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File: 1681418406464.png (77.33 KB, 485x362, DoYouEatAssorNot.png)

No. 160581

To eat or not to eat? Ass that is? A safe place to discuss and debate ass eating.

No. 160582

Some nonas think ass eating is absolutely disgusting and ruining society. Some Nonas think it's a loving thing to do with your partner. What do you think?

No. 160583

I think if a man asks you to eat his ass it’s because it’s INHERENTLY degrading. No respectable man would want his ass eaten. If he’s an actual nigel and wants to try ass stuff I will peg him. Simple as

No. 160584

this. period.

No. 160585

shaft, balls, gooch, ass, he's K.O. 2 mins tops. then i cook him a nice dinner

idk nonnies i'm horny

No. 160587

That's literally the appeal of it tho? Same with anal sex. People do it because it's taboo. Just because it feels dirty doesn't mean you like eating shit off a guys asshole. The majority of people who eat ass do it consensually with person they've vetted as "not gross".

No. 160588

I get that take, but I think a lot of sexual acts are done because they're inherently degrading. Examples of things I bet rage-cage anti-ass nona would be fine with:

-Name calling (Dirty little slut, Hot whore, Sexy Bitch, Dirty little cunt)
-Forced to look mirror at self
-Photographing or video-ing the sexual act
-Blowjobs in general
-Dressing up
-Dom/Sub Play
-Being Tied Up

So now any sex act where a woman isn't getting direct physical pleasure from it is suddenly rage inducingly awful? Sex isn't just about feeling good, it's also about making someone feel good.

No. 160589

I feel like who people who think all ass is dirty and gross are porn sick or something. Eating ass is nothing like it is in porn or Facial Abuse, where it's some crying young girl being forced to lick an old guys shitty blown out asshole. I usually do it during 69 with dude on top. Just do the finger test, rub his ass a bit and if your fingers come back clean it's good to eat. That's literally the grossest most moidy thing I've ever written and I'm cracking up.

No. 160590

>>160588 something tells me anti-ass nona would not be fine with ddlg kek

No. 160591

Kek the thread image reminded me of that old Insex shoot with the other woman who was bondaged under Shay with her face in Shay’s ass and that anon made the edit with the “all around me are familiar faces” song.

I’d dig it up but I really don’t want to go watching that degenerate porn right now.

No. 160592

Yeah but do they shit up Shayna's thread over it for weeks? Something tells me their over-the-top hatred over ass eating has a personal story behind it. I don't understand how they can't just be like "Ew" and move on, the same way we do when we have to see Shayna's rotting asshole and pussy over and over.

No. 160593

i felt really bad because i always got this wild impulse to eat a man ass but they never let me because “gay” so what does that make me? a fucking creep? like nonas make it look like its as terrible as being Mike Slack

No. 160594

>>So now any sex act where a woman isn't getting direct physical pleasure from it is suddenly rage inducingly awful?

Unironically yes

No. 160596

The people who are disgusted by eating ass are probably the same people who kiss their cats on the lips, let them walk around their couch and bed with cat litter/shitty/pissy paws. Or let their dogs lick their face and mouth.

No. 160597

So what are your thoughts on a lesbian fingering her lesbo partner's pussy? Equally as disgusting as a chick giving oral to her hubby's ass? With your logic it should be then.

No. 160598

File: 1681422307304.jpg (137.6 KB, 2560x1707, Studio-session-product-shot-62…)

Anons who are grossed out by eating ass. Don't worry, you can still be a good caring partner by using a dental dam to eat his or her ass.

No. 160599

That ir he's bi/gay/coomer
>baby just go a little lower lick my Gooch
>just lick my ass baby, its not even that weird anymore, lick lower
>It's just a finger you know I clean and shave baby
>I don't think this dildo is that big it'll fit, just because I like to be pegged doesn't mean I like actual penises
>ha ha I look kinda hot in your panties right? Ha ha so funny
>hey baby, I was on Amazon and I brought you a six pack of things, maybe o can wear some tonight ha ha…oh and stocking ha ha
>I don't think it's gay if we have a threesome with a man/Trans. It's just kinky sex babe
>baby I think I'm a woman/not a man
>I'm bisexual
>I'm gay
>I'm a lesbian
Either way you shitty tongue weirdos make my ass hurt

No. 160600

you're telling on your self nonnie.

No. 160601

Wait, people unironically like DDLG here? The fuck?

No. 160602

I thought we all thought it was weird to stimulate children. The name is Daddy dom LITTLE GIRL, for fucks sake.

No. 160603

no sane person thinks roleplaying child abuse is okay

No. 160604

Nta but I hate everything that's degrading, ass is especially bad because well, it's ass.

No. 160606

File: 1681423656770.png (48.23 KB, 731x667, Screenshot (296).png)

You're right, it's proven pedophiles go for "legal outlets", like with prostitutes or with ageplay. It's a genuine paraphilia, called Autopedophilia. I'm beginning to think there are troons or women who hate themselves in this thread. I have a boyfriend, but I could not imagine trying to seem "younger", but that's probably because I'm 19.

It was proven that child molesters specifically seek out these legal outlets, lol..


No. 160609

Ily queen

No. 160610

I'd also like to add this: most men do not do degrading acts for women, there's a difference due to the fact that men are above women in the hierarchy. Nonnas on here believe it is degrading because most men do like to enforce sex onto women, or expect it. There is no reason a woman should have to do a sex act just to please her partner. No matter what exceptions you bring up, there's a reason why statistics have proven men cheat on women more (due to lust, while women cheat out of emotional needs not being met).

I have a boyfriend, I have been with him for 4-5 years. We are each other's firsts, and if he expected sex out of me in order to like being in a relationship with me, I would say that he doesn't genuinely love me. I am not saying you cannot do it, but I am simply just trying to explain the reasoning as to why some nonnas do believe that it's degrading, because some of you posters seem to be implying that it has to be done. Do what you want, as long as it's behind closed doors, that's my motto. However, if you are going to post it on a public site, you are going to get backlash.

No. 160611

You wish kek

No. 160613

Chris Pine has a tasty ass fucking fight me

No. 160614

>Do what you want, as long as it's behind closed doors, that's my motto. However, if you are going to post it on a public site, you are going to get backlash.

The issue happening is the opposite side feels exactly the same about people being overtly sensitive about what consenting adults do. If you post on lolcow, and especially in a Shayna thread, and are that shocked that people partake is a very common sexual act you will also get backlash. The anti-ass people in the main thread are calling women less than, that they need to kill themselves, and that they are “ruining mens expectations of women” because they eat their man’s ass. Its truly not that deep people and they anyone deserves to be mocked and laughed at when they go to that extreme over something common as hell and has been happening since the dawn of time. Sex in general is a disgusting act. Fluids are mixed, smells occur, noises happen, you get all sweaty and gross. Being a human being is disgusting in nature. Sorry if I’m not swayed by the extremists who are clearly just sex repulsed in general and just hate men in general.

As a side, a guy eating a chick’s pussy or ass out is definitely something that would be equally as “humiliating” to do as a girl sucking cock or eating ass. Thats kind of the point? That two people are willing to do something that doesnt give them physical pleasure because emotionally it gives them pleasure to be in control of making someone you love feel good. I dont think any nona has implied that they are in a situation or support a situation where the guy is forcing it onto them; no one has supported a situation where a girl doesnt want to do something but has to just to ‘please her man’; and no one has supported a situation where you’d eat the ass a moid who wouldnt return the favour.

No. 160615

the thought of a woman and man eating eachother’s asses in a 69 position makes me gag. humans are gross.

No. 160617

and what about two women?

No. 160618

the newst gen of pornsick weirdos tare hopeless. idc if your brain's atrophied from porn use or b/c you are a moid loves or whatever (maybe you are a moid lover because your brain's atrophied), talking abt sexual ahit w strangers is weird and you need to stop. no one needs to know what kind of bleak life you lead.

No. 160619

completely normal nona. not every guy will like it, but you could maybe just try exploring sucking his balls and lifting up and playing with his gooch until he starts getting more comfortable. But honestly you should only be giving it up to guys you can be open and honest about this stuff with. You should be comfortable to tell your guy youre horny and wanna get a little nasty and explore him a bit. Obviously he may just never be into it, but people change over time as trust grows.

No. 160620

I’ve had my ass eaten and it felt like nothing just like a wet wipe or something

No. 160621

honestly i only let my guy eat my ass cause it gets him off. i agree id rather him just focus the clit lol guys have their g spot in their ass, so many the stimulation of licking their ass and gooch somehow feels better.

No. 160622

i just hope all the ass eating offenders brush their teeth

No. 160623

It’s super fucking weird that doing something that only benefits someone else seems like a foreign concept to so many nonas. It’s lowkey sad.

No. 160624

The ass is not a sexual organ, it's not comparable to normal sex. It's a paraphilia.

No. 160625

I have something we can all agree on: doing ass to mouth is the ultimate sin.

No. 160626

it makes me absolutely feral, but so does anal. like i will have a seriously magical intense orgasm from anal alone and i'm a literal biological woman

No. 160627

the gays would like to speak with you. kek, so then why do men have a g-spot in their ass and why does a good shit feel so good?

No. 160628

it might not be a sexual organ, but the nerve endings from your clit can extend down/ around your anus

No. 160629

The nonas here are just extremely weird about how no real self-respecting woman would do anything they personally find unpalatable (no pun intended). I'm a dyke who loves anal and they had a hissy fit about how it must be pornsickness and malebrainedness which is just retarded and homophobic.

That said, the original anon who felt the need to bring up eating her Nigel's ass on a site where people froth at the mouth about any sex act less vanilla than het penetration/oral/fingering in Shayna's thread no less is beyond retarded.

No. 160631

Eating a man's ass is among the lowest sex acts you can perform on a man.

No. 160632

File: 1681431588615.jpg (164.61 KB, 1080x1778, Screenshot_20230413_201728.jpg)

No. 160633

File: 1681431617551.jpg (119.1 KB, 1080x1019, Screenshot_20230413_201739.jpg)

No. 160634

Advice to Asseaters: make your man squat and baby wipe his doodoo remnants away. Take a picture with the flash on of his asshole while he’s squatting. Then eat the E. coli

No. 160635

File: 1681431641489.jpg (47.64 KB, 1080x487, Screenshot_20230413_201753.jpg)

No. 160636

File: 1681431783062.jpeg (9.41 KB, 259x194, 942E0F1B-AB39-4FDE-B7ED-3A769A…)

Also I hope you guys use rubbing alcohol on your tongue after you lick his ass

No. 160637

This is such a retarded post and I'd say you should feel bad but I know you're probably shitting your guts out from the E. Coli you're slurping off of your moid's chocolate starfish.

No. 160638

have you guys… never been with a man that showered correctly? that sounds traumatizing.

No. 160639

Have you ever thought that your man is a faggot and that's why he wants you to suck his anus.

No. 160640

All moids don’t shower properly your man isn’t special cause he’s closeted

No. 160641

i don’t think these anons take showers tbh they’re so nasty projecting that it’s obvious that the only kind of sex they have experienced is watching some hentai kek

No. 160642

Tinfoil: OG ass-chan is actually Ellen

No. 160643

>>160639 nonnie you don't have to fuck the unwashed moids. love yourself

No. 160644

My husband washes his ass and uses wet wipes yet still gets occasional skid marks in his boxer shorts. For him the problem is that his ass is extremely hairy and he doesn't always have time to wipe thoroughly if he's at work. Men getting skid marks seems to be a common problem. I've seen them in my dad's underwear and when I was helping my friend do her laundry while she was pregnant, her husband's boxers all had skid marks. Men are gross and heterosexuality is a curse.

No. 160645


No. 160646

>woman disgusted at putting tongue on male anus
>you fucking vanilla snowflakes are virgins that only watch hentai
You're so sad with your porn brainrot. I don't even put my mouth on my man's dick and we only have sex when there's condoms. No matter how much I love a man I know they'll always be disgusting creatures. Love my boyfriend but if he asked me to lick his butthole I'd break up with him then and there.

No. 160648


I do the laundry exclusively in my household and i have never seen a skidmark in my husband's underwear… what the fuck is wrong with you bitches

No. 160649

well he’s asking someone else because you sound like a bore and that’s why you’re sucking a dick with a condom because you know that dick is messing around

No. 160650

KEKKKK you have got to be baiting. Love yourself. I cannot imagine doing a moid's laundry. You're insane and you have no self-respect.

No. 160651

… I'm not sucking his dick, period. Reread my post again retard.

No. 160652

that’s because you’re lonely

No. 160653

either they do not shower before sex, or they fuck people who don't. i am fucking appalled LOL

No. 160654

someone else is doing it kek

No. 160655

Go back to sucking male taint and asshole, you're not fit for the internet.

No. 160656

NTA but what's the point in doing different loads of laundry for different people in the same house? It's not like I have to manually scrub it and put it through a mangle, I load up a washing machine and press start.

No. 160657

Kek you hate yourself.

No. 160658

he’s still getting it somewhere else

No. 160659

You must have grown up in some baby daddy culture to think that

No. 160660

because nonas don’t take showers and don’t do laundry, they’re a bunch of autistic bitches with zero normal interaction that will never get the real world where people wash their asses, take showers and do laundry.
and eat ass.

No. 160661

Enjoy the e. coli!

No. 160662

the fact that they are sperging out about a very common hetero relationship dynamic speaks for itself lol. just head over to /g/ and read the threads centered around relationships. 90% of these bitches do not know what a healthy relationship is, that's why they are so upset kek

No. 160663

Is this the original ass eater anon

No. 160665

this is bait but come the fuck on. get a $30 bidet.
i have never seen a dude with skidmarks in his underwear (and the dudes that i've been with who worked manual labor jobs were the absolute cleanest before and after work). where the hell do you live with this level of man?

No. 160666

Lmfao no way am I doing a moid's laundry. Eating his ass and doing his laundry? Kek basically a tradwife.

No. 160667

Putting in my 2 cents. Im bi. I like sucking dick and have had my ass ate. But i dont think I could ever eat a guys ass. Ive pegged a guy before, he was very clean, shaved regularly, etc. But one time I pegged him, pulled the dildo out and shit was all over it. It made me gag. Even if the guys ass seems clean, i feel like most men are mostly just dirty and have shit just waiting in their colon. The thought makes my gut squirm.
It's not the same for me with women though. Id eat a girls ass lol.

No. 160669

this is retarded. as a female with IBS i can tell you up inside my ass is just as shit filled and dirty as a males is. no ones ass should be eaten no matter the gender. even if you clean your asshole there is still shit INSIDE of it. that is the way our fucking colons and rectum work. this whole topic just reminds me of chris chan shitting his pants and having to throw away his shit covered anal beads. all assholes are fucking dirty. i dont care what you "enjoy" pedos fucking enjoy pedophilia and it doesnt make it ok. have fun catching diseases and having a dirty fucking shit filled mouth. also if youre doing your moids laundry and he doesn't also do yours you need to reevaluate your life and tell him to grow the fuck up and do some housework. pickmes the lot of you all.

No. 160670

ive chocodipped my mans cock. women are no cleaner. you were pumping his ass, obviously some shit got stirring if he didnt prep properly for anal. some people ITT think men are straight up prairie dogging it through the act. you get same amount of “bacteria” eating ass as you would sucking cock/licking balls, or fuck, probably just breathing open mouth in a public washroom with toilets flushing around you. i have no problem with people who think its gross or not for them, its the cry baby autists who think their lolcow post is gonna change the opinion of people cause they dont like something thats been happening since the dawn of time that look like idiots.

No. 160671

pretty sure theres plenty of threads on lolcow for you dykes to go populate. hope you seethe over the fact you interact with and are part of community of women that like and respect men. (and eat their ass)

No. 160672

Imagine coming to an anonymous image board and going on and on about eating ass like you're cool. The embarrassment I feel for you is practically making me leave my body. Seems like some moid shit to be honest.

No. 160673

This is what I don’t get. His dick and balls smolder all day next to his swamp ass absorbing fart and skid mark particles all day yet women have no problem sucking a cock clean.

No. 160674

Oh my God this thread is so embarrassing, might as well make a lolcow fight thread so all the wannabe mean girls can fling shady AF clapbacks to each other.

No. 160676

This comment is sending me kek

No. 160677

No. 160678

You’re posting in a thread specifically about debating eating ass. My all knowing m’lady, please let us know where you find it acceptable to talk about eating ass semantics? Oh whats that, an online forum for discussing taboo topics where you can post anonymously without fear or repercussions isnt it?

Seriously, some nonas have no idea theyre on the female version of /b/. Go to reddit if a thread about eating ass makes you S.O. E.M.B.A.R.R.A.S.S.E.D

No. 160679

My husband does shower when he gets home from work and has good personal hygiene. The issue is as I explained it. He's an engineer so he has to use portable toilets on construction sites as well as dealing with gross road side and gas station toilets. It's not like he lays in bed next to me stinking of shit.

I'm not the ass eater. I may do my husband's laundry but I will never tongue his anus.

No. 160680

File: 1681436267462.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.91 KB, 593x680, FrnjTv1WwAYdWnM.jpg)


No. 160682

Faggots itt who are in denial of being faggots and want women to tongue their fart boxes. Ass eater anon is most definitely a faggot trying to normalize eating man ass.

No. 160684

File: 1681436485605.jpeg (227.96 KB, 1156x1903, 7C34830D-4A00-493F-AE3E-376324…)

imagine typing out this “hot take” about how embarrassed you are over people discussing a sex act you dont like on a hidden subforum with this fucking photo in the background. how is bullying real? just close your eyes nigga.

No. 160685

I'm not embarrassed..It just reeks of tranny in here.

No. 160686

alright i guess dont enter into reality where millions of women and women in this very thread have straight up expressed they enjoy having their ass ate. your homophobia over ass eating makes me think youve got some issues to resolve while you’re still in that closet.

No. 160687

The bigger question is why anyone would or should care you eat ass.

No. 160688

well if you cant stand by what you typed and are already flip flopping, then I guess we can disregard your opinion. im a biological female who hates trannies and dont think they should be allowed on lolcow. this farm is for women only. even the ones who eat stank moid ass.

No. 160689

Here’s my take:

- Eating ass is hot because it’s gross and degrading. Many women have a degradation kink and it’s completely normal.
- Nobody should be shocked there are man-hating radfems who hate it and will seethe and use if as a platform for their half-brained theories about how man = bad. Its lolcow people.
- Nobody should be shocked there are autistic virgins here who have no idea how human bodies work and function, and what people in healthy relationships do in private. Its lolcow people.
- Nobody should be shocked farmers are sexual deviants. We literally spend hours watching and commenting on Shaynas porn, fetish work and nudes. Eating ass is tame as hell. It’s lolcow people.
- Yeah you can get ecoli or hep A from eating someones ass frequently but only if the person who owns the ass has a bacterial infection or parasites in their body. But again, literally no one is saying eating ass is a one-night stand activity.
- Ass eaters actually have a higher immunity level from eating ass. Same theory as letting your kids go play in the dirt. Not all bacteria is bad bacteria. Some people actually eat small amounts of shit to balance their gut health ans reintroduce small amounts of bacteria.
- People who think ass eating should not be discussed on lolcow arent true farmers.

No. 160690

most guys don't eat out their female partners why would i eat their ass?? much less a place where literal shit comes out.

No. 160691

nobody is encouraging anyone to eat the ass a guy who cant even eat pussy. you only eat ass of men who would return the favor. men who dont eat pussy are failures as men.

No. 160692

I seriously think that the ass eating anon is a moid psyoping to try and normalize eating moid ass. The fart photo thread has got weird scat fetish edits in there and I suspect we attracted a scat fetishist somehow.

No. 160693

this is only personal experience but in my 43 years of life ive only experience maybe one or two men who casually drop they dont eat girls out. im not sure where youre getting your data, but i think youre wrong in saying “most men dont eat girls out”. never had a guy not eat or had any friends say a guy wouldnt. im thinking the ratio of men who dont eat ass is probably the same as the ratio of women who dont suck dick.

