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File: 1673599956454.jpg (50.47 KB, 1000x524, confused hamuchan.jpg)

No. 1471625

For those in need of answers for the silliest of questions

previous thread >>1456052

No. 1471628

File: 1673600111544.png (1.36 MB, 876x838, screenshot-cdn.shopify.com-202…)

What looks better? Matching face jewelry or a colorful set up? I'm getting my lip done next week and can't decide if I should match it to my nose (purple) or go for teal or pink.

No. 1471634

imo matching looks way better. unmatching piercings make your face look too busy

No. 1471701

What does it mean when someone tells you "I was going to insult you/say something really mean, but I just chose not to"? Is it a passive-aggressive thing?

No. 1471710

Means that person is retarded

No. 1471735

My friends and I say this to each other sometimes when we do/say something goofy and it's like a "haha you were being dumb and I don't even have to say it" kind of thing. I guess it depends on the tone and how well you know this person. If you're not close or friends at all and they said it with a stank attitude, then they're being a dick. In that case it's like they're saying you were being cringey. So, yeah, it sounds like a passive-aggressive thing.

No. 1471740

File: 1673620626975.jpeg (94.46 KB, 1471x800, 9D9D01FB-76A6-4A43-9449-5FB5F3…)

help what style of sunnies should i get? the cat eyes have the effect i want but the left ones might look better on an oval shaped face

No. 1471742

I like the cat eye

No. 1471745

cat eye always

No. 1471746

Third vote for cat sunglasses!!

No. 1471753

The cat eyes give everyone a lovely charm

No. 1471754

thanks nonnies, homestuck glasses it is

No. 1471770

When someone hates on you it always comes from a place of jealously and insecurity right? I remember feeling low of myself and hating everywhere but I never really took it out on anyone, I have only snapped at people who were depriving me of sleep or something. But I've had a lot of experience with people just straight up bullying and harassing me. It has come from both genders and all ages, it's not everyone but it's a lot. And often it has been from someone who praised me too much, they liked or admired me, but it's also people who never expressed anything nice towards me. It doesn't exactly bother me but I don't let it slide, one off comment maybe but if it continues I call them out on it and they always get angry then upset. I never insult them, I don't care to do that.

No. 1471795

Anons with severe PMS or PMDD, what helped with your emotional symptoms?

No. 1471806

>it always comes from a place of jealously and insecurity right?
No, not always

No. 1471808

What easy, relatively cheap hobby is good for a NEET who wants to crawl out of a sloth spiral?

No. 1471809

Complete solitude.

No. 1471813


No. 1471819

origami. there's a million tutorials on youtube and i just use whatever old junkmail i get sent to use as paper.

No. 1471822

Does anyone else have like 18 jobs? How many jobs have you done in your life so far?

For me I just never had any real contracted job. I did volunteer, paid internships, gigs and freelance. I could set my schedule and quit anytime. It makes good money but it's not consistent, and I have no protection.

- taking care of animals at shelters
- medical studies, medicine or ct scans
- streaming, talking to people online
- stripping for one day, not sorry I was broke
- let a guy touch my feet, girls gotta eat
- private tutoring, parttime academy teacher
- babysitting
- nannying
- translation
- transcription
- massage and spa treatments
- voice work
- worked at a hotel
- onetime modeling gig for said hotel
- singing in stream, made money
- dancing on stream
- running a guesthouse almost entirely by myself, check ins and cleaning and helping guests, but it was owned by someone else who managed the booking system
- petsitting

There's also shit jobs that didn't pay me and just gave a room so I said fuck it this is slavery and left, I hate people who do this, they are ALL airbnbs and hostels, too cheap to pay employees and too lazy to work themselves.

But anyway I am surprised how much I did to get by. I am still trying new things, first I considered governess like a really high paid nanny tutor for rich people but it's a lot of hours, and might be suffocating, and nobody hired me yet lol. I am also now following my aviation dreams, getting a private pilots license and looking to be a private flight attendant. I also switched my stream to play a character rather than be myself, which makes money. I am also starting an asmr channel.

No. 1471825

No idea but the streaming, sexual work and asmr channel dream of yours remind me of Romanianon who did the two you mentioned and planned on having a asmr channel.

No. 1471827

Order a cheap instrument online and start learning.

Start learning coding and graphic design.

Learn a new language, I can give you resources

Learn to dance, many free videos online

No. 1471829

I streamed during covid when I was unemployed to fix my depression, socialize, show my talents and hopefully make money which I did. Stripping was kind of liberating, like skinny dipping, but I couldn't do that regularly. Asmr I just love hearing it, I do it for myself anyway, might as well try to have a passive income hobby. I am not Romanian however. If she does asmr we could support each other, sounds cool.

No. 1471851

Fellow seiyuufags please tell me whose voice Shin Loids (the one from ViViD) talking voice (this is really important, not singing voice) reminds you of, because I feel like he sounds identically to some well known voice actor, but I can't for the life of mine remember which one it is

No. 1471863

Will a switch OLED case/shell fit on my regular switch or will there be issues so many of the super cute cases are only for the OLED switch its not fair

No. 1471870

I haven't been keeping up w celebricows, has anyone posted Billie Eilish being skinny yet? It's kinda old news but I've been trying to post the pics for like 2 weeks in that thread but kept getting weird errors (it's fixed now)

No. 1471905

What kind of men do you tend to attract and are they your type? For me it's nerdy metalheads and not even the hot kind, it's always the ones with short hair, same height as me and normie passing.

No. 1471909

is it redundant to wash your face with water before using micellar water

No. 1471924

You should splash with water after, to rinse off the micellar water. If that's your only cleanser/makeup remover.

No. 1471928

For writing reasons I (lesbian) need to know what would be good het sex with PIV with a moid you like. Not interested in details just like what is a pleasing route like "f oral orgasm>piv>m orgasm>another f orgasm" or "foreplay>piv>f orgasm>finish m after". I mean, anything can feel good but how would the perfect common/doable script would go for you?

No. 1471937

Been working for a year so far as a cleanster for private offices and supermarkets

No. 1471949

For you anon. I will take one for the team:
>>kissing, making out.
>>body touches.
>>fingering or/and oral to female
>>first orgasm for female
>>PIV while man continues to touch clit.
>>female orgasm.
>>male orgasm
Does that work?

No. 1471981

ntayrt but your reply makes me giggle, it's like a robot writing "basic erotica for humans"

No. 1471991

Serious business nonnies. Someone gifted me a bunny plush and I don't what to call it. Whats a cute female name for a bunny?

No. 1472002

Come on nona, you can't ask us that without at least a description of what she looks like! But I did always like the name Clover for a female rabbit. I gravitate towards flower and plant names for them, probably because of Watership Down.

No. 1472006

Beatrix, after the author Beatrix Potter

No. 1472025

Sorry I was flustered and forgot to include crucial details. She's pink and she's very soft. I only own 2 other plushies and they both came with names already. The pressure is getting to me.

No. 1472027

>male gets in bed
>sucks at kissing
>goes straight for the boobs
>cant find clitoris
>they are sweaty now
>they do PIV
>they come in 2 mins
>woman never gets off
>man goes to sleep

No. 1472030

Izzy or Timbit.

No. 1472041

Pink and soft… I don't know why but the name Duchess comes to mind.

No. 1472045


No. 1472104

Why can I eat tons of sweet foods like cake and chocolate and everything is fine, but the moment I try to eat "normal" food I feel nauseous and I also feel like I'm full so quickly that I struggle to finish my meal? I constantly crave sugar too. I'm slim, not a fatty. I feel like there's some parasite in me that demands sugar and doesn't allow me to eat healthy. It's so bad and it's been going for so long I'm considering going to a doctor with this, but I'm scared they won't take me seriously

No. 1472105

Do you have a magnesium deficiency? I crave sweets and chocolates for the magnesium when it happens.

No. 1472129

What's the appeal of Chloe Sevigny? I feel stupid as hell but why does every "esoteric alt girl" like her so much? Her career confuses me as well.

No. 1472154

is there a place where i can download photoshop templates to edit?

No. 1472162

You might actually not be far off. Your gut bacteria may be overwhelmingly composed of bacteria that prefer simple carbs

No. 1472167

File: 1673641687656.gif (9.56 MB, 652x367, energizer-bunny.gif)

We have a winner

No. 1472175

I got my magnesium checked last year, when I already had those problems, and it was fine
How can I change it? I tried to elimate sugar, I was on keto for like a month but I finally broke, wasn't able to hold for that long since then. I know that fermented foods and milk are good for guts but every time I tried to include them in my diet and cut off sugar I could go on for like 2 days but then I was breaking and going back to sugar. I have a job that's physically demanding for me and I'm often tired and I only feel energized by shit like sugar and coffee, despite the fact it fucks up my blood pressure, which is already too high for my age. I'm scared I'm finally gonna get diabetes

No. 1472183

i though the nose was his mouth and i was highly disturbed

No. 1472184

Why am I farting mucus

No. 1472193

If you don't eat a bunch of fiber, sorbitol, or foods you're intolerant to, talk to your doctor? Google keeps showing me info for intestine disorders and conditions that affect nerves like diabetes.

No. 1472197

File: 1673642929414.gif (2.07 MB, 320x240, giphy.gif)

The original one is creepier. Like a scene from fnaf

No. 1472212

Slowly replace processed sugar with fruit. It's still sugar but fresh fruit is great for you and it cured my sugar addiction. I'm the type of person who could literally survive just on desserts and sweets but fruit cured me. Now I just crave fruit and processed snack taste too sweet.

No. 1472216

File: 1673643912030.jpg (17.13 KB, 320x310, 3d1d582cc81ae7e9111a0911c3f26d…)

How do you stop a cat being picky with food?
I love my cat and he was always usually very mildly fussy with his food but it was never really an issue - he still meowed at me every day for his breakfast and dinner and he never had any problems eating.
But for the past 2 months I've spent SO much money going through different brands because he suddenly became picky. I thought the change was him being ill, but whenever I make my own food he's sniffing around me and trying to pick at it. I genuinely just think he's being a pig but it's just happened so suddenly it's annoying me. I'm tired of ordering different brands only for him to eat it and then go off it again 4 days later. What do I even do? I've tried everything from warming his food up to adding treats to it, I have no idea what to even try next.

No. 1472217

i think he looks cuter, dunno why some zoomers think old=spoopy. I fear the day some zoomer faggot makes this into one of those retarded analogue horror shits they love

No. 1472221

What fruits do you especially like, anon? The only fruits I like are berries and apples with peanut butter but I may try others. I'm gonna try it either way bc the thought of diabetes is scaring me shitless

No. 1472222

If you refuse to give him a different food, how long will he starve himself?

No. 1472237

In summer I usually go for grapes, peaches and watermelon and in winter pears, Honeycrisp apples, bananas and oranges. Plums and apricots can be very sweet so you could try them too. But before you make drastic changes of any kind remember that moderation is key and consult with your doctor.

No. 1472245

Honestly nonna I don't know and I've heard that if you let them just not eat for 24h then their liver can get damaged so I'm worried about that. He eats a small amount of his food every day but it's nothing compared to what it used to be and he doesn't even come up and meow at me for food anymore. People tell me just to "leave the food out and he'll eat it if he's starving" but I don't want to damage his liver if he just ends up…well, not eating kek, especially considering he's old.

No. 1472247

Wtf is the shaytorium

No. 1472249

True. I remember watching the energizer ads in the 90s and desperately wanting one of those rabbits. It's in the last few years that animatronics/puppets have had this horror association really build up.

No. 1472251

i am glad my cat is a stray, he ate a lizard yesterday

No. 1472253

this happened with my old cat. try kitten food or the ones with lactose free milk/cheese products. they smell stronger and can increase their appetite. my old cat was just losing her sense of smell it turned out so she couldn't smell anything as well.

No. 1472262

Are THC gummies different from oil?

I feel like oil is way less intense (struggle to get a proper high going, just feel kinda mellow unless I take a ton) but lasts way longer to the point I'm high for the entire next day sometimes (red eyes 24h after consumption).

In comparison gummies get me reasonably high quickly and the high goes away faster too. I can't eat so much of them that I wake up high the next day.

Both are from the same vendor with the same ingredients.

Does anyone have similar experiences or know what might cause it, or is it just some kind of placebo effect?

No. 1472349

Can cats have autism? Because I swear one of my cats is autistic. Shes like 8 yrs old & just discovered shadows couple of weeks ago. She finds endless enjoyment in chasing them lol. She's always been the weird one of my cats, has very much a "head empty" look at all times. Love that lil retard so much

No. 1472356

Edibles seem to be intense for me too. Once ate a whole brownie my friend made & I got so fucked up I had to call her to pick me up to go to hookah lol. Honestly felt like I was on vicodin how fucked up I was, so I dont think its just you nonnie

No. 1472359

All cats are autistic to a certain degree imo

No. 1472360

Then I would recommend blood work at the vet. Or trying Hills Science diet sensitive skin & stomach. He might have a mild food intolerance, so he'll try anything, but it makes his stomach hurt so he gives up after a little bit. The liver damage only kicks in if zero food is consumed. The body starts staving and so it breaks down fat reserves which clogs the liver.

No. 1472361

while dogs can have autism, cats cannot. however as >>1472359 says, all cats exhibit 'autistic' behaviour to some degree. i'm pretty sure some research was done into this exact same thing once but dont quote me on that

No. 1472363

jesus you sound retarded.

No. 1472381

Thanks nonna, I'm keeping him indoors until things improve and I'm going to monitor his toilet behaviours. He's peed today and ate some of his wet food mixed with water, but the stupid gayboy also tried to snatch my chicken out of my hand. Half of me feels like he's just bamboozling and manipulating me and the other half is worried he may be sick. If he doesn't poop at all tomorrow I'm ringing the vets.

No. 1472383

Someone answer me! What the hell is shaytorium and why are Shaynafags fighting for it? How is it different from regular Shayna threads? Why are mods against it? I need answer!

No. 1472390

I got a 100$ gift card for the university bookstore. What should I spend it on?

No. 1472400

File: 1673652694989.jpeg (76.29 KB, 1080x1080, 1_07p_Lj9PTW0mUmBZHK1T2w.jpeg)

Kek you were so lucky anons. I had only one cannabis cookie in my life and it was my first and last encounter with cannabis, ever. No one wanted to believe me when I was telling them about my terrible trip because it sounded like something incuded by shrooms or something. I thought I'm going to die at first, just overwhelming feeling of impending doom, being unable to move and time and space around me collapsing. Then I got into a time loop and at the same time I was seeing myself in 3rd person. When I tried to get out of my bed, I was seeing myself performing the same move an endless amount of times, and still not being able to get up. When I tried to move my hand, I saw it moving endlessly, from left to right, left to right, left to right, and never stopping, and never moving at the same time. Then I saw millions of fucking fractals zooming in, and then I saw a supercube/tesseract and something told me this was the true shape of the Universe. I've seen 4 dimensions at once. Then I could see biological processes in plants and animals, then cells, then atoms. I basically saw everything, and it was terrible. At it seemed to go on forever. I wanted to die so bad. Someone who was there with me told me it took me like 4-5 hours to get any contact with reality, and I was crying and drooling all that time. Then I vomited like crazy. I still felt high afterwards and I went high to work. Overall I felt this shit for the entire TWO days. So yeah, never again. I was seriously scared it's going to trigger some psychotic break in me, because that's how I felt, even after getting in touch with reality, I felt like I was at the verge of falling apart. Scariest shit in my life. Are some people just extremely sensitive to cannabis?

No. 1472438

nta but why are you so mean for no reason kek

No. 1472442

Sell it, and then pirate all your textbooks.

No. 1472444

Your university textbooks?

No. 1472448

I already pirate all my course textbooks.

No. 1472454

You could sell it to a friend who buys them for less than it's worth.
Like you give it to your friend for 80$ and they buy 100$ worth of books.

No. 1472462

How do some people manage to smell so good? My coworker always smells intensely like shower products (I can smell her from 10 feet away) and I love it. Do you just use a shitload of scented body wash or what?? What is the secret???

No. 1472464


No. 1472470

Shower everyday, long lasting perfume.

No. 1472518

File: 1673659722869.jpg (231.19 KB, 1080x1342, tes652po2gaa1.jpg)

>Are some people just extremely sensitive to cannabis?
yea. my first edible experience was almost like that, it was a bad trip. i know a couple of people that will hit a small hit or take a small edible and puke from cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. some people just have shitty luck. you can desensitize yourself carefully to it so that doesn't happen, but its a gamble

No. 1472519

How is it to live in South Africa? Is it worth going there? Is it good? Is it bad? Tell me South African nonnies

No. 1472520

File: 1673660451417.jpeg (49.18 KB, 800x480, M4KdoYX.jpeg)

I'm using KissAsian .li and I keep getting pic related, is there any way to bypass this? I don't want to turn on ads because it's either porn or or clouds the entire screen.

No. 1472537

File: 1673662075406.jpg (116.64 KB, 1384x1600, 1631711347553.jpg)

>i know a couple of people that will hit a small hit or take a small edible and puke from cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome
Huh. I've never been overly sensitive to cannabis in the sense of getting too high, but over the course of the first year that I smoked, I'd suddenly get nauseous and have to vomit almost every single time. God knows why I kept doing it despite the vomiting, I guess I felt fine otherwise, but after that year the nausea response eventually went away. I've been smoking weed very very regularly for the better part of a decade since then and haven't vomited from it once in that time. So does that mean I had cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome? I got plenty high but never really felt like it was too much or super trippy like the anon you're replying to described.

No. 1472542

Shrimp or bacon? Choose now and choose wise.

No. 1472543

bacon wrapped shrimp

No. 1472545

Bacon. Don't eat ze bugs!

No. 1472546


No. 1472551

Shrimp is such a funny word

No. 1472564

>pretty much have chronic constipation
>never painful or anything but only shit once every 4-ish days, not much in terms of size either
>one day take a laxative just for the hell of it
>poop four times in one morning, expel what feels like a months worth of waste
>during the aftermath, notice that my stomach feels flat as fuck, flatter than it's ever been before
>over the next two days goes back to normal
So uhhh, does this mean that there's usually always leftover crap in my bowels, and it was just all gone for once? Is this how it always goes for normal people? Have I been trying to work off a stomach pouch that wasn't even really made of fat to begin with?

Sorry for the gross subject matter but I really want to know.

No. 1472567

I have a similar problem. I, too, thirst for answers.

No. 1472568

I had a similar experience wrt the stomach pouch disappearing after taking a huge dump after I was on opiods for a time that caused constipation, IDK about the rest.

Did you ever talk to a medical doctor about your constipation? I'm curious too.

No. 1472578

>Sunday, January 15th
>Eastern Standard Time (-2:00GMT)
…How do I convert this to central time USA??

No. 1472584

Google "worldtimeserver gmt to cst"

No. 1472585

I did talk to a doctor about it several times, although this was as a teen something like 10 years ago. They always just said to drink more water and eat more fiber, which never seemed to do anything for me. Apparently when you consistently take laxatives your bowels will adjust and slow down which not only makes the laxatives barely effective after a while but also leaves you with a bigger problem than you started out with. So they never prescribed any medication for it or anything since it wasn't just a temporary case of constipation.
I've been like this since I was a baby and there never seemed to be any actual medical issues related to it, just a little bloating, so eventually I just figured there was probably nothing to do about it. I do usually notice that my stomach pouch is a bit smaller the day after I poop, but nothing like the dramatic difference this made.

No. 1472595

Anime watchers, guide me. Should I watch Vinland Saga or the Nier show?

No. 1472596

Thanks for elaborating. I didn't know that chronic constipation for no apparent reason was a thing. It's unfortunate that it gives you a bit of a pouch but at least it's not harmful. In a way it's your special power to save water and toilet paper.

No. 1472615

Try downloading universal bypass for chrome (if you have chrome,). There might be a similar extension for other browsers. I would look up 'universal bypass for xyz browser'.

No. 1472616

>They always just said to drink more water and eat more fiber
I have the same problem and it’s sooo annoying to always hear that. It’s like telling someone with insomnia “have you tried just closing your eyes and relaxing?” lmao.

No. 1472620

Is there a way to imbed a YouTube short? Specifically from mobile.

No. 1472629


No. 1472631

are there any games i can play that would allow me to get some socialisation in, but arent anything too hardcore? i could never really get into most mmos (although i think id be more likely give something like maplestory a go, i.e something i find cute and not so serious), and fps games like valorant dont appeal to me too much.
idk i find most of these types of games tedious, but im a really isolated person and i sometimes get the urge to be able to interact with other people online

No. 1472632

a cigarette in the morning always makes me shit but you probably shouldn't take up smoking lol. oil also moved things along, but again you can't just be eating a shitload of oil everyday (maybe a fishoil supplement or something would be ok though?)
it's too bad there's no medicine, yeah. you can't take laxatives forever it can cause a big life threatening problem from what I've read (I was reading medical reports for people who abuse laxatives due to an eating disorder and I don't remember exactly what happens because I blocked it out of my mind, but I know it was horrific).

No. 1472634

Like the last anon said, cigarettes can make you want to poop (I think because they're stimulants). I usually have a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and an energy drink and to be completely honest and a little tmi some mornings I have to RUN to the bathroom because the oatmeal and energy drink make me want to projectile shit kek. Maybe that would help?

No. 1472635

why do I keep getting new moles on my body even though i haven't gone outside in years? even the few times i do i'm always covered up anyway. the weirdest thing is that they often pop up in areas that have never even been exposed to the sun once, like not even in the past.

No. 1472638

Universal Bypass for Chrome seems to have been deleted.

No. 1472639

some people are just more prone to getting them. do you have a lot of moles already? i naturally have a lot, and ill sometimes wake up to a new one randomly. sucks but what can you do? also: once i was concerned and looked into it, and iirc it said that new moles tend to pop up more frequently on younger people (late teens to early 20s.) ive noticed that i get less new ones as i age, so it might be the same for you too

No. 1472649

Yeah I guess it is what it is. And hey, I've been on a bunch of 3 and 4 day camping trips in the middle of nature before and yet I never had to shit in the woods, so that's pretty neat.

Unfortunately I already smoke and occasionally drink coffee but neither of those seem to make any difference. Guess my guts are lazy and require some strong stuff to get moving. Thanks for the advice though, I'm going to try fishoil and oatmeal since I don't think I've really given those a chance before!

No. 1472797

Are you 100% sure you are getting enough fiber? It's not actually that easy without supplements.

No. 1472951

The name of that subreddit about fleeing your shitty home country ?

No. 1472960

How does one develop grit? Maybe it’s a lost since I’m an adult now, but I’ve been reading articles about raising kids with grit/resilience and it’s making me so embarrassed. I’ve had a lot of issues in my life but I’ve never actively persevered through them. I’ve always somehow managed to make it through by doing the bare minimum and telling myself “well, if shit really hits the fan I’ll just kill myself”. I’m no longer depressed and I want to better my inner self, but I feel like my indifference to death has become a permanent part of me and does not work as motivation. In my current situation I think I could manage to make it through some slightly difficult situations for the people in my life, but if that were to change I’d definitely just off myself at the next inconvenience. I realize it’s a completely retarded way of thinking, but I’m not sure how to bridge the disconnect.

No. 1472963


No. 1472964

it was called something like r/getmeoutofhere

No. 1473079

Is popeyes good? There's one that will open in my city this summer, I didn't even know there were popeyes restaurants in my country already since I'm in Europe

No. 1473082

Go camping in the woods

No. 1473087

Get a long lasting perfume. You'll want to try different ones, as each perfume will react with the chemistry of your skin and produce a slightly different scent. I use a scented body lotion, but frankly it smells so strongly that it gets ridiculous after two hours and I've still got another twenty hours of smell. Also, get the good name brand laundry detergents, they make clothes smell way better.

Among Us has a lot of voice chat servers where you play as much as you want and then leave.

No. 1473088

I would say it's fine but you're in Europe it so it may be different and idk what the menu would be like for you guys. If you decide to go I would say don't bother with the biscuits. Just try the chicken, red beans and rice, mashed potatoes, and Mac and cheese. I've heard the Cajun fries are also very good but tbh I've never got them. It's obviously not as good as real soul food but it's pretty good.

No. 1473092

What's a good comfort movie like ella enchanted

No. 1473100

Is there a lot of difference between $100+ headphones and cheapos $20 max?

No. 1473168

Yes you're right, usually we don't always get the same things as in the US in menus. I'm looking forward to it anyway, I'll report back.

No. 1473173

Historyspergs were the "strength" and "discipline" disks a real thing in historical China or just something Disney made up.

No. 1473184

necesitaran ambos para bajar la flecha

No. 1473188

Price matters less than brand. Look up reviews for the kind of headphones you want, most of them give recommendations for cheaper good quality headphones as well as the expensive ones.

No. 1473207

It depends. Some headphones are worth spending more money on if you care about sound, other headphones are an overpriced fashion accessory that sound no different from Walmart earbuds. If you just want a pair of headphones that sound far better than their price would suggest without caring about how they look the Koss PortaPro and KSC75 are worth looking into.

If you want a comprehensive list of ratings for headphones.

No. 1473285

There was a post in an old vent thread saying that using pads and tampons can make periods heavier, can someone explain how that works?

No. 1473295

Dioxin is often found in period pads and tampons. It's a pollutant that is created during the bleaching process. It can cause heavier bleeding and has been a suspected link to cancer.

No. 1473299

Oh I forgot to mention you don't really see the side effects until you have prolonged exposure to it. It can stay in your body for decades and you can't get rid of it without literally vaporizing it in extreme heat. It sticks in deep fatty areas in your body so it's there to stay pretty much. It's also found in diapers and the same kind of synthetic fabrics.

