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No. 1537536

Previous thread >>1530442

No. 1537538

I’m not my types type and it sucks ass

No. 1537540

Scrote tier thread pic

No. 1537553

File: 1680244060632.jpeg (56.87 KB, 680x383, 892ED6C0-7C2C-43C2-9B52-0E8780…)

My boss told me yesterday I was getting an EOFY $1000 bonus which I was thrilled about, but today my payslip came in and after taxes, student loan payments and mandated retirement contributions it was just over $400. I wouldn’t be mad if my government wasn’t as bloated and useless as a beached whale and that the consultants whose salaries I'm contributing to weren’t working half has hard as me for twice the pay. And to top it all off my satisfyer died when I was right on the edge and I nearly smashed it open with a hammer because I was so furious. I’m writing this while I wait for it to charge kek

No. 1537566

File: 1680246366179.jpg (18.72 KB, 275x253, thisisfine.jpg)

sober for a week cold turkey just because alcohol was making me too fucking fat and god is it boring being sober

legit want to off myself at how boring life seems to be. alcohol really did make everything fun, or at least, more tolerable. i cant sleep either its fine this is fine

would rather be miserable for a little bit than fat forever(Reddit spacing)

No. 1537570

I will do it I will recover from my Ed. It doesn’t serve me anymore and now it can go. Maybe I needed it to cope or what but those times are over. I tried to recover before and I gained weight and was healthy for once only to hear that I’m fat now from so called friends. But those people are also gone thank God and I hope karma is real you toxic ass cunt. I have significant ana face and I hate it. I feel frail and old. I believe there is enough healing power in my body and I can bounce back, I never tortured my body too much. I always tried to love it as much as I could. And my body loves me so much now is time to give it all back. I stopped smoking already because I just cannot do this to my body and I bought cake and chocolate and peanut butter. The only thing I’m scared about is that I cannot keep up with exercise but it’s so important because I have an athletic body type and I look so so bad flabby. I know it’s all in me and I can do it but it’s so much my head is spinning wish me luck nonnies. I really needed to let that out.

No. 1537574

sick and it feels like i have so much never ending mucus

No. 1537576

My fucking nasty ass mom that leaves chicken guts on the sink for a week and just lets them rot telling ME to clean up after myself?? Bitch are you for real?

No. 1537597

Ffs idk why now my boyfriend is being off with me now. He was complaining I worked the past few weekends even though I don't pick my hours. I got a 3 day weekend starting today and he's working his 9-5. I had issues with being bullied by an older man at work and it all finally got sorted and he got dismissed by hr so my mood has definitely picked up. I want to see my boyfriend make up for lost time. He's starting to stop texting me goodnight and this morning he's just berating me for fuck all so I said hey want me to just come round tomorrow morning so you can relax and he said great and is now nitpicking other shit. Fucking grow up dude wtf is your problem? I never get mad that you always have weekends off, get a life

No. 1537606

This is going to sound unhinged and mento illness but I was walking my dog this morning and everything was going well but then I saw vomit on the ground. And now I can't stop thinking about how it's probably from someone with a flu or some other virus and I'm gonna catch it too. I didn't touch it and my dog got close to it but maybe I stepped on it without noticing idk. It's so fucking gross. I'm tired of being among gross shit and gross people and having to wash my hands 50 times a day to not catch some nasty ass illness. I hate illnesses so much and I'm going insane. It's making me want to kill myself.

No. 1537609

Nonnie this is over the top worry about getting sick, but I understand the frustration of living in a gross/dirty city.

No. 1537611

I was hoping I'd get over this crush faster, instead I keep wallowing and thinking about him. Sometimes I wonder if under other circumstances we could have been together. I hate myself for this , I should focus on other more important things but he was someone I could have most likely love. It saddens me.

No. 1537620

Is 8am to 4:30 kinda.. time consuming sounding to anyone else? Good lord. I feel like I have up and then come back the evening. It just bums me out cause there's nothing to do after 5 here. Everything that's fun closes or I could eat or I could go outside and the weather is shitty. Omg I don't wanna go to work tomorrow.. helpspppp

No. 1537622

Literally me rn, anon. I'm torturing myself over this shit even though it's futile af. Let's both try to focus on better things.

No. 1537623

>reddit spacing everywhere
>moid takes every other post
>this thread pic
Can't these moids go find some anime porn to jerk off and leave already.

No. 1537638

Are you really upset about a Pepe pic…

No. 1537639

I'm going to hell for sure. Roughly two years ago, a friend of a friend accidentally gave me bedbugs. I had 4 extermination sessions, one steaming session, and I also experimented with diatomaceous earth. The exterminators told me that there is no chance that the apartment has bedbugs as they did not find the usual sign (bloodspots on the sheets, dead bugs, feces, etc). It was such a hassle, the extermination, the dusting, etc that I sort of stopped caring if I have them or not. After a while I started getting itchy spots again but they were different - they didn't swell up, they weren't painful to the touch and they didn't itch that much so I got convinced that the exterminators were right and these couldn't be bedbugs after all. Also, there were still no other signs - no feces, no bloodsmears, nothing. My boyfriend recently moved in with me and I noticed he's getting the same itchy spots but he never mentioned and I was afraid to bring it up at all because I was afraid that he would think of me as unsanitary or something and would want to break up with me. He's been complaining that he feels tired and needs to nap several times a day and if it is bedbugs after all, I'm afraid that it could be from the blood loss perhaps??
I feel guilty and ashamed and unsure what to do. After all the extermination attempts I feel it's pointless to call the exterminators again - especially since there are still no signs of the bugs. And I mean I look for them on a regular basis - I screwed the bed apart, examined the nightstand, sprayed every crack on the walls I could find - and nothing. I just feel awful that I dragged my innocent bf into this and he's affected by it. I was thinking of maybe arranging a heat treatment secretly but I just don't know what to tell him to not come home in that timeframe? Gosh I hate myself

No. 1537640

>reddit spacing everywhere
Where? You people classify anything as reddit spacing, do you hate readability?

No. 1537641

Thanks anon. I did tell them that this was the last time and that I'm not peeing in anymore cups. I hope they don't ask me again, next time I'll tell them to just buy synthetic pee.

No. 1537650

i can't believe i've been such a mental cuck, trying to keep my mom happy when this bitch is not capable nor would be willing to actually understand me. and she's always so loud and never closes the bathroom door, since she's fucked daddy and shat out us kids it's okay if everyone sees her body and hears her shit.

No. 1537651

Drink vodka, it's low cal. Or graduate from alcohol abuse and start working for your degree in being a junkie scholar

No. 1537654

File: 1680259871232.jpg (19.38 KB, 300x300, il_300x300.1827104927_f32n.jpg)

Same, been having an extremely rough time in life with people who keep trying to antagonize me in my work and personal life, and alcohol is really the only thing that helps given weed makes me anxious, I gained like 12 lbs over the past few mos between drinking and stress eating junk food + my friends continually buying and giving me Gatorade and high sugar drinks as chasers/hydration drinks so I'm in the same same boat. I never really drank much but fuck, people who really want to fuck up your life really make rawdogging life impossible. I have no issue giving it up but it really is great just to have a shot to take the edge off every so often. Not fat but 12 lbs feels like absolute shit on my frame and I feel like my body is weighed down. Also hate having boobs now and needing to wear a bra instead of being able to go without one

No. 1537655

Having a parent who would lose their fucking mind if you treated them the way they treat you, I wanna kill this b so bad.

No. 1537666

I hate living at home but I can't move out because after a month I'd go straight into debt while living on two square meters. I can't have a moment of peace and quiet to myself because every 5 seconds my family will barge into my room. I tried asking them if they could stop doing it so often but it didn't work. My friend and me tried putting together our salaries and worked it out but we wouldn't have even a bedroom. Only solution would be nightshifts so I can sleep during the day but I don't want to walk home at 4 am. Trailer parks/camping grounds are constantly being raided by the police. Can't win, I hate the economy.

No. 1537667

>every 5 seconds my family will barge into my room
Lock the door

No. 1537669

Caucasian spotted

No. 1537678

Pms melancholy. I don't even complain tbh, it's so mild, light-blue and cool just like this day. It's wild to think that only 5 years ago and especially earlier I would cry almost nonstop for days, and now I get just a little bit sad few days prior. Wow. Makes me want to go back in time and hug myself.

No. 1537679

File: 1680264222980.jpg (12.34 KB, 236x236, 16cc251f394a53e229fd250abac660…)

>realising im growing up
>realising my family will get distant from me because i'm an adult and don't need their help or love
>realise i need to stop dressing comfy and tomboyish and start dressing like a proper woman so im not a joke, i don't even know how to wear makeup
>realising im all my family will scatter, either university, work, we won't see each other
>realising the past is getting further away and the present does not yet make sense
>realising how ungrateful i have been, my lack of perspective, my defensiveness
>realising how lonely early adulthood is

No. 1537680

This was me a few weeks ago, I was devastated because this was my first somewhat serious crush since high school, this kind of feeling was so unusual to me I had no idea how to cope. It'll eventually pass nonna, don't worry.

No. 1537682

im caucasian but kek

No. 1537684

My thoughts exactly. I always correlate pepe to the 4chan shithole or Twitch manure heap. We don't need him here.

No. 1537685

I wonder if there’s something else in the apartment that’s making you react. Gas leaks can cause skin irritation and fatigue. You need to contact your apartment management so they can check into it

btw how did you go your whole ass relationship without mentioning the bugs, extermination attempts, or your skin irritation or long enough to get your boyfriend to move in with you??

No. 1537686

File: 1680265094327.png (14.31 KB, 275x248, pepenona1.png)

You sound like twitter tards, there's nothing inherently scrotey about pepe.

No. 1537689

File: 1680265366747.png (83.34 KB, 1834x721, Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 14.21…)

I never minded redditspacing before but in the past weeks there's been a few distinct users whose posts fill up the entire screen. I think it's half kiwitards (they can never stop themselves from posting their smug essays) and half newfags from Twitter/Tiktok who censor words like vagina and suicide Sorry I meant self deletion

No. 1537690

when we get raided and it's not gore, it's either pepe or wojacks. They're a sign of low cognitive function and ugly to look at

No. 1537691

Ayrt, dont have a lock. Would have installed one but I can't because of the way the door is from the inside.

No. 1537692

Ayrt, I agree that’s reddit spacing too

No. 1537696

I think that's a kiwitard too

No. 1537697

The extermination was way before we met. I sort of gave up on it when we started dating, since the exterminators said that it cannot be bedbugs. But thinking about it, it cannot really be anything else, the itchy spots always come in 3-4 clusters

No. 1537698

Samefag, and I just feel so fucking hopeless. I literally checked EVERYWHERE for them, bought casing for the mattress, etc. They shouldn't exist and yet we're both getting bitten

No. 1537699

when was it pepe? it's just wojacks out of those two you said, and that's from soyjack party raiders. lolcow originated from 4chan and many users still use it (unfortunately). not sure what point you're trying to make

No. 1537700

nta but not all doors have locks so who knows if that possible. There weren't locks on my door or my sister's room' door because the previous owner of the apartment had very young kids and removed them for safety reasons, we had to reinstall them.

No. 1537701

We never get raided with pepe photos. Also, pepe isn't even an imageboard exclusive thing anymore.

No. 1537706

You remind me of this anon
Her update

No. 1537707

you should make an appointment with a dermatologist- take pictures of the rash if it’s active now so you can show them and talk to them later if you need to wait for an appointment. Definitely note how they start to appear (can you feel your skin change? Do you just wake up with them?) and how they go away (do they fade? Blister?), and note how they make you feel and how long they typically last. Mention the exterminators, and what products they used. Don’t worry nona someone will be able to figure it out and help you!

No. 1537708

I've stooped so fucking low. I just blew some cash on fucking photocards. Feeling ashamed of myself. I can't wait for them to arrive so I can put them in a cute tin box I bought for this exact purpose. Getting a job was the worst mistake I've made.

No. 1537710

They hate you because you spoke the truth. Pepes are ugly and prevalent enough in moid circles. We need more pictures of God damn Elsie in here!

No. 1537711

There is a picture of Elsie ITT
Pepe Elsie kek

No. 1537728

File: 1680269651141.png (709.01 KB, 2000x2500, bumpdontscroll.png)

do not scroll

No. 1537755

File: 1680272397073.jpeg (446.41 KB, 1284x1622, 00B22F92-7460-408E-AEB0-736E9F…)

i posted here a few days ago really panicking & sadly things have not improved. nonnies gave sweet encouragement for me to try an snri that worked in the past but my psychiatrist has not even responded back for 5 days now (the office is so bad, they hardly refill my current medicine on time) and im just starting to feel put off from the idea of trying medicine. wondering if i should just keep trying to push through & take baby steps with as much self compassion as possible, and maybe i can increase therapy sessions temporarily.

i feel very tense, panicky, sleeping too much, cant focus. i eat enough & very clean, maybe could use some more water lately…i only take a stimulant the same one ive been on for years and supplements that have had no bad effects ever but i have noticed its been less effective (the stimulant) & i dont know why. im sober and i was drinking a lot of caffeine last week so now i havent been incase it was making things worse. i went for a walk today, trying to keep myself busy, working part time & maybe things will feel ok again.

i just feel so burnt out & stressed..so much to do, so much i truly want to do, but at the same time fighting some weird cognitive issues & brain fog & feeling of anxiety and depression yet i really want to live and feel happy?!

im trying to talk to friends again because ive been isolating myself a lot so i can try to get things done ive been slacking on but then sometimes i feel like i dont deserve to talk tot hese friends when i have so much i need to do. i make to do lists, i try to be mindful with the task at hand, i just feel this constant tightness in my chest. it wasnt like this before. i had improved so much so i just dont understand why all of a sudden this is how it must be. my period is over. i dont know what more to do. i feel bad my best friend has to put up with me being such a shell lately.

it feels nice to vent this all out…hopefully i can feel ok again if i just keep doing my best.

No. 1537769

bedbugs are nearly impossible to get rid of. you're better off just burning the mattress in gasoline and getting a new one if you can afford it lol. they burrow and lay eggs deep inside the mattress itself, so it is very easy to miss them. you may want to try buying a really powerful steam cleaner and see if you can steam the bed a few times in the hopes that will roast them muthafuckers alive. even if it doesn't, at least your bed will smell nice.

idk if you are a burger but when we had a flea infestation in my grandparents' home a few years ago, my mom and i went to home depot and bought those diy flea, tick, and bedbug spray kits with the gallon of insecticide that you put the spray nozzle in, and i went around the house and did a full treatment every 2 weeks (which is around the time it takes for flea eggs to hatch). we also took all our bedding to the laundromat and washed everything with at least a cup of borax per load (dries out their exoskeletons). then as a preventative measure, i sprinkled diatomaceous earth on the mattresses, around the baseboards, over the carpet in the corners…all the places i read that bugs like to hide. i even went in the backyard and did this, which was sad because i ended up killing a lot of good buggies in the process, but i was so traumatized by being bitten by fleas because we were covered in bites like you were describing. the only difference here is that fleas are a little bit easier to kill than bedbugs, but the process to get rid of them is similar in many ways. it's doable but you will need to continously do this for a few months, if not a year.

No. 1537792

This is a stupid vent so that’s why it’s here, I just need to get it off my chest. I work in PR for a conservative city, and run the social media pages. It is very Christian-focused and I guess I should have known this already going in. I’m a Wiccan myself, and I am usually tolerant to all religions, however it gets frustrating sometimes when I have to make media releases for holidays. No other religious holidays are celebrated, and certainly not mine because people here would freak out. So far I just make two separate campaigns for those unaffiliated and for those who celebrate Christian holidays and put more religious imagery in those. It feels so disingenuous sometimes, but I guess that’s part of any job. I feel that we should celebrate all, or none. Maybe I’m also just annoyed that I can’t take off on holidays that pertain to me. Cool, I get Good Friday off, but I wish I could’ve gotten equinoxes off.

No. 1537794

oh, i forgot to mention. i also treated all of our cars, washed all our clothes (literally all of them), pillows…anything with fabric you have to treat or else dormant eggs will hatch again. the bugs will usually hide themselves in places you wouldn't expect, like car upholstery, bath rugs, even curtains can have eggs. spray down cracks in the house too, along the seams in the flooring, underneath cabinets…everywhere. anything in the house that was fabric got the run down. if it couldn't be washed i would try to steam it, take it to the dry cleaners, or spray it down with the bug treatment and then borax and diatomaceous earth. we also replaced some of our bagless vacuums as they will crawl down through the filters and just re-enter the home if you don't clean them right away. if you have bagless vacuums, you have to spread diatomaceous earth and borax over the entirety of the floor, let it sit for an hour or two, preferably overnight and then vacuum. take the canister out immediately once you are done, and dump it. if you have a bagless vacuum it is better because they get trapped in the bag and can't escape.

No. 1537885

Just walked past a garbage can full of communist (hammer/sickle) and tranny stickers. Some said 'eat shit terfs', I've seen these around town the past year or so. It makes me want to move to a backwards farmer village. Every type of extremism is dangerous so why is this one condoned?

No. 1537906

Kek, meanwhile no actual communists would support tranny ideo. Literally it's totally incompatible. Tranny shit is right wing asf.

No. 1537914

How to ruin a Worker's Movement, by USA:
Associate it with degenerates

No. 1537916

Some certain habits are kicking my ass real hard again. Things I paid no mind to and finished in a minute take me now eight times as long (I counted).

No. 1537917

there's some in /m/ too, the Apu version. I think they're cute

No. 1537924

went out, had 2 drinks by myself and went home. got home and went into my room quietly so my family doesn't notice. my mom thinks i was out for hours having fun but in reality i hid under the sheets and cried the entire afternoon. im going to kill myself as soon as she dies, i can't do this anymor ebut i can't put her through that

No. 1537947

my mother is the worst most twisted communicator I have ever interacted with. she can shatter your confidence with two sentences and will play the victim until she dies. she is jaded and bitter and I'm convinced her constant negative energy will ruin things in my life if I let her know about them. I should know better than to tell her about anything I am worried about until after I know the result, or her terribleness will influence it to have the negative outcome. She thinks she's helping but she makes me feel like shit about everything and then tells me I shouldn't be surprised when things turn out badly.

No. 1537960

File: 1680289946776.jpg (47.03 KB, 680x436, 1679509393755.jpg)

I met a guy at work and he's autistic like me, he's also a gnostic like me, a bookworm and cinephile and a lefty but not the mainstream type, more like a Hegelian one. He scares me, not because he's creepy or something, it just scares me to meet someone similar to me. I don't know how to behave around someone as autistic and interested in the same stuff, like it's great on one hand but idk. I genuinely want to have a friend in him but I'm scared that if I spent more time with him he will develop feelings for me and I'm not interested in relationships with anyone. I still can't believe I met someone like him, after a lifetime of existential isolation. I wish I was a man, just to have a friend in someone like him, without the fear.

No. 1537963

This. They were shitting the thread up all night yesterday. Feel like at this point lolcow is me, two other girls and the rest are obviously shizomoid. You can tell when a thread is suddenly speedrunning with 50 posts an hour of retarded infights and the rest of the website is dead.

No. 1537969

you sound like you have a crush but you’re too autistic to articulate it tbh good luck, I hope you can mold him to be whatever you need

No. 1537985

Anon just talk to him. Don't get too high expectations though, he's not someone that's magically gonna fix all your issues, he's simply an autist.

No. 1538002

File: 1680293210900.jpg (33.95 KB, 686x720, c5e1168a83ea384e8ec586eced15c0…)

>Find this artist on Reddit
>She seems nice
>We share husbandos
>She makes a Twitter account
>Follow her
>3 months in
>Most of her tweets are complains and very little art
>Tired because this fandom already has drama every week
>Debating if I should just unfollow her

No. 1538008

Arguing on sms is lame as fuck, the character limit is quite literally making everyone retarded and you just get blocked instead of getting to dunk on them kids with facts and logic.
Truly everything is better on lolcow.

No. 1538011

Why do you insist on posting like a pedophilic tranny

No. 1538012

Mute her.

No. 1538013

Including reddit spacing.

No. 1538014

I hate teachers like you, if real.

No. 1538017

>>1538009 pathetic LARP kek

No. 1538018

Suddenly I regret agreeing to go to a party because I am in my sad pms days and I want to spend weekends crying my eyes away over unknown people dying even though normally I am an unempathetic desensitized retard. At least there'll be alcohol so I can get drunk and don't feel anything for an evening.

No. 1538021

Yeah for one I wouldn't let students humiliate me in front of class and I would never talk to the boy students they get automatic F's

No. 1538023

The questions were asked without an audience so not really humiliated simply boundary crossed after which they were hastily put in their place.

No. 1538024

I never get humiliated that’s the thing. It’s not embarrassing if ur not embarrassed

No. 1538027

lucky you! I think you should go for it. If you have much in common then he will most likely want to be your friend too. I'm autistic too so I understand having trouble with making friends though a potential romance can be troublesome. I say try to befriend him and if he does confess to you in the future then tell him you are not interested. I think losing a potential friendship because he might fall in love with you is a shame
>Most of her tweets are complains and very little art
that's just how twitter is. It's a platform designed to tweet whatever comes to your mind plus the whole culture on there encourages it. It's dreadful that it has become the main hub for art

No. 1538036

i can tell my moid is becoming distant and is probably emotionally detaching from our relationship. it really hurts, and i hope i'm wrong, but at the same time i would rather be alone and just devote myself to my husbando than be with someone who no longer cares about me. it just sucks and is ruining my birthday. the only time he seems happy around me anymore is when we hang out with my extended friend group (i.e. not alone with me).

No. 1538042

Just went through a 1st interview that was kind of a waste of time and I can tell I didn't answer the questions too well.

No. 1538043

File: 1680296990148.jpg (53.13 KB, 556x700, 422fac415f9903fa98a838aa41b956…)

He treats me like a burden. Only wants silence and to be left alone. Does he expect me to not find appreciation and love elsewhere? My mind goes back to my ex, who was never any better, but in my daydreams he is perfect. In this reality he knows how to love me and it makes me somehow miss him, but the memories I have aren't real between us. I wish I never met men.

No. 1538064

I have an unhealthy obsession with my ex and I need to stop now that I'm learning about how the Aidan shooter had a weird one-sided obsession with people. I can't help it but maybe feeling social shame would help me to finally get over my ex

No. 1538077

I have a classmate that's the most annoying type of moid in existence. I swear to god he's either got some mental block or he's lazy. He dropped his drawing class because he's more into cartoons and drawing spheres, cubes, and still lifes (lives?) in general is too hard (it's really not). He's still in my design class though and this dude is so behind, I'm surprised he hasn't dropped out of school completely at this point. There's literally three confirmed people in that class on the spectrum and one of them is fairly slow at finishing their work, but he still turns in his stuff on time. This dude though just can't get his shit together and is blaming it on the teacher introducing concepts too fast and not giving enough time. He's literally the only person that is this behind.

I also suspect he's gonna troon out at some point because he seems to be a terminally online twitter user and thinks the tranny (ugly Neanderthal phenotype too) in class is cool and said his ugly ass dress was cute.

No. 1538079

are you me

No. 1538080

are you me

No. 1538083

I chopped all my hair off because it was severely bleach damaged and I wanna rock the virgin hair look, but now I have so much regret because wigs hurt my head and beanies are weird to wear in the summer

No. 1538138

how is someone falling behind in class your problem?

No. 1538147

File: 1680305304129.jpg (23.51 KB, 275x220, 1663529738636.jpg)

I'm going to kill myself there is no fucking way the pharmacy isn't going to ask for my soul, firstborn, and ten trillion dollars because it's just not possible that the prescription renewed already I fucking hate America and I want everyone making money off of diabetics to fucking explode PAINFULLY.

No. 1538164

I wish I could be specific but I know the automatic backlash I would receive. I wish I could ask for insight but I think this is the wrong avenue.
I feel like I could do something really great and not only financially viable, but beneficial to my family as a whole. By incorporating local art and products and classy organized advertising i hope to have a good impact.
Idk; its a shot in the dark but it might work out. I guess I just always thought Id be a broke bitch and now Im getting a handle on finances.

No. 1538168

Boyfriend wants me to like his sister but I have no idea what is so supposedly cool about her. She dumps stuff on us. she’s one of those annoying ass motherfucks that doesn’t respect anyone’s time, you know the ones that either won’t give you a time frame for something and then just show up at your house with no warning at 8pm OR gives you a time and then is insanely late. He agreed to watch her dog this weekend but I know this bitch wouldn’t do that for him, she would tell him take it to their parents.

No. 1538173

My bf being weird with me and I said as much in text but he just blew it off. We're suppose to be having our 6th month anniversary date and next week paramore is playing and I got tickets and booked a hotel and he was all up for it but I bet he's backing out. If he doesn't want to go I'm dumping him, going myself and will keep my hotel room. I'm not settling for someone that can't partake in my interests this will be the second show he's bailed on me. I take interest in all his shite like this is annoying. We both go to work and that's not fun. Sometimes it's just about doing something different. He's grumpy a lot and I overlook it but I'm getting fed up. Sat in on a Friday night after a long week at work and now our date tomorrow isn't happening because I don't know what the fuck he's doing and I'm getting baked af and it'll be 3am soon and I'm not waking up early to sniff around him asking if we're hanging out. Fuck off

No. 1538174

Is this the wrong thread to vent about someone annoying? Does it go in the personal cow thread?

No. 1538178

Damn anon same, i even wanted to buy a wig too, my hair is all choppy and not even clips can manage it. Cutting my hair wasn't worth it in my case, it looks dead regardless and grows extremely slow because i have curly hair, it's been months and it barely touches my clavicle, i'm genuinely depressed over it

No. 1538179

I saw a recent pic of Pete Wentz and he’s so gross looking, being a millennial and having to see the resurgence of these tween bands with their alcohol bloated and crusty moids is the fucking worst

No. 1538190

File: 1680315218092.jpeg (47.38 KB, 750x741, E4695A9B-B1D8-4B45-B644-8CF408…)

I have experienced gender dysphoria since I was 9 and I’m starting to realize that this is something I’m either going to have to repress for the rest of my life or give into the urges and troon out. If I do go on T I wouldn’t go out of my way to force everyone to use male pronouns for me, but I have this fear that no matter which path I choose I will always be miserable, and it will never be enough. My greatest fear is that if I go on testosterone, I’ll end up wanting top surgery, and if I get top surgery, I’ll probably still feel like it isn’t enough and I’ll get bottom surgery or something. But if I don’t go on testosterone, I will be miserable and suicidal. I have read all of the radfem/GC literature in the world and nothing has helped. I’m starting to think it’s a genetic thing bc my dad is a closeted tranny too. I am so scared, I already get sm shit as a gender nonconforming woman, I can’t imagine how much worse it is for trannies

No. 1538197

Y’all must talking to teacher anon from last thread >>1536959

No. 1538198

you will never be a male, and there is no set of rules that dictate how you must live as a female. get off the internet for 6 months and go work on a farm wwoofing or something and your problems are gone

No. 1538199

Have you looked into body dysmorphia help books? Typically gender dysphoria is just body dysmorphia combined with thinking tranny ideology is the only way to fix it.

No. 1538203

File: 1680319253080.jpeg (55.52 KB, 1284x695, 74F700D4-3742-4521-8626-F24F5F…)

Same fag but anons bitched at me yesterday for thinking the post was sus but I found the same post on a moms forum that was deleted for being inappropriate. I knew I was right!

No. 1538205

I feel sorry that you clearly have extreme trauma about existing as a woman. Unfortunately, none of that will go away even after you cut off your tits and drank poison. It's magical thinking. You will never be a male man or enjoy male man privilege or a male man body, you will always be treated like a failed woman. On top of incurring health issues, worsened depression after the initial high wears off, you'll then either detransition or kill yourself. You should focus on practicing distress tolerance, body neutrality and procuring relationships with women who aren't retarded.

No. 1538206

Or you could:
a) hang around some detransitioners. Hearing their stories could help you deal with what is causing your dysphoria
b) find a therapist is willing to work with you and not affirm you
c) both

No. 1538220

I already know that I will never be man. If I’d didn’t know that I was a woman I wouldn’t want to troon out
I think it’s a combination of genetics + internalized societal misogyny + just liking the way the way that androgyny/masculinity looks
I will try this. Read a little bit into it when I was in ED residential but not much.

No. 1538225

I always get filled with such strong emotions right during my period. This always manifests in a way where I get depressed and regretful about my past relationships, wishing things were different, and feeling sorry for myself. I envy being a man who can just drown out their emotions with testosterone.

No. 1538228

since you've mentioned having an eating disorder before then you know how things keep developing even further despite reaching the goals you've set. you're right in that you'll make yourself even more miserable but you need to know that that misery will be worse than the one you'll experience if you only keep dwelling on it without any of the permanent decisions. the only real way for you to get past this self loathing is, i know much easier said than done but by trying to change the way you think. you've said that you read feminist books on this topic so i believe you've deconstructed it but i'll still recommend looking into it more, maybe from the points of view of women who have actually transitioned and not just desisted will be more effective. also this might sound mean spirited but try to decrease your internet use for a bit, you've experienced dysphoria since the age of 9 so it's possible that you didn't use it as much then but see if anything has changed. i know it's made me feel better even if i was initially afraid as i was already internet addicted by early primary school and that much time for introspection freaked me out but it honestly made me feel better in giving me the space and time to think about things and the why and how ( they've developed into the way they are ) of them without any external interference. if you really feel like getting top surgery and have the money for the procedure, try getting a reduction first. an anon posted about having similar features itt before and said that it's helped massively with dysphoria. i truly wish you the best anon! sorry if any of this comes off as patronizing i'm autistic but i'm being sincere

No. 1538229

also often times this dysphoria is intertwined with having an eating disorder so the ways to help you cope are likely similar

No. 1538235

This doesn’t come off as patronizing, I think it’s helpful. The hardest step will be finding a therapist who isn’t blindly trans-affirming. I live in a blue state and there’s no way in hell I’m gonna move to a red state where I’ll probably be hatecrimed for being a GNC woman just to find a TERFy therapist. There seems to be no in between when it comes to trans affirming therapist and homophobic conversion therapists and it sucks

No. 1538255

File: 1680327952308.jpeg (36.86 KB, 828x529, 0247DC45-AB8E-4D5C-A836-06F074…)

Why are so many scrotes anti tattoo?? Maybe I hang out with a lot of retards but they shit on tattoos every chance they get. It’s always with they’re so trashy and make you look like a cheap prostitute.
I just want to have to tattoos man. I’m a big retard who cares what my bf thinks and he along with our scrote friends think tattoos are gross.
I’m in pickme hell and wish I could liberate myself.
I mean I see the logic and rationale about not caring what men think and not letting your bf dictate what you can and cannot do with your body but I can’t help myself and yearn desperately for their approval.
My ex chimped out and treated me like I cheated on him when I got my ear piercings. I felt like shit and worthless from his disapproval but still left my earrings in cause I liked them.
I will probably end up getting my tattoos I’ll just have that sad period male disapproval and continue on with my life.

No. 1538258

I honestly wanna get tats too but I'm too afraid that other women will think I'm trashy and will judge me as a bad person automatically without even getting to know me. Or will get to know me but still keep a distance cause of my tats. I have this retarded mindset that lingers in my mind that I'll find ThE OnE and she won't like tats and I'd have lost my chance with her. Ugh hate this

No. 1538260

If she would be so judgemental and close minded about something you like and want for yourself then how could she be the one?

No. 1538261

There's plenty of men who like tattoos, you're simply hanging out with the wrong crowd.

No. 1538262

My mom doesn't want me to go out drinking with her and heraunts tomorrow and I'm kinda mad butidont wanna see her ugly fucking face anyway, her presence alone pisses me off and the way she acts her personality irritates me. Have fun fat bitch

No. 1538264

That's good thinking!! I never thought of it that way. I feel like she would be classy, modest and reserved, dressed elegantly and serene. But she would look down at people with tats.

No. 1538269

Yeah, I was right. He does have feelings for me; I broached the topic with him because while nothing happened between us, I could see the signs of that potentially changing and it didn't sit well with me. Made it clear that nothing can happen between us; he's married. We're probably gonna go no-contact.

I feel sad because he's a good friend and it'll suck to have the friendship end, but I don't want to wreck a marriage even though I feel like I already have… I feel good that I did the right thing, but a small part of me wishes that circumstances were different (namely, him being single rather than married) because I really like him, idk. Fuck.

No. 1538273

I'm going to preface this by saying that I myself am a TIF. If you have Bulimia or Anorexia, you probably do not have dysphoria whatsoever and moreso have a problem with your fat deposits, which can be fixed with therapy. If you do have dysphoria, no amount of therapy has any scientific evidence to help, and HRT is not much better in terms of research, but since it's 50/50, I guess that means most doctors jumped on it instead of doing actual research on other methods or considering trying everything in the book before settling on something permanent.
Essentially, try everything you can besides trooning. Usually people detransition because it was another issue than dysphoria, they ran out of money, or they had such severe side effects they could not continue. If it helps, that's lucky. If it hurts, it's permanent. So rambling aside, try to recover from your ED first before bringing up your dysphoria whatsoever. If it helps it go away, you were dysmorphic, not gender dysphoric, and you dodged a bullet.
Most therapy offices in the states fire TERFy therapists on the spot if they ever say anything even mildly anti-troon. Like, it's explicitly against most offices ethics codes, so the grand majority are pro-troon and those that are not usually get fired and blacklisted the moment they say anything. The exceptions, I think, are Oklahoma, Florida, and Utah which are massive shitholes for women, especially lesbians and GNC women.
It's sad, really. I think they should at least be critical of children trooning, even if they're fine with or support adults doing it.

No. 1538278

My coworker whos a stereotype gothic fat woman that uses gay moid lingo because shes "so gay" as a bisexual who 100% just fucks men, has decided to start calling herself autistic because of all the mental illness tiktok shit. I joked i wish i had meds because im decently sure i have add, adhd, or high functioning autism. She decided to push the conversation into "why wouldnt you want to be autistic?? Its so different" as if it was offending her when she's very much normal, lying for some weird attention. Of course i dont want to feel like a weirdo who doesn't get along with society. Ive felt that way my whole life since 6th grade or so when we were all expected to grow up. I just wanted to fit in with other kids when I'd always come off weird. Now you can't even say you're sick of being an outcast due to a disorder because normal people have decided to self diagnose as "something special". Except for them its just another "im not like the other women/men" bullshit, another "i have issues so you cant be mean to me" while people with actual needs are told to fuck off because they arent some romanticized version of special needs. Hate this shit.

No. 1538280

It's okay nonna, my ex liked tattoos and thought they were sexy and I was still afraid to get them because anti-tattoo comments I read from random moids online years prior still lingered in my mind lmaoo. I thought oh no what if a random man thinks I'm disgusting?? As if random men don't think I'm disgusting for my skin tone, profession, womanhood, etc. Just get your tattoos anon, I'm hoping to get my first ones this year!

No. 1538302

Why are you here? You hypocrites want to not identify as a woman and you want to eat your cake and shit up the board too. Stinky.

No. 1538310

as a detrans activist the experiences I have surveyed are more that people realize that their gender recognition is only a social courtesy and not an affirmation of reality, inability to pass how they want, insular dysphoria fanning trans communities, as well as resulting failures of medicalization causing more dysphoria. i have seen little mention of your aforementioned reasons listed for detransition which makes me wonder if we are surveying entirely different demographics. perhaps we have both sought out different environments and experiences, and the people I have surveyed are successful detransitioners who regret medicalizing their dysphoria while you are reading opinions of recessive trans people who simply could not keep up with the physical requirements of transitioning + trans people who simply had to pause their transition. ofc this is under the assumption your statement is based on your personal experiences and not those sample biased studies about detransitioners. anyway there will always be a degree of sample bias to our personal opinions we form too, but we have the luxury of rationally collecting every opinion instead of those that only affirm our biases, so I thought I'd offer my experiences in return as i consider yours

No. 1538313

File: 1680336425926.jpeg (174.09 KB, 750x1265, AD843DC3-B63E-4546-8FD6-A5E8F7…)

people have compared trans shit to being a form of OCD and I think viewing it that way might be helpful. Be wary of thinking "it must be genetic", if your dad was a closeted troon growing up that surely must've had an effect on you. pic is from a lesbian with dysphoria, she links to this site for help finding a therapist. https://www.genderexploratory.com/find/?amp=1

No. 1538314

I've had tattoos for 15 years. I always went for the least visable areas. I hate anything that brings attention to me in public so I was wary of that opening me up to strangers feeling like they had an 'in' to randomly critique me. Becuase it happens to women. I know why I got them.. I love them just as much now as I did all those years ago and the last thing they're about is sex or attention from strangers.

