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File: 1698520878010.png (923.49 KB, 1024x1024, Birx X.png)

No. 1742282

No. 1742759

File: 1698560421496.jpg (119.17 KB, 615x849, Screenshot.jpg)

Long COVID truthers are truly something else.

No. 1742792

File: 1698564938793.jpg (33.53 KB, 592x327, Palestine.JPG)

Did zoomers just recently discover the situation in Israel and Palestine or why they are doing this only now? Why do they think that abandoning their hobbies and retweeting every single tweet (that you may not know whether it's misinformation or not) helps people in Palestine at all?

No. 1742800

File: 1698565584720.jpg (83.16 KB, 601x873, Palestine2.JPG)

Also these people post shit like this to "educate" and then list something like Al Jazeera as a reliable source. Why not add RT there as well? They're pressuring each other to "do something" and then they end up doing retarded shit for moral points.

No. 1742808

File: 1698566644017.jpg (50.23 KB, 595x405, Palestine3.JPG)

No. 1742885

Seeing accounts who just retweet or post genshin porn, is absolutely wild.

No. 1742925

>We have a country to set free!
It sounds like they just found out and can't grasp the reality of it kek tweets like that and the ones going "I'm blocking everyone who stops talking about this by tomorrow!" are probably coming from a good place but instead of actually caring about the issue they are shifting it to the way others act so they can feel superior for caring

No. 1742950

They were always described as the most progressive generation that will change things for the better so now they think hashtags on twitter and petitions online will make the tards from the Israel government change their minds about committing mass murder. I can't blame the younger zoomers for not knowing until now tbh because the conflict is so old that the reason why it's in the news right now is because the situation got a lot worse very fast and very recently. If you don't even know or suspect something exists you're not going to look it up in the news or in documentaries after all.

So just like tumblr 10 years ago with people reblogging hardcore yaoi and long explanations about Leelah Alcorn's suicide or BLM then. It's really more of the same shit. I find this very disrespectful.

No. 1742964

File: 1698581231147.png (43.42 KB, 651x393, F9gT976X0AArwSX.png)

Free Palestine 2023 for zoomers is what Kony 2012 was for millennials. It will be over soon and remembered as a social media fad which didn't achieve anything important. This one is just more absurd because it's about "spreading awareness" as if people haven't been aware of it for decades. Also believing any random tweet that claims that half of the population of Gaza is dead by now without giving any critical thinking to it.

No. 1742973

Wait the original tweet is super vague but I assume it's about a specific school? Since the kids in that school would most likely live nearby. Yeah between this and the Ukraine/Russia war it's insane how the average internet user doesn't know how to use the internet and how to question everything they read, nobody ever tries to look for reliable sources for anything while I was told to always to that when growing up in the early 2000s.

No. 1742982

The thing is BLM always felt like a meme, It was just something people were doing out of obligeance but this is actually serious, people are dying and suffering in Gaza, actual opression and death en-masse.

No. 1742989

That's why it's a good comparison, the way people act outraged about what's going on in Palestine doesn't feel sincere, it also feels like a meme. People aren't just informing others correctly on what's going on or talking about how shocked they are, they are threatening to unfollow and block each other, calling each other names and trying to compete for who's the most self righteous complainer. It's really weird seeing serious journalists' footages and reports on the matter online between posts saying "I knew my oomfs were real bros for supporting Palestine [insert shitty emojis and hashtags]"

No. 1743020

What weirds out the most is how these people are defending Hamas while turning a blind eye to the shit they've done, especially the attack on October 7.

No. 1743028

>Kony 2012
can a older millenial anon explain what this is and the comparison? Theocratic regional shit fest wars in the middle east predate most people under the age of 35 kek that's how long this shit has been going on, but it is absurd that a country in the modern era is still being invaded and civilians are being droned because 'muh religion'. Unfortunately most criticising Israel are using it as an excuse to morally grandstand as if Islam is unironically the religion of peace. Both sides; the anti Israel/U.S and anti Palestine are too blinded by racism to seperate retarded patriarchical Abrahamic hell-states from people. Women of first world countries defending Islam and a terrorist group that is kidnapping Jewish women will never not be bleak. Muslims are the hot new minority to defend for grandstanding points.

No. 1743168

>be 2012. Be American man just finding out about Joseph Kony, the leader of Uganda's Lord's Resistance Army.
>make shitty doc that over exaggerates and makes Kony’s army sound much bigger than it was and exploited facts
>stupid Americans get motivated because concept of kidnapped children and little fact checking
>get called out for it being inaccurate
>Americans like it too much to acknowledge complaints, Obama and Oprah come out acclaiming the film spreading information and profiting off a horrible foreign situation.
>people accuse film of being funded by Christian group
>people in uganda so mad about misinformation they throw rocks at people at film screening and publicly call out shitty film
>memes and online support went nowhere.
>man who makes shitty movie has breakdown and runs naked through streets.

No. 1743171


Samefag but the comparison is likely to do with it being stupid Americans get motivated over a cause they understand little about in a geopolitical climate not their own. Spreading misinformation and misunderstanding of the history and politics of that area. Thinking memes and posters are actually going to accomplish change in another country if we put up said posters etc. getting a stupid president to back the misinformation Obama and the child army that was already not at its peak anymore or Biden and the dead children he has now not seen but claimed he had. Etc

No. 1743603

File: 1698607334088.png (90.56 KB, 574x955, Sin título.png)

NTA but the way they have this mindset is wild. I keep seeing accounts I follow (be either artists, personals, daily [X], etc) going "I'm so sorry I haven't spoken about this yet" I even saw a few artists apologizing for opening commisions to pay rent (literally said went "sorry, I know people in Gaza deserve money more than I do" "I don't want to redirect attention to me rather than the war"); people in the QRTs are stressing themselves out about not speaking enough or speaking too much….
They act like their (and others') RTs can solve everything, when they're just random teens with nerd followings, keeping all their "activism" online will do absolutely nothing. If all these people actually cared, they would seek how to help in real life, talk to their gov representatives, send food and money, etc.
If they knew I have all words related to the war blacklisted I think they would come to my house with knives kek. I wish they realized social media is not a salvation zone, the same things happens every single time.

No. 1743634

The most bizarre thing is witnessing people creating 'fan art' of anime and video game characters showing support for Palestine. For instance, I came across fan art of a Genshin Impact character wearing a Free Palestine T-shirt.

No. 1743656

It's becoming clear that majority of these zoomers don't really understand or even care what has been happening since 1948, they're just afraid their oomfies will unfollow them for not joining the current trend. There probably are some who genuinely care and will end up reading about it more, but since most of them are into this for such shallow reasons they are not going to keep this up for long. Especially with their attention span and black & white thinking they can't deal with not having quick results, so they will get tired of it. This is of course a good thing because their dumb shit will stop clogging up the hashtags used for actual information.

No. 1743684

i will take a billion cat and gacha pull screenshots over this shit what the fuck

No. 1743685

>trans flag
>Palestine supporter
Weird combination if I'm honest. Their gender nonsense would not work over there

No. 1743688

TRAs have always been pro-Hamas because it's part of leftist spectrum

No. 1743712

File: 1698611466841.png (334.87 KB, 567x370, Screen Shot 2023-10-29 at 4.29…)

You don't have to defend Islam or Hamas just to say mass bombings are bad. As if Israel is some bimbolicious feminininist utopia with nukes. Like if you don't want a population of terrorists, then stop bombing them? Like billions of wasted dollars on what? Bragging points? Oil? A Jewish South Africa. " Oh America, defend us from the anti-communist ooga-booga ayyy-rabs!"

Fuck you

No. 1743721

i hate the idea of having to side with any of these countries as if this is some console war. I genuinely miss the ''war bad, lets do love instead'' hippies.

No. 1743727

I've read up a bit on the Israeli Arab conflicts, and until the last ten years with the rise of the Israeli far right, Israel and the jews have been very patient with the Palestinians. You just see concession after concession, from the offered 1948 settlement to the 1967 settlement to the returning of the Sinai peninsula to Egypt, and offered recognition of the Palestinian state in the 90s. It's been the Palestinians that have fumbled it each time.

No. 1743733

mass genocide isn't a solution, retard

No. 1743739

Every settlement offered there would've had a palestinian state, the palestinians responded with violence each time (and got their heads kicked in inevitably). And each time they went to war, they were calling for the extermination of the jewish state.

No. 1743741

anon what is that pic? lmao

No. 1743745

Nta but I believe it’s an IDF soldier. For some reason they promote their service men and women like that often, it’s really weird and off putting. I thought it was just a meme at first but it’s also marketing (modern “propaganda” I guess lol). People send their kids over there for a couple years of military service, it’s a whole thing, they don’t want kids opting out of that.

No. 1743748

>the Palestinians
Imagine thinking that a minority of violent moids represents a population made out of people who just want to live their life in peace. Embarrassing.


>People send their kids over there for a couple years of military service
Military service is mandatory for all Israeli citizens over the age of 18. People don't send their kids over there, they are forced.

No. 1743753

KEK surreal, thanks for the info.

No. 1743762

A friend of mine has the Israeli citizenship on top of the one from out country and she avoided going to Israel for years so she wouldn't be forced to join the IDF, this sounds crazy to me but she told me that as if that were normal.

No. 1743778

>People send their kids over there for a couple years of military service
if you're an israeli citizen you have mandatory service, 3 yrs for men and 2 yrs for women, even if you live abroad

No. 1743833

Sorry I wasn’t trying to spread misinformation lol I know it’s mandatory but I was under the impression that Mossad wasn’t gonna arrest NYC jews or something if they didn’t go, they might just give up their citizenship if it wasn’t “cool”. But I’m not an Israeli citizen nor do I know any it’s just something I heard about online so I have a loose outsider understanding of how it works. I assume these kids have pressure from their parents to serve and it’s not something casually opted out of but I thought you still could opt out if you had citizenship elsewhere. I know you can go to jail if you refuse but I thought that was for people living there… does that happen to people living abroad too?

No. 1743856

>does that happen to people living abroad too?
According to the friend I mentioned it can happen if they're in Israel just for some time like for just some short vacations to visit relatives and they're in that age range when it's mandatory. That's why my friend waited. She went back to visit her relatives once she was too old and nobody gave a shit at the airport. A cousin of hers went there specifically to join the IDF for some reason that none of use managed to figure out even though he's fucking French, he was horrified by what he saw pretty quickly, deserted, spent some time in jail in Israel for deserting, and never went back there after he was free. At that point he should have just stayed home and not get PTSD from seeing people bombing each other from both sides. So if you have two citizenships and don't go to Israel you're fine but if you go you're forced to join the army. Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 1743868

They got elected, so yes they do represent them.

No. 1743881

There hasn't been an election since 2006, retard

No. 1743885

File: 1698621376196.jpeg (145.24 KB, 1080x1350, IMG_5111.jpeg)

Damn. Personally I would not retain citizenship somewhere with mandatory military service if I was that age but I guess he didn’t know better.
This conversation reminds me of that Taylor swift Stan account that went radio silent for a couple years then came back and said they were in jail for refusing to serve in the IDF.

No. 1743888

Months I guess not years sorry, didn’t remember how long they were gone.

No. 1743891

I wonder how bad Israeli prisons are, cause I sure wouldn't crawl out of my bed to join the army either

No. 1744045

File: 1698634370430.jpeg (205.76 KB, 750x338, IMG_0919.jpeg)

The reality is sinking in that this war isn’t going to be over in 2 days and they’re not sure if they can commit to not posting about Genshin and K-pop that long after all.

No. 1744111

Only for a couple months? Not much of a deterrent. Sit in prison for a few months or years and years as a government slave in the army? I don’t care if I’m shitting in a bucket or rooming with rats for those couple months.

No. 1744160

You can choose to do a non army related job instead of service, I know people that worked in hospitals and vet stations. Swiftie was a retard kek

No. 1744274

Also, you can pick your service. You don't have to go into Infantry or anything combat-related. My father and his brothers were drafted when conscription was still a thing in my country, and they joined the engineering corps. It was basically a college long trade school with mandatory exercise for them.

No. 1744373

kek they didnt last a week

No. 1744382

>I guess he didn’t know better.
No my friend's cousin knew, he did it on purpose and regretted joining the IDF.


Based Taylor Swift fan.

No. 1744407

>Personally I would not retain citizenship somewhere with mandatory military service
And do what, be stateless? I have no idea how Israelis live but most people don't have the money to just throw away citizenships and move away somewhere else, especially since getting another citizenship is not easy unless you're rich or have Italian grandparents or something. This is on the same level as terminally online Ameritards telling pro-West Russians "you voted for him lol" when they say they can't do anything about their government. Y'all been reading too much YA, the average person can't do shit.

No. 1744420

Nta but if I had kids I would do everything in my power to get them a citizenship somewhere that doesn't have mandatory service. Like hell am I, as an adult, looking at a situation where my country could get Hammas'd and thinking "yeah this war I didn't start is something I would die for and tbh my kid should too"(derailing)

No. 1744445

How would you do that, then? You know that getting visas/residence permits is hard and expensive enough without having kids, and if you have no good reason to stay abroad they tell you to leave, right? Being a tourist for a few days and trying to permanently move to another country aren't the same things. Also, very few employers will want to sponsor a literal nobody's visa just because.

No. 1744468

Depending how their prisons are, I'd still rather go to prison, I'm a NEET anyway.

No. 1744477

A shit ton of Israelis have two citizenships, don't be naive. This parody of a country is so recent that most people there moved to Israel because as long as they're Jewish they can get the Israeli citizenship. None of my friend's relatives who live there were born there. If some boomer or gen X Israeli tells you they come from Germany or the US or Algeria or another country they're more likely than not talking about their grandparents like Irish-Americans do, they're talking about where they were born and raised most of the time.

No. 1744481

That's one of the most fucked up things about Israel. Even if the fights are heavily in favour of Israel, everyone has their kids randomly sent to war. So of fucking course the average person is implicated and want the war to go well since they want their children back. It's really disturbing and a lot of them end up traumatized for life. Some people are lucky and never get to do anything violent but when shit hits the fan like right now, it just goes wrong so easily since they are so young and afraid. To give an idea of how young and dumb they are, the army struggle sometimes because people post on social media about the army. it's just stupid. Also religious men can opt out of serving very easily. Yeah, the men who want Palestine gone are the ones not serving. As always the most violent moids hide behind regular people.

