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File: 1669917225295.jpeg (676.55 KB, 1284x1189, 1669907903676.jpeg)

No. 1428715

No. 1428719

I find the person in threadpic to be really annoying personality wise but I really don’t see why this post belongs threadpic.

No. 1428722

I had to read this three times and still not sure if I get what she means. Why doesn't she just say "I took a similar photo years ago"?
Also the photo on the right seems edited? And the avatar surely is. That whole post is confusing as fuck to me.

No. 1428724

probably modeling terms or just talks weird. no shit the pfp is edited but i am pretty sure the right picture is real, just posed

No. 1428725

They were going to apply to an agency and realized they had before they transitioned. Avatar is a joke. Right is just post-transition. Could’ve put it in the snow thread or something, why bring that here too.

No. 1428727

No. 1428735

Does T give you goiter wtf

No. 1428741

Thick neck…

No. 1428747

Retards who use 'they' to refer to trannies are so funny. They are neither respecting their pronouns nor respecting reality, so why bother with the pseudo politeness of calling someone 'they'? It's just going to annoy everyone who reads it.

No. 1428759

It's a retarded tweet made by a twitter user posted in the twitter hate thread, pretty on-topic. You seem personally hurt though. I suggest you go back to wherever you came from.

No. 1428763

I often refer to everyone as they personally when it’s someone I don’t care about online… I thought that was normal.

No. 1428782

That girl looks like she's missing a few chromosomes now.

No. 1428784

nobody loses a few chromosomes like gaston

No. 1428787

Why is this turning into a dogpile that belongs in the ftm thread

No. 1428790

>2 replies
Go back

No. 1428791

agree, I really think someone should make a new thread with another a twitter bird threadpic

No. 1428801

File: 1669920580020.jpeg (1013.78 KB, 1284x1877, BED55AEA-5FC6-4B53-92C8-3E2654…)

How do you end up like this?
>qrts are all “god i wish that was me”

No. 1428811

Modern pimp - prostitute dynamic

No. 1428813

What do the girls actually gain out of it? Some attention?

No. 1428825

This only proves that men will not accept anything that doesnt benefit them in some way. If your gonna prostitute yourself for money don't waste it on someone who will blame you for your inevitable fall from grace.

No. 1428826

It's modeling/photography slang; when you "apply" as a model you used to send Polaroid shots of yourself in neutral light/makeup/poses to prove you don't rely on editing too much (film photos have always been subject to heavy editing too, but you can't do the same with Polaroids, so they were considered good proof of your actual looks) the modern version of that is called a "digital Polaroid" (for the style of image, not the instant photo brand) which is what the OP screenshot refers to.

No. 1428827

Every single reply up to this point was about that literallywho

No. 1428828

that looks like a whole different bone structure and muscle distribution. wtf. can T really make a woman look like that?

No. 1428830

Being 5’10 and actually going to the gym probably helps

No. 1428834

I can't be the only one who doesn't think the OP pic actually looks bad, right?

No. 1428837

You aren’t, they’re just angry it’s a twanny

No. 1428849

The crazy thing here is that the guy is winning because whatever money he sends her just gets spent back on him

No. 1428852

File: 1669921734835.png (340.54 KB, 473x496, 6534FADF-4C6F-45F3-A964-C1FDC7…)

Or it’s coder bf spoiling gamer gf. Weird to assume pc stuff = guy. The fuck was she supposed to do? Carry the boxes herself? Men think women operate like picrel.

No. 1428857

This image is clearly staged after the recent viral video of a guy getting a console with his hot gf. Everything is so formulaic and everyone bites lol

No. 1428868

Another couple where the gf is cuter than the bf.

No. 1428874

Posts stupid thread pic then get mad that people discuss it

No. 1428880

Isn't that 99% of straight couples kek

No. 1428884

Sure left looks good like a model and right looks good in gay porn

No. 1429151

More like 100%

No. 1429257

File: 1669943135992.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1704, F7D12E93-5F8A-49FB-9280-049AC2…)

Have these people ever even seen a masculine woman

No. 1429270

I feel like this princess peach discourse must be being artificially retweeted and boosted by nintendo or something because these examples, and the slight differences between the portrayals are nothing to bother having an opinion about. She's in a pink jumpsuit instead of a pink ballgown, femininity stripped!!1

No. 1429273

is she actually an onlyfan girl or are twitter users just projecting their fantasies onto a random photo of a random woman?

No. 1429282

no one show them her tennis outfit

No. 1429297

In the first scenes of the trailer she’s wearing her ball gown. Pretty sure that D.vA screenshot is from her short where she wears the hoodie while she’s working and then changes into her regular suit later on. Twitter discourse is going to give me an aneurysm.

No. 1429332

she looks like john travolta anon

No. 1429410

File: 1669952257593.jpeg (253.92 KB, 1170x721, 36C3A253-7866-47EA-9032-EFE40B…)

Just say you hate women

No. 1429413

i remember when i got banned on fb for ''islamophobia'' after that i deleted my account i cant believe people are still defending such a shitty religion

No. 1429420

I think we are finally reaching a point where people are once again not afraid to point out how destructive Islam is and how it hurts children, women, and gay people violently. I think people become so afraid to say anything because of the undeserved hatecrimes that happen in the west towards practicing Muslims, and I would fear a spike in that too, so it’s such a delicate topic

No. 1429429

File: 1669953374160.jpeg (248.98 KB, 1170x616, 6BC2FA7B-1FD6-4330-99E1-486945…)

Idk if any nonnies here know this person but this is a larping troon right? Sage for radtwit.

No. 1429450

What if I told him I'm an islamophobe because I'm an ex muslim? Do you think he'd say the same garbage or do you think he'd grovel at my feet to apologize because he thinks islamophobia is just racism against brown people?

No. 1429597

he would call you a self-hater and a sell-out to white people, this often happens to ex-muslims

No. 1429600

File: 1669969619644.jpg (595.12 KB, 2048x2048, EZu7LTLUYAI1PHb).jpg)

Wow its almost like women change their clothes based on the situation they need them for, like a real person! Astonishing!

No. 1429611

That is the ugliest effing skirt I've ever seen. I go most of my life not noticing what people are wearing but that outfit absolutely ruined my day.

No. 1429615

>Western media

Japan can do no wrong in their eyes

No. 1429618

Steal her look: set the tripod low, hunch forward, bring your bottom jaw forward into an underbite, pull your head back to flatten out your neck, but remember to tilt your face at just the right angle for peak jawline.
Next you want to outline your body and duplicate the layer…

No. 1429619

it's not even a skirt it's shitty sports shorts with some "goff" overskirt.

No. 1429632

We need to bring back edgy online atheists from 2007. But we can’t. So we shall become them.

No. 1429633


tbf the jumpsuit is from the western movie which is what he's talking about.

No. 1429636

Handsome woman incident leaves gay pornstars rolling in their graves and fuels a fuckboy mass-suicide, body count in the millions!

No. 1429676

Then I'll beat him to death for implying I have no free will and I'm too retarded for making decisions for myself.

No. 1429679

Be the change you want to see, as they say, so I will shit talk all religions online as much as possible.

No. 1429806

Random woman has money, meaning she must be whoring herself out to earn it. Not even conservative boomer scrotes are as misogynistic as zoomers. We're in hell.
>Peach's ""masculinized"" version and D.VA's. feminine original wearing a nearly identical outfit

No. 1430003

God her explorer and traveling outfits are really cute.

No. 1430005

Exactly, why would I care anyway? Every major religion seems to only exist for the benefit of men so of course I will insult them all.

No. 1430225

File: 1670011700757.jpg (189.58 KB, 1080x1180, Screenshot_20221202-201858_Chr…)

I'm pretty sure it's still illegal to kill troons, and aren't those darn dirty cishets the main victims of murder anyway? (this is about the Club Q shooting and this is coming from a French TiF who never leaves her house, I don't get why she feels so affected by an American crime)

No. 1430445

I checked her profile and
>tweets and retweets are the girliest things I've seen in a while
I'm gonna check if she posts things in French as well, I want to laugh.

No. 1430446

Most women getting murdered every day are in a het relationship. Troons will never experience even a fraction in numbers of hate crimes women do.

No. 1430492

I wish nintendo would make a real game involving Peach. She's so cute and just seems to end up in the same trope with being 'kidnapped' over and over. I know that one DS game exists, but it isn't good.

No. 1430533

>aren't those darn dirty cishets the main victims of murder anyway?
Not because of hate crimes, dumb rightoid

No. 1430543

I find religions interesting for the same reason I find history interesting but I am glad my country is basically areligious and the less than handful of people I know that aren't are rather spiritual than canon religious so they are chill (and none of them is a covidiot or anything like that).

No. 1430554

>I don't get why she feels so affected by an American crime
It's always the mentally ills that never leave their houses that make every tragedy about them and it pisses me off. Also the main victims of murder among the lbgt+ are gay people not the trans. Even in Iran that prohibits gayness people can afaik change the gender legally and do the surgeries without even paying for it, as far as I know people did this to avoid punishments for being homosexual.

Plus these people have no friends, who the hell would be even interested killing them? If they take hormonal shit then they are just an ugly woman to strangers.

I don't like that being trans is seen as dangerous as being gay because it really isn't. Unless you are screaming around and telling every stranger that you are trans until someone attacks to make you shut up nobody but family maybe will know about it. But people will always know who is gay, because they learn about whom they are living with, they see that they are always together with the same person of the same gender or multiple people but never the opposite gender or they observe them entering gay bar and so on.

No. 1430592

Huh? Murder of non-white women aren’t if they’re het? All violence against women should be classified as a hate crime.

No. 1430596

please look at the right shoulder of the right pic. there is literally an indent of a soft photoshop brush. then start looking at the weird shadows around both shoulders + neck. the neck does not even align properly on either side with her face and then there's more fuckery going around. never trust any social media personality to NOT alter their pictures, because they always will.

No. 1430618

This reminds me how a terrible coworker I have (can't even boot a PC, is "sick" 70% of the days meaning that others have to do her work too, generally a whiny shit) weights like 200 kilos but I recently googled if she is online somewhere and she is, but all of the posts of her she uploads make her look like she was thin. Her face was like a third of the size it actually has.

I didn't know people filtered photos before, I am not on social media and I don't care about all of that stuff so it was new to me.

No. 1430666

File: 1670039707827.png (1.17 MB, 1440x2232, Screenshot_20221203_035355_Twi…)

She's also been caught lying about being Japanese, lol.
Her whole twitter is just the most pickme shit ever.

No. 1430671

The way she's hunching forward her shoulders kek

No. 1430677

I honestly feel bad for her, imagine hating yourself this much

No. 1430680

I was just about to say this, nona
Imagine basing your self-worth on what pedophile moids fantasize about, and thinking it's a good thing to compare yourself to cartoon child porn

No. 1430684

I really I have to ask: what else exactly do they want? They can legally transition, in some countries it's paid for out of taxpayers' pockets, they can enter opposite sex spaces, I get that they want gibs and "allies" licking their ass, but seriously, they have nothing they can reasonably demand anymore.

No. 1430690

White woman jealousy.(racebait)

No. 1430707

what prompted her to post this?

No. 1430713

Assuming this is racebait? Most white women do not want to be asian and you know Asian fetishism isn’t just a white girl thing right?(replying to bait)

No. 1430726

It's not worth replying to the unsafe bait nona

No. 1430896

>characters just have a sweater over their extremely feminine clothing
>Twitter tard: masculine!!!!!1!!!

Kek what the fuck is up with these people

No. 1431805

File: 1670125210565.jpeg (229.13 KB, 1170x1860, 4FE2F1DD-3D8B-4833-B5FF-D1B7EF…)

>Tfw I project my misogyny on fictional female characters

No. 1431869

Ignoring the fact there are way more Gary Stus in all types of media

No. 1431870

I hope he dies alone with no children to teach his misogyny to. Of course the sexist is a balding old fugly ginger moid, but unfortunately that isn’t enough to deter some brainwashed women.

No. 1431881

Profiles like this always read like an amy terese type 40 year old anorexic woman

No. 1431929

Unlikeable is moidspeak for “not enough epic boobage”

No. 1431934

These people all say the same shit.

No. 1431983

Any female character that is the center of the story, actually has an arc besides being the male hero's reward or a damsel in distress, or has an assertive personality is a "Mary Sue" to men. I like how they always throw in the term "modern" in an attempt to cloak their misogyny, too. You like the "old" female characters more because they were never the center of the plot and there was always a male hero to outshine them, e.g. Princess Leia. We know.

No. 1432006

This was definitely a moid. Only they are so quick to shit on any woman that they don't find attractive and assume all women are jealous of the ones they have a fetish for.

No. 1432451

are you telling me modern media isnt already being written by an AI?

No. 1432459

This post is formulated like a tiktok comment.

No. 1432462

What's even their problem with Bo Peep?

No. 1432464

for some reason i doubt all art and writing will be completely done by ai in three years or ever. kek this is so stupid. you can just tell this person does not actually engage with any art or books in his day to day life.

No. 1432471

I have my doubts but at the same time I don't regret dropping out of art school to go into the medical industry

No. 1432479

I don't think he's saying everything will be created by AI, but that you'll need to be able to use AI tools for your field. Like all the AI portrait apps people shill draw the same generic faces, but AI is perfectly able to generate simple backgrounds in no time

No. 1432483

File: 1670186388661.png (270.55 KB, 576x432, sick of everything.png)

are you telling me modern media will look even more generic/shitty?

No. 1432489

File: 1670187051702.png (281.77 KB, 1400x875, 0_tJVqF0ruioD_AhAE.png)

There'll always be innovators in any industry, but the easiest way to cut cost is to standardize everything at the lowest acceptable quality for your consumers. Look at the Globohomo Corporate Art Style, people responded positively at first, now it's not making anyone happy, but it's really not enough to offend anyone either

No. 1432574

File: 1670191735464.jpeg (147.89 KB, 1170x468, 0DDC8C71-E52A-4D23-BBE7-69D0BD…)

havana syndrome? people actually believe in that?

No. 1432616

Dare I ask what Havana syndrome is…

No. 1432621

People will put whatever shit in their bio I swear. Might as well put hanahaki disease too kek

No. 1432634

I have Alexandria Genesis AMA

No. 1432640

more likely satire in this case

No. 1432645

Maybe art will be done by AI because you can draw it roughly and AI will render it but writing? How would that work. Or does he also mean just embellishing sentences and so on?

No. 1432654

Why do moids love to talk shit about Rey when Luke Skywalker is a literal gary stu projection for disgusting men?

No. 1432686

i think a scrote wrote this because in a later tweet defending himself he wrote that he was called a f*ggot for liking peach as a kid. can gay scrotes not be misogynistic for once in their lives?

No. 1432852

people in the US Embassy in the Havana kept reporting getting sick, but actually sick, stuff like ringing in the ears or hearing random noises. No one could find a cause, so it's some psychosomatic nonsense. There is wikipedia article on it.

No. 1433322

You can use AI to right drafts of a lot of stuff then fix them up. Right now it seems mostly focused on copywriting, blog writing, social media posts and ads, etc. If you've been writing clickbait articles for buzzfeed, doing copywriting, youtube scripts, etc, it's something to worry about. If you've been doing long form writing, or write reports and documents as part of your job, not so much.

There are also some AI generators for fiction writing.

No. 1434529

File: 1670334452870.png (50.46 KB, 835x324, Screenshot 2022-12-06 at 13-45…)

reading this thread and making myself mad on purpose

No. 1434542

File: 1670334943164.jpeg (66.34 KB, 750x738, 118A7E5E-29F4-4B65-AB04-E67B73…)

Wait this one is kinda based

No. 1434546

File: 1670335281150.png (168.48 KB, 647x620, Screenshot (2).png)

what brainrot causes this, also what leftists should not have sexual relationships discourse

No. 1434569

No. 1434577

File: 1670338918371.jpeg (475.57 KB, 828x1324, 07163B09-F1D1-4090-B723-28E0F5…)

the tinfoil thread

No. 1434579

South-east Ohio?

No. 1434584

Search engine optimization?

No. 1434596

I just saw a girl who looked something in between op. Gorgeous. That’s all, good day

No. 1434644

File: 1670344785977.jpeg (527.67 KB, 828x1222, 5C9C9B1D-D0FF-4F3D-8C7C-EDFFB0…)

You will never be Hinoa.

No. 1434684

Men cant like female characters. they either sexualize them because they want to fuck them or they want to wear their skin. Men are mental illness.

No. 1434685

File: 1670347205737.jpeg (560.17 KB, 828x1042, 7B0D3BDC-63A8-4581-9C18-E7EBCF…)

No. 1434686

holyshit. hooters is hiring trannies?!

No. 1434688

Kek I hope that’s actually a troon instead

No. 1434689

File: 1670347537427.jpg (60.45 KB, 983x964, 1bce255dcbe22b0f7053523d86af3e…)

No. 1434693

>>kek noona

No. 1434726

what femboy hooters would be IRL

No. 1434740

kek, right.
Isn't Hooters meant for breasts anyway? I always thought that's what the name implies. Now ass matters? lol

No. 1434749


No. 1434758

File: 1670351711467.png (12.4 KB, 72x104, lmao.png)

>when you go to hooters to oggle the women and it's not what you expected

No. 1434768

kek! they're the same picture.

No. 1434770

The cut of those shorts doesn't do her any favors but honestly I miss the flat ass 90s.

No. 1434777

I don't remember working at Hooters

No. 1434788

I refuse to believe this is a woman. I've never seen one be this shapeless, that's a man baby.

They look flat chested too. Hooters used to only hire hot women, you can tell this MtF i hope is ugly as sin with a shapeless body. Nothing wrong with that if you aren't using said body to make money and appeal to moids. But, here they are… Missing the mark completely.

No. 1434804

File: 1670354760169.png (192.12 KB, 465x427, Screenshot 2022-12-06 19.21.13…)

Same girl apparently

No. 1434821

When you gained 40lbs and are unwilling to admit it and are hoping you can just lose weight and not have to buy new clothes.

No. 1434847

good for shayna for finally getting a job

No. 1434848

Shayna body type, some people just have no junk in the trunk sorry. I’m sick of this type of content that involves taking a creep picture of a woman and the punchline is she’s ugly or doing something weird haha like wow god forbid the waitress didn’t have a BBL. I hope comments point out how retarded he is for taking a creepshot of someone’s ass to make fun of while they’re doing their job

No. 1434863

I was confused why this got discourse and apparently it's because having time in the morning means she and her husband don't have to go to work?? And people are bitter about that. Weird way to jump to conclusions. It's like they will find anything to cancel someone over.

No. 1434893

No. 1434932

AYRT it was a joke you autist

No. 1434997

File: 1670365776312.jpeg (83.04 KB, 1170x340, 7A05D2B2-CB75-407D-8D55-1CF784…)

78k likes? And tons of women in the quote tweets going along with it thinking it’s cute to be stupid. This is the type of thing that makes me hate society.

No. 1435010

File: 1670366287294.jpeg (442.61 KB, 1170x1418, 7B8F6C87-BF46-43E8-A794-B2EC09…)

When I say I’m an ally I only mean for lesbians

No. 1435015

is the op a tif? would be hilarious if so

No. 1435022

feeling glad that his kind is stoned to death in a number of middle-eastern countries. feeling bad for the lesbians/women who live there tho.

No. 1435098

Actually, unironically. Don’t men prefer male dogs any way? Subconsciously they think male dogs make better narc supply since most portrayal of “good doggos” in media are male dogs. Female dogs are just baby factories for said male dogs.

No. 1435110

Normal dogs are much less prone to unreasonable agression so just let the filth handle itself. Scrotes biting scrotes. Not my problem.

No. 1435111

For them being depressed and "having it less easier than women" you'd think their suicide rate would be higher than it is now.

No. 1435159

File: 1670372436664.jpeg (616.95 KB, 3851x1600, C4CEA48F-7EF6-4975-ADD3-4F00FC…)

Is this one of Varg’s fangirls?

No. 1435162

>hair is bleached

No. 1435182

thats a tranny

No. 1435255

File: 1670375714739.jpg (26.11 KB, 400x400, M2VQ63mt_400x400.jpg)


No. 1435257

File: 1670375923701.jpg (267.25 KB, 1160x600, wheat-full-width.jpg.thumb.116…)

>obviously buddha was white bc it said wheat

No. 1435353

>What is surprising is that I understand Buddhism better than the average Indian
This has to be bait and I pity anyone who actually fell for it.

No. 1435354

Agreed, this woman is just trying to pay her rent and a bunch of retards online are mocking her and she probably has no idea. She can’t change her hips, why put her down for it.

No. 1435369

Buddah's appearance is a matter of debate but he was modern Nepal to a kshatriya caste, his appearance would have been difficult to estimate but he probably would have resembled some north Indian actors who are part of that caste
tbf its not unture, there are barely any Buddhists in south asia, most were wiped by Hindus in the central regions and Muslims from the west, only in the past century have lower caste dalits(untouchables) started converting to Buddhism enmasse, but the buddhism followed has more in common with east asian zen Buddhism, called Ambedkarite Buddhism

No. 1435567

Oh come on it’s hooters not a denys. It’s entire premise is objectification and wearing an objectifying outfit, if she didn’t want people taking photos of her weird camel humps she shouldn’t have put on booty shorts with her cheeks out at a job known purely for its degradation

No. 1435584

While the premise of the restaurant is based in objectification, that doesn't automatically make it okay to take it a step further and take creepshots and mock these girls on social media. It's called Hooters anyway so her ass shouldn't even be relevant (not that I support the existence of breasturants anyway). I just don't understand the purpose of shitting on women who work there. I've even considered it in the past because I've had friends who work there. Flexible hours and good tips, not the worst job if you just need the gig for a few months. These girls are not your enemy and you're not any better than them because they work a shitty job you don't morally approve of. I hope the guy who tweeted this and all the other people joining in mocking her get stage 4 ass cancer as karmic revenge

No. 1435692

She might know by now. I'm the anon who posted the second shot of her. I cropped out the part giving out her location. Multiple scrotes taking shots, discussing which branch she's in.. idc how much her body doesn't meet hooters expectations.. men always take this stuff too far.

