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No. 65069

I feel like this could be a fun thread.

We all do cringey things once in awhile and sometimes the person we love most is the one being cringey. Let's talk about it.

If it's a red flag kinda thing, it probably belongs in one of the other threads.

Here's mine:
My husband likes Ed Edd and Eddy and disclosed to me last year that he ships Edd and Kevin in an AU scenario where Kevin tricks Edd into helping him grow weed. He also just in general finds the pairing adorable. He's straight but can't be described as anything other than "kinda fruity." I don't care about him shipping things since i do it too but once in awhile when we make new friends he'll bring it up hoping he might find more friends who like it too (so far our friends were just left confused and the convo moved on).

I guess this thread could be used for best friends too btw. I just wanna hear cringey stories that aren't tied to a lolcow (and thus requiring a lot of catching up to get into) and most of my cows are dry for milk right now.

No. 65078

My husband enjoys fapping to ponies.

No. 65082

In public?

No. 65083

My bf's voice is more in the tenor range for men, so already it's a bit high. For whatever reason he speaks in an even higher pitch when talking with people he's not very close to. To me he sounds like he's trying to suck up to them, or like he's mimicking that baby voice some girls do to sound sweet/nice. It drives me up the wall and makes him seem like a big pussy tbh.

Once, we were on our way to the emergency vet because our little dog got into our big dog's medication and ate a bunch of it. He was talking to the vet's receptionist on the phone and was doing that stupid mewling voice. When we got there the lady directed her questions to me because she thought she was speaking to a woman over the phone. He seemed pretty damn embarrassed but didn't say anything and neither did I. He still speaks that way though.

No. 65085

aha this is a great thread.

once at a comedy night on the edinburgh fringe, the comedian asked my ex boyfriend if he was jewish, he shouted "no i've just got a fucking massive nose".
instead of the laughs he expected he got gasps and the comedian spent the rest of his slot talking about the disenfranchisement of the jewish people. i nearly died.

then we went to see a guy with cerebral palsy do stand up, he said loudly "more like SIT DOWN!" and then asked him where his carer was.

No. 65087

Honestly my s/o has never done anything

But once i did have to pretend he was autistic so the train guy wouldnt keep doubting the authenticity of his child train ticket respective to his age. He asked when he was born and he froze up not having a planned answer and I didn't want him to get in trouble

No. 65088

We were at Subway and he asked how long a footlong was.

No. 65119

My boyfriend is also what you would call fruity, slightly metrosexual.

He does the typical utensils in the mouth like a walrus, pretending to moan very loudly in public, Naruto run through a convention(That's acceptable in those places though), pretends to be filthy frank too. He acts very gay at times? Like sitting in the car together and then if we are parked he will start popping his butt up and down like hes being fucked and fake moaning. I've grown so used to all of his weird acts I just go with it.

No. 65120

Is your boyfriend 13

No. 65121

Kek no, he's 25. He's always been the class clown though, he keeps his goofyness to a very small group such as friends and family tbh.

No. 65128

I thought the Jew thing was funny.

My bf has never worked a service job before, and doesn't realize how grating some of his jokes are to employees.
>"It didn't scan? It must be free!"

Baby, I love you, but you gotta stop that shit.

No. 65133

No. 65134

I do this when I talk to people when I'm not feeling confident or i'm shy. He's probably aware of it and can't do jack shit to stop himself.

My husband does most of this kinda stuff at home rather than in public but he'll do fruity little dances when hes happy even if he's in public. What's kinda sweet is when we first met I caught him doing his fruity things once in awhile and then he'd blush and clam up but overtime he got more comfortable showing his real goofy self which in turn lets me be my own retarded self.

I did too, though the one for the handicapped person is a little far lol.

My husband likes to joke about his own nose size with cocaine jokes (The way he tells it is funnier, something like "It just wouldn't be fair to do coke with someone, my nostrils are the size of dinner plates." )

Also your boyfriend is so cringeworthy and i hate him for that joke oh my god. Is your boyfriend 80 lmfao

No. 65137

damn, anon, i feel bad for u. cringe. he really does act like hes 13 like >>65120 said

No. 65142

My bf isn't cringey, really. He comes across stuck up, but he's actually just really reserved. Sometimes hell grab my tits in public, but only at the bar when we're sitting by ourselves.