No. 1473307

Do you think cilantro and dill would be good in regular ol' tomato based vegetable stew?

No. 1473316

one the other, not both though.

No. 1473317

nta but damn I'm glad I switched to those resuable period panties. I did it because I'm a cheap ass and wanted to save money in the long run but this is good to know too…

No. 1473330

If you search for and read a lot of terf blogs on tumblr but don't like or reblog their posts, do they still show up on your own blog as similar accounts/recommended to other people? I'm crypto and don't want my libfem friends finding out yet. Also same question but for twitter kek

No. 1473331

File: 1673748669750.png (683.17 KB, 600x888, the_smart.png)

are there any other female gazey artists? aside of kaneoya sachiko

No. 1473335

Other than BL?

No. 1473337

preferably straight but i dont mind BL. I just want to follow more women who draw hot guys, no fanart though.

No. 1473339

Was Outlast that horror game where you hide in a locker while watching some (the?) antagonist sawing somones body part off, just to be found by him almost immediately afterwards and getting the same treatment?

No. 1473344

Yes you're thinking of Outlast, the Whistleblower DLC specifically. You're not hiding though, you're captured and the captor is making you watch. You also get saved at the last minute before getting your wiener sawed off.

No. 1473347

How much should I say in therapy?? I'm starting next week and I'm anxious about privacy. In my consultation my therapist mentioned keeping digital notes (so people won't be able to see them to reassure me on privacy) and it wasn't even something I was concerned with initially but now it makes me worried. The notes they take won't ever impact me and my life unless I get into legal trouble right? Am I just being retarded about this? Should I be careful about what I say to my therapist?? I'm just going for anxiety (shocker)

No. 1473349

The evil within also has a scene like that as well

No. 1473362

as far as i know, the only time a therapist has to tell others what you've said in a session is if you strongly imply or explicitly say that you wish to harm yourself or others because they are mandated reporters (at least in the US, idk about other countries). if you're only talking about your anxiety, you should be fine. if you are expressing extreme paranoia due to your anxiety, they may suggest that you go to an inpatient facility, but if you are over 18 they cannot force you to do anything unless you express that you are going to hurt/kill yourself or others. however, if they want to diagnose you with a mental condition, it's common practice (afaik) to consult with other psychologists/psychiatrists about your case to determine if the diagnosis is applicable, so your information may be shared with others in that case

No. 1473366

File: 1673754799998.jpg (29.51 KB, 564x376, 1666558830250.jpg)

um so basically, this guy i've been seeing apparently watched a serbian film… i don't want to look it up but it sounds familiar, like one of those movies i put in the back of my mind in my "do not watch" list. can someone remind me of what the gist of it is, in as sfw terms as possible? is it a red flag? thanks

No. 1473368

a male ex-pornstar does a lot of fucked up shit, can't really explain it further in an sfw way. if he enjoyed it, it is the biggest red flag and u should run

No. 1473372

he did… he says he likes horror…

No. 1473375

maybe i am just biased because i really enjoy horror, but a serbian film is baby's firt ''disturbin film''. I have seen worse and more disturbing movies that aren't even horror, like pretty baby.

No. 1473381

i mean, i like horror too but i view that movie as less of a horror movie, and more of a pure shock value sort of thing. it's disturbing but it's like, disturbing content without purpose or meaning, just to make people be like "WOAHHH THIS IS FUCKED UP!!!" so they tell their friends "THIS IS THE MOST DISTURBING THING IVE EVER SEEN!". but i think people who genuinely enjoy that movie specifically, are weirdos or tryhards. like if you really enjoyed the experience of watching that you probably have something wrong with you

No. 1473385

most men who watch the rape and decapitation scene go masturbate afterwards. dont expect much humanity from males.

No. 1473386

I have never seen it and I don't plan to but everyone who likes that movie is a mega edgelord

No. 1473389

Am I wrong to think it's different when women are into horror? personally i'm not so no bias
what wtf. how do you know?

No. 1473394

I watched this movie with a friend because we are masochists who watch messed up movies together but if he genuinely enjoyed it or thinks it's art, run. It's pure shlock and the only goal of the movie is to shock you. It's made by edgelords, for edgelords.

No. 1473395

double-nonconsensual drugged pedophile rape incest sodomy is the only part I remember.

If he tells you he watched Irréversible but not Martyrs or Visitor Q, drop his ass. (I'm not being serious lol, listen to your gut. Irréversible is a shitty rape horror movie, I thought it was trash. Visitor Q is hilarious and Martyrs is existential art.)

No. 1473397

samefag– to answer your question if it's a red flag: I have to say yes, it kind of is if he watched it recently. if he watched it years ago maybe he's over that phase. it's like something a person who watched gore videos online as a teen would seek out. it's kind of unhealthy. I watched it like 8 years ago and I know exactly why (seeking something to make me feel something because emotional damage) and I wasn't a better person for it, it was a bad type of escapism.

No. 1473398

Run. He has shit taste and is trying to flaunt his edginess.
As a horror fan there are way better things out there that are not obnoxiously exploitative.
He seems like a fedora tipping edgelord that thinks he’s really tough and cool for being into shit tier movies

No. 1473401

>Am I wrong to think it's different when women are into horror?
yeah, you are right tho. I often try to forget that men jack off to weird movies like a serbian film, run away nonnie not only is he possibly a weirdo but he also has shit taste in movies.

No. 1473402

a serbian film isnt even disturbing, 8MM with fucking nicolas cage is a way better movie about snuff films. The ending is shit, though.

No. 1473408

Yeah ok the movie with the guy raping an infant isn’t disturbing or weird.
I know it’s pretty entry level in the gross “disturbing” movie genre but most of those aren’t even good to begin with. It’s just exploitative shit that overuses violence against women and rape to try to get a reaction out of people.

No. 1473417

>what wtf. how do you know?
spent a lot of time in moid spaces

No. 1473421

do they rape a child? honestly it was so shit i cant even remember what happened other than the ending. I can only remember the ending and the part when they pull the teeths off some woman , but it's so incredibly tryhard with it's ''disturbing'' content, reminds me of preteens finding out about horror and gore and drawing cringy half demon ocs with glasglow smiles murdering people, lol. Happiness also has a pedophile character yet it's actually disturbing and not just shocking.

No. 1473427

Maybe I'm the weird one but I do not consider snuff films to be horror? Whenever anyone says they like horror, I'm imagining cheesy slasher films or cheesy paranormal films. I say that I like horror movies because I like scary ghost movies (they're always cheesy yeah but I find them fun to watch). Should I not say I like horror anymore? It never occurred to me that people would consider snuff stuff to be horror. Like horror is fictional… snuff films are, well, real.

No. 1473428

Why did you watch that movie????

No. 1473434

Stuff like a Serbian film isn't real either and it could technically qualify as a horror, but that subgenre is a really lazy and cheap form of horror and is usually more a way for the director and writer to be degenerate. Stephen King also makes use of it in his writing and he's pretty popular, but has inconsistent quality. The only time the shock gore angle works imo, is in the horror revenge genre.
I think horror doesn't have to be bad, some is really good and has great cinematography and tension build up. Alien could literally qualify as a horror. Ari Aster has recently brought more artsy horror movies to the mainstream. Asia is godtier at genuinely scary horror.
So "I like horror" can mean artsy horror movies and critically acclaimed ones, it can mean you like the cheesy B-horror movies, all the way to the people who are obsessed with shock gore subgenre. Then there's a difference between the revenge movies where women hunt down serial killers and rapists and the fully degenerate movies like a Serbian Film.

No. 1473436

That's the thing that bothers me. I don't think it's horror, it's just degenerate and stuff like that actually happens irl. I was just quoting what he said. Horror to me is fictional too. Real life can be scarier but I don't wanna consume that for entertainment

No. 1473437

like, i don't get the shocking factor, it's for someone that's very sheltered or willingly oblivious to what goes on in the world.

No. 1473439

I've grown extremely sensitive and disturbed by horror movies like this with gore and violence because those kinds of things actually happen in real life. When I was young and naive I could watch it no problem because I thought it was all fake. Little did I know…

No. 1473445

They hyped it as the "most disturbing movie ever!11!!1" and i like horror. I remember it appearing on every film of most controversial/disturbing films.

No. 1473446

Kek, they arent real you idiot.

No. 1473462

Sorry I typed something but I deleted it because I realize I didn't clarify. I meant real as in, it actually happens irl. Stuff like Friday the 13th, or Paranormal Activity, isn't even remotely real

No. 1473490

I mostly only like supernatural horror for that reason. Ghosts, demons, curses etc are creepier and more interesting to me than slashers or gore, but at the same time don't disturb me on a deep level because it's blatantly not real and women aren't usually targeted in particular for sexual violence or violence in general.

Actually, it might sound weird but the scariest movie I've ever seen was a documentary about rock climbing called Free Solo. It's not even remotely horror related and you know for a fact the guy survives, but the terror I felt watching it was pure and visceral. Like constantly sweating palms, sitting rigidly in my chair, gripping the arms, covering my eyes in parts. Never experienced that in a horror movie, that shit was real.

No. 1473523

No. 1473524

is there a trope or name for a character with looks typically associated with goodness/angels but they’re actually evil as fuck?

No. 1473526

Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon trope?

No. 1473529

What was that Swedish Host Culture thing a few months ago about? When I google I just find things for expats.

No. 1473534

I watched it when I was around 15 back when it came out, it's an extremely edgy and shitty film and the director is a retard, speaking as a balkan anon
I don't see why someone would openly brag about watching something like that, a lot of people are curious and end up watching edgy shit in their teens and it doesn't have to be indicative of a red flag but I can't imagine the reason to bring it up aside from saying how tryhard it is kek

No. 1473545

Some twittard complained about Swedes not offering him food when he was visiting their families as a kid and retards started whining en masse about Swedes being unhospitable.

No. 1473555

How do (almost) cashless countries like Norway work? When I was a child I often asked my mom for $5 to buy some cat food and juice or something like that. Would mom there then have to go to the bank, transfer $5 to me and only then I get to go on on my way? Apparently 100% of Norways population has a bank account, and again, how does that work? Are only people aged 18+ counted as population? Only those who work? Is it Congrats, here's your child, its birth certificate and its bank account? I'm so confused by cashless countries and I'm glad mine's still two decades behind with more than 75% of us using cash only, you can rip cash out of my cold dead hands.

No. 1473561

No one I know actually goes to a bank in person, only in special circumstances (like applying for a loan or proving your identity). You do banking online on your phone/computer. You can immidiately transfer money to another person with online banks or apps. And you can add your card to a phone and pay with that wirelessly without having to even take your card out of your wallet. I do not have kids but I think quite young kids get their own cards, and if not you can just give cash to them (that you have to first get out of an ATM of course).

No. 1473578

Is gyaru inherently sexual?

No. 1473579

Why would you need to go to the bank to transfer money on a debit card connected to a bank account? You have bank apps for that these days and you can transfer money without issues. I assume kids would either use their own parents debit card, or kids could have a debit card of their own.
Some people I know don't even have debit cards, they use something like Revolut and pay with their phone using nfc.

No. 1473584

No it's more of a fashion trend. For some reason it became a "trendy" stereotype for characters in harem manga and hentai, it's like the men into it are 20 years late. Although girls (irl I mean) into that trend seemed to be mistaken for being promiscuous at its peak, according to the manga Peach Girl at the very least.

No. 1473621

Has anyone had here neurofeedback for executive dysfunction? What was it like?

No. 1473623

it has some elements from what american celebs where wearing in the 00 which I assume most Japanese parents thought was trashy since it didn't fit the Japanese standard of how women should dress. It also involves a lot of obvious make up and most parents just dislikes seeing their kids wear that. It's not inherently sexual but it can come off as more "risky" than average Japanese fashion so that's why it appeals to men in Japan. I'm not saying that girls or women are sexualizing themselves by wearing gyaru or that the goal of the fashion is to be sexy, because it isn't I'm just explaining why men find it hot but men will sexualize everything women do anyway

No. 1473629

I was going to say that in my post but didn't. Gyaru fashion being used as a trope and personality trait for coomer manga and anime these past few years reminds me a lot of American men sperging so much about muh goth big titty gf recently and thinking that black clothes = goth. Men sexualize women wearing the burqa, nothing should surprise us from them.

No. 1473735

File: 1673811491042.jpg (22.85 KB, 260x339, looooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…)

does this book actually help you improve drawing or is it just a meme? I'm not interested in becoming a groundbreaking artist I just wanna draw my favourite characters and yuri

No. 1473737

File: 1673811705815.jpg (93.67 KB, 700x700, 7482.jpg)

Should I make coffee or sweet tea with lemon?

No. 1473745

Sweet tea with lemon

No. 1473747

File: 1673812121250.png (179.21 KB, 301x400, 5509BFED-4BB8-4D79-9564-6D86C7…)

Sweet tea with lemon.

No. 1473750

i am currently doing it, depends on your level. If you are a complete begginer its really good, if you are a bit more advanced i recommend you to just start with his book about hands/faces and figure drawing.

No. 1473751

murders happen irl all the the time what do you mean

No. 1473754

study fun with a pencil to grasp facial construction, then after study form and pose construction from vilppu

No. 1473757

is minoxidil safe to use?
i can only find conflicting info, want to get it for my mom

No. 1473762

Nonnie, movies aren't real, they have actors and special effects…

No. 1473779

How the hell do I admit to my vegan friend that I’m not vegan anymore? I saw him today for the first time in months and since we last saw each other I stopped being vegan. He brought up veganism a few times and I went along with it in a sort of “haha yeah” kind of way, and we went to a vegan coffee shop (that I still go to because the food is great). I realise that I need to break the news to him somehow because I can’t keep it up forever — he’s interested in meeting some of my other friends so it’ll probably come out eventually if he spends enough time around them. Should I just text him, admit it, and apologise for lying? I’m not ashamed of not being vegan or anything I just don’t want to have a conversation about it with him because I know he’ll judge me.

No. 1473781

Paranormal Activity has nothing to do with the kind of murders that happen in real life.

No. 1473784

how would you describe people from wisconsin?

No. 1473791

if you want to draw characters you'll be better of just drawing those characters. find artists you like, copy, redraw their characters for awhile, try drawing your own stuff, repeat. once you hit a plateau think what you have problems with and then maybe do loomis or some other book.
courses like that take some time to finish and i'd say more people get discouraged before finishing the first set of exercises. just copy and draw stuff you like.

No. 1473793


No. 1473795

and what are some stereotypes about Wisconsinities?

No. 1473796


No. 1473797

were you an ethical vegan nonny?
honestly i think good vegans have to be forgiving, because they know just how hard it can be living as a vegan. also im guessing you didn't randomly just decide to start a carnivore diet, if you're anything like me or other ex vegans i imagine you're still making various switches and choosing vegan options when you feel like youre able to. if that's the case i think your friend will understand, bc the best vegan activists ime are ones who advocate for everyone being able to make whatever small changes they can, instead of demanding everyone become 100% vegan overnight even when its not practical for someone. id try to be honest with your friend and talk about the reasoning behind your decision.
obviously there's still room for him to be mad, but at the end of the day i think the more you're able to justify your reasoning the better (basically just avoid being like 'meats tasty and i missed eating it')

No. 1473799

Ive heard they drink a lot but I've never met one.

No. 1473825

I was indeed an ethical vegan, and quite strict about it. I stopped because some things in my life changed (work & college related) and I suddenly became a lot busier and less able to find the time to prepare nutritionally complete vegan meals (not to mention difficulties eating out), so I started to worry about my health a little. I was relying heavily on supplements, which isn’t exactly ideal. I still eat a lot of vegan food (it’s delicious!) but I eat meat on occasion now too, and I think I feel the better for it. I’m hoping he will understand if I explain this to him (he actually admitted to me today that he’s been feeling hungry almost all the time lately, like he could “bite into an animal”, so perhaps he’s having trouble with his diet too). A few of our mutual friends are on and off vegans/ vegetarians so he should be used to it anyway. Thanks for the thoughtful response, I appreciate it.

No. 1473862

No. 1473952

File: 1673825601898.png (185.24 KB, 1815x262, kms.png)

Not trying to dox myself but I am sort of a doppelganger to the woman used in picrel and could never understand why I attract so many weird autist males and idiot "nerds" (as in anime, vidya)–not that I'm special in that way but I thought I was somewhat attractive enough to get an actual looksmatch and not some Plebbit type. Is picrel (being the Plebbit looksmatch type) my unfortunate fate? Should I just kms? I actually put a lot of effort/maintenance into my appearance which pisses me off now considering I still somehow come across like the girl next door who is "approachable" to incels apparently.

No. 1473979

I ended up using both and it was pretty good so I'm glad I didn't see your post cause I woulda believed you nonnie

No. 1473986

What the fuck is that pornsick demented post? Who looks at Zoey Deschanel or Emma Watson and thinks "damn this woman kinky"? This is severe porn induced brainrot. All that incel lingo too.

>an approachable mid slampig

I need brain bleach.

No. 1473990

It's disgusting right? I literally look exactly like the girl in the OP's picture so you can imagine how I felt reading that. Not only am I uglier than I assumed but also emitting signals that I'm some type of secret whore (which isn't even true kek)?

No. 1474008

You have a Becky physiognomy lmao

No. 1474010

What makes the reddit makes attracted to you is you think exactly the same way they do. They can smell your internet induced low self esteem

No. 1474034

I seriously think you would benefit from not thinking too hard about the opinions of incel moids. You can't control how they perceive you, and you seem secure enough in yourself to not actually do anything with them. I don't think you're destined to end up with one or anything based on appearance alone, but if you're actually internalizing this shit then avoid reading their stupid theories about women if you must (even though I know it can be hard to avoid depending on where you go online and it can have a rabbit hole effect sometimes.)

No. 1474041

Based on the lingo I would say that's a terminally online incel coomer, so I doubt it's representative of people you might actually see outside.

No. 1474044

File: 1673831516219.gif (266.36 KB, 220x211, 35645634.gif)

I grew up hearing the phrase, "If you can smell yourself, others can smell you too," or the alternate, "Other people smell you long before you smell yourself." How true is that? I believed it wholeheartedly until dating my ex – we were also coworkers. We had a somewhat physical retail job and he would come up to me (especially on hot summer days) saying he wanted a shower so bad because he knew he smelled bad, and that he knew he was stinky because he could smell himself, and could I please smell check him. I would bury my nose in his armpits and all I could smell was either deodorant or laundry detergent. I'm still convinced that I stink if I can smell myself (depressing, because I can smell myself even a couple hours after a shower), but I do think some people can smell themselves more easily than others.

No. 1474052

File: 1673832257417.gif (377.22 KB, 220x220, cat-dancing.gif)

is this real how did they do the shadows and get him?her to dance with no huiman shadow?

No. 1474053

>is this real

No. 1474055

I have high enough self-esteem to not date any of them and also enough of a brain not to use Reddit or have Reddit-tier opinions, thanks. I'm not gonna fall for the bait like this here >>1474008 who will probably tell me to get plastic surgery to be a Stacy or w/e. Don't waste your money and let moid doctors steal your hard-earned wages.
Thanks for others advice though, I'm done briefly seething over it. I was worried that I was missing some sort of inside information about men assuming I'm a whore or frumpy and therefore easier.

No. 1474056

theres a shadow

No. 1474061

Do you ever get bored of talking about how much moids like you, I wish you would lol

No. 1474063

File: 1673832981720.png (216.01 KB, 471x374, Capture.PNG)

same nonnie, nevermind i found out it's not a real cat, really thought someone trained a cat or something. Disappointed it's a scrote

No. 1474068

Wow anon, you’re right. No one’s ever faked a shadow in the history of ever. Especially with photoshop and cgi shit nowadays, impossible.

No. 1474071

look above bully

No. 1474072

This post suggests it might be fake after all, so maybe there is a way to fake shadows we don't know about. >>1474063

No. 1474080

Do you ever get bored of trying to instigate infighting on /ot/ Blaine, I wish you would lol

No. 1474089

wtf lmao how can you think they trained a cat to do that lolllll ily nonna never change

No. 1474091

File: 1673836169758.gif (3.02 MB, 275x275, 1671015370545.gif)

speaking of weird cat gifs, what's this cat doing? is it fake too? what's worng with it, or what's going on?

No. 1474092

This cat attacking because the owner went out of his way to harass it for le funny meme picture. Cats only show extreme aggression like this if you abuse them in some way.

No. 1474093

this guy i like's favorite female artist is marina and the diamonds. what should this tell me? is he a softie? (i don't listen to her music just an assumption that her music is about loveydovey stuff bc she's a woman, ikik)

No. 1474095

well now im sad

No. 1474096

He might be gay

No. 1474099

During the infight about her boobs in the celebrity thread, an anon said she's popular with 4channers, maybe he's one. Or he's gay.

No. 1474102

In 2013 I had this same problem but the artist was Kesha. The guy recently trooned out. Take that as you will

No. 1474103

wait why?

No. 1474104

Sorry. It's unfortunately the case with many current cat memes. Same goes for the ones with seemingly extremely pulled back cat faces, who are "shaking" with "i'm losing my mind" etc bottom texts.
What is actually happening is that the owners grab and heavily pull back the skin on their neck and shake them. That extra skin is supposed to be where mother cats grab their kittens in a specific way to carry them. But when humans do it, and do it so violently like in these memes, the cats end up with nerve damage related illnesses like epilepsy.

No. 1474108

do people actually cum from sexting?

No. 1474109

>she's popular with 4channers
I have seen some channers like her boobs on /mu/ but I rarely browse that board. Plus she did play a big part in creating the sadgirl aesthetic and that might turn some braindead coomers on. She doesn't have a sexualised image though and she doesn't have the sad girlt hing going on anymore and she hasnt for a long time.
Regardless of whenever or not you should be concerned I think you and other anons are overthinking this. Sometimes people just like stuff where they aren't the demographic without ulterior motive. her first albums where solid bubblegum pop and her newer albums are safe pop music. That appeals to a lot of people so if he is a pop enjoyer(which some straight men are) it makes sense that he likes her. I think it depends on what his favourite male musicians are? Because if all the male artists he listens to are obscure then it's suspicious that his favourite female artist is someone who had a lot of mainstream attention some years ago and it tells us that he doesnt bother seeking out female artists the same way he seeks out male artists. But thats nitpicking

No. 1474114

I was thinking they trained the cat and a human who they digitally deleted, was holding treats in front of him, so the cat was doing the dance, but he was doing it because the treats were held in front of him and they had multipple takes and then they edited it togeather. Which was why it had a shadow. It looked so real and I've always seen the gif and I'd stare at it like, "Wow thats amazing what animals can do", like that gift of an cat playing a whole lady gaga song on a flute, which was real. Yeah so thought it was camera tricks but the cat was really doing the movement, it looked so fluid

No. 1474116

it's made and attacking the amcera

No. 1474118

nonnie, I think you are gay

No. 1474127

me? why? lol
great, so he's into big ass boobs and i'm a chestlet

No. 1474135

I can be hungry but can't eat something I am not in the mood for, a certain taste. I will eat the same few things over and over until I am tired of them and switch to something else, and it rotates. I can't stand sticky greasy fingers so I cannot eat with my hands unless it's bread. I like fish but I rarely can stand to eat it, when I am drunk I eat a lot more seafood. I hate mushrooms.

Anyone else relate?

No. 1474137

I was the anon who said that, to clarify I said I think she's popular with 4channers. I don't spend much time there, but from the few times I've been there I remember seeing some anons bring her up. Maybe in /fit/? Idk.
>her first albums where solid bubblegum pop a
Not really tbh. I wouldn't even call Electra Heart that, at least not fully.

No. 1474156

File: 1673840582179.jpg (9.98 KB, 206x244, download.jpg)

is there something like this, a chew but no flavor that you can swallow?

No. 1474187

Just shove mochi in your craw. Or just use gum and swallow it. True cow, gotta have my cud

No. 1474222

File: 1673845294961.jpg (21.23 KB, 564x486, 1671753188101.jpg)

i think i am developing a hunchback nonnies, help is there anything i can do to prevent it?

No. 1474224

Make sure you are never hunched over, sit straight and make sure to keep your shoulders back

No. 1474228

I have the same problem… i always slouch and im always hunched over EVEN IN MY SLEEP. Its rly worrying to me and i also have a lot of times back pain which comes from slouching/being hunched over all the time. You should go to the gym and train the muscles of your back, i remember a doctor saying to me the reason why i slouch is because my muscles are too weak.. i never played any sports and wasnt outside a lot as a kid. I just was inside most of the time so thanks to my parents for that

No. 1474248

Nta and slight detail but one of my exes is a straight theater guy who is a massive fan of Doja Cat. Yes he was terribly annoying and we had nothing in common. Also due to him being an annoying flamboyant theater kid I could not help but question his sexuality every now and then.
Marina is kind of understandable because moids like her and she’s not too crazy with the antics, he probably has a crush on her. If he doesn’t think she’s attractive you should be worried and look for other signs. Looking back the moid I dated was not physically into Doja Cat but had the same fascination with Doja that gays have with Britney. He was enthusiastic to have sex with me so I really have no idea what the deal was but would occasionally try to get me to get ripped/shredded like that woman called Leanbeefpatty on tiktok (while he was kinda pudgy himself mind you).

No. 1474262

Do some yoga videos. It really helps

No. 1474353

Lift weights. This strengthens your muscles so that you can maintain correct posture. It also solves anterior pelvic tilt.

No. 1474362

Anons who are on a low carb diet, what do you have for side dishes? just tons of veggies?

No. 1474374

is gold jewellery a good investment? and if not, what's a better one?

No. 1474418

I agree with you 100%

No. 1474429

Lots of veggies yeah, but also tofu, legumes (beans, chickpeas), konjac noodles….

