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File: 1454886605560.jpeg (152.24 KB, 533x800, image.jpeg)

No. 67450

Has anyone ever seen/met a famous person irl? What impression did you get of them?

No. 67458

File: 1454887081649.jpeg (187.97 KB, 1489x927, RJ-mitt.jpeg)

I met the guy who played Walt Jr from Breaking Bad at an airport in like 2012. He doesn't actually use the arm braces, but he does talk like that from the show, maybe less severe. He was pretty nice/cute.

Aaaand that's it. Lol.

No. 67461

I saw Alec Baldwin once. He stared at me for about two seconds, then pushed his bags into his assistant's arms and said "Do something with this." He came off as kind of a jerk.

No. 67496

I smoked with Tom Morello once for an acoustic set he did. Invited everyone on stage and we passed around bongs,pipes and joints lol.

No. 67499

File: 1454890152863.jpeg (243.95 KB, 1000x1161, coryinthehouse.jpeg)

I met Kyle Massey at Brookfield Zoo a few years ago. They had some Disney panel going on in one of the tents and he was there to sign shit for kids. Unfortunately, I didn't get a signature because I wasn't too interested but I made small talk with him for a bit. He was pretty cool and seemed easy going.

No. 67514

about a year and a half ago i was at the same car show as Jay Leno. He was just wandering around, with a ton of cameras following him.
Sometime last year I went to an against me! show and frnkiero andthe cellabration were one of the opening acts. got right up to the stage, laura jane grace smiled at me a bunch.
frank is actually really awkward live. i don't know if he was like that in any of his other bands. he kept looking at the floor when he played but jumped all over the stage. it was really weird.
i saw fall out boy twice last year. once was that free earth day concert. the second time was on the boys of zummer tour. wiz khalifa was one of the opening acts for that. this was an outdoor venue. i had gotten up to go to the bathroom sometime near the end of wiz khalifa's set, and suddenly i hear people yelling. wiz khalifa runs right by me, missing me by about 6 inches. he smelled like weed but actually is a pretty good looking guy.

No. 67522

I met bam margera and he a jerk.

No. 67525

I remember that stupid series on MTV after they stopped playing music and switched to mainly reality tv trash. He seems like a douche.

No. 67533

The fuck is the guy to the top right doing?

No. 67534

Wiz Khalifa looks like a monkey

No. 67535

Met Zac Efron in Taco Bell once. Bought me nachos

Apparently someone in town stole his shoes from his trailer. He didn't stay to eat and sit down with me, but he just got food for himself and everyone in there and then left

Not much to go off of, but he seemed nice

No. 67545

that sounds great, anon

No. 67554

He sounds like a cool guy.

He's mad because Jessica Simpson passed by before he could get a good shot, I'm assuming.

No. 67566

I was once looking for an address and ran into this guy that looked vaguely familiar. I asked him for directions, and he looked weirded out. It hit me later that he was a local TV celeb and he must have been insulted I seemed to have no clue who he was. Sorry, dude. I'm partly faceblind and have a history of saying hello for months to people I don't actually know but to me look identical to my boss.

No. 67572


No. 67661

I went to a blur gig thing and i got to go up on stage, i was freaking out and i told the drummer i loved him (as in, "wow you're cool i love your music) and he was like "aw,really?" and he told me to go over to him and he hugged me, He was SUPER nice.

No. 67667

Also bears shit in the woods, etc. Would be interested in hearing the actual story though.

No. 67684

Waah waah

No. 67696

File: 1454937516768.jpg (360.68 KB, 861x1390, duszat-alexander-elton-241971-…)

In Cologne I passed by Elton (a German moderator) when he was filming something in the city. I was drunk and loudly said to my friend 'Oh look it's Elton John'. He just quickly looked at me.
10 min later I remembered that Elton John is another man.

No. 67699

I met some german youtubers and they were all really nice. It was also a sponsored event so maybe they needed to act nicely :D

No. 67700

lmao! these german pseudo-celebrities don't really count though. god i hate german tv shows

No. 67702

you got to meet dave rowntree? that's pretty awesome dude
didn't speak to anyone else there, no?

No. 67703

He does look like Elton John, tho.

No. 67716

I sold a chair to Dave Chapelle when I was in high school (this was when Chapelle Show was stil on tv lol I'm old) He lives near where I grew up and shopped at the mall I worked at often. He was a super nice guy but overall was kinda shy? Like he didn't like people dawning over him being a famous comedian or w/e but as long as you just treated him like a regular person he was awesome.

