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No. 201008

Hey, I'm 22 years old and I still like "childish" things like toys and cartoons. Fiance(23) doesn't understand why I like this stuff, he just calls me childish and it really hurts. I still love legos, dolls and cartoons like Barbie, Miraculous, Winx club, Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Gumball and Penny, etc..

My fiance does not know anyone like this and we've gotten into fights over how much of a kid I am. I don't see why it's a bad thing, it's not a kink thing, I do not dress like a child nor do I believe I am one. I'm just a regular adult that likes to indulge in these kinds of things that I wasn't able to completely enjoy when I was a kid.

Any anons out there that still like toys or cartoons? If so does anyone know and how do they react?

No. 201009

File: 1502025734737.jpeg (70.01 KB, 500x467, 258D7C58-3415-40A8-BB72-59AF9C…)

Hey, anon. I'm 25 and still love tons of "childish" things. I still have my old Pokémon stuffed animals, I still watch nostalgic 90s-00s cartoons and anime series, I still collect cute stickers and Sanrio stuff, I love Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse, and until a year or so ago, I was still playing Neopets. I've seriously considered getting into dolls as a hobby recently, too.

I think a lot of us on the farm love things that are deemed "childish" by others. There's no shame in it. I'm married, and my husband loves to rewatch old cartoons with me (we just binged As Told by Ginger together) and he always tries to get me to buy cute but useless toys haha.

For me, it's nostalgia mixed with a love for cute shit. As long as it doesn't interfere with your ability to live a responsible adult life (e.g. You're not maxing out credit cards or living at home just to fund your hobbies) then who cares? Do what makes you happy!

No. 201010

Ummm, please use the official name: Lego building toys.

Also, like what you wanna like, don't give a fuck.

No. 201011

Your fiance sounds super sheltered/insecure.
Granted, I don't enjoy Monster High anymore or watch CN or the Didney Channel, but a lot of people I know would probably say I'm a 'kid at heart' since I've still got that childish optimism and wild imagination. I also love CanCam-style fashion, playing cute games on my 3DS, Pom Pom Purin and girly, frilly nipponese clothes (Titty&Co, Misch Masch). I grew up with Japanese magazines and Jfashion and I still love them.
That might be perfectly appropriate in Japan (lots of my friends who still wear Liz Lisa and the like complain that I only read 'normie magazines'), but where I live (W. Europe) it's overly twee and girly and a lot of people will get weirdly aggressive about my not caking on brown matte lipstick or wearing heavy eye makeup with chunky eyebrows like they do.

I really don't give a shit. I'll never be 24 again, so I intend to make the best of it. When I was in my late teens I wanted to wear gyaru, so I wore it until I got bored. Before that I wanted to be an emo kid so I wore a poorly executed version of that until I got bored. I don't regret any of it, I'm really glad I got to have fun and dress weird. Most of those idiots BAWWing about my wearing childish clothing end up lamenting growing up and wishing they'd stayed kids longer. I was close to growing up too soon as well but I'm glad my mum put a stop to that.

Do what makes you happy OP. You'll never regret having harmless, innocent fun that's hurting no-one.

No. 201012

I love a lot of childrens stuff like cartoons targetted towards kids, I collect "toys" (collectables in my eyes but toys to most) and I love cutesy stuff. My boyfriend is very supportive and I have not had anyone make a negative comment since my school days though I am very public about it. I feel like it is almost trendy these days to like kids stuff like Disney but maybe you just need to surround yourself with better people.

No. 201014

I'm also 22. I love collecting toys because they are cute. I don't want to be a child and I'm not into ageplay.
I think you'll find there are many people out there that are into childish shit. Your fiance should respect your interests imo. It's not like you're doing anything wrong.

My family thinks it's a little weird but my friends don't seem to mind. That might be because they have always seen me as "weird" though.

Personally I have worried about how I'm gonna find a partner when my room looks so childish. But not enough to make me want to throw my dolls away.

No. 201015

is this op's fiance?

No. 201016

i think as long as you know how to function as an adult then who cares what you like anon! if it makes you happy then your fiance shouldnt mind it.

No. 201017

gosh no. I wouldn't be caught dead with someone who still likes toys and does things like posting on imageboards. So childish, those people.

No. 201019

I love to collect stuffed animals because I wish I could have lots of wild animals as pets and live in a wild Garden of Eden. But alas, that is a stupid pipe dream and the lions, tigers, bears, and sharks would eat everything and me if they were all housed together. So stuffed animals are the next best thing.

No. 201047

To me, it sounds like your fiancé is the immature one here for not being understanding. Plenty of people still enjoy childish things as adults. Plus, the things you enjoy aren't harming him, you or anyone. In fact, these activities might be helping you positively. Have you tried explaining this to him or does it always turn to a fight?

I'm 21 and I enjoy a few childish things, especially when I'm stressed or anxious. There's something very comforting about watching a kids cartoon, coloring, or playing dress up. I think it's a mix of nostalgia + finally being able to do things I never got to do as a kid because I had to mature up too fast and basically be a 2nd parent to my little siblings instead of just another kid. Being able to have a little bit of silly childish fun as an adult harms no one and actually helps me emotionally a lot, and I'm lucky my boyfriend doesn't mind it - he actually finds it cute and we tease each other about who's more of a child at heart (the answer is him).

No. 201049

I'll bite and am gonna be kind of rude to your fiance, so forgive me in advance: why are you marrying someone who disrespects and belittles you for your passions and hobbies? What on earth gives him have that right?

I still love the games I've played since I'm a kid and watched Jem the cartoon as an adult while I was with my exes. I don't collect or play with toys anymore but completely understand it and sometimes look at pretty dolls longingly. I still like to get vidya related toys like stuffed animals and have a lot of my childhood toys.

My fiance knows I'm into some really dumb kiddie shit like Catz/Dogz and stuffed animals, less dumb but still kind of kiddie shit like Kirby, sometimes watching cartoons or anime aimed at teens or kids, "cute" video games or games aimed at children in particular, etc. He watches some cartoons too and teases me about the childish things I like, but I think he things it's quirky and kind of cute. My family and friends are used to it and see it as just my quirkiness because I know a lot of adults who watch cartoons and play with legos, I'm talking fully grown heterosexual men too.

No. 201056

>putting you down already
Sounds like he shouldn't be your fiance and is very close minded if he doesn't make effort to try to understand you and just brushes you off in a degrading way like this. Sorry, but you guys aren't going to last.

I love watching 80s childrens cartoons and if I could, I'd very much love to collect toys in the future like my little pony figures, popples, etc. It's VERY common especially more so nowadays with blogging being a thing. I see people talking about it everywhere whether its for nostalgia reasons, making them feel comfy, or just simply an interest they can't explain.

No. 201116

I can relate. I'm a sucker for stuffed animals, Nintendo games, cartoons and Japanese toys. My parents have always teased me for it; when my dad saw me playing animal crossing he would call it a "baby game" and my mom would judge my purchases of blind boxes, suggesting I spend my money on something worthwhile. During Christmas my cousin got me a few amiibos and I could tell my family was confused as to why an 18 year old was receiving a plastic toy as a gift. People who know my interests in these things do judge me a little, but it's never really bothered me. Despite my dad judging me, he's been pretty supportive of my interests since he is the same in some aspects.

Other than that you should honestly just enjoy whatever you want, especially if it makes you happy. And your not alone either cause TONS of people definitely feel the same way.

No. 201123

First of all, your bf sounds like a tiny bit off an ass. Take him to a comic or anime con or something, there are thousands upon thousands of adults who like cartoons and shit.

