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No. 6924

Thread for when you're at your peak and need to vent, scream or sperg about troons, TRAs, or related topics but don't want to shit up or derail other threads.

In a world where women are shunned for standing up for themselves, banned from using the word "woman", have their prizes and scholarships given to men, get told to shut up and take the girldick, that thier same-sex attraction is transphobic, that thier kids should have their body parts cut off - it's hard to not go insane.

The fear of getting cancelled, fired or shunned by TRAs and friends around you is weighing heavily on a lot of us, lc is one of few refuges where we are allowed to be honest. So go on, scream into the void about troons all you want.

No. 6925

My last remaining friend is on cross-sex hormones and wants me to touch his chest. I'm a connoisseur of man tiddies and like moobs, but troon moob? That shit is cursed and I fucking can't. Really not looking forward to the fallout if he notices that I'm too disgusted to touch him now.

No. 6926

Wouldn't this be better suited to 2X? It'd be nice to see that board get used.

No. 6927

Just tell him it is weird for friends to touch each others chests. He probably thinks that in female friendships it is normal for women to fondle and grope each others breast like in lesbian pornos
it´s barely living

No. 6928

>wants me to touch his chest
Wtf why? Is it possible he's trying to get with you and took hormones partly to get you to appreciate his troon moobs or something?? sounds disgusting

No. 6929

We used to have a much more affectionate friendship (cringe, I know, but we're childhood friends and I was touchy-feely back in the day) before he trooned out. That's why I'm worried he'll notice I'm too disgusted to touch him now. He probably trooned out because he's less autistic than I am and therefore more easily manipulated by validation and coom.

No. 6930

>and like moobs

No. 6931

I'm so incredibly sick of my guy friend who is a hypocritical enby who literally says he doesn't believe in gender, but because he's not a hyper masc bodybuilder and instead a soft neet autist he somehow thinks that makes him "not cis, and therefore trans" by the trans logic so he goes by it.

Despite not believing in gender and admitting he would abandon it if people just stopped talking about it, he STILL insists trans women ARE real women and should only be in women's spaces and it would be transphobic and risk harming them to put them in male spaces.

TRAs being brainwashed is one thing. But hearing this guy say "gender isn't real, but also let women get raped by troons in female changing rooms becasue they are also women because their gender is female" has just made me so mad. I didn't know he was such a raging misogynist, leftist men are truly the worst. I now don't feel safe around him knowing he only cares about the safety of other men and happily let women suffer over it. I'm deeply hurt over it, I think I hate him now.

No. 6932

File: 1670503320409.png (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 1101x1350, Obese_Man.png)

man boobs

No. 6933

After years of this trans shit I've finally had regular interaction with one. They are of course 10 years younger and to me it entirely does seem like a phase. It as a very tall lanky boy pretending to be a woman. I have to call him she in work because I don't want the hassle. Everyone at work talks behind his back about how not like a woman he is. He's spoke to me about being trans and how his family doesn't speak to him now and he talks about notable female leaders and figured like a fan. I mean I can appreciate waxing lyrical about great woman but he still has never spoke about why he himself feels a woman. And I suppose that is entirely his business in this pc world, but it's just perplexing. It's obviously a strange thing but to ask him questions about his identity is probably a taboo subject in a work place, but the thing is he is very mouthy about politics and says quite provocative things. Yet no one has ever dared to question his beliefs and especially those on identity because dude what the fuck

No. 6934

>Everyone at work talks behind his back about how not like a woman he is.
Keep doing that and ignore him. It helps when you know everyone else is still sane and he's delusional on his own. Don't engage with anything trans related he says, just ignore it and change the topic so he can't keep spewing that shit and know you're not interested. If prompted by him to say something about a trans topic just say something like "Oh I wouldn't know about that since I'm not well versed in those things, anyway did you guys see this other thing… (start new topic before he can continue)"

No. 6935

>mouthy about politics and says quite provocative things
Can't you complain to the higher ups or HR about keeping the workplace apolitical and decorous? Namely you want work in a professional environment that won't arouse conflict between political opinions and discomfort with your work colleagues. Don't mention his name, centre your complaint on how this specific co-worker keeps disrupting the work environment and how other workers experience discomfort regarding the frequent topics about politics and provocative things.

No. 6936

I genuinely think that the mtf anime freaks are pornsick pedos and they just want to project their own weird sexual desires by turning their body into a sex toy for themselves but obviously they're grown men and don't look like underage cartoon characters. There's one at my uni and every time I see him he's wearing the same pink tracksuit with long greasy hair and it really bothers me because of how clearly stunted he is mentally and how it's absolutely them pretending to be however they think a girl is supposed to be, and it's almost always this entirely fictional version. I just can't stand seeing people attempt to imitate the female experience or act as if their sexualized "dysphoric" experiences as trans women is somehow harder or more undeserving than how real women are treated. I feel like if you talk to one it's like they're taking mental notes on what to copy and what to imitate- it's just weird. It's worse when you see them on social media talking about being jealous of "cis" women- like you can't even exist as a woman without some seething man being jealous of you?

I almost feel less bothered by ftm girls because all of the ones I've met are either weird fujos who are projecting or who have obviously been traumatized in some way in their life due to being a woman and this is their way of coping.

It just makes me so angry to feel I can't speak on the unique experience of girlhood and womanhood without worrying that someone will see it as "inclusive language" or disregard these real experiences and feelings because they are inherent to being a woman and leave out trans women. Total blogpost moment but it's this or be considered a pariah in a public/online setting these days if I say anything.

No. 6937

I find it astonishing ever since peaking and actually reading what "TERFs" have to say, that it's near impossible to find a single directly anti-TERF argument that isn't just a strawman blatantly wrong about what TERFs actually believe. Genderspecials had me genuinely convinced that TERFs were irrational, unscientific, bigoted hacks on the level of anti-vaxx conspiracy theorists, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

It's embarassing to have bought into troon lies for so long, but at the same time, they push so hard for absolutely never reading what the other side has to say. They make such an effort to poison your mind so that you read anything uncharitable to gendwr ideology in a hostile way. It's disgusting. It feels like cultish mind control.

No. 6938

File: 1670517423952.jpg (252.73 KB, 1662x1062, nazi tranny.jpg)

>It's embarassing to have bought into troon lies for so long
Most of us did. Before I was aware of male aggression, crime rates, and socialization, I saw the argument that a man doesn't become a woman because he lost his penis in a car accident, so why would a woman be a man just because she was born with a penis? And I was like, yeah, the penis seems pretty irreverent when you put it that way. But then I started reading and everything starting adding up.

No. 6939

yeah it should be on /2X/ but since its hidden from users now i doubt that people would remind themselves to go there

No. 6940

this is repulsing, how the fuck do you like something like that ? please stop.

No. 6941

what confuses me the most is the people who rejected tra ideology, peaked and went to big gc/terf circles and then suddenly becames anti-terf and goes back to the tranny cult for whatever reasons ? like how can people think like that ? its so confusing.. when you learn about what troons ideology is like, and how they're just a bunch of pornsick dudes, i dont understand how u can flip back and agree with them?

No. 6942

mod why did you just put that thread there ? most people dont know about /2X/, there would be less interactions than it should have

No. 6943

Seconding this, 2X board is pretty much dead and more people need to see this vent thread because we are truly at out peak with nowhere else to go, it was fine having it in ot

No. 6944

Probably extremely mentally ill people who went to terf spaces and said something retarded that got terfs to yell at them so they got their ego hurt and went back to their hugbox coom trans corner where no one questions their degeneracy

No. 6945

>yeah it should be on /2X/
This was literally you 2 hours ago. You're questioning why when even you yourself said it belongs here.

This topic belongs on this board, end of discussion. There is a reason we unlocked the board recently.

No. 6946

yeah but i added a "but" on the same sentence, knowing that its the most niche part of lolcow and all the threads there are dead. its true that it belongs there but since its a hidden part of the website then it should be better to leave it in /ot/ , which will attract more users

No. 6949

OP here, I debated where to put the thread and opted for ot partly because 2X seemed more political and I just intended for the thread to be little more than for venting and shitposting mirroring the threads in ot. And then partly because I didn't even know 2X existed until recently despite lurking the site for years, and 2X seemed like it was never used so I just assumed it was dead and made redundant due to the whole site being anti-troon anyway. Why is 2X hidden in the first place?

No. 6950

2X has been hidden bc it didnt attract a lot of users in the first place, it should be included on the top left links again

No. 6953

I'm still remembering that moid son of that actress that trooned out. Forgot his name but he was wearing a re:zero maid cosplay. It's horrendous.

Terfs are everyone and everything they hate. Conservatives are terfs, UK is terf island despite actually providing trans med health?

I fell for it too, being unaware of what they really beleived in. Ironically enough, being around obnoxious horny and subtly misogynistic male TRAs peaked me kek.

Lmao the most I saw is radfems curbing them from make up/societally accepted feminine stuff.

No. 6954

File: 1670608929254.jpg (1.31 MB, 4764x2784, i_wonder_which_one_is_the_fema…)

>that moid son of that actress that trooned out.
Jamie Lee Curtis no-neck son?

Speaking of which I really hate these coward celebritites promoting the trans cult. JLC makes more sense because her autistic trooned out child has influenced her to think it's not a bad thing. But the other ones who are openly criticizing it at first, who then get hounded down by trans activists until they apologize and instead say the holy TWAW prayer truly lack spines. I get that it looks like a bad career move but this is a movement that quite literally advocate for harming children and teens physically and mentally. They're not exactly hiding how "life-saving" they think cutting off a 12 year olds breasts is, and how giving a feminine young boy drugs that are used to sterilize pedos is a holy ritual of the trans-gods. I am hoping they just lie low about it to get out of the heat and that they'll be fully terfing again when the tides turn, but god damn is it cowardly of them to back down. JKR is a true hero for still standing up for women.

No. 6955


No. 6957

My colleagues and I were talking together which ended up on the topic of LGBT and sex educators as one of them works full time as a teacher and is a handmaiden as she is friends with one and I could see that she was getting bothered by our male gay work colleague who didn't openly respect trans people and she did try to point it out but we just brushed it aside since I think nearly all of us are in our work is against trannies and I'm just surprised to see someone openly supporting trans in our workplace which is a hospital.
Interesting topics that came up in the conversation
>BDSM should be kicked out from the LGBT from male colleague
>Non binary sex educator for children and teaching children that you can be a girl, boy or neither and the fact that a boy in said class said that he was didn't feel like a boy or a girl since he was just himself and was happy with that from teacher colleague
>MTF sex educator molested, raped a child he was teaching and was reported as a women fatty with a five a clock shadow in news outlets and teacher colleague heard the tail end of the conversation and pointed out that he wasn't being inclusive towards trannies, we ignored her.
Teacher colleague and male colleague got along with each other for the rest of the shift otherwise. Just peak already, you are deluded.

No. 6958

It's hidden to prevent scrotes from spamming.

No. 6959

you're not farmhand lmao that wasnt the reason

No. 6964

>I saw the argument that a man doesn't become a woman because he lost his penis in a car accident, so why would a woman be a man just because she was born with a penis?
I had to read this 10 times because I really couldn't understand the logic. This argument is retarded

No. 6965

I know a lot of people who have subtly peaked but still insist to call men "trans women" or the like. Or accept men as something other than a man just because he went and paid for every cosmetic augmentation he could. To me, even the Blaire Whites of the world are living dishonestly. I don't consider someone like that a non-man, certainly not a woman. I don't get having "nuance" on this issue. I've met far too many creep ass TiMs that I have absolutely 0 sympathy for them as a group. They won't call out the violent and shittiness in their own communities, much like any other man when you point out the trends of misogyny. How could anyone sympathize with a group so disconnected from reality? Is it because they have friends who still id as trans? Like I don't get what it possibly could be. I had trans friends, the moment I peaked I realized we couldn't see eye to eye, our philosophy on life had changed. It sucks losing friends but it's literally intolerable to be around someone who can't admit to reality rather than try to stick around and watch them battle it out in their heads.

No. 6966

they had me in the first half…

No. 6967

I agree about the nuance thing. Sex is binary and gender is a made up construct that has nothing to do with the material reality of women and men. Accepting anything other than that is not only false, but just allows further stupidity to become normalised. I don't care if a small, weak HSTS who wouldn't hurt a fly wants to use women's space. He isn't a woman. And whilst I understand having sympathy for vulnerable gay men, up to a point, that is not for women to take the burden of. And we know that by letting in one "gentle" HSTS who looks the part, we are letting in all the predatory men too.

I think a lot of women don't realise how misogynistic gay men are, and how they fetishise us too, but for different reasons than the typical AGP TIMs. They want to be seen as submissive "sluts" and that is why they pretend to be women. This is who they are defending as women.

As long as it is little threat to my immediate physical safety, I will always state reality. These are trans-identified men. The word woman is already taken.

No. 6968

I rememeber seeing that back on tumblr and started lightly peaking from the same argument: if a man was in a car accident and lost his penis he'd still be a man. So a man who cuts off his penis to look like a woman is still a man.

No. 6970

I can tolerate it if people have subtly begun to peak, just keep sending them screenshots of what troons do and say about women until they realize they're all just men.

It's so backwards how the trans movement took gender roles and double down on them while pretending to be progressive. "I'm a woman because I want to be treated like a slut" is a fully valid argument in the trans community that I've seen time and time again. "I'm not a woman because I don't want to be treated like a slut" is seen as equally valid on the ftm and nonbinary side. I've never met any group of people who are so openly misogynistic and homophobic as trans people. That includes every convservative person I've met and I'm not exaggerating.

Trans people:
>deny science and biology
>prevent new studies to be done in fear of it making them look bad
>vilify real therapy
>subscribe to every gender role
>thinks physically and mentally harming children is "helping" them
>refuse to accept mental illness is real
>have their roots in misogyny
>reject discussion, promote violence
>say the oppressors are actually the opressad
>protects pedophiles over their victims

They are batshit crazy. The fact that most of my friends are doing mental gymnastics to not have to question it infuriates me so much. You were conned, they tricked you, stop letting them fool you. It's not too late to join the sane side again, unlike trans people we happily welcome you back to the real world. Thank fucking god detrans people now exist and are speaking out against it, I feel like they're the only ones able to take the cult down with their inside knowledge.

No. 6971

File: 1670688082868.jpg (4.17 KB, 225x225, catscreeching.jpg)

Nonas I am finally doing it, I am cutting off my male enby troon friend for expressing too much pro-troon misogyny that I can't deal with without terfing out on him. I've had it. Every single one of my friends who aren't part of that particular friend group are supporting my decision. I'd love to tell him why, but I also do not want to ever have to talk to his woman hating ass ever again.

And to you, you delusional hypocrite: you wonder why your friends don't talk to you when you choose to routinely ignore them, try to manipulate female friends into touching your moid body while pretending you are one of them, you pretend you're oh so smart and scientific while actively promoting these delusions that harm everyone involved. I hate you, never talk to me again you sexist pig.

No. 6972

How is cosmetics like laser hair removal covered by insurance for trannies but I have to pay a goddamn breast reduction surgery out of my own pocket!!!
Trannies will whine about how their rights are under attack but society already caters to them

No. 6973

>laser hair removal covered by insurance for trannies
>breast reduction surgery out of my own pocket
WTF, where do you live? Prioritising tranny hair removal against lifelong pain that is associated with very large breasts.
This reminds me a bit of what that American state that is going to have guaranteed income for people just for being trans instead of the homeless and single mother.

No. 6975

I've seen troons get crowdfunded for fucking MAKEUP. It's no wonder why so many women have been pretending to be MTF troons to get free shit handed to them constantly. Women with tubular breasts also need to pay for reconstructions and some of them even get a fake "love yourself" speech all the while no one cares about troons becoming plastic surgery addicts under everyone's nose

No. 6976

"Why yes, if a man chops his dick off he's still a man regardless of consent to the procedure. Therefore dickchop trannies are still men."

No. 6977

I am seriously considering trying to scam troons out of money by pretending to be one and then dumping the money into terf sources. I'm scared it would be tied back to me and I'd get in trouble though kek

No. 6978

I can't think of a single human right troons don't already have in the west. They can marry, adopt, they get paid more than women because they're men, crossdressing is legal etc
What the fuck are they even asking for at this point? Obviously transmen don't get the same privileges but that's because they're women and women are oppressed and has nothing to do with their transness. If they'd actually pass they'd even get paid more because they're assumed to be men

No. 6988

>I've seen troons get crowdfunded for fucking MAKEUP
According to the trans movement anyone who says they are trans IS trans. So if I'm identifying as a "Kikomi", afab transwoman that makes me one. My sex has NOTHING to do with my gender identity after all. Being an afab transwoman makes sense because I was an insecure teen who hated my body and never felt feminine enough - it's all dysphoria because I was a transwoman all along! So now that we have established that I am in fact a fully legit transwomen, crowdfunding to help with my dysphoria is not even a scam.

No. 6994

I don't get how gender identity/expression is a more valuable way to categorize people than biological sex. We come in two distinct physical forms, even trans admit it with their afab/amab shit, meanwhile "gender" can be, in their own words, whatever the fuck you want it to be. How is that useful to anyone in any way whatsoever? It's completely meaningless. If a woman is anyone who identities as one, then a woman is either a. nothing, or b. some arbitrary and constricting set of behaviors and costume. Defining it based on sex is the least restrictive option, I don't understand how people can't see that.