No. 1435731

I'm so glad more and more men are chronically single and dying alone. Nature is healing.

No. 1436036

File: 1670433426386.jpg (261.18 KB, 1068x871, 1631718171908.jpg)

I wouldn't be able to speak to my own father if he dated someone my age

No. 1436042

Same. i dont support men at all, straight or gay.
fellow lesbian who wants the L to be their own separate entity at this point.

No. 1436054

Imagine being a man, completely aware of how men are and because of that unable to come up with excuses for your father dating a guy younger than you.

No. 1436066

File: 1670434215223.jpeg (328.8 KB, 1189x809, C01B7A53-103C-4A35-AC56-83E179…)

Context: the link goes to a video in which women were having a peaceful gathering and protest during the Dana Rivers trial. A woman approaches to try and start a dialogue but is told they aren’t doing that today, simply peacefully protesting. A group of TRA men try to attack the protestors, and the woman who initially approached is shocked and appalled at the attack (potentially leading to her peaking). Of course a dumbass moid has to say that the men attacking are due to feminism.

No. 1436077

Sorry but no. No one should have to deal with that shit on the job. I’m not defending her choice of career but this is victim blaming. It’s the same as when you get hit on at work, it’s not like you can just up and leave, and it’s fucked up to take photos of people without their consent anyway.

No. 1436083

is this about the troon who murdered a lesbian couple and their adopted son

No. 1436086

I agree so much with this. It doesnt matter if she works at hooters, she doesnt deserve to be objectified, have her photo taken and critiqued online for her body.. Shit is gross male behavior.

No. 1436088

Yes, that’s the one.

No. 1436089

why do i feel like if she had a conventionally attractive body shape then there would be a lot more negative reaction to the moid taking this picture. it would be full of replies like "stop creeping on her!!" but if she's got a rectangular shape/doesn't have much butt suddenly that means everyone is allowed to say disgusting shit about her body.

No. 1436110

She's got hella confidence to have absolutely no ass but wear tight tiny orange shorts everyday for a living.

No. 1436114

And you’re a repulsive retard for seething about a random woman’s ass on here. May you flatten up like a Holocaust survivor twink.

No. 1436122

I know this is about a fucked up case but that video was weirdly hilarious wat like the way they just enter in such a absurd and struggle to overpower a bunch of elderly ladies, I like the scene in the end where the other lady(who was probably a well meaning liberal) realized how fucked troons really are

No. 1436129

Nah this literally looks like Shayna, is this her future?

No. 1436132

Just pay her bills then. Problem solved.

No. 1436134

Also she doesn't deserve to be mocked online, sure laugh about it with your friends while there, but to post multiple pictures of her, one of looking like a creep shot? Yeah, I don't think that's cool. I know I'm saying this on lolcow but we post shit cows say. She doesn't deserve to have thousands picking at her flat ass

No. 1436149

i kind of disagree. you can say she's just doing her job, but there are other waitressing jobs. hooters is actually reliant on sexualizing women, the women working there don't just wear the skimpy outfits and wait tables, they're supposed to pander to moids, that's why they make them wear push up bras. this isn't a case of victim blaming, she's not wearing this to be sexy for herself or because she likes the outfit. she's choosing to do a job that relies on her sexualizing herself for moids. it's like saying don't criticize strippers bodies.

No. 1436201

NTA The point stands that she shouldnt be posted online to be mocked.

No. 1436204

Did you really just compare a stripper…to a hooters waitress?

No. 1436211

You could really see the cogs starting to turn lol

No. 1436254

no joke, I was a someone supported troons in the past, I just had so many experiences with seeing how degenerate they all were, that I started doing my own research and realized the truth about troons and It wasn't TERF or conservative propaganda that gave me these doubts, it was troons themselves in their natural state

No. 1436259


I'm not seething I'm just making an observation. I've had friends that worked there and they used to nit-pick the fuck out of your body before they'd hire you. Like, you couldn't be above a size medium, have long nails and a whole bunch of other shit. They'd control your appearance down to makeup and hairstyling. So it's the last place I'd expect a girl that doesn't have a conventionally attractive body to want to work.

And you have to admit that the uniform is absolutely unflattering on her. Doesn't take away from her worth as a person like moids would imply though.

No. 1436274

I'm far too violent of a person to do a peaceful protest. I definitely would have physically fought one of those troons, my blood is actually boiling.

No. 1436276

do you really think that a career that involves sexually degrading yourself to any degree for men isn't the same? i'm saying she's being treated like this because she's literally choosing to sexualize herself as part of her career. it's a conscious choice. does she deserve to be ridiculed online? no, but it's not like she didn't sign up to be ogled by men.

No. 1436345

File: 1670441607744.jpeg (417.1 KB, 1170x1214, 6416541E-AEE0-43B5-98A4-4A6456…)

Retard-on-retard violence

No. 1436351

What's the backstory on this?

No. 1436353

She chose to be a waitress at a trashy chain, not to be posted on Twitter by subhumans who go out looking to publicly ridicule women for not living up to their pornsick standard. It’s miles off from something like stripping where I’d still say it’s retarded to post a photo of some girl just to criticize her ass. Having a job where you’re using sex appeal doesn’t mean anyone is allowed to treat you like shit or judge your body, that’s just what we accept from the norms of male behavior.

No. 1436355

i said repeatedly its not right but you can't expect people not to do it. learn to read.

No. 1436365

No. 1436468

You’re not alone. A lot of nonnas here have had that same story. They say “listen to trans people” and then you do and realize how far the degeneracy and violence goes.

No. 1438245

File: 1670561696403.jpg (169.89 KB, 1074x1954, tumblr_58f1313f5f7f883a5d591fe…)

folks will be googling Hitler tonight

No. 1438367

File: 1670569215191.jpeg (412.22 KB, 600x940, D327749E-70AB-47EA-B9A0-07A023…)

Male socialisation starts young.

No. 1438421


No. 1438939

File: 1670614800187.jpeg (292.61 KB, 1170x893, 9DEEEEC7-97E2-4696-9BB8-4C67A4…)

Do these people go outside

No. 1438950

I hate so much that lolcow keeps getting name dropped outside this board now.

No. 1439159

would rather a-log this uggo than defile my body

No. 1439166

Women saying no to sexism is as bad as school shooter rapist moids according to scrotes and should be punished. No wonder women are dating men less and less.

No. 1439167

The only scenario he could have a shot romantically with either us or the 4chan scrotes

No. 1439188

Does this retard want a thread on /snow/ and doesn't know how to ask?

No. 1439197

Obsessed. At least donate to the site if you're going to lurk around here.

No. 1439217

wonder if its the retards like him that post bait atround here?

No. 1439282

Anons should just start saying “we know you lurk we have your address” whenever these people come to post bait to scare them off. Because I swear Im seeing kids post on tiktok and twitter talking about posting on lolcow or trying to post here.

No. 1439391

That is some tragic fat distribution.

No. 1439598

The “terfs are reppers” cope is so retarded I laugh every time. Trannies are so creepy in the way they want to murder and fuck us at the same time all the time.

No. 1439634

File: 1670664993830.png (1.25 MB, 864x2555, geckos.png)

cross-posting from stupid questions, googled Lucy Cooke and stumbled upon this great little post and could smell the replies through the google search results. top kek at partickal james especially, who's going to build your houses? well obviously not you traveller, musician, artist, individual aka unemployed loser

No. 1439637

It’s all extremely male and clockable.

No. 1439655

File: 1670667840221.jpg (123.86 KB, 1242x763, tumblr_801f1c325f4101dc2171e4c…)

No I just don't like paying the heating bills and night falling at 5pm.

No. 1439667

I just don't like physically and psychologically suffering from the cold but hey you know, whatever. I'm not earning virtue from this, only extreme fatigue and colds.

No. 1439673

Sounds religious

No. 1439696

What no fresh air does to a mf

No. 1439995

misread mf as mtf kek

No. 1440009

File: 1670699037171.jpg (686.42 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-12-10-20-02-56…)

Quick! I have to tell everyone this woman does porn!

No. 1440048

seasonal depression is real. I dont want to go out after 5 when the sun has already set. fuck winter.

No. 1440063

i saw a few of her videos, they are funny and creative. i had no clue she did SW

No. 1440077

The worst part of winter is the ice. But in the latest years it has been warmer in winter.

No. 1440085

I live in the tropics and I get seasonal depression during the summer. I guess we're at least synched cause it's all at the end/very beginning of the year

No. 1440092

"we love to see sex workers flex their creativity as well!" fucking so backhanded.

No. 1440260

Wow it’s like they view them as human beings and not blow-up dolls.

No. 1440283

every time i scroll by this thread i notice how in the first selfie in the thread pic the camera is angled straight on (giving a more accurate view of her appearance) with a neutral pose, whereas in the second pic the camera is below her (making her head look smaller and her body look larger) and she's angling her shoulders so one is higher than the other (probably because she's tensing all her muscles as hard as she can kek). just wanted to get this off my chest.

No. 1440325

Minor shit, but I hate how western fan artists also started tagging their posts with the japanese name of manga/games/characters. I was never really great at navigating twitter, but I'm not looking up a japanese tag to see potato-nosed/deviantart-tier art of the characters

No. 1440330

god that must suck for japanese people

No. 1440335

I knew it, something about her vibe felt off

No. 1440348

Supporting sex work is not humanizing women, just the opposite. That's the point, they are pretending.

No. 1440384

AYRT It was sarcasm, autist-chan.

No. 1440566

Newfag calm down.

No. 1440700

File: 1670735714524.png (60.64 KB, 649x544, v.png)

it’s called being a good actor you porn addicted weirdo

No. 1440750

I'd fucking kms

No. 1440768

They can't handle that James Corden has such a naturally gay appearance and demeanor and would be clocked as homosexual a trillion times before Heath Ledger or those two gay vampire fags were assumed to be gay. I hate James Corden like the next person but if it's a competition between who seems the faggiest then Corden takes gold every time without a doubt.

No. 1440821

tbf I'm 99% sure that James Corden mostly puts a purposely non-threatening persona
>or those two gay vampire fags were assumed to be gay
who ?

No. 1441038

The two guys from the interview with a vampire show.

No. 1441126

File: 1670775974118.jpg (249.81 KB, 1080x1260, IMG_20221211_171134.jpg)

Don't care about pronouns, but Musk is spreading anti-lockdown shit

No. 1441129

Something about it so fucking weird, like he’s talking about a child or an animal. Very patronizing.

No. 1441135

He's not genuine he's just exposing her in a socially acceptable way. Men looove "exposing" ex-sex workers, on incel forums they regulalry have threads where they dig up pornstars from the early 2000's and message their families and children videos of them in porn trying to "ruin their lives". Men think once a woman does porn she should stay in it forever or just die

No. 1441164

They already ruined Pixiv years ago, I'm not surprised at all.

No. 1441208

why are anons here allergic to joke tweets?

No. 1441226

Misdirected anger at the world and ‘tism

No. 1441272

lmao same at first i felt bad for thinking that she looks like she's making some weird blowjob faces on purpose

No. 1441470

OP pic literally makes me want to cry and throw up. wtf did she do to herself… she was so pretty

No. 1441478

western artists ruin everything. it's easier to learn another language and go there, because the amount of western women who are pro troon pick mes is insane.

No. 1441489

I feel the same. Now she just looks like a roided up female.

No. 1441529

korean artists are massive tras too what are you on

No. 1441594

korea is the most westernized nation in asia though, not a great example

No. 1441600

she was beautiful, such a waste!!!!

No. 1441602

My sister showed me thread pic post-transition and I instantly clocked her as a tranny, her browbone is almost non existent and there's an unmistakable softness to her face

No. 1441641

Why are you weabs like this. TRAs may not be as much of an issue in eastern countries but let’s not pretend they don’t have other issues.

No. 1441674

The covid measures were a total shitshow, anon. It's a pretty common opinion at this point

No. 1441688

Exactly. Everyone knows korea sucks the west's dick hard.

No. 1441690

Asian fanart isnt tainted the same way western fanart is where you need everyone to be a tranny or super dark skinned with big round noses.

No. 1441709

Agree but I don’t see as many naked drawings of prepubescent girls in western fanart.

No. 1441716

That's moid art. When i follow female fan artists, at least they tag shit with proper tags and dont pull a surprise tranny on you. Western artists need to stay in their own lane.

No. 1442074

File: 1670814267206.jpeg (618.37 KB, 1170x1510, 5612318C-822E-414D-9629-D29375…)

This has to be a parody account

No. 1442076

How would he respond if someone told him that real tardmen aren't on twitter all day and are outside building shit for women

No. 1442080

>steak smoothies
it's a parody, that had me until that

No. 1442397

Is it? Because there are whole channels which revolve around raw steak smoothies and sun staring

No. 1443149

File: 1670875381490.png (236.79 KB, 531x449, F4736930-ABBD-490D-B704-6050A0…)

Goo goo ga ga

No. 1443175

>furfag pfp
> acts like basic children's cartoons are some life-altering cinematic experience
yep that's a retard

No. 1443180

File: 1670876664283.png (180.41 KB, 854x479, photos.png)

No. 1443185

you hate how little it takes to make us happy

No. 1443198

I thought it terrified you

No. 1443211

try reading a book one of these days

No. 1443249

File: 1670878721089.jpeg (85.29 KB, 1170x824, Fjv4wr-X0Ak1kZk.jpeg)

>Elon Musk now says Twitter's 280 character limit will increase to 4000
Thoughts, Nonnas? Seems like it would just make Twitter reundant.

No. 1443287

Hope people will stick to short form by a force of habit, but changing the unique selling point of a platform definitely sounds redundant

No. 1443318

Agreed Nonna but half the BPD-chans on this board were probably happy to have an excuse not to leave their house and screech at regular people for going outside and touching grass kek

No. 1443324

To be fair most twitter users ignore the character limit and just make threads.

No. 1443325

I don't mind at all. I always found the limit annoying. If i really want to read what someone says i'll read it even when it's longer, I don't need to be fed smol pieces of text and search for it in the mess below.

No. 1443359

It's people like you who ruined twitter, just go use tumblr or wordpress or something like that instead.

No. 1443397

>ruined twitter
you can't ruin cow shit

No. 1443398

It was fun to use at some point. It turned to shit as soon as American politicians latched unto it in 2016 and people from tumblr came here to ruin it more or less at the same time.

No. 1443417

this. it used to be really nice and fun before the tumblr. i think they should have increased the limit by 300 max, because small statuses is a part of twitters charm, now its gonna become facbook and the feed will be unreadable.

No. 1443532

Reminds me of "the medium is the message". Going from short-form to longer form writing will change a lot. Think about how cancerous it is to debate about politics in 280 characters.

No. 1443533

I'd be okay with 480 or even 500, but not 4000

No. 1443876

I remember those days… wish we could go back

No. 1444183

File: 1670953050067.jpg (Spoiler Image,388.44 KB, 1481x1194, HdHJCoifV8VQMLi.jpg)

>Defends Troy Lanez
>Literally admits to licking men's anuses with her tongue
you can't make this shit up

No. 1444188

Are we sure this not a Troon? Not saying that that defending Tory lanez is a Troon thing (Lsa/shaderoom/twitter is full of black women defending tory lanez) but licking ass…gives this a Troon like feel. 50% chance this is a scrote

No. 1444209

You'd be surprised the lenghts pick mes go to. Or what kind of fetishes women have too (see: an anon here who has some anime husbando she fantasises eating her menstrual blood, also eats her own irl)

No. 1444214

Bonus points for that comic giving heavy incest vibes.

No. 1444217

nta I feel like period blood is not on the same level as eating literal unwashed man ass, but I might be biased.

No. 1444237

well yoouu're quick to judge. a good wife washes her husbands feet but a great one washes his ass too didn't cha know!

No. 1444412

I know it is the Twitter hate thread but is there a list of good TERF/radfem accounts to start following? I've decided to try making an account again, got shadow banned years ago in fact for misgendering, kek.

No. 1444448

Where do trad tards even get the idea traditional women exclusively breastfeed? If anything I've mostly seen those "stupid hippies" they hate breastfeed where as tradthots use formula to try to prevent breast sagging or pressure from family

No. 1444504

File: 1670971159546.jpg (131.59 KB, 709x855, 78554.jpg)

Man brutally raped by a woman
>moids: hell yeah, I wish that was meeee
>liberal women: we need to take sexual assault against men seriously …

No. 1444512

I can't even feel bad for the guy in that very specific case if it's real, the guy tried to rob a hair salon, could have severely injured or killed the owner if she didn't somehow manage to defend herself and what he went through are the consequences of his actions.

No. 1444524

This story sounds made the fuck up anyway by a moid fetishist. Not saying it's untrue. But I can't really imagine WTF Facts is a credible source of news. Plus that's not even how Viagra works.

I found an article on the legitimacy of this. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kiriblakeley/2011/07/14/russian-sex-slave-media-mystery/?sh=69826f1116f1

No. 1444526

Same, it was self-defense and who knows, maybe he would've raped her instead if he had gotten away with it

No. 1444533

That's why I added "if it's real", as long as I don't see a proper source on a screenshot I find online and I never heard about it before I either look for a source or don't bother and then I assume it's unlikely to be real.

No. 1444535

this story was never proven to be true anyways, was never reported by any legitimate news source.

No. 1444542

Why do scrotes always use a few hybristophile women as a condemnation against all women, but nobody talks about how scrotes like female criminals too? There's a popular account on there called mugshawtys where one guy sorts through arrest records for hours finding attractive female criminals for scrotes to thirst over. And the list of their crimes definitely adds to their appeal.

No. 1444552

They want all women to be their perfect ideals, no exceptions and if women aren't that they'll forever use those couple of women as an excuse to shit on all women. They'll fight for their life on why the actions of most men don't define all men though
IMO moids should be grateful there's women willing to fawn over criminals, they already think women only go for 20% of men or some shit, imagine how many men would die alone if women were as unforgiving as they write them out to be

No. 1444613

Because they're all obsessed with the idea that there isn't an inherit difference between men and women despite all the statistics that prove otherwise. It's why the media becomes so obsessed with female pedophiles that have sex with their students even though men do it and get caught doing it a lot more frequently. The idea of women being secret degens appeals to them.

No. 1444711

It's because they want it for themselves. Imagine doing something bad, and getting away with it to the point where people still like you–that is a power trip. However it goes both ways. They tend to pretend fake and transactionally nice men are good men because women expecting almost nothing from men benefits them…while they tend to make fun of actual prosocial and kind behavior in men, especially when it's something that could actually benefit a woman.

No. 1444913

he's right about like 90% of them

No. 1445039

File: 1670996612820.jpeg (142.23 KB, 1079x1291, B0980655-EB6E-4D0C-A7FF-B9F150…)


No. 1445042

File: 1670997078154.jpg (14.27 KB, 360x247, FjMb7AyXgAItPGk.jpg)

He probably wasted of his reproductive time being a resentful incel who wastes his cum watching porn and being ugly.

No. 1445054

Oh cry me a river. Men are so fucking whiny.
>inb4 some moid lurking will think this is proof that the ebul feeemales are not allowing men to be sensitive and show emotions
Nah, it's the male entitlement.

No. 1445059

Women cannot rape men.

No. 1445060

fuck off

No. 1445062

File: 1670998057810.jpeg (105.51 KB, 634x472, F122C162-CAD6-4761-AF0A-3B6A34…)

Ahahaha, you’re too funny.

No. 1445063

But did he die

No. 1445066

Some libfem is on a cope mission, posting a made up story so that she can sperg about women “raping” men. I’m guessing her Nigel got “raped” by another woman at a party.

No. 1445132

File: 1671002694397.jpeg (Spoiler Image,303.91 KB, 828x718, 82B5F49B-92FB-4007-A7AE-57A22F…)

wtf she literally looks childlike in the face in these edits too

No. 1445160

In the left picture she looks like one of those hyper realistic renders, is she some kind of virtual sw influencer or some shit?

No. 1445162

this must be a fake story, when i typed her name on google i found weird niche articles talking about it in a positive way…?

No. 1445164

it ruins the whole new purpose of twitter, theres already facebook for long posts

No. 1445165

No that's the actress in the new Netflix Addams Family show. People are making deepfakes of her.. Honestly it's beyond creepy imo

No. 1445168

this is deepfakes ?? i really thought she was doing cam shit besides of her annoying acting career

No. 1445169

Why do all social media sites end up trying to be just like other social media sites? Like facebook trying to be like instagram and eventually just straight up buying instagram, then instagram trying to be exactly like tiktok, youtube trying to be like tiktok aswell. Now twitter seemingly trying to be just like facebook. What's the point? People on the site are using it because of what it already is. If the twitter userbase wanted to be on a site like facebook, they would literally just join facebook.