No. 67732

I passed by Jaden Smith at the Dubai Mall once. We made eye contact, and I didn't recognize him until I later found out he and his sister were going to have a concert.
He's quite short, and his outfit looked pretty bad IRL. I just remember noticing he was wearing these big-ass sneakers and thinking "Lmao this guy spends too much time on /fa/ or Instagram or Tumblr".

No. 67737

He comes off as wholly unlikeable. No idea what he's actually supposed tone like, though. He seems like a spoiled kid who grew up on the Internet and has been told he's a genius a few too many times.

No. 67738

*supposed to be like

No. 67742

I met Peter Mayhew (the guy who plays Chewbacca) in a WalMart after my mom had taken my friend and I to see Episode II. That was a happy coincidence (even though I don't think he was in that one). I remember him being hella tall, but nice. I was 9 or 10 at the time, so I don't really remember exact details other than we told him that we just saw Star Wars and marathoned the originals the night before. He shook our hands and we went on our way.

No. 67749


Met James Rolfe (AVGN). Cool guy, very laid back.

No. 67757

I once almost bumped into our (now ex) president when I was a kid lmao

No. 67812

I met James Rolfe at a very small gaming con in PA a few years back. He's definitely very sweet and genuine. He's actually really shy outside the AVGN persona.

No. 67818

fucking awesome

i went to school with alan jackson's daughters and he seemed nice. kind of shy. i was at a party recently and some girls were talking about him being an asshole, i didn't get that impression at all but whatever

jack white is a different story however, he came into a restaurant i used to work at and he was poopy. as did britney spear's sister, she came with like twenty people on a weekday and they were all very polite

No. 67819

I've heard the same about Jack White.
There's this local musician in my town who used to be his roommate, supposedly when Jack moved out he stole one of the guy's guitars.
he seems like kind of a dick.

No. 67825

in college I was sleeping with Merle Haggard's physician's daughter.

I learned about his lung cancer when she was on the phone with her dad, long before he made it public to his fans.

No. 67826

in case you haven't had the fortune of seeing this yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tks_6VzRjXk

No. 67842

File: 1454963452864.jpeg (24.55 KB, 210x240, image.jpeg)

I want to assure everyone that yes, Carlton from the Fresh Prince is just as much of a fantastic guy as you want him to be. Around 2006-07 I was on vacation in LA with my family and we were eating at the same moderately fancy Italian place as Alfonso Ribeiro and his little daughter. My younger brother, who was 12-13 at the time, was mesmerized by him and followed him out into the parking lot, even though I tried to stop him. My brother asked if he was Carlton and he answered very politely that he used to be. He then let my brother take a picture of him which unfortunately didn't come out because it was too dark.

Alfonso, if by some freak accident you ever end up reading this: Thank you for taking time out of having a peaceful dinner with your daughter to amuse a fat 12 year old boy with stalkerish tendencies. You're a superhero.

No. 67850

Some others:

>My grandma met the Three Stooges in the late 40's or early 50's and they were all very nice to her. She got their autographs.

>I saw the guy from Monk in Beverly Hills running down a busy street on his phone.
>My mom has seen James Carville from CNN (the guy who looks like a lizard) three times in three different cities. Two of those times he was getting off an elevator before going for a jog.
>My dad saw Tiny Tim at some run-down, out of the way Ramada Inn in Michigan. He also saw Ray Charles at an airport and was worried that he'd see him staring at him.
>There's a bunch of NASCAR people around where I live and they're all nice but idk who they are.

No. 67893

>There's a bunch of NASCAR people around where I live and they're all nice but idk who they are.

I went to college in LA. I probably ran into a ton of celebrities but had no idea who the hell they were.

No. 67896

I got to see Art Speigelman once, I was checking the Facebook page of a comic store and it happened to have a post about him doing a seminar at a nearby college. During a break he went out for a cigarette and chatted about traveling around the area, he seemed pretty alright.

Slightly OT but I just read a manga by Yumi Tada and in her last page comment she wrote that Mike from Alkaline Trio gave her a guitar pick at one of their concerts. My inner teenager is happy for her.

No. 67897

File: 1454973588981.gif (284.94 KB, 480x367, 59e3yrL.gif)

I bumped into Richard Simmons in a shoe shop in LA and he was super lovely and every bit as over the top IRL as on TV. He said I looked 'sweet enough to eat'. I feel bad that he's a recluse these days, I hope he's OK.

