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No. 1332126

No. 1332157

Every day is the same. Nothing ever happens to me. Its my own fault but still.

No. 1332222

File: 1662680868843.jpeg (77.49 KB, 745x606, C7699557-2DD5-4408-BA29-77FB5A…)

I’m fine when I’m at work, but as soon as I get home I’m unhappy again. I guess that’s better than being depressed at work and dreading each shift, but it’s exhausting to work all day and then go home and be so frustrated with my surroundings.

No. 1332224

What's wrong with your home nonna? Most people love coming home.

No. 1332227

I’m going to spam this entire thread with kpop gifs and never stop until it reaches 1200 posts unless the jannies delete this thread. Fuck OP, you wanted to fuck a lolcor janitor and you got it. I’m not going to touch grass until this entire thread is full of kpop gifs of every caliber and the mods won’t stop me and I don’t even like kpop. Delete this and let us have the cat pic now please(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1332229

You'd martyr yourself for a noble cause. Fuck these little anime boys.

No. 1332236

This threadpic is fucking infuriating, I can tolerate yaoi shit but fucking webtoon crap? gag.
waiting, will you do it soon?

No. 1332238

This thread is too damn early. It feels like OP was too eadger to make her favorite korean 2D korean boys into the threadpic, cringe.

No. 1332240

An aiden made this thread

No. 1332245

soon, I will suggest doing the same if you’re on a vpn anons, godspeed kek

No. 1332286

Even I an aobaposter have standards

No. 1332297

Newfaggotry makes me sick, I hate this thread, I hate this thread pic and I am also feeling very negative things toward YOU nonnie.

No. 1332298

You're a hero!!

No. 1332324

you fucking pussy
when are you going to start?

No. 1332330

File: 1662691589359.jpg (52.71 KB, 500x500, tumblr_b58cc122c45aedb93ad45eb…)

So this thread is just… dead? Begin your kpop spam nonnie… you scared??

No. 1332789

Pointless, given that OP pic is Korean trash, OP would enjoy that.

No. 1333094

Yeah my dad appreciates his money. He didn't make his big money until he had already left my mum for another woman. He still always made sure me and my brother were never left destitute but he was always telling us he never wanted us spoilt. He's called me lazy and spoilt when I was a teen and didn't get my first job until 19. He's not afraid to call me out for quitting things and giving me tough love too but in my case it paid off because I can stay determined for the pay off even if I have to work for it. My brother went the opposite but in his late 20s is when he finally started to take accountability. He's now an officer in the navy. Things take time if they're worth it.

No. 1333096

File: 1662737669476.jpg (92.23 KB, 718x310, 1662737729964.jpg)

Kek based. Thanks jannies

No. 1333099

Kek based OP. FujoGODS run this joint

No. 1333100

I just started selling on eBay for the first time in a few years. eBay went back into one of my listings (that I was already selling at a loss) and tacked on several dollars of fees for listing upgrades that I NEVER FUCKING EVER would have used. And customer service won't remove the fees. ISTG, I am disputing the charge when it posts to my bank account next month. eBay can ban me and sell the <$10 debt to a collection agency. I cancelled my active sales. Fuck eBay. The site is fucking terrible, this isn't even the first time they have changed shit on my listings. They've been fucking with my shipping settings for years, usually shrinking the shipping weights or dimensions, so I had to ship at a loss. DON'T SELL ON EBAY.

No. 1333101

There's a sandwich shop nearby that makes really inexpensive and good sandwiches. I want to go get lunch there today because I don't feel like having leftover chicken and rice but I already went yesterday… I don't like the idea of the overworked sandwich makers recognizing me as a frequent customer.

No. 1333102

Men have made cities uninhabitable. There’s a new mass shooter or serial rapist every week and the only action world governments are interested in taking is empty talk. This is not surprising at all, as they (males) have always resorted to unfathomable degeneracy due to their weak minds when they’re fed too well and their lives are too comfortable as it is now in the western world. The “state” is just Big Scrote and is not interested in your wellbeing. Currently they’re busy gaslighting the millions of citizens who can see that all vandals are males with their own two eyes into believing guns are to blame for such acts as if a hunk of metal has a conscience of its own, separate from its wielder. I would recommend people (women) leave cities and migrate to less populated areas as to escape the increasingly violent shitshows urbanites will be subjected to as a result of male terrorism. To avoid confusion I would like to mention that I am not a “retvrn to the land” retard, rather a lifelong metropole dweller. Things will only get worse from now on and I plan to escape as soon as I can.
You need to think of men like randomly exploding rats, if you have millions of them waddling around you’re likelier to get blown apart by one.

No. 1333104

Did we get new jannies? We've been getting more sassy redtexts lately

No. 1333108

It's fucking great

No. 1333112

To the nonna with the tranny husband, maybe he didn't technically look at porn. There are hypnosis audios and other disturbing shit too. Just look up bambi sleep. It's a gateway for a lot of MtFs.

No. 1333113

I hate being recognized too. Like great now there's a higher expectation of friendliness from me. I'm here for food not to socialize

No. 1333119

bless, i love this janny.

No. 1333124

File: 1662739088127.gif (3.36 MB, 374x640, 8392A7D9-80BE-4F21-9771-F8B40E…)

This is for the anon who put up the infinitely superior cat pic, this is for you..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1333125

nonny, you sound like you have a lot of time in your hands and you prefer wasting it on some petty shit. get a hobby.

No. 1333129

File: 1662739316453.gif (1.68 MB, 268x210, 0023FBB6-C876-4B5E-AC24-6BB37B…)

no I have to do this, this is serious business(mental disability )

No. 1333132

File: 1662739361510.gif (7.26 MB, 540x480, 61141996-CF24-4F92-97DF-A5362A…)

No. 1333134

My vent is I support the based kpoopy spammer. Whatever. I hate the ugly webtoon cunts in the threadpic.

No. 1333136

File: 1662739476968.png (947 KB, 967x725, 1650806965690.png)

It turned out that this guy I'm talking to knows about both LC and CC, and now I'm scared to vent about anything regarding him here in case he finds it. Why the fuck are moids allowed on the same internet as women? The same way there are gender segregated bathrooms, we also need gender segregated internet ffs

No. 1333137

I deleted my ex number but not my call log and I may have text him an I miss u when I woke up groggy and horny. Now that I am done with my day I'm cringing and I actually never want to see him again. I can't seperate the man from the dick. Thought about it and its not possible. I do want laid though. Sigh

No. 1333138

File: 1662739507114.gif (3.76 MB, 408x720, 9014EF54-551B-4AE8-86D9-061AC6…)

No. 1333142

We have moids / troons / cp spammers and you guys choose to do this.

No. 1333148

Are you me

No. 1333149

>glossing over cp for this dumb shit

No. 1333151

We're stronger together.

No. 1333153

Who is glossing over cp??? Stop choosing really bad thread pics, they didn’t even ban OP for avatarfagging, it’s the same thing with the sonic poster they do it on purpose to get the rest of us mad because the person who chose the picture is a man idiot

No. 1333157

File: 1662740107901.gif (1.66 MB, 245x170, 654.gif)

golly nearly every thread is chaotic today

No. 1333158

File: 1662740181065.png (13.03 KB, 1363x120, Screenshot 2022-09-09 181649.p…)

shut the fuck up you twitter fag and go back to wherever you came from and jerk off to underage shawn pics like you faggots do. weeb/otaku/fujo shit existed here way before you even found out about this site which im guessing is yesterday.
You anti-fujo spergs are always so insane and retarded, like the sperg in the locked thread who threatened to murder someone over yaoi, imagine being that insane.

No. 1333160

File: 1662740293862.png (94.24 KB, 196x275, 010CF6B7-A72D-4B4D-9A6D-FDADF9…)

I’m very nervous my boyfriend is going to psyche himself out and end our relationship. We started dating about 9 months ago while we were both in not so great places emotionally. Initially it started out as just a fling but it grew into being an official couple a few months later. We’ve agreed to take it slow but I’m afraid that he’s going to think that just because we don’t act like lovesick teenagers it means we shouldn’t be together. He said he’s had a lot of issues in the past with diving headfirst into codependency and losing himself in relationships. He has told me that he feels like he loves me but cannot bring himself to actually say ‘love’. I’m honestly not even all that bothered by this because I feel like his actions do line up with his feelings. The thing that bothers me is that I feel like he’s putting too much focus onto words instead of allowing himself to just feel his feelings. I’ve told him many times that I’ve been with guys who always said the right thing but couldn’t back them up and that I don’t feel like he’s this way but I don’t think he fully understands. I’ve told him I’m not going to settle with someone who will never articulate their feelings for me but also that I’m willing to work with him and take things as slow as he needs. I just hope he can believe in me.

No. 1333161

everyone was hoping knonny would follow through with her threats kek

No. 1333168

its moid entitlement, demanding something be done as if he owns this place and then spamming when he doesnt get his way.

gay moid needs to go back to his echo-chamber because no one is here going to bow down to him no matter how much nugu kpop girls he spams or threatens others with bodily harm.

No. 1333174

Today is so cold, i hated the summer but i wished it was warmer longer because i didnt get to go to the beach because i had work all summer.

No. 1333177

I'm starting to like this online art instructor and I hate myself for it. It's not even a crush or anything, I just like his teaching style and find his presentation tolerable. Any feeling towards an online content creator more positive than passive acknowledgment just makes me feel parasocial in an icky way, and that's my own flaw, so I'm venting about my dumbshit feelings here in hopes it'll let me focus long enough to go back to videos. Here's hoping, because I've learned more from this dopey moid in a month than I have through years of school art classes and youtube tutorials.

No. 1333178

File: 1662741537480.jpg (59.33 KB, 640x784, 873szpqfg4e51.jpg)

>mfw my sister visits and makes everything about her and talks over/looks down on me

No. 1333206

Who is it

No. 1333229

Marc Leone/The Drawing Database on youtube. He teaches at a Kentucky uni and puts lessons online for his students and anybody else who wants to watch them. I'm beginner-level so his early videos on perspective and gesture have been really helpful to me so far

No. 1333269

File: 1662746815294.jpg (109.37 KB, 540x960, deadandsad.jpg)

I often have period of time where I'm too lazy to do anything.
I have it now, for more than week. What's the point of doing anything. I don't have motivation to do something and when I push myself, it's pure suffering.
I don't even have motivation to do things that I enjoy, even games. Nothing.
It's like feeling of mental numbness and lethargy. It feels depressive.

No. 1333274

I have this too. I wonder what is it called

No. 1333289

Posting here too because i didnt realise there was a new thread.
Oh my goodness. I dont think that was me! I believe this is my first time posting about this. Do you remember which thread? I dont know if it would benefit them but id love to talk to someone going through a similar struggle. Thank you for the well wishes nona!
>>1333286 <- same post on old thread

No. 1333307

why the fuck is university so hard it feels actually impossible for a human to keep up with this amount of work and information. i need all these stupid fucking credits from classes that aren't even useful for my degree that i have to sink shit tons of money into for what feels like no reason. what the fuck is even the point anymore. i'm so fucking tired of staring at my computer screen for hours trying to get this shit done when it all feels completely pointless and i'll just forget what i've learned when i'm done taking the test over it. like fuck i just want to enjoy my life without the thought of school looming over me 24/7 but i can't. and i feel like there's no escape like i have to do this or i'll never make enough money to live in the future. it's got me thinking i might as well just neck myself now if i can't even handle these basic college classes

No. 1333315

>be me
>do my best to comfort my friend after a traumatic event, i am very bad at doing that but i try
>be there for her for months, listen to her problems and try to help
>she uses some of my advice and it goes well
>a week ago i say i don't really feel empathy because it was related to the conversation
>she claimed a few years ago to be autistic so i though she'd understand
>turns out she was never diagnosed and her vibe turned a bit weird after i said it
>we used to talk for hours each day now she lasts 15 minutes before going offline

did i fuck it up

No. 1333334

She probably just heard the words no empathy, googled it and has by now armchair diagnosed you as a covert narc or some shit like that. That's popular atm.

Tism fakers are weird though.. she fucked up for years by letting you think that. I posted about an ex friend lately who did the same. It takes 2 whole seconds to say 'suspected autism' instead of lying.

No. 1333339

Since no one actually wants my input, Im gonna give them a notice of quitting. My power move is to give them plenty of time to rehire (its a family business), and ill watch them realize how I am not replaceable.
January 1st is a new year; and I will be going back to school for business management. I am already scouting some available scholarships and Im committed.
I doubt the family business will stay open too long after I am gone and my response? Learning how to start my own company, getting accounting down and making it so fucking good the family will want to be apart of it.
And Ill accept their interviews, make them feel confident, and then reject them.

Shouldve respected my experience and knowledge. Now suffer.

No. 1333347

depression I guess

No. 1333350

Yes. Claiming you feel no empathy is really dumb and scares people off, whether you actually feel no empathy or not.

No. 1333361

I'm tired of being expected to "do better" job-wise! I work at a little kiosk at a university and i like my job. The pay isn't great obviously but i love my coworkers, the hours are great (only open when the uni is open so mon-fri, never holidays or weekends or evenings) and i just enjoy stocking shelves and talking to customers, sue me. I get so mad when people are all like "so what's next", bro why does there have to be a next? My job makes me content and gives me enough money to live and then some. Leave me alone. Not everyone can be career-people, the world would collapse.

No. 1333364

I get so angry when the political people come to my house and ring my doorbell and disrupt my household. I'm going to be a huge asshole to the next one. Go door to door all you wish but you can't control how people fucking react. That's why I quit the census. I'm going to tell them exactly what I think of their canvassing methods as loudly as I want to and if they don't like it they can leave my motherfucking doorstep

No. 1333370

Ew thats so creepy. Men should stay on tiktok and instagram and leave the rest of the internet to the sex that can responsibly use it.

No. 1333390

A bunch of moids remembered my birthday but none of my close female friends did. Its sad when I feel like I mean more to some asshole keeping me as his Next Choice than i do to my "friends". Gonna stop trying with people honestly

No. 1333393

got my phone stolen at a bar. i had a wallet phone case so i lost my license and debit card in addition to it. that is what i get for attempting sociality.

No. 1333409

File: 1662754374008.gif (1.06 MB, 498x280, 1647111226881.gif)

I wish social media never existed, I hate influencers, I hate microtrends, I hate being basically forced to use different apps and socials for shit like uni and work or even just staying in touch with friends, I hate fats fashion, I hate how performative everything is, I hate how all subcultures are pretty much dead now, I hate the digital age I hate it I hate it!!!

No. 1333415

I was so pissed off today at work. I mean insanely pissed off. I was so fucking mad I loudly complained and mocked some moid stand in the way of some doors I had to get through. I've never done that before. I was raging so hard I was coming up with a long-ass schizo two week notice. Then the new lady who was working with me went home and now I'm fine KEK.
Seriously she was a nightmare to work with. Why ask me questions and then say a bunch of shit like "are you sure? What about (incredibly pointless detail nobody gives two shits about)?" She'd do that to every question. Girl, if you seriously doubt my judgement DO NOT FUCKING ASK ME THEN. ASK THE FUCKING MANAGEMENT. I was very very polite the entire time but holy fuck. Holy shit. Seriously what is your fucking problem woman. Do. Not. Ask. Me. If. You. Do. Not. Trust. My. Judgement. Simple. Fucking. As.

No. 1333438

This is why I never want a wallet phone case.

No. 1333442

Just because you cant keep track of your things dont mean socializing is bad anon you just had a crige moment. Do you think you'll find your phone or is it a lost cause?

No. 1333466

i'm having a flareup of my chronic illness because of stress and so now i'm mentally AND physically suffering, to the point where i can barely get my work done. all i wanted was to see my boyfriend and the stupid moid can't show up when we plan EVER. i always am waiting around like an idiot at least an hour or 3 HOURS in this case because hes washing his clothes???? I HAVE A FUCKING WASHING MACHINE. (2 of these hours i've been sobbing uncontrollably because i'm unfathomably depressed and now i feel even more disposable and unwanted by everyone). i told him it hurts that he constantly makes me wait around and that it makes me feel like he doesnt value my time, or our time together and he just said "sorry, do you still want me to come now". part of me wants to jump off my balcony neck first and the other wants to punch him in the face. not posting in /g/ because i dont want advice i just crave an end to my inner turmoil and maybe venting will help. the worst part is when he gets here i'm going to have to spend at least 2 hours tutoring him for his classes (hes struggling with an intro class for a subject i am getting my masters in) and he still hasnt told me what he wants to cook for fucking dinner and all i want is to curl up on the couch with him and relax. he won't even fuck me because im on my period.

No. 1333471

Start forcing him out. He’s late. No more gf time. He asks if you want him to cover now? “No I have plans in a little bit, talk to you later.” Then stop responding. He wants you to follow him. He does it on purpose. Remove yourself. You deserve better and he’s a baby if he gives a shit about your period like that.

No. 1333492

I feel so shitty and gross and I'm sick and I HAVE to go to work it stresses me out and putting makeup on rn I feel like I'm putting lipstick on a pig just so ugly and nasty and I feel fat

No. 1333493

my dad died 7 years ago; he was problematic, but was really sick and suffered a lot. I'm sad.

No. 1333496

I was in the exact place you were in last week and this week i feel so good and healthy and epic and happy that i went to work cause now my paycheck is gonna be as big as usual. You got this queen hopefully your job isnt super demanding.

No. 1333507

i think i'm getting way less refund money from my uni for this semester than i have before. that sucks

No. 1333511

why the fuck am i getting chubby reeeee i am living the same exact lifestyle with the same type and amount of food as last year but im like 20 pounds heavier. if anything im way more active now but i havent gained fucking 20 pounds in muscle. is it really true that muh metabolism slows in your 20s? i thought it was all calories in calories out. i hate this.

No. 1333512

word word word

No. 1333516

unless you're counting your calories you're probably eating more than you realize

No. 1333528

yeah i suppose so, but idk why i would suddenly eat so much more, enough to gain 20 pounds, when i just ate normally before with no need to count calories and stayed at the same weight.

No. 1333531

File: 1662762324329.gif (36.25 KB, 220x147, milk-mocha.gif)

>have not spoken to my little brother in 4 years because I went no contact with my mother
>despite everything, i know she is using him as a spy and for god knows what reason she always gossips with a teenager
>i miss him, i miss talking, i wish i could play videogames or at least suggest a show to watch
>he misses me too but i know the moment mother will know he will always have to tell her everything and use as a toy to try using and scamming me
It hurts. I raised my little brothers and escaped this place.

No. 1333534

Any significant aging factors added? Taking any new medication? Could be your metabolism has changed. Or are you doing the same amount of physical activity you have always done, or have you been more sedentary lately? Could also be that.

No. 1333536

write a log and be conscious of what you're eating and see if the pounds come off. If not, get your thyroid checked.

No. 1333539

Yeah, it slows down and weight gain is inevitable. If you want to lose or maintain weight, you’re going to have to start counting calories and learning to eat a bit differently. Sucks but there it is lol. Could also be a medical problem so pay attention to yourself!

No. 1333542

Gaining 20 lb in a year comes down to eating just 200 more calories than you need a day. That can come from all sorts of things, from stress to minor lifestyle changes. Just eat a little less and your weight should slowly come down.

No. 1333549

Once he moves out, you could both heal and reestablish your bond, don't worry

No. 1333553

There was a fakeboi at my work today and I called her a him. I'll never recover from this. It's even weirder because the moment I saw her I clocked her as a tif but I told to myself "maybe she's just butch and I'm paranoid", but nope.

No. 1333559

thank you queens i'll start keeping track of my calories and limiting portions a bit. it just sucks that you apparently have to eat less and less to keep the same weight the older you get. i'm not even old, just turned 22, but alas. no external factors except that i went from a neet to having a fulltime job with free lunch lol i kinda see it now.

No. 1333584

I would need to wait at least 5 years nonny. But i agree…
>mfw im turning 22 in a week
Oh dear. Thank you for a heads up. Goodluck to you!

No. 1333588

Fucking hell. I don't know why I bother. I write a long text to my friend explaining how I've been throwing myself into work around the house, withdrawing, and I ask if she wants to hang out… and she responds only asking what time I wanted to hang out 4 hours later. I was in an irritated mood and now I'm still in one. I want to sleep. I try to be nice, but I'm a tired nona who would rather keep to herself after all.

No. 1333668

I have a very good feeling yet another boss of mine feels some kind of way about me. Mostly lust, obviously. I hate being put in the awkward position of having to reject him if he says anything. I don’t have the energy for this shit anymore. I’m almost 30 and I absolutely can’t wait until the day I look old as fuck so I won’t be considered a sex object anymore. Please, I just want to be left to work in peace and get the fuck out as soon as possible. Unless I’m totally wrong, but I’ve been right every time before, so I think it’s a slim chance. When you know, you know. Men are so transparent even when they think they’re hiding their feelings well.

No. 1333679

File: 1662775185521.gif (785.13 KB, 540x337, 0_NRzcPsVE6QdseIC4.gif)

I hate the fucking kju anon agenda (fuck them so much, I am not using that fucking letter. I'll use the phonetic spelling instead). These dumbasses really believe that no one should ever get sick or hurt. All of life's suffering was brought on by the elite. What's somewhat humorous is these asshats reporting these turd views keep on saying that everyone will be getting money back due to some made up legislation or something. Now if this was even remotely true, why the fuck are these people ebegging and doing sponsorships? It makes no sense. I also hate how kju anons use old tired memes like Pepe and unironically use the term normies. They so remind me of a 13 year old who is trying to act cool and edgy but looks super retarded instead. Don't even try to talk to them nicely. They are so batshit insane that if you question any of their beliefs, they go into heavy defense mode. They literally think they "won the argument" if you stop talking/get annoyed at them. They are a cancerous cult. Dumb part is you could expose how this was just a ruse and people would still stand with it because how dare the world not work the way they want. Fucking lemmings.
TLDR: dumbass rant against certain "conspiracy theory group". I want to play Lemmings now.

No. 1333681

I'm sorry anon. I've actually been harrased at a work place too by a manager. He told me he needed to have a baby with me. He was so gross middle aged and had a wife and kids.

No. 1333688


No. 1333692

my stupid nigel has been being petty by ignoring me for 24 hours now and he has his status set to online so he knows I know he's around and talking to other people
I have no friends, he's the only person who I've got in my life - I wish I was able to make friends without my autism deterring people
need to try my hardest to make friends with other women because it's clear to me now that men have no emotional intelligence and only care about themselves

No. 1333693

There are no attractive moids in my city, can't I oggle just one? Is that to much to ask? I don't even want to interact. I wish I was into women but i am cursed being a straight female. Are there no cute mature men on this earth??

No. 1333701

File: 1662776803392.jpg (23.32 KB, 480x477, 1661829595139.jpg)

i'm afraid this is what my friend is thinking about me. my only close friend… i'm never venting to a friend againp

No. 1333706

Did u even read the post. Give consideration to ur friend, and she won’t think this of you.

No. 1333708

Me too anon. I have many toxic friends like this because im a good listener and apparently a pushover. We need to focus our energy on those who dont take without giving

No. 1333714

same situation nona wish we could be friends

No. 1333721

blocked the number of a bitch like this recently, feels good
been wondering why i attract these people so much and recently realized it's because im a good listener. what do? stop?

No. 1333726

I'm sorry nonnie, I wish we could too
same situation as in your nigel ignoring you, not having friends, or both?

No. 1333738

well hes not really MY nigel per se because i am single but yes both.

No. 1333742

True. Im gonna have to start setting boundaries or cutting her out once and for all, if she doesn’t stop. (So much for this long ass friendship)

No. 1333749

File: 1662779288605.jpeg (214.92 KB, 1152x2048, 8FC3309E-2759-44A5-8903-71EFC5…)

I wish I could find a kewl kewl kewl person to chill with to hang with to do the kewl things with. pic unrelatedd

No. 1333756

File: 1662779479474.jpeg (41.21 KB, 533x534, 42B3933C-3A6F-4DAB-B223-43F20F…)

aw my poor nona, I hope the idiot who's ignoring you comes to his senses and that you are able to make some nice friends too

No. 1333757

nah hes shit im thinking about either going full celibate and 4ever alone like i see a lot of nonnas on here say, they seem much happier. ive only had one boyfriend and slept with two guys (this one is the second guy and i even took his virginity at 23 RIP an L i know) and i think dealing with men is too much for me. i think i've had just enough and i think another man might ruin my mental health for good. im still in my early 20s so i could be celibate for 10 years and still find someone eventually if i change my mind.

No. 1333758

File: 1662779783671.jpg (29.38 KB, 567x542, 1653407827602.jpg)

holy fuck i feel like shit, absolute trash. why do i keep getting myself into situations? why? why did i get myself into this when i knew it was going to hurt myself? there it is, i'm hurting so bad. this shit really hurts, i knew it was gonna hurt but i had no idea it was gonna hurt THIS MUCH. wtf.

No. 1333759

File: 1662779891516.png (493.35 KB, 526x598, 1660048433375.png)

good call honestly

No. 1333763

ayrt I'm in sorta a similar scenario being in my early 20s only ever been with this one guy and lately he's been a drain on my mental health more than anything
maybe going the enlightened spinster route really is for the better, dealing with men is a burden

No. 1333764

File: 1662780076135.jpeg (101.37 KB, 700x734, 59EF6FD4-1AB8-4F65-B724-6B2425…)

Man theres alot of anons that can relate kek been friends since middle school with a bpd chan that only used me as someone to push her weird fetish shit on. It sucks because I tried to reconcile recently and was forced out due to me correcting certain things she seethed about. I hate knowing that I had to grovel on my knees to even be considered a person while she spent most of our friendship shitting on me. Never befriend “smart tortured souls” anons, most of the time they sperg out the moment someone else doesn’t believe in their crazy viewpoints or doesnt whole heartedly agree to everything they say.

No. 1333772

File: 1662780382461.jpeg (18.67 KB, 225x225, 69D5D92A-5A84-4FA7-A0EE-2FDF16…)

>tfw your best friend is back with her worthless moid again and is now ignoring you bc you refused to lend her money

No. 1333785

So yesterday I took my very first bong rip with my little sister (she's the family stoner) and it was really fun and I had a great time reconnecting with her since we barely talk.
But then today I got to work and was randomly chosen for a drug screening. FUCK MY LIFEEEE

Long story short, I was fired. Now I'm at home sulking and getting drunk by myself. It just sucks so much since I barely ever smoke weed but of course the one time I DO…fml

No. 1333792


but I’m too poor

No. 1333796

That's a pretty good idea, will especially free you up to make friends. I wish I had done it younger and enjoyed my 20s more.

No. 1333800

ayrt my issue is also that im definitely free to make friends but im also an agoraphobe NEET and have no money so its really hard to make friends when you dont go out or work. so if i end up in a relationship with a man its always going to be unbalanced because then its like im depending on them. i live with my mom and im applying for disability so things aren't that bad or lonely and i have a cat. i honestly don't think friends would help me for the same reason a partner doesn't. i just don't really connect with people often. i think maybe picking up more hobbies, reading more books, and some general learning might do me some more good. i do love to learn things from other people though.

No. 1333801

1) ask how she's doing and spend time talking it over with her
2) alternate between bitching and talking about things you look forward to or are happy about or find funny
3) ????
4) friendship

Never venting can be as dull as only venting.

No. 1333802

Everytime I think about being in a relationship with someone else, like an imaginary scenario where I find the perfect gf, I just get so sad and think about my ex instead. Guess I'm still not over my breakup. It feels like I'll never move on. It feels like I'll always have this regret inside me.

No. 1333804

How long has it been since you broke up? Hope you feel better anon.

No. 1333809

File: 1662784961026.jpg (15.73 KB, 272x238, tumblr_a13c125797972c50ba4083b…)

My dad keeps slamming the door as obnoxiously loud as possible just to be annoying and im considering spraying bug spray EVERYWHERE because he hates the smell of it. Dont fuck with me bitch

No. 1333810

We broke up 6 months ago but then our relationship dragged out after that, "trying to be friends". I thought I still had a chance with her to make things right during that time but it wasn't until last month she completely cut off contact with me and made it known she never wants to speak to me again. She doesn't even want me to look at her social media anymore and made all her accounts private. After that, I truly feel like it's over and I've just been processing my feelings in all of this. I don't know if I'll ever recover from this but I appreciate it, anon.

No. 1333811

a woman i vaguely knew who when i first met her was identifying as a lesbian, transed over covid and changed pronouns and her name. has been fundraising for top surgery and is apparently going through with it in a few weeks time. it makes me sad because when i met her she had received a prestigious overseas study scholarship but her plans got waylaid due to covid. i have no idea if she’s going to restart this program now that she can but from her instagram it seems like she’s more interested in doing drag king performances and advocating for “lgbt” causes with other unwashed white queers (you know the type).

the more vindictive part of me is sad that she kind of messed up her looks. she was a cute baby butch but now she looks like an overweight unclean queerio with a mullet and scraggly T induced facial hair and tiktok goth makeup. just hideous. i don’t understand why anyone would voluntarily choose to look like that. the top surgery is not going to help anything either

No. 1333819

Ah I am never letting someone psychologically fuck me up like that ever again

No. 1333820

Do it, say you saw a roach when you are actually referring to your dad.

No. 1333823

KEK, ok ill do it after he goes to bed. thanks for the idea

No. 1333826

Me neither sis. I'm done giving I am only taking from now on. My concerns will go inwards and my effort will only serve myself.

No. 1333841

I think I have been a great giver, I love to give and nature and are motherly like to my partners. I love cooking and cleaning for them when they come home. I think they've taken me for granted and now I will choose a woman worthy of me and that enjoys Giving. I'm done being a chaser.

No. 1333845

I'm the anon you first replied to earlier and wow we have a lot in common, I'm currently an unemployed shut-in living with my mom who also doesn't connect with people often
I hope you are able to make even one genuine connection with someone along with get on disability, I relate to your situation a lot so if it helps at least you know there are others out there like you

No. 1333849

wow, really wish we could be friends nonna! sending all the best luck your way too. a good encounter like this online gives me hope for the world ♥

No. 1333858

Wish I didn't have fucking social anxiety. I'm used to it at this point and have long accepted it, but when I sit down and face facts it truly brings down my quality of life by a lot. Talking and sending emails shouldn't be so fucking hard but these are monumental tasks for me; it's bullshit. I'm nervous all the god damn time and need to listen to music if I'm in a crowd to keep calm.

Worst of all, the first impressions I make on people are garbage because I'm shitting my pants throughout the entire interaction. It's difficult to string a sentence together when my heart is racing and my head seems to believe I'm in a life or death scenario. I just want to make friends!

Things are better than they used to be by tenfold, but I wonder what it's like to not be like this. Imagine not experiencing low grade misery during almost every social interaction. At least I'm able to not dwell on my fuck ups anymore, I guess. But embracing being awkward doesn't fix the issue, it's just cope.

No. 1333861

same! thank you kind nonnie, have a good night/day wherever you are!

No. 1333864

File: 1662787020037.png (30.55 KB, 716x836, 1659338595435(1).png)

On my second day of food poisoning. Shitty father (I won't call him dad anymore) didn't wear a mask, cleaned areas he touched and keeps blaming my mom for getting the whole house sick when she has had no symptoms at all. Maybe, just maybe I have a sore chest and can't breath in deep while you could is because I was laying down on my side and stomach for 24 hours exhausted? The fucking moid logic.
Instead of doing missed classwork I slept the first day, then wasted away surfing the net today. Only silver lining is I found 4 new amazing horny fics, 5 pics to add to my otp collection, and new character ideas for my video game that will release in 10,000 years. Yipee

No. 1333871

i love cece crossposing

No. 1333880

>Only silver lining is I found 4 new amazing horny fics, 5 pics to add to my otp collection, and new character ideas for my video game that will release in 10,000 years.
I relate so much kek I support you fellow procrastinator-chan

No. 1333942

File: 1662789290369.jpeg (21.32 KB, 268x275, 1602113045075.jpeg)

I study in this cooking class and I'm the youngest person in it, since most people going to the general school are between mid twenties and late thirties, I'm 19 at the moment. The class takes all the morning, so we go for lunch on certain hours. I usually bring my own food, but yesterday I decided to go with some lady who was selling sandwiches. While I was waiting for my order to get out, a group of older men approached me and began to ask questions out of nowhere; they where from the mechanic class, which is many blocks away from mine, so I didn't know any of them. Once my sandwich was ready, I told them goodbye and went to see my group on the cafeteria.