I'm the embarrassing one. He's seen me so drunk that I've pissed myself and lost a shoe. And he still went down on me that night. I don't know how I lucked out, I love that boy.

No. 65147

> Is your boyfriend 80 lmfao

Naah, he is 25. He is just kinda oblivious and white.

No. 65149

File: 1500475291182.jpg (85.38 KB, 680x286, fear and loathing.jpg)

my bf can be very oblivious sometimes when it comes to dressing himself. He's obsessed with hawaiian shirts at the moment and will sometimes wear them out with spongebob swimming trunks that he's had for years and dress shoes. He'll sometimes walk around with jeans or a shirt covered in stains and I have to point it out to him and make him change. This is becoming less of an occuring thing though.

No. 65158

My SO never pays attention to anything and always has his mind wandering around so he never listens and, again, never notices even big things in front of him. As a small example, we went to a store that had a big red sign at the register saying cash only (right there, right on the counter and again, big and red) and he walked right up and asked if they took credit cards. People have to repeat things all the time with him too and it is obvious and understandable they get annoyed with him.

He also bought my engagement ring in the one style I have always said I hated. This was even after I subtly implied (for a while, I won't lie) what types of rings I liked, said straight up which specific ring I wanted, and even linked him to a ring wishlist I had.

No. 65160

My ex is the biggest snob in the world. The first time he met my mother he argued with the waiter for about 25 minutes because his food wasn't prepared to his 'requirements'. Needless to say, my mum wasn't too impressed with him, and honestly I thank god i don't have to put up with his hissy fits anymore. He'd do that everywhere we'd go.

No. 65187

File: 1500542415092.jpg (9.71 KB, 240x250, bitchdontfuckintrymem8.jpg)

OMG this is SOOOO cringy!! how are you even still with him????

No. 65188

my ex use to flirt with other girls in public, right in front of my face

it was just so god awful embarrassing, and I didn't wanna seem like a cuckqueen if I didn't do anything but I also didn't wanna seem like a psycho if I did, like it wasn't outright "oh baby lets fuck" type stuff, it was the type of subtle, kinda harassey stuff a neckbeard would say to a girl they like, I left his ass though cuz he was obsessed with some girl and I got tired of everyone coming up to me and saying "oooo anon did this, anon said that to her" etc etc, he had the nerve to call himself loyal after grabbing a girls boob

No. 65201

Sent my boyfriend into a pharmacy to buy the morning after pill once. I waited outside. The place was busy and he went up and loudly asked the lady for the morning after pill. She didn't understand what he meant (I don't know how she couldn't so she must have been being deliberately difficult.) He had to lean in and whisper over the counter saying "you know, when the condom breaks and you cum inside her?" I then had to come into the store because they couldn't give it away without speaking to me about it. Everyone in the store was kind of smirking at me and I was absolutely mortified.

No. 65202

Hahahahaha, this one was funny

No. 65204

My boyfriend does this. It's awfully embarrassing when we go out to eat. He will just talk to the waitresses about nonsense and I'm sitting there like what am I supposed to do. After, he'll say, "That girl wanted my dick," and I'm thinking, "No, she was annoyed and embarrassed for you."

No. 65205

My bf has done a legitimate pee-pee dance in public more than once. He's typical masc, tall, and bearded. I think it's ridiculous and adorable.

No. 65210

Every time we watch a movie at the theater, he'll take the opportunity to rip a loud ass fart during a dramatic silent scene. Laughter will erupt throughout the theater. It's embarrassing but I also can't help but laugh.

No. 65214

Sounds like the time my ex was too embarassed to buy condoms so after hovering around them awkwardly for like 20 minutes I had to go in, grab them, and quickly buy them. The girl was nice about it though she was like "That's why the GUYS should buy them" so i got to make fun of him a little bit.

He sucked so it's fine.

