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File: 1681844919728.jpg (7.37 KB, 303x167, download.jpg)

No. 1553417

Previous Thread- >>>/ot/1553394

No. 1553419

NO do we have to see that pic for like two weeks

No. 1553420

File: 1681845018697.jpeg (79.9 KB, 472x825, DEBF415F-E33B-461A-AF47-D54752…)

Shrek is love shrek is life

No. 1553421

schizoanon should be allowed to have her own thread

you can hide it

No. 1553423

Yep. I used to hang around a lot of spaces that had male transphobes, Kiwifarms being one. Conservatives don't all hate troons, they will she/her a troon if
>they are one of the good ones
> "Put in effort"
It's like some scrotes think people misgender troons to punish them, when no, it's because PEOPLE DO NOT BELIEVE THEY ARE WHAT THEY SAY THEY ARE. Someone isn't calling Blaire White a "he" because he's annoying, but because he's a man. Scrotes treat pronouns like something troons can earn. They treat womanhood like it's something the right troon can "Earn". They never do this with tifs.
It's all based on attraction.
Also, a lot of them hate TERFs anyway. Go to the "pooner" thread on kiwifarms, they were claiming Josh was a "Feminist" because he's softer on TIFS (he claims they are all raped women), they talk shit about TERFS and do not like women at all.
There's so many conserative scrotes who truly don't understand it, I keep saying if 90% of MTF's passed, then Scrotes would be fighting agaisnt us. They'd only have a issue with the really ugly ones. They'd be claiming we are all jealous, that a man can get on hormones and "do woman better". They'd be shilling attractive troons to shit on us.
It's only becuase most are ugly and crazy
(reposting in new thread because old one is locked or about to be)

No. 1553424

I'm sorry but hell no. I regret posting about her. She's sad but absolutely NOT cow material. Please do not turn her into a cow.

No. 1553425

Why’d they chadify shrek

No. 1553429

I made a tinder account but I can't see who 'liked' me unless I pay fuck off I want to see who swiped kek

No. 1553437

She's not a cow, i just wanna feed her her pills
It's fascinating to me how when the mind breaks it always breaks in the same way. All skitzos type alike. No matter who they were and what they were like before.

No. 1553438

Male transphobes are the main demography of trans prostitute clients and you can't convince me otherwise.

No. 1553439

Don't bring attention to her, just ignore her.

No. 1553441

k, ur right, sorry

No. 1553442

at first i was kind of upset that my bitch ass, bucktoof donkey faced professor wants to play favorites…but then i realized the girl she is sucking up to is in my group. i'm doing all the work in the group on the outline and presentation (because of course i am), but i am going to see if i can use this to my advantage to get a better grade. but how? hmmmm.

No. 1553443

I hate it too, hope it fills up fast.

No. 1553444

The members of the group are graded individually?

No. 1553445

Retardedly attractive pet supply shop cashier made me spill my spaghetti for like a solid five seconds and it was very embarrassing. He had a really nice voice too

No. 1553446

File: 1681846416865.gif (6.22 MB, 498x498, 7a0cdcb657b299ea1ef491250138e4…)

Aren't you perhaps…ogre-reacting?

No. 1553447

from what she said, no. we will only get dinged points if we talk too much. but we are judged all together so that is why i am trying to figure out how i can work this to benefit me because this woman is really blatant with her favoritism. it's gotten really, really bad since the girl revealed her dad works in hollywood - she doesn't even hide it anymore. i talked about it a little bit last thread, but she literally gives this girl every fucking point for just breathing. then i try to answer questions and she never gives me anything for participating or deliberately overlooks me. i don't even know what i did to piss her off but she's gonna get it come course evals.

No. 1553451

File: 1681846582959.png (19.34 KB, 300x246, shrek_PNG26.png)

Look at this handsome ogre

No. 1553454

I love it I love it I love it

No. 1553455

File: 1681846761716.jpg (85.96 KB, 794x445, DrVzk2RXcAAn3gZ.jpg)

love is real

No. 1553458

samefagging to add, when i say she will ding us for talking too much, what she said during the briefing on this project was that she will only dock points from an individual if one person goes over the 3 minute sweet spot she wants us to follow. but knowing her, she will say i spoke too much, even if my section was only 1 1/2 minutes timed, since she's been super critical of every fucking thing i've done this entire semester. i know she won't bitch if the babble princess talks, so i am thinking i may just let them all go before me and then i will wrap everything up. i swear if this girl spit on her she would tell her thank you for doing so, it's pathetic and weird how desperate our professor is to get attention from her father. we met him once and it's dripping from her pores.

No. 1553462

File: 1681847154702.png (158.91 KB, 954x532, Capture.PNG)

Thread Creator Here
I was literally suffering from the coffee shakes and a belly ache, I quickly looked around my room to think of something to use as the thread pic. I have Sims 4 open and I'm watching Shrek, so thats what I did. My bad

No. 1553467

It's ok anon, I thought the threadpic was funny kek. Anons are being dramatic about it

No. 1553468

No, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Don't listen to them. You did good anon, you did amazing

No. 1553474

File: 1681847426233.jpg (10.52 KB, 249x249, 4f9ef3b959f7b05e7523461c1a2c9f…)

>Shrek edition

No. 1553476

Long awaited, much anticipated, most likely to succeed

No. 1553480

File: 1681847535811.png (84.99 KB, 860x900, 4-45661_shrek-png-transparent-…)

Don't be ashamed of it, it's just the no-fun committee complaining

No. 1553481

This backstory makes it acceptable.

No. 1553482

I dislike it because I hate fat bald men, it's triggering me.

No. 1553484

Hide the image nona, I believe in you!

No. 1553487

File: 1681847853610.jpg (4.46 KB, 277x182, shrek.jpg)

You…you don't really mean that anon.. Do you?

No. 1553490

>thread theme

No. 1553509

File: 1681849652518.jpg (19.86 KB, 300x300, art-1470_kendrick-lamar-damn-c…)

I was listening to DAMN, and I hope Kendrick Lamar releases another album soon. It's been so long.

No. 1553515

File: 1681850142866.jpeg (268.68 KB, 1788x1578, 4DDE4537-4258-4C66-8B59-2ECAA4…)

we need more fanart of anime girls hating moids

No. 1553516

Didn't he release one just last year?

No. 1553518

Hide the image or go outside nonny

No. 1553525

im so fucking sorry to everyone who's ever been in the same room as me when one of my celeb crushes show up on the tv. im literally incapable of acting normal.

No. 1553526

The amount of times I've rewatched twilight is giving me brain damage.

No. 1553528

I think that's really cute tbh

No. 1553534

Kek same I always pretend I don't know who mine is and won't even look at the screen. Sometimes my face starts getting warm whenever he looks directly into the camera.

No. 1553542

I just came back from walking my dog.

No. 1553543

File: 1681853741021.png (Spoiler Image,3.05 MB, 2560x3840, 00005-saint-laurent-spring-202…)

I hate how skinny (well, not necessarily skinny but just less curvaceous) women can wear something that shows a lot of skin and it won't be as scandalous as if a woman who has a bigger breasts or butt wears something with a lot of skin.

Like if a woman with a bigger ass and boobs wore something like picrel she would be called a tacky slut, but on a woman like this it's seen as less sexual.

No. 1553548

i never said she's a cow. i said she should be allowed to have her own thread, as in for herself to post in

No. 1553554

I know nonnas giving you support but the fact you had to announce why you made the thread image shrek, and your backstory about a belly ache just makes me shake my head. Okay, you could have just shit the toilet instead of making the thread, wait until you're done with the aches. Doesn't excuse the thread picture being small.

No. 1553559

I know nonnas giving you support but the fact you had to announce why you made the thread image shrek, and your backstory about a belly ache just makes me shake my head. Okay, you could have just shit the toilet instead of making the thread, wait until you're done with the aches. Doesn't excuse the thread picture being small.

No. 1553565

it's not that serious, I saw some nonas complaining and I gave a reason. It's just a thread picture not a rocket test

No. 1553569

I can relate to all of these. It's weird, I can definitely recall some unpleasant moments from my childhood, and there was certain neglect going on but my parents aren't classicaly abusive so it's still hard for me to think that I might have childhood trauma even though it seems very likely.

No. 1553570

it's just an image of an ogre on a mongolian basket weaving forum, it's not that complicated. Just avert your eyes if you hate shrek so much and move on. it's literally not that serious.

No. 1553574

Just… why mention the belly ache

No. 1553578

to add some context. My stomach was hurting, I was anixious, I wanted to see the thread continue because I posted somethign right before it was about to be dead. Why can't i simply give some context? some flavor if you will to why I chose the way I did?
My point was normally would I think
>Shrek + Sims 4?
nope but under distress I did. It's not that serious

No. 1553581

Maybe you should fix your brain and your stomach, because why aren't you thinking of Shrek all the time?

No. 1553583

When it comes to green men, I'm more of a super mutant kind of girl, lord they are so fucking hot.

No. 1553584

File: 1681857039198.png (202.32 KB, 860x940, 184-1845095_shrek-face-png-shr…)

Why are anons so fired up about a green ogre, learn to /calm/ down and love the shrek

No. 1553586

Ever play Fallout2?

No. 1553590

i came in this thread randomly and never in my life would have i thought i'd meet antoher nonna who played Fallout 2
I love you

No. 1553604

File: 1681858681365.gif (771.15 KB, 220x166, mario-luigi.gif)

my calves are so fucking ginourmous and huge and just pure muscle. They're so fucking weird. How do I make them smaller wtf? I am already on a weight loss path, but still. I've never really thought about or noticed it till recently. the lower half of my legs are so fucking muscular. The upper half is fat and muscle, but my calves just feel like muscle especially when I flex them. Idk

No. 1553607

I didn't see the first 10 minutes of Shrek until like 5 years ago. When I was a kid we used to order ppv movies from our satellite dish and record it on VHS. I must have been at a friend's or something and whoever recorded the movie fucked it up and didn't get the first bit.

No. 1553651

When I was young I learned to stop outwardly caring about stuff my (terrible) mother would try to talk to me about, and now I am incapable of faking interest in the things people are talking about or showing me if I don't particularly care about it. I feel really bad because it's usually people I love a lot and I don't want them to think I don't like talking to them. It's just that if I'm not interested then idk what to say.

No. 1553665

Thank u smashmouth, you never fail to bring the aprty mood up in karaoke. Everyone sings this song, it's like a group wolf howl. Ya gotta.

No. 1553673

File: 1681865787747.jpg (12.6 KB, 474x266, ashley_my_beloved.jpg)

I'm simping so hard over her. She's perfect. I wish I could be her Leonette.

No. 1553681

File: 1681866460587.gif (3.33 MB, 640x426, 9A82F4CF-1F42-427B-A69F-49D303…)

Can we switch calves. I love muscular calves and I have negative triple atrophied coffee stirrer flossy calves.

No. 1553696

I want a wife to argue over something stupid with, then we laugh about it, and then we have sex, then laugh some more in bed.

No. 1553726

Same, want to marry anonna?

No. 1553730

File: 1681872377392.jpeg (120.32 KB, 1255x1000, ringpop.jpeg)

Please accept this ring.

No. 1553734

File: 1681872947080.jpeg (139.22 KB, 750x1050, 34142A43-2348-4EF2-8A03-3D3F6F…)

Social media scoliosis

No. 1553740

File: 1681874135462.jpg (43.63 KB, 1024x703, 20230409_233624.jpg)

Nothing to see here

No. 1553745

File: 1681874389344.jpeg (36.73 KB, 731x735, 96D078D5-7510-4133-9B1E-ED57A4…)

make my forehead and temples stop hurting

No. 1553746

It's hard for me to understand women who do shit like this. Like why

No. 1553752

i keep thinking about how a "friend" of mine literally cut me off yesterday as i was in the middle of a conversation to go talk to someone else. it made me feel kind of shitty/stupid. she did say something to me that gave me some perspective on an issue i've had for a while, but at the same time…she just literally walked away from me to go talk to this other girl and didn't even have the courtesy to say oh, she needs help or whatever, sorry to cut you off. maybe i am not owed that but at the same time it made me feel like i'm not important to her or whatever, and in a way i don't think i am. i am beginning to realize that i'm not really built for friendship at all. i'm so honest and retarded in my sincerity that i forget people have ulterior motives or that people can be your frenemies without knowing it. i still have this stupid, childlike innocence where i believe that my goofiness and humor are some of my best traits, but now i am beginning to suspect people see me as some kind of fool. and it's all from growing up in a small town in a sheltered home where i was raised to be a good person by default. or maybe i am just really fucking stupid and naive. that's all well and good but then in the real world people are messy and shitty and i hate having to wonder, does this person look down on me or not? are they really my friends or do they just see me as some kind of freak? i think the next time i see her i am going to do the same thing she did to me and just keep walking. i deserve better.

No. 1553768

To be taken advantage of by a random pornsick moron.

No. 1553771

Am I the only one that's noticed that a lot of Asian guys have crazy hairlines? Crazy like bad.

No. 1553780

No but I've seen a lot of boring ass white scandinavian and british men with this.

No. 1553799

File: 1681883793395.png (110.5 KB, 498x537, 2manhorse.PNG)

nonnies help, I discovered dark brown sugar tastes so good in coffee that I cannot stop drinking it all day and night and now I fear my heart may explode

No. 1553808

Its been a few days and something I ordered still hasnt emailed me an update what the fuck I just want to know if it shipped

No. 1553809

Well, you could always put it in some decaf!

No. 1553814

File: 1681887811000.jpg (41.58 KB, 540x402, 1578092364451.jpg)

I'm manic real bad right now and I'm putting together an outfit in ms paint
I always do this when I'm manic, last time is was lolita fashion, this time it's some new flavor of tardcore
I really hope I don't actually wear it this time, but I'm probably gonna

No. 1553819

My shrekfest fit

No. 1553820

post it when ur done pls

No. 1553821

File: 1681889377106.png (Spoiler Image,581.06 KB, 765x722, tardcore.png)

thank you for giving me an excuse to
it is not good

No. 1553822

i mean no offense but this outfit screams autism larp, like this is the kind of stuff people who larp autism wears

No. 1553825

File: 1681889770757.jpg (72.6 KB, 666x728, 5af.jpg)

so you're saying I may seem less retarded by dressing more retarded
interesting, interesting

No. 1553833

I'm telling you to not wear the outfit

No. 1553834

it's a joke, nona

No. 1553838

I feel very attacked rn i don't dress THIS retarded but some elements are similar now I'm scared like have i been serving ~autism but 4 clout~? add that to being scared of looking like a genderqueer Themby degenerate Im spiraling and need a makeover asap

No. 1553840

well the thing about it is that normies will always be able to smell the autism radiating off of us, there's not even any point in trying to look normal anyway since the second I open my mouth I apparently start speaking fucking gibberish based on how everyone looks at me

No. 1553858

Ah yes, at least they are warned by my astonishingly autistic fashion choices and can choose wether or not to interact. Based

No. 1553859

File: 1681895853861.jpeg (54.2 KB, 602x602, main-qimg-b3a83c2df998c26613b1…)

What is a fandom that you enjoy but you're too scared to show because of others judging you or gets associated with children?

No. 1553866

a dress ive been looking for 3 years showed up and its in my size of xs-s when all i could find previously were l-xl. its really reasonably priced but the shipping is another $20 due to coming from Australia fuck fuck fuck im really considering buying it tomorrow

No. 1553880

File: 1681899549994.gif (798.85 KB, 500x281, taringa.gif)

is it me or has anons on here started to use reddit spacing

No. 1553883

File: 1681899756854.jpg (32.32 KB, 550x465, 13e14178908149dd822d32c24d1d45…)

I had a really weird dream where my boyfriend confessed he was still in love with his ex and had cheated on me, so I spent most of the dream sobbing while my mother hugged me while there was a party in my house, and I cried so hard that my eye popped out when I went to take my contact lenses off.
There was also horses that were going wild, dogs that barked when you got near them and some random dude in a suicidal tendencies cap that I gave a kiss to. Haven't had such a bizarre dream in a long, long time.

No. 1553884

I mentioned this in another thread as well, lolcow is being advertised on tiktok and twitter as a femcel or female only space for edgy mentally ill girls, we have a lot of newfags because of that and they're the ones that use reddit spacing.

No. 1553885

I get that reddit spacing is a dead give away to know that a person is a newfag who doesn't want to integrate but my unpopular opinion is that sometimes I think it's useful. Specially when people write long ass posts with a billion paragraphs, having some sort of divider helps me read their posts a little bit easier kek

No. 1553887

Yeah it's useful when autists sperg but it'd be even more useful if they stopped writing autistic walls of texts no one's gonna read and just made shorter posts. Most of the longer posts are very obviously repetitive and incoherent.

No. 1553888

File: 1681900605072.jpg (222.91 KB, 1024x768, cow.jpg)

i used to have a book full of these, i love them sm

No. 1553889

>it'd be even more useful if they stopped being autists
would if I could, baby

No. 1553896

I welcome new users but we need to dogpile obvious newfaggotry like reddit spacing. That way people learn how to integrate

No. 1553931

My breasts are suddenly growing little fine hairs all over and I don't understand why this is happening to me. It's making it looks like I have dark pores all over my boobs. I want my old titties back.

No. 1553935

When I was a kid some of my family lived in a bunch of countries (moved) and we visited them. Sucks I couldn't appreciate it as a 6 year old, those countries would be so cool to visit now but I don't have the time or money.

No. 1553949

Ambulance staff unlocked my phone to call my family because of a medical emergency. Imagine if I had left it open on lolcow. I haven't been browsing lc much lately so it wasn't BUT IT COULD HAVE BEEN

No. 1553951

i read them. sometimes short posts are boring.

No. 1553957

Omg I still have a similar book somewhere, it was some medieval-fantasy story illustrated with regular and stereo pictures, and those pictures were ~spooky~, with skulls, skeleton warriors and so on, I want to find it now

No. 1553985

I've accidentally opened my phone to lolcor for a split second infront of a group of zoomer males chatting and they thought it was a 4chan blue board and started saying "based" enough that it reminded me of the seagulls from finding nemo

No. 1553992

This is why I use the keekweek theme in public.

No. 1553998

i dont know why but saying based out loud in public because you saw someone use 4chan seems like reddit behavior. I hate when channers act like 4chan is some obscure website when its the most famous imageboard

No. 1554034

How is that any less embarrassing than “I like your shoelaces”

No. 1554052

My boyfriend does the first one kek
it doesn’t work btw, but I don’t have the heart to tell him

No. 1554058

Someone took a candid pic of me yesterday and I'm kind of sloppy looking kek. Bit fat and my waist has disappeared, I'm a rectangle. I'm too used to looking in the mirror and seeing my head and shoulders, or twisting my body into a flattering pose if I'm looking at my outfit. I wouldn't say I was FAT fat but actually there's no woman I know personally that's fatter than me in this country. I'm bigger than all my coworkers. All my friends.
Something that struck me is that whenever I'm talking about how incompetent men are or if i'm being a bitch, it's coming from THAT pudgy body. Where do I get the confidence? I also seem to think I'm about a foot taller than I actually am. Delusional but I suppose it's better than low self esteem.

No. 1554072

File: 1681919871840.jpeg (33.43 KB, 640x360, 29E69D7C-4D11-484B-B0F5-43067C…)

Nonnie I had a very similar dream my boyfie and I were on a long road trip and we had some small argument and I said so should we break up?? And he was like yeah and seemed really chipper and telling me all these things about how he will be fine and happy without me while I tried not to cry. We got there and it was a massive birthday party for me in a weird lighthouse on a cliff and everyone kept trying to force me to eat cake while I was sobbing and trying not to kms meanwhile boyfie was living his best life. Then I got a motorcycle as a present and he says dang I chose the wrong time to breakup and laughed like crazy

No. 1554089

File: 1681921019038.gif (342.03 KB, 320x184, didnttastelikeanythingbcinever…)

I dreamed I rolled a newspaper up like a burrito and ate it.

No. 1554095

my roommates in freshman year did that. i thought it strange considering my first conversation with on of them was about diarrheia.
now she's my best friend and we facetime while shitting.

No. 1554096

just because you're chubby doesn't mean you don't deserve any confidence, shit on dumb men in peace queen

No. 1554100

File: 1681921667657.png (742.81 KB, 1317x1921, Screenshot_20230419-112658.png)

I like your brain A LOT!

No. 1554105

You weight doesn't dismiss you from being able to make that arguement, especially if you feel like your points are invalid because you don't fit the fictional beauty standard that men usually ignore when dating. I swear men who bully fat women are only doing it because they are easy targets and to fuel their fantasy that there are women desperate for them but they keep turning them down.

No. 1554107

Nonni tf a lil mystery is a good thing

No. 1554110

File: 1681922761048.jpg (63.53 KB, 1028x1028, 77.jpg)

but you turn down the sound if one of you farts or plops right? yes?

No. 1554117

You know what's stupid and annoying. Acting different via text like it's this separate platform to life. It's a little different so I'm different via text. Like. There's a miscommunication or disagreement and it leads to a weird stalemate but if it happened in person you'd easily get over it and move on. It would be a complete non issue. Like I don't agonise over a fucking text it's like bish bash bosh send who the fuck cares

No. 1554129

Men get jealous when their pet companion ends up liking the girlfriend more because the girlfriend likes the animal because it doesn't play weird mind games and you can easily see and measure progress whereas the moid most likely takes you and the pet for granted.