I love to cook a big pot of beans and chickpeas with plenty of canned tomatoes, onions, eggplants, carrots, garlic (anything you want really), and spices (I like to use a Zaatar mix here). It's really good and only 55-80kcl/100g, depending on what you put inside/the amount of oil you use.
I top it with tofu !

No. 1474430

Anons please why is everything backwards
I didn’t do anything wrong

No. 1474434

I think people masturbate while sexting ?

No. 1474439

Don't worry >>1474095, >>1474092 is not necessarily right. My cat play fights all the time and it would look exactly like this if i was recording with my phone while he was "attacking" my hand, with the ears and all. It doesn't mean the cat is abused.

No. 1474444

lolcow.farm is back to normal (it seems), so farmcow.lol is reversed again.

No. 1474452

I'm not going to be of much help cause I know fuck all about investments, but from my narrow knowledge about jewellery, I'd say no. Most gold jewellery's value is derisive as far as the amount of material goes, most if not all of them have their core made of another metal which's name I don't recall right now. I believe the odds are that the pieces would sell for less than what you bought, unless you are buying stuff that has art piece status or historical value.

No. 1474453

If he's pulling his ears that far back together with his whiskers, he's not play-fighting..

No. 1474466

Pretty much, but some side dishes can have bits of pork, turkey, or chicken included as well. I usually have roasted broccoli, Brussels sprouts, green beans, zucchini, a mixture of caramelized green pepper and onions, collard greens, pico de Gallo, a mixture of raw onion tomato cucumber and lemon juice, cubed cheese, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and nuts

No. 1474491

Do any anons have tips for easing out period cramps? I'm having the worst cramps I've ever had right now, heat pad + painkillers didn't work.

No. 1474513

tons of ibuprofen

No. 1474536

Does anyone have experience with remeron? I’ve been on it for months and I feel like it’s making me worse. I just have an increased appetite and tons of anxiety.

No. 1474538

Mushrooms, courgette/zucchini, egg plant, green bell pepper, salad, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, limited amounts of onion and garlic. If you're eating low carb remember to be careful about eating root vegetables, beans and tomatoes as these can contain too many carbs.

No. 1474543

Is lc back for everynonny now

No. 1474544

Getting distracted by watching stupid or "snackable" (easy to understand) content helps. Drink lots of water. Drinking green tea and haldi doodh helps (its turmeric milk, you can use honey or sugar or non-dairy sweetened milks if you want it to actually taste good). Anything sweet can raise inflammation, so try as best you can to eat well. I don't know if dark chocolate really does help relieve pain, but if it doesn't have too much sugar it wont hurt.
I assume you're already lying down, but i try to take a nap and i wake up being cramp-free for 3-4 hours at least.
Some women say using period cups help in the long-term, and i can attest to that - my most painful cramps were on the days i forgot my cup and had to use pads. Although this claim is completely anecdotal and i haven't found studies backing it up, ffiw.
If you feel pain that's higher than a 7 on a 1-10 scale of pain, you should go to the gynos and see if there's anything wrong. Cramps are annoying, but they shouldn't leave you in agonizing pain.
And take all of this with a grain of salt, I'm obviously not a doctor.

Ibuprofen can be good once in a while, but I wouldn't abuse it, it can have lasting and painful side-effects for your liver and kidneys, so I use it very sparingly, like every 3-4 cycles.

No. 1474581

Thanks anon, I'll try to get green tea when I can walk long distances! I've used the nap method as well kek. I just have to get some shit done today so it isn't really an option right now.
I've tried to talk about my cramps a few times with a doctor, but they always shill birth control pills to me and nothing else.
I've observed though that since I started epilepsy meds my periods have been easier, though there's no research backing this up, so I think this could be kind of related to my epilepsy? I'll try to get an appointment with a gyne regardless.

No. 1474596

Can sexual feelings for someone develop slowly? I'm seeing a guy who's perfect for me on paper but I don't feel attracted to him even though he's quite handsome. I really want to like him more than I do but I'm just not feeling a spark. Is there a way to meme myself into being into him? I have a history of being really horny for shitty guys so for once I'd like to give a chance to someone who's actually nice and a good guy.

No. 1474603

They can, which is why so many people identify as "demisexual" nowadays kek. I guess get to know him. I don't feel comfortable being intimate right away with someone I'm actually attracted to, I have to know them well first, dunno if that's any consolation. So maybe get to know him and if nothing comes after some dates then maybe it's just not gonna work out. If you're comfortable with that, that is. You can always ghost.

No. 1474611

I've been getting to know him, we've been on several dates already. But we haven't even kissed because I haven't felt the urge and because he's definitely too shy to make the first move. Maybe I should just go for it and try to make out with him, who knows maybe he's an amazing kisser and it'll awaken something in me kek. I like sex and I have no problem sleeping with guys on the first date if they're nice and I'm attracted to them so it's very unusual for me to even keep seeing someone for this long without anything physical happening.

No. 1474616

Why and how would lolcow "fail to resize an image"

No. 1474633

File: 1673894711527.png (214.05 KB, 1365x666, Screenshot (3372).png)

……………what does this mean?

No. 1474642

File: 1673895733198.jpeg (7.27 KB, 275x139, 1648228982845.jpeg)

How does dehydration affect you? Has anyone here had an electrolyte imbalance they didn't really know about?

My mouth is never, ever dry even if I drink nothing all day so it's always been hard to tell if I'm dehydrated. Sometimes I wake up feeling like death in spite of my sleep schedule being extremely consistent. I grew up barely hydrating at all and I've mostly fixed it but sometimes don't drink anything 2-6 hours before bed which is a habit I didn't even realize I had till recently. It isn't like I feel totally refreshed after drinking water, though, so maybe it's unrelated, idk.

No. 1474645

You've come here from a mirror universe. Welcome, traveller.

No. 1474649

personally i don't feel any different after drinking water, even if i do it before bed

No. 1474651

From what I gathered there is a new admin that managed to fix the access for lolcow site for most countries and farmcow has once again become the reversi site/backup

No. 1474673

Should I journal in a physical notebook or in an app?

No. 1474698

File: 1673900394905.png (12.65 KB, 230x225, 5067421.png)

I been meaning to make the second thread for Unhealthy Obsessions with People >>>/ot/204455 for a couple of months now however I always been a bit hesitant since there is a Snoop thread >>>/ot/955088 which is similar in term of stalking however I feel like it quite different. However I'm not sure and would like to get a second opinion on whether or not I should make the thread.

No. 1474725

I'm gonna plan an appointment with my doctor just in case but I need to ask you first. It's been a while, like 1 or 2 years that I progressively need to go piss more and more often, and I didn't really notice until recently because I keep going back and forth to the bathroom at the office when working. I always feel like I'm going to piss and once I'm in the toilet barely anything comes out. It doesn't burn or hurt or anything though, it's very inconvenient but not painful. What could it be? I checked last year with a doctor who replaced the one I usually see because mine was pregnant at the time, she tested me and told me there wasn't anything abnormal from the results, for context.

No. 1474732

I don’t have any great advice or insight nonnie but consider looking into the Squeeze NHS app. It’s to help women with urinary problems and it helps to unlearn certain habits that might be affecting how your bladder empties etc.
Failing that it could still be infection. I use d mannose and for me it works much better than antibiotics without disrupting my body’s flora. Cheaper than ABs too. Couldn’t hurt to try it out.

No. 1474734

Samefag, *Squeezy NHS app. It’s £2.99 but it’s worth it

No. 1474735

How complete is the app? I see it's available in my region so I'll keep that in mind.
>Failing that it could still be infection
Can an infection last that long? That's why I'm asking because the doctor who replaced mine ran a simple test(I had to pee in a cup, she put some specific paper in the cup to see the reaction) and she concluded that it wasn't one but I don't know how accurate that test could be.

No. 1474745

Imo, a physical notebook. It can be annoying at first if you aren't used to it, but in the end it's better imo, especially if you're doing it for your mental health in some way. Even grabbing my journal and opening it to a clean page makes me feel a little better sometimes.

No. 1474749

ah thank you.. that took me ridiculously too long to read/understand

No. 1474750

I had one that lasted maybe 18 months. Antibiotics did nothing and those strip tests didn’t pick up any proteins in my pee. Mine came with horrible awful pain and burning though, I lived with a hot water bottle between my legs. I genuinely would cry myself to sleep over it, I thought I was going mad. D mannose literally changed my life. I was completely clear after a few days to a week of using it.
Yours doesn’t sound as obvious as mine, but urinary urgency and little droplet wees are also signs of infection even if there’s no pain.
Squeezy is really well designed and complete but I can’t say if it will definitely help or not. GPs here recommend that you try the app before seeing a consultant as good pelvic floor practices solve a lot of weird nonspecific pelvic problems. Worth looking into - there might be something similar out there to try for free too

No. 1474753

Ok, I'm glad it's not painful and now that you say it I hope it will stay that way for me at least. I'll see what my doctor will tell me, I'll try to get an appointment for this week if possible.

No. 1474763

Am I allowed to say sperging on the regular internet?

No. 1474764

no, imageboard term

No. 1474767

can someone tell me the name of that research paper that showed gays start having se with adult gay men while underaged or something? thanks

No. 1474800

Is CSA trauma and sexual orientation linked? I saw some studies exploring it

No. 1474866

File: 1674056418535.jpg (56.07 KB, 564x696, a6ae428cdd410a49d1391b934f3fe3…)

…Did anyone else get kicked from the LC discord. I just noticed I'm not in it anymore and I have no idea why, I've never said or did anything weird and whenever I try to join again it says invite can not be accepted?

No. 1474881

old discord got nuked, bunker discord was the new one

No. 1474886

yes, gay reproduction through csa is not just a meme there is a definite link

No. 1474887

Do you guys think 10k is a decent amount to have saved at 30? That’s all I got

No. 1474891

Ooh i see, I just thought I was kicked out kek, thanks nonny

No. 1474900

Is it possible to diet and lose weight without your cognitive functions going out the window, and feeling tired and cold all the time?

No. 1474901

Yes humble-chan, it is

No. 1474903

What currency cause I've 10k GBP saved at 30. I want closer to 20k to get a house.

No. 1474904

I would say yes considering how hard it is for us millennials and gen z to even make enough money to live. So many I know don't have anything saved up at that age or even student loans to pay off. I haven't started saving up until my late twenties because it was impossible so you're good. Just be dedicated to it.

I think so if you exercise enough and get enough vitamins, fat and protein through your diet.

No. 1474905

No. 1474906

I went back to uni in my mid 20s and honestly I don't know why everyone moans about the loan. I get paid weekly and I see the less than 20 quid a week go out to them but I've still made over 10k in savings. I never look at my tax, loan and pension shit getting deducted from my wage I just work with what I've got and know I've got other shit covered which is helping my credit which will help with a house. Unless you go to uni and don't use your degree yeah that's dumb but if you get a graduate job those loans won't hurt.

No. 1474909

You shouldn't even have to pay to get a degree. I don't know if you're a burgerfag but education should be free and you shouldn't have to go into debt just to get a degree. The system is fucked up even in Europe.
I have already paid off my student loans really quickly but I wouldn't change my mind on the topic.

No. 1474911

I'm UK and you should pay for a degree considering all the material and equipment depending on the degree you get. I did a stem undergraduate and masters. Considering all the material and labs etc I was given, plus the fact the universities conduct vital research and have a staff to pay they absolutely should. I went to uni straight from highschool and dropped out to work in an industry that didn't need a degree. I worked up to an ok wage after 4 or so years and paying to do courses to get proficient in that industry, but you're more disposable in those jobs. The work environment is worse and there's a shit load more stress and less company care in place. I went back to uni to change career. My first graduate job beat my wage I had two promotions to get, and in my current field my wage is low. You just have to make smart decisions and have the drive to actually follow through.

No. 1474916

No. 1474918

t. Europoor living from paycheck to paycheck

No. 1474919

It does cost money but that should be covered by taxes like public school education is. Otherwise we have a two class system and it's extremely hard for working class people to even have a chance to get into academia.

No. 1474920

Universities are different though. If they were only publically funded the quality would be shit and research would suffer massively. Further education is an investment. Not everyone will want to follow that path and will have more success down different avenues. There is merit in privatisation.

No. 1474921

Plus the government's do offer loans that you'll pay back once you meet the earning threshold. It's explicitly looked at as an investment if you want to take that path.

No. 1474935

10k usd

No. 1474943

File: 1674063841461.jpeg (42.07 KB, 571x577, C033ED6D-996D-48D2-8D82-16184A…)

What do people mean by ‘being alone with your own thoughts’? I thought it meant generally, but the way it’s talked about makes it seem like they’re referring to introspection instead (which, for me, involves taking out a paper and pen and wracking my brain as well as talking to people). The way people talk about makes it seem like you’re supposed to have deep, introspective thoughts and ‘find yourself’ but ,maybe it’s because I have autism but the way it’s described makes it seem like you’re supposed to ‘find yourself’ this way, but ,ever since I was a kid, being alone with my thoughts usually just involves thinking of fictitious scenarios, reflecting on how I feel about certain things (which usually just has me crying/venting on the notes app) or just blanking out and not thinking of anything in particular

No. 1474954

File: 1674064624992.jpeg (38.77 KB, 464x351, 1648682033307.jpeg)

Does investing in bitcoin get you into real debt? My older brother invested the majority, if all his money into these stupid coins and he even rope my mom into it too. Money is a sensitive subject to him in recent years, IIRC he lost over 2k$, and kept applying for debt but can't.
He used to make good money but I don't know why he decided to drop a proper career path and worked as an exclusively-night shift receptionist now ever since that bitcoin gig didn't exactly go as planned.
Doesn't help that his ego is incredibly fragile and he can be super stingy with his money so this further enhance my suspicion.

No. 1474959

Nonny I guarantee he lost most of his and your mother's money and spent the remainder after cashing a puny amount out. He probably wants to work night shifts because he's a channer degen and wants to avoid normies.

No. 1474962

> Does investing in bitcoin get you into real debt?
You can only lose what you invest, so unless he got a loan and then bought bitcoin with that, he shouldn't be in debt.

I hope the idiot didn't cash out.

No. 1474964

Student loans are an option, retard. You have no right to complain.

No. 1474971

Well, because of him and my aunt. My mom lost a bunch of money too and still hasn't recovered from it yet despite my warning. My brother is quite social ngl, he always make a good impression on others so the channer theory is a little weird lol
I hope so, last time I check he applied for a debit card. Someone came to our house and verify his address so I know hes low on cash and with a bad history of (seemingly bad?!) loans. I just know that its gonna be extra difficult for him to apply to anything bank-related, or that's my own theory

No. 1474972

Why can’t men handle being with a woman who is a functional adult? I’m not even all that put together but whoever I’m dating always gets scared off and bails because they say I intimidate them.

No. 1474979

It might be the place you find those guys.
One of the biggest complaints I hear from male friends boils down to their partner being insecure and indecisive, basically being immature.

No. 1475001

Don't starve yourself?

No. 1475013

Need recipes for Instantpot.
My mum gave me one for Christmas, and I don't know what to make, other than just chili and soups.

Please, no corn.

No. 1475016

File: 1674069549786.jpeg (412.87 KB, 1446x2048, 1660251892965.jpeg)

What perfume notes are thought as 'mom'-ish? I always thought really ambery perfumes with that

No. 1475022

Most of them I met in undergrad so that could be a factor. A lot of them also complained about their exes being immature or hard to talk to but whenever I tried to sit down and have real adult discussion with them they’d freak out and act like I was either a controlling bitch or just fake apologize until I dropped it. They get mad because they act like I’m some manic pixie dream girl in the beginning but can’t seem to rationalize that someone can be fun and responsible. It’s retarted.
Anything with a very powdery base a la Elizabeth Arden.

No. 1475060

File: 1674071750333.png (75.89 KB, 318x307, __.png)

How can I stop hating people so much?

No. 1475061

Get off of lolcow.

No. 1475070

nta but lolcow is the only reason I am not a completely unhinged all-people hater

No. 1475074

This place is my only comfort from the real world. You are not people, just magical sentient text inside my computer.

No. 1475365

Ok dumbest question ever but to those of you who've been exposed to mold (like in a house or something), what were the symptoms? Been waking up sick lately, with a painful chest and nose and a horrible headache and starting to get worried it's the black mold that grows around my window that I clean up–maybe there's some I can't get to or something. I've felt like shit for most of my life but it's much worse than usual in the rainy season.

Also no I can't get another room.

No. 1475409

My coworkers asthma got worse when she had mold growing at home

No. 1475434

Is lolcow loading extremely slowly for anyone else? It's been like that for more than a week.

Also, does anyone know why it was dead for a couple days?

No. 1475479

I'm retarded with computers, is the Joshua Conner Moon spam + the severs then being down this DDoS attack that I always read about?

No. 1476204

No, it's the pedo tranny using a bot to spam.

No. 1476431

what are bands, movies, memes and people you would consider lolcow adjacent? or just shit that gets shared often? pls give examples

No. 1476443

Yeah, it's super slow. It was down because it was being handed over to new moderators.

No. 1476444

Thanks, good to know it's not just me. I'm surprised the site had to go down to be handed over, I assumed that would involve handing over a couple passwords.

No. 1476452

File: 1674092962046.jpg (56.69 KB, 604x604, pppppp.jpg)

Do any other nonnas find Phoebe hot/cute?

No. 1476457

No. 1476474

Why are we getting spammed about null? We know he’s a pedo faggot and I certainly don’t claim him.

No. 1476481

This site has been stamped with his face. He and Ethan Ralph they are the queens of lolcow in the year of shaymin 2023.

Seriously, I hope the new admins can move the site to lynxchan before it dies for good.

No. 1476496

while also keeping the site as close to the original design as possible and migrating all the threads

No. 1476519

Who else thinks Klaus Schwab is attractive?

No. 1476546

Why hasn’t the schizo tranny gone to jail yet? Don’t mods or the moids who know him over on discord have proof that he has posted cp?

No. 1476548

That's the weirdest thing, nobody does.

No. 1476552

File: 1674109702967.jpg (53 KB, 687x685, Screenshot 2023-01-19 011517.j…)

I'm in college and in classes and I don't know if I'm getting mansplained or in my delusional mind, flirted with.
Like I'll explain my answer to a question, and some man says, "I think she's trying to say X", or will just legit restate what I said. Also, I ask a question directly to the professor, and like 4 people will just pop up, and then answer my question that I just specifically asked the prof?

Please let me know if they are showing off (as in my delusional fantasies, they are trying to impress me), if I'm overthinking, or if they just think I'm dumb.

No. 1476554

Is lolcow loading a little slowly for anyone else? Never had a problem a month ago.

No. 1476555

Yes, the boards have been spammed with the same kiwifarms moid

Are you in STEM anon? I wouldn't consider you paranoid if moids are talking over your answers in a STEM class lel. Also asking a professor for an answer/explanation is a world different from asking randoms

No. 1476560

Yes, I am in STEM. That makes sense; glad to know I'm not paranoid, lol; thank you.

And I agree! That's why it's strange when I go up to the prof, or I raise my hand to ask a question, and a conversation gets butted in when this happens to no one else in my class ughh.

No. 1476562

The way to go about it is to assert yourself and tell them that you didn't need assistance from the peanut gallery. Men will do this shit, make them submit by being direct that they are being rude/childish/you weren't speaking to them. Fwiw I am also older and in tech and give no fucks when it comes to classroom settings.

No. 1476575

File: 1674114606308.jpg (32.86 KB, 363x468, 6ca67b8f-37dd-40ef-9feb-02bed8…)

My cats never react to their own reflection in a mirror. Are they smart enought to know it's a reflection or just too stupid to notice?

No. 1476576

More than likely the latter.

No. 1476579

As someone working in IT, it's mansplaining bullshit. I'm a professional senior software developer, yet men still do this to me. I explain a thing and a male colleague will say "what she means is…" and proceeds to repeat my exact words and reaps the benefits. I stopped caring at some point and instead just focus on getting my paycheck with minimum amount of work. The more emotionally detached I am from my job the less it makes me want to kms when realizing the unfair position given to me only because I was born with a vagina.

No. 1476581

File: 1674116244391.jpg (50.07 KB, 843x843, k-diets.jpg)

do you believe that after the international boom of kpop, idols have reintroduced anorexic-tier thinness in the west as the Ideal beauty ?

No. 1476582

Nah, people say thinness is coming back into fashion because the Kardashians got their BBLs removed and lost weight. Kpop is still pretty niche and normies don't see idols as aspirational.

No. 1476584

>Kpop is still pretty niche
what are you on about, kpop is bigger then the beatles and a global phenomenon, like the Cairo stadium was completely booked, which never happens

No. 1476616

File: 1674120173845.jpg (249.02 KB, 2366x1640, 25dne7zyp4c61.jpg)

my ass hurts from sitting on it all day, what can I do? are there office chairs made for this issue?
i can't stop sitting on it, i need to go to classes and study

No. 1476620

Did you ever tell these people to shut the fuck before you stopped caring? If you did, how did they react? I always studied and worked with mostly women and the few guys there wouldn't dare do that shit because they're the minority here, but our client is a huge international company with a shit ton of engineers and they're always begging us to recruit more women for them because it's mostly old white guys here (I'm quoting one of the managers here kek) but I have no clue if they actually treat the new female employees and interns we find for them with respect. I'm very curious.

No. 1476621

Comparing an entire genre to a single band that was the prototype for what manufactured groups are today isnt exactly a good comparison and generally bringing up numbers is stupid when marketing before social media is not the same as after and zoomers are peak consumerists.

No. 1476628

File: 1674121612536.png (410.66 KB, 540x535, 1577489628124.png)

Surely anon was being sarcastic?? I almost wrote a serious reply then I noticed the Beatles reference and stopped because I assumed it was a joke lmao

No. 1476630

nta but standing up for yourself in a male dominated industry and male dominated workplace can make you lose promotions, projects and even your position/job. It's easier to just let it go, even if it's enraging. Not worth losing your income for.

No. 1476636

Donut cushion

No. 1476676

Nta but I have a professor who does this to me. Does this mean that he thinks I’m stupid. I thought it was flattering, like he was in agreement and supporting my points or opinions with better jargon, but you guys are making me realize that the reason he prob does it is because of subconscious bias and mansplaining. It would not be the first time someone thinks I’m dumb because I’m an attractive female in a male dominated discipline. He would always do this every time I made suggestions to another student.

No. 1476678

File: 1674131648636.jpg (41.56 KB, 385x311, paki chan news update.JPG)

Why am I getting weird youtube recommendations of videos that have no interest to me and have only a few views?

No. 1476683

pakichan is hacking you as we speak. Godspeed, nonnie

No. 1476687

No. 1476689

Do you think she will stop if I send her a banana

No. 1476691

When it's a literal professor meant to teach it doesn't have the same mansplaining qualities imo. If a student here says something smart or has a question my professors would immediately start to explain it further because that's their job and they were massive nerds about their fields.
I feel like you can always tell when they are mansplaining because they think you don't understand vs finding the topic interesting

No. 1476694

How do I get over the fear that I won't achieve anything in my life?
I can't do anything productive anymore, since I know objectively that I have no competitive edge in anything. There are millions of people trying to achieve the same things that I would like to have, and there is simply no way that I will be able to compete with them.
Ever since I was a kid, I have noticed that I had no talents, no natural gifts, or anything like that. Every other kid was "gifted" in some way, meanwhile, I had no strong sides. Even if have managed to get good at something, it took me 10 times the amount of energy and effort it would take a normal person to do.
As I got older my realization of my own incompetence grew even larger, once I realized that our genetics predetermine our life and that I have already failed.

No. 1476695

Yes but no. Being skinny never went out of fashion, it just became "be skinny but have big boobs and butt". It doesn't matter if normie adults don't know about kpop, it's the vulnerable teen girls who listen and they're the ones who get anorexic. Eaing disorders were never "mainstream" it's always the niche weirdos who end up with them.

No. 1476699

Decide it doesn’t matter. Do what you enjoy and keeps you fed. Kill this idea that you have to be good or make money at something to be successful. Do it for the act of of enjoyment.

No. 1476712

we're all gonna die and the earth will disappear forever once the sun goes out. nothing anyone does is permanent. just do what you enjoy, life is short.

No. 1476713

>even if have managed to get good at something, it took me 10 times the amount of energy and effort it would take a normal person to do.

But you did get good. This is actually a very valuable skill. I bet the people you think are gifted wouldn't be able to handle putting 10 times more energy and effort in. They would have given up, but you know how to stick it out and achieve long term goals.

No. 1476729

AYRT. I just tell them straight that they just repeated what I said, usually embarrassing them by doing so. I stopped caring about them speaking over me and making the decisions, but I also stopped caring about their feelings. Men don't deserve my time of the day, as long as I get paid I let them run amuck and try to keep to the sidelines so that I can't be used as a patsy. They can have their retarded power struggles without me.

Exactly. I like to pick my battles and this one isn't worth it. Even if I became a feminist icon fighting The Man it would amount to nothing but personal loss, nobody would be inspired and if anything more women would be intimidated by the industry and would never enter it. I'm contributing enough by being present and doing my job 9 to 5 at this point.

No. 1476735

>Decide it doesn’t matter.
But I can't. That would be an equivalent of a short bald moid, calling himself "king" or something cringey like that. I am still existing in some type of society, I still compare myself with people around me. Also, comparing myself to others is the only thing that motivated me in the past.
>Do what you enjoy
But I don't enjoy anything. The only enjoyment I got from any activities was from external positive comparisons, which I would make if I felt like I was better than someone.
>Kill this idea that you have to be good or make money at something to be successful
Again, this is like telling a fat person that should just eat less.
>I bet the people you think are gifted wouldn't be able to handle putting 10 times more energy and effort in
But my life expectancy is the same as everyone else's. I just won't have enough time to achieve anything. And makes me extremely demotivated, that there is simply no place for someone as low IQ as me. IQ scores are highly correlated with life achievements, and you can't increase your IQ.
>They would have given up
No, they would not. They just find something that they are good at and stick with it for the rest of their life, while getting an XP boost.