Our group was the only one in the cafeteria. We talked for a while until it was time to return to our class. While we were accommodating the tables and chairs, the same group from the mechanic class approached me again, this time with a new guy. He looked at least twice my age and like a Discord mod stereotype; obese, greasy unkept hair, neckbeard, clothing with food stains, you get the idea. I tried to not mind it much, because I just needed to finish with the chairs and leave quickly, but one of the men tried to introduce him to me, telling me how I'm a little lady and the obese guy, who he called a gentleman, wants to talk to me, but he quickly pulled out his phone and began to play on it without saying anything. I was feeling uncomfortable, so I told them that I needed to leave, but the same guy kept telling me that I should give patience to the obese guy because he is shy. My classmates told me that I should stay and try to talk to him, but I refused because, again, we all needed to work, so we left. On our way to the classroom, my classmates were talking about how he seemed to like me, and how cute it would be for me to find love, while I was cringing in the inside.

Later on, the class was over and it was time to go home. I was outside the school and was waiting for my brother to pick me up. I sat down on some bench while trying to call my mom, until I noticed how the fat guy was staring at me from a different bench, not doing anything, just staring. Luckyly, my brother and mom came quickly to take me home.

Anons, am I overreacting by feeling disgusted by this guy? I don't want to talk to him, I don't want him to even look at me. I'm sorry if this is written messily, but tomorrow I go back to school and I'm actually middly scared.

No. 1333945

No, you not wanting to interact with some obese creepy fucker is not an overreaction, I would get fucking scared too

No. 1333948

Nah, that's a normal reaction. Next time tell all the idiots pressuring you to talk to this guy to give him a chance themselves if they think he's so good and leave you out of it.

No. 1333949

no, that's totally a reasonable reaction to like multiple people trying to set you up with a stranger you don't want to be around.

No. 1333952

What the fuck, this is so fucking creepy. What the hell is wrong with everyone at your school? jesus christ. I don't even know what advice to give you, sorry nonny. Just know that you're completely justified in finding it extremely disgusting and scary (not just the fat old autistic guy, but the way the others act about it too). I can't think of any logical reason why they'd all try to set you up with him wtf

No. 1333954

this is gross and sounds like they're ganging up on you. maybe it's better you don't go back because they'll try to guilt you into dating the ugly fat fuck

No. 1333960

What the fuck why does this fat piece of shit have so many enablers? I'm so sorry. Maybe next time just say "I'm not interested." Nothing more than this no sorry and no excuses and try to leave, even if it feels scary. If they keep pushing just repeat the phrase. Don't be afraid, just clear and leave no reason to doubt or they will attempt trying to keep grooming you. Fucking creepy.

No. 1333966

nonnies I keep having pooner thoughts and I don't know what to do. I've tried reading all the radfem shit I can but the feelings get more intense no matter what I do. I keep thinking about it even while I'm trying to do hobbies and school and shit and its distracting. I don't wanna be a TiF ;-;(;-;)

No. 1333967

No, always trust your instincts when they tell you something is off anon.

No. 1333975

>What the fuck why does this fat piece of shit have so many enablers?
NTA but I'm guessing it's because he's visibly autistic, she did mention that he began to play on his phone when he was supposed to talk to her kek. Maybe everyone is just trying to be really, really nice to him and they think giving him a(n unwilling) "girlfriend" is going to fix him. Of course, not even taking her feelings or opinions into account because coddling autistic males is more important

No. 1334000

Run nonnie you don't owe a pathetic scrote like that anything. You're young and they think impressionable so they are trying to take advantage of that fact. Everyone who's cheering on this retarded scenario with a lame scrote who can't be bother to put his best foot forward is only doing so because they're glad it's not them. If I were there with you nonnie I'd tell those degenerate old men to fuck right off.

No. 1334002

I've been crying so much, I don't have any tears left to shed.

No. 1334007

I have this moid friend I've known for over two years and while we were never super tight I always liked him a lot. We eventually ended up in a fwb situation and it was honestly the best sex and relationship agreement I've ever had. I loved having amazing non-commit sex on demand, I was so content with the situation. But then few months in he met someone and obviously we went back to being just friends. But I can't get him off my mind I want to jump his bones so bad, no one compares to him. I hate having to enter the dating game again or being celibate, those are really my only two options at this point, both of which are bad. I keep hoping he breaks up with the other woman.

No. 1334012

Why do you want more sex, isn't it enough with having had sex with him multiple times already? I would be content with just the memory and the feeling of not regretting not getting to fuck him tbh


Can you get a restraining order or anything against him?

No. 1334015

Moids are disgusting if you have people or family you can discuss this with irl I would suggest doing so so they can help support you if you decide to go to the police because you don't feel safe.

No. 1334018

I'm friends with a schizophrenic girl and I'm not sure anymore how I'm supposed to go about our friendship. We've been friends for over a decade and she's been in an out of mental health facilities quite often during that time.
Recently, she got the worst I have ever seen her. She claimed she is spiritually enlightened after meditating and that she saw god and demons and all sorts of crazy stuff. She sent me several messages about it and I had no idea how to respond. Am I supposed to feed into her delusions and affirm all of what she's saying or am I supposed to tell her the truth, that this is all in her head? The worst part is that she's asking a spiritual subreddit about this stuff and most of the people replying are telling her not to go on medication because it will "cause mental illness". I mean i'm not a huge advocate for meds either, but as soon as she started taking them her psychosis ended (which she also told me herself). She also told me that she knows that I think it's all in her head but that I just don't get it cause i'm not spiritually enlightened.
Now she is telling me she will stop taking meds and is looking for a "spiritual guide". She is also going through a phase where she is desperately trying to find a man (on tinder, nonetheless) because she thinks that will cure her. I don't know what to do or say to her, to be honest.

No. 1334019

i'm honestly scared for your life or any women in your friend's circle because he sounds like a mass shooter in the making

No. 1334032

this. please take care nonny.

No. 1334038

Not OP but something very similar has happened to me and this is exactly it. Everyone can tell that this guy is an enormous loser and probably autistic, and for some reason older people like to coddle and try to “fix” these types of men. “Fixing” him could include a makeover but usually just revolves around giving him a girlfriend. The feelings of the girl in question don’t matter because she’s not a person, just a pretty object to present to this guy who they think has had such a bad start life. If he were a child with Down’s syndrome they’d be trying to get him a ride on a pony or a meet-and-greet with Spider man. Because he’s an adult man, he gets gifted a woman.

No. 1334046

I've been living on autopilot just letting life happen to me for the past several years because I'm just tired of trying & sick of failure. I think my spirit is broken

No. 1334054

Fuck same lol. I don’t even try anymore I just failed too many times and I’m a liability and a disappointment. So I just watch as the days go by, too uninspired to try

No. 1334057

Unfortunately, people think there's hope for autistic adult males and it's really sad that they are so delusional and that they have to make normal women suffer for their sake. At least ask the woman if she wants to take part in it, damn.

No. 1334082

Give yourself more time. Six months doesn't sound like a very long time to me (especially if you were in a long term relationship), so hopefully you're not trying to push yourself move forward by force. Also since you attempted to be friends after the break up (and thus presumably were in contact), it sounds understandable to me that you're still reeling from it all. I also broke up with my gf a bit over six months ago, and while I don't want her back, I do sometimes remember the fun we had around this time last year and feel like shit. I think it's because now that I'm single, I don't have that one special person to chat and talk about mundane day-to-day life with, and I'm missing the secure and stable feeling of a relationship. Thankfully I have friends, but it's not quite the same thing. I've also been seeing this new woman I'm catching feelings for, but I'm insecure whether she'd like to be exclusive with me (I'd like to ask her F2F but she's out of town rn)… so now that I'm feeling insecure and pessimistic about this, I'm circling back to thinking about the stable feeling of happiness I had in my last relationship, if it makes sense. Dating is shit but I'm still holding out hope I can find a long term relationship with a woman who'd be as into me as I am into her lol

No. 1334101

are they allowed to have random drug tests? wtf

No. 1334106

Ayrt and they do this to autistic women too, probably even moreso. After all we’re no better than him, we should know how he feels, we should have empathy etc. We’re expected to be their caretakers and to lift them up but ask for nothing in return, because that would be ableist.
I hope anon gets away from this guy and the people ganging up on her. Sexual harassment on behalf of someone else is still sexual harassment.

No. 1334122

I used to think guys were assholes for how suddenly they'd disappear from my life after a break up but honestly.. thats when the healing starts. Your timer starts now. Its understandable that its still this fresh for you right now.

No. 1334132

I hate that even though I'm not reclusive anymore and have good friends that I like spending time with, I'm still socially awkward and say the wrong the things without meaning to. One of my friends isn't talking me because she thinks I implied that her husband has a small penis. My other friend who was there when it happened thought it was funny and told me not to worry about it. I still feel bad about it though.

No. 1334139

File: 1662807052596.png (1.21 MB, 1274x1511, Mel_Arcane_2_Render.png)

In a few months im gonna be going to a convention and cosplaying for the first time ever. Ive been looking through black characters to cosplay and stuff but like,goddamn. Black girl characters,like recent,semi popular ones are few and far between. Also why do people only ever seem to know how to make strong black somewhat masc black women. Im so tired. Overwatch especially pissed me off with this behaviour. So many cute,appealing designs but they acted like they were allergic to black women til they were ready to move on to overwatch 2 and when we finally did get a black character it was sojourn!!? Shes not cute at all. Her design is so bland and boring,her colors are washed out,her skin is the same tone as her clothes. I thought when they finally made a black character shed be cute spunky and fem but NO! Everytime we get a fucking butch chick or something. Trying to find a character to cosplay has made me realize that theres a lot of this kinda stuff. Like skullgirls has been around for ever,still adding characters to the roster but not a black chick in sight! Like,what the hell? Im glad that everyone's getting represented but jeez man everyone seems to think black guys are so interesting and fun to create characters of but i guess black women can just go kick rocks. Its so dumb i really shouldn't care so much.

No. 1334184

sending you love because SA makes my life really bad too. I can never show my real self completely, it's like living a lie and being constantly restrained

No. 1334201

I'm not a lesbian but I don't want to live with a man, I'm a virgin and I don't have that much interest in real sex, I'm only in love with the idea of a man and I know irl men suck. I don't want to have kids either. But I'm scared of ending up alone and homeless, everyone around me is settling down and having relationships and friends, most of them will have kids in the future, all of this creates this safety net for you. I have none of these things, no one would take care of me if I got sick, no one would even visit me at the hospital, no one would call me. Past a certain age, doctors won't even care about me if I'm alone and childless. So many times I heard from doctors that I have to take care of myself because I'm still young and I have to have kids. When I'm no longer young and I still have no kids, they simply won't care that much. I'm really scared of dying alone. I don't know what would be the best option to live a life for someone like me. Becoming a nun? I don't know. I'm too autistic for normal life, everything is so hard for me; work, groceries, taking care of myself, remembering things, talking to people in a way that they can actually understand what I mean. Sometimes I'm jealous of the autists who have parents and they simply do everything for them, handling all the formalities. I wish I haven't been born honestly. Nothing good has ever happened to me

No. 1334210

You’re exactly like me anon, minus the autism part. I never had a romantic relationship for various reasons: as a teen my parents were super strict and controlling and would threaten me with shit if I ever got involved with a boy. So I internalized that. Once I got older I had a collection of trauma due to my dad and got educated about feminism and now I can’t imagine actually dating a moid because of my deep hatred, fear and lack of trust. Im in deep deep depression and I feel so lonely too but I don’t want a scrote. I totally get you on the being alone part cause who’s gonna be there for me? I’m from a religious, conservative family on top so I can’t even do that whole living alone lifestyle even if I wanted to. I see many posts like this and I always wonder what happens to women like us. Some will probably settle especially if they don’t actually hate moids but I genuinely wanna know how straight women like me live. Sorry for talking about myself but I just wanted to demonstrate how you’re really not alone. I’m really sorry you suffer like this anon. I hope you can at least find a group of female friends or something.

No. 1334213

I hate myself and my life so much. I see so much of myself in my family

No. 1334214

I mean i see so much of my family in me. Can’t even type right

No. 1334220

It's never too late to distance yourself and become more confident in your individuality anon. Hope it comes to you

No. 1334225

Ur not alone nonnie, I'm in the same boat as u. I don't want a man but at the same time I wonder what will become of me when I'm old. But just remember there are plenty of old women who gave everything to kids and husbands and friends and yet in old age they're rotting away alone in nursing homes. Having kids is no guarantee you'll have someone around to care for u in old age. I'd say half my elderly patients always show up alone and I can never get in contact with their kids because they don't gaf about their parents anymore.
I'm just going to save up as much money as possible and make end of life plans with a lawyer in case I lose my mind. I'm just hiring a caregiver to take care of me in old age.
And as for having a moid, moids take so much from you in relationships it's not worth getting one if you don't need one. Moids usually bail when you get sick anyway and married women live shorter lives than unmarried ones so fuck it I'm staying single with cats.

No. 1334227

The grass isn't greener tbh. I feel more 'home security' rn while single and paying my own mortgage than I did while living with partners. I'd to up and move to an area with very cheap house prices in order to pull this off but its been worth it. I've had 2 serious long term live-in relationships before. One ended so suddenly that he completely blindsided me and then left me to pay our shared lease alone. I didn't have it in me to try and legally chase him. I don't think it would've worked out much better if I had anyway. Then the guy after that had an affair and I was paying rent to live with a cheater because.. I was stuck in a lease with the guy and leases don't care what's going on in your relationship.

I've a friend with a one year old baby who has just been dumped and moved back in with her parents. She needed police to help her collect her things because hes not being civil with her. Thats the home security you get. Can be ripped out from under you at a moments notice.

No. 1334234

“What about when you grow old?” Is the greatest scam question in history. Let’s ignore that your husband would (and should, naturally) die BEFORE you, men literally never do any sort of caretaking. All of the elderly couples I know, the man is a bedridden burden and the 90 year old woman has wipe his ass or pay for someone else to wipe his ass. Men’s hivemind rules means they will only go after women younger than themselves, so it’s guaranteed they will become dead meat when you actually need a helping hand. They’re also notorious for abandoning their wives when they get cancer or other serious/terminal illnesses. It’s a trick question. What will happen to you when you grow old? I don’t know, but I don’t expect a man to make my life even worse.
The only people I’ve seen support their aging mothers were daughters.

No. 1334241

Unfortunately I agree with this post.
The best you can do is take care of your health so you will be healthy and mobile as long as possible.
With connections and dying alone idk. I guess it's good idea to get used to being alone so it won't hit you in old age, though people who are alone in old age tend to die faster and develop mental illnesses, it's really sad sight.
In past people lived in communites so dying alone without help wouldn't be a problem as it is now. Modern times truly fucked society and connections between people.
I sometimes watch korean videos and often see how eldery people live in villages often meet and spend time together, we would need something like that.

No. 1334246

File: 1662819464079.jpg (62.13 KB, 800x450, lisa.jpg)

Today I was getting ready for work and I noticed my work jeans were totally worn out around the back. I swear to god if I've just been walking around with my underwear out forever I'll fucking kms, everyone here is fake as hell and they all have it out for me. Nobody has ever seen my underwear before so the thought of them seeing it against my will is actually fucking me up. Why didn't anyone tell me

No. 1334250

Time to quit

No. 1334259

File: 1662820094556.jpg (68.8 KB, 736x507, 614d4a0012a3b6ff724487f5df1533…)

This. I've posted before, I've worked in hospice and other roles and the married women with kids often had the saddest, loneliest deaths. There is no guarantee even with a living husband that he will visit you at end of life beyond what his kids pressure him to do. The best ones were the ones who had close daughters and good friends they met through organizations or church etc.

A husband is absolutely no guarantee at being less lonely in old age. The best thing they can do for you is help your retirement financially and even that is a huge risk as if you go the housewife route you aren't putting anything into retirement and hoping he doesn't divorce you or cheat. If you are working and saving you will be safe, maintain your friendships (never too late to build them through hobby groups) and don't be afraid. Enjoy your youth on your terms.

No. 1334260

>“What about when you grow old?” Is the greatest scam question
Agree. It's used to put pressure on women to marry or procreate whether we truly want that or not. I don't want kids or a typical marriage set up. I might date but I want to keep my own home. I'm not going to spend the best/healthiest decades of my life pushed into mom and wife mode all because someday I hope someone will return one hundredth of that effort and care for me a lil in return. Its not fair on kids either to be born as some form of future security for you.

There's people who are paid to care for the elderly. Privately or otherwise. You can have nurses sent out if you get ill or you can be placed in a facility. There are state paid fallbacks even if you don't have savings to pay for it. I don't see that as the end of the world if it comes to that. And thats a big 'if'. My mom died in her 50s and my dad was useless when she got sick. Me and my siblings had full time jobs and lived a distance away. We could only do so much for her after all she did to care for us. She spent her life giving all her time to others and then died pretty quick.

No. 1334262

Worn out how? I doubt youd ignore pieces of material uncovering your entire ass and if it was the usual material rip around the crotch this kind of thing is not immediately visible, so hopefully maybe no one saw!

No. 1334266

I can't, I've been here too long and I need the health insurance. I'll just cope with this by becoming even more bitter and hateful

All you nonnas check the integrity of your pants regularly, I thought it couldn't happen to me since I'm not even thicc but it can happen to anyone who buys cheap stretchy jeans to work in. Learn from my mistakes

No. 1334275

I’m losing my mind nonitas. Uni has been such an isolating experience for me it’s unreal. I’m losing my friends to the gender cult and every time I meet a new person through a course we’re taking together I find out they also are genderists. On insta and twitter they all post anti terf stuff from time to time and it just makes me feel so shitty. I constantly have to hide my terf side or fight the urge to say something gender critical in class. I always end up having to distance myself from them cause I can’t pretend even for a second to agree with them. I hate that I can’t just be myself because of blue haired bored middle class narcissists and trannies.

No. 1334281

They just want to scare us into producing more worker ants

No. 1334282

File: 1662820873982.jpg (668.98 KB, 1600x1155, old-blue-jeans-texture-backgro…)

It looks like this, but they're black jeans and the threads are black so I didn't notice anything until now. It's really nice of you to post a reply like this, I feel like my entire butt was basically out and I'm really embarrassed. Maybe they just came apart in the dryer and the holes weren't so bad when I was wearing them? Aughhh I hate the fact that other people can visually perceive me why

No. 1334299

I know a guy with mental health issues who is getting real deep into spirituality lately and it's worrying but people can't say shit to him. He has a history with addiction, both alcohol and a mix of various drugs. Idek what he's diagnosed with on paper but he explained that years of substance abuse has just left him with perma-psychosis now even when hes clean.

The issue is, addicts are often told to use god or spirituality as a tool to help give them strength so hes in this awkward spot of being pushed towards that.. and also being someone with psychosis who gets delusions and loses touch with reality. I hate seeing it and being in this position where I can't say anything without it coming off as disrespectful to his beliefs. His family aren't doing anything. Hes looking into ayahuasca now and thinks it'll be the thing that fixes him.

No. 1334317

I think you should tell her the truth, and tell her you’re concerned for her safety that even if she thinks she’s enlightened she’s in a physical plane and needs to do physical plane things like be stable on meds and work for survival.

No. 1334327

>i see so much of my family in me
Same nona. It sucks how so much of what you are as a person is shaped by your home life. The bright side is, we have the power to change that about ourselves right now.

No. 1334338

I think my ex-bf broke up with me because I'm narcissistic and I didn't even notice it until now. He would give me signs that he wasn't interested and then signs that he was and I didn't take his feelings into consideration and kept on pushing him to pursue this relationship with me. I know from friends that he's happier without me and while I wish form him that he's happy because he has to deal with a lot of mental illness it also makes me kinda angry to know that he is. I feel like shit and I feel like I can't talk about it without being narcissistic again. I just don't know

No. 1334340

Also there's a big exam coming up for which I have to study but I can't make myself do that because I'm too caught up in self pity

No. 1334346

this is truly the future males want… women aren't even allowed to speak out… nonna i think you should be more outward with it in some ways, you can sneak in more terfy opinions and say them in a "lib fem" way. like you can get those girls on your side and maybe you'd end up meeting other people with your same opinions! it just takes one person to speak out!

No. 1334363

That sounds rough, I'm sorry. You can't change the past but you can keep moving forward with the new information you have. Try to be nice to yourself too though because self flagellation isn't productive at all

No. 1334396

I’m done with iPhone. I’ve been having trouble putting songs on my phone like with songs cutting off at 1:20 minutes and albums missing multiple songs. I hate the “syncing” process and prefer to use an SD card.

No. 1334415

I'm abroad, I'm supposed to take the plane tomorrow morning, and I'll go back to work the day after and the flight will most likely be cancelled because Aer Lingus is having huge issues right now. Almost all of today's flights were canceled. Azealia Banks was right, fuck Aer Lingus, fucking retards.

No. 1334419

my long term bf broke up with me out of nowhere, he ignored me for a few days and then this morning messaged me he wants to break up and wouldn't even talk things out, we were planning on eventually moving in together and getting married
I feel like dying, I lost the only person in the world who I thought cares about me
I don't have anyone in my life to talk to, this vent thread is all I've got, I wish I knew someone who could give me advice or support, I really need a friend right now more than anything

No. 1334428

he said it's the little things I do that make him angry and he refused to even elaborate or give examples, what the fuck did I do? why can't he stay with me and tell me whenever I'm doing one of those "little things" so I can stop?

No. 1334433

Bitches will be like “omg female friendships! Girl gangz!” and then only talk to other girls when their boyfriends aren’t around

No. 1334437

Planning to get married before you've even moved in together seems like he might've been feeding you empty bs about your future. Sorry anon. I've been blindsided by a breakup before. Making big plans one minute and hes just done the next. It fucks you up when you dont see it coming.

No. 1334440

I hate people so much that I feel like it’s getting self-destructive. I can’t stand any of my classmates and I feel like no matter how well I do in my classes and projects, I will never get any sort of scholarship because they expect “leadership skills” aka the ability to be an outgoing normie that loves people. I want nothing to do with other people especially the trannies and genderspecials in my class.

No. 1334442

Damn anon… do you really have no one to reach out to? Don’t internalize whatever it is he’s saying. He’s 100% making shit up to justify wanting to break up, it doesn’t matter if you’re willing to placate his “reasons”. Anon are you sure you don’t have anyone who may offer you support even if you think that they don’t care that much?

No. 1334455

we weren't planning out the wedding or anything but he made it clear he wants to eventually marry me, and we were supposed to move in together next summer
I'm never trusting men again
no, my family doesn't care about me and I live with my mom but she'd just make fun of me and say "I told you so" since she's always hated him and she doesn't like me that much either
I don't have any friends, I've posted my info in the friend finder thread here to try and make some before he broke up with me but now I feel I'd be a burden on anyone who reaches out since I need support…

No. 1334474

If you'd like a friend to vent to, I'd be willing to lend an ear. I'm truly sorry to hear that he blindsided you like that. I read about those types of things all the time on here - about how men blindside and cut women off so easily. It seems so surreal.

No. 1334484

>he made it clear he wants to eventually marry me
If you're not even living together yet then dissmiss empty talk like this. Or see it as a red flag. These are the exact same men who dump you in a heartbeat because that's not just realistically how people approach it. There's relationship stages for a reason. I don't know if he thought talk about marriage would butter you up but that's fucked.

No. 1334494

I never thought it would happen to me and suddenly it did, all the other nonas who choose to avoid men and remain single are saving themselves a lot of heartache
I'd feel bad messaging someone since for the next few weeks or maybe even month I'll probably be pretty down and too anhedonic for my hobbies and stuff until I start feeling better, but if you or any kind soul is willing to reach out anyways I posted my email in the friend finder thread with a kamikaze girls pic the other day
we are each other's first relationship and even way before we started dating he would always mention how the only thing he wants is to find someone to marry and spend the rest of his life with, now he's done a 180 and wants to be alone
we would've moved in together already but I'm an unemployed uni student and he's also in school and not working full time, though maybe it's for the better we didn't if he was just going to freak out and dump me over nothing either way

No. 1334529

Download foobar

No. 1334557

Being more worried about your own self image than your child's health is so pathetic. It's not my family, so looking in from the outside I can really see how wrong and sick it is. I had my own issues with my father being awful growing up, but at least growing up working class meant I never had to deal with so many people who want to micromanage everything I do, think, and say because of what my last name is. Being an adult and meeting well off people who were raised by parents like this has been surprising, but it also makes me so sad and pissed off. I already know there are people with money who think they have the right to treat others however they want, but to even treat your own children like accessories that need to be part of your reputation at all times even in their adult life is so disgusting. When I hear stories like this from people or find someone beating themself up and find out this is the reason why I get so angry on their behalf. Even if my parents had wanted to give me the help I needed they couldn't have paid the price, but these people were raised by affluent parents who could have done everything for them but didn't because they were worried about what having a child who is different or has some medical label would do to their reputation, to me that's so much worse. It isn't based in a lack of education or ignorance but just bold faced selfishness and cruelty, and then the same people will turn around and give money to some social cause and talk about how empathetic they are. There's no excuse at all for it.

No. 1334562

I think my ex is literally one of those DARVO people. And it's actually mind-blowing to think I let his criticisms get to me. Don't mind me just posting about an ex I should of gotten over years ago

he's on reddit accusing me of sexually assaulting him, presumably because he did sexually assault me.. (idk if it would be considered assault, he videotaped me w/o me knowing)

he keeps saying shit like YOU PROLONGED ME FROM KILLING MYSELF UNTIL YOU LEFT THEN I TRULY GOT BETTER and WHY DONT U TAKE CARE OF MY CAT U stole from me instead of harassing me on the internet

bitch you're telling strangers on the internet i sexually assaulted you. you fucking lying ass freak

but at least now, i realize there is literally nothing that he will do to try and change himself and nothing i say will change him. Nobody believes his bullshit and I'm trying to clear my name with a nobody who is going to go nowhere

this whole month has been me feeling extremely spiteful and now i realize i have to let go and just let him prolong his own suffering..

No. 1334574

Recently moved from my home country to a different one for work and having trouble adjusting.
I'm from the capital where a lot of people come from neighboring countries to work. There's public transport, schools, kindergartens and so on obviously, but for the most part there aren't many families there due to high cost of living and lack of community.
My new city is the exact opposite and I really can't wait to move back. Everything here is family friendly, which is nice and all, but I'm getting really tired of dodging toddlers who run around with their parents just chatting and not looking after them, having to watch out for prams and screaming babies in cafés where I'm just going to relax, having to pretend I don't see the women publicly breastfeeding in the middle of a lunch restaurant so I don't accidentally make eye contact with them and seem like I'm staring, and trying to pass by groups of moms hogging entire sidewalks by walking next to each other and pushing massive decked out prams.
People here are also lacking in manners, they will stand in front of a makeup display and block it with their pram, many won't go outside to soothe their baby when it's crying loudly and will instead just pretend it's not happening. All libraries here are also child-friendly so I'm struggling to find a single space where I can exist in peace without families yowling, screeching and being a nuisance.

I can't say this out loud ever because people look at you like you're a monster if you so much as imply that you find screaming toddlers annoying.

No. 1334578

I'm annoyed my ex dumped me without an actual conversation but it's been a week now and it's the longest I've went without seeing him since we met and I've needed this time to process. He was very full on and exhibiting a lot of red flags but I had been starved of affection for years and was just going with it. We had similar interests but completely opposite upbringings and I think that's the issue. I'm financially secure and he isn't. After I got dumped and tried to talk to him he just kept giving me speeches about his hardships, his upbringing etc etc. He never really asked me about me. I said as much. He claimed he loved me but he didn't care to ask me about my past at all. Yet when I get dropped he's lamenting about his past. My birthday is next week I wonder if he didn't want the hassle of it.

No. 1334579

>he videotaped me w/o me knowing
thats a crime and i bet he shared the revenge porn tape somewhere or thinking of sharing it, you could sue him for that.

No. 1334588

What happened to the old celebricow anons, did they all leave?

Now when i ask which thread pic or name we should nominate for the next thread no one replies (i guess because they dont know what it means??).
We literally used to ask all the time in the celebricow threads which thread pic to nominate and now its rarely asked and when someone asks no one replys.

Either way someone give me suggestions what to name the next celebricows thread.

No. 1334590

>kamikaze girls
It's been on my backlog for many years… Yes, of course I messaged you. Don't worry about not being able to reply or talk much for the time being though. You take care of yourself.

No. 1334607

you should watch it! very quirky cute and fun movie, it's one of my favorites
thank you I really appreciate you being so nice and reaching out, I'm just sulking and feeling awful right now but I'll definitely get back to you sometime today

No. 1334612

it’s saddening to see how much backlash halle bailey is getting for being casted as ariel. people are just looking for an excuse to bash black women, they wouldn’t have paid this kids’ movie attention otherwise.

No. 1334613

>come from work
>absolute shit day
>want to play to relax
>storm starts
>power goes out for a second
>comes back but it's still storming outside
>turn it all off just in case

I'm so fucking pissed, I've been waiting to play the whole week. I'm either at work, gym or studying. Haven't touched a game in a month and now that I have time it starts to fucking rumble outside. Aaargh

No. 1334616

its a very small number of people complaining but they are loud and complaining about it everywhere.

No. 1334632

I wouldn't care if I didn't know it was going to factually suck just like the blackwashed Annie remake sucked despite how much effort they put into it. Can't wait to watch it and cringe my way through some crappy remixes of old songs while they introduce new songs nobody will remember once they leave the theater

No. 1334638

File: 1662835079506.gif (2.29 MB, 427x273, B5D29DAD-4288-4ADE-A2F2-24AD34…)

fujos on this website finding the worst thread pic imaginable for the vent thread every single week

No. 1334641

File: 1662835247503.gif (725.49 KB, 498x266, kikis-delivery-service-tired.g…)

My mom came over and started to talk about how I should invite all of my friends over and have a nice birthday party. Yeah, my birthday is coming up, but I don't necessarily want to invite all of my friends over. There's only one friend I want to spend time with, and I'll make the best of my birthday with her.

No. 1334668

I can see both sides of how Disney mishandled this to make up for Aladdin. They should have waited till they had a full cast list at least to announce it and given the outcry from Aladdin time to die down instead of trying to get the world racist out of everyone’s mouths.
But I also don’t think She’ll do bad and I like that they still kept the red hair which is the important part to the original movie. She doesn’t deserve the toxicity or racism that should be directed at being critical of a large corporation for its manipulative PR spin.

No. 1334673

im a fujo and i hate the pics. is it so hard to find some pics of cats or what

No. 1334684

everyone on here is talking about celibate and leaving men behind. meanwhile im touching myself three times a day and badly need my insides rearranged. someone do something

No. 1334726

damn anon that's not healthy

No. 1334735

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who actively loves Enstars and isn't a 15 genderspecial

No. 1334740

Nannies, I just don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I have a college degree and have been working ever since I graduated but trying to find a new wfh job, literally any shitty call center, and I just keep getting rejected. Ik my resume is decent looking too, it's disheartening and I don't understand why am I not good enough????

No. 1334742

File: 1662839836475.jpg (450.24 KB, 1563x962, 1661314237727.jpg)

Anons, I confess. I've been a pile of shit. I have a childhood best friend I realize I've been ghosting her.
I just noticed she tried calling me and just seeing her picture in my notifications made me terrified. After I didn't even respond to her many DMs…but I feel like I don't have anything to say anymore.

My 20s have been awful. A few conditions have crept up on me (I also learned I literally have had obstructive sleep apnea my entire life which has caused damage to my body) and I'm still struggling with getting treatment. I've probably spent dozens of hours trying to get my insurance sorted and I'm still not done.

The other day I was just trying to place a simple order and, holy shit…I couldn't speak the words right. I kept getting confused, stumbling. I felt a bit of my soul dying. I can barely speak. I haven't had a conversation in months with anyone, and basically can just say simple things. No. Yes. I want that. Etc.

I am now afraid of being vulnerable to my friend in the way of talking to her. Back then, I had less issues and at least was able to get by.
I had years of grade school, a young semi-functional body (I felt like shit after being out 10 minutes but I was still capable of talking), and was forced to socialize. Now it's like I'm just some sort of creature.

A few weeks ago I saw her at the store and I got away as fast as I could without running. I was so ashamed. I was ashamed of how terrible I must have looked and I narcissistically wanted to freeze our past friendship in time because being completely honest, it is the only time in my entire life I've ever felt happy to be around someone? And at home? All the countless sleepovers, the hiking trips, the parties of two, the silly stargazing and…yeah. I want to freeze it. I don't want to ruin it with who I am now.

I plan to send her a DM apologizing and saying that I just have been feeling terrible and I'm not really sure if I can be her friend anymore. I will keep myself from saying, "I am not the girl you fell in love with anymore, I am just a bitter, tired old woman now", even though that's what I really feel.

And I feel evil. I am evil, really.

All I think about lately is the idea of killing myself. I am so exhausted and I feel so broken and ruined. I can't even talk or connect to anyone anymore. What the fuck is wrong with me? I hate myself so much. But I can't end it. I don't want her to ever hear about it.

No. 1334743

You should check out the Japanese community maybe? I don't play the game, but I have a Japanese friend who does and she's pretty cool.