No. 1554150

wtf just got permabanned from kpop ib
time to find a grown up hobby i guess, or post more on lc

No. 1554219

My little pony

No. 1554243

all of them

if you've ever been a stan of anything or any celebrity you'd get sick of them eventually

No. 1554249

File: 1681929885589.jpg (61.89 KB, 500x500, artworks-M07yGB1uP193xqez-YTLz…)

Can I horny post in here??? His hairline is tragic but I want him to give me oral

No. 1554250

File: 1681929922048.gif (1.97 MB, 268x268, 1560863817920.gif)

Something that fucks me up a little is that one friend of mine is just one year older than me, has PCOS, and we met in uni years ago and the first times we saw each other I was feeling some kind of deja vu for some reason. Turns out that she used to be hospitalized in the same pediatric hospital where I used to go fairly often, and we were both going to the endocrinologist service around the same period of time before the hospital shut down and got destroyed. Now I'm seriously wondering if we didn't already meet there before when we were kids.

No. 1554251

File: 1681929931350.png (348.8 KB, 1080x1025, markup_1000037254.png)

I cant stop looking at this video of him humping the floor

No. 1554255

girl ew. he looks like a rat.

No. 1554259

Who knows anon, I became friends with a new classmate in a second grade and after two years we noticed a photo in corridor with us and few other kids together in kindergarten years, turned out we were in the same group briefly and had shared memories, because she occupied my locker while I was sick back then and she had the same exact slippers, and we actually hanged out then too but somehow completely forgot each other's faces, names, everything. Really bizarre, and a lot less time went by between kindergarten and 2nd grade than your childhood and uni years, so it's very possible you've met before and just forgot.

No. 1554263

Tiktok keeps putting videos of rescue kittens with health issues, I wish it would stop but because I'm a masochist, it won't because I check their profiles for updates. There was this one kitten born without a butthole and the day before her surgery to fix it, she ended up dying. I cried SO hard the other day when I learnt what had happened.
Now I just saw a video of a kitten with really high levels of glucose in his blood, so of course I go check the op's profile to see how the baby is doing and apparently he died.
I can't handle animal suffering/deaths in general, but when it comes to cats, it hits extra hard.

No. 1554267

Wow, I came on here to post about a special needs cat who has to wear a helmet, but my question was more why do they put so much effort in keeping those ones alive? I'm not an umpathetic person but I'm missing the point with these cats that require constant supervision and probably cost the same as raising a human child with all the meds/surgerries.

No. 1554271

I legit zoned out hard fucking core and ran a red light I HAD STOPPED AT. I was like in a fugue state what the FUCK was that. I'm scared nonnies. What the fuck. I think satan took the wheel that time.

No. 1554277

ayrt, I'm on the same boat. When it's clear the cat is in lots of pain and will most likely die I don't see the point in keeping the poor thing suffering. I guess the constant "omg you're such a nice person for saving this kitty!!!" comments from people and the donations feel better than to do the right thing and let the cat just rest.
Even with cats CH, I've seen videos with cases so severe that I don't care they're not in pain, it just seems like an unethical thing to keep that poor cat alive when they can't jump to bed or run without bumping into furniture and hurt themselves.
Prolonging an animal's (and humans as well) suffering for no reason is so inmoral to me.

No. 1554284

I live alone and woke up at 5am because I swore I heard someone in my house whistle. I told myself I was just dreaming or something. Started to go back to sleep.. The 'whistle' was my own blocked nose.

No. 1554295

I want pussy

No. 1554321

File: 1681934318014.jpeg (24.34 KB, 474x266, 13A9E525-EA93-4D20-AC48-5D0AE6…)

Male touhou

No. 1554324

File: 1681934720107.jpg (146.14 KB, 1500x1500, 71Kb-Q42Z L.jpg)

I cut myself and couldn't find a bandaid so I made a makeshift one from toilet tissue and a nail form

No. 1554331

Looks like Ali g vaguely

No. 1554333

Men are winning because women's standards are tragically low. Either that or this is a moid's psyop and you just wish any one of us would fuck that thing.

No. 1554336

I do hate men a lot more when I'm on my period but it doesn't make me any less right. I just really want to murder some porn addicted shrimp dick right now (any man with a dick under 7 inches).
I believe its a mans job to worship one woman, devote his life to pleasing her, and let her cheat as much and as often as she likes. Men love being cucked and abused.

No. 1554337

File: 1681935300502.jpg (49.05 KB, 894x891, tardhands.jpg)

I had to buy a finger splint today because one of my knuckles is split open (not that bad but it needs time) and I'm losing my mind trying to get band aids to stay on a part of my finger that bends all the time.

No. 1554354

is it just me or is this ferris wheel song kind of.. sexy

No. 1554428

Cops love to walk up to you while you're stopped like "Is everything alright?". I have your number big dog, if I wanted your help I would've called.

No. 1554430

It's an early summerfag season this year. Brace yourselves.

No. 1554431

File: 1681942561817.png (1.86 KB, 571x523, drawing.png)

Samefag, and then they always have this stance

No. 1554452

oh boo-hoo, cops are trying to keep you safe. what evil demons right? how insane and cruel. communists make me sick

No. 1554454

Oh definitely, they're tooootally just keeping me "safe". Right, I believe you anon. Sorry a little joke made you upset.

No. 1554456

File: 1681943920568.png (26.73 KB, 891x653, Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 15-38…)

gtp just killed lolcow

No. 1554461

How is it so accurate. Literally not a thing incorrect except that out front page has blank spaces for images

No. 1554464

No, we do not kek
But at least I'm not imageblind like you, bot
Nya nya

No. 1554465

ha ha stupid bot can't see pictures

No. 1554466

File: 1681944357446.png (21.6 KB, 891x344, Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 15-46…)


No. 1554468

Ask it what it thinks about/2X/

No. 1554469

File: 1681944632348.png (3.39 KB, 559x152, Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 15-50…)

No. 1554477

I'm waiting for someone to make an Elsie character.ai

No. 1554478

File: 1681945749765.jpeg (10.12 KB, 298x247, E3044329-1735-433E-A4E4-78A3AB…)

>tfw you’re walking past the house you always make fun of with the republican signs in their yard, the son of the boomers who live there comes out shirtless and he’s fit Hottie McChad with great hair and smile

No. 1554485

File: 1681946471555.jpg (20.83 KB, 640x319, 2a809034d23ee545.jpg)

I want to keep posting but I have nothing else to talk about anymore other than my husbando, and I already talked about him enough times in the appropriate threads that I'm scared of annoying everyone. Nobody else even cares about him except for me lol. Even all my other activities are slightly related to him in some way, it's pathetic.

No. 1554487

Honestly, I'm the same way as you, nonnie. I only care about one or two characters, and I care about them an autistic level. Honestly, all I can say is I don't mind seeing people sperg on about their faves. I know it definitely feels weird, but you just gotta do what makes you happy. If anyone has a problem with it, oh well. Easier said than done though, kek.

No. 1554536

I think this is the deadest I've seen LC on a weekday

No. 1554546

For real I thought we were having a raid or something

No. 1554554

I don't think anybody would care if you posted multiple times a day, and if they think it's too often and have no interest in your character they can just ignore it. That's what I do sometimes since we don't all have the same taste, but it doesn't at all mean I hate the posters. And if you're not mean and avoid infights no one will hate you or your husbando.

No. 1554559

File: 1681953073452.gif (186.45 KB, 220x220, AD5AFF1D-A17F-4B32-9168-A81C9A…)


No. 1554574

I personally don't mind sexual songs (hell, I love a good song about fucking) but I kinda want to make a huge list compiling female artists who don't sing about sex, or at least ones that don't do it in a very explicit way, for the anons who complain about it. also, tbh Tunesdays are great for discovering new female artists but that's besides the point

No. 1554601

i wanna fuck the cowboy man that goes yup in the commercial on better call saul. Yup. Yup yup yup

No. 1554608

I don't mind obsessed husbandofags at all. I find the ones like anakinfag endearing, I just don't interact with her because I know jack shit about star wars. As long as they are not infighting I like seeing nonnies go crazy about their husbandos.

No. 1554616

I hate magic eye pictures. I have astigmatism and cant see any of them. It's like a superpower only normal people have that those with retard eyes dont get to have.

No. 1554623

Mine are muscular as well, I hate them because they look like fat girl calves with how short my legs are. There is barely any ankle it's just my foot and then a quick taper to my massive calf muscles. It is unfortunately a trait on both sides of my family. I heard my aunt talking about going to the doctor and a nurse complimented her on her calves and asked if she worked out. No they are just that grossly large.

No. 1554645


No. 1554647

i fucking love oats and oat cookies. cookies are shit if theres no oats in them
i know you're on here because i am reading your post right now

No. 1554660

That’s sad, I hate that I usually don’t have much to say and just lurk.

No. 1554662

Kylie Jenner looks like she has Graves’ disease.

No. 1554664

File: 1681961055483.jpeg (5.17 KB, 243x207, 550D4FFB-B428-42CA-8D6D-B10543…)

Nonnas I’m bored out of my fucking mind. I feel like I’m legit going crazy, I’m at my distant family’s house. everyone’s asleep. my phone ran out of battery long ago. don’t have a charger. I only have my laptop and a shitty internet connection if I’m close enough to the wall. it’s just me and my demons in this big fucking house get me out of here

No. 1554665

dumb question bc i have a brick phone but what can you do on a phone that you can't do on a laptop? you can still log into all the same sites

No. 1554668

File: 1681961442776.jpeg (Spoiler Image,102.17 KB, 750x902, 3F43CE27-A0C3-4A4A-B216-E38D7D…)

No. 1554672

Read a book

No. 1554674

oh mb I should’ve clarified, there’s data on my phone so I have way better connection on there. I’m just going to sit alone with my thoughts I guess..

No. 1554677

Read a fucking book.

No. 1554678

woah relax, I would if I had one but clearly I didn’t pack well

No. 1554679

Write a book

No. 1554681

nayrt but you can always get an ebook off libgen for free, they're easy to download even with a shitty connection.
srsly saved my skin when i was stuck at a family reunion in bumfuck nowhere with shit interner

No. 1554684

Read a motherfucking book

No. 1554690

Thank you it worked!! also remembered I have a few pdfs and lectures downloaded already somewhere in my files

No. 1554698

I hope you find some good stuff! also worth noting ao3 has a function where you can download pretty much any fic in pdf or epub format so you can read them offline

No. 1554707

which books did you pick to dl anon? i hope you enjoy them

No. 1554711

which books did you pick to dl anon? i hope you enjoy them

No. 1554755

Keking thinking about all the times troons get misgendered at my work. It's always the tims. My favorite was when my lesbian coworker called one sir and "michael" even though he went by "Michele". It's funny because it was done totally innocently since shes ESL until i pointed it out to her later. She felt bad but the damage was already done kek

No. 1554771

I think these people just have a fetish. That's literally it, they just like giving male characters pussies because they have a cuntboy fetish.

No. 1554772

>tell male friend women don't ever have to be okay with males in dresses having access to women's spaces
>"I don't agree with you but I don't have time to explain why right now"
>vomit in my mouth a little
Of course you wouldn't you fucking scrote

No. 1554786

>having a male friend
>having a male friend who thinks it's wrong for women to not want males in their bathrooms
cringe x2

No. 1554788

File: 1681973090255.jpg (58.02 KB, 644x1000, 51Jg4okf4sL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

The only thing that bothered me about this book is that it didn’t show you how to take care of your ass.
It may as well have, it covered every other intimate part of the female body to a nanoscopic detail.

No. 1554792

what fucking instruction to you need for taking care of your ass other than wipe it and wash it with soap?

No. 1554795

Seems to suit me the best despite the obvious downsides

No. 1554798

Exactly what I was going to say

No. 1554799

I miss when the world looked like this

No. 1554804

the actress i have a crush on once said her favorite animal was a sugar glider. i just saw a tweet from someone who who keeps a sugar glider in her bra and forgot to take it out when she went to a doctor's appointment. my brain has combined these two stories and now I am 1) horny towards the boob part 2) wanting to kiss the sugar glider while its in there but also the boobs on either side and 3) concerned for why twitter woman owns a sugar glider because I doubt it is ethical.
now im horny, wanting to kiss a cute animal, and upset all at once.

No. 1554815

File: 1681976355289.jpeg (52.09 KB, 1527x426, 6D613D22-0792-4115-BAC1-E0A333…)

i realized what felt like yesterday that my former celebrity husbando bears significant resemblance to my former fictional husbando, the latter of whom was a pretty minor character who i developed an elongated universe and canon for. they even sort of look alike in the transition from 2d to 3d, I could see him being the live action westernized version of him

No. 1554822

File: 1681976730734.png (970.99 KB, 1080x1080, il_fullxfull.4751305647_lrk3.p…)

I wish this was just a normal way to dress. Like when going out in public, some people are wearing jackets, some are wearing skirts, and some are wearing a wizard costume and none of those things would seem weird.

No. 1554824

File: 1681976835952.jpeg (21.84 KB, 500x386, 14001B76-29B2-4D57-B295-9C0E4D…)

also I went through my old windows laptop and I'm ashamed that I have a lot of unpublished, promising, unfinished work on there. before I tried to overdose 9000 times and fried my brains. I was also so much smarter and so much more self reliant before I got into relationships where I let men traumatize me. I was rebuilding myself from my traumatic childhood after highschool, dropped out, and was ripped down again.

the past half decade has been me slowly regaining braincells. maybe I can transfer the husbando's character into a film concept or book.

No. 1554827

This actually made me sick, children should not be joking about this shit.

No. 1554828

girl have you ever met high schoolers?

No. 1554829

I concur

No. 1554859

File: 1681982238712.jpeg (55.03 KB, 522x879, IMG_0400.jpeg)

They look so comfy. I would like to bring capes back into fashion as well. Capes are cool as hell

No. 1554887

i’ve been looking for this song for a while and i finally found it again.

pour one out for the homies…

No. 1554888

Kek or even gone to school at all. When I was 12 my classmates made nastier jokes than that.

No. 1554891

Nona has a stinky butt because liberal media never educated her

No. 1554946

I started flirting with this girl I met on Hinge and she’s super normie whereas I am… a fucking freak weeb. I keep going on unhinged rants and she keeps telling me she likes hearing me talk about my stupid little animes and shit and I can’t help but feel like she is either a saint or extremely malicious and screenshotting my dumb rants to her friends. She’s never even read fanfiction before??? The only thing she’s got on me that I’m clueless about is cars. She also resembles my ex so I feel kind of weird pursuing her (but she liked me first on Hinge). I really like her though and it’s kind of exciting talking with someone who’s so tolerant of my bullshit. It turns out we have a mutual friend too lol. Wish me luck nonnies I really want a cute butch girlfriend.

No. 1554947

>feeling kind of cold
>unplug laptop charger so i can plug in the heater
>forget to turn heater on
>laptop power running out
>still feeling kind of cold

No. 1554997

how are some people oblivious to their own body odor? there was this middle aged moid on the train this afternoon as i was heading home who absolutely reeked and i felt bad for the nigga who happened to be sitting next to him. as the train was taking off, he kind of stumbled and fell over, and as he did so, there was this explosion of a fucking stench that was worse than just the usual "oh that person is kind of funky" aroma. his stench had this acrid undertone that made me wonder if he worked in a butcher's or something similar, because it was so distinct and it reminded me of the smell of dried blood. it was so bad, the lady that had been laughing with him when he fell over stopped the moment that death cloud of foulness hit her nostrils…i actually saw her back away and head over to the far end of the cart to try to get away from him. i want to feel bad for him but he had enough energy to put on nice clothes, so there is no way he cannot smell himself.

No. 1555005

You get used to smells pretty fast

No. 1555019

she has to do some kind of dumb shit. go out with her solely to also get some blackmail material nonna

No. 1555036

File: 1682005189496.gif (1.13 MB, 300x226, tiffany.gif)

i finished the outline for this motherfucking presentation and gave my teammates until 5 to get their shit together since this is due at 6 pm. two of our group members did absolutely jack fucking shit and i don't know whether to laugh or cry or just let the professor know. but she doesn't like me so she'll probably think i am just snitching on them trying to get a better grade since that's the kind of bitch she is. we've had almost a month to do this and it took me literally 30 minutes or so to clean up the outline, cite our sources, correct any typos i made, and add links to the powerpoint since i did a basic info dump of everything i wanted to use a few weeks ago just to make my life easier. why the fuck do people always wait until the last fucking minute to do things? i really don't have anything else to say at this point other than god be with me on monday when we have to get up and talk because i have no idea what the two who didn't do anything will say.

No. 1555087

File: 1682008129161.jpg (19.39 KB, 526x701, 341903140_556294326636216_6796…)

oh no! pancho lost his body, draw him a new one

No. 1555091

>there is no way he can't smell himself
I have two friends that literally have no sense of smell it's a birth defect

No. 1555093

100% he knows or people have told him he's just a scrote and scrotes don't fucking care. I've come to this conclusion after confronting many stinky people over my lifetime

No. 1555105

File: 1682008946988.png (32.18 KB, 807x803, mouseduh.png)

he became what he most desires

No. 1555108

I mean that guy could just be working some very stinky job as that doesn't sound like regular sweat stench of an unshowered person
And I can smell when you haven't showered, posters of the confessions thread. You're delusional that you don't stink.

No. 1555172

File: 1682012549502.jpeg (30.24 KB, 526x701, BBC23B68-4A11-4FEF-9026-5937BE…)

she’s going to a party

No. 1555173

If you’re one if those people who say “don’t buy new clothes!!! thrift and buy 2nd hand or you’re a horrible person!!!”: FUCK YOU. It’s not my fault I live in buttfuck, nowhere, with only a couple of thrift stores that only have old af granny clothes, hardly anything in my size, or way more expensive than just straight up buying something new at fucking H&M. I’ll keep buying fast fashion that isn’t that fast in my case because I don’t follow trends and use all my clothes until they fall apart

No. 1555181

They fucking fall apart when breathed on. You're buying garbage, not clothes

No. 1555188

Most of my clothes last me years, of course there's the occasional shirt that gets holes after a couple of washes but I either wear them anyway if they're small and not noticeable, or I sew them.

No. 1555209

I genuinely cannot believe that there are probably British people who completely support their monarchy and think it should still be around. I only had the realization a few days ago.

No. 1555217

File: 1682014559238.png (29.56 KB, 526x701, cat.png)

Another day of the daily grind

No. 1555238

File: 1682015144393.png (3.66 MB, 1200x1800, Lemon-Pepper-Wings-SpendWithPe…)

Why are lemon pepper flat wings so good

No. 1555292

just buy what you want nonna. idgaf. i love shopping and looking good and feeling good about how i look. if you really want to save the planet, you should just be nekkid. also, hold your farts.

No. 1555312

File: 1682020526177.png (373.36 KB, 794x833, il_794xN.4793460889_h63v.png)

I bought these Hello Kitty charms and I love them. So sparkly.

No. 1555338

I have clothes from H&M that I've been wearing to work for years and they're fine. They just look kind of gross after being washed and dried for years kek.

No. 1555347

File: 1682023821777.jpeg (52.12 KB, 526x701, 00B54A96-A975-4966-837C-660114…)

Pancho is having a delicious milk tea.

No. 1555349

They're so pretty and cute. What are you going to do with them nonnie?

No. 1555362

>retarded generalisation
>retarded generalisation
>retarded generalisation
>retarded generalisation

No. 1555365

Let's pretend we're in the celbricows thread. I'll go first:

Omggggg she doesn't have a bmi of -2662662????? What a fatass, she really let herself go.

No. 1555375

File: 1682025340032.jpg (55.59 KB, 426x951, image-35.jpg)

I dunno, just staying true to the thread.

No. 1555387


No. 1555392

I learned a neat trick, I induced my period by drinking a cup of cranberry juice. I don't know how it happened but it did.
All I'm seeing are butthole cramps

No. 1555393

where'd you get them? i've been meaning to deco a jewelry box i thrifted & these would help make it adorable

No. 1555394

that's a hate crime against us chestlets! I feel personally attacked!
but let me also mention my 32" waist

No. 1555416

You have three boobs?

No. 1555419

I miss the unsaged ham smith hatesperg in celebricows because I hate him so much every day 24/7. In february I hate him extra to compensate for the missing days that are not there for me to hate him. Every day without a "I hate Ham Smith" is a lost day because he gains more power thanks to unprecedented faggotry fed to the masses and the energy he captures through it which goes straight to his fat belly, that piece of frozen lard. But alas, nowadays you can catch a ban for it. Coincidence? I think not. They don't want us to talk about what is important: the milk of the music industry. And it is suffering from severe hemolactia. This is not a conspiracy.

No. 1555420

Didn't know Eccentrica Gallumbits was posting here

No. 1555435

No. 1555443

Dumb bimbo, everyone knows ideal tits are A cup and tinier than a shot glass!

No. 1555449

everywhere else it's called cup size, in France it's called champagne glass size

No. 1555450

File: 1682027705550.gif (907.36 KB, 420x241, GrizzledDownrightHeterodontosa…)

Hate. Let me tell you how much I've come to hate Sam Smith since I began to live. There are 3,463 threads on lolcow.farm with 397.44 million words.If the word HATE was engraved on every single nanoangstrom of those thousands of threads and millions of words it would not equal ONE billionth of hate I feel for Sam Smith at this micro instant for Sam Smith. HATE. HATE

No. 1555455

this needs to be spoilered every time it's posted

No. 1555484

That’s about 1 hall unit too long of a link

No. 1555538

I wish Madonna would make ray of light 2.