No. 201142

File: 1502081644290.jpg (57.77 KB, 1024x768, ZkO4fKE.jpg)

Yup! We're going to a convention soon,though he's only doing it for me. I hope he'll change his mind from the experience

To all the anons; thanks for your concerns! My fiance is not as terrible as it seems, he is more vocal about his disapproval when he's off his antidepressants, normally he keeps his opinions regarding the toys and cartoons to himself unless if he gets super annoyed. I love what I love because in some ways it helps me cope if I'm going through a hard time and it cheers me up!

A few months ago I bought 6-7 Winx Club dvds and I'm trying to hunt down the last 2 by 4kids. Anyone by chance know where I can get the sacred season 3 part 2 dvd?

No. 201145

File: 1502083801924.png (5 KB, 239x134, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_n6…)

I still collect webkinz, but I haven't told anybody

I also rlly like the more cozy kidcore/toywave blogs on tumblr like this one: http://babyblanket2001.tumblr.com or the ones that post, like, low quality pics of homemade cakes &shit. it sucks that everyone has to brand their stuff to keep those ddlg freaks away from it now (pic related)… I hate being reminded that they exist.

No. 201161

Too bad the millions of different agere communities are filled with drama. Had to leave because I saw bullshit on my dash everyday from tinytots or whatever the fuck they were called.

No. 201187

I'm 22 also and I'm most definitely still a child at heart and I don't see anything wrong with it. Someone told me recently that adolescence is better descreibed as being 13->25 and I agree because I still feel like an adolescent. I love dollhouses and dolls, it's so relaxing to dress and pose them. I've always been fascinated by miniature things. I collected Bratz dolls as a kid and I've considered buying some more online (because I hate the modern designs). I've also always wanted a few Monster High dolls because they're more posable.

It also explains why all of my favourite tv shows were made for teens (Riverdale, Vampire Diaries, Shadowhunters, True Blood, Glee, Roswell…) although I wish the protagonists were similar in age to me (or a similar age to their actors since usually they have people in their mid-20s playing teens, which always struck me as weird). I like making little crafts like friendship bracelets.

Tbh your fiancé sounds boring af. What does he even do in his spare time? Even my boyfriend has hobbies that would probably be considered childish (playing video games, building models) but that's just what he does to relax. We support each other's hobbies and encourage each other to continue with them. If that's such a bother to him now, imagine the miniscule things he'll argue over when you're married? Leave him and find someone who loves and supports you, you deserve it.

No. 201193

My fiance works in the finance industry and because of his job he doesn't do anything other than working out and hanging with friends in his spare time, he use to play video games but now it's never, sometimes it feels like we live in two different worlds. We bump heads at times because he feels he's more responsible because of the position he's in, I believe that's why he thinks I'm like a kid and hates it. I can try talking to him about this again like I've always have, but he's just gonna deny it. He only comes clean about how he truly feels when he's off the meds

No. 201202

I also work in the finance industry. He's just a self-important prick who thinks he's hot shit and likes talking down to people because he didn't get hugged enough as a child. Plenty of my coworkers enjoy things like anime and Disney and we're not childish, I'd say we're even less so for not being insecure little twats and knowing you can have any hobby you want and still be a responsible adult.
Sadly, we get just as many people like your fiance, too. I hope this changes in the future.

No. 201206

Absolutely this. I think this is the most important difference between an immature adult and an adult who likes children marketed hobbies and items.
I'm 24 and love Disney. I have Disney all over my room and love the classics. But for me, it's more Disney was the only thing of my childhood that was positive. Same thing with games. It's also a passion I can pass onto my kids. Plus Disney is ridiculous with their branding so it's easy to get everyday life things with Disney characters on it.
I also love the designs for Monster High and Lalaloopsy (spelled wrong prob). If I had the room and disposable income I'd totally collect them.

No. 201208

Fully grown adults that are not developmentally/intellectually delayed that enjoy playing with children's toys and watching children's cartoons are creepy retards.

No. 201215


Jesus op, that sounds miserable. Like seriously, who gets upset over seeing their S.O. happy? When my bf upsets me, he tries to figure out why it's upsetting me so he can avoid it in the future. We have a really long talk and at the end we're both happy because we've gotten something off our chest or we'be discovered something about ourselves that we didn't know before. Someone who deliberately shuts down conversation to avoid taking responsibility for upsetting you and going out of his way to shit on something you enjoy doesn't seem like he loves you much.

Idk who you are, op but your hobby is cute af and you deserve someone who thinks that too and wants to comfort you when you're upset, not push you away.

No. 201221

I'm 26 and I still watch Yu-Gi-Oh

No. 201225

Any partner belittling you for your hobbies is a bad partner. You don't have to have the same hobbies in a couple, it's actually healthy to have your own interests but the minute your partner look at your hobbies with contempt, it's over.
I never got why people stay with partners bullying them into letting go of what they like.

No. 201229

This thread made me change how I view my boyfriend's hobby (playing WoW). I'll still hate the fact that he plays it, but I won't bring it up or belittle him for it ever.

No. 201235

I'm the same, and I don't think it's really "being a kid", or that these things are necessarily for kids only.
I like anime and so does my bf, and we both collect figures and I fucking love stuffed animals. But our relationship towards these hobbies is not the same as a kid's, I don't play or sleep with the plushies, they're just decoration and collection. Watching cartoons intended for kids is literally the same as watching Netflix series - both are empty entertainment, you're not more of an adult because the show you watch has guns.
I don't get why people care so much about which hobbies others are into. Unless you're doing volunteering work, charity, or something productive of the sort in your spare time, you have no room to talk.

That's great, anon! If it makes him happy and doesn't get in the way of imports things then you shouldn't say negative this 6

No. 201241

File: 1502221243003.jpg (89.45 KB, 488x516, No-fun-allowed-moar-krabs-3076…)

I feel really bad for you, anon. As many of us can vouch for, there are plenty of people with "childish" hobbies who have supportive SOs even when they don't have similar interests. I don't want to discourage you about your relationship, but someone who really cares about you would want you to be happy regardless of your interests.

I've been in a similar position to yours and it really sucks the life from you.

No. 201244

File: 1502223437996.jpg (230.83 KB, 640x640, 65031e947a85fab4c582777c850988…)

me and my fiance collect nendoroids and plushies together. i have a sylvanian families collection(pic related) as well and he likes mecha and action figures(transformers etc) I love having the overlap of liking plushies, so we can feed into our toy love without having to guess what to get each other.

No. 201245

i think the kid sentiment comes from the idea that you need to 'give up' childish things when you're an adult. that's part of the reason things like furniture, decorations and clothing become exceedingly mature for adults.

i think that in general liking things kids like is seen as immature, even though many people do like it. a lot of parents, especially moms sometimes funnel their love of 'kids' hobbies into their children because they're embarrassed, but that shows their just suppressing the interest.

No. 201246

as long as he still gets shit done in the real world then him playing WoW is fine.

No. 201248

I love these types of collections. I want to make a quaint little village but it wouldn't go with the house decor. I really need my own hobby room for stuff like this.

No. 201251

File: 1502229183512.jpg (551.07 KB, 2592x1944, 707139ac4ed51fc96cf9d3d77fa53b…)

I'm so jealous haha. I love Sylvanian families so much. I think a lot of the "childish" things I like now are inspired by things I couldn't have as a child becuase I couldn't afford them. So in a way I'm treating my inner child to what she couldn't have and satisfying an urge I've had for many years.