No. 1476740

Why do you care about validation? Why can’t you self validate? Your hobbies should be for you. To fill your life. Most of society is fake bullshit. Nepo babies that got their way paid into school and positions. The highest insta girls are actually escorts to rich men. Hollywood stars get abused for their roles. It’s all fake bullshit anon. Why rate yourself on that scale? One day you’ll die and rot the same way everyone else will and how much money you had or your job title won’t matter, certainly not to you at least. You’ll be dead. Success is an arbitrary concept, that’s self defined.
For anything you do there will be someone smarter, more talented, more exp, or you may not be the right fit for something. The only you can do is know you can worked harder than all of those people if that’s really what matters to you. But people don’t exist to be the best. We don’t exist to be famous or successfully and most of those people aren’t happy either.

No. 1476749

>Why do you care about validation?
Why do you?
>Why can’t you self-validate?
How? How do I know if I did well if I have no point of reference?
>fill your life
Yeah, just be yourself.
>Why rate yourself on that scale?
Why do you think that I am comparing myself to these people? Maybe, I am comparing myself against actually smart people, who were born with high IQs and have been developing their skills from their childhood.
>Success is an arbitrary concept
No, it is not. I am sure that I can list a couple of objective achievements, like for example having a well-paying job while working a manageable amount of hours, and most people would agree with me. That's an objective measure of success. And we can compare different jobs based on their remuneration and work hours and compare different occupations in such a way.
>most of those people aren’t happy either
Yeah, but some people are objectively happier. For example, a dermatologist, who works 120 hours per month, and out of these 120 hours, 60 are spent on visiting seminars, and taking breaks, is happier than a generalist dentist, working 168 hours per month, while not having any breaks and having to work physically hard, while getting less in total compensation than aforementioned derm.

No. 1476755

NTA but not really sure why you bothered asking since judging by your replies you just want to sit and wallow in your own shit. You can do anything you want and that also includes changing your mindset. If you say "you can't" then fine, sit there and don't change and don't do anything. You already said it, you're a failure. If you want to stick to that, so be it. You are not special and there are tons of people like you who decide to sit in their stinky shit and tons of people who were like you and decided they were tired of it and did something about it.

No. 1476766

Well put, nona. It makes you wonder why these people ask these questions, only to persist in stubbornly asserting their dismal view. OK, continue sitting in your shit and don't get over your fear. Damn.

No. 1476785

I have an inch long white hair on the top of my head that sticks straight up and does not grow. The fact that it's white isn't actually my main concern because I have a ton of white hair and have had white hair since I was a teenager. I just want to know if anyone else has these stupid short hairs that stick right up and don't grow?

No. 1476813

What programming languages do I need to learn in order to create a simple website with a few subpages?

No. 1476817

File: 1674146282189.jpeg (71.98 KB, 492x492, 1530460974362.jpeg)

Can you put makeup brushes in the dryer? Like, even if I drop them in a pillow case before drying them in the dryer would that work? I just want a quick way to dry my makeup brushes
HTML, CSS and PHP if you want to get extra.

No. 1476820

Use a hair dryer

No. 1476832


Pretty much this. And one thing I used to do to assert myself at jobs and annoy moids would be looking them straight in the face and say, "I wasn't talking to you/asking you." And they'd shut up pretty fast. You might get called a bitch but they'll know not to speak over you after a while.

No. 1476846

File: 1674147930103.jpg (62.25 KB, 573x720, 1467852350899.jpg)

What is your favorite part on a man?
Beside his face.

No. 1476848

I do like a nice round butt

No. 1476850

WHY DO PPL LIKE ARM VEINS they are so creepy aaaahhhh! My ex gf liked mine a lot and I thought it was weird

No. 1476854

I'm bisexual but I honestly could not tell you kek. I guess I like it when they have pretty faces. Their bodies are so boring.

No. 1476855

Does anyone know any relatively safe hair relaxers one could use? I don't want my hair to be ultra straight, just a little more loose and hanging down.

No. 1476856

I'm bi too and feel exactly the same

No. 1476860

I use both a hair dryer and a microtowel to press into the bristles. I feel like using a dryer machine would be overkill and just risk a fire since most makeup brushes are made with wood…

No. 1476878

pecs, legs, traps and hands
in that order

No. 1476880

I like when they have an adonis belt

No. 1476904

Thirding and I can only add I like tall men only, short men are a turn off. Noses are really important to me too. Kek
In shape men with well kept finger nails can have sexy hands too, but that’s rare. Defined, strong and long fingers with good, careful dexterity in every motion.

No. 1476914

nice pecs, non-twig arms, good toned thighs, a tight ass, nice clean pits…

No. 1476936

i'm straight but feel the same way. i only like the face, maybe the back and ribcage sometimes but mostly facial features. most of the other body parts mentioned gross me out.

No. 1476955

Are skincare brands like dermalogica and cosmedix worth it?

No. 1476962

No. 1476965

I dont use those. But; perhaps email customer service and see if there are sample options? Worked for me a few times

No. 1476969

Ty anon

No. 1476982

Why is there a brown ring around my butthole? Is it hormones? Inb4 someone says it's dookie, it's not. Babywipes and soap doesn't make it any lighter. It's just the color of my skin. Why is this??

No. 1476999

Hair dryers will melt the glue over time. Just soak up the excess water with a towel and leave them to dry overnight. If you need a quick fix get a brush cleaner and a paper towel, spray a small amount on the brush and clean on the towel.

No. 1477006

Believe it or not assholes aren't all rosy pink pretty holes like they show you in porn

No. 1477011

OpenAI chatbot can do it for you.

No. 1477016

Can be hormonal.
If your private parts are a darker skin tone than the rest of your body means you body released more testosterone during your puberty. Or so I read somewhere online.
I could also be totally wrong. But it's mostly genetic.

No. 1477062

I met a scrote ok tinder who sent me 1k. How can this potentially be a scam and what should I do?

No. 1477068

i bought my roommate a painted bookmark for Christmas and now im feeling embarrassed because maybe its too trashy, what do you think nonnies?

No. 1477074

It's completely normal. Why do you think asshole bleaching exists? People are so exposed to meticulously groomed porn bodies that they forget a body in its natural state doesn't look like a barbie doll.

No. 1477108

File: 1674169205386.jpg (27.53 KB, 682x239, Screenshot 2023-01-19 145846.j…)

which one would u pick nonas

No. 1477109

The third package!

No. 1477111

The first because I love pink and the scent of melons.

No. 1477113

The Ilia makeup set, their stuff is great and makeup is a better universal gift than skincare or hair care.

No. 1477114

First one bc it’s hyped up and I’m curious if it’s all that

No. 1477174

Is there a term or way to describe someone who gloats and broadcasts their misery with no shame? And am I wrong to be disgusted? Song unrelated.

No. 1477190

How common is it really to be a lesbian who hasn't slept with men, only women/gold star? I'm bi but judging from the overly negative way some people talk about it you'd think it was very unusual but off the top of my head I can think of three online women I know who are, one radfem and two libfems.

No. 1477205

my bf said he liked jls when he was 15 or so.

is he bi or something?

No. 1477208

what's a jls

No. 1477210

a british boyband kek i didn't know either

No. 1477211

maybe, but he could just be straight with extremely bad taste in tv. 15 does seem a bit old to like jls unless you want to fuck them, then again i knew a couple of lesbians who liked 1d in 2012 in what seemed to be a non sexual way.

No. 1477213

he said "im not gay though" immediately after so it's like, hmmmmmm.
to be fair i also liked 1d when i was 15 ish. which is why he brought it up

No. 1477215

also i'd never of a guy into boybands so

No. 1477216

never heard*

No. 1477339

What are some apps that have similar features to Photoshop and are FREE? and preferably doesn't require an account but that's not super important. I mainly need something with the layers options to make a quick edit.
The only reasons I haven't pirated it is 1) Don't want to take up too much storage space on my computer or phone 2) Don't want to risk getting a virus

No. 1477345

firealpaca, gimp, krita? All have layer options iirc

No. 1477372

Can anyone recommend me online drawing courses where they give you feedback?

No. 1477373

for beginners

No. 1477381

joining a art discord can help , theres also schoolism(which can be a bit costly) but they have industry artists they often have zoom feedback classes. good luck noona!

No. 1477396

Definitely not trashy. I would categorize a painted bookmark as classy because it combines the art of painting with reading literature.

No. 1477397

Keep it. He may ask for it back, ignore (even if he threatens you with arrest) as when you send it back, the bank will realize that he doesn't have the funds a couple days/weeks later and withdraw the original $1000 out of your account. So you'll be out the $1000 he sent you, and the $1000 you were pressured into sending him.

No. 1477402

No. 1477409

File: 1674222497514.jpeg (713.48 KB, 698x892, 1D8D701E-E10A-4B02-ACE7-FD28FA…)

Its been a long time since ive gotten shroomy… going to a remote cabin on top of a mountain with friends this weekend to get weird. Any recs for consuming/ enjoying the trip? Anything I should pack for emergencies/ trip activities?

No. 1477423

Coloring books, bubbles, any cool posters you want to stare at, take walks and enjoy your trip nonnie ! I also do a letter from my sober self to high self beforehand just in case I get scared/have a bad trip.

No. 1477426

They is still likely pure lesbians, just most societies condition us to probably have sex with a man before you could find a woman you're really attracted to or allowed to be.

I'm sure the same problem might exist for truly gay men but they tried the more "natural" option first, if that makes sense? It just all takes time. Got a similar problem where my whole life, I knew I preferred women and luckily lost my virginity to my high school girlfriend. But my mom pressuring me to have grandkids and getting along well as friends with dudes pushed me into having sex with them. But even my ex always knew and never tried doing intimacy with a man because she honestly thought they all are disgusting.

I don't know why people push the idea that "they don't know until they get good dick!" Nah, if you like how women are, a man won't change a damn thing. That's why they're jealous of dildos and strap ons, for sure kek.

No. 1477430

>they don't know until they get good dick
The men who say that should apply that to themselves. How can they know to be hetero if they haven't been ravaged by a big strong bear yet?

No. 1477433

Ooh! Letter to self; good idea. Im with good folks this round, so I feel confident it will be fun.
Last trip I had was rough… i was 19(?) We drove by my childhood home ,pre divorce-when I was starting to trip and it was like “oh, I havent been down this road in a long time” jumped to “oh, I never dealt with my parents divorce and all the repercussions of it” .
It lead me to a parking lot where I yelled/ cried at stupid chip truck that never movies. My whole childhood this chip truck was parked in the same spot. All the time, and no one ever there. I went to 7 different elementary schools, so there was this animosity I had for the damn chip truck because I was the chronic new kid moving to a new area of town.
I think I mocked it and insulted it- called it chickenshit KEK- But, despite picking a fight with a vehicle, I found it cathartic to cry and get angry about my childhood and allowed a sense of closure. Now Im a little smarter and far more mature. Will there be another vehicle fight? I dont think so.
Its a cute comfy cabin near a creek,
and I have a friend living nearby ready to “mom ya back to reality” if necessary. I think it will be a happier trip. Cheers nonna! If I want to post here Ill just write it down and share later!

No. 1477446

File: 1674227409774.png (410.42 KB, 700x466, image_2023-01-21_011008744.png)

what sushi is supposed to not taste fishy? everyone says fresh sushi/fresh fish shouldn't taste fishy, so is this true? and what does it taste like? I can't do fishy tastes like tuna but I want to try real sushi

No. 1477452

That's adorable.

No. 1477454

It does, and is supposed to taste "fishy". It's literally fish. Sashimi is anyway.

Go for the raw tuna, but make sure it's from a good sushi bar.

No. 1477455

You say that about anything small with eyes

No. 1477494

File: 1674232317516.jpg (103.9 KB, 1000x1000, s-l1600.jpg)

Can you be lactose intolerant to just milk? I always have to go to the bathroom when I drink milk but I can literally eat any type of dairy product out there.

No. 1477501

You can! Fermenting (which is what is done to most products made from milk) lessens the effects of lactose as the bacteria feeds on lactose.

No. 1477516

I know most cheese has pretty low lactose levels compared to milk. I was sensitive for a while there (weird ongoing side effect after initially having a bad case of gastro) Drinking straight up milk or a latte was the worst compared with say eating a cheesy type of food.

Milk can affect you for other reasons than lactose though. If you have any type of inflammatory condition it can trigger an inflammatory response. Something to do with 'casein' rather than lactose.

No. 1477526

Cheese is pretty much just pure casein though, so a person allergic to that protein would probably get symptoms from that too!

No. 1477537

Why do the most put together women end up with the shittiest moids? Every single one of Halle Berry’s husbands has cheated on her. Why is that?

No. 1477561

File: 1674237751310.jpg (243.3 KB, 1280x746, milking-cow-outdoors.jpg)

I was dealing with it years ago so I just remembered that cheese is low in lactose but I wasn't sure about casein in mild vs cheese.

I narrowed my issue down to being lactose and took lactase enzyme pills any time I wanted to indulge in a milky drink. Then 2 years later I reintroduced milk without the pills and could tolerate it again. I had
> A temporary lactose intolerance can happen after some illnesses, such as gastroenteritis, when the body's stores of lactase are temporarily reduced. Inflammation of the bowel as a result of intolerance to other foods, infection or bowel surgery can also result in lactose intolerance

No. 1477565

Imo just as an observer, there is literally no way you can ever avoid being with a shitty man no matter how hot, cautious and kind you are. Sure you can definitely dodge some of them by knowing red flags in the early stages, but men are high deceptive and manipulative. When they choose women, they don't care about compatibility, their only goal is to bend you to their will.

No. 1477568

But nonnie, according to incels (and plenty of men who don't realize they're incels) all us women are dating out of our league. Incels wouldn't lie would they?

No. 1477588

Op here, this can be the case for me too because back then I used to chug milk down with no problem.
It was not until this year that I drank milk and had this reaction with my stomach, which is weird. It could be my body was facing other issues as well, welp, time for a health check up I supposed. I hope this is temporary.

No. 1477643

Yes! I am very similar. The worst effect comes from straight milk, then soft cheeses (which I unfortunately love) then lessens/becomes nonexistent the farther removed from milk the product is kek.

No. 1477644

File: 1674243256670.jpg (38.37 KB, 1280x720, waitingforyou.jpg)

How did that one horror story about you being stuck in an elevator with a murderer, and him running out to meet you at the top of the building or whatever, go again? Or what was it called?

No. 1477661

Reply with any you can agree with in any way

1. my mother hated me and made sure I knew it by never believing me, defending me, or helping me
2. my father was a raging narcissist who was always telling and snapping at random things, I have anxiety from having to walk on eggshells
3. My family treated me worse because I am female (male sibling gifted a car, a phone, trips, while I was not eating any meals), also took my door out for locking it to get away from beating or my things stolen by male sibling to but his heroin
4. My family refused to get me any treatment for my health, while they all got it for themselves, was told I am exaggerating to miss school while wreathing in agony
5. My family guilted me for costing them money, accused me of being lazy for not working as a child (kicked out of a car and left on the highway for needing a pair of shoes,
6. My family regularly threatened to kick me out and said no one in the family would even take me in because no one likes me
7. Told I was an embarrassment and wish they could trade me for literally any other kid
8. Years later they deny of it happened, say it was all in my head, say I need to let it go, say I am weird, or say "yeah I was mean but insert excuse here oh well lol"

I want to feel less alone… like please tell me why the fuck they all hated me this damn much.

No. 1477673

Is conditioner residue in your hair harmful if you leave it in for a few days? It's a natural one, also I put oil in it beforehand which makes it seem worse. My scalp isn't greasy so I don't want to wash it and dry out my ends. I usually wear an updo or braid so it's not too noticeable, I just want to know if it's harmful in any way.

No. 1477692

If it’s on your ends it will probably fine if not a little crusty, leaving it on your scalp can cause your follicles to get clogged/irritated though. If you’re trying to use it as a treatment only leave it on your scalp for a few hours at most.

No. 1477693

2 and 3

No. 1477698

Am I supposed to use dish soap if I used a knife five minutes ago to cut some fruit or vegetables? I normally just rinse with water, but now I'm wondering if I'm being gross lol.

No. 1477699

God nonnie I'm so sorry you went through that. That kind of behaviour messes you up for life. You have to fight the feelings of worthlessness and try to remember you deserve food and clothes.
Don't internalise it. You can't control how others choose to treat you, and sometimes adults are just pieces of shit. Some people are sadistic, power tripping, and perpetuate cultural sexism towards their children. I can relate since my parents mostly 'forgot' about how much they hurt me. I got scapegoated for things I didn't do and was never heard- my acting out would've been called 'hysteria' a hundred years ago, but truth be told, the toll of being hurt, sidelined, and made to feel crazy will actually make you crazy if you don't get help for it. It's not you, some people really do just suck. Do you struggle with feelings of worthlessness these days? I hope you're in a better place now.

No. 1477701

Tbh I don't wash off the knife unless I'm cutting like raw meat or something then switching to vegetables. Usually it's fine to just use one for fruits & veggies

No. 1477703

Sorry if I didn't make myself clear but I don't mean switching between food genres, I meant that I'm only washing with water before I put it back in the cabinet if I used it on anything that didn't use to breath at one point in its life.

No. 1477707

Yeah, you should absolutely be washing with soap if you're putting it away afterwards.

No. 1477715

I do but it's 99% more when faced with people. How I am on my own is night and day than in a social setting. I have learned to deal with it and become somewhat normal, but I subconsciously hold back a lot. When I get close to people I relive those feelings.

No. 1477720

What is it with people thinking that vegetables, fruits and grains can't grow dangerous bacteria

No. 1477739

I dont care if i die mother nature weeded me out.

No. 1477764

Thanks nonna, it's just on the lengths of my hair so it's okay. I'll wash it again in a day or two anyway.

No. 1477771

Is climbing a ladder mounted to a wall (as in, 90° angle) hard?

No. 1477779

Why do some women's bodies look so different on camera? I knew multiple women who I thought were wide, maybe chubby, had small breasts, etc then when I saw them on video, irl or even in different pictures they looked completely different! The biggest example would be a girl in a friends group chat. She always looked kinda chunky in her profile. When I ended up meeting her she was so skinny. I also feel like this is the case for Camilla Capella

No. 1477800

should i text him to hang out? theres this guy that I like and he tried to get me to go over to his place a few days ago, and I never replied to him because I got scared so he stopped pursuing it. I kinda regret it and wanna go over, should I text him?

No. 1477806

Are sex and gender actually considered different things to normal people who aren’t terminally online? I always assumed they were interchangeable

No. 1477819

Context matters. Sex is the genitals of a living being that can reproduce sexually. Gender means the grammatical gender of something, it's used to describe things, places, living beings and so on.
Most people in real life would ask for the sex of a baby, not the gender, because gender is supposedly strictly for grammatical purposes, but gender slowly started replacing sex, because it sounds less awkward to some people if you ask for someone's baby's gender and not the baby's sex.
Some people irl would ask for an animal's sex or gender depending on how awkward is the person, but most people will just ask "is it a boy or a girl?" Or while talking between family members and friends they will be like "what's the sex of the child?" But the most common way to ask for someone's sex is to just ask "is it a boy or a girl? Is it a man or a woman?".
That's my experience though.

No. 1477821

8) yes the fuck you did call me things like “stupid” “ugly” “loser” “dumb” that is NOT some shit you say to your child. Anyways anon fuck your parents, they’re miserable people who I hope you can put in the shittiest nursing home.

No. 1477823

File: 1674258460854.jpg (90.88 KB, 1080x926, ba90551b0d8464ebb1c018d3604ffa…)

Anyone else getting wet when they're laughing really hard? Usually when I have this kind of laughter that makes you wheeze and then go silent for a second, my pussy is leaking kek. I was watching SnapCube's sonic fandubs after a long while and it happened a lot

No. 1477866

Are the "play this game and earn 100% real money" games legit? Has any of you tried it?

No. 1477881

They're 100% scams. Just you asking that makes you gullible enough to fall for it. They're just there for you to waste a good chunk of your time.

No. 1477927

So I just realized my dermaroller has fake needles. Is my skin going to end up fucked/worst off or are the benefits just not going to be as good as if I had used one with real needles?

No. 1477928

I get it, totally. None of what happened to you was your fault, but if you internalise how your family has treated you, you may attract abusive friends/partners, as you will give off a 'self hating' vibe. I hope you never blame yourself, and work past this.

No. 1477966

It's not recommended to use cheap dermarollers without real needles. They cause larger wounds than real needles. I would toss it if I were you.

No. 1477971

Wtf is a fake needle

No. 1477972

This question is probably going to make me sound like an idiot, so I guess this is the perfect thread to post it in. I am not a musician in any way, shape, or form. I can’t play any instruments, I can’t read music, I can’t write music, and I’m unfamiliar with musical terminology. I’m emphasizing this so that no one suggests anything overly complicated. There is both a guitar and a keyboard in my house, and I’d like to hook them up to my desktop and fuck around on them for fun. I’m looking for a program that will write out whatever notes I am playing as I go. I think that Logic Pro has this feature? I need something compatible with Windows, though.

No. 1477976

I think I ate some raw chicken, how fucked am I nonnies? I baked some chicken thighs tonight and some of the bigger pieces were still raw in the middle so I put them back in the oven for another 20 minutes. When I pulled them out I thought they were cooked all the way through and it seemed that way as I was eating it… until I got to the bone and a thin layer of meat just around the bone seemed really soft and squishy and looked pink so I'm pretty sure it was still raw or just barely cooked. Am I gonna get salmonella?

No. 1477983

anon means blunt needles that can't pierce you.

No. 1477985

Oh they pierce theyre just not needles. There’s tons of videos on YouTube

No. 1477987

Cheap dermarollers have thin, sharp pieces of non-hollow metal instead of needles. Real dermarollers have actual hollow needles.

No. 1477990

no, they don't, gender is based on your sex they are interchangeable in that context which is why gender/sex related words have the same roots. in some languages it's used for arbitrary reasons (even in english people refer to objects as she or he sometimes). terminally online people and tras both conflate and separate them to cape for trannies since being trans originally meant to act like the opposite sex, not become it. it's a confusion tactic. gender is intrinsically tied to sex and things like gender roles are just "sex roles" so they're meant to be conflated since men will and should always mean male and woman always mean female. gender roles however are dynamic and constantly change, but your sex determines your gender and therefore the gender role stereotype. i hope that makes sense.

No. 1477993

needles aren't all hollow, anons. you're thinking of a hypodermic needle, aka a hollow needle. and dermarollers don't use those. whatever info you're getting is extremely incorrect.

No. 1477999

File: 1674278780112.jpg (519.18 KB, 3000x3000, DermaRoller3.jpg)

You guys are literally retarded. I hope to god neither of you have hypodermic needles on your dermarollers because that sounds like a staph infection waiting to happen. How can people absorb enough information to remember some aspects but get the specifics so fucking wrong?

No. 1478003

So are the needles not needles because they're blunt or because they're hollow? Why would hollowness dictate needleness? Now I'm even more confused.

No. 1478007

please refer to >>1477999 anons either got misinformation or they're misrembering. a needle doesn't need to be hollow, anons were confused about the shape for reasons described in that chart.

No. 1478008

Oh, so they're fake because they're thicker than actual needles. I get it now, thanks.

No. 1478009

Why are there so many troons (MtFs) who are into philosophy? You would think that someone who spends most of their time making rational arguments and critically analyzing abstract concepts would soon realize the circular logic in identifying as a woman, but I guess not.

No. 1478011

i think it's the shape more than anything. but it has nothing to do with holes.

No. 1478045

idk if you've met the average philosophy student at university but unfortunately it makes a lot of sense

No. 1478093

philosophy major to troon profile :
- rich enough to go to college for humanities
- nerdy enough to be accepted
- stupid enough to fall for the sjw bullshit they teach you there
- smug enough to be misunderstood genius aka incel
- enlightenend atheist enough to fit in with the troons

No. 1478175

I got prescribed sleeping pills for my insomnia and sometimes it causes memory loss, like i can’t remember what i was doing up to two hours before i fall asleep. It’s stuff like shitposting here and watching youtube but it kinda worries me. Should i tell the doc about it?

No. 1478184

No. 1478213

File: 1674307258674.jpg (25.76 KB, 220x312, 220px-Jack4.jpg)

Where could I find and purchase old penny dreadfuls?

No. 1478322

I lost my wallet where should i look

No. 1478384

The internet claims that basically all suicide methods will just end up with surviving in constant agony. Mortality rates seem shockingly low.
How much of this is just a suicide prevention tactic?
(if you must write a lecture please answer the question too)

No. 1478388

What's the last place you remember holding your wallet at?

No. 1478392

Some (like guns) are effective afaik, but if you get it wrong you are FUCKED. You will be severely disabled for the rest of your life, without an chance to try again most likely. They are also less available than easier options, like pills. People think pills (like overdose with you medication) are easy, but they take a long time to work and are very painful and ineffective.

No. 1478394

Excuse all the typos my ESL-ass made

No. 1478406

I've looked up sites before that just give you the info (success stats per method) without sugar coating it or lecturing you about hanging on in there. My conclusion was you generally need access to something that isn't all that easily accessed without a decent amount of advance planning. Gun (depends where you live) gases that make suffocation more bearable (where the fuck do you buy these tanks of gases) or a few specific pills that are hard to get prescribed nowadays seeing as they're already so heavily linked to suicide success or accidental overdoses.

