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File: 1683552934961.jpg (104.24 KB, 1242x1074, 1683388698322.jpg)

No. 1571159

No. 1571223

File: 1683559598013.png (51.25 KB, 577x495, yeah ok.PNG)

How much do you all want to bet that her son did not say any of this KEK

No. 1571225

I think that reaction is more of a "Oh God no" rather than being flattered.

No. 1571228

File: 1683560248720.gif (2.2 MB, 498x310, gif (1).gif)

It's more like someone doing an "Aww" face. Also you can see in her other tweets that she was flattered.

No. 1571230

I don't think this is disgusting? He probably didn't mean it in a gross way, people online are just pornsick.

No. 1571238

classic lolcow, moms can't win ever

No. 1571248

I believe moms can be some of the best people on Earth, I just think it sounds like one of those made up facebook/twitter stories that parents like to share.

No. 1571249

I believe moms can be some of the best people on Earth, I just think it sounds like one of those made up facebook/twitter stories that parents like to share.

No. 1571305

Been trying to create a separate account for art for the past few days. Every time I complete the stupid puzzles to prove I'm human and move on to the verification part, the site craps itself and says I can't create an account. Great fucking job, Elon.

No. 1571458

File: 1683576375161.jpg (312.16 KB, 2673x2349, O5N4GlCaxJxeMrB.jpg)

So this requires a little context, Maya Thompson is a songwriter and personal friend of Taylor Swift, For years, she was the subject of a conspiracy theory among "gaylors", cause many of the songs she wrote were allegedly "too heterosexual" in nature. Some fans accused her of forcing Taylor Swift to remain closeted. When Maya learned of this, she emphasized the importance of not assuming anyone's sexuality and urged fans to respect Taylor's privacy. Despite this, some fans criticized Maya and even targeted her business, as well as bringing up the tragic death of her 4-year-old son from cancer. This behavior towards Maya was completely awful and a prime example of twitter brain-rot.

No. 1571482

File: 1683578787537.jpeg (224.44 KB, 1170x1720, C435BB05-0816-4528-BF90-85806E…)

Men rape and murder everyday but one fringe case proves women are just as bad!!!1!1!!1

No. 1571509

What is this?

No. 1571510

Nta, but the black woman in the middle of that photo was murdered at a hangout with the rest of the women in that picture.

No. 1571516

File: 1683582479522.png (12.59 KB, 697x211, wikipedia.PNG)

Samefag, her name was Tamla Horsford and here the wikipedia article about her. The circumstances around her death were just strange and it's thought that she was killed by those other women.

No. 1571519

Thanks anon
Wtf were they doing in there

No. 1571520

Thank you!

No. 1571696

This case is horrifying

Just bc some particularly sick women can reach the same level of evil as the least mentally ill murderous male doesn't mean most murders aren't committed by moids of all socioeconomic levels, this tweet is so retarded, also this person never answered the question. I'd also like to add that homeless males are much more prone to violence that homeless women, as well as rich men being more violent than the women, and that there are other factors to consider such as racism in this case. So yes, violent crimes are most frequently committed by males.

No. 1571760

File: 1683607795423.png (12.7 KB, 647x426, FuagWwAAayKC.png)

No. 1571764

kek these people are straight up schizo

No. 1571766

I think people should be shamed for telling the world about their uninteresting children.

No. 1571933

Sometimes we have to close the app…

No. 1572549

What's with the incel on the computer at the far right? Did that one do the murder?

No. 1572574

It's so fucking funny to me that young people have adopted this term because they think it's more gentle than gay or lesbian. Could you imagine if gay men started using achillian.

No. 1572578

I'm cackling at top tweet because I could genuinely see TS being that calculated

No. 1572583

I remember the first time I read about this and how sick it made me feel. I cannot imagine what that woman went through and how horrible it was for her family that they were gaslit and ignored. I also cannot imagine using this case of a real woman's death as some sort of social "gotcha" on Twitter.

No. 1572716

File: 1683682596708.jpeg (96.38 KB, 1170x711, IMG_4833.jpeg)

It’s not that deep

No. 1572835

Mothers using their sons for validation will always be gross

No. 1572871

What are reverse ships?

No. 1572900

idk western fans ask why these things are so serious to east asian fans while east asian fans ask why western fans have monthlong moralfagging sprees

No. 1572902

File: 1683700135096.jpg (154.04 KB, 1077x1077, 20230510082842Twitter.jpg)

Holy shit that person is 38 years old kek

No. 1572913

japanese fujos write their ships with the character written first indicating the top and the one written second being the bottom so the reverse ship would be the same two characters but with the top and bottom positions switched

No. 1572914

I think its retarded but she’s right, sometimes one of the characters you ship might not be as pretty as the other and/or you can live without seeing their butthole. People often feminize the bottom and hyper masculinize the top, which is a gross cliche, but at least different TopBottom order tags allows you to pick your poison.
Asian fandom spaces have less discourse and harassment because people just tag their preferences properly and avoid the tags, warnings, and TopBottom orders they dislike; perhaps there would be less doxing and long ass fallout threads of westerns followed on their not-that-deep steps.

No. 1572921

Does that really matter?

No. 1572924

I get it tbh, I'm sick of looking for art of a specific pairing and incompetent American artists use the Japanese tags too so I have to scroll down a shit ton of ugly as fuck tranny shit, racebending shit, oe even just normal OOC hideous shit.

No. 1572926

Hang on, hear me out: this is actually interesting, because she's not wrong. In asian fanspaces people are usually very loyal to only one ship order (top/bottom) dynamic and hate seeing the other one. It's so much the norm that the rare instances of asian fan artists who like both versions of a ship have to put a disclaimer in their profile descriptions like "watch out! omnivorous" so unsuspecting passerbys don't accidentally see the reverse order that they hate. Something fascinating is that earlier western fujo fan culture (or at least when I knew it as a teen 2009-2012) adopted this system pretty strongly, but over time it got dropped to the point that many don't remember it anymore.
There is a pattern of western fans barging into eastern fan spaces in order to access to more content/views and making no effort of integrate and just annoying the shit out of everyone. This "wrong order" kanji tag phenomenon is one of them. It seems like a small thing from a western perspective, but it's actually really huge to eastern fans. It's a distinct cultural difference, and the complete disregard by westerners to be respectful of a cultural difference is reflective of a broader pattern even in society kek.
Something else interesting is, as >>1572902 pointed out, this woman is 38. One reason she might be so conscious of this issue is because she was around as an adult in the earlier western fujo fan culture I described earlier!
I just think it's all very fascinating. t. anthropology major, kek

No. 1572934

But why does it matter? it's already non-canon in the first place and this reaction is sorta like moids who don't like seeing their heroes in Yaoi.

No. 1572937

it's really nothing like that. And it's just etiquette. Plus, why insist on doing something to get more views when all of those views will be from people saying "wtf get this out of my face" kek. The only result is people will avoid it and associate poor behavior with all westerners.

No. 1573041

It’s not about it being canon nonnie, it’s about some fans enjoying a specific depiction of their ship, and not wanting to see a big muscley man receiving anorectal violence from a puny twink if the other way around sounds more appealing to them. Moids wanting to control women’s niche hobbies is far from a parallel from women going “heads up, if you scroll down my account you’ll see submissive sasuke more showing hole, just in case you enjoy seeing him depicted in a more masculine role”. Women preferring masculine guys but very much not wanting to see their asshole is pretty normal.

No. 1573118

This would be perfect for the fujo cringe thread. It's impossible to take any of this seriously.

No. 1573120

That western fans can't integrate because they're too individualistic? I think she's right.

No. 1573121

Honestly pretty reasonable, I think everyone can agree that incorrectly tagging something to fish for more views is cancer.

No. 1573124

You need to stop spending time online if it bothers you so much. It's most likely not about tag spamming like the way retarded moids do to fish views and more on using a single name for the ship.

No. 1573125

lol stop using wrong tags you retard, everyone hates you rightfully whether you cope on here or not

No. 1573128

Congratulations, you just convinced me to use the wrong tags just to generate more fujo cringey rants from twitter.

No. 1573136

You draw men bumming each other and you call others cringe fujos lol.

No. 1573204

Has this person ever been in a city with a lot of homeless people? I'll take the bougie women, I'd take a room with 100 normal men over the homeless room, homeless people are fucking crazy.

No. 1573230

Lmao at all the people simping for homeless men in the comments. Just because you ran into a few chill ones doesn’t mean that All of them are like that.

No. 1573261

Fujoshis are so retarded kek

No. 1573299

No, the part where eastern fujos apparently need content warnings on for "wrong way" yaoi pairings as if it's traumatizing to be exposed to it. As a nonparticipant in fandom I have no cock in this fight - please don't mistake me for someone who gives a shit about fan culture. All of this sounds like such a joke

No. 1573304

It's not about content warnings but about using correct tags so people who search by tag don't get swamped with irrelevant content.

No. 1573308

Nonnie you have no idea how autistic japanese fans are, it really is that deep for them. Not putting the correct tags would be like using shoes inside their houses.

No. 1573411

I honestly love it. I'm a yumejo and this way I don't have to see fujo stuff, and fujos don't need to see yume stuff. Everyone's happier. Would love if western artists adopted a same autistic level of cataloging because that way I would have to see less dumb shit.

No. 1573415

considering that 98% of good fandom art is from japanese artists that's really the least westoids can do

No. 1573439

I can't speak for other pairings, but discussions around Bakudeku seem particularly intense. People argue passionately over who should be the top and who should be the bottom, even going so far as to debate the size of their dicks. Some say Bakugo is compensating because he has a small penis, while others argue that he's confident because he has a big dick. on the other hand, some claim that Midoriya is shy and short therefore has a small dick, while others assert that he's humble and therefore well-endowed. The arguments can get pretty wild in how much they can overthink it.

No. 1573480

This + the reverse is also true, it makes finding the exact content you want easier (for example if you want art of a very specific ship in a certain order)

No. 1573538

Go back to /y/

No. 1573625

File: 1683778048999.png (69.97 KB, 1188x754, Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 8.49.…)

Raising the character limit really opened the door for full male sociopathy

No. 1573632

I hate people who talk too much. Get a diary

No. 1573639

The op tweet was just a girl venting to the void about her dead sister's account geez dude chill

No. 1573641

File: 1683780130818.png (48.98 KB, 1188x672, Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 9.43.…)

KEK men are pathetic

No. 1573690

File: 1683786162515.jpeg (110.27 KB, 1170x1170, IMG_7282.jpeg)

Suffering the negative consequences of an elective surgery is not the same as being raped. I’m fucking sick of this retarded tranny and all the people who keep putting him on my timeline.

No. 1573721

>Still victimblaming women
Kek. Paying thousands to get botched in hopes of looking like a woman but still keeping the malebrain

No. 1573741

wasn't one of the most common complaints in twitter that you might want a specific @ but couldn't because it was kept hold by a dead account? Why is it suddenly controversial

No. 1573771

I hate that too. If someone posts anything over the 200 character limit it's an automatic block for me. If I wanted to read a retarded essay I'd go on wordpress.

No. 1573774

this is completely irrelevant to the tweet but I think it's funny that a 3 sentence long tweet uses reddit spacing

No. 1573791

Problem is they're suspending the accounts instead of deleting them. Once an account is suspended, those @s can't be used again so it completely went against why they said they were doing it.

No. 1573869

Got into it with a troon on Twitter after they were bitching about “white women” in regards to all the homeless discourse (due to the death of Jordan Neely). Said troon was white himself ofc. Looked at his past tweets and a lot of them were bitching about women in general and how “terfs” are a threat to trans rights. I told him for somebody who indentifies as a women, you seem to hate women in general and perhaps you should focus your energy on the religious right (who are mostly men and are the ones who are actually taking away your rights). I know getting into Twitter slapfights is retarded but I would be lying if I say that it didn’t felt good.

I can’t wait for the day when people won’t be afraid to call these assholes out, like they do with gay men and their toxic behavior. These (almost always white) dudes can say the most misogynistic shit as long as they don’t “identify” with the penis that they were born with.

No. 1575434

File: 1683920667412.jpeg (71.76 KB, 1170x619, IMG_4836.jpeg)

Not sure if bait or trad

No. 1575459

It's both

No. 1575567

does she even have children? its always the single, child-free women that judge other women, like june ''before 30 i see myself with children and married'' lapine

No. 1575573

go take a shit claire, you're biologically wired for that.

No. 1575596

well, it's true, biologically, but socially nobody cares - as they should

No. 1575601

cool but there was a man there, who was fired from his police job when tried to access materials of this case, but yeah
sure, it's women, right

No. 1575616

If yes, and? As if I give a fuck about being unnatural

No. 1575695

Is also probably natural to want to kill your defective offspring too but we don't talk about that.

No. 1575897

File: 1683945360543.jpeg (44.58 KB, 1170x505, IMG_4839.jpeg)


No. 1575918

Why are you confused anon? They mean women like to be laid on (although I'm pretty sure men like that just as much)

No. 1575965

I love being squished it's like a more intense hug imo.

No. 1575998

If you haven’t been squished before, I highly recommend you try it. Very pleasant experience.

No. 1576046

idgi either anon. it makes me either panic or throw up.

No. 1576069

I don't get it but my girlfriend (lesbians) often asks me to lay on top of her and says it's comforting so I guess it's a thing for some women.

No. 1576074

i hadn't thought about it before (turbo virgin) but now i am hit with a desperate need to have a cute woman lay on me…

No. 1576083

I'm relieved this is a thing because I've always wanted to lay my entire body on someone while hugging them but I'd be worried if I crushed the other person's ribs or something kek

No. 1576094

Through these varied responses I realize we as a society have been thinking about relationships wrong. Love is actually bond between a squisher and a squishee.

No. 1576358

same. I'm firmly against being squished. I wonder if people who like it are only children or older siblings, because all it does for me if give me flashbacks to being rolled in a blanket and sat on by an older sister or brother until I cry or almost pass out

No. 1577401

File: 1684075900405.png (110.2 KB, 1025x552, Captura de pantalla 2023-05-14…)

nonas ae you ready for the faggyist time of the year???

No. 1577431

File: 1684078970401.png (40.88 KB, 1067x611, LGBT rights in the GDR.png)

>Hoxha pfp
Are these retards completely clueless about reality? Do they honestly believe they would survive in a genuine communist state? With their status as so-called 'bourgeoisie degenerates,' they would undeniably be among the first to be thrown into hard labor camps and made to suffer.

No. 1577540

I wish these american transvestites were sent to labor camps. Since they wanna larp as commies so badly.

No. 1577620

So-called transphobes wouldn't respect any tranny's pronouns kek

No. 1577905

It's also natural to want a male mate who isn't an abusive, manipulative, lazy, whiny piece of shit. But I don't see anybody going after men about that.

No. 1578109

File: 1684148950062.jpeg (106.58 KB, 750x891, FwKi59kXgAYbIDx.jpeg)

No. 1578116

reeeee I thought having to sign in to use /explore was a glitch a while back, but you still need an account to search for tweets. I hate you, fat Elon. I fucking hate you, girl.

No. 1578123

Didn't know you had to commit war crimes to be white.

No. 1578163

so basically I’m too miserable to be white kekk

No. 1578195

The worst thing about this image is that it's implying French and British/German cuisine are on the same level

No. 1578209

They're all pretty bad, except French people can bake.

No. 1578242

I know this was meant as a joke and not to be taken seriously but denmark was active in colonialism and the slave trade

No. 1578290

German cuisine > French > British

No. 1578386

400 years ago and no one remembers it, they spent longer being occupied by Sweden. Either way this whole concept of whiteness is so fucking retarded and something left-wingers need to get over if they want to be relevant in politics in the future,

No. 1578509

The one 'german' dish to rule them all…döner mit alles und mit scharf

No. 1578586

File: 1684187943285.jpeg (Spoiler Image,349.55 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_4847.jpeg)

Wym this shit barbaric

No. 1578595

File: 1684188153386.jpeg (75.96 KB, 1170x611, IMG_4848.jpeg)

This has to be bait…

No. 1578604

Kek at spoilering it
That's one of my favourite foods btw

No. 1578617

File: 1684189767146.jpeg (157.92 KB, 1170x1422, IMG_4849.jpeg)

No hope for women

No. 1578619

maybe because it has culturally not been acceptable to talk about issues with pregnancy and childbirth and postpartum. women and girls die or Resch the brink of death every day in childbirth, and that's not just in poor countries with little accessable, quality healthcare

No. 1578641

No I can believe that some people, young women included, never heard about that stuff as long as their own mothers never had issues or if they receive terrible sex ed. I know about a lot of complications that can happen because I did my own research and received very good sex ed in middle school. If it weren't for my own curiosity I wouldn't have known about any complications because my mother gave birth very easily each time until way later and always treated potential complications as things that only happen to others so my sisters and I shouldn't worry about anything. Meanwhile women online will tell you their own personal horror stories about their pregnancies and childbirth very often to give each other warnings or advice or just emotional support but if you don't even suspect that shit can happen you probably won't look it up to begin with.

No. 1578643

do the self proclaimed bimbos spend hours scrolling trough rule34 in order to make those reaction images? where do they even find those 3d porn images?(this is a hypothetical question I dont want to know)

No. 1578675


No. 1578706

File: 1684196304527.jpg (102.86 KB, 592x792, jeni.jpg)

I love this Jeni bitch, I do not care
grift the whole world; her country took shit from her she can never get back, fuck everyone else in the whole world, you look out for #1 now

No. 1578718

who cares, grift grift grift, fuck nice things

No. 1579972

Unless there's something I don't know, that's Yeonmi Park (Jeni's is an ice cream brand).
I agree. A lot of her stories are exaggerated, but no one's buying 1:1 realism. She's endured and knows what she needs to do. I'll always love and admire a good grift, and you have to go through hell to pull one off and maintain it. Keep on, Queen.

No. 1580172

File: 1684345274518.jpeg (137.95 KB, 1098x765, IMG_4856.jpeg)

Your “””””queen””” btw

No. 1580230

I've been following her story from the beginning and aware of all of her surgeries to pad out her grift. I don't know what I'm expected to take from this, except that the surgery was probably advised by her SK minders, if the rumors are true.

No. 1580333

File: 1684357143728.jpg (99.79 KB, 1080x759, 6vf356exsf0b1.jpg)

I hate how the piracy subreddit is basically just bitching about Empress. I hope that where ever she is Empress is laughing about it and fitgirl just repacking games in peace.

No. 1580336

is fitgirl really a man

No. 1580338

Well reddit is of the opinion that Empress and fitgirl are both men because this is something men would do.

No. 1580341

i always wondered why a grown woman intelligent enough to crack would call herself fitgirl and now it makes sense

No. 1580347

I'm not going to overthink it because grown women have a hard time referring to other women as "women' and not "girls"

No. 1580363

A bit late but I agree, forthe longest time I thought childbirth was easy because my mom had an easy time with us, she would roll her eyes anytime women screamed in movies while giving birth and say women complain too much about pregnancy (she's a bit of an NLOG), it wasn't until I learned on tumblr about the various things that can go wrong that I realized how terrifying childbirth actually is.

No. 1580374

I have to give it to her at least she didn't pull out some garbage about "actually bimbo is very empowering and femanist" no it's not, basing your personality around a male fantasy is the ultimate doormat move. At least admit it's not femanist and then I'm cool with it

No. 1580380

File: 1684361228432.png (18.54 KB, 1184x340, Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 4.32.…)

At a loss for words

No. 1580408

is fitgirl even trans? i thought they kept their life private and hadnt even revealed their sex. many assumed they are a woman because of the name and because they use amalie as avatar while other assumes they are a man because of different factors(the name being one of them). have they ever come forward and stated thry where trans or is that just an headcanon?

No. 1580517

she’s 17 apparently so im not shocked at how attention seeking she is. absolutely no one refers to her as he irl(dont post minors)

No. 1580530

there is nothing i despise more than gendie zoomies into y2k fashion

No. 1580531

This girl gives me strong vibes that she is doing a skinwalker from that "au" fanart of kakyoin drawn by that other tif girl where she represent him as very, very feminine with brown skin, small and delicate but being trans boy

No. 1580536

God this is so hyperspecific but I feel it so strongly as well.

No. 1580564

God I love not ever knowing wtf you people are talking about

No. 1580604

No. 1580925

Isn’t Empress a larping moid? S(he) claims to be a “super hot 20 year old” and spergs about men not being “alpha males”.

No. 1580926

shut up faggot

No. 1580944

same, it all looks like a terrible costume. this fashion was terrible in 2003 and it’s somehow even worse in 2023. also big purses and oversized sunglasses will always be superior to tiny bags and tiny sunglasses.

No. 1580976

File: 1684435262159.png (378.45 KB, 837x2370, IMG_1478.png)

NBC tech editor AGHAST that an evil terf didn’t want a bearded perv seeing her naked.

No. 1581135

>This girl gives me strong vibes that she is doing a skinwalker from that "au" fanart of kakyoin drawn by that other tif girl where she represent him as very, very feminine with brown skin, small and delicate but being trans boy
kek, could you post it that sounds hilarious.

No. 1581144

Why are men butting into this? This has nothing to do with their opinion, it's not their issue. They don't get to tell women who we should allow in our private and vulnerable spaces. What the fuck

No. 1581148

Because they're fucking creeps who sympathizes with the creeps.

No. 1581151

I find out the OP is possibly a TIF - that explains it, they're usually NLOG assholes craving for male approval.

No. 1581252

File: 1684452887877.jpg (210.19 KB, 1080x1881, Screenshot_20230518_161543.jpg)

this. There are more differences than I thought but for some reason it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw that girl, I think it's the 2000 fashion style and I don't know what else. There is an older post with the same stupid sentence but with the kakyoin character

No. 1581259

File: 1684453512455.png (322.17 KB, 960x2079, IMG_0900.png)

1)Imagine censoring the word Spaz lol
2)Probably because unlike Lizzo or Beyoncé, no one gives a shit about the daughter of the drummer of Blink 182.

Honestly both trads and anti natalists are fucking insufferable. I don’t care if you want kids or not as long as you don’t make it your personality.

No. 1581263

Jesus Christ she used to be cute. What the fuck did she do to her face?

No. 1581275

Fuck off tranny

No. 1581276

She's just black with red hair, that's it kek

No. 1581362

Didn't fully read the twitter thread because I know it's just a whole bunch of mansplaining bullshit. Holy fuck, it's like women aren't allowed to be uncomfortable. I hate these creepy predators so much.

No. 1581416

No, I get you anon

No. 1581600

File: 1684505867485.jpg (975.7 KB, 3233x4320, pJd4ate5TxwI1yhQ.jpg)

I actually respect Taylor Swift a little bit more now because this is arguably one of the funniest things that’s ever happened.

