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File: 1648890172973.jpg (708.42 KB, 1280x1097, tumblr_33e4b53bb34c920c5da0d80…)

No. 194147

Post all kinds of creepy, unsettling, weird, or terrifying pics. All flavors of creepy and horror welcome.

No. 194149

File: 1648890235753.jpg (26.73 KB, 540x675, c442c57dba3eb11a88eb976e15ceaa…)

No. 194150

File: 1648890289910.png (73.69 KB, 516x460, dgnnngnggn.png)

No. 194151

File: 1648890360928.jpg (217.55 KB, 920x920, 2ab89ae0e3784fe2f110aea306d755…)

No. 194192

what a weird coincidence, I watched Gonjiam last night kek

No. 194219

File: 1648926282265.jpg (10.35 KB, 600x338, 504389_1_articlelarge_bn-69137…)

No. 194220

File: 1648926316438.jpg (9.29 KB, 360x230, Scary_Dolphin.jpg)

No. 194229

File: 1648927454810.jpg (6.45 KB, 272x340, 1620855248291.jpg)

No. 194233

File: 1648929861937.jpg (Spoiler Image,23.18 KB, 496x380, CEHAyskWgAABuZx.jpg)

I think this was confirmed fake still creeps me out whenever I come across it

No. 194242

Holy shit a child

No. 194261

them binches scary

No. 194880

File: 1649147285992.jpg (212.59 KB, 621x520, 20220405_162733.jpg)

No. 194892

What is the origin of this pic? Kinda weird but I like the 2000s vibe.

No. 194916

I legit thought this was one of those pictures that simulate a stroke or something

No. 194917

File: 1649161421010.jpg (Spoiler Image,127.24 KB, 828x455, furby.jpg)

Would you believe me if I told you that this was a Furby?

No. 194924

Oh, this is actually creepy

No. 194927

Yes cause I own it. It's a 2005 one that had a voice recognition technology (pretty high tech for that time) and could follow requests and talk back to you. Adorable

No. 194928

I legit thought this was a soyjack photoshop edit

No. 194992

File: 1649182709028.jpeg (Spoiler Image,134.69 KB, 1280x720, 276D4017-6DA7-4A19-862E-61442B…)

This isn’t that creepy now but I remember seeing this on YouTube, it was like a silent 10 second video of this when I was like 9 and it kept me up all night, scared to go to the restroom.

No. 194994

Why would she be hiding out in the restroom though

No. 195018

Please don't soil yourself

No. 195026

File: 1649192057239.jpg (19.45 KB, 325x750, D5WGdYj.jpg)

No. 195030

File: 1649192511541.jpg (25.5 KB, 394x720, 47549c706f850abbc9161d5962ce65…)

Awww it's a little sister!

No. 195034

my ideal type of man

No. 195058

File: 1649199693749.jpg (195.15 KB, 1000x526, cutie.jpg)

Looks like this cute little guy from Twin Peaks the Return

No. 195942

File: 1649451388091.png (210.16 KB, 441x609, 4F5BE6D5-F7F0-48E5-8701-5937B6…)

No. 195945

File: 1649452457882.jpeg (66.66 KB, 552x477, 6EC9754F-8EDF-4977-B84B-59EB84…)

before anyone freaks out this is not real self harm. Google “evil stick” if you don’t know.

No. 195946

File: 1649452519686.jpeg (335.72 KB, 1080x900, 8B1F3A54-AB1C-411F-988D-198266…)

No. 195950

File: 1649452642970.jpeg (127.57 KB, 634x448, 8F08F1F1-8AD2-4DBA-AF53-C1D299…)

No. 195957

File: 1649454001049.jpeg (235.88 KB, 1319x1143, 1620861469415.jpeg)

No. 195964

She's a cute

No. 195966

The evil stick lore is my favorite

No. 195995

What do they call this guy? Dog man? Rat man? Something like that. I want to look up a video of him.