No. 160695

I suspect that men who refuse to eat pussy are gay. Heterosexual men are attracted to women. The most intimate and feminine part of a woman is her vagina. Any man who doesn't want to bury his face in one is not heterosexual.

No. 160696

There has been a samefagging troll in /2X/ recently (who got redtexts on multiple posts) and likely a tranny. I think he posts here

No. 160697

Why the fuck are you in the Shayna thread for you retarded pedophile? That's what most of her thread is about.

No. 160698

I dont think anything anyone says will convince you of your tinfoil but I have made several posts supporting AE and am a chubby white chick. Its crazy how far people will go to convince themselves women are above men and dont eat ass.

No. 160699

You are so fucking annoying

No. 160700

I think ass eating anon should be perma banned from /snow/ for how much derailing she has done

No. 160701

off topic but i fucking hate the “comedian fart pic” anon so much. im just gonna accept the theory theyre a scat fetish moid so i can hate them even more. the fact we humored them with their own wank thread for shayna scat is exactly why I was against keeping /shay/.


No. 160702

Hey idiot, the autists who cant stop ree-ing about how people who eat ass should kill themselves are the ones ruining the main thread. Original ass eater made one post that could have easily been ignored, but the anti-ass-brigade wont shut the fuck up about it. and derailing the thread. And fyi there are multiple shayheads who agree theres nothing wrong with oral.

No. 160703

so get him a portable bidet??

No. 160704

dont muslims just clean their assholes with a disposable water bottle? in terms of a moid keeping his ass clean its one of those “if he wanted to, he would”.

Remember when there was a tiktok/twitter trend of grown men discovering their friends never washed their ass and just let water run down the crack? I bet the ass eaters dont wanna remember.

No. 160705


< 3 The younger the man the better his ass is. I ate a 22 year olds ass and he had no brown ring, no shit freckles, and barely any smell at all.

< 3 The older a man gets the uglier and grosser a mans asshole gets. From years of pushing and diet, he starts to get discolouration, fissures, hemms, anal leakage, more hair, more sagging and looseness to the hole

< 3 Only eat a mans ass if he’s between 18-30 and clean. After that it gets gradually more nasty each year they age. You DO NOT want to be eating an older man’s ass!

No. 160707

i take it all back.
eating ass makes you retarded.
ive been talking about eating ass for five hours straight.
i havent fed my cat cause i cant stop debating ass eating on /shay/.
i have to shower and clean my house but only eating ass and reading about ass satisfies me.
im so hungry and but havent had dinner cause i chose to debate eating ass for 5 hours.
nonas. help. me.

No. 160708

omg ass eaters got a secret agenda u guiseeee

and what about this nonnie >>160651 kek is she a lesbian?

No. 160709

I feel so bad for guys who end up with girls like this. talk about red flag.

No. 160710

Shayheads claim they hate the thought of eating ass yet it became the most popular thread on /shay/ in only 6 hours, only second to the actual Shaynatorium.

No. 160711

talk about being a scrote

No. 160713

are you new here? or are you seriously asking that?

No. 160714

A bit a sexist take don’t you think? Im a CIS female who is tired of nonnies blaming anything they don’t agree with as moid posts. Is that your brain’s cope for not be able to accept other women don’t agree with you? Women who don’t give blowjobs are just as bad a guys who don’t eat pussy. Unless its a situation involving previous sexual abuse, of course I feel bad for their partners.

No. 160715

Oh no the poor moid I wonder what he will do if he doesn’t get his ass eaten, be a real shame if he took his own life cause he was so distraught.. The anons who refuse to eat man ass are literally abusing their bfs!

No. 160718

Interesting, because after this thread, I have seen 3 posters talk about blaming women for not wanting to do specific sexual acts.

No. 160719

Surprisingly a lot of guys like it but some are repulsed by the thought. Just gotta find someone comfortable in their sexuality, I’ve had 2 boyfriends that love it

No. 160720

image board. post caps if true as I havent seen anything like this. are you talking about nonas in non-shaynus threads?

No. 160721

THIS. I hate the implication that anyone here has said we are better for eating ass? No one said that? Except for the anti-ass eaters? So maybe they’re the ones who are projecting and think we are better? Seems like deep rooted insecurity.

No. 160722

the comment had nothing to do with Anilingus, you reactionary dumb ass. it was in a response to an anon saying they don’t give blowjobs.

No. 160723

No Nona. I let my husband’s turds fester in my mouth over night

No. 160724

“Most men don’t like eating girls out”. Speak for yourself mustycunt. Men love eating pussy and I’ll happily return the favour as long as they aren’t hairy and are clean.

No. 160725

“Most men don’t like eating girls out”. Speak for yourself mustycunt. Men love eating pussy and I’ll happily return the favour as long as they aren’t hairy and are clean.

No. 160726

“Most men don’t like eating girls out”. Speak for yourself mustycunt. Men love eating pussy and I’ll happily return the favour as long as they aren’t hairy and are clean.

No. 160732

People who say “fartbox” are just as foul as the grandest of ass-eaters

No. 160733

No I’m a female and you are a retard.

No. 160735

Women who eat MALE ass are guaranteed to be fat and ugly.

No. 160736

You wouldn't believe how many times women have confided in me about opening their nigels moidy groupchat and seen him and his friends laughing about shit they make their girlfriends do to them sexually. Eating ass is intentionally humiliating to the ass eater. The whole point is to get off on the fact that someone is lowering themselves to putting their tongue on their asshole

No. 160737

>lists off bdsm activities
>"forced to look in a mirror at self"

No. 160738

No. 160739

I said specific acts in general, btw, not ass eating. I do not think it's a coincidence that women who are adamant onto doing things for men are telling women theyre "vanilla" or "red flags" for not wanting to do specific things. It's telling they're also calling women "mustycunts" and whatnot for disagreeing with them. I don't think everyone who is talking about it is a troon, but I think the ones who are overtly being aggressive about it and calling other women "cunts" are. If you're going to start calling women "prude bitches" and whatnot, I think it's safe to say you are perpetuating exactly what I pointed out earlier, not saying this about you specifically, but the ones who are implying they're only doing it to "seem cool" and whatnot.

No. 160740

we believe you sweatie tell us more things that support how ebil the men are

No. 160741

The fart pictures make me chuckle because I still find immature comedy humorous. The literal shit pictures are too much though

No. 160742

File: 1681465160294.jpg (306.14 KB, 1080x1496, for-shit-eater.jpg)

I fucking hate those retarded pickmes who will do the most disgusting and humiliating shit to please their scrotes. You are not the yass kween sexually liberated free girlies and the fact that you call women with self-respect prudes and femcels really shows that you know it and are secretly ashamed of being such doormats.
The nonni who eats her husband's hairy asshole and every nona who defends her, all of you are literally the woman from this story and your scrotes are literally like this moid.
I just don't understand why straight women don't want a better life for themselves, why they have so little self-respect. You are shit eaters and your partner doesn't respect you, nothing can change that.

No. 160743

I was literally writing about this in the /ot/ board.

No. 160744

You're kidding yourself if you think most moids aren't doing this. They might not be "evil" by definition, but absolutely none of them are above typical locker room man behaviour, including dragging your picke me name through the dirt for licking their butt holes

No. 160747

Bitch you know how they are. And you know danm well your Nigel will not defend women in a "locker room talk", only women defend poor oppressed males from evil femcels. You serve scrotes even when there are no males to impress. Tragic.

No. 160748

I think it's just another case of e-whores who came here to feel superior to Shayna despite having the same disgusting desires as her

No. 160749

how is that at all similar to an anon saying she licks -HER HUSBAND’S- ass? ive seen multiple nonas specifically call out that it isnt a one-night stand activity. the anti-ass brigade must be getting desperate if you guys are pulling fake as shit red pill posts from reddit kek embarassing

No. 160752

its hilarious to watch the mental gymnastics the autists in the thread do because they’re too naive and inexperienced in life to realize this a super fucking common sex act many women do. I hate this phrase, but this a perfect example of: get the fuck off the internet and go touch grass. seriously, interact with actual human beings and form real relationships. these kind of opinions are only formed by the terminally online. If this an example of the state of young women today, I genuinely hope things get better for you.

No. 160754

I think even pickme e-whores don't have "desires" to do nasty scat things, they just know bottom-of-the-barrel scrotes have a thing for self-hating women doing gross humiliating shit, so they do it for moid approval. But keke, the way they try to normalize licking shitty hairy moid ass is retarded. Okay, I will be a lonely blue sock radfem with 40 cats, but at least I will have dignity, unlike those braindead pickmes.
The way you retards trying to prove to everyone that eating shit is normal and you have to do this if you don't want to die alone is pathetic. Keep eating shit bitch, you deserve to be a doormat. No sane woman will lick a man's ass.

No. 160756

I never said men like that dont exist, cunt. I said this specific red pill fan-fic reddit screenshot is fake a shit and never happened. You do realize people can post literally anything unvetted and men are insane and will post fantasy on there because they’re lonely virgins?

Yes men like that exist, but you’re desperately reaching as no one has said they’d ever come close to a moid like that or on a one night stand. Funny how sexist some of you get when its not the exact type of freedom you want for women. Women can literally do whatever the fuck we want and even if that post was real it literally changes nothing about any of the examples of acceptable ass eating that has been discussed. But keep pulling strawman arguments because how other women having sex upsets you so.

No. 160757

Keep eating shit while telling yourself you actually want it and it makes you "sexually liberated". At least "virgin femcel autist" here will have their dignity.

No. 160758

Reading this thread it's obvious that only the most cucked handmaidens eat ass. Only on this thread in the entirety of lolcor have I seen anons unironically saying it's "normal" for women to have a degradation kink and implying that sex shouldn't be focused on pleasing a woman. It smells like millennial redditor in here, your cosmopolitan 2014 takes about embracing kink and pleasing your man are positively primeval. Inb4 screeching about seething radfems, any person on the street would be disgusted by anyone (but especially a woman because we are generally less retarded) eating ass if you asked their opinion. The average person is far from a radfem and would still clown on you dirty miscreants because this is common sense and no amount of coping will make ass-licking not repulsive.

No. 160759

no, it's fucking gross
even if by some miracle the ass is "clean", how do you guarantee someone isn't going to do a surprise fart in your face?
and don't tell me there are warnings before it happens. If some moid is enjoying you licking his shitter, he's not going to stop for your sake if he gets the urge to fart.
And it happens too. Back when I was in school there was a clip going around of some woman licking a guys ass, he "accidentally" farts in her face and she calls him a fucking asshole while he runs off laughing.

No. 160760

My favorite part about this is that the original ass eater gets heated when anyone points out eating ass is degrading and gross (because like one of the first anons said it inherently is), so her last ditch effort is to remind us she has a loving husband so it’s okay and we’re the freaks. And it’s not the same as licking the back of your hand, no matter how many times your moid said that to you to get you to do it the first time so now you repeat it to rationalize it to others. It’s obviously different and ass eaters know it, otherwise we wouldn’t have this retarded thread.

No. 160761

Won't someone think of the poor moids who only want their dick sucked and won't go down on women because 'it's nasty?!
The retard here calling a woman a 'mustycunt.' >>160724

No. 160762

Eating ass is not a "super common" sex act. The thought of orally stimulating someone's anus probably doesn't occur to most people. Awareness of eating ass has probably spread due to porn. That said I don't care what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home. Let them eat ass if that's what they want to do.

No. 160763

I kiss my cats mouth then his front paws daily. I eat ass monthly. Healthy as a mule and loved by many. Both sides just need to chill and do you.

No. 160764

camwhore here… while i may disagree with the femcels, i just wanna say thank you, especially the anon who won't suck her bf's dick. You ladies are keeping business booming, & all I have to do is suck plastic dick and gooch! (something I actually enjoy doing) I never understood why they seemed so sex-deprived, like just… go fuck your gf/ wife? The person who's supposed to have a physical attraction to you…? Whatever, idc if you are repulsed by your partners penis, don't want to get intimate, or if you dump him - keep it up, these men are a goldmine!

No. 160765

Sex work isn't real work

No. 160767

you're telling me, i barely have to do shit LOL

No. 160768

File: 1681479709439.jpg (164.21 KB, 4000x4000, 1418113195555.jpg)

No. 160769

>see woman doesn’t do sex act for personal reasons
>see that she dates a man who respects that
>seethe and post in the Shayna ass eating thread because life is so devoid of anything resembling respect that camwhoring is a rational choice

No. 160770

Could you expand more on your thoughts? Trying to understand but I’m not seeing how the user calling someone a mustycunt = shaming women for not performing certain sex acts? It looks they just got name-called for making an outlandish blanket statement like “most men dont eat pussy” that multiple nonas called out as a bad take.

The only nonnies I see attacking other women and shaming people for performing sex acts are the anti-ass extremists who are frequently telling women they don’t deserve to live, that their men will leave them over it and they are basically the scum of the earth because they engage in a well known and common sex act that’s been happening ever since people started having sex. Animals sniff eachother’s ass all the time, its literally a primal thing, so to say ass eating is some new thing only introduced by porn is just ridiculous. Hate to break it to you, but our elders were just as freaky as we are today.

No. 160771

>see woman doesn’t do sex act for personal reasons
Awe, did you get tired of telling women they should kill themselves because they eat ass and decide to play victim instead?

No. 160772

You enjoy sucking plastic cock and gooch? Uh.. why did you feel the need to share this with the class? This whole post is not the flex you think it is, and I eat ass.

No. 160773

it's why i'm able to browse lolcow.com while i enjoy my morning coffee, why would i be mad?

No. 160774

I’m not even that anon- I’m reading through this rn and eating a breakfast sandwich for the same price you sell your pussy for lol

No. 160775

to push nonas to dump their "respecful" moids. i just did a pvt with a married man last night that will slurp the cum off his hands to hide the evidence

No. 160776

>Hate to break it to you, but our elders were just as freaky as we are today.

Facts! Check out this song a black female artist wrote in 1924:

Shave Em Dry
By: Lucille Bogan

I got nipples on my titties, big as the end of my thumb
I got something between my legs'll make a dead man cum
Oh, daddy, baby, won't you shave 'em dry?
Now, draw it out!
Want you to grind me, baby, grind me until I cry
Say I fucked all night, and all the night before, baby
And I feel just like I wanna, fuck some more
Oh, great God daddy, grind me, honey, and shave me dry
And when you hear me holler, baby, want you to shave it dry
I got nipples on my titties, big as the end of my thumb
Daddy, you say that's the kind of 'em you want, and you can make 'em cum
Oh, daddy, shave me dry
And I'll give you something, baby, swear it'll make you cry
I'm gon' turn back my mattress, and let you oil my springs
I want you to grind me, daddy, 'til the bell do ring
Oh, daddy, want you to shave 'em dry
Oh, great God daddy, if you can't shave 'em baby, won't you try?
Now if fucking was the thing that would take me to Heaven
I'd be fucking in the studio 'til the clock strike 11
Oh daddy, daddy, shave 'em dry
I would fuck you, baby, honey, I'd make you cry
Now your nuts hang down like a damn bell sapper
And your dick stands up like a steeple
Your god-damn ass-hole stands open like a church door
And the crabs walks in like people, haw, shit!
Shucks, ooh!
Baby, won't you shave 'em dry?
A big sow gets fat from eating corn
And a pig gets fat from sucking
Reason you see this whore, fat like I am
Great God, I got fat from fucking
Eh, shave 'em dry (with pleasure)
My back is made of whalebone
And my cock is made of brass
And my fucking is made for working men's two dollars
Great God 'round to kiss my ass
Whoa, woo, daddy, shave 'em dry

No. 160777

so youre just trolling because you hate men and seethe over women in healthy relationships? gotcha.

No. 160778

Pretty sure even Mammy wasnt eatin no crab infested asshole.

No. 160779

How on lolcow, of all sites, do I have to witness a parade of retarded handmaidens with no self-respect? I would understand a giga woke tif from Reddit doing disgusting shit to please moids because she is desperate for validation, but here?
It definitely must be the e-whores from Shayna thread. Sane women just don't do something this degrading, they just don't.

No. 160780

did you really just call a black woman mammy? these /shay/ threads really do be giving people brain damage.

No. 160781

People eat ass. Get over it.

No. 160782

I really hope the anons calling people prudes for not eating ass are trolls. Imagine thinking that's a normal part or sex and acting like there's something wrong with people that find it disgusting. Male or female ass eating is nasty, but especially scrote ass.

No. 160783

I feel awful for the women in this thread who don’t let men eat their ass. It literally feels so fucking good. I think all the moral brigading against aniligus is probably some side effect from religion. Live a little ladies!

No. 160786

I can only speak for myself, but when Ive had this take is was not directed at women who just weren’t into it; it was at the women who were getting extreme in their judgements of others and basically were saying any type sex with men makes you a disgusting whore because ew coomers have the cooties. You arent a prude for not eating ass, you’re a prude for being self-righteous and offended that other men and women have sex in a way you personally do not like or approve of.

No. 160788

well good thing i dont give a fuck about what society thinks. i dont let other people govern my body and what i do with it. and i wouldnt fuck with or care about the opinion of someone who would “clown me” because im an adult who has sex.

No. 160792

It feels like nothing, I've had it done and got nothing from it.
You are probably a troon.

No. 160793

i am a cis female and having your ass licked is heavenly. are people allowed to have different experiences and opinions than you or is that not allowed?

No. 160794

You are a biological male

No. 160795

ignore the femcels. they’ll use any conversation to bring up troons on a woman only image board.

No. 160796

Incorrect, I am a biological female. Your “rules of being a woman” is far more troonish than enjoying having a guy eat your ass.

No. 160798

ass eaters confirmed for being rage filled bpd chans who will do anything to keep a man

No. 160799

so do women if they're assholes, I had a nerdy bf when I was younger that I kept around because he spent money on me and I circulated his unflattering nudes and love handles I took after sex around because I'm an asshole, the type of guys who "locker room talk" are the same

No. 160800

I still do it now. There's nothing like sitting around my kitchen table drinking tea with my friends while we talk shit about each other's husbands and people we don't like. It's basically /snow/ IRL.

No. 160801

poor nonas are missing out on having their ass ate because they're stuck in a terminally online echo chamber where the only "men" they interact with are redditors and 4channers.

No. 160803

anti ass eating anons have ex doormat energy, as if their new radical man hating stance will save them from the pickmes they used to be and cleanse the fact they got pressured into sex as some evil moid tactic vs them just wanting to keep some crusty guy around

No. 160804

Why is everyone so angry? This is supposed to be a safe place to discuss and debate. If you are feeling very upset or mad over the ethics of ass, please do not post in this thread. Lets try to be a little more respectful of people whose opinions differ than our own. There is no right or wrong here. Thanks everyone!

No. 160806

so you're admitting you've willingly had your butthole licked? what are you, some sort of tranny?

No. 160808

nona i’m so sorry that you have never experienced pleasure for yourself and not for someone else. what a sad tale.

No. 160814

File: 1681489579817.jpeg (123 KB, 1620x869, 67DFB307-BA21-41C0-8274-616741…)

Here’s my take on both sides of the argument

No. 160819

Or maybe some people just think it's gross. If you have a degradation fetish just say that. Don't make it seem like not wanting to eat ass and thinking that no woman should eat ass isn't some prude radfem take. Hetrosexual men won't want a woman licking his booty hole. That's some fruity shit sorry to break it to y'all

ive done it and had it done to me before personally wouldn't recommend

No. 160820

Right. Some nonas said they find it hot precisely because it's degrading. At least we all agree on the degradation part.

No. 160821

wow you are so smart and above everyone
On the topic: some women will eat shit for male attention. If you think it's weird you're a prude and should get over yourself, eating scrote shit is so liberating and only crazy radfems don't do it (but they secretly want to, obviously).