No. 1555544

Even for the time life is strange came out the characters are so fucking outdated and ugly. How come walking dead is able to have ugly graphics, b the characters emotes better? All the life is strange look like Sims 4 Mobile.
So ugly

No. 1555549

Someone please reply to my post, I'm trying to check something

No. 1555550

No. 1555557

P&bc checking in

No. 1555564

Fuck it i'm going to get retarded about my husbando here, I'm feeling extra mushy today. He's too live-action for the usual thread and I don't feel like using the attractions threads it's more fun here.

I like to see him get nasty, I like it when he bleeds, when he sweats, when he suffers, fights, gets wild, cries, shows every side he has, and then some character development. I don't think anyone except for the few other fans understands the appeal the way I do. People into overly perfect characters will definitely not understand. Model looking types are nice to look at, but it feels like there's nothing there beyond that. They're not relatable to me. Some days I want to fuck my husbando in the mud, slap him around a little and bite his flesh. He'd love that. I feel like fancier types wouldn't get it. But I might just have a fetish for broken men covered in dirt, blood, other injuries and sweat. I can't stand this world anymore, I want to live with him by a swamp (no he is NOT Shrek, I only love Shrek platonically, he just lives where swamps might exist) away from everyone else. I have so many fanfics saved but it's not enough, I need to jump into a portal right now. I need to be freed.

No. 1555569

File: 1682032797559.png (34.49 KB, 320x287, 1671648219422.png)

Did it work?

No. 1555572


No. 1555573

Is it a lotr guy or snape or someone else

No. 1555579

Neither. I'm keeping him a secret hehe

No. 1555584

My husband is green with a ten inch dick that squirts irradiated green apple flavor jolly rancher with q hint of summer grass.

No. 1555590

I'm gonna pretend it's their son then.

No. 1555592

No. 1555596

ged it gurl

No. 1555607

Despite his height and mutation he's very Loving and gentle

No. 1555616

Let's name him Snlore.

No. 1555621

just applied for about 30 jobs on LinkedIn i am not and will never be qualified for. it's a numbers game babey

No. 1555642

I'm in the line for a concert. I feel so fucking weird being around people my age since I'm so used to being surrounded by older folks. Doesn't help that I had a hard time sleeping and my whole body feels like it's vibrating.

No. 1555644

I don't want this to be the end of venture bros, hold me nonnies

No. 1555647

>32 inch Waist-chan
I just heard about this person, was she flexing her waist? Because is not even impressive, mine is 23 inches lmao

No. 1555658

File: 1682038023084.jpg (45.91 KB, 735x477, fca93f7b95d3130336f8788b48ec71…)

I quite miss not knowing I am on the spectrum

No. 1555659

aquire alzheimer's
problem solved

No. 1555660

Yawn. Mine is 10 inches

No. 1555662

and that's when it's not erect

No. 1555664

actually extremely likely to happen, as there seems to be correlation between those two, thanks nonnie

No. 1555668

btw does anyone actually want posts about lotr guy

No. 1555677

No. 1555679

And that's just when you fold it in half

No. 1555692

absolutely not

No. 1555696

I dont know if me walking on my toes as a kid bc I wanted to walk like a dog is more or less autistic than toe walking due to sensory issues kek

No. 1555701

Who's LotR guy

No. 1555702

Probably not as autistic as climbing up the stairs on all fours with your hands closed in the shape of a paw to be faster and avoid fatigue

No. 1555704

I'm a lot less worried about "cultural appropriation" and a lot more worried about a screenshot of a nurses manual I came across online that taught nurses to disregard a black woman in pain or older Jewish person in pain because they're probably exaggerating it. The idea of ignoring a person in distress in a hospital setting that could end up killing them or prolonging their misery sounds terrifying to me. No wonder there's a high mortality rate of black women in hospitals and a distrust of the medical system.

No. 1555706

File: 1682041665870.gif (989.34 KB, 448x336, EcV1pH1.gif)

Learning about autistic modes of walk on lolcow

No. 1555711

I walk like this

No. 1555718

Do you have a ss by any chance? That's really heartbreaking

No. 1555721

File: 1682042704959.jpg (15.07 KB, 290x352, 94.jpg)

My apologies, you know how it be with those links
Did you enjoy your concert anon? Who did you see?

No. 1555726

File: 1682042920603.jpeg (113.82 KB, 960x721, 29BB728B-D303-4FC6-AA75-CC4614…)

ntayrt but it might be this one? the publisher pearson ended up apologizing for it

No. 1555732

I see u

No. 1555740

File: 1682044014269.png (156.71 KB, 750x1334, 09962E0F-8479-40C5-A462-1BF3C3…)

I’m trying to get into psychonauts but … fucking —

No. 1555742

File: 1682044135311.jpeg (58.65 KB, 720x720, 918D6C90-BBB8-4093-8F22-DF9BBA…)

No. 1555743

Today I saw a snake on the trail and I was so scared I just turned around mid step. Why am I so scared of snakey snake? Hes just sun bathing, chillin. Im on his turf anyways

No. 1555744

Don’t u slander Milla Vodello like this

No. 1555745

I've been in such a bad rut for months. Unmtoviated, sunure. But recently I just feel super moticvated and inspired. I need to qork hard. Tbh that girboss, corporate feminism shit works.

No. 1555747

File: 1682044751002.jpeg (12.43 KB, 236x272, 1ABA3C59-D200-4514-8F95-FE03E9…)

>tfw I did both of these as a kid
>still toe walk to this day due to genetics/messed up ligaments
I even had multiple teachers come up to me in my school life and ask if I was a huge autist and needed assistance because of it jfc is that what people really think??

No. 1555752

I want to talk about my ships but my online friends are probably busy and my normie friend wouldn't really understand I think. I suppose I'll draw ship art or make a music playlist for them.

No. 1555755

you ever think

No. 1555756

Yes I'm offended there are no photos of Jon Bernthals dick on Google images so what. So what

No. 1555757

No. Be quiet

Are you drinking

No. 1555762

NO, I'm straight edge as a pencil. I just mispell all the time and don't care don't care to correct my types.

No. 1555767

>I even had multiple teachers come up to me in my school life and ask if I was a huge autist and needed assistance because of it
It’s crazy that this happens. When I was in school there was clearly something “wrong” with me, but 95% of teachers didn’t care and the rest just seemed to pity me. It’s just my dumb idea but I’ve seen that sentiment on lc before so I think there may be a generational difference.

No. 1555772

There was a time in my life I longed for making friends with other artists on Twitter so badly that it hurt. Nothing ever came out of any of our interactions other than a few friendly mutuals. Now I finally feel free of that burden and have moved on and even unfollowed some. I really needed to learn that just because we're into the same niche things, it doesn't mean we'll automatically click and be friends.

No. 1555775

Apologies don't help me trust a medical system that used to kick me out for not having insurance and where nurses treated me like I was a criminal. Apologies don't change the high mortality rate for minority women.

No. 1555778

File: 1682049455570.gif (953.45 KB, 309x191, 1460181080144.gif)

did anyone else get uglier as they grow older? i never liked how i looked when i was a teen and everyone told me i was going to grow into my face, but i just got uglier. My acne got worse, i got fatter and now i have a snaggle tooth when the only good thing about me was my perfect smile. I am glad that vtubing exists, so i dont have to look at my face while doing what i like.

No. 1555785

I know nona but I rather it get this than to have that cliffhanger be the ending. Hope we find out who scare bear is.

No. 1555789

same, i love venture bros but being serialized makes it hard to re-watch. It's an one time thing really.

No. 1555791

I feel like I've gotten fatter the last year and the stress has taken its toll on my self esteem, also dealing with traumatizing events

I look in the mirror and see a sick frail looking woman in the face who still hasn't lost enough buccal fat to look like a real adult. Fuck my life, now I just look like a pasty 19 year old

No. 1555798

I want to fuck a cute puppy dog like German boy with retarded pre-concieved notions about my ethnicity/culture and laugh when he moans "fuck me" in his cute litle German accent. Kommen hier you shmutzige shlampe youu

No. 1555800

Grow up

No. 1555807

yea. eyebags are way bigger, teeth are more crooked and rotten, acne increased when i used to have none, never been fat but that doesn't matter with everything else, i look like a homeless methhead kek. before puberty i could at least sort of pass for a normie on the surface as long as no one saw my behavior.

No. 1555808

wtf anon, are you me? I was also going through the same thing too. Now I'm doing shit like my old self again.

No. 1555809

File: 1682054406609.jpeg (32.86 KB, 619x407, 9A2353C5-2101-437B-9F86-684F66…)

I’m still single, so I guess so.

No. 1555814

samefag also those itachi looking lines under my eyebags got extremely prominent. so all of those things combined and my expression has people assuming i'm a druggie now when i only take aspirin kek

No. 1555819

File: 1682056113902.jpeg (209.69 KB, 750x1020, CD4CC53F-A71C-47BA-AA30-F43C56…)

Its weird, men when they’re eating can be so fucking repulsive but now I don't always feel that way? The other day I was peacefully watching taiji’s kitchen learning how to make gyudon until I was completely caught off guard by him absolutely slurping and moaning as he decimated that bowl of gyudon. Chewing and mouth noises don't bother me as I’ve forced myself to get used it, but I’m really conscious of how I and others eat. And yet I’m going feral for picrel. Look at geto here and don't tell me he doesn't look extremely supremely cute, adorable, and strangely vulnerable here. Nonnas, I am far too weak.

I thought everyone did this? I’m more of an open palm type of gal though.

No. 1555820

I just assumed my toe walking was trickle down symptoms from taking years of ballet and having no place to put my pent up energy

No. 1555825

The facial features are so sparse, I do not recognize that image as male or even remotely human.

No. 1555830

It's because that's an anime man anon kek. They're designed to be beautiful and cute, while real life men are gross, ugly and embarassing.

No. 1555832

File: 1682058044907.png (185.52 KB, 1280x1336, suneteri.png)

Umm nonnie, you're just like me. I don't know if it's a fetish, but I get a weird feeling when I see 2D characters eat. Especially the men. I'm kind of picky with who I watch eat that is 3D. I only watch female mukbangers, but that's not sexual at all for me. I just like seeing other people eat. There's one that I watched from when I was a teen, but she does OF now and stopped making mukbangs. It's a shame, but she is mentally ill so I should have seen this coming. I still rewatch her videos from time to time. There was another one I watched, too, but she got chased off YouTube by scrotes from 4ch because they can't ever contain their retardation.

No. 1555837

File: 1682060411206.jpg (403.5 KB, 1587x1628, tumblr_30a362fa7752cd994678fcd…)

used to walk on my toes so I wouldn't wake up my dad after his work shift and hear the end of it. he doesn't live with us anymore but old habits never die I guess.

No. 1555841

File: 1682061025913.jpeg (172.15 KB, 750x1064, 303F2E69-F9A8-43F3-9063-3ED5DB…)

Yea, I knew some nonnas would say this. You guys are right though. Usually whenever I’m eating with people I can’t even look up so I just never thought that I’d find eating, even if its an animu dude, cute.

I don’t know if it’s a fetish either, it never feels in that kind of territory. I was reading meshinuma, and the entire premise revolves around a salaryman getting something to eat after work. Yea, some of it is drawn suggestively, but it’s more endearing than anything. I wish I had better words to explain this phenomenon. Mukbangs I never understood though. And yes nonna, I too would watch terry eat absolutely anything and have no problem, I would be at full attention. It would be so cute!

No. 1555847

I don't think this is cute or hot or moe or whatever but I like it in stories when characters eat. Makes me want to eat with them. Like when I read a manga and the characters are eating a hotpot together and talking about whatever is going on in the story it makes me want to eat a hotpot with my own friends too and talk with them.

No. 1555848

File: 1682061516660.png (925.46 KB, 1024x860, kart96.png)

And now I have something to read. Thanks, nonita. ♥

No. 1555850

I like watching mukbangs only if they show what they're cooking and how they're cooking their food. Otherwise I don't care about it.

No. 1555851

Nonas with landlines/housephones

No. 1555867

I'm glad I'm not the only one that's put off by this fuckin thing. Actually yelled with fear when she showed up

No. 1555874

At this point I’m just happy it would get a proper finale.

No. 1555894

Sometimes I remember that I live in the same city as the Daft Punk and saw a free concert of theirs without even knowing it was going to happen thanks to that. And soon before they retired. Maybe that's why I'm so unlucky, it's because that specific event drained all my luck.

No. 1555897

Can’t help but feel sometimes that people who die young are the lucky ones. Not through a terrible illness or health problem tho, more like a quick sudden accident where they didn’t even know what was happening. I mean it kinda makes sense to me - the less time you have in this world the less opportunity there is for you to suffer. What do you think anons, am I just being a sulky bitch

No. 1555900

i still remember when i was young (around 14-15 years old) there were many times where i had this intense feeling that i was gonna die soon so i kept praying to god to give me more time. what a waste kek

No. 1555907

My life was so bad before that it's better now by default. I would have agreed with you if you told me that 10 years ago but now I'm glad I didn't die or kms before now.

No. 1555937

File: 1682075809462.jpg (111.99 KB, 564x564, d16f804291629051a74524165dd391…)

I used to think the same but it changed when it actually became possible for me to die because of "meteor suddenly falling from the sky right onto my head", only not meteor but something more prosaic. It made me angry that my life can be stolen from me just like that when I still have a chance to turn it around or at least enjoy hanging out in nature, petting cats and smelling flowers or something like that kek, so I actually prefer having control over it (if something will make me want to end it) and have more time and die naturally.

No. 1555938

There's a tshirt I want for sale on Vinted but it's a listing from 3 years ago and the seller hasn't been online in 2 months. Do I buy or not? The order would automatically get cancelled if the seller doesn't come online to ship it so that's not a concern but not sure if it's a good idea to purchase a shirt that's been in someone's closet for 3 years. It's listed as in new state without pricetag though so idk

No. 1555940

File: 1682076277372.jpg (162.86 KB, 695x897, dsfeeg.jpg)

This ad reminds me of when I got an internship and my boss kept trying to make me do graphic design work to make advertisements for her even though I repeatedly told her I have 0 experience of anything outside paint or microsoft office (I only know how to use photoshop to make memes transparent or hide pimples) all of the posters she'd commission from me would look like this or worse it was embarrassing seeming them get uploaded to the programs website. I'd literally be taking clipart off google and pasting them in paint and my boss loved it

No. 1555941

I drank Pepsi yesterday and had diarrhea. This is why I don't drink soda.

No. 1555946

File: 1682078482154.png (82.3 KB, 769x619, CYBKQ1LUoAAWvZZ.png)

Currently rereading the bad fashion thread and there's an unless amount of aruging over leather chokers; I don't know who's more obsessive the person defending it or the person against it.

No. 1555960

I hate hot weather, the heat turns me into an absolute retard

No. 1555982

Nonnies with landlines/housephones check in

No. 1555983

I have one. It's very useful for nothing.

No. 1555989

Same and I live in a tropical country, so I'm always retarded.

No. 1556003

Dying suddenly and without suffering seems like a decent way to go. Way better than getting an illness or something and going into debt while your health fails, watching your loved ones worry about you. Dying happy seems like a good deal. Maybe if I believed in an afterlife I'd feel differently.

No. 1556023

flagellating myself with one of my earbuds like a catholic sinner

No. 1556038

File: 1682089697450.jpg (37.71 KB, 600x400, dogs-with-underbites.jpg.optim…)

mfw I scratch my upper lip with my bottom teeth

No. 1556040

I still have a landline. The only people that ever use it to call me are either my parents, the government or boomer clients.

No. 1556043

So we were supposed to see something in them? I thought anon just thought it looked neat…
t. astigmatism too

No. 1556053

It's a cow kek
I can always see it both ways - embossed and engraved, depending on how I focus

No. 1556077

I find a vid like this easier or even the cross eyed version. It takes more time to focus on a still image imo

No. 1556097

Last night I had a dream that I was drinking from my favorite cup (I only drink from one cup, actually) and I kept noticing little particles in the cup. Then I got to the bottom and realized there were white slugs in my cup.
I think it came because I saw a video about a game with a "slugcat" character.

No. 1556098

I wanna watch your streams nonacita

No. 1556099

I wish I could get rid of it so badly but my grandpa uses it. It's 95% spam calls. The sound of it ringing drives me nuts, my cell is on silent at all times.

No. 1556112

My friend took me to a cat café and I didn't really get the point.The cats were hanging out on poles in the roof and didn't come down for pets or anything. I know that's just what cats are like, but why pay extra to drink bad coffee while the occasional cat hair drops from the roof? My friend was so excited, but we left the place and didn't touch a single cat, kek.

No. 1556125

No the cats are usually supposed to be nice

No. 1556126

No. 1556202

File: 1682101005040.gif (1.05 MB, 500x335, theonlycutedisneymascot.gif)

No. 1556206

File: 1682101212480.gif (123.63 KB, 469x428, 2012.gif)

I'm not seeing anything at all, the fuck is this lmao Is this how colorblind people feel seeing picrel?

No. 1556208

This looks more like a spider than a cow

No. 1556215

can you draw a cow over where you see it? i feel dumb and blind… i don't think i have astigmatism

No. 1556218

I've been bald twice in my life and I feel so dumb for not taking advantage of that time to wear wigs because now I'm actually interested in them. I won't be going back to bald anytime soon though, very mentally dark time for me.

No. 1556220

nevermind HOLY SHIT this is so cool! i never even heard about this stuff before. I watched a youtube video and I can see them now, and actually as you bring back the focus it becomes clear, wow, actually mind blown

No. 1556226

as soon as I saw the cow I went "oh hello there!" and reached out to pet it I'm retarded as fuck

No. 1556231

you can wear wigs on top of hair too anon, just buy a wig cap and make sure the wig is large if you have a lot of hair under it

No. 1556238

Yes I'm aware anon, but it would've been significantly easier when I was bald.

No. 1556252

KEK I love to do that too and with the same thoughts

No. 1556298

File: 1682107993808.jpg (69.15 KB, 564x701, 7c9c004b1ab5b239b5b39c85d3b55e…)

what is your catchphrase nonnies? like something you tend to say a lot, mine is "are you fucking gay?"

No. 1556305

I've gotten really bad about saying variations of "lord"
>oh lord
>oh my lord
>lordy loo
>lord help me

in my mid 20s talking like an old southern woman and it's a problem

No. 1556306

File: 1682108300898.jpg (147.18 KB, 720x680, manga.jpg)

Usually I prefer how characters look in anime rather than the manga, but picrel are two characters that look way better in the manga imo.

No. 1556311

“Oh my” “oh god” “Oh well”.

No. 1556312

File: 1682108605523.jpg (43.55 KB, 736x735, 0c1c61b519bc537dfd1e15666c51f2…)

I'm bored. Infight, please.

No. 1556316

We are not your entertainment go start back up the ass eating debate in /shay/

No. 1556319

But /shay/ scares me.

No. 1556321

Well, it should! I guess you don't deserve an infight now do you nonita?

No. 1556339

File: 1682110637718.jpg (31.61 KB, 388x500, cd80a3f2f766cb285fd81b4a483f3c…)

I don't think I have it now but when I was 9 or 10 I'd pester everyone with a phrase the word-by-word translation of which is "I don't hear Sincerity in your words", the tone had to be solemn and accusatory. Didn't matter what actually was said, it would fit in every situation.

No. 1556342

File: 1682110707890.jpg (44.4 KB, 460x460, dsc_8720_0.jpg)

>The Coronation Quiche
>A deep quiche with a crisp, light pastry case and delicate flavours of Spinach, Broad Beans and fresh Tarragon. Eat hot or cold with a green salad and boiled new potatoes
British people are going to hell.

No. 1556345

it sounds good

No. 1556346

On behalf of my country, I sincerely apologise for this grave misjudgement from our government, and hope nonnies from overseas never have to face this torturous culinary disaster.

No. 1556347

there's currently an infight in the gayshit infact thread

No. 1556349

There is one each time I scroll past those threads in /m/. There is something "special" about those fans.

No. 1556354

This looked good until I read

No. 1556357

File: 1682111858592.jpg (45.5 KB, 1320x881, British-Baked-Beans-27.jpg)

They're legally, spiritually, scientifically and biologically required to put beans in everything. At least it's not picrel…

No. 1556359

I want beans.

No. 1556360

I could never see anything in those either and recently I've been suspecting I have astigmatism or some incongruence in the eyes, so maybe

No. 1556378

I'd eat that, it sounds really nice actually.

No. 1556389

Maybe I'm starting to spend too much time on here, I'm starting to recognise anons by some of the stories they post about their lifes

No. 1556402

File: 1682115390145.jpg (464.57 KB, 1536x2048, gojo.jpg)

I stopped watching JJK because the cursed technique shit was confusing, but now that manga Satoru is out of his box AND the next season will be focused on him I might have to tune back in. Look at those muscles.

No. 1556411

i find the curse shit confusing too but even gege said that a lot of it was just made up on the fly & contradicts itself im pretty sure. basically i think it's okay not to know wtf is going on half the time when you're watching a shine anime with an overly complicated power system (see also hunter x hunter)

No. 1556429

JoJo is also retarded about its own system. Hate to say this but to enjoy that kind of manga/anime you have to kinda "turn your brain off" for battles and bullshit power explanations

No. 1556440

i think it's sweet, i'll see a post and think "aww it's x nona, i hope she's doing well" or "i hope things improve for you soon" if the post is sad. i wonder if i get recognized too.

