

No. 1801579

They can't. They won't get enough likes and retweets to fuel their dopamine addiction if they play dislyte. They need to play Popular Thing™ even if they hate it.

No. 1801614

Why does the west care so much about american politics pushed onto chinese games. Why cant they shut the fuck up and enjoy shit? it's odd that they want everything to be american centric, even in Asian. Almost feels racist in itself.

No. 1801617

These are the same people who worship BG3, but I'm more salty I can't fully customize my character's face and body type. I felt like I had 3 choices in that game.

No. 1801618

Genshin Impact is just shitty to begin with, lmao. Tired of all this gachaslop garbage

No. 1801619

Agree. They are acting like this isn't just a shitty gatcha/waifu game with massive same face characters.

No. 1801632

Yaoi anal is hot because it’s basically the ultimate way of one guy to show another guy that he is his property.

No. 1801658

Tbf people with different skin colors exist everywhere and it's not like only americans like having characters they can relate to in that way. Genshin has awful designs one way or the other, but I feel like making every single character that pale is not helping. Like, the designs are already boring but they are limiting themselves further by sticking only to certain colorschemes.

Dislyte isn't comparable to genshin in terms of gameplay or writing, I can see why no one sticks to it. It is stupid how they keep complaining only to continue playing though. I get being critical of your interests, but they oftentimes talk like they outright hate the game but are forced to continue.

No. 1801668

The discourse is only coming back around because Genshin has a region that's based around Africa. I genuinely feel like the developers don't know what they're doing though because they've decided to combine the entirety of a continent, but then also claim it's based on Spain and Native America as well. This is like 60 different cultures all combined into a single nation. They should've just never claimed to be inspired by real-life nations and just loosely based their designs on it instead.

No. 1801670

I know this isn't the popular opinion here, but I don't see the issue in diversifying your characters. Diversity for the sake of it is cringe and just leads to one dimensional, walking talk pieces, yet taking the time to develop each character, their motivations, etc. is always something I believe worth attempting in your fictional universe.

No. 1801675

I agree. But it's tough to say that on an imageboard kek. They denote anything that isn't skinny pale-skinned anime-looking characters as woke. I prefer designs that correlate with personality and their background. Whether characters are "ugly" or "attractive" doesn't matter to me so long as it makes sense.

No. 1801682

This is why I really wish we could have more series set in Fantasy Mediterranean settings, that way you could have any race without it being technically inaccurate.

No. 1801700

>I get being critical of your interests, but they oftentimes talk like they outright hate the game but are forced to continue.
This is something I noticed in a lot of my fandoms that have issues with things like racism/colorism/sexism/etc. I'm personally critical of those things too, but I still stick with the series because I think they have good aspects too. But so many "fans" hate the source material but refuse to play something more "progressive" in their view. Why can't they just buy some "queer BIPOC" RPG on Itchio or make a DND game loosely based off the setting with their mutuals instead of playing a gacha that's only there to pander to coomers and make money?

I agree with you, but the issues is a lot of modern media thinks one dimension soapbox characters is actual diversity instead of having characters from different cultures be just as cool and interesting as the "default" white characters too. SJWs accidentally end up being just as racist as conservatives sometimes, because they don't see non-white people as people. They're just argument points or a checklist of traits.

No. 1801713

>Why can't they just buy some "queer BIPOC" RPG on Itchio or make a DND game
It has to be the fandom aspect or the constant drip of content that gacha provides that keeps them playing. Plus gacha is free and most of these kids don't want to or don't have the money to spend on games

No. 1801716

I'd get that, but a lot of these same people whale on gacha and buy AAA games that are $60+ on release. Meanwhile woke indie games cost less that much and often go on sale, and making a rulebook and Discord server for your friends is free.

No. 1801744

I honestly doubt there's a big overlap between whales and chronic complainers.

No. 1801754

File: 1701903530452.jpeg (173.82 KB, 1920x1080, 1659509251008.jpeg)

Anybody here who grew up on the internet, in fandoms since they could access a computer, chronically online for the majority of their life who one day just quit it all? How did your life look like afterwards? How does it look like now?

Anonymous imageboards are obviously a separate thing, as you cannot cultivate any kind of online "identity" and participate truly in a community, but I'm curious to hear of nonas for whom the endless, spiraling discourse and drama pit of twitter/tumblr was too much and who have effectively become "normies". Though I guess they wouldn't be in this thread.

I know oldfags are all starting to look back at early 2010s-era tumblr culture fondly, especially in light of the current state of fandom discourse over 10 years late (abysmal), but whoever remembers Chihiro gender discourse knows it wasn't all sunshine and roses back then either. In a way fandom dynamics are always the same, only the outside cover changes.

Fandom culture in itself promotes some kind of arrested development in my opinion, yet one can't deny how much fun it is. It begs the question then if quitting is worth it, or will millennials and zoomers spend the rest of their days on earth participating in a fandom?

No. 1801864

I enjoy some rare m/m ships with minimum fanfictions online that are mostly cute stuff and no sex. But when I try to imagine them fucking I just resort to handjobs and oral sex. That way I won't be disgusted by anal and it still counts as sex.

No. 1801869

Same. I like frotting best tbh

No. 1801876

Honestly, I stopped engaging in fandom. I lurk from time to time, but I will never actively participate in a fandom space again. I used to be a fairly popular headcanon/short fic writer in my fandom, yet it felt like people didn't care about the effort or research I put into it, just that I kept spitting out entertainment. Eventually I got tired of it and moved all my stuff to A03 where I don't have to interact with anyone and just write for myself. It's been much more peaceful and I feel a lot better with myself sense then.

Also, your post reminds me of the video Kurzgesagt did regarding social media and brought up a good point about the Internet pre social media. Back then, the only way you'd come across a certain topic or interest is if you actively searched for it, otherwise there was no one website where anything and everything could be viewed or shared. Everyone had their own, seperate communities and those communities had rules. If someone wanted to integrate and be accepted, they either had to follow the established guidelines or be banned. Yet the good thing is, everyone had their own little niche spaces and rarely did anyone interfere with each other unless they were trolls purposely trying to stir things up. Now everyone and anything is kind of mingled together and while that can have its upsides, the downside is that you're being confronted with too many things at once without input or control, something our "stupid brains," as the video states, can't handle. I think this video sums up some of the issues we see in fandom spaces, being that people keep trying to force themselves into certain communities that don't suit them. Instead of creating a space for themselves and others like them, they'd rather change it to fit their views and if they can't, ruin it for everyone else by derailing, trolling, misuing tags etc. I think most anons wouldn't give a shit about yuri, yaoi, het, race bending, etc. if we all weren't forced to see or be a part of it or made to feel like shit for not supporting it.

No. 1801881

I've been on the internet since 2001-ish and I'll tell you fandoms were different. There was much more gatekeeping, and you could really only get into certain communities if you got approved/knew wtf you were talking about. You couldnt just read a wiki and join a fandom. Now a days everyone is so accepting and the internet is super mainstream. There's always been retards online, but I think for the most part, actual people who enjoyed fandom were online a lot and found others like them.
The internet started to get worse around 2012/2013 when the next gen got online and now suddenly everyone is political, about diversity no matter where you go. I basically learned a new language to get away from western politics. I seriously miss when fandoms were actual fandoms and not whatever twt/tik tok has turned so many into.

No. 1801882

It is racist imo. It's some superiority and savior complex to me, where they're like "oh you poor non-Americans, you're not as progressive as us, let us show you our ways so you can be woke/progressive and moral like us!!" They assume other people never thought of or discussed any issue ever to reach any solution or spread awareness, and only Americans are capable of doing such things so they have a duty to teach the world.

No. 1801888

Ntas but as a brown woman, I don't care about relating to characters on a screen based on skin color. Never did that as a kid, and I related to characters with similar situations, personalities, interests, hopes and dreams etc. regardless of how they look. I think it somehow ties to empathy, and wanting to see a character that looks the same way as oneself seems narcissistic to me.

No. 1801895

Sorry for being retarded but what's frotting?

No. 1801901

when the dicks touch

No. 1801903

Yeah googled it and saw a troon meme about it. Day ruined. But thanks for explaining.

No. 1801912

Arguments like this never make much sense to me. Asians do not all look the same. The skin color argument still applies to China/Asia regardless of US input. There are different ethnic groups which live in China and have on average darker skin and do not look like the majority Han population—and even among the Han, there are people with all sorts of skin tones, especially in the south of China where there are a lot of darker people.
Yeah I felt that way (or didn't I guess) toward Barbie dolls. Like kid me never thought that I wanted to look like Barbie; I only thought of her as a toy—but maybe that was the autist in me and most little girls actually do want to look like their dolls kek

No. 1801964

But the people we see complaining about this kind of thing in the english-speaking side of the internet are westerners and/or people who might not be from the USA but are still extremelly americanized. Speaking in general cause I don't play genshin and don't keep up with its fandom, these discussions go in a very USA centric way, they expect diversity to fit their local idea of diversity. I doubt they would be satisfied with a chinese work that represents all the different kinds of chinese people, they are more the kind to do something silly like presuming a dark skinned anime character is meant to be black (or coded) even if they are just a tanned japanese or something.

No. 1801968

It's idpol poisoning everything. My friends and family (non-white) who aren't super online or obsessed with politics never gave a shit about representation. We just laugh and poke fun when we see an inaccurate depiction of something in media and move on with our day. Most poc fall into this camp, it's only the idpol crowd who cares, but they are the loudest

No. 1801974

I get that, but Genshin is (presumably, I don't play it either) a game translated to English and evidently distributed to an international audience. The company behind it knows that—how could they not?—and that their market is international. I don't see it as an unreasonable demand to request that they tailor certain elements of the game to Western audiences, just like how Disney and other companies that have expanded internationally tailor their media to Chinese audiences—and like I said, there are dark-skinned people in China and throughout Asia, so it wouldn't be a solely US/Western decision.
>I doubt they would be satisfied with a chinese work that represents all the different kinds of chinese people
You're making up people to be offended by. Sure, maybe a few ignorant Westerners would complain, but most lefties wouldn't get upset if a Chinese game decides to throw in a few Tibetan or Uyghur characters, if their ethnicity is explicitly mentioned at all.
It's not that "POC" are not offended by it or whatever, but in many collectivist cultures it's considered rude to stir the pot by calling attention to negative parts of society. There are people in China who are aware of issues with colorism and body shaming, but it's generally seen as a better thing to not make much noise.

No. 1801987

It depends imo. Also some of the most beautiful and close to the show SP fanart I've ever seen has always come out of nips or Russians. Which is so wild to me because I don't know how well the references and jokes register with foreign audiences.

No. 1802054

File: 1701916957378.png (497.6 KB, 812x860, n.PNG)

There's a JJK Nanami/Gojo (@nanagoisms) zine and the mods blacklisted a bunch of tropes/characteristics they didn't like. The list ranges from problematic content like underage sex to the most inane shit like Greek mythology AUs and drawing Sukuna with abs (which he canonically has). They can do whatever they want though I highly doubt any good artists or writers are going to join it

No. 1802058

Zines are usually scams for the most part. At least from my experience. Any artist or writer who's worth their shit should probably stay far away from them.

No. 1802061

Boringest milk ever. I think we need to branch out to tiktok to see the real fandom crazies

No. 1802064

She is right on many of these though

No. 1802083

>Brazilian mythology AU
Please, someone do this, it'll be so awful, I want animu characters as curupira.

No. 1802093

File: 1701918708871.png (1.37 MB, 1600x900, ugly design.png)

i had to google this, what are these dogshit designs. No wonder they dont move to that game considering the main attraction of genshin is waifu/husbando bait

No. 1802095

modern fandom's so boring goddamn. we were writing about anything and everything during shipping cups kek

No. 1802103

File: 1701919342574.png (999.57 KB, 903x1080, ugly podcaster guy.png)

i dont understand why diversity just means different skin color. The game thats being praised as the martyr of diversity looks like the most generic artstation shit i have ever seen. I have seen every single of these characters a million times already on artstation portfolios. This isnt diversity, it's just pandering.

No. 1802113

kek, the fandom that anime with ugly old men deserves

No. 1802128

Tbf the argument is just that Dislyte is also chinese and has different skintones in general, while hoyoverse has literally no variety. The tweet is just saying that being a chinese studio doesn't excuse it (which people do tend to bring up often) and that they are doing it on purpose considering other studios manage to get beyond pale beige

It also has awfully boring gameplay and an uninteresting story that doesn't expand much on the characters and that's why no one plays it. I tried it on release and I really can't remember any of it. The main draw in genshin are waifus and husbandos, but the open world and fact that you can use the characters in it also help imo. Dislyte is just a very generic gacha

No. 1802132

isnt genshit story/character based in asian culture? its amazing they have the variety they have already. Also, why do these people always ask for variety in skintones, never in cultures or personality.

No. 1802137

Each region is inspired by different cultures so not all of them, only Liyue (China) and Inazuma (Japan) are East Asian based. A lot of the skin color discourse got revived because of the Sumeru region which is some mix of "stereotypical" South Asian/Middle Eastern cultures. People expected more dark-skinned characters from Sumeru because of that which I think is fair, only two of them (Dehya and Cyno) were tan at best.

No. 1802138

No, there are countries in the game based off of countries in the real world. There is a Chinese county though, as well as a Japanese country. The current and future countries released aren't and won't be asian inspired

No. 1802154

I don't think wanting to see characters of different races (or even just with different skin tones) qualifies as being political. Like yes, it's retarded to seethe over gachashit not being ""diverse"" in order to virtue signal on Twitter, but for me and lots of normal people it has nothing to do with politics at all. It's just more pleasing to look at when all of your characters have different physical attributes instead of being identical pale waifublobs. I don't think having a majority or exclusively lily white cast of characters is necessarily racist or colorist or whatever, it's just boring as fuck. Especially in a fantasy setting like Genshin.

No. 1802182

I don't believe my post stated that diversity was specifically about skin color.

No. 1802205

the original post about diversity that started the whole debate was about skin color

No. 1802277

I always love when fictional Americans in anime.

No. 1802290

At that point then just don't consoom media that doesn't interest you visually. For example I hate ugly overdesigned samefaced anime art, so I don't play genshin. Simple. This game was made for a different audience and seeing how I'm not a part of that audience, why would I forcefully butt myself in?

No. 1802313


No. 1802397

>Consistently light skinned skintones (low variety in tones)
Are most characters in JJK not light skinned? Are you supposed to racebend them all slightly instead of colorpicking them?

No. 1802545

I hope this stuff comes from minors but after seeing all of these things i understand why my friend was so worried about the launch of global enstars now, there is no hope

No. 1802579

The fandom was fucked before we even got the global version tbh

No. 1802584

i have seen them get angry at cards for ''sexualizing'' minors. Cant wait until i get good enough to lewd my favourite enstars boys

No. 1802626

This is the only sane response. I never understood the whole "it has to cater to me!" mentally so many western people have. I dont like games like COD or Gears of War, so i don't play them. There is so much stuff out there. I'm tan irl and I am not gonna stop playing a game just because the mc has a lighter skin tone

No. 1802627

I'm a retard. is enstar a type of gatcha game as well?

No. 1802634

What i hate about this whole concept of "sexualizing minors" in things like this is that it's like they think the audience is 40+ year old creeps that fetishizes the fact that they are school boys or something.
We can have our fictional crushes and a bit of fanservice doesn't kill anyone and i don't know how to explain it but fanservice aimed at female audience is always less creepy than one aimed at old men anyway, and most of the characters look ambiguous enough that you can see them as young adults and not literal children.
In the end it's a mobile game so of course they want to make sure they show characters in ways the players will get attached to them.

No. 1802650

File: 1701972348465.png (789.6 KB, 1000x462, roru.png)

What makes it funny is that the artist of the game is definetly shota inclined and into feet. There are several cards that have a concerning focus on feet, and normally its the cuter ''shota'' characters, kek. It's retarded to complain about pic rel being too lewd when you are playing a gacha shit made in Japan. If you are too weak for otaku culture then you shouldnt play games made for that target audience. Even female otakus in Japan dont want to meme themselves into lusting after 30yo+ balding moid hags like westoids, and end up normally husbandoing ''teen'' characters. I hope they make more lewd cards just to filter these retards.

No. 1802660

This kind of stuff has been going on looong before the global release. Lots of retired players who played since the original app released in 2015 like myself stopped playing because of all the crazy fandom drama and issues with "problematic" content. It was seriously crazy, the amount of minors who'd go on tirades and gather a mob to chase people off the site, suicide bait, etc. was crazy. Eventually most of us just realized it wasn't worth it kek

No. 1802666

Its impossible for enstars to have a normal fanbase whether it got an English release or not because it's the content of the game itself that attracts crazies. It's literally Edgy: The Game (Idol Edition)

No. 1802667

sadly, we are cursed with anything with a female audience in mind being poisoned

No. 1802673

File: 1701973102674.jpg (101.75 KB, 739x578, 1508112319722.jpg)

pic related kek

No. 1802680

Yeah i know about those cards but still it doesn't feel like it's gross like that time i decided to go on 4chan and check some cute anime boy thread because i thought that place was infested with men and it had figures of undressed shotas with milk bottles jesus
maybe getting traumatized by moids fetishes is a key part in surviving retarded fanservice

No. 1802685

File: 1701973425923.png (1.82 MB, 1435x839, hajime.png)

Always made me laugh when cards with obvious sexual undertones would be released because the moral brigade would throw a tantrum over it and claim that anyone who points out that the characters are being lewded are pedos for seeing underage characters that way kek. Unfortunately it seems like those types are still around so I don't think they're going anywhere. Picrel really did a number on them when it came out

True, another reason why I dropped the game was that Akira (one of the lead writers) stories were just getting so farfetched and ott I couldn't take it anymore, shit was ridiculous

No. 1802689

Always made me laugh how they think moral crusades against random people on SNS accomplishes anything while they're simultaneously forking over money to the people who make the very "problematic content" they hate

No. 1802690

The fandom was always garbage. It got exponentially worse after global release and the Arashi gender discourse. There's no fans worth interacting with unless they're 30+ year olds who aren't brainrotted by drama

No. 1802693

File: 1701973898523.png (622.14 KB, 1000x563, feet.png)

ensemble stars is super fucking lewd for idol gachashit standars. I used to play deresute and sif and none of the cards in those games would get this obviously fetishy. It's honestly quite refreshing to witness as both a yumejo tired of stale boring shit and a straight footfag my favourite thing about enstars, and the reason i started playing, it because it reminds me of male gacha shit.

No. 1802698

i just wish the boys asses weren't so flat kek. i guess japanese women don't care about cake

No. 1802714

I wish I had gotten into enstars proper before I got burnt out by gacha games because now I feel like I've missed the boat. Oh well.

No. 1802781

do it, i was tired of gachas too but i became addicted to it. It's also very low maintenace since it has an ''auto'' mode to clear lives.

No. 1802894

The game isn't too hard to play and clear like >>1802781 said. Just avoid the Western fanbase because they'll go apeshit if you don't call a clearly gay man "she/her" among other things. It also annoys me how all the translations and story transcripts get taken down online

No. 1802899

Is it wrong I find it refreshing to see something with exclusively male characters subjected to this type of objectification? I swear there’s even BDSMy cards. This made me laugh from the absurdity but I’ve seen so much female feet art that those don’t phase me. I’m
glad feetfags have some cute anime boys and I kinda hope that if moids see this art and get mad at it, that they realize the hypocrisy and double standards.

No. 1802905

File: 1701981755134.jpg (10.92 KB, 534x29, AWIAA8z.jpg)

picrel is the only reference I have with regards to my knowledge on Dick Grayson,

No. 1802918

yeah, the fanservice is insane for an idol game. Idolgames normally arent too lewd because idols are supposed to be ''pure'' so seeing BDSM inspired cards in idolshit for women is amazing. I hope enstars inspires more gacha shit for women. I know there is nu carnival but that game is fucking repulsive looking and all the moids look like disease ridden fags, i prefeer the more subtle lewdness of enstars.

No. 1802931

Great, now I'm seriously considering playing again. Enstars truly has the best art style and husbandos, Idolish7 and Nu Carnival look like shit

No. 1802932

> Enstars truly has the best art style
i am glad i am not the only one who thinks this, i hate the visual kei yaoi seme artstyle so much

No. 1802941

>nu carnival
Thank you! Not a single one of those fags is appealing. Women really do need better husbando stuff.

No. 1802942

>straight footfag
can i ask…why?

No. 1802953

File: 1701983698855.jpg (209.71 KB, 640x800, torifeet.jpg)

It hurts because there's no good alternative. Also because I need to read every single one of my husbando's stories like a completionist. I hate gatcha why

No. 1802977

nta but i support straight footfags nonas like me, finding anything decent is such a pain but i don't like it when the characters look innocent or weak and my other option is gross smelly gay moid art

No. 1802989

>I kinda hope that if moids see this art and get mad at it, that they realize the hypocrisy and double standards.
sadly the only people getting assmad about this are self hating pickme women as usual. moids are probably just getting their dicks hard bcs muh femboys.

No. 1802992

they do lol. i've seen lots of moids post shota characters like tori, hajime, etc. and the older/manlier boys who get lewded just don't register for them. women also don't police these moids, they only police other women. female socialization is a scourge

No. 1803051

honestly, i can't find anything appealing about these character designs. they're so basic and forgettable, and their personalities are even worse- beyond the lewdness, what do you see in them??

No. 1803053

I just downloaded Enstars and it's a lot of fun so far. I really love rhythm games, so I'm having a blast. Plus, the idols are really cute.

No. 1803115

The lewdness is non-existent imo, makes it even more ridiculous that anyone complains about it.

No. 1803534

I like the art and the personalities. I dont like over designed crap like genshin/idolish/utapri, so i like ES simple moe designs, they are very cute.
They are definetly ''lewd''. Outside of the excesive focus on feet the artist also likes drawing exposed midrifs, i think it's more noticiable if you have played female idol games before.

No. 1803548

oh and i also hate super buff/manly characters, so it's nice they are overall cuter.

No. 1803604

File: 1702019582357.png (414.79 KB, 746x878, 1689970492702971.png)

when did things become so extreme? i remember in the 00s/early 10s people were able to distinguish obvious loli shit from some generic anime character who's 16 but has abs and is 6ft tall

No. 1803645

agreed, gijinkas used to be fun until they got too discourse flavored

No. 1803663

weebs go on screaming, doxxing and harassing black women and only black women for cosplaying. Nerds are racist who can't look in the mirror

No. 1803668

I miss when you could make fun of people in fandom for being coomers and cringy. Can't even do it on lolcow anymore without someone screaming at you for being "sensitive", even though they took it as a personal attack

No. 1803672

Glad I've never played this game

they shouldn't bother. Chinese don't care for anything African and Americans just want to stand on a soapbox

No. 1803673

what are you talking about, we have entire threads to make fun of coomers. Or are you one of those who thinks fujos are coomers?

No. 1803677

I didn't care too much as a kid but I did as a teenager. I became aware of racial stereotyping and seeing my group with bad stereotypes and being judged for that really sucked. As an adult, I think everyone should just make their own things and never interact with other people's things. Simple

No. 1803691

>I don't think wanting to see characters of different races (or even just with different skin tones) qualifies as being political.

The chuds and wokes both see skin color/race as political, which inspires these nonsensical arguments online. I see it as a form of horseshoe theory acting up, with the sane middle having skin color/race as irrelevant. Not non-existent, but irrelevant and not political. It's more of a preference to want a diversity of silhouette and shape language


I like your attitude, we need more of this

No. 1803693

I love the bravado and style of americanism

No. 1803695

Gen Z grew up with the internet and grew up getting groomed to varying degrees and thus feel disgust at any age gap, because it reminds them of their experience

No. 1803710

File: 1702026933978.png (109.07 KB, 670x1067, omocat.PNG)

A dev is talking about bad experiences while working on omori and I find it fascinating how strangers will repeat back any info they've learned about it, like here with the long work times this guy wanted to do. Something similar happened with kauchamas callout when everyone started talking like they were there personally just because they read the victims doc. Just taking the first viewpoint they see as fact and then arguing like it matters to them at all or like they actually have a connection to it because they enjoy one parties content. There's no separation between private and public life anywhere anymore

No. 1803730

>tranny flag
sorry but i dont trust troons crying about abuse

No. 1803741

File: 1702029310513.png (484.2 KB, 664x1139, o.PNG)

Kek this guy is basically saying he overworked himself without anyone asking him to and when he burnt out no one cared, they treated him badly because he wasn't being productive in the last months anymore. Like, that sucks but this is standard at any creative job. Or job in general for that matter. Also sounds like his anti-social behaviour lead to no one in the team liking him enough to care or later vouch for him

No. 1803742

File: 1702029501675.png (114.6 KB, 663x922, kbizgbkj.PNG)

Sorry the entire situation is so stupid

No. 1803745

so is it a ftm or mtf

No. 1803749

I meant across the entire board, not talking about the fujocoomer cringe thread. Also I did not mention fujos at all lol

No. 1803751

people make fun of coomers all the time here, genuinely have no idea what you are talking about

No. 1803752

If you criticize anything bad on here, someone will say you're policing women. That happened last thread, and it's not even a board specific thing. I meant on all social media.

No. 1803753

are you the british sperg who got angry at anime boys in military uniforms?

No. 1803754

Kek no, but I'm sorry that nonna got under your skin I guess

No. 1803757

then i have no idea what you are getting angry at if you totally arent here

No. 1803759

I'm not angry, I was making an observation. And I never said I didn't remember that happening. Don't know what you're getting out of this though

No. 1803762

you are trying to claim something is true when it's not, which is weird.