No. 1334747

Have you had an experienced third party look at your resume? I looked at the resume of a friend who was struggling to find a job and it was terrible, but he didn’t realize it.
If you’re getting no interviews, the resume is the issue. If you’re getting lots of interviews but no offers, your interviewing skills are the issue.

Also consider that if your goal is terrible jobs you may be presenting yourself as overqualified.

No. 1334752

File: 1662840114816.jpg (18.69 KB, 259x259, 1648335477688~2.jpg)

i just realized i turned into a complete NPC. my life is boring and i have become boring. i have no hobbies or special interests, apart from listening to music and reading books once in a while. i used to be a huge weeb but now i couldn't care less about anime, manga or games. i can't pay attention to tv shows or movies. i even tried to study topics like feminism and philosophy and even programming but work is so tiring and consuming, so i gave up. all i do is endure work in a job i hate every everyday and call my bf at night. when he can't talk to me, i just lay on my bed feeling terribly bored and shitpost on lc until it's time to sleep. not even social media is fun anymore, instagram is specially despising. on weekends i do housework, drink alone and call my bf but it kinda sucks we're in a ldr. i don't even know when we'll be able to live together. i'm grateful for having all my needs met but it feels like something is missing.

No. 1334753

>I don’t want to ruin it
What is “it”? Because it sounds like “it” is 0 relationship at all. If you get together and find out you’re not compatible as friends anymore, fine, it’s not like that would nullify all the fun you had in the past.

No. 1334754

This made me cry. You're not evil nonna, you're struggling. I hope you'll send that DM, there's no guarantee your friend is in a place to rekindle the friendship right now but she will surely understand.

No. 1334757

Real question, how often do you force yourself to get out and do/experience things you’ve never done before? I’m specifically talking about new things.

No. 1334767

I bet your friend loves you, and would be willing to wait for you to adjust to the way things are now. The DM sounds like a good first step in explaining how you feel and why you avoid her, but don't "end" it, don't tell her you can't be her friend anymore, because in a month or a year you might find that you two can get back together and pick up where you left off.

No. 1334778

I did manage to meet some nice Japanese girls who had the same favorites as me but I can't help but feel that distance since my nip skills are limited + I'm shy. I know the JP community over there is just regular female otaku so I feel bitter that the EN one is nothing but the worst type of people kek

No. 1334779

almost never. i don't really have disposable income and almost no friends willing to go out with me.

No. 1334780

sounds like depression

No. 1334781

there's plenty you can do without disposable income.

No. 1334783

I've described myself as an npc too before, similar as you just without the work or bf part

No. 1334784

Shut up dr Twitter

No. 1334786

I'm sorry. I can relate somewhat because my latest ex also first started avoiding/ignoring me, lied and said we're okay when I tried to talk about and eventually left me out of the blue (okay, not really, because I'm hypersensitive to signs of rejection and kind of anticipated it). She agreed to talk about it with me afterwards at least though. I can only imagine how lonely it must feel right now, even though once time passes you might realize you're better off. But thinking everything is cool and then being thrown out of the relationship all of a sudden is really painful for sure. I've had my share of relationships and situationships where the other party just starts avoiding me eventually and/or then throws the decision to break up at me all of a sudden even if they'd just talked about the future plans etc. together not too long ago. It's kind of made me feel unlovable and like there is no hope for me in this regard

No. 1334787

A loss of interest in your interests is a sign of depression. Although I don't think music is a throwaway hobby. There's even people that don't listen to music. What's that about

No. 1334792

I had similar experience recently. I'm very sensitive to rejection too. Shit hurts. I hope we can find some stable men although how

No. 1334794

I wonder if my parents realize this is the fair weekend? My mother has not talked about it for over 2 weeks. Other events have popped up so wouldn't surprise me if she actually forgot. I don't go to it for my own reasons, but last year they went with a divorced guy with 2 kids. He's extremely weird and territorial when it comes time to spend with his kids. He makes a big deal spending time with them but usually just consist of them staying in his apartment watching whatever streaming shows. Doesn't go outside because he doesn't want to sweat. Use to be in the army and was deployed. He also makes a big deal saying his kids don't like many people. He clearly influences them because it's obvious. Despite everything, my parents like hanging out with him. He's declining my parents offer to hang out and while I'm happy they aren't hanging out with him, kinda irks me he is playing this game. He seems to use people until he deems they are no longer useful. Thankfully my parents are doing what they want this weekend. Just feel guilty because I know they would go with him if he wasn't being a melodramatic bitch.

No. 1334805

I've had more painful experiences with women in my personal life - ironically the one man I dated years ago was the most stable and secure one of my exes, even though I know that as a group of people moids ain't shit, hah. I'd like to meet a woman to have a relationship with but at this rate idk how and when that will happen. I'm bi but I don't want to date men, and with women I get my self-esteem hurt constantly and I'm left thinking my feelings and time don't matter. It hurts. I hope our luck will turn around nona, I wish for a stable guy to come your way because I feel your pain wrt rejection

No. 1334818

i miss my old bestfriend even though the way we fell out was ridiculous and unnecessary. It was basically due to some faggot who hated me because of his unrequited crush i had no idea of, pushing her to hate me more and more, riling her up during a falling out that shouldve been small. although the reason for us initially falling out was hurtful on its own, the way she drove it further down to crash and burn our friendship to this loser guy's satisfaction was fucking awful. In the end i've just distanced myself from everyone i ever spoken to relating to them and im just kind of left without anyone right now. which im fine with. but i still miss her. i miss having a bestfriend that felt like family, my family sucks and i have sisters that i dont even talk to cuz i guess they never cared about me or to have a relationship with me due to a big age gap. i miss having someone i felt so close to and genuinely loved and cared for, i miss having someone to laugh with and have fun with. i hate that she never properly tried to mend our friendship and work on it when the chance was given. even now i'd be happy to be friends again. all i ever wanted of her was to be a better friend after everything because i really felt a lacking in her as a good friend to me next to just upsetting me in some ways.. i dont know. i feel like it doesnt make sense. i just miss her and the good times we had, and i want them back but without all the bad things that ultimately ruined everything or that were draining.
i guess it never will happen though, she probably doesnt give a shit about me. i hope i can find people to genuinely love and care for as friends.

No. 1334832

I do lots of things alone without disposable income. Make a point to do something totally new at least once a week, ideally more often.

No. 1334851

Thank you so much anon, I appreciate your kindness.

No. 1334863

how is masturbating 3 times a day is against celibacy? I know I can make myself cum 3-4 times a day, an average man can’t do that his whole life

No. 1334873

goddamit the only time i ever have an appetite to eat enough to stay healthy is when i smoke weed. without it i almost never feel hungry and i fucking waste away i hate it i hate myself, i'm trying to recover from ed but this shit is so hard. i've run out of flower/oil for the past week and already have lost 6 pounds and i'm ashamed to admit it but i like the way i look but feel absolutely awful. guess this is what i get for becoming dependent on it to help me

No. 1334882

Right? lmao I'm not celibate because of a low sex drive. I want to have sex, I just don't trust any men with the privilege of access to my body.

No. 1334883

Wow nonnie, are you me? I have the same. You check cannabis withdrawal too, I get really sick when I don't smoke and was diagnosed with this too. Can't sleep or eat, I also have an ED tho but might provide clarity.

No. 1334885

yeah to make things worse he hasn't blocked me or removed me from his friends list so I keep sitting there staring at his username hoping he'll message me again and decide he wants to try and work things out
I left off our last message asking if he'd want to talk later when he's in a better mood and obviously got no response so idk whether to consider it over or give him a day or two and see if he will talk to me again
it really sucks, I'm sure it's not your fault and that you're lovable - my theory is the people who do ghosting/sudden breakup stuff like this have no emotional intelligence or something

No. 1334886

my neighbors kid screams her head off for over 20 minutes at least twice a day. just full-force screaming with all of her might, without pause, for 20 minutes. i put a timer once. i do not understand how a child can scream that much unless she has severe mental problems or is being abused. i can close my windows and all, but it's so concerning every time i hear it.

No. 1334888

File: 1662846736776.jpg (143.96 KB, 1024x572, 1410484357953.jpg)

NTA but I've been told my loss of interest in hobbies is a symptom of depression before, I can see why because it's textbook like pic rel. But I honestly think that losing interest in my hobbies causes me to feel depressed rather than the other way around. Like I realize deep down I'm a boring person who just wants easy, passive pastimes like watching TV rather than hobbies that require skill and effort or interests that require focus and active learning. When I manage to get a proper hobby that I actually enjoy I'm thrilled, but it never lasts because I hit a wall with how much effort I'm willing to put in, then revert back to being lazy and boring.

This anon >>1334752 does actually sound depressed though since she's lost interest in even shit like TV and social media.

No. 1334889

I'm torn between wanting to be done with scrotes altogether.. but then also having a high drive lately and not wanting my last (massively shitty) ex to be the last sexual experience I ever had. That's where I'm at. And I don't know if this is common but I have a much higher sex drive in my thirties than I ever had before.

No. 1334909

File: 1662847865462.jpg (345.1 KB, 828x861, IMG_1140.jpg)

sitting here paranoid as shit all because my stuff has been compromised nonstop this week, even with the security all in check. just this morning was my discord account- haven't even clicked on anything think im just unlucky LOL but now i just have this overwhelming feeling like someones out to get me, sure feels like it. what a silly reason

No. 1334910

ah thank you nona i feel so seen rn. i hadn't even considered that it might be cannabis withdrawal, but i'm having the same problems can't sleep right or eat. i hope you are doing okay and ty for replying to me!!

No. 1334912

hi nonnies same!!!! im currently quitting and im a week off dab/oil and i think i also may have the flu right now but im not sure if its just withdrawals. ive had really bad ones in the past especially coming off flower and years of smoking, but i've already quit like 3 times this year so thankfully my tolerance hasnt been insane. i think i should be out of the clear for most withdrawal symptoms because it has been almost a week, but im having awful fevers and chills and weakness. im currently having diarrhea atm too. its so been so hard for me to eat even WITH the thc lately because i just can never get enough into my system. i can get severely sick just in my sleep with no thc. but im convinced all these physical symptoms right now are the flu. last time i quit i felt amazing after a few days and my appetite was back and HUGE. do either of you have ARFID or know what it is? i never ever see anyone else talk about weed withdrawals so im sorry if im a bit too overexcited. i've been dealing with a major physical and mental addiction/dependence for 5 years with no sobriety in sight and i hate when people say shit like "its just weed its not a big deal". when i will smoke morning til nigh every day all day, thats NOT healthy im sorry. ive even had medical professionals and therapists excuse it and enable me because my state is legal.

No. 1334915

My heart breaks for you, because I know the feeling when you keep glancing at your phone, hoping the other person would message you and work things out or at least be willing to talk to you. It's shitty he not only broke up with you with a text (cowardice) but also refuses to talk things through and gives you the cold shoulder. I hope he'll at least come to his senses enough to give you an explanation, because it's haunting when a relationship ends and you don't even really understand what the hell happened. And thank you for your kind words nona. Maybe my problem is that when I develop feelings, I just want to be liked by that person so much that I become a bit of a people pleaser and put my needs aside. Which of course is the perfect recipe for getting hurt. I also agree with what you said about ghosting and dropping your s/o out of the blue. If I were the one wanting to break up, I'd like to talk about the possible problems with my s/o beforehand and be open about what I'm feeling. Not just let it those feelings fester in silence and drop the bombshell on them suddenly. Ghosting is also awful and it's surprising how bad even being ghosted by someone you're just seeing can feel, let alone if it's your partner doing the ghosting. I always let people I go on dates with gently and honestly because I don't want to make someone else go through the shitty feelings that come with ghosting

No. 1334919

I hate working in retail but I have to do it if I want steady income. Ugh, it was a fucking nightmare dealing with stupid people.

No. 1334929

A few years back I put a love spell on a scrote and I think it worked too strong. I moved back into the old neighborhood and ran into him again and now he's annoying and clingy and insists on how much he "missed me".

No. 1334936

Drop the spell nonnie.

No. 1334938

>"I'm looking for a high quality staple piece for my wardrobe, what do you think of this"
>posts a $3.27 piece of garbage from aliexpress

No. 1334942

A shit life lesson. If you're in a relationship and you find yourself mainly hanging on in there with him because you think your shared future will be be so much better than today was and yesterday was and all those other days were so far.. you have to assess how much of your life should be spent waiting for better days to come. If its not fulfilling you today then if probably wont magically change.

No. 1334945

he's been online all day too so he has time to talk to his other online friends but apparently can't be bothered to at least give me any clarity - his last message to me was "I don't want to do this anymore" while I was trying to talk it out with him why he is breaking up with me
>my problem is that when I develop feelings, I just want to be liked by that person so much that I become a bit of a people pleaser and put my needs aside
I did this too for multiple friendships and this (now over) relationship and they always end up shit, going forward it'll probably save both of us lots of sadness if we stop doing this - people will definitely take advantage and become selfish

No. 1334965

best thing to do (easier said than done) would be to completely forget about him. block him on everything and if he contacts you ignore/block it. he'll go insane (if he isn't cheating on you or when the fling falls through - this is a possibility to how he can do this so easily because he has somebody else to talk to on the same level/distract him)

No. 1334979

(is me from first post) WOWW anon i didn't even know what ARFID is and now i feel like i've been neglected and lied to my whole life because i'm pretty sure i've had this since i was a child and nobody's ever cared. it's making me wonder if that's the reason why i grew up to be so short, sickly and developed anorexia.
and don't worry love please sperg to your hearts content because i never see anyone talking about this either!! i've even been to the doctor several times for symptoms the same as thc withdrawals and told them i smoke A LOT and not once has it ever been mentioned to me. but i really hope that you're able to overcome the symptoms you're facing right now, it must be so shitty to deal with that and the flu at the same time. i'm wishing you all the best and thank you for sharing seriously!!! it makes me feel better knowing that other people are going through the same thing even though it fuckin sucks

No. 1334981

thanks for the advice, I can't bring myself to block him nor forget him yet… but after checking my email just now and seeing a few nonas from here reached out I don't feel as shit anymore at least

No. 1334989

also short and sickly and have developed ana so yea i feel you 100 percent. ive also lost some weight in the last week without thc, and one part of me is like kinda happy about it, and the other part is like fuck i was looking so healthy and sexy and now im gonna be an emaciated pale freak again. i've also struggled with ARFID my whole life and only learned about it in the last two years or so (actually thru lc, pixielocks thread i thinl). they say you "can't have body dysmorphia" with ARFID but thats straight up a lie, on reddit you can see a majority of females posting about also having BDD or a comorbid ED like ana or bulimia. the worst part is when people comment about your weight or straight up say you look sick. it always makes the issues 10x worse too. sending you love and recovery nonna ♥ its always nice to know someone else is going thru something similar!

No. 1334994

i am worried that i don’t actually like my boyfriend? he is very sweet and very kind and really tries his absolute best to be a good partner, and i honestly really don’t deserve someone so nice because i am so mean. but sometimes we hang out and every thing he does makes me cringe or irritates me or embarrasses me; it’s not like that all the time but it’s not infrequent at this point. we do still have fun, it’s not as though i’m miserable by any means, this is actually the best relationship i’ve ever been in but i fear that i only stay because he’s the only moid who has ever treated me well as a partner and not because we’re actually compatible. also i know that if we stay together my life will be easy and secure and safe in the future, he has a good job and plans for the future and tells me all the time that he wants to give me the world, and i grew up in such an unstable nightmare environment that the idea of knowing i will be safe long-term is incredible to me.

i feel like such a piece of shit. he’s so good, and i also really don’t think i’m ever going to meet another moid who will be similarly kind and stable AND willing to put up with my ceaseless bullshit because oh yeah i’m also Very Mentally Ill lol this man has dealt with so much ridiculous garbage because i’m insane, and he’s still so kind, he never even indicates that he’s exhausted when i know he has to be. being nuts really doesn’t help when i can’t tell if i’m self-sabotaging because i think i deserve to be miserable or if i really am a shitty enough person to be off put by my wonderful partner because i think he’s kind of a lame normie sometimes. he’s also about to be deployed for a year and like it feels dumb to break up with him when he’s about to leave anyway? it feels meaner to break up right before he literally goes to war than it does to stay in a not necessarily ideal relationship with a person that i know cares about me deeply and is going to need a support system

No. 1335025

I would break up with him since you don't love him. Not really fair to him.

No. 1335041

i love retail. chill as coworkers, nice work hours, stocking shelves is fun and the custoners are cute lads who get flustered when the cashier is nice to them

No. 1335057

Definitely sounds like you don't love him. Let him go. I'm sure you wouldn't want to be in a relationship where your partner stayed with you solely out of convenience.

No. 1335068

I feel like no one really likes me, that most people perceive as this arrogant dumbass or something, that i should just kys. I'm also too introverted and maybe people think i'm hiding something or that i should talk more, but I've no ill intentions and i value every nice person i come across. I wish i had friends too, males only like me because they want to fuck me and its getting insultingly obvious, and i'm too shy to approach women…i really wish i had female friends to talk to and vibe with like everyone else but i don't know if i'm too far gone, i feel very inadequate

No. 1335071

I'm starting to believe I didn't actually love my ex, because I didn't put in the work to let the relationship thrive and instead I soured it due to me being a horrible person. I feel an immense regret about it though, im so fucking retarded

No. 1335077


Anonda sounds like you are secondguessing something that didn't exist into existence. If you didn't love him you didn't love him.

No. 1335080


You sound cool as fuck, introverts forever

No. 1335081

What kinds of things did you not do to help the relationship?

No. 1335083

I'm at my wit's end with my sister. She is a pickme and her friends are all guys. Today she told me she was going on a roadtrip with three guys. Originally there was a girl who was going to go but she dropped out.

I told her that she should cancel the trip or else I'm going to lose respect for her for doing such a stupid thing. She says she doesn't want to cancel because she has already paid for the hotel and wants to spend time with her friends. She is so desperate for male approval.

I can't believe she is going to go ahead with this. It's insane for any woman to go on a trip with so many moids. I wish I knew a way to talk her out of this.

No. 1335089

thanks anon, i wish we could actually meet or something

No. 1335092

I'm the exact same as you but instead of thinking I'm perceived as an arrogant dumbass I feel everyone sees me as an annoying cringe sperg
if nothing else maybe you could try joining one of the servers in the friend finder thread or add some people from there? I know making friends with other women irl can be super difficult/intimidating

No. 1335097


Haha I know except I would turn red and haul ass! Keep being cool fremnd

No. 1335142

I always dismiss her feelings during arguments and I always stubbornly defend my point of view to admit that I had been wrong. I cared more about being right and protecting my ego rather than being caring and loving towards her when she's clearly hurt and upset. This made her cut ties/breakup with me a couple of times over some arguments we had only for me to come back and ask her to give me another chance. A toxic cycle. The final nail in the coffin that ended the relationship was when she asked me if I would stop loving her if she stopped losing weight. First I did not know how to answer, because I did not want to hurt her feelings, but somehow I let it out that "yes I would stop loving you" because of the "way you give up so easily". Then, I stubbornly defended my position, that the way she cut me off in the past was equal to this, that it was an incomptability of values if she disagreed with it. I now realize too late that the reasons she cut me off isn't even remotely equal to this. She cut me off because I had violated her boundaries, I would stop loving her simply because she would not do what I want. They are not the same. In retrospect, I did not actually think this way. I just wanted to make her feel that our relationship was only conditional. I wanted to hurt her in the same way she hurted me when I realized the love she felt for me was conditional the first time she cut ties with me. I was just blinded by petty revenge. The correct answer should have been that I should have supported her no matter what decisions she makes because I'm supposed to be her life partner.

Now, I'm just living the consequences of my actions. Hence, I feel an immense regret over everything. I know I am a shitty toxic person. I know I dont deserve her. I have been feeling so much guilt over the way I hurt her, I think I'll have this guilt inside me forever. I didn't realize that she came to me about an insecurity and I ended up validating it. I'm the fucking worst. Before we cut ties for good, she said to me that she (understandably) doubted my feelings for her, because a truly caring person who loves her would never have let this happen. Maybe I am starting to believe her…

No. 1335146

File: 1662863089466.jpg (15.52 KB, 567x425, 6fd36ac462e9b54e1153b161fc3dfe…)

I don't want her to come back, life had been so much better, I got more done and had more energy in that one week than in this entire year. I don't know how I'm going to welcome her without giving in to the impulse to jump out if the window or break out crying. Only 10 hours left, please kill me.

No. 1335147

FBI came to my house yesterday because of some threats I made and one of my closest friends deactivated all her stuff and cut me off because of it…Obviously she isn’t being illogical and I completely understand why she might be afraid or concerned that they’ll try to come interview her to try to find out more about me but I miss her a lot already. Emma if you’re reading this I love you don’t feel pressured to come back if you’re not prepared to

No. 1335148

Your friend sounds like a cunt

No. 1335155

what the hell happened?

No. 1335156

I don't get it, elaborate on this

No. 1335158

Are you okay anon? what's wrong?

No. 1335169

So the FBI came to my house because someone tipped off that I was a suspected terrorist cause I said something off the cuff about wanting to assassinate lil nas x, wanting to have a bigger attack than the mandalay bay shooting, wanting to outdo Saddam Hussein, and some other stuff about genocide.

The reason why my friend deactivated and cut me off was because I told her about the big stack of papers all the agents who visited my house had on me - it was a stack of like 50 sheets that had all of my tweets, a bunch of my friends tweets (saying similar stuff), and pictures of me that they got from my account so I think that when I told her that they might’ve had some pictures of her posts too it scared her and made her go into hiding.

I’m okay! I’m just really sad kek…it disappointed my husband really bad, it scared my friends, and it makes me look fucking legitimately insane being on an FBI watch list. Talking to y’all about it makes it a little easier kek.

Also I recorded the visit in case anyone would ever be interested in hearing it kek. It sounds like a bad screenplay.

No. 1335171

File: 1662864974338.gif (108.32 KB, 500x333, umph.GIF)

Sorry to interrupt your venting, nonas. Trying to bump disturbing imagery from the front page. Please be safe.

No. 1335175

I hate that my disability claim is probably going to be denied all thanks to moid doctor who accused me of being a hysterical woman who was faking my disability, said I was BPD, and gaslighted the fuck out of me. I hate male doctors so much it's unreal. Reminder that doubting a woman's medical experience is siding with the patriarchy. Women experience more chronic illness than men, and are regularly doubted more than male patients. Modern day hysteria is still alive and well.

No. 1335181

I hate this so much too, male doctors and weird scrotey female doctors are the worst seriously. It fucking sucks so much

No. 1335182

I read somewhere that it’s okay for the FBI to record you without your consent, so I guess as long as I don’t make it a public podcast I don’t think any of them will really give a shit kek

No. 1335185

Sorry I didn’t include this in my last post but I’m not gonna lie if Christ gave me the chance I’d have to take it kek

No. 1335189

This is why people should be a bit more careful when posting shit online

No. 1335198

lmao wtf, does the fbi not have better things to do?

No. 1335200

why would you say insane shit like that online? are you autistic
call me a cunt I’m siding with the friend

No. 1335210

I mean…people say worse all the time kek? Besides it’s not like I got into any actual trouble they were just there to see if I had any weapons and I did but they didn’t even actually check kekkk

No. 1335212

Also sorry samefag but I personally don’t have anything against my friend for cutting me off. I just miss her and I wish I could’ve said bye.

No. 1335230

I’m honestly miffed as fuck that the FBI is knocking at my door because I said I think lil nas X deserves to die but Rush Limbaugh can say whatever the fuck he wants for decades…

No. 1335248

I'm so sick of my body locking me into being a useless NEET. It isn't even by choice, I just have batshit ridiculous probably psychomatic behaviors I have no damn control over. Like whenever I have something I need to do my brain goes dull and my body goes numb and suddenly it's 8 hours later and I haven't done a thing, and if I'm forced into doing it for some reason my body heats up and itches like crazy, I get shots of pain and numbness in random areas, my spine and teeth hurt real bad and I get a horrible migraine, all followed by a huge wave of exhaustion that knocks me out the second I sit down. Every single fucking time. Even something as simple as doing the dishes turns into a 12+ hour torturous ordeal and I hate it. I constantly think of shit like wanting to go outside or wanting to learn something new or getting something done but I physically can't do any of it. I can't prevent that dullness, I've tried everything. Alarms, signs, pain, you name it. If it's something like an alarm I just don't wake up to it, and if it's something like pain my body immediately goes into freakout mode, independently of my wants or needs. I don't know if I have the willpower equivalent to a 2kg grip strength or what, but I can't even manage getting angry at it. If anything takes even a little more energy than I'm used to expending I'm done for. I feel like an actual womanchild and as much as I want to say I'm pissed, I'm really just resigned to it. I'm stuck like this.

No. 1335266

>swiped right on too many qts on Tinder now they're all talking to me at once and it's hard to find time and energy to respond to them all
Dern, all well. I cheer myself up knowing I'm painfully more average irl than my online pics and so they'd probably just ghost after the first date anyway.

No. 1335271

Using tinder is degenerate behavior and puts you at the risk of rape

No. 1335274

Personally it's always been the uggos who are the rapey creeps, attractive dudes typically have no problem getting consensual hookups unless they are mentally ill/shitty people which tends to be obvs from the chats beforehand.

No. 1335280

Plenty of attractive scrotes are rapists and and are good at hiding it lmao. Doesn't change the fact that using tinder is degenerate because it caters to degenerate scrotes

No. 1335287

>in my experien–
Kek, sperg.

No. 1335290

Well when you get raped don't come crying to anyone

No. 1335293

Fuck this thread and fuck all of you

No. 1335295

No woman is gonna come to you for shit fugly moid, dw <3

No. 1335296

what's wrong now anon

No. 1335305

Attractive moids can be rapists too. Cope and seethe

No. 1335309

Ugh I relate to this, I love my sister and want to protect her but she seems determined to put herself into the most dangerous situations. Hope your sister stays safe nonny I will pray for her

No. 1335317

File: 1662873808010.jpeg (56.71 KB, 500x500, 7743FB66-59B7-4F7F-B7D9-514D37…)

I hate tinder but wtf is wrong with you

No. 1335329

File: 1662874706006.jpg (49.81 KB, 736x660, 848ec4763bdf0a516031c40781b4af…)

My desktop got "crashed" earlier this year and all of my 3d zbrush models got nuked. I was able to recover my pictures like fanart folders but god damn I was salty.

Fast forward now and I smell this smoke from my desktop. Just fuck my shit up, I don't fucking need this right now.

No. 1335330

File: 1662874813110.png (124.71 KB, 512x384, barts-comet12.png)

This might be a dumb thing to vent about, by my newly bloomed passion for feminism is preventing me from enjoying some of the stuff I used to love. I was the biggest fan in the world of classic Simpsons and tonight I was trying to unwind by watching some and I just got frustrated with the way Marge and Lisa are treated. How come I used to think it was acceptable for men to squash all the hope and goodness out of the women in their lives? Marge deserves so much better, she's an amazing wife and mother and puts so much care into her appearance and household. And Lisa is so bright and talented and just wants a world where she can express herself and receive encouragement for it. Meanwhile Homer is a fat, angry blob who can't even stop fishing for one weekend to work on his marriage and Bart is a destructive fuckup who ruins everything his sister cares about just because he knows she can't do anything about it. Am I just a joyless crone now or what because I hate this

No. 1335332

You're pinkpilled. It's nbd. Futurama was better anyway

No. 1335337

>actually sound depressed though since she's lost interest in even shit like TV and social media.
Nta but a lot of recent tv shows are unoriginal and most social media is shitty so that's more a sign of becoming wiser if anything lol.

No. 1335338

You're 100% right honestly, thanks for the validation. I hope something really nice happens for you tomorrow nonna

No. 1335339

Yeah, I'd maybe just give it up. It's why I pretty much ignore all old sitcoms and probably just watch Bob's Burgers, the only similar-ish show I can think of.

Also, Bart ending up that way seems only natural because of his father's mistreatment of him, that's the only thing I'll give him.

No. 1335340

>This might be a dumb thing to vent about, by my newly bloomed passion for feminism is preventing me from enjoying some of the stuff I used to love.
Don't worry nonnie this happens to all of us based pinkpilled women. You start noticing shit everywhere. Eventually, you either stop watching shit or you try to "disconnect" and deal with it. It's your choice, I mix and match sometimes because if I truly went full manhating terf then there would be nothing left to watch for me, everything sucks after you open your eyes.

No. 1335352

File: 1662876064309.jpeg (67.98 KB, 567x654, 35FBDDF3-B7AC-46DE-A3A4-0B8BE7…)

If I do not get a boyfriend with big hairy tiddies soon I’m going to lose it

No. 1335355


I seriously feel like a crazy person because I suddenly see misogyny and pornsickness everywhere. It's like the "would you kindly" moment in BioShock 1. Just realizing I've been surrounded this whole time by love songs about 17 year olds, billboards advertising everyday products with sex, and a general culture where I'm expected to shut up and take an endless stream of abuse with a smile on my face. If every woman had this epiphany at the same time, we'd tear the world apart

No. 1335366

I know. It's why I advocate for killing men. We need to start putting drain cleaner in their coffee

No. 1335368

Same anon. I can't stand the fat ugly retarded husband and smart pretty wife trope. It's everywhere. TV sucks as is but becoming more aware of these things makes it impossible to enjoy. I'm also in the opinion that Family Guy is shit for glorifying what they do to Meg.

No. 1335375

File: 1662878051638.jpg (61.52 KB, 800x450, cover4.jpg)

"Haha see the joke is that Meg is already having a hard time being abused by bullies at school and then she comes home and the abuse gets even worse! It's inescapable! She's a minor being mentally and physically abused by everyone! Seth MacFarlane is a comedy genius lmao, that's what that bitch Meg gets for being a teenage girl I'm not sexually attracted to lol"

No. 1335378

Went to a concert that was pretty shit. gets even worse being in the car with my too drunk to make sense mother. she asks me if I had a bad time because I was "molested" in her cutesy child voice she does when drunk or pretending she is a helpless waif and not a 50 year old woman. must fight off the urge to ask what the fuck is wrong with her in front of my dad. reminds me how I can never tell her about my SA experiences ever because she's so fucking insane

No. 1335380

>that's what that bitch Meg gets for being a teenage girl I'm not sexually attracted to lol
It hurts because it's true. I got so mad when they had that episode where she finally stood up to everyone, but then went back on it. I'm all for offensive humor but Meg hits a bit too close to reality for me. It's barely even a joke at this point.

No. 1335382

suddenly makes sense my mother thinks he is a comedy god and also regularly tells me, her daughter, about how having a daughter is worse than a son and the worst thing that can happen to a parent

No. 1335383

Men are always telling on themselves. Whether it's through the porn they wank to or the stuff they "joke" about, they are eager for the chance to expose their rotten cores to us at any opportunity. Misogyny always boils to the surface without any provocation.

No. 1335399

Thankfully in the past 4 years the family bullying meg is no longer a running joke, now meg's character is mainly as an unhinged ticking time bomb, who just does weird shit

No. 1335402

File: 1662881070949.jpeg (235.17 KB, 2048x1536, 1662849091190532.jpeg)

pixar's new protagonist seems…

No. 1335404

I hate how animation looks now. This ugly ass style. Blank eyes, bean shaped mouths filled with blunt hippopotamus teeth. Steven Universe and it's consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

No. 1335406

little fag main character or ftm child?

No. 1335409

Why does this kid look so uncomfortable in every picture? Maybe it's supposed to be funny but the vibe is kinda ick to me

No. 1335411

This is activity my tinfoil tendencies, I know this has something to do with child exploitation by paedophiles

No. 1335426

Pedos trying to normalise this sort of body language as 'just a shy, nervous kid' and not a victim of molestation.

No. 1335427

e-explain nona…im not sure where the connects are..?

No. 1335428

I was picking up take out tonight and the parking lot was insane, pure chaos and this motherfucker just stopped in the middle of the entrance/exit to the parking lot and left his car idling when he went inside to get his food. The fucking audacity to just trap us in what the hell lol

No. 1335448

See >>1335426 its child molestation being normalized

No. 1335451

I really don’t get why people get so mad about what others consume. it’s like some cringey superiority complex, “I may be a neet but at least I only use a teaspoon of sugar!!! Reeeee fatties reeeee diabeetus” why do people care so much if random strangers are obese— people who drink themselves into comas every weekend, take recreational drugs, smoke weed multiple times every single day, or smoke cigarettes/vape don’t get attacked like fatties do for making unhealthy choices.