No. 196017

File: 1649466487472.jpeg (Spoiler Image,159.58 KB, 1363x1611, 26382532-316D-491E-8F04-EBB3C0…)

No. 196023

File: 1649469562992.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.28 KB, 1280x720, ya80qcz8rlv51.jpg)

No. 196032

fuck you

No. 196041

File: 1649475518214.jpg (Spoiler Image,41.23 KB, 750x518, m694xoh5xzy21.jpg)

The pic of the horses that all froze to death in a storm

No. 196045

File: 1649476198286.jpg (Spoiler Image,46.93 KB, 640x362, 84nskiq-9GRNeUFnP8BZuukIKGIeaO…)

Spoilered deer carcass

No. 196078

She’s fabulous

No. 196079

File: 1649492467676.jpeg (53.9 KB, 620x400, 30DF27AE-259C-48D2-8CF5-1798B3…)

The cat man of Greenock. Real life Scottish cryptid. Fancy a bit of “dark tourism” so we can give him some kebab meat and take pics with him?

No. 196080

Scariest thing about it was that fucking cackle

No. 196094

that makes me so sad, poor horseys

No. 196529

This is not real, it’s a still from a film by Guy Maddin.

No. 196931

File: 1649796041318.jpeg (82.28 KB, 410x600, カッパ見たさに兵庫の公園に来訪者多数 怖くて泣き出す子も.j…)

No. 196936

File: 1649798081556.png (643.91 KB, 1441x1080, WcORniG[1].png)

"Smiley Dzama, so named for the numerous head injuries which have left him eternally happy"

No. 196942

File: 1649799975422.jpeg (Spoiler Image,34.89 KB, 480x550, 3D7CE053-582D-4125-9692-2E7C17…)

No. 196949

My wife

No. 196951

God I hate kappa. Gross rape-beasts

No. 196957

Hey that’s the cute thing from the new VHS movie

No. 197057

File: 1649861785508.png (1.41 MB, 2560x1440, Capture d’écran 2021-11-27 094…)

No. 197061

File: 1649862649844.jpeg (8.6 KB, 235x287, 1johndoe.jpeg)

No. 197161

File: 1649895526514.jpeg (Spoiler Image,33.5 KB, 480x670, fd469918-2532-4b51-a188-62b563…)

You got games on your phone?

No. 218248

File: 1656644072907.jpg (1.84 MB, 3560x2504, 89030064_p0.jpg)

No. 218277

File: 1656654443467.jpg (131.36 KB, 805x1057, 1653809847812.jpg)

No. 218313

File: 1656678223404.png (373.8 KB, 500x410, trtwer.png)

No. 218345

seriously unnerving to look at

No. 218355

Honestly I crack my neck like that like once a day

No. 218356

File: 1656691517753.jpeg (113.38 KB, 828x549, 9E49A77D-5DBF-4D47-BEEB-398446…)

if i ever saw one of these i would do anything in my power to protect it

No. 218788

Little baby

No. 218835

File: 1656851898088.jpeg (67.83 KB, 622x416, 365D4DAF-E7EC-444F-8677-F3A714…)

No. 218838

File: 1656851925024.jpeg (63.62 KB, 640x904, 385FA688-B74F-4325-B918-9C2557…)

No. 218839

File: 1656851959554.jpeg (71.86 KB, 540x360, 6FA705D1-3642-4817-879B-655F93…)

No. 218840

File: 1656851988284.jpeg (55.6 KB, 450x325, EC9B7528-1EDB-4524-A889-7196B8…)

No. 218847

Just heard about this fellow. Wow. That's interesting. Is he still out there? Last reference I saw was from 2015.

No. 227852

File: 1659857228219.jpg (614.68 KB, 2068x2178, FMIwj15agAANdoZ [@yokyouR18G].…)

No. 228066

File: 1659938611724.jpg (208.32 KB, 1280x960, 5c940098-6f3e-48f0-b6ed-943bae…)

No. 228067

File: 1659938738867.jpg (75.69 KB, 800x598, 7e763e9b-8e92-49e1-b80b-0eb7fc…)

No. 228330

File: 1659998785936.png (Spoiler Image,187.93 KB, 451x586, Screenshot_2021-07-29_220108.p…)

This is genuinely so fucking unsettling when I first saw it in the video, spoilers for an ARG called Gemini Home Entertainment

No. 228332

beauty and the beast

No. 228357

File: 1660005335686.jpeg (40.59 KB, 828x682, deb7546d-1786-47ca-8a97-3c7f01…)

