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File: 1686733700923.png (2.93 KB, 386x290, tumblr_inline_nc4ln3rgeL1swhzc…)

No. 1606262

Keep on posting all the dumb shit you see on Tumblr.

Previous thread >>>/ot/1419137

No. 1606746

File: 1686777497199.png (11.78 KB, 671x409, Screenshot_40.png)

does anyone know the deal with this megapope/mousegirl drama? a blog i enjoyed (somewhat based gay male, actual gay dude not a tif – /dyatlovpassingprivilege) got deleted for "transmisogyny" and now trannies on tumblr are in a flurry over it. i hate how gross scrotes have infected a social media site mostly full of girls and women

No. 1606806

I didn't see it play out in real time but the gist is that there was some kind of tranny blog about mousegirls or was posting about mousegirls and megapope, who to be fair IS annoying but in this case pretty based, went through the tranny mousegirl's blog and posted screenshots (?) of the weird-ass furry porn or w/e that was on the tranny mousegirl blog. Not quite sure what exactly megapope said but it was done in a "oh wow, these loser tumblr freaks are fucking weirdos with weird degenerate kinks" way or something of the like, and thus he was ran off tumblr by trannies who think it's totally normal to jack it to cartoon animals getting fucked or whatever. Then it spawned a fuck ton of "let trans women be disgusting rape fetishists you fucking loser puritans!!!! It's actually totally normal!!! Real women have degenerate fetishes too!!!!", yadda yadda yadda.
Tl;dr, megapope expressed his dislike of the mousegirl trend because it was all just trannies being degenerates.
I think it's funny because pissvortex, iirc, the biggest tranny cock-sucker on tumblr, defended megapope, so now he's on the chopping block as well (at least headed there).

No. 1607524

File: 1686811275190.jpg (179.54 KB, 1080x1416, Screenshot_20230613_114106_Chr…)

Tradwives on Tumblr are truly something else.

No. 1607552

Is it weird that I kinda agree with this? though I wouldn't classify the former as feminism, but rather a pseudo-intellectual type of feminism about tearing down the gender binary of most of the second-wavers.

No. 1607556

too bad her point isn't to rid people of the things that harm them and make those exist to begin with but to go back to their original roles and accept them in the name of God.

also transgenderism exists because men are sexually ill.

No. 1607783

The abrahamic god hates women, that's why he commands all women to be slaves to men. To be a Christian or Muslim or Jew you must hate women. There's no other way.

No. 1609121

File: 1686939106791.jpeg (57.97 KB, 749x463, IMG_1774.jpeg)

Tumblr’s reaction to Reddit coming to their site compared to twitter really highlights their blatant pick me misogyny for moids and troons
When twitter people CAME BACK to tumblr they got annoyed despite them being in the same group of women
When redditors, a group that openly dislikes women and tumblr came to tumblr they’re like ‘uwu we should be kind and learn to get along’

Personally, I’m hoping tons of Reddit troons and moids cause a mass peaking where tumblr girls realize how disgusting they are from having to share a website with them, but it’s unlikely that’ll happen.

No. 1609124

File: 1686939249058.jpeg (76.38 KB, 749x772, IMG_1777.jpeg)

Like they literally openly admit to this shit

No. 1609132

It's more likely that they'll just completely ruin Tumblr, and the deluge of hideous hon selfies and coom posting will render the site completely unusable for anyone but trannies. It's what they do with female-dominant spaces; they colonize it under the false pretense of fleeing bigotry, only to grow out of control and push out all but their most ardent supporters. It's already happening to Tumblr with Twitter trannies, but the Reddit trannies are going to make it a thousand times worse. It's a shame, because I've stuck with Tumblr through thick and thin since 2011, and if the things I'm concerned about come to pass, I might just have to jump ship and abandon all social media except for imageboards.

As cringe as it was, I miss the peak of DeviantArt around fifteen years ago. Now the interface is ruined and only turbo-autists with highly specific fetishes use it.

No. 1609173

It’s just hilarious to me how they convince themselves that the site with rape forums on it
Apparently a lot of this is from a troon subreddit which is why a lot of the posts are tagged with ‘196’ migration and guess what? To no one’s surprise there’s a shit ton of coom posts.

No. 1609225

File: 1686943403466.png (107.26 KB, 1079x1232, Screenshot_20230616-121932.png)

Even if tumblr pick-mes and handmaidens can't acknowledge their moid preference in regards to the reddit invasion, redditors are annoying as fuck
>turbo autistic levels of pedantism
>one-up faggotry culture
>Cannot make generalizing statements ever or get dogpiled by nitpickers
>assumes everyone they talk to is a retarded perma beginner
>hates pirating or pretends they don't pirate or read fan translated content ever
>makes constant up-vote chasing references to films, tv or porn

Tumblr is acting like it's all niche maple syrup x video game themed cross stitching cricut vinyl makers who lost their little internet cubby. I hope the reddit scrotes get frustrated by tumblr's lack of clout-chasing tools and overall culture and bail once their subreddits go back up. If pinterest can stay a female dominated space, then Tumblr can too

No. 1609236

I wish the SJWs would dust off their tumblr accounts to scare the reddit moids off. Maybe we need to call in the radfems? Tumblr doesn't need to be ruined anymore than it already was. So tired of moids and their shit. I'm so glad they only want to look at lewd shit so they aren't destroying Pinterest

No. 1609255

this is just "potterheads get your wands"recoated. tumblr has always been my preferred social media and I still use it but I hate how the userbase acts like it's some super special club with awesome culture

No. 1609771

File: 1686989047048.png (80.25 KB, 1080x1260, tumblr aita.png)

No. 1609798

kill all ledditors and thier leddit bullshit on tumblr. i cmae back to tumblr since it got quieter after 2 years last year, but now it will be colonized by worst type of moids kn the internet. sigh

No. 1609810

File: 1686996261291.png (21.57 KB, 544x631, 1686992235766.png)

This user in pic related has been specially vocal of how much they love Redditors, but I think this post takes the cake.

No. 1609819

Not defending Reddit as a whole but there are spaces on Reddit that are indistinguishable from Trumblr, these are usually fandom subreddits that have a huge overlap and cross-sharing with Tumblr fandom spaces(just a little more organized) in-fact that's how I discovered reddit, through fandom spaces.

No. 1609822

>reddit was never really about clout
What universe are they from?

No. 1609846

>reddit not about clout
The karma system? The attention whoring fake stories? The race to get heckin updoots and awards? This user is delusional

No. 1609942

Fandom as in fandow wiki? Than fuck em, honestly. Fandom killed several great wikis and/or misguides people when they search for useful information, since they rather would click on fandom link than an actally well-curated one. Off the top of my hat, wookiepedia was fucked, tes wiki churnes out unverified garbage unlike uesp, and fallout fandom wiki is hot garbage compared to nukapedia.
Fandom is a fucking cancer of the internet and it should be killed with fire.

No. 1610146

they really went to shit when they rebranded from wikia

No. 1610383

Reddit is made of irredeemable coomers who would sexualize a roadkill, absolute idiots and most insane troons. Besides the last one, I have no idea what Tumblr retards are so happy about.

No. 1610450

does anyone here remember avia patrexes? i was thinking about her tonight but her blog has been deleted. she was this totally insane person who faked being blind/deaf/crippled and also claimed to have been a fssw and cult survivor among other things. i found her twitter and all she posts about now is video games. does anyone know if there was any drama with her or why she deleted? and why is she so elusive now when she used to post so openly about her personal life?

No. 1610491

She was a personal cow of mine but that feeling is gone now, I can't help you much nona. but the time I last cared to follow (at least a couple years back now) she was obsessed with ffxiv and wrote a lot of fic about it (ran a fanfiction commission side hustle as well as writing for ao3 exchanges, along with a partner I believe). still talked about allegedly being blind crippled etc but also larping as a transwoman iirc? and a sw or at least had no problem posting explicitly sexual videos of herself on her twitter. and was kinda skelly.

No. 1610586

File: 1687072484225.jpeg (120.01 KB, 1200x698, IMG_1090.jpeg)

Wasn’t sure where to post it but I tumblr had been worshiping reddit for years as this website that provides niche communities and information.
When did this shift happen? Tumblr used to label reddit as a neo-Nazi website and now they’re “quirky weird guys”. Tumblr got completely defanged.

They’re right but I can’t help but feel like reddit also helped in killing forums and making the internet more centralised, 2 things that tumblr users complain about

No. 1610590

Believe it or not people on Tumblr are not a monolith and can have differing opinions on things

No. 1610592

I always felt like the twitter animosity was just an extension of “fandom vs hipster” rivalry.

No. 1610628

Its somewhat true though, I can more easily find more obscure shit on reddit then anywhere else, I don't have to post in the void and hope some how it reaches someone who knowledge on the topic.

No. 1612683

File: 1687250423901.png (456.98 KB, 541x2221, kittyposter-on-Tumblr.png)

Redditors being unable to assimilate and getting mad when called out have been pretty funny at least

No. 1612771

>youre a terf
It's always about terfs lmao that's all they know.

No. 1612776

Of course the degenerate tranny is defending misogynistic Redditors. His blog is nasty

No. 1616499

File: 1687623093706.png (34.01 KB, 1440x598, Screenshot_20230624-091112.png)

By this logic, pedophilia is queer too. I don't think OP realizes they are advocating for this.

No. 1616503

Necrophilia, cropophilia, emetophilia and so on are also queer then, kek. Where are their flags? There’s already one for the pedos.

No. 1616689

this reads like the blog of my best friend from middle school

No. 1617647

File: 1687744470232.jpg (142.55 KB, 1440x1795, tumblr_c2eda55446b278c4f8b67c8…)

Is there any more milk on imeverywoman420?

I searched and found some posts (1/4)

No. 1617648

File: 1687744522722.jpeg (253.74 KB, 1080x2536, bOeR9qL.jpeg)

No. 1617649

File: 1687744644527.jpeg (113.93 KB, 1080x1242, TbK8hOu.jpeg)

No. 1617650

File: 1687744795628.jpeg (192.32 KB, 1080x2105, KHZ7XqS.jpeg)

No. 1618341

i wish she had her own thread but i don’t think there’s any actual milk and seeing screencaps of her ranting about the same few topics would get so nauseating. maybe if she posted more about her ldr lol

No. 1620708

Do women with radfem-adjecent politics have fandom blogs or do they only have discourse blogs? I know fandom kinda goes against feminism since there is a focus on consumerism and escapism but even the most political active and motivated people do indulge in media from time to time. It could just be nice to follow fandom blogs that where willing to acknowledge the misogyny in the entertainment industry and actually discuss it time to time. Even when I follow fandom blogs that doesn't discuss social injustice and focus more on being lighthearted and fangirl they always end up reblogging or making a post about how terfs are literally hitler and how mentioning misogyny is phobic

No. 1620762

I deleted my tumblr app temporarily after some random tard tried to argue with me over my own mental illness. “He/it”assumed I had no experience with what I was talking about and was trying to brush off psychosis like it’s no big deal and everyone should just be besties with people in psychotic episodes. I would bet money this type of person would break down sobbing if a homeless drug addict started talking nonsense to them. People on there are so fucking desperate for false moral superiority that it’s laughable.

No. 1620772

File: 1688093166357.jpeg (179.08 KB, 1242x1282, 1AC7B2CC-458A-46B6-BECE-A7814D…)

gay men orbiting radblr have a hard time minding their own business

No. 1620787

what a faggot

No. 1621184

>"drinking alcohol to not get drunk"
Men are retarded. Plenty of people have a drink without intent to get plastered. What logic is this.

No. 1621187

He probably means if you drink alcohol in front of him it's the same thing as consenting to being roofied.

No. 1621188

I'm so tired of the weird men orbiting radblr I don't get why so many have popped up suddenly

No. 1621193

I'm so tired of the weird men orbiting radblr I don't get why so many have popped up suddenly

No. 1621200

The fuck. Only a very rare careless and dumb person would consciously have lots of unprotected sex and use abortion as the only way to prevent childbirth. It's not like it's the most pleasant procedure in the world. Women just need it in case things go wrong. Some scrotes make it seem like pro-choice women plan to have abortions every couple of months just for fun. Also men have no problem leaving pregnant women without any consequences regardless of their choices.

No. 1621353

Speak for yourself I have a punch card at my local Abortions-R-Us, two more stamps and my next one is free

No. 1621367

Dyatlovpassingprivilege got termed? Damn. I thought his memes and tranny hate were funny, but he was sadly male and would post about his hatred for women time to time so I unfollowed him.

No. 1621381

terfs are tumblr's slenderman.

No. 1621383

Huh. I had imagined her prettier in my head. Either way, I feel like her sleeping with a married man and having a mental break down is not surprising. You just have to read her posts to know that she crazy, that's why I love reading her takes. She's super funny.

No. 1621569

File: 1688173742505.png (28.23 KB, 720x731, Screenshot_20230630-210617.png)

What's the point of being like this
Reminds me there's a resurgence of women on tumblr sleeping with older and married men blogging about how they get used but will forever own their eroticism by choosing to be with said men. Lots of cryposts in between intellectual posturing.

No. 1621592

Hopefully this dumbass peaks soon so it can all be suddenly clear to her

No. 1621608

You can only care about women's issues so much without realizing that women's needs and those of trans identified men are extremely different and usually conflict with one another. She'll get it eventually. It's fucking impossible to try to support tims while being a feminist, their reactions, criticisms, and ideas on the subject are peaking material in of themselves.

No. 1622037

File: 1688223860786.jpeg (114.51 KB, 550x479, IMG_8240.jpeg)

>trans women are my sisters in arms
Boy have I got a cool horse to gift you

No. 1622075

anti-intellectualism is bad, but the amount of tumblrite self-proclaimed intellectuals who dehumanize and vituperate academically challenged people is kind of settling. i often see popular posts proclaiming that people with poor media literacy should die, and it’s like…relax

No. 1622739

This recent trend of people purposefully misspelling words in otherwise innocuous posts in order to get notes pisses me off. Your phone did not correct "mp3 player" to "mpreg player" be for fucking real

No. 1623023

Am I dumb or does Tumblr still not have seperate dashboards for sideblogs? That would improve my Tumblr experience so much and it seems like such an obvious implementation.

No. 1623026

This has been a thing on Tumblr for years, it's not new. It's not even exclusive to Tumblr. It's a social media site thing.
>social media site has some way for users to be "rewarded" in attention, ie. notes, upvotes, likes, retweets, etc.
>people make shit up for attention

No. 1623028

It doesn’t. I’ve always hated how sideblogs work. It’s convenient to be able to reblog things to different blogs from one login but everything else about it is handled poorly.

No. 1623141

it's very clear to me that these people don't actually interact with people on a daily basis lol

No. 1623211

does anyone else keep seeing those "twitter/reddit refugee guide to tumblr UwU" posts on their dashboard? i genuinely don't understand why they're needed. is it really that difficult to figure out how tumblr works

No. 1623217

For many people yes, it is that difficult. See all the Twitter/TikTok newfags on here who can't lurk for shit and learn how the site works before posting

No. 1623231

I send them anons telling them to kys, they cry and quit the site. We must nip the infestation of twitter and reddit tards in the bud before they make the site unusuable again.

No. 1623304

Fucking hate how smug tumblr is acting. Don't act like you have your porn back or that you have the attention of superior Japanese artists.

No. 1623306

right, for every superior jp artist coming to tumblr there will be a million plebbit creeps

No. 1623811

Based, thank you for your service.

At least it's calm and doesn't have kids starting drama over nothing right now.

No. 1625047

I don't use Tumblr that much but I do have an account to follow radfem blogs and check once in a while. With the new algorithm on the default tab in the app, I frequently get random drama and call out posts in the top 3 posts, instead of normal posts. Every social media pushes controversial things to a degree but it's blatant on Tumblr and makes me a bit suspicious why I see so many divisive posts.

No. 1625150

>Tumblr used to label reddit as a neo-Nazi website and now they’re “quirky weird guys”
the exact same thing happened with 4chan too, must be the surge of tims on tumblr

No. 1626508

File: 1688679637693.png (10.73 KB, 620x219, Screenshot_13.png)

tranny posts on tumblr are always so clockable. it's the weirdly sexual vibe to them all.

No. 1626894

forcefem shit is like 100% AGP moid fantasy.

No. 1626905

File: 1688707823796.png (240.26 KB, 760x1079, Screenshot_20230706-222408.png)

Stumbled upon this loser. You can really just be the biggest male loser on Tumblr slap some they them pronouns on yourself and pretend like you're actually an intellectual for defending your gross hentai addiction. He seems to have a decent following considering the notes he gets. I'm not on Tumblr so idk if this man is known.

No. 1626906

File: 1688707879559.png (860.03 KB, 760x691, Screenshot_20230706-222621.png)

Peak loser

No. 1628341

File: 1688844224476.jpg (762.14 KB, 1080x4237, Screenshot_20230708_185239_Chr…)

This is so dramatic lmao.

No. 1628343

I hate it so much that we now accept males promoting their porn and coom lifestyles so openly.

No. 1628355

they're right though? faggy mongo teenagers are destroying online culture through shit like this

No. 1628370

I used to follow some of his mutuals and fans back when I was a teenager (don't ask why) and it's such a weird circle of people. They where hardcore postmodernists and thought everything was a social construct and used that logic to justify the oddest shit. If a woman expressed the slightest discomfort over erotic art of prepubescent girls they would call her a bad person and quote Foucault to back up their claim. Some of the most deranged men in these circles would even say that any critique of porn and lolicon was transmisogyny because trans women use it to explore themselves.
There was a NB woman (I think she IDs as a trans man now) in that circle who genuinely believed that she had privilege over men. Not even the typical "AFABs are more privileged than trans women" bullshit she would legit argue that men are more vulnerable than woman because they are more likely to be targeted by the police and more likely to fall victim to gang violence and completely ignored how gangs are more likely to sex traffic women. At some point I legit thought she would peak as a radfem because she became very vocal about sex based oppression and would reblog news posts from radfems that talked about feminism on a global scale, but then she went full they/them and never spoke about misogyny again and started defending men. She runs a popular tumblr blog and it's so weird to see that blog on my dash. I doubt most people know all the weird shit that happened on her main/private blog
lol. I do agree though that any "pro ship, anti ship" discussion is unproductive and both sides are cowish but this is so melodramatic that I can take it seriously. It's cruel that a teenager got so much harassment, that's unfortunately the daily life on the internet. Btw it's well documented that people do the weirdest shit for their fetishes, while the person in question should not have received any hate, the tumblr OP is stupid for pretending that men don't make life altering decisions so they can coom

No. 1628430

File: 1688849111957.jpg (43.21 KB, 674x720, zucc.jpg)

The artist in question didn't have cancer, but the OP of the post is otherwise right. Why are minors proudly going through NSFW accounts? Because creepy adults who call themselves "antis" actively encourage that sort of culture and reward them for it. It's inherently predatory, I really don't give a fuck how much they finger point and try to deflect to the freaky fujos writing genshin impact incest fic or whatever. I even saw some of these people brag about trying to find and repost as much of her fetish art as possible for people to see. That seems to go entirely against the point of the drawings being problematic, wrong and "not wanting to give her a platform!!", and shows they just wanted to feel like they "did something" by harassing a random person. Some of them were fans of shit like Pornhub and sewerslvt, so I know this isn't about ethics and morals. It's also crazy how they only ever seem to target women for being problematic, never men. Not a single MtF or normal scrote cancelled by these people for making gross/weird content, but they have all the smoke in the world for the most random women who either have mid-level popularity, or are straight up underground. So, some FtM who draws edgy shit and FMA yaoi chopped her leg off. I'm supposed to be mad and want her gone from the internet? The same people acting like it's their own leg were cheering her on when she chopped off her tits, then had flesh carved from her arm to fashion some clownish, grotesque parody of male genitalia that was finally stitched onto her crotch. Supporters of genital mutilation and mass sterilization/hormone experimentation on the mentally ill need to sit down. No one with a brain believes they have standards for human behavior. I've seen too many tit chops and blood-covered tit chop drawings pushed as "stunning and brave" to take this shit seriously.
I don't know how they do it, but these people somehow manage to be groomer-ish and make the internet a more boring, shitty place because they're addicted to "cancelling". They, their need for attention and their faux delicate sensibilities are the reason we've been going milkless.
All in all: Fuck twitterfags. Hope all the newfags who have swarmed this place like ants because their fellow retards have been trying to get "street cred" by talking about it get cancelled for giving attention and frequent visits to this heavily transphobic, misandrist community. Fuck males, fuck Islam, burn a hijab, no one with a dick can ever be a lesbian.