On the (very rare) occasions where any of mine show in the slightest.. the rate of me getting approached by men goes through the roof. Though its usually them chatting you up and dying to see what else you have. Men are the ones who think tattoos equal 'ooh she's kinky' They're the ones making it sexual. They're the ones that want you to lift your clothing to show them rest of the tatt. If you're someone who hates attention or has anxiety oevr strangers approaching you.. it is something to consider when you're chosing the placement of them.

No. 1538315

Because I like hearing out the opinions of others and part of me hopes there's another way out than permanent alterations to my body, although my expectations are low. Very, very low. In fact, I hold significant doubt another way out exists and I'm actively suicidal every moment of every day because I do not recognize the body I am in as my own, but it's exclusively affecting the female exclusive bits, and I haven't taken HRT because I have to travel over 3 hours just to see a doctor for it.
Yes, this is based on personal experience, the only other detrans people I've ran into detransitioned after getting into radical feminism and feeling it was hypocritical to not detransition. I hold no ill will to detransitioners, and I think their stories are worth just as much as people who still troon out. I understand the horrors of dysphoria, just like I understand that some doctors force transition on people that don't need it. It's interesting that you had a completely different experience. The only times I think detransitioners are full of it and need to fuck off are when they think it isn't right for anybody and should be banned for adults. I understand why they think that, but that's selfish and retarded.

No. 1538317

NTA but they are women and it's probably a good place for them to vent about things they can't discuss in their social bubbles. I welcome them here if it's gonna make them think before jumping blindly into decisions.

No. 1538325

Because they're women although they don't want to be one.

No. 1538328

I keep seeing/being liked by men on lesbian dating apps not even trans but literal "cis" men nearly everyday most of them seem to be Indian too I always report them. It's so gross!

No. 1538330

>the only other detrans people I've ran into detransitioned after getting into radical feminism and feeling it was hypocritical to not detransition
Nta but I've been detrans for about a decade. I only went as far as taking hormones but my experience was that a year on them made me 'pass' surprisingly well.. and once I passed I only felt like a fraud whenever strangers read me that way. It wasn't how I expected to feel at all. I don't have massive regrets because I got to see that the thing I thought I wanted so badly.. I didn't want it once I had it. I skated a thin line where I got to pass but also could come back from it without lasting damage. I wasn't thinking about feminism att. I was just like "well this isn't the magic answer to my probelms after all" I later got help for the real underlying issues I had been neglecting. The usual, trauma and undiagnosed tism.

No. 1538332

I find it so annoying when men say they like latinas. It's just gross to sexualize an entire ethnicity and comes off as small minded and tone deaf.

No. 1538336

I’m pretty sure I have throat cancer. I went to the emergency and the doctor didn’t look very well @ my throat. I went to two doctors and they all misdiagnosed me. My throat hasn’t healed with the medicine they’ve given me. Why are doctors so bad at what they do? Spending money to just be misdiagnosed. it’s gradually getting more infected each day. I don’t think I’ll live for more than 3 years max and that’s being very wishful. I wish my discord bf would have spent time with me irl instead of make me waste 10 years waiting on him. Was all of my life wasted? I’m still thankful for all the good I got to experience.

No. 1538337

That makes sense, too. I have a lot of other problems, like autism that was diagnosed over a decade ago. I don't have any trauma related to being female whatsoever, so it isn't that. My dysphoria is so severe that most people struggle to understand it, on top of that, taking basic care of myself is very hard because seeing my breasts, vagina, and lack of body hair makes me panic due to feeling like my head was screwed on some innocent woman's body.
But, I'm glad you're doing better detransitioned. We need more methods of treatment than jumping straight to HRT.

No. 1538340

Are you a smoker/drinker?

No. 1538342

I have a friend so competitive with weight loss. I am no longer a fatty because I did the hard work. Meanwhile she’s gloated about excessive coke use, fasting, and running 8 miles a day. This all happened after she saw my hard work. Ive followed a plan set by doctors; I have not relied on drugs.
Shes now so thin, her skin looks melted off her frame. She complains about “losing her period and cant figure out why” or why her “hair is falling out in clumps.” Ive directly spelled out shes starving herself and she vehemently defends her “healthy” lifestyle while on cocaine. Girl, your mommy paid for rehab last year for your alcoholism. You are not sober, despite your narc posts on fb that are TND level.
My confession is that I refuse to play the role of “concerned friend” in her ana larp. I refuse to beg her to eat. Im over it. She could not stand the fact I am getting HEALTHY, and so she decided to obsess with being the skinnier friend. Destroy yourself/ check yourself back into rehab. Im done rescuing someone who is so vain they will destroy themselves to be the “hotter” friend. Enjoy your sagging skin, lack of muscles and balding! #thriving!!1!
Its clearer now than ever to me that she has always pinned me as the fat friend, and so I am going to keep my rhythm and not skip a beat for someone who is like this. Cant wait for her to be exposed in the ana snowflake thread. I just know her end goal is to be so thin shes checked into a hospital. Absolute cow material and I will slowly exit this friendship. What a waste of life honestly, shame on her. Shes rich as fuck but all her mental health treatments through the years has been nothing if not another performance.

No. 1538343

Yes but I’ve stopped for a few months now. I’m afraid it’s too late though.

No. 1538348

There is a family dinner at benihana tomorrow and I really want to get out of it but I can't. It's been making me sick with anxiety all week. No appetite really depressed tired and short tempered. I get like this before any family gathering. I feel so resentful and start thinking petulant shit like fuck them why should I have to come, why do I have to meet new people when it's not even a holiday.. I used to get like this before seeing my bfs family too so now I just don't see them. I'd get out of this but I've already dipped on a few holidays and my mom would get mad at me. I just really hate my family I guess I always get thrown back into the teen mindset also I feel like they all have me pegged a certain way (inferior to them) and it pisses me off

No. 1538353

I’m praying for you baby.

No. 1538356

Thank you anon. It means a lot.

No. 1538368

Are you an autist by any chance? I think it makes dysphoria so much worse, you are more likely to develop ED and body dysmorphia if you're an autist anyway. I wanted to be a boy since I remember, I still would prefer to be born a man, but I know there's nothing I can do, I'm just coping with it day by day. I find human body disgusting regardless of sex, and if that was an option I would prefer to have no sexual organs at all, and I have no sex-related trauma. Female bodies just have more of the stuff that gross me out, like period blood. I hate when I feel like the integrity of my being is somehow violated, and that includes things I have no control over, like period pain, or any other kind of pain, that's also why I will never have sex with anyone because I don't want anything or anyone to inferfere with my body, I don't even go to hairdressers because I can't stand how they touch my hair and my scalp. I think autists are detached from their material form and they hate when something reminds them they exist in a body, it's just the natural reality of autism (for the same reason I don't like eating or grooming myself, and I never liked it, but I do it anyway because I know I have to, although there were periods of me not taking a bath for like 3 months when I was a teen, or not eating for days). It just so happens the female body has more of that stuff, from both biological and societal side. More things to remind me I exist in a body, which I hate. I just find male form more comfortable and agile, although not free from being gross. Of course, society also plays a role here, I preferred "boy" toys and I didn't like girly clothes and toys and I didn't like group activities and taking care of others, except for animals, and I was treated like a weirdo for it, but I think I would be dysphoric anyway, due to 'tism. We are able to do the math pretty early and understand that boys can like girly things and girls can like boyish things and it doesn't fucking matter, society is retarded. But that doesn't change the fact we still have dysphoria. I heard physical activity helps, but it depends with me, sometimes I feel like it indeed helps for a moment, and sometimes I feel like it makes things even worse.

Therapy is a meme, don't bother. My therapist in high school literally told me I can't be dysphoric because I don't want to cut my tits off and I don't "present" myself as a male. I already knew it won't do shit, I knew the radfem literature, I knew the suicide rates won't drop after surgery, I knew I was autistic etc. If you don't want to medically troon out, they won't take you seriously.
There's no way out imo, just cope and focus on your hobbies and physical activity if that ever helps. Also cutting off carbs and going on ketogenic diet helps.

No. 1538370

People always tell me I have talent in drawing and painting. In art classes I got the best grade by default, teacher told me that I’m omg so talented its in my genes I have to do something with art in my life. It actually already started in kindergarten I remember now. When I draw something people come from all sides and are in awe. I know that sounds like a dirty humblebrag but it feels awful. My art is not that good, sure I can draw a portrait and it resembles the person and doesn’t look super wonky and laughable and it’s easy on the eye, that’s probably why people think I have a big talent kek. The worst thing is because of that I have these huge expectations of myself and that is a burden that kept me from doing art all together. And that would be fine. But the reason I became interested in art in the first place is a person I love so so much who is already dead and doing art is the only thing I have from them. And I feel like I should treasure that and I should start with art again. Help

No. 1538372

Doctors are often neglectful, especially with female patients. Is there a way for you to find other specialists that are more competent? Maybe there's still hope.

No. 1538377

UGHHHH anon same honestly even sitting here, my clothes touching me, my legs crossed, the feeling of my upper body weight resting on my waist, feeling the fold under my arms as I type, every point of my body touching every other point drives me insane, I wish I could just be a robot.

No. 1538379

People are not aware of this so it's not malicious but praising someone for talent and not hard work / skill is really harmful long term. Imagine it's the skill that was praised, it probably would encourage you to hone it as opposed to rely on some talent that was "already there". If you want to fix your situation this is something you'll have to learn to rewrite in your brain, that it's the work that deserves the praise, and therefore the process, not necessarily the result that came by some magical powers that were given to you at birth, which is untrue and takes away your control and personal input. Learning enjoying drawing as a process and not what comes out of it will take a while, but I hope you can get there. If you want to do it, it means you can, even if it takes a while.

No. 1538382

>Why are so many scrotes anti tattoo??
Men who hate tats hate them in general not just on women. I dislike them too and have an immediate negative bias towards anyone with tattoos. It's just a substitute for a personality and it makes you look ugly.

No. 1538384

File: 1680347779563.jpeg (95.41 KB, 1169x1213, 2AC9D1B6-1339-401F-B14E-A051A1…)

It really warms my heart to see these brave straight people fight for their right to call themselves gay

No. 1538387

I'm hoping this isn't the case, anon.

I also had a cancer scare but it was in my breast (lump, then doc found another when examining me). For 2 weeks while I waited for my appointment with the breast clinic, I was a fucking mess to the point where I needed to be prescribed benzos so I could sleep and not be anxious because I was just freaking out and convinced I had cancer. Luckily, the lumps turned out to be nothing nefarious/likely a cyst or something benign. I know it can be terrifying to be in that limbo of knowing something isn't right but not being sure what it is, but please try and relax as best as you can. If you can, seek specialist counsel regarding this if you feel like your doctors aren't taking your concerns seriously.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

No. 1538389

means they're secretly into it, men never seethe about women they aren't attracted to.

No. 1538397

Sounds like you think about others bodies more than those people themselves, most people just get them done and move one.

No. 1538403

I’m so sad. I am so frustrated. I am at the end of high school now. My parents just split and my dad is moving out today. I’ve been so lonely all my life, I have a boyfriend now which I thought would make me happy but it’s stressing me out even more. He ignored me all last night and I cried myself to sleep only to wake up to a text asking me to “be honest and tell him if I actually never had a boyfriend before him” even though he is 100% my first, I’ve told him and its such a weird question and now im nervous and crying because that doesnt make any sense. We were supposed to go to the mall today but he ditched me on that too. So now I’m officially watching my childhood end. My birthday is in three days, I’ll be an adult soon. Goodbye childhood where my parents loved each other and my dad lived here. When we did things as a family. When I loved my grandpa who ended up sexually assaulting my little sister. When everything was way simple and I just wanted to play undertale and swim in the pool. I hate change, I hate growing up so much it’s so difficult right now. Nobody told me how fast It would go. I cried myself to sleep last night. I don’t feel like doing anything at all. I don’t really have friends to talk to either because my boyfriend is pretty much my only friend. I’m so tired. I wanted to have a good birthday this year because last year was so shit but Im at such a low point right now

No. 1538405

One of my favorite Korean artists has had her art stolen on Etsy. I have reported all the offending listings and notified her but I am not sure how helpful it will be since my Korean is poor and because I know Etsy is more likely to take it down if the original artist files a report. Fuck art thieves especially those who steal from foreign artists who may have more difficulty dealing with an English-speaking site.

No. 1538409

I think men find tattoos sexy in a whore-ish way and think negatively of women with tattoos. It's like how men view BBLs or instathots who are full on naked, they wanna fuck them but also they hate those women.

No. 1538423

The only thing you can control is getting rid of the boyfriend, he's a shit one and probably an incel like all the young ones seem to be these days. If you don't, guaranteed he'll make your birthday worse.

It feels like you're equating the shitty things happening in your life with growing up, but once things settle down and get better you can experience simple pleasures all the same. Sorry to hear you're going through it nona.

No. 1538426

Somebody is using MY washing machine on MY washing day! And he (with fucking awful fashion btw) took MY clothes out of the washing machine INCLUDING my underwear and put it to the side. Obviously I did the same for his clothes and wiped them on the dirty floor for good measure, but now I find out he's using the dryer too! The fucking gall. We're not a big apartment and we're all generally considerate of each other. I bet it's the fucking new guy. I want to take a pair of scissors to his stuff but I'm waiting to calm down and see if I'm overreacting.

Last time an old neighbour was doing the same thing I left my door open and waited for a noise to confront the person, which I DID and his behaviour was still iffy. but I realised how much energy I'm expending vs. the offending party so I'll just put out this quick vent.

No. 1538430

Why can't I stop being horny, I'm so distracted. I'm fucking eyeing up the lecturer like I'm a fucking coomsick loser. I even tried to set up a Tinder date, but then changed my mind because he's not handsome enough, and I need lust, not pleasant conversations about careers.

No. 1538432

>im so gay
dollars to donuts this woman does not eat pussy

No. 1538445

I manage a store and I am getting tired of the autist at work. I have tried everything to help him but I want to give up. I have to repeat the same things everyday. I can't accomplish everything I have to do cause I have to train him again and again on the same easy tasks. The bathroom is cleaned by the person that opens the store so it was always me or the other manager that would clean it. We decided to assign a day for each worker. He complained about having to clean after others. But he's the one that sprays shit all over the toilet and never cleans it, he also always clog the toilet and he never unclogs it, I am the one that has to do it cause he's too much of an autist to do it himself. It was his turn yesterday and he fucking said he hoped it was not filthy. It's all you ffs. Yesterday I bought a salad for lunch and only ate a few bites. He managed to drop it all on the floor (he put it all back in the box and I only noticed it when I wanted to eat the leftovers for diner, fucking disgusting) because his lunchbox is fucking huge and instead of emptying it he just pushes it until he can close the door. You can always hear him complain about our lunches taking space in the fridge and how his old workplace had a bigger fridge. His lunchbox takes at least 75% of the fridge space. He did not even clean up the mess until I asked him to. He is a fucking child and I am sick of babysitting him all day long.

No. 1538454

Fire him

No. 1538458

I had an autistic peer like this who enraged and disgusted me all the time too. Peed with the bathroom door open, farted in front of everyone constantly, needed everything done for him while bragging about being a genius.
Not even the worst autistic moid I knew by far, I swear most autistic women are okay or even rather pleasant to be around, but the vast majority of autistic moids reek, never got taught social decency or grooming, no shame, look at hentai in public, blatantly sexually harass women, depend on women to do things they’re capable of doing themselves and just don’t out of ease and habit, hit and kick people, etc.

No. 1538459

File: 1680357902149.jpg (25.68 KB, 264x373, Bawwwww_bunny.jpg)

Left the window open while sleeping, it rained on my computer and now it won't power up

No. 1538460

Oh fuck

No. 1538463

autistic women and men is like heaven and earth. I think it's often because of the different treatment they receive as kids, as it is with women and men in every other case. boys being coddled and not even taught the basic shit, girls being screamed at for not conforming and being forced to perform certain behaviors in order not to get abused further. at least that was in my case

No. 1538473

Most women with autism are malingerers. It's a very male disease.

No. 1538480

File: 1680359488631.jpg (10.82 KB, 500x375, 1acaa4d6-17a4-4659-b010-3cb8f6…)

GOING TO MY FIRST GOTH/PUNK/HARDCORE SHOW TONIGHT. Its in a city known for hardcore, and in a house (which I just found out a while ago), so its my first house/basement show too. Wish me luck nonnies, have any advice? I have no idea what to do other than go in and see the band I want. I saw "crowdkilling" teens and girls is a meme/truth, as someone who still looks like a teen girl that was nice to learn.

No. 1538482

File: 1680359631231.jpg (74.56 KB, 610x406, mosh-pit1-610x406.jpg)

kek don't worry, most real hardcore died in the 2000's and now you'll see a lot of posers, though who knows maybe the concert your going to is an exception

No. 1538487

I went to sped school growing up and the diagnosed autistic girls were super different from the guys. Either just so impaired they couldn’t speak or do basic tasks (so I can’t judge them on any of that, just irrelevant to any comparisons or judgment), or just basically normal, bright, overall lovely girls who were a bit too overbearing about anime or comics or Star Trek and a little socially inept and sometimes sensitive, the whole long low ponytail and big binder “teacher did we have any homework” kind of thing, did some cringe stuff but I genuinely loved them, meanwhile the guys were absolute spoiled trainwrecks with no decency, porn and sex obsessed and smelled horrific and harassed the girls and attacked the teachers and so on. Tiktok malingerers from the last couple years are irrelevant to me since they’re so obviously histrionic or things like that and anyone who’s spent time around a lot of autistic girls can tell the difference.

No. 1538489

I chose the worst advisor for my masters thesis and I 100% regret it. He’s sometimes rude but he taught my favorite class and I’m a woman with an abrasive father so I figured I could handle his sassy remarks. Turns out that my advisor never answers his emails. My deadline for the thesis is coming up, so I offered to help with the paperwork since he seems busy. When I genuinely offered to assist the process he had the nerve to say if I could have helped if I had submitted the paper earlier to him to take corrections into consideration. I sent it to him over a week ago and he didn’t read it so it’s not my fault. He can’t respond to emails or provide feedback in a timely manner. Every time I’d email him he’d just forget about my emails and say that he needs to be reminded by advisees instead of…just setting a reminder in his own calendar? Fuuuuck this was the worst decision ever and I regret it so much. Just let me graduate and I will be absolutely sure to never bother you again, thanks.

No. 1538490

I hate being autistic. It is such a curse. I hate how I used to be a massive nuisance to others and now I just stay away from them because I fear being a burden to others now. Plus, I feel like if I weren't born autistic, I wouldn't be such a massive misanthrope.

No. 1538499

It's gonna be full of young LARPers and old heads who used to be legit, now just coasting on wearing their leather jackets while their family is there with them. I think the worst you'll see is some 50+ year old guy walking around with a girl in her early 20s half naked.

No. 1538503

I know you anons are gonna say it's obvious and classic scrote behavior that was impossible to avoid but by my therapist advice I try to not assume the worst so I ended up not seeing this coming… So I have that colleague at work, a moid, we're not close but we work together for 6 years now, recently we started playing a multiplayer game together and kinda wanting to establish a boundaries seeing that I'm talking to him more I told him directly that I only want to be friendly and nothing more and then explained to him how dehumanizing it feels to have everyone treat you as a potential sex partner. He seemed to understand at the time. But now some time has passed; I'm in the game with him and out of the blue he goes like, that was so funny when you said you have sex with everyone you're friends with, I guess it means I'll eventually sleep with you too! And I was in fucking shock, because not only did I not say that but I also really put an emphasis on the dehumanizing feeling of being in such situation. This genuinely comes off sociopathic, and so annoying too. Like sure, I'll now limit the contact but it will not change the fact that he will still be there present at work; and I'm not sure how to navigate the interaction now that he's part of the circle of work colleagues I interact with. I don't want to have to start avoiding everyone and be alone again, but seems like the only way honestly. I'm so disgusted with this situation anons.

No. 1538509

Adults who can't take art criticism are babies and people who baby them after the fact are fetus

No. 1538512

What a retarded weirdo

No. 1538515

For real, and we're both over 30, not like it changes anything (apparently!) but still I'd expect more, I don't know, if not empathy then at least listening comprehension from a person this age

No. 1538516

apparently this person has an art degree of sorts so they have probably heard criticism at school too, so what is with this attitude. lmao

No. 1538520

Did your criticism happen to include the word "faggot" fifteen times?

No. 1538532

The fuck? No

No. 1538535

Just checking if the artist actually overreacted or not

No. 1538543

being a coffee lover and addict doesn't make you quirky or funny
"omg like i am sooo sleepy and i can't function until i have my cup of coffee!!"
if anything it means you look like you have issues, find energy doing something else, not dousing yourself in caffeine

No. 1538544

I miss having a bathtub. I hate that my current bathroom is too small to fit one.

No. 1538548

is the 350 kcal for 100 g of cooked mix ?

No. 1538549

nothing else worked for me

No. 1538552

I would have roasted the fuck out of him after that and said something like "All of those guys I've slept with could satisfy me, with you I've known there's no chance from the start which is why I value our friendship so much!" You can still say something like this if he tries to bring it up. Pity him and don't let him hold power over you. He's a disgusting sex pest. I also advise you to redirect your energy to female coworkers or other genuine people who can be actual friends to you.

No. 1538554

Oh I deleted bc I’m retarded, but the package didn’t say so I assume cooked

No. 1538559

I'm trying to live a healthy life and unlearn the doomer mentality in which I assume everyone either hates me or pretends to like me to use me because it's just depressing to live like this; I wouldn't even consider interacting with him any deeper befriending, but I guess I gotta embrace the awareness there's no safe compromise on a distance that has to be kept from men

No. 1538564

It kind of makes me laugh when women keep befriending straight men and expecting them not to want to fuck eventually. Are you stupid or naive? Maybe because I was raised ugly it’s kind of an unwritten rule that if a man is taking the time to talk to you on a personal level it’s for sex. I have never met a man being friendly and wanting to play games with me who wasn’t attracted to me which is why I don’t befriend men that I’m not attracted to.

No. 1538565

Men don’t bother befriending women they don’t want to fuck unless they are gay. If you want to be friends with men just expect they are going to try to fuck you and don’t take it personally. Just be their friend and make it clear they aren’t getting pussy.

No. 1538567

This discussion is reminding me of the moid who I thought was genuinely wanting to be my friend. I always struggled with making friends and felt alone and he would reassure me that he actually cared about my struggles with my disability. Then he stopped talking to me as soon as he found a girlfriend. I later found out he was messaging almost every woman in my class who is the same race as me. Men are such fucking trash.

No. 1538571

I just can't wrap my head around how - from my experience - some demographic would just refuse to see me as a person first and foremost.

No. 1538574

Because the world isn’t fair and we have to live life how it actually is and not how we wish it were. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being friends with men you aren’t attracted to but you shouldn’t try to be close friends with them because they are going to hit on you one day. Men should be the friends you talk to and hangout with when your real friends are busy and you’re bored.

No. 1538594

I work at a school and I try to tell students they put a lot of effort into art or their other interests instead of calling it talent. When I was a student it really annoyed me that an older classmate would argue with me about how the music teacher would give me parts without having to try out and…I was better because I practiced. I worked harder and it showed in my skills, end of story.

No. 1538603

I regret going to a community college instead of going straight to a four year university. I know everyone praises it as the "wise" thing to do since I'll be saving money, but it just doesn't work for me. I live with my strict borderline mother who abuses me and dismisses the fact that I have to study (since she never had to study as an art major, while I'm a fucking biology major). She refuses to care for herself, so a majority of my free time is spent cleaning up after her and making sure she takes her meds on time. To me, getting your degree at home makes no fucking sense if you don't live in a supportive environment to begin with.

No. 1538612


"This is my rendering style, I don't take criticism"
"If you are upset by my reaction to feedback, it would be best if it could be handled in private. I'm happy to open up my point of view, no need to bring the whole server into the conversation"
"I have attended different art schools several times, but I only accept feedback when I need and want it. In no case do I accept it from strangers, which is why I commented like that."

Plus condescending ass emotes after every message. All i criticised was how this person shaded and highlighted hair which looked so simple and messy i wouldn't even call it "rendering"

No. 1538616

I've been in a long distance relationship for 3 years and last month we met up for the first time. He's incredibly funny, loving, caring and seems completely devoted to me. Only problem is, when we tried to have sex he couldn't stay hard. We tried for a whole week to have sex and he was soft each time. As far as I know he's not a porn addict (don't jump me for saying this. I know men lie) and has had no problem with ed whatsoever in his life since. This has obviously made me spiral pretty badly for obvious reasons. I feel incredibly low and my already shit self esteem is now fully in the toilet. We won't see each other again for another year because we live on different continents. I love him and I know he loves me but how can I ever get over this man who swears up and down that I'm his soulmate and the only one for him not getting hard when he's with me? He claims it was very bad nerves and him being out of practice (both of haven't had sex in years prior to meeting up irl). What do I do?

No. 1538617

i really hate proship discourse. i can't help but feel disgusted with myself because i save art i find cute of a teenage girl and an older male character, even though i just think their relationship is cute. i don't produce anything. i have a lot of pretty serious trauma (i was groomed, my groomer committed suicide, i was 10-11 when interacting with him.) i won't pretend i like the ship just as a coping mechanism but the ship has helped me come to terms with my own fucked upness and just seeing cute interactions has helped me a lot even if the ship is despised. it's so stupid to get so emotionally involved in discourse but i don't produce anything for it, i never talk about it, i never engage with anyone about it, i don't encourage it. but seeing people constantly talk about how i need to die because of it is starting to hurt even if i keep it entirely to myself.

No. 1538620

Damn nonnies, he messaged me and aksed if I would go to a museum with him tomorrow. Until now we were just talking at work and texting about our interests. Do men always perceive going somewhere together as a sign of being romantically interested in them/date? Is this situation neutral?

No. 1538621

fucked up my knee and im gonna have to get surgery huggghrrr i dont even know how i feel. im finally able to walk again now but knowing that im gonna have to spend so much money and time to recover from my fuck up is disheartening. all because of a small and preventable mistake

No. 1538623

Just go to the fucking museum jfc

No. 1538625

File: 1680371366590.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.54 KB, 997x1180, FpOeoFqWIAAJKt9.jpg)

I disagree with a lot of the outright disgusting homophobia I see on here lately and find it ignorant and pathetic but I am tired of that one specific brand of terminally online homosexual male that conveniently twists any critique of their embarassing arrested development into alleged homophobia. People don't dislike or insult you because you're gay, they do so because you're at the tail end of your 20s (often 30s too) and your entire vocabulary and personality is based upon online social contagion. You would not be keyboard smashing every sentence and posting constant ~shady asf comebacks~ at your ~oomfs~ if you had a fucking life or a backbone. All your language wasn't learned from being gay, it was from spending every waking hour online copying other people you admired or thought was funny. Your vernacular in totality is just you emulating another man emulating an annoying teenage girl. No, it isnt homophobic to tell you to grow the fuck up. Nobody is calling you a faggot or fantasizing about hatecriming you, you are a boring soulless Caucasian man with nary a hint of original thought and it has nothing to do with your sexuality, you just need any reach for victimhood online you can get so you can continue to shit on everyone else while being treated like a protected species. Just coddled your whole entire life with so much arrogance for no reason.

No. 1538626

based rant

No. 1538627

>apparently this person has an art degree of sorts
>I have attended different art schools several times
No mention of graduating any. Tbh it gives me "I often walk by a gallery" vibes.

No. 1538645

Anon, I mean this in the nicest way possible: I don't think your boyfriend being unable to get hard is the biggest thing to worry about here. What's the point of being in a "relationship" that indefinitely prevents you from seeing each other for literal years? Are you guys planning to move to the same city any time soon? Who knows what your bf is like 99.9% of the time you don't see him, he might have an entire double life and you'd have no way of knowing.
But to answer your question, yeah this can happen to men just because of nerves. He might also be gay and using you as his beard though, there isn't really any way of knowing. Either way, don't take it personally or let it affect your self esteem. I'm sure you are very lovely and attractive.

No. 1538646

I think proship discourse is retarded because as long as it's not lolicon or feral, it's a non-issue. One of my favorite ships is from Danganronpa and is mutually abusive, but it's helped me cope with my rather bad attatchment issues. For those curious, it's Junkan (Junko x Mikan) and I don't post about it because I'm scared of scrotes and children trying to harass me off platform over it. I also can't post any Vocaloid or Utau ships I like because the fandom is infamous for blacklisting and harassing proship and ship neutral community members.

No. 1538650

Holy shit what simple mistake did you make that results in you needing KNEE SURGERY

No. 1538657

I've never had the best relationship with my dad, he's always been distant but now both my parents are nearing their 80s and my mom is finally telling me why she divorced him when I was a kid. According to her, he was very charming at the start of the relationship, never physically abusive, but she discovered that he was a serial cheater and she tolerated it because he was a successful businessman and gave her whatever she asked for. The final straw for her was when she walked in on him fucking her sister. She told me that when he was served the divorce papers he stalked her for weeks and one night he locked her in a room, pulled a gun on her, and threatened to kill her (then himself) if she left him.
All this time I never knew my dad was this kind of person. He never said or did outright mean things to me. The issues I had with him was that he was literally never around for me during my teen years, he was always traveling. Then cut contact with me when he remarried and had kids. Recently he's been trying to call me every week and talk, saying he's sorry about not being there but now that I know all these things about him I don't even know if I can believe him.

No. 1538671

It's normal to get mad at yourself for messing up, but don't forget that no one is perfect. We all make mistakes sometimes, so be so be kind to yourself. I know it can be hard to stay positive, but remember that surgery is the first step in the right direction and it'll help you walk again. Focusing on that and taking it one day at a time can help you get through this. Hang in there, anon.

No. 1538678

>saying he's sorry about not being there but now that I know all these things about him I don't even know if I can believe him.
You shouldn't believe him. Or rather, your dad isn't contacting you because he wants to make up for how he treated you. He's doing it to lessen his guilt for abandoning you. He most likely just wants you to forgive him so he can feel better about himself.

Also, abandoning you is mean. And ignoring when you were a teenager, also mean.

No. 1538679

Don't contact him. He's mentally ill and dangerous, I'm sorry you and your mother went through that but even in old age, he can fuck you over. Is he still rich? If so, maybe you can keep a distant relationship just so you'll be included in his will.

No. 1538690

Since the beginning of time humans have worked through their feelings and made sense of their experiences through art, stories, fantasy, things that are made up and not actually real and occurring in real life. These are the same people who are so retarded that they think a character in a TV show saying something problematic means that's the literal views of the writer coming out of the character's mouth and the writer needs to be put in jail. They need people to put tone indicators on their posts because they can't process the meaning of a reddit comment without help. I wouldn't take their opinions to heart.

No. 1538769

I'm incredibly sick. It's been going on since last summer. One day I was living life normally and the next I was in the ICU awaiting emergency surgery. I've basically spent 80% of the past year in the hospital and it's traumatising not just me but my family— who are financially burdened by my medical bills on top of everything.

The doctors tell me that while I'm not terminally ill I am very, seriously sick. They don't have a clear prognosis. My medical issues are incredibly complicated and it's just so tiring trying to find treatments that help. I'm on opiates now so I can function somewhat with the pain, but I still barely can leave my bed. Thankfully there's a home nurse to maintain all the tubes attached to me. Whenever I voice my struggle to my friends and family I feel like a pathetic "woe is me" caricature of my former self. I want to be strong for them. I figured posting it to online strangers would feel less shameful.

No. 1538772

I don't understand why narcissists "like" me. They just fluctuate towards me and I feel like they show me a glimpse of their vulnerability and sides of their personality that they don't show to others. Like a girl literally tells me she's fake af by telling me a person should always say what others want to hear and keep their true thoughts to themselves, and I'm the only person she openly says it. She's faking it around others, being super charming and chatty and then calling the female coworkers who love her "bitches" and "cunts". She can't stand when I object her or I do something she doesn't like, she literally looks at me like she wants to kill me, with her bulging, creepy eyes. Another moment she can be totally sweet and caring towards me, touching me etc. I don't get it. I'm an autist, shy and quiet and I don't engage with people much, but if I have to express my opinion I always do it honestly, I said I will never pretend to be someone else, even if that means being alone my whole life. Maybe I feel like a safe option for narcissists because they know I won't tell anyone anything about them because I never engage in gossip, cliques etc.? It's tiresome, I wish I had healthy non toxic friends. I feel like this particular person often drains the life energy out of me, talking to me about other people, or passively-aggressively mocking me and criticizing me, then playing sweet with me, and then making me feel inferior again etc. It fucks with my brain

No. 1538773

that is not what fluctuate means

No. 1538774

Kek I'm sorry

No. 1538776

File: 1680380840497.jpeg (1.63 MB, 4032x3024, EA708461-B4E9-4ABB-B34D-027F24…)


No. 1538782


No. 1538783

>coworker is terrible at her job and has zero awareness of this
>recently noticed that I keep getting assignments to work with employees that she’s grouped with
>asked why after myself and another coworker were sent to help her group while she was just sitting in our office on her phone
>other coworker later revealed that the employees dislike the quality of her work and prefer to have us instead if possible
I just want to work with other competent people

No. 1538784

so tired I daged

No. 1538804

I haven’t seen my father in a long time (+5 years), now he’s staying with me for a few weeks and I reckon he’s such a boomer. I wonder when he got so bitter about literally everything. All he does now is complain and make awful remarks every chance he gets.
For example, we were at a restaurant ordering and our waiter was busy with other table. He asked another waitress to take our order and she specially and kindly explained that she couldn’t take our order because that wasn’t her table. Then my father proceeds to take his plate and ask her if she could take it away (mind you, our table was EMPTY), he only did it to make her feel obliged to do something for us.
We took the metro (which I usually never take because for me it’s not necessary) and it was delayed and pretty full (the timelines here are a mess compared to the country he comes from) and again with the long face, the sighs, checking his watch every 20 seconds and of course looking at other people in a very rude manner. I got fed up and I told him we could just leave if he didn’t feel comfortable and he goes “no, I’m perfectly fine”.
He did it again when we were taking a walk and he started complaining about the people who surrounded us and how everything has changed since he was here. He also told me that he knows he always complains about the place where he lives, but seeing the things he’s seeing here, he wouldn’t complain so much. That was kind of my last straw and I came back again at him with “yes, you’re pretty lucky you’re not living here then, eh? The misery is just for us after all.”
At this point I’m convinced he has some kind of borderline personality or something, he always has to find a reason to complain about everything, when he’s in his country, I have to spend more than one hour listening to him rambling about the same things over and over again. Here, he complains about whatever reason he can find.
It’s like he always has to be angry about everything, acting all defensive as if it was the world against him.

No. 1538811

I hope my food restricting and alcohol kill me. I'm so tired and can't kill myself on purpose for reasons so it has to look random

No. 1538813

Why do I exist when I have no positive qualities to offer the world. Just a ugly, broke, depressed, useless thing.

No. 1538814

I've been having balance problems, which I guess could be considered vertigo. It happened very recently within the past two months. Doctors (all male) won't take me seriously and they all blame my period. NONE will give me any kind of brain scan. I'm willing to live with this dizzy/balance/vertigo problem if I know there's not some tumor eating my brain or a blood clot, but no doctor is willing to check. I am so upset. I was on the train today and looking at elderly women and I'm afraid I'll never reach their age. Even if it's ~hormones~, AT LEAST CHECK?

No. 1538829

the character is young but i don't look at anything where she's her canon age in the series, only stuff where she's depicted with breasts/taller/a more adult figure because anything else makes me feel gross (some stuff does border on loli because she starts the series as a thirteen year old, it's too much for me that way) but i relate really heavily to what you're saying in regard to attachment issues and coping with them. i have some fairly serious trauma so just being able to project my desire to seek out my groomer/lack of closure onto my ship helps me cope. i relate to the vocaloid/utau stuff, im straight up afraid of that community.
thank you.. from an objective perspective, i totally agree, it's nice to be told this and reminded. i just struggle a lot with internalizing it when i see so much hatred.