No. 1581611

I hate fans that think they can just change the artists’ brains. Why not just try to not listen to her music and that’s it? People nowadays think that since they can use social media, their voices matter and they should be heard because, like how could you not pay attention to
@ahouseallalone? Such an important person that’s totally not some random loser with way too much free time.
I don’t even know who is that faggot that person is mentioning and I don’t care, but acting like you deserve an apology for every tiny little action someone does, and that it wasn’t probably her, it was surely some manager’s decision to have that dude around.
At this points all artists should just post regular apologies every week for everything they do.

No. 1581617

some twitter accounts are really enjoying the attention they get for posting about the healy/cumtown/taylor thing and are milking it for all it's worth lmao

No. 1581618

File: 1684507770628.jpg (39.85 KB, 818x395, FnbkVhXgAAG5.jpg)

stan twitter finding cumtown is possibly the funniest saga on twitter in a long ass time.

No. 1581756

What happens when you don't mother your child properly.

No. 1582147

File: 1684548049097.png (102.16 KB, 946x747, wtf_.png)

No. 1582148

i hate it because they wanna larp 00s but they would be crying in a corner after being bullied by the emo kids if they were alive in the 00s, lol. They ruined the modern internet/fashion and now wanna go back, but they also dont realize the lack of modern agendas is what made the 00s so comfy(in comparison to the 10s+)

No. 1582151

Clown world

No. 1582168

They say similar shit to detransitioners though.

No. 1582174

>being bullied by the emo kids
Lol what?

No. 1582190

she is delusional, emo kids were the biggest losers in the noughties… fat mall goth teenagers that couldn't look anyone in the eye. they themselves were relentlessly bullied, not the other way around. that's why they were a COUNTER CULTURE lmao.

No. 1582192

it was a joke idiot, i was saying they are so lame and weak they would get bullied by the cringiest of kids. Plus a bunch of emos were edgy as fuck, they would destroy these gender specials.

No. 1582195

sure jan. that was the community where boys larped as gay because girls thought it was hot when they kissed. face it, they'd befriend and copy genderspecial alt kids if they went back in time lmao

No. 1582201

>larped as gay
Girl they were just gay

No. 1582206

you definitely weren't there. congrats, you made me unearth this shit lol. former emo boys will talk about it too

No. 1582215

I used to think that Cobra Starship guy was cute, but this is just cringe. Nostalgia killing wow

No. 1582245

I was there. They were jerking eachother off babes

No. 1582249

gay men are 10% of the population. scrotes who will do anything for female attention? too many.

No. 1582281

Nah at most they were a little bi but not enough to ever date a male, pop punk bands did the same thing. They knew how to attract fangirls.

No. 1582318

Nta but I was there and a lot of them were experimenting, boys and girls alike, it was the MySpace bisexual era after all. Some of them were definitely gay.

No. 1582365

File: 1684582597787.jpg (86.22 KB, 1080x591, Screenshot_20230519_220050_Chr…)

What is it with Twitter thots who act like having an OF is like the most sacred profession and it shouldn't be something to joke about and that us lowly civilians just don't have the intellect to get it?

No. 1582445

They know they're trying to make a living degrading themselves online but are still trying to justify it to themselves. They feel ashamed and stupid when people point out the issues with OF so they try to push this narrative that it's actually great and you're a bigot or loser if you're against it.

No. 1582907

Theyre just mad they can't do something mild like feet anymore without the competition pushing them out which is understandable.

No. 1583469

File: 1684691840032.jpeg (91.24 KB, 1170x726, IMG_4866.jpeg)

Severe retardation

No. 1583475

File: 1684692147404.png (381.32 KB, 596x579, Screenshot 2023-05-21 at 10.44…)

No. 1583481

What is this about? Something's telling me it's about something stupid again.

No. 1583483

No. 1583486

A 6 months pregnant woman (PA coming off a 12 hour shift) paid for a rental bike and some men tried to rip it out of her hands then make a video calling her a Karen and ruin her life calling her racist when she wouldn't just give it to them. They wanted her to have to pay for their miles. I hope this woman's lawyer goes out against every scumbag journalist shark that besmirched her reputation. She has a lawyer already so I'm rooting for her

No. 1583491

That's even more insane than I expected. What's this tendency of using "karen" to describe any adult woman not acting like a doormat? I thought it meant a very specific type of middle aged or old woman who tends to harass retail employees and yell at them to call their managers. And I hate that people just film anything and everything all the time and try to ruin people's lives over petty shit. I bet these guys wouldn't have tried that with a man.

No. 1583504

people realized "karen" was open season to be cruel to any random white woman

No. 1583541

If she wasn't a racist before, she is now, kek.

No. 1583554

>they wanted her to pay for miles
if they ditch the bike then she would get $1200 charge on her account.

No. 1583584

Leftist dudes found a socially acceptable way to call women bitches while still maintaining their progressive reputation. Nothing new under the sun.

No. 1583713

File: 1684703435330.jpeg (178.05 KB, 828x1530, IMG_9771.jpeg)

I don’t care for Kim, but why are moids so retarded?

No. 1583717

truly are. kanye crazy AF that's why, i thought she tried for years to keep the relationship together but he's mentally unwell

No. 1583855

File: 1684716389739.jpg (121.98 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230521_203311_Duc…)

Giant twiddor discourse over a knockoff couch that a woman decided to pick up off the street, vacuum shampoo, and put in her home. Couch clearly has been used for at least 13 gay orgies, covered in every type of smegma and viscera possible, stained with excrement and definitely infested with bedbugs, and people are saying it's normal to want to take couches off the street. Lord.

No. 1583864

the real criticism with this headline is that she's more rich than most people can fathom and there are absolutely zero reasons as to how being a single mom would be hard for her. a woman leaving a man first (especially one as insane and medication-resistant as kanye) doesn't make her struggle as a single mom any less hard. usually, the woman was already a single mom in a two parent household.

No. 1584211

File: 1684762078955.jpeg (41.84 KB, 640x570, Fwq2mUIXoAQ7YRK.jpeg)

No. 1584217

isn't the meme specifically about Eurasian males with white fathers and East Asian mothers? also I'll go and say that most interracial relationships with East Asian women and non-East Asian men genuinely creep me out.

No. 1584219

doesnt eurasian mean someone from the middle east and surrounding areas that dont really fit into europe or asia? i read this and thought for a split second maybe mr rodgers was turkish or something

No. 1584224

originally it did mean that but nowadays it's also colloquially used to mean mixed race people of European and (usually East) Asian descent

No. 1584231

I always get excited thinking someone's gonna mention Kazakhstan kek (I'm from there), but it's always just mixed race Americans.

No. 1584233

I mean if your scrub with enough anti-septic material for at least three days, I think you can make the couch yours.

No. 1584386


god that's retarded

No. 1584611

There are a lot of in incels and general misogynists on Twitter. They’re like cockroaches.

No. 1584687

When you have a circlejerk of terminally online yesmen enabling your every cancerous thought yeah

No. 1584779

File: 1684821479102.png (31.91 KB, 1180x430, Screenshot 2023-05-22 at 10.36…)

No. 1584781

Not like she has six+ nannies or anything. Her version of "single mom" is very different than 99.9% of women.

No. 1584783

North's tell all is going to be A1

No. 1584784

Who's requesting money from their friends if they already have money though

No. 1584788

Cheap assholes hiding behind "fair is fair"
Same types that would make a lower earning gf pay half the bills even if it left her with pennies

No. 1584789

File: 1684822946756.png (10.23 KB, 1104x126, Screenshot 2023-05-22 at 11.16…)

The choice of wording here is not lost on me. Bio being picrel really drives it home.

No. 1584801

I've never seen anyone ask their friends for money for lunch out of fairness though? Unless you mean something like a "I did this for you, now you have to pay me back" sort of thing.

No. 1584803

What the actual fuck is slowcore?

No. 1584805

Oh thank god it's just a music genre. I thought they made up a word for retard aesthetic.

No. 1584904

kek they already do that with autism now but i wouldn’t be shocked if they made up a term for literal retardation

No. 1585225

File: 1684869448452.png (211.53 KB, 1286x1446, Screen Shot 2023-05-23 at 3.15…)

never thought sam levinson and the weeknd would be the ones to usher in a new era of coomer brain rot

No. 1585228

ofc it's a tranny. it always is. they always tell on themselves when they're so defensive of coomers because hit dogs holler.

No. 1585231

File: 1684870176512.jpeg (82.51 KB, 966x712, IMG_4871.jpeg)

Same guy btw. He wrote a book where JKR and other women get gruesomely raped and murdered.

No. 1585233

not at all surprised a tranny wants more rape art

No. 1585236

I bet that if a regular "cis" man said this it would be far worse received. Troonism really is a get out of jail free card to be a misogynist sick fuck innit

No. 1585343

File: 1684880131197.jpg (172.98 KB, 1179x1566, FwwXNYhX0AI7dr2.jpg)

You sure?

No. 1585363

Oh my god, that's the fucking blue couch that girl got off the side of a street in New York

No. 1585448

this man is so foul and clearly hates women

No. 1585467

i don't know much about levinson except wasn't there already controversy about him in the past for being creepy to euphoria actresses?

No. 1585468

I agree with the principle normally, as in I would treat a friend who's financially struggling or pay everything for my partner if they make significantly less than me but the way the tweet is worded screams entitlement.

No. 1585480

I think that anon photoshoped it in as a joke though, but ngl it definitely had been used somewhere like that before kek.

No. 1585493

File: 1684896198093.jpeg (198.6 KB, 2048x1536, Fw2jTdEX0AAnelp.jpeg)

I fucking hate this lardass tranny so much.

No. 1585551

Oh yeah its an edit but I stand by my initial statement

No. 1585576

please spoiler next time

No. 1585646

Spoiler that shit

No. 1585653

this a gay orgy? has less bald fatties than i expected

No. 1585685

>libfems see these abominations as their sisters

No. 1585811

File: 1684936597541.png (210.13 KB, 649x640, Screenshot 14.png)

So there's a video clip that is currently going somewhat viral on twitter. It shows two young kids, a boy and a girl (who look to be no older than 8) in a wrestling match. So I'm not super knowledgeable about wrestling, it appears that the girl was more skilled and had better technique as she beat the boy. In the end, the boy was crying. So libfems and TRAs are sharing this clip, claiming that gender segregation in sports is completely unnecessary and the only reason for it is because men are afraid of losing to women and using this specific match between prepubescent children as evidence.

No. 1585854

god, they’re idiotic. those children haven’t even started puberty yet so of course there isn’t much difference between them. i genuinely believe that twitter users are some of the most brain dead people on the planet

No. 1585858

I hate Twitter because even if I only follow stuff I like I end up seeing disgusting things too because of the algorithm. There are a lot of people with shitty takes and a lot of incels.

No. 1585908

File: 1684946829022.jpg (242.41 KB, 1385x2126, Fw584xEh65WAAIE7XP.jpg)

update from prev thread >>1544526
it's millennials versus zoomers on mgstwt

No. 1586088

File: 1684956614616.png (330.36 KB, 649x680, Screenshot 3.png)

Male sexuality should be state repressed, they are way to open about their degenerate fetishes.

No. 1586113

bold move to post this because even though she doesn't overtly name her, everyone knows exactly who she is.

I almost bought a digital pass for MGS Con because of the voice actors showing up but then I realized it would probably be a mgs twitter circle jerk. Especially after it was revealed that "special guests" were going to be random people from the mgs twitter sphere

No. 1586697

File: 1684998672230.jpg (714.3 KB, 4096x2932, InCollage_20230525_091147083~2…)

God fucking damn it I hate these people so much

No. 1586717

I don't see the issue with this. I'm an aspie and I'm going to pick up on the indirect request but if you live with someone autistic then just be direct with them. Imo the indirect request sounds passive aggressive anyway

No. 1586721

Yeah the "indirect" example is manipulative bollocks and not how you should address people
>Woe is me, is there nobody to alleviate my burden
>Hey, do you mind doing this
A totally normal request

No. 1586727

The indirect one sounds like a pretty unrealistic exaggeration of how people speak, I've never experienced it and I'm not autistic. The autistic example is a normal way to speak. Maybe that's what anon hates them for, acting like they're special snowflakes for wanting something very normal?

What annoys me personally is that last reply having to hold her manchild's hand through every step of a basic chore. Obvious weaponized incompetence right there.

No. 1586760

Normal people who talk in this indirect way tend to just be venting instead of indirectly asking something from someone else. I agree with OP and spergs should shut up, they think they're so special when they're just being so dumb we have to act like robots in front of them. My mother would often misunderstand things the same way but that's because she almost never communicates in her first language and even then she's never that stupid.

No. 1586781

If you see the house is messy just help clean jesus fucking christ
Waiting to be asked to do a house chore is just moid behaviour or plain laziness
Should I also tell you to get a new roll of ass paper if you have finished it?

Only occasion I can think of when you shouldn't help clean is if the mess is not yours and/or if you would be touching someone's else stuff

No. 1586843

Maybe I counted on my bf to do a chore he usually does, but he had something come up and now he can't so it's normal to inform me of this. People plan and talk about their chores all the time, it's weirder not to mention any housework at all if you're living with someone.

No. 1586949

ntayrt and I think it's sweet you and your boyfriend can communicate well
I live with my mom and it's natural for me to help her, we don't have split chores or stuff like that
we simply do our best to keep everything nice and tidy
she's a single mom and she's never been good at asking for help so I just started with small stuff, like putting away her mug if she left in a hurry for work etc
none of my ex bfs ever did that and I would have just found the mug where I left it
I mean I can do it myself but it's just much nicer to know that you have someone that's got your back
sometimes asking directly is much of an hassle than actually doing that housework yourself so I can understand op

sorry for blogposting

No. 1587526

File: 1685061680590.jpeg (77.75 KB, 828x1324, IMG_9958.jpeg)

oh no a grown woman smokes!!! wait until twitter tards find out what other things celebrities smoke.

No. 1587540

haha, reminds me of Twitter going nuts over the pics of Anya Taylor-Joy with her iced coffee and cigarettes. I mean, how else do they think they stay so thin? Kek

No. 1587554

File: 1685064464394.png (18.88 KB, 612x491, photos-2.png)

iced coffee makes you skinny?

No. 1587567

Iced coffee and cigs are both appetite suppressants and together they make you shit, so yes.

No. 1587571

It makes you shit like a fire hydrant so

No. 1587586

Kek I bet an American posted that, most Americans would probably get into cardiac arrest if they saw what it’s like in a European country.

No. 1587588

I mean, to be fair she has a babyface so of course it looks very jarring, also those cigarettes are going to age her horribly which is sad to think about

No. 1587631

I think famous actresses have access to beauty products and procedures that mitigate smoking damage considerably. Have you seen Christina Ricci in the latest Yellowjackets season? She’s glowing. She was a smoker (maybe still is I’m not sure). There’s probably even better technology nowadays.

No. 1587691

File: 1685078543427.png (349.8 KB, 1284x1570, fdfehe.png)

I don't get these rules for the dentist and it honestly does feel classist at minimum. What does the type of pants a person wearing matter if the dentist is going in their mouth

No. 1587722

No. 1587723

as a burger if someone is paying you $75-50000 for a procedure they can fuck right off on whatever someone is wearing that has no impact on the service provided. it might look trashy but dentists are also only open 8am-5pm usually making you go before work, take the day off, or in the middle of the day. would not surprise me someone almost forgot an appointment then rushed in so they wouldn't be charged a fee.

No. 1587725

Smoking should give you prison time, stinking like this willingly has to be a mental illness. She's cute, she's going to ruin her hair and teeth if she keeps this up.

No. 1587726

I’d just get a new dentist. Way too cocky for someone who’s practically a garbage man but for my teeth.

No. 1587728

Please don't come to France, most people start smoking here when they enter middle school or high school. Don't want to have lung cancer from second hand exposure? Good luck having a social life as a teenager then.

No. 1587731

Trashy individuals. She's not asking for anything wrong, just present yourself decently.

No. 1587732

Most celebs who smoke turn out fine since they have the money to fix any issues. Or they must be hiding it very well idk. Many of them smoke worse shit and somehow still have pearly whites.

No. 1587733

If this were any other establishment I would say they're allowed to make their own rules (no matter how dumb), but this is incredibly unprofessional. Unless they're in their underwear or actually wearing something inappropriate, no one should be denied medical attention because of what they're wearing. And also apparently this office has many reviews of people getting their mouth fucked up by them, go figure.

No. 1587734

Not those anons but sometimes I don't have time to fix my hair and thus have to wear something dumb to cover it when I go out. I don't see how that's trashy.

No. 1587737

If I'm paying out the ass for them to just brush ("polish") my teeth they can suffer my hoodie and sweatpants. Dentists are such uppity retards.

No. 1587739

I don't wear pajamas out but anyone who gives that many shits about what others are wearing in a medical setting need other priorities. There's always going to be some old person, over worked parent, or screaming kid that just doesn't have the energy but needs teeth work done.

No. 1587742

Wearing something to hide your hair is normal but a bonnet? That's like going outside in your pajamas. Which is unacceptable.

No. 1587744

If it works, it works.

No. 1587746

If it's just to throw out the trash near your place sure, but I wouldn't dare do that and none of my relatives and friends would either.

No. 1587750

I hated myself for smoking cigarettes and I hated making other ppl smell it…. I went to vaping only at Xmas time and haven't looked back(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1587755

you still have 15 minutes to delete this post

No. 1587764

kek this is the farthest into the depths of lolcow i've ever seen a clueless rando stray

No. 1587841

I can't stand controlling, judgemental people like this, especially business owners. I would turn around and walk out. I agree that it's trashy to wear those things in public but what fucking business of yours is it? Unless it interferes with the procedure you can fuck right off with this shit. Reeks of someone thinking they're above their clientele.

No. 1587842

>I would turn around and walk out.
That's exactly what the business owners would want in that case, so…

No. 1587862

>in that case
In what case? Like I said I don't wear any of those things in public.

No. 1587871

In the case of business owners putting signs about a dress code for customers. Or in that case for patients. Even if you don't go outside in your pajamas they probably wouldn't mind lose costumers over this, even if that might not be the most business savvy decision. It's like the whole story about some American bakery not wanting to make a cake for a gay couple and being sued for it, many bakeries would have been happy to make the cake and get their money but this specific one just didn't give a fuck about any potential profit even if the gay couple was just a pair of normal customers with the money that the bakery asked for.

No. 1587957

It's not classist at all. What is classist is assuming that poor people walk around in their stinky pyjamas and slippers all day. You should at the very least be clean and properly dressed especially for places like the dentist and doctor where hygiene is a bit more important. I saw the whole discourse about this sign and these retards bombed her place with negative reviews all because she said she'd like people to actually be dressed and not rock up like they've just got straight out of bed. It's weird as fuck and very scruffy, no you don't have to be in formal clothes to go to the dentist but you shouldn't be wearing pyjamas and a damn bonnet, like have some pride honestly. And I'm from a very working-class area where no one would even dare do this shit because it just looks lazy and dirty.

No. 1587965

Why would pyjamas stink and be any more unhygienic than day clothes? You just said more about yourself by saying that…

No. 1587970

I don't wear pyjamas so no, I didn't say anything about myself. It's actually just not very hard to put on some clean comfortable outdoor clothing instead of walking around in pyjamas and a bonnet and expecting people to take you seriously because of that. I'm sorry but it does look like you stink if you go outside wearing shit like that. It does look scruffy, lazy and unhygienic because you can't even be bothered to dress yourself properly to go to something as simple as a dentist appointment. And by properly I mean some basic comfortable clothes, it doesn't have to be anything fancy. The idea that personal choices to be lazy is somehow "classist" is absolutely retarded and all it does is further the stereotype that we are somehow sloppy and don't know how to dress appropriately.

No. 1587987

i agree, wearing pajama pants to a gas station for snacks is one thing but how hard is it to wear jeans and a t-shirt to the dentist? these same ppl complaining will be mad when someone says they don’t want a certain demographic patronizing them lmao. a few years ago there was a “debate” on twitter about after a black restaurant owner was filmed yelling at some customers. the customers were a group of black women who jumped up on the tables and started twerking over ppls food. their excuse was that they were playing rap music so what does he expect. after that i realized black twitter cannot be saved; how hard is it to stay in your seat just because they play rap doesn’t mean you need to start throwing ass on a table, have some self control(racebaiting)

No. 1588006

>the customers were a group of black women who jumped up on the tables and started twerking over ppls food. their excuse was that they were playing rap music so what does he expect.
I refuse to believe I just read that. I need the video because that's just too absurd.

No. 1588015

So many words yet you did not answer the question lol

No. 1588017

> Many of them smoke worse shit and somehow still have pearly whites.
Cause they get veneers.

No. 1588019

Ah yes dress up in scratchy pants to have someone drill into your teeth and potentially cause pain? Sounds fantastic. Clearly with the shit reviews on the office the dentist should have been more focused on her actual job than what pants the person had on. Dental care is a medical need and a lot of the population already avoids it. Doing this just further disenfranchises patients and pushes more of them away which as a dentist should be something this dumbass knows and should work to improve, but nah let’s get mad that people dress comfortably instead.

No. 1588020

Hate dentists more than I hate Twitter

No. 1588034

>most people
>good luck having a social life as a teenager then
Kek you are so dramatic, unless you are a boomer/gen-Xer that's not the case for most people, what kind of people are you even hanging out with?

No. 1588036

I said the word "stinky" because that's how you (generally speaking) look when you walk around supermarkets, dentists etc wearing clothes that are meant to be worn exclusively indoors or for bed. It looks incredibly sloppy and you know this which is why out of all my argument you tried to project shit on to me that isn't even true. I have more self respect than to walk around in public wearing that shit and it isn't classist to expect everyone to get dressed and look clean before they head out the door every morning. Can't believe I'm having to explain this kek

No. 1588040

Man I wish I had such a stable income that I could tell clients to just fuck off.

No. 1588046

The kind of people that zelle each other over 15 cents worth of ranch dressing. No one else cares this much.

No. 1588047

NTA, but it gives me the impression that they sit on their indoor furniture and go to bed wearing the same shit they went outside with. Normally you change into pajamas indoors so you don't drag nasty shit from outside onto your bed/room. I'm guessing people wear pajamas outside because they're too lazy to change, and if they can't even put in that effort they are probably filthy.

No. 1588051

You can wear comfortable clothes like sweatpants or loose jeans. There are so many options of casual outdoor comfortable clothing options to wear. No one needs to wear their cookie monster Walmart pyjamas to the dentist. Normal people with self-respect will look at you like you're insane. It's really not that hard to get up in the morning and put in a little bit of effort to dress appropriately. If you come to a professional place wearing stuff like that your priorities are fucked, it takes 2 minutes if that to put on some comfy every day clothes. We can't keep making excuses for bums anymore, sorry.

