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File: 1668043605997.jpg (122.1 KB, 561x1000, borzoi.jpg)

No. 1402689

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Thank you.

Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.

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No. 1402697

I hate when shows use words like “incel” or “larp” fuck off hollywood writers.

No. 1402703

that stupid 'women (coffee cup emoji)' meme. it's always used in the dumbest way and i honestly believe that 50% of the proponents of this meme are actual NPCs or bots. maybe someone on here has already complained about this but god it's one of the most retarded memes to have come out of this new crop of retarded memes.

No. 1402726

File: 1668045590292.jpg (49.08 KB, 500x375, 183b8f74e1be3773a4ae9a25eccc46…)

I hate that most fruits just make me hungrier.

No. 1402727

File: 1668045644201.jpg (61.52 KB, 334x500, c652a03da79491ea3ccf6066f7bfe2…)

No. 1402728

File: 1668045731596.png (46.01 KB, 144x357, banana.png)

Why you hate me anon?

No. 1402768

File: 1668047551753.png (127.41 KB, 440x302, 013309.png)

I hate this shit of pride flag it is hideous and beyond ridiculous how a flag that is supposed to be a show of support for the gays, lesbians and bisexuals that got stoned, beaten, raped, made into a pariah and exiled from the country and then some imbeciles from the internet just had include the trannies and people of colour to be more inclusive and just ruin it. What does the colour of your skin matter when it comes to sexuality? if so why isn't there a colour for Asians then? Do Asian homosexuals not exist then? Do you have to be a certain race to be gay? Don't even get me started on the mental illness that are trannies.
People care so much about the gays not lesbians and bisexuals and the trannies that they don't give single thought towards about people with disabilities or mental problems and turn their eyes on the wang out pedophiles overlords that grooms children

No. 1402904

I hate it when people say 'especially' like 'exspecially' it actually makes me want to scream

No. 1402909

I think it's cute, like a baby talking. it sounds wrong though, yeah.

No. 1402921

When people are at an event same someone comes on and people clap and the person says "I can't hear you!!!"

I also hate how when you're at a concert and the crowd laughs at literally anything the band says. It could be like
>So I asked a restaurant if they had veggie burgers today
and the crowd will bust out laughing. STFU it's not funny

No. 1402930

I hate how much audiences applaud. they go absolutely insane and want to screech and applaud at everything. I went to a concert for the first time in years a couple weeks ago and every time the singer tried to talk everyone would just start screaming. didn't help that everyone was drunk too.

No. 1402936

>if so why isn't there a colour for Asians then?
clearly yellow was already included, nonna. the advertisement agency that made it couldn't do much.

No. 1402944

>yellow = Asians
the yellow is necessary for to complete the rainbow, I doubt that yellow equals Asians. I refuse to even save the shit flag on my pc so I found the lego set instead overpriced and ugly

No. 1402946

i'm still so confused as to why skin color was added to the pride flag. are they trying to insinuate that black people are gay or something? KEK

No. 1402947

i kek because in the past the color blue was literally associated with women and femininity before it got changed to pink. This just shows how bullshit and constantly changing gender roles/associations are and proves that trannys are obsessed with enforcing gender roles.

No. 1402960

Because it's a flag of opression not sexuality anymore. The person who created it wanted to include everybody who he thought was crying loud that day. I belive it was a white boy who created it. It's insane that i have never seen a black person like this flag, only one dude who loves it that i know and it's my cousin's whiteass feederism faggot boyfriend.

No. 1402962

My question is why the fuck don't they add those colors to the other flags? Since there's no black/brown stripe in the trans flag doesn't that mean it's a movement for white people? Oh wait kek

No. 1402982

File: 1668063015754.jpg (200.31 KB, 1000x667, borzoi hater.jpg)

I hate borzoi haters. Pic related, the average borzoi hater

No. 1403017

anon she's joking kek

No. 1403156

I hate working so much. Fuck work. Fuck everything.

No. 1403157

That tongue click thing gay men do (mostly drag queens) drives me up the fucking wall!

No. 1403158

What about homophobic women who tongue click? Clearly some exceptions can be arranged for us

No. 1403160

the world today, everything feels so soulless and boring.

No. 1403185

Graphic freudian slip

No. 1403186

women who whine about the lack of "feminine & strong" female characters whether that's in books or movies. like the amount of delusion, it takes to think there's some sort of shortage of those types of female characters kek.

No. 1403192

I hate how some people here have such rigid views of what their idea of true feminism is. What I mean is that I feel like this brand of radfem that isn't necessarily radfem and borrows principles from pinkpill/FDS is what's shilled and it bothers me how a single dissenting opinion is seen as being a "handmaiden" or a "pick me". I don't think it is necessary for a man to pay for every meal, for instance. It kind of disgusts me the idea of a guy paying me to spend time with him and I don't see how it technically aligns with radfem ideals. But oh, we're supposed to demand the man pay because "what will he think?" of a woman who pays. I feel like that line of reasoning is trash and just ends up valuing the opinion of males, and it reminds me of prostitution. "Oh, but men will take advantage of that!" Well, here's the thing, you can demand that they pay equally or for certain things, and if you have the idea the arrangement is unfair, you can always just leave.

But see, that's just my view on it, to me I see it that way and I understand a lot of women want to be paid since they don't have an idea of how the date might go, etc. I don't view them as less feminist, imo, a lot of girls I meet like that who demand to be paid lack judgement and go out with scrotes who cheat, show lots of evidence of dubious beliefs and behavior, and they still go out with them. If I had an idea my time would be wasted, maybe I would demand payment. But I have such strict rules and boundaries for whoever might take me out that it is never an experience I regret, so I can see why I'd be chill with paying half the time.

No. 1403193

Mostly agree, it's a pet peeve of mine when people say female characters are poorly written, because 9/10 times they're talking about characters from some work that isn't particularly well written in general, but the male characters get a pass for some reason.

No. 1403197

I can't tell if this is irrational seeing as a cow I follow does it alot so that adds to my annoyance.. but when people (usually sassy gay dudes or quirky women) start referring to all objects as 'she' Like once they start they can't stop doing it. Every item that they own is a she.

That new shirt you just bought.. she's cute. A slice of cake you're about to eat.. she looks delicious. A piece of furniture.. she's super comfy. Its weird enough when men refer to all cars as being female.

No. 1403277

People who lick their fingers before turning a page.

No. 1403280

yep, im radfem adjacent but absolutely allergic to dogmatic thinking so let's just say i don't fit in kek

No. 1403291

The way I look at it is, it's a sign of good will. It's not everything obviously, but I find a guy who is stingy with his wallet is also stingy with effort and time. I used to pay for dates when I lacked confidence and thought the guy would pester me for sex if I let him pay. Eh, fuck that. It's up to them to prove to me that they are generous and kind, and paying for dates is the easiest and laziest way to do that. If they can't even do that they fail on even the most basic level. That being said, I start paying and buying them lots of gifts when they have proved they're worth it.

No. 1403293

Doing that is not just annoying but also disrespectful tbh.

No. 1403330

I noticed this trend recently and I hate it, too. A symptom of a generation of young women accepting their own objectification

No. 1403359

Fake stories on tiktok from "small businesses" with the most ridiculous plots you've ever seen, e.g. "I bought your product and got sick after eating it, why didn't you tell me it's soap, it smells so good?" brainrot content

No. 1403474

The more I read about FDS the more I thought it looked more like tradshit than feminism, I completely agree with finding a man not stingy and not toxic but getting literally everything paid by a guy sounds so boring.

No. 1403478

Hate is too strong of a word to describe this, but I don't know where else I could post this, I strongly dislike "political" songs with very benign takes that almost everyone already agrees with(especially one's established target audience) saying you don't want to be a suburban stepford housewife in 2022 when your a pop-singer is basically a non-statement, like we already expected that, also you grew up in a country that doesn't have many suburbs and the stereotypes associated with them

No. 1403531

typical, import american problems and make a 'statement' against them. it's a lazy attempt at social critique without actually criticising anything that would incite a hate mob of moids or twitter zoomers.

No. 1404893

i HATE it when somebody says "am i the only one who-" yes actually you're the only one ever in the world. you're a freak wtf weirdo you're the only one to ever have thought this since the inception of humankind. everyone point and laugh they're the only one. im so annoyed right now. i hate this retarded phrase.

No. 1404927

It’s not like they mean it literally they’re generally just making a lighthearted statement or starting a conversation sorry you hate that lol

No. 1404934

I hate scoliosis!

No. 1404938

idgaf im not retarded i know that and its still annoying

No. 1404949

Absolutely love the misery

No. 1404977

Women who use breastfeeding to pedal their narcissism. I can't stand trying to find informative videos without running into random thots using breastfeeding as an excuse to post their boobs on the internet or to simply just draw attention to them, or if they're not straight up sexualizing themselves they will make everything about their "breastfeeding journey" and then just do it years after it's not necessary just to continue getting the attention from it

No. 1404981

Men mumbling. It is like nails on chalkboard to me. Something about the low pitch, you can feel the vibrations from the other side of the room. Absolutely horrific.

No. 1404987

I know a girl from highschool who breastfed her daughter until she was 5. This 5 year old also has a whole tiktok page where she has a couple THOUSAND followers. There are two videos of her breastfeeding on this TikTok page and those are amongst dozens of videos of her dancing and swimming and playing. It’s so fucking creepy and weird because it’s grown men following her and commenting on it.

Her mom is a fucking narc and loves it though; she thinks it’s perfect.

No. 1405167

It’s rude to look down on domestic mothers like that. Like you’re not ‘in servitude’ for being part of a family. Your life doesn’t have to be over. You can still learn and have hobbies, make stuff and see new places. I mean come on. The average woman who sees being a stay at home mother as the ultimate oppression would, if without a family, not do anything interesting anyway. Idk, go out? Talk about makeup? Watch shows? They’d just be boring with less commitment and more prozac.

No. 1405188

I’ll agree that it’s rude to look down on mothers but there are about a million other things a woman could do with her life if she didn’t have a family. It sounds like you’re the boring one if you can’t fathom having a fulfilling life without a husband and kids.

No. 1405226

>You have a very expressive face, I know something is bothering you
>you say you aren’t thinking about much but I can see you thinking about so many different things. I know you have a whole inner world you’re exploring.

When men say shit like this but literally all I’m thinking is “kinda bored, wonder what’s going on on lolcow” or “this croissant is decent”

No. 1405231

On a similar vein, I hate being asked "What's wrong" or "Why are you angry" when I exhale a little too hard. I'm just breathing

No. 1405283

I think men are just trying to talk to u bc ur probably cute.

No. 1405345

File: 1668185146209.jpg (210.93 KB, 534x800, tumblr_mogrkiIuhU1s48lo7o1_540…)

BUMP pls be careful scrolling

No. 1405373

Twink voice. I just had to listen to some scrote talk with the most annoying vocal fry and valley boy type voice.
If you sound like that, I can't take you seriously. This really only happens at work and I can never say it but it sounds so unprofessional. Call it a conscious bias or whatever but I don't know how anyone can take someone with this voice seriously. It's grating and hard to concentrate when you talk in a professional meeting like:
Heyyy everyonnneeee. So glaaad to be meeting with all of youuu toddayyy.
All scrotes are trash but high pitched nasally voices are especially annoying

No. 1405384

To battle these faggots I refer to all cute objects I own as he's.

No. 1405497

A lot of moms don't have the time or energy to do those things tho unless they have a babysitter/nanny. And some are already on prozac..

No. 1405521

I just wish for the next "feminist" standpoint they'd go against slut culture and say some shit like "I refuse to put out whenever they want, work AND do all house chores and childcare and situationships are ending". That would make a real difference since it's a much bigger problem than women becoming housewives nowadays

No. 1405524

but tifs triggered that male isnt the default for 10 seconds already do that

No. 1405530

>Your life doesn’t have to be over. You can still learn and have hobbies, make stuff and see new places.

You’re seriously fooling yourself if you don’t think being a parent greatly limits your ability to do all those things.

No. 1405537

Nta but I have a baby with special needs, maybe average income and no nanny's or even a support system, my family doesn't watch the baby either. Going places and having hobbies isn't impossible, but it is harder. I feel like most people nowadays are already void of personality so the only thing that changes is maybe vacations. Most people don't even want to socialize anymore so it's not like anyone would know if having kids changed them or not

No. 1405608

I’ve always been a person who just goes to libraries and out to eat and that’s my idea of fun, my life hasn’t changed much, especially after my kid grew past the newborn stage.

No. 1405622

It does and it doesn't. When I was single I used to do the same activities every week. Go to work, go to the gym, go green laning, waste hours playing video games, watching anime and browsing around online. I was miserable and depressed. Now I'm a parent I don't want my children to be depressed shut ins so I find things for that we can do in the local area. It's true that I can't just leave and go on some big adventure anywhere in the world but I never would have done that anyway. I have more interests and hobbies, I have more friends and I go outside more. The limiting factor in what someone can or can't do is themselves.

No. 1405708

File: 1668201851594.jpg (93.82 KB, 705x594, demonic.jpg)

There's something very pedophilic and demonic about liberal mothers.

No. 1405726

That is super odd, I remember my mom getting pissed at me for shaving my arms when I was 9.

sage for blogpost

No. 1405757

This gives me horrible vibes as a mother. Like what the actual fuck does a 6 year old need to shave anything for, and why the Fuck would this woman do it, film it, and POST IT. I would rather teach my girls to love themselves as they are when they’re old enough to think about appearances (they’re only 1 rn so thank god I have time). My own mom didn’t let me shave til I was probably 12, even tho for a ginger I was quite hairy. I’m glad she didn’t, even if I did get made fun of a bit. Sage for blog.

No. 1405850

Wow this fucked me up. Hopefully this sort of thing becomes illegal.

No. 1405869

There are men that get off to shaving. Thanks oversharing mom, for providing more content for the sickos! Keep it up!

No. 1405892

I wish we’d just normalize being hairy or at least see some beauty in it or something so kids don’t have to shave at the age of 6 fucking years old. I’m pale and Semitic and got all sorts of comments starting when I was 6. I started shaving religiously at 10 and I still have a huge hang up about it. I wish I was Asian or something so I just wouldn’t shave very often kek.

No. 1405894

Yep. Never going to understand or agree with parents who post their small children for all the world to see. There are more creeps than you think out there.

No. 1406061

File: 1668224562394.jpg (85.89 KB, 634x634, 306E6DDC00000578-3409145-Makin…)

hate how rupaul/fag culture worship has inflated every fags head and they strut around w the delusion that all women wanna be their bff. they literally expect every young woman to worship them and they act catty and superior expecting us to fawn over them like sycophants. they disgust me so much. stupid fags. you arent cool and unique and mysterious for wearing hideous makeup/clothes and getting fucked in the ass by randos. the average mousy quiet woman is leagues more interesting than yet another faggot wearing drag queen makeup to their day job and speaking in tiktokisms.

No. 1406066

ngl nonnie I dig the takis lewk

No. 1406067

Ever since my brother came out he's become 98.5% more obnoxious and insufferable to be around. Anytime I talk about some kind of fandom related m/f shipping shit he absolutely MUST remind me that he's gay and that doesn't appeal to him, it's annoying as shit.

No. 1406078

I hate cities. I hate cars. I hate crowds of people. I HATE LOUD NOISES.

No. 1406106

File: 1668231157566.jpeg (106.38 KB, 410x520, 48D0F566-55F3-413E-9F33-4B1551…)

Same. Gay men are a plague and make me homophobic despite being gay lmao

No. 1406217

File: 1668249348593.png (67.39 KB, 746x487, Screenshot 2.png)

I genuinely don't understand how a human being have this thought process, she's six, she probably wants to eat icecream for every meal as well but we all know that's not healthy for her, I'm not blaming the child cause she's a kid, I'm blaming the mom cause instead of teaching your daughter to not cave into society's beauty standards you would teach her to not only listen to them but to abide by them, and basically teach her that the bully's are right.

No. 1406218

Referring to cities as "bug hives". I totally get hating the city for whatever reason but bug hives always comes from weird conservatard moids who can't fathom going out of their house without their car.

No. 1406220

>I'm blaming the mom cause instead of teaching your daughter to not cave into society's beauty standards you would teach her to not only listen to them but to abide by them, and basically teach her that the bully's are right.
This shit is easier said than done, I wouldn't have done that to my daughter for this reason, but I wasn't allowed to wax my mustache/peach fuzz or massive eyebrows until I reached 18 and while I wasn't bullied for it I can guarantee you this gave me the reputation of an ugly, unhygienic gorilla and people assumed it was because of religious reasons, which made them not want to interact with me at all. People treat others like shit or like outsiders based on looks all the time regardless of age, I'd say they're actually a bit more open minded as they age when it comes to looks because they have more personal shit to deal with and grown women who never grew up with these issues before also now have to deal with having shaved legs and pits all the time so they understand that shit more.

No. 1406232

This. Anons can post all day wanting little girls and their mothers to be activists, but some people just want to survive as painlessly as possible.

No. 1406239

I understand that, but six is still way too young for shaving

No. 1406248

imagine if lesbians acted the way that fags do. strutting around acting like every man being professional-nice to her at work must be dying to be her straight bff because TV shows told her its true. fortunately most lesbians are based and actually want nothing to do with men.

No. 1406249

>the average mousy quiet woman is leagues more interesting than yet another faggot wearing drag queen makeup to their day job and speaking in tiktokisms.
It's true and you should say it.

No. 1406265

nta but because of being butch, scrotes do comment on other women towards me or try to "bond" over random shit. Of course it's superficial and in the end they see me as a woman, not a fellow scrote. However a surprising amount want to be friends, while I don't.

No. 1406266

I think this might be the worst "song" I've ever heard

No. 1406276

That's how Lana Del Rey imagines herself when her weight's up and she worships male rappers lol

No. 1406295

I know, that's why I said I wouldn't do that to my own daughter if I ever have one later. I'd let my kids do that once they're older and actually have leg hair that's visible from afar (and given how I look I know that would also be the case for my own kids as soon as puberty starts)

No. 1406318

Creating NSFW stuff out of content targeted for kids is messed up. There is plenty of things targeted for adults, why do we need to risk kids finding Elsa getting fucked or a Pokemon masturbating. I don't care some autist wants to fuck an animal crossing character, there are millions of characters out there for them to fixate on.

No. 1406321

I hate that the borzoi in the thread pic looks like a dick and balls and now I can’t unsee it

No. 1406343

Why did you curse me?

No. 1406349

The elsagate content you're talking about is autogenerated and targeted towards children to expose them to sex and make them helpless. It's gross af. If moids are going to be porn addicts why is it so hard to get off to actual, living humans?

No. 1406353

File: 1668266034371.jpeg (115.37 KB, 634x1024, 879D4B0F-D713-4101-8453-8AF3E8…)

Tove Lo got married recently and I interpreted the song as a personal track. Being a stay at home wife sucks. I’m an immigrant and had to wait for my visa to come in. If I had kids that would be a different story but I’d rather be independent.

No. 1406355

I understand that, I just think its stupid to make wine about an outdated stereotype that doesn't even exist in your own country

No. 1406365

It’s called writing for a demographic, nonnie. A lot of pop stars do it. Just because her country doesn’t have suburbia doesn’t mean she can’t use it in a song about not wanting to have babies.

No. 1406366

I saw it the same way, a personal song. I also personally do kinda relate to not wanting kids and not wanting to be a wife, but at the same time wondering if I'll change my mind once it's too late. I didn't realize other people viewed the song as any kind of statement. I'll agree it's not exactly groundbreaking if you view it through that lens.
I'm not Swedish, but Norwegian. The pressure to be a perfect housewife once you reach a certain age is very much a thing in Scandinavia too. And we do have suburbs. Does she even still live in Sweden? I don't see how that matters.

No. 1406371

I think she’s in America now because she got married in Vegas. Still though, I’m getting scrote vibes whenever they can’t let childless by choice women be happy. Kiwifarmers always try to egg me onto becoming a mother without realizing I’m already married and almost 30 lol.

No. 1406382

did you read my post, I never even mentioned anything against her being childless if she wants to be, the "thing" I disliked(but did not hate) was her benign and meaningless political takes

No. 1406406

I kinda hate people with adhd or autism that try to blame all the shit they do on their diagnosis. They will straight up act like assholes, say dumb shit without thinking or just act like uninterested hyperactive toddlers (see interrupt every damn thing I say and walk away to look/do something else) and be like "teehee my adhd is acting up", or "I wan't trying to be rude, it's just my autism". Like fuck off, I have autism and difficulties concentrating too but I don't act annoying as shit because of that.

No. 1406414

She can do whatever she wants but it's still cringe

No. 1406465

Anons who use "they" to refer to other anons (that aren't blatant trolls/bait/scrotes). Even on a site that is supposed to be female only you can't say "she"?
>inb4 "it's what I'm used to!"
Try to change that. Using default she or even "she or he" is such a power move not just on lolcow

No. 1406478

you know that using singular they isn't a gender special thing and is natural in english, right?

No. 1406495

Nta but I agree with OP, it's a female only board, why would you use the singular they?