No. 1538847

File: 1680388881999.jpg (33.42 KB, 640x360, 3izk9y5h52161.jpg)

I'm afraid I'm too autistic to play any games other than Minecraft in peaceful mode. I'm very interested in Souls games and RE games and a bunch of others, like I know a lot about the lore without even playing them, but I know from experience I get too anxious over combat, I played Breath of the wild for some time and while I loved exploring, every time I had to fight something I felt like at the verge of a panic attack, it's just really unpleasant with my heart racing so fast and feeling like I'm in actual danger. Like my brain can't separate real danger from fake one, and the medium itself being too overstimulating for me. I didn't finish the game because of that. I finished Mario Odyssey but even there I got so stressed during every encounter it's absurd. But the worst was when I fallen into the pit and I had to hide from a t rex and there was no way to get out of there without having to sneak around him and risk getting killed. It was literally my childhood nightmare coming to life, I was super scared of t rexes and aliens as a kid. After finally getting out of the pit I put the game away for a few days kek. Why can't I just enjoy video gaaaames

No. 1538849

Goddamn, don't get so bent out of shape.

No. 1538850

Jesus, that's fucked anon.

Can you take a man with you to an appt? If you have a man there, they will probably listen.

Also, make another appt, and if they still don't do it, tell them you want it written in your chart/records. Sometimes, this prompts a doctor to order the testing, because it can open them up to malpractice charges if it's written down they denied your request.

Can you escalate this and file a complaint? If you have insurance, private or govt, file with them. Also, you can file with one whatever organization employees your doctor.

Another suggestion is to suggest that someone else is making you ask them about getting a brain scan. For example, Do NOT say: “I think I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.” Instead, say: “My best friend wanted me to ask you about something. I don’t even think it’s a thing, but she thinks I might have something called EDS. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, I think? I don’t know. It’s probably rare. But have you heard of it? Do you think I might have it?”

Other examples: "My husband made me come here to get this chest pain checked out." or "My roommate said I had to ask you about having my thyroid levels checked." This approach puts you on the same side as the doctor ⁠— the two of you against your loved one.

Phrase it so that someone else is worried about you and insisting you getting the scan. Best if you can pretend it's a man and then have a man with you at the appt pretending that he insisted you come.

No. 1538852

That sounds really tough. Sounds like your brain is really sensitive to the simulation of combat and danger in games. I'm glad that you were able to enjoy exploring and other aspects of the games you've played. There are other games like Minecraft on peaceful mode, but I get wanting to get into a type of video game that your brain is completely unsuited for. I love time management games, except I hate them because of the time limits in completing levels, but I love doing the levels themselves, putting shit together and all that.

No. 1538854

i am once again sinking into the ground from feeling so incredibly weak. it's like all my strength goes straight into pumping the crap out of my heart and it hurts. it feels almost gross to move my joints from how weak they get and how heavy i feel. it gets so bad i dissociate or whatever just to get through it

No. 1538861

Anon >>1538850 gave you some good advice so I just wanted to tell you, while I understand your concerns, it doesn't have to be something as serious as a brain tumor, I had the same thing and I was also scared shitless and my first thought was also that there's something wrong with my brain, like a stroke. I just wake up and I looked at the lamp across my room an I saw it lying down and standing up, again and again, it couldn't stabilize. I wasn't able to walk straight, I felt like I was moving even when I sat on my bed, I felt like I was about to vomit too. It turned out I had bacterial labyrinthitis. It can develop without any pain in your ear and it can last from 1 week to like 2 months if not treated, especially if it's bacterial, and symptoms maybe be either light or severe. I was prescribed specific antibiotics and it stopped after like 4 days, but I had to take the antibiotics for 10 days. I really hope you will get examined as soon as possible and it won't be anything serious!

No. 1538863

It must be really tough having to deal with his behaviour - plus feeling like you can't even talk to him without it turning into a him being a jerk. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with him. I hope there is someone you can talk to about it. I would be non-stop bitching about him to anyone who would listen.

No. 1538867

File: 1680390950115.png (14.89 KB, 475x340, rollercoaster.png)

I quite literally do not know how to show human emotion, especially but not limited to happy ones. I had to force myself to not make many facial expressions when I was young, so now in situations where most people would naturally emote I have to force it sometimes. You know how at theme parks and such they take photos of you on the rides? There are literally photos of me on a rollercoaster with a completely blank expression. Not even throwing up my hands. I'm human though of course, so sometimes I have genuine reactions. I've thought about practicing in the mirror but that would be too fucking embarrassing.

No. 1538870

Samefag but also I feel most natural expressing negative emotions like awkwardness, annoyance and irritation. Not all the time though because I'm a doormat.

No. 1538871

I'm so sorry that you are feeling this way. It's natural to feel overwhelmed and exhausted, but please try to find something that brings you comfort and joy in these difficult times. You are worth more than you think.

I understand how difficult it must be for you to feel so helpless and unable to make a change in your life. You don't need to offer positive qualities to world. Given the horrible things that happen on the regular, one of the best things a person can do is not make the world a worst place.

No. 1538877

You just sound autistic. It's a normal symptom of autism to not be able to express emotion well.

You could also be a psychopath, or schizophrenic, they have the same problem. But I feel like if you were, you wouldn't be worrying about this.

>I've thought about practicing in the mirror but that would be too fucking embarrassing.

If you can get over your embarrassment, this is actually a good idea.

No. 1538879

That sounds really tough. I'm sorry you're feeling so low and so weak. It sounds really uncomfortable and it's understandable that you're feeling that way. It sounds like you're doing the best you can to cope; just do whatever you need to do to feel better. Hang in there, you can get through this.

No. 1538882

Can you stop with the AI generated responses.

No. 1538883

Sorry for the long blogpost but I grew up really sheltered so I was scared of everything and I wasn't allowed to play video games so when I started playing games I felt very similar to you. I would feel my heart race during combat and I wouldn't enjoy the experience. What helped me to ease into combat video games where playing pausable real-time games(where you can pause combat at anytime and get an overview over where the enemy is and you can get some time to think over your attack and heal your characters and so on, so it doesn't feel so overwhelming because the game gives you the opportunity to observe whats going on) and turn-based combat games(where your characters and the enemy characters takes turns attacking each other. That way you get some time to think over your next move since the enemy cant attack until you have attacked). That being said while I'm not as bothered by combat anymore I still have some games where I never finished the boss fight because bosses can be intimidating(specially in old turn-based rpgs). I also still struggled with combat in open world games, it doesnt feel scary to me anymore like it used to but I get stressed and forget what buttons to press. What helped me with this was not rpgs, but rhythm games. Rhythm games are good at making you familiar with a controllers/keyboard layout and teaching you how to response quickly to a prompt But regardless even though I'm good at rhythm games I still fail at open-world combat because the stress makes my brain short-circuit. Alternatively try playing a Souls or RE game with a friend who is good at video games. Whenever I want to try a game that has a combat system I'm not familiar with I play it with my friend who is very good at lighting the atmosphere so I feel less stress, plus I can just hand over the controller to her whenever I start to feel too frustrated. Also it's important to note that music plays a huge part in game design. If a game doesn't rely too much on music clues then just mute the game and put on a playlist of your favourite songs during combat, it will ease the adrenaline that you would normally feel during combat and make it feel less scary.

All that being said, you shouldn't force yourself into playing something you are not comfortable with. If you decide that combat-driven games just aren't for you then don't play them and ignore everyone who tries to pressure you into it. There are gaming communities dedicated to comfy games without combat. What ever you decide to do anon, then goodspeed!

No. 1538891

>I don't understand why narcissists "like" me.
based on your description,
- you sound kind of submissive, like you don't have an aggressive, or even assertive, bone in your body and let other people run relationships.
- you provide an audience. You listen to them as they go on and on spouting their bs. There is nothing narcissists love more than an audience.

>I do something she doesn't like, she literally looks at me like she wants to kill me, with her bulging, creepy eyes. Another moment she can be totally sweet and caring towards me, touching me etc.

> talking to me about other people, or passively-aggressively mocking me and criticizing me, then playing sweet with me, and then making me feel inferior again etc. It fucks with my brain
Being cruel then sweet then cruel then sweet is a very good way to manipulate non autists and get them acting the way you want to get avoid the cruelty. Sounds like your autism protects you from this, from craving her approval, even though it messes with your head, so congrats.

You want some advice? Stop hanging out with people like this as soon as they reveal themselves. Don't keep associating with them, tell them to fuck off/that you don't befriend two-faced liars/that you are too busy to do X/do a slow fade, whatever feels comfortable.

With this particular girl, I'd advise a slow fade, or grey rock technique, because she sounds like she could really fuck with your work life, if you piss her off, by smearing you to your other co-workers and ruining your reputation at work. Narcissists are really good at ruining other people's reputation.

Also, consider reading some books on assertiveness, taking an assertiveness class.

No. 1538896

i can't play any video games at all unless i have some form of guide. the only one i got through was ib and my favorite game is fran bow but i can only play so long on my own i much prefer watching someone else do it for me. i'm ridiculously bad at them anyway so i'll save myself the embarrassment, frustrations and fears.
i feel sort of the same as you, i get so overwhelmed i can't play anymore and a big part of it is anxiety. i tried playing animal crossing wild world kek and i literally quit the game after the first thing tom nook told me to do which was make friends. i couldn't do it and i didn't want to "disappoint him" either so i quit legitimately stressed. i can't even play minecraft unless it's strictly on creative mode. that said i somehow could play roblox obstacle courses but only if there was no one else in the game or no one was interacting with me at all

No. 1538899

i still havent even tried fighting ganon in botw because im like this too kek. ive gotten better but i literally made my bf fight every boss for me despite him insisting theyre really easy and i could do it, it just scares me for some reason. im playing dont starve rn though and im actually surprised at how little i care every time i die since i have endless respawns.

No. 1538905

He is the easiest boss though.

No. 1538906

You're definitely further in the game than me kek, once I killed this boar (and I've been waiting like 2 fucking hours to kill him), got the parachute and got off from this rock onto the "main" land, I'm too scared to move and I die constantly because everything is attacking me all the time, I'm shit at this. I will stick to platfrom adventure games I guess, Ori and the blind forest was great

No. 1538913

i dont really have many friends anymore (suits me just fine), but i think its kinda crazy that if people i interact with most online had any idea i was gender critical theyd probably block me instantly . like the bullshit is so deeply ingrained in some of them. and some of these people are really nice people wjho i enjoy interacting with!! i post on this site with a pretty small community, and theres a bunch of trannies there unfortunately and lots of the kinds of people who were posting spoilers about hogwarts legacy and sucking eachothers dicks about it, and i can only imagine the kind of reaction id get if someone found out i post on a radem site lmfao. id get a stickied callout thread for sure.

No. 1538918

samefag but honestly it hurts a bit knowing that when i have a really nice exchange with someone, chances are if they knew about this side of me theyd denounce me and block me and write me off as this horrible terrible person. all bc im gendercrit.

No. 1538920

i know.. ive opened the game like twice trying to hype myself up to fight him but i dont even want to go in the castle. there is something seriously wrong with me. cant wait for tears of the kingdom though!

No. 1538943

No, I don't have autism. Like I said, I learned as a child to not show too much emotion. It's a survival thing and now it's ingrained in me.

No. 1539006

File: 1680399620900.gif (1.91 MB, 540x304, 462fd89649d21af492d1deda1f2bf8…)

I have an extremely important assignment that counts as my exam which I have not begun writing. I also have this book I want to read, but I decided it would be better to not read the book before I go to bed because that time could be better spend on writing my assignment. But then decided that I was too tired. But before going to bed I made the stupid decision to turn on my computer so I could at least find some sources for my assignment. But instead of doing that I ended up being a sperg on tumblr and going trough the tags of my favourite plays and before I knew it 3 hours had passed. It's now 4am, I have not slept, I have not done any leisure reading or any productive school reading. why do i keep doing this to myself

No. 1539008

samefag but i miss being a neet so much. university sucks. i know being a sperg online isnt productive but i just want to skip ahead a few years in my life where im done with university and have a job and can finance all my hobbies and spend my weekends on the internet without guilt

No. 1539021

I feel the same, nona. My internships gave me a taste of what could be (the free weekends and money to buy dumb shit) and it just made me more anxious to be free.
We will both graduate and have fun weekends!

No. 1539028

File: 1680403676310.gif (885.62 KB, 640x640, you-burned-my-house-you-burned…)

I just want to drop a ton of money on stupid things to make me happy, it's stupid and hate supporting a capitalist lifestyle but it's the only thing I feel like I'll be happy with atm. Stuff I've been wanting to get but keep depriving myself of to save it all for the future when I don't know if I'll be alive next month. I want to eventually move on from my situation and this isn't going to help me in the long run

No. 1539032

People who stop others from committing suicide are the epitome of crabs in a bucket. Seeing someone take their lives in their own hands, finally getting salvation, relief and true happiness from an isolating, confusing and depressing life? Uh-uh, gotta ruin that for them because her life belongs to me and if I have to suffer then so does she.

No. 1539039

Wtf is that gif I fucking hate it

No. 1539049

This paper is a day late and I do not gaf about it anymore
Just want to hand it

No. 1539062

I always keep coming back to this website because I want to vent about my habits. I am currently unemployed with lots of time between my hands but still I’m investing it in useless shit that will never help me progress in any way. I also feel like I started developing severe BDD because I keep staring at other girls pictures and keep stalking their lives which always lead into comparisons that only damage my mental health and willingness to do things. It feels like every other person on this planet are getting better jobs ,relationships and quality of life in general , I don’t want to be ungrateful for all the good things I have in my life a great mother, family, home, health (that I don’t take care of) and more than basic human needs. I’m not hearing back from recruiters, never been in a relationship and I feel igly AF even though my face is not that ugly but I have this need to replace everything on my face with prettier structures. I know plastic surgery won’t help because it’s sth mental that I need to work on but still I’m too lazy to get things done. I hope things get better and easier for me soon.

No. 1539099

I was talking to a friend earlier about how I've been trying to accept things I have instead of constantly fixating on what I don't have in the context of being in a relationship. So instead of fixating on how hard it is for me to picture myself being in a healthy relationship, I've been trying to reframe and think about what I like about being single because honestly I think I prefer being single and it's just FOMO when seeing other people in relationships that causes me to compare myself to them. Anyway, after I made my point she looked like she was going to say something and then stopped herself so I waited to see if she would say it and after a long pause she said "that's cool. I can't relate to that. I guess I have a different experience, but I don't really want to talk about that." And then said nothing. I don't know why that really pissed me off. I guess it sounded really patronizing. I don't mind if she disagrees with me or if she can't relate to what I'm saying, but it just pissed me off how she said it. Plus I wasn't really sure how to respond to that so after an awkward silence I said "well it's okay if you disagree with me" and after another long silence I asked her what it was that she felt she couldn't relate to about my statement. Basically she just couldn't relate to constantly comparing herself to people because I guess that's something she used to do and now she doesn't do it. I don't know why that was so uncomfortable for her to say. There are lots of times my friends talk about things I can't relate to and I carry on the conversation by asking them more questions about their opinions and insights. I don't understand why she can't just do the same for me if she didn't feel like she could understand/relate to what I was saying. Or she could have just straight up tell me her different perspective instead of me having to weasel it out of her because I didn't know what else to say.

No. 1539100

beautiful men are much more retarded than their mid counterparts

No. 1539108

Me: has struggled with depression most of my life. Recently lost my job. Tell my mom about it all.
Her: wow so you’re going to deal with that your whole life? You’re telling me you’re never going to get a job again?

The “killing myself wont do any good” mindset I’ve tried to have seems real fucking dumb right now

No. 1539111

maybe its because she didnt want to say you shouldnt compare yourself to others because she knows its not that easy and its more gradual. i think youre on the right track though with trying to appreciate your current situation more.

No. 1539113

She always insists I’m being distant again and not telling her anything but the moment I do, she has to nitpick everything kek of course I don’t want someone who always agrees with me but it would be nice if I could just tell her about something and not feeling judged.
I’m sorry but I’ll stay this way

No. 1539114

i feel rlly upset that my 13 yr old brother might have smelled the weed in my room (the stash under my bed i haven’t touched in a year). I don’t like the idea of exposing him to pot / paraphenelia especially since i don’t smoke anymore. gotta flush this pot i keep forgetting fuuuuuck

No. 1539123

Good for them! Kill those brain cells boyboss, it looks good on you

No. 1539126

Why do moids just fall asleep in the middle of an argument he didn't even wanna apologize. I'm so mad/sad I can't sleep

No. 1539127

my best friend does this to me and ive been thinking about just ending all of it for months and months. its not fair at all nona. you deserve better. and so do i but im a fucking coward about it.

No. 1539132

Stop doing that.

No. 1539133

Because he doesn't care and he wants you to shut up. It's so annoying I've had a guy go to sleep after he heard I was crying and deliberately because he didn't want to take care of me. After he cried while I was next to him, I kicked him out of the house for beings disgusting and made him sleep in the car for a night. Eye for an eye.

No. 1539134

no its weaponised incompetence

No. 1539136

It’s not weaponised anything because I’ve never done anything nice for a man before.

No. 1539139

Good God, I'm going to fuck some barely legal redhead in retaliation.

No. 1539142

Thank you, this is very helpful
I am not diagnosed but there is a possibility that I am on the spectrum. I have autistic family members. I always felt like an alien observing humanity from an outsider's perspective the way that people watch animals in zoos. I also have other symptoms of autism like having weird specific hyperfixations and intense sensory issues (part of the reason I have an ED is because I literally cannot stand the feeling of skin touching skin, I have to put a pillow under my arm when I sleep because if I don't I can feel a fat roll forming under my armpit)
>We are able to do the math pretty early and understand that boys can like girly things and girls can like boyish things and it doesn't fucking matter, society is retarded. But that doesn't change the fact we still have dysphoria.
This is another obstacle for me. Every time I try to talk to radfems about my dysphoria, they tell me that I don't have to be a man to like stereotypically "masculine" things. I already know this and even if I didn't, acknowledging this wouldn't be an automatic quick fix. Besides, it's not about not wanting to be a woman, it's about wanting to be a man.

No. 1539143

just the fact you exist and dont spit into their face is nice enough

No. 1539145

I do not understand the ouroboros of pretending you have some sort of camaraderie with women when all you do is disparage them. If you aren't attracted to women and you're consumed by everything they do and obsessed with degrading them you're absolutely the dumbest retards alive like you can go dickride and be quiet instead of acting like an Alfred hitchcock monstrosity unprovoked. Some of these people are so comfortable with being ugly people that they do not even notice when they sound psychotic at all, it's just so natural for them.

No. 1539146

>have any advice?
Get out while you still can lmao. The hardcore punk scene is full of performative activists and you WILL inevitably get abused by someone you meet there. If you are straight beware of the hipster he/they types, the frat boy to softboi pipeline is real. These men will adopt an alternative aesthetic to seem less threatening. Even if you are a lesbian you're not safe, the women are batshit insane too.

No. 1539156

File: 1680422209866.jpg (115.74 KB, 769x1024, cokehead.jpg)

it's always poor bella hadid, yolanda ruined her body image and not fuck bella hadid, like seriously fuck her for helping to ruin the body image of young girls everywhere just so she can live her 2014 pro ana tumblr dream of being the best anorexic. she dresses like a teen on purpose to appeal to gen z and young girls into fashion. she plays into the "i love eating" model meme and its annoying as fuck considering in reality she is a coked out anemic looking lipoed cunt who is actively influencing our teenage girls to starve themselves, and yes she knows what she's doing, and fuck her for being so narcissistic and having so little self awareness as to not break the cycle. anorexia is horrible and deadly and bella hadid deserves just as much flack as eugenia cooney if not more for glamourizing her starving body to such a wide and impressionable audience.

No. 1539159

I weirdly remember the era where no one took her seriously as Gigi's fame hungry sister, she was canceled for being racist before she even took off and I swear there were videos of her exposing herself as being a total cow but then I guess PR does such a number on people. Similar thing with Paris Hilton

No. 1539175

I can't even wrap my head around what's happening in America . Biden is a joke and the whole trans thing has gotten out of hand
It's surreal
10 years ago this would have been a comedy skit or something
it's getting bad here in europe too but nowhere near that level, thankfully there are countries where most people are against that shit
and everyone can say whatever they want about Russia, but at least Putin fucking condemned the west for destroying the traditional family.
what a fucking clown show the usa is
i know jack shit about politics but suddenly it seems that maybe the orange man losing was bad because it triggered this series of events

No. 1539176

mediocre bait

No. 1539177

not bait, my honest thought, but you're free to believe what you want

No. 1539179

Seeing a skinny celebrity doesn't make anyone anotexic, retard. %80 of anorexics have other traumas such as child abuse, sexual abuse, personality disorders, ocd, etc. I hate ugly bitches who hate on random skinny girls and accuse them of promoting anorexia, by your logic anorexics should never go outside which is stupid and it's also ironic because no one applies that logic to obese people who by the same logic also promote disordered eating.

No. 1539186

I lost around 10 kilos and now fit into my old pants again but today I laid down on my bed and noticed that my boobs got cellulite and fall to the side and kinda look wrinkly when I lay down?! The internet says that it could be a sign of boob cancer. Do I have boob cancer or is this just an unfortunate side effect of weight loss? I'm so scared!

No. 1539187

skinny will always be "in" no matter how much anyone whines

No. 1539188

if your boobs shrunk when you lost weight it just means that you had fat in that area as well, and not breast tissue

No. 1539199

you have the maturity of a teenager if you aren't underaged

No. 1539202

>Putin fucking condemned the west for destroying the traditional family.
Did he say this before or after he decriminalised domestic violence?

No. 1539203

i feel like the people who claim that celebs don't have an impact on teengirls body image, self esteem and behavior, are the same people who also claim shooting games don't make teenboys violent…
literally anything can influence kids badly.
we know that gigi and bella are victims of their mom but now they're close to 30 and negative "inspiration" for a million 15yos.

no idea what your comment is supoosed to mean, sounds like you accuse her of being jealous..?

point is that all female celebs are skinny but there is a difference between simply being thin like most actresses and not really mentioning this or claiming you eat clean and workout, versus being a walking skeleton who has to showcase her hipbones during every wheather while claiming you love burgers and have never seen a surgeon in your life… it's their behavior that matters, somebody like emma watson also doesn't weigh much more but nevertheless dresses and acts in a way that likely never influenced one of her kid fans badly.

No. 1539207

How to tell someone who wants to hang out that I'm depressed and I only dream about spending my entire weekend in my bed without saying exactly this, I don't want to lie to them though

No. 1539209

you could say that you are feeling down and tired and would like some time to yourself to rest and recharge your batteries

No. 1539210

I know I did the right thing by nipping things in the bud before they could escalate, but I still feel like shit. I just had one of those weird dreams where you're somewhat aware that you're in one but are unable to wake up and everything about it was unimaginably frustrating. Like, why is my brain tormenting me over this? I only woke up because stress-induced hives made me itchy, lmao.

I think it's because I saw him messaging me before stopping himself. I'm kinda dying to know what he wanted to say. It wouldn't change anything, but my curiosity is a pervasive thing.

No. 1539221

If you can just scroll past and ignore it, just don't engage with that criticism at all even looking at it. I don't mean this in a mean way but maybe you are spending too much time online or on social media.

No. 1539250

Went to a restaurant with my family that has a small ice cream buffet with different toppings and a chocolate fountain. Watched a kid stick a marshmallow in the fountain, lick the chocolate off then stick the sopping wet marshmallow back under the fountain again. I'm not surprised since male children are retards, but I was shocked to see a waiter stop the kid and then just leave the fountain on, kek. Disgusting.

No. 1539252


No. 1539265

I was walking my dog this morning when a scrote came out of his apartment and walked towards me trying to make small talk. He had a bag and emptied it, trying to find a pen, and I saw a knife fall out so I started to walk away but he grabbed me and started kissing my cheek saying how beautiful he thought I was and to come with him. I jumped anway and ran off, he didn’t follow me but anons I’m shaking so bad. I thought he was going to stab me or try to force me to follow him, I feel so lucky but fuck I’m scared to go out now. I emailed the property management to let them know but I’m so scared. I don’t know what to do.

No. 1539268

What the fuck anon, that's scary as hell! I'm so sorry that happened to you. Is there anyone you could call over to your place, like a friend or family?

No. 1539273

File: 1680444628089.jpeg (43.57 KB, 265x470, 0033.jpeg)

nonnas here unironically wanting women to cover up because they think seeing hipbones induces a mental disorder kek

No. 1539291

My rapist woman beater dad says I have a nice house and should be thankful and grateful for life because some people have nothing. I've been plagued with suicidal thoughts since I was 10 years old. My moms mental health has deteriorated rapidly and she can't do a lot of things alone because of dementia like symptoms and shes just in her 50s. She scraped her car yesterday on the rear of someone elses and I got in a fight with random people because of it so I feel extra stressed since then literally feel the stress running through my feels and paralyzing me, I'm just feeling so hopeless and bleak, I have strong rope in my room just waiting but I can't bring myself to do it because of my mom. I feel like everything bad that happens to me is invalidated by the fact I'm not dirt poor so I should just get over it but I have been feeling suicidal for 14 years I haven't felt happiness since 2009. I just dont kill myself because of my mom but im working on killing myself indirectly so it looks random and she won't know I killed myself
I wanna die so bad, I don't wanna "get better" because that wouldn't be possible, shrinks and psychologists couldnt help me in all this time, I don't even have a diagnosis I'm way beyond any help and just doing overtime on earth so my mom doesnt get sad that I killed myself

No. 1539294

oh my god anon that's horrifying. i can't even imagine the fear you're under right now, even if he only granbed and kissed you that's still assault i feel. even if you didn't see a knife. i'm so glad that psycho didn't carry on further or hurt you. i'm sorry it has come to this but is there anybody you can go with next time you have to walk your dog? or any other way for somebody to watch over you like security?

No. 1539298

Nothing is working, I want to gut myself with a spoon, I bled profusely for no reason the other day, and all my attempts to rid myself of this pain, this persistent pain, have failed. I just don't know how to live on this planet anymore

No. 1539300

File: 1680446052941.jpg (75.99 KB, 1190x1280, D21Cgl7WsAAvjCt.jpg_large.jpg)

If I put on make up and fitting clothes and did my hair and wasn't anaemic and vitamin D deficient, I would mog the wast majority of people. Straight women and men, fags and lesbians, white, black, asian, stacies and chads, doesn't matter. If I converted my autism to normisms, it would be over for all normies. I have enormous potential, but I will probably never unleash it. So you're lucky. Remember that.

No. 1539303

Why not just unleash it? I’m autistic and do everything to make myself really fit and well dressed and I mog people constantly. It helps me get away with being an absolute weird freak because then people just treat you like an MPDG if you are hot. I also think it makes me more successful in life and I get more trusted professionally and my work is assessed more favorably. If the only think keeping you from being crazy hot is basically just some styling then it’s so worth doing it because it reaps a lot of rewards.

No. 1539305

thissss i fucking hate when anorexia is viewed as a superficial auto induced quirk were you starve to look sKiNnYy and not the refuse of life drive because traumatic shit happened to you.


No. 1539311

File: 1680446757928.jpeg (78.63 KB, 602x602, main-qimg-341b25ecdc005e2cd008…)

You go Stacy I admire your absolute ability to put up with all of that and control your senses, I'm going mad from fabrics touching my body or feeling anything on my face, including make up, and if I try to do anything with my hair, like get a cute hairstyle, I feel like my scalp hurts etc. My autism is just too strong. But you go mog those normies!

No. 1539312

File: 1680446859178.jpeg (18.33 KB, 499x214, CDEC06F6-B482-479E-BD26-371011…)

No. 1539313

You are a bad person! You are evil, and it makes me so fucking mad that whatever mental illness you have makes you unable to take accountability for the rotten shit you have done and allowed. All the prayer in the world wouldn’t make you a better person, so whatever it is you’re reading about in that bible every night, it’s not working! Shouldn’t have had one child, let alone four you rotten evil cunt. And my siblings apparently inherited your retard gene because they’re all to happy to just fall at your feet and act like you weren’t awful.

No. 1539317

A relationship is repeating the same what do you want for dinner I don't know what do you want I don't know whatever you feel like conversation every night until you die

No. 1539318

while typing like

No. 1539319

Samefag but she also pulls the “I had it SO MUCH WORSE THAN YOU!!” And? Because you had a horrible childhood you don’t have to take accountability for beating my brother and doing what you did to me? It’s like saying “I got beat twenty times a day as a kid, you only got beat three times a day you should be thanking me for being so kind!” No. Everything is relative, you are pure evil, simple as.

No. 1539329

>I would mog the wast majority of people
Not with that lisp you wouldn't

No. 1539333

No. 1539334

Im not in an academic enviroment to type out of my internet informal way and also im in the vent thread. Do you want me to type correctly? Fine. And I will repeat myself: anorexics have an importan trauma underlying that makes them act in such a way against our self-preservation instincts denying the life drive and embracing unhealthly the death drive. Maybe the conscious justify this behaviour by "I want to be skynny like x celebrity" but in the unconscious the motives are very different and trauma rooted.
To conceive anorexia as a disease with superficial motives is to ignore the complexity of it and only produce harm. Also why do you think that women are more affected by it? not because we are dumb superficial people, its because or bodies are the only thing that we have control in a patriarchal society and thus we use it to express our negative feelings in an autodestructive way.
Thats enough maturity for you?

No. 1539339

nta but your actual opinions don't do much to break the impresion you're underaged either

No. 1539340

>Also why do you think that women are more affected by it? not because we are dumb superficial people
No? It's obviously because we're programmed to try to look pretty since we're toddlers while also getting told that we're never good enough because we obviously can't look like ana plastic celebrities…

No. 1539344

NTA, but you really shouldn't try to speak for other people or project any sort of trauma onto them. Stop worrying about whether it's superficial. Other people's motives have nothing to do with you.

No. 1539345

My fiancé is going to walk with me from now on and he wants me to call the non emergency number to file a report. I know the guy is an African migrant so I’m not sure if it’s a weird cultural boundary but either way it was not okay. Last time I ever try and be nice to a stranger. I feel more angry than scared now.

No. 1539348

Im not a native english speaker so I don't get much of the semiotic clues in my speech.
also for both of you, my opinions are not only based on personal and second hand experience, its based too in reading different authors with different perspectives. Maybe psychoanalysis isn't of the taste of you two but it sure has a lot of answers to human behaviour.
What, do you think that anorexia exists solely because beauty standards imposed to woman? or what is wrong with searching for more complex answers to this behaviour? Or what is wrong about what I said and how it is in reality?

No. 1539352

Ok, good luck

No. 1539353

But if that is the absolute ultimate answer then why not all women have anorexia? and why is more cronic and extreme in some women? and what if anorexia is used to archive the opposite of beauty? like many sexual abuse victims do?

No. 1539354

Come on anonna, give me more than that, we are discussing with maturity and arguments.

No. 1539356

Anorexia existed long before Bella Hadid, so
Like hundreds of years before B.H.

No. 1539357

I hate when you guys infight about things that I don't care about cause most of the time the threads with the infight are the most active

No. 1539362

Bella herself kind of proves the point wrong already, she's also influenced by false idols:
>starves herself because of her mom
>gets ps to look like her fav Carla Bruni
Nobody is safe from being incluenced into sick behavior

>Maybe psychoanalysis isn't of the taste of you two but it sure has a lot of answers to human behaviour.
lmao now you just sound even more like a kid (or like a reddit moid)

yes, for example in ancient china court officials starved themselves to death because the emperor favored skinny people
empress sissi of austria was also ana and wanted the tiniest waist and everybody admired her for it
all victims of sick beauty standards and ideals, just like women and girls (and some moids) nowadays

No. 1539368

So im a reddit moid because I find psychoanalysis interesting, ok. Could you expose your aguments of why the psychoanalysis take is wrong instead of attacking me?

No. 1539369

I used to be anorexic because I wanted to remain childlike. Most anorexics have this mindset and the ones who think they'll look like supermodels are minority. I've always had a curvy figure even when I was thin and I hated the attention I'd get from literal adult men so I thought if I got even skinnier, those men wouldn't harass me anymore. I knew one more anorexic who was sexually harassed like me as a young teenager and I think this is much more common than anons like to pretend. Some random girl dieting to look pretty isn't comparable to another young girl becoming severely underweight because of her delusions anf traumas.

No. 1539372

Alright. It really is just the simple fact that not everybody with an eating disorder has trauma or suicidal tendencies. Other factors can also lead into it, such as OCD and a need to adhere to certain rituals, autism/sensory issues around food or even a "special interest" in calorie counting or nutrition, catastrophic thinking, personality disorders tying into self-destructive behaviors as a way to either self-punish or punish those around them, having to stick to certain rules because it's quite literally their job and best current chance of making money (typically the case in Hollywood and the modelling industry, especially with child stars), a strong desire to be cared for/fawned over and ill, etc. And yes, sometimes it really is just a girl or woman who thinks she's ugly if she's not skinny, notices that restricting is "working", and just doesn't stop doing it because she's addicted to the high of weight loss to the point that it supercedes health.
From reading your posts, it almosts seems like you have a need to push reasoning that resonates with you personally to the entire subject, and it bothers you when a certain other type of reason is acknowledged. None of these are "less valid" reasons behind anorexia. Multiple paths can lead to the same place.

No. 1539374

Nobody is denying that anorexia can be caused by trauma, we're only trying to stop you from claiming that it solely must stem from trauma.

No. 1539377

Just buy a smell proof bag nonna, its ok

No. 1539381

I really like this reply more! But what if we add psychological concepts like conscious and unconscious, life drive and death drive? I think they expand more the picture of what anorexia is how works in our minds. And yeah, trauma may not be the only stem for such a complex disease but attributing it to only beauty standars is reductionist. So we can agree that anorexia has different stems with different triggers and an important social component?
And yeah, in my last replies I focused in the approach more familiar for me, the trauma related. I don't think that are less valid reasons behind anorexia but if you only atribute it to beauty standars and social norms really falls flat and more if you deny things like the existence and influence of the conscious and unconscious like another replies did.

Also you have endless anecdotic evidence like what this anon share about her experience with anorexia that contradicts the simplis analysis of this >>1539362 anon

No. 1539386

I can't stand going out with friends anymore. One of them is always late to whatever place we want to go to. Now one of them moved to a place that's very far away from mine with public transport so I hope she won't invite me over too often. They often choose restaurants or cafes that aren't all that amazing. They don't want to go to bars after work as if it were a worse option than going to a cafe that closes down at 7pm and that serves expensive garbage. When we eat at a restaurant they stay as long as possible there after we finished eating, to the point where I had to often insist to pay and leave so I wouldn't miss public transport or arrive too late home. Then they complain when I have other ideas because when they want to save money and can't go eat somewhere for the month they also don't want to just hang out in one of their places (I don't have mine yet) and they don't want to just take a stroll somewhere like in the gigantic park we have here or in places they don't know all that much in the city. Now when I crave something from a specific restaurant or cafe I just go alone without telling them. I think I became very nitpicky when we see each other.

No. 1539421

I need to get a gaming computer for Sims 4. Tired of fucking around.

Also, what's with people having to personal space standards? Was at the store and this lady behind me had her cat damn near touching my ass.

No. 1539445

There are some cases in which the person who would have suicided is thankful afterwards. Not long ago I read the story of two teens who saved a man hanging from a tree next to a river. They fell down in the process and could have drowned. This selfless act of courage may have reignited the flame of life within him in spite of the hardships he was facing.

No. 1539448

It feels like my career prospect is hopeless. Combine with stagnant wages and rising inflation I just don't see myself living the life that I've always envisioned and the reality of that sinking in is upsetting. Meanwhile I compare others my age who manage to have good careers, making six figure salaries right out of school that would take me a literal decade to even get to that point, and it just feels all so hopeless.

No. 1539449

If I don't eat any junk food or sweets at all, I lose weight at a really comfortable pace. Keywords being if and at all lol. I'm glad my teeth aren't hurting anymore whenever I so much glance in the direction of anything too hot, too cold or too sweet, but I miss it making me skinny, should've never started eating it again.

No. 1539479

There's an older guy who likes me and I genuinely like talking to him because he can actively engage in discussions on various topics with me and is very well read etc., we work at the same place but different departments, he does some small cute things for me and now I'm scared he's interested in me. I don't know, I like him but I don't feel like getting in a relationship with him. He goes for a trip to our home country and he asked me if I want something, I told him about a book I'd like him to buy for me and I told him to send me the receipt and I will send him money. Like 30 minutes later he texted me and said he already bought the book and it's a gift and I don't have to return him money for it. Fuckkkkk how should I react? It's super nice of him and I'm grateful but it also makes me a little uncomfortable, wtf am I an ungrateful bitch??