No. 1744498

As an israeli who didnt enlist but has first hand experience and inside knowledge when it comes to that stuff it is so incredibly hard to get out of there. Shirut leomi isnt a viable alternative to service contrary to what you've been led to believe but a privilege only afforded to orthodox women and civilians who have already gotten an exemption from service. You can't just go there and say "yep, I'd rather do shirut leomi" it doesnt work like that unfortunately. I fought tooth and nail for my exemption for 2 years and i only got out of there because of my family situation and socio-economic status, imagine how excruciating and drawn out of a process it is for the average israeli with a stable home life. I had to play up my mental problems and shell out 1800 NIS for a psychiatrist to write me a letter detailing everything wrong with me while being broke asf, all out of pocket

No. 1744502

That was probably because of Israel somehow,, no doubt in my mind. They never wanted to let Palestine exist, just look at now, trying for more landgrabs and genocide. Its been this way since the evil zionists arrived, they want to steal and kill.

No. 1744506

Well shit, I stand corrected then. I just assumed they had it the same as people from my country which is nearby, but I suppose it makes sense given that they have such overwhelming support from the US and elsewhere.

No. 1744509

File: 1698669111689.jpeg (136.99 KB, 1024x576, IMG_4427.jpeg)

Its resistance to genocide.
Zionist owned western media is being biased, so its important that the people show that they do not support genocidal Israel.

No. 1744510

Yeah most Israelis who were born and raised in Israel are pretty young iirc, because their parents or grandparents thought it would be an amazing idea to move to a middle eastern shithole that's already populated where they risk getting bombed. Go figure. I suffer from racism on a daily basis and don't even consider going to my mother's country just to escape that because I know it's a bad idea for a single woman like me, yet Jewish people in my country are at worse treated the exact same way I am or are doing way better depending on their socio-economic class and yet they still "flee" to an objectively worse place because their crackhead ancestors' tulpa told them they were the chosen people as if we were in a Final Fantasy game. Go figure. One of the hostages comes from my neighborhood actually and we still don't know if she'll be free. My neighborhood is full of Jewish people who have opened a bunch of stores, a private school, etc. so you'd she would feel welcome in her own neighborhood but I guess not. I hope she'll survive.

No. 1744511

Turning a blind eye? Its the only thing our politicians and media are parroting since it happened, people are tired of them ignoring everything that happened 70+ years BEFORE that, AND after to the Palestinians.

No. 1744514

Omg please tell me you're joking. The first massacres were of jews at the hands of arabs, look up the safed looting and the hebron massacre of 1929. There were no evil zionists trying to kill there were european jews trying to escape persecution by their host countries who came back to israel to join the jewish community thats lived there since antiquity after 2000 years in the diaspora. You sound like a retarded hijabi. Israel has offered palestine countless peace offers and they rejected every one because their leadership has a typical muslim imperialistic mindset and because it's all or nothing for them. I feel so bad for the poor palestinians living under PLO and hamas role and the settlements are evil and unnecessary but let's not partake in history revisionism

No. 1744520

File: 1698670451482.png (31.35 KB, 1385x278, genocide.png)

No. 1744521

So no argument then?

No. 1744522

I'm from a third world shithole, so it's no wonder that people with Israeli citizenship rather live there since they larp as a first world western country. But I'm not sure what motivation one has to live there versus current day western europe or USA.

No. 1744524

You can't be imperialist towards your own land lol

No. 1744528

Except it isnt their land now and a big chunk of it wasnt their land before but legally purchased by jews. It was british land. You cant claim ownership of your neighbor's house just because he lives nearby, his house isn't your land. They want the whole of israel from the river to the sea. Too bad, theyre gonna be stuck in a stateless limbo as long as they keep thinking theyre gonna regain it back in its entirety which is sad wishful thinking on their part

No. 1744530

>for some reason that none of us managed to figure out

kek truly a mystery (jk anon)

No. 1744531

Btw their goals were as imperialistic as they come. They wanted to incorporate the land into greater syria and expand their muslim territory. Thats all it was

No. 1744533

I keep forgetting that so long as men proclaim they are oppressed they’re allowed to rape women, murder babies and execute civilians indiscriminately. Thank goodness their are a few good eggs still around to advocate for male violence. Don’t worry nonnie when the idf’s war crimes come out they can just say they were fighting their oppressors and worried about genocide too! See all things work out equal in the face of male violence.

No. 1744536

>trying to give a feminist twist to this situation

No. 1744541

>siding with any flavour of moid that are killing, raping and torturing women for a piece of land

No. 1744545

Nta but maybe its because men are the cause of all those problems you fucking retard. Oh how dare you point the finger at the ones who are to blame??? And the so called palestinian resistance that your kind is cheering on is apparently parading naked female bodies on the streets and letting male civilians spit at them, burning innocents beyond recognition, dragging women with their ass all bloody from what can only be assumed is brutal rape by their hair while yelling God is good! Good is great! Holy shit the hijabi brainrot runs deep

No. 1744554

>apparently parading naked female bodies
It's not even "apparently" because they make sure to film the whole thing and tell everyone that it was them who did it. They're proud of it and so are many muslim men around the world. Ohhh but they shaked hands with an old lady!! The Hamas terrorists are akshually saints!
I don't care about how many sheltered allah cocksuckers ree about muh "genocide" and "resistance" on twitter, islamic terrorists' (as well as male civilians') actions toward ALL women and children can't and shouldn't be hidden or defended under any circumstance. You wouldn't excuse Israel raping women because of some past event where muslims genocided them (which still happens in islamic countries btw) and you shouldn't side with muslim rapists now because of a war over some fucking piece of land (but it's not really about the land). But for some reason this type of moid is protected despite being the one that's most openly violent and misogynistic.

Taking hostage, raping and killing women and children in not resistance in any way you fucking retard. There's also been a lot of pro-palestine parades where muslim people are chanting violent anti-semitic phrases in the name of god. This is not was resistance is and it's not only about muh territory and politics. The violent moids you're defending are using muslim women and children as human shields and hostages too, saying that it's all necessary.

No. 1744557

By apparently I meant apparently thats the only legitimate way of resistance their brains could come up with haha, i've seen the horrific videos. And well fucking said anon

No. 1744565

Nona, a ton of Jews from the countries of former USSR were chased out and forced to move into Israel. A lot of cities near Tel Aviv have a large russian speaking population and none of these people have a dual citizenship, only about 10% of Israelis do.

No. 1744572

It's ethically and morally justified to ethnically cleanse Gaza. Saying Palestinians [sic] are an ethnic group is like claiming the Mafia is an ethnic group.(racebait)

No. 1744573

10% is huge though.

No. 1744574

Yep. I hate Israel and but if gun to my head I had to choose one to win this war, I'm choosing Israel. Palestine subjugates and abuses women and has made it clear that they'll continue to do it no matter what.

No. 1744585

Absolutely sick how some people in here justify murder of innocent people. Not to mention there is strong evidence to suggest Hamas was formed with the help of Israel itself.

No. 1744601

Seriously. Women who side with the muslims are even more retarded. I don't support either of these retarded child mutilators moids, they can blow each other up for all I care. Sucks for the women and children who have to endure their moid's war boner.

No. 1744606

Palestinians aren't even all Muslims. A lot of them are Christians. One side has locked down the boarders of and is blowing up the other which is already severely crippled, the "war" is a meme. It might start a war but Gaza is all but defenseless.

No. 1744609

File: 1698679107227.jpg (111.83 KB, 750x754, murica.jpg)

That's not even a theory, it was. It's the same story every time.

No. 1744610

These zionists arriving have no claim yo that land, they are more polish, british, german etc than they are palestinian. Israel should NEVER have been created, it has NO right to exist without consent of the native population, eho are jew, christian and muslims.
Its obcious you are jewish and have been brainwashed in one of the school they send you off to, whats next, “Palestine never existed”? And you do not negotiate with colonizers, its THEIR land, the colonizers can go back to where they came from.
If you feel bad for the innocent civilians blame Israel for starving and bombing them ruthlessly and holding them captive in an open air prison for more than eadecade.

No. 1744612

It is their land, if your gonna be a blood thirsty colonizer atleast own it.

No. 1744613

The only reason we speak out is because women and children are being brutalized, starved and bombed by Israel.

No. 1744614

File: 1698679511495.jpg (212.67 KB, 1170x1357, 20231029_170357.jpg)

My thing is, there's nothing we can do. They're basically fucked, it's a waste of time to flood your TLs with scammy donation links and countless videos of children covered in rubble having panic attacks, dead bodoes, and a wartorn Gaza. Rip to them but lets go back to our regularly scheduled programming. Keep calling out the Israelis with fan accounts though because it's funny. They always end up being really fucking ugly.

No. 1744615

“The “” cries out in pain as he strikes you” has proven more and more true.

No. 1744617

Are you aware that Israel is housing pedophiles, who have run from their countries of origin into Israel, so they can rape children in peace?

No. 1744619

Exactly, all muslims should be bombed to smitherines for the sin of a few, they are animals who dont deserve to exist, only jews can be victims.

No. 1744622

Yes, I am aware. Like I said, I hate them both and think they both suck, but there's going to be a winner to this conflict, and out of the two turds, I chose the Israel turd because they're not as bad on women's rights as Palestine.

No. 1744623

Exactly. Most of us simply are expressing sympathy for women and children who ultimately are the ones who pay the highest price in the wars created by men. Women and little girls don't deserve to get raped, bombed and shot over a territorial dispute.

No. 1744624


No. 1744628

File: 1698680147194.jpg (44.45 KB, 501x501, OIG(124).jpg)

Leon-chama is very disappointed in you. He's going to eat his certified non-kosher burger very angrily now.

No. 1744631

>not as bad for womens rights
yeah the benevolent Israeli army that strategically bombs Gaza to avoid killing women and children. Get real

No. 1744643

This isn't a widespread problem, israel is anal about letting people in that aren't jews meaning this only concerns a miniscule amount of jews that live outside of israel that happen to be sex offenders who can do the aliyah. Even then, it's necessary for you to provide a certificate of good conduct and a background check is done on you.
This is like saying "did you know countries in europe are housing pedophiles who have run from their countries?" in regards to immigrants that got there illegally. No shit, criminals will also slip through the cracks.
Even the article you linked says the blame might lie in the country of origin kek

No. 1744650

I thought you were going to use Roman Polanski and France as an example for some reason.

No. 1744651

You are genuinely retarded. Israel isn't going to war with Hamas. Israel fucking loves Hamas because it gives them an excuse to wipe out Palestinian women and children and prevent the next generation of Palestinians. Their only goal is genocide and ethnic cleansing(derailing)

No. 1744654

The thought crossed my mind, but I wanted a more general example kek

No. 1744660

As a burgerchan, I cannot imagine a kosher burger being any good. Like tomatoes and lettuce, cheese just belongs on burgers.
So you're claiming that Gaza has a better record on women's rights than Israel? That women in Gaza have more rights and better quality of life than women in Israel? That's so cute.
I never mentioned Hamas. Israel wants the land that Palestinians are on, and they're going to do anything in their power to make that a reality. We shouldn't be funding this war, but I have no say in that, so it's happening regardless. But out of the two possible winners of this war, Israel or Palestine, I hope that Israel wins because they're a culture more in line with my morals on women's rights than Palestine is.

No. 1744683

Okay youre very fucking stupid but i'm gonna address your points anyways.
The jews who came from poland, germany british etc etc were polish, german and british in nationality. Not culturally or genetically. They have no ancestral ties to poland or europe, in fact they lived in a bottleneck of sort and refused to intermarry with non-jewish populations, have you ever heard of jewish endogamy?. If they were european they wouldnt be discriminated against by europeans for being jewish. Genetic studies show that ashkenazi jews are mostly southern European and you guessed it right, levantine with very small traces of eastern or northern european. Youve never seen a true ashkenazi jew, they look very mena, like job lovitz, abby hoffman, herzl who's the founder of zionism, meor kahane, shel silverstein and so on. There is a very distinct ashkenazi phenotype thats defined by the high nasal bridge, the dark coloring, the curly hair etc etc. Not only are jews native and indigenous to that land but wouldnt you know it, the al aqsa mosque was built upon the ruins of the jewish temple.
It's not their land, it was ottoman land and then it turned into British land. The palestinians had no right of acting against jewish aliyah to the area like they did with the white paper, u dont get to dictate who ur neighbors sell land to. Jewish land was legally bought, the palestinians were mad at their fellow arabs for LEGALLY selling land to the jews. There was no nakba or lands stolen until the arab league waged a genocidal war against the jews, absolutely nothing of the sort. Their leader was a fucking nazi collaborator ffs but people seem to gloss over that fact
"Holding them captive" the ppl in gaza had freedom of movement where they could move freely to and from israel until hamas started bombing civilian areas. Israel unilaterally left gaza in 2005 to give land to the palestinians and look at how they thanked them lmao . Blaming the bombings for the blockade is like blaming the terrorist attacks on the checkpoints, it's the other way around – the blockade came second and so did the checkpoints. they've brought it upon themselves and r now dealing with the consequences.

No. 1744684

>>Comparing one of the richest most advanced countries on earth to an open aie prison camp where 70% of the population is unemployed due to said circumstances.
Are you retarded anon? Wanna say all africans deserve to die becuse some poor countries in africa have bad conditions for women? Do you have a brain somewhere in there?

No. 1744686

>womens rights!
>but not for the 1m+ gazan women and girls, they can deserve the bombing, rape, and torture. give 'em hell, israel!
very cool

No. 1744688

Yes and those women and children should be bombed to death because of their leaders.

No. 1744692

That was your takeaway from what i said? Nice reading comprehension. Nowhere did i say that innocent women deserve to be bombed.

No. 1744696

According to who? Israel? HAHA its absolutely false and distorted. You are a genocide denier and defender. There is NO excuse for the way Israel is terrorising Palestine. Go back to facebook if you want to make up bs, brainwashed christian boomers will eat that shit up.

No. 1744698

Ok. Whats false. Let's hear it

No. 1744700

Since you clearly don't have any care for the decades of rapes and deaths of Palestinian women, here's a different way to look at it for your puny brain: Israel has one of the best intelligence networks in the world, there is no way they didn't know that Hamas was going to attack. The government allowed Hamas to enter their territory and rape and kill their own Israeli women and children so they could, in turn go after Gazan civilians with the whole world's support. What a champion for women's rights.

No. 1744701

There is an Israel/Palestine containment thread now, so stop this derailing.

No. 1744705

>they've brought it upon themselves and r now dealing with the consequences.
I don't know about you but I don't think children who make up 50% of gaza deserve to get killed as a consquence in any setting.

