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File: 1691769656164.jpg (74.48 KB, 700x700, B3KdB2wg2XI-png__700.jpg)

No. 1661076

ITT: post uneventful and mundane as fuck events in your life

Last thread: >>>/ot/1592395

No. 1661082

Samefag, Idk if it's an ingrown (probably not) but my toe still hurts. Ugh. It's like the entire right side of it from the cuticle up is painful. Not to mention, I hit my thumb so hard on the wall last night that it lifted up my fucking thumb nail. Having such bad nail luck.

No. 1661088

i've posted about it before but whatever. just covered my couch in blankets to prepare for kittens. of course they can just pull them off but maybe it'll keep the couch from getting ruined while i'm supervising them.

No. 1661090

Amazing picture choice, OP.

No. 1661092

File: 1691770364225.jpg (66.73 KB, 700x700, B1rQnmVgacH-png__700.jpg)

Thanks, it's a whole bunch of pics of that frog doing mundane things

No. 1661103

File: 1691771923471.jpeg (152.48 KB, 1536x1024, marine-cane-toad-header.jpeg)

based toad nona

No. 1661126

File: 1691773956139.jpg (8.92 KB, 236x236, stayingontopicwiththefroglis.j…)

I dreamt the secret for being a good kisser is practicing on blackberries. I think the knack was something along the lines of trying to dislodge the tiny spheres, or whatever you wanna call them, gently without squishing the rest of the blackberry. I'm eating blackberries right now, and tried it, and I'm not sure that's how it works, but I'm also a khv, so what do I know. Actually, I remember reading as a teen that it's strawberries you're supposed to practice on, and I'm eating them also right now, and honestly, my blackberry method feel more correct, but again, khv.

No. 1661139

I love thread pic!

Ate cheese now I’m farthing

No. 1661141

File: 1691775473194.jpeg (34.79 KB, 720x720, 18510d8cc578cd25646bee968b62f6…)

not sure how strawberries could work either, they're just berries? fellating a banana makes more sense but it's gross kek
fuck you, you didn't post a froggie and you eat dairyshit (cow rape apologist)(infighting/derailing)

No. 1661142

this reminds me of how some people tie knots out of cherry stems with their tongues

No. 1661147

And I’m not above eating frogs either

No. 1661192

File: 1691779021465.jpg (28.85 KB, 400x290, cow hug.jpg)

If I could meet up with any nonas on LC, it would be my fellow mundane nonas. Blessed are the boring. ♥

No. 1661266

File: 1691784002396.gif (2.03 MB, 498x413, wizard frog lightning.gif)

big thunderclap just badly startled me and my kitten

No. 1661271

>loud high pitched construction noise all morning and day driving me crazy
>use headphones and just try to ignore it
>realize 15 mins ago it was coming from my bookshelf
>go to the bookshelf to investigate and it suddenly stops

No. 1661272

why is there machinery in your bookshelf? I'd be spooked!

No. 1661391

File: 1691792958214.jpeg (38.17 KB, 720x491, Phdf7M0.jpeg)

you're the worst nona on lolcow dot farm

No. 1661397

I forgot how much i love this song and i've been listening to it all day. not usually my genre but there's something about this one

No. 1661404

apparently my brother sleeps all day and only gets up when he's about to literally shit his pants.

No. 1661411

is he depressed or something?

No. 1661416

idk but my brother in law thinks he just lazy and my sister think he has a mental issue
no idea what his problem is

No. 1661417

omg ive been listening to this for a month and didnt know a black dude sang it kek

No. 1661425

saw a woman on the street with the iconic 'dump him" tee, you know the one. felt blessed tbh

No. 1661440

I wonder if calico critters/sylvanian anon from the consoomerim threads would like to visit the sylvanian families theme park, just saw a video about the park on tiktok

No. 1661445

File: 1691797596969.jpg (68.3 KB, 680x1020, baked-chicken-drumsticks-1.jpg)

Make baked chicken, rice pilaf, and some frozen vegetables. It's my first time using mustard as a binder for chicken, I hope it turns out good and I didn't overdo it. It's been forever since I've made an actual dinner for myself.

No. 1661447

you are disgusting

No. 1661448

Hope it's good anon, getting into the groove of cooking can be hard and it's great you're taking these steps.

No. 1661450

My eyes are olive green but I never hear anyone say that color for eyes

No. 1661462

huh? wrong post maybe?

No. 1661470

No, whenever someone posts about meat in this thread that anon calls them disgusting or something along those lines. I sympathize as an ex-vegetarian but just ignore her.
Thanks! I think it'll be done within the next 30 mins so I'm excited to see how it turns out

No. 1661482

I love my parents and am very grateful for everything my dad has done for me.

They are my only true friends.

No. 1661501

Because at that point they're just hazel. I've seen a lot of people with light brown eyes try to claim they have green eyes too which is just cringe and delusion.

No. 1661524

They're green though, undoubtedly. Unclench

No. 1661526

Samefag but apparently there is green-hazel so I guess I'll put hazel on my license when I renew

No. 1661541

Nta but girl that's hazel. Who even cares.

No. 1661560

Wouldn't you want to know what the color of your eyes are? I literally said they're hazel in the post directly above yours. As a girl my parents always called them green so that's what I assumed. Why does everyone get so assmad about a simple question kek it's not like I was bragging or something

No. 1661565

eye color talk always makes the English speaking nonas freak out for some reason, I'm just sat here with my green grey eyes looking at it like a miley cyrus meme

No. 1661566

It's become a popular meme to shit on "girls who brag 'their eye color is changing, omg!'" and that includes anybody who calls their eyes anything other than blue, green, or brown.

No. 1661569

Why tho? I can't wrap my mind around it. Not every single person asking the question is hell-bent on receiving a certain answer.

RIP me who thought I was dark blonde but I'm pretty sure it's light brown. Related: do white brunettes have brown leg/arm/pube hairs? People also trip if you say you're short in any form or fashion. God forbid you use the P word to describe it. It's obnoxious

No. 1661587

>People also trip if you say you're short in any form or fashion. God forbid you use the P word to describe it.
uh oh you're gonna summon that one sperg from celebricows

No. 1661666

i want to vent about everything but i think i will keep it to myself. currently feeling extremely anxious and angry and irritable.

No. 1661675

I just had to pull out a piece of floss from my throat, omg most uncomfortable feeling ever.

No. 1661688

I ate chicken with salad for lunch and I'm still digesting it, wtf

No. 1661723

Wtf a car just drove past my house

No. 1661767

I bought biscoff cookies for the first time in a while and they're so nasty! I could have sworn they weren't this sickeningly sweet before. Now I have a whole pack and I don't really know what to do with it.

No. 1661785

Throw them at birds

No. 1662047

I'm starting to wonder if I dislike children because I'm no good at nonverbal communication.

No. 1662175

File: 1691842064289.gif (339.14 KB, 112x112, 1611657976704.gif)

I feel so relieved! I have a beautiful dark velvet dress that got a water stain on it, and I didn't know you're not supposed to rub wet velvet. So I was freaking out thinking I had ruined my dress because it had a permanent shiny stain on it. But then I tried straightening out the fibers/pile with a baby wipe and it worked! Yay!

No. 1662184

File: 1691843314909.gif (72.17 KB, 317x295, fargoth_by_orrah-d4xfqi0-48268…)

What the fuck? I opened my phone just now and Tiktok redownloaded itself. I deleted that shit over a year ago, maybe even longer. Why did it just reappear like that? Fucking evil app. Never had another app do that before.

No. 1662191

File: 1691843808325.png (929.75 KB, 800x1000, 2 cuties.png)

I have some kind of slightly painful inflammation on my nose that's bothering me, otherwise I'm quite comfortable at the moment.

No. 1662194

I'm house-sitting and decided to use the hot tub at 5am before I start my day. I can't go back nonas. This is how my day needs to start every day.

No. 1662202

File: 1691844738725.jpeg (62.88 KB, 498x750, 0E8871F3-5519-4121-BA62-CC9173…)

I was having a bunch of breakdowns at first, but now I feel so happy with my new diet, I don’t even want to change it ever again, sure, I don’t mind eating something outside of it from time to time, like for my birthday, but I feel so great. My face looks amazing, I stopped having headaches, I can workout again too, I should’ve done this a long time ago.

No. 1662296

I'm back to announce that the mustard was not too much at all. I was actually hoping it would add flavor but you can't even taste it kek. I actually completed under-seasoned my chicken overall, I had to go back and add more.

No. 1662461

Just popped an ibuprofen. Posting in case I need to take another so I can remember when I took it

No. 1662470

Aw this is really sweet anon, i feel the same way about my mom

No. 1662676

I made roasted salmon with sweet potatoes and I added some cinnamon to the potatoes and now I'm dumping the potato pieces in homemade mayo and this is like the best thing I ever had I'm gonna cry, I rarely cook for myself and don't remember when was the last time I ate something so good I wanted to cry

No. 1662707

this is so heartwarming. I'm happy for you. I had to go no-contact with family and I think it's really nice when people don't have to do that and have proper normal support from their parents, that's how it should be.

No. 1662776

I only drink coke/Pepsi on the weekends

No. 1662798

Found brother kitten in the sink licking a bowl, and realized he probably hadn't drank anything since I took him home yesterday. I got a cute little cat fountain, but it seems like he's either scared of it or doesn't understand it. Anyways, i put a still bowl of water down and they both started drinking, immediately. Very glad to have sorted that out, though i still hope they eventually use their fountain!

No. 1662810

wish i could afford a house so i can live by myself and do things how i want when i want.

No. 1662846

I really want to go camping alone but i don't want to deal with having a bunch of gear i would have to sell probably and i also scared i will just have anxiety the whole time and random people will be trying to socialise with me the whole time. I just want to cook meats and slurp on chewy udon noodles in nature.

No. 1662864

you could bring a second camping chair and put it next to yours to make it look like someone's with you?

No. 1662868

I get what you mean, but tbh i am more concerned about doing something i have never done before if you get what i mean and also the trip not being as peaceful as i would like.

No. 1662912

you can grill meat and eat noodles in nature at many public parks. try that as like a day trip first? if you like it, go for a camping trip next, if not then you don't have to buy the camping stuff.

No. 1662928

I keep finding snails in the house but I kind of think they're cute so I usually leave them alone. I think it's been raining so much lately. They're really small and have those charming pointed spiral shells. I know I should take them outside but…

No. 1662930

Use something disposable to take them outside. They might die from dehydration if you dont.

No. 1662931

Really? Are they not land snails? If they'll die I can take them outside, I don't want that. But I live in a place where you keep the doors and windows open all day because there's no AC, so I always figured they could just leave if they wanted.

No. 1662935

File: 1691897015572.png (628.66 KB, 900x675, snails.png)

Even land snails need a lot of moisture cause it's what they use to make their slime and keep their bodies wet. If you haven't found any dead or dry snails though, I guess it's fine and perhaps they just left.

No. 1663025

File: 1691907258168.jpg (46.66 KB, 640x403, 640px-CH-47_Chinook_helicopter…)

This guy started flying over my house since last year probably going to Ukraine and i feel like i'm in Vietnam war era.

No. 1663214

>my face looks amazing
>i stopped having headaches

Nonna, drop the secret. Is it the sugar? Carbs? Dairy? What is making us all miserable?

No. 1663267

My brother has been censoring my husbandos' names tiktok style in our conversations to annoy me, but I find it kinda funny.

No. 1663292

Thanks for letting me know. It's very humid here, so maybe that's why. Regardless, I still took one outside last night and it came back inside! It's very cute. I will keep an eye on it to make sure it is okay, it's good I know this now.

No. 1663299

File: 1691936353190.jpg (459.62 KB, 1875x2500, 1-327212988.jpg)

I started watching Nikita from the 90s and i love it. Great 90s cable schlock

No. 1663387

Derp, posted in the old thread by mistake.
I made a glutenfree Almond Cake for my work colleague for us and the rest of the team to share. And since I had one egg yolk leftover from the recipe, I decided to try to marinate the egg yolk in soy sauce overnight to add to my lunch box tomorrow. Never did it before, I'm looking forward to trying that out.

No. 1663489

File: 1691950229661.jpg (94.33 KB, 1080x1352, FB_IMG_1691534264402.jpg)

I think this cute guy I'm warming up to is actually gay.

No. 1663679

I was doing something weird with my throat while I was sleeping. Idk what because I was like half conscious, but when I was finally able to fully wake up by throat hurt like a bitch and it still does.

No. 1663687

You were sleeping with your mouth open and your throat got dry.

No. 1663691

File: 1691964214565.jpg (625.25 KB, 9071x5102, futurama.jpg)

And how would you know that? Were you watching me sleep?

No. 1663693

Kek. I've had the same thing happen to me. It's fixed by hydrating and eating some chocolate or even a slice of butter.

No. 1664035

It’s crazy how fast time has gone by, I don’t think I’ve ever made it a full year at my previous jobs and I’ve now almost been at my current job for 2 years and I don’t even feel like I wanna quit yet, too bad it’s still a shitty low level work though. Also cramping rn and I just wanna lay in bed and watch Ginger Snaps with some raspberry tea and I wish it wasn’t fucking summer I hate warm weather so much.

No. 1664272

I was waiting for the bus and a cat just came out of nowhere from the bushes and started knuzzling me and crawling up my leg. I was afraid it might cross the street since it was a busy road but it just stayed by while I pet it. When my bus arrived it disappeared into the bushes. Cats are so precious ahhh

No. 1664274

File: 1692022311525.gif (15.68 KB, 50x50, 913100c2fjq8hme5.gif)

Awwww that's so sweet, I'm glad you had a little buddy to wait for the bus with

No. 1664343

I had terrible sugar management issues tbh, as in I could eat an apple in the afternoon as a snack and I would feel like shit.
So the endocrinologist told me to get liraglutide and that shit has made me feel amazing, I don’t have chronic headaches anymore, and the metformin isn’t making me have the shits in the morning.
Of course the diet does make a huge influence, I stopped having sweets and most processed foods, I only drink water if I want to drink something with my food, the portions are quite small because that affects the liraglutide as well (If I were to eat too much, I would throw up) I only eat fruits with breakfast and lunch and it’s right after eating everything else of those meals, like a dessert, I reduced the amount of milk and yogurt I consume per day and I only drink coffee once a day, I also don’t have fruits in the afternoon or nighttime.
No sugar, no honey, no artificial sweeteners either (but that’s because I hate them) I stopped having so much oatmeal (even though I love it) I also stopped eating most flours (so no more pancakes or waffles for me).
It’s nice even if it seems a bit limited, I can still have most breads like burger bread and such, also! Eggs can only be eaten 4 times per week and only a maximum of 2 eggs per meal.

No. 1664393

Yup, he's gay. But he's a really good friend so it works out lol

No. 1664464

The stupidest guy I know bought a brand new Jeep yesterday. He just wrecked it on his way home from work today. This is like the fourth new car he's had.

No. 1664489

How is he so rich

No. 1664498

>stupidest guy
>fourth car
I would try to swindle some money from him tbh

No. 1664501

Yeah like, is he single? Not that I'm planning to set him up to a fatal car crash or anything haha

No. 1664512

How did you meet my little brother??

No. 1664615

No, he is not rich at all, lol. At least two of those cars got repo'ed.
Things I have also seen this guy do:
-Buy a car at 24% interest when making minimum wage
-Constantly, at least once per day, eat out on that same minimum wage to the point of becoming morbidly obese by the time we were 19
-Smoke experimental chemicals that killed at least one person in our town for several months
-Get engaged to a heroin addict
-Break up with her and film himself destroying the engagement ring
-Get back together with her a month later and repropose with a twenty dollar ring
-Break up with her again and destroy the ring as an act of finality
-Smoke weed before a drug test because "nursing homes don't care if it's just weed"
-Lose his minimum wage job because he failed a drug test
-Quit a different job to run away to be buskers with his deadbeat dad who was absent his whole childhood
-Become heartbroken when said dad borrows a thousand dollars and ghosts, never to be seen again until he dies
He seems to be cleaning up his life lately, he became a volunteer firefighter, and he seems to have lost some weight, so I hope this doesn't set him back too much.

No. 1664682

File: 1692048357920.jpg (5.87 KB, 204x204, 1532116144349.jpg)

Normally I don't mind nightcore even if I wouldn't listen to it past the age of 13 myself but I just found a nightcore version of Malice Mizers Au Revoir and I think I felt genuine disgust, cheers.

No. 1664704

how about this

No. 1664798

No one's going to believe me but Varg Vikernes (him and his wife have some threads here) hit on me around 6 years ago while he was married to his wife and had kids. It seems like he really struggles with his sexual thoughts about young girls and other women. Anons already figured it out according to his questionable twitter likes and pedo statements but he is definitely horny for young girls and isn't the "traditional" family guy he wants people to think he is. He seems like he really loves the attention he gets from any girl which makes sense since he is a huge loser and was always an outcast nerd.

No. 1664801

Also I'd put this information in his thread but it's dead and I don't want to necro.

No. 1664898

Very cool

No. 1664914

Ofc I had to plan my short trip to Kyoto when a typhoon hit Kansai, I'm stuck in my hotel room for the day, at least there's a konbini across the street.

No. 1664920

I pooped too fast and now I have asshole cramps

No. 1664941

Praying the art books I rented aren't on hold so I can renew them. I read the other stuff I checked out but art process books need their own time to test.

No. 1664955

File: 1692072383900.jpg (23.15 KB, 600x315, 46235847ddbd0e668af284216bd45c…)

Go to bed bitch

No. 1664956

File: 1692072519551.jpg (68.84 KB, 612x410, 134453164-612.jpg)

Holy shit I was just about to post how tired I was. Thanks anon.

No. 1664960

waiting for the cats to settle down first. they're chasing each other

No. 1664975

No I just woke up

No. 1665652

More like terrifying.

No. 1665697

>currently scranning hunters chicken with sweet potato fries, tenderstem broccoli, and spicy cauliflower
>yum yum for pudding
>house is perfectly clean
>boutta play some video games
>new hair mask has made my hair so so soft
>life is good

No. 1665699

I want your food

No. 1665709

I did a workout today, read a little, had lunch, and fell asleep with my cat for like 30 minutes. I'm going to focus on some work stuff for at least an hour, cause Thursday's the day, but I really think I'm ready. Excited for my husband to be done working today, wanna take a walk with him and we're gonna watch Love Island. He will probably read to me while I cook something for dinner, and I can't wait.

No. 1665716

Seriously considering going bald again and wearing wigs full time

No. 1665743

i ate all the fucking vegan sausage in one day and went over my calorie limit

No. 1665756

File: 1692134254195.png (14.78 KB, 313x150, Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 5.19.…)


No. 1665757

are people who use that website extremely retarded and using shit passwords or is their data routinely hacked

No. 1665764

Good luck remembering that damn password then kek.

No. 1665766

what brand? that soyrizo from trader joes gets me every damn time but it's so good

No. 1665767

>trader joes
nah you got the country wrong, i'm a secondie. it's "meatless" and it's mostly made of seitan, i just like seitan more than soy meats even if soy meats are actually textured more like real flesh

No. 1665774

>He will probably read to me while I cook something for dinner
that sounds so nice, living the dream!

No. 1666623

File: 1692219374439.gif (711.98 KB, 225x240, Do they want me to fucking DIE…)

Oh no! There goes my plans to make a 256 character password! Whatever shall I do now?

No. 1666657

I keep finding at least one moth per day in my room but it's usually after having the window open for a while and they are all different, so I probably don't have to worry. I'll clean out my drawers tomorrow anyway though, just to be safe and because I've been putting it off. I wish this fucking heat would die down, right now it's warm and very humid and I worry that it makes things worse. I really couldn't deal with an infestation. I'm glad they are different species that's really the only thing that keeps me from getting a panic attack right now

No. 1667547

Sometimes I get mad about the fact it just got decided one day that there's public property we aren't allowed to walk on because it's made for cars. There's this one road on my way home, and if it's late enough there are rarely any cars, so I take the chance and walk in the middle of it.

No. 1667781

Idk if this belongs in this thread but i just wanted to post about this lmao

So my sister has this friend who has been wanting to fuck me for ages. He’s fit, goes to the gym routinely , does stocks so he has money. But his personally is repulsive and he’s a fuck boy who doesn’t believe in using condoms and has two kids in two different states. (Out of wedlock of course and blames the women for taking “advantage ” of him by getting pregnant …. Yeah)

So please imagine how upset he was after so many rejections and failed attempts to try to get in my pants he finds out I’ve started dating a guy whose -chubby- works in a -department store- and wants to get a vasectomy because he doesn’t want kids.

He continues to ask my sister about me and how our relationship is holding up. ( coming up ona year soon) And i can only smile when i think how how much he’s seething that I rejected an “alpha male” for someone whos like… nice? Lmfao. Its a feeling im currently relishing in and i just wanted to share lol.

No. 1667809

Feeling that sweet, sweet second-hand smugness right now.
>He continues to ask my sister about me and how our relationship is holding up.

No. 1668141

I'm about to eat my second burger of the day. These past few days I've just been eating two burgers with some frozen veggies. Sometimes chips too, I fucking love chips.

No. 1668156

File: 1692320121056.jpg (469.83 KB, 2000x2000, fdfsdfsdfsdfsd.jpg)

Drinking muh lemon poppy seed muffin tasting tea again I wish I had ladyfingers or some shit

No. 1668184

I think I'm going to read up on it more, save for it, and possibly buy my shrimp tank next month. If not shrimp then some fancy goldfish. I have a large space to put them in and no other pets.

No. 1668203

File: 1692323749966.jpg (5.26 MB, 1839x3272, RDT_20230817_21582879252593970…)

This dog looks like John Mullaney

No. 1668211

Aww, he kinda looks like Tyrion from GoT. The dog has midget face. He's cute though.

No. 1668615

It's nice and warm on the bus today. (Good because I am cold.)

No. 1668875

I’m so hungry right now, a coworker brought one of those costco wraps and I found them honestly disgusting. It’s too late into my lunch to order delivery and I have no money to sornd anyway. Why do I have to be such a fatass hungry mf. Wish I could eat small, healthy meals like salad and shit and be satisfied.

No. 1668880

Not a single thought behind those eyes.

No. 1668976

File: 1692385642550.jpg (63.3 KB, 700x607, tucked-in-kitties-subreddit-60…)

it rained a lot here last night so today it's all cloudy and cold so I got to wear a nice, cozy outfit to work. it's like a brisk fall day in august, i love it I can't wait for the weather to be cool again.

No. 1668995

Do you live in canada too nonny? I also have weather like that and it's nice, especially after the wildfires 50 miles away and associated week of scortching heat

No. 1669002

i just watched oppenheimer for the third time and gosh this movie is so fucking good, instant 11 outta 10

No. 1669024

As someone who studied chemistry and physics in uni, I wanted to watch the film but I cannot get past Cillian Murphy's buttfugly face

No. 1669026

Same. I wouldn't even call him ugly, he's just uncanny.

No. 1669029

KEK yeah his face is uncanny, not ugly, just… off putting and eerie

No. 1669046

i do! nice to see a fellow canadian nona on the farms. glad that we all seem to be getting a momentary break from the heat today

No. 1669348

File: 1692412785114.jpg (181.06 KB, 2000x1090, download (40).jpg)

I'm so fucking hungry cause I haven't ate in hours, but also weak from the shower I just took so I'm just drinking a can of sprite I had for now. I think I'll make sloppy joe and see what vegetables I have in my freezer. Maybe I'll play a game while I rest. And my foot still hurts to stand and walk on from a small injury I got.

No. 1669391

File: 1692415811802.jpg (45 KB, 600x456, 1631992902650.jpg)

I bought an earphone and broke it literally on the same day. I'm so mad right now

No. 1669403

i bought some earphones and they didnt even work when i got them. i share your pain anon

No. 1669405

File: 1692417011655.png (8.03 KB, 507x547, 744.png)

I hate emails I would rather call an internet stranger than send an email I'm too much of a retard for faceless communication (anonymous is ok though)

No. 1669423

I need to buy shoelaces

No. 1669424

I lost a bar of soap.