My theory is people who sperg out about fatties are just hungry so when they see someone eat a giant ice cream sundae without caring that they’re obese and diabeetus ridden there’s a weird jealousy associated with it— like if you genuinely think fattening and sugary foods are gross, why are you spending your time seething about other people eating McDonald’s… go eat your salad, you sound hangry
Obligatory I’m not a fattychan and don’t eat like shit— balance is a thing, people

No. 1335455

I feel really awful and want to cry because on my way to work I hit a raccoon. I’m in the left seat of my car for driving (burger) and it came from my right at the last second and it was dark out. I won’t forget the noise. I feel so bad

No. 1335456

Half agree with you, it's just that making fun of fatties is easy, you can consider it a moral failing and feel better about your crappy life

No. 1335461

Anon don’t worry he’s in raccoon heaven, not your fault, better you didn’t see it and swerve cause you could have gotten in an accident

No. 1335468

File: 1662886540795.jpg (72.75 KB, 640x638, 1662849033691.jpg)

is all of this just because of >>1334897? no one sperged out or even mentioned fatties until a few minutes ago, everyone's just grossed out by the drinks

No. 1335471

>without caring that they’re obese and diabeetus ridden
I don't really care about fatties but I somehow highly doubt this is true considering how much obesity negatively impacts the quality of life.

No. 1335472

It's not just fatties who consume excess sugar, thin active unsupervised teen boys are some of the biggest sugar consumers

No. 1335473

File: 1662886732019.png (206.98 KB, 869x897, d4f.png)

I don't know nonny, but I agree with you over the 'coping' part of shaming someone.
My husbands sister always judges me out loud by trying to make herself look superior everytime I drink with their family (and i don't go shit-faced drunk, i drink two glasses of wine or something and that's it). She always has to for some weird reason remind her family (with who she lives) that she doesn't drink and that drinking is so non-traditional and especially unfeminine, always tries telling me how i am making myself less of a woman for drinking alcohol. I always ask he what is her problem but she shuts up, excusing that she can't drink because of her 'fatty liver'. I am really tired of being judged for any small step I take, making me think she is just coping with the fact that she doesn't want to drink or whatever. I believe everyone can do whatever they want, its their choice and they will get the consequences of it, unless someone is some weird addict, now that is when I think it's fine to try pushing the person out of their habits.

No. 1335475

samefag but there's also a whole thread for shitting on smokers and vapers so idk what you mean about other groups not getting attacked

No. 1335481

I’m not talking about lolcow only
Last I checked there are subreddits like fatlogic etc. which are very popular, def more popular than shaming people who smoke and drink lmao don’t be intentionally obtuse
As someone who always asks for only one pump of syrup because I want to be able to still taste the coffee, I don’t judge my friend who gets 12 pumps of raspberry syrup and 10 pumps white chocolate (yes she really did this), she also consumes energy drinks and soda like crazy. I don’t give a fuck… meanwhile my other friend doesn’t have poor eating habits but smokes weed like a chimney. Don’t care about that choice either, people can do what they want and I don’t need to put them down to feel superior

No. 1335482

Inspired by that, but not wholly, it’s just a general circlejerk culture online around laughing at people who eat “gross murican food” like McDonald’s and sugary Starbucks drinks… again, go eat your boiled chicken and let the fatties fat.

No. 1335484

See this is what I mean anon, that behavior is so cringe to me, I don’t drink either and I do think it’s an unhealthy habit, but the fact that others do it doesn’t send me into a shitfit because that’s their life and this is mine

No. 1335486

starting to feel really disillusioned about life because i do not fit into any group ever.
4chan is too extreme in one way, i'm constantly told to lurk moar even though i've been there since 2004.
lolcow is too extreme the other way.
twitter is too extreme another way.
discord is too extreme in a different way.

it seems to me no one accepts the middle ground anymore and it's fucking exhausting sitting in communities where something will get me cancelled even if i am not even an influence at all.

No. 1335489

>I don't judge
Good judgement is a positive and useful thing that helps you and those around you live better and longer lives.
Throwing a shitfit is one thing, but not judging at all is dumb.

No. 1335491

File: 1662888308883.jpg (75.47 KB, 380x355, 1660355624635.jpg)

lolcow is not even extreme "the other way"

No. 1335492

>lolcow is too extreme the other way
How? Do we make fun of your nigel too much?

No. 1335493

sorry i didn't mean like right-wing vs. left-wing, just that they're very polarizing

No. 1335495

stop being so terminally online and get real hobbies then, problem solved, no need to thank me

No. 1335496

No. 1335497

It's okay to be autistic anon, you didn't need to write this whole post to prove it

No. 1335498

Are you the anon whose husbando is bondrewd from made in abyss?

No. 1335505

polarizing to retards? so what?

No. 1335516

i got tested for it and i don't even have it. idk what's wrong with me.

No. 1335579

If your post is serious nonna I believe you shouldn’t base your life so much on lolcow or other online spaces. I feel like lolcow has a sassy and bitchy attitude and we hate men and are mostly terfs but I think we’re not “ extreme”. Every nonna is different here

No. 1335589

>mostly terfs

that's why I keep coming back

No. 1335595

Ayrt same. I know there’s some nonnas who are still handmaidens but I’m glad it’s like 98% terf here

No. 1335597

That's really shitty of him. Dumping your s/o via text and not bothering to talk it out with them at all is textbook manbaby behavior. Like the other anon said, the best course of action would probably be to block him, but I understand if it still feels too raw and sudden. I also struggled with blocking a woman who I dated on and off and who kept playing with my feelings, but when I eventually managed to do it, it was relieving to know she couldn't contact me anymore and we were done. I never really got closure with her at the time either because she always avoided talking about stuff with me. But in the end I kind of just accepted the fact some people simply are selfish and shitty lmao. It's a difficult thing to accept if you operate thinking that people in general will be civil with you if you're civil with them (I generally think like this, although I've become a lot more cynical about it lol). But acknowledging that about some people who hurt you can be freeing in a weird way too

No. 1335600

There's nothing wrong with you, public communities usually polarize around one specific archetype which seldom fits any given person, unless the members actively try to resemble that archetype. The solution is to find a private community that fits you better

No. 1335601

nah, a lot of mean bitches sit here. Reading posts here is like swimming through shit. If being toxic is what you all consider normal, then you're beyond help.

No. 1335602

That’s what I pretty much said.

No. 1335605

I literally see more anons being nice these days than ever

No. 1335606

Samefag but that’s what I meant. There are nice nonnies and then there’s autist retards that should honestly be ignored because they’re just out for blood. That doesn’t mean it’s everyone here though because we obviously notice and point out the toxic tards

No. 1335609

LC in 2022 is nicer than it's ever been tho kek

No. 1335610

I feel like anons were nicer years ago. Also I noticed that we have toxic anons/anon posting around same time in different threads. It feels sometimes like there are anons that deliberately try to stir things up and leave.

No. 1335613

idk maybe I'm less immune to toxicity and bullshit these days

No. 1335614

No doubt we have trolls or male baiters now more than ever especially with lolcow being mentioned on YouTube or TikTok or something. Shaymin said she will open janny applications and she’s almost done with the new site, so hopefully we can have our boards feeling less toxic and retarded after that, from like a hell week or something

No. 1335615

how many years ago, because that certainly was not the case from around 2014-2016

No. 1335645

File: 1662901636839.jpeg (106.02 KB, 1012x1008, images (5).jpeg)

I spent 40 euros on minerals and one tiny ammonite, I'm not even a witch or some other furry I just thought they're pretty, they fascinate me because each one of them is different and I work in a field where I have to see hundreds of the same kinds of products every day and it makes me sick, also when I was a kid I was fascinated by everything that I could find in the ground and I wanted to be an archeologist or a geologist, but now I feel guilty and retarded, that's a lot of money and this shop has severely overpriced stones, I bought a rose quartz for 11 euros in a different city and the same stone of the same size costs 19 euros here. That's so dumb of me, I could've bought so much food for 40 euros, and this is not even jewelry, just a bunch of fucking agates and labradorites and one tiny geode and ammonite, what is wrong with me? I don't buy shit without any real purpose that often, but when it happens I'm initially happy for a moment because it's usually pretty stuff, and then I feel super guilty, especially if I buy something as overpriced as this shit

No. 1335651

Its okay anon I went through the same phase, there is a crystal shop here that imports their crystals very cheap and then sells those crystals for triple the price and its very expensive and the people who work there are greedy and rude as hell.

No. 1335658

it's the same for a place like 4chan and twitter, but in the end i feel like i have to tiptoe otherwise i'll upset people somehow. it's the same in real life too, but not AS much. i just don't vibe with the "with us or against us" mindset that seems to be permeating everything nowadays.

No. 1335660

I watched the fishing episode recently too! It was on a marathon of episodes about how terrible their marriage is. The common thread? Homer's retardation obviously and him almost cheating on her a few times. Quite a few times. I'm like you because I wanted to sit and enjoy my childhood show, but after looking up a clip on Lurleen's debut episode my time was immediately ruined. Most comments are men saying they would have cheated because how can a man resist temptation like that and Marge was an ungrateful bitch which started the altercation so who cares. I know the show posited Homer as wrong but what good is it when your audience is like that?

No. 1335661

File: 1662903804257.jpg (43.54 KB, 800x946, 1560377987479.jpg)

I don't know what's wrong. It's a sense of dread and impending doom, I think.

I am more sociable than usual because I don't want to stay inside my head. Catching up with everyone, going for drinks and dancing, texting lots of people. I just want to keep my head full because it feels like if it's empty then I won't be able to ignore that great hungry maelstrom in my head, and I think it's going to pull me down and kill me. I don't think this body or face belongs to me, it's a corpse rotting over my consciousness, and I feel like I'm a changeling, my family belongs to another girl, and I feel I'll put them in danger if I stay with them. I see a hand on my shouler, see a crow swooping above my face when I'm indoors, and it sounds and feels like there are mice scratching at the insides of my skull. I can hear them, it's so weird. Things are crawling on me too. I don't know what to do. I don't know what I have to drink, or what I have to take, or how far I have to run to get away from the feeling. But even when I'm outside I think the people outside know what I've done- what have I done? I don't know. But I feel like I've been sentenced to hell and they're all watching me, knowing I'm an impure soul. I feel danger from strangers like this a lot, so I also dislike going outside sometimes. I don't know what to do anymore. Teen drinking is retarded but how else am I going to cope? If I open up people will think I'm unhinged and incapable. I'm so scared. I don't think anyone will read this. I just need to write it out.

No. 1335669

FUCK the men in my family. Selfish fucking pricks who are literally allergic to empathy. If you can’t think of anyone but yourselves, why don’t you just FUCK! OFF!! Tiny-dicked shit-for-brains stinky ugly short waste of fucking SPACE!!!

No. 1335675

Based and same. Fuck them all i hope they rot in hell, some of them moids are already sucking off the devil fortunately

No. 1335676

I want to find my ex and kill him i swear to God. Not only is he a piece of shit i've wasted 13 years of my life with (and these 13 years were all my teenager years and most of my twenties), but the fact that i was always so loyal to this piece of shit even when everything went to shit and we'd spend our days insulting each other… I'm so stupid. This sneaky shitsack wasn't as stupid as me and was talking to other girls behind my back, of course, he was already looking for another dumb bitch, was already flirting and even found a moron to be his girlfriend when we were still thinking about ourselves as a couple, despite the relationship having gone to hell. I was in this hell completely loyal like an idiot and i've ruined so many opportunities at my last job because of that, obviously i'm way prettier than him so almost every day at this last job i had men at my feet. It was the perfect job to find someone because there was a lot of clients everyday, and not useless moids, high value men with money. It was a very big society in a very touristic, chic area, and now that i'm single i don't work there anymore. I swear he needs a bullet in the head for that i'm so angry because now i'm isolated and don't meet anyone.

I remember there was this guy working with us sometimes, he would have me on the phone at work and ask me about my day, always so sweet before he even saw what i looked like. Then he saw me and i knew he was attracted because he would never stop calling at work after that. I was always so cold to this guy because of my ex and wanting to do the right thing because i have morals despite hating his guts. I regret it so much. One day i heard a coworker talking about this guy and how basically he was in the parking lot and this big motorcycle was going to fall on someone and he reacted so quickly, grabbed the person with one hand and the motorcycle with the other like it was nothing (and it was a big ass model, otherwise it wouldn't have been as impressive, some motorcycles are really light at least for a man to handle, but not this one). Honestly when i heard that something in my primal brain switched and i was like damn… he IS so hot and strong. He's jacked as hell, has his own company, his way of flirting with me was always just being incredibly sweet and respectful, never trying to brag about himself or trying to show off. One day he asked that we eat together at lunch, nothing too crazy because he knew i was in a relationship he just said let's do it as "work friends" and i declined. I should've ran away with him when i had the opportunity, ffs. Even if it would have ended up being just a good fuck and no serious relationship, i needed that.

NEVER AGAIN WILL I STOP MYSELF FOR A SCROTE. They don't deserve my morals, i will only act morally towards women.

No. 1335685

File: 1662905092859.jpeg (44.81 KB, 600x331, images (16).jpeg)

The fish n chips store burnt my entire order and forgot my dim sims

No. 1335692

For those who were sexually abused as children till or in your teen years, did you ever feel like at some point you are just as sick and twisted as them? I didn't feel this way until i became an adult. I actually didn't think it was so bad when it was happening but as i aged i realized how bad my situation really was. Tldr my abuser was a middle aged man at school and he picked me out of the bunch because i had no friends and was socially awkward. Groomed me until he became confident i earned his trust and began to abuse me for years. Now i have these thoughts that i am a pedophile. I have these thoughts that i cannot shake off almost like forced thoughts sometimes of me being abused and then getting aroused by it. I absolutely hate it. It makes me feel so disgusting and evil. It does not help that i never told anyone or ever got help. He died and i decided to keep it a secret and pretend it never happened. I feel disturbed like i cannot be trusted around children. Not because i want to do anything with them but because i get aroused by my own child abuse. It gets to the point where i want to kill myself because these thoughts haunt me. How does this even happen? I was the hurt one for years so how did i become the bad person?

No. 1335699

I have an ex where things got rocky but we were still together, still living together and even planning on where we'd move to after our lease was up. I wasn't the happiest att but I'm loyal. He went behind and back and started sweet talking some woman on facebook. Lined her up and kept me in the dark. Sat me down one day and told me, said I had til the end of the month to move because he rang our landlord to end the lease early. I was in too much of a panic over where I was going to move to (I don't have parents to move back in with temporarily) so I didn't even freak out at him because that stress consumed me more. He had his new girl to move in with.

Only wasted a handful of years on him but I'm still livid looking back at it. I can't imagine how much worse it must feel when you've 13 years invested in someone.

No. 1335703

Rocks are great but seeing overpriced rocks in stores will never not bug me, and I hate how every one of those stores has the exact same imports too. I don’t bother with a rock shop unless it’s cramped, cluttered, at least somewhat dirty, and run by someone with saws out back.

No. 1335704

Aww, nonnie, i haven't been sexually abused as a child and i don't think of you as a pedophile at all. I'm not weirded out by what you just said even though i can't relate to your trauma, i think it's perfectly coherent that you can have a physiological response of arousal at your own abuse. It's just a dissonnance between your mind and your body (the memory of your body experiencing "pleasure", and your mind knowing it was extremely traumatic abuse). And since the mind doesn't like dissonnance it tries to resolve it by making you believe that you actually enjoyed your abuse. Anytime there's dissonnance in our mind the brain tries to erase it but obviously the brain is like a computer program and as such it doesn't know how to healthily resolve it, it does what it can. You have to teach your brain how to process the dissonnance, we think of our brain as ourselves but really it quite isn't sometimes, and this is a good example. You are not your brain mechanisms, nonna.

Yeah i feel for you too. Funny how incels say women always have a plan B to jump out of a relationship but in my opinion this is a man's thing. They know how hard it is to get women so they plan ahead like disloyal bitches, in fear of being alone. Women aren't like that at all because we know opportunities can arise quickly, since men are such dogs it's not difficult to find one. And we're just more loyal. But i swear, never again, i will never forget that lesson, and like you i don't think i will ever stop being livid at the thought of what happened, i want to end his life. No one will catch me being an idiot like that for a man again, it's me before those pieces of shit, now and forever.

No. 1335715

Bubs I'm really really sorry that happened. You just have to sit with intrusive thoughts like that and accept them. Observe the thoughts instead of feeling them. You're not choosing to feel this way, you were badly hurt, and brains have weird ways of coping. I think saying 'get help' is dismissive, but there are people who specialise in walking you through abuse, and ways to put love into the world again. Growing plants, giving to others, forgiving yourself and surrounding yourself with high vibe things. You may want to die, but you really have made it this far, so I'm really proud of you. Maybe you'll be able to help other people who've gone through the same abuse one day. Don't beat yourself up for your trauma response. Sending you lots of love and hoping you receive it.

No. 1335737

anon youre saying this while you are literally doing the same shit,
Maybe be the change you want to see.

No. 1335749

I didn't go through csa but I had a relationship as an adult where the guy was coercive. He would make ultimatums that if I didn't indulge his (pretty out there) kinks then he'd kick me out on the spot with nowhere else to go. I've a couple memories of crying during these coerced acts and him acting annoyed at me because my tears ruined his fun. He was sick but didn't want to see tears because then he'd be hit with the reality of what hes doing. I was in survival mode att. He had a temper and I was stuck between being scared of him and being scared of being a young homeless woman at risk of worse. I didn't process how bad it was til I was out of there and no longer in survival mode or struggling with nerves all the time. He lives his life facing no consquences. I just want to move on without being accused of lying all because I couldn't act sooner.

I've still looked back on some of our sex life and felt like theres a degree of attraction to him that lingers to this day. I hate him but thats still there. Afaik its not that unusual. Rape victims can end up roleplaying that scenario again, csa victims can go down the daddy/ageplay rabbithole and abused women can still look back on their abuser and feel a twisted type of arousal. Rape crisis services talk about this sometimes. It's not something the average person might understand (god know scrotes love to misinterpret what it means) but its a thing. You're not a monster.

No. 1335757

All I've known so far is heartache and I'm just fucking tired. I feel like I'm a nice person, I have a lot of love to offer and am good company. I'm too old to play weird mind games. I just want an equal partnership, in which we add to each others lives, inspire each other to achieve our goals and actually work towards building something together. I'm sick of men stringing me along trying to hammer away at me to fit whatever box of a woman they want, to then act like I'm a horrible person for actually being myself and not letting someone chip away at my self esteem.

No. 1335768

My butt bleeds and burns after I poop but I can’t afford to see a doctor

No. 1335790

one person won't change anything

No. 1335811

Nta but like I don’t know report overly aggressive posts for infighting then? I don’t know how someone can fix the experience for you. Don’t let toxic and retarded posts get to you

No. 1335815

it's ok anon kek, I just need to vent sometimes

No. 1335820

File: 1662913165536.jpg (47.42 KB, 557x680, fcc8457938d3ee706e8f3f33d62274…)

exact same feelings, word for word. the last time I gave myself fully to someone (he even admitted I may be out of his league), he guilt tripped me for anything he could find. We could have spent the day on a great outdoor date and everything was pleasant, as soon as hed call me that evening hed complain about something I did or didn't do. Something I didnt say or an expression I made or even why I'm not making enough eye contact. I'm so fucking sick of them, I am done with men unless they jump through emotional hoops for ME and strive to be MY idea of an ideal man down to body language and smiling on command. Faggots.

No. 1335821

There's like, 20-30 people here tops. One person trying to be nicer on a daily basis could actually influence a tone noticeably

No. 1335826

that few? impossible

No. 1335827

I've got a lot to vent about, I swear these threads are my diary.

-I hate my job, but it allows me to work from home and pay my bills, but I thought at my age I'd finally be doing what I really want to do full time. But being mentally ill all through my 20's plus a destructive 4 year relationship really threw me off track.

-I recently got two terrible haircuts. The second one was supposed to fix the first one, but now, I look worse than before. It's really affected my self esteem, and combined with gaining weight I've felt extremely ugly. I still force myself to go out and do things like go to concerts because I dont want to miss them but I can't bring myself to be social at all.

-I need the weather to get cooler. I'm so tired of it being so damn hot all the time.

-I'm meeting one of my favorite actors in a week and I feel like a fucking monster because of the aforementioned weight gain and haircut. It's going to ruin my experience, and I'd rather die than get a picture next to him so I'm going to just get something signed and leave quickly. Sucks.

No. 1335828

TBH i'd love to know actual data on it, but with how slow non-gossip boards are it does feel like only that few

No. 1335839

It's from her own trauma so I'm sympathetic, but I wish my mother wouldn't assume my actions are attempts to manipulate her (which she then acts passive-aggressive about).

She should know me, man. I'm basically socially retarded and unaware of everything because I live in my head. I am almost completely incapable of manipulation. Just makes me feel sad is all.

No. 1335872

Thank you.. I got a raccoon plushie to put in my car next to me in his memory

No. 1335890

Maybe this is a bit niche but I bought some earrings today that I thought were pretty and now I feel so weird about it. I’m not a very feminine woman (I wear dresses occasionally but I don’t wear makeup and I have a buzzcut) but whenever I do dress a little more feminine I feel silly. I put the earrings on and looked at myself in the mirror — it just doesn’t feel like me at all. I wore a dress today for the first time in a while because it’s almost 40 degrees Celsius where I am and I spent the whole day feeling like a bit of a fake. I’m going to a formal event at the end of this month and I bought a dress for it because I didn’t want to make a statement and show up in a suit (I already have a shaved head so no matter what I will draw attention to myself) and now I’m dreading wearing it. It’s too late to get something else to wear and I dropped quite a bit of money on the dress so I can’t really get rid of it… tldr I am neurotic about and have a fraught relationship with femininity and I wish I would stop trying to convince myself that I don’t.

No. 1335916

File: 1662917992475.png (95.62 KB, 619x338, animal.png)

My work is so severely understaffed that corporate called and asked why we're under our allotted hours by 150+ this week, only to be told "Damn, that's wack" with no offer of assistance or support.

Any new person we hire only lasts like 3 weeks before they stop showing up even though they're paid higher than some of us started at in the same year.

No. 1335919

I understand, anon. From what I know many women feel like femininity is a costume of sorts.
Personally I have always loved seeing cute, feminine things but struggled to incorporate them into my presentation because it just doesn't suit me. The way that I found works best is wearing some feminine items with a more masculine/baggy overall fit. Eg. Pairing a frilly or floral blouse with your suit. Dressing like a feminine man would be the best way to put it, I guess.

No. 1335933

I'm so annoyed that I still have covid. I think I'm at day 10-11 and am still testing positive where the little T line shows up immediately after I put the droplets onto the test. It feels like I'll never be negative at this point fml.

No. 1335934

It’s probably hemorrhoids or anal fissures. Pick one and try treating it in the appropriate way and see if you improve.

No. 1335941

File: 1662918727909.png (569.05 KB, 688x919, .png)

why are trannies so fucking rude? i don't even typically alog about mtfs because i honestly dont care that much but i recently moved to a "queer" neighborhood and i like it because it is safe and mostly friendly but there are a ton of trannies and i've repeatedly had bad experiences with them. i like to smile or say good morning to people in the neighborhood while walking my dog because i dont know? its polite? but every time i have said it to a troon they have either just looked at me dead eyed and not said anything back or they will make a more subtle version of picrel like wtf? who reacts that way to someone just saying good morning in a friendly way? they always walk around with a huge chip on their shoulder too and it annoys me. we live in a beautiful tranquil neighborhood but their energy is always pissy and negative. i usually chock up troon behavior to them acting like moids but even the men in my neighborhood are friendly and will say hi or at least smile back. its the weirdest shit and its starting to really annoy me.

No. 1335943

Damn anon, that sucks. What's the work like? I hope they can hire some reliable staff soon so the burden lessens up a bit.

No. 1335945

Autism, unchecked delusion, narcissism, general moid behavior, etc, etc

No. 1335946

watch how they talk to other trannies or males though. its definitely because you're a normal female nona, they're literally seething at your existence.

No. 1335947

They're seething at how you're what they'll never be. Be careful anon, I don't trust trannies for a second.

No. 1335949

AYRT- medical field, but very open to the public. They pay you to take certification courses if you're competent enough to count to five and can read basic English.

The work isn't difficult, but it's hectic and needs a full staff to keep afloat. A good day one day does not mean you'll have a good day tomorrow.

Thankless job, too. If you've got a kink for emotional abuse, you'll do well here.

I just hope I can land an internship so I can leave.

No. 1335959

Jealousy. A lot of mtfs are envious of women for obvious reasons.

No. 1335971

Same anon when I try on makeup I feel like I'm putting on an act or trying to be something I'm not

No. 1335975

i kind of had this in the back of my mind but thought i was being a bit narcissistic (and i also go out looking scrubby as hell typically so it seemed silly) but you nonnies are probably right. i can't imagine why else it would happen so consistently.

ive ignored it up until now but this morning a troon in hideous lularoe looking leggings and a scarf tied bret michaels style (probably to hide male pattern baldness) gave me the dirtiest look when i cheerfully said good morning and it has had me pissed off all day kek

since moving here, the correlation between autism and mtfs has never been clearer. i believed it when i heard people talk about it and just based off of internet interactions but jesus. when you're around them the terminally online sperg energy is palpable.

No. 1335978

Aside from being jealous of you they're obviously asocial male autists with few or no friends (that's why they were susceptible to trooning out in the first place) so they don't obey normal social norms like responding politely to a simple "good morning" from a stranger, and act rudely on purpose despite how bad it makes them look. They feel like they're somehow entitled to acting like that in public just because they don't like you.
If that sounds pretty childish, that's because it is. They never grew up and never will.

No. 1335981

idk I just can't bring myself to block him, I had a sad dream last night where he messaged me again like we never broke up and was sending me silly cat pics like he usually does and joking around
I'm having trouble accepting that he'd do this to me since it came out of nowhere, things were going fine just a few days ago and now it's like he made me spend two years of my life on him to turn around and do this to me

No. 1335995

I'm starting to really dislike Sonic and Dragon Ball because of one of my moid friends constant almost nonstop spergery. Seriously, the dipshit will just drop random Sonic and Dragon Ball trivia no matter what the conversation is. Shit that not a single person who isn't familiar with the games/shows or characters would give a fuck about (some drama with a Sonic comic book guy, I could not give less of a shit and PICCOLO SODOMIZED PERFECT CELL!!!! POG!!!!!). I feel bad because I'm sure that Sonic and Dragon Ball are good franchises worth liking but every time I see some Sonic or Dragon Ball meme I want to stab myself in the eye, it's getting that fucking annoying. I listen so fucking politely too and the worthless piece of shit can't even be assed to pretend to care about my sperging about the shit that I like. I'm just gonna sperg harder and more incoherently and loudly and I hope that he'll say something so I can humiliate him by telling him not a SINGLE one of his friends cares about his autistic fixation on Sonic or Dragon Ball and that it's genuinely giving off mental retardation vibes.

No. 1335998

I hate how I look like. Sometimes I get salty about being born this way. Sometimes I just get sad. I wish I would find someone that doesn’t care that I look like this or maybe even like how I look. But I don’t want an ugly moid oh well

No. 1336002

I recently made a drawing of an overweight character for a friend, which was in no way sexualized or even made her weight the main focus. Just a happy, round-faced woman in outdoor clothing, since I wanted to make a cute fall themed drawing with lots of leaves, pumpkins and knitting patterns around her. I put it on DeviantArt, didn't describe it or tag it even, and at the end of the day it had been added to a bunch of different collections full of fat woman fetish art and the like. I kept blocking them, but in the end it felt so nasty that I deleted the picture and told my friend why. She was uncomfortable too and agreed with the decision. Then I get a message from a scrote asking what happened to the drawing and why I blocked his friend who added it to his favourites. What the fuck, I hate the internet. Seems like a stupid thing to be upset about, but it really got to me today. Not gonna answer the scrote who messaged me, no matter how much I would love to call him and his friend complete and utter degenerate. Guess that's what I get for posting a picture on deviantart anyway.

No. 1336007

imagine still using DA. it's been for fetishists for years now.

No. 1336012

This. MTF threads peaked me. There are multiple posts in those where they share a screenshot from the mtf subreddit where a troon will say something like
>”we got a new coworker! She’s so pretty and it makes ME feel bad! She’s so small and petite and I know it’s something I’ll never be so I HATE HER I WANT TO KILL HER but I won’t tho I’m just insecure… sowwy guys.. “

No. 1336014

What art site isn't at this point. On dA it's just more prominent because it was the first art site that got taken over by them. Only site I can think of is Instagram, but there's absolutely no sense of community there, kek.

No. 1336023

kek anon all sites are full of degenerates, you can't run from them

No. 1336028

oh no in a moment of weakness I messaged him "why haven't you unadded me yet" and his status immediately went to online for a min then back to idle… why can't he at least fucking block me so I don't keep doing this to myself if he doesn't want to talk to me anymore

No. 1336031

I just learned that because it's so common a lot of nurses warn women who have life-threatening diseases that their husband will most likely leave them. Now, bringing another sense of dread onto a patient experiencing so much is another conversation but learning that just sealed the deal for me to not get married at all. It honestly seems more worth it to invest in my friendships now and get a cat instead.

No. 1336052

FUCK that guy and do him the honors of blocking him because he is acting like a pissbaby who can't even communicate properly.

No. 1336072

For as long as I can remember my parents had slept in seperate rooms and barely talked to each other. Living seperate lives in the same house. We didn't have alot of money so splitting the house would've been a major issue. So they just stayed together. My dad worked, my mom did everything else and it was semi-peaceful but obviously kinda unsettling. I'd go to friends houses and see their parents interact and enjoy each others company. I didn't see that at home. But fair enough, that was their set up and there wasn't really screaming or drama either. As a kid I accepted it. I saw it and accepted it.

My mom got cancer at 50, breast. Had surgery, had treatment, I looked after during it. She beat it. It came back. By that stage I had a busy job. My dad was offered early retired so he took it and as usual just did the basic requirements to be civil but not quite a support or a real friend to her. She was in bed alot. He brought her meals. I spent as much time as I could with her once I knew she was close to dying. He didn't leave her but good god I wish he'd stop pretending he was a stand up husband who stuck by her. Their relationship ended 20 years earlier. Thats why it didn't matter if she lost a breast and went downhill in health. They were roommates the whole time anyway. He always did the bare minumum to keep up a facade of being a good husband. It already wasn't a normal marriage so yeah he stayed. Heres your prize dad. Well done to you.

No. 1336075

File: 1662925755621.jpg (143.44 KB, 1200x1200, EZUZp-HXkAAM6eJ.jpg)

Some days ago, I had a bad dream where water filled up in my phone's USB port. Fast forward to today, I forgot I had chocolate in my pocket and it melted with my phone inside and into the USB port. FML I managed to get most of it out and it charges fine. Hope it keeps working. Shit like this is one of my worst fears and it's a pain in the ass to move saved stuff out of the phone.

No. 1336078

nona I can't I'm too weak, every time I go to block him I start crying and can't bring myself to do it
I'm not sure why he hasn't done it himself yet… it's giving me false hope making me think he'll talk to me one last time and give me some clarification

No. 1336084

Remind yourself he is a dick literally and figuratively. There is lots of dick in this world, so don't make him out to be a special one. I'm sure he's loving the control and power he has over you. F u c k him and his scrote behavior.

No. 1336087

I dropped my phone into a bowl of chili once, I bet you’ll be fine.

No. 1336088

most modern phones are splashproof/waterproof so i don't think theres anything to worry about

No. 1336089

File: 1662926541497.png (489.83 KB, 600x600, 089.png)

I have a job interview tomorrow morning, it's the first I've had in a long time. I'm very much underqualified for this position, but it's finally something better than my usual jobs (I've been wanting to break out of customer service hell for years and was fired from my last job, and I was so burnt out and sick of being yelled at my customers that I didn't even care.) It's for an awesome company and would finally be a decent income, BUT I just noticed they specify that they want someone local only. I live about an hour and a half drive away. Oh well, wish me luck nonas, if anything I can use it as a rehearsal for being extra confident for future interviews. Feel free to send me all of your boss bitch Stacy energies

No. 1336090

good luck nona !! you got this

No. 1336109

it's so hard, it's not like I'm going to get back together with him after he did this to me but I want to get some closure on why he suddenly dumped me so I keep convincing myself he'll eventually message me again if I don't block

No. 1336118

I get it, but I don't think he does. It's possible he won't let you know ever and then what? Block him on everything but one app and see what he does then. He might never do anything.

No. 1336120

>He’s 100% making shit up to justify wanting to break up
This. Guys do this when they have their eye on another woman and make up vague excuses to break up, and insist that's not the reason. Men are trash tbh

No. 1336127

I don't have social media and as of now the only place we have to contact each other is discord, which is where he won't block me
pretty sure if he does block it won't let him see our old messages so maybe he's sad and wants to read back through those or something? idk what his deal is
wow that's horrible, I hope I never fall for another scrote ever again

No. 1336134

File: 1662928486389.jpg (99.41 KB, 471x700, 1660807662960.jpg)

He needs to perish.

No. 1336148

You are overthinking it. Femininity is a made up concept, wear whatever you like. If you liked those earrings then wear them proudly. Life is too short to worry about things like that.