No. 1744707

This is derailing, take it to the Israel/Palestine thread guys

No. 1744709

If you bothered to read it youd see i was specifically taking about the blockade, not the bombings which im opposed to. Again, grade A reading comprehension. I was referring to hamas bombings btw

No. 1744718

You are the one making claims, you need to provide the proof.

No. 1744722

Youre the one who's claiming im talking nonsense, the burden of proof is on you sweetheart. Whats false so i can give you the proof you so desperately need?

No. 1744727

File: 1698684371140.jpg (57.53 KB, 595x598, ffw.JPG)

Kek zoomers genuinely responding to this "thanks for letting us know!!", don't they even teach the most basic WWII history in schools now? At least back in time even the most uneducated redneck knew about this shit.

No. 1744733

Thats no how this works, the one who makes an extraordinary claim needs proof. And you dont have it, because you are simply spewing unfounded Israeli zionist propaganda you learned and blindly believed in jewish school.

No. 1744736

Holy shit retard, what proof do you need? How many more times will I have to ask?

No. 1744758

“There was no nakba or lands stolen until the arab league waged a genocidal war against the jews, absolutely nothing of the sort.”

“but people seem to gloss over that fact
"Holding them captive" the ppl in gaza had freedom of movement where they could move freely to and from israel until hamas started bombing civilian areas. Israel unilaterally left gaza in 2005 to give land to the palestinians and look at how they thanked them lmao . Blaming the bombings for the blockade is like blaming the terrorist attacks on the checkpoints, it's the other way around – the blockade came second and so did the checkpoints. they've brought it upon themselves and r now dealing with the consequences.”

No. 1744773

Yep, Israel has really done a number on Palestine and the trauma incurred on their citizens will infect them for generations. But there's going to be a winner of this conflict, there is absolutely no alternative. Israel has made it clear that they will be wiping out Palestine, and Palestine has made it clear that they would do the same thing back to Israel if they could. You can pretend that a two state option exists, but since both of the two states say it doesn't, I'm going to listen to them and believe them when they keep saying that they'll keep killing each other until one is dead.
Also, I love your example of all of Africa. Can't even name any individual countries and their conflict nonnie? Black people just one mass to you? Ridiculous.
Nothing any of us can do will stop this war. People with more money and power than you are capable of imagine are supporting this war and so it will continue until there is only one state left. Answer me though: When directly comparing Palestine and Israel, in which country do women have more rights?
>there is no way they didn't know that Hamas was going to attack.
Oh 100% Israel knew they were going to be attacked. There is direct confirmation of this by several intelligence agencies. They allowed themselves to be attacked in order to more thoroughly justify their genocide of the Palestinian people. In Israel's mind, they sacrificed pawns in order to win the game. But again, this war will only have one winner. And as much as I would like to see Israel wiped off the face of the earth, if I am given the choice between Israel winning or Palestine winning, Israel with their record of fairer treatment for their female citizens wins when compared to Palestine's "honor killings and marrying your rapist are still legal on the West Bank until 2018".(derailing)

No. 1744779

The rising sun flag, design wise, is way cooler than the modern Japan flag

No. 1744800

 "The sparse Arab population in the areas where the Jews usually bought their land enabled the Jews to carry out their purchase without engendering a massive displacement and eviction of Arab tenants" not only did they buy land but they bought it in sparse underdeveloped areas like the galilee. Look up the jewish national fund.
>but people seem to gloss over that fact
His collaboration with the nazis is rarely mentioned if ever.
>"He asked Adolf Hitler for a public declaration that "recognized and sympathized with the Arab struggles for independence and liberation, and that would support the elimination of a national Jewish homeland" "
>"some scholars, such as Schwanitz and Rubin, have argued that Husseini made the Final Solution inevitable by shutting out the possibility of Jews escaping to Palestine."
>"It is the duty of Muhammadans [Muslims] in general and Arabs in particular to … drive all Jews from Arab and Muhammadan countries… . Germany is also struggling against the common foe who oppressed Arabs and Muhammadans in their different countries. It has very clearly recognized the Jews for what they are and resolved to find a definitive solution [endgültige Lösung] for the Jewish danger that will eliminate the scourge that Jews represent in the world"
literally calling for ethnic cleansing of MENA jews from their countries before any nakba had occurred and for the genocide of the jewish people. All this preceded the nakba.

>ppl in gaza had freedom of movement where they could move freely to and from israel until hamas started bombing civilian areas. Israel unilaterally left gaza in 2005 to give land to the palestinians and look at how they thanked them lmao


Jesus i hope the formatting doesnt look like shit but whatever

No. 1744804

The rising sun flag was never a formal state Japanese, it was only used for the Armed Forces.

No. 1744834

Christian arabs should be bombed too lol, they're probably radical religious people who oppress women as well. I don't care.(racebait)

No. 1744836

Nta but yes.

No. 1745178

Well anyone with a soul cares, innocent girls, boys, granpas, grandmas, mothers and fathers being mercilessly killed for being born Palestinian.

No. 1745475

File: 1698715209341.jpeg (366.57 KB, 828x762, IMG_4919.jpeg)

actually pathetic.

No. 1745549

File: 1698721373810.jpg (166.79 KB, 1170x1296, tumblr_4f45ce1464fc99277b9ab72…)

lmao I hope they keep doing this because it's going to peak so many people KEK

No. 1745563

I think troons want to be subjugated at this point. It has to hurt that most people even if they don't like them will never go as far as to aim a gun at their head or take any kind of action that is extreme in any way. We say we simply do not like you and that's it. And the best part is that they chose to be this way. Nobody chose to be the ethnicity that they are, but you can damn well choose to be a delusional narcissistic porn addict. They want to be hated.

No. 1745597

They know that pity and guilt is the ONLY reason most people will tolerate their evil, harmful, unscientific nonsense. If they let the charade drop even for a moment people will lose sympathy and be faced with the fact there is zero logic, evidence or common decency backing up the movement.

No. 1745625

File: 1698728933928.jpeg (619.69 KB, 1170x1357, IMG_5271.jpeg)

Libfems at it again

No. 1745637

Twitter retards and their below-par shitty costumes were they think the theyre being funny and badass but they look pathetic case nine million

No. 1745727

Nta but what even is this level of self-inflicted, self owning condescending misogyny kek

No. 1745733

Who decided that the tranny genocide started in 2021? Lol I wish.

Real question for Americans and any European anons in countries with a sizeable Jewish community; has there ever been any terrorist attacks by rabbi and Jewish terrorist/religious groups?

Sure, no one can justify bombing civilian women and children over violent moid religion Olympics but I have to say Islam has a fucking terrible reputation for womens rights and global terrorism whereas Judaism is quite clean by comparison, Judaisms biggest issue is being the projenitor of all other dogshit Abrahamic religions that have been used to justify mass murder and rape of children like the catholic church and islam. I'm not surprised the only people taking sides with Palestine are morally grandstanding twittertards spouting "think of the bombed women and children" while ignoring the constant violence and threat of Islam. When one side is stripping enemy women naked spitting on their corpses and parading them around in celebration its hard to feel sympathy for their plight and "ethnic cleansing".

No. 1745870

Okay, and? Your solution is for Israelis to kill a bunch of women and kids because… Islam bad? I don't like Islam either but it's a bit ironic that you're asking for examples of Jewish terrorism when this is literally it. The little kids and their moms getting kille aren't Hamas agents, even if you hate men you have to understand that it's not just men getting killed. Do you hate Islam because you care about women, or do you hate it because you just do? Stop concerntrolling, it's clear you don't actually care.

No. 1745905

I love how every pro-palestine (pro Hamas and Islam, since they never condemn them) loves to go "(palestinian) Women and children!! You're okay with women and children getting killed because you think Islam bad!?!" but again never says a thing abount innocent women and children getting killed and further humiliated because of muh land, or about all the women muslim men abuse on a daily basis because muh allah, or about how many people they kill in terrorist attacks because muh haram.
Also yes, hating Islam is completely valid, it's a pedophile worshipping religion that allows honor killings.

No. 1746675

My solution doesn't matter because males will always find an excuse to mass cull women and children.

>it's a bit ironic that you're asking for examples of Jewish terrorism when this is literally it

I must have missed the rabbis who were hanging womens bodies up against a car and spitting on it like they are subhumans from a different planet. Terrorism is different from aerial bombings. Terrorism is specific and calculated against a group of people, terrorism is what Islam is to women. I know little about Judaism but I know at the very least rabbis don't engage in this behavior, and they don't attack foreign countries because their own is shit due it being a theocratic hell hole. Aerial bombing civilians is non discriminatory compared to spitting on and stripping a woman. The "cultural differences" if you can even call it that are that Islamists are subhuman monsters and some people especially self-hating women on twitter are idiotic enough to defend this.

>even if you hate men

That's a fairly shallow takeaway from clearly religious fueled male violence. "even if you hate men uwu".

>Do you hate Islam because you care about women, or do you hate it because you just do? Stop concerntrolling, it's clear you don't actually care.

I hate Islam and the male violence therein period. It should be self explanatory why. You are "concerntrolling" about me shitting on Islam and doing exactly what I complained about "won't someone think of the childrening" the only difference here is you have few of an audience of first world women to updoot you for praising terrorism.

No. 1747097

File: 1698847820298.png (56.82 KB, 651x563, Screenshot_20230806-082311-152…)

I hate libfems so fucking much.

No. 1747099

girl you're only seeing what you want to see. all i've been seeing since the start of the attacks is people defending the women and children no matter what side and condemning religion. you're getting mad just because you want to complain and tbh i get that, sometimes i do that too just to get the edge off kek but seriously all you have to do is look shit up on twitter or something. i hate when someone says
>zomg no one's doing/talking about x thing !1111
like first of all that's not even possible because there will always be some form of contrarian (however you see it) and secondly you can easily verify that information but you choose not to just so you can keep being mad kek

No. 1747103

I find it so ironic that the same tranny loving leftists who cry about the poor palestinian children and women and shout "free palestine" from the rooftops (which is not bad when not looked at within wider context)not only dont condemn the tearing of kidnapped posters of israeli children and women off walls but actively partake in it. There are so many videos and it's always some ugly male "feminists" and enbys

No. 1747227

File: 1698854779887.jpg (65.32 KB, 564x696, lol.jpg)

What did the tranny mean by this?

No. 1747235

>thank for human rights
For fucks sake, did trannies do any fucking thing to fight for the LGB? Because all I see from them is piggybacking off of literally every other person and movement.

No. 1747253

I saw that video of the posters being ripped down and it wasn't a bunch of they/them's doing it it was Muslim women

No. 1747290

It's the other way around tranny lol. It's kind of scary how badly they want to re-write history and science to suit their agenda.

No. 1747308

No. 1747345

This is an imageboard

No. 1747348

I'm on mobile and can't be assed to embed those links or double-post. Deal with it

No. 1747350

What's the point of putting up those posters in the west though? Not like anyone over here would be able to do anything about it outside of feel bad. Personally I wouldn't rip them down, I'd just cover them up with posters of women and children in the area that went missing.

No. 1747356

Okay but have you considered that there are missing and kidnapped posters of american citizens who are held hostage in gaza being taken down too or… they don't seem to give a shit

https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSNAMAtSt/(imageboard, embed, newfag)

No. 1747360

Again all it does is ~bring awareness~, but the average US citizen can't do shit to help them either. I'm not in fucking Gaza, what am I supposed to do with that information? Go write my governor? At least with local kids you can spread awareness and keep an eye out for them, and that's usually the reason people put missing persons posters around. So people around the area where said person went missing know to keep an eye out for them.

No. 1747376

Would you cover pro-palestine posters that bring awareness to whats happening in gaza with posters of missing children from the local area? Because those posters seem to be everywhere yet I dont see many jewish people or pro-israelis taking them down


No. 1747450

I'd be less bothered because even though I think Islam is a terrible religion, Muslims aren't nearly as annoying to me as Jews are, but yes I'd still be inclined to cover those up with missing Americans in the US. There's absolutely nothing the average American citizen can do other than go "wow that's bad, we need to stop war".

No. 1747483

>I'd be less bothered because even though I think Islam is a terrible religion, Muslims aren't nearly as annoying to me as Jews are
Thank you for showing me your bias and proving my point kek. Posters of missing children who have nothing to do with the conflict are being taken down yet jews are dehumanized to the point where it's no big deal. Have a good rest of your day wherever you are

No. 1747493

Cry more goyim. I said I'd cover both up, but I just find Jewish people to be more annoying because of their victim complex and generally annoying nature.(bait)

No. 1747504

>the filthy Jews are more annoying to me then the religion where honor killing women is legal

No. 1747520

It's a moid, don't engage

No. 1747622

File: 1698863859802.png (324.52 KB, 662x606, F3vAQFu1FT.png)

Sheesh. Pick a struggle.

No. 1747644

I don't even understand where the "no one is talking about x" is coming from when it's been the only thing on my TL for the past week, you can literally find tweets with 60K+ retweets 200K+ likes supporting Palestine. It's like people saying "WHY ISN'T THE MEDIA REPORTING THIS" when they're retweeting news headlines. Are they retarded?

Black trans women threw the first brick at Stonewall shit. People parrot this 24/7 but I have yet to see them name more than one black troon who was a large figurehead for gay rights other than MPJ (who didn't even start the Stonewall but TRAs will constantly repeat that anyway). These people act like the gay rights movement was 200 years ago with no documented history when you can search up images and the protests are full of those gross white cis gays they hate so much. TRAs seriously believe gay people didn't fight for their own rights and it was all trannies.

No. 1748082

looks like a troll account

No. 1748424

File: 1698902446368.jpg (283.17 KB, 657x1907, nK8eG9EKYa5JTx.jpg)

Sometimes you stumble upon the strangest people casually on Twitter, like this woman, a Chinese convert to Judaism, whose account is just pro-Israeli/Zionist sentiments in Chinese.

No. 1748513

It seemed all right and plausible until the troon shit.