No. 1628499

can you spoiler this shit next time

No. 1628500

i mean the pic btw

No. 1628533

>There was a NB woman (I think she IDs as a trans man now) in that circle who genuinely believed that she had privilege over men
>she would legit argue that men are more vulnerable than woman because they are more likely to be targeted by the police and more likely to fall victim to gang violence and completely ignored how gangs are more likely to sex traffic women
>At some point I legit thought she would peak as a radfem because she became very vocal about sex based oppression and would reblog news posts from radfems
>but then she went full they/them and never spoke about misogyny again and started defending men
>She runs a popular tumblr blog and it's so weird to see that blog on my dash
>I doubt most people know all the weird shit that happened on her main/private blog
is this about medicine/thug/pure? or tariqah?

No. 1629037

no it's not ant of them. I can't remember what her URL for her main blog is anymore but she has a popular sideblog where she talks about art and history and stuff. She is private about her identity and politics on that blog so it's not very milky

No. 1629393

File: 1688937168983.jpg (139.78 KB, 1080x970, Screenshot_2023-07-09-22-21-37…)

this post was longer but I cropped it because I want to rant on the vegetable partincoming autism. I'm genuinely disturbed by the amount of tumblr users who refused to eat vegetables until they became adults and then act like this is normal. Sure, it's normal for children to be more suspicious towards food it's just the caveman instict acting up. I had some vegetables which I loathed as a kid but like now. But on the other hand there where tons of other vegetables I had no problem eating as a kid. Same goes for all my childhood friends. Growing up I didn't know anyone who disliked vegetables as a whole. Carrots and cucumbers are extremely common snacks for children so idk where the "children hate all vegetables" thing came from.
It's also annoying whenever a tumblr post about disliking vegetables starts circulating the notes a filled with "vegetables aren't gross if you know how to prepare them" comments. I do think some vegetables taste better when steamed or with spices but I like raw vegetables too. I have never meet a person who refused to ear raw vegetables either. It's so weird that the majority of tumblr's userbase have no problem admitting that they didn't eat vegetables until they became adults and even then they refuse to eat them raw. I have never meet people like that irl I know that tumblr has always attracted weird people but still

No. 1629400

That explains their retardation. It's the malnourishment.

No. 1629417

Does wishing scurvy on the entirety of tumblr count as a-logging? I promise I don't mean it in a cruel way, but these infomercial style posts would be hilarious, kek.

No. 1629451

>pregnancy is the consequence of that decision
So he's saying pregnancy is bad? So women have a point when they abort, right? This faggot is so retarded he can't even come up with a proper argument.

No. 1629466

Someone should tell him this, but replace pregnancy with HIV transmission, and that gay men who have unprotected anal sex should be denied healthcare.

No. 1629485

I know multiple adults like this. It’s so disappointing and frustrating. I also grew up around a lot of picky kids. One of my pickiest friends is my bestie and I love her but the ARFID is something I wish she’d get serious about getting therapy for. She won’t eat any veggies at all but will eat TUNA HELPER?!! And eats tuna helper like weekly for dinner in addition to kielbasas for dinner. Those are two foods I don’t even want to smell or look at, let alone eat. Canned tuna is for cats as far as I’m concerned. She won’t eat actual good high quality tuna though. Won’t eat a tuna steak or seared ahi tuna or even try a bite of sushi. My mind explodes when I think of this kek. SHE ALSO WONT EAT FRUITS. She’ll eat onion powder and garlic powder but won’t eat actual onion or actual fresh garlic. She will eat nothing green. She regularly gets fried rice take out for dinner and it’s just rice and egg and oil and soy sauce with some chicken.

Thankfully my autism didn’t make me a picky eater and my favorite snacks as a kid were raw broccoli, cucumbers, and carrots. My mom got compliments from other parents about how well behaved I was for eating my veggies, which my mom laughed at, cause she never had to force me to “behave” and eat veggies, I just enjoyed them. No dips or dressings just plain. My family had a garden and we grew cucumbers (literally the only thing that actually grew well kek, we grew some carrots too which were good but extremely spicy??? And never got bigger than like 4 inches lol, but I ate the shit out of the tiny spicy yard carrots). I remember eating a cucumber or two like daily for months out of the year. Yummy, I wanna grow some cucumbers now. LES CONCOMBRES

No. 1629756

my autism absolutely made me a picky eater but these people holy shit. i at least know of a lot of food i can, and will, eat without getting violently ill. tomatoes are so good?? how can anyone not like a single fruit or vegetable is beyond me

No. 1629880

Recently I’ve seen a lot of people shocked over the idea of eating raw broccoli. There’s this lady I follow on tiktok who runs an in-home daycare and every time she gives the kids raw broccoli there are people freaking out in the comments saying they’ve “never seen broccoli served raw”.

No. 1629894

Home grown cucumbers and tomatoes are the bomb. My mom used to grow them and every summer I would snack on them like crazy.

No. 1630089

i wouldn't eat any vegetable raw unless i grew it myself. industrially-grown vegetables are about as safe to eat raw as meat or eggs.

No. 1630805

File: 1689085881541.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1178x1966, IMG_1236.jpeg)

It’s wild that if you went on rdddit 10 years ago tumblrinas would call you a Nazi and dog pile on you

No. 1630860

I don't get it, Reddit is more similar to 4chan than it is to Tumblr. If crypto neckbeard Redditors and Tumblrinas met irl they would hate each other.

No. 1630900

Well not nu-tumblr since every neckbeard trope is now endearing to them, especially if paired with pronouns

No. 1630977

I was going to say the only reason they care is because most Reddit incels are trans now. They can forgive all the misogyny and racism if the men put on a dress.

No. 1631181

They're usually either cryptos that completely LARP as apolitical or they only reblog posts about 101 feminism with no mention of trans topics (ex. anti-makeup, pro-choice, etc.) from rad-adjacent blogs with urls that aren't obvious (ex. nothing with "TERF" or "radfem" in the actual URL). I'm not a radfem, but I am GC/anti-prostitution/misandrist/etc. and do reblog posts that criticize Onlyfans and whatnot alongside fanart, but I tend to get too paranoid to interact with wider fandom blogs for that reason because I don't want to be involved in their "spot the TERF" game.

No. 1631232

The way they're making it all that big of a deal is so annoying. I feel like most posts I see now are straight up 2013-14 style tumblr with that really irritating typing style. Also guessed correctly that the first person replying to OP was some AGP sex pest. How can they be so clockable with just an icon and url?

There's a ton of us like this, and a lot of radfems will signal that their blog isn't "safe for cryptos to follow" (read : you'll get harassed into the "spot the TERF" game if you're seen following them). Actually a lot of handmaidens and even troons will reblog radfem beliefs if the OP is crypto enough, it's interesting.

No. 1633285

Man they were fucking annoying. Pure and gothabiba are now using all their blogging power to get into slapfights about transmisogyny and shill their ~academic~ work. The great megapope furry incident holds the hearts of our greatest minds.

No. 1634347

File: 1689416103496.jpg (436.58 KB, 1080x2462, Screenshot_20230715_115906_Chr…)

These are not the same things though? Pagan women tend to have radfem leanings so they don't buy in the trad shit, also it's mostly normie women and gay men who are into astrology, and it's tradfags and pickmes who shit on them for that, not the reverse.

No. 1634363

It's true though. I have a casual interest in spiritual stuff and that's how they talk. Trad women say things like "he leads in the material world I lead in the spiritual world" lol

No. 1634391

wasn't gothabiba called out for transmisogyny though? I don't remember the details but some years ago some TiM had beefs with her over something stupid.

She also once got called out for being privileged because she had a college education and knew how to use academic words but it wasnt TiMs who called her out on that.
I also think some handmaidens got mad at her because she had said something that apparently implied that porn was bad? Idk it's hard to keep track off what tumblr users gets called out for. Specially female users gets attacked over anything

No. 1636758

File: 1689637503866.jpeg (251.35 KB, 1242x880, IMG_2249.jpeg)

Welp my crypto days are over. Tumblr update randomly shows likes on followers’ dashboards now (Picrel as example of how it shows up). I don’t see a way to not allow this. I never rb terf stuff or from anyone with “rad” in their username but I always give them a like in solidarity. Now I can’t unless I make whole alt account which I’m too lazy to do. I think I’m already on Shinigami Eyes but still was trying to remain as under the radar as possible. Feels bad and also like why is there no privacy anymore?! Showing my activity to everyone is the exact reason I never liked twitter or will use threads. Not everything has to be broadcast to your followers ugh

No. 1636766

Go out in a blaze of glory and be the biggest TERF ever

No. 1636770

Look, sometimes things are complicated and rules for living do not keep you pure. Real life example: My homeschool dad says Samsom got his strength from long hair, my brothers are not allowed to cut their hair short and his girl children obviously aren't either but also we cant shave out legs or pits. Is that feminism? Not shaving as a girl is going against the norm so it must be feminism, right? No. Not in this situation. We were not free to cut our hair. I cut my bangs and thought I was gonna get beat.
Father enforced gender roles like girls clean and cook, boys chop wood and play video game. Dad was living a woo-woo hippy granola life where he stayed home and mom worked and isn't that so subversive –Lol no.
This is a real life example from me. I'm just one person though and it's after 8pm here and I'm having wine so sorry if I missed something. My dad is dead. Rot in pieces.

No. 1636773

File: 1689638961406.jpg (185.5 KB, 1080x1538, gothhabiba-anon.jpg)

Yes, because gothhabiba was mutuals with a crypto back in 2017 (butchcommunist) and didn't block & stay safe swiftly enough despite TIMs telling her to. She still gets hatemail for it all these years later. Picrel is from just 2 months ago and there were several like it. I don't know why she bothers placating them, TIMs hate her so much they even send anonymous hate mail to TIMs who still associate with her demanding they justify talking to a litchral TERF nazi.

No. 1636779

it'll only put your likes on your followers dashes if your likes are public, so you're safe. but yes, the website is becoming increasingly unusable generally

No. 1636785

This is good to know and I hope it’s accurate! I have already lost a few mutuals which is why I think I was put on Shinigami Eyes, but I’m also too lazy to check kek

No. 1636903

File: 1689652706328.jpg (78.32 KB, 850x638, saint-jarnail-singh-khalsa-bhi…)

In which country do you live? I ask because my ethnic group had a similar practice where men don't cut their hair as it is considered a gift from Allah, and it has become a rule that no one is allowed to remove any hair from their body, this lasted till the 1950's mind you, sikhs still keep this cultural practice alive but as a part of their faith.

No. 1637230

File: 1689702281118.jpeg (496.7 KB, 1170x1085, IMG_4991.jpeg)

Are these “feminists” in the room with us right now?

No. 1637239


I can't tell if this guy doesn't know instinctive, basic biology that even the most tribal savage primates know, or if he just hates women. Probably the latter.

I'll gladly let quiz shows and beauty contests for the TRAs to win, tho.

No. 1637240

What's super offensive about the people demanding to let men compete in women's sports is that they say we're just accusing women of being bad at sports, and yet they will hypocritically say that the women competing with the tims are just bad at sports or sore losers. Retarded moids think that the only thing that matters is raw strength, and thus they don't appreciate women's sports. And the point of women's only groups like with chess is just to have a refuge away from males. When you're in a male dominated field it's stressful, because you don't want to be judged just for being female. You don't want people to see you fail and think that all women are just inherently bad at what you're doing. That's why women like to make these groups and why it's so insulting for men to demand access to them.

No. 1637241

USA. My family is white and Christian.

No. 1637262

Don't they ever get tired of DARVO'ing feminists who have the audacity to acknowledge basic human biology? Then again, Tumblr's userbase has always excelled at intentionally misrepresenting any and all dissent. It's also so telling how they believe "women generally are not as physically strong as men" means you think women are useless or something. As if the only metric a woman should use to gauge her worth is her similarity to a man.

No. 1637636

Why raw physical strengh is the only thing that metters? My brother is an athlete and he prides himself in having good stretching. I sometimes join him with his training and we tried to leard leg-splits when we were teens. It took me very little time to do a leg-split while he struggled with it for months. He also can't do silly things like locking his hands behind his back or stretching his right elbow past the left ear. Even though every woman can do it with ease.
I guess most women can master at least some gymnastics feats while moids can't do it. And we don't see troons competing with women in sports where flexibility is important. Hmmm, I wonder why….

No. 1638997

wtf did they do with the new desktop layout? it feels very claustrophobic to use now because everything is crammed together now. Is there an xkit extension that fixes it?

No. 1639157

her "girlfriend" is literally a TIM kek

No. 1639420

I have decided to go back on tumblr to oogle art and observe husbandos fags, but i am considering just deleting it in favour of solely using pinterest at this point because i can't handle how tumblr forces trans shit and gendie stuff down my throat against my will. I don't remember it being this bad in 2012, it's really infuriating. I just wanted to read silly posts bullying blorbos.

No. 1639445

I recently logged on and purged my following list of anyone who trooned out. My following list is nothing but handicrafts and writing prompts now.

No. 1639728

File: 1689953123636.jpg (46.05 KB, 1080x350, Screenshot_20230721_164017_Chr…)

I try not to venture too much on tradblr too much because I feel like I'm losing brain cells but you see the dumbest shit over there.

No. 1639730

I became very aware of how 90% of my dash was gendie stuff so I started unfollowing everyone who reblogged that. Now I'm just an aesthetic blog and I'm genuinely sureprised by how much I enjoy reblogging pretty pictures and tweaking my tumblr theme. I do follow some fandom blogs but they are rarely active. Some of them are TiFs and enby women but as long as they stick to fandom stuff and don't call themselves for breedable boys then I don't care. When I really crave fandomposting I go trough character and ship tags to reblog stuff which I honestly prefer to following active fandom blogs. Ive always been picky with what fandom blogs I follow. I don't care for multifandom blogs and blogs dedicated to a single fandom can be hit or miss.
I do miss memes and shitposts though. But now all the shitposts are homophobic garbage like "lesbians crave girldick" and MRA talking points.
>I don't remember it being this bad in 2012
it wasn't. 2012 tumblr was fun. Many posts took light jabs at men (like making fun of them for spitting on the street, their repulsion to anything slightly girly etc.). Can't do that anymore because it makes men upset. jokes that basically boiled down to "lesbians likes pussy, gay men like dick" used to be popular but not anymore. Alot of talk about period (not educational stuff just silly jokes about bleeding once a month accompanied with reaction gifs) but you can't do that anymore either.

No. 1639769

Can you tell what tags to use? I tried radblr but it just gets me butthurt trannies and their handmaidens shitting up the tag. Maybe good blog recs?

No. 1640015

“Radfems (or terfs) do touch”
“ radfems (or terfs) please interact”
Once you find one you’ve found all of them
“Radfem (or terf) safe”

No. 1640022

nona… she asked for tradthots

No. 1640055

Anyone familiar with camillepagliahater ? She talks about lolcow sometimes and i think she's crypto. She is in iamverywoman's orbit.

No. 1640223

the main tradthot tag is 'cathblr.' some infamous tradblr blogs are anamericangirl (F), feminismisstillahatemovement (M), the hominis hostilis (M) alt of the week, disgruntled-neighborhood-patriarch (M), prehistwhoreic (F), and avesblues2 (F). F = women (tradthots), and M = moids (misogynistic conservative scrotes). avesblues is a great directory of insanity and i'd start with her shitheap of a blog first. radblr and infamous TRAs have had run ins with her a lot, and she blocks liberally so she'll likely be unviewable for anyone who shares a feminist take on their main blog. in fact, tradblr is so sensitive it makes gendieblr look tough.

No. 1640240

A few good radblr blogs: iconicterfposts, transmeowgynistic, gendiebrainrotreceipts, thecoloredcanvas
The community is pretty small so just be following those blogs you can find everyone else by looking at who they reblog etc. I don’t interact much at all but I like to follow and support through likes

No. 1640366

Thanks lol, cause I get confused a lot. I used tumblr back in the day for fandom and I remember I also had problem where people would use tags incorrectly.
Thanks, I will check them out.
Excuse me being retarded, but why you thought I asked for tradtothery lol? Maybe I don't know tumblr lingo? I wanted to say that I looked for radfem blogs using what I assume is the biggest radfem tag on tumblr but a good chunk of posts were people dissing radfems. I don't know what much to do except blocking them.

No. 1640370

Oops, I though anon I replied to saw a trad post in her radblr feed lol. I was confused. But thanks for the recs.

No. 1640378

Uhhh, tumblr experts, I once again ask for your help. So I created my account, during registration picked random tags to follow (cats, pixel art, writeblr, some other shit), unfollowed them after registration and added radfem blogs and tags to follow. NOW MY DASHBOARD IS FULL OF COQUETTE SHIT. What's wrong? I didn't even click on that stuff even once. What happened?

No. 1640393

did you turn off 'recommend me trending posts' and 'based on yohr likes'? its also been trying to makeitself a twitter clones these days hence some more fuckery. go into settings and read through every tab/page

No. 1641215

File: 1690078776596.jpeg (435.33 KB, 1242x996, IMG_2396.jpeg)

Why are they bitching? I thought tumblr staff loved troons?

No. 1641216

File: 1690078840509.jpeg (127.87 KB, 1242x461, IMG_2395.jpeg)

And this was in the notes. The site that’s 90% troons is made by and for terfs and somehow terfs are also Nazi pedos.. sure Jan

No. 1641243

i see posts like this ALL the fucking time, i can't stand them. if tumblr really did have it out for trannies i wouldn't have to constantly see their ugly ass pictures and stupid coomposts. they genuinely live in a fantasy land.

No. 1641252

kek these girls and agps are really on one

No. 1641320

probably just AI putting trannies into the "fetish" category as it should

No. 1641475

File: 1690106872174.jpg (413.84 KB, 1080x2458, Screenshot_20230723_012737_Chr…)

Why do pickmes always feel the need to defend moids in literally every aspects of their life, even shitty anime?
>hateful bullying
Being told you have shit taste in media isn't bullying, stop being so melodramatic.

No. 1641492

>Let men have their anime about middle schoolers

No. 1641499

i know it's random what blazed posts you get but constantly getting blazed pictures of women in lingerie and nudes? Really? I could understand if it had happened one time but constantly? I have never gotten anything nsfw blazed to me. Only promotion to indie projects and general fangirling over fandoms. Either there is a hidden algorithm in the blaze feature so the blazed posts you see a vaguely based on what tags you browse and what blogs you follow or this person purposely seeks out nudes on tumblr and uses the "tumblr blazed them to me!!!! it's not my fault that I saw them!!!" excuse to not appear as a coomer
pickmes have always been annoying but at least they used to just say stuff like "femoids are to shallow to understand the depth of this im the only female who can because im special". Now they have to turn men into victims and protect their honor and feelings. The men they defend would not hesitate to backstab them if it meant defending another man.
>if men enjoy anything they are degenerate
men who don't watch shows about middle schoolers don't get called degenerate maybe OP just needs to stop hanging out with degenerate men

No. 1641504

>let men lust after children
what about no you disgusting pickme bitch

No. 1641561

that post is based and correct

No. 1641641

She's just a funny left-wing Belgian woman. Talks a lot about misogyny from the right and the left. Shes a faghag.

No. 1641777

>pedo nazi terfs
Are they talking about that mod who liked Harry Potter (“terf”), Attack on Titan (“nazi”) and drew SFW fanart of anime characters (“pedo”) kek?

No. 1642120

Troon selfies keep getting flagged as Mature because they cannot help themselves but to put on fetish gear like harnesses, collars, and cat ears. Then they scream and cry about the unfairness of it all. There has been speculation about a TERF staff member, but allegedly the troon that suggested it got ethered kek

No. 1642451

then why do they keep using it lmao? wouldn't that make them pedo nazi terfs by association?

No. 1642452

It’s so funny how this breed is the first to get domestically abused and come running back to “lil bitches” and the shelters they built after her heckin’ MAN decides she’s a “lil bitch” herself.

No. 1643103

File: 1690234939432.jpg (275.53 KB, 1080x1704, Screenshot.jpg)

Of course they're whining about the Barbie movie and muh bio essentialism lmao

No. 1643110

kek now way. Even including a deep voiced tranny as one of the barbies wasn't enough for them. And the ending was kino, fuck them.

No. 1643146

Kek on the other hand I’ve seen TiFs praise the movie for “validating their identity”.

No. 1643186

wtf i love this movie now

No. 1644314

there was an offhanded comment/joke about gender neutral restrooms being for women, clearly framed as a nonsensical and idiotic statement. i honestly enjoyed the movie, the set design is really cool if nothing else

No. 1645730

File: 1690421886203.jpeg (75.49 KB, 828x306, IMG_8985.jpeg)

What does this even mean

No. 1645746

retarded internalized misogyny

No. 1645749

how can any of them do that when they are literally in my living room? they want to watch me play Sly Cooper btw

No. 1645803

It was a fun movie and I absolutely loved it

No. 1645828

i thought women who wanted to be on T and be masculine weren’t women??