No. 1588054

Some people just own multiple sets of clothes and do laundry regularly? This sounds like projection kek. If you have can’t bother to change out of pjs and change your underwear unless you dress up that sounds like a you problem anon.

No. 1588057

>too cocky for someone who’s practically a garbage man but for my teeth.
I don't know why but this insult took me out lmao, thank you so much

No. 1588058

I'm 29 and I went to a middle school and a high school in France full of rich kids with "open minded" parents so they stole their parents' cigarettes until their parents would buy them for them. They would also start drinking before 18 but under their parents' supervision because their parents would rather see that than have their kids hide to drink alcohol and get in trouble. Some of them were smoking weed because they smelled like it. I will always remember how my schools would pay people from health organizations to explain how dangerous smoking and drinking is, just to see my classmates smoking in huge groups in front of the schools' gate. Teachers would also smoke with them near the end of high school. Everyone smelled like shit all the time. I got along with most of my classmates all the time but would be nauseous from all the smoking so I was never hanging out with them outside of recess and it made me look like an asocial piece of shit, which I realized years later after hearing what my reputation was kek. If you think I'm exaggerating come anywhere near a French university and ask foreign students their opinions, they'll agree that the number of French students and teachers who smoke is shocking.

No. 1588060

Taking your approach will just force more people out of necessary medical care. Something we already have a problem with. You do sound classist and the world doesn’t revolve around your opinions. People getting the care they need is more important from a health care perspective than not wearing Cookie Monster lounge or pajama pants. There’s a good number of people in the states on Medicare and Medicaid for example that are homeless. They still need dental care. A rotten tooth can kill them. Doctors and dentist both need to be focused on the care they’re supposed to give not the way they think they are better than low income people. Having a Dr. title doesn’t make you prestigious, but does unfortunately make you pretentious most of the time.

No. 1588077

Where did I say I wear pajamas outside? I was saying that most people wear their pajamas/home clothes outside because they're lazy, and then come home and lie in their bed with the same dirty clothes. Most people who wear pajamas outside don't change when they get home. At least that's what I've observed.

No. 1588082

That’s a lot of projection anon. Just because if you did wear them you would do that doesn’t mean other people do.

No. 1588084

Does it have to be iced coffee specifically or even just regular hot coffee

No. 1588085

Someone can't read.

No. 1588086

Yes and it’s them. They aren’t in those houses. They rant like if you wear pajamas out you are getting into bed without changing, but tbh I don’t know anyone that does that. So it honestly just sounds like they themselves don’t have faith they would change their clothes and they sound lazy. Kek but keep coping.

No. 1588095

Ayrt and I'm French too and most people around me don't smoke, like we are 15 or so people at my workplace and only 2 smoke, which is decently low imo. Same with highschool, most student didn't smoke but I went to public schools full of middle class people, maybe it's different with other demographics.

No. 1588099

Sweatpants and yoga pants and leggings are all different kinds of pajama pants lmao what a retard

No. 1588106

No clue how different it is but the few middle class and lower class kids smoked less in my schools, I'm including myself here. I'm sure it also depends on whether one's parents smoke or not, if your parents can't even afford cigarettes how can you steal them from them? Lots of kids in my schools tried because our classmates gave them cigarettes though. In my small office it really depends because the turnover rate is huge and at some point more than half of my coworkers smoked but not anymore now. At my previous job half of my coworkers smoked and we were a lot of employees. The office and the front door of the building smelled like shit even when nobody was there.

No. 1588110

what the fuck are bonnets and house shoes

No. 1588115

I think bonnets are used as synonyms to beanies or something? But I like to imagine the dentist turning down girls in full lolita outfits.

No. 1588119

No they arent. I'll give you a hint as to what the purpose of sweatpants and yoga pants are for: it's literally in their names. As for leggings they were typically worn under skirts.

No. 1588125

File: 1685115873536.jpg (197.48 KB, 1000x1000, 71EXEjojkkL._AC_UY1000_.jpg)

we call slippers like these house shoes where i come from anon

No. 1588126

Ew who the fuck wears leggings under skirts. Sounds like a gross sensory nightmare. Stockings should be worn under skirts. Leggings under skirts sounds like something a mentally challenged person would do.

No. 1588128

it was a 2007 fashion statement.

No. 1588131

Yeah I never wore them myself kek those were dark times.
I have these exact same slippers! I'm wearing them now and call them my lolcor slippers. Very comfy.

No. 1588132

nta but girls/women used to wear leggings under skirts as recently as the 2010s until it was decided leggings are totally appropriate bottoms by themselves, you must be young.

No. 1588136

I was there when it was happening and I wore it myself a few times. I'm asking who in their right mind would wear leggings now, not ten years in the past, grandma.

No. 1588153

No it's that kind of accessories Black women wear to protect their hair when they sleep at night. At least that's how my friends use theirs, they would be disgusted to see anyone wearing one outside. One of them doesn't even go to her balcony with her bonnet on.

No. 1588173

It looked dumb even back then.

No. 1588192

I noticed weird very online men like the style a lot for some reason so that makes it worse

No. 1588196

So no ghetto people?

No. 1588197

children do

No. 1588204

I find it so funny when I see Americans sperg over somebody smoking a cancer stick but then go on and hit their apple caramel flavoured robot dick vape and act like it’s not as bad.

No. 1588209

Ok the french stink and will die of cancer and Americans are fat and will die of cancer.

No. 1588213

What is it with Americans and their lack of wanting to wear clothes appropriate for an occasion? The amount of people who go to college classes in literal pajama pants or "athleisure wear" to go into work are insane. They wouldn't survive a day in most other countries.

No. 1588219

>wouldn’t survive a day in most other countries
Do people get shot for wearing yoga pants to go to the dentist in your country, nonnie?

No. 1588220

Isn't that literally what leggings were made for though? (and for dresses). I thought it was considered trashy to wear them without anything over it.

No. 1588232

I only wear leggings if I'm also wearing a big oversized sweatshirt/hoodie that covers my ass. Idk how people could actually wear them like tights.

No. 1588239

Sounds like they get a lot of trashy black women customers kek(global rule #7)

No. 1588271

No you weren't asking about "now". I'm providing context to show you it isn't as "mentally insane" as you think it was considering how recent people were wearing that.

No. 1588272

>anons are unironically mad about adults not being allowed to wear sleepwear outside their house
are you all joking or…? it is sad that this doctor even had to put out that sign, just how many people were showing up looking like that?

No. 1588275

For some reason people are actually serious about this. And they're serious when they call it classist to expect people to dress appropriately too - as if the average financially disadvantaged person doesn't own a tshirt or jeans. This is how you know that society has no shame anymore.

No. 1588281

Nah it's still mental and ugly looking.

No. 1588287

that's how they're supposed to be worn though, they're not pants.

No. 1588306

Denying people medical service because of what they're wearing is highly unprofessional and wrong no matter how you look at it. The patients health should be the top priority, not their appearance. But judging by reviews I've seen, that dentist didn't have their priorities in order anyway.

No. 1588313

They don’t want to hear that though. They’d rather live in their privileged bubble, but I’m sure they’ll complain if they get mistreated based on a bias from a medical professional they disagree with.

No. 1588320

What? kek You're acting as if she refuses to save people who bleed out after a car accident.
For most dentists you need an appointment, it's a date you know beforehand and should be prepared for, so maybe don't change out of your work/day clothes yet before going there? I respect doctors and part of that respect is dressing like an adult.

No. 1588323

And what about low income and homeless people on government insurance should they die from an abscess?

No. 1588327

Why would especially those people be able to afford to run around in pajamas and bonnets during daytime?

No. 1588333

The people wearing literal pajamas aren't homeless, and I'm going out on a limb and say that if this clinic serves homeless people and the like, they're more lenient.

No. 1588335

You really don’t know what you’re talking about. Kek

No. 1588336

Anon, do you not realize that dental problems can be deadly, or even just cause someone extreme pain/discomfort? But regardless of the severity of the issue, no one should be denied medical attention based on appearance. A medical professional has to be able to put aside their personal opinions and biases. Health takes priority always. Idk what else to say, I can't help your ignorance

No. 1588339

This. It's kind of trashy IMO for a dentist to be such a bitch about something so inoffensive kek, especially since dentists make fat fucking stacks of cash just by poking and scraping your teeth. You KNOW they have money pouring from the taps in order to be such autistic losers about MUH DRESS CODE. Dentists and orthodontists love to act like they like in Succession kek it's pathetic, like just brush my teeth you mouthslave and go fuck yourself.

No. 1588341

if you're so close to dying you'd drive to a hospital asap and don't make a dentist appointment

this is so wild to me, absolutely nobody would do something like that in my country and if they did the other patients would hold them accountable for being that disrespectful. esepcially people who really are struggling make an effort to present themselves nicely, wearing pajamas and silk protectives for your hair sounds just lazy af.

No. 1588342

Nobody cares about your country, I'm showing up to my dentist appointment comfy as hell.

No. 1588343

is it a slave who brushes your teeth or is it somebody who you desperately need immediately to not die? make up your mind

No. 1588347

Okay schizo, you know you are replying to more than one person right? Take your meds.

No. 1588349

Samefag but one last thing, you can do walk ins at a lot of dental offices.

No. 1588351

my country has free health care that nobody gets denied, because everybody over the age of maybe 2 knows the difference between a bedroom and a doctors office

No. 1588352

Nta but it's sad that your country would deny medical service to people based on their clothes.

No. 1588353

Sorry that your country is a hellhole and everyone there thinks that they have a right to hold people “accountable” for not “dressing appropriately” instead of minding their own business.

No. 1588357

America's lack of health care and culture is sad

No. 1588379

i have a confession: i did enter a place wearing a bonnet once but it was only because my hair was extremely matted and nothing else could fit over it.

No. 1588383

It is ok.

No. 1588385

You do you anon. Who gives a shit, we’re all just human meat sacks doing our best and one day going to die.

No. 1588387

I feel so exposed when I wear leggings with nothing else covering my ass. I don't like random men on the street being able to see the entire shape of my butt.

No. 1588398

me too, i don't wear leggings but i've never understood how so many women are comfortable wearing them without anything covering their bum. ideally you'd be able to wear whatever and feel comfortable but i absolutely despise being able to feel so many men's eyes on my body

No. 1588404

File: 1685132763163.jpg (205.31 KB, 1330x1728, Patchouli.Knowledge.full.jpg)

>no touhou allowed

No. 1588409

Not to sound like a prude, I swear I'm not, but I'm suspicious of the trends of leggings and gym clothing everywhere simply because I'm sure way too many men are thriving seeing so many women in them all the time.

No. 1588415

File: 1685133585738.png (5.29 KB, 638x396, Fwlq4MwaYPzK.png)

>Hear me out
WTF does that that term even mean anymore, I keep it seeing applied towards random conventionally attractive men and women on twitter.

No. 1588419

Many grown women still wear leggings under dresses/tunics. It's very comfy when it's colder.

No. 1588420

Idk, it's the same thing with people going "lowkey" then stating their feelings directly and clearly

No. 1588427

File: 1685134355980.jpg (55.49 KB, 500x746, 734e03a44ad7f09fdb621d07aeadf2…)

I do and it's incredibly common where I live. I just want to wear a cute outfit without getting catcalled by creepy moids with leg fetish (don't ask why, moids here get off to the weirdest shit imaginable like even navels and armpits) or the salty neighbourhood aunty referring to me as a whore while gossiping with other salty aunties kek. It's honestly really hard for women everywhere but even worse in my shitty rapey country, schoolgirls are often harassed for wearing their school uniforms without leggings underneath, so some of them wear 'boys uniform' aka full pants instead of skirts (they're more comfy though, but literal kids shouldn't be told that they're 'asking for it' by wearing skirts and do deserve to have a choice regarding their clothing).

>Sounds like a gross sensory nightmare

Anon not everyone is autistic, you know that right?

No. 1588437

They use it to imply they would fuck the person/thing. It makes more sense when they use towards on things you normally wouldn't sexualize, like toddler videos.

No. 1588444

Okay? Still ugly.

No. 1588448

Okay? You're still autistic.

No. 1588449

Kek so defensive. Hey, all the more power to you going outside wearing an ugly outfit on purpose.

No. 1588453

Says the one who cares about what other women wear just because you wouldn't wear it personally kek. All the more power to you crying over a 'sensory nightmare' like the autist you are.

No. 1588455

It's not racist, the owner is a black woman. Any woman can just wear a headwrap, a hat, a wig, or just put their hair in a braid or ponytail. The people walking around in bonnets and pyjamas in places like dentists are probably also otherwise unkempt/messy.

No. 1588457

This outfit is kinda shit tho.

No. 1588465

Honestly anon why are you getting so defensive, like does it really matter that much if someone says leggings under skirts look ugly? I'm not calling you a whore or a slut I'm just saying you wear ugly outfits. You keep saying kek but it doesn't seem like you're actually keking…

No. 1588474

Nta but it looks pretty and quite comfy to me? Especially for winters.

No. 1588476

File: 1685138861779.gif (4.61 MB, 480x270, fashionfags.gif)

>Anons before visiting a dentist so they could get a wisdom tooth removal without looking unkempt or messy

No. 1588479

I expect my dentist to dress up for the special occasion of meeting me- not the other way around. Ugly jealous bitches just wouldn’t get it. Not American.

No. 1588483

I'm not a leggings sperg but these are just tights, no? I'm pretty sure no one is wearing tights as pants.

No. 1588484

>Does it really matter that much if someone says leggings under skirts look ugly?
Nope. However,
>Leggings under skirts sounds like something a mentally challenged person would do
is a utterly retarded thing to say. I was merely saying that it's not so uncommon that only a mentally challenged person would wear it, but you keep taking it as defensiveness for some reason?

No. 1588485

Wearing brown shoes with black tights should be a felony; this outfit fucking blows.

No. 1588489

>but you keep taking it as defensiveness for some reason?
Because you are literally defending something that you do yourself. You gave a long explanation trying justify wearing leggings under skirts. Then you got angry when I said it still looked ugly. Very defensive indeed.
I rest my case, leggings under skirts really are for the mentally challenged.

No. 1588491

*trying to

No. 1588510

Bitch just take a shower and get dressed. No one's asking for a makeup routine

No. 1588522

NTA but why? Fashion rules are arbitrary and dumb why wouldn't people wear what they want. She looks okay, zoomie.

No. 1588530

File: 1685141274896.jpg (2.79 KB, 130x130, bitch you stink.jpg)


No. 1588533

Because it's ugly and discordant. SHE looks fine, her outfit looks like shit.

No. 1588534

as if an average rich-ass dentist would give a shit about losing a smelly patient

No. 1588538

It's what was the norm few years ago. You're falling for moid gay ops with the never-ending changes to clothing trends and fashion rules. Congrats on giving moids more money so you can buy what is "in" and throw out what is "so last gen" kek

No. 1588540

Are being for real right now holy shit kek you fucking schizo. No, a moid didn't tell me what to find visually appealing, my working eyes and brain did! That woman is wearing a dark red shirt with a black skirt and opaque black tights and then she decided to wear ugly, chunky light brown heeled boots. It's just ugly looking. She should have worn black shoes. You seriously need to take your meds, not every opinion a woman can have about fashion or art or basic color combination is le ebil moid's fault. That's my own opinion, weirdo.

No. 1588541

what makes you think someone dressed comfy isn't taking a shower or getting dressed

No. 1588542

I think the silhouette is ugly, weird proportions.

No. 1588544

>working eyes and brain

No. 1588545

File: 1685142142750.jpeg (39.58 KB, 574x647, 7a3716ef-1206-4a07-a211-1b836f…)

Twitter-tier sperging and infighting in a twitter hate thread? Kek. Stop derailing the thread already retards.

No. 1588546

There's a difference between "comfy" and the clothes you literally woke up in, hair not even taken out of bonnet.

No. 1588547

Just keep wearing your ugly outfits and move on
I agree, there's something off with it.

No. 1588550

Post one of your outfits, then.

No. 1588551

>the clothes you literally woke up in
That's not always the case. See >>1588379

No. 1588552

I used to work waxing people. Sometimes women would come to the salon without washing their cooch because they would "we would do it for them anyway". I had to literally put up a sign saying to wash your parts before the waxing or I will charge extra for smells, that would be noticed even through a mask I had to wear out of necessity. You sound like the women who came in with their cooch smelling like le fish au chocolat. Please fucking clean yourself before dealing with any services dealing with your body. We're not paid to smell your funk.

No. 1588554

Kek…… this is the twitter hate thread… are you lost?

No. 1588555

>they would think

No. 1588557

That's an edge case. Anon could've worn a head wrap, but that's honestly besides the point because her case is an exception. 90% of women wearing bonnets in public don't have "extremely matted hair" nothing else can ever fit over, they are just lazy and that's all.

No. 1588559

>mocks other people's outfits
>can't back it up

No. 1588560

Fucking exactly

No. 1588562

NTA but what does pussy smell have to do with pj's and head coverings

No. 1588564

And did a moid tell you to use the colloquial term for female genitals as an insult? Kekkk

No. 1588569

The origin of "pussy" is pussilanimous. Smelly and illiterate. What are you, a redneck? Show us your suspenders and cookie monster pajama pants, Becky Lou

No. 1588570

NTA. It's because we know you stink

No. 1588573

Kek you really are a millenial, you even have those old popular tumblr posts engraved in your brain.(derailing)

No. 1588574

it's spelled pusillanimous you illiterate swine

No. 1588575

No you don't. I bathe before leaving the house regardless of what I wear.(derailing)

No. 1588576

Are you underage?

*It's spelled "pusillanimous", you illiterate swine.

No. 1588577

How is this at all the same as going to the dentist in house shoes or pajama bottoms? The equivalent to your example would be someone going to the dentist without brushing their teeth, which would be inappropriate. Wearing a bonnet or house shoes does not mean you stink or whatever. I'm begging you guys to please use your brain.

No. 1588580

No one's showering just to wear bedclothes and a bonnet again, and then go outdoors.

No. 1588581

File: 1685143283048.jpeg (164.77 KB, 1170x1747, IMG_8112.jpeg)

Anons itt

No. 1588583

…Do you think only millenials are legal adults? I genuinely feel like you're mentally slow or something and I feel kind of bad for engaging with you so I'm going to stop now.

No. 1588584

Literally. White trash and ghetto people all over this thread

No. 1588585

>just to wear bedclothes and a bonnet again
Do you only own one pair of pajamas? I have at least 15.

No. 1588586

Everything in this image is almost giving me an existential crisis.

No. 1588588

It was a very basic question.
>too scared to post own outfits after sperging about random outfits
>doesn't know the origin of the words she complains about
>gets even angrier when asked about age
>everyone else must be "mentally slow" after they embarass themselves
It all makes sense now. I wasn't even the original anon who called you a zoomie btw. Hope you graduate HS soon.

No. 1588589

Are you saying it's you in this pic >>1588427?

No. 1588590

I own lots, but they're pajamas. Do you know what pajamas are for? Anyway, please take a shower and wear your "outside clothes" when you go outside like a person with a job. No more excuses.

No. 1588594

What would you do if it was?

No. 1588595

I do take showers and I'll still wear what I want because my hair is fucked up.

No. 1588596

Reiterate that it's a shitty outfit.

No. 1588597

Are you for real right now? If you actually have real life friends, ask them where the insult "pussy" comes from, I guarantee they will tell you it means pussy aka vagina aka female genitals. And you do know the oldest zoomers are like 24, right? I seriously feel like I'm arguing with at least one mentally handicapped person. Is legal retardchan in this thread right now? Am I talking to her? Kek.

No. 1588598

So you'd rather live with fucked up hair than care for it. Okay, but no establishment that has to work with your body is in the wrong for setting standards.

No. 1588601

So you admit that you're wrong, but because other people are also wrong, it's okay? Does the same apply to your outfits?

No. 1588603

I do care for it when I have the time. It takes more than a day just to comb it.

No. 1588604

No. 1588606

Where did I say I was wrong? I'm not, I'm just pointing out how ridiculous your arguments are. It's a shitty outfit. Other anons think so too. Maybe you could ask the anons in the fashion general thread what they think about it, they might really like it!

No. 1588609

What would I gain from that?

No. 1588611

Anon wants you to post your outfit so she can struggle to piece together a coherent insult and tell you how you actually have shitty taste no matter what you post.

No. 1588613

>Where did I say I was wrong? I'm not, I'm just pointing out how ridiculous your arguments are.
You tried to refute what I pointed out by saying other people (incorrectly) think it's about female genitals.
>It's a shitty outfit. Other anons think so too. Maybe you could ask the anons in the fashion general thread what they think about it, they might really like it!
Why go to the fashion general when we have a fashionista right here in this thread? Stop being so shy nonna, post yours. Are you fat or something?

No. 1588614

To show us the way.

Cowardly coping. If it's a good outfit, you win the thread by default.

No. 1588617

KEKKKK not the "you're a fatty" card! Anon, why are you so angry? It's only a shitty outfit. It's not the end of the world and it's nothing to seethe about. You can stop being angry, it's easy! Just try.

No. 1588620

I'm only interested in monetary gains.

No. 1588621

Why are you so offended by these questions? This is just like when I asked if you were underage. Why project all this rage? I'm just wondering why you can't post your own outfit.

No. 1588623

And I'm just wondering why you're so upset over a shitty outfit, millenialchan?

No. 1588627

You might not be able to smell your own funk, but most people can tell when someone didn't shower on that day, especially someone who is going to work on your body and be close to you. I could tell right away someone stunk even before they removed their pants and innerwear. Deodorant and panty liner can go a long way, but please wash your pits, pussy and ass and use fresh innerwear before you're getting close to anyone.

No. 1588628

File: 1685145076430.jpg (Spoiler Image,8.86 KB, 168x300, imag_.jpg)

Is this you?

No. 1588630

calm down

No. 1588632

Kek… what? So you frequent Jill's thread. Now it's all making sense. She has some of the most retarded farmers in her thread istg.

No. 1588634

The picture is a thumbnail from Google. Chill out and take your meds, kek.(derailing)

No. 1588635

Embarrassing behavior.

No. 1588639

Why are you so angry about it?

No. 1588640

People like you is why I quit that business and it costs 250 euros in this town to get a brazilian so quit yapping. Next time you complain about how much it costs to get a full body wax think of taking a shower before you head to the salon.

No. 1588643

What's with the prolonged retardation happening in this thread right now? Is it moids? Is that it? Or is this what lolcow has turned into?

No. 1588644

Nothing wrong with keeping your pubes as long as they meet soap regularly.

No. 1588645

This thread is full of weird, easily baited zoomers foaming at the mouth over basic 2014 outfits being "ugly" and refusing to wash their pussies.

No. 1588648

To be fair it IS an ugly outfit anon.