No. 1539482

No he's being outright manipulative, that's not normal or polite. Just pushy and it puts you in a mindset of being "indebted" to him. Get away from that old hog. It won't end well for you I think.

No. 1539484

File: 1680461860573.jpg (120.83 KB, 900x506, 045-merry-christmas-mr-lawrenc…)

Today I'm so sad from a celebrity death and someone I was not close to but liked a lot. I know its useless but NONNA FRIEND PLZ CONTACT ME BACK, we talked about 2 clowns playing tricks last times and I really really like you.

No. 1539486

I am in dire need of help from anyone who struggle with binge eating, please respond with advice. Recently I've been getting stressed and obsessing over food due to that. The fact I went from skelly to normie-thin is driving me up the only wall and for the first time in my life I started binge eating. I'm feeling seriously ill after finishing a massive meal prepared for my mother and the fact that she won't stop giving me more food when I'm binging wants me to blow my brains out. She has severe hygiene ocd + and ruins my home life. I'm just trying not to develop an eating disorder. I need to become a normal eater again asap. I can't move out please give realistic advice. in need of an experienced helping hand

No. 1539488

can you binge on healthy food so it's not so detrimental?

No. 1539490

Ok but should I insist on paying for the book or just thank him? We've been talking to each other for like 2 weeks and only about politics, movies, religion and similar shit and literally never about anything personal, we are basically strangers, it's just weird. Also I think the guy is an autist like me, so maybe he simply doesn't understand it's inappropriate?? I don't know

No. 1539491

I ate homemade soup + cheese + bread mostly so I suppose I'm already doing that. Thank you anyway

No. 1539492

insist on paying back

No. 1539495

huh girl lol those things are only healthy in the correct portion sizes (besides for the soup maybe) binge lettuce, fruit, vegetables. it will fill you up.

No. 1539497

idk why did you even say you wanted something then? I would pay him back and never agree to wanting something from him when he asks.

No. 1539498

Why the fuck would anyone binge eat lettuce. That's retarded. I'm probably skinnier than you anyway so fuck it

No. 1539500

dumb statement. salads are great for binging on. also fuck you too bitch ;)

No. 1539501

>idk why did you even say you wanted something then
Because he asked me first if I wanted something. Also it's normal among my coworkers that when someone goes for vacation, they ask if others want some medicine or books or something else, and we always pay each other back

No. 1539502

I struggle pretty severely with binge eating too, the only way to stop it is to force myself to sleep.
I hate when trauma and stress cause eating disorders. Hope this helps, nonna.

No. 1539505

I fucking hate cutting garlic. They're like fucking onion chodes. Chad onion > virgin garlic.

No. 1539507

sure it's normal but he's an older moid and sounds manic. plus you could have just said no and kept it at that. don't indulge him.

No. 1539511

eBay buyers have to be the most annoying and entitled rarts ever.

>someone bought a sofa bed from me and she complained about it smelling of smoke and asks for a partial refund.

>lady from Puerto Rico ordered very expensive shoes from me and expected me to pay €30 shipping to return them AND offer a full refund (eBay ruled in my favour and she continued to harass me after the fact)
>some guy relentlessly harassed me because I had to cancel and refund his order and threatens legal action over a €20 item that I already fuckin refunded him saying he was ‘legally entitled to the product’ nigga what

I hate these entitled nutters so much.

No. 1539517

i do not care if a celebrity is skinny at all. not all eating disorders are anorexia, most aren't. most young girls who struggle with disordered eating most likely have an undiagnosed form of OSFED or BDD. i have spent several years on ed spaces and most of them are just young girls who have their minds fucked by celebrity and social media. the spike in eds among young girls since the rise of the internet is no coincidence.

OP of the bella post. this is exactly what i meant by my post. her flaunting her disorder and making her entire brand about her starving body is just fucked. skinny people are not a problem to me in media or anywhere, but when your entire identity if your ed and it's being normalized, then you are actively harming people.

No. 1539522

realistically you may binge sometimes due to stress. BUT the best thing you can do is to try and buy yourself time between binging. If you can insert enough time and coping mechanisms, you may be able to eliminate the episode completely. I went from being anorexic to bulimic to binge eating to 'normal', yet I have to use coping mechanisms everyday to be healthy and its always a conscious choice. I journal, go for walks, exercise, clean something, cry it out, or drink some hot coffee or chamomile tea. Taking a hot shower helps too. Reset your vagus nerve, do some yoga. Anything to try and relax your body

No. 1539524

you should get a garlic press, i love mine.

No. 1539532

tell him you arent comfortable receiving a gift from him and pay him back. you really need to set strong boundaries with people like this as early as possible because otherwise he might feel like hes owed something by gradually weaseling closer and closer to you to try and not set off alarm bells in your head, and will try to make your life a living hell when you have to reject him. of course theres always the possibility hes just a friendly guy, but thats relatively rare because even if a guy is happy with just being friends he probably still wants more, and its very hard to find men who like you enough as a person to fully respect your boundaries and never try to push things further.

No. 1539556

Sometimes I feel so alone in this world.
I have a healthy and long relationship. I have long friendships too.
But I always feel like no one would truly know me at all, like no one can understand how deep my pain goes.
I see no point in living because I lost the only person that knew me like nobody else, and she’s not coming back because death doesn’t work this way.
Since she died, I knew I would live without a purpose and without a meaning and that’s what’s happening to me. Problem is that too much time has passed now and even when I search for help, I don’t truly think it’s working.
Pills and therapy can only make you go that far but then I have to find a will I don’t have.
I don’t want to live without her. I don’t want to wake up for the rest of my life knowing she’s not here, all my questions unanswered and all the things I didn’t say when I had the time.
And of course people could tell me how she would have wanted me to live a happy life and such but I can only think that I will never, ever hug her again, because she’s just nothing more than ashes.
And I knew it would happen. Every time we argued, when I went to spend time with other people, even when I took a nap instead of being by her side, I knew some day she wouldn’t be here.
We only talked about this one time. Of course she could see how depressed I was, and she told me that she wouldn’t want me to stop everything just to mourn and that I should move on. All I could do at that time was to look at her and ask her how could she live if she lost me. And she couldn’t answer, of course.
My biggest phobia was to lose her. She was everything. I know that’s something that people tell specially when someone is long gone but it was real for me since the first day. I would never, ever love anyone like I loved her, and no one has ever loved me the same way, unconditionally. And I lost her. She’s not here anymore. And I can’t try to sugar coat it, tomorrow I will wake up and she won’t be here, even if I start talking out loud. She’s. Not. Here.
I’m still having panic attacks more than 8 years later because my mind can’t cope with the pain.
I’m sorry for my rambling. I tried so many times to explain this to everyone and it’s not worth it at this point. Nothing is.

No. 1539563

You're right anon, I'm gonna do that
I hate men fuck I had the same situation a few months ago, I was talking to my coworker about anime and video games and I was so happy to have someone irl who shares my love for specific titles and then he invited me for a dinner and I refused and it became awkward between us ever since. Now this guy, it was the first person I met here able to have deeper and more intellectual conversations with me and we were talking about philosophy books and shit and I admired his intellect and I wanted to be his friend and he had to ruin it and now I will never feel comfortable around him again. Men just can't see women as people because befriending a woman for nothing than intellectual qualities just doesn't exist to them, they just want to be in a relationship with you or sex you, they never care for women unless they're potential partners, their sisters or mothers or their male friends' girlfriends. That's it.

No. 1539569

File: 1680466851265.jpg (24.33 KB, 400x400, daw.jpg)

This girl has been asking me for help with a college project for the past two hours and even though I usually like to help because it's my favorite class, I can't find a way to tell her I don't want to help anymore because I've been spending the whole day shitting my guts out after taking laxatives for a transvaginal ultrassound I have tomorrow and the last thing I want to do right now is teaching a college kid how to calculate means.

No. 1539574

tell her that something came up in your personal life so you can't help

No. 1539577

I hear your pain anon. It's such a close and personal experience hardly anyone would be able to relate, and see you in a way you want to be seen, but it's not impossible. I hope you find such person and find more peace within yourself. In meantime though, I know it's not much but know that I feel you.

No. 1539582

File: 1680467692342.jpg (111.31 KB, 1079x749, aaa.jpg)

No. 1539609

>someone bought a sofa bed from me and she complained about it smelling of smoke and asks for a partial refund
If you smoke and it smells like smoke, you should definitely offer a partial refund if that was not stated in the description. It's a no brainer. The other two situations suck.
t. long time seller

No. 1539628

Thank you so much. <3 I really appreciate it.

No. 1539630

I can't imagine the level of pain that must be. Anon, it's so rare to love that much and remember with such intensity. What you two had must've been the real thing, what a blessing to have had. I'm so sorry that you're separated now.
I honestly have nothing to say, but I sincerely wish that the pain isn't a constant burden. I hope that one day, you're back together, and that you find warmth in other people whilst cherishing her memory. I am sending you a big warm hug that you'll just have to imagine, and proud of you for having the strength to live with this pain.

No. 1539632

I can't imagine the level of pain that must be. Anon, it's so rare to love that much and remember with such intensity. What you two had must've been the real thing, what a blessing to have had. I'm so sorry that you're separated now.
I honestly have nothing to say, but I sincerely wish that the pain isn't a constant burden. I hope that one day, you're back together, and that you find warmth in other people whilst cherishing her memory. I am sending you a big warm hug that you'll just have to imagine, and proud of you for having the strength to live with this pain.

No. 1539633

I can't imagine the level of pain that must be. Anon, it's so rare to love that much and remember with such intensity. What you two had must've been the real thing, what a blessing to have had. I'm so sorry that you're separated now.
I honestly have nothing to say, but I sincerely wish that the pain isn't a constant burden. I hope that one day, you're back together, and that you find warmth in other people whilst cherishing her memory. I am sending you a big warm hug that you'll just have to imagine, and proud of you for having the strength to live with this pain.

No. 1539636

I can't imagine the level of pain that must be. Anon, it's so rare to love that much and remember with such intensity. What you two had must've been the real thing, what a blessing to have had. I'm so sorry that you're separated now.
I honestly have nothing to say, but I sincerely wish that the pain isn't a constant burden. I hope that one day, you're back together, and that you find warmth in other people whilst cherishing her memory. I am sending you a big warm hug that you'll just have to imagine, and proud of you for having the strength to live with this pain.

No. 1539681

File: 1680477457619.gif (1.61 MB, 270x368, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

It's still such a tough pill for me to swallow that I won't have my own place anytime soon, after I was delusional enough to think I could for the past couple of years. Rent is climbing and my wages just aren't enough, and I realized how much help my grandpa needs and there's no way he can live alone safely. I don't make much, but it's a comfortable living situation since my bills are minuscule here. Even so, I yearn for sweet solitude. I want to be able to parade around in my panties, to never have anyone calling for me, to never have my diet affected by someone else's picky eating, to never come home to a mess to clean up, to decorate how I want and not have towels and rugs and shower curtains I've carefully curated to be thrown out and/or replaced without warning, to not have to hide my things for fear of them getting ruined, to never have anything cluttering my space that I don't want. I know I will look back on this time of my life fondly though, so I'm trying to be mindful and practice gratitude.

No. 1539682

I'm so sorry anon. Your post really resonated me and is how I feel about my grandma. I can't promise you that you will find another connection like that one ever again, but you won't know if you leave us so soon. Your loved ones would probably want to know what you're going through too, and even if they can't understand 100%, they can help you shoulder some of that pain. Best of luck to you anon.

No. 1539691

4 days ago my boyfriend and I drank together and I forgave him the second he talked about how he had been treating me that week. He isn't usually like that, he had been grieving over his grandmother, so that's understandable but he kept fucking up my mood and I could do nothing to cheer him up. Once I sobered up my anger had been piling on and I expressed it to him through text that he made me feel like a fucking sponge that couldn't squeeze what he gave to me out all while he was getting drunk with friends and he gave me silent treatment for almost a day. Tells me it's because he's sad he feels like he can't enjoy anything then asks for a break to study for his midterms. I'm hurt, angry and confused but I say okay and give it to him. 2 days no contact, just now I had checked a mutual gc we're in and I see he's been pretty active and I'm like did he just want to get away from me…? I wish he had just said that.

No. 1539694

My husband's sister and her husband are visiting. Husband is very close to sister, so we've both been anxious about making them comfortable while she's here. However I've also been busy with work and generally like my own space so tensions have been a little high.

Last night we were playing some jackbox game together where everyone gets the prompt but one person, who has to pretend that they also got the prompt. The prompt was "point at your favorite person." SIL and BIL point at each other obviously. I point at my husband. He points at himself.

I go into a "Oh, he must be the faker, he would have pointed at me otherwise" thing for the 30 seconds we get to deliberate. Turns out he was not the faker. I was so humiliated.

Later on he apologizes and says in that moment his brain didn't want to make a choice between me and his sister, but it felt so alienating to have the other couple pointing at each other, and me pointing at him, but no one pointing at me.

He already apologized and the guests are still here so I must vent online.

No. 1539697

Anon grow a brain and break up with him officially. From what you mentioned he doesn't seem to care about you or respect you.

No. 1539703

silly and unserious but i wish my handwriting was prettier. it looks unremarkably amateurish and therefore sloppy. i wouldn't be as upset if it was straight up ugly or particularly ridiculous looking but it's right at the point where it annoys me and probably only me. i wish i had beautiful penmanship. i was taught cursive but when i see any old movie or even my dad's handwriting i'm like what on earth happened, and it probably looks so obvious that i'm trying hard which in turn makes my writing look even sloppier kek, almost "childish" but more in a teenaged way i suppose. noticing i was writing in a fake comic sans and seeing my dad's penmanship in comparison was my wake up call and i've been /improoving/ ever since. i'm not interested in calligraphy i just want to be able to write pretty "naturally", i was never that type of person at school but i think it's never too late. i can proudly say that my efforts have kind of been paying off ! can't say the same for my arabic handwriting though

No. 1539711

Disclaimer that I did this in high school when I had a ton of time on my hands, but I found a font I thought was pretty on a free front site, printed a page of letters, and traced them over and over to get a particular style.

No. 1539717

Sounds like a siscon.

No. 1539723

nta but stop being weird and using your weebshit terms

No. 1539738

My best friend has looked at notes and old essays that were handwritten by me and has told me it all looks like a collaborative effort. It’s so inconsistent and looks like a 5 speds working together

No. 1539740

won't lie i hate when people say, "I'm so ugly omg i'm so ugly" no the fuck you aren't. And no i'm not unvalidating you or whatever.
You just aren't, IM fucking ugly, i'm fat, i have bad skin, i'm built like a big bodied ugly woman.
I AM WHAT UGLY LOOKS LIKE. Not you sally whose thin, with nice skin, sure you may have a big nose or some acne spots, maybe your hair is too thin or something but you aren't fucking ugly.
I am. I'm ugly. I think I unlocked a new way to cope with my agrophobia and get out, I need to truly train myself to view myself as deformed. Being as ugly as I am, while being fat is my personal deformity. I need to tell myself, "anon you are ugly, nobody cares about you, just go on with life. Who cares if someone thinks you are ugly or fat? Wonders why you have dark skin on the side of your ugly pie face? You are ugly. You need to get the fuck on with life or die".
And in a way it brings me comfort. I'm ugly and it doesn't matter anymore. I've been agrophobic since…2014 and I believe it picked up as extreme in..2016 or so. I have never worked, I've only gotten fatter and more mentally ill.
Maybe I should get a therpist, but I do know I have to brace myself. It's a way to cope. I'm ugly and I can do something. I'm just a drain on everyone.

No. 1539741

Maybe you have dysgraphia? I can't even read my own handwriting kek. School was hell when I had to read something written by me out loud, I had to pause quite often to figure out what the hell I wrote there.

No. 1539744

Are you autistic? My dad, sister, and I all are and the only one with legible handwriting is my sister. Even then, it's sloppy, just not illegible.

No. 1539755

siscon is short for sister complex, it's not a Japanese term/concept.

No. 1539762

NTA but the abbreviation with the -con suffix is directly imported from nippon as evident by the N (it's not called a conplex).

No. 1539769

Also a pet peeve of mine, I think using the word “complex” to imply a sexual paraphilia is kinda retarded. It’s totally used to make something potentially degenerate seem more harmless than it is. It’s like "woops I think I have a complex around children, I’m sure in a pickle".

No. 1539787


No. 1539811


No. 1539817

Why are detrans people almost just as annoying as trannies. I guess only severely mentally ill people would transition in the first place.

No. 1539821

why are you listening to them in the first place? curiosity?

No. 1539825

are you the anon who keeps calling others tifs and bitches.

No. 1539832

I made one single post saying there were tifs in the thread, but never called anyone a bitch. I got called plenty of names myself, though.

I think it’s still important to get their perspective, they’re helpful in highlighting the dangers of transition and didn’t deserve what they went through. Doesn’t change the fact a lot of them are annoying though.

No. 1539879

As the TIF who accidentally blogposted (the no1curr redtext) and a resident cow, you have my word I left the thread when told to fuck off, and it helped clear my head. I think I'd benefit by not discussing semantics while on one hour of sleep. What I said made no sense, but in an autist's sleep deprived brain it seems plausible in the moment.
I think detransitioners have a very good reason to discuss the dangers of transitioning, but them acting like just because it was right for them doesn't mean it's right for others, is retarded. Trooning out should be the very last resort, when all options were exhausted, for full grown adults, and nothing else, but it should not be banned. Risperidone, for example, worked for me when all therapy options were exhausted with little to no results. But that finally did the trick. I feel like detransitioners would benefit by realizing all things have nuance, as should other troons.
That's why I like the radfems here. Outside of /2x/ and the tranny threads, they're usually very insightful and help me learn both about radical feminism, and of their takes on everything. I genuinely love the nonnas here and want the best for them, even if they disagree with me on some things.

No. 1539904

this is so stupid but i hate myself so much.

for some context, i'm disabled… actually disabled, i had major surgery on my legs when i was 10 years old and that was pretty much a predictor for the rest of my life. so i can't do a lot physically, which is bad enough. but on top of that, i have a lot of foods i physically can't eat, the details of which mean it's hard to eat healthy. i try. i try so fucking hard. but trying to stay healthy when i'm like this is sisyphean. long story short, i'm a little heavy. i'm not obese, but it's enough to be seen. and i hate it. and i hate myself for it. and i don't know what to do. nothing i try seems to work. every time i look in the mirror i feel disgusted. i'm not pretty even outside of that, i know because i used to be thin and i wasn't pretty then. maybe i was too thin though, that was back when i never wanted to eat at all. but even so. i don't think i've ever looked at myself and thought i was pretty. maybe 'decent' at times, in really good photos, but never any better than that.

it makes me feel hopeless. especially regarding potential relationships. at least i'm not into men, i know how they get about womens' appearances, but sometimes i don't think any woman would want me either. i have issues even beyond what i've said here and it all just crushes me. why did i have to be born with such a fucked up body and a fucked up brain?

i don't know. i just wanted to say this. my next therapy appointment isn't for a while and i feel really alone right now. if you actually read all of this then thanks. i appreciate it.

No. 1539923

>open steam
>notice he's on skyrime
>lose to urge to check his profile
>vidya activity recent
You're right, I'll break things off when he's done with his "break". I feel like I've been made a fool by myself and him. And what's fucked up is I've nobody to confide in this about other than this thread, while he has his friends who hate women. I feel like a fucking retard and my heart hurts.

No. 1539930

File: 1680514235792.jpg (88.14 KB, 680x654, 1677510901120.jpg)

I skipped class today and am now spiraling into one of those "i'm a piece of shit, a disappointment, a low-life, don't even deserve to live" moods

No. 1539939

Do you know where you are? Never, you baka. Baka means stupid in Japanese.

No. 1539941

I've noticed something weird. People's hair looks different lately. Like wispy and thin even little kids. People look way older too. Like teens have deep frown lines and wrinkles. I feel like I shifted dimensions

No. 1539946

I noticed the hair part. I thought maybe it's because people are dying their hair a lot lately, or they're using products that is actually killing their hair. Probably both.

No. 1539948

There must be something in the water that is killing us slowly… so many girls complaining about severe hair loss me included.

No. 1539950

Do you live in the US, nonny? Apparently there is this thing called "hard water" where minerals can buildup on your scalp and cause hair loss. Just wtf

No. 1539951

I think this too. Or it's a side effect of covid or something. Because my hair feels like dolls hair and is very wispy and I don't even heat style it. It used to be thick bouncy and full and I just used cheap shampoo. Now I'm struggling buying paraben free shit trying to save my hair wondering what is wrong with me

No. 1539952

No I’m from Europe.
Yeah, I definitely thought about it being covid or vaccine related. Didn’t want to get the tinfoil hat out though, but is it even tinfoil anymore that there was something fucky about covid etc.

No. 1539958

Cut gluten from your diets, gluten sensitivity and celiac disease are being activated by covid and the vaccine. One of my symptoms before diagnosis was thinning hair and losing huge amounts. Be wary of cross contamination cause depending on your sensitivity levels even the tiniest bit of cross contamination can fuck you over.

I started seeing differences immediately upon going gluten free and my hair stopped falling out within a couple weeks. Took longer for my hair to be full again. But if I get hit with cross contaminated food I will lose a decent amount of hair in the shower in addition to many other symptoms.

No. 1539975

File: 1680522480582.jpeg (12.74 KB, 400x246, C65C8E07-461C-4AC4-A1A8-ADC3F3…)

I’m having a fucking awful week, when will this end? Is mercury in gatorade again?

No. 1539980

Don’t be so hard on yourself nonnie, I’m not even disabled and I’m fat as shit. And I know it’s hard not to fixate on appearance but being attractive isn’t the most important thing in the world.

No. 1539982

not that I dont believe in covid being bullshit but anon there's a chance your celiac symptoms got bad enough around the same time to diagnose it. gluten free isn't a cure-all at all unless someone needs to do it. Could be anons are deficient in B12, D, iron, not enough sleep, stress, omega's, thyroid problem, menstral related, under/over weight related. 100% don't recommend gluten free unless you need to because it sucks ass. also takes a whole blood and endoscopy screening while consuming gluten.

No. 1539984

my ex(irl) acts like a smug anime villain online trying to chase me out of online circles he introduced me to and an attempt to piss me off but instead it just makes my skin crawl. its so fucking cringe. he has reason to dislike me bc of how i treated him for a decade n some and also some retarded info bullshit we had but i dont get how a man can be 23, working in law yet come off like a 15 year old roleplaying death note or some shit online

No. 1539988

Oh god those ass suckers gave me celiac disease I knew it was a bad idea to get the vax. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Can confirm my hair is coming back after going Gluten free. My moons on my fingernails just went away though so I feel like I have a lot more problems, it’s like I’m falling apart. I bought iron, b12 and selenium. My blood draw came out ok but I’m obviously not ok. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I’m so mad

No. 1539989

Fugg I have spaghetii and sandwich for lunch at work righ now kek. It's true I feel much better when cutting gluten but I'm so weak and lazy I'm going back again. I need to cut it off for good

No. 1539991

Don’t worry, nonnie, women are honestly different. Like I’m not pretty or fit and lots of women in college have been interested in me, because what matters is just you, this time is literally, like as long as you’re yourself, a woman will love you because you will be her best person ever.
So don’t be hard on yourself, just try to find a balance, maybe go to a nutritionist or an endocrinologist so you can actually know what is it that your body actually needs.

No. 1539993

If you’re prone to celiac you also may have the genes that make you unable to absorb non methylated versions of b12 and folic acid, so get a b complex with methylated b12/folic acid. Even if you don’t have the gene that makes you unable to absorb the non methylated versions, you’ll still absorb methylated versions more efficiently. Personally I use Thorne brand B-complex #6.

No. 1539994

Samefag but also if you’re not allergic to nuts, one (1) Brazil nut has over 100% RDA selenium. Nuts . Com sells certified gluten free Brazil nuts. I’ve always eaten one every other day as my selenium supplement.

No. 1539997

Bless you angel, I will look into that and get my body back on track

No. 1539998

Does anyone else have parents who try to control you over the smallest thing and then lose their shit and want to destroy your life if you try to express that you don't want to do whatever it is they want that is inconsequential, all of the time?

For example, my parents constantly DEMAND constantly when I'm allowed to see my friends, when I'm allowed to stay out, when I "NEED TO" to go back to my MY OWN house after going out with my friends, or that I "NEED TO" go see them by x time and stay away from my own house or friends, etc. If I try to insist that this is rude, they start screaming and acting like I'm out of control for not doing every single thing they want. It's not as if I am putting off an obligation for it, but they still act like I am if I tell them they need to respect my boundaries. I don't tell them what to do, ever.My parents were barely around when I was a child and teen and kicked me out of the house all of the time, abused me, caused constant chaos. I was usually living with my exes or my girlfriends because my parents did not want to be parents. Now suddenly they want to act like they've always been dedicated parents who somehow have the right to control everything I do and when I do it, what friendships I'm allowed to have… It's really getting fucking insane. I'm going to be 30 soon. What the fuck is this.

No. 1540004

Do you have ethnic parents? Regardless, fuck them, literally stop talking to them unless they’re providing you with something essential. Stand up for yourself and stop being a doormat by letting these fucking losers have any access to you. They don’t deserve to have you as their daughter.

No. 1540010

Missed the bus today and had to drive to the next stop to catch it because my nigel had to go to the grocery store to take his morning shit. Fml.

No. 1540012

Maybe they feel panicked like they never had control of you and they’re making up for it. What if you disobeyed them and said you couldn’t come see them at that time/day or ignored their texts/calls about “it’s time to go home now” when you’re out with friends? If they blow up your phone, if you turned it off, how do you think they’d react if you ghosted them like that? Very strange. I agree with anon about cutting them off. Maybe try to make distance and see what they do, it may give you a better answer. But no, my parents aren’t like that anon kek sorry.

No. 1540013

What does ethnic mean here like

No. 1540015

This is SO first world but I'm really annoyed my mother won't travel anywhere with me. She's cloying, overbearing and disrespects my boundaries in a way that makes normies say "she's your mother you should be glad she constantly tries to take over your life you ingrate". When I visit family she completely infantilises me and it's so difficult to even respond to it in a mature way, so I try spend literally no time with her.

I'm 30 and have lived an independent life far away from them for a long time, and I think one of the best ways I could reconnect is to travel somewhere with her that we're both unfamiliar with. Go to restaurants, go on walks, she can see me function as an adult and all that. I know it isn't financial issue but it's like she's allergic, she's usually so overbearing but has been unresponsive every time I bring up us going somewhere else together or even her visiting my place. Most recent example is us going to visit family in another country for easter, I suggest we stay a night in the capital instead of heading straight to the middle of nowhere where nothing's going on and she's like hmmmm no.

I wonder how much affection my mother actually has for me outside of her obvious anxiety/codependence issues. I suppose that's the upsetting part.

No. 1540016

Yes, I grew up with a mother like this. We barely speak because she'll start trying to boss me around long distance. She used to forbid me to see a doctor about xyz issues because it's bad and she heard from a friend/TV it will give me cancer. One of these was the actual HPV vaccine, so by the time I had control over my own life I was too old to get it.

The only solution is cutting them off. It sucks because you'll be faced with people who come from normal families with nice parents, and you'll feel jealous, but that's the only way to make them stop.

No. 1540026

File: 1680528693362.jpg (61.51 KB, 826x710, jdfUMds.jpg)

playing otome games make me feel happy while im reading the story but then i look at irl scrotes and i feel sad that ill never feel that kind of happiness because theyre all retarded animals with only sex in their minds. ive been liking marius from tears of themis and when i remember no irl moid will treat me like he treats the game's mc unless hes desperate for sex, i just get so unmotivated about dating, it's starting to creep into my mind while reading his stories too so i cant even enjoy the game in peace. i feel like ill never find a proper man at this point. relevant that i live in a 3rd world country where i cant say women should be equal to men or men should do housework without everyone laughing or arguing against it.

No. 1540029

no amount of medication and therapy will ameliorate my fundamental problem: my low iq and probably undiagnosed learning disability. i have to kill myself, but i’m afraid of death and what comes after. i loathe my mentally ill parents for bringing me into this world. my mom is a bipolar former prison inmate, and my dad is a fucking NEET with severe anger issues; i was doomed the moment i came into this world. somebody please help me

No. 1540030

Your pic triggered me

No. 1540032

What otome games are you playing nonny?

No. 1540034

all the anons losing their hair in this thread….i feel you. started noticing thinning in my hair 1-2 months ago. i even stopped smoking because i'm so scared of going bald though i highly doubt that's the reason why i'm losing my hair

No. 1540046

I wish I could just kill myself too nonnie, I feel like I will never escape my shitty life, I have extreme anxieties and feel like I’m basically retarded.

No. 1540048

File: 1680532866232.gif (658.58 KB, 220x220, 54a35e656r870870.gif)

The biggest blackpill is learning that even the nicest, most talented men still end up dating or marrying a woman decades younger than him at least once, no matter the time period, pre-internet, post-internet, pre-television, no matter if his previous girlfriends/wives were closer in age, no matter if his image is 100% non-sexual, family-friendly, nothing. literally ALL of them, oh my fucking god. even the rumored "gay" "um ackshually it's a PR relationship!1" ones you all lied to me i hate you. some of these "gay" cinnamonrolls were even cheaters (with female mistresses not even male). never google nothin again. never ever ever ever
>even X anon? even my favorite
YES even X
the worst part is i still like some of them but i just can't ignore that aspect of their life. i really wish i could though..my day is ruined again my hopeful dumbass always thinking "maybe this one is the exception this time" nope. never look up anything. just don't. burn all biographies.

No. 1540049

When my dad did this I got annoyed and I still am bc she’s a literal sped on top of being younger than this fucking 50 year old man

No. 1540053

Did you also just learn that Buster Keaton started dating a 19 year old when he was 42? Because that bummed me out plus the weirdness of her loving “”raising him””

No. 1540055

Not steve howe

No. 1540058

I’ve heard that supposedly female dogs do this too, but I can’t help but see scrote dogs stealing and chewing underwater as degenerate moid behavior it makes me see red and want to kick them

No. 1540059

yeah tbh i want to block out literally everything during and after his alcoholic years

No. 1540063

LOL nonnie rip I can’t believe I guessed it. Sorry it upset you so much, scrotes gonna scrote no matter what sadly.

No. 1540065

when time travel is invented i'm gonna destroy every trace of alcohol mark my words

No. 1540068

After my pos ex boyfriend left me completely blindsided after a 4 year relationship I came to the realization that I am better off not dating men and should just 100% focus on literally anything else. I was raised in a traditional household and my parents always ask me "when will you get married" but I just don't want to do anything anymore. I do not want to spend my time building up and caring for a man child that brings nothing to the table and just takes everything and gives nothing back and just makes you feel as if you are not good enough. I am just so done.

No. 1540072

Tbf alcohol isn't the problem, where do you see women who drink doing this shit? It's men

No. 1540077

i’m functionally braindead and have been running entirely on the rapidly deteriorating vestiges of the intelligence i had as a child and teenager. it’s so over. i’m just waiting for all this to end

No. 1540092

Steve anon, I find your dedication truly inspiring.

No. 1540102

File: 1680537348533.jpg (81.92 KB, 719x719, 8fa9a194d8beb3b7d46e8a9c1642d5…)

I was walking home today and some kids told me I look like trash, why are they so mean

No. 1540104

I think you need to stay away from dogs of either sex, and maybe read less of lolcow. Human moids should be kicked instead tbh

No. 1540105

Yep, I literally gave myself brain damage trying to overdose too many times, sometimes I'm not sure I can ever live as a functional adult again

No. 1540107

Because they're kids and still trying to learn boundaries. The schools they're in aren't good at teaching kids discipline either. Compared to how school used to be, so many kids now are just free to skip and act like they want to do whatever. Behavior specialists at schools can only do so much, usually they only work best with sped kids.

No. 1540111

Because they're kids and still trying to learn boundaries. The schools they're in aren't good at teaching kids discipline either. Compared to how school used to be, so many kids now are just free to skip and act like they want to do whatever. Behavior specialists at schools can only do so much, usually they only work best with sped kids.

No. 1540116

They said my brain wasn’t damaged after my last mega OD but I don’t believe them. They never did an MRI. I feel extra retarded ever since that happened. I know I had acute kidney injury and rhabdomyolysis. I also know I had a lot of seizures and flatlined and had to be resuscitated via CPR. There’s no chance in hell my brain wasn’t affected at least somewhat.

No. 1540121

File: 1680538602934.jpeg (89.61 KB, 750x582, EDE52269-F806-4EF3-B8C1-72C5C7…)

NONNY EMERGENCY NONNY what can i do for a cat that is currently!! giving birth outside of my apartment building right now? do i get some water for her after she's done to replenish energy? what can i provide her with? picrel kind of looks like her ( on the right only she has white on her ) and her husband ( actually bonded cats ) who is also laying near her

No. 1540124

Bring them inside and contact a cat rescue that will get them both fixed and vaccinated and also fox and vaccinate the babies and find homes for them. You could keep the mommy and daddy if they’re bonded.

No. 1540128

Grab a box with a blankie inside, either bring her inside or at the least, put her in the box with a blankie. They need a safe space to give birth or they will end up giving birth to compromised babies/then the potential for mommy killing them is higher. Either lay it on it's side or sit it up, depending on whether or not u can bring her inside. Then contact rescues or allow her to give birth and see if u can get her fixed for free in a bit. She needs to be taken in, this is a vulnerable time and 75% of kittens do not make it out on the street

No. 1540129

Also obviously bring her food and water please. I believe in you! Do right by Mommy and the babies for us, please, nonnie

No. 1540130

Also bring daddy in for the time being, I missed this. Omg what sweet children

No. 1540149

Women really do be delusional with their scrotes. My friend is telling me her bf is going to be busy working from now until September because he wants to save 200k to take her on a trip. How the fuck does that make any sense? It’s obvious that’s an excuse so he doesn’t have to spend time with her all summer. The outrages amount of money he said he’s going to make should have been alarming enough.

No. 1540156

Lmaoooo 200k to take her on a trip

No. 1540158

I'm so sorry, nonnies. As another previously and quasi suicidal farmer, I understand and I hope we can all pull through this and make everything work - at the least to spite these MFs

No. 1540162

I’m not even going to say anything all I can do is laugh at how stupid that sounds lol if he can make 200k in 5 months he should be a millionaire by now.

No. 1540180

What does he do?

No. 1540182

"Pffft, I'm not more insecure about my body than ever. I'm fineee" I tell myself as I buy more oversize and loose fitting clothing to hide in and slowly become more obsessive with how much I eat every day.

I think I might need help.

No. 1540189

200k in what currency, Swedish Krona? If it's USD or Euros I need to know what he does for a living

No. 1540190

He sells smart home security systems door to door. it’s all commission. He’s a door to door sales man.

No. 1540193

200k usd lmao

No. 1540195

File: 1680546001183.jpg (49.92 KB, 540x568, popcorn kek.jpg)

>He’s a door to door sales man.

No. 1540198

We are doing a big project at school and two people out of four in my group are doing fuck all. I’m so fucking embarrassed if they fumble this one (which I am certain they will). I don’t know what I did to deserve working with these retards. One if them is the most autistic and retarded girl I have ever seen, I think she actually has brain damage, she is so utterly retarded. Everyone has bad experiences working with her. Last time we had peer evaluations her group members obviously gave her bad feedback, so she threathened to harm herself if they will not retract the feedback. If she does so to me I’m going to tell her to fucking do it bitch. She constantly pesters me and other women for sex too when she drinks at uni parties. I hate her so much it’s unreal.

No. 1540201

Lol He said he made 50k last summer but lost it all doing crypto. I told her to ask him for proof that he’s ever made that much money and she refused.

No. 1540202

He's cheating on her and if/when the trip materializes he will have a cover for why it all costs significantly less than the 200k he promised to put towards it.

No. 1540207

>200k to take her on a trip
He's taking her into space for that amount

No. 1540209

I'm so fucking done so fucking amazingly done with my job.
I just, can't. I can't give a single fuck, like nothing fucking matters, there's no mojo left, the shit show that was February completely ruined it for me.
I fucking hate that I'm not rich and have to fucking work to exist, everything is so fucking expensive and for what? For fucking what? I'm not enriching humanity and doing anything that actually matters at all, fuck me just a cog in a shit machine

No. 1540210

I told her I think he’s just using that as an excuse to be busy all summer and this is what she texted me.