Farts are always funny even when it's kinda rude and annoying

No. 65219

File: 1500594341210.gif (43.44 KB, 395x400, barney.gif)

My boyfriend used to belch loudly in public without saying "excuse me." This embarrassed me, especially in front of people we know, but I never said anything because I didn't want to end up responsible for his manners. I don't know if he noticed it bothered me or what, but he stopped doing this a few months into our relationship.

No. 65230

why are you still with him?

No. 65232

is he 12

No. 65320

OT but where is the cover photo/gif from?

No. 65439

Ordered a meal with a side of mashed potatoes AND french fries.

No. 65445

He has A+ tastes anon. Keep him

No. 65487

Have an ex that literally hadn't been taught to sneeze with his mouth, so he always splurted snot everywhere anytime he was sneezing, even in public (he didn't even use a napkin). He claimed it was some impossible kind of feat to sneeze with your mouth, but he was also really autistic and his whole family was fucking weird so.
My first boyfriend (i was 14-15) did all kinds of weird cringy shit. He was insanely insecure in the oddest ways. He would call me up to ask what fucking color of his socks he should wear before we met up, insisting i HAD to make the decision. He also didn't show up at all sometimes when we were supposed to meet because he was too embarrassed or some shit, which only made me pissed off. Like, that's just fucking rude. I eventually broke up with him (he was starting to act controlling and sociopathic), and he turned full on psycopath emo and would walk into traffic scaring the shit out of everyone/car drivers because he was "suicidal" now. He sometimes sat and cut himself in public parks.
He would worry passersby/strangers with his behaviour, but he was litrally just acting out his emo phase in public a lot. It eventually stopped though, and he was embarrassed by it years later…

No. 65521

LMAO I'd piss myself

No. 65586

My ex fiancé was generally cringy. I was freshly 18 - 19 and he was 32 - 33. All he could ever talk about was how twacked out he was. He'd do things like rail some speed with xanax. He was always hitting on young girls and brag about his shitty oi! band to them.

Unfortunately that wasn't the end of me dating older guys. I had a sugar daddy right after I broke up with my fiancé. I'm very petite, so in public if someone hit on me he'd say stuff like, "she's hot right? She has the body of a 15yo". Or he'd hit on waitress when we'd go out to eat and tell them "they'd look great tied up". he used to go into the dressing rooms with me in front of people. He was a creep. But he bought me tons of clothes and drugs.

No. 65613

Total Blackout

No. 65631

He says rude things out loud. At first I thought it was because he's socially awkward, but now I think he's just retarded. He'll say things like "wow she's fucking fat as hell" or "wtf is wrong with him" near a clearly disabled person. He thinks he's quiet but he's not. It leaves me mortified. Whenever I try to talk to him about it, he gets butthurt and tells me I shouldn't restrict him on speaking freely and "whispering" things to me.

The worst was when he made a rape joke to my friend. She's a rape victim.

No. 65639

you should dump him. if he says things like that about other people, what could he be saying about you? if he doesn't treat others with respect, you won't get any!

No. 65654

You're probably right. At first I thought it was a cultural thing because some asians are overly blunt and rude. But it's getting to the point where I feel extremely embarrassed by his lack of manners and social awareness. He's 30. So he probably won't change anytime soon.

No. 65656

He sounds like an asshole and it isn't cultural. Dump him.

No. 65671

>hadn't been taught to sneeze with his mouth
Wtf is up with this shit I dated an ok guy but with bad ass hygiene and then one day he forgot to flush the toilet and I saw that he obviously just balled toilet paper up and smashed it against his ass to wipe. Dumped because I couldn't take him seriously as a person after that. Some guy also confided me too that he had never learned to blow his nose and use to just pull his nose up to stretch his nostrils and dab at them until he was like 17 and finally googled it.

When you dump him tell him that freedom of speech doesn't excuse him from being an asshole. Nobody needs to carve a boyfriend out of degenerate clay when there's plenty more non-asshole fish in the sea

No. 65989

>Nobody needs to carve a boyfriend out of degenerate clay when there's plenty more non-asshole fish in the sea

anon, I'm stealing this line. I have so many friends with ain't shit-ass boyfriends who don't want to leave them because of how much " effort" they've put into these wastes of space

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