No. 1669426

the zest is gaining sentience he'll be back

No. 1669428

File: 1692418454845.jpg (2.02 MB, 5000x3333, 220104121018-igor-bogdanoff-in…)

It's because he looks like a prototype bogdanoff

No. 1669462

I'm cleaning out my closet and found the super special notebooks I used to create my own sburb game/homestuck self-insert fanfiction. 11-15 year old me really assigned all of my classmates homestuck ocs. There was a plot. There were so many pictures of me killing them. I had forgotten about these until a few hours ago. I don't have anything else to say besides my autism being off the charts back then holy shit now I know why I had like 2 friends back then wow.

No. 1669469

this sounds awesome actually. very powerful autism

No. 1669666

Can do everything but the luka luka naito fi-ba- part of Luka Luka★Night Fever. Arms weak, gravity too heavy…

No. 1669684

I guess so. Of course I can get another bar of soap but I'm kinda bothered simply because I keep losing strange things.

No. 1669687

Maybe a rat stole it and has eated it

No. 1669690

But why would a rat eat soap?

No. 1669703

you're being rosemarys-baby'd

No. 1669719

Same! It’s so weird because I remember thinking he was hot in Red Eye and now he looks like a ghoul made of clay or something

No. 1669780

I will buy myself some tofu today. I love tofu. I could eat it every single day.

No. 1669784

Rats enjoy soap because of the fats in it

No. 1669957

I wish spotify would stop putting that Beware of Darkness fucker on my Release Radar. A couple songs were okay to listen to but now he just sounds like a wailing cat to me. I swear They're just going down the entire fucking album. Like, I didn't mind when they put songs from Kesha's Gag Order album on my RR for a month because they were actually good. This fucker is just whiny. And I listened to over 13,000 different songs last year. Surely. Surely that's enough to spawn shit that's not this fucker. i swear he's got to be an industry plant with how persistent they are with sticking him on my playlists.

No. 1669976

I have a walmart pill bottle and I want to decorate it to use it for my sewing and tapestry needles. I think I might use some gel polish that I don't use to decorate it.

No. 1669977

You can hide artists if you want anon, I've blocked several and therefore they no longer appear on my feed

No. 1669982

based nona but i prefer seitan

No. 1670000

Samefag, I'm scratching the surface of the bottle so the paint can stick, and there's fucking plastic particles going everywhere. I almost got hit in the eye a bunch of times

No. 1670047

I never had it, I will look for it next time.

No. 1670073

I'm really craving eggs for some reason and I want a breakfast sandwich, but I ran out of bread and I don't feel like going out.
Nta but it's pretty easy to make at home with vital wheat gluten, or regular flour but then you would have to wash it.

No. 1670074

me too. i am a seitanist.

No. 1670102

YouTube keeps suggesting me videos of focaccia (did it get popular in Japan and South Korea recently?) Which makes me try baking one, but most of the time I don't even get cakes right, so I'm terrified of breads.

No. 1670103

Do it nonnie. I watched everyone I know fail at bread and so I went in expecting to fail but I've got the magic bread touch. All breads respond to me and effortlessly rise. The only bread I've failed at is pretzels.

No. 1670104

Any attempt at homemade bread is gonna end up way better than the shit in stores

No. 1670105

File: 1692487891422.jpg (82.42 KB, 850x850, Awake ram_95436f_9466622.jpg)

>Be me
>Be chilling in the living room
>"Motion detected at the front door."
>That's weird, who the fuck is on my front porch
>Look outside
>Mfw it's a literal vulture eating a sandwich I dropped earlier and didn't notice

No. 1670106

Feeling very sad and worried about my life situation right now. I heated up the wheat pillow/bag my friend gave me last Christmas in the microwave and I'm currently lying in bed hugging it tight to my chest. The heat and the weight of it feels very comforting. I shall try to sleep now.

No. 1670128

girl where tf do you live, you have vultures in your garden?! WHAT

No. 1670134

That’s pretty metal

No. 1670136

You’ll get through it anon, I hope you have a good sleep.

No. 1670140

We stopped feeding the birds at the park, they are coming to us.

No. 1670152

The woman that keeps posting pics of Jim Carrey with his face blurred out is my favorite person that has ever graced this board

No. 1670160

Those pics creep me out a little, there's something unnerving about knowing it's Jim Carrey

No. 1670168

She's so dramatic I believe her.

No. 1670184

she's 100% schizophrenic but i still love her. And celeb moids are shit no matter what so even though what she says is schizo delusions I'm sure he's a grade A asshole anyway kek

No. 1670204

File: 1692494169130.jpg (220.51 KB, 2000x1333, what-differnce-black-vulture-t…)

South eastern united states. And the vultures are so beautiful compared to the ones up north. Black vultures (right) are distinguished young ladies in evening wear. While turkey vultures (left) are feral goblin women jonesing for her next tattoo.

No. 1670214

Shes a soothsayer. She is tapping into the divine of which we cannot see. She takes on the pain of the ghosts of everyone Jim Carrey has nerfed.

No. 1670243

And the greatest part is that nobody IRL who knows me who doesn't know about it has any idea how bad it really is

Too bad everyone in the industry is a busy worker drone keeping their lips zipped. Seriously. Dude is retired. The reckoning is now before he attempts a comeback

No. 1670248

You tell them girl.

No. 1670258

but I'm just a soul whos intentions are good, oh lord please don't let me be misunderstood

who am I kidding? I'm always misunderstood

No. 1670268

Can you make a Jim Carrey fancam edit where his face is blurred like that

No. 1670276

I deleted most of my videoclips as some kind of effort to wean off the teat of this mess kek

actually the whole point of pixelation is the idea that it robs him of his power

No. 1670316

You are amazing

No. 1670350


No. 1670352

Sorry I was looking at my keyboard instead of the screen.

No. 1670365

File: 1692505050690.jpeg (143.39 KB, 749x739, IMG_0732.jpeg)

No. 1670376

Being 30 is the best thing to ever happen. I look good, I feel good, I have money, a nigel, and more. Life is pretty great right now.

No. 1670397

That's great nonnie! So happy for you. I wish you a beautiful life filled with happiness.

No. 1670408

But how did they turn out

No. 1670434

File: 1692515467201.jpeg (857.46 KB, 1027x1425, IMG_0751.jpeg)

I love this buffoon ginger fluff cat

No. 1670451

File: 1692518782195.jpg (159.46 KB, 720x1280, 1c04f6a5ea021bb7a22f70a122c3e2…)

I usually dread this season but I'm going to do it nonas, I'm going to enjoy the hell out of autumn this year. Time to get cozy. Fuck yeah.

No. 1670457

File: 1692519759308.jpg (49.7 KB, 600x350, spider-bite.jpg)

A spider landed on my collar bone when I was laying down and I thought it was my hair so I grabbed it and when I noticed what it was I started freaking out. why was the shell so hard?! I got bit by a spider last week too when I was sleeping and now I have a huge bite on my hand.

No. 1670553

Currently waiting at the airport and two boomer moids are smugly commenting on random people just living their lives, is it really that hard to mind your own business?

No. 1670573

My old car radiates such a nice smell it's so weird. Like I had put up this fabric cover on the back seat so my dog doesn't dirty up the seats, and I am about to wash it, it doesn't smell of dog one bit, instead it has the familiar nice car smell. I'd get it if I used a car perfume or if it was a newish car, but this one is over 20 years old and a car perfume wasn't used for at least 10 years.

No. 1670611

Really bad, I wouldn't do it again but I ate them anyway cause it was late and I was hungry

No. 1670615

Are you aware you're on the stalk people gossip website?

No. 1670753

Were all the random passerbies in that airport cows? I kinda wanna go there then.

No. 1670812

Must I only stare at cows when looking at a field? I'm not allowed to observe the rabbit and the butterfly as well?

No. 1670853

So they're doing exactly what you do online

No. 1670873

Nta but no way you guys don't see a difference between talking about random people going about their day in public and talking about people on lolcow (most of whom are social media figures). Not all anons are here for gossip anyway.

No. 1670889

File: 1692558884641.jpg (47.93 KB, 640x550, 51531c99eac88b526dd87aff850092…)

>mfw men always say i'm mean but i get along with literally every woman

No. 1670922

No. 1670926

File: 1692560338642.jpg (380.97 KB, 500x625, Japanese-Chicken-Curry3.jpg)

I am baking some chicken right now to make a jap curry and rice. I want potatoes in my curry but I feel like whenever I make potatoes it's a whole ordeal so it's just gonna be frozen veg and fresh onion.
I also popped a burn blister I have on my finger while I was washing dishes earlier. Hurts so bad and I don't even have bandaids. Had to prepare the chicken one handed cause of it.

No. 1670936

wdym bake and wdym ordeal ? you can just fry the onion and chopped meat at the botton of the pot for a few minutes then put in the water and boil everything together with the veggies for a while, it's a lot easier

No. 1670943

I baked it cause the chicken was frozen.

No. 1670990

I really want a vegetable stew now

No. 1671060

Tired of blackflies and I'm not even a slob, why are they here? Going to start eating them like a frog soon

No. 1671069

I think I'm gonna start exclusively buying sushi rice. The shape of it just makes it so satisfying to eat.
Make some anon. I just finished making curry and it's delish.

No. 1671169

File: 1692580357318.jpg (2.06 MB, 2300x3000, 57934e39502d47961be4fe387a5f4f…)

I just printed over 600 pages of art lessons and references, I'm going to limit my time on the Internet and study art! I'm so excited to learn figure drawing better, it will all be worth it when I can draw hot men at the end.

No. 1671177

kek good luck, nonnie! Looking forward to finding your hot men out there.

No. 1671198

600 pages? Where did you find all that, cause I need to get away from the internet, too, kek.

No. 1671462

Thank you sooo much Nona! Have a beautiful day!
I used the internet archive for their collection of books


Morpho book collection


I printed the collection I gathered using HP Instant ink which is a subscription that only cost around $5 for the cheapest plan, the pages roll over if unused and I had lots of unused pages!

No. 1671502

HP instant ink saves files on everything you ever print on HPs servers. It's such a violation of privacy it's insane.

No. 1671519

My boss is on holidays for a few weeks, I'll finally be able to go back home earlier than usual without worrying about being called out for it. She never does but when working from home she sometimes sends me emails or calls me right before 6pm for emergencies.

No. 1671541

I was anaesthetised for the first time at the dentist. I bit my cheek as hard as I could, in awe of my godlike new invincibilty. Now the anaesthesia has worn off and my cheek stings.

No. 1671543

thank you so much for the links, Nonna. Downloading books right now, kek. Lucky me has a laser printer, so ink is never a problem.
I wish you a happy art journey and a lot of hot drawn men.

No. 1671731

Im gonna have a cookie or two for breakfast. It's ok cause I'll balance it out with water.

No. 1671736

Good luck anon! That's such a good idea if you want to minimize distractions on the internet.

No. 1671767

File: 1692632081855.jpg (159.58 KB, 1080x1278, 2c1fc257bf8db603b43ae21ca2e938…)

Uh oh ladies, the two and a half weeks of non stop fun during my manic stage have come to an end and it's time to plunge straight to the lowest part of depression.
This is great. I have no friends, I've failed at achieving every one of my dreams or goals, and I'm such a lazy sack of shit that I don't exercise as much as I should only because I'm lazy! I should lay in bed and think about every bad thing that has ever happened to me, that will surely cure me and make me feel better. I should also eat candy for breakfast, because that's a normal and healthy thing to do and certainly won't give me a stomach ache while leaving me feeling hungry.
Haha, I will see you all in four weeks when I'm normal again.

No. 1671803

cute nona

No. 1671914

File: 1692639573019.jpg (370.04 KB, 1200x720, Lowes-delivery.jpg)

A Lowes truck is in my neighborhood right now, and it's fucking huge wtf. I don't remember them being so big. I feel like I must be tripping, I'm gonna wait for it to drive past again.

No. 1671923

Ok I was just being retarded. It was not abnormally large. Just a delivery truck.

No. 1671950

Reading a fanfiction and the author mentioned a school that's right by where I work. The description is accurate too. Strange for sure. It really is a small world

No. 1671990

what fandom even

No. 1672027


No. 1672051

File: 1692649659773.jpg (19.28 KB, 675x1200, Grind Mode.jpg)

I just grinded hard as fuck in the kitchen. Supa seasoned soon-to-be-crispy chicken wigs in the oven, sausage and onion on the stove so I can make some spaghetti. Sounds easy but it's hot as fuck so now I'm sweating. I actually may not eat the chicken today cause I'm gonna also add ground beef to the spaghetti, just too much meat.

No. 1672141

File: 1692655496569.jpeg (44.02 KB, 626x507, 883aa07e82a4528644c4bae3378899…)

Bought a bird field guide in the thrift store and just discovered the accompanying CD with bird songs is still in the book and working. Which makes me feel satisfied. Enjoying it now.

No. 1672198

I'm so glad that even almost one decade later, there's still so many great artists drawing my husbando. God bless

No. 1672400

I love this giant deaf guys shorts idk why

No. 1672606

File: 1692681740781.jpg (63.5 KB, 480x652, 455aace6f640d272b0a6241d341213…)

Another successful period exactly on time kek and before my trip so I don't have to take up bag space with all that nonsense

No. 1672650

I met such a sweet kitty today! He was cream with blue eyes and chubby cheeks and very chatty and loved rubbing up on me and didn't want me to leave him but unfortunately I had to because I'm pretty sure he was not a stray but an outdoor cat and I'm not a catnapper

No. 1672717

It’s okay to “steal” outdoor cats, it’s not like their owners are taking proper care of them.

No. 1672744

Yeah, take him. The last thing you want is to see cream and chubby run over by a car.

No. 1672745

All outdoor cats are free, you can take any one you want. You take them to the vet, get them microchipped and vaccinated, boom, 100% legally yours. And if the owner throws a fit, explain that this was an injured and starving stray you found. Ask them to pay medical bills before you return, then present them with a photoshopped bill in the thousands. People who let their cats outdoors don't actually care about them, so they'll never be willing to pay the money to get them back and will just get another and dump it outside instead.

No. 1672752

Just reacting to the outdoor cat part, this is so strange to me. In some parts of the world, keeping a cat fully indoors is considered cruel.

No. 1672754

>keeping a cat fully indoors is considered cruel.
It is fucking cruel. I don't understand "saving" outdoor cats. It's not neglect, their owners acknowledge how inhumane it is to keep an animal like that confined in an apartment.

No. 1672756

Correct. I crack the fuck up when I see pissy posts where people are like "My neighbor stole my cat!!!" like how did they get ahold of your cat? Yeahh that's what I fucking thought sounds like they are better suited to own it.

No. 1672757

Cats are not wild animals, they are domesticated. Leaving them outside exposes them to parasites, disease, wild animal attacks, dog attacks, cars, and more. Outdoor cats also have drastically shorter lifespans than indoor cats. Hope this helps.

No. 1672760

Indoor cats' brains are getting smaller with each generation. Cats need to hunt, run, mark their territory, explore, and communicate with other cats. They are animals, and you having a fit over an animal interacting with nature is bizarre.

No. 1672761

Holy helicopter parenting kek

No. 1672767

Are you American? IMO the only justifiable reason to keep a cat inside would be to protect birds. I really can't wrap my head around the idea of keeping an animal inside at all times for its protection when cats are animals that will come back to their home!

No. 1672769

Not to mention that outdoor cats also harm local ecosystems from hunting. It's for the safety of not only your cat but also other animals. The same people who have outdoor cats are probably the same people who would get a dog and just to leave it leashed up or in a cage outside. Don't get a pet if you don't actually want it.
It also makes no sense cause people don't do that with other domesticated animals. They can be outside but not for days and not while unsupervised. Just irresponsible.

No. 1672771

letting your cats get run over is cruel

No. 1672772

If he's outside then it's free game.

No. 1672774

Kek, this reads like someone trying to bait

No. 1672779

Sometimes I take my cat out on a leash but I need to find a better fitting harness for her now.

No. 1672782

File: 1692710925085.png (403.64 KB, 600x600, the truth.png)

No. 1672786

My kitten that I saved from outside literally is terrified of the outdoors and wants nothing to do with it. If I open the doors to let fresh air in she runs and hides. The AC is broken and she’s sitting in front of the portable unit, very upset about the heat. So fuck you you’re wrong.

No. 1672797

>my child that i've kept inside since she was six months old is literally terrified of the outdoors and wants nothing to do with it
She not terrified of the outdoors, she's terrified of the unknown because you made it so your apartment is her whole (small, uneventful) world.

No. 1672801

File: 1692711763873.jpeg (39.76 KB, 500x800, _ (22).jpeg)

I want to knit so bad but I don't have any money for yarn!!!

No. 1672806

burned the shit out of my tongue by eating too many sour candies, the burning is slowly inching lower
i died how i lived

No. 1672807

File: 1692712143446.png (148.57 KB, 458x444, Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 9.50.…)

That feeling when you get a brand new shiny hyperfixation and your brain goes WHHHHHOEEEOEOHAHEOEHAWHEEEEO and you get to not be depressed for like 2 weeks cause it consumes every aspect of your life!!! Even the mere thought of it uplifts your mood and you get that euphoric feeling in your chest!! Everyone wants you to STFU about it but you don’t care!! And then you use your spending money to buy shit related to it!!! It’s the only great thing about being a massive sperg

No. 1672808

That’s so cute nonna, how did you leash train her? Was she scared at first? My cat thinks he wants to go outside but at the first loud noise he flops onto the ground waiting for death, so I worry he wouldn’t be able to acclimatize to being outside with the added risk of being spooked (he’s very high strung). Has she ever gotten scared outside, what’d you do?

No. 1672809

ok, you let your poor cat get eaten by a coyote outside and die in the heat then. my kitty will be nice and comfy inside.

No. 1672812

Bait. Are you leaving your posts unsaged so you can bump the thread and get more responses?

No. 1672828

My long hair cats love ice on hot days, you could try putting some in her water dish if you haven’t already.
It’s so nice to read she was a rescue, they go through so much outside so I’m not surprised she’s still scared. You can slowly acclimatize her to opened windows/doors by cracking them and sitting calmly by them while you coo and call to her.
Don’t feel pressured to take her outside though. I had a cat who was thrown out once he wasn’t a kitten any more (the family would get new kittens every few months and then put them outside to die) and he was terrified of outside. He’d stiffen up and start panting in fright, then bolt inside. Sadly he passed before I could acclimatize him to the little enclosed patio. There were complications from being neglected as a kitten and injuries he sustained while stray. He was so loving to everyone too, all he wanted was pets and someone to snuggle with, its truly heartless that anyone could put him outside without a second thought.

No. 1672832

Nta but not everyone lives in a place where (wild) predators pose a real threat to small pets or extreme climates. I don't have a cat so I have no real bone in this discussion but it's true.

Just take him to the vet to check if he's chipped. If he isn't and has no collar I see no reason why you can't take him.

No. 1672837

Hey faggots, take your cats for walks on leashes. You do it with dogs, it's not fucking hard. "Outdoor" cats live a lifespan of 2-5 years, cats who live indoors like they've been domestically evolved to do over literally thousands of years live an average lifespan of 14-21 years. It's literally a no fucking brainer, you either want your cat to live or you don't give a shit. What's the point of getting an animal companion if you're just going to shove them outside and act like that's normal? It's not normal. There are diseases, there are dogs, there are cars, there are poisonous plants that they can and will put into their mouths because they don't know any better, they aren't born with some inherent knowledge of how to survive outside. Why do you think the difference in life spans is so drastic? Feline brains aren't shrinking with every generation, they've shrunk SINCE DOMESTICATION relative to their wild counterparts. Keep your cats indoors, walk them on a leash, or don't get a fucking cat. If you are such a lazy piece of trash that you can't take the time to play with your cat and keep them enriched, that's on YOU and it's not enriching or "natural" or anything positive to just throw your cat outside for hours and hope to God it'll be okay you stupid, silly, dumb bitches.

No. 1672844

My 19 year old indoor cat walks on a leash, and he only started doing this at 15, so don't tell me it's too late to train your cat to walk on a leash. Don't come at me with your shitty excuses. You're wrong. You're retarded. Keep your cat inside unless it's supervised you asshole. You wouldn't allow a dog to roam YOU WOULDN'T ALLOW A DOG TO ROAM.

No. 1672851

The problem usually isn't bigger predators for cats, cats ARE the predators. They're an invasive species that hunts for sport. Also, they get run over by cars all the time when they're left outdoors. An outdoor cat has a lifespan of 2-5 years. Indoor cats can easily live to be 20. This isn't even a debate.

No. 1672854

I started taking her in the backyard with leash for just a few minutes at a time, then tried a park down the street (making sure there were no dogs first. I like dogs but didn’t want an incident with my cat happening). She was already used to me carrying her outside to check the mail and stuff like that, she’s also a great car rider, so I think slowly introducing your cat to new environments might be a good first move.

No. 1672855

Like I don't have a cat, I was just responding to anon's coyote claim, I don't really care about this discussion otherwise.

No. 1672862

File: 1692715465218.jpg (36.2 KB, 735x684, pou.jpg)

It'd be funny if people treats dogs like cats. Ah dang my dog didn't come back tonight ughh rats he got run over guess I'll get a new one.

No. 1672867

Your picrel is so fucking cuteeeeeee

No. 1672870

Sorry anona, I reposted it in the dumbass shit thread cause it didn't fit here kek

No. 1672875

I want sausage and white rice so bad.

No. 1672887

I hope it finds its way to you

No. 1673083

Look nonita, we all want to murder. Every single day I want to murder 2-3 people as they act like entitled uncivilized assholes on the road and in society.
But I don't. Because it's for the greater good that I not be allowed to be jury, judge, and executioner. This is a crime against me. It leaves me sad and understimulated. Just like a bored indoor cat. Now unless you want to change the laws that anyone cute can murder/torture/kill whoever they want with no restrictions or consequences, then cats have to live the same life we live. Too bad so sad. Deal with it, or die because the greater good of civilization is more important than your own personal happiness.

No. 1673447

i read the first volume of yotsuba

No. 1673616

File: 1692748019387.jpg (56.59 KB, 539x424, Borzoi.jpg)

My sister has so many pictures of borzois on her phone it almost makes me believe she's a farmer….

No. 1673794

File: 1692758759596.jpeg (66.94 KB, 409x630, IMG_3541.jpeg)

I poured the vodka back into the bottle instead of making a drink!
t. functional alcoholic nona who’s trying to quit, or at least tell myself I’m “taking a break for a bit” and there’s nobody else I can tell and I just realized how weird that sounds

Pre-edit: I originally was going to post a meme or something stupid but this book came up in image search and it caught my eye. Has anyone read it? I’m kinda curious now.

No. 1673795

Omg?? Is that you??

No. 1673854

File: 1692761717572.jpg (113.66 KB, 715x1024, 8d407d54f698a04e4d3a183c0f4184…)

Just finished making my husband's lunch for work tomorrow, we got bento boxes so it's really fun to fill it up real cute with lots of colorful fruits and vegetables, and I make one for myself as well. He only gets maybe 2 hours of free time on his work days so I like that I can do this for him and he can spend that free time with me.

No. 1673863

No. 1673864

Nonnie do you want to sit down and talk about it?

No. 1673949

Congrats on enjoying being an unpaid maid you played yourself(infighting)

No. 1673979

This sounds really cute nona I love it.

No. 1674000

File: 1692767066540.jpg (14.57 KB, 236x285, 20b3b9f757f4b8ee9e63c865cd534e…)

I make my own money nonny I just work at home and have a lot more free time than he does. His commute is an hour and a half each way. The guy does the housework, works 9 hours a day, and he's renovating our house, what more do you want from him nonnie kek. Most importantly, I just love my husband of many years and like to do cute things for him the same way any partner would enjoy doing sweet things for the person they love. Weirdo.

No. 1674154

I want some late night frosted flakes.
That's so sweet anon, I can't wait to have a family I can do this for one day.