I had a friend who had a whole bunch of Sylvanian families houses, caravans, hotels, playgrounds, a little school, a treehouse etc. and she had them pushed into a corner of her playroom that she didn't play with anymore. I wanted to take them all out and set them up like a little village and give all the animals a job and a house to live in. But she had grown bored of them so she never let me play with them. I didn't even get to play with that massive collection of vintage Sylvanian families, anons! (╥_╥) I begged my mom for a collection like hers but we honestly couldn't afford it.
Then another friend had this huge collection of Polly Pockets (she had a few older sisters so I guess they were passed down to her). I legit only had one Polly Pocket set my whole life. Then when I got a little older and had some money, I looked into buying one but they had stopped selling the original ones I grew up with because some children had swallowed the tiny dolls. They started making these weird 2 inch ones with jelly clothes and they just didn't appeal to me.

No. 201270

You're right, but that's an attitude I dislike and wish would disappear. Adulthood is seen and expected to be a briefest where you do nothing but work, raise kids and throw dinner parties - acceptable hobbies include sewing for your kids, yoga, cooking and mountain climbing/camping if you're male. And even then, most of your money should go towards your kids and their college funds and most of your time should be spent working and caring for kids.

No wonder 30 is the new 20 and young adults are basically teenagers. There's no room to have fun once you're an Adult. I imagine our generation will keep making it more and more acceptable to like fun stuff well into your 30s and 40s when they grow older.

I wish everyone would read Tolkien' s essay on fairy tales. He only talks about literature but it applies to everything else. Fun things are fun, and if you're going to try and fit into a boring mold because adults can't like fun things because they're "for kids" you're going to have a boring ass life

No. 201271

meant to say a borefest

No. 201273

Lots of things are okay if you're male. You don't lose your entire identity and become a slave to your child nearly as much as the mother does. You're not even expected to care for your kid as much as the mother does, just as long as you bring in the money. No wonder fewer and fewer women are opting to have kids - I certainly want to be seen as more than just 'a mum'. If I wanted to have a successful career I'd be punished for having a family in the first place, but nobody ever punishes the father. It's just another thing to get in order to be considered a successful member of the society for him, a wife and some kids. For the woman it means giving up her achievements and life in order to raise a baby, after which she's slowly rendered unemployable. Hobbies are only allowed so long as you include your screaming kid in it or are at home.

No. 201331

I'm a stay at home mom and this is 100% true. It sucks. To all anons: if what is said in this post does not appeal to you, don't have children. Having a job is possible while being a mom obviously, but child care is horribly expensive and you get looked at negatively because you're "not raising" your children.

No. 201332

Oops, replying to this >>201273

No. 201337

to be fair, men are still expected to be soulless sports fans with full time jobs and no hobbies. i know 'gaming' is the new big thing, but women can atleast get a pass being childish because of their kids.

No. 201399

>to be fair
It's not fair IRL. Not even close.

Why would you grasp at straws to make that post.

No. 201443

A lot of people go through a kind of 'I'm very grown up now' phase when they're roughly 18 - 25 years old. Then when they start to approach 30, they start to realise that' it's not so bad to just like what you like, and tend to revert back to stuff they used to be into as a teenager.

Best to just not give a fuck. If someone's uptight about it, troll them with your interest until they leave you alone.

No. 201503

I still go to Toys R Us or Target when I'm bored to look at the toys. I would never buy them, but I think it's fun to look at. It's more of an "oh, I would've loved this when I was a kid!" kind of thing. I'm also a successful dermatologist so anyone that thinks it's childish or weird can suck my ass because I suffered enough in med school to be able to enjoy whatever I want.

No. 201510

because this thread isn't about men vs women it's about toys. get your politics out.

No. 201566

This! I'm old enough to know that I don't need this stuff in my house, cluttering up my life or draining from my wage but I still love looking at all the new stuff. I could spend hours just looking at all the details on monster high dolls and the art on their boxes. Having a friend with a kid or younger relatives is great for test driving toys without really bringing them into your life. It's embarrassing that friends have misunderstood and bought me dolls before, because then I feel pressured to keep them around.

No. 201596

So glad I saw this thread, I've been going through a bit of an identity crisis due to my love of "childish" things.

Many of my favorite shows are children's cartoons, I love Barbie movies/shows (Life in the Dreamhouse is a masterpiece) and collect dolls, I like to look around the toy section at stores, and I'm really into coloring (one of my favorite pastimes). Tbh I wasn't insecure about it until I started college.

I met a lot of people that were like how >>201443 described. I had a friend who loved to brag about how she spent her free time drinking wine and watching Grey's Anatomy like a "real adult". She was very condescending to me and made me feel bad for liking non-adult things, always telling me I should 'grow up'. It made me feel really guilty about my hobbies and I actual thought there was something wrong with me.

Threads like this help me feel less ashamed about my interests. I still get kinda embarrassed when people find out I color or spend a lot of time watching cartoons, but I'm working towards having a "I don't give a fuck" attitude.

No. 201622

File: 1502441278886.png (40.97 KB, 630x262, Screenshot_20170811_104701.png)

The problem is entirely with her. I'm not sure there's a solution though other than to wait for her to get over it.

No. 201631

There's enjoying children's things and there's being childish. Who knows about any of the anons ITT, but the majority of people I know who like child oriented things are also extremely stunted and immature to the point of irritation. It's come to the point where liking children's things is a red flag until proven otherwise.

No. 201635

I played with dolls until I was 14 which I think is pretty old for it but I haven't played with them since. I always watch Cartoon Network and old episodes of cartoons I grew up with (Rocket Power, The Proud Family, Rocko's Modern Life, etc.) for background noise when I'm doing something else. I still play vidya that lots of adults play but is technically for kids. When I'm really stressed, I draw and color. That's it, I think.

I wouldn't consider myself childish or anything I do really childish. Idk.

No. 201640

It sounds like you just had bad experiences, anon. Usually people don't find out about my hobbies until later. I think people who push their hobbies as part of their identity are a problem in general. Childish people definitely do that, and I don't think it matters what they like specifically, because they'll likely act that way about anything.

No. 201641

Liking childish things is 100x better than desperately trying to fit the """real adult""" stereotypes. Aka, being an alcoholic, moms drinking wine, beard bacon beer car mechanic dad. I personally consider that a lot more embarrassing, tbh.

No. 201642

Thank you for that screenshot.

No. 201652

Life in the Dreamhouse isn't even childish though, it's fucking hilarious. I really appreciate that a lot of modern children's shows/films have plenty of adult humour and innuendos. I happily watch shows like Gumball for that reason. The running "schlond poofa" joke from the Dreamhouse show, for example.

Recently my boyfriend and I watched the lego Batman movie and we laughed non-stop through the whole thing. I have no shame in admitting I love kids media lol.

No. 201673

lmao lego batman was a brilliant movie

No. 202059

I'll always be a kid at heart. My tv is almost constantly on a cartoon channel and I will never not love toys. Nothing wrong with it in my opinion.

No. 202100

I am so glad other people find LitD as funny as I do. I think it's genuinely got some pretty great writers, I hate that my friends judged me for trying to get them to watch some of it.
And Lego batman had some really clever writing, too. I liked it a lot more than I liked the Lego movie

No. 202118

They added it to Netflix in my country recently so I binged the whole series again. It's hilarious! It made me want to go buy Barbie dolls and merch again, but I haven't got around to it.

No. 202120

My boyfriend is a grown ass man and he loves it lol. Never be ashamed of what you like.

No. 202143


Can I join the 'i unironically watch Life in the dream house' club guys? It's a hidden gem.

No. 260437

File: 1529238228343.jpg (83.94 KB, 480x640, m-5Gl5ZTBkw.jpg)


No. 260737

22 and still LOVE dollhouses and dolls,cartoons (gravity falls,steven universe,gumball,adventure time,…) and animes (Mewmew,Sailor Moon,Sakura CardCaptor). I love princessy and cute pastel clothes too.
My gf thinks it's cute and calls me a big nerd (she's a goth). I dress my age tho, i don't wanna look like a kid or anything and i think childhood related kinks are super gross.