No. 1803763

then stop browsing here and go back to your hugbox on tumblr and twitter lol

No. 1803766

Proving my point kek
It's happened in the last thread, happens in the Twitter thread, even sometimes in the unpopular opinions and dumbest shit thread. People get too defensive on here, it's crazy

No. 1803768

last thread we boolied those women into abuse fiction books what are you even talking about kek

No. 1803770

Same conversation was being had in the Twitter thread where they were on the opposite side. Maybe you just need to look at other threads. Same thing was happening on actual Twitter too, which is what I'm talking about lol

No. 1803771

yeah anon this site isnt a hivemind, people are allowed different opinions

No. 1803774

Never said they couldn't retard(retarded infighting)

No. 1803778

then what are you even complaining about(infighting)

No. 1803786

we literally have whole threads dedicated to hating on fujos, we have the kinkshaming thread, etc. so not only are you wrong about the board culture but you're also going in threads specifically dedicated to discussion/banter where you'll inevitably see at least some nuanced opinions that you might disagree with (unpopular opinions thread, fandom discourse thread, dumbass shit thread, as you mentioned). and instead of just sticking to the threads actually intended for complaining about fujos and coomers etc you come into threads like this instead to bitch and demand people stop having opinions you can't handle? you are too sensitive and you do belong on tiktok/tumblr/twitter, not lc. stop sperging when others are just pointing out the obvious.

No. 1803791

there has been an influx of newfag anons making fanfiction about the site and board culture, like that anon that said everyone in lc was too masuline and a cat killer.

No. 1803874

I never stayed mutuals with a lot of people despite being chronically online so I gave up on my twitter account in 2020 a few weeks before the pandemic when I moved to another country and remade it from scratch only to follow a few artists I like in late 2020 because I was really bored at the shitty job I managed to get. I should have done that earlier instead of trying to befriend people who seemed fun at first and who turned into annoying SJWs once I befriended them. I like being anonymous a lot more, and looking back, the reason why I was so online all the time really was because of poverty preventing me from having hobbies that weren't weeb stuff and my parents were crazy and religious and prevented me from being a normal teenager girls with a normal social life so all I could do until university was go to school, go back home asap and keep myself busy at home. I don't feel like arguing over fictional bs and I never did, but now I have even less patience and free time for that. During summer break back then I would stay home and scroll down on tumblr, or my parents would drag all of us in their shithole home country in the middle of ramadan so my sisters and I had nothing to do but spend the whole month at a cybercafe to kill time, now I have enough money to travel and do whatever I want.

No. 1803913

Lesson of the day: never hire troons.

No. 1803921

The username is animegirlcrimes, I think you can guess

No. 1803947

File: 1702045861359.png (1.24 MB, 1274x720, 8YAu9Kt.png)

Speaking of troons ruining stuff, Magdalene Visaggio(the troon pitched the idea of turning superboy into a trans-girl). is starting beef with established comic writer Mark Miller, claiming that one of Miller's series ripped off the Visaggio's comic, Kim and Kim, which is about two punk rock space bounty hunters one of whom is trans. Despite how bullshit the claim might be, most of fandom twitter is on the side of Visaggio, because SHE's a poor marginalized autistic transwoman

No. 1803972

I grew up on the internet but I never spent any real time interacting in fandom spaces, it just wasn't something I did. I always sat on the sidelines enjoying things by myself and avoiding the western fandom for the most part because I thought it was full of shit most of the time (and that when I did like members of a fandom, it tended to be on imageboards, lol), so other than noticing things becoming even more shit it hasn't really affected me, looking back I do wish I could've participated and made friends, but oh well.

No. 1803998

When you start beef on Twitter for clout because you know suing for plagiarism will lead nowhere

No. 1804000

it's an ftm. she's posted fujo stuff before and prefers "he" pronouns (the other omori staff referred to her as "he/him" when not "they/them" and she was fine with it).

No. 1804003

Pretty much. I would just ignore them too. twt is filled with retards who follow all sorts of misinformation. I'm surprised twitter is still around with Elon taking over.

No. 1804004

What claims is he trying push as to be plagiarized?

No. 1804011

File: 1702050083471.png (240.24 KB, 1440x1080, GA1dkgXb0AA_8hy.png)

I can see Omocat being equally in the wrong, going by picrel and what people in the thread we have about her have said

No. 1804014

File: 1702050166295.png (58.65 KB, 745x545, sfz.png)

No. 1804018

Wasn't space bandits published nearly four years ago? why tf is he starting shit over it now lol, did all his special attention he got from DC censoring and oppressing him for not letting him ruin superboy wear off?

No. 1804021

File: 1702050498630.png (41.63 KB, 610x276, vsh3fa.png)

nta but he's claiming he came up with the concept of two female space bounty hunters first and so Mark Millar ripped him off.
Kim and Kim came out in 2017 and Millar's comic in 2019.

No. 1804024

so whys he dragging it up now? is he really that narcissistic he thinks he created a whole new genre, or that he creates "spicy rather than bland" when all of kim and kim is the most forgettable shit i've ever read? i mean, at least i remember a little bit of what happened in space bandits, lol.

i hope he just gets ignored.

No. 1804040

File: 1702051895294.jpg (138.42 KB, 709x1000, d-pair-space.jpg)

Didn't Dirty Pair do it first in 1980s Japan?

No. 1804074

Don't forget, half the time "this character is a minor!" comes from a website listing bullshit ages pulled out of their ass created by chatgpt (looking at you, all those so called official genshin ages lists)

No. 1804140

File: 1702057042622.png (1.89 MB, 601x4486, disgusting.png)

I was really hoping that the majority of the responses would have been critical of this, but no, most of them were just talking about how hot the old man was and how they would do the same thing. I can't stand it here! and I despise this old man agenda in media so fucking much.

No. 1804143

I have given up on other women's shit taste. I will just make my content focused on beautiful men and try my best

No. 1804148

Why is it so damn difficult to have media that portrays hot young men with age appropriate female partners, without any disgusting kink, queer shit, fujoism and ddlg fetish crap?!

No. 1804150

No, legit. Women now a days have the actual worst taste. I remember when pretty boys, swimmers, etc were the norm. Now they want to fuck guys who look like Astarion. They do this shit to themselves. We need a pretty men only club that can't be invaded by these santa claus fuckers.

No. 1804154

>i want him in ways that are concerning to feminism
I hate when zoomers say this shit. They aren't feminists and never will be.

No. 1804156

Even the best looking old man smells like an old man. I can’t imagine dealing with that shit before you’re at least partially noseblind to it based on your own old lady smell.

No. 1804162

File: 1702058427456.png (802.31 KB, 974x525, sameasiteverwas.png)

It's infuriating how everyone seems to believe that old obese steroid freaks are the ultimate symbol of attractiveness and masculinity. Even the sexist men from the past understood what a healthy male physique looked like, and women always knew what a genuinely attractive man looked like. But for a century now, the degens who run the media have been relentlessly pushing this agenda, and unfortunately, it seems to have worked with in a section of the population.

No. 1804170

Honestly both of them being old wasn't a bad idea, I'd read a sol of an actually physically old couple trying to survive together in another world.

No. 1804178

> I need him in ways that is concerning to feminism

chicks like this should fuck off to Afghanistan. No feminism and old nasty men galore

No. 1804181

please do so, one day we will never see ugly men with enough effort

No. 1804199

men like astarion were always popular. never forget women used to thirst after spock from star trek and literally invented slash to see porn of him.

but imo astarion isn't that bad, tho. its just his smile lines that are a little deep.

No. 1804204

Same nona, it's not my fault if others want to stay behind our evolution, i will never surrender to ugly or old men

No. 1804207

Spock wasn't the norm. Santa claus fuckers have been infesting fandoms more in the last 10 years than we ever had to deal with in the 90s and 2000s. Go fuck your faggy vampire husband somewhere else. Women are groomed into thinking old ass men are lust worthy now.

No. 1804211

In a way, I don't think it's that big of a deal because the grandpa character is so idealized in it's own way, irl moids hardly ever look like that, tho he's not really my type. But the way these girls on twitter act over it does come off as just pickmeism. The comic is super boring by the way, really one note.

No. 1804212

File: 1702061625236.jpg (1.35 MB, 1058x1500, dffed940ee07e24abf6e3255546354…)

i do not want to believe in the existence of women who find old men attractive.
i prefer to think that it's all just something they put up to steal their money before the moids die, , especially ones that talk about it online.

No. 1804229

Eh, in this case I honestly think it's the eyepatch, cigar, and the fact that he's drawn bulky.
Take off the beard, erase the wrinkles, and dye his hair and the comments would probably be the same as long as he kept the eyepatch.

No. 1804240

I believe it because I'm unfortunate enough to be the product of this degeneracy. Some women just have shit taste, such is life. I get old women who find men in their age range attractive but I'm sure you're not talking about that.

No. 1804266

Same. My parents had a 24 year age gap and I suffer the consequences for that, so seeing people lust and squeal over large age gaps makes me sick

No. 1804297

Damn in my case it's not that bad. But I had a pretty rare health issue since birth from my father's side of the family from his defective genes, nothing too dangerous thanks to modern medicine, but I can't understand how women into old farts can even consider having kids with them.

No. 1804301

Yeah but what I find gross about it is that the woman is in the same age range but depicted as young. I really don't think there will be much content with older women until the current weeb generations reach that age themselves. So it makes sense, they are young and have shit taste in moids so that's how they design stories too

No. 1804315

The characters are not real. How does it make you sick lol? It just looks like a shitty manhwa that will be forgotten in a week

No. 1804354

nta but sometimes in fiction there are things you just can't unsee even if you know it's not real and not actually happening.

No. 1804355

i don't think astarion is as old and decrepit as you're making him out to be, honestly i don't see the different between the women who thirsted for thranduil back in the day and the ones who like astarion. relax, if anything, moids get even angrier for women thirsting after the faggy elf over the ugly, hairy fucks in the game.

No. 1804393

Yeah I don't get all the malding around this guy either, he doesn't look old to me, it's just the hyper realistic style of the game that makes him look a bit weird.

No. 1804395

I haven't played the game and don't plan to because of my backlog of games I want to play first but from the screenshots I've seen depending on the lighting and angles he'll look alright or look like a hideous old fart and anything in-between. I think the white hair doesn't help, just like how Dante and Vergil look a lot older than their face models in DMC5 because of their completely white hair.

No. 1804405

>but imo astarion isn't that bad, tho. its just his smile lines that are a little deep.
do you not see that hideous hairstyle? it honestly pisses me off more than his ugly face. i want to buzz it off so bad

No. 1804408

Someone please post that astarion peekaboo pic kek

No. 1804428

The devs let him stay over for free and he’s going on about how they treated him poorly?
Does he have no shame

No. 1804436

This is basically the comic book fandom on tumblr or actually with games as well. It’s just most noticeable with comics and saying they should read at least one comic is apparently toxic gatekeeping

No. 1804593

>i remember in the 00s/early 10s people were able to distinguish obvious loli shit from some generic anime character who's 16 but has abs and is 6ft tall
They would also just age characters up. But apparently that's "pedophilic" even though actual pedos would want to keep them young.

No. 1804595

How do you think these people cope with the fact that every adult was a child once?

No. 1804615

And it doesn't even matter in the end because even if the character is of age and looks of age (1000 year olds with toddler bodies don't count) some people will slap the child-coded sticker on them so you're still a pedophile.

No. 1804617

File: 1702089535665.jpg (142.5 KB, 933x952, 1000029028.jpg)

I used to really enjoy splatoon as a franchise, but the fandom has been absolutely insane over miniscule details. this user is freaking out on an Asian artist because she drew //her friend's OC// incorrectly. The friend never complained btw.

No. 1804639

lol, she tries to call out someone for being racist but uses the same kind of lingo conservative racists used decades ago. SJWs love shooting themselves in the foot.

No. 1804672

I'm calling it right now, In 2-3 years people from the middle-east/north-africa will be white-adjacent and no longer count as POC's to these people.

No. 1804679

late to the party but i was adjacent to some people who would do stuff like this back in the day. one of them had the gall to call me a proshipper because i said we should just block them instead and that i didnt want to be involved in a gc. still insane to me that half the drama is kids saying two boys with a 2-3 year age gap shouldnt date and that it's literal pedophilia or whatever

No. 1804732

File: 1702101675750.png (61.35 KB, 328x328, assstarion.png)

he's super ugly anon, he looks like a tumblr sexy man mixed with the supreme gentleman and santa claus

No. 1804739

Nta's but SERIOUSLY. He's obvious tumblypoo husbandobait. He looks like such a faggot that it genuinely surprises me he has any fans. Like seriously he looks like his wrists would snap if he was gently tossed a foam football and tried to catch it.

No. 1804743

good omens becoming popular in tumblr was a mistake

No. 1804751

Sherlock was the start, but Good Omens cemented ugly old men in fandom circles.

No. 1804757

File: 1702103982484.jpeg (27.02 KB, 640x393, 4C69F267-B36C-4DD0-8384-96F47E…)

i literally fail to see what is so ugly about him, aside from a few bad angles (which happens to any 3D model husbando) like lmfao. a majority of video game males are roided out pigs, i'm going to enjoy the tumblr bait.

No. 1804766

he's old

No. 1804769

I don't think he's really ugly or old looking he just falls into this uncanny valley where he's too realistic looking. Would have looked fine on the ps2.

No. 1804770

I didn't like him until I actually played the game, but would have preferred other, better male romance options if there were any

No. 1804773

Is it me or did the reboot fan the flames of the gendie shit attached to that series? I never read the original but when I saw the fandom for the book on Livejournal and early Tumblr, nearly everyone agreed it was a gay ship but now they're considered "NB not-gay spouses" or whatever despite having male actors.

No. 1804775

He looks like he was specifically designed for doughy, slightly autistic girls who can barely socialize with others to jill off to and indirectly promote the game for free on all social media.

No. 1804784

Ngl I don't either.
I get not finding him attractive but it's not like he's the ugliest dude to have fans, he's not fat and doesn't have bad facial hair. It's not worth all the hullabaloo.

No. 1804791

he literally has nasolabial folds. I dont know how the females look in that game but i doubt they look as old and busted since i havent heard moids cry and seethe about it.

No. 1804792

why would age them up in the first place? 90% of age-ups are done for horny purposes anyway

No. 1804793

The United States government already considers them white for census purposes, kek. It's like that for decades.

No. 1804795

aging characters up is retarded. Its either coomer moids aging the 6yo toddle like anya just to turn her into a generic big titty anime girl or people who age up a 16yo anime boy as if that doesnt make it worse

No. 1804796

File: 1702106594262.jpeg (167.48 KB, 1920x1080, F6DA2354-3322-49F5-B04F-9EFBDF…)

one of the female options, lae'zel, is literally one of the ugliest pieces of shit i've seen in any game, literally makes my boy astarion look like a supermodel.

No. 1804800

the wig

No. 1804801

i know moids, believe me they are into it

No. 1804803

It's already happening, in FF16 there's a whole country of people who are tanned, living in a desert close to a beautiful oasis with palmtrees, the buildings and decorations makes the cities you can visit look like Morocco or what I remember from my last visit and the clothes of the characters there look vaguely Middle Eastern or South Indian and yet. A lot of people and especially game journalists were complaining that the game has only white people, that the game and the devs are racist, that the characters aren't dark skinned enough to be black so they're automatically white with a tan, and game journalists were obviously using this as a pretext to shit on yet another JRPG. I've seen Americans online saying that North Africans are either Arabs (not wrong if we're talking about the dominant culture I guess but otherwise no we're not), white invaders who chased out the original population or white people mixed with the original black population (many of us look mixed I guess?). Don't get me started on Ancient Egypt. I'm going to assume that they think all former colonies were like the American continent where plenty of genocides happened a few century ago and the populations got more or less replaced because that's what they're familiar with but that's not the case everywhere.

No. 1804805

normally I'd be into facial diversity but this just looks weird why does she have a button nose like that? It looks stupid. Whoville-ass looking binch.

No. 1804816

File: 1702108014834.jpg (82.34 KB, 999x562, Screenshot 2023-12-08 234800.j…)

What do you guys think of Shadowheart?

No. 1804826

for all of the astarion sperging earlier in this thread it's not that difficult for me to comprehend others finding him attractive because he looks like a decent-looking 30 year old white guy but i don't genuinely don't understand how anyone finds this thing attractive

No. 1804829

pc master race for modding every fucker in my party

No. 1804831

>it's not that difficult for me to comprehend others finding him attractive because he looks like a decent-looking 30 year old white guy
he looks super busted anon if he was created 20 years were dante/leon/link were considered the supreme husbandos and not in the post-good omens era he wouldnt be popular.

No. 1804834

I'm genuinely wondering what her character is like tbh.

No. 1804836

He wouldn't have looked the same either if that were the case because of the limitations of the previous consoles. Maybe they would have made him look less old and realistic. Who knows.

No. 1804855

nta but as someone who really enjoyed the original book, I cannot stand the show or the revival it caused for the fandom. I was never into Good Omens in a fandom-y way tbh, but it was popular enough on tumblr that I'd just come across its fans every now and then and it was mostly just cosy slash shipping, from the look of it (plus because there wasn't an actor to go off of, the characters were depicted more appealingly on average, if still a bit frumpy if it suited their character more). Now every time I chance across it it's weird gendie shit and drawn fugly as hell.

Seems to be the way of any older fandom that gets a rush of new blood at the moment. Doesn't help that people don't stay put in fandoms for very long now compared to how it was like just 5 years ago, so people migrate from fandom to fandom, dragging shit from their prior headcanon/fanon cultures and the most enduring fandom behaviours with them.

No. 1804877

it has nothing to do with hardware limitations, the standars have fallen for moids both irl and 3DPD

No. 1804890

He's from a Western game, he would have looked fugly no matter the time period.

No. 1804891

File: 1702115888925.png (218.95 KB, 406x483, Fenris_close.PNG.png)

He's like Fenris mixed with Lestat. Pure elf husbandofaggotry crack. Sorry if the genetically engineered in a lab husbando psyop had its intented effects on its intended audience. It's a flu and native americans situation here.

No. 1804912

every day i thank god i am repulsed by 3DPD even in videogames

No. 1804950

His head looks too small for his body.

No. 1804952

Can't believe I missed the Astarion slander, fuck

No. 1804961

It’s never too late to slander Asstarion ♥

No. 1805017

Damn. Fenris's face hasn't aged well

No. 1805076

I didn’t like her at first but I ended up romancing her because her little jokes or teasing moments were cute and she grew on me over time.

No. 1805077

She’s not a bad character really. She starts off as being really rude to the player and kind of gung-ho, but loosens up over time as you progress through her story. It’s a shame she and all the people of her race are so ugly. There was a githyanki doctor in the game I thought could be hot if she didn’t look like she was from whoville like another nonna mentioned. Idk why they couldn’t just have more normal faces.

No. 1805181

I still like Fenris so much more. I had to fight for his affection in game and was it worth it? Probably not, but still better than that Astarion faggot.

No. 1805184

She's still the best girl. I dgaf what anyone thinks. I romanced her and it was awesome. I like that she isnt a 'traditional' beauty. It's just part of how her race looks. She is sweet and I like her dominating personality.

No. 1805224

nah, astarion would have been popular even back in the day. i already said it before, but women love him in a similar vein to how they loved thranduil in my opinion, who was a huge hit amongst women in the early 2000s.

No. 1805258

File: 1702144544819.jpg (785.47 KB, 3464x2309, Picsart_23-12-09_13-53-20-400.…)

Major oof

No. 1805263

At first I saw more fanarts of him than anything else, so I thought nonnies were being dramatic about how ugly he was, but no, they were right.

No. 1805264

File: 1702144745648.jpg (166 KB, 1280x474, thranduil2.jpg)

Thranduil doesn't look super old at least. I am a LOTR fan and understand why people were attracted to him and Legolas. It does help Lee pace played him at the time of release. He gives off an air of royalty. Astarion is just an old faggot. He screams tumblr generation for me personally.

No. 1805269

Holy shit he's so ugly and old. Now I understand god's strongest yumejo

No. 1805270

How dare you compare Thranduil to Astarion. They are not even the same type of characters.
jfc. Are the straights okay?

No. 1805279

Pls do not roost me anons but she was the first person I romanced bcoz I would tease her a lot. So during our first cut scene she commanded me to get down to eat her out. It was over for me… I was hooked.

Though tbh all the female romances are IMHO very good. Asterion is super possessive of you, which was cringey. But gale was even worse because of you tell him the sex was ok, he'll threatens to kill himself

No. 1805301

>But gale was even worse because of you tell him the sex was ok, he'll threatens to kill himself
No offense to any BG3 fans but it really sounds like this game was written by ex-Tumblr fandom people trying to "fix" what they didn't like about Dragon Age and Mass Effect's romances.

No. 1805338

To make things even more hilarious, Thranduil is at least thousands of years older than Astarion yet looks younger and more refreshed kek. Imagine a 4000+ years old man mogging you

No. 1805342

I swear the men in BG3 were written by enbys who used tumblr back in 2012/2013 and now are gaming devs. It's the worst kind of shit

No. 1805344

Great, sounds like gale is a shit option too. I just started the game. I think I'll just do a chaste war cleric playthrough.

No. 1805348

>Pls do not roost me anons but she was the first person I romanced bcoz I would tease her a lot. So during our first cut scene she commanded me to get down to eat her out. It was over for me… I was hooked.

Same, anon. As I assume you're talking about Lae'zel. I loved her personality, especially during our first time together. She's honestly very sweet and romantic, but will also kill for you. Based girlfriend.

No. 1805350

Only the women are worth romancing imo. The men are all toxic.

No. 1805351

The Mass Effect romances are fun but none of them are really good, honestly. Samantha was probably the best written of them IMO. Tali had the creepiest fans.

No. 1805353

File: 1702146695057.jpg (32.63 KB, 680x506, is that crack you smokin.jpg)

Girl, oof

No. 1805362

That was the conclusion I came to too, though I haven’t romanced Wyll yet (anyone care to give me a summary ?).

No. 1805371

He's boring. The end.

No. 1805373

When my fandoms were full of SJW enbies in the early-mid 2010s, I just wrote it off as it's just a phase and they'll either grow out of it or it'll stay in their Tumblr echochamber. But now they're 25+, migrated off Tumblr, and in the industry now. Bleak.

No. 1805375

There's an evil baddie named Minthra you could romance, but iirc, you would have to do evil things to pursue her or glitch the game.

There's actually discourse on Reddit because gale got shifted on so fast. But his cutscenes would literally be like hey , I want to show you something. Then when you enter the woods, he'll have astral sex with you out of the blue. It was really weird and people would be nice to gale and he would try to romance you. There's actually even an opportunity where gale and asterion will fight for you in a love triangle. And gale also low-key threatens suicide if you chose asterion

I think a lot of people sympathize with Gale because of his back story but he just looks like a gay obi wan kenobi

No. 1805383

Wyll, IMHO, is one of the worst developed characters because they changed his story a lot during the beta. Halsin has a similar problem but if I remember correctly, he wasn't originally romanceable.

There's speculations that Halsin replaced an older female dwarf love interest because her info is in the files. But I'm not sure of it's validity.

No. 1805389

>I think a lot of people sympathize with Gale because of his back story but he just looks like a gay obi wan kenobi
As a SW fan, I am dying laughing. I chose Lae'zel in my story, and did the astaral projection thing. Gale started to get pissed when I was doing shit with Lae'zel and I had no idea why. People kept telling me his game was glitched and he'll hit on you no matter what, or even being nice to him just one time.

I thought you could still romance Halsin. He's at my camp, but is there no option?

No. 1805396

You can only romance halsin after a long questline in act 2. He's the one with the notorious bear sex scene

No. 1805401

yeah he suffers from being in a modern game, lol. no need to post him in bad lighting like that. they look the same age.

i said this earlier and no one got mad, chill. keep crying that astarion is ugly cause he's more popular than your husbando, lol.

No. 1805404

>He's the one with the notorious bear sex scene
I'm sorry, what?!

No. 1805430

>There's speculations that Halsin replaced an older female dwarf love interest because her info is in the files. But I'm not sure of its validity.
Why couldn’t we have had that omg. I fucking hate Halsin because he’s ugly as sin and comes off as a disgusting sex pest.

No. 1805432

This is extremely old news nonna. One of the earliest trailers showed the bear sex clip, you don’t actually see the sex. Just go look it up or try to romance him.

No. 1805477

thats a female

No. 1805521

It's a drawing.

No. 1806090

Has anyone ever been "cancelled" before on SM? If you did, how did you recover from it?

No. 1806830

>yeah he suffers from being in a modern game, lol
nah making him ugly is definetly a choice. No female character in videogame looks as fucking ugly as him, even the female options look miles better. It's just moids and their pickmes being afraid of hot male character in media, as always.

No. 1806870

Just left social media for a few months, but my case was also pretty minor. Looking back I can say that I should've ignored it, but I'm not used to the kind of extreme negative attention I was getting so I freaked out for days and deleted my account a while later because I didn't want to be around so many miserable and genuinely mean people. It was on twitter and it showed me that it's never a fun or safe space for posting because any terminally online freak can stumble over your stuff, misunderstand or twist something and make a mean-spirited qrt pretending to care about whatever issue they made up. Now it's not your post anymore, it's a detached topic of discussion and it only depends on luck wether it'll be seen by 20 or 2000 people and wether those are willing to think with their own brains. I'd rather stick to social medias where I can have some degree of separation from the seething masses kek but I know what to avoid now, so I'm sure I could return some day if I wanted

No. 1806872

i was kinda cancelled in a small fandom, just stop caring about strangers opinions and turn to your friends. share your art and things with them because they actually care about you and will support you. i stayed on a private account and shared things there with those i trust. i would try and resurge later if you really rely on commissions and traffic, and ignore them. people forget shit incredibly fast kek

No. 1806875

>people forget shit incredibly fast
Especially if it's something benign, like you wrote a fanfic for a "problematic" ship. Although even serious shit is forgotten fairly quickly nowadays

No. 1806900

Never have before but teens attempted to cancel one of my friends multiple times. She's still a fairly popular account in that fandom because she doesn't give them a time of her day. The best thing to do is simply ignore those people and/or block them. Cultivating your following is also an important aspect, if you surround yourself with constant virtue-signalling SJWs then you're going to be walking on eggshells for the rest of your life. It's one of the reasons why anime dudebros get away with a lot things their female counterparts don't; it's because their following is primarily made up of apolitical nerds like them so their fanbase obviously won't care about petty woke shit.