No. 1674155

Wait it's 3 AM????? Goodnight guys.

No. 1674157

same but fruity pebble

No. 1674168

I saw a video about some batshit tumblr drama and in the comments someone mentioned a podcast that talked about it, but these people are so insufferable. Just talk about the insane gay fanfics without waffling on for half an hour about how the source is problematic, oh my god.

No. 1674174

Skipped to the topic and they are just bitching about this fanfiction missing certain tags I'm crying

No. 1674215

Don't listen to the other nonnies. I don't think most of them have been in a real loving relationship. It's super adorable that you make bentos for him

No. 1674317

After having worked nine fucking days in a row, I finally am having nine days off to get shit done around the house.
I spent like a good 1,5-2 hours dusting off my living room, bathroom and kitchen floor and scrubbing my kitchen stove and oven too.
I added lemon essential oil in white vinegar to clean the kitchen, it smelled so nice afterwards.

No. 1674321

God bless you nonie. Take care of yourself.

No. 1674327

File: 1692792934064.png (23.28 KB, 336x360, 1688751233981.png)

My favourite band released two new songs. They're not as exciting and fun as the stuff they put out in the previous decade but I'll take anything.

No. 1674333

what band nona?

No. 1674341

Only slept 4 3 hours. Ill take a nap a little later. Sleepy but I'll survive.

No. 1674381

File: 1692795869042.jpg (2.56 MB, 3000x2000, 1659544434533601280.jpg)

They're called Sick², give them a listen if you like j-rock.

No. 1674602

in a dilemma of whether or not to get a starbucks. its a cold gloomy day today and i'm tired which is why i want one, but i'm on my period bloated as fuck and know it'll make me more bloated afterwards. i have like 10 minutes to decide if im going to get one

No. 1674612

I'm on my period too and I want Starbucks you should get it so I can live vicariously through you, post back what you got if you go

No. 1674635

What flavour?

No. 1674649

i did it nonnies and i got a caramel macchiato. the cozy warm feeling is worth the bloat i think

No. 1674749

Didn't get the position I interviewed for, and I kinda saw it coming. I'm not feeling too let down… Just a little. Making myself my favorite pasta dish for dinner, and going to make some doughnuts, too. Hope all you nonnies have a nice Wednesday evening.

No. 1674751

Just got some nuggets, fries, a mcdouble and a mcchicken

No. 1674801

…all for yourself? all at once?

No. 1674806

The burger and nugs Im eating later. Even if I was eating it all at once though, is that really your business nonna?

No. 1674820

I take way too many pictures of my cat. I've gotta stop. I'm becoming a digital hoarder. But she's so cute…

No. 1674831

I'd eat all that at once no problem, hell yeah.

No. 1674859

Someday those pics will be the only way to see her again. Take many more, and then some.

No. 1675463

I have to finally accept that I have basic, sometimes morally questionable taste in husbandos. Always the sad angsty weirdos and regular old assholes kek. I think because of relatabilty for the former and an "opposites attract" for the later. Idk.

No. 1675531

File: 1692859775024.jpg (74.4 KB, 600x767, portuguese-custard-tarts-3.jpg)

Ordered some Portugese egg tarts from the bakery but they were pretty pricey (3$/tart). Really good tho but inflation really be depriving me of my only pleasure in life, damn…

No. 1675671

File: 1692874783188.jpg (36.13 KB, 499x330, 36nl1z.jpg)

Fuck yes I am not pregnant!!!!!

No. 1675695

File: 1692877444569.png (89.69 KB, 420x294, 90d96422cc64d795b87e7d0bb22616…)

No. 1675788

Finally changed my Chrome browser theme colors from plain white to pink. Pretty nice, and easy on the eyes.

No. 1675791

I've been porn detoxing and clicked on some ogre porn on /m/. I was shocked by the pic, but it wouldn't have phased me two weeks ago. My brain must be correcting itself, but still not enough since I knew it would be ogre porn.

No. 1675879

File: 1692892642012.jpg (34.28 KB, 612x445, istockphoto-1289885332-612x612…)

It's my birthday AHHHH

No. 1675882

File: 1692892737342.gif (186.23 KB, 320x300, AW3915588_02.gif)


No. 1675884

File: 1692892797310.gif (2.08 MB, 500x500, 10115103_a195d.gif)


No. 1675890

happy birthday nonnichka !!!

No. 1675893

File: 1692893410798.jpg (82.27 KB, 720x861, bday.jpg)

Happy Birthdayyyyyy!!!

No. 1675934

File: 1692895280107.png (206.17 KB, 444x347, 0Kd2GQ0.png)

Happy birthday nonna!

No. 1675958

NTA, this is so fucking cute and funny nonny thank you for posting it

No. 1675999

Cleaning my entire apartment. I can't seem to get the layout to be functional no matter arrangement what I try. it's just such an awkward space and my furniture is odds-and-ends crap that doesn't work for it. The kitchen cabinets are too high to reach so they're entirely worthless and I can't use them at all, the ceilings are high and most of my furniture is low so it's awkward, and I have too many houseplants and a northern facing window. At least it's a big window I guess. I can't afford new furniture so this is it unless I nab freebies on the curb.

No. 1676012

File: 1692900588075.png (397.09 KB, 640x906, f ant astic.png)

It's my birthday too. Happy birthday, birthday twin.

No. 1676028

Today I am baking some bread! It's super cloudy outside and looks like we'll definitely get some rain so I'm excited. Also finally brought in the hummingbird feeder so I can make more food for them.

No. 1676040

Have fun making your bread sweet nona

No. 1676138

File: 1692908260579.jpg (223.83 KB, 1000x1416, baraou_KEY_C_WEB.jpg)

I don't know why it's so hard for me to start watching something. Not even starting completely anew, but just continuing where I left off, yesterday, too. But once I start I can marathon it for eight hours straight, if time allows… In other words, I'm procrastinating watching Baraou no Souretsu right now, even though the only reason I stopped yesterday was because it was getting too late.

No. 1676155

there's a term for autistic inertia/task inertia, hard to start and stop tasks you might like to read into it

No. 1676158

why not get a step stool to reach the high cabinets?

No. 1676168

I feel so bad. There's a little gray dog that hangs around sometimes, and I accidentally stepped on him while I was leaving my house. He was behind the way my door opens I think. He ran off after that so I think I scared him. I wish I had some disposable bowls to give him some ice water, I'll be sure to get some next time.

Other than that, I got some subway and a cherry coke. The sweet onion sauce is so good, I started getting it like 2 or 3 years ago and can never stop. I also saw a herd of all black cows on my way back, most of them were munching down on some grass like how I'm about to munch down on this sandwich. I'll watch some LoL coaching videos while I eat.

No. 1676405

File: 1692928479954.jpg (109.19 KB, 1000x942, 3mh78x.jpg)

I didn't know they made green apple Gatorade this shit is good.

No. 1676811

There was a big bug on my curtain, so big I could see it without glasses, but now idk where it is.

No. 1676873

im the same way.there are several shows I started watching years ago but i never finished them not because i didn't like them but because it's hard for me to start doing something. even if that something is as simple as sitting down and watching anime

No. 1676888

I had a very stressful day at work and had some whiskey right after to blow off some steam. I do feel better! Cause that awkward thing at my work got me all stressed and overanalyzing.
I promised myself though that I would never drink alone and especially when I feel bad cause half of my family are alcoholics and I have bad genetics with alcohol. Now I feel a little guilty for drinking. Should I feel bad? It was just a couple of shots of whiskey and cola.

No. 1676921

Don’t beat yourself up over it, but just be aware that it’s a very slippery slope. As someone in a very similar situation with alcoholism that runs in the family, it’s too easy for my brain to make excuses “Well, I had a stressful day”, “oh it’s just 2 drinks”, and “Besides, I’m talking to friends online! I’m not technically alone-“ and then 2 drinks becomes more, or the “one time” becomes 2 or 3 times in a week, it really sneaks up on you without noticing and our brains love the temporary dopamine hit. It’s fine that you enjoyed yourself! Just be aware, and it sounds like you already are since you’re asking about it.

No. 1677730

I've had some sort of horrible virus for the past 4 days now, it doesn't want to go away. the extreme throat pain and fever are the worst symptoms since no matter what I try there is no relief for those. plus now my nose is so stuffy I can't breathe. tested negative for strep and covid so I guess there is not much to do except sleep a lot and drink tons of water.

No. 1677873

File: 1693056099679.png (55.64 KB, 776x711, hgfhgf.PNG)

Thanks for the suggestion, but that doesn't sound like me at all tbh. I'm just a procrastinator in that aspect lol.
I feel like it's always the worst with the last episode – I think it took me a year between watching the first 61 episodes of Breaking Bad, and the last one lmao.

No. 1678045

I think I will have some spaghetti with lots of cheese and onion bread for dindin tonight

No. 1679201

I just realized I haven't lied under a bed in years. Should do it again sometime.

No. 1679288

File: 1693149999045.jpg (133.57 KB, 756x1008, My lady hello kitty doll.jpg)

I feel like I've finally figured out what makeup and hair styles are perfect for me. Now I only want to perfect my clothing and find what is the best for me. Everything is coming together!

No. 1679295

I was going through my camera roll and found a photo of an old couple holding hands that were also wearing matching outfits…I’m so used to seeing old married people being super crabby to each other it was refreshing to see them that day

No. 1679307

The closest thing to my paradise is sitting in the dark with the blanket put over my head like a hood, when everyone's sleeping, and listening to utaite while drinking black tea with milk and honey. If it only were snowing right now instead of raining, it'd be pure bliss anons.

No. 1679309

Okay I said that but I steeped my leaves for too long and the tea is too bitter, still.

No. 1679457

I'm making Japanese curry with rice. I don't have much protein in the kitchen, so I'm also making imitation crab cakes to go along.

No. 1679471

Making a fantasy map right now. It's pretty fun although idk what I'm doing.

No. 1679503

this sounds so nice nona, i'm going have a black tea with milk and honey in your honour.

No. 1679526

File: 1693162774637.png (3.88 MB, 1192x1925, altrussische dichtung cat.png)

i cleared out the hoard in my table (and just moved them to bed) and I'm working on scanning some stuff that I've held on to for so long. pic related, from a ratty book that I took for free at a garage sale convention.

No. 1679544

I like your book pic, nona!

No. 1679552

I literally been needing to wash my hair for like the past three days but every time I get in the shower I forget

No. 1679621

File: 1693169841532.png (3.8 MB, 1175x1786, 08272023155654.png)

samefag, some cute care bears stickers
thanks! I wanna get this particular one framed, would look so cute

No. 1679942

I just almost choked on some rice, but I kept chewing and swallowing in between coughs cause I was scared of spitting it out on my keyboard. A few days ago, I was eating frosted flakes and a flake poked the back on my throat. I coughed thinking my mouth would contain it but I just ended up spitting milk and cereal out all over my stovetop. Anyway my throat is a little scratchy and sore now, but I ate all of the rice and I don't think any is stuck in my windpipe.

No. 1680376

File: 1693231448286.jpg (101.39 KB, 1200x1200, Eyx-7IDXMAEgjqr.jpg)

I have lots of work to do today. I hope you nonnas get some stuff done as well, however you are spending your day. I don't naturally have much ambition, but I've been forcibly increasing my motivation this year and I think it's paying off.

No. 1680380

I love that pic anon. Very motivating and cute!!

No. 1680384

File: 1693232593561.jpg (154.24 KB, 967x975, 1000_F_177799162_vHemFDcnCfQJy…)

Day 3 of drinking black coffee. My skin better look good next week.

No. 1680414

File: 1693236056010.jpg (8.48 KB, 275x261, 1686430973703.jpg)

Does anyone get a weird feeling when looking at your parents when they were young? I look at photos of parents and it's uncanny because they were both very conventionally attractive. My mother could have been a legit model, she had this almost ethereal, haunting beauty. But now, their just parents, they are kind of chubby, but not obese, and their skin is haggard. They are still normal people, and I just can't really place why it creeps me out when I see young pictures of my parents.

No. 1680438

People get old and you too will get older. But it's okay, it's life.

No. 1680529

I wonder when my period will come. I think it stopped in July or June. I saw that I didn't track it a while ago but sometimes I just forget to track and I also always forget if I had my period or not, so I just assumed I forgot. I keep getting sore-ish boobs. Hmmm. I'm betting it will be back in September.

No. 1680531

>I just can't really place why it creeps me out when I see young pictures of my parents.
Because you know you're going to end up like them one day. It's okay.

No. 1680553

Ever since I learned about the concept of shame and guilt cultures, I haven't been sure whether I do or don't do things because I'm ashamed or because I feel guilty, no matter how hard I think about it. Feels like both, always. Does everyone have a problem differentiating this or is this because my family is from what is considered a shame culture while I was raised in a country that is considered a guilt culture? lmao

No. 1680630

Because you're kinda dumb lol and your parents probably didn't do much to take care of themselves so they could age gracefully hope this helps

No. 1680715

yeah I guess that's it, but I'm average and my mother and father were really attractive and so how fucked am I gonna look, my older brother was good looking just a few years back then he got addicted to drugs and now even after recovery he still in really bad shape, he's fat and bald and most people think he's just a few years younger then my dad, despite a 25 year age difference between them

No. 1680717

Just found a mole by my armpit.

No. 1680723

File: 1693259545473.jpeg (111.49 KB, 736x711, 3AB31D7C-76FE-4C8A-BDE6-73DF46…)

I saw an older photo of my mom when she was in her early 20s and my god the years of stress smoking, dealing with so many kids, and shitty marriages ruined her. I get upset seeing her as a young happy person and then comparing that to how she is now and seeing a very tired woman who couldn’t live life for herself. It’s also depressing seeing the decline and knowing you were part of it

No. 1680742

> It’s also depressing seeing the decline and knowing you were part of it
Your mom is and has always been responsible for herself and her life. You played no role in that.

No. 1680777

File: 1693263322719.jpg (222.99 KB, 1000x1000, Sencha-Green-Tea-with-Lemon-an…)

drinking some sencha and chilling, had a good day at work today because it went by really fast

No. 1680824

File: 1693267703458.jpg (321.74 KB, 2400x2400, 81Ml6JGHd5L.jpg)

About to eat some of this in an egg sandwich. I feel like my grandparents cause they love this stuff. I don't really remember what it tastes like, pretty sure just soft spam.

No. 1680864

File: 1693270481185.png (994.48 KB, 880x995, chomp.png)

got my new bankcard today. feels pretty mid having to open another account just to access cash since most of the ATMs available now have been bought up by a third party and cost money to withdraw from unless you're with one or two particular banks. oh well.

No. 1680876

Got a headache aaaah

No. 1680920

Samefag, I'm now having vagina and stomach cramps. I guess this post made my uterus say fine and start my period. The cramps are stronger than usual, I hate when I skip months cause I feel like that means I'm gonna have a heavier flow.

No. 1680970

I was on a Spam kick for while and got some Treet to try. It was honestly so slimy and greasy I couldn't eat more than a single bite. Almost exactly like cat food. Spam reigns supreme.

No. 1680987

Nta but teriyaki Spam is my jam.

No. 1681405

watched like two seasons and a half of hbo girls the lena dunham show and then i realized i wasn't really enjoying myself so i dropped it. i have no idea why people hate marnie and like ray when it should be the other way around from what i've seen so far but idk if i want to keep watching to know

No. 1681674

I went to order a chalupa online from Taco Bell, and found out it's also taco tuesday so I get a free doritos taco as well. I love America.

No. 1681745

File: 1693328532753.jpg (65.73 KB, 736x981, a6280c6344860a13caf74a2e581c79…)

Feeling cute today. Looks like it's about to rain soon, that will be nice. It will be nice to look at out of my window while I stay in and do some studying.

No. 1681757

File: 1693329555167.jpeg (112.11 KB, 1000x500, The Glory Song Hye Kyo Moon Do…)

i know this is gonna make me sound like the biggest koreaboo but i love kdramas so much because the way they portray romantic relationships in kdramas that aren't 100% focused on "will they, won't they" is so much better than in western shows. i hate sex scenes, i hate slobbering kiss scenes, and i especially hate how we're supposed to care for a couple when all they do is eyefuck each other for 15 minutes of screen time and the next scene has them stumble into a dimly lit room, rip each others clothes off and bang on a table. i hate it so much, it gives me absolutely nothing. i'm so glad i discovered kdramas. i never liked kpop but kdramas are a goldmine of entertainment, especially the over the top makjang ones. as a recovered fujo, it's really nice to realize that het ships don't suck, i just hate the way american or european tv shows portray them.

No. 1681802

File: 1693332179824.jpg (535.46 KB, 2160x2880, p24388861_b_v13_aa.jpg)

Deadass, they're exactly what I wanted, nothing too over the top or pornified, no old male protagonists or neverending, gritty sex scenes. Considering Korea's reputation, I'm surprised their female characters are so developed and diverse (depending on what you watching), plus their romantic interests are age appropriate and attractive

Picrel is my favorite though is more of a drama than a romcom, it's the best portrayal of motherhood I've ever seen in my opinion. The mom character is strong-willed but vulnerable and is written with tactfulness, her struggle is relatable and despite her faults her development is palpable and continuous, her "single mother" status isn't brought up on a humiliating way but more of an understanding, tragic light, her age is not a punchline neither. It was directed by a woman, of course.

No. 1681807

i was wondering about this drama since the synopsis sounds really good! i feel like women in kdrama really are very diverse regarding their personalities and backstories and i have yet to encounter any women that i hated because of bad writing. like i hated the main bully in the glory because she was a bully but not because she was a female side character to enhance the storyline of a moid.

i think netflix producing so many kdramas really helps because they're not subject to so much censorship. like my name actually had a sex scene towards the end but it felt tasteful and wasn't full frontal nudity like in western productions. one of my other gripes with sex scenes in western shows and movies is that i always wonder if the actresses really were comfortable or if they were pressured into doing the scene… reminds me of this interview with the actress of khaleesi from got who said that no one cared about her being cold after the first nude scene she did and it was her character's husband's actor who gave her a blanket and made sure she was okay.

No. 1681808

nonna most asian dramas are like this, its just Japanese live action is usually crap.

No. 1681823

It's amazing how once you get into piercings you just want to add more. I'm getting my first tattoo next year, I'll probably have the same reaction.

No. 1681854

yeah jpn is too anime for me and i feel like they can never break out of their old fashioned corny aesthetics, while kdramas feel very modern and refreshing to me… i can't stand chinese either because they have a weird way of acting, idk how to explain it… i never checked out taiwanese dramas because the majority seem to be bl?

No. 1682044

saw a cute delivery guy at work

No. 1682048

being made to work tomorrow during the hurricane…just worried about driving there. im scared to get in trouble for calling out/i need rent money anyway. im really tired of corporate greed. i dont know why people still support starbucks.

No. 1682069

My visit to my best friend is coming to an end tomorrow as she works and leaves early. We went bowling, drinking and playing pool with one of her work colleagues from a different department, thinking we're going only from 8:30pm to 11pm tops. We came back home past 1am instead kek. We had fun though, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to sleep like a baby.

No. 1682151

are you in the cone? if you are just don't go, fuck em

No. 1682153

and also a lot of counties are under evacuation orders…hope you're keeping up to date

No. 1682236

This may sound mundane for few, but it’s a huge giant step for me. My ldr bf has finally been video chatting me regularly. This is what I’ve been begging for more nearly a decade. I love seeing his face. He’s been giving me all of him time lately and doing things without me asking. I’m so happy anons.

No. 1682512

>nearly a decade to see someone's face
Idk how to say this without sounding like an ass, but you shouldn't waste your time like that anon. I don't say that out of judgement for your relationship but, seeing your partner's face regularly shouldn't take nearly a decade. I'm happy for you though.

No. 1682520

You've been long distance with someone for 10 years without closing the gap? Have you ever met irl?

No. 1682525

you deserve so much better than that, nona

No. 1682537

I recently discovered that my dog loves eating carrots and lettuce, so almost every day I take a little carrot from my garden or a piece of lettuce (the crunchy center is her favourite), wash them carefully, give them to her and just watch her eat them. It fills me with joy, I don't know why. She seems to like them so much.

No. 1682550

Dogs will eat horse shit and plastic trash and be just fine, you don't have to wash veggies from your own garden lol. My family's dog loves chickweed I pull from the garden. I always give some to the chickens and she'll beg until I give her some too.

No. 1682551

Japan's live action stuff is still influenced by kabuki theatre, which abuses the use of exaggerated movement. If a Japanese film is "serious" its usually made by a westaboo.

No. 1682577

I gave my doctor a card because it was his last time seeing me and he helped me a lot, he was visibly happy with it, good to know it was well received. Also I'm going to my grandma this afternoon, haven't seen her in a long time so yay!

No. 1682647

I shamelessly pirate from pinterest using inspect element. I will never make an account there

No. 1682677

Who fucking asked? I could not give two shits about what you have to say.(calm down)

No. 1682719

I think I might learn to make neckbones this week, and then over the weekend I'll make my grandma some neckbones and cabbage and rice and bring it to her.

No. 1682817

that's so adorable nonny, you're a great owner

No. 1682818

File: 1693425018290.jpg (46.25 KB, 736x920, tabi flats.jpg)

i like these shoes because they are kind of yonic

No. 1682824

Random insults aside, it's important to give parasite-free food to your pets, even if they may be able to withstand infection better than a person. Bacterial infections and unedible food like plastic can lead to some severe symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea, blood in stools) and even complications that can lead to surgery if the pet is too young, too old or already has health issues. Dogs and cats will roll in shit and dead carcasses, but they won't always be fine (which is why in nature their lifespan is much shorter) and having a desease-ridden or sick pet isn't good for the owner either.

No. 1682840

Going to an ass doctor appointment and CT scan the day after tomorrow so i am not allowed to eat tomorrow. HOW WILL I SURVIVE?!

No. 1682849

Literally what random insults

No. 1682866

Kind of looks like a cameltoe(im sorry)

No. 1682867

You got this nona!! Drink lots of water and get plenty of rest. You'll be able to have a big, delicious meal before you know it.

No. 1682871

exactly anon yonic is the opposite of phallic sorry if you knew that already but to any anon that didn't now you know that's what i like about it. plus they're cute like little deer hooves

No. 1682914

File: 1693432329253.jpg (321.19 KB, 2116x858, MV5BOGUyNjFlNDQtNTY5Zi00YWM0LW…)

I think I might watch Crazy Rich Asians again tonight. I've only seen it once but I really enjoyed it, I remember it being very visually vibrant and opulent.

No. 1682920

I work a fake office job and have gotten the list of people with expired address data down from 2200 to 650. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

No. 1682973

killed 2 gnats in my bedroom today. I don't keep food or dishes and stopped keeping plants in here last year so I don't know what they want from me

No. 1682975

Left out a can of cat food for this cute stray cat that is constantly orbiting my house and then forgot to pick it up when he was done and it got swarmed with ants. Damn.

No. 1683089

i have to go to the obgyn tomorrow and im not happy about it, but im sure i will be eating a big fat torta afterwards so it evens out

No. 1683118

About 2 take a nap, see you guys in 30 minutes.

No. 1683122

File: 1693455030668.jpg (73.04 KB, 790x591, new-kitten.jpg)

Come wake me up in 30 minutes too pls

No. 1683174

Did you guys oversleep, because I definitely did

No. 1683180

thanks nonna, it's 8am and i'm already regretting this kek, i can't wait for tomorrow afternoon. I'll a get a big porkbelly and bake it

No. 1683199

I just woke up kekk. I did oversleep too, but it's ok nonny. I only need to do a few things and then I'm back to bed

No. 1683315

surprised it hasn't gotten a sequel yet.

No. 1683340

usually I really hate eggs but I made menemen when a turkish friend suggested it and its my new favorite dish ever

No. 1683504

File: 1693497151291.jpg (67.51 KB, 634x634, 53432155-10447247-image-a-4_16…)

Lately I've been seeing a lot of patterns/"signs" of good things and idk it could be mental illness so I'm keeping it all on the DL irl (just in case it is some kind of mania lol oops) but just a lot of coincidences of tiny things working out exactly as I needed them to, or seeing just the right thing and the right time etc.