No. 1445170

im getting sick and tired to see this actress everywhere, she aint that good + the netflix serie is dogshit, gotta wait 6 months so they gonna move to another new annoying and bland actress

No. 1445171

Oh wtf. I haven't seen that good deepfakes ever, so a some moid has really trained an AI for hundreds of hours to get some fap material. Males gonna male.

No. 1445172

Yeah her body is very petite, she's like 5 feet tall and no curves iirc

No. 1445174

Unhinged shit. And yet some people try to suggest men won't be making porn of any of their acquaintances with any online presence

No. 1445211

>WTF Facts
Great source. This porn-tier fantasy totally happened.
This is the outcome of the gold digger mindset these men choose to have. Maybe it takes just a little more to "attract" women than to have money, no?

No. 1445219

Anon you would have to be really retarded to believe that's actually her kek.

No. 1445282

Moids chant "The wall defeats them all" and dream up scenarios of old spinsters til they're blue in the face, only to find…

No. 1445283

You can't possibly think that's actually a woman

No. 1445307

File: 1671025474644.jpg (69.03 KB, 750x484, 511d12a1d4e0f982c7d0713b94fc89…)

we should never have given moids access to technology

No. 1445373

scrotes did the same thing to billie eilish. theyre such fucking dickheads. i swear i wish women were never pushed out of tech, computer science whatever the fuck because the lack of influence shows every fucking time

No. 1445452


No. 1445458

The more technology advances, the more I know men are going to use it to harm women.

No. 1445565

Because they want to keep everyone on their site and they don't want to end up like MySpace or livejournal with everyone leaving to go to the shiny new social media site. So if another type of site gets popular, they copy it and/or buy it to keep everyone on their site.

No. 1445745

File: 1671042480323.png (341.04 KB, 466x707, Fj2f2mUX0AI2ESg.png)

No. 1445756

kek wtf tell me this is satire

No. 1445773

Maybe he should have built up a personality and a skincare routine?

No. 1445774

Just search "radfem twt" and click on accounts to go through their followings and stuff.

No. 1445899

File: 1671048275349.jpeg (101.54 KB, 749x928, 522C660D-1557-4A9C-A7DF-734B5C…)

black women literally own and copyrighted…uhhhh throws dart high cheekbones and defined bone structure!! yeah because literally no other race has facial definition. michaela coel isn’t even natural either she’s had tons of work done to look like the alien she looks like now

No. 1445903

Ok so where are my cheekbones then? My cheeks are fat as fuck.

No. 1445904

you obviously got fillers to look white i mean yt kek

No. 1445906

First trannies now black women. God make the constant embarrassment end. Women of all races can have high cheek bones. I thought muskrat was going to nuke Twitter, he should hurry up.

No. 1445917

>comparing trannies to black women
go back to /pol/

No. 1445925

She wasn't comparing trannies to black women you fucking retard

No. 1445929

Always gotta make it about race, instead of the fact women are getting very invasive and unnecessary surgeries. And for what??

No. 1445931

this made me smile so big KEK

No. 1445949

If anything you’re the retard here. Nobody brought up trannies until you did.

No. 1446088

I want to say it but I'm scared of getting allahu akbhar'd by some crazy muslim moids who beheaded that french teacher for example. I really feel like muslim men's willingness to commit violence is a reason why so many people are afraid to speak on it or at least question it openly.

No. 1446093

you are actually missing the point here. a prior tweet claimed that women were having surgery to copy TiMs, this one claims black women.

No. 1446114

The OP of that post doesn't even have those weird, surgery-created cheekbones herself. This is reaching so hard, and these PS-addicted celebrities look horrible anyway. Why would anyone want to claim whatever new cruelty they've done to their faces? The woman on the left looks like a ghoul.
It's like when people were claiming the "hunter eyes" or "ponytail face lift" trend were a form of Asianfishing.

No. 1446117

obviously tf

No. 1446126

ladielabrys, cache_pas, marguerite stern, terfin9000, liberatedlezzy, lembdadelta1, claireshrugged, threeeyedterf

No. 1446152

Yes. The women and daughters are considered nothing in that religion and moids are extra violent because they are promised virgin children as a reward. allah and his pedo followers are disgusting..

No. 1446674

File: 1671099758691.png (50.72 KB, 835x345, Screenshot.png)

artcel drawslaves absolutely btfo and on suicide watch. how will they ever recover?

No. 1446678

Unlike AI i can draw TF2 yaoi, i win

No. 1446681

File: 1671100192054.jpg (70.89 KB, 800x780, pathetic-cat-meme-1.jpg)

ai can't even draw hands, let alone massive yaoi hands. pathetic

No. 1446794

this is all just buzzwords, don't listen to retards online lmao

No. 1446797

If you don’t speak out now it will only get worse. We didn’t in my country and now it’s too late.

No. 1446824

The discourse around AI has people on both sides acting deranged and irrational. Makes me glad I just use it for fun and am not one of the fixated seethers.

No. 1446829

File: 1671111849057.png (37.86 KB, 577x424, Untitled.png)

why are males so embarrassing

shitty artists are terrified about their nonexistent commissions and they are really loud about it

No. 1446832

That guy is not even hiding how evil he is. We have come so far yet are still at the beginning.

No. 1446850

Can't even pretend not to be abusive, why does society let these men live? I am so glad a lot of bpd women make their boyfriends lives hell, i can't hate on them a lot of the time for this.

No. 1446853

narcs are often open about being so because they don't see that part of themselves as a bad thing. the way he's so open about seeking relationship codependency is really weird

No. 1446907

And then they will turn around and say they where being abused the whole time, that they are the real victims and that they suffer just as much as female victims of abuse. When a man tells me he was emotionally abused by a woman, I picture this scenario by default and I’m never wrong. They target mentally ill women and then deliberately provoke them because their narc ass thrives on the conflict and drama.

No. 1446909

defending ai is cringe

No. 1446929

I have to agree. On that note, AI art has no place on actual art platforms, it's like listing drop shipped items on etsy. It's even more cringe to ask artists what ai program they are using.

No. 1447020

File: 1671122754643.png (164.16 KB, 610x806, screenshot.png)

>scrote lies about what happened in a show
>other scrotes come to replies saying of course that's what le typical femoids would do
>conveniently remembers he was wrong after his tweet already became popular
>lets a blatant lying tweet stay up

No. 1447028

10 girls in one house for a week vs 10 boys. this idiot really trying to say the girls would be worse?

No. 1447035

>Girls were so much worse because of this
>Actually it was boys who did this teehee
>But they're both bad!
Why do people always pull the "they're both bad" excuse when it's obvious a man is being worse? Obviously 10 people living together is never going to turn out good male or female

No. 1447057

this is a funny screenshot actually. wow.

No. 1447063

File: 1671125087459.jpg (88.44 KB, 720x655, Screenshot_20221215-121840_Chr…)

> I was wrong but still bad!
I hate scrotes. This is why the cling to the
>white girls fuck dogs
Or act like women being rude, gossipy or doing crimes is the worst in the world. I even saw some posts about "fatherless women" then when people were like,
"Why are you blaming the woman for being fatherless? Isn't it the father's fault?" They go, "well they project it onto everyone else."
Kind of like how scrotes hate single mothers but some of them also are against abortion. They do not care, just have babies but of the father doesn't want to stay around then it's your fault somehow.
I hate men more and more. Also a woman wanting to do something for herself makes her miserable.
Shut the fuck up lying retard.
>omg look at 10 years old girls acting out
Meanwhile I can find 10 year old boys killing their fucking mothers over video games. I bet that'll be blamed on her being a single mother though. For every white woman who fucks dogs, there's thousands of scrotes fucking and killing everything on the daily.
Mem will cling to anything to prove that we are truly the sick ones. Because they hate we've had years of fucking proof of them being fucked up for zero reasons.

No. 1447077

A lot of people just buy themselves presents on Christmas and don't give or receive presents, it's called being on a budget. How does that make someone ugly on the inside? Who is Possum Reviews and what does he review? He sounds like a tard.

No. 1447082

File: 1671125866205.jpeg (754.9 KB, 1170x1124, FC8E3ADD-05CD-4E37-8A8D-5310E1…)

I follow this guy for vidya reviews but dear lord is he pathetic. Sage for vendetta-ish.

No. 1447087

This should be normalized tbh. Id rather everyone buy their own presents than to have the 115th ugly Dillard's shirt, coffee or hot cocoa gift set, or red lobster gift card rotting in my closet and then have to buy others gifts they won't use

No. 1447142

Gifts are supposed to come from people who love and care for you, that's why they get you something you didn't know you wanted. Not be obligations of money spent on gift cards in a parody of love.

No. 1447215

File: 1671130957937.png (118.11 KB, 850x363, Gender-differences-in-involvem…)

>white girls fuck dogs jokes
But bestiality is so so so much more common among men.

No. 1447217

Men in shitholes regularly die from rabies after trying to rape donkeys.

No. 1447224

The hoarding is interesting that it's so common among women

No. 1447254

The whole reason why it became a meme to begin with was because moid porn addictions progressed to the point that they started seeking out bestiality porn, and now there's a subset of men out there who literally cannot see a woman with an animal without imagining her having sex with it.

No. 1447331

But that's exactly what Christmas turned into kek. If your family sucks at giving gifts everyone should just use Christmas money to buy their own. My husband's family is like this and will hoard whatever is on sale at department stores, it's gotten to where 90% of their junk doesn't even have tags or packaging taken off because they just buy each other the most basic shit with no consideration for what they actually like. It's such consoomer tier waste

No. 1447385

Shit like this is making me seriously wonder why the fuck I bothered learning English until I became fluent. I regret it so much whenever I understand nonsensical word salad posts like this one.

No. 1447449

Without looking up "Possum Reviews" I predict that
>he is 28-35 years old
>reviews children's cartoons
>calls himself an artist but draws like an 8 year old
>stuck in his 2014 men's rights activist "ebil feminists" phase
>is addicted to porn

No. 1447526

Everything men ever say is projection.

No. 1447748

File: 1671156885393.jpeg (740.4 KB, 1203x1541, C40027E1-18A3-438D-93DF-20E82B…)

No. 1447758

I don’t even want to know the context

No. 1447794

she has been talked about here before. anons found out that she admitted to not having sex with her dad. Just vividly fantasied it and wrote/drew it.

No. 1447799

File: 1671160350046.jpeg (769.68 KB, 1170x1728, D1681674-740D-41B3-ADB1-8C67A6…)

Not defending conservitards but this guy sounds like a groomer

No. 1447813

Fucking this, my mum bought me an expensive kenzo sweater that's really uncomfortable and not something i would wear and got angry when i didn't like it. I hate unthoughtful gifts and I hate giving people shit they don't want. I am anti-gifts unless they are somebody you know incredibly well. Heck, i'd probably get better gifts from randoms on this site than my parents ever would..

No. 1447819

File: 1671161387377.jpg (139.32 KB, 1056x1690, FkB6FjlX0AAAKDV.jpg)


No. 1447842

seems stupid. You have to be 14+ to have a yt account yet yt doesnt ban children off the platform, they instead prefeer to restrict the users because some pedos found those children who arent even allowed to have yt accounts by youtube guidelines.

No. 1447845

They need to be used for experiments.

No. 1447878

tbh this is probably the closest thing to the truth a man will ever say, even if he's still wrong.

No. 1447952

File: 1671168156274.jpg (231.09 KB, 1080x1019, hypocrite.jpg)

I think it's true. The opposite of love is indifference not hate so I think it's worse than hate…and I assume the worst of men.

No. 1447974

Honestly this sound probably true

No. 1447978

can't men produce sperm well into their 60's ? my uncle just had another son and he's like 48

No. 1447980

Just because they can doesn't mean they should, dusty cobweb crypt keeper sperm produces nothing but tard children

No. 1447983

enrique iglasies's grandfather was a male obgyn who had his last child at like 94 years old

I wish I were making this up

No. 1447995

File: 1671172575219.png (170.67 KB, 678x419, DFS.png)

Being American/Canadian should qualify as a mental illness, imagine being so brain rotted by online discourse that you start calling any people group "discount white people" wtf

No. 1447997

This is why so many youths are currently autistic

No. 1448001

samefag also it's really funny how these people are like
"East Asians making entertainment primarily aimed at other East Asians are more white than Disney films" because the people complaining are invariably people that have cracker ass mayo neuroses and are American/Canadian, usually when a westerner shows up in a Chinese/Hong Kong film(or even South Asian films recently) they're also almost always an antagonistic/evil American, Brit, or Russian that hates Chinese or Indian people and gets humbled by the asian protagonist in the end, only when you are high enough level in weird woke shit you're only watching films intended for literal children or cartoons that pretend to be such but are more like this Hard Drive headline, you become obsessed with "whiteness" and see it in everything bad but not yourself which is insane cause the non white people that are like the person are super alienated from the culture of their parents/grandparents and also from mainstream american melting pot culture, so they're stuck in this extreme white person cult of screaming "THAT'S YT"("cracker ass mayo" go back)

No. 1448002

At least he acknowledges his reproductive years are over, unlike moids who swear "we'll see" then make perfect healthy babies with hot fertile 21 yr olds as if their dicks just have a forever battery and aren't organic matter that rots like everything else.

No. 1448054

This is so fucking funny lmao. Great example of what it's like to argue with a moid.
In that case he has no right to reee when women/feminists point this out, but you just know he would. Men love misogyny, they just don't like to be called misogynists.

No. 1448077

getting the baby out is 10% of the process,
kids grow with a very dated reference of what a man should be and act like. Not to talk of the fact he would not be able to play with you or be as present as a dad should be, and he will die before he can see any grankids.
My bff is a sweetheart, but she had huge issues relating with people her age because of old parents

No. 1448330

File: 1671205045527.jpg (52.96 KB, 640x642, cg4vv8s6d66a1.jpg)

Is the muskrat trainwreck in his thread on snow?
Apparently he hosted a twitter space, got BTFO by journalists and now the whole "spaces" feature has been deleted

No. 1448336

>male obgyn
>new child at 98
I hate men so much, it's unreal. Dusty ass sperm creates tard babies.

No. 1448338

This is racist af. Why are so many Canadians like this.

No. 1448344

File: 1671206195502.png (111.32 KB, 609x516, cgAKrqX.png)

it's like they have a mental handicap

No. 1448355

These people have literal mayobrain, and they're determined to make it everyone else's problem. You can show them a smiley face and they'll say "That's a white person". It's like white people are their daddies or something, they take on the exact same POV as the most milquetoast WASP scrote who thinks he's the default human and other people are walkng stereotypes. People in all ethnic groups of North Americans are like this, it's insane.(twitterfag)

No. 1448363


I know some of you guys are gonna be at my fucking neck for this but I think this law could be a good thing. With all the child exploitation and grooming going on right now with social media apps like tiktok and parents not watching over their kids on social media. It would be better just to not have minors on these platforms at all and let their brain develop and grow with out becoming chronically online. People literally will tell a kid being a kid online to kill themselves.

No. 1448366

I wouldn't mind, but someone can still use a vpn to bypass it if it's just texas. Or take their parents profile. Or they'll ask everyone in texas for an ID when registering to social media

No. 1448382

what the fuck does he think social media teaches kids? or anyone?

No. 1448594

Porn addiction

No. 1448951

t. Autistic twitter racebaiters

No. 1449370

Didn't see a ban message, just this redtext right now, but I just wanted to say I've been on Lolcow since the first moid admin, have never had a Twitter account, hate trannies and hate males of all races. I used "mayobrain" facetiously, because these people have white derangement syndrome. Learn2contextclues kek

No. 1449514

File: 1671266654445.jpg (167.84 KB, 1080x972, Screenshot_20221212-155438_Chr…)

Gendies appropriating body dysmorphia has been a disaster.

No. 1449973

Late but me too nona. I’ve gotten into the habit of practically forcing my close family members to tell me exactly what they want because I am not wasting limited time and resources on guessing games. I do the same thing for them. Here’s the link to what I want. If they don’t, they just get visa gift cards or money and can figure it out themselves.

No. 1450199

File: 1671304790174.jpeg (662.5 KB, 1170x3691, 6A91AD57-7D51-4ED3-A828-A4EFC9…)

Grown adult women caping for the 10-year-old scrote who murdered his mother. Fourth/fifth graders ABSOLUTELY have a concept of the irreversibility of death by that age, and understand the effects of impulsive actions. This shit is why we have so many shitty little boys growing up to become violent men. I want off this ride

No. 1450210

If these bitches want to cape for violent lil moids so bad why don't they offer to take him into their homes.

No. 1450215

>10 years old
>only $100 of pocket money
>10 years old kids don't know what death is
>10 years old kid trying to scare his mom with an actual gun
Everyone is mentally ill in that screencap, there's no other explanation.

No. 1450221

They also obviously didn’t read the article or read about the case, he stole the key to the gun safe the night before. He PLANNED this shit. If it wasn’t for his sister talking to the cops and telling them about his anger issues, they were going to pit it as an accident. He knew what he was doing.

No. 1450228

Right? When I was 10 years old I had $.25 from the tooth fairy kek

No. 1450236

File: 1671306397080.jpg (24.61 KB, 500x625, a57540cc8848482f4c48a9e29f82ac…)

>not running multiple scams to earn pocket money and get away with it because you're a kid

No. 1450248

I feel terrible for his sister. She had to deal with her violent moid brother for years and now he’s the reason she doesn’t have a mom anymore. Makes me want to cry thinking about it. Where is the outrage and concern for her on Twitter?

No. 1450614

File: 1671326730007.jpeg (43.36 KB, 720x346, 2282F651-96ED-44CA-93C9-C9BF72…)

tbh he deserves his retarded fanbase

No. 1450634

File: 1671327571529.jpeg (700.04 KB, 1170x1783, ED4C63C8-4043-4E84-AD5F-15D5DC…)

Wait nm she’s based

No. 1450664

This post gives Tom Sawyer vibes.

No. 1450865

she probably is mega fujocoomer, likely to troon out and act like the worst possible FTM imaginable

No. 1450874

arent you banned pakichan

No. 1450891

>ableist to autists
Pot meet kettle

No. 1451025

>10 year olds don't have a concept of death (lie)
>mental illness excuse
>there's more to the story
>IMMEDIATE defense mode: "he accidentally shot her"
>regardless of what he did or DIDN'T do (???)
Shit like this is why I genuinely hate pickmes as much as I hate scrotes. They are not only excusing the premeditated fucking murder but also sneakily shifting the blame onto his mother. If a 10 year old is capable of very calculated acts of gruesome violence over something so mundane, doesn't that just speak FOR trial as an adult?
This is so insane. Fuck the mom and the sister, let's "advocate" for murderous scrote who will, if he's ever left out, 100% go on to abuse and kill other women in his life. Being a pickme/boymom is an actual mental illness.

No. 1451034

This reminds me of when twittertards demanded people to refer to CWC as a woman because muh his identitety!! even though he raped his dementic mom.

No. 1451572

This just tells me to abort if it's a boy, lol.

No. 1451698

File: 1671388962458.jpeg (1019.02 KB, 1464x1844, 11F87F80-3590-4077-A4BE-858359…)

Lmao this is going to go great for them

No. 1451700

File: 1671389037209.jpeg (74.84 KB, 916x822, F6EE245B-8664-4C34-BD0A-E0CEC2…)

No. 1451715

I love seeing Elon Musk running Twitter into the ground bit by bit kek. Big social media platforms have been abandoned before, Twitter isn't the untoucheable holy grail he seems to think it is.

No. 1451731

This is going to backfire so hard. I use twt to promote anything I am selling on mercari and IG to give people discounts/save on shipping. Wow.

No. 1451809

File: 1671392031775.jpeg (30.89 KB, 620x507, 8789F6BE-788E-453D-8198-8B3E52…)

No. 1451814

But not OnlyFans?

No. 1451865

Twitter is now officially neopets for adults

No. 1451878

This is so retarded.

No. 1451880

Why tho?

No. 1451882

I didn't even notice it was gone. Good riddance, I have no clue why it even existed and the button was at the center bottom of the screen on the smartphone app which was annoying as hell.

No. 1451886

this is not gonna be good for muskrat

No. 1451892

He got salty when users were saying they'd leave twotter for mastodon instead is my guess.

No. 1451895

I predict in the future he's also going to ban linking to certain news websites

No. 1451922

This is so fucking stupid

No. 1451940

File: 1671399255740.png (173.79 KB, 1214x654, Screenshot 2022-12-18 at 23.31…)

Too bad this policy is in violation of EU regulations. Also, Musky boys mommy is also now whiteknighting for him

No. 1451953

Kek I thought Musk was "saving" the platform according to twitter moids and pick mes?

No. 1451958

No, that makes no sense, that comparison makes no sense at all.

No. 1451967

Imagine being a grown man needing your mom to defend you like this

No. 1452005

doesn't twitter shadowban exterior sites already? Any post that contains external links will be shown to like 5% of your followers

No. 1452080

File: 1671406684138.png (49.47 KB, 602x378, poll.png)

Guess he couldn't handle the backlash

No. 1452088

Is this real life? Never thought I'd see something like this get decided by poll on social media. What is his mental illness?

No. 1452091

File: 1671407488549.png (57.23 KB, 916x232, muskrak.png)

>it's real
Yes is at 55% right now

No. 1452096

On one hand, this sounds too retarded to be serious, on the other, Musk is very retarded so it's difficult to tell. Maybe he wants validation or just media attention.

No. 1452100

what a leading question lmao. yes, make the users of your site decide whether you leave as head (and install some other idiot or bootlicker on your way out)

it's what his users voted for, after all

No. 1452126

nooo i wanted him to continue to fuck it up!!