I expected this to be the video of him getting beaten up by those Icelandic rappers. There are so many cringey Bam videos out there.

No. 67903

This is the best story. I want Richard Simmons to tell me I look sweet enough to eat.

No. 67918

When I was 13 I went to a party at 10 Downing Street and met David Cameron. He organised this Christmas event/party for the families of military people who died in service (my dad was a squad leader who died, OT, whatever)
For all I hate his politics, he was a pretty friendly and cool guy. I got a weird picture and he asked me how my school work was going.
There were people dressed as Disney princess for some reason, and I made Christmas cookies with other half-orphaned children.
It was surreal tbh.

No. 67920

>my dad was a squad leader who died

I'm sorry to hear that anon. My condolences and respect to your father.

No. 67939


I met Art at a comic festival and he's lovely. He has this look on his face like he still can't quite grasp how he ever got this famous.

No. 68006

when was this? i'm a blur fanatic! how was it?
are damon and graham as cute as they seem to be up close?

i met drake bell once at disneyland. he was trying to get a lot of people to notice him/take pics & my friend was with me and called him "josh" and he looked really fucking annoyed

No. 68024

Well, how about Sarah Connor? Not rlly 'famous' but in Germany most know her I guess. I lived in the same city as her when I was a child and always saw her limousine and I think herself two times. No interaction though. But I talked to her sister Lulu Lewe a few times but at that time she was unknown of haha
But I remember her family as really down to earth

No. 68027

That's rad as hell, anon. Drake bell is a total douchebag. I'm glad you hit him where it hurts. He's salty his 15 mins of fame are long gone.

No. 68420

I hugged graham and i got to take a picture with alex. tbh alex was kind "meh" about taking one (as always) and graham kinda freaked out about me hugging him but honestly i did come off as a bit creepy since i was waaaay to nervous and i didnt even know hot to react. I didn't get to talk to damon or take a picture since he was kinda being swarmed by people trying to get noticed haha but other than that i think i was probably the only one who noticed dave, everyone else kinda brushed him off
It was last october and boy
THEY ARE SUPEEER CUTE, honestly they look better irl than in pictures, specially graham (i find he's not as photogenic as damon, but hes super cute)

No. 68983

I sold Tyler the Creator some froyo one time. He had to ask one of his bodyguards for cash to pay for it because we didn't take hundos and that's all he had with him. Yikes. I should have asked for a picture, but I was too busy sperging out.

No. 69031

I met Kristin Chenoweth after a performance of On The Twentieth Century and she was a massive cunt. I've met dozens of Broadway stars both at the stage door after shows and also under other circumstances and never have any of them been as shitty as Chenoweth. She literally would not even look at anyone and had her bodyguard hand her peoples' playbills to sign. Meanwhile, her costars were having literal conversations with fans and being super friendly.

No. 69042

also, her ex Josh Bell is a creep who's into teenagers

he's had some fun at tanglewood

No. 69264


I met Jack White on his tour when I attended his gig and randomly got free passes from his management. Didn't come across as a dick at all to me. He was quite polite. I couldn't stay because I had work the next day but his management kept harassing me to stay over for the night and give me free tickets, free alcohol etc which kind of put me off. Like he thought I was some groupie or some shit.

No. 69313

File: 1455286048683.jpg (18.22 KB, 236x309, f3d55bc9fa691e4da18ac97e31c5bb…)

Unfortunately, I have a lot experiences with them…
The first one was almost 10 years ago.

>be me

>15-year-old kid
>been working for some family-friends for about a year now
>they own a kettle corn stand that sells at concerts and sport events
>dan's warped tour
>some asshole with stupid hair and a fuckload of makeup is wondering around
>mob of girls chasing after him
>he stops directly in front of our stand to sign shit
>buy some kettle corn or move asshole
>guy eventually leaves and takes his mob with him
>5 years later
>see a Blood on the Dance Floor poster
>It's that asshole from 5 years ago

No. 69317

Wasnt that maggot accused of rape by a crazy liar…Jessi Slaughter is a trendsetter these days its popular to accuse everyone (especially e-celebrities) for everything

No. 69321

File: 1455287369859.jpg (53.46 KB, 349x509, 150622-news-jake-lloyd.jpg)