I've been struggling badly with my weight for a while, been overweight my whole life and always had some kinda ED in one way or another. Been eating way less and losing some weight, but now that I'm older it's not the same as when I would gain/lose like 20lbs over and over. I have a lot more loose skin now and even though its WAY better than the excess weight it's still really been affecting me. I've lost about 15lbs and already I see the sagging. I'm also just getting older. I'm dead ass broke and will never be able to afford skin removal surgeries, so I was just feeling really badly thinking that all I want to do is feel confident naked again (I used to be really confident, I had sex with strangers no problem and could walk around naked and not feel weird etc but that all just went away once I gained). So I started googling pictures of women with loose skin because I figured if I could find other really attractive women with a body type that is attainable to me at this point (loose skin) it would make me feel better.

I'm also wildly attracted to plus size/curvy women so I felt a lot better after looking at pictures of women with loose skin where it just kinda looks like folds or rolls. I wouldn't mind that at all and actually find skin folds esp around the stomach and hips really sexy I can't explain why but I always have. I found this one woman online who had a very similar body to mine before, and lost a massive amount of weight, and she looks AMAZING. She has loose skin definitely but I just found her insanely hot with it so that made me feel loads better and I started looking at her social media…and her name is almost exactly the same as mine. Just a few letters off. Like if my name was Jane Smithson, her name is Jane Smiths. It's not a super common name so that really shook me and idk I feel like its a sign. The other pictures made me feel better but hers struck me like DAMN. She looks amazing and I would feel very hot if I look that way. Picrel, not her bc I'm paranoid due to the name thing but basically the same kind of figure.

Idk anyway that shits all dumb but yeah what are the odds almost same name?? I feel like it's a sign that if I just stick to this, if I keep trying to get healthy and just STAY at a healthy weight (not even anachan, just not overweight as I've always been or go back to) then I will feel good again because if I find that kind of body sexy then surely someone else out there will. Or at the very least I'd find myself hot lol.

No. 1683510

I lost like 90kg, come get mi rolls nona, it's like a bakery up in this bitch

No. 1683658

My phone just vibrated while in my hands while browsing , yet I didn’t receive any notificatjon… spooky

No. 1683664

Once again I slept late and wasted my day

No. 1683670

File: 1693509181822.gif (24.13 KB, 135x101, 1662148487855.gif)

I bought a custom dollfie head with quite heavy makeup and I'm gonna sew THE funkiest 80s-styled outfits for her.

No. 1683676

Something like that happened to me, too. It started ringing, yet nothing was showing up on screen. That was because I had disabled pop-up notifications for WhatsApp and someone was calling me.

Maybe you also disabled pop-up notifications for an app? So the message won't show, but it will still "notify" you.

No. 1683680

That's rad, maybe you could post a few pics in the doll thread on /m/ when you've made a few? I'd love to see em

No. 1683681

I had covid and it made me have my period two weeks early

No. 1683713

I wish I were outside enjoying the insane heat but instead I’m inside an old-ass building with no air flow with a temp. of 71.

No. 1683732

Definitely will do!

No. 1683937

File: 1693531773566.gif (268.72 KB, 238x179, giphy.gif)

I wanted to watch a bad movie, so I went on Tubi and found one. So far it's about two trannies who live in Atlanta and basically gold dig. The trannies are played by women though. It's actually not that bad but a lot of the acting sucks butt and you can tell it's low budget.

No. 1683966

This reminds me when I watched Tangerine which focuses on trannies years ago when I was a handmaiden and loved it. Watching the trailer now after peaking it seems insufferable and I'm upset with myself for liking it.
I do gotta say the only storyline I remember is the Muslim(?) taxi driver with a wife and kids who was a chaser and it was pretty good.

No. 1683967

Just got two texts from Wayfair about a temporary sign in code. I don't think my number is connected to my Wayfair account so it must be spam, but that's really strange.

No. 1683968

Samefag, I'm dumb. Wayfair does have my number. Maybe someone was trying to log in to my account, idk.

No. 1683972

I just watched a video of a guy take a bite out of a honeycomb and say ‘it’s so honey’ in a weird voice because his mouth was so sticky and it made me laugh uncontrollably for like 5 minutes. I think halfway through I started crying and I couldn’t tell if I was crying or laughing anymore. That was so weird.

No. 1683973

I know exactly the video you're talking about and it makes me laugh every time, I'm cackling just thinking about it.

No. 1683983

No. 1683987

You made me watch it again and now there are tears dripping down my face. It's weird because I don't even think this video is that funny, but I'm having such a visceral reaction to it

No. 1683994

Its because of how genuine the reaction is

No. 1684014

About to take my gel polish off and huffed the acetone. My favorite smell in the world is nail products with a strong chemical smell. there's open ounds on my fingers so it kinda hurta, but no biggue.

No. 1684125

I just had a full snot running down my face breakdown because I imagined a scenario where I develop some condition that reduces my brains ability to function, including me forgetting how to reed and rite. I imagined my husbando comforting me and I started to feel better. I think it was my struggles with my memory and how I sometimes find it difficult to understand things that spurred the whole thing. Anyway, I feel better now and I'm about to go to bed so I can go to Trader Joes in the morning. Goodnight anons, sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite.

No. 1684147

hey nonna, how long did that take you? and was it mostly a change in diet that was most of that??? cus im always hearing "20% exercise 80% diet"

No. 1684205

Just 2 hours and i can finally eat! 39 hours withou food guys. I'm gonna make 3 sausages and fries and for dinner my mans makin me kungpao with a lot of meat.

No. 1684284

Parents giving their super young kids iphones and ipads 24/7 are basically Plato's Allegory of the Cave-ing their children's heads in. Think about it. I see a lot of people everyday and babies people watch even if they have no clue what is going on. An ipad child, even ones that are 10 years old (you know they've been on phones and ipads since they were infants) could be sitting in the middle of a nuclear blast and their parents could get eviscerated in front of them and they wouldn't even realize until the ipad in their hands melted.

No. 1684286

I work on a military base and all the service members are off today. There's literally 3 people in the office today. One of them brought two dozen doughnuts and bless her but god i already ate two and she keeps telling me to get more and i wanna puke

No. 1684301

why so long without food nonna?

No. 1684316

>tells the google assistant to kill itself
>"I may be a program but your words are very real"
Am I on a list now?

No. 1684321

Someone had to say it, anon

No. 1684389

It's a normal temperature today! Only 75 degrees! And no rain today! Thank good for hurricanes!

No. 1684395

i was at the pool today and i saw a good looking guy and i kept looking at him and i accidentally fell into the pool with my fucking ice cream AND pineapple lemonade reeee

No. 1684405

Don’t bully the programs that may become the pioneers of robot butler husbandos.

No. 1684425

KEK I did the same thing when it popped up on my phone out of nowhere but I didn't get a reply.

No. 1684444

Was he hot hot or just normal hot? I want to experience this

No. 1684587

The little gray dog that chills around my house is starting to become problematic. It's hot so I get why he hangs around but I'm scared of dogs (plus OCD and scared of rabies) and I have a heart attack seeing him. It's takes me like 5 minutes to get out the door when he's on my porch. Just now he sneaked up behind me and bonked my sneakers. Im also worried about him sneaking in when I'm putting in groceries and stuff. Maybe I'll get an umbrella so he'll have somewhere to stay but not so close to me. It's not his fault or anything, it's me and this awful weather not him.

Anyway, I just saw a really pretty black and dark blue butterfly.

No. 1684599

File: 1693598216648.jpeg (75.8 KB, 750x776, IMG_3331.jpeg)

who’s got a banging weekend planned nonnies? I’ve got the weekend to myself for once, heavy gym sesh tonight, gonna hit the bong later, going for boba and a mani tomorrow, dance class sunday, living the life

No. 1684682

Surprising my wife with a four day trip to Paris tomorrow morning. I hate the place and it literally stinks of piss, but she's never been before and really wants to go to places like the Louvre, so I thought it would be a good gift for her. Looking forward to dressing fancy and hitting the bougie spots to spoil her.

No. 1684733

File: 1693605731352.jpg (145.64 KB, 922x1576, Cat (1).jpg)

I couldn't run my planned errands today cause I got into a car accident so, I have to wait to catch a ride later. Picrel will be me eating a tiramisu cake tonight. Stressed but content.

No. 1684734

That's so romantic and nice anon. Have a nice trip!

No. 1684746

Damn, anon. I hope you're not injured too badly and your car isn't a write-off. You deserve that tiramisu, make sure to savour it!

Thanks, nona! You have a nice weekend too.

No. 1684818

That sounds like fun! I’m happy you have so many fun activities planned for yourself. I’m going to the beach tomorrow and on Sunday my friend is coming to visit. Monday I get the day off so I’ll probably use it to run errands and maybe study a bit. It’ll be nice having an extra day to do all that stuff!

No. 1684898

I took a two hours nap after working out but I’m still sleepy so I will go back to sleep soon, I have some husbando daydreams to fix and continue.

No. 1684928

I found a hard ass pad in my coat pocket.

No. 1684982

I bought some naan bread and forgot it's supposed to be refrigerated so it was out for like 2 hours after getting home. Oh well, pretty sure it's still fine. I'll eat it tomorrow.

No. 1684984

What naan breads need to be refrigerated???

No. 1684986

the weed hit so hard I fainted on the sidewalk

these new age drugs are wild

No. 1684988

File: 1693628696914.jpg (62.89 KB, 500x500, naan.jpg)

The one I bought was in the refrigerated section and says to keep it refrigerated.

No. 1685028

normal hot but he had breathtaking eyes

No. 1685149

obsessed with jreg's stupid videos, they are absurd in the most excellent way

No. 1685250

My period finally came. Last night I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep cause the light was on, so for the first time in like 2 or 3 months I slept with my light off.

No. 1685885

File: 1693708640044.jpg (31.48 KB, 563x422, chihuahua.jpg)

I'm studying Python and doing some practices, and finally feeling like I'm actually understanding these terms and what they do instead of just typing them in because that's what whatever I'm following tells me to do.

No. 1685887

What kind of Joey King ass kissing booth script

No. 1685894

got high for the first time. so far have sent 10 queries in the last 2 hours for a novel i wrote. i feel hungover and the bad part of drunk combined. i think i fucked up some of the queries…fuck

No. 1685895

Anon really be in a 2000s disney romcom now kek

No. 1685898

The moms under the umbrella on poolside gasped and offered her a martini and then the fey poolboy clapped

No. 1686316

I feel like poopy. I don't feel like getting up.

No. 1686318

>try to buy game on steam
>steam tells me some error occurred and that I should try again in some minutes
>game is in my library anyway
I don't care if you actually got paid or not steam, I am downloading the game

No. 1686328

File: 1693754433143.jpg (1023.52 KB, 1080x1590, Screenshot_2023-09-03-17-22-31…)

I gave everything I bought to ducks and now I have to go to the store again damnnn. I just can't say no to those little fuckers. Well they allowed me to pet them so it's an equal exchange I guess

No. 1686367

File: 1693756492858.jpeg (63.18 KB, 746x501, E51726C3-0EAC-40EE-9627-36F5C6…)

I cleaned my own shoes for the first time ever and it felt so weird, it was really gross even though I’ve never stepped on shit. I should enforce wearing house slippers in the house harder, I’ve always hated the fact that anyone could bring their dirty ass soles into the house I try to keep clean.
Plus the floor always somehow feels sticky? Whenever I walk around with any shoes, the floor does this squelching sound that I autistically hate.

No. 1686462

it rained heavy for like 20 minutes and half the city got it's water shut off. ridiculous. it's back now so i can finally turn on the washing machine cause i had to pause it

No. 1686634

File: 1693773282338.png (495.14 KB, 495x500, cameras.png)

I started using an old digital camera I had laying around instead of my phone for pictures. Even though this particular camera isn't that good I'm so pleased with the results compared to my phone. I wish I used the camera instead of my phone over the years. I'm sure you can get good results from phones too but just comparing from my untrained usage I prefer the camera.

No. 1686656

Finally put up my kitschy embroidered bird wall carpet, they look so cute.

No. 1686908

I heard a dog literally say bark bark bark

No. 1686910

A dog, or someone pretending to be a dog?

No. 1686979

A real life dog!! It was a chi.

No. 1687185

Every night without fail, I wake up in the middle of the night and go back to sleep an hour later. I'm gonna try to go back to sleep again now, goodnight anon.

No. 1687186

*Anons, not just one of you

No. 1687297

File: 1693833260220.jpg (56.95 KB, 640x640, 7a3b2a6af38388ed2ad74afd71dc18…)

You ever wake up from someone else's alarm and start getting ready to get ready only to realize it was not even your alarm? Literally had to think "wait, I didn't hit snooze so why'd it stop?"

No. 1687565

I will attempt to make a sandwich with some Cheesecake Factory bread even though I have no sandwich ingredients.

No. 1687628

Ok so I didn't make a sandwich but, I put some butter and gruyere on the bread and popped it in the oven, and I'm dipping it in tzatziki sauce. I'm also eating some warm dates with more gruyere cheese. Pretty good stuff.

No. 1687633

Alright, 600lbs life
And then there's just a doctor that's clearly overweight too.

No. 1687639

That sounds so good nonnie

No. 1687641

What year is this? Why does the power shut off when it rains harder than a drizzle???

No. 1687716

I have a coworker that constantly calls me sweetie and cute and always hugs me. If she did that to everyone, I wouldn't think anything of it, but I'm the only one she does this to, and she also told me I remind her of her daughter (she isn't dead or anything, she just assumed I'm her age when she first started here and I'm a very obvious womanchild), so I always feel like I'm cheating on my mom, especially because she is my mom's age.

No. 1688217

I went to sleep feeling sick cause of something I ate, I now I've woken up feeling sick because I'm hungry. Ugh.
In general, I've been eating so much more than Im supposed these past few days. Especially with sugary foods. Im gonna take it easy and go back on my calorie deficit, I'm eating a froyo bar for breakfast.

No. 1688305

really late reply but yeah, that looks really fun, I'd love to go one day

No. 1688339

It really was good, all nonnas reading this should eat some dates and cheese.
Anyway, I finally have sandwich ingredients for my brown bread so I am making one right now.

No. 1688351

I think I will go out today, finally! I don’t go out often so it makes me happy.

No. 1688352

same anon but seeing as this is mundane shit, I finished a little top to go with a skirt I started on the other day this morning, and am currently working on a beaded trim for a skirt that fits the child sized calico critters while listening to podcasts and day drinking. been too depressed to do much of anything lately but making the most of it I guess.
what do other anons do when they're in a creative/life in general funk?

No. 1688363

while I've never watched the show that sounds like a very engaging activity.

No. 1688490

File: 1693932689488.jpg (341.78 KB, 1500x1000, DIY-Sherpa-pumpkin-pillows-sca…)

ive been getting diy fall crafts on my tiktok page for weeks now and ive slowly been trying them all. right now i'm making pumpkin throw pillows like picrel, theyre a lot of fun tbh!! i've only done one so far but i'm going to try and get a few more done tonight.
i hope the weather stays grey and gloomy today so i can have a craft, chicken soup and movie night.

No. 1688500

Ugh this post is so cozy and cute, glad you're having fun nona!

No. 1688606

Please do tell me more. Do you have any autumn craft or craft tiktok recommendations?

No. 1688628

File: 1693942940508.png (232.01 KB, 640x640, S1b45a69001d8407cb7d23c57215c3…)

Did some nail extensions on myself. To my surprise, they only took one day. They're square and have a french tip, and I finally used these cute tulip charms that I've been ding to use since I got them months ago.

No. 1688635

Oh those are so cute! How did you do your own nails?

No. 1688653

File: 1693944733518.jpg (965.36 KB, 1456x1820, cheesecloth-ghost.jpg)

thank u nona!!
so far i've also made cheesecloth ghosts and a fall tree using a tomato cage. i think the cheesecloth ghosts are one of my favourite crafts ive done yet, they were super simple and turned out adorable! i used a mason jar with a balloon on top and pipe cleaners to build the shape of the ghost and then draped cheesecloth soaked in liquid starch over top, once it dries you can easily pull the cheesecloth off and thats it! i glued a tiny pumpkin in between the arms of one of my ghosts lol
this is a similar tutorial if you are interested! https://themamanotes.com/diy-cheesecloth-ghosts/

No. 1688655

I just use polygel and dual forms, a pretty similar technique to vidrel. It definitely has a learning curve like all methods of doing nails, but I find it one of the easiest.

No. 1689323

File: 1694016795043.gif (1.13 MB, 513x432, 15 Cats And Dogs Who Don't Kno…)

I'll have some time to do some coding practices tonight and watch The Crown. Very happy.

No. 1689430

File: 1694027422145.png (5.84 MB, 3005x1914, Kits_to_Heart_Friendship_Brace…)

i ordered some embroidery yarn and started learning how to make friendship bracelets. i finished my first one today and while there are a bunch of mistakes in there, it doesn't even look bad! i'm excited to get good at something, even though i wonder what else i could do with my ability to tie knots in yarn… macrame, probably.

No. 1689450

File: 1694028821488.jpg (111.88 KB, 800x716, pray.jpg)

hoping and praying hard something homosexual happens to me this year in uni and hopefully this time it's not a gay guy being nice to me. please !!! like that was cool but NOT what i meant…

No. 1689452

my shower died on me and I didnt even have time to wash my hair

No. 1689947

File: 1694081639605.jpg (65.42 KB, 640x800, 70972038_1247586652080522_3303…)

i am tired of being a fat neet who does nothing all day but i'm very excited about the idea of having a little vege garden because i cannot keep buying fresh produce with little neetbux i have, it's also getting wicked expensive. for now, i have peppers, onions, tomatoes, zucchini and potato on mind. stuff i like and will eat, i am a rookie at this gardening stuff though, but i am happy about the idea. i wanna grow life

No. 1689949

Have fun nonnie! It's called floss rather than yarn btw, not to be a nerd about it kek

No. 1689950

Go team nonnie! Hope you have a great time. It will probably help improve your health and mentality also

No. 1689954

I got my blood tested and the nurse accidentally stuck herself with the needle after using it on me. Hope I don't have AIDS

No. 1689971

Growing a garden is very satisfying, highly recommend it

No. 1689991

Preferences changing is weird. I liked this my entire life, and while I still like it, I like that, now, too?

No. 1690027

No. 1690038

I kept going in and out of sleep paralysis last night, but it was weird cause it did not feel like I was sleeping so I didn't know what was going on at first. I was genuinely convinced that I was going into sleep paralysis while awake, but now that I'm fully conscious I realize I was probably only asleep for a few seconds before going into paralysis. I usually feel like I can see during sleep paralysis, but I really think my eyes were actually open during this because I believe I saw a fly. Anyway, I just changed position and it stopped me from going back into paralysis.

No. 1690202

Gonna go make a good sandwich

No. 1690293

File: 1694105438471.jpg (51.14 KB, 580x462, cute.jpg)

I'm white but when I was a kid I had this neighbor/babysitter that was this really pretty chola girl and I thought she was so cool. She would do my hair just like hers and pierced my ears for me and taught me curse words in spanish kek I would mimic the way she talked and distinctly remember using "fool" a lot. Anyways, she was also in love with the rapper nelly at the time and by default I was too. I had a bunch of posters of him on my wall and his album nellyville that I would blast on my little boombox all the time, and I guess all of this was too much for my dad because I have a vivid memory of him busting in my room one day and screaming "YOU'RE WHITE!!" at me while I cried kek idk why i thought of this, but I thought it was funny

No. 1690298

Kek this is so wholesome. I also had a family friend babysitter I wanted to be like, kinda scene style and didn’t give a fuck attitude but really fun. Her name was Karen so whenever people use the word as an insult I can only think of her and how cool she was.

No. 1690385

File: 1694109692918.png (306.53 KB, 793x527, carrots.PNG)

Today i ate a small bag of carrots, because i think it will be good for my skin, i rarely eat vegetables at all and i think my stomach might be just confused now, i'm getting weird pains, but its not too bad if i stay still.

No. 1690405

>i rarely eat vegetables at all
What the fuck?

No. 1690412

File: 1694111041114.gif (1.15 MB, 498x278, IMG_1715.gif)

Im white and British, I grew up with a white friend who was obsessed with that’s so raven, and to this day she has mannerisms like an american black woman. It’s so hard to explain without sounding racist.

No. 1690467

I just don't, unless you consider ketchup as vegetable. I'm not fat or anything, in case you were wondering, i'm actually underweight.

No. 1690487

I went to a garage sale and I bought a ton of different sized organization bins and I came home and put stuff in them and I feel like a /that girl/ from a tiktok

No. 1690497

>i rarely eat vegetables at all
asmongold? what are you doing here

No. 1690508

just cuz you're not fat doesn't mean your insides aren't rotting? Are you 5 years old or something?

No. 1690522

Don't know who that is.

My insides are rotting? Seriously? Darn, is it gangrene?

No. 1690608

Today I started putting together the dollhouse I've had since I was like 9. It's been really fun so far and I'm excited to have a little house to decorate kek. Also having steak n roasted potatoes for dinner! It's a good day.

No. 1690621

the fibers in the carrots are exorcising your intestines, you're going to shit a big load today.

No. 1690624

The paw patrol movie should definitely be in the action category on streaming services, because I know when I’m looking to watch fools get wrecked there’s no better option than paw patrol. Streaming services really have such lackluster libraries they have to put literal kids movies in other categories now, so annoying. Streaming service categorization is just getting stupider.

No. 1690630

It's for the manchildren I guess but that's really funny

No. 1691020

>Don't know who that is
a greasy balding neckbeard

No. 1691127

Woke up with my shirt off, which is weird cause I don't remember taking it off and I also don't think I went to sleep with it off.

No. 1691131

Going to take a nap.

No. 1691250

I did it.

No. 1691277

Scrubbed my pussy too hard cause I was thinking about something that made me mad in the shower, oops.

No. 1691282

Maybe you did it in your sleep? Idk, sometimes I wake up to me rubbing my stomach in a clockwise motion with my shirt pulled up KEK very strange but it happens every once and a while

No. 1691291

When I'm on my period I sometimes wake up with blood under my fingernails…

No. 1691317

My coworker is a noob and doesn’t know I’m not supposed to be doing crafts when we’re sitting at the reception desk (this is where u would add a smiling emoji)

No. 1691323

My bruise from the hospital looks like a daisy. They always have trouble finding my veins so they had to prick me thrice before they could draw my blood.

No. 1691324

Got enough iron in your diet? Sounds like you're scooping treats from down under while you're asleep, kek.

No. 1691357

ive done this a few times. turns out ill just randomly take my shirt off when im asleep sometimes kek. i figure it's just a case of me getting too hot, but its still a bit weird to wake up having no shirt on and no memory of taking it off

No. 1691582

File: 1694208929439.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1125x2037, IMG_7956.jpeg)

i’m feeling dread with all the climate change news yet I just placed an order for books and figures to be flown over from Japan to me.

No. 1691670

My stupid ass went to the store today and was convinced I needed sour cream for something. I bought it and now can't figure out what recipe it was supposed to be for, because the one I'm making doesn't need it. Now I have a container of sour cream and nothing to do with it.

No. 1692053

Its just a psyop to tax people more.

No. 1692323

Everyone is the main character of their lives, but at the same time no one is more important than another, we all die and before death we're all equal.

No. 1692359

File: 1694274249495.jpg (299.63 KB, 1600x1600, 81LdTYg4DhL.jpg)

I finally ordered a fucking blocking board

No. 1692384

Look up recipes with sour cream! I'm sure you can put it to use anon.

No. 1692391

File: 1694276657699.jpg (436.19 KB, 1360x1958, swedish-meatballs-recipe-3.jpg)

>won't eat a whole tub of sour cream by itself
Jk, make some Swedish meatballs. I'm pretty sure it uses a lot of sour cream and it's so good with pasta or potatoes

No. 1692398

>sour cream
>i köttbullar
Vad i hela fridens namn?