No. 6995

>even trans admit it with their afab/amab shit
Yes this shit is devoid of any logic. They are saying assigning genders at birth is "wrong" because it has nothing to do with your gender. Meaning it would be better according to them if no sex was assigned. So if you're a tim and wasn't assigned a sex - then you can't be trans. Because then you're not transitioning, since you're not of the male sex and there is no female sex. And you're not trans because your "gender doesn't match your sex" because you don't have a sex.
They'd essentially just be a "woman" by default, without getting any of the "perks" of being trans. They can no longer emulate being female - there is no physical thing that defines female. FFS, srs, hormones, clothes, etc - none of that is valid because there is no femaleness anymore, any man would be as female as any woman.

No. 6996

the local weeb transbian keeps talking to me, he doesn't know i disapprove of his entire existence

No. 6997

They've already cancelled saying amab/afab and think it's terfy to use it.
I've already peaked a long time ago, I have to vent though. I was shopping with my grandma yesterday and we were talking to each other and this elderly AGP decided to stand in front of us and insert himself into the conversation. Afterwards I went to the bathroom, gave the toilet lady the money and she told me to use the handicapped toilet and I overheard that the AGP who followed me got to use the women's toilet. I don't know if I'm reading too much into it, but I'm GNC, so I wonder if they thought they were being woke.

No. 6999

Tinfoil, troons are there often and follow women to the restroom and she did it to protect you

No. 7000

I wish I was better at retaining information so I could refute TRA claims without digging up the scientific papers and hard proof. I just always have memories of the topic but can't go into details, and I can't just start googling terf resources when talking to a TRA friend lol

No. 7044

So sorry this is long.I just have alot on my mind and need to get it out.
So I discovered transgenderism at a pretty young age when I was around 10 years. Since I was an outcast myself and slightly a tomboy I was sympathetic towards trans people and thought "since they aren't hurting anyone they should be allowed to do whatever they feel like" but I had no desire to troon out as a child though. I remember when in sex ed when we would talk about puberty I would ask the teachers "what about trans people?" which is super weird. I have no idea why I did that I didn't know any trans people, I didn't know any trans supporters, I didn't use the internet at that time so no one I knew where pushing me to use "inclusive" language so it was my own line of thinking that bought me to those kind of questions. I cringe whenever I think about it.
Anyway my point is that I have been supportive of trans people for as long as I knew what they where. It even got worse when I got tumblr around the age of 13 and would start following TRAs. I did start id'ing as a "non binary girl" when I was 16-19 though but I never came out to anyone. My line of thought was "I don't mind people calling me a girl but I also think gender is bullshit so I guess im an enby but other people dont need to know that". Super weird stuff.
So imagine, I had been a hardcore trans ally for almost all of my life. I had gotten in countless of fights over TRA bullshit without questioning it once I had gotten in really nasty arguments with friends and family over this. it's embarrassing. And yet it took me less than a week to peak. Ironic enough even though I know some terf in real life(trans issues was just a thing we agreed on to never to talk about whenever we hung out) what made me peak was a scrote comedy made for normies. Zero feminist theories, zero social theories, just a comedy that was poking fun of trans people was an eye opener of how bullshit the whole thing is. Literally a few days before I peaked I was defending children transitioning(awful I know). And then i just peaked out of nowhere.
I wish I could say at least that I don't agree with trans people but I respect their identities. But I just realized how misogynistic it all is. It's either men trying to ID themselves out of male privilege and then claim that they are more oppressed than women or it's women who thinks they are more enlighten that other women. It all just makes me so uncomfortable I don't think trans rights can exist together with womens rights.
I'm so mad at myself. After making being a TRA a big part of my identity for almost my whole life I just suddenly switch. I'm mad that I didn't peak sooner. I'm also mad that it was a show made by moids for moids that peak me instead of the women who has tried to educate me on misogyny I feel embarrassed by that.
I don't want to compare the trans movement to a cult since it's a strong comparison but it does feel cultlike at times. Like how trans people tell you to never argue with transphobes because "terf knows how to recruit you!!". While it is common for marginalized people to tell you not to platform bigots they will never tell you to not listen to their arguments. Gay people, people of colour, etc will actually familiarise themselves with hateful people's arguments because they know that the arguments are bullshit, and they want to be able to argue against them. But trans people know that the trans identity doesnt make much sense and they know that people will change their minds if they just listened to anyone critique the identity. I had been told so many times "Dont bother listening to transphobes because you will become transphobic if you do. just know that trans women are women and trans men are men". It's weird after believing that for so long that I just… don't do it anymore

No. 7049

>sorry this is long.I just have alot on my mind and need to get it out
I'm OP, I made this thread so you can rage spam and vent as much you want, whenever you want.

>what made me peak was a scrote comedy made for normies

>I'm also mad that it was a show made by moids for moids that peak me instead of the women who has tried to educate me on misogyny I feel embarrassed by that.
Would love to know what show it was? Comedy has the power to break through a lot of barriers. TRAs are always warning you about the evil terf women… but not about moid comedy. So it makes sense that it was something you wasn't trained to fully ignore and dismiss that helped peak you. I relate a lot to what you're saying nona, a lot of us were trans supporters before we peaked. I wasn't super active but I sure reblogged the trans propaganda back on tumblr and thinking about it makes me cringe

No. 7051

it was the South Park episode Mr Garrison's Fancy New Vagina. I actually did have a lot of tumblr mutuals that warned me about South Park so it is odd that I didn't dismiss this episode. While the show does say a ton of stuff I disagree with this particular episode draws comparison between transgenderism and transracialism. I doubt that transracial(as in people who ID as another race not the term adoptees use) was a thing when the episode aired but it just flipped a switch in my brain and made me realise that it's the exact same thing even though countless of TRAs had told me it's not

No. 7073

Holy shit nonas. Thats it! Invade their spaces! Dont change ANYTHING about your appearence, and start to claim MtF trans status! Use their platforms, invade their boards. Take transwomens spots in transwomen day of visibility. Take "diversity" spots at jobs that are meant for trans women. Cant beat them? Make them taste their own medicine.

No. 7089

i know necro but nonna if ure still lurking i hope you tell him, go crypto terf even, that agp is a sickness and he needs to get actual help for his degeneracy. its sad to lose a friendly moid to troonism and coom but if hes unwilling to change, ditch him.

No. 7145

i hate that south park episodes are becoming our lived reality now. vidrel

No. 7296

earlier today my TiF friend's TiM boyfriend said she realized she was trans after watching lesbian porn. he was the only man at a table with 4 or 5 women but of course no one could call him out for being fucking disgusting so we just had to sit there and listen to his bullshit. n*nas how can i peak my TiM friends without losing all of them?

No. 7301

i know, and what's really crazy is that was only 2019. video related is from a 2014 episode…

No. 7302

File: 1672609902007.gif (775.21 KB, 240x160, stroke.gif)

>TiF friend's TiM boyfriend said she

No. 7307

Anyone remember coming across "baeddels" on tumblr or twitter or any online space where the end of twentysomething year olds congregate? Through them I saw how their screeds had no legitimacy, these were men waxing about living tortuous lives, had some forms of college education aiding their words, and had the most vile hatred of women before the nazi tranny furs came out of the woodwork.

No. 7308

Every time I go to this site I get the feeling it was good I never had friends growing up and now have no friends as an adult. I don't want to form a relationship with someone and one way or another end up discovering I'm friends with an agp predator. I hate what this world has become.

No. 7309

File: 1672625020404.jpg (192.89 KB, 873x435, 20230101_195051.jpg)

That drag queen king of the hill episode is so upsetting.
The whole episode is based around peggy feeling inadequate as a woman and instead of telling her different it pretty much reinforces that she is.
When she finally meets a woman who is like her this woman turns out to be a man which reinforcing what peggy was afraid of in the first place. And what solves all of this is caroline telling peggy that she MUST be a woman bc all these men looking to be caricatures of women want her clothes to complete their unrealistic caricatures. That's her uplifting moment.
That a bunch of dudes skin walking women want to wear her clothes.
I used to love the episode as a kid but now I understand not only what peggy was feeling but how peggy was never truly uplifted by her form of womanhood. Instead she was used as a tool to peddle representation.

No. 7312

i really do hate that sexuality has been redefined from "attraction to sex" to "attraction to gender". i saw a guy claiming himself as het, so he was attracted to "people with feminine pronouns"…dude if you're gonna suck a troon dick then you are bi. it's so brainless

No. 7313

Oh my god those freakazoids… They were honestly what made me peak, seeing how much their rhetoric was similar to most tims thinking as a whole, and how nobody wanted to call them out for misogyny, and how they treated tifs… Guess I can thank them for that.

No. 7316

Oh shit I remember that, I loved this show otherwise but I remember ripping that bullshit apart when I watched it. Hate the media trends that were like “ha this man knows how to be a woman more than the woman that doesn’t conform to societal expectation teehee let’s watch him teach her how to wear makeup or walk in heels” as if gender is a sliding scale and the more makeup or feminine clothes you wear the more of a woman you are. I’m so shocked I didn’t end up trooning out like the majority of my former friend group

No. 7318

I think I peaked when trannies started spouting that non-white women are mannish and masculine that they pass better as women than them.

No. 7322

File: 1672665709096.jpeg (33.59 KB, 500x375, bill as lenor.jpeg)

I love King of the Hill but haven't rewatched this episode since I peaked. I bet it will piss me off now kek.
But on the subject, I watched this episode (pic rel) again recently - Bill gets lonely without his ex wife Lenore and starts dressing up as her sometimes, and putting on a high pitched voice - and made me think that if Bill went to therapy for skinwalking his ex wife now, he would probably be diagnosed with gender dysphoria and encouraged to transition.
When Hank said "The only way he could get Lenore back, was to become her" it really creeped me out.

No. 7324

Thought I made a lesbian friend but was disgusted to find out yesterday that she only dates trans lesbians and that she loves dick and she loves men. She just doesn’t want to date men for… reasons? So that makes her lesbian apparently. I hate what this movement has done to our community it’s so difficult to find each other.

No. 7325

Had to do a college presentation with a troon, he was left to do the slides, and made it ugly transflag colored, is their brain really that one-note? It didn't suit the subject at all, I told him it looked childish and unprofessional, and fortunately the other dude in the group agreed with me. I don't go putting pink or glitter on school work like I'm Legally Blonde just because I'm a woman, they're so stereotypical it hurts. It's even funnier because he's not even trying with his voice.

No. 7328

i always hear people saying the pig episode is the creepiest in koth, but pretty pretty dresses definitely takes the cake. i hate bill's gross voice and the whole episode is just uncomfortable especially now being peaked.

No. 7331

So angry. Every single generation of my family's women have been at the forefront of women's rights activism but now they are defending trannies and gaslighting me about the danger it causes to women's rights. These guys are my closest friends in the world and the smartest people I know, why are they not seeing this?? Its been the first time we fought in over 15 years and it hurts nonnies

No. 7340

Don’t back down nonnie, carry on your ancestors fight.

No. 7341

went to a queer Christmas event and the hosts were babying this absolute atrocity of a TIM. it was all the more revolting having successfully gone so many years without seeing one. he had to be in his 40s, horrible wet-looking scraggly hair, misshapen body made worse by his choice of clothing, carrying himself with the demeanor of a shy schoolgirl, god just an absolutely vile sight to be behold in every fucking way. of course he's a white man in Asia, which makes it 1000x worse - how incredibly much of a loser do you have to be to come to Asia and STILL have to resort to trooning out because even the stupidest local women with the absolute lowest standards for a white boyfriend here would rather die than touch you.

there was one other troon present, a local, he wouldn't take off his mask but I was still able to clock him. I knew something was off immediately because of the size of his head. when he got up and I saw his massive knobbly knees that confirmed it. they will never, ever pass. they will never, ever be women.

No. 7345

Because activists aren't smart or reasonable they are ideologues and grifters, whether good is done or not. Happens extremely easily. They go with what is presented as the tide.

No. 7351

I went to a majority women event this past summer and there was an obvious troon. He was asian, dressed up with false lashes and the mask, but his hands were huge. As well as his torso. He kept side eyeing me and my wife since we were dressed up to say hi to friends. It was really weird. Like why try to impose yourself on a female event and try to 'out do' the other women who just want to feel comfortable?

No. 7354

File: 1672769457757.jpg (85.51 KB, 526x540, tumblr_ce8469309b94544bfd455ba…)

sometimes am tempted to de-peak, at least publicly. ignoring this crap is probably easier for normies; for me, someone who will be working in tech, and has a lot of niche/nerdy hobbies besides, it is fucking impossible. reaching that point where i'm like "just accept that she's going by he/she now and you can't call her a woman anymore because ??? ~ gender ~ lol"

No. 7355

Right? Especially how they treated their tif counterparts. Literally nothing outside "being male hurts my soul but those afabs should get over being called a cunt it's a joke - a better joke since you're so insensitive is that I'll rape you like a man lol". Nothing but open pedophilia and rape fantasies in girly leftist spaces, but those women aren't anarcho socialists so they deserve all the thinly veiled belittlement.

No. 7358

I just went to a french bakery and had the cashier call me sweetie despite being in very casual and baggy pants. I bet these people would have a massive blow out, kek

No. 7359

I'm a true crime fan and I get so fucking enraged when the troons bitch about how many of them are killed. You know who has it even worse? Every single actual woman. In the same breath they cry about being murdered, they cry about TERFs. As if any TERF has ever murdered a troon. Why are we enemy number one, and not the men who murder them? We all know the answer nonas, because they're male and the real thing they're mad about is we don't want to participate in their crossdressing/public humiliation fetish. But why do handmaidens not get it? It annoys me so much that they invade female interest spaces just to get their headpats and sympathy shit, then toodle off to their male interest spaces to jack off. disgusting freaks.

No. 7360

File: 1672781546042.jpg (35.48 KB, 500x610, Dy-BDPhXQAQRRi9.jpg)

>Why are we enemy number one, and not the men who murder them? We all know the answer nonas, because they're male
Exactly. See picrel. Even their way of thinking is clockable and so unlike women.

No. 7361

Men have nothing to lose when they are rejected by a woman. Woman have to to teach themselves how to answer a man properly or they might end up murdered. I have zero empathy for men being like 'boo hoo, I'm a virgin who has never been kissed.'

No. 7362

I dont know if Im peaked yet. Uncomfortable, yes. But I dont know. A TiM came into the locker room yesterday at the gym, first time I've had to deal with that situation. I was already leaving but to my surprise I didn't feel any type of way. Is everything black and white truly? I just haven't seen it yet. I'm open to learning.

No. 7363

Womens spaces are segregated by sex and sex is black and white (its biology, can't be manipulated like gender shit) so yeah that tranny should not have been there regardless of if you felt uncomfortable or not.
You probably didn't feel much because you were already leaving but would it have been a different story if you were getting dressed/undressed or using the toilet? It's fucked up either way.

No. 7364

File: 1672794394483.png (78.27 KB, 736x379, Screen Shot 2023-01-03 at 8.05…)

If we lived in a world where people who were born male were no more a risk to people born female, than I would see what you mean. For me, peaking to begin with came down to safety and trust. We change in front of other women because they're, what, 100% less likely to attack us in some crazed sexual state than people born male? Hopefully another nona has it saved but there is a meme with a glittery cat about how even though men are just 49% of the population, they commit something like 95% of rapes. And men who identify as trans have a similar rate of criminal behavior as any other man. Ergo, to me, first before all else it is a matter of me safety and the safety of the other women around me. There is a certain level of ease you should be able to feel in female-only spaces, and when men force their way into those spaces they don't care that it makes women feel unsafe. This was, for me, the first step to peaking is acknowledging these tinkling perverts don't care how uncomfortable it makes you, and as many of them are rapists/murderers as in the rest of the male population. https://fairplayforwomen.com/criminality/

No. 7366

File: 1672795392937.jpeg (154.1 KB, 1077x1040, 61CCD023-8607-4B13-AE10-D0CE8F…)

this one?

No. 7367

the way trannies cancel jk rowling 10x harder then any rapist/domestic abuser scrote shows theyre still men at heart i want to alog

No. 7368

yep, that's it, thank you. Like I said, MTF are no different than regular males in terms of criminality. I don't want them to be in female-only spaces for the same reason I don't want males in female-only spaces. I understand the abstract of a non-peaked woman, if you see them as these harmless gay men or whatever then you don't care. But that isn't what the average MTF is.

No. 7369

I have a friend irl who has so many intelligent, well-thought out takes regarding feminism and the treatment of women by men, and the psychology of men. She's extremely refreshing to talk to because she clearly knows her shit and articulates it all perfectly. However, she has a tendency of lumping trans women in with women and acting as though they face the same struggles. I've never had a proper conversation about transgender people, particularly trans women, though. I hope she doesn't blindly defend & support them the way others do, she's way too smart. I am afraid to ever have a conversation with her about it all in case she catches on to my views and makes a judgement of myself as a whole from it.