I don't see myself attempting it again but I learnt from experience that just taking any old pills you have laying around is a real heat of the moment tard method. Which is why alot of people survive overdoses.

No. 1478417

File: 1674319947012.gif (4.99 MB, 498x498, cat-coffee.gif)

Which is healthier, a latte or a glass of juice?

No. 1478420

Probably a latte since coffee makes you less hungry. Bonus if no sugar

No. 1478423

whichever one has less sugar? Juice is generally not healthy because it's so fuckin' unnecessarily sugary (at least here in burgerland they dump ungodly amts of sugar in it). But if it's like, straight up fruit juice from a juicer with no extra sweetener dumped in it, go for it!!

No. 1478481

Are bras underwires supposed to be all up in your underboob crease or further down?

No. 1478484

Try a latte with nonfat milk -at least 8 gs of protein and less than 150 cals

No. 1478485

Fruit juice without pulp is no better for you than cane sugar, but it is better than high fructose corn syrup.

No. 1478486

In/g/ theres a fashion thread and someone shared a video on bras- go check it out!

No. 1478500

what is breadtube in like 2 sentences?

No. 1478525

thoughts on studio killers? they give me such creepy TIM vibes, especially with the tranny singing voice.

No. 1478537

They did not do that to me before, I love them, but they recently did a collab with Kim Petras so idk lol

No. 1478552

Youtubers who bake bread

No. 1478563

Youtubers made of bread.

No. 1478578

Leftist/communist YouTubers. The name breadtube is from the book The Conquest of Bread by Peter Kropotkin who wrote about anarcho communism

No. 1478606

I enjoyed their songs, music videos and cherry's unconventional design, but I hate that three men are behind a band that talks of femininity and female sexuality a lot. Like what the fuck would they know?
Have you seen their cartoon pilot? It's laughable, coomery, pretentious and they sure love milking the lesbian couple dry. They haven't released music in ages and kept asking donations for the pilot, but it turned out to be awful. I dislike the new art style for the videos too.

No. 1478642

Why do (did?) so many kids draw the sun in the corner of the paper sheet with sunglasses? It's adorable and I did that too as a kid but where did this trope really come from?

No. 1478644

Ok look one of you has to give it to me straight. I've been doing pilates daily for a few weeks and I've really been feeling good about it, but (and tmi warning) I've queefed like 5 times in the last 2 weeks when I've never done that.

So, basically, should I be worried that my pelvic muscle are bolloxed?

No. 1478646

File: 1674342493844.jpg (503.96 KB, 1489x1444, por4.jpg)

If not editing then focal length basically

No. 1478655

personally I did it because it was the only space left on the paper where I could fit a sun because the rest of the sky was covered in birds and tree branches. Also it made me feel smart because I created an illusion of a full circle and implied that there was more nature beyond the paper. I added sunglasses because they looked cool and the idea of the sun wearing sunglasses is funny

No. 1478660

incheresting… well I personally always drew the sun first but still always in the corner as well as wearing the obligatory sunglasses… it was always such a key element in my preschooler art

No. 1478663

Who is paki-chan and what did she do? She's mentioned in almost every thread I read.

No. 1478666

I wish I could remember what it's called but there's a book about shared child behaviors like this, like drawing the "cool S" and whatnot. I guess you could say it's similar to anthropology stuff where every culture shares behaviors like music, dance, rituals, hero's journey stories, etc. Just things humans do and will continue to do?

No. 1478670

Why are my toes so itchy i cant sleep

No. 1478677

can someone explain or tell me the reference for the nickname baldi gaysics from the shay thread, im retarded thanks

No. 1478714

File: 1674348301127.png (106.37 KB, 1920x1080, 5C022D7E-BD57-4658-8765-9F2E41…)

This? He is called this because he’s a bald moid (I think it’s Ken they’re referring to)

No. 1478718

he's bald, basic and gay, Baldi Gaysics, kek I thought of the name and it's based off of this video game character. I also love the dancing gif

No. 1478719

File: 1674348970976.png (19.2 KB, 519x385, Capture.PNG)

So how do I go about making my lolcow page look like this permenantly and how can I program my pages to have different color schemes?

No. 1478724

File: 1674349203570.png (19.65 KB, 616x287, Capture.PNG)

like i want shay's thread to look like this all the time and only

No. 1478726

lmao ok never heard of this but ty

No. 1478728

File: 1674349424398.gif (967.54 KB, 255x300, 1671648751803.gif)

No. 1478731

File: 1674349845126.jpg (114.97 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

unlocked a new husbando

No. 1478752

File: 1674350979286.jpg (100.3 KB, 564x1893, 1665457961546.jpg)

baldi is the og sexyman

No. 1478794

File: 1674353200817.jpg (45.24 KB, 640x422, 1668324569046.jpg)

How do I break out of a hoarder mindset and start getting rid of shit?
It doesn't help that my mother is overly sentimental and keeps a bunch of shit we don't need, so she tells me not to get rid of stuff a lot of the time .
I want to sell off anime figures (I don't like anime anymore) and old clothes I don't wear, but I'm so sentimental I can't let go of them even though they don't bring me joy and don't get used.
My room is so painfully cluttered it brings me anxiety, I have no where to store anything new.

No. 1478868

How awful is the site SHEIN?
I keep getting videos of this potato looking girl talking about how shitty sheins clothing looks but every now and then she’ll say she likes something but then goes “ but don’t buy it!!” And lots of comments of people saying it’s a bad site.
If SHEIN is bad doesn’t that make sites like aliexpress also bad? How are they getting Collaborates with high names such as hello kitty and lastly If no one buys from those sites what would happen to the workers that sadly get support from such low pay?
Sorry!! I know nothing about these sites but I’ve been reading lots of comments of people fighting each other over the topic on her videos.

No. 1478883

You sound like you should do the Marie Kondo thing where you thank your objects for the joy they've given you before selling/donating/discarding them. My wife introduced me to this because I get so sentimental that I will cry when I get rid of things because I feel like I'm hurting their feelings. It's been a lot easier since I started doing this, so if it appeals to you, you should try it. Ngl it does feel a little silly to reminisce with and thank an old tshirt but it's better than hanging onto things I don't need.

No. 1478886

Its cheap china plastic clothes. Worry more about how they have a lead poisoning issue with the amount of clothes that have a higher amount than fda approved

No. 1478889

Change what's on display, pack up all your anime figures and old clothes and anything else you want to get rid of in boxes and stick them somewhere you can't see. You'll get used to not having those things on display all the time and won't think about them as much, so you're less emotionally connected to them. They'll take up space in your spare room or closet, which gives you another reason to get rid of them. There's nothing stopping you from keeping some items that you're attached to, nobody's going to shoot you if you decide to only sell two or three items out of however many you have.
Sometimes you need to hold onto stuff for a bit longer before you decide it's time to let go of it. No shame in keeping things around while you work on learning how to detach yourself emotionally from them.

No. 1479203

I am so sorry to post this but what is the hentai trope called where the loli is actively seducing the older man? Please don't ask why I need to know this

No. 1479219

well why do you need to know that? tf. you can't just say something fucked up like that and expect people not to think you're a scrote tier creep especially since you don't want to explain

No. 1479225

File: 1674397277644.png (245.47 KB, 1580x910, fugz.PNG)

Why does wikipdia sometimes look like that? Seems to depend on the language, too. I only have it for some articles in English, but Japanese wikipedia always looks like that for me.

No. 1479233

It looks like that as opposed to…?

No. 1479235

File: 1674398910300.png (271.44 KB, 1919x917, jgjhgj.PNG)

Tried other pages, and seems like it looks like that on every English page, too, sorry about that.

No. 1479240

File: 1674399059790.png (288.6 KB, 1613x421, new wikipedia.png)

It's supposed to look like this from now on but I guess it hasn't fully propagated yet.

No. 1479246

File: 1674399362026.png (31.97 KB, 1245x98, a.png)

It's a new update. If you saw that horrifying alegria popup at the top of the page that was an announcement of the update. I fucking hate this trend of pushing all text into the middle of the screen and maximizing the blank space as much as possible to make it look better on phones

No. 1479248

Huh, sucks. Thanks.

No. 1479263

I don't understand how this make Wikipedia easier to use, it was working just fine

No. 1479280

thanks nonnie

No. 1479294

What to do if I am only physically capable of studying or working at night? Before I used to turn around my sleeping schedule so I’d go to sleep around 12 pm and wake up at 8 and get work done. That isn’t sustainable anymore now.

No. 1479321

There are jobs and colleges/universities with night schedules, at least in my country there are, so it's possible to find a place that will let you work or study at night. You could also be a freelancer and do whatever you know to do at night, and explicitly say that you will only send the finished work at night.

No. 1479322

Hi nonnies I really need some advice. I have finally figured out what I want to get my bachelor's in. I have already graduated with an associate degree. My question: should I email my advisor first? I'm unsure if I have the credits needed to pursue the major I want to pursue, should I email him at all? What should I say? I've always been somewhat retarded when it comes to conducting myself in academic settings and I just need some help but I have no idea what to ask my advisor.
Should I just email him and tell him that I have decided on a major and that I'm not quite sure if I have the necessary credits needed and what could be done? I'm unsure if that's necessary at all and if I should just sign up for fall classes right now, or whenever they become available??
Pls help me out!!!

No. 1479329

File: 1674406881272.jpg (77.04 KB, 800x600, MultipleGal.jpg)

How do I stop being annoyed that my older sister copies me? I hate thinking mean things about her when she does it and I hate feeling upset about it. We're in our 30's too so…

No. 1479364

Kill her. There can only be one

No. 1479463

Can someone help me find a YouTuber? Watched her channel a few times probably pre 2020. She was a very generic, pretty, plastic surgery skinny brunette white woman, late 20s or early 30s. She had a basic/luxury aesthetic, designer goods but nothing exciting just beige and white. She did haul videos and videos walking around wherever she lives iirc. Anyway she had an extremely manic undertone, she gave off the vibe she could start screaming or crying at any moment, it's possible this was a 'childrens entertainer' style she was going for, but it felt weirdly dark, she never stopped smiling or expressed any negative opinions and it didn't seem real. There were alot of face zoom ins and quick cuts. I guess this could describe a lot of YouTubers but there was something extra to this one. It's not the kind of content I usually see so I have no idea if this is even helpful to describe. Maybe she was in one of the old conspicuous consumption threads.

No. 1479497

Pink sparkles?

No. 1479508

What was that thing called where someone grabs your wrist tightly and squeezes your fingers one by one for a bit, then you make a fist as hard as you can and open your hand back up and repeat this until your hand starts tingling, and then when the other person lets go of your wrist and just gently touches the middle of your palm it goes like fwaaaah through your whole hand, starting from the point they touched it, for a few seconds? Me and my friends in elementary school loved to do this to each other.

No. 1479513

File: 1674421697467.png (3.51 KB, 243x41, app icons.png)

why tf are my site icons literally rotting. they go back to looking normal when i hover over them but as soon as my cursor leaves the icon it starts rotting again. i'm dead serious. these are my bookmarks but it happens on my tabs as well

No. 1479518

I believe it’s called autism, anon.

No. 1479525

Definitely contact him. You should try to talk to the advisor face to face or on a Zoom call because it'll make conveying all the information way easier. But either way you should just tell him that you've made your decision and are confused on what the next step is. He can check your credits and make a list of all the classes you may need, and might even help you sign up for them depending on your school. Most likely, he'll be able to walk you through the entire process.

No. 1479527

Is it GERD if i regurgitate all the time but its not acidic ?

No. 1479529

Maybe the theme you are using is buggy or old?

No. 1479538

Do can post-op troons get STDs? I'm thinking TIMs could since it's still made of their dick, but tifs' arm/leg graft surely can't carry an STD?

No. 1479550

this is a good question

No. 1479567

Why is it that mommy issues cause more damage than daddy issues?

No. 1479571

Because mothers are important

No. 1479577

Most TiFs are gay moid larping -> anal sex with moids -> mega ass STDs

No. 1479625

What are some things one should budget for when going to an anime convention? Tabling too?

No. 1479658

Because society conditioned everyone to understand how shitty men are and it's practically expected that they'll be shitty, when women are bad to their children it's almost "shocking" since everyone expects women to be super caring and everything else

No. 1479675

If I want a bf who hates the male nature, are mtf’s my best bet?

No. 1479676

Do you know what site you are posting on?

No. 1479677

Of course I’m talking about detransing one

No. 1479685

The right thread for this question.

No. 1479690

Being a tranny is peak male behavior though. Think being a woman is just a concept and object, addicted to hypno and degen porn, more than likely a pedo, will skinwalk and abuse their female partners/control their language, etc. Yeah they may post how they dislike expectations for men, but their actions show they are men through and through

No. 1479692

And to top it off, you'll still be doing the dishes

No. 1479694

Doing the dishes, taking care of the kids, cooking, going grocery shopping, cleaning the house, repairing stuff, making sure he doesn't sexually abuse the kids, but also making sure he doesn't go psycho mode on them and traumatize them furthermore, and so on, and so on.

No. 1479696

No. 1479703

File: 1674447615838.jpeg (161.27 KB, 662x239, 0DF756A4-719E-48D9-9A86-5DACC0…)

Who is this?

No. 1479704

pixielocks on /w/

No. 1479706

Thank you

No. 1479737

Is this how British people normally talk?

No. 1479741

Anon… take it from me who used to date an MtF transbian. I know the appeal of wanting someone who has a male form but the mind and spirit of a woman, but troons are really not like that. At all. There will always be something male about them no matter how much they try to escape from from their male socialization. Turns out growing up as a man for their whole life subjects them to taking some very misogynistic ideas about women, including trooning out. They cannot relate to you as a woman no matter how much they try. They are not a feminist even if they claim to be as such. They will never understand you as a woman. They will always be male in their attitude, their behaviour, their experiences and their worldview. This is not even touching on the fact that their dicks barely work most of the time and they're always depressed with some kind of brain fog because they have a hormonal profile of an obese man. Even a detrans man will have a different kind of emotional baggage. Just save yourself the trouble and avoid. You're better off trying to find some GNC and GC man because at least you know he won't troon out and won't assume he knows better than you about feminist issues.

No. 1479756

Do you need to use metal instruments to remove blackheads?

I've been looking at strips and masks on amazon and all of them have bad ratings.

No. 1479757

Seconding this as a former TIMfucker, don't do it. They are very male and just a misogynist. In fact , worse because they act enlightened, it's insidious. They are sexually broken and contrary to the meme they are not submissive or feminine,they are garbage straightsex flaccid failmales, terrible

No. 1479759

Is there any hope?
MTF are usually heavily mentally ill and misogynistic, bisexual men are porn addicts and usually will expect gross things in bed, "sensitive" moids you have to perform constant emotional labor for and keep their emotional support "female friends" around, men into feminine hobbies are usually cheaters or gay

No. 1479771

Factual and correct. I pray for you straight nonnies, may you one day find a man that is tolerable, it's rough out there.

No. 1479785

an extruder will get out a lot of stuff that you cant get out with your fingers alone, it saves a lot of time and pain imo. strips dont get stuff out down to the bottom of the blackhead so they aren't worth it

No. 1479793

is gravity falls even a good show why are people still obsessed with it and always making mable sweaters

No. 1479811

i liked it but tbf i was very young when i watched all of it. i tried watching it again last year and it wasn't REALLY good but maybe i only enjoyed it out of nostalgia. but it's fun and the last season was cool. never seen anything like it

No. 1479892

I replaced my bath towels lately. The new ones are a bastard for shedding fibers and fluff onto anything they touch. Do I give them a few seperate washes and see how that goes or do some cheapo towels just endlessly shed fibers?

I'm a couple washes in already and no luck

No. 1479956

Is star trek lower decks worth watching

No. 1479958

It's meh. Good enough that I didn't regret watching it, but also not to be taken seriously at all.

No. 1479959

the cheap ones i bought never stopped shedding.

No. 1479973

File: 1674498141024.jpeg (10.38 KB, 192x262, images.jpeg)

Damn it I miss my old towels

No. 1479981

Are there any extreme procrastinators/internet fried-brains/ADHD-havers who managed to actually get disciplined, good and consistent with whatever they do? How?

No. 1479991

For me, I decided to do an outlook on my future and recognizing wasting time doing nothing or indulging in things that aren't productive is worse than spending your time actually doing something that will make you feel good and help you out in the long run. I set goals of what I want in the coming years. Limited my screen time with a modded version of third-party app called StayFree. I make it an effort to go out to a trail at least once a week. It's quite the lifestyle change and it's gotten me feeling like I am putting effort into a eventually higher quality of life. I implemented the 50/30/20 budgeting technique and that really put me into discipline. I also have a goal to become a mother in 3 years so that really put me into a reality check on what I need to be focusing on to make it realistically possible and with minimal struggle. Maybe not a goal for you, but I do have other goals on top that are keeping me on track too. Maybe you'd like to one day be able to have more passive income and eventually switch to part time, or buy a new car, or get a nice down payment for an eventual house, or start a garden, small business, etc. Anything you'd like to achieve in less than 5 years, start working towards that now! Even if it's something tiny you can do now, it's totally worth it. Like, I don't know how to really explain it, but the goals I make shape how I do things from day to day. I'm committed to making it happen and it feels good.

No. 1480007

Gravity falls was shit it was way too focused on 12 year olds love lives and not on the supernatural stuff. It also just wasn’t funny.

No. 1480009

Yeah something about the humor felt annoying and reddit-like to me, idk how to explain

No. 1480012

File: 1674501734397.gif (298.75 KB, 498x426, FFB1939D-F500-4724-903B-9AC55C…)

I like to think of Gravity Falls as a baby redditor cartoon made for future redditors. It's quirky, it has mysteries based on conspiracy theories, it has an incel protagonist, a sister that moids can demonize or fetishize alongside the other girls that they can both fetishize and demonize, a quirky lol so random villian and cool adult figures that are not like other adults.
On the other side, it also has a boring moid main character (who is uwu soft and sensitive I guess) that can be shipped with the evil triangle thing demon that tends to get turned into a sexy man by the fandom, and that gets shipped with boring moid main character because said main character kissed a merman, so it's kind of a fujomaker series for teens as well.

No. 1480029

My friend invited our online friends to visit her in a couple of months. I missed out on the last friend group outing in Vegas so I really wanted to go. However, I feel like the response from the friend group is a bit tepid and I'm just not sure how many people are going to turn up.

I found a pretty good price for the ticket so it's not a big financial problem. However, there's other stuff going on that weekend and I could save money and have a good time while staying at home. I also don't want to wait too long because I'm afraid airplane tickets are going to increase. I just can't figure out the right time to commit to buying a ticket or not

No. 1480044

File: 1674504627884.jpg (152.19 KB, 1200x675, bLsiIwwrNeHytfc-1600x900-noPad…)

I really enjoyed it! I watched well after it had finished, in 2017, so I missed the height of the fandom and I'm a bit sad about it because it looks like it would've been so fun figuring out the ciphers and participating in the treasure hunt Hirsh sent people on. Those interactive and engaging elements really made the show pop. I remember Hirsh said something like when he was younger he would always look for hidden messages and shit in the shows he watched, so he wanted to give that type of show to his audience- hidden messages and puzzles and theories everywhere!

I realize Hirsh is a weirdo and he will never top GF, but it doesn't detract from the show for me. It's just a fun and whimsical kids show and maybe worth checking out.

I also bought the special edition Journal 3. I don't regret it, I think it's a really cool piece of merch.

No. 1480046

I saw the little notice about them updating the layout, but what's the algeria popup you're talking about?

No. 1480057

Is it possible to be flagged from every world bank?

Because I am truly at a loss.
I had a local bank as a teen, which sucked, and after I never went back there or used up all the money in it I think it closed due to inactivity. I was living abroad. I went to a new country but was unable to open one, even though many people told me I could do it with a passport and some people there illegally said they managed with a passport, I wasn't able to. I go to a third country and I am able to open one very easily. Unfortunately after I left I stopped using it, and I lost the card, it's closed by now for sure. When I went back to my country I had to open another one for a local job but it was shit and I left, and I closed the account myself. They do the whole "why are you closing blah blah" Because I am leaving. Well abroad again I still couldn't open one, I called all banks back in my country and applied online and was rejected. Okay maybe I need a local number. I eventually went back years later, at this point no bank for six years, and they all still rejected me. I think it was a mix of "You can't prove your address, you have no local ID, you have no credit history" but at the end of the day none would give me a reason, just refusal. I even applied to a credit union that allows foreign residence, nope rejected. I managed to get an online bank, which doesn't let me deposit from abroad, and it's empty. I am still without a bank account. I feel like I've been blacklisted. How is this even possible, it's a huge pain in the ass, and I'm tired of people telling me to just open an account.

No. 1480061

kek clearly you're much too tumblr influenced but you're right about it being a future redditor show in a way because there's a link between it and rick and morty which is reddit: the animation. it's a show for kids the stuff you just said is honestly kind of incomprehensible ( i really don't think there was any intention for fujobaiting if that's what you meant ) to a normal viewer i remember seeing mabel as a relatable character if anything at the time it was airing tbh but she was made by a moid so you're probably right about that one
it's not that good or grand of a show like it's obvious when you watch it that it's deffo for children/tweens but i thought the finale was good to be fair

No. 1480141

I liked it when it came out
I never met a MTF but from experience just any somewhat progressive/feminist guy will likely not like male culture but they're also likely to become enbies if they feel so special for not wanting to partake in misogyny.

No. 1480142

>detransing one
It's so hard to peak someone let alone causing them to detransition.

No. 1480229

File: 1674524248087.png (457.9 KB, 1173x618, 5863477457.png)

Is it normal to go through periods of just wanting to sleep a ton? The past week I've been getting like dead tired at only 5pm, I sleep until 10am but I still feel like i need more. I go do things during the day but I feel so drained doing basic activities I come home early. The only thing i can think of is the temperature outside changed.

No. 1480242

What do you do if you suspect your boyfriend is a foot fetishist?

No. 1480248

Make him pay for manicures/pedicures both, shoes that YOU want and force him give you foot massages. You don't need to do anything, make him work for it.

No. 1480258

Why would you have to "make" or "force" a foot fetishist to do things involving your feet. That's literally what already want.

No. 1480286

My boyfriend is super nice. We've been dating for over a year. I'm afraid that he's going to do something nasty. Is there a way I can test him to see what kind of guy he is?

No. 1480313

Testing your relationship will only weaken it. Make a list of different dealbreakers and whip it out if he ever crosses a boundary.

No. 1480396

Why does it seem like most men compartmentalize one way or another? Does something kick in after puberty to cause this mental illness or what? This is like the most horrific moid trait to me. Like I’m very fascinated by it. Just HOW? WHY? I refuse to believe they’re just amazing liars and manipulators, that’s giving them too much credit, they’re too dumb for that

No. 1480448

I’m honestly envious of moids ability to do that. I fucking wish I could compartmentalize and shut off or separate emotions in different circumstances like they can

No. 1480457

What other cows had their post history exposed other than Creepshow, Mystery and Kiki?

Also, do you think those people still post here?

No. 1480465

I think it's a learned skill.

No. 1480468

anyone know how to navigate the swedish death registry/know if they ever give out names? i don't speak swedish so i'm confused. i'm worried and i want to make sure someone i once knew hasn't died, but i only knew her on the internet so i don't know her real/full name

No. 1480469

erin painter did as well

No. 1480475

Dasha and canyon

No. 1480493

how do i stop being avoidant?

No. 1480504

Why can't I post screenshots anymore? I always get a window saying it failed to resize which I've manually done subsequently several times to the point it should be small enough but it still doesn't work. I don't have this problem for downloaded files which are probably much bigger than screenshots.
I'm asking here because nobody's answering in the technical thread on /meta/ and I'm not the only one with this issue.

No. 1480508

Stop avoiding.

No. 1480535

If you have her phone number, birthday or the name of one of her relatives google it in combination with her name. The swedes somehow think it’s a good idea to have everyone’s full name adresses numbers and birth dates indexed on the internet

No. 1480634

I mean… I do this too lol

No. 1480642

I'm not the best with math (not horrible, I just have to work a bit harder to understand and remember operations) and I have no coding/programming experience. How foolish would it be if I decided to pursue a degree in computer science? Can it be done?

No. 1480650

>no coding experience
nonna, have you tried learning how to code via places like codecademy? the courses are available to anyone and i think itll give you a good idea of what coding is like before making any major career decisions. i have no experience in compsci but i believe if youre applying to degrees or jobs theyll want you to show off some projects/examples of stuff youve programed, so again having that experience would help a lot

No. 1480651

Do it. No one is born knowing things. What matters if you are truly interested in a subject and take well to learning it. You can do it.

No. 1480673

I mean like believing paying prostitutes is wrong but then paying to fuck prostitutes.. just an example of their cognitive dissonance. It’s like they can have two believe systems at once, like two alter egos or something. They don’t acknowledge the bad one at all like it’s not there but when they do they find a way to rationalize it or even get rid of the guilt (confessions in the church and all that is a perfect example, just something in place for them to get the weight off their shoulders)

No. 1480698

You can do it. What really matters is if you like/don't hate coding enough to do it as a career. A few years ago I told myself I was gonna get a computer science degree but after one class I realized it's not for me. Most of what programmers do is debugging (like going back into the code, making sure every little apostrophe, semicolon, parentheses etc is in the right place) it's kind of painstaking which is why they get paid so much. A CS degree is not just about coding though but you probably knew that. I also just wasn't good at it but if you have enough drive and/or passion you'll probably be fine.

Also I'd suggest getting an app like sololearn to see if you like coding.