No. 1646323

she is so funny and insane but her moid thirst and general life depresses the hell out of me so i cant follow her blog. i do genuinely wish her well tho

shes so awesome, her art takes are pure class. i love her so much… camillepagliahater if youre reading this i stan

No. 1646402

File: 1690484551668.jpg (Spoiler Image, 913.55 KB, 540x7703, Screenshot_20230727_205720_Chr…)

I think I found the worst tumblr post, spoiling because it's long af. Tldr:
>feminists are exactly the same as nazis
>feminists are illiterate in their own movement while I am the enlightened one
>whining about misandry
>feminists are responsible for tranny shit and perverted moids having power
>random tangent about movies
>yet another melodramatic comparison between feminists and nazis

No. 1646870

tradblr/cathblr/christblr regularly has retarded takes like this, this is pretty normal for them sans the length. most think lesbians are choosing to "rebel against god" too kek

No. 1647757

File: 1690588657853.jpeg (164.91 KB, 1220x824, IMG_1336.jpeg)

No. 1648744

File: 1690693671546.png (4.94 MB, 4096x4096, weentard.png)

was looking into ritard's ween since the main archival blog was according to her 7 years ritard's senior and been at it since ritard was 15, and fakes did and autism like tiktok tweens, it was worse than i thought

No. 1648909

File: 1690708054379.jpg (268.91 KB, 1080x1911, Screenshot_20230612_130704_Chr…)

What's your opinion on this? Personally I would have been mortified if it was my parents who gave me sex ed as a teenager.

No. 1648916

Every human has the right to sex ed, because it relates to their health. Children are not physical property, they are humans who will enter puberty, grow into adolscents, and then become legal adults, and they'll need to know all that stuff. I don't disagree with parents doing the teaching if they want (though it can get awkward and uncomfortable), but it shouldn't all be left up to them. That just leads to misunderstanding and/or weird religous indoctrination.

No. 1648924

>it's not the school's business, right or responsibility
Retarded, by the same logic it isn't the school's responsibility to teach your kid maths. You've given them the right and responsibility by enrolling them in school.
>No stranger needs to be so eager to discuss those topics
Again retarded, she(?) sounds like she thinks sex ED consists of a pedo getting all giddy about sharing kinky stories or something. Sex ED is just factual information no different from learning about cells in biology class.

I do think it's good for parents to discuss sex with their teens (uncomfortable but it's for their safety) but not as a replacement for sex ED on school.

No. 1649099

File: 1690730293619.png (508.19 KB, 1440x1562, 1.png)

Are TIRFs intentionally disingenuous or are they just genuinely retarded?

No. 1649101

File: 1690730357714.png (273.58 KB, 1440x804, 2.png)

No. 1649150

I'm good friends with one tbh but this is my least favorite part about her. I suspect it's only cause she was an ex tif and some call her a he on rl still ( even though she's actually pretty easy to Id as female but sexist shitheas I'll digress) and is fond of gay males so she may want to appease him. Otherwise it's stupid

No. 1649199

File: 1690738809688.jpg (173.27 KB, 1080x722, crabday.jpg)

holy fuck i can't stand the whining from these types anymore. i'm pretty sure community labels aren't approved by the owners of tumblr themselves…if not done by an algorithm, it's probably by some random employee who sees thousands of posts a day. the chances that this is malicious are next to none and i've never seen any proof that it's even happening at all in these supposedly large numbers. to the average tumblr user, having a post marked as having sexual themes is tantamount to oppression, but if they hate the damn site so much, WHY are they still using it??

No. 1649459

File: 1690762697657.jpg (90.24 KB, 488x872, crab day.jpg)

100% agree. I've seen so many posts like picrel

No. 1649623

File: 1690773538419.jpeg (526.3 KB, 1170x1484, IMG_5039.jpeg)

Troons: hmm…scientists, sociologists, and experts of all kinds tell me I'm factually wrong, I've been rejected from most feminist spaces, my views are only embraced by white supremacists, MRAs, tradwifes, fundamentalist evangelical zealots, and all my former friends hate me. Maybe my views are…….. bad?
Also troons: no, no it's terfs who are the problem.

No. 1649640

the ebegging on top of it is so grating too. i have seen no less than 3 posts like this…

No. 1649655

shorthand for female. so sad she's caping for TIMs who'd never do the same for her and would happily throw her and other TIFs under the bus at first chance.

No. 1649691

File: 1690778588523.jpg (81.09 KB, 1080x1015, Screenshot_20230731_Tumblr.jpg)

Love how troons have been whining nonstop about muh censorship and oppression wahhh TERF staff, meanwhile there is a whole subculture of TIMs fantasizing anout correctively raping TERFs with zero bans. Curious, really makes you think, etc.

No. 1649849

samefag, she started to backpedal and im not sure if i should post in the ritard thread, here, or personal cows. anyone interested?
everyone in this sc belongs in a padded cell away from women and especially lesbians. i'd say worse but i don't want to catch a ban

No. 1649854

In the personal cows thread

No. 1650332

>Women are oppressed because we're women
>Why single out men?
idk dude, we can only guess

No. 1652102

File: 1691009318619.jpeg (104.73 KB, 370x1056, ED7AF49B-339D-4079-8D18-540551…)

Idk why but the fact that this tif has been on testosterone for less than six months makes it sound even more pathetic

No. 1652105

File: 1691009545338.jpeg (98.61 KB, 363x899, 3F97C316-306F-4859-9BF9-BDBB6A…)

No. 1652108

Cap, if this retard knew and understood neuroscience, she'd know trans doesn't exist.

No. 1652485

I have been on tumblr for many years and I've been on and off the site and sometimes part of some fandom. Not necessarily active, but I always lurked. And really, I feel like the way people talk about whoever they "stan" has gotten more degenerate. There has always been weirdos in fandoms I know, but I even compare a group I was into 4 years ago and a recent solo artist(both from eurovision with edgy looks and personalities), I can see how people have gotten more shameless talking about these irl people, how exaggerated their enthusiasm and horniness sounds, the stupid jokes they make etc. Just 4 years ago, the weirdos weren't enough to annoy me, but now they have become so unbearable it made me loose the interest I had to look into that celeb even faster.

And it's not even like these people are dumb teens so I can say "ok they are mindless teens hornyposting". The vast majority of the fans in this fandom is at least over 23. I can't comprehend how they can act like this and how this behaviour is encouraged among each other.

I know tumblr isn't the only place people act like this but it's the one I use and the shift compared to a few years ago is staggering. I blame the pandemic for it.

No. 1652644

File: 1691067095568.jpg (21.58 KB, 261x275, 1671624684966.jpg)

I only use desktop and browser version of tumblr so it may be different on the app, but is it me or is the order of the posts completely fucked up?
the tumblr dashboard used to show post in chronological order, but now its random. I refresh the page to see new posta but then it puts a post i already have seen on top of my dash, like its the exact same person who has reblogged it with the exact same tags, and i can see the person who reblogged it had reblogged it hours ago but for some reason it shows at the top of my dash as if its newly reblogged.
Then i refresh again, i get 3 new posts, and then i see the exact same post again.

No. 1652647

i swear like year ago, my fyp would show me the same 10 posts in a row for a whole month or two. it drove me insane and i stopped using tumblr for a week because of it. the app is so scuffed i wouldn't recommend downloading it.

No. 1653121

File: 1691107144453.jpeg (394.68 KB, 1170x1048, A29140F2-4E39-4BD8-95DC-60DB72…)

Ceo of missing the point so much.

No. 1653332

go into settings nona… you can change dash back to chronological, disable showing 'based on your likes' posts, hide tumblr live for a week, etc. downloading xkit on browser helps too

No. 1653381

Without even visiting this profile I can tell this is a TIF with neopronouns who reblogs Gerard Way fanart (idek who that is but he's TIF catnip) and malingers a bunch of mental illnesses. Like all these posts lose their bite when they're just so predictable. Yeah yeah, nice strawman, now go post about your blorbo giving you gender envy.

No. 1653438

"Free the nipple" was just a dumb libfem issue that got popular cause it was trendy and wanting to "de-sex" sports was something only academics who had never done any sort of physical activity in their lives supported.

No. 1653464

How shocking tifs believe in the same shit as mras with the whole “acknowledging physical difference implies men are superior” so we need to pretend men aren’t physically different to women and not our only real natural predator anymore.

No. 1653476

Yeah I remember that and then how the sjw and snowflakes made everything have to be inclusive and gatekeeping fandoms or communities was evil and everyone is everything at once, apart from anyone questioning why retarded beliefs and feelings triumph over equality and fairness. And then political activism of the retarded and shallow kind became the new trend and way to police people's thoughts and interest in the name of political correctness and hillary Clinton started her presidential campaign and tapped into the retard/terminally only young adult demographic and we have the identity politics of today and why a celebrity got in as president as a counter protest to those identity politics but you can't mention that because bigotry

No. 1653514

Gatekeeping fandoms is not only a good thing, it's also a duty. Now because of tumblr we have literal kids who are acting like experts in old video game series made for adults despite just reading some wiki posts about two characters and watching some streamer play one game for 30min.

No. 1653909

What the fuck are you talking about? We were talking about feminist issues, autists.

No. 1654008

One of the main reason tumblr became the way it became is because a bunch of girls were originally there for fandom reasons and little by little they started posting more and more about not just feminism but activism in general, they were forcing their opinions on others through fandoms with their "headcanons", and they were huge nerds that were absolutely not in touch with reality which is why I only saw "free the nipple" and "sports competitions open for men and women because we should stop underestimating women and some women are trans too" from girls who started their blogs as blogs about video games or tv shows or bands.

No. 1654214

File: 1691196588773.jpg (137.19 KB, 1080x972, Screenshot_20230805_094828_Chr…)

This is about women leaving their boyfriends after watching Barbie, and while I really give zero fucks about this movie I think it's a bit more nuanced than "evil bitch leaves her poor innocent bf because he didn't like a movie" like this user says it is, like the guys were probably assholes in the first place.

No. 1654224

>oh no a woman having boundaries? what a fucking bitch

No. 1654363

Does this person think that every feminist they've ever encountered on the internet is the same person? I highly doubt the retards who advocated for co-ed sports ten years ago are TERFs now. If anything, they're probably TRAs or even TiFs, since ignoring the physiological differences between sexes is one of the main tenets of that ideology. Also, all of the people I knew who opposed the period tax ten years ago still oppose it now. Nothing about peaking or being a TRA would affect a person's stance on that, theoretically.

No. 1654370

She named herself after the South Park character, didn't she? Calling it now, if someone goes far back enough in her post history, they'll find South Park yaoi.

No. 1654821

She's a metalhead, I think it's after Ken Hensley. TIFs love to skinwalk real people more than they do with cartoons.

No. 1656631

File: 1691386646691.png (711.19 KB, 719x617, barbie.png)

These people are so fucking stupid. Corporations can make the most bland sanitized heterosexual media ever, and so long as it is 100% sexless it somehow becomes "aroace rep". Like, these people have the same puritanical taste in media as your local fundie, yet somehow worse because they've deluded themselves into thinking not wanting anything more than heterosexual handholding on their screens is actually woke.

No. 1656705

I think Greta Gerwig equating vaginas with women and having a woman go on a normal journey and learning what it means to have female experiences without centering her story around shit that benefits men in any way (sex positivity, falling in love with Ken, etc) has done so much damage to retard shitlibs that they're now scrambling for ways to safely say they like the Barbie movie without their shitlib brethren cannibalising them for being anti LGBT

No. 1656733

does anyone else remember on cbbc before 7am that bit 'this is whatsername, girls & boys can only play sports together until age 12, she wants to change that'

No. 1657418

I've noticed this too. There are so many people rushing to make Barbie something it isn't, and I'm convinced it's because trannies have been seething about the vagina thing. Especially on Tumblr, they are NOT happy with it.

No. 1657429

File: 1691461095454.jpg (101.13 KB, 1170x523, unserious.jpg)

Someone explode this website

No. 1657460

I still think free the nipple is a good idea in the US and parts of Europe (can’t speak for other places)

No. 1658276

All I want at this point is to never hear another word about that stupid ugly doll or movie ever again. To me, a Barbie is a shitty "toy" I never asked for that got me screamed at if my parents saw it because I couldn't get the stupid ugly clothes onto it. I'm sick of adult women suddenly pretending they love Barbies and dolls just because of the novelty of being marketed to for once.

No. 1658826

File: 1691587954566.jpg (252.26 KB, 1080x1167, fakeboi.jpg)

Fakeboi says that if she canʼt write kid rape porn, she will cut her wrists. (her thread is full, thatʼs why Iʼm posting here.)

No. 1658834

I mean if she has genuine trauma and doesn't publish her shit I don't really see the problem.

No. 1658835

Why put this in quotations? It is a toy, even if you don’t like it it is still a toy.

No. 1658837

What on earth is this train of thought, homophobes also see pedophiles and zoophiles as the same aberration as being gay, it doesn't mean they should automatically be welcomed into the "community".

No. 1658841

sure but she fakeboi told on herself there with the 'nobody is forcing to read', she's obviously putting it online somewhere

No. 1658844

That's fair.

No. 1658846

You alienated yourself from other women to such extent, you don't even understand why a toy used by several generations of girls could be nostalgic and valuable to women

No. 1658898

I agree. Im getting tired of the kidult movement. I hate that every adult now revolves their life around cartoons and toys. I do collect dolls and my interests do align with "kidult" stuff so Im being a hypocrite but i also enjoy media for adults. Im sick of that you cant even have an adult conversation anymore without centring around childrens stuff. We cant have a movie that talks about how society treats women without making it about childrens toys. The fact that parents got criticised for taking their little girls to see the new Barbie movie is mindblowing and just goes to show how big the kidult movement is. Toys and cartoons arent for children anymore because adults pushed them away, so now the only things that are targeted children are male streamers who hate women and female streamers who coombait.
This current infantilization is affecting women in particular. Women are saying that Oppenhaimer and other war movies are for men because god forbid a woman has interest in history and war. I know that the Barbie movie isnt a shallow and it does make some good points but did we have to have this discussion trough Barbie? We are never gonna escape the patriarchy we cant even have a movie that says "misogyny bad" without coating it in nostalgiabait. 80% of the women who watch that movie arent even gonna acknowledge the point it makes they are just gonna take a bunch of out-of-context screenshots and make bimbocore moodboards with them.
>I'm sick of adult women suddenly pretending they love Barbies and dolls just because of the novelty of being marketed to for once.
I dont fault collectors for being hyped for this movie but its weird to see people who never showed interest in dolls act like that they have always loved barbie. Nothing wrong with gaining interest in Barbie trough the movie but i hate seeing women change their personality and interests overnight because they watched one movie lo.
Bad take. Im very nostalgic towards barbie but i dont care if other women dont share that nostalgia. Women and girls can have different hobbies and interests and they arent are alienating themselves from other women just because it doesnt align with traditional girly hobbies. An attack on barbie is not an attack on womanhood and he idea that girls are united under barbie dolls is troon logic

No. 1658904

As a doll collector your life revolves around kid stuff far more than the average adult, you don't hang out with offline normies enough.

No. 1659485

so liking barbie is an inherent part of womanhood? absoluetly braindeax. tranny level, even.
it's a plastic consumer product designed to sell. not everyone has to like it

No. 1659873

NTA but that’s not what they said. They said you lack the capability of understanding why a women who isn’t you may like something or care about something you don’t and that you talking over other women and commuting a fundamental misattribution due to this cognitive distortion makes you come off more like a TIM (kind of unhinged and self centered) than a fellow woman. I don’t like pink. I also can understand that I am not every woman and can understand some women do. Replace pink with Barbie and you fail the test anon. Slow down and read instead of just reacting defensively. Your post would have been fine if you were venting that you just hated Barbie. Instead you insisted we all did, treating women as a freaky collective and being insulting in the process.

No. 1660496

File: 1691708464696.jpg (203.71 KB, 1139x1080, tumblr_cb3c81b2e833eb77810e9dd…)

>tumblr got termed today
i can't believe this. i rb'd radfem/"terf" stuff sometimes but i've never actually so much as reblogged someone to argue with them….this sucks
i guess i have to start a pinterest now for aesthetics bc i doubt i'll ever be banned from pinterest. stupid tumblr

No. 1660520

This is why I was worried about tumblr, thank you for confirming. People who keep creating accounts to do terf stuff are brave ladies imo. The fear of being termed keeps me from speaking out.

No. 1660533

I had dozens of barbies as a kid. To me, barbie represents missing out. Shockingly, I don't feel nostalgic about running to keep up with my little brothers when they got bicycles and I got barbies. I don't feel nostalgic about opening package after package at christmas and birthdays and getting NOTHING BUT BARBIE SHIT after begging for lego and connex.
And what about any of that makes you assume I'm alienated from other women? All my friends are women, and I've only rarely had male friends. I'm not special. Lots of women I know hate the barbie brand for the same reasons I do.

No. 1660581

File: 1691714386967.png (337.64 KB, 640x593, db1-1500-4.png)

No. 1660593

I am the original anon you were replying to (not the one you're replying to now) but it sounds like you just have personal baggage about Barbie, which is understandable, but is…YOUR baggage. It just seems a little self centered to make this about your childhood to the extent you feel bitter towards other women over it. The fact is this is a toy that is popular with young girls, and a movie like this is going to tap into that nostalgia the same way men go apeshit over GI Joe. It's not those women's job to be a little quieter about their excitement just because your parents pigeonholed you in their idea of what girls are supposed to like. Idk how this movie is provoking such strong reactions and weird projection, it's baffling to me (which is what my original comment was actually about.) Like I get why hype over a movie about Barbie would be annoying to someone who has felt constrained by femininty and had it forced upon them, but it's also just kind of a non-issue.

No. 1660608

File: 1691716169539.png (1.02 MB, 1004x636, toy dino.png)

I was thinking the same thing. What a familiar story, hmmm…

No. 1660641

File: 1691718975368.png (41.94 KB, 540x394, Screenshot 2023-08-10.png)

It's all so tiresome

No. 1660689

Posts like this make it so painfully obvious how much of trooning is about aesthetics, fashion, consumerism etc. Not even that political but it's clear to anyone reading this stuff why big brands are jumping on the T bandwagon

No. 1661199

I want to shove a rake into their eyeballs

No. 1661531

File: 1691801853058.png (180.8 KB, 640x480, 40F409AC-90E6-4BF5-A32D-F2D986…)

Just for some added context, she’s not talking about men being superior to women. She’s referencing this post that was made on radblr. I remember some terfs earnestly arguing about picrel and it was the most ridiculous thing ever tbh.

No. 1663323

File: 1691939271063.png (79.25 KB, 540x546, Screenshot 2023-08-13.png)

Why are Tumblr commies so retarded. How is "literal children cannot be fully autonomous or live independent lives because they do not yet have the capacity to make informed choices" in any way equivalent to arguing that women should be forced into marriage.

No. 1663748

It’s funny how they can write all that shit and still come across as straight as hell.

No. 1663878

how many children does he actually know

No. 1664220

File: 1692015032756.jpg (94.87 KB, 723x439, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.jpg)

I could write a novel length A-log about this.

No. 1664224

File: 1692015627260.png (173.44 KB, 682x1222, tumblr.png)

i dont care about f1nnster but its funny how much he makes people seethe on tumblr. Also i went to op's blog and of course on of the first thing i saw was softcore anime porn

No. 1664417

File: 1692034017634.png (72.53 KB, 909x362, real women are men.png)

Copium is a wonderful supplement that goes great with hormones

No. 1664422

its all just acting! The scrote did not actually groom some vulnerable girl into giving up her intimacy and getting degraded just so that he can get off to it, its just a roleplay of course!!!

No. 1664436

And you see that one? She was lured to this remote location in this state with promises of it being vanilla porn shoot. When she got here, the all male crew told her that it was now a rough anal scene and that if she left, she wouldn't be paid. Unable to pay her rent and fearing her safety, she "agreed" and that's why she's crying.

No. 1664536

Not the point of the post but what is it with people saying the word 'kayfabe' recently? I sweat I've heard this word more times in the last week than I ever have in my entire life.

No. 1664658

File: 1692047552926.jpeg (409.21 KB, 707x1991, D3E3A6E8-68E8-4FCD-9281-EBB45C…)

so tired of this retardation. no, it’s not misogyny to acknowledge men have an advantage over women. if anything it’s misogynistic to deny it. it’s arguably the main source of our oppression as men have been using their physical strength to beat and rape us into submission for millennia. “just create your own league lol” fuck off tranny, why don’t you practice what you preach instead of demanding women bend the knee to a minority of mentally ill fetishistic losers. of course OP doesn’t care about women’s sports, the only physical activity he’s gotten since high school is jerking off to hentai.

No. 1664730

File: 1692051128176.jpeg (154.49 KB, 1170x710, IMG_5098.jpeg)

OP is the troon who leaked the US gov flight logs btw

No. 1664741

inshallah this makes the us govt more transphobic

No. 1664772

Women's biggest weakness is not their lack of physical strength, but rather their humanity and empathy. Men only got to be in positions of power because of their inherent sociopathy. If only women were nearly as half as unhinged, sociopathic, and Machiavellian as men, patriarchy wouldn't even be a thing.

No. 1664860

If there was any justice in the world the Tumblr servers would have a nuclear bomb dropped on them from orbit.