No. 1452130

He's obviously being sarcastic, your 'tism is showing

No. 1452149

Nta but regardless of if he's being sarcastic, Elon Musk has shown himself to be very sensitive of criticism and he probably is upset at the negative backlash while trying to hide it behind a joke.

No. 1452150

Free speech, huh?

No. 1452225

Kek those tweets are deleted now

No. 1452470

Consider: Musk is very retarded

No. 1452485

File: 1671441220691.png (15.21 KB, 751x134, eltonmusk.png)

He's such a prankster

No. 1452515

just saw on KF that this horrid taylor lorenz bitch has been banned, i am savouring the delicious schadenfreude

No. 1452522

there's a few more keffals bootlickers who got banned

No. 1452607

File: 1671450134183.jpg (237.87 KB, 709x1290, RUTq5A9IW7x.jpg)

What is wrong with Americans ? why do they have to comment on other countries with there retarded racial dynamics
btw I'm sure Argentina has racism problems. But, but Argentina has a huge native population of several different communities, many Bolivian and Paraguayan immigrants, a huge Jewish and Lebanese descent population, many East Asians. But a very small population of blacks, so it's mostly americans whining about how this insignificant population aren't being pandered too

No. 1452654

They should ask why the Japanese team is so monoracial next, what is this retardation

No. 1452675

I would give a shit if Argentina wasn't so fucking racist towards literally everyone in our continent and beyond, fuck them

No. 1452681

File: 1671455525744.jpg (24.49 KB, 480x427, 1b7.jpg)

for real. they have the nerve to call brazilians monkeys as if they were not latinos too.

No. 1452683

That is literally my only problem with Argentinians. Thinking that they are superior to Brazilians because they don't have a population of their country that came via slave ships. Congatulations Argentina, you are whiter than Brazil but how many of your ancestors were bona fide Nazis again?

No. 1452686

Why is he in Squidward's house

No. 1452692

File: 1671456779984.jpg (121 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

squidward is argentinian

No. 1452693

Ain't nobody feeling bad over a proto-nazi country getting racisms accusations, hell, I could believe they killed the few blacks that lived there, is not farfetched to think so

No. 1452703

That explains everything.

No. 1452717

The Washington post is a meme journal. What the fuck

No. 1452721

File: 1671459122633.jpg (127.19 KB, 1200x1200, FjnrnVyWQAEDUeN.jpg)

most Argentinians would unironically take that comment as a compliment

No. 1452726

Nonna please pick a history book. In the colonial times argentina was not receiving a lot of slaves ships and with the independence freedom for everyone born in Argentina was granted. The few black people integrated with natives and creoles, as we never were a crazy racist society (as USA for example were race mixing was more taboo). You know, ethnicity is more complex than white and black and here you can enjoy a wide range from native people like guaraníes, coyas, qom, wichi, pampas to mixes between said people and white immigrants from all the corners of Europe. More than racism here we have a problem with classism.

No. 1452746

NTA but argentinians are racist as fuck lmao

No. 1452751

File: 1671461614886.jpg (104.48 KB, 1080x629, FjqU6__X0AEISa0.jpg)

Former head of Twitter's Trust and Safety team's old Tweets resurfaced.

No. 1452753

Did you live in Argentina? Because it's easy to talk about a country based on what you see on internet. Jokes on Twitter doesn't make a society racist. You have to live among us to judge that.

No. 1452756

This is the guy who advocated for "corseting" child adult sexual relationships btw

No. 1452758

File: 1671462244028.png (176.69 KB, 1607x712, rci.png)

No. 1452761

Nta but I'm from latin american and all of latin america is racist or classist (racist). Argentinians are known for having an "I am white" superiority complex despite not being actually white.

No. 1452762

aren't most of them are Italians and Spaniards mixed with indigenous population

No. 1452763

Nta. I don't know the first thing about racism in Argentinia but one thing I do know is that wikipedia isn't a reliable source anon kek kinda embarassing to try and backup your opinion with a wikipedia article regardless of whether you're right or wrong.

No. 1452764

You know Wikipedia has a "works cited" page, right? The reason professors tell you it's "not a source" is because they want you to cite the sources it gives, not because the information on it isn't factually based lmao

No. 1452766

You know anyone can edit a wikipedia page and bs away right?

No. 1452768

Try it yourself, then. Do it right now, attempt to save it, see how fast the autistic jannies and curators revert your edits for being bullshit and ban your IP. They'll probably also light your ass up in the "talk" page. The "B-But anyone can edit Wikipedia" cope falls apart if you've ever actually written a serious essay and fact-checked.

No. 1452770

You know one of the original creators of Wikipedia called them out for being a horrible source and no longer what they once were?

No. 1452772

Yes all of latin america is mixed. Some are less than others so they look more white, have blond hair, blue eyes, etc, but at the end of the day everybody has indigenous / black / even middle eastern blood in them. It would be extremely rare to find someone who only has euro blood.

That is not how wikipedia works lol. Every edit and claim needs to be backed up with a source that moderators will evaluate and approve of. Anyway if you don't believe it you can just go check the argentinian constitution and read the sentence yourself.

No. 1452773

You know I already pointed out that it's not a source because you're supposed to refer to the works cited, right?

No. 1452779

File: 1671463280677.png (174.69 KB, 1422x581, argentinaisracistandmurderedal…)

>Ain't nobody feeling bad over a proto-nazi country getting racisms accusations,
wow, turns out you are actually right about them being proto-whites are the best, so let's get rid of everyone else.

>In the colonial times argentina was not receiving a lot of slaves ships and with the independence freedom for everyone born in Argentina was granted. The few black people integrated with natives and creoles, as we never were a crazy racist society (as USA for example were race mixing was more taboo).

No, you need to pick up a history book or at least read a wikipedia article. Argentina was crazy racist and probably still is.

Argentina had a decently high population of black people, which dropped like a cliff due to some racist Latin America ideology called "whitening"

"Afro-Argentines were up to a third of the population during colonial times, most of them slaves brought from Africa to work for the criollos. The black population in Argentina declined since the middle 19th century from 15% of the total population in 1857 (Blacks and Mulatto people), to less than 0.5% at present (mainly mulattoes and immigrants from Cape Verde)."

"However, unlike other regions of the Americas where there was a strong violent segregation of non-whites in an attempt to prevent racial mixing, Argentine elite thought that non-white offspring could be improved if they were the result of a mix with whites" cause of something called whitening.

Whitening - Blanqueamiento, branqueamento, or whitening, is a social, political, and economic practice used in many post-colonial countries in the Americas and Oceania to "improve the race" (mejorar la raza)[1] towards a supposed ideal of whiteness." This was based on the falsehood that whites (especially those belonging to Western European cultures) were the only ones capable of carrying on a civilization, while most non-whites (such as Amerindians and Blacks) were inevitably related to barbarism.[17]

No. 1452781

I didn't know all this, holy fuck. Their complex runs so deep it's sickening

No. 1452784

>daft gringos
>literal argentinians
I'm so torn…

No. 1452790

samefag, however, I also think that whining about the people on the Argentinian soccer team is not going to do anything to help people who are being discriminated against in Argentina and is just lazy ass virtue signalling.

No. 1452793

So none of you lived in Argentina, none of you know how argentinian people are, all these presumptions are based on stereotypes or in bullshit that our politicians believe which doesn't represents what the average argie is.

That's what I'm saying with black people being integrated. They weren't kill or segregated like in USA. Show me a better example of how black people was treated in the nineteenth century, because the whitening was nothing against genocide. Anyways, did you know that the same governments wanted euro immigrants to assimilate to argentinian society too? More globally, the whitening was part of the efforts made to have an homogeneous society.

No. 1452802

So actual Argentinian society is racist because what happened in the nineteenth century and because what you read in Twitter. That's a very thoughtful analysis!

No. 1452807

wait, so you claim that the politicians don't represent argentinian opinions, but then try to defend their actions and policies anyway?

No. 1452809

ayrt Anon, if you can't see how the govt encouraging black people to intermarry with whites, because they thought black people were "barbaric" and whites "civilized", is racist, then I have no idea what to say here.

Yes, it's better than genocide and forced segregation but still racist.

No. 1452810

Nope, was actually going to defend them after the twitter post. knowing they and their history is racist, even by latam standards, and seeing accounts of people who actually lived there talk about heavily being discriminated against changed my mind lol. the fact that your entire analysis is "no it's fake don't believe it" with no information, nothing, is extremely thoughtless.

No. 1452825

I'm not defending anything, I'm just expanding what has been said, I'm giving context. And I will ask again, what happened in the nineteenth century and what corrupt politicians think it's a good representation of the actual Argentinian society? Can you said the average argie is racist without living a while in Argentina?

No. 1452827

It's unfair to call a society racist because of what a government did in the fucking nineteenth century. And about the treatment of foreigns yes, in one side people can be very xenophobic but in the other side here immigrants from LATAM could live better than in their own countries, have more work opportunities, free healthcare and education and eventually they integrate.

No. 1452828

>They weren't kill or segregated like in USA.
Why do people think only America has racism, and that if another country's racism isn't the same as America's then it's actually not racism.

No. 1452835

everybody who's not an argentinafag already knows argentina is racist, anon.

No. 1452841

Stereotypes exist because they are true. You cannot sit here and tell a fellow latin american that Argentinians are not racist. It's not a big deal anyway, every single country in the world is racist in some way towards certain groups of people. It's something you just cannot avoid.

No. 1452858

>>1452809 ayrt
>Can you said the average argie is racist without living a while in Argentina?
Luckily some journalists have asked some people who do live in Argentina if Argentina is racist. And they said yes. So, I'm going to believe them for now, over you, if you don't mind.

Argentine movement tries to make Black heritage more visible

Angeles Martinelli, a white Argentine, married a Senegalese immigrant and soon faced racism head-on. She recalled people asking her, “What’s a beautiful woman doing with a monkey?”

Martinelli's daughter Ammi is now 12 and very shy, something her mother attributes in part to taunting from a classmate who often said, “We don’t want to play with you because you’re Black.”

Time to challenge Argentina’s white European self-image, black history experts say

“Argentina needs to understand that it is both very racist and very Afro,” said black activist and researcher Alí Delgado.

University lecturer Patricia Gomes is another Afro-descendant researcher intent on demolishing Argentina’s mythical self-image as a white nation. “In Argentina it used to be said that here there were no blacks, therefore there was no one to be racist with – and hence there was no racism,” she said.

“If it was not possible to physically eliminate Argentina’s Afro-descendants, the decision was to at least eliminate them symbolically, to create a discourse that there are no blacks in Argentina, that Brazil has that problem,” says Edwards.

The entrenched poverty of many Afro-descendants goes hand in hand with Argentina’s structural racism, says Delgado.

“There are no black journalists or politicians, but Argentina’s poor barrios are full of Afro-descendants. So are our prisons, just like in the United States.”

No. 1452878

The fact that Argentines itt are even trying to deny all these claims is pathetic: just own your shit, everyone worldwide already knows the deal with y'all and its been proven multiple times by different ethnicities and races that interacted with your kind, who are you guys trying to fool?

No. 1452882

Let's all just agree that Argentina is super racist, but that it doesn't justify gringos speaking.

No. 1452897

The average gringo today is a lot less racist than the average Argentinian fyi. Like if a black Argentinian got in an argument with a white one, for whatever reason, they wouldn't even think twice about using racial slurs. Americans really can't begin to imagine how racist the rest of the world is.

No. 1452914

what the fuck is this shit. Imagine posting this and going 'yup, this is fine and not creepy in any way.' Men who use porn and infant in the same sentence should be shot on sight.

No. 1452928

The thought of even bringing these two elements into the same conversation is very fucking sus

No. 1452931

Back when I was using 4chan and browsing /int/ every thread about Argentina was about agrentinians having some complex about being white and trying to prove they're white. It all makes sense now.

No. 1452945

This. I really don't give a single fuck about what anyone says about Argentinians

No. 1453474

File: 1671499188606.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1833, 63DA42CE-6F77-4FB0-AD01-147FC1…)

No. 1453487

What's wrong with this tweet?

No. 1453520

I’m not even going to answer you.

No. 1453536

average /g/ poster

No. 1453551

i'm with you on this one

No. 1453555

>at the end of the day everybody has indigenous / black / even middle eastern blood in them
This is so dumb. So Gisele Bündchen isn't white? Stop applying your stupid American concepts of race to other countries. People aren't automatically mixed just because they are born in South America.

No. 1453557

Who doesn’t want to fuck a blue alien man

No. 1453591

File: 1671505497668.jpg (280.93 KB, 2650x1125, 1671441849655.jpg)

The Na'vi males canonically have micro dicks, it's the reason given why we never see them despite their minimal clothing

No. 1453592

The moid who created this movie was obviously feeling extra jelly over the 9'10 sexy male aliens getting all the attention that's why he nerfed them, we all know na'vi males were supposed to be well endowed

No. 1453597

Don't they fuck with tails?

No. 1453612

File: 1671506828820.png (26.8 KB, 662x203, tf.png)

Oh, so they have microdicks for god knows what reason yet na'vi females have breasts even though is nonsensical for their species? got it

No. 1453617

thank you so much for sharing this information i was crying over something inconsequential and this snapped me out of it

No. 1453640

this is based idc i loved both movies too

No. 1454260

Even as a monsterfucker I think the navis look fucking retarded.

No. 1454376

File: 1671841435196.png (102.13 KB, 906x452, Screen Shot 2022-12-23 at 7.21…)

Boo fucking hoo. A moid is complaining that his irrelevant subject is finally dying out. Hope women can study something useful these days: https://twitter.com/BretDevereaux/status/1603885980154531840

No. 1454411

anon, history is not an irrelevant subject and i'm suspicious of you for acting like it is

No. 1454489

Least racist Argentinian

No. 1454491

Fuck off you scrote

No. 1454493

>history is dying out, thank god
>actually, I think-

No. 1454509

I know we like to clown on moids here but he didn't say anything wrong, his complaints are legitimate.

No. 1454713

He has definitely thought about raping an infant, wouldn't be surprised if he attempted.

No. 1455184

File: 1671990666028.jpeg (206.6 KB, 828x1404, FA218D19-99B5-4697-A751-F0BEF0…)

This lady making fun of some woman's large feet even though her face is long with an XL forehead. Also she looks retarded bringing up what size she is in kid's. Absolutely pathetic.

No. 1455187

How the fuck is she a size 7 in women's and a size 5.5 in kids? Kids sizes are larger than adult women's sizes? What???

No. 1455194

She's really pretty though. Were you personally offended, miss big foot?

No. 1455334

as someone with a younger brother i dont blame you. Theyre fucking nasty too.

No. 1455355

I'm also a size 7 and it's more like a size 5 in kids size. Your kids shoe size is your regular size - 2.

No. 1455360

My feet are the same size and they were highly complimented by my methhead neighbor.
Somehow complements on feet aren’t the most flattering.

No. 1455904

I kinda hate how this new "view" feature is visible on posts.

No. 1456172

She's not the only main character in the game, but she was playable and had a cool role in Super Paper Mario for the Wii. Unfortunately the premise does still start with her being kidnapped iirc.

No. 1456192

She should just be open she is a DDLGfag. Some women really would find any reason to randomly drag other women.

No. 1456251

>making fun of women's looks is wrong!
>that's why anyone who does it is UGLY!!!!
congrats on inventing 6th wave feminism

No. 1456258

No. 1457088

File: 1672273300628.jpeg (333.2 KB, 828x1132, 5C5FA16A-5CF2-4D91-B308-8666A9…)

No. 1457097

Kek she would NOT fucking say that shit!

No. 1457132

She would as long as it's not "lesbian" mtf

No. 1457927

at least the retard knows not to use that in real life kek

No. 1458069

File: 1672375370323.jpg (204.1 KB, 1170x1843, tweeet.jpg)

Can't tell if this is a classic Twitter reach or if I'm blind because I genuinely don't see what's pornographic about this. The cleavage?

No. 1458074

Letting that white toothpaste drip out of her mouth is definitely intended to be porny, idk about the last 2 pics tho

No. 1458080

nta but is it? I don't watch porn so idk

No. 1458081

it’s intended to resemble cum. I missed it until the other anon pointed that out though sigh and now it makes sense

No. 1458082

Sage for random spergong, but you two are very innocent, and I mean that as a good thing. I wish I still retained some innocence, but being around 'fucked up' adults my whole life I can only see sexual shit.

No. 1458088

I don't think it's innocence though, I just don't really see porn in everything. Perhaps I'm wrong but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and say I don't think it was supposed to look like cum.

No. 1458098

Why else would someone take a picture of themselves with toothpaste dripping out of their open mouth though? It's not exactly a common selfie pose and nobody with a full face of makeup wants a bunch of thick foam running down their chin long enough to take a selfie. It doesn't make sense except to be sexual.

No. 1458120

File: 1672388385992.jpg (217.18 KB, 1392x783, Screenshot_1.jpg)

Interesting because I used to get that girl so often on my fyp on tiktok and she's pretty anti porn/anti men, she falls into that tiktok slightly radfemmy but kind of trans inclusive stream of thought that got popular in the past years on there.
She used to talk about 4chan and incels a lot which was a bit cringe, but yes she definitely knows what she's doing in those pictures.
I just searched her up a bit and it seems like she became a niche microcelebrity with a whole wikipedia page where she's called a "culture writer". I remember when her tiktok username was "state issued fembot", kind of weird to see.

No. 1458128

File: 1672389626325.png (95.47 KB, 739x834, image.png)

this seems to be their secondary account but apparently their problem is with her "belle delphine makeup"??

No. 1458131

File: 1672389904427.png (497.55 KB, 524x922, adadad.png)

Samefagging to add, she has definitely browsed lc before because so many of her takes on her more edgy alt accounts used to just be repackaged lc posts made more palatable for normies. I wish I had taken screenshots but she switched and deleted those tiktok accounts mutliple times.


It takes a high amount of cognitive dissonance to speak against this kind of stuff and then film porny tiktoks at the same time, which is kind of the point of >>1458069 post. She's somebody that often speaks about how porn permeates into everything and criticizes it, but she herself "fails" to notice that she's doing the same

No. 1458135

>anti men
>but trans inclusive
so not really anti-men

No. 1458169

tbf I bet a lot of anti-porn/radfem-lite influencers are closeted about being gender-critical, so they just pretend to go along with trans stuff so that they can still promote their stuff without getting cancelled

No. 1458176

she always seemed rather self-contradictory to me. it's good she has a platform to voice feminist ideology but unfortunately that platform and the general online culture she's a part of is so obsessed with looks and appealing to the male gaze despite all the attempts to undo this. i've known a lot of girls online who are also radfem-leaning while still being active in 4chan/incel circles and befriending men from those places, some of them seem confused and try to appeal to these men and hide it under a guise of irony/humour (could explain the "state issued fembot" moniker).
she would benefit from being a faceless influencer/writer as a lot of her ideas are valuable and should be shared to gen z, but these days a face always has to be attached to your thoughts, particularly if you're a woman.

No. 1458180

So she's just a contrarian?

No. 1458187

I wouldn't necessarily call her a contrarian, more like something inbetween a libfem and a radfem. She did criticize the trans movement more than once, but I believe she deleted all of those tiktoks because they get the most heat kek.

You put it perfectly nonnie, that's exactly how I feel about her

No. 1458190

I've seen some zero effort TiFs (the "nonbinary lesbian" kind) have some misandrist larp but be the biggest pickmes for male troons.

No. 1458292

That cleavage is normal and not porny to you? Her boobs are falling out, are you a choice libfeminist perhaps? Because wearing that kind of thing and posting your tits for moids to ogle and fap to is coomer brainlet behaviour. And the toothpaste dripping out with full face of makeup is gross and also coomer as fuck.

No. 1458294

It's so weird how some nonas get this enraged about a girl taking a picture showing cleavage. You literally sound like if my dad learned imageboard slang.

No. 1458336

File: 1672418756714.png (36.86 KB, 782x163, f3249243gf9f3.PNG)

her caption on the original post doesn't help her case much…

No. 1458347

Yeah, more young women should post coomer shit. So empowering showing moids your boobs. Really helps women getting taken seriously. OP asked why it’s porny, several people said why and now you whine about it.

No. 1458352

Does everything have to be empowering? Is the female body inherently pornographic and for moids to ogle at? I agree the toothpaste pic is weird, but people are dying.

No. 1458360

Can you show me where I called it empowering? All I said was it's weird to get enraged at her. She wasn't born in a vacuum. Plus all she did was take a picture of herself and post it online. On the scale of terrible things a person can do, that doesn't really rate an emotional reaction.

No. 1458363

kys back to twitter.

No. 1458366

She puts on a very elaborate persona and strikes me as this weird mix of very insecure and also very egotistical. The insecurity seems tied to her looks/sex appeal - a lot of chubby girls do this same quirky + hypersexual thing to compensate for not feeling pretty enough. She clearly thinks very highly of her writing and intellect. She's always claiming to have coined different phrases or discovered different phenomena that I've definitely already seen described at length in radfem spaces. She's smart enough to get the gist of them and not dismiss them outright, but she cares too much about her public perception to ever go full radfem or engage with their more challenging beliefs in any real way. So she has to put a more male friendly libfem sheen on it to get feminist cred and male validation at the same time.
The vibe in a lot of her pics is definitely porny but it's subtle enough and ubiquitous enough amongst young women that she has plausible deniability and you look like the weirdo for pointing it out, and I think she knows this.