No. 1336156

love that pic and he really does

No. 1336183

File: 1662931135482.png (3.19 MB, 1548x871, dress.PNG)

What's up with dresses sizes? I'm not anachan by any means, just normal thin, have no problem finding fitting pants, but finding a fitting elegant dress for a wedding party apparently it's impossible. My waist is 60cm and even a goddamn XXS size would be something like 66-68, which is just not good when I don't want it to loosely hang on me. Today I came across a beautiful dress but the smallest size was XS with a whole 72cm waist. There's no way models showing these dresses have much bigger waists than me some random basic woman. Is it all made small for them to show and then much baggier for sales?
Anyway anons I'm just so frustrated, thought it's going to be a quick buy and I can move on worrying about other things but it's been weeks, less and less time left and I have nothing to wear.

No. 1336199

maybe try juniors or childrens sizing? juniors sizing is typically more petite than womens

No. 1336203

I'm desperate so i'll give it a shot! but not getting too hopeful here bc I'm not small unfortunately (slightly above my country's average height)

No. 1336238

File: 1662934615641.png (230.16 KB, 493x408, 2333222.png)

I'm losing weight at my bottom but my upper body still stays wide and heavy fuck

No. 1336245

I want to vomit. I was scrolling far back in my camera roll and got to some pictures I took during my previous relationship. I deleted everything picturing him or us, but knew that sometimes live pictures would include a glimpse or sound. Curiosity got the best of me and sure enough, I got horribly jumpscared. One of the pictures had the sound of us kissing in the background. I didn't think seeing his mug would be _this_ appalling, and the kissing sounds were truly the cherry on top. Can't believe I was ever in such a low point of my life to let him be my boyfriend and take him back after I broke up with him.

No. 1336248

its just your body type nona, try to accept it, i have the opposite problem and it bugs me too so i can relate. trust me, you dont wanna be skelly on top and chubby on bottom.

No. 1336254

year ago my whole body was thin but now? fuck this life, I guess you're right anon, I need to accept my new body.

No. 1336262

i am praying for the day this website gets VPN detection like 4chan.

No. 1336273

like it hasnt been totally mainstream to be skelly on top and chubby on the bottom for like 10 years now, cute humblebrag

No. 1336279

This is true.

No. 1336283

im pretty sure its still in to have big fake boobs is it not? or at least "big naturals" or whatever scrotes like. not low on your chest small saggy boobs and a bony chest. maybe some women want that look but i want cleavage. my boobs hardly touch even if i squeeze them together, even at larger sizes. but i guess if youre complimenting me i will take it, thanks nona.

No. 1336296

Men are so confusing. Why make advances on me repeatedly and tell me you want to fix me if the second I reciprocate you tell me I'm too crazy to ever date? While also saying you're in love with me? Pick a fucking lane.

No. 1336308

just saw cp on snow and I want to die

No. 1336314

File: 1662941035966.jpeg (128.42 KB, 639x706, 1638833969689.jpeg)

Bump don't scroll, ugly illegal shit on here

No. 1336332

File: 1662941816390.jpg (49.41 KB, 628x670, nhkb6pym2pf61.jpg)

I'll come back when the jannies take care of it and I feel bad for everyone else that saw it. Take care nonnas

No. 1336335

Same, I want to erase it from my memory.

I really do hope they do something about it.

No. 1336340

I am so fucking disgusting, literally 0 things attractive in me. Ugly face, ugly body, ugly skin, ugly tuberous boobs, ugly low flat ass, no personality. I hate myself and I can't even blame my parents because I love them and I'll feel bad from hurting them with my words. It would've been so easier if I had never existed.

No. 1336343

File: 1662943133179.gif (593.61 KB, 480x480, chomp.GIF)

Sorry nonas for interrupting your thread. Trying to bump disturbing imagery from the front page. Please be safe.

No. 1336346

does anyone have like resources for dealing with having to see that shit. i’ve only ever seen it on here once before and it took me like months to get over it

No. 1336350


No. 1336364

you are loved and deserve to be loved

No. 1336380

My mom is kind of a selfish bitch and I have no idea why she's like that. she drove to my house the other day to physically show me her smartphone because she couldn't figure out how to upload an image to social media, while she was here I noticed she was coughing, so I asked if she was sick. She smiled and said 'yeah, i think i got it from church'. I was like wtf mom, did you use the tests I gave you? 'oh no, they're made in China and I can't trust anything the chinese make'
she later went home and did the test after I told her to go do it, and she tested positive for covid, and earlier this week I ended up getting fucking sick for two days with a 100 degree fever and stayed at home for four days while it was happening. I tested several times during this time and came up negative, but this last, the very-last test I had, tested positive. Now I'm at home, pissed, possibly with my first time with this fucking flu, all because Mom wanted to post a cat picture that none of her friends are going to see because they're boomers who can't use facebook anyway.

and she's ALWAYS BEEN LIKE THIS, like everyone around her is just a toy. toy that get put away when they're dirty by someone else and she doesn't give a fuck. I don't think I'm like that, but maybe I am? either ways idk what to do now, i don't want to drive to the store to get new tests.

No. 1336387

also fuck my dad, too. lazy asshole TOLD ME to go spend time with her when she came over and help her with her problem while he sat on the fucking couch, doing nothing himself. like, dad you fatass, you can get off the fucking couch and go help her yourself, its' not like you work anymore. you're not the one who will have to lose two weeks sick leave to isolate. you just sit in your fucking crumbling office chair held together by nails from krypton ordering me to do fucking everything for you to help your own wife. lazy fucking dickhead. I don't give a fuck if you're tired because now I'M FUCKING SICK and I could lose my JOB over this all because you wouldn't move your ass to look at a smartphone.
Fucking asshole!
I'm glad I don't live here anymore or this would be the end. I'm sorry I even have to come by and visit if I didn't want to feel like a piece of shit for cutting off my worthless parents.

No. 1336394

that ugly?

No. 1336395

I am seriously going crazy.
I don't think I can handle this breakup anymore.
I know the only thing that will make me feel better is if she forgives me again and we go back to how things were like before.
But it can't happen because she doesn't want to fucking talk to me anymore and I need to respect her boundary.
I can't take this anymore.
Breakups are so much easier if you hate the other person but I can't do that.
I still love her so much, I wish she'd take me back.

No. 1336399

i thought the same thing when i read it kek

No. 1336400

Men are not human.

That is all.

No. 1336408

I hate when people show up sick. It tells me that they would happily make me feel like shit just for their own entertainment. Almost just as bad when they ask first, "can I still come over if I have a cold?", so that's it up to me to be the bad guy and explain in detail how catching their illness would be a detriment to me as if it's not fucking obvious.

No. 1336414

Nta but i get jealous of people who are chunky up top but have nice slim legs. Feels like I'm catfishing when I wear wide leg trousers because of the mismatch between my wrists and my tree trunk cankles.

No. 1336418

File: 1662951826705.jpg (24.6 KB, 599x453, Dtb6-uLUUAAuEo0.jpg)

I am browsing the BPD subreddit, and I see so much of myself when I read about their experiences with interpersonal relationships. Even reading other nona's experience with having BPDchan friends makes me wonder if I had treated my friends in the same way a BPDchan would. This is legit making me worried about myself…

No. 1336448

samefag he fucking messaged me again… I finally stopped crying and was feeling a bit better and he wrote this whole long essay about how he's mentally ill and can't change and basically hasn't loved me for the past 6 months of our relationship
we had a mature discussion about it and whenever I try and ask more about what his mental illness is, what he's feeling, what made his mental illness worse, why won't he get help for it etc he dodges the question and gives evasive answers
and at the end of it all he gave me the whole "I still care about you I never wanted to hurt you let's still be friends" bs like yeah right dude I'm not retarded enough to believe that
men are insane there is something really broken with the y chromosome they are all defective and horrible

No. 1336452

seriously, if someone is sick they should just stay home

No. 1336469


No. 1336470

I'm sorry anon. Why are you so sure she hates you? I'm sorry again anon, I know how this feels.

No. 1336479

Block him. He sounds terrible

No. 1336483

She's made it known she never wants to speak to me again. I wonder if she only missed the relationship I had with her, missed the way I used to make her feel, and not actually missing me as a person. Such a thought is excruciating because it means she doesn't love me anymore. Meanwhile I've been missing everything about her: our relationship, our friendship, the future plans we had, her. I know now my love for her is real and I hate that I didn't do enough to show it before it was too late.

No. 1336487

I will eventually, tomorrow he is supposed to send me a picture of artwork I gave him as a gift that I worked really hard on and am proud of (I'd be sad if I could never see it again), and he said he will talk more specifically about his mental illness and why he was pretending nothing was wrong those 6 months
I just want to hear that last bit of clarification from him before cutting all contact, I feel like he owes it to me after putting me through this

No. 1336489

There are so many very very hideous Asian women with objectively good-looking white men, it’s hilarious, but good looking Asian men never date the ugly Asians. Asian chicks who are into white dudes are having the easiest dating experience ever lmao, the world is really their oyster, not to mention 90% of men have yellow fever and even if you’re a 5/10 Asian girl you’ll get treated like an 8/10 without having to put in the effort to actually become hot(race-sperging)

No. 1336492

>There are so many very very hideous Asian women with objectively good-looking white men
literally the other way around this is probably bait anyway

No. 1336497

shes been trying it in a few threads. she must be bored kek

No. 1336498

File: 1662959683997.png (373.51 KB, 1199x1430, C8DEAED5-8B21-41A3-82D4-2207DD…)

Actually you are right cause I’ve seen that too lol, somehow both are simultaneously true
Picrel Natalie Lee from love is blind who dated two objectively good looking white dudes (neither of which are my type but I’m sure girls would rate them at an 8, whereas she’s a 6 at most)

No. 1336500

Wtf are you talking about lol this is my first post about it, and I haven’t seen it discussed in other threads or I’d have posted there

No. 1336503

>still doesn't post the """objectively good looking""" white dudes

No. 1336506

File: 1662960488594.jpeg (127.81 KB, 1280x720, 0C69669C-D9C4-4608-B4E2-7CF448…)

Idk how/where to make a collage to put the pics of them together, so here’s one dude, not my type at all with the country aesthetic and you also might not be into him but objectively many women would be
And she is definitely not the only example of this, it’s a commonplace occurrence, if you don’t believe it show any dude an ugly Asian chick and he’ll prob tell you she’s hot lmao

No. 1336508

File: 1662960753190.jpeg (54.13 KB, 684x567, C1EF01B1-E8A0-42F6-B85C-CCAF15…)

>Talking to mom
>Mom is playing with phone
>Decides to watch a stupid vid she has seen a million times
>Ignores me while I'm speaking
Pisses me off so much. She would have a tantrum if I did this to her. I feel like a young teenager when she pulls this. She is such a hypocrite. Fuck.

No. 1336510

File: 1662960894064.webm (914.26 KB, 576x1024, 1662786007397.webm)

meh they look average, near the same level as the girl posted. i see couples like vid related way more tbh

No. 1336516

nta and he's ugly as hell to me but to society he'll sadly be considered hot and her "meh", so that anon isn't entirely wrong but i don't think country boy is necessarily fetishizing asians. that's more of an internet twerp thing. could just be a random pairing.

No. 1336518

i need to get a different car mine is a piece of shit and this was inevitable but im so scared to sell it for a different one because of the cost of everything. also i honestly love the body of my car i think its so cute. i loved this hunk of metal.

No. 1336519

what kind of car is it?

No. 1336520

i must be as retarded as the guy in >>1336510 because i thought you were calling him hot kek

No. 1336524

its pretty specific so im not going to say but it breaks down, has bad or no ac, and honestly its real saving grace was that it was cheap with for some reason a nice interior for the year built. i was in a rough spot but needed a car for a job. now i need an actually decent car for a better job in town.

No. 1336529

Nonnies I am retarded but at least I'm learning.
>be me
>break up with bf a few weeks ago because he keeps ignoring my boundaries and keeps making me uncomfortable
>realize I miss him terribly and reconnect
>he tells me he still loves me but he thinks I might not be the right one for him
>decide I will change his mind
>we meet a few times after that, he fells me he loves me, I am beautiful, kisses me in public, gifts me a ring someone lost on the bus (i am a big fan of finding small lost items, so this isn't cringe btw) etc.
>I think we are together again
>FFW to yesterday
>I call him and have a normal chat with him
>plan to meet up in the following week
>randomly decide to ask him if we are a couple again just to be sure
>gives me a non-answer
>straight up ask him if he has tinder on his phone
>"yes, I thought it was obvious, I told you I wasn't sure I could be happy with you"

This one is completely on me, but I am still fuming. Oh well! Not doing this ever again, idk what I was expecting to happen, really.

No. 1336531

I'm such a fuckup. I'd planned my whole end of the week to perfectly line up with my period, surgery, giving time to do all my tasks and rest. The period didn't come on the rest day, I've procrastinated a whole bunch because of building anxiety towards my task list, didn't accomplish anything yet didn't go out and have fun, my period came three days late during the night, I couldn't sleep and almost vomited from the pain (hadn't happened in years), I look like a zombie today and I'm seeing my ex for the first time post breakup, I'm horribly late on my thesis and I only want to numb the pain with LC browsing. Why do I let my life get so stressful when just last week I was super happy and relaxed? Why can't I plan properly for important shit? Why does my period hurt so much? Fuck

No. 1336535

Samefag and I am late to class and I haven't eaten anything yet I took painkillers and antibiotics, not great

No. 1336537

File: 1662963459271.jpeg (29.34 KB, 569x321, 1C96D89B-D907-4498-A8AF-DDEE05…)

I’ve had a headache all day, I think I’m dehydrated. I’ve been chugging water all day and taken a lot of pain medication and it still won’t go away.

No. 1336539

It sounds like you're very busy on top of the surgery and period. Maybe you need as much rest as you can. It's okay to take a break sometimes nona, and don't be so hard on yourself. Sometimes our physical limitations just cannot keep up with the stresses in life.

No. 1336545

Try one of those rehydration sachets from the pharmacy. They've got all the minerals you need for rehydration, and if you're lacking them drinking plain water won't do shit

No. 1336546

I know you're right. I badly need some vacations, actually I'll get them when it's all over next week, but until then I have to pull through somehow. I feel like when everything is all right, in my life I rest a lot but also get very busy, I have such a great life, everything is in balance, but then something fucks up either internal like a lil bit of procrastination accumulates or something justified like physical issues, and then everything gets thrown out of whack but I've already committed to too much. It happens half a dozen times a year and I'm always flirting with shitty consequences and half the time I am not flirting with it I am not delivering on what I said I would work-wise, and it also fucks up the rest of my life because I stop sleeping, stop exercising, undereat or overeat, stop going out and just lay in bed for days sometimes. It's been happening for a long time and I don't even know how to better myself on that front. I always have my shit together and I suddenly don't for like two weeks and then I snap out of it and take responsibility for what happened. I can't seem to learn from those experiences.

No. 1336557

what in the world ever happened to ville valo

No. 1336563

i have two friends but one of them moved away (the fun cute one) and now the one i'm stuck with is a fandom hopping wannabe they/them autismo who is always a step away from namalting me and rarely messages me back even though she's unoccupied

No. 1336577

I hate that I can’t feel relief from self harm anymore unless it’s truly terrible. Unless I see muscle or tendon, I’ve failed - even if I’ve lost enough blood that I’m dizzy. I wish I had a productive habit to deal with my feelings but I feel too far gone now.

No. 1336580

anon, please stop. this is literally kelly and chompurrs territory. ffs, drugs are better than cutting yourself down to the muscle or TENDON…

No. 1336584

The anons who see even a slightly GNC woman and immediately think "who does she think she is, she's probably some NLOG nonbinary wannabe on her way to trooning out, maximum cringe" have officially given up their right to complain about any woman becoming a tranny. You're the reason it's happening. Don't reply to me, I won't give a shit about your copes.

No. 1336586

File: 1662968361273.jpeg (181.92 KB, 828x789, 89DCF4C3-79EF-4C19-8275-BDD7C2…)

Thanks so much for the tip, you can come over and play Mario kart with me whenever you want

No. 1336587

go take a nap

No. 1336595

I used to despise aidens and take their issues personally because i grew up in a cult like patriarchal environment. My approach was “how dare you look down on womanhood” because i mistook them for the misogynist figures i grew up around. But now i look at it from a different perspective, as pathetic as it may be, pretending to be a man makes sense. There’s so much guilt shame and anxieties with being a woman that deviating just a little bit from being a standard woman gets you ostracized by both men and women. It makes sense to label yourself as anything but. Especially when you want people to notice something else. From a psychological standpoint. Of course there will always be narcissistic attention seekers in every group but mainly talking about the introverted themlets who want keep to themselves

No. 1336596

When I started hanging out in a Discord with a decent radfem population and a specific channel devoted to it, I realized that everyone hates women, including the women in that server, and that everyone is going to judge you for everything you do all the time. Maybe that's stupid of me but I didn't think feminists would be that way kek I thought it would be love and rainbows

No. 1336597

No. 1336603

>you think troon fags are cringe? It’s your fault they’re all trooning out you know that right
This sounds a lot more like a cops not even trying to nitpick kek. Yikes…

No. 1336604

This doesn't track. Women mostly do it for different reasons, such as unacceptance of homosexuality, sexual abuse or sexism deflection, social contagion and the desire to stand out and be considered as part of the in crowd (look at Sarah Z, a non-binary dumbass who looks like a stereotypical feminine women). People are trooning now because scrotes pushed for it because modern gay acceptance means that men on the down low might be outed (which fucks up their status in their retard male-respect artificial hierarchy) because it's acceptable to tell people about gay experiences with less fear in more areas, combined with the increasing pornsickness of men in society and women having more rights is against their desires so they have to try and make the class they oppress mean nothing so the treatment can't be defined or pointed out and therefore stopped and critiqued.

No. 1336607

i'd had more luck with love and rainbows with fellow awkward virgin women like me. my sister's radfem friend group was seriously full of cows, definitely the types to be attracted to radical feminism as just another group they could socialize/grift in

No. 1336608

Right kek? Sure, thinking some goblin-core dumbass with Melani Martinez-dyed SJW bangs and a mullet is probably a cringe enby or mtf into homestuck is definitely the cause for trooning.

No. 1336610

It's like saying men who wear cat anime ears and japanese uniforms are cringe and probably predators is responsible for mtfs. While women are often shamed for not being beautiful, it's not women doing the shaming that causes trooning. Scrotes are the ones who think fuckable = women which is why they say ugly women don't pass, it's how men evaluate us.

No. 1336613

There was a discussion a while back where nonnies were saying that they spend alot of money on their appearance before a date. They were saying scrotes who show up to dinner and then expect them to split a bill after they've spent all this money on hair and nails are clueless dipshits. Which is fair enough. I weighed in just saying I don't do any of that stuff personally. We don't all invest 150 bucks on beautification pre dates. I wasn't disagreeing that men should pay but I only said it because they were trying to say its universal to spend/do that much. I got called an nlog and soon-to-be-troon for not doing my nails. That was a weird one.

No. 1336617

The bestie is going out with my old fwb and I think it be sus af

It was never anything serious, but- out of all the guys out there-they just had to become a thing with him??

I would never even think of doing that with someone they've been with. Who would want their friend's leftovers and sloppy seconds?

On another note, I've been keeping quiet about the things my bestie has shared with me though because this guy apparently tells all the girls the same compliments and stuff.

No. 1336629

It’s been almost four years and I know I’ll never get over my retarded e-crush because I still have my entire week ruined every time I see the pictures she sends me and her girlfriend is in the background. I can go months without speaking to her and I’ll be my normal self who’s confident about my appearance and can pick anyone up. Then I speak with her and that confidence crumbles. I feel ugly like no one, I’m staring at the mirror and see an anthropomorphic rotting blobfish with my huge nose, fetus headshape and pizza skin. I could never compete and she’s so out of my league. She has the funniest personality, talented like no one and the only body I’ve ever found myself genuinely attracted to, I never thought I’d actually sext with someone. Of course she wouldn’t pick me— as much as she says she values me she’s still an American with social life and I’m in shithole Europe in a country with hardly human rights kek. Cringe of me!

Why can’t I get over you! Why can’t I get over you! Why can others fall for me left and right and after four years why can’t i fall asleep dreaming of holding anyone but you!

No. 1336637

This has literally nothing to do with the original post that was referring to how anons find reasons to shit on GNC women and then complain when they troon out due to a lifetime of ostracization and being told that they're failed women

No. 1336644

Is this what every embarrassing nbs/trannies will be claiming when the fad dies down rather than acknowledging they believed something delusional and were in fact supporting the 'wrong side' of history? You can detrans, doesn't mean you lose the mindset which is prone to transition.

No. 1336649

Even on this site the "radfem" identified anons would rather fight and attack other women over petty shit like semantics just like the evil libfems they hate so much. Like mentioned above in the discussion, they love taking shots at women showing even slightest deviation from the female norm and call them "NLOGs" if they don't like dresses or doing their nails for a date or whatever arbitrary non-female trait they decide on because not conforming to a societal stereotype naturally means you think you're superior to other women, hate being one and are just one backwards cap away from becoming an evil tranny TIF aiden. It's 100% projection on their part and bleak as shit. I've just resorted to calling myself a feminist without that much of a specified alignment because most feminist-identified women still do have a good head on their shoulders and support each other, it's just tiring to weed out the conservatards wearing a radfem shirt to get a pass to be as misogynistic and homophobic as possible.

No. 1336660

How do you know they are radfems? Not thinking men are women is not the same as radfem.

No. 1336668

I said ""radfem" identified". I know that at its core radfem is more than about spergy manhate (that Nigel naturally gets a pass for) and hating trannies but a lot of other users on this and places like radtwitter and ovarit don't. Radfem isn't perfect at its core though since they're guilty of lesbian erasure since their beginnings though but that's another topic for another time. I agree with a lot of their ideals but there's a lot I don't agree with too. The same goes for intersectional feminism.

No. 1336672

>Who would want their friend's leftovers and sloppy seconds?
scrote mindset to think that people lose value after you fuck them

No. 1336679

I think I know which posters you mean. best you can do is point out their hypocrisy or just ignore that shit. Many people attach and identify with whatever -isms to one-up each other and social grift like this anon mentioned >>1336607
instead of shaping a better culture on their own it’s sad but it’s just that way with humanity because we are retarded, some more than others kek. Honestly I just want to talk and shitpost anonymously with other women somewhere in peace without shit male-dominated board culture shaped by polfags and paedo coomers so I’ll gladly take the helicopter nonnies over that but yes they are annoying.

No. 1336688

Nta but judging detrans women because 'welp they can never change' is dumb. They do the thing that we want and we still judge them eternally? What could go wrong?

No. 1336696

I drunk texted an old fwb in an attempt to make him jealous (he used to be really possessive of me but I found it hot) and it backfired horribly and I feel so stupid and embarrassed. Someone should take away my phone when I'm drunk, this isn't even the first time I've made an ass out of myself.

No. 1336700

Because for anons like the one you replied to the cardinal sin of detransitioners and desisters is being not feminine, not transitioning in itself. They need to either become "real women" and suffer through the unrealistic expectations and being treated as a B-class citizen just like everyone else, basically stay in the crab bucket instead of attempting to get out be it via troonery or just presenting masculine, it doesn't make a difference since it's all the same level of betrayal to them. Instead of working together to liberate women and make transitioning a regressive, obsolete thing of the past they'd rather first make everyone conform and then consider bargaining a better deal for women that ultimately benefits only them. They're not interested in the rights of the women who don't fit the stereotype because to them they're just freaks to take all their insecurity out on.

No. 1336748

Mindset prone to transition as in believing in sexist bullshit. Yes people can hate you for thinking people say ew pants are for boys is correct.
>that one you replied to doesn’t like GNC women ree
Cope. I am GNC but also understand that you have to accept a sexist belief as fact to transition (women GNC = not women because scrotes think fuckable = women), you are partially at fault if you see people espouse this belief and agree rather than saying that’s dumb an sexist.

No. 1336750

Also didn’t say they can never change, just that detransitioning doesn’t mean not accepting a dumb sexist belief, look a detransitioners like Helena and Limpida and all the ones who go full MRA.

No. 1336753

Samefagg, they go from one cult to another, just because they detrans doesn’t mean they see cults/beliefs/etc as bad.

No. 1336755

How did it backfire?

No. 1336762


No. 1336764

Yes it does? The post states that women mostly transitions for reasons other than being GNC so the existence of troons is not the fault of bullies. Not all bullied GNC people transition either.

No. 1336771

If you transition after getting called a tranny, then they correctly clocked you, so this doesn’t make sense.

No. 1336772

>they do what you want and you still judge them
Nta but what? If someone champions misogyny, troons and then detroons but doesn’t acknowledge their wrongdoings and blames it on the people who disagreed with them, then they’re still shit and deserve to be judged.

Gender criticism isn’t some campaign to just make people detransition, nobody cares how you look while spreading dangerous ideology.

No. 1336783

Truly. It’s all very:
> It’s not my fault I wanted to be called Deku and go by xe/xir pronouns, it’s societies fault for being anti-non-conformity. I’m not retarded, you can’t judge me for the things I say and do!
Transitioning is conformity in many places (eg.fandom, younger activist spaces, etc), even sometimes motivated by the desire to stand out and be seen as special. It’s like saying you can’t judge tradthots for saying a womens place is in the home because moid run society pushes that belief is well. Like yeah, an oppressed class can judge members of their class for encouraging their oppression kek.

No. 1336785

Referring to women who don’t want to be men as crabs in a bucket and the concept of feminism as reluctantly bargaining a better deal is rancid. Does overdosing on testosterone and worshiping bR0s make the world better for women? Trannies are so god damn entitled, viewing the peers you look down on as responsible for your wellbeing with no reciprocation. The feminists need to make a cushy crib for child abusing, misogynist transmen or they’re all crabs in a bucket?

No. 1336793

File: 1662988698626.gif (734 B, 13x12, 1634978054343.gif)

I read about this womans suicide, someone close to her claimed she was simply bored of life. She was in her early 40s, experienced and accomplished so much in life, had begun losing interest in people and was simply done. It makes a lot of sense, and it's not sad. It's strange but kind of beautiful too.

This is not a baww I want to die post. I have some things I still want to do, but I feel it was my destiny to just pop by and see what's going on, learn some things, think and reflect, have a few conversations, then take myself out peacefully. Viewing life this way makes it bearable and even nice at times.

No. 1336817

Did you even read these posts? It's like you're projecting some severe bitterness to someone not deserving of it and proving the point in >>1336649 to a T you absolute spergs

No. 1336825

I'm so lonely, online spaces used to fill that hole inside me but I feel like an outcast everywhere online too. I try to be myself, I try to be what others need but neither works. Even on LC I feel this way. I just need a friend who gets me.

No. 1336830

That sounds comforting in a strange way.

No. 1336835

There isn't a woman on earth (troon past or not) who hasn't at some point picked up some misogynistic views and then learnt better.

No. 1336838

>shitting on GNC women is okay because they must all be cringe deku kinnies born out of need for attention!!! it CAN'T be due to societal values devaluing women and punishing them for not conforming!!
This is a genuinely low empathy post and has the same energy as all the anons trying to justify their intense Venus a-logging by claiming that she deserves it for not being grateful to her mother for buying her burando dresses as a teenager and making her an e-celebrity. Literal scrote behavior.

No. 1336840

I masturbated to thoughts of my ex last night, then cried afterwards and fell asleep. I'm so pathetic.

No. 1336841

I feel the same way often, nonna. I hope you can find a friend that makes you happy soon!

No. 1336844

If everyone your whole life asks whether you want to be a boy and keeps telling you that you can't be a woman like that and people also start to call you tranny, then YOU'RE the misogynist if you end up believing them. Not everyone around you who fed you misogynist shit all your life, conforming people cannot be misogynist just troons and gnc people.

No. 1336846

You flew too close to the sun anon, your bait became too obvious

No. 1336849

Stop putting words in anons mouths and supporting people who maintain sexist beliefs and believing they are not responsible for upholding them.

No. 1336850

It's not bait, but sarcasm, do you need tone indicators?

No. 1336852

Take your bait elsewhere.

No. 1336853

are you autistic?

No. 1336854

So tradthots are totally fine being misogynists and shouldn’t be judged for promoting misogyny because men in power support misogyny as fact? It’s the same logic.

No. 1336855

No, but considering the statistic on those who transition…

No. 1336857

Society does but you also go along with it and agree with it because it’s easy. Not everyone does. Sorry people judge you for going along with sexism and want to blame the people who are against it for your promotion of it.

No. 1336860

How do you deal with it nonna?

No. 1336861

People do not choose to be ostracised, but they do have control over how they respond to it, and transitioners chose to go “yes, I don’t like sexism therefore I am a man, women totally identify into their oppression” then when their spinelessness is pointed out they do not want to be blamed for promoting it? Only in places where they kill you, not just laugh at you, is that a legitimate point of view. Are you some retard privileged burger?

No. 1336864

It does read like scrote bait.

No. 1336870

Are you so judgemental that whenever you see someone who looks like a tradthot in the street, you think to yourself "how did she get out of the kitchen?". If you see a gnc woman and first thing you think is "troon", why is the gnc woman still the misogynist and not you?

No. 1336875

Nta but if you read the detransition thread you'll see it's not some conscious choice made to dodge sexism. It's an unconscious thing that ends up only being realised years later in therapy. The connection between trooning and having csa in your past is another thing that often isn't realised til much later on.

No. 1336877

so true nonnie

No. 1336880

> you can’t judge me for being sexist noooo
> you laugh at me for being an asshole? I bet your evil!
Anon >>1336785 was right. You sound sexist. This is what anons mean when they say you can detransition but it doesn’t mean you’re no longer entitled or retarded.

No. 1336883

I sent him something about hooking up with someone else and he replied "lmao okay, good for you" and then "I don't want to know about your hookups though, it's kinda nasty." Pretty mean but also the truth, which is why I feel so embarrassed. Ugh.

No. 1336884

I know that and mentioned that up thread, but one anon is desperate to suggest all troonism exists because they were bullied for being GNC. That’s obviously not the case, even the GNC aidens mostly seem to troon out because scrotes do not accept them as women.

No. 1336885

I just use all my time enjoying my hobbies like drawing or gaming. I play lots of retarded phone games to keep myself occupied, too. I have someone I write to weekly-ish that I met on the friend finder thread on /g/ on Discord. I mostly just try to keep myself busy so I don't wallow in my loneliness, nonnie. But I really recommend checking out that thread if you haven't yet. I've talked to some cool anons, though only one has stuck around.

No. 1336887

lmfao I'm not crab bucket nonna

No. 1336889

File: 1662994725698.jpg (88.77 KB, 800x600, 55663.jpg)

I'm getting closer to my 30 but my life didn't changed a bit in these 10 years.
No matter how much I try nothing changes. My life stays the same and I can't stand it. I'm getting really desperate.
I suffer from social anxiety and the only thing I know is my room. I spend most of my time in my room.
I'm going insane. I'm tired and I want big change in my life. I want to go outside and have fun and be normal. But I can't relax outside, I'm scared like a prey. I don't know what to do, I don't know how to change.

My worst fear that I will not change and be like that forever becomes reality.

No. 1336890

Going “oh god I bet they have pronouns in their bio” in current year is totally valid when pronoun havers throw tantrums to try and get you fired nowadays and are helping dismantle womens rights and are helping men get put in womens prisons.

No. 1336891

At this point there are more hyperfeminine pronoun havers, yet they or zoomers in general aren't singled out, just gnc women existing makes everyone seethe.

No. 1336894

Samefagging to say he has oh so generously offered to relieve me of my virginity. How kind of him. I might take him up on the offer honestly, as much as I find him annoying I'd rather it be him than some rando. I feel like my virginity is what's stopping me from being able to find someone, because I never want to have sex with them because I'm scared I'll embarrass myself due to inexperience. Anyway, crazy girls are supposed to promiscous. If I'm going to be labelled as that regardless I may as well jump over the first hurdle as fast as possible to catch up on lost time.

No. 1336895

nta but idk why you got piled on. feels like they're putting words into your mouth. The alienation that masculine women get from BOTH sexes is a very real thing and has been going on for fucking years. An awful number of women are far more attached to femininity than they are femaleness, it really explains the drooling over feminine gay moids and TIMs get (like that day 3 of being a girl moid on tiktok). It doesn't help that representation for masculine women is fucking non-existent or doesn't last long (gentleman jack got cancelled for example.) whilst feminine rep is literally everywhere. The alienation & lack of representation masculine girls receive definitely is a factor as to why they troon out & being a reactionary autist whenever you see GNC woman doesn't help either.