No. 1806939

>Cultivating your following
That's right but it sucks when you're into a media that attracts annoying people. It's not even possible to fully identify and block them because they are usually literal nobodies. Male coomers have it so easy with their braindead audiences

No. 1806964

>Male coomers have it so easy with their braindead audiences
I hate how in almost every female-heavy space you're expected to be an activist and speak up for each and every social cause that shows up on your timeline. Men don't care if you're a moderate/centrist but a lot of women in fandom will twist disinterest into literal discrimination/violence/whatever. If you want to post political shit then do that, I just hate how in female spaces you're basically not allowed to only post about your interests/fandom. Men are lucky when it comes to this type of leniency because if you're not a radical turboleftist in fandom TIFs come out of the woodworks berating you.

No. 1806970

>Men are lucky when it comes to this type of leniency because if you're not a radical turboleftist in fandom TIFs come out of the woodworks berating you.
Men can be anything because "they're men" and subjected to lower standards. I've seen more full-on conservative men in my fandoms than just normie moderates/apoliticals and they don't get callout posts for it.

No. 1807183

jaheira looks like a plastic surgery addict and lae'zel looks absolutely disgusting, what the hell are you talking about? stop acting like astarion is some moid manipulation to get women to thirst after ugly men is a joke lol, considering most men get mad that women thirst after him over the ugly roid pig options.

No. 1807295

Someone attempted to cancel me once over petty idpol shit and I just ignored it and pretended like it never happened, it went away shortly because they found someone else who reacted and gave them something to work with. It sucks and anyone's natural instinct is to defend themselves but the overwhelming majority of people are moderate and understanding. I can promise 99% of people exposed to the drama will think it's the person doing the calling out that's unhinged but they don't want to get involved, and if you fan the flames it will only get worse.

No. 1807333

File: 1702289607584.png (235.21 KB, 750x920, flat750x1000075f.png)

Didn't get cancelled with a public post but by a group of mutuals in a small fandom who went around everyone's DMs spreading shit about me. It was some kind of last straw situation for me in retrospect because I was so tired of constantly having to participate in their idpol drama addiction and shittalking about everyone else in our small fandom (and each other bending their backs). I just quit SM and it's honestly been freeing for me, I can enjoy things and make art for myself again which I haven't done since before I had a computer. It's a strange feeling not having to "perform" and "participate" actively on SM. I'm lucky I don't make a living out of it and didn't get a public callout post but if you really need to be on social media nonnie the best thing is really just to ignore. If you give them no reaction they forget about you very quickly.

No. 1807506

It's exhausting. Out of most of my friends on IG, i feel like I'm one of the few not talking about political stuff. It's even more jarring when they are posting fandom stuff we're both into, and then suddenly a graphic FREE PALENSTINE slide immediately after. Like, I dont want to see that. i ended up muting a ton of people. I dont care. I just dont fucking care about politics on my social media. call me whatever

No. 1807531

File: 1702306614982.png (20.54 KB, 605x235, Screenshot.png)

I know this a super late reply, but Lily Orchard(real name Jerry Peet) is such a misogynistic pervert. I remember years back when he started a hate campaign against this female author, Christie Golden. She wrote some tie-in books for video game series, including Assassin's Creed and World of Warcraft, and was living her best life, writing her own vampire romance novels as well. Apparently, this man (who claims to be a feminist lesbian woman) didn't like how the female characters got married in the end. It just didn't make sense to him why the badass female characters didn't continue their adventures indefinitely. He accused her of being a racist (because she got facts about some Arab and warcraft fantasy culture wrong), of being a misogynist (again, for allegedly not handling her female characters well), a pedophile, and a fetishizer (for having a 20-year-old male character fall in love with a middle-aged female character), among other moronic claims. She had to turn off her account for a few months, and the accounts where he made these claims have been deleted. He has a history of basically scrubbing away his offensive and controversial claims (like his pedophile MLP fan-fiction), but I remember when it happened.

No. 1807534

laughing because my friend has no idea what astarion looked like. She googled him, like "this guy is supposed to have died at 39!? who looks like this at 39?" Men, apparently. Ugly ass man.

No. 1807563

A few times, one on tumblr for Terf crimes and twice over Twitter for Terf again and "proshipping" (aka I just ignore and/or block what I don't want to see instead of arguing).

For Tumblr, I just ignored and continued posting normally, most people don't care about callouts and actually very few people blocked me and I remained friends with most of my mutuals. No one remembers now
Over Twitter, the callout happened last year on my gimmick account that kind of doubled as personal, I locked and ignored people because adding more fire is always wrong in these cases, but Twitter being Twitter the accusations snowballed since I said nothing and people never fact check, so I got tired of getting rape threats from men daily and simply left that account and made a new one under a different name. To this day people still speak badly of me but somehow no one has noticed I'm the account they callout'ed despite it being blandtanly obvious kek.
The proshipping callout was on my new account, but that's so stupid I don't care, most of them are noisy kids. I would say callouts are only important if you share too much of your personal life online or if it's linked to your bussiness account, very few callouts end up being taken seriously enough to dox you.

No. 1807639

I never saw the callout post but I assumed I had gotten one on Tumblr because suddenly I have k-poopers shitting up my asks with dancing gifs and the ocassional gore. I was a fandom/aesthetic blog that didn't post anything personal…it was the push to me quitting though since I was using it less and less over time.
On Discord (maybe this isn't SM?) where I used to post art and chat I'd be excluded from the rest of the friend group either because I was a radfem or neonazi for not coddling the 30 y/o gay demisexual furry moids drawing fat moths in the chat. They couldn't decide. Afaik nobody dragged it out into the public.
It's so tempting to pretend to be a male in fandom spaces.

No. 1807883

I was following irl friends on IG and some artists and I decided to just delete my account because everyone decided to just post that one American guy being chocked by a cop "for awareness" and no offense but I was there to just post my holiday pictures and keep up with friends, not to watch the same murder over and over again in everyone's stories. I really don't miss it. It's easier for me to use twitter and avoid that kind of posts because I made sure to block everyone I know irl on there and to mute the right words. Because of this I wish I never deleted my previous twitter account and never told my friends I had that account so I could do whatever I wanted with it because I followed some artists small private accounts and now they won't let me follow them again.

No. 1808124

everything like this is just proof to me that any pedophile/groomer/abuser hysteria directed at women is baseless, irrelevant bullshit crazy people make up because their actual criticism is weak and can't generate enough attention for the subject of their vendetta to get canceled over

No. 1808492

File: 1702363265207.png (54.2 KB, 902x413, Screenshot.png)

I hold everyone accountable sheer retarded displayed in statements like picrel. I blame "dark fantasy enjoyers", I blame fujos, and I blame wokeoids. Let's start with the fact that men cannot, by any means, become pregnant (a shocking revelation, I know). The ability to conceive is inherently tied to the female gender, and any fictional work that portrays men experiencing pregnancy is simply not depicting men getting pregnant.
So I hold "dark-fiction enjoyers" who have taken one of the most challenging experiences women face into mere kink. I also blame fujos who deny reality by applying female biological traits to males, pretending that it can somehow occur in the male anatomy. And I hold wokies accountable, who further deny reality by asserting absurd claims such as men being able to get pregnant.

No. 1808503

File: 1702363918617.jpeg (449.05 KB, 1242x398, 064.JPEG)

I miss when mpreg was a small niche and people outside of it just thought it was a funny meme. Now it's just associated with trannies and retards like in your pic that think it's some kind of power thing. I want to go back. I'm tired of current internet

No. 1808516

I see similar posts often and I really, really don't think it has anything to do with mpreg. That tweet is extreme and in bad taste but I often see female fans talking about impregnating men as an obvious joke that escalates like they're trying to outdo their mutuals in how ridiculous and weird the fantasies get. Those fans seem mature and normal in every other way, they don't mention mpreg in any other context, it doesn't come across as remotely serious. Fans who do actually like and write mpreg talk differently about it.

No. 1808577

"I want to get him pregnant" is just a meme. Fundamentally misogynistic ("I want to strip him of his masculinity so I will reverse the gender roles") yes, but still a meme. I'd say maybe only 30% of the twittertards who post it are actually into tranny pregnancy content. It will fade eventually like "he's my babygirl" faded.

No. 1808578

It's just a casually sexist meme/shitpost like the babygirl nonsense. Chill.

No. 1808584

This is going to be blogposty, and I apologize for that.
I used to run in very very sjw circles on Twitter. I had undiagnosed autism/adhd and would fight with my friends all the time. One day, they decided to compile a Google doc consisting of dozens of pages of me being "abusive" (i.e having an autistic melt down).

I ended up saying sorry I was a dick, then quit the Internet for a while. I came back recently and everyone is acting like they were not part of my dogpiling + they still gush over my art kek.

Tbh, I probably would've resented everyone and my ex friends. but truthfully, me quitting and touching grass, made me realize how stupid I was, how silly my friends were, etc. I used to be trans too back then but then I realized I was just a depressed lesbian lol.

Anyways, I don't really run into my old circles anymore. I'm involved in a different community who are a lot more kinder and less unhinged. Sometimes, I see people who spoke badly of me and never apologized, and I just block or ignore.

No. 1808670

kek i hate this type of post because of the sissy undertones, but it has nothing to do with fujos nor mpreg. It's what happens when you live in a society where only female can be considered ''sexual'', no you cant be a slutty man you have to be a ''FEM''boy. And then the anons in the videogame thread complain about women wanting actually hot men in hot sexy clothes and not boring burka suits.

No. 1808834

i'm guessing you're either autistic or infertile and mentally ill about it. that tweet is an obvious shitpost.

No. 1808842

>Blaming being a cunt to her friends on "autistic melt-downs"
You don't have autism or ADHD, you're just an asshole.

No. 1808885

Do you know her? Nonna might as well have some kind of personality disorder also/instead but at least she managed to reflect and grow. That's not an asshole to me. What constitutes as "abusive" behaviour on twitter callouts can be extremely idiotic. Assholes are the ones who compiled a callout post for her, if you don't like your friend anymore resolve it privately or cut them off like an adult.

No. 1808916

You literally can't have an autistic meltdown and post online at the same time. She didn't reflect and grow at all, considering she takes zero responsibility for the behavior that her friends had to have a whole intervention about and instead blames it all on disabilities that she does not have.

No. 1808929

Sounds like you're one of the former friends

No. 1808936

Going to have to butt in and agree with you there nona. Sounds like a former chum to me, too.

No. 1808946

I've noticed that when anons talk about ditching bad friends, from time to time, 1-2 weirdos pop in and start blaming them. Those posters must be feeling some guilt and resentment about doing shitty things to people and getting ghosted in the past.

No. 1808976

Undiagnosed autistic anons not understanding the joke in the tweet once again and getting mad at the people who do. Do you also get mad at people calling anime boys "babygirl" and accuse them of trooning him?

No. 1808977

Why are anons so defensive about this tweet? Shitpost or not it's still weird and annoying how you can't go into a fandom space without these types trying to insert their weird fetish into it. It's similar to a/b/o shit. Yeah it'll fade but I wish it would be contained.

No. 1808982

because it has nothing to do with fujos and you are autistic and cant clearly understand an ironic post

No. 1808994

inshallah we will develop a cure for your autism soon

No. 1809016

I chuckled too hard at your response. Bless.

No. 1809020

It's bizarre, in this effort they even take the side of the sjw-trannies who make callout posts for former friends. This thread is really infested with underage twittertards.

No. 1809023

File: 1702401584934.png (14.03 KB, 530x270, m5ZUrDq.png)

looked it up and I found some screenshots of his harassment on kiwifarms,
>here is him just admitting that he did get banned for accusing her of being bigoted numerous times on his previous accounts.

No. 1809038

File: 1702401936857.mp4 (7.82 MB, 2k1ipb.mp4)

here he claims that Chrissie Golden and JK Rowling are both just sexually frustrated because they don't watch enough porn and so shove their fetishes in everyone's faces.

No. 1809041

File: 1702402131157.jpeg (511.71 KB, 952x1907, IMG_3279.jpeg)

the quote retweets kek they hated jesus because he told them the truth… why can’t they just let women have pretty boys? i don’t know why tifs need to make every character obese and hairy. why even play enstars

No. 1809051

he, by his own words, is a pedophile

No. 1809052

the best thing to do is ignore and block these people instead of giving them the "oppression points" they desire. they just double down

No. 1809053

>japan makes an idol game with cute male characters
>westoids pickme nlogs turn all the cute characters into 3DPD moids with dadbods
what even is the point of doing that? literally just look at a hollywood movie or go otuside if you want to see ugly men

No. 1809059

Because these nerds are intimidated/know they’d never be able to pull someone actually attractive so they have to reimagine characters as someone in their league.

No. 1809060

He's always so hyperbolic and dramatic lmao, thank god his view count is going down with each video.

No. 1809074

File: 1702403027774.mp4 (18.93 MB, g4jr3f (1).mp4)

There are a lot of other examples on that thread and from what I remember, but this imo is the most blatant one, here he's claiming that JK Rowling and Golden have the same view of women as Ted Bundy, his porn addiction and fetishization of lesbians really jump out in the end, cause even he's allegedly making fun of Incels, his fetish has to include lesbians in it. and it would be one thing if this man wasn't take seriously but he was for a brief period and that author Christie Golden had to publicly apologize for stuff she never did and later on, had to include a trans-character in one of her works, so she wouldn't be considered transphobic.

No. 1809078

If I have to see this done to my husbando I will actually scream out loud at my computer screen.

No. 1809080

this dude has 500 patreons, how

No. 1809091

Anon can you TLDW this video? I like most of Lily’s videos, he has the most based takes on YouTube, having a more feminist take than most even female gamer YouTubers. Yes he has tranny shit but he’s also at least consistent with the logic and i like how he shits on contra.

I saw accusations that Lily is pedo and stuff but it’s always by the people who follow that one brony who is an actual pedo that married the sweetie bell VA so I just started to dismiss it because I couldn’t find anything

No. 1809097

are you being serious? he's a degen who fetishizes lesbians, adds in troons everywhere and he did write a child-rape fan-fiction

No. 1809107

>Golden had to publicly apologize for stuff she never did and later on, had to include a trans-character in one of her works, so she wouldn't be considered transphobic.
Sad that she caved. When will these women learn that caving to men and trannie demands mean nothing.

No. 1809109

Extremely degenerate men

No. 1809111

Go back to reddit, moid

No. 1809112

sadly quite a few naive young women follow him as well.

No. 1809115

Yes, I want to see the facts. I was watching that video but 10 mins in I was just confused because I don’t know what I was being shown it was some random tumblr snipped with no names and talking about rumors.

He talks about “lesbians” a lot but his “wife” is another male tranny kek I think he’s just gay as fuck

No. 1809120

Stop reddit spacing, newfag.

No. 1809122

You don’t know what Reddit spacing means. And why won’t anyone address the guy who groomed sweetie bell VA?

No. 1809127

it makes me laugh that the art is objectively bad but the comments are all hyping it up and pretending to drool over it

No. 1809136

Which Enstars dude is this meant to be?

No. 1809142

File: 1702405041559.png (896.66 KB, 1000x462, IMG_3281.png)


No. 1809149

>having a more feminist take than most even female gamer YouTubers
trannies by definition cannot be even remotely feminist

No. 1809159

That’s not really true unless you also want to argue that any woman who practices any bit of femininity is also not capable of holding a feminist leaning belief. Quit trying to retard gotcha and just answer the fucking questions

No. 1809160

File: 1702405505162.png (200.23 KB, 570x563, 6WmpAMS.png)

These TIMs have a disproportionate and devastating impact on fandom culture. They will find a tinge of semi-legitimate criticism and then use it to justify blatant fetishism and obvious misogyny. An example I personally witnessed when I was more involved in fandom culture was with the character Hunter in the Owl House. My god, did every troon on twitter in the fandom hate Hunter? They despised him because, in this mostly female cast, he was the sole male character and was extremely popular with the teenage girl audience that the show was intended for. He was shipped with most other characters and even self-inserts. Now, I do think there were some issues with Hunter's writing towards the end, but the Twitter troons didn't care about that. They hated that he was supposedly ruining their queer lesbian fantasy. So, they claimed that the showrunner, Dana Terrace, was racist and sexist for centering the story around a white male character (worth noting that he was an elf boy voiced by a black man). Even then, the main female characters still remained the main focus; Hunter just had some B-plot episodes.
The point is that these TIM often get their way more frequently than not, since they are considered the most "oppressed group." Anything can be justified by them, even though these men are very obvious blatant misogynistic porn addicted Incels.

No. 1809224

I keep forgetting this pedo brony exists until I see him trending or something because he made a shit take and everyone is dragging him for it. If he didn't have trash opinions he wouldn't exist at all.

No. 1809254

They are a troll. I stopped responding to their dumb moid takes a while ago.

No. 1809260

>I saw accusations that Lily is pedo and stuff but it’s always by the people who follow that one brony who is an actual pedo that married the sweetie bell VA so I just started to dismiss it because I couldn’t find anything
Is the fact he wrote pedo MLP fanfiction and tries to bury his tracks over it not enough? The brony fandom is full of pedphiles left and right, I obviously don't support that groomer but I didn't find this info from him. Even libfems that support trans have called out how hypocritical Lily is for this.

>He talks about “lesbians” a lot but his “wife” is another male tranny kek I think he’s just gay as fuck
Some TIMs are gay, but it's a trope that AGPs/transbians settle for each other because real lesbians don't fuck them. It's called jailhouse gay.

No. 1809441

I didn’t know about the fanfiction or at least what the actual content is, as I said all I was able to find was rumors that didn’t seem very credible to me since they were coming from the fans and friends of an actual real life pedo. I never said I refuse to believe that he’s a creep, he is a moid after all. I just asked for a TLDW because that video is long and disjointed as fuck and what I did watch of it was telling me nothing.

No. 1809461

Samefag, but on that video there are a bunch of people talking about Lily abusing his sister. I look up the video and his “sister” is also a fucking tranny with loli figs in the background. I actually think they were probably both abused by their parents or something.

No. 1809645

Most of his videos are 20 mins or less, you guys are so disingenuous in your quest to brand everyone a moid

No. 1809690

What kind of male character can you even make in the current fandom climate? You'll somehow anger both the male tranny who got called a faggot by Chad in middle school for being too obsessed with loli hentai, and the 4'nothing girl who trooned out because of yaoi dumping her internalized misogyny on the fandom by calling every female character a whore and making all the dudes fat and pregnant kek

No. 1809798

File: 1702424429550.jpg (150.08 KB, 724x966, 4eac1182bbda5016b7d3e7bbd88d64…)

I'm glad nonnies here think Astarion is ugly. When I first saw him I had an allergic reaction to him not because he looks old but because of how aggressively he's supposed to appeal to a certain type of fan(girl)
>White hair
It just felt too in your face, I say this while coming off of a DMC fixation, so my friends thought I would be head over heels over him and buy the game but I stood my ground and insisted he looks ugly af.
Compared to Vergil (who imo has some scenes where he looks unflattering but whatever), Astarion just looks weird. I felt the same way about Vergil so who knows maybe I'll join the hivemind.

No. 1809857

>Anon can you TLDW this video?
No, watch the video you lazy faggot.

No. 1809903

File: 1702427950570.jpg (200.39 KB, 2048x1152, 444051b331e0a0482b0500a8a4c6f4…)

nta but I'm in the same boat. I don't know why Astarion is just so ugly to me, especially when all his traits are things I typically like. And not to sperge about video game antics, but their fanbase is incredibly annoying. They act like the game is so progressive just because you can have sex with anyone. Winning game of the year has only made them even more loud and annoying.

No. 1809938

DMC3 Vergil was peak cutie. I hate every version of him after that game.

No. 1809941

>They act like the game is so progressive just because you can have sex with anyone. Winning game of the year has only made them even more loud and annoying.
This is the worst thing. liberals think extreme inclusiveness and sex with anything is what progression is when it's actually the opposite. All I ever hear from BG3 fags are about how you can fuck anyone, and even some relationships let you be 'polycule, uwu.'

No. 1810103

File: 1702438374389.jpg (172.92 KB, 1920x1080, ezgif-4-7db07699de.jpg)

Since we are talking about ugly male characters, how do we feel about Lifeweaver from Overwatch?

No. 1810104

i remember watching him get revealed with my friend and laughing my ass off. It looks like what a moid thinks women find attractive. It's lik the new lol kpop group that has absolutely hideous male characters.

No. 1810114

he looks camp gay

No. 1810133

Ramattra is more attractive. You can see the extra effort to make this character look "handsome" and interesting (damn imagine that the first thing they say about this character is that he is pansexual) in addition to the fact that his personality is gay, gayer than soldier 76 and tracer. I also feel that his design is a little outside the theme of OW, I don't know how to explain it.
tifs lower their standards to be able to self-insert and look for the ugliest character so that their "transition goals" are easier to follow. Plus their artistic skills are bad

No. 1810135

He looks like a really bad genderbend of Mercy. and a faggot

No. 1810152

a mercy genderbent would be so hot

No. 1810159

File: 1702441647754.png (107.61 KB, 1040x719, Ranma.png)

So, I occasionally look up random things on a03 just for the fun of it. Recently, I looked up Ranma 1/2 and was surprised to find that fics were being posted as early as yesterday. This trend seems to have started around October. I couldn't find any news about a new anime series or a re-release of the manga, so it feels like this sudden surge of interest came out of nowhere.

No. 1810163

this is bleak considering ranmma in the 00s used to be praised as a feminist gnc manga, now its just another tranny fetish manga

No. 1810192

File: 1702444214486.jpg (379.64 KB, 1920x1080, SEXOOOOO.jpg)

>Ramattra is more attractive.
based nonna

No. 1810209

any male character that isn't popular with women and girls, but also isn't so macho that it reminds them of chad.

No. 1810249

none of the new overwatch characters suit the older designs, especially low effort female characters like kiriko and illari. they are too fantasy driven, without any regard to the abilities and lore of other characters/the world, and no attempt at interesting personalities. lifeweaver suffers from this as well,

i like faggy characters sometimes, so i like him well enough, especially compared to their other new characters. i wish he was released earlier in the games lifespan so he possibly could have had a better design, and that his voice acting was better, but he is okay.

No. 1810266

>Ramattra is more attractive
I love you nonna.

No. 1810274

>Ramattra is more attractive
good taste anon

One thing that's great about liking characters that are robots, whether because you find them attractive or just neat, is that complex mechanical designs often filter out artists who make stuff like that frumpy enstars scribble. It's not foolproof and you still witness some similar garbage, but god is it jarring to go back to looking up fan content of regular human characters again (especially if from something popular/new).

No. 1810337

This post is timely for me because I've gotten back into Overwatch recently and found myself stumped by this character. I typically enjoy effeminate faggy male characters but this guy is both too effeminate and too faggy that it comes across as pandery. >>1810104 has it right, it does feel like a design that seems created by men to appeal to women.

No. 1810362

Ugly westshit in the middle of the other ugly westshit characters. I see no difference between him and the other men in Overwatch.

No. 1810420

That Vergil is Astarion tier to me. Modern Capcom boys are so tragically hideous.

No. 1810431

his hairstyle is so fucking retarded kek this thread lusts over the weirdest uggos

No. 1810486

Hair? Isn't that a fucking robot?

No. 1810495

its supposed to look like dreads, extremely retarded design

No. 1810531

They really are. We deserve better. Evem Chris in RE5 mogs Chris in RE8, who isn't even the same person imo.

No. 1810614

He looks like if a fanartist whose art style is a perfect replica of Disney's style attempted to draw fanart of a Genshin character.

Nostalgia over anime aired in the 80s-00s is something I noticed picking up, especially if those series had fandoms back then. I see people getting into Ranma 1/2 just so they call Ranma a valid translesbian egg and headcanon other characters as queer/trans. There was a genre of Ranma 1/2 fanfic in the 90s where Ranma was happier as his female form and stayed that way, but it was a niche.

No. 1810809

File: 1702490033678.jpeg (184.75 KB, 1200x1141, 902CD5BA-4D56-4361-AD41-21EF0C…)

Speaking of ramattra, velsmells on twitter has the best fanart including him as sexy human, but she also does the robot drawings so well. I miss when overwatch was at its peak, honestly the tumblr fanartists were what got me into the game because the art was A+

No. 1810816

The last vidya with hot 3d men I played was sengoku basara

No. 1810819

Are there any good ones with super buff men only

No. 1810824

This 100 percent looks better than the official robot version.

No. 1810832

File: 1702490600995.png (1.26 MB, 1000x1000, lies of p.png)

for me, it's him. I am still waiting for summer sale to get the game but damn he's fucking cute.

No. 1810836

literally most modern games lol go play god of war

No. 1810838

Waiting for a sale to get this game too. I love hot Pinocchio.

No. 1810890

Ew he’s bald

No. 1810905

This is what the character should have looked like.
For me it was The Great Ace Attorney: Chronicles.

No. 1810977

>This is what the character should have looked like
Nah he looks like a generic bishie here (wouldn'tfit his voice anyway), I think he's fine as a robot.

No. 1811067

Try fighting games. Guilty gear series has some cuties in my opinion

No. 1811303

Skin colour isn't diversity.

No. 1811350

I thought this was a woman the entire time. I’m kind of sad he isn’t now.

No. 1811700

What is it then

No. 1811711

It keeps transing its characters & also the fanbase is a cesspool though.

No. 1811918

i second the fighting game recommendation, but guilty gear is a cesspool now. literally try any other game that isn't that one.

No. 1811961

File: 1702569175272.png (123.59 KB, 604x781, diversity.png)

Speaking of diversity, I recently saw this post getting a lot of attention for supposedly showcasing a variety of body types.

No. 1811965

let me guess all the super skinny ones are female and the big blocks of cheese and super goofy mickey mouse looking ones are male

No. 1811973

Don't give idpol drama addicts the time of day and only stick around in spaces that genuinely support you. I faced harassment before on Tumblr and it was the last straw for me. I decided to only share my art in small, friendly Discord servers. I still get regular clients.
It's more like degen scrotes enable each other and it's socially unacceptable for women to exist past the age of 18.