No. 7370

One of my customers today was a very manly tranny. Huge shoulders, stubble and all. He ordered his food in an overly quiet voice, with a subtle lisp. The worst part was the expression in his eyes. He looked up at me with this affected "softness" complete with slow blinking and gross, slightly unfocused bedroom eyes. The insincerity of it all was overwhelming. It really hit home how big of a lie it is when they say they have found their "authentic self" or whatever. There was nothing authentic about this guy. Everything he did was an act, and it was very, very bad acting. And we're supposed to look these Mrs. Monty Python Doubtfire dudes in the eye and pretend they're not out there behaving shamefully and ridiculously.

No. 7373

File: 1672805416526.jpeg (41.09 KB, 758x426, 57D866A9-F840-48BD-ACFC-D1EEB5…)

God yes, the shit is beyond creepy. It’s like that is how they see us and it makes me want to crawl out of my skin. Shit that as a woman I have never noticed that they try and ape, you wonder how many years they’ve spent analyzing women’s bodies and expressions like complete psychopaths. All that time trying to peg exactly how we hold our mouths when we take a photo (apparently, always smirking with a cocked eyebrow if you’re under 40, soft out of focus eyes, tightlipped smile if you’re over 40) and yet they can’t pretend to not be sex pests. Maybe spend that time trying to figure out how we don’t let our lives be guided by what makes us coom, troons.

No. 7388

Same here I really want to unpeak but it’s I possible to do so especially with regards to the enbies who have spread like the plague all over the world.
Enbies annoy me even more because there’s just no logic to what they’re saying at all. I really did try so hard to unpeak and listen to them but it’s just meaningless word salad

No. 7391

File: 1672834450632.gif (1.01 MB, 266x251, mrsfingerbottom.gif)

>we're supposed to look these Mrs. Monty Python Doubtfire dudes and pretend they're not behaving ridiculously
kek. for decades we've been watching shows like monty python and films like mrs doubtfire, comedically showing us how silly men look when they try to portray us. the very idea of it was designed to make us laugh. their male bodies, their voice, their mannerisms and cluelessness about womanhood. and now all of a sudden, we're meant to take this seriously? we're no longer allowed to laugh but to look at Mrs Featherbottom as a real and valid woman who is just like us in every way?

No. 7393

omfg the “girlish” behavior they affect is 1000x worse to me than the tranny socks, the chokers, whatever other stereotypical shit they wear. as pathetic as it is vile

No. 7396

I hate troons so much I wish they all would die and I fucking hate how I can't voice my opinions or else I'll be treated with violence. I fucking hate that saying wishing fetishistic and pedofiliac men would drop dead is a hate crime. I fucking hate that we are demanded to play along with deluded gross men.

No. 7399

It feels like you either stay on the peak or jump to your death. I wouldn't be able to stay sane if I had to delude myself into these mental gymnastics again. If you used to be a gendie, it can help to look back and remember how much more miserable and victimizing you used to be. It may just be my experience and the only close friends who share my views' though.

No. 7400

KEK he was seething, you and your wife ruined his wlw fantasies
She might not have encountered any in the wild, or has sympathy for anyone who claims to be abused like troons say they are. Give her time, she'll peak. Maybe show her some statistics about the tranny crime rate like >>7364 and she'll peak.

No. 7409

Has Avu-chan been talked about in the mtf general thread? He's the lead singer of a japanese band called queen bee and they recently did one of chainsaw man's endings. The amount of comments calling him "queen" and a "she" is disgusting, specially because he has a deep as fuck voice, so girly!

No. 7410

Ignoring the dumb shit Kanye has said, this dumb tiktok song resonates with me because of peaking. Idk I miss my old "live and let live" self.
I'm surrounded by gender havers now it's hurts

No. 7418

i remember liking this episode, but i get what you mean. Though its actually not uncommon for women with bigger feet to buy shoes at drag queen stores.

No. 7434

I've reached the point where if I worked with that monstrous moid with the fake breasts, who is openly mocking women, I would have stopped giving a fuck a long time ago. I wish a woman who doesn't give a fuck anymore would show up for work in a stick-on party favor mustache, and tight pants stuffed with the most enormous, elephant sized rubber schlong-and-balls you can order on the internet. Stuff the pants and refuse to back down. Threaten with with suicide if they try to make you stop. Tell them your precious mustachio is your "authentic self." Every time someone brings him up, all I want is for some fed up woman to do this. In my stupid-ass fantasy world, people would HAVE to see the differences between how men and women get treated. Then there would have to be a real conversation about it. But, like I said, sometimes I live in stupid fantasy world.

No. 7439

I've been on Tumblr since high school and because of that, I always sided with trans rights. At one point, I even self identified as non binary, and I dabbled in presenting myself as a man. Last year, my best friend from childhood genuinely questioned what being nonbinary or trans means, and she was so nice about it. We had a really long conversation and she convinced me that I am definitely a woman, and I should be proud to be one because of all the challenges women face in this world just from being themselves. She was totally right. So from there, I met a transwoman who was obsessed with porn and posting pictures of her own genitals. A total creep, and would post about hating cis woman. Yet was a lesbian? Then I noticed most of them are obsessed with porn and having a ton of sexual partners. Then I found lolcow and after a lot of lurking, I'm fucking done. This whole trans movement is completely covering up actual real problems that women face. And it's literally silencing women who try to speak up. Recently on tumblr a popular blogger got erased from telling radfems he wants to rape and kill them, and encouraging them to commit suicide. Of course, everyone on Tumblr sides with HIM and any radfems who say "this is just another man telling women he will rape and kill them" that he was right and they should die. What is this fucked up world?

No. 7440

glad you wised up

No. 7450

lucky you having such a based friend

No. 7453

My tranny husband is currently arguing with me about my TERF beliefs lmao. Someone help me. I'm fucking retarded. Why did I marry him. Put me out of my misery. I'm so drunk and fucked

No. 7454

Divorce. The sooner the better

No. 7455

Get a divorce, nona, and don't listen to the idiot children on this website who will try to convince you that you are to blame or somehow deserve this. No one deserves to be trans widowed.

No. 7460

please read their stories. and don't have a kid

No. 7464

just repent and say
>you're so right, you're actually so womanly that I am not attracted to you any longer since I wanted a man, i couldn't possibly burden you, go be free and live your best life

and ask for a divorce. Make it believable though and not sarcastic or else he might murder you. But in any case get out of there males are dangerous when they feel disrespected.

No. 7468

Do and say whatever you need to stay safe, and consult a lawyer before you do anything like move out. Be strategic. It's over. Even if he detrans tomorrow, this shit is over.

No. 7477

File: 1673001198260.png (120.94 KB, 564x486, peaking friends.png)

came across this twitter thread on peaking people. she suggests that the blunt facts + statistics approach isn't always best. what do you think?
this reminds me of how much i was put off vegans because of all the gruesome footage they share of what goes on in factory farms. i was annoyed at them for sharing the reality. it was only a more gentle and mentally appealing argument that cut through my cognitive bias. i think the same could apply here (except peak trans doesn't require a change in lifestyle for most people).

No. 7478

>so much sounds like fake news
I struggled with this and I feel like sharing links from non-mainstream sources is not persuasive to the unpeaked because other movements have their own specialist news pages known to post fake news. It doesn't appear authoritative.

No. 7480

very true. i try to use mainstream sources where possible and often times unrelated things that still prove a point, such as:
the word 'unisex' is more comfy than gender talk, for normies.

No. 7491

Gendies always assert that "queerness" itself is what leads people to criminality due to desperate circumstances resulting in an unwell mind. Is there any comparative reporting on comparative criminality rates in TiMs vs TiFs?

No. 7504

File: 1673094390489.png (207.06 KB, 404x549, vice.png)

wasn't sure whether to put this in the MtF thread or not. a man identifies as a woman, in order to become a 'mom' and win a custody battle. probably a MRA. troons are pissed because n-nooo you can only use gender ideology to abuse women as long as you pretend you are truly dysphoric.

also this man is clearly very confused about what trans even is because he says "I am not confused about my sexuality" so he probably assumes it's a gay thing, like most normies.


No. 7528

File: 1673130852550.jpeg (324.8 KB, 845x1166, F4FD399C-2736-4E17-9DF3-6E0DCC…)

blog, I need to air frustrations out with strangers.

In 2018 I met this scraggly man at a convention. He was okay to talk to, but suffered of nerd desperation that any other nerd-nonas may recognize. He loved Oyasumi Punpun and related to Punpun for example. Despite knowing I was in a long term relationship he still told me once after hanging out if he didn’t know I had someone else, he would have a crush on me. The works.

I’m used to dealing with “desperate” nerd males (mostly, just letting them know very bluntly that the uwu I’m so lonely girls don’t like me shtick is getting them bullied which gets them to drop the act), so I remained unfazed.

In early 2020 he and his girlfriend (yes, he had a girlfriend all along) arrived to a dinner I was hosting on my bday and he was wearing a ridiculous frilly flower dress over his jeans and under a hoodie. Very tacky, but I’m no stranger to fashion disasters. I just didn’t bring attention to it, because it felt attention seeking. The lockdown started briefly after.

Next time I knew of him he had changed his name to Tamara, and was wearing synthetic wigs clearly nabbed from his cosplayer girlfriend. He was still my friend at the time but I think he was part of my peaking, seeing his photos was so uncanny and he called all women around him “baby”, which is a common woman-to-woman term of endearment in that region, that is often used by very feminine, normie women for lack of better terms. It was disturbing how quick the troon-out was. His mom was a religious zealot and last I knew of him, he got kicked out of the house for his impulsive trooning out. The girlfriend also has an “open relationship” with him now, probably not wanting to stick to mentally ill dick. I tossed him off my friends list on FB because I found him too gross but my Nigel has him as a personal lolcow and every time I see photos of him in female character cosplay he is wearing makeup so botched it makes his male features stand out even more.

In 2019, I also met a female cosplayer at another convention, dressed as one of those moe girl pandering league of legends champions (Neeko). She was engaged at the time and in our conversations she was raving about her potential marriage and having children. Again, in a matter of months, he had trooned out and changed her name to Noah, despite being Latin American. She had the teet yeet mid-pandemic, paid out of pocket (per her own tiktok with cheesy royalty free music in pink light) while her mother was having cancer treatment.

I was never a hard handmaiden, but I think these two people broke me. “Noah” split from her fiancé and her IG username has “boy” in it and is a reference to Todoroki from MHA.

There’s no lesson to this, I’m just venting about two people in my life that make me want to nuke earth every time I know of them. Being in nerdy circles and seeing people fall to the cult because they’re lonely and autistic is exhausting, doubly so when you’re also autistic and a gnc woman

No. 7533

My TiF boss just hired another TiF and a TiM. Monday we meet the new employees. I am so tired of my brain breaking from playing the pronoun game. At this point I'd rather quit and work for normies or even fucking right tards than endure whatever gender diverse fuckery this job is about to become. I'm exhausted just thinking about it and the semester hasn't even started yet.

No. 7595

I’ve always wondered this, but can never get a straight anger from them. What defines “feeling like a woman” outside of biology to MTFs? And how does it translate to being one? I feel very masculine at times, both in childhood and adulthood. I was always a tomboy. For a long time, I related more to men than women. I’m also gnc as fuck, so people mistake me as male a lot. But I’m not male, I’m a woman. I often am told that I’m trans for feeling this way, but I would never want to be a man. Just a woman comfortable with her masculinity. I wonder what it is that makes them feel like they can’t enjoy feminine things, and that they have to be women

Sorry if this isn’t terfy enough to go here. I’m just very confused as to what “being a woman” is outside of biology, cause women are a huge spectrum

No. 7597

>straight anger from them
that's the one thing you can rely on them for kek.
but no i have never seen a straight answer either. and this "feeling" of being a woman - how do they verify that this is what being a woman feels like? why is it instantly valid? why does feminine = women when there are so many women like us who aren't particularly feminine in the stereotypical ways?
if it's enjoying wearing women's clothing, then why not just do that? plenty of gender non conforming men have and continue to do so. if it's because they're "gentle" and like "soft" things then why not just be a soft and gentle man? again, those men exist. if it's because they get turned on by the idea of having breasts and a vagina then why is it not immediately obvious that this is a fetish? and what makes them believe that their fetish needs to become their lived reality?
these are just a few of many questions that will never be addressed. it's 100% nonsensical, batshit insane and offensive on every level.

No. 7602

The concept of "tomboy" is what led to my becoming increasingly terfy. It really fucks with them.

Years ago, a moid tried to explain to me that I should start using nonbinary pronouns because I cut my hair short and have a motorcycle. He insisted it would be impossible to consider yourself a woman if you "present as nonbinary." To refer to yourself as woman if you're not actively doing stereotypically feminine things is wrong, confusing to others, and actively hurts trans people. He said I could help out trannies in their struggle by just admitting to myself that I'm enby, since obviously I was enby. That was the beginning of my peak, because hell no.

(He also tried the same shit on a friend of mine, who works as a carpenter. I ran into her recently, and it turns out he peaked her with his bullshit, too!!)

No. 7621

File: 1673231468867.jpg (79.38 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Kyuuketsuki Sugu …)

>What defines “feeling like a woman” outside of biology

good feelings. happiness, euphoria, etc.

imo that's what every explanation boils down to even if they do initially vary. "gendered brains", being unable to reconcile their femininity with their maleness, internalized homophobia – it's all the same shit. solving these tough problems with HRT and "transitioning" makes them feel "good"…so that's what womanhood must be. it's "valid" because if it makes you feel good it must be good.

>if it's enjoying wearing women's clothing, then why not just do that? plenty of gender non conforming men have and continue to do so. if it's because they're "gentle" and like "soft" things then why not just be a soft and gentle man?

well i lurk /tttt/ a lot and some of it also wanting (female) beauty; ugly incel men or scrawny dudes think they'd make cute girls. or they don't want to grow as men who weren't blessed by the genetic lottery do, they long for a perceived ideal of "women"…hourglass curves or waif-like frames.

it doesn't help that, for gnc dudes, most clothing is simply not tailored to a male frame. nevermind that most clothing isn't even tailored to most FEMALE frames. a mentally ill dude who wants to be feminine is gonna put on a dress he saw a cute model wear, and just experience everything a wide-shouldered woman is going to. except this is 2023, and instead of maybe i dunno…putting in the effort to dress for his figure, he's gonna troon out because his dysphoria will say "you're a Man, that's why you look like shit"

i get that the above is a really sympathetic view of moids, but i'm more thinking of hsts men and not agps

No. 7622

>most clothing
*most feminine clothing

No. 7624

There’s this quiet sorrow I feel lately. A continuance of lesbian loneliness that I’ve become more aware of. It obviously extends outside of the lack of any lesbian community, culture and strength to just women’s spaces in general. To feeling pride towards womankind in general. To just getting to be a woman. I look towards women who are feeling so much shame and discomfort with their bodies and biology, that they are willing to risk their health and capacity for internal growth and acceptance to the allegedly transformational power of a medically approved hormone imbalance. This shit is suppressing women on a self induced level much like eating disorders have and continue to; oftentimes in tandem with gender dysphoria and trans ideology. We cannot defend ourselves or form a cohesive movement if we are too unwell to function.
It feels so isolating. Women are once again separated from each other in a way that is so insidious and stifling. We can’t publicly criticise the effects of this trans shit to other likeminded women without risking some aspect of our safety. We can’t push too hard towards our friends who are considering taking testosterone or highly questionable elective surgeries to consider that their are other ways to improve their inner lives and establish a secure, confident sense of self as women. I recognise I’m not alone in these experiences and observations but it’s just so shitty and sad. It’s like woman has become a dirty word.

No. 7633

I work in a very prominent town centre where I help run events. I used to work here many years ago where the ceo was a religious guy who told all lgbt organisations to fuck off, so I came back a few years later thinking it would be a similar chill vibe but no, the CEO is an art karen and all the heads of department are problematic women who see no problem hosting events with drag men. We've had multiple events with drag men in the square where we even had members of the public complain on our socials about how 'creepy' it was seeing the men come up the children. The videos on the screen included men kissing, humping the air, implying docking and showing their bare asses. However my company deleted all these comments and said in our team meeting that these are all just 'assholes' commenting. Including comments of a mother who complained that her child cried when one of the trannies yelled in her childs face.
We have another drag man event coming up and I am just sick and tired of working here. I am sick of promoting this disgusting shit, we have a 'trans pride' concert coming up too.
I don't understand why all the women I work with are so into this, they literally support all of this shit with so much passion, they make me think they hate themselves or something of the sort. They are so happy to have men put on 'woman face' and prance around like a bunch of demons. This does not feel progressive to me whatsoever. We even had an event of a female artist who used children to showcase angry political messages. I feel as though the line between trannies and ped0s is very blurred.
I hate working here, I hate supporting this shit, I hate that I have to faciliate with the promotion of idiocracy. This used to be a cool artistic place to work at, now it is run by women who gaslight you and scream in meetings about how good fag men are.
Fuck me.

No. 7635

That sounds like absolute hell. I’m so sorry. What sort of age are they all?