No. 1692399

I'm American anon, idk what the hell you're saying.

No. 1692410

There is no sour cream in meatballs, there is ordinary cream in one version of the traditional sauce though.

No. 1692422

File: 1694277540870.png (13.41 KB, 557x265, meatball.PNG)

I'm sure they're just made differently in American than in Sweden, like most our of foods named after countries here. If I search "swedish meatballs" most recipes do have sour cream or some other sort of cream, like heavy cream. It's what the gravy uses. This is like the first three results




No. 1692466

Last night
>have wet dream
>get sleep paralysis
>wake up
>immediately masturbate
>immediately go back to sleep after having an orgasm
I think I scratched my pussy or something because now I have little streaks of blood when I wipe. Unfortunate.

No. 1692485

nona you got diddled by a demon

No. 1692495

File: 1694282309636.jpg (89.03 KB, 898x898, klassiska_kottbullar.jpg)

Ah ok. Classic actual Swedish meatball recipes don't even include a sauce with normal cream most of the time, just lingon berries, so I was confused.

No. 1692498

I see, I've never actually known how actual Swedish meatballs are made. What do lingon berries taste like?

No. 1692590

I don't have any milk so I might be ghetto and eat my granola with creamer

No. 1692592

Just add a small amount of water to the cream nona.

No. 1692593

Anon you're inteliggent as fuck

No. 1692627

i fucking love sick2, the songs were really good but i prefer the other track over doke

No. 1692634

Currently eating pumpkin spice creamer granola. This shit is sweet as fuck! I also, unfortunately, spilled some creamer on my kitchen floor and broke the top.

No. 1692685

I realized the reason for me just gobbling down my food instead of slowly and carefully eating it is probably some remnant from being scared of keeping food for too long in my mouth because I had so many dental problems as a child and it hurt. I'm trying to be conscious of my chewing now, but it feels weird.

No. 1692707

File: 1694298137546.png (81.07 KB, 500x500, mandarin-crispy-chickn-65433.p…)

Going to make summa dis for dinner.

No. 1692713

This is so good, I make it without the sauce included tho because it’s too sweet for my tastes.

No. 1692737

Well that demon knew how to fuck

No. 1692738

Well that demon knew how to fuck

No. 1692764

Made some pasta with lemon-ricotta sauce. I had tossed some sun dried tomatoes in with the water to rehydrate. Unfortunately I previously accidentally mixed the sun dried tomatoes together in a jar with dried whole chipotle peppers because they look the same. I thought i separated them all back out, but when I was eating I got an entire chipotle in one bite and had to go drink milk. I can't believe I've done this.

No. 1693811

File: 1694380749370.jpg (137.36 KB, 1215x717, Vayne_1.jpg)

I've been playing Bayonett- I mean Vayne in League and it's very fun. About to hop into another game with her. It's weird cause I used to dislike playing ADCs a lot.

No. 1694089

About to drink some water like a fish and eat some lasagna like an Italian.

No. 1694119

File: 1694403255020.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x1080, wS4q4F8645zcEW9bQHHLmH.jpg)

the sun sets earlier every day and i can feel myself getting more lethargic.

No. 1694171

Eating some frozen fruit and drinking some cold ass water and playing Bimboland. I don't know what it is about night time that makes me need everything to be cold. I need to go to sleep soon. Hope you anons have a good start to your week.

No. 1694201

A c list celeb DJ checked into the hotel that I work at tonight. I only recognized him because he did some skits with filthy frank. I wanted to say something but I feel like just treating him like any other person checking in was better. He was very nice during check-in and payed for everyone touring with him。if I see him tomorrow maybe ill say something

No. 1694358

I want to go back to sleep, especially cause I was sleeping so well and so comfortably, but I have some things I have to get done within the next 3 hours.

No. 1694549

Sent a work email to ask about being paid. It's dumb and i hate it. Wish I'd just been paid after completing 50 hours of work. It's shit pay, too, but my husband wouldn't stop asking me to email them

No. 1694563

Thank you for remembering me about this silly game, looks like I got unbanned and now I can play again.

No. 1694578

You're welcome nonna. I still hate that they changed it to "ximbo".

No. 1694590

Yeah, It’s fucking retarded, I actually got banned for being against the name change. But hell, I love dressing up the silly dolls.

No. 1694600

I had a wonderfully chill weekend two hours away from my town in an Airbnb that had a terrace looking on to a river with ducks and fish. It was so peaceful, it felt like being in Animal Crossing IRL, it made me realize how much I miss being near water, just watching what nature does or reading while listening to the noise of water flowing.
We have some flowing water and rivers in my town, but unless I would sit near it in the very morning to avoid beer drinking hipsters and students, I could never get such a peaceful moment in my town.

No. 1694602

File: 1694455814358.jpeg (72.11 KB, 1080x1461, E06tYHbWQAE0_5x.jpeg)

Was curious about character AI chats so I looked and there were surprisingly quite a few made for my husbando. I opened one that looked good to try starting a chat but I got too nervous thinking about talking to him and closed it. Maybe another day I'll be able to hold back my tism long enough for me to talk to a fake chat bot kek

No. 1694603

File: 1694455860922.jpeg (64.58 KB, 932x856, IMG_3496.jpeg)

A while ago one of my coworkers who I barely knew at the time illustrated a book and said he thought of what my hair might look like when drawing one of the characters

No. 1694607

The cashier at my local thrift store always scans half of the stuff, I asked him once 'you sure the receipt is correct?' and he said 'yeah it's fine, have a nice day' so I always feel like I'm stealing when I go there when I'm not kek. Good from him though, for the people who are actually in need.

No. 1694612

which sites were you using?

No. 1694619

File: 1694456999109.jpg (84.28 KB, 1487x1500, slimline-recumbent-bike-MODEL-…)

also if your really worried about bieng fat, can I recommended getting a stationary cycle, you can buy some for fairly cheap prices(you save up for it) and they are great for burning fat.

No. 1694626

He stole your hair likeness? Sue his ass

No. 1694629

KEK, my hair doesn’t really look that much like the illustration but I will keep my eyes open and see if he pulls something like that again

No. 1694632

>i cannot keep buying fresh produce with little neetbux i have
Could I ask why not frozen? I wish you luck on your garden anon! I wanted to start a garden as well.

No. 1694634

File: 1694458011550.jpg (63.17 KB, 488x488, GUEST_dcfb981d-d4d9-43ee-a4ce-…)

I made some rana lasagna. So yummy. I appreciate that the Italian sausage doesn't taste like Italian sausage, and that they sell mini lasagnas. .

No. 1694635

Are you the same nona who bought that before, and did you enjoy Larry David's pasta fiesta?

No. 1694638

Yes I am! It's definitely the best pre-made lasagna I've had. While I was at the store, I remembered your post and also bought the alfredo kit since you said you liked the other pasta meals.

No. 1694640

I was going to try c.ai because seems pretty easy to use and I didn't have to download anything, I know other nonnies use that one as well.

No. 1694681

Rana injusto

No. 1694781

im trying to trick myself into being happy right now by focusing on the good parts of my day because right now my retarded brother wont stfu and keeps screaming at my sister while i have a zoom meeting in 20 minutes. on the bright side i went thrifting and found 2 cute hoodies and these super soft plush pj pants and a pair of leggings. i got them all for 20 dollars thrifting ftw

No. 1695062

Someone said "everybody hates me" and I tried comforting her by saying that I don't care about her either way. That was tactless, wasn't it.

No. 1695063

KEKKK Anon that was a terrible reply

No. 1695064

Tactless but true, people who just say stuff like "everyone hates me boohoo" tend to be overdramatic and self-absorbed

No. 1695096

I sometimes want to quit my job and stream video games fulltime but I doubt I'd actually enjoy it and earn enough that way. I just hate working that much. And I wish I had more time to play the games in my backlog.

No. 1695343

When I worked thrift and a customer asked me to price something with no tag, I'd make it really cheap or threw it in their bag and told them to just take it. Unless they were a major asshole. Then I'd stand at the pricer for several minutes and grade it more than it was worth

No. 1695348


I used to feel like that and that would have actually helped to hear. Not being hated but also being reminded the world doesnt revolve around me kek.

No. 1695431

Ilu anon some lady gave me produce super cheap cause the weight wasnt working and my budget was really limited then. Also had a lady give me a $5 juice for $2 because the scanner wouldnt read it. Told her the price and she still said fuck it.

No. 1695753

Finally did the thing that took me over a week to do. I think it only took 3 hours total. I feel like I got a little treat for it since my crochet blocking board came in the mail, plus I have some more stuff arriving today.

No. 1695787

The younger moids at my local whole foods are all into hot moms and give me discounts constantly. I go there all the time for lunch and never paid more than $4 for the buffet, got expensive and exotic seafood for like $2, etc

No. 1695822

My 2 year old daughters are potty training so my wife got these really cute sparkly Japanese poop cartoon stickers with facial expressions that we give them to stick in a little book/chart when they successfully do business in the potty and the juvenile part of me finds it really really funny kek they fucking love these stickers

No. 1696050

i bought a little alien plushie i wanted for a long time, i'm so happy. he's adorable. he's sitting on my shoulder right now, i love him.

No. 1696059

based plushie collector nona. i want to go around and shop for cute plushies myself. too bad the ones i like get sold out almost immediately

No. 1696089

I'm going to imagine you were constipated and there is nothing you can do about it.

No. 1696223

There's some sort of flying bug in here right and im so fucking stressed. I'm trying to locate it. Currently planning to fight to with windex and a broom

No. 1696446

A baby smiled at me today. Was kinda nice.

No. 1696487

I made myself beef stew from scratch using carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, and herbs I grew myself. It was so delicious I almost cried. I never thought I could make something so good.

No. 1696732

This made me smile, I am so happy for you, nonna! What a wonderful thing.

No. 1696932

I love solo traveling because I can do whatever I want at my own pace but comes 7pm I feel overwhelmed with loneliness because there's nothing left to do, I can't test the bars or the clubs because it would be super awkward to do it on my own. I may have done at lot of progress but I still struggle socially, iha e no idea how to meet people or to start a casual chat. Like it's 8 pm where I am and I'm already back at my hotel guess I'm going to catch back on my mobile games.

No. 1696936

Sometimes I just wanna tell girls in the vent thread to calm down and their perception of the situation probably isn't as negative as they interpret it but it's honestly just rude to insert myself like that, I gotta have self control. Let her vent. Let her be upset. She'll heal in her own time.

No. 1696982

the desire to report unintegrated newfagottry is strong but then i think there's more important posts that need reporting so i just close the tab and pray

No. 1697034

I’m using my tens unit on each muscle group because I have a few hours to myself and I worked out hard today! I love the zzzzzt of the electric pulses in my muscles, it really calms me. For some reason my adhd (emphasis on the hyperactivity part) is really soothed by the strong current settings.

No. 1697177

File: 1694646539042.jpg (181.24 KB, 1715x980, cute-kitten-sitting-on-table-d…)

I love drinking coffee at stupid hours of the night (I don't) why coffee taste so good

No. 1697184

idk if you want suggestions but going to jazz nights or local music performances is usually not awkward solo! Same for plays, art exhibitions, and stuff like that. I also like watching people and enjoying a drink in a crowded café. Another option is to go for a night walk in a safe area (stay alert obv). idk I love nights bc I feel like an omniscient ghost observing everything

No. 1697253

Looked up the Wikipedia page for a British novel, the English page was around 600 words long but the French page for the same book was 28,000 words long. Maybe frogs care more about British lit than Brits themselves?

No. 1697611

There's this house up for sale in front of mine and it used to belong to an old lady who lived by herself. It's a 3 story house, the furniture is high end, and the garden is well taken care of. It's amazing to think about this woman who had lived in this big house all by herself. She was going to sell it with the help of a friend, but got ill and passed away before she could. Never had kids, never had a husband, and her estranged relatives back in Texas didn't want to claim it. But now I'm thinking how much I want a life like that. Just being single, living alone, growing old, having no obligations to another human being, and dying alone when it's time. I hope this woman's final moments were peaceful.

No. 1697637

I fucking love drinking dream tea from tazo and turning on one of the LOTR movies, cutting the lights and snuggling between 2 kitties. One snores, one wants belly rubs
Night night nonnas sweet dreams

No. 1697720

I returned someones lost ceedit card today. Felt nice to do something good

No. 1697765

I booked myself a ticket to a Charlie Chaplin Ballet performance in the beginning of October. I used to have a VHS of Charlie Chaplin's Modern times as a kid, I love the simplicity and the importance the music of those movies to convey feelings. I can't wait to see how they transcribe it in the performance.

No. 1697772

File: 1694688553242.jpg (45.9 KB, 575x361, 1479827795275.jpg)

Today i was sitting on a bench by the street, waiting for a friend, smoking and looking all cool like in all black, and a passing by unattended retard decided to strike a conversation with me. After i politely declined his gift of a christian coloring book, he sat beside me and started stuttering questions, like whats is my favorite season, what color are my shoes, what color is my hair, can i bend my legs like a regular human, etc. In a way it was admirable of him, being able to simply talk to a gloomy looking stranger like that, without a worry of being treated as unworthy of regard and notice, he probably has more social life than me, made me realize that in a way i am more retarded than someone who is legit intellectually impaired.

No. 1698009

In a bad mood today so I cleaned my house and decorated a bit for fall. Still in a bad mood but now there are pumpkins and leaves around

No. 1698048

Way to clean nonna!

No. 1698091

File: 1694713350479.jpg (93.36 KB, 1500x766, keyboard.jpg)

Looking at some stuff to upgrade my computer setup, and I think I may get something like these wrist rests.

No. 1698095

I’m too autistic so the idea of having those textured things rubbing my wrists makes me cringe.

No. 1698102

you should have befriended him anon

No. 1698221

I can't wait to chill tonight. I'm going to make some swedish meatballs with egg noodles and then crochet while watching Black Sails. I've never seen Black Sails so I don't know anything about it, but I believe it may be about gay pirates.

No. 1698250

It is! The first couple episodes are a little moid pandery bc it’s a Starz show but truly I think it is a hidden gem. It has engaging plot lines and interesting characters, many of whom are based on real world legendary pirates. Very cool prequel to Treasure Island, I enjoy it immensely. Admittedly I have always been a sperg v into pirates kek. I hope you enjoy it, and your dinner!!

No. 1698260

File: 1694724383040.jpg (79.92 KB, 680x454, FzSei-maEAAQFjJ.jpg)

im gonna watch the new fionna & cake episodes with my mom today, when i was a kid we used to watch a lot of adventure time together so this makes me very happy

No. 1698281

I went to a japanese restaurant and the fish was so delicious I was kicking my legs under the table in happiness

No. 1698283

Ntayrt but male retards will often take that as a sign that you're romantically interested and become a major nuisance, unfortunately

No. 1698288

Thats so cute and I'm jealous of your relationship with your mom

No. 1698296

File: 1694728561409.jpg (580.7 KB, 4207x643, 20230914_183253~2.jpg)

Saw this in a record store today and I inevitably thought about Tuna.

No. 1698801

Got a toothache. This some bullshit.

No. 1698829

Damn Camden Market was so disappointing, 90% of the shops were tourist traps carrying the same items, the few alt fashion shops had the same tacky goth clothing I could find in my country 15 years ago, ans it was crowded so not really underground. Are there any decent alt places in London left?

No. 1698893

Got some beef sticks at the drugstore last night and they are so good. Salty protein-y magic sticks yum.

No. 1698923

File: 1694798169993.png (199.21 KB, 262x497, Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 1.18.…)

happy friday nonnies, can't wait to get home after this long ass week at work. gonna take some edibles, order a pizza, then kick back and do some embroidery while rewatching an old comfort show. hope you all have a great weekend too!

No. 1698927

I buy beef stick dog snacks for my dog and tbh I've been tempted they always smell delicious. Didn't know there was a version for humans.

No. 1698971

i read that eating 3 carrots a day can give you a slight tan. i did absolutely no research on this but im going to try it

No. 1699030

Sounds fake but ok

No. 1699033

It's true, but it doesn't give you a tan. It just turns your palms and feet orange.

No. 1699076

Stuffed face with ice cream, which greatly improved my horrible mood, I felt like I was about to kill someone, but the sugar rush is already dissipating.

No. 1699096

I’m making Nashville hot chicken topped mac & cheese for dinner because it’s my wife’s favorite and she has had a long week dealing with retards at work I can’t wait for her to come home and smell the spicy!!!!!!

No. 1699135

i'll report back in a month if it worked or if my feet are orange

No. 1701342

Really disappointed when an article says X berry plant has a yield to feed a family of four, and then I find out it's just five to ten kilos. But anon, you might say now, you underestimate how much ten kilos of blackberries really are, and I tell you no, anon, you underestimate how many blackberries I can, and, if given the chance, will, eat. If I could, I'd live off of nothing but berries, at least all summer, and I'm working on making that dream reality, but it's a pain in the ass when we're talking rookie numbers like these.

No. 1701372

Manifesting enough berry plants to feed you and have leftovers for preserves or other recipes! Are you planning other brambles/bushes or just blackberries?

No. 1701398

File: 1695071273271.jpg (209.57 KB, 736x981, 163470aa0540be6dc4be6865875e4b…)

Idkw but I find pics like picrel so cozy.
Maybe because I wish it was me

No. 1701408

look for a medium/big asian imported goods store in your area, they usually have shelves like this with lots of instant ramen choices

No. 1701444

I can't believe it's already half past six. Today went by so fast!

No. 1701447

I was scrolling and was like 'why is this bitch telling us this' but then I saw what thread this was in. You really did what was asked of you kek

No. 1701455

File: 1695077337724.gif (3.08 MB, 498x498, ghost-dancing-ghost.gif)

The best time of the year starts in just a few days! I love autumn.

No. 1701463

Some people in my neighborhood do really cool displays and I was rollerblading by and this year’s Halloween display is Stranger Things 4!!! They made Vecna on the scarecrow post thing with Max up in the air and the whole yard is all decked out it’s so cool I love Halloween szn so much

No. 1701471

Reading about your neighborhood's Vecna scarecrow made my whole week. Bless you and your neighbors nonna thank you so much

No. 1701481

The other best yard is these people who have a million skeletons doing stuff and one little scene is a skeleton hiding in a tree while two skeleton dogs are posed like they’re barking up it and one has his leg in its mouth hehehe they also have some climbing up their house like they’re breaking in it’s so excellent and fun

No. 1701482

Eating some oatmeal right now. Just almond milk, sugar and frozen fruit on top. Delishious.

No. 1701513

File: 1695083369578.jpg (137.93 KB, 750x978, tumblr_48fb7927dc42d84c76e2b8f…)

>I love autumn
Ah, thanks nonnie, I love you too.

No. 1701517

File: 1695083661180.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1179x1184, IMG_3495.jpeg)

The public land in Oregon has insane berries. When I lived there I would go camping and bring home buckets of berries (picrel)

No. 1701522

Those pinks fruits look awesome, are they acidic or sweet?

No. 1701524


No. 1701527

Actually sometimes they can be tart but they were sweet when I ate them. I think it’s a red huckleberry

No. 1701585

I got my first pap smear today and it really wasn't that bad, I was expecting it to be worse from how everyone talks about it. But I also think it would be a bad experience and unnecessary if you're a virgin.

No. 1701629

I wish you could buy individual premium podcast episodes for cheaper than subscriptions. I can't pay (at least) $5 a month for every podcast I want but I would buy access to some specific episodes. Not sure if this idea would be profitable though.

No. 1701662

It’s interesting how much older males look than women. I saw a video of a male in his 20s who dressed up like his mom as a prank and she recorded him. I noticed it was a male within a few seconds, but at the beginning of the video while he was farther away from the camera I thought it was a woman in her 50s or 60s, until I saw his body more clearly and realized. Then it showed him with his mom, and their faces looked the around same age even though she was 30+ years older than him

No. 1701829

File: 1695133407584.png (653.82 KB, 750x563, NGzWHUd.png)

I'm trying to work on my bad spending habits and tendency to consoom and clutter shit up. I cancelled a bunch of my preordered figures and uninstalled shopping apps. Next up is going through my closet and donating what I don't want or need. I did this last year and ended up filling it up again. I need to address my emotional spending habits because I'm tired of this cycle of crazy spending and purging.

No. 1701834

I know right? My younger brother already looks years older than me and my high school friend who transitioned and took a bunch of testosterone is looking awful compared to the rest of the friend group.

No. 1701836

>open pinterest
>see pictures of David Sylvian
>get depressed cause I'll never have him

No. 1701849

File: 1695135288830.jpeg (42.52 KB, 321x461, IMG_7997.jpeg)

good taste nona. I will forever be obsessed with him, he looks like an angel while having the deepest sexiest voice in existence

No. 1701932

>that caveman jaw

No. 1701951

File: 1695144486664.jpg (115.91 KB, 736x1023, 1108458f751f78702321fa42dbf856…)

>caveman jaw
Maybe you should listen to a bit Japan instead of kpop

No. 1701983

Looks like Stewart from Mad TV

No. 1702014

File: 1695148301325.gif (474.84 KB, 440x300, elmo-flames.gif)

my lunch gave me heartburn

No. 1702151

spent all day listening to boybands but mostly nsync. didn't realize how many of these were "coming back" lately/soon, maybe the entertainment business could get a clue and start making some again instead of reviving these old fools' groups but its okay i like the music

No. 1702172

reminds me of "gigachad" jaw kek, straight out of the meme. can't believe moids get plastic surgery to look this ugly and ape-like

No. 1702230

I tried a Starbucks PSL for the first time in my life yesterday. It was nice but I don't get the hype. Maybe the barista just made it too sweet. Maybe I should get a hot one instead of iced next time.

No. 1702244

Girls who look at crispy photos from the 80s of men in an inch of stage makeup and call them angelic and sexy has always been so funny to me. I really looked up to Rozz Williams in my early teens and yet I have always acknowledged he was just an ugly man in greasepaint. Those photos were flattering because of how potato quality they were.

No. 1702258

You all have bad taste in men and music

No. 1702260

Let's hear yours miss hipster

No. 1702261

People who say this are always either autistic gay men who listen to nightcore, straight men who listen to black metal, or bitches who like Dominique Fike

No. 1702266

File: 1695168724198.jpg (326.65 KB, 600x600, 6dd43838-8ded-461a-83d9-5b8b22…)

Drinking this right now, I used the peppermint and lemon tea together. So yummy, it's like candy. Although I did add just a little too much sugar.

No. 1702270

if this is about nsync i'm sorry kek i was never into that music but i delved into it because i was unfamiliar with the genre and i'm willing to give anything a real chance tbh. that and i love the fangirl phenomenon, and now i'm going to have to defend their music now on behalf of the fangirls. it's innocent fun and easy to dance to and if it makes girls and eventually the women they will grow into into feel better then i'm all for it. i say bring them back !!! seriously the world is lacking in (decently) attractive fools dancing AND singing for the entertainment of middle school girls, there's pretty much only asians and no other variety. what's even there for them to like that's age appropriate like that anymore ? exactly.

No. 1702277

File: 1695169624651.jpg (16.12 KB, 286x296, sad memes.jpg)

A gnat got in my drink… Guess I'll make another one.

No. 1702280

Swallow it

No. 1702288

Nonna I am drinking the sleepytime mixed w the peppermint one rn! Also sorry about the gnat I wish I could use a crying emoji

No. 1702289

Music really peaked in like 2012. I cant remember liking a single new song after 2012. I know I do, but rarely. All my old boy bands from the 90s should influence newer artists to make actual good music instead whatever gen z has now.

No. 1702299

boohoo, take off your muhstalgia glasses for once
what's "good taste in music" then?

No. 1702311

They'll say Arca

No. 1702315

or even worse, sophie kek
seriously though, hyperpop can be fine sounding but it's way too short, it's created for people with fried attention spans and for tiktok sounds.