No. 1812444

File: 1702592454838.jpg (134.65 KB, 1079x1315, Tumblr_l_18488224038715.jpg)

Do people really?

No. 1812458

the bible is the first ever fandom, she isn't wrong

No. 1812461

you are an autist who can't recognize jokes. Why are there so many fucking people in this thread who can't recognize a joke for their lives?!

No. 1812462

I'd bet money you're right, it's about as diverse as One Piece lmao

No. 1812477

File: 1702593577922.jpg (661.59 KB, 3000x3000, 1vy5iAq.jpg)

nta but this is an account that got popular really fast for drawing the 'Real Jesus' cause of the whole gaza-situation, Initially, it was poorly re-creating classic Christian drawings, but with Jesus depicted as dark-brown-skinned (because that's apparently what all people in the Middle East look like). However, it quickly evolved into a moral preaching of a dark-brown Jesus, Of course, since the author is a brain-rotten twitter artist, she also draws Jesus Yaoi as well.

No. 1812504

the kiss with judas isn't yaoi lmao. that's a real part of the bible, there's loads of art depicting it. and i'm not an expert wouldn't jesus as a middle eastern jew probably have something around that skin tone? idk about this one nonas, the bible is one of the most popular sources for art inspo of all time, who cares if this artist happens to be a girl on twitter?

No. 1812507

File: 1702595055721.png (608.37 KB, 640x428, pNNszyC.png)

In a way, it's actually more offensive to depict all people from outside of Europe as all being the same shade of brown. Keep in mind, this is what most Levantine people generally look like - light brownish to pale.
I know what the kiss of Judas is, but she literally has shipping art on her front page.

No. 1812509

I feel like this upsets you for a different reason

No. 1812511

i looked at her page and she's just obsessed with bible shit and ancient greek shit, literally who cares besides you? so what if she draws characters a few shades darker than you think they should be?

No. 1812512

Aren't Levantine Arabs different from Jews? I know they're both Semitic but I'm not sure if the comparison is one-to-one, especially when we're talking about a man who lived over two thousand years ago. I agree with the general statement though. It's funny how Westerners think of Jews and Palestinians as a fight between white and black, but they are both brown/brown-ish looking groups of people.

No. 1812514

That sounds like a tif, is she one?

No. 1812516

looks like one, but this is such a nothingburger

No. 1812517

The people who complain about brownwashing are just as annoying as the people who complain about whitewashing, and it annoys me how much anons obsess over "brownwashing". Says more about them than the people they're complaining about.

No. 1812521

i dont see what's wrong with this. i like her art

No. 1812534

Sorry anon that handstand pic is too cute. 10/10 would consider going to a church if it had silly and sweet art like this.

No. 1812536

No. 1812537

I find it kinda offensive.
>ancient greek shit
she's obsessed with a sanitized queer fantasy version of ancient Greece, not the actual institutionalized child-rape and extreme patriarchal misogyny.

No. 1812541

I went through that artists Xitter page and I didn't find any of this "yaoi" that >>1812477 was referring to. The only thing wrong is that it's just a bunch of generic animu fan art

No. 1812546

I honestly often feel like it's the autistic /beg/ scrotes constantly in this thread not getting the joke because they just want to dunk on le ass jee dubbyas and le gendies making themselves look even dumber and then trying to save face with desperate rambling explanations about said ass jee dubbyas and gendies after being laughed at.

No. 1812547

Just drawing an attractive male qualifies as "yaoi" to men.

No. 1812549

Kek nothing makes a man seethe more than women posting/drawing attractive men

No. 1812551

>I find it kinda offensive
Why are you so offended that Jesus is drawn 2 shades darker than usual? Care to elaborate?

No. 1812552

i feel like that's most people into ancient greece tho. most irl historyfags i've met don't pop off about their favorite era's atrocities unless that's what the convo is about. lot of them sperg about fashion or craft, sometimes sociocultural trivia

No. 1812554

>I find it kinda offensive.
ass mad over brown jesus kek

No. 1812556

these are sweet and i do prefer this depiction of him

No. 1812558

not the Jesus being dark-brown thing, but rather removing the theological aspects of his preaching and trying to have him conform to her social values.

No. 1812560

Even the Bible itself contorts Jesus' teachings and was written by other men. You have nothing to be mad about

No. 1812561

>removing the theological aspects of his preaching and trying to have him conform to her social values
bitch where

No. 1812563

>I find it kinda offensive.
point and laugh

No. 1812565

File: 1702597173076.jpg (206.81 KB, 1959x983, 1702593577922.jpg)

No. 1812568

No one cares, jesusfag

No. 1812569

Go bible-thump somewhere else this is lolcow

No. 1812571

nta but while there are 12 years between 5 and 8 in the story and I did expect chris to look a bit older, they really busted him in village. I think it looks like the same person, but they made him too old. It's extra dumb when you see the discarded Ada's concept for it and they made her look the same as the previous games. Capcom will age their men like milk but the women are magically beautiful forever, because women need to look young and attractive at all times. It's the double standards that really gets to me. I know anons itt get offended by characters not being super attractive or looking older than 20s, but I don't personally care. I like when there is a bit of everything. What I really hate is when men look busted and old and the women look like plastic dolls at all times. Either pull a final fantasy and make everyone into some unrealistic anime or stop being a coward and learn to age the women in your game too. They will create the most autistic plots to justify a female character not aging just to avoid "spoiling" the female character to the audience, while male character will age twice as fast and moids will cream themselves over the balding muscled guy like kratos.

No. 1812572

File: 1702597293286.png (223.41 KB, 618x903, Screenshot.png)

It's literally in her front-page

No. 1812577

where is the yaoi. isnt the kiss drawing something that actually happened in the bible? im pretty sure its not supposed to be romantic. also great job at censoring that 2nd pic, cant even tell what im looking at

No. 1812579

File: 1702597427730.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 417.37 KB, 3000x1688, GA8HdZragAARbfe.jpeg)

that's a man and a woman genius

No. 1812580


No. 1812581

also its not even bible fanart, its the odyssey fanart kek

No. 1812584

doublepost but she draws both m/f and m/m and i think it's a tif but like…her stuff is seriously so tame, it's a non-issue

No. 1812586

No. 1812587

File: 1702597709805.png (4.12 MB, 2830x4096, KEjgXu2.png)

Her odyssey fanart is unquestionably horrendous though.

No. 1812588

Smells like vendetta in here

No. 1812589

File: 1702597752178.png (4.79 MB, 2830x4096, veD0PHk.png)

(enough spamming please)

No. 1812591

it really does. this is just some random girl.

No. 1812593

Odysseus would never fucking do this

No. 1812596

File: 1702598166145.jpg (34.98 KB, 680x453, r7OO1qY.jpg)

Quelle horreur ! She broke the cannon!

No. 1812600

holy shit autism

No. 1812603

? Confused

No. 1812604

Canon = the official plot line, outside of the fanon (fan related stuff). We're in the fandom thread nonny, keep up!

No. 1812606

File: 1702598533472.jpeg (632.73 KB, 1284x1786, 5897197815.jpeg)

Speaking of the butchering of religion and mythology, is anyone actually looking forward to Hazbin Hotel? except for those pathetic theater kids and idiots obsessed with queer culture. It feels just some power fantasy where the kweers and theater kids fight against stuck-up conservatives who are also lame as well.

No. 1812607

hazbin hotel fascinates because it's like the wet dream of a 14yo edgy girl in the 00s, except its made by a 30yo in the 2020s

No. 1812609

The whole "angels are just as bad if not worse than demons" is so overdone. Then again, even if this was a novel concept, the shear amount of cursing and swearing already ruins it. And you already know the writing is gonna be shit.
>actress of color
tf for? she's not even human

No. 1812611

whatever, not like anyone knows what he really looked like anyway

No. 1812613

File: 1702599010209.jpg (213.33 KB, 1038x576, 59KOGET.jpg)

Dafuq is Hazbin Hotel? Like Habbo Hotel?

No. 1812614

Cringe, I hate the people that depict Jesus as a super progressive brown guy, it just feels like they’re trying to whitewash the misogyny in The Bible by pretending that it’s anything other than a bunch of schizophrenic scribblings used to justify oppressing women.

No. 1812615

no way god's that ugly and fat he was a tanned twink that's why he made all the classical art artists in the yard gay

No. 1812617

The joke of Jesus x Judas yaoi is so funny to me. They hardly say a word to each other in the bible. Real ones know it should be Jesus x Peter

No. 1812621

File: 1702599339269.jpg (566.19 KB, 1200x1170, renaissancefujobait.jpg)

But nonna, even Giotto shipped them

No. 1812623

Medieval euro art is so scary looking

No. 1812625

File: 1702599480722.png (36.42 KB, 255x160, 1560621720684.png)

Related to nothing else but imagine making any piece of original content and have to deal with people making tranny porn of your characters. I know rule 34 is forever and I believe some animation studios coach you on the topic that people will make porn of your characters but I think making ugly tranny porn should be illegal and grounds for a lawsuit actually

No. 1812628

Me too, I think it should be illegal too just because it's that fucking ugly.

No. 1812634

you can cut it with the gay stuff already, it's not funny

No. 1812640

who said it was funny? it's literally real, all renaissance artists were massive faggots

No. 1812643

File: 1702600218902.jpg (Spoiler Image, 199.24 KB, 1017x1400, sebasti2.jpg)

whichever moids were drawing st. sebastian were basically sending out a faggot beacon with their paintings because i swear to god like….whew

No. 1812646

nta but even if they were gay, you don't have to talk about gay moids every 19 seconds(and for the love of god, please don't reply with sexual images)

No. 1812647

Right? Like I can live knowing there's some seriously fucked up porn of my original characters (because what are the chances of even seeing them), but trannies post their art everywhere so there's a large percent chance I'd see it. Especially because sometimes it's not porn, but just pics of characters with their tits chopped or bolt ons.
Yeah from proto to high renaissance, every two artists, was a faggot.

No. 1812648

nice. too bad his face is fuckin ugly

No. 1812649

then don't unspoiler retard

No. 1812650

why dont you like god, are you atheist?

No. 1812658

Anyway nonnas, when do you think Bible 2 will drop and how much fujobait will they add? New testament already had a bunch, surely they'll ramp it up more. You think Viziepop will be a co-writer?

No. 1812659

No. 1812661

This isn't the fujo-thread, you literally have your own website to discuss your fecal matter fetishes away from others.(infighting)

No. 1812663

File: 1702601025825.jpeg (115.5 KB, 905x872, 22F4C952-2821-4D01-A414-375934…)

Well, first off, you spelled canon like “cannon” so I thought maybe it was a line from somewhere. Secondly, I just think its dumb/funny that twitterfags are putting pride flags on everything no matter what it is. With this specific case it just reminds me of this Instagram post, or like when people make Jesse Pinkman trans. Idk, I’m a nerd with extensive knowledge about the Odyssey so I just thought the concept of Odysseus holding a pride flag was weird, that’s all.

Sperg incoming If he were in the modern day he’d totally be a tough, bigoted misogynistic guy, maybe with the exception of gay men (because he’s friends with Achilles and Patroclus and also because they are men), but I can’t see him pandering to twitterfag types like that. If he were in high school he’d have an awful broccoli haircut and refer to his friends as “the boys” and “the homies”, bark at people in school hallways and sleep around. That’s just my opinion though.

No. 1812665

I support your autism nonnie

No. 1812666

Thank you

No. 1812668

exhibit #42069 of people in this thread not being able to see a joke when it hits them in face. lighten up

No. 1812672

fuck off retard, your joke is getting old(infighting)

No. 1812676

Why are there so many retards and autists in this thread though? Does fandom drama really just attract dumbasses?

No. 1812678

That's not the worst part somehow, you can openly say you dislike gross porn (but you probably shouldn't because it'll spawn 20 shadmans dedicated to making porn that you hate) and people will be fine with it, but not liking tranny porn makes you a twannyphobe or something. Maybe you can confirm all characters to be cis but what's the chances of every tranny in your fandom not trying to suicide-bait and crybully you out of disproving their shitty headcanons kek

No. 1812681

Yes. Yes it does. These threads will always be like this.

No. 1812684

i am pretty sure its just pakichan.

No. 1812685

The "what fandom is this" thing is the joke, not the art.

No. 1812689

>anyone critizing me is pakichan

No. 1812700

this discussion reminds me of the anon who got upset over napoleon getting called a twink bottom

No. 1812701

Your "extensive knowledge" doesn't matter, it's art (not good art, but art nonetheless) and doesn't have to be "accurate". What's with all the retards today?

No. 1812707

Millions of people have committed the most heinous crimes over the last millenias because they don't have the exact same headcanons on whether Jesus is a heretic, the son of god, or just a normal prophet, Jesus/Judas yaoi don't like don't read posted online by some random lady is nothing in comparison kek. Some of you need to calm down.

No. 1812708

File: 1702602954973.jpg (226.26 KB, 1293x1359, Tumblr_l_29069385644163.jpg)

No. 1812709

Do you seriously need a step by step breakdown of the original screenshot? Are you seriously this dumb?

No. 1812710

Take that to the infighting thread.

No. 1812712

This picture is reminding me of how much I hate the phrase "consuming media" because it sounds so stupid. So soulless and robotic. It's pure retardation and anyone who talks like that is usually an idiot in other ways.

No. 1812715

You should stop consuming text then.(infighting)

No. 1812725

Calm down

No. 1812729

why is she shocked that people are uneducated

No. 1812733

I’m honestly not that heated over it tbh.

No. 1812750

I am calm. Everyone gets called "retarded" at some point, it doesn't mean anything.
I just assumed that you were the homophobe anon since you made a fuss over Jesuschan drawing Odysseus with a pride flag.

No. 1812753

Yeah no. I’m a lesbian myself, I just think he wouldn’t do that lmao

No. 1812770

Ntayrt but I agree with your sentiment. Like it’s one thing to make a character act slightly different e.g. they no longer hate pineapples, but to completely change someone from being a complete asshole to someone who couldn’t even order a pizza is ass

No. 1812785

File: 1702608141798.jpg (513.84 KB, 1624x2048, F6irrUaaAAAQQGu.jpg)

This is so based, we need more women who make itabags of 90s fighting game characters from moidy franchises

No. 1812789

whats based about this, that husbando is ugly and old

No. 1812790


No. 1812794

I also find him repulsive but I will forever respect that kind of pure autism. Men would never understand.

No. 1812800

>Darkstalkers Dimitri
This woman is so based

No. 1812803

yeah because men gets tons and tons of pretty attractive waifus like morrigan, they dont need to delude themselves into liking an uggo

No. 1812807

File: 1702609150418.png (777.87 KB, 813x731, 1627958137037.png)

Men can delude themselves into fucking vaporeon

No. 1812809

Let women like what they like.

No. 1812828

no, that's how we end up with 3 paul dano threads

No. 1812829

men who want to screw pokemons are on the same level as women with weird husandos, both should be shamed

No. 1812831

even kirdede-chan? kek

No. 1812833

NTA But that makes no sense KEK

No. 1812835

kirdede chan is a female pokefucker, yes. I will never forget about the slit.

No. 1812836

File: 1702610357230.jpg (57.27 KB, 500x369, 4252c689da8f91bab4744b1bf8e224…)

It doesn't make sense because half this thread is catty nonas posting bait to anger others or trying to out-weird eachother to get their posts in the screencap thread.

No. 1812840

>men wanting to fuck animals is the same as women liking ugly/quirky/unconventional fictional men
boo normalfags gtfo

No. 1812843

Zoomerfags really had no idea how good Darkstalkers was. Just say youre boring and fuck off. Women who like darkstalkers are better than you both anyway.

No. 1812844

ugly men dont count as human, so yes

No. 1812845

i like darkstalker i just dont wanna bang the ugly moids. Give me male incubus morrigan and then we will talk.

No. 1812851

File: 1702610905125.jpg (150.7 KB, 1440x1080, 1080pdohmon.jpg)

It's just a single autism-chan who gets really pressed at husbandos she doesn't like (no matter if they're ugly or not). She tries to bait others with insane takes constantly.
Pay her no mind.

No. 1812854

File: 1702611147752.jpg (431.83 KB, 702x1024, rikuo-back.jpg)

Oh btw I would shape of the water Rikuo/Aulbath

No. 1812862

I won't, nonnie. Thanks. Based Domon Kasshu appreciator

No. 1812864

File: 1702611852967.png (221.73 KB, 500x371, jedah-ds3.png)

Great choice, nonnie. I am a Jedah girl myself. I even drew crappy photos of him in my old diary from the early 2000s. kek. He was my main in DS3

No. 1812868

File: 1702612058356.png (8.69 KB, 592x175, 1702270497195.png)

No. 1812995

That's one of the greatest strengths of Christianity, the fact that Jesus never had any political or religious power throughout his life. But he was a popular local preacher who spoke in parables. These parables were originally spoken in a dialect of a Semitic language, which was then translated into a popular dialect of Greek, and further translated into ancient Latin and then various other languages. you can create so many interpretations and meanings within Christianity. like you can literally justify almost whatever you want with Christianity, thanks to the versatility of these parables. Capitalism, Socialism, Racism, Anti-Racism, Liberalism, Fascism, Authoritarianism e.t.c

No. 1813010

>Darkstalkers husbandos


No. 1813072

That and "media literacy". People throw that phrase around like crazy nowadays. You don't like something? Congrats, you're a retard with no media literacy skills.
I've never heard of this game in my life but their designs are really cute. They look like Melan Blue

No. 1813134

You mean "reading", please go back to school.

No. 1813137

NTA but I think that was a joke

No. 1813146

I've seen too many people talk like this unironically so you never know.

No. 1813181

File: 1702639118596.png (446.4 KB, 680x671, ANvV5TO.png)

Muhammad has the opposite issue. In the narrative of the Quran, he is described as nothing more than an honest tradesman. He is very important and moral in the Quran's narrative, but he is not really an active participant in all that happens. he was 40 years old when he received his first revelation and he was just a tradesman from a regional noble family. Then, in the Hadith's adage, he is stated as the greatest human being who will ever exist. Suddenly, he becomes an excellent wrestler, horse rider, warrior, and he was also super handsome when he was young. Every woman wanted to marry him because he was so handsome. Also his bloodline was suddenly super noble, he was descended from Abraham and all the other important tribes from Arabia, It's honestly just ridiculous, he's basically a Mary Sue OC.

No. 1813210

So Muhammad is pretty much a light novel protagonist and "literally me" huh.

No. 1813288

I had a hearty giggle especially at the butthurt moids, thanks nonna


No. 1813295

Imagine if Sword Art Online came out in 600 AD, the entire middle east would be worshiping Kirito as their messiah and bombing churches in his name

No. 1813455

File: 1702658132478.gif (1.41 MB, 498x498, sad-pepe1.gif)

>mfw you were born too late to create an oc so good that future generations would worship him as the messiah of a religion you made up.

No. 1813733

File: 1702665134577.jpg (22.84 KB, 300x275, Tooth of Muhammad.jpg)

The funny thing about all this characterization of Muhammad is how much it contradicts the Quran's narrative. In the one battle Muhammad had to fight in, he lost after being hit in the face and almost dying, losing 4 teeth (which are considered Holy Relics). He is not a warrior in any sense in the Quran's narrative; he lets other people (mostly Ali) do the fighting for him. However, in the Hadiths, everything changes. He was a warrior fighting in battles since he was a teenager and personally led all the early Muslims in all the battles, directing them to fight against the Persians and Byzantines (even though most records show that fighting between them started a decade after his death).

No. 1813756

yeah blog but i had a quranist ( basically someone who doesn't believe in anything but the holy book, as hadiths- which translate to "sayings"- can easily be paraphrased into absurdity like a telephone game. ) philosophy teacher. he was kinda based idk if he really was a muslim though but he was brave saying that to us because for context i live in an islamic country i think he could have easily gotten fired over that. changed my whole perspective on things i don't know if i would have figured out on my own that early on. he also would always ask me to get an autism diagnosis kek

No. 1813817

are you turkish?

No. 1813863

I'm not looking forward to it, but I think it's already looking like a hilarious trainwreck.

No. 1813874

I mean Viv's fujoism ruined Helluva Boss, I wonder if the same will happnen to Hazbin.

No. 1813919

so fucking true. it's literally just racists being autistic and mad over nothing and for no reason.
>she's obsessed with a sanitized queer fantasy version of ancient Greece, not the actual institutionalized child-rape and extreme patriarchal misogyny.
who fucking cares? do you lose your shit like this over people reading greek dramas as well or enjoying art and statues from the period? cause all the child rape and sexism isn't really acknowledged in those things either

No. 1814138

I forget he's Brazilian KEK

No. 1814286

Why do zoomers feel the need to attach labels to every single character? not only projecting their retarded made up sexualities onto them but i have seen a lot of zoomers pick up older media and start diagnosing the characters with being schizophrenic or having adhd. I dont get it, how low does your reading comprehention has to be to not be able to understand super basic character tropes?

No. 1814298

ttheir reading comprehension is indeed incredibly low. they can't recognise characer tropes because they don't even think of the media they consume as a work of fiction, they act like the characters are people.
and they're so self centered and deprived of imagination that they have to relate every character to themselves, so they slap the same gender and mental illness labels on them jsut so they can go "babygirl is so autism coded just like me fr"

No. 1814305

File: 1702698025655.jpeg (50.63 KB, 540x304, 1669683730698.jpeg)

I know i am a retard for fighting with twitterfaggots on the comic thread, but why? people used to be able to enjoy things just fine, even fujos were just able to enjoy shipping characters in peace without trying to do mental gymnastics to try to prove a character is gay in canon or something. i cant imagine working on a comic, show or book and then 30 years later zoomies show up with their lack of reading comprehension and start making shit up, it's so disrespectful to the creator who put so much effort into it. They always act so smug towards original fans too. I have seen so many of these uber retarded headcanons over mundane shit low iq shows that even a baby could understand, like south park. I understand zoomers suffer from dopamine overdose so they cant just enjoy something simple because they find it ''boring'' they have to be gay and have schizophrenia and be trannies.

No. 1814310

I don't think that's a zoomer thing, peoplehave always come up with theories that are both overcomplicated and cliché like "they were dead all along", "everything is just a dream by this one character", etc. But I'm frankly amused by the nerd fight.

No. 1814313

yeah, and those were children anon and those theories were always made fun of because they were made by tard children. Now retards get angry when you call them out for being over 18(you have to be 18+ to post here) and making up obvious bullshit.
>But I'm frankly amused by the nerd fight.
it's so fucking annoying when something you really like gets popular with zoomies and they completly miss the point, please understand my tard rage. Also retarded zoomies forced the author to put pronouns in bio.

No. 1814324

File: 1702699812079.jpeg (60.53 KB, 846x649, 5FEDC4D1-7951-4BCA-BAAC-B2547A…)

Zoomers will see a character talk to themselves and jump to schizo shit because they lack creativity. A character can’t just be shy and awkward they have to be an autist or have aspergers, can’t be stoic or unfriendly without labeling them as having antisocial disorders because “muh representashun!!” Can’t have shit in fandoms without armchair psychologistfags ruining everything. Same with tifs and tims trooning everything out and then no fun discourse is allowed because everything HAS to be serious, sad, and traumatic

No. 1814325

the worst part is the character wasnt even talking to himself anon just has the reading coprehension of a baby on crack

No. 1814328

>as you cannot cultivate any kind of online "identity"
I mean you can if you’re really obnoxious about it

No. 1814341

File: 1702700658120.jpeg (109.01 KB, 942x1014, 9C8FFE97-3F6E-480D-880A-89036E…)

Kek I recognized the panel and noticed the same thing. I’m also an ECfag and I hate how infested it is, I’ll take the Bill yumejo on 4chan over whatever the fuck zoomers are doing on tiktok and twitter

No. 1814349

so fucking cringe. I hate tiktok so much, at least zoomies will get bored and move on in a few months.

No. 1814351

i'd say zoomers are an especially bad case but it didn't start with them. you see 30+yos in goodreads who make it their job and yet have 0 literacy. their book critiques are literally just "i liked it when character x did this. i hated it when character y did that."
imho it started ca. 2009-10 when peole brought internet activism into fandom. it started with people bringing social justuce arguments into ship wars and evolved into "these charcters are like real peoole and these stories are real events and if you like them then you approve of them". zommers hopped into the bandwagon but it started way back in the lj era and got worse with tumblr.

No. 1814365

File: 1702701601448.png (745.45 KB, 978x741, lmao lol.png)

I have been on 4chan hobby boards since forever and i have never seen people being this smug about their headcanons. They claim shit and are 100% smug about it when it's easily disproven by just reading the original material… it's like the original thing bores them so they do mental gymnastics to make it more interesting in their heads and then somehow convince themselves their theories are true. I hope for the love of god that other anon was baiting and trying to ecksdee schizo matpac larp, but she was claiming this character had schizophrenia for talking to himself when it's clearly obvious he's on a call with the host what the actual fuck if real kek

No. 1814413

i was talking about fandom trends in general not your beef with randos on /m/ kek
zoomers are annoying but general isssue in fandom is lack of gatekeeping, now any rando whis read a wiki gets accepted into fandom and people make fanfics and art that have 0 to di wyth canin. back in the day that shit got lercilessly mocked on forums and sporking communities. but then again the people who made fun of bad fic were usually 30yos riffing on some middle schooler's baby's first suefic.
it's juts weird to see shit that used to be widely mocked (self inserts, OOC , fics that are basically OCs with canon names) become mainstream. gotta wonder what the deleterius folks would think of x reader bullshit.

No. 1814417

I’d you like Rikuo you are a furfag
Jedah is based taste but Bulleta is best in general.

No. 1814419

>i was talking about fandom trends in general not your beef with randos on /m/ kek
i know, i was just using it as an example, she even complained about ''gatekeeping'' when i just told her she has 0 reading comprehension over something that even a baby could understand. I cant believe we have those users in lc now, bleak.

No. 1814427

File: 1702706613701.jpg (9.65 KB, 148x74, those two gay guys from kingdo…)

This isn't a zoomer exclusive thing, there's a reason why you would see ten thousand deviantart anti yaoi stamps saying it's an insult to the creator to draw the character as gay (for some reason).