>last year

>meet this kid
>jake lloyd
>turns out he played anakin skywalker as a kid
>hates acting and hates star wars so we dont talk about it
>jake is starting a company that sponsors professional gamers and pays for them to go to competitions then takes most their prize money
>sounds good
>get commissioned to do web design
>do over $400 worth of work
>jake starts getting paranoid and talking about people trying to take over the company from him
>3AM, jake shows up at the apartment
>wants to stay for the night
>okay sure
>morning, he's gone and all his shit is still here
>his mom tells us he stole a bunch of her money and one of her cars
>try to text him, no reply
>never hear from him again
>three months later TMZ publishes an article
>jake was arrested after a high-speed police chase in his moms car
>turns out that before he left, he stabbed his mom a few times
>realize that the night he attacked his mom was the night he stayed at our apartment
>holy shit we slept with a mentally unstable man who just finished knifing his mother
>jake is back in town out on bond of $10k
>staying with his dad ten minutes away
>bitch better have my money


No. 69322

Hoooooly fuck

No. 69341

I work at a concert venue so I see musicians walking around, warming up/testing sound, etc., a lot. One instance: Jared Leto and the others stood next to me and chatted for a few minutes, also later that evening after the show, I started walking home and saw him riding his bike in the parking lot.

I used to live near Bernie Mac. Went trick-or-treating at his house. Nice man.

My sister went to school with R Kelly's daughter, also went to her birthday party (don't think he was there).

Watched The Dark Knight being filmed for about 20 minutes back in 2007.

No. 69346

Yeah, but if I recall there were several other people (including bandmates) who verified his unsavory love for his underaged fans.

No. 69354

I met someone who went to high school with him. He apparently got expelled for starting a fight club.

No. 69377

No. 69392

I met the Queen. I was part of a dance formation thingy in front of Buckingham Palace for her 50th jubilee. She said "This gravel must be jolly difficult to dance on" and asked if we were from Manchester (we were from London. You'd think that the Queen would recognise different British accents, but apparently not)

No. 69399

not gonna lie, up until "Buckingham Palace", I thought you were talking about PT

No. 69428

Same anon. I got quite excited and then kind of disappointed.

No. 69463

Same! It just goes to show that to us, she is above literal royalty.

No. 69909

My best friend dated Anthony Kiedis for a hot minute last year and he drove me home from a party kek. He was pretty nice and we flirted a little bit but that's it, he didn't seem like a very… let's just say complex man

No. 69916

Lmao I thought it was PT too. She really is shining in the hearts of mankind

No. 69929

File: 1455380676401.jpg (30.99 KB, 489x309, CqvCM0J.jpg)

Met John Waters at a book signing. He was probably stressed out, but I was disappointed he was kind of curt to me - I've heard he's normally very kind and gracious with fans. (And before you ask, I was far from the loudest, weirdest person in that room…)

No. 69930


No. 69963

Not really dumb, just very immature and extremly thirsty

No. 70226

File: 1455422025724.jpg (1.16 MB, 2048x1380, dreamlanders-19226349-627-422.…)

loud and weird would seem to be his crowd though

No. 70228


he seemed cool the few times he interacted with /v/

No. 70234

He was really over it at a book signing I attended as well. Barely a smile for anyone.

Some poor dude in line put his book on the table and started to say something like "I'm a film student and…"
You could feel the chill in the air.

No. 70236

"…I made someone eat dog shit on camera too. I think we should be friends."

No. 70239

I talked to Betty White once over the phone. She was friends with my grandmother and she was helping take her dog when she died.

No. 70244

I mean…he's what, almost 70 now? While he became famous pushing the boundaries of film and hanging around weirdos as a younger man, I can imagine that many strangers took that as an invitation to be crude/vulgar with him.

Yeah, I do feel for him. I'm still incredibly thankful to have been able to see one of my idols in the flesh, but I can't say I wasn't disappointed.

No. 70245

I found out from work that a pretty famous celebrity has herpes…

No. 70259

Cedars Sinai?

No. 70272

who, scarjo?

No. 70295

nah, someone you wouldn't think has it. very young.

No. 70297

more hints plz?

No. 70304

File: 1455445264928.jpg (76.67 KB, 599x900, kylie.jpg)

Kylie Jenner?

No. 70305

>>a pretty famous celebrity
>>someone you wouldn't think has it. very young.
Dude, this could literally be anyone famous under the age of 18. You're gonna have to give more clues than this.

No. 70317

What's the big deal, even if you're young and you wouldn't necessarily expect it? Don't most people at least carry herpes?