No. 160824

Really? I’m not trying to be a dick or devil’s advocate I just genuinely got nothing from it the couple times an ex of mine did it. Mainly I just felt meh about it and kind of weird. Definitely don’t dislike regular oral tho. Sorry for not bringing the same furious energy as all the other anons ITT lmao

No. 160825

Same here (NYART). Just felt like a wet wipe or something. We don't a prostrate to lick or whatever so tbh I kinda feel like that anon is a dude/tranny. Anal doesn't feel good for women 9/10 times either.

No. 160827

lmfao if you think eating ass = licking a man’s prostrate than this might explain some of the juvenile responses in this thread top kek

No. 160828

how fucking deep do you think you're meant to lick wtf

No. 160829

Maybe our b holes just genuinely aren’t sensitive enough kek. I’m still not trying to be rude I just find this whole thing hilarious. Perhaps it’s like nipples tho and some women’s are more sensitive than others? Mine are mega sensitive but my wife’s are not as much. Also to this >>160827 anon I do know the prostate is deeper in a man’s body can’t speak for the other nonna lmao.

No. 160832

Also to clarify I know women don’t have a prostate before someone tries to misread what I said kek

No. 160834

There’s no real debate because there’s so many variables. Such as, how good your partner is at it, were you being stimulated in other ways while it happened, was it your first time, was is their first time, was there any lead up, how comfortable you are with your partner, what time of day, how comfortable you are with your body and sexuality. Obviously a lot of “one timers” dont have lot of experience to draw from to form a true opinion. its that same thing as some women dont like vanilla sex the first time because the circumstances it happened. Obviously some nonas like it and some nonas dont like it. But as a nona who enjoys her man eating my ass during sex, yes it definitely is heavenly and feels fucking great to be that free with someone and open. All of me belongs to him and all of him belongs to me. Makes my heart and butthole all mushy just thinking about it.

No. 160835

One of the anons you replied to, thanks for your reply, that makes sense! I did have it done in tandem with regular pussy eating but it didn’t add any special sauce for me personally. My opinion is genuinely to each their own and that this whole thing has gotten so fucking out of hand lmao

No. 160837

i agree. there is something wrong musty with her cunt if her sexual experiences lead her to thinking most men dont eat pussy. and she never mentioned she didnt like it so femcels cool your guns.

No. 160842

this is an off topic question in good faith and fun: do you ever get grossed out if a guy goes from licking your ass go licking your pussy? all i can imagine is the cross contamination. like how you shouldnt let cock in your pussy after it been in your ass.

No. 160846

AYRT and ya I personally wouldn’t want it done again mostly bc of that tbh I was very worried about the contamination lmao I’m just a nervous nonna in general about that kind of stuff.

No. 160847

b-b-but they saw someone post about doing it on reddit during a tinder hookup! surely these anonymous reddit posts are the true inner thinkings of all men.

No. 160849

Also inb4 someone accuses me of not washing well, I definitely do kek. I’m just very autistic and nervous and don’t even kiss my partner without brushing my teeth and mouth washing first if I can.

No. 160853

its just human nature. the same boys who talk big in “the locker room” with crude humour are the same ones who cuddle up with their wives at night and want to be baby’d up and loved. shit-tier men will lie to their friends as much as they lie to their women. no one is debating idiot men exist, its just a completely different topic then eating ass.

No. 160856

agreed, it's the arousal feeling that makes ass eating feel nice, just like someone sniffing your hair on the street isn't gonna feel nice but if a guy inhales your hair stench mid sex it's goosebump inducing.

No. 160858

File: 1681493923077.jpeg (124.23 KB, 1170x1191, 1FB08E8A-3E1E-4A33-86B2-6A9895…)

This is actually inaccurate. Not saying everyone will feel the same thing, but both women and men have the pudendal nerve which basically “pleasure receptors” in that whole genital region. So if is scientifically possible for women and men to derive real sexual stimulation from ass eating.

No. 160860

i feel like some nonnies here think it plays out like a man just starting things off with him lifting his legs up still wearing socks and snapping his fingers at his butthole and saying “eat” then the act is done. eating ass is just a casual thing for most people done on special occasions where the mood and circumstances are right. and its definitely A PART of sex, not the ONLY PART of sex lol

No. 160861


I don't know and I don't care. All I'm saying is there's absolutely nothing pleasurable about getting your ass ate as a woman. Truly don't give enough of a shit about male anatomy to know where exactly the prostate is outside of, somewhere in his ass.


Sounds like you fuck closet bisexuals to me. And they definitely also enjoy the degradation part. No one that truly loves and respects you will tell you to lick his shit hole. Hope you don't catch a house in Virginia running with men who like booty play. We all know male sexuality is a meme and once they're okay with a woman playing in his ass, he's going to be open to a man doing it too

No. 160862

Informal poll and I do NOT intend this as racebait, but how many of the anons in here who think a man wanting anything to do with his butthole is 100% gay, are black? I think white women have way more acceptance about that but I have observed black women immediately think a man is gay for wanting so much as a woman to glance at his butthole. I'm a virgin latina so I refuse to comment.

No. 160864

> All I'm saying is there's absolutely nothing pleasurable about getting your ass ate as a woman
See this post >>160858 there are nerve endings in the ass that make is pleasurable for some women same as how some women have sensitive nipples and some dont.

No. 160866

I truly dont get the correlation between the anus and homosexuals? i thought having sex with another MAN is what made a guy gay? anal sex isnt exclusive to the fags?

No. 160868

Take your extremely low IQ egalitarian perception of the world elsewhere. That simplistic view of equality doesn't exist, you clearly have smegma in place of a brain. Go post that retard take on reddit to get 20k upvotes.

No. 160870

Yeah I'm black. Ain't nothing straight about a man into booty play. the only man who ever asked me about it set off my gaydar pretty hard. The average black guy is so afraid of being labeled gay some of them get pissy if you do so much as smack his ass, so you have to understand where I'm coming from.

Why would a straight man want you to play in his ass when there's a perfectly good vagina right there? Sure it "feels good" but so does getting your dick sucked. A man that wants you to eat his ass, a man that wants you to peg him.. that's not a hetrosexual. Stay blessed and enjoy your booty eating I guess. I'll just settle for making scrotes eat my pussy since it will actually feel good for me

No. 160872

who said we’re all with 100% straight men? nothing wrong with sexual exploration, imo the only thing that would make a sex act ‘gay’ is literally fucking the same sex

No. 160873

Ewwwwwww, you fuck perverted "bisexual" men? Straight men are perverted enough in general, any "bi" man is just that to an extreme

No. 160874

Think of it this way, eating the same fine dining meal every single day for the rest of your life sounds okay, but you’ll probably still want to eat McDonald’s every now and then to mix it up.

No. 160876

The fact the word "cis" is used in this thread in a serious way, the fact someone is going
>wait what about assholes play makes it gay???
> you guise sound like conservatives
>white women are more open
It smells like the shit breathe of troons, redditers, sex workers and trolls.
Not just black women see ass shit as weird, get off twitter to a lot of people eating ass especially as a woman is seen as something niche. It's not as common as you think. Also why KS ass eating and anal associated with gay sex.. take a wild fucking guess.

No. 160877

And there we have it. Anti ass eaters keep proving themselves to be pearl clutching karen’s. Of course you think there’s something wrong with gay sex.

No. 160878

File: 1681495980854.gif (181.81 KB, 240x159, 0B80D112-A6A9-4178-93D8-D8E5C9…)

I still don’t feel bad. I avoid giving head

No. 160879

You sound so sex positive! Back to twitter

No. 160880

Every single male on earth wants anal sex out of their girlfriend. Every single male on earth is not a homosexual.

No. 160881

Do I need to post a photo of my hairy minge to prove to you I’m a woman?? Because I’ll do it.

No. 160882

Definitely women eating male ass is niche, I never see normal girls talk about this shit at all. Of course all us autistic nonnies have STRONG opinions kek. I don’t think its an automatically gay thing but its nasty.

No. 160883

A)you’re a whore
B)shut up

No. 160884

File: 1681496185773.png (2.89 MB, 1920x1080, C34C42CA-0216-40F0-8B60-259915…)

thats actually a really sad state of affairs for black men, i hope things like this become more acceptable in the future for your community with the help of pioneers like lil nas x challenging these outdated and traditional views.

No. 160885

I see men talk about it all the time when they talk of hooking up with "ugly" women or prostitutes they like to humiliate. Original asseater anon's husband hit the jackpot, he found a woman to sexually humiliate who probably also pays half the bills and does most of the housework.

No. 160886

Why are there so many obvious libfems in here? They want to argue with the majority here who are against them when they could easily go post their views on twitter or reddit and be validated.

No. 160887

no i am not black and yes i would be extremely suspicious of my boyfriend if he asked me to play with his asshole.

No. 160888

what do we think ladies? is JonTron worthy of having his ass ate? do chubby guys get ass love too?

No. 160889

Idk anon it's almost like jealous e-whores are drawn to the Shayna threads

No. 160890

interesting. im an ass eater myself and have never once had a guy request it. its always just been something I do as a “whole package deal” and have never had a guy make me stop.

No. 160891

No. 160892

"whole package deal?" How much do you charge?

No. 160893

I dated a chubby olive skinned guy during my teens and I used to like 69-ing him with him on top cause i felt all crushed and confined, but i got many glimpses of his asshole upclosd and while there was no major smell (his ass didnt smell any stronger than his ball) his fatness made him have lots of like… stress lines? Because he was heavy the weight bared down on his anus more when he took shits and causes possible hemmeroids and lumps around his butthole. His fatness also cause hyperpigmentation throughout his whole inner ass crack so it was just like looking into a dark crater when I caught a glimpse. Ive ate a few skinny white guys assholes as well and it was totally different, totally fresh unscathed looking asshole, no ring, just a little flesh dot between the cheeks - cute

No. 160894

kek i just mean when i fuck guys and go to suck their cock it usually becomes a whole cock, ball taint and asshole cleaning while he’s stroked.

No. 160895

I can't imagine choosing to live the life you've led. I hope you make better choices in your life soon.

No. 160896

Like I said, straight men don't want you to play with their asses. That's a queer thing. More power to you if you're okay with bisexual men, but I personally don't trust them to be sexually responsible enough to not bring me back home an STD. Not because they're into men, but because they are men and make sexuality is depraved without limits.


Tbh, they should suffer more. They deserve the worst. I think they should be free to express themselves and their sexuality more but I want toxic masculinity to burn them out. I love lil Naz he's so free.

There's nothing wrong with gay sex. The issue is trusting a Y chromozoid to practice safe sex and not bring you back an incurable STD. Lesbians have the lowest rates, gay men have the highest. It's self preservation to not take bisexual men seriously UNLESS he can prove he's not a giant whore who gobbles up every dick he sees. Spoiler, 8/10 times you cannot.

No. 160897

Nonas, if you have never ate a guys ass while he strokes his cock for you and looks down at you - YOU HAVENT LIVED. Its seriously the hottest shit ever.

No. 160898

Seriously, get help. Love yourself. You disgusting smelly bitch.

No. 160899

>Its seriously the hottest shit ever.
Maybe try a different phrase when discussing how you eat ass, i literally dry heaved reading this.

No. 160900

I love myself enough to do what the fuck i want when i want it. id never eat ass if a guy demanded it. i eat ass cause i, a biological cis female, think its hot as fuck. i dont fuck guys who are insecure with themselves and think anything related to ass is automatically gay.

No. 160901

what bad choices has she made? having sex with a few men and doing what she enjoys sexually? you're an incel with a pussy, she's not saying she fucks grandpas for 3 dollars after a nice day of bugchasing

No. 160902

We got some nasty ass pickmes attracted to the shay threads. Good Lord help us all if she actually records and sells an ass eating video. I think that will be the day I stop lurking the thread. And not because she ate ass, it's because people like you are going to income and make it unbearable to read. Girl, find some self love. It's okay to have a degradation fetish but keep it to yourself.

No. 160903

because youre fucking bisexual men

No. 160904

Eating male ass for free is arguably worse than doing it for money.

No. 160905

Your view of female sexuality is so warped by porn, mens hatred of women, and modern society in general if you think any of that is a healthy expression of sexual enjoyment by a happy and mentally sound woman.

No. 160906

You don’t see normal girls talk about this because it’s extremely taboo and private. No one would suspect I eat my husbands ass. We seem like a normal couple, because we ARE. I’ll talk about certain aspects of my sex life to my girlfriends sometimes but even they don’t know

No. 160907

Keep telling yourself that.

No. 160908

your view of female sexuality is so warped by extremist spaces, a jaded view of men and a bad dating history in general if you think a woman having fetishes that don't fit your narrow view of what is respectful towards her is being a happy and mentally sound woman

No. 160909

find god

No. 160910

As a pro ass eater no. I am going no where near a fat mans ass. But also I think fat people are disgusting.

No. 160911

Kek honestly agreed. Something super hot about that.

No. 160912

If by not wanting to be like me you mean someone who has sex, then don’t worry - you’re doing great!

No. 160913

going to eat my nigel's ass like this purely because of this thread

No. 160914

original anon here and if it makes you feel any better I also make him suck on my toes because I think it’s funny seeing him be degraded like that,

No. 160915

Jaded whore x incel rhetoric to think I don't have loving respectful sex because I don't live a life where my face has been stuffed in some fat mans ass.

No. 160916

He's probably told his buddies you regularly eat his ass sis. Men can't resist locker room gossip. Ass eating isn't just taboo, it's fuckin nasty and unsanitary even in the best conditions. I've done quite a few sexually depraved things myself out of my own personal degeneracy and eating ass is the only one I actually regret.

No one woman who truly respects herself is going to eat male ass. Sorry not sorry. That's literally where shit comes out of. You may not think he's getting off from degrading you, but he is.

No. 160917

you sound like an incel and a jaded ex whore being so obsessed with what a woman enjoys

No. 160918

NTA but this is just blatantly false. Some men really don’t like anal or the concept of it. A lot of men do and will try to push it on you but just as many genuinely do not because they find it gross or degrading or what have you. I’m starting to see why the ass eaters are calling some of y’all femcels. I’m sure I’m about to get called a pickme or a retard or naive or get told that every man I dated was secretly fapping to brutal anal rape porn but I know I’m right. I’m sorry some of you have only dated horrible men as I’m sure all nonnas who like men have, but please.
>t. Have dated men who genuinely do not want to do butt stuff to me and don’t care to watch porn of it either.

No. 160919

Yup. Husband is a skinny white guy with a long dick, he’s pretty much hairless except for legs/armpits. Cute bum, happy to eat it when the moment arises every few months

No. 160920

Same libfem logic that promotes DDLG BDSM and everything else. No woman should allow a man to sexually humiliate her.

No. 160921

who hurt you to make you see licking a hole on the same level as pretending someone is your dad and being tied up and choked?

No. 160923

please go back to twitter, I'm begging you.

No. 160924

This is the dumbest take I've seen. There are plenty of men who want nothing to do with anal because the idea of sticking their dick in a poop hole grosses them out/ they think it's degrading and painful for their partner.

No. 160925

does someone want their ass eating thread all to themselves?

No. 160926

So you agree that all of the pro-ass eaters are twitter libfems? Thanks

No. 160927

as soon as you fuckoff back to ovarit

No. 160928

Men don’t brag to their male friends about their woman eating their ass because they think it makes them look gay. He would be mortified if his male friends found out. “Sis”. Go back.

No. 160929

backing up this comment. im pro-ass ethics, but have known a few men who just werent into anything related to anal even anal sex with a condom. some guys definitely think its gross, but some guys think amy schumer is funny. only an image board full of autistic women would struggle this hard handling other people having preferences different than their own.

No. 160930

Go back to eating his ass pickme. I'd also think your husband is a gag for getting his ass ate on the regular? You gonna peg him and let him wear your panties next?

No. 160931

Seriously there’s nothing humiliating about it to me. I’m pleasuring him and he’s enjoying it. It’s not that deep.

No. 160932

**Fag. Damn you autocorrect.

No. 160933

Even Shayna hasn't eaten ass. She said she would consider it once on tumblr after calling it "humiliating," then years later said she did once which was probably a lie or she would have proudly announced it on twitter. So I hope all you whores know even Shayna won't eat ass.

No. 160934

File: 1681498262114.jpeg (213.53 KB, 1170x2128, 25B8F4DD-B4A8-48C7-A4CE-48F156…)

Uhh ladies.. is it just me or is this thread seriously the third search result on google for “eating ass debate”. I checked google incognito.

No. 160936

How am I a pick me if I ate his ass AFTER we got married kek. Aren’t I already picked at that point? Are you so worried and insecure about not being picked you shit on women for doing anything kind for their man? You seem to be hyper-focused on my husband picking me… I think he did it because we understand each other and laugh together and feel at home with each other. Not because of what I do in the bedroom.

No. 160937

Wrong. On her last cam show the cowtipper anon asked her if she’d eat ass to troll her. She answered with of course and she has before.

No. 160940

Because you're eating ass.

No. 160941

It wasn’t clipped but if you don’t believe me just ask her during her next cam show, or I will. She’ll give the same answer.

No. 160943

Cope harder. You're like three steps away from being used as a toilet for free. Sucking dick doesn't involve fecal matter unless you do ass to mouth. Dick sucking can also be argued as degrading don't you realize?

No. 160944

Do you have a learning disability?

No. 160945

I feel like the people saying “its so humilating/he secretly is getting off on the humiliation” are the ones who are porn sick and over exposed by the internet. No shit you’ll think thats how all men feel if you’ve only ever seen ass eating on pornhub, facial abuse or motherless. Eating ass is no more humiliating to me then the act of baring it all and having sex with someone in general (penetration). Eating ass is no different than sucking his cock. Do people really think ass & shit particles arent all over a guys cock and balls after it’s festered in his boxers all day next to his..gasp butthole.

No. 160946

NTA but if every sex act is degrading to you, im going to assume you’re very repressed and come from a religious background.

No. 160947

Sorry to break it to you hun, but your guys dick and balls have the same “bacteria” lingering as youd find around his asshole.

No. 160948

Do you have salmonella?

No. 160949

Learn to read, she claimed once on cam that she ate ass one time. She's probably lying or she would have proudly announced it on twitter with "I ATE AN OLD MANS ASS TODAY!" Shayna rarely has any type of sex.

No. 160950

I mean if you're sucking dick without the dude showering beforehand sure, but usually people bathe before sex acts, so all the shit particles on his dick would have been washed off. The ones in his asshole where the shit comes from, not so much.

I said it can be, not that it is.

No. 160951

File: 1681499098547.jpeg (12.67 KB, 287x287, 32D1AA7B-D704-4B9C-9CD8-B9845F…)

I wish these ~sexually liberated~ retards would fuck right off to Reddit where they belong. You’re grotesque and I imagine your husband to look like picrel

No. 160954

but he's skinny so he has a cute asshole that'd happily eat while he grins just like that!

No. 160955

you retards colonised this site and silenced everyone by dogpiling them if they don't agree with your sooper cool all men are pedophiles that want to rape your corpse shit, anons used to tell you people to fuckoff before you rode the trans wave and used women naturally thinking trannies are disgusting to warp the site into some extremist femcel space

No. 160956

How is having sex within the confines of marriage ~sexually liberated~?

No. 160957

Eating ass like a degenerate is what some would call sexually liberated. The gag is you're arguing for something that most prostitutes charge extra for. And you're doing it for free. Shayna wouldn't even do that for free. unless it was to keep a scrote around

No. 160958

Babe take your meds plz

No. 160959

Nonas, if you have never ate a guys ass while he plays mario kart on his switch - YOU HAVENT LIVED. Its seriously the hottest shit ever.

No. 160960

Not eating ass doesn't make you sexually repressed or a femcel. Being pro-respectful sex isn't shameful. You need help. Go talk to reddit men to find validation and fuck off.