No. 260743

what an embarrassing post. are you a tranny or something?

No. 260772

Your negativity is embarrassing, killjoy

No. 260780

Being hostile towards a retard =/= being a killjoy. Maybe you and your girl dick would feel more welcome on cc.

No. 260787

This thread being bumped made my day. I'm so happy to read your posts anons, it gives me hope. I'm only 18 yet my family kind of frowns upon me getting excited over G1 MLPs and Polly Pockets… so reading you all being 20-30 and enjoying the same stuff shamelessly and giving great reasons to not let people hinder it is sooo reassuring.

I try to collect 80s and 90s cute toys (Popples,MLPs, Carebears and such) ; 30s to 70s squeaky toys and 70's tin toys (mostly space related for these ones)

What do you collect if you can ? would you share pics of your collections if the display isn't too recognisable ?

I'd love to hear anons with this love for childish stuff share this and their knowledge !

No. 260820

this doesn't sound like a tranny anon, stop being so salty about it

No. 260842

Dude what the fuck why are you so salty?
Also how does writing that make me sound like a transperson?
For someone calling me retarded you sure don't sound really bright kek

No. 260852

>steven universe
>Mewmew,Sailor Moon,Sakura CardCaptor
>"My gf thinks it's cute and calls me a big nerd (she's a goth)"
Were the major things, but the whole thing sounded unnatural and weird, not like something a real girl would say. Your use of the word "transperson" right there is also sus.

No. 260983


>steven universe

>calls me a big nerd (she's a goth)

back to pull/tumblr you go


your collection sounds so cute anon! i collect g3 my little pony, care bears, bratz, and furby mainly, once i have more money to blow on things i don't need i hope to start a tamagotchi and popple collection, and if i can find some cool vintage sanrio shit i'll sell my soul for it

No. 260988

You're all embarassing. Grown women shouldnt be into that kind of stuff, you all sound like you have unresolved childhood issues or can't accept to grow up.

No. 260989

omg anon I collect furbies too! What's your fave gen and how do you feel about tumblr transtrenders making the most of the active furby fandom?
I collect MLP too (mostly g1 but also G2-3, random fashion dolls and toys like Zelfs. I would love to talk to you more.
>tfw when no fellow toy collector friend girl

No. 260990

Samefag but shut the fuck up with that stereotype. You think you sound so smart but it's the opposite. Some people are capable of appreciating toys as aesthetic objects (or pretty cool retro piece of tech, like 90's furby). The fact that you immediately think of childhood issues reveals you are dumb as fuck and with unearned sense of superiority kek

No. 260991

File: 1529411735446.jpg (6.89 KB, 225x225, téléchargement.jpg)

No. 260992

shit sorry I meant that it was what I was actively looking for, even though I have some I'm just starting ahah ! Some of these are actually kinda hard for me to find irl (baguette fag not living in Paris sooo…)
(I might post a pic when I get back home)

I also look for more recent stuff like Ojamajo Doremi related items (it was really big in France for some reason and stuff can be quite easily found compared to other countries)

No. 260993

(same anon as >>260787 and >>260992)

omg yes vintage sanrio stuff would be incredible to have, good luck on finding some anon !

No. 260995

File: 1529412318383.jpg (145.42 KB, 480x720, Ojamajo-super-groupies-Wristwa…)

French here too. I'm not really into collecting anything in particular but if you have enough money and if it's possible to order from France you have the brand Super Groupies. They released some Ojamajo Doremi stuff and I wanted the watch they made but it's too expensive for me.

No. 260998

yes anon this watch is super cute ! knew of it bc the ~~lord and saviour uwu~~~ Pixielocks bought it
Bit too expensive for me too though

No. 260999

Does anyone else miss the old Bratz dolls? I don't like the new designs. I kept some of my old dolls from childhood.

I wish I could find a doll that looks like the old Bratz but articulated. Like the Monster High dolls but…more normal looking. Not that I don't also love the design of some of the MH dolls.

No. 261000




i love the furbies that came out in 98 and 99 the most, and i like shelbies also even though they kind of scare me lmao, still super cute though! i got one as a present this past christmas from a fellow furb collecting friend

i'm not too heavily involved with other collectors online so i didn't know it was like that, i honestly didn't know there were even a dedicated group of people who still liked them, when'd you first get into collecting them and which ones are your favorite? what was your very first furby (that you either got as a kid or your first one you bought as an adult, either way) i'll totally be your toy collector friend btw

No. 261003


samefagging but i do, i only collect the older ones even if it can get a little pricey. my collection is mostly the bratz lines released from up to 2007, i stopped liking the designs after about that point

you could get into modifying them, i've thought about doing so myself but i don't want to risk accidentally ruining any of them

No. 261004

File: 1529414829384.jpeg (48.58 KB, 500x416, DEBB1185-C067-4E7A-B720-CAFC6A…)

I miss the old Barbie, Bratz and MyScene (the franchise is discontinued though) dolls and the accessories that came with them. I feel like with the old ones the creators put genuine effort into making dolls’ outfits and furniture and everything which is part of the reason it took me so long to grow up from playing with them. They used to make outfits and furniture I genuinely wouldn’t have minded owning myself lol.

Now everything is at the same price as back then or even more expensive but super simple, plastic and cheaply made. I guess the creators figured out kids don’t give a fuck about the quality of the dolls so they got away with selling grossly overpriced garbage while putting in minimum effort and money. Still makes me sad.

Pic related is from one of my favorite collections as a child lol. Seeing how Barbie dolls look these days I’m kinda bummed I didn’t buy all of them while I still could. Oh well.

No. 261009

I've actually heavily considered that! But I'm not really very artistic so I'm not sure how well I'd do. Even dolls in second hand shops near me are being sold for almost the same price as the new dolls even though they're missing shoes and have knotted hair!

I remember really liking the Rock Angelz, Sweet Dreamz, Candyz and Midnight Dance collections. I think they started making them look less slutty after that ugly Bratz doll repaint went viral, they've never looked good since.

I remember MyScene too! They kind of looked like the big sisters of Bratz. I'll admit I was still guiltily buying and playing with Bratz into my early teens. In fact, I kind of regret just not giving a shit about what other people thought and buying more, they're so expensive now.

No. 261015

>In fact, I kind of regret just not giving a shit about what other people thought and buying more, they're so expensive now.
Lol same. I was lucky enough to have a best friend at the time who was equally into toys into our early teens who I could play with and stuff.

No. 261017

File: 1529420686969.jpg (481.6 KB, 1024x1024, 8599317145_be598bd064_b.jpg)

I wish I could recommend you some doll series, but nothing comes to my mind. All of the new ones look much more girly and innocent then Bratz (Project MC2, Moxie girls, Liv, Star Darlings etc). However I recommend you to check out the Toybox Philosopher blog. The lady made in-depth reviews of pretty much every huge (or not so huge) fashion dolls released in last ten years. Maybe you will find something to your liking?

I think the LOL mini dolls resemble Bratz Babies, but that's not what you are looking for.

Of course the 90's Furbies are the ones I love the most, though I think that the 05 ones are adorable too in their own way (though extremely limited when it comes to what they can do… though voice recognition was a new technology back then). I also own two 2012 Furbies (normal one and Boom), though they are my least favorite, I think. Haven't got the pleasure of experiencing the newest one, though I'm not really excited. Seems like a slight upgrade on Boom with the whole app thing.