No. 1749683

File: 1698998442167.png (7.89 MB, 4205x4170, MGSTWT.png)

I've posted about this woman before in the previous threads and now in the personal lolcow thread but she probably belongs here more, especially since some anons recognized her the last time I posted her

>30+ year-old mom on Twitter who mainly posts about Metal Gear Solid

>Obsessively tags and talks about the voice actors, mostly David Hayter (voice of Solid Snake)
>This is often in a way that can be seen as suggestive or flirtatious (keep in mind she has a husband and talks about him regularly)
>She's mentioned having personal contact details of his
>Speaks about her husband who's in the military, he's apparently asked her to stop as it can put his life/work in danger but she seems to keep doing it anyway
>She also posts her autistic (she makes it a point to let people know this) kids online all the time
>Including photos and personal texts
>She is often seen tweeting about either how broke she is or how rich she is, bragging about buying designer items while also shilling for donations on her side projects.
>Oh yeah, she's made a game studio and is apparently working on a game
>Uses said game studio Twitter account to make unrelated tweets about her kids, sending her kids money, thirst posts over game characters and whatever else she should keep to a non-professional account
>Is often trying to rope said voice actors into doing voicework for her game
>Has a podcast about ADHD and one about MGS

>More recently has decided to pick up a cleaning job (good for her)

>Decides to ask her 9k Twitter following to leave reviews on her Yelp page (these would ultimately be fake reviews since she hadn't cleaned anyone's house at this point)
>Accidentally doxxes someone she's cleaned for, possibly even gets them in legal trouble
>The zoomers pick up on this, leave her bad reviews
>Back and forth between threatening legal action against terminally online children and getting their reviews taken down

She really needs to hire a PR persona with all this new money she's raking in, especially when she's trying to build multiple brands alongside established creators.

No. 1749684

average military wife

No. 1749689

I have come across some of her posts in the past and I knew she was a bit wierd but never realized it was this bad, also she's milky enough for her own thread.

No. 1749693

File: 1698999727297.png (378.84 KB, 600x529, Screenshot.png)

This is really weird, she keeps posting pics of her kids almost every other day, I suspect she wants them to be scouted for modelling contacts or something.

No. 1749814

File: 1699017343553.jpeg (284.54 KB, 828x906, IMG_5069.jpeg)

KEK gendered violence???

No. 1749818

God I hate it when they do this shit. 99% of the same, non-white men are not getting killed by white women. Like the vast majority of all male victims, the perpetrator is just another man.

No. 1749825

Yeah it’s perpetrated by other men and those same racist men also paint black women as savage and angry and aggressive and violent. Black women are not safe from these racist depictions simply by being women.

No. 1749842

men of color love blaming white women for whatever the fuck is the issue they have atm. then when woc point out they're wrong and actually oppress woc, they're called colonized or simply told to stfu because female. crime statistics never lie though.

No. 1749849

this person is ignoring that "woc" face actual violence and sexual abuse under "moc". or they just don't care, because they want virtue signal pickme points by any means possible. it's like when "progressives" ignore or even help censor ex-muslim women because they don't really give a fuck about women suffering. they just want to dunk on their own white, christian family and "fight islamophobia".

No. 1749872

I love how "white feminists" are the boogeyman for everything kek, clearly this person has never looked at any studies and graphs that show most violent crimes have a perpetrator and victim of the same race rather than white on -insert race here- crimes and are largely committed by men not women. Also men don't even face "gendered violence" men aren't attacking other men for being born male kek, what a retard

No. 1750042

Some people in the quotes are saying it wouldn't be gendered violence but racism at least. It's sad to see people on Twitter being so braindead about this because both the fact that 1) white women can discriminate moc based on their race, and 2) moc can discriminate white women based on their gender, are true but you have retards overcorrecting and acting like white women are literally the spawn of the devil or vice versa.

>I love how "white feminists" are the boogeyman for everything kek
They think every white woman is Emmett Till'ing moc. Obviously there are instances of white women weaponizing racist stereotypes but I doubt the "white women tears" stuff even makes up 1% of the violence against moc.

No. 1750224

Asking these men to get a stable job and not harass women in public transport is gendered violence now? We're in hell. Do they think that the BBC category on porn website is the epitome of gendered violence against men? Kek, and I'm a woc I'm allowed to say that!

No. 1750295

op and the people in the quotes agreeing are all aidens kek

No. 1751426

Did she name her daughter after a Touhou character or am I just too online?

No. 1751428

You're right though, military wives tend to go nuts because they have to take care of their entire family and house while the husband is away for his job 6-12 months at a time and they often live in those stupid echo chamber communities near military bases with others like them. And then the man eventually retires with untreated PTSD and substance abuse issues and murders the wife. A sad life.

No. 1752831

File: 1699148534762.jpeg (190.23 KB, 1170x1748, Fil-W3oWAAIg0V8.jpeg)


No. 1752832

So many wasted calories for those two fat fucks. A family could live off their excess.

No. 1752843

File: 1699149637929.jpg (456.55 KB, 1079x1882, Screenshot_20231104_220035_Chr…)

Victoria's Secret tried doing it too. Apparently it didn't work, I heard that sales dropped by 70% or something.

No. 1752864

Samefag can't believe I forgot to say this but I feel terrible for fashion models back then, they worked so hard in those times but now you can just be fat and be a model instantaneously..times have definitely changed for the worse.

No. 1752872

wtf is that TiF pose kek

No. 1752877

Good for her but I'm sure Victoria Secrets can still pick whoever they wish. Tho I need hard proof that VS suddenly plummeted like that after a couple of in your face ad campaigns, I really doubt Dove did cause who the fuck even thinks about that while picking a soap at the grocery store?

No. 1752879

File: 1699152457317.jpg (210.62 KB, 720x920, Screenshot_20231104-224456_Kiw…)

Probably an unpopular opinion but I'm not mentally ill nor anachan enough to reee and screech at the sight of fat models it doesn't concern me because everyone deserves to dress nicely but I do wish they chose more nicer looking fat people to model. It's like they always choose the most homely, ugly and visually unconfident people and don't even try to style them to look more aesthetically pleasing or fit in with the general brand style and themes.

No. 1752885

Went back to really see how much the sales dropped. It seems that the sales dropped by only around 5%, which isn't even noteworthy. I guess twitterfags misread a few numbers from different articles and went all over social media saying it dropped by much more than that and "all because of the fatties" kek.

No. 1752886

>butch lesbians
god i hate pickmes, just from the pfp alone i can see she's a botched mess

No. 1752887

what level of consoomerism should you be on before you start feeling nostalgic for advertisement

No. 1752892

VS didn't tank because of fat people and trannies taking over, it tanked because it was shit quality plastic, uncomfortable lingerie with bogus sizing that was overpriced and a brand image that never made it out of the 2000s. The tweet is ironic because its the exact opposite of why they failed, the newer gens just preferred better quality undies and bras like Aerie and seeing underwear modelled by people with normal bodies. VS tried to be woke to salvage their reputation but it didn't work until the revival of Y2K in recent years.

No. 1752909

File: 1699154424215.png (101.62 KB, 730x656, vs.png)

>VS didn't tank because of fat people and trannies taking over
It wasn't the only reason but surely a major one, cause the moment they announced they would drop the sjw branding everyone started investing on their stock again

No. 1753107

whats divest?

No. 1753378

It's basically a mini-movement of black women choosing to detach themselves from "the black community" because of the many toxic aspects in it. However, it often turns into self hating black women worshipping white men, delusionally thinking that white men will save them from societal and romantic troubles. I'm probably going to cop a ban for even talking about this.

No. 1753384

This is what I didn't like about Cynthia G. She seemed to idolize men of other races too much.

No. 1753650

File: 1699175357593.png (926.82 KB, 622x890, VS2023angel.PNG)

Tinfoil; they did it in the most obnoxious way on purpose so they could go "see people don't want diversity!". Listen idc if VS only shows the top of the top models but if you're going to do plus size models you need to make sure the clothing fits and absolutely all of them looked haggard. I don't doubt for a second they did it on purpose.
See pic related; I refuse to believe a single person thought this looked flattering, both the garment construction and the posing.

No. 1753715

They did her so dirty. She is very pretty

No. 1753723

File: 1699178848591.png (22.48 KB, 615x381, vs.PNG)

I'm so tired of people acting as if "going woke makes you broke" and that deciding to pander to minorities is the reason of a brand's downfall and not the last ditch effort to save a failing business with a publicity stunt. Selling gaudy, overpriced plastic lingerie has been out of fashion for a while.

They really didn't, their stock plummeting just plateaued. Your image is a 5-day graph, it tells you literally nothing. See picrel.

No. 1753726

File: 1699179308619.jpg (922.79 KB, 2000x2000, id-11134210-7qul5-lg3ej4ckgi2d…)

As if Calvin Klein still didn't include impossibly beautiful, skinny models in their advertisements. People pick one pandering photo and start acting as if attractive white people are literally being genocided and everyone is forced to be a fat vitiligo tranny in 2023. I hate these bad faith malevolent conservatards so fucking much, it's unreal.

>butch lesbians
Terminal pickmes just can't shut the fuck up and revealing their idiocy to the entire world. What the fuck is up with anons recently posting all this 2016-esque Kotakuinaction own the libz bullshit and openly agreeing with it?

No. 1753739

Same here, apparently you're correct in this being an unpopular opinion too. There's no reason a size 14-16 or greater can't be beautiful like this woman in picrel >>1753650 sans the abscess-looking fat rolls. However the image on the right of picrel >>1752831 are not plus sized attractive larger framed and bodied men and women; those are landwhales. Also the male in the left "good" photo looks like he has a particularly bad case of constipation, I wouldn't call that beautiful kek.

Knowing of the Touhou project as an actual female makes you based nonna, you should know better than that.

No. 1753759

they're investing solely because they're going "unwoke". bet most of the people investing are men who do not wear their trash. average women dont want to wear their shitty underwear anymore and there are way better options nowadays. gone are the times you'd go to a mall and the only place you could buy a cute bra was at VS. even before they went woke people didnt care about VS underwear anymore because it's tacky plasticky nylon gross panties and uncomfortable and unfitting bras.

No. 1753762

>as an actual female
begone moid

No. 1753810

this. didn't they "go woke" to begin with bc their products couldn't compete and they were losing relevancy?

No. 1753921

This is so infuriatingly unflattering. It's like they did this to her on purpose. What a damn shame because she is actually quite pretty. Fuck Victoria's Secret anyway I'm glad they're failing.

No. 1753924

Yes. The reason VS started failing was literally because women got sick of wearing uncomfortable shit under their clothing with inconsistent sizing just because some top percentile goddesses showed them off on a catwalk and looked sexy doing so, the new generation prioritized comfort and practicality over bells and whistles and it was reinforced even further by the pandemic making people enjoy clothing that didn't feel like a medieval corset. I remember Wall Street Journal interviewing some lingerie-specific retailers and they all said the same thing, people just wanted to wear something that fit their body as regular women and not a 6ft toned super model on a liquid diet. So what they did wasn't to follow trends and create a line people would actually want to buy because a male-lead company will never listen to its female customers, but instead made an attempt at "rebranding" by putting those same tacky bras and panties on a troon and a plus size model and hoped that would shut up those stupid bitches. They just completely embarrassed themselves by misunderstanding the issue yet people treat their case as some prime example of the "go woke go broke" curse.

No. 1753983

File: 1699202908050.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1597, IMG_3708.jpeg)

Black twitter in a nutshell

No. 1754020

What the fuck was his prompt to ai generate this

No. 1754027

Oh my god the little girl with the BBL????????

No. 1754137

File: 1699209727182.jpg (71.2 KB, 980x1470, white-look-frontedit-1-641d77b…)

This look (and others from the same shoot) were created by Michaela Stark, a designer whose whole thing is using corsetry to emphasize fat rolls, bellies and such to create interesting silhouttes. VS clearly tried to appeal to the alternative fashion crowd by collaborating with a more avant garde and quirky designer but even the so called fashion girlies on twitter and tiktok hated it, which is dissapointing since it proves once again that all the preaching and crying about challenging and dismantling the current beauty standard is just an empty discourse.

No. 1754143

Her stuff was too fetishistic. It kinda missed the mark in general.

No. 1754147

File: 1699210201100.png (505.74 KB, 616x456, shrek.png)

this is the same as those shrek and disney edits made by millenial white women on facebook kek

No. 1754152

touhou got invaded by troons sadly, it's a shame because it's one of those rare cgdct projects where the women arent openly sexualized and put in bikini armors and other fetishy gear

No. 1754154

File: 1699210451577.jpg (94.91 KB, 734x683, acbd069103da428c5aef4dcb0e6be6…)

Are you sure it's Facebook moms and not just teenage zoomers?

No. 1754156

I like both of these, their bodies look nice to me and at least there is artistry and effort here to make it visually appealing compared to placing two frumpy gendies standing awkwardly in front of a camera like the standing emoji

No. 1754158

I really like her work but VS as a brand is built entirely on fantasy. They’re just ideologically opposed to the current discourse (which lets be real is reverting back anyways) and trying to be inclusive was never going to work for them. If they’re smart they’ll just wait it out a few years and then make a hard comeback once the pendulum swings back.

No. 1754166

kekkkk. Gendie-tendies really do fuckall but complain to get included, then show their ass by not being able to do something as simple as posing. It's literally in the job description.

No. 1754167

>once the pendulum swings back.
I'm already dreading the moment those godawful bombshell bras with steel wiring and 2 pounds of filling and itchy frills and lacing that pokes through your clothes come back to fashion because ~it makes you feel sexy and confident~. Once I stopped using them and went to basic wireless t-shirt bras I've never been happier. Women can never be free.

No. 1754188

File: 1699212126100.jpg (312.16 KB, 1240x1600, s-l1600 (1).jpg)

>Women can never be free
I think you're being kind of dramatic, nobody's forcing anyone to buy VS lingerie and there are lots of options nowadays for women who want to buy something comfy and simple. Me personally I like their designs a lot because I'm tacky as hell and I don't find them uncomfortable, if they bring back high quality pinky underwear I may buy a pair

No. 1754190

No. Let those things forever be a niche and the mainstream turn into preferring actually comfortable underwear forever.

No. 1754217

Were those bras ever meant to be worn underneath day to day clothes? I always assumed they were bedroom lingerie considering "t-shirt bras" are a thing

No. 1754221

What's your problem? It's just underwear, plus two aesthetics (maximalism and comfiness) can coexist in the same market not everyone likes the same stuff. Besides, what you consider comfortable may not be for someone else, I prefer more structure and details to my bras

No. 1754226

nta but you're gaslighting yourself.

No. 1754236

Zoomers clearly didn't experience the era when comfortable and practical lingerie was mockingly called "granny bras" and "granny panties" and you were seen as a haggard layabout if you didn't wear "sexy" lingerie all the time. Women were actually embarrassed if they went to a gynecologist and forgot to wear their sexiest thong. Finding a bralette for example was near to impossible because every single bra was one of those chokehold push up torture devices. And don't get me started on thongs.