No. 1702321

They swear they're music authorities too

No. 1702323

It's almost 4am. Can't sleep because there's almost no air circulation in my bedroom so I feel like I'm suffocating. Feelsbadman

No. 1702325

No windows?

No. 1702326

same here, stay strong
mine's been open all night and it still feels like my face is melting off. it's cold outside, i literally don't understand this.

No. 1702334

I opened the one in the living room (since my bedroom leads to the living room) and left my bedroom door open. Only some air is getting in now, but not nearly enough.
Like >>1702326 said, it's chilly outside from autumn slowly creeping in and I don't want to catch a cold.

No. 1702343

I got the flu and it’s so annoying, I feel like I have a fever and my throat hurts a bit.

No. 1702371

>it's chilly outside from autumn slowly creeping in and I don't want to catch a cold
You don't catch a cold from cold weather stupid

No. 1702476

I already have a sore throat from doing my job seven days in a row (since I'm covering the shifts of a colleague who's got COVID), I didn't think y'all needed my current symptoms when I said "I don't want to catch a cold.".

No. 1702856

always gives me a good chuckle as a tall woman (179cm) when manlets run away from me. it happened again just now as i was getting on the bus, i can always pinpoint the moment they see me and move away so i don't highlight how short they are in comparison kek. ah, the small joys in riding public transit

No. 1702933

Damn, I wish I were tall

No. 1702936

do they just straight up run away from you once they see you once? can't believe they're that retarded with their muhsculinity. wish i was tall too.

No. 1702960

Yesss fellow tall nonna isn’t it fucking great kek. Hope you’re having a great day/night, queen. Keep making scrotelets flee and cower at your majesty.

No. 1702964

File: 1695252158895.png (800.92 KB, 1712x1292, asdfasdfrgjkwegjklgljkwgjknlgw…)

even youtube ad algorithm knows jenny nicholson is for the terfs

No. 1702974

>transphobic ads

No. 1703051

I can't decide if I want some instant ramen or oatmeal with fruit for dindin. I know which one is healthier, but which one is tastier…

No. 1703052

Put the ramen seasoning on the oatmeal and also a fried egg

No. 1703092

doesn't jenny support her tranny brother tho

No. 1703524

I found a little tiny round leaf in my frozen fruit. I tried to see what fruit it was from, but it didn't look like any of the ones I saw on google. Maybe it's from my car or something.

No. 1703878

File: 1695347129610.jpg (32.19 KB, 408x408, 86b (1).jpg)

I waited long enough and the bedding I wanted that was already on sale just got a deeper discount. I'm pretty stoked for it to arrive.

No. 1704217

I literally set two alarms so I would only nap for an hour and neither went off

No. 1704242

post a picture

No. 1704245

That was 15 hours ago I don't have it anymore nonna

No. 1704248

File: 1695375953989.gif (3.74 MB, 449x568, anigif_sub-buzz-442-1682389764…)

I'm going to watch Barbie at home with my grandma today since she couldn't see it in theaters. I'm excited!

No. 1704249

That’s so cute nonnie! Have lots of fun!!!

No. 1704269

File: 1695380643220.jpg (289.69 KB, 1200x1200, sleepy cat.jpg)

I'm so sleepy right now and I wish I could take a little nap. I'm so jealous thinking about how there are probably a bunch of little cats who have no responsibilities just sleeping away warm, comfortable and curled up like a little shrimp.

No. 1704359

File: 1695393079311.jpg (134.98 KB, 1122x1160, EjFL-H9XcAccxNo.jpg)

I'm trying to figure out what to get my brother for his birthday. He's been getting me birthday and Christmas presents for the last few years and now that I'm making my own income, I feel that it's only fair I start doing the same. I was thinking of getting him and my mom a Trade Coffee subscription for Christmas, but maybe I'll get him the subscription for his birthday since that's in a few days and I can have more time to think. Last year, I bought him a stupid, low-effort gift because I was really depressed then and had no energy for anything and I feel really guilty and ashamed about that. But this year I really want to make up for that and get him something I think he'd actually use/like. It's just tough because I don't talk to him that much. What would a guy in his early 30s want?

No. 1704364

What are his interests? Does he have a favourite activity or hobby? If you're not sure what to get him you could take him with or without your mom somewhere to eat at a resturant.

No. 1704366

Does he have any hobbies or like interests you know for a fact you could tap into? My brother and I have really weird niche humor and often get each other t-shirts that are really bizarre for example, but then also sometimes we get each other useful gifts (he bought and installed a Bluetooth radio in my car, I got him a guitar box sub for a year bc he’s a guitarist) good luck nonna! I think it’s really nice when family members genuinely want to give thoughtful gifts ♥

No. 1704369

I gifted my brother a pillow, maybe you could gift your brother a pillow too. Like, who hates a pillow? They’re useful and can effortlessly make a simple bedroom look cozy. Or gift him something like towels, a new water bottle, kitchen towels or a backpack.

No. 1704374

Anything you can either eat and/or do is great for adults who already have everything. I gifted my father a wine tasting last year which he really liked.

No. 1704433

I was trying to slap a fireant that was trying to bite me and I dropped my apple that I was eating. It only had like two bites left, but still, I got out girlbossed.

No. 1704451

Dirty dish water splashed in my eye. Like a huge drop.

No. 1704480

I don't talk to him super often (and he lives in a different state than me), but I know he likes travelling, eating at nice restaurants, and going to EDM festivals lol. He also works a lot so maybe I could get him something that could help him feel more comfortable while he's sitting all day. We aren't super close because we have a bit of an age difference and I never knew how to interact with him, but I think that could change since I'm getting older. Thank you for the suggestions!

Yes, I'm thinking maybe I'll get him something ergonomic because he works and travels a lot? Now that I think about it, he also likes to go hiking so maybe I could get him something that could make that easier.

That's really cute. I am patting myself on the back for thinking of getting him a coffee subscription because I know he'll enjoy that (hopefully), but maybe there are more food-related subscription services I could get him.

No. 1704542

Someone tried to break into my apartment while I was home. They threw a rock through my bedroom window but ran away when they heard my boyfriend and his friend (thank fuck they were here) start shouting. We're all ok, nothing was stolen and the window will be paid for by apartment insurance. But the cops were called and went in my bedroom to check it out and they were absolutely bewildered by my weeb pink kawaii room KEK I wish I had got a picture of them looking at all my figures it was very funny. Also I had accidentally left some weed out (it is very illegal here) but the cops didn't say shit about it

No. 1704582

i’ve been thinking of bringing my department some food stuff, like breakfast tacos or those preppy bundt cakes that are always a hit, but then I think of how I don’t like anyone at work and they don’t deserve it lol. Some of it is because I get so annoyed with our supervisors bringing trash ass cookies muffins etc, like, you make way more money than any of us, and have husbands who are earning money, at least bring something decent and not some gross walmart/sams club shit. Also, why is it always sweets? Bring some savory shit.
We probably won’t do anything for Thanksgiving or Christmas again but I wanna pitch the idea for BBQ, but these people probably won’t wanna fork over 20$ to do it.

No. 1704594

>but the cops didn't say shit about it
Your big tiddie figures saved you

No. 1704618

Don't do it. If you want food food get it for yourself.

No. 1704787

It's like 10pm, but I think I've finally figured out my dinner for tonight. Pasta with some tomato sauce and meatballs, some almond milk to drink (although I don't really wanna drink anything cause I've been pissing my bladder out since yesterday) and broccoli. I want to make a little single serve cookie too, but the milk will have sugar in it so I'll make a cookie tomorrow. I made the mistake of buying frozen meatballs so I'm just gonna finish them today.

No. 1704819

I'm back to say there is nothing better than sleeping, eating, and cleaning up after like 2 days of neglecting yourself for work.

No. 1705407

i wouldn't trust diaries to be the most full and accurate depiction of people (like kafka etc who's diary entries yo usee circling around onlike) because i at least always write my most retarded thoughts to my diary and every time i read it i cringe a little at how stupid things i write in there but then i feel tenderness towards myself and think well it is my personal retardation book i gotta have my stupid idiot shit fits somewhere and my diary is the best place for that

No. 1705756

Whenever I eat instant ramen, I only use half of the noodles so I decided to put some of the dry noodles on top of my ramen and it was yummy.

No. 1705760

I've had a little spot in my armpit hurting for like a week. Ugh. Maybe I'll stop wearing deodorant and see if it goes away.

No. 1705784

It isnt a lymph node is it? If it's a cyst my condolences

No. 1705809

I made a couple candles for my mom’s birthday gift. I melted down old candle wax and added in lavender scent and dried flowers that I picked in the summer. I didnt think too much before adding the flowers but now I’m wondering if they could be a fire hazard if they’re close to the wick while it’s burning? They look pretty though so they can be decorative at least

No. 1705918

It is a lymph node, I've been getting them a lot. It was pretty flat before but now it's a little swollen cause I keep messing with it.

No. 1706000

I was wondering why there were so many britbongs in my city and it turns out that there's a big rugby tournament this year and there's a match today in my city I think? I always forget that rugby exists.

No. 1706002

Im about to sleep in my bed for the first time in days! Oh I'm so excited! Goodnight, even though it's 6 am!

No. 1706171

File: 1695573377552.jpg (159.24 KB, 735x748, a969e1b9b3fbac8626309c048f46b2…)

finished a little embroidery project of my husbando this morning and now i'm settled in for a cozy afternoon of reading with a nice bowl of soup and a blanket. hope you nonnies have a relaxing sunday too!

No. 1706194

I just coughed out some mucus that was hurting my through. I need to start using my humidifier again but I feel like there's no good place to put mine that won't make everything wet but that's still close enough to my bed that I can breathe it in.

No. 1706210

I got a massage gun and it's amazing. A massage is more relaxing, but it really takes the pain of out movement.

No. 1706212

like a theragun? I have a really bad hip atm I've been considering getting one but the price is offputting. are you using it on yourself or do you need someone to get your back etc? they look so good

No. 1706218

File: 1695576660469.jpg (94.77 KB, 736x916, download (2).jpg)

I'm currently looking at furniture and decor and trying to decide on an accent color. Gold can look tacky, but then silver can end up looking like one of those grayscale glam houses which I hate. I think gold might be better with the colors I want, and more lively too.

No. 1706225

some form of bleached or treated wood could work nicely as a substitute? unless that goes very much against your vision
I feel the same, I like gold in other spaces but when you live with it it feels different. silver feels "cleaner"? gold is harder to pair with colours and textures because it is so much on it's own it takes a lot of attention.
if you want a lot of textures and colours go silver, otherwise fully commit to the gold.
I LOVE the pic you attached but it does seem like someone just photoshopped the saturation to 0. gold wouldn't help, it's all about the accents etc.
I hate to rep pinterest but it is probably your best bet when it comes to this question. love to see what you come up with unironically though cause I have the same thing. I gave up and went for like painted white wood and now it feels like I gentrified my own home. lol, lmao even.

No. 1706254

Yeah. They're super cheap now but still work well. I got one off Amazon for only $60. I mostly just it on myself, but I also get help for parts of my back. I definitely recommend it.

No. 1706259

What about copper?

No. 1706266


No. 1706310

I dropped my noodles and they fell all over my floor, a cushion, my foot and a ball of yarn that I didn't even know was there. I had to sadly eat the remnants left in the bowl while staring at my mess. There's still noodle residue on my floor.

No. 1706338

Thinking about leaving this site entirely, aside from maybe when I have a stupid question. This site has just become unfunny, so the covert misogyny and racism here has become more visibly pronounced. I don’t use the cow boards and ,although I admit that these things have been a part of this site for as long as I’ve been here, I feel like this website makes me more angry and frustrated than happy

No. 1706341

Are you graduating? Wish you luck bonnitas

No. 1706354

Aged brass and aged gold may be kinder to your eye if you like a more antique look. Even if not, a lot of modern pieces have finishing to not make them look so harsh these days. Very expensive, usually.

No. 1706368

I forgot to shave my stomach and chest hair and my pubes. Bleh.

No. 1706369

sorry to derail but i can't believe people actually like this all grey decor style, it looks like someone decorated the concrete dungeon in their basement with crap from homesense kek

No. 1706372

No. 1706375

The colors I want are kind of bright and I think these metals might go a little better with muted colors. Aged gold is very lovely though.
>if you want a lot of textures and colours go silver,
I think you're right now that I've given it more thought. Silver just makes things more harmonious. I don't plan on buying anything gray so idk why I was worried about it tbh.
Same, I think that particular style feels like someone feigning luxury.

No. 1706377

Ordered maccas withmy brother to get the pokemon happy meal. Dumb bitch got the pikachu card but I got fuck ass quaxley. I also asked him to order me the pumpkin and cream pie because I wanted to try it and we instead were given… 4 apple pies? Not complaining since free pies and I do like their apple pies, but I am a little bit disappointed because I wanted to try that pumpkin one.

No. 1706381

Walked my dog about 2 hours ago and he's usually going bananas and super affectionate afterwards but now he seems to be avoiding me. I was watching TV in the sitting room and instead of hoping up beside be; he entered, looked around and then left. I even called for him and he's usually stubborn but never like this. He was at the vet two weeks ago and was fine. I think he's mad at me but don't know why.

No. 1706534

Trying to cut my sugar down just makes me so very aware of how much sugar I really consume in a day. I was just getting myself a desert and making tea before I realized I would have to pick one over the other. I ended up just putting my tea in the fridge. I really should at least try to drink it unsweetened though, I can't think of any drinks besides water that I'll happily drink with no sugar.

No. 1706537

Samefag but by dessert I actually just mean a pb&j kekkk

No. 1706543

with tea, if you force yourself to drink it unsweetened for a bit you eventually get to a point where it tastes weird with any sugar. ik thats not very helpful but if you can ease yourself into it it gets way easier down the line. good luck cutting down on your sugar intake anon!!

No. 1706613

Watching a livestream of a Beyonce show and chilling.

No. 1706620

I'm gonna drink half a gallon of milk.

No. 1706633

May I ask why?

No. 1706647

File: 1695616616493.jpg (43.31 KB, 600x600, Q3a1as88_400x400.jpg)

This is going to be you

No. 1706649

No. 1706673

I just like the taste of it. I look like I am pregnant rn.

No. 1706706

i started watching recently picothespicywarlord, he mainly makes vids related to azumanga daioh and yotsuba (also niche/obscure anime in general), but also skits and fun lil vids like vidrel
i love his humour and he’s also really cute reeeee should i post him on g as well?

No. 1706719

keep your sperging to the ugly male attraction on g please

No. 1706735

kek yeah i wasn’t sure if i should post this on g or ITT

No. 1706780

I wasn't sure it was possible but I did manage to tie several cherry stems with my tongue last year! Tho I think it depends on the stems because I tried this year and didn't even manage one. I think they were too short/stiff. I'm still mad kek.

No. 1706884

Lost 7kg past 3 months, I still got a long way to go but I'm happy with this loss since I fell off wagon and started eating bad again.

No. 1706913

Have you also been called a good kisser?

No. 1706940

I'm rewatching The Nanny and seeing Pamela Anderson at the height of the anorexia phrase is creepy. She's so skinny that it freaks out my brain and the juxtaposition of her angular bones to her giant breasts and hair puts me in mind of some sort of insect like a praying mantis. I hope she got better and I'm glad that Fran did.

No. 1706942

File: 1695649002243.jpeg (7.88 KB, 201x251, images.jpeg)

Darn file didn't attach and since threads need bumped (don't scroll, cp) I'll make a new post instead of editing my old.

No. 1707059

I made bread. It's undersalted. Life is pain.

No. 1707078

When I bake bread I try to always remember to at least double the salt the recipe calls for, it makes it so much better. There's nothing like taking a loaf out of the oven and realizing I forgot to increase the salt kek. I hope you're able to enjoy your bread anyway, anon. Maybe with some salted butter.

No. 1707114

I want to have a milkshake but I dont want to waste money on a milkshake. Guess I'll just lose weight and be healthy, but I wont be happy about it

No. 1707123

Being healthy is bullshit. I always have to "meal plan" and make sure everything is "nutritionally balanced" or else I'll "die". I wish that I was an endangered zoo animal so that it would be an entire department's job to make sure my environment was simulating and my food is nutritious.

No. 1707144

File: 1695662566986.jpeg (28.71 KB, 231x218, IMG_6030.jpeg)

No. 1707151

Thats B&M core

No. 1707158

I'm trying to cut fabric and man this is ufcking hard. The edges are all jagged.

No. 1707163

File: 1695664010268.png (396.93 KB, 600x450, rotary.png)

If you need to cut fabric more often, these are a lifesaver. Good luck nonna you can do it!

No. 1707321

File: 1695676635245.jpg (77.89 KB, 394x400, s-l400.jpg)

I'm frying up some off-brand Spam again. I think the last time I posted this, an anon said it feels and smells like cat food. Tbh it does but that's why you gotta cut it into thin pieces. Anyway it's kinda dookie I'm getting real Spam next time.

No. 1707510

About to drink some honey vanilla chamomile tea even though I hate chamomile (it's so bland) cause that was the last flavor left in the Sleepytime tea box. I might play ARAM in league of legends or something.

No. 1707528

Untangling my hair… boring…

No. 1707558

Samefag, honey vanilla chamomile is surprisingly delicious!

No. 1707851

File: 1695731676421.jpeg (26.17 KB, 360x360, 60BFD833-E678-4205-9306-AFA799…)

After work I’m gonna get high and make a character that looks like my husbando in the game I’m playing

No. 1707873

That sounds really fun n cozy hehe. Take a hit for me since I have been weed sober for awhile but still sometimes yearn for the lightness in my bones and the lightness of my brain kek

No. 1707880

I wanna start posting Let's Plays. I'd never do a face cam and am overall good at keeping my privacy, as in, haven't ever uploaded pictures of myself or used even just abreviations of my real name or anything, don't post my age or where I'm from, don't have social media, use 10 minute throwaway mails for every single account I create etc, but I'm still paranoid somebody I know is going to find them lol. It's just the voice and irl pretty much nobody knows I play video games, but I have a pretty unique accent, so I feel like if somebody saw them, they'd still immediately be able to tell it's me. But then again, everyone I interact with on a daily basis is either 40+ or foreign enough that they rarely watch media in their non-native language, so maybe I should just do it.

No. 1707887

My mom is coming over today to do fall stuff with me and the little ones; we’re gonna go for a walk on a local trail a few blocks from my house that has a really fun toddler park, make fresh pumpkin muffins with cinnamon crumb topping to surprise my wife with, and do some simple crafts eeeeee I’m excited!!!

No. 1707930

File: 1695741468123.jpeg (20.58 KB, 222x305, F3BDB781-5ADD-4CAB-AAF6-19068B…)

Alright nonna this first hits for you! And to everyone else with a husbando/waifu I hope you find really great fan art or fanfic of them muah muah kisses to all my nonnies

No. 1707948

What game?

I could never do LetsPlays because I suck at video games and it won't be entertaining to watch. You should definitely go for it if you can! I highly doubt someone irl will ever come across your account because the internet is so saturated.

No. 1708175

My bestie and I are channeling our best 2000s cringe and making a themed song list around my waifu. Haven't made a character playlist in years and I forgot how fun and indulgent it is!

No. 1708251

File: 1695777290393.jpg (152.52 KB, 736x920, Chicken Pot Pie with Puff Past…)

Need to finally make a puff pastry chicken pot pie soon. And when I do I'll also make the peach cobbler I've been meaning to make for like a year now. And I need to order a burrito from taco bell tomorrow. Food is so on my mind right now.

No. 1708255

that looks soooo delicious anon!! tell us how it comes out

No. 1708256

I totally will! I will make it next week. I'm excited cause while I usually like the bottom crust of a typical pie crust pot pie, I usually discard the top part. I think I'll eat all the puffy pastry though.

No. 1708312

my homecooked meals have been turning out good lately. made pasta e fagioli the other day that was delicious and enough for 4 nights dinner, today I made burrito bowls with sofritas (chipotle copycat) that are also also delicious and will be enough for at least 3 dinners. I want to bake more too and use up all my almond flour before it goes bad. maybe I'll try to bake paste di mandorla this week.

No. 1708517

just used a sushi bazooka i gotfrom temu to make sushi i feel stupid but it was interesting. i swear i can never get sushi at home right, the nori gets too soft and the ingredients squeeze out.

No. 1708518

also i ate like a pig today, chocolate, 2 energy drinks(no sugar but no better), greek yoghurt and kiwifruit, 2 bottles of water, my leftover soup and tiny bit of chicken ontop of the 2 whole rolls i made and ate. i still have 2 rolls and some stray pieces that squeezed lole. so much for losing 12 pounds in the last month but but its all delicious

No. 1708523

it's ok you're not gonna regain anything from one day of eating some sushi and chocolate and yogurt

No. 1708543

Of course I feel in love with another random guy on the Internet.

No. 1708758

You and me and the other 7 million who watched this and can't stop gushing about him…
Jokes aside, a carefree young cute artsy bf with dreams would be so good for me, feels like they don't exist in my snobby country

No. 1708769

you just know he jacks off to loli

No. 1708794

cope sis, cope…

No. 1708802

He probably jerks off to regular stuff stepsister porn at worst. Let the anons dream

No. 1708810

>load torrent file for movie
>doesn't start downloading for 2 weeks, figure it's dead
>find another torrent for the same movie and load it
>10 minutes after, the 1st torrent that was dead for 2 weeks starts downloading
Wtf? This can't be a coincidence

No. 1708853

sometimes i think about recording myself cleaning cause i like watching cleaning POV videos. im just too scared of being doxxed and creeped on in some way. all i want is some side income in my life though.

No. 1708859

That's a pretentious child pretending to play music and pretending to enjoy Daniel Johnston lol whatever

No. 1708906

I've had my jumping spider for a week and last night it burrowed into the substrate and enclosed itself in a nest. I hope it's molting and not about to die, it was super energetic and ate a bunch of fruit flies the last few days so idk

No. 1708911

File: 1695854125351.jpg (22.26 KB, 503x480, 5c1dced53e59bb13a2e4ad9594cba0…)

made all the text small on my computer despite my shitty eyesight because I think it's cute.

No. 1708917

Just ordered two burritos from Taco Bell. I only had oatmeal today And fyuuuck in so hungry

No. 1708924

I gave my two week notice on Monday, the amount of people that were upset and actually trying to talk me out of it is actually really nice. Still not staying unless they pay me more (they wont)

No. 1708928

I saw someone make pumpkin cream cake cookies, so I think I'm gonna make some too soon. I already have a good brown sugar cookie recipe to use as the base, and then i can just add pumpkin puree.

No. 1708931

Samefag, can't delete. I meant cheesecake.

No. 1708932

your post made me happy

No. 1708941

File: 1695857478989.jpg (328.92 KB, 1080x1080, 1593887874291.jpg)

Lurking here during my study breaks while I pull an all nighter to finish an assignment. It is very very difficult and I am feeling very very stupid, but I'm getting there!

No. 1708944

File: 1695857803912.jpg (62.08 KB, 563x487, 6e49aa8555d69f058ccb534c75ec67…)

I believe in you nonny!

No. 1708946

File: 1695858561490.gif (758.96 KB, 500x375, tumblr_nardhsThXK1s6e066o1_500…)

>download two copies of a torrent to seed myself

2D chess

No. 1708985

i… i must be dumb… i even use torrents… but… is that possible?

No. 1709369

I kinda want to draw women fighting, beating up each other, and possibly gore, but I also don't want to draw women getting hurt or violated, so idk.

No. 1709421

Draw some women’s roller derby or wrestling maybe? Like violence in a controlled environment or something

No. 1709422

No. 1709505

File: 1695920467798.jpg (666.08 KB, 1638x2048, DoreU4xXgAEvJJv.jpg)

I'm so excited, I found a tiny arcade in my city that has tons of niche rhythm games I've never played before! I'm going to go after work today. I've been looking forward to this all week kek

No. 1709508

i saw a cute emo girl on the bus today

No. 1709509

Omg that’s so fun I hope you have a really nice time nonna!