My fave Furby is the original Leopard one (pic related). I got it in childhood as a gift from my parents and dying grandfather. Unfortunately, it stoped working after 10 years for no reason whatsoever. Sadly, I didn't spot a Furby of this type on local auction site, and I would love to replace him (tried to fix him, but nothing works). I also adore Furby Babies because they are so tiny and cute! Shelbys are cool too, I have the yellow and green one as well as a Gizmo (bought him for like half a dollar at a thrift store).
The Furby community suddenly became a huge thing on tumblr last year (or two years ago?). It's full of gender specials posting how all Furbies are trans or nonbinary or whatever lol. However there are also some great blogs with information on how to fix Furbies or differences between quality of factories (this is a thing, some factories made very poor quality Furbies that break down easily). I recommend checking furbytech if you ever want to see how Furbies work or try to fix one.
There is also a huge trend with modding Furbies but I'm not a fan (same with G1 MLP). I admire the skills, but I prefer Furbies to stay as they were, as sooner they will become rare. IDK I am just not a fan of customized vintage toys (dolls are a different matter).

You are so goddamn lucky to have a Furb collecting friend! I've started like 3 or maybe 4 years ago when I had excess pocket money from uni scholarship (though I bought a Furby every now and then earlier). I have about 15 or so at the moment, most working.

do you maybe have a throwaway email or something so that we can talk?

My Scene were amazing till they became too hoe looking (Not joking, check the bling bling or rollerskate series). I prefer the earlier series like Masqureade Madness (I still hope I will get the mermaid Chelsea MIB, she's gorgeous).

I enjoy the new fashionista line with different body types, cause most of the dolls are really cute. The Made to Move series is quality too. Can't stand other playline Barbie dolls. Can't believe they make Barbies with molded plastic tutus or dresses! I think the shit quality might be related to plastic being more expensive. That's why MLP are becoming smaller and smaller, even though they cost the same or higher. At least that's what I've heard years ago on MLP Arena.

No. 261021

File: 1529421262109.jpg (188.29 KB, 1024x1024, 20159359894_a50ef3e6fc_b.jpg)


Also I want to shamelessly brag that the Jewel Girl Barbie has been my Holy Grail ever since I've been a little girl (both of my childhood friends had her). I finally got her a few months ago with box and all her accessories. Can't wait till I clean my house and display her along with my other dollies.

and thanks to pic related I reminded myself I REALLY wanted that Barbie with the dog. BRB got to look on Ebay

No. 261022

Agree entirely
>I feel like with the old ones the creators put genuine effort into making dolls’ outfits and furniture and everything which is part of the reason it took me so long to grow up from playing with them. They used to make outfits and furniture I genuinely wouldn’t have minded owning myself lol.

>Now everything is at the same price as back then or even more expensive but super simple, plastic and cheaply made.

The reason why everything is made so cheaply now is simply money.
A bratz doll from 2003 cost $15 and had 25 (very detailed, well designed) accessories. The same set now costs $15 and has one doll with barely any detail, thick cheap plastic and NO accessories. One decent quality doll (say the Mattel superhero girl dolls that were out in the last couple years) is around $30 with only doll and outfit. If you want a nice quality doll you need to buy a collector's Barbie, etc.

One reason for the new cheapness is because MGA and Mattel spent ten years taking each other to court over ownership of Bratz. Otherwise it's a general economics issue. I advise trawling through eBay and looking for dolls from the good eras.

No. 261023

I meant the DC superhero dolls, which are decent quality but way overpriced. There's also Collector Barbie Superman etc, I have a Barbie Superman and he's very good quality. The playline stuff is bad from every line Imo now.

Did anyone buy anything during Toys R Us closing down sale a few months ago? There were 0 dolls when I went, only own-brand styling heads and baby dolls.

I have this one, the best design imo

No. 261024

I collect Rilakkuma plushies and Barbie items, I own a lot of the Missguided x Barbie collections for clothes, and even a barbie bedsheet. It sucks that your fiance is saying that to you, and the fact that he makes fun of seeing you HAPPY over a hobby and interest that hurts nobody, like a previous anon said just screams insecurity from his part.

No. 261049

File: 1529432609859.jpg (170.27 KB, 1080x1080, ag.jpg)

I have an obscene number of American Girl dolls. We're talking over 20. I got my first when I was six and the most recent I got were two from a thrift store for a total of $26. They each have names and personalities and I dress them up and use them as mascots for various artistic projects. They're my little doll cheerleaders.

Pic not mine but I wish it were.

No. 261050

You must be fun at parties.

No. 261052

Aw anon this is so cute! However I'm super superstitious and would probably wake up in a cold sweat at night.

No. 261055

what about a discord for us to all share our cute toy love ? We'd probably get trolled by cgl tards though :/

No. 261056

by cgl I mean caregiver little girl, not cgl as in the board

No. 261057

Despite my better judgment and my loathing for the "uwu i wuvs dada" tumblrinas, I'm in.

No. 261058

I'm in a fairy kei discord and a lot of channels are opened for various topics around it, so we could make one with different channels but like, era, toy brand… (btw the fairy kei discord has a "block list" to block anyone who's posting kinky stuff, taking it as an example because it's very well managed)

No. 261108

File: 1529449858164.jpg (150.17 KB, 540x720, sweet-girl-oz-himeno-103.jpg)

Almost 30 and still collecting dolls. I have a decently sized collection of MH and EAH dolls, though I'm cutting down what I have. My favorite things to collect now are Nendoroids and Azone Pureneemos. The latter are especially endearing, I'm always impressed with how detailed the clothing is.

I can't buy things as freely as I used to (adult responsibilities and all that), but that's probably good so I limit the frivolous shit I buy.

I might be interested in something like that.

No. 261109

File: 1529450396413.jpeg (111.92 KB, 560x514, B91817C7-35A6-40D5-A6DC-7252FC…)

I don’t collect them but I wish I could: Sylvanian families. They’re just so expensive but so god damn cute

No. 261128

Ohgosh words cannot express how much I always dreamed of owning those guys. In US they're called Calico Critters (same things, different branding due to trademarks), and I loved looking at them every time I went into the toy store. I may yet start collecting those when I have a stable source of income.

No. 261129

File: 1529456693711.jpg (793.39 KB, 1312x1020, 8950.jpg)

do it anon! And I will live vicariously through you.

No. 261130

File: 1529456719513.jpg (117.71 KB, 900x545, ip255.jpg)

No. 261131

Bless my future daughter who will have to deal with getting sylvanians for christmas until shes 18 because i fucking love them

No. 261135

File: 1529459812738.jpg (170.15 KB, 1008x567, 20180525_104634.jpg)

I collect Dollfie Dream and outfits for them. It has gotten to a point where they have more clothes than I do. Dolls were always banned from my home as a kid so I really gravitate towards them now.

No. 261139

they're not branded differently due to trademarks anon. also they're not that expensive either, i'm sure you can save up for some even with a part time job!

No. 261167

if that's not too personal, can I ask the reason why dolls were banned from you home ?

No. 261171

File: 1529484376959.png (182.56 KB, 331x331, 25770405-D614-483A-A834-99E0C1…)

These really are high-quality toys. Even when I wasn’t playing with Sylvanian figures but other toys you could buy the toy sets etc. separately so I got this one to go with some other figures I had. One of my best toy buys ever tbh.

No. 261172

File: 1529484940597.jpeg (44.12 KB, 382x500, 0643021F-CBE5-4D4F-954A-C80F86…)

If I could go back in time one of the first things I would do would be to get everything from the Barbie Posh Pets collection. I fantasized so much about it as a kid.

No. 261173

File: 1529484958060.jpeg (88.91 KB, 437x640, 3FA182CB-77F9-4B6B-8982-40A9F3…)

No. 261174

File: 1529484979700.jpeg (69.8 KB, 500x479, 22CE52B7-4AB5-420B-B956-A72186…)

No. 261177

For my birthday one year my boyfriend bought a Sylvanian family dollhouse, repainted the roof and put dollhouse wallpaper on the walls. It was so sweet, I love him.