No. 1754265

Gaslighting? Really? if I didn't like wearing structured bras I simply wouldn't, don't be condescending

No. 1754288

You’re forgetting Victoria Secret actually sizes people in store so for a lot of women it’s the place they first got a bra that actually fit, which is always more comfortable than a bra that doesn’t fit even if it’s more “structured”. Not sure if that’s the case for the ayrt but it’s not like a woman has to be delusional to like VS underwear lol

No. 1754339

VS sizing is horrendous, when I had it done there they did that stupid +4 in the band thing. I just tried their online size quiz and it told me my measurements couldn't be assigned a size and to double check them. Their sizing is based entirely on what they have in stock, not what actually fits.

No. 1754352

>Their sizing is based entirely on what they have in stock, not what actually fits.
!!!!! This is very true (and not just for VS)

No. 1754473

Like other anons said, VS is extremely notorious for having a fucked up vanity sizing that no other brand uses so that they'll vendor lock you into buying their garbage. They measure a B cup to be DD and naturally their larger sizes are also more expensive.

No. 1754913

True, it's ridiculous. When I was younger and before I knew my own body I went to get measured at VS. My 34B was apparently a 32D. Fucking kek.

No. 1755130

This guy is so obviously feeder a feeder fetishist.

No. 1755367

File: 1699245771939.png (1.33 MB, 1109x2218, mc-lol1.png)

I didn't expect to have to update so soon, but the company/game studio she was running has been wholly abandoned. She's deactivated her main Twitter and Discord and has shut down her Patreon. Everyone is angry that she's done this because many people donated to this project and won't know it's been axed since she only cared to update people on BlueSky (a website that is exclusive and invite-only currently), so anyone else can't contact her for a refund, and might not even know about this new update.

No. 1755373

File: 1699245972769.png (1.6 MB, 1092x3736, lol2.png)

Posts from her BlueSky account, these were screenshots taken from other Twitter users. I didn't think there would be so much milk so soon

No. 1755478

Weirdly opposite for legit large boob ladies. I knew multiple busty women who were there and told they were like 38Bs kek

No. 1755564

with a controversy this big, she'll be laying low for a couple months a year, she seemed like she could have been really milky.

No. 1755608

saying something like "as a female you're based for …" is extremely scrotoid and reminds me of when men "praise" women for doing things they like (and then proceed to gatekeep said thing and do questionnaires about it kek)

No. 1755616

She's had bouts of leaving and claiming to not come back, and coming back like a week later. But this is the most dramatic so far, though she lives for the validation.

No. 1755618

Is that Nicki Minaj??

No. 1755747

I was thinking about this the other day. The creator is a moid right? It surprised me that most designs are pretty conservative for anime standards. There's a lot of frilly dresses and long skirts, and no hypersexual designs like bikini armors. Has he ever said why he does this?

No. 1756022

the game it's based on feudal and meiji era japan, also the author is a history and mythology sperg. plus he didn't know how to draw female bodies, so he just gave up and never tried to do coomer shit.

No. 1757828

File: 1699375815819.jpeg (181.93 KB, 534x1175, IMG_5172.jpeg)

68k retards

No. 1759035

File: 1699451249057.png (245.85 KB, 974x616, bUjKySq.png)

Behold the single worst take on Israel/Palestine.

No. 1763376

File: 1699583328380.jpeg (205.31 KB, 1170x1224, IMG_7185.jpeg)

Kek what

No. 1763457

Is this guy trying to make the conflict about himself…?

No. 1763620

File: 1699591621085.png (31.69 KB, 747x264, Sushi is white.png)

This is what happens when your too obsessed with twitter rhetoric that you have no foot in reality.

No. 1763759

no, no, she has a point. kek

No. 1763987

I observe that the 'my tweets are what keeping people alive' crew seems to lose interest now that their performative spergings don't go viral as often as a month ago. Played out exactly like last year.

No. 1764266

Sushi never have mayo… unless she's talking about california rolls?

No. 1764273

Does this bitch eat nothing but California rolls? Also wouldn’t this be a jab at any asian country that has sushi/raw fish dishes with little to no seasoning because the point is tasting how good the meat is?

No. 1764286

File: 1699621540491.png (164.82 KB, 747x483, jun.png)

I'm sure other races will be brought up if this discussion progresses, so I just want to remind everyone that the OP is a Chinese man and nothing else. Have fun.

No. 1764287

Also most of northern and central asia, as well as some regions of south asia, the middle east and north africa.

No. 1764288

No. 1764290

No. 1764294

I was referring to the OP of the Twitter post, not you. That's why I posted his face/main account.

No. 1764295

these two >>1764286 are >>1763620 different accounts though?

No. 1764297

In North Africa the food is seasoned and some of the food can be spicy depending on the recipe but I don't expect the tard who made that tweet to know that, since way too many people think seasoning is exclusively when the plants are already made into powder and mixed with a shit ton of salt. God I'm having flashbacks of that tiktok video where a professional chief picks very fresh plants from a garden to season delicious fresh meat but since she's white everyone said the meat wasn't seasoned. I think it was lamb iirc.

No. 1764298

File: 1699622011172.jpg (347.52 KB, 1507x2048, F7jRruDW8AA1WTf.jpg)

Look at the bios. Also, picrel is from the likedbycat's account. Same person. Let's just keep things known kek

No. 1764306

Imagine hating fish, fucking pleb

No. 1764310

Fish fucking sucks sorry

No. 1764315

You disgust me

No. 1764396

But sushi is often spicy

No. 1764415

I think its funny that she has tradthot taste in men but she wants to go with a very untrad way of pregnancy.

No. 1764468

no she's right in a way, it's just factual. doesn't have to be something insulting

No. 1764483

you guys need to try something other than california rolls come on now

No. 1764485

File: 1699637700123.jpeg (134.53 KB, 1170x549, IMG_7209.jpeg)

What the fuck even possessses a man to post bait like this? Doesn’t it just land him in an interrogation room now?

No. 1764637

It definitely wasn’t bait and he’s most likely a child predator. Of course Musk is fine with shit like this being posted though

No. 1764841

File: 1699650646004.png (15.29 KB, 586x149, tweet.PNG)

Oh grow up bitch

No. 1764843

File: 1699650682297.png (10.83 KB, 573x73, tweet 2.PNG)

The followup tweet

No. 1764846

Who says shit like this? Whenever I see babies walking with their parents I put my joints out with no hesitation or pull it behind me so the smoke doesn’t get in their faces, and I’m a staunch childfreefag but they’re just babies. They have little tiny lungs that aren’t coated in smoke yet. Obviously they’re gonna cough harder at inhalation of smoke than adults!

No. 1764879

I'm going to a-log. I hate smokers so much. I still keep coughing all the time even after getting over a cold like three weeks ago because they just won't stop smelling like shit in public and forcing their poison on everyone who has the audacity of being outside to go to work or school or buy essentials. If these tweets turns out to be sarcastic idgaf because I know a shit ton of people who think like this irl and I even saw a guy trying to beat up a grandma in a subway station because she politely asked him to not smoke weed in front of us while I was coughing so hard I couldn't even talk.

No. 1764886

File: 1699652748381.jpg (228.91 KB, 720x1171, maleontwitter.jpg)

A girl gets killed and these sociopathic losers immediately mock her. They just want to be racist and make an example out of her to push their culture war bullshit. If the murdered had been white they wouldn't have cared and might even have celebrated him, the same way they celebrated Kenneth Darlington who shot 2 protestors.

No. 1764887

You just know the guy who posted this and who has this statue as his icon doesn't have a chin and has defective genes and shouldn't reproduce at all, let alone talk about how to raise anyone's daughter.

No. 1765852

I hate smokers who use their disgusting addiction to seem cool as if it's their only personality trait. You're not cool, you're a rude asshole, you stink, your teeth and mouth smell like trash and you want others to smell and breathe your shitty cigarette smoke.

No. 1766605

why’s the postcard guy so uggy

No. 1766662

i hate alan deloon

No. 1767619

File: 1699767717904.jpg (832.65 KB, 1034x1981, QFQIOwD.jpg)

>Skeleton twt when they see a well toned stacy

No. 1768164

Anon they're mentally ill teenage girls. They think that even Eugenia Cooney is fat.

No. 1768198

Teenage girls hate themselves so much and everything is a one sided competition on which bitch can torture herself the most, can't take it to heart

No. 1768451

File: 1699812125509.png (366.14 KB, 606x655, SH_214.png)

being autistic now excuses you from viciously assaulting a woman and beating her half to death.

No. 1768460

It's funny that these people are like "he's autistic so he didn't mean it, he couldn't help himself", meanwhile I think that just the mere fact that he's autistic should be enough for him to be stuck in prison or in an asylum for the rest of his life regardless of his current criminal record. You never know with these people. They're very often violent for no reason whatsoever but the law in most Western countries is all about muh rehabilitation and muh "the crime didn't happen YET so the dangerous lunatic who's off his meds get to terrorize everyone until he murders someone"

No. 1768475

legitimately hate how autism somehow only ever excuses moids but never women. my school had two autist girls and the teachers came down on them hard for every little thing, but violent scrote mcgee could interrupt class all day and even beat on the rest of us and nobody cared

No. 1768501

I hope he gets 30 years or more. he is a danger to women

No. 1768506

I wouldn't even be surprised if it were just because the guy was bigger than everyone else and dangerous so teachers were worried about getting sued if they defended themselves against the raging retard. It was the reverse in my middle school, a guy was autistic but well behaved, he would only just talk a lot about his favorite video games but the autistic girl was way bigger and stronger than everyone else, very violent and the teachers were just pretending she wasn't there so she wouldn't target them. I was unlucky and she decided to try to befriend me all the time, thank god I went to another school later. Given how one of my classmates passed out after she repeatedly beat his head against a wall for just existing I'm wondering if her parents even got in legal trouble because of her. Then again schools love to pretend bullying doesn't exist until it's too late.

No. 1768635

Wow the video of him beating the teacher is horrific. This guy is a wild animal who should never be allowed around people.


Of course the white woman teacher is being blamed for not asking the judge for leniency in is sentencing as if she has control over the outcome. This beast needs to be locked away forever.

No. 1768726

>Now 18, Depa had three prior battery arrests
He should have been booked the first time.
>Flagler Live also reported that Depa got into a brawl in jail just last month.
He obviously hasn't learned anything and will continue to be a danger to others. I hope the judge throws the book at him.

No. 1769194

>Given how one of my classmates passed out after she repeatedly beat his head against a wall for just existing

No. 1769277

30 years for a teen is fucked. this guy belongs into a mental facility, like were would likely been placed if this happend in europe.

No. 1769357

File: 1699868737509.png (52.53 KB, 602x683, Screenshot.png)

What kind of black Incel logic is this?

No. 1769361

can you post things from pakitwt/pakistani incels as well?

No. 1769489

How so? Is being a literal feral monkey queen shit now? You would have dropped out of middle school if you were in our class.

No. 1769511

Speaking from my own experience, this is true. I had to behave perfectly or I got written up while scrotes could scream and throw things or punch other kids and it was fine.

No. 1769568

is this about the war in israel?

No. 1769578

In the USA, you can get out of mental facilities if they deem you sane. It's much safer for society for him to be locked with other dangerous predators. Ideally, we would have killed this sick and violent male, but our justice system is designed to coddle the violent. So we'll lock him away with other violent offenders and hopefully his lack of self control either gets him killed or he kills someone else and his sentence is extended indefinitely.

No. 1769598

No it's not enough. That means he'll get out when he'll be in his late 40s and he'll have plenty of freedom and time after that to try to murder someone else. Lock him up forever or kill him.

No. 1769659

Did you actually watch the video and see how he attacks her? There's no saving this moid. Since he's autistic you know he's been coddled his whole life. He would end up hurting people no matter what.

No. 1769672

Nonna he was seventeen when he brutally attacked that innocent woman. He's practically an adult and that's why they charged him as one.

No. 1770846

nta I don't see the point of locking up anyone for 30 years, I see it as a massive waste of time for everyone, I think prison should be 20 years max or death.

No. 1770908

I agree with you but unfortunately the American justice system has nearly done away with the death penalty

No. 1771094

I live in an ultra peaceful european place like I assume you do and you have no idea how rigid the facilities they put these types in are. They get pretty much lobotomized with drugs, which is the most charitable way to deal with these insane violent men.

No. 1771123

File: 1699959216287.jpg (36.02 KB, 564x361, EVcKjPlXQAMzanU.jpg)

I think this is most a society as whole probem rather than a Twitter one, but plataforms like Twitter were the start of it, so….
I can't stand how fast-placed everything is, nothing leaves impact anymore and people just want their weekly new digital stimulus and that's all. We don't have memes like Caramelldance (who stayed for years) anymore, it's just your new rebrand of "thing I like / thing I dislike" or "draw your character like this" that is lucky if it manages to stay revelant for 4 days. We don't have songs of the summer or iconic songs anymore, just 10-second loops that play on every single tiktok for a week & then is left forgotten. Series are binge-watched on a day and disscused for a week before everyone moves onto the next new one; even anime, which still airs a chapter weekly, is forgotten because we got so many new ones every 4 months, barely anyone manages to leave a mark because all of them blend onto the other.
I just want everything to be slower again. The shift from blogs to Twitter, 1000 words messages agaisnt 120 words ones. The shift from Youtube to Tiktok, 3-minute videos agaisnt 10 second ones. Even the memes, before you used to need to come up with a joke or small story for stuff like rage comics, but now all you need is to change a single word (are they even memes anymore? they're more akin to reaction images).
People say it's because we don't have time anymore, and while that's true, lack of time doesn't justify why you need something new every week or why 30 micro-videos are better than one longer one. I would argue that eve the 1 episode a week is better when you lack time than binge watching a series, if you find 10 free minutes a day you will be able to watch the new episode in 3-4 days; that's easier than finding free hours to binge watch.

No. 1771136

I wish it were like this everywhere. In my country there aren't enough beds for all mentally ill patients so you have dangerous schizos and autists terrorizing their families or neighborhoods. Two close friends of mine are severely traumatized as a result because all the cops can do is take these tards with them to the hospital, be told that no hospital or asylum can take them because they have too many patients already, and release them over and over again.

No. 1771142

I also live in an ultra peaceful European place. Here they get a slap on the wrist, a small fine and damages to the victim(s), and a 3-year sentence if they really messed up. Our prisons are like student dorms, in fact they're much better than the place I live in now as a student and they're all free. Supposedly it's to help them reintegrate into society and rehabilitate them, lol. Our courts are circuses and the judges are clowns.