No. 1406497

File: 1668271918588.gif (533.28 KB, 120x139, EB18DE7B-D59B-4C21-94F0-8C37A7…)

Did you ever stop and think to yourself that autists don’t act the same? Not referring to LARPers either. I’ve lost so many friendships because I’ve said the wrong things. I can’t read the room and say whatever comes to mind.

No. 1406533

It's not about genderspecials but rather combatting the male as default/invisible female problem. Many studies have shown that singular they doesn't really improve it because people are already so used to male default so even with neutral pronouns they will default to thinking of a man, while explicitly saying she makes people actually acknowledge women.

No. 1406541

all i was saying is that people do it out of habit.

No. 1406542

Samefag but even just in the context of lolcow, what's the point in being neutral? In male dominated spaces everyone is by default assumed to be male except for the posters who really "stick out" as women, in other places "anon" is default male while women are "femanons". So why can't lolcow, which is supposedly a female only space, assume female default?

No. 1406544

default "he" is also a habit that can be changed

No. 1406549

can you fuck off?

No. 1406554

nayrt, anon op is autistic tho?
>Like fuck off, I have autism and difficulties concentrating too
if you're not acting all "it's just my autism", then i don't think op was talking about you.
idgi either. when i was diagnosed we were still being taught/shamed into hiding our autism. i don't want to go back to that but i don't get the current wave of autists who can't just say something like "i didn't mean to come off that way, i'll remember and do different next time" or whatever. not every normie is going to be cool, but most are a little more understanding if somebody takes the L and moves on instead of trying to excuse it

No. 1406555

why does it bother you so much that some of us want women to explicitly be acknowledged in a place for women? of course i'm not literally going to force anyone to change your vocabulary but says a lot overall that default he or they are considered normal and natural in language but not default she.

No. 1406560

it doesn't. what's bothering me is you getting emotionally reactive over me stating a fact.

No. 1406567

"anons do it out of habit" is a fact, but "linguistic habits can be and have been changed" is also a fact, not necessarily speaking about you in particular. i know "hate" is a strong word, but the "annoying things" thread hasn't been bumped in months, if not years.

No. 1406575

the issue is that those kinds of people treat their autism like an extension of their personality, like a sexuality. they treat everything like that. autism isn't something to be ashamed of, but it's still a disability, one that causes issues. and it should be treated like that. even some high functioning people really needed to learn how to do basic tasks. i feel like people think that in order to be accepting of people with autism, you have to accept all the negative aspects of it or you're a fake. but who wants to do that. everyone has to learn how to function in society. wanting acknowledgement that some people need more help or leniency doesn't mean that you should just do whatever and expect others to deal with you.

No. 1406582

no one is arguing with you. calm the fuck down.

No. 1406588

No. 1406605

nayrt, those are levelheaded discussion points, how concentrated is your autism to read questions and reason as aggression?

No. 1406616

no one is discussing anything though. anon is just talking into the void. also you seem kind of autistic to take those posts literally, they're nice ways of telling anon to shut up.

No. 1406797

this pic makes me so sad like I’m worried I’m never going to have anything like this also the one dude I actually like irl is divorced and jaded and I just want a small corny wedding with someone who cares about me and I care about him and we’re both enthusiastic about tying the knot why am I crying rn

No. 1406977

I hate when I love a character who's badly written or from a series I hate, because the resentment doesn't let me have fun when I think about them

No. 1407001

People who make " i'm/ur so gay lol " jokes. Get a fucking personality

No. 1407002

My aunt has instilled this in her daughter and the other girls in the family. She always said that we should default to saying "she" or "her" when referring to something we don't know the gender of, because it helps us as girls/women relate to it, and feel valued and included. Like as an example for children, instead of automatically calling a bear a he, we call the bear a she, and suddenly her daughter feels alot more invested in this bear and feels like she can relate to this bear.

No. 1407004

That's not what your mom said to me last night

No. 1407014

>survive as painlessly as possible
Trying to fit beauty standards isn't painless

No. 1407016

>she can relate to this bear

No. 1407018

No. 1407019

Do you not want to be a bear??

No. 1407760

That video is str8 up pornography

No. 1407790

she looks like a baby, it's freaking me out.

No. 1408090

I hate it when retards bid super high way too early in an auction and ruin it for everybody. Like thanks, I could've gotten this for 10 bucks but now it's closer to 45 instead.

No. 1408238

The comments of this video being either soon-to-be-boimoms completely missing the point or "b-but what about men!" moids being moids.

No. 1408261

I hate that lefties have created so much stigma around white people with dreads in america. It's a part of hippie culture and grunge/goth/metal too, cry more fags

No. 1408367

right? they just look cool lol. the amount of vitriol people have towards others for simply wearing a hairstyle is absolutely unhinged, idk why people continue to seek the approval of people that will never be satisfied no matter how much you aquiesce. i often see white people commenting shit like "can i wear this? is it cultural appropriation?" and i just want to shake those people and remind them that they only have one life, wear what you want and say what you mean and let that be the end of it.

No. 1408370

it still looks retarded on people with straight hair, tbh.

No. 1408373

It looks like shit on everyone.

No. 1408382

I had a friend in college she looked good with it and only had half of her hair like that it's hard to explain. Looked boho and cute. I hate full dreads though I think they are always musty

No. 1408385

Don't give a fuck, anon….I wear preppy clothing and basically just basic bitch brands but I rock them. Idgaf.

No. 1408386

I’m having a grotesque period shit

No. 1408387

File: 1668382633446.png (244.99 KB, 290x351, locks.png)

yeah i see what you mean, kind of how picrel has loose strands at the top to "blend" them in. i find that on white people it can look funny if they go all the way to the root with them bc their scalp is very pale so it's more noticeable, but it really depends on the person.

No. 1408450

ugh i keep making dumb typos and deleting. bear with me please.
weird, I was thinking about this very this in the wee hours of the morning. I genuinely don't understand what's "problematic" about it, and even when asking with an open mind I get brain dead responses. Who cares if some white (probably mixed if American) singer/songwriter gets dreads? so what if a black woman working at a bank can't have dreads? yeah, that sucks for the black lady, but that's not the hippie singer songwriter chick's problem, she has 0 control over that. black women in creative fields are given more freedom with their hair than in other fields, too. hypothetical white singer/songwriter chick can't work at a bank with dreads either. why can't the crying people take it up with someone who actually has direct power in changing the dress code?

No. 1408458

I hate when people have literal psychopath autists for kids is wrong with them and then they refuse to see what’s wrong and they say “oh he’s just like that” no kid should just be like that he’s a fucking retard with anger issues. Get help

No. 1408480

I use Spotify for podcasts and hate how you can't clear your history on there. If you listen to 5 minutes of one episode and give up, that podcast and those similar to it will constantly be recommended in your feeds forever.

No. 1408517

I'm >>1408385 and you don't see my scalp. Dreads thicken up and besides, I had like 2C wavy hair that was thick (highlights took around 3-4 hours for me) and somewhat long (hit the bottom of my bra band) so it's not like I had hair to show my scalp anyway. I have bangs with mine, I think the looks cute on fellow white chicks. I will say that the process of your dreads dreading up still seems to work fastest on African American ladies and I love how it looks on them. It can still look bad imo on some white girls but it depends on how it is dyed and styled.

No. 1408565

Idk anon. On people that don't have the hair texture for it it always just looks out of place, matted, messy, and smelly. Especially if you can see the un-loced hair or there's just random pieces of straight hair. Of course anyone can wear what they want, I just haven't seen a single person that doesn't have coily hair look good with it.

No. 1408656

looks fucked up and usually not well maintained when people don't have the texture to loc it up. I won't say anything to a white people who dreads their hair because I'm not a freak, but I'm definitely thinking that they look ridiculous.

No. 1408765

IMO it looks great on certain types of people. If they have a more boho style it works really well, I've even seen asians with dreads that look nice, also KEK at it looking "matted" as if the whole point isn't to mat chunks of hair into strands.

No. 1408967

It's fucking annoying when someone claims that anal is painful and non-pleasurable for women, and then you get the pickmes chiming in screaming "I love anal!!! It's the only sex we have, it's better than PIV!!!" It's just so pathetic. Ok sure, maybe you are the 0.0002% of women who feels pleasure from anal, but you should shut the fuck up when people are discussing how women shouldn't be pressured into doing it.

No. 1409019

This, I've seen dreads look like shit on black people too. It's all about how well you maintain them. Any race can look good with them as long as they're properly taken care of

No. 1409045

Kanika Batra’s stupid ass cringe videos to have us hooked on her so she can generate an income on easy style.

No. 1409046

Because it isn’t non-pleasurable for all women, why are you calling women who prefer anal pickmes? Considering the large amount of men who love anal sex I doubt the percentage is low. Anal masturbation is amazing, to those women it’s the same as clit stimulation and imagine a woman saying she hates clit stimulation. A tilted uterus is all it takes for an anal penetration to feel like a woman like megan fox is eating her out and a small finger in the vagina to feel like a knife in her cunt.

No. 1409048

>Considering the large amount of men who love anal sex I doubt the percentage is low.
lmao as if men don't literally admit they get off to hurting women

No. 1409051

Men have a prostate. Women don’t. That’s why men like anal.

No. 1409054

have fun with prolapsed anus and higher risk of infection

No. 1409068

Don't bother nonna, anti anal sex is some strange hill most lolcow nonnas are willing to die on. They'll probably change their minds once they start being sexually active for the first time

No. 1409069

Most of us are against it because of experience with it if anything.

No. 1409079

where is anal-kun when you need him

No. 1409082

This is a tranny and so are all "women" who loudly profess their love of anal.

No. 1409089

For me it was the opposite. I didn't care about anal sex until I tried it. It is so painful and takes a ton of prep work and requires extreme maturity from both partners. By the time you're done prepping you don't even want it anymore. Putting small things could feel nice but a dick? Especially on a whim? No. Plus most men who claim to do anal, never did it anyway men lie about every

No. 1409094

I don't like anal or clit stimulation. Anal hurts. They literally have to shape medical tools that go up your butthole as small as possible for this reason kek. If anal felt great and only virgin women hated it then doctor tools wouldn't have any problems making it bigger

As for clit stimulation, I hate clit stimulation mostly because I have PTSD from moids who don't know where the clit is and rub my urethra like they're starting to catch a fire and ended up giving me a UTI

No. 1409095

My clit is weird and for some reason shallow stimulation feels really good in my ass so one time I naively tried to stick a dildo in there, it felt like taking a massive shit, and for the next couple of hours my asshole felt so weird kek never again

No. 1409096

>moids who don't know where the clit is and rub my urethra like they're starting to catch a fire
every time! istg same scrotes don't wash their hands before they finger either unless you follow them into the bathroom and make them

No. 1409097

That makes zero sense unless you have a genetic deformity that connects your clit to your butthole, which doesn't exist unless you're inbred

No. 1409100

Also scrotes do not care if a woman enjoys anal or not, some ever prefer her being in pain/feeling humiliated. I actually liked the feeling of anal stimulation, but having scrotes violently rip my ass completely ruined it.

No. 1409101

File: 1668452987077.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.46 KB, 645x437, screen_shot_2013_06_24_at_4_07…)

Spoilered because it's pretty graphic for an anatomical drawing but I feel like those outer edges of the clitoris can be felt around my ass walls almost, if I aim upwards, hard to describe kek

No. 1409116

Anyone who is sexually active will know that in reality anal only hurts for the woman. You and the anon above who mentioned men liking anal sound like you only look at porn and truly think that the actresses feel good.
The only reason men might feel good in their asses is because they have a prostate, and even then anal sex isn't that common (prostate orgasm isn't that easy to achieve). Women don't have prostates. Unless you have some anatomy defect any kind of deep penetration in the ass is going to be either uncomfortable or very painful.

No. 1409123

I think shallow stimulation/outside stimulation can feel good because of the nerves near the outside, but a dildo or a dick? I highly doubt. There are no nerves inside your rectum for a reason.

No. 1409126

Samefag, men don't even feel that great when they penetrate your ass. Allegedly the ass has two tight sphincters but the rest is smooth and kinda loose. It isn't ribbed like the inside of a vagina so the stimulation is inferior. So they're really just getting off on the idea of hurting and humiliating you, and as a pickme you're enabling that.

No. 1409138

I irrationally hate the word simple

No. 1409140

Yeah I read a bit about it some more and it also might be related to the perineal sponge, it's composed of erectile tissue and that's the exact spot that feels good.

No. 1409145

You sound like the bad sex advice part of cosmo.

No. 1409150

What the fuck are you talking about nona, it's female anatomy?? I said I don't even like anal, christ, how can you equate what I said with retarded sex advice I'm actually offended kek

No. 1409157

Ofc there are nerves in the rectum.

No. 1409161

I get the thing about not pressuring women into anal, but I don't really get the infight that comes around about women who do or don't like anal. Sexual preferences are personal.

No. 1409164

>> Thus, there is certainly the newest clit. Naturally. Then there is the fresh new Grams-spot. Of course. Oh, and the hard nipples, those people are essential. Hello! Why don’t we remember brand new perineal sponge.
Okay, so perhaps you have not heard about this option. The perineal sponge (otherwise PS-sponge) takes a seat with respect to the new climax talk. Why? I think that a lot of people just have no idea it’s truth be told there. We seem to mainly understand what the area ranging from a female’s vagina and you will arsehole isn’t and never such about what it’s. That absolutely nothing destination can also be extend climax, succeed way more severe and even perform that most of the with the the individual.
I repeat you sound like bad sex advice, want to know some other headlines and articles that feature “tips about it” they get worse.

No. 1409166

because "b-but many women like it!!" is often brought up in the exact context of men pressuring women into anal, like read the room for once

No. 1409186

I worded it poorly. I meant to say fewer nerves rather than no nerves.
Yup, this 100%. Whenever women are complaining about having been pressured or forced into doing it, pickmes always chime in with "but some women like it!! it can be consensual!!" Shut the fuck up.

No. 1409192

File: 1668463207282.jpg (Spoiler Image,85.53 KB, 907x716, Screenshot_1.jpg)

But I don't get it, it's a real thing? I've always felt it even before I knew what it was exactly. How is talking about my body parts akin to retarded made-up sex tips I really fail to understand that, as far as I'm aware this isn't pseudo-science and it's a normal body part.

No. 1409194

They should spend less time telling women who hate anal some women like it and go tell the “some women like it” moids they like it. Then they can all leave the rest of us alone.

No. 1409198

Didn’t say it was made up. Said it sounded like a bad sex tip. Meant to get women to try something they don’t have any interest in and it’s because you came into a conversation with women specifically complaining about the very thing your doing. Why don’t you go warm up a grapefruit next

No. 1409215

File: 1668464005762.png (57.52 KB, 343x202, clutch.png)

Sticking a finger in your vagina and aiming downwards or sticking a finger in your anus and aiming upwards to feel an actual body part is not that insane, nonnie please. I came into the conversation to offer a perspective of someone that thought anal would feel good, but was proven otherwise, I literally agree with you.
I realize now I meant to reply to >>1409069 instead of >>1409068 as I was rewriting the post since the site died a million times but that doesn't matter, what I posted initially still stands. Anal with a dick doesn't feel good.

No. 1409229

Well this isn't that circumstance clearly, lmfao. This is just Nonna's hating on women for merely saying they enjoy it. You guys sound just like moids tbh

No. 1409232

So you acknowledge what we were talking about how we hate the anal is so great crowd and you joined in with the pick me screeching anal is good instead of respecting this wasn’t a conversation for you? You can really read a room huh? Take your weird sex shit to g if you love it. This is the things you hate thread. Thank you and the other dumbass for being a prime example.

No. 1409239

You seem confused. I said in the past I thought it would feel good, put a dildo up my ass and concluded it indeed did not feel good. Are you retarded? Weird sex shit? What the fuck are you on about kek
How is it pickme if I say a dick in my ass would not feel good?

No. 1409281

Porn addict retard.

No. 1409338

I hate how newer laptops no longer have touchpad buttons and dvd drives. If I wanted them to be ~sleek~ like a phone then I would've bought a damn phone!

No. 1409423

That's a reaction to the annoying internet culture that hate everything and hiveminds.

You like something you know is unpopular or largely hated, so outright saying that you love it or that it's good will attract haters like flies that come to tell you that you suck and that the thing you like is shit.
So "Am I the only one who likes *" is the least offensive way most people can think of to start a conversation about the subject they are interested in.

No. 1409442

File: 1668477070816.png (119.49 KB, 320x281, o.PNG)

I fucking hate this show so much, even seeing it on the homepage of netflix pisses me off. Who the fuck greenlit a show about 12 year olds fucking themselves? It's disgusting. The art is also horrific.

No. 1409446

99% it's not even unpopular and the person who says it just wants validation in a really pathetic way

No. 1409448

This show somehow has an immaculate Rotten Tomatoes score. Suspicious if you ask me. I hate watched the first few seasons out of curiosity and the humor never lands, it's pure cringe, creepy as fuck. Not only is it about underage characters exploring their sexualities but there's incest too.
Anyone who sincerely enjoys or recommends this show should be put on a list

No. 1409449

I'm not telling you not to hate it, but it does have a couple of really good episodes about periods and menopause, and it's very clear how much of the writing in is done by women

No. 1409458

That's weird, I feel like I've only ever heard cartoon review youtubers talk about it and not even they liked it much.

No. 1409474

>critically acclaimed
depressing, but not surprising

No. 1409526

I hate how skincare is considered some narcissistic/prissy part of self care when it should be in the top 3. I know so many people who will freak out because one strand of hair is slightly out of place or they have a 2 mm overbite and demand braces but will happily walk around with nasty pussy filled cysts all over their damn face. It's especially gross when you work with kids and their parents will happily shovel out thousands for braces when their teeth looked perfectly fine before but let their kid rub acne pus all over their hoodie sleeves because "acne is normal" but ofc can't be asked to spend a few extra bucks on a good dermatologist. These things should be reserved for people who's teeth are actually noticably bad but good skincare should be the norm for the acne kids

I also know a guy who has the shortest most basic hair possible and always insists on wearing beanies that make him look like white trash because "his hair looks terrible" even though it looks literally fine but has disgusting acne scars he can barely be asked to keep a decent skincare routine for. He even admittely grows out his mismatched, patchy coomer beard that isn't even the same color as his hair to cover his acne and to top it off he claims to be into men's fashion and hygiene kek. Even moids appearance blogs and YouTubers can't save moids from being visually retarded on what looks good on them or not.

No. 1409538

I've seen women claim to like anal before but it's usually just pickmes who have never done it or onlyfans thots just trying to make cash from simps. I also firmly believe most men who have claimed to done anal before with a girl never actually done it and are just making up stuff to pressure their current girl into doing uncomfortable stuff (as they always make up stuff about previous partners)

No. 1409585

I hate how sugar addiction is not taken seriously as any others addictions or even some don't even think is a real thing. There's people that consumes a big amount of sugar per day and they dont even know they have a problem. Diabetes is a scary disease.

No. 1409590

>Diabetes is a scary disease.
Isn't diabetes from weight gain, not necessarily sugar?

No. 1409595

It doesn't really matter anyways because sugar caused the weight gain anyways.

No. 1409608

Its more propense to get diabetes for obesity, but not necesarilly skinny people can have it to. Depends on the health habits and genes. I have a friend who has pre-diabetes bc he drinks soda everyday and he always has been skinny.

No. 1409639

File: 1668489888067.jpg (124.9 KB, 1000x992, kate.jpg)

I fucking hate waking up for work.

No. 1409693

Accessory toenails. Basically small extra toenails on pinky toes that some people have due to genetics. When they grow out they hurt like hell when they brush against any surface. Won't attach picture as I'm sure most people don't want to see.

No. 1409716

I hate the terms self care and self love. Something about it sounds so incredibly patronising and obnoxious. And I hate how literally any little thing can be turned into "self care" no matter how insignificant or basic of a task it is. Unnecessary labelling annoys the shit out of me

No. 1409720

Wait what the hell I thought it was just my toenail splitting

No. 1409773

They don’t look cool and most people who wear dreads especially non-blacks are mentally ill weirdos. Misogynistic men tell us to steer away from women who wear vibrant hair, I say stay away from non-black women who wear dreads, they will cut off your tits in your sleep.

No. 1409849

I hate the uptick of men using the word "kiddo".

No. 1409878

Low effort bait

No. 1409882

Moids who refer to their friends as “the boys”

No. 1409896

File: 1668515567065.jpeg (448.47 KB, 2048x1365, D942B2F6-B2E8-41E0-A76B-121C1D…)

Show me a mentally sane woman or man who’s not black who sports matted uncombed hair? Dye your hair hot pink while you’re a lawyer and it’s much better than being a white laywer with uncombed matted nasty hair. They’re all hippies who are vegan, and you know that vegans and hippies are nutcases. Black women with dreads (I’m not black) tend to be on the other hand much more sane. If you are mentally sane and sport unmatted uncombed hair, I suggest you to comb it and start having normal hair.

No. 1409898

Protip, everyone is crazy. Once you mature a bit you'll see.

No. 1409902

Yes people are crazy, but there are redflags to avoid extra hard and discriminating a hair style is ezpz. Once you’ll be old you’ll learn the hard way.

No. 1409914

Youtubers who refer to their mixed audience as boys.