No. 160961

I'm not the ass eater, I'm just a bemused observer.

No. 160962

He’s 29, body count in the 30’s and is the vocalist in a hardcore band. Tall and skinny, could probably gain some muscle but I’m not really into that. I wouldn’t blog-post like this but some of you are so curious about my husband. He’s very attractive. We didn’t do any butt stuff until after we were married and comfortable enough with each other to explore like that. I’m going to assume you’ll say this is made up because you can’t imagine a happy couple though.
(Ps your dad looks like the picture you posted and you’re projecting).
(Ps we both make fun of redditors and twitter users)

No. 160963

Not eating ass doesn’t make you sexually repressed, however pearl clutching about what other people do in the bedroom far away from you does.

No. 160964

yeah not eating ass doesn't make you a femcel, but randomly writing that women should kill themselves if they do, calling women who do sex acts for free worse than prostitutes, angry replies towards anyone who mentions having a hetero relationship where she's not pegging him, and implying everything a woman does is because of the male boogeyman is very much being a femcel and it's insufferable, there's a reason you retards get containment boards everywhere

No. 160965

You're misrepresenting people's arguments. Allowing men to sexually humiliate you should require some self-reflection.

No. 160967

Unpopular opinion, eating ass means you're a femcel. If you have to eat ass to get laid you're a desperate femcel.

No. 160968

I’ve eaten male ass, and also had that guy eat my pussy while I played animal crossing on my 3ds.

No. 160969

You're eating the ass of some 30yo man who's a "vocalist" in a hardcore band? So exactly what percentage of the bills do you pay?

No. 160970

“If you have to eat ass to get laid”
Every single instance of an anon saying she eats ass has been in the confines of a relationship. Newsflash, unless you’re disfigured, it’s extremely easy to get laid as a woman.

No. 160971

This is some copypasta shit. Oh my God are you embarrassing.

No. 160972

Having to eat a mans ass to maintain a relationship, bleak.

No. 160973

Women can get laid easily. Imo eating ass and pretending you and your man aren't getting off on a shared degradation fetish is just some pickme cope shit.

No. 160974

Are you… boasting about your aging moid who's in some shitty band having a high body count?

No. 160975

stop using lolcow as a mirror weirdo, sorry that you eat a man ass once and then he transitioned, not our fault.

No. 160976

Exactly. That is pure unadulterated femcel behaviour.

No. 160977

All the ass bacteria giving you brain rot, can't even make cogent arguments.

No. 160978

So he's unemployed?

No. 160979

kek you’re missing the fact no one is licking up inside a guys asshole, you kiss and lick the surface and surrounding areas. if a guy just showered as you said, then his asshole will be just as clean as his dick and balls.

No. 160980

>ugly skinnyfat loser who has anal fetish and has a shitty band at age 30
Your husband sounds like the average redditor so it's ironic for you to make fun of them.

No. 160981

Ok femcel.

No. 160982

I’ve had 4 relationships and ate ass in 2 of them. (One being my husband). He married me before I ate his ass. You’re so deep into your anti-butthole psychosis that you think eating ass once every few months makes you center your entire life and relationship around it. You might have autism or BPD with how one track minded you are.

No. 160983

I’ve had 4 relationships and ate ass in 2 of them. (One being my husband). He married me before I ate his ass. You’re so deep into your anti-butthole psychosis that you think eating ass once every few months makes you center your entire life and relationship around it. You might have autism or BPD with how one track minded you are.

No. 160984

I'm not misrepresenting shit, you're extremists and you're ruining the board. Imagine going to the point where you tell women to kill themselves and mock them and try and shame them into thinking the same things as you just because someone likes a sex act you don't. It sums up the way the whole site has gone, nobody is telling you to eat ass or kill yourself, but you literally just can't stand people on the same website thinking something else and you try to bully them into thinking the same as you, just accept you were brainwashed by an extremist movement and go to ovarit or something.
Ass eaters are like hehe i eat ass
while you weirdos tell them they're being a toilet, and should kill themselves, and that men see them as holes or whatever

No. 160986

I wish I could post a photo without doxing myself kek

No. 160987

Ok asshole-cel.

No. 160988

No. 160990

The anons who attack women who date men and the anons who force their scat fetish onto us are equally disgusting and not that different from one another. Both are the same type of loser, only one found a man that's as deranged as them while the other hasn't yet.

No. 160991

EXACTLY. Thank you for articulating this so well. And now that you called them out they’ll temporarily do the straw man arguments and victim play >>160965 Oh the travesty of women having the freedom to partake in any sexual activity they desire on their own accord.

No. 160992

File: 1681500442008.jpg (48.72 KB, 679x403, E_HXiZqX0Ac2UyZ.jpg)

Imagine calling someone an extremist for asking you to self-reflect on why you allow men to sexually humiliate you.

No. 160993

where has anyone forced a scat fetish onto you? nobody is telling you to eat ass, you're telling us why we're sick and depraved and need god and we're pornsick for doing it

No. 160994

You're so fucking stupid you can't even understand how your choices are influenced by external sources. Ok choice feminism libfem retard.

No. 160995

you're much more likely to kill yourself.

No. 160996

draw a picture of him

No. 160997

By talking about how much you love licking your scrotes nasty ass you're forcing us to visualize that nasty shit.

Attractive people don't brag about eating a used up slut scrotes asshole.

No. 160998

>You're so fucking stupid you can't even understand how your choices are influenced by external sources.

No. 160999

See the thing about these people is their entire lives, men have only seen them as holes, and they project that onto every other woman and man as if that’s a universal experience.

No. 161000

You are literally choosing to partake in a thread called “Official Ass Eating Debate”. Go screech somewhere else femcel.

No. 161001

eating ass isnt scat.

No. 161002

You're honestly so stupid if you think LC views can compare to the macro forces that exist in society.

No. 161003

You understand your choices are also influenced by outside sources right retard? Or were you born with your brain preset the exact way you are today.

No. 161004

Okay but that's still his asshole you're licking. That's literally the hole where the poop comes out of, it's never going to get to a low enough level to be considered poop free. Cope harder shit eater chan.

No. 161005

Or maybe they've never been treated as holes and are horrified that other women allow themselves to be treated like that.

No. 161006

You’re literally debating someone who is mentally challenged. Its getting sad in here.

No. 161007

>the macro forces
go touch some grass and eat some ass

No. 161008

>Attractive people don't brag about eating a used up slut scrotes asshole.
Based. I literally read men say they don't like doing humiliating sex acts with attractive women who they deem out of their league but like humiliating women they see as unattractive.

No. 161009

Not a single person is “bragging” weirdo. Simply stating an act you do is not bragging.
Attractive people don’t brag about being selfish in bed.

No. 161010

So then you accept youre a piss drinking cum guzzling vampire? i mean piss, cum and blood come out his dick sometimes!

No. 161011

File: 1681500866944.jpg (21.7 KB, 600x600, st,small,507x507-pad,600x600,f…)

No. 161012

Like, because we can see how ass eating is part of a degradation fetish like eating shit and getting pissed on, we're the ones who have only been seen as holes by men? Or are we the ones who realize a lot of men only view women as their three holes. The jokes right themselves.

No. 161013

I didn’t care about this past my own preferences before but people who feel a need to defend it and normalize it for their own benefit have made me hate it. You sound like the polyamory cringe people trying to push it on others. The anon who said her husband is attractive and then described spider head from the Jonny Craig thread sealed it. Call me a prude or whatever and go ask your boyfriend/husband/client to bend over so you can have a snack.

No. 161014

I know this is bullshit because most males specifically enjoy doing degrading acts to especially attractive women because it feels good to them to knock the attractive woman down a peg by making them do something sexually humiliating.

No. 161015

File: 1681501035505.jpg (92.83 KB, 555x546, Screenshot 2023-04-14 153756.j…)

I think it's more that they're willing to temper their behavior for attractive women, so they act more overtly like pigs towards ugly women

No. 161016

you're way too concerned about being seen as a hole and spend too much time thinking about it vs having a normal relationship where 80% of the time a man will never ask you to eat his ass or piss on you or shit on you and that implies you've been treated like a hole or been in spaces where men treat women like holes

No. 161017

Nta but most mentally stable men don't see their wives as holes, though a man who gets off to humiliating his wife by pissing on his wife or making her eat his ass probably unfortunately does.
Anon only had 4 boyfriends while her husband fucked 30+ people, that alone explains why he has an easier time tricking anon into doing sexual stuff most women who had sexual experience than her wouldn't be willing to do.

No. 161018

No, I'd rather scream here. It's fun and I'm bored. Don't you have some booty cheeks to lick?

So now you think it's selfish for a woman to respect herself and have hard limits? Interesting logic Pickme chan. And yeah, you're bragging. You're the one who won't shut up about how she eats her husband's ass and you shitted up at least two shanya threads with it because you're such an attention whore. Please, humble yourself

No. 161019

One larping redditor is not “most men”

No. 161020

i wish they would wrong themselves

No. 161021

I’ve had 4 boyfriends but 8 sexual partners. I didn’t get “tricked” into eating his ass, I’ve eaten ass before him.

No. 161022

Yeah I knew a man who said he loved humiliating fat ugly women like this but when he was with beautiful women, he liked to please them before himself. A lot of men think like this.

No. 161023

Are two lesbians using a dildo being used as holes? Women have evolved to enjoy penetration. It is what is is for better or worse.

No. 161024

That makes sense. She's bragging about her loser husband who's in a band have a high body count so he's probably tricked her into thinking that's something admirable or hard to do for men who frequent Alpha Loser spaces (subcultures etc) She's married to King Alpha Loser and thinks eating his ass is a prize.

No. 161026

Being pissed on is degrading and not comparable to eating ass sorry.

No. 161027

and by King Alpha Loser I mean only of whatever respective shitty town/city they live in within the sphere of their subculture that they're quickly aging out of.

No. 161028

This is the first time I've said anything about being viewed as a hole. The pro ass eaters brought it up in the first place.

Yeah exactly. I don't think all men view us as sex slaves and breeding mares, but one that asks you to eat his ass definitely doesn't respect and cherish you. You'd be stupid to think otherwise. We're all old enough to understand the Madonna/whore complex they have. That's why they won't ask their wives for certain things, but will seek out a prostitute to do it. Ass eating is one of those things.

No. 161029

stop reading about the manosphere it's rotting your brain
>king alpha loser
>aging out of

No. 161030

I barely spoke in the Shayna threads other than my one or two comments. I’m here because it’s funny how triggered you are over the fact that I do a sex act we both like. Again how am I a pick me if I did it AFTER I was picked? Hmm? Make it less obvious you are every males last choice.

No. 161031

You had 8 sexual partners and married a band scrote with a +30 body count. Honestly girl… Pathetic ass pickme shit

No. 161032

I don't know what the manosphere is, I just know that being an aging man in a hardcore band makes you a loser.

No. 161033

maybe she just likes him? you sound like an incel thinking that relationships are all numbers and subcultures and bodycounts

No. 161034

Are you people retarded? Subculture meaning the hardcore scene.

No. 161035

They do ask their wives and when the wife says no, they’ll go to a prostitute. Ugly women love this Madonna/Whore thing because it makes them feel godly for being an angry sexless loser.

No. 161036

I thought this was funny at first but the absolute unhinged state of some of you is making me wish we would all get banned kek I know I know I’m leaving

No. 161037

How much does your husband earn? Do you pay for everything so he let's u lick his bum?

No. 161038

Yeah that anon unironically smells of troon.

No. 161039

You're a pickme because you married a slut band scrote and think I care about being "a man's last choice". You're a pickme because you think not eating ass is being selfish in bed. You're a pickme because you're bragging about how your scrote is a useless used up whore. You're a pickme because you're arguing for your life about how ass eating is so respectful and beautiful and mutually enjoyable. You're a pickme because you think being married makes you immune, because you were "already picked".

No. 161040

>used up whore
anon please touch grass and eat ass

No. 161041

Pretty girls don't marry old skinnyfat men who had 30+ sex partners, anal fetish and make no money.

No. 161042

Why won't you tell me what percentage of the bills you pay, ass eater loser 30yo husband in a band anon?

No. 161043

They probably think it makes them seem more like a woman to say “we are more than just our holes!!”. They’re just saying this because they’re bitter men would rather fuck a real vagina and have a woman eat his ass than fuck a troons axe wound “vagina”

No. 161044

Spend less time being afraid of the boogey-MAN and spend more time doing whatever the hell you want and not being worried about how twitter and image board femcels will perceive you.

No. 161045

Disgusting. I'm sorry it hurts to know you married a literal useless whore.

No. 161046

Because I’m done blog-posting but since you’re so curious, he’s a successful musician who pays all the bills. I do have a job though.

No. 161048

This cope is larger than that of a rotting neovagina

No. 161050

Kek, im the married one, not that anon. There are multiple pro ass eating anons here.

No. 161051

Men who would ask for degrading things or threaten to see a prostitute or cheat if the answer is no are disgusting and should be treated as such, you are not a prize for literally kissing the ass of these men or defending them.

No. 161052

Can someone make a new thread for interrogating this chick about her husband? this thread is ass eating debate only

No. 161053

You might as well link the band. Drop a hint about an album or something

No. 161054

As Ive said, no man has ever asked me to eat ass or demanded anything sexually from me. I eat ass because it gets me off and I ask guys if I can do it.

No. 161055

So you'll give us all the intimate details about you spelunking in his asshole but won't link his bandcamp? Come on, show me he's not just playing dive bars at the local white exurb venue that still books shitty hardcore bands.

No. 161056

same, i'm a "used up whore" according to some anon's standards and I asked my virgin fiance if I could eat his ass for a while until he gave in

No. 161057

It's clearly a bad troll here now, a sex worker already outed themselves kek, or was that another scrote? Some of this shit comes off as someone larping as an ass eating women and wants attention.

No. 161058

sounds like samefag posting

No. 161059

Weakest fucking argument yet. Literally no one has defending fucking guys in any form who are cheaters. How old are you? Cause we’re all old enough to understand a cheater will cheat on you if youre the most perfect person alive, it has absolutely nothing to do with whether not you eat ass of do something an autist femcel would classify as “degrading” (am i allowed to breath or is that degrading too?).

No. 161060

I'm calling the man a used up whore, because he is (+30 women he's slept with). Get out of your ass eating feelings.

No. 161061

i'll post my bf's starfish if the other anon does so you know we're not samefagging xo

No. 161062

No one eats ass to keep their man. We eat ass because its what we like to do. How hard is this concept?

No. 161063

I never said not eating ass makes you selfish in bed. I love my little maleslut bandwhore husband tbh and yes I love licking his booty bi-annually. Seethe about it,
I’m genuinely happy that you are firm in your boundaries though and know you would never eat ass. I’m sure there are women who get pressured into it when they don’t actually want to and the thought of that is really sad. You can keep calling me a pickme but it just makes you sound lonely and insecure getting so bent out of shape over the fact that I’m a “pickme” for my husband. He’s quite the “pickme” for me as well in so many areas, sexually and in life. You’re arguing with a straw man character. Anyways this debate is about eating ass, not the inner workings of my relationship kek.

No. 161064

You're based and anons bf is ran through and probably carrying a ton of stds.

No. 161065

How hard is it to understand most civil humans find sticking their tongues in someone's literal shit hole disgusting and innately degrading.

No. 161066

Who is ass kissing scrotes who degrade women and cheat? Because they aren’t in this thread:

No. 161067

I’m neither of you guys and I eat ass. There’s a handful of us. Didn’t a Nona link a poll on the Shayna thread for who is pro/anti ass eating and the ass eaters won?

No. 161069

Nta but if you spend time in any feminist space you'll come across examples of other people's bad experiences, bad news etc. That screenshot anons are posting I found on radblr. It doesn't have to be my experience

No. 161070

Your husband is a loser. No one here in insecure, we all probably have bfs/husbands with actual admirable quality and with actual careers. Not dating or married to a 30yo man in a hardcore band who likes his booty ate.

No. 161071

nobody is normalizing anything and nobody is forcing anyone to do anything, if you don’t want to do it don’t do it anyway you won’t be stopping anybody your retarded ass kek

No. 161072

>Seethe about it

Nah sis it's your tounge. I'm just calling it how I see it. You're eating the ass of a literal man whore and you expect people to not think that's some pickme shit? Glad you guys are happy and secure in your relationship but all I see is embarrassing L after embarrassing L. And also, I'm actually not bitter or jealous or whatever cope you're using. I'm a woman, it'd be easy enough for me to find some scrote to date or to fuck if that's what I want. That's why I keep calling you a pickme, because you think having a man is something people would be jealous about.

No. 161073

We’re posting about eating ass BECAUSE WE ARE IN THE ASS EATING DEBATE THREAD you absolute bafoon. You think we want attention from lolcow, a forum full of women, by saying we eat men’s ass? Logic, where the fuck did you go? If you’re this flustered and seething over the topic of discussion, like all you need to do is leave the thread. Are you really that much of a nazi that you cant let people debate and discuss something you dont like in a hidden thread?

No. 161074

For someone who claims to hate it, you anti ass brigadiers sure love to talk about it for hours in great detail!

No. 161075

>found on radblr
that's the problem though, if you go on incel spaces you'll see all the same shit about women but you're not out here sucking 50 black men off a day and making men kill themselves and cheating on them but if you spend too much time in those spaces you'll start to see those things as fact and it's unhealthy. A healthy wariness of men is fine but radblr is bad for you because it's an echo chamber of horror

No. 161076

She really thinks anyone would feel insecure because she got picked by a skinnyfat band scrote. We're not in high school, no one's impressed by you degrading yourself for a man who is basically unemployed.

No. 161077

Most civil humans do all kinds of uncivilized things. Puritan. You’re telling me you wouldn’t lick your favorite handsome actors booty? Not even once? I simply don’t believe you.

No. 161078

We have been married for 5 years. I probably would have noticed if he’d given me an std but thank you for the advice.

No. 161080

have any of you got horny reading the comments? can’t wait for tonight so my ass can be eaten till i squirt fuck yesssss

No. 161081

I didn't want to be mean and say that part. But at the very least he's probably given her BV once or twice. He lacks sexual discipline as most men do. Being a band scrote just made it easier for him

No. 161083

Can you stop taking the bait? You’re ruining and derailing the thread sis.

No. 161084

it's really disgusting that because that anon doesn't agree with you you're trying to put things in her head about her partner cheating on her and giving her BV, don't want to be mean my ass

No. 161085

No the fuck I would not. If he wants his ass ate he'll have to find another fangirl to do it. I would derive absolutely no pleasure, it would only be for him.

No. 161086

I should post this in the shayfoil thread but want to keep ass eating adjacent stuff here- I think there was an influx of new people due to Jonny Craig and people in his circle finding lolcow or hearing him and his friends talk about stalkers, and ass eating anon with the reddit husband is one of them and he makes shitty music

No. 161088


It doesn't even have to be from cheating. Just that scrotes with high body counts that are into booty play aren't the most hygienic with it. The scrote whos ass I did end up eating wanted to do ass to vag and I had to tell him that's how you get BV. I could see band scrote having a similar level of intelligence.

No. 161089

You guys will literally spend hours trying to tinfoil why your fellow woman likes eating ass instead of just accepting people in your community don’t see the world exactly the same as you. Aren’t you tired of it?

No. 161090

I don’t think having a man is anything to be jealous about, but the way my relationship is making these nonas seethe and try to track down his “band camp” screams lonely.

No. 161091

Was that too close to home? Makes sense. Women have different views, true, but lolcow has a large collection of radfems who think that just having PiV sex with a man is degrading and that hetrosexual women should become political lesbians. So a hetrosexual married women who's comfortable admitting she eats her band scrotes ass raises eyebrows.

No. 161092

i think alot of anons are just sick of the large collection of radfems and this thread has let them argue about it without redtext or someone screaming MOOOOOOOODS

No. 161093

You're delusional. No one is seething over your relationship, we're just disgusted that you derailed two Shayna threads to brag about how you dive into his moist brown cavern every fortnight.