No. 1771258

I agree with everything youve written. My brain cant compute the sheer speed and amount of stimulous that almost feels required by society. It isnt required… but its hard to escape.

No. 1771431

File: 1699983330151.png (451.18 KB, 720x1027, Screenshot_20231114_111011_Chr…)

Women's bodies do get worse treament than men's, I'm not sure why I'm seeing these "Oh, women aren't nice at all, they judge men all the time" type of responses.

No. 1771432

Shit I have liked some of Mari's tweets in the past, is she a pick-me or something?

No. 1771433

Every time I see a tweet from this person she's saying something stupid

No. 1771437

pick mes and NLOGS are pushing women's rights back so much.

No. 1771445

So what if they did? There isn't an epidemic of men with body image issues. There aren't whole industries based around women's insecurities about their bodies. Who continues to suffer from the body shaming era of the 2000's? Women and women only. That's why women are the only ones who push for body acceptance.

No. 1771446

I don't know much about her but I see her sometimes in my timeline. Not trying to say she is a bad person, but that tweet and the replies rubbed me the wrong way.

No. 1771449

Exactly. Some men might have issues with EDs, but no where near the level of women. if they have an issue, they can deal with it. I just saw a woman talking about the push for ultra skinny women to have flat stomachs and seeing belly fat as evil, when it's literally normal for women to have stomach fat because of how our organs are there. I think it's great to see more women normalizing this. I was self conscious of my stomach fat forever and realize it just is what it is. I work out and my stomach is flat, but i am not having 6 pack abs.

No. 1771453

She's mixed, I don't think she's 100% a pick-me, but a little more RW leaning.

No. 1771457

Well, it's def a dumb ass opinion to think men's bodies get any critism as bad as women when we got pics of fat ass Leo decapricorn walking around with 20 year old models digging his ass crust out.

No. 1771492

File: 1699986919976.jpg (141.19 KB, 749x1178, F-34WouXQAAXbH5.jpg)

What the fuck is wrong with some people? how can you be this insensitive and asinine, even autistic retards have more common sense then to make and post this shit.

No. 1771494

what's wrong with this, this is just yaoi

No. 1771496

eww kek

No. 1771502

Thoughts on that one anon from the AI art thread?

No. 1771518

Exactly what I was thinking kek

No. 1771535

yeah, been seeing a lot of conversation like this on twitter. The Palestinians painted a picture of George Floyd so we're obligated to go march in the streets or whatever

No. 1771558

Here's the thing, people in the Muslim world are aware the Palestinians can be be frankly awful, always politically extreme, either some Islamist, communist or insane racist ethnic nationalist, but we still support the Palestinian cause they are oppressed and it's something that is genuinely crime against humanity.

No. 1771571

File: 1699992555758.jpeg (78.76 KB, 638x848, 8975CB14-4BD5-43A6-BE81-DAB462…)

Ithey literally don’t think of black people as people but as foot soldiers for their cause. The fact that other arab countries don’t want them is a major sign. I’m already over the hoopla

No. 1771592

I am aware they are also really racist.

No. 1771608

Is this Mari girl a cow who recently threatened suicide over some stupid shit?

No. 1771624

She didn't threaten suicide but she went MIA out of nowhere for awhile and later her mutuals explained that her inactivity was due to attempting suicide because of Twitter hate so now it's taboo to shit on her.

No. 1771628

What is with both sides and their obsession with using black people as their do boys and foot soldiers? They've not done anywhere near enough to even think they could say these things. They swear putting BLM in a Twitter bio is the exact same as getting sprayed by fire hydrants and marching in the streets.

No. 1771629

I mean, they might have a point. This shit does not concern black people as both Jews and Muslims see black people as subhuman 9/10 times.

No. 1771685

It's comes from pali/arab liberals, who are basically culturally white liberals but don't wanna ever admit .t

No. 1771706

Black people have soft power, mostly from their perceived coolness from modern music genres and partly from American soft power. There was BLM, with worldwide protests (Which I disagree with) and the idea of "being on the right side of history". A lot of modern lefts are young black people vocally against any kind of perceived colonialism. Partly American guilt. I dislike how they're approaching it but I would rather do my own research into the region and come to my own conclusions. I hate being harassed into any position.

No. 1771718

File: 1700000827939.png (826.49 KB, 707x1412, mad.png)

related. she gave such a harmless statement but the mra had to make it about themselves agaIn.

No. 1771722

>roughly 10 million
This is so sad can we get the number higher

No. 1771748

She's right though. Everytime a woman with taste and sense rightfully makes fun of fat small dicked losers the handmaiden army comes running and screaming about how much size doesn't matter and how much they love sloppy sweaty dad bods. Men feel that insecurity from other men. They're the main ones that make a big deal out of those things.

No. 1771752

10 million? Press X to doubt.

No. 1771754

Exactly, hand maidens are the worst. they will throw under women under the bus and call them bitches to get picked by one of the boys.

No. 1771810

File: 1700007693885.jpeg (264.5 KB, 1169x1631, IMG_3805.jpeg)

Religious people are insufferable

No. 1772436

idk why anyone would care what eilish says in the first place when she thought a box of cereal was 30$

No. 1772796

I don't know much about her but she certainly is a pick-me by my standards. Some months back, she was defending the explicit rape scene of Casca in Berserk and mocking women who expressed their discomfort about the way Miura handled that entire chapter.

No. 1772820

men’s own dysmorphia has nothing to do with her statement that men aren’t as openly shamed or criticized for their looks. There’s a completely different culture around celebrity men, most of them are old and busted and still treated as sexy uwu cinnamon rolls by millions of fans and keep lifelong careers. Men don’t have to do anything special, just not openly be abusive, and people will be like wow he seems so cool and nice!! I always have a good laugh seeing men rage when it’s pointed out they’ll never deal with the same abuse and scrutiny as women, no matter how much they want to be the sole victims of society.

No. 1772903

I saw this earlier on my IG. kek. Half the comments were calling her out for being an entitled idiot at least. There's something extra annoying about these kind of gospel retards.

No. 1772907

She defended that?! She's 100 percent a pick me bitch. That's really disgusting. And yes, he did handle that like a piece of shit and I'm glad he's dead

No. 1773110

A 1990's Harrison Ford movie was on last night, and I'd never noticed before how quickly his face went to hell. He didn't look like anything but a grumpy old man, droopy nose, and his mouth moved like he had had a stroke. He's held up as the gold standard for aging, but he's looked awful for 30 years.

No. 1774110

Shit like this is why I will always side with the atheists kek.

No. 1774176

File: 1700135502662.jpg (194.49 KB, 1125x1393, FwQyx59XsAA-bFq.jpg)


No. 1774185

only a pedo would defend pregnant porn. A woman got arrested for filming and selling breastfeeding porn so why shouldnt pregnant porn be illegal?

No. 1774190

there are forum where johns discuss the best ways to get a pregnant prostitute to lose her baby… sure, having sex under porn production conditions must be amazing for the baby

No. 1774200

It’s nothing less than what he deserves.

No. 1774260

shes obviously joking you autistic faggots
mental facilities (for adults) should be for traumatised and mentally unwell women, all antisocial violent moids should just be executed. this is the best policy, its true.
so true and real queens
kek this is so retarded i actually love it. have the furries come out with israel/palestine fanart yet like how they did for ukraine?

No. 1774442

Cigarette smokers don't deserve to make jokes.

No. 1774464

A leftist man telling a WOMAN what's misogynistic and what's not. Typical.

No. 1774554

>demonstrably good for the pregnancy
Having sex while pregnant with the father of your child is not anywhere close to filming porn, only a fucking weirdo would compare the two.

No. 1774602

In my hometown there's a resident evangelical retard who parks his mobility scooter in front of the train station literally every day to screech religious crap about accepting Jesus or going to hell and it's so annoying. I don't mind if people want to schizo rant in public but using the loudspeakers for hours at a time is too much imo. Where I live it's considered a core part of politeness to give other people peace and privacy (esp. when it comes to personal beliefs) and these burger style preachers just come across as rude assholes ignoring that.

No. 1774741

File: 1700168773356.png (141.21 KB, 667x726, !.png)

Elon Musk posted again.

No. 1775151

>people be thinking too highly of themselves
Would be funny to see him called out for appropriating AAVE or something while he’s trying to call out this person for misogyny. I don’t believe for a second that Peter Griffin with a beard over here would ever naturally speak like that in conversation.

No. 1775283

I feel this is those guys who unironically replies with
>'Um sweetie'

No. 1775518

File: 1700227122418.png (272.35 KB, 605x594, Screenshot.png)

No. 1775565

We had some woman like that downtown who would be there every afternoon screeching religious babble into a megaphone, the last few times I saw her she didn't have it so I'm thinking the cops told her to knock it off or took it away KEK. And then they wonder why people ignore them or tell them off when they're being a public nuisance

No. 1775674

File: 1700239830415.jpg (146.52 KB, 1290x1162, FyhudAbWAAE5Q3D.jpg)

>They assaulted a woman.

No. 1775823

File: 1700246905999.jpeg (268.34 KB, 1623x2000, IMG_5296.jpeg)

This is the tranny who wrote an entire book about jkr getting raped and murdered btw

No. 1776293

File: 1700272806673.png (38.24 KB, 751x321, twitter.png)

leave it to trans zoomies to defend chris chan. also the way they call this middle aged man a "girl".

No. 1776327

What's with the revisionist history? Most people even don't know or care that Chris Chan is a TIM, he gets shit on for the incest and other lolcow shit. If any known figure committed the former they'd be harassed too so the "he's only being harassed because he's a pure and innocent autistic trans girl!!!!1!1!" claim makes no sense. He didn't even come out as trans until like 2014 and it's not like his stalkers were going to stop making fun of him over that after years of doing so, nothing to do with him being trans aside from it providing extra milk.

No. 1776395

What does Claire think of him replying to this?

No. 1776594

a pro-rape, racist sentient blob defends osama bin laden. Why does god let freaks like him live?

No. 1777131

File: 1700340956822.jpg (49.06 KB, 441x746, ATwwW1m.jpg)

Incelfags are so mentally delayed, how is someone being mixed because of slave owners being rapists an own?

No. 1777134

They seem to think a rapist being an ancestor is "humiliation punishment" for being black, a woman, and a marxist. Honestly, that kind of reaction to a woman discovering a dark truth about her ancestry is why I don't feel bad when I passively bully males online.

No. 1777142

I used to watch drag race and now i just realized katya is best friends with her yikes

No. 1777145

him, i forgot that's a tranny

No. 1777152

Racists are so obsessed with IQ, but repeatedly prove themselves to be low IQ time and time again.

No. 1777165

Yeah but she's not a slave owner herself so who cares? People who believe on sins of the fathers are retards.

No. 1777233

Exactly. Like how is this an own or funny? She had a horrible ancestor, and it's awfully common. Like I'm sure a lot of people have an old ancestor that was racist, a nazi or a fascist, a misogynist, a rapist or a criminal. It doesn't really matter.

No. 1779618

File: 1700471799223.jpg (78.45 KB, 557x680, TVznHTbZ.jpg)

I absolutely despise the fact that it's always a Pakistan(or Indian Muslim) who posts crap like this. They genuinely couldn't care less about Palestinians beyond the fact that they are simply Muslims and think they are the only ones whose support actually matters. meanwhile every single Muslim government does jackshit for the Palestinian cause, while the majority of aid comes from secular organizations.

No. 1779630

>People who believe on sins of the fathers are retards.
Well isn't that kind of the point of pointing out the ridiculousness of asking for reparations for something that has happened a long time ago - aka expecting people to pay for the sins of their fathers? I hate to be playing the devils advocate for incels but kek

No. 1779650

Nta, but are you against reparations for victims/family of victims of things like Bikini Atoll, the Holocaust, the Tuskegee syphillis experiment, etc?

No. 1779700

The Israel-Palestine conflict really made people come out to say the absolute worst takes. Really a mask off moment.

No. 1780499

File: 1700519863340.jpg (119.42 KB, 1125x1310, melonstwatter.jpg)

What the fuck? Why are these kinds of ads allowed to be on twitter? I know it could be a scam but even then, it's still wrong to allow such ads.

No. 1780521

This kind of things brings out the worst kind of people. Most of them don’t actually care what’s going on and just want to make noise

No. 1780526

because she'd have to pay reparations to other black people or?

No. 1780530

It is a shame this thinking isn’t applied to when bongs (even here) are called colonisers kek

No. 1780556

imagine defending a woman who's apologist for rapists, murderers and pedos.

No. 1780558

Is the original pic even an actual girl? It kinda looks like AI too. Either way this is really gross. Artificial intelligence is not intelligent if it’s just used to create deepfake porn and undress random strangers.

No. 1780562

Didn't know that. Still, there are people that unironically use the slavery rape thing to taunt black people. Some supremacists even like to use the "black people are technically mixed" thing to act like anything black people accomplish has to be credited to some arbitrary white ancestor.

No. 1780571

did you live under the rock and didn't know about her's prison abolition bullshittery? like black moids who commit terrible crimes, especially against black women and children, should be fucking locked. leftist women believing in prison abolition (or by extension, letting in economic migrant, violent moids en masse) hate other women and shit on their safety in name of unhinged leftist garbage.

No. 1780577

>how did not know about this woman?
Because I just didn't know. I don't have a twitter. But because this woman in particular seems to be a dumb piece of shit, I'll make an exception by not giving a shit if edgelords taunt her.

No. 1780963

File: 1700544974424.jpg (276.38 KB, 950x1995, 30HuiU8dArHiY.jpg)

No. 1781003

File: 1700548285688.jpeg (39.83 KB, 664x350, IMG_1778.jpeg)

No. 1781013

No. 1781015

I can't get over the fact that even a sketch of him is clockable.

No. 1781019

Depends, do we have living victims of those crimes right now? Then sure. As for the children that are suffering through the consequences, yeah I'm in support of that too. But I think there should be an end to it eventually.

No. 1781023

it almost feels like it's a troll account

No. 1781186

File: 1700568275766.jpeg (165.58 KB, 941x1010, IMG_3874.jpeg)

They managed to make the Black Death about race kek

No. 1781191

File: 1700568381725.png (253.8 KB, 845x2002, ikin.png)

Moids lie like they breathe.

No. 1781193

File: 1700568543760.png (921.13 KB, 785x1265, azz.png)

Same guy

No. 1781197

I feel like I am owed reparations from anyone involved in the slave trade because they created this problem that I have to deal with.