No. 1480707

what's it like to be in a relationship and is it worth it?

No. 1480832

All the variables. Depends on who you date and why. You gotta be vulnerable enough to experience it yourself.

No. 1480833

Depends, are you talking about straight or lesbian relationships? For straight ones I don’t think there are enough decent male partners to make it worth it. Most straight couples I know are in shit situations for the women involved. Not to mention the literal SAFETY RISK of coupling up with a moid lmfaooo. I should seriously quantify a cost benefit analysis of this as an economist kek.

No. 1480909

File: 1674604664546.jpeg (28.33 KB, 300x300, 2E026F0E-61C8-465C-AFF8-122CC3…)

nonnies, how do you get yourself to stop compulsively checking your mentions?
i’ve sort of deluded myself into becoming very fond of someone, and i’ve become a little obsessed with the thought of him (or someone, anyone) missing me enough to message me. i know this won’t happen, i know that i really shouldn’t care so much—i don’t want to care—about these people to want something like this so badly. i’ve tried to chalk it up to boredom, but even when i fill my days with hobbies and chores it still nags me. what do i do? delete everything cold turkey? i’m sorry if it sounds a little silly, but the thought is really itching at me lately.

maybe it’s bpd, but i’ve never experienced anything else like this before

No. 1480920

I got eyeshadow on an eyeliner pen now the ink comes out faded. I only just bought the pen and I don't want to throw it out, is there a way to get the eyeshadow out or is it essentially ruined?

No. 1480944

Is there any way to make honey crystallize?

No. 1480957

Bad Idea, Good Idea? Asking a person who seldom talks to me if we're still friends?

No. 1481040

Has an ex boyfriend ever made you feel like you were abusive? And how did you deal?

No. 1481077

Kek yes, an ex moid did that when I caught him watching porn and also when I caught him later on trying to talk to his ex that he lied about previously having sex with. ~Abusive~ yeah right. Just remember that the most used moid argument tactic is projection and it’s highly likely that you’re not actually abusive.

No. 1481079

Same anon but I actually believed him when he told me I was abusive. I went through years of therapy and bottles of medications, even got misdiagnosed over and over to try and explain why I was so crazy. Then when he left my mental state was completely normal kek. The next guy I dated was very sweet and we didn’t have a toxic dynamic like my ex before but going through a relationship and being treated with respect only made me realize how poorly my ex treated me. So in a way it was retraumatizing and the realizations affected my new relationship. The new relationship didn’t last but I was able to learn that I have sexual and relationship trauma from my ex. Also that my boundaries and expectations were never unreasonable but my ex just expected me to be a fucking doormat/punching bag.

No. 1481104

Not an ex boyfriend but I use to be a manager at a restaurant. There was a specific moid making constant false reports of other employees like x is stealing, y is violating food safety, z is clocking out too late, etc. After a while I went up to him pissed and told him either film it or get other people to talk about it or STFU. He started telling people I abused him. I was literally 19 and he was in his 50s

No. 1481114

Oh my god lmao

No. 1481119

should a small plastic container of ranch sauce from a fast food place be microwaved? is ranch even meant to be eaten warm, or cold?

No. 1481123

>warm ranch
The fuck?

No. 1481124

Warm nom nom nom yum yum yum nommy nommy yummy yummy

No. 1481128

lmao i truly didn't know nonnas. the chicken i ordered got cold quickly so i didn't know if the ranch was originally like that or also got cold too

No. 1481130

It definitely should be cold or room temperature.

No. 1481134

Yeah my overdramatic, overcontrolling, overly anxious, and mentally ill ex. Made me feel like a bad person just because I didn't always agree with every one of his opinion on terminally online shit. Expected me to cut ties with friends that he didn't like, and the fact that I didn't meant that I didn't respect his feelings or something. I apologized constantly and forced myself to change for him. This made me feel like I was an abuser because it seems to be a common tactic for abusers to apologize when they hurt their partner's feelings, promise to do better, only for them to make the same mistake again. I did really want to do better but anything I did wasn't good enough and he'll always be unhappy. In retrospect, I was just desperate, codependent on him, and feared being alone so I didn't want him to leave me. I should have respected myself more and just dumped him when he was trying to cut people out of my life. Now that I've taken out the rose coloured glasses I realized there's so much of his behaviour that are red flags, but I had excused because I "was in love", even though he's always telling me the red flags I have to my face everytime I did something he didn't like. The fucking irony, lol. Now that I'm alone again, my mental health and stress have dramatically improved. He is too mentally ill and histrionic to make a relationship last with anyone and I look forward to seeing the day when I'm proven right.

No. 1481146

Ranch sucks.. bbq? That's nice

No. 1481152

File: 1674636867614.gif (1.29 MB, 1000x1000, LED-arc-nyak-masz-fényterápia-…)

Does anyone here use light therapy devices, either a lamp, a mask or a panel? Which do you you recommend and how often do you use it?
I'm interested in them for the skin benefits and for SAD

No. 1481201

I ordered like 40 pics off shutterfly how does that work like is a person printing them off and putting them in an envelope or is it all done with robots with 0 human involvement?

No. 1481216

What happened to the YouTuber threads? Sorry if I'm being retarded but YouTuber general #9 is the most recent one I could find and it hasn't been updated since 19/11, there's no way there hasn't been any YouTuber milk since then.

No. 1481269

What was the conclusion again of that anon who found some large password protected file on her boyfriends computer? Happened a year or two ago

No. 1481303

I guarantee there is a human in the process. Even Amazon isn't completely robots

No. 1481316

I was looking for one too, I think no-one has made it. I would but I think I'll miss any and all milk because I haven't kept up. There are some drama I wanna discuss so maybe I make one if no one else will?

No. 1481333

Why are homeschooled girlies either the weirdest most antisocial horse girl or the coolest, funniest person you've ever met? No in between I swear.

No. 1481334

It all depends on the parents. Most of the homeschooled girls I know had strict, overbearing christian parents so naturally they ended up very sperg-like.

No. 1481343

what does it mean Ayrt ?

No. 1481355

Anon you replied to

No. 1481356

THANK YOU, I thought it was short hand for
"Are you retarded?"

No. 1481368

No. 1481396

Shayfags, is it worthwhile to reread Shayna's threads from the beginning (or second thread or w/e)? I can't keep rereading Stefany's thread and I'm itching for some oblivious retardism and something to laugh at. (ALSO if you have thread recommendations similar to Stef, I am all ears)

No. 1481403

Shayfag checking in, read the first threads and then just skip through. I wish that they were better marked to show the "Era's" because theres only a few good parts of Shistory.
I love Stefany's threads, I can always re-read it. There's that girl in Snow, I forget her name, I'm sorry. She's the one with the black hair, who does what Stefany does but not as interesting. She also posts blurry ass pictures of herself, claims to be an moody as NLOG. I can't remember her name. Also read CreepShows threads because it's amazing to see her comments. As well as those long dead Pettuber threads where emozotic was calling herself a crack head and bullying Taylor Nicole Dean, then when she was found out she bragged about it kek

No. 1481427

File: 1674666652177.jpg (231.17 KB, 1920x1280, nathan-fielder_0.jpg)

This has been bothering me.
Do any other anons think almost exclusively by imagining yourself speaking to another person in your mind?
The internal monologue/no internal monologue npc bullshit inspired this introspection for me but I'm suddenly worried today (likely other stressors are feeding it).
Every thought I have is rehearsal for a possible social interaction, even when I'd isolated myself from everyone I'd just imagine posting here or on some other imageboard. I'm never alone and constantly on display in my head.

It barely helps me socially because there are too many variables in real life, but I believe it has helped my ability to verbalize my feelings and to avoid some awkward interactions.

Anyway, am I alone in this?

No. 1481462

How do I continue a conversation? I realized a majority of my life I wait for someone to bring up a topic. This is nothing new, unfortunately, it's just becoming more apparent to myself. Even with my best friends and boyfriend, I usually only talk to them when they talk to me first. Sometimes I'll bring up a subject but I feel like it's not interesting to them, or maybe they'd want to hear me talk about it more in depth? I don't know, I feel like I get exhausted trying to keep them interested. It's really quick for me to get exhausted. Like I'll say a sentence and in my head they sound not as interested as me and it makes me shut up more than I'd like to admit. However, with my best friends and boyfriend they're able to go on minute long rants of subjects that are even the most mundane, but it's nice to hear them have such emotion over a subject I don't know much about. I want that to be me. I feel like I'm hiding a part of my away that wants to express myself. I guess it's anxiety. My boyfriend has pointed out a couple of times how cute I am when I get excited over something without realizing. The last time he did that was when I freaked out over the amazing affordable salad selection at the local grocery store.
Maybe I need to revise my question. How do I continue to talk about a subject without feeling like the other person doesn't want me to speak anymore?

No. 1481465

Do I have to wait half an hour after eating before flossing like I have to with brushing my teeth?

No. 1481466

I thought the same when I first saw it used lmao

No. 1481468

omg, i do the exact same thing too. don't worry anon, you definitely aren't alone. more often than not i am always talking out loud (in public i do it as quietly as i can) to top it off if it makes you feel any better. i literally think of actual people to talk to when i think, i've even done the same as you with having thoughts that were manifesting in my mind as posts on imageboards, before that it was posts on tumblr. like you said i do use that as social rehearsing too. this is the first time i've ever read anybody express the same thing

No. 1481470

I only think in actual words when I'm practicing a language. Otherwise it's the same way you'd think about a chair – not by repeating chairchairchairchairchairchair in your head, but by… well, thinking lol about a chair.

No. 1481475

can someone explain to me why and how a bunch of countries have banned pepper spray among other self-defense weapons that are primarily used by women and girls? like what exactly was even the argument against these weapons? i don't recall many cases of people just randomly pepper spraying others, why do governments hate women being able to defend ourselves so much? i seriously have no idea how EU anons even survive, i always walk around in burgerland with my pepper spray and taser out to let moids know i am not to be fucked with.

No. 1481476

I think having practice conversations in your head is pretty common but then going through periods of isolation leads to more of it to help fill the conversation void. I was isolated in my teens while dealing with agoraphobia, I developed (a character I guess?) in my mind and I'd spend alot of time having internal dialogue with them. Back and forth but I know both sides are ultimatley just my own thoughts bouncing off of each other as if its a two way convo. When things changed and I wasn't isolated anymore I thought it'd stop or phase out but it didn't.

I only learnt a couple years ago that afaik most people can picture things in their mind? I thought when people said 'picture this' or 'visualize this' that it was just a weird figure of speech. So maybe thats part of why I imagine convos.

No. 1481486

I’m constantly having conversations in my head with imaginary people. I’ve always done this and I probably always will.

Anyway, when I read a book, my inner monologue starts to narrate in the style of what I just read, which is especially infuriating after reading something dense and academic. I think I can picture things too, but I have to concentrate a bit harder. I can’t imagine complete silence. Sounds…insane.

No. 1481499

This is absolutely normal anon, and shows that you have a decent amount of introspection like any sane human. Organized religion deems that you talk to imaginary friends regularly, and rehearsing dialogue for the purpose of narrative storytelling and writing. It's a decent mental exercise, not schizo.

No. 1481511

You can still get bear spray and dog spray legally, which is essentially the same thing.

No. 1481523

NTA, but i'm going to do that. thank you

No. 1481526

Sexism is the only thing i can think of. Men dont need weapons to take advantage of women, but women need self defense weapons because men cannot be trusted. We should ban all guns but all women to be the only carriers of self defense weapons.

No. 1481527

No. 1481529

1. What would be the most likely explanation for the fibers that people who claim to have Morgellons find in their skin?
2. What's the most logical explanation for Morgellons? Something neurological? Drugs?
Morgellons is so fascinating and weird.

No. 1481530

File: 1674673553168.png (105.53 KB, 300x240, chris.png)

don't call anybody

No. 1481560

Some docs who treat it claim its linked to lyme disease

No. 1481573

How exactly is putting chopsticks in your hairbun racist.

No. 1481577

Do you think any of the famous torex havers are faking it?

No. 1481580

it isn't. That's like saying only one country is allowed to keep there hair up with hair accessory like the french clip or viking hair clip

No. 1481592

chopsticks are for food, not hair. You should just use a fork like ariel from the little mermaid.

No. 1481593

File: 1674676186494.jpg (135.49 KB, 900x1200, tumblr_overzyPiH41vv1g70o1_128…)

I think I asked this some time ago but don't remember if I ever got a reply, so here I go again: Do cats actually smell good or is it just the toxoplasma gondii talking?

No. 1481594

definitely the cat parasites.

No. 1481602

I'm not trying to be crazy but my cat smells like clean laundry.

No. 1481604

That might be the parasites. Cats smell like cats which can either be neutral or bad depending on how strong it is.

No. 1481605

Cats smell like cats kek. The smell may be a mixture of piss, your house bacteria, outside bacteria if it's an outdoor cat and food.

No. 1481622

File: 1674678024591.jpeg (34.44 KB, 564x485, 1669073001257.jpeg)

My cat smells like a baby.

No. 1481625

They mostly smell like dust(or dirt if they're outdoor cats)

No. 1481627

My cat doesn’t really smell like anything…her paws smell like litter tho.

No. 1481640

I do this but it drives me insane. I find it really distressing how much time it takes up and how it basically never stops. Sometimes I don't want to have these conversations but they are just on a loop, even sometimes while I'm having a real conversation which makes it very distracting and makes me seem retarded. It's comforting to see other nonnies do it too because sometimes I think I'm crazy for it. However I think I'm probably just crazy in other ways and that makes this otherwise maybe normal experience seem too intense to me. And I also imagine specific people or posting kek. I wonder how much this is related to autism.

No. 1481648

i frequently have imaginary infights with posters i never even talked to in my own head

No. 1481697

why is it that people find being racist &/ antisemitic morally better than hating trannies, or even respecting their pronouns in the least. i don't understand. obviously this is an online phenomenon for the most part. i don't understand how someone can be so edgy but draw the line at that as if it's not something trannies actively choose to do to themselves unlike being born into a race, something that you cannot change no matter what you try to do.how does that make sense? someone will post the most heinous racist shit beyond trolling grounds but will call an obvious equally as racist shafted male a she. not only are they racist but they're also sexist, though not in the way they think. or was that the point all along? why just one "progressive" view?

No. 1481698

Why does eating carbs make me happy? Like when I eat anything else, I don't get a psychological effect

No. 1481699

When do the LC awards happen (e.g. cow of the year)? Can Shaytards help Shayna win three years in a row?

No. 1481741

It's not racist lol, using one to tie your hair up is exactly like using a pencil, it's not made for it but it makes the job if you don't have a hairband on hand. Chopsticks are mass produced and disposable, they are not some kind of sacred instrument not to be touched by white devils.

No. 1481744

I got a daylight lamp to help with my SAD but it did nothing, so I returned it after a few months.

No. 1481746

I need to know why are the Shayna-obsessed anons always trying so hard to have those weird "shaynatorum" threads, what are they for even?

No. 1481751

Better check the laws where you live, it might be illegal anyway. In Germany you're allowed to own pepper spray, but only if you own it in order to defend yourself against animals. If you say you intend to use it to defend yourself against humans, that's illegal. HOWEVER, you are allowed to use it against humans in a self defense situations. HOWEVER, criminals can still sue you and a court then has to decide whether it was appropriate to use his weapon or whether you should have tried to run away first or something asinine like that, and local courts are very often staffed by bleeding heart leftists who will rule against someone for pepperspraying a convicted serial rapist because the poor moor only followed his culture's morals and couldn't have known better, while you could.

No. 1481795

BSD anons, is it akin to Butlers or Bungou to Alchemist or anything like that? I want to give it a try, but I hated both of these series and somehow the vibes seem similar to me lol.

No. 1481797

have you ever went a day without talking?

No. 1481800

How do you figure out your bra size? How do you know when its just right? Every company has their own stupid chart, and I try my best to follow it. Yet it feels like every time I grab a size, it feels too tight on the band. This is a half vent, half stupid question here.

No. 1481827

to other people? yes. probably. to myself? no. when I lived alone I'd scream and yell at myself all day. the conversations go like this:
me: "you piece of shit"
also me: "I don't want to talk to you right now."
me:"oh yeah? go to hell."

No. 1481937

I'm currently unemployed, so my only conversations are with cashiers, which amounts to a few words every couple weeks when someone asks me whether I have a benefit card (no).
I noticed that I struggle to enunciate individual words, when I try to say something it comes out as a croaked jumble. I never talked much, but a couple months ago I could still communicate properly. Getting a job again won't be fun, I'll be the retard all over again.

No. 1482078

This guy said I have “crazy” eyes. I don’t think I do but maybe because they’re my eyes. Can someone post an example of someone they think has “crazy” looking eyes?

No. 1482079

Almost everyday for the majority of my life

No. 1482084

does taking to someone about your problems (face to face not online) actually help with your mental help?

No. 1482088

Any moid troon has crazy eyes, just go to any subreddit of lesbians and you will find many examples of crazy moid eyes. Maybe you're not relaxed and that's what makes you have your eyes wide open.

No. 1482089

depends on who it is. i usually get told that it's my fault, or that i wasn't praying hard enough, or get lectured on how whoever i'm speaking to has it worse

No. 1482092

This is subjective but for me it's only effective if the person can also relate and doesn't go off on some long ass tangent that's retarded. Also if they don't turn it into a pissing contest of who has the worse life.

No. 1482096

My gut says that it's something similar to cancer or moles(a genetic fuckup), since Google claims they can't find actual bacterial/parisite causes

No. 1482109

that's what im afraid of,,, I don't really have any friends and I know my family is just gonna do the things you've mentioned.

No. 1482113

Have any anons ever done an overhaul of their room, living room, or kitchen? Did you sell the stuff? Donate it? Save up for much better items? And did you feel a lot better after doing so?

No. 1482133

my mother thought she had morgellons for a few years, turns out she had a severe candida infection in her skin that looked and felt like bugs forcing their way through her skin

No. 1482138

why my feet so cold in bed

No. 1482142

>why is it that people find being racist &/ antisemitic morally better than hating trannies, or even respecting their pronouns in the least
You are generalizing here, but the only people who would be ok with being "racist" online would be 1 of 2 different groups. Either the people who are actually racist in real life and have a community that supports that behavior (think like small-towns or hate groups). Or the """racist""" people who are polite in real life to strangers and vent online about walking stereotypes they know of in real life (the kind that don't learn about a crime from news outlets but from having to see it on their streets).
Disrespecting/hating trannies in either of said 2 groups is a given although you won't find group 2 admiting to it offline.
To say either of these 2 groups have a moral higher-end over the other is laugable as their behavior is still rude and toxic regardless of whatever claims they make.
Only actually neo-nazis are antisemitic, everyone else is memeing physical tangible observations of specific people in specific positions sharing a background and that's as rude as observing that humans have two eyes. Any actual harassment at Jewish people isn't being antisemitic it is just being a dick.
>i don't understand how someone can be so edgy but draw the line at that as if it's not something trannies actively choose to do to themselves unlike being born into a race, something that you cannot change no matter what you try to do.
People trying to have a moral higher-end over being racist but respectful to trannies is just them huffing their own farts. It's a strange roundabout way of "owning the liberals"
>how does that make sense?
it doesn't these groups don't run on logic
>someone will post the most heinous racist shit beyond trolling grounds but will call an obvious equally as racist shafted male a she. not only are they racist but they're also sexist, though not in the way they think. or was that the point all along?
I'm sure you are talking about specific cases and enough to notice a pattern, but each individual has their own warped veiw on why their mental gymnastics are correct. My guessing that they have an online community that has prominent trannies (like magic or video games) or specific friends/family that instill the tranny respect.
>why just one "progressive" view?
If it's a type 1 then it's because they had a tranny/tranny ally in their community but no racial diversity.
If it's a type 2 then it's because they haven't met a tranny in real life yet.

No. 1482287

I thought Terry Schiavo was braindead. And vegetative people couldn't respond to stimuli? Do the videos of her opening her eyes and following the guys hands prov otherwise?


I would still wanna die if I were laying there being fed by a tube for 15 years. RIP

No. 1482304

The autopsy found she was blind, cerebrally blind in that vision centres of her brain were destroyed. She likely didn't suffer at all because there was no person left, so I don't have a problem with someone being kept alive like that for the family's sake but it was only because they couldn't accept she was gone. The footage they pointed to showed normal reflexes for people in a peristent vegetative state and if you watched a whole day's worth of attempts to elicit these responses there was very low correlation between their attempts and her responses. They cherrypicked what worked. It's like looking at pigeons outside your window, trying to predict out loud what they do next, and then editing the footage down to only the times you got it right.


No. 1482308

Depends on the cat. My old cat smelled so amazing and anyone that met her said the same. She smelled like the freshest laundry and a warm, sunny spring day. I could never get enough of sniffing her fur kek
Cats in general have a much more pleasant smell than dogs, from personal experience.

No. 1482398

I applied for a job at a boba place and I got an interview and now the manager is texting me about my availability. Did I get hired? She never specifically said I was hired and its been a few days since we discussed schedule. I only ask because at my last job the manager always explicitly told me that I had passed and was hired so idk whats going on here

No. 1482458

It means you might be hired if you have good availability

No. 1482459

I really wish these things were clear. Thanks nona

No. 1482568

Nonnies I got some real stupid questions but if any of you could help an internet retarded bitch out that'd be greatly appreciated. Quick backstory I have an old tumblr account I want to delete but I had it through my teens so I want to archive it first. So I'm looking around in the settings and I get to a section that says "active sessions." And in that there are 3 sessions, all within a year, all the same IP (I'm assuming IP address) but one has a device that I don't own. I'm now worried someone has logged onto my tumblr without me knowing but I need to know 2 things that I can't seem to find an answer on Google too.
1. How wide is the range of an IP address that looks similar to this with the digit and period spacing 11.22.333.4444 (I changed the numbers obviously.) Like can entire neighborhoods or even cities share the same digits?
2. Can Mac OS X 10.15 be an iPad or laptop? I have an iPad but I don't think I've ever logged into tumblr using it.
Sorry these questions are so dumb I'm just paranoid because I had a locked account I used to vent post on so no one can see and now I'm worried someone may have been able to view it through logging into my account unknowingly.

No. 1482577

very concisely written! thanks for answering my question anon. you seem to have a firm grasp on reality

No. 1482614

Do you really get four weeks of hairlessness out of an epilator or is it just showcasing the best case scenario to get me to buy one?

No. 1482615

Does anyone else get a random black chin hair sometimes?

No. 1482618

Yes. But your hair can grow on different cycles so you might get some strays poking out quicker. Be aware it's quite painful though, but you get used to it if that is what you want.


No. 1482624

Omg yes! I get a dark one that looks like an eyelash right under my chin, I pluck it every 3 weeks to a month or so. My cousin has one like that on her cheek right above her jawline. I think it's pretty common

No. 1482627

I started with one as a teenager, and they multiplied as I got older. They seem to grow back overnight when I pluck them.

No. 1482730

Do vegans eat mushrooms?

No. 1482766

File: 1674765654302.png (523.77 KB, 564x500, stickerpom.png)

Can anyone translate what this sticker says? I assume it's something about the car having a dashcam/camera?

No. 1482778

File: 1674765908555.png (559.47 KB, 564x500, pompompurinithink.png)

No. 1482811

yup, lots of em

No. 1482823

File: 1674766770258.jpg (60.3 KB, 666x788, heart (2).jpg)

Thank you anons!! ♥

No. 1482831

There was one period in my life post bachelors where I had 4:
- event staff at conventions/concerts (bar/hostess/barista)
- working the bar at outdoor festivals
- security/ticket checker at events
- Packaging stuff at a warehouse on nightshift

There were some decent parts but it was so physically taxing I wouldn't want to do it any other time than I did, early 20s. I feel so bad for the women who are worse off and still have to do those kinds of jobs, they really wear you down and god knows what conditions I'd have by now.

At that point though I took advantage of free education in another EU country and used the small savings I had to move there and get another degree. Now I'm making bank being paid too much for a job I'm overqualified for. Is taking advantage of international ties something you can do nona? Sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side (if you totally ignore social and cultural isolation kek)

No. 1482832

Does anyone get grossed out when you can tell a guy has a crush on you to the point that he can’t even look at you and is scared to talk to you? It gives me the ick and the impression that they’ve built an entire idea of me in their head or and more importantly that they put me on a pedestal just because of how I look physically. It gives major teenage boy vibes.
It might also be due to past experience…I dated a younger scrote who had the same behavior of trying not to look at me and struggling to talk to me that turned out to be emotionally immature and severely stunted. In a weird way it kind of just all goes together.

No. 1482834

Same anon but the real kicker is when it made me cringe how this guy finally approached me today after trying to talk himself out of it. As if I haven’t noticed him trying to avoid looking at me. Why do men think we are as oblivious/stupid as they are? Hilarious.

No. 1482846

no because i act exactly the same way

No. 1482897

File: 1674772633732.jpg (44.25 KB, 540x537, bananagirai.jpg)

Is it unhinged to count the condoms in the box and then grow suspicious if there's less than last time? I swear I'm not asking for myself.

No. 1482899

When tracking your period, do you count the brown sludge stage or just the days when there's red blood coming out? I can never tell if I should count the brown days since that's technically old shit.

No. 1482900

My period tracking app says that your period ends when there is no more discharge happening, so I think you're meant to count the brown sludge.

No. 1482901

Not unhinged if you and your bf are the only ones using them. Why would they suddenly disappear if you know you guys havent had sex for a bit or kept track of how many there were last time

No. 1482906

What deodorants/antiperspirants do you anons use?

No. 1482911

is there something you can wear like a fitbit/apple watch to track your physical activity but isnt a wrist watch?