No. 228483

When you enter Caria Manor

No. 229612

File: 1660248374729.jpg (123.39 KB, 500x750, tumblr_949fd93db3a74b1e51f4fde…)

No. 229623

File: 1660249012429.jpeg (103.49 KB, 500x664, AB0D1B0D-7247-4C15-AF17-7EE5DC…)

No. 237626

File: 1662741073355.jpg (127.12 KB, 585x686, thisman.jpg)

No. 237627

File: 1662741099683.jpeg (10.22 KB, 206x312, FadOsR2WIAIiYEU.jpeg)

No. 237628

File: 1662741163021.jpg (19.83 KB, 200x291, 4856239874152.jpg)

No. 237629

File: 1662741254229.jpg (50.87 KB, 788x586, 86296232153.jpg)

No. 237635

i love this pic. it doesn't even look uncanny, it looks like a plastic surgery addicted gay moid's mugshot for a DUI

No. 237746

File: 1662778022360.jpg (61.28 KB, 897x813, Untitled.jpg)

this is the one i hate the most. it was catapulted into meme status by the mandela catalogue, but this is a real police composite of a home invader. imagine waking up at night and seeing this emaciated "cool guy has chill day" ass crackhead creeping around in your room

No. 237748

Every time I see this picture it reminds me of the white Death Grips guys. Like that's the drummer.

No. 237755

File: 1662779870966.jpg (33.95 KB, 628x921, 87ed970eb058885fcb767bd3c02192…)

ayrt lmao. it kinda makes me think of lucas baker too

No. 237781

File: 1662786068678.jpg (199.51 KB, 1079x1016, 1661980041969.jpg)

No. 237783

File: 1662787811564.gif (4.16 MB, 400x271, WeirdConsciousArcticseal-size_…)

Are gifs allowed?

No. 237784

The story behind this is kind of sad. People think it’s an urban myth but I believe it tbh. Just Google Selene Delgado if you’re interested.
tl;dr a girl went missing in Mexico and that was the only photo of her they had to report it.
With the high rate of femicide in Mexico and huge amount of remote villages scattered all over the place I can believe that this poor woman only had one picture of herself.

No. 237797

File: 1662789940700.jpg (42.55 KB, 500x500, artworks-xMCzlUXqvJmwjSEa-lFLW…)

First of all, that sketch is not Selene Delgado, that's the Baton Rouge killer. Pic related is Selene Delgado. Her face was shown in a Mexican missing person alert that ran in kids and family oriented programming hence why some people might have found it creepy even if personally I don't see it. If you watch the original alert, her photo was the least creepy among them for the sheer fact that you can actually at least make out her face.

No. 237812

File: 1662797780938.jpeg (394.82 KB, 828x619, CCBCA8AC-B216-4599-86AE-FB393D…)

I kinda wish we had a creepy discussion thread. Like scary urban legends and myths and YouTube videos we’ve watched. Feel like it’s perfect for Halloween coming up

No. 237846

File: 1662802768134.webm (793.14 KB, 406x720, 1650992213381.webm)

this thing is fake, but it still looks creepy

No. 237853

Yes, creepypasta/urban legends thread WHEN
also i want nonnies to write ghost stories hehe

No. 237857

Would such a thread fit better in /ot/ or /m/?

No. 237858

Samefag, I would specify it being creepy, mysterious, online web horror, myths/legends with room to discuss like ghost stories and experiences, not so much true crime stuff

No. 237859

I think a thread like that belongs in /m/

No. 237867

I think this is beautiful tbh.

No. 237871

This cements my undying hatred for anything that spawns in the Deep Sea

No. 243368

File: 1664427140128.png (480.19 KB, 512x512, 1664361573911850.png)

No. 243471

lol anon did you get this off /x/?