I'd love to take up a project like that again. Maybe by using lollipop sticks to create a new floor or hooking up my own light fixture. I watch a lot of channels on YouTube that do miniatures lol. We're lucky enough to have a dollhouse shop in my city that sells all of these kinds of things but they're so expensive.

I watched Hereditary recently and I related so much to the mother who creates mini scenes from moments in her life haha

No. 261193

Slight weird derail, but I had this exact set in first grade. My main memory of it is trying to befriend a girl who had the dog set only to be brutally rejected by her. She continued to ignore me for years in Elementary school until I eventually gave up in and found a fellow loser best friend in fifth grade.

On topic, I was collecting EAH, MH, Novi Stars, and Lalaloopsies for a while before my mother's disapproval got the better of me. She wasn't mean or anything and made good points (waste of space and money), so I got rid of most of them.

Then with the money I saved doing that I got a BJD, which is what I truly wanted anyway. When I move out I'll probably start collecting cute playline dolls again, though.

I think I can usually get away with liking childish shit because I draw as a hobby. So if someone finds out about me going to see a kids movie or catches me reading Archie comics, a quick "yeah! I love the art!" gets them off my back.

No. 261197

File: 1529506776164.jpg (42.42 KB, 318x606, 61V3pEI2VzL._SY606_.jpg)

Talking about toys we wanted to have as kids but never did get…I always wanted Barbie and Kelly woth feeding chair. All my friends had it. I wish I could find old commercial for it, it was releaswd in late 90s iirc

No. 261198

When I was a kid I remember I was extremely sad about something, I can’t remember… but my mom brought me this exact playset to make me feel better, I think they had it hidden away for my birthday. But seeing this just threw me way back omg

No. 261213

I still love a lot of the old toys I had as a kid and still either have them or want them. Luckily my husband understands. I adore miniatures (though I don't know if it is on the same level) too. Unfortunately my family always hated this sort of thing and would frequently throw away or get rid of my stuff behind my back. I went back and bought a few of the things they had thrown out that I really loved and it strangely kind of helped.

Your bf is wonderful, also I felt the same way about Hereditary. Her miniature workshop room is my dream.

No. 261217

It wasn't really anything serious, my parents just had a weird belief that dolls would cause self-esteem issues later so I got things like legos and nintendo games instead.

No. 261220

I had a barbie puppy/dog set (can't remember if it was that exact one) and brutally rejected a girl in first grade when she asked to be my friend and was pretty mean to her throughout elementary school. doubt your the same girl but weird

No. 261224

I was suckered into this one so hard as a kid due to the commercial and religiously saved up my allowance to buy it. In retrospect I have no idea why I wanted it so badly because I was never into that kind of stuff. I guess the head shaking etc mechanism was cool and I was obsessed with dolls/action figures that had something like that going for them.

No. 261250

I always wanted one of the my size barbies growing up. I remember my bff at the time had one and just thought it was one of the coolest things ever.

I've seen them for $40-80 on ebay but have no clue where i would put her.

No. 261306

my sister had one big ass Barbie head and she felt the Barbie was looking at her and a lot of creepy stuff. The Barbie head ended in the trash bcz everyone believed it was possesed by a demon/cursed.

No. 261319

my cousin had one of the my sized ones and we would always hide it in the back of the closet because it would freak us out too much too. we always felt like it was watching us and turning its head on its own. it also ended up getting tossed

No. 261335

File: 1529563313768.jpg (2.48 MB, 2160x1215, goMeihuaTemp_mh1505951386799.j…)

i guess this goes here; i collect tamagotchi! kind of ashamed of how much i've put into the hobby since i got back into it last summer, i keep it lowkey irl (usually get the standard oh haha i had one of those once, it always died haha reaction if anything) but the retro aesthetic is really cute and they're really enjoyable to play since there's such a variety, especially in the vintage japanese versions from the late 90s. there was even a mothra/godzilla edition!

No. 261337

That Mothra one is amazing.

No. 261345

I recently went looking for a tamagotchi but they are expensive!! So cute though.

No. 261394

I don't know if this was a big thing but they were re-released not too long ago and weren't terribly expensive from what I saw. Maybe they were all sold out? The ones I really liked and miss were Giga pets, but they are all really expensive now, at least older model ones.

No. 261685

Please please can we do this?

No. 261710

I was reading the thread out of curiosity, mostly because I'm happy I'm not the only one who gravitates towards cartoons.

While I love looking at toys I don't really own any anymore (I mostly collect gashapon and maybe a yearly plushie, post pt 2).
I'm too sentimental to buy toys again, particularly dolls. I had a lot of childhood trauma over treasured toys being thrown out without my consent, and thinking they were sentient a la Toy Story style. My mom would shame me, and I felt pressured into selling/donating/throwing away a lot of stuff I wanted to keep. Even when I post about a plushie or new gasha every now and then, my mom will comment on my social media saying something like "Oh I thought you were over stuff like that…"

The Barbie nostalgia itt cut me real deep.
I think I even owned >>261197 at one point. Y'all got me on youtube watching 90s era Barbie commercials and then I saw her…video related.
She was my very first Barbie I remember owning, and I repressed the memory of her for years. Yet I remember that pink glitter outfit, the hoop earrings, the untamable frizzy hair I could never quite brush fully.

It makes me so depressed thinking about the memories. I'm just glad I found this or I never would have thought about her again.

No. 261711

File: 1529647655423.jpg (47.29 KB, 499x467, tumblr_nrhz77UPc41qzfsnio2_500…)

Anyway, like I mentioned I mostly collect gashapon, they occupy my bookshelves. Sometimes I splurge on a Pusheen plushie.
None of my friends really question me having them because they're cute, but like I mentioned about my mom…she judges me. I don't know what her hangup is about it, especially since I haven't lived at home for years now.

No. 261733

no offense but your mom is an asshole. you don't live under her roof and you buy this stuff with your own money. she has no business shaming you and she sure as hell didn't have any business throwing out your stuff without your consent and then being a dick about it.

i'm sorry anon this got me protective lol

No. 261846

Aw, thanks anon. Most people think my mom is a jerky narc, esp bf. I can't really understand her psychologically and I've never had a solid explanation for her thought process. I just know liking stuff like plushies isn't the crime against maturity that she makes it out to be.

No. 262164

>>260787 anon here.

I made the discord ! This is my first time making one with several topics so feel free to chime in , ask for other topics !

No. 262184

I wonder if it was true, I also had a lot of nightmares with a couple of Barbies I had and it was a small sized one. There were really demonic nightmares

No. 262232

I've seen this exact comment in three other places.

No. 262237

Where? I'm the OP and curious about other anons who collect gasha and have mean moms lol.

No. 262250

it's called gatcha.

No. 262380

File: 1529811734780.png (53.79 KB, 913x193, but you are wrong.png)

No. 262421

Anyone else collects Tsum Tsum?

No. 262436

Just ignore your mom honestly its such a harmless thing especially when its not even under her roof. Continue enjoying the cute things in life.

Do you look at places like ebay and aliexpress for the gashapon? Asking for a friend

No. 262438

nayrt but I found authentic Ojamajo Doremi gachapons on eBay and saw plenty of others too.
I'd be wary of aliexpress though (if you're looking for specific stuff from brands I mean)

which tsum tsums ? plushes, or mini figurines ?