No. 1664913

For real, if we had male levels of empathy, not a single male would be left alive on the planet for what they put us through.

No. 1664933

I see this dude's posts constantly and it's always the same pseudo-intellectual babble.

No. 1664934

File: 1692071209782.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.81 MB, 641x360, r6madqcwj1a91.gif)

Concentration camps everywhere

No. 1664945

uhhh where is this from?

No. 1664948

Creamerie (2021) give it a watch it isnt porn

No. 1665059

File: 1692082997738.jpg (249.25 KB, 1080x1753, Screenshot_20230804_113515_Chr…)

Once again moids are being praised for doing the bare minimum.

No. 1665234

>Not the point of the post but what is it with people saying the word 'kayfabe' recently? I sweat I've heard this word more times in the last week than I ever have in my entire life.
It comes from shonen weebs who also watched wrestling, see also the term jobber

No. 1665286

and they are all bi trans girls, from all the troon tumblrs I've blocked so far, none was not a lesbian or bi

No. 1665289

3% of Millennial fathers admitting they've never changed a nappy is still appalling. Can you imagine the reaction to a headline saying that 3% of Millennial mothers never changed a nappy? Scrotes and pickmes would go apeshit. It's not a reliable statistic anyway, as many men would lie about it. My bio father says he can change nappies, but did a worse job at it than my then 10 y/o sister. So funny to see this celebrated though. Men will see another man do the bare minimum for the child he willingly created and then be like "here's your crown, king". Fuck off and die in war already.

No. 1665313

File: 1692101154403.jpeg (824.36 KB, 1253x3316, IMG_1406.jpeg)

Deleted original post so I can clarify something.

I thought the post was going to mention how non-Western artists get attacked for a bunch of shit that only Westerners or Westernised people be aware of. It’s weird how op and the comments focused only on nsfw content

No. 1665323

holy shit me too, bizarre. i have no idea. inb4 it becomes the new camp kek

No. 1669038

File: 1692390016810.png (226.54 KB, 750x901, IMG_3376.png)

The OP is a 35 yo “cishet” man who posts so much stupid filth on his fetish blog that he has a pinned disclaimer that’s like “I promise I actually like women and support feminism I’m one of the good ones!!”. Men like this should be shot. Your weird posts literally only appeal to pornsick troons

No. 1669045

Projection much. I swear scrotes would be happier being thrown into prison where they can be raped/rape until they become retarded. Some of them admit as much. It’s high time women did right by them and let them have their degenerate rape utopia, you know, just without any females.

No. 1669077

File: 1692392844144.png (351 KB, 1043x777, EbLDazjXkAAfgsi.png)

Lel Your post reminded me of these types of exchanges between western users and jp artists, being a perfect example of how sarcasm and memes don't translate well in different cultures. nsfw content won't be the only issue and I think the artists will run into these issues on Tumblr too.

No. 1669466

File: 1692424380603.png (3.19 MB, 1080x3901, Screenshot_20230819-084813.png)

Posted by the most bloated troon you've seen.

No. 1669491

File: 1692429349122.jpg (469.67 KB, 1080x2391, Screenshot_20230815_104100_Chr…)

Have these people even talked to women who have had abortions? Do they think all of them are some kind of reckless early 20s party girls who don't bother with protection? Do they get all their opinions from screenshots of clickbait articles from Buzzfeed or something?

No. 1669494

> Do they think all of them are some kind of reckless early 20s party girls who don't bother with protection? Do they get all their opinions from screenshots of clickbait articles from Buzzfeed or something?

Yes. Exactly this. They even think that women use abortion “as birth control” as in, they literally think women go “tee hee I had unprotected sex whoopsie time for another abortion hee hee” It sounds like a joke but some of these people literally believe that

No. 1669501

These poeple oppose fundamental basis for abortion: women's full and unrestricted autonomy over their bodies, so they need to create these boogeymen who kill newborns and bomb maternity wards. It's like anti feminist meme era in 2016: most of these women were not really saying anything radical or that controversial, but men still had to make a caricature out of them because they didn't want to accept the basic things they were arguing for. It's not like these people would be 100% pro choice if all women were perfect martyrs who swore they will never have sex again after abortion because they don't understand basic moral justification for it (the fact that every human should have full control over their body and fetus has no right to grow at the expense of it) and that even 20-something party girls who fuck different guy every weekend without protection should have easy access to it (if they actually existed).

No. 1671251

File: 1692585775727.jpeg (648.28 KB, 1170x1819, IMG_5111.jpeg)

The copium

No. 1671656

File: 1692623692716.png (293.31 KB, 1021x1010, Screenshot_20221015-131817~3.p…)

So much melodramatic waxing over a shitty TV show, just don't watch it, the movies are still here.

No. 1672596

File: 1692680903662.jpg (37.81 KB, 1080x399, Screenshot_20230822_103610_Chr…)

I usually just lurk on tumblr for pretty gifs and sewing patterns but this really motivates me to post moid hate on my account.

No. 1672827

File: 1692713852555.png (139.21 KB, 1015x775, unhinged_but_based.png)

i didn't know where else to post this but did i just find a nonna in the wild? i don't know how widespread "pick me" and "moid" are. she sounds a bit unhinged but isn't wrong.

No. 1674481

>I want to eat them
Are they admitting to cannibalistic tendencies kek

No. 1674567

"pick-me" is pretty damn widespread at this point, I think I first saw it on LSA. "moid" is not as widely used but still caught on on radblr even among users who are not farmers from those who are

No. 1674596

Pickme is common, moid and scrote, not so much. I like to use them in casual conversations in other forums so they spread. We need more casual slurs for males.

No. 1674681

Pickme was being used on regular social media sites before we got our hands on it, but moid I saw on here first and then in radfem communities.

No. 1675244

File: 1692839301552.png (8.76 KB, 437x124, whatever pos is.png)

Naruto, who has a reconstructed arm because he lost it.

No. 1675813

Kek would love that to mean Has Naruto got a phalloplasty scar??? Piece of shit

No. 1675857

File: 1692890886999.png (377.49 KB, 1605x1116, brainwashedsincerely.png)

it makes more sense now that they label JK Rowling a "transphobe"

No. 1675864

I don't get are you saying that it's stupid that they think the first one is inoffensive

No. 1675991

This reeks of degradation kink

No. 1676922

File: 1692977357665.png (76.57 KB, 684x681, narc tif.png)

No. 1678274

File: 1693086539708.jpeg (618.93 KB, 1170x3397, IMG_1425.jpeg)

There are 3 different threads picrel belongs to

No. 1678402

Honestly it's so funny when they transwash characters from shows I haven't watched. What the fuck is this, they're so dumb. Have they ever seen an actual TIF? What they actually look like?

No. 1679215

no please not Mike Ehrmantraut nooo

No. 1679793

ok kinda based.
>this character is so cool and smart they MUST actually be a woman

No. 1681168

Mike has a grandchild, does this mean he was a prehistoric 1970s "seahorse dad"?

No. 1682543

File: 1693405829050.jpg (187.02 KB, 1080x923, Screenshot_20230809_000458_Chr…)

People don't like furries because they are sexual deviants and it's not your right to qualify what is furry art if the author doesn't call it that way.

No. 1682634

OT but why do they always rant in the tags? Weird tumblr culture

No. 1682691

Because it's considered rude to talk on someone's post with inane or unfunny bullshit, since op used to see all of that. And reblogging a post with an addition can also be taken as responding to op. Tumblr users like to put their jokes or additional commentary in tags and have other people add the tags to the post if they find it funny. They call that "peer reviewing". So basically it used to be a semi-hidden way to comment on a post for your own use/only to your followers on your blog. You also had loser blogs that would make a post, and then call out or respond aggressively if somebody responded via reblog to their post with something they didn't like or thought was taking attention away from the op.
Of course, tumblr added tags to their stupid notifications system, so now op reads all the tags everyone puts on their posts. Which led to extended "don't tag my art as #me!!!" and "you're violating the artist if you tag work as #kin!!" discourse, kek. And of course, annoying activist types reading their tag notifs for any hint of bad attitude or wrongthink, so they could either call people out or brag about blocking. Nevermind that tags are meant to be an informal expression of thought. Otherwise whatever was said would have been added via reblog.

No. 1682753

i hate the "previous tags" meme the absolute most

No. 1682759

Furries are always wanna rewrite the definition of “furry”, they’ve been trying this tactic for decades. They can yiff in hell, I’m not gonna help normalize their fetish

No. 1682761

anon i'm curious as to why, never seen this sentiment before. for me it's like one of the least annoying ways to use the tags and makes me feel like i'm on a quest kek even if i get disappointed in the end. i can do with a little bit of trolling. sometimes it's irritating but i wouldn't class it within the worse tag uses. and i love quietly sperging in the tags too

No. 1682844

Ntayrt, but because: it's not part of tumblr culture it came from tiktok or twitter implants who refused to adapt, it is easy to just add the tags from the person you're reblogging it from bc tumblr gives you the option, it's annoying as hell to jump back 20+ blogs for either a shit tier take or unfunny joke, and most importantly because tumblr users delete things ALL THE TIME. It is so aggravating to start going through a shit load of blogs in order to find context for someone's stupid opinion or rant, and then the "prev" chain breaks bc someone deleted the post or their blog.
It's an etiquette thing, and someone can immediately tell you joined tumblr within the past 2 years if you don't mind it kek.

No. 1682979

File: 1693437575471.png (116.24 KB, 808x1051, image_2023-08-30_192244002.png)

two days ago, tumblr staff posted this in response to TIMs selfies and posts getting the Mature flag. now the kweers are very upset that staff is claiming only a quarter of the userbase is LGBT.

No. 1682981

File: 1693437796932.png (142.21 KB, 808x1167, partu.png)

A lot of people are saying that actually, 92% of users are LGBt because of this poll which was done by a trans-identified user, who probably has mostly other trans followers.

No. 1682983

I like to imagine this is peaking a lot of the staff there when they go to look at this issue

No. 1682986

doublepost but how can it even be from tiktok if they don't even have tags, like how would that even work? maybe twitter with the quote retweets but i really don't understand your association. am i being autistic kek i don't get it. also ime both of those types of people don't even use tags to begin with and just start "captioning" posts when reblogging instead of being quiet or sharing thoughts in the tags, sometimes even hashtagging in the caption kek, at least that's what i've noticed. seems to me like most of the lot aren't even aware of tag etiquette if they know how to add them in the first place

No. 1682996

dirty deleted my initial post right before this one because i was indeed wrong kek but i'd still like this answered

No. 1683036

Kek no problem, but I didn't see the initial post so I'm only responding to what I can read in >>1682986
I never actually used twitter or tiktok, but that's where our transplants were coming from at the time. The reddit api meltdown hadn't happened yet, and they certainly weren't coming from instagram, facebook, or snapchat (with the exception of a few artists, maybe). I think I've seen someone say it's related to hashtags or maybe retweets from twitter (LRT), but again, I don't use those sites. I even stopped using tumblr after they made a lot of shit tier changes, like changing their post hyperlinks. The site is kind of going down the drain a little bit, but it is funny hearing about tim selfie blowups from afar.
What annoyed most people about it was tiktok users refusing to learn basic etiquette, as you said, and twitter users "coming back after they left in 2018", bringing their own platform's behaviors to a site not designed to accommodate them. I found the reaction to redditors especially annoying because the general narrative on tumblr is that reddit "is a cesspit of racists", exemplified by the popular comics about reddit you see floating around. But after redditors started coming to tumblr en masse, people were making "helpful" posts about how to use tumblr, and cooing over how redditors constantly talk in the reblogs. This was also facilitated by a bunch of loser tim funnyman bloggers making posts about how everyone needs to accept reddit refugees with open arms, so I'm not surprised.
Let me know if any of that was confusing or badly worded, I'm writing this kind of fast on mobile.

No. 1683042

Yes, a lot of users will make polls and then insist it is representative of the entirety of tumblr, when it is really just their personal blog ecosystem. According to tumblr, there is 135 million monthly active users
So even if we very generously assumed everyone was responsible for one other active user account (not blog, you can have a lot of side blogs on one account), we would cut that down to half at 67.5 million users participating in a poll. Nobody has anywhere close to that many followers. Popular posts will have an average of 500k-700k notes, with a post rarely breaking 1mil. So yeah, the 118k votes on their dumb poll don't mean anything
Sorry for sperg, I still get flashbacks to "Make sure to reblog for a bigger sample size!" begging kek

No. 1683056

Ayrt, thanks for explaining!

No. 1683170

It's not even human error, I've repeatedly seen TIMs sperging about their selfies being flagged for sexual content and lo and behold…they are sexual content. Like boner visible, touching their nipples, wearing fetish gear sexual. Staff should flag them harder, I wish they'd just fuck off back to Reddit.

No. 1683218

Tumblr kills your brain cells.
Queer is such a broad term for starters that anyone fits under it.
The users that aren’t part of the queer fandom would most likely not even be aware of this controversy. Despite following a few gendies i didn’t see this poll or was aware of this issue at all.
Someone should tell staff about the true and tested method of ignoring the bs because users have a small attention span and will stick with tumblr anyway, where else are they going to go?

No. 1683239

File: 1693467662792.png (2.24 MB, 1080x2008, Screenshot_20230831-084252.png)

why are so much of the animal tags filled up with tranny shit? and their posts are always so long to scroll past. picrel is just an example but there's a lot more

No. 1683420

Every tag in Tumblr is filled up with tranny shit.

No. 1683522

I always thought that was retarded. It screams "I'm a social retard and a loser that can't handle actually talking to people, let alone answering the phone." This is why livejournal will always be superior since it encouraged actual engagement and not this whisper-shy nonsense.

No. 1686701

Kinda a meta question but in regards to tumblr, do you all prefer having a theme/style for a blog versus blogging whatever you like? I'm wondering because I've never been a person who could limit myself down to one theme but it seems like the majority of active tumblrs are dedicated to a specific style/theme.

No. 1686803

Some people just make a different blog for each topic or interest with its own respective theme.

No. 1687626

File: 1693853461949.jpg (294.95 KB, 1080x1488, Screenshot_20230728_083314_Chr…)

Are tradfags retarded? It's not because she didn't need an abortion that nobody would ever need one.

No. 1687662

I'm really wondering how many of the more serious tradthots are actually just obsessed with their own suffering, a bit like Marie Cachet. Idk if it's just me but they seem to have a higher pain tolerance than average for the most part

No. 1687684

Nta, I think they just have a martyr complex. It's the only reason they would choose to submit to a trad moid while getting nothing but suffering in return.

No. 1687717

File: 1693859240207.png (73.33 KB, 465x265, tumblr.png)

looked up a blog i remembered from like 2015-2016 and saw she was getting accused of being racist for not liking beyonce and got an anon telling her to kill herself over it

No. 1687734

god why are they like this

No. 1688024

i hate this sperg's shitty comics in particular, if i see them on my dash whoever reblogged gets an instant unfollow. no coincidence that she calls herself dave and depicts herself as a crow kek i see you homestuckfag

No. 1688093

File: 1693896987284.png (55 KB, 530x332, Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 02-56…)

Idk how they can say this sort of shit and not realize that maybe this is all just retarded and defeats the entire point of labelling anything. Tumblr truly never changes

No. 1688098

I feel like you should be able to say "you named yourself michaelmilkers on tumblr" and it instantly makes whatever they're saying obviously stupid to everyone who sees it

No. 1688221

NTA and being devil's advocate, but this retard has a point.
I hate exclus that are tranny inclusive, they are the worst hypocrites. "Huh duh you can't be a masc-aligned and a lesbian" ~ As if having fucking balls and cock weren't the most masculine, manly, scrotiest shit possible. As if retarded teenagers calling themselves "biromantic lesbians" cause the same damage as degenerate rape apes in skirts invading EVERY possible female-only space. It's all your fault, now deal with the "radqueers" claiming to be transracial and transableds, they're YOUR offspring.

No. 1688761

File: 1693954856447.jpeg (39.99 KB, 1284x661, IMG_5140.jpeg)

What the fuck does this mean

No. 1689151

On tumblr fat people are an oppressed class

No. 1689160

Is normal here supposed to be good or bad? Because I don’t care that people are fat as long as they stay out of my way

No. 1689195

File: 1694004256853.jpg (227.59 KB, 1080x1090, tumblrheadmichaelmilkers.jpg)

I do not know what exclus are. The post is stupid because "gender" is not "a social structure with infinite possibilities". This is a tard who is convinced aesthetics = sex/gender, and that's directly related to their coom brain, proof of which is in the url.
And considering this girl has picrel as her header, and an entire section in her FAQ about "exclusionism", your comment on "exclus being inclus" means you're on tumblr and way more keyed into whatever drama this dumbass is obsessed with kek

No. 1689202

When I was on tumblr, "normal" just meant "don't be a dick to fat people". There was a lot of discussion about skinny privilege and fatphobia, which I do think is real. Anons on lc have also talked about stuff like being treated way better after losing weight. I do notice most blogs on tumblr that talk about fatphobia wouldn't go out of their way to fuck or date a fat person though, kek.
I think the fat positivity movement spreads a better message than the trans rights stuff. One is saying "accept your body for what it is in the moment", the latter's message is "hormones, surgery, and lying to yourself will literally bend reality" KEK

No. 1689212

radqueers are hilarious, according to them, terfgender and strict genital preferences are valid. they've gone full circle

No. 1689222

I wouldn't care either but they are ALWAYS in the way. Plus they are always fucking up the paint on my car because they don't fit in the space between cars in a parking lot. Wish they would just stay the fuck home.

No. 1689245

lol what?

No. 1690136

I'm not questioning the fact that this op is retarded (obviously is), just saying that this one at least is consistent in his retardism, something rare on Tumblr, where there are hundreds of annoying posts of "idiotgenders" saying that "dumbsexuals aren't valid and make us like a joke" as if they weren't cut from the same cloth (hypocrisy/lack of self-criticism). Even radblr is full of retarded hypocritical debate (who can or can't be a radfem, etc).

No. 1690305

File: 1694105905260.jpeg (344.46 KB, 750x993, IMG_4080.jpeg)

> mad about women rediscovering goddesses after centuries of patriarchal Abrahamic religions murdering women, pagans, and squandering any belief of women’s importance in the circle of life
Is this a seething tranny? Or just a dumb handmaiden who can’t let women reclaim their power?

No. 1690307

File: 1694105979784.jpeg (300.05 KB, 750x721, IMG_4081.jpeg)

Samefag but I really can’t tell kek

No. 1690308

They really find any reason to shit on women, huh. You're a white woman who worships a goddess? That's white supremacy. Why? I dunno.

No. 1690320

MTE! Aren’t most religions with goddesses from groups that are nonwhite anyways? I grew up in a conservative household and imo actual white supremacist women are more likely to be followers of patriarchal religions (Christianity) and endorse female subordination than to call themselves goddesses. They’re the extreme type of pickme who tears down women talking about goddess worship and divine femininity.

No. 1690335

I don't know what argument they were trying to make, maybe they think white women aren't allowed to worship goddess because most are nonwhite? Or maybe they think worshipping say, Artemis, is white supremacist? Their post contradicts itself by saying goddess worship is white supremacist and that every other race has goddesses. Then the tags confuses me even more, are they saying being a witch is white supremacism because a lot of witches (on Tumblr?) are white?

No. 1692904

File: 1694322447815.png (323.45 KB, 1271x1465, Screenshot_2023-09-10_010556.p…)

Do they know that green eyes aren't a white exclusive trait…?

No. 1692910

Do people who worship goddesses believe in them? Or is it just a tradition? I'm not trying to sound like an edgy atheist but just wondering

No. 1692925

I mean, I don't know if you've seen the whole post, but they were being annoying on a post that wasn't about green eyes. They're shitposting on response kek

No. 1692936

Oh haha, threatening racial violence cause someone innocuously said green eyes looked nice. Hilarious.

No. 1692941

nta btw the ss leaves out the full post, which was iirc a post about showing brown eyes some love because they're usually not talked about fondly, then this girl comes in and says that. the response is a joke meant to be insane on purpose. it's a little dated now but it did make me chuckle when I saw it back in the day. you sound like the type who doesn't care about context though kek so i'm mainly saying this for anyone else who is curious

No. 1692961

"Threatening racial violence" jeeze, you're taking this a little too seriously, nonna. Maybe a nap or a snack will help you feel better.

No. 1692972

>Maybe even kill them. Because of you
KEK idk this one was kind of funny but with the context in >>1692941 it sounds a bit defensive over some retard's post

No. 1692979

Wasn't it satire

No. 1694048

File: 1694400472278.png (57.33 KB, 532x821, blazed post.png)

they paid money for people to see their opinions

No. 1694103

File: 1694402764464.jpeg (435.37 KB, 1170x1045, IMG_5163.jpeg)

Making up shit to get mad at

No. 1694144

>yes, porn involves the abuse of women, trafficking, and pimping
>no, you aren't allowed to criticize anyone who consumes it and supports its production

No. 1694196

File: 1694410660639.png (37.82 KB, 545x404, autism.png)

>the mere act of consuming porn has never made anybody a freak

lul this girl has to be autistic or something to be this self unaware. She claims to be a lesbian (despite claiming to be sexually attracted to men), a furry, loves yaoi and that we should "reclaim" sex pest from twt alt righters KEK whatever the fuck that means. She's only a teenager tho so I hope her dumb ass grows out of this and realizes how porn is rotting her brain.