No. 1482913

File: 1674775268591.jpg (39.61 KB, 306x394, 40972488-0-image-m-85_16167571…)

Is becoming a Jehova Witness a bad idea? I am autistic with an obsession for memorizing bible verses and always wanted to have a big family due to not having a stable one as a child but I'm too much of a friendless loser for that but I'm not getting any younger. I don't believe in neither "choice feminism" or "dyke supremacy" feminism and i also hate troons and the current direction our world is heading into. I got handed some pamphlets last year and thinking about joining them since them but I don't want to jump into it so soon as I don't know everything about them and I'm not to sure what to expect. Is anyone her a Sister or was raised into it?

No. 1482917

Why jehovah witness in particular? You know they can't get blood transfusions, right?

No. 1482919

They're a cult, do you think it's worth it?

No. 1482922

Yes, go join, you’ll find all your little trad pick me dreams come true.

No. 1482927

File: 1674776252197.jpg (58.17 KB, 1400x1400, 51y7EAOpHcL.jpg)

This because I was sick of the womens smelling roughly the same between powder and vaguely floral. If you sweat a ton it wont work and for summer I'd probably use degree's motion sense in some new smell. But for now I like that it's a clean scent without fake axe smell. I'm curious if anons have tried the spray on or gel based deodorants. I wear all black so I worry they would make a mess.

No. 1482928

>why the Witnesses?
Their opinion on adultery appeals to me as my family was broken because of an infidelity and my mother was discriminated against in the church (catholic) even being the victim. Also the fact that Sisters/Brothers have a closer community is like getting assigned designated friends in my mind.
>Blood transfusions
But they aren't antivaxx or anti medicine. Are transfusions that important to current medicine? I do think is weird they make it their biggest taboo when the bible just says not to drink blood

No. 1482944

My car is making a ticking sound when idle help. what do i do

No. 1482957

Don't fucking do it, you'll lose everything. My sister in law grew up in it and left. Her experience is horrible and basically the norm (getting raped, being told you deserved it, being banned from doing anything, etc), just don't fucking do it.
But on the off chance this is Blaine, yes, please do it.

No. 1482961

If it's ticking after parking that's normal. If its ticking while running then pls go to mechanic

No. 1482968

>Being raped and blamed for it
I'm sorry for what happened to your relative anon. Here i was thinking they weren't bad in that sense because of the "what should i do if my daughter is a victim of abuse" and similar articles in JW.org, they recommend accurate sexual education to children and dealing the matter wich compassion towards the victim, but maybe they don't practice what they preach in closed doors. They also apparently implement moving to another congregation far away without telling the abuser in cases of domestic violence and if that's the case they do more than the injustice system of my country but i wonder if they really practice that either

No. 1482985

Anon you also need to do some research about what you can and can't do. My sister in law talked about never going to college because no one is allowed to, not getting a real job because you can't have any of your own money, being banned from even searching the name "Jehovahs Witness" on Google. You cannot use the internet and she was banned from watching or seeing anything outside of Jehovahs Witness crap. If I were you I'd just become a Catholic or something semi-normie that doesn't try to bankrupt you like an actual cult will.

No. 1482990

Do most people in the friend finder thread on /g/ make a new separate discord to share with other anons? I've been wanting to add people or make a post myself but I have loads of anxiety about it

No. 1482994

In my country's version of their website they promote screentime restrictions especially for children but they do say "social media can be used for good" and they have articles about how to deal with the distressing news circle on TV. But i will do my research on ex Witnesses too, thanks anon!

No. 1482995

>pls go to mechanic
U can't make me..

No. 1482998

How do I peak my mom? I had a tif phase a while back and I think that because of that she's like a super TRA now. Whenever I call her she's always talking about some new thing jk rowling did and every time I have to sit there awkwardly. She's always been very liberal so I don't know how to broach the subject.

No. 1483039

fine. I scheduled an appointment for saturday morning. Are you happy to ruin my weekend?

No. 1483042

The stuff on their website is just how they want to present themselves to the public and is inaccurate to what jw life is actually like. I agree with the other anon, please just join a normie church if you want that kind of social circle. Jws can sniff out vulnerability and could probably tell you're desperate for friends. Don't join them, it could ruin your life.

No. 1483061

I found nudes of mine on a weird porn site. They were taken from my old Reddit or something I have no idea. But it’s a weird site where it’s obviously uploaded by someone but there’s no way to sign up or log in so I’m confused. Does it mean it’s run by one person?

No. 1483066

do those rings sold at miss a shops at malls have lead? i know it’s gotta have something since they’re so cheap, and leave a green tint on my skin after wearing them for a while, but theyre so cute and tacky

No. 1483074

I don't know about those specific rings, but green skin isn't a sign of lead poisoning. It just sounds like the metal had some kind of shitty dye in it.

No. 1483078

it's from copper…

No. 1483085

A lot of people use an alt, yeah. I used an alt for a whole until I got comfortable enough to give my main to the ones I talked to often.

No. 1483113

Yes, i use an alt

No. 1483163

Are domino keksi better than oreos?

No. 1483183

Imo yes, but that's because I grew up with Domino cookies. They are denser than Oreos, which can be a positive or a negative depending on your preference. The cookie texture is less gritty too which I like. Oreo has more flavors though, but Dominos have seasonal stuff like salmiakki / salty licorice which are kinda wacky outside Finland. I actually googled the differences and some ppl say Oreos are less sweet than Dominos. Some describe Oreos tasting more roasted, and Dominos being fresher. And Dominos have milk in them, Oreos do not, so that's something to consider if you are allegic.

Another difference is European vs American chocolate. Many Europeans think American chocolate tastes like vomit because of the manufacturing process being different (see video attached). Hershey's at least has butyric acid, which you can find in vomit and foods like parmesan.

No. 1483227

Is it bad to eat your food cold? I'm too impatient to heat it up

No. 1483275

How often are you supposed to do an apple cider vinegar rinse on your hair? It helped a lot to relieve my itchy scalp even though I did it only one time (its not gone yet but way better). I want to do it more often but I've seen people advising every day to once a month so I don't know. I wash my brushes and change my pillowcase when I wash my hair btw, just looking for the rinse

No. 1483282

Apple vinegar is acidic, even tho is softer than most acids is not supposed to be used daily, it could cause serious damage to your hair. Rinse your hair twice a month.

No. 1483310

Thanks nonna. I was hoping I could do it more often because of the itch but I just got to waist length, don't want to ruin it.

No. 1483352

What is it called when someone only argues in circles instead of actually having a conversation? “I’m mad because you did x” but you never did x. It’s a lie, so you end up arguing about what did and didn’t happen, and when they finally can’t keep up the lie anymore they say “well you didn’t have to do x, because when you did y it said it all” so you argue about y for a while, they lose ground on that so it’s “well no one would blame me for thinking you did y when you ALWAYS do z” and then you keep doing this for A-Z alpha to omega that by the time you’re done and exhausted and somehow ended up stroking this person’s ego along the way you’ve never actually addressed that the thing it all started with was “hey it was your turn to do dishes this week.”

No. 1483354

Cheap but good quality wireless earbuds? I’m getting real sick of apple’s dongle shit

No. 1483367

DARVO-"Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender"

No. 1483392

Moving the goalposts

No. 1483408

Are these the 200TWS? The amazon reviews complain that they randomly stop playing music for a bit. I was thinking between these and sony wireless.

No. 1483436

Ty anon that looks right and I’m not surprised it was a woman who coined the term. IMO every man on planet Earth is capable of/not above doing this to women when it suits them, even the nicest man you know.

No. 1483471

Is it still a red flag in a moid if he is grossed out by other males sleeping around, too? Apparently it's nothing religious, just about the hygiene aspect.

No. 1483476

Samefag, she is a queen. TW coughing

No. 1483489

If he says he's grossed out by men sleeping around but not by women sleeping around, he's probably fine as long as he's not a poly degen or whatever. If he's grossed out by women sleeping around enough to say it out loud his reasons need to be damn good otherwise he's wading into misogyny.

No. 1483490

Sounds fine as long as hes not obsessively ranting about it or anything ott. If its about hygiene and not purely throwing the word slut around. I feel like some men get off on ranting about sluts more than they actually care about the risks involved.

On a related note. I'm in my 30s, the hpv vaccine wasn't a thing for me and my friends. Didn't exist yet. My country has a pretty decent screening programme for it now but only for women. Women who never caught an std or who thought they played it safe enough now have to find out their ex is silently spreading that shit around because it doesn't affect men but hey… it does give women cancer. And it can spread with a condom too. Stuff like that and some stds that are becoming resisiant to meds are pretty bleak to learn about.

No. 1483508

He was going to pay for my college but I found out he was a degenerate cheater. He didn’t actually cheat, but he would’ve given the chance. Obviously I raised hell and we broke up. Now nobody is going to pay for my college ofc, which I don’t mind and never really wanted to begin with, but I’m wondering if I should’ve let him do whatever he wanted, and at least I would’ve graduated by now. Was I dumb?

No. 1483520

File: 1674841721360.jpeg (30.05 KB, 480x256, 0018D233-6A64-48B2-8B6B-A2B9FB…)

What makes a normie, a normie? Can you even normify yourself? What are we?

No. 1483521

Sometimes men who are willing to pay for your shit.. only do it because they know its barely a reimbursement for the bullshit they're going to put you through

No. 1483526

A nonny loves her buds

No. 1483530

I thought it was bc he loved me and wanted me to get ahead. I kinda feel dumb either way

No. 1483553

Haddison mikuel?

No. 1483554

File: 1674843760332.gif (4.47 MB, 478x480, ddddddddddddddd.gif)

It feels like there's one definition but everyone applies their own criteria to it. To me a normie is someone who never had any real problem in their life like being very poor, having significant health issues or family drama, who isn't a NEET, and who has no real significant hobby unless it's something extremely popular like collective sports that everyone follows like football (or American football or baseball for Americans). I had to deal with coworkers lie this a few years ago during my internship and they were shocked and outraged when I told them right after halloween that I watched Scary Movie, and I was treated with total confusion and then disgust by one of them who was just like 30 or 32 at most when I said I spent one weekend with my family and playing Mario Party on the Switch. As if there weren't a shit ton of advertisment for it on TV. The only thing they know is TV and if they're online sometimes, they're the ones who are so internet illiterate they're ruining it as a whole for everyone else and don't get that their posts are public unless they change that in the settings. You know the type of people who post their family pictures indiscriminately on facebook because they treat it as their personal, private family album and they call you a creep when you rightfully suggest they should remove pics of their babies fully naked in the bathtub because it appeared on your timeline because someone else you follow like the post? That's how I picture a normie, they don't get how things work online. Even when they plan outings they do as everyone else, for example if you tell them you planned a trip for this summer but not to go to the beach and they're outraged or confused? That's a normie. If you go to events like a concert for a more niche band or singer than Beyonce or you're going to an anime con and they don't get why you would do that as if it were a waste of time? That person is a normie. I try to pass for a normie in my everyday life so people can leave me the fuck alone, I just make sure my hair looks good and I'm wearing basic but good looking clothes and shoes and I keep up with celebrity gossip just in case someone tries to make small talk with me and it's working well enough so far. Sorry for the wall of text.

No. 1483555

File: 1674843830795.gif (33.63 KB, 500x397, 1673364211296.gif)

Nonny love

No. 1483593

I don't understand why its wrong for a hetero couple to find a third, if the third is cool with it? Im sorry, I'm clearly dumb and straight. I get going into dating spaces and trying to find a “third wheel”, but isnt there an ethical way to approach it? I have no idea how to talk about this to friends IRL , and the one friend i asked said it was fine and it would ”make me queer” but they are also pro trans / very liberal so idk.
Sorry i dont go on reddit or social media, so i would appreciate some answers and info if anyone has the patience. Thank you and im sorry for being a dum dum.

No. 1483606

Because it's always some attractive woman with a disgusting abomination for a boyfriend (who is typically never front and center in pictures, is usually hidden away until the last picture so women don't get jumpscared) who matches with bi and lesbian women and then, if the boyfriend isn't in the pictures, she'll go like "ummm I really like talking with you and I love your vibe but I wanted to tell you that I have a boyfriend and we're looking for a third haha" it's like some fucked up baiting tactic. It's fucking corny and retarded and it's usually some handmaiden who is doing this to appease her ugly ogre of a boyfriend. Guaranteed the boyfriend would hate having a male third.

No. 1483611

If you’re a woman looking for an extra woman then you are extremely pathetic and also not straight. If you are a woman looking for another man then based carry on.

No. 1483615

I'm very different today but tbh when I was younger I was in a scene where there was 'sex positivity' and couples leading alternative sex lives. I'm bi. I got into a cycle of being noticed by a m/f couple. Being 'courted' and getting to know them. Going on dates, to parties together. Flirting and working up to it. In one case I had a night of sex with them which went well and then they broke up. In all other cases it didn't even get to that stage. You'd be due to meet up in an hour and they'd pull out after weeks of setting this up and getting to know each other. 'there's beem a family emergency' is code for.. we fought and broke up an hour before we'd planned a threesome. lol

I felt like a homewrecker or a curse. We'd be getting along well and… they'd break up and I'd know very well that its because of me. That behind the scenes one of them must have not been so cool and eager to add another woman. I felt left out of the loop when this shit went down. And then of course the man would soon be hitting me up again alone while his gf is in pieces and I'm like.. no thanks. Gotta have some loyalty to her. I just stopped being receptive to couples who showed interest in me. Eventually left that scene. Poly drama is insane. My experience was mild compared to alot of what I saw. People are jealous. You can't just switch that off. The same people who sang it praises the loudest had public meltdowns later at parties over boundaries or some shit.

No. 1483649

If you’re a straight woman you would not want a third unless you’re a cuckqueen

No. 1483715

Where do i buy cheap yarn

No. 1483718

Walmart or the dollar store

No. 1483722

Ayrt yep when I learned the term (thx Ovarit) it opened a huge new way of recogizing and speaking about how dumb certain types of disagreements are and why exactly they are so frustrating. Subbed to that youtube channel you linked, saved to watch later. Ty nonnie there is a special place in my heart for educational lectures appx 45 minutes long kek, I watch one or 2 before bed usually. Will watch tonight.

No. 1483732

unravel stuff from the thrift store

No. 1483752

how can I curse this scrote?

No. 1483762

What kind of curse? And what did he do?

No. 1483767

Ty for replying. Its kinda like those worksheets i did as a kid, where you place points and then connect them, to show a surprise animal shape. i know its not a sexual fantasy to act on, but I couldnt quite see the bigger picture.
I am so disconnected from SM, and its a weird convo to strike up with friends.
Growing up I was constantly accused of being a lesbian because of my boy clothes. It was so anxiety inducing and i was beat up. Ive always gone out of my way to prove otherwise. Now, as I get older, I wonder if I am in denial. Idk, i suppose that is my own dumbass journey to take.
Thank you kindly anons, for letting me know.

No. 1483771

Id also like to add my boy clothes in question
> tie over band tee
>pants that zipped off into shorts
>flannels and boots
>y2k skate shirts

No. 1483776

would it be very weird to steal mugs from my (office) job? i plan on quitting in the coming months (as soon as i have something new lined up) but we have like 2-3 mugs that i really like in the office kitchen and it's very tempting to just put them in my backpack and walk out, especially when i'm the last one in the office on a friday evening.

No. 1483779

sure. Unless they belong to someone person, dont do it, but if it's office properly, steal. I took so many TP rolls before i left. kek

No. 1483783

those mugs are probably ones people brought from home. don't be a freak and steal $10 worth of mugs.

No. 1483790

mugs that belong to one person only are kept in that person's shelf space, the mugs i like are in the cabinet and belong to no one in particular.

they actually are. people just dump their mugs at work because they don't want them anymore. it's actually a problem and my boss regularly throws out really ugly ones because people use the kitchen as a dumpster for unwanted mugs, plates, bowls, etc.

No. 1483805

If my boss is giving me the most stressful position at my job does that mean she trusts me or wants me to quit? It seems like only 3 of us are allowed this role since the 4th guy quit for a new place.

No. 1483817

When juices from the store say stuff like "10% juice" wtf is the rest made of? Water?

No. 1483819

How can I stop being messy? It's not like I have food from weeks ago lying on the floor or something but I have a bad habit of putting clothes or old papers (whatever it may be) just on a pile on my desk and leave it. I don't buy things pretty much at all but I have trouble throwing things away ('I will use it in situation X which will never happen!') so I have a bit of a hoard. It doesn't even bother me but it's really annoying for my roommates and I don't want to be THAT roommate kek.

No. 1483820

Water, sugar, artificial flavorings. Though the juice is usually from concentrate

No. 1483860

What are some normal things you could lie about in normal conversation that would make virtually all men disinterested in you? Not too gross

No. 1483864

Corn syrup, shit’s everywhere

No. 1483869

If we’re talking “gross” yet “normal” then
>Hairy legs or armpits
>Mentioning anything about your period, or bathroom issues
>Having any sort of infection, health issue, or illness, could be as simple as tonsil stones and lice

No. 1483871

Also you could say you eat a lot of something gross, like say you eat your finger nails, or an actual food but it smells horrible and makes your breath bad

No. 1483874

Tell them you’re 30+
I’m not kidding

No. 1483878

Say you have 3 ex husbands and they all passed away

No. 1483885

pretend you're a JW or some other niche/cultish religious group. admittedly it might be hard to keep the larp up but i imagine the average moid has 0 interest in pursuing someone like that

No. 1483888

Bump. My nudes have my face in them and there’s no way I would post to Reddit with my face. I might of uploaded to a private album but I didn’t share with anyone. What is this site?

No. 1483900

I was going to say some moid you sent it to probably shared it, but since you haven't sent it to anyone, sounds like someone hacked wherever you had the photos and uploaded them to some site that they run.

No. 1483901

You can report it for revenge porn since it has your images without consent. I think theres anons that might have a link to the .gov website used to also flag cp and revenge porn! I hope you can have your pictures taken down quickly

No. 1483903

So you uploaded your nudes with your face to some private album online right? It’s possible info to one of your old accounts got leaked in a major data leak, and someone got into your account that way. Or maybe something else happened, it depends

No. 1483942

File: 1674869789712.jpg (56.52 KB, 700x461, 619b67a5b148f_Oqjj818-png__700…)

Do Australians know what crimes their ancestors commited to get sent there?

No. 1483950

Anyone else tend to repeat themselves more than once in conversation? I'll be talking and then I'll bring something up again that I had already told the other person in the same conversation. I think I do this because my older sister is mentally challenged and when she talks she'll repeat the same things over and over and over again. How do I stop this habit?

No. 1483954

Would a man really joke about having a small dick unless it's actually small? Help me nonnies

No. 1483964

File: 1674872060724.png (86.15 KB, 263x275, munny.png)

How do you learn to be a superhuman that is just immune to things and gives 0 fucks even if you are a miserable, sensitive person overall?

I honestly avoid outrage stuff 99.99% of the time and play it safe. My hobbies are solitary. But, today I made the awful mistake of going to a social media website and I happened upon a very long, popular comment that just seemed so suspicious to me.
I checked the profile and turned out to be a "woke" fuckboy with a very long history of sneaking in misogyny into otherwise well-worded, basic arguments while pretending to be a feminist. I hated myself for even getting morbidly curious and I hated how I felt seeing that shit. I'm not sure if the right word is "seething". More a mix of existential dread and despair and I don't know why. I'm a retard. I plan to just stay off such sites in the future, but I don't want to feel poisoned each time I see something nasty either!

No. 1483980

Does it seem like he’s trying to sleep with you at all?

No. 1483989

When I was in high school this fat scrote i was dating told me in a Mc Donalds parking lot that he had a small dick. He was clearly trying to sleep with me but he never did.

No. 1484042

File: 1674881046259.gif (2.72 MB, 479x355, 1674709200562.gif)

why is he flipping out busternons? what's the context of this scene? just what exactly is he doing here? my curiosity is killing me but i don't have time to watch his movies yet

No. 1484047

For me it's pessimism. I really only expect the worst from people so when they do things like that I roll my eyes, say "yeah makes sense," and don't even bother to read/listen to their bullshit.

No. 1484048

Honestly, I have the same problem. To some extent, I think letting yourself feel mad is the best way to prevent getting even angrier. Like, I'm an emotional person to, so I just have to kind of acknowledge the feeling, while also just trying to let it pass. Whenever I see people on social media doing the thing you said, like writing a bunch of snarky comments, I try to remind myself that really they're probably just more obsessed with women than women are with him, so him writing comments like that is just him coping. Course, I don't think it's always so easy to mentally get passed these kinds of feelings, so idk.

No. 1484062

KEK oh my gosh nonnie I'm sorry I forgot to answer this. He's supposed to be Cleopatra and he's going ape shit doing 'acrobatics'.

The bit starts at 12:40, but be warned this is actually a Fatty Arbuckle movie so it's weird.

No. 1484088

Are trans men banned from this site? I mean, 99% of you consider trans people to be mental patients who can never pass off as the opposite sex, so can I post here as a trans man?

No. 1484089

No. 1484108

Trannies are not welcome. You can post once you detrans, which will be pretty soon

No. 1484111

trans men are women so technically yes

No. 1484115

Don’t worry you’ll detrans soon enough just lurk and don’t get mad when someone calls you a tranny on a site that doesn’t tolerate them like the rest of the detrans anons here

No. 1484116

I don't encourage mental illness of any kind.

No. 1484117

I just wanna point out that I've only ever seen Soviet men doing this exact dance move.

No. 1484121

You're still female, at the end of the day, so of course you can post.

No. 1484125

File: 1674896226887.jpg (72.44 KB, 1285x399, argie kc.JPG)

Are you a man pretending to be a woman, pretending to be a man?

No. 1484130

what does the image say? if it's a male, it must be feeling euphoric from being told it's a woman, kek.

No. 1484131

Why do you wanna post on a women's site if you think you're a man? Way to misgender yourself.

No. 1484132

File: 1674897094313.png (129.65 KB, 1360x768, 6dd5f6cf6d57f30fff17503b08b472…)

she has been posting shit for a long time, before she said she was a sad and lonely woman, then she said she was masculine, before she made shit threads about business and now she says her name is juan

No. 1484133

All the Argentine flags belong to her

No. 1484134

>she says her name is juan

No. 1484136

I could not choose a more generic and stereotypical name than Juan

No. 1484146

File: 1674898165165.jpg (146.77 KB, 1294x602, kek3.JPG)

No. 1484147

>best advice for men
>dress comfortably

No. 1484148

File: 1674898435227.jpg (53.65 KB, 720x636, FB_IMG_1670196632137.jpg)

To be a man you have to love yourself and accept yourself as you are
So she is born a woman. But she wants to love and accept herself the way she is. But that's a male quality. So in order to accept herself the way she is she has to become a man first.

No. 1484149

Out of all the male names why would someone choose Juan

No. 1484150

File: 1674899147009.jpg (97.05 KB, 1353x432, 3332.JPG)

Too many contradictions in one thread. Sometimes I feel sorry for him, and for all the shit he writes. She is a depressed girl, with an anger problem, who believes that being a man will solve all her problems. She even the idiot of her once posted her tiktok account.

I think she used to be called Juana

No. 1484159

>post on the internet, instructions on how to be a man
> stop letting the internet influence you

No. 1484167

File: 1674902306766.jpeg (68.25 KB, 639x717, B7FA4CCD-9958-42B8-90CF-8E2EEC…)

What does ‘being slutty in theory’ even mean? Does it mean sexually frustrated? Or porn-addicted and developed screwed up kinks?

No. 1484173

i would say it means the person is very/often horny (can include sexual frustration) and craving sexual intimacy(maybe romantic too) but either too anxious to sleep around or get close to a lot of people in that way. weird kinks or porn addiction would just be a bonus to that, not the main definition. id probably call myself slutty in theory, although sleeping around sounds like it would hurt my self esteem and emotions so even though it seems enjoyable in my head i probably wouldnt do it irl

No. 1484174

I think it means that the person would sleep around if it were up to them but due to reasons, moids being bad lays, safety, stds etc, they don't.

No. 1484186

Why would they be confused by Scary Movie out of all things? Every person in their 30s that I know loves it, if only for the nostalgia.

No. 1484209

i checked the tim thread after months and i lost all my will to live again. i don't think we can win with scrotes and their handmaidens. how do i cope living in these times nonas?

No. 1484211

This is suspiciously similar to the how to cure depression thread here that idiots keep bumping (please stop btw)

No. 1484217

why does lc feel so newfaggy lately?

No. 1484230

Thank you nonnies, I think yes he is trying to sleep with me. But would you really joke about that if so??

No. 1484231

tik tak and youtube griffters making videos on it.

No. 1484280

Most oldfags left under the shaymin regime in a mass exodus. Maybe they'll come back.

No. 1484382

What are some ancient dried up cows you're sad didn't get more threads? For me it's that Edgar guy on tumblr who was beginning to troon out when his thread was made. This was before Lolcow was so outspoken about feminism and being anti-tranny so I think that's why his thread never caught on. Sucks because he was cow material.

No. 1484393

File: 1674926485539.png (95.17 KB, 275x255, m.png)

I'm out of the loop can anyone explain to me what the whole nofly list thing is about and why suddenly everyone on the internet is praising some cowish hacker?

No. 1484406

Felice Fawn, her scams and the way she made people foam at the mouth was extremely entertaining.

No. 1484419

File: 1674928548928.gif (476.11 KB, 194x269, 92A7D3FD-C4D6-4C7E-B6FD-E09A02…)

Shitty people love good people but good people don’t love shitty people. Shitty people don’t love other shitty people so shitty people pretend to be good people so good people love them. Shitty people grow resentment and careless about being shitty. This makes good people feel sad when they notice and think something is wrong with them. This is perfect because shitty people want good people to feel bad about themselves same way they do. Shitty people love other shitty people only when they can use them to make good people feel bad. This is the only way for shitty people to feel good about themselves.