No. 70394

>implying a nerdy geek like you has gonnections (yes i spelled it with a g)
Plz this isnt a real gossipboard we gossip about kawaii nobodies only

No. 70420

not the same kind. the std is a different simplex than the one most people carry
meghan trainor.

No. 70422


Stop making up rumours without receipts

No. 70437

>be me
>14 year old teenage girl
>on cruise with family for spring break
>walking around top deck
>angsty and upset because fuck this gay retarded vacation
>stare into the ocean for 10 mins
>head back to see grandma
>girl runs past me
>turn around to see who it is
>it's vanessa hudgens from High School Musical
>run away

This was like early 2008, I think about it a lot.

No. 70438

but i worked for her insurance company.

No. 70453

Nobody suuuper famous.

I met British B-list rapper DJ Ironik after he performed at my school, he was kind of a dick.

(not a celebrity but) I met Adele's grandma on a bus, she was super nice and told us how proud of her granddaughter she was.

I had a brief moment with Amanda Palmer after one of her shows.

aaand I met Poets of the Fall (a great Finnish band) before their concert in 2014.

Bonus: My husband had lunch with a friend of his and her family, who just so happened to be friends with Marilyn Manson, who was also there, he didn't even know until he spoke to his friend the next day, lol.

No. 70995

File: 1455592933133.jpg (70.11 KB, 480x720, MV5BNjYwNjA2MzMyNV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

I wouldn't call her a celebrity, but I took an art history class with the little girl from Dante's Peak

she was really short, like 4'11", and really flirty.

about a year later I saw her at a New Year's Eve party I was attending.

No. 71029

anon, please tell me about you meeting PotF. they're my favorite band, and it's been a dream of mine to meet them. Marko and Olli seem like the nicest guys in the band.

No. 74728

I am friends with Louie Psihoyos, director of "The Cove" and "Racing Extinction". We met after the flood in Boulder a few years ago. His house was thrashed and lots of people went to help him out. He is an amazing person; very real and down to earth. The world is a better place because Louie is in it.

No. 550786

Ray Liotta drove me home once. I was working at a sound studio at the time, I was about 20, in 2011. He gave me his number on a piece of paper, which I still have. If I could go back I would have called him even though during the recording session he insisted he was wearing a fat suit in the scene we were going through, and grabbed my hand and had me feel his stomach. "See??"

No. 550792

I know someone who had sex with miles brother back in the metro station era.

He gave her herpes

No. 550793

File: 1588739534291.jpeg (190.01 KB, 723x1024, 68419110-150A-441B-AA15-97FAF1…)

Andy Biersack eyefucked me when I was 12 at Warped Tour in 2013. When he saw me looking he did this nod thing. I kept walking but I was really blushy. I’ve been 5’10 since I was in the third grade so I doubt he thought I was 12 so it wasn’t weird. I didn’t tell anyone about it because all the kids who listened to Black Veil Brices were a couple grades older than me and I knew that if I bragged about it to everyone then they’d thought I was full of shit and was just trying to make the older kids like me. I tried to convince myself that he was looking at someone else and I just thought he was looking at me but now that I’m older and no longer idolize guys in emo bands or care about Black Veil Brides I know that I saw what I saw.

No. 550795

whose wattpad fanfiction or headcanons are these

No. 550800

I said hi to Ira Glass by sneaking backstage at some talk he gave. He's didn't talk to me but was drunk. He's v cute

No. 550812

Best boy

No. 550815

I saw Neil Young in Omemee while I was buying ice cream with my family. My mum said it was him, but I thought she was joking and argued that she was pulling my leg.
He's ugly but a very nice man. I didn't speak to him because I thought for sure they were just trying to get me to embarrass myself in front of some random old man. Apparently he visits there every so often without telling anyone to avoid paparazzi and everyone in town recognizes him. It's such a small town that it always breaks front page news after he visits, it just seems so wholesome. I wish I'd had been older, I definitely would have recognized him myself and given him a handshake or a hug or something. Not a very exciting story but my only one as a boring Canadian NEET

No. 550822

Greg calling me an asshole in a livestream for calling him a narcissistic sociopath and gave me dirty looks in a different stream for calling him a child molester.

Does that count?