No. 1781206

>"dogs raping women"
Males seriously need to be killed on a massive scale. Like, can there please be some kind of fatal virus that spreads wildly across all continents but only affects and kills males?

No. 1781210

why are blondes and rape on the same level

No. 1781258

Because coomers are so broken they literally can't tell what's normal or not.

No. 1781264

The bottom of the list even says "redacted". It's so fucking obvious this dude is a pedophile and goes after CP. The only good thing that came out of twitter was peaking me on how badly males need to hurry up and drop dead.

No. 1781268

josef fritz was a pedo who raped and kidnapped his daughter and had 7 kids with her, i cannot imagine whats worse than that

No. 1781269

Jesus fuck I didn't even see that one. The world would be better if this guy were dead.

No. 1781271

He's a racist British ex-trannny who feels jealous of blond women and wants to skinwalk them. He approaches it from an AGP/misogyny standpoint. He's ginger IRL.

No. 1781274

>He's ginger IRL
lmfao always

No. 1781275

>He's a racist British ex-trannny who feels jealous of blond women and wants to skinwalk them.
The chronic murking of trannies is one of the only good things to come out of countries like Brazil. Trannies are pitiful at best, and in-need of execution at worst.

No. 1781514

File: 1700583728086.jpg (63.47 KB, 1024x578, FN0sIVjX0AMjvFR.jpg)

No. 1781546

Only a twittertard liberal "feminist" male can take wanting women to be safe and use reddit-tier mental gymnastics to make it "aschutally misogynistic". These motherfuckers will look at the circumcision and say that FGM needs to be more popularized to have women "equal to men", or else not doing FGM is "misogynistic" because it "implies" that women are weaker than men. I bet some of them are even saying shit like that right now.
Does that faggot even truly believe the words he typed in that tweet? Or does he just hate women and wants to use being a "male feminist" as an excuse to try kicking down any point a woman makes?

No. 1781879

DESERVED he is a monster and a danger to women. I don’t care. In a mental facility he will likely come across female staff, what if he throws another tantrum and beats a woman to death? Deserved.

No. 1783139

File: 1700672006057.png (58.93 KB, 604x727, 45b652v.png)

This man is totally a pedophile.

No. 1783158

The yes "female" demographic is entirely troons and you cannot convince me otherwise

No. 1783180

Twitter polls are full of garbage responses. If you set one up asking for peoples nationality you will suddenly get a bunch of memers saying they're from Antarctica or some bullshit. People don't interact with them in a scientific way.

No. 1783202

I hate that there are so many autistic men and they get the whole 'oh boobloo mental issue. he didnt know. he is autistic' I hope he rots

No. 1783203

Jfc. what are these parents doing? I dont give a flying fuck if your kid is autistic. this is an older teenager who cant handle having his switch taken from him. How does anyone expect him to function in modern day society? death sentence to all males.

No. 1783355

File: 1700684688817.jpg (162.29 KB, 1080x762, Screenshot_20231122_150906_X.j…)

I hate coming across these types of tweets because there's always a bunch of low tier pick mes and bottom of the barrel men in the replies talking about how they do this in their relationship together. What the fuck is wrong with people? Men aren't liking those photos because they think her makeup is pretty or she has a nice fashion sense. No, they're fucking beating off and pleasuring their bonobo minds to some random women as their gf puffs her chest out as she states how cool and not like the other girls she is. Is it normal to be "cool" with this? At least some women have self respect in the replies.

No. 1783362

I understand your pain. Sometimes I just recognize that going into the comment section is not worth it. If it's something about porn or TRAs, I almost never go into the comments just because I know there is nothign I want to read in there.

No. 1783363

>pleasuring their bonobo minds

No. 1783372

Being hypersensitive has its perks, because I would just feel extremely betrayed, cry my eyes out and ragequit a relationship if that happened to me. Most women allow too much I couldn't even bare it for a second let alone feel proud of such situation

No. 1783380

i have that kind of relationship with the moid i am dating but instead of porn involving women(he's a pettersonfag so he doesnt like porn, or at least keeps it to himself) i make him watch me play yaoi and porn games involving husbandos like what the hell is bad. I once had to shit real bad in the middle of pleasuring my demon boy so i handled the phone to him and when i came back he had made the demon boy cum. I also show him the weird porn i draw. Its kinda nice, wish more moids were like him.

No. 1783394

To be fair I think jerking off to some pixels isn't the same as to a real life person. The latter is pretty much cheating.

No. 1783412

>I once had to shit real bad in the middle of pleasuring my demon boy so i handled the phone to him and when i came back he had made the demon boy cum.
Holy shit.

No. 1783497

That last part about the demon boy made me laugh out loud nona kek i love you for that

No. 1783825

Which BL games are you playing?

No. 1784409

File: 1700718001450.jpeg (707.91 KB, 1170x1954, IMG_5314.jpeg)

Idk I think it’s a good thing moids aren’t publishing their pedophiliac fantasies out in the open as much anymore

No. 1784493

I'll agree with him on one thing, those books were filthy and disgusting and did not belong in kid's libraries.

No. 1784521

why do you want this back? it just turned every xillenial into someone hyper-aware of abuse, which in result had them accuse people of things like pedophilia that arent such, or it turned them into insensitive doomer drones who abuse everyone around them

No. 1784536

Kids can literally look up the names of their favorite fictional characters online and come across the most degenerate mpreg-mindrape-incest-amputation tagged shit even plain out in the open on something like Twitter, they don't even need to browse books for that.

No. 1784961

this thread proved that twitter should be banned, jack dorsey and co. hanged and muskrat dismembered for crimes against humanity

No. 1784963

now zoomers just watch made in abyss, lol.

No. 1784965

children shouldnt be on the internet, let alone twitter.

No. 1785035

File: 1700734262941.png (185.52 KB, 1044x1036, Screenshot.png)

The only worthwhile replies from the QRTs.

No. 1785036

both sides are so annoying

No. 1785037

Based little twitterfag reply. Coomers really need to stfu when they feel like being a degenerate is something to flex about.

No. 1785038

2/3 of the authors mentioned are women tho

No. 1785042

yeah theyre both retarded and embarrassing

No. 1785507

Wow it’s almost as if women are not immune to internalizing misogynistic dynamics

No. 1785648

Men are always trying to erase the male aspect of crimes. Bet it was black MAN on white women. Being male is the commonality between all violent crime.

No. 1785658

Samefag, like he specifies white women are the victims but calls the perpetrator just black? He doesn't want to say the male part. He wants the male aspect to be forgotten.

No. 1785931

File: 1700775561367.jpeg (391.69 KB, 1170x1315, IMG_8004.jpeg)

Ok I don’t normally post twitter screenshots but
>screaming and crying in fear
>scarred for life
Over using the toilet? What the fuck ever happened to the excitement of “I can use the toilet I’m a big kid now”? And these incapable parents are just coddling it while they let the toddler shit themselves. Fucking hell.

No. 1785933

File: 1700775721394.jpg (32.54 KB, 600x600, 1864831506300.main_-600x600.jp…)

are they putting their kids on actual toilets? cause that is moronic
have they never heard of baby potties?

No. 1785934

Samefag but there are even responses under it from older parents saying “well my kids were potty trained by 2 and they’re fine” and this retarded ass milennial mom is like “oh yeah teach your kid to drive by 7 they’ll be fine” like what the hell? Just accept that your kid is retarded and can’t meat the most basic of milestones because you’re retarded too

No. 1785937

Children should not be scared to use the potty, they need to talk to some sort of professional or child psychologist. Idk what is wrong but that's not normal at all. I could only think of that happening if they're hitting or yelling at the kids, so they associate the potty with punishment. I'm not saying they're abusing their kids at all, just that that's the only way I could understand a child being scared of the toilet. That's so bizarre.

No. 1785939

I’ve unironically heard of skibidi toilet making kids scared to use them

No. 1785944

Ok what the fuck is skibidi toilet? I keep hearing those words and I don't understand what it is

No. 1785949

No. 1785952

I don’t know if those 3 year old babies know what that is

No. 1785956

Ipad babies, parents don't concern themselves on what babies watch on youtube with their ipads

No. 1785960

No. 1785963

This particular lady I responded to is one of the homeschooling tradwife types, her kids could very well be ipad babies too I guess

No. 1785972

If your kid is not potty trained by 2, you are a failure of a parent

No. 1786173

File: 1700792467350.jpeg (423.92 KB, 828x876, IMG_7245.jpeg)

Trannies and fags joking about this? Imagine my shock

No. 1786190

File: 1700793324981.jpeg (170.42 KB, 828x573, IMG_7249.jpeg)

This account used to post dumb/silly stuff but now it’s mostly rage bait or videos of people getting beat up

No. 1786204

I’m a woman and I’d never give up my seat for a pregnant woman kek. That’s what you get for reproducing

No. 1786206

Okay, honorary moid.

No. 1786207

I’m not gonna take pity on one of my sisters in Christ just because she got fat with a parasite.That’s a her problem. She can bring a folding chair with her wherever she goes(calm down)

No. 1786209

I understand, honorary moid.

No. 1786211

Reminds me of this overfilled bus I was stuck on where the driver told us to give our seats to the elderly and a guy yelled "But when will the elderly stand for us?"

No. 1786218

File: 1700795028782.jpg (11.38 KB, 362x350, 1670608802927.jpg)

I'd call her an uber tbh and then pay for multiple homeless people to get on the bus to pee on you

No. 1786221

You can send an army of homeless people to use me as the bathroom but that doesn’t change the fact that if you’re pregnant elderly or disabled it’s safer to not be on public transport

No. 1786223

Kek based

No. 1786225

File: 1700795349192.jpeg (60.36 KB, 750x524, 012548BD-847C-455D-A1DC-F1E9FD…)

Some people literally dont have a choice.

No. 1786229

Someone in a wheelchair is already seated though

No. 1786246

God I love that hee ho bastard.

No. 1786255

Where are the hee Ho appreciators at

No. 1786637

File: 1700836998987.png (89.86 KB, 587x633, 1000005786.png)

Why would you wear that in public?

No. 1786646

Obviously I don't know the duration but there's a chance it might be Autism and the toilet flush hurts the kids ears. Speaking from experience with this

No. 1786654

I don't know but getting home from groceries now I feel fucking disgusted that the guy next to me in the salad aisle could've been getting off around regular people and kids. This though is just degen fanfic, this isn't how a flipper zero works, if someone brought one to (I assume) deactivate RFID tags at a Walmart this wouldn't be the same frequency a bluetooth toy uses.

No. 1786667

File: 1700839660576.jpg (13.96 KB, 360x342, 1000005787.jpg)

>Mental incapacity
>Severe Malnutrition
>Mildly Unconventional

Why aren't we killing people like this?

No. 1786673

You forgot the worst offender, the literal thinly disguised pedophilia (josef fritzl kidnapped and raped his daughter). This creep belongs in a jail cell to rot forever for fantasizing about that shit.

No. 1786687

It’s more like he imprisoned her not kidnapped but potato/potahto

No. 1786698

ntayrt, but Nu:C duh

No. 1786731

Being an edgelord like this is so retarded

No. 1786784

File: 1700846870460.png (283.22 KB, 601x654, v1casf3g.png)

I hate libfems so fucking much, Also he reason the term 'women and children' is used is because women and children are more vulnerable in dire situations. A group of young, able-bodied men can survive and look out for themselves. However, in times of war or civil unrest that option is just not possible for women and children.

No. 1786786

>killing men is equal to the killing of women
No the fuck it's not KEK
>Men are not acceptable collateral damage
Yes the fuck they are KEK.

No. 1786787

dying in war is the least moids can do considering they start all the wars over stupid petty drama like a piece of land

No. 1786790

samefag, my grandfather and his family had to flee their homeland due to forced displacement. He lost two of his elder brothers who died protecting their family from bandits. That's sacrifice, and that's the least men can do.

No. 1786800

Why am i attracted to justin trudeau

No. 1786810

It's shitty for the environment to use personal cars though. And it's quite safe to be there if people don't act like assholes like you do.

No. 1786996

>muh random child gangbang scene that adds nothing to the story is ackshuyaaaalllly art!

No. 1787025

File: 1700860860052.jpeg (413.84 KB, 1170x1257, IMG_5320.jpeg)

>furry pfp

No. 1787033

Incels kill women and spread hate and terfs don't though

No. 1787044

This is such a psyop, like are they trying to get people to hate on BW? Like that stupid Anne Boleyn documentary? Like what is the end goal?

No. 1787047

Most leftists I've met defend FGM because "that's their culture" and even mock the women who suffered. I hate spoiled westerners so much

No. 1787103

What an elaborate way to say women are worse because you hate women.

No. 1787350

So you've never met a leftist

No. 1787904

This is what happens when you get knocked up with curdled old sperm. Retards.

No. 1788097

File: 1700927629841.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1284x2126, IMG_9679.jpeg)

I keep trying to decipher what he means with this in the context of this movie. The girl’s brain is the workplace? Most people born in the nineties are in their 20s and 30s now and were the prime audience for Pixar movies, so why stop at 1990? Do people just post weird opinions to get engagement on this site? I don’t actually care about this movie at all and was a little too old for a lot of Pixar movies, I’m just confused by the post.

No. 1788098

He means they’re trying to market to millennials/disney adults instead of kids. It’s more profitable if you have young adults in your franchise because they will likely have more income. It’s more adult movie with kid jokes now and then as opposed to kid movie with adult jokes now and then

No. 1788103

I straight up do not understand the point of that. Isn't fear and anxiety the same emotion? Wouldn't Inside Out 2 basically just be the same plot line as the first movie, but with Fear overriding the control panel instead of sadness?

No. 1788104

I understand what's being said but it's still a bad take because
>the most successful cartoon franchises do pander to adults
>plenty of children do experience 'adult' problems i.e. social anxiety, so it makes sense to market a movie that is relatable to both child and adult demographics

I hate pseudointellectuals who piss over cartoons about how much more mature they are than the plebs who watch them.

No. 1788107

>Isn't fear and anxiety the same emotion?
It is except fear is reasonable and justified in a given situation where anxiety isn't.

No. 1788152

I don’t watch Disney movies but it’s depressing that someone claiming to be a father is posting like kids are just meant to be dumped in front of a screen of cocomelon shit with zero adult supervision. Watching a movie can be a family event, so of course there is usually subject matter that adults can also enjoy.

No. 1788752

File: 1700961883990.png (16.71 KB, 552x180, butwhataboutmoids.png)

>they're not given the chance to be victims under the patriarchy
And women do? Little girls are harassed and silenced by their own mothers to protect their pedophile fathers. I hate bitches who say shit like this so much.