No. 161094

fellow ass eater. tbh your blogposting and bragging is annoying as hell. every time the pro-ass team starts breaking through to people, you show up and talk about your scrote and derail the thread.

No. 161095

if anything the autistic anti-ass eater posts are from these low lifes.
i remember nona married to the band guy from /ot/ and it’s kinda annoying but this thread is for ASS EATING DISCUSSION so talking about your nigel its fine.

No. 161096

Kek it’s okay. I think some Nonas itt are so far removed from what a healthy relationship is and can look like that they conjure up these where scenarios about mine. Some weird seething losers aren’t enough to make me question anything about my husband

No. 161097

There are too many nonnies in this thread who get turned on by inhaling farts.
Seek therapy.

No. 161098

You keep mentioning the Jonny Craig thread here and your incessant schizo-posting about wanting details of my personal life and demanding to see my husbands “bandcamp” makes me think you are the weird schizo that was shitting up and ruining that thread and cowtipping there.

No. 161099

File: 1681503365284.jpeg (10.78 KB, 356x141, 93635F93-C7FA-4112-936C-90E948…)

No. 161100

I will admit I like to sniff a guys butt too. Pheromones of something. So spicy and nasty. Love it! Absolutely despise farting and shit tho. I literally wont even say the “f word” outloud. Mens armpits are also chef’s kiss

No. 161101

Fair enough, I’ll stop blog-posting and leave it to you Nona’s.

No. 161102

I don't think radfems are the problem. It's a woman's image board and there have always been radfem opinions being posted. The problem is that there seems to be lots of woman that are lonely, bitter and angry that claim to be radfam to hide their hatred of other women that lead different lives.

No. 161103

Hypothetically: if you stopped eating ass would he keep paying the bills? Or would he start complaining.

No. 161104

I'm actually going to vomit y'all stay blessed

No. 161105

Radfems themselves aren't a problem but the recent trend of dogpiling and attacking people who don't conform to those views is changing the board culture

No. 161106

No. 161107

Even on an all female image board full of radfems, women still aren’t allowed to live life how they want to.

No. 161108

It's such an incel take to think these critiques can only come from bitter femcels.

No. 161109

that’s called olfactophilia and nonna i’m glad i’m not the only one. the natural smell of the skin drives me crazy too.

No. 161111

If you seriously think that post wasn’t a larping anti ass eater you have a learning disability.

No. 161113

thats a bingo. im in no way shocked a lot of women arent into it, because a lot of guys arent too. not expecting anyone go have the same kinks as me, that’s illogical. but the insane seething over girl’s eating ass has been pretty crazy. definitely feels like the anti-ass people are super sexist and just hate women being happy in general. me eating ass affects you in no way?

No. 161114

I mentioned it once in passing then wrote it out here instead of invading the shayfoil thread, then wound up with three replies almost instantly but alright

No. 161115

If you aren’t into it I get how it can be seen as gross. But tearing down women and saying they’re “pick me” for pleasuring their scrote at all is where you’ve lost me.

No. 161116

Serious question: does being uwu to their gfs face cancel out bragging to their friends that she is an ass eating nasty hoe who lowers herself to putting her tongue in his booty?

No. 161117

We’re talking about the ones screeching how women should kill themselves because they have a sexual kink. Femi-nazis vibes. I love my fellow nonas who dont eat ass or think its gross yet can discuss in a civil manner.

No. 161118

All I said is that reading the text made me feel sick.
>Wah wah people saying eating ass is nasty and degrading they don't want me to be happy

You're right. It's your tounge and I won't stop you from using it how you want. But if you're posting about how you just love eating ass on a public forum, people who find it nasty and degrading are allowed to say so.

No. 161119

I'm not an ass eater and I haven't defended eating a man's ass either. The post I was replying to said that the women seething over a woman wanting to eat her husband's ass were radfems, I said that it wasn't and I never used the term femcel because it does not have a defined meaning. A normal reaction to being told that someone engages in a sex act that you aren't into is to shrug and move on. All over the site there's posters having nervous breakdowns because some of us don't align with some insane take of pseudo-radical feminism.

No. 161121

re-read my comment dingleberry. shit men and ass eating are not mutually exclusive. your constant “but some men do bad things!” argument has nothing to do with people like to eat ass.

No. 161122

Why is there a whole section here just ban anyone who is making the comments on the main thread and remove the comments so we don’t have to read them when scrolling through old threads????

No. 161123

yeah whenever I lol to my guy friends about how much money my bf spends on me it doesn't mean I don't actually love him, people are just assholes

No. 161124

Does being uwu to their gfs face cancel out complaining to their friends that she’s a boring prude with a stuck up her ass who refuses to suck dick or do anything else “icky” in bed?

Just to clarify because I know you will try to misrepresent me, I do not think women who don’t like doing certain acts are boring prudes who suck in bed ect. But that’s exactly what moids think and complain about and then go jerk off to gross porn behind their gfs back.

But why are we even centering mens opinions in this discussion anyways? Some chicks like to give pleasure, some don’t. Neither is a bad or weird person for it. It’s just preferences.

No. 161126

are you 13?

No. 161127

(there’s this one particular schizo ESL-chan that’s been doing this across the site and gets laughed out of a lot of threads thank goodness. they’ve already ruined one thread though.)

No. 161129

Has Shayna actually eaten ass? I can't believe one pick me feeling personally attacked by a speculative comment about something Shayna might have done has sparked a debate this frenzied

No. 161130

We’re almost at 500 posts in this ass eating debate thread in one day (24 hours). Sure seems popular for something so many nonas claim to find so degrading and disgusting.

No. 161131

Alright pack it up bitter-chan. As if women don’t clown on their boyfriends behind their back all the time.

No. 161132

During her last cam show she said she loves it and has done it. I doubt she actually loves it though, she’s probably asexual kek.

No. 161133

well in that case, you know Shayna is eating some fat moid hairy ass and no her bf/husband because nobody loves her.

No. 161134

So are most ass eaters tbh

No. 161135

but there’s love not doordash involved

No. 161137

this is a good take. this whole debates comes down to:

- Nonas who will only perform actions that result in their own direct pleasure.
- Nonas who are willing to perform acts that result in someone else’s direct pleasure

Personally, I love making people feel good! It brings me so much joy to see someone enjoy a home cook meal I made, give someone a massage after a long day, i love to shower with my guy and scrub him down, and yeah, sometimes I lick the bunghole.

No. 161138

could you post links/screencaps?

No. 161139

The whole debate sparked up cuz the scrote she did that awful "boonie" photoshoot with usually makes his whores eat ass. Shayna didn't that time.

No. 161140

No. 161142

Uhm, you need two sides for an argument. And also one of your ass eating ilk keeps shitting everything up talking about her band scrotes whore husband.

No. 161143

I don’t get why some nonita’s are so shocked that women, who are natural caregivers and who have natural maternal instincts, like to partake in activities that involve them caring for someone they love without expectation of needing to be pleased at the same time in equal amounts (altho ladies, a good man will involve you while you eat ass :)

No. 161144

Agreed but why did you have to call it a bunghole nona…

No. 161145

File: 1681505128473.jpeg (68.56 KB, 752x1063, 3A6AF051-FEC3-42B8-B8FE-13BF24…)

im in my 30s kek

No. 161147

Schizo theory incoming
Since we have a male who keeps posting scat in /ot/ and sometimes does the same in crystal cafe, I think this ass eating anon can be him larping. Didn't ass-chan also admit smelling ass and eating ass just like how scat-chan posts photos of women eating dirty asses of men to /ot/? These appeared at similar times as well so either ass-chan is spamming this site with ass eating porn or this is a man with scat fetish trying to convince anons and get jerk off stories from other anons.

No. 161149

Yeah but you can't deny most men are shit and will at some point try to coerce you into doing disgusting degen shit

No. 161150

I’m an ass eater and no I don’t like sniffing and that shit. Tbh I think the one who posted that is one of the radfems just trying to make us look disgusting.

No. 161151

Some men are shit
Most are mediocre
Few are good

No. 161152

I think this is your guy v

No. 161154

Define "shit" and "mediocre"

No. 161155

>who are natural caregivers and who have natural maternal instincts
Also this isn't something to be smug about. It just reeks of insecurity.

No. 161156

The ick for me is her trying to equate women's nurturing nature (that's meant to nurture BABIES) with eating a grown man's ass. Like, did the shit migrate to her brain lol

No. 161157

NTA but what’s smug about stating that women are natural caregivers?

No. 161158

No one’s equating those two things, she’s saying if you’re a natural caregiver you’re probably prone to caring about others needs in general, not only in relation to babies. And if you have 2 brain cells to rub together you can relate that type of being in tune with other peoples needs, to sexual situations as well.

No. 161159

Alright you ladies forced my hand. I'm sick of tired of this tinfoil coming up over and over that anyone who likes to eat ass is either a troon or coomer-in-disguise trying to "brainwash" women into liking to eat ass (on lolcow? kek what?). I'm the nona who said she likes to sniff her guys ass and I also eat it occasionally. Picrel is my tits as I'm a fucking 100% CIS woman and I am unashamed of my kinks. Now can we stop the paranoia.(legitimately retarded)

No. 161160

we need this thread locked

No. 161161

you are so pathetic it was never that serious

No. 161162

absolute madwoman

No. 161163

ah ok so you're fat, got it

No. 161164

Of course, once they’ve been proven wrong “its was never that serious”. Definitely an autistic deranged move but at least this proves some of us are women.

No. 161165

Ate too much ass I guess.

No. 161166

Oh my God this is so embarrassing. are you the fat goth sex worker who insulted shaynas shit nails a while back?

No. 161167

No man needs his ass ate to cum.

No. 161168

Nona as a fellow ass eater why would you do this to us

No. 161169

Who said otherwise?

No. 161170

Kind of a sigma female for that ngl

No. 161171

Anon can you post screencap or the picture of the goth sexworker? I don't follow shayna threads but im curious.

No. 161172

Anon it looks like ass isn't the only thing you've been eating.

No. 161173

I am cry-laughing so hard at the responses to this post. Lolcow, never change.

No. 161174

This is amazing but in none of the ways you wish it was. Ass eaters confirmed for desperate for approval and lacking in awareness, I rest my case and am at peace. Long live /shay/ as a containment board, and all of the inhabitants, even those of you with butt breath.

No. 161175

i havent even been apart of this fight you freak, whats autistic is how far you went to defend eating ass lmfao

No. 161176

By posting that picture, ass-chan proved she's the fat and ugly woman most men talk about wanting to humiliate. This is actually sad. I hope she gets healthy and drops her unemployed husband before it's too late.

No. 161177

>be you
>have to eat a man’s ass to get him to like you

No. 161178

Why are you begging nonnies to search for your husband…is it Excide?

No. 161179

If you're going to post your tits, at least give us your unemployed husband too.

No. 161180

Where is your belly button yo

No. 161181

Fatter than shayna lol

No. 161182

are you the same nonnie who posted her boobs in the drunk thread years ago?

No. 161183

Why did she post her tits? In what context?

No. 161184

File: 1681508517980.png (81.97 KB, 581x380, dont eat his ass.png)

Absolutely foul that someone ate any of these moid's asses

No. 161185

id eat the guy at the back's ass

No. 161186

Shayna is like overweight - obese. This anon is morbidly obese. Can you imagine this fat woman next to her skinny fat husband? It'd be the classic reddit couple.

No. 161188

Not defending fattychan but they honestly look the same size to me, fattychan just has bigger jugs

No. 161189

File: 1681508709242.gif (1.99 MB, 540x960, 4fea807770.gif)

Woman you are licking man-ass and posting your flapjacks for lolcow, call a trusted loved one, you are having a mental health crisis

No. 161190

this is so embarrassing for you nonnie just log off

No. 161191


Ass eater chan is definitely fatter than shaynus. Just compare that beautiful picture of lolcow's princess to this tub of lard. >>161171

I'd have to do some digging because I forgot which threads she appeared in. It's around 100 I think.

No. 161192

If she posts her snatch next someone kill me.

No. 161193

And they were fighting for their lives that they had self respect. This just proves that ass eaters are degenerate attention whores and giant pickmes coping. I'm waiting for her to post her husband now.

No. 161194

Exactly this.

No. 161195

oh my fucking god you are so braindead. You 100% deserve the ban that's coming. Do you think this is 4chan? This entire thing has just been you embarrassing yourself and sperging out and this is the absolute cherry on top. Please kill yourself.

No. 161196

I’m not the one that posted that pic of her tits.

No. 161197

Nah she's definitely fatter, that's why she angled the photo that way and had to old up her boobs so they wouldn't sag. It's not shameful to be fat, it's shameful to send your nudes in hopes of winning internet arguments.

No. 161198

I’m the one with the musician husband and I’m not that Nona.

No. 161200

You have to agree that this was an attention whore move tho right? It was autistic enough to post a picture of yourself to prove a point during a Mongolian basket weaving forum slap fight but posting lewds? Truly it was never that serious.

No. 161201

Yeah, this shit is sad. No one here truly gives a shit if you eat moid ass nona why embarass yourself, just wipe your mouth and move tf on.

No. 161202

it's not really a lewd it's a very stout woman holding her breasts

No. 161203

I honestly have my suspicions about that. Even so, that makes it two ass eating attention whores. Pro ass eaters looking like some real losers tbh y'all should probably stop now.

No. 161204

There are like 10 ass eaters itt, this deranged fat one doesn’t speak for us all.

No. 161205

So she just randomly posted her nudes when YOU were the one being accused of being male? Makes no sense.
Does your husband know you send out nudes?

No. 161206

well the rest of us see all of you as fat, gross, and sad

No. 161207

File: 1681509271893.png (34.39 KB, 230x238, jan-ate-ass.png)

The backpedal. You should check if your hubby's ass comes in diet?

No. 161208

she has the body of a radfem but the heart of an ass eater

No. 161209

Y'all better claim your booty eating sister. And the one who tosses her man's salad in between sets at the local pub too. if they aren't the same woman

No. 161210

Anon every time a girl itt says she eats ass she’s accused of being male. Do I need to post my vagina to prove I’m not a troon or the fatty? Because I’ll do it idgaf

No. 161211

I feel sad for the anon who brags about her loser husband and then posted her tits. This is actually genuinely a mentally ill woman losing her shit and I know it's supposed to be funny but I just feel bad.

No. 161212

lmfao do it

No. 161213

Husband anon and titty pic anon are two different people you retards

No. 161214

In a happy new years post iirc

No. 161215

Yah, we know you would you attention whore.

No. 161216

You're scared of even giving clues about your husband, you'd be too scared to send any pictures I don't buy it.

No. 161217

its just a pair of tits anon it's not that deep

No. 161218

No wonder women built like this eat ass, they think it’s free chocolate

No. 161219

She doesn't realize yet she seeks attention here because eating her husband's ass doesn't fulfill her.

No. 161220

Why are you like this

No. 161221

Kekkkkk cruel

No. 161222

Allegedly there's two different pathetic ass eaters among us.
It's more than that. She felt the need to post an intimate picture of her body to prove to a bunch of anons she's actually an ass eating woman. It's pathetic really. Bad enough you're admitting to enjoying eating ass on a forum that makes fun of women who degrade themselves for moid fulfillment. Now you're degrading yourself even further by having your tits be online forever while people make fun of how fat you are? Mental illness. No self respecting woman's going to do that

No. 161223

Because why would I dox myself and my husband over some analingus?

No. 161224

I highly doubt this. She would be bragging about her tits too if it went as well in her head as it did in reality. Unfortunately she forgot she was on the farms.

No. 161225

The square is to block out my tattoo. Just posting to prove there are multiple ass eaters.(legitimately retarded)

No. 161227

Attention seeking and embarrassing? Yes. Morbidly obese? A stretch. She just looks chubby to me. I mean she admitted to eating her husband's ass, I'm not shocked being degraded on lolcow gets her off.

No. 161228

>married to a music scrote
>not knowing what bandcamp is
you’re either larping or not that invested in your husband’s hobbies

No. 161229

How much ass does a spiritually empty woman with low self-esteem need to eat to feel fulfilled? A question for the ages.

No. 161230

So all of this just proves women who eat ass are mentally ill

No. 161231

File: 1681510159242.jpeg (399.29 KB, 1170x1383, 524EDB58-44BD-4CF6-B8F1-FE560A…)

this guy definitely likes his ass eaten kek

No. 161232

File: 1681510164140.gif (1.05 MB, 640x354, 20201215.gif)


No. 161233

File: 1681510297026.jpeg (21.15 KB, 437x395, 73BD24FB-3AF4-4F22-A7F8-30CB28…)

this thread is fucking insane

No. 161235

File: 1681510317872.png (24.6 KB, 599x438, 1.png)

this isn't you right? If it is, I literally do not know what to say. How do you address such autistic attentionwhoring? Why? Why the fuck are you doing this? and for what?

No. 161236

File: 1681510366205.jpeg (15.16 KB, 1170x183, 2337AECE-CA4F-4799-8ACD-974E8A…)

There are 4

No. 161237

Is anyone else sad that the retarded ass eater argument is "women can choose to do what they want!" I expect that level of retardation elsewhere but why are they on LC? It's not even a radfem take to be critical of choice feminism.

No. 161238

File: 1681510429076.gif (356.96 KB, 140x140, 1668222034264.gif)

>gets told eating ass is gross
>posts vagina

No. 161239

I know what band camp is, and music is his career not a hobby.

No. 161240

Post your huge bergina

No. 161241

Found her. not the same whale, as she has tattoos
Yall really not helping your cause here. Like i said, you're both attention seeking pickmes who don't respect themselves. You both like eating ass. I'm sorry to any semi normal ass eaters out there, but now I'm convinced it's a mental illness thing.

No. 161242

No. 161243

personally, it's being insulted because i'm ok with eating ass doesn't sit right with me, I'm not a libfem where I'd argue that sexual freedoms are boundless but being shamed for a sex act gives me conservative oppressing vibes.

No. 161244

File: 1681510598621.jpeg (128.62 KB, 1284x840, 9CD8ED36-52DC-478E-B704-C2A790…)

Jesus Christ this is absolutely wild top fucking kek I can’t believe it

No. 161245

I feel like fattychan got embarrassed she was being clowned so now just posted a random nude she found online. I dont buy it.

No. 161246

post date sign otherwise this is fake and gay

No. 161247

the ass eaters posting their fucking boobs and vagina to /shay/ just proves how deranged ass eaters are. I can't even believe this, how can you be so blind to self awareness?

No. 161249

Eating ass in the comfort of your own home isn’t hurting anyone. Making ddlg porn as a “choice” hurts people. You are allowed to do the things you like that aren’t hurting others, and you aren’t a pickme for doing so.

No. 161250

tbh I'm bored af and this is potentially the most action we've had in months

No. 161251

Being critical of women performing humiliating sexual acts is good. You sound like a libfem.

No. 161252

Doing ddlg from the privacy of your own home is also bad.

No. 161253

Skinny women eat ass because it’s free tossed salad and their husbands won’t take them to Olive Garden

No. 161254

File: 1681510840011.jpeg (29.89 KB, 1170x344, 2B409DEA-D883-4C95-BABF-0DCF1B…)

Why are you so afraid of the fact that there are multiple anons in here who eat ass

No. 161256

File: 1681510857482.png (Spoiler Image,123.24 KB, 558x597, 1643311403410.png)

Dropped pic

If you're one of the ass eaters posting tits or pussy to prove a point you deserve to be insulted.

Also, it's starting to really smell like moid in here.

No. 161257

AYRT and I worded that weird but yes I agree.
but ass eating hurts no one

No. 161258

Pretty sure you are all being trolled right now.