No. 1694226

File: 1694415475370.png (3.19 KB, 510x57, lol.png)

this person has to be 12, also i went on her blog and the first thing i saw is this, weird flex but ok

No. 1694306

The anti sweatshop movement is so fucking goofy because instead of criticising any of the number of real issues surrounding the sweatshop industry like the subpar treatment of workers or potential ties certain groups have to human trafficking and child labour…they just comment absolutely deranged shit in the tags of posts talking about how anyone who partakes in the thousands-of-years-old practice of profiting from slave labour and obtaining cheaper goods as a result of it has something wrong with them or needs to be killed.

The mere act of buying clothes from and running sweatshops has never made anybody selfish or greedy, but saying people need to die for doing so definitely puts you there.

No. 1694417

>chat gpt (which hates bigots)

No. 1700798

File: 1695008674237.png (130.09 KB, 724x209, tumblr porn.png)

I'm tired of this shit. So much for purging the porn. I can't browse without having softcore shoved down my throat. This is a publicly traded company. They have money to hire janitors. Yet half the users are porn bots and now they are recommending me porn channels.

No. 1701116

File: 1695042475231.png (346.1 KB, 1080x2014, Screenshot_20230918-090852~2.p…)

Melanez is doing her weekly "I hate white people" rant and now her screeching monkeys are up in arms because a radfem said that was racist. One of them posted a diatribe stating that if you don't support POC who hate white people, you're not a radical feminist. I'm just so bored of all the infighting she starts, you'd think she was a tranny psyop.

No. 1701124

I finally left Tumblr after seeing this shit. I know it can be muted for 30 days, but just knowing that it's there and that the company doesn't give a fuck about it irks me, not to mention the constant porn bots that I need to click on just so I could block and report them to no avail. One of the videos I saw had a woman being slapped in the face repeatedly at the start of the video and it made me so angry. Fuck Tumblr. For a little while after the porn ban I could browse the site without seeing gross shit, but now I've seen more violent and degrading stuff on there than I ever did before the porn ban.

No. 1701126

This is the worst time line. Gen A is now gonna be born straight into this shit and gen z already thinks its normal to include porn in every aspect of our lives. Tumblr needs to die already

No. 1701130

Is there such a thing as a social media free of pornrot that women can congregate around and use for hobbies and interests without being reminded by the world that we are a subhuman pair of tits to be bought and sold? I know tumblr was never perfect but is there anything left now?

No. 1701136

I think instrgam is the only 1 that doesn't allow porngraphy. Pornhub isnt allowed to have an account for example. It's sad the no porn instagram is still a soft core porn site.

No. 1701161

Literally saw a post yesterday telling people to shut the fuck if they don’t approve of the tumblr live thing because sex work is work.

No. 1701266

Instagram is 90% boobs and ass.

No. 1701646

>gender binary

Retard alert

No. 1701681

Nta of that ancient post but sex binary isn't the same as gender binary, I would think that's what anon means. There's nothing feminist about becoming a broodmare though that's not "intellectual" that's tradthottery.

No. 1704461

File: 1695405366700.jpg (247.44 KB, 1080x1815, Screenshot_20230922_194250_Chr…)

Gendie slapfights will never not be funny, like what does all that shit even mean lmao?

No. 1704470

none of these words are in the bible

No. 1704496

Always burns my ass how "men" is seen as the default. It's never "non-women" and women. Just men and the "others."

No. 1704529

So never say anything ever, got it. All of these things feel contradictory in some way but I don’t exactly know how. What I do know is that it’s all stupid.

No. 1704838

>men men men men men MEN men (men) men men Menny mennish men


No. 1704842

>treating nonbinary people as if they cannot be men or women by default due to being nonbinary
isn't that literally the definition of nonbinary kek wtf

No. 1705344

You ever notice that Tumblr live is the most ugly to average people you've ever seen in your life? Not a single hot person on them. Out of all of them. Bland, boring, genetic, ugly people. I would actually hate seeing their stupid faces less if they were less ugly.

No. 1705381

So are gays non-women who fuck non-women then or is that just men fucking men, genuinely asking. I've only ever seen that non-x rhetoric for lesbians.

No. 1705582

I theoretically get where this post is coming from because I've dealt with hardcore prude types that treat occasionally masturbating to erotica or drawing/writing it is equally as coombrained as spending hours on Pornhub, but most anti-porn takes are about the industry itself and there is a risk that watching videos of real people is someone being pimped or raped on film. This post just feels like the "well what about amateur porn" argument instead of trying to be actually nuanced. It's weird how people complain that Tumblr has "turned puritan" after the porn ban but I've seen more posts defending watching porn or claiming that it's impossible to be addicted to porn.

No. 1705755

File: 1695520093344.jpeg (314.35 KB, 750x898, IMG_7340.jpeg)

Sick to fucking death of dense ass tumblr users thinking they’re arbiters of morality while caping for an industry built on rape and pedophilia. No, men aren’t just “disillusioned” with real life women, they are hateful, cruel and often straight up dangerous to the women in their lives because porn has taught them that all women are sex objects. No shit men hate us, they’re constantly frying their brain cells with scenes of women being degraded and in pain and then Pavloving themselves into becoming aroused by it. This is a feature of porn, not a bug. It doesn’t matter what “lens” you think you’re bringing to it. Neither “Kyle” nor the hypothetical “queer woman” would know or care if the women in their porn had been trafficked, coerced, forced, what their “working conditions” are like (abysmal obviously), if they were even in their right minds during filming or if they were fucked up on drugs (as is common in the porn industry), a lot of the time you can’t even be certain the “actors” depicted are of legal age. Also, just because women aren’t deranged, entitled rape apes like men doesn’t mean we all have a “totally healthy” sexuality. There’s nothing healthy about watching pain being inflicted upon other women on a mass scale and brainwashing yourself into thinking it’s normal or desirable. Sounds like OP specifically used “lesbian BDSM porno” as an example to make the post more palatable because the reality is the vast majority of BDSM porn depicts MEN strangling, beating, and torturing women, but when you state it plainly like that it’s harder to get women onboard with your rape apologia.

No. 1705764

I've seen this question posed a few times before on tumblr and the usual response from gendies is that the idea of defining men as non-women is ludicrous but they're always completely unable to articulate why that seems obviously silly but saying that women are non-men is totally fine. Their idea of male as the default is so strong that they don't even realize they're going back to the ancient 'women are incomplete men' type of misogyny.

No. 1705776

"kyle, 19" sounds eerily similar to a tim who just got rejected by a lesbian

No. 1705875

everytime I read posts like this I remind myself that half of the users of this site are virgins

No. 1706078

Another Tumblr take on porn that falls flat because it ignores the issues with the porn industry in general. I'm not even a radfem and I agree with them on that. It really shows the userbase is mostly virgins that think watching porn="exploring sexuality" and the 25+ crowd is still trying to rebel against their boomer parents. If this was about fictional content I'd agree since a lot of arguments against "problematic media" are a repeat of the "videogames cause violence" hysteria, but watching this theoretical "lesbian BDSM porn" has the same risk that you don't know if there was off-camera abuse, if the actresses are drugged or underage, if it's leaked/revenge porn, etc. It doesn't matter "what someone takes from" something unethical in the first place.

No. 1708722

File: 1695837958916.jpg (575.15 KB, 1080x2969, Screenshot_20230927_194924_Chr…)

There's something extremely tradfaggy about the reply that really rubs me the wrong way, not fond of the people in the reply going wow so deep.

No. 1710154

Ok so even though users have it set to where they allow anon asks I still can't send one if I don't have an account? It's not letting me at all. I need some info from these fan accounts that only they can provide. Man.

No. 1710361

File: 1696005715600.jpeg (296.71 KB, 1170x901, IMG_5195.jpeg)

Genuine retardation

No. 1710390

when people say shit like this they think they’re being nuanced and objective but they’re actually just retarded. forgoing all meaningful analysis of society, patriarchy, and oppression just to parrot the gendery version of all lives matter, “hurr durr men have it bad too”
>people who would like to be perceived as inherently lacking the capacity for immorality
you mean like troons?

No. 1711056

I legit think 2023 tumblr capes harder for moids than many other social media platforms

No. 1711121

File: 1696050816383.png (33.03 KB, 526x275, 435115674153.png)

Crazy how over the last decade, spicy straights stopped larping as bisexual and moved on to just lying about being gay. Then other retards turn around and act like the behavior of these attention-seekers is at all representative of normal homosexuals. Wack.

No. 1711124

I see libfems and TRA types perpetuate this way of thought too, just look at the whole "TMA vs. TME" bullshit on gendieblr.

No. 1711135

At least she somehow arrived at the conclusion that "non-men" as a concept is retarded. It's like when someone completely fucks up a math problem and still manages to get the correct answer.

No. 1711165

sometimes these people really are bisexual, quite a lot of self-proclaimed gay men are actually gay-identified bisexuals. also there are a lot of people even among the alphabet soup too who just think gnc automatically equals gay, even if those people actually fuck the opposite sex if they're "too gay passing" they can't be bisexual but "gay with exceptions" or some shit

No. 1711193

retarded shit to get mad about imo. some people dont even know what bisexual is

No. 1711218

Yeah you an need an account.

No. 1712319

File: 1696186240489.jpg (247.41 KB, 1080x1893, Screenshot_20231001_191008_Chr…)

Polyamory is a dumb lifestyle but what a retarded opinion and analogy.

No. 1712355

what's with people and this exact style of typing? it's always this pathetic attempt at emulating the flowery language of better writers, and then it's about some retarded mostly online matter while trying to read as heartfelt and passionate. sometimes it's got a little comedic value but most of the time it's just irritating. and they always love the word "utter"/"utterly". also it is just a retarded take yeah, people's perceptions of love & relationships make a lot more sense when you consider that everyone has their own definition of love. "true love" isn't a concept that exists the same way for everyone, it is defined by yourself. so sick of this poetic romantic pseudposting trend

No. 1712357

I always imagine it with the vocal fry post-Carrie Bradshaw new York girl voice

No. 1712505

people in a pride group in 2011 calling themselves gay and lesbian 100% knew what the word bisexual meant kek what the hell are you saying

No. 1713101

Definitely agree. If only bi activism would focus more on this kind of thing and less on how married women in their 30s who've never even seen another vagina are "valid"

No. 1717170

File: 1696533642423.jpg (328.02 KB, 1080x2233, Screenshot_20231005_211549_Chr…)

No comment.

No. 1717177

>hating men means hating trans men
>FOLLOWED by trans women
I like how even in this "warning" post, they're so in denial about the world not conforming to gender ID garbage. No radfem equates FtMs to men.

No. 1717189

>stereotypes that get men of color harassed and killed
They're the ones doing harassment and killing most of the time whether in their own native countries or abroad, tf is she on?
>they'll go after cis men, gay men, men of color, nonbinary people (aka woke men)
Why is she acting as if a man's skin color and/or sexuality changes his inherent manness? Does being cis/gay/moc somehow make them somehow less men than what I assume to be what they're comparing against, a white straight man?

No. 1717199

have you noticed that trannies always seem to align themselves with men’s right activists? it’s almost like they’re a bunch of misogynists that center men and don’t care about women.

>not only is “men are evil” transphobic and adds to stereotypes that get men of colour harassed and killed

do they really think women saying men are evil is the reason for why men are harassed/killed? holy shit these people are actually retarded. the main perpetrators of murderers of men are other men but women are to blame for being traumatised by men lmao? typical moids blaming women for THEIR actions. also, I’ve never met a radfem that viewed trans men as being on the same level as cis men, because they’re not. trans men’s experiences are completely different because of how they’re socialised, hence why trans women have the same crime patterns as other men whereas trans men don’t.

> they will go in for gay men, men of colour, followed by non binary people and trans women

yes, because in a patriarchal society all women are at risk of being harmed by men. all men have advantage over their female counterparts. men of colour have power over women of colour, gay men have power over lesbians etc. like obviously some men benefit from the patriarchy more than others, but at the end of the day all men are capable of hurting women not just “cis straight white men”. like I’m actually sick of “woke” people complaining about how horrible “cis straight white men” are, like this isn’t just cis straight white men it’s all men.

No. 1717202

sorry that this is so long but I’m just so sick of trans right activists, I hate every single one of them.

No. 1717232

>tf is she on?
They are probably thinking about that one video where a black guy was harassed by a white woman in Central Park, people like this always come back to this one specific instance as if all white women are fucking demonic Karens or something.

No. 1717263

How the fuck is "men are evil" transphobic, is literally anything remotely alluding to biology "transphobic"?
>we must believe in unrealistic fantasies in order to keep people well-behaved
Nah women don't need external motivation not to chimp out

No. 1717280

They want to be immune to any group being held accountable. If something is transphobic it can't just transphobic and just that they have to do mental gymnastics on why it's also racist, sexist and everything else

No. 1717353

Don’t care. Never centering men of any kind.

No. 1717908

the majority of men are trash, they socialize each other to be trash, they fuck over women and men and children. calling a man what he is (trash) is never going to be the problem or the root of any evil until they stop being trash! and good luck waiting that.
>“men are evil” [is] transphobic
top kek someone is confused or something hit close to home

No. 1717922

>“men are evil” [is] transphobic
>top kek someone is confused or something hit close to home
KEK it's because they know trannies are men (mtfs anyway)

No. 1717927

File: 1696608966139.png (146.84 KB, 720x1196, 1696522258374.png)

Cross posted from /2X/. These people are insane and creepy.

No. 1717928

File: 1696609011554.png (99.75 KB, 720x807, 1696522317281.png)

No. 1717941

“You can't decide for someone ELSE who they should and shouldn't be attracted to, and who they should and shouldn't have sex with.” This is what TERFs have been saying but Okay.

No. 1719040

File: 1696714615615.png (52.1 KB, 1004x562, many such cases.png)

why are fujotroons like this god. just read yaoi and be normal about it, it's not hard. also may i see the radfem-riddled f/f communities?

No. 1719204

on the one hand, she's right that you will drive yourself insane if you get mad about being wrongfully associated with retards, since there are all kinds of stupid people out there using all kinds of labels incorrectly, and there's not much you can do to stop them. on the other hand, she's wrong about literally everything else kek

No. 1721805

File: 1696919267468.png (71.77 KB, 575x489, autism.png)

whatever this is

No. 1722188

My favorite thing about these late teens/early 20s who idealize the 2000s scene aesthetic is they don't realize everyone else hated the "rawr x3 random" scene kids and they would've been mocked relentlessly on Encyclopedia Dramatica and Livejournal if they were around back then.

No. 1724150

File: 1697121339548.jpg (231.18 KB, 1080x1634, Screenshot_2023-10-12-16-27-00…)

how did tumblr go from the "stupid is a slur" website to a place where you can say stuff like this without any backlash

No. 1724183

Guessing the OP is lgbt themselves and that's why it's okay. Saying "I hate gay people" as a kind of joke with no real intent or meaning beyond wanting to exaggerate has been rubbing me the wrong way since it started though

No. 1724982

Looked her up she’s a TIF who fetishes gay men so a straight girly with more steps. Wasn’t hard to dig through her vent tag. She’s just homophobic.

No. 1725006

>Straight girl that fetishizes gay men
Uh, based department?

No. 1725041

>being so ashamed of your female sexuality you pretend to be a moid

Becky as fuck.

No. 1725087

This exchange belongs in the moma

No. 1725275

She’s right
>Fetishing literal shit eaters
INB4 homophobia accusations I just hate moids. In fact I hate the straight ones more than faggots.

No. 1725797

File: 1697263050729.png (57.07 KB, 873x392, 5XsH9sK.png)

No. 1725811

Why do these people conveniently forget about the rave videos and pictures? Anybody who supports Hammas is a retard.

No. 1725817

Russians are systemically raping Ukrainians. Raping them as family units, raping their small daughters in front of their parents. And then executing them or leaving them alive and starving. No one says it's racial.

No. 1725818

JFC these people who use "indigenous" to mean double plus good. Everybody is indigenous to somewhere. White people who combust in sunlight are indigenous.

No. 1726473

Most "gays/queers" on Tumblr are spicy straight Ts. Tumblr is honestly one of the most homophobic liberal websites I've seen, even in 2012 I saw posts screaming about how "cislesbians" are the devil and need to accept dick.

No. 1728560

Israeli men are gang raping women and children too. It’s a male problem not a race issue.

No. 1729134

File: 1697506966792.jpeg (154.08 KB, 1170x491, IMG_5240.jpeg)

tumblr terfs are pathetic but at least they aren’t ebegging to mutilate themselves

No. 1729251

they can cope all they want, those “ur a man lol” posts are still enough to make them spiral into a pit of despair and self loathing because they know it’s true lol

No. 1733038

kek this

No. 1735808

File: 1698073791612.jpeg (662.41 KB, 1170x1552, IMG_5252.jpeg)

dicks are gross lol

No. 1735829

women and children have literally died from being raped but no we have to treat men and their dicks like they're harmless

No. 1735838

You forgot the STDs that men give to each other and then to women all the damn time.

No. 1735861

Okay then how about we start by getting rid of the porn industry, as they make billions perpetuating how penises are primarily used to forcefully penetrate all orifices and holes.

No. 1735894

I never want to see a real dick ever, fuck off with this retarded acceptance shit.

No. 1735974

File: 1698080795731.png (542.02 KB, 740x1635, cantread.png)

Wild misinterpretation of what the original tweet said. Is everyone who asks a biology related question a TERF? Is your professor a TERF? Is a doctor who asks about recent sexual activity a TERF? Is little Timny who asked how babies are born a TERF?

No. 1736000

How is a generic monster mascot going to inspire kids to read anyway? What a stupid concept.

No. 1736055

I was a weird little science nerd as a kid so I would have asked that question innocently. Coombrained and disgusting that they jumped to "curiosity about reproduction of an alien species = you want to see cock and hole".
>Cool an alien! Does it lay eggs?

No. 1736118

gendies really are just thinking about genitals all the god damn time. Except they’re steeped so deeply in it they assume it’s normal, and then project it on others.

No. 1736126

OT but that mascot has hideous colors. They could've just made it a cute cow instead

No. 1736168

to be fair it's a weird question but i doubt that the twitter user had any pervy intentions. They probably just wanted to know if its a female or male alien but didn't want to sound "offensive" by asking directly so they accidentally worded it in a kinda crash way.
Anyway it's amazing how these people never miss an opportunity to bitch about feminists. Nothing in that tweet alludes to radfem ideas but they still start whining about some made-up pervy pedo terf boogyman
I assume they will have pamphlets where it will explain how you borrow books. Or they will make posters of it with generic statements like "reading is fun".

some teachers at my school used a reading mascot plush to make students feel more comfortable reading out loud. I have no idea if it actually benefits kids though. Besides the alien's design translates poorly to a plushie

No. 1736432

>conveniently cutting off the user name and handle
I hate this so much. For all we know, the person who posted that could be a TIM or TIF.

No. 1736475

>does it have a cock or a hole
Fascinating how female genitalia is just a "hole" to them. A Freudian slip at its best.

No. 1736491

File: 1698101143536.jpg (7.81 KB, 251x275, 1656146560151.jpg)

Imagine being a gendietard and so hypersensitive over basic science like reproduction, that the mere questioning of a fictional biology makes you spiral and triggered at Terfs. Holy fuck. Terfs know the biology that separates women from men and vice versa. That's it. Gendies literally make everything eleven times more complicated than it has to be with shit like "girl dicks", "man vaginas", "cis bodies", and the exaggeration and misinformation of how being a hermaphrodite even works. Then they go and project their genital-obsessed little minds onto everyone else when they're the reason why teachers now sweat at the question of "what is a woman?".

No. 1736561

let's not play dumb here, the person asking was obviously someone who objected to the idea of theythem genders and wanted to find out the alien's real gender kek.

No. 1736793

No. 1736825

It's so funny how TIMs want to be women so badly yet they refuse to understand or take into perspective why women as a class are threatened by and have bad associations with penis. It's almost as if it's used as a weapon and phallic imagery is shoved in our faces constantly. It's funny because in SJW-speak this is technically "ableist" towards women with PTSD, but it hurts trans feelings so it doesn't count.

No. 1736858

when men stop using their disgusting dingdong as weapons to hurt others, then I'll stop caring. We should chemically castrate all men.
Also, has anyone noticed how men are obsessed with dicks? they're the ones drawing penises with marker on the walls, their friends faces at a party, in school books, etc. they love dicks. I'm convinced all men are faggots pretending to be into women

No. 1737668

File: 1698172449865.png (247.29 KB, 1080x856, Screenshot_20231024-192631.png)

moid wants insane surgery because uhh sex.