No. 1788756

What is a "house girl"

No. 1788762

Ntayrt, but that's what certain (usually West African) countries call a live-in maid.

No. 1788765

what the fuck is she talking about 99% of men get raped by other men what are the odds of her getting to know so many of the 1% who got raped by women

No. 1788788

Yeah a lot of men are molested by other boys when they're kids. Uncles, brothers, friends, cousins. They rarely ever tell out of embarrassment.

No. 1788821

Arabs/arab muslims think the same way, too. They only care about the conflict for religious reasons because of that mosque with tbe big shiny dome. If it weren't for it and the muslim vs jew thing they wouldn't have cared about the conflict. Like how they don't care about syria or yemen since it's not a religious war but a more political one that is actually justified to an extent.

No. 1788945

Wtf is a flipper zero and what does have to do with his buttplug

No. 1789021

There's still a nationalist element to this, you don't see Arabs caring about what happens to Sudanese Muslims, or Indonesian Muslims, to them there is an obvious ethnic factor.

No. 1789070

But they're just a big babies, nonna uwu they don't understand how world works. When he bashes your brain in, please understand where he's coming from! Terfs are literally bigoted nazis though.
And incels deserve empathy because he is one.
It really reads like a fanfiction from her. Or it was fanfiction from those adult men, since they do self-insert sometimes as shotacons in their porn, which is insane. I wonder what was "the amount".

No. 1789641

What is going on with twitter? Why is my feed suddenly nothing but a bunch of posts from accounts I don't follow like "cats with confusing auras"? I didn't sign up for that shit.

No. 1789653

Twitter primarily boosts checkmarked accounts so those generic Twitter Blue money farmbots will show up on your fyp more often.

No. 1789960

brain damage

No. 1789964

I've participated in actual protests since 2012, so I know what I'm talking about. Leftists will always defend violence and misogyny as long as the man is brown.(racebaiting)

No. 1789981

File: 1701044118948.png (3.72 MB, 1844x2048, image (4).png)

Some radfem account posted these photos. Some other users called women who read erotic stories and porn without plot, porn addicts. It's just ridiculous to me, erotic books are not anywhere as bad as actual porn.

No. 1789982

File: 1701044196558.png (335.25 KB, 534x550, tweet.PNG)

No. 1790042

maledom is pornsickness

No. 1790552

>Some other users called women who read erotic stories and porn without plot, porn addicts
but they are though

No. 1790583

honestly these books are basically porn addict shit. these books are always about the woman getting beaten and raped and awful shit, something only porn brained people can get off to

No. 1790591

Why are straight women who are comfortable expressing their sexuality always into maledom and BDSM shit? When I see women like this, I can't help but think that the incels who spread the "all women love rape" rhetoric may have some semblance of truth even though rationally I know all incel rhetoric is just BS. Is there even any way for a woman to express her sexuality without these degrading fetishes?

No. 1790592

because its all that gets pushed in female targetted media its literally a psyop. Women werent into this shit back when titanic became the highest grossing film. They started to get psyoped into it when hollywood started shilling 50 shades tier abusive shit.

No. 1790601

any time a woman tries to express her sexuality here she gets called a pornsick scrote. we are trapped in an endless fight between libfems and puritans

No. 1790602

I agree that written things aren't nearly as bad as actual porn, but I've noticed more erotic artwork/writing has been mirroring the same tropes and content as real porn than what I've seen in the last decade. I don't think it's inherently fair to write off women reading erotica as porn addicts but if they're exclusively into this, I don't think it's exempt from criticism or comparison.

No. 1790609

porn addict is accurate term though, cause I'd argue effects are similar.

No. 1790617

only if its cringe maledom shit. My nonnies into male ryona get called based.

No. 1790620

calling male ryona based was banned except from funposting. truly the most discriminated against

No. 1790621

They start ranting about poor defenseless anime boys when they see males getting abused on this site kek.

No. 1790625

Well, I hope the anons saying it's pornsick to read smut and erotic books keep the same attitude when anons say it's pornsick to have certain fetishes kek.

No. 1790626

>pornsick to have certain fetishes
I agree with that as well.

No. 1790628

Anything that isn't missionary sex with your moid is considered porn-sickness on this site tbh.

No. 1790629

if only we could switch pickmes maledom porn brain rot with male ryona we would live in a miles better world

No. 1790641

Wrong, anything that isn’t femdomme is considered degen here. Missionary is for tradwifes

No. 1790645

at least you get it, anything but forcing your moid to go down on you non stop is pickme bullshit

No. 1790648

But what if I don't wanna fuck a moid at all and just read fanfic? They still call us degens for that

No. 1790654

what kind of stuff do you read? literally no one cares about vanilla normal stuff, you arent opressed

No. 1790655

I really hate getting eaten out it just feels so slimy, I know I sound like a larping moid but I really prefer being a pillow princess and getting fucked lovingly by a huge hard cock. Nothing compares. Super slow and sweet at first and then work up to hard cervix pounding goodness that only a large cock can do properly. Sex toys just can’t compare. But being a size queen makes scrotes seethe so I guess there’s some retribution in it.

No. 1790660

I don't feel like getting yelled at anymore so I'm not telling

No. 1790666

we are anonymous here, who cares.

No. 1790670

It's anons who yelled at me last time. I don't feel like fighting right now so no

No. 1790671

True, but honestly I feel like some anons saying that women who read smut are porn addicts would be triggered at anons calling people who read certain other content pornsick. That's just me though.

No. 1790674

what a coward and a baiter

No. 1790695

Its a gadget hacker toy so you can use it as like a universal remote turn things on and off, and mess with things. Basically a lot of companies have been lazy as fuck with security and people can get them to do all sorts of fun stuff. There are cool clips of people doing things with them. They'll probably be morsl panicked about eventually


No. 1791062

she's literally right. you guys yell at anything and everything.

No. 1791265

Troon spotted

No. 1791420

Who the fuck asked?

No. 1793120

File: 1701238727878.jpeg (110.93 KB, 1242x469, F9LVsUcAIrj79A.jpeg)

No. 1793123

File: 1701238930703.png (473.88 KB, 598x791, F7LVscUcAI_j7A.png)

No. 1793124

File: 1701239020651.jpeg (86.93 KB, 590x404, IMG_4643.jpeg)

No. 1793125

This word salad tastes like ass

No. 1793133

Best way to scare people away from looking into something is to correlate it with nazis

No. 1793168

>I've read some wiki pages, this is what I think
no one cares retard

No. 1793255

>Holding me accountable for my behaviour makes you a nazi
Scrote moment.

No. 1793595

File: 1701282738098.jpeg (175.52 KB, 828x1294, IMG_5886.jpeg)

yet moids will cry and shoot up a school if you tell them they're short

No. 1793603

Oh no, one smelly-ass scrote doesn't like this body type? Whatever shall we do? What a joke. Fuck men that bully women online about the way they look. They should look at themselves in the mirror and see what they truly look like. The only upside of this post is the fact that it should help women steer clear of him.

No. 1793605

Thing about men is they can criticise and moan about anything but the crux of the matter is they will never care about anything as much as they will care about their little deformed looking appendage that hangs over their drooping aging wrinkly balls and at least women have the decency to caress the ugly little scrotums, but men in general have coarse rough hands and are shit at caressing women's bodies no matter where they are focused. Personally I want less of myself for men to grab touch or pull. How about find the g spot

No. 1793609

The pickmeishas and prostitutes under this tweet remind me that we will never win.

No. 1793610

They attacking my girl here for no damn reason. Men, extra thin or mega fat, looks gross as hell, women pull off every weight better. She's ten times prettier than any skinny moid

No. 1793619

I saw the video after looking it up, and she showed body hair on her legs. Lord forbidden a woman is a human being that grows hair? Good for her, honestly. Women really are more beautiful than their male counterparts, whichever weight they are.

No. 1793623

i've seen this person while scrolling yt shorts and while her content isn't my thing at all there's nothing wrong with it. she just talks about her body struggles and how she learned to stop worrying about it and love herself and encourages others to do the same. she seems secure in herself tho so hopefully the hate she's getting washes over her

No. 1793628

Yeah I watched the original video and it just makes things worse, she's just being positive about her body and people are hating on her, they don't only hate the fact she likes herself but also hate that she doesn't mind things like body hair. They're all so miserable

No. 1793631

>bunch of posts saying they like her body but the leg hair is ruining it
They just be admitting to being pedophiles on main

No. 1793634

I saw that tweet, the girl shows her hairy legs in the video as well and it made a lot of guys upset because "waaah she's has more hair than me that's groooss", as if these men didn't look like gorillas. Anyway she looks normal imo. She just happens to be skinny and flat.

No. 1793643

File: 1701286318817.png (87.86 KB, 731x458, Screenshot 2023-11-29 133217.p…)

she was right

No. 1793659

Imagine being a man and being disgusted by the normal female body. They're such pathetic faggots. Oh nooo a leg hair my dick can't get hard now and I can't coom!!! You literally fuck plastic while looking like a fat sweaty animal.

No. 1793665

I’m not going to go check but you’re right, the conditioning is too deep and most things I see on Twitter like this have excellent blackpill fuel. Some will always throw an innocent woman under the bus if it means a moid might agree and give them superficial attention. I know men are more vile by far but it’s usually been other women who have made snide and disparaging comments about me for no reason, it’s just so normal for there to be a constant beauty superiority competition between women and to tear each other down over appearance. And now that it’s framed as empowering to be a prostitute and get surgery to fit a porn category, that mindset continues on because the only way we are told we can be happy is if we’re perfectly fuckable.

No. 1793988

File: 1701307964519.jpeg (226.59 KB, 1170x635, IMG_5326.jpeg)

Keep your disgusting parasites to yourself(bait/derailing)

No. 1794052

ok congrats do you like want a medal or something

No. 1794071

I've seen her shorts on youtube, she has moids SEETHING there too. I respect her a lot and i hope young girls and women feel more comfortable in their own skin because of her. She is quite pretty as it is anyways. I am sure the onlyfans whore masculinas are having a field day advertising their blown out booty holes in the comments.

No. 1794073

File: 1701312179336.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.3 KB, 1169x821, men.jpg)


No. 1794111

File: 1701313432262.jpeg (57.25 KB, 215x315, 4D11C253-7058-4DE4-A869-553080…)

Fat men should be allowed to get horny

No. 1794113

I think you missed a n't anon

No. 1794139

Is it racist to recognize that black people look similar to monkeys?(global rule #7)

No. 1794151

File: 1701315234540.png (68.79 KB, 243x275, 1686421807670.png)

No. 1794179

File: 1701317306961.png (291.86 KB, 527x543, Screen Shot 2023-11-29 at 11.0…)


What drives spoiled western women to do this? Can someone explain the reasoning tor me?

No. 1794185

Erotic books are not immune from criticism, especially they normalize racism and domestic abuse under the guide of kink/fetish. Anything that gets a person off is not immune to criticism. A cigarette isn't as bad as a crack pipe but you wouldn't give your teen daughter one

No. 1794190

I'm not sure what you're point is anon. It's fine to criticize erotic books, but I do not agree with calling people who read them porn addicts. I think "porn addict" is slowly turning into one of those terms that people online just throw around.

No. 1794224

File: 1701318446327.jpeg (53.05 KB, 680x516, GAJmhbCWMAAO5Gf.jpeg)

the fucking loops muslims will throw themselves in

No. 1794320

File: 1701319897358.png (280.09 KB, 800x1478, greekbustpfp.png)

the whole thread is a mess. random men are assuming things about op and her father because how dare she tweet "men coffee cup emoji", dont you know not all men?????

No. 1794325

File: 1701319968168.png (459.92 KB, 598x692, Screenshot_2023-11-29 iTalkShi…)

Can we talk about this archetype of white liberal women?

No. 1794333

I hate MRAs act like women do nothing but sit at home for 24 hours straight? In India most of the people who farm food and make food and clean up are women! Women do 99% of all the childcare, women are the ones taking care of elders, for fucks sake! What do Indian men do but beat on women?

No. 1794363

men have it too easy nowadays there needs to be another war

No. 1794369

I love how they mention all that crap as if they personally did it. What have you done besides play video games, masturbate, and waste your life on Twitter, retard?

No. 1794375

men dont even go to war anymore they just masturbate, play video gayme, lie and commit 98% of crimes

No. 1794392

>Men should eat first because men created a problem and want to be treated like a king for trying to solve the problem they caused (even though most wars are not for a good cause kek).
Male moment.

No. 1794647

I was just about to post this.

No. 1794659

>Is is so much to ask for someone to cook a fresh meal when we come home tired, battered, war torn and longing?
This is so fucking cringe.

No. 1794834

>Is is so much to ask for someone to cook a fresh meal when we come home tired, battered, war torn and longing?
Yes, faggot. Do it yourself, women are busy doing shit other than masturbating and posting on twitter. Idk who taught these failmales that if they do the slightest bit of physical activity then everyone has to bow down and cook/clean for them (plus sex because they're entitled to it!). That's not how reality works, fuckers. Just like most women do, you get off your ass and do things for yourself, or shut the fuck up and accept what's given to you.

You expect males on Twitter to actually walk out of their house and learn how the world works?

No. 1794940

Men, women and children used to do all of this. Couples would even shit out as many kids as possible so they could make them work in the fields asap for free. I wonder if these men saying that men did everything went to school because this is basic knowledge.

No. 1795020

Men be causing the wars in the first place and then going and crying about having to fight in wars lol

No. 1795026

I think that guy is living in a different era right now. The larping is ridiculous.

No. 1795038

so tired, battered and warn torn from sitting on their asses in the office all day kek.

No. 1795053

Men play FPS and think it taps them into their ancestral barbarian heritage were their physicality was their only asset, but most of them can't touch their toes.

No. 1795070

>Who plowed the fields, sowed the seeds, and tended to the livestock?
Women invented agriculture and domesticated animals. Worldwide, women do the majority of farm work.

No. 1795150

B-but muh manly strength and equating labor to a man's job! Give me a break.

No. 1795255

>roman empire related pp
Opinion automatically disregarded kek

No. 1795257

Kek seriously moids will say this dramatic woe is me shit and then go work at a grocery store or office, and on days off play video games 8 hours a day. I’m pretty sure these accounts that have some Greek statue in their profile pic must be deliberate trolls but since men are actually so delusional it’s hard to tell.

No. 1795482

The anti-childfree people are just as annoying as the rabid childfree people now.

No. 1795484

Horseshoe theory.

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