No. 1814430

anti fujo stamps were mostly used by moids angry their shonenshit DA tags were filled with fujo art. Also, fujos believing narusasu could be canon was not only more innocent but somewhat fundamented in the truth, plus the ones that were 100% convinced it was endgame were normally underage. Nowadays they claim batshit insane stuff that you can easily disprove by reading the manga. Like how they claim every single female chara in chainsaw man is abusive or that the author is totally drawing naked anime girls with an intention that isnt fanservice.

No. 1814432

File: 1702707679931.gif (6.58 KB, 99x56, d20awc3-aa42ef54-d547-452d-8c6…)

>fujos believing narusasu could be canon was not only more innocent but somewhat fundamented in the truth
As a fujo, anyone who unironically believed who narusasu could be canon are actually more retarded as current bnhafags who think bakudeku is going to be canon (at least with bakudeku the creator clearly has some weird simping for his childhood bully going on).
Shounenfags are always going to be braindead, that just comes with them being shounenfags.

With that being said anti yaoi stamps are pretty hilarious though I disagree that only moids made them, a bunch of the ones I've seen were by other girls.

No. 1814448

tbh I'd prefer to see more dumb and cliche theories like coma/afterlife/dream ones over identity/mental illness ones because at least those take the overall narrative into account (even if in a retarded and shallow way, ironically in an attempt to add depth lol). I miss when people talked about the non-relationship/sexual aspects of media or fandom content more, or if they were talking about ships they could discuss the characters in-depth (without wholesale just making shit up, like how so much stuff is all 'headcanon'-based) and why they thought the ship was interesting because of that. I'm not saying that you have to do anything elaborate to ship stuff, or that shipping in itself is bad, I just miss being able to have actual discussions or read others' meta about the things I liked, I guess.

No. 1814531

what language would you recommend learning nona?

No. 1814572

Tbh I like reading the dumb and silly theories as long as it's not taken seriously, it's a bit fun how people can reach and connect things together.
When it stops being theorizing for fun and being genuine diagnosis on sexualities "this character is this coded" and getting the author involved "the author must be gay/trans/queer because they wrote this which I twisted into something completely different in my head" then it gets very annoying.

No. 1814805

BNHA might not end in Bakugo's and Deku's marriage but the author is really into the thing and constantly draws shipbaiting art of them on his twitter all the time kek. As homosexuality has become more socially accepted authors have been more keen to exploring the idea and give these winks and nudges at the audience, like when Trigger outright said they wanted Promare to be a "boy meets boy" story and Shinkai made the guy in Suzume a chair out of spite because he wasn't allowed to write a lesbian couple. We've also heard many authors admit even years later that they wanted to make character x gay/lesbian but the powers that be told them it wouldn't be possible and some of them even retcon them to their original ideas (while being called evil wokepandering brainworm infected SJWs for it). I'm really glad to see gay and lesbian characters outside strictly gay media and people acting as if it's "offensive" to a character to be headcanoned gay/bi when they're not explicitly stated to be straight should frankly take a chill pill.

>a bunch of the ones I've seen were by other girls.

Yeah, just like today a lot of NLOGs really malding about "yaoi fangirls" had those stamps, it definitely wasn't just scrotes. I had a friend who stanned Sakura from Naruto out of spite simply because she hated NaruSasu fangirls so much kek, ironically she turned fujo a few years later so there was some repressed thinking in there I guess.

No. 1814811

As someone who liked Spock, it's because of his personality. He looked so fucking ugly to me.

No. 1814814

Hadn't heard of the Suzume thing, interesting. In a way, I think that spite leading to the chair thing made for a more interesting/quirky film and some fun animation sequences, but I now hope that the creator gets to make a lesbian story someday as well.

I think some creators are being genuine when they admit after the fact that they had intended for a character or couple to be gay but had to change it at the behest of publishers, especially in regards to older works or for certain genres/audiences, or they're clarifying something that was maybe too subtle, but I'll admit I do roll my eyes a bit when it's a very recent work in a circumstance where it would have only received praise to actually include it. That feels like pandering for online brownie points but not wanting (or thinking of, during production) to actually commit in the text.

No. 1814817

File: 1702720513710.jpg (92.18 KB, 500x708, d5fnxmd-63418053-27bd-412c-968…)

>and people acting as if it's "offensive" to a character to be headcanoned gay/bi when they're not explicitly stated to be straight should frankly take a chill pill.
They're people who just don't like gay people in general and are looking for a scapegoat to be homophobic.
>I had a friend who stanned Sakura from Naruto out of spite simply because she hated NaruSasu fangirls so much kek
Kind of a power move honestly lol, I feel like a lot of female characters got used for this though particularly if they were disliked by fujos.
It's definitely a funny era, especially since I've only watched oneyplays videos of kingdom hearts so I'm not super familiar with the loreshit but it had a huuuuge role in anti yaoi zones.

No. 1814819

It's not even diversity, it's being a shitty artist. A lot of artists try to hide their lack of skill by drawing in an overly cartoonish art style and using shape language or whatever they call it because they're not good at making distinctive designs. "Diverse silhouette" my ass, most people's shadows don't differ that much do they? It's the small features that make a difference, the space between the eyes, the placement and shape of the nose, the skin color, the flaws of the body, the beauty marks. "The shadows are diverse, well that's enough for me, I can get away with making the other features the same" is the way they think. If someone is shit at drawing they try to exaggerate features as much as possible, when they're asked to draw people who look similar in appearance that's when you see how diverse they can make it.

No. 1814820

Shape language is the dumbest fucking meme on the planet, I'm convinced only people who can't draw for shit like it.

No. 1814822

I don't really consider it a "power move" because it gives authors a pass to write worthless and unlikable female characters as people will "protect" and defend them either way. Kishimoto himself is the first one to admit that he regretted creating Sakura because he felt like there had to be an obligatory female main but he just didn't know how to make her writing work making every single fan (not just fujos into NaruSasu) hate her for being so useless and annoying during Naruto's peak in the mid 00's to the point producers were begging him to get rid of her. They're not real people, pointing out traces of scrottery in their writing isn't misogyny, authors should be held to a standard and expected to do better.

Online people making these shitty pics fundamentally understand shape language too. They think it's "make character a literal rectangle and make another character a literal circle" while it's supposed to be also about the character's body language and presentation. It's just actual autism not being able to comprehend nuance and adaptability in instructions.

No. 1814825

File: 1702721581651.jpg (40.37 KB, 749x537, wew.jpg)

>because it gives authors a pass to write worthless and unlikable female characters as people will "protect" and defend them either way
I meant in terms of pure spite, it's pretty powerful. Aren't female characters in shounen jump generally known for being badly written though? I've heard the editors literally encourage that form of writing.
>hate her for being so useless and annoying during Naruto's peak in the mid 00's to the point producers were begging him to get rid of her
The funny part is there's a vocal minority of fans who actively defend Sakura and usually fall into one of three categories
>Ships her with Naruto because they're the main girl and boy yet convince themselves that they're somehow really deep for shipping this and deeply hate the chick Naruto marries
>Weird tumblr types who hate both Naruto and Sasuke but demand people love Sakura because 'IT'S NOT HER FAULT SHE'S BADLY WRITTEN AND BAAAW IT'S JUST MISOGYNY YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE HER FOR THAT' as if a character being written misogynistically (which honestly I don't even think is intentional, I just think the Kishimoto genuinely can't write and doesn't know much about women) means that you have to love and accept a shitty character because they're female.
>Sasuke fangirls who self insert as her (I think these were more common in the 2000s though).

I just hate the idea that people aren't allowed to dislike a badly written female character because they're in a cast of mostly men, Jenny Nicholson did a pretty entertaining video about this sort of thing for some Star Wars character that pretty perfectly sums up the whole situation of fandom liking female characters in 99% male stories because…they exist.

No. 1814827

This could be offensive in some way I cannot articulate but I've done much worse so live your heart's desire, continue on, Jesus artist

No. 1814833

Yeah, female characters in Shounen Jump series are horribly written. I don't know if it's an issue with the writers themselves or executives telling them to do so because Kishimoto was genuinely confused over why people hated Sakura so much because he thought he created the perfect female representation by writing an annoying bpd-chan crushing on the hottest guy in the Ninja class. He eventually replaced her scenes with Hinata who was the other extreme, a compliant waifu who had her void of a personality compensated with big tits post timeskip. As for Horikoshi (the author of BNHA) he seems to yuriship Uraraka with Toga now since she was suddenly given a lot more personality than she had when she was just "the nice girl Deku has a crush on" character, he must be kicking himself for being so restricted by the Jump framework.

>I just hate the idea that people aren't allowed to dislike a badly written female character because they're in a cast of mostly men

It's so fucking annoying because often those kind of token female characters are the worst written ones but noooo you can't bring up her lazy writing because we must support an imaginary scrote-written sister that doesn't actually exist.

>Jenny Nicholson did a pretty entertaining video about this sort of thing for some Star Wars character that pretty perfectly sums up the whole situation of fandom liking female characters in 99% male stories because…they exist.

Mind posting the video? I'd be interested in watching it.

No. 1814836

File: 1702723470442.jpg (264.89 KB, 2000x1953, tumblr_68af7cfdede26d9a2107cc2…)

>since she was suddenly given a lot more personality than she had when she was just "the nice girl Deku has a crush on" character
I dropped BNHA during season 2 but I remember she had a fight with Bakugo where she stood her ground pretty well which is genuinely super rare for female characters in shounen so I liked that, but I've also heard that after that she basically gets written into the typical love interest role which is a shame. It almost sort of makes me wonder if she had an arc that got cut out or something.
>but noooo you can't bring up her lazy writing because we must support an imaginary scrote-written sister that doesn't actually exist.
There was a poll on tumblr that was like 'victims of yaoi' that was meant to be female characters hated by fujos, but some of them weren't even hated by fujos (like the wife from breaking bad was there who I'm pretty sure is mostly hated by moids, I don't think fujos give a shit about breaking bad generally) and characters like Misa and Sakura.
>I'd be interested in watching it.
here you go!

No. 1814841

What the fuck is this list kek, isn't Amy Rose hated by literally every scrote in the Sonic fandom? Casca and Allura are both big fujo favourites too and Misa is only liked by mentally ill girls who think she's just like me fr. Seems like a whole lot of weird ass projection to be honest, if I didn't know better I would think this would be made by some seething moid angry that pretty boy characters get more attention than potential waifus.

No. 1814844

Go to back to your containment zone where you can talk about your brain-rot away from the rest of us.

No. 1814845

File: 1702724480722.png (218.47 KB, 604x866, tumblr_pb25vcDxvU1wrsv67o1_640…)

>isn't Amy Rose hated by literally every scrote in the Sonic fandom?
Yes, the only people who actually seem to like her are coomers and girls who self insert as her though.
>Casca and Allura are both big fujo favourites too
Is it mean that I stopped liking her when she broke up with Lotor? That might more just be because I was mad that my ship got wrecked and I didn't like Lance though.
>if I didn't know better I would think this would be made by some seething moid angry that pretty boy characters get more attention than potential waifus.
Most likely no since I found this list on tumblr.

No. 1814846

Why did you change STDs to brain rot? Oh yeah extremely unsubtle homophobia.

No. 1814847

File: 1702724692683.png (9.79 KB, 740x205, stds.PNG)

Kek, why didn't the STD comment make the final cut nonny? Too obviously XY?

No. 1814854

The biggest agents of socialization nowadays are family, school and media. Agents of socialization are people, groups, and social institutions that affect one’s self-concept, attitudes, and behaviors. I don't think much changed about families and schools, but things changed when it came to media, particularly social media.
Back then it was tv and a few websites. It was a passive form of entertainment and it affected children's and teenager's behavior. Teenagers follow the trends their peers engage in, look at TV and want to be like their favorite star. With technology, people can now choose what type of entertainment they witness. They don't just watch what's available, flipping through the channels and deciding this one was good enough. They have exactly what they need, what caters to their interests. Which creates an even stronger yet passive bond.
People also learn about what is important by their peer group and the community around them. That's the secondary social agents. However… In big cities, it's very difficult to develop a personal relationship with other people because there are too many people. Things aren't very personal, you don't know who to trust and due to the modern lifestyle, teenagers don't have many spaces designed for them specifically. Children still have places like playgrounds. Teenagers are more socially susceptible than children. Children rely on family, teenagers rely on peers. Because of the modern lifestyle, teenagers spend more time online. And with the added fact of "choosing whatever I'm interested in", it became even worse. Connection with people was replaced by connections with characters. People want to connect with someone about their interests, not just care about their interests alone. So fandoms are made. Since always teenagers want people who are similar to them, who they can look up to. I think it's healthier for them to change a character to look more like them in personality and appearance, rather than try to imitate a character. However there is an issue. People like "finding themselves" and feeling a sense of community because they feel accepted and because they enjoy learning more about themselves, so when they see a character similar to them they use that as a proxy to identify how they react to situations or they emphasize way too much with them. They're more inclined to change the character's appearance to match theirs more. The issue as I said is that they don't find people they relate to, real people, because of the modern lifestyle. So they stick to fiction instead. I have to say, the people you witness, who are so plentiful as you say, are people who wouldn't be on the internet so much if reality had something to offer them. For someone to anthropomorphize to such a level there must be an issue in their lives that prevents them from truly being present.

No. 1814856

Tell me how many people from villages or small countries who have an outside community do you see online on these fandoms? Then how many people you see from massive places like USA, Japan, england where the world is so large and unpredictable for a person so small?

No. 1814858

Nta but imagine whining about this like anyone in this site gives a shit about moids (gay or not) in general.

On the topic, I think anyone talking or looking for gay pairings in shonen is positively retarded. These stories are power fantasies written by japanese scrotes most of the time, be for real. Only reason they would "give hints" about a supposedly gay relationship it's to bait fujos for clout, then they drop it and marry the characters with women in the end.

No. 1814872

>Weird tumblr types who hate both Naruto and Sasuke but demand people love Sakura because 'IT'S NOT HER FAULT SHE'S BADLY WRITTEN AND BAAAW IT'S JUST MISOGYNY YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE HER FOR THAT'
Kek I remember seeing this exact point bought up in /m/ so many times

No. 1814906

I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with looking at old media and saying, "in today's standards, this character would be considered XYZ" (note that I'm talking about for things that are actually real), but a lot of zoomers can't process the idea of relating to experiences that aren't exactly the same of them. They flip out over the idea of resonating with an older story about a "white male neurotypical cisgender" and have the diagnose the character with obscure labels to make it palatable to them.

>I miss when people talked about the non-relationship/sexual aspects of media or fandom content more, or if they were talking about ships they could discuss the characters in-depth (without wholesale just making shit up, like how so much stuff is all 'headcanon'-based) and why they thought the ship was interesting because of that.
Same. The only ships I'm really into involve characters that are important to the story, and their relationship is intertwined with the plot. But that's too complex to talk about than "they're GAY WITH ADHD AND IN LOVE!"

No. 1814930

>Shinkai made the guy in Suzume a chair out of spite because he wasn't allowed to write a lesbian couple
What an awful decision, next he'll say that the couple has zero actual chemistry beyond "main pair need to pair up" too. I'm pissed because just when there was about to be another long-haired pretty boy of adult age in an animated movie besides Howl, they decide to turn him into a chair.

No. 1814933

>I miss when people talked about the non-relationship/sexual aspects of media or fandom content more, or if they were talking about ships they could discuss the characters in-depth
People still do it, the issue is that it's hard to see because of social media replacing forums and more direct conversations. I could post about a character's goal and motivations and backstory from a TV show or video game I enjoyed a lot on twitter and be ignored if I don't spam the same keywords and hashtags and if I don't add pictures to my tweets, meanwhile if someone wants to talk about ships it's very likely their posts online will be easier to find because of ship names being used as keywords to look for, and because you can easily post fanart and screenshots of the pairings you want to talk about. Social media really isn't convenient at all, and you'd think that what I said would make it easier to avoid spoilers at least, but that's not even the case.

No. 1814937

File: 1702737106713.jpg (239.1 KB, 718x1183, 2bce96d276d72032e231843763e587…)

>aren't female characters in shounen jump generally known for being badly written though? I've heard the editors literally encourage that form of writing.
It's a little different nowdays due to the trends of having simply more female characters (the reasons are various: waifus, trendy feminism, etc), so you will have manga like BNHA or Chainsaw Man give its female characters more relevance and personality than stuff from 20+ years ago, but at the same time you are not going to see said female characters in big major roles.
There are execption to the rules of course… but anyway, the major thing about shonen manga and especially Jump is editors and its target audience.
Be it Naruto 20 yrs ago or Demon Slayer today, either comic has been subjected to editors who uphold the magazine's rules. If you read a few of them you will notice that popular Jump manga has certain quirks to them, like the recognizable artstyles, the scrotey fanservice, the general presence of humor and sometimes toilet humor: most of these are not just the work of the authors but also suggested by their editors. Hirohiko Araki has gone to certain lenghts to explain, in his How To Make Manga book, that editors will work closely with the authors after approving their work and that an author just cannot bring certain things to a shonen magazine. He mentioned that one of these things is that female characters cannot outshine the main boys and that he had to fight hard to make JoJo's Part 6 a story about women. He also made the example of Lisa Lisa (if you nonas have read Part two and liked it there is a chance you will also like her): Araki wanted Lisa Lisa to have more dangerous fights (he did not specify them in the book but I can imagine might have wanted to pit her against vampires) but the editor explicitly put his hand forward and told him he couldn't do it because Jump's main demographic was (and still is even if it's Japan's most read magazine) elementary and middle school aged boys and thus female characters just can't be put in major fighting roles.
Araki also says that the pillars of Jump are friendship and hard work which made me think about the role of female characters in the magazine's publications… I'd say that for the most part, female characters in Jump exist from a male's pov and it's reflected in all of it: they are mothers, mentors, girlfriends, healers, love interests, sex appeal chicks… you are not going to find a female character in Jump who doesn't have one of the above traits.
I don't think it's necessarely a bad thing or something that will lead to bad writing, mind you, but that's because my reading scope goes beyond Jump. While Jump is not necessarely a doom pit for female characters they're still not the focus… the focus is the friendship between male characters and that's why so many young women read it.

I find that some male writers have still managed to write fun and meaningful female characters in Jump… I like all the women of Jojo for example, even Erina whose scope is being a nice girlfriend and then a gentle grandma. But to read Jump's manga and expecting women to be the focus is wrong and the sign someone must broaden her horizons. Yes there are exceptions to the rule but there are much better manga out there for female characters, it's like reading a manga magazine for girls and expecting to see intense fight scenes in every story.

It's also undeniable that Jump made some of its shitty writers worse, like Kishimoto with Sakura and anyone who isn't Tsunade. But again… it's Kishimoto who sucks at writing women. He's so bad at it even scrotes noticed.

No. 1814943

Shounen Jump is generally known for being badly written.
Kinda disappointed to come back to this thread and not seeing Eltingvillefags seething anymore.

No. 1814958

Yeah, I noticed this too. I hate Tumblr's culture but at least in the "main tag" for series you can find meta and serious takes, but most of my fandoms moved to Twitter and it's harder to find people who talk about characters in non-ship or "they're mentally ill and trans" headcanons.

No. 1814974

File: 1702741071296.jpg (454.58 KB, 2500x1400, 191015-reinforcement-bubble-ma…)

This may have been true in the past but I simply don't think it applies anymore, you have people who are terminally online and consume only a select portion of media and talk to only other terminally online people, it warps perception their perception of reality and people.

No. 1815014

File: 1702744792193.gif (1.6 MB, 400x226, 95a.gif)

>20 years ago

No. 1815057

>While Jump is not necessarely a doom pit for female characters they're still not the focus… the focus is the friendship between male characters and that's why so many young women read it.
Yeah, in short it is what it is. Shounen Jump will always be focused on male characters and their friendships while the girls at best get the role of supporting cast doing something cool just occasionally. I read shounenshit but I also get my fix of better female characters somewhere else, which is why I don't understand people dying on the hill of defending SJ females as peak writing. It's just a battle not worth fighting over, it's a waste of time.

Well, he didn't want to write the couple to begin with. He felt he had done what he could get out of the "boy and girl" story enough in his previous movies and wanted to create a new story about two girls falling in love, but the movie producers demanded another rehash of Your name and Weathering with you to avoid alienating audiences and getting more asses to the seats. He was apparently really pissed about it so he just basically trolled the fuck out of his producer with the chair stunt. I'll admit that I was bummed that the rare attractive bishounen got done dirty but when I read his interview about it I found it pretty funny.

No. 1815122

File: 1702750799838.jpg (634.85 KB, 1000x700, 1671406933912.jpg)

I kind of dislike how easy it can be to directly talk to writers and artists from all over the world because then they get influenced by retarded rabid fans when writing their next TV shows or books or games. But on the other hand if it weren't for this we wouldn't have had JKR telling us about wizards shitting in their pants and making the shit disappear with magic or Uchikoshi talking about his male characters' canon dick sizes. I feel conflicted.

No. 1815127

It was better when you had to write letters to them. Social media has been a disease for humanity.

No. 1815131

Exactly my reaction.

No. 1815142

I miss being a narutard in 2007. Time flies

No. 1815144

Social media has ruined so much. I feel like so many celebs should be seen, not heard. Now every single celeb is expected to chime in about current social war on their media, but only if they have the 'correct' viewpoint, or they will risk losing their jobs. I hate it so much

No. 1815170

Back when letters were the norm you had to learn how to express your thoughts and be polite while adressing the reader. Now kids grow up with twitter were people just spam memes and yell things at authors and artists. There is no basic politeness, I hate it.

No. 1815174

i remember sending a letter to a children's book author from my country and she sent an autographed book back and told me she was super happy i enjoyed the book. Zoomies will never have that.

No. 1815202

Why do zoomers refuse to integrate to old fandoms that existed even before they were born? it's genuinely not that hard, but they just have to make it about themselves, and worst of all, they get mad at oldfags for telling them they need to integrate. No wonder there are so many cases of zoomers bullying artists into sudoku, they are fucking unhinged.

No. 1815212

Not actively in the fandom, but watching new fans of Black Butler that are often teens proudly saying they're antis discovering what Yana's earlier works are is absolutely hilarious. Especially because by their own rules they now need to never interact with it ever again because otherwise they're committing internet crimes.

No. 1815258

I don't get it, did they somehow miss the obvious shota bait in Black Butler? It isn't like you even need to look into anything else to deem her too problematic by their standards.

No. 1815269

I guess it's missing the forest for the trees kind of thing? They think everything is so problematic that something that actually is what they claim it to be somehow doesn't register.

No. 1815277

Zoomers refuse to integrate in general. I'd rather not have zoomers in my older anime fandoms anyway, but with the shitty Trgun: gen z version, It's gotten more difficult to gatekeep. The only move we have left at this point is gate keeping older fandoms from them. I don't care how it makes them feel.

No. 1815285

File: 1702758765273.png (1.7 MB, 2048x1828, BhIOxSd.png)

basically what >>1810614 said, Ranma's recent minor re-emergence is driven purely by collective coom. On one hand, there are TIMs and porn-addicted men creating trangirl/TG Ranma porn. On the other hand, there are fujos and general shippers (in fact, I would wager that shippers outnumber the males). It is honestly annoying to see because none of it focuses on the martial-arts comedy that the series was originally about. Instead, it revolves solely around shipping dynamics and sex, neglecting all other aspects.

No. 1815304

kek i used to be friends with this girl who said ranma 1/2 was her enby awakening because she was sooo jealous of ranma's curse. right, of course she had those thoughts in the early 2000s when enby wasn't a thing yet. eyeroll.

No. 1815322

tbh I can see why teenagers could miss that if they're in the same age range as Ciel.

No. 1815327

he's 12 anon, people who call it problematic but choose to consume it anyways are over 16

No. 1815328

With the corset scene? No fucking way. Even as a 12 year old with no porn brainrot that registered very clearly for me.

No. 1815329

You'd be surprised, there are plenty of kids between 12 and 15 who are also saying this. It's a vision of horror.

No. 1815335

children that young should be watching bluey anyways

No. 1815347

File: 1702760616209.jpeg (34.58 KB, 749x239, IMG_5608.jpeg)

>Uchikoshi talking about his male characters' canon dick sizes
Uchikoshi is weird as fuck on twitter in general, there’s a lot of tweets of him flirting with Kodaka or having the politics of a 16 year old Californian girl

No. 1815352

All mangaka need to unlearn English immediately. With the way the Japanese are addicted to twitter it's a recipe for disaster

No. 1815372

That's a video game developer/VN writer. His games seem more popular in the West than in Japan nowadays so I'm not too surprised he's posting in English and talking about how Date's asshole is too small for Sigma's dick or how Date is good at giving blowjobs or whatever. Hideki Kamiya used to post a lot in English and always cared about the Western audience because he's a westboo as well but he doesn't hesitate to tell English speaking fans to stfu when it's necessary if he doesn't block them, I'd say he's doing the right thing.

No. 1815388

Western culture politics are like a disease that rots everything it touches.

No. 1815399

File: 1702762950608.jpg (82.72 KB, 960x720, hideki-kamiya-original-photo-1…)

Speaking of Kamiya, I just saw that he's taking the Kojima way out, and will probably make his own company.


No. 1815411

Kojima way or Inafune way?

No. 1815416

ngl I'm a bit worried about the next Platinum Games' projects since he left. We'll see what Kamiya will do in a few years I guess, since developing games takes way more time and money than it used to.

No. 1815528

>It is honestly annoying to see because none of it focuses on the martial-arts comedy that the series was originally about. Instead, it revolves solely around shipping dynamics and sex, neglecting all other aspects.
This is what modern fandom has become in general. I miss when shipping was a subfandom and were looked down on by the "elitist" genfic fans, because now shippers are the majority.

I was on forums in the 2000s where self-hating girls said they wish they had his curse and I watched a detransitioner video say this anime influenced her. NGL I do wonder what other old school anime has gotten this treatment. Are any anons into shows like Fushigi Yugi/Slayers/Magic Knight Rayearth/Escaflowne etc. know what's going on in this day?