No. 1336897

samefag idk if i quoted the right person kek
i mean you >>1336584

No. 1336904

We are two different nonnas, sorry for the confusion

No. 1336905


No. 1336908

Imo scrotes give 0 shit about inexperience, they're already way too happy to get their dicks wet to care about how you act. You really should have sex with him only if it sounds like something fun, if you do it just because you think it's what you should do it's going to be a massive disappointment

No. 1336910

The talk about the movie Blonde has made me really angry because it shows that males aren’t even the slightest phased by graphic portrayals of rape, it’s like they have no fucking soul or emotion. Why do I have to be traumatized witnessing abuse that’s happened to myself and many women but it barely gets treated as notable to these guys who just see it as run of the mill standard movie material to be edgy. Is it all the fucking porn they watch daily that’s just melted their brain into not recognizing the depravity of rape or? God I hate having to be triggered by obviously horrific shit while everyone else normalizes it in some retarded way and sees it as entertainment.

No. 1336921

They are “phased” by it though, it makes them really horny. That’s why there’s so many now, they love that shit

No. 1336926

its so cringe seeing them try and say 'duhhh!! ur supposed to be uncomfortable uwu! we're supposed to understand how marilyn felt being sexualised & exploited! just say u hate art' we really do not need to see that shit. rape scenes only purpose is for moids to get off to.

No. 1336928

Scrotes empathise with the rapist more often than the victim.

No. 1336931

I hate sex scenes, they often look like porn, game of thrones for example.

No. 1336949

You're right. I'm just leaning towards sex because it's something that scares me and I want to lean into self destruction I suppose. I always self destruct when my poor therapist takes her holidays kek

No. 1336950

i'm eternally pissed that white girls got the reputation of fucking dogs because of gigi gorgeous

No. 1336952

The sec scenes in Got are just so pointless and gratutious, like how do you make a nerdy show mass appealing. Tits and ass.

No. 1336956

That movie legit sounds worse than many notorious torture porn horror movies.

No. 1336972

Reacting to your pic, why is it considered alarming if a woman reads staples like Anna Karenina and Jane Eyre? Like how is that bad?

No. 1336978

NTA, but that pic is definitely a snapshot of part of my bookhself and I am an unhinged weirdo, so I get the "run".

No. 1336999

A major event went well but i still can't relax i am pissed and jiterry and nervous. I don't know why?? Everything is fine now but I feel like I'm not out of the woods yet. I just want to relax.

No. 1337002

You're probably still filled with adrenaline, you'll calm down in a while. Would going for a jog help you calm down maybe? Or maybe a cup of tea and a movie? Congrats on your event, nonna.

No. 1337013

I hate going to my in-laws. Every surface is cluttered and it's like they never throw any food out. It's all rotting or expired. I was always annoyed at my partner for being so weird about expiration dates and needing to throw something out the minute something was past the date but it's starting to make sense.

No. 1337015

File: 1663001202836.jpeg (33.55 KB, 180x270, 28AB8861-746B-4F15-AC45-C9FA45…)

I feel really anxious. I started a new job recently and I feel huge pressure to learn everything as quickly as posible and feel so ashamed when I make mistakes (which is often). My coworkers are nice and I’m happy I got the job but this anxiousness is killing be. Have some other stuff stressing me out as well. I feel like I’m too weak to handle normal stuff and that you shouldn’t get this anxious over normal life.

No. 1337022

If I dont feel better after this walk I’m going to kms
I’ll try to play upbeat music

No. 1337028

This day is the worst day. I hate everything and everyone.

No. 1337032

I'm not a human, I must be some alien lifeform trying to assimilate. I don't even think I'm autistic as I was a fairly social kid and teen, and once upon a time I had "it", whatever it was, and now I feel like I'm closed off in my own little world 24/7 even if I'm in a room with people, I always feel like I just woke up from a 10 year dream when I'm spoken to and express myself as if I wasn't speaking my native language. I'm not really sure things will ever get better from here on out.

No. 1337034

growing up in a hoarder house is a hellish experience, it will definitely take its toll on the kids of hoarders. maybe you should try to meet in laws outside of the house more often.

No. 1337036

the "it" is called masking babes

No. 1337038

Ow ow iw ow ow ow ow ow
I had a tooth pulled ow and it HURTS and I’m not supposed to move around the gauze or rinse my mouth despite my spit being all blood from the bleeding and OW the pain killer I took ten minutes ago hasn’t kicked in yet OWWWW did you know that dentists pull out your teeth like they’re in Victorian times? There’s no fancy 21st century gadgets they just get a plier and pull until they ply your teeth out. Barbaric

No. 1337039

Also how am I supposed to eat……

No. 1337040

If so, I don't really get how I lost my ability to mask well from like toddlerhood in under a year in my twenties, if anything I have way more experience. I didn't undergo any tragic events or anything, my interest in people is just fading from day to day.

No. 1337045

I wish I hadn't been such a negative coward and had taken the chances life gave me. I can't stop thinking about different things could have been. Maybe not, but at least I would have tried.

No. 1337047

>I didn't undergo any tragic events or anything, my interest in people is just fading from day to day.

No. 1337050

I hate how attached I get to people. I doubt they remember my existence, but I'm grateful to the kind little things they have done to me and I can't stop missing them.

No. 1337052

You think you’re me sooooo bad

No. 1337059

I know we are both sorry and we both miss each other but we're almost too embarrassed to face each other again. I hate this.

No. 1337062

wtf kind of dentist did you go to, they usually inject something in the gums to numb the pain before pulling and some might even break the tooth in pieces before pulling it out, depending on the type of procedure. and they didn't give you aftercare instructions either?

mine said you can rinse your mouth, you just have to let the saliva and blood drop out in a sink like by tilting your head kind of, rather than actually spitting. as for food stick with anything soft and mushy, no solids although you may have to wait some hours for the blood to slow down first. you can change the gauze too with another one if it has too much blood. also never ever use straws for about week or at least for a few days.

No. 1337065

I regret deleting a couple cool women from my contacts but it just made me feel bad that I wasn't good at talking with them. I feel like I'm just too apathetic and awkward and I ruin the mood. It's easier to just keep social shit to imageboards where rep doesn't follow me and the expectations are lower. I just don't have what it takes I can barely talk to my family enough to keep them from getting mad at me. I lost my give a damn

No. 1337067

Don’t worry anon they did all of that and gave me generic instructions like don’t drink hot stuff and don’t use straws, but the pain started an hour after the extraction. I want to eat rice so bad though, might risk it I mean it’s not that “hard” after all

No. 1337068

samefag and ime using a warm teabag as a gauze also helped slow down the blood weirdly enough. make sure it's actually pressed in the area.

No. 1337069

lolcow, where women dunk on other women. I rate a fake boy a 3 and called her a butterface because I’m a lesbian and hey, I base attractiveness on looks. Gets called a moid and gets banned. Wow. Like lol which fake boy autistic farmhand got butthurt about women rating other women.

No. 1337074

thank you!!!! I’ll try that

No. 1337075

File: 1663004925063.jpg (264.42 KB, 1500x1500, dak-juk-sq-scaled.jpg)

NTA but why not make rice porridge? You can make it plenty flavorful with chicken stock and seasonings, or maybe a fish version (since fish is really really soft). I personally struggled to chew even soft foods after I got my wisdom teeth out, so I had a diet of nothing but rice porridge for a week kek. You can add slightly less water and get a thicker porridge.

No. 1337086

that thread is not for you to rate women on a number scale like a moid, no wonder why you got banned. You seem like a retard.

No. 1337095

Integrate, and stop typing like a tard.

No. 1337104

I’m decluttering my room that I haven’t changed much since I was a kid and I feel so guilty for having so much stuff that can’t be recycled or donated, just going straight to the landfill

No. 1337107

Just remembered a thing from my childhood and it’s making me really sad

No. 1337108

I'm tired of people complaining about "boring het romances" who would be pissing their pants in excitement if that exact same couple was same-sex.

No. 1337113

what kind of job did you get?

No. 1337114

I'm trying to stop cutting myself but any time I see things healing it triggers me because it feels like cutting is the only thing I have control over and I've gotten so used to only seeing scabs there than anything else feels alien and unnatural. I've trapped myself in a cycle of only feeling like myself through self harm and I don't know how to stop. I can't talk to anyone about it because I've done my best to make sure no one I know irl knows at all, so it would be a huge shock to everyone.

No. 1337119

I fucking hate my shitty fucking boss literally choke you narcissistic freak

No. 1337121

Having so much trouble focusing rn, I just want to do my lessons for the day so I'll probably just drink some coffee and deal

No. 1337130

adapting to my new (academic) routine as a former hikki and an autist has been hard on me, my only motivation being just the thought of how fast the years go by after witnessing it firsthand.

on the bright side, I have a reason to be excited about weekends and holidays.

No. 1337137

God I hate having freaking chronic tonsillitis. Feeling dumb and sleepy all the time for the last couple of weeks.

No. 1337147

Yeah it would be better to give up just when he said he wasn't sure, but why did he proceed with all those gestures? So he would still have you as a convenient option? Nah he's weird, don't blame yourself nonnie. No contact for some time and you'll realize you don't miss him anymore.

No. 1337153

I just cannot stop sucking at work. I cannot meet the fucking deadlines, and have to work overtime almost every day to finish the work that anyone else could have finished earlier. Pretty sure my manager thinks I'm slacking off at work except no, I'm just genuinely just ridiculously, retardedly slow. We had a new girl come recently and she finished the task I was working on for a week in 3 days. I cannot stop thinking that they will want to fire me if this goes on for longer

No. 1337167

Theres a guy I've been hoping to bump into again. It felt like a missed oppurtunity when we hit it off before but didn't exchange anything to stay in contact. We're in a small enough town that we thought we'd bump into each other again no problem, he wanted to update me on something he had coming up. Well we somehow didn't cross paths for about 10 months. I don't know how given the size of our town. Then in the last couple days I've seen him twice while I'm in stores… and I hid.

It happened yesterday and I kicked myself afterwards… then it fucking repeated itself today. What is wrong with me. The universe is suddenly handing this guy to me if I want to get a better feel for him. I panic and hide. I think he even spotted me today so he might know I'm dodging him. This isn't what I want. I actually really want to talk to you again but I'm so retarded that I give off opposite vibes whenever I like a guy. He looked good too.

No. 1337168

ive seen this same exact post before is this some sort of bot? or are you somehow posting the exact same thing months later?

No. 1337170

An anon wrote somewhere about how mentally ill women stick with scrotes, mistaking their indifference for patience and kindness.
I’m suddenly angry at myself for being so slobberingly grateful to people just for tolerating me. I feel like scum all the time but on paper, there’s nothing inherently wrong with me! People should be happy to be around me. I am kind, conscientious, resilient, thoughtful, clever, and talented. I manage my symptoms, I’m clean and relatively attractive. So why do I feel like indifference is the best I’m going to get? Why settle for that? Because I feel like it’s all I deserve. Why

No. 1337171

Nonnie I'm not a bot. This happened today and I'm freshly venting about what a tard I feel like right now.

No. 1337181

i have a lot of hobbies and they eat up a lot of time but skin picking has become king combined i probably spent more than three hours destroying my face today and my skin was doing so well i'm gonna to cover the worst spots with bandaids to stop the picking but holy shit it doesn't even itch i just need to get rid of the texture and it creates more texture how bad does it have to get before it's worthy of a mention to a doctor?

No. 1337182

Tbh no therapist or mental health professional I've ever been to has given a shit about my skin picking. I think you either have to have ocd or go to a skin picking specialist to get the appropriate help.

No. 1337184

i found a notebook from two years ago with some drawings and i have not improved at all if anything i regressed my studies look better but stuff from imagination? i was killing it two years ago and now i stuggle with doodles how the fuck did i regress so bad i feel like i'm running out of time even though i am so young

No. 1337185

Some people are nice about it but in the end no one wants me around. And that's my own fault because I can't offer anything. I'm kind of entertaining for a bit but I think I close off and begin to isolate on my own because I know that I'm a deeply pessimistic and negative and unlikable person and no one could ever like me just for myself.

No. 1337186

this sounds awful but i was thinking of trying to move it to my hair because somebody i knew got help for that but it doesn't work that way sad kek

No. 1337197

You're not running out of time nonna, and artists regress sometimes. If your studies look good, then you could do studies again and use what you learned. What do you like to draw?

No. 1337199

>missed oppurtunity when we hit it off before
>universe is suddenly handing this guy to me
>panic and hide.
>this isn't what I want. I actually really want to talk to you again
>looked good too.
Swallow the sperg for just a few minutes, make the smallest fucking effort, and give him, and you, a fucking chance for once. jeez.

No. 1337202

File: 1663013745269.jpg (86.09 KB, 1280x854, Nike_1280-20150120104711373.jp…)

Anon pls

No. 1337213

So I'm losing my hair. My hairline is receding and I started getting bald spots. Today I saw my GP who is the loveliest woman ever and we discussed the possibility of me having pcos or a thyroid imbalance, I got an appt with a dermatologist too but the earliest they had an opening was January, so my lovely GP told me she'd give me medication to stop the hair loss as much as we can until then. She also sent me to get a very extensive blood panel and a scan to see if I have cysts in my ovaries.
I never once thought I'd have to deal hairloss, I take such good care of my hair, I don't dye it or use chemicals, I don't use heat, I wear a loose braid to bed. I hope they can find out what's causing this and treat it quickly.

No. 1337223

I'm angry at how ugly and degenerate moids are all I've ever wanted was a gentle elven prince with minimal sex drive is that too much to fucking ask for men have it too good they should be doing physical labour if they can't provide anything with their looks

No. 1337232

Ii always felt iffy around my new woke boss and now she's acting fishy as hell dancing around the topic of my contract renewal. just fucking drop the news bitch. i can see through you

No. 1337245

File: 1663017621293.jpg (9.94 KB, 220x220, 1488240147636.jpg)

AHHHHHHH My streak of perfect quiz scores was ruined today because I misread one of the questions! WTF AHHHHHHHHHHH

No. 1337256

File: 1663018461079.jpeg (52.86 KB, 1024x576, 3A7B3A5C-A905-4595-BBC9-2C45C0…)

I wish I could lose weight faster, it takes so long, I'm noticing the changes slowly happening but I just want to be skinny already, I want to wear pretty clothes and feel better wit myself, being skinny will make me happy, and it will surely make it easier for me to get a job, I'm beginning to think that no school wants to hire me or even accept me to finish my internships because I'm not attractive enough to them, maybe if I was skinny I would get more opportunities to get hired, because everyone would think I'm nice.

No. 1337259

File: 1663018545423.jpg (59.27 KB, 640x640, ay carumba.jpg)

the moment my ex (we're still friends. kind-of) found out i wasn't available for a relationship (through means of manipulating me btw lol), he started giving me 2-3 word responses. to everything. unless it pertains to him or something he's interested in. and he wonders why i don't want to get back together with him? maybe it's because i was nothing to him unless it was to benefit him specifically? maybe because i was only an accessory in his life and nonessential when he couldn't show off?

i'm friends with him because we've just known eachother for so long. and i valued the friendship we had. right up until i guess i sort-of realized how uncaring he is. inb4 "it's a scrote what did you expect" yeah yeah i know. i'm just tired. and now i have to mourn a friendship that never actually existed. what a joke this has been. i won't let a man leave me with an egg on my face like this ever again.

No. 1337280

I hate watching my mother’s eating disorder take over her life. I have the worst cope where I sometimes go and say mean things in the /snow/ pro-ana thread but it does not help and I need to figure out how to direct my anger toward something that does not continue to hurt anyone. My dad and brother never want to talk about it but it’s like she gets worse every day. Hate to see it and I know I need a healthier way of dealing with it than going and spreading more hate to people who are dealing with enough of their own bullshit.

No. 1337287

File: 1663019895069.jpg (27.33 KB, 318x450, 71mHmWuGprL._AC_SY450_.jpg)

I got picrel and any page I turn to it brings up awful memories. I bought it because I wanted to go over my memories and think deeply about the past but it all just makes me really sad or angry. Damn. It's hard to remember good times from when I was really young. I'm in a better position now but I'm upset that a lot of the stuff I remember is just shitty and depressing

No. 1337290

Forgot to add it's a journal with guided prompts that relate to periods in your life, past present and future

No. 1337296

File: 1663020311010.png (262.85 KB, 508x527, 1550462622214.png)

flea anon here.

…. flea anon here….

No. 1337308

Ha, i liked the pro ana thread as i got annoyed with an ana girl i knew. They can be annoying. But they’re suffering a lot. I’m sorry your mum is going through this and you have to watch it. Get her some antipsychotics. Maybe try to get your brother and dad to learn and support her. I hope youse get through this nonna. I know many families who have.

No. 1337354

You still have them?

No. 1337361

I love baking and came up with an idea to make an extremely easy low effort pie that my boyfriend could enjoy making too because he's the laziest person on earth. This involved a boxed mousse mix and boxed pudding mix
>So you just add the milk and then use the electric whisk to whip it up
>No I don't want to clean that, I'll just do it by hand
>Ok but that's much more effort and it won't get thick enough
>No it totally will anon, you'll see
>Mousse does not get thick
>Now we need to refrigerate the mousse in the pie crust before we add the pudding, too much liquid won't let it set properly
>No that's too much waiting, it'll be fine dumps everything into the pie crust
>One day later
>Yeah anon the pie didn't set at all it's just liquid goop

Why are men this retarded and lazy.

No. 1337371

god i miss this man who cooks and bakes so well he would never do this shit to me why god why can't i just have this one man who can cook me food and has a huge dick. i cant cook god you know this, and you cursed me with this godforsaken ed. all i want is a man who will cook for me and provide for me and i will clean for him and love him and we can emotionally support eachother. ofc you had to tease me with the taste of a man who would make homemade steamed dumplings for me. they didnt even need sauce. fuck off.

No. 1337391

resisting the feminine urge to wake my partner up early to get him to pay me back the money i sent for our group dinner on the weekend, thinking the charge was going to his card and not my paypal account. i don't need it right now, it's gonna be half an hour tops, he'll have no issue sending it over, but goddamnit i just want my stupid fake money back. love hardcore unwarranted financial anxiety

No. 1337396

File: 1663026499717.png (258.19 KB, 400x400, 05CBD9DC-815C-4532-9852-11D4D3…)

i had my first day of university today and i just went home and cried, i had a prof ask a question that i raised my hand for and she didnt call on me. then she cold called on me for the next question (even though i was obviously trying to participate??) and i just had to say i dont know. then she immediately asked me ANOTHER question and i again had to just be like…. i don't know. then she was like hahaha that was mean of my arent i such a jerk. like yes you are? what the fuck was that? there was no reading or anything i could have done to prepare for the questions, they were just random things you either knew or didn't. she didn't cold call on anyone else either. i feel so embarrassed and idk what the fucking point of that was other than to be an asshole. like i said it's not as if she assigned something that i could study to answer the questions. ironically she had this whole spiel before class about how if anyone was "disprivileged" and needed language changed to "ask her to correct other students if they couldn't carry the burden." meanwhile i have a learning disability and i've never felt dumber or more publicly embarrassed than i did then. so much for being inclusive of minorities kek.

No. 1337447

Why do teachers think they are allowed to even pretend they have personalities, they need to just stand up and teach the fucking material and not ask random unrelated questions then do that giggling shit.

No. 1337472

Really bummed I failed my driving test again. It's even more stupid that I'm crying over this lol. Just want to move on from this, be able to have a social life already, and not have to rely on stupid public transport all the time.

No. 1337481

It's okay, it took me 3 tries! you can do it too nonna! Don't give up! It'll be nice to finally go wherever you want

No. 1337504

It also took me three times to pass! Don’t give up!

No. 1337509

Hey, three peas in a pod here! Don't give up!

No. 1337534

Do you know why you failed? If you do, have someone pretend to be the examiner and give you a practice test. I get being frustrated but don't give up! I know you can do it, nonny. ♥

No. 1337537

you are SO HARD TO LIVE WITH TODAY fuck!!!!!!!!!! you do absolutely nothing to make your life better or more comfortable and then I have to listen to your ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT ALL FUCKING DAY JESUS CHRIST I CANT WAIT TO GET OUT OF THIS FUCKIGN HOUSE DURING THE DAY SO I DONT HAVE TO SIT HERE AND BE THE SPONGE FOR ALL YOUR BAD FEELINGS AND YOU'LL BE STUCK FIGURING OUT HOW TO DEAL WITH IT YOURSELF, FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! i love you so much im sorry you're hurting im sorry literally everything hurts for you but you ALWAYS SEEM TO FORGET THAT I HAVE THE EXACT SAME BAD FUCKIGN DAYS AS YOU BUT I ALSO HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOUR SHIT ON TOP OF IT AND I SOMEHOW MANAGE so maybe you could at least try a little bit or do something besides fucking drink because thats the only thing you ever want to fucking do and it makes your life worse and worse by the day why wont you see that why wont you do anything about it why wont you change it, you just expect me to take it all on for you, its bullshit, it sucks, and i'm really sad about it today

No. 1337541

Thank you nonnies for making me feel better. ♥ My next attempt would be my 3rd try and so here's hoping I pass it next time.

No. 1337574

at what point do you guys think someone has a problem with alcohol? my best friend drinks at least a half bottle of wine every night and more on weekends, like if we go out I will have 1 or 2 drinks and she will have 6 or 8. or the other night we facetimed for like 2 hrs and she drank a whole bottle of wine in that time and had already been drinking beer earlier. this is a problem because 1. she will try to split the bill with me which is a total fucking scam and 2. I feel like it's really unhealthy for her and she says shit like "well i'm aware that I drink too much so I can't be an alcoholic." I don't know if i'm overreacting because I rarely even drink to begin with, but Idk if I should be worried or if this is normal… I feel like if I say something to her about it she will just be super defensive.

No. 1337597

I absolutely fucking hate the tobacco tax here. I recently moved back home from a state with a much lower tobacco tax and now every time I go to get some smokes I get gouged by the government. Also, apparently I fucked up in ordering a textbook by not getting the proper digital access code so I'm out like 80 bucks. I need a smoke rn. OH RIGHT, I CAN'T AFFORD IT!!!

That's a lot. Tbh it's only a problem if you do really dumb things while drunk or if you can't hold down a job or something. If she's a functional alcoholic maybe you like shouldn't try to get her to stop drinking. It might be covering up something way worse but if she's unable to function then there's no sense in not addressing it. Hope that makes sense.

No. 1337599

that is definitely a lot, but if she's not ready to hear it she'll just push back or worse, push you away to protect her drinking. If it's not having a huge negative impact on her life I recommend just trying to be supportive and when/if it does get bad trying to gently bring it up

No. 1337603

I'd honestly cut her out. I wasted my time on an alcoholic friend for too long who didn't want to hear anything negative about bad habits. Hopefully your friend can gain some self awareness if she isn't a narc, but in my own experience alcoholics don't learn.
Really hope you push back on splitting bills too. Fuck that.

No. 1337609

Oh come on, alcoholics are fun unless they're violent drunks.

No. 1337624

nta but no they’re not lmao
my mom is an alcoholic and while she’s not violent, she’ll do retarded shit like go on Facebook and start drama with people she last saw in the 80’s
also alcoholics constantly make bad choices, whether it’s going home with weird men, or getting behind the wheel. alcohol should be banned just like other drugs.

No. 1337627

File: 1663042775985.png (15.18 KB, 225x225, download.png)

I love the Kill Tony show but my god, these fucking retards don't know how to take a joke by a woman about anything to do with women's bodily functions. These dumbasses freeze up or literally say EWWWWW in a non-joking manner. It's so fucking retarded. Tony at least sometimes has a semblance of understanding. God damn, it is so embarrassing but these men are too retarded to ever see that.

No. 1337628

No. 1337630

Alcoholics are never fun, this is a cope.

No. 1337632

My ex is a small youtuber (couple thousand subscribers) and he's posted a few videos about me after the breakup 5 months ago. Recently he posted a video with my full name, my birth state, and photos of me… I've already filed a report on it so now it's just a waiting game to see if it's taken down. It just makes me really uncomfortable but I know there's nothing else I can do about it..

No. 1337634

The only thing men know how to do is to hurt.

No. 1337635

Use vpns and report it for everything you can. The moderator bot may kick in

No. 1337646

>Driving drunk
>Never can catch them sober
>Want to make every outing or social event about drinking
>Forget literally everything you fucking tell them
>Ruin plans from being too hung over the previous night
>Smell like shit
>Messy and leave cans and bottles everywhere
>Refuse to admit they have a problem because alcohol is sooOo glamorous and that's what adults do
Yeah they're just oodles and oodles of fun anon

No. 1337648

my cat died september 11. i haven’t felt anything like this. please i keep looking around waiting for him to confit me but he’s gone and it still doesn’t feel real. my baby was in pain so quick i just don’t understand. and everyone’s asleep and i feel like i’m losing my mind. he was literally here fighting my other cat friday and saturday was throwing up i just don’t understand. he just made it a year in june i don’t get it he was really my rock. my other cat keeps looking for him especially when we feed her and she eats out of his bowl (cuz he usually cones barreling around the corner ready to chow) it sends me into a crying fit. i cant sit in my couch without crying i can’t do anything without crying because he’s usually here with me doing EVERYTHING he always followed me. i’m so sorry i just don’t know where or who to talk to it feels like i can’t talk about him enough. like i need to tell the world he was here and he was real and i need him back. i regret so much i wish i could change so much but i know he would’ve passed eventually, apparently he was too chronic. this time he was blocked too much but i don’t understand because he was peeing i just don’t get it i feel like i killed my baby and i just want to turn back time!! i would’ve taken even more photos i would’ve held him longer i would’ve played with him more i didn’t know!!!!

No. 1337651

Making friends with moids is always a mistake. They'll force you to be their therapist mommy and then get entitled to your attention. I just tried to set a single reasonable boundary with this guy regarding a topic he kept bringing up that made me uncomfortable and he went totally nuclear. The ensuing guilt trip was so pathetic it made me sick. They complain about how hard it is to be a man, but they aren't even men. They're worms trying to crawl up your legs. Always squash them before they have the chance

No. 1337654

File: 1663046289867.png (126.4 KB, 275x270, 89502469-FC07-4620-88D2-861D14…)

I hate how fat I’ve gotten I hate how I’m in the middle of a body recomposition I hate that I can’t tolerate a lower calorie deficit because I’m sensitive and binge and I hate that I can’t get rid of any of the fat in my midsection I hate that I have no waist I hate that I’m not even horrifically fat but I still feel like an absolute whale

No. 1337655

I'm so sorry anon. My cat hasn't shown up in months either and I've accepted he isn't coming back. Health problems can happen so quickly for cats and it's unfair. You gave him a good life but I know it's hard not to think about these things with regret as if you didn't do enough. He loved you and you'll see him again some day

No. 1337660

Just wiped back to front while my bf and I are nonsexual… scared that if I get a UTI he will dump me.

No. 1337665

For the UTI I suggest a good antibiotic and some cranberry juice. For your other problem I suggest throw him into the sea the moment you're done reading this comment

No. 1337666

same, but god forbid you say anything bad about the gross sex scenes in The Boys or else de/g/ens start calling you "neurotic"

No. 1337671

Nonny what…nonny where? I barely see any the boys discussion. I liked the show but hate all of the sex scenes other than the only normal-seeming one between Maeve and Butcher.

No. 1337675

No. 1337685

I want to see a therapist about this, but how do you deal with grief when it comes in waves? Ever since my cousin died I’ve been stricken with drawn out bouts of uncontrollable grief just thinking about her and all the times we had. The thought that someone is gone forever in this life and you can never have the last word with them terrifies me. Even the thought of her body in the casket turning into something that doesn’t resemble her what so ever hurts and terrifies me to think about. All I can hope for at this point is that I’ll see her after death. That’s the only thing I care in terms of the after life. This especially got worse after I had a dream about her and I woke up to realize it was her birthday. That freaked me out and it made me think about her a lot more ever since. Ohhh it hurts. How can I manage this nons?

No. 1337691

I'm really sorry for your loss, nonna. And i know this is not what you want to hear, but things will only get better with time. It will never go away completely, you will probably feel this way for a while, but it will get easier. It might not feel like it right now, but you will get there.

No. 1337692

I cannot recommend this enough: D mannose

No. 1337693

I'm so sorry nona, poor kitty it sounds like you did the best you could and took good care of him

No. 1337694

Fuck I remember those days in recovery. You’re honestly doing brilliantly to have gotten to this point. It will be worth it, one day you’ll be able to get through the day without even thinking about food and weight. Being thin is great and all but the psychological hell is so bad, I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.
Going through my own mini recovery after a relapse right now and I’m here with you.

No. 1337695

I've had a massive crush on a guy at work for like a year and past few months we've started talking. I was seeing someone but they messed me about and I've been sad the past week or so in work and I found out yesterday he's been concerned about me and trying to ask other people about me. English isn't his first language so a girl I'm training who speaks his language has been telling me and saying he really cares about you. He has a girlfriend though. We work long hours together and this past week he's just been maintain intense eye contact and always placing himself very close. My heart can't take this. Can't a non complicated guy just fucking treat me nice

No. 1337700

Drink a lot of water and piss like your life depends on it. Cranberry is just a meme, the sugar in juice will make it worse.

No. 1337701

File: 1663051934683.jpeg (76.17 KB, 1242x880, PpkAqe1o.jpeg)

Does any other nonna have periods of time where it feels like you're nothing to people? Like it feels like the groups of people you hang out or chat with just kinda goes "ugh" whenever you say something? I suffer from some sort of social paranoia so I get this feeling from time to time and I can't what is imagination or what might be real, so I hope I'm not alone with feeling like this sometimes.

No. 1337759

Keep having morbid nightmares that fuck up my whole day. They were definitely never this intense before. Does not help that a lot of them are taboo either so i keep trying to justify in my head that i am not a disgusting person.

No. 1337773

I could've typed this myself. The older I get the more I feel it too. I'm in my own lil bubble in my head and its hard to feel fully engaged with people. I've been spending more time alone in nature and just thinking about it. Don't even know whether to fight it or accept it.

No. 1337783

Just accept it. Tbh it feels like it must be part of growing up at this point. As teens we always want to belong and we're surrounded by people and making our own identity. Once you grow up you get more comfortable with yourself, hence why you don't need people's company that often.

No. 1337801

I'm having a horrible day. Woke up feeling awful, had one look at myself in the mirror and just broke down crying from how bloated and ugly I feel with the worst part of pms going on. Today all I want is to curl myself up in front of the TV and not leave my house, but I have a work thing in a few hours where I have to go meet a bunch of strangers that I have to connect with. I didn't want to do this in the first place since they're all mostly moids who wouldn't look twice at me normally and they're probably gonna be arrogant and dismissive of me the whole evening, but my coworker checked out and my boss forced me to do it. I've got a big zit on my chin and my skin is so dull and flaky otherwise. I'm trying to stay calm and convince myself that it's not like I normally would care about making a fool of myself, but this was just the worst day for my hormonal meltdown to strike.

No. 1337805

The FUCK is wrong with people sending like 10 minute voice messages? No gurl I will NOT listen to your fuckinbg podcast.

No. 1337814

Aaaaaaaaa spider infestation

No. 1337899

>Anon having a degree doesn't matter!! Companies mostly look at your talent and passion, schools are just to get connections to some people
>Gets jobs offers literally only because mommy paid for their school and the teachers vouched for them
I hate this shit. This person has won even some competitions with their work even if they clearly weren't the best, but the name of the expensive school was enough to let him win. Someone could literally be 10 times better but oops no school! Sorry we won't even look at your portfolio! Fuck off uwu

No. 1337912

Randomly got sick in the middle of the night and I texted my manager at like 5 am that I was sick, and while he was understanding, he told me next time to tell him in advance so they can get someone.. how tf am I supposed to know in advance when I'm sick?

No. 1337922

I hate the way she spoke to me the other day. This is the first time she spoke to me since the whole fiasco of her refusing to see me. I felt she was playing with my emotions. Why do you say you still love me? What's the purpose? It's so surprising because that conversation was an eye opener…she got knocked down my pedestal.i have low expectations of her now, and I feel kind of good about it because I can take the next few steps to move on.

No. 1337934

>tfw academic appeal got approved
>should be happy
>but it means i have to retake the year and be EVEN further behind my peers than i already am (5 years)
>but at least i wont be kicked out of uni again
>can't shake off shitty feeling despite this being a positive outcome
I hate myself so much. I can't even be happy when it matters. At least opening up about my past and issues paid off.

No. 1337936

File: 1663079206160.jpeg (123.09 KB, 860x752, D4C8FE11-0BB5-4C16-B366-C8888E…)

my abusive ex’s friend group didn’t invite him to one of their huge weddings, and literally everyone was invited. i only noticed because i was still friends with one on facebook and i suddenly saw wedding party photos and he was nowhere in sight.
i left the friend group immediately upon dumping him because they somehow thought they could both be my friend and “accept” the fact that he abused me????

i have a completely different friend group now and i’m married, but to suddenly see a wedding photo on my facebook page and he’s not in the party, i had to check his tumblr which i hadn’t done in years. and OFC he was complaining on his blog about being “rejected by them” after “all he went through with accusations!” KEK

better yet, everyone got fat as fuck i guess??? feels good ladies.