“No, he’s really focused on work, so I believe him, I met his coworkers, and he’s always reading sale books, I always see his index cards for his pitch. He’s really big on self improvement and productivity”

No. 1540212

I feel bad for her naivete but there is nothing more you can say to break her delusion of this man.
She will have her heart broken to learn this lesson. Just be a shoulder for her when the shit hits the fan, or maybe she will keep the drama to herself being too embarassed to admit she was wrong.

No. 1540216

Not T.E. Lawrence, not Derrick Jensen, and not even Kurt Cobain, the only moids I respect or like

No. 1540217

Imagine dating a sales rep and thinking he's not a cheater.

No. 1540218

No. 1540228

If my mom doesn't like what I say she just doesn't respond and stares at me until I start fumbling and re-explain myself I think it's a control move. She did to me yesterday in front of strangers and it embarrassed me. As in she asked me a question, I responded, and she just stared at me and there was a long silence and everybody was visibly uncomfortable. I'm like "uhh.. is that not good? Are you mad..? and she played dumb and was like no it's ok.. and then somebody changed the subject. She's mental

No. 1540230

Some fat, ugly scrote I had to be around always bragged about his body count. I was dating his step brother at the time and unfortunately had to be around him when I didn't want to. He was in his mid 20s dating a 19 yo at the time btw. Funny thing is that he was a bartender and would take home girls that were drunk. Like thats the only way he could get girls to fuck him. Completely drunk girls at a bar he had to drive back to his place. And he just goes around bragging about it.

No. 1540233

My bf was kind of a shit to me recently on our trip.
I got sick during the trip and there were a couple instances where he was being a complete asshole.
>agree to take a walk on the beach together
>he didn't pack appropriate shoes or clothes for the beach like a dumbass
>bitches the entire time about his pants rolling down which he winds up destroying in frustration anyway
>need to stop every 10 paces for him
>huffs ahead back to the hotel and doesn't even try to collect seashells with me
>later gets mad at me cause he was mad at himself after I told him I was disappointed with how that went

>explodes with rage at me during the night and I wake up to him being angry

>apparently I had a high pitched moaning snore bc I propped myself up with a pillow
>explained to him that it was bc I couldn't breathe thru my nose and to next time just tell me I'm snoring
>he acted as if I was snoring on purpose and stayed salty

>took him to a pier to have lunch and we bring our dogs

>my dog accidentally throws up from drinking water too fast
>I help staff clean it up but it's nbd cause we are on a fishing dock where birds poop and fish die
>bf acts like I should be perpetually ashamed and embarrassed as if my dog threw up in a 5 star restaurant
>overapologizes to staff who dgaf, same bf who didn't even lift a finger to help me clean
>order spicy shrimp
>halfway through eating my food my bf says that I should have eaten something bland cause I am sick
>I get annoyed and ask him what am I supposed to do with that suggestion after I am half done with eating the food I have already ordered?
>this causes a fight, ofc I was fine btw

>I drive us around in my nice sports car

>bf acts salty cause I won't let him drive it for liability reasons
>not to mention other tourists on road are being dangerous af
>a few times I encounter a stressful situation through no fault of my own, sometimes I cuss or gesture
>bf does that moid thing where he treats me like I am overreacting where if the shoe was on the other foot he would have road raged
>a semi cut me off on the way home and bf sperged out in my passenger seat whereas I dgaf
>bf taunted the semi and threw food out the window at him when I passed
>semi driver tailgated me and threatened bf with a crowbar from his window
>semi only backed off after bf took pics of his plate and cab
>but remember, I'm the one who needs to "calm down"

He also made me cry one night after a fight which I don't even remember what it was about. All I know is that the issue was petty. I would like a vacation where I am not made to cry, feel bad, and stressed out. Idk why he has to treat me like a dick, and I told him he better plan and book a trip for me cause this is the last one I am doing for awhile.

No. 1540236

not to be overdramatic but he sounds like a rapist

No. 1540238

File: 1680550882257.jpg (155.78 KB, 1600x1200, 3QUFUNZ4KTBKW5QA46ZET76RQA.jpg)

Is Keanu still safe?

Sometimes I worry about the overabundance of positive PR around scrotes cause it feels like a manufactured mask to bury or hide unsavory bits about them.

No. 1540239

thank you both, i appreciate it. i guess part of the reason my appearance worries me is because at least i can change that, i can't change what's going on in my head… 'being myself' scares me because people just get annoyed when i do that. i'm autistic you see. professionally diagnosed, to be clear, there's literally no question on the matter. and although i've improved a lot i still occasionally find myself rambling on about my current fixation and it stresses me out. i know eventually i'll probably find someone who likes to listen to things like that but right now the idea of coming across anyone who actually wants to hear me going on and on about a politically-charged spy-genre video game series feels very far off. lol.

but i'll try to not be so hard on myself. thank you for the encouragement, really. mental illness makes it hard to keep things in proportion but getting an outside perspective really helps.

No. 1540240

I want to outdo my enemies but my enemies keep outdoing me or refusing to play the game

Spite and the desire to outdo those who've abused and degraded me is one of the few antidotes keeping me alive

No. 1540241

I have met and heard stories of industry adjacent people who claim he's a good person… the only weird thing is him having a tumultuous relationship with one of his girlfriends from the nineties who had a miscarriage. I don't think he ever outright abused her but they definitely had issues. Outside of that I've never heard stories of him being as abusive and scrotey as 99% of male actors with similar good publicity junkets. He might be one of the few safer ones

No. 1540242

He used to date a tranny.

No. 1540243

There's this weird quote he said about sex that was posted in one of the celebricows threads but I can't remember which one. Other than that thing he said he might be okayish?

No. 1540280


that's not being "kind of a shit", that's your bf spewing shit everywhere because he is an asshole. that situation with the semi truck is deranged. his actions could have gotten you both killed. you should break up with him before he causes a situation where you both die.

No. 1540284

He made some comments during the interview stuff for basic instinct I think it was that was not super cool. Implying women like abuse or some shit. Even knew he shouldn’t say it because he said so while saying it.

No. 1540289

Samefag but his perfect day response is very scrotey and just nothing but sex where the woman doesn’t refuse

No. 1540294

Yo uh thaaaat’s rape

No. 1540298

how many days college gives you do get over the death of a family member ? My grand father (wich i was close to) died last monday and i took a week off to mourne and i went ot his funeral today, i should go back to school on wednesday but i fell behind assigments. I emailed my professor to explain them the situation, i hope they understand and give me more time.

No. 1540311

Looking up reviews of pet urns because I have to buy one and it's very hard not to tear up during my commute. I am writing this to actually distract myself from it.

No. 1540317

You should probably ask your college advisor about this.

No. 1540324

i'm a quiet, gentle, meek, shy autistic bitch and I only attract scrotes who get obsessed with me and want to control me and take things very fast. I'm so sick of this, they show these tendencies so early I don't even get into dating stage with them. I can't change who I am so I guess I will always be alone. mentally and emotionally healthy guys just don't go for people like me

No. 1540330

Does he always ruin vacations like this? Is he a shithead at home too? Why are you with him? I get sometimes things don’t go as planned and people aren’t in their best moods but this all seems very deliberate.

No. 1540337

God I really hate myself right now. Such a shitty friend and so shitty at my job too. Why do I even try? I put myself in these challenging situations because I tell myself I'll learn from them and grow, but I'm still the same. What's the point of trying to improve myself when I still feel the exact same. I still hate myself. I still think everyone would be better without me. It's all a big fucking lie. I moved to a new place, I got a full-time job. Now I'm always stressed and my mental health sucks and now I'm being a shitty friend because of it. And when I feel like absolute shit and just want to drop off the face of the earth people tell me not to do it because that would be bad for me, as if I don't hate my life enough already. What's the point of doing anything if I'm going to hate myself no matter what

No. 1540338

He sounds like a demon. He can't walk barefoot on the sand on a beach like a real human? He thinks you should eat bland food just because you're sick? That doesn't make sense, that's not a thing. Also the over=apologizing is just weird like he wanted to specifically see you get humiliated. He wanted nothing to do with you and sided against you immediately even though there was no contention, and that is weird to me. Also the last story is just bizarre. Why does he want to cause trouble and ruin everything so badly? In every story, he just ruins his and everyone's mood for no reason at all.

No. 1540341

finally left my nigel after i had to teach him what sexual coersion is - and he fought me on it saying that it is normal behavior to try to convince a woman to have sex and "if you say no i'm not just gonna roll over and go to sleep"

he's 31 and im 22 feel free to clown on me i deserve it

No. 1540342

Good for you for leaving him anon

No. 1540344

File: 1680560125548.gif (2.85 MB, 498x356, persona-persona3.gif)

Just got a rejection email from a company after a 2nd interview. I was so close and yet didn't make it. Looking for a job is so hard. I'm so tired nonnies, so tired…

No. 1540346

After 3 hours the baby or todler someone had outside finally stopped crying. Its my day off finally away from kids i dont want to hear it while I'm sleeping too. God i wish there was an apartment community of adults only, no kids. Only the damn 55+ communities exist for boomers who already had a good life and those keep getting built everywhere.

No. 1540347

>"if you say no i'm not just gonna roll over and go to sleep"

Nonnie this sounds like a threat what the fuck

No. 1540364

i think your friend is retarded if she doesn't know how absurd 200k is for a vacation

No. 1540367

My flat mate is so stupid inconsiderate and I honestly believe she thinks she's the main character in some fucking musical all the time. It's quarter past midnight and the silly cow is trying to do whistle notes when she's nowhere close to being able to do so. Even if I tell her to shut up, she'll keep on making noise in some other way like slamming every cabinet she comes across, or having yet another phone call on speaker where she scream laughs as responses.
I can't wait to get out of here in a few months.

No. 1540375

I don’t think she meant the entire 200k was for the trip but she said he was using some of the 200k for the trip. What I don’t understand is how she thinks he’s going to make 200k in 5 months as a door to door sales man.

No. 1540381

It could mean he’s trying to make 200k in sales meaning he would only take home a percentage of that depending on his commission.

He’s still full of shit though.

No. 1540384

I'm going through the same thing right now. It's the worst. We just gotta keep plugging along.

No. 1540386

I told her to me it feels like he’s just making up an excuse to be busy most of the time in summer

No. 1540388

>orders spicy shrimp
>moid man cuz sick ppl shouldn’t eat spicy food(??)

This jumped out to me as EXTRA retarded because spicy foods are excellent when you’re stuffed up??? Like literally the best thing for a cold is a Thai hot pad Thai wtf moids are so fucking stupid. Everything else is also awful but this particular bit made me mad

No. 1540394

I have a friend with an avoidant shithead bf too who uses sales work as an excuse to never see or speak to her for months at a time while stringing her along as a backup and almost 100% certainly cheating on her at bars and on dating apps. He works a normal shitty gig but says he’s focused on saving up several hundred k for them and the miracle money is nowhere to be seen.

No. 1540396

File: 1680568757133.jpeg (417.7 KB, 2048x1356, 55B0CABD-3633-4BBE-B5FF-D99D71…)




REEEEEEE the only consolation is at least they have those lemon eucalyptus sprays that are approved by the CDC and actually work well and I’m not allergic to them like I am to DEET

No. 1540409

My bf has a "friend" that is selfish, annoying, and retarded. I don't think my bf likes this person either but keeps him around because he's lonely and doesn't know how to make new friends. Every time he talks to this friend he gets in a very bad mood and I'm so sick of having to deal with him, he vents to me about this friend and I want to scream BLOCK HIM!! STOP TALKING TO HIM!! but I know he won't

No. 1540410

My coworker said my hair looks like it "breaking" I think it's just cause it's frizzy and curly. I'm greatly offended still.

No. 1540411


No. 1540414

File: 1680571824789.jpeg (97.45 KB, 1170x1405, 719ED21F-65A1-49A9-AAF1-00AAF5…)

I don’t know where I should post this, but fuck this nasty troon and his nasty bong and his madams apple shitting up one of the only decent female subs that I hadn’t seen troons infest yet. Fucking nasty.

No. 1540415

Arrow de Wilde's crackhead twin

No. 1540424

I was so lethargic and tired last week but finally yesterday and today I felt more beehives and optimistic and felt very productive. Then I had a fucking conversation that sent me into a depressive spiral and I’m so pissed!! I thought I was going to have a productive week but if this spiral ends up creating another unproductive week I’m going to kill myself or someone else reeee

No. 1540428

> I felt more beehives

No. 1540437

I got ringworm from a stray kitten before, but you could get it from anything. It's very embarrassing but yeah it doesn't itch. You just need some over-the-counter anti fungal lotion or athlete's foot cream and apply every day and it should go away quickly. If it's on your head or nails, then you need to go to the doc imo

No. 1540441

Grab some lamisil or lotrimin athletes foot cream and put it one a couple times a day you’ll be fine. I got ringworm a lot as a kid from stray kittens.

No. 1540450

I'm a horrible person and I don't deserve love.

No. 1540452

programming is so fucking boring and stupid i feel my brain melting

No. 1540461

I love you anyway anon

No. 1540468

Lmao anon that's what I get for phoneposting while I was crying. I don't even know what the original word was that my phone autocorrected. Can't even vent in peace without something getting in the way kek

No. 1540489

God I wish I cared about programming. I tried so many times and it's always so dull. I do not understand where people find it enjoyable.

No. 1540501

I constantly see guys who look like they could be 50 or late 40s and then it turns out they're like 36-37. Kek the state of men

No. 1540503

File: 1680585774694.png (637.38 KB, 1600x1200, ibra26caviesfun038.png)

I've seen it pointed out online that gen x looks their age, gen z looks old, and millennials either look 15 years older or 15 years younger. the more i observe those around me the more i see it

No. 1540514


No. 1540536

File: 1680590108864.jpg (3.45 KB, 225x225, catdisgust.jpg)

i forgot how men stink SO fucking much, fuck damn. it's going to be a long year commuting to work.

No. 1540539

It's truly so crazy how many legitimately horrible irredeemanle people online posture as socially aware and commumity-based figures. A man will say he won't use the word bitch on his twitter but will literally obsessively stalk and dissect women. Like some of those uwu wholesome uwu streamers and parady twitters you like are the ugliest fucking people just completely void of a human soul lmfao. I cannot imagine where these people think they will be in five years when all they do is consume negative and exploitative content meant to degrade and dehumanize women without consent. Like you think you deserve to be happy or even have the capacity for it when your entire life revolves around hurting others? I swear to God if these people died in their sleep tomorrow the world would wake up renewed and nobody would be sad because even the people they are close to are getting tired of the heavy atmosphere of constant manipulation and negativity.

No. 1540542

I need to keep reminding myself that I only have to quickly finish my part and then I can finally fuck off and leave this mess of a project to itself. What I need to do doesn't keep them from starting the main thing with placeholders, but there's still nothing getting done. The most work happens during meetings or while there is lively discussion, but in recent months it's been completely silent, so no one felt the need or motivation to do anything. No one talks to eachother, nothing gets feedback, most of the time no one even knows what's going on. I understand why everyone wants to leave, I do too now. I keep getting asked to take on more work because the more qualified people just don't want to do it, even though they would get better results than me. And to be honest, if they had asked a few months ago I would've fucking said yes too because I wanted to be included in everything so desperately. They all hang out together like a little clique and only talk among each other and make me feel excluded and like my work is worthless and like I'll never really be taking part in this. Do it yourself then if you don't actually want me to be in the know about anything.

No. 1540548

File: 1680590999119.jpg (11.42 KB, 500x500, s-l500.jpg)

I had this old blindfold laying around and realized it's basically the same thing as those sleeping eyemasks. A proper curtain situation is also important, but if you can't do anything about that I think a sleeping mask is an affordable experiment. I work all kinds of hours and blindfolding myself before sleep has really helped when getting home from night shifts. There are also additional fun things you can do with it.

No. 1540578

I don't know what I did to you or who you are but I really wish you'd stop following me. I just want to be left alone. Your obsession with me for years makes absolutely no sense but I wish I could sit you down and just ask you nicely to leave me the fuck alone. Stop prying in my life, stop trying to manipulate me to think my family is the problem, stop calling me names and making fun of my looks. Just leave me alone and stop it.

No. 1540601

ive gone so far into neetdom that i dont recognise my voice as my own. like i can hear it how other people hear and i sound so fucking annoying. im always taken back by what comes out of my mouth especially as ive developed some sort of impediment. my dad was leaving for work and i said
> have a nice DaaaAAayyy
so annoyingly. i dont know how people put up with me. i never want to speak again

No. 1540603

Does everyone actually like to travel????? It's all I see on dating sites and I truly hate being outside much of the time. Do you girls say you love to travel? I can't believe this many people love to travel, it's literally EVERYONE

No. 1540606

Im having a serious medical scare (don’t know if it’s life threatening, it seems it is) so I told my ebf that if is what I think it is, it can already be terminal. I’ve been going to the doctors but they keep misdiagnosing me.
All he could say is “well, rip.”

I’ve wasted the past 10 years on him… I don’t what I expected him to say but it’s still disheartening to hear him not care.

No. 1540607

I just randomly remembered something and it makes me feel so uncomfortable I just had to share. When I was 18 I went on a sugar daddy app and was going to go on a date with a man. I told my mom I was going out but not with whom, just friends from school. she asked “who are you going out with, an old man?” in a joking but sincere manner. It scared me a little but I of course denied. Then the day before the date he canceled and said he could never meet someone from my country again. Because of things my mom did in the past, i just had the awful thought that perhaps she orchestrated this. There is a chance she knew all along of my embarrassing registration for a sugar daddy app which I never touched since

No. 1540612

10 years is enough, don't waste any more time on him nona

No. 1540613

asked my mum if she could take down any pics of me on her page in the case onlines find my shit but i look at it and im like eww… im fucking blubber, i didnt even recognize myself get this bad. thats alot of weight to lose too eep

No. 1540629

File: 1680603131911.png (5.75 KB, 335x292, tumblr_pfgm6psOGA1w90ssno1_400…)

I want to self harm again. I do not self harm since january and before that I was like a year and a half not doing it.
But today i feel so disturbed, so devoid of any happiness or hope for the future that I only want to spend my day in my bed, crying, self harming and taking pills.

No. 1540633

nonnie don't waste any more time on him what the fuck

No. 1540634

I love ASMR but I can not for the life of me STAND sticky sounds, like rubbing lotion or any other shit in your hands, it makes me want to puke, vomit and gag at the same time and gives me an insane rage.
There's this chinese woman who does great ASMR but she keeps putting this fucking shit in her videos and it makes me scream. I fucking HATE it, way to ruin a good video.

No. 1540636

What a horrible piece of shit. I'm so sorry, anon.

No. 1540640

that's impossible , men age like fine wine and women hit the wall at 26 /s
yeah I get what you mean, men who let themselves go are just as, if not bad than the woman equivalent
yet they still feel entitled to young hot women lmao
when I had my 10 year highschool reunion the girls looked the same, if not better than when we graduated (mind you a lot of them had at least 1 kid too), it blew my mind. most guys however looked so tired and washed out, it made me sad because they used to be really good looking.
I don't blame men for balding though, that shit is devastating for both men and women and I hope a cure will be found one day
I was a software engineer, took a break and don't know if I really wanna get back into it
the pay is good and Work from home is comfy but standing o a chair 9-10 hours a day with my eyes in a monitor has ruined my vision
i hate it, i want to go out and enjoy fresh air and my hobbies, not be a fucking modern wage slave, because that's what programming really is
a lot of my former colleagues are still into it, good pay and comfy hours for them, but they lucked out, i know others who are under a lot of pressure and stress
imho there is nothing to be proud of if you're an engineer
and this is coming from someone who used to absolutely love technology
corporations are the devil, don't get me started on how everything is on linkedin and you have to do asskissing to get promoted

No. 1540657

it comes off as interesting, willing to discover other things, or having experienced them, but i wholeheartedly agree with your post, not that i like to say inside that much, but i just like my place and don't mind mostly staying here forever.

No. 1540658

funny how that goes, for me it's inaudible, i find it really pointless, i like most sounds i think, some more than others but none come to mind as unbearable (besides loud mouth sounds perhaps), i suppose scratching can be godly on some surfaces but shitty / meh on others
i looooove scissors sound by the way, and i guess lotion on mic too, or good tapping

No. 1540673

>"I got the vibe that you like me"
Nigga, how?

No. 1540691

Admin of a community I'm in is trooning out and while I don't know his wife I am so enraged on her behalf. He won't stop bragging about how financially dependent she is on him, how they have one autistic son and will try for another kid before he starts HRT, how she's getting diagnosed with PCOS and how he'll soon "have a period too". I hate men and I hate troons and I hate that this entire hobby community is now all about trans rights, trans porn and troons all day everyday. There's plenty of women in this community but they're all non-binary handmaidens, misogynistic TiFs or pick-me coomers. At this point lolcow is the only place where I don't have to pretend troons are great (both online and IRL) and I hate this.

No. 1540702

I think I am cursed.

Not only I slipped and hurt the same wrist TWICE in 6 days, now I am also ill.
Since last Sunday I've been puking and having diarrhea (not preggo) and feel like shit.

Still have to work 9to5 regardless.

I just wanna be in bed, life sucks.

No. 1540717

I’m sick I just want soup, I can’t take any Advil because I know my stomach will reject them. I hope it’s just bad allergies I feel so icky

No. 1540725

Tylenol doesn’t hurt my tummy but Advil always makes me vomit

No. 1540739

ik this isn't necessarily a vent but i have to get it out somewhere…my friend showed me this nonprofit organization that helps match you to therapists in your area for free (like they do the googling & calling around for you), and they matched me to someone who seems perfect for me & they're even in the same city as me! i'm really excited because i've been struggling a lot with my ADHD & depression, and i know if i had the right tools to cope i probably wouldn't be hanging by a thread 24/7. wish me luck please!!

No. 1540744

congrats nona, I only got diagnosed recently and medication has been absolutely life changing for me!

No. 1540765

Happy for you! What a convenient service. They should have more of those because I think finding a therapist on your own can be really challenging. I hope it goes well for you! also there’s a positivity thread where you can post about good/exciting things that have happened!

No. 1540775

My best friend is becoming such a child, we grew up together but I feel like she's still the same as she was as a teenager. It's just embarrassing. I don't want to break off our friendship but she's so selfish and insistent in being treated like a princess. She lost all her other friends too which makes it worse, I still love her and I don't want to leave her alone. We still have fun, it's not all bad but I wish she would do some introspection.

No. 1540790

Men are scrotes, fr. Why are you messaging me when you're meant to be on vacation w/ your wife, lmao.

I wish I was a lesbian.

No. 1540803

>be me
>in relationship for 12 years
>bf says he would like to marry me but he's worried if we get married he'll be sued due to his line of work and we'll both lose all our money
>tell him I don't think that's true and he should talk to a lawyer
>don't care too much cause he's a good dude
>be mid-30s
>start to get tired of the bangmaid shit
>tell him it's important to me
>blow up and say I will leave if he keeps dragging this out, we've been together 12 years, come the fuck on
>promises he'll talk to a lawyer
>its been a month, hasn't happened

I hate men so much it's unreal

No. 1540806

Why do people in Europe/US date for 10 years yet don't commit to getting married? Wasting ten years on someone is much bigger of a commitment than marriage is unless he's scared of a possible divorce that'll end up with you taking his stuff.

No. 1540813

I just didn't care, I like him and we have fun together so I thought not getting married is fine.

No. 1540815

>mid 30s
nonna I don't know if you want a kid or not but either way that is NOT normal but I've seen it happen many times, if marriage is super important to you he needs to be given an ultimatum
related to this, I'm super jealous of those couples that meet,date, then get married all in the spam of 2-3 years

No. 1540817

I say this lovingly, nona.
If he doesn’t want to get married and you have to pretty much beg him to do it, what makes you think the actual marriage will go much better?

No. 1540818

>if we get married he'll be sued due to his line of work
Is he the pope or some shit? Sounds extremely made-up kek

No. 1540819

Marriage is an investment for the woman so that if her man ups and goes to be with another woman, she'll be financially compensated for the time they spent together.

No. 1540824

He's a great partner in almost every other way, though.
I wouldn't say it's "super important" and in fact I didn't care until this year, when I turned 35. I've been having a bit of crisis over aging. I don't want kids or anything.
He's an engineer, it's not unprecedented but I do think it's unlikely

No. 1540826

Fucking killing myself because the tattoo I got is literally 2x as big as it was supposed to be and I somehow SOMEHOW like an absolute literal fucking retard didn't notice this until the moment I left the shop. I have no idea how the fuck this happened and I'm fucking crying fuck fuck FUCK

No. 1540827

Why would an engineer be sued for getting married?

No. 1540829

Didn't they show you placement and how it would look before they started actually tattooing?

No. 1540830

It's not for being married, engineers can get sued if a product they design malfunctions and kills somebody. If we're married then both of our assets could be taken in the lawsuit.

No. 1540843

YES I literally don't understand how I'm this fucking stupid

No. 1540846

If it helps, I've heard that a lot of people's main regret later on about a tattoo they like is that they didn't make it big enough.

No. 1540853

I'm relapsing hard with my binge eating disorder, and I keep struggling with even considering it a disorder because in my mind I can have no excuse for being a big fat lardass even if a renowned institution was the one telling me I fit all diagnostic criteria easily.
It's just hard feeling like I'm even worth anything when I'm so fat. I'm convinced everyone is always judging and looking down upon me, as if my existence itself is an inconvenience. Things went better after my initial treatment but lately all the thoughts have been creeping back up and I have such a hard time shaking them off.

No. 1540859

I love seeing new places and meeting new people but boy do I hate planning trips, checking that my schedule goes fine and realizing how much money I'm spending. Last year I went to a neighboring country for a few days and just organizing that was quite the ordeal, and I'm already having anxiety over my trip to London next September, the fact that they have their own money scares me lol.

No. 1540861

my mom has been going to my sisters house almost every single day to clean for her and take care of her daughter, she finally told me that my sister is addicted has been popping pills, and even her urine tested positive for fentanyl, this fucking sucks. I only feel bad for my niece, because I know the fent will end up killing her, and my niece will probably be the one to discover her corpse.

No. 1540863

i hate when my boyfriend always makes plans with me or promises we will go somewhere/do something at a specific time because 98% of the time he ends up not following through and i end up disappointed. so now when he suggests something fun i have a pavlovian response and i just get sad instead of excited. i know he's gonna let me down.

No. 1540871

I had problems with binge eating before too. Nonna, please, the worst thing you can do right now is being judgemental of yourself. Binge eating is a coping mechanism for some other problems you have and it's not your fault that you cope with them like that. It's looked down upon and is considered gross, but people don't want to think about why people start binging in the first place. At least try to do it yourself, because nobody will do it. Be kinder to yourself and try to get your shit together. It will be difficult, sure. I don't know you personally, but I'm sure your weight is the least of your problems. So try to look deeper into yourself and fix yourself from inside, everything else will come naturally.

No. 1540880

I'll be honest, I cried a little reading your reply. While I am unfortunately beyond obese atm (it wasn't so bad until something traumatic happened 2 years ago) and you're completely right that it's a coping mechanism. There's a lot right now that's making me anxious and stressing me out, and I deadass don't know how to cope unless I'm gorging myself on food.
And you're right, I should just take it day by day for now and not worry about the bigger picture (aka losing weight) for a moment.

No. 1540881

Nona your body is a beautiful complex vessel for your consciousness, don't let society's indoctrination do that to you.

As an aside, if you think so lowly of yourself what do you think of people the same size/fatter than you? Also worthless? I don't know what size you are but i'm assuming it's not morbidly obese.

No. 1540885

I don't think there is anything wrong with growing out of a friendship or just making a best friend more of a sometimes friend. I had a somewhat similar situation and felt guilt for ending the friendship but frankly it was for the best

No. 1540887

File: 1680632148649.png (19.78 KB, 448x337, C05AF171-9E61-4BF4-BC20-BA1405…)

I hate my garbage job and career field. I want to learn software technical writing but I’m so exhausted after working 9-11 hours a day, plus I’m in my thirties and I’m genuinely afraid I don’t have the ability to learn anything new anymore.

No. 1540889

I'm so fucking sick of having to have flatmates, I don't care how nice they are, it's so fucking humiliating to be 26, in a well-paid career and still have to share with others with no end in sight because rents here are skyrocketing on a monthly basis. I graduated from uni 4 years ago, it's absolutely insane how my current salary was considered very decent before the pandemic and now it's not enough for even the shittiest studios in my area, let alone purchasing a flat. It's so demotivating, there's literally no point in having a career, being educated, you're being worked to the bone and get absolutely nothing in return. I make 2x what I made as a grad and yet my lifestyle and worries remain exactly the same because everything is getting more and more expensive. I have 0 chance of ever owning a home, can't afford to rent anything and it genuinely makes me want to kill myself.

No. 1540901

my period is around the corner and I'm REALLY hungry and craving carbs. I ate 2 bowls of cocoa and blueberry oatmeal today and I feel like a pig but at least even if I eat more than usual I eat healthy
however carbs bloat tf outta me, I just want my period to be here already so I can be debloated next week
I am literally feeling like a balloon

No. 1540903

reddits 'download the app to see adult content' gimmick is absolutely worthless bc yesterday i opened a thread on mobile (no app), pressed an imgur link on there and proceeded to see the most NSFL i've ever seen on the internet. idrc that i saw it, im just miffed about all the times i got denied access to content that is tame in comparison because of their stupid app gimmick

No. 1540906

reading posts like these and others complaining about flatmates make me even more realize how much I lucked out by inheriting my old grandparents apartment in my old 20s, sure, old furniture, old flat and nothing trendy that zoomers would like, but it's my own place and I don't have to feel like I want to strangle some retarded flatmate on a daily basis
I'm not from the US but the housing problem has gotten bigger worldwide and I can feel your pain, especially the "work to the bone and get nothing in return" , it could be worse , they could work you to the bone and fire you under some retarded pretense, as it happened to me

No. 1540908

It doesn't help ahhhhhh I'm so fucking stupid I hate this, I can't accept what a massive fuck up this is. At least the tattoo is cool as fuck and well-done but fuck, I have a giant manly tattoo on my back now instead of a cute dainty one. It is tacky as fuck because I'm a small person and I want to kms but thanks for the kind words nona I appreciate it. Ugh literally please punch me in the fucking face

No. 1540911

flipped a coin on whether I should break up with him. Heads I stay , tails I break up with him. All tails. Universe is screaming at me.

No. 1540913

Positives vs negatives of breaking up with him? If you feel like typing it out ofc

No. 1540914

I'd love to get fired, ideally due to some massive recession. Last time it happened during the pandemic I moved back with my parents and spent all day every day getting high as fuck on benzos Luna Slater-style. I stopped and found a job cause I was getting depressed but this time around I don't think it's possible for my mental health to get even worse so I'm just gonna get full-on hooked on benzos and give up on life entirely. This economy legit makes me jealous of some cows, there's literally no reason to work in a professional job if you're gonna live in student digs for the rest of your life no matter how much you earn. I really just wanna give up and go back to getting high all the time, no point doing anything else. I've tried, got lots of raises and promotions but due to this inflation and rent raises it means absolutely nothing, it's time to become a parasite and numb myself with xanax.

No. 1540924

Sis, your despair is so strong that I can feel it through text. I think you've been in a high cost of living area too long. Go live in the country. You get a house at an actual affordable price, and it's a complete change of pace. You have all this space and quiet to yourself, and being around the plants lowers your blood pressure. Hell, go join the Peace Corps. If you change your mind about any of this, you can always get addicted to benzos later.

No. 1540925

>This economy legit makes me jealous of some cows
god i feel you so much nonnie, twitch thots and ewhores make more in a month that i make in years
sometimes i curse myself for being such a good girl
the inflation is fucking wild and the prices won't stop rising, i am so sick of it
living with parents may be frowned upon but it's so good when it comes to personal finances and maybe even mental health, especially for those who don't like being alone
> I don't think it's possible for my mental health to get even worse
I hope it will get better at least a bit in the future, I'm at floating point and I can't allow myself to go lower otherwise I'll crack

No. 1540928

Negative- I would be sad and we work together
Positive- I would stop feeling ugly all the time and jealous

No. 1540930

>negative: i would be sad
>positive: he is an abusive piece of shit who treats me like shit and makes me clean his shit and says dumb shit and tells me mean shit and is in general complete shit without any redeeming qualities, so leaving him would improve every single aspect of my life to astounding levels
why are so many anons like this? if you are ever seriously considering leaving your partner then JUST DO IT because people who are happy and in love don't seriously think about that kind of stuff.

No. 1540931

Him being an engineer on its own is a redflag. All engineers I've known have been porn addicted mentally ill men who had commitment issues. They also couldn't get laid in highschool or college so they're very likely to chase after women once they earn good money.
If you want marriage, he isn't the kind of guy. Marriage isn't solely for kids, it's like some sort of support for you as well since him dying or leaving you would leave you with money whilst now he can just fuck off and you wouldn't get anything in return of the ten years he stole from you.

No. 1540932

My ex is threatening to leak my nudes unless I talk to him, what do I do

No. 1540934

Go full bunny boiler, tell him (over the phone so there's no proof) you will rape his pets and burn his house down if he does it. Then act like nothing ever happened.

No. 1540935

Do you have identifying information on your nudes? What are the laws around revenge porn in your state/city/country?

No. 1540937

Revenge porn and blackmail could both be crimes where you live. Keep track of all correspondence and dates, save screenshots to another source in case he deletes messages or his account. Don't contact him whatsoever. Contact a domestic abuse charity in your area for more specific advice to your location.

No. 1540938

He's pretty normal for an engineer.
I'm just not sure if I feel the same way about marriage. We both make 6 figures, its not like I will fall into poverty if he leaves. If he leaves me later, am I entitled to his money? Did he really "steal" anything from me? He pays for a lot of stuff as it is so idk seems fair?

No. 1540942

Women in general have a harder time dating or having kids later in life which is why women are the side that'll be compensated financially during divorce. If you don't feel the need, then it's not a necessity, especially if he already pays and you're stable enough on your own.
Why do you want to get married then, if not for the economic advantage, kids or the title?

No. 1540943

I spent ten minutes setting up a cozy reading nest outside and then I sat down and opened my ereader and the battery was dead.

No. 1540944

I just want to play with women in this idiotic male-dominated hobby I'm in where they treat me like dirt simply because I'm a woman. It makes me want to give up. I hate how I grew up in male-dominated spaces and for that reason have this passion. Even when women excel at it they're of course revealed to be trannies. If I somehow meet another woman who plays she's not from the area, so I'm stuck with these incel coomers. I want them to break their legs, but this time never recover.

No. 1540949

dancing games

No. 1540951

Why the fuck do you want to even be with someone who is bullshitting you so hard
Sorry but "I don't want to marry you because I might get sued" is incredibly insulting in all its bullshittery
You don't let yourself be bullshitted like that

No. 1540953

don't talk to him. sorry to say but he probably already posted them somewhere. get him in trouble legally if at all possible / do what this poster says >>1540937
In my mind personally the point where someone leaks my nudes is not even embarrassing for me anymore, it makes them look way worse than me.

No. 1540961

>work with engineers
>they're helpful and/or dull and boring
Give me the spicy engineer stories, nona.

No. 1540964

>software technical writing
Why? I am curious. What makes that choice better than your current one?

No. 1540965

Thanks nonna, I know but we've been close for so long it just hurts. I hope she grows out of it.

No. 1540967

I have been a recluse for way too long and now that I have managed to lift up my anxiety,being inside too much is getting to me. I haven't been out with friends for weeks and I keep cycling around the same apps for stimulation but I JUST WANT TO GO OUTSIDE. WHY WAS I SUCH A REATARD THAT I HAVE NO FRIENDS NOW?(ok I know the answer I was gravely mentally ill-now I'm just mentally ill). I wouldn't have an issue going out doing things alone but,without someone else, it's like nothing much. I do need human contact to get better but it isn't easy…

No. 1540969

former engineer here and I can confirm A LOT of them have issues, some of them very big issues
I have some retarded stories with some engineers that liked me, if you're interested nonna

No. 1540971

Quiet quit your job and learn it on the side. That's what I did for programming and I'm in my mid-30s too. You can definitely still learn stuff.