No. 161259

i thought this was shaynas nasty snatch at first and didn't even question this

No. 161260

But yourself and the woman the scrote who's ass you ate drops you for, when he expects her to also be a salad tosser. Normalizing degrading sexual acts will always hurt other women. If you're doing it in the privacy of your own home, it hurts a lot less women tho.

No. 161261

Yuppp. Not a libfem ~sexually liberated~ faggot. But licking gooch is perfectly fine

No. 161262

You guys are so obsessed with our bfs leaving us for a “better woman” or trash talking us to their friends as if that’s the single most scary thing you could come up with to insult us. If my man dumped me…. Ok? I’d find a new one? Maybe stop centering men so much and being sexist? Some women lick booty, get over it.

No. 161263

There’s nothing humiliating about pleasuring your partner. If it would humiliate you that’s fine and I’m glad you don’t do it then. But it does not humiliate me, so I enjoy doing it.

No. 161264

File: 1681511307237.jpg (13.39 KB, 374x374, wack.jpg)

>This thread has almost 600 posts

No. 161265

I don't give a damn abt what you'd do if your moid left you. My point was he's going to go date other women and try to gaslight them into eating ass because "my ex loved it and she said it was because she loved me". You know how they operate.

No. 161266

I wouldn't have considered myself a libfem before but if enjoying sex acts a certain group of people will shame me for is libfem then I'd rather be that than whatever you are

No. 161267

i feel like you’re a moid like grooming is your passion. gross.

No. 161268

Fuck it, why not. Another nonna checking in who partakes in eating ass. Power to the people.(legitimately retarded)

No. 161269

That's what they all say when they're being sexually humiliated.

No. 161270

No. 161271

Is this a joke?

No. 161272

the dog collar…

No. 161273

Kek so the anti-eaters were proved wrong and all they can do is screech “ahhhhh!! deranged!! you’re deranged for proving me wrong!!”

No. 161274

How do we know this isn't some moid posting random women pictures? Or nudes of women he has?

No. 161275

File: 1681511581956.gif (3.48 MB, 368x498, 1627661384484.gif)

tranny tube tits, what the hell are those

No. 161276

I am a woman who has a healthy active sex life with a man who loves to give orgasms and has never gotten off to sexually humiliating me.

No. 161277


No. 161278

This debate has been on my mind so I decided to bring it up to my husband who I have very vanilla sex with. He has previously told me he’d never let me touch his ass etc anytime the topic of ass eating ever arose (when it was a meme for example) WELL now I’m super insecure in our relationship and idek who he is anymore because when I was saying I didn’t even think women should eat ass and why he started saying stuff like “well if she’s into it yeah she should just do it.” I was bringing up that I felt like men only let women do it because it’s degrading and turns them on for that reason. He started to get super uncomfortable. I gave examples of friends I’ve had who ate mens asses simply to try and keep the relationship going from fear of being cheated on and how one ended up being bisexual etc. he said he thinks it’s gay if a man wants to be pegged but not if his ass is eaten?? This started a debate that arose a lot of suspicion in me that my HUSBAND WOULD want me or let me eat his ass “if I wanted to.” There’s no difference in my mind between ass being eaten and being pegged, it’s all the same gland to me! I was like ok well I know men have a g-spot in their ass so whatever I don’t want to talk about it anymore and he said and I quote “Well yeah it feels good if you wipe your butt with a wet wipe” like WHAT y’all I have no one else to share this with I’m so paranoid that my husband wipes his ass for pleasure with a wet wipe or that he’d let me eat his ass and I am a firm ANTI- ass eater I can’t believe he’s NOT. This could cause a rift in our marriage forever

No. 161279

File: 1681511622178.png (6.77 KB, 255x198, 6A046056-4C62-4A11-A9B7-C8A3A1…)

No. 161280

you do realize this is lolcow right? go do your attention-whoring on 4chan or some other site filled with desperate coomers who will give you the attention you so desperately seem to crave

No. 161281

i feel like letting a man touch you sexually is a bit pickme and degrading, he's getting satisfaction from your body

No. 161282

I love you nonnie. I feel safe here on the shay board

No. 161283

Shayna could see this and say she’s better than the losers posting their nudes here to prove a point about eating ass and she will be right for once. Congrats, a pedophilic failed sex worker is better than you in this instance and your reward is licking a literal asshole.

No. 161284

Oh come on, nonnie is deranged for posting but those are perfectly normal tits.

No. 161285

How were they proved wrong when the ass eaters are in here posting titty and vagina proving how mentally ill they are

No. 161286

This has got to be some moid dropping his personal spank bank collection. I refuse to believe this many women are not only eating ass, but posting their nudes to prove it. You guys know you can prove you're biologically female without posting tits and pussy like you're on /r9k/ looking for the attention your father refused to give you… Right?

And anyways, great.. you're women. But you're not proving you're self respecting women eating the asses of men who respect you. And that's my whole point. Just say you like being degraded.

No. 161287

File: 1681511693343.jpg (91.66 KB, 1024x1024, hmmm.jpg)

just another POV for any attention-seekingchans who may post their bodies… remember that lurking moids will save these

No. 161288

Theyre really not… it's fine because they all vary but those are objectively weird looking

No. 161289

don’t let your man kiss you, he’s just using your mouth hole to satisfy his dopamine receptors

No. 161290

kind of impressed that these almost make shay's look alright in comparison. kek

Who in their right mind would want to eat a stinky moid's hairy ass though? Seems like mental illness tbh.

No. 161291

As a prominent anti ass eating chan, I never doubted that they were actually women. My argument is that they're mentally ill with Pickme tendencies. And they're proving that quite well. if this isn't just a moid trolling and spamming his favorite pictures.

No. 161292

Only an ass eater would be this bad at reasoning

No. 161293

File: 1681511830835.png (110.42 KB, 275x244, E01A9D6D-3F22-4570-BAD2-DAD29F…)

No. 161294

Meh, they're normal. Just saggy and tubular. No big deal. The insanity is posting them online for free.

No. 161295

what if i get off to sucking dick without penetration or need to touch? is it bad that i get so excited from it? omg am i using a man just because i get pleasure from touching them?

No. 161296

The huge leaps and bounds that need to be made do the moid ass eater can cope

No. 161297

KEK. this kills me every time

No. 161299

Ignore the ass eater chan trolling. She's probably sobering up and embarrassed she posted her tits unprovoked.

No. 161300

pic collectors rping as the women they got noods from.. if not, you're all retarded. why not post a bra pic if you had to attentionwhore that badly

No. 161301

these are definitely gonna end up on kiwifarms

No. 161302

Now they're all gonna say we got weird sock titties thanks to the ass eaters

No. 161303

Yep that's what I think, some moid posting nudes he has from women/gf/revenge porn etc. This shit isn't real, not because I don't believe retard ass slurping nonas exist in Shays thread but it all comes off weird. It's gross and if some poor woman's nudes are being posted it makes me sad. They could've posted something like "qss eating anon" on a piece of paper, until then I'm viewing this as gross porn someone is posting from their spank bank

No. 161304

My sister

No. 161305

Do you know how many threads they have on kiwifarms where retarded users get doxxed? Or the retards from the kiwifarms telegram who were face doxxing? They can't talk

No. 161306

This looks badly edited

No. 161308

holy shit just post your hand next to a ruler like normal person

No. 161309

The words after "fuck jannies" look weird/edited

No. 161310

underrated comment….

No. 161311

shitty ai edit

No. 161312

Hi pakichan! Sad that the attention is not on you?

No. 161313

I'd almost rather have pakichan's autism than whatever this is supposed to be. This thread is literally just "compare your boobs with other farmers general" now

No. 161314

>acting as if pakichan invented posting hand/wrist

No. 161315

not pakichan, i actually had the old admin's picture in mind

No. 161316

I’m begging y’all to stop posting nudes if anyone is actually posting themselves. Like I’m all for doing what you want with your body but this is…this is so sad

No. 161317

I don't think it works like that kek

No. 161318

it’s obviously someone mad trying to shit up the thread and get it deleted

No. 161319

kekkkkk the fucking dog collar

No. 161320


No. 161321

moids dont lurk here

No. 161322

because troons can post a semi-believable bra pic as well

No. 161323

I'm losing my fucking mind

No. 161324

why do I feel like you're Kiwi unless you're the Asian that posts herself in /g/

No. 161325

I kinda feel like this is a sex worker kek. So one ass eater is confirmed

No. 161326

no I'm not a sex worker
sex work is not real work
I just dont care about posting my boobs to a bunch of females on this retarded board to prove im female

No. 161327

>5 ass eaters
>5 nudes
has every single ass eater posted one?

No. 161328

I was thinking the same. Shayna is a sex worker afterall. They would be the only women not only freely admitting they're ass eaters, but perfectly fine with their nudes somehow ending up on kiwi farms and 4chan.

Which, if anyone thinks they don't lurk you're mistaken. Shayna is a sexworker. They'll lurk for nudes because there's a OF anon or two that will leak her shit. They're adding you to their collection.

No. 161329

File: 1681514696118.jpg (Spoiler Image,67.74 KB, 768x1024, FtjEyN4WYAAAn2k.jpg)

Is that abrattypixie? I knew she lurked here.

No. 161330

If so, that's actually fucking hilarious and proves that literally all ass eaters are damaged attention whores with no self respect. Great job ladies, you sure made a fool of the "radfems".

No. 161331

File: 1681514712085.png (615.31 KB, 850x796, 1678154851150.png)

Im just here for the breasts

No. 161332

I’m fucking dead. The initial fatty and the sock tits really made all of the ass eaters sigh in relief that their bodies aren’t that bad so the flood gates opened. I’m sorry farmhands, I underestimated how ill you have to be to defend eating ass on /shay/.

No. 161333

I posted my tits and I feel safe in this thread

No. 161335

You and all the others are Shayna level embarrassing. I didn’t even care that you people eat ass even if it’s not for me, but this is just wack levels of tragic. The mods should nuke this thread smh

No. 161336

The anti's lost and are seething and have no good arguments anymore because they've been proved wrong on every single one. I'm fine with being made fun of for posting my tits to a bunch of chicks that will forget in 3 days just to prove you wrong.

No. 161338

What the hell

No. 161339

nobody is going to forget and you should feel embarrassed. rest assured you changed no one’s mind on shit licking

No. 161340

at least one ass-eater here has more sense than to post a picture of any part of her body on lolcow. can't speak for anyone else. also, when the original ass eater posted a couple of main threads back and started derailing, i told them they should read the room. i never imagined there would be an actual room created for the anilingus debate. congrats on being so unhinged, everyone. have a spectacular weekend.

No. 161341

A little odd that you constantly have a turd poking out of your anus at all times. You might want to talk to a doctor about that.

No. 161342

No one's mad, we're all embarrassed for you. See >>161330

No. 161343

I'm embarrassed for you tbh

No. 161344

I’m so confused, how did anti ass eaters lose? You proved you’re an insecure moron that feels they have something to prove so in response you did something embarrassing, which was exactly what people were saying before. And you still lick butthole.

No. 161345

not one of the boob anons but I just want a hot guy to suck my boobs again is that too much to ask

No. 161346

"and you still lick butthole"
yes that's the point of this thread. do you think that's an insult or something?

No. 161347

File: 1681515781763.png (57.32 KB, 680x329, 2bd.png)

No. 161348

Yep you got me, absolutely seething over here, but at least I didn’t eat ass

No. 161349

(I was lost and didn’t know I was in an ass eating thread)

No. 161350

I would eat a woman's ass tbh. But not a man's ass, men can only eat my ass.

No. 161351

What's insecure or embarrassing about proving you lot wrong?

No. 161352

I hope you get laid soon nonita.
The ass eaters are smoking on pure crack copaine. They post boobs basically unprovoked, they brag about eating ass unprovoked, yet they somehow don't think they're mentally ill.

No. 161353

This is fair. A woman would probably do a better prep job than a man would anyways. Still not my cup of tea.

No. 161354

seriously kek. the projection is real. they're so insecure over the fact that some women enjoy bedroom activities that they don't

No. 161356

A moid posted some fake nudes and actually got real farmers to post their tits with fansigns. Insane.

No. 161357

whatever helps you cope

No. 161359


No. 161360

you are unfixable

No. 161361

1) Morbidly obese
2) Didn't click vagina pic
3) Sock tits
4) Clearly poor

No. 161362

The fact Shat would laugh at us right now because of this thread pisses me off. deja vu. . . . .

No. 161363

There are so many non nude body parts you could have used to prove you're not a man or troon. Yet you guys chose to post boobs and pussy. Most of us can tell a male hand and wrist from a female one. You could have posted clothed but in leggings and a tight top with faces cut out.. yet you guys all went, well we better just post nake tits online.

No. 161364

File: 1681516366084.jpeg (28.04 KB, 750x730, 100FE2E9-5901-49F6-B93B-108E4F…)

No. 161365

Nah because the retards itt would see a woman with slightly larger hands and yell troon. They call cis women like Taylor Nicole Dean a troon all the time.

No. 161366

what a bunch of fucking pickmes KEK. Trying to prove to us that you're not inherently insecure about being a shit eater. If you were totally confident about it to yourself you wouldnt be in this fucking thread knightwhiting for yourself and posting tit pics like a degenerate sex worker whore you fucking loser handmaiden. Bet this isn't your first time since you did it so easily too huh

No. 161367


No. 161368

Before reading this thread my stance was neutral, like I wouldn’t eat a man’s ass but that’s just me. After reading this thread though I am 100% against it, i can see how brain damaged it makes you all

No. 161369

If you would like to explain how posting your tits on an image board unprovoked isn’t an embarrassing mark of insecurity, or has anything at all to do with ass eating other than showing how stupid and malleable you are and susceptible to doing it, I would love to get another lesson in how unhinged people rationalize their poor choices. This proves antis right and you’re hung up on a random anon calling you a man (which you should know by now any opinions against the grain get at least one person saying you’re a man), when no one asked you to post anything, insanity.

No. 161370

File: 1681516682603.jpeg (47.67 KB, 540x542, DBA25DF9-4495-40CA-9F24-80891D…)

what ass eating anon and her moid’s room probably looks like

No. 161371

Yeah but in a full body pic with tight clothes, you can definitely tell a man from a woman. Most troons can barely manage makeup, they're not going to know how to tuck their scrotehoods. I don't see much drag queen tier troons/dudes lurking here.

No. 161372

in no way do I see insecurity kek. just anons on a mission to prove retard extremists wrong

No. 161374

why do you take it so personally? i’m so curious about what motivates you kek did you catch your momma eating your dad’s ass or what? why so much hate? i’ve been laughing all day this thread is the best

No. 161375

>i’ve been laughing all day this thread is the best
Agree, I have never laughed this hard on lolcow for hours like I have in the ass eating thread. This a sacred place.

No. 161376

Anti ass eaters got so mad because it /is/ a personal attack to them. They assume the chicks that eat ass think they are better than them for it. Which is just a projection of their own insecurities and feeling inferior to others.

No. 161377

You keep saying that word, yet I don’t think you know what it means.

No. 161378

Ass eaters really make me feel so damn good about myself ngl massive ego boost, you cannot get more pathetic

No. 161379

This is literally the most appropriate place to freely and safely discuss eating ass. If you cant take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

No. 161380

what's insecure about some nonas posting their tits on a female board when called out for being mEn?

No. 161381

Touch grass you personally invested gaylord. You're foaming at the mouth right now because this is the first time in your entire life you've felt better than someone. (and you aren't)

No. 161382

I hope I get laid too too

also this site is full of mentally ill people so I'm not surprised by this, just wondering which pics are real and which ones are scrote shoops

No. 161383

Pretty sure women who freely admit to eating ass on a image board full of femcels aren’t going to be phased by being hazed after they proved they are indeed women.

No. 161384

I’ve also been laughing all day wondering why the ass eaters are taking it so personally? To go as far as posting their own nudes to prove themselves

No. 161385

I like how they're being called attention seeking when it's like… This is still an anon board with like 12 people on it. What attention are they seeking exactly kek. Imo it's kind of funny and ballsy of them, whats even the drawback.

No. 161386

but I didn't post nudes to prove ass eating is fine. i posted them to stop the moid comments.

No. 161387


No. 161388

>image board full of femcels
go back to cc

No. 161389

You are the most triggered anon I have seen on lolcow kek.

No. 161390

>whats even the drawback
the pics getting reposted on KF like the time they took pics from the kibbe threads on /g/

No. 161392

It doesn't matter, they really wanted attention from those 12 people.

No. 161393

and what happens when they're posted on KF?

No. 161394

(NTA nor an ass-eater) that explains all the hatred for prostitutes I've seen around here lately

No. 161395

They wanted attention from the 12 people they've had the attention of all day?

No. 161397

(pro ass-eating here) fuck off. sex work isn't real work.

No. 161398

>whats even the drawback
an autist not from here finding their metadata from the photos they posted (if they didn't get rid of it before uploading)

No. 161399

anons call each other fatty, tranny, moid, etc in every single thread. It’s not that serious and 5 of you embarrassed yourselves over it. You posted your nudes online for free and still didn’t change anyone’s mind on ass eating

No. 161400

give me a break kek

No. 161401

gross moids look at and comment on them? (like they did last time)

No. 161402

I don't think they were trying to change minds by posting the nudes. they probably felt more comfortable doing it here since /shay/ is just a back alley board and this ass eating thread is a back alley thread. it's not like they did it on pt or snow or even ot

No. 161403

Actually though, I disagree with the ass eaters and the thread has devolved a lot but even if I disagree with you, I don’t want you guys to end up with your nudes somewhere you don’t want them and you should be more careful- not a threat I have a soft spot for shaynons even if we’re messy

No. 161404

I personally wouldn't, girl nor guy (but especially not guy). Moids like my ass and have asked to eat it out and I've let them without kissing them during the eventual sex. It's not like pussy and clit where you'll get off to it, but I enjoy the feeling of putting my ass on their face and having them eat it before fucking me. It's harder to fuck up and I have a crazy sensitive clit that doesn't like bad tongue action so ass eating can be a nicer foreplay sometimes. Plus there's something satisfying about having a guy go down on his knees and eat you from behind psychologically speaking

No. 161405

you’d have to be brain dead retarded to think this is a “safe” place to post nudes jfc but then again you’d have to be brain dead retarded to eat a man’s ass

No. 161406

And they call them fatty, tranny, moid, etc. after they post their pics too. Nothing changes, so I dont think some random anonymous lewds are that big of a deal. Its an ass eating thread.

No. 161408

no one said this is a safe place to post nudes but keep boxing with the air

No. 161409

Do you really think moids get off on random headless close up shots of women they have no idea who they are? There are a million free high quality photos with full body/face, video, and parasocial OF experiences they can sort through before they get to the lolcow, /shay/, ass eating "nudes" kek

No. 161410

So the ass eaters itt are definitely camwhores with 0 self-respect. Patiently waiting for an unhinged shayhead to extract the metadata from the photos and match them with some random camwhores that follow shayna on twitter.

No. 161411

also moids jerk off to your fully clothed selfies on instagram. should we stop posting those as well?

No. 161412

At this point, it would have been LESS embarrassing had the ass-nons been moid trolls

No. 161413

so, are you the anon on /ot/ who said they like to add fuel to the flames when shit is going down? lol
nta but unironically yes. unless you don't mind getting added to their tributes they post publicly.

No. 161415

afaik lolcow wipes the metadata from all files posted

No. 161416

Exactly. There are so many women in this thread who are so in fear of "what moids might do" that they purposely walk on egg shells they laid themselves. I'm not going to let a man make me not be myself, do what I find funny, and fuck the way I want.