No. 1588651

why do you give a fuck if it's ugly? you seem utterly bothered by some nobody's outfit. do you have a meltdown at ugly outfits everyday you go outside? must be hard being you, nonna.

No. 1588652

Those are clothes you wore to sleep so it means you haven't showered or changed your clothes since the previous day. If you can't even be bothered to shower or wear clean clothes before attending an appointment, I'm sure the likelihood that you brushed your teeth goes way down too. Plus I think it's also about basic respect. I can imagine someone who has that little respect for a medial professional being more likely to be a difficult patient and they just don't want to deal with that.

No. 1588655

Okay stinky, don't cry when your scrote doesn't want to give you head.
They have no respect for themselves, let alone other people. Going outside on pajamas is peak ghetto behavior.(derailing)

No. 1588658

I don't care that much, this is lolcow lmao and it's the norm here to nitpick and bitch. I don't have meltdowns or judge people unfairly when I see them wearing ugly outfits in real life, but I do make a mental note on how they could have made it better. It seems the only person angry here is you, you're the one using petty insults over something so insignificant. There were cute 2014 trends and there were ugly 2014 trends, that outfit is just ugly.

No. 1588660

File: 1685145990689.png (73.77 KB, 555x678, notes.png)

People have figured out that tweets with community notes corrections get a lot of attention so they're baiting with wrong info to bring attention to certain things. If this becomes a trend I wonder what will happen to this feature.

No. 1588662

You've been at this for an hour now. It's time to relax and unclench.

No. 1588663

You sound like a scrote but tbh I've seen unkept haggard women outside wearing pajamas so you do you, I guess.
Do you seriously have nothing better to do outside than looking at people's outfits and making mental notes on how to improve them? I'm not even the anon you were replying to earlier, btw, just someone else impressed by your pettiness.

No. 1588664

Sounds like you were raised feral with pigs.

No. 1588665

It's my day off and you keep replying and I think it's funny how upset you get specifically when someone calls the outfit ugly. It's ugly nonnie. Smoochies from me to you.

No. 1588666

Way to go spending your day off bitching about some rando's outfit, have fun nonna!

No. 1588669

>getting this asshurt over someone being judgemental and petty
This is the TWITTER HATE THREAD, and you are on LOLCOW.FARM, the irony is astounding.

No. 1588670

Work out your hygiene, sis

No. 1588671

>Everyone's upset but meeeee
Calm down

No. 1588672

Okay, you won the right to bitch about some random's outfit and nitpick about whatever you want!!!!!!!! YOU WON YOU WON YOU WON YOU WON now stop replying please

No. 1588675

Wash your vagina

No. 1588676

Autismo meltdown moment.

No. 1588677

YOU know what else is autismo???? Nitpicking someone's else outfit completely out of nowhere!!!!!!! NOW SHUT UP

No. 1588679

It's ugly and you have bad taste.

No. 1588680

This thread makes Twitter look sane, good job nonnies.

No. 1588685

Wash your vagina

No. 1588687

>Those are clothes you wore to sleep
No it's not. Read this again >>1588585 >>1588575
>so it means you haven't showered or changed your clothes since the previous day.
Wrong again.

No. 1588689

You wash the vulva, the vagina is self-cleaning.

No. 1588691

samefag, this one >>1588575

No. 1588693

>You keep saying kek but it doesn't seem like you're actually keking…
Nta but kek

No. 1588694

the top and the skirt is really not ugly but the bag and the shoes is hideous. and the model doing this weird position for the picture sure doesn't help

No. 1588702

Damn you all are stupid. Also the girl is clearly wearing sheer, thick stockings in that outfit photo.

No. 1588703

She is wearing stockings and not leggings, so the original anon is retarded for that but it's still a shitty outfit.

No. 1588705

I thought the same. They were seething over leggings for the picture to not even have them, kek.

No. 1588707

Wash it.

No. 1588709

You seem to be obsessed with smelly vaginas just like the average chYmp.

No. 1588710

People have literally just been mocking you and you get so angry and reply every time, kek.

No. 1588712

That's fine, at least I don't willingly wear fugly outfits like this >>1588427. I like to make my outfits match at least somewhat, the hell are those ugly horse feet shoes for real.

No. 1588719

The way she's posing her legs makes it more horse-like.

No. 1588723

That and the ugly, unmatched light brown color. Those are 2014 boho shoes and that is a 2014 quirky girl purse, her top and skirt are 2014 indie girl who listens to the Arctic Monkeys clothes. It's just so all over the place.

No. 1588726

Omg wagwan itt

No. 1588737

File: 1685148525928.jpg (9.24 KB, 186x272, download (2).jpg)

other outfit you might like anon

No. 1588798

This thread was cursed the moment it started out with fujo sperging, there’s no use.

No. 1588828

Sorry for OT question but it that Black Milk?

No. 1588883

Literally no one has mentioned fujos what

What the hell is happening in here

No. 1588888

What? I didn’t say the bonnet shit was about fujoshit. I said the thread started out with fujos sperging.

No. 1588894

This literal, actual cope. kek.

No. 1588895

No. 1588896

File: 1685155414826.png (115.63 KB, 938x1502, Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 7.41.…)

two4one special with this one:
>Tranny has bad take
>Trannies must never be shown in any sort of negative light ever

No. 1588899

Sucks cause that's the only kind of take they have.

No. 1588901

So funny watching people who use the word retard + far worse in their personal life call out other people for using "the r word" on Twitter oh my god

No. 1588906

Does anyone truly get offended over the word retard? I've only ever seen people get offended online over it as a way to virtue signal.

No. 1588911

Only retards. And I do not mean the mentally handicapped kek

No. 1588912

Such a male thing to make his parent's not buying him a Barbie the fault of every girl who ever had one

No. 1588913

They just want to police other people. That's literally it. Some of the worst people I know of are on Twitter preaching about ableism when they're psychopaths in reality. Whatever makes them feel superior.

No. 1588931

Why do they repost tweets with only a few likes and say we "don't need this discourse", when they're just starting it themselves? Because otherwise barely anybody would see that tweet. I find it weird how so many twitter users have that attitude of being above "discourses" but they're the same people who blow them up.

No. 1588947

I think it does genuinely offend people, I kinda get it since it's easy to have empathy for retarded people and using it as an insult is not very nice to them.

On the other hand, nearly every word we have for 'stupid' came from a word that referred to retarded people, and then stopped being used for them at all. Retard would've gone the same way given enough time, and it's already stopped being used to mean 'mentally disabled' either. I will keep using it in certain groups including lolcow because it's a good insult but I can understand people finding it a tacky or rude word.

No. 1588957

I've seen people I know for a fact do inhumane creepy shit all of the time irl chide other people for saying retard or midget or sperg. You have to be genuinely evil to be that starving for online validation when your personal track record contradicts what you preach

No. 1589201

File: 1685194046150.jpeg (172.04 KB, 828x1392, IMG_4753.jpeg)

kek racebaiting???!!! im black myself
here are the tweets
i guess the video got deleted but there was a whole debate

No. 1589204

I hate when anons are like "how dare you accuse me of racebaiting when I am x race!!!" Like did you forget this is anonymous and nobody knows who you are so you could be anybody? Jesus fucking christ.

No. 1589205

it's just an elaborate way of saying shut the fuck up. They want to point and laugh at the bad take with their followers without wanting to argue with it. It's the same reason farmers post tweet with less than 10 likes in cow threads

No. 1589211

>le fish au chocolat
fucking kek. but seriously, there was a thread I saw long ago in my first language on twitter about women with the same job, some of them posted about how men would get boners and would cum from getting whatever they have waxed, and some of their female customers would get their pussy waxed but they had sex the night prior and didn't take a shower after that and they would stain everything with their bf's semen. Horrifying shit, I only go to more expensive salons that only accept female customers as a result now.

No. 1589215

>This Tweet was deleted by the Tweet author.
Fuck, I wanted to see that mess. Thanks anyway anon, I love you.

No. 1589216

Nevermind, is it that video? Sorry I don't know how to embed videos from twitter. https://twitter.com/MrJeromeTrammel/status/1333427574685519873

No. 1589530

File: 1685223266311.png (348.26 KB, 1080x2146, lolwhat.png)

Some genderspecial artist made a post saying this tiny detail that even he didn't know about until recently can weed out non black artists.

No. 1589532

File: 1685223359403.png (290.09 KB, 698x1893, melaninconfiscated.png)

his replies and quote tweets are full of other black artists admitting they also didn't notice this and ofc now he's upset

No. 1589594

most most artist with stylised styles dont even draw fingernails and make the finger tips so pointy that such a detail would be impossible to draw
>how to spot a non black artist
and yet there are black people in the replies who say they have never added this detail in their art

No. 1589610

I saw this tweet earlier and didn't even realize the color of my palm extends that far up my fingers until I saw it haha. I saw other black people saying the same. It was so freaky, noticing a part of your body you've never seen before.

No. 1589668

File: 1685232958744.jpg (574.65 KB, 1569x2001, Freedom_of_Speech_5_6_meta.jpg)

The burgundy sweater and black skirt brown shoes outfit is cute and I'm tired of pretending that high waisted skirts + crop sweaters isn't a goated combo. Zoomies seethe and go back to incorrectly trying to do y2k

No. 1589681

based nonita, i support you…

No. 1589686

I felt like the super light palms were a very minstrely portrayal though? I’m not against reclaiming things since a lot of black people do have lighter palms but the way these Twitter spergs chastise people for not drawing people that way feels really ignorant.

No. 1589710

The one posted during the leggings debate?

No. 1589724

File: 1685237418730.jpeg (136.66 KB, 1170x1554, IMG_4876.jpeg)

Can regular women not exist anymore

No. 1589729

if that logics then we shouldn't be using brown or black to color black peoples skin either

No. 1589730

No one under 32 years old should care about MCR

No. 1589762

File: 1685239387115.jpg (25.82 KB, 800x450, doubt.jpg)

>I'm not chronically online

No. 1589822

No one under the age of 32 will care about MCR

No. 1589862

File: 1685247974304.png (1.58 MB, 780x6002, 5636784334.png)

it depends on how varied the art is tbh. minstrel used the same formula of melanin contrast (coal black/super light palms) and red donut lips and some didn't even bother with the light palms. If artists do it right and fit their style, it's a nice touch.

Checking the quotes because I'm messy and lord, no wonder I blocked this miserable bitch.

No. 1589876

As someone who wears nothing but leggings and often with XL or standard length r-shirts I have 0 ass so I never notice men looking at me and because I’m tall and chubby leggings are the only comfortable option for me. I don’t wear the fancy gym ones just plain black leggings without the ass seam.
So for me it’s the color paired with the comfortable fit (if ur tall and chubby it’s a nightmare to find affordable jeans that fit)
You’ll often see really fat girls wearing them too so I think it’s a similar deal, esp black leggings give you the feeling that they are slimming. Also I was sexualized for my breasts growing up so I like to distract from them and it seems to be working.. For reference I’m 5ft8 160 lbs and 0 ass

No. 1589881

I’m not black and I never noticed that fingertip thing either, wish they would’ve worded it differently as in like “hey guys this is how you accurately color black/brown hands :)” but I bet putting it like that does not give them the attention they got now. Now I’m curious and will look into what else is always lighter color (like foot soles right) to draw more accurately in the future.
Tdlr great info even some other poc apparently didn’t know and good for other artists who never thought to study or stare at people’s hands lol

No. 1589935

I lost so many brain cells reading those replies

No. 1589944

Ayrt yes. I don't even know what to call tha style but I always thought it was kind of cute

No. 1589960

I'm surprised how much people care about clothes itt. Most of the people I know, myself included, just throw on a t-shirt and some jeans before going to work, kek. A hoodie if it's cold outside.

No. 1589963

Most people I know too (but not me, I like to dress up). But those who care about fashion will of course be very vocal about it

No. 1589971

that shit was boring and ugly in 2011 and its boring and ugly now

No. 1589972

this might come as a shock to you but in other countries people care about their appearance, anglo

No. 1589976

2023 fashion is literally the ugliest fashion we've seen in decades. Literally uglier than the 2000s fashion it tries to copy and that's an accomplishment by itself.

No. 1589982

salty response but people who are interested in dressing up will therefore be just as passionate and vocal about fashion, what's so surprising? i think it's different cultures. it's different in my country, i don't think i see many people like that, not even when i was in middle school and definitely not now in university. i think it's even scandalous to not look your best/good here if you aren't just going to a local (farmer) market or corner store in your area kek

No. 1590008

Their loss and waste of time, appearance fades fast.

No. 1590015

I would love to hear which countries these "it's blasphemy to wear something simple outside" anons come from. I'm living in western Europe and no one is that autistic about wearing sweatpants to class nor to the dentist. Even my Slavic mother wouldn't sperg this much.

No. 1590021

its not blasphemy to wear simple stuff outside its just embarrassing to wear that all the time, even more so to be such a slob and justify it with "appearancee fade fast" lol

No. 1590031

File: 1685277451354.png (19 KB, 646x573, CAPTURE.png)

Nah, you're just addicted to porn and can't seem to think about anything else

No. 1590033

I don't think wearing t-shirts and jeans makes you look like a slob. If you're otherwise clean it just looks relaxed and comfy. I get that people like to dress up, though, but their insecurity shines through quickly if they are like the fashion nonnas in this thread.

No. 1590036

Sadly this is true because 99% of (male) fantasy authors are coomers.

No. 1590042

Well I'm a 100% sure there isn't one mainstream fantasy novel that has "he/him maidens" getting fucked in a public festival, the closest thing to would be fiction that references bacha bazi

No. 1590046

>how can you not love fantasy it's a genre where authors design entire universes
This tweet can't be that insane.
>so their kinks will happen
I was expecting too much from twitter users who got porn sickness and a brainrot so rotten even maggots rejected to live there. It's also funny how that retard is saying that about the entire fantasy genre by itself, when the only 'fantasy' novel that autist has ever touched was a moid-written cheap erotica or equally cheap fanfic by a gendie on ao3.

No. 1590047

No way, that tweet is entirely correct. You read any older fantasy/science fiction books and the men insert their weirdest fetishes into them with zero shame. It warps your mind as a young woman and it's a wonder that any girl was able to grow up normal when fed a diet of that.

No. 1590058

File: 1685281374200.jpg (93.91 KB, 1080x1051, Screenshot_20230528_190458_Chr…)

Some anons are talking about this tweet as if she was calling out moid authors for their coomerness (which actually is a problem — majority of male authors write to just coom and die) instead of glorifying it while managing to sneak in her own coomer fantasies about 'nubile young he/him maidens' from twinkland and incest kek. Her bio also mentions that she's a troon and I've never seen a troon who wasn't pornsick.

No. 1590063

File: 1685281557970.jpg (140.33 KB, 1080x1596, Screenshot_20230528_191153_Chr…)

Samefag. Her private account is even worse… Someone needs to confiscate all her electronics and make her touch some grass.

No. 1590075

>usernames are silmarillion references
pretty ironic that she thinks fantasy is just an excuse to write in your kinks yet references tolkien, the most hetero vanilla christian fantasy writer in existence
then again i suppose the's the kind of fanfic writer who turns tolkien elves into troons and wrotes nothing but the wordt kind of degenerate plotlesss kinky porn

No. 1590076

Not everyone you dislike is anglo. There’s no way to even tell from that post.

No. 1590101

I don't think anons believe she's calling anyone out, it's just that it is true even if it were written by an idiot

No. 1590104

Kek is that Kirbyanon

No. 1590109

It's obviously not.

No. 1590111

>appearance fades fast
Nta but that's only true if you're not black or asian.(racebait)

No. 1590115

Ah I see, guess I interpreted it differently.

No. 1590340

It's really obvious it exists irl, even I start noticing it on me as soon as I start tanning. But I think it looks super weird when artists picture that despite having very cartoony styles. It's too detailed, idk, it's the same impression I have when I see someone draw a very cartoony illustration of a character and then they add very detailed leg and arm hair or they put a lot of details on the nose despite the mouth and eyes and face in general being very simplified. Not sure how to explain it but it can look pretty badly done.

No. 1590810

File: 1685338250484.png (129.7 KB, 652x892, 12345u87yt7892.png)

Handmaiden defends the milk puss troon.

No. 1590817

The irony of a supposed careworker not being able to recognise when a pedo is sexually abusing a child will never be lost on me. I bet she was the worst and actively ignored the men who molest children in care homes.

No. 1590846

>it's even scandalous to not look your best/good here
Jesus it sounds exhausting, imagine not being able to relax your appearance even on your days off, I don't even know where you're from and I hate it.

No. 1591235

File: 1685381897001.jpg (26.97 KB, 593x276, 133834.jpg)

You hear it, nonnies: White people cannot change. So better save that apology because is "fake".

No. 1591413

File: 1685394483325.jpeg (35.74 KB, 1170x407, IMG_4879.jpeg)

I will never understand why some women enjoy being treated as children

No. 1591416

I'm trying to parse this. Like, goth as a teen? What phases is he talking about

No. 1591418

Ayrt it wasn't boring, it was just plain. Not everyone wants to dress particularly notable or stand out from the crowd all the time. There is absolutely nothing ugly about a very bland yet still well put together outfit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1591422

I think he's trying to say that all white people had nazi phases?? At least that's all I can understand. Personally, my phases were more about Hot Topic and too much eyeliner, but whatever.

No. 1591423

I think he means like going through an edgy/rw/nazi phase where being racist to other people is part of it. i went to a state school so I got to see guys from my high school who would seig heil in the halls and harass black girls in disgusting ways completely turn around within the very first month of getting to college (because it stopped them from getting laid I guess)

No. 1591424

File: 1685395533202.png (43.02 KB, 497x445, 38f1ef0d-463f-57fc-9532-252085…)

This. White troons especially tend to have "nazi phases" they look fondly on (because they never actually left them).

No. 1591434

we live in such a fucked up soulless timeline teens go through nazi phases then troon phases. Truly zoomers are devoid of any real personality as a generation. Wonder why did this happen? i am 21 and even i, sadly, had my nlog shoeonhead watcher libertarian phase. Wish i was a mall goth or emo or anything less cringe.

No. 1591461

Farmhands what the fuck are you doing banning all these random non-rule breaking posts

No. 1591489

Why do they never get called out for this? I would be so wary of anyone who admitted having a phase like that.

No. 1591492

you missed the point

No. 1591532

the /pol/ incel > tranny pipeline is so real. They like to say how trooning out saved them but they're always just as rotten on the inside as they were during their nazi phase. I even noticed it back when I was a handmaiden, all the TiMs I knew were very misogynistic they just hid it behind self-deprecating "I'm a woman because I'm dumb and love pink teehee!" type shit

No. 1591701

File: 1685417908701.jpeg (115.55 KB, 828x1117, IMG_0324.jpeg)

womp womp. sounds like a skill issue.

No. 1591716

Kek wasn’t she that actor in stranger things that the annoying fans harassed with misogynistic shit awhile back? christ hasn’t that girl suffered enough

No. 1591723

File: 1685419979050.png (104.42 KB, 956x586, FxUUsrGaEAU0_RX.png)

Context is somebody dug up this old tweet from this well known troon user and people got turned on him. His response was he grew up in a right wing family and posted it when he was a teen.

No. 1591759

He's right though.

No. 1591760

Knew a guy who had this exact "arc", the weirdest thing was that he was actually brown and darker skinned then I was.

No. 1591761

Of all the things to have a "phase" it had to be being a nazi. Being an edgy incel is like the most malebrained behaviour ever. a manifestation of male aggression. I've never heard of a woman who had a nazi phase, and even if women like that do exist, they don't announce it as loudly as these troons do.

No. 1591792

Oh shut up, if you mean 'American white people', could you not generalise all the time? Like my slav ass ever had an encounter with a POC as a teen or a kid that I could traumatise, we don't even have any here. But you'd still call me a coloniser if you saw me right?

No. 1591793

Nta, but I think just by using common sense you could figure out that the tweet probably isn't talking about white people who have never interacted with someone that isn't white.

No. 1591795

Sadly, they don't mean that, they literally forget half of white people don't have anything to do with all this. I've seen countless times this type of people attack white people in general, make racist remarks about our appearance, culture and make broad statements that could only apply to white people in general, regardless of ethnicity. It starts slowly chipping at you unless you get fucking fed up. When most of your encounters with POC are on the Internet, and most of these encounters are them making shitty remarks about your features, culture and lifestyle, it paints a really bad picture.

No. 1591894

File: 1685442061819.jpg (48.89 KB, 564x423, f576eeeda4d4cac1d9739bef1f1bbd…)

I'm non european but I get you, black and asian americans are still americans and they don't seem to realize that the world exists outside of their absurd nation. I've had a lot of arguments with these idiots who flat out refuse to admit they're ever wrong or listen in just outright arrogance I actually had more civil discussions with nationalists and racists than average liberal Americans

No. 1591940

>Sadly, they don't mean that, they literally forget half of white people don't have anything to do with all this.
What in that tweet even makes you think that? Sorry but I think think it's kind of silly to complain about people assuming things about white people, while also making assumptions about what that person means. Saying 'white people' doesn't mean he's generalizing, it just means the white people who that tweet applies to. Why would he be talking about a random Slavic girl on lolcow who's never met a non-white person and not another white American who had a "racist phase"?

No. 1591962

I'm tired of people trying to invoke white guilt in people. They're more insufferable than their alt-right counterparts.

No. 1591964

what the hell are you on? You've had more civil conversations with racists because their beliefs align with yours more easily kek

No. 1591983

Don't reply to bait, there's been a ban evading anon that's recently been racebaiting about black people this one is probably the same one.

No. 1592078

that's not what I was trying to say, I have found that when discussing history or politics with Americans online, its near immposible to convey the complex issues other country's face, such as the impact of feudalism and the relationship between different sectors of the government with the US military. When I try to explain the situation, Americans(black, white and Hispanic) simply reduce it to "you're all brown and Muslim, so you shouldn't be fighting" without regard for the nuances and complexities. However, I have found that nationalists and even Islamists have a better understanding of the diverse groups and individuals within nations, rather than relying on broad generalization based on skin color or what food we eat.

No. 1592082

Damn, these extremists can't even do extremism right

No. 1592086

They are still awful people, and I dislike majority of them, but I acknowledge that they possess the common sense to at least google shit. A week ago, I spoke to a wealthy Saudi who vehemently argued that Saudi Arabia would lead the Middle East. Although I disagreed with her on every point, she rightly recognized that issues in my country are a result of corruption and socio-economic factors, rather simply America's military actions(which a surprising amount of Americans think is still going)- this a basic fact that anyone with common sense should recognize, but most Americans genuinely can't.

No. 1592087

I mean, that happens when you discuss with Americans online on American websites. They probably don't come to websites in your language. And if you were to go on the Chinese Internet, I bet they'd be completely uninterested in "complex issues other countries face". I just don't understand why you think they owe you shit.