No. 1337937

My heart rate has been around 110-120 bpm for a year since my second corona vaccine. My doctor now told me I most likely will have to start taking beta blockers or my heart muscle could enlarge as a result of being overworked. I'm frustrated because I've been having so many complications from this stupid shit.

No. 1337939

That's manager bullshittery to try and get out of their responsibility. Never let a manager tell you you can't get sick leave because you didn't tell them ahead of time (duh), they're literally getting paid to find a solution for circumstances like that.

No. 1337949

Fuck you shitty director, glad you're fucking leaving but thanks for fucking me over and depriving me of my money. Glad I won't be seeing your far apart bug eyes soon.

No. 1337968

>the whole fiasco of her refusing to see me
this kind of situation sucks so much ass when you know the other party is acting on conscious (nonsensical) deliberation, and not on their real feelings and desires

No. 1337969

Sometimes when I fall into a depressive slump, I just think it would be easy to crawl into a hole and not try anymore. I don’t mean in terms of life in general, since I’m too much of a coward and will always be a wagie, but socially. Crawl into a hole and see who reaches out to me. Give up on the idea of ever being in a relationship or being happy with my life. It’s easy to give up because at least you know this is just how your life will be and you can accept it. When I keep trying, it’s like I have to put in a lot of energy for possibly no reward. My life could ultimately end up the same even if I do put effort forward to make myself happy so why waste the emotional energy? But I also know if I don’t try then my chances of being happy are 0 whereas at least if I try my chances will be even .1% higher than that. It’s just so hard. I’m so tempted to just crawl into my hole again and give up on social relationships.

No. 1338013

My school still hasn't confirmed my enrolment which is setting back my funds from being released. It's the second week of school and I legit feel like crying because I have no money for textbooks, food, rent, anything at all. I called them and they were just like "lol oopsy we behind pwease undewstand uwu" like holy fuck you're playing with people's lives fuck off.

No. 1338020

Kms because I'm short as fuck so I can barely have any calories in relation to normal-sized women

No. 1338023

I feel the same fucking way nona.

No. 1338027

Rip to us. At least we can bite people's kneecaps if we get angry at them

No. 1338030

File: 1663086298617.jpg (16.57 KB, 600x358, how_to_stop_my_cat_from_biting…)

No. 1338035

File: 1663086606429.jpg (17.59 KB, 419x233, screenshot15567.jpg)

No. 1338057

Sanic sama pls why do you keep giving me the ask later answer

No. 1338059

I'm so fucking tired of being suicidal. Each time it get less shit something happen and I'm back to square 1. Being in pain only make it worst. I fucking hate to be disabled, the more I am in pain the more I become a bitter piece of shit. I feel so sorry for my mom, I only lived since years for a few people in my family and each day it's becoming harder to cope. I'm so sorry to everybody who like me, I became so twisted I can't even think without pure hate about people around me. I want to kill myself before it make them suffer. I'm so sorry nonnies to trauma dump I just want to be done. Please never make a limp retard think they gonna make it. It hurt so much

No. 1338060

>wake up in the middle of night to go pee
>suddenly become hot and lightheaded
>quickly finish up in the bathroom and run back to bed as it feels like I'm passing out
>thought I made it to my bed but I had actually collapsed only a few steps away from the bathroom, hitting the back of my head on the floor
What the fuck was that? The only time I've ever felt like passing out is when I'm on my period and mine isn't due for another two weeks. Now I'm worried I got a concussion. I woke up with a slight headache on the back of my head but other than that I feel fine.

No. 1338062

be careful nonna, it happens when you get up to fast. get up slowly and sit, then get up and go. when you feel weak, lay down on floor immediately!

No. 1338063

Do your pupils seem to be dilating normally? Are you getting any auras? If you're concerned about a head injury definitely go into an urgent care clinic if possible, take care of yourself nonna. Could be low iron or sodium making you pass out

No. 1338137

fuck my life

No. 1338169

my autism is tiring me out, actually bursting in tears as we speak.
I will always be stunted when it comes to relationships and making friends, why even live.

No. 1338176

File: 1663094578087.png (5.16 KB, 273x126, F673A2A5-5FB1-43E4-879B-73515C…)

i hate the stupid excuses people make
>ummm i was only (insert high school age)
so was i… like i was not 35 with a fully developed frontal lobe either i made retarded immature mistakes too and yet i didnt ever think of treating people cruelly even if i was never bullied i wouldnt have because i think everyone is deserving of respect. simple as. the actual very least a human being can do if you cannot be kind is to not do anything at all. its really not like its some grand mature adult realization.
>actually i had a lot going on at home
and you never stopped to think maybe i did too yet i had to in order to cope with your actions and endure them on top of my whole life. not that it was your fault or responsibility
>omg you're holding a grudge against child
no im upset with an adult that was a child at the same time i was that traumatized me. like seriously unless people go through actual bullying they just think you're a wimp crybaby hysterical insane woman that just needs to get over it as if that shit doesnt fuck with you for life. like they cant even comprehend it they cant wrap their head around it so now you're the crazy one. again.
and you know what i dont even want them to apologize to me its fine i just hate to see them pretend they're woke born again saint angels because they finally realized that what they did was bad. like ok. and people believe them and celebrate their progress which yes is a good thing meanwhile im still picking up my pieces like a total loser i always was. idk. why couldnt i have been left alone? like it really wasnt worth all that effort
even today the bullying hasnt stopped post highschool and it continues to happen in my adult life i really dont understand what im doing wrong and why i cant be left alone when ive always just kept to myself and stayed quiet
maybe im self victimizing and i am aware that i need to get over it but i just physically cant even when i try. i feel guilty for even feeling this way now that i wrote all this out

No. 1338209

Our culture loves bullies that's why forgiveness is shoved down our throats so hard

No. 1338213

>online test
>phone interview
>face to face interview
All for a grocery store. Fucking kill yourselves. I've seen you desperately posting position offers for months and these stores still act like this.

No. 1338215

I wish men would stfu and die already. Talking to a moid who is fanboying over Eyes Wide Shut. I look it up, see a bunch of scrotes droning on about how it’s soooo deep and it’s a story about a man discovering women have thoughts and desires too!!1! Scrotes are so fucking retarded and insufferable. Use your brain to reason that women are human and other humans probably have similar levels of cognition? No. Listen to what women have been stating plainly since the dawn of man? Of course not! Consume media created by women? Lol as if. Watching movies that creepy scrotes made about male experience spectating women is how to open your third eye. And no boobs = no depth so we gotta make sure that women are being actively subjugated in the creation of this film too!

Also thread pic is shit

No. 1338216

>b-but i was young and stupid!
>i was just a kid!
>i know better now!
>why are you so bitter lol it was years ago
and i have permanent trauma from being bullied and ostracized, yet i never took it out on anyone despite being the same age. i hate it when people make excuses for their past behavior, just own up to being a shitty human being and apologize it's not that hard

No. 1338218

I've had my period thrice this month, I can't do this anymore I wanna kms

No. 1338222

Based from start to finish. Men unironically believe that women just have elevator music playing in our heads 24/7. Kill all moids. And the thread pic is garbage

No. 1338227

Yeah nah I'd run from this. If he has a gf and dumps her for you, he'll dump you for someone else. Been there, not worth it, and not worth the paranoia whilst you're together. Wish you a nice uncomplicated guy in the future, nona.

No. 1338228

I don't think my own bullying was so bad that it affects me today (I had other worse stuff happening att so idk) but when I look back on it its still annoying that by the time someones parents confronted the school and they were going to look into it, they essentially just said
> well those kids come from troubled households so you have to empathise with that
Oh fuck off, I was getting abused at home and then getting shit at school too. I had no break from people giving me shit.

No. 1338236

Our societies love and depend on hierarchies and there's a reason why they want the students in the classrooms to be groomed to quietly the eat shit given by their self-appointed superiors.
Bullying does not stop at the classroom. It's in your governments, financial institutions, relationships, and workplaces. School bullying was so mild compared that the playground physical assaults and juvenile mind games make me nostalgic.

Their process is working as intended. They don't put all those hoops up to encourage headstrong, freethinkers like yourself to jump through. They are for the simps willing to do all that shit knowing that the job pays pennies because what they want are peasant slaves, not people.

No. 1338245

I understand how you feel nona. I was horrifically bullied and abused by my own brother for 18 years and nothing was ever done about it. And when I tell people, they always minimize it and make excuses for him. It doesn't matter that he was a child. He made it his lifes mission to torture me and nothing was ever done about it. So what you've said really resonates with me. I'm 25 and it still affects me so much. It changes your whole outlook on life to be relentlessly bullied. I really hope you can find healing.

No. 1338285

Something bad happened but then something saved me and the end result wasn't so bad, still a bad situation but not as bad as it could've been. It's something that only affects me but my family are so disappointed in me and I can't stop feeling guilty about the bad thing that happened even though I managed to salvage it. How do I block out these bad feelings and think positively?

No. 1338287

my friend is so terrible at communicating and is really selfish. i'm a retarded introvert too, but jesus christ. she asked me to join her in watching movies with her last night (online) and didn't talk to me throughout the whole thing. the movie was shit and gross too. then she mutes notifs on discord while she does fandom stuff and i'm still trying to talk to her. finally, she comes back to the watch party, the room bugs out for a few minutes but i don't notice because i'm tabbed out. she just up and leaves me there even though she was silent for fucking hours even though she asked me to spend time with her. why is she so autistic

No. 1338296

nah fuck the rich lol especially in the usa where they pay shit for taxes

No. 1338317

I'm realizing now how pathetic it actually is for people to seethe at others for being born wealthy or having other privileges. I feel like it's never the poorest or most marginalized people who are so embittered. It's always the middle class types in nice houses who just wish they had a little more.
Stop pitying yourself, everyone has their lot in life. You most likely have some privileges you're taking for granted, too, and it'd probably irritate you to hear someone try to hold them over your head. Why? Because that's erasing the bad things you go through, as well. It's one thing to want more for yourself, but do you genuinely believe there's anyone in this world who doesn't have any problems? Because that is a delusional fantasy world mindset, shut the fuck up. Also, no one is required to traumadump so you don't have to rage about not being as rich or as skinny or as pretty as them or whatever
Sometimes I do wish I had more in life, but I've never disliked anyone for being luckier or having more than me, because really, who are they, and what the fuck does their situation have to do with mine to justify that much comparison? Might as well compare a goat to a goldfish. Life's not a competition.

You are using free time online (in what's likely an unrestricted/uncensored country so you don't have to hop VPNs) to have fun on an imageboard talking to other women. If you're in the USA, unless you're living in the ass end of the appalachians, no matter what, you are extremely privileged compared to most of the planet. I'm not mad at you, but understand that you're part of the rich, you're nuzzled up cozily in the armpit of The Man, so just chill out and stop the LARP nona. I'm sure if I said things like "white privilege" and "fuck white people" now, it'd start a huge fight, even though the logic would be the same lol

No. 1338327

Spoken like a delusional richfag.

No. 1338332

I'm from a third world country and I struggled hard to get out of a terrible life situation. Very high chance you've have more opportunities than me in life but still whine the loudest, enough with the cope and projection please

No. 1338334

File: 1663101078980.png (34.85 KB, 300x169, thumb_notto-disu-shitto-agen-j…)

Nta Ive been living off 100eur / month a huge chunk of my life and the only rich men I met were the most abusive and insufferable people. If you date them they lock you in their cage (not literally obviously), degrade you, convince you are nothing with or without them and beat the shit out of you. If you are not dating one you find out that he is or was the worst father you could possibly imagine. What kind of bait is that? I am so tired of stupid infights in this thread. By the way you sound you really had it a lot better than I did and I don't chime in on other anons, trying to put 'uh akshually!!' and make their own problems small. We all have shitty lives, some of us have it worse, but insufferable people who start barking at others for no reason (you) are dumb. Let people vent.

No. 1338343

>dating rich men
Bad idea, and also not what I'm talking about. Moids are always cancer, and broke moids have treated me like shit, so what even is your point? My post isn't bait, I'm literally venting about some middle class first world scrote I know who was seething about rich girls in India. That anon literally replied to me first (I deleted to add the last bit), so both she and you need to "let people vent" and shut the fuck up.

No. 1338349

Oh so you're really just venting about richfags then. Okay. Your post is misdirected.

No. 1338350

File: 1663101468554.jpg (24.95 KB, 720x480, [Exiled-Destiny]_Welcome_To_Th…)

Yesterday, I bombed an interview so badly that I genuinely considered exiting the Teams window halfway through being asked yet another technical question I wasn't remotely prepared for.

I'm incredibly demoralised because: I applied and was rejected for one position with the company due to not having a particular type of experience, but they were so impressed with me that, they claimed, they made up a trainee type of role that would suit me perfectly they would love me to apply for, and they explicitly told me the interview questions would be the same. They already started pay and WFH negotiation and all but gave me a verbal job offer. But I had to reapply and wait longer. That was fine by me, if guaranteed a job, I was happy to wait and not have to deal with the stress of job hunting.

Then come the day of the interview, first thing in the morning my PC is having a replication of a catastrophic error I thought I fixed and I had to spend an hour making it work again, then in the Teams meeting I had a type of glitch that made it seem like I was an idiot that didn't know how to turn my camera on, and my microphone wasn't working properly, and I got incredibly flustered exiting and re-entering the meeting for five solid minutes while trying to casually adjust my settings as they stared at me and were like 'don't worry this isn't part of the interview ha ha ha.' Then they begin to pepper me with technical questions about how I would implement various types of (particular IT thing) and I was like 'uhhh well uhhhh it depends on x, y, and z' while sweating my balls off as they responded 'no, more generally lol, remember the other part of the question was (something i had forgotten).' The other questions, too, were nothing like the original set, and were way out of line for the admin position I was going for, which mind you is lower-paying than the initial job I applied for. I think on a good day I might have been able to attempt to answer the questions, however poorly-phrased, but I was so flustered from the tech issues, and I never recovered from that. Beyond that, the sheer surprise at the nature of the questions took me so aback that my brain literally stopped working, and I was just thinking over and over again 'this is but another situation you must but endure, nothing i say or do matters, if i don't say anything eventually they'll stop talking' while trying my best to ignore the thought and keep going with my awkward stammering about how I didn't really know the answers to half of their questions and also didn't understand the other half of them.

It ended with them saying they hoped to 'see me again to catch up' which was significantly less enthusiastic a send-off than last time, they all waved into the camera good-bye, I sperged and said 'bye' and hung up because my 'waving hand' was on my mouse already and I didn't want to lift it up to wave. Then later in the afternoon I wrote a cringe boomer mode thank you email and didn't get a reply as of this evening.

I guess there's still a chance, but I've already completely written it off for the sake of my sanity. I'm pissed off at myself for not preparing for the possibility, but I also know I really could never have expected it, not the least because they explicitly said that the questions would be the same. I'm mainly really peeved that I applied for the first job over two fucking months ago and got so cushy thinking I had one all lined up (by all but their VERBAL GUARANTEE) I didn't bother looking for anything else and was so glad I didn't have to sell my soul on LinkedIn or whatever. Fuck me, I'm just still so embarrassed about the entire thing.

No. 1338357

He's not "rich" by burger or euro standards, his ilk are the type to go online and appoint themselves "the working class" and you'd probably repost his shit. Crux of what I'm saying: Middle class people from free parts of the world LARPing as poor and seething that they don't have even more privileges are pathetic and bitter

No. 1338364

I called you that because you obviously haven't spoken to many other poor people.
Also you can get out of Romania anytime.

No. 1338365

I would never repost a moid's shit. I would never repost any cringy worker's rights shit at all. You are venting about richfags venting about richfags.

No. 1338368

Sure, burger, you definitely know more poor people and about being poor than me. And I'm not Romanianon, I swear you guys think there's only two people from terrible countries on this entire website kek

No. 1338376

I'm not a burger and contempt for rich people is pretty universal, es-fucking-specially in other poor people. Literally just talk to the lowest income people. Richfags are the ones making abysmal decisions only their own kind benifit from.

No. 1338381

The actual, non-LARPing poor people who vent about aren't anywhere near as self-pitying, bitter or loud as people who are just mad they're not the 1% of the 1%. The most vitriolic are always the ones who aren't really lacking in paper or resources

No. 1338390

Please go out and talk to other people instead of making headcanons about them. By you own logic you're also a larper since you can afford internet and shitposting on gossip websites, therefore you're just mad middle class has a few more papers than you.

No. 1338401

that really sucks nonna I hope you can find something else. they really led you on and I wouldn't personally call them reputable considering that.

No. 1338414

nonny, the hatred is rich people is genuinely a thing EVERYWHERE. I live in the UK and sperging against rich people, particularly those who went to elite educational institutions is really frequent. The richest man in the Uk was straight up murdered.

No. 1338415

>Y-You're making headcanons about people!
You're coping so hard and creating headcanons about me because my experience doesn't match your beliefs. You're the one who needs to go outside and quit taking Twitterfag Americans as the "true poor", take a break anon
I'm not LARPing because I'm not claiming to be poor now, pretending it's an inherent badge of honor and self-pitying like a spoiled child without enough toys. I literally said I got out of a terrible situation, and I'm glad about it. If you were born at the level I had to put effort to get to, maybe you can't relate or understand what I'm saying, but that's exactly my point. We all have our own lot in life, people with similar backgrounds or are in positions I was once in generally agree, and those that don't still don't sound like the whiny retards I'm talking about

No. 1338426

I was out with one of my colleagues today. She's kinda social and loud and she knows way too much people. She kept talking about one of her friends and she said that. E and her friend will get along. She then received a phone call from that friend and she decided to join us. I immediately felt weird in my stomach and I felt my heart was telling me to leave. I ignored the feeling and we kept talking and chatting. When I got home I discovered that one of my most favorite earrings is gone. It disappeared. I feel guilty became I didn't follow my heart I feel heavy

No. 1338429

>the UK
>not a rich country
Also, I might be mistaken, but do you mean this guy?
>murdered by his partner's son
>his partner's son
This really doesn't look like working class rage, this is internal richfag conflict

No. 1338436

wtf happened did she steal it? don't talk to this person anymore either of them

No. 1338437

File: 1663104704002.jpg (40.98 KB, 735x529, 3b7236eff77a3a238ef89a65c2bf69…)

Holy shit I was cooking and my cat went to check it out and I didn't see her at all so I accidentally kicked her really strongly and she ran away after shaking from fear and she hid somewhere in the house, I don't know where
I'm so upset, I feel like crying
She's so old, I never meant to hurt and scare her like that holy fuck please come back

No. 1338440

Without reading that, knowing how awful, degenerate and sociopathic rich people are, I'm gonna take a guess that the partner's son was sexually assaulted by him/because of him (me saying this fresh from seeing a clip of a certain kingly brother groping his daughter(!) while being broadcast live across the world+ while grieving his mother's death, rich people are disgusting and have no boundaries)

No. 1338444

Try and lure her with treats so she knows she wasn't getting punished for checking out your cooking, I hope she forgives you soon!

No. 1338449

Poor kitty. Don't worry, just be extra sweet to her even if/when she's lured out like other anon says. She'll forgive you and realize it was a mistake eventually

No. 1338462

What movie did you end up watching?
And yeah that reminds me of someone I knew that always wanted me to do the communication. Some people are just emotionally or social unavailable.
Take time to heal. In the end your decisions will be dealt with by you, so the only thing you can do is come to peace and discard those opinions from others until you can regulate the situation. Good luck.

No. 1338470

I caught a cold as soon as I went back to work on Monday just because my retarded coworkers played with the office's AC so it was either too hot or too cold very suddenly. I hope they die a painful death soon.

No. 1338473

kingly brother groping his daughter(!) while being broadcast live across the world+

deets please

No. 1338486

That or he's just an abusive, entitled cunt who went stabby because his mom's husband wouldn't buy him a new sports car, and he'll go on to project his rage on any innocent woman who feels bad for him or tries to give him a chance. Not a hero, I sleep

No. 1338514

bram stoker's dracula. i know its old but i've never seen it before, now i wonder why i did. seems like it was basically made as an excuse for old moids to make out with a young winona ryder

No. 1338519

Oh wow, does she in person also make you watch movies like that with her while she doesn't talk? Is it possible for you to talk to her in person about this issue or is she just emotionally unavailable regularly? I'm sorry I seem so curious it's just that I have a friend of mine who does this to me too. She is in a relationship rnow where it is obvious she is sabotaging it just because she doesn't want to talk, it's sad seeing them struggle but some people just can't into emotions or feelings of other people. It takes a very patient person to work with them.

No. 1338535

File: 1663108954736.gif (97.83 KB, 483x498, tenor (3).gif)

Honestly I really hate myself sometime.

Ok, so, I've felt like living shit my entire life, lots of pain, etc., and I told myself that it was normal for people to tell me I look like I'm dying or ill all the time. That it's normal to have black, sunken pits for eyes even when my entire family doesn't have this issue. That it's normal to be so exhausted I literally am incapable of speaking or thinking on the fly. That it's normal to have maybe 2 days a year that I feel alive.
I kept on telling myself what everyone always told me; that feeling like shit is normal, that life is pain, all that shit.

Turned out I have a few different diseases as well as a deformity that lead to the pain all my life, and I just found out because I slacked a little bit on placing an appointment for one specialist that it might take HALF A YEAR to fully actualize. It took a span of YEARS to find this out because I just assumed I must feel bad naturally. I slacked because I again told myself, "nah, you're just a little dumbass that's just paranoid and anxious, there's no way that diagnosis was correct."

I am too old for this shit. I really hate myself. Yes, maybe it was unfair I am like this but past a certain point it's like the only person doing myself dirty is me.

No. 1338549

They’re not being hypocrites though, they’re not complaining about the characters themselves rather them being of the opposite gender. That’s literally the point. You sound bitter and judgemental.

No. 1338551

I am willing to take some kinda ban over this but it's so stupid when these american colleagues have to say the weirdest shit, it came up I am indigenous but I don't speak the language, I don't bring it up but I do sometimes wear jewelry and sometimes people can put two and two together, not a big daily deal. Why the fuck did this American man had to get all loud and talk about skin colors, it's so fucking weird, I told him he was being weird and he shut up up but apparently he was laughing about it later in the day. I am pretty sure I am gonna get some "you should be nicer to the foreign guy" but honestly, whyyyy meeeee, lemme do my stupid job without having to deal with this stupid man.

No. 1338553

oh anon don't hate yourself for that
I'm curious as to why you denied your own true feelings, but I can make a lot of assumptions as to why that are totally valid… like being told that what you're worrying about is no big deal, etc etc.

How old are you? And what was the deformity/disease? Sorry, I'm really nosy. You don't need to answer. But I feel like you're being hard on yourself unnecessarily

No. 1338565

Every time I read about breakup stories it doesn't make sense to me how someone could feel sad for their ex or miss their ex despite not regretting the breakup. Relationships and people are so complicated. Am I just emotionally immature? Also, I guess I can't comprehend it because I'm still in denial that my ex could be thinking this about me.

No. 1338587

I'm sorry anon that you're going through this. I'd also like to know what you have and how you feel. It sounds terrible and scary to get that news. Why is it so hard to get that specialist? Wish you the best.

No. 1338618

File: 1663112761757.webm (867.01 KB, 658x576, 057460dd471a5d85eb4bae68ec54b2…)

theres a obvious increase of moids here and its pissing me off, im happy the jannys are more active and theyre getting banned but it still feel meh when i check lolcow in my free time and i just find subhuman males baiting the anons, where are the anons in the past who would post yaoi so the moids would breakdown

Where my fellow fujo's at and how's your day been.

No. 1338625

Wanting someone I can’t have hurts so bad. It’s pathetic because it’s completely one sided too. I don’t know why this person makes me feel this way or why I yearn to be close to them and I’m sure they’d laugh at my stupidity.

No. 1338629

kekkkkk that's a funny edit

No. 1338632

nah you're emotionally immature for thinking that. i think one reason some people might miss their ex is because they were in love with an idea of what that person could have been rather than how they really were. so they might not regret the breakup because it was necessary to preserve their mental health while recognizing that it's hard to let go of the little scraps of hope that their partner might've ended up being 'the one'.

No. 1338638

i meant "you're NOT emotionally immature" sorry for the unintentional disrespect nonna

No. 1338642

I need to stop dramafagging. I love drama so much, I love being nosy as fuck. I shouldn’t be and focus on myself but I can’t. I must be retarded

No. 1338648

shes like that both on and offline but at least online i can distance myself from the awkwardness. i know why she is avoidant and stubborn, she values her comfort over everything because of trauma, and she really is autistic so she doesn't understand certain things. probably i need to be more direct and blunt about how she spends my time.. how is your friend in regards to your relationship?

No. 1338662

I'm spiraling so bad and just want to die. I decided to start an etsy shop for my paintings (I've always been told to sell/been asked if I can commission) and I finally had the courage to do it. I spent so much time and money making my pieces and I announced it today. 99% of my family members haven't shared my reel or even followed the instagram account for the art. I feel embarrassed and extremely unloved. I would do the same for them and I already have feelings of no one caring about me. This just feels like confirmation. I wish I could delete everything and go back in time and get my time and money back. This is just embarassing and now I'm terrified I won't make any sales as I had hoped I would at least gain traction with family sales.

No. 1338674

what kind of art is it?

No. 1338689

She says she wants to spend time with me but in reality Ignores me the majority of the time. Is terrible with time management and is terrible at keeping promises. For example if she told me she'd be there at 5pm she will always never make it. Every time it's because she has to clean something, her dog, or her job. It's always something. She has no regard for my time.Always uses humor to put distance between herself or a situation. Loves attention but never likes giving attention back. For example if she'd want to do something with me she would be dejected if I couldn't do it. However if it was the other way around she wouldn't care.

She also stifles her feelings and hates talking about her feelings but at work she won't shutup and is hyper focused on work to not think about her emotions so who knows?

honestly feel bad over her partner bc that partner has stayed with her for years and they're so patient. My friend is avoiding her partner rnow and it's month 3. I think she believes this person will wait for her. So selfish. I honestly don't even think they can understand feelings let alone love.

No. 1338714

The true takeaway from the story of Adam and Eve is to question what men say and do, as they are liars and meddlers, and also that evil itself has a male source, the devil/Satan. Also, Adam knew about the evil serpent and the apple, but never told eve. i don’t believe god is male, but if he is, this means human men are legitimately defective and inferior, because they have a MALE god that created everything that is good and pure and yet they still choose evil (violence, war, rape, child abuse, animal abuse, torture, killing women, etc). Women are inherently closer to god because we do not do these things to the extent that men have since we fell from grace. Women have to literally turn their backs on god and embrace the devil to be as evil as men are naturally. Notice how when women are evil it’s usually because they are trying to please men or it is due to men (women running brothels for men, women traumatized by men who then abuse their children, women who kidnap children for their pedophile husbands) this doesn’t mean that some women aren’t evil even without male intervention, but it’s few and far between for a reason. women create life like the creator does, men destroy life like Satan does. the end

No. 1338723

File: 1663117837728.jpeg (100.82 KB, 768x1024, 41248A3F-1622-4002-B212-9754B7…)

I’m so fucking tired of working in healthcare. Nobody gives a shit about you, even when you’re doing right by the patient. And fucking long COVID? Making shitbags have an even harder time making a coherent thought? I definitely signed my ass up for the shitbags coming out of the woodwork needing rehab to get back to their job. Gals, fuck this. Don’t go into healthcare. The short-staffing got even shorter, and we’re being squeezed harder For the same/less pay, and patients are taking it out on us. Fuuuuuuuuuuck thiiiiissss

No. 1338727

Men know deep down they are not good. Everything about monotheistic religion especially is a massive cope and attempt to project the unworthiness of mediocre males onto women.

No. 1338737

Is there anything the average patient can do to help ease the strain?

No. 1338755

I sincerely wish I knew beyond “please just be nice”. But that goes to any employee regardless of setting I guess. Thank you for asking

No. 1338788

Shut the fuck up. "Only you activate my neurons." Fuck off!

No. 1338791

File: 1663120251228.gif (4.94 MB, 980x735, 0102D8FE-44D3-4212-8B98-D212F8…)

I think the pentagon or whatever confirmed they have some evidence of alien life but can’t because it’ll breach security. I’m so ready for the freaky looking alien husbandos to come down and make me a princess of their world or something I absolutely am tired of living on this asshole planet. Just attach the tubes to my brain, do experiments on me and wife me up already you stupid fucking aliens

No. 1338793

>Only you activate my neurons
Kek how romantic

No. 1338797

Based. You are absolutely correct.

No. 1338819

Literally true

No. 1338822

File: 1663121293824.gif (3.67 MB, 400x225, E0BAA975-5D8F-4DCB-823C-EB08CE…)

>mfw the hairless dolphinesque prince of my dreams is waiting for me in the pentagon interrogation chambers

No. 1338835

File: 1663121895988.jpeg (39.27 KB, 259x539, 108FF175-BCA4-48D1-8078-6EF1D7…)

kek need me a saiyan prince with a code lyoko forehead and a big ass fr

No. 1338843


No. 1338845


Today I called out of work 3 hours early. I already took a vacation last week but the entire time I was dealing with personal life stressors that came out of nowhere and as a result I feel extremely bitter

Just like "never go into healthcare" anon, never EVER get into non-profit work. You literally do nothing to help people truly, you just make them feel ashamed and embarrassed about asking for help because of how absolutely tedious and exhausting actually applying for help is

Has anyone ever applied for the "COVID-19 rent relief" program? Well I talk to people who have. The applicants will apply, assume that they're going to get 3 months worth of rent money, and then a few months later be told "sorry, we lost your paperwork, you're going to have to apply again" and then I talk to them and they're telling me they got evicted and now they're looking for homeless shelters

I hate this world

No. 1338868

I guess it happened because I was young and it felt silly to think there was something wrong with me.
But then I had a day where I felt well and it was like the rest of my life had just been some nightmare. Wait. So it's not normal to feel like shit and fainting after being out for 5 minutes? WHAT?!

Also, won't go into details but after a year or two of making sure at doctors, it turned out to be a combo of issues related to my thyroid, lungs, skull + jaw (I can barely speak without experiencing a lot of pain + mispronouncing everything–which I thought was normal…turns out I need reconstructive surgery), and moderate-severe obstructive sleep apnea. It's hard to get specialists because it basically takes months for referrals to go through + my insurance, and the appointments. It will probably be upwards of a year before I can probably start getting real treatments or meds. Also, no, I can't really afford it under the table.

And I'm in my late 20s. That's why I am so frustrated. I wasted my youth feeling like shit, being bullied over the way I looked and acted, etc…and apparently things could have been better.
Now I'm pretty old, have almost 0 social skills because of the years of feeling too shitty to talk, and now knowing things could have been better and I squandered it hurts more than anything.

No. 1338888

Are you the anon who said that they want to make a religious sect for this? Because I’m not even a christfag but holy shit males being the devil and having innate evil makes SO much sense. Like even civil rights leader moids and so-called humanitarian scrotes have raped women and children. They are incapable of being good people and it’s been proven time and time again. Only women possess such goodness and love and it makes them seethe that they are not capable of such devotion.

No. 1338956

If my ex does not forgive me, then it was not meant to be. I am not a perfect person and if seeing my bad side made her hate me then I will know that the love between us was only conditional. I will let go and take steps to move on from her. She is not my soulmate but that special someone exists out there somewhere. At the very least, I was able to grow as a person from my experience with her and someday when the time comes to meet my true soulmate I will be able to present the best possible version of myself to them. I know now what fate has in store for me and such a thought is very consoling amongst all these anxiety and regret.

No. 1338961

I get what you're saying and good luck. But if you did something pretty terrible then you should learn from it and not just mark it off as our love was 'conditional'. Love can get beaten out of you I think, especially if someone just keeps on hurting you.

No. 1338970

I don’t know what it is but non-profit & government aid workers are truly some of the worst shitheads on earth

No. 1338987

my head is aching i'm so tired i just want to scorch it with hot water and try to relax

No. 1338995

I wish my boyfriend went to therapy. He's almost perfect, but he has a lot of anxiety, and I'm pretty sure he has OCD (he has rituals, he's pretty neurotic, he has trichotillomania, he has obsessive thoughts a lot, especially when things don't go as he planned which is often) and it can get really frustrating to deal with. I wish I could hug him whenever bit that will trigger his OCD. I wish he wouldn't ruminate every single interaction we have with strangers when we go out, or fear that he's being constantly judged. I wish he'd go for himself, bit yeah, for me as well, as egotistical as this sounds.

No. 1339003

Can’t I post on this shit site without someone ranting and raving at me that I’m some other cow while they foam at the mouth? It’s so fucking aggravating.