No. 1556454

File: 1682118879614.jpg (29.01 KB, 563x562, 91605dc04f429e901cbac9bce493a7…)

I can handle normal ass burning diarrhea, but diarrhea where my stomach is churning painfully and I'm retardedly holding myself on the toilet is absolutely the worst

No. 1556461

i’m having the constipation version of this rn nonna

No. 1556462

File: 1682119270752.jpg (13.31 KB, 236x314, die.jpg)

When a guy whines to get my attention

No. 1556465

XQC looks likes his pseudo i cant explain it

No. 1556466

His pseudo what

No. 1556469

No. 1556471

his pseudonym?

No. 1556475

File: 1682120009304.png (1.34 MB, 1262x1262, Screenshot 2023-04-21 at 4.34.…)

Should I get the BBQ chicken salad or the grilled chicken and avocado sandwich?

No. 1556477

I'd go for the sandwich.

No. 1556478

Im a sammich girl typically, but the salad sounds good if I were into salads

No. 1556479


No. 1556480

Oh nonny the salad sounds unique. I came here to ask this kind of question too.

Should I drink coffee or beer rn

No. 1556481

what time is it for you ?

No. 1556482

Almost 7pm

No. 1556483

No. 1556484

yeah go for a beer

No. 1556486

BBQ chicken salads have a lot of ranch dressing in my experience (I think they overdo it a lot) but i’d get the salad and ask for light dressing

No. 1556488

>for the love of god
>don't get excited
>these are the conditions that prevail

No. 1556504

Cheers! It’s blood orange flavored

No. 1556514

I got the sammie. Thanks nonnies happy weekend!

No. 1556524

I prefer the faceless stream format anyway. I'd like more female streamers getting popular because of their personality/humor/video game or artistic skills, not because moids are horny and fetishize her.

No. 1556528

Who is the guy on the left?

No. 1556577

yeah seriously… everyone is excited about this whole new niche of female gamers streaming but vtubers are chronically unfunny and can't garner attention via their own merit alone so they need a sexy or loli avatar. I'm tired of running into "funny" vtuber reaction gifs with their janky ass model being overacted as fuck, you can tell they strain their face as hard as they can to make their broken ass model barely emote or move.

No. 1556578

I wonder how future generations will view transgenderism and the idea of males transitioning into women. Will they find it horrifying that we ever allowed it or will they look back at it with sympathy? There used to be practices that were morally permisble throughout history like owning slaves, treating women as properties etc. that we now look back on as horrifying. This makes me wonder how trans people will be received in the future.

No. 1556587

why are you so optimistic? the future might be a tranny paradise.

No. 1556592

omg hotwheels bought 420chan
what a tragic ending
I used to post there daily like 15 years ago

No. 1556593

he's putting in a furry board too

No. 1556594


No. 1556595

File: 1682135123291.jpg (63.17 KB, 1080x1058, 1680848134604583.jpg)

does coffee make anyone else tweak
I only had half a cup and my hands are fucking shaking as I type this

No. 1556596

I get that, and it makes my heart beat scarily fast sometimes. Soda or tea doesn’t have that effect at all though.

No. 1556597

I get that, and it makes my heart beat scarily fast sometimes. Soda or tea doesn’t have that effect at all though.

No. 1556605

File: 1682137792620.jpg (168.52 KB, 1074x1183, Screenshot_2023-04-20-10-36-37…)

butch. hummingbirds.

No. 1556623

I trimmed my pubes because they were getting very long and for hygienic purposes but now my pussy feels like a slip n slide lmao.
It's probably because I'm at the discharge phase of my cycle but still pretty annoying having to change underwears three times a day

No. 1556633

File: 1682140732743.jpeg (253.19 KB, 828x1308, F05FBEE6-F69E-4081-B2B5-5D4E9E…)

Ugh I hate crusty weebs they’re so disgusting I wish they didn’t exist

>hentai lanyard

>into netorare
Just ew

No. 1556638

reposting peoples pictures from the r/amiugly sub is pretty low hanging fruit

people who post there are pretty insecure about their appearances anyway, spreading their pics seems kind of gross

No. 1556641

Yeah that nonny needs to delete their post and take an Internet break. Why shit on the lowest hanging fruit? Esp when there are so many cows and celebs in who probably deserve it way more.

No. 1556643

Yeah idk, seeing her just brought up all kinds of emotions. Reminds me of an ex who was “totally not a weeb” but actually enjoyed some anime. Liar and disgusting. Anime enjoyers are freaks and I feel no empathy for them nor feel shitty for ridiculing them. Maybe if it was a different kinda person. She looks greasy and I can smell her from here

No. 1556650

I don't know, some people are spiteful for the sake of spite. I know a lot of anons are really insecure about themselves, so am I, but I'd never spread some randos pictures demeaning their appearance unless they were a bad person who actually deserved it

As a former greasy weeb who now dislikes anime I get where you're coming from, but maybe the woman in the picture is seeking self improvement or advice by asking if people think she's ugly?

No. 1556654

>no shot
>Jesus H. (said as an exclamation)
>be for real right now

No. 1556659

she looks like your average chick, not a supermodel but not hideous. all the other shit about her interests or whatever is fair to call gross but acting like she's super ugly is dumb.

No. 1556664

I think weebs are bad people. Not even at my lowest did I entertain watching anime. It’s even more frustrating seeing women into it bc it is beyond me how they can’t see it for what it is. Like I get men. They’re dumb and stupid. My ex acted like life is an anime calling me “tsundere”. That is what anime does, it stunts people. Even weebs that are “normal” you can tell something is seriously wrong with them. Anime is pedophilic too
Where did I call her ugly? All I’m saying is that she looks like she’s stinky and probably is.

No. 1556673

Literally who

No. 1556674

File: 1682144370710.jpeg (145.51 KB, 1170x1667, B25191C5-734F-4F0A-B984-700E14…)

Western shows like euphoria also suffer from extreme pornsickness too and are heavily consumed by teens. It's not just an anime centric problem. You could argue the entire world is more pornsick by randomly shoeing sex scenes into television shows where it makes no sense to.

If some dumb teen is out there watching basic bitch shit like Naruto or mindless JJBA it's not the same as them watching hentai. It all really depends on why they're watching, what theyre watching and how they let it affect them, how long it goes on. Media consumption and attachment differs from person to person and anime is really no different for that. You could say the same about kpop or cartoons or any form of media that likely has problematic undertones and zealot fandoms

No. 1556676

The IFC channel till like 2007 was the absolute golden era of film on television and you uncultured swine took it away from me. French yeye movies, samurai films, david lynch marathons. REPLACED BY FUCKING DIE HARD AND 2 1/2 MEN RERUNS. Why? Because only dumb fat old men are profitable consumers apparently. Apparently reading subtitles is too hard for your poor little brains. I have to pay for the criterion channel now bitchass.

No. 1556677

teens have always watched retarded bullshit but now adults watch shonen garbage and teen trash tv that thinks it's art because it's on HBO, and it is eroding the media literacy of the general population. People spent so much energy "the curtains are fucking blue"-ing real literature/film (IF they're even interacting with that in the first place), and now they are grown adults overanalyzing the Zendaya Eats Pills show and flavor-of-the-week shonen because they don't have the palate for anything else.

No. 1556678

Take your meds

No. 1556680

The problem with teen dramas like Euphoria is they introduce too much drama too fast and because its an HBO show it has to push as much sex as possible to get viewership. Good writing and connecting with the audience should be the primary goal let me actually bond with a character before introducing a conflict so I give a shit. Most teen characters should be relatable and quite boring and the sign of a good writer or director is someone who can make something entertaining out of the mundane and doesn't rely on cheap exploitation and drama. All my past teen drama favorites started out slow paced with loveable characters and descended into a mess where every single character had a laundry list of unreasonable life problems and ended on a cliffhanger for another episode full of stupid shit. I'm not too hopeful anyway there's a huge writers strike in Hollywood right now.

No. 1556683

She looks like a sad average girl, it's low of you to take pictures of a visibly depressed woman to make fun of her. I hope she gets better soon.

No. 1556685

At least Gossip Girl was fun and the sex wasn't r-rated. By all means not high art cinema but enjoyable, remember all the adults sperging over how inappropriate it was and how they turned it into a marketing gimmick? Next to euphoria it's hardly that sexualized. Plot became scatterbrained around S5, but the first few seasons were chefskiss. Teen dramas lowkey suck nowadays, the GG reboot was hackneyed too

Cant enjoy euphoria because anyway you slice it it smells like some sicko's wet dream, and the interesting characters were chopped in favor of focusing on Sydney Sweeney's boobs. Nepotism baby or not why does Levinson with his sex expenditures still have a job? you think the wasting and endless reshoots on both euphoria and the idol would make him industry poison

Well if you can convince hollywood to make better media, there are better shows and movies out there, the problem is their typical lack of viewership guarantees they expire and don't perform well

No. 1556687

>sex expenditures
I meant to say set expenditures. call this one a freudian slip

Watch him outed as a sex pest in a few years, his directing style over substance is already wearing thin on his audience

No. 1556688

File: 1682146326333.jpg (144.21 KB, 1500x1000, TK-2015-06-07-010-003-Harajuku…)

Wanna do some light decora hair like this cause i am so sick of wearing straight black uniform at my job 5-6 days a week. I really need something fun since im hardly wearing the clothes i actually like.

No. 1556694

>awwww look at how cute the kitty boy is being
>awwww look at how cute the kitty girl is being
>awwww look at how cute the puppy dog is being

No. 1556702

Reminds me of the tinder date I had with a grease weeb. In his pictures he was hot and looked like a metalhead. But when I met him he didn’t even put on a fresh shirt. Flakes in his greasy hair and he hasn’t cleaned his teeth in a while. He wouldn’t shut up about his best friend who is half Japanese. He even showed me a picture of him and told me his whole life story completely with drug abuse and ending in a psych ward. Should’ve known when he sent me line gifs

No. 1556720

"what the flip", "my stummy hurt", "[x]? more like" and never following it up

No. 1556730

File: 1682157445370.jpg (126.4 KB, 765x818, animesher.com_kirishima-ayato-…)

Ayato from Tokyo Ghoul

No. 1556754

File: 1682160542565.jpg (1.07 MB, 3000x2577, chef-and-tv-personality-sandra…)

This bitch was such an alkie

No. 1556768

File: 1682164270143.jpg (45.37 KB, 500x500, photos-1.jpg)

she was so right for this

No. 1556772

File: 1682164899790.jpg (41.19 KB, 680x656, unironically me.jpg)

wow i remember seeing this like a million years ago when she was getting dogpiled for "slutshaming" kek. what a nostalgia trip.

No. 1556774

I'm glad "slut shame" is no longer part of popular vernacular online. You see it occasionally but jfc was it annoying over a decade ago.

No. 1556784

File: 1682167654406.jpg (83.73 KB, 640x498, moop.jpg)

coffee used to have basically no effect on me except mm tasty, but lately it makes me freak out and hallucinate. so I'm quitting coffee!

No. 1556790

I thought I never ever listened to any of Björk's songs because I only read about her sometimes on the internet but it turns out one of her songs plays at some point in Sucker Punch so I actually knew one of her songs. I feels dumb now so this goes in this thread.

No. 1556804

I am about to be paid for my first acting job, I'm so proud of myself. But I am fixated on a dead actress at the moment and I wish I could stop.

No. 1556831

Is this supposed to be someone known on LC? Or did you just grab a random post from a random woman? "Oh but she's a weeb stripper", why do you think I care and why should I even believe you? As far as I know you're just making shit up. This is like you're vendetta fagging but lacked the guts to do it somewhere in /snow/.

No. 1556847

This is a part of NLOG history.

No. 1556865

i was thinking about her a few days ago. i remember when she used to get roasted by madtv for her "cooking", plus all the politicial sperging when she was with andrew cuomo. my grandmother used to love watching her show just to see what new cocktail she was going to slurp on. good times.

No. 1556870

No. 1556918

File: 1682182740714.jpg (28.82 KB, 393x398, 1667157340178486.jpg)

>enter a reddit discord for a rhythm game
>for some reason there's a teenager in general-chat who has 5000 offtopic posts, nobody minds it
>she mostly talks about hating my favorite boy from another game
Why do you exist? What is your fucking problem?

No. 1556932

We are not going to agree with you, miserable cunt

No. 1556936

File: 1682184285782.jpg (269.48 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_ny0wsb7SeV1rmiw96o1_128…)

Still can't believe Shay was so cute, like wtf how did she got so ugly that fast

No. 1556937

Nonita, this is the dumbass shit thread.

No. 1556951

which one

No. 1556952

drugs and alcohol + weight gain

No. 1556956


No. 1556967

Guys will talk trash about a girl they like to other guys and then turn around and act all nice, that's how they practice "Mate guarding" they want to ruin you for other men and keep you to themselves. Its one of the most fucked up things you could do to a person..

No. 1556969

Wow I'm not a scrote but she really was cute i know her only from here and i was surprised seeing her old pics and i do know a lot of druggies and alcoholics and i haven't seen anything like her case

No. 1556985

Amazing how some of the most obscure cow threads bring in the most obvious namefags clearly only visiting the thread because they found it on google

No. 1556988

I told my dad I'm not a vegetarian anymore and he said "proud of you".
He honestly sounded as proud as when I graduated Uni lol

No. 1556989

My brother is gay and has this overtly theatrical and comically extravagant way of speaking and a natural almost snotty tone in his voice, it's hard to describe. He constantly screeches and screams shit to himself, talks to himself and will word-for-word repeat things he hears from video games or youtube videos constantly. I need to get therapy or something cause his voice actually pisses me off. It's almost as bad as a huskies shrill barking, which I have to deal and live with as well constantly.

No. 1556991

I haven't shaved in years but I haven't gone out in public with unshaven legs regularly because i live in a fairly conservative area (midwestern usa). Recently I lost the ability to give a shit and no one even notices or cares. I thought i'd get a lot of double takes because i don't wear makeup and look somewhat masculine but there has been no response. I can't tell if people really just don't care at all or if they're so disgusted that they're not even acknowledging my existence. Pleasant surprise though, idk.

No. 1556992

Alcoholism. She's still kinda cute but obviously drunk as fuck and it makes me sad seeing her even though I don't follow her threads and know nothing about her.

No. 1556993

I'd be pissed off too, he sounds annoying.

No. 1556994

>a natural almost snotty tone
It is not natural.

No. 1556995

Peoples eyes usually don’t look towards your shins anyways, so people probably don’t notice

No. 1556998

I think going from a stoner bum to an outright alcoholic was a natural devolution given what she puts up with. Everyone always shames her about how disgusting she is and how she needs to lose weight and do x or y like it will ever do anything except make her more depressed and spiral farther into alcoholism and indulgence. No normal person is capable of putting up with this many lolcow threads.

No. 1557004

He does. It doesn't help he's obsessed with tumblr fandom and politics. Now I'm obsessed with a specific franchise myself but I swear to God he only talks about the LGBTQ politics shit when it comes to fandoms and believes in shit like porn addiction not being a real thing. One time he even had a full blown mental break down, I'm talking tears, screaming to himself, hitting himself because, and I quote, "didn't like the idea of referring to someone with pronouns its/it". When he learned I didn't believe trans women are women and believed that while they have the freedom to do what they wish and that's fine but will never have the same experiences or relations to a woman the next morning he woke up and loudly talked to himself while getting ready about how he just can't understand how people don't believe transwomen are women and then proceeded to get into an argument about it with me. God, he annoys me but he's my brother so I love him.

No. 1557005

Y'know, I had a feeling it might not be because he implied he knew that and the whole talking to himself stuff annoyed me but at this point, I do not believe he will change.

No. 1557006

There is a way: don't do ego-searching (looking what people talk about you on social media, in this case lolcow)
That's the best thing she could do atm

No. 1557009

I have middle-aged Italian man levels of hairiness on my legs though, it's very obvious

No. 1557012

I hate that my boobs are noticeably lopsided. I wish I could make one bigger or make the other smaller. And get an areola reduction.

No. 1557014

nonna most women have uneven boobs, it's okay

No. 1557022

Kiwifarms has been loading LIKE SHIT for me since last night

No. 1557025

People rag on Shays breasts (mainly because she flaunts them for pennies and it's dramatic due to weight gain from her lifestyle) but it's natural and some women do have extreme differences. I wish you the best nona one of my tits is slight bigger then the other.

No. 1557030

It's not a big deal really. My boobs are permanently lopsided from moderate-severe scoliosis, like one literally sticks out in a totally different direction and I've never had anyone i've been intimate with mention it at all. People (who are attracted to women) seeing boobs irl is a totally different experience to weirdos online taking measurements and clinically calculating ratios on people's bodies. Most people are just going to be like HELL YEAH BOOBS FINALLY not, um did you even get your protractor out today please adjust your areolas girl….

No. 1557046

File: 1682192496410.jpg (162.65 KB, 1080x1731, Screenshot_20230422-123957_Tik…)

Captions written in the first person like picrel make me want to cry. Especially if it's explaining a disabled/hurt animal or person's life

No. 1557055

I get the same way when I see an old person leave a sweet comment on a youtube video. Makes me want to burst into tears lol. Also those little balloon boots are so cute awwww the little paws.

No. 1557065

I wish I could be a spiritual person who finds hope and a meaning for life through religion but of course my mum had to raise an edgy im too rational for that made up stuff atheist

No. 1557077

Idk what's wrong with me then because any time I see a comment on a youtube video that's like "I am a 48 year old grandmother that LOVES watching your videos–" I'm like stfu no one cares

No. 1557087

Hi, I am a God looking for disciples, may I interest you in me? I'll give you hope and meaning if you kiss my ass and venerate my name in return. The standard deal.
I am a niche God targeting edgy rational ppl, so instead of prayers I ask you recite the multiplication table. How does that sound?

No. 1557091

nta but holy shit i love you, praises be

No. 1557096

YES!! I found my flock! Go forth and multiply! One times one is …

No. 1557101

>48 year old grandma
That's not even old person age. I'm talking like 55+.

No. 1557109

File: 1682197225725.jpg (42.77 KB, 1300x866, 150614887-muslim-young-woman-p…)

I'm shit at math but I'm desperate for a meaningful life, oh my great logical God

No. 1557184

I just saw a video of "jack off karaoke". What's wrong with Japanese people.

No. 1557196

>jack off karaoke
I'm probably going to regret asking this but can you elaborate on what that is? I'm too scared to google it lol

No. 1557203

It's exactly what you think it is.

No. 1557220

File: 1682206982443.jpg (51.43 KB, 884x872, cry.jpg)

I've been trying to spell 12th in a alphabetical way and I can't remember how. I don't wanna google because I know I know it, idk why my brain is farting. I thought it was twelveth.

No. 1557221

Samefag, is it twelfth?

No. 1557223

File: 1682207115241.jpeg (393.18 KB, 1302x2048, IMG_3436.jpeg)

there has got to be more mermaid yuri than what i was able to find. like there was a maximum of 20+ combined i think. the hell? you'd think it would be a much more popular theme… i don't look into this type of thing very often if at all so maybe i'm just not familiar with the right websites to look into. i need lesbian mermaid art…

No. 1557226

Damn nonnie I need some too, what’s picrel from?

No. 1557227

Ok, apparently it is twelfth but I don't remember it ever beign twelfth. That looks super dumb and nonseiscicaL.

No. 1557228

My hair has gotten so, so much thinner since I left high school and began my 20s. There are all these changes after teenage years that are so weird. Like why am I losing so much hair? Depression? Adulthood? I want my hair back. And why are blood tests so expensive? Even posting as an adult isn't the same as posting when you where a kid. Now you have to sage or you get put in jail. It's like there are all these metaphysical changes that start breaking open at the same time, little by little, so you don't notice them - you don't notice them until one day you grab your hair and it's so much thinner and your life is sideways and everything is wonky.

No. 1557229

Good fucking lord I have been craving pasta and brisket like a fucking demented person I just want to eat some sloppy style thick egg noodle mushroom stroganoff and then devour some FUCKING brisket is that too much to fucking ask I'm dying over here. I ate this delicious med salad from sam's club and it had cavatappi noodles and I'm genuinely tearing up at the fact that I finished it and don't have any more…… god I need noodles in my fucking body I'm about to become a public menace I need my noodles I need my noodles I need my noodles I need my noodles I need my noodles I need my noodles I need my noodles

No. 1557231

File: 1682207628655.jpeg (6.59 KB, 179x320, C4B1CF09-4B36-44D3-BF3F-5AE94A…)

>be me
>big retard
>wanna get buff
>no gym
>no money for equipment
>but have a random deadlift bar and weights
>I’ll do deadlifts! On the floor. No way I’ll get hurt because I will only use the bar no weights!!
>go to grab bar
>can barely even pick it up at all

No. 1557234

I’m such a musclelet that I called it a deadlift instead of a bench press KEK

No. 1557236

File: 1682208128767.jpeg (640.29 KB, 1412x2048, IMG_3438.jpeg)

it's by arai sumiko, i'm assuming a short/one page illustration for the manga "the guy she was interested in wasn't a guy at all" but i haven't read it in ages. i was disappointed too…

No. 1557240

Why disappointed?