No. 1540972

>haven't been out with friends for weeks
What happened to your friends from a few weeks ago kek

No. 1540980

The one I'm dealing with isn't faithful to his wife. Mid 20s, married young, I guess. Is willing to drop money and gifts on me, despite me not having given him anything sexual. I don't intend to, either.

No. 1540984

File: 1680642345873.png (73.33 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mknk1cDReQ1rp0n56o1_500…)

Eastern is approaching and I'm already fucking done with everything because my mum just told me that I shouldn't be rude to my brother aka not telling him that I do not like it that he shits and pisses all over the toilet seat for example BECAUSE, according to my mum, it could "trigger" him because of his mental problems. So when it happens again, I should tell her so he can explain him not do it, like if he would be damn toddler. She also told me that last time I saw him I was also unnecessary mean to him because I pointed out that he did not wash his hands after taking a shit and just walked out of the bathroom and touched all the food during dinner. When I called him out my mum got mad at me and said I was overreacting. He also tends to not shower himself for days and smells like old sweat and cigarettes, combined with the artificial smell of his energy drinks that he drinks all the damn time. When I still used to live with my brother I was always the one that had to wipe the toilet seat because nobody else bother to clean it up I'm fucking done with his nasty ass. My brother is 26 btw and not autistic or so. Also fuck my mum to give all the excuses for him.

No. 1540986

My cousin has texted a group chat we're in with a few friends about "donating to her puppy fund." She seems to have decided to get one with her current bf (of 2 months), despite the fact that she dropped out of college, moved back home, and is now working at starbucks full time.
She was coddled growing up in terms of how money people gave her and responsibilities they took on for her, and now that she's an adult, and people have tried being more real with her about how things work, she still does not comprehend it. Her previous bf from when she was still in college bought her a baby bunny despite the fact that she a) lived in a dorm and b) had no money/job, just the spending money her family would give her. She had a meltdown when she was told she couldn't bring the bunny back home during breaks because her family has two cats (one of whom has killed small vermin) and a dog (which granted, is very sweet and retarded and ignores squirrels, but you never know).

Our family isn't some sort of redneck animal hoarders either, she just has some mental health issues and refuses to be realistic. She doesn't save money, she dropped out of her college (biology) because she got in to a "top ten" fashion school, which turned out to be an online course. Thankfully she was convinced to take a gap year, and from there, moved back home and is going to community college, which is much better for her. She's a bit of a hypochondriac, and her mental health issues exacerbate actual medical issues. She's had several surgeries for very easily preventable things. She refuses to walk and hardly goes outside besides work and dates, which is troubling when she thinks she's going to get a dog. If, somehow, she's able to get her hands on one, and her family actually lets her bring it home, I can guarantee she'll forget about it after a few months, and her parents will take over.

I think what's the most frustrating is that she's literally not someone with serious problems (like there's no serious obstacles in her life), a lot could be solved by some amount of self-introspection. We grew up together, I know her family, our upbringings were very privileged. Obviously that doesn't mean she can't have mental health issues, but the audacity of some of the things she says makes me so angry. Unironically calling our grandmother "abusive" because she's a no-nonsense old lady in the bible belt who told her to stop making a fuss over "the pasta tasting different" (cousin has ARFID). Not even forcing her to eat it, just to stop acting like a petulant child and mushing it and pushing it away and whining in front of guests. When I got in to a private school on a scholarship during middle school, she insisted on being sent to private school. From there, her family wasted thousands to send her to a private college she was obsessed with, only to drop out. She still insists that she's going to be a designer for high fashion brands in paris and italy (her words not mine), while not knowing how to sew. She's great person, but she has no self awareness and any attempts by our family to push back either don't last very long because it's easier to give in, or wind up in her flipping out, like when she was told to start buying her own gas. I snitched to about her plan to bring the bunny home (her mom didn't even know she had gotten one), and I will 100% do the same for the dog if I see signs that she's actually gonna get it. She fundamentally cannot handle that much responsibility and I refuse to let her subject her family, her well-intentioned bf, and an animal to her own retarded whims.

No. 1540989

Christ, has anyone else read that new about the german girl killed by 2 of her classmates, 12 and 13 year old? Of course, immigrants.
why the fuck doesn't this make international news? WHY WHY WHY

No. 1540991

Please share. I'm sure I'll find them fascinating. No, I have no interest in dating any of my coworkers or any engineers in general. I want to see them in a different perspective than the dull workaholics that they are.

No. 1540993

Why do men exist?

No. 1540994

they were muslims anon?

No. 1540996

File: 1680643636327.jpg (53.44 KB, 540x515, tumblr_d76be42fc52ba390b5b284b…)

Im caught in a pointless waiting for you to Love me and change, Im even supporting you, but day by day I become more hopeless and starting to wait for me to give up on you already.

No. 1540999

My face was never in the pictures and I don't have tattoos or anything particularly unique

I just called and she said my first step is to call the police. I have a screenshot, the thing is the threat is a follow request from an instagram account that has the threat in the name so there's no proof it's him. I know it's him though because no one else calls me by the name he used and he's been harassing me and my friends/family on all possible platforms

No. 1541000

I'm reading some german articles nonnie where does it say in one they're immigrants?

No. 1541002

Same anon my bf is offering to talk to him but I don't think it's a good idea.
I think the ex wants something he left at my house back, we already tried sending it back but it got rejected and came back to us. A family member is trying to resend it right now. Should I not be doing that?

No. 1541003

their skin color wasn't white, phillipina and a brazilian afaik, before i'm called a xenophobe there are serious problems in europe with the immigrants (not only the muslims)
it pisses me off that they pretended to be worried about the missing girl AFTER they stabbed her and posted themselves dancing on tiktok
this is one of those cases where eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth should be applicable
jesus fucking christ i am livid with rage

No. 1541005

Zero contact from any of you.
Only interact through official channels, like the police, court, social services

No. 1541008

I am also livid, but they're not able to prosecuted from what I'm reading. Should be like in the US where they're in for life. They're old enough.

No. 1541017

idk, it's fucked though because I thought their relationship was wholesome and healthy. It legit makes me think men and women can't be friends if the dude finds you remotely attractive in any way.

No. 1541020

Was going to post this in the confessions thread but whatever, this is probably more appropriate
Basically, I gave up a long-distance online relationship, because you know, usual long distance problems. Was honest about it with the guy, he was very understanding about it but obviously felt hurt, and decided to cut me off completely. After that I kind of got attached to a somewhat local moid, we saw each other irl, had sex, was really hoping for something real with him. But nah, he's ghosting me. And now here I am crying about it and missing that online shit. I am officially retarded. I'll just see this as karma and a sign for me to stop fucking around with men.

No. 1541023

Called the police department all she told me was to file for a restraining order in person. How humiliating

No. 1541028

I don’t know why I’m like this but I become so obsessed with people whom I barely know and then my mood is completely dependent on them. I would say I have bpd if it weren’t for my non existent risky behaviour. I know it’s irrational but I can’t help it. It gets even worse when it’s people I get to know because I actually wanna get closer to them but they tend to just be infatuated with me (I promise I’m not a narcissist, I don’t think everyone is obsessed with me) and it’s all superficial so it becomes a matter of time before get bored and drop me for someone better that comes along or they lose interest and suddenly stop giving me all attention gave before. It hurts so much every time. I really don’t know why I can’t find someone to have a genuine connection with, someone who for once just likes and accepts me for who I am as a person. I have tons of issues but I’m really not a terrible person. I always internalise these things and think there must be something inherently wrong with me and that I must be really uninteresting and unlikable for people to be so hot then cold with me. I always compare myself to the other people they end up liking and obsess over it so much. This is why I stayed away from dating for so long and I think it’s best if I go back to that and never get involved with people cause clearly I’m not mentally stable enough for that shit.

No. 1541034

File: 1680648190261.jpeg (29.52 KB, 800x534, 835EC2A7-C199-4FAD-B4A2-57B0F9…)

I make more money than I ever had in my life, I am solidly middle class all on my own, and yet it seems I can still never fucking get ahead. Everything’s $100 here, $200 there, $50 here again, and then three days after payday I’m broke again every time
I’m retarded with money I’m not gonna pretend like I’m not but things really do keep fucking coming up and it’s so tiring. I’m even looking for a second job, but no bites so far. Is this just life forever? Should I snag a rich moid to pay off all my credit card debt? What do nonnies

No. 1541044

nonnas i'm at the end of my rope
not even smoking crack makes me happy, and it used to be better than an orgasm
i've tried to call a suicide hotline but nobody's answering
i really don't know what to do, my suicidal thoughts are so overwhelming and i can't shut them up

No. 1541045

Nonna smoking crack is probably why you feel so intensely awful in the first place please stop and check yourself into a psych ward

No. 1541048

File: 1680650875440.jpg (41.92 KB, 641x680, tumblr_74552a57d38ec8edb48a8d6…)

>feel sad because not enough male attention
>do anything for male attention
>get male attention
>wtf this is literally worthless
>stop interacting with males
>feel sad
>oh i probably just feel sad because…

No. 1541051

Time to get a husbando to fill the void sis

No. 1541053

I dropped out of uni during covid mostly because I couldn't deal with the stress studying caused me, and everyone is pressuring me to go back to uni again. I know it's the right thing to do, and that I should do it, but I just don't want to, I really don't want to go back to uni. For starters because I don't even know what I want to study. English philology is what I keep getting told to study (I'm ESL), but it doesn't motivate me enough to know that I'd put up with the anxiety studying gives.
At the same time, I don't want to spend another year being a neet. I just wish I could figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life, sigh

No. 1541057

File: 1680652175730.jpg (605.55 KB, 2226x1534, 6KAC93U.jpg)

Me every month without fail during ovulation. I wasn't even brought up to care about male attention, but biology came and did her thing

No. 1541061

Are you the same retard that told an anon in an abusive relationship to beat up her boyfriend recently? Stop giving this shit tier dangerous advice to women who are obviously dealing with unhinged scrotes, they'd just get beaten to death if they did anything like this

No. 1541082

I hate how I have functional family relationships but can't maintain a romantic relationship that ever felt as nice as the one with my siblings or even parents.

No. 1541092

Stop being a lazy pos and learn to do this shit for yourself. It's embarrassing how you act like you can do shit but need me to do it for you. Wah wah wah it's too hard. Funny how you can figure out how to do other things but shit like this is too hard. Jfc grow up. Also you absolutely do not take people face value with their actions. You fucking project your ideals onto them and pretend your made up version of them is the true version. Evident with your damn hard on for this fucking creep who isn't a good person. I hate your sanctimonious attitude and fuck you for acting like you don't have one.

No. 1541094

4chan is, you know, ungroovy and all that jazz.
It's captcha is made by Helen Keller.

No. 1541095

dag, yo

No. 1541098

I relate to this anon, makes me wonder what is wrong with me. I'm lucky enough that I didn't grow up in a fucked up household but why do I fail at keeping and maintaing romantic relationship

No. 1541099

File: 1680660587453.gif (1.03 MB, 1000x600, flowers-on-december.gif)

I feel so disappointed and not even in the fuckyoucoolchill way. Bitter and sad

No. 1541110

File: 1680662981927.jpg (19.43 KB, 400x400, FAf6gnkWEAgzEym.jpg)

>Gender neutral bathrooms argued for in my school, will be taking over existing bathrooms
>Don't voice agreement, pass along petition without signing, just nod along with the other few women and laugh at jokes against it
>2 classmates sit far away from me today, when put into groups act like they didn't do anything
>3 people sitting in seats not theirs now, pretty sure a TIM is sitting next to me
I stand by what I did, my only regret was not speaking up against it. If the seating change was somehow because someone recognized me and told them, we'll we were friends only by seating choices and common circumstances anyway. If it did happen I guess I'm not getting that club position I only want for experience. Kek what an eventful 2 days

No. 1541113

Samefag the petition and changing seats were two different classes. No idea what could have happened, don't really care why, a little sad and disappointed because it's a shitty elementary move to make even if it's not meant to alienate. It'd be shitty to do to even an acquaintance of a few weeks.

No. 1541115

File: 1680663523947.jpg (17.31 KB, 355x307, fuckit.jpg)

I love the results of dying my hair with henna I just hate the 4+ hour processing time of sitting here with runny shit on my head.

No. 1541123

Stop spelling the word for emphasis. It sounds stupid. Jfc I get the anger but damn it sounds stupid just like putting the clap emoji between each letter. Also stop fucking yelling on top of this. I'm right fucking here, stop it.

No. 1541128

I have a dermatology appointment in a couple weeks to do a cancer screening, but I'm apprehensive because my left arm has self-harm scars from two-three months ago. My parents don't know about them. My mom is going with me but she won't be going in to the screening with me. I know I'm being silly because dermatologists probably treat self harm scars all the time, but I've been considering trying to use makeup to cover them up some.

No. 1541139

File: 1680669013756.jpg (49.09 KB, 750x563, shrek-red-eyes.jpg)

Everyone is leaving me. My parents, my sister, my best friends, and bf. They're too concerned with their own personal lives to spend time with me or make sacrifices for me. I'm always the one that has to sacrifice something for attention or affection. I'm never anyone's top priority. And whenever they're feeling sad, they always come to me with their problems. But no one cares about how lonely I feel. No one cares

No. 1541142

Years after graduating, my time at art school leaves me more bitter than anything. It's not the financial aspect that really gets me though. It's that there were so many egotistical and pretentious male boomer professors with extremely dated views. With that there was rampant favoritism and even instances of outright bullying. There were even instances of predatory behavior from the professors towards the student body. All that really obliterated my morale and my self-esteem for a good while. I really can't believe there was a point in my life where I desperately wanted the approval of these wretched people. Furthermore, these experiences have made me grown more cynical about art in general and especially with male artists. I rarely ever actually enjoy looking at art anymore.

The only good things I can really say about this experience are that my skills and work ethic grew tremendously and that I met my best friend there. If I were to go back in time though knowing how it would all turn out? I'm not so sure if I would go through with it.

No. 1541149

the world feels so sharp and cruel and unrelenting, life is coming at me too fast. i just want to sleep forever. i think this is the year I will kill myself if I am unable to improve my circumstances. i am such a failure and no matter how hard I try I am never enough. I don’t ever see myself living a happy meaningful life

No. 1541151

Crazy how being on my period makes my emotions ramp up to a ten. Was feeling super demotivated, depressed, hopeless, and sad the past few days. I even stopped giving a shit about the exam and important interview I had coming up But now that my period is nearing its end and my cramps are calming down I feel so much more better now.

No. 1541152

File: 1680672325118.gif (321.02 KB, 220x223, sushichaeng-reaction.gif)

Fuck I'm so tired of being the one to always reach out to most my friends, whenever I want to chat or hang out I am the one that has to initiate. And it's not like I'm the friend nobody wants to hang out with, we are all very close and they're always exited to see me. They are just fucking awful at getting in touch with others (something they are fully aware of themselves and make notes on at times). But fuck, I could die or disappear and they wouldn't even notice until they get invites to my funeral, and that honestly hurts.
Why are some people just so fucking awful at getting in touch with others? Why always rely on that others will do it for you and then blame everyone else when you lose friends? I'm tbh considering cutting off these people because I can't be bothered anymore, but then I'd just be left with 4 friends.

No. 1541161

i live with my grandparents and i feel like an ass for not spending time with my grandmother (very active lady, nowhere near the end of her rope) and always being in my room in free time but god all she does is judge flaws about me nobody else notices, gossips and is the most negative nancy you can meet. when i want to eat in peace she'll constantly nag and want me to look at the tv or talk about some disgusting shit relating to grandpa and if anything she does or says bothers she'll constantly egg me on by asking if im grumpy and that i have no right to be annoyed bc she has taken care of me (she has done this since i was 5 and my single mother was no better at bringing me up) like wtf why can elders be so insufferable. and she has never respected my privacy, told distant relatives about my t2 diabetes, my suicide attempts and later on endometrial cancer when i specifically asked her not to. i love her so much but at the same time i despise her for having a hand in my self esteem

No. 1541163

I slept so badly. I could barely breathe and felt like I was being strangled because of how bad my throat was hurting. And now my throat still hurts a lot.

No. 1541166

File: 1680676429756.jpeg (84.19 KB, 680x656, Fse-GSXXsBIHLrz.jpeg)

Bf went upstate for a group vacation with our friends. I'm going to be joining them all in a week (I am an accursed wagie and must labour) but I'm getting mopey because instead of calling or texting me to let me know he arrived safe he just messaged the group chat at the halfway point to mention he was eating a snack and then got too distracted when he arrived to tell me?? I'm your gf of several years you fuckin bum, at least pretend you miss my clingy ass!!!

No. 1541170

He's so pressed by my lack of interest in talking rn. Sorry, but my self-worth isn't low enough where I'd feel validated by you choosing to message me while you're meant to be on an ANNIVERSARY trip with your wife, like wtf.

Humble yourself.

No. 1541172

Woah, I was not prepared to read something so juicy in this thread

No. 1541178

File: 1680679110388.jpeg (57.5 KB, 828x810, 43E42F82-6DF2-459E-A4CD-302419…)

I am way too broke to spend my upcoming check on two major expenses and not being financially stable enough to save up because the debts get higher with each passing day that I just might as well throw in the towel and treat myself to something I can actually afford.
My debts don’t accept payment plans and want the whole amounts in full. I already called and tried to reason with them so fuck it. I’m getting myself tacky discount easter stuff the day after Easter. Give me that sweet bunny and egg decor.

No. 1541179

My bff and I are so confused about what he's even trying to do here. It ain't me on the trip, so why would I care about frivolities like what's being served for breakfast or w/e, lmao? It's just a weird flex.

No. 1541182

File: 1680679602078.jpg (13.51 KB, 445x502, EzvJAdaVUAAQpM8.jpg)

one of my only real hobbies (obscure internet thing, think of it as d&d) causes me such stress. it's art-based and i'm constantly getting messages like

>oooh i love your stuff so much!

>oooooh i'm so flattered to even have a crumb of your attention!!!
>ooooh i always have space for you!

but i never interact with these people outside of the table. even then the interactions are clipped, and i can tell i'm usually more excited about them than my partners.

i kind of want to do a hard reset and just wipe all my "friends" from the hobby and move on to something else, because at this point it makes me miserable to see people i've hung around for years form cliques and friendships while i'm still alone, but i don't even know what i'd do. this thing has given me such joy in the past. but the past few years? kek, they've been awful

doesn't help that there are so many gendies fucking everywhere. so i hate them for being that way but i also hate myself for not being able to connect

No. 1541185

this isn't the middle ages friend, we live past our sixties

No. 1541186

same lmao
>your application was wonderful! your background was impressive! but we got like 1002349203940234 other applicants and well ^__^" ! oopsie woopsie
i need money quick too. but it's a good thing i live at home still or i'd be utterly fucked

No. 1541193

I feel this so hard. I'm currently fucking friendless because I got so fed up with my last group of friends who did this to me. So far I've ghosted a lot of potential friends because most of them have the same problem. I honestly think it's just luck in finding people who aren't lazy as hell at this point.

No. 1541196

File: 1680681609391.jpg (13.95 KB, 342x508, 1628123033598.jpg)

Is it something like arpgs by chance, because I'm in the same boat nonnie. I've tried to move on to actual DnD but I find it kind of boring with strangers and not people I care about. I'm sick of people not actually giving a shit about me in my current hobby the way I do them though kek, it's all so performative.

No. 1541202

File: 1680682349589.png (190.41 KB, 720x540, template-drowning-high-five-0c…)

it is something like arpgs yeah.
>it's all so performative.
and this strikes a real chord with me. i mean, i wouldn't even feel this bad if it wasn't for the nigh-constant sweet-talking; it feels kind of like picrel? or that they're taking me for a gullible retard…or even handling me with kid gloves for whatever reason.

like man, i know you don't really enjoy me that much. if you did, we'd hang out more! there wouldn't be awkward tags in the server to your friends about playing with me. and these tags wouldn't get responded to with nonsense like "um i'm way too shy to speak to nonnie tehe" while they're speaking to everyone else in the group, new faces absolutely included…

you don't need to "be nice". just be honest so i don't get my hopes up

No. 1541207

File: 1680683278189.png (42.9 KB, 569x210, toxiccloud.png)

I feel you nonnie… that really sucks. It's the worst feeling too, because you know these people won't care if you fell off the face of the Earth despite how much time and care you might have spent in their group. I used to be a big hypeman for other people's ideas, writing, and art. I got burnt out because of this same reason - it really hurt.

Honestly, why not just shop around for similar hobbies or a different group? Or even just taking a break. I finally left, and while I haven't found a good replacement, at least it doesn't feel like picrel anymore.

No. 1541211

i was doing a presentation online and i saw a guy pointing to the screen and laughing with the people next to him. what the fuck? i know im ugly but who does that when people can see you??

No. 1541240

I'm tired of trusting people in my life and getting burned because of it. If it happens again I'm just killing myself

No. 1541246

File: 1680688794278.jpg (36.81 KB, 750x648, 1644708912256.jpg)

I keep on watching how all of my hopes and dreams for the future that were so close to fruition are now shattering in slowmo, because of one retarded ass moid who is in charge of the country me and my closest people were born in, when we literally never voted for him. Like why the fuck would you want to have more land when the country is already the biggest in the world and is mostly a fucking shithole because you and your besties decided that your own people are trash, don't deserve to live good and you can steal all of the fucking money possible. What is the point of "protecting our country", when no one is fucking attacking us!! It's only you who is doing this shit to other people. Oh, these pesky Ukrainians that just decided to go their own way and not be your colony, why not just destroy them cos' we're soo stronkkk and best army in the world. SURE. Literal retards who should be in jail long time ago. Now you suck ass in Ukraine, you keep on borrow more and more time, when you already lived too long for a sack of shit like you. If you wanted NATO to stay away… You are the most embarassing failure of a person, since now you are the reason for NATO to exist. And of course, our main issue is these LGB, TQ, feminism, video games, anime, пендосы, opposition… children are watching all this and become nazi gays and commit suicide!! Of course our problem is not old ass moids and their asslickers trying to push for more restrictions and more escalation, right?
I hate this shit, I hate that now everyone blames people like me, who can't do shit to fix the situation. I was like a half year old when he became the president, of course it's now my fault that he's still a president. It's unbearble, there's no hope for the future, what's the fucking reason to continue pushing through? I've been depressed for a very long time, but I had hopes for the best, that good times will come and we will be able to live like normal people do and feel happiness. Nope. Fuck that. I keep on thinking about it and whining to everyone who can listen, but nothing is going to change. I don't know why I even decided to continue living. There's no point. Even if it ends like tomorrow, nothing will be the same for a very long time. Insane shit. Nonnies, when you'll respawn, never pick the мухосранск point, worst mistake of my life.

No. 1541267

I'm so sorry that happened nonita. Was this for work or school, if you don't mind me asking? Please don't let them get you down, I'm positive nobodys checking for them like that anyways.

No. 1541295

My autistic moid friend has become such a fucking creep in the while I've known him. He's asked every single woman at his work out and they all rejected him but he still makes comments like 'nice ass' and that shit. He says nobody cares but any woman would feel uncomfortable. Apparently he was a sex pest too when he was a teenager, and he told me he thinks about me when he jerks off (wtf..). At this point I want him to fuck off but we live close and are bound to run into each other, also fucking tard rage. I wish we never met. He used to be nice, now he's a borderline sex pest. Or at least more open about it.

No. 1541297

File: 1680695892670.png (44.54 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20230405-045538.png)

Who else think Obamas dressed us in bad clothes on purpose and made us fat.

My home smells horrendous

I can't work in a compassionate sweatshop now.

They feed me too .uch durian

No. 1541299

File: 1680696485526.jpeg (52.83 KB, 560x589, e31308e7-02dc-4ced-9694-796e7a…)

I feel so drowsy since I didn't sleep well last night, but I'll just have to deal with it for rest of the day I guess. Because I just can't sleep right now, otherwise I'll wake up around the night-time and that'll mess up my routine more. I also can't manage to take a fucking nap, I either end up sleeping for a lot longer than I intended to (even with an alarm, I'm a heavy sleeper) or rather than helping me out with sleepiness, it feels even worse whenever I wake up from a nap. Fucking this shit. I wish sleeping wasn't necessary.

No. 1541300

We need to intervene with the new generation before they all end up heterosexual and expect that much of a power imbalance.

Seriously though our next generation of cloners might be screwed over for old sick people.

But if nobody can care about the children then was it because "her husband" had the right to give presents.

His dick isn't nothing and if the drugs make him unable to pee and women just blame wanting women on the ballot that's why you see so many YouTubers just eat ballute and doing well.

But they'll feed me durian if I'm unnecessary to their happiness (I am)

Whatever. Vagina superiority.

No. 1541301

i hope now my roommate finally got the hint and realizes she can't force me to be friends with her. i am my own person and i am tired of dealing with pushy, aggressive, controlling people who refuse to take a hint and go find someone who cares because i don't. even after repeatedly telling her to stop bothering me, even after several meetings with the university and warnings from them to also stop bothering me, she kept doing it anyway. i know she was angry but i don't give a fuck anymore cause the bitch is nuts and again, i am my own fucking person. i am not going to be forced to be friends with someone who is clearly mentally unstable and gets triggered over every little thing i do. getting mad because i am not talking to her but am on the phone with a counselor or my mother. getting mad because i use the bathroom after her even though my bladder is literally screaming. the last straw for me was the latest bathroom episode and what i assume triggered it is is peak mental illness. it's my job to communicate and send emails to everyone in the dorm since i was hired as a rep. and for some fucked up reason she takes an email i sent encouraging people to get out and explore the city as though i was directly communicating with her and tries to set up this whole drama to reeeeeee about going to disneyland. i wish i could a-log but i don't want to get banned so all i can say is how much i hate her and how stupid i think she is, because she is an idiot. like grade a, top sirloin retarded as fuck. of course it doesn't hit her until i have to block her ass and tell her that we aren't going to be living together forever, so why do you keep terrorizing me?

No. 1541302

Just noticed the amount of errors I made in this post. Please ignore it nonnas, I'm too retarded to make any sense right now.

No. 1541303

Forgot where we put the pills, did we

No. 1541308

File: 1680697121950.jpeg (79.44 KB, 1152x1441, FZ2vCeHUEAAchzh.jpeg)

>His dick isn't nothing
>Vagina superiority
I agree with the sentiment but take your meds anon.

No. 1541317

I'm sorry nonny, I'm from Finland and know plenty of Russian people who feel the same way and I'm extremely sympathetic towards you. You don't deserve such a piece of shit dictator oppressing you decade after decade and ruining your future. It's truly tragic and I wish I could give out easy answers but the only thing I or anyone else can hope for is that people like him won't live forever.

No. 1541321

File: 1680698042634.jpg (64.45 KB, 590x738, michelle-obama-inauguration-ou…)

Idk, Michelle's outfit looked pretty good at Joe's inauguration.

No. 1541328

That outfit was beautiful. My only complaint is that I'm not a fan of the belt. Jill looked fabulous too.

No. 1541334

I don’t care about your tranny kid or the other trannies you love. We are at work please shut the entire fuck up.

I just want to go a day without having to hear about Dylan Mulvaney and how sun shoots out of his bussy.

No. 1541341

Grass greener etc. but we vote and change president in my country and it's still going downhill very fast. We're not technically at war though so there's that.

No. 1541354

What's wrong with 4 friends? I only have 2 and I think it would be difficult to keep up with many more.
I think people who have issues contacting others first are maybe just used to everyone else putting in the work to keep a relationship going. There are people who don't ever have to lift a finger to have a full social life.

No. 1541372

It's only 7 hours it's only 7 hours it's only 7 hours it's only 7 hours. It's not a long time, I can get through this.

No. 1541374

I'm really tired of all this woke and tranny bullshit america is pushing and of echochambers like plebbit
just fuck off already

No. 1541381

I’m sorry nona. Have you heard that they’re now making fucking feminism illegal? There’s already a lot of pickmes and handmaidens in the country and they’re making it worse. I hate our government so fucking much, you’re not alone in this.

No. 1541389

you got it nona idk what it is but you can make it!!!

No. 1541400

Yes I am burger geography brainlet fag but I had no idea just how massive Russia was until recently and I was like damn. Why they act like they tiny like tiny dick syndrome but the country version

No. 1541422

My condelences anon, not that it helps much but plenty of foreigners understand your plight and realize you are all being horrifically abused by that sychophant.
Hopefully he will be dead soon, he looks very unwell in the media appearances.

No. 1541423

The community is so so small that I don't have the luxury of hopping from group to group. Plus I just haven't entirely given up on having a good time. I do see new faces and I'm going to try playing with them while ignoring everyone else and pray it all goes alright.

No. 1541445

Im so angry at people who tell me that I should just accept that my hair is so thin, that this just how my hair is. When I know it isn’t normal for my hair to look like this. And then tell me there is nothing wrong with my face when I say I want PS and then I find out my head and neck is so tense which makes my face look like shit. And then same people tell me I shouldn’t want a partner and I should just be happy alone while being with a partner and literally going crazy because they want a baby ASAP. And I don’t know maybe I’m just too high but that feels kinda like gaslighting or am I going crazy.

No. 1541447

I think they're just trying to be positive and help you out, it's just your own feelings getting in the way and positivity, no matter how genuine, probably feels annoying at that point. Plus, who's going to say "yes, you definitely need plastic surgery, your face is fucked up" aside from the moid who wants to extort money out of your insecurities?

No. 1541452

I heard that, but I don't think this will actually happen. They are a bunch of clowns. Still, it's such an annoying pattern with them all. These politicians are always looking for something to restrict, as if this %some random shit of the week% is the only problem in the whole country and if it'll be outlawed, then russia will be a heaven on earth. It's already not safe to be a feminist sometimes, like one woman was put in prison for painting vulvas, meanwhile they barely give a shit about russian men's rights retards (only cared when they started show their nationalism, like bullying a woman with a black baby, but still not much has been done, ofc). I hate this trad shit, can't even be gay in peace, because PrOpAgANdA of ew ew ew ew non-traditional s*xual relations(how horrible).
Him dying is like one of the only hopes for now, though idk how much it'll help
IKR, Russia is huge, has so many resources and so much shit needs to be done to improve the lives of people. But no, fuck making people's lives better, fuck being actually a good country, only legacy there is ussr's old ass dusty weapons and a scary reputation, so let's make an ass out of ourselves on a war and ruin everything for everyone, because it's so cool and epic.
Yeah, at least your presidents don't have enough time to get bored to the point of randomly declaring a war, so there's that at least.

No. 1541455

You are probably right. But it really annoys me and I don’t find it helpful at all and I will stop bringing stuff up like that.

No. 1541461

Let her cook !!

No. 1541463

I’m 31 and if I had known how nasty men are I would’ve stayed a virgin and never dated. I wish I could go back to 18 and just block the first scrote I ever fucked.

No. 1541468

I feel this. If I knew what I know now I would've stayed single my entire life. Dating has only made my issues worse and I just feel like mentally I'm not built for it.

No. 1541471

I dress vaguely androgynous at work (mostly straight pants and man shirts) most of the time so whenever I go for a more feminine outfit I always get some comments like "woah you look like a woman!" or "do you have a date tonight?", and when I say it's no big deal I always get "you should accept compliments you know". It's mostly coming from other women so it shouldn't annoy me like that but I find it so infantalizing.

No. 1541474

I hate it when tranners and their retarded apologists insist and insist finding out someone doesn't have your required (or preferred, as they put it) set of genitals doesn't immediately makes you not attracted to someone. Like… what lol Of course it does, the fuck? It happened so often to me already that I thought a guy was hot until I found out she's a very handsome woman, and while I still think she looks incredibly good, there's not a single fizzle of attraction, everything just poof, all gone. I likewise had it happen the other way round, too, but with that I can see how it might be uncommon-ish

No. 1541484

File: 1680713951382.jpg (124.94 KB, 1080x782, IMG_20230405_185411.jpg)

I'm scared it's true. I always attract narcissists or creeps or losers or broke guys. I never sleep with those guys and I never seriously date them, but I'm around them and they hit on me and I know what they want from me. People often tell me I look vulnerable and I'm too quiet and shy and I don't have any friends, but am I really as bad as those men? I really don't feel worthy of anyone decent because nobody decent shows interest in me

No. 1541485

Of course having exploitable traits doesn't make you as bad as exploiters.
I can guarantee that Francis is the type of worm who bitches about women needing to have more accountability because he himself belongs to a group of men who don't want to change their behaviors aka "be accountable" for the hurt they cause. He'd rather say "Well you deserved it." Because it would take guts and hard work to step up and be a better man for women. Classic victim blaming behavior.

No. 1541514

It’s partly true but really only in a “if you don’t immediately tell men to fuck off at the first sign of scrotery they WILL take advantage” sort of way because like statistically moids are overwhelmingly losers

No. 1541519

File: 1680717819314.png (75.38 KB, 418x498, 1536152818819.png)

I had two "best girl friends" since high school, with the first one I genuinely loved talking about anime and nerdy stuff, we had very similar interests, but then she became a tumblr TRA and didn't like I disagreed with her so we split ways. The second friend was an older girl (late twenties, when I say older woman it sounds way out of my age group) but she was fine with talking shit about some things I liked while she was very sensitive about the things she liked, so after being quiet about it for months, I just went my own way.

I miss having a nerdy friend into anime with who I can talk about my favorite boys and plots that tug on the heartstrings, but going into fandom spaces nowadays they are full of politics and cancelling people over different takes (omg you ship A and B? C is his canon ship!!!!)

No. 1541520

File: 1680718005665.jpg (107.68 KB, 1440x1715, b80.jpg)

Please validate me that I'm not wrong here.
>cuddling with bf on bed
>bf getting into rough play with my dog whose fur is a black color, he is always nice to his own dog
>hear bf call my dog "little black nigger"
>please don't call my dog a nigger
>explain I heard him say with an R and that either way he really shouldn't be saying that
>explain that I was just repeating what I thought he had said and I didn't say it cause I thought it was cute, idiot
>he walks out

Does my bf just hate me? I cannot imagine having this much contempt for someone I would love.
Btw he isn't black, he has some hispanic in him but he is totally white passing.
I don't like my bf, I think he is an asshole.

No. 1541524

Please stop believing anything men say. Rule number one in life, men project onto women. Secondly a lot of men like to waste their time, resources, and efforts into fooling a woman because he likes the gratification of you thinking he cares. These men are too common and they don't even want love, but use love to manipulate a woman. They like the idea they are above somebody and that they get pussy. I don't even think a lot of men want love at all to begin with. Women should not think they are monsters that have never felt real love or that they're broken clocks needing a fix, they flat out tell you who they are. They are a waste of fucking time and you SHOULD believe it. Every woman should believe every man is a waste of her time. He is the one should prove himself worthy of your time, not the other way around.

No. 1541526

He sounds like a complete toilet, just dump him.

No. 1541529

That is extremely weird for many reasons. Why would he call a dog that and then why would he get legitimately upset about it. I thought he ways maybe joking about being bothered (still not okay) but then he walked out? He sounds like an asshole.

No. 1541538

>hispanic saying nigga
Many such cases. Anyway, weird that he thinks calling the dog a "little black nigga" is so much better than "little black nigger".

No. 1541540

I am antipsychiatry and usually averse to therapanese of any kind but I recently found a guy on youtube (Daniel Mackler) and his vids just hit all the right notes. I'm obsessed each one hits so close to home and feels like a punch to the gut. I feel like Frank on always sunny when the therapist unzips him I have all these negative childhood and teen memories flooding back and I'm floored by just how lonely and hated I was back then. No wonder I'm like this

No. 1541544

I think he realized he might have let an r slip in there but rather than admit it could have sounded that way, bury his shame by accusing me of being the bad guy.
What kills me is that he acts like there's a fucking audience who gives a damn in my own house.
The root issue is that I asked him to stop disrespecting my dog and he found a way to make me the disrespectful one of the situation.

I'm not sure either but he insists there is a difference between "nigga" and "nigger." I once pointed out how some black people wouldn't appreciate him using either of those words and he told me then they must be ignorant. Like wtf? Do you care about their feelings or not?
Even the most touchy person would also realize there's a difference between saying something out of nowhere and repeating a phrase someone said to make a point.
Maybe he just didn't want to hear how "nigga" sounds pretty much the same thing to others? Who knows.

I just want to go to the dog park alone with the dogs, but I know he will accuse me of ignoring or abandoning him even though he is the one who left me to go play on his computer.