No. 1339012

This has never happened to me and I’ve been here many years. Maybe stop acting like a cow.

No. 1339014

Not acting like a cow, the people in the thread are just fucking annoying and thinks anyone with a differing opinion is said cow.

No. 1339039

Similar position anon and I feel for you. I suspect my boyfriend also has some kind of OCD. He has extreme hypochondria among other things. It seems really hard to treat too since therapy and taking meds can be a trigger in of itself. I hope things can turn around and he gets the help he needs for both of you

No. 1339050

this happens a lot on /w/ it derails threads and is super annoying

No. 1339084

I'm not miss nonnita, but if you are out there based misandrist religious sect anon I'd love to hear what you have to say.
I love you all <3

No. 1339099

why you whiteknight so much then

No. 1339122

i want buccal fat removal so bad nonnas. no matter how skinny i get my fat-ass face always looks 10x larger than my body

No. 1339124

don't, it'll thin out as you age and you'll be left looking young for longer. plus it makes you look skeletal

No. 1339137

Don't listen to that anon, remove some of that fat if it makes you feel better. But not all of it though.

No. 1339139

I fixed my kitchen sink earlier today while nigel sat comatose in front of the second gaming direct of the day. Pretty proud of myself for fixing the sink, supremely annoyed that the lazy fuck couldn't even respond to the two times I bragged about the sink. Moids are actually fucking useless remember that nonnies.

No. 1339141

What age are you? Honestly let your face settle naturally for as long as possible I'm in my early 30s and I like my face more now than when I was younger. I still get bloat due to hormonal cycles but others won't really perceive it the way you can. You don't want to fuck with your skin elasticity.

No. 1339143

kek, is he at least cute/rich to make up for being a lazy nintendo kiddie? Honestly once you learn how to open your own jars there is no point to dating moids anymore

No. 1339148

I date men for the affection and romance and when that wanes its goodbye. To me the benefits of a long term man would be, good company, good sex and he can help with tasks that involve heavy lifting and provide a sense of safety against other men. Basically men should be seen and not heard.

No. 1339150

a million sorrys for saying this but literally when I see stuff like this I have to wonder if their bf even likes them (and if she even likes him).

No. 1339152

My dog is going to die from cancer, soon I believe… It's been 3 months since we started the medication and now the nodes are just getting bigger and bigger. It hurts so much, it feels like I failed her. I dont know how I will be able to live without her.

No. 1339154

Agreed with this, the fat faced people I know (including me) all ended up being the best looking ones as we got older and we lost some cheek fat. It definitely helps with ageing imo, keep your lil cheeks

No. 1339165

He used to be cute before he hit his late 20s. The main things he has going for him is he's an adequate tard wrangler and runs a daily tabletop game full of my husbandos just for me on top of having decent morals for a moid. Anything less and I would not be here dealing with someone who doesn't keep track of time.
No need to say sorry nonna! I like him, I just get very annoyed when it's been an hour after he said he'd be done with the direct and he's still sat at his computer like a lazybones and doesn't respond when I say "Yo, I fixed the sink. I'm a magic motherfucker" for the third time in a row.

No. 1339166

I think a lot of men have phyical health issues and or depression which leads them to be inactive and living in their gaming chairs. A healthy guy would be bored and restless to stay staring at a screen all day. So I think it's more lack of health/energy than actually disliking their partners.

No. 1339169

Sending love to you and your dog nona ♥

No. 1339190

I'm so sorry, my dog passed from cancer too a few years back and it was one of the hardest things I've ever been through. It's not your fault nonny.

No. 1339199

i just can't talk with burgers or any other westerners who have strong currencies. they will tell me to shut up because i complain that some services getting paywalled or getting price increases is too much for me especially with current exchange rates because it's too much for me.

No. 1339209

I'm so sexually frustrated and done with being single, I wanna get married and all that jazz! Why do men have to suck so much and get even worse with age. I mean I know why but it still makes me wanna scream into the void.

No. 1339212

People are ignorant and I’m sorry western world people are self centered. Working abroad I realized how lucky I really have it. I met a lot of men who literally hadn’t seen their families in years because they were in another country sending money back to them, they were earning next to nothing. The wealth gap is only getting bigger.

No. 1339219

i know some people who went to work in the west for literally nothing and get treated like shit. lot of women from my country end up being caretakers for western boomers, be available 24/7, end up being exploited for wage that won't allow you to survive in these countries. i talked with one woman who worked in germany and they treated her like trash and paid almost nothing.

minimum wage in my country is 490 eur/usd and i just hate how some of these people shit on me because i think 25$ is a lot (this amount can buy me a over a week of groceries)

No. 1339223

File: 1663147377062.jpg (35.27 KB, 563x522, a35e7f6aec52144f93cf9cb4d6273a…)

10 years ago I was diagnosed with epilepsy; been taking pretty destructive meds ever since, eventually managed to go multiple years without any episode; finally last year's EEG came out clean and my neurologist decided I'm safe to go off meds and live normally. And then yesterday I had an episode. Feels like it's all fucked; I knew most of the people are never free from this but somehow believed I can be a lucky one. Guess not… I'm definitely not excited to going back to living with a constant fear of potentially passing out, hitting my head and dying at any random point. And the meds messed my mental health so much, I really believed I could finally have some stability if I'm free of them. Once again, I guess not. This sucks.

No. 1339228

I don't want to shit up the Reddit thread with gross rimming talk but last night I ended up on Reddit because I was looking up info on a chocolate bar. I went from reading peoples opinions on a chocolate bars flavor to scrolling down and being recommended a discussion about rimming and how many people actually partake in it.

It was alot of people saying no because a shower doesn't cut it and they still worry about germs. Fair. But the rimming fans couldn't just say they enjoy it. They had to mock and give out to anyone who isn't willing to do it. There was actually more poster with female looking avis (if that even means anything on Reddit) than men doing this mocking shit.
> It's the year 2022 you boring, uptight germ worried square. God you're no fun. I'd hate to be living like you
Plenty of men still saying they're wary of it and a handful of loudmouth pickmes or trannies allowed to have a go at anyone who simply opts out of a sex act.

No. 1339237

I had unprotected sex and it’s been a couple of days since the hookup. I’m feeling sick and now I’m worried I caught an STD. I’ve never had one before so I’m praying this shit is just a cold or the flu.

No. 1339241

I have similar issues, anxiety, social and general, trich, not the worst OCD but then periods of increased anxiety set it off. Depression goes hand in hand with these things too. Ime as a woman dating men.. they have no problem giving you an ultimatum to get help or they'll be done. Sometimes it's been a blessing to have pressure applied and other times it's been hypocritical because they have their own issues they refuse to see a professional about. Seems they view it as a one way system.

Don't be afraid to put pressure on if it's genuinely affecting you. More women need to be able to do this. It'll otherwise ruin the relationship if not a whole string of relationships. Pressing the issue now is damage control for the future. He has to be made aware that managing this is essential to keeping a functional relationship.

No. 1339246

File: 1663149607057.gif (516.04 KB, 221x231, 1660399649014934.gif)

I am so tired. I just want a hug, warm cocoa, and a comfy game.
I wanted to have a good day because I fell asleep crying and hysterical. I am literally sick and fighting my immune system for a whole year now, and the only doctor who helps (and temporarily, because he just throws pills at me without anything else) costs 25 euro per damn visit and 3 weeks of wait. I cried myself to sleep because of that.
>now i decided to talk about a certain hobby and how it ended up becoming extremely sexualized over time because of how popular it is now, despite me being an oldfag
>my other friend agrees
>i say that i don't want to talk about it anymore as i am extremely tired and already had a shit night and i am not feeling good mentally
>other friend chimes in and starts defending porn and women who abuse the 'sex sells' act
>i told my short opinion about sex work and whatever, saying i understand why you think its good, but i don't give a shit about your opinion, nor do i want to argue over anything
>he keeps arguing and going, and going
>me sitting here crying girl over my fast-to-make potatoes that i bought for 99 cents and it was the only food i will feed myself today even thought i paid 11 euro total in a store. thank you and fuck you inflation.

No. 1339257

I'm thinking about some of the stereotypes in the drawfag thread, particular the one about women texting and driving. I find this ironic because in my experience it's the men who do this more. Men are more willing to engage in risky behaviors and think they're invincible. A dear family friend was killed by a retarded teenager moid who was doing so at the time of impact. I know a few others who do reckless driving habits and still are, somehow, alive by idiot's luck, but I'm sure will one day ruin someone else's life.
The drawings didn't offend me but that joke stood out to me. Nobody should text and drive period. But remember it's not women out there going teehee oopsie, it's men actively thinking "I'm hot shit so I'm going to do whatever the hell I want and won't have to pay for it later"

No. 1339272

It’s definitely an STD, go to a doctor

No. 1339274

Im giving up on dating. Scotes are gross and they will not change. Maybe someday I find a man in a wilderness with no contact to society and we can live happily together in the mountains. Until then I stay single and mad.

No. 1339281

File: 1663153091615.jpg (60.52 KB, 564x620, a0ed2dcd090d23295ca9e0289cfc08…)

I wish I for once knew what it feels like when someone reciprocates my feelings. Don't think I'll ever get to know. No one ever did in the two decades that I've spent on this earth so far. I feel so unwanted.

No. 1339282

>he keeps arguing and going, and going

Man defends his right to coom to video and images of raped women, more news at 6.

No. 1339285

Rimming is disgusting and only men who don't give a fuck about their health or stds are welcome to do it, they can lick poop in their own time. Reddit is 95% male (citation needed) I can't imagine women fighting for rimming.

No. 1339286

Is she working illegally or something? Germany has minimum wage and it's not 500 euros.

No. 1339292

I want to believe they were larpers or trannies. For people having seemingly amazingly kinky and wonderful sex lives they sure were bothered at the thought of any old stranger out there won't meet them at their '2022 is the year of ass play' level.

No. 1339304

I'm so hungry all the time it's not even funny. Hunger is so big that I can't function normally. I eat more than my body needs but it's not enough.
I feel very depressed, irritated and on edge. I can't handle this.
I can't sleep at all because of hunger, hunger makes my extreme anxiety kicks in and it's hard to calm down. I try my best not to be suicidal but I'm really tired living in this body and mind.

No. 1339308

Imagine eating shit and calling yourself a progressive one kek

No. 1339315

Is any (most often eastern european) caretaker of this sort working legally? Thats the main reason they're being hired, so they can be exploited. And below minimum in a western country is still a lot for them.

No. 1339325

Three of my classes require student interaction and none of my classmates seem willing to actually collaborate on work. I managed to get someone to work with an introductory assignment for one class's
and she's sweet, but she's 7 years younger than me and doesn't really give more than one word replies on questions I need her to elaborate on. We have to present our assignment today and she just texted me and said she won't be in class. I've done all the work for essentially half credit.

No. 1339333

i am going on venlafaxine for panic attacks and anxiety disorder and i'm terrified of what it will do to me. people list really scary side effects. dunno nonas my panics are so hard to control and i feel i need to go on meds again (i was on sertraline) should i just tell my doctor to put me on my old meds again or risk the side effects??
also the threadpic sucks

No. 1339335

Tell me about it. In my past few group assignments, I was doing almost all the work and the only time my classmates started to care was at the last minute. These people can't fucking manage their time. Group assignments are such a lame idea because this kind of situation happens way too often.

No. 1339337

I just want to stop being socially handicapped and get a bf to hold hands.

No. 1339342

i've been in both situations and i still hate group projects kek. not everyone cares about every class but we're forced to work together as "preparation for the real world" where people are essentially forced to do shit to earn money.

No. 1339343

Update on the scrote, this morning he had made jokes about how I look and he had said some very weird shit about my "ethnicity" I guess, two of my coworkers complained and one apparently got very crossed with his ass. I swear to god, never in my life has this been an issue, why the fuck is it now something he thinks is funny, I am so annoyed and feel like dropping his ugly bag into the goddamn toilet.

No. 1339346

I hate this stupid excuse. In reality, professors do it so they have less stuff to grade.

No. 1339348

Rent relief people are absolutely ridiculous. If they don’t have the resources to give the money to people in need then they need to fucking get a clue and crowd-source/get more funding and stop being cowardly and tel people that, paying people for doing absolutely nothing but to have disorganized and dogshit managers. Non-profits in general are just a band-aid to systemic problems anyways. Restructure society for the well-being of our own citizens? Haha.. noooo!! Let’s make organizations that will give these rich people tax write offs and major media dickriding. Fuck those people

No. 1339371

Every time I lose weight my boobs just deflate into sad pancakes but at higher weights I have awful cankles. And I'm not even fat I just have cursed fat distribution.

No. 1339376

I wouldn't be so annoyed if the assignments weren't a big chunk of the homework grade.

No. 1339396

My new roommate has a habit of throwing away perfectly good, fresh, full cartons of strawberries that she herself buys?? This is the third time it’s happened in like 3 weeks. I’m about to just help myself the next time I see them in the fridge. I held off the past few times after seeing it happen once, just in case there was any particular reason she tossed them. I have regretted it every time after seeing the waste.

Is she trying to convince herself she likes strawberries or what?

No. 1339421

Match up with a guy who doesn’t look like a Chernobyl crawler. Talk for a day or so. He wants to meet up. He lives three hours away and I know nothing about him. Hard pass. Says he’s fine with chatting. Okay.

Starting steering the conversation continuously in a sexual direction. Example I was talking about how I got pranked calls at my old job a a lot “they must have kept calling for you sexy voice”‘ never spoke to him so that’s a bold assumption lol. Then he kept bringing up onlyfans. Tell him i don’t do that stuff. Finally ghosts me after figuring out I’m not going to fuck him despite my profile saying I don’t do hook ups.

I asked my guy friend about it and he’s like “yeah that’s normal I never go into a relationship wi the out seeing what they look like naked first”

How!? What?! Am I seriously going to have to show my tits just to get a boyfriend??

No. 1339425

I think you should ask to eat them instead of eyeing the strawberries every day lol

No. 1339436

Might depend on where you live but I feel like strawberries are pretty pricey too.

No. 1339440

This is why they’re not worth it. Nooo thanks I don’t want to date men.

No. 1339446

my neighbours once went to the netherlands to do some shitty job like food packing, they didn't have any contracts if I remember correctly. i firmly believe these caretakers usually don't have proper contracts from what i heard since they are usually paid only 1000 euros which is around 500 less than their minimum they are bound to pay due to law, so it's very plausible they are working illegally.

i still don't get how people from my country really allow to be exploited by people who always saw us as subhuman, wanted to take our land and now screws our country via EU.

No. 1339448

I have no words of advice for you anon, I just wanted to say that you reminded me of how I feel about dating and getting into relationahips with males. I'm gonna vent about it.
I feel like I'm just not cut out for dating. I hate the getting to know each other stage where you have to be nice, probably nicer than you really are because then the moid will get scared off by your true personality. All the stupid little semi-formalities and shit. Except now they all expect you to be down with getting naked and giving head on, at most, the second date. The fuck. How is that even human. What part of that is civilized human interaction? It makes me think that every man on a dating app is a barely evolved primitive ape creature. Ooga booga NAKED FUCKING TIME NOW!! Like jesus christ. And good luck meeting men outside of dating apps. Good luck finding a man that isn't a totally worthless cunt just looking for a quick fuck, leading you on with their fake pre-relationship personality. Every single man is such a fucking flake. I have never even used dating apps or gone on a date using an app, but even still I can tell that the men around me are huge fucking unreliable flakes that panic with the slightest bit of pressure. I hate the dating game. I fucking hate it. I genuinely don't think I am fit to even try. I'm not self conscious about how I look. I'm not worried over not being good enough. What keeps me from trying is the fact that men tend to be uglier on average, have absolutely no fucking sense of style, no sense of personality, if he's a lefty that means about 99% of the time that he's down with trannies and might even want to fuck one, if he's a righty then, well, y'know. All that cringe shit. And all they want is sex. That is literally all they want. So I'm expected to trudge through the bowels of tinder to get with some useless man with no sense of dress or personality (and then be expected to, if we ever get into a relationship, pick out clothes for him to wear? Like a fucking child you have to dress before school? Fucking seriously?) who just wants to have sex? And then will fuck off once we have sex because they got what they needed?
I will never do it. I will never lower myself just to roll around in the shit and get nothing in return. I hope all men die swiftly.

No. 1339456

That is the dating experience. It's a gamble whether you meet the guy offline or online, everyone is putting their best foot forward until they snare whoever they're interested in then it's mind games to see how much of each others actual bad traits you can tolerate while getting affection and sex. I was engaged once but the proposal came during a year dry spell. It was obviously a ploy to save are dying feelings it just made the end even more dragged out and daunting. I just try to rationalise they even with the difference between men and women there must be a guy out there similar to me that wants good company, good support and good sex. Thank you.

No. 1339457

i think a lot of people have sex before actually making it official with someone, but that doesn't mean you have to have sex on the first date. if you need to wait even months, tell them that. if they ghost you or react badly then they weren't worth your time anyway. also your moid friend sounds annoying lol.

good luck nona, men are shit and so many things reinforce their behavior, any criticism of it is painted as hysterical feminist BS. just know you don't have to settle for garbage.

No. 1339459

This is not true. I got together with my bf 6 months after meeting. We didn't have sex until 3 months later after we got together. We were both in our 20s and my bf had dated before, so it wasn't because either of us were virgins or anything like that. Don't entertain men who show their porn sickness early.

No. 1339460

Lmao that is not normal. Tell your moid friend that he’s a sleazy little fleabag.

No. 1339463

Buhhhh I can’t do that though. I need it to be official first and then have sex. I don’t want to be vulnerable like that with some guy who will be like “thanks for the sex” and then fucks off. I don’t like how everything is sex forward in dating. Like obviously I’m going to be sexual ONCE I’m comfortable with you l. But not right off the bat and fuck no I’m not giving a guy nudes for shits and giggles. What , so he can be like “haha look I got a girl to send me boobs” like no… lol. Relationships comes first for me. And if I like you you get sexual stuff. Sorry I’m not a manic e-whore like your porn site ads tell you about.

No. 1339465

Preach anon. Also fuck sending nudes and giving men the benefit of the doubt. They're all a hive mind. They all have the same urges which are to pump and dump and send their moid friends nudes they've gotten. It's not worth it, and the Y chromosome can't deteriorate fast enough.

No. 1339469

My simple advice is: do not send any moid any nudes or videos of you naked, they can take the risk they don't like your tits or whatever and wait to see them in person. No man is owed free porn from the women he knows or is chatting to or whatever. And they WILL send to all their pathetic friends since they treat nudes like trading cards.

No. 1339471

My most recent "bf" asked me to be his gf before we had sex but in hindsight I wish he hadn't lol. We're probably older in our 30s and we had only met like a month before he asked and had our first official date 2 weeks before and he asked me out over text. It felt like he needed the title. We had sex the first night I stayed over even tho I was on my period and he was calling me a tease andbl saying it didn't matter. I gave in I was horny too tbf but fast forward another month and we had imo a minor miscommunication and he blew up at me. Broke up with me on fb without even telling me its over after making such a big deal about going fb official. I don't update mine I had to get one for work to use messenger. It was entirely cringe and I'm embarrassed that all my coworkers know etc. I'd much rather date, spend a couple nights together before deciding on titles. I remember feeling embarrassed telling my mum the guy I just met was now my boyfriend.

No. 1339475

Ahhhh not to make you nervous anon but Venlafaxine fucked me up. Have you talked to your doctor about trying a sedative or antihistamine? I know it sounds crazy but I got prescribed Hydroxyzine and that stuff rules. It's an antihistamine so the side effects are really low but it still makes me feel super chill. You never know, Venlafaxine could work well for you. But the moment you start having any bad effects immediately tell your doctor you want to taper off. Don't let them bully you into taking it any longer so that it "settles" or whatever. I swear doctors are paid to prescribe that bullshit and won't bring up less risky meds because they don't get a bonus from those.

All in all good luck with your panic disorder nonna, I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. I'm glad you're seeing a doctor about it, don't give up and I promise things will get better.

No. 1339478

> I'd much rather date, spend a couple nights together before deciding on titles

Nta and sorry to hear that anon, but to me it sounds like the problem here was the moid's unstable personality, not the fact that you didn't have sex before deciding on a title. And for a lot of moids, having sex with them first doesn't even guarantee a relationship.

No. 1339480

I wasn't that stoked when he got undressed and we had sex though. I was a little disappointed tbh, but obviously never let him know that. Overall he was handsome but not my usual type.

No. 1339481

Samefag: for the anons who haven't dated before, do not I repeat do not entertain pornsick nude-pleading scrotes if you want a relationship. Any real relationship happens very slowly like the anon here >>1339459
If he's rushing things and pushing your boundaries, cease communication immediately. Too many men use "dating" as free prostitution. It will be hard to find genuine men among all the scum, but anyone moving fast or getting sexual early needs to be dropped immediately. Same as anyone lovebombing (if you don't know what this means, research videos on youtube about it because this is a serious tactic and can seem like "romance" to the uninitiated) and being a romantic prince to try and trick you into meeting. Look for people who talk to you like an equal, and take things very slow and respectfully.

No. 1339483

nude-pleading aside (huge red flag even if he doesn't do anything nefarious with it), that's not necessarily true. women have sex drives as well, a relationship can start out sexual. the biggest thing is, if you set a boundary and the man tries to dispute it, then block him. hell, leave the date early.

No. 1339540

I wish men were banned from the internet so I never have to read a useless comment from them again. Plus they use it for evil. Death to the manosphere

No. 1339552

Man fuck the US healthcare system. I pay for insurance with every paycheck I get and I still have to pay over $1000 for one ER visit and that’s after taking out what my insurance covers. You literally can’t afford to break a bone or get sick here

No. 1339558

File: 1663173719618.jpg (433.44 KB, 1080x1874, nepalroad.jpg)

Lolcow discords are full of paranoid schizo narcs that project back onto you when you drop actual truth bombs.
They’re too busy masturbating over their little basic bitch nerd harems to actually engage their frontal cortex’ when speaking to other, actual, women.
Instead, when they are intimidated by a superior female in any sense of the phrase, they lash out impotently, claiming that nonna is a TROON, of course!
How fascinating that so many maggots and worms silently (or not so silently as the discorders are hahahaha) are lurking in our rans, ready to writhe and screech TROON TRANNY at any GNC woman who doesn’t play by their rules!
Ignore the detritus, achieve greatness!
Ignore the traitors, behold the creators!
Trust yourself, nobody else. Don’t be influenced by peer pressure because that shit is fundamentally against chan culture.
Look at the evidence, think for yourself!
Don’t let some rainbow-haired tumblrite tell you what the fuck to do.

No. 1339571

I don't think I could ever date a moid. I think if I was ever in a relationship with one I would end up physically abusing him. If he pulled that weaponized incompetence shit with me I think I would end up slashing his retarded ass with a broken bottle. You want to act like a little retard? I don't date the cognitively impaired, get fucking cut you useless scrote. Bleed out and die. If you're that incompetent you don't deserve the spoils of life or to live at all. I just could not do it. I couldn't be his bangmaid and mommy and cheerleader and therapist and X Y fucking Z. And not to mention if he ever roped me into a relationship just to be a lazy asshole or start criticizing my body (ANON YOU NEED BIGGER TITS! AND A BIGGER ASS! WHY DON'T YOU SHAVE! WHY DON'T YOU WEAR THIS WHEN WE FUCK!!) I'd also stab him in the fucking eye in that scenario as well. I just could not be assed to pretend to care even a little bit.

No. 1339580

This is 100% what I imagine a relationship with a scrote would be like.

No. 1339589

I got a new phone and I can't take selfie because I look like a white strawberry in every single one. Having large pores is a fucking curse and having to keep them clean is a chore.

No. 1339600

Get out my mind anon.

No. 1339626

Man things are really going to shit again. I don't have the energy to describe it. I just feel like absolute trash

No. 1339641

y'all, idk what to do because this shits getting depressing. back when i was a teenager i dated some guy who later came out as MtF. We broke up shortly after the coming out because of other reasons (though, can't say I was excited about the transition as a straight woman either) and I moved onto another long term relationship. We split up amicably, though, so, at first, we would just chit chat and grab a coffee to catch up and whatnot. Anyway, fast forward six years and we no longer have anything in common nor have any mutual points of talking. He still makes the effort to reach out to me constantly and I typically just cold respond and don't say much and he gets the point. I've literally left this scrote on read for months and the minute I respond, he immediately responds back. Anyway, he was in a relationship but he's single now and still lives with his parents, no job, no car, chronically online, y'all know how this story goes. Anyway, he never lets up on the constant checking in despite the very clear lack of enthusiasm on my part. Pretty sure he might stalk me or just be constantly refreshing social media because as soon as i make a post with my location, hes asking me if i want to hang out (which i always make a dumb excuse for, and which is always met with quintonreviews level of guilt tripping, which I ignore).

Idk, I feel like I really valued what I had with him when we were young and he still identified as male, and that part in my life is still close to me, but god fucking damn this troon has not developed at all mentally past the age of 16 and it is frankly infuriating to see. Could go into a million and one more details but idk what to do about it. Might just keep giving the cold shoulder and keking about it with my current, much more functional, boyfriend. But at the same time it's really hard to bring myself to be mean to him. Eugh, but at this point he gives me the creeps. Literally asked me if i wanted to hang out within 5 minutes of making a post on social media (I post only once in a blue moon). Idk. Maybe people change as they age. Maybe I can separate this weird troony manchild from the much more normal teenager I knew.

No. 1339644


samefag, but, what, I feel like I took two minutes to type this out then come back to all this autism

No. 1339684

Men want sex from women but when they're mad they send us clips of sex. Sex bad = good = bad = men r retards

No. 1339733

Well… with all that you posted. Hopefully we wont see you tomorrow. Die scrote.

No. 1339753

Delete this and spoiler. You put penis on the front page.

No. 1339760

For reals. I smell a coomer.

Anyway, about your ex friend. Yeah people change. He isnt that sweet boy from your school anymore. He is a porn sick freak who would probably hurt you if given the chance. He thinks that since you were friends as kids youre still friends now. Truth is, he wants a female friend the same way they all do. To try and feel accepted. If you hang with him you are only going to validate his "womanhood" in his head. If it were me i would just tell him "look, i was friends with the male you… i liked the male you… you are not the same person i was friends with then. You feel nothing like that person. I get nothing out of our interactions." Or something along those lines. Im sorry i dont have any deeper advice.. just try and picture him as the misogynistic pig he is. Men who troon out reduce womanhood to shallow and ficticious bullshit and he is no different. Tell him off, block him and stay safe nonny! Good luck.

No. 1339783

Male genitalia is so disgusting, especially circumcised like that

No. 1339800

I was checking on my Instagram today and I found out that one of my managers liked all of the other girls photos while he didn't like any of mine. I found myself deeply doubting if I'm ugly or sth. Why do scrotes have so much power over me ehhh I feel not liked or whatever that is. It sucks

No. 1339815

You have a block button, use it.

No. 1339831


Ugh, y'all are right. I need to grow a spine and either just go full nc or break it down to him gently. I guess part of me feels like if I cut him off, I'll be sort of disconnecting from that weird, but important, time in my life. But, at the same time, I'm an adult woman now, so maybe it's time that I do that anyway, and try to look forwards instead of backwards. Anyway, thank you for the tough loves nonnies.

No. 1339873

I laugh every time an anon goes “fuck trannies and fuck jannies” but are so quick to ass kiss them because they used their once in a decade janny privilege to show up and “moderate” which means to ban everyone. They are just like cops they are not here to help or be a positive contribution, they harbor the same insider hatred for this website like a cop does for the outside world. We are stupid and we don’t know better even though we are the actual people that are using the website. I don’t feel bad when they get insulted or dunked on because it’s honestly warranted.

No. 1339875

In my experience scrotes often treat the girls they find hottest the worst. Like don’t talk to them, don’t look at them, so I can see that some wouldn’t like the picture of a girl they actually want to fuck. I don’t know what psychology is behind that. Maybe they don’t want to be obvious especially in a work environment

No. 1339880

Well that is weird tho and stupid tbh which is expected from a scrote. I dk anon but I caught up myself worrying about his opinion on me although I don't like him at all.

No. 1339881

File: 1663187010480.jpeg (281.54 KB, 750x693, 4CAB7741-11CF-4EFA-A889-69F9A1…)

samefag but more reasons to dislike moderators everywhere you go, the jannies are barely present because they’re too busy talking shit with other people when they aren’t using their privileges and then hop back on to fulfill unearned quotas. I’m also pretty sure an LC mod is also a mod for the draw room that is supposed to be user-ran. You can never run away from this disease everywhere you go people want to control everything.(complaints go in /meta/, retard. stop ban evading.)

No. 1339883

I hate myself and who I've become. I have qualifications to get a great high paying job but every time I try to get one I get freaked out and quit or do some dumb shit to get me fired. I feel like the only thing I can handle is a shitty part-time job in retail or foodservice. I literally can't handle full time work. I hung out with my dad the other day and he spent the whole time commenting on my body and complaining about my wasted potential. I feel like such a disappointment to everyone around me. Fuck.

No. 1339898

>they harbor the same insider hatred for this website like a cop does for the outside world.
this is so not true. jannies aren't being hired from outside of the site. they are also users

No. 1339904

File: 1663188157695.jpg (119.69 KB, 1080x1080, 1663152145791412.jpg)

>looking at hot anime guy art by an artist
Ok, nice
>R18 set
>a guy comes inside the other guy's…dick????
In the last 10 years of browsing fanart I haven't seen this shit and I saw some weird shit in the bad art threads.

No. 1339914

how do they communicate then? they definitely communicate outside of the website, you have to put your contact info when you are filling out the farmhand application. the people you don’t want to be mods always end up as mods, also making them users was the dumbest fucking idea imaginable because it’s clear they are using their own roles to abuse the other users.

No. 1339918

tbh any user that wants to be mod makes sense, especially if they want to prevent some of the autism that happens on the site. like, if I went to the community pool to swim, but dipshits kept shitting in the pool, eating in the pool, fighting in the pool and I wanted to enjoy the pool… I'd simply become a lifeguard. That way I can swim and help regulate the idiots that mess the pool up

No. 1339922

All the women in my life are so male identified it’s sad. Got called a TERF for wanting to start a club about inspirational women. I swear modern women take everything feminism gave them for granted and think the real struggle is that men don’t cry enough or whatever.

No. 1339927

Are you in college by chance? That sounds like some college tomfoolery.

No. 1339934

do you think these jannies are able to post outside of their roles then because I honestly have no idea. they are the same people who shit where they eat so that makes no sense making it users gives me an entire headache because it seems hypocritical. don’t these jannies also break rules when they aren’t moderating?

No. 1339939

genuinely if things don’t change in my life i see no point in continuing it. i have a debilitating auto immune disorder and i’m just a horrible employee it’s so hard for me to have a job physically my body can’t take it and it makes me feel so lazy and pathetic. i don’t really have an opportunity to go to school because of how expensive it is and how much my family cannot afford that. mentally i’m the weakest person i know like i seriously can’t handle anything. i used to think maybe i have bpd or im bipolar or autistic but at this point i don’t think anything is wrong with me im just a bitch. i literally do nothing except sit around and take every ounce of strength i have (not really any) to not kill my self. i can’t even complain because when it comes down to it i’ve literally created almost every problem in my life for myself.

No. 1339952

I'm burnt out from work. As consequence, I'm terrified to go in today. I am shaking at the thought. Don't they understand what burn out is? They just keep pushing. 'How can we support you?' I KEEP SAYING I HAVE TOO HIGH A WORKLOAD BUT YOU JUST WON'T LISTEN OR HELP ME. Now that promotion I applied for is likely going to go down the toilet. Good. I was too experienced and seemingly too empathetic to work in am organisation that asks its workers to put their hearts on the table only to be stepped on. And then my mother thinks the solution is to go back to university. Oh yes because THAT'S COMPLETELY STRESS FREE. THAT'S NOT WHERE MY ANXIETY AND BURN OUT TAKE ITS ORIGIN AT ALL. WHAT A NOVEL IDEA MATRIACH!
Don't know what to do. Too scared to message work to let them know I'm not coming in. Why has this happened. I'm so good to my clients. I treat each one with empathy and respect. And then they expected me to managed 110 at once. I'm only just starting to feel how sad I am about this whole situation. I used to enjoy my job but those with decision-making power just saw as a machine and worked us through skin and flesh until bone appeared. And that's not even nothing. Do I need to start SHing again to let them know how serious I am? They wanna know how far down I can sink? I thought I was past my manic anxiety days but this situation is happily cracking open that coffin. I'm scared. I'm done.

No. 1340014

>I’m also pretty sure an LC mod is also a mod for the draw room that is supposed to be user-ran. You can never run away from this disease everywhere you go people want to control everything.
So this is probably the same person who drew that mysoginistic shit on the board. Good riddance.

No. 1340015

same anon…