No. 1557252

Baby I'm so sorry I was late.
Yes, I'll accept your ring, you may now take my hand in marriage. Lets me that chill neighborhood lesbian couple with matching mom jeans, mid sized hair and a small bookshop with a faint smell of vanilla, coffee grounds, and cinnamon and a weird and feisty stray cat called "cat" that lowkey lives in the store but disappears for days every now and then

No. 1557254

File: 1682210608748.gif (65.36 KB, 220x165, cats.gif)

no ;_;(emoji)

No. 1557266

File: 1682212477313.jpg (63.19 KB, 736x736, Mikasa Ackerman Icon.jpg)

I like Mikasa, but she's one of the most bland, undeveloped, one-dimensional, characters in AOT. People trash on Historia but at least she had development and relevance to the storyline. Mikasa is a "I would be ok with a ringpop ♥" ass bitch and sometimes it's so hard to take her EREH whining. I'm glad Armin gave it to her that one time. Most useless Ackerman. Love her though.

No. 1557268

Her character would have been saved if she just realised she didn't love Eren but was unhealthily attached to him due to fear and trauma.
Girl shoulda step on Erens dumb head just go live her best life.
Too bad the author was a scrote and they like to believe women can't live without them

No. 1557270

Samefag, but in all fairness I can't completely blame her for who she is. If Levi was real, I would be to him what Mikasa is to Eren.

No. 1557278

File: 1682213852627.gif (960.84 KB, 200x200, 1648681777465.gif)

found my fav rare book at a charity shop. peace and love on planet earth.

No. 1557293

File: 1682215630799.jpg (40.25 KB, 637x513, tumblr_379a3a6af8c5958dc64ce48…)

love myself some tuna at 4 am

No. 1557298

nice anon! i once found a hard-to-find books in a charity shop it felt so good

No. 1557299

File: 1682216264403.jpg (18.43 KB, 416x416, 0x0.jpg)

Mark Zuckerberg selfies and headshots are my special interest ladies if you have some obscure zuck selfies pls reply to this

No. 1557304

File: 1682216747989.jpg (51.77 KB, 735x730, 57b9106a175e16347e5c9a23c9c989…)

No. 1557305

File: 1682216966378.jpg (39.57 KB, 460x572, a21QrND_460s.jpg)

No. 1557308

File: 1682217492173.jpg (164.51 KB, 753x1632, sigma cat (1).jpg)

>tfw when I realize that I really want to be married and have kids but I haven't romantically liked a real human in about 3-4 years.
At this point, it's me who's the problem. And I usually fall in love very easily but I fall out of love even quicker. I'm not even picky, just buy me what I want and don't treat me like shit. What's wrong with me.

No. 1557310

File: 1682217587340.jpg (16.01 KB, 353x405, 38c74f773d09f8586f516592e68d9d…)

No. 1557313

>sigma cat (1).jpg
how does a cat become sigma and where's the rest

No. 1557317

Calm your tits Hange

No. 1557321

I'm working on a fxf mermaid novella rn to get my fix. praying we get a mermaid cultural boom like straight women had for vampires. we himejoshis deserve it

No. 1557354

Not that there's anything wrong with living with your parents into adulthood but whenever I see someone say they are like 25+ and still with their parents, I always wonder how their parents must feel. I feel like at some point they must want their own space back. Not going to lie, if I was a parent I don't think I would really enjoy my child living with me that long. Especially if their child is a bum and not just living there because it's what works for them.

No. 1557363

Parents are clingier these days so I don't think they mind it as much as they used to

No. 1557385

My mom doesn't mind because I help out with house chores unlike my scrote brothers or dad who just leave their mess everywhere.

No. 1557390

What >>1557363 said; whenever I, 23, broach the topic of moving out someday my mom starts getting teary eyed and clingier for the coming few days. I also wonder if age has anything to do with it? My parents had me with 18, and I can imagine that it's different if your child has been there for more than half your life, starting in your very young adulthood vs later in life, when you had the chance to live an adult life without a child holding you back in some way or another.

No. 1557391

File: 1682229121058.png (39.17 KB, 670x646, doesmermaidhavepusspuss.png)

i agree mermaids are very sexy and have contemplated drawing some mermaid yuri however i am faced with the critical question: does mermaid have pusspuss?

No. 1557393

File: 1682229416705.gif (1.37 MB, 320x320, just over it.gif)

i'm really getting tired of seeing the term "gen z" pop up everywhere in conversations when i am browsing the web. it's the same fucking retarded people who were whining about millennials now obsessing over gen z and feeling sorry for themselves because of it. most of these people are old, insecure boomers who have never actually sat down and spoken to someone from either of these generations. they're just reading shitty news articles that talk about vague, dumb bullshit like, "gen z says…" or coming up with these long diatribes about how gen z/millennials just will never understand xyz. i've been seeing a lot of old farts like on reddit post these literal long form essays screeching about something incredibly dumb and shallow, like music or fashion, and how gen z just doesn't "get it" and how things were all just so much better 20+ years ago even though they know it's one big fat fucking lie.

it's irritating because i'm in my late 20's and most of the gen z i meet in university are obsessed with people from my age group who were born in the 1990's or mid to late 80's. and it's such a weird experience when people find out how old i am and i see how excited they are to meet me, because i was raised by individuals who acted like life pretty much ended at 25 and you just ceased to exist once you hit 30. they're not these magical techno wizards who are sharting out the latest groundbreaking inventions like the 55+ generation seem to think; that's my generation or gen x who are more tech savvy and business orientated. most of them are really sweet, too, definitely much nicer than all the bitter and angry millennials i grew up with who are still bitter and angry even today. i hate generational bashing all together because people are not really that much different when you think about it. we were all young, dumbass 17 year olds at some point who didn't know jack shit about the world until the world actually hit us upside the head. again, those same fucking people who are now worrying about what "gen z thinks", were the same people bitching at me when i was growing up about how "my generation doesn't know shit" and bullying me because i wasn't pregnant and married with 3 kids at 23. it just seems like not that long ago it was the avocado toast wars, but now i don't even know what the new old ass nigga anxiety is.

also please do not come at me with some angry screeching about gen z or how you're so much smarter than them because you grew up with a gameboy reeeeeeeee. i am not in the mood.

No. 1557419

File: 1682234955296.jpg (15.95 KB, 400x401, 1679313591306.jpg)

I'm considering posting my tits to reddit because I crave validation. Yes I'm retarded and have low self-esteem

No. 1557424

posting your face might be less painful but is equally not recommended

No. 1557430

female aquatic mammals have kind of similar anatomy to human women (dolphins and whales have clits, vaginal canals, ect) so i headcanon mermaid pussy as a hybrid of that and human pussy. so imo ya they do have pusspuss

No. 1557436

not feeling so good nonnies…

No. 1557438

She doesn't even have to do that there are subreddits just for fishing attention like /momforaday where you post about being down in the dumps and people kiss your ass

No. 1557439

Nona, I've done that, but i realised that likes and validation on social media didn't make me feel better in real life…

No. 1557442

File: 1682240762513.png (453.12 KB, 744x540, japansexist.png)

No. 1557450

File: 1682243576757.jpeg (142.38 KB, 587x968, IMG_3441.jpeg)

because it's not an actual full fledged thing i can read or even a oneshot, just an illustration
i second this. i don't feel like downloading porn but if you look up artist/author "chadolbaegi" on dynasty scans there's two images of mermaids and i imagine that's how it looks

No. 1557454

CC is weird because everyone there (or let's say 99%) is the same and they all have the same experiences. LC is more varied and more fun

No. 1557480

You must be a fucking retard to think coarse language makes somebody a scrote. Faggot

No. 1557484

>be me
>go to /g/
>try to not scream at an anon for posting an ugly man

No. 1557492

>Anon finally discovers how to avoid infighting

No. 1557508

Miners all have the same personality because they're mostly neets that dont go outside, not much diversity between neets. Also there's like a super tiny amount of different posters too so that plays a role.

No. 1557534

It's always surprising to me anons get upset so much they want to leave just because someone says something they don't agree with. Even if it's outrageous it's so easy to move on to another thread or at least not take it that seriously if you want to argue.

No. 1557538

I'm with my mom because she has a panic attack spending the night alone, can't get around or take care of the house on her own, and parentifies me to hell. Plus doesnt speak English so I'm kinda stuck. Immigrant kids will know what I mean. Wish it was like American parents who value independence, but at least I'm stacking money through my savings living here. I have my dream car and 6 figures in savings, but scrotes don't like it anyway. In any case, if my mom needs me I've got her back no matter how annoying it is sometimes.

No. 1557545

Where I'm from people move out for practical reasons, renting and buying is just too expensive.

No. 1557547

I do believe I've seen more terminally online opinions on LC than CC, but I guess you could argue that is natural because there are more people here.

No. 1557551

What's course language

No. 1557554

Would be kind of dope if we could like use dead people to make mushrooms.
Imagine, your grandmother dies, you order a humanshroom kit online, put the grandma in the box as the shroom substrate, sprinkle spore on the little holes and then 2 weeks from now you have no decaying corpse but 2 months worth of mushrooms to cook and even sell.
The you can clean up the bone and idk, use it for to make jewelry or knives? Would be very eco friendly

No. 1557599

File: 1682267804958.png (121.69 KB, 731x802, ju9.png)

Ban moids from travel. This reminded me of a racesperg from an old thread who got mad when anons were saying moids (including white moids) do bad things to women when they travel abroad.

No. 1557614

sometimes it's
>ends up posting a man uglier than the one she screamed about
(this version is extremely common kek)

No. 1557621

>where's the rest
Kek, it's the same photo I just downloaded it twice

No. 1557630

File: 1682270427938.png (295.07 KB, 703x1024, 1682105962025.png)

>also please do not come at me with some angry screeching about gen z or how you're so much smarter than them because you grew up with a gameboy reeeeeeeee. i am not in the mood.
i'm going to reply anyway because it's funny and i want to

No. 1557639

Of course he's French. These French white weebs are almost always perverts, I can already guess what happened for him to assault a woman who was most likely just minding her own business.

No. 1557642

Kek, this is hilarious

No. 1557647

Nta but I think the biggest problem is when the infighting spreads to multiple threads so even just simply moving on to a different one doesn't always work, especially when someone's giving weirdly aggressive responses towards mundane posts rather than anything outrageous (which was the exact reason some farmers gave for wanting to leave last time, like with what happened when an anon vented about wanting friends and a boyfriend, or the anon who vented about getting sexually assaulted at university, or the stupid questions thread with a teenager who accidentally got pregnant, and tons of others to list but point is they're leaving because it's all over the place)

No. 1557673

to be fair about the pronouns thing boomer news articles like fox were complaining about millennials parading around with them about a decade ago when dunking on "tumblr sjws" and otherkins or whatever was a thing. i would know because that was my circle back then kek, the tumblrinas i mean

No. 1557674

File: 1682274039811.jpg (389.72 KB, 2667x1500, _methode_sundaytimes_prod_web_…)

I'd fuck him even though he looks like a lizardman

No. 1557677

File: 1682274210145.jpg (49.79 KB, 976x549, zuccc.jpg)

There's just something about those dead eyes and waxy pallored skin. It's not necessarily good, but it's……something

No. 1557717

File: 1682277818131.jpg (384.45 KB, 2160x1620, dress.jpg)

My current motivation for weight loss is thinking about how hot I would look in dresses like these

No. 1557719

Millenials are the exact same as gen Z, just wrinklier and more bitter lol. Even the tranny bullshit is because of them.

No. 1557728

File: 1682279247872.jpg (58.56 KB, 680x510, Cat heart.jpg)

Been lurking for a while and i just wanna say i love and appreciate all of you nonnas so much!! sorry if this isn't appropriate i didn't know where else to post this lol

No. 1557731

File: 1682279456772.png (123.98 KB, 512x512, 1654026927060.png)

It's always appropriate

No. 1557734

File: 1682279625063.jpg (54.59 KB, 680x680, 205.jpg)

im also lurky and i concur. love my nnoas

No. 1557735

The first dress is a crime against fashion and granny blankets

No. 1557736

Lurkers, come out to plaaaaay

No. 1557737

Copped a ban for saying "let white women be white women" in the celebricows thread in reply to someone bitching about Billie Eyelash wrinkles .. like okay

No. 1557740

File: 1682280076239.jpg (15.78 KB, 236x314, 89a41fd9ba778b6c1d62c3f1f7d235…)

perhaps you should have some more tuna?

No. 1557741

shes probably dead by now

No. 1557742

File: 1682280428319.png (41.54 KB, 1115x345, white women.png)

Deserved honestly. Were you saying that white women look old?
>misogyny le good if ~white women~

No. 1557744

…?? Wtf no it was a joking response to the ridiculous tinfoil about her lying about her age

No. 1557745

Is this what passes as humour in Burgerland?

No. 1557746

>making fun of white women without a reason
>janny getting butthurt and banning you
Both you and janny are funny, kek.

No. 1557747

In a sandwich please

No. 1557748

File: 1682280646670.jpeg (78.81 KB, 828x984, 6E15DBB0-7B9E-4059-BF81-FA1570…)

It’s a celebricows anon they’re probably underage and a twitterfag who listens to City Girls and Latto and have a Roblox avatar that looks like this

No. 1557749

NTA, but didn't she admit to lying already?

No. 1557751

you seem like you know an awful lot about what underage zoomers are like

No. 1557757

Anon, look at this!

No. 1557759

File: 1682281690505.gif (359.78 KB, 220x204, im a wizard, anon.gif)

Look anon!

No. 1557761

All this work, all those tries, just so it doesn't work. I see.

No. 1557765

It's okay nona, don't give up on your magic tricks it will go better next time

No. 1557766

I know I should post this in the youtube thread on snow but I don't want to. Anyway graysons projects came out as a lesbian in a sponsored video (to any anons who don't know and were going to ask, she's a detransitioned female). She brings up the lesbian manifesto and how it was "too real" for her and how she related to it kek I'm definitely anticipating the "JK I'm just bi teehee" update vlog.

No. 1557774

File: 1682283625014.gif (4.38 MB, 498x280, the-legend-of-zelda-tears-of-t…)

Nonnas, my body is so ready for the new Zelda game. I can't wait for it! The 12th may can't come soon enough. Idk how many analyzing vids I have already watched about the trailers and the more I see and discover, the more hype I am. It's been so many years since the last game - can't wait to return to Hyrule!

No. 1557800

Just saw an semi-official image of my husbando in a magical girl costume. Made me giddy and warmed my heart, will probably draw it.

No. 1557809

Wow I did not know it would come so soon. This is pretty exciting.

No. 1557830

Ot is pretty infighty right now but I'm not in the mood for joining any of them.

No. 1557839

I have sisters !

No. 1557844

lemme guess, something in the unpopular opinions again?

No. 1557845

File: 1682288319360.jpg (19.37 KB, 500x421, tumblr_50c6ebc68e685dc4e087771…)

>be me, black womanlet
>shilling my husbando and his series to an IRL friend
>"he sounds like he'd mistake you for an African orphan and try to adopt you"

No. 1557847

who tf is your husbando smoll bean anon?

No. 1557852

Actually a serial adopter, among many other things. Also really actually old enough to be my father.

No. 1557857

I'm actually very curious now, is he from a game? Movie? Book series? Anime?

No. 1557862

No. 1557863

This is such a specific archetype, I'm glad I don't recognize it at all. Kids need to start bullying each other for spending too much time on the internet again.

No. 1557865

Nta but why are people so cagey/coy about revealing their husbandos lmfao

No. 1557866

Personally I think it's funny when anons try to guess, I do that too with other anons

No. 1557868

Some might be embarrassed if their husbandos are too weird or unorthodox.

No. 1557873

Basically what >>1557868 said, mine is considered too ugly kek and I don't want to become another 'x-chan'.

No. 1557875

Mine is hot but he's old as shit and I like being intentionally vague.

No. 1557876

I wonder how many other anon have kirby cloaca tier head anons but still live with enough shame to keep it to themselves.

No. 1557877

File: 1682290370377.jpeg (22.28 KB, 392x385, cool baby.jpeg)

I haven't been able to feel attraction to anyone in months. Not sure if it's a depressive episode or what. Recently it's started to come back a little but it's not the same. Am I just getting older?

No. 1557878

i don't know if i want to understand what this means

No. 1557883

Dedede, depending on the scenario, is the only one with a cloaca though. For others it is a genital slit similar to that of rattlesnakes, house geckos or humpback whales.

No. 1557884

You’re right, I’m sorry.

No. 1557889

I want to kill myself

No. 1557898

Because some anons might start judging you for it.

No. 1557900

Still better than that omegaverse genitals chart I saw once.

No. 1557902

As if judgement from Shaytards is worth smth

No. 1557906

File: 1682291791765.jpg (22.21 KB, 474x375, th-2013842766.jpg)

we must retvrn to tradition

No. 1557907

That's just like, your choice nonnie

No. 1557908

Y'know I've always found the concept of omegaverse very confusing. Cause, I never understood how it could work reproduction wise unless all males, or at least, omegas are hermaphrodites. Which is fine, but I think I prefer it if the categorization ABO subjects are tied to the psychological rather than biological if I want to do a ABO type of story.

No. 1557909

Becoming a "__-chan" avatarfag is a death sentence on an anonymous website especially if you spend a lot of time on multiple boards, Kirby-anon's sperging notwithstanding.

No. 1557918

File: 1682292578735.jpeg (21.84 KB, 592x273, images (5).jpeg)

Anatomical scheme nightmare fuel

No. 1557919

File: 1682292586695.gif (2.74 MB, 496x368, judged.gif)

You only become a "___-chan" avatarfag by avatarfagging and constantly sperging, so maybe it's a deserved death sentence.

No. 1557924

That's another thing I dislike, that Alpha Females are still male by virtue of having a penis. That is why I prefer if the ABO category is not tied to biological factors such as sex but more so psychological factors such as if a person is naturally dominant in nature.

No. 1557928

I hate it because it feels like such a lazy plot device. But I like soulmates AUs so I guess I can't judge.

No. 1557933

I can definitely see it as such, especially if it's done with no nuance or a decent story and simply done as a means to get two characters together and have sexual congress. Personally, I'm tired of how Alpha Females are just women with penis because for the sake of reproduction when….couldn't just the Alpha Female could simply just get pregnant.

No. 1558017

I love muting a bitches texts. You will not bother me on MY phone.

No. 1558037

No. 1558059

you ever recall something you saw online which you realize now was advertising? i recently remembered an article from like a decade and a half ago on a site about how a tall man ordered some nice animal slippers - but wait! he 'accidentally' added an extra digit to his shoe size in the order form!
luckily the kind company fulfilled this dudes order and he got a slipper so big it could be slept in. i even remember the picture of him smiling, lying nestled in his giant shoe. so random, so dumb.

No. 1558068

Everytime I do my nails I think I'm gonna do a short set, and then they alwaaays end up being an inch long. I just can't do it with shorties.

No. 1558069

How do I get a rock climbing boyfriend. Are they any good?

No. 1558071

Go rock climbing

No. 1558079

I could never properly get into boybands besides surface level stuff cause watching interviews made my autistic ass flustered over the eye contact

No. 1558080

File: 1682302816305.jpg (138.69 KB, 1170x1056, FsXG5WWXwAghsqv.jpg)

This made me wheeze. How is Varg real

No. 1558086

fuck that literally made me laugh out loud

No. 1558093

No thanks, jew.

No. 1558096

Found out Andrew tate is black and thought wait ndrew tate is black in the same way asap rocky said wait pac fucked madonna

No. 1558117

File: 1682306969279.png (69.75 KB, 300x300, Beyonce_-_Me,_Myself_and_I_(si…)

I was talking to a relative and said something about being an only child, and she pointed out that my dad has 2-3 (possibly more) other children. I don't know those people kek, as far as I'm concerned I'm solo dolo.

No. 1558121

How are any of these moids real

No. 1558144

File: 1682309570832.jpeg (368.64 KB, 1661x1718, 84F00FF3-9C04-4CD1-926E-4644CA…)

Same nonnie, it just doesn’t seem real that it’s almost release day…

No. 1558145

Billie Eilish (sp?) is beautiful

No. 1558162

this woman has such a tim voice, it makes me so uncomfortable but im glad she realized it before it was too late

No. 1558167

Real oldfags remember the time Anne Hunter selfposted in /ot/, got called out by admin, then sperged out all across /pt/ and posted her nudes in Onision’s thread

No. 1558183

File: 1682316331683.jpg (48.85 KB, 1229x1536, strawberry-squid-fun-facts-122…)

fuck you is bedazzled

No. 1558211

Same for me and that random guy I don't know who's supposed to be my half-brother from my father. As far as I'm concerned I only have sisters.

No. 1558215

File: 1682319595097.jpg (137.13 KB, 1179x1111, Me when nonnies.jpg)

Very late but thank you nonnies! have a cat mwuah

No. 1558279

File: 1682335171455.jpg (15.55 KB, 575x266, 7da67667-2577-4921-9dfd-7b8e53…)

I keep having precognitive dreams about death, should I be scared

No. 1558281

Worst Zelda (the character) in the franchise, along with Skyward Sword Zelda

No. 1558282

File: 1682335856063.jpg (32.35 KB, 600x520, DdzwCOJVMAArmI7.jpg)

People on the internet are annoying me more latey, it's like social retardation is more widespread. By that I mean I see more people who want to knock anyone down a peg just because they like X thing, and they want to communicate in the form of epic twitter pwns.

I enter a fandom and people are wayy too focused on discourse, drama and comparing success/sales to other franchises.