No. 1737768

File: 1698177197890.jpg (244.93 KB, 1080x1292, Screenshot_20231024_011323_Chr…)

This has to be the dumbest shit I've read on Tumblr.

No. 1737806

File: 1698178342995.png (42.25 KB, 500x318, IMG_2710.png)

The post you screenshoted was probably made by some gendie so it’s ok in their eyes, but anyway, it’s picrel. There was version with examples referring specifically to gay people, but I can’t find it.

No. 1737828

File: 1698179431929.jpg (45.43 KB, 550x350, tumblr_ni4r7lHML91rp7q79o2_640…)

NTA. You mean this one?

No. 1737873

I hate how social media has made people think you can just get extreme genital surgeries easy peasy with no upkeep, hygiene, wound care etc, and that it will just magically function however you want it to. There's nothing convenient about it! This man is in for a lifetime of pain and disappointment if he goes through with it.

No. 1738124

Yep, this one, thank you! It was made by late TEHM cisoid I think.

No. 1738274

i remember that username. what happened to him?

No. 1739452

he made a few blogs but they kept getting deactivated, i don’t think he has one currently. don’t remember his last url.

No. 1742183

File: 1698517273979.jpeg (99.21 KB, 1170x325, IMG_5265.jpeg)

Nothing compared to the disappointment I feel when I’m recommended a “woman” content creator and it’s a male.

No. 1742384

Why is it that anti-prison people are the ones least capable of dealing with reality? Every single one of these idiots has a meltdown when they have to interact with staff at a store, how the fuck do they think they're going to deal with rapists and murderers roaming around? They're not immune because of neo pronouns and misogyny.
It's mad, they have no connection to reality at all. They think it's like getting lip fillers and you can have your neovag dissolved if it migrates or something. It's a fucking permanent surgery, once it's done you can't flip it right side out again and carry on like nothing happened.

No. 1742732

File: 1698557194408.jpg (25.69 KB, 400x225, idiot.jpg)

It worked out so great for this retard.

No. 1744548

File: 1698673774820.jpg (162.04 KB, 1080x865, Screenshot_20231024_011124_Chr…)

Huh I wonder why people subconsciously reenact binary thinking when it comes to gender despite trying way too hard to ignore it…

No. 1744575

So true. Woman? I'll give it a try even if I'm not excited about her topic. Gender non conforming man? Sure, I'll watch your videos on theme parks. Delusional tranny who is tearing down women's rights for his sexual fetish? Dislike and do not recommend this channel anymore.

No. 1744576

what does this even mean

No. 1744579

The post refers to the fact that in most of gender community, they no longer use the terms man and woman to describe someone, but instead use masc/fem. It still references all the typical gender stereotypes, such as men are tall and strong and women are thin and weak, yet doesn't use the forbidden words of men/women.
This user is further mad that I'm this new binary, others still are imposing meanings on words instead of letting anything mean anything. So for example, if a woman calls herself non binary, but wears make up and dresses and only dates girls, people would tell her she's not a gay man, even though she wants to be thought of like that.

No. 1744883

File: 1698691951837.jpg (302.95 KB, 884x858, 20231030_125106.jpg)

No. 1744931

real vaginas aren't meant for ''spontaneous'' sex kek it's a lie made by moids to ignore women's comfort

No. 1744946

Goes to show they want to be women so badly, even though they know nothing about us.

No. 1745088

Fuck her, nasty ass bitch, hated anyone who made any valid criticism on Islam despite being a weed smoking slutty tumblr hoe. She deserves everything she got

No. 1745164

Based. Beyoncé is God

No. 1745169

Under I-Slamo-Cummunism, we make all fat men kill the selves and fat women will be forced to run until they become Skinny Legends

No. 1745385

This unironically

No. 1745617

Tumblr caping for scrotes like it's their fulltime job, must be a day that ends with Y

No. 1745631

pretty sure op of that post is a scrote, but yeah LMFAO

No. 1745662

If she were god she wouldn't have married that ugly old piece of shit. Hopefully she has a better looking secret lover because her piece of shit husband thinks cheating on his wife is a good idea.

No. 1746329

File: 1698784235839.jpeg (165.37 KB, 1179x357, 87F8B9BB-2649-43B0-A016-0F8EB1…)

Fuck this shit. The fact that women shame other women for not wanting to fuck gross balding fat old men is such bullshit. If these try hard genderspecials want to fuck an old man that’s their pathology … but shaming other women for having standards is pathetic. Dilf means dad I would fuck, therefore, if you wouldn’t fuck him he’s not a dilf. I wouldn’t fuck a balding old fatty, nor would I date a man over 40. Crazy that tumblr, the website that gets super autistic about age gaps, also eats up shit like this.

No. 1746339

i hate ugly old man propaganda

No. 1746361

a lot of women and young girls make preachy, fake "wholesome" posts like this because they hope men will return the favor. in this case, the OP wants to see men who say they like milfs defend older women who aren't considered conventionally attractive. she knows yelling at men for talking badly about older women who don't look like porn stars will just get her mocked, laughed at and called an ugly future hag. instead, she's switching the genders and chiding women for the Big Sin of not being attracted to baldness or obesity, hoping that some males will watch and learn. too bad for her that men (as a group) don't give a fuck about returning these sorts of concessions, and that you can't shame anyone into changing their attraction.
because really, do you actually care if some other random women don't find what you like attractive? no, nobody does. it's all disingenuous.

No. 1746391

>new rule is you aren't allowed to say you like dilfs
stopped reading, kek, sounds good, lets not inflate any old man egos anymore

No. 1746396

they will say this but never call out the men who by "MILF" mean a woman between 20-25…

No. 1746415

It’s because they’re 22 and look exactly like the DILFs they’re describing kek

No. 1746660

het women are a disease

No. 1748859

File: 1698942570786.jpeg (715.59 KB, 1170x1941, IMG_5273.jpeg)

Why is a TiF lying about her parents getting mad about her conforming to gender roles? Why is she lying about having a 15 year old child at 25?

No. 1748865

File: 1698943117154.png (36.37 KB, 537x337, Screenshot 2023-11-02.png)

This also sounds like a lie, but she says he's actually her boyfriend's younger brother they adopted.

No. 1748947

thats not even ''long hair'' what the fuck, is that why moids shave all their hair off nowadays? having more than one cm of hair is considered gay?

No. 1749087

I have known a few people in those circumstances where their partner's younger live-in sibling basically becomes their adopted kid, but in those cases the parents are either physically incapable or are horrible people that you don't want to contact with, so her story is likely bullshit.

No. 1749267

are you saying that a dead parent can still be capable

No. 1749590

I have known anyone whose both set of dead parents were dead.

No. 1749603

File: 1698991498536.png (1.3 MB, 1234x678, Screen_Shot_2021-05-19_at_12.2…)

No. 1749615

God he looks so fuckable here

No. 1749616


No. 1749622

File: 1698993638240.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.28 KB, 976x861, FycfzyfaMAA9sb_.jpg)

No. 1749664

hmm I'd suck it, maybe pull the tail too.

No. 1749667

Eww you've never been around cats? The amount of hair you'd ingest incidentally would have to be surgically removed from your stomach

No. 1749674

male cats also have barbs on their penises, so its gonna be very unpleasant for that anon

No. 1749676


No. 1749678

File: 1698997724968.jpg (57.62 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault2.jpg)

>Felines, especially domestic cats, are well known for having penile spines. Upon withdrawal of a cat's penis, the spines rake the walls of the female's vagina, which may serve as a trigger for ovulation.

No. 1749679

like the barbs on their tongues. they trigger ovulation in female cats and pull out the coom of other male cats. seggs is painful for the female cats.

No. 1749680

Go back

No. 1749685

No. 1749692


No. 1749835

alarming increase in tiktok speak on this board lately…

No. 1750112

Wait what how a man with long hair even have to do anything with mah transphobia

No. 1750165

What the fuck is going on

No. 1750235

well you see, long hair=girl, short hair=boy. a viewpoint both destroy the gender binary nlogs and their conservative parents agree with.

No. 1750267

File: 1699045218529.png (18.74 KB, 673x265, Screenshot_13.png)

i'm getting real good at clocking troons just through text and it pisses me off SO much to see retarded they/thems giggling at this shit. i wouldn't even be so irritated if it were coming from just a horny guy but it's the fact that op is one of those trannies that thinks he's a le cute dog girl that makes me want to bite something

No. 1750275

>trans flag
I dont think it's very hard to clock them in this case.

No. 1750279

>instead of the normal word i said a sex word!!!
what is this, grade school?

No. 1750282

i meant pankenlewd

No. 1750300

Oh yeah I can see that too. The way that tranny tries to act all "cute" by typing like an ten year old while thinking about and expressing degenerate things. It's so combined autistic and coomerish, the online scent of a tranny.

No. 1750554

File: 1699057499090.jpg (279.27 KB, 1080x1358, Screenshot_20231024_011623_Chr…)

No we just don't care about this shit, you are the ones who spend every waking hour of your life torturing yourself ouve muh gendah.

No. 1750600

File: 1699060222750.png (178.36 KB, 705x335, Screenshot_16.png)


No. 1750863

no, I just don't think that anyone who chops off healthy body parts to masquerade as another gender is a mentally sane individual. You have millions of cells that betray your sex that no amount of surgeries will mask.

No. 1752890

eau de autopedophilia

No. 1754873

New blood must be acquired somehow. A certain percentage of us die each year.

No. 1756110

File: 1699309599197.jpg (25.32 KB, 750x238, F-PODDEaQAAtL-q.jpg)

this is a tif with a "boyfriend" and i'm not sure if it's a t4t situation or not. either way it's cringe

No. 1757925

File: 1699382311109.jpg (313.86 KB, 1080x1584, Screenshot_20231029_193617_Chr…)

The mental gymnastics Holocaust deniers do are a sight to behold.

No. 1757957

is Holocaust denial woke now or something?

No. 1757963

Nah, this one's just a regular far right wing loon.

No. 1757971

I honestly can't tell the difference anymore.

No. 1757973

>"holocaust believers would rather millions of jews died than the alternative, that millions of jews lied".
I wonder how long he's been practicing this little swill in his head before coming up with that catchphrase.

No. 1768672

File: 1699821750680.jpg (27.26 KB, 552x227, wtf tumblr.jpg)

The porn bots are at it again. I keep seeing these ads pop up as posts tagged with all sorts of fandom/aesthetic/interest related stuff (tumblr recommends them to me because I follow some specific aesthetic tags). Mods don't seem to be doing anything about it as usual. Even though it's annoying it is kinda funny to see "Wanna play with my booty?" followed by hashtag the phantom of the opera, mental health, miguel o'hara x reader etc. Everyone trying to find mental health advice or husbando fanfic must do a double take upon seeing this shit.

No. 1768730

Perhaps it wouldn't be such a controversial topic if it wasn't illegal to research it in some countries.

No. 1768867

>transphobes don't see gender as something that is biological and innate

>and they do have a concept of people who are outside of the gender binary

Also correct, this is gender non-conformity (which is actually natural unlike gender roles).

>they just don't see that as a valid identity

Existing outside of gender roles isn't "an identity" though.

>in their eyes, you can fail at being a man or a woman, and you can fail so badly that you are not seen as any gender at all

This is how it is for conservatives, and they technically believe in gender identity and gender roles just like TRAs.

>but you are not allowed to claim this as an actual identity

A person who can't live up to gender roles isn't the opposite sex.

>gender is something that is given to you and taken from you, and you're not supposed to have any choice in the matter, your options are supposed to conform, or to be dehumanized

Yeah, that's what living as an actual woman is like. This used to be feminism 101 but OP frames it as a "transphobe" thing instead of "gender is a stupid concept"…

No. 1771914

File: 1700015441023.jpeg (265.62 KB, 1170x1001, IMG_5288.jpeg)

Ofc op is a tranny

No. 1771928

OP has a decent point, but 9 times out of 10 these convos about kink end up going into the direction of "omg if you don't want to see people walk each other on leashes in public or support TIMs openly jacking off to lolicon you're a puritan/queerphobe". It's like I agree on paper but I'm still skeptical of them for saying it. "Kink" can include things that are harmless or very much not worth defending.

No. 1773045

File: 1700077369527.png (431.82 KB, 1080x3186, Screenshot_20231115-204019.png)

Porn is good because I have a film degree and uhh you're a prude and also Christian.

No. 1773064

This willful ignorance and denial of the true scope and nature of modern pornography is pure retardation and gaslighting. And they always include some comment that’s like “sure being raped for money is bad but so is working at Walmart!” Darn, you’re right, I’m a prude for disliking men getting off on rape and violence of vulnerable women and how that directly translates to their mass dehumanization of women irl. I wish the tables were turned with women as majority consumers and men were the ones being brutalized and degraded like objects during sex so we could see how eager they are to defend pornography as an innocent form of expression then.

No. 1773066

>someone tries to have a conversation like a regular human being
>use pretentious jargon
>person doesn't understand
>hurr i'm so smart

No. 1773077

Aren't most kinks by default immoral? You're sexualizing stuff that absolutely isn't sexual, and some of it cough DD/LG and furry shit cough definitely shouldn't be sexualized no matter how much bending over backwards you do to explain that it actually isn't about childhood props or animals at all

No. 1773094

>like yeah it can be a brutal industry and i don't want to minimize the issue of people being filmed or sexualized against their will
proceeds to do that exact thing

>all work and employment is exploitation

There's a big difference between flipping burgers for below minimum wage and having to fuck people you wouldn't otherwise consent to because there's a monetary incentive.

>it's just sex on film

>if you seriously think that someone filming themselves fucking is a form of misogyny you might be a bit stupid
The average shit you see on Pornhub isn't remotely like a movie with a sex scene or consensually shared nudes. The issue with porn isn't that it's horny or sexual, it's the very high risk that it might not have been filmed or shared consensually. I used to be in the camp that maybe ethical porn can exist but even if 1% of it is okay, that doesn't rule out the remaining 99% and most people just gravitate to jacking off to the first thing they find without a second thought if the actor is underage or if they were forced into it. Your orgasm isn't worth that.

"Kink" is a really wide umbrella term that means anything someone can get a sexual kick out of. So it could involve relatively harmless things to more dangerous/illegal shit like choking/rape/lolicon/DDLG/etc. That's why I find these arguments suspicious because they never name exactly what they're into or defending. Kinksters love saying "what two consenting adults do in the bedroom isn't your business" but they constantly make it other people's business and take it out their bedroom.

No. 1773106

File: 1700080001282.png (39.53 KB, 256x256, communityIcon_el2g3ukyrwy71.pn…)

Tired of this non consensual-consensual bullshit. Doesn't even matter if it was somehow made ethically or not. It doesn't detract from the obvious degredation on mental health specially with scrotes now trooning out more than ever and more and more people, famous or not being exposed for CP and other related grooming and sexual deviance towards minors. The amount of retardation you must have to just ignore something that noticable is astounding.

No. 1773222

>porn is just a movie genre so therefore it's not exploitive
it's a well known fact that directors of non-porn movies frequently abuse female actors and cross their boundaries during filming. The movie industry does hate women and exploit them so calling porn a movie genre isn't really a defense.
>if you critise porn you will have eager academics who will tell you why you are wrong
what kind of argument is this even. There are academics who are against porn too and will tell you why you are wrong if you defend it.
Most sources that says that porn is exploitive comes from women who used to work in the porn industry. But I guess their experiences doesn't matter because they aren't academics
>I was taught by gay men and lesbian who defended porn
and there are gay men and lesbians who are anti porn. Many anti porn gay men used to work in the industry too but again, their experiences aren't relevant because they aren't academics.
This guy is genuinely insane. So we should all just ignore porn actors abuse just because it turns some academics on? Academics don't have godlike authority they can still have biases and hate women even if they have a degree. Besides basing your worldview on what film majors says is weird. They are taught how to analyse movies. Anything they learn regarding social issues and misogyny is going to be shallow and in the context of the movie industry. It would be like asking a law major to explain art history to you

No. 1773237

>and there are gay men and lesbians who are anti porn. Many anti porn gay men used to work in the industry too but again, their experiences aren't relevant because they aren't academics.
Not to mention a lot of lesbian porn is made for straight male audiences and "lesbians being forced to fuck men" is a known genre that negatively impacts lesbians and perceptions of them in real life. Finding out the goatse guy is a gay porn star kind of blows the "what about gay porn" argument out of the water because so many of those guys are addicted to drugs and have prolapsed asses.

No. 1773812

I’m a film major and it’s unthinkable for porn to be a part of the curriculum, Murrican academics really have worms in their brains. The op of this post should kill himself btw, I’m really struggling to not a-log.

No. 1773956

It's like it was written for an impressionable 15 year old that thinks going to college is a badge of intelligence and honor. "Academia" is full of retards that would argue anything and everything with you, it's not some trump card in any discussion. Hell the amount of philosophers defending pedophilia is staggering, but that's not changing my mind.

No. 1775252

Would you be able to let me know some anti porn gay men who've shared their experiences? Haven't seen much about it but I'm interested

These people are always so snobby about their education all the while claiming to support the workers

No. 1787915

File: 1700913430937.jpeg (713.44 KB, 1284x1451, IMG_9678.jpeg)

No. 1787918

They should just ask normie gay guys and lesbians to define their sexuality, it's probably very simple for them.

No. 1788006

File: 1700922897867.png (83.76 KB, 427x776, Untitled.png)

No. 1788056

>distorting the definition of what it means to be gay for both women and men
Okay who the actual fuck even are these people? If these people can't even give you a clear, sensible answer on what homosexuality even is or means, I doubt the retards spewing this "gay can mean anything" bullshit are even gay themselves. So what even are they?

No. 1788062

Do they know that sometimes people DO fit into these boxes and are good with that and that sometimes boxes are necessary so laws can be passed to protect the people who fit in them? Not all of us are out here obsessed with getting validation for blurring the lines. Some of us just want to be able to have a life with our wife.

No. 1788421

Spicy straights. They're spicy straights. No one else has a problem with homosexuality being too "restrictive" besides them

No. 1791053

File: 1701101989811.png (1.56 MB, 660x2016, xvriqx7bcw2c1.png)

I just had to glance at the name of the "lesbian" to know instantly it was a troon. And guess who was right? First pic I found on his profile.

No. 1791055

you can instantly clock them cus they always have urls like "softcatgirluwu"

No. 1791060

Those fucking legs

No. 1791064

With that stride bro could be a world famous runner if he didn't insist on pretending he's a woman.

No. 1791076

File: 1701103068576.jpeg (129.31 KB, 828x506, IMG_6699.jpeg)

The jokes write themselves

No. 1791080

File: 1701103303668.jpeg (293.9 KB, 828x1039, IMG_6700.jpeg)

No. 1791121

totally not a fetish, fucking gross ass moids

No. 1791146

This is the first time I've ever thought someone's legs and feet are ugly. The stockings and skirt don't fit his giraffe neck legs at all.

No. 1791977

File: 1701176696620.png (461.63 KB, 1080x1626, Screenshot_20231128-140245.png)

I don't get why the first take is so controversial? If women being safe from drunk moids is wrong then I don't wanna be right.

No. 1791982

File: 1701177230975.png (22.76 KB, 590x186, Zrzut ekranu 2023-11-28 141430…)

because if a woman is not a lib feminist who lick men's asses she's a terf (also the first post is not even endorsing prohibition but saying that these women were painted in an unfair light). the second person is a male themie. also, kek.

No. 1791992

>authentic fear and panic
So terfs are feeling authentic fear and panic about whom???

No. 1798227

File: 1701627524425.png (2.95 KB, 514x87, maybe.png)

How do anons feel about this?
On one hand, do I have nostalgia for it? Sure, but it couldn't have been safe. I kept my roleplay partner from way back when, and thankfully and she's extremely chill but I think it only works because we're similarly aged. But at the same time there's extremely accessible porn roleplay bots for kids that are obviously collecting logs. I don't know which is worse or which is better.

No. 1800879

File: 1701833181152.jpg (231.14 KB, 745x879, tumblr.jpg)

This is from the royal confessions blog. Most of the submissions there are just plain dumb, but sometimes there's gems like this. I don't even hate it, I think this is hilarious.

No. 1800887

Being interested in royals is already a symptom of low IQ.

No. 1800891

File: 1701834750324.jpg (79.91 KB, 564x549, download (13).jpg)

No. 1800892

tumblr's amazing accessibility features mean even people with iqs close to single digits can run a blog

No. 1800895

whoever submitted this is really telling on herself
>not being "stuck up" and "useless" means you're not a woman
..and skirts in a suit fashion, something incredibly common that tons of women wear especially decades ago

No. 1800898

I think this kind of shit goes past low IQ and into the realm of ratfuck crazy.