No. 1409922

nta I know of a famous very good goth lawyer, but none with dyed hair kek. I did see a nurse with blue hair yesterday.

No. 1409931

I feel like the people who talk the most about practicing self care are the same people who neglect their adult responsibilies. The 'I don't feel like adulting' crowd. Its less about chilling out after a hard week and more about avoidance and reward without that balance.

No. 1410072

good job advocating for discrimination lol

No. 1410077

I straight up unsub when I hear that lol, but at least it’s not “guys, gals and non-binary pals”

No. 1410217

Jfc, male children not even once
I would have sent him to an institution after he attacked the mother

No. 1410445

People who say 'I'm a good person' or 'I'm very understanding'. If you were you wouldn't have to say it retard.

No. 1410597

File: 1668556115079.jpg (135.94 KB, 1080x1080, startups.jpg)

I hate tech startups, they all have an awful cutesy name that either a) lacks vowels/does weird stuff with 'r' or b) has a 'y'. Literally take any noun (e.g. "Book") and add an 'r' or a 'y' → bookr, booky, booksy are all actual names of actual startups. virtually none of these startups have anything real to offer. are people incompetent at functioning without having a specific app for each individual function? heaven forbid you google dog training or watch a youtube video, instead download puppr, or woofr or barkr or waggly or whatever. 99% are terrible services that do the exact same thing as a dozen other terrible services. picrel is random startups i found from googling around. for some reason we MUST have 14 options for refillable deodorant and their names MUST be as scuffed as possible

No. 1410600

what the hell is that elevatr app about?

No. 1410606

Older moids are a given, but I hate women who date older men. The fact that you are younger will never be a simple objective fact about you to him. To him it is a "bonus". A positive thing. Potentially something that would make or break the existence of your relationship if you were actually his age instead. You are feeding into exactly what tears women down.
>inb4 jealous hag
I'm 23 I just had an unfortunate upbringing of being surrounded by men and constantly being forced to overhear male talk. From peers to brothers to uncles, I heard it all. I used to be fat and ugly as sin up until a few years ago when I started working out, so I guess I wasn't considered feminine/attractive for them enough to keep their moid chats quiet around me.

No. 1410651

nona now that makes me paranoid over my OAB, but i don't think that my urologist found anything, so he diagnosed OAB. scary

No. 1410670

they always offer solutions to problems that we never even had

No. 1410680

It's an app for lots of sexy elevators near you

No. 1410685

just what i've always dreamed of…

No. 1410688

The internet version of "As seen on TV" ads….

No. 1410768

seeing a recent post in the dumbass shit thread reminded me of how annoying it is that there are parents that give their kids stupid names for the sake of being “unique” or it being obviously based off something from pop culture or fandom. you just know those kids are more often than not, going to be picked on by peers who aren’t sympathetic or the kids themselves will get sick of the jokes or references made about their names. once knew a kid named khaleesi.

No. 1410831

windows updates are annoying and intrusive. also i just shut down my slow ass computer to update, it takes forever, now i open the start menu to find it still needs to be updated? wtf?

No. 1410849

Those deodorants always make you musty as hell too. Add over priced productivity apps to the mix too and that other app that charges you to listen to rain sounds you can get for free on youtube.

No. 1410860

No. 1411236

I hate when people call things they disagree with "word salad", or "incomprehensible" as an excuse not to engage with it. It happens to me a lot but I've seen it happen to others too, so it's not entirely about me being bitter that I'm bad at communicating.

If some of the things you call gibberish are so confusing, you can't have great reading comprehension.

No. 1411241

when nonnas confuse 'schizoid' with 'schizo'. we are not the same!

No. 1411243

Which are you?

No. 1411245

well, if she were schizoid, she wouldn't care that people don't understand, so not that one

No. 1411255

Why continue to one-sidedly talk about fandom shipping with someone who clearly does not care?

No. 1411263

File: 1668621280860.jpg (82.33 KB, 736x736, f4ea48ced35c4ea0b89bc9dda26de8…)

I hate drinking water!! I hate pissing all the time!!

No. 1411265

I love both.

No. 1411272

it'll get absorbed if you drink in smaller quantities ie one glass per one hour in small sips rather than just gulping it

No. 1411275

who the heck told you that?

No. 1411287

NTA but that's exactly how I sip and still have to piss every 15-20 minutes.

No. 1411289

I like drinking water, but I hate having to pee so often too

No. 1411300

File: 1668623048708.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1766, B7DE8FA3-8906-4784-9735-C3AF26…)

I hate the family guy resurgence!!!
I know that most of the memes are ironic~ but there’s actually so many die hard family guy fans now for some reason and I hate that stupid ass show it’s so low effort and lazy just genuinely horrible, family guy clips are sooo bad I hate it fuck that show omg like just look at the guy who made the show? doesn’t he look like the most obnoxious unfunny weirdo you’ll meet

No. 1411302

File: 1668623188378.jpg (123.13 KB, 1500x1000, Simply-Recipes-Guide-to-Sage-L…)

I fucking hate when people announce sage

No. 1411305

File: 1668623247915.jpeg (129.77 KB, 621x420, BEC96B82-ABA5-476E-9553-FCA029…)

WIRED: bob’s burger
TIRED: family guy

No. 1411306

I hate both shows but Bob's Burgers is worse because it tries earnestly to project them as an honest family instead of a parody like Family Guy is. In Bob's Burgers the kids are all fucking brats, Linda is obnoxious and voiced by a fag and Bob is just John H Benjamin jerking himself off over the sound of his own voice. Also fucking Teddy. Bob's Burgers makes me so fucking angry I hate it so fucking much

No. 1411310

king of the hill is the only good animated family sitcom

No. 1411311

Don't listen to the other other nona Bob's Burgers is a ridiculous but cute show

No. 1411312

I agree with this and had this same mindset since I was 18 yrs old. Why would one be stupid enough to essentially put an expiration date on your relationship as soon as you age out of his preferences? At least women in relationships with rich moids have the excuse of milking him for alimony, child support or simply just saving up. But some of these girls are so fucking stupid that they end up dating moids they end financially supporting. Literal teenagers financially supporting older moids kek. The worse part is these men usually have no respect for the young women they claim to love and end up cheating, disappearing most of the relationship or being abusive anyway

No. 1411314

sitcom parodies are extremely overdone and boring now

No. 1411316

This scene is still funnier than anything family guy ever did and I love them for it

No. 1411330

It's so insane that you can't even turn off ads on your own fucking youtube channel anymore even if it isn't monetized. Fuck this garbage, fuck modern corp internet.

No. 1411357

no one. i water fasted for a month and had to drink 3L of water daily. at the beginning when i gulped water down i had to go to piss all the time because it just passed through me. once i switched to sipping slowly it stopped and i started shitting more instead. you'd be surprised how much dried up stuff sits in our guts and needs to absorb water to get out. 4 weeks with no food and i still shat every 2-3 days.

No. 1411362

The comments in this are annoying as fuck

No. 1411376

Brave + uBlock origin

No. 1411378

Nta but thank you!

No. 1411386

that's not how it works..

No. 1411404

I mean as a channel owner. Youtube now even shows ads on channels who don't even hit monetization requirements yet. And, as far as I understood, even when you do, you can only choose which kind of ad you display if you join their cancer monetization program. There is no way to turn it off, no way to just have a channel without this shit popping up every few minutes. I hate it I hate it.

No. 1411406

nta but I’ve also been warned many times in association with long desert trips that frequent small sips are better than occasional big gulps at keeping you hydrated.

No. 1411418

File: 1668629687455.png (334.55 KB, 800x438, ly.png)

I'm the original poster. from their own website:
>elevatr is a fast, beautiful, and fun way to capture, organize, and share business ideas.
it serves zero purpose except making bay area tech managers feel better about themselves

No. 1411421

When people brag about not taking care of themselves. And I mean bare minimum like claiming to not drink water or bathe. Are you bragging or is this a cry for help?

No. 1411501

I hate that most modern TVs don't have a headphone jack and that I have to buy a converter to use wired headphones. Literally no reason not to put a fucking jack on them other than to try and make people buy more expensive shit like bluetooth headphones.

No. 1411516

But why are you plugging headphones into your tv nonna

No. 1411520

File: 1668638171622.jpg (30.57 KB, 500x500, FawoS9XaUAACe1h.jpg)

I hate it when techbros take any hobby related to cooking and turn it into a "science". Yes, Damien, you are so smart for minmaxing all these variables and importing paper from Japan to brew the perfect coffee, you sure showed your mother.

Same with the "achually making bread is a science".

No. 1411521

10:15 and on, guy uses a fucking app while making his coffee

No. 1411523

File: 1668638336388.png (898.67 KB, 754x764, Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 3.46…)

Honestly this used to be me and now I'm suffering with chronic health problems, so hopefully it comes back to bite us all in the ass. I've learned my lesson

No. 1411524

techbros didn't create that. if you don't know what people mean by "baking etc is a science" you're either young and contrarian, or just an idiot. being smug about things being simple chemistry is one thing but baking is literally chemistry.

No. 1411526

Sounds more like you aren't familiar with the trend in recent years of reddit guys getting into traditionally feminine activities and reclaiming them as a smart big man's science, there were jokes about some right wing pundit saying how bread baking is a science and actually not feminine. No shit is baking literally chemistry.

No. 1411532

That’s clearly not what she meant lol why are you getting mad about it too dumbass

No. 1411538

Kek, I know what you mean. But to be fair, people usually say "baking is a science" vs "cooking is an art", because baking requires precise measurements and ingredients in order to turn out properly, whereas there's more leeway with tweaking ingredients as you go

No. 1411550

I hate my cunt coworker for constantly messing things up amd expecting everyone else to fix it and going against protocol in ways that could get the company in deep shit if anyone gets hurt. On top of that she brags about being with some spanish dude that's two decades younger than her that's only with her because she lets him steal shit from the warehouse. My bosses refuse to do anything about her because they want to give her the benefit of the doubt because everyone complains about her. To top things off she gave a customer my name and contact info without telling me.

No. 1411593

File: 1668642241015.png (980.81 KB, 1180x1192, 1668641406582734.png)

San Francisco is launching a "guaranteed income" program for trannies and I want to die

No. 1411601

This is so awful and an insult to american women

No. 1411607

if this also includes themlets might as well go ahead and try to grift

No. 1411608

Not like they were working before anyway.

No. 1411610

I'm going to show up with a gigantic fake dong hanging out of my shorts, dragging on the ground (like the counterpart to the circus boob wood shop tranny) and cry that I'm an oppressed trans male, and demand to know where my money is for my mental health

No. 1411612

File: 1668643466361.webm (247.46 KB, 320x320, mhWM5IMtYjnHVWb7.webm)


No. 1411613

Guess it’s time to troon out!

No. 1411614

You know what we need to do. Let's get this money ladies.

No. 1411616

That thing shes hitting him with is hollow and males have hard heads meant to be swatted. He'll be alright and will probably develop some sort of dominating black women fetish after this incident

No. 1411619

Let's go, girls.

No. 1411624

STOP trying to make conversation whilst I’m EATING!!! Why don’t people ever want to eat in peace??? Idk why this drives me crazyy lol

No. 1411633

I can't stop laughing

No. 1411637

it's ok, his broccoli hair acted as a cushion, he's fine

No. 1411645

Doesn't SF have a huge homeless problem? Why don't they tackle it to begin with?

No. 1411676

I hate it when people come into my work asking if we have an online shop and encouraging it. Who do you think is going to be packing online orders? Me bitch and I probably won't be getting a raise for it. Fuck off.

No. 1411715

If this shit hits europe I'm gonna hand out free crash courses on how to avoid taxes

No. 1411722

time to place a group order for packers ladies!
Also being a troon is no way an excuse to be unemployed, i've seen so many troons have jobs so obviously people are hiring them without incident. A lot of said troons don't even pass and work in customer services, granted they do favor hsts but also most of these agps know how to code. It's a slap in the face to struggling single mothers who would benefit greatly from such as a fund if it will help them work less hours to spend time with their children and have some time to relax.

No. 1411737

"Most oppressed group" my ass. There has never been a more rapid acceptance of a marginalized group than transgender people. Gay people had to fight for decades to gain rights, meanwhile trannies are being coddled by both society and the government for the last ten years. I honestly believe in the tinfoil that the transgender movement is secretly funelled by big pharma and other rich fucks to profit off of people's mental illness and delusions. There's just no other explanation why we see such a rapid acceptance of trannies.

No. 1411738

I feel like a scrote because watching this is so satisfying kek

No. 1411748

Trannies are pandered to heavily because they are men, no troon has to get in power to pander to them, men are already in power and therefore are more than willing to pander to their coomer failson brothers.

No. 1411812

File: 1668664459366.jpg (100.31 KB, 567x548, Ratoon.jpg)

No. 1411826

no, they're pandered to because they're a medical goldmine.

No. 1411831

The fact that posting your lowest moments online is a norm now. I have seen a fuckton of social media accounts who immediately turn on the camera as soon as they get horrific news. One woman was filming herself immediately after getting a call from her parents that her sister had died. People love to frame it as awareness or making sure others don’t feel alone it just reeks of narc to me.

No. 1411833

if you don't do that you're treated like you're lying and 'it can't be that bad'. I've had places of work basically expect employees to do this to prove that family members actually died or that they were actually sick. If they couldn't stalk you on social media or you didn't post stuff like that, it was assumed you were lying, because 'everyone does that nowadays'.

No. 1411835

i will never comprehend the rational of publicizing yourself during your most vulnerable moments. It's one thing to record yourself. It's another to edit and post it for everyone to see

No. 1411852

This holy shit, I tried enjoying it, I really did. But it was so annoying like the plot of most episodes were just inconveniences that were literally annoying and grating to hear. The animation is so ugly.

No. 1411857

people in ''professional'' jobs dressing like drug addicts. The other day i went to the doctor to make an appointment and the secretaries were so trashy, one was a fat gay man with a nose piercing and the ugliest fucking hairstyle i have ever seen, he walked like he was contesting in rupaul and he spoke in that faggy stereotypical voice from 90's sitcoms, he was trying so hard to be a teen girl even though he looked like a professional football player and was built like a fridge, he also wore skinny thight pants, ew. The woman was your stereotypical themlet from twitter, she was also wearing a nose ring and other piercings. Call me a boomers but seeing people dressed like that while on their job makes me so uncomfortable, go work at a tattoo parlor what the fuck, ew.

No. 1411860

Skinny Sam Hyde on the left

No. 1411862

Fuck I miss having Hulu so I could watch it

No. 1411878

File: 1668672666988.jpeg (65.08 KB, 499x499, EFD2651A-8237-4D3D-9EBF-D6075A…)

I hate the “curly girl method” hair - what’s it even about? It just makes hair look greasy, ugly and unwashed, why would anybody would want that

No. 1411880

fucking thank you. it's absolutely awful and people treat it like a cult for some reason.

No. 1411884

Your picrel looks much better after though, before it’s like a Mormon horsegirl. After would be better with less amount of gel but not bad.

No. 1411886

it doesn't have gel in it.

No. 1411894

I think left looks better but neither look good

No. 1411909

what would genuinely look good for a woman with wavy/ light curly hair then? (In your pov and this isn’t shade I’m just curious) because the left doesn’t look that great

No. 1411916

I have hair like the left and that's a thing I hate. I never know what the fuck to do with it. I think I tried curly girl once and it didn't even work

No. 1411918

Imho both pics are fine

No. 1411926

It may look a bit too shiny but the before pic looks dry and dead as hell too

No. 1411958

File: 1668682814727.jpeg (291.39 KB, 621x821, 17FA21B9-EACB-454D-9144-5166CC…)

I have hair like that and the only thing that helps my hair to be wavier and neater looking is using a hair milk (a hair crème that’s lightweight pretty much) and it makes it look really nice!

No. 1411960

Samefag I also use it like putting some into my hands, rubbing it around so it covers the entire palm and fingers, then “clapping” my hands around a section of my hair so it’s flat between my palms. (Idk if that makes sense) and letting it dry. It then curls up

No. 1411969

When people say "somebody probably has a crush on you but they are too shy to confess uwu", it's such an empty statement because 1.it's highly unlikely and 2.even if it's true they are keeping it to themselves so it's as if nobody's crushing on you. Also isn't it a red flag if someone is not willing to confess, that they some kind of social retard?

No. 1411970

>Also isn't it a red flag if someone is not willing to confess, that they some kind of social retard?
Lmao are you autistic or something? I agree on your other points but it's normal to be shy to confess one's feelings

No. 1411977

It's just something I've seen repeated here especially in FDS spaces, like it's a proof of being low value because you have no confidence or something, that's why it was a question rather than an affirmation.

No. 1411994

nayrt but personally i think the too shy to confess feelings works for kids and young adults still learning how to interract with people. and what fds probably meant is that if adult men are too shy to ask a woman on a date then they have some confidence issues they need to work through which makes them lvm.

No. 1411996

I hate that I hate men but I also like men. Everyday I get proved they are shit but I can't give up the fantasy of being with a perfect hubby.

No. 1412012

i don't want to be that nonnie but i'm gonna be that nonnie and tell you to get a husbando kek

No. 1412016

It's a red flag because it shows they're passive even when they feel strongly about someone. Not to mention, asking someone out is the easiest part of dating for men, the worst thing that could happen is that they'll get rejected. Meanwhile, if a woman wants to confess to a man, she has to worry about him being a stalker, violent retard, or sexual deviant. Her actual safety is at stake. Putting it in that perspective, men who are scared of being turned down uwu don't have to deal with actual consequences. The majority of women are loving and caring partners, so the reward outweighs the tiny amount of risk.

No. 1412025

i wish i could get invested in 2d men because it looks fun but i can't. i did kpop idols for a while but they disappoint and have a short expiration date.

No. 1412043

Curlygirl method uses hair gel (or mousse). They overdo it sometimes.

No. 1412100

He really had nothing to bring for tech show and tell so he just explained how to make a cup of coffee kek

No. 1412111

That would require helping disabled and disadvantaged people. Why do that when you can give greasy white men more money to fill mommy’s basement with loli figs?

No. 1412112

When people say minor instead of child and when they say "map" instead of pedophile.

No. 1412129

I hate Deviantart so much it's unreal
>post cute sfw art and get some favorites
>check them out
>it's ALL fetish shit
>feel disgusted and now want to delete everything
It's also impossible to browse without being bombarded with autistic scribble spam, ai shit not properly tagged so it can't be filtered, even more fetish shit (also not tagged) and just straight up porn. In short my hatred for Deviantart can be easily summarized into the existence of autistic males like so many other things ruined by autistic males.

No. 1412206

Weeb threads that inevitably devolve into retarded fujoshi vs yumejoshi slap fights.

No. 1412242

deviantart ended in 2010. beyond cringy fetishists took over.

No. 1412243

zlib got closed

No. 1412251

I hate zoomers and that ugly bitch who tipped the FBI

No. 1412255

The us put a bunch of piracy stuff to give more money to the task force for piracy recently. Snuck it in the stimulus bill. Only reason any conservatives signed it, probably has something to do with it too.

No. 1412262

i have no idea what you just said i am not from the usa but sounds interesting, can you elaborate?

No. 1412266

We had an infrastructure bill that gave the citizens stimulus checks to help with COVID 19 and its impact. To get the bill with the checks to pass the conservative politicians who are against social programs wanted something. In the bill which is very long and covers a lot of different things there’s a part specifically about piracy. It makes a new law for example that'll punish piracy services that illegally stream large amounts of copyrighted content. It also includes up to ten years in prison and more fines. It closes “loopholes” and gives them more power to do shit. So if the feds from burgerland seem worse they’ve been given more power in the last couple years.

No. 1412267

>tipped the fbi
the FBI had to be tipped about one of the most popular websites for pirating ebooks? Surely not kek

No. 1412288

File: 1668709686509.webm (2.93 MB, 640x360, never say yes to a cigarette.w…)

I hate smokers. Men who smoke are only hot because you can grab their lit cigarette and burn it on their skin.

No. 1412297

i like your thinking

No. 1412356

If I try using speakers I get distracted by other noises and for some reason it just doesn't… process? Idk like my brain isn't taking in the noise how it should be so I lose concentration very easily, especially when I'm gaming. I have the 'tism so it's probably that causing it. The sound quality is better with headphones too, IMO.

No. 1412411

The word "chucklefuck"

No. 1412412

I fucking hate that Hollywood is capitalizing off of the Weinstein horrors fuck you fuck you I hope everyone who willingly had a hand in creating this movie suffers. They allow it and now they capitalize and I guarantee it will have some male gaze shit I fucking hate this gay earth

No. 1412413

the word ostensibly and the people who use it

No. 1412415

I hate dentists

No. 1412474

Big same, anon.

No. 1412569

I read before it shut down the zlibrary admins started asking money for something. For special memberships I think. That was a big mistake, I bet if they didn't try that it would still be up.