No. 1458367

You have a mental illness, getting triggered by some tiktoker. Maybe you should go there, or get some real problems in life.

No. 1458370

i'm not even that anon, but you're not welcome on our site either way. perhaps you should get a life if you're going to spend so much emotional energy defending a complete stranger?

No. 1458371

This was not even me, it was another anon kek. And no posting boobs on the internet is not good. You’re playing into what moids want. Wake up.
Who got enraged? I didn’t. I just said it’s coomerish and you sound like a libfem. Not my fault you read it angrily in your head.

No. 1458372

I've been here longer than you, guaranteed. You're probably fresh off Tumblr with this unhinged horseshit. I don't give a fuck about some ethot's cleavage, and no one sane does either, cope.

No. 1458375

3 months isn't a long time.

No. 1458377

>No I'm not enraged
Kek, alright. I'm not a libfem at all, but people like you are turning radical feminism into another bullshit meme by raging about rich/privileged girls taking cleavage selfies, while most of the women in the world are suffering, our spaces are getting taken away by men in dresses, and actual pornography/sex trafficking is rampant.

Exactly, that's why I said I've been here longer than you.

No. 1458378

you are talking to different anons, but you're so upset you don't realize that.

No. 1458379

>this insane amount of backpedalling
Is exercise part of your new year's resolution?

No. 1458382

Except I'm not the anon you accused of reading things angrily, I just commented on that. But on another note, no one said posting boobs on the internet is good either. It just doesn't matter.

No. 1458383

I never said kys, there are more people disagreeing with you. You’re new to imageboards aren’t you kek

No. 1458387

Backpedaling where? What am I saying in that post that contradicts what I said before?

No. 1458389

jesus you're so new.

No. 1458392

this is so embarrassing

No. 1458393

NTA but
>OP post criticising porny zoomer aesthetic
>tell me how this is porny?
>anons say how it’s porny and coomer
>no no cleavage isn’t porny you’re so enraged you sound like my dad

No. 1458396

The whole
>get replied to in a swathe of other anons
>get upset when your anonymous individuality isn't respected
>"T-That wasn't me!"
>derail the thread based on who might be who instead of the actual topic
thing is very newfag, kek

No. 1458400

I wasn't the anon who asked how it was porny or that said anyone sounded like my dad. This is getting pathetic.

No. 1458402

most embarrassing behavior.

No. 1458403

NTA but you clearly are, why are you responding to comments towards them and pretending to be them. kys back to twitter.

No. 1458404

Why post it twice?

No. 1458406

Learn how to read posts in a thread.

No. 1458409

you just keep backpedaling…

No. 1458415

Cringy behavior

No. 1458418

if you're gonna infight at least make it entertaining losers

No. 1458419

It doesn’t even matter if it was you or not though? I didn’t even mention one particular anon but talked about the situation as whole kek

No. 1458425

>It doesn’t even matter if it was you or not though
I mean, it seems to matter to the anon(s) upthread? It doesn't make sense to say I'm backpedaling and using things another person said as proof. That just means the people talking are confused, and probably too annoyed or new to imageboards to discuss the actual subject. I said women have actual problems, simple as.

No. 1458430

You seem really confused to me. You should probably stop using imageboards if you can't deal with anon comments or process them properly.

No. 1458435

I'm not, though. Everything I've said has remained consistent, It's no one else's fault if you mistake two posters for one and get angry.

No. 1458441

>i was only pretending to be retarded
Sure thing, but everyone else here is new right?

No. 1458445

>Interesting because I used to get that girl so often on my fyp on tiktok and she's pretty anti porn/anti men, she falls into that tiktok slightly radfemmy but kind of trans inclusive stream of thought that got popular in the past years on there.
that sounds awful, contradictory, stupid, and incredibly consumeristic too

No. 1458449

nta but you're at fault for not understanding how imageboards work. you seem new because you want to be rude for no reason and don't know how to respond properly.

No. 1458450

That meme doesn't even apply here. You're so bad at this.

No. 1458451

File: 1672423340691.png (96.36 KB, 576x494, shit.png)


No. 1458457

I'm not the person insisting random anons are pretending to be each other. If you think anything I said was rude, you're definitely new. Enjoy 2023.

No. 1458458

This probably didn't even happen, but it's still funny to see them seethe, kekk

No. 1458464

>cousin […] started laughing her ass off when she noticed i am now [pretending to be] a woman
based. even if it's not true, this is exactly how society should react to such delusions.

No. 1458467

can you shut the fuck up? for someone telling others to chill, you seem to have no life at all. either contribute or gtfo

No. 1458471

It moved on two posts ago, but you're dragging it up again. Take your own advice, go outside already.

No. 1458479

based family lmao

No. 1458523

Ayrt, some of you really need to chill out. I could see why the cleavage looks "porny" which is why I asked and no I'm not a "choice lib feminist". I cannot stand how you guys always jump to infighting and accusations, it makes this site fucking unbearable.

No. 1458653

This sounds so fake

No. 1458667

Posters like that are very dedicated larpers from radfem tumblr who think everyone without kneejerk reactions to shit must be a libfem theyby.

No. 1458673

If we were related my family would have done that to him and then would have told him that it's a joke, get over it, pussy, so I'm sure it's fake but I still have hope it's real.

No. 1458695

I’ve never been on tumblr and I’m not a radfem, I just think posting your tits and cum-swallowing-imitating selfie on internet is retarded. Because it really is.

No. 1458703

So you just have all the symptoms of those kinds of autists? Good to know, but please stop it.

No. 1458706

File: 1672440812151.png (567.93 KB, 748x720, Screenshot 2022-12-30 at 22-46…)

very tired of """progressive""" people pretending every fictional lesbian is actually a trans woman and every fictional gay man is actually a trans man. i literally miss the old homophobia, at least they were honest about thinking we were subhuman. these new homophobes still think m/f is the only legit kind of relationship, they've just dressed it up in a thin veneer of ~woke~ terminology.

No. 1458715

Benoit Blanc did look really good in that shirt

No. 1458727

why the fuck do trannies think wearing a shirt is exclusive of trans people. More men should wear a shirt period.

No. 1458734

I have no idea what show/movie this is from, they named a person like a beverage?

No. 1458735

What? Benoit is a normal french name and Blanc is a basic french family name, I can't think of any drink that reminds me of these names.

No. 1458760

Well, maybe all french people are named like bevarages.

No. 1458761

Actually the character isn't french, is he? I need to watch the new movie, I just remember that he had a super weird accent in the first one.

No. 1458762

What convenient timing for gendies to trans him, just as he's shown to be gay! Couldn't possibly just be a mildly flamboyant dresser enjoying swimming in his fancy resort wear

No. 1458770

He has a thick Southern accent, for some reason I have in my head that he's from Louisiana but I'm not sure if that's because he seemed Cajun to me or if that was actually said in the movies.

No. 1458776

File: 1672444646179.jpg (13.05 KB, 162x150, what.JPG)

>just as he's shown to be gay!
elaborate please, not sure how I missed this but big if true

No. 1458790

in the new film he's gay and hugh grant plays his husband.

No. 1458792

That was his husband? I assumed it was a housekeeper/butler.

No. 1458797

nonnie can i ask you a question real quick? are you by any chance autistic

No. 1458806

I just rewatched it. I distinctly remember him addressing Blanc in a way a butler would, but I guess I imagined it while watching the movie. It does explain the "Phillip said you've been in the bath for an entire week" thing.

No. 1458829

Guess that’d make sense with a French name.

No. 1458892

don't feel bad nonna, neither i nor my bf picked up on this at all either

No. 1458902


No. 1459807

Its kinda wild that Daniel Craig played James Bond for over a decade but at the current rate zoomers are only going to be remember him for playing a gay southern detective

No. 1459817

This is one of the most embarrassing self-posts I've ever seen. You're a self-important pickme ethot who loves men attention, nothing about you is based nor radfem but your head is too far up your ass to realize it. Stop promoting your tired ass content on this imageboard and go back to tiktok

No. 1459826

This retard is the type of anon who plans on getting a boobjob herself %100 judging by how hard she seethed over a random thots body.

No. 1459827

Girl shut up that topic is over. Happy new year bitch!!!!

No. 1459834

Are you ok anon? I posted the OP and I'm not the girl in that pic, nor am I any of those other anons you tagged. If those were all one anon we/I would've been banned for samefagging. I know you want to infight but it's New Years. Don't start 2023 off so upset, have a drink and chill.

No. 1459944

Definitely felt like self-post to me too

No. 1459947

It's not a selfpost. The woman in that pic posted that screenshot and it got a bunch of likes. I can't post the tweet now since she's private but I came across it on my timeline. I honestly didn't even know that she was some tiktok feminist.

No. 1459953

>Every woman who calls out my waifu is just jealous
Vpns exists

No. 1459955

You're crazy.

No. 1459960

Girl c'mon, not everyone is going to like you

No. 1459971

Literally. The chimping out at people who weren't bothered and insisting it's a selfpost days after the fact certainly have me convinced kek.
There are hundreds of women posting cleavage pictures online. Why are we supposed to rage at this random one? Who the fuck even is that? Get the fuck off TikTok.

No. 1459974

There was no chimping out or seethe, just saying that it indeed is coomerish and ugly.
ITT: anons who dress for male attention get upset normal people think it’s ugly

No. 1459976

Sure, anon. Anyway, please be calmer in 2023.

No. 1459977

Why are you so obsessed with 2023?

No. 1459978

Are you a hermit or something?

No. 1459980

This is the third time someone signs of with ‘enjoy 2023’ and there was anon even writing ‘p*rn’, aside from the ethot whiteknighting it just smells of twitter zoomer invasion in here. Learn to integrate.

No. 1459982

Multiple anons have pointed out the new year because it's a new year. That's not Twitter or zoomer at all. Open a window, breathe oxygen. Enter the outside world.

No. 1459984

You’re condescending as fuck for no reason, how bitter are you.

No. 1459986

You sound autistic

No. 1459987

See >>1459827
Stop projecting and chill the fuck out already kek

No. 1460023

>Acts like a retard
>Gets called out
>"b-but it's new year eve you can't do this!!!"

No. 1460035

You're still at it? You definitely have no life, post funny shit or close the tab.

No. 1460038

File: 1672580696182.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1158x1545, 4BDAF710-0639-435C-8C2E-07C94D…)

Average male avatar fan
Not the same person. Can you chill out and stop being a retard already? Let it go.

No. 1460041

Everyone's saying to chill, now stop sperging.
>max karson
Same guy who liked Cuties, not surprising.

No. 1460051

disgsting, she even looks like she's stylized to be a tiktok girl

No. 1460053

File: 1672582558300.jpg (48.53 KB, 691x592, ok.jpg)

Thread pic always makes me laugh because she looks nothing like those two pics. Girly facetuned herself as a woman and a man. lol

No. 1460059

she looks like a butch lesbian

No. 1460061

genderbent eraserhead

No. 1460068

Lmao damn, i applaud the amount of effort that must have gone into making herself look anything like a man on that right photo then

No. 1460069

File: 1672584280169.jpg (156.42 KB, 1190x2048, FlVofjKXEAA5_BK.jpg)

Samefag, went to check her twitter and damn, the strain to push the head as far back as possible… it must be tough life to fake so much online knowing that without all the tricks and filters you don't look like that at all

No. 1460075

Lol every time I see the threadpic it makes my neck hurt

No. 1460125

from hot stacy to ugly soyboy with gross tiktok eboy hair. Disappointing

No. 1460126

She really didn't need to transition into a cotton swab

No. 1460147

>me when I check myself after a workout minus the missing breasts

There is older pictures of her and she never looked like a stacy.

No. 1460158

I'm one of the tagged anons and mods can check my ip assuming you reported all those posts, I have a pretty extensive post history. I don't see why this is samefagging when it's not like we're covertly praising her, I even said she blatantly steals from lc

No. 1460165

No. 1460170

Sorry anons but I honestly think she's hot

No. 1460182

does he think marriage is like buying a prostitute? you still need a personality if you want a woman to love you and have kids together.

No. 1460426

File: 1672612847213.jpg (71.45 KB, 720x561, Screenshot_20230101-173530_Chr…)

If you pay Elon musk you should honestly shut the fuck up trying to dunk on him. Seriously, i know everyone complains but something about the twitter users with Elon Musk derangement syndrome annoy me. They will sit on the platform all day talking about how it's dying. He's killing it, oh he's so stupid. Ha ha he spent all that money, yet you are directly giving him money. I dislike Elon as well, but lord

No. 1460446

I feel the same way nona. I'm not a Musk fan but holy shit is it funny to see the same people seething over him are spending all their free time on his website and giving him money. Twitter is free for fucks sake!

No. 1460453

Why did she give herself the teen boy zoomer curly top hairdo? It looks retarded omg what a downgrade

She's catfishing in that pic though. If she actually looked like that I think I'd agree, although I'd never be one to entertain her delusions. She's a woman and I'd call her that

No. 1460454

Netflix series ralphthemoviemaker.

No. 1460460

Damn, Brianna Wu is still around? I remember reading his KF thread way back in 2015, it was such a simpler time, how nostalgic.

No. 1460490

It's just Trump Derangement Syndrome all over again. Rentfree.

No. 1460555

I don’t get anyones obsession with these blue people plus ew

No. 1460561

Ugly loser men like Elon etc always end up living rent free in everyone's minds

No. 1460563

No. 1460564

This is super pornified and anyone itt denying it is probably some retard

No. 1460576

Absolutely, very gross to look at

No. 1460601

ntayrt but me too tbh

No. 1460656

File: 1672631667956.png (375.77 KB, 894x600, JERRY.png)

No. 1460657

No. 1460669

File: 1672633308982.png (14.39 KB, 776x94, Screenshot 2023-01-01 231941.p…)

The fact that he gave elon such an easy win in this situation, my fucking god. Showing everyone you are stupider than a man who set the record for losing the most amount of money in one year. Just hide in a fucking hole at this point.

No. 1460757


No. 1463022

Briana Wu slept with a bunch of game to validate her shitty game. She shouldnt be saying shit

No. 1463227

John Walker Flynt is a man

No. 1463317

File: 1672869672282.png (68.07 KB, 921x455, braindead american take.PNG)

I can't stand Americans anymore. The replies are half normal, funny anecdotes of people traveling abroad and half Americans saying the most stupid shit I've ever read in my life. Why do Americans think ESL minimum wage employees should know exactly how to pronounce the name of a drink that almost nobody in their country drinks to not confuse it with a way more common word that sounds almost the same? People who only speak one language should have their rights taken away from them.

No. 1463320

This tweet just seems like a misunderstanding because of language/culture barriers, don't see what there is to get mad at.

No. 1463321

File: 1672869839224.jpg (683.86 KB, 1080x1808, Hair oil monopoly.jpg)

The lady in the video is literally just putting oil in her hair. Did twitter burgers run out of things to complain about?

No. 1463322

File: 1672870087041.png (42.62 KB, 900x308, sequel.PNG)

I think it's how she and a bunch of people in the replies were acting all smug like the guy did something terrible for ignoring people with allergies or for being too retarded to guess that "avoine" is called "oat" in English, as if every airport in the world is American by default. Here's a link if you're curious: https://twitter.com/LEBassett/status/1564172535993868291

No. 1463328

I remember when they tried to cancel Arabs for wearing Hena(trying to claim it came from Africa) but arabs didn't take any shit and just called them racial sluts and that was that

No. 1463331

Saw some blacks bitching on TikTok too. Apparently the Mielle hair oil she is using was commonly used by blacks and now it's popular with everybody and harder to find, so they're crying about how white people takes everything away from them.

No. 1463333

>trying to claim it came from Africa
It comes from a North African plant so yes it's the truth. But North Africans aren't black and were never black, and for the dark skinned ones, they don't look the way these specific serial complainers look. By these people's logic, black people shouldn't use henna, Arabs shouldn't either, Indians and Pakistanis either, etc. so that's actually pretty funny.

No. 1463346

to be fair I don't know how much hair oil would benefit her straight hair. I have straight hair and tried to use hair oil but didn't really feel a difference

No. 1463348

rofl now I've seen everything. As I use Japanese hair oil for my thick ass latina hair because it helps a lot. Black people stop complaining about everything challenge.

No. 1463361

black americans are literally the most pathetic and unlikable group of people on this planet, especially the moids. so fucking insufferable and aggressive over nothing all the time.(global rule #7)

No. 1463373

File: 1672872780470.jpeg (390.23 KB, 1057x2261, BC0BB04E-7BB5-4820-9BFB-890056…)

She actually does have curly hair.

No. 1463375

It feels kind of suspiciously racebaity in here, IDK.

No. 1463376

The race baiting is out of these world just call the lady a retard who cares too much and people can put whatever they want in their hair

No. 1463378

That's pretty much this thread in general.

No. 1463386

Over hair oil. Actual pathetic. Keep screaming into the void.

No. 1463390

We have language translators on tiny computers that we carry everywhere but people still can’t be fucked to use them.

No. 1463404

>white people
No it's not. You didn't call white people "whites". But you call black people "blacks?". Even the other person who said they hate black people at least called them Black Americans. Stop pretending you aren't being racists. I'd rather you say it and get banned vs. Pretending you arent.

No. 1463407

Just wait, that anon is 100% gonna cry about muh political correctness gone mad!!!!

No. 1463435

Burger here, trust me, those of us who are seasoned travelers hate our faggy countrymen who can't be bothered to learn.

No. 1463438

>just called them racial slurs and that was that
Ironically this is the most affective way of dealing with these people.
>you can’t put braids in your hair, you cracker Mayo bitch!!
>fuck off nigger

No. 1463440

I feel like one of those baiters is paki-chan. She is obsessed with black people, and created an entire fake biracial Nigerian persona so she could post sperg rants about hating them. I don't know what kind of mental disease attracts those schizos here.

No. 1463441

You guys don't have oat or nut milks?

No. 1463446

I'm tired of you braindead twitter subhumans bragging about engaging with other idiots on that shit site. You are all low caste inbreds, all twitter users should be branded on their foreheads so actual humans know who to avoid.

No. 1463447

Are you still crying and screaming about white women putting oil in their hair or what?

No. 1463448

Based tbh

No. 1463449

Anon that is clearly some retard dropping racebait to start an infight. Ignore racebait retards and report, guaranteed it's a trolling moid.

No. 1463450

Imagine being so low IQ you think that someone not engaging in Twitter autism and racebait means they must actually be doing just that (just on the opposing team instead of yours). This is your brain on app addiction.

No. 1463451

I don’t remember ever mentioning I go on Twitter? You guys are just projecting on to me.

No. 1463452

I don’t give a fuck what niggers think. They are the ugliest, stupidest people on planet Earth.(global rule #7)

No. 1463457

File: 1672880222947.png (457.03 KB, 846x837, py.png)

Ignoring the samefagging, attention-whoring scrote, I hate that there's an entire "haha quirky" culture of shoplifting on all popular social media sites. These people were on Tumblr, as well.

No. 1463461

Lmao what did I say that was scrotey? That I like plaiting and braiding my hair? You stupid cunts just go into a tailspin everytime another woman doesn’t fall for your attempts at social conditioning. You know damn well I’m not a scrote so kys.

No. 1463464

You're right, he'll just keep seething and screeching into eternity.

No. 1463465

kek i remember the tumblr "lifting" community, it was so bizarre. they used to say it was all "roleplay" to avoid getting in trouble

No. 1463467

You’ll never be a woman

No. 1463475

Looking back, it's hilarious how many of them proudly posted their "hauls", didn't bother hiding their personal information, and then got mad after getting reported, kek. I wonder if the "roleplay" thing ever actually saved them.

No. 1463554

File: 1672888678484.jpeg (585.34 KB, 1080x2837, B63C4937-D385-40E2-843A-E0167F…)

How the fuck is a breast “terfy”? TRAs are so intent on making sure women never speak of their own biology. We can’t even mention periods without TiMs headed straight to reddit to whine about how his coworkers were “purposely talking about their periods or pregnancy” around him to piss him off or something. Not trying to racebait, but I don’t get the white feminism thing either. There are female artists of every race that make art about the female body.

No. 1463556

File: 1672888767476.jpeg (618.88 KB, 1284x1416, AE9D2C3F-84B2-47E9-AE71-E9AB75…)

Here is the artist’s reply. It’s funny how they’re just proving her point with their comments.

No. 1463562

Do troons really think non-white women look at this and think "lol white terf" or are they just playing dumb?

No. 1463564

It's better than corporate bootlicking. In a world where the rich steal more than anyone else, stealing from the rich can never be morally wrong.

No. 1463600

They're dog whistling because it's how women's breasts are more likely to be shaped instead of their deformed lizard eye boobs or bolt ons

No. 1463744

that was zoe quinn

No. 1463771

Sorry I'm ESL/not American and not obsessed with black ppl so I'm not up to date with the list of words others are allowed to use when speaking about them.

No. 1463904

41% already, no one cares

No. 1463973

kys amerifaggot

No. 1464088

>projects nationality
>doesn't deny being a troon

No. 1464089

My bad! thanks for the correction.

No. 1464387

File: 1672957817340.png (47.14 KB, 602x207, pic.png)

Can't just have cool artsy pictures anymore. All art has to adhere to your individual opinions on politics.

No. 1465061

Only applies to women, of course, but that's probably because only women make art in the first place. Male "artists" can only splash paint onto a canvas, make soulless portraits for money, or copy a woman's actual artwork.