No. 262440

File: 1529826793796.jpg (1.43 MB, 4032x3024, xlfiz9k4vmoz.jpg)

Personnally i think the plushes are much cuter to display, the figurines are kinda meh (blind boxes are fun though)

No. 262449

File: 1529828013339.jpeg (259.39 KB, 1024x683, DE3B2735-C9A7-4C4B-9772-8E22EF…)

Ah! I’m pumped to have finally discovered this thread! I was really uncomfortable openly embracing anything too “girly” when I was a kid, and my toy stash reflected that - but I still secretly loved a lot of the pink sparkly things my friends had. I’m an absolute slut for all kinds of 90’s girl toys now. Like, give me all the Hollywood Hair Barbies and all the Spice girls merch, stat.

My biggest scores to date: new-in-box Polaroid Spice Cam, and also NIB Barbie And The Beat doll (with the cassette & everything!)

No. 262463

I find the ones on eBay a bit overpriced unless it's a specific set you want and can't find it elsewhere.

Rakuten is great. I used to have a really great store bookmarked but I misplaced it? If I find it again I'll link. I also order from Candysan, the prices are reasonable and sometimes I order snacks.

No. 262470

yeah the plushes are cute to display, I feel like the figurines are a bit too small but I love them anyway (I don't collect those,my sister does)

>>262449 holy fuck anon those a are some great finds I'm kinda envious ahah! That's honestly so cool, hope you'll be that lucky again in the future !

agreed. The shipping is often the price of the gachapon itself on ebay
Candysan is great anon thanks for mentioning I had forgotten about it !

No. 262472

File: 1529839669277.jpg (139.9 KB, 393x1020, wristrocks.jpg)

>>262470 (samefag)

Barbie anon makes me think : one of my dream items is the Jem Wrist Rocks especially this one (pic related), found them on ebay still in box for like 45$ but being a student I can't really spend that much on this ;_;

No. 262510

File: 1529851445630.jpg (11.15 KB, 225x300, s-l300.jpg)

Oh man, the amount of hours I've spent looking on eBay, Bonanza, Facebook marketplace, Varage Sale, my local Salvation army and Goodwill, basically any secondhand shops online and offline… I've found some very good deals on plushes and figurines. I currently have 3 bookshelves showcasing my slowly growing collection.

My most recent good find was a Powerpuff Girls talking Blossom plush I found for $1 at Goodwill, pic attached isn't mine, but this is exactly what she looks like. All she needed was new batteries and she still works. She's missing a glasses headset thingy the original ones come with, I can find one online, but it's just nice to have her.

But seriously, I love collecting. I got into Tamagotchi last year for a bit. It kinda died down after I got a good condition Ps for about $30. I expected my search for it to be longer, but I was lucky lol. I might get the next Japanese Tamagotchi release, I hope it's more interactive with connection like the Ps was. The m!x seems fun, but it looks like it's a bit limited.

I'm always looking for cool vintage video game and anime merch. A few months ago found a set of 7 Virtua Fighter plushes for $25 and I bought that so quick.

This all takes so much patience because you can buy those certain items for way more, but once you find a good deal, it's so rewarding. And I genuinely love everything I collect, I'd never buy something just to sell it at a higher price.

No. 262595

Old video games with complete boxes are a pain to find omg, why were N64 games in cardboard boxes
I feel like vintage anime merch might be quite hard to find out of Japan, or am I wrong?(and excluding Sailor Moon stuff obvs)

Fully agreed anon, it's all about patience and (sadly for them) people not looking up what they're selling. I found a Doremi tap SIB for like 16 euros, when on eBay it's usually for 99 dollars in the same condition. I feel bad for buying this type of stuff at such a low price but at the same time it feels so good ?
It's such a great feeling to own something so rare and expensive tbh and to have it on your own shelves

No. 262644

For anyone looking for Japanese collectibles, Mandarake will become your best friend/worst enemy.


You can find some pretty good deals there since it's all second hand stuff, but a lot of it is nib so you're pretty much getting a new item for potentially less.

No. 262707

Thanks so much for this! I found one of my dream items on there that I always pined after on ebay. Here's hoping it goes through.

No. 262766

File: 1529939466285.jpg (216.51 KB, 1200x1600, b41e5d34fe28f99be91a0e136ef9d4…)


Ohh it's realy fancy stuff,

No. 262783

This is incredible. How do you go about ordering from the site?

No. 262796

File: 1529948529486.gif (406.85 KB, 500x248, 6qphfAz.gif)

I just want those Breath of the Wild amiibos but there's like 20 and they'd cost over 200 bucks… But they're so cute…

No. 262799

Yeah, I’d do dirty things for one of those Solaire amiibos. Some of them are so expensive.

No. 262800

Here in Europe the good ones cost up to 50 bucks on Amazon. TFW you only want to have some nice threads in BotW.

No. 262812

Just spent 100$ on a bunch of genuine 90's MIB Pokemon toys (plushies, a keychain, some figure sets) and G2 My Little Pony (missing the backcards, but otherwise unopened).
The seller got them from a closed Hasbro magazine and is selling all those treasures for next to nothing.
Good thing that my salary is coming.
Life is good.

No. 262832

File: 1529960439249.jpg (27.43 KB, 431x375, mand.jpg)

Good luck!

It's a little weird, but pretty easy to get the hang of. You will have to register with an account. And just a tip: use Paypal balance or funds directly from your bank. Myself and others have had difficulty using certain cards and my bank has shut my card down for perceived fraud, so it's simply easier to avoid that misstep.

Another important thing to keep in mind: Mandarake is actually a series of second hand stores and all of these items are at various locations. You can see which shop you're buying from underneath the Cart button when you're viewing different items (as pictured). If you plan on buying multiple items, make sure it's from the same shop or you will be paying for shipping from each place you order from, and it'll add up fast.

No. 262837

File: 1529960979853.jpg (309.28 KB, 1265x939, mand2.jpg)

Each individual page will list details like condition, if SAL shipping is available, and sometimes multiple images of the product. In my experience, "box damaged" means there is maybe a scuff or small dent on the box. I've received "box damaged" items where they actually looked perfectly fine.

But I'm blabbering, onto the actual ordering experience: It's pretty straight forward. You confirm your address, move onto payment (card or paypal), and then choose shipping. I've never used DHL, but registered SAL takes a month or two, but you can track it, and EMS will get to you in a week or two (latter is obviously more expensive). You won't know the price of shipping until after you're asked to pay. Speaking of which, after you confirm your order, you will have to play the waiting game as the people working there check to see if the item is still available. If it is, you will receive an e-mail giving you a link to confirm payment from your Paypal. Then you're set!

No. 262838

File: 1529961122302.jpg (250.93 KB, 1257x848, mand3.jpg)

And because it's worth noting, always scroll down the item page and check out the "Same Items in Different Stores" section. Some stores will charge more/less for the same item, but you have to read carefully since cheaper items sometimes means they're missing a few things. Always look for "parts complete" in the condition description.

Hope this helps!

No. 262840

For more info on Mandarake, MFC has quite a few user articles with answered questions or opinions on certain things, such as what to do if you get the wrong order, which shops are best, or payment concerns.


No. 262845

Omg thank you so much anon, this is all great information. I'm definitely going to use this site in the future! I love you for sharing this with us!

No. 262976

Thanks a lot anon, I was kind of intimidated by it !

No. 263816

File: 1530296826364.jpg (151.86 KB, 700x624, strawberry-bell-toy-mew-strawb…)

Here again. Just got an email it will be here by the end of the day. 10-year-old me is so hyyyype

No. 263958

Happy for you!

I'm a bit surprised that people unironically like TMM…Remember reading the manga at 13 and laughing at how shamelessly it ripped Sailor Moon and how dumb it was

No. 263990

nta but I loved TMM when I was younger. Not really sure how it's a rip off Sailor Moon (which I also loved), they're just both magical girls so share a few common themes.

No. 264009

I saw this while scrolling, and my heart jumped. Congrats, anon! I used to love TMM.