No. 1412622

I hate what nonprofit animal rescues have become. A local group that I've gotten one of my dogs through is raising money and posted a picture of a pit mix that "got too curious" around a porcupine. This dog clearly tried to kill the porcupine and got its ass handed to it. The rescue is attempting to drum up all this sympathy and cash with a picture that will get a reaction from people while painting the dog as a poor sweet victim who just needs a second chance. I commented that I had some concerns the narrative was been a bit manipulated and people acted like I had admitted to eating babies, one going as a far as stating "prey drive isn't aggression". Right. The instinct to murder other animals isn't aggression. What. The. Fuck. I am a massive animal lover, but the no kill movement and the pit bull lobby have really brainwashed people and it's so frustrating I want to scream. My husband has no idea why I get so worked up dismisses me and that just makes me MORE frustrated.

No. 1412678

at my last job we had TWO troons in the office and they had higher positions and were paid more than every woman in the office, kek. Troons are doing just fine, especially now that companies are bending over backwards to hire them to show "inclusivity". This is such horseshit, seriously

No. 1412688

I hate the jeopardy tranny. Please lose already

No. 1412700

Yep, couldn't watch jeopardy for a month back when he was going on his run, and can't watch the end of this ToC either. Fucking hate how he stole the achievement of winningest 'woman'.

No. 1412709

Seriously. And he gets a ton of opportunities outside of the show, like getting invited to the white house or something about being given a home plate. He's in no way special compared to the other contestants, just trans and therefore more deserving somehow.

No. 1412724

File: 1668735324461.jpg (942.34 KB, 4322x1350, valdrin sahiti, you will pay f…)

I have a love-hate relationship with these style of dresses. I want to like them, but there's something so tacky about them. They're so Instagram, and the fact that the designers of these dresses always puts them on these ridiculous, Kardashian-esque mannequins drives that home.

No. 1412733

File: 1668735908660.jpg (855.88 KB, 3643x1549, dresses.jpg)

Samefag. These are some dresses in the same sort of style that I do like but again, the mannequins shape just fucks it up.

No. 1412734

These are some extreme Jessica rabbit proportions and it feels extremely sexist.

No. 1412735

These are pretty (sans the mannequin shape) but it'd probably be awful to actually wear one for more than a few min, they all look like you'd have to be hypervigilant the whole night in preventing your boobs from falling out of the dress

No. 1412753

Yeah personally I can't even tell if they would be pretty because nobody has that bodyshape. If they put them on a realistic mannequin then I could decide but otherwise it just looks so damn cartoony. Could end up looking like a damn sausage casing on a real body

No. 1412755


What the fuck is the point of these mannequins lmao why would I want to see what the dress looks like on a cartoon character. If you can't show me what the dress would look like on a normal-sized mannequin, I'd think you're trying to hide how trash it would look on a real person rather than an over-exaggerated barbie doll

No. 1412756

I hate all of them except the light blue one.

No. 1412759

File: 1668739246786.jpg (2.93 MB, 6430x3065, dress.jpg)

For the designer who made most of those dresses, some celebrities and real women have worn his designs. Picrel are some women in his dresses that I think are closest to the average lady women like Beyonce and Cardi B have also worn them, but they have bodies closer to the mannequins. Some people also buy his gowns for their weddings. Either way it's retarded to use those mannequins because like you said, no one can really imagine themselves in it.

No. 1412872

Looks like a wrapping paper over a human body
It gives me a feeling of not a clothing piece, but a “case” for a female body, idk, call me retarded

No. 1412891

File: 1668751194206.png (127.08 KB, 244x221, hipdip.PNG)

the two black dresses have the most similar skirt to the dresses on the mannequins and they make this lumpy fabric effect at the hip dips like picrel because the skirt is the entirely wrong shape for a woman's body. men shouldn't be allowed to design clothing.
also that orange dress is one of the ugliest garments i have ever seen on a person.

No. 1412893

File: 1668751580913.jpeg (139.57 KB, 560x854, F5280854-B449-4B60-A479-724016…)

I think fluffy combed hair like on the left look nice
What I do is wash normally, comb only the head part, sprinkle detangler and comb the rest with wide teeth comb or just fingers, touch tips with oil product to smooth don’t comb further, don’t use hairdryer, touch some more oil on tips when dry if needed
Ideally like picrel, but wavy on the whole length
Cgm can look good only on very thick or short hair, long is just grease bomb

No. 1412898

File: 1668751980819.jpg (208.86 KB, 1474x812, bey.jpg)

I actually think the two black dresses were the only good ones, but I see what you mean. When you see the dresses on Beyonce you can tell it's supposed to be for a very specific type of body, and I don't think he takes that into consideration for all of his clients. Not the same dress in picrel obviously, but they're similar. Kind of a shame because they could be pretty.

No. 1412901

>true feminism
Freebleeding, cooking with menstrual blood and vaginal discharges and lesbianism with scatological overtones.

No. 1412916

of course he doesn't, he's an uncreative moid with no taste.

No. 1412931

that blue one would look pretty with sheer voluminous sleeves in the same crystalized pattern but those mannequins are so damn extreme.

No. 1412951

Late but thanks for the recommendation anon. I appreciate you and will be trying that!

No. 1412978

The mannequin shots of these types of dresses are not the finished products, typically the closures aren't finished before the last few fittings so there's plenty of extra fabric pinned out of sight. They are photographed on window dressing mannequins with exaggerated features, not on actual fitting mannequins. Also, these specific photos seem to be also photoshop (rly evident in the waist on the dress in the left photo lol >>1412733 )

Beyoncé's team sends out different measures for commissions, for gowns the waist is measured with a corset/cinture/spanks on. Also, she has a very talented styling team, who have a network of reliable seamstresses and tailors internationally to make sure the pieces are fitted to her perfectly. It is insane to see, you would assume that the waist is the most constructed part, but in reality its the sleeves!

No. 1412989

Pants unbuttoned and unzipped as a style. I hate this very much. Just makes it look like you gained 15lbs and your jeans don't zip. I feel like you could maybe do that with shorts in the summer but it looks so bad

No. 1413017

I love everything about my country EXCEPT the people. I hope every person from my country ceases the exist, even me, and i get reborn as a capybara.

No. 1413022

I'll give you an orange, nonnybara

No. 1413042

You must be blind, the before looks dry, unkept and frizzy.

No. 1413045

I fucking hate style gurus but I can’t stop watching them because the shit they say and do cracks me up
>oh look I’m wearing a vest top upside down as a skirt, aren’t I clever?
>do not wear a red top with black jeans, it is boring and predictable.
>do not wear a dress with flat shoes because you will look twee, instead wear an obnoxious and ugly pair of oversized fast fashion cowboy boots that nobody will be wearing in 6 months
And other such bullshit.

No. 1413060

The after doesn't look greasy, it just looks shiny from product. I think bringing out the waves/curls in her hair made it look nicer.

No. 1413124

File: 1668779372977.jpg (30.24 KB, 503x360, 03754.JPG)

These pony in a jar earrings…

No. 1413126

Are those what I think they are?

No. 1413130

No. 1413131


No. 1413135

not funny or cute in fact very fucking gay

No. 1413137

where can i buy these pieces of jewelry

No. 1413143

as in?

No. 1413150

I think left genuinely looks beautiful. It's just normal hair texture plus she has very thick full hair.

No. 1413151

not op but the before looks soft and fluffy to me. after looks hard and crunchy

No. 1413290

File: 1668789717491.jpeg (338.24 KB, 750x879, 190A4CED-F356-48F6-80DF-086301…)

I hate tattoos

No. 1413298

I love tattoos but that is quite horrifying

No. 1413318

I'm glad she somehow managed to have sensible children.

No. 1413338

we need photos nonabelle, i need more information, who is doing this

No. 1413342

that dress makes her look like she got a BBL, did she?

No. 1413375

File: 1668792988256.png (54 KB, 180x223, 1668695101038818.png)

Pants unbuttoned and folded down. It's the "new fall trend" (fucking kill me)

No. 1413380

Kind of like an inverse of the whale tail then?

No. 1413386

Who would even wear this wtf

No. 1413393

This is how I wear my shorts at home, I can't believe people would go out in public like this.

No. 1413426

There is nothing new under the sun.

No. 1413654

File: 1668809835172.jpg (Spoiler Image,49.52 KB, 634x806, 23411216-7888575-image-m-3_157…)

I think Beyonce's body now is a combo of weight gain and some surgery on the lower body. I won't say that it's a BBL because I'm not sure, but she definitely got something done. I think it works for her since she's always been a curvy woman but sometimes it is very obvious. Even a woman as rich as her can't escape how obvious plastic surgery can be.

No. 1413657

>these specific photos seem to be also photoshop
I ended up doing more searching about that designer after posting that, and he does indeed photoshop the mannequins. I feel kind of embarrassed of not realizing before because it's so obvious, but I guess I just assumed you could get mannequins in any shape if you wanted. I still think it's ridiculous that he does that though, they would have still been eye-catching without the PS.

No. 1413677

is that really the only thing you have an issue with in that pic?

No. 1413682

i went through five stages with her-
>Oh looks woman in weird make up talking about things I like
>Oh nonnie posts she's non -binary…okay done
>Oh but I like this video
>Her teeth are gross(but not going to shit on her for it, whatever)
and I'm here now.

No. 1413706

The before looks dry, wirey, tangled and damaged to me. The after looks shiny (=healthy), sleek and soft kek. I don't have curly hair so idk how it actually feels, it's just what it looks like to me.

No. 1413771

is it really a requirement to list everything when I wanted to bring up only the most disgusting thing?

No. 1413942

you can get mannequins in whatever shape you want. the designer must be actually retarded.

No. 1413953

File: 1668837234529.png (299.75 KB, 577x416, NO.png)


No. 1413954

who cares

No. 1413957

Nta but are you forgetting what thread you're in?

No. 1413962

File: 1668837907122.jpeg (31.23 KB, 346x450, 1645669053522.jpeg)

Don't question my feelings you fucking bitch.

No. 1413965

4chan user on /mlp/ did an experiment where he continuously stored his cum in a jar that had rainbow dash doll in it

No. 1414031

disney makes a "first" openly gay character every other second, it isn't that big of a deal

No. 1414098

I hate the "everyone is beautiful in their own way" crowd. Like no, some people are just born ugly and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm so tired of my worth being measure through how attractive I am.

No. 1414107

Online larping tradcaths, they never shut the fuck up about God's love and his plan for them or whatever, I know for a fucking fact they're posers and were lucky enough to grow up nonreligious and study in secular schools. They have no idea what it's like to endure a devoutly religious upbringing, they probably don't even memorize the rosary kek

No. 1414110

i bet they made him so androgynous so they could easily change him to a girl when releasing the movie on china kek

No. 1414126

File: 1668861390721.jpg (84.14 KB, 1170x1322, a5266aabd6ecbe7c74f57d8276f357…)

I hate the show "The Boys". The first season was fine, but it just got more and more absurd and gorey and not to mention all the many times of sexual assault and rape. Teehee its just satire!!! It needs to be more gorey and absurd, funny funnyyy! Fuck off. But what I hate more is the people who watch it, they are all, especially the men, braindead retards with no empathy who think they are homelander and that the deep should get to rape as many women as he wants! It's mostly the reaction of other people that makes me hate this show, because the depressing and gorey nature of the show brings out the true shitty opinions of people and IM TIRED. I DONT WANT TO BE REMINDED THAT THERE IS NO EMPATHY IN THIS WORLD LEFT.

No. 1414132

nooo catteeee

No. 1414135

when u rush out of the station bathroom cos ur train is here

No. 1414137

I just hate the gratuitous mistreatment of sea creatures

No. 1414244

I think anybody that likes that show is a pervert

No. 1414266

Can confirm, am a pervert.

No. 1414312

holyshit, the one in orange is so ugly. she looks like jack Nicolson in the shining

No. 1414319

I kept getting told to check it out, but no one ever mentioned sexual assault or rape. that's horrific.

No. 1414480

There is alot of it. Its just all around too much of detailed, almost comedic gore and sexual assault and there was at least one scene, i wont describe, that genuinly upset me. I couldnt stop thinking about it for 2 days and ive seen a lot of shit on the internet. So no, i cannot recommend this show if these themes upset you. Maaaaaaaybe season 1 is ok to watch, but thats it.

No. 1414556

File: 1668886857440.png (308.26 KB, 378x512, ugly.png)

I hate this movie more because of the artstyle. Can't stand this giant potato nose trend and general blobby look that's taking over so many recent movies.

No. 1414642

File: 1668893435414.jpeg (32.07 KB, 567x120, 4373B47D-3983-4020-9CFE-0C2FFC…)

retarded ass braindead comments like this. it actually makes me want to alog i dont give a fuck if its "lighthearted" piss off its moidlike and not funny at all

No. 1414652

you sound like a clutcher tbh. i don't see how that post is moidlike at all

No. 1414655


No. 1414657

>saying you wish a person would sexually harrass you
>not moidlike
??? its literally what every scrote says the moment they hear about female teacher male student sexual assault case. are you retarded

No. 1414661

sameanon btw im not accusing that anon of being a male im just saying its moidlike dont get it twisted

No. 1414664

Kek the black one with the poofy hair. Liberals not be racist challenge

No. 1414665

how was i supposed to know what 'sekuhara' means

No. 1414669

by going on google.com (which is free to use) and looking up words you dont know

No. 1414676

Nta, but I didn't know either and so I googled before saying anything. That's what you're supposed to do when you don't get the full context, I'm not even sure how you thought you understood the post otherwise

No. 1415000

Same. Also, plot is shit. I've read better fanfiction.

No. 1415168

It's even in that new Pixar "Elemental" movie or whatever the fuck.

No. 1415273

File: 1668943588450.jpg (201.07 KB, 900x670, KWVoxIm.jpg)

I have a 238 day streak on duolingo but god damn the new update has killed almost all of my inspiration. I hate it. Maybe if I was just starting I'd find the path/map easier to follor, but I'm used to being able to choose and level up whatever lesson I feel like at the time so the new version just feels restrictive. Also wtf are the gems for anymore?

No. 1415279

File: 1668944067996.jpeg (34.32 KB, 749x530, 571AD956-4E8A-44BE-8B7A-E6255F…)

>join several women only gaming servers
>all of them have retarded options for pronouns other than she/her
i am so tired nonnas

No. 1415293

Sometimes I wish my local library had a gaming club like they do for other hobbies, but then I remember I wouldn't be hanging out with other normal, geeky women(females).

No. 1415317

I hate Linkedin so much I don't think I can express my hatred with words in any language known to mankind.

No. 1415334

AI generated spam is going to kill the notion of surrealist shitposting. What was before guaranteed to be a nonsensical if perhaps schizophrenic comment is now of ambiguous human origins.

We won't know if someone is making a funny or if it's just a computer program outputting text

No. 1415335

I liked the show but I thought I was the only one genuinely disturbed by how vulgar it is (worse than Euphoria and Game of Thrones which I didn't think was possible) and it messed with me for days on end but I thought I was overreacting and should just suck it up. Now I think I can accept I was at least a little traumatized kek

No. 1415337

I know fictional characters aren't real but I feel so bad for fujos with internalized misogyny that constantly shit on female characters while pretending that it's "ackshually feminist" for them to do that because they're "badly written" or whatever. Every time some new show comes out and there's a prominent female character there's always someone who almost exclusively ships m/m in their profile commenting about how braindead or basic or boring or a whore she is and it's like hmmm it's almost like you're projecting all the things you hate about yourself and other irl women onto a fictional target

No. 1415361

I am amazed how they always say “oh there is no good female characters for me to like, they are all so badly written” while it’s obviously their problem they watch only shows targeted either at 13 yo boys or 30 yo fujoomers

No. 1415395

I liked it because the show is pro women, anti libfem superficiality, how both Homelander and Billy Butcher are retarded scrotes and all the rapists are portrayed like pathetic losers. The women, sans stormfront and the older corporate handmaiden, are the only likable characters. Idk what it is with people not understanding subtext, mainly scrotes not understanding that Homelander is literally a big baby with superhuman strength, what "superheroes" would actually end up as irl instead of Marvel utopian bs and the writers can't scream it any louder.

No. 1415417

tinfoil: they made him ugly to ward off the fujos

No. 1415423

File: 1668955683711.jpg (187.61 KB, 1140x616, themitchellsvsthemachines-2-11…)

why does disney still makes that super realistic everything with goofy cartoony style faces? It looks so fucking uncanny to be able to see every fiber of his clothes and it being attached to a potato nosed freak. Every other studio is mogging the shit out of them in the artistic department. I cant believe Disney makes such ugly as fuck movies nowadays, Tangled looked good but every movie since then has been getting shittier and shittier.

No. 1415428

I don’t know. I don’t mind having some ugly characters that depict how some people irl are ugly but they go to like the goofiest looking caricatures that aren’t visually appealing to look at at all. I don’t think everyone needs to be sameface attractive but damn sometimes it’s hard to look at. I personally prefer when things are a bit more realistic overall. And like you said it’s neat being able to see how well they do textures on clothes (and hair and enviros sometimes), but god damn why the ugliest faces known to mankind, I hate it.

No. 1415466


No. 1415535

Thank you very much anon for the heads up! I am deeply disturbed by how sexual violence is becoming normalized in the west and how so many men brush over it (worse when women do it.)
I couldnt watch GOT for this exact reason… So tiring. Why do they feel the need to show every SA that happens and why are there so many? Being a woman is exhausting.

No. 1416213

This is a very specific internet thing, but I can't help but find it so rude when someone shows how their postpartum body looks and people say things like "thanks for reminding me that I never want kids". So rude! And with how a lot of women already struggle to accept their body post/during pregnancy, I can't imagine how that makes them feel. When people tell them to stop making comments like that they always respond with something like "so I'm not allowed to not want to have kids?" but that's clearly not the issue. I don't know if those people just don't realize what they're saying or what..
Anyway, I consume a lot of pregnancy and mom content so sorry if no one gets this haha.

No. 1416246

File: 1669004330379.jpeg (111.61 KB, 579x800, iRpKii4.jpeg)

I hate the fact that Spotify's new lyrics feature is obviously user-submitted and there's no immediate or obvious way to make corrections. Yes I'm being salty about the words of my favourite artists, stop uploading lyrics prefaced with ~THERE WILL BE MISTAKES THIS IS JUST WHAT I CAN HEAR~ when the proper words have been on the internet on various sites for fuckin' years you lazy bastards. I'd unsub if I was paying for it

No. 1416287

Yeah just misogynistic crap like a woman's vagina is "ruined" (loose) after having kids or sex. I'm not denying the radical changes or tears that can happen to women after having kids. I do applaud who decide to be vulnerable about child birth on the internet.

No. 1416291

People who sperg about not wanting kids like this always out themselves as either sixteen year olds or millennials with blotchy manic panic hair and severe cases of arrested development. I don’t give a fuck about whether or not someone wants to have kids but when the only reasons they can give are ‘babies look gross’ or they list all of the things they want to buy it’s so embarrassing obvious how stunted they are.

No. 1416317

I agree with you but imo i could never be pregnant because i feel like it would trigger horrible bdd since i already hate my appearance really bad.tbh that's only one reason but they are irrelevant to the discussion. I would never go out of my way to write that under a woman who was nice enough to share the honest truth of pregnancy to us all, she probably already feels bad so i have some empathy there. Even if i don't have children, i respect them for putting an end to the pressure of bouncing back after being pregnant because it was really toxic.

Maybe it's good that they are sensible enough not to shit out children who probably won't be bathed and would only eat chicken nuggies imo. At least the teens have some time to grow up though.

No. 1416349

File: 1669014748004.jpg (227.65 KB, 1022x936, depositphotos_117641122-stock-…)

It's such a temporary phase that how could you honestly care when you'll likely revert back to how you were either way. It's usually the weight that women never put off because they never had an active lifestyle before pregnancy, but the wrinkly saggy tummy you get sometimes goes away. Everything you gained also goes away like my hair shed so much after my pregnancy. I couldn't hate my body because it was so temporary that I had no option other than to cherish the moment it while it lasted. Once postpartum hit I didn't even think about my body so much. It was more function over aesthetics at that point, as it should. You might as well consider pregnancy a voluntary puberty phase because the vulnerability is so similar and short-lived. Sometimes self loathing is narcissistic vanity. Like your body doesn't care what your head thinks, it will become what it's allowed to do. To me these people are so obsessed with eye fucking themselves while not being able to have the ability to cope whatsoever over things they can't control. The second they start having signs of aging they're going to hurl and start having breakdowns over being middle aged at 25. It's plain misogyny to berate a woman who just had a child over how her body doesn't pass the qualification of being admired by women and fuckable by men.

No. 1416811

File: 1669060580057.jpg (403.1 KB, 1170x1618, 31-o.jpg)

Self-hating women who write dogshit stories like this and editors/publishers who let them

No. 1416874

Men who say 'women have no hobbies' or 'women only pick up their boyfriends interests'.

No. 1416877

Lmao, what manga is this?

No. 1416879

this is so tiring, they also dont think makeup/fashion is a ''hobby'' but them playing LOL for 4000 hours and consooming is.

No. 1416896

Coldplay, but 99% of my hatred of the band comes from the songer, he has the most uncharismatic boring voice in pop music, Viva La Vida is particularly frustrating because the music and the lyrics are good but it's completely ruined by this withe bread singer, even Ed Sheeran is more edgy.