No. 1541545

There is a fat ass fly in here AAAHHH. I just had to throw out my drink because it was resting on and inside my cup and I'm upset.

No. 1541547

He is angry you called him out on injustifiable behavior, and is both trying to misdirect and punish you by making a big deal out of you saying it too. Do not trust this man with anything, he cares more about preserving his own ego than anything else in the world. These types are the most dangerous.

No. 1541550

I went to the hairdresser and the price was way higher then I thought and it looks bad, BAD. The cut is the worst I ever had and I wanted a balayage but I got highlights almost to my scalp. Im sure it will look good in a few month but so long I’m stuck with looking like a clown. Actually I look like a nerd. Like a nerd who has no idea about what looks good. I look so bad I want to cry. With a ponytail i look okayish but hello I paid so ducking much i cry

No. 1541554

File: 1680720200285.png (Spoiler Image, 238.8 KB, 800x600, 0DF13F28-821B-4CE2-BC83-1A6655…)

A man I otherwise found decently attractive has gynecomastia. He’s skinny too. I didn’t think it was that bad at first but it’s worse than I originally thought. I feel like a psycho for being disappointed but that’s what I am. I have the ick. Picrel is a disgusting example

No. 1541556

>but I know he will accuse me of ignoring or abandoning him even though he is the one who left me to go play on his computer.
He didn't leave to cool off or because he doesn't want to be around you right now - he is ignoring you to punish you. He will get mad if you leave too because it means that his punishment isn't working. He wants you to pay more more attention and beg forgiveness. People like this can't be placated. It will never be enough. Please for your own safety and sanity get out of that relationship. I'm not the kind of nonny who spams break up over every little thing, I barely post here, but these are telltale signs of an abusive relationship.

No. 1541559

I feel like I ruined my chances with a fourth interview I had with a company a couple of days ago. This was a "dream job" in that it aligns exactly with what I want with my career, and that jobs like this rarely ever shows up. But I was feeling burnt out at that time, from the entire process and keeping up with coursework so I didn't really feel energetic enough that I gave out a stellar interview. Now that I'm feeling better I'm upset at myself that I didn't give out my best. I know I shouldn't feel this bad about a job but I just want a fucking job already so I can be released from this clown race of job hunting.
Sigh, bracing myself now for the imminent rejection in a few weeks.

No. 1541566

How can I tell my mum to calm down? She needs to sort herself out. When I’m visiting family she is constantly on my ass. I post a picture of some event happening in town and her response is “are you ok??? Where are you?”. I’m 30. Over text I can ignore her but we’ll be meeting in person soon. Ignoring her irl doesn’t lessen the behaviour, being a stroppy teen and telling her it’s none of her business doesn’t work either. I’ve blown up at her before telling her how condescending and disrespectful it is (because I gave one example but it’s constant all day every day) and she acted like I was the one with issues.

No. 1541568

Yeah but some women somehow attract decent guys. Should I maybe start dressing in a different way so I seem "high maintenance" and maybe it will scare at least some of those weird guys away? I can't really force myself to be an extravert and act differently

No. 1541571

Yep and that's exactly what he did to me.

I quietly moved past him as he sat on the couch watching his phone. I loaded the dogs into the car and that's when he started shit.
I told him he could go with us to the dog park, although earlier he bemoaned me for wanting to go on hikes and the dog park.
He was still stuck on me calling him an idiot and whined about how I would have left had he not confronted me.
Basically I told him yes and yes. I wasn't sorry he got called an idiot because he is acting like one, and yeah had he not said anything to me I was going to go alone because he was the one who left me alone. I was angry he called me a racist, but then he tried to play like he hadn't called me one and that I was self-telling. Lmao whatever, sure dude.
He got his dog from my car and threatened to leave me if I didn't resolve this. Oh well. I left anyway.
He called his momma. I'd be shocked if anything will happen considering how good he has it at my place. His mother will probably say whatever to placate him because she doesn't want her shitball son back at her place.

He actually ordered me designer sneakers because I did all the house chores by myself yesterday, and I'm sure as punishment he will rescind that too.

No. 1541572

Those women also attracted a shit ton of assholes. Not caring about scrote opinions is the best you can do, though obviously a decent guy wouldn’t necessarily want to date a complete loser so like, have a hobby or something.

No. 1541578

Being vulnerable doesn’t mean you deserve to be taken advantage of, but if you keep attracting shitty scrotes it is a sign that you should work on your self-esteem more. Find things to like about yourself, find new hobbies/interests, and find new friends (preferably female ones bc male friends are rarely genuine or reliable). Men’s disgusting behavior isn’t your fault, but there are things you can do to make yourself less susceptible to it.

No. 1541579

my husband and i work at the same place and we have this coworker that is weird as fuck and makes everyone who is in a committed relationship uncomfortable
>went up to our male coworker (who has a gf) and started talking about how much she likes sex randomly
>constantly claims every guy is flirting with her and it annoys her but then she invites them over
>guy #1 sent her creepy texts and she told everyone then turned around and invited him over to her place
>guy #2 she invited him in her car to smoke together then acts shocked when he made a move
>had construction workers around to fix something and flirted with them then came up and ranted about how creepy they are when they asked for her number
>talks shit about every female in the store then ONLY befriends the 1 woman who is known for being "easy" and cheating on her baby daddy
>high 24/7 im not fucking kidding she spends half her check on weed then complains she has no money for her daughter because of her "stingy" baby daddy who pays child support
>ruined my husband's proposal by coming up to me and telling me when he's going to propose
>he was pissed and went from apathy to disliking her since then
>whenever we clock in and start setting up for the workday she loudly proclaims "THERES THE COUPLEEEEEE!!"
it's so weird when she does that because it feels like jealousy. i'm unironically tempted to submit and anonymous report that a 'customer' saw her smoking just so she gets moved atleast.

No. 1541581

Do the anon report. The proposal shit is unforgivable imo. Crazy woman.

No. 1541583

i'm 6 months pregnant and trying to finish my master's degree, but i just do not have the energy for it anymore. i have 2 papers due this month and i can't be arsed to work on them. i'm literally 1.5 credits away from graduating but it's just SO hard to find the physical and mental strength to literally do anything at this point. pray for me nonnettes

No. 1541584

My cat left the house this morning and still hasn't come back. I'm so worried.

No. 1541585

I have female coworkers who literally tell me they have no hobbies/interests and yet they have decent guys who care for them and take care of the house, take care of themselves, not to mention earn more money than them and spoil them materially, so… what's the secret?

No. 1541586

I think my male friend doesn't like the guy I'm dating because my friend is on unemployment in a mediocre band while the guy has a job and a house

No. 1541589

Don't give up, one of my friends was pregnant while doing her master's and she dropped out. Now she has to pay to finish and her husband left her.

No. 1541608

I had a meltdown this morning because my mom was giving a lamp of mine to one of her friends without telling me or even asking. She does this a lot, as in she'll throw something out out or try to donate stuff because she assumes I don't want it. Sometimes it won't even occur to her that something's mine, even though we're the only two people in the house and she knows it's not hers. Crying over a lamp may seem dumb, but it was from my best friend in high school. We were like sisters, and after a really terrible situation our friendship became unstable until it eventually ended in a pretty messy way. I don't really talk much at all about the situation and have moved on with my life, but my mom knows how upsetting it was (I still can't even say her name).

I asked her why she wouldn't ask me before giving away my stuff to someone else, and she asked why I even cared seeing as I wasn't using it and "it wasn't special." I calmed myself down, and then asked for her full attention and explained that the lamp was important, as it was from my best friend (I haven't even said her name to my mom since 2021). My mom said she knew. I do not understand how she could know and still not think I might find it special? Her argument is that I wasn't using it. I got it in 2019, my room had a completely different layout with no space for it until late 2020. She stuck it in the basement, and I'm a little forgetful. I've had diagnosed ADHD my entire life, and she knows that out of sight = out of mind is very real for me and typically understands, she'll put things she knows are mine right where I'll see it, like if I leave a calculator out she'll put it next to my car keys. Sometimes she'll immediately put something away on autopilot which I completely understand. But still, it's not like I was completely unaware as to the existence of the lamp. If she had asked me last year or the year before I would've been wanted to take it out of storage.

All that aside, she acts as though I'm a hoarder when I'm not, because I hesitate to throw stuff away immediately. I'm very busy with classes and sometimes my room might be messy for a few weeks as well, or I might have random stuff scattered around the house (all things I use for classes btw). My mother is a clean freak, and I'm much the same, except for when we start cleaning stuff out. I still throw out a ton of stuff, but I'm meticulous and will make a bag of things that I'm unsure about, like if something could be fixed or if a friend might want it or if the item actually goes with another part. I'll steadily eliminate things from the temporary bag over the course of a week or two. She instead goes wild throwing everything into the trash or donations. I've had to go through donation bags before and take out items I know she wants/needs that just get caught up in her frenzy. When I was a kid and we were moving, the morning we left our old house she was going through the last small pile of things. She put the dog's food and water bowl frame in the trash bag and I had to wander over, take it out, and pack it in the car. Thankfully I had saved it, because at our first hotel she started getting stressed as she thought she had thrown it out. She does this regularly with things she either doesn't know the use of (technology stuff) or her own clothes because of her autopilot cleaning.

I know she hates clutter, and I know that due to my forgetfulness, there's times where I might leave something out for a week or two. It's just so frustrating to have her put away my things at random times, meaning that best case I'm stuck searching for them, or worst case, I forget about them. In the former scenario, she'll remember it's mine and ask me if I want it before she tries to get rid of it, and the latter scenario, she goes ahead and tries to get rid of it. There's not really a good option (especially as there's times where I have to leave something out in order to remember it for something a few days in the future). I try to bring all my stuff into my room asap, but there've been times where I drop something off, go out, and by the time I come back it's gone, only to reappear several days later when she gets it out of a cabinet and asks me "if I still want it." I do not appreciate being called a hoarder, she knows I have a bit of a complex about my own cleanliness as I'm very organized, have (mild, diagnosed) contamination OCD, and literally stress clean, while at the same time, I used to be very messy during middle/early high school (which I have a lot of shame about), and can let things pile up for a week or two before getting to properly tackling it. Our house isn't messy, my room is cleaner than a lot of people's, even when it's dirty. It literally all depends on if she just gets into an autopilot mood. I make significant effort to automatically clean the kitchen, and put my things in my room. Why can't she just ask before she stashes things away? She once lost a piece an expensive piece of tech my dad left over and need back because he had to return it, all because she packed it away. I got accused of losing it, because "I'm the one who is messy and loses stuff," even though it was entirely her fault for not asking someone about an item she's never seen before and knows isn't hers. That label is also frustrating because I don't lose things, she pretty much hides them. Jesus Christ I feel crazy for writing all this over a lamp

No. 1541639

are those female coworkers pretty, good-natured, and vapid? Some of the most decent men are also pretty, good-natured, and vapid, and they seem to like women who are similar to them because it makes their life comfortable and unchallenging.

No. 1541642

Can you message the friend and ask for the lamp to be returned?

No. 1541645

I’m generally pretty bored and understimulated so if you ever felt like sending a question or whatever with an estimated word count I could give it my best shot! Not until after Easter though. I’m joking, just half ass it. Actually it would be cool to try but I’m just being dumb.

Maybe they just have a pleasant agreeable attitude and don’t find misogyny problematic. If you reject a man at the first sign he’s a shit, you’ll either be single forever or land a good man. I’ve had few long term relationships but they’ve all been decent quality. But I’ve rejected 5x more usually before even an official first date. There’s no giving a man a second chance.

No. 1541647

Oh, I got to the lamp before my mom gave it away. I just wanted to vent because this has been going on for years

No. 1541650

I'm tired and unmotivated. I miss being an energetic curious child.

No. 1541651

lmao wow
I give you my validation, you aren’t wrong

No. 1541654

I got a buttcheek pimple and I hate it. Been washing my ass with hibiclens and scrubbing really good in the shower but it's been bothering me for days. Buttcheek pimples are up there with nose pimples for being the most unreasonably painful I'm so mad. I NEVER get assne either so I feel gross

No. 1541655

you're not crazy and your mom sounds somewhat rarted. it sucks with ADHD but sounds like you have to make it a priority to put everything important in your room because first and foremost you cannot trust her. it might seem a bit excessive but maybe literally labelling or putting stickers on your things with your initials, so she knows not to touch or to put them in your room would be helpful. is your house super cluttered, poorly organized, or is your mom just obsessed with decluttering? maybe you can try to do like weekly or biweekly declutters together.

if it's a lamp you weren't using and doesn't seem special, i get her being confused. if you don't greatly like or need the lamp, keeping it around just for the sake of a former friend giving it to you might be cumbersome, if you literally didn't even have the room for it until now. you have other ways of remembering the good times no like smaller mementos, no?

if you're messy and have adhd maybe you will benefit from the clutterbug youtube channel. you probably would benefit from reorganizing your stuff with open storage and more visible like the "butterfly" style. Also using big bins for storage (easy to put things away) or having designated places to put your stuff (like a tray) in every room so you can put your stuff there and pick it up later.

No. 1541659

Ntayrt but I always find it so interesting when people with no interests / barely any personality date. Especially when couples have opposite political beliefs. Obviously having different things going on is good thing but I can't imagine dating someone who has no hobbies besides going to work and different morals than me. I know people get into mediocre relationships because of physical attraction and wealth but the people I know like that are so painfully average in both areas. Maybe I just don't suffer from loneliness as bad as them but who knows though I'm single kek

No. 1541660

My main self-soothing method for my whole life has been imagining/planning my imminent suicide, but in the past few years I've become close with my sister (we hated each other before) and I know that I could never kill myself now because she is so sensitive and I see that it would really destroy her, especially after a number of family tragedies that have affected her very badly. I'm not sure if I have ever been legitimately suicidal but it feels like something important has been taken from me and I genuinely don't know how to cope with my emotions without the "well, I'll kill myself anyway in a few months so it doesn't really matter" mindset. Realistically I know that the likelihood of me actually completing suicide was a lot less than it seemed from how much I thought about it, but I have been having such trouble replacing that coping mechanism with something else. It was just nice to always have that option and now I don't.

No. 1541666

I know exactly what you're going through, my mother is the same. The worst part is that you don't have security when it comes to your personal property. That is not only stressful but impacts your entire future life, growing up insecure like that.
It could have gone a few ways with me, I was concerned I would become a hoarder when I moved out to compensate. I did not, in fact I became the opposite, a total minimalist. I guess that was my defence from her throwing away everything I care about - just not caring about anything anymore.
It's not great, but it could have been worse. I love my mom to death, I really don't hold a grudge, I have now lived on my own for much longer than I lived with her.

No. 1541667

I don't wanna be that person but how do you go through a pregnancy while still in school?

No. 1541678

I baked the fucking tofu for too long and its dry

No. 1541679

I baked the fucking tofu for too long and its dry

No. 1541680

damn i relate to this. used it as a cope to ignore cracks in my life, and then told myself well i'm still alive so that means i'm doing good. lol no. better than before, but still have to mourn the past and fix shit. i've shifted to fantasizing about escaping through cutting off everyone i know which is still cruel but not as bad as killing myself.

No. 1541681

damn i relate to this. used it as a cope to ignore cracks in my life, and then told myself well i'm still alive so that means i'm doing good. lol no. better than before, but still have to mourn the past and fix shit. i've shifted to fantasizing about escaping through cutting off everyone i know which is still cruel but not as bad as killing myself.

No. 1541682

damn i relate to this. used it as a cope to ignore cracks in my life, and then told myself well i'm still alive so that means i'm doing good. lol no. better than before, but still have to mourn the past and fix shit. i've shifted to fantasizing about escaping through cutting off everyone i know which is still cruel but not as bad as killing myself.

No. 1541685

damn i relate to this. used it as a cope to ignore cracks in my life, and then told myself well i'm still alive so that means i'm doing good. lol no. better than before, but still have to mourn the past and fix shit. i've shifted to fantasizing about escaping through cutting off everyone i know which is still cruel but not as bad as killing myself.

No. 1541687

You’re not crazy for being upset. My mom does these types of things to me too and it’s fucking infuriating. She’s putting her wants/needs above yours, in this case, her desire to get rid of stuff. She decides she doesn’t want certain things around for whatever reason (to me it seems like she purges items to make herself feel better, like to relieve anxiety or other negative feelings) so she makes up an unreasonable excuse in her head as to why it’s okay for her to throw away. You don’t come into this equation. She’s not considering your feelings on the matter at all, which is especially insane considering it’s your property and she doesn’t have any right to take what’s yours and get rid of it without asking. She doesn’t have any empathy at all for you and it’s like you don’t even exist. Anyone would break down if they kept getting treated like their emotions and thoughts don’t exist or aren’t important. Your mom is in the wrong here 100%

No. 1541688

Both are average looking when it comes to face, one is slightly overweight, the first is good natured, the other is quite narcissistic but can act like a very generous person when it serves her, the first is a little vapid, but can keep up when discussing something of actual matter, the other is very chatty and extravert but I feel like most of conversations with her have no substance unless they're basic shit like work, relationships, formalities regarding house and instagram dramas

No. 1541707

Thank you nona, I probably should label some things. Our house is very clean and pretty organized, she just cleans on autopilot, I've literally had her vacuum something up during conversations. She's not a germaphobe or anything, she simply puts things away when it catches her eye.

I've had the space for the lamp for ~3 years. I think I said in my post that I kinda forget about things, especially if they've been tucked away completely out of sight for a while. I'll forget about things even when reminded if they're not immediately topical, like adding a lamp to my room. I actually could use the lamp, but I think you're getting at clinging on to stuff. It's definitely true that I shouldn't insist on holding on to stupid lamp (I do have other, more meaningful mementos), it's more the principle that she would give something of mine away without even asking me, especially knowing who I got it from. It's also frustrating in general, I've had things lost for weeks, and then finally come across them, and she'll be like "oh, that's what you were looking for, yeah I put it there."

I'm very organized and quite clean, I just have a tendency to let things pile up over the week and then address them in one big go. It only takes me about an hour to get through putting away stuff, I actually do the very thing you mentioned in the last part. I have several bags, one for uni, one for a ballet studio where I work, and one for my folk dance costumes. The only reason things accumulate is that I need everything in them on different days throughout the week. The bin/bag/tray method works really well, I highly recommend to anyone who struggles with putting stuff away or forgetting items. I can pretty much grab what I need throughout the week and go

Sorry if I come off defensive, as I kinda said in the post, I was pretty messy when I was 13-15. It's been years since I was like that, but it still feels bad to be called messy, and I don't want people to think I'm some sort of slob. Again, I promise I'm tidy

No. 1541713

File: 1680736772565.jpg (56.95 KB, 500x665, cat.jpg)

Beyonce starts her tour in less than 40 days and I still haven't got tickets

No. 1541719

>The worst part is that you don't have security when it comes to your personal property
Yes! Oh my gosh that's exactly it. Dare to leave something out and it's packed away at best, or given away/thrown out at worst.

Luckily, I've never been a hoarder. I do worry that I'm developing emotional problems around losing stuff temporarily. I'll get really distressed once I realize an item isn't where I thought it was, I have to find it immediately and put it away before I can do anything. Especially if I just saw it, I start panicking because of my own complex and the very real fear that my mom got to it and it's now at the bottom of a goodwill bag. I've been late to things and have had times where I'm unable to sleep because I'm so desperate to find something.

Thank you for your words, I really love my mom too and in a way I'm grateful because I've learned well about maintaining my living spaces and letting go of items (just not the lamp though), especially compared to a lot of young people. I was still pretty upset when I vented earlier, it's pretty rare for something special to get caught up. 90% of the time the only items that fall victim are new purchases or transient items that go with me on different days (rip to all my sunscreens she didn't think I was using).

No. 1541748

>clog the toilet cause too much toilet paper
>use the plunger to unclog
>little drops of water somehow splatter on my ankle as I'm taking the plunger out
I'm going to kms. I had to spray disinfectant on my foot twice, once before washing it with soap and water and then after.

No. 1541754

I got flashbacks reading this of my mom selling my GameCube at a yard sale. She "convinced" me to at first sell it for $40, then I remember being half asleep and her asking me if we can sell it for $10 and I said "Fine, whatever." I remember the days after that realizing how I got rid of something I used almost daily and my mom tried to make it a game of us being "so fucking poor" it got put onto me. My current life is still affected by my mom and dad crying about how poor we were, despite us not really, they were just financially irresponsible, and how I currently struggle to spend even just a little on myself without freaking out about saving.
I'm just ranting at this point now, but Jesus Christ I'm so glad I'm so much more financially responsible and making more than my parents could in a short amount of time. Still struggling, but I have a bit of a safety net now.

No. 1541755

I cannot wait for my semester at college to be over. I work full-time and take classes right after my shift ends, and I’m always disheveled and gross when I get to school. Today I knew I smelled bad from sweating and I just wanted to kms, this was never a problem at my old school because they had showers for commuters

No. 1541757

I deserve nothing. I wish the void would consume me as if I've never even came to be in the first place. Nobody needs me and my only ties to Earth is my cowardice.

No. 1541758

Same situation here too, I feel you anon
It's my graduating semester and I'm just so ready to be done. We're at the home stretch so let's push hard and do our best.

No. 1541760

File: 1680743608652.jpg (68.58 KB, 676x900, FdiD7SyXEAAsoCE.jpg)

after this fucking dumb shit sickness is practically gone I finally get it and it basically deleted my sense of taste. fuck covid honestly

No. 1541761

I have a strain of hpv. Regardless of healthy and safe sexual practices and frequent testing I am infected. Im trying to tell myself its not that big of a deal, but there is still so much anxiety. Ive been in a relationship for a while and when I found out I communicated immediately with my bf and he was been nothing but reassuring and sweet. 4/5 sexually active people get one of 100 strands out there but fuck. Even condoms dont prevent its transmission. At least I plan on growing old with this man.
Also, fuck my mother for guilting me into not taking guardasil! fuck her for making me feel like a prostitute for wanting a vaccine even before I was even interested in dating. Another one for the long list of grievances I have against her. Fuck her man, proving yet again to permanently fuck my life even after being no contact for so long.
I hate both aspects; the insane abusive mother who manipulated me to not take better preventative measures. And also, the very risk of being intimate with someone; hoping they are being equally honest about their sexual health as you are.
I hope I dont end up with cervical cancer like give me a break. My doctor has been very upbeat and hopeful.

No. 1541762

Yeah, it’s been flying by so I’m gonna stick it out. Maybe get some wipes and see if they help. I have a week off so I can look normal for a couple classes, at least

No. 1541764

>Regardless of healthy and safe sexual practices and frequent testing I am infected
If it makes you feel better, you don't even need to have sex to get HPV.

No. 1541768

How do you even know you have HPV? In my area they don’t even test for it, even if you ask to be tested for “everything” HPV isn’t gonna be one of them. They only test for it if a Pap smear comes back wonky as far as I’m aware. Did you have an abnormal Pap smear result? How were you diagnosed? When I asked about getting tested for HPV like a decade ago at a gyno she just laughed and said that’s pointless cause it’s 99.99% likely that I already have it if I’m sexually active. If I end up with untreatable cancer I’m just gonna enjoy my life until the pain makes it unbearable and then kms. But honestly nonna, with the way the world is going, you’ll be lucky to live to be old enough to get cancer from your HPV. Society is on a fast track to collapse.

No. 1541769

Depressive episode started on Monday. Still feeling it today. I want to die… I'm going to do what I can to enjoy the rest of the night at least and deal with whatever comes tomorrow.

No. 1541771

Wait can you elaborate please? It does help, thank you

No. 1541772

I have no sense of belonging, this used to be my only comfort place but now it's just an echo chamber and so is the regular internet and everyone around me. There is no counterculture left, no nothing. I want to move to a forest and talk to the fucking birds. I'm done being nice, I'm done being the bigger person, I'm done with everyone and everything. I should have killed myself years ago, would have saved me trouble. I would feel guilty now, I wish I went through with it back then.

Hope you feel better soon nona

No. 1541773

nonna i understand you on the mom issue. my pediatrician suggested guardasil when i was 16, my mom flipped out because she saw a facebook post saying someones daughter foamed at the mouth and died after. the doc patiently explained the studied risks (nearly non-existent) and the benefits to my stubborn retarded mother, and the doc even went to the lengths of describing how her best friend died from HPV-aquired cervical cancer and that this prevents that possibility. i ended up with 2 strands of high-risk HPV about 3 years later from a cheating boyfriend. i feel your frustration.

No. 1541774

there’s a huge # of racist white trannies and spicy straights, prob because they’re mad they can’t use race to victimize themselves so they need to use something else to get higher on the oppression totem pole

No. 1541775

I went to the docs because I have started to have irregular and more frequent periods again; in 2020 i had a period last 3.5 months. The doc noted I was due for a pap smear anyways and I got a weird result, I registered positive but not for the main strains they worry about. She told me to continue being healthy to keep testing every year to keep an eye on it.

No. 1541777

wow you running through your experience reminded me my mom also used the facebook post as a reason during the argument we had. Im sorry we have (or had) such shitty moms. At lease we have this space together to show support. Thanks for sharing your story nonna.

No. 1541779

NTA but there are actually a whole bunch of different HPV strains (100ish) and some can be caught just from having a cut on your foot or hand. I’m not sure if I had an HPV infection at one point but I had a weird wart on a finger that turned out to be a palmar, which can be caused by a strain of HPV.

No. 1541782

File: 1680746034722.jpeg (47.24 KB, 750x750, ED9A385D-0E9E-4E11-906C-243A1E…)

Thank you for sharing, that helps too. I really appreciate all the replies; I really fucking love this place and how it can be a place of support and shared experiences

No. 1541784

File: 1680746646870.jpg (12.81 KB, 318x307, FrtBQSNWcAEa-JP.jpg)

Getting my pre-permit + exam permit tomorrow afternoon, in a walk through video it says bring in a signed form. Said form is nowhere to be found, not linked on the step-by-step page, just 5 seconds of the video. Stupid MVC if you fuck this up for me because I don't have an unattainable paper it just proves how incompetent you are with technology.

No. 1541788

ayrt, we’ve been trying for a while and didn’t want to stop when i started my master’s degree. it’s only 10 months of schoolwork. i thought it wouldn’t be too bad, but i was throwing up non stop for the first 4 months and now i’m just exhausted all the time. i’m almost at the finish line though. i have 3 papers left, each around 15-20 pages, they all have different due dates (end of april, may and july). at this point idc what grades i get i just want the degree lol. when i wrote my last 20 page paper i was throwing up all day and i got an A. somehow it’s worse being exhausted though because i sometimes just fall asleep doing research kek

No. 1541791

Thanks nona. I honestly wish I could up and leave and move to the woods too. I know that feeling of being fed up with everything. I hope you find the space you’re looking for.

No. 1541798

Thank you nona. My country is extremely overpopulated and expensive so unless I win the lottery or have an excuse to move to another country there's no real chance. Sucks but I'll get over it someday. My friends have gone completely ballistic, I don't connect with them and can't connect with other people. They only care about clubbing, I'm not a friend unless I'm singing some reggae song half drunk. Norway seems like an alright place if you live outside Oslo but I don't even know the language. Hope you find some peace.

No. 1541807

File: 1680749659830.jpg (29.86 KB, 474x454, th-3660842090.jpg)

Went to see the Mario movie with my aunt and my cousing, the movie was fun and my husbando Bowser was adorable. However, the experience was ruined when my aunt started bitching about me having 0 contact with my abusive brother. The thing is, I don't talk to him because he's a moody unpredictable asshole that has made my life hell. He yells and punches walls and acts insane. But my aunt insists on me talking to him because I need to experience what a family is, whatever that entails. I'm tired and I just don't want to keep living near my family anymore

No. 1541830

I hate your aunt used an outing to tip toe past your boundaries this way. Tell her straight up that your brother is no longer a subject to discuss anymore.
Personal experience, except with a mother not a brother: the stronger a boundary the more upset it makes others who lack the ability to set boundaries in their own lives. Protect you, your mental energy, and your happiness. Proud of you nonna. Im proud of you regardless what family may say.

No. 1541839

I hate to use this word but this girl I know is the biggest attention seeker I know. This will be a long rant but I'm really done with her.
- She started dating this girl and now everything has to be about them and their love. Everytime something goes wrong she asks me for advice which results in me giving her and/or her girlfriend free therapy for an hour, but when I went to ask her advice about feeling lost in college she only told me to drop out and said it's ok to quit.
- We lived together for a year until I had to kick her out for repeatedly cutting and also attempting suicide resulting in me having to take her to ER every other week.
Now for some petty grating shit:
- Sitting next to her, quickly look at her phone she is listening to anime rap (it was a rap on Sasuke's POV).
- Points and laughs at me, basically. Yelling "WHAT'S THAT ON YOUR EYES? IS IT CRUST?" more than once (we have classes at 6am and I yawn a lot). Pointed at my jeans and made everyone notice there was a stain on them, saying "I really like the pattern on Anon's pants today".
- Keeps yelling irrelevant shit in class to get attention. We had kidney failure class today and she kept yelling "COKE IS MY WATER! IF I DRINK WATER IT WILL POISON ME!" in an attempt to get the professor's attention, who stayed quiet for a few seconds and completely ignored her.
- Trying to study and she kept poking the back of my neck. When I looked back she and her girlfriend would point at each other and giggle. Repeat 2-3 times.
- Finally, today I decided to start ignoring her and she spent the whole class poking my arm and slowly putting her finger on the off button on my laptop pretending like she was going to turn it off. I didn't look at her once even during this stuff, and she kept doing it.
I fucking hate this bitch.

No. 1541850

I know the answer but why do men cape harder for trans rights than for women? I pointed out so many people in art are literal rapists so why would you speak up because of fucking Harry Potter all of the sudden if people being “bad” matters so much, and on top of that you can’t even tell me WHY JK Rowling is a terf?

No. 1541851

By defending trans rights (only includes TIMs), they are defending men. Next question.

No. 1541853

My bird has cancer and the only way I can do anything about it is to get him referred to a specialist vet that I was told would cost me thousands. There is no way I can afford that. I have already spent hundreds of dollars trying to treat her symptoms and it is such a fucking shitty feeling not having enough money to save my bird. The only option I can take from my veterinarian is to basically give my bird palliative care. I wish so badly I could do more for him but I just can't with the cost of living. I really dread the day I will eventually have to put him down all because I am not rich enough to treat his cancer.

No. 1541854

again, knew the answer but it makes me feel “better” to hear a random woman say it with me. Ty

No. 1541865

File: 1680759531450.png (497.99 KB, 1710x900, madeinanus.png)

What's at the bottom of the abyss? The fact that you spent hours of your life watching kiddy torture porn written by a pedophile. It only seems good because he's set the ultimate bait - the literal unknown. People are so starved for decent media that a narrative with an eldritchian mystery and decent pacing is seen as a masterpiece of storytelling. The reality is that everything that happens is merely a setup to enact the author's various violent fetishes upon a cast of terminally innocent and unbreakable children. They never learn. They never grow. They never mature. They traipse about haphazardly into one abuse after the next. Occasionally a narrator reminds us that the abyss is a spooooky place, as if we forgot inbetween the gargled screams of anything remotely cute and childlike. Once the facade slips it becomes remarkably predictable and stale - despite the otherworldly setting. I'm somewhat ashamed to admit it became a comedy of sorts, predicting which sick fetish would next beset our poor protagonists. Nothing could even surprise me after a point. I started to wish he'd turn them into sentient soup again, that was at least interesting. And it's here that I realized that I had become the meme. I had gazed too long, and Akihito Tsukushi had gazed into me. 4/10 the background art and ost were alright I guess.

No. 1541877

anyone who unironically likes this series is a nonce and a sick bastard in my books. fucking gross shit, two nukes weren't enough

No. 1541878

This is so well written and based. I would love to hate watch it with you

No. 1541879

>I'm somewhat ashamed to admit it became a comedy of sorts, predicting which sick fetish would next beset our poor protagonists.
I stopped reading the manga (which is even worse than the anime) when it crossed this line, as weird as it sounds it got boring. People weren't exaggerating when they said that it's full of pedo torture porn from the start, that's exactly what it is. Nothing more, nothing less. People keep reading because they want to know what's at the bottom so they push through it and become desensitized, thus it loses the shock value and turns the series into just a fetish show reel. I actually don't understand how it got a big budget adaptation when looking back the plot is just a shoddy glue holding together a bunch of kids being abused in increasingly more surreal and violent ways.

No. 1541880

>I actually don't understand how it got a big budget adaptation
I do. Pedophilia is normalized in Japan. Moids are fine with displaying it in public, they have no shame whatsoever.

No. 1541881

File: 1680764325519.jpeg (52.56 KB, 750x713, C32263F7-E021-4B66-A9B9-2EFBF7…)

I have so many incredibly sexy ideas for off the wall lesbian erotica comics that I wish I could bring into the world, but my art style is not sexy at all. I know the only way to get it there is practice but I cringe so hard when I try to draw something sexy and it doesn’t give off sexy vibes that I wanna jump out a window and burn my sketchbook to hide the evidence. TFW you’ll never be able to create the female suit-wearing classic spy drama erotica you know the world needs.

No. 1541883

I can draw but I can't write for shit. Collab anon?

No. 1541889

File: 1680766417313.gif (64.14 KB, 180x129, 1658860074688.gif)

>buy cute silk dress off ebay
>seller says they're out of town and won't be able to ship until april 1
>ff to april 4, dress still hasn't shipped
>open up case on ebay because i'm paranoid and want the seller to acknowledge and be held accountable in case my moneyback guarantee window expires
>seller whines that they already told me they'd be away and now they "can't do a refund" because i opened a case
>pretty sure they still can or just give me a tracking number instead
>look over the seller's sales ratings and they're all positive
>decide to close it because there's no way the seller can ship it within ebay's 3 day window (said she can't ship until another week)
>order now says it cancelled (but still says it's paid, no refund, but has a delivery progress bar like it could be shipped still?)
>pretty sure the seller is peeved at me because i created this headache while she's probably on her beach vacay at the bahamas or something
>am no longer covered under Ebays money back guarantee because you can only open a case once
God fucking damnit. In hindsight, I should've waited a bit longer since I still had about two weeks left to open up a case but I didn't know until I fully read the policy guidelines after the fact. Fucking hate retail headaches, especially since I brought the situation on myself instead of being more patient and messaging the seller before jumping to opening up a case. I guess I'll keep this in mind next time but I just hoping I can still get the dress and not be totally fucked over.

No. 1541892

I read an r/babybumps post on reddit where a woman was asking if it was alright to smoke weed while pregnant, comments of course told her no but she said it helped her eat and sleep. It actually gave me nightmares, I had a dream last night I smoked a shitton of weed and got too high, and only after being too high I remembered I was pregnant. Woke up in a panic. Told my friend about it and apparently she said that's not unusual, she's in a lot of mom groups and they call themselves "Marijuana mamas". Fucking stoners. I don't hate them but I hate what they do. I used to be one so I get it but at some point you need to stop justifying you rampant daily use and chronic addiction with "it just helps me relax".

No. 1541896

My only adult irl boyfriend was a jerk and not well liked by many, so he was the only experience I consider as a real relationship and it was utter shit.(it ended with him beating me) That was a decade ago, after that I “online dated” some moid for the next decade but he would never budge in trying to spend time with me irl. I fantasized living happily together everyday but all for naught. It kinda upsets me a little because I fantasized such trivial domesticated stuff like grocery shopping or running errands and really romanticized doing that with him for so long and then now starting to fear I might be terminally ill. I wish I would have fantasized and spent all that time on something else instead of wasting my precious time on someone who couldn’t even bother to write me a letter. I’ve mentioned to him I think I might be fatally ill and his response didn’t seem very concerned… which I expect. I know mentioning I have very limited time left still won’t convince him the urgency there is for him to move his ass into gear to spend these next precious moments with me. My life was wasted on someone who didn’t care and I’ve been the fool.

No. 1541900

>I’ve mentioned to him I think I might be fatally ill and his response didn’t seem very concerned… which I expect.
>I know mentioning I have very limited time left still won’t convince him to move his ass into gear to spend these next precious moments with me.
he is an awful, irredeemable person who doesn't give a single shit about you and you need to delete his contact info off everything and never talk to him again. Most normal people wouldn't even act that cold to a fucking stranger who reveals they're terminally ill and you're supposed to be his girlfriend?
>My life was wasted on someone who didn’t care and I’ve been the fool.
You can't blame yourself for expecting basic human decency. you are not alone, many women stay with shit men because they project their humanity onto him, expecting and believing he has something inside his heart. It often takes a big event like this to reveal the illusion. Don't waste another second on him and do something nice for yourself.