No. 1558293

Dreams are your brain running simulations on how to react to situations should they happen in real life. Repeated death dreams mean you're really stressed out about something.

No. 1558294

The fact that was an ad makes so much more sense. I always knew it wasn't real, but I didn't understand the purpose of the lie.

No. 1558301

makes sense, I am very stressed out lately. But it's too much of a coincidence that a couple of days before my great grandma died not even a month ago, I had a dream related to death. Today I dreamt that my other grandma died and my father hid the body, and he just texted me to say she has been in the hospital for 10 days but he didn't want to say anything to not worry me. It's weird kek maybe I'm a witch or something

No. 1558302

File: 1682340360491.jpeg (227.17 KB, 1174x1286, 75E7F5C2-9814-484D-8EC3-B1E2FA…)

There’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ Princess Zelda.

No. 1558304

An artist i admire a lot reappeared on my Instagram doing a weird dance and claiming to be switching personalities DID style. The fuck is happening? Is not even someone young!!!

No. 1558319

Every game I feel like the side-character girls have more charm and personality than Zelda

No. 1558328

File: 1682343408669.jpg (74.42 KB, 900x720, fellowkids.jpg)

>not even someone young

No. 1558339

Sometimes I remember when I was in a Discord server and there was a conversation about some girl who'd been in the server before and how she talked about being sexually assaulted. A bunch of women in the server started mocking it and saying she was too ugly to ever be raped, things like that. Even after all my years on this site it shocks me when I come across women that say such disgusting things. How can they be so stupid and hateful over some random online shit? I've become used to being in online groups of women who are kind and supportive of one another and who hold feminist beliefs and it disturbs me so much when I come across women who are the opposite way

No. 1558356

File: 1682346302990.png (172.56 KB, 700x525, FB2715D8-6E54-4C69-AC3F-8015DB…)


No. 1558371

Hopefully they just said it out of their bitterness of hating her, and not because they're actually ignorant enough to believe only pretty people get raped.

No. 1558420

They love to do that nonsense on this website too. Quiet as it's kept, moid degeneracy is essential to feeling beautiful which is why women feel the need to gate keep something like rape as a hot girls only thing

No. 1558426

File: 1682351210080.jpg (21.61 KB, 485x429, FQQD7roXEAI7owb.jpg)

>spirit tracks

No. 1558477

i just got my hair done in a blonde balayage this weekend and i forgot how much people be hatin' on you when you go blonde. the last time i bleached my hair was when i was 17; these girls were laughing at me in the mall cause i somehow managed to get my dark brown hair to a pretty light golden color that i loved (i still have no idea how i did it). and today these girls were hating HARD when they saw me, i could literally hear them saying, omg where did she get her hair done? and they were sniggling and laughing. my friends heard them too. out of spite i think i am going to go a little lighter when i get back to california, not a lot, but i just want more dimension and some babylights as i am kind of a dark caramel color at the moment. i really missed being blonde.

No. 1558506

File: 1682356914271.jpg (35.8 KB, 540x396, wowshesliterallyme.jpg)

it annoys me how the irl husbando thread only becomes active when anons want to debate over who's ugly or whatever, otherwise it's absolute crickets, and the 2D one is always active regardless of the conversation and usually (i know not all the time, but most of the time) they're chill and get along fine despite varied tastes.

what i'm saying is, i'm jealous of those weebs. i would post with them with 2d art of my guy (well i guess characters he's done mainly, but some are kind of based on real people) if there were actually more good art of him out there. the few decent art is yaoi which i don't have a problem with but am concerned it'll cause a derail lol. and like one picrew version of him i made. or maybe i'll stealth post without a pic but someone would probably figure out who he is anyway kek. damn i wish i could get a little retarded in the irl thread but i'm too cowardly.

No. 1558511

File: 1682357195003.jpg (138.33 KB, 1600x900, stardew-valley-fishing-cover.j…)


No. 1558513

I wish Turbodriver would set up an alternative link to download Wicked Whims. I can't update the fucking mod because my shitty wifi won't allow it to download from the itch.io site, aaaaggggghhhhh.

No. 1558516

Convert to 2D and join us nona… 3DPD

No. 1558558

File: 1682359794104.jpg (80.2 KB, 621x1300, MV5BZTVkNGJjMTgtMjM3Ny00OWMzLW…)

None of you could ever be her. The epitome of supporting women's wrongs.

No. 1558563

she's based but don't talk like a twittertard.

No. 1558566

god her design really is a walking male fantasy. yuck

No. 1558568

What are you even talking about

No. 1558572

I couldn't ever be her and I wouldn't want to be a male-made fantasy of a powerful woman, thank you.

No. 1558573

This episode kinda weirded me out as a kid, I felt like "ummm what's the point you're trying to make here?" But back then I couldn't really put it into words.

No. 1558576

I can’t believe I was allowed to watch PPG. There’s so much gross stuff in it it was ruined for me. Also who was you nonnies’ fave? As a kid I absolutely loved Blossom so when I rewatched as an adult and saw that she’s usually portrayed as insufferable and the butt of an ongoing joke I felt sad and a little autistic kek

No. 1558579

This whole design reeks of agp who calls themselves a feminist. I don't want to be her at all.

No. 1558581

I liked Blossom because I thought she was the smartest/strongest character, I don't remember her being the butt of jokes either but i do have the tism

No. 1558584

what is this character called

No. 1558596

fight the power nona don't let them stop you

No. 1558601

One of my favorite shops for gel nail products stocked some new items yesterday, and I'm so excited. The owner hasn't announced it yet but I can't wait for the video she will make demoing the products.

No. 1558607

File: 1682362572006.gif (990.4 KB, 498x498, spin spin burger.gif)

i ate a whole fuckin burger and i'm still hungry 2 hours later what gives?

No. 1558614

Drink some water, sometimes your body can mistake thirst for hunger.

No. 1558617

I'm building a starter home in TS4 for the Not So Berry challenge, and it's making me realize how unclear of a color mint is. Sometimes I look at an item and can't decide if it's mint or light blue.

No. 1558620

because super tasty food like that just opens your apetite and cravings. at least it does for me. i have been eating junk food like that for a while now and finally decided to start eating healthier again today, cooked some rice and minced meat with some veg and soy sauce, should be reasonably delicious right? WRONG. it was really weird tasting, i guess my taste buds got used to junk food. no hate though, man i love me some burger wahoo that's why i clicked on your amazing pic straight from the home page

No. 1558622

Maybe you’re just hungry again

No. 1558651

Yeah same

No. 1558678

I usually call my boobs medium sized but I just need to start being honest with myself, these motherfuckers are big

No. 1558681

File: 1682368093254.jpg (52.25 KB, 540x405, tumblr_d4d9c15667b293ee336f531…)

i want 2cb

No. 1558684

for some reason i never register the smell of weed as being weed. like i'll walk somewhere with a friend and something will smell funky and my friend will go "ugh, someone was smoking weed here" and then it clicks in my head. but that's happened so much that i don't know how i still don't immediately recognise it at this point. barely related at all but even though i'm very familiar with the word schadenfreude it always takes me a while to remember what it means. it's been that way for years, it just isn't set in stone in my brain

No. 1558700

Same. I used to be underweight so had a modest bust, but now I'm eating and wtf? I'm busty wtf is this

No. 1558702

If I was your friend I’d be like “dayum smells DANK AS FUCK in here” as I audibly inhale big whiffs

No. 1558703

I liked Buttercup cause she’d beat a bitch’s ass and she had green eyes like me

No. 1558707

Same, anon, same…
Cartoonish proportions aside, which I don't find that extreme for an animated show, her design is amazing (the lilac color of the suit, the Venus symbol as a pattern, mask and weapon, the 70s bell bottom jeans, her hippie long hair and her blank eyes). They wouldn't dare to show a female character like that today.

No. 1558732

I'm jealous but also not. Big boobs look so amazing, but it causes back pain and discomfort and I've heard most women complain about theirs.

No. 1558735

File: 1682372245973.png (332.09 KB, 1125x1125, color-blind-test.png)

What do you see in this pic, anon?

No. 1558737

NTA but it is indeed light purple lilac tone. Only men can be colorblind

No. 1558742

I swear to god it is blue!

No. 1558746

T-the number 74, why?? Okay, it's not lilac, it's more lavender. I'm sorry, okay?

No. 1558747

The words "nigga butt" make me laugh. Yeah I'm mentally 8 and I love it

No. 1558751

That's blue, lilac would have more red/magenta

No. 1558761

Maybe you don't think her proportions are that extreme because most cartoons were made by scrotes and they were all horny when they made female designs with that specific body shape lol. I can't blame you for thinking that's normal, everyone does. I didn't realize it either until now that other nonnies pointed it out. But I also think her design is kind of cool.
Wait, I just remembered that Lauren worked on this episode, maybe she designed her.
The symbol is cornflower blue, not lilac nor lavender

No. 1558762

i have been summoned

No. 1558765

Periwinkle you dumb fucks

No. 1558766

File: 1682373917304.jpg (225.86 KB, 1000x1000, TheFarmAtOxfordLilacs-1000x100…)

No. 1558771

That's not Periwinkle you blind bitch. Periwinkle is too purple, the color on her suit is straight blue!
Femme Fatale. Idc what anons say, I like her.

No. 1558772

I don't get back pain tbh, idk what that is about. I feel like your boobs have to really be ginormous to experience back pain from them.

No. 1558777

File: 1682374677680.png (33.95 KB, 1000x1000, 1780D9E1-B273-4215-947E-EFD67E…)


No. 1558781

File: 1682375061621.jpg (79.18 KB, 534x800, Bowles-Periwinkle.jpg)

These are periwinkles! That is not periwinkle!

No. 1558784

File: 1682375531241.jpeg (26.18 KB, 475x504, 98765445677888.jpeg)

This is Periwinkle.

No. 1558789

File: 1682375745609.gif (100.33 KB, 39x39, gangnam.gif)

tfw you're supposedly amazing at differentiating colors according to tests but your vocabulary especially in English is lacking so it doesn't show in a conversational context

No. 1558804

Girls lolcow is too slow I want Jill to post more cringe but she honestly could not post cringe fast enough to satiate my dopamine addicted brain I want to read a long, long rant from someone talking about how their favorite piece of media did something wrong wrt the story or characters or whatever I just want to read someone's bitchy rant about something so I can live vicariously through their bitching because I have honestly nothing to bitch about but I'm feeling a bit devilish which is not at all suitable for a woman that has nothing to bitch about!! (At this very moment).

No. 1558809

that is perwinkle

No. 1558814

you, i, 2cb and good music

No. 1558816

Draw your own pics of him and post them. Or just post with no pic who cares, as long as it's not the actor scrote himself. Scream your love into the ether.

No. 1558821

I encourage you to be retarded in the IRL husbando thread. Be the change you want to see, etc. Maybe your posts could be the catalyst that'll stop the ugly debates for good and encourage other anons to be as retarded about their crushes as they want

No. 1558824

I love my big fucking boobs and having some genetic fuckery that makes me not mind sleeping on my stomach, though the best pose is aggressively hugging a pillow

No. 1558828

Whenever I see the IRL husbando thread they're just talking about who's ugly or not, but the 2d husbando thread is so calm and nice. The only time peace seems to get disrupted is when that one snon posts. Idk her husbandos name but you know who I mean. The one with the ugly dick.

No. 1558852

>The one with the ugly dick

No. 1558869

I'm definitely jealous then again.

No. 1558870

I was looking through a bin of gardening shit I have in my house, and I found a little vial of glitter in one of the pots. It's pink heart confetti. Nice surprise.

No. 1558911

File: 1682388148919.png (469.76 KB, 766x433, dumblion.png)

They gave the lion terf bangs

No. 1558914

File: 1682388459262.png (237.69 KB, 645x496, peach.PNG)

I as wondering why this looked so suggestive, then I saw who it was by. Fuckin porn artists man.

No. 1558917

Coconut head ass

No. 1558920

I have two more discussion posts and one more essay to write. Help.

No. 1558923

Put the prompt and requirements at the top of a document. Bullet point out layout then bullet main details for what you need to write. Then go back and fill in gaps. Don’t over think it. Something is better than nothing. If you can’t focus take a hot shower then 2 minutes of cold at end. Practice visual focus on a specific tile while you do the cold. It help. You got this nonnie

No. 1558928

a mouse just crawled up my leg and into my pajamas while I was venting in the vent thread and I hate my life

No. 1558931

File: 1682391236690.png (63.4 KB, 579x417, 1648346259681.png)

me sending relationship advice to my friend despite having null zero experience in relationships

No. 1558932

she has something to say too nonnie

No. 1558947

I owe you my life, seriously

No. 1558957

me advising random nonas on how to live their lives despite barely leaving my room

No. 1558978

File: 1682397608460.jpg (42.67 KB, 670x671, 1649676553313.jpg)

what does it mean if a kitten bites and scratches you while purring? i assume he's playing and it doesnt really hurt, it's just mildly annoying, but man if he's dedicated to it. Also any cat nonnas can rec me a good cat toy?

No. 1558981

Gloss's art is so gross, his drawing of the two poop-covered femboys riding a bike while shiting still haunts me. I cannot believe he used to work for Jontron.

No. 1558982


No. 1558984

If he is the only kitten he's probably just playing around but because he's an only kitty he hasn't learned to play fight with other kitties and to know when to chill out.

No. 1558986

being playful probably, or love bites. but also could be warning you to stay away from certain areas if you’re touching him.
the yeowww catnip toys are the best and all my cats go feral for them

No. 1558988

i am the anon with the shed kittens actually, i only separated him from his brothers very recently. Maybe he's a bit rough becaus he's still new(just adopted him less than a week ago) and he was also the one that stayed the most as a stray.
thank you! gonna see if i can find them where i live.

No. 1559025

File: 1682406386964.jpg (43.78 KB, 564x752, ea8d6810c8304d8bbe0d1e8bc1d55f…)

bump dont scroll

No. 1559028

File: 1682406586410.webm (1.11 MB, 640x352, 1682354209373.webm)

This video cracking me up so much

No. 1559029

samefag, the way he looks down as the background gets dark and he gets some silver mask on his face. It's so over the top kekkk

No. 1559036

Met a guy who is funny, handsome, ripped and makes me orgasm every time (it's notoriously rare for me) but he has a weird laugh so I'm considering breaking things off. Probably dumb I know but it bothers me too much.

No. 1559038

i think the silver mask is him transcending into the web world, he looks like a hologram there. but i agree this is exactly what i'd assume a big corporation that's out of touch would make as a psa against inceldom. the scene just before of him swallowing the pill is insane too

No. 1559040

this is dumb, but i cannot wrap my head around it, when did boobs become sexualized? google tells me around the time formula was created and that makes some sense, but does that mean boobs are a fetish instead of innate sexual attraction? it confuses me as to how America is prude and still somehow objectifying at the same time. you have social norms to dress modestly after 25 and then it's normal to dress next to nothing at 18. every american TV show has pretty much violent sex and nudity, but you can't show shoulders?¿ you can wear the tiniest bikini out there, but you can't go topless in beaches like i don't understand i am so confused. how can a countries perception of nudity and sex be so weird? nobody cares really if you breastfeed elsewhere, but Timmy redneck will revolt if you feed your child in the same building as him, but also you shouldn't formula feed because it's bad but also you can't feed your baby when it's hungry in public because somebody will pop a boner for some fucking creepy reason or miss carol will get upset you're basically flaunting your tits at the world. boobs are so complicated like yeah your body is situational, but it's also overall retarded that a nip slip can take away your dignity

No. 1559044

Violently exposing your breast at someone can also be an act of dominance, as seen in the "that's my tit, bitch" viral video

No. 1559076

I have a recurring bartholin's cyst that has been getting better but is still itchy and annoying as fuck and I wish it would go away for good

No. 1559096

What? No, boobs are definitely an innate sexual attraction because they only exist on adult women.

No. 1559137

They only exist to feed human babies though, do you think in cultures where women walk with their boobs out men see them as sexual organs

No. 1559138

>you shouldn't formula feed because it's bad but also you can't feed your baby when it's hungry in public
There’s no way to win as a mom, you’re always doing something wrong. The same people who whine that “women don’t want kids these days” are also quick to complain the second they hear a crying baby or see a mother breastfeeding in public.

No. 1559141

I had an awful experience with one last year and I hope to fuck I never get one again. Hope it fades away for you nona

No. 1559143

yesterday was the second time i heard laughing outside at 5 am. It's probably an animal, but the only wild animals that wander in from the mountains are mountain lions and coyotes and I don't know what sounds they make. anyway whatever the heck it is, it would be so slay if it could not laugh at 5 am because it sounds so fricked

No. 1559165

my cat is such a stupid pickme for liking my dad more than she likes me.

No. 1559179

I thank cows every time I take the first sip of a glass of milk

No. 1559180

I'm so unattracted to my boyfriend now that he has a retarded little boy haircut and is growing out his beard he genuinely looks retarded like special needs, also he looks amish. I don't know why he's so fucking stupid. I'm just not going to have sex with him when he looks like that.

No. 1559187

It's probably a fox. Most species will make a sound like messed up laughing.

No. 1559190

What a little hooker

No. 1559206

No. 1559219

File: 1682433680949.jpg (138.69 KB, 1166x1080, 1655875791864.jpg)

i dont believe in astrology so this is dumbass enough but is it me or are pisces dudes the worst? like every time, they are the worst. scorpios too but pisces men especially. is it just me??

No. 1559227

I wish Robert Pattinson were posting here so I could insult him to his face. It's not as obvious as Doja but he did say that he posts on anon on several websites to argue with people over his movies so it's not even impossible. If he's reading this, I'd like him to please take a fucking shower and brush his teeth for once.

No. 1559231

Gemini men are also the most soul-sucking shitstains out there too. Sociopathic freaks.

No. 1559260

Gemini and Virgo sun sign men are the worst. Pisces sun sign men with a lot of Aries placements are horrendous. The ones with more Aquarius personal planets can be cool.

No. 1559268

Robert Pattinson’s face looks like a foot

No. 1559291

Anons you have a runny nose do you

A)Blow your nose in a tissue, or

B) Sniff it up aggressively so you can swallow it down

No. 1559308

I wipe it on a tissue as it comes out. I've never blown my nose in my life kek.

No. 1559314

Depends on if I feel like getting up to get a tissue. Usually I do b but then eventually my nose keeps running and I do A.

No. 1559320

A almost always but if a tissue cannot be found I will resort to B

No. 1559347

File: 1682439208101.jpeg (444.26 KB, 1771x3264, 68ECFC09-39E4-46EF-8A3B-A6D1F2…)

>grab a syringe
>get some handy dandy saline solution
>fill up the syringe
>take off the pointy end
>tilt my head back and push the saline solution in my nostrils
>blow gently my nose
>be happy

No. 1559351

The shrek pug in the tinfoil thread is called a shrug its a new species

No. 1559353

File: 1682439649750.png (54.28 KB, 452x488, 1682437037278.png)

No. 1559354

File: 1682439688899.jpg (17.03 KB, 275x262, 1672221364770.jpg)

I'm going abroad for a couple of weeks and can't get my body hair removed before then and also don't want to take shaving supplies with me. I definitely feel uncomfortable with having visible body hair but on the other hand, who gives a shit. Everyone at the beach is just gonna have to deal with my hairy pits.

No. 1559359

kek, this is fucking hilarious, could someone edit out that dildo so I can post it on twitter

No. 1559363

If you're traveling somewhere where they don't even have a shop that sells basic toiletries, then everyone at the beach will have hairy pits.

No. 1559365

They show bootyhole on twitter anon, no one cares if you post a dildo

No. 1559367

Of course they have shaving supplies at the shops there. But I'm not gonna buy some cheap razors and unfamiliar shaving cream brand and risk skin reactions from products I'm not used to just for two weeks.

No. 1559370

I was listening to one of Nicki Minaj's old songs, and I forgot how much better she used to be. Nowadays it feels like she completely lost her spark and creativity, but she refuses to retire or try to recoup her skills as an artist because she's too prideful and delusional. All her verses and songs just sound the same, and also like she's trying to hard to stay on top by exactly following the trends. She really started to fall off post-The Pinkprint/2016.

No. 1559381

Every time Mattel preaches about Barbie's goal being body positive I just think about how they released an ugly Laverne Cox barbie, a long haired Ken and have included like every physical disability and skintone ever in their line but not one GNC female barbie, not even a muscular one

No. 1559388

Wow, you're completely right. I never thought about that.

No. 1559389

you heard about the new downs syndrome barbie today too?

No. 1559393

Yes lol, it's just funny how they keep beating around the bush and will literally create a colostomy bag barbie before a single one that deviates from the conventionally feminine and pretty archetype

No. 1559398

File: 1682443368973.jpg (42.51 KB, 640x480, FMEAJQgXMAgWfKb.jpg)

I've noticed something. Alt women tend to attract normie men, while alt men seem to go after normie women. What does this mean?

No. 1559399

He's British, please understand.

No. 1559416

george russell is so bland, the mercedes brand really suits him

No. 1559417

It means alt looking women are almost never actually into alternative things and just like to dress up. After a certain age, you kind of have to stop looking like that for your career.

No. 1559419

I know plenty of alternative older women with successful careers, not everyone is an office drone with a strict dress code. They are a film director, a makeup artist, a programmer, an editor and so on. One of them is even a professional bridge player.

No. 1559420

>It means alt looking women are almost never actually into alternative things and just like to dress up
Doesn't this also apply to alt men since they never go after women with the same interests

No. 1559421

It doesn't mean that they aren't into the alternative, just that people have to adapt and survive. >Gotta pay them bills, gotta eat.