No. 1417074

File: 1669073954761.jpg (63.98 KB, 700x467, 2-Ariel-Fondant-Cake-Home-1-1-…)

fondant is the devil's playdoh. It looks boring, tastes awful and is more expensive. A chocolate cake or anything else is better and looks better imo

No. 1417266

I have seen fondant cakes that look really cool, but yeah they are gross to eat.

No. 1417504

Women with extremely high pitched voices that sound almost fake.
Lord forgive me, I don't want to sound like an nlog and I certainly don't want to shit on other women minding their business but that's exactly what I'm about to do.
I found this video in my recommended and I was so happy because barbiegirls.com was a site I used to love as a kid but it died so quickly and there's not a lot of deep dives on it. The moment I clicked and heard the girls voice though… It's not just her voice, it's the cadence, the weird flirty (?) mannerisms and posturing, the facial expressions. Everything about this girl annoys me and I feel so bad, especially if her voice is really like that and she can't control it kek
Maybe I'm experiencing ptsd after years of playing mmos with girls that intentionally did loli voices to sound cuter in voice chat, but it triggers me so bad. Combine that with the fact that she unfortunately looks like Joey King, another actress with a weirdly irritating face, I just had to stop watching a couple of minutes in.

No. 1417507

She sounds like the "very sexy baby" woman from 30 Rock, I also hate it

No. 1417526

People who don't throw the remaining water away after using a kettle, have they never heard of limescale?

No. 1417530

I've seen reviews on kettles complaining that their kettle has white stuff or brown stuff (put tea in the pot) because they dont know about the calcium in water or that you're supposed to clean after tea kek. what a stupid reason to leave a bad review.

No. 1417564

Anytime I've seen a kettle used in a workplace it's always filled with limescale, how the hell do people still use it without feeling gross? I've brought my own kettle and I still have to argue with my coworker because she never throws the water away, don't ruin my shit ffs.

No. 1417640

because the limescale is harmless and doesn't go into your cup? that's why there's a filter where the mouth of the kettle is

No. 1417697

My area is bad for limescale. I grew up in an area where it wasn't as much of a thing. The only time it annoys me is when it comes to using a coffee pod machine. They either need to be treated for it or they keep crapping out. Kettle wise I don't feel like its an issue though.

No. 1417779

I hate it when I find an interesting youtube video and it's marked "for kids" so I can't fucking save it to watch for later. Like, how is that even supposed to help? Even if I was watching some brainrotting cocomelon as a 5 year old, who the fuck cares if I went to save it and watch it again? I don't understand the point of it! Also the system seems so fucking weird and arbitrary. I found a video detailing the immediate response to the 3/11 earthquake in Japan, but it was marked for kids so I couldn't save it to finish watching later. Is it for kids because it's educational content…? But there's plenty of similar educational content that isn't marked for kids. Fucking stupid.

No. 1417910

>your boob is huge
Just the one?

No. 1417941

>Joey King, another actress with a weirdly irritating face
well now i hate you

No. 1418685

File: 1669192738671.jpg (371.67 KB, 3000x2111, joey-king-attends-the-hollywoo…)

I'm sorry nona, she looks so obnoxious kek

No. 1418687

The left one

No. 1418707

File: 1669196062992.jpg (581.42 KB, 933x933, WaifuParty-Image-2022.jpg)

japan had a tranny parade and the people organizing are the "waifu party"

No. 1418708

Wasn't the whole "kids content" shit an answer to all the pedophile content scandal that was going on, where it was assumed illegal activities were going on in comment sections and pedophiles were marking the timestamps to the "good parts", compiling playlists? Of course it seems like a problem pedophiles can go around anyway by just compiling lists outside youtube, but they had to do something to save their public image, pretending to solve the situation.

No. 1418711

disgusting. I hate that troons pretend everyone is some genderless blob when all they want to do is enforce hard gender roles and rape lesbians or pretend they're gaybois. the whole "sex doesnt exist so dont deny us but also we specifically want actual women or men"

No. 1418713

Its the huge potato nose in combination with small eyes too close together. And the big ears. Its very wallace and gromit

No. 1418714

>Japan says I AM an anime girl/boy!
Is what I can hear in the distance.

No. 1418758

File: 1669205187161.png (226.7 KB, 765x648, Screenshot_20221123-050346.png)

I hate waking up before my alarm

No. 1418759

This has a very westaboo vibe

No. 1418826

>so I can't fucking save it to watch for later
I’ve found a work around for this, go into your watch history and you can save the video to a playlist from there. I’ve only tried this on the app so I have no idea if it will work on desktop.

No. 1418842

What does it say?

No. 1418907

People ending statements in questions? You sound retarded?

No. 1418912

When you're watching a livestream where the topic is light-hearted and the view count isn't too high so they tend to read all the superchats out.. and people keep sending in superchats talking about how their granny just died and their uncle had a stroke and they have covid and their dog is at the vet and they're depressed but watching the stream is really helping them! Like maybe that's all true and its cool that its distracting you but… how many depression themed superchats can someone be stuck reading out loud before you're just taking the vibe of the stream from a light hearted one to a depression fest.

Its this weird contradiction. Sharing sob stories all while thanking someone for taking your mind off your sob story. What?

No. 1418914

>11.12 (Sat) Tokyo Trans March @ Shinjuku Central Park 13:30 Meeting Time 14:00 Departure
>The theme for the WAIFU float (2nd car) is transgender and ally solidarity.
This last one I'm not so sure about so someone more 上手 please correct
>Feminism is also for trans and (whatever the rose-in-hand symbolizes)

No. 1418918

Hell no I really hope the japanese women can distance themselves and stand their ground against these pedo troons. A rare time japan's conservativeness might be doing something good for its people.

No. 1418982

nona i wish i was nice like you because that is such a charitable take. i usually think they are just making shit up/exaggerating for attention.

No. 1419131

File: 1669231916986.jpg (61.91 KB, 1024x1024, depositphotos_129237132-stock-…)

I want to look better and feel better and lose weight again. But I've seen firsthand how fucking different it is when you're fat vs thinner.

People who were cruel to me when I was fat were SO much nicer to me when I was thin. People noticed me more, complimented me more, and had an overall better reaction to me.

Covid hit, I experienced two big losses in my family and I gained the all the weight back + some and people went back to treating me worse, or just outright ignoring me.

The whole time I was thin, all I could think about was how fake the people around me were. That they didn't love me, they just thought I was attractive. Meeting new people was something I dreaded.

Because I had no idea if they were the type of people my consistent friends were (before I lost weight, they loved me. They still loved me thin too ofc), or if they were just nice to me because I was now attractive to them. Because they defaulted to seeing me as 'good' because I was thin, and 'bad, lazy, etc' because I was fat. Even though I was the same person at both weights, people were much more willing to compliment things I did that they viewed as good when I was thin.

It has put me off wanting to be thin anymore. The most I'd be okay losing now is like 80lbs (which would still be overweight, just less than I am now thanks to everything)

I hate how people treat fat people, as someone who has been thin and fat, I hate it even more now that I've seen how fake people are on the other end of it.

No. 1419149

I hate how I can't browse this site without fearing CP. I've been feeling anxious about this lately, and I scroll the pages slowly now.

No. 1419163

i reccomend you to check meta before, there is always a post telling farmhands about cp if its posted and where

No. 1419184

I hate amateur video essays. why are there so fucking many. even worse if they're done by a woman in dragqueen makeup regurgitating the same paltry handful of 2015 girlboss feminism topics e.g. the male gaze etc. I'm at my limit here why do we need three hundred different people making the same lukewarm takes? why can't you people just share someone's video instead of limply citing it in your own? the fucking vanity of it all

No. 1419186

Get uBlock origin, it lets you toggle images on and off really easily. You can just browse LC with images off.

No. 1419190

oops sorry nona forgot to check back in the thread
it's called yamada to sensei, a trash 10 chapter manga

No. 1419269

I hate how cats are used as an insult. Cats are very clean and they smell good, there's nothing gross about having them as pets.

No. 1419304

I wish women over 25 who were unmarried were forced into cat ownership. The horror of having a sweet, beautiful creature in my home. And my parents would be legally forced to endure their presence and landlords would give women free passes for women to have pets. If only.

No. 1419378

i hate essays about politics so goddam much, most of the time people dont even listen to it and just leave it as background noise. I hate that most female content creators make only that type of content too, even when they are talking about something dumb like videogames or anime they sound so dense and scared of saying something that would piss the special need adults that watch them. I just want a female AVGN/Nostalgia Critic, a pure unhinged female just shitting in bad media for fun how the fuck has no one fulfilled that niche yet.

No. 1419423

Pretty sure this is organized by western sexpats who came to Japan for their ultimate anime harem dream and their westaboo lackeys which is why all the promotional material is 50% in English. I know Japan isn't exempt from trannies but theirs are almost exclusively HSTSs, the only AGPs I've seen immigrated from other countries.

No. 1419472

I always found it super sexist how cats were constantly hated and dunked on by men going 'omg not a cat. kill it. My dog is the best' sounds like straight women who sperg about their nigels but it's men hating on cats.

No. 1419546

I hate seeing little kids play at the park and their parents are in the car not giving a shit about them, and the kids are like “mom look!” You’re an awful parent, and other parents at the park have to watch your kids in the background and feel horrible for them.

No. 1419547

Sounds like my parents.

No. 1419568

Especially because dogs are smelly and loud and hurt/kill people. Well now that I type that I might understand why moids would rather have a dumb pet who jumps all over them instead of a small independent animal.

No. 1419602

File: 1669266603595.jpg (83.56 KB, 643x434, boob.jpg)


No. 1419793

Anons who use ESL as some kind of insult when they can't think of a comeback, oh no somebody learned english later in their life and their grammar is a bit clunky, the horror.

No. 1419800

Cats act like male austists, only a female socialized pickme would deliberately interact with such an unlikeable animal for no fucking reason instead of engaging with an animal that actually reciprocates her loyalty. They also got toxoplasmosis and kill shit randomly all the time, fucking up whole biomes

No. 1419803

File: 1669285181059.jpg (2.57 KB, 126x126, 1398593054973.jpg)

So dogs are for males only according to dog hate threads, and moids cannot love cats. But cats are for pickmes and moids as well. What kind of a pet can a girl get then? Fish? Nothing? Not taking care of animals is sign of moid brain no empathy as well of course.

No. 1419807

it's always monolingual dunning-krugers who get upset about this stuff too. my father is borderline retarded, and he's always going off about how stupid the people he has working for him are. but they're immigrants who speak five languages in some cases, meanwhile he speaks one and does nothing but drink, read facebook, and watch tv. they're small minded and insignificant people

No. 1419810

All worthless mutant mutts should be exterminated.
Kill yourself you low IQ mutt lover.(a-log)

No. 1419816

This is a weird take. I will probably be single happily and don't want a cat despite loving my family's cats. I enjoy animals that have an enclosure where I can decide to take them out and give them their own large home where I add stuff over time as enjoyment.

No. 1419818

cat/dog debate aside, what on earth is wrong with you, anon? my god

No. 1419824



No. 1419873

I got sick with toxoplasmosis from a cat's scratch, I'm just tired of people trying to gaslight me into thinking those animals are harmless and "female-aligned" unlike dogs, I just don't understand the distinction if both are dangerous and autistic in their own ways

No. 1419881

>instead of engaging with an animal that actually reciprocates her loyalty
Anyone who's ever had a cat knows cats are fiercely loyal and loving

No. 1419891

Animal hate spergs are really something. Both of you are retarded and sick, sad this website ever housed you.

No. 1419905

I absolutely can't stand people who believe in astrology or healing crystal and such.

No. 1419934

They have threads dedicated to talk about how much they hate dogs or cats and how they should all be euthanized, definitely unhinged behavior.

No. 1419937

Agreed. If you hate any animals this much you have something deeply wrong with you. Like how so many serial killers started with hurting animals. Even if you try to make it "based" and about hating men somehow

No. 1419942

letterboxd, most popular letterboxd users, most popular reviews on there. how popular the site has gotten in general. there's so much twitterbrained retardation on there these days. i miss old letterboxd so much

No. 1419952

File: 1669296814334.gif (2.24 MB, 250x275, 1660119725779.gif)

>no, if you let your apartment cool down your heating bill actually goes up, because you have to heat it up again when you get home!!

No. 1419954


I have no idea how letterboxd was in the past, got into it this year to keep track of movies i watched but everytime i catch some quirky/meaningless review it makes me miss the times when i was a kid and didn't understand english

No. 1419979

File: 1669298556780.jpeg (539.72 KB, 3000x1840, 293F1137-4EF3-46D3-855A-963C6F…)

I hate those delusional airhead women that act like they’re big time well paid influencer celebrities but they’re complete nobodies. They’re always very shallow and only interact with people who look like they do, usually like picrel. When they decide to grace you with their presence they always act like they’re doing you a favour and are so patronising.

No. 1419987

Where do these types of reality show/modern MTV/tik-tok house people even go once they age out of being hot on telly? I guess tiktok house kids are still too young to worry about that, but I really can't imagine these people save their money, invest in a good education and become like a HR junior or a paralegal because they'd have to cope with being average cogs in the machine. I know a lot of them grift in smaller guest roles for a few decades, but it can't be all of them.

No. 1419997

Yeah if it’s not those desperate guest roles it’s some other useless non-job. The women I know irl like this usually just end up marrying someone and being a stay at home wife blogger sort, sponging off some idiot moid

No. 1420117

>If an animal doesn't lick your ass all day, it isn't really loving/loyal
Dogtards are narcissists

No. 1420157

Plenty of dogs are very independent and plenty of cats want to follow you around all day, but I don't expect a retard to know that

No. 1420177

My cat follows me and my mum around. He loves to be included and just next to us watching us and wanting a fuss. Even just being in the same room makes him feel comfortable and happy. Anyone who thinks all cats are overly independent and don’t want attention obviously have never owned one.

No. 1420271

File: 1669311159627.jpg (50.12 KB, 604x453, 1642597353195.jpg)

My cat acts like a female autist whose special interest is me.

No. 1420272

They have kids and raise them to be terrorists

No. 1420275

>plenty of cats want to follow you around all day
Why are you accusing them of not reciprocating affection then, idiot?

No. 1420319

The simplest answer is that only scrotes are capable of hating entire species of animals, and only malignant scrotes feel the need to sperg about how much they hate entire species of animals.
Ergo, male hands typed every animal-hating post on this website.

No. 1420320

have you had a vet test your cat for autism?

No. 1420325

Ergo you are a scrote.

No. 1420327

unassailable logic tbh

No. 1420331

This is true, and also the reason why the dog hate thread has psychotic posters and gore spammers camping in it.

No. 1420369

I remember quite a while ago, maybe in the previous dog hate thread, if there was one, some moid posted there openly and casually stating that he was a moid as if men weren't banned here. It was kinda funny.

No. 1420431

When I'm starving but don't know what to eat because of no appetite.

No. 1420433

I hate when people need exact measurements for everything when asking for recipes. I completely understand it, but I can't tell you how much I put in this because I have no idea!

No. 1420473

File: 1669323022818.png (7.14 KB, 1501x98, sexism.png)

I love seeing males being offended when they get lost and end up here lmao

No. 1420503

Westoids who use Pixiv and don't properly tag their shit. Most of the NSFW art I see when I have the R18 function disabled are posted by people who aren't Japanese

No. 1420625

I hate washing off makeup at the end of the day!!!!! Why does it always feel so overly annoying to the point it kinda stresses me out to anticipate it towards the end of the day? It doesn't even take that long, but it's the sole reason I don't end up wearing makeup most of the time.

No. 1420663

It’s much healthier for your skin and facial hairs to not wear makeup anyways! I stopped wearing makeup almost 3 years ago and since then my eyelashes have grown longer, my pores shrank up, my smokers and forehead wrinkles became way less noticable, my eyebrows got thicker, sooo many benefits just from cutting something out

No. 1420670

100% true. The dog gore spammer rambling about how much he hates "mutts" was outed as a male just like everyone expected.

No. 1420715

I hate washing off makeup to, but nowadays I just wipe most of it off and then cleanse. It's pretty fast that way and not to different from how I would wash my face even if I wasn't wearing makeup.

No. 1420737

Use cleansing oil, it nerfs literally everything in a minute. But i also agree with the other nonnies, reduce the amount of times you wear makeup or opt for makeup that leans very heavily into skincare.

No. 1420742

spoken like an actual autistic moid kek
sorry you're too retarded to read body languages

you're western too you weeb

No. 1420747

I'm a woman and I fucking hate wasps.

No. 1420753

Post hand kek

No. 1420754

I was just at a open mic poetry reading where one of the poets justified 9/11 and other horrifying events where white people with slaughtered with generational trauma caused by the british. uwuu poor terrorists they just needed a healing space from events that happened hundreds of years ago they totally didn't mean it!!

No. 1420760

Your post is contradictory unless you are a man yourself.
That said, juicy steak >>> animals.

No. 1420790

I hate how Wednesday Addams has been interpreted as some "totes goffick, nlog, 'oh my god she's just like me'" kind of character. I also hate how she's been sexualized to hell and back and with each adaptation she gets slightly older.

No. 1420838

When the "it's a damn shame" ftm mastectomy pics are posted. So many things are wrong with is
1) sometimes it's not even them trooning out it's just explant aka breast implant removals, mastectomys due to cancer, etc being posted and falsely flagged as troonistioning, as if there's no other possible reason why a woman's breast size would surgically shrink
2) posting only attractive breasts as discouragement to not troon out isn't fair and doesn't appeal to most women, it just makes it seem like the only women worth keeping their womanhood are of they have nice boobs but if they have tubular,lopsided, saggy or small breasts then whats stopping them?

No. 1420845

I hate movies that are neither good or really bad. Like your normie movies that your sorority girl sister or unloved emotionally abused boomer mom like

No. 1420850

I hate when people discuss movies or shows and refer to the characters by the real names of the actors and not their fictional names. Makes it too hard to follow.

No. 1420855

tbh it makes me think that the person discussing the movie has a hard time immersing themselves in a story and are too obsessed with actors because they spend too much time on stan twitter

No. 1420867

I hate it when people inherently respect those higher up in the management/company chain. I know it’s a very basic thing that everyone hates, and I’m not talking about deferring to higher ups, but actually respecting and looking up to these people more because what, they’re your managers manager? Genuinely deifying some fucking goober because they kissed ass well enough? Nah.

Off topic but I remember I used to try sleeping with my arms crossed as a little kid because she did it kek, I loved the whole thing she had going on (and turned out to be NLOG as a teen, go figure)

No. 1420908

>"it's giving"
>"has me in a chokehold"
>"the blueprint"
when did this site become filled with retards?

No. 1420915

PULL explosion and lolcow getting mentioned offsite more like TikTok and twitter (yes it is happening unfortunately)

No. 1420921


No. 1420923

god help us all. why is no one bullying these people?

No. 1420937

we are(atleast i am) but they're too retarded to be bullied. they just tell you to touch grass.

No. 1420964

Moids who fuck up then direct their anger at others for it. You did it, scrote.

No. 1420994

Scrotes whenever they’re stressed/angry and take it out on others.
Mom's bf is like that and she has to feed him so his mood stabilizes.

No. 1420996

At this point I've seen it more than just once that it's you that they get pissed at, telling you this isn't 4chan

No. 1421030

People that announce they are leaving a group especially a giant forum where nobody knows them from Adam.

No. 1421927

Lastnight I somehow ended up on the part of youtube where men travelling to other countries for sex tourism give other men tips on how to stay safe or how to use women while they're there. In some of these sex tourism heavy places you also have.. tourists being drugged and robbed. They think some young hot woman is coming onto them and then they wake up the next morning with no wallet and no memory of what happened.

I hate how men turn themselves into the biggest victims when they go to these places and instead of getting to use young women for cheap sex they end up getting that instead. I kept seeing "you're doing the lords work" in response to men warning others about this. The lords work? No, by all means please go out there and get robbed and then cry about it. There was a whole lot of comments by men pretty much saying they'd rape or murder a woman if they caught her about to rob them. FFS you are not the victim. Play dumb games.. collect your dumb results. I'm glad you now have to worry about that. Boo hoo.

No. 1422555

Scrotes who base their views of a country and their people off of a sports team.
I also hate when scrotes think their country, Content and people are better than another country.
No one cares about your soccer team, both it’s fans and players are toxic cry babies.

No. 1422873

File: 1669537233662.jpg (67 KB, 570x605, il_570xN.2878262960_bzhj.jpg)

I hate stretched ears. They're so fucking ugly. I have no idea why anyone would want them.

No. 1422882

File: 1669538436076.jpg (53.67 KB, 800x800, live-laugh-love-MAIN.jpg)

gratitude journaling, a friend keeps recommending me i do it and i find it so stupid and useless, kek. I hate stuff that try to force positivy out of people without any meaningful change.

No. 1422907

You don't see them that much anymore. I stretched mine over a decade ago but I stayed in the range where they'll return to normal again. And they did. Ngl I kinda miss buying cute lil stone plugs. Emphasis on lil though.

No. 1422977

Performative Americans saying the Native American name of where they live and not the colonised name. I'm from the middle east and I know there is New York on the east, California on the west, Bigfoot is in Oregon which is up from California I think and then Washington DC where the evil people live is somewhere in the middle. Anywhere else is a mystery to me, so don't expect me to know the name of every tribe your ancestors killed. Go donate money to a native charity instead of confusing foreigners.