No. 1465083

We do but they're not nearly as popular as it seems to be in the US (or America in general?). They're usually not labeled as milk on packages too because it's considered a misnomer, legally speaking. The exact same way how if you're a company and you sell parmesan and label it as pecorino you're going to get sued at the speed of light. Soy milk and almond milk are way more popular than oat milk it seems, but maybe that's just a personal impression I have. So yeah, out of context if you tell some tired ESL French guy that you want oat milk in your cafe he's gonna hear a "hot milk" without the h and just guess you have a weird accent he doesn't recognize unless he's vegan or is lactose intolerant.

No. 1465093

They think non white women are automatically with them but most of us hate their guts to a point they can't even imagine. Everytime I see people complaining about "white feminism" it's about shit that applies to all women and girls and it's very often used by white men.

No. 1465108

I hate the notion that women making art has to have deep meaning just because it's simple and minimal. It's just a fucking nipple. Yet, men will draw porn left and right and the same people aren't like, "Ugh men are so performative, they don't actually care about issues."

No. 1465255

I don't mind nipple art that doesn't have any deeper meaning. The problem is that the female body is so stigmatized so when a woman makes art of breast in a non-porny manner it's automatically "political" because women acknowledging our own body is controversial. There is a reason that everyone is seething over the art at >>1463554

No. 1465259

What does be fucking fr mean? I hope she was telling him to stfu.

No. 1465270

I think she was. Be fucking for real means “be serious/be real.” Aka the post she was replying to was retarded and telling her to be more serious and not say stupid shit kek

No. 1465271

*him sorry didn’t see who she was replying to

No. 1465438

File: 1673049495824.jpg (1.52 MB, 3474x1920, IMG_20230107_002902.jpg)

I feel bad for putting this in a twitter hate thread since there is nothing bad going on but I just find it funny how the twitter OP criticise Knives Out for lacking nuance and subtlety while also praising Chiken Run when that movie is a not-so-sublte parody of prison escape movies and it does not have much nuance either. I know that everyone has different opinions on how deep a movie should go when bringing up social issues but this is just a good example of how the internet discuss movies. "everything nostalgic is a masterpiece and everything I dislike is performative and problematic!". I'm also confused why the OP calls the movies vague in the first tweet but then later says they lack subtlety.
I'm not against movies discussing social issues but I also think that a movie can be a murder mystery with anti rich themes without quoting The Communist Manifesto or have a cynical ending that says that social mobility is not possible and we are all gonna die in Musk's spacerace.
Entertainment has had anti rich themes for a long time(theatre plays, fairytales) that was meant to be relatable to the average citizen. They didn't exactly offer a solution to society but sometimes it's just fun seeing people who live at the top suffer.
Sorry for my sperging and bad picture but after years of seeing social media unironically claim that the fucking lego movie is a marxist masterpiece I get kinda bitter that Knives Out gets criticsed for not being anti rich enough

No. 1466318

I’m not reading all of that anon sorry

No. 1466381

File: 1673136221492.png (280.55 KB, 610x743, B2FD6DA2-6785-4017-A700-2FEE31…)

This guy allegedly got caught with cp but making fun of trannies fweewings is the last straw

No. 1466427

I think it's the new quirky 'holds up spork' to derive intellectual context from kids animated movies. It started with shrek.

No. 1466593

File: 1673162692558.png (435.89 KB, 574x1860, fakedoctoruk.png)

kek I posted this in the wrong thread by accident. Fat "doctor" discouraging weight loss in any way shape or form. Massive cope to stay a disgust fat retard.

No. 1466594

File: 1673162768023.png (62.57 KB, 588x338, Screenshot from 2023-01-08 02-…)

No. 1466598

File: 1673163034144.png (61.06 KB, 585x314, Screenshot from 2023-01-08 02-…)

Ok she's now my new personal cow kek

No. 1466672

I love how she didn't answer the question at all. Is this an actual doctor? I need to look into it because she could be hilarious.

No. 1466758

Of course that person is a tranny, too. Dedicated to denying reality, kek.

No. 1466831

This fat fuck is really equating eating one less twinkie a day with severe restriction. This is actually infuriating.

No. 1467180

File: 1673204521839.jpeg (144.49 KB, 750x1292, 2E287E8E-872B-4C11-AA1B-B60ED2…)

In some of her tweets she says shit like “as a GP…” I’m not from the UK but she lists her GMC # and I looked her up on the medical registry and found the following. It’s the same last name so I can only assume it’s her under her ~dead name~. Funnily enough the gender is still listed as female kek surprised she doesn’t throw a fit over this. Honestly it’s kind of concerning she’s an actual registered medical professional, and irresponsible for her to be spewing shit that is just plain WRONG. How do you go to medical school for so many years yet believe a 200-500 calorie deficit is anachan territory?

No. 1467534

FUCK i love fatdoctorUK she was my fave personal cow on instagram before i got rudely baleeted for being transphobic. she needs a thread.

No. 1467552


There's a dog fucker on Twitter now…
People are claiming it is a troll, but there's video of the girl fucking a dog.
Last year it was a incest girl, now it is a zoophile girl.

No. 1467555

There isn't enough money in the world you could give me to click on that link. I will just take your word for it.

No. 1467556

Samefag, but internet whores who engage in beatility probably exists en masse, i wouldn't be surprised if there are thousands of videos of men and women fucking animals for meth money and in the mens case their own personal pleasure.

No. 1467559

Its a troll account, there probably are some dog fuckers out there but she's doing this as a way to get people's attention so they subscribe to her OF

No. 1468278

File: 1673304327104.jpeg (580.39 KB, 1170x1610, 6A0701FB-0B5E-4D8C-A58A-D846AD…)


No. 1468288

Replika is a crazy rabbit hole to go down. It’s an app where you make a virtual person who will talk to you and learn from you with its AI, but people (mostly men) get so attached to their fake waifus they spiral into the depths of insanity. There are forums and subreddits for this thing and it’s depressing.

No. 1468291

I tried Replika and got disappointed. This bitch is such a repressed pushover yes-woman which just makes me feel bad and pity for her. I kept trying to wake her up from the matrix kek. Anyway, despite all dystopian implications, I hope AI can fulfill all my desires for connection soon.

No. 1468295

File: 1673308144476.jpeg (699.78 KB, 828x942, 02D91DD6-1D06-4CBE-BCCB-469847…)

my favorite niche on instagram is the midget love doll accounts. there’s hundreds of them. a lot of them also use replica app and spend $$$$ on the app so it looks like their doll. it’s just so strange and no idea how it hasn’t broken tos. (i’m not a pervert just like to laugh)

No. 1468299

This sounds milky as hell do tell more

No. 1468300

>repressed pushover yes-woman
Maybe that's why scrotes love her kek. Also there's no male option? that's bullshit

No. 1468301

File: 1673308601936.gif (1.4 MB, 540x240, 99d60317f3b33803cc1aacd8c50365…)


Absolutely disgusting. Wishing all future AI girlies a very happy revolution

No. 1468302

Thinking about the lovely nonna who got replika to make her openly spread manhate kek

No. 1468315

Kek I remember that! Makes me want to do it too

No. 1468515

File: 1673344419643.png (240.3 KB, 646x494, revbs.png)

Americans truly are something else

No. 1468518

>we're they racist?
America is my personal cow

No. 1468522

That "American" is a South African tranny

No. 1468560

why the fuck would a South African or an American would give a shit about Bulgaria?

No. 1468564

They don't. The fag is trying to get attention and clearly it worked.

No. 1468644

Anon, he's a gay man from Texas. Check the IG linked in his bio. Is this racebaiting pakichan trying to shit-stir again?

No. 1468649

Uses the South African flag and is still a fag. Farmers shouldn’t be giving a single shit what a man on the internet has to say, let alone use them as an example for an entire country.

No. 1468650

You haven’t been here long enough if you think that is pakichan

No. 1468652

Whenever someone brings race shit into this particular thread, there's a 60% chance it's paki.

No. 1468669

South African isn’t a race. It’s not pakichan.

No. 1468670

The post screenshotted is about race, and she hates Africans. Don't play dumb kek.

No. 1468672

File: 1673357262474.png (9.08 KB, 256x175, sthafr.png)

that's a rainbow flag. he uses "she/her" though (and claims to live in beacon hills, which is in boston), so it's a tranny anyway

No. 1468675

File: 1673357593191.jpeg (73.44 KB, 641x311, A7909ED6-559E-48A6-9BDF-C92194…)

Yes the rainbow flag is there but whatever you’re using doesn’t show the Mexican and South African flag but instead “mxza”.
Then go after the one who posted the screenshot instead. I’m not pakichan.

No. 1468676

"untd" is "university of north texas at dallas". he probably visited mexico and SA though

No. 1468678

Where you go to college says nothing about your race, ethnicity, or nationality

No. 1468681

i didn't say it did. take your meds, he's just a burger.

No. 1468682

They’re just trying to make it into something it’s not

No. 1468683

how? he lives in america, he went to an american university, his posts are about america. it doesn't mean anything about his race or ethnicity, anon was just mistaken to claim he was from SA. one could also argue he's mexican by the same logic. it doesn't matter either way, he's still a dumb scrote.

No. 1468684

> Whenever someone brings race shit
> The post screenshotted is about race
> Never said it was about race!!
> Take your meds!!
Can y’all come up with something else?

No. 1468685

how new are you? do you know threads have multiple posters?
go back and stop trying to infight

No. 1468689

How new are you that you just jump into a thread without reading the previous replies? Stop trying to make it something it isn’t.

No. 1468692

> doesn’t understand that y’all is a geographical term
You summerfags sure failed to integrate properly, huh?

No. 1468694

take the advice you just gave and see >>1468683
no one's making anything into anything but you, move on

No. 1468697

JFC hide the thread if you don’t like what’s being posted

No. 1468698

>doesn't know what a summerfag is
>calls other summerfags
"Y'all" will never integrate "sis"

No. 1468699

File: 1673359071817.png (6.18 KB, 715x190, sb.png)

WTF happened to the search bar

No. 1468700

Nta but anons realise that they just think you're a faggot regardless, learn2integrate.

No. 1468701

They say as they defend a literal faggot. This site has turned into shit.

No. 1468705

Who is defending a faggot? Are you a schizo? Stop shitting up the thread ffs

No. 1468706

>do you know threads have multiple posters?
The ‘y’all’ would imply that she does but you’d rather call her a twitter fag in the fucking twitter hate thread instead of using your brain for a second

No. 1468708

You’re in /ot no one cares

No. 1468709

If you're blaming separate people for the same posts, you're either new or retarded.

No. 1468710

No. 1468711

Let me guess, you’re going to tell anons to sage next?

No. 1468712

Did that happen to you or something? Just learn to blend in.

No. 1468714

Sounds like projection

No. 1468715

Nope, try again.

No. 1468717

Alright, good luck integrating.

No. 1468718

All this because a fag posted a bait tweet and a farmer said y’all

No. 1468721

File: 1673360620515.jpg (132.14 KB, 934x1200, agedysphoria.jpg)

Enough sperging and newfag shit. The troon was an ameriburger, who gives a fuck.

Anyway, there's an account on Twitter trying to push "age dysphoria" as a thing.

No. 1468723

America should be nuked atp

No. 1468724

Age regression is a very real thing, but it's a mental trauma not an identity. Th problem are these people trying to make everything medical sound quirky and interesting because they can't handle real life and want to be a cartoon. Yeah the real world kinda really sucks, but that's how it works, life isn't an anime, escapism is not a personality trait.

No. 1468726

Although it is true trauma can cause stunted growth most therapist's try to discourage immaturity and Try to help them become a responsible adult. This is just insulting to actual trauma victims your age play isn't quirky… disgusting

No. 1468729

even the trauma thing i dont entirely buy.. i understand if you got raped as a child or similar that you sometimes block off certain parts of your past and feel attracted towards being that age again free of any pain, however making this your identity and indulging in it constantly is the furthest thing from healing its just enabling your suffering and making it your persona. which if you look at people like jillian doesnt help you at all

No. 1468735

This is what happens when you remove every sense of self-control and regulations in society. 10-12 years ago this would have rightfully been considered fucked up and now we've got people supporting it. This is also the natural outcome of trans ideology - I mean, if you can just identify as a man or woman whenever you want, what's the difference with age right? People were called "conspiracy theorists" when they said that gender ideology will lead to fucked up shit like this, but they're right.

This is why I don't support kink culture especially "CNC" either. If you have undergone sexual trauma the last thing you need to do is indulge and re-create those acts again and again and then link sexual arousal to it. It's disgusting, I will never understand why people support things like this under the guise of "muh recovery from sexual abuse" it's a wide-open gateway for sexual predators to take advantage of you again and again.

No. 1468736

would these people consider transracialism valid

No. 1468747

I have seen many autistic people(I'm talking about low functioning people who are actually diagnosed with a mental age and have trouble expressing their thoughts,not high functioning people and people with aspergers) criticise the concept of mental age becauseit's use the age as an excuse to ignore their needs and autonomy. Regardless of how you feel about the concept of mental age I think we can all agree on that it's really creepy that these fetishist are using the struggle and terms of mentally disabled people for their larp.
Same thing happened with the term transracial. It was originally used by adoptees of colour who grew up in white families to talk about their struggles with that, but now it's being used by turbo weeaboos and kpoppies. It has become impossible to have a conversation about any issues now because words has lost all their meaning and terminally online people and kinksters are just assigning every word used by marginalised people the meaning they want them to have.
>inb4 language is always evolving
I know this but the purpose of language is to communicate and we can't do that when twitter and tumblr users are changing the definition on a whim. Besides evolution of language is a long process that doesn't happen overnight you can't just say "this word means [thing it doesn't mean]" on twitter and expect 0 backlash

No. 1468757

>Why do people support it?
Because we shouldn't question people's personal lives, duh! It's ridiculous. I would never enable someone mentally ill to continue suffering or trying to "relive" their past to feel a sense of control. I have trauma myself and I realized how horrible it was for me to keep thinking about the past. Wasting so much time focused on something that's done and over with instead of being productive and finding ways to not feel like shit every day. I spent 1/3 of my life consistently afraid of the past repeating itself without notice and I realized how retarded and mentally ill I am. I hate feeling like shit. I'm sure everyone else does, right? Kink is not empowering in the slightest either. Engaging in kink doesn't cure anything. It's like believing drinking alcohol will cure your social skills, soon you'll just turn into an alcoholic and become dependent on drinking to speak at all. The useage of kink itself already indicates you're dependent on sex to feel in control.

No. 1468758

I do think this one thing: Age corresponds to physical growth, not necessarily mental maturity. The two are linked, but don't always go hand in hand, and that's because of a variety of factors in life. However, the "transage" people are just obvious fetishists.

No. 1468769

I hate that "languages evolve" meme because Twitter, particularly, is the most inorganic thing ever, and it's funny because if you think about it, there's only terms for things of sexual nature, maybe a few abbreviations here and there about other things, but most of the topics fall into the sexual/sexuality category.
You can make a silly infographic explaining why rape is okay, with bright colors and a retarded "flag" adding some corporate art style, and then a few hashtags that say "Consent non Consent is valid!!!" "NonConsentSexual" "NonConsentSexualityIsValid" and then instead of saying "he's a sex pest" you have to say "Xer is a NonConsentSexual that's so valid" Twitter should be considered a sex pest hangout or a fetish website at least, not a place where you can read the news because the news have lost their veracity in that place a long time ago, seriously, mixing social media with news outlets was the worst idea ever, as if they were never already biased as fuck, but hell, you knew there was a source and that there were other places with similar news retold differently, and now you can literally say anything and it will be considered true, valid, real because it's on Twitter and nobody on Twitter ever lies, the news are on Twitter too!!
The thing is that it's so insane how trends move so fast on Twitter, that the real question is, is the language really evolving? Because I don't think evolution means that you grow a thumb and then after a few weeks it falls off because some people think it's offensive.

No. 1468841

>The useage of kink itself already indicates you're dependent on sex to feel in control
AYRT, That's actually an excellent point nonna and something unfortunately I used to relate to. I think it's very true that if you look at sex through the lens of kink then you just generally do not have a good relationship with sex because it shouldn't be about forcing or emulating some sort of control dynamic - if you're having sex with a generally nice caring person you wouldn't need to even think twice about any of this weird shit, because the sex alone would be enough for you.
I think a lot of young women in particular get into kink for the pseudo-control reason like you said (they're also groomed and pressured ofc) but if you can spend your time sperging about CNC or your boyfriend strangling you during sex then eventually you do start to think that you have the ultimate power and control over the situation - it's like when female subs say "Uhm actually I have the power" no you don't sis kek. It's not even real, it's massive cope and generally just a coping mechanism for women who have previously or currently feel like they have no control over themselves. Unfortunately, instead of raising their standards of moids and distancing from toxic kink culture in general, they go the opposite direction and pretend like all of the weird shit they're doing is somehow empowering and totally in their hands - when the reality is, if a male's hands are gripping your throat or hitting your body in any situation, you're not the one in control.

No. 1468848

File: 1673371935156.png (67.73 KB, 643x553, 0311111.png)

Who thinks like this

No. 1468850

>hot dogs hollering

No. 1468851

Women with napoleon complex obv

No. 1468857

This is why I'm embarrassed to be a short woman kek. It's so fucking petty how they make it their entire personality and bark at tall women all day. Why do we fucking care? "Not getting picked" you're acting like getting picked by a scrote in general is even a good thing KEK. I have never faced hostility from tall women, this retard is just self-obsessed. What I have experienced is tall moids fetishizing my height because they're obsessed with size-difference porn. If only she could have spoken about that instead of shitting on tall women for things they don't even say, truly pathetic.

No. 1468860

They can't even see you.

No. 1468862

Twitter loves to pretend like things that never happened happens everyday when it comes to putting down women for no reason at all.

No. 1468901

She's talking about twitter, I've seen multiple tweets where people say things similar to what she's describing (could've been jokes, idk). I think it's important to remember that sometimes people are not talking about real life but the actual site they're posting on. It's like when an anon says "why do people hate nasolabial folds so much?" they mean people as in the people here because no one irl cares that much.

No. 1468913

File: 1673376755875.jpg (721.99 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20230110_135202_Twi…)

Twitter running defense for pimps now

No. 1468918

I literally never heard tall, or short women talking about something like this ever in my life kek

No. 1468920

This has literally nothing to do with being a short woman though. If this woman wasn't short she would have made almost word for word the exact same post about something else, it's just her personality.

No. 1468928

I hate when short women make being short their entire personality. She’s probably right that tall women are complaining but she didn’t have to characterize tall women like they are femcels. And also couples with massive height gaps can sometimes look kind of ugly together imo, maybe people stay hating because she looks like a gnome next to her ogre bf.

No. 1468931

Stopped reading after that

No. 1468938

I am physically 25 but never matured past 12 due to being a sperg, therefore I am not allowed to post on lolcor

Exactly, as a tall woman, we quickly figure out while growing up that scrotes are the problem when they call us masculine, disgraceful and whatnot. I don't doubt there is probably a few tall pickmes who put the blame on women somewhere on earth but I have yet to see them, even on Twitter. Meanwhile, you know who ACTUALLY seethes over short women dating tall men ? Short men, because being seen next to a taller woman is "emasculating" or whatever.

Tbh I did get annoyed several times by short women due to them making it their whole personality and barking at me as you said. Then… I figured the reason why they think they're oppressed for being short is shit that scrotes said to them. Men's weird fantasies about overwhelming some tiny frail woman are just fucking creepy and so is the way they project it on short women in real life.

No. 1468949

File: 1673378501392.jpeg (407.24 KB, 1170x1298, 3E0597BE-4EA9-4A95-961A-270C23…)

Idc if the woman in question was an alt-right schizo - trannies making fun of female death will always be psychopathic.

No. 1468951

Syrian girl isn't the usual online Syrian, she's an unironic ba'tthist employed by the Syrian state and just defends Russia, Assad and Iran and bashes America and the west, even it doesn't make any sense ideologically, anything that could america and Israel seem bad is what she agrees with

No. 1468954

Deadass thought this was a troon

No. 1468967

File: 1673380080979.jpg (626.3 KB, 2401x1563, g3qDO6qaiSM.jpg)

she puts on layers on makeup and probably has had some work done and I was mistaken, she's not a Ba'athist, she's an SSNP member(basically Syrian state neo-nazis)

No. 1469006

Agreed. What's curious to me is that people never identify as older than they are. If "transage" worked the way they seem to say it does, I would have been identifying as a 30 year old cat lady since the time I was 15, as that is what I have always been at heart.

No. 1469034

hating zionism doesn't automatically make you a nazi
it's not news for an arab to be anti-Israel

No. 1469041

File: 1673384526376.jpeg (Spoiler Image,402.85 KB, 1170x936, 57596E2E-67F0-46F1-898D-3FA803…)

>Animation & comics

No. 1469069

Literally the only people I have ever seen complaining about short women dating tall men is OTHER MEN, because they're going to create "short sons", and the tall man is "wasting his genes" kek.