No. 1592092

lbr, you probably traumatized some gypsies, though.

No. 1592103

This is why the lingua franca of the world and especially the Internet should be something no one has as a native language.

No. 1592127


No. 1592137

>reee why are the americans taling about their own experiences on an american-made site
You should maybe stop trying to make everything about yourselves, no one meant you unless you are racist. Not even American before one of you seethes that I must be a burger. Just have basic self awareness lol

No. 1592140

Slavs aren't white. Don't most slavs have up to %30 asian dna in them?
I knew a selfhating brown ex-muslim woman who applied to American military so she could in her words, kill muslims. I'll always be cautious of military people regardless of their identities.

No. 1592143

what does this have to do with Americans being dumb?

No. 1592147

File: 1685464866960.jpg (150.05 KB, 2230x1080, 2frS7hMFwko.jpg)

No. 1592149

>person says they're not american
>posts tiktok screenshot
Pathetic behavior from a mindless, cultureless blob.

No. 1592163

File: 1685466081411.jpg (30.07 KB, 550x535, 1685465360330.jpg)

if i'm being honest, the amount of retarded racist slavs I've encountered online has made it hard for me to care if any eastern yuro (or euro in general) nonnies getting mad about being "included". sorry, but you also have dumb racist scrotes and pickmes shitting up the international community and spoiling your reputation (though the twitter post was likely mainly about americans). you're not going to pull the wool over anyone's eyes. this is like if indian nonnies came in and complained about someone posting about indian scrotes being disgusting perverts because "reee, not me, i'm not like that". ofc it's not you, but you're unfortunately not the only indian.
slav nazis/racists are even dumber than the american white trash nazis tbh, moreso because slavs were long considered subhuman.

No. 1592174

whiteness isn't based on genetics, it's based on phenotype.

No. 1592181

I know a stupid polish moid online who whines about random pro-black stuff black american people do in the USA and he lives in poland, for some reason he takes offense when burgers talk about white burgers in an obviously burger context, because what they are saying doesn't apply to him and he feels so wronged. I dunno man, not everything is about you.

No. 1592191

>Why would he be talking about a random Slavic girl on lolcow who's never met a non-white person
kek for real

No. 1592200

By that logic I'm white because I have light skin and natural blonde hair but im literally fully middle eastern. Just accept you're mixed and get over with it. I swear to god I'll never understand why people who obviously are mixed/nonwhite like to pretend they're white. It's pathetic.
Slavs tend to be weirdly racist yet most slavs I know also chase black men/women and copy their aesthetics. My slav exbf literally had African braids done because he thought they were cool. It's probably a coping mechanism for them to claim they're better than nonwhites because slavs get shit on and attacked constantly. I doubt they really buy into the racist ideologies they parrot.

No. 1592213

>(though the twitter post was likely mainly about americans)
It literally is, specifically a tranny american >>1591723

No. 1592220

I don't think it's complicated. What you refer to as "black culture" is actually black American culture, which is promoted pretty much everywhere, just like white and Hispanic American culture and aesthetic. American culture is the enforced standard of the world, and many people don't realize how imperialistic it is/

No. 1592248

This, I was going to say it earlier but got distracted by my job kek. Most of these third worlders who get offended that they're lumped in with racist hite Americans are just as racist as them, some even worse because they've never seen a black person before. Kekek

No. 1592324

I have no idea what he's trying to say, can someone explain?

No. 1592330

No. 1592358

>many people don't realize how imperialistic it is/
Is it though? I mean, of course it, but I don't think that explains stuff like Japanese cholos. wtf is that about. The white people that run American business aren't pushing the cholo aesthetic on everyone, i don't think.

No. 1592382

Do you think this culture would ever exist if America wasn't culture behemoth that it is right now?

No. 1592385

samefag but thirdworldist rhetoric (from which priviledge politics probably stem off) with current po-mo left bullshit ruined their chances of getting wide support because they support divisive idpol over class politics

No. 1592389

No most white men I know who are into black women are slavs and slav women are usually into black men. They knowingly copy african braids and styles, etc. It's not american culture to copy African hairstyles on your weak hair and get premature balding.

No. 1592402

no wonder white identitarism is on the rise with retarded bullshit like this. only whites buying it are rich leftist kid, very lefty cuck gen x (the worst kind) and boomer men and white liberal women which are targeted the most in most vile manner because these grifters like saira rao know how to use up christian culture/conditioning to evoke guilt and make money and get some nasty "satisfaction" because they all are just so insecure

No. 1592405

i forgot to add that female socialization plays huge part in it too

No. 1592408

This makes no sense, there's no "guilt" to be had there unless you think having a "Nazi phase" is normal and inherent to being white.

No. 1592412

>It's not american culture to copy African hairstyles on your weak hair and get premature balding
ever heard of "wiggers"

No. 1592444

1st of all, where do you actually see someone willy nilly offhandedly mentioning a nazi phase? Some grifter online invents a shitty comic panel and you go: those damn wypepo again, am I rite, comrades??? Nice.

Secondly, try to trace the posts back, that's not the one. You're conflating everything into a singular blob.

No. 1592458

>1st of all, where do you actually see someone willy nilly offhandedly mentioning a nazi phase? Some grifter online invents a shitty comic panel and you go: those damn wypepo again, am I rite, comrades??? Nice.
You clearly don't have many American friends, or even just online friends of different races in general if you really think this is that uncommon, kek.
Anyway, regardless of whether or not you've seen it, others have and will talk about it as it's happening. No one's targeting normal white people who don't do that, and even they mention knowing people like that and how annoying/nasty it is. You're the same as the ghetto people complaining that it's "anti-black!!" when a black woman doesn't want people in bonnets/pajamas in her professional space. If you are normal, this will not bother you or make you feel guilty.

No. 1592460

it might seem jarring so i get your surprise but i've seen troons admit that transition saved them from jordan peterson or nick fuentes kek. when you think about it, both groups so comprise of useless basement dwellers in search of a community

No. 1592468

Well I'm a slav, I'm from Czechia, no one has African braids and pretty much no one is into black women or men here but nice work once again generalising, this time all slavs. You guys literally can't do anything but generalise ethnic groups to spread bullshit. No seriously that's such a laughable concept that slavs in general copy black hairstyles that I wonder how far from your ass you pulled it out.

No. 1592470

Nta, but anon didn't say all Slavic people. She said the Slavs she knows.

No. 1592472

i might generalized it too much retard, but pretty much normie whites who want everyone to abide law and be nice to each other are seen as le evil nazis at this point by mainstream media infiltrated by grifting race hustlers. normal person after being more rabidly attacked over years won't be well adjusted anyway.
anti-white sentiment is visible in media and even stupid black american women will jump on some random girl reconnecting with her norwegian heritage, when they often scream that whites totes "culturally apropriate" everything so they should be happy that these so evil filthy whites don't touch their ""culture"", right? but no, they want to crush anything european or white american because they were conditioned by thirdworldist commie shit in many ways in past 60 years and now it's so jarringly visible. you can't have anything truly for yourself anymore because some insecure american blacks want to invade more and more spaces when they supposedly have their "safe spaces" because they love to shit on other people.

No. 1592474

She literally said
>slav women are usually into black men

No. 1592476

>heavily ESL and likely slavic anon who probably hasn't left their country and knows little to nothing about the America-centric issue being discussed pretending to know how normie white people are treated, what "mainstream media" is, how all americans act, going on about the "stupid blacks" while complaining that people dare to talk about racism, etc
Internet brainrot/western /pol/tard cargo cult behavior in action. You are embarrassing everyone. This kind of slav is painul to be around, you're like a boomer who thinks shitty Facebook conspiracy memes are real life, just stop. Next you'll be posting about the deep state, Nick Fuentes and Donald Trump being a messiah for the huwhite race.

No. 1592482

>it might seem jarring so i get your surprise but i've seen troons admit that transition saved them from jordan peterson or nick fuentes kek
And this is why this guy >>1591235 is being reasonable? While blekpeppo commit something like twice the rate of hate crimes alone? B/c some extreme outlier narcissist twitter troon was almost, gasp, "radicalized" by kermit the frog which is exactly like Nazism, of course?

Sure, I'm not gonna stand in the way of you having your ritualized togetherness moment over wypeppo b devils messaging that you're openly imbibing on a bi-minutely basis on the socials, knock yourself out. Though don't expect anyone at least as crazy as that hypothetical cartoon troon to lend an ear to anything you'll say after a while. Honestly, you belong together.

No. 1592484

>Nick Fuentes and Donald Trump
you're fucking retarded. trump did anything and it was more of cult of personality and entire bullshit around him. fuentes is coping latino tranny chaser who is just a grifter. entire american political system is rotten and cuckservative retards try to appeal to blacks and latinos while making retards out of themselves and claiming they'll make things for whites better but they aren't at all, right wingers in europe are same cucks in many aspects. nazis, facists and other retards of this type are retarded commies for me anyway. it's all just a larp

No. 1592485

NTA but you are so triggered, this reminds me of moids chYmping out whenever feminists discuss even the softest things.

No. 1592486

You're an idiot, I'm literally making fun of your crackhead mental state and ideas about America. Holy shit, kek.

No. 1592493

god, thank you for describing that retarded anon so perfectly.

No. 1592499

"ur mad, hurr durr"–how quaint. Cry about your Peterson-induced collective PTSD more. Also: don't forget to affirm the plight of the average aspiring raper crack baby not being entitled to lawfully neck a woman for being a karen. I can't ever get enough of your tribal woes, which if fortunate, because you never stop. You're just so victimized… by petersontard troons online lmao–now now, don't you get mad. I'm mad, remember? You're the reasonable person, right? With your PTSD-defending bullshit lol(infighting)

No. 1592500

>complete schizobabble and condescension
Yup, defective chromosome confirmed.

No. 1592504

No. 1592506

File: 1685482911283.jpg (Spoiler Image,46.44 KB, 640x603, 1658372857718.jpg)

No. 1592509

What's this gibberish?

No. 1592512

Nta but seriously what is this schizobabble. Can we get a janny in here please I don't like it when the moids try to mimic human speech…

No. 1592513

Oh yes, one random Idiot known the issues of every sort political issue happening in the whole of Europe, the fact is right and left wing parties are a lot more complex then red vs blue team in America.

No. 1592519

i don't know. that's what intrigues me about it. I know Japan was exposed to it because America pushes it's media everywhere, but why did they start copying it? If they had just started buying low-riders that would have been one thing, but trying to copy the entire LA Chicana subculture is another. In America, being a cholo is not something that anyone tries to emulate, so why so in Japan. idk.

No. 1592522

It's probably the same reason why there are some westerners want to be alt teenagers/young adults in Harajuku or Shibuya. They just think "Wow, this looks so cool and unique, they have such an interesting culture so different to my own". Also probably has a "hipster" appeal since anyone can copy the "typical" American aesthetic, but cholo subculture isn't as known and requires more personal research.

No. 1592569

>Also probably has a "hipster" appeal since anyone can copy the "typical" American aesthetic, but cholo subculture isn't as known and requires more personal research.
That makes a lot of sense.

No. 1592643

>In America, being a cholo is not something that anyone tries to emulate, so why so in Japan. idk.
As a non-American, the cholo subculture does look cool. And if it has negative connotations in America, no-one here would be aware of them.

No. 1592668

I’m American and I think it looks cool. It would be weird to go from white homeschool freak to cholo glam though, I would never try to emulate it even if I was young enough to try emulating anything. Also it would probably be considered racist lol

No. 1592767

Plenty draw inspiration from the mexicana look. Japanese people enjoy the classic cars a lot and like the look of the tattoos and that it's a specific kind of machismo. It makes sense because they are also in similar groups to the guys that like the retro rockabilly thing there as well.

No. 1592787

File: 1685503086649.png (61.59 KB, 1184x1208, Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 8.16.…)

I'm all for people blocking whoever they want but to block over 70,000 people is absolutely batshit. How do you even interact with that many accounts as a literal nobody?

No. 1592791

i used to follow a cow that bragged about blocking 100k accounts

No. 1592793

That’s what happens when you use Twitter 24/7 every single day of your life.

No. 1592798

Deranged male behavior

No. 1592826

Didn’t that one game dev do this

No. 1592836

Czechs aren't even the people most people refer to when we talk about slavs, kek. Also why are you so mad over the possibility of random Russian woman or man thinking black people are attractive? Imagine not being white and still being this racist, tragic. Most Czechs don't even have light features either. No one would look at your racist ass and think you're a nazi, you'd need natural blonde hair and blue eyes for that, also no %40 asian mixture in your dna.
>Ever heard of "wiggers"?
No but im assuming they're whites who pretend to be black? Anyway slavs are usually called snow ni**s, so you're not that far off.

No. 1592838

lmao i do this but not on twitter, it's likely accumulated over the years. don't care, if you annoy me you're out of my line of vision forever i'm not wasting mental energy disliking someone or something when i can just get rid of it quickly from likely upsetting me again in the future ( if i go on their account and there's even more of that shit from a brief scroll, or by username +isolated take alone ) why would i want that if it's an option?
>ermmm snowflake
okay and. i'm just utilizing a feature available to me which i'm free to do

No. 1592846

nta but please stop baiting, its very obvious your trying to get a rise out of people.

No. 1592851

I know multiple Slavic men and women (Russians, Poles, Czechs and Slovenians) who have expressed interest in having sex with black people. But it seems to be more of a fetish or a forbidden fruit type thing, because although Slavs are exposed to western culture like everyone else (which is full of black people) many of them have never seen or interacted with a black person irl, so it’s very novel for them. That said, it’s still creepy as fuck, and they definitely dehumanize and degrade black people at the same time.

No. 1592869

Nta I'm sure their are plenty of people in Slavic countries who are into hiphop culture who are like that, just like their probably are people in Asian countries who are into rap like this, but yout stating like it's majority of the Slavic people and I'm convinced that you are racebaiting troll(possibly a coomer moid as well)

No. 1592885

slav comes from word slave and it is very harmful, by your american stantards. uwuwuwu

No. 1592916

this is so problematic

No. 1592929

>everyone that doesn't agree with me when I cry that my countrymen aren't cringy retards must be an american
This cope must stop one day lol

No. 1593023

You had it backwards. I'm genetically white but people assume otherwise because of my coloring. Which is how I know that whiteness is based on phenotype not genetics.

No. 1593109

Isn't it the other way around?

No. 1593117

>I'm white but people think I'm not

No. 1593140

There is nothing wrong with having discussions about race or discussing posts about race, but do not start that racebait shit up. Or infight about it either.

No. 1593185

File: 1685552182785.png (145.89 KB, 715x987, Screenshot 3.png)

So, is just every male who isn't morbidly obese or a steroid freak going to be referred to as a twink now?

No. 1593188

File: 1685552372087.jpg (515.56 KB, 1280x853, Achilles and Briseis.jpg)

samefag, fucking hell do I hate this "Achilles was actually gay and historians hid the fact" rhetoric. given the available evidence it mostly points to him being straight. For example, there are accounts of him having sex with women when he was a teenager and taking Briseis, the queen of Troy, as his war prize and potentially getting her pregnant. If there was any possibility of Achilles having a gay relationship, it would have been during his teenage years or as a young boy with an adult man.

No. 1593195

I hate it when people call any attractive young adult male a "twink" but you see it used that way all the time, even here

No. 1593267

Tbh let’s be real ancient scrotes fucked just about anything (women, men, children, animals, statues, etc.) just like modern scrotes

No. 1593299

It is worth noting that even though the events described in the Iliad were at least 500 years old to the ancient Greeks, and we are getting the story from an Athenian context, where pederasty was essentially institutionalized.

No. 1593503

Women online have no idea what twinks are

No. 1593925

They read the YA gay romance novel by Miller and take it as their bible now.

No. 1594040

File: 1685620262543.png (898.38 KB, 641x2111, Screenshot 3.png)

Is this some sort of inside joke I'm not getting? these are just regular lean moid bodies.

No. 1594043

the first moid looks kinda fat but the two others are lean

No. 1594083

File: 1685624786365.jpg (26.98 KB, 800x469, where_is_czech_republic.jpg)

Not trying to argue here, just giving you some info because you maybe mistook it with some other ethnicity? Maybe Chechnya or something. Where'd you get Asians?? Do you know where Czechia is on the map?
Czechs are mostly 'mousy' and light kind of people (but not as bright as Nordics). Light brown or blonde hair is the norm.
Dark hair and eyes are pretty, just correcting your assumption.
Nah it's the opposite (not much better kek)
It's funny how they think ancient Greek men having sex with children/teens is something really progressive

No. 1594093

people in colder climates tend to be lighter and taller, its well known, just end this conversation already.(unsaged, continuing to derail)

No. 1594096

With the notable exception of every single group living in the Arctic circle that isn't from Europe. Most people in the far north are distinctly brown/Asian looking.

No. 1594098

Oh and I forgot about the Himalayas and the Andes. Extremely cold environments, brown people. Dunno about their heights though.

No. 1594115

I guess its different for east asian looking people, cause in my country my far north living cousins are pale and a bit taller and my southern cousins are darker, maybe it just happens to Caucasians.

No. 1594124

top kek

No. 1594130

Orrrrr maybe 6 people isn't a big enough sample size to draw conclusions from.

No. 1594201

File: 1685631493459.png (357.74 KB, 1711x1092, 24 sin título_20230601104606.p…)

Halle bailey fans are so fucking autistic my god

No. 1594203

The Halle/Ariel art piece is beautiful. Don't know why the artist decided to be rude to the OP.

No. 1594362

Looks like it's whitewashed/ the white version of Ariel to me but the screenshot is too small to see.

Of the original artist meant to be drawing the OG Disney Ariel and then the quote twt artist posted the black version, they're in the wrong imo.

No. 1594394

File: 1685644515177.jpg (122.74 KB, 1080x1113, Screenshot_20230601_143458.jpg)

No. 1594396

They love to ignore also that Ancient Greek was misogynist and homophobic and into pedo stuff with boys.

No. 1594417

File: 1685645228700.jpeg (177.31 KB, 1280x720, FxYoC1AagAMGViR.jpeg)

It was based in the scene of the "live action" rather than the animated scenes, that's why people are posting the "original Ariel" in the QTRs… When they seems to forget that Ariel looked like THAT in the movie, no in the live action.

No. 1594869

File: 1685676207319.jpeg (34.65 KB, 827x566, 34E815C0-FD0C-4B79-8AB5-8EF8D0…)

>click on profile
>it’s some rapey tranny
i don’t know what i was expecting

No. 1594880

I get what he was trying to say but in the context of knowing the neo-nazi to troon pipeline, I don't think any of those freaks could ever push me to suicide before they 41% themselves first, kek. He is kind of sympathy baiting and any man who does that is always a rampant misogynist.

No. 1594881

Men literally can't wrap their minds around the fact that there are women who will never want to fuck them in any capacity to the point where they have to distort the definition of lesbian to fit their coomer delusionals. Love that for them!

No. 1594950

File: 1685687848050.png (35.05 KB, 1188x560, Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 11.34…)

Ah yes, because all research on anything ever always points to the exact same thing, right? Go play swallow the stuff under the sink.

No. 1594983

We just let these subhumans say anything on twitter.com

No. 1595046

File: 1685706605933.png (263.81 KB, 1080x1390, IMG_8919.png)

The cancer manifested itself physically after this horrendous take

No. 1595047

All the men who say this shit should be "encouraged" into sex work via lack of funds.

No. 1595049

Men will sit here and tell you keeping up with the kardashians singlehandedly created a generation of vapid Instagram obsessed teens, but would spontaneously combust before they admitted that porn helped brainwash a new generation of misogynists

No. 1595063

File: 1685708170652.jpeg (173.12 KB, 1080x1461, IMG_5245.jpeg)

a rapper named chika went on this rant yesterday, she’s barely famous so you probably have no clue who she is but shes always ranting & insulting people and when she’s called out she blames muh mental illness. she’s more notorious on twitter for bullying, no one gaf about her music. she deleted this thread but this tweet had 11k quotes when i saw it last night

No. 1595064

File: 1685708193029.jpeg (157.21 KB, 1080x1304, IMG_5246.jpeg)

No. 1595065

File: 1685708274113.jpeg (88.63 KB, 1080x661, IMG_5247.jpeg)

& of course there are some retards agreeing with her and one threatened to call cps on the mother…because her young child was crying on a flight kek. do people genuinely believe mothers and parents shouldn’t travel just bc they have kids now and they could cry

No. 1595072

I get why she's angry and I would have been too, plus venting feels good I guess, but I guess that's an unpopular opinion. I didn't understand the people replying that she should have used better noise canceling earphones because nothing is enough for two crying infants if they're right next to you. But who the fuck wanted to call CPS? Now that's retarded.

No. 1595073

Tumblr did a number on him, he should have never made his account so he wouldn't have been exposed to this bs so much. At least we have a funny copypasta because of his retardation.

No. 1595074

Oh nevermind I thought it was John Green, I looked him up and it turns out they're brothers, which makes complete sense after seeing that tweet.

No. 1595116

I kind of get it. Babies are wonderful, but i wouldn’t be happy in that situation. She sounds like a jerk but at least she’s just seething in private instead of making it everybody’s problem like a moid would

No. 1595119

idk, this is definitely going to be unpopular but i think if you react this extremely (wishing she chokes, calling her a senseless wench, talking about 'sexual promiscuity') to a child crying on a flight, there's something wrong.

her entire reaction reads like that moid who threw a fit on the airplane not long ago, cursing and screaming about a child crying. i get that she did it on twitter and 'quietly' but it isn't really PRIVATE, considering she's a rapper.

No. 1595121

File: 1685715187181.png (75.8 KB, 1044x869, Coomer.png)

>Y-YEs that's right!! as an porn addic- i mean straight nerdy guy, i-i absolutely support sex work!! Sex work is work!! women's rights!! Aha, so keep posting yourselves girlies, just like that…

No. 1595131

based rapper

No. 1595143

No you see Hank Green is being supportive of his brother John Green taking up a career where he can do what he loves the most!

No. 1595145

>But who the fuck wanted to call CPS? Now that's retarded.
I would call CPS if i saw someone shaking a baby kek. If someone does that in public who knows what they will do behind closed doors. People with no emotional regulation skills should not be allowed have kids.

No. 1595147

I'm talking about the very specific context of a mother taking care of her crying baby on a plane and someone calling CPS for having crying babies, dumb anon.

No. 1595149

>cheating on gfs with MEN
Hm.. If he had said with women, he'd probably be right. A lot of lesbians cheat, like straight men and women, because being lesbian doesn't automatically make you a good person but with men? This feels like something written by a man who's fantasizing a lesbian with cheat with him.