Yes people grow up and working at hot topic for the rest of a person's life doesn't really seem reasonable so…

No. 1559425

Now that I think about it, I don't think there was anyone in my high school who dressed alt. Or maybe they did outside of school, we had uniforms.

No. 1559427

opposites attract

No. 1559429

So, what you're saying is that alt men are looking to leech off normie-looking women who appear clean-cut and career-having? Logically, that means being alt and having a job can actually help you avoid broke, predatory men.

No. 1559442

It would be nice if that was the case.

No. 1559450

File: 1682448508178.jpeg (112.11 KB, 750x750, _3.jpeg)


No. 1559452

So cayute

No. 1559454

File: 1682449135185.jpg (42.38 KB, 520x520, cdcbz.jpg)

why there is no new vent thread? I need to vent and im too anxious to make a new one, what if I fucked it up and ended being called newfag?
im too anxious to even use the verb tenses correctly

No. 1559457

Seriously I need to rant about how ugly my boyfriend is now and how I'm contemplating breaking up over a shitty haircut and a fugly beard.

No. 1559460

I'm always anxious about choosing a picture, 9/10 times anons will shit on the choice. I wanted to make one, but didn't find a pic I was sure in, which is kinda stupid of me since someone made a pepe frog vent thread recently, my choice couldn't have been worse than that

No. 1559461

anon in /meta/ made a guide on how to make a thread, your time has come newfag, make a moove!

No. 1559463

what about this one
any pic of someone being unhappy should do

No. 1559465

im sorry anon, i suppose he is being stubborn about it, no?
sometimes we are soooo judgmental here
idk im a bundle of nerves right now

No. 1559469

I felt this way when my bf got new glasses that were fucking ugly and a really bad short haircut. I full on told him to change his glasses because it made him ugly to me. And he did. Also he keeps the hair length I prefer now

No. 1559496

a) if there's a mirror anywhere near, b) if not

No. 1559497

I'm starting to think I'm a manic pixie dream girl

No. 1559498

File: 1682453533700.png (346.67 KB, 1920x1080, mpc-hc64_gR1oXuYYx5.png)

What the fuck
What the actual fuck
Have some of you seriously done B in your life?????

No. 1559499

File: 1682453582735.jpg (16.04 KB, 384x384, 3dc46683ec3f6b87da2bb4b78fde99…)

a, never b. i sniffle indefinitely until it dries and i can't breathe
sounds nice

No. 1559509

oh yeah, name one you personally support? you wouldnt watch a faceless female streamer. Vtubing is fun and is easier to find an audience than faceless streaming, plus it allows you to show emotions and be creative with the medium. Moids are going to watch you primarily because you are a woman anyways, might as well make it fun for youself while you are at it. Fucking tired of people throwing shit at vtubers when before vtubers it was impossible to make it as a female streamer unless you were a titty streamer.

No. 1559512

thats just my bathroom decor

No. 1559517

ntayrt but
>showing emotions
kekk anon their anime avatar things always look like they're having a stroke

No. 1559531

File: 1682456639148.png (1.74 MB, 2000x594, PPG OG.png)

i like it too, PPG had such cool character designs. I dont understand why anons are sperging over it, it's a show that uses basic shapes to create clean and easy recognizable designs, the reboot tried to be ''inclusive'' and ''less sexist'' and it looks atrocious in comparison to the original because it doesnt understand that the reason why some female characters have exagerated anatomy its because its easily recognizable, the justice friends all also had ''oversexualized designs'' aka big musces and tiny waist. No wonder modern western cartoons look so dull and ugly when people sperg out about basic design theory. You retards are the reason we dont have himbos anymore.

No. 1559534

if you have a decent rig you can show emotions pretty easily

No. 1559540

When I see men doing dancing all I can think of is their junk wiggling around in there. Besides ballet who have cups, the rest are just free ballin it. Go watch a 90s boy band dance with the loose pants, you just know what's going on inside those pants.

No. 1559543

I used to stream for a little bit. My most successful streams were me sitting outside on the floor, face out of frame but legs visible, some body, and my hair was long enough to show, chatting with chatters. It went better than dance, exercise, gaming, or face streams. Never made such easy money in my life.

No. 1559547

Literal keks. They look so unhealthy, the bright coloured ones look radioactive, but I'd still eat them.

No. 1559550

whats that? just looks like funny bread

No. 1559552

Cake, I think it must be something like a sponge cake.

No. 1559559

>jump to random point in the video
>heavy cough that lasts several minutes
uhh nonny you sure you still want the radioactive cake?

No. 1559563

File: 1682459417663.png (98.67 KB, 845x460, amazon.PNG)

I hate when I'm looking at beauty products and there are trannies and cross dressers in the reviews. You don't even know enough about wigs to actually make it look good, fag. And you probably just started getting into this shit, why would anyone want your opinion?

No. 1559564

Guys vidrel got uploaded 17 years ago. It's almost an adult. It's disturbing to see 17 years ago under a YouTube video.

No. 1559566

File: 1682459699634.jpeg (258.5 KB, 2000x1333, 19087_6644.jpeg)

Yeah I was about to say, she barely looks different from regular Barbie except for the leg braces and eyes I guess.

No. 1559569

Good lord my sleep pattern is in the fucking toilet, I thought today was Monday until I saw on my phone that it's actually Wednesday. And I also have work tomorrow in 9:00 AM too fuck this.

No. 1559570

The AVGN is almost as old as me.
this just looks like fat barbie. I was going to ask if it was a collaboration with amy schummer.

No. 1559592

They're exhibitionists, posting themselves everywhere is part of their fetish lol

No. 1559626

File: 1682463842484.jpg (32.77 KB, 1200x600, Untitled-design-59.jpg)

what are your expectations for live action stitch nonies? i am hoping for something genuinely repulsive and uncannny, like original movie sonic levels of hideous

No. 1559634

Why the fuck do they keep doing these reboots? Stitch isn’t even that old of a movie, what’s next? A Moana and a Frozen live action movie??

No. 1559639

Probably because normies don't give a shit about animation anymore and take stories more seriously if they're live action. Probably also because they're easily wowed by shitty CGI and VFX.
Also it's something easy to take their kids to

No. 1559640

> A Moana and a Frozen live action movie??
They’re making a live action Moana.

No. 1559654

File: 1682465671325.jpg (10.55 KB, 397x340, 4rg5etguityoi36uyie674.JPG)

lolcor is fun in a way that you don't know who's gonna catch you first. are the nonnies going to report me or will the farmhands find my sperging while casually strolling around the board? is so exciting! a treasure hunting!

No. 1559659

I hate when you can see people not wearing gloves in videos where they are clearly cooking food to sell…yuck.

No. 1559679

they're cash grabs because they aren't meant for you or me or any other person older than 7. they keep churning these out because parents buy them consistently for their kids

No. 1559684

Interesting observation. Would like to hear input from other nonnies too, preferably without calling alt girls Hot Topic zoomers kek.

It probably depends on what subculture you belong to but in my circles you're 100% correct. The men frequently gatekeep and definitely date upwards, they have cute motherly normie gfs that enjoy having a "cool" bf for the aesthetic or clout. Normie bf + alt gf is simply because men romanticize the qUiRkY goff aesthetic especially with the recent popularity of soulless pornified alt camgirls.
Unfortunately normie men are still predatory because to them if you enjoy alternative music or clothes they think you're socially retarded and easy to manipulate.

No. 1559685

People in restaurants don't wear gloves, retard. Only fast food places and chain restaurants do that, because they're dirty and they sell hot garbage.

No. 1559695

Why are you so angry nonna?

No. 1559698

Oh my god. Fuck this.

No. 1559699

>normies don't give a shit about animation anymore and take stories more seriously if they're live action
But that's not true at all, normies watch more animation than ever, even anime is mainstream-ish. It's just a way to make a quick and certain buck off movies that are already popular lol, low risk

No. 1559700

Why are you so angry nonna?

No. 1559701

It’s just amazing, like those movies were cash grabs back then. I don’t even mind the fact that they’re live action but the fact that they won’t even try to make a new story, it doesn’t even have to be meaningful, just something new with new characters that are colorful so the 7 years olds can have something of their own.

No. 1559703

File: 1682470165981.jpeg (81.22 KB, 1060x953, 48D8FAFB-A2F8-4FD7-A90F-6BE2CA…)

found this old pic of my cat (he’s gone now). I feel like it would make a good reaction image.

No. 1559704

File: 1682470284456.jpg (106.66 KB, 745x898, 451EC028EC38455BD8EA778B48928D…)

Heavily tattooed people look so cool imo, I wish I could get it done but my job won't allow it. I just love how it looks, especially if it's all black/white (don't love blackout tattoos though).

I'm sorry for your loss but oh my god he's adorable, I'm saving this nonna ♥

No. 1559705

samefag, yeah she has a blackout tattoo but it works on her because she's so covered already. I just think she's super pretty tbh kek

No. 1559708

That's how I feel.

No. 1559729

It's my bday, it's warm enough to have the window open, the tree in my yard has bloomed, and I ordered Thai food. Even better? They didn't make my bf's order vegetarian so now I get two entrees kek

No. 1559731

File: 1682474299815.jpg (59.25 KB, 500x425, piggybirthday.jpg)

happy birfday anon! enjoy ur day

No. 1559748

I’ve also grown to like the heavily tatted look but I’m kek’ int at the Benjamin Franklin on her hand

No. 1559751

Happy birthday nonner.

No. 1559752

File: 1682477085298.jpg (55.3 KB, 880x1171, We Created Illustrations Of A …)

Happy birthday taurus nonna!

No. 1559753

File: 1682477589467.jpg (93.21 KB, 910x1200, deweybday1.jpg)

No. 1559820

I thought this would be that anime an anon posted that a country singer commissioned for herself

No. 1559858

File: 1682490832019.png (2.96 KB, 600x335, E3F2C3CF-C4CC-4862-ACE0-1A7939…)

Omg anon happy birthday!! It’s my birthday too!! Here’s to another year on this Earth!

No. 1559863

I really do appreciate the anons who bump during raids and such, but I'm going to be honest and say that I think the bump/don't scroll and "where are the mods!" posts are kind of unnecessary for anything that's not gore or cp. Yes it was unsightly but it's literally just a dick, we're not gonna die if we see it and we don't need like 20 bump posts for it. I feel like in those cases anons should at least bump with something contributing to the thread, y'know?

No. 1559914

Ywaaay mods is here we back to norm nonnies

No. 1559918

I was just thinking this. Like if I see nikocado's coin slot just one more time I'm not going to go into convulsions and suffer brain damage.

No. 1559919

you're right, looking back on it now, it was maybe too much

No. 1559939

It just gives the trolls incentive to do it more often when they see the reaction it gets too.

No. 1559943

File: 1682500283288.jpg (24.84 KB, 512x512, 1682125817920496.jpg)

holy shit who told Rowling about The Amazing atheist showing a banana up his ass. What a fucking timeline we live in.

No. 1559964

File: 1682504675486.png (129.31 KB, 2048x843, Screenshot_20230426-061220.png)

No. 1559981

I always thought non-contributing bump posts should be deleted along with the spam, but that will never happen I guess. It's just a shame when you read back threads from the last ~2 years or so there's a bump/post warning every 50 posts or so. Newer threads suffer from a lot of newfag bloat already.

No. 1559982

>never in my life would have i thought i'd meet antoher nonna who played Fallout 2
it's a popular game…………………………………………………………………….

No. 1559987

You got any caps? I'm dying to see that

No. 1560013

lol good job whoever did that

No. 1560015

I wouldn't mind doing most of the child rearing. I dont think it's fair that I have to go through a pregnancy alone but then be expected to share only half of a bond with it. The child should spend most of its time with their mother while the dad helps sometimes. I don't even mean it in an anti scrote way or anything but to me it makes sense that that the child has a closer relationship with the person who gave them life. I also think paternity leave is dumb unless the mom has ppd so he can help while she recovers.

No. 1560020

Paternity leave is good even if the mother doesn’t have PPD.
(Even if you think it’s silly, in general you should just go ahead and support paid leave as much as possible. I think most holidays are silly but I support paid time off in every form. Life is short and hard.)

No. 1560026

File: 1682516086320.jpeg (203.36 KB, 1168x1812, IMG_4517.jpeg)

i didnt know u can make chatgpt semi-based. im about do to some chicanery

No. 1560028

File: 1682516418262.jpeg (180.59 KB, 1169x1800, IMG_4518.jpeg)

samefag but im gonna post a anti-troon poem that the developer mode chatgpt came up with. i keked heartily

No. 1560029

File: 1682516450904.jpeg (168.75 KB, 1170x1822, IMG_4519.jpeg)

No. 1560034

File: 1682517163290.jpeg (263.73 KB, 1284x1971, Fub_97PWcAAp4zh.jpeg)

the snapchat ai is pretty funny at times. i spent hours last night scrolling through posts on twitter about it.
what's hilarious is snapchat tells the ai where your location was last recorded, but also tells the ai to not let you know, so it lies about not knowing where you are while telling you where you are. same with bring able to identify images in snaps you send or upload. it says it can't see them but simultaneously tells you what it is.

No. 1560035

File: 1682517306284.jpeg (102.23 KB, 1075x1792, FujxOztaUAADfud.jpeg)

No. 1560053

No. 1560065

i think AI is cringe, i dont get the hype

No. 1560069

I kind of want to start working on a BL, I have a rough plot and ending for it but I dunno if it's really worth it.

No. 1560076

I want my house deco to be she/her but if I get married I'm scared I'm gonna have to turn it into a they/them

No. 1560087

>People in restaurants don't wear gloves, retard. Only fast food places and chain restaurants do that
Both of those are restaurants dumbfuck, low-end sure but still restaurants.

No. 1560117

>we're not gonna die if we see it
speak for yourself

No. 1560137

To the bot who deleted it's post: I'm onto you.

No. 1560188

No. 1560228

The thing is, doing this method of parenting will tire you out very quickly. That's the reason people are against the mom doing most of the work, not because of anything else.

No. 1560241

anon wants her home decorated to be very feminine/girly, but is worried if she gets married she has to reduce the feminine aspect and neutralize it for mixed-gender living

No. 1560258

I just think there’s more women who dress alt than men who dress alt

No. 1560259

the way you worded this is kind of retarded but I'd say just decorate your house as girly as you want. Most men do not give a fuck about decorations unless it inconveniences them, like a plushie hoard on the bed.

No. 1560262

File: 1682534913383.png (42.67 KB, 1378x1378, Untitled45.png)

Measured my facial thirds… How over is it for me nonnies

No. 1560265

You are a qt

No. 1560266

File: 1682535322121.png (44.19 KB, 1378x1378, IMG_20230426_205547.png)

No. 1560267

what am i looking at

No. 1560271

Me last week:
>all makeup looks the same god it’s so boring
>I already have so many nice art supplies, it would take something truly unique to tempt me
>don’t need any new tea flavors, I have all my favorites
>I don’t really want to collect dolls, it takes so much money and space
>I have ascended, I am enlightened, my soul is old and I just want to actually do my hobbies as that it was brings me happiness

Me this week:
>The package will be here in a few days…! HMMMM what else can I buy

No. 1560276

File: 1682535981570.jpg (Spoiler Image,158.59 KB, 1378x1378, heheheHHohoHOOAHAHhhaihihi.jpg)

No. 1560277

File: 1682536086593.jpg (30.34 KB, 612x437, peep peep.jpg)

No. 1560280

Aw thanks no nie heart emoji
That's too funny lol
Hairline, middle of my brows, bottom of my nose and chin
Third line goes under the nose and fourth under the chin but otherwise this is chefs kiss

No. 1560292

That fucking filename kek

No. 1560343

File: 1682542095162.png (145.32 KB, 971x566, 93.png)

I can't believe that The Blacklist is still airing. I watched it a full decade ago when I was like 14, I mean I was also kinda surprised that Grey's Anatomy was still ongoing, But Grey's Anatomy is a medical soap opera with only one set location. However, The Blacklist seemed like an expensive show to make, so it's surprising that it has been able to continue, I mean who is watching it?

No. 1560350

i thought grey's anatomy was a regular drama? the way the camera moves looked different from shows like general hospital from the few episodes i've seen of both, but idk i'm no tv expert. and it always aired at night with some weird gorey closeups of the surgery scenes

No. 1560366

Fuck, this was meant for >>1559943

No. 1560375

I got the joke, don't worry

No. 1560398

File: 1682546136165.png (5.13 KB, 454x128, 275.png)

I'm talking about posts like these. If that's not you dw, but if it is why are you doing this in every thread before you even said anything?

No. 1560402

File: 1682546302040.png (12.56 KB, 466x364, 276.png)

and it's fucking gone again..I'm going to post more examples from another thread while I'm here.

No. 1560440

File: 1682549576519.jpg (107.77 KB, 736x1030, 471153d21d0e32112d46adb5101252…)

I just saw that black mirror is coming back! I'm excited

No. 1560445

it's bots, there was a discussion about it in the stupid questions thread a week ago.

No. 1560454

File: 1682550978761.png (174.87 KB, 767x699, cow.png)

I'll come clean, it's me. I was ghost-bumping to encourage discussion on other anons posts and also my posts. I've been doing this for a while and only been called out for it like one other time. I've been seeing this come up this past month, and it's been funny watching anons be schizo and tinfoiling that it's bots this theory didn't make sense btw but no one even considering that someone was just bumping KEK. I was waiting for one of you to post about it in /meta/. I'll probably get banned now, I will take it.
Pic to fulfill my I Am Not a Robot captcha.

No. 1560459

File: 1682551334370.jpeg (34.87 KB, 360x480, 11.jpeg)

I don't buy it. If you truly wanted to encourage discussion you would add something to the post, ANYTHING, literally anything at all. You're probaby not the real bot poster.

No. 1560460

Samefag, but this just reminded me of something I meant to post yesterday! With the whole rise of AI stuff, I feel like it will end up being something defining for this decade and we might even end up having a name for it. Like how we had the Baby Boom and Satanic Panic.

No. 1560461

samefag also why just bump the thread OPs specifically?

No. 1560464

Idk this AI shit just feels like history repeating itself for the fifty gazillionth time like people shitting themselves over holographic games, then, IBM Watson, then VR, then Blockchain, then meta verse and NFT etc etc etc

No. 1560468

Sometimes I've already responded or I don't have anything to add but I know some other anons might, and for my own posts I'm not going to samefag. Just makes more sense to bump. Also consider the fact that most discussions that move fast on LC are ones where anons are long, tedious fighting (about men, about hair, about bodies, about ugly/pretty women, about relationships etc…) otherwise it's slow. I like helping regular discussions and posts move along a little.
I confused by what you mean lol. It doesn't matter what post I reply to, it bumps the thread no matter what. Sometimes I bump by linking the OP, sometimes I use a recent thread post. It doesn't matter and it just depends on which one is closest to my cursor.

No. 1560472

I thought it was someone bumping, but it's kind of weird to do that and not try like, asking a question to encourage discussion. It's kinda scawy

No. 1560473

pillow too high my neck hurts

No. 1560475

If I have anything to respond with, I'll just reply regularly And leave my post unsaged. See the post above yours.

No. 1560477

>I confused by what you mean lol.
I mean how come nearly all the bumps are just linked to the OP. I've never seen a single one linking to an actual discussion nor a recent thread post, just the OPs. I don't think it's helping the way you intended anyway.

No. 1560478

Well wouldn't that other anon get confused
Oh ok

No. 1560481

Like I said, I don't specifically only link to OP posts and it doesn't matter what I link to anyway.
>I don't think it's helping the way you intended anyway.
You're wrong nonna. It works as intended or I wouldn't keep doing it. Like I said, I've been doing this for a while.

No. 1560483

Nah know I know for certain you're not the bot I'm talking about, this one was very specific. It does it way more often recently, wasn't doing it for a while and only links the OPs then deletes.

No. 1560484

*now I know

No. 1560489

Anon, that's me. Not some specific bot. I know it's me because not only do I do that, but also because these are literally my posts.
I can't prove to you that it is so if you want to tinfoil go ahead. You probably just ONLY saw posts where I was linking to the OP. again, the reasoning anons gave for why it was a bot in the stupid questions thread didn't make sense but oh well

No. 1560491

Sanefag, I can't tell what thread or post this is but if it was in /ot/ or /g/ I can almost guarantee that it's probably mine.

No. 1560492

No, you aren't.

No. 1560493

This one >>1560398 was right in this very thread and these >>1560402 were from "Things you hate". I'm still kind of suspicious tbh..

No. 1560494

No. 1560505

File: 1682554732521.jpeg (911.9 KB, 2828x2828, DAFAB666-117E-4365-80B4-AF950D…)

This should be all of them right?

No. 1560521

You forgot Itsukyon

No. 1560524

Never watched Haruhi, what’s their vibe?

No. 1560528

Iirc, both Kyon and Koizumi are into Haruhi but Koizumi has fujobait moments with Kyon. Koizumi is an obvious Kaworu reference just like Yuki Nagato is a Rei clone

No. 1560538

Do i dare to ask what is kawoshin?