Does that sound correct nonnas or is it too simple? I hate complicated things

No. 1484427

Simple enough to me, well spoken but those who struggle past a single line will miss your thesis.

No. 1484434

I have a (god this is so embarrassing) degradation kink. How do i fix and get rid of it? Every google search is bullshit about embracing it. Pls don’t shame it turns me on.

Jk, but i always tried to ignore it, i know its inmate because i try to suppress it but it comes up more the hornier i get and after so long only just thought about doing something to get rid of it.

No. 1484444

No. 1484452

For the first time in my life I am with a partner I find extremely attractive. But a new problem I have never had before has come from this. When we have sex, within 10 minutes I'm so wet and open that neither of us can feel anything. In the past, moids would always comment on how tight I was, but it was just because I wasn't aroused at all. Now there is literally so much fluid that the friction is gone. It helps if I close my eyes or try to keep my mind on something else but obviously I want to enjoy the sex too. We joke that we avoid foreplay because pretty much immediately I'm too ready. How do I turn myself off enough to enjoy sex?

No. 1484454

Maybe you can find a healthier fetish kind of related to it or build off the idea in order to get out of it. Like becoming better from the thing you like being degraded for (depends on what you like being talked down or treated like shit about) so that way you can get more pleasure? Don't know if that makes sense. Or just really try avoiding content related to it and see if you can zone out and just masturbate.

I've had a similar issue where I like questionable content, and usually finding other outlets or other arousing stuff helped me keep out of it periodically. Like indulgence once in a while but not taking the total nosedive. Breaking types of addiction is hard and fucking sucks, but it can be a good mental exercise.

No. 1484455

Can't he just lick up the extra fluid?

No. 1484458

Kinda like what that anon said, or wipe it down periodically. Learn some positions that technically tighten you up more or find a way to have better control over your pelvic floor in order to clench better.

No. 1484459

Wish I had this problem…

No. 1484477

Hpw do you deal with the "Is this it…?" feeling we get every once a while? Like, this is… life. This is it. I usually just let it pass but it's been kind of persistent and making me very depressed and melancholic and overall dull, and I want to get over it already. Like girl, be grateful you have a simple, dull life.
How do you deal?

No. 1484478

Congratulations this is what kegels are for as a workout, it's not too intensive and can be done while reading a book in bed.

No. 1484479

Actually going off that other anons amazing problem, is it normal to be really nervous and awkward around someone you're super attracted to? I can't tell if it's a gut feeling to stay away or if i've been aiming too low with the men I go for looks wise, since usually i'm very confident around them.

Because like you see it in films when people have crushes on each other, but maybe that's just a media thing, you know?

No. 1484501

If at 23 I’m no close to graduating and only have a shitty high school diploma, does that mean I’m already doomed to be a loser for rest of life with no achievement?

No. 1484508

Obviously not. I'm on my last semester and graduating with my bachelors soon at 26. But at this point, I've already built up a solid CV that would increase my chances of getting into graduate school or getting a job after I graduate. Other people have different life circumstances that might have prevented them from finishing uni at 22 (starting their degree later in life, medical complications, having to take care of a sick family member, needing to work, etc). If anything completing a bachelor's in four years is more of a rarity than it is the usual, at least at my university.

No. 1484529

For me, at least, I think that when I'm very lonely. Life is never perfect, but I enjoy it when I'm having a good time with friends. Perhaps something has happened that has caused you to feel this way? It might help if you set yourself ambitious goals, so you're really making the most out of life.

No. 1484534

jrcach, he was the first person I hate-followed, over several accounts, too.

No. 1484535

It's a bit of a tough one. First off since it's january take vitamin D3, there's a pattern at least with me it's a seasonal thing.

Secondly, I find comfort in knowing this is it. If you can pay your bills, eat the food you like and have the things that make your life comfortable and pleasurable, you've literally made it as a human being. Enjoy it!

No. 1484539

No, everyone ages 19-25 thinks like this

No. 1484541

File: 1674938417160.jpg (242.06 KB, 1324x648, wizardchan.JPG)

that thread is a copy and paste of a thread from an incels image board

No. 1484558

Oh ffs, that's why OP felt like a retard. I don't browse moid boards so I couldn't tell

No. 1484567

OP is a woman pretending to be a man, the posts in that thread are copies of those threads

No. 1484590

This nonna is right >>1480465
It is a learned skill they usually develop after puberty, in their late teens and "refine" throughout their 20s until their late 20s/ early 30s were they have mastered it.

No. 1484604

I wanna file my own taxes this year and my mom has been filing me as dependent but I don’t want her to file for me this year at least. If I do my own taxes, will she not be able to put me as dependent other years? Also how do I file my taxes? Just a pic of my w2 uploaded to turbo tax or something?

No. 1484605

Do you know more about this? It’s also interesting to me

No. 1484616

How do i get up when my 20 pound cat sleepy sleep on me?
Sos i gotta pee but do not want to disturb

No. 1484618

i'm sorry but there's no hope for you.

No. 1484621

I accept my fate

No. 1484622

I was just about to post about how I hate having an upstairs bedroom but downstairs bathroom. I don't even have a cat on me. Just my own tiredness. We'll just have to explode.

No. 1484644

Update: cat always greets roommate, so she pretended to just get home and im free! Teamwork makes the dream work

No. 1484718

Very cute!

No. 1484818

Is it normal to take twice the amount of time reading academic texts if you're not used to it? I'm a STEM major and I'm taking a sociology class but I'm struggling trying to keep up with the readings. Like this one section I have to read would have taken 35 minutes, as noted by the instructor, but it took me an hour to get through it. Am I just retarded?

No. 1484824

My thoughts wonder if I'm truly not interested in something. You're fine anon

No. 1484862

Internet savvy and tech smart nonnas.l, in the 4chan archive, you can see if an image has been posted elsewhere on the site in a different thread or whatever. There’s like an image “hash” that’s generated or something. If you search an image by hash, are the same images that appear posted by the same person? Or is it just same image posted by different people? Thanks

No. 1484863

It's only the same image. The archives only scrape what anyone can see, so they have no idea about who posted what.

You can check the filename. It's not 100% but if some obscure picture gets posted regularly with similar posting styles and the same filename there's a good chance it's all the same person.

No. 1484865

Same filename…. But like numbers idk if that makes a difference to say a sentence. .jpg

No. 1484867

I don't understand.

No. 1484868

If a Tamil man wears a gold ring on his right-hand ring finger, does that mean he is married?

No. 1484871

Same file name but they’re numbers, like 356754456.jpg

No. 1484872

Those are basically unique timestamps, but some people save the same picture or save a picture with the filename it was posted under, so it's not a 100% personal identifier. It increases the likelihood that it's the same person posting, but is not proof that it's the same person.

No. 1484874

Thanks makes sense. I might test to see if I repost a pic if it’s under same hash after it’s archived

No. 1484875

Sure, go ahead. Experimenting is always a good idea.

No. 1484878

Why does this girl look so different in her pictures compared to in the video?
Did she edit the pictures or is she just an example of an extremely photogenic person?

it’s not that she’s isn’t pretty in the video, but the photos are just really flattering… for example you can see she has a biggish nose when she turns to the side, and that her teeth are a bit yellow and crooked, she has under eye bags etc none of which are visible in the photos.

No. 1484894

It's all the same image, saved by multiple people so those posts are not necessarily made by the same person. If you save the image and change even a tiny pixel or resize it and upload it on 4chan, the archive will generate a different hash for that image. Also filenames don't necessarily mean it's posted by the same person since there's an extension on 4chan to save am image under the same filename that it was posted in.
>t. stalked my ex gf's anon posts for years on 4chan

No. 1484898

Trying to remember an actor/character:
>white, british? guy
>has a toothy smile and his eyes are almost closed when he smiles
>annoying, "ohoho my dear" snob character
>most likely appeared in a young adult movie/series
>I was thinking riverdale or sabrina but no luck
>plays an antagonist, rich guy who looks down on others

No. 1484906

So saving it under same file name has to be deliberate? Doesn’t happen automatically?

No. 1484907

In a shit marriage, have an infidelity clauses for alimony, how do I bait my boyfriend into cheating on me? Creative ways only and no catfishing since he doesn't have social media outside of one app that's impossible to make fake profiles for

No. 1484910

Mostly just editing but also flattering angles and flattering lighting. She probably also spends a lot of time taking a million photos until she gets the one perfect one that she ends up posting.

No. 1484927

I distinctively remember someone on Lolcow linking a study about men not being able to comprehend what they just read as fiction or something along those lines, like women having better reading comprehension than they do. Does anyone know what study I'm talking about or a similar one?

No. 1484953

i think a nonny mentioned a study on low reading comprehension in males in the man hate or a similar thread on 2X

No. 1484960

This is for the American anons out there: is Miami known for being specifically strange? My big sister visited Miami last year right after spending 2 months in Mexico and she told me Miami was kind of a shithole for rich people, the food was trash and super expensive, and people thought she was Latina (we all look racially ambiguous in my family I guess but she was even more tan than usual) so they treated her like shit or ignored her entirely regardless of their skin color. I guess she was shocked because in her mind the US is supposed to be super open minded and tolerant because of how we were taught about it when we were kids in school but she was super disappointed. She and her friends saw a bunch of crackheads and one of her friends had to run from a convenient store to their hotel because she saw that a crazy woman with a katana was trying to chase her. Is Miami like this for other Americans as well or just for tourists from other continents?

No. 1484961

How do I sound more eloquent? I do read a lot, but when I speak, I feel like I cannot express myself properly

No. 1484976

File: 1674995587432.jpeg (264.87 KB, 1080x1080, 1674994874322.jpeg)

What cat genre is this?

No. 1484982

very cute

No. 1484984

I don't really like looking at face piercings, but I think a matching set would probably look more put together and cute.

No. 1484990

File: 1674997675848.jpeg (115.6 KB, 585x1227, 9E12D58F-7CE7-4758-A39A-2E55C2…)

What is the psychology of Coomers ? Do they really believe that photos like this are real and these women exist, or do they know it's fake and coom anyway?

No. 1484996

File: 1674998139680.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 103.34 KB, 750x834, 8D1FB8B5-A6B5-497F-AAD3-52D31B…)

Also picrel, I found it on Twitter, I thought it was a joke at first but it was posted in earnest by a "hottest cosplayers" page. Are Coomers just brain-dead?

No. 1484998

File: 1674998300578.jpg (38.68 KB, 720x575, 1618397249950.jpg)

reminded me of this

No. 1485000

File: 1674998432133.jpg (28.28 KB, 708x398, JESUs.jpg)

jesus chirst…please tell me shes fake

No. 1485018

I guess they do, I remember months ago in the photoshoppers thread on /snow/, there was someone arguing (no way that wasn't a moid) that some obviously shooped, anatomically impossible, girl just had naturally wide hips and telling farmers to just google "wide hips naked woman" or something. There is probably some kind of relation between slight, but actual, retardation and the odds of becoming a coomer. As in a non-retarded man (if you entertain the idea of them existing) is less likely to become a full on coomer. Just my opinion tho.

No. 1485030

Is this a human-watermelon hybrid?

No. 1485042

Florida is gross and trashy and that goes doubly so for Miami

No. 1485057

File: 1675006836110.png (81.06 KB, 843x322, Screenshot 2023-01-29 160617.p…)

Kek Miami got invaded by latinos and of course it turned into a shithole, like anything latinos touch. Cubans in particular are the worst kind and hated by everybody.
A lot of the rich people who invest there are nouveau riche lations that got wealthy trough corruption in their own countries so they're the worst kind of people.
also mods don't ban me I'm latina myself.(racebait)

No. 1485089

Burger-chans, do you really have 104 days of summer vacation?

No. 1485092

Have a friend come onto him? If she doesn’t mind having sex with him or she could always bail last minute. Maybe they can sext or something

No. 1485096

Does LC still load slowly for anyone else? At least we haven't had any site outages since the switch but it's never been this slow before and I've given up a lot of my favorite threads because I'm tired of waiting for images to load. It's not my internet.

No. 1485098

I haven’t been to Miami in a long time but is it really that much more fucked up now?

No. 1485099

why is amanda seyfried on one of the banners

No. 1485103

When I click to expand on images it takes forever or it ends up disappearing, but that’s it, rest of site loads fine. Maybe depends on the board though idk

No. 1485104

Because of one post in a past celebricow thread that anons thought was hilarious even though it's literally just "this fucking bitch". I don't get it either.

No. 1485108

Why did they call her that though? Maybe more context makes it funny

No. 1485112

That is not the context at all and you sound like a massive newfag. You don’t know what you’re talking about

No. 1485139

File: 1675013018295.gif (936.71 KB, 268x150, march.gif)

what happened to the weekend farmer meetup

No. 1485148

Ayrt, this is the same issue I have but it still drives me crazy, especially when it's a text heavy image I really wanted to read.

No. 1485154

yes extremely slow. i have to wait like 10 minutes to watch a webm

No. 1485188

Do I know how to spoiler

No. 1485209

yes you do slay

No. 1485212

Wow it's like I have dial-up internet again.

No. 1485213

Thanks anons, this was very helpful. I think I have been feeling a little lonely for a while which is exacerbating this feeling, on top of the weather. Thank you!

No. 1485234

NTA but what's the context?

No. 1485278

Also want to know what the deal context is

No. 1485281

Real* fucks sake

No. 1485285

There really is no context, it's just some celebricowfag sperging out because being outraged and rude = hee hee ha ha FUNNY.

No. 1485295

Does that explain the katana wielding crackheads though?

No. 1485313

No dumbass, there was a specific anon who spent months sperging about every minute thing Amanda Seyfried did for no other reason than she had a massive hate boner for her. Massive spergy paragraphs about absolutely nothing. She was super milky. Newfag

No. 1485325

File: 1675024530234.jpg (197.18 KB, 1024x768, 3k1eym6tbb951.jpg)

What's that interior style called that's basically the opposite of that sleek and clean gray and white ikea catalogue rip furniture store showroom kei? See picrel

No. 1485326

Link them then you faggot.

No. 1485330

File: 1675024901542.jpg (332.22 KB, 1500x1000, 76642-acc-ohara-1811024.jpg)


No. 1485334

Everything that it isn't nordic interior design.

No. 1485341

Classic? Federal, Queen Anne, I think

No. 1485360

I can work with those, thanks.

No. 1485583

What are the benefits of going to the gym? I want to keep these benefits in my mind as a constant motivation. Right now I'm hesitating signing up and making silly excuses, I feel like I just need a slap in the face.

No. 1485616

I noticed over the past week I had two women randomly go out of their way to flirt with me, is there a tell I unknowingly give off? Or do lesbians just have a gaydar? Not trying to sound scrotish here nonnies I'm just geniunely confused I am bisexual myself but don't go out of my way to make it known.

No. 1485642

Does Aliexpress sell legitimate stuff? I just found some merch I wanted to buy

No. 1485644

what’s a chic alternative to a bean bag chair

No. 1485650

Increases bone density to help reduce osteoporosis in old age. Is like a biochemical bath for your brain and helps slow cognitive decline and keep you sharper as you age and reduce your chances of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Reduces your chances of all kinds of other common diseases and chronic/fatal conditions later in life. Improves mental health and feelings of happiness, reduces feelings of stress, anger, and depression. Increases confidence. Raises your metabolism. Increases collagen production in your skin and helps you age well. Helps push you to overcome shyness and discomfort and see yourself becoming stronger all the time.

No. 1485655

File: 1675052408506.jpg (38.64 KB, 500x500, 51LSMyTh1DL.jpg)

floor sofas or maybe a fancy rocking gamer chair?

No. 1485681

What is the purpose of PR relationships, when both people involved are not bearding or not trying to hide anything?

No. 1485685

converging fanbases

No. 1485698

In case anyone was wondering: update, men do not joke about having a small dick, unless, it is actually small.

No. 1485706

File: 1675060990377.jpg (544.3 KB, 3154x2291, keanu-reeves-3284774090.jpg)

is it a bad idea to fuck a drug addicted man 20+ years my senior because he looks hot like keanu reeves?

No. 1485708

They literally are. My favorite is "trust me bro I totally know multiple women who look like that" or "it's so easy to tell if they're fake or not you're just stupid"

No. 1485710

No, go for it.

No. 1485711

especially if he does. boy is ugly af. have some dignity.

No. 1485713

he looks hotter alright and made me laugh! but i am afraid that this will ruin him and make him a manwhore that would hit on women even younger than i am. however, i should also not take responsibility for his sluttiness, because i wouldn't take his drug addiction personally either. it just shows he could be easily seducable.

No. 1485715

File: 1675061946635.jpg (72.31 KB, 728x1007, pic-2338909050.jpg)

depends which drug?

No. 1485738

File: 1675068452035.jpeg (74.17 KB, 580x580, 2F8970D7-F475-41E0-899F-FB968D…)

Looking for suggestions on subtle feminist jewelry I could maybe DIY? Googling gives me kind of cringe results, and when you google ”feminist earrings” it gives me stuff like ”terf repellent spray bottle” charms…

No. 1485797

Is it normal that even after taking bc for a while, my period is never on time? It always comes on the second or third day of the placebo days

No. 1485801

If it always comes either 2nd or 3rd day of placebo pills it means it's a perfectly regular bleeding, it doesn't have to start on the 1st placebo pill.

No. 1485812

This is going to sound like an r/AITA post but was I in the wrong to reproach my parents some decisions they took while raising us? Basically my dad was in the military so we had to constantly move as kids to follow him, which made us lose all our friends and start over every 2-3 years, my dad mostly cared about his job so he never wondered what was the effect on us. My mom was a bit paranoid about child abductions and abuse so we were never allowed to go to birthday parties, trick-or-treating with other children or hang out after school, which turned me into a bit of an asocial, also since I was too smart in school they made me skip a grade in the middle of the fucking school year which really didn't help. A few months ago I told all this to my parents, my mom got really angry, saying that they did the best they could, that I should go to therapy (I guess I should but that's not the subject) and since my siblings turned out fine (doubt.jpg) it's my own responsibility to get over my issues; my dad didn't react because he is the cliché stoic and apathetic military dude. I know it's useless to mull over the past, but am I not allowed to say I didn't like some things growing up?

No. 1485817

maybe something in the Suffragette colours though it looks similar to the nb flag so keep that in mind. The Venus symbol is also a pretty sublte feminist icon

No. 1485827

I see, thanks nonna!

No. 1485843

File: 1675089293166.jpeg (168.14 KB, 750x1334, 1D28E48D-16DD-42BC-B48C-51A004…)

What game is this? I'm too pussy to ask the person who posted it.

No. 1485844

I recently got a Brazilian and felt a horrible itch by the connection between my butt and labia. Because I was too busy before, I checked finally today during a proper long shower and it's a huge bump. It is truly large but it doesn't have any abnormal colour. I am concerned and unsure of what to do. It is very big and it feels uncomfortable

No. 1485847

It's probably an ingrown hair

No. 1485848

I have had those before and this seems far too big and not red or anything. The skin looks normal it's just a bump

No. 1485851

google lens says it's an app called Bondee

No. 1485859

could it be an infected Bartholin's gland? I had that once, similar location as you meantioned. It was very swollen and painful (almost an inch big), I held hot towels to it for a while and it drained in 1-2 days.

No. 1485861

Samefag but should've added, probably should see a doctor to treat it properly, I don't like them which is why I DIY'd it

No. 1485963

File: 1675101449571.jpg (291.08 KB, 736x1085, af0cc2e9fa5db19c80fd67880ad06c…)

I've never read it watched jojo, but a friend told me my husbando would be Rohan. What does that say about me?

No. 1485967

It means you're attracted to self-obsessed faggots.

No. 1485999

Thank you nona. Saved and will remind myself of this every morning.

No. 1486025

What is the appeal of apocalypse series like TLOU or The Walking Dead? I was never able to get into zombie shows or just apocalypse stuff in general, the entire genre feels extremely hopeless. For zombies it's like… the characters are constantly on the run. Ok they found a base… and…? Then eventually zombies come and invade again. Rinse and repeat. Why are these shows so popular? It feels like a never ending road of hopelessness and stress because people will constantly die and be on the run.

No. 1486059

I can't finish projects. It starts with me having a cool idea, imagining all the details, sometimes it just stays that way and the idea buzzes around in my head for months. If I force myself to start the project, I lose interest in it after a short time. I just can't force myself to keep going, I lose more and more of the fun until it becomes torture.
I've started so many projects and never finished them, it's killing me. I want, but just can't. They aren't even big projects, I tried planning them, breaking them down into smaller goals, nothing helps. On the other side, I don't have those problems in my job, I can finish projects there with not losing interest at all and beeing really focused.

Anyone has similir problems? Any tips?

No. 1486060

Yeah, somewhat true.

No. 1486078

File: 1675110859412.jpg (37.11 KB, 425x558, fc3.jpg)

Please for god's sake, how do I shake the shame after being embarrassing and making a mistake in public? I'm dying

No. 1486090

There's a good chance no one will remember your mistake because we're all much harder on ourselves. I can remember every embarrassing thing I've done in detail but can think of only a few times I remember someone else being embarrassing

No. 1486108

Are accent nails dumb? I've seen a lot of hate for them for some reason but I just want to paint my nails with two colors and I can't do nail art that looks nice

No. 1486109

No, I think they look nice.

No. 1486132

Why do men who obsess over fertility tend to hate single moms or just moms in general? I feel like it would be ideal for them since it's generally easier to get pregnant if you have previous children, it's proof of fertility because some women don't know if they have fertility issues until they ttc. It makes no sense to me

No. 1486135

i think it's just personal preference. i'm personally picky about the accent nail. a plain accent nail with a decorated/designed set looks bad to me, but a decorated accent with a plain set is fine. or like contrasting colors looks better to me than similar ones. ultimately i prefer alternating colors to a single accent nail.

No. 1486140

Is being the middle child really that bad of a deal?

No. 1486152

Because that’s what pedophiles say to justify themselves.

No. 1486284

I think it depends, my brother is the middle child and he is my mom's favorite.

No. 1486388

Can I get more flexible faster if I stretch while tipsy/drunk 3x per week?

No. 1486390

I'm a forgotten middle child but mostly cuz my siblings were always getting into shit

No. 1486391

As opposed to stretching while sober? Probably not but you increase your chances of getting injuried.

No. 1486398

Aw man really? I heard drunk people survive tornadoes easier cuz their muscles are so relaxed.

No. 1486405

Is it harder to make friends as you get older? I’m asking the folks that had no difficulty making friends in the first place.

No. 1486413

Yes because if most people in your age group have children they have less time for friends.

No. 1486417

How do people think up genuinely good usernames for places like Discord/Instagram/anywhere? I never like any of mine but my autism makes me fixate on them and hate that they're not "perfect"

No. 1486425

>Adjective Noun/Pronoun
>Color Animal
Three common naming schemes used, best of luck with the perfectionism, it's easier to just shuffle usernames so you don't feel as though you're locked into it.

No. 1486435

File: 1675134557017.jpeg (38.12 KB, 500x517, 56919DEE-5226-4363-BFBD-6C1B05…)

I unironically used pic related, then I looked up a song I used to listen to when I was a kid, it's a really tacky one, and that's how I created one of my usernames. Another thing I like to do is to pick my name apart and find different ways to spell it or names that could be similar. Something else that works is listening to your name pronounced differently and using what you misheard as your username.
It's fun, in the end you just have to feel like the username somehow represents you.

No. 1486455

dont force it just try to think about the things you like. words you like the sound of. write down ideas when they come

No. 1486464

>sweet vanilla magic
nta but this is so cute I’m gonna use this on some throwaway accounts kek

No. 1486467

>milky princess puppy

No. 1486469

>Melty Circus Fantasy

This took a weird turn, but I actually don't hate it

No. 1486470

File: 1675138672953.gif (1.19 MB, 498x370, British teeth.gif)

where does the American stereotype that British people have "bad teeth" seem to come from ?

No. 1486480

if i want to make a sweet cream vanilla for coffee with a thick soy milk and frothed should I use vanilla grounded or as a syrup?

No. 1486481

From the fact that a british people tend not to value heavily bleached teeth probably. I am sure it stems from a much older historical place.

No. 1486490

I've seen my fair share of (mostly older) British people with "bad" (very crooked and usually dark) teeth. But maybe it's like confirmation bias and I only notice it because they're British, idk.

No. 1486506

So I doxxed this guy I met online, he knows it, and well I feel bad and want to make things even because I like him. Would it be a bad idea to doxx myself to him? No name but where I live?

No. 1486511

How did you doxx him?

No. 1486518

Serious question but how am I even supposed to interact with scrotes? There have been many times when I’ve tried to get to know them and then they complain that they are being asked too many questions. So I just say nothing?

No. 1486529

Honestly, the less you talk, the better. Most scrotes are just looking for a woman to talk at, not to. Just smile and nod. Most men are not worth having a conversation with anyway so you'll be doing yourself a favor not putting any effort into it.

No. 1486531

I guess I didn’t “doxx” him, I just found out where he lived but i was never going to post it anywhere, just wanted it for myself, was just curious I guess. Maybe it’s called stalking idk

No. 1486538

I managed to go to the doctor and she told me to do some more exams than last time, including bloodwork to see if it's because of bacteria. I hope it's just that and I'll just need to take some meds because she told me that she also suspects neurological issues or something with my muscles and if that's the case I'll need to do even more exams. I keep getting health issues, it's really not fun but I might as well take care of it before I travel again or before it gets worse.

No. 1486555

I can't post a pic neither through imgur or file