No. 1815566

Maybe not as current as you want, but when I got into Escaflowne a few years back there was very little (active) fandom, and what there was was largely older fans who had been into it since the 90s. It did get a new dub but I don't think that drummed up as many new fans as they hoped. I went to a showing at a convention and for the only time I can remember (at a convention), I was the youngest person in the room.
There are almost certainly some pockets online who are weird about Dilendau, but I haven't encountered them.

No. 1815569

I think all of those series have their dedicated fanbase who have been such for decades, it's a nostalgia trip. I don't see younger people being interested in them because there hasn't been a reboot or anything new happening with them to spark interest in the original like what happened with Trigun or Devilman.

>I miss when shipping was a subfandom

There never was such time, shipping was a huge part of my fandom experience in the early 00's and it had been for others since BBSs were a thing. It just wasn't as visible to people not looking for it due to fandoms being more clustered in different communities than it is now.

No. 1815571

Actually, responding to my own post to ask: wasn't there an older online cow who claimed to have Dilendau as an alter (among multiple other anime boys?) I feel like I read that here.

No. 1815578

>There never was such time, shipping was a huge part of my fandom experience in the early 00's and it had been for others since BBSs were a thing.
That's true, but in half of my fandoms shipping was looked down on or it was contained to a separate BBS or subforum dedicated to that kind of thing. I used to think people who judged shippers were snobs who can't have fun, but now I get where they're coming from when I constantly see people only get into something for the ship potential over anything else.

No. 1815854

You need to stop hanging out in shipping only places.

No. 1815881

Kishimoto is just retarded. Sarada (Sakura's daughter) is even worse in terms of writing. Other shonen jump authors try, they don't always succeed though.

No. 1815912

>scroll scroll
>look we all have top surgery scars and are trans! LAUGH
Okay at first I thought it was schizo hyperbole from farmers having ptsd from sjw art threads then I kept seeing it in fanart. I think since gen alpha is leaning conservative we need them to grow up asap and start cyberbullying zoomers out of this cringy social contagion rapid onset gender dysphoria shit already

Somewhat related but I'm tired in general of the schizos with bad media literacy in every fandom. I've seen some shit about the author subconsciously agreeing with every villain they write or that you can't like villains, etc. Yes, retard. You mean the character explicitly stated by the story and the author to be an asshole was indeed a villainous asshole? Well, golly-gee, retard. Totally means the author endorses putting kittens in trash compactors and screaming racial profanities at racial minorities in public. You figured it out! Except, wouldn't a much better judge of character of the author exist in the reasonings and motivations of hero of the story?? But maybe I have tunnel vision because I enjoy 3deep5u villains as much as I enjoy cartoonishly evil mustache-twirling villains being evil for the sake of evil. It's fun.

No. 1816037

What fandom and/or character are you talking about?

No. 1816049

? I don't, that's why I'm talking about shipping leaking or taking over regular discussion. Read my post.

No. 1816322

File: 1702809383423.jpg (344.24 KB, 1080x1827, Screenshot_20231215_203034_Ins…)

This is not meant to be a racebait but why are there so many muslim girls/women into omegaverse and softcore porn romantasy on booktok/bookstagram? It's something that I've noticed recently. I know there are many yume/fujo artists from SEA online but they're usually not muslim.

No. 1816336

Muslim women aren't allowed to date men until they're married (don't ask how that works, it simply doesn't) so they fantasize about unrealistic things instead. Saying this from my own observations as an ex muslim fujoshi. I'm not a fujoshi because of that and I hate omegaverse but I've seen plenty of girls like that. It's not that different from the stereotypical middle aged married woman who reads harlequin novels I guess.

No. 1816338

This isn't true for the majority of Muslim girls, but what happens is that a lot of young Muslim girls are forced to stay at home all day and don't have much to do except be online. This situation, combined with sexual frustration and religious guilt, leads to these phenomena. However, it's not just limited to slash shipping or omegaverse; I was also into things like ddlg for a while, I had a friend who ran a BDSM/Rape fetish blog on tumblr and she had never even touched a boy her entire life.

No. 1816339

The same reason any other girl is interested in this shit really.

No. 1816344

Of course, yet for Muslims you'd think being into degenerate pornography or homosexuality would especially go against their religious values, especially with how hard Islam represses and controls women's sexuality.

No. 1816347

No. 1816352

Muslims are born into it most of the time, they have wants and needs like normal human beings so of course nerdy muslim women will see hot yaoi and think that's hot first and maybe berate themselves for liking it second because of their religion. And I'm sure for some of them there's that "it's fictional and not happening to real men so it doesn't really count" element as well, unlike muslim men who watch actual porn online or who pump and dump women before getting married to a pure, virginal, halal hijabi.

No. 1816354

Most people aren't super religious. They're still humans at the end of the day, no matter how much Islam may try to stifle normal desires and wants.

No. 1816367

If I was living in a society having to repress my sexuality and marry my cousin I'd use freaky female-made porn as my outlet too.

No. 1816390

I think a small amount of teens from a community that surpressed them is just going to act out and completely swing the other way. I saw similiar behaviour from teens from an ultra strict Christian high school I used to live near.

No. 1816403

>why are there so many muslim girls/women into omegaverse and softcore porn romantasy on booktok/bookstagram
not to argue but it sounds like you just have some kind of bias/assumption that no muslims are into freaky yaoi stuff so seeing some of them engaging in it publicly on social media makes you think it's a big thing specific to them or that it must have some special deep reason while if a white girl would be doing this tiktok it would just go unnoticed or get dismissed as just another horny girl doing her thing

No. 1816404

Its obvious why anon would be confused. Imagine being in a very strict religion that only allows you to mingle with your relatives and no one else of the opposite sex unless they’re marriage candidates with supervision or else you’re labeled as a whore. Adding the word white to what you’re saying doesn’t make sense either because white isn’t just Americans and other countries with a white population might have the same issue with conservative views on women and our sexuality. I’m sure Amish girls would also get gawked at here if they started posting about omegaverse shit but they’re not online compared to the massive wave of Muslim fujos flooding the internet

No. 1816409

>Imagine being in a very strict religion that only allows you to mingle with your relatives and no one else of the opposite sex unless they’re marriage candidates with supervision or else you’re labeled as a whore
obviously this is not the case with all muslims otherwise you wouldn't even be seeing any of them doing tiktoks of themselves gushing about a/b/o porn cause they'd be getting honor killed for it
>the massive wave of Muslim fujos flooding the internet
you sound a little deranged

No. 1816412

>obviously this is not the case with all muslims otherwise you wouldn't even be seeing any of them doing tiktoks of themselves gushing about a/b/o porn cause they'd be getting honor killed for it
nta and ex muslim here, you don't know what you're talking about kek. Plenty of young muslim women try to do a bunch of things without getting caught and they're very likely to not be taken seriously because it's just reading omegaverse as opposed to having irl premarital sex, and they most likely have no chance of getting caught by their boomer muslim parents on tiktok of all websites/apps. I learned English very quickly as a kid in middle school and started reading a shit ton of yaoi fanfics back then and whenever my parents would ask why I'm always on the computer (despite them not allowing me to go outside unless it's for school) I'd just say I'm pirating books for free to learn English, I didn't tell them I was reading about Sephiroth and Cloud kissing and they never gave a fuck, I'm sure these girls can also hide their hobbies in similar ways and just as efficiently.

No. 1816414

I know what you mean, I feel like it's way too common now to get into media only to draw ships. Sometimes it even goes as far as to turn the characters into caricatures of themselves to make it easier to force them into certain tropes and dynamics. I like shipping itself and think it's fun, but sometimes it's like everything is only about that. When people start a game and all they get out of it is "these characters are in a polycule" I get the feeling they must have porn brainrot and that's why they can't think of anything else. The polyamory headcanons or whatever are always the worst, usually it's because they don't even care enough about the individual characters to actually think what pairings could work, they all have to be fucking each other for some reason

No. 1816416

You sound based af, anon.

No. 1816421

kek thanks, but I forgot to say this worked only because my parents don't understand English at all and thought I was just very studious just to have good grades. I don't know if the anons asking themselves why so many muslim women are fujoshi into omegaverse or other tropes noticed that these young women tend to post about it in languages that aren't the most common ones in their own countries, or if they do because they're in first world countries with very widespread languages they avoid posting their faces.

No. 1816424

I wouldnt pay no mind to that anon. I think a lot of women in general from heavily oppressive or strict house holds. My friend from Asia also learned english at a young age and read a ton of BL/yaoi she hid from her parents. It's common place. The same way reason a lot of younger asian women are into kpop and use that as an outlet or form or escapism. This has happening for you. I hope you have an amazing and blessed day btw. Thank you for responding.

No. 1816425

>Imagine being in a very strict religion that only allows you to mingle with your relatives and no one else of the opposite sex unless they’re marriage candidates with supervision or else you’re labeled as a whore
Those are literally some of the horniest people alive once they're online lmao, are you okay?

No. 1816440

>they're very likely to not be taken seriously because it's just reading omegaverse as opposed to having irl premarital sex, and they most likely have no chance of getting caught by their boomer muslim parents on tiktok of all websites/apps
not trying to invalidate your experiences but you are making it sound like muslim (or any other religious group of) girls specifically get into fujoshit or kink stuff such as omegaverse as a substitute for just watching or reading normal porn and as a tragic consequence of their extremely oppressive culture/family, which doesn't really hold up to me since plenty of girls from all backgrounds are into the same shit. attributing fujoism to having some kind of a repressed sexuality crisis is a stretch, girls just enjoy it cause it's hot. the idea that muslim fujos in particular are suddenly "flooding" the internet is also very dubious. if freaky stuff like omegaverse etc would just be a cope/outlet for socially and sexually repressed teenage girls, all things like it would have been spearheaded by women from extremely strict religious backgrounds since the beginning. and that's just not the case. a lot more young people are probably just discovering these things as social media is growing and becoming more accessible and everyone's growing up on their phones now.

No. 1816447

I agree with you but I was only wording it like this because the OP was specifically asking about muslim girls. I was just explaining the thought process behind why a teenage girl or a young woman could become a nerd into BL and/or omegaverse despite being muslim. I did say in a previous post that since most muslims are born into the religion they're just forced into pretending they're pure and innocent before marriage but they're still normal people like everyone else so some of them can be into BL like non muslim women. I mean, I made a bunch of fujoshi friends irl who are from a lot of different countries, cultures and religion after all.

No. 1816951

Fandoms never truly die. No matter how old a piece of media is, there will always be new people getting into it and possibly making fan content.

No. 1816953

that's sweet to think about.

No. 1817002

File: 1702844624891.png (878.49 KB, 1440x900, Magnifico.png)

I think one aspect of how fandom culture negatively impacts media is how it leads to the prevalence of characters who are more collections of tropes, rather than fully developed characters. A good example of this can be seen in viziepop's writing, where the aesthetic often feels like a mishmash of costumes inspired by things the crew somewhat likes. Take, for instance, the way Moxxie's dad was portrayed; it felt like a Halloween party costume of a mafia boss, complete with slang hastily picked from a quick Google search. Similarly, Angel Dust's comes across as a sheltered teenager's misguided interpretation of how a pornstar is supposed to behave. As for a mainstream example, the villain in Wish felt like a hodgepodge of various popular tropes, without the writers realizing that these tropes created a character with conflicting traits, whose just confusing more then anything.

No. 1817973

Those three women? They're all my friends and I cherish them.

I had the privilege to receive a carefully written fan letter for my work and it was so courteous in a respectful distance. I didn't think I deserve it for all the single word comments I get on my webcomic page, if I get any at all, kek.

No. 1818051

According to a review of his MLP fan fiction, all the male characters (who are little boys) get raped by his trans-girl/intersex characters. Additionally, some commenters on Kiwi-Farms who have read his other work claim that while both his male and female characters are equally flat, the male characters exist solely to express viewpoints Jerry disagrees with, and then they are punched and easily defeated. and any male character shown to be "good" (according to his moral standards) is secretly "trans-girl" as well.

No. 1818102

>getting into another murder mystery video game series
>checking the posts about it on twitter and tumblr and fics on ao3
>almost no good art and almost no good fics
>almost every post is about how this or that character is a trans mooloomoo fakeboi
>the very few "meta" posts about the actual story are people pointing out things that are really fucking obvious that happen on-screen as if they were geniuses for guessing these things
>the writer himself is indulging in that shit, saying that a literal robot character who has no design, no role and no lines is nonbinary
>the guy won't stop talking about the main male characters' dick sizes and shapes on twitter
>almost everyone on twitter talks about "the" discord server and complains about muh transphobia
Why does it keep happening? Why? Am I personally targeted so I can never enjoy anything at all?

No. 1818116

>the guy won't stop talking about the main male characters' dick sizes and shapes on twitter
Kek, Uchikoshi?

No. 1818142

Well, if it's the game I'm thinking of it doesn't have a single cute male character so yes, you deserve this for having shit taste

No. 1818191

Yeah I just got into The Great Ace Attorney and as per Ace Attornet usual half the shit is fujo content infected by gender woowoo. Murder mysteries are cursed to shit fandoms because it's mostly gendies who play them nowdays.
It's worse when you're not into it for the boys or the shipping.

No. 1818192

Yes. It's baffling but at the same time I want a canon ranking that includes Ryuki.

No. 1818201

At least with Ace Attorney like 10 or 15 years ago it wasn't like that. At least not yet. Now I only follow Japanese and Chinese artists for Ace Attorney because they like pairings I like and I'm a fujo but they're not posting tranny shit on my tl. Not being a little bit of a fujoshi doesn't help tbh, I feel for you. I think everything went to shit when Dangan Ronpa became popular on tumblr in 2013 because of the Something Awful translation, right before it got the official PSVita release. I couldn't even avoid spoilers because of trans headcanons of a character that were purely based on spoilers.

No. 1818228

those aren't exactly meant to be highbrow tho.
disney was never good at writing, they've always done watered down adaptations of better stories
of course there's well-written cartoons and stupid adult books, but you're definitely not going to get elaborate writing and complex characters from the likes of viziepop and disney.

No. 1818450

I hate saying this but Vivziepop wouldn't get half of the shit she does if she were a man and half of the animation drama thread wouldn't be people complaining about her cringy cartoons.

No. 1818472

it makes me sad when people shit on vivizie's sparkle dog designs but then try to ''fix'' it by calartsifying it and turning it into a generic globohomo blob that would be safe by netflix or big networks standars. The only redeeming quality of vivzie is her dedication to animating her sparkle dogs with big anime budget animation. I cant believe her straight-out-of-deviant art demons vs angels with homosexuals and troons concept is the only modern western cartoon with SAKUGA.

No. 1818484

the state of western animation is just so sad. i hope 2D animation with actual passion behind it gets a resurgence soon. there have to be at least a few people who look back on old disney with enough nostaglia that they try to revive 2D films down the line. maybe even with anime going mainstream more westerners will try to push for 2D in western media.

No. 1818486

Uchikoshi is pozzed and a known Westaboo, I'm sorry nonna.

No. 1818493

I will never forget it when the anons constantly a-logging Vivziepop in the western animation cow thread were whiteknighting Jhonen Vasquez as the superior and "more professional" animator than her because "he kept his fetishes in check and didn't include it in his work unlike her" and also praised John Kricfalusi. An actual mask off moment.

No. 1818499

the western animation /snow/ thread is full of weebs who hate women. Don't get me wrong I think Vivziepops cartoons are cringey and middle school-tier but the nonas in that thread will defend Japanese shit titled I Can't Believe My Little Sister's Breast Grew Larger Because I Licked Her Feet because it has sovl. The art salt thread has the same problem a japanese scrote who only knows how to animate mouth flaps and boob jiggle will always be soulful and passionate but a female internet artist who animate sparkledogs will singlehandly cause the downfall the western animation industry and civilization as we know it

No. 1818507

you are talking out of your ass, not everyone in the art/western animation threads is the same person. I have posted vivizie before and got people agreeing with me that she gets shit on too much for her unique designs.

No. 1818509

They also unironically think any kind of diversity is "leftist brainrot" and any female character that isn't coomified perfect beauty is woke brainwashing agenda and every character they don't like is pedo/troon bait to the point their paranoia becomes mental illness.

>The art salt thread has the same problem a japanese scrote who only knows how to animate mouth flaps and boob jiggle will always be soulful and passionate but a female internet artist who animate sparkledogs will singlehandly cause the downfall the western animation industry and civilization as we know it

Kek agreed, it's baffling how many times in the artist salt thread someone posts pornified anime girls praising its artistic value and how they wish they were able to produce something as inspired and skillful. Both threads are infested with scrotes from /co/ and they rarely even bother to hide it.

No. 1818526

What are you talking about? generic girly cutesy uninspired instagram garbage gets praised every day on the art salt thread.

No. 1818574

Sounds like I'll just have to enjoy his games away from the internet. Thank god they're not online, multiplayer games at least I guess?

No. 1818607

Chinese artists get paranoid about being doxxed and reported to the authorities for using a VPN.

No. 1818720

Like I said, in DMC 5 Vergil looks very inconsistent, in some scenes he looks nice and others he looks fugly.
But at least Vergil is supposed to be 50 years old or something, Astarion is stuck in his 30s because vampire yet looks old.
So in your face borders on being unattractive, you just know the devs were so smug about him.

If he came from a Japanese studio I probably would have had different opinions.

No. 1818740


I mean back during the early 2010s a lot of yaoi spaces looked like "omg I'm Christian and don't supposed gay marriage but I love my yaoi sin babies"
Same thing
They separate fiction from reality. At the end of the day why is any girl into yaoi? Same reason. They're not some weird random specifies and I know you're assuming they're mega religious because of the headscarf but believe me for many it's a very casual thing.

No. 1818911

>"omg I'm Christian and don't supposed gay marriage but I love my yaoi sin babies"
wish we could go back

No. 1818999

NTA but I miss the old school/pre-Tumblr Ace Attorney fandom so much. I had so much fun on the kink meme and the Livejournal communities had interesting discussion that I wish I could've participated in. Now I just see people only knowing about canon via memes and being dead convinced that these characters in their 20s and 30s would use neopronouns.

No. 1819127

File: 1702976579638.jpg (36.71 KB, 584x492, FZNql_MXgAQP9Ix.jpg)

I can't do this anymore, nonas. I can't. 2023 fandom is completely unrecognisable. I'm trapped in a cycle of starting a new account, building up anxiety because my ships aren't perfectly 'unproblematic' and squeaky clean and inevitably deactivating all socials when the 'antis' come running for me. No, it's not paranoia, I have genuinely been harrassed before and it's horrible. I also got hit with an adult ADHD diagnosis recently which explains why I'm so oversenstive to 'rejection' AKA the harshness of fandom cults and interactions, and why I can't actually 'just ignore it' like other creators can. Old fandom was at least somewhat courteous, but I can finally admit that I am just not built for this anymore. It's genuinely a shame because I dearly love all the positives that fan communities have to offer, but I'm done. I'm so done.

No. 1819151

Consider taking a break, nonnie. Log off for a couple of months and see how you feel. I know that fandoms are so fun even with the current state of The Discourse but participating in a fandom is almost like an addiction, imo. A lot of it is based on FOMO and chasing clout and numbers (as well as making friends, of course) even if you're just a small time artist or writer on xitter and of course it causes massive anxiety when you feel like you have to walk on eggshells all the time. See how not seeing the latest fanart, meme or the fandom news (and drama) of the day for a while makes you feel.

No. 1819197

File: 1702987296414.png (4.82 MB, 1889x1749, CYFcAkb.png)

This is the same reason why I loathe bat-fam re-designs. Most of the bat-family main members are fit black-haired white guys. Good artists can usually depict the differences between them through canon. For example, Jason is taller and more muscular, Dick is fit but slimmer and usually has a slight tan, and Tim is the shortest of the trio but still capable. On the other hand, twitter artists do stuff like this.

No. 1819206

Every other character she made was just Angel Dust lite. Same personality, different name. But I think it's one of the characters she actually wrote well, where it would make sense he had that humor and vulgarity. If I had to change things, I would change the other characters but keep Angel Dust the same. She's only good at writing Angel Dust and maybe Charlie but no one else.

No. 1819207

I haven't seen helluva boss btw

No. 1819344

Possibly unpopular opinion but tiktok is so good for fandoms. The only problem is it’s not ideal for having in-depth discussions but I use reddit for that.
Never understood how or why fans flocked to twitter

No. 1819593

Could you elaborate? I avoid Tiktok like the plague so I have no idea what you enjoy about it wrt to fandom

No. 1819668

Tiktok? Are you sure, nona? AYRT and I'm assuming your reply is in good faith which is somehow even more baffling to me. My current impression of Tiktok fandoms is that of a bundle of incessant, screeching children who cannot hold a substantial conversation more than the average 10 second span of a video and have the most insufferable sense of 'humour' known to man. I'm barely an adult (19) and even I'm far too old for that shit already. Not to mention I did slip in that I favour ships that aren't so 'squeaky clean' and would probably send the lot into Chimp Rage: Activated - Select Doxxing Mode. In any case, do indulge me. What could you possibly find attractive in any of that?

No. 1819740

Nta but I like a lot of normie-tier jokes and "turn your brain off" humor. You can find a lot of that, but it depends on who you follow. I follow a lot of adults, so most of their jokes aren't about shipping, but just the content in general. It's more about what your for you page if catered to

No. 1819834

Thirding request for clarification - it sounds like you’d get the worst of everything wrong with fandom these days (the retardation of young people, the fragmented nature of Twitter, platform censorship)

No. 1820004

NTA but for most of the fandoms I saw on there, even the ones full of grown adults, they weren't much different from the average twitter and tumblr user (doing gender and sexuality headcanons, shipping shit etc)

No. 1820114


Tiktok fandoms for me is just character edits, with the occasional theory, I know they’re kind if cringy but i like them and they’re fun. It’s almost like you’re looking at fanart which was what I did on tumblr.

No hot takes, no discourse, no shipping fights.
I guess it all depends on how well you curate your FYP.

No. 1820122

not those anons but even in these types of videos the music always sucks, i'm sorry anon. i'd rather just watch classic amvs or pre-2014 youtube fanvids

No. 1820133

But I’m at peace instead of exposing myself to toxic and braindead discourse. I don’t even know what’s going on lost of the time unless I see it on LC now.
It’s objectively healthier than most of the stuff in this thread, for example, it’s the same bs that’s been going on for 10 years now.

No. 1820235

File: 1703034157215.png (424.96 KB, 960x749, 1683040654270.png)

what stops you from just owning it? we need more stacy artists that tell thembies to go keep themselves safe and proceed to draw moids getting raped with a cactus. You are your own enemy.

No. 1820299

Tiktok edits are sad, inferior simulacra of the superior AMV. Even pre-tiktok stan twitter edits are better than the tiktok ones

No. 1820303

I miss AMVs so much. Youtube deleted so many thanks to their anal copyright laws.

No. 1820304

Hate this. i miss true FMVs and youtube videos. Even vines are better than this

No. 1820305

Wow, this brought me back so much! My first ever Otakon was 2003 and I had that badge for such a long time before it got lost when I moved. I really miss the better, genuine times of nerds being nerds together. No cosplay fame bullshit. No social media. Thank you for sharing this. Otakon really doesnt feel the same at all since moving from baltimore to D.C.

No. 1820308

I envy you nonny. Being an oldschool weeb sounds so fun. Trannies, megacorporations making anime accessible to normalfags like crunchy and being nerdy becoming trendy sucked the fun out of everything.

No. 1820489

Nona, if I could I really, really would and I've tried, but I can't. It might seem absurd but Rejection Sensitive Dyphoria is a symptom of ADHD and I really cannot deal with mass harrassment, let alone mass criticism. It takes such a huge toll on my mental stability and the options are either a full withdrawal or a fullblown panic mode across my socials wherein I try to clarify myself over and over which just feeds the cycle of harrassment. That's why I always hate when callouts and video essays use disappearing accounts as evidence of their 'guilt' (usually for some innocuous bullshit that doesn't matter) when in reality there are a lot of people who just cannot handle the pressure and (thankfully) know our own limits.

Also, fandom attracts ND weirdos by nature, it just follows that half of them constitute the psychotic fans who spearhead toxic fandom culture in the first place and the other half are the autists who cannot withstand it, implode, and their ashes fuel the flame. It's a melting pot of mental retardation just waiting to explode at any second, and once I'd come to finally understand this simple fact, I made that initial post here before deleting it all (hopefully for good).

No. 1820490

what have you been cancelled over?

No. 1820501

Aw anon I'm sorry, I bet a lot of us feel the same way. I'm ESL and despite wanting to make more friends and grow a larger audience I stick to the small community in my own language because I'm too afraid of traveling outside of that circle due to the immense hostility and drama found from the wider anglosphere, using the common language of the world really subjects you to more exposure in both good and bad. The 90% of fandom participants are nice people but the rest really ruin it for everyone and once they get going it's a very steep hill for people to defend you and continue being your friends when everyone's accusing you of heinous things you didn't do. Some of the talented and nice people I follow have wiped their entire online presence as a precautionary measure after growing too paranoid of being cancelled one day over shit they did or said literally years ago, this kind of culture breeds and enhances mental illness in a very destructive way. In a world where everything you say or do leaves a footprint and anyone can just look it up even when you've long forgotten about it offers many opportunities for life ruination because you're not allowed to make mistakes and grow and learn as a person. Not to mention how everyone just isn't familiar with the anglocentric culture online and genuinely doesn't know all the social cues and history someone who grew up in the US does.

No. 1820804

All the members of Eltingville Club would be trans now.

No. 1820812

Oldschool weeb spaces felt more like the dumb "found family" concept zoomers are obsessed with than what they have made with fandom now, ironically. It was so easy to simply bond genuinely with others just by knowing they liked the same niche thing as you.

No. 1820826

damn this made me nostalgic for my teen days on livejournal where I knew all of my mutuals and we became international penpals after bonding over gay doujinshis kek, I still have a necklace and stickers that a girl from the philipines sent me

No. 1820836

Kek you’re right

No. 1820877

Nonnas, what are your honest thoughts on AO3 and its controversies for being 'anti-censorship'?