No. 1541901

File: 1680768828141.jpeg (55.9 KB, 385x700, A8778465-E49F-4187-92D9-FE012F…)

>seeing comments from obvious teens on 14 year old videos I use to watch when I was a teen
>teens being jealous and wished they grew up during the early 2000s and actively trying to replicate the vibe .

This shit makes me feel so damn old. I will say those times weren’t super great and had their issues but I will always be thankful I got to experience and see the internet before it became the hell hole it is now. I also doubt these teens would last a day on internet during that time kek

No. 1541903

Ebay has a vacation mode so don't let sellers bullshit you about being away again. Can you still ppen a case with paypal if you paid through them? They're usually in favour of the buyer.

No. 1541905

File: 1680769956437.jpg (135.33 KB, 736x1084, ea731c34bfc883f992907f158505f7…)

> I also doubt these teens would last a day on internet during that time kek
As a filthy zoomer i can attest to this. It's so funny because the zoomies feeling second hand nostalgia for the 00's are the same ones with pronouns and ''antis/transphobes/etc DNI'' in bio, aka the same people that ruined the internet. It makes me sad that we got robbed out of a teenagehood we can feel nostalgia for, the 10's in my mind feel so plastic and boring.

No. 1541906

Yeah, I thought it was strange that she didn't use vacation mode but I chalked it up to maybe her not really understanding the platform since her English comprehension doesn't seem great… Maybe that's another red flag? Urgh. And unfortunately no, I didn't use paypal… I'll try to use them more in the future though. Ty non

No. 1541907

LMAO EXACTLY Nonna. Their stupid standards of censorship have wholeheartedly ruined what the internet once was and what they always obsess over. They can blame themselves.

No. 1541909

I've never watched this, I just have this gut feeling this author didn't know what to write besides the shock value and when even the fans get tired of the lack of conclusion he will do a retarded fake deep conclusion how the abyss is our human desire to see fucked up shit or something like that. Then all the weirdos who love this show will say "see! the show is so deep, it's actually criticizing what you all accused it for!". I know I have no grounds to say anything on this since I just saw pieces and read about it, but that is how I feel about it and I have no desire of watching it.

No. 1541914

Yeah and alot of their interests, their fashion, is just superficial. People would gravitate towards a certain style and end up hanging out with those kids like punk which had rock, guitar hero, concerts. Now they just wear whatever aesthetic seems fun for a week with fast fashion. One thing I really dont miss as a burger is how DEAD the internet felt. Its always been hard for me to sleep before 12 or 2am my time and then everyone was offline. At least with the more current internet it feels like those in other countries come together on various places or games so even if it's more dead, it will never be the snails pace of 2am in the past.

No. 1541921

File: 1680771588784.jpg (78.08 KB, 480x674, f8c1d49cc830def3188a2a1040ffff…)

>Yeah and alot of their interests, their fashion, is just superficial.
i am glad i am not the only one who feels like this. The only zoomer fashion is ''e-girl'' which is just a porned out version of emo/mall-goth, that's attached to the ''porn culture(gross)'', there is no music/media/culture to it, it's just porn. It's sad because from what i heard emo/goth/punk used to be ''weird ugly chick fashion'' and now these pickmes and coomers turned it into another porntag. We literally cant have anything without it being turned into porn for male consumption.

No. 1541923

There use to be more focus on being an individual back in the day now everyone's told how they have to behave in certain groups. Trannyism has put equality back because now humans can't be complex, because behaviours are actually gendered and if a person is more inclined to certain gendered things they should probably transition but also remember gender is a social construct? Pure retardation online these days.

I grew up on messageboards and they attracted users from all over the globe. The Internet was never quiet you were more aware of time zones. Euro fags would sleep and Americans would post then there'd be the crossover where both would be active. I miss messageboards, lose of my pals migrated to subreddits and I fucking hate the culture on reddit with the post scoring. There's no more unfiltered discussion cause of reputation

No. 1541924

based anon.

No. 1541925

Im so angry my stupid ass bitch mother never loved me and my stupid ass bitch motherfucking faanther loved me even LESS. All people that cared are dead or gone because IM AN UGLY ASS MOTHERFUCKER LIKE MY PARENTS AND PSYCHOTIC AND CRAZY AND I WANT TO SCREAM. I don’t know how to let out anger because it was not acceptable to be angry when I was a child, it was not acceptable to be myself and now I dont know how to be authentic and all I can do is cry because the pain of not being myself is too much. I think I will die of an brain aneurism calling it now. My tribe is literally lolcor lol at least my life is funny in a very fucked up way. Actually my life is a fucking bad comedy. My ex stole a very expensive VACUUM CLEANER. VACUUM CLEANER. And fucked my best friend oooooh and now im alone in this new home but im safe now i just dont realize im an adult and im safe. My cat is here and she adores me and I bought her cat grass to eat as an Easter present and she was so happy and then threw up everywhere but its ok. Everything gonna be ok. Take care.

No. 1541930

I love this old Harajuku punk look. A zoomer e-girl could never fathom wearing a knee skirt like that without her thighs showing.

No. 1541932

As a millenial boomer who grew up on the early 00's internet, it was also filled with blatant sexism, misogyny, homophobia and racism. Like everywhere. If an influencer was caught fucking a 15-year old the teenage girl would be blamed and ostracized for it while the predator walked away scotch free. Like remember when everyone pointed their fingers at Keeks for her boyfriend's death when he literally died running away from cops who were going to arrest him for being a drugged out pedo fucking 12-year olds? And that was a completely normal way of how things just were, it's not like that event was one of its kind. While the early internet was free of all the corporations meddling with its tone, it was also free of any kind of security for anyone else but a white straight man aged 20+.

No. 1541937

Lmao as if things have changed, if anything things are worse in that regard. Not only is the internet more censorship prone but also its easier for kids to get groomed thanks to Discord, not only by pedos but also by troons. Like yeah sherlock, the internet was more ''savage'', that's what comes with freedom of speech. The difference was that before you had to woman-up and touch grass/block them instead of crying in Twitter and getting the whole internet censored because someone hurt your feefees. Children shouldnt even exist in the internet and i hate how we keep censoring the internet to make it safer for them, when they shouldn't use the internet at all.

No. 1541939

Yeah the only idiots I knew attracting bad attention online were the idiots that would dox themselves. You use to be taught to not give out your information online, now websites encourage bios, location and geotagging posts. So much easier to stalk people online. Website like LinkedIn blow my mind, I'm with a company that has it in their contract to not be affiliated with the company online because of how strange people are.

No. 1541940

I just found out through a mutual friend that my ex had his first child. The dude now has all he ever wanted in life. He has a good paying, stable job, nice car, a house, wife and now kid. Kept the friends after the breakup and had a lot of support from his family + lives in the biggest city.

Meanwhile I'm still trying to stand on my own two feet after years, living on the edge of poverty, with people that hate me and monthly threats of getting kicked out. Life really does have favourites huh

No. 1541941

I remember that too but also things haven't changed a lot since. Even people defending 'sex workers' and victims secretly think they're braindead thots and wouldn't actually treat them like people. If anything, since the whole uwu egirl thing began I've started seeing young women in their late teens and early 20s crying over getting old, taking their insecurities out on older women ('the wall' rhetoric that somehow made its way into their heads), and trying to look like fuckable children.

Bodyshaming was rife in the 2000s, but I've never had the popular body type and have made peace with the fact that I'll always be a fatty bombatty, but this new wave of face-shaming (idk what else to call it) is scarier imo.

No. 1541945

Of course kids are still being groomed and abused, that will never go away. But these days it's not socially accepted at all for an adult male to have sexual relations with a literal pre-teen or even make jokes about it like it was back in those days, now you would be rightfully seen as a creep for hanging around teenagers.

Imageboards aside, you absolutely would be called out in the mainstream for being stuck in the body shaming 00's mean girl mindset. People here have tunnel vision from spending too much time on gossip forums without realizing how the majority of online normies think and behave.

No. 1541946

I agree, the ''curvy but only in the right places and also with a literal childs face'' make the 00's toothpick skinny standars look normal in comparison.

No. 1541948

>>the fact that they have their own money
What do you mean? GBP is used throughout the UK. London is not like the Vatican or something.

No. 1541953

>now you would be rightfully seen as a creep for hanging around teenagers.
you must be outdated as fuck because the reason why most grooming cases happen nowadays is because every youtuber with 1k subscribers has a discord with open and easy access to minors. 18+ non-nsfw discords are extremely rare. If anything it's more accepted now for grown ass people to hang out with minors. Keffals had a tranny catboy discord filled with minors and everyone was okay with it, he even openly admits that his fanbase is mostly teens. It's even frowned upon to hate on minors and ask for them to fuck off from your socials, you somehow have to mold your image around kids when before you had to gradually grow from actual kid websites like neopets and club penguin to teen sites like habbo hotel and THEN the real internet. Now every 9yo has a twitter and tiktok account.

No. 1541954

>now you would be rightfully seen as a creep for hanging around teenagers.
you must be outdated as fuck because the reason why most grooming cases happen nowadays is because every youtuber with 1k subscribers has a discord with open and easy access to minors. 18+ non-nsfw discords are extremely rare. If anything it's more accepted now for grown ass people to hang out with minors. Keffals had a tranny catboy discord filled with minors and everyone was okay with it, he even openly admits that his fanbase is mostly teens. It's even frowned upon to hate on minors and ask for them to fuck off from your socials, you somehow have to mold your image around kids when before you had to gradually grow from actual kid websites like neopets and club penguin to teen sites like habbo hotel and THEN the real internet. Now every 9yo has a twitter and tiktok account.

No. 1541967

nonna,while I understand your frustration I don't think you fully grasp how politics work
I'm tired talking about this topic and this fucking war and as someone from a NATO country that shares borders with Ukraine I hate it with all my guts, but you have to understand that this didn't happen overnight, all the years USA instigated Russia has lead to this ( Zelensky is a puppet leader btw, Crimea was a huge red flag of the conflict to follow, USA building labs and facilities in Ukraine etc). Russia simply wanted USA to fuck off, they didn't, and now the whole west is caught up in this proxy war between USA and Russia. If Zelensky truly cared for his people he would be open to negotiations, but he isn't , and with every passing day this war costs both sides thousands of lives lost, costs the EU billions of euros funneled into ulraine, in the end, for what? to prolong a senseless war.
I have interacted with ukrainian refugees and while all of them despise Putin , a lot of them hate their president as well for condemning them.

No. 1541970

Why would you act so annoyed around me and laugh at any serious topic I bring up and then go cry to other people that I don't like you ?? Yeah I don't like you bitch… because you always look annoyed by me and you very obviously don't like me. What the hell, so you get to be mean to me and make me look like a dumb bitch, but I have to like you ? What kind of sickness is that

No. 1541972

tired of the screaming kids, the construction, the loud scrote cars all starting at god damn 3 in the morning. this place sucks.

No. 1541973

>when a local weirdo likes you and you actually like talking with him because he has knowledge on some obscure shit you enjoy but your coworkers give you the side eye every time you two talk at work
I still greet him and shit but sometimes I'm so scared he will come up and say or do some weird shit while my coworkers are around me and I feel like an asshole for it. The funniest thing is I identify with him more than I identify with my normie coworkers but I'm so traumatized from getting bullied in my past I'm now scared of seeming weird and people talking about me. This is so shitty

No. 1541977

File: 1680780774724.jpg (505.49 KB, 2400x1808, dw.jpg)

My work friend and the only other woman under 30 in my office just handed in her notice and it leaving in a month to go backpacking through Europe with her husband. I'm gonna miss her so much, and when she's gone all that'll be left are me, a bunch of moids and wine moms who only bring up their kids to say how much they hate them.

No. 1541984

Making concessions with Russia would be fucking retarded for Zelensky to do, nobody wants to be Russian and be under control of fascist oligarchs who won’t let them say anything negative about the regime in power and won’t even let them be gay?

No. 1541992

I miss when manga/anime/videogames were a niche subculture, at least here were I live. I miss it because when it was a subculture, the circles were made of genuinely interested people and you could share hobbies and I made lifelong friends in forums and anime chatrooms, now it's really mainstream and the covid bubble of manga boom is starting to dying out, meaning that it was all a flavour of the month fad. I find really hard to find people with my interests because they're either autistic moids who are horny or pieces of shit because they still believe in "omg a girl?? in our spaces??? poser!!" or zoomers who can't wait to jump on the other next big thing. I feel like millennials needed to gatekeep their interests more.

No. 1541993

crossposting from the shay board but i am trying to quit smoking high thc amounts (dabs/concentrates) and i am in a hell of my own making right now. ive been able to go 15-17 hours without smoking at the longest but then i start puking bile and having diarrhea and shaking. copy and pasting cuz sick and lazy: im this anon and im back cuz im in shaynus hell. having diarrhea, i puked bile this morning, and i feel awful. this must be what shayna feels like every day. ive actually smoked myself into a shayblivion. i even took dabs 4-5 times yesterday and still felt sick until late in the evening (last time i smoked was 3 pm and i did the same thing the night before. this morning i have sadly dabbed twice because i couldn't handle the pain and agony i was feeling in my body. i am running low tho so i think i will be able to successfully wean myself down to a point where i can stop and it wont be so bad. but i know smoking is prolonging my pain. i may have CHS and im definitely experiencing cannabis withdrawal syndrome. any nonnas have any any tips for me in this time to help numb the physical pain? should i repost this in /ot/ is there a good thread for this?
TLDR: need help with chs/cannabis withdrawal symptoms any nonnies been thru this?

No. 1541998

I just want to remind everyone that the most important thing is to be in good health.
I went out to pick up a package and I saw 1 child bound to a wheelchair , 1 adult with some kind of handicap, bound to a wheelchair and one adult with growth deficiency ( it seemed like a 7 year old, but when he turned he had the face of an adult) .
Acne, hair loss, weight and all these are other problems are superficial issues compared to what some people deal with. Hell, even if you're ugly, at least you can walk, you have both legs, hands, can think, can talk etc
be grateful for every little thing, you really don't know how lucky you are

No. 1542022

Cbd anon. No thc. It helps. Lots of water. Avoid stuff hard on your hormones and focus on stuff that balances them. Sit in a warm, not hot shower, no peppermint stick to ginger and such. Peppermint relaxes the band on top of stomach and will probably make the sick feeling worse. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Big changes like this stress out your system.

No. 1542035

Late response but I am teetering on that category unfortunately. However I do not see others my size, bigger or smaller, as unworthy. Hell I can look at someone bigger wearing a cute outfit confidently and like it perfectly fine. It's something that's 100% internalized which is part of why I know logically my thinking process is stupid. It's just hard to get out of the spiral once you're in it.

No. 1542052

you guys my allergies are so bad I want to cry, the whole right side of my face is throbbing, my eye and my sinuses I feel so claustrophobic

No. 1542062

Can you take an antihistamine anon? Cold compress, I always used to do chamomile tea bags soaked in ice water when my eyes would swell from pollen season. You can also try natural antihistamines like stinging nettle if your maxed on traditional. Strong black tea and honey to help the airways. If you have too much mucus running down your throat gargle warm salt water till you gag, it will down the mucus and let it come up to free your throat so the honey can soothe it, and the caffeine in the tea will help open the air way a little. Avoid bananas they increase mucus. Feel better ♥

No. 1542080

If pseudoephedrine is legal where you live go get some. If ephedrine is legal even BETTER get some of that. Don’t bother if the only thing legal where you live is phenylephrine - it’s been proven to be entirely ineffective at doing anything at all when taken by mouth, it literally has to be given via IV for it to do anything.

And regardless of whether you can get pseudo/ephedrine or not, what the other nonna who replied to you said still applies! Cause she gave you good advice (idk about the banana thing tho, I’d have to look into that personally but everything else is solid)

No. 1542082

Whenever I ask my bf how his day was, he talks about about what problem he had to solve and how he tried several ways to solve it and then he had a realization etc whereas my job involves…uploading documents and copy pasting shit and it makes me feel inferior to him. It actually annoys me when he asks how my day went because he knows that it's just a boring ass office job that doesn't require braincells

No. 1542096

File: 1680790046028.jpg (52.4 KB, 738x738, 00f9ea007dcd6fb7c7d25e6b164a08…)

i used to be a hardcore shipper until a few years ago and i always defended fujos because god forbid women do anything but GOD fujos are annoying. it's come to the point that i see anything ship related and find it cringe. even worse when you try and browse normal threads in m and suddenly fujos are smearing their disgusting rape kink all over the thread.

No. 1542105

I have always been a fujo and fujo defender because lots of the backlash against fujos is uncalled for but at the same time I feel like fujos have a tendency to victimise themselves. Like when they talk about how they aren't welcome in ANY fandom spaces that is obviously not true. Slash ships are popular in most fandoms as long as you don't call yourself a fujo you can get away with fujo behavior

No. 1542145

i wish i could get my hands on some cbd i might be able to tomorrow but im also not sure if i need that. just took a hot shower which helped. any other nonnies have experience with cannabis withdrawal syndrome and or CHS !???

No. 1542146

i tried to frame my face and accidentally gave myself the ugliest bangs AAAAAAAAAAAA

No. 1542153


Seconding what this anon said, he sounds like an NPD psycho tbh. You shouldn't tolerate or make excuses for his behavior, you did nothing wrong. It's only going to get worse and escalate in the future, please have more love for yourself than this scrote and get out before you end up sinking any more years of your life into him and he leaves you with a broken sense of self and regret.

No. 1542154

yeah i never had any issues fitting in in fandom spaces because i wasn't a retard and knew that my gay ships would never be canon and that's what made writing fic or drawing fanart fun. i feel like many fujos are the kind of girls who also claim that they are sooo not like the other girls and that they got bullied by girls in high school and that's why all women are evil and men are good ackshooally.

No. 1542178

I've been homeless and I come from an abusive family. I have no support system or friends. My entire life people have treated me like shit even when I wasn't homeless. I don't think I will get employed ever again. I've been suicidal since I was 12. I have 14 suicide attempts. I've never really had friends or anything in my life. Any support system. No matter where I go people treat me like shit, don't listen to my issues, give me pointless advice, or simply I being approached by people that want something out of me. Men that want me to be their girlfriend, people that want to.steal my ideas, people that just want to argue with me and give no fucks about the fact that I've been trying to kill myself since I was 12. I have concluded that humans are very cold uncaring creatures.

No. 1542179

don't tell me "you're sorry" or "that you hope it will get better". It won't. Fuck off.

No. 1542189

I am tired of being ugly, i got called old lady again what the fuck why am i so hideous

No. 1542191


people are very fake and unconditional love is super duper rare. Almost every relationship is transactional.

You being so vulnerable and having to grow and mature so fast through life's difficulties made you hard to "digest" and people could not tolerate that. Of course this can trigger other's difficulties, but people will very often drop you if you're not within easy reach/easy to them.

It also seems like people don't realize that if you've had faced rejection from other from a young age, of course you're going to have behavioral quirks or things that may seem "off".

I'm not trying to make you more desperate btw, I've just had it with how fake people are and I resonated in my own way with what you said.


It feels like if you're not performing your gender, the more you're seen as mature-looking and it may put off others.

They really do expect us to dress and act like we're 15 until we hit like 28 and then we've expired and are spoiled goods and we should immediately switch to granny attire lol

I understand that this post was made because you feel ugly, but from my experience, people tend to behave this way to women who are not gender performing as they should. They will immediately bring you down if you're not a caricature for the male gaze. I wish you had better self view, but I'm glad you're you.

Sorry if I sound pretentious or ignorant, I sincerely mean it.(Redditor)

No. 1542204

Are you knowingly using reddit spacing and one sentence paragraphs to namefag? It's so easy to tell which posts on lolcow are made by you that at this point I think it's intentional.

No. 1542208


No? I don't even know why I'd want my posts to be distinct

No. 1542211

Thanks. That's actually very empathetic. It genuinely gave me a sense of reassurance to have someone actually understand my situation instead of some fake "it will get better" or "I'm so sorry". Those types of answers or reactions annoy me simply because they are entirely useless and when I tell those people to fuck off. They act like I'm evil and unempathetic. Simply, that kind of advice does not work and it is self centered on the part of the person that is saying it.

Your reply is actually very understanding and empathic. I think most people do not understand what empathy is. It isn't telling someone "I'm sorry" "It will get better". It's much more than that.

No. 1542213

>It feels like if you're not performing your gender, the more you're seen as mature-looking and it may put off others.
Women definitely look younger when they don't perform femininity. Source: know a lot of butches in their 30s

No. 1542220

File: 1680799450738.jpg (57.2 KB, 880x480, IT-clown-.jpg)

I went through a lot of hassle to buy my crush a present, I went to a another town before work, then I missed a bus which wasn't my fault and had to take another one or otherwise I would be late to work but it stopped in a totally different part of my hometown and I had to walk for like 40 minutes to get to my house, and then take my stuff and go to work. Kek I finally gave it to him and he said thanks but like I didn't see any emotion on his face and then he said he's tired after work and he can't think straigh and that he will message me later or something and he walked away. I felt brushed off. Now I regret giving it to him, we're not even a couple and it's not his birthday or anything, I just wanted to do something nice for him but it really seemed like he didn't even want to talk to me, even though before it felt like he was really into me. Well I feel like shit now

No. 1542223

my period is late by 4 days buy my left ovary is hurting so im totally not pregnant, right? RIGHT?

No. 1542224

Normies will never get it. Embrace hermit lifestyle like me. I already accept the fact I will always be alone and I'm only focusing on earning money to secure myself in my old age.

No. 1542228

Here's my advice: stop desperately looking for relief. Just bear with it. It's not the end of the world. You're going to feel so much better when withdrawal passes. Do whatever you do when you're sick with the flu and stay strong mentally, do not give up or you'll just prolong it. I just went through this as well and I feel 10000% better sober, you got this nonna

No. 1542229

thank you so much. im currently resting up like i have the flu. on the couch watching rhobh with my mom and my cat. shes cuddling me and really making me feel much better. i think you are right in that the search for relief is what is throwing me off. this is going to be uncomfortable and i have to deal with it.

No. 1542230

samefag my cats cuddling me not my mom btw, that gave me the creeps when i reread it.

No. 1542244

it's nice what you did but if he doesn't like you at least a teeny tiny bit….this comes off as weird
I hope he gives you at least a proper thank you

No. 1542247

Someone I know just died very suddenly, and the obituary isn't online yet. It's only been a day and there are already multiple really fucking weird AI-generated "obituaries" about her, I'm guessing they get triggered by a lot of people googling her name + location + "obituary" since they want to find out what happened? It's so fucking offensive because the real obituary isn't up and won't be for a longer time than usual due to circumstances, so everyone googling is going to be reading these retarded broken english and untrue shit. And this must happen all the time since if a young person dies in a tragic way everyone does google it to find out what happened.

No. 1542255

I've always had huge areolas, but I swear one has gotten bigger. I don't really want cosmetic surgery but if I do get it, it will definitely be an areola reduction.

No. 1542256

I hate my mom so fucking much

No. 1542276

He bought me a book some time ago so I didn't think that gifing him a gift would be something weird

No. 1542278

Since when do obituaries say what happened? At least in my country they don't

No. 1542282

My mom is so narrow-minded. There was something on the news about the RU/UKR war and she said 'Russia is a shit country, I hate all of them' so I tried to tell her about the number of political prisoners, the people trying to escape, the indoctrination and she accused me of being pro-Russia. Of course there are retards in Russia but not all of them, and telling me I'm fucking supporting any of this? And then she said I was black and white thinking 'like always'. I love her but once you talk about something important she flies off the rails if you don't agree with her, she doesn't even listen. I'm so sick of it but at her age she won't change.

No. 1542289

i'm sorry he doesn't seem to be into you, but i hope you don't do this shit for him all the time - driving all over town and risking being late for work and all that shit. it makes you seem like an autistic doormat and you gotta stop doing that or people will take advantage of you very easily. chin up, nonna!

No. 1542290

I'm gonna ignore the fuck out of you from this point on, you selfish shit.

Man, I'm really irritable. Like, my outing got spoiled today by unforeseen circumstances, yet this adulterous fuck is living his best life despite all the shit he's done. Scrotes really do get it all.

No. 1542298

i just want some warmth, a small "everything will be alright", but i always receive frustration in return. nobody is ever going to love me and those who do eventually stop and lose their patience. i feel like a complete utter waste of time and my rare cries for help always result in even more frustration towards me. it made me stop asking for help once and for all and now i'm alone. i don't need help.

No. 1542299

File: 1680806647029.png (3.73 KB, 151x149, ppod.png)

obituaries are written by the family so it is anything goes. some say, some don't, some leave obvious hints like "in lieu of flowers, please donate to this suicide/rehab/awareness organization"

No. 1542309

Sorry that wasn't clear, I meant "what happened" in a more general sense as in if the person is actually dead and if it was a suicide, an accident, an illness. In my country the obit doesn't say what specifically happened but they normally say where the person died, could say if it was sudden or peaceful, if there was a long illness, etc. If you suspect suicide or something like that then you can normally get a confirmation from the obit ("x passed away unexpectedly at home").

No. 1542310

I am autistic actually, and I'm quite a doormat too unfortunately, but as I said already, he bought me a book so I was thinking that buying him a gift wouldn't seem weird. He also used to message me a lot and give me sweets at work for no reason so I thought he liked me?

No. 1542315

I'm closeted and I'm getting really fucking sick of social media recommendations throwing out lgbt and/or coomer shit. A lot of it is integrated as posts now so it often misses my adblcoker.

I don't even know how these algorithms are so off. After 50+ "see fewer posts like this" and reporting the ones that appear on the chromecast youtube in the lounge, they should know I just don't want to see it.

No. 1542329

There’s this girl I met a few times in uni when I was hanging out with my friend who’s friends with her and I didn’t care about her then at all but I went out with that friend again one time and we ended up seeing her there too and she came over and hung out with us for a bit. During this brief interaction she gave off this super confident charming vibe and kept staring at me while smiling and I really started to fold. From my impression and from what I hear about her she’s really a fuckgirl who discards girls quickly but I’m so mentally ill that I can’t stop being curious about her. The problem is that I’m new to all of this and don’t have any dating experience so someone like her should really not be my target rn and second of all I really don’t know how to get close to her since she’s just casual friends with my friend and I don’t want that friend to know about any of this so I can’t even ask her to help. Ever since that day i to find her in uni but I barely do and when I do it’s just me being awkward and avoiding eye contact cause I’m nervous. I hate this so much I wish she had never given me that tiny bit of attention and messed with my head like that.

No. 1542350

AYRT and I'm a bit late, but, sure, maybe I don't understand the politics. But what negotiations are there to discuss with this bunch of retards that are ruling Russia rn? Give away the whole ukraine like some of especially loud ones want? Honestly, Ukraine should just have all of their borders the same as pre-2014 and just have their own leaders that they'll choose themselves and idk if Zelensky is a puppet leader or not, but before him there were russian puppets leaders, which is not that much better. I only heard about bio labs from russian propaganda shows, so i really don't trust any of that since they only speak in a language of lies. I really don't want any negotiations with these people, i want putin, united russia, duma and the whole current regime gone. Hate to use this word, but they are faschist as fuck, bunch of old people, their nepobabies and asslickers who decide what other right to take away from people, what else to steal to buy themselves a new huge ass house in some eu country while pensioners get less than 10k rubles a month since "oh, there is some cheap pasta, that enough". I hate that to divert attention from actual shit happening in the country, they focus their hate on lgb people. Hate that they take children away from people who are not agreeing with the regime. I hate that people can't say anything or even fucking like a comment with an opinion that is differing from the "correct" by government's standarts. I don't like USA much but what USA instigates there that makes taking a piece of another country (Crimea) and, later, invading and trying to take more land okay? Especially when living in your own country sucks and has lots of shit that needs to be worked on. Russia is not just wants USA to fuck off. They want to be this another important country in the world, just like USA or China, since putin has some small dick complex and being irrelevant like that is not enough. But they can't do it any other way, they don't gave enough shit to produce something important without stealing shit, they can't help other countries to be noticed, they just can't do fucking nothing else to actually mean something, but they miss USSR times when everybody was oh so afraid of us. So the only fucking thing they can do is scare other countries, scare their own people, threaten everybody just so other countries would fucking give a shit and give them attention just like they think they deserve. Because being just a big country is not enough anymore, now the quality of living is a priority, which they just don't want to work on. Sorry, went on a whole another unhinged tirade here. But i really don't see any point to agree to any of their demands and let them continue acting this way, they won't be satisfied with anything, not after a whole year of this war. And it will only give them more power to do this shit again if someone doesn't do what they want.

No. 1542353

sure nonna,I'll list some of my interactions with these guys, note that I've never slept with any of them (which made them very sour kek)
the age of everyone was 26-29ish, I haven't greentext storytime'd in a while so excuse my retarded way of telling things
case #1
>liked me as soon as I joined the company
>shy introvert, asshole (as I would later find out)
>mutual friend hooked us up, sort of
>go on a few dates, we actually have quite some stuff in common, especially niche hobbies and shit
>side note:I was depressive at the time and I'm not really the type of woman to chase men
>dude actually wants me to cut my nails and not wear short skirts
>wot.jpg , lolno
>he stops talking to me all of a sudden and acts like a salty bitch
>I don't know wtf is going on and I panic a bit and get saddened by this
>break down and cry when he accepts to talk to me at one point
>he labels me emotionally unstable
>doesn't want to admit his judgement is wrong
>later hooks up with the most hypocrite girl in the team and throws me some arrogant stares as if he's some kind of alpha when in reality he has a smol dick ( I know because he told me this and grabbed my hand and put it there. ew)
>I,being emotional back then,cry again at one point
>nonna gets her shit together later
>realized she dodged on hell of a bullet
>common friend later tells me how the faggot bragged that he thought I might kill myself (lmao) bcz of his rejection and that he could've pumped and dumped me
>mega lol,as if he could, he was virgin (not saying it as a mean thing, but he had some retarded expectations and his sex brag was retarded)
>he also says he likes one type of girl and hooks up with the COMPLETE OPPOSITE, the most vanilla boring manipulative bitch you can imagine
>to this day laugh every single time i remember or when i see him and his gf on the street
lesson learned, bullet dodged
case #2
>after #1
>meets me during some event and likes me
>I know he likes me
>opposite of #1 : extrovert, large social group etc
>drags me in his group to various activities
>I have 0 feelings but since I'm an introvert and I was adopted by an extrovert I figure I might as well play along
>things are fun for a while
>red flags start showing during the nights out with his other guy friends and how they treat him like the leader of the pack
>everything he says is law
>at one point accuses me of doing something I didn't
>other guys don't say a word although they saw everything and what he said LITERALLY did not happen
>he tells me to "get up and leave the table"
>lol wtf,I take my purse and leave, go home and enjoy my videogames and animu
>the rage dies down and I am invited back into the group again
>I'm just gonna fast forward here because a lot of shit happens, but I basically made it clear before that I am not interested romantically in him, everything culminates when all of a sudden I am not being invited to the gatherings and nights out anymore, when if some of the girls in the group (there were 2) ask about me, it's crickets
>later find out from a former girl in the group and love interest of said alpha male that this happened to her too, she was kicked out when she wasn't of interest/didn't give in to their advances
>nonna ends up realizing all those wasted nights out could have been spent doing things I actually liked
>lessons learned: playing an extrovert when you're an introvert is so fucking tiring, I've since learned to say a big fat NO and do the shit I like
In both cases I acted very nice, shy and sometimes sad (because of depression). Apparently you ARE NOT ALLOWED to be sad because then you are eMmOtiOnaLlY uNsTaBlE and something is definitely wrong with you!
Case #3 , during case #2
>friend of the alpha male
>likes me but is afraid to tell me because alpha male has his eyes on me
>dude is actually attractive and nice, shame he lets that alpha wannabe faggot walk all over him
>I'm nice to him, he gives me hugs sometimes , I hug back
> this displeases the alpha (kek)
>he always pics on this guy and makes fun of him for liking me in their meetings ( I find out via someone else)
>even if he still liked me after I was kicked out he was afraid and did not talk to me because of alpha faggot
Case #4 is a copy-paste of #3, except I actually liked the guy but he always chose the alpha faggot and the group instead of me
If you're a woman in engineering and you're somewhat good looking you are fucked
>talk to guys
>you're a slut
>don't talk to guys
>you're a bitch
my best guy friend said the same thing when I told him these stories, there was no win for me in these situations
There are some other cases too, those are the most notable tho
I was just being nice because this is how I was, I have since then learned that it's good to be a bitch sometimes and to say NO.
On the positive side, there were some really good and level-headed male engineers I interacted with, but all of them were married
then the pandemic came, I kinda miss the work shenanigans and retarded drama but everyone is prolly married by now except me lol
I hope this entertained you at least a bit, I surely was amused when remembering this.

No. 1542364

> but before him there were russian puppets leaders, which is not that much better
The last russian swine with his buddies was so bad that it ended in revolution.

No. 1542369

I feel like IBs have gotten weirder over time. For example an odd trend I've noticed exploding in recent years is that a nonny will say something, and someone will relate that person to a super specific group or person, even if what they said has nothing to do with it nor is the common behavior among that group, almost as if the comparison solely was made because someone said something cringe.
Also, throw in how some groups are supposedly super annoying…except, you'll see people whining about them and bringing them up in super random situations and exhibiting the obsessive behavior far more than you'll actually see the group in question being annoying. Are people just uncomfortable with insulting people at face value now? Is it that IBs have become more algorithmically minded than truly anonymous? I'm a retard so I wouldn't know, but it's really off-putting.

No. 1542373

I feel even worse now. My family was sick with covid and recovered, and since I was always staying away from them I managed to avoid it somehow and I keep getting negative results for covid so I'll go to a doctor and see what meds I should take. But my family is so nasty I wouldn't be surprised if I caught something from them anyway. My father showers one a week, and I was going to shower this evening. I saw that he took the clean towel I was going to use after my shower, used some product or medication for his disgusting feet, didn't wash his hands afterwards and used the towel to dry himself off. He then put the towel back as if nothing happened and my entire family was yelling at me for being disgusted by this. He threatened to punch me even though I'm already sick and put the dirty towel in the closet with all the clean towels and bed sheets. No wonder I have no many fucking skin problems and get sick all the time with apes like this. They're the same retards who think an entire family drinking from the same cup of water is fine and harmless because "we have the same genes so you can't catch the flu if I have it!" I hope they die sooner than later, I need to alog so bad.

No. 1542382

>showing you care and are interested
>men back off
>not talking to men at all and ignoring them
>men get clingy
Why are they like this? Nobody wants healthy relationships with borth partners showing themselves attention? Do I really have to pretend to not be interested in order to get a guy? And then what? I also have to play a cold bitch in the relationship in order not to get stale and boring to the scrote? I'm so tired of those mindgames

No. 1542383

Praying for you to be free of them one way or another super soon nonny, they sound like walking fucking biohazards. People say it’s disgusting to see a dog in a grocery store and they fail to realize even a dirty dog walking around is less likely to get them sick compared to half the nasty fuckers who don’t believe in washing their hands that smear little bits of their diseased shit all over the place cause they also are the same fuckers who touch everything like perpetual toddlers

No. 1542385

I shouldn't feel stupid for caring and making an effort but here I am, feeling stupid for caring and making an effort. Don't even know Why i bother anymore.

No. 1542392

What a zany bunch they all were. Thanks for sharing your tales, nona. I enjoyed reading through them.

No. 1542394

I feel so alone.
>friends since high school stopped talking to me because I don't care about gender bullshit
>partner of three years wants me to move, it means quitting my job and moving to some shit hole; we separate but still finishing out our lease.
>all I do is read and play games so there is zero chance in meeting either friends or a new partner

No. 1542397

They really are disgusting through and through, they do even worse than that. I have more than enough money to leave and buy furniture fast but it's really hard to find apartments in my city because a lot of actually rich people are looking for small apartments for 1 or 2 people at the same time so I planned on going to a real estate agency on Friday afternoon because I asked for some time of at my job and guess what? I'm not even sure I'll be able to go because of how sick I feel.

No. 1542406

i hate when i go out of my way to do something nice for someone and they don't even acknowledge it or say thanks!!!!! like damn fuck you then. its always men too.