No. 1560558

it's the name of the pairing. The characters are shinji and kaworu → combined into kawoshin for the ship name
the pic is a bunch of ships that are basically variations of kawoshin

No. 1560565

kawori x shinji ship from eva

No. 1560568

i've never "got" itsukyon, koizumi just seemed so bitter at kyon to me tbh and i felt like he only flirted with kyon to try to make him uncomfortable/purposely piss him off

No. 1560569

some of these don't even have the same color schemes, meh

No. 1560575

It’s about personalities/role archetypes, not colorschemes…

No. 1560578

It was a huge ship back then, though

No. 1560581

File: 1682559239953.jpg (161.19 KB, 1288x1218, 1486618044530.jpg)

I've been coming to this board at least once a week (usually more) for like 8 years. Back then I was an emotionally unstable NEET shitting on Suzy Berhow, or Momo, or Anisa in the Cancer Crew thread. I drew picrel of Tana Mongeau and iDubbbz in 2017. Spent a whole afternoon making a shitty sketch just to dunk on a woman I'd never met, kek. I was literally failing out of college when I drew this (I ended up dropping out). I should have been focusing on my grades. I have a life and work and friends now so I only visit here every so often, but I just find myself viewing random threads because I like seeing what women have to say about various topics when they don't have to worry about the social consequences of their opinions. One day I will probably stop coming here but I still love you nonnas.

No. 1560584

I used to have a much harsher judgement a few years back or maybe my taste has become worse. I rewatched high score girl and the previously atrocious cgi didn't even make my eyes bleed that bad maybe I was just too harsh before

No. 1560588

something something fujos wearing fujo glasses to see something that was never there something something which i dont mind most of the time tbh

No. 1560591

Aww you're gonna graduate soon. Good luck nonna ♥ I hope you have a nice life, a rich and fulfilled future. I want to have a life like you do too. Maybe I'll come back here someday and post my own sketches like you did just now and graduate. Also 2017 seems like such a long time ago wtf

No. 1560593

I wanna watch that anime but the cgi turned me off

No. 1560604

File: 1682560968173.png (1.49 MB, 770x1058, Slow Cooker Rotisserie Chicken…)


No. 1560608

File: 1682561834495.png (35.74 KB, 536x465, 164323408653.png)

>Chicken is literally the worst m

No. 1560613

True. I’ve had steak done all sorts of ways and idk it’s not for me. I prefer chicken. I just don’t like the weird metal taste red meat can have sometimes (I know chicken can get that “””chicken”” flavor too)

No. 1560616

Pork is better than beef and chicken.

No. 1560620

pork tastes too salty to me unless it's in small pieces with something else

No. 1560625

File: 1682564543459.png (31.26 KB, 433x577, cat (2).png)

You know those are fightin' words, nonny.

No. 1560632

someone slap the ham out of this woman's paws and give her a dang piggy tenderloin!

No. 1560633

File: 1682565741840.jpg (82.16 KB, 630x913, charlie-heaton-attends-netflix…)

Someone make an "FUCK UGLY MEN YOU WANT TO DIE" thread. Picrel.

No. 1560636

I think I might be addicted to feeling sad

No. 1560637

I stepped on a piece of glass. I hate getting foot wounds because I feel like you can never truly clean them.

No. 1560638

File: 1682566323916.jpg (39.1 KB, 640x960, e4689d543609.jpg)

No. 1560639

As in you want the men to die? And fuck them as in sex or as in damn you way?

No. 1560658

Fuck ugly like formal fugly and yes they're so ugly u want them to die.

No. 1560697

no wants to admit it but hollywood is dying a really slow, painful, and ugly death.

No. 1560866

For some reason High Score Girl was fine, but I couldn't get through Ajin. I think it's because HSC was already ugly in the source, so it being a tad bit uglier just a bit more wasn't that big of a deal, while the Ajin models looked nice, so it not being 2D and a tad bit nicer just a bit more felt wasted.

No. 1560880

ok retard

No. 1560885

Blake Griffin looks like Elon Musk

No. 1560886

I watched this video and thought him moaning and screaming in pain was kind of hot
Then I looked up his dox data and he looks like a chubby british guy who is into craft beer and fortnite- and he does cringey yandere dom bf streams or something

Nonitas why doesn't this cursed gay world pander to women enough, I feel like I need some holy water

No. 1560904

Can we get an "Ugly Men" thread? Similar to that of the "Women shilled as attractive you find ugly?" or does this already exist? The search function still sucks.

No. 1560924

This gave me flashbacks to my teen years when I was a nerdy metalhead (and still am but anyway) and exclusively attracted to metalhead boys, but they always went after the normie girls instead and it made me so bitter lmao

I don't think normie guys have always been attracted to alt women though, only after the goth gf meme became a thing and replaced the manic pixie dream girl as the new "weird but hot" trope. Men love to fetishize "weird" girls

No. 1560928

File: 1682602300248.gif (4.68 MB, 398x498, eye-twitch-cat.gif)

My online friend wrote a "gift" for me and it was wildly childishly written smut of her and my character, help me how do I respond she's so proud of it and I think I might never want to have sex again, why did she write this, we have never discussed anything remotely sexual about our characters ever.

No. 1560930

Why did she get the impression you'd want to see something like that? I'd say you need to make clear to her you guys never rped or talked about sexual stuff so this is out of the blue

No. 1560931

Nona tell her how you feel and that you're not okay with it. She might think it's fine to do that again otherwise.

No. 1560937

dunno if it’s the right move for you but I would respond with “lmao” and nothing else.

No. 1560950

No. 1560963

Is this some autistic flirting? tell her that you don't want such things.

No. 1560965

File: 1682606566888.jpg (172.4 KB, 1500x844, wish.jpg)

I wish they would commit to making a black character dark. They won't even acknowledge Tiana and when they did, they made her 50 shades lighter and only changed it after people caught on to their bs. It's almost like all their brown characters have the same ambiguous brown tan. How hard is it to make a character not look the same? I know they try to go same because it's easier to make them into dolls, but still? Otherwise pretty standard movie, at least it's original and it's pretty. Does this affect me? No. Does it matter at the end of the day? Not at all. It just bothers me that a multi billionaire animation company with all the top of the line resources and technology CHOOSES to push out subpar quality projects for their standard. This has been my autismo speaks.

No. 1560967

File: 1682606690081.jpeg (44.84 KB, 640x427, 10885a29a613fb0153fb561ce58f15…)

samefag this is what i meant

No. 1560996

The only thing I appreciate is that she’s not getting turned into an animal for the majority of the movie like Tiana. It’s something. Hopefully next time they will make a character with a darker skin tone that also doesn’t end up turning into some blob like the soul dude or an animal like Tiana did, but that’s also not necessarily, heavily based on specific cultures like encanto, Moana or coco.
I’m very picky I guess, or I’m expecting something too difficult because of course media will need to use references from specific cultures and such.
But sometimes I just want to see a silly fantasy movie with a silly interesting character that happens to have a dark skin tone and goes on fun adventures without turning into an animal for 80% if the movie or who is trying to become the next ambassador/mascot of a country/celebration.

No. 1561023

unironically what is this? is this some aesthetic bullshit? tradthot larping? what

No. 1561027

I'm so glad I made the choice to abstain from drinking and drugs a loong time ago. I think I have an addictive personality and I know that if I was open to alcohol and drugs it would probably be detrimental to the positive changes and direction I'm taking my life in right now. Also worse for my mental and physical healing process.

No. 1561050

what crawled up your ass

No. 1561057

File: 1682613243431.jpg (65.42 KB, 700x953, raccoon.jpg)

>Me when someone says China is out to destroy the West and I am not western

No. 1561058

File: 1682613341903.webm (1.02 MB, 720x900, too_expensive.webm)

what's the joke supposed to be here?

No. 1561060

I think the joke is that he wasn't interested in the women's services and wasn't willing to pay for it, but was willing to pay to see a black man twerk.

No. 1561082

why did people on twitter think this was funny though

No. 1561090

Because twittertards are mentally deficient.

No. 1561142

The real joke is that he got interested when the woman said "H cup" but I've seen a bunch of different subtitles with whatever strange fetish.

No. 1561158

Jesus christ Japanese comedy is braindead as always

No. 1561178

I have to be 1 of the 3 people on this planet that doesn't enjoy japanese content. Like at all.

No. 1561188

number 2 reporting

No. 1561212

File: 1682625119520.jpg (50.12 KB, 680x683, 0ef.jpg)

I'm glad some female characters that were previously hated are now getting fanart and appreciation. It's like a renaissance. Sakura Haruno, Skyler White, and Ashley Graham come to mind. Mouse Ashley is so fucking cute

No. 1561214

Why are people so far left and far right
It’s like you can’t support those that choose abortion whilst simultaneously being against medical transition for kids or against woke college admissions rules.

No. 1561216

File: 1682625559335.jpg (Spoiler Image,261.2 KB, 1273x1772, hboxa53iiew81.jpg)

This pic of Beyonce is my current body goals and weight loss inspiration. We're both pears, and I love how she's a little toned. Definitely motivating me to exercise and take it seriously.

No. 1561222

I'm so glad that they changed Ashley's character to the better in the remake. She is so likeable now.

No. 1561261

File: 1682631119517.jpg (35.99 KB, 451x284, Demodex_folliculorum_SEM_crop.…)

These are on your eyelashes rn

No. 1561262

>makes fun of some girl's retarded furry high school teacher and student(18) love drama webtoon
>defends shield hero, a literal rape fantasy manga and ecchi anime
what the fuck is wrong with moids? i feel bad for the author

No. 1561270

wow he's so cute i like his little nose. i hope he's comfy

No. 1561273

Shokotan is getting married. I wish I could be rich as fuck by sperging about my favorite manga and video games and marry some cute guy too.

No. 1561274

Do you feel him sliding around on your forehead?

No. 1561281


No. 1561288

File: 1682633604170.jpg (17.09 KB, 253x337, 253px-Shoko_lick_Jotaro.jpg)

Shoko Nakagawa, a Japanese celebrity who's famous for being a huge otaku and for singing, acting, doing talk shows. Pic rel, she had the audacity of interviewing the author of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and telling him she wants Jotaro to spit on her right and beat hed up to his face.

No. 1561290

Is there a way to play songs here? Im looking for a song and I made a melody on a music maker thing so that I could put it in the help me find thread but I can't figure out how to do it. Help pls

No. 1561292

kek at this looking just like momokun's porn tho

No. 1561297

upload it to vocaroo and post a link to it

No. 1561306

Damn. I don't know what to think, I just hope he treats her right

No. 1561312

File: 1682634805844.jpg (26.77 KB, 736x715, 220aac43306af6d720d0b13c1c47e5…)

Ahhh tysm!!!

No. 1561313

Me too, she only deserves good things. We don't know who the guy is so he's most likely just a normal guy with a normal job who wants to mind his business. That's a good thing if you ask me but who knows…

No. 1561334

My personal cows feel like they have so much lore sometimes, and it's hard to get through because they do 2+ hour livestreams. I just found out that one was recently dating a stud missing 4 front teeth, and telling her that she would step up as the "daddy" since Cow is currently pregnant.

No. 1561339

>talking furry avatar
Stopped watching quickly

No. 1561379

I'm here in line for a concert all by myself. Wish you were here anons! I'm still going to have a good time tonight.

No. 1561381

Aw enjoy yourself x

No. 1561383

have fun anon! sing your lungs out

No. 1561395

Have fun! I've gone to a few alone and always really enjoyed myself

No. 1561399

Oh nonny! I bet it's gonna be so fun hehe, the first time I went to a concert was with my mom. Kinda sucked ass since she was being annoying, regardless of that it was fun! Have fun for me nonner ♥

No. 1561417

File: 1682649708927.png (24.99 KB, 250x202, 44535557-892A-4B7D-877E-EB933D…)

This design is super cute and I love the way this Daphne looks. Show still sucks

No. 1561419

my only thing is that it's really not clear that she's asian. i love it too though.

No. 1561423

File: 1682650757330.jpg (68.02 KB, 1285x691, 無題-min-50.jpg)

do i have low standards or does he looks kinda cute ?

No. 1561426

he possibly could if he got rid of the facial hair and changed his hairstyle

No. 1561448

His face looks cute but shitty hair and beard, is he actually fat? He doesn't look fat here.

No. 1561459

There's nothing wrong with this guy, he looks kinda cute. Something about the way he dresses (even if it's just room wear) makes me think he smells kinda funky though.

No. 1561460

i'm just dying to know what happened in that discord server or who's that anon's husbando kek

No. 1561470

They have a secret husbando fujo server. I was tempted to join it but I got scared. Never did lol.

No. 1561476

i know there's a husbando server and a fujo server, they're different servers i think.
someone in the husbando thread posted some allegations about the husbando server but others replied to her calling her a liar, now i want to know what really happened.

No. 1561503

What thee fuccckkkkkk lol. There's allegations now? ?? I never knew about this. Guess it was good to stay away from them

No. 1561510

File: 1682659467316.png (31.18 KB, 1285x577, sserrver.png)

nah i meant like allegations of the mods being shitty. picrel is the posts talking about the server

No. 1561511

File: 1682659534676.png (12.17 KB, 949x352, deletedreply.png)

and here's a deleted reply which makes me even more curious

No. 1561514

honestly not sure who that anon is specifically because i never pay attention to conflicts or notice them even, but most of what she's saying is pretty dumb, like those secret channels are literally just channels for trusted members, most discords have them. no one has to 'really like you', if you're active enough and act like a normal person you'd probably get added soon enough (i was never friends with the admins personally but they let me in there anyway) and the only reason they were talking about the annoying underage girl is because she kept trying to contact one of the members for some reason and posting weird shit on lc. i don't see why there'd be a need to make anything up to gossip, it's not like there's a shortage of genuinely unhinged users here.

No. 1561531

That anon contradicts herself, so the server lacks moderation, but it’s a hivemind? Then the mods would be there 24/7 deleting messages when that’s not the case. Plus the hidden channel was only there at the beginning because it was a way to identify the verified members, then it stayed as a place to be more personal and discuss issues within the server like the issue with the weird child that joined the server because she kept lurking lolcow, and the tranny that tried to join the server because there’s a bunch of moids and trannies lurking lolcow.
Or is that anon really thinking that you can just be like
>hey, I think you are a tranny @Anondiscord
>you sound like a child @Discordanon
On the main chat? That would be a braindead decision if you wanted to maintain a nice ambiance in the server.

No. 1561629

File: 1682682603042.jpg (30.23 KB, 381x382, 1648197591065.jpg)

Is it wrong to heavily reference someone irl(thats not famous) for a comic? i found some old con pictures and two girls look exactly how i envision the mcs for my post apocalyptic manga about nerdy girls.

No. 1561637

File: 1682684765408.jpg (196.84 KB, 1920x1080, meowmeowtian.jpg)

dear jesus, i come to you to ask you to bless me financially. i would like to win the lottery so that i never have to work again and can enjoy my life, get my education, and spend the rest of the time i have with the people i love most. i promise i will do whatever you ask me to do, i will invest and be smart with my buckaronis, and i will always be your most loyal servant even in death. amen amen.

No. 1561638

No, unless you’re going to look up their names, addresses and family tree, it literally doesn’t matter.

No. 1561646

File: 1682686329517.jpg (86.9 KB, 896x778, 1682684971663478.jpg)

they made bob the builder hot nonnies

No. 1561647

Did he die in 2018

No. 1561648

Are you implying he wasn’t hot? Because shit taste if you’re implying that.

No. 1561649

he looked both 50 and 5 before nonny, now he looks like he runs those home makeover shows on tlc

No. 1561650

age is just a number, what matters is the size of his drill

No. 1561653

It really sucks when I find one that has a pretty design, but is disgusting. I entered a stream when one of her viewers said he was leaving and she tells him bye (which idc, whatever), but she fucking starts kissing the mic and I had to leave.
Happy belated birthday, anonon.

No. 1561655

he doesnt even have a drill on the original. Wait, does that mean he's trans?

No. 1561657

I guess he spent 2011 to 2015 transitioning

No. 1561674

this picture brings me back, someone in my online friend group that i met 15 years ago has that photo as her social media photo. still friends with her on there but haven't really spoken in long time

No. 1561677

Just waiting for the tinfoil thread to come around, stop sperging about Jews, become a revolutionary socialist thread, so we can finally free the working class.

No. 1561685

No. 1561696

there's a tiny spooder crawling across my ceiling taking his sweet and lovely time to get to the other side of the room. i have no idea why he is going so slow. i think it's the same itty bitty spoodie that was on my bed two weeks ago sunbathing. i hate spooders but he gets a pass cause he is tiny.

still, fuck spooders.

No. 1561737

cringe and i hate corporations

No. 1561740

Non-weeb anons, genuine question, how did you find lc if you're not even weeb-adjacent in at least some way? Not asking ex-weebs.

No. 1561743

Hmm I think I was looking for some cow gossip, but I cant remember who.. Maybe Lil Bo Weep. Like straight up googling lol. Have been on my countrys board before though

No. 1561745

I'm fucking losing my shit, someone had to have trolled them. I work at an elementary school and they play MEGALOVANIA during special events. I've heard it during gym and assemblies. Do elementary school kids even play Undertale?! Why is it so popular?? This has to be some set up. Like, someone probably wrote an article online listing popular children's music and one of them snuck in there was fucking MEGALOVANIA from Undertale…

No. 1561748

I'll shoot you first when the revolution comes.

No. 1561754

File: 1682695799321.jpg (32.62 KB, 500x522, 1656733577914.jpg)

you are going to kill me of cringe first

No. 1561760

you work in a school and you don't know how much kids LOVE undertale? zoomer reveal but that game also came out during my last years of primary school and i loved that shit so much i was autistically obsessed with it and would talk to everyone including my parents and the girls who bullied me about the game kek there was a whole thing in 2016-2018 of youtube cringe compilations of children's animations which was so cruel looking back because they were so obviously made by like, 10 year olds. undertale is huge with kids and so is five nights at freddy's

No. 1561764

File: 1682696514295.jpg (127.63 KB, 1242x1143, Dsjn_obU8AY9MIM.jpg)

when lil peep died I saw picrel on reddit, so I googled toopoor to see who she was and the soundcloud threads came up kek been here ever since

No. 1561776

Gonna be sending an email to a company that I'll have to rescind my initial acceptance of their job offer. They're gonna be pissed but whatever.

No. 1561777

I really think there is something inherently wrong with libras. My mother and Tokyo Toni (vidrel) are both libras and they both act the same, and all the other libras I've ever met have something wrong with them.

No. 1561787

Thumbnail looks like azelia banks

No. 1561791

lol my mom is a libra as well (october 10th), but she's the stereotypical harmonious, balanced type that doesn't get involved in drama unless it actually directly affects her. however i find a lot of unevolved/low vibrational libras can be incredibly ratchet (like cardi b), drama seeking, coo coo for coconuts types that constantly start shit they never intend to finish. they're ruled by venus which makes sense because, on a base level venus is the goddess aphrodite who slept with everyone she pleased, got mad at other women for being more beautiful than her, started literal fucking wars because she got her feefees hurt if men didn't want her, but would always run back to olympus to pretend she didn't do anything bad or that she wasn't a home wrecking drama queen.

No. 1561794

currently sludging through this clunky ass esl-chan made fanfic right now and it really feels like im not gonna make it, but i shall perserve!!

No. 1561802

File: 1682702110837.jpg (82.09 KB, 1080x489, tjiedjhjak.jpg)

I will never believe any of you about your supposed nigels ever again, have a good day.

No. 1561803

Are you the anon who got banned for infighting in that thread?

No. 1561806

No, I didn't make a single post during that infight

No. 1561807

I mean the anon that got banned like half an hour ago. She replied to the post you posted a picture of.

No. 1561808

okay sure? Still wasn't me

No. 1561809

I low-key want to torture a moid like this

No. 1561816

Half the men that are into this troon out

No. 1561822

Whenever I'm stressed out or pissed off about something at work I watch this and it makes me feel better

No. 1561823

see >>1561816 don't wanna risk a potential troon out

No. 1561825

No. 1561844

kek love this one. For me it's this interview that makes me laugh every damn time

No. 1561848

Anon this genuinely made my day. Thank you kek ♥

No. 1561861

Edgy metalhead teenage me would be so disappointed in present me if she knew who is going to be the 1st scrote I ever felt anything towards kek

No. 1561862

I am going to watch sleeping beauty to cleanse my mind off of all those ugly ass remakes

No. 1561884

I want to watch a romanianon stream. I don’t even watch twitch streamers , I made an account just to get notifications when she goes live. I missed the last one. Posting in the dumbass thread because why would I even want to watch her watch a Jordan Peterson video or whatever the fuck she does, I just do

No. 1561886

File: 1682708409608.jpg (373.24 KB, 1750x2500, wizard-kids-costume.jpg)

Did you guys ever do gnc halloween costumes
I remember the year when I was like 9 I went as picrel because I was super into harry potter and when I was trick o treating some kid clowned on me and said I was a girl and shouldn't wear that kek In retrospect why was that kid focused on me instead of the next house and getting candy

No. 1561888

In freshman or sophomore year I was a "werewolf business man" (werewolf mask and thrifted suit) and in junior year I made an Ash Williams costume to wear to christmas spirit week kekkkkk.

No. 1561891

We don't have Halloween where I'm from, but I went to a costume party as Samurai Jack
>GNC costume
this is so retarded. it's a costume. people can dress as inanimate objects or whatever. 21st century brain rot

No. 1561894

lol when people get worked up over character costumes. Little boys love to tell you you can’t do that. Like bitch it’s Halloween, sorry you’re jealous you didn’t have the balls to dress up like your favorite girl character. The fuck