No. 161417

nta I thought it was just 4ch? lc does it too? huh, didn't know that

No. 161418

They reposted pics from the Kibbe thread

No. 161419

What is the economic bracket of female ass eaters and their faggot moids? I'm thinking it's 25k-50k (higher if in high COL area) white working class

No. 161420

the fact they're comfortable posting their nudes online period proves they're too far gone. That's some attention seeking shit. You can't pretend like lolcow isn't always getting raided by moids and trannies. Shay is a sex worker, she attracts them. Women aren't the only one clicking the link from /snow/ to get here initially. Hell, when this new version of the website went up, some moid posting CP was the first thing we saw. Only a moron thinks that absolutely no scrotes are lurking/posting in here. I'm pretty sure the initial posts were just some scrotes wank bank, but he actually managed to get at least one retarded ass eater to post her boobs. Nice one ladies.

No. 161422

Working class men are especially into the whole "anything touching my ass is gay". It's middle class liberals.

No. 161423

Yep and its extremely obvious by the way they constantly threaten with "you know your moid talks shit about you eating his ass right" and "you know your moid is going to leave you right". You can tell it's their biggest fear. Insanely big projection. They center men in their life more than any ass eater.

No. 161425


No, but why the fuck would you post your naked breasts unprovoked. Moids will wank it to children in swimsuits, that doesn't mean you post the bathtub pictures. for fuckssake i know you're an ass eater but please use some common sense.
Okay ass eater. We know moids can't stop you from having absolutely no self-respect, but some of us do respect ourselves. We're not "scared" we'd just rather not debase ourselves unprovoked for internet high fives on an anonymous image board and have random incels hate masturbating to our boob pictures. If you're not sex workers doing some weird ass advertising campaign, you've actually managed to go lower than them. Congrats.

No. 161428

You’re the one offended trying to write kek as a way to seem unbothered. You’re just like Shayna when she gets called fat she tweets about how she’s living her best life. It’s embarrassing Really like no one gives a fuck I don’t even get why there’s a whole thread for this.

No. 161429

Two Bros Enter a Locker Room

Bro 1: Dude, you'll never guess my bitch did
Bro 2: You still fuckin' that fatty?
Bro 1: Ya mang, you were my best man at the wedding bro.
Bro 2: Ya mang. What she do homie?
Bro 1: That nasty fucking whore ate my dirty asshole bro. Fucking gross man. I fucking hated every moment.
Bro 2: Damn mang. Her tongue all up in your stink ditch?
Bro 1: Bro, she -ate- my -ass- bro. Bro like, I think she's retarded and it upset me so much bro.
Bro 2: Bro you cum bro?
Bro 1: Ya bro. Hard.

Next Week

Bro 1: Dude, you'll never guess my bitch did
Bro 2: You still fuckin' that fatty?
Bro 1: Ya mang, you were my best man at the wedding bro.
Bro 2: Ya mang. What she do homie?
Bro 1: That nasty fucking whore at my dirty asshole bro. Fucking gross man. I fucking hated every moment.
Bro 2: Damn mang. Her tongue all up in your stink ditch?
Bro 1: Bro, she -ate- my -ass- bro. I was like so disgusted bro as bent for her and spread bro
Bro 2: Bro you cum bro?
Bro 1: Ya bro. Hard.

No. 161431

I dreamed i ate ass and woke up with my pillow in my mouth and my phone in my hand, this damned thread open

No. 161432

Do you really think moids getting off to your nudes is the absolute worst that can come from them being posted online

No. 161433

As an anti-ass eater, I think we lost tbh.

No. 161434

faces aren't shown. I genuinely don't see any consequence coming from it and it got some laughs. loosen up and remove the stick from your ass.

No. 161435

Some of us are actively avoiding dating men. Eat ass, but just know that most of the world finds it to be degenerate, degrading and embarrassing. If you're a proud ass eater, you won't care so much as to post your boobs as some sort of gotcha. All you're doing is being embarrassing. We've literally all been called a moid for having an opinion here. it's like, part of board culture.

No. 161436

congrats on your fanfiction about eating ass kek

No. 161437


No. 161438

Some of you must be genuinely fucking retarded if you think the boobs were posted as a… gotcha? Kek

No. 161440

There are so many pictures of tits online that it's like pissing into an ocean of piss. There's nothing special or remarkable about what's been posted unless there's a lurking moid that gets off to farmers.

No. 161441

It wasn’t funny what’s wrong with you

No. 161442

I’m not that concerned Nona, I didn’t post my tits. I’m just saying it’s naive to think that’s the worst that could happen

No. 161443

No one wants to see your boobs weirdo. Kys

No. 161444

exactly. its literally like dumping a cup of water into the ocean.

No. 161445

>unless there's a lurking moid that gets off to farmers.
The schizo tranny may or may not be lurking.

No. 161446

This entire thread is funny, the analingus civil war is something I truly never expected to see on here much less girls posting nudes in defense of their what, right to eat ass? It’s very funny. No one would ever have the ability to write crazy women THIS well

No. 161447

Of course the ass eaters are jaded and don't care about posting their tits online.

No. 161448

so why the fuck do you pro ass eaters think you won because you posted boobs? The same thing would have been accomplished if you took a picture fully dressed in something form fitting like leggings and a tight tanktop. the troons that lurk here def aren't the ones who know how to tuck their dicks convincingly.

No. 161450

Yes, he stills does. I see him in his containment thread.

No. 161451

and what happens when the schizo tranny jerks his deflated meat to the boob pictures? the OP gets hit by a comet and dies?

No. 161452

I haven't posted my tits in this thread. I have never posted any body part on LC or anywhere else online because I'm not a retarded attention whore. I'm just pointing out the obvious.

No. 161453

I support them. I'm pro womens wrongs.

No. 161454

I don't think the ass eaters won because they posted their tits. In fact I think it detracted from their argument. But I think they won because they genuinely had better arguments tbh. The most anti-eaters had was "you eat stinky poop gross!!!!"

No. 161456

they really didn't. most of their argument was >hurdur radfems don't want me to have fun.
Do what you want, but we're allowed to kinkshame here.

No. 161457

File: 1681520538109.png (4.95 KB, 760x345, sdfgfsh.PNG)

I don't have much of a strong opinion either way but I think it's telling that the anti ass eaters chose the "YOURE DISGUS%TING" option and the eaters chose the "i dont care, do what you want" option.

No. 161459

Ass eaters love to debase themselves, just look at the tits and vag posted. They will scream "I'M NOT DISRESPECTING MYSELF REEE I JUST LOVE TO MAKE MY RAPE APE FEEL GOOD" and then post their pitiful tits on an anonymous imageboard. The second you do some retarded sex act for a moid all of your higher brain power flies out the window and you'll post your tits for free online to "own" some vanilla dweebs.

No. 161460

Sure but the genuine angry sperging about pickme handmaidens and trying to figure out what band that anons husband is in was so much, just for a disagreement about a sexual act kek. I think the titty posters just matched the energy and it was funny kek.

No. 161461

Their half-brained plan was to prove they were women, because whenever anyone pro-ass had a good argument the opposing side would just cross their arms and say "well you're obviously a troon" or "this is clearly the same moid from this thread who posted scat". I don't support women posting lewds on lolcow, but at least it shut up that annoying argument once and for all. Once the dust settles from anal-gate you'll have the same amount of people liking eating ass and the same amoutn of people not liking eating ass.

No. 161462

Do you need to speak to a therapist anon?

No. 161463

ah yes, choice feminism where anything a woman chooses to do is valid

No. 161464

Idgaf if women do it, so long as their partner is willing to return the favor. If they only want it done to them, they are the asshole.

Cons though: microfecal mater, sweat, hair, e-coli. And it’s a butthole. We all know that’s inherently gross and you are lying if you say otherwise

No. 161466

they could have definitely proven themselves to be women without posting lewds. Even paki-chan's done it.

No. 161467

No but choosing to do something that has no negative effect on others is perfectly acceptable.
Choosing to be a disgusting camwhore who panders to pedophiles is obviously wrong and disgusting.
Ass eating is morally neutral.

No. 161468

be careful anon you’re at risk for being accused of not wiping or needing to see a doctor. You can’t point out that literal shit comes from assholes without triggering one of them

No. 161469

Oh no, don't get wrong. There are plenty of ways to prove you are woman other than posting your fucking arby's sandwich; but I must admit it was an effective tactic to shut down the anti-asser's argument.

No. 161471

i don’t care about the world, people doesn’t need to know my business. people ain’t walking with a sing on their heads on what they like to do in bed. just gays and lesbians.

No. 161472

I still don't believe there are actual pro ass eating women in here. I still think it's a baiting faggot/tranny who posted random nudes and paid some e-thot to write lolcow on a piece of paper.

No. 161473

really wasn't, most people responding didn't think they were men in the first place.

No. 161474

Shayheads have no personality of their own and just follow the flock. Same thing happened with the big cowtipping about shayna's balcony sexcapades. Once one Nona crosses the line, her half retarded little sister debby wants to cross it too.

No. 161475

kek, as an anti-ass eater, i never called any of them trannies, i just said they don't respect themselves. They proved me right.

No. 161476

shit comes out of it but if you have shit particles around your anus even after showering you might be incontinent or have a loose asshole.

No. 161477

we don’t have to prove anything to your anonymous ass

No. 161478

I've been here all day and there were many, many posts trying to shut down people because "only a moid would say that". Once the titties dropped it's stopped.

No. 161479

Exactly. The only one that knows I eat ass is the one moid whos ass I ate kek.
>BuT lOcKeR RooM TaLk
He is terrified of anyone finding out

No. 161480

do you get in the shower and wash his asshole for him too before you eat it?

No. 161481


No. 161482

y'all posted boobs and vagina to prove a point already. It's too late for that line friend.

No. 161483

Cope kek

No. 161484

Please expand on why showing your tits to girls anonymously shows you don't have self respect?

No. 161485

No. 161486

File: 1681521295667.jpeg (Spoiler Image,35.59 KB, 700x489, 432EA5ED-B0E0-4E74-9AD8-16ACA4…)

I eat ass and am PROUD

No. 161487

Nope but it's extremely easy to tell if an asshole has shit on it before you eat it.

No. 161488

i didn’t so keep on wishing fucking lesbo u won’t see my perfect body

No. 161489

THIS. Acting like we posted on b for scrote attention kek.

No. 161490

do you have a shit particle magnifying glass? do you smell it first to make sure it’s clean? or is it just more of a glance and go?

No. 161491

Can you see microplastics too

No. 161492

because this is the internet. there's definitely moids lurking by now. And also, why do you want anyone you're not sleeping with to see your bare breasts and vagina? Women with self respect don't.

No. 161493

I've definitely pass on going south if they didn't pass the smell test. I'm not going to eat ass if smells like literal shit or I can see shit or dirtiness on it. Clean ass doesn't smell like shit, it just smells like genitals.

No. 161494

why are white women so gross and degenerate?(racebait)

No. 161495

Nta but it's like flashing in public, imagine if you're in a group talking to women and you pull your pants down. That's what it is

No. 161496

Because the human body isn't inherently sexual? This is a thread about eating ass and you're trying to lecture people about self-respect as you sit lurking it waiting for you next chance to feel superior to other women. Women with self respect don't need to do that either.

No. 161497

File: 1681521664460.png (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 2656x582, man-ass-menu.png)

warning - male anus under spoiler

No. 161498

I see my girlfriends tits and ass all the time? We're females. If a girl wants to show me something on her tit or something weird near her groin it's not weird at all. I can't argue for why they posted their tits online, I agree why the fuck would you do that on lolcow. But I also don't think it's as deep as you're making it.

No. 161499

Clean ass smells like clean dick and if your moid stinks maybe get some self respect and dump him.

No. 161500

why do you think non ass eaters feel superior? Is it because you feel inferior?

No. 161501

This argument is fine but that has nothing to do with self respect. It's more so not having respect for others.

No. 161502

Why are black women so large and manly?(racebait)

No. 161503

my moids butthole genuinely looks like #7 and thats why I eat it. its cute uwu.

No. 161504

praying for shay’s ass instead of moidhole

No. 161505

they're willing to expose themselves to strangers on the internet unprovoked. That's different from your girlfriend pulling you in the bathroom and asking if there's a lump on her boob and should she go see a doctor.
it's both tbh

No. 161506

It's because they make statements like "you have no self respect if you engage in a sex act" and judge other women based on their personal opinion versus logic. I haven't seen any pro-ass people tell any anti-asser they are less than or have no self respect because they don't like to eat ass.

No. 161507

this has gone too fucking far. why are you retards actually posting your own nudes on lolcow.

No. 161508

This thread is more intense than the Bulls/Heat game rn kek

No. 161509

ew i got prolapsed haemorrhoids moidass

No. 161510

I really don't think you understand what unprovoked means. Their tits served a purpose and put to end to a big piece of anti-asser's argument. Also, it was funny as fuck. I agree with another nonnie who said they matched the energy of the seething femcels. Crazy on crazy.

No. 161511

File: 1681522015410.jpeg (12.41 KB, 529x400, pupplio.jpeg)


No. 161512

I think you’re probably right

No. 161513

Don’t put this cute creature here, it is too pure

No. 161514

and you took that personally kek

No. 161515

because they repeatedly say "you are the lowest form of woman" ect ect. which is an extremely obvious over compensation for their inferiority complex.

No. 161516

Anal glands and mucus

No. 161517

Done with debating over the other aspects of this, am now mostly perplexed by even being turned on by these. It’s just not hot to me, it is actually a turn off to see. Even trying to ignore that it’s a butt to try to understand, it’s not cute. Doesn’t matter if it’s men or women. Does not compute.

No. 161518

And like I've been saying, they could have proven that being fully clothed.the nudity is what I'm referring to when I say it was unprovoked, not the posting of pictures (even though I think it's always cringe to post a pic of yourself on an anonymous image board, especially to prove a point in a stupid argument).

No. 161519

>I haven't seen any pro-ass people tell any anti-asser they are less than or have no self respect because they don't like to eat ass.
Yup. I don't eat ass but this is why I agree with the ass-eaters itt.

No. 161520

I don't understand why some people like feet but they still do.

No. 161521

No. 161522

Samefag but they posted their tits and still somehow look less unhinged than the anti-assers

No. 161523

If I take enough adderall

No. 161524

I had a boyfriend ask me to finger his butthole and I put my finger in there and felt a poop and was in shock, like it was a full log just right there. I was open to the idea, but didn’t personally want to do it. He also liked butt plugs and one time had one in his butt on a date without telling me. /trauma

No. 161526

I'm sorry that in your brain it's totally normal to post pussy and tits on image boards for free, but saying someone who eats ass is nasty with self worth issues is totally unhinged behavior

No. 161527

Also he liked nail polish and capri pants. I was really lonely, things are better now.

No. 161529

Let’s get into a different type of ass eating debate: would you stop dating someone if they admitted they ate the ass of someone you hate? I wouldn’t be grossed out if I dated someone who ate ass in the past, but I feel like I’d potentially get the ick depending on which ass it was.

No. 161530

If they ate the ass of a fat person I'd be disgusted. Otherwise I'd be ok.

No. 161531

i won’t even kiss a moid if he kissed someone i hate

No. 161533

Oh god nona, I'm so sorry.
I wouldn't talk to a used up whore.

No. 161536

Not so much because of the ass eating (I think it's gross and would look down on them though), but because it was with someone I hate

No. 161537

I mean normal yes but they’re hideous she’s got invisible areolas

No. 161538

The internet never forgets! Kiwifags will jerk iff to your titties and post them and nitpick them far worse than any woman will

No. 161539

you wouldn't eat jonah hill's steamy turd-maker??????????

No. 161540

Anons you're breaking my heart

No. 161542

But she's Asian.

No. 161543

Kiwifags might autistically scramble to find background details in each pic. The anon with admittedly nice tits posted like her whole living room. And one of them looks like a butterfacepixie and then they would send them to your family because they’re retarded ass moids.

No. 161544

File: 1681523986504.jpg (4.47 KB, 275x183, download.jpg)

>I wouldn't talk to a used up whore.

No. 161545

>she deleted the original to make another caption.
Anyway >>161542 but maybe she's wasian..
I just have a bad experience with a friend who tried to get me to drink after her when I knew she was fucking around. I'll pass and stick to my husbandos.

No. 161546

The lore of this im yelling

No. 161547

Most definitely. They're getting off to shanya'd repulsive nudes, they'd definitely get off to a decent pair of tits they found randomly

No. 161548

This is absolutely a retarded male using nudes of a random woman he wants to degrade and impersonating a fake character he made up in his head

No. 161549

Some women eat ass. Yeah it's gross but denying that women do it is also retarded.

No. 161550

one of them posted a lot of weird details about her husband too for some reason

No. 161551

Any anon who believes that was a woman and not a faggot is stupid.

No. 161552

Sounds like cope

No. 161553

No. 161554

That girl is so cute

No. 161556

tbh you’re probably right

No. 161557

nobody knows who these are schizochan, go take your meds

No. 161558

Apparently if you have any poop in your lower
anal cavity, guys can actually feel it through your vagina when they insert their dicks into you. They like feel like a lump in there?

No. 161559

Yup 100%

No. 161560

Random black and white nude attached to extravagant shitposting and you seriously believe it's real? The new years tit post wasn't real either. You have to be new to believe something so retarded, even the nudes posted with dated papers could have been commissioned for $5 from an obscure onlyfans girl that takes requests. Never underestimate a terminally online males obsession with imitating and covertly lying to other women online.

No. 161561

The racebait itt proves it's some tranny/moid baiting.

No. 161562

I read an article that said there was a viral video on tiktok telling women they can push poop out that way if they’re constipated.

No. 161563

This is such a deranged take. Why is it so hard for you to believe a woman would lick a mans taint who she's in a committed relationship with.

No. 161564

I think the disbelief is why a woman would be compelled to post their nude in a Shay thread about ass eating

No. 161565

File: 1681526920691.jpeg (Spoiler Image,144.04 KB, 1140x1886, BE23609C-13CD-45A6-97CD-A9AA38…)

Sorry anti-ass snobs but I too would eat ass

No. 161566

No. 161567

Racebait/racism in this thread makes me feel there's a scrote. I'm not saying racist women don't exist and come on lolcow, I'm just saying that whenever I see some blatantly racist shit it's always a moid/troll. So either he found this thread or has always been here trolling

No. 161568

Oh I do believe they would, but the elaborate and obnoxious shitposting with nudes is absolutely for an incel discord. Some faggots OC for sure. The raids aren't frequent but they still happen. The first couple pictures were obviously random.

No. 161569

I honestly still can't believe a girl straight up posted her vagina in a shayna thread and gaved detailed info about her husband.

No. 161571

I feel like people are trying to bait people into proving they're women again at this point. Nonnies, please don't take the bait and if you do just show your hand next to a ruler.

No. 161572

we can post our necks too

No. 161573

Stacy’s don’t eat ass change my mind

No. 161574

File: 1681530536197.jpg (28.98 KB, 408x612, gettyimages-483870887-612x612.…)

>Stacy's don't eat ass change my mind

No. 161575

Absolutely. Smells of scrotum in here.

No. 161576

Yep, look at the weird Getty images of random women. This whole thing is scrotey, I felt like there was a few scrote that got attached to Shays there, either for the porn or shitting on a woman. Or they are from somewhere else, I still have the tinfoil that it's a sex worker or some 4chan girl and her bf trolling, he doesn't mind her posting her nudes online to own the lolcow girls.

No. 161577

Smell like cope in here. Some chicks eat ass.

No. 161578

yes but there’s also moid itt

No. 161579

yes but there’s also moid itt

No. 161580

Im finding it really weird how much these women itt center men. They really think a moid is going out of his way and planning this entire thread derailment and even possibly paying for girls to post in here? Just to troll 8 anonymous girls he doesn't know?
It's honestly so retarded

No. 161581

No. 161584

You are so bad at this, anyone whose been on lolcow knows when mods are around because they do a shitty job hiding it.
Racebait shows up, weird posts attached to random pictures,
>I cant believe women think-
And there's someone in ot who admitted they egg on infighting. There was also a sex worker here who was bragging about it, which may or may not be a moid/actual sec worker. The "cis woman" thing is also a red flag we have a tourist.
It's not about ass eating, it's about clear stirring of the pot anyone who uses this site knows about.
Believing there's fuckery afoot when at least 2 women had pictures posted of their body isn't odd. It's weird and seems like some kind of bullshit

No. 161585

*moids not mods

No. 161586

I know you're retarded because the white woman post was a chick and the black woman post was me and im a chick lol. moids must haunt your dreams and live rent free in your head because they aren't in this thread. but whatever helps you cope. I think anons are just bored because no one has made a new shayna thread yet so they all came in here to argue. its not that deep.

people posted their tits and you guys STILL think its moids and troons. laughable.