No. 7636

The women I work with you mean? They're between 30-45, I'm the youngest one there.
I was able to succeed in one battle where they wanted to promote a tranny show on our screen in the lead up for 2 weeks, I ignored them for 1 week acting all coy, and when they asked me where the video is I battled with them to make sure the video was only shown after 8pm. This video promoting the event was also showcasing men kissing, humping eachother etc. and the other women I brought this up to had the nerve to say 'oh we didn't see anything wrong with it we just liked how fun and glittery it was!'

No. 7637

Is there some sort of higher up you can complain to about them forcing you to show inappropriate material? There’s people dry humping each other etc. What country you in?

No. 7639

I probably won't reveal the country I'm in for doxxing purposes but I will say that its a western country, not america, but an anglo country nonetheless.
No I can't, because all the higher ups support this. The most recent drag event we ran was during the christmas events and one of the higher ups responded to the 'angry comments on social media' by saying that this is a 'normal way to celebrate christmas'. Mind you he has a young son.
The head of events and the head of marketing are both evil women who support this sort of shit in the first place. During the world cup, the head of marketing said we had to show a 'rainbow slide' before every game.
That's the type of people I work with.>>7637

No. 7694

It kind of just sounds like that guy thinks he has a right to try to control how women dress. Or he's using woke nonsense to try to.

No. 7697

This isn't a vent as much as me laughing my ass off at something. Holy shit this guy I know online got voted most degen in some server thing and came out as a trans woman a week later. You can't make this shit up

No. 7698

I just had to hear the most bullshit take ever. It said that XY masculine presenting nonbinaries are completely valid and welcome in lesbian spaces??? Because lesbians are not men???? Even though they look, act, walk and talk like men and don’t even try to pass as women. I hate trannies but at least they have a pitiful attempt at trying to be a woman.

I’m honestly not extreme enough for lolcow sometimes. I just don’t have it in me to care that much. I even overlook “non-binary” female lesbians because I honestly just think that they’re uncomfortable and afraid ti be women, but ultimately still are. But this??? This pissed me off

No. 7699

To be gender inclusive and because they’re are sexist shitheads there are men and non-men. To them men is the default. It’s absolutely asinine.

No. 7705

Why in the world are trannies such sexual degenerates even though HRT and "gender affirming surgeries" like chopping your balls off supposedly kills a male's sex drive

No. 7706

Absolutely do not ever give any “femboy” or tranny what they want. Don’t give them womens clothes or makeup tips, do not respect their creepy feminine names or pronouns, and especially never give them some kind of sexual gratification.

He is going to read into that as validation that a girl likes his “boobs” and he’s going to think he’s successfully infiltrated. He’ll also later jack off to the idea and brag about it on tranny Reddit. This place is full of “a girl validated me” stories here:

No. 7707

I've tried multiple talk therapists and none of them panned out, but the last one saw me one time and told me that I'm a tranny because I'm angry inside
I was mad and insulted by that but horrified that a therapist could see a person a single time and already try to convince them to do gender therapy
That exact thing happened to my best friend from middle/high school and she got on hormones within three months and got a fucking double mastectomy barely over a year later
I'm so angry and creeped out and depressed by this because clearly, if it happened to me and someone I know personally, then this is happening a lot and children and women prone to outside influence will be effected
If you saw me bitch on /ot/ yesterday, sorry, I'm still not going to listen to a scrote muslim doctor that wants to keep me in a barely functioning coma and has spoken to me for a grand total of 26 minutes of my life, so don't bother telling me to obey him again

No. 7708

That's so grim. I knew that shrinks are corrupt and vile but this is just a new level of low. Makes me think that they have deals with surgeons and purposefully groom victims into becoming clients.

No. 7714

Tell your story here.

No. 7715

I remember peaking when I identified as an enby years ago. I was so tired of sexism and people expecting me to do and not do things based on me being a female. I didn't want to change myself, I just wanted the sexism to end. This was such a shortlived genuine belief. I remember realizing so many of my other enby friends, mostly males I noticed, were getting off on confusing random strangers. They changed their appearances and it was such a big goal of theirs to make randos stop in their tracks and struggle to not offend them. And they celebrated anytime they were ""misgendered"" (it was usually a male getting ma'am'd) at work or something. I went on a big rant about how I don't want to be the opposite sex, but I'm sure many of us as human would wish it at one point because it's something we could never possibly achieve, but I just hate sexism so much and I can't believe someone would like to act on sexist stereotypes to convince strangers they are "literally" a certain sex. I got so much backlash from my male enby friends. I was quickly convinced I should apologize, even though this is something I said on a private account of about 14 people at the time. To them, it was like I committed a crime. After that, I still identified as enby, but deep down I knew these men were so wrong. Even as of recent, I ran into a couple female friends who identified as enby and they quickly showed how similar in radfem thought they were with me. It's insane.

No. 7716

One of the most bullshit takes I've ever heard from a TRA was that TIFs can't have internalized misogyny because "they are men, not women".

No. 7719

Always surprised by how close to cult tactics stories like this sound. Preying on people identified as vulnerable for the furthering of your own ideology.

No. 7721

It makes me wonder how many people go searching for talk therapists for gender issues and the therapist assumed the session would be one of those kinds. Either way, it's sickening he's complacent with gender therapy.

No. 7732

File: 1673396926661.jpg (75.16 KB, 1080x864, trrr.jpg)

I just had this dm'd to me after putting up a listing for old clothes i was giving away on fb marketplace… it'd be nice to believe it's just a struggling transwaman in need but i cannot overlook the asking for used thongs and lingerie

No. 7733

The fuck? Don’t know why people don’t wonder why these males think them being a woman means they are entitled to thongs, skirts, lingerie, dresses, heels etc when most women are happily walking around in neutral comfortable clothing. Tell him get a damn job and stop begging for other peoples clothing to jerk off to.

No. 7734

This and its variation "trans men have male privilege, thus power over tims", and also the good old "first woman to accomplish something is a tim" is what pushed me closer to peaking. Then I couldn't bear to hear any more bullshit from troons. Reading the gender critical thread is what did it for me, the final push, especially after someone posted a Magdalen Berns video (which made me watch all of her vids). It's funny because maybe that wouldn't have happened if the trans community didn't try to ignore and redefine biology and suppress wrongthink, then I wouldn't have tried to distance myself from them, it was them that made me not want to be part of this anymore. Magdalen Berns just made sense of what I was already thinking, gc threads just showed me what I already knew but we couldn't talk about.

No. 7740

Just like anons here pretend to be TIMs to get free shit, I wonder how many of these are just regular dudes wanting women's used panties.

No. 7767

You mean pissvortex? I've been hating that unfunny roach since 2019.
Sick of seeing argumate too, his little "rationalist tumblr" circle is teeming with some of the most sullen, resentful crypto-incels I've ever encountered. I enjoy radblr but tumblr funnymen are basically a cabal of sex-pest socialism bros and autists who confuse their lack of irl success with befriending normies as evidence of higher intellignce.
it was actually afloweroutofstone and his horrible mutual peteseeger that led me to hatereading terf blogs and then realizing that all of them were completely sensible. if it wasnt for peteseeger's larp as a butch translesbian i would have had no idea about cotton ceiling rhetoric, which was the final nail for me.

No. 7771

cotton ceiling was what did it for me too, it was so similar to what I heard from religious homophobes growing up. Even then I didn't notice until I mentioned it offhand to a straight person and they told me that nobody ever harassed them for their genital preferences. I got so fucking mad when I realized just how much I'd been had.

No. 7773

its male to its core, isn't it?
the man says, if you really thought i was a good guy, youd date me. youd love me. youd let me fuck you. the transwoman says if you really thought i was a woman, you date me, love me, fuck me, on and on.
i have zero libido anyways so i dont really care, but i just identify as straight rather than bi in my various circles, just to be a more high effort target. too much drama back in college when i was honest about my preferences. gay tifs larping as straight men leave me alone because of course they do. i try to imply to women i think are genuinely homosexual that if they were to perhaps turn down a tim or drop some terfy opinions theyd get no push back from me. im an artfag so i gotta listen for the silences and work in some of my own.
i truly carry a lot of gratitude for the lesbians in my life. i also think lesbians have contributed more than enough to women's lib to deserve to have their backs covered by the rest of us. genuinely sickens me how quick so-called feminists were to throw them under the bus.

No. 7794

I am once again angry at people claiming biological sex is a spectrum and really hard to determine while also being obsessed with passing and needing surgery to emulate the opposite sex or else they will die.

If sex is this fluid, ill-defined thing, how do trans people even know which hormones to take and which surgeries to get? How come the trans community doesn't talk about how little sense this makes and just continues to claim both that "gender affirming" treatments are lifesaving and that the sex characteristics these treatments emulate are meaningless? It drives me crazy.

No. 7843

Same. How anyone can see the "cotton ceiling" as anything other than an incel-manufactured justification for rape … it indicates to me just how brainwashed handmaidens are.

No. 7863

My husband has had AGDQ on all. Fucking. Week. Long, and for the most part it is tolerable, I just treat it as a livestream for an Autism Zoo or something like that.

Now and then though you get some really fucking ugly, screechy, uwu troons on the stream and the amount of braying they do about their autistic fixation on video games (and assertion 'ITS SHE/HER'!!!) just drives me up the wall. I straight up made him shut off the stream when it was an all-troon stream of Pokemon shit.

Thankfully my husband is understanding of my terven feelings and did so without a fuss. He doesn't like it when they get too screamy either.

Cult of the Lamb had an 'It/Its' TiF with a pedo stache and a helium frog voice and I felt so fucking sorry for her. Girl, fucking love yourself and get out of that community.

No. 7951

I absolutely hate how troons invade female spaces, but I hate it even more that they actively prey on children and teens. At this point if you look at ANY real data regarding transition you'd see that it doesn't add up at all and is really just a harmful placebo at best, and it will kill you (in painful ways) at worst. But of course they are science-deniers and refuse to look at studies that don't 100% agree with their own incorrect ideas.

I know people say it time and time again but they really do act exactly like a religious cult. They have a perverse worship the words of children as if a 2 year old knows more about the world than adults. They deny science, they shut down studies and speeches if they think it could challenge their view in any way. They can only hold their illogical views by believing contradictions, but will deny it or twist words until they have confused themselves enough to think it somehow makes sense.
They don't allow a single thought outside their tiny box, even if you're identifying as trans. They act like victims, preach about love and acceptance while threatening violence on everyone else.

No. 7955

It's been a month since I blocked a moid friend over supporting trans identified men and not giving a shit about women. He's an autist so no surprise that he thinks girldick is valid and belong in female spaces. I feel so free not having to bite my tongue over his misogynistic views again. He knows where I live though so sometimes I fear for my safety given that he is a moid.

I used to fear being called a terf or transphobe, now I don't flinch at the words. Yes I believe in women's, children's and gay people's rights, and?

No. 9254

I'm super excited about the upcoming hogwarts legacy game but I don't have a single mutual I can talk to about it… they're all posting about blocking people just for talking about the game, and saying you're supporting trans genocide if you buy it etc. It pisses me off so much!!! I want to retweet and like fanart and be openly excited but I have to stay silent because they're all so rabid and senseless for this one single thing. I can't even follow an artist if they make harry potter art, because then I'm suddenly sus. The only good part is they're learning that normies don't care about their boycott attempts. And companies will see that going against the trans cult actually won't get you cancelled and is profitable

No. 9262

I have a hard time with not posting how I really feel and avoiding liking the "wrong" posts too, just because I can't deal with worrying over someone going through my likes and getting into some huge stupid online drama. I don't know how to get over this, I know it's stupid really but my anxiety keeps me crypto kek

No. 9263

File: 1674181461832.jpeg (52.46 KB, 680x624, 015D8D98-0D13-493C-8358-61AEA3…)

I haven't read the whole thread so sorry if any of you already said it but why the FUCK are grown ass male trannies so obsessed with Serial Experiments Lain?? There's this mutual of mine who trooned out days after following me, he has an unhealthy obsession with Lain and his attempts at larping as her (or as a girl in general) are always an awful sight.
Another friend of mine (TiF) came out to me as trans some years ago while I was still into transmedicalism and assorted retardation. I introduced them to my current friend group even tho nobody really believes in trans shit anymore (and this person even knows about me being 100% insufferable towards it, but decided to ignore it apparently?). Despite that I care about them but I'm too scared of losing a valuable friendship, I wish they peak soon

No. 9264

I'm thinking about blocking this male friend I have as well. He is also an autist and a couple weeks ago he told me he wanted to become a “little anime girl”. I knew he was talking about dressing cutesy but I pretended to think that he wanted to be a loli. Then I shamed him for it and said it was giving off pedo vibes in hopes of sticking some sense into his failed male brain, which didn't work due to his shameless nature. I have another tranny “friend” and, honestly, I can't take another one.

No. 9267

They're obsessed with Lain because they're terminally online.

No. 9279

>I haven't read the whole thread so sorry if any of you already said it
This is a vent thread, doesn't matter if others have said it before you, just get those emotions out nona

Either they peak or go deeper into the trans hole. I would attempt to peak them and if it fails you have to abandon the sinking ship.

Do it nona! If you have anything incriminating such as "I want to be a little anime girl" and ignoring being called out as a pedo (big red flag), screenshot it all as proof before blocking. This way if you have mutual friends you can tell them this guy made you highly uncomfortable and have the proof to show if needed.

No. 9290

Was watching a stream for a game I like and the streamer and his chat got into an argument on why he won't play the new Harry Potter game coming out. People that I don't think have read any of her posts keep claiming she funds "anti-trans" organizations. I really don't get the world. OK, you don't agree and think transwomen are somehow women. Still, having some shelters where penis isn't allowed will somehow kill trannies on a worldwide scale? I almost wish it did honestly

No. 9294

File: 1674236528087.jpg (74.93 KB, 668x476, what the hell man.jpg)

I recently decided to give a try to one of my childhood games which is Toontown, I used to love it as a kid. I knew about Toontown Rewritten for a while, I played it before, the last time was in 2018, but I felt nostalgic the other day to give it a try. What the hell happened in just a few years? Why is there a pronoun picker? Why is there items in the shop with the tranny flag? I always thought Toontown was a fairly niche interest, it makes me sad that now it's full of trannies and the dev team panders to them. It's even worse cuz they continue to advertise it as a child friendly MMO, but they promote children putting made up pronouns in their bio.

No. 9295


No. 9297

I have to tell someone, I was recently hospitalized and while the doctor was talking to me about my living situation and social background he asked if my cat was male, female, or ‘their own gender’ and I was momentarily speechless lmao. Just why? What are we doing here?

No. 9307

that's so weird. I have also seen many people online call animals for "they" and even admitting that they think it's misgendering and animal cruelty to call an animal "it". I have only seen it online though so maybe it's a language thing. I'm from a culture where we very much love our dogs but even here calling pets for "it" is the norm. The most online thing though I have seen is people calling stuffed toys for "they" because it's apparently problematic to call a literal object for "it"

No. 9314

I'm so tired of woke culture and troons having everyone jumping through hoops talking to them without offending them, because there will ALWAYS be fucking SOMETHING for them to pick you apart for. I was at a party last year and a recently trooned out man (in of course fucking short leather skirt, thigh highs and kink collar) treated me like a fellow troon because I'm tall and he probably mistook my swollen thyroids (I have hypothyroidism) for an adam's apple, and I didn't dare to say anything because I knew it would open a can of worms of him possibly accusing me of transphobia for taking any sort of offence or correcting him.
I also used to love wearing (black) thigh highs, but trannies have ruined them for me.
My sister has also starting to become indoctrinated in woke culture where she needs to accept troons and other kinds of degenerates. I thought she wouldn't end up in that kind of circles because she only hangs out in dog sport communities but it appears they have invaded those as well.

No. 9315

Samefag, but I also fucking HATE how TRAs (and the FA community) tries to use the racism and "ableism" cards as well whenever they see fit. It's as if they want to add as many trigger words into their movement to have people comply.