It's the one issue I can't make up my mind on. I'm not an anti or proshipper, both labels are retarded, but I'd say I'm mostly anti-censorship; I think people should be able to post things as they like, within reason. But horrific content is a fucking plague on AO3, I'm not talking about edgy fictional incest fics I'm talking about RPF of real teenagers (especially when Dream SMP blew up) and 'extreme underage' (involving TODDLERS.) Content like that is where I draw the line, I don't think it should exist at all. It has no real importance, there is never any goal but coom, I just don't see the point in it existing. But all that kind of goes against my being anti-censorship KEK. I don't understand AO3 staff's stance on it, that being that as they're an 'archive' they host EVERYTHING. Including RPF seems like such a retarded move on their part, I'm waiting for the day a celeb tries to sue because of it.

But the one thing I absolutely can't stand is those who equate AO3's entire existence with Kweer Activism and say you're homophobic for pointing out that this kind of porn isn't great for a website's optics. How have we regressed so far that even so-called 'progressives' are equating blatant pedo fetish material to muh kweer history that needs to be protected? Only in the past decade have people stopped equating being gay with being a predator and now people want to bring that back? It pisses me off.

What do you think? Antis are whiny children but this is the one thing I tend to align with them on, though I draw the line for content a lot further than they would kek. I have my fair share of 'problematic' ships, but surely a certain point is too far.

No. 1820907

i think people need to be shamed more so they stop putting their degeneracy on display like that. i remember being 16 years old and browsing my country's fanfiction website and the most shocking stuff was maybe some snape/harry darkfic with a rape scene or something. that was shocking enough for me. now everyone and their mom is into bdsm, noncon, incest and piss? give me a break.

there also needs to be a form of age verification, unless ao3 already has one - then it's just bad. i was already in my early 20s when i started using it but i feel like kids and teens can access the most degenerate stuff way too easily. which again leads to a bunch of virgin zoomers claiming to be into hardcore bdsm piss play incest garbage.

No. 1820909

I don't particularly care. AO3 is whatever you make of it because of the filtering system. I'm not into RPF so this probably does make a difference, but celebrities know what they are getting into when they make their images public. They know what certain fans will do and some even purposefully egg them on by "baiting". It's really easy to avoid, any celeb that sees RPF fiction sees it because they purposefully went onto a fanfiction site and searched themselves or a pairing. If they are uncomfortable with RPF, all they have to do is not go looking for it. So I don't care what RPF fans do, they're usually doing it to moids anyway. If celebs could sue for RPF someone would've done it now, but they can't as long as someone isn't making money off their likeness I think.

As for underage shit, I don't like it, but again you have to go looking for it most of the time anyway. AO3 was created specifically because "problematic" content was chased off other fanfiction sites, it is the degeneracy bunker. That is why they allow everything, it is their founding principle. It's best to have the gross stuff in one spot where it can easily be filtered out than on other sites where you'll run into it against your will imo.

No. 1820911

I relate, I hate antis just as much as proshippers but I have mixed feelings on it overall. I'd like to read more opinions on it. Even when I had an anti phase out of peer pressure, I was more concerned with people who write extreme content involving babies, corrective rape fic, or weird 4chan kinks like raceplay, than some weeb shipping twincest or a 17 year old with a 19 year old. I don't think fiction of those things are on par with real life crime/abuse, but I have a hard time believing people into that stuff don't hold views in that vein real life. It's a different issue than not being into kinks like BDSM or A/B/O or muting someone who likes my NOTP. I dislike noncon, incest, etc., but I think it can have some narrative importance if handled well and people can write content like that and disapprove of it in real life, but the extreme stuff that's pure fetish fodder I have a hard time seeing as "just fiction" the same way I don't see school shooter manifestos as solely "fiction".

>But the one thing I absolutely can't stand is those who equate AO3's entire existence with Kweer Activism and say you're homophobic for pointing out that this kind of porn isn't great for a website's optics. How have we regressed so far that even so-called 'progressives' are equating blatant pedo fetish material to muh kweer history that needs to be protected? It pisses me off.

This is what gets me too. "LGB = pedo" was a stereotype in the 00s and when I was in fandom back then, it was the heterosexual male neckbeards that were into lolicon/straight shota, but proshippers are defending fictional pedophilia as "queer expression" when it's not any more "queer" than any other genre. It's probably because the proshipper community from what I've seen is full of TQ porn addicts. Antis have shitty priorities (I used to know some who thought AO3 should be taken offline but thought "sex work is real work") but they're not wrong that a lot of proshippers have actual pedophiles/apologists in their ranks.

I don't think the rules of AO3 should change, but I think more people should utilize its software to make their own spaces. If the weird extreme underage/racist/RPF/etc. content was moved to their own obscure site where only creeps into that will see it, I think that would be a win/win for everyone. But for now we have to accept the good with the bad. It's like how we shouldn't ban free speech just because people will inevitably use it to say awful things.

No. 1820936

>This is what gets me too. "LGB = pedo" was a stereotype in the 00s and when I was in fandom back then, it was the heterosexual male neckbeards that were into lolicon/straight shota, but proshippers are defending fictional pedophilia as "queer expression" when it's not any more "queer" than any other genre.
It's because the entire discourse got muddied to hell and back. A lot of DDLG degenerates and actual pedos snuck into the proship community and started pressuring everyone to whiteknight child rape fiction as "it's either everything goes or nothing goes". Proships, being mostly women who just wanted to be left alone, were too afraid to really get a say in this so the narrative was spun around as "it's actually a queer awakening see I never had a childhood so by reading toddlercon rapefics I realized I was a transfem nonbinary catgirl". And to be fair, antis also had their share of groomers faking being "the good adult who doesn't consume that filth" and then pressuring underage antis into sending nudes or engage in sexual convos.

But that said, LGB fiction does get branded as pedophilic a lot. Just like the proship side of the debate was infested with unhinged porn addicts, the antis were co-opted by homophobic puritans to some degree. If you have ever noticed, they tend to have a problem with ships that are more traditionally homo-aligned and they get branded as pedophilic, incestuous, abusive, glorifying rape etc. while straight ships with similar dynamics or even a more problematic one get a pass. I've seen a lot of people freak the fuck out at m/m or f/f ships featuring two consenting adults and bend out of shape to call them problematic, but then turn around and gush about their favourite rapey homicidal moid character and self insert.

No. 1820938

i think fanfiction, even when it's extremely "degenerate" (very subjective term imo), is just fanfiction and ultimately harmless especially in comparison to other thing being spread online. i think anyone who gets super upset over any kind of fanfic needs to learn to use the tagging system for their own well being and maybe just focus on something else (or maybe use another platform than ao3?). and it's not just because i have a reductive view of fiction, it's also because fanfics, especially the most weird ones, are part of a very fringe culture and don't really have an impact. if you're gonna be mad about letters on a page/screen, at least be mad about published, known works that are popular and have a bigger audience.
>Including RPF seems like such a retarded move on their part, I'm waiting for the day a celeb tries to sue because of it.
i'm sorry but that would be completely ridiculous. look at all the hyper realistic deep fake ai porn being created and sold every day by moids, i think most celebs who give a shit would be more worried about things like that if anything.
>But the one thing I absolutely can't stand is those who equate AO3's entire existence with Kweer Activism
this i agree with. but i think this and other silly arguments like it is a result of antis making their anti-ism into a political standpoint to garner support. so the other side just starts doing the same thing accordingly and makes up their own retarded political arguments for why they should be allowed to post the content they like.

No. 1820992

We just need to tag things properly. I don't know why that's so hard. Who is the ship? What are the actions in the ship? it's so easy to do, but in the last few years people are purposely not tagging shit right and people get mad, because no one wants to read tranny porn except degens.

No. 1821019

>If the weird extreme underage/racist/RPF/etc. content was moved to their own obscure site
AO3 is that weird obscure site though. It's just not as obscure anymore because it's the one fanfic place that has a good tagging system.

No. 1821032

this. the degens did make their own site. the others just followed them after they left instead of improving their own site. i hope ao3 staff never gives in to these people demanding censorship

No. 1821060

i completely agree nona

No. 1821064

>A lot of DDLG degenerates and actual pedos snuck into the proship community and started pressuring everyone to whiteknight child rape fiction as "it's either everything goes or nothing goes". Proships, being mostly women who just wanted to be left alone, were too afraid to really get a say in this
A lot of social justice issues we're dealing with now are from the progressive side being too scared of "gatekeeping" and drawing lines in the sand, IMO. So it just becomes all or nothing, either "so open minded your brains fell out" or rebranded fundie Christian "sin" mindset. I'm honestly shocked that a lot of proshippers are too wrapped up in their right to jack off to dubcon twincest to notice that actual pedophiles have taken advantage of their rhetoric. One of my peak moments was I saw a lot of proship discourse accounts support Protasia (modern NAMBLA organization), who tried to defend a website taken down by an actual sex offender that had stories about babies and incest as something no different that AO3, even though it was taken down because the creator also hosted a forum that exchanged CP behind the scenes.

>And to be fair, antis also had their share of groomers faking being "the good adult who doesn't consume that filth" and then pressuring underage antis into sending nudes or engage in sexual convos.

Yeah, that's why I can't fully be on the anti side either aside from liking ships that aren't completely wholesome. A lot of them are wolves in sheep's clothing, kinda like how repressed conservative religious people are. Or a lot of antis are complete hypocrites by being into "problematic" series like horror movies or Black Butler but tearing apart the fanwork. Or how when I was in original art circles, people would flex over how their OCs are literal serial killers but "at least they're not transphobic".

>But that said, LGB fiction does get branded as pedophilic a lot. Just like the proship side of the debate was infested with unhinged porn addicts, the antis were co-opted by homophobic puritans to some degree. If you have ever noticed, they tend to have a problem with ships that are more traditionally homo-aligned and they get branded as pedophilic, incestuous, abusive, glorifying rape etc. while straight ships with similar dynamics or even a more problematic one get a pass.

I agree with you, but I also think it depends on the fandom. A lot of antis in my fandoms also railed against Reylo or girls who shipped their self-inserts with canon characters who were older men just as much as they railed against gay ships with a slight age gap. The "queer" antis were ironically the most homophobic because they kept eating their own and raising the bar on what was "acceptable representation", even if it was written by an actual LGB person.

No. 1821070

I think anyone who defends RPF of actual children is a pedophile. I think the one rule ao3 needs to implement is no actual pedophilia. I would say no racism, but then people would say no homophobia or transphobia, so I don't care. I never see them anyway. I think proshippers who call ao3 "queen history" are nerds and never grew out of their Tumblr phase. But I also think antis who purposely read fanfics they hate just to complain about them need to stop being babies. Don't like don't read should stay consistent, but the site would benefit from a report button

No. 1821073

File: 1703101999690.png (79.97 KB, 1417x500, I8u5EO9.png)

A03 has an issue "child erotica" hosted on their site, usually tagged under the LGBT+ tags, you can literally type any child actor's name in their search engine and you'll find written child porn, this is something you can't just let be cause the puriteens are are getting mad or whatever, it should actually count as a crime.

No. 1821075

I agree. Once your start censoring some things, it eventually spreads. I'd rather just put out proper tags, warnings and disclaimers. I'm tired of having to parent thing online because retards cant distinguish between fiction and non fiction.

No. 1821079

as much a dislike this, you have to take this up with the government rather than ao3 staff. the underage tag exists for a reason, filter it out

No. 1821080

I hate the word puriteens so much. I've seen grown adults get called that by Fandom discourse accounts just for criticizing western tv shows before

No. 1821081

NGL, I notice even proshippers who like underage of 2D characters are drawing the line on this. Sexually explicit fiction of real life minors is considered CP legally, that's how Shadman got in trouble for drawing the girl from Logan and Keemstar's daughter when his other art didn't cause legal issue. IIRC you can get RPF of underage actors removed if you e-mail the AO3's staff about it.

No. 1821085

The issue is the fact that it's even allowed. Why let it be posted in the first place?

No. 1821088

Likely because AO3 is a huge site and anyone has volunteered has talked about the issues with the staff, so vetting everything uploaded individually will take too much work. AO3 still hosts anything legal in US, and this wouldn't be, which is why it needs to be brought to their attention.

No. 1821093

>Sexually explicit fiction of real life minors is considered CP legally
Isn't that only if it's drawn? Is there a case of a person getting in trouble for only writing a fictional story about a real-life minor?

No. 1821094

It's difficult because I feel like people bring it up off handedly in tweets, but no one has started a big movement to really get that stuff taken down. And I mean on either side of the "shipping argument". Ao3 shouldn't be fully shut down for this, but it should make a better effort to pay attention to what's being posted. That's content made for actual pedophiles

No. 1821109

>A lot of social justice issues we're dealing with now are from the progressive side being too scared of "gatekeeping" and drawing lines in the sand, IMO.
Oh definitely, it's an issue with a lot of female-centric communities as a whole. Women are rarely allowed to set boundaries because we get flooded with rape threats, doxxing and dogpiling if we do, and a terminally online pedo male with pronouns on bio is one of the most unhinged enemies you could make.

>Or a lot of antis are complete hypocrites by being into "problematic" series like horror movies or Black Butler but tearing apart the fanwork.

The archetypal "anti" sperging about other fujos being evil rape addicted fetishizers while reading the content they created is a meme in itself.

>The "queer" antis were ironically the most homophobic because they kept eating their own and raising the bar on what was "acceptable representation", even if it was written by an actual LGB person.

Exactly the issue. In my experience those "queer antis" were just thinly veiled homophobes themselves identifying as whatever and later down a line I feel like a significant number of them got a boyfriend and turned trad for him. Like how detransitioners notoriously make a 180 into full right wing advocates.

No. 1821110

samefag and I looked into it and the only case I can find that isn't super ambiguous on written works is this one https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_v._Dalton
The gist of it is that he was writing graphic stories about fictional children but he was also previously charged with possession of actual csam/csem. This also happened in Ohio because of a specific Ohio law. AO3 runs on New York law.

No. 1821115

File: 1703103713117.png (378.35 KB, 700x760, nyenhungover2.png)

I've been getting into Ranfren lately and my god is the fandom abysmal. It's just full of the most mentally ill art of self-harm and trannies. I thought about making fan content for it but I don't think I want to deal with the obviously very mentally damaged teen thembies who make up the fandom. Is there even anybody in the fandom who is somewhat normal (i.e. someone who is not a self-harmer/tranny)? Makes me ashamed to even like Ranfren in the first place kek.

No. 1821121

well, the comic itself is like that, so

No. 1821136

There are only so many times I can bear to see the same repetitive fan art of Randal with cut marks across his arms à la #shtwt especially when the series is more than just that.

No. 1821214

Yeah this, I don't know what anon expected from the fandom a comic like that attracts kek

No. 1821316

anons this is not illegal under any law (and I don't understand why so many believe it is), that's why it's allowad, if you email ao3 staff they will simply state that it is not against their guidelines.

No. 1821344

wdym these girls writing fanfiction aren't literal pedophile ring child porn peddlers on the deep web (ao3)??

No. 1821348

didnt they cancel the author already? kek

No. 1821364

>and I don't understand why so many believe it is
They unironically spend too much time on twitter. It is gross but if written cp was illegal Stephen King would be in jail rn.

No. 1821380

I think it's embarrassing and annoying how much of a chokehold fanfics have on fandoms.
Because of how degenerate fanfic writers get it's hard to implement censorship, where does it end and where does it stop? You can't really cry pedophilia when I'm so certain that a lot of the stories are written by minors, would you cry pedophilia because of the "my mum sold me to 1D" stories? Probably goes for a lot of the other fucked up stories they're probably written by teenagers.

Fans get very rabid in order to slander against ships they don't like you'll get all sorts of isms because of it. I think a manual system to check fanfics will probably be too taxing for AO3 and hiring volunteers will just lead to trouble.

I also don't understand what an anti or proshipper is and why it relates to problematic ships.

No. 1821402

sadly, it wasn't enough. the fandom is still retarded and mentally ill.

No. 1821421

what did they cancel her for, wasnt she a fellow tif?

No. 1821448

it was a whole slew of retarded accusations that she made racist and nazi drawings. off the top of my head, i remember they called her ratmen characters asian stereotypes and found her old art, one which contained a swastika in it. nyen, one of the catmen, used to be all-black which made him look like a blackface caricature. it was a whole lot of fucking nothing and howdie, being in her 30s, rightfully ignored it which infuriated a lot of the twitter mob.

also, she has never come out as a tif herself and just says any pronoun is fine with her. she definitely supports trannies though and has tranny friends.

No. 1821453

I don't think you can really "cancel" artists on Twitter if they just keep drawing and ignore the controversy.

No. 1821467

i cant get into ranfren because its too tryhard. I was hoping it was something like tkmiz for women, but it's just your generic y2k larping zoomie that makes the same quirky lolsurandom jokes.

No. 1821492

Howdie isn’t a zoomer lol.

No. 1821497

she has that same tryhard humor as zoomers, i saw nekoarc saying something lolsurandom and had to quit

No. 1821512

I pretty much only like Ranfren because it appeals to my terrible fujo tastes. The comic sucks shit and I don’t like the zoomer-type humor but it has its moments.

No. 1821653

i love howdie's art but the comic is so nonsensical and hard to follow i couldnt even read it. maybe im just retarded idk

No. 1821679

Imo when it comes to rpf of minors it has it's own seperate issue of defamation. The biggest damage would be to the kid seeing that and being connected with that, no?
With fictional characters, it's different.

No. 1822041

I understand it's not legitimately illegal, but I wonder why it's allowed at all. It should at least be against their morals as people to not host that content

No. 1822063

Double posting to add but this is about real child porn, not fictional characters

No. 1822144

It doesn't constitute as child porn under New York Law though. Also to reiterate, AO3 was made for degenerate works therefore they don't care how degenerate, as long as it's legal under New York law.

No. 1822190

It's not you. Howdie sucks at paneling and should seriously learn to use some more line weight variation to her work. Her comic is shit mainly because it's an incomprehensible mess. I like the art style too but it always takes me a moment to comprehend wtf is going on between panels.

No. 1822996

No. 1823093

File: 1703180572041.png (2.1 MB, 605x4271, FeGdXwAcU5.png)

genuinely what causes someone to type shit like this without a hint of irony or dying of cringe.

No. 1823149

I don't care if women write porn about underaged anime boys but if an adult gets off to fanfics about real children they are a pedophile. I know that it's technically not illegal but I'm still gonna call adults who write/read explicit fanfics about real children pedophiles

No. 1823188

>but I wonder why it's allowed at all
because ao3s whole mantra is to not censor anything even if it's morally deplorable

No. 1823206

That will come back to bite them one day

No. 1823231

it would bite them harder to start censoring things
I find the amount of rape/noncon abysmal but in queer/women sites like these as soon as you give the mob an inch they will take a mile

No. 1823262

Thinking about it, I don't even think moids call their waifus "baby girls" as much as these.

No. 1823266

File: 1703189584006.mp4 (2.36 MB, 960x1706, ymAYgeV.mp4)

No. 1823291

>unironic use of queer
go back, also policing fictional rape is different from policing non-fictional child rape stories

No. 1823444

NTA but I interpreted her use of "queer" in the way that's what a lot of fandom/art spaces call themselves. Not in a "this is a real and valid label" way.

No. 1823458

I would just say women only spaces because we all know the only "men" in those spaces are tifs. And lesbians or bisexual women just count as women. Not trying to police anybody here though, was taking a non-serious jab

No. 1823889

true, the idea of canon ever came from religion

No. 1823894

I've always been jealous of how Christians and non-Christians can draw Jesus with minimal backlash

No. 1823918

wasn't he a pedophile?

No. 1824128

File: 1703249202100.png (987.58 KB, 991x756, 6LLeus7.png)

>shipping was a huge part of my fandom experience in the early 00's and it had been for others since BBSs were a thing. It just wasn't as visible to people not looking for it due to fandoms being more clustered in different communities than it is now.
Shipping was important, but it didn't subsume every other character's aspect. I want to use the example of the recent re-popularity of Ranma. Previously, the shipping was between akane x ranma (the actual canon ship) and some fujos shipping ranam x ryoga. That was usually the extent of the shipping. However, now everyone gets shipped with everyone, not based on canon interactions, but based on what people project as an aesthetic. So, a recent popular ship is female ranma x shampoo, because it's allegedly "toxic yuri"

No. 1824168

>Shipping was important, but it didn't subsume every other character's aspect.

>Previously, the shipping was between akane x ranma (the actual canon ship) and some fujos shipping ranam x ryoga. That was usually the extent of the shipping. However, now everyone gets shipped with everyone, not based on canon interactions, but based on what people project as an aesthetic. So, a recent popular ship is female ranma x shampoo, because it's allegedly "toxic yuri"

TBF, "crack shipping" (either pure shitposts or "crack taken seriously"/"ships that pass in the night") were a thing in the 2000s but they were treated as just for fun or a niche. I actually kinda like rarepairs or never-met shippings if thought is put into them, but so often it's just randomly shoving two characters and forcing them to fit within the tropes. That's also always existed, but it turns into the same tropes ("toxic yuri", "babygirl (male)", "girlboss", "queerhet where the woman pegs the man") but with different characters.

No. 1824169

File: 1703252817428.png (79.26 KB, 1036x471, barf.png)

dark fantasy and its consequences have been devastating to women

No. 1824255

There is no way this is real.

No. 1824265

>I just hate the idea that people aren't allowed to dislike a badly written female character because they're in a cast of mostly men, Jenny Nicholson did a pretty entertaining video about this sort of thing for some Star Wars character that pretty perfectly sums up the whole situation of fandom liking female characters in 99% male stories because…they exist.
This is such a huge issue in current day fandom! I'm a big Star Wars fan (and an Obi-wan fan) and I remember when that awful shit show that was Kenobi. No one was allowed to critic Reva, who was the most annoying, pointless character to exist (she actually almost breaks canon in A New Hope by meeting Luke??) it's so good. But if you dare speak up against her, you were labeled racist or sexist. I hate it.

Only time will tell. Hoping it's the Kojima way, since I haven't heard anything about Inafune since Blood Curse came out.

No. 1824812

File: 1703280077657.png (109.57 KB, 748x503, k90889s.PNG)

How far gone do you have to be to be doing proship vs. anti discourse about a DreamWorks movie, these people would defend brony porn artists if they could

No. 1824816

File: 1703280342117.png (227.51 KB, 679x520, tumblr_5b40a33d1cdec1dd5412a28…)

Oh my god its that one person kek

No. 1824833

Can't believe she's been at this for half a decade. Having a discourse twitter account as your main hobby is sad

No. 1824838

I mean, is she wrong? I personally think that both have broken the barrier of cringe but I understand where she's coming from.

No. 1824840

I think you are more retarded if you watch a kids movie and come out going "incest rocks! i'm gonna post about this on twitter" than if you told those people to off themselves

No. 1824845

I agree only if this is in passing and the person telling them to kill themselves isn't addicted to participating in fandom drama.

No. 1824851

She's not wrong, go back to twitter and take this retarded discourse with you. If it was 2011 people would've been telling oncest shippers to KLL THEMSELVES GODDAMN PDO PR*SHIPPERS

I don't really see what's so weird about this, learning to sympathize and understand different people through media is why inclusiveness is favored in anything targeted at adolescents. I presume she was in her teens watching this and growing up in a homophobic household so it's not something completely outlandish and cringe.

No. 1824852

You really don't need to be defending this person she's a certified retard who's spent every waking moment of the last several years fighting on Twitter about fandom retardation

No. 1824860

I think you're yourself way too involved in this fandom retardation being so pressed about some Trolls movie ships of all things kek, spend that energy getting angry over edgy moids drawing porn of child actors.

No. 1824862

Not everyone you reply to is the same person retard, im not "pressed" or whatever you think i am

No. 1824899

who cares, this so stupid.

No. 1825010

Why has this thread turned into you autists participating in the dumb proship fights rather than observing and analyzing it from a non-engaging perspective? This is on topic to the thread

No. 1825020

Because it's never "observing and analyzing", the OP has clearly picked a side and seethes hard about it. Nobody wants to see this chronically online "antis vs pros" brainrot on Lolcow, it always devolves into underage twitter users trying to make the evil terf site into their personal army and undercover moids grabbing the opportunity to bitch about women.

No. 1825035

Because we've been invaded by actual anti-ship/pro-ship twitter transplants

No. 1825049

Then it should be removed from the thread description. And no one was seething about it other than the anons who got mad about the screenshot

No. 1825160

at least the incest troll shippers provide good quality autism to laugh at, the other ones are just annoying and are doing it because they have no personality besides moralfagging. I will take an autist over the people that ruined the internet and fandom as a whole

No. 1825182

I remember when people online saw things like "troll incest shippers", they just laughed at it if they didn't like it, instead of morally crusading against it.

No. 1825196

i will never forgive moralfags for cowtipping homie

No. 1825201

No updates on that either huh

No. 1825204

i hope homie comes back one day and blesses us all with her weird amputee vent art

No. 1825207

The milk was good while it lasted, tho it only lasted for like 2 days

No. 1825212

File: 1703295003531.png (593.33 KB, 601x725, cancer.png)

I don't know if this is drag or tranny speak but I never want to see this shit again
this better get wrapped up quickly and cringified and whoever says it exiled from society like the people who still make ohio jokes

No. 1825214

Stop posting the most boring screenshots on earth

No. 1825215

>generic coomshit anime woman from chinese spyware gachashit n52800551
when will men develop taste

No. 1825225

File: 1703295863912.jpg (153.36 KB, 1079x1054, Screenshot_20231222_140502_Chr…)

t. never

No. 1825227

>"fandoms need more gay moids that are interested in femslash"
…why though

No. 1825234

Fandoms currently already suck partly both because of that exact demographic and the faghags who kiss the ground they walk on but them being into femslash on top of that actually somehow will make fandom worse
Can you even imagine how a gay male would write lesbian fanfiction?

No. 1825239

Gay men don't even write gay fanfiction, why would they write femslash? Shipping is a female hobby

No. 1825248

"gay men" aka Aidens aka Straight Women… right OP?