No. 1595153

"Very specific context" we are talking about the same context retard. You can't think it's more likely CPS was called because the baby was crying vs. CPS being called because she was shaking the baby.

No. 1595157

If you shake a baby as young, you can kill them. She should've called cps if the woman really did shake her baby in an effort to shut them up. Shaken baby syndrome is fatal and causes brain bleeding.

No. 1595159

I'm sure the OP would have mentioned that in her tweets given how detailed they are. You assume something based on nothing at all.

No. 1595161

File: 1685719044948.png (25.78 KB, 572x553, firefox_QyVWtV8Qgf.png)

Awww, isn't having underpaid immigrant workers so heckin wholesome?
Look at how cute that peasant's broken english is

No. 1595162

Nta but OP mentioned the way this mother shook her baby when she cried which is textbook child abuse. Read this post >>1595065
>and she was shaking the baby yall,…

No. 1595164

She did mention it in the tweets you retard.
>Given how detailed they are
You didn't even read them kek.

No. 1595165

This sounds really fake.

No. 1595177

File: 1685720294122.png (66.57 KB, 651x671, IMG_917.png)

What the fuck! allowing single men access to surrogacy could potentially lead to a massive increase in child deaths and cases of CSA/

No. 1595179

I agree it sounds fake as fuck.

No. 1595180

He's right, I am afraid

No. 1595181

How would men raise a child without a mother though? I think most children would either get raped or starve to death, didn't quite a few pedophilic men sexually assault their surrogate children already?

No. 1595182

They think they want this, but when it's actually time to raise and care for the kids, they're going to want someone else to do it. That's half the reason ye olden moids would get married, they don't want to be bothered with child rearing.

If I wasn't so worried about innocent children being harmed through moid stupidity I'd say let them. But moids are stupid and violent so…

No. 1595190

There are only two known cases of predators using surrogates, including one involving a pedophile in Australia and another involving the purchase of Indian children by an Israeli pedophile.

No. 1595266

File: 1685731486373.jpeg (91.87 KB, 1170x938, IMG_4886.jpeg)

>leave the lesbians alone
>terfs blow up
oh the irony

No. 1595267

Both she and the mother are retarded assholes

No. 1595272

Lmao most men don't even know if their child has allergies, what size of shoes they wear, have never changed a single diaper. Translation: I am a pedophile and my wife is preventing me from raping my kid.

No. 1595273

You're fucking retarded.

No. 1595285

the trad life RW trend is WILD. for at least a few decades now, the party line for womanhaters has been "men are biologically programmed to impregnate as many 12 year olds as possible and run away from the resulting kids." at no point in my life before now would I have ever imagined anyone besides ross douthat-tier catholic psychos making the claim that most men want to raise a family so bad that they'd happily do it alone if they can't find any women who aren't bitches. '50s ads for backyard grills really have an iron grip on the psyches of melty-faced men with bad jawlines

No. 1595289

>you're a retarded asshole if you want to report a woman who's violently shaking her baby so hard she cries enough to disturb all patients
Some of you should never have kids.

No. 1595290

why do people conflate gender and race so much

No. 1595291

What's funnier is that this moid is Hispanic.

No. 1595292

I love when farmers make up shit that no one said to argue against. I'm calling the mother a retarded asshole for shaking her baby and Chika a retarded asshole for insulting literal babies and being a child hater and for being one of those whiny people who use their mental illness as a shield for everything, you idiot. And they were on a plane, not a hospital.

No. 1595294

And also, Chika didn't actually report the mother so what is the point in saying that? Extra asshole points for not doing anything about a baby-shaker. She didn't care about the mother shaking her baby, she just cared that her peace was being interrupted.

No. 1595303

did somebody say babies on a plane?!

No. 1595307

File: 1685735579843.png (843.64 KB, 648x3896, sick_bastards.png)

This was literally just a video of a pimp beating and strangling a woman and the reactions are genuinely making me sick, people were either making fun of the woman, some retards unironically praised the pimp's choking "technique" for not being lethal and others claimed that the woman had robbed and called him the N-Word before the incident (which they are sticking to as their defense narrative). Which is so messed up, no matter what the situation was, nothing ever justifies something like this and worst part for me is the fact that some women in the comments who were defending the man and making fun of the woman who had been beaten. only a small handful of feminists and conservative types pointed out that this was abusive assault and likely sex trafficking.

No. 1595313

I remember watching this video years ago, seeing this poor woman getting beaten mercilessly by this worthless piece of shit while she shouts "I'll get your money" made me feel a type of fury i didn't even knew I had on me, and yes, replies were psychopathic back then too, making fun of her even though this clip is nothing but disturbing. As a thirdie, is actually surprising seeing this kind of mess happen in broad daylight at a first world country, wtf

No. 1595320

Because their opinions and politics aren't based on "facts and logic", they're emotional and based on the opposite of what women are doing.

No. 1595588

I'm a thirdworlder as well, a couple years back, a man began chasing me at the market. He was running after me relentlessly but fortunately, I found some construction workers nearby who came to my aid and beat the shit out of him. Although I didn't know them, I was eternally grateful for their help. So It's always bizarre to me that in America, people don't seem to intervene in fights. Even in my own third-world, misogynistic shithole country, people usually break up fights.

No. 1595592

That's because Americans, for what I can tell, have very self centered type of societies. We may be shit in many aspects in third world countries, but here at least you know that if you are in need in public there are at least more than one total stranger that will step in to help you or ask if you are okay.

No. 1595595

>Even though Americans are human just like me, I believe they are somehow fundamentally different than I or my fellow countrymen and would not help someone in need.

No. 1595596

of course Americans are human, but American society is very individualist. People have been sued for helping other in America, it seems to be discouraged to step in.

No. 1595600

>>Even though Americans are human just like me, I believe they are somehow fundamentally different than I or my fellow countrymen and would not help someone in need.

No. 1595610

Do you really think that you, as someone who has likely never even stepped foot in America let alone spent any significant amount of time there, are in a position to speak on what America is like? People help people in need. It’s human nature. This is true even in individualistic societies. The handful of times people have been sued for ridiculous things is not indicative of Americans as a whole. Did you read that in an article once? The news is not an accurate portrayal of reality, even if the events within are true. It’s still just a highly curated collection of stories. Most things go unreported, especially if they’re good things or mundane things. You would be frothing at the mouth if an American tried to talk about your country with the kind of ignorant authority you’ve just displayed. Please leave your village and stop saying stupid shit.

No. 1595613

You seem upset.

No. 1595626

File: 1685774085556.jpg (65.26 KB, 540x718, 2a2cbd42b71ee079ce4_c87a0e94_5…)

Whats up with twitter showing videos like this on my feed? I had one recommended to me of some man choke slamming a woman to the ground. I don't like these shitty videos and only follow artists, its fucking annoying that they show me this shit.

I mean generally people do help, but it also depends on the area.

No. 1595628

I'm just saying that even in my shithole nation, if two people came to blows, everyone would separate the two, not record it, that's basic common sense.

No. 1595630

NTA but "made headlines" and "known" are two different things. I'm not familiar with the India/Israel case, but I do know a little bit about the Australia/Thai one. The legal battle was the only reason the father's CSA convictions came to light. Most surrogacies don't involve lawsuits or international media attention, so imagine the sheer number of pedophile fathers out there who used SEA women as broodmares and took the kids away the second they were born. Think about it: if a man has a history of sexually abusing children, there's no way an adoption agency will place a kid with him, so of course he's going to opt for surrogacy. The two you know of personally are just the ones that happened to make the news, horrifyingly enough.

No. 1595632

I'm sorry if I came across that way, but what I meant as well, that there are only two known cases, and it's likely that many more have occurred but haven't been discovered yet.

No. 1595634

Single men are allowed to use surrogates if they've got the money and it's legal where they live. One nutcase in Japan tried to use surrogates to have like twelve kids at once, which eventually leads Thailand to outlaw surrogacy.

No. 1595635

Fake and gay, literally.

No. 1595638

Fake, gay, and slightly racist

No. 1595852

These women didn't murder Tamla Horsford. This theory was cooked up by emotional, illogical racists who think white women are the most evil force on the planet. Their arguments for why they think these white women killed her are:

-the women didn't like her tequila.
-the senile older white woman who saw tamla laying face down couldn't remember her name and so referred to her as "the woman from the islands".

how is any of that racist? If you can't remember someones name you DESCRIBE THEM SO OTHER PEOPLE KNOW WHO YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. And them not liking the tequila means absolutely nothing. Tamla told her husband she was having a great time.

She got too drunk and fell from the top balcony. It's not that deep. If she was murdered I'd believe it was one of the two scrotes who were there who did it, over those "evil" white women.

No. 1595892

I hate these redpill retards so much. They scream and cry about muh family but never realize that to be able to have a loving, functional family and produce emotionally intelligent well-adjusted kids, you need to have a good, loving, respectful relationship with your wife. He probably comes from a home with an emotionally distant father who didn't like his wife, so he turned out like that too.

No. 1595935

>I found some construction workers nearby who came to my aid and beat the shit out of him.
Chad behavior

No. 1595948

File: 1685813498146.jpeg (163.97 KB, 827x1791, IMG_5452.jpeg)

kek the drama continues. the kids she was ranting about are TI’s (rapper’s) granddaughters and apparently she lied about the whole thing. probably thought she would get a viral funny tweet but it backfired. she regularly attacks children and threatens suicide when ppl drag her i don’t feel bad for her

No. 1596010

What the fuck are you talking about

No. 1596023

There are some anons on here who get massively triggered when you criticize racism, especially when white women are complicit in it

No. 1596032

unironically believing those live laugh love soccer wine mums murdered their friend after a sleepover. For what reason? Muh racism? Any evidence of racism or everyone blindly believes they were racist white supremacist murderers just waiting to kill their friend because REASONS.

Literally kys.

No. 1596043

>argues that white women aren't violent at all
>tells someone to kill themselves because they said racism is very much a motivation for hate crimes

No. 1596044

She's not seething in private, she's posting this online. She says an very nasty person in general.
This woman is regularly having meltdowns and has attacked an child on Twitter before. I knew it was bullshit when I first read it. An child cried next to her,she was annoyed and hates childern/women with childern. So she runs on Twitter to spew a bunch of anger and bullshit, not knowing the mother is an famous rapper daughter. Who was also on 2 long running reality shows. I always see extreme hate for women with children online.

No. 1596046

>For what reason? Muh racism?
Yes anon, that is how hate crimes work.

No. 1596047

File: 1685820754140.jpeg (114.73 KB, 827x1178, IMG_0413.jpeg)

of course moids will care more about the fact of him being called a jobless loser than the fact this woman was brutally murdered

No. 1596059

Why do burgers overread simple shit until they're an insult and get so triggered

No. 1596063

nta, I mean I can buy them being racist but no one decides to murder people like that or even let people die right in front of them

No. 1596088

You are being so deranged about this. It's a suspicious case with murky details, unaccounted for injuries and mismatched witness accounts. Let it go.

No. 1596105

by your logic i am tired of you burgers and your racist, uneducated takes and your gun-loving obese, trooned out appearances. you disgust me nona because you are surely just like the most loudest, worst of your own country.

No. 1596116

see >>1592929
Also, where in the Twitter post (or even my post) did it say anything about YOU? As said in >>1591940, who is talking about a random Slavic girl on lolcow who's never met a non-white person? You're as retarded and ovesensitive as the burgers you hate so much.

No. 1596124

this is an anon imgboard, so i cannot possibly know where you are from. i took burger as an example to show you how retarded your own take was, and because statistically you are very likely to be a burger considering the website we are on. you realise that, right? the post i replied literally says "because of some retarded slavs i see online i now can't give a fuck about ALL of the slavs." that's retarded.
>the amount of retarded racist slavs I've encountered online has made it hard for me to care if any eastern yuro (or euro in general) nonnies getting mad about being "included"

No. 1596131

your icon is showing

No. 1596133

>"because of some retarded slavs i see online i now can't give a fuck about ALL of the slavs."
This is the dumbest takeaway possible, holy fuck.
Here is what I said:
>if i'm being honest, the amount of retarded racist slavs I've encountered online has made it hard for me to care if any eastern yuro (or euro in general) nonnies getting mad about being "included". sorry, but you also have dumb racist scrotes and pickmes shitting up the international community and spoiling your reputation (though the twitter post was likely mainly about americans). you're not going to pull the wool over anyone's eyes. this is like if indian nonnies came in and complained about someone posting about indian scrotes being disgusting perverts because "reee, not me, i'm not like that". ofc it's not you, but you're unfortunately not the only indian.
You're trying to argue that since you, personally, aren't that bad, we all need to pretend that other people who are bad somehow don't exist. That's not going to happen, and it certainly doesn't happen for anyone from any part of the world or in any ethnic group. Yes, my own part of the world also has its stereotypes. I do not try to cape for scrotes, idiot pickmes or cover up their actions, because I myself am not some sort of idiot pickme nationalist. If I, or those I know to be good, are wrongly slandered, I will speak against it, and that's as far as it goes.
Every country and group has negative stereotypes. If they don't apply to you, and you individually are not being falsely accused, just live your life. Any spite you have about this must be aimed at those who embody the bad stereotypes, not those of us who notice them and talk about them.

No. 1596154

>People help people in need. It’s human nature.
Stop lying, I've had times when I needed help right there and then and nobody gave a fuck, many others all over the planet will also tell you about when they had similar issues and nobody around them care. I passed out in the middle of the street next to my uni when going to class because of low blood pressure and when I woke up other students looked at me like I was dog shit on the ground that they wanted to avoid at all costs. In first world country and not just in the USA if you help someone in danger you can risk a lot, if the anon who was followed by a deranged guy was in a 1st world country the construction workers wouldn't have been as brutal with that guy to not risk prison time, it's really that simple. Isn't that what's going on with that case with the crazy homeless man threatening people in a subway and the guy who accidentally killed him is being fucked over for protecting himself and others? In my country a mother may be facing time for "kidnapping" her own daughter because a judge wanted said daughter to stay with her rapist piece of shit of a father half of the time until she turned 18 and yet people count a lot on the police and on these retarded judges.

No. 1596165

Thing is the daily mail plays this game and people eat it up. They can't ever seem to print an article without trying to insert as many add-on buzzwords as possible to whip up maximum rage against whatever group its (generally boomer mentality) readers are already in a perpetual rage about. Of course him being jobless is being inserted as if its one of the most vital details to the murder happening. The readers will get wound up about him not contributing taxes or young people being lazy or immigrants being bad or the usual shit they somehow insert into everything. With her life being an afterthought to him already being a waster. Thats their style of reporting.

Both the DM and the offended guy replying to the wording are retarded. Murder.. nah lets make this about something else more important! Jobless young wasters! Its exactly what they're going for when they word their articles. Because sadly women being killed doesn't whip up much anger or get many clicks unless you can make it about the stupid details of that guys life affecting tax payers. Their readers will honestly care more about whether he paid taxes before he killed her than they care about a young womans death at his hands. Then they'll cry over how much money its going to cost to keep him in prison too.

No. 1596169

Based. Of all the groups to have illogical freakouts about, people really want us to be worried about white ladies. Gtfoh, Katy and Becky aren't out here committing hate crimes. I got scrotes to be afraid of.

No. 1596174

>those live laugh love soccer wine mums murdered their friend after a sleepover.
Nta, but regardless of whether or not they did it, "they don't seem like the type to" is never a good defense.

No. 1596175

File: 1685828605446.png (64.34 KB, 593x866, vgy.png)

Episode #8943 of non-white libfems realizing the white trannies they cape for actually despise them. They really need to have their wake up call and understand that no troon's "racist phase" ever ended. They just learned to play victim about their sissy fetishes, as well as guilt actual women of all races and backgrounds into being meat shields/handmaidens.

No. 1596188

curious, do white TIFs ever issues with non-white libfems?

No. 1596341

If they don't start culling out the "reformed" nazis and pedophiles im afraid the entirety of LGBT is going to be pushed back into the dark ages. Allowing the degens to hide among you and blindly believing they're somehow good just because they identify as trans now will destroy the community completely. You just can't do that, especially when you claim to resent the church and far right for protecting predators when you're doing the exact same thing. You have to protect your people from the people who want to emulate, mimic, leech, and benefit from your people or else you will be rendered obsolete or just as degen. Backbone or get trampled.

No. 1596480

no I won't let it go cos woke twittertard conspiracy theorists are ruining peoples lives with these baseless allegations. I'm still waiting for any actual evidence of racism beyond the women not liking tamla's tequila and a senile older woman forgetting someone's name.

It also always amazes me how many supposed racists have black friends.

This is another case of an incident NO ONE is related to, going viral and everyone jumping on the bandwagon to decry racism and discrimination without any evidence, facts or logic. Take down whitey, thats all that matters.(Infighting )

No. 1596490

Your autism is showing.

No. 1596503

Troon supporters are learning the hard way

No. 1596619

asian countries are very community centered and yet you have these horror videos of dying people getting ignored e.g. multiple cars driving over a toddler and people just stepping over her broken body…
imo it's likely more of a countryside vs big city thing

No. 1597691

Would you rather to be in a room with 100 violent women or 100 violent men? I'd prefer women.
Men would do the same and more, but worse.

No. 1597701

Both of those options are bad.

No. 1597706

Yeah, that's why it's "would you rather"

No. 1597715

Oh. Okay. Well I’d rather not experience either!

No. 1597739

You mean you'd rather not answer the question properly because you know exactly what your gut is telling you lmao

No. 1597754

Neither imo wtf kek.

No. 1598074

File: 1685989780210.png (327.84 KB, 650x2511, Screenshot.png)

What is wrong with western communists?

No. 1598075

"Neither" means the same as "both" or "either" in response to this question kek

No. 1598079

No it doesn't, what?

No. 1598092

NTA but are you retards? It is not a question to respond "um lol, neither?" to, it is to illustrate the point that even though women are capable of being violent and awful you are still more likely to face violence from a man, and that when comparing violent men vs women, the violent men are still worse. The original post in all of this was that some retard on twitter was trying to cape for homeless men and say bourgeois women are the real baddies. Another way to frame the point is that mtf trannies are always trying to go to women's prisons yet ftm never want to go to men's prisons, and it's because we all know which place is worse and why

No. 1598096

you can not be this butthurt over someone answering your hypothetical question with a non-answer. take a chill pill.

No. 1598103

Yes it does. Rather indicates a preference. If you don't have a preference between the two options, it means you are equally ok with either of the options occurring.

No. 1598107

File: 1685993954913.png (12.93 KB, 640x427, correlative-conjunctions-defin…)

I didn't say rather. I don't even understand what you're trying to say. Neither means none. Idk if you're esl but I think you're getting it confused with either.

No. 1598108

File: 1685994118174.jpg (98.03 KB, 564x1128, 9a55653515d90327952fb545de4da8…)

Samefag, another pic for you.
>not one nor the other of two things or people

No. 1598369

Do you have autism?

No. 1598377

Do you?

No. 1598381

No, thanks for asking

No. 1598421

Autism-chan strikes again kek.

No. 1598427

I genuinely do not know wtaf you gguys are talking about or who "autism-chan" is. I think anon just mixed up either with neither, reasonable mistake if she's ESL.

No. 1598486

File: 1686037866007.png (33.26 KB, 1188x436, Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 12.40…)

>We’re at a Level 9 for trans genocide in FL
Hey retards: kids not being able to go on puberty blockers or get top and bottom surgeries isn't 'genocide'. Adults having to sign an informed consent form and see doctors in person also isn't 'genocide'.

No. 1598487

trannies and redefining words to suit their own agenda, name a better duo

No. 1598488

What power do they think Taylor Swift holds? She's a pop star, not a politician. She doesn't say anything people get mad. If she says something people will still get mad because "it's too late!" "it's not authentic" "she's pandering!"

No. 1598513

File: 1686042703080.jpg (25.14 KB, 719x286, 20230606_041251.jpg)

Hindutva nationalists are just as retarded as muzzies or even worse at times. Dalit people are attacked by these brahmin idiots just because they are of a "lower caste". Sick people

No. 1598527

Changing the material conditions of the world is hard. Changing the words and images that get printed is much easier and it still looks like you've made a difference!

No. 1598545

it's so funny that they have to use these levels to "prove" something, like people who are legitimately being genocided would be sitting down tweeting about how they're actually being genocided at level 9 on the big genocide scale

No. 1598604

God i cant stand this ugly old ass scrote i keep seeing pushed as some sexy man of the year bs. He looks like a frumpy dumpy neighborhood bubba.

No. 1598650

I fucking know, he looks like he works in a food truck with no AC and I always see thirst posts about him. People are way too forgiving and charitable to the ugly famous man of the hour. He’ll say one funny thing on a talk show and they’re worshipping at his feet.

No. 1598660

Only a retard would get involved in a fight that has nothing to do with them. That's how you get shot to death. Put on your own mask before helping others.

No. 1599717

>People are way too forgiving and charitable to the ugly famous man of the hour. He’ll say one funny thing on a talk show and they’re worshipping at his feet.
Amen, you'd never see a woman his age that looked as bad as him getting worshipped and called some sex goddess. Swear women need to treat men the same they treat us. Stop giving ugly old scrotes a ego boost.

No. 1599728

He looks like a plumber from Oklahoma.

No. 1599819

he looks like he sells shrimp out of the back of a pickup truck at a gas station

No. 1600488

File: 1686208787388.png (231.92 KB, 655x3655, Screenshot.png)

So I know she's an annoying tardthot, and I do find her annoying. But the fact that the replies to this thread are just vitriolic misogyny from leftist men, libfem women and troons really highlights the notion that men view misogyny as an acceptable response to women with differing opinions. It's as if they believe certain women deserve it if they hold the wrong opinions

No. 1600637

File: 1686226389431.jpg (56.86 KB, 554x676, trancels.jpg)

It's picrel in action.

No. 1600789

shes based for that comment made me actually laugh out loud. especially since i know of a troon irl who claimed to have a uterus implant and have a baby while my ftm childhood best friend actually carried the baby (i do not talk to the friend anymore because they are severely mentally ill/bipolar/extreme troon).

No. 1600895

File: 1686247154412.jpeg (93.12 KB, 828x794, IMG_0646.jpeg)

kek they try so desperately hard to find bad photos of this woman

No. 1600911

who is this?

No. 1600914

most likely amber heard

No. 1600918

Do they not realize that fatness is literally a result of overconsumption? Why are people still defending fatness in current year anyway? I thought HAES died out

No. 1600923

>depp girl
she's doing sports to stay fit as every doctor on earth would advice, and what procedures does he do with his money? getting his teeth done obviously not

No. 1600933

God I hate this case so much, like yeah she was likely abused but her fangirls have turned into this martyr, she probably supports some pedophile scorte directors just like every other cockroach in Hollywood, she's a victim but not a hero.