No. 9325

I’ve been thinking recently of two ex-friends I met in middle school. Both one year older than me, one became TIF of FTM variety and the other became non-binary later. I knew them both for 4 years in total.
They cut contact with me because I was too “vanilla” for them when they became super fixated on their sexualities (I considered myself asexual, later dropped that label for being stupid and queer, even though I never saw myself as part of LGBT and still I’m not interested in sex or even relationship). They become so weird, it hurt me a lot then, we seemed to be like a group of outcast friends, understanding each other but with time I saw how they exposed me to unnerving shit. Losing both closest friends as a teenager made me devastated but with time I forgot about it and even felt that I’m grateful for that because I finally saw in a few months how dangerous the trans thing really is.
Now, the proper topic of my vent, I began to think what if they were groomed or traumatized, which I didn’t consider for a long time. First one, the FTM one, I knew she liked various ecchi stuff as a younger teenager, claimed to date various people online (even from faraway regions like Asia). Once she said she had online boyfriend from Thailand (?), don’t know if it was supported to be a real boyfriend or another trans one but I remember being surprised how quickly the relationship lasted. I also felt it’s strange she’s dating that way.
Second one, she told me once she witnessed “something terrible” but never told me what. If I remember vaguely this could be associated with a case of domestic abuse in a family of some girl she knew in primary school to which she was going.
I think they both possibly had some fucked up experiences and their reaction was to find comfort in occasional hypersexuality (or what felt like “too much” for me) or in translation because they subconsciously associated womanhood and girlhood with being weak, etc.
I still think they became insufferable and toxic at some point, due to queer stuff and personality changes but now I feel like I can see a bit where they could be coming from.
It saddens me that in reality, I couldn’t connect with my peers or with friends I had in other classes at school, because they turned out to be so damaged and society couldn’t help.
Both girls who don’t become trans and these who do, they’re often so left behind.
Last time I found online trace of the FTM one, she now goes by even different male name than she used when I knew her, different surname as well, and seems to be hanging out with a much older guy. Seems like a red flag to me.
It’s also possible the one who was NB dropped this act, has now some “chad” boyfriend but still might use some extroverted persona.
I’m torn between remembering how bitter I feel after having to experience such stuff at young age and losing people I considered my BFFs then, but part of me also wishes that they both might heal.
Now I’m not really caring about having friends or not, I was always a loner and that’s ok for me. While I have other nice relations with people, I wish I could understand more about what happened… And I feel disappointed that even school allowed this (one friend going by male name)…

No. 9332

They're porn addicted, weeaboo, computer science majors. She's an anime girl who is the personification of the internet in a "dark and intellectual" series.

No. 9344

In a college lit class last semester, one of my classmates gave a presentation about Phillis Wheatley. Throughout the presentation he referred to her as "they" and when the professor interrupted to ask why, he said we can't go back in time and ask what "their" actual gender was. Perhaps Phillis Wheatley identified as male or nonbinary. He was just trying to be "respectful." The fucking professor was like, "ah, that's fair" and let the kid continue. Clown world.

No. 9356

The woman behind the biggest Twitter profile page against troonerism unfortunately turned out to be ugly. I was wishing for a model-like white woman so much… It would make the troon's rage increase tenfold.

No. 9362

You mean libs of tiktok? Even if that were the case, TRAs will probably just double down on the notion that terfism is a privileged white woman thing or whatever, which is not the case at all.

No. 9363

Yes. The things she posts there are unbelievable, truly "there's no way this is really happening" inducing.
It makes me want to delete Twitter, I guess I'm addicted to seeing how fucked up things are.

No. 9365

Also, why "TERF"? She probably doesn't even call herself "feminist". Knowing that troons are living a lie and that this is being pushed down everyone's throats is just common sense. You don't need to be a feminist to acknowledge this, much less a radical one.

No. 9367

Just saw her picture. Feminine groomed woman with saloon styled hair and professional make up is still not hot enough for the moid who lurks on a feminist forum. Because fuck what work a woman has done all it matters is your unwashed penis.

No. 9369

I just saw a tif artist (who recently had a hysterectomy) on twitter answer an anonymous question that basically said
>"how are you not scared of getting early dementia and other common side effects from having a hysterectomy?"
and her answer was "it runs in my family so i already have/ would probably get these things anyway" and I want to scream. It's like knowing lung cancer runs in the family and you still make sure to smoke 10 packs daily, just for the aesthetic. How can you actually be this stupid to set yourself up for dementia when you're in your 30s. You won't even remember your stupid "gender dysphoria" when you're demented, you'll look down at your mutilated chest and scream wondering what horrible experiment they did to you. And the "female" caretakers they get to help your demented ass are now tims who do not have a good track record of not harassing female bodies, but speaking against it would be transphobic

No. 9370

Saw a pro-troon twitter post saying something like "can we all just agree there is no such thing as crossplay already" and I couldn't help but laugh because we used to move towards clothes being ungendered and for anyone until the troon ideology took over and said "female clothes = actual female". Troons hammered down on gendered clothes with titanium nails. And troon circles typically love drag queens, which is entirely based on stereotypes and gendered clothes. Y'all troons are the ones who did this.

No. 9375

>saloon styled
>professional make up
I'm talking about genetics.

No. 9386

I tried asking another variation of this in an lgbt space but basically got crucified. But here is different so I can ask this without being dogpiled

What is it exactly that seperates an “un transitioned trans woman” from a cis guy who just pretends to be female? I see these troons with full beards, short hair, male clothing be allowed into girls restrooms because they’re trans and just can’t transition yet. They compared it to women with PCOS not being allowed in girls restrooms for beards and male looking, which I sort of understood but still don’t like.

But what is it that seperates that from a man lying about being trans? There’s no way to identify if a man is a TIM, no identification or anything. It’s all by word of mouth from the person, and it’s so easy to lie about being trans. Isn’t that dangerous? Shouldn’t there be a standard? If they’re gonna be women, can’t they at least, you know, try to look like women??? Idk I have to be quiet about these sort of things cause I go to a liberal ass college, and even now am struggling to not use “inclusive” language cause it’s literally so grained into me

No. 9387

they're the same damn thing. creepy male predators invading female spaces and too damn lazy to even 'dress up' for it

No. 9392

File: 1674537773914.jpg (45 KB, 828x867, thoughts.jpg)

Dunno if this is the right thread for this, just needed to share.

I got roped into the whole trans movement when I was still pretty young (early high school) and identified as a transgender man for several years. I was totally comfortable with this, (probably due in part to me discovering all of this after being molested at a younger age and completely rejecting every aspect of my feminine body, as I'm now starting to figure out) and I identified as a trans man for around a decade. One day I woke up in the morning and my first thought was that I'm not really a man. Ever since that morning, saying I'm trans never felt right. I never came out aside from online, never did anything to further transition, just mentally told myself I was meant to be a man for years. Thankfully that made things a lot easier.

It's been a few years since I started referring to myself as a woman again and I really couldn't be happier. I feel like I've lost out on a lot of experiences I should have had, though. I kept my hair short, never bothered with makeup, I only wore Tshirts and jeans. My hair is very long now after having it in a short buzz-cut style for many years and I need to figure out how to style it. I don't know the first thing about makeup and I feel like I'm very shitty at it since I've barely practiced before.

Aside from all that, I'm happy. I've had a lot of shitty things happen to me ever since this revelation and I feel like a better person for it. I used to wish all the time I had a dick, I thought it would make everything so much easier. Even before I "detransed" (in quotations because I never really did anything to transition other than mentally) I had doubts about the Trans Rights movement, seeing AGPs set off alarm bells I didn't know I had wired. The TIM thread in snow helped peak me a lot. I know I don't need to make myself presentable to men, I work in a female dominated space and I know that just me is enough. Even so, relearning feminine traits and teaching myself things like how to style my hair, and how to take care of my skin, it makes me feel really good, especially when I see TIMs try to fetishize this about us and expect US to teach THEM how to be women. Now I just think to myself how happy I am to be born a woman.

That's really it, I just wanted to say thanks to AGPs and troons for making me snap out of this shit. To anyone still on the fence, it's ok. It's not too late to change your mind. I promise being a woman is not as bad as the world makes it out to be. You are you, and you are beautiful no matter what, and nobody can take that from you.

No. 9396

I got kicked out of my dog sport community for being a terf lol

No. 9398

>What is it exactly that seperates an “un transitioned trans woman” from a cis guy who just pretends to be female?
To give a serious answer
The transwoman (a man who identifies as a woman) is mentally ill in various ways:
A.actually thinks they are female (physically and/or mentally)
B.has one/several sexual fetishes entertained by transition (AGP, "tricking people", invading women's spaces, being degraded)
C.has past trauma (child sexual abuse or victim of homophobia)
D.has other mental illnesses/disorders that they have been convinced will be cured by transition (autism, OCD, bipolar, etc)
They don't need to match every category, but they typically match multiple of them. There are even transwomen who do know and admit (in their closed circles) that they are in fact gay men but they feel society treats them better if they are transwomen - and they are still considered equally trans by the trans community.

>But what is it that separates that from a man lying about being trans?

At a baseline the lying man ("cis", as you called it) is not mentally ill in that he doesn't actually think he IS a woman, the way a transwoman typically does. He just pretends to think it. But since we know some transwomen do know that they are men, perhaps the most accurate way to put it is that he doesn't identify as trans on his own free time. He simply does it temporarily, whereas the transwoman does it "full-time".

>it’s so easy to lie about being trans. Isn’t that dangerous?

Yes, this is extremely dangerous for women and it's in violation of our human rights as women. Transwomen are a variation of men - not a variation of women (that's why a "cis" woman can never be a transwoman). Neither group of men should be in women's spaces. If we let transwomen in because "they look like a woman" that is literally just discrimination based on appearance/attractiveness which is ridiculous and fucked up. Men who look like women should still go into the men's spaces. If they knowingly CHOSE to alter their body (surgery, hormones etc) in ways that put them at more risk of other men's violence that's a CHOICE they made that had nothing to do with women. It's like a man tattooed in the words "punch me" on his forehead and then says he should be allowed in the women's spaces because men keep punching him and the women who aren't as violent don't punch him. It's not on women to solve men being violent towards other men because of choices a man made.

>They compared it to women with PCOS not being allowed in girls restrooms for beards and male looking

In reality almost no single women with PCOS actually looks anything like a man at all. (In fact most women who identify as transmen and take hormones STILL look like women despite their best efforts). This has never really been an issue, ever.
Even then women with PCOS, unusual hair-growth or disabilities, or who are just looking very masculine, or heck who is just super ugly… ARE still women! It doesn't matter what they look like, it has never mattered what they look like, no one has ever questioned that - every woman has still gone into the women's spaces.

>There’s no way to identify if a man is a TIM, no identification or anything.

Bingo! Being "trans" is not physically real. It's a belief system, some call it a cult, spirituality or a religion. It's all unscientific ideas that can't be proven because they simply don't exist. You can scan a brain and physically see depression, but you can't scan it and see "being trans", because there is no unifying and identifiable factor.

No. 9399

What on earth, did you misgender a dog lmao

No. 9400

Love that for you nona! It's so nice to hear from women who detransed (no matter how little you did to transition), a lot of us have lost friends or family to trans ideology so just knowing it's possible to come back is refreshing. Is there anything you think would have helped you peak earlier? How would you peak a friend in your position?

No. 9404

Thanks nonnie. I'm really glad I came out of it, I used to hate looking feminine in any way and avoided all situations where I had to simply because I had learned that's what you do. I missed out on so much to trans ideology. I'm way more confident in myself and how I look now, it's funny how suicidal I was back when I identified as trans and now I feel like my whole outlook on life has changed. I'm happy!
>Is there anything you think would have helped you peak earlier?
Honestly, educating yourself and doing research on different viewpoints would have helped a lot. I know that's a bit counterproductive since I fully agree that trans ideology works like a cult where you cannot consider other opinions or practice critical thinking because the hivemind deems anyone not 100% on their side as wrong. But I remember coming across a "truscum" blog on tumblr during this time and read their explanation on how being trans is a mental disorder. Everyone I saw reacting to it was screaming to the heavens about how wrong they are but I was just here wondering, why are you booing her? She's right? So what if being trans is a mental disorder. It doesn't invalidate your existence. I agreed but kept those views to myself and it didn't bother me, so I guess I'm a bit of an outlier where while I still called myself trans I hadn't completely fallen down the pipeline. And the only reason I even found that blog in the first place was because everyone else was whining about how terrible and awful the things she was saying was, so I went to go look for myself. I really urge anyone to actually read into the opinions "terfs" and "truscum" share even if you feel like you'd be alienated for doing so. You don't have to share that you're doing it, and just because you're reading it doesn't mean you immediately agree with everything they say or are a bad person for doing so. But opening yourself to the views of others instead of self-reflecting/listening to the majority is not healthy in the slightest.
>How would you peak a friend in your position?
I'm actually working on this atm with a tif friend of mine who is already on the fence about a lot of social justice stuff currently. I feel like it's a lot easier nowadays with how outspoken tims are getting about their boners for violence against women. I've already opened conversation to other things, nothing trans related, just seeing what point she's at before I lose her for good since she really desires transitioning. I've been thinking about gently asking what she thinks about how people are reacting to anything related to JKR and showing her some tweets. Any other suggestions helpful.

No. 9408

I'm having a bit of a moment right now. It's just so fucked up that so many girls and women hate themselves so much they want to do anything to be less female. They think advocating for having your breasts removed is somehow a liberating thing, often not even to look more "male" but just to look more non-binary or genderless. But it's not "non-binary" it's just to look "more male" because they hate the female body so damn much and think the male is the default, or at the very least better than the female. There are so many people now saying "top surgery is for anyone", but none of them are saying "breast implants are for anyone" to look more non-binary. Everyone just hates the female body so god damn much, they just want to cut it up to be "less female" so it can be "better". Why does everyone always think hurting girls and women is justified and that it makes them and the world a better place? Why???

No. 9415

File: 1674612858975.gif (1.52 MB, 500x281, 39960f961edf446b521265be7f6eba…)

I only follow aesthetic blogs on tumblr but sometimes they will reboot a text post that implies skirt= woman short hair=man or other stereotypes. I followed them back when I was a tra myself and I haven't bothered unfollowing them yet. I can't believe I was ok with that sort of bullshit for so long it's just gender roles. To be fair I do follow a specific type of trans people who are very supportive of "cis" woman not wearing makeup and skirts, and "cis" men wearing pink and skirts, without trying to pressure them into being trans. They are also supportive of trans women not wearing makeup and skirts and trans men wearing pink and skirts, so it might just be an extension of that. But it's so inconsistent because they will critise gender roles and how they are harmful towards "cis" women but at the same time they think they stop being women when they start speaking loudly and wear band tees. The trans movement contradict itself so much it cant exist without stereotypes.
I also hate myself for still wanting to validate these people. I'm not gonna tell an anorexic underweight woman that she is fat, I'm going to call a white koreaboo who claims to be asian for racist. But when people claim a different gender I feel bad about being honest with them. That's what years of repeating the same mantra does to you

No. 9416

i'm in a similar situation to you nona and i just want you to know you're not alone! i wish you all the best on your journey forward

No. 9420

Once I noticed how pornsick and complacently unwell all of the gendies in my life are, I couldn't go back. Desisting is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I feel in control of my life.

No. 9426

>Any other suggestions helpful
I'd watch some detrans content on youtube and send good ones to her. A lot of them are very sympathetic and well spoken and they know the ins and outs of the trans community and what transition is like. Most trans/TRAs are interested in reading/watching content about trans topics so you could send one and ask what her opinion on the video is while stressing that it's totally fine if she disagrees, but to specify what/why she does/doesn't agree with. Even if she were to disagree with everything it's a good way to start a more nuanced discussion to see where her mind is.

No. 9427

Annoyed as fuck that a tranny YouTuber named their “worst celebrity of 2022” as a tie between JKR and Kanye West and they should both kill themselves. Yes, a super charitable woman who thinks biological sex is real is just as reprehensible as an insane, abusive, Hitler-loving MAGA narcissist.

If she’s your biggest villain your obese drag queen looking ass has no concept of what it means to be oppressed, male.

No. 9428

File: 1674641793939.jpg (68.52 KB, 906x239, 0983536.JPG)

>Hermione remains a "she" despite artificially changing her appearance
Indeed she does.

No. 9429

My native language is very gendered and pretty much every other verb in second person is going to be feminine or masculine. This enby tif at uni asked me to use her 'pronouns' recently which means using retarded made up versions of verbs that don't even exist in our language. It's only a one letter difference ('o' instead of feminine 'a' or masculine 'e') but it sounds something a mentally challenged person from the country side would say. It's really common for nb tras to use that here though, I saw it online at some point but figured they wouldn't be this retarded and use it irl with strangers. Idek why she chose to ask me this because she doesn't say that to everyone, just a few chosen people. What made her think I'm one of them?? The way I dress? And she already had the audacity to have a talk with me because I forgot about that shit very quickly since we don't even talk outside of classes and used a feminine verb towards her jfc

No. 9430

They own themselves like this all the time, it's embarrassing really kek

JKR: opens a rape crisis centre for vulnerable women, advocates for gay people, women and children
Troons: "she is literally worse than Hitler and must die"

They clearly hate women, gay people and children

No. 9431

My native language is very gendered and pretty much every other verb in second person is going to be feminine or masculine. This enby tif at uni asked me to use her 'pronouns' recently which means using retarded made up versions of verbs that don't even exist in our language. It's only a one letter difference ('o' instead of feminine 'a' or masculine 'e') but it sounds something a mentally challenged person from the country side would say. It's really common for nb tras to use that here though, I saw it online at some point but figured they wouldn't be this retarded and use it irl with strangers. Idek why she chose to ask me this because she doesn't say that to everyone, just a few chosen people. What made her think I'm one of them?? The way I dress? And she already had the audacity to have a talk with me because I forgot about that shit very quickly since we don't even talk outside of classes and used a feminine verb towards her jfc

No. 9432

Tell her you respect her but it's too hard and annoying to change the way you speak so you won't. Either she can meet you halfway and respect that you feel that way and allow you to use your native language and use feminine words, or she can decide that she can't handle that and you won't speak to her anymore. She can't just demand you respect her feelings at your own inconvenience while she isn't respecting yours. Why does she get to dictate that you have to change the way you speak your native language

No. 9433

The transwoman (native canadian) who has been trending for seeking assisted suicide due to fucked up surgeries mentioned that he feels immense guilt for adding to the canadian native genocide by willingly sterilizing himself. That one hurt because it's true, trans ideology is a genocide on "unwanted" people by transitioning them. Gay people, GNC, minorities, autists and mentally ill people… they all get pushed to hormones and surgeries that leave them unable to ever pass their genes on. And then if they ever realize what happened they blame themselves because they "willingly" did it as if those leeches didn't know exactly what they were pushing on to them. God it's so fucked up.