No. 161587

How do you know who is or isn't in this thread? I'm done giving you attention you clearly want it.

No. 161588

Ew you’re gross

No. 161590

>it's taboo
>it's different
Anon just say you're a degenerate who can't get her rocks off from normal non-degrading sex acts and go. Nobody gives a shit about your Nigel and your breath smells like turds

No. 161591

I eat his ass like twice a year tops and otherwise enjoy vanilla sex but thanks for the concern.

No. 161592

I think Iʼll have nightmares about ass or something

No. 161593

Anon why are you wearing a dog collar? I hope you don't go outside like that.

No. 161594

KEK anon ty for this

No. 161597

God damn the floppy Luna Slater knockers that looks like skidney from jonny craigs thread, the fat goth SW tits and roast beef vag ass eaters are next level pick me retards

No. 161598

Yes, so feminist and not pick me or incely at all of you to call womens vaginas roast beef

No. 161599

Right like I don’t have a horse in this race and the nudeposting was cringe but when I see “roastie” I genuinely hope it’s a moid and not another woman being such a mean retard loser

No. 161602

>roast beef vag
thats a normal vagina you freak

No. 161604

>roast beef vag
aaaaand thats how you know this entire thing is just a way for some sad women to feel superior to other women

No. 161605

ntayrt but this is just Ammo before she turned into a full time e-girl. I think she looks cute.

No. 161606

how is this thread not locked yet
no it doesn't, idk where you're getting this from. some screenshots and photoshopped/picsart edits i've saved from other threads before have data on it sometimes (never did anything with it tho)

No. 161607

is it finally over

No. 161609

For now. Creator Clash is this Saturday so the swers will be too busy to infight.

No. 161610

If you eat moid ass you have committed spiritual suicide.

No. 161612

How do you know the white woman one was a chick? Are y'all collaborating or something?
>And there's someone in ot who admitted they egg on infighting

Who could resist egging on some dumb shit like this? At least one retard posted her tits and convinced herself she's less mentally ill than people telling her ass eating is definitely degenerate and gross. We're allowed to kinkshame, this ain't Twitter.

No. 161613

i cant believe this thread has nearly 1k replies in two days. Everyone who participated in this needs to be shamed, no matter what side they were on. this is bad, and you should all feel bad

No. 161615

this 100% and i don't understand how there haven't been any bans issued.
>>160897 this reeks of troon moid, >>160764 so does this, >>161268 MOID
this whole thread is entertaining (a) larping fetishist moid(s) and you idiots willfully gave him/them the time of day. time to delete this thread, ban the moids and forget about this shameful event in lolcow history.

No. 161618

Question: Why did you immediately assume the person behind the white woman post was black? Someone says something about white women, the first thing that comes to your mind is black women. I don't really think that's normal except for mentally ill racist scrotes, idk. Unless you're just the same person samefagging to bring attention to your nudes or something

No. 161620

new thread is up, let this shit die >>>/snow/1808965

No. 161623

I posted the white woman comment and I'm not black. Also, I'm a woman.

No. 161624

You haven't seen that because you're wilfully ignoring the posts calling anti ass eaters prudes. The "you're a radfem who will die alone because you're not an ass eater" is the one that sparked the creation if this thread kek

No. 161625

I'm sorry but eating ass is the kind of thing Meigh or Sh0eonhead would do. The only other time I've seen women defend ass eating THIS hard is when screenshots of pickmes from a rw Discord server were shared on Twitter because the moids thought it was funny how low and gross women are willing to go validation from moids

No. 161626

What does RW mean?

No. 161627

post screenshot?

No. 161628

right wing

You'd have to dig through years old posts from small accounts that have probably need nuked for posting troon or hyperboarean memes at this point, but if you find it that hard to believe moids drag women embarrass themselves for attention then you can try digging

No. 161629

don't be an asshole, i asked because it sounded funny not whatever other shit you said

No. 161631

Its almost like it's too good to be true, like something devised by a bored incel desperate for screenshots to share with other losers hmmmmm

No. 161632

No. 161633

its felt like some 5th grade bullshit
>so if you have tits you have to show us otherwise you don’t have

No. 161634

File: 1681587829935.jpg (36.03 KB, 1080x434, kek.jpg)

No. 161635

Congratulations autists. What did you expect? [screencap of nudes itt being posted to soyjak.party redacted]

No. 161636

They sure showed the sincere female anti ass eaters. I'm assuming they won't care since one of them literally posted at tit pic with a sign saying " I eat ass," can't get much more obvious about having a humiliation fetish.

No. 161638

as if someone cares what a fat incel is going to do with some anonymous tits

No. 161640

i’m so sorry you’re sleep deprived by this thread nonita

No. 161641

oh noooo i got called a whore on a imageboard. my life is ruined.

No. 161644

Why would /b/tards know about this secret board? Are we sure somebody from this thread didn't make that thread to prove a point, kek?

No. 161645

You're disgusting misogynists and should immediately kill yourselves.

No. 161646

It was advertised on the front page and also mentioned in the Shayna thread (moids go there for nudes).

No. 161648

i kms, now what?

No. 161649

Yup my thoughts exactly. Girl from this thread posted there to try and “own” the titty posters.
Couldn’t be more obvious.

No. 161650

right because we're not constantly raided by moids from 4chan posting cp

No. 161651

This is what you fucking get you retards. I absolutely hate that it got to that point bc I knew this is what would happen. I wasn’t even one of the psycho antis, more of “it’s not for me but do what you want” anon. Neither side wins and a bunch of crusty moids get to feel superior to us I legit wish I could fight some of u irl kek

No. 161652


No. 161654

Keep telling yourself that.

No. 161655

Also I wonder if the ham beasts ITT make fun of shayna’s body, if so they’re very similar looking if not worse.

No. 161658

File: 1681595292901.jpeg (16.85 KB, 500x335, 087.jpeg)

Just 284 more posts and this'll all be over…

No. 161659

Well, the conclusion to the debate seems to be yes ass eaters are sad whores and yes moids are making fun of you for humiliating yourself. This is what you are, this is how men see you, this what your nigels think too btw

No. 161660

Well, the conclusion to the debate seems to be yes ass eaters are sad whores and yes moids are making fun of you for humiliating yourself. This is what you are, this is how men see you, this what your nigels think too btw

No. 161661

Found the person that posted this thread on /b/

No. 161662

>neither side wins
Nonnie, the whole anti ass side said men secretly think ass eating pick mes are disgusting and make fun of them because moids are horrible, and when that point is proven by having moids come and make fun of ass eaters for sexually debating themselves in an act of pickmeism you pretend nothing has been proven? Are you willingly retarded?

No. 161663

It’s obvious you’re the one that posted the titty posters to b because even if the OT on there you use the same words and type the same kek. Probably the same person that called the girls vagina roast beef. Just some sad girl with problems and calls others pickme to deflect from her own pickme tendencies

No. 161664

we were never raided by moids. you can eat ass without being a pickme. posting your tits to a female only board to prove your not a troon is not pickmeism

No. 161665

pretending someone itt did is complete cope

No. 161666

Everyone's a pickme except you, asshole tongue puncher

No. 161667

This isn't a "female only board" this is a public website

No. 161668

Ayrt I didn't post them to 4chan but you can keep accusing random anim users of doing shit because you don't like that it turned out more than one person thinks ass eaters are embarrassing

No. 161669

>are you willingly retarded
Ooh burn and yeah, guess so, but so is this entire fucking thread. You included. Neither side wins in the sense that you people are still shit flinging (kek) when the whole thing should just be put to rest. Tbh I hate scrotes and don’t want them infecting Shay related stuff the way they do with other threads lmao

No. 161670

Not sure if the nood posters were trolls or newfags but y'all need to understand this is not your safe place, moids lurk here, this thread comes up in Google search, and KF has a thread dedicated to LCF. This board was linked there too. KF has been offline for couple of days. Their users have infiltrated lolcow before during their downtime.

No. 161671

>"ass eaters couldn't make a rational debate and spent two days calling everyone a prude femcel before resorting to posting their boobs, but YOU are equally a retard for saying it's embarrassing"
Does copium taste better or worse then man booty?

No. 161672

I can't believe what I just read

No. 161673

idc, ass eaters won the poll so we out number you anyway

No. 161674

Okay? What are they gonna do with our anon boobs. Nothing. Like anon said earlier, it’s like pouring a glass of water into the ocean. You’re acting like we posted our social security number kek

No. 161675

You both sound one of or all of the following:
Current or former sex worker
Sexual Abuse Survivor

No. 161676

No <3(.<3)

No. 161678

this is how i know you’re a moid thinking we will feel bad about these comments kek as if our life revolves around an anonymous website — oh wait, that’s your reality

No. 161679

No. 161680

i used to escort and once i had to eat a client’s ass and he had fucking toilet paper shreds stuck in there ughhhhhghghhhhhh tbh i would just hold my breath whenever i had to do that shit

No. 161681

larping moid detected

No. 161682

you wish

No. 161684

I have a question for ass eaters. Does it smell?

No. 161685

read the thread

No. 161687

i'm going to say no. there are so many ways to pleasure someone that don't involve your mouth on their shitter

No. 161690

No not at all. But it probably does if they're unhygienic or fat. I only do it if they've showered right before.

No. 161691

I was reading it up until an anon said there was "barely" any smell which triggered me enough to post right away kek
Reasonable policy. I would never be able to eat ass myself but I can kinda understand why others find it hot in theory. Just be careful nonas in case "shit happens" like it does in anal

No. 161692


No. 161693


No. 161695


No. 161696

File: 1681612399666.gif (308.65 KB, 300x229, 5738B1E6-3FA9-4225-932F-4E224A…)

Would you eat his ass? He's a sponge and not real so it should be safe

No. 161697

He's too busy getting barebacked by Squidward sloppy styl to get his ass ate.

No. 161698

I mean go ahead eat ass but don’t post your ugly boobs with an “I eat ass” paper. Dafuq

No. 161700

No. 161701


No. 161702

File: 1681613356749.png (242.26 KB, 1206x1397, KirbyWiiNew.png)

How about Kirby ass?

No. 161703

Actually this begs the question whether kirdedeanon's slit system includes an anus

No. 161704

Kirby has a cloaca, it shits and lays eggs from the same hole.

No. 161705

To be honest. When it comes to Kirby, Meta Knight, Dedede, etc. I imagine while they have asses, it's all completely vestigial beyond pleasure. The concept of fecal matter and defecation simply doesn't exist in the Kirby universe, well, at least in my headcanon it doesn't. Like, Meta Knight's ass exists for no other reason besides fucking and that's if he even figures such a thing out. Which makes for some interesting scenarios. To answer your question, no. Even if it's vestigial, even if defecation and fecal matter don't exist, I still wouldn't do it. I am fine with face sitting, as it would feel like a squishmallow pillow but that is all. Anything else such as rimming would be simply degenerate.

No. 161706

Thank you for clarifying

No. 161707

Kirby shits and farts from his pussy.

No. 161708

You guys can't be this stupid. Moids have regularly raided lolcow since the beginning of time, they were called bots though because they were often from r9k. The titposting immediately smelled of moid, if you haven't been on imageboards long enough to be able to detect the obvious nuances then I'll let you know now that yeah, can you believe it, men come and lie on lol cow all the time.

No. 161709

Anime boys don't poop, so it's okay to eat their ass

No. 161710

Incels posting photoshopped nudes posted by other incels, how avant garde

No. 161711

That depends. With Kirby if he's male I still imagine he has a slit his penis comes out of but also a smaller anus a few centimeters away from it, same goes for Meta Knight. If female, the same follows, it's still there just not for use other than sex. Dedede, however, is the only character that would fall under cloaca where it's a 3-n-1 but…only fluids such as semen and urine come out, penis or not.
No problem, anytime. Though, I forgot to add. I feel in the case of character on character especially if it's Meta Knight if he was forced to eat Dedede's Dark Ditch I think I would be okay if it was a focus of humiliation, degeneration, degradation, and destruction as I find that really good.

No. 161712

>Like, Meta Knight's ass exists for no other reason besides fucking
that is.. a sentence

No. 161713

Kirby shits and lays eggs from its hole. Now why are you in the ass-eating debate thread talking about Kirby and not eating or not eating ass?

No. 161714

If 2D male ass isn't used for sex it closes up

No. 161715

I am concerned for your well being

No. 161716

It's fine if you have a thing for that, but I am not a coprophiliac and I only believe in the latter as eggs being the primary route of reproduction on Popstar. I saw Kirby on the homepage and I got curious. To answer again, I wouldn't. Eating ass can make you sick, it's degrading and it's very onesided as it brings you no pleasure.

No. 161717

I agree. When it comes to 2D men, what other reason is there for them to have an ass if it's not sexual. Unless you have a literal scat fetish there is no reason for a 2D man to have an ass if not for sex.

No. 161718

I am perfectly fine because my anime boys have poop-free asses. not kirdedeanon btw but I support her. Frankly in comparison to fantasy I can't understand anyone who would eat ass irl. Not condemning, just my feels

No. 161719

This board isn't hidden, you can find it from the front page. The ass eating thread was the most active of all of LC, any lurking curious moid could just randomly click on it. We're always raided by moids posting CP. When newlc first came up, they raided it with CP and tranny porn before regular farmers could even get access to post here. Idk why you guys believe that men don't lurk here and wouldn't be able to find /shay/ on their own.

No. 161721

Even then I still wouldn't do it. Kirdede has a point in that it gives you no pleasure. You can't even see his face while you're doing it, it's more of a self-degradation thing.
2D boy ass is only good for pegging tbh.

No. 161722

Everyone knows moids lurk here looking for shit to seethe about but it's easier to accuse nonnies of being bitter then it is to admit that the ass eaters took an L as a consequence for absolute cow behaviour

No. 161723

I wouldn't personally do either tbh but I make them do it to each other

No. 161724

Aww yeah that's good too

No. 161725

I knew this would happen. Males there even admit to trying to rile anons up for pictures yet the retards that sent their nudes still don't understand their nudes only benefitted men. One man even asked how anyone could jerk it to the we pictures, they're literally not even jerking but making fun of anons and saying they're disgusting and desperate.

No. 161726

Makes me wonder if those nitpicking weirdos on /it/ were a male too. "Men don't nitpick women's bodies" my ass, only an incel who believes women are worshipped and live life on easy mode would think that.

No. 161727

>they're literally not even jerking but making fun of anons and saying they're disgusting and desperate
That did not happen.

No. 161728

yes it did

No. 161729

I checked and it literally didn't kek.

No. 161730

one post said "do people even jerk off to tit pics" and another dude said "I love jerking off to unsuspecting posters like this" which sounded suspiciously like a larp from one of the femcels itt

No. 161731

Omg the cope is unreal. So in the beginning, you (ass eaters) said you don't care that it's degrading, you don't care what kiwifags/4channers think etc. but when you see proof that they don't think highly of you it's fake? What happened to not caring.

No. 161732

Because no one said that kek. You won't post a screenshot because it didn't happen. But if they did it wouldn't matter because who cares about ugly friendless moids opinion? Apparently you do. Way to much.

No. 161733

They made fun of the tits and made fun of them for being whores

No. 161734

cope harder, ass muncher

No. 161735

omg so mean they make fun of a nobody’s titties

No. 161736

keep moving the goalpost

No. 161737

>making fun of anons and saying they're disgusting and desperate
this didn't happen kek. its really funny how moid obsessed you are as if anyones supposed to care. I thought the ass eaters were the pickmes?

No. 161739

>don't care that it's degrading
it's not degrading if you both enjoy it and you're doing it for the purpose of pleasure instead of for the purpose of degradation.
>I knew this would happen
Yeah because you're the one that posted it there kek

personally I didnt post my tits but its funny that the reason this nonnie wouldnt do it is because she's scared of males opinions on her flapjacks.

No. 161740

It's literally a moid from there, stop replying.

No. 161742

No. 161743

Painfully obviously so and they're still replying omg.

No. 161744

You eat moid ass but yet you seem like you have never met a man. Of course they love jerking off to unsuspecting women

No. 161745

You talk about Kirbys asshole to your therapist too in addition to the porn you showed her?

No. 161747

Poo comes out of the anus, so no
I guess if you like getting farted on that's fine

No. 161749

Both men and women are disgusted by deformed sexual parts, anon. So both the anons on /ot/ and the incels on that other website that your nudes got leaked nitpicked you.
Wouldn't you nitpick a man with a micro penis or saggy tits? It's the same thing, ugly bodies will unfortunately get made fun of in anonymous spaces

No. 161750

You won, where?

No. 161751

They literally do cum tributes on 4chan (sending their putrid ducks kissing on a random woman and sending it to their number to scare them) I’m sorry men aren’t the uwuwu sensitive bois like your Nigel who bends over to let you eat his farts

No. 161752

I have beautiful boobs and I would never eat ass. I rarely give head too. Perhaps eating ass is the mark of women with a tube boob.

No. 161753

bitch just cuz I have ugly deformed tits doesn't mean I'm willing to degrade myself down to eating manhole, that's some sort personality disorder

No. 161755

>I’m sorry men aren’t the uwuwu sensitive bois like your Nigel who bends over to let you eat his farts
This is how men who use ":3" in texts like to be treated

No. 161756

I’m sorry anon ugly boobs aren’t a curse but being an attention whore is

No. 161757

Ok miss humble brag

No. 161759

Kek it’s prob some fatty with saggy udders LARPing

No. 161760

>I’m sorry men aren’t the uwuwu sensitive bois like your Nigel who bends over to let you eat his farts
Who are you even talking to. I don't think men aren't like that. And my Nigel isn't sensitive either he just likes the pleasure of a woman's tongue<3(.<3)

No. 161765

Why won't you fuck off already

No. 161767


No. 161768

Yes, the screencaps are on the lolcow screenshots thread on ot >>>/ot/1536526

No. 161770

samefagging but I wouldn't be surprised if this is Grayson lul

No. 161802

Holy fuck imagine being this self hating. A man would never say this about you

No. 161803

<woman who seethes over man hating women also thinks it hot to be degraded
The self hate of straight women is catastrophic

No. 161817

File: 1681887673318.webm (2.69 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cgoauhrc77u75mjv6v…)

this is what it felt to read the ass eater anon samefag in the original thread

No. 161838

File: 1681959982950.jpg (10.52 KB, 640x152, wow.jpg)

>my reaction going through this thread after taking a break from lc for a few weeks…

No. 161841

Don’t care.

No. 161848

i don't care in any serious way either nona i'm more shocked about how out of everything this was what sparked an entire thread of rabid infighting. honestly thought it'd be about pearchan vs fridgechan or "shayna's average" vs "shayna's ugly". maybe there should be a general shay debate thread

No. 161854

I just can't believe someone posted their vagina.

No. 161865

File: 1682213593880.jpg (156.68 KB, 1080x1986, shigella.jpg)

No. 161866

ew why wouldyou eat a dirty ass instead of a clean one?

No. 162056

Because they didn't. Its likely it was from some random closed reddit group or grabbed from 4chan.

No. 162057

This is a video screenshot. Def lifted from OF or reddit.

No. 162151

sounds like you showed your pussy on lolcow and are trying throw people off now

No. 162205

Kek right I still cannot fucking believe someone would do that. Damaged behavior.

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