No. 550835

No. 550870

this one's for UK anons but I saw Dick and Dom while volunteering at a school trip. They looked very tanned with very white teeth irl. They took a picture with the kids, I had to act chill but I was the one who spotted them… I never found what they were filming

No. 550908

I saw Lana del Rey in 2012 when I was working at Ladurée, didn't talk to her but her assistant came to buy some souvenirs while she and her crew were eating, he was very nice and polite. My brother also sold a giant box of macarons to a socialist politician of that time.
I've seen Monica Bellucci and her daughter at my current job, and an apparently famous french actress that I didn't recognize because I don't watch TV and especially not french movies.
I also like to chat with musicians during concerts, but since they are mostly underground metal bands, I don't think it counts.

No. 550920

Probably not a big celebrity, but I became Facebook friends with some metal and video game musicians and a couple of them like to react and comment on my statuses and photos of my cats.

Not me, but my best friend got to meet the voice actor of Mr. Krabs and have a nice talk with him when they were filming for a movie in my town. They basically talked about high school and college and music for an hour.

No. 550961

I met Waka Flocka. He had hella crumbs in his chain

No. 550971

The guitarist from Danzig lives in my area, which is a very lower-middle class rural area. I didn’t get to meet him until he came through my check lane at my job, he was super friendly and surprised I recognized him. We talked about music a bit and he had me write my band’s name on his receipt for him so he could look us up!

No. 550988

Mac Demarco is chill af and always has time for the fans. I’ve seen him twice and got to meet him both time and he was nothing but kind and awesome. He even gave me a legit hug not even a Christian side hug.

No. 550991

I met Cyr at warped tour, k e k. Not a celebrity, but funny. I also met Waka Flocka at warped, he is incredibly nice.

No. 551028

Went to NY on vacation and decided to go to a block party. Action Bronson was there, doing some bbq. While he was doing that he chatted to the people around and asked me where i was from because of my accent.

"[Name of country]" I replied.

He nodded thoughtfully, closing His eyes.

"[Name of country] in the house" he stated.
It was a great time.

No. 551029

File: 1588792120774.png (1.71 MB, 973x1138, sub-buzz-4504-1566426447-3.png)

This girl I used to be friends with in high school worked as an extra on Disney Channel. She'd done a few episodes of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

She said that Dylan Sprouse was cool to all the extras and ate lunch with them.

But according to her, Cole Sprouse was an asshole and refused to talk to the extras. At lunch he sat in the corner alone, didn't eat, and stared at some other kid that he didn't like.

No. 551032

File: 1588792650956.jpg (43.61 KB, 617x409, 1670689-grimes-Raphael-Ouellet…)

Grimes, and she was super sweet and down to earth. this was like 8 years ago Visions era though, so who knows how she actually is now lol

No. 551037

i met juliette lewis while i was working at a gift shop, she was super sweet and friendly. also at that same shop i met john waters, he was very polite and humble.

i bumped into mark mckinney from the kids in the hall one day, and i said hi lol he was like do i know you? and i said no i just am a fan. he said oh thanks and complimented my coat.

No. 551044

That is so funny, this story made me laugh anon! What a blessed encounter

No. 551065

I briefly met Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman at a book signing years ago before they were publicly out as a couple. I didn't know how messy they were back then. I told them I'd missed the last train home to wait in line and Amanda was kind of concerned until I told her I'd been able to make alternative plans. I felt kind of bad for her, I was a fan of both of them but most people were just there for Neil and ignored her when they went to get their stuff signed while she just awkwardly sat there.

I know a guy who went to secondary school with Niall Horan and claimed to have once watched him get pushed down a flight of stairs.

No. 551070

I saw Amanda Seyfried at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told her how cool it was to meet her in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother her and ask her for photos or anything.
She said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”
I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but she kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing her hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard her chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw her trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in her hands without paying.
The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Ma'am, you need to pay for those first.” At first she kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.
When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, she stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, she kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

No. 551073


No. 551077

No. 551088

Gets me everytime

No. 551190

Amanda anon… is that you?

No. 551201

When I used to live in London I spotted quite a few
Andrew castle was the worst-I dont suspect many people would know who he is but he really looks down on people and has a constant bitch face.
Myleene klass also looked in a foul mood when she was out with her brother but tbh I felt there was a story behind that.
Thandie Newton, I think was waiting for a black cab outside a rail station, she looked like she was trying to hide in the corner but spotted her looking at me so said hi-at the time it was bugging me that I recognised her face but in the moment didnt know who she was. She said hi and gave me a shy wave.
Keira knightly-I was working at an advertising firm and the building we were in was shared by other companies and she was there-she came across as friendly and very chatty to the group she was with.