No. 1709522

Draw them like how DBZ characters fight.

No. 1709570

File: 1695925865598.png (51.66 KB, 644x384, image (2).png)

I'm think I'm done making my grocery list. I don't think I have any snacks on here that I can just grab with no preparation, but I also can't think of any so oh well.

No. 1709580

I've never seen frozen broccoli, is that regional?

No. 1709582

File: 1695926730528.jpg (60.1 KB, 488x488, GUEST_d66572b1-ef2f-4268-84c0-…)

Kek I'm American and they sell all types of stuff frozen. Frozen veggies are quite common in all states, I think

No. 1709583

Samefag, frozen broccoli I meant. I know for a fact frozen vegetables are in every state.

No. 1709637

I accidentally ate like 80% of a big mac that was slightly pink (it was dark lol) pray for me nonas

No. 1709654

ate too many pastries that a coworker brought in today after being strict with my diet for the past 4 months and barely eating any sweets or junk food KEK to be fair they were from a really good bakery, one was this little monkey bread type thing and the other was a croissant with chocolate and almonds on it. oh well, tomorrow is a new day

No. 1709659

I have an appointment for laser hair removal on my upper lip today. I'm so sick of having a mustache, my Italian genes have forsaken me. I wasn't supposed to drink alcohol for 24 hours beforehand (to prevent the laser from hurting more) but my dumb ass went to the fair last night, and I ended up getting wine slushies and got trashed. I am dumb.

No. 1709665

it would cost like $200 to get all this from the stores where I am, how long will all these groceries last you?

No. 1709676

snap nonnie! I got lasered today too, Hope its not too painful, I find the pain is hit and miss, one zap is fine and like 1cm over it smarts

No. 1709686

I love the rain, but the rain is always so brief. I wish it would rain for hours (though I admit this would cause flooding).

No. 1709691

Same! I love the rain so much.

No. 1709692

There's multiple meals there so probably like, about 2 weeks. Maybe 1 1/2.

No. 1709853

File: 1695948158246.jpg (155.53 KB, 736x1030, How to Make Egg Salad.jpg)

About to fuck up some egg salad. I can just imagine the flavor now…

No. 1709976

Add some passion between them, hate that is essentially dysfunctional deep love between two women. I would love to see it.

No. 1710178

File: 1695984816619.jpg (111.33 KB, 736x981, Firehouse Subs.jpg)

I get a "free" sandwich from Firehouse Subs, so I guess that's gonna be my dinner.

No. 1710312

Bought myself some ready made pierogis at the market during my lunch break. I'm hesitating to just open a box for dinner this evening since I don't feel like cooking.
Pierogis are so delicious.

No. 1710358

I got some free moon cakes at work while I was looking to buy decent ones, they are vegan so no duck egg onside but that's okay, I'm not going to be choosy over free food lol.

No. 1710375

I bought breakfast and some donuts as a dessert after lunch before I go back home, it’s nice to visit this side of the family.

No. 1711200

File: 1696064853755.gif (423.23 KB, 500x361, 872CA64A-F173-4D43-A646-D21B0F…)

I grew up thinking I was weird and unique and I looked weird and acted weird and thought weird not sure if it’s social media and the internet but I just realize that there are a lot of other weird people around me, disregarding the downright evil shit, of course. It brings me comfort, seeing people confess what makes them scared, horny and nervous and sad. also just seeing people I grew up with turn into adults and start families, seeing adults I used to know turn into old people. I’m like huh shit is just happening. I just think a lot about how people are weird. I look at other animals like elephants and they all look the same to me but humans all look different and nobody really knows what they’re doing. I feel so weird myself. I’m waiting for my life to happen but it is just happening already, I probably sound stupid but it brings me peace.

No. 1711202

Samefag it brings me peace but it scares/excites me too

No. 1711283

I like the way you think nonny

No. 1711721

Thank you anon

No. 1711952

I'm honestly baffled that unironic trans people exist, do 4chan trannoids seriously think they'd ever be women?

No. 1712020

I've been feeling like shit (plagued by obsessive thoughts) for the past month or so, so I rearranged my room and replaced some decrepit old furniture to try and cheer myself up and it totally worked. I feel slightly retarded that such a simple thing helped but it's better than wanting to kms so

No. 1712294

He was in my recommendations too. So cute kek

No. 1713015

I went to the movie theater with my mom to see The Exorcist and we were the only people there

No. 1713029

They rebooted the exorcist?

No. 1713043

It was the 50th anniversary screening

No. 1713076

Oh cool, how was watching it in an empty cinema room?

No. 1713109

File: 1696217373750.jpg (68.05 KB, 736x731, 1692118146004.jpg)

Cleaned my personal bathroom after the water system was broken for almost two years. I'm so excited to finally shower in it tomorrow!

No. 1713150

That's a long time to not be taking a shower…

No. 1713581

the world is literally so fucking crazy. i saw a guy at a bus stop for literally 5 seconds, then later when i open tiktok his video comes up on my fyp wearing the exact same outfit i saw him in

No. 1713689

Spooky, and kind of funny considering how crazy busy theaters were when it originally came out

No. 1713858

I'm going back my bullshit part time job, time to buy several things online weeeeee

No. 1713886

File: 1696282342952.png (199.01 KB, 406x327, seal.png)

Talking to a guy I went on a date with last week, I asked if his birthday's next week, he said yes and asked if he mentioned it when we touched on astrology. He never did, I just remembered the date from when we almost got arrested in a traffic stop afterwards and I listened closely.

No. 1714310

why do trannies browse 4chan
or they probably just go there to fuel their suicidal tendencies

No. 1714427

a lot of them troon out because of 4chan, the incel to troon pipeline is real. most 4chan boards these days are infested with incel trannies except for a few of the blue hobby boards. the more degenerate and woman-hating the board is (like /r9k/ and /soc/) the more troons and their enablers inhabit the place.

No. 1715010

Very upset cause I already know I'm going to eat a baked brie mini charcuterie board tonight as my dinner and I want sourdough bread and pita chips to go along, but I'm trying to not eat carbs so I can't have it

No. 1715024

I think there's a particular kind of autistic and leftie troon that does unironically believe that through some meme-ery with hormones, or brain sex, or "actually chud biological sex doesn't exist", that they have in some meaningful way Become WomenTM. But imo any troon on 4chan absolutely knows that he is not and will never be a woman, but is happy to go along with the farce that he thinks he is in front of normies because he would LIKE to be a woman. I'm sure the vast majority of 4chan troons know their true nature as fetishists and think it's very funny they've been able to capitalize on wokeness to trample over women

No. 1715054

I thought I'd try FB dating and I matched with someone in the friend section and there have been incredible conversations. He's so well-read and we have the similar thought process so there's always things to talk about. It's a genuinely friendly conversation.

No. 1715055

File: 1696373518616.jpeg (83.27 KB, 474x589, th (2).jpeg)

Did all my household chores, so nice to be in a clean space. Gonna walk to the grocery and get some more pumpkin spice coffee creamer, then sit on my porch with a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the sunset. Happy Tuesday nonnies

No. 1715129

Took a nap and overslept…

No. 1715181

Watching the men’s team finals in the gymnastic world championships and it’s niceeeee

No. 1715219

Got sick for the first time in a couple years and I have to write an essay tomorrow. I have all the research done and it's not that long so theoretically it shouldn't be so bad to write but my head feels like it's going to explode and I'm so tired I feel like I've been hit by a tranquilizer dart or something kek. It'll be so nice to sleep when I'm done though

No. 1715276

That sounds wonderful, nonnie

No. 1715307

Samefag, I just ate and I'm realizing that I don't really like Italian meats. Anyway, I did end up eating a slice of bread cause I didn't eat all day and I figured I needed it. I'm so sleepy now but I should do some cleaning before bed.

No. 1715345

Same. Their prosciutto, sausages, salami etc are mid

No. 1715609

I'm so mad at myself cause I forgot to get chicken broth while grocery shopping last night (what the hell is the point of a list if I don't look at it?) but fortunately I did buy a rotisserie chicken and I may have some chicken powder in my pantry, hopefully I can make something shake.

No. 1715612

Just boil the fuck out of that rotisserie carcass, add salt, and boom. Tasty broth.

No. 1715620

Nta but Add some veggies/ onions /garlic to the broth too!

No. 1716753

I'm back, I overcooked the top but it was still really good! I definitely recommend it. I only put the puff pastry on top but imo it's far better than pie crust. Maybe a combo with a pie crust bottom and puff pastry top would be the best.
Anyway, before this I had actually only ever had frozen pot pies and didn't like them that much. Definitely sticking to homemade.

No. 1716980

I'm steadily losing weight due to illness, but it's strange. I've probably lost around 25 lbs right now but I don't feel like I look any different. My waist measurement barely budged, I did lose two inches off my chest though.

No. 1717011

I’m drinking tea and working on some commissions and wondering what to make for dinner tonight. Thinking about making scratch pierogi just because I have all the stuff and it will make so many I can have leftovers yummm

No. 1717108

Before I watched Titanic, I expected to dislike it, but I don't, and now I'm kinda disappointed because I held onto that believe for the past 20 years of my life but I also really enjoyed the movie, so it's a net zero I guess.

No. 1717121

I made that yesterday, you should do it it's fun.
the door scene and the ending made me so mad

No. 1717122

now i'm craving pierogi

No. 1717124

that happens when you lose a lot of muscle. I'm sorry nona, that sounds scary.

No. 1717187

File: 1696535876749.jpg (84.29 KB, 736x1324, download.jpg)

I took off my nail extensions and of course started biting my nails again, so I'm doing them over. This time some dark red almond nails for the fall!

No. 1717350

just bought a few things from lush to treat myself because i just came into some money. i also went on a shopping trip to marshalls today. from lush i got the barbie body spray, barbie body scrub, barbie jelly mask, dark angels cleanser, snow fairy lip jelly, and a cherry lip scrub. from marshalls i got 2 pairs of pajama pants (one halloween with black cats and pumpkins, one scooby doo pair), a pair of camo pants, a simple blue cotton sweatshirt, 6 pairs cotton calvin klein underwear, 2 pairs fuzzy socks, new pink sheets, a pink care bear pillow, and some hello kitty + my melody sheet masks. i also got some nylabones for my dogs and some undies + socks for my partner. this was the first time in 2 years i bought new clothes and i had gained some weight and really needed some new stuff!! wanted more pants but everything i tried on was too long for me, dang wide leg stuff being in style goes against my height as a shortie. we also found some free piles and as i collect dolls found some exciting stuff! a sailor moon doll (i think a knockoff but i love her) and a myscene mcdonalds toy. i had a really good day we also went to a sightseeing spot which was wonderful and saw a lot of beautiful foliage.

No. 1717358

I doubt it since I was actually obese before, but strangely felt healthier back then. Thank you anon. It's hard to live like this. I think I'd rather be fat again than be like this.

No. 1717516

It's past 4am, and I'm awake even though I have to wake up for work in less than four hours.. I'm not looking forward to it, I'm going to be knackered.

No. 1717571

File: 1696563452110.jpg (12.46 KB, 563x450, fb9371abf9b256eacc0fb3940925a8…)

It's been 8 hours. I'm finally done and I'm not even happy with the color that i ended up with

No. 1717585

eating some beans. i love beans. kinda wish i had some rice/bread on the side though

No. 1717621

File: 1696568299266.jpeg (96 KB, 600x800, IMG_5746.jpeg)

I’m stoned and I can’t stop eating this fucking ridiculously good Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Ice Cream. It’s so goddamn delicious and I can’t put it down. I stuck it in the freezer a few minutes ago and then immediately pulled it back out to scrape a few bites off with a fork. It has real pumpkin purée in it, so it tastes like super creamy rich pumpkin pie. It has no business being so good. Help I can’t stop

No. 1717624

I love this and I love you nona

No. 1717630

Hate that I'm lactose intolerant right now

No. 1717637

Just pop a Lactaid, YOLO

No. 1717682

File: 1696580334916.jpg (1.32 MB, 1500x2052, 1648945455898.jpg)

>remove a wedge under my bed I used to incline part of my bed/head so I don't get acid reflex
>start having dreams again for the first time in over a year not just that have them for every single day since then
Honestly bodies are fucking weird.

No. 1717862

I wish I were a burger and had all this pumpkin spice stuff within arms reach. I trust it to be delicious cause pumpkins are delicious and spices are delicious.

No. 1717964

I love pumpkins and I love fall. Best season ever. But yes, having everything fall and pumpkin be celebrated one a year is the best. Do you have the big pumpkin patches where you're from?

No. 1718024

cant believe i ever felt bad about my skin in my early 20s cause it kinda looked like i had nasolabial folds in certain lighting and men my age look fucking 40 years old. i got tinder (i know, i was just curious) a couple of days ago and jesus fuck men age like actual shit. 'the wall' is absolute copium

No. 1718242

Men age like curdled milk, I swear to god. I'm in my 30s and I'm not exaggerating when I say that every formerly good-looking guy from my high school class is a fucking fat, balding tub of lard with wrinkly faces and huge bowling ball guts sticking out. Who wants to have sex with that? Meanwhile, the wives of the ones who are married are slim and beautiful, and obviously put effort into their appearances and look their age, while the men look fucking 50. It's a bleak world

No. 1718290

I need to fix my sleeping schedule and actually get shit done during the day but nighttime is the only time its cool enough for me to think clearly enough to work. This heat wave sucks.

No. 1718765

I saw a youtube thumbnail which said something like: MY EYE SURGERY GONE WRONG.. And i realized i don't fucking want any eye surgery. I was telling myself my whole like i should get the surgery because having glasses sucks ass. My friend's mom got it so i thought "that's something people do, guess it's okay to do for me too" but i was DELUDED! Why would i let somebody laster cut my eye?! the fuck am i crazy?! I will have glasses forever until i'm old and blind and it's just fine.

No. 1718775

my mother in law got lasik and had been pressuring my husband to get it for years. well, last year her retina detached and now she's half blind and will never recover her vision. she only got a few years of good eyesight out of it. idk why anyone does that shit, glasses are cute.

No. 1718845

my girlfriend isn't out to her family (religious + deep southern) so i'm known to them as her roommate, but i'm also very close to them because i go to a lot of family events.

there's also another cousin in her family in an almost identical situation. he hasn't had a girlfriend in almost a decade, very much pings my gaydar, always brings along his roommate. this roommate is even more integrated into the family. i feel like we have this feeling of silent acknowledgement whenever we're in a room together.

only the younger or more liberal members of the family have put pieces together, but the older family considers it unthinkable. they'd rather think we're just spinsters saving money by living together. gay rumors have come up often and they still swear we are the straightest women on earth.

i'm kind of okay with being those old lady "roommates"/"aunties" later in life in the eyes of the family. it's kind of cute in a strange way.

No. 1718978

almost all of my favourite music albums were created in my birth year. i just had this random realization and i found it interesting

No. 1719042

Don't do it. One of my aunts got it and still needed glasses afterward. It's better to just not, that way your eyes won't be fucked up if you need to get necessary eye surgery in the future.

No. 1719338

File: 1696742708960.jpg (112.64 KB, 670x718, smiling-jack-o-lantern.jpg)

Already made a jack o' lantern. I know it's early but I never did them until last year when I did my 1st one. Now I feel like catching up what I missed. Although I won't do scary faces until a few days before Halloween, until then I'll keep them smiley.

No. 1719344

I can’t sleep because my autistic ass needs a blanket or I will feel too uncomfortable to fall asleep successfully.

No. 1719347

Late reply but I watched this movie and its sequel. They were lame and over-the-top but for a movie about trannies, it wasn't totally unwatchable. It was kind of funny to see Jeremy Meeks and Blac Chyna in them too. The second movie was kind of confusing though because Celess just pulled the gun out of the couch because her dead friend told her to? It felt Ex Machina (in a Tubi kind of way).

No. 1719792

One of my neighbors is blasting elevator music. Or bossa nova, same shit.

No. 1719819

I have trouble sleeping unless I have like 30lb of weighted blanket on me and pillows surrounding me on both sides. My bed is set up like a nest and people make fun of me when they see it

No. 1719844

I want pizza with pickles so bad BUT I already had two slices of bread earlier so I shouldn't eat more, BUT the bread I bought expires soon and I still have most of it left so I should be eating more. Maybe I'll find something to make with the bread and throw it outside for the birds to eat, I have unsalted peanuts too and they probably like those.

No. 1719855

birds shouldn't be fed with bread because of salt and other stuff, it's unhealthy for them and can lead to death. Seeds and most nuts are okay, but not bread. If you have a freezer, you could put the bread inside and just toast it when you want a slice later. And an expiration date doesn't mean that you can't eat something after that date, look at it, smell it, if it looks good and smells fine and with the first bite doesn't taste strange, it's good to eat.

No. 1719860

Thanks for letting me know anon, people feed ducks bread so I thought it was ok. It's fresh bread so that's why I was worried but thanks for reminding me I have a freezer! I forgot about that..

No. 1719862

I've been thinking about that, too, until I found out, that because I'm farsighted it won't even work properly, although many people and doctors tell you that it's not a problem and it will work fine. Had a colleague that got it, still needs glasses and can't see as good as before when it's dark. Sure, glasses are annoying sometimes, but not being able to see is far worse.

No. 1720313

I think I'll buy one of those things for steaming vegetables

No. 1720464

Fucking same. I also feel like rock music completely disappeared from the mainstream, all "popular music" these days is just 100% rap and hip hop

No. 1720486

>like rock music completely disappeared from the mainstream
and that would be a good thing if not
>all "popular music" these days is just 100% rap and hip hop
both rock and hip-hop are complete shit

No. 1720500

nah anon you just became older. Every generation thinks the music of their youth was the best thing.

No. 1720538

music has sucked since the 90s

No. 1720828

My screen glitched out and turned into an array of colorful flickering squares. It was a nice effect, if I wasn't afraid I'd killed my computer I'd have appreciated it longer.

No. 1720829

I'm going to do something with my friends this weekend to get over my retarded crush instead of staying at home and being depressed and hopeless so I'm looking forward to that.

The last time rock music I liked was popular was in the mid 2000's when indie rock was in the charts. It seriously annoyed me though because something I liked went mainstream. I was def not into emo which was more late 2000's and early 2010's if you mean that
And not even hip hop how it used to be, it's all autotuned shit and unlistenable

No. 1720834

I'm hesitating between making a cauliflower gratin and making a kimchi pancake for dinner this evening. If I do the former, I need to go buy broccoli (the recipe says I need some), if I do the latter, I have everything at home.
I love both meals, it's hard to decide.

No. 1721186

File: 1696881840850.jpeg (196.99 KB, 1024x768, 1690974892568.jpeg)

I'm addicted to downloading bunch of games then never playing them for longer than an hour, same with movies/series.

No. 1721193

shadow wizard money gang

No. 1721202

I’m the same way. I have a huge (and very organised) Dropbox file with movies and shows I’ve collected through the years but never actually watched because I’m saving them for… some occasion?? Been linking it to my friends so I can pretend it’s of any use but no one seems interested in free movies from a safe source kek

No. 1721208

Send it to me!!! Kidding don’t post it here. Maybe they don’t watch movies on their computers? My friend only uses her TV and it’s just hooked up to 11 different internet streaming services, it’s so alien to me

No. 1721217

what kinda games?
wish i had friends like you

No. 1721238

We LOVE casting spells

No. 1721278

My cat likes to watch the toilet water flush. This concerned me at first but now she’s making me do it too. I guess it is neat.

No. 1721281

Actually maybe toxoplasmosis is real and it’s the brain worms

No. 1721386

you should be concerned. have you read uzumaki?

No. 1721389

Lmao yes maybe you’re onto something

No. 1721643

File: 1696911838745.jpg (68.14 KB, 1242x1103, SPONGEBOB.jpg)

>wake up
>get coffee

Best fucking part…..

No. 1721726

I was scared that I was having a heart attack earlier but I think I was just stoned, jesus christ

No. 1722251

I started watching a dorama, and MC-chan is pretty much your average heroine, so rather bland but not unlikeable. But her actres looks SO much like an ex-friend I had a really bad falling out with, so whenever she's onscreen I have to actively suppress my annoyance at her character, and while I'm successful-ish, it still dampens my enjoyment of the show.

No. 1722291

This always happens to me but specifically with weed from California. My heart starts beating until I'm dizzy and I can't think about anything

No. 1722298

Got an absolute win today ladies. Called twenty pharmacies to find one that has my migraine medication in stock (btw, Winn Dixie pharmacies are shutting down permanently, start finding a new pharmacy). Found one, drove 30 minutes to get there, only to be told it's out of stock. Demanded to speak to a manager because I had been told it was in stock and my prescription was filled. Suddenly, they had some in stock. Would you look at that. So now I've staved off this task for another month. It's a good day.

No. 1722300

I think my favorite part of the day is when i eat an apple idk I've been craving apples like crazy. The Japanese are so stupid for having to cut and eat them with a fork and knife, the best part of eating an apple is biting into it and hearing that LOUD CRUNCH. Ooohhh man I can't wait to eat an apple when I get off of work.

No. 1722348

I agree with this A LOT. Enjoy your apple!!!!

No. 1722373

File: 1696966346858.png (6.72 MB, 2048x1536, lolzomgitsselfietimeanonsXD.pn…)

I found a cleanser I like, several sunscreens I like, exfoliators I like, masks I like, but I can't find a single fucking moisturizer I like. Or rather, I found one, but they discontinued it like two years ago. So, here I am, suffering, dry as a prune, longing for the one that got away.

No. 1722420

What was the one you liked nonna?

No. 1722441

I moisturized my face for the first time in months and I felt my cells reactivation.

No. 1722443

what apples do you like? i love granny smiths

No. 1722472

That's awesome

No. 1722542

Exact same thing. I've never found another one that does as good as job.

No. 1722606

haven't had a crush in so long, multiple YEARS even, and suddenly this boy sits next to me in class yesterday and we talk during the activity, lecture goes on and i'm only thinking about how to keep our conversation going. i get pangs in my chest thinking about it now!!!!–tried to look up his name on the class roster online but i couldn't find it. plus, i'm likely going to drop the course because i don't need it. sucks.

No. 1722612

went to a new thrift store today. Was expecting huge markups and ridiculous prices, but it was actually pretty affordable and I was happy to grab a few things.

No. 1722675

I've been reading books again and I forgot how fun and relaxing it is.

No. 1723095

Having my coffee (I only drink a cup 3x a week bc reasons) and it is GOOD today. I love stovetop espresso and here is a hack for any nonna brave and bold enough: instead of sugar, use a little nesquik powder. I usually just do the serving size (2tbsp) since coffee is basically 0 cal I figure it’s not so bad as a morning treat a couple times a week and I don’t eat breakfast anyway. Add cinnamon on top also for added bonus. Chockyspresso is so elite you could use dark cocoa powder and add a little sugar instead also.

No. 1723097

File: 1697028465689.jpeg (113.6 KB, 760x1140, IMG_1269.jpeg)

I motherfucking love breakfast biscuits.

No. 1723153

I did the inversion method for like three days straight, originally I was going to do it for a whole week but I didn't feel like washing oil out of my hair every day so yeah. But what the fuck I have been staring at myself in the mirror because my hair looks longer. I have been growing out a buzzcut for a little over a year and some months and it went from "struggle bob" to an actual lob between the time of the inversion method stuff and now. Crazy shit. Maybe those hair growth subliminals have been working…. (I am delusional).

No. 1723249

File: 1697040709962.jpeg (38.87 KB, 735x413, DF2D3662-06B0-49D4-80C4-D4E543…)

My period is killing me today, I wanted to go to the supermarket and to a store to buy new flipflops, but I can’t, it hurts too much and it’s already too late to leave anyways, I will have to keep melting my feet with my crocs.

No. 1723342

I need to go out and buy thread but the store has a godawful service and I feel too lazy to drag myself out and put up with it.