No. 9434

Happy for you nona. Just remember that make up, styling your hair and such are not part of being a woman. The way you worded it as experiences you 'should have had' rubbed me the wrong way. I feel like a lot of women who desist/detransition fall into that line of thinking. It's perfectly fine to be a gnc women, they exist. Ofc you can choose to be feminine though. Good luck anon!

No. 9436

I’ve spoke to Duchess before. I don’t necessarily agree with him on all things but goddamn he’s been through a nightmare. Albeit a self imposed one.

No. 9447

File: 1674699711472.gif (133.46 KB, 360x240, pksqsh.gif)

This is good, I haven't watched any detrans content before but I suppose it's a good idea for myself too to hear other's experiences. I don't think I'm at the point yet where I can send her stuff like that without her being put off by it, but we'll get to that point. I think she'll be receptive to it soon since I usually just bring up a topic of whatever current discourse is going on and she puts her opinions on the table first. She's very rational and level-headed, just got roped into it the same as I did.

I probably should have worded that a little better, but I was a bit drunk when I made that first post lol. I meant to bring up hair and makeup as a personal feeling, now that I'm interested in doing it I feel annoyed that I could have had a lot more time to practice and improve while I was younger. Oh well though, it's never too late and I am enjoying the process.

Best of luck to you as well nona! So happy to know there's others out there.

Thank you to everyone for the kind words and advice! I'm gonna stop here so I don't clog up the thread anymore but I'm glad I shared. Remember it may not be too late for any friends or family you have going through this as well. One day they may just quite literally wake up.

No. 9449

>I haven't watched any detrans content before but I suppose it's a good idea for myself too to hear other's experiences
Detrans videos helped peak me and they give me hope for the future. It also helped peak me that trans people attack them so viscously for "no reason" (to keep them from spreading the truth) it really made me wonder why until I watched them and they explained that they now know they had just been mentally ill and delusional and now feel like the trans ideology is a cult that tricked them into medically self-harming.
It was like the lightbulb turned on above my head and suddenly it made sense that all the trans people are going "reee don't even listen to detrans people, they are evil liars and grifters, make them shut up and kick them off the platform" just for sharing their own experiences, which often involved serious trauma. I don't think anything threatens trans ideology as much as detrans people speaking the truth does.

No. 9450

>I'm gonna stop here so I don't clog up the thread anymore
It's a vent thread, clog it up as much as you want and need nona, it's what it's here for!

No. 9453

I may be a esl but I hate western troons so much than my native ones just because I'm on twitter they seem to think I want to talk gender politics with them. They try to convince me that I'm actually a trans man and don't realize it (I have short hair due to medical issue's). Is being a woman with some masculine instrests make me a man? No. I just want to enjoy both things regardless of the gender restrictions.western gender norms are more abrasive and restrictive than my country. How do I stop them from engaging with me?

No. 9456

If you're not white just call them out for being racist, the woke west (mainly America) still usually fears being called racist lol. Either way you could flip it and call them out on why they think only men can have short hair or masculine interests. Then you can use whatever they say and call them transphobic for it kek

Another tactic is to play dumb using your country as an excuse, "we don't have that in my country", "that's a white ppl/American/western thing I don't know about it", "western ppl always try to colonize my country with their politics so I don't want to talk about it with you" etc

No. 9471

>Brother says there was a man in the bathroom, says he thought he was trying to put some cameras in it
>Second Brother- "Well did he identify as a woman"
>me- "Was it a man? no man should be in the bathroom"
>mom- Yeah

No. 9476

I didn’t feel strongly at all about “trans” people or gender until I gave birth to my daughter. I was flooded with what i can only call love- completely organically and with no conscious effort or thought involved. it attacked and overwhelmed me as quick and strong as being injected with a drug. it made me re-evaluate my relationship to my body/biology and also every relationship I’ve ever had my entire life. It seemed to me that love only exists at all in the world as an echo of this and only women have the biological capacity. It started making me angry seeing men in dresses larping this shallow libidinal projection of “femininity.” I had never really analyzed what being a woman really meant to me before that.

No. 9504

Hate when TRAs claim that TERFS and GCs have backwards view on gender for stating that being a woman is defined by our sex, because our oppression is linked to our sex. Which is true, and trying to obfuscate this reality only hinders our progress from liberating ourselves from the patriarchy. Then they'll claim that
It's such a DARVO tactic because you know deep down that's actually how they view women. TRAs are so disingenuous.

No. 9507


Thx for explaining. This genuinely clicked something in me that I didn’t see before. I’m still getting out of the troon cult, so I’m looking here for both venting and education

No. 9508

I'm steaming mad, they're trying to jam MORE transgender-affirming content into the medical school curriculum. Getting fuckin standardized testing on how well we can convince a father that his son's a woman! The fucker's backstory is even "went to art school and came back transgender"! Even scolded for not she/her or they/them-ing him to the father character! The instructor had the gall to say to me that "I'm sure you don't get much exposure to transgender issues" when I HAVE, in REAL LIFE, with many of the classic archetypes!

No. 9509

But on the bright side I did have classmates confess they're fed up with trans issues. The problem is that most of them cite the bible as their reasoning…

No. 9510

im happy 2x is open so i have a place to try to put my thoughts into words

my issue with transgenderism comes from this idea that there should be any real link between genitalia and gender identity. like ok - let's say you're a man, and you grow up among men, etc etc, and you feel like something is 'off'. one day you decide to transition. well, what is this inherent quality of womanhood that will 'fix' you? no matter how you look at it its agp or mental illness. if you're a man and want to wear dresses and makeup that's fine! but that shouldn't make you a woman, because thats just saying that women have to act a certain way in order to exist as women. being a woman is literally just being born into a female body, and having to live in that body. gender roles as a whole are harmful and all the transgender movement does is promote it while at the same time telling you that gender somehow doesn't exist.
like if you put humans in a vacuum with no outside influences and reduced us to primitive societies, theres no way trannies would exist!! im not saying those societies were better bc im sure women were also treated like shit, but i don't believe most trannies today would exist if not for social conditioning

No. 9517

A lot of us were in the cult before so we know what it's like. Thoughts like >>9398 were swirling in my mind but no one on the trans side tried to actually answer the questions seriosuly (because they can't without ending up on "bigoted" answers), they just call you a bigot and act like the answer is super obvious like "because a transwoman is a woman, and a cis man is a man, duh!!!" as if that makes any sense when they could literally be identical male twins, neither of them even trying to transistion. We're still told one IS a woman, because he says so.
TRAs are afraid to think deeper and instead accept impossible opposites to be true at the same time just so they can avoid those uncomfortable truths. For me it all finally clicked when I realized they perfectly mimick religion/cults in how they act and think. People weren't just saying it to mock them, they really do function that way.

No. 9518

Can you complain to some boss/person in power? Possibly even go together with the others who are fed up, or you could all write separate complaints so they know many people have an issue with it. Cite that everything said is unscientific and link some studies etc

On the religious side, I'm not a fan of any religion but it still is protected by law and you can use that. Freedom of religion means you are free to perform your religion, AND you are free to NOT perform religion. There is no physical proof of transness or gender, menaing it's a spiritual/religious belief. "I just feel this is true for me" with no proof, is a form religion. Every single religion is convinced they are the only ones with the truth. While you can't stop them from making the claims, you are legally allowed to NOT perform their religion. You don't need to avoid pork because muslims says you have to, you don't have to pray to jesus and stone women to death because the bible says so, you don't have to accept the hinduism cast system and insist that some people are below/above you because they were reincarnated that way due to past sins, you don't have to accept a furry as a literal dog and accept them running around naked and humping people's legs, you DO NOT need to accept males can be women and to use their preferred pronouns.

You are not being disrespectful of a muslim colleague if you eat bacon in the lunch room with them. You are not being disrespectful if you keep eating as another says their daily prayer to Jesus. You are not being disrespectful calling a person of the male sex he/him when that is just how language works and "he/him" are not slurs or bad words.

No. 9520

TRAs are really trying to make it out like all of their opposers are actually secretly old conservatives who are misogynistic, homophobic and racist. It's what will be their downfall, because most people who oppose it are women, LGB and minorities who aren't conservative at all but simply fed up with how the trans ideology treats us… with their misogyny, homophobia and racism. Conservatives are often also against it by default, but they're not usually the ones who oppose it with words and actions the way "terfs" do.

If "women are women becuase of their sex" makes you think "oh so you think women are fuck holes and baby makers" than that's because YOU think that's all the female sex is. To us normal sane people the female sex is just a biological reality.

No. 9527

my sister in law is best friends with a troon, and I'm worried that we'll have to spend time around them with my young child. It's a hard one to navigate because the easiest solution is to just say X is a woman, my kid is young enough to not really tell the difference. But that goes against A) everything I believe, and B) I fear will imprint upon my child that troons are women. If they were older I could explain that X has a mental illness that makes him dress funny, but that's too deep of a concept for my child's age. What would you all do, other than avoid the troon at all costs?

No. 9528

I think you put it into words well. I heard a TiM say once: "I knew I couldn't possibly be a dude because I feel so much empathy toward other people, I enjoy cooking and cleaning, and I liked playing with dolls instead of toy guns/cars when I was a kid."

That is so very, very fucking fucked up and harmful. Why can't the people (governments, schools, the sports world, EVERYONE) shilling gendershit see that? By transitioning, this guy was only reinforcing the millenia-old brainwashing that men are not allowed to feel empathy, and only women can comfortably assume domestic roles. It also implies that little girls who happen to like playing cars and action figures must actually be little boys deep down – because for some reason it doesn't sense for a kid to just like what she likes.

It fucks with me every day, especially since I work with 3 TiFs! It makes me feel like they see me as a series of stereotypes instead of a real person.

No. 9529

I do daydream about it… But it's Tranada, HR and the student union put out pro-Twitter-cause-of-the-day statements, an AGP gives the LGBTQIAK (Kink) lecture, and these new changes are spearheaded by a guy who might be gay. Not sure what I can do against so much resistance.

No. 9533

I want this wave to crest so bad. the more women I see mutilate themselves, the more men I see forcing people to play along with their sick porn fantasies, the more people I see get fired, alienated, or otherwise isolated for expressing even the slightest wrongthink regarding tranny shit, the more I can’t believe this is the world I’m living in. I’m praying this bullshit naturally reaches its end as trans becomes something uncool that the older generation does, as trannies age and become crippled monstrosities, as more people detransition. I’m just so done, I never want to see another perverted man in a dress again.

No. 9535

There's a girl I'm more or less just online mutuals with that I chat with occasionally because we have a few hobbies in common and she seems generally nice to be around, but recently she went through this WHOLE thing about how she's a lesbian now and she can't be with a man again and she only likes women (she was bisexual before, I believe).
Her first "girlfriend" after coming to terms with being a "lesbian"? A TiM. Who she calls her "butch" because he's just a man with long hair that dresses like a man. Disgusting. I like her too much to a-log but she's absolutely steeped in tranny bullshit and I fucking gagged.

No. 9545

bigender "gay" people anger me so heavily. any gender person that calls themselves gay is so fucking predatory but they're the worst somehow.

what are you gonna do if you find a gay guy you like? switch your pronouns to "he/him" and invade his fucking space? kill yourself a million times

No. 9549

i've noticed they have a special hatred towards black women, since trannies love to use them as a rhetorical tool against liberals

No. 9557

If you're brave enough you could try to peak her by poiting out why dating women is so much better and use examples you know a moid would never do. Act like you think her gf is an actual woman, so it would be transphobic to assume she acts like a man and not do the women specific things. She will have to face that her "girlfriend" has none of the good traits of women despite "being one". Works better if you're at least bi so it will seem more credible, but you could always claim you have lesbian/bi friends who have told you all about it.

Example, women statistically do most of the boring housework and troons are the most spoiled kind of mento exist, so we know she'll always be cleaning up his messes. So you can say something like "isn't it nice to have a gf bc they actually clean after themselves, unlike men". "Gf are so much nicer because they don't just sit and play games all day long with no other aspirations in life like men" kek

No. 9558

File: 1675092977402.jpeg (23.45 KB, 640x335, Screenshot-78-640x335.jpeg)

The biggest thing that contributed to my overall peak is the fact that my father was a world class athlete. I had competed in sports for most of my life and always felt a deep seated frustration that no amount of training would amount to me being capable of what he or other men could. It has ALWAYS pissed me the fuck off. Sports have been sex segregated for a reason and everyone knew why. Seeing a moid stand on the podium is the most rage inducing thing I've ever witnessed. In recent months I have gently brought up this topic of TIMs in sports to my family and some friends and found that they agreed with me- which was a relief. Get them the fuck out of our competitions (and clinics, bathrooms, unearned positions, earth etc.) I will commit time to protecting women's sports from allowing this.

Last night when I saw that Finnish opening ceremony for figure skating, that graceless, hideous troon on ice floundering around all for representation's sake…it made me lose it tbh. Let that clown moment peak even more people. holy shit I'm done with it all. Thank you all for bringing clarity to me this past year and providing some laughs to help deal with the heinous nonsense we deal with as women.

No. 9565

>I had competed in sports for most of my life and always felt a deep seated frustration that no amount of training would amount to me being capable of what he or other men could.
So many men can't achieve anything in sports either, there are tons of physically and mentally disabled men in the world who simply can't do sports at all despite being part of the bigger and stronger sex. Personally I don't mind because there's no need to be the strongest if you're the smartest and girls always outperform boys in school kek

With that said I really wish they'd all stop pandering to putting troons in women's sports, it's simply cheating and unfair. Even male only sports like boxing have weight classes because even just height/weight being a little different in men makes them unmatched to each other. A 70kg man against a 90kg man would be considered absuredly unfair, but when the 90kg man decides he wants to play another sport against 60kg women he's suddenly oh so weak from estrogen and it's totally fair!!! Fucking ridiculous.

No. 9566

Avoid troon at all cost. If a child is small enough to not really know the difference there's probably no harm in them thinking it's a woman, or a man in funny clothes. A lot of very small kids really only see the clothes, they might think a butch woman is a man or a normal looking guy with long hair is a woman. It most likely won't register at all because they're just a strange adult they couldn't give a fuck about.
When they get a little older you could start by asking them if they think that person was a man or a woman (after leaving so he can't hear of course) and take it from there.

No. 9567

Just tell her "that is a man in a dress. He is mentally ill and you shouldn't talk to him." Then ask your sister why she, as a mother, would want such a creature near any child. Stop being a scrote ass coward.

No. 9569

>I saw that Finnish opening ceremony for figure skating, that graceless, hideous troon on ice floundering around

good thing figure skating is one thing they cant brute force their way into. mens skeletons just cant.

No. 9570

KEK the video is worse than it sounds. 30 seconds in

No. 9575

Tried telling my "friends" about how I was groomed by my tranny brother and a tranny ex and all they cared about was me misgendering, and then them saying its 2023 and to get pronouns correct. I won't be talking to these people anymore. I wanted to vent to them and maybe see if some are peak but I got my answer. Yikes.

No. 9579

Holy fucking kek, I can't believe this is real. It's too ridiculous!

No. 9582

holy shit. the freak can't even stay upright, fucking incredible.

No. 9593

I'm dying, I didn't know he was THAT bad. The bar for a real woman would never be that low. Men are living on easy mode.

Make sure you tell you don't want to stay in touch with them anymore because they care about fake pronouns of literal male groomers more than their vulnerable female victims, victims who were supposedly their friend. It's 2023 they should stop denying science to protect the imagined feelings of predatory men they've never even met.

No. 9594

File: 1675159858473.jpeg (624.78 KB, 750x2657, Troon_regret_srs.jpeg)

This was posted in the Mtf thread and I felt like sperging out on it because he is such a typical case, but I don't want to spam that thread so I'm doing it here instead.
A small troon case study.

These people are so frighteningly brainwashed. This guy is in his early 20s. First thing to note is the mandatory "I don't regret this at all, it totally saved my life", which they will all say to protect themselves from hatred from the trans community, and to convince themselves that this botched surgery wasn't a mistake.
>"i love having a vagina and it's waaay better than what i had before"
but in the same breath he says
>"can't have sex"
>"can't dilate because it's just too painful and I bleed"
>"has no pleasurable sensation in the cavity"
Why would you have any kind of good sensation in your cut up, scarred, mutilated inverted penis that is only kept open by very painful force? But he is realizing here that he can't actually have sex, despite the single function of the inverted penis surgery being for other penises to be able to penetrate it, for checks notes validation. Anyone would be able to figure that out, unless they were mentally ill and repeatedly told biology isn't real but evil lies made up by bigots. It was probably JKR who made it up.