No. 1800903

My pronouns are queen/majesty pls respect them

No. 1800906

Samefag but also note the "other afabs of THEIR time" kekkk. Also, I googled it and apparently
>Queen Victoria considered that the title 'Duke' was the proper title for the holder of a Dukedom whether man or woman, that of Duchess being a courtesy title for the consort of a Duke. Throughout Her reign, Queen Elizabeth was also sometimes referred to as the Duke of Lancaster.
So Elizabeth only went by that title cause it was tradition and "duke of lancaster" is just a title given to whoever is the monarch. Unless that person believes Victoria was also nonbinary.

No. 1801896

File: 1701908393822.png (27.21 KB, 564x331, Screenshot 2023-12-06 191622.p…)

nonnies give me the strength not to a-log

No. 1801902

Nope. Do it.

No. 1801942

Let me guess— it’s a troon.

No. 1810503

File: 1702479175294.png (3.02 MB, 596x4058, emergency commissions plox.png)

Stumbled across this because someone had tagged it transphobia.

No. 1810520

Holyshit, that art is bad. lmao

No. 1810533

This is kind pathetic but so childish, so maybe there's hope she'd grow up and be a better person

No. 1810695

>"This is my only form of income for the foreseeable future"
fucking kek

No. 1810762

This mf makes Side Show Bob fanart my fucking sides are in orbit

No. 1810821


No. 1811378

File: 1702513270485.jpg (21.22 KB, 504x164, you are the problem.jpg)

Apparently you don't even have to do anything to be trans exclusionary now, according to tumblr.
If transwomen don't spontaneously interact with your community, it's because they don't feel safe! There's something wrong with you! Shame on you!

No. 1811496

"so eager to be seen and heard" is a really funny way of putting it

No. 1811514

I was thinking the same thing. Not wrong I guess.

No. 1811678

Yes men are everywhere and desperate to tell the world what they think as they have always been entitled scrotes kek.

No. 1824121

Have you noticed that older people in fandom Tumblr are a bit off. Like there's this Tumblr I follow about this specific person and they're like 30 but they right fanfiction about this person and have met them multiple times. They even joke about what the person would say if they read their explicit fanfiction. Not to mention the person is 70. Their attitude is just strangely immature and out of touch for being their age

No. 1825649

File: 1703325643430.jpg (393.32 KB, 1080x2479, Screenshot_20231008_110017_Chr…)

Today in Shit That Never Happened.

No. 1830691

I read this as kind of dark gallows humor about how a lot of people had experiences online as teens in the 2000s-early 2010s that were 100% considered inappropriate now.

No. 1832963

Not sure where else to ask this, what the hell happened to imeverywoman420? She hasn't updated in months, which is abnormal for her. She would never do that. I miss her forreal….

No. 1834109

File: 1703928262486.png (353.57 KB, 1080x2836, 1000022689.png)

>beating someone can be affectionate

No. 1834113

Of course the poster is an autistic furry tranny lmao. Enjoy all the piss and beatings you want, sir

No. 1834137

File: 1703933373107.jpg (110.79 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I remember when I discovered his music through some other gendie's videos. I genuinely like his voice. I think it's very unique and he could be a voice actor if he wanted to. Not a singer though. I've watched a few of his videos before I peaked, like "Art, furries, god" (it started off as a good video but he tied the information together poorly) and the don't hug me I'm scared commentary. His interpretation of it, having to do with autism, was better than the overbeaten trope of "big bad guy that controls everything". I didn't know he was trans until midway through the video where he explained his childhood and how it was like having autism. Overall I didn't have a negative opinion towards him. But his Tumblr is obnoxious. He's an asshole to people there and he keeps making the worst most annoying posts, making him somebody who you clearly don't want to interact with. He seems hostile, though it could really just be how he's autistic. He looks the stereotypical autistic guy if you look at a picture of him, plus he said it somewhere on his Tumblr how sometimes he needs support from others to do certain things. I actually feel so fucking bad for people who have autism of that severity. I don't know how to describe it without sounding like an asshole. I really wish the best for them.

No. 1834164

What a bunch of obnoxious sperging with reddit-tier hobbyist linguist's getting mad at "prescriptivism" like it's on par with racism or something. If you can assign any meaning to any sign and have it be meaningful all the same, why not scream pineapple instead of no during your uber wholesome cnc rp? Could it be because you can't really coom to pineapple even if you pretend it represents her lack of consent, you need her to mimick the lack of consent as accurately as possible. Sorry for autistic sperging.

No. 1834287

File: 1703950720588.png (764.5 KB, 1080x919, 1000022692.png)

Male autists should be sent to the mines as soon as they turn 10.

No. 1834316

obviously a shrek looking troon wrote this

No. 1834317

didn’t happen but i wish it did, scrotes need to be bullied more

No. 1834401

Shit like this is peaking more he/they zoomers than JKR herself. Piss is only a delicious beverage to coomer moids and Luna, even the most deranged DID larper with 12 genders is going to pause and rethink their opinions at that point.
Is he related to the Habsburgs?

No. 1835139

File: 1704035369150.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1284x2167, IMG_0190.jpeg)

This was posted by an “ace trans lesbian”. Can someone translate what the fuck is being said here? I thought being trans for any reason was valid. And isn’t the reason most TiMs transition for the aesthetic of looking like their pornified version of what they think women are?

No. 1835147

I literally can’t make sense of that. It looks like pure mental illness.

No. 1835157

Rupauls drag race ruined a whole generation of women

No. 1835162

kek the moid ("ace trans lesbian") is malding because the woman ("transmasc") recognizes that sex is real and therefore "trans men can never have privilege over trans women" because women don't have privilege over men.

No. 1835165

There is a trend of TIFs calling themselves TIMs and TIMs are angry because it's "appropriating the transfem experience and reducing it to an aesthetic." They're especially angry because so many TIFs are accidentally revealing they know all TIMs are easily clockable as men and list a bunch if physical features that give TIMs ~dysphoria.~ It's hilarious because appropriating lived experiences and reducing it to an aesthetic is exactly what they do to women and this self-obsessed schizobabble is what they ushered in with "everyone is valid" talking points. Karma.

No. 1835168

Agree. It did so much damage. Now these women are parenting, showing their kids drag story time. I hate it. Fans should go back to being shamed and in hiding

No. 1835170

I hate male autism so much

No. 1836312

File: 1704145683047.png (155.89 KB, 1060x468, dumbSkärmavbild 2022-08-23 kl…)

Maybe this person SHOULD get perma'd or a tracking device on their car for openly wishing death on people.

No. 1836538

Kikomi is a flat circle

No. 1837320

File: 1704239532609.jpeg (272.62 KB, 1284x896, IMG_0233.jpeg)

How is this even a gotcha. Okay then, I was born female.

No. 1837329

Says the people who go “I’m officially female, it literally says so on my gender change document! Plus I pass so perfectly! (Photo of their surgery’d selves with long hair and make up) gotcha terfs! Can’t call me a man anymore!” like okay but female refers to a biological category and not a printed paper or the state of having a BBL/long hair/make up. They’re literally delusional about biology and associate femaleness with stereotypes, but feminists are apparently terrible over dumb semantics?

No. 1837330

This shit made me so confused for a minute or two. I'm slow today.

No. 1837380

'Terfs get sooo mad over [made up troon shit]’ like that even happens

No. 1839808

File: 1704445556439.png (159.72 KB, 715x672, gotta love how they're subtly …)

>and whose perpetrators are also singularly evil people who were born evil and need to be erased from society in order to get rid of rape existing at all
they do need to be erased from society though
rapists deserve the death penalty

No. 1839905

I hate this post and that nearly 2000 people agreed with it. Infuriating.
>Just start thinking rape isn't bad and it won't be bad anymore
>This makes me morally superior btw

No. 1840060

There's no way OP isn't a sex offender or close to one. OFC there's lip service about twamzwimmen here too, as if it's not a coincidence that so many "queer" sex pests are some kind of trans male. They really tell on themselves.

No. 1840950


Enlightened smart fello- I mean fart smelling Tumblr internetoid trying too hard to be pRoGrEsSiVe that they turn around and perpetuate the downplaying of the severity of rape? It's more likely than you think! I love this genre of terminally online ego stroking where they flip and reverse basic human morality so they can seem SOOOOOO ENLIGHTENED sooo smort

No. 1840979

File: 1704525157331.png (133.17 KB, 720x693, IMG_20240106_010959.png)

New antinatalism just dropped

No. 1841935

File: 1704596837658.png (381.83 KB, 622x1020, IMG_20240106_210716.png)

Why are Tumblr users like this? Specifically tifs.

No. 1841963

File: 1704598473418.png (2.8 MB, 1284x1973, tumblr_e48c1bf08b8c83065c10364…)

I see even non-TiFs expressing an incredibly hostile desire to remove their uterus too, like clearly not a "in careful consideration with my doctor and my medical history" way but in a rabid and politicized way that hates women's bodies.

No. 1842465

That's not actually a thing. Men want to be pretend that they are persecuted so badly, that they make up shit like this.

No. 1842497

You would never see a scrote going "lmao I dont want kids just cut off the balls they are useless." Women are taught to hate their bodies so much. Yes I know there are biological things like period pain and pregnancy scares that can cause it but I feel like a lot is still social.

No. 1842689

It's bogleech, he says a lot of dumb SJW shit. I have never seen antinatalism being described like that, but apparently he's been fighting them on Twitter.

No. 1842692

Men can get vasectomies, that's why I guess. They have it easier because they don't need to put hormones in their body.

No. 1842711

You "need" to put hormones in your body?

No. 1842755

Men don't need to inject hormones after a vasectomy is what she means. Even women who get hysterectomies for medical reasons have to take estrogen because a removed uterus causes hormonal disregulation.

No. 1842780

Go back to Twitter if you’re just here to be snarky at posts you didn’t bother to rub your two brain cells together to understand.

No. 1843099

its deliberate that this person never says rape. While sexual violence also sounds scary its easy to muddy its definition specially when you put it next to "other forms of violence" but there is no doubt what rape refers to and i doubt this would have gotten so many notes if the word rape was used instead of sexual violence.

No. 1843184

Yes, thank you for explaining my words to that anon.

No. 1843456

The misogyny in this fucking post

No. 1844394

Is it true that Twitter is dying?

No. 1846949

File: 1704917291933.png (6.78 KB, 494x98, 0d5f01c713deeded5efa55685a6e30…)

I just noticed that they use the toothpaste flag for the gay tag on tumblr, I'm fucking howling

No. 1846953

They do that pride color shit with all the homo gay tranny tags. If you tag tranny, you're gonna get that ugly pink white and blue.

No. 1846958

i know they do, but i can't believe they used the toothpaste flag specifically, it might as well be the TiF flag since no gay men use it. I wonder how the actual fags on tumblr feel about it

No. 1846960

I remember when the gay pride flag was just a rainbow. Now gays and lesbians get their own color scheme, tranny got their tacky colors, and now the rainbow flag for the whole "movement" has black, brown, and the tranny colors spilling onto it. I have nothing to do with the LGBTQ or whatever, but I feel like they should just go back to a simple rainbow.

No. 1846991

there was a picture going around on radblr of the progress flag with the chevron cut out and i loved it so much. it's such a simple thing to do but such a powerful statement.

No. 1847595

File: 1704943954251.jpg (122.78 KB, 546x715, asexual fashion expression.jpg)

Speaking of pride bs, I scrolled down my feed to find collaged pictures of lolita fashion with asexual flags slapped on. The tags had some real hot takes.
>everytime some idiot complains about this or anything we woman or woman presenting people do or enjoy
>clapping emojis
>you can enjoy dressing up and not making it about mating maaan
Like does she think that normies are all out there dressing to signal potential mates?

No. 1847600

Has there ever been a single black or brown person who felt left out from the fucking pride flag and thought it necessary they be included? I can only assume it's just there to give trannies more legitimacy and for them to hide behind as they blatantly and obviously try to force team with gay people.

No. 1848898

File: 1705022015099.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x2120, F3A0D43A-A7F0-4E09-B1CA-424A3C…)

Shockingly, a “kidcore” furfag has been outed as a zoo/pedophile. Who could’ve seen this coming?

No. 1848906

That's the flag I need now. kek

No. 1848907

Worst part about the black/brown stripes is that a white male made it. I hate virtue signaling so much

No. 1848910

Oh no! A pro-contact pedophile and zoophile, if only he(?) was a anti-contact pedophile and zoophile

No. 1848992

I hate when people say they "consume" media. Just say you watched a show or something. Maybe it's because I'm an autist who never branches out and watches the same stuff over and over but I hate that phrasing

No. 1849004

That's a nitpick, it's the easiest way to simultaneously refer to watching tv and reading a book and playing a video game etc etc, which makes sense if you're talking generally about hobbies and fiction. And I know this is the tumblr thread but I feel like you're aiming this at someone on another thread who used that phrase 3 minutes before your post.

No. 1849015

It's a she. I know who that person is, she used to be in the animash communities and other cartoon fandoms years back. She's one of those he/they TIFs who wants to be a TIM, and she sure passes as one with the pedophilia and beastiality shit.

No. 1849433

I'm not sure which post you're talking about but I brought it up here because it seems like it just randomly entered everyone's lexicons through Tumblr. I don't really think it's a nitpick though because It's so widespread and associated with this culture of binging and forgetting things. Like everyone watches the hot new show immediately then stops talking about it in favor of somethin newer. Picking it up and then throwing it away really is consuming it I guess. Same vein as calling everything you make "content", it's just weird and corporate to me.

No. 1849517

There are a couple of anons on here that think that everyone reads every comment of every thread, I wouldn’t pay any mind to it.

No. 1849522

It's an accurate term. Watching the same show over and over isn't any different from watching a variety of tv shows. Either way you're just sitting there watching. Not participating, not creating, not really doing anything. I think you're just bothered because calling it media consumption implies it's not a real hobby (it's not). BTW the term "media consumption" has been in use for decades. Tumblr didn't invent it.

No. 1849589

Nta but it is similar to "content creation" in terms of being so nonspecific it sounds like empty corporatespeak. Just say you played a game or watched a show. I have no clue where the term came from, but Tumblr did pick it up and run with it. Seems you're getting a little defensive if you're making up random stuff about other anons.

No. 1849620

The term is never used that way (ie, no one has ever said "I consumed media this weekend") in the first place. It's used when broadly describing the actions of groups of people. (eg, "One in four teens were mostly cell phone users, consuming a majority of their media with applications on their phone.")

I didn't make up anything about any anon either. She literally said she thinks watching a lot of different shows is "consuming" whereas she isn't a consumer because she just watches the same shit over and over kek

No. 1849838

File: 1705081807943.jpeg (39.42 KB, 1080x714, received_750881107075428.jpeg)

I never said I consider watching shows to be a "real" hobby and I also never said that I consider myself special or not a consoomer of media or whatever. I brought up the phrase in regards to people who watch lots of different and new things all the time because that's usually the kind of person who says they've been consuming media. Of course I know it's been used before but the current popularity and use of the term on Tumblr specifically is weird to me. For instance picrel just makes me roll my eyes. It's such a clinical yet quirky~ way to say you've been watching shows or reading books. This is also starting to become a really dumb conversation

No. 1849962

Just use the actual verbs: play, read, watch, etc. Consuming media is such a cynical way to refer to experiencing an art form

No. 1849972

Nta it's just an all-encapsulating word for watching/reading/listening to/playing media. There's no point in summing up that whole list of verbs every time you're refering to media in general instead of movies or music or books specifically. You're really thinking too deep about a word that sums it all up for convenience.

No. 1849987

I swear anyone that uses those mastodon websites are sus and or hiding something.
Just communities of freaks

No. 1850153

File: 1705093133930.png (119.12 KB, 1080x1102, Screenshot_20240112-145854~2.p…)

What a stupid retard
maybe because we're tired of the ugly,lazily made,cookie cutter,furry bait garbage we've been getting in the past 5 years or so.definitely homophobia!!! The victim complex is strong with this one.

No. 1850161

>not liking furry bait pokemon = homophobia
sometimes i wonder how these terminally online people function in real life

No. 1850166

tumblr users are pseudo intellectuals and are constantly seeking a high horse. There are conversations where media consumption is an appropriate term but most of the time when it's used on tumblr it's a way to prove you are smarter. "Sheeples consume anime without catching the pro imperialism undertones, unlike me who use art to explore humanity and human relations, which is why i wrote a poem about how eating dinner together is a love confession". It's just the "good taste gang" rebranded. Of course it's a good thing to be critical towards everything and of course it's good to use art and media to challenge yourself but tumblr users pick the weirdest battles and can't just admit that they like a multimedia franchise. They have to make up a claim that they are the only ones who gets it while everyone else are mindless consumers.
I also don't get why people will use the word consume to describe themselves when there are other words to use that sounds less cynical. "I have really been into stories about dolphins" "I stopped engaging with sci fi media because it bores me".
content creation sounds corporate to me because it lumps artists together with streamers

No. 1850179

LMAO that's so good

No. 1850294

They don't, that's why they are either NEETS or work as baristas at Starbucks, bonus points if they live off their parents money and ebegging.

No. 1850305

"Hating furries is homophobic" is such a funny take because 9 times out of 10 if someone complains about furries, it's because their community is full of porn addicts and autists with boundary issues. I don't play Pokemon anymore but aren't most of the token furry-bait Pokemon feminine? If anything it's pandering to straight males by giving them a Pokewaifu like Lopunny.

No. 1850370

File: 1705104298381.jpeg (100.58 KB, 828x849, IMG_2104.jpeg)


No. 1851345

finallyyy. one of the worst ideas theyve ever had is tumblr live

No. 1851449

File: 1705151644519.png (1.31 MB, 1284x4545, IMG_0306.png)

Why do they lie through their teeth?

No. 1851478

Will they stop saying that puberty blockers are safe? Do they take the name so literally that they think the body still produces the needed hormones but they're "blocked" until the treatment stops and then the secreted hormones that are back to doing their jobs? kek I'm sick of these people, puberty blockers don't block hormones that are already secreted by the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus or other organs, the hormones just stop being produced at all or are way less produced than they should be. God I wish these pieces of shit were born with a defective pituitary gland or hypothalamus or got severely injured enough to damage these organs soon so they'd suffer as much as they deserve for this shit. They make me want to a-log so bad sometimes.

No. 1851665

gender is fluid but also you are born like that and can't help it. Also is a social construction but at the same time if you don't change into the right gender you can't live.

Everything is so bullshit and self contradicting, how the hell did we get to this

No. 1851783

went to the blog of the person talking about their son out of curiosity and he would've been 10 or so thinking he was trans. fucked up

No. 1852450

normalize expressing scorn for furries

man i hate when they say puberty blockers are so safe and your body will catch up on its development when it stops taking them. isnt a popular blocker also used to chemically castrate prisoners? that should tell you enough.

also tumblr gendies shouldnt be allowed to have children.

No. 1855615

File: 1705335399679.png (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1080x1880, Screenshot_20240115-113324.png)

Scrolling through a random blog and see this, do they have no self awareness kek?

No. 1856119

When the meltdowns start, that's when you know the tide is beginning to turn against these dipshits. Puberty blockers are safe!!!! Source: my ass. It's hard to tell how much is the usual gendie bawwwing and how much is cope from retards who were chemically castrated for internet brownie points and kinda regret that decision. Chimping out about how your son trooned out for a year before accepting reality isn't helping the whole 'transgenderism is social contagion' thing either.
The way they sidestep the detrans thing is telling. It's an act of self-exploration, it's learning, it's life, investing in something you end up not wanting is normal… they're really setting themselves up for their own detransitions. TRAs and trannies are this close to admitting to themselves that 99% of gendies were memed into taking unsafe medication and/or undergoing irreversible surgery because of a misogynistic trend that gave them social media clout. The other 1% are pedos and sex pests who ask for pre-tit chop pics from minors on Reddit, but they haven't reached the level of mental gymnastics needed to admit that yet.

No. 1858651

The scorn for furries part is absolutely 100% correct in my case. I fucking hate furries and because of that, I fucking hate humanoid pokemon

No. 1861007

File: 1705657141721.jpg (449.93 KB, 1080x1821, 1000006222.jpg)

obviously op is a double retard who should've been aborted but i enjoy the tableau this post presents. the homestuck icon, the use of "masc" instead of "male", talking about porn with the cadence of a fandom elder…underpinning it all, the fact that op doesn't understand why the tarp is on the couch: because porn isn't a fantasy, it's real life, and in real life someone has to clean that couch. very postmodernism pilled. anime pantyshot on op's blog as well.

No. 1861019

classic tranny. there is nothing i can say about this that wasnt already said before.
i laughed at loud

No. 1861371

File: 1705697956575.png (259.24 KB, 561x593, accurate blog name.png)

If you feminism doesn't include asskissing men, you're not a feminist!!!!

No. 1861468

>man i hate when they say puberty blockers are so safe and your body will catch up on its development when it stops taking them. isnt a popular blocker also used to chemically castrate prisoners? that should tell you enough.
Yeah, puberty blockers are used to castrate sex offenders in prison and stunt brain growth in children. I've read testimonies from "transkids" that they had trouble mentally processing things in school because of it. Lupron was also tested as an attempt to cute autism, I wouldn't be surprised if the usage of them for "transkids" is a rebranding of that since most ROGD teens are autistic.