No. 1723419

I'm almost done knitting one out of two socks for my mother for christmas, it's turning out so nicely despite the many setbacks. It's a hand-dyed merino/nylon lace weight in a veryyy slight pink tonal. If you look closely it has dark and light pinks in very small stripes all over, but from a distance is just a rose color. She's gonna love them

No. 1723507

Fuuuuck I should go back to crocheting the second sock I started eons ago, I have so many old store bought socks I gotta throw away cuz they have one or several holes, and I should really start getting on the making socks train.
But I'm always distracted by making pretty shawls instead, even though I already made myself three..

No. 1723536

I found out her actress has a YouTube channel and watched some vids and actually subscribed to her, because the actress herself is so likable to the point that I'm sad MC-chan isn't more like her lol. Now I'm hoping those feelings transfer to when I'm watching it lol

No. 1723673

I tried doing a 31 horror movies in October thing (one daily) but I'm giving up today because I got burned out. It's too much of the same genre in a row. I'm just going to avoid doing any kind of movie watching challenges going forward.

No. 1723678

Challenges are such a cancer that they made me want to stop drawing for a very long time, they’re just a way to burn you out or a dick measuring contest to see who is the biggest autist.
Just try to enjoy the recommendations, nonnie, maybe do a marathon every once in a while, make it a party if you have some friends into horror.

No. 1724099

No idea what its name was, as I said, two years now lol. I remember it contained centella asiatica and hyaluronic acid but that's about it. Also, it was incredibly thick, which is what I'm missing and looking for the most. I know I could simply put on an occlusive after liquid-ier moisturizers, but I'm really lazy and it's already surprising enough if I manage to follow my full routine daily for two weeks straight, so… lol

No. 1724181

the mcdonalds ones go unbelievably hard

No. 1724206

Reading Frankenstein and I'm about half way through, I've enjoyed it so far. I'm going shopping with my mama today and I can't wait to see her. I'm really happy and excited, because day after tomorrow is my first wedding anniversary! I can't wait. Hope all you nonnies enjoy your Thursday

No. 1724439

I'm planning a long weekend off to see my best friend five hours away by train.
And since Mondays (when she's got a full day off work), most cultural things are closed and it's supposed to rain, we're going to get ourselves a 40 minutes Anti-stress massage. Just gotta call the place tomorrow to ask if we gotta buy on their online shop first and book an appointment on the phone afterwards or if we can book the appointment on the phone and pay on Monday at the spa.
And after we've figured it out, Saturday morning I'm hopping on a train and girly chill weekend, here I goddamn come!

No. 1724450

I just learned that somebody found additional footage from the lost movie Cleopatra and my mind is blown, I would never have thought that we'd see more of the movie than those 10 seconds that have been floating around.

No. 1724453

lost media makes me so depressed. So much of history is completly lost.

No. 1724503

I don't get the fascination honestly, no one would care about 90% of "lost media" if it was available to watch/look at for free. Not everything needs to be archived just because it existed.

No. 1724510

There's an entire reel of footage for Event Horizon behind the scenes and extra content that is gone forever.
Also, the album Crickets and Clover that Panic! At the disco did as a follow up for A Fever You Can't Sweat Out never came to fruition. They had ONE copy on a usb or burned cd before Ryan Ross scrapped it to larp as a Beatles member. Now it's gone forever. I will never not be made about that.

No. 1724515

Depends of what kind of lost media, these are whole length movies from the early 20thcentury with a lot of historical significance for the development of film and cinematography, not the same as the lost episode of Elmo saying fuck or something

No. 1724518

>There's an entire reel of footage for Event Horizon behind the scenes and extra content that is gone forever.
There's gruesome fucked up eldritch Hell footage that we will never see. Sad!
Speaking of based gross horror films the fact that the The Thing sequel had incredible practical effects/animatronics that some retard exec made them replace it all with cgi makes me seethe eternally
All that's left of it is some behind the scenes test footage which is still insanely good. Imagine how the film would have been before they marvel'd it

No. 1724526

>The Thing sequel had incredible practical effects/animatronics that some retard exec made them replace it all with cgi makes me seethe eternally
same, avatar was a disaster for movies. i think movies have never recovered since then, the aesthetics changed for the worst and now every movie looks outdated and ugly in the span of 5 years.

No. 1724596

The Thing prequel will always make me seethe for them editing CGI over practical effects in the final cut. I really want them to release that movie again with only practical effects, because it wasnt awful aside from that. Nothing beats the Kurt russell version, but the Thing (2012?) wasnt awful.

No. 1724606

I seriously need to start eating breakfast, I eat less and better throughout the day when I do

No. 1724879

It's true there a lot of uninteresting content that is considered lost media, if you go on the wiki most of the found stuff is shit like intermissions from kid shows that were broadcasted, and I can't stand people considering internet rumors or murder/suicide footage that is kept behind judicial locks "lost content". However when it comes to movies or music lost media search is important, the stories behind the findings of Metropolis or The Passion of Jeanne d'Arc are fascinating.

No. 1725431

I baked a basque cheescake this aftnernoon and put it in the fridge one hour ago. I want to eat it now but I must wait until tomorrow morning so it's colder and solid. That's the most exciting thing I did today, besides buying new socks at Primark.

No. 1725450

I went to the supermarket today and ate too many sweets, I will behave better tomorrow because my stomach hates me right now.

No. 1725537

Breakfast should always be the heaviest meal of the day too. It helps keep your energy until lunch.

No. 1725556

File: 1697241539880.jpg (62.71 KB, 600x800, 55 Cute Korean Jelly Nails Th…)

I painted my nails a translucent pink ("jelly") color and they're super pretty. My nails are super bitten down and they still look nice with it on.

No. 1725567

I think these nails are really cute. I've always wanted to see them except a peach-ish gradient on deeper skin tone.

No. 1725870

Wow that’s super cute! I gotta get one too.

No. 1726307

File: 1697291439688.jpg (91.74 KB, 736x1033, Pretzel Buns - Jessie Bakes Tr…)

I had a pretzel bun with cheese from Lidl as my dinner last night and now I'm having another one as my dinner right now. They're so good when you warm them. I made such a mistake trying to cut out carbs when I'm craving them so hard these past few weeks.

No. 1726314

Samefag but for some reason the bun is also kinda making my teeth hurt. Maybe it's the baking soda or whatever they boil pretzels in?

No. 1726316

I love this color soooo much, I want to get a nail polish like that too

No. 1726353

I had two cans of premixed cocktails last night after not drinking for almost a year and they made me feel so hungover. I forgot how low my alcohol tolerance was, not doing that again.
Luckily I had got some pastries yesterday so I had a good breakfast.

No. 1726459

I just woke up from a nightmare that I shit my pants, kek. I dreamt that I saw an old acquaintance I haven’t seen in a while, and she came up to give me a big hug and lifted me off the ground a little and it made me fart but it turned out I actually shit my pants and it was worse than I thought. I immediately knew something was wrong and I was like “oh my god I’m so sorry-“ and I ran off to the bathroom to get cleaned up and I was absolutely mortified. Thank fucking god it wasn’t real, lmaooo

No. 1726460

I love it, that’s so cute!! How did you do the gradient?

No. 1726711

made scones today for the first time. I only tried a little piece but they turned out good. a bit bitter though since they're filled with cranberries. now I need to decide what my meals for all of next week will be and write down a grocery list so tomorrow I can go to the store then meal prep.
starting my first full time career on monday, I hope I have enough time plus energy to do my hobbies and exercise after work each day and on weekends. once I get my first paycheck I'll pick up sewing again and start painting more since I'll finally have the money for supplies. I suppose I'll have days where I have to choose between playing video games, working out, or one of my creative hobbies but oh well at least I'll have income now

No. 1726982

I just realized I absolutely do not know how to throw a punch, so I just spent like 5 minutes fighting the air. I feel so silly kekkkk

No. 1727309

Make sure you don’t have your thumb tucked under your other fingers if you ever have to give somebody a knuckle sandwich.

No. 1727541

>go to a new bubble tea shop I've never been to
>"oh boy I can't wait to try new flavors!"
>invariably order something with macha
And I inevitably get disappointed because macha doesn't taste as good and strong as in Japan.

No. 1727560

I made my own toaster strudels, they're delicious! I went with raspberry. My sister is coming to town and we're gonna go to a Spirit store. And then tonight I'm gonna take some of the cake I made yesterday to my parents. I love fall and I love baking.

No. 1727585

I want to eat chocolate but good chocolate is expensive

No. 1727611

My brother works for a small, very good chocolatier and constantly is giving family members excess chocolate that gets made when they calibrate machines and stuff I wish I could give you some nonna ugh. It IS expensive and that sucks
Please share the recipe!!!!!!! I bet they were so tasty.

No. 1727615

I feel you, it's probably diluted and filled with sugary syrup. When I worked at a boba shop I used to make matcha for myself but I'd use more powder than the shitty store recipe called for and I didnt add any sugar and it was really good

No. 1727678

bf made bread and with that bread he made French toast……..
it was delicious
he also made roasted squash cubes and put fall seasonings

No. 1727957

who in their right mind would think to make a caramel apple with a yellow apple?! This happened yesterday but i'm still mad so i'm posting about it today, got one at the farmers market and was so mad when i got home just to bite into so much mush. I cannot be the only person who was raised with the idea that the ONLY way to make caramel apples is with granny smiths, right? You need the sour to offset the sweet, it's not rocket science.

No. 1727966

What the heck? You need the sour, or else the sweet overwhelms until it becomes meaningless.

No. 1728030

File: 1697419353136.gif (10.55 KB, 100x100, 495747z7ogvj27ok.gif)

I'm going to have a midterm exam for calculus today and I looked through questions from previous years and they look very easy compared to what we have studied, I hope I won't get a surprise hard questions today

No. 1728683

Feeling a little sick cause I almost forgot to take my meds and only had them hours later, need to bathe dog, annoying.

No. 1728703

an old friend from high school is being charged with murder and her arraignment hearing is today. the rumour is that she killed her boyfriend. i'm sooooo curious to read about it i can't wait until the court records are available online.

No. 1728745

I ate 7 lebkuchen cookies and now I have a migraine.

No. 1729663

I'm so not prepared for my ten hours work day tomorrow. I hate having to wake early just for some useless team meeting with another department in the company at 8:30am to have to run to the actual location that I'm working at (private company offices and public office are of course not near each other, that'll be too easy) and hang around at work until 6-6:15pm. I ain't forcing myself to go swim after work tomorrow because of it, will have to schedule it for Thursday evening. I just don't have the energy to be away from my warm and cosy apartment and PJs from 7:45am to 8:30pm.

No. 1729724

Leaving to go write a test in a few minutes, kind of nervous even though I studied a lot and feel well prepared. I'm assuming it's because I've been out of school for a few years now and haven't had to write any assignments or do midterms since kek. Hoping it goes well so I can come home and chill after!

No. 1729805

Omg keep us updated too nonnie

No. 1731806

I really hope I get some trick or treaters this year. I'm not super optimistic since I live on the edge of town and the street is a little out of the way but I really wanna chill on my porch with my black cat and give out candy after living in apartments for a decade.

No. 1732048

I tried pumpkin spice again after many years and I still don't get it, it just tastes sweet and nothing special.

No. 1732148

My friend just gave me like 8 apples. She said that they're probably better for baking with because she ate one and it was pretty tart. What should I make with them?

No. 1732155

Oh nona there's many delicious options. Apple butter, oat crumble apple pie, apple turnovers, make some caramel or buy some and melt it, caramel apples. Apple and potato soup, also, if you feel like something more savory. Apple cakes. Apple sauce. You can't go wrong.

No. 1732167

my vote goes to crumble apple pie, love that shit.

No. 1732173

If you don’t want to cook, you can grate the apples and add to muesli, coleslaw, shredded carrot salad, or kimchi.

No. 1732420

i like to cut them in half, scoop out the middles, sprinkle brown sugar and cinnamon and throw them in the air fryer until they get soft and top them with a scoop of vanilla icecream. soooo delicious

No. 1732546

Gimme my books already, stupid delivery service

No. 1732637

I always think of the anon who called a dude a fridge in the ideal male bodies thread. Is that even an insult to men? Are they supposed to be curvy? I always laugh when I think about it

No. 1732640

File: 1697840495684.jpg (31.22 KB, 590x350, Tutankhamun-tomb-525480.jpg)

Men don't have hips like women do, so being "fridge bodied" seems to be what's normal to their build. I've seen men with "ladyhips" and they looked inbred as fucking hell. Takes me back to this fugly ass Egyptian ruler with his inbred build.

No. 1732643

File: 1697840755296.jpeg (128.66 KB, 322x397, 1D1CC736-502B-4B3F-BFF7-E83C1A…)


No. 1732660

I think she meant he didn't have a V shaped torso with wide shoulders/chest and a narrow waist.

I have to say I prefer a fridge torso. I just like my men straight up and down, when they get really skinny at the waist they look a bit fragile.

No. 1732663

File: 1697842712926.jpeg (104.51 KB, 736x981, IMG_2573.jpeg)

they should look like pic rel

No. 1732682

whatever happened to the thiccness himself?

No. 1732685

darn it i want moree

No. 1732702

File: 1697845451091.jpeg (14.76 KB, 168x216, IMG_2819.jpeg)

I’m here

No. 1732711

File: 1697846196997.jpg (93.29 KB, 565x900, 2-corey-taylor-john-tonne.jpg)

You're gonna love Corey Taylor kek, I like to call this the minecraft body type

No. 1732723

>Text boyfriend 'sleep well' at 11 pm
>7 am
>'Thank you anon'
Idk why but this is cracking me up

No. 1732742

Got some beer and added lemon slices and some mint and sugar to make it less bitter. Not bad, but I still can't stand the bitterness of non-flavored beer. Guess I'll stick with green apple or pomegranate flavored beer and try this again with it.

No. 1732863

I saw the most pear shaped fatass dude ever today, like the mcnuggies meme come to life. His gf? Skinny and hot in tight yoga pants. An absolute travesty. Anyway made me think of this post.

No. 1732866

File: 1697857078326.gif (2.4 MB, 498x373, IMG_4777.gif)

Lovebird alert!!

No. 1732969

I’m built like that I wish I was a dude

No. 1733050

I’m on a work trip and my suite is really nice (thanks work!) and I went out after I arrived and bought cleaning supplies of my own (bleach asf) so I could personally scrub out the giant whirlpool tub and have a bath every evening I’m here. It even has ledges perfect size for a towel pillow and then my laptop. I’m 5’10 with legs that take up most of my body and I never get to enjoy baths like this. I can’t wait to be done with work stuff today and take another one with a glass of wine and some good scary movies!!!! I hope everynonna is having a nice weekend ♥

No. 1733555

Feeling like my brain is rotting, might have to go read a decent book or something

No. 1733559

The trick to cleaning the whirlpools in hotels is to fill the tub just above the jets and run the water with your cleaning solution in it. If you just wipe it out you can’t really get in the jets. I know, I used to work in a hotel and cleaned many of those tubs. The housekeeping department has a special chemical/soap for it but they probably won’t give you any. You could request they do it for you but you will probably just be told it was already done (it should be done already but you never know.)

No. 1733564

i wish i had your body
>when they get really skinny at the waist they look a bit fragile.
that's the best part though, imagine being able to snap him in half… ♥

No. 1733630

Oh thank you so much for the tip! I figured the jets would be the hard part, so I’m doing what you said now before I get in my bath! I begged off the cocktail outing because I went last night and I don’t feel like fake laughing at the dumb scrotes who are my superiors jokes anymore. It was fun to wear heels last night tho I was taller than like five of them kek

No. 1733648

I forgot to mention you’re supposed to fill it again with fresh water after you drain the water with the cleaning solution and run the jets again to make sure all the soap/chemical/bleach/whatever is out. Then drain that water too and you’re super clean and good to go — it’s a process lol
I hope you enjoy your whirlpool tonight nonnabella!!! Sounds fun.

No. 1733652

I fucking hate peeing every 5 seconds but I hate being dehydrated the most so I keep drinking water like how I breathe oxygen.

No. 1733732

I actually intuited that myself just bc I didn’t wanna fill it up and get bleach residue and stuff on my skin and bits kek thank you!!! I’m filling it up for real now, got my wine and had a bomb salad sent up w room service (it has pepper crusted ahi tuna steak on it!!! And there’s good bread on the side too!!!!) I am so ready to relax and soak and forget all the boring shit I had to hear about and men I had to humor today.

No. 1733842

I made the apple crumble. It's so good. Thanks for the suggestion nonas. Now I have dessert for the rest of the week.

No. 1734595

me and nigel cleaned out our garage today and now my boogers are black, i really should have worn a mask.

No. 1735722

I like the 'You can't sit with us' redtext, what don't farmhands use it more? Or was it a cc thing, I don't remember

No. 1735724

Anon, what the fuck? Why didn’t you wear a mask? You need to go to a doctor ASAP, you could die.

No. 1735727

why don't*

No. 1735752

Disgusting situation with poop, beware.

I was constipated for like 4 or 5 days. Never had that happen to me before. I was already dreading the torrent that was gonna eventually come for me, but nothing could have prepared me.
Yesterday it finally came. I sat on the toilet and i could FEEL how wide my asshole was and i was pusing and pushing and sweating like a pig. I felt like I was gonna puke. But nothing was coming out. After like 20 mins of suffering, I decided to poke around it with toilet paper wrapped around my finger, and I discovered the part that was peeking out of my bootyhole was made of these rock solid pebbles. I mean ROCK SOLID. So I disloge some with tp but I have the feeling that thats not gonna be enough. AFter a while i do a walk of shame to the laundry room where I know I have some disposable vinil gloves, grab them and go back to the toilet. Then I get to work for real. I went through like 5 gloves, one finger two knuckles deep inside my butt, just trying to pull out pieces of dry, hard poop out of myself. It was the most disgusting experience of my life.
After A LOT of work. i can finally feel fresher, softer poop coming out. It finally slides out of me and it's like bliss. I saw god. But my asshole hurts so bad. not in the hemmorhoid kind of way, but in a way i imagine unlubed anal would feel like. I can feel that I didnt completely empty my bowels and I'm so scared of what's to come…

No. 1735756

Drink some fucking water and eat some vegetables.

No. 1735757

I have learned my lesson…

No. 1735762

Many of us have been there, you're not alone. Sorry you learned your lesson regarding proper water/food the hard way. hehe unintentional pun

No. 1735768

File: 1698070584727.jpeg (59.02 KB, 735x562, IMG_8591.jpeg)

I am knitting myself some long, lace wool gloves for the winter before drinking peach purée and wine while packing to move. Today is gonna be extra cozy and relaxing

No. 1735776

Actually did exercise for the first time in more than 5 years 3 days ago, can’t say it was an intense workout either, but I can still hardly move, I’m waddling up and down stairs like a duck. This goes away as you get into exercising regularly… right?

No. 1735780

It does! Keep it up anon, the next session is always easier!

No. 1735781

It goes away as long as you don’t go crazy, get a massage gun as well, it’s a life saver for whenever your legs hurt a lot.

No. 1735788

Oh anon I feel your pain! That happened to me when I was on morphine and a bunch of other stuff after a coma, and I didn’t have any gloves on the psych ward so I had to rawdog it. Word to the wise nonnies, don’t claw the poo out of your bumhole because it can start a vicious cycle where you need to keep scooping it out. Instead, stick your fingers in your vagina and massage the poo out of your rectum through the vaginal wall like you’re squeezing out a tube of toothpaste. Remember me in your time of need.

No. 1735794

I'll keep that in mind anon, thank you (heart emoji)
On a related note, more came out. It was quick and didnt require fingers in booty, but lord, the pain. I don't think I ever felt anything like this. I want to cry.

No. 1739926

File: 1698344497047.jpg (48.58 KB, 564x565, 6ec2c04434caafc5abc895dc6ccb55…)

Feeling really hopeless, sad, scared. Can't do much from where I am, all I can do is take care of myself and the people I love. Currently on the couch with my kitty curled up on my legs, and she is so warm. I've got my book to read, and I'm planning a spaghetti dinner. I hope all you nonnies stay safe.

No. 1739935

Having a kitty to cuddle a good book and dinner sounds veey nice, hope you have a nice day that puts your mind to rest a bit. You are right about taking care of yourself and others, it is usually the best thing you can do and you are wise to focus on it.

No. 1739936

File: 1698345221354.gif (1.09 MB, 200x270, 1681148148595.gif)

I got sick and tried cough syrup for the first time and it's exactly how it would taste if you were to eat Vicks Vaporub

No. 1739942

I only ever had cough syrup as a child, but I still remember the taste and smell. Pretty sure it was grape flavored too, bleh. Maybe that's when I started hating anything flavored like grape.

No. 1739947

cough syrup has to be the most foul tasting substance on the planet, even the thought of it makes me cringe. how have they not invented a cough syrup that doesn't taste like fruity minty battery acid yet?? someone needs to get on this kek

No. 1739955

I'll get shit for this, but when I went to the US and drank rootbeer for the first time I was so mind blown by the taste. That thing tastes like a soda version of a cough medicine to me.

No. 1740115

File: 1698356535264.jpeg (124.68 KB, 1080x1080, 1E0C0BC9-D8CE-48EB-8465-80565A…)

tomorrow’s my birthday and I’m gonna smoke a special birthday joint and watch some of my husbando’s movies yea yeaa

No. 1740177

The worst part is it doesn't even have to taste like shit. They intentionally add foul taste to prevent retards from chugging it.

No. 1740222

I hear this a lot from Brits but I’ve never been able to taste the connection myself. I wonder if British cough syrup has a different flavor?

No. 1740475

Happy almost Birthday nonna

No. 1740556

Happy birthday, Nonniella!!! I hope you get a special treat today, and that the weather is just the way you like it where you live!

No. 1742677

File: 1698551081692.jpeg (586.91 KB, 2048x2048, FwFaXZvakAYXKhV.jpeg)

I finished my work today, I'll get my sunday off to relax. I thought I was going to spend another weekend without respite, I am so happy.

No. 1743461

I'm so upset, I've ost one of my favorite enamel pins and I'll never be able to get another one.

No. 1743471

Can I ask what the pin was?

No. 1743584

File: 1698606526080.gif (4.95 MB, 1059x763, I-Convert-Old-Paintings-Into-G…)

So I recently started listening to a classical radio station. I initially just randomly put it on because I wanted something that didn't distract me like my own spotify playlists do while studying, but I ended up liking it enough to turn it on in my car and while reading for leisure too. In the morning they give listeners an hour time to solve a cryptogram and they give away CDs, like actual physical CDs, away throughout the day so you can estimate the average listener's age kek, I feel like a proper grandma in the best way possible, it's cozy. A lot of the DJs (if you can call them that) are women which I think is great because with mainstream radio you mostly get middleaged men who think they are hi-la-rious. One of them is a 22 year old woman (I looked it up because she sounded young) which I think is really cool. Anyway I wanted to share this with someone.

No. 1743636

Based and that sounds so comfy. I would listen with you! I started listening to classical music recently and something about it is so soothing and it makes me feel elegant as hell. Dancing to it is even more fun

No. 1743650

I want to get into classical too (both modern and old) but I’m always trying to find female composers and failing which just makes me feel down

No. 1743665

If you have Spotify and like classical, Spotify has a huge catalogue of classical music with some really good recordings that are hard to find as physical copies. The recommendation algorithm will also help you find even more classical music.

No. 1743783

I’m a professional opera singer (and old fart I’m 30 kek) and it makes me really happy to know there are young women getting into classical music. It’s so good for the brain and soul imo, just soothing and moving and beautiful. I’ve always loved the oldness of the classical station in my area, and the DJs always have such calming voices. I love when they feature up and coming teen musicians concerts. I’ve heard some incredible very young female violinists/pianists/clarinetists etc on there and it’s just. Inspiring. Keep enjoying it nonna ily ♥

No. 1744043

I've been listening to the same on repeat while working on some stuff, and surprisingly it's actually energizing me and not distracting me

No. 1744047

Not sure if you like Baroque (it has more pizzazz than Classical) but try listening to Barbara Strozzi