>"self harmed for the first time in 40 days because i feel so bad"

This implies he thinks 40 days without self harm is a long time, and that his surgery did nothing to stop his urges or actions of self harm. Did therapists, psychologists, doctors and surgeons know that he has a self harm problem, a severe mental health issue, and still let him do the surgery? (Yes, yes they did.)

>"I wish I had gone to a different surgeon"

It's not the surgeons, it's the fact that you are a man who tried to have your penis turned into a fuckable cavity. No surgeon can ever do it, it never works, good srs results don't exist! Even the tranny porn is all fake, they don't enjoy it either but their job is to make you think they do. Blaming the surgeon is just a way for you to affirm that you were never wrong and sold a lie. God these people are tragically stupid and brainwashed.

No. 9595

Had to look up more to kek at, but this is just sad. The constipated expression from trying to stay balanced throughout the whole thing is the cherry on top.

No. 9599

Anons in the MtF thread were ranting about past trans friends they used to have and I remember this TIM I used to be friends with whom I thought was "one of the good ones." He was complaining about how troons in the trans community are inconsiderate for talking about loving their girl dick and how lesbians who don't want their dick are transphobic. Which I agreed with. But guess what, he think it's inconsiderate because it "triggers his bottom dysphoria" and his "penisphobia" because of course he's a heckin valid lesbian. And not because you know… it's inconsiderate towards the real lesbians who's been harassed all their lives for not trying and wanting dick. Trannies are the most narcissistic and self-centered group of people. Even the "good ones" will show their troon colors eventually.

No. 9602

Sometimes I wonder if I overestimated my girl friends…
I can see why a girl friend of mine, after getting out of a 8 year relationship, would troon out to "rediscover" her true self, whatever the fuck does that mean anyway, but seeing another one? It's odd. They're also touching 30s, they should have already grew out of this shit. One of them said that she wanted to "kill" the girl she was when she was in a relationship…it's strange, nonsense but mostly sad. What happened to actually redescover urself without lifelong treatment? What about embrancing your experience and learning from it? Jesus….

No. 9614

>One of them said that she wanted to "kill" the girl she was when she was in a relationship
Just tell her that's fucked up and stupid, you can't run from your past by putting on a costume

No. 9615

I've had to come to terms with the fact that there are no "good ones" when it comes to the trans ideology. It's like saying there are good racists, their beliefs based on their own feelings and fears hurt other people by default.
It doesn't mean all of them are fully degenerate, some are really just trying to escape trauma or pain. But it's just not ok to hurt everyone else just to escape your own pain. The "good ones" are really just quiet about their harmful thoughts.

If they were truly and honestly a "good one" they'd come to the conclusion that men should be allowed to wear makeup and dresses and be as feminine as they want and still be accepted as men. And that by calling that man a woman, even if he accepts not being allowed in female spaces and that his biology is still male, that is just reinforcing the gender stereotypes that said he can't enjoy those feminine things because he's male in the first place, and that women shouldn't be allowed to have female-only words for themselves but must include males somehow. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

No. 9622

I hate how troons reshaped our language:

You can't say "woman", you have to say "non men"
But you can say "men"
You can't say "woman", you have to say "people with uteruses"
But you can say "men".
My language is heavy gendered and now we have to make an unnatural sound at the end of our words otherwise people will take themselves hostage because you're doing "hate speech."

My existence is not hate speech, you emotional cockroaches.

No. 9623

That's such bullshit, they don't have the authority to change your native language and how people speak it. It's all performative bs anyway. My country introduced a third gender neutral option to go with she/he and none of the genderspecials even use it, because they only ever live online in their fantasy world. These people will put they/xe/faeself in their bios and cancel people for using the wrong one on twitter, but irl they're too scared to even tell their own mother whose basement they probably live in. I think our salvage is that because our genderspecials speak English and parrot America and the English speaking world they end up neglecting it locally to instead yell about JKR and Trump, who both don't have anything at all to do with this country.

No. 9644

File: 1675310632073.png (Spoiler Image, 393.24 KB, 611x507, screenshot2434356.png)

I absolutely can't with TRAs anymore. If someone posted self-harm scars, would it be consider validating? I just don't see what the difference between doing something like cutting yourself vs. having perfectly viable skin tissue removed to make a fake and completely unfunctional flesh tube sewed onto your stomach/crotch area. I fucking hate terms like "ableism". It's just another way to gaslight the conversation at hand. Is it viable? Is it actually helping? After every testimony that's come out about how dangerous and insane these surgeries are, even with the TRAs that don't detransition after the aftermath, it's somehow still the "terves" a.k.a women's fault.

Hate this shit.

No. 9650

I don't think they see the whole picture of what is going on here. People are not saying that the scars just look gross and horrifying (but it does), it's perfectly natural and valid to be horrified by great harm having been done to a human body. But the actually horrifying thing is that these girls and women hate themselves and the female body so much they've been convinced the ONLY way to correct it and feel better is by physically harming it. They have a deeply rooted belief that female bodies improve if you harm them and it's lead to them permanently disabling their arms like this (as it can't ever heal and go back to the state it was before) just to have a fake non-functioning tube that's supposed to mimic a dick attached to their crotch - to supposedly heal their mental problems. If anything it's ableism to pay to have your body medically harmed because of your own vanity and fragile ego.

No. 9658

I don't know why I argue with TRA anymore. These people are either blind, very dumb or just brainwashed.

No. 9659

my closest male friend is probably going to troon out.
i love the guy. i find him pretty annoying and autistic at times but he has a good heart and has always helped me when he was able to. over the 4 years i've known him, i've tried to talk him out of it whenever he's expressed anything about wanting to troon out. stuff like admiring women, thinking it would be better to be a woman, thinking women look cute in x and wanting to be cute like that. i tell him that growing up as a woman is fucking tough and there's so much stuff we have to deal with that isn't a passing thought for most men. i also tell him stuff like x isn't gendered female and it's pretty sexist to pretend it is.
i've even expressed my disgust for 'sex work' and have voiced my respect for JKR several times due to her often under reported philanthropy. I EVEN SAID THAT HER ESSAY WASN'T BAD OR RUDE AND I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT THE BIG DEAL WAS and she was getting way too much shit for it.
i've told him that he seems depressed and he seems to be looking at it as a form of escapism and he should try his best to fix that instead of thinking of some other option recently. the other day he made a comment about a machine changing his gender and i just ignored it because again, anyone who is somewhat perceptive would pick up that i'm not supportive of it a all.
it's difficult because he is a good person. just meets my expectations of how the friendlier, straight trannies are like – hearing what they want to hear, and not realizing that this is the new form of escapism.
also not to mention, a lot of his DND friends are trannies – there's even a TIM and TIF couple. that's why i don't play DND fuck that shit.
literally a year ago, i told my partner that i'm going to need to distance myself because i can't be friends with someone who is starting their transition. being an acquaintance of someone who has been transitioned for years is no big deal to me. but i'll feel like i'm enabling it if we're friends while he's trooning out.
on the bright side, we come from a country where there's an infamous waiting list to transition. i've moved out of that country, hopefully permanently now so i guess the relationship will fade.
i really wish i could help him see the light but he just hears what he wants to hear.

No. 9660

File: 1675357449765.jpg (49.96 KB, 828x828, 1648667096744.jpg)

What is it with troons and D&D? Before, the average TTRPG groups used to be like four obnoxious nerd guys and maybe a pickme nerd girl. Now it's the same thing except one or two of the guys are nonbinary wankers and/or MTFs and the girl is a he/they any/all disaster. To suit this terminally online set, all the games are now held online through fucking Discord and virtual tabletops, which are an abomination but that's another rant. Now that we can't see each others' faces, the default pronoun for anyone is "they" and that pisses me off because I have an ambiguous pfp and username but an unambiguously female voice. Invariably the male members end up referring to me as "she," but the TIFs persist. Pronouns are part of every introductory post. Even fucking player characters get pronouns, and people spend more time creating elaborate backstories and/or optimizing their characters than actually playing the fucking game. Hell, some of them aren't even playing D and fucking D, they're just making """in-character""" quips and tossing dice around with their friends for five hours, and when they get to a real game they have little to no idea how any of the rules work. I am sick of the backstories, the reader's theatre, the minmaxing, the stupid online games, the bizarre social codes, all of it. Literally all I want to do is to run or play a proper pen-and-paper goddamn dungeon crawl where actions have consequences and combat isn't the only time player characters have agency and it doesn't fucking matter what gender you or your dumbass PC are because what matters is the dungeon delving.

No. 9663

the double standards considering scars is so damn annoying. I've got self-harm scars, healed, all over my body, I won't hide them as I can't help it anymore but some people look at me like I will murder them, most people gladly ignore it. Still, if I would have certain jobs it would be inappropriate to go sleeveless, no one tells me how brave I am, no one tells me how beautiful my scars are, no one would tell me that it was the right choice to feel okay again or to cure my mental illness (it wasn't and it didn't) and no health professional would hand out razors blades or steri stripes to me paid by my health insurance, health professionals would rather avoid me because I must have bpd (I don't) and no one wants to deal with that shit. And if I post pictures of my healed scars on social media there is a high possibility that my account gets banned or my pictures will be blurred out. So the form of self-hate I chose is wrong, but ruining your whole body beyond function is the right choice if you hate your body, no matter if woman or man.

>they have a deeply rooted belief that female bodies improve if you harm them
I think that this is one very fitting statment and it's not only visible with TRAs, it's visible withing EDs, self-harm, plastic surgery, even drugs, you hurt your body, because you always learned that there is something wrong about the female body, no matter what and the only way to get out of it, is to change something, even though it won't do shit and you are still stuck in your body, as a woman.

No. 9664

this is part of the reason why i don't play D&D. i love old computer games that attempt to mimic a TTRPG experience and i've been invited to play with a few groups. it makes sense that i'd enjoy it but i don't want to play with any of my friends' groups since i don't want to play with a bunch of dudes or worse, dudes who LARP as women. i played maybe two sessions irl pre-2020 but our group didn't stick together and i couldn't get another girl to join so i didn't see much point in continuing. especially since the DM spoke on behalf of a non binary bitch i hated and kept on using 'THEY' in the most jarring way.
it's funny that you mention the pick-me's trooning out. every single girl that i tried to invite to the aforementioned group are now at the very least a she/they. covid really ruined everything but i guess those girls were diagnosed BPD so it was bound to happen in this social climate.
i would love to play D&D in an all girl group. i don't think it's possible with my current lifestyle but it makes me happy to imagine a group of girls being able to enjoy their hobby free from weirdo fetishists.

No. 9665


One of the few moments I am thankful for being in a backwater country where this whole gender debate is still a niche I can avoid.

It sucked that you had to deal with this stuff - if it had been me I would have just given up on playing online as well.

I ended up DMing for only close friends I trust face-to-face, and I got very picky with my players to avoid shit. Sucks that I got my start as a player online, and all the potential the platforms may have to connect people is squandered by … well, people.

If you still want to play, I would honestly recommend trying a different system that's less popular and play locally, irl only. Even Pathfinder is marginally better by pure virtue of not being the "cool" thing for gendies to do.

No. 9666


oh god, playing with all girls would be fucking awesome. I'd give my left tit to find a group that would stick that's not a sausage party.

No. 9669

File: 1675362245101.png (283.84 KB, 1430x804, rudi.png)

>If you still want to play, I would honestly recommend trying a different system that's less popular and play locally, irl only. Even Pathfinder is marginally better by pure virtue of not being the "cool" thing for gendies to do.
doesn't pathfinder have a transgender dwarf in it? i'm sure it doesn't matter having a small group with normal people but i feel like the weirdos will eventually catch onto it and we'll get some bizarre new edition with hamfisted queer shit. kind of like vampire: the masquerade, which is another once-great RPG that inspired a really epic computer RPG (bloodlines) and a sequel that will most likely suck if it ever comes out

No. 9681

Similar situation happening to my partner's brother, who is coming up on a year of HRT but still hasn't asked anyone to use a different name/pronouns or even had a job since March 2020. He's of course scared to get one now, and he's in his mid-20s. Does he think his sibling and I will be footing the bill for him to be a terminally online degenerate when mommy stops paying or dies?

It seems once they get in with an online group like that they each fall to troonism one by one like dominoes. The DND comment makes me sad, as it is very difficult to find online games now that have your regular nerdy assortment sans some flavor of genderspecial who talks too much. I just like telling stories, I don't want to play with someone constantly looking for things to fuck, and that was already an issue with the moids in that space.

I guess my situation and years of asking a lot of the same questions discussed here over my tumblr years while passively handmaidening is peaking me. This shit never made sense. That plus reading what JKR has actually said and done and thinking it quite low on the scale of things to be offended about when viewed from a troon perspective.

No. 9683

File: 1675399536794.gif (221.69 KB, 200x142, 2D5F3103-DFC8-4D0E-A57A-409ADD…)

I sure hope my state passes their ban on transing children especially after suicide baiting the fucking state government today!!! Fuck!!!! I hate tranny suicide baiting so fucking much it's unreal!!!!!!!!

No. 9684

>because you always learned that there is something wrong about the female body
Same old misogyny leading to girls hating themselves.
Wile makeup comes with some downsides too (especially in the age of photo editing and instamodels) I honestly think for most girls it is a mostly healthy outlet of this need to change and improve yourself girls feel. At least it's not actively self-harming.

No. 9685

Sounds like you did your best nona.
>i'll feel like i'm enabling it if we're friends while he's trooning out.
I would tell him this clearly if he starts trooning out. He'll be upset in the moment but when he comes to his senses in a couple of years he can't say no one tried to stop him.

No. 9692

>or even had a job since March 2020.
this is the exact same situation as my friend (ayrt) i met him through a shitty job we had. he managed to get really lucky and hand picked to move to another department that was significantly cushier than the job that he started with (and i continued with) then when they were moving him back to the original stream and they started retraining him so he could probably move to the same department as me, he ended up quitting since our government essentially doubled unemployment due to COVID. the new rate was a few hundred less than working would give and he didn't have to work so he chose to go down that route.
he said stuff about 'muh mental health' and i told him that he needs to be looking for jobs, sorting out his health or learning new skills because the increase wouldn't last forever.
he didn't end up doing any of those things and was unemployed until last year long after they reduced the increase but to his credit he did start taking some classes but cried about muh adhd. i found him extremely irritating during this stage since he barely did anything about his adhd and got upset that his therapist dismissed him for it and wouldn't refer him. i told him to go to his regular doctor who did give him a referral but our country charges $$$$$$$ to get an adhd diagnosis from a psychiatrist… unfortunately he chose instant gratification over getting treatment for something that he claims to be so crippling. apparently that's an adhd thing. i think that's a being retarded idiot thing. (PL: my case for adhd is a lot more compelling to him since i failed out of school while he has a degree but what do i know haha)
eventually he got a job that was great. pay was way better than our old job and the work was significantly less stressful… until he decided to be epic and kick rocks while on duty. they then sent a site-wide email reminding employees to not to visibly fuck around when not on break, and also stuff about personal appearance and hygiene. the hygiene part and uniform parts were bolded even. he apparently was taken aside and told that the breakroom stuff was about him (probably the hygiene stuff and uniform stuff too but he hasn't stunk around me tbf) then he got fired two months later.
anyway soooo back on unemployment and he recently got another job after a 7+ month long break. but this one is too stressful for him because it's court transcription work and they cover some heavy topics like CSA so he'll probably quit soon. also his adhd distracts him too much at home. fair enough but maybe look at treating your adhd first… maybe?
(will probably wear a dress instead of treating his adhd, depression or other issues. i'll keep you ladies updated if anything juicy happens)

No. 9693

I really relate to this, also was an avid user of tumblr and similar "woke" pages since I was like 11 or 12 (talk about the wonders of internet access since primary school) and I was forced to use the neopronouns and drink the trans kool-aid all until my edgelord phase, which, ironically, stemmed from watching SJW cringe compilations from youtube. (I promise I have distanced myself from that crowd) But I have been wary about trans people ever since, and just yesterday I was thinking how now, through Tiktok, boomer conservatives are discovering neopronouns and fucked up realities of trannies, meanwhile in like 2016 the majority of my internet friends were they/them nonbinary demigirls with self diagnosed DID and I read about their daily dilation and humilation rituals like it was my morning paper lol.

No. 9694

Why are trannies so rude to actual women? I knew this tranny who would routinely body shame me or say otherwise disgusting things about my body like calling me anorexic and saying I have no ass/tits etc. But he’s also a fat bitch whose body got fucked because of estrogen and now he’s a hambeast in training who used to be skinny. Nonetheless this is before I peaked and it really fucked with my self esteem, some people are just cruel.

No. 9695

Misogyny and jealousy.

No. 9696

i wonder if people were just like: "fine, die then… wanting to die seems to be normalized now since some countries do assisted suicide so die tranny, it's ok." as an answer to the suicide baiting. If they want something that they can't ever have so extremly it's ok to die. I have this personal cow who just cries about her trannsbianism and how nobody will ever fuck him.. genuinely it'd be good for him if he died, he'd be free from his schizo brain.