No. 1600936

File: 1686248251341.png (10.18 KB, 596x283, Screenshot.png)

kek these women are so crazy, spending all day online defending some old uggo af dude worth half a billion

No. 1600937

>run to stay in shape
>excersising is a bad thing
What else does this brain dead retard think women do to stay in shape?

No. 1600956

If you look into what she’s done activism wise it’s better than a lot of people, she seems to be a genuinely decent person which makes people even more pissed for her and want to hype her. Just like JK Rowling

No. 1601188

right? do they think they'll get to fuck him or what? mento illness

No. 1601368

Troons are as misogynistic as she is, she’s just getting back what she’s throws out to other women. She constantly attacks Chelsea handler for choosing not to have kids calling her a hag and supports human trafficker and rapist andrew Tate. This is like watching to retards fight each other but they both hate women

No. 1601528

File: 1686292624175.png (586.34 KB, 646x1909, capture.png)

Its always hilarious seeing regional or national ethnic arguments on twitter, I love how they talk to each other with their broken English but try to apply their own linguistic terms

No. 1602322

File: 1686355975854.png (1.63 MB, 1169x5665, IMG_8798.png)

This whole thread is very funny, but I’m especially laughing at her acting like hanging up clothes to dry is some arcane knowledge that takes ages to practice and ‘get confident in’ instead of just: 1. Put clothes on hanger/s 2. Wait to dry. 3. Take clothes off hanger/s. Or her acting like America is the only country that struggles with bad weather/pollen/smoke. When the rest of the world has those problems too, we just hang our clothes inside when those things happen.

I’m not against using dryers (I have one myself, although it’s not something that I use very often) I’m just a bit baffled at Americans making a mountain out of a molehill, coming up with lots of problems, as an excuse as to why they can’t so something, and making those problems insurmountable, when they already have (very simple) solutions. Just baffling that they want to act so helpless.

No. 1602341

This retard puts BRAS in the dryer? Ideally, those shouldn’t even go in a washing machine! I’m in the US and hang dry (inside because I live in a perpetually dusty desert) all of my clothes and have done so as long as I’ve done my own laundry. Has she never heard of a garment rack or seen one of those retractable clotheslines many hotels have in the shower? You can get one of those for home use. I don’t even line dry out of environmental concerns but because it drastically extends the life of my clothes and I won’t wear something out of the house if it starts to look pilly or at all raggedy. I do tumble many things on low heat for a short period of time once dry to help remove wrinkles and reduce the amount I need to iron but that’s a few minutes and not a full cycle. I’m super particular about how I do my laundry and I’m always shocked that so many adults just shove everything in the washer and dryer.

No. 1602344

Samefagging because I think I misunderstood her but my point is bras and silk should literally never go in the dryer so I don’t see how that’s a starting point for anyone.

No. 1602349

When I lived in an apartment I nearly always hung shit that didn't need drying cause I ain't paying for that shit (and the machines were all trash). And there's tons of stuff that never go in the dryer so I usually just hang my entire sensitive load even if stuff can technically go in. If you're a person who buys shit from fast fashion stores I couldn't imagine putting most stuff in the wash, let alone dryer (and most mall brands are fast fashion so there's no escape except thrifting kek). I get that this is partially twitter histrionics but I really think most adults on twitter had parents who never taught them anything and just gave them the iPad their whole lives. They don't know any "common knowledge" unless it trends on Twitter

No. 1602360

wait what happens if they're put in the washer or dryer? other women in my family did it without any problems

No. 1602366

It drastically reduces their lifespan and is the easiest way to wind up with underwire stabbing you. It’s bad for the elastic and shape of the cups.

No. 1602369

samefagging again but I mean that mainly for the dryer. Washing them on a gentle or hand wash cycle with a machine (what I do because too lazy to hand wash) is fine as long as it doesn’t agitate them too harshly. Just be sure to close any clasps and shorten straps before washing to prevent a tangled bra monster.

No. 1602371

I can second this, I washed my most used bra like twice or thirdice (I can't remember the third equivalent for twice) and the underwire came out. Now I just hand wash

No. 1602378

Dryers seem so much effort to me, I never bothered to get one when I moved out of home… I'd have to buy an appliance, get it installed, learn how to use it, then pay more to use it. Meanwhile air is free? Same logic for the dishwasher, I hand wash and air dry everything. I guess laziness manifests differently for me kek, though I'm sure if I was cleaning for multiple people they would probably be worth having.

No. 1602393

You might have low quality bras. I've had mine for 4 years now and have been washing them on a normal cycle along with my other clothes. Still good as new. I never put them in dryer though, just hang dry it.

No. 1602407

I do get my bras from Walmart tbh

No. 1602534

WTF, do Americans really do this? literals illiterate inbreds in my country know how to line-dry

No. 1602540

I'm sorry but the internet has the dumbest arguments. If you're online arguing with strangers on how to dry your clothes you genuinely need a hobby.

No. 1602550

No, hang drying is perfectly common here even among people who own dryers. Tossing everything in a dryer just because you have one is idiotic. If you actually read the responses above you you’d see that.

No. 1602557

In a lot of communities it's against HOA rules to have line dried clothes because it makes it look like poor people live there. Yeah I don't get it either ask the boomers why only poor people should enjoy breezy smelling sheets

No. 1602563

That doesn’t prevent anyone from using clothes drying racks inside which seems very common here. HOA’s are also extremely uncommon in many areas in the US. I don’t personally care how other people dry their shit but tossing everything in a hot dryer is just unnecessary and will result in more wear and tear on clothes.

No. 1602564

File: 1686377017727.jpg (112.22 KB, 672x1043, 93948594939229ss.jpg)

This tweet was deleted. A grown man tweeting about children pagents is nasty.

No. 1602600

I hate men who live to victimize themselves so much they project their insecurity on literal children. I've seen a lot of people on twitter telling him to delete his terrible post out of respect for a literal toddler so I'm glad some people there still have common sense.

No. 1602670

This is how and why most Europeans line dry. We have tumble dryers too but they aren't used for everything and all the time either. Common sense. Ditto dishwashers. If crockery is relatively clean, finish the job by hand and stick it in the drying rack.

No. 1602689

File: 1686391533525.jpg (55.73 KB, 573x800, 8c1e1cb9113415a58908e6f622f07c…)

Are airing cupboards/hot presses a thing in America?

No. 1602955

File: 1686417631609.jpeg (160.07 KB, 828x1655, IMG_0696.jpeg)

No. 1602967

I really hate statements like this, cause it really does depend context or circumstances, most women in the past married to rich nobles were rich noble families, it was unheard off for poor women to make it big(unless they were smart) truth is that her ancestor and mine were likely farmers, just like 99% of humanity

No. 1602971

ugh I instantly think of that picture where he looks like a large pale blob of lard and I taste vomit in my mouth

No. 1602975

she must have forgotten what musk looks like, the man is a hog. plus it's not like elon musk impregnates everyone he fucks. her whole argument is stupid, no one thinks like that except turbo incels.

No. 1602991

No, I’ve certainly never seen one. That’s super cool though! We also don’t have those dedicated dish drying cupboards is those are a thing where you live.

No. 1602993

are you asking if we open cupboards to air out? i've never met anyone with smelly cupboards that needed it tbh.

No. 1602998

rare dasha w

No. 1603034

Bullshit kek. In times of extreme economic insecurity/survival situations more women would, but generally? Gold digging women have always existed but who says they don't fuck the pool boy too? And rich, powerful men avoid supporting their kids all the goddamn time. Mothers resort to court enforced DNA tests to sue these losers everyday.

No. 1603127

File: 1686428640599.jpg (101.66 KB, 1080x770, Screenshot_20230610_132457.jpg)

Nope, I had to google this. Interesting

Did you just not see the "hot press" part?

No. 1603232

>Did you just not see the "hot press" part?
Never underestimate their lack of reading comprehension.

No. 1603236

Nta but your pic even says it's an Irish term. Anon probably just didn't understand and was asking for clarification.

No. 1603248

File: 1686440494427.png (148.71 KB, 760x1422, skk.png)

Koreaboos are seething about South Korea's plastic surgery addiction, ridiculous (and unmet) beauty standards and racist/bullying behaviors getting criticized.

No. 1603290

Asians are literally the most antiblack societies alive. I do not understand why people with underdeveloped brains always cry racism when people point out that Asian standards are extremely toxic and unobtainable. The domestic abuse in SK is super high, women are constantly filmed with hidden cameras and drugged and raped in bars, they kill themselves constantly. What about that is admirable? Just because women being subjected to abuse and constant restriction daily during 'training' and getting half their face lopped off turn some looks? Nightmare

No. 1603520

My cat (RIP) use to love spending the day when we were at work and school lounging on towels in the hot press. We always kept the door open for her. Our hot press was in the upstairs bathroom. I'd be using the toilet then my cat would jump out and watch.

No. 1604243

File: 1686545826997.jpg (335.46 KB, 800x1170, Darnley_stage_3.jpg)

tbf Europe has these standards as well, that why having white powdered skin was considered fashionable, and any sign of a tan meant that the person was a low-class laborer (which made up 95% of the population). However, during the Industrial Revolution, farmers moved to urban areas and became factory workers. Due to the lack of sunlight exposure, their skin became paler than even nobles. Eventually, the wealthy started to leave the cities and move to the countryside, where they played cricket and ride rode, acquiring a tan in the process. Suddenly, having tan skin became a symbol of upper-class status, while pale skin was associated with being a prole. This cultural shift took place gradually over 100+ years in Europe, while in Asia, there was no such transformation during its rushed Industrialization

No. 1604253

I always assumed the anti sun stuff had more to do with being scared of the sun damaging your skin and premature aging - thats not to say that east asia doesnt have a huge problem with colorism though

No. 1604269

I mean maybe that would be acceptable if they didn't have an entire hierarchy based on skin color that ostracizes and bullies anyone with darker skin tones, like most Asian countries. It isnt just about being "tan."

No. 1604541

I think its more complicated, like white stuff is associated with purity and cleanliness. This is why Roman senators had to wear white togas, it proved they were wealthy enough to keep impractical clothes clean.

I wonder, do hunter gatherer societies have ideal skin tones? It isn't like any one is spending much time indoors when you're living in the jungle.

No. 1604797

File: 1686597983138.jpg (42.24 KB, 564x752, 2a563fac6d8a3ec46a2e09119b7212…)

ok nonnies am i insane for thinking this is a false equivalency?

No. 1604802

If you draw porny women you should kill yourself. However, all men exist for consumption by the market and are therefore free to exploit. This is the way of life god intended, and the man who made this comic sounds fat & bitter.

No. 1604805

>her privileges
It’s a toddler dressed up as a stripper being paraded around like a circus monkey, sir.

No. 1604814

Hes not even that muscular, why is the artist implying that hes just as unrealistic?

No. 1604817

The female one just looks deformed.

No. 1604823

Molds acting like that dude’s body is impossible to attain really shows how absolutely lazy they are.

No. 1604824

The female figure isn't anatomically correct and the male is though. Also things don't happen in a vacuum, there might just be a reason women are annoyed by the sexualization of their figures in every single piece of media and advertisement ever.

No. 1604826

insanely false equivalency, the female body they drew has ultra unrealistic proportions but the guy is unironically not even unrealistic looking. For all of the massive pec anime guy drawings online the example this artist drew isn't even unrealistic looking? Retarded. But also holy fuck I hate any sort of smug attempt of talking about the "double standards" of sexualization. Women are sexualized absolutely everywhere, it is literally inescapable, some teen girls or women online that want to make some attempt of sexualizing men in their own communities because no where in the real world does female sexual desire get to be honestly expressed is not suddenly "le just as bad". Even if some girlies on the internet were truly sexualizing men with all the gusto and malice that men manage when doing it against women, it still wouldn't be equivalent. The internet is really getting awfully comfortable with reverse-racism-ing topics about misogyny huh

No. 1604829

I swear someone draws this exact image at least once a year and it always gets thousands of likes and retweets from coomers who think men are oppressed by women being horny for male characters and pick mes

No. 1604831

The female body wouldn't exist naturally and only a pornsick person would believe otherwise lol. The commentary is right, where the fuck is her ribcage? Someone draw up the bone structure in red lines and reply to him with it kek

No. 1604833

But if you were to point how u realistic the female coomer designs are, you will have pickmes frothing at the mouth jumping to say how they totally look like that and feel invalidated now boohoo, it's almost funny how predictable it is

No. 1604834

It's like the female one is gazing at her own body upset over whatever illness caused it to look that way and the male one is trying to console her.

No. 1604835

She's trying to figure out how she has the thicc momma thighs with an anachan waist.

No. 1604853

Moids are seriously retarded and their stretches to say we're the same level is insane. They'll say a drawing by a woman of two male characters in their teens-20s kissing is disgusting then like/retweet loli porn gangbang of an actual famous kid or fiction character. They go after women for ruining a male character by making female gaze porn that's probably vanilla while any female character you might've liked has every porn tag imaginable.

No. 1604863

Really telling that this moid thinks a normal fit male body is unrealistic kek. He must be fat as fuck. Meanwhile no woman could have a waist that small while having hips that big, it's just how the human body and fat deposits work. On the other hand the man is perfectly proportionate. Coomers have such low IQ, I would ban them from having social media accounts because they're too retarded to use them properly.

No. 1604883

Women with hour glass bodies totally exist and nobody has ever denied that they didn't. Even they don't look like that deformed coomer depiction of them. men and their handmaiden lapdogs are just a bunch of idiots who need their internet access revoked.

No. 1604893

Nta but I used to be a fujoshi and I hate how people act like fujos harass moids in public and fetishize gay moids the same way moids do with lesbians. Personally I get no enjoyment from looking at irl gay couples, my interest was specifically just fictionalized ones where both men were gorgeous. Moids irl do not and will never compare and I have no attraction to obviously gay moids.

No. 1605010

>why the fuck is my belly button on my mons?

No. 1605024

File: 1686614753871.png (60.91 KB, 1310x920, Screen Shot 2023-06-12 at 8.07…)

is this troon capable of having a good opinion on anything

No. 1605032

nobody cares that you were a fujo, fujoshi fu-whatever.

No. 1605036

>black women, white women, asian women, latina women, arab women, mixed women, etc: this guy's a fucking creep
>white tranny male who writes fantasies about raping/murdering women: ummm?? have you considered that might be a little, uh, problematic when you remember he's a BLACK man??? he is BLACK, look at yourselves!!

No. 1605069

Who cares. Gay men who are offended by it are just clearly logged in enough to purposely voyeur those spaces to be catty and anyone else who cries about it does it because they infantilize grown men.

No. 1605211

Weird that he drew a accurate fit guy for his example, like I have seen plenty of young men who work out look exactly like the dude on the right.

No. 1605213

what a retarded post, im white but i cant fucking stand when white people say shit like this. black people can speak for themselves, plus this freak is probably just mad because it knows that in a just world the same shit would be being said about it. predators protect predators.

No. 1605222

File: 1686634011768.jpeg (223.59 KB, 1284x2102, 2C7F8CCD-201F-4E66-8D69-5B97AA…)

he’s a russian shill. bad opinions are par for the course. 1/2

No. 1605223

File: 1686634051091.jpeg (187.71 KB, 1284x1457, A29161A7-026E-45FE-AE0D-981633…)

No. 1605236

>any more than we wanted war with Iraq or Afghanistan
American moment

No. 1605335

File: 1686641796502.jpg (214.84 KB, 1920x1080, Marxism.jpg)

probably a Tankie, they unironically believe in the whole "luxury gay space communism" meme

No. 1605376

>Gay men who are offended by it
Are there even gay men who are offended by it? I feel like it's always been other women acting all offended on their behalf, purely to look woke-r than the next tumblr (or, more recently and paradoxically, to justify their gay man larp).

No. 1605915

File: 1686696098155.png (72.41 KB, 587x686, FwBrNiraEAAL1fK.png)

This whole thread

I was scrolling through some "femboy lover"'s TL just to find a piece of BL fanart among the retweets and was met with a lot of politically illiterate coomer weebs being against trannyshit but also against anything that threatened their coom as well. At first I was like "cool, lots of people are against gender shit" but it got worse the more I scrolled

No. 1605923

Of course it's a weeb moid who stans Vtubers… Of course

No. 1605933

No. 1606176

Doesn't she have kids and makes sexual remarks towards the protagonist?

No. 1606199

She doesn't have kids, the three 'daughters' aren't actually related to her. And I don't remember her making any sexual comments towards Ethan, the daughters definitely did though. Idk what that tweet is about but I remember thinking she seemed implied to be a lesbian when I first played, she dislikes men but likes women and the lesbian vampire is a pretty old trope.

No. 1606208

they're only against trannies because troonism ruins their femboy fantasies, male coomers could never be actually based go figure

No. 1606264

Why is that even a thing kek

No. 1606320

Its not really, there was one lesbian vampire Novel and everyone sorta latched onto it as a symbol of vampires being queer, when its literally just Eastern European superstitions.

No. 1606321

the novel, Carmilla, is about a young woman being prowled upon by a female vampire. It was published with saucy illustrations (for the time period). I think the subtext is pretty clear, it's surprisingly overt given when it was published.

No. 1606322

Scrotes coping and misinterpreting statistics >>>/2X/15351 because they think women can be turned het if they seethe enough. Shocking. They continue to project their abuse stats on to women rather than stop being abusive inhumane animals. They will continue to make shit up and shill anything to support coom, no wonder they created the tranny problem we have now and try to force the world to pretend a straight man can be a lesbian because it makes him coom.

No. 1606347

File: 1686744427048.png (707.93 KB, 648x1466, Screenshot.png)

Maybe Its because they saw a predator who was taking pictures of random girls on the bus and thought better than to sit next to him.
Also I have noticed that misognystic men tend to be obesseded with butt sizes for some reason.

No. 1606353

There's clearly more than two people standing so out of politeness people who are capable of standing are leaving it free for someone else to take it. Sometimes people are just socially anxious and if people are standing and there a free seat they're more likely to stand then squeeze past into a seat. Dudes a narc

No. 1607344

"heheh she has a flat ass skull emoji", as if he isn't coping and whining on twitter because she wouldn't sit next to him. him being a creep explains it but there are many reasons not to sit down, if you're getting off in 1min, if you're with someone else and there's only one seat available etc

No. 1607410

File: 1686805620611.jpg (38.64 KB, 639x528, FyDdWffagAAuJIQ.jpg)

This is THE peak libfem tweet.

No. 1607431

it’s 4 years old.

No. 1607437

Yes and it still hasn't been peaked.

No. 1607440

AYRT, exactly. The moid that retweeted that thread also had a bunch of retweets about Bridget from Guilty Gear not being a tranny and about "saving tomboys" from troonism. They might seem like good ideas to support at first, but he calls himself a femboy fetishist, it couldn't be more obvious that these kinds of scrotes don't really care about any of this other than it ruining their femboy and tomboy fetishes and cockblocking them.

No. 1607705

the retards under that comment…they genuinely think there’s no other reason to not sit on a train. those seats are usually dirty as fuck, you just don’t want to sit that close to other people, or her ride could be very short and there’s no reason to but of course let’s all just assume she’s a kkk member reeeeeeeeeee

No. 1608008

File: 1686851502640.jpeg (136.42 KB, 828x1019, IMG_6678.jpeg)

kek this is hilarious. screenshotting in the future for when moids screech about men’s mental health and their suicide rates and why their loneliness is a global issue

No. 1608026

I’d love to show this tweet to a bunch of incels and see how they react kek

No. 1608032

This reminds me how i was thinking the other day how funny it is when men say women's friendships are so fake and shallow, not unlike their super deep and real ones…then why are you soooo lonely? The cope is real

No. 1608080

File: 1686856331018.jpeg (198.62 KB, 1170x1747, IMG_4916.jpeg)

Question is why do you care so much about men while women are the ones being oppressed

No. 1608093

File: 1686856887232.gif (156.33 KB, 246x325, 1683531233886.gif)

I do not understand women who cape for trannies. Trannies don't give a fuck about women's struggles unless they can insert themselves into it for oppression points.

I love when they pull out that old as shit statistic. They literally have NOTHING on lesbians.

No. 1608415

reminds me of my bff and me in HS so proud of understanding each other with a simple glance kekk
not grown men basing their manliness on this "we communicate TONS OF INFORMATION via grunts and complex head nods, women would NEVER get it!!!"

No. 1608486

File: 1686881766711.jpeg (72.09 KB, 1170x626, IMG_4917.jpeg)

I’m in awe

No. 1608510

I'm glad I deleted my Twitter acc. It's full of dumb bait like this.

No. 1608551

Has twitter actually started deleting inactive accounts yet? I’ve only heard of waves of random accounts getting mistakenly suspended

No. 1608651

File: 1686893265485.jpeg (52.19 KB, 741x768, IMG_1580.jpeg)

Conservative moids are all coomers no different from liberal tranny chasers. Every single one of them would fuck a pre-op troon if he was in decent shape, had a boob job, and no facial hair. At the end of the day they don’t even have a good reason to hate troonery because they don’t give a shit about women or kids and they would gladly take their side over ours.

No. 1608653

You're stupid yourself if you take the bait seriously. No offense!

No. 1608660

Jesse's got a history of being a creep towards women (remember those Victoria's Secret ads?). I'm sure his sons are really proud to have him for a dad.

No. 1608669

I don't understand how men simultaneously say they hate fake boobs but praise fake boobs all the time. Which is it moids

No. 1608690

all she said was that it was dumb, which it is. its also annoying. go be aggro somewhere else weirdo.

No. 1608695

I'll never side with a man on gender-related issues, no matter how "gender critical" he claims to be. Most men hate MTFs more than hate women in general, but if you put a feminine-looking/passing MTF and an ugly woman in the same room with a bunch of dudes, they'll still treat the feminine MTF better than the ugly woman. They don't hate the idea of trannies in and of itself, they hate gender non-conformity and they hate the idea that a man would "degrade" himself to the level of a woman. It's shocking how many issues in our society basically just boil down to lookism. Blaire White has said just as much misogynistic shit as Dylan Mulvaney has, yet Dylan is the only one getting ripped apart and harassed day after day in a similar that an actual woman would.

Hot take: I don't think that straight men even exist because I do not believe that any man on earth is capable of truly loving a woman. Their desire for sex is not even borne out of a desire to reproduce, it's an urge to control and dominate and most of all, to hurt.

No. 1608736

File: 1686899843572.jpeg (81.72 KB, 828x1071, IMG_0958.jpeg)

my god, they are all so brain-dead.

No. 1608787

Yeah, they'll grunt and nod at their friends and then fucking cry at their female friends and traumadump them because they only regard women as personal therapists, and do not fear their judgement (not because they're so close but because they don't think women have real power to hold over them, usually)

No. 1608850

They hate trannies because they hate when men act feminine and threaten the power struggle of masculinity as a racket to oppress women. They also hate when women make themselves less sexy by having their tits removed.