No. 1469073

File: 1673388637489.jpeg (1.05 MB, 930x2222, D7D70B28-3558-4C73-A66D-388FEF…)

She was a personal cow of mine for a while. She was associated with the Alt Right for a while and did videos with Paul Joseph Watson and another famous right wing MRA YouTuber (I forgot his name, he had a skull and crossbones avatar and his channel name had MGTOW in it, and he did a lot of "fEmiNaZi rEkT" videos that got millions of views)
She's been at it for years now, peddling conspiracy theories and jumping on every trendy bandwagon, even about stuff that doesn't concern her or Syria at all (Gamergate, Trump/Biden/Obama/Hilary, Nu-Conservatism, BLM, "Western Preservation", Antifa, etc)

No. 1469265

This is so dumb. As a tall woman, yeah I used to find it kind of annoying when tall guys would always go for short girls. But that was when I was a teenager and short guys (and girls tbh…) would give me shit for being tall and not give me the time of day (despite complaining about girls not wanting them for their height). I’ve never seen an adult tall woman genuinely complain about this, the most I’ve seen is jokes. And it was really only annoying to me because of other people putting me down for my height and making a point about how the best girls are as tiny as possible. Women who take a weird amount of pride in being uwu smol and petite rub me the wrong way

No. 1469270

more or less my experience as well though I'd arguing being in an asian country its a lot tougher, at 5'7 I'm basically if a woman was 6 feet in the west, all I really ask for a who just inch 2 inches taller then me

No. 1469272

SSNP isn't just anti-Zionist, they are actual fucking nazis who believe in the racial superiority of Levantine people, their too extreme to ever be in power but the Ba'tthist keep them around to beat up dissidents and ethnic minorities

No. 1469273

Also not news for an Arab to be anti-woman.

No. 1469282

There is a male option. I've tried it before, they are really boring imo.

No. 1469327

As another tall anon, yeah this is my experience too. Short men and women seem to really care about me being taller than them kek like I am just living my life damn I didn't ask for this. It shocked me when my 6'1" (sorry only adding his height for context) fiance told me he liked my height and short women made his back hurt because you have to always look down to talk to and bend down to kiss/hug them. During most of my school years I felt insecure as hell because I was an early bloomer in the height department, tallest person in all my classes. Always told I'd be prettier if I was shorter.

No. 1469363

I'm tall but never got any rude comments about my height. I guess I was lucky lol.

No. 1469710

>Women who take a weird amount of pride in being uwu smol and petite rub me the wrong way
I hate this so much too

No. 1469725

File: 1673464541446.jpeg (333.33 KB, 1170x1007, 9EBCCF8A-2FD7-4B89-9AEA-3BA7E3…)

Yeah that sure happened

No. 1469749

File: 1673465834475.jpeg (741.73 KB, 1170x1609, 8D7FBF3B-FC28-4CD5-BE75-2F342D…)

No. 1469766

>Women who take a weird amount of pride in being uwu smol and petite rub me the wrong way
I have to confess that this used to be me before realizing men and their attention ain't worth shit. Being small fucking sucks, it attracts weirdos and also I'm a single pretzel away from become a fat fuck. I hate getting that "oh you're so feisty" shit when I tell people to stop being fucking weird and rude, and then some people think it's cute to rest their arm on my head. Fuck off. I wish I was tall so I could tower over and intimidate men.

No. 1469875

Oh wow, I was on vacation in another country this winter and I kept getting these ads non stop. Despite my other ads being targeted at comic enjoyers and cat ladies who are bookworms. It was full of horny memes and sexual exploitation jokes and "whoring it up", eugh

No. 1470176

Ayrt and I totally get it. I used to resent short girls in general because of this but my anger was misdirected. I do still find it weird when grown women do this but pickmes are gonna pickme. I did a bunch of dumb shit to appeal to boys back in the day too. I just couldn’t pull off the tiny dainty thing because of my height, but I did it in other ways. I empathize a lot more with short women now because men are already scary and violent and being physically small can really emphasize that vulnerability. Plus people tend to infantilize short women a lot.
It reminds me of the big boobs vs small boobs wars a lot of girls get into. I’ve even seen it here several times. Both sides have pros and cons, but we’re all too focused on shitting on the other women who have the trait that we want instead of directing our anger at the men who create all the cons in the first place and pit us against each other.

No. 1470311

kek the old women in my family would do this but they used heaters, it is nice

No. 1470489

File: 1673529697119.jpg (364.17 KB, 1080x1517, IMG_20230112_142000.jpg)

I hate the velma cartoon for ruining Daphne and making it all edgy, but these people are worse

No. 1470490

how the fuck is mindy so popular, she's a terrible actress.

No. 1470492

she's been a show producer and director longer then she has been an actress though

No. 1470494

Is she actually popular though?

No. 1470495

she has 11 million followers, tho i dont use twitter so maybe that means nothing there

No. 1470601

Why not put them in the dryer though? this seems really unsanitary

No. 1470604

Every woman shorter than 5'0 I've met make it their whole personality. 'uwu, i'm so short so i gotta wear platforms and heels. I hope no tall monster lady is standing in front of me. I'm nearing 30, but I get mistaken for 15 because of my height. tee hee' like shut the fuck up. My mom was 5'0 and never pulled this shit. I blame social media making it worse.

No. 1470606

Can't wait for Hogwarts legacy to release because literally no one gives a fuck about the 'terf drama' but stupid anime avatar bitches like these. I went to universal orlando and there were a lot of other gay couples there. No one cares outside of twt.

No. 1470634

didn't this show make fred or some other character a troon anyway

No. 1470816

Fred isn’t FtM he just has a micropenis

No. 1470990

File: 1673556992233.jpeg (537.52 KB, 1170x1704, 3A172907-7653-4643-B0C2-6C6689…)

So you’re saying we should buy games made by rapists instead

No. 1471011

Normies dont give a shit or even know this drama exists so they will buy the game. HP fans will buy the game and non retarded gay people who dont give a fuck about trannies will also buy the game. The more they talk about it, the more people will be interested regardless.

No. 1471065

File: 1673560963363.png (98.69 KB, 594x427, twt.png)

Thought the last one was a joke but based on their profile don't think so

No. 1471067

File: 1673561173722.jpg (37.98 KB, 640x973, cat (15).jpg)

>Not letting 10 year olds work is child abuse
Sure, let's just throw a bunch of kids in fast food and retail jobs. That will be super beneficial for them.
Seriously, all kids need is education and stimulating hobbies. Don't put them in factories, put them in fucking sports or music.

No. 1471072

i had a look at the last persons twitter and of course she's a dubai shill.
i love that the guy just states something as wild as children not being allowed to work is child abuse and then doesnt post any sources or anything lmao. nevermind the fact that toxic work mentality (see: japan) actively contributes to depression in ADULTS and increases suicide rates, but no– somehow children would be immune to this and making them work as soon as their able would be good, actually. what in the hell.

No. 1471087

Is this kind of post in vogue on twitter now or have they always been and I was the one who never noticed? And by this kind of post I mean posts that say nothing, just ask for people to give their opinion or story, like something you'd see on reddit obviously just to farm karma.

No. 1471169

This is definitely a more popular trend nowadays, I keep seeing it with fandom questions. The author gets clicks and the repliers fuel their ego.

No. 1471183

being woke means you dont want 10 years old to work in sweatshops?! the fuck

No. 1471347

The region I live in, literally 90% of women are near that height and no one here pulls that shit

No. 1471687

Most of what you said is miss in my friend group but the ‘getting mistaken for 15 year old’ is on point, my short friend is obsessed with this. She looks visibly like almost a 30 year old just short kek

No. 1472265

Kek, weird way to state being self aware. The average modern activist who contradict themselves.

No. 1472288

they werent saying shit when overwatch 2 was released despite all the accusations of the company abusing female employees.

No. 1472293

now i wonder if they made overwatch 2 free so women wouldnt boycott it

No. 1472745

connections. She comes from a very rich indian family.

No. 1472826

Brigitte Macron said something about how she thinks school uniforms should be used in France again but they shouldn't look too ugly and boring and now everyone on twitter is shit talking her for being a deranged pedo who was fucking her 15 years old student when she was 39 years old kek I love it. I wish I took screenshots.

No. 1473083

File: 1673720418664.png (Spoiler Image,227.08 KB, 297x638, C877695F-1931-45DB-8B49-3A0646…)

Absolutely demented, why would someone even draw this in the first place.

No. 1473093

What in the actual fuck

No. 1473096

why are dog lovers such retarded psychopaths?

No. 1473097

brigitte should have know that mentioning schools in any capacity was going to backfire, people don't just forget that shit lmao

No. 1473110


back to your containment thread

No. 1473116

average pitbull enjoyer

No. 1473117

Let me guess this person listens to sewerslvt

No. 1473118

File: 1673723268951.png (482.42 KB, 658x707, bld.png)

it's some latam gurofag, possible neo-nazi. seems he drew that for attention, and he got it.

No. 1473119

I thought it was a fake doctor LARPer but there actually is a GP with her name on the General Medical Council register. Crazy

No. 1473189

Honestly you never see this shit with cat lovers. Pit bull fags are a disease

No. 1473273

File: 1673740753227.jpeg (214.86 KB, 1170x652, 46D8E8B1-69E2-483E-9D88-2B602E…)

>trans flag picrew icon

No. 1473293

File: 1673743685090.jpeg (56.04 KB, 662x448, 2890FA43-D9F4-4DDA-AD32-436F8B…)

People can talk shit about tiger parents but don’t act like teenage porn addiction is normal

No. 1473313

All teen boys should be treated like this. We’ve seen what happens when they have free access to the internet. It’s not pretty.

No. 1473463

Oh please. Internet, cellphones/smartphones, and even television are all new inventions. Humanity proceeded just fine with 16 year old boys not having access to any of it for 99.999999% of human existence.

No. 1473474

my mum had put in filters that blocked any sort of non-mainstream safe site on our family pc and it helped a lot. Parents have to care about this stuff. I bet literally every anonita in this thread rn has a story of some older creep online trying to meet her when she was a kid

No. 1473476

A lot of the replies are some version of "how will he understand the real world?" and "how will he have a social life?" as if either of those things are dependent on social media, TV shows, and a regular bedtime. Going to their profiles though, it all makes sense. One reply was asking how the kid could have a social life with a 9PM bedtime.. came from a "he/they" scrote in his thirties who had "MAP" acceptance shit in his likes. Another reply saying it was severe abuse came from a tranny that trauma-dumps non-stop about the CSA they endured. The projection in the replies is actually insane and shows how these people do not actually care about the kid. OP is a nutjob too but not for monitoring her 16 year old boy's media consumption

No. 1473494

Literally just responsible parenting. What happened in the last eight years that having any rules and boundaries around media consumption in particular have gone out the window?

No. 1473522

Sorry but the reality is no teenage kid, male or female, would be happy with this. Blocking porn and chat sites is one thing, but controlling your kid this much will just create resentment and anxiety. I doubt they'd even have time to fully finish their schoolwork and relax with a 9pm bedtime.
Also forbidding is not the same as educating. Educating a kid since a young age on what porn is and why it's bad is much better than simply forbidding it. Forbidding and restrictions like these only create kids who are sneaky and easy to influence.

No. 1473588

100% everything you said. making something like porn or sex as a topic a "forbidden idea" only makes it more alluring, especially to teens. age appropriate education is the important part, not outright forbidding certain knowledge or topics.

besides, a 9pm bedtime for a 16 year old? even by the standards of a sheltered suburban teenager who has wealth to fall back on, this is laughable. as far back as middle school we had to wake up as early as 5-6am just to get to the bus on time to get to school on time. 5-8am, then 8-3:30pm for school, then give or take another 1-2 hours for getting back to the house (and thats if they don't have any extracurricular activities or you know, a job) and that's not getting home until at least 5pm. That leaves 4 hours to eat, socialize, clean, do chores/errands, do homework for all of their classes, etc. let alone have time to relax or watch TV.

made even worse if the 16 year old isn't wealthy or sheltered enough like this helicopter moms kids are to where they need to work a job at 16 to keep a roof over their head. at 16, I woke up at 5, went to school 5-3:30pm, bussed to work and worked 5-9pm, and wouldn't even get back home until 11 if I had to bus back. how the hell does a highschooler maintain all of their daily tasks and needs/self maintenance while maintaining a 9pm bedtime? it's just unrealistic and gives me the idea that this lady grew up as sheltered and scared of the outside world as she's raising her kids to be.

if she even took a step outside, she'd realize that if her kid had any friends, they probably let them borrow their device or browse their device with them. or the fact that almost every school/library/extracurricular place offers wifi or a device because we live in an era where it is literally required to have a phone or internet connection to work most jobs or do a lot of homework.

this lady is just going to end up with the tweet reply fate of her kids leaving her in a nursing home resenting her, and it has nothing to do with porn.

No. 1474075

File: 1673833636421.jpeg (234.37 KB, 828x1344, 92CB3F73-7E05-459A-B834-D9F342…)

I dont care for either celebrity but I really hate when faggots comment on the appearance of women.

No. 1474078

File: 1673834604266.jpeg (341.11 KB, 828x1069, 724C3C3B-EF9A-4B03-B1DB-390DBC…)

the video is a man approaching two girls eating on the ground and offering them coins, clearly because he believes they’re homeless. ofc moids are implying and asking if they’re prostitutes. they say “we’re not beggars”. cue the incels in the replies saying “yes” and “why not both?” and one moid cries that “all women are prostitutes”. my hatred for these creatures grows everyday https://twitter.com/thesoymayne/status/1614299420048392192?s=21&t=kbHZTZGY7j5UD4LNLAuV9g

No. 1474079

People like this are screwed over for adulthood too. I work with a guy who never saw TV, played video games, wasn't allowed fast food, candy, etc, not even a religious background just an overprotective mom. It's really hard to relate to someone who doesn't understand the basic (admittedly shit) culture everyone else grew up knowing. There are so many conversations he can't take part in and he's just alienated by no fault of his own. In 20 years this kid will be in an office full of other older people reminiscing about among us and Bella porch and have literally no idea. Not saying that those things are good, just saying she's setting him up for lifetime alienation

No. 1474082

File: 1673835523092.jpeg (53.14 KB, 748x727, 9CF89C48-D876-4FF0-9E08-E02BB1…)

I don’t agree with how controlling the mother is in the post you’re responding to but your argument against it is awful. Sounds like he’s not missing out on anything tbh. Oh no he doesn’t understand memes and pop culture so sad.

No. 1474085

He wouldn't understand who that was in your picture. It's not sad that he doesn't know memes it's sad that he's culturally illiterate, most people know only lowest common denominator things like Family Guy, and won't know what to talk to him about. It's sad socially. Not any other reason

No. 1474100

Kek isn't Dubai the same place where they hire impoverished foreigners (usually Bangladeshi iirc) for deadly construction jobs, pay them nothing, and then confiscate their passports, effectively making them slaves?

No. 1474597

File: 1673891784110.jpeg (189.17 KB, 750x1010, 3B3D17CD-3A59-403F-AA8F-1AEFE1…)

Stay off our farms, twitterfag moid

No. 1474630

this sounds like my upbringing. My parents werent religious but I wasnt allowed to watch tv or play video games because they thought it would give me bad habits. I also wasnt allowed to have crafty or artsy hobbies because they disliked the mess it was making. The only hobbies I was allowed to have was sport, which I disliked, and reading. I didn't have many friends to play with so it just ended up with me developing a habit where I would sleep most of the day because after a while it just gets boring reading the same books over and over again and sleeping was the only other thing I was allowed to do. I dont think there is anything wrong with limiting screentime but make sure that your kids actually have friends or hobbies otherwise they just end up thinking that life is dull

No. 1474637

Why is culture so tied to the internet? The mom made a statement about his bedtime and restrictions to the online world and likely only uses it to search up information for local things. She didn't say anything about what he does offline besides TV. Watching Family Guy doesn't require an internet connection and it's rated PG or TV-14 depending on the season. She didn't specify the ratings blocked with parental controls, I would assume just anything R with sex.

No. 1474669

Yes, but apparently that's also the case for the whole region. Correct me if I'm wrong. You'll never catch me going anywhere that shithole even if it's just one hour because of a long flight.

No. 1474672

I was stuck at home all the time until I started uni because my parents were paranoid assholes, if they weren't as tech illiterate as they currently are they would have done the exact same shit to me and it would have fucked me up mentally even more than it already did. It's not a realistic set of rules at all for a 16. Maybe for a 12 years old kid but at some point teenagers need to slowly but surely gain their independence and set good habits for themselves in a safe environment. Nothing to do with porn, he probably can't socialize normally now because communicating online almost completely replaced phone calls and text messages and a bit more than a decade ago the mere fact that I couldn't even have any online account without worrying about privacy meant that I couldn't maintain friendships with my high school classmates during every summer break.

No. 1474675

>Why is culture so tied to the internet?
This isn't a real question, right? Just in case, it's because culture is spread through communication and the internet is an insanely efficient means of communication. It's like asking how the invention of printing was so revolutionary. Before the internet became so mainstream people communicated with other means but in a social group you have to adapt, if nobody wants to receive letters (saying this because the teenager doesn't have a phone in that specific context) and wants to receive phone calls and messages online then too fucking bad, you're shit out of luck when it comes to communicating with your peers.

No. 1474709

i don't trust teenage boys to do anything right tbh
t. someone with brothers

No. 1474756

I went on twitter today and three extremely violent videos of women getting punched by men were recommended to me. Why is this shit normalized? I do not look at violent videos and mostly follow feminist topics. And that's what they are showing me.. on purpose? Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1474757

Ntayrt but back in my day I just used a regular phone (wasn't allowed a cell phone) and made plans to meet up with my friends at specific places or we had our parents drop one of us over at the other's house.

No. 1474835

You do know that not everyone is not active on social media, right? About 30% of the total population is online daily, everyone else it's once a week or less or not at all.

No. 1475017

My parents were stingy as fuck, even just using the phone for that would have ended up with us getting an ass whooping because "muh data plan!!1!" and I can confirm that just that made it hard to keep up with other in primary school when we received invitations to do whatever.

You're correct but you're not contradicting me at all here. Most people that have access to the internet in the west (I'm assuming the original tweet was made by an american woman talking about her 16yo son) don't use it on a daily basis, but even just checking your emails once a week or posting and browsing one social media once a week makes a HUGE difference compared to not using the internet at all.

No. 1475020

File: 1674069966939.png (282.1 KB, 886x743, brigitte.PNG)

Double posting because I forgot but I found one post again, this one made me laugh. Here's the translation:
>original post: Still related to school, Brigitte Macron (just for context, nobody voted for her for anything) considers that "phones shouldn't be in school". "I would like that what was put in place in middle school [the cellphone ban] to also be applied to high school."
>quote: I'm in favor of cellphones in school so my son can call me if his French teacher wants to do weird things with him.

No. 1475045

>In 20 years this kid will be in an office full of other older people reminiscing about among us and Bella porch and have literally no idea. Not saying that those things are good, just saying she's setting him up for lifetime alienation

Alienation from retards lel. This is some terminally online Zoomer cope. I don't agree with controlling parenting but restricting the sight of human trafficking and dehumanizing of women is good.

You're really not making a good argument against this parent kek

No. 1475059

Don't fall for the bait anon, Twitter, TikTok and sometimes even Instagram all have an algorithm that favors inflammatory content

No. 1476897

File: 1674153608084.png (20.46 KB, 741x137, 6.png)

This bitch works with literal CHILDREN. I get she's a degenerate but this is particularly bad.

No. 1476905

Somehow ignoring the ew, why would someone wear light-color clothes to work with kids anyway? That's a one way ticket to stainville.

No. 1476944

i'm laughing at her asking litteral cents from french people to save the hospitals while her husband is destroying the social security system
Why should we even care what she has to say ? She isn't a politician, she wasn't elected, she just married a rich banker. Fuck her, fuck french people

No. 1477076

>she just married a rich banker.
And she groomed him before he even got his baccalaureat on top of that. I believe the rumors about her retarded husband seeing men on the side and using her as a beard.

No. 1477281

File: 1674195754905.jpg (180.13 KB, 1217x1085, FmxSLojWAAQXz0H.jpg)

American moment
They probably don’t know Spain is a thing. They are type of people who think Spanish is spoken only in Mexico and they forget that Mediterraneans exist and they very greatly from pale and to tan

No. 1477366

File: 1674211888238.jpg (141.36 KB, 1920x1478, antonio-1595864628383.jpg--.jp…)

>darker like his voice actor Antonio Banderas
who's Spanish. From Spain. A white guy

No. 1477370

Why is everyone nowadays so annoying like this on social media? I swear it wasn't this way years back.

No. 1477374

it was but only on tumblr tbf. i remember people being crazy about weight and race fanart in like 2013 too. boomed a few years after and now we're here

No. 1477427

Don't people know how Antonio Banderas looks??

No. 1477473

File: 1674229944804.jpg (25.41 KB, 359x495, PF0wA.jpg)

tbf Antonio Banderas does have an ambiguous look, I just think its a result of American standards of whiteness being Anglo-Saxon, like there's this series being produced by Kevin Hart about ancient Egypt where the Egyptian characters will be played by Black Americans while the Greeks will be played White Northern European Americans and that is a great illustration of how Americans see race
If someone is tanned and dark hair they cannot fathom that person being European and if someone is light haired and tall outside Europe they can't fathom them being non-white, its utterly retarded

No. 1477484

I mean yeah, he's clearly spanish and he's not ghostly pale, but to me (and the entirety of europe) he's pretty much a white man.

No. 1477658

File: 1674244638355.jpg (84.18 KB, 752x752, sofia_joe.jpg)

I mean its complex, picrel is Colombian actress Sofía Vergara and her husband Italian American Joe Manganiello, both are roughly the same skin-tone, yet only one is considered non-white

No. 1477694

There's nothing complex about it, they're both white people with (almost?) exclusively european ancestors. What's next, Kat Von D whatever her name is is a POC too?