No. 243472

File: 1664455518308.jpg (119.28 KB, 698x969, oleg-vdovenko-babki.jpg)

No. 243473

File: 1664455548502.jpg (187.04 KB, 1043x1040, oleg-vdovenko-astro.jpg)

No. 243536

Me and the nonnies on a Friday night

No. 243546

>reads post about a real life woman who went missing
>this would be perfect for a hecking holloweenio thread

No. 243605

was it that obvious? lol

No. 243607

no i just tried to find the source and it only links back to /x/

No. 243726

>Retardo anonita getting triggered because she has no idea what she's talking about
Nothing is known about woman in the image and this case being surrounded by a mystery became an urban myth; it's really not offensive for nonna to mention wanting urban legends thread in this context

No. 243772

File: 1664570840572.jpg (1.06 MB, 1600x1200, 1663702069196469.jpg)

No. 245022

File: 1664988580302.jpg (77.57 KB, 960x720, screaming hour.jpg)

No. 245023

File: 1664988603699.jpg (43.46 KB, 1200x630, a gathering.jpg)

No. 245024

File: 1664988645467.jpg (245.15 KB, 800x548, on a stroll.jpg)

No. 245025

File: 1664988743803.jpg (12.77 KB, 691x450, Jersey devil.looking ass.jpg)

No. 245027

File: 1664988892251.jpg (40.94 KB, 675x900, here I am.jpg)

No. 245028

File: 1664988974877.gif (787.19 KB, 220x251, this is what the furries want.…)

No. 245033

File: 1664990081080.jpeg (188.12 KB, 680x683, fetchimage.jpeg)

How do we feel today?

No. 250186

File: 1666631391618.jpg (40.71 KB, 700x700, 5-2.jpg)

No. 250191

oh…. no thank u

No. 250197

my sleep paralysis demon

No. 250198

File: 1666633770529.jpeg (33.36 KB, 330x587, confession_thread_on_ot.jpeg)

No. 250201

File: 1666634516823.jpeg (Spoiler Image,104.54 KB, 828x751, 578546886478.jpeg)

Idk why this looks so ominous to me in particular, it's that the girl is off center or looks AI generated

No. 250202

File: 1666634610922.jpeg (39 KB, 612x836, well hi there.jpeg)

No. 250203

File: 1666634632547.jpeg (53.64 KB, 700x702, 46844897579.jpeg)

No. 250204

File: 1666634709260.jpeg (128.57 KB, 929x1200, 599658964896.jpeg)

No. 250205

Damn Whoopi, what happened?

No. 257125

File: 1669152062615.jpg (832.61 KB, 1638x2048, FiLnt3AXEAkveNY.jpg)

No. 257126

holy shit it's ryuk

No. 257382

File: 1669232856737.jpg (133.38 KB, 1000x750, Tumblr_l_5819088539810.jpg)

No. 257427

what was this fear called, something about abandoned stuff underwater? it makes me crap everytime, surprised there isnt a videogame about it yet

No. 260693

File: 1670190717184.jpg (52.64 KB, 768x1024, FjG7Q-gXEAArmbb.jpg)

mommy, i want to pee

No. 260808

File: 1670203397100.jpg (92.5 KB, 647x864, edb41404577ce3f03b14c4074c3ebb…)

late but I believe its called submechanophobia, specifically the fear for man-made things underwater. I kind of have this fear too but more particularly just seeing part of something sticking out of the water and not knowing how far it reaches down. But I also love deep ocean stuff so I dunno how my brain works

No. 263748

File: 1671122193650.png (374.12 KB, 850x583, Electron-micrographs-of-bacter…)

I don't know why but microscope images of viruses are unsettling to me

No. 263749

File: 1671122251679.jpg (183.86 KB, 1024x800, Twilley-phages-1200-1024x800.j…)

No. 263813

They look like cute aliens on the moon.

No. 264051

File: 1671220331559.jpg (116.88 KB, 700x461, sem yfv 1981.jpg)

Sorry to biofag anon but these are electron micrograph images of bacteriophages I believe, the viruses that infect bacteria.

Picrel is an image of yellow fever virus from 1981. I don't think they look as spooky as bacteriophages but msaybe you do?

No. 264105

File: 1671239595785.jpeg (Spoiler Image,85.56 KB, 750x900, mr cruel.jpeg)

This police sketch of "Mr. Cruel", a serial child rapist and murderer from Australia, makes me piss my pants every time. He meticulously planned every attack, spied on his victim's families, cut their phone cords, and somehow left no forensic evidence behind. This creepy sketch of him wearing a balaclava is all they have to go on, and he's never been identified.