No. 1861743

the infestation of tumblr by misogynistic MTFs masquerading as leftists has made me realize that no matter how oppressed they are by their fellow males for their gender nonconformity, MTFs are ultimately still beneficiaries and supporters of male supremacy. i’m virtually certain that OP would throw this rape apologist rhetoric out of the window if a woman raped a man/“trans woman”

No. 1862212

the only people who refer to women with rape/sa trauma as "damaged goods" are men who see women as objects.

No. 1863922

File: 1705885507498.png (141.02 KB, 720x754, Screenshot_20240121-190200~2.p…)

New gendie term just dropped.

No. 1864825

File: 1705970985183.png (29.61 KB, 1176x242, bogleech.png)

No. 1864832

Perisex sounds like a bootleg Pyrex that you don't really know where it came from.
All I got from this is that mushrooms are less dangerous than men on average even if you are eating random mushroom you know nothing about

No. 1864854

>tumblrinas having children
Cursed as fuck. New level of problems society isn’t equipped to deal with

No. 1864896

They make being a normie sound like being a fucking outcast lmao. What a terminally online way of thinking.

No. 1864940

This is so rich coming from one of the loudest male SJWs who defended feminists during Gamergate. Of course he would backpedal when it suits him.

No. 1865017

Bogleech and his circle is full of gender specials, he loves proving terfs "wrong" with his clownfish biology, he's married to a fat TIF and used to have a DID bpdfag ftm roommate at some point.

No. 1866437

File: 1706119013435.png (539.03 KB, 504x1122, IMG_20240124_115334.png)

No. 1866442

File: 1706119245490.png (108.67 KB, 595x466, IMG_20240124_115511.png)

No. 1866444

wtf does this even mean? What makes a yellow lobster 'twansphobic'?

No. 1866447

there's a browser extension called shinigami eyes that shows transphobic users on tumblr by turning their name red, similar to how the "banana the lobster" is red and underlined. unsurprisingly, the creator of the extension is a rapist.

No. 1866450

wtf lmaooo Shinigami eyes was from Misa's character in Deathnote. How ironic. I feel like Light and Misa would kill men who would pretend to be women and attack others tbh.

No. 1866484

how does it know a user is transphobic? because of the language they use?

No. 1866491

You can mark users as twansphobic or trans-friendly by right clicking on their name. Not 100 percent sure but I think some mods have to approve it or something to prevent mass flagging. It's kind of dystopian actually

No. 1866493

It's based on user reports afaik. You can also use it maliciously.

No. 1866501

File: 1706122678679.jpg (23.1 KB, 357x403, mushrooms.JPG)

That analogy doesn't work though? Everyone knows you have to be extremely careful when picking mushrooms, since a lot of them are inedible or so poisonous they can kill you. Or well, you know what, that analogy works pretty well actually - not in the way the retard in the tumblr post meant though.

No. 1866503

File: 1706123067732.jpeg (441.06 KB, 828x1667, IMG_2211.jpeg)

looked it up and ut seems they rely on user reports. unsurprisingly any mention of feminsim/ women's rights equals transhobia, but the criteria for being labelled trans friendly are bonkers, it's not enough to be supportive of the lgbtiaqquekz++++ you have to specifically gobble their girldick 24/7

No. 1866534

Let me get this straight, in order to get your blog approved as trans-friendly you have to: 1) Prove you're not a gatekeeper by doing what? Do you have to make some statement like "hormones and surgeries for everyone who wants them!"? 2) Condemn not only physical violence but also, idk, the psychological violence of misgendering, and go around calling out all the "transphobes" on tumblr. 3) Ignore the LGB and focus only on the T because you can't support both. And I'm sure you're not allowed to post about feminism either without centering trans and saying how much worse they have it. I wonder what blogs shinigami eyes actually approved as righteous and trans friendly.

No. 1867148

File: 1706160421103.jpg (609.9 KB, 2880x2880, 20240125_012652.jpg)

It's exactly who you'd expect, TIMs who scream when they're not being centered and turbo-handmaidens like Sarah Z. It's not just for Tumblr blogs btw, Hitler is marked red on Wikipedia for example. But the Tumblr userbase is obsessed with the add-on and references it all the time like it's common knowledge. "The only Tumblr mobile update I want is Shinigami Eyes" is one I see a lot. Some users also take it upon themselves to TERFhunt, like picrel.

No. 1867646

oh my god they're such babies!

No. 1867648

File: 1706210865520.png (25.6 KB, 560x108, ff2d79a2-bb97-4dc0-93de-41dfef…)

If only there were psychological explanations for fearing intimacy.

No. 1867709

So apparently because I dont support kids transitioning, I'm a terf. well, fuck me for being a woman who only supports women. Tifs are just as huge babies as troons. I hate tifs just as much to be honest.

No. 1867755

It's literally low esteem, pornsickness, or a result of sexual trauma. I used to identify as this and it was the last part for me, but the asexual community is so against trauma recovery because it "invalidates" half of their identities.

No. 1870672

File: 1706499643111.jpeg (52.28 KB, 720x607, received_1346146810116927.jpeg)

>tranny marxist-leninist
>not alienated from the world's population

The preaching mixed with the go outside and get in touch with your community if you're a real intellectual crowd has been such an annoying thing. Grad school bloggers should have never been a template to social interaction.

No. 1879684

File: 1707250242163.jpeg (259.11 KB, 828x826, 7DC440F0-EE54-4355-92EC-CA0CCD…)


No. 1879686

Nah I just want to be thin.

No. 1879690

There's a difference between being beefcake/curvy and fat. No one wants to be fat because it's unhealthy and unsightly. They just remixed the everyone wants to be black but no one wants to be a nigga quote into something so retarded lol

No. 1879703

being obese isn't hot.

No. 1879729

File: 1707252974452.jpeg (198.16 KB, 828x1403, IMG_2343.jpeg)

yeah right the guys who commit mass atrocities on a galactic scale follow tumblr politics
the way tumblrfags treat their fave characters send me. they really treat them like teddy bears and take away their whole characterisation.
like why do you even like the emperor if you turn him into a softboi? the man's sole character trait is being evil

No. 1879734

Bring back the old definition of a dad bod, fit but just not a gym junkie. Men don't carry even a lil excess weight anywhere that could be considered a bonus

No. 1879739

If the TIF who wrote this spent 20+ minutes a day doing extremely light exercise with whatever body parts she can still move, and consumed vegetables twice a day, instead of projecting like this, she would be so much happier with her life.
So by their logic, we're the good guys? OK, I'll take that.

No. 1879742

File: 1707253450179.jpeg (146.46 KB, 828x1414, IMG_2342.jpeg)

lol ikr, if the evil space fascists hate my guts that means i must be doing something right

No. 1882983

File: 1707508455575.png (127.47 KB, 1076x1444, sad.PNG)

No. 1883044

Granted I was a child in the 00s so my peers didnt have this discussion but based on the movies and tv shows I saw and what I overhead older kids talk about, I get the impression that 20 years ago watching porn while dating was considered cheating. I wonder what cultural shift happened to make women okay with their boyfriends watching porn? I think it was around the early 10s I suddenly saw people defend this however the early 10s was also when I started watching more TV targeted men so it might not be a cultural thing and it might just be me being exposed to more moidness.
But to play the devil's advocate I can imagine the types of people who follows and votes on a blog call "spicypolls" already have pornbrainrot

No. 1883147

Porn was for losers who couldn't get laid back in the day. The early 10s was when libfems decided that women owning their sexuality without being shamed for it was empowering and cool, then fucked it up by promoting sex work as a viable and desirable career path.
It was cool to be a chill girl who didn't get insecure over her guy checking out other girls and supported her man when he befriended empowered women at the strip club. The narrative became 'Porn is hot, I'm one of the dudes, I'm also very bi and want attention.' Polyamory took off with insecure cool girls showing off their lack of standards.
When troonism and HAES started trending, Tumblr was full of women posting their 'artistic' nudes in defiance of beauty norms. You had endless free porn that wasn't porn akshually, so it was cool for moids to appreciate them because that meant the moids were sensitive feminists. Basically a long cycle of women cucking women until we'd cucked ourselves down to a point where this poll exists.

No. 1884086

File: 1707601857543.png (456.69 KB, 1056x1230, Skärmavbild 2024-02-10 kl. 22…)

I think they've overdosed on copium.

No. 1884168

Symptoms of depression are a 'win'? Is that how far they've fallen?

No. 1884244

the porn brainrot of this website. even in most 'sex positive' spaces paying for porn is a hard no. but what can you expect from a userbase where over half of them never had sex.

No. 1884369

imho a lot of these answers will be dishonest and people will have chosen them because they think it makes them look morally better than someone who'd have a problem with their partner paying for porn

No. 1885727

come on, are we really going to blame women for the normalization of porn? every single moid in existence now has unrestricted and easy access to all kinds of extreme and even illegal porn (and this since childhood). with or without the sexposi libfems, moids would still end up porn addicted retards because of that, and women would still need to find ways to cope with it. one of them is acting like "this is totally cool and absolutely not destroying my self confidence and love life!" before crying themselves to sleep. and of course moids' porn brainrot sips into everything (media, movies, etc) so young girls are led to think this is normal. don't get me wrong i'm not defending the women preaching for sex positivity, sex work and porn, they're part of the problem but definitely not the origin of the problem.

No. 1890100

File: 1708059475807.jpg (523.29 KB, 1080x1369, Screenshot_20240216_155738.jpg)

I was agreeing with the first post and then it got to the bottom where once again tumblrinas consider anything and everything bad TERF logic

No. 1890109

Funny, because that's introductory anti-TERF rhetoric - defend men and pressure women into lowering their guards around them instead of trusting their instincts. I wonder who this benefits, hmmmm.

No. 1890304

hair GREYINGGG? how do they see this happening to themselves and not take a deeper look at what they are doing to their body

No. 1891460

File: 1708178198980.png (93.75 KB, 1205x613, tumblr.png)

did tumblr change how dashboards works? I got shown this post on my desktop dashboard even though I do not follow the blog that reblogged this. Normally when I see posts from blogs I don't follow it usually says some variation of "based on your likes" next to the rebloggers username but here it is shown as I'm following the blog. Also the person who reblogged this post is a furry artist and I don't follow anything adjacent to furry stuff so I have no idea why tumblr thought I would be interested in this post/blog. I do occasionally lurk gender critical tags, which is probably why tumblr algorithm thought I wanted to see a post about ~twansmisogyny~ but I mostly use/lurk tags that arent related to trannies, and my suggested blogs and posts are also normally unrelated to trannies so I have no idea whats going on here. Has this happened to anyone else? the whole appeal of tumblr is that they dont force you to see crap you dont want. whats the point if they are just going to start putting posts on your dash that is unrelated to your own blog and the blogs of the ones you are following?

No. 1891467

First post is right because that's what led to spicy straights and to some extent shipping becoming so deranged when clearly what fangirls want to do is ship f/m

No. 1891565

File: 1708186392096.jpg (168.78 KB, 1080x1349, 1000014915.jpg)

How dramatic lmao.

No. 1891591

>actively dangerous
also saying they liked her better when she was 'milquetoast' is really telling

No. 1891616

>Thanks for asking!
>Hope this helps!
>Glad to be of help!
Worst tumblr trends

No. 1894546

I swear to fucking God if this Avewy tranny's meltdown over his blog being deleted gets tumblr nuked I will be furious.

No. 1894567

so many of them have this edgy cool guy tumblr persona but then have a stroke the minute someone sends an ask as "milquetoast" as this

No. 1894908

So how's everyone feeling about all of tumblr rallying behind that fugly autistic tranny who got termed for threatening the ceo with violence.

No. 1894915

it's made me realise how many troons and handmaidens i still follow. it's so annoying that these losers are neglecting to mention the threats of violence the suspended TiM(s) have made and the fact they think theyre speshul enough to get away with it because they pop a boner from wearing skirts and cat ears

No. 1894967

I very much hope that the CEO does not give in to the tranny mafia. Please stay based

No. 1894972

What happened? Are people really angry a random troon got his blog terminated when it happens to pretty much anybody?

No. 1894980

The whole fiasco has been pretty well documented in >>>/snow/1961046 but yeah, pretty much. Notably though, it seems pretty rare for tumblr mods to actually terminate a user

No. 1894983

They already rallied behind him last time he got banned. Not surprised at all. Expecting Tumblr users not to cape for a tranny to their dying breath no matter what he does is like expecting dogs not to bark. TIFs in particular are far more comfortable caping for trannies they don't actually have to speak to, so this is their chance to prove they're good and proper allies to the TIMs who guilt trip them every day for not kissing their asses enough. This is the tranny Superbowl, I've logged off for awhile until it blows over kek

No. 1894989

That's it??? Judging by all the posts they are acting as if the Tumblr CEO personally shot the troon, why do they care so much about this one guy when TIMs are pretty much factory made nowadays? Cry me a river, his blog was not the fucking library of Alexandria.

No. 1895083

File: 1708447440309.png (Spoiler Image, 887.03 KB, 1080x3500, 1000008625.png)

Spoilered just in case.

No. 1895098

Rapist manifesto

No. 1895101

File: 1708448151270.jpg (703.14 KB, 971x2106, Screenshot_20240220-165724.jpg)

KEK. I see way more posts by trans men and regular women on tumblr, but trans women created everything there, sure

No. 1895102

He is literally describing how much he likes raping women

No. 1895103

Yeah, the only thing trans “women” have contributed to tumblr is lesbian rape erotica. I’ll give you that much

No. 1895110

Ugh, sapphling is an obese TIF who is a huuuuge TIM chaser in a polycule, so I'm not shocked she'd post this. She's one of those "lesbians" who is exclusively obsessed with troon dick and calls herself a boytoy.

No. 1895520

'everything of value was built by TIMs' when Tumblr is THE fujoshi website and its culture was almost entirely made by nerdy girls. when they were catching strays for being SJW male-tears feminists in 2016, said TIMs were sitting on 4chan. extreme levels of handmaidenery and obviously it’s some self-hating 'tme'.

No. 1896510

File: 1708540396298.jpg (69.08 KB, 527x507, #Writing.jpg)

tumblr writing advice: giving characters kinks makes them more deep and complex and interesting, not like all those boring vanilla cishet normie npcs

No. 1896514

>needing to give characters a retarded kink to be able to think about what motivates them, what they desire, etc.
>almost 34K notes
god the future of media is bleak if budding writers think this is good advice

No. 1896578

>The content
Mm, yes you totally created superwholock yes.
I have literally never seen a MTF who I thought was a good, let alone passable artist.

Literally the only thing here that troons MIGHT have contributed to is music, and that's literally just because there were so many musician bronies making dubstep who trooned out, otherwise tumblr's entire site culture is female dominated and it's kind of disgusting that they're claiming it was all moids.

No. 1896710

Really weird, because the same post appeared on my dashboard 5 days ago too. When I refreshed the page it was gone

No. 1897780

File: 1708628016110.jpg (88.94 KB, 1080x685, 1000015038.jpg)

I hope this dude is next on the chopping block, I'm sick of seeing his retarded takes.

No. 1897788

and yet you’re still here

No. 1897790

Wait, what's the CEO do?

No. 1897868

Lurk more. This has been discussed here and in /snow/ mtf thread already

No. 1897873

this nasty troon shouldnt be allowed to use my daughter mafalda as his pfp

No. 1898430

The troon kept lying on twitter that he was banned from tumblr for posting selfies so tumblr's CEO called him out and made a long list of all the troon's tumblr account names which are all gross and related to his fetishes.

No. 1898642

File: 1708693271986.jpg (476.59 KB, 1080x2946, 1000015062.jpg)

Troon on troon violence will never not be funny (and ofc still zero mention of the TIF who got beat up to death).

No. 1898825

A Hogwarts house is not something people base (or should base) their entire identity on anyways. It's just a fun thing. But when you're trans, of course you gotta base your entire identity around everything you do, so how could she answer the question unless making it a part of herself, right? You can't eat, you have to be an eater. You can't sleep, you have to be a sleeper.

No. 1899243

i hate the trannies who spam the radfem-adjacent tags. that is all

No. 1899927

File: 1708788999006.png (529.54 KB, 1200x693, fat and bald.png)

No. 1899934

when will people realize, that your admiration of a character isn't attraction.

No. 1900013

god i hate retarded tifs so much it’s insane

No. 1900129

How dare you not feel attracted to bald, fat old men!

No. 1900992

File: 1708860654681.jpg (849.08 KB, 971x2607, Screenshot_20240225-112852.jpg)


No. 1900995

File: 1708860966339.jpg (820.51 KB, 971x2583, Screenshot_20240225-112910.jpg)


No. 1900997

File: 1708861284723.jpg (484.14 KB, 1080x1636, Screenshot_20240225-112929.jpg)


No. 1900999

File: 1708861532981.png (658.31 KB, 651x641, Screen Shot 2024-02-25 at 6.47…)

This whole post is pathetic.

No. 1901026

>I cannot even begin to express how vile your comment is
kek literally go to reddit or 4chan or any male-dominated internet space and read a thread where they discuss a woman's appearance it will be more vile than "smells like aged cheese". I don't get how women still can be "men need positivity too" in this day and age where we have easy access to males' true feelings towards women

No. 1901033

all of the commenters are he/they/it tifs who think they're males themselves so they need to be 'supportive' and combat misandry, fatphobia or whatever else. shame that any guy that looks like tony soprano would be much more cruel to them than this girl is to bald fatsos kek. and some of them probably look like obese failmales too.

No. 1901039

kek, im used to them always defending fatties but getting offended on behalf of bald people is new

No. 1901042

Men literally have it on easy mode

No. 1901110

only a male could be this fat ugly balding and hideous and still have hundreds of mentally ill women caping for him and pretending they're attracted to him under the guise of battling muh fatphobia/baldphobia/troonphobia. when will they learn that no man will ever return the favor. ever. the world won't end because women are rightfully dissing a fugly ass scrote.

No. 1902255

File: 1708944128271.png (252.08 KB, 535x1120, IMG_20240226_044003.png)

Furries are now the newest addition of most oppressed people added into LGBTQA+f

No. 1902260

The majority of furries are zoophiles by definition, why do they cope so hard?

No. 1902317

I know plenty of 'queer' people who think furries are disgusting. Nobody like smelly people who walk around in bodyfluid soaked animal costumes.

No. 1902416

>whether they accept queers
Holy shit we really came full circle. I'm Gen Z and would still never refer to gay people as "queers", I hate this trend of calling everything queer. It's a slur and it's also meaningless. How do these people unironically talk like this and not cringe? Are we going back to calling black people Darkies in 2024 as a term of endearment?

No. 1902449

File: 1708957328413.jpg (873.53 KB, 928x1000, tuftedtit2-2777688916.jpg)

This morning, I got up, sat my ass in front of the computer, clicked on my LC icon and started scrolling. Within a few moments I encountered this post. And it made me so mad, so filled with the certainly that we're doomed from the retardation of others, that I reached a moment of clarity where I realized that real people aren't like this. And I got up and went bird watching in the park. Thank you nona, you posted something so egregious and disconnected from the world that it made me go touch grass and my mental health is better for it.

No. 1908836

File: 1709371062026.jpeg (117.58 KB, 750x508, IMG_6969.jpeg)

>prettier than me
Truly handmaidens are projecting since they’re the ones always saying how ‘beautiful’ twans women are.

No. 1908849

Are they just gonna ignore that conservative furries exist or…
Also rainfurrest alone is a good reason to sum up why people don’t like furries.

No. 1908854

Yeah being violently misogynistic will definitely show the terfs who's boss.

No. 1908928

File: 1709373666194.png (Spoiler Image, 889.5 KB, 1024x576, tumblr_813ae0cd19a910bc238530b…)

I don't think I'm really saying anything new that hasn't been said on this site before, but one of the handmaiden arguments I hate the most (that I unfortunately used to fall for in my tumblr phase) is that TERFs think all women are weaklings and equating that to inferiority which is why TIMs should be let into women's sports, when they are simply acknowledging that men and women have immutable biological differences that allow men to be physically stronger than women on average.
These people do not live in reality and/or have been brainwashed into thinking that observing any differences at all between men and woman is sexist and anti-trans. They don't get that women do not want to see a hulking, perverted man in a dress larping taking up awards and spaces meant for women, and twist it as "TERFs don't want men in women's competitions because they think it's unfair as the woman will lose because she is of the inherently weaker, dumber sex". The consequences of being told to "unlearn your biases" and that "formerly shitty and sexist men were just sexist because they were kawaii little twans gorls all along with internalized misogyny in their real womanly hearts" and that you would be a violent nazi killing transwomen in the streets with your thoughts and words otherwise.
Spoiler for ugly trannies. (Throwback to the first MTF thread)

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