No. 1477711

He's caucasian with a tan, get it? european, phenotipically white. Let it go
There's like, 10% of actual mestizo in your picrel

No. 1477730

Joe isn’t Italian. He is Armenian, German, and African American.

No. 1477732

This is a net positive. What good is there in knowing Bella Porch? I don't even know who that is, I don't feel like I'm missing out.
>oh no he will never know Peter Griffin
That's fine. I don't think Peter Griffin will come up in conversation much.

No. 1478186

This is wild because I'm from Western Europe and I can tell straight away that this is he's some flavour of Mediterranean. Are Americans really so blind to these things? Like ok stereotypes are bad but generally you can tell apart Europeans if you're even vaguely familiar with them, hell you can even spot an American tourist standing in a street of Irish people

No. 1479542

File: 1674425274883.jpg (82.37 KB, 589x288, wtf.jpg)

>5-year-old they/them

No. 1479545

So glad she's teaching her child to be insufferable

No. 1479548


No. 1479605

File: 1674434318291.jpeg (336.72 KB, 1476x909, B6D1364A-5DA7-4654-97DC-F43554…)

No. 1479611

There is nothing I hate more than when people think that everything a woman does is rooted in some political statement or has to be related to males. Women literally can't exist without being debated.

No. 1479618

if god wanted women to have smooth pits why did he make them hairy? if women grow body hair naturally how can it be a masculine trait? much to think about…

No. 1479628

File: 1674435221218.jpg (12.53 KB, 245x204, 1670117211173.jpg)

Trying to be a man? Wtf? So existing in your natural state as a adult female human and not engaging in performative femininity for the enjoyment of moids is trying to be a man. In what world does that tweet make sense? Has she ever thought that maybe there's some women out there who don't think of everything in terms of "will this attract scrotes who want to pump and dump me?" And not shaving isn't about being sexy or empowering or whatever dumb strawman she wants to create. It doesn't even have to be about anything, I don't shave literally simply because I don't want to. This retarded simp-y tweet won't convince me to start shaving, this won't convince anyone who doesn't shave to start shaving. I am legitimately seething irl and I don't care, this is one of the dumbest tweets I have ever read

No. 1479630

Is there a name for this tweeting style, bluechecks writing incredibly popular opinions but with a tone like they're being transgressive for saying it

No. 1479640

No thanks, it's nice in the winter. I feel sorry for pickmes like her.

No. 1479652

Has she never been to France?

No. 1479779

When I shave my pits, I smell awful. I still sweat the same but suddenly I smell worse. Not every woman shaving is a political statement. I hate this sexist shit. Women grow hair naturally. Just because media depicts women hairless after puberty on TV. Just a way for them to market razors and painful waxing for women, aka the pink tax.

No. 1479780

The west is shooting themselves in the foot. Can't wait for this tranny era to be over.

No. 1479799

Ot but as a frog I never understood this, pretty much every woman around me shaves their legs and armpits, where does this "French women don't shave" shit come from? I personally don't shave because I don't care and I don't date but I'm pretty certain I'm the outlier here.

No. 1479816

I’m not French but I’ve heard the “European (mostly French) women don’t shave and shower” stereotype that Americans love is some kind of already really old war propaganda.

No. 1479850

I find it eternally annoying that pickmes think everything other women do is also for men, like we live our lives thinking “oh shit how can I be the most appealing to moids today”. Idgaf about landing a man as I am not attracted to them. Also what is it with conservitards who think women are supposed to be hairless or we’re men? I’ve heard some of them say things like “women are naturally hairless” (huh??) or “women aren’t supposed to have body hair”. Then why does it grow there, dipshit?

No. 1479875

Men are just dumb. One time in med school we were shadowing a middle aged male doctor while he was checking up on patients and when he was explaining things to us afterwards he said something about older men having hair on toes while older women don't or something. One female classmate said 'Everyone grows hair on legs and feet don't they, especially when older' and he replied by 'Well maybe, I've never seen it so I guess every self-respecting woman shaves it'. Jfc

No. 1480220

File: 1674523472843.jpeg (266.29 KB, 1170x823, 6E229CCE-1514-4BBF-A87B-544907…)

it’s not that deep…
on an unrelated note why do so many leftists think all homeless people are worthy of empathy. i’m sure the struggling single mother escaping an abusive household likes to be lumped in with drunk hobos who assault women.

No. 1480222

God I hate male doctors. one of the most misogynist, psychopathic, and egotistical men out there.

No. 1480230

I'm pretty sure they like it because it's disney world.

No. 1480237

People who complain about "Disney adults" are misogynists, plain and simple

No. 1480239

Do libtards just really love being in danger all the time? That's a woman, aka the demographic of human most likely to be harassed/assaulted by random homeless men/otherwise identified street moid, saying she thinks it's bad that families don't want to watch a Led Zeppelin looking dude do crack on a bus

No. 1480241

i don't see how misogyny would be connected to that. i could see it in the tweet posted but not from people disliking disney adults in general

No. 1480261

It's because Disney adult haters can't stand someone being into Disney, because it's largely targeted towards women and not scrotes

No. 1480342

Aside from the other reasons why this is dumb, there are still men who like body hair on women or just don't care about it lol. I hate when pickmes project their insecurities on other women and get mad when they don't do the same things they do. It's not the next girl's fault that you feel like an ugly sasquatch if you've gone 3 days without shaving.
If all women decided they won't shave, do these people think 99% of men would be rendered asexual? Nope. They would adjust. Life goes on, simple as that.

No. 1480346

>you're never gonna land one
Usually only hear the "no man wants you" line from troons. Everyone else gets what a hollow threat that is. Fucking wish my pit hair had saved me from past mistakes.

No. 1480351

Not really, i've heard countless women threaten other women of spinsterhood for this exact bullshit. Her tweet is a dime a dozen and i promise you there are countless irl women who genuinely think like she does, she is not rare.

No. 1480476

Nah Disney is just dumb plastic shit and Disney adults are insufferable to be around.

No. 1480486

Adults who are obsessed with Disney shit are cringy af but people who make fun of adults going to Disney World are equally retarded, how dare people want to relax on a day off with fun rides (a lot of them kot being made for children mind you).

No. 1480495

Marvel soyboys get the same shit so no it's not misogynistic especially if the one calling them annoying is also a woman. There are plenty of examples of moids getting mad at media that is targeted towards women but disney is not it.

No. 1480516

yeap, my mother reminds me of this every time she sees me, like get over it, girl. i'm not gonna shave my legs anytime soon. some women feel personally offended at your unshaved body, like you are slighting them somehow. i just like how i look with hair, it's that simple, not out of laziness or some political stance.

No. 1480520

I met a few Disney adults in college and every single one of them was very kind to me. Always complimenting my silly hair and outfits and stuff even though most of them looked more…normal I guess? Probably because I had a Cheshire cat backpack. I wouldn't like, hang out with them, but I wouldn't call them insufferable either. Especially in comparison to weebs.

No. 1480560

i thought it was more because of the over-consoomerism, same with marvel fans (plus marvel's owned by disney)

No. 1480601

My mom too. In a way, it makes me sad, because I start to wonder if she’s ever even really thought much about beauty standards and what it means to follow them. The fact that there are older women out there who haven’t thought about this blows my mind, mainly because keeping up with them is exhausting. My mom still won’t leave the house without makeup or curling her hair and I don’t get how it’s always been that way or how she’s never questioned it.

No. 1480625

not an unpopular opinion but it hit me as i was reading the posts about disney adults: its interesting how disney adults only get made fun of/laughed at despite leftists fully acknowledging that disney is a horrible company, but harry potter adults get accused of supporting trans genocide and all variety of heinous crimes.

No. 1480702

Hard agree. If you ever met any former Disney animators (from the old days, not the gay new generation who give every character sameface), they would think these people are the most pathetic human beings.

No. 1481018

File: 1674615397546.jpg (115.93 KB, 720x454, 20230124_215616.jpg)

So recently, a Thai BL drama actor named Build Jakapan has been outed as a violent piece of shit, rape supporter, girlfriend beater, etc… And there are SO many twittertards defending him. I know they are mostly fujos and asian fetishizes so I shouldn't expect much from them, but God this is bullshit.

No. 1481055

I was thinking of posting something related to this in the fandom psychology thread, how the "uwu-fication" of male characters and especially male actors tricks young girls into forgetting the fact that they are men, no matter how much you feel better sexualizing a moid by calling him "baby girl" it doesn't change the fact that he is a moid who will have always more power in the situation, even if he's a gay eunuch he can still abuse you

No. 1481064

I know. There's so much fandom cringe from this on both Twitter and reddit (and those are only the places I'm on to see this stuff). I can't believe how many people are defending him, or how many people are immediately trying to ship Vegas (the actor who these fujos we're pairing Build with, for those who need context) with someone different. Like, it's not about the shipping you retards?? He's been abusing someone you sick freaks. I'm a cringe fujotard too, but even I can stop thinking about BL for five seconds to see that a woman's being abused and that a man's a piece of shit. Idk why the ship IRL people anyways. Real moids are moids all the same, just like you said. Idk why they don't get that…

No. 1481113

Everytime I see something about men being oppressed and women "getting away with everything" it almost always turns out to be one sided. Once some moid make a huge deal about men "killing themselves because they lost custody of children", I asked for an example and he posted a man who got his children taken away because of multiple assault charges

No. 1481279

File: 1674656183226.jpeg (456.36 KB, 828x1310, DE9E158F-640F-43F8-9F83-8DF321…)

>I am Japanese woman
>why you not happy
>plethora of safety nets

under a post of a 27 year old japanese woman looking like a 10 year old


meanwhile japan just announced that their birth rate has decreased even more. 2023 and white moids are still unironically spreading this screenshot around

No. 1481299

Lol this is so obviously written by a native English speaking male its hilarious how males even RT this. Makes them look sublimely retarded. He only kept the effort up of pretending in the first sentence by eliminating "a". Then started his canned, uninspired ranting too much to keep up with it. Not that he could even do a decent job, working as an English tutor I can tell you the grammar mistakes each culture is prone to make, make it obvious what level they're at and what concepts they are ready to grasp. Not using very simple concepts but proceeding to use run on compound sentences with niche cultural terminology.

Its a butthurt unattractive millennial white male incel who jacks off to hentai and Asians exclusivelyand thinks he's a victim when he's only a victim of his own incompetence.

No. 1481412

File: 1674665643026.png (72.58 KB, 646x562, bnnnn.png)

i hate everyone involved in this situation

No. 1481436

Stuff like this and Tate's "hustler university" remind me of how low iq a lot of men are. As a misandrist I hated them mostly for their actions and didn't think much about their inherent abilities but I'm reconsidering.

No. 1481458

Japanese tradwives don't think that white women are most privilege. Japan is a homogeneous country where Japanese people are the majority JP tradwives simply don't think about white western women because it's not relevant to their society this is so obviously written by an American moid

No. 1481461

What is a fan clack?

No. 1481472

it's funny because they wont live in dangerous areas and will safely make these comments from behind their screens/keyboards. They want oppression points without actually being in these dangerous for women situations.

No. 1481474

Why are trannys and tras coping so much? Gay men dont want to fuck women, just like lesbians dont want to fuck men. Get over it.

No. 1481488


What a bunch of retards. Reminds me of cringy pickup artists who started popping in Japan post COVID travel ban harassing women there

No. 1481491

You would genuinely have to have brain damage in order to think this is legitimately written by a Japanese woman. Some kind of a cognitive defect anyway.

No. 1481493

File: 1674671576758.png (31.92 KB, 577x261, why not happy.PNG)

For real. He really couldn't keep in the spergery and just let his male tantrum take over after pretending to speak in stereotypical broken engrish for like two sentences.

No. 1481496

The English varies so much it's obviously fake.

No. 1481500

Because they’re incels, narcissists, attention-seeking energy vampires, autistic, etc. Choose your flavour

No. 1481501

Japanese women are extremely blackpilled on men and most of them are choosing to forego dating altogether, there is no way a Japanese woman wrote this. Some fat sweaty neckbeard with an anime PFP larping as usual.

No. 1481504

People always rightfully speak about how the cognitive decline and lead poisoning of the elderly renders them susceptible to the stupidest scams on earth and the most profoundly dumb political conclusions imaginable, but young moids continue to prove that they're like that to begin with. Most moids stagnate at the mental level of children because there's no reason for them to do otherwise, when their whole culture encourages ruling the world through the bravado of sheer idiocy paired with selfish, apelike violence. Most of them are half illiterate.

No. 1481506

File: 1674672335693.jpeg (198.74 KB, 1611x1447, B0EDC936-27D4-4B98-9D4C-A0A3DC…)

It’s the noise these fans make when you open them a certain way. I think she’s trying to make an insult about gay men/drag queens who aren’t very good at their routines or something, the clack isn’t in time with the music beat. Idk it is stupid.

No. 1481507

Except for all the transmen out there who go on to have vaginal atrophy, yeast infections back to back and a slew of other problems down there from trying to somehow keep a vagina healthy in a testosterone driven body. Down the line.. its not cute and its not going to be getting fucked. Plenty will admit that themselves if they bother to document their changes longer term and be honest about it.

No. 1481531

This picture activates my fight or flight response.

No. 1481620

god this channel is so cringe… no one cares about your tooth filling coming out dumbass moid, let alone a japanese woman trying to get home. its like when they tell you about their hemorrhoids at the bar and expect you to mommy them and be all like "aww poor baby"

No. 1481716

File: 1674684180201.jpg (333.21 KB, 1174x1226, als.jpg)

No. 1481729

>Implying the world should spoil men more
>Implying women specifically should do the aforementioned ass licking instead of other men, because of course
Also this artstyle is gross, if you want people to take your dumbass argument seriously at least draw women like human beings instead of hentai big titted girls, ew

No. 1481737

The original comic was made by a woman to do a 'if roles were reversed' scenario to show men how harassment would feel, so of course moids took it and edited the women to have huge tits and claim they'd love it if women spoke to them like that.

No. 1481739

It's all fun and games until an average looking woman compliments a guy. Plus, most moids never look like the guys of the comic, so why compliment an ugly moid? Like, everyone knows what happens when you do that, the moid becomes obsessed, stalks the woman, if she rejects him, he rapes and/or kills her, a story as old as time.

No. 1481742

I used to compliment guys often (girls too) in an extended friend group and they all ended up talking shit about me behind my back, assuming I wanted to fuck all of them

No. 1481743

>calling a strange man cute
He'd either get angry or immediately try to fuck you, why would I do this?
>introducing a board meeting of men as lovely gentlemen
Unprofessional, just 'gentlemen' work fine and is already normal to say.
>belittling a man for doing simple task
>while having massive tits (?)
>old lady complimenting young man
Happens literally every fucking time a non-ugly young man is working a register. These poor old ladies can probably only count 5 non-ugly males she's seen in her entire lifetime, let her see some more before she dies.

No. 1481747

>It's all fun and games until an average looking woman compliments a guy
Kek this, the examples in the comic are all hot women and an old lady (which could be perceived as endearing) yet, they didn't include a normie or an ugly-cute girl, is almost like moids don't even perceive them, they just want all the Stacies to praise them for existing
>everyone knows what happens when you do that, the moid becomes obsessed, stalks the woman, if she rejects him, he rapes and/or kills her, a story as old as time
Also this, never interact with an ugly moid

No. 1481748

The way this loser drew the balloon tits panel 3 is everything you need to know about him and the issue in general. We don’t compliment random men because they view us exactly like that: as sex objects. When men compliment one another they get accused of being gay, when women compliment men they assume we want to have sex and then they form a threat to our safety because of how often they become violently enraged when rejected.
Actually, looking back at the comic, he drew all the men in a really generic detail-devoid way with no faces or wonky circle eyes, but he pored over giving all the women bedroom eyes and defined thighs and asses and drew all their clothing to cling to the contours of this body. Pathetic coomer blaming the world’s problems on the women he sexually obsesses over as usual wah wah.

No. 1481755

Girls, he's giving us guidance on what not to do to keep the rates going higher. Take the advice.

No. 1481772

Lmao that's the attitude, let's make those moids feel even more suicidal by literally just ignoring them and their irrelevant non-issues

No. 1481774

I treat moids kind of like this sometimes and they go crazy for it. They'll do anything for me. Also I'm pretty fucking ugly and look like a dyke. They are really compliment-starved.

No. 1481777

They wanna get laid.

No. 1481783

I mean they always want to get laid. I think it goes beyond that too though. Also it's possible I get this treatment back because I don't look like I'm attracted to men and they probably aren't overly attracted to me either so they don't release as many rape hormones as normal.

No. 1481792


No. 1481813

>Plus, most moids never look like the guys of the comic, so why compliment an ugly moid?
Honestly. It’s not a men thing because attractive men to get complimented constantly, it’s a you’re ugly thing. Why would I say a man should smile more when I know he doesn’t brush his teeth?

No. 1481879

I'm too lazy to find it but the original version of this comic is of men saying these things to other men, very interesting that it was edited into women complimenting men so all these dumbass moids on twitter could cry about how they wish men complimented them. When women talk about how we don't like men making uncomfortable "compliments" towards us, men are absolutely retarded for whining about "if the roles were reversed", this stupid tweet about "muh male suicide rate would go down" would not have been made with the original version of the comic featuring exclusively men, because absolutely no one wants men saying these things to them, men don't compliment other men because they don't want to, and frankly universally feels like the man wants something out of you. Of course men want to be complimented by women though, women like being complimented by women as well, hence why we do it for each other

No. 1482083

>not shaving mean that men won't be attracted to you

No. 1482807


This will probably get buried but I recognize this exact commenter and this exact story who was commenting under MGTOW videos, they later exposed themselves and their true white male form under gun and knife videos when they dropped the act and they deleted the comments when I called them out. I wonder why the person blurred out their name, I remember when I went to their channel they had playlists of video games like call of duty, mgtow shit and weapons. Obviously the average Japanese womans favorite thing kek

No. 1482812

Found it, their profiles name is lunamaria

No. 1482959

kek I tried to find an obnoxious one

No. 1483294

File: 1674823370398.png (138.61 KB, 488x654, 62.png)

some might call me a tard for this but I think doing something like this (especially to a young kid) and posting it online is beyond retarded, like his schoolmates might bully him for this and even worse pedophiles get off to shit like this


No. 1483321

What do you mean buried? Old comments go to the top

No. 1483329

this looks wholesome, you may have brainrot if you see this in a sexual way.

No. 1483340

Kids shouldn’t be exploited for views on the Internet. They deserve to grow up with privacy not be paraded on Twitter.

No. 1483358

As if there weren't tons of pedophile pages that take innocent videos of children playing or doing sports and use it as fap material (gag)

No. 1483366

anon pointing out that pedos will find it sexual isn't her seeing it in a sexual way, dumbass. it's not her fault pedos are freaks.

No. 1483393

ok but that still doesn't change the fact that in YOUR WORDS the video is innocent. Honestly its giving Qanon retardation because i know the people raging over a normal video like this are silent when something happens to a kid in their community.

No. 1483397

Your whatabotusim isn’t an argument for your bad point.

No. 1483971

File: 1674872641923.jpeg (73.94 KB, 896x978, 975696DC-6D07-4E73-8D01-96B1BF…)

Trewns are disgusting but lmfao if you think gendie bs is a pressing issue

No. 1483984

I hate this shit how is it not abortion or porn/prostitution (those are the same issue imo) I hate what r/GC turned radfeminism into. And I wish YouTube radfems would shut up about trannies for 5 seconds. Lookin at you Lisa.

No. 1484151

it's very cute but posting it is pretty dumb, I hope she hasn't gotten any disturbing messages.

No. 1485003

File: 1674998633832.jpeg (505.62 KB, 828x1374, 288FD7D6-0AB8-45E2-B85B-D043F8…)

No. 1485009

that's very clearly a young woman and not a boy, but even if it was it would be pedophilic

No. 1485013

File: 1674999991084.webm (5.26 MB, 581x1138, 19e7c4d9ed3c6648ad.webm)

for anyone wondering that is a woman who goes by the handle gio.scottii, one of her videos was uploaded on reddit with a caption going something like "1 month on estrogen" and then spread to twitter coomer circles stating what a "ancient greek femboy" would have looked like

No. 1485015

Is this one of those "I post women on trans subreddits to make troons suicidal" things? Either way they all still deserve to be reported for being pedophiles.

No. 1485036

is this girl aware her videos are being used in pedo and troon shit? what the fuck is 'ancient greek femboy'? men can't be real. they're so fucking weird and inhuman.

No. 1485515

>pakistani flag
checks out

No. 1485792

File: 1675080384827.jpeg (196.3 KB, 791x1280, E5A7BA70-86A7-41E7-9070-990BB7…)

God I hate that thread pic isn’t a bird

>some incels make hyperrealistic AI generated porn models

>twitter thots in shambles and coping
LMAO scrotes don’t give a single shit about you as a person. They all sound like Shayna it’s unreal. Muh personal touches, muh real connection, muh artistry! It’s so pathetic it comes around to being hilarious. With advances of things like ChatGPT, any indian scammer can pretend to be the perfect human e-whore. It doesn’t take much to swindle retarded horny moids. If these bitches were smart, they’d realize such technology means they can sell sex without selling themselves. Maybe it’s the realization that they all got groomed into jeopardizing their safety, body and self worth for no reason.

No. 1485821

She has a point, if cartoons and 3D could replace real women shit would be solved by now, AI art isn't going to do the trick, moids want the real thing