No. 264115

I don't like these one bit but I'm sick right now and ready to blame something

No. 264131

i am completely fascinated by them because we still don't know what they are. i mean we have ideas of what they are but they defy classification as… things. are they alive or not? what are they?!

No. 264139

….Is this some creepy pasta, or like a real scr?

Also if no one has seen him how do they have a sketch to go off.

No. 264153

Were you dropped on your head as a baby? Nobody’s seen his actual face without the mask.

No. 264944

Not on purpose no…

No. 268849

File: 1673645080886.png (Spoiler Image,2.94 MB, 964x1279, jump scare.PNG)

Is there anything creepier than flash photography of old trannies?

No. 268860

Surely this is legally binding evidence of some sort of sexual crime? Can't we report these men to the authorities?

No. 268875

File: 1673657118305.png (Spoiler Image,6.24 MB, 2290x1531, uh.PNG)

So I did a bit of digging, he has two accounts that I've found so far. Btw there's weird pictures of boys in dresses on their flickr, so they're probably a pedophile.

No. 268878

File: 1673660459108.jpg (401.08 KB, 1221x1538, 15945056235_a98a98c11b_o.jpg)

I feel like I'm going to get arrested for just interacting with this page

No. 268881

Moids are actual fucking monsters and the fact that we have to even share a planet with them is the biggest horror of all.

No. 268882

>photoshopping a princess tutu cosplay onto an underage boy for the coom

No. 268921

This is creepy asf, does he(and other moids who follow his blog) get off on this, what the hell

No. 268924

this feels very pedoish…..god may no child come in contact with this creature….

No. 268927

There's no way this isn't some pedo shit.

No. 280160

File: 1678000635282.jpeg (24.21 KB, 749x732, 487389C1-4032-4688-B825-77C61F…)

No. 280162

What the fuck, that Flickr is not okay

No. 280164

dear god is that horrifying, i regret pressing the spoiler.

No. 280170

not to split hairs over a pedo of all things but is he a tranny or a sissy? i hate that i know this but that dress is a sissy dress, anytime you see a super frilly lacy shiny one that looks like it wasn't constructed with curves in mind it's for their fetish. technically all trannies are sissies in a way but the clothes here are explicitly for the purpose. anyway i hope he fucking dies holy shit that flickr made my heart drop.

No. 280202

sissy 100%. there are/we're thousands of them on flickr and 50% of them dress like that.
re: the boys though, imo it's either, a. he's pedo, or b. he's posting pictures of boys in dresses that remind him of himself as a child, probably because when he was a child he couldn't wear dresses. so living vicariously through make believe

No. 280206

This makes me laugh

No. 280222

she looks like an anime cockroach

No. 280719

File: 1678160326524.jpg (151.5 KB, 762x1049, slumber_party_by_sermna_insidi…)

No. 285520

File: 1679773114601.jpg (45.46 KB, 435x600, YfMK7UcAIdXb0.jpg)

No. 285674

what's the original pic?

No. 285686

nvm I looked it up and it turns out it's not photoshopped I'm dumb

No. 288897

File: 1681197862166.jpeg (115.79 KB, 828x1074, 62FA0A92-86AC-4D70-925C-880C25…)

No. 289015

Is he wearing foundation or is that just the liver failure

No. 296925

File: 1684354405420.jpg (111.68 KB, 777x622, im a bit awkward.jpg)

No. 301973

File: 1686633699374.jpeg (Spoiler Image,66.16 KB, 510x960, 87B7864D-EDCC-4F5B-A42B-A17DE1…)

No. 304937

File: 1687819784344.jpg (37.32 KB, 480x360, letr0ll.jpg)

I'm so angry knowing a troon made this

No. 304938

ah, it's the ancestor of that nona in the monsterfucker thread

No. 304945

File: 1687821929360.jpeg (871.64 KB, 3264x2448, IMG_6058.jpeg)

No. 322523


Stuff like this always gets me the most. I'd genuinely get a heart attack if someone would pull a prank like that.

No. 322546

File: 1695269979723.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.78 KB, 202x202, The_Anguished_Man_painting.jpg)

The Anguished Man is one of the most unsettling things I've seen. I just can't stare at it for a minute and I'm afraid if it does somehow curse you.

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