No. 1422992

File: 1669552677236.png (387.51 KB, 1000x803, Screenshot 2022-11-27 at 12-37…)

No. 1422996

my bf has 1 inch ones :( he looks cute(:()

No. 1423002

So how did you find this site?

No. 1423006

I remember seeing loads of those. they are sooooo ugly. imagine stretching your ear that big and then changing your mind and finally seeing how ugly it actually is and you have a disgusting stretchy hole in your ear.

No. 1423014

NTA but I knew one guy who stretched his ears super big as a dumb teen and then had to pay to have the droopy bits snipped off and the ends sewn back together to resemble ear lobes. Absolutely vile.

No. 1423019

Everything about this era of the world gives me goosebumps, what a terrible time to have perfect vision

No. 1423029

I unironically like these

No. 1423046

im always jarred by how utterly fucking privileged troons who transition are, spending more on surgery than my fucking home cost, and for what? what a waste.

No. 1423048

idr, been here for 8 years though

No. 1423052

Every time i think of troon surgeries i think of this "femboy" troon who wasted 50k to look exactly the same and get a new hairline kek

No. 1423053

No. 1423064

When people want to get down at a bus stop but they didn't press the Stop button, so the door don't open and they begin yelling "door please!", bunch of idiots.

No. 1423067

File: 1669557790702.png (1.26 MB, 1076x1272, 1632952944997.png)

Never fails to make me lol

No. 1423068

god, speechless

No. 1423070

File: 1669557971369.png (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 1078x1302, 1633005876853.png)

He ended up looking like frankenstein

No. 1423072

still clockable

No. 1423083

8 years and you still don't know you're not supposed to use emotes?

No. 1423084

When were the emotes banned? A lot of old posts use them

No. 1423092

ive been busy and forgot

No. 1423129

Plus they make the earlobe stinky as fuck

No. 1423198

File: 1669567355179.png (246.03 KB, 470x468, Screen Shot 2022-11-27 at 11.3…)

this shirt

No. 1423200

The idea of anyone even hanging out at their house with that disgusting rag is so disgusting.

No. 1423212

i hate ppl so much

when i was 13 i went to Iceland (budget supermarket) and i was disgusted when i saw a man wearing a shirt that said 'make me horny'

No. 1423221

That shit's not even fat

No. 1423230

they're ugly and they smell like shit too

No. 1423272

I hate catholic church; greedy scumbags preying on vunerable people in their worst moments. My family is catholic and I attended a funeral recently. They had to pay the priest before the funeral to "book his services"; then before the mass he sat in the room for an hour waiting for people to come and book future prayers in dedication to the family member who just passed (of course, everyone who wanted to dedicate a prayer had to pay for it), and with all these money paid beforehand, during the funeral mass itself this piece of trash walked around the church, around my aunt's body in the coffin, around my family members in the mourning to collect even more money. It's so disrespecful and tactless I'm shocked people still support this organization. I can understand being religious even though I'm not myself, but attending and feeding church, I just can't.

No. 1423546

When attractive male characters are turned into simps for some women, meanwhile attractive female characters do not get the same treatment and are made sure to be always perceived as romantically available. This is just so unfair, I need to imagine either an AU where my husbando doesn't date that person or straight up steal him from her. Meanwhile waifufagging incels can fantasize all they want about their ideal relationship. Also on general writers being more "experimental" with male characters romances, like mass effect with an available "romance" which consists of a character cheating on you. Come to think of it Bioware in general are such dipshits when it comes to this. I can only think of one female romance which was as shitty as male were: DAO Morrigan. And even then they made a fanservice DLC tailor made for Morrigan simps (no other reason for searching for her in it made any sort of sense). We can't even be allowed to imagine being happy in relationships with men, huh?

No. 1423555

KEK when will moids learn

No. 1423690

i bet this comes in XXXXXXL

No. 1423756

File: 1669594305943.jpg (189.97 KB, 1342x699, Untitled.jpg)

girls on steam with profiles like this make me sad
(details censored because stalker moids hang around the site)

No. 1423759

honestly its very ingenious, it signals you are totes a women and moids give free games to women. I do this too, i have a normal anime coom steam page where i get gift sand then my real page thats filled with gordon freemanxgman yaoi and unabomber quotes

No. 1423760

ive been given tons of free games by moids without such a profile. its a bit soul sucking

No. 1423761

>soul sucking
how, you are already getting simped by ugly nerds might as well try to squeeze them out of every penny by lasrping as an animu girl

No. 1423764

bc like i just said moids will buy you games even without the stupid profile lol. too much effort.

No. 1423765

>too much effort
idk it seems easier than saying ''tehehe guys i am actually a woman'' but idk, i just invested on the larp because i bought some gaymes and got the stupid useless steam currency to get profile decoration

No. 1423766

wow anon i had the same experience when i was like 10, except i was in blue inc and didn't know what it meant but still got very bad vibes and never wanted to go in the store again

No. 1423770

File: 1669595252537.jpg (727.86 KB, 1548x1024, xxxtentacion-press-photo-bw-20…)

I hate the weird reverence people had for xxxtentacion. I forgot about it until I seen some discussion of him in /snow/, and I'm surprised I forgot considering people still constantly bring him up like some kind of christ figure. Even lil peep didn't have this kind of autism around him and he was the biggest sad boy emo sensitive spooky whatever of them all. I dont understand

No. 1423774

File: 1669595514534.png (304.24 KB, 460x329, gamess.png)

How. What's the best games to find them. Do I have to turn my voice chat on and act kawai desu uwu… Please help a broke sister out

No. 1423778

he did pioneer a new genre of music. i really liked him too until i read how he beat his girlfriend and such. either these people dont know or choose to ignore it

No. 1423779

Being considered worthless bc I didn't finish college, it was a terrible idea for me to drop out but as someone who actually had MenTaL iLLnEsS it was the only thing to do to stop me from jumping off a building. Now I'm only gonna be known as a mega retard burger flipper no matter how much I achieve

No. 1423782

just put on the anime banner, maybe download snow or faceapp and take a photo with some filter and put it as pfp. Or just download a VPN and pirate, i mostly just like grinding the cromes for money lol

No. 1423785

Has anyone outright told you that you’re worthless, or is this just how you view yourself nonnie? As you get older you’ll find that most people really don’t care about that kind of thing. Certain jobs might be harder to get, but you can always go back to school later in life if you want.

No. 1423834

File: 1669599702628.png (834.9 KB, 850x900, NightAss.png)

Men in fandom. Tokusatsu is for women, Transformers is for women, TMNT is for women, MGS is for women, South Park is for women, the horror fandom is for women(I want to sit on Jason's face), Break Bad is for women, Batman is for women. They can go fuck off to the loli anime pedophile fandom(jail) where they belong to complain about not enough coomer content and draw their putrid porn, but NOT in MY fandom. They are always the ones causing drama too, whiny useless scrotes. This also applies to TiFs btw, if they want to be men then they have to fuck off back with them too.

No. 1423845

Based!! I love all those fandoms mentioned too. Men can suck it and keep capping for loli.

No. 1423856

he looks so stupid with his BBL but if it makes moids angry i support it

No. 1423927

File: 1669606181087.jpg (184.76 KB, 2518x1024, c1d.jpg)

>Tokusatsu is for women

No. 1423930

File: 1669606439183.jpg (57.51 KB, 500x482, kamen hug.jpg)

i love you kamen stacy

No. 1424150

Loli should not exist. Moids shouldn't be allowed to enjoy any media, they should be doing manual labour instead.

No. 1424175

I hate salt, i dont consume it and i have very, very low tolerance to it. Currently gaging because my mom's food feels overly salty to me and i needed and entire bottle of water to wolf it down.

No. 1424215

>They can go fuck off to the loli anime pedophile fandom(jail) where they belong to complain about not enough coomer content and draw their putrid porn, but NOT in MY fandom

No. 1424367

The retard in the vent thread trying to psychoanalyze people. Fuck of, we’re trying to vent and you’re just saying things I already know.

No. 1426028

File: 1669751403288.png (421.8 KB, 1024x895, 0c7.png)

When video essayists make 30-40 minute long videos talking about things like how predatory the makeup and plastic surgery industries are, how social media makes us insecure and unhappy with our faces and bodies, how masculinity, femininity and gender roles are social constructs and not tied to our sex, how the patriarchy brainwashes us all from a young age… And then they go "anyway I identify as nonbinary, rarely show my face without any makeup on, have a nose job and lip fillers scheduled for next week, and don't forget trans women are women!" Like my god how can you talk so much, trying to present yourself as some beacon of critical thinking, and yet not actually listen to a single thing that comes out of your own mouth.

No. 1426149

File: 1669757311382.jpg (404.03 KB, 2918x1418, fitness pizza empire girlboss.…)

I hate how so many shirts nowadays are crop tops or have some retarded quote on them

No. 1426164

You could've written this 10 years ago and it'd still be true

No. 1426263

It makes me sad

No. 1426269

I hate graphic tees and I judge anyone who wears them above the age of 16. You are so right. I assume anyone who does is proud of their Reddit karma.

No. 1426270

What genre is that rapping over lofi? His music was ass and sounded the same.

No. 1426440

I hate that the cinematic masterpiece that is Ana Lily Amirpour's "A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night", was organized under Cheap Thrills section on Plex. Right next to Rob Zombie's "3 from Hell" (fucking garbage I hate his shitty edgelord bro tier horror movies and his wife that can't act!!!!).

No. 1426752

I hate how disparagingly people speak about metoo as if it were all 'cancellations' about nothing. As if rape and sexual assault are comparable to making a dead baby joke 15 years ago on Twitter. Cosby and Weinstein would've never gotten into legal trouble without it. It changed workplace environments for the better. Yes, it is better that men are more on their toes and more afraid of crossing the line. They should be! It's not like women were totally taken seriously before when talking about sexual assault and rape, so I don't buy any of the 'it makes it difficult to believe victims!' bullshit either. It also uncovered a lot of the shit kids deal with and raised awareness for that too, making it easier for kids to talk about what happened or to report others. Was it perfect? No. However it ticks me off to not just see men act like it was the worst thing that happened in this century, but also women who mistakenly think that if it had never happened, that they would've actually been taken seriously. Hell, many wouldn't have even been aware that they had been raped, since it also brought to table the conversation about consent and how scrotes will pester women into it or just go ahead with it even if a woman is frozen in fear. Oh MeToo ruined sex for you? If you can't have sex without the 'spice of ambiguous consent' and think that enthusiasm isn't sexy, you probably shouldn't be having sex.

No. 1426776

Part of that comes from popular influencers/celebs being outed. Whether or whether not the claims were true many were quick to jump to the defense of victims despite some trying to debunk them, but thats not the problem. The problem is that most people were grieving the loss of someone they supported so you can speculate the seething of the movement throwing curveballs on people's parasocial relationships. So, when those unfortunate cases where the accused give receipts and are actually innocent and the fucktards that cried wolf for clout happen, it allowed the people seething to feel better about their doubts and finally give them a reason to discredit what was a brilliant movement.

No. 1426779

Samefag but i would like to say it is not unfortunate that someone accused proved that they were innocent, just the fact that innocent people were accused at all.

No. 1426784

i hate that youtube is trying to push random "day" "week" and "month" of essentially anything. no I don't give a shit that its hip hop day or something, fuck off. Still haven't forgotten the gay logo or make up one which had an animated looping gif of a tranny I think.

No. 1426791

Shadow bars on pictures on Google Maps. What absolute shit for brains thought that would be a good idea especially for businesses with fucking menus? So 1/4 of the menu is too dark to read on my fucking computer screen for what, the aesthetics? Shove it up your fucking ass

No. 1426798

I hate people who post their personal picture or their kids on google map reviews. this is about the business not posting like its your facebook. also I'm sure your grandkids would not appreciate the random photo grandma took being on blast to 1000-100,000 potential people looking for a good place to eat in town.

No. 1426820

tbh considering rapey scrotes are the norm and they all have skeletons in their closet, I don't care that they were innocent in one instance, when there are probably enough other instances where he did cross the line which we don't know about. It's not like the public opinion is court and would end up with them going 20 years to prison. Basically all scrotes deserve to be cancelled by the public since they are already too much on a pedestal imo even though you can practically guarantee they've all pressured someone into sex at least once in their life. Per definition, scrotes aren't innocent nor people

No. 1426826

you mean google or have I just missed all of this YT nobsense

No. 1426900

Blogs/articles/reading materials/etc for moms that say "mama!" every other word. Idk why it just seems so ingenuine to me but also blantantly annoying

No. 1426921

I hate this fucking song so much

No. 1426923

parents who post photos of their kids without the latter's permission are so annoying. i said not to. it's not your face; it's not your biometric data

No. 1427958

I hate stand up comedians, all of them are retarded degenerate morons talking about their exaggerated sex lives and low IQ political takes

No. 1428105

I hate how so many of the "ambience" videos on Youtube have that fire crackling noise, and I hate how they all sound the same. There's enough fireplace and rain videos!

No. 1428114

My favorite relaxing sound is bamboo waterfall or just white noise.

No. 1428117

she’s also a talentless nepo baby so that doesn’t help

No. 1428175

Nonnies fighting about appearance all the time. A lot of interesting discussions fizzle out in 10-15 posts, but say something about makeup, nose size or fat women and you have a thread wired for two days.

No. 1428194

No. 1428608

I went to bed and bitches were sperging about noses. I woke up and they were still sperging about noses. Clown board.

No. 1428610

I liked her in shiva baby but why is she doing stand up

No. 1428633

Clown noses are the best noses

No. 1428649

I don't get why anons sperg so hard about certain things. Why is there such a need to be on the same page at all fucking times. Some women will think you're a huge pickme for wearing makeup or whatever and some women think that's a retarded opinion and that's fine like why must we fight all the time. No one will have their minds changed on some mongolian basket weaving forum being called a retard handmaiden pickme or whatever the fuck. Some anons really need to take a chill pill and let it the fuck go.

No. 1428709

No. 1428723

I would file it under toxic femininity because this garbage is incredibly persistent throughout female groups IRL across many cultures.

> What is "trashing," this colloquial term that expresses so much, yet explains so little? It is not disagreement; it is not conflict; it is not opposition. These are perfectly ordinary phenomena which, when engaged in mutually, honestly, and not excessively, are necessary to keep an organism or organization healthy and active. Trashing is a particularly vicious form of character assassination which amounts to psychological rape. It is manipulative, dishonest, and excessive. It is occasionally disguised by the rhetoric of honest conflict, or covered up by denying that any disapproval exists at all. But it is not done to expose disagreements or resolve differences. It is done to disparage and destroy.

> This was communicated so subtly that I never could get anyone to talk about it. There were no big confrontations, just many little slights. Each by itself was insignificant; but added one to another they were like a thousand cuts with a whip. Step by step I was ostracized: if a collective article was written, my attempts to contribute were ignored; if I wrote an article, no one would read it; when I spoke in meetings, everyone would listen politely, and then take up the discussion as though I hadn't said anything; meeting dates were changed without my being told; when it was my turn to coordinate a work project, no one would help; when I didn't receive mailings, and discovered that my name was not on the mailing list, I was told I had just looked in the wrong place.

No. 1429222

I hate people who refer to animals being killed as “murder”. For example, when someone is talking about animal abuse and will say “that guy murdered his dog”. I feel like murder should exclusively be used in reference to humans. It’s fucking weird to use it in the context of animals.

No. 1429236

>…vicious form of character assassination which amounts to psychological rape…
Which male forum did you copy paste this from

No. 1429237

I hate the Spotify Wrapped thing because why does it start November 30 and not December 31st? I get that in the end it's still a year between each one, but it's supposed to be your top music of 2022 and there's still a month left.

No. 1429243

This is an autistic nitpick

No. 1429262

File: 1669943276611.jpeg (118.77 KB, 736x920, 6A1D53BD-F694-4E4C-95EB-F5A6AD…)

This is would be an unpopular opinion for me because my style has always been sort of goth-adjacent but I can’t stand the sort of plastic, Halloween store, hyper consumerist goth look that I see a lot nowadays. I cringe when I see goth-y types and their whole aesthetic looks straight off the shelf of party city. It’s kind of a new version of mall goth, it’s weirdly chuegy and try hard. The hyper fixation on ouija boards, horror movie motifs, bats and black cats is so over done imho. I really miss the look in the 80s and 90s where it was black hair and almost “normal” looking clothes but styled in clever ways. I hope someone knows what I’m talking about kek I know it’s a little specific.

No. 1429265

i cringe really hard seeing shirts like “Satan is my daddy” or really edgy stuff like that on what is supposed to be “goth”. It’s like going to forever 21 and seeing a shirt that looks normal but looking at the back of it and it says “baddie” or “I heart pizza” or some shit

No. 1429301

This, the sort of modern mainstream goth being pushed by the big brand is like a caricature of the original look

No. 1429342

I know exactly what you're talking about. In HS I was more a thrash kid, but by senior year I really gravitated towards the 80s and 90s goth look. When someone referred to my style as "dark governess", I was absolutely thrilled. At the time I wore long black wool circle skirts, high collar buttoned shirts, an ankle length wool trench coat, etc. Piecing togther dark clothing you've made or thrifted is so much fun. This shit I see nowadays though… so tacky. It's like the dark version of Patagonia and Uggs.

No. 1429346

File: 1669949727385.jpg (128.38 KB, 800x1178, 2e43406a065823a55d220c825916fd…)

this is why I find "office goth" cuter

No. 1429360

ugh, "spooky season" goths…have you seen the tiktoks of "goths going to Home Goods to stock up on all the Halloween decor in October uwu"? aka cheap plastic made in china trash with hideous purple and orange glitter on it. barf.

No. 1429385

Anons calling threads 'boards'

No. 1429432

>the dark version of Patagonia and Ugg’s
You hit the nail on the head. Down the the cringy hauls at places like freakin home goods of all places as >>1429360 said. I absolutely cringe at the word spooky at this point.

This is really cute!

No. 1429555

No. 1429965

I went to a small market with loads of one person/small type of businesses, a candle stand was selling a "true crime junkie candle set". It came across as selling merch of murder acts. How does this sound good to anyone, absolute peak consoom

No. 1430274

File: 1670013750829.jpg (196.61 KB, 583x669, 1644476725825.jpg)

This mfer and his "fans"

No. 1430278

literally who

No. 1430279

i wish i was you

No. 1430280

He's perfect

No. 1430285

His fans are the weeb equivalent of ezrafags and his hair is ugly.

No. 1430302

Don't know who that is, but all that loose hair near armor crevices makes my scalp hurt.

No. 1430325

Berserk is overrated.

No. 1430338

it's true. brave of you to say.

No. 1430481

Fycking hate being a Eurofag and all the cool edgy shit I want to buy comes from outside of the EU and I have to pay those retarded import taxes, worst thing is I paid the tax in advance for a japanese parcel, and for some reason they kept it for like two weeks before sending it back to Japan, I'll have to pay both shipping and import fees twice, hate this shit.

No. 1430520

I feel that nonna. When i ordered a tiny package during COVID, i had to pay almost 80 euro imports. I ordered a small figma and was so worried id have to pay a lot, but 12 eur wasnt that bad, shit still sucks. Everytime I want to get something nice and cute on Etsy, it's always from the UK or the US, or again, Asia. I worry that i'd have to pay too much in order to get an item from the UK because of the darn Brexit, why can't we have nice things…

No. 1430796

File: 1670056020157.jpg (590.73 KB, 1581x1806, IMG_20221203_111839.jpg)

I hate memes like picrel. I hate that things I like that aren't even sexual are degen breeding grounds. I want to rewire my brain so I no longer like vidya, even gritty games like souls or silent hill are plagued with the "femboy mommy milkers pegging man tits" shit fucking degens kill yourselves.

No. 1430797

damn, spoilers for me. Too late tho i already drew yaoi of him

No. 1430798

would take an androgynous/masculine woman over a "fem boy twink" any day

No. 1430826

Ayrt and I've stopped buying on Etsy for several reasons (their fees are ridiculous, dollar stronger than euro, and the aforementioned tax import), too bad because most of the good enamel pins makers are from the US. At least the yen is currently low, it softens the blow a bit.

No. 1431023

When people let their kids stand on restaurant chairs and get filth all over seats that other people will sit on.

No. 1431064

Printing stores (forgive my ESL if that isn't what they are called) are scum, they are so unwilling to be helpful and do anything right. They have fucked me so many times in my life, always really basic shit too, like deconfiguring the most common fonts used on autocad or handing me a shitty print after I asked if they could print in a specific paper, telling me they can, only for it to turn out like garbage. And they are so unwilling to do test prints, untrustworthy bastards. There was a store I was emotionally dependent on cause their customer service was great and they did things right, but I moved cities and I'm now stuck with mediocre ones.

No. 1431072

I know exactly what you're talking about nonna, good print shops are such a rare blessing, most often people working there have no idea what are they doing since that's good enough for providing any basic service, but the second you want something extra there's trouble.