No. 1825251

the current tumblr humor is just saying random words to create the most shocking or controversial sentence. OP and everyone who reblogged wouldn't even care if gay men got into femslash but it's a slightly weird statement for someone outside of their bubbles so they say stuff like this so they can flaunt their quirkyness

No. 1825252

Nta but then post your own

No. 1825258

why does tumblr keep shadowbanning me

No. 1825267

Why do these retards all talk the same?

No. 1825272

Autism echo chamber

No. 1825294

I can count on one hand how many (actual) gay men I met in fandoms and they generally only care about bara or individual male characters. I know this is a shitpost but this wouldn't happen and we know why.

No. 1825297

Not gonna get into a backstory, but I agree with you. IME, gay scrotes in fandoms don't even give much fucks about any lore to even write a fic. They just fixate on hot male characters and draw some porn kek

No. 1825337

tumblr doesn't really have a meaningful algorithm if you arent getting notes its more likely because people just dont want to reblog your posts

No. 1825444

Because this thread attracts underage twitterfags like flies to shit.

No. 1825548

I think it's a very big shame when children's media fandoms get infiltrated by people who have fetishes for the characters or whatever. We all saw what happened to My Little Pony and how that turned out.
I think a lot of people agree that children's spaces on the Internet (namely video games and educational sites) are going extinct, but honestly I think children's media/spaces actually being for kids died a long time ago. My Little Pony was the beginning of the end.

No. 1825588

Nonnies… this is pretty obviously satire on OP in picrel's part, and I'm surprised that none of you have clocked that because the post is actually hilarious once you realise it. It's just classic Tumblr humour of phrasing a thing like an idiot would say it and letting the stupidity of the words speak for itself without adding any context. (AKA it's obvious that no gay man would ever give a fuck about yuri).

No. 1825665

I'm glad this thread exists because it is a containment thread for… all this. Everyone is like a mini cow here. A calf, if you will. It's funny to observe

No. 1825668

I can count the pixels one by one in this image

No. 1825703

Can't people be normal and say normal shit about Fire Emblem Fates? Or is it illegal?

No. 1825810

Childrens shouldnt be on twitter nor on fandoms, fandoms are for grownups

No. 1825817

That nonna also neglected to realize that online children's games and educational stuff is now in the form of apps. There is also still shovelware video games being made for children like the gen 5 mlp game and paw patrol games.

No. 1825838

No they shouldn't, but that stuff leaks out and this isn't about Twitter specifically. And also, making or talking about something on one site doesn't mean it will never go outside of that. I do agree kids shouldn't really be online like that but that's not really reality unfortunately.
>fandoms are for grownups
I guess this depends on what you consider a fandom.
How many kids are actually using those kek. They're on TikTok. I guess Roblox and Fortnite are popular but that's it and afaik Fortnite isn't a kid's game.

No. 1825840

I shudder the thought.

No. 1825841

Pretty much this. My little sister isn't allowed to use the actual net. We have a spare phone with YT kids installed and a few children's apps. She gets it for an hour and then we take it back. I don't think it's possible to keep kids tech free nowadays but parents need to keep a very tight leash on them in terms of online access

No. 1825842

File: 1703346997557.jpg (74.34 KB, 550x680, GB_kdEwWwAA_C0E.jpg)

everyone praising him as if he's sooo progressive when all he did is set her up for harassment. I hate race-swaps so much, an unnecessary virtue-signal that weakens media. People are so obsessed on representation, as if real life doesn't matter anymore

No. 1825843

File: 1703347006822.png (1.84 MB, 1170x1134, 1703018250211.png)

Well color me surprised cuz I have been japed by it. I guess it's poe's law in action, kinda like picrel.

No. 1825855

Is that something people have actually been saying?

No. 1825856

Race swaps are a set up. I feel bad for the girl, but she was literally taking the place of a blonde haired white character. It's doing them both injustice.

No. 1825857

What the hell is a relationship escalator? Also how can anyone take this seriously, everything about this image screams parody

No. 1825861

I dunno, I kinda wanna believe in muslim lady with a hook for a leg (she's a pirate captain) with several harems.

No. 1825865

File: 1703348052092.jpg (88.89 KB, 600x300, Wasabi-Damon-Wayans.jpg)

Race swaps are even worse when you can't say anything or else you're deemed racist. Wasabi from Big Hero 6 was race swapped to a black dude, when the character was already Samoan. When do we ever get samoan characters in films?? Everyone was supposed to be asian in some way, so that's the biggest bullshit to race swap him.

No. 1825873

File: 1703348422861.png (499.97 KB, 422x631, Grover_Underwood.png)

Honestly, all the race swapping complaints about Percy Jackson were ridiculous to me. It's been a series where there's a lot of different races for a while. I know it's been considered woke but I think it's silly that this is what caused the most outrage. Grover was also raceswapped but people only feel a need to attack and complain about the young girl.

No. 1825875

>Also how can anyone take this seriously, everything about this image screams parody
You'd be surprised at how many are tricked by things like these.
It's not even that people are stupid, it's just that everyone so used to seeing stupid shit from kweers that even obvious parodies can appear sincere.

No. 1825876

it wouldn’t have been that bad if they gave her blonde hair and grey eyes. but to be fair, none of the characters look like their book selves besides grover.

No. 1825878

but doesn’t the book say grover has brown skin?

No. 1825879

It's even worse because the actors are like 14 year olds. Obviously the people harassing her are even more deranged considering her age but at the same time if you know raceswaps end in harassment 99% of the time then why go through with it? I personally don't care about raceswaps but it just seems sadistic to me, all the hate gets offloaded to the actor but the creator reaps the benefits of being seen as progressive. Also it's pretty ironic how one of the biggest complaints of the movie was that the appearances weren't canon-compliant but none of the 3 in this TV show match the book descriptions.

No. 1825880

as someone who grew up in a Muslim home, I agree. Most parents don't the internet as a dangerous or weird place because it's better than having a "whore" for a daughter. But of course, no one cares about the gang-banging or drug dealing Muslim men, but god forbid your daughter wants to go bowling with her friends or extracurricular activities. I wish more people shamed Muslim parents for this neglectful practice.

No. 1826083

Why do people feel the need to turn kids shows into porn, or even watch them for that matter? Kids should be able to look up something like MLP on Google without getting exposed to porn. Not everything needs an adult fan base, especially the 2023 Trolls franchise

No. 1826175

They love the idea of ruining childhoods especially Reddit-tier millennial men. Also fetishists know they have to indoctrinate kids into their fetish in order I get a fresh supply every generation.

No. 1826183

Didn't the author choose her?

No. 1826189

He did, but Rick riordan is pozzed and can't go two seconds without virtue signalling

No. 1826441

The game sucked even without the controversy so I don't blame people for not having anything normal to say.

No. 1826537

It's tiresome engaging with fandom content nowdays. People are to sensitive to edgy humor/shitposting, everything turns into a moral crusade, people treat shipping as a political stance, most of fanart is ugly and about how heckin trans and valid the characters are. People don't know how to analyze or discuss content anymore, if I want to discuss headcanons about characters, I want to think about things related to the plot and the character, I don't care who fucks who or what niche micro identities they have. I only follow asian artists now, because they post their art and don't sperg about their personal issues, treating their page as an open oversharing diary like western artists do. It's sad to see how it turned into shit, I used to have a lot of fun as a tween/teen on deviantart/tumblr in the late 00's-early 10's. I miss when the internet wasn't this capitalist hell hole of influencers and ads, maybe that's what killed fandoms.

No. 1826606

I feel this so much. I see small pockets of people making personal websites and journals on LJ-offshoots to post their feelings, and that's the closest thing I've been able to find similar to "the old days". But those are mostly talking with yourself than interacting with others who feel similar.

No. 1826633

whats easier, to stop adults from doing whatever they want with their free will, or to not let your fucking children get exposed to that? people used to make hate sites with drawings of demon barney in the 90s, it's not stop anytime soon. Just dont let children use the internet, it's as simple as that.

No. 1826635

If you are drawing porn of a kids cartoon, it's obvious the main audience and consumers of that media are going to be kids. You can't be shocked when people call you retarded for it. It's as if you'd watch a show like bluey and come out saying you want to see the blue dog fuck, and then getting upset when people call you autistic

No. 1826638

I never got this argument that anyone has to be blamed or police themselves because of retarded absent parents who don't want to monitor what their kid does on the internet. Like yeah sure it's degenerate and I don't like it either but it's not a stranger's fault you let your kid have unlimited unsupervised internet access. That's on you, your own parenting fuck up.

No. 1826639

>If you are drawing porn of a kids cartoon, it's obvious the main audience and consumers of that media are going to be kids.
it shouldnt be, because children should not fucking be on the internet.

No. 1826640

You could have excused it with lack of knowledge about the Internet in the past, but today's kids are raised by Millennials who know full well how dangerous the Internet is but still let their kids have unrestricted access. It's on them, 100%

No. 1826641

I agree kids shouldn't be on the internet, but if it gets to a point where a non social media site has porn showing up in the results when you look up a character name, it's a problem. Also I don't care if kids think you're evil or now, if you show me your porn and it's of a random kids cartoon, I'm going to think you're retarded and have the tastes of a 5 year old(infighting)

No. 1826642

the internet is for and by weird people, get over it lol. I dont like mlp porn either but its not going away anytime soon.

No. 1826645

>goes into thread discussing fandom culture
>gets mad at people posting criticism of fandom culture

No. 1826647

you are getting mad at fandom culture. Fandoms has always formed around children's media. Harry potter, Naruto and Disney are probably the biggest fandoms, and they are all based around children's media. It's like you started using the internet in the late 10s.

No. 1826648

The original point was never that adults shouldn't be allowed to make whatever they want, even about kids media, just that it's a shame that adults are making porn of cartoons and shit, and kids inevitably get exposed to it. Especially in cases like MLP where even a Google search of character's name will bring up fetish content.
But if you're offended at people making fun of/judging people with weird fetishes on lolcow of all places, idk that's a different problem. This thread is kind of strange.

No. 1826649

How would she even be able to walk on that hook?

No. 1826650

This. It's as if people itt have forgotten what lolcow is even about. How are people mad at people for loling at the cows

No. 1826652

Kids wouldnt be exposed to that if they didnt have tard parents. It's an easy to solve problem but modern parents are too fucking lazy and constantly leave their kids unsupervised on the internet.

No. 1826654

I don't care if some Tumblr girl is still into Harry Potter, I'm just judging grown women for getting into discourse over Trolls incest.

No. 1826655

I agree if you strictly mean social media, but even on Google though?

No. 1826656

We all saw sonic porn in the searches even 10 years ago. People should have caught on by now that the Internet isn't safe. None of it

No. 1826658

haha I had a call-out thread against me once lmao
Because I said I wouldn't write gay or trans fanfiction. I was labelled a Terf (lol) yet the discord I was a part of that had (mainly) FtM on it took my side lol I was 'popular' (meaning my content saw a lot of engagement) in the fandom and had people drawing fan art of the fics I wrote, which was cool. It was weak on my part and sounds like a copout, I know. But I was IRL not doing well. Financially, life was on a downturn, so I stopped writing fanfics that were self-insert in nature. Y'know those x reader ones. Cringe, I know.

It was honestly so funny in hindsight. Minors, whom I didn't write, for telling me to kill myself lol and when others called them out, "I'm ONLY 17, leave me alone!" Never underestimate teenagers during the pandemic who have nothing better to do. Fanfic calls for death threats if someone doesn't want to write a tranny fantasy. The ones who made the call-out post dropped off from the fandom 2-3 months later. Some even sent them messages telling them that they ruined the fandom. Other blogs I was mutual with stopped writing for the fandom months after I stopped because it was growing toxic, in their words. I had a larger support network than the people who called me out did. Go figure lol

All in all, it was a neat experience. Call-out posts are never that fucking serious and are often done for vendetta reasons.

No. 1826659

>I saw it so the new age must see it too!!!
how reductive

No. 1826660

I do believe kids shouldnt even use google without supervision, but i tried searching mlp with safe search on and i didnt get anything weird, so if a kid finds mlp porn through google it's, again, the parents fault

No. 1826661

Yes anon, that's kind of the point.

No. 1826662

Where the fuck did I say that? I said we've known the true nature of the Internet for years which is why we should keep kids off of it

No. 1826663

Kids can stay off of it but every adult who sees your Sofia the First porn is still going to point and laugh at you

No. 1826665

kids get bombared by tranny propaganda in their own cartoons nowadays, i think that's a bigger issue

No. 1826666

Not your boogeyman retard(infighting)

No. 1826667

I mean yeah that is too. Are we not allowed to disagree with multiple things at once, or talk about only one thing kek

No. 1826668

nta but you sound like a sperg making it all about the children when you just want to laugh at autists like the rest of us. If you have said ''adults drawing trolls incest shipping art is weird'' everyone would have agreed, but you are making it about an issue that has nothing to do with fandom and it's instead tard lazy parent's fault.

No. 1826670

It's a generic pronoun nona

No. 1826671

I never made it that big of an issue kek these people were turning it into "well kids shouldn't even be around the adults!" When the original post never mentioned it. Now you're just being a schizo(infighting)

No. 1826673

nah you were talking about children's spaces, and how fandom should be safe for children. When children should not engage in fandom.

No. 1826675

No. 1826676

oh you are one of those then, makes sense now. People are just tired of moralfagging and whatever you like it or not, weirds trolls shipping hurts no one, so ofcourse you are going to have anons who are tired of that discourse ruining fandom angry at your moralfagging.

No. 1826680

>how fandom should be safe for children.
That anon is not me and this is not what I said, you just misunderstood the entire thing. I thought I already clarified that when said
>The original point was never that adults shouldn't be allowed to make whatever they want
Idk why I even bothered posting an opinion on this thread kek

No. 1826693

I'm not even a moralfag, I don't care that much, I just don't like my points being misconstrued for people's dumbass fandom arguments. I came here to mock both sides of the argument, not be forced to pick a side

No. 1826694

i think you are lost, this thread isnt about laughing at fandom cows, it's a bout retarded fandom discourse like pro/anti shipping retardation. If you come here to engage in fandom discourse like telling people what should and shouldnt they ship you are going to get shit on.

No. 1826697

I didn't say people couldn't ship the Trolls characters. Idk how much more plainly I can say that.

No. 1826698

Don't bother nonny, certain people can't read here

No. 1826700

you were calling everyone who disagrees with you an x and y shipper >>1826663

No. 1826701

nta but that was me, please take your meds(infighting)

No. 1826702

then learn how to use nta and ntayrt, newfag(infighting)

No. 1826704

No one has to use nta, this is an anonymous site
That post doesn't even say anything about shipping

No. 1826708

you should when people are trying to discuss something.

No. 1826740

You are all INCORRECT

You should be using ntn (not that nona)

No. 1826744


No. 1826753

I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with making "mature" fanworks of all ages series. But I've still been soured on kid show fandoms because how easily taken over they are by moid porn addicts with a "corruption" fetish. I think the real answer is that children shouldn't go on the internet in the first place, but they unfortunately do. But even if the internet became 18+ overnight, I'm still going to think people who can't watch kids shows like Gumball, MLP, Bluey, etc. without pornifying it are weird. The way people would "race" each other to be the first person to draw porn of the newest Pokemon or Sonic character is an old trend but it's so creepy in hindsight. It's technically "old internet culture" but it's one that's unfortunately stayed.

No. 1826766

have you tried not letting coomer moids ruin stuff for you? i once saw a video of a seething furfag angry that the bluey fandom, out of all people, hated them. I think if more people stood up and made a clear distinction between the good, sfw fandom and filthy furfags this stuff wouldnt happen. It's not like there arent sfw spaces left, most subreddits are sfw and you can easily block nsfw content of twitter. Some of you make a mountain out of a molehill. Tranny shit is miles more corrosive to fandom space, that shit is like fandom aids and there is no way to ge rid of it or find a non tranny infested space.

No. 1826774

No I don't believe so.
Samefag but also, iirc the gods can have any physical appearance, don't have DNA, and Athena's kids are made from her thoughts rather than actual procreation, so not even book Annabeth was Greek. I just don't think the race swapping argument works with a series that relies so heavily with magic. I do agree that they're setting up these black actresses to be attacked though.

No. 1826846

>chinese gachashit
nigga that's not genshin impact that's fuckin corrin from fire emblem. you don't know what fire emblem is? are you 12 years old?

No. 1826857

it looks exactly the same as chinese gachashit, not my fault you have terrible taste

No. 1826875

>nigga that's not shin cheng ju hoo it's clearly yin gozo chu zing, get the fuck over yourself you child

No. 1826889

File: 1703412667720.jpeg (302.73 KB, 1805x2216, 539EB4A0-EBB0-41AB-AA0A-CEAC23…)

Fire Emblem got worse after three houses and has gone downhill since then in design when they hired vtuber artists to do their art picrel is Corrin in Fates for the 3ds

No. 1826893

File: 1703412764085.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1500x2000, 6BBF8B3B-1F33-4FC3-88D7-182292…)

vs how she looks in Fire Emblem Engage for the Switch

No. 1826922

Please don't remind me… I boycotted Engage just because of the art style. At least in 3H Kurahana Chinatsu made good designs, it's just that the art director decided to do almost all the in-game art and he doesn't know how to fucking draw, I guess Kurahana is too expensive for IS? Sometimes I want Kozaki to come back because his style really looks good in 3D but at the same time he worked on AI the Somnium Files and its sequels right after that and he made Date and Ryuki look really hot so I'm not going to complain too much.

Thanks for proving my point. FE fans are spoiled brats because you guys see a perfectly normal game and act like it's Sonic 06. The only real flaws are the localization and the fact that BR and CQ aren't sold on the same cartridge (except in Korea I think? I know there's only one country where that's not the case).

No. 1826927

What does that have to do with anything, it’s weird for a character to go from being described as a blonde-haired white girl for almost 20 years and then being suddenly changed to a black girl because the author feels like virtue signalling.

No. 1826935

>Thanks for proving my point. FE fans are spoiled brats because you guys see a perfectly normal game and act like it's Sonic 06. The only real flaws are the localization and the fact that BR and CQ aren't sold on the same cartridge
No it’s shit, go back to /feg/ if you want to circlejerk about how fates is the bestest game ever.

No. 1826937

>The only real flaws are the localization and the fact that BR and CQ aren't sold on the same cartridge
>the only flaw is that you need to pay 100$+ to get the full (and bad) experience
Awakening was the last good fe game and it should have ended the series like it was planned

No. 1826949

>it should have ended the series like it was planned
Are you really surprised a company would want to make even more money after having a major success with a new product they thought would flop? I don't agree or disagree with you but you know that Awakening would have only been the last game of the series because the devs thought it would be a failure.

>the only flaw is that you need to pay 100$+ to get the full (and bad) experience

It's not that amount, it's more like 80$ or € depending on where you live, because if you get one version the other versions are less expensive. So it's the equivalent of buying three games for 80$, the only really bad route is Revelation, it's an easy skip imo.

I don't think it's the best game but I think it's very fun to play (except Revelation because wtf were they thinking), I started with Awakening and I'm into plenty of other games so it's not like I have a special attachement to the series as a whole.

No. 1826975

I see way more destructive moid coomer fuckery than trannyshit around, and often there's general overlap between those two demographics. The MLP fandom is a prime example of how unwashed incels ruin a property to the point even the creator starts hating it.

No. 1826979

i guess it depends on how you see it but i prefeer r34 over tranny shit. One has been around since forever, the other has been around for less than 10 years and it has already done irreparable damage to fandoms.

No. 1827072

File: 1703429216335.jpg (351.7 KB, 1330x768, tumblr_6e83292c688b990483efa48…)

Just saw this and it makes total sense to me. It's similar to how people who are unhappy with and have no control over their own lives focus their attention into online cancellation campaigns because that's the only situation they can feel powerful in. But what annoys me about this is how america-centric it is. Just because they fucked themselves, everyone else on the internet has to suffer through their cultural issues as well. I wish it was literally any other country that had such a chokehold on the world

No. 1827073

Tranny shit is also harder to filter than r34.
Okay but MLP is the only example of this that got that bad.

No. 1827081

Not aimed at you. Not gonna say the parents' are faultless. But it's not that hard to be a decent person and make the internet a safer place by not making porn of kids shows.

No. 1827082

Tranny shit is miles worse, r34 artists get shamed and shunned by "antis" if they draw problematic ships. Tranny shit is completely unavoidable and in all fandom space and you are not allowed to complain

No. 1827113

This fucking thread has actual spectrum autists constantly posting obvious satire tweets as serious takes because they can't pick up on the irony, then they get mad at anons telling them it's a joke and go "H-HOW DO YOU KNOW!!!!" because they get embarrassed and go on the defensive.

This, it's one thing to laugh at autists being degenerates but moralfagging over muh kids seeing it is actually retarded and cringe. Kids will come across hardcore IRL porn or have some degenerate send them dick pics online before their first trolls NSFW art.

No. 1827121

I swear this thread's average age is somewhere under 20 and the fandom experience reflects that. If you take part in any unisex fandom with a 50/50 gender ratio you'll get scrotes constantly aggressively sexualizing little girl characters, bitch and moan endlessly over one handsome male character being a female favourite, unabashedly bring their fetishes everywhere in the fandom, dogpile on female fans for saying basically anything that's not high praise and condoning of female characters being treated as a walking pair of tits and coombait and so forth. I can ignore some retarded Aiden drawing tit scars on her little self insert or throwing a little tantrum but moids get so fucking bloodthirsty over anyone coming between them and their coom with their apeshit Y chromosome rage.

No. 1827140

It is lol. Aiden's are unbearable but fandoms with a decent number of men in them will make you wish you were never born into this world

No. 1827150

You guys keep bringing up trannies like anyone here likes them. We literally talk shit about troons and how they ruin shit all the time.

No. 1827158

How come you can not be into something and people will generally be okay with that, but as soon as you say you're not into or don't draw tranny porn not only can you not voice it but you will be actively interrogated as to why or straight up hounded. you HAVE to like tranny porn because otherwise mr. John "draw the girlcock" AGP (there's so fucking many of them) and untagged cuntboy fanfic Tiffany are going to throw a massive fucking tantrum about it because troonies can't take a no or even a maybe. I don't have public facing accounts on social media for now but I know some people that fly by on the dysphoria excuse, so at least there's that. I don't know if that's an universal experience or just lucky flukes though.

No. 1827159

AYRT why are you acting like I'm okay with trans shit when half of the coomer moids into that are transwomen? It was a trope that brony was a pipeline for being trans. Where did I say I "let them ruin it" when I mentioned being creeped out by it, nothing more? I still like Pokemon, Gumball, and MLP, I just think it's gross. You people need to fucking chill.

No. 1827160

File: 1703434920500.jpeg (29.86 KB, 500x500, Hyadain no Joujou Yuujou (Nich…)

I just don't understand what the conclusion to this 'pornifying children's media' is meant to be? Yeah, it is cringe and degenerate, but it seems statistically unlikely that anyone itt does it, meaning no one here can stop doing the bad cringe thing as no one is doing that to start with, so what are we supposed to do?
>if you are a child
Stop having neglectful and internet illiterate parents, go read a book.
>if you are not a child
Find a ways to avoid being exposed to content that disgusts you.

Personally, I'm the kind who just keeps scrolling if I see something gross or at most share it with someone to cringe with. But maybe I am the one in the wrong, maybe I'm hypocritical, cause I say these people are disgusting and even pedophiles but then do nothing about it. Maybe the twitterfags making call out docs and trying to contact people's employers are the ones in the right for actively trying to get rid of these people, who know?

No. 1827167

No one said anons here are doing it. It started with the post about the tweet about Trolls incest shippers. We discuss a lot of things anons here don't do on lolcow lol.

No. 1827169

I didn't say anyone said anons here do it.

No. 1827171

Well sorry, I thought that was what this was
>but it seems statistically unlikely that anyone itt does it,

No. 1827179

I vote for anti/pro discourse being banned from the thread. It's clear most people itt have picked a side and take criticism against either anti-ship or pro-ship as a personal attack. The twittertards here are too immature to have any kind of productive conversation on this topic.

No. 1827180

This whole thread is mostly venting about retarded fandom trends so there isn't really a solution. Some anons are really defensive over this, I personally don't like it but it will always exist. It shouldn't be illegal or anything and some outlandish stuff if funny, but it gets tiring how some people (read: usually men and pickme women) are so porn addicted they can't watch anything without inserting porn into it. Tthe assumption that we can't complain about moids running everything when "tranny shit has infested everything" (newsflash: TIMs are men) is what I don't get.

She means it's unlikely anyone itt pornifies children shows.

No. 1827184

Yeah there are posters on both sides playing dumb or being genuinely dumb, saying you should just get over cartoon porn and keep children offline isn't defending that kind of content and bringing up troons is whataboutism.

No. 1827233

This, literally nobody here likes trannies or capes for them. Trying to absolve the shit coommoids do because of "b-but trannies" is retardation, especially because male troons are still men. Aidens drawing their cuntboy headcanons and posting untagged transboy fics is infuriating but an inconvenience at worst, all penis havers are the actual least common denominator in all of degenerate fandom bullshit.

I agree that the kid show porn and NSFW artist trying to be edgy by pornifying kids' shows is in poor taste and as tacky as can be like creating Bowsette style coomshit versions etc. but acting as if it's ~literally ruining children~ is concern trolling. There are better discussions to be had about that topic.

No. 1827240

Agreed. Can someone either not include it in the next OP or make a rule saying no discussion of it?

No. 1827266

AYRT I never said it's ruining children's innocence or anything, children shouldn't even be online and this has always existed. You can laugh at something or call it creepy without having a moral crusade about it.

No. 1827271

Yes, I was agreeing with your reply.

No. 1827279

The internet isnt made for kids, get over it. I dont like people drawing Bluey porn, but the adults drawing porn of the adult Bluey characters arent doing anything illegal, you can cope and seethe but they arent going to stop just so braindead parents can let their childrens roam the internet without supervision. Its genuinely not that hard to not let your kid not use the internet, meanwhile its actually impossible to ban people from drawing weird porn and posting it online.