No. 9698

suicide baiting in general is such a horrible behaviour. My mother did it a lot (she is still alive..), so I don't have the calmest attitude towards anyone ever doing it. I just don't get it, yes, people talk about suicide and then kill themselves, but this constant "oh, I can't go to the bathroom with other women, I will kill myself now" just takes away the seriousness that comes with being suicidal. Most of the troons don't even know how exhausting it to be suicidal for real and not only to get some attention and how hard it is to get help as a woman.

No. 9700

Based all women D&D group would be a blessing. In theory I have played in some all women D&D campaigns but those always have had non binary character(s) and/or TIFs. Fortunately the campaigns have been surprisingly free otherwise from the trans shit, but I wish I was still blissfully ignorant about the disgustingly sexual and idioticly trans brain rot the TIFs from the campaigns post in twitter publicly. I wish to experience D&D free from these weirdos.

No. 9703

My peak trans was a while ago but it's in my head and I have an urge to vent it, but there was a couple of major moments for me.

The first was the two times I was called a TERF for opinions I thought were fairly milquetoast.

The first time I was called a TERF was when people where headcanoning a vaguely GNC character from a piece of media I enjoy as non-binary, so I stepped in and was like "Just because he wore a dress once doesn't make him non-binary. Men are allowed to wear dresses and still be men."

The second time I got called a TERF was when everyone decided Rowling was Undesirable #1, they were trying to claim all of her ideas were stolen from male authors and frankly I found it offensive. It's pretty fucked up that they get to discredit a woman's work in favor of a man's just because she did something bad in their eyes. I spoke up and said "Pretty much everything you're claiming Rowling stole from Gaiman or whoever else, are fantasy tropes that have existed for decades if not centuries. If you're going to call her a thief, you have to do the same for the authors you enjoy, on that basis." I got called a TERF for this.

The second thing that peaked me were my (male) friends trooning out, but I can't go into too much detail about this or it'll out me.

No. 9719

I've been saying for years trans people are the most regressive and hypocritical group of people in our society. They will do one extrememly regressive thing while at the same time proclaim one opposite progressive thing so you can't call out the first one, even though they cannot both be true at the same time. This is how they get away with being regressive pieces of shit and we need to call it out more. These are also good examples to use to peak friends and family.

For example
>I'm a transwoman because I've always liked pink, dresses, barbies and such since childhood
>Pink and feminine things are not for girls and have nothing to do with gender, boys can like them too
So that would mean NONE of the reasons the transwoman listed has any kind of correlation to being a girl or woman at all. But because they add "boys can like those things too" they act like reducing girls to stereotypes is progressive. Does liking barbie make a boy a girl? Does a girl like barbie because she is a girl? Or is it maybe actually just a toy that anyone can play with but girls happen to prefer it more than boys?

So sick of their stupid hypocrisy.

No. 9720

I hate it when TRA/troons are like "You are so obsessed with trans people. They're only a tiny minority anyway"
So are pedophiles, murderers and suicide bombers. But the harm this minority does is immensely big both on an individual and societal level. If you understand why a former victim of pedophilia may choose to work towards catching groomers and pedos, then you should be able to understand why women work towards catching trans predators. We see the harm trans people and ideology do both on individuals and society at large and we can NOT just idly watch it happen to more people. We've all been sibjected to abuse, sexism or sexual harassment from men, we know how to spot it. And we see the exact same things from men in dresses as without dresses. With hormonal drugs or without them. With plastic surgery or without it. We still see it, and we just want it to stop.

No. 9724

Same, I long for a ttrpg group that is just all women. I prefer other systems than 5e so it's extra difficult to find an interested group to play.

No. 9735

Today for the first time ever I told a troon that he isn’t a woman. I said it as nicely as possible because it’s online so it could be an underaged kid who doesn’t know better. He replied “sorry I want to kill myself because I don’t have ovaries”. Sigh. I hate it when they pull the suicide shit. Like I actually feel a little guilty but I know it’s the right thing to do when presented with the opportunity. We’ve gone silent for too long.

No. 9738

Do we have a ttrpg thread somewhere on this board, nonnas? I want to talk about the topic with you more than it just being a setting with the focus on troons ruining it.

To be on the topic here, my troon turned fujoshi ex-friend has been complaining about the time it took her to get the troon diagnosis. She publicly confirmed that she had started taking t by herself before going to the clinic and yet talked about how she was scared of not getting the diagnosis. Of fucking course the doctors were going to let you pass because you already had mutilated your body with the wrong hormones you goddamn donkey. This wouldn’t have happened if she wasn’t part of the troon psychosis friend group that would illegally lend her their hormone shit. I hate their "progressive" jokes of now calling each other whores just because they’re now "men" when they look nothing more than more hairy butch women. I hate that I lost my friends to this madness, but I also am tired enough of what misogynistic shits they have become to not care when their insides start rupturing because of the forced unnatural hormonal imbalance. I’m pretty sure they have only focused at their yaoi larping fantasies and haven’t researched about the dangers nor listened to the advice of older and more sane trans people like buck angel.

No. 9740

troons obsessed with femininity and the "struggle of attaining it" as if males have ever actually been pressed to be feminine. i can never take it seriously, especially when they so strongly align "femininity" (heels glitter pink looking pretty etc.) with womanhood. you are larping! you are pretending. if at any point in your life you decide "hmmm maybe i want to be a man after all!" you can do that…easily! no actual woman can, do you understand now? you can just take your struggle off with a pronoun switch

No. 9741

They always go to the guilt trip extreme and never ask why.

No. 9743

I applaud your bravery nona! You should have called him out for suicide baiting as a form of manipulation, it's really gross behaviour. The trans-suicide myth is all a lie, they aren't at more risk of sucicide. Even if it wasn't a lie (which it is) and he and other troons were at a higher risk of suicide then it's still not anyone else's job to solve their personal mental issues. In fact, no one else even can solve their issues for them, that's something they have to work through on their own with therapy.

No. 9744

troon rage over the harry potter game is ever increasing. just let me play a goddamn game you maniacs

No. 9748

Can’t go anywhere without goddamn trannies being gross. Was at a local park and this greasy balding man was wearing a dress. A lot of children were present too since we have been having nice weather and everyone wants to be out.

Was funny to see a mom call him disgusting tho.

No. 9751

>Was funny to see a mom call him disgusting tho.
Based woman, would have bought her an ice cream in solidarity

No. 9763

Cutting out pro-troon anti-women friends has really improved my life. I don't have to lie or pretend anymore, I don't have to bite my tongue at their misogyny. Do it nonas, free yourselves

No. 9772

Like some other anons here I spent a lot of my teenage years on Tumblr and as a result had this outward unconditional acceptance of trans people baked into me, but I think I'm starting to hit my breaking point. I had a few ftm friends in high school who had started taking hormones and such. I never thought much of it, just blindly supported them. In hindsight they all had some kind of autism and mental illnesses and were very insecure as women and that's probably why they felt they needed to transition. "Whatever, they're not harming anyone right? Just let them do what they want" I thought. I never really thought about it critically.

I only started questioning trans shit in general when I started wearing lolita and was in a comm that unfortunately welcomed every single repulsive, degenerate, pornsick troon with open arms to be around young women and teenage girls. Every single one I have met has the same arrogant male mindset they were raised with and an incredibly shallow, hyper sexualised idea of what they think womanhood is. At best they either think being a woman means being a bimbo stereotype of makeup and boobs who has it "easier" than men, and at worst they are straight up pedos that don't just want to touch little girls, they want to be them. The worst guy I met was one dude in his twenties who is pretty much exactly what >>6936 describes. He would talk about how he wanted to be a little anime loli girl and how he in his twenties was 'friends' with a bunch of 13 year olds in high school and couldn't understand why he was told to stay away. He had all the typical anime autist traits, was clearly into things like ageplay and petplay and would talk about that kind of stuff unprompted to the girls in the comm. Called himself a lesbian (of course) and would talk about girls he went to college with in the most infantilising and creepy way. One day I did some digging into his social media and found his reddit account which no surprise, was full of posts about his loli porn addiction and how now he's a uwu qt anime girl and feels so validated by all his new female friends (referring to our comm). I talked to a few of my friends about him but at most they agreed that he was slightly weird but ultimately harmless. The more I think about it though the more I am disgusted.

No. 9782

christ i feel like we're living parallel lives, except my male best friend has been in my life since we were children. its all the things you said: hes gentle for a man, especially considering the masculinity requirements of the ethinic group hes apart of, and surrounded by the terminally gendered in his other hobbies that i dont participate in. his normal, self driven interest in creating better female characters in his creative pursuits (DnD and original comics) has mutated into these constant existential spirals about maybe he's not a man at all if he likes the idea of spunky, cool women so much. this coupled with his lack of success dating and bad relationship with his father… i truly think that despite all is admiration for women, in his heart he sees us as an escape from his "failure" to be a man, which is fundamentally sexist and a waste of my time to entertain.
i wish you luck anon. the worst of it for me, i had to tell my friend extremely firmly that hed been failing to be a good friend to me, only spending time with me if it was to rehash yet another crisis over gender and whether or not his art was "good enough" (attracting twitter clout). hes really shaped up since then, but i worry that under his genuine attempts to be a more present friend in my life is still this persistent desire to transition.

No. 9798

I've had the displeasure of hearing my handmaiden friends complain about how Hogwarts Legacy is allegedly hurting trans people, when simultaneously giving it more attention at the same time.

In general, I'm sick and tired of hearing of all the TRA's complain about Hogwarts Legacy on social media and the "Rowling is a TERF" bs. It feels so performative to me, when they're actually giving the game more attention because of their posts. If it weren't for the posts about it, I wouldn't have known there was a new Harry Potter game at all.

I don't have any strong feelings about JK Rowling or the Harry Potter series, but despite her so-called "terf" ways, Rowling has actively contributed more to activism to improve the lives of girls and women (something I bet these keyboard warriors are envious of). At least she's doing something to better the world in her own way, rather than sit behind a screen doomscrolling ideologies she doesn't agree with every day and being miserable.

Sorry if this post is weirdly phrased, I usually lurk on here. I'm just upset that I'll be subjected to this nonsense for the next few weeks.

No. 9803

If you have friends (or family) who aren't handmaidens tell them about it. I told my mom who has no idea about trans issues and she thought I was exaggerating until I showed her unhinged tweets aimed at Rowling for opening a rape crisis center. Now she knows they're insane and crying over a video game like toddlers

No. 9814

NTA but do you have any on hand? I want to show some to friends how unhinged people's hate towards JK Rowling is. Some of them are already aware but not the extent of it.

No. 9816

What is gender??? If we all have a gender identity, how come not a single person seems to be able to define it in any kind of comprehensible way?

How come I, a person with a gender- wait actually it's even better than that! I'm a cis person! That means I'm a person with a gender that feels the ultimate level of comfort and in line with my sex and who I am as a person, a 100% match. How come I despite that then have no fucking idea what gender is, why do I not feel any kind of gender? Why can't I as a cis person who should be a fucking EXPERT on feeling comfortable in my own gender, have no fucking idea what gender even is???? Makes no fucking sense at all.

For years I was fully on board with the trans stuff and accepting them, I listened to countless of different trans people. I am not uneducated on it; I know the gospel by heart. It didn't fully make sense, but I still wanted to be kind and respectful. But I cannot lie. And the second I looked a tiny bit closer it all just fell apart. It was all lies, there is no gender. Not the way the trans cult wants you to think it exists anyway. If I say the gender of my cat is female, you know exactly what that means. That it's a cat of the female sex. There is a myriad of different things that makes these people seek out a trans identity, but none of them is because they ARE the opposite sex. And none of them even WANT to be the opposite sex out of thin air, they all developed this idea out of all sorts of reasons. Trauma, abuse, homophobia, fear, pain, a sexual fetish, escapism, for fun, for clout, to rebel against parents, to get access to the opposite sex, to harm society - but it all boils down to mental illness.

A mentally sane person does not believe they really are something they are physically not. It's that simple.

No. 9817

File: 1675783914686.jpg (307.42 KB, 1920x1440, trans people attacking rowling…)

Sorry for spam while I post some I stole from twitter

No. 9818

File: 1675783957188.jpg (328.4 KB, 1920x1440, trans people attacking rowling…)

No. 9819

File: 1675784070053.jpg (416.52 KB, 1920x1440, and part 3.jpg)

No. 9820

File: 1675784185899.jpg (372.01 KB, 1920x1440, you guessed it part 4.jpg)

No. 9821

File: 1675784289058.jpg (349.09 KB, 1920x1440, part 5.jpg)

No. 9822

File: 1675784436415.jpg (338 KB, 1920x1440, part 6.jpg)

I'll stop the spam but this isn't even a fraction of what JKR gets on the daily from trans people. I think these were all old screenshots from around 2020, it's not gotten better since then, only worse.

No. 9827

File: 1675787583957.jpg (31.16 KB, 726x702, FkJa16-WYAA9ilm.jpg)

I'm a digital design major in a big costal city right now and my program is full of TiMs. A lot of trans nonsense works its way into the curriculum as well, I have to read dribble written by some perverted man about how hard it is being a woman in games. Being honest about my beliefs would be social/career suicide. I make a lot of work that would be considered "terfy" because it focuses on womanhood and our biology. No one's called me out and I don't think they would based on my art alone but they say dumb shit like "oh this really captures the experience of femmes" during critique.

One of my closest friendships is with a gay man, we never discuss politics but he just assumes I agree with him on everything which is getting annoying. He goes on and on about how terfs aren't REAL feminists while simultaneously calling me gross for not shaving my legs and asking what my boyfriend thinks about it. I kind of want to distance myself from him. He thinks just because he's gay he understands what it's like being a woman and ends up mansplaining feminism to me. I need to find some radfem friends.

No. 9829

>He goes on and on about how terfs aren't REAL feminists while simultaneously calling me gross for not shaving my legs
I get that being surrounded by mouthbreather compsci moids is hell and not having friends is hard, but troon classmates or not, you're never gonna grow a spine in any environment if you're actively close friends with a gay scrote who thinks he has a say on feminism or calls you gross for having hair. Cut him off immediately. Passively letting men be misogynistic in our faces and refusing to stand up against even the most blatant sexism is what got us to where we are in the first place.

No. 9831

File: 1675794505287.gif (1.96 MB, 640x474, 7BAA7257-AC7E-4BF2-B198-5030AE…)

I hate dylan mulvafaggy I hate him I hate him so much why is he being shoved down our throats by every media outlet who the fuck is this tranny and what does he have on everyone that they post about his ugly troony faggy man face all the time he gets all the opportunities in a month that women work YEARS for, just because everyone wants to pat themselves on the back for being an ally fuck this fucking bullshit

No. 9832

The one thing Dylan Misogyny is good for is he is perfect for proving that men get everything and anything they want without effort at the expense of women, no matter how much of a parody he looks like and how much women say it's offensive (even some other trans people say he's offensive, they're right but lol get a mirror) companies give 0 shit about the women and just give him female only products for free, lets him have free facial surgery, which he then gets a highly produced film team for to show off his plastic surgery (worse than even the kardashians), he screams at bugs and acts like girls are weak and pathetic, he gets to meet the fucking president of the US because of it - all within less than a fucking year of "coming out" as trans.
No woman would get these opportunities. He only got them because he's a man.

He's going to be a highly used example of male privilege of the trans craze era in the future, that will be his only legacy.

No. 9855

File: 1675883573394.jpg (132.63 KB, 1180x1180, 1605120895835.jpg)

A friend of mine decided he's no longer a man but instead a trans woman, this is so frustrating but at the same time I knew it would end up like this.
He was always awkward with women, sadly he was taken advantage as a minor by a horrible sexual abuser, never told his parents or a therapist so never got proper help for that. He never really made any friends when he started uni, also wasn't very successful at it so he's not working on what he studied (at least he has a job thankfully unlike most TIMs), and always told me how much he would prefer to be a woman because of sexual reasons and because life would be "easier". When he said that to me a few years ago I didn't think much of it cuz I was more naïve but now thinking about it it annoys me very much, ignoring what women go through just because he thinks girls get everything for free just for having tits, disgusting. He then started crossdressing a bit before Covid started, I thought it would be a one time thing but then he started doing it more, getting cheap clothing that no woman would wear. Then he started wearing it in public, using cheap wigs as well with skimpy clothing that from afar would make him look like a prostitute. This was all during Covid, I didn't have the heart to tell him his fashion sense was awful.
It definitely all got worse with Covid, isolation, being unable to talk to women in general made him have the idea of what a woman is with anime and video games. He got very aggressive one time I told him to buy male clothes for a change for how awful the clothes he was buying were, and he also got very aggressive one time when another friend of mine called him a femboy. Then last year he started going by he/they, later genderfluid, and now a tranny. He was always the super lefty type complaining about TERFs and being a TRA, it was inevitable.
He just came out to his parents and he's already ordering needles for fucking estrogen, no time to waste I suppose.
We drifted apart during Covid, he's not as close as before and I can just say "hope this is good for u!" cuz I don't wanna cause another scene of him being aggressive to me because I think something different. He's an adult now so he can do whatever he wants, but I know he's just a male in cheap women clothes, he's just an autogynephiliac. I feel partly at fault because I never told him to snap out of it and what I really thought and I'm still not doing so, I just don't know how without losing the other friends I care about.

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