No. 1431073

File: 1670081591762.jpeg (26.17 KB, 343x362, 25376DC9-3BA4-41E6-8E04-A6417D…)

I hate it when businesses look for cute young girls to work front desk and be eye candy for them.
One time I was 23/24 and applied for a job as front desk. The employer calls me up for an interview and he’s like “can I talk to your daughter?”. My speaking voice is not that low or anything it’s like any other girl my age. Anyways, I go to the interview and the entire time he’s basically calling me “too old” and seemed super uninterested. I’m so glad I didn’t end up getting the job but I pity the girls that do because they’re going to be harassed by men at work.

No. 1431085

File: 1670082165728.jpeg (Spoiler Image,12.91 KB, 168x300, 8D20A36C-1DAE-4398-BDC1-7E004A…)

This haircut

No. 1431100

I hate when people make fun of others for being passionate about things. For example, I went to a small poetry reading event recently and one of the speakers rambled for a bit longer than was necessary about the inspiration behind what he had written (which was excellent and one of the better pieces presented all evening), and I could see a few people quietly snickering at him. I don’t understand why people act like this — I love it when people put thought into things and are excited about their interests, even if they come off as a little intense or “pretentious”. I’m friends with a lot of autists and am a little spergy myself so maybe I’m biased, but I just don’t understand why you would want people to care less.

No. 1431105

I am racist towards my own kind because of this haircut and its variations and idgaf when others make fun of Mexican men with this haircut. I'm sick of it and they deserve to get bullied. Why can't they be normal

No. 1431107

When people spell definitely as defiantly. I hate it, irrationally, so so much.

No. 1431117

it's not irrational nona, it bothers me too. why can't people take an extra 5 seconds to make sure something is spelled correctly

No. 1431125

Native English speakers misusing your/you're or their/there/they're etc, I've seen way more native anglophones making that kind of mistakes than ESLs and it makes them look like absolute retards.

No. 1431131

This singers voice oh my GOD during the chorus she’s straining so hard she sounds constipated I hate this song.
Also hate that singer Passenger, undoubtedly the worst sound I have ever heard I wish that man would die, only wanna be with you by Hootie and the blowfish and 21 pilots are also annoying as fuck.

No. 1431134

I would turn the radio off every time that stupid "Let Her Go" song came up. It's so fucking whiny I wanted to a-log every time that dumb intro started.

No. 1431138

I hate poc that weaponize their skin colors and gender/sexual orientation.

A random guy asked for my help after I was leaving the library, saying how he was kicked out of his home because his mom found out he's gay or something.
I was feeling kind of ncie that day so I agreed to lend him some money, but then the bastard starting to ask for even more money and slipping in weird comments about how I'm so white and rich and thin and how I probably don't have any problems in my life, like he actually called me a "poor rich girl", which is funny considering how I never had my own bedroom until I was 22.

I will NEVER again stop to hear someone's talk or help anyone at all on the street, fuck them. I'll still have good charities but not anyone that actively talks to me.
I have the right to go about the city without being shamed for being "white", which I'm not even since I'm mixed, and for having busted my ass off fighting my suicidal tendencies and finally having monetary stability.

No. 1431139

>I'll still have good charities
I meant "still contribute to good charities"

No. 1431143

why would you ever help a man, cringe

No. 1431144

Idk, I just got a raise last month I thought he could be saying the truth…

No. 1431148

I posted this as I am of that ethnicity as well and I agree kek it’s such an ugly mushroom hair cut

No. 1431163

I hate when ignorant people express their opinion on historical and political shit.
Especially if they are economists or affiliated.
I hate when STEM people express opinions on philosophical matters. If an historian isn’t allowed to express opinions of a building, they shouldn’t express opinions on history.
I hate when people whom only knowledge is derived from social media and youtube talk about stuff that’s bigger then them.
I hate people talking about democracy when they’re just stupid americans with no basic education defending on their stupid propaganda that’s laughing matter for every other educated country.

No. 1431176

Wait what historians don't know the architecture features of at least their studied period? Has the field fallen that far?

No. 1431210

For fucks sake, Anon, I was talking about actual construction shit, not architecture as in academic stuff.

No. 1431219

I hate this too. like idgaf about what truly said in jest, but “jokes” about white people backed by honest belief and vitriol are pathetic. no, not every “yt” person’s life is a cakewalk.

No. 1431227

File: 1670091216825.jpeg (630.54 KB, 2596x2596, 91426AF4-5722-49AA-920F-6AEEFD…)

The clean girl aesthetic discourse

No. 1431230

What’s that?

No. 1431232

Aren't twitter users saying "clean girl" is somehow racist now?

No. 1431239

agreed anon. this is kind of pathetic to admit but I used to actively feign being disinterested or nonchalant about things i'm really into and passionate about because i was afraid of being made fun of. finally deciding to stop giving a fuck if people thought i was weird or annoying about my hobbies and interests has been so freeing and i genuinely feel bad for people that think showing interest/passion in things they like is "cringe"

No. 1431243

I did this too, for so many things. Shows, movies, music, even people. Then I kept wondering why no one stuck around kek

No. 1431249

File: 1670092618852.png (136.37 KB, 1233x682, cleangirldiscourse.PNG)

No. 1431263

when people say 'unhoused' instead of just saying homeless. It always boils down to burgers complicating things and making a big deal out of a non-issue.

No. 1431265

The clean girl aesthetic/style just looks like the average young woman in my city wtf. Everyone dresses like that normally in Scandinavia

No. 1431273

It also has the same connotation so I don't get it. Not to sound like a boomer, but it's more or less doublespeak and serves 0 purpose

No. 1431282

I hate it when very muscular people flex their arms or whatever and you can see their veins moving in response to it. It's so unnerving idk, like any second I feel like if they keep moving it the vein will explode and blood and gore will go out in every direction.

No. 1431288

I still don't get it, isn't the clean girl aesthetic just a minimum amount of make up, I don't want to be offensive but I really don't associate that aesthetic with black americans

No. 1431289

File: 1670094877307.png (274.31 KB, 1031x523, Screenshot 2022-12-03 at 19-13…)

Reminder there are moids lurking and this is one (1) reason why you shouldn't post photos of yourself

No. 1431292

Whoever posted that must be the one who made the "A rare girl Pepe, in the wild!" post, but I wonder why they lied about what site this was on?

No. 1431293

I got the opposite search result of why its problematic
>‘Clean girl’ implies there’s a ‘dirty girl’ aesthetic, too. The popular trend makes wearing a face full of makeup or having textured skin seem less desirable. It also makes you wonder if having acne, natural hair or even body hair puts you in the ‘dirty’ category. Again, the aesthetic punishes those who don’t fit this very specific idea of what "clean" means.
>"[This is] just one trend of many and it can be inspirational, but ‘clean girl’ also reflects the values in our society of what the ideal woman is like, as a sort of reincarnation of girl boss," explains one creator. "It [perpetuates] consumerism and white privilege and tells us that the perfect woman has the perfect looking life and is constantly working on herself."

No. 1431295

wdym nona

No. 1431296

>on CC of course
This isn't CC

No. 1431301

Ew why are you lurking r9k? Are you a troon?

No. 1431302

Why don't people just stop overthinking shit?

No. 1431307

File: 1670095509967.jpg (34.58 KB, 400x400, aV0w6EM_700b.jpg)

because i was a /b/tard during the 2000s, but the board is unusable now because it's filled with pornsick scrotes who can't post without including sexually explicit imagery. so i'm left with /r9k/ where i tell incels to kill themselves and make demoralization posts

No. 1431311

I hate that nonnies on here will respond to male bait too jfc males are not even fun to poke with a stick they just shit up the site and encourages more males to come on here knowing they get reactions

No. 1431313

Doubleposting to say this is all just brainrot due to over-socialization on instagram and tumblr. It's the opposite of consumerism and classism to be a minimalist, and not focus on having tons of beauty products or clothing.

No. 1431315

File: 1670096272237.png (244.84 KB, 519x665, Fvxuba.png)

the average woke twitter user is just as terminally online a the average 4chan user, the only difference is what websites and lingo they use, but they bot suffer from similar levels of brain rot

No. 1431320

File: 1670096499508.jpg (34.22 KB, 420x647, 51Qua-zt6AL._SX418_BO1,204,203…)

>the average woke twitter user is just as terminally online a the average 4chan user, the only difference is what websites and lingo they use, but they bot suffer from similar levels of brain rot
replace "twitter" with "tumblr" and this was essentially angela nagle's thesis kek

No. 1431372

Clean girl aesthetic isn't anti consumerist or minimalist. Instead of buying a shitload of obvious makeup, they're buying a shitload of natural looking makeup, plus skincare for the 9982982972 steps in their routine and "minimalist" overpriced greige clothing from greenwashed fast fashion brands.

No. 1431380

What is the reply to the og tweet even saying?

No. 1431381

I think most anons who call themselves ugly on here are delusional cause she describes herself like she’s deformed. She looks average, almost cute from the side. The moids roasting her on 4chong are probably hobgoblins who call themselves chads with hunter eyes cause they squint. Anyways if you post yourself anywhere on the internet a moid can save it and post it on whatever coombrained thread on that hellhole. Just stay private and unfriend every man on social media

No. 1431407

These people have such a hateboner for pretty black women it's not even funny. Everything is an -ism if they're not a 400lb tranny in drag queen kardashian makeup, a dollar store wig, stripper boots and ass implants saying "yasss gurl slayyy".

No. 1431413

what the fuck is texturism and featurism

No. 1431426

>The moids roasting her on 4chong are probably hobgoblins who call themselves chads with hunter eyes cause they squint.
And then cry about their genetics being there reason nobody wants to fuck them, kek. Not even the ugliest poster on here is as ugly as the worst /r9k/ scrote, I wish nonnies would realize that there's no reason to feel as insecure as they do and also to stop caring about average looks so much.

No. 1431432

File: 1670102971191.png (333.75 KB, 713x666, ey.png)

Kek, and of course it's a tranny

No. 1431436

They actually like her
Still, selfposting here or on CC isn't a good idea

No. 1431445

featurism unlike most twitter bullshit is a real thing,
>Featurism is society accepting or preferring certain features over others.
>It is the preferential treatment of people with features that have historically been considered better or “easier on the eyes”. The preferred features are predominantly European features that uphold the Eurocentric standards of beauty.
>Featurism, just like colorism, affects all ethnicities with characteristic features that challenge Eurocentric norms.

a good example of featurism is the fact that east african women are vastly overrepresented in modelling compared to west african women

No. 1431451

>try out new recipe
>damn it’s really good, I should save it
>want to make recipe again
>fuck where tf is it

No. 1431458

Great, concise, and should be easy for even the dumbest person to understand. Thanks for the explanation, nonnie!

No. 1431488

File: 1670106085834.png (570.9 KB, 588x755, w-.png)

The funny thing is that most of the women in that Twitter thread the troon was complaining about didn't even have "European features". They're just black women who dress and style themselves in a minimalist or "classy" way.
Some people have co-opted the word "featurism" and used it as a shorthand for "they are attractive, and this is problematic (because I am not)".

No. 1431500

I'm half black but one thing I hated about the black community is that having any sort of class was deemed as "acting white". The poster probably wanted to acknowledge the least offensive way that these women don't look like the typical hoodrat that they imagine black women to be

No. 1431503

that's honestly depressing

No. 1431506

It's so funny when they imply troons don't look clean. I thought transwomen looked just like women and we "probably had crushes on trans women without knowing it"

No. 1431511

File: 1670107180503.jpg (8.84 KB, 228x275, 1663647738496.jpg)

I once saw a black woman be accused of acting white because she was wearing J-fashion….

No. 1431514

Oh so they give the facade of being minimalist, how dumb

No. 1431520

I'm not black but that's also a thing with my race, specifically with our diaspora. If you say words that are longer than two syllables you're trying too hard to be white. If you're not into shitty rap and obsessed with Nike and Adidas you're trying too hard to be white. If you don't have a specific makeup style you're trying too hard to be white, and if you're into video games that aren't COD and FIFA or into manga that aren't DBZ you might as well be white. If you're a weeb or a koreaboo, you get the idea, etc. And what's funny is that people from the actually country we come from won't even give a shit about any of that and won't accuse you of being a race traitor just because you like to listen to Avril Lavigne. It's weird to see that the exact same shit happens to Black women in another continent.

Same, I saw a video on twitter about a teenage black girl wearing jfash that looked a lot like sweet lolita fashion but not exactly playing the bass or the guitar to that one Muse song and some guys were accusing her of suspiciously acting like a race traitor obsessed with white men. For playing a super famoud rock song in a pastel poofy dress. That shit was wild but it was so long ago I won't be able to find that tweet.

No. 1431553

>men trying to police what women do
What…no way…

No. 1431556

lmao get a fucking job?

No. 1431561

That wasn't even a woman, that was a teenage girl. The way they worded it made them seem just as racist as /pol/tards.

No. 1431571

File: 1670111101747.jpeg (46.16 KB, 540x360, 9987A74D-F763-4A2F-89DE-E07F54…)

That men equate giant muscles on a man to giant boobs and ass on a woman. An unrealistically roided up man is just as ridiculous and unobtainable yes but it is NOT sexualized you retards, they are not the same. Coming back to lc was a mistake i was having a great time not thinking about men, those retards shit up literally everything. All y chromos disappear challenge.

No. 1431586

File: 1670112051130.jpg (Spoiler Image,307.85 KB, 860x1200, 1642449128599.jpg)

I hope you're not trying to say this isn't sexualized?

No. 1431589

i kek'd out loud

No. 1431598

The clean girl aesthetic is one of the best normie trends there is. Case in point
I also like how it encourages healthy living and positive habits instead of just being a style. I've never understood the idea that it's racist, when I have gone onto pinterest and searched the aesthetic, i've seen women of numerous races represented. The only thing I agree with is that it's not a new thing, just the name is new. I don't think anybody was trying to say that and it's definitely overthinking. I thought people would also seethe because it's not an aesthetic that is friendly towards fatties, i'm surprised i've never seen that discourse yet.

No. 1431600

Agreed. If you're a black or mixed woman everyone has to put in their 2 cents. It's actually pretty racist that if a black woman is beautiful it's because she must have euro features. They're admitting that the only way to be beautiful is to have those features even if the woman in question truly doesn't and it's always ugly, bitter black people who do this the most. Ex: That vending machine built tranny. I'm tired of pretty black women not being allowed to be pretty in peace, sorry. This isn't racebait, I'm mixed too and tired of other people being so backwards.

No. 1431607

you answered too quickly for it not to have been saved on your computer

No. 1431610

Yeah, I posted on the fujo board that I hated it a year ago kek

No. 1431619

Because they want to feel intellectual but reading and thinking about actual important things is too hard/boring so they pick on random tiktok trends

No. 1431621

i am vomit

No. 1431631

I noticed that! The only women I see in the trend are on the thin side. Never even see chubby ones. I wonder why a fatty hasn't called them out yet?

No. 1431663

File: 1670117211173.jpg (12.53 KB, 245x204, 1569413500671.jpg)

Good god, why does every thread on this site turn into angry sperging about fujos? Threads like the Fujo cringe one could be funny if the tone wasn't so bitter and weirdly srs bsns all the time.

No. 1431665

That's fucking gross, and I LIKE big tittied men

No. 1431687

I'm a fujo and I enjoy the sperging

No. 1431883

It isn’t.

No. 1431904

this is weird hentai, I was talking about video game characters and superhero shit

No. 1431907

File: 1670134678710.jpeg (305.74 KB, 1920x1080, 0AEB4B57-4D0A-4F47-AB2A-F27C2C…)

And I hate this shit. Hulk does not have realistic proportions at all, his hands are stupid huge and he’s ugly, meanwhile she hulk is literally just a normal muscular woman who’s green. I hate that when there are monstrous characters the female version is always kept way too human, can’t make her too beastly that’s not sexy!!

No. 1431908

The CGI also look ugly and Hulk looks uncanny valley for my taste

No. 1431920


When i looked this up the tweet was deleted. Faggot was mad because those girls were not built like linebackers and mini fridges. Hope he got dragged through the mud.

No. 1431933

Are you North African ?

No. 1431938

I remember when everyone lost their shit at Luisa, including some supposed rf's, for 'being unrealistic'. Fighting in heels, short skirts and long loose hair is fine and totally realistic, bc anything feminine on women is automatically seen as realistic. Strength and actual size which reflects that strength? Noooooo. Meanwhile nobody complains when a skinny model is supposed to be a skilled strong fighter, then everyone can suspend disbelief via magic or action/superhero movie logic.

No. 1431949

File: 1670140289554.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1067, Screenshot_20220728-105736.png)

Big over muscled male characters are a male power fantasy and it's weird that they act like it's fanservice for the average woman

No. 1431964

kek or trannnies

No. 1431977

Nta but you cause it by being cringe and get sperg in return for your sjw sperg on why being a fujo is feminist etc.

No. 1431985

Because 80% of it is the same autistic pakistani.

No. 1431988

Because sperging attracts sperging. We are in our natural habitats when arguing that each others hobbies are cringe.

No. 1431991

Nta but the recent ones were not an obviously so such as from the unpopular opinions thread. Not everyone who says saying >>>/ot/1425222 is retarded is paki. Not everyone who disagrees is the same person.

No. 1431993

NTA but KEK. Fujo said the quiet part out loud, huh.

No. 1431994

Considering >>>/ot/1425222 , the thread poster >>>/ot/1430996 is right. Anons can even clarify they don't hate fujo content but hate fujos who sperg about female characters and fujos chimpout about it.

No. 1431995

Back to containment thread or milk yourself in the cringe thread please.

No. 1431999

>Because sperging attracts sperging. We are in our natural habitats when arguing that each others hobbies are cringe.
Kek this is actually it

No. 1432024

File: 1670153497152.png (250.13 KB, 377x808, m2.png)

He got called out for attacking Muslim black women on at least two different occasions. Seems like he hates anything and anyone that reminds him he is a man and that black women aren't just men-lite (like a lot of other trannies).

No. 1432042

File: 1670154810950.jpg (103.18 KB, 634x634, 412ACA3900000578-4596296-image…)

Nta power fantasies are just not allowed for women, not even by other women. Every time a new movie comes out everyone falls over themselves to praise how they "allow" the female hero to be feminine and attractive. As if there's a shortage of feminine gender conforming, thin actresses in male gaze costumes playing action heroes. Because of the Atwood voyeur in your own head effect, even many women can only imagine a female power fantasy as being sexually attractive to men. The only times you see muscular women in shows or movies anymore it's as a background character. The background actresses for wonder woman are more buff than SheHulk. Yet people would still screech that it's unrealistic, not feminine enough, a "man's body" or even in some gc's cases the retarded take "this aids the tranny agenda" (which is what I saw in response to Luisa). Someone like Sarah Connor wouldn't even be possible nowadays anymore without MASSIVE backlash, even though she's literally a boymom. We've managed to only regress. Cultural feminism (where they theorize that femininity is oppressed, not women) was a mistake. It has given studios the excuse to always try to make women as dainty, gender conforming and appealing to men as possible, while pretending it's feminism. And a lot of people fall for it too.

No. 1432048

why even go to a poetry reading if you are going to make fun of people getting passionate? I hate how it's impossible to be genuine and passionate about art these days

No. 1432069

File: 1670157755888.jpeg (217.3 KB, 750x1247, 2D8646E6-ED6C-447B-B205-E20472…)

No. 1432072

File: 1670157860566.jpeg (347.44 KB, 750x1146, B6E211E3-3F19-492F-9B9C-8F7F31…)

Basically it boils down to men being so mentally deficient they can’t possibly stay engaged with media unless it also makes their dick hard. Do they think women like looking at ugly old fat bald men on tv and in movies? Why isn’t hulk sexy?

No. 1432074

>hulk isn't sexy
beauty is subjective nonnie

No. 1432078

….he has an ugly chimp turtle hybrid face. Seek help.

No. 1432080

File: 1670158449246.jpg (263.84 KB, 1040x1124, 2021.02.09-11.53-boundingintoc…)

They made her properly massive for once and put her hair in a ponytail so she can actually fight properly and it was a huge controversy immediately.

No. 1432097

Ass makes sense, but usually very muscular women don't have big breasts at all, it's like they become flat the more they gain muscles. I wonder where men get that idea.

No. 1432098

Yeah men know next to nothing about women’s bodies, they’re pretty embarrassingly stupid

No. 1432109

i’m sick of the femboy related posting i see on social media. it’s why i don’t go on /b/ anymore, even “straight” men i see will shitpost about uwu femboys

No. 1432110

>going on /b/ in the first place

No. 1432117

/b/ is unusable in the current year. i don't know how anyone can sift through all the pornography, tribute threads, and other such garbage to find the occasionally rare amusing shitpost. it's just not the board it used to be

No. 1432124

Those "cooking lunch for my husband" videos, they're all over YouTube and TikTok. "Cooking for my husband" kek he would rather die than do the same for you, while you lovingly cook that ~*lunch*~ he's masturbating to rape and cheating, stop acting like a maid with little to no reward. Whoever is shilling this marriage propaganda should kys

No. 1432144

This is such an America centric view. Where I live there are virtually no black people and no one was ever said gold hoop earring are trashy or slicked back hair was bad. If I wore that and posted a video of it on TikTok, would I somehow be racist just because on the other side of the globe, some people were shitty to black women for making similar choices?
Also why should I in the center of Europe surrounded by 95% white people reject Eurocentric beauty? And if I did start wearing American POC stuff in the name of rejecting Eurocentric shit, wouldn’t I be doing the exact same thing they’re shitting on? Make it make sense.