No. 551235

da brat is super chill, ludacris is chill, megan fox was a bitch in highschool. not much after that.

No. 551304

We don't really have that big of a celebrity culture in Finland as there is in USA, so it's super common to see celebrities minding their business all the time. It's also super common to see washed up musicians still acting like they're the shit. I live in the same city as Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks (a popular rock band in the 70s-80s) and I think he has done so much drugs that his brains are fried, because he is such a fucking spaz with his bike, thinking he's above the law just biking around almost running people over. It's so annoying and dangerous in the summer because you never know when or where from he's coming and how fast. Also he never wears a shirt under his vests and it's nasty, the dude is like 60 yo, like please just cover your old man titties, it's not the 80s anymore.

I was a huge fan of theirs over 10 years ago when I was a teen, and went to one of their shows. They had like 2 of the original members in the band (Monroe and Andy McCoy, who's brain is even more fried, he could hardly stand up) and the audience was full of teens because it was the scene era and teens here were obsessed with the 80s, glam rock and all that. After the show the band invited a bunch of 13-16 year old girls to the backstage (where they clearly had drugs and/or booze because all of the dudes were pretty out of it) and I didn't think much of it then, because I was like 13, but after growing up it has really haunted me because it was so fucked up.

No. 553471

liotta-chan here, I have the piece of paper if you want to see it

No. 553475

fuck when my eyes trailed to the crazy paparazzi guy in the top right corner of the OP pic it actually startled me

No. 553504

Hhnghg old man titties, hajottaa. I've only bumped into him nearly everytime i'm at the airport and he has always been sweet but somehow brain fried, kinda like some spazz kid. Great post anon.

No. 553700

I met Lady Hale at a law event and while I didn't get to speak with her much outside of asking for a pic, she was so adorable I just wanted to scoop her up lol

No. 559089

Richard Simmons came into my work place years ago when I was working the register. I'd heard he was a regular but didn't actually know enough about him to know what he looked like, so I didn't know it was him. I set him up with our rewards program, had to take down his first and last name, email, what-not. So I ask his name and he just stares at me blankly and is like "it's Richard…Simmons." I still can't believe he let me do that and didn't just say no lmao. He wasn't even that friendly or in a good mood. Just seemed like he wanted to get his food and leave ASAP. It was horrifyingly awkward and I still shudder when I think about it.

In retrospect, I guess it was kind of nice of him to humor me, seeing as my workplace was really anal about setting everyone up with rewards cards and people had their hours docked if their percentages were deemed too low.

No. 559091

I wouldn't recognize him out of context, is it really fair to expect every young retail worker to know his name and face?

No. 559094

I don't think he necessarily expected me to know who he was, but he seemed uncomfortable with saying his full name out loud, like he didn't want to bring attention to himself.

No. 559098

File: 1590538802603.jpg (29.17 KB, 720x468, BBWSKt3.jpg)

I met Olivia Olson at a show once. She was really nice and laid back.

No. 559111

was this before or after he went "missing" in 2014?

No. 559116

it was before. Tbh I don't really know anything about the guy outside of this one exchange.

No. 559124

File: 1590540207635.jpg (35.33 KB, 306x333, Tim-Gunn.jpg)

tim gunn is the classiest man to have ever existed. i met him once through a family member connection. he was so easy to make conversation with and genuinely seems likes he wants to get to know you and doesn't throw his celebrity status in your face.

No. 559125

I actually had to google him when I saw your post because I knew his name but couldn't connect it with a face in my head. then i remembered he was the exercise guy who kind of vanished and became very reclusive very suddenly. it's probably a generational thing.

No. 559133

I would die for that man.

No. 559145

I saw Courtney love st a newsstand in nyc, she was a complete fucking mess, sitting on the floor, with her lip line all messed up because of excessive fillers and obvious extensions piled up on top of each other like a wig. This during her anorexia period and the way she was acting I think she was on amphetamines. I also saw Kanye West in the lobby of hotel once and marina abramovich in passing at an event, she is extremely short, chonky, and has had a lot of work done in her face, I’ve also seen the ASAP Rocky walking down the street in soho giving fist pumps to random fans and people which was cool.

No. 559149

we love our trashy queen don't you DARE come for her she invented sitting, she SMASHED the lip line beauty standard and her obvious extensions are a display of weath and status

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