No. 1609056

Usually they at least say something that seems clever like "you're still selling your body in construction work or McDonald's". This isn't even anything interesting so no idea why it has 35.5k likes.

No. 1609082

Classic twitterfag behavior

No. 1609133

Because the company can't kill me and bury me in a ditch then move on like nothing happened. If my boss was to call me a stupid whore and slap me around I could definitely just sue him. They're so retarded.

No. 1609189

Working at a soulless company isn't going to give me AIDS and risk getting me pregnant with a rapist's baby and beat me senseless until i'm basically dead like >>1609133 said. Working at a soulless company won't mean that I get blamed and told I was "asking for it" or that "its just part of the job" when someone rapes me violently and forces me to go along with their fucked up kinks and chokes me and leaves me with permanent physical, mental, and emotional damage. How did 35k retards actually like this braindead tweet

No. 1609577

What is it with pro-SWs who compare sex work to working in construction. I got into an argument with some pro-SW troon who made the same comparison. Earning an honest living doing back breaking work, which is also protected with labor laws and regulations and does require soft and hard skills, is not the same as laying there like a fish and having some guy cum inside you. My heart goes out to all the sex trafficking victims and women who were forced into prostitution because they felt they had no other choice but it's more of a failure of society when women are forced into it. No self-respecting women would want to do sex work and the ones who do are lazy as fuck and don't want to work hard for their money.
>b-but this only happens because sex work is decriminalized and not respected in society!!!
Sure but imagine how it would be life if that was the case. Sex workers get the same labor rights and protections as every other worker. But this time you're legally comodfying women's bodies, for which men are the primary customers. This only dehumanizes women even more in an already fucked up misogynistic society. I know I'm preaching to the choir here but I seriously hate the retarded libfem logic of pro-SWs.

No. 1609673

File: 1686975488620.png (1.17 MB, 1200x2102, Screenshot.png)

Related to this, this one-post caused a lot of discourse on left-wing twitter, A Marxist-Leninist-twitter user made a post about how "sex-work" is exploitative in a way that's different from physical labor and shouldn't be promoted, TIMs, libfem SWers and coomer moids were calling this guy a reactionary and a covert Fascist when he's just the only communist on twitter who isn't a porn addict.

No. 1609682

i know it is sore spot for many anons here but sex work should only be done in the most dire of circumstances or when you have zero options for getting ahead in life as a woman. since this isn't bourbon france and women are no longer obligated to sleep with ugly scrotes to get ahead in life or become courtesans to make decent monety and have semi-intelligent conversations with their patrons, i see no purpose in sex work tbh. 300+ years ago, yes, i could see why an intelligent, worldly woman would get into that business because she literally had no other choice. it was either that or be a perpetually pregnant glorified house slave for your stupid husband who was likely cheating on your ass with a prostitute or courtesan anyway. the only people who benefit from sex work in the 21st century are the ugly moids who use and abuse women for their pleasure, terrorize them if they try to leave that industry (whether they're making porn or swinging around on a pole), and brainwash women into thinking this is a legit career and that whoring around is "empowering".

i don't care how much money you make - whether it is real or imagined - as there are so many other things you can do with your life other than sticking a dildo up your ass or shaking your titties on cam for some dude who hates you while he's wanking to you after he tips you $5. we've gone through, what? 5000+ years of women being hung, burned at the stake, raped, beaten, and sold like chattel all for you to throw that away to make some fast cash? when i was young i used to think sex work was cool because i was stupid, desperate, and let people on the internet glamourize that shit for me. now i'm older and wiser and know better.

No. 1609713

What really gets me is that these people literally just ignore the murder rates of prostitutes. I mean, it's such a universally acknowledged phenomenon that 'waking up after a big night and finding a dead hooker' is a fucking comedy trope. And as far as I'm aware, people who hire construction workers aren't particularly inclined to murder them. People who hire construction workers aren't aroused by murdering them. If a construction worker dies on the job it's a tragedy and the industry gets a shakedown on safety procedures. What other industries thrive on the hatred and violent impulses of clientele towards whoever is providing a service?

You don't even have to take the logic that far tbh. All that contact with bodily fluids alone would prevent prostitution ever meeting basic work health and safety requirements.

No. 1609820

File: 1686997405317.png (21.54 KB, 650x718, Screenshot.png)

Does this trope actually exist? I don't think I have ever seen it outside of maybe Wreck-It Ralph. I mean, in most films I have seen, the badass stoic action girl usually ends up with the badass, wise-cracking protagonist. That's a cliche you can criticize cause it exists, but this post seems like a troon making shit up for social clout.

No. 1609831

It’s definitely a trope, the western tsundere if you will. It’s the whole thing of “capable/influential women deep down need to be put in their place”, what you mentioned could be mixed with “random man softens her heart with his basic ways” and “I’ve never been treated like this before”. It’s around.

No. 1609832

I mean yeah, generally all men are trannies, that’s where ideals of feminine gender come from. They think womanhood is about sexual subservience to them. So trannies see cosmetic passing as the moral hurdle that should determine policies. They are the same people and know that “convincing a conservative man to agree with them” just means “bringing him into the fetish”, as they’re both conservative men, with and without pronounced AGP, all men are trannies. Historically, they have no issue maintaining subclasses of men for sexual ego boosting. They tend to see manhood as a hierarchy of these man-classes which is why straight incels fantasise about bussing it open for chad. It’s only GC women (+gays and the odd unicorn) who believe we deserve sex based rights separate from trannies. Conservative GC men are just being homophobic out of boredom until it becomes sexually exciting.

No. 1609834

>sex work should only be done in the most dire of circumstances
No anon, if anything, sex work should only ever exist as middle class cam girls seeking attention online. It’s not a matter of dignity and preference, the problem is exploitation. Society should never hold the looming threat of torture over women in poverty. Obviously yes though, it’s its own problem that female degradation and masochism is so heavily promoted to everyone and projected onto everything.

>women who do are lazy as fuck
Prostitution or performance etc are all physically and creatively taxing activities. It isn’t any easier to do those things than the majority of better paying, safer jobs. The physical exhaustion and injuries sustained from prostitution kill victims of trafficking all the time. The problem is teaching girls that their personhood should be a commercially exploitable asset.

No. 1609841

Anon you’re so right, what other industry runs solely off societal hatred of it’s class of workers? People mistreat service workers etc but their job descriptions aren’t literally “just stay here and absorb the abuses of people who personally resent you”. It’s like Victorian freak-shows, which also trafficked their displayed women —because they were born members of a sexually exploited class and not just “performers putting on a show”.

You can’t go to a grocery store and handpick your cashier like something off the shelf because they’re selling a service, not themselves. With pornography alone, people are categorised and presented like a human menu, literally objectified. Audiences are meant to deconstruct women into dehumanised traits to project prejudice and fetish onto. Men already undeniably carry these into the real world. Then “It’s just entertainment” becomes “What happens in the bedroom” as if the bedroom isn’t real life with real people. When that “bedroom” is your mind, it’ll manifest in all the choices you make. History shows us again and again that men cannot handle legalised prostitution. That underclass of women it’s okay to abuse mysteriously seems to contain us all.

No. 1609891

It's a trope that's present in like every single christmas movie with a female lead, and overall strong female characters always have a phase where they become soft for the male love interest.

No. 1609908

Yeah the main love interest, and that trope of a strong woman usually falls for a strong man character(whose personality is being hot and making wise-cracks)

No. 1610503

File: 1687059789596.png (28.75 KB, 1078x595, Screenshot_20230617-203937_(1)…)

Lesbian women who cape for MtFs is so wild to me. Why would you support your known natural predator

No. 1610523

self brainwashing

No. 1610524

File: 1687062025929.png (241.67 KB, 652x2889, Screenshot 0.png)

Pedophiles revealing themselves in the QRTs of this post, also the fat he/him moid who made the meme, If you do a key word search for “age” in his tweets, you’ll find a lot about him wanting to start transitioning two year olds.

No. 1611127

File: 1687116037253.jpeg (106.73 KB, 828x1282, IMG_1017.jpeg)

the fact that she’s in a school uniform too.

No. 1611574

File: 1687143225364.png (232.41 KB, 1080x1549, lc17718181.png)

Late but the fact that the OP that kickstarted the harassment is the same artist that got shunned for doing NFTs and failed, then quietly walked it back. I guess everyone just forgot & he needed some more clout to regain followers.

Also they're alleging the artist liked or shared a "racist" post on vk but haven't shared the post itself, just someone's translation. I can't confirm anything on VK without an account.

No. 1611583

Damn this makes me sad that dudes kinda funny.

No. 1611584

This is not a trope in any mainstream media nowadays, they're just complaining about things they see in fanart or read in fanfiction. Hallmark movies do not count because they're barely media anyways.

No. 1612190

File: 1687200412824.png (29.19 KB, 648x665, queer people need women's bodi…)

Reason no#999995 to hate surrogacy.

No. 1612273

No one is entitled to a fucking baby. I hate this shit and I feel sad for women who fall for the “freeze your eggs!” scam and the insane fertility industry in general. If you can’t get pregnant naturally or with very minor intervention, I personally don’t think you should be trying to force a baby into existence. I understand that some people desperately want to be parents and struggle with infertility but you can’t get everything you want.

No. 1612477

And with all the children in the world who desperately need adopting, if these people really wanted to be parents they could foster or adopt any of all the abandoned girls in various countries that have orphanages filled to the brim. But no, they don't want "difficult children" who are traumatised but are more than happy to take away a newborn straight after it was born from its mother, like that's not going to cause permanent damage to them. We don't even do the same to puppies or kittens for christ's sake.

No. 1612903

File: 1687270504755.png (33.01 KB, 1170x288, IMG_7154.png)

What is wrong with americans?

No. 1612926

so glad i managed to avoid any of these basketball american begging posts yesterday. they're biggest most retarded bunch of narcissists on this fucking planet(racebait)

No. 1612939

my sister has hated surrogacy for years and now that she's dating this guy (FOR ONE YEAR) she is saying they want to save up for one, and that they're going to go beyond what they're normally paid (doubt). I didn't realize that the only reason she didn't like it was that she didn't think she'd get to the tax bracket where it's possible. It doesn't matter if she gets a surrogate when she drinks and does so many drugs her egg is going to look like an Easter egg by the time she gets around to it, and her surrogate will be grateful when the troubled creature that emerges is hesitantly taken as her and her simp talk shit about it being the mom's fault because my sister knows the right amount of opioids to do before quitting and my sister is such an expert on substances. She's trying to bring my mom's negativity to the space age and I don't like it.

No. 1612940

People post shit like this and wonder why the population is gradually becoming more and more homophobic, with stats to back it up.

No. 1612941

So, the reason she wants to get a surrogate is because she is a druggie? Did I get this right?

No. 1612943

so she says that for her to get pregnant she would have to stop her psychiatric medications, which would be too much for her to handle, and in addition she has done opioids/coke/molly and regularly drinks and smokes. I only take adderall and I don't want to have kids just for them to be born addicted to stimulants. Addiction runs on one side of my family

No. 1612961

Has she considered not inflicting her shitty brain genes on a baby?

No. 1612963

Stupid fucking selfish cunt wants to have children. Typical. Spread your fucking shut genes aalright.

No. 1612980

It will still be her baby, that she'll grow insider her body and it will be taken away from her, your sister is a child trafficker nonna.

No. 1612982

Yeah, I doubt those things are that much related, I'd think the overlap between people who are actively against surrogacy and who are supportive of gays isn't big enough to make a difference, even if they all converted into homophobes.

No. 1613284

File: 1687304347733.png (8.08 KB, 598x272, 1687197400946.png)

ok how many of you donated in the past June 19th to pay for your privileges?

No. 1613286

Queer couples "rely on it"? Fucking adopt an infant, there are so many babies who need homes. Bunch of assholes.

No. 1613288

I wanted to complain about this but I was afraid I'd be flamed for racebait, kek. How are these people not embarrassed to be posting this shit and demanding that everyone gives them money? No shame, I guess.

No. 1613491

File: 1687334192005.jpeg (87.13 KB, 1170x809, IMG_1654.jpeg)

Sort of based but everything Elon says is out of rightoid male-brained retardation and makes me cringe.

No. 1613495

One based take shall not cleanse man of million mis-takes.

No. 1613498

Sad how bits and pieces of common sense that could actually help women if they came from the right person always come from some of the worst moids or tradthots

No. 1613536

And so what? It's not like anyone is going to get banned for saying cis or anything, he is just saying that cause he wants attention.

No. 1613556

File: 1687341818720.jpg (172.81 KB, 950x1461, Screenshot_20230621_115814_Chr…)

There's a lot of problems with current day twitter but the reader context function is a gem.

No. 1613632

File: 1687350085792.jpg (89.23 KB, 1000x500, media_Fy12t1fWcAE_sOX.jpg)

No. 1613677

Moids will do anything except take responsibility for their own mental health.

No. 1613697

Ew don't post scrote trash here

No. 1613734

Knowing that stone toss is possibly half white/puerto rican is so fucking funny and makes so much sense.

No. 1613807

File: 1687367576228.png (9.23 KB, 607x222, t.png)

No. 1613810

No. 1613828

Good ole male insecurity. Put this in the thread about shit that scrotes say hue

No. 1613837

He's a turbo racist, so it has to be his guilt of not being a pure-blooded white man catching up to him. Puerto Ricans and the like tend to be self-hating for some reason.

No. 1613854

File: 1687371630884.png (9.41 KB, 1278x247, Its not.png)

No. 1613944


Browncel autsim is a special flavor male retardation

No. 1613961

File: 1687381903760.jpeg (238.79 KB, 1238x1625, CACAEAB1-63E3-4AC3-87E1-3A5590…)

Every. Single.

No. 1613962

File: 1687381937914.jpeg (187.89 KB, 1284x1149, 087E8976-172B-48A4-B7E9-1D7CC8…)

Fucking. Time. It’s one of these degenerates.

No. 1613970

an underrated bit of embarrassing millennialspeak is definitely the thing where ugly people with bad self esteem who hate the way they look use the advice to "fake it till you make it!" and, instead of going to the gym, just caption their eye-searing photos with something like "hey. reminder that I'm hot"

No. 1613971


That jasminericegirl is a cow, I have seen numerous of her tweets being posted in various cringe threads

No. 1613975

I knew this is where the "muh puriteens" discussion would end up.

No. 1613976

File: 1687384081525.png (58.03 KB, 590x594, Capture.PNG)

This kind of people is so damn annoying and I've seen so many already since the whole Titan submersible situation began; is it really THAT abnormal to not wish this kind of slow death on anyone? And is it really going to contribute anything to "overthrowing the current order" for 5 people to suffocate? It feels like edgy on purpose of being edgy but somehow they hide behind virtue signaling of "proletariat revolution" or whatever they call it

No. 1613985

Idk man, I really just don't care about them dying a slow painful death.

No. 1613993

What a grotesque form. Is he gay? Only gay men find this body type “hot”.

No. 1614004

I think a lot of people are missing the point. It’s not about whether or not the billionaires deserve to suffocate, it’s about the negligence of the OceanGate company and how they designed a subpar submersible that has put five people in danger and possibly even killed them. I hope OceanGate gets raked across the coals for this.

No. 1614017

No you're missing the people's sentiment, they don't give a shit about why the accident happened. It's an accident, there's no deliberate point made anyway.

No. 1614031

>No you're missing the people's sentiment
I understand their sentiment perfectly well, I just don’t care. People are going to slapfight with each other about whether or not the people in the sub deserved to die or not and completing ignore the blatant flaunting of safety regulations that OceanGate has done by building that death trap. They should not have been allowed to build that submersible, they should not have been allowed to run independent underwater tours to the titanic. The lack of oversight is staggering.

No. 1614047

>They should not have been allowed to…
Legit question - why not? They were charging people huge amounts of money, anyone going on these tours is wealthy and educated enough to make their own choices. They also made it very clear in their contracts that the submersible wasn't approved by any regulatory bodies and they couldn't ensure passengers' safety or even lives. It's an extremely stupid thing to do, but there's nothing particularly wrong ethically, people have a right to provide stupid services and other people have a right to patronize such services

No. 1614048

Maybe we’re all wrong and they planned and paid for a suicide mission together.

No. 1614061

I LOVE how so many people on Twitter are astro charting the submarine and saying since it's ~scorpionic~ that points to death when literally everyone knows they're dead or close to it, it has nothing to do with astrology.

No. 1614062

Both you and OP sound insufferable tbh

No. 1614069

I guarantee you that there are already dads and grandpas everywhere saying China did it

No. 1614070

I think this is a pretty obvious joke. I know it can be difficult to read tone over the net but why do jokes always fly past people's heads? Even on lolcow. Something to do with too much virtual communities and not enough actually talking to people, I think.

No. 1614117

Did you not see other tweets about this exact same thing? If it's a joke it's going over people's heads because there's a nontrivial amount of people saying this in earnest

No. 1614156

Even if there are people saying the same thing seriously, imo it's not hard to know when someone is joking and when they're serious. Also, the "people can't distinguish when something is a joke" thing applies to everything, not just that tweet/post.

No. 1614158

so basically if one person says a dumb thing in earnest, no one can say that dumb thing as a joke ever again?

No. 1614268

It reminds me of tankies on twitter who unironically celebrate the Romanov family being murdered or the French Royal family being executed, like I unironically support the Soviet Union and even I think it was a bad move to outright murder children and even fucking Stalin thought it was retarded and tried to bring some of the Romanovs back in the fold, so the peasants would support him more.

No. 1614269

>but there's nothing particularly wrong ethically
We’re just going to have to disagree. I do think it’s ethically wrong to put peoples’ lives at risk by intentionally flaunting safety regulations and building vehicle that can’t even be guaranteed to withstand the depths that it is advertised to be able to. Even if you make people sign a waiver. It’s just another case of a greedy company sacrificing safety for profit.

No. 1614294

File: 1687409080511.jpeg (104.67 KB, 828x1269, IMG_1080.jpeg)

This has got to be one of the most pathetic tweet I’ve seen in a while.

No. 1614301

1- who tf brags about this publicly
2- why did thousands of people like this
3- hope this dude gives her herpes

No. 1614312

Why is she writing it like that?

No. 1614326

It's like white in a Hank Hill accent

No. 1614439

Social media did a number on some people because who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to brag to the whole planet about how you fuck married men?

No. 1614440

I blame sex workers for preaching it's ethical to fuck married scrotes because they're paying.

No. 1614497

I don't get the point of this. She wants to justify her actions by claiming it's a stand against racism(it's not). The man she is fucking isnt going to think "this will fight racism" either. He will probably laugh smugly that he gets to sleep with another woman that isn't his wife. It kinda reminds me of when I years ago saw a tweet where a woman said she had a one-night stand with a neo-nazi and then ghosted him and that was apparently anti-nazi action? I can assure these women that men just don't care. Men don't pu much thought and emotions into sex. As long as they get it they don't care. In fact it's only hotter for them when the women have a "agenda" in fucking them, because they know the women gain nothing so they get to humour these women by playing along with their faux-activism and then get sex in the end. There is some degranation aspect to it for men
fucking married men is scummy but married men who cheats on their wife are even more awful. I don't think it's sex workers who are to blame for this but men who wants to normalise cheating. Besides the twitter user didn't say anything about receiving money for fucking him

No. 1614507

How are people just posting such blatant racebait in here? Kek

No. 1614528

the only one in the wrong here is the husband
you're disgusting and you deserve being cheated on by your gross john bf lol

No. 1614536

as an outsider it appears she has the notion that she "deserves" to have sex with this married guy she's had a crush on for however long and is using Juneteenth as an excuse because….idk it makes 0 sense.
>>1614528 no, she's in the wrong too I think. she's aware that he's married there's nothing that indicates she has informed his wife that he's a piece of shit.

No. 1614547

I assume this situation never happened to you guys, cause i know you wouldn't be so eager to defend this if that was the case

No. 1614596

You're based, nonna. I agree with you. People really did ignore the fact that some multimillion company failed to make a safe vehicle and had the audacity to charge people and endanger them and instead of criticizing the company and holding it accountable, people are busy making fun of the victims of this malpractice just because they have more money than them. If those people had the same amount of money as those rich people they hate so much they'd probably do similar things or worse.

No. 1614621

The "victims" could all afford to go in a real submarine to tour the Titanic. The only thing any of them is a victim of is their own stupidity.

No. 1614628

where did I defend this? I called her scummy and made it clear I'm judging her

No. 1614653

how am I scummy for thinking ethots begging money and trying to appeal to people's ethics implying "sex work is totes fine guys"?
keep defending shit like this and eventually you will have your scrotes trying to explain to you why subscribing to onlyfans in a relationship is totally ethical.

No. 1614657

I most certainly would not, and neither would most normal people. Most of us would just buy a mansion, an island, go swim on some tropical beach, throw big parties. Most people would probably just pay off their debts and travel a lot, but not to the bottom of the fucking ocean. What's there to see, anyway.

No. 1614660

I'd totally be a space tourist if I had that kind of money. I'm not at all interested in mansions and parties.

No. 1614722

File: 1687454057437.jpeg (107.78 KB, 828x1342, IMG_1082.jpeg)

I hate moids so much it’s unreal

No. 1614726

Jokes like that are the reason why my very first thougt hearing about the submarine was whether there were any women on board.

No. 1614731

I genuinely don't think they'd even bother to use a condom.

No. 1614737

I mean there really is no point if they're going to suffocate in two hours

No. 1614976

i'm sorry the actions of your repulsive scrote made you so bitter towards random women. put the blame on the actual cheater you cuck. also, why are you screeching so hard about sex workers? where does the tweet indicate she's a sex worker?

No. 1614990

Me too. I was terrified she would have been raped.

No. 1615003

the sub exploded so they didn't have to suffer prolonged death. the only one i feel truly sorry for was the teenager that apparently didn't even want to go but was dragged along by his idiot dad, the others were old dudes and explorers so they were kinda asking for it and the idiot dad was an idiot dad who bought his child's death.

No. 1615069

Reminds me of the stories of rapes during Hurricane Katrina rescue. It probably happens during every emergency scenario. "Men as protectors" is the biggest and most dangerous lie in history.

No. 1615101

The women in this scenario is in the wrong for intentionally fucking a married man. It’s not like she was lied to about his relationship status.

No. 1615110

Nta but
>Noooo you fucking cuck how could you be mean to a random poor little woman!!!
Like it's not a grown woman infatuated with some highschool moid, eagerly expecting to fuck him despite full knowledge of him being married because "muh hwite wamen muh racism"
Ofc the retarded cheating scrote is shit, and isn't even thinking about revolutionary anti-racism sex, but she's a