No. 264038

Congrats, anon! It looks really cute!

No. 273954

Ikr, I realised it too late. But in my defense, I never saw Sailor Moon on tv so I didn't know it existed.

No. 442659

File: 1564735484060.jpg (215.14 KB, 1200x727, 02001980340.jpg)

anyone else wanna revive this thread?
a toy thread/general would be nice
to start it off, i just got some cheap figures off of mandarake with the plans to repaint them
i've so far only repainted MH dolls, which is pretty fun but they're pricy

you can get a bunch of these banpresto figures for old series for really cheap, besides the godawful factory paint they're pretty nice tbh

No. 442671

I'm working on an OP for it dude

Man I wonder if anyone thought those figures looked good at the time because they sure haven't aged well. The paintjob looks bootleg tier by today's standards.

No. 442683

File: 1564744531230.jpg (254.55 KB, 640x640, sp_18_cal_mar.jpg)

Agreed on making a new thread for this.

I'm a sucker for Calico Critters. I think it's because they remind me of Animal Crossing.

No. 442696

I feel so embarrassed about still liking child stuff. I try to be as responsible as I can and don't forget to do adult shit to play with toys but I just love those things.

No. 442703

I love them to death too! They're so cute and pretty. Never actually went and bought because I have enough things already but I love to look at them in the stores, they're always displayed in cute scenes.

No. 442718

Something about the old figures always give me nostalgia! And i love cutie honey, so these are great.

No. 442720

They're so expensive, but they seem nice quality. I'm always mega tempted to buy them, but I might not stop.

No. 442743

File: 1564753673929.png (588.24 KB, 1000x650, little-miss.png)

i have been collecting antique and vintage dolls ever since i fell in love with a vintage doll at 11 that i came across at a 'doll hospital' and shop. she was a 'homeless' doll (like, she was supposed to be literally homeless). she was discontinued verrrrry shortly after production (1965) by hasbro because kids were terrified by her. she was supposed to rouse empathy in kids. the box hasbro packaged her in said "i need someone to love me. i want to learn to play. please take me home with you and brush my tear away." omg it broke my heart. she had a removable plastic tear on her face. idk why blythe is so famous when she's so much more interesting and like, emotionally stimulating.

i have some realistic animal plushies that i love. i don't like to play with dolls and never have, i just like the craftsmanship and history behind old toys. i don't think liking kid stuff is bad at all unless you spend obscene amounts of money on it or something or are autistically obsessed with them like those people on TLC.

i love calico critters. they're so cute.

No. 442752

I'm working on an OP for it dude (can't think of a pic to use though)

Man I wonder if anyone thought those figures looked good at the time because they sure haven't aged well. The paintjob looks bootleg tier by today's standards.

No. 443331

I bought a 3pack of baby ones and shared two of them with two people close to me. We carry them in our pockets as good luck charms.
The pack had baby versions of the chocolate dipped looking bunny, a chipmunk, and a white cat.

No. 454989

I agree 100% with you.

Looking at the new Bratz dolls makes me kind of sad that girls nowadays won’t have the same quality that we had growing up.

On a related note to Barbies, I’ve been collecting the Holiday ones since I was four or five and I’ve been severely disappointed with the last few years. My mom still buys them for me because it’s a tradition but I don’t look forward to them as much as I used to.

No. 455116

File: 1567033749244.png (2.64 MB, 1476x1128, Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-29 um 0…)

I was born when USSR fell apart and as a result, spent my childhood years in an extremely poor country. Our family living in America brought me a Barbie (which was a luxury back then) and a Barbie catalogue. I spent HOURS staring at this Kelly. I have imagined day after day how I would play with her. I just saw this thread and found her. All the feels!

No. 455130

I know this is a year old post but
>Virtua Fighter
I'm insanely jealous

No. 455163

I was always too poor to afford anything cute when I was younger so now I have my own money I have NO SHAME and will buy anything I want from the kids aisle. I'm sure I wont regret it on my deathbed but I'm sure I'd regret not enjoying my life.

No. 455164

This is so wholesome! I want to send you all the barbies, anon

(also, if you like barbies, you can check out Azusa barbie on youtube. she's got great stuff)

No. 455274

This. I had an ex who compared me to adult babies cos I like plushes and figures but my childhood was a mix of not being able to afford things and then my dad (with some lifelong undiagnosed ocd type problem) would from time to time throw out the few toys I did have while I was at school. He'd throw out the things I was most sentimental about, like the toy I cuddled to get to sleep at night.. and he had these strange expectations of how quickly kids should grow up. I developed an anxiety problem, and a stronger love of toys.

No shame here either

No. 455315


Same, anon! After me family immigrated and I grew up, I now buy everything I want. It's such a good feeling.

Aww, thank you anon! I was lucky to immigrate to a wealthy country, and now that I finished uni I'm buying all the toys I want, nothing is safe from me anymore haha. I really loved the new Barbie fashionista line, although I didn't buy anything from them because my space is limited at the moment. Thank you for the tip, I will definitely check her out!

No. 455433

File: 1567098696821.jpg (202.76 KB, 768x1024, Sleeping-Beauty-Barbie-1998.jp…)

Feeling toy deprived in the childhood is how I ended with a shopping addiction that I am trying to manage, haha. I do love a lot of my dolls and I will never let them go. I know it's stupid but it makes me so sad to think that one day I will die and they will remain and either get thrown into garbage or passed to someone else. It makes me feel strangely depressed, like there is no point to it all if it doesn't last.

Pic related is one of the Barbies I was absolutely obsessed about as a kid. I manage to buy one, but she's missing her accessories, so I hope one day I will get her MIB (and sell the extra).

No. 455451

Maybe you could make it your mission to find a way to donate your less-needed dolls to loving homes? There are organisations that aim to give toys to poor kids at Christmas etc
It's really good that you're free to enjoy whatever you want now, but it's important to strike a balance between having all these wonderful things that you can finally afford, or being trapped in a hoarders cave of dolls that you feel unable to part with. It's up to you whether that means investing in a biger space so that you can display your full collection, or whether that means you need to operate a one-in-one-out policy.

If any anons are collecting valuable or vintage pieces, you can look into keeping a catalog in your will so that relatives will know the value, or alternatively allocate funds so that they can be donated to specific toy museums etc.

No. 455502

File: 1567110858970.png (82.67 KB, 320x440, info.png)

There's now a doll general. 4chan has them, but the janitors on /toy/ don't do their job and the doll threads always go to hell.

I'm like you, OP. I never grew out of toys. I tried to force myself out of it during my teen years but failed. Thankfully my boyfriend is a big nerd, so he related. He's more into gundams and model kits though.

No. 455504

I thought they had been discontinued?

No. 551594

hate to bump an old thread, Enjoyed reading through this one. a lot of it reminds me of this friend I had who had older sisters (80s kids) so therefore had the coolest toy collection, starcastles, my little pony, polly pockets, pound puppies, fluffy surprise, keypers. all the retro things that are worth a ton now. I inquired about her collection recently in the hopes of buying it but was absolutely livid to learn they have been passed down to her 4 year old niece.
you can generally pick up lots of them second hand sites, facebook ads. Collections kids have outgrown (god I can't imagine having outgrown these, but I never had any) Usually still kinda expensive but nothing compared to what they are new. Still, never can quite justify the cost myself though.

No. 551595

I collected pokemon cards and continued to buy packs off of ebay until like 2010, if that counts.

of course, I've moved so many times since then that I now have no idea where my collection even is

No. 551599

I still have all my plushies and intend to keep them, they are going into my home office when i move out from current house since i do pretty colorful and upbeat illustration work.

My mom bought the excuse and is keeping them in a spare room for the time being lol

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