No. 1432160

My favorite is when they make some salty response video about how their husband does things for them too. Yeah? Is that why you’re struggling to manage the two under two and bringing him dinner at his desk in every video while he plays video games? Kek

No. 1432175

They thrive off the backhanded praise trad males give them that their own husband won't. If she didn't record it and put it on the internet she'd have to realize how thankless and never-ending domestic servitude really is.

No. 1432208

I watch a couple of channels that do it, but they are asian and almost asmr, so they don't further embarrass themselves in ways like the other anons mentioned. Still I tinfoil they are either a) sneaky government supported pro-marriage and pro-natalist propaganda or b) those women are trying to murder their husbands with all the processed meat and fried food

No. 1432245

I hate trying to use dating apps as a lesbian. It's hard to meet other confirmed lesbians otherwise, esp when I'm pretty much friendless and have no one to introduce me to other lesbians kek. Interacting with other women on dating apps feels so fucking fake, why is there no line between sending you a message like "omggggg you're SO pretty!" then never message you again, and talking to you for months on end then whatever "thing" you have going on fizzling out because nobody can fucking commit to anything?

actually while I'm at it, I hate people who don't put anything in their profile on dating apps, or their profile is just things like "I don't know what to put here, message me and find out teehee". Like, am I supposed to discern what your personality is like through divination? I know you're not socially apt enough to hold a conversation over text with a stranger without some sort of icebreaker, I sure as shit am not, so please show us that you have at least a sliver of individuality. Don't get me started on girls who are like "oooh I never message first I'm too shy" why are you here. Grow a spine

No. 1432254

So it’s it girl 2.0

No. 1432288

late to the party and sorry for ot, but she is so pretty and looks so cool in your picrel. ig i hate that other "strong" female superheros are never drawn like this.

No. 1432296

True, she look way more capable and "outwordly" in this design, it automatically catches my attention unlike a random green woman

No. 1432324

I know, and what’s even worse is that it was at a launch party for a literary publication so most of the people there were writers themselves who had contributed to the magazine, or had friends who contributed. You’d think they of all people would understand, but I guess some people care about the image of being a cool, aloof artist more than they actually care about art and the people who make it.

No. 1432394

File: 1670181500135.jpg (9.22 KB, 360x345, 1655302626435.jpg)

I hate when ppl in group projects don't give a shit about how PowerPoint presentations look like, and even when given a ready made template from the Internet they just do not know how to use them and RUIN EVERYTHING. I've got better grades from using good templates in the past but so many people are legit retarded when it comes to PP. They all want to use Arial on a white bg and call it day

No. 1432398

> so many people are legit retarded when it comes to PP
yes 100% and templates in general. like it's not that hard motherfucker. part of my job involves making templates for all kinds of stuff (and my autistic ass loves it lol) but people are so fucking retarded when it comes to filling them in properly. like when I but
and people put the brief inside the brackets. dude. wtf.

No. 1432416

KEK oh my god

No. 1432420

nona at this point in my university degree, you could hit me with a car and i wouldn't care

No. 1432429

It's something I've even seen serious academics do, so I'm not a bit surprised. How hard can it be to A, find a copyrightfree png with no watermarks of a generic office space B, find a font that can handle accented characters C, not make everything show up in a list format? Apparently it's too fucking hard

No. 1432496

File: 1670187643788.jpeg (666.29 KB, 1821x2800, 52443BBA-81BD-4B79-AA2F-CD6891…)

Tbh it probably had to do with the conception of she-hulk. She was not designed as to sell a female power fantasy so it makes sense that any attempts to make to make her so will be controversial. She’s a joke character and she has to be funny that’s it. She’s always going to be in that weird position because she’s really well known (by proxy of being a hulk) but she’s not meant to be a proper character if that makes any sense

No. 1432515

Pretty sure it was controversial because she was OOC.

No. 1432553

You for sure love capping for this terribly executed, moid-tier concept. Only a man would conceive female hulk as a joke with no proper design, "ooc" who gives a shit?

No. 1432569

File: 1670191546141.jpg (65.61 KB, 520x800, 52a47ed7b84afb9e911ecb268efd63…)

nta but comics used to be dumb fun for nerds before the MCU attracted all the retards who want heroes in bright colored outfits to be ''realistic'' and ''deep''. I fucking hate people who see a green monster and thinks ''omg why isnt this realistic?!'', its why comics nowadays are so fucking cringe inducing and boring, its a dumb concept and it should have stayed dumb and fun instead of becoming so preachy and boringly realistic. She hulk is cute and i would take a fun 80s muscle woman over some cringelord twerking or this thing >>1432080

No. 1432575

Original she-hulk is realistic as it gets, in fact, she looks pretty regular for a mutant which is boring in itself

No. 1432591

A moid tier concept wow you don’t say! Almost like she’s a derivative character and expecting any female power fantasy from her is redundant

No. 1432594

hard same, girls keep ghosting me…

No. 1432624

Calm the fuck down, you're getting obvious

No. 1432676

She's so gorgeous. I agree about the "realistic" thing esp regarding what marvel did to comics and the industry. I got lost in the sauce and took the mcu and plotlines too seriously as if it's not all for profit and cgi impersonating what 2d artists gave us. Seeing pics of the shoots is disenchanting when it's just the actors in costume standing in a green room.

No. 1432685

I'm a lesbian too but I refuse to use dating apps even though I know that is most likely the only way I can even meet someone. I want a serious relationship but I have strong views on dating apps making romance into fast food which I don't like. I guess I take things too seriously, but I have a fantasy of meeting a really nice lady just randomly and we hit it off. I think I have a lot of growing to do before I even want to subject someome to myself lol. I'm old though, and while I do think that it's important for me to have dating experience in my age I think it might be fine.

No. 1432687

I want to add though that I used to be the one who pursued other women but all I've experienced were unrequited love. They wanted my attention and gifts though, I learned the hard way that not everyone is deserving of my time and effort.

No. 1432724

the MCU looks so incredibly ugly, Marvel adaptations should have stayed as cartoons and shitty one-off movies, the universe thing is so incredibly stupid and hard to follow. Peak CONSOOM. I am so happy i am a DCtard in that regard.

No. 1432739

This is what I mean with how even women have something against female characters and design who aren't just there to be sexy and conventionally attractive. 80's supermodel, but make her green. Woopdiedoo. You complain about too much realism, yet only like the most stereotypical, basic design for a female comic book character, but make it green.

No. 1432757

if i wanted to look at an ugly woman i would look at myself in the mirror

No. 1432763

you're naturally 3 meters tall and the biggest bodybuilder to have ever existed?

No. 1432765

god i wish, i am just a fat retard

No. 1432775

well you can put the fork down, go to the gym and easily look like your fave version of SheHulk, becuse she's one of the most realistic and average ones of them all.

No. 1432784

thats very fatphobic nonny

No. 1432834

People are so stupid sometimes. You gotta be like (Insert brief here and remove parentheses.) You can never really underestimate human stupidity.

No. 1432843

>Nta power fantasies are just not allowed for women, not even by other women.
You are so fucking right. I read an interview by the director of Wonder Woman and she said some bs like "I, as a woman, want Wonder Woman to be hot as hell, fight badass, and look great at the same time — the same way men want Superman to have huge pecs and an impractically big body. That makes them feel like the hero they want to be. And my hero, in my head, has really long legs." about why Wonder Woman was wearing heels.

And nothing makes me want to a-log more than calling a female character a "a man with boobs" if she's not feminine and crying and nurturing and shit and instead is badass, violent, stoic, and wears pants. Totally enrages me.

No. 1432872

I hate when you walk past someone and they smell like they just enveloped their body in straight, unrefined shit before walking outside. Unless you're homeless, you have no reason to be funky. And I get that some people have genuine odor issues but if you're going to be in public you need to manage that. For the sake of everyone's nostrils.

No. 1432899

I'm breastfeeding and ever since I started my armpits reek of straight onions despite trying medicated deodorants, and will start after showering. I try my best to decrease the smell as much as possible but there's always a tiny hint of it

No. 1433028

I promise you don't give people that reaction I'm sure she was talking about Stinkies. We had a guy we literally nicknamed stinky when he'd come into our work we wanted to kill ourselves. We had to febreeze the fucking office when he left and bring out a giant box fan he was so musty. He smelled rotted. Also he had a wife and kids so what the fuck

No. 1433041

File: 1670216420171.jpg (57.11 KB, 600x618, 47-day29jpg0047.jpg)

Yeah, the other anon is right. I'm sure you smell fine since a little odor isn't usually potent enough to really stink. There are some people who's smell lingers when they walk away. Like they damn near leave a green cloud wherever they go.

No. 1433174

Have you tried Glycolic acid?

No. 1433236

Anons over exaggerating during infights. Once saw an anon sperg about how the other anon was going off the walls, sperging for hours, etc. Was excited to read some crazy shit and it turns out all the anon did was left two short replies and disappeared kek

No. 1433263


No. 1433284

Happens all the time, bored of this site as a whole. They also love to say “you’ve been sperging for hours” and then when you go and see the supposed freak-out the person has made like three replies spread out by a couple hours each because they went about their life and came back and replied whenever they saw it. Embarrassments.

No. 1433285

Animefags. They aren't half bad people usually but whenever I went to one's house it went like this:
>Do you watch anime, anon?
>Nah, I liked some manga when I was younger but that's all.
>Turns on anime
>Can we watch something else? It's not really my thing.
>Do this every single time I come over

I like a lot of stupid shit but why do they have to have everyone else like it too? I don't get it, there's so many dumb/niche movies I like but if someone wants to watch a movie I put on something we both like. Also, anime is made for children and autists. The exaggerated facial expressions, shallow storylines, it's something I would have liked when I was 10. I hate it.

No. 1433332

File: 1670251763698.gif (1.92 MB, 400x223, b91263cf-be89-4e22-bc7a-2febc1…)

I saw old photos of me from 2-3 years ago and I gained so much weight during the end of 2021/beginning of 2022 for some reason. I lost my job and was pretty depressed so I binged. I just want to get back on track but i dont know where to start.
I'm so sad that this happened to because I stay at average weight, but i gained a bit and can see the weight on my face vs older photos. fuck the pandemic weight gain.

No. 1433370

The infighting has gotten so bad. It's gotta be the influx of people coming in from twt, tiktok, etc. I've seen the effects on this site. it wasnt this bad 2-3 years ago. Kinda sad. Also, there's a huge amount of newfags responding to bait.

No. 1433437

>well as a neurodivergent person I feel like..
Why use this vague umbrella term that can mean just about anything when you could.. say what you have. It only takes away context from a conversation. I mostly link ND to tism but people say it now and they mean social anxiety or depression. Its such a wide net. Just specify.

Google what is neurodivergence
>types of neurodivergence include Tourette's, dyspraxia, synesthesia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, ASD, ADHD, Prader-Willi syndrome, Sensory processing disorders, Social anxiety, dyscalculia, Down syndrome, ptsd, c-ptsd, epilepsy, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, borderline personality disorder, anxiety, depression, Intellectual disabilities

No. 1433464

I hate Rupaul’s Drag Race and the people who watch/endorse it. Some faghag was claiming Teddy Fresh the H3H3 associated brand should hire drag queens as designers to fix their issue with stealing designs and I had to laugh at them thinking that was some kind of solution because 1) misogynistic drag queens who have a style that’s an extreme caricature of femininity isn’t gonna suit TF and 2) gay males are already over represented in fashion so if we’re trying to actually get some new fresh ideas they should hire women and ethnic minorities instead. I just hate women who try to co-sign these caricatures of female behavior so much, I wish they’d die off and natural selection would favor women with a spine but history shows the opposite happening. Oh well, like the other feminists of the past, I encourage us to write manifestos, let future women know that we existed and it’s always been shit, and peak the future masses of women bc fuck these pickmes. I hate them so much and their lazy faux progressivism.

No. 1433474

But that's exactly the reason they won't specify, they probably don't have a diagnosis for either of those. They only know that they absolutely do not want to be left out of discussions they think they should be a part of.

No. 1433507

When scrotes throw jealous hissy fits over men with bigger tits like “oh he’ll be deflating like a balloon for sure when he stops lifting” well you already DO look like deflated balloon you flat whore. I try very hard not to step in and whiteknight my boys with the milkies. Especially bitter are the ones built like burnt branches. Im sorry you will never have pink nippers and soft pecorinos. Maybe you could if your mother could pick her own mate of choice, sadly we live in a society where women are bought and old. Stop bullying prettier scrotes and kill your dad for his shit genetics.

No. 1433510

the lesbian arc in white lotus didn't sit right with me, idk why. it seems like gay men can't write lesbian characters without pity or contempt

No. 1433515

i wish this book had screen caps

No. 1433539

Men cant write female characters for some reason. Some of the best seller books that had male characters were written by women, but for some reason men dont see women as anything but either nagging bitches or sex objects. Queer as folk in the 90s suffered from this. they had lesbians in the show that added nothing but fake drama. i hated it.

No. 1433540

>capping for a scrote

No. 1433559

The word "milkies"

No. 1433608

Samefag but I meant caricatures of so-called female behavior. I don’t know why women call out drag queens for the minstrel show mess that it is. It’s a fucking mockery of what men think women are 100% and the contempt towards us is glaringly obvious.

No. 1433618

I hate flaky people. If you don't want to do something, then don't fucking say you are going to do it. So simple yet a retarded concept for most.

No. 1433626

RPDR is single-handedly responsible for children performing as "kid drag queens" in clubs, this whole shit with "drag queens library meetings" and normalization of night club culture in neutral spaces. It's fine to do your little perverted performances for other adult males in adult only clubs, but why tf we gotta have drag con for people of all ages? And all of that disgusting gay lingo bleeding into normal speech, slay queen, yass, serving eleganza… just shut up lol

No. 1433634

File: 1670267246301.png (46.53 KB, 718x340, noshitsherlock.PNG)

People who have children and don't learn about basic human development. I just read about parents who let their three year olds use a trampoline park and got surprise pikachu face when their kids broke bones and had to go to the hospital. Yes, let's let a toddler with reduced spatial awareness launch themselves several feet into their air and then free fall on cartilage-y long bones. Absolutely nothing could go wrong and we're obviously not responsible for any harm that occurs because how could we know better? /s

No. 1433641

That shit is supposed to be basic common sense, what did I just read?

No. 1433643

I said I tried hard and didn’t cape.

No. 1433658

Apparently supreme retardation, because I also thought this was common sense. I found the original article link if you want to read four paragraphs of risk calculation: https://slate.com/human-interest/2017/07/think-again-before-letting-your-kid-on-a-trampoline.html
People like this make me feel really bad for their kids. They can spend who knows how long researching accident statistics to cite for some journo piece, but they can't take five minutes to learn how their own child's skeleton functions before letting them out into the world.

No. 1433704

Start by cutting out or cutting down on junk food that you eat or drink and then just read around on different ways to lose weight. There a lot of approaches to weight loss and you have to find one that resonates with you.
Or if you have a doctor, you can ask them for a referral to a dietitian (not a nutritionist, everyone and their grandmother can call themselves a nutritionist, dietitians have to go school and get accredited).

No. 1434135

File: 1670299432480.png (22.28 KB, 732x464, 1658034688985.png)

People who post uggos in the attractive men thread

No. 1434141

That's 95% of the thread tbh.

No. 1434151

That thread makes me happy when an attractive male actor comes out as gay or already in a happy marriage.

No. 1434156

nta but why

No. 1434157

name two actors that were posted in the thread that came out as gay ?

No. 1434159

The men in that thread are so bland. It's always a reminder that men are a very aesthetically cursed cohort. Plus, i just don't see the point of the thread, how many women really just fall in a love with a man 100% based off how they look? Of course i am projecting because i always presume attractive men to be nasty and rude people.

Kevin spacey? Kek.

No. 1434163

he's a pedophile and I don't think he was ever posted in the attractive males thread

No. 1434194

samefag but i gotta be honest, i wouldn't find a man attractive anymore if he came out so i don't really get this post

No. 1434212

I hate gay and bisexual men. But lesbians are quite based

No. 1434214

I know, it was a joke poking fun at the fact that no outed actor that has been considered hot has been posted there.

No. 1434297

Men's "preferences" are so weird and it's funny trying to watch them justify it. "We say we like young women we mean we like attractive and unarguable women" okay? So why not just say that instead of potential repelling your ideal woman who is your own age? And then when you point out younger girls are more moody and hormonal and they don't even date the attractive ones they'll find any excuse to justify it. They'll do anything to not admit it's because they're manipulative kek

No. 1434310

i wish the web was still designed for desktop rather than mobile/tactile. fucking hate this ugly huge shit. and i hate the current minimalist flat design too but i already posted about it twice and that goes for more than just web design.

No. 1434410

It's already hard finding men attractive so they're already on thin ice

No. 1434441

Older men dating young women are literally just vampires that want to suck on their youth, because they think it'll help them rejuvenate somehow.

No. 1434780

I went to dragoncon for it's first year in NYC because I was a stupid bitch who watched RPDR before I realized how toxic and sexist it was. I didn't see many younger people there, but the thought that dragcon is now all ages is sickening. it doesnt make sense because dragstuff is literally an adult form of entertainment. Why should kids be invovled?

No. 1434782

Thanks for your response, anon. Yeah, cutting down on junk food is one thing I have done pretty immediately. I even have a small bowl so I can portion my stuff properly. It sucks because I can see the visible weight gain, and some of my favorite pants wont button up now.

No. 1435029

God I HATE people who kiss ass and act fake nice all the time and then talk shit behind everyone's back. It's so spineless.

No. 1435033

I hate that my husbando isn't real

No. 1435067

I hate coomers so fucking much. They really are the lowest of scrotes and there are so many of them.

No. 1435254

I hate seeing social media posts of people flipping shit over their pets being sick and it’s insanely clear their pet needs to be put down but they’re too selfish to do so. They’ll freak out cry about how hard it is for them to let go while their 16 year old dog has had 3 rounds of chemo and can’t use their back legs anymore. That’s no way to live and letting your pets be miserable for YEARS because you can’t handle it is insanely unfair

No. 1435405

File: 1670384333591.jpeg (216.35 KB, 821x985, EAA24D8D-64A3-4A68-9B04-BA7F04…)

the fact that subs even allow this shit to be posted. who wants to see your fucking pills

No. 1435408

File: 1670384415200.jpg (264.46 KB, 1747x845, barf.jpg)

I find black hardware really ugly but I think that's only because I associate it with these modern, minimalistic, stale as fuck styles.

No. 1435413

It's just pills, what's the big deal?

No. 1435417

why do people want you to see and guess their meds? it's creepy

t. unmedicated uninsured bipolar and can't afford meds so also me coping and seething that I no longer have access to them either

No. 1435421

Yea it’s probably just the association. Imagine the hardware but with a funky retro design, granted even if it is black there’s better stylistic choices but I think it’s just the mono shit you don’t like

No. 1435422

For some reason this made me picture a wheel of fortune type pill dispenser where you spin and get a random dose for the day.

No. 1435427

kek it does look like that. I think the design is wack so it irked me even more

No. 1435454

Don't you qualify for medicare? Letting your condition run rampant sounds like a recipe for disaster.

No. 1435471

I loathe those supposedly "innocuous" videos on Instagram which are clearly meant to attract and arouse men. But if you point it out, YOU'RE the weird one for making it sexual. The video will be some stupid "POV", yet I have to see some girl bounce her butt or squish her cleavage together. The worst offenders rarely show their face and just their bodies. Usually those are by OF girls, but not always. Sometimes they're just made by pickme girls desperate to appeal to men without saying so. They tend to use ultra femininity and class as their shield, but they just show off their bodies in every post. Whether they're OF girls or not though, one look at their face and it's obvious why they're doing what they're doing. It's pitiful. I also can't stand the trend of showing yourself in your underwear in a GRWM or fashion video. I don't need to see your tits, ass and pussy in a video about winter outfits. I also don't need impressionable teens to think it is okay to do so! Are people seriously so comfortable with undressing in front of strangers? This is a disgusting porn world.

No. 1435500

I despise when my phone is on low battery or dark mode, and it won't let me type. It will start typing a bunch of weird things or press buttons on its own volition, forcing me to turn off dark mode or up the brightness if I want to be able to use my phone normally. It sucks when I'm out and about at nighttime especially, since I want to save battery and protect my eyes…

No. 1435503

But why do they make them? Supply and demand

No. 1435512

So? I too know men would pay money to see me naked… That doesn't mean I'm going to get undressed for them?

No. 1435518

Misguided anger

No. 1435531

Do you have a 3rd party keyboard app?

No. 1435558

I have a Samsung but I use gboard, so I think the answer is yes ?

No. 1435563


No. 1435566

I didn't go on lolcow for a few days and I come back and so many of the new thread pics are ai generated. I feel such disgust seeing them. Maybe this will make me stay off this site more and more so it's not all bad.

No. 1435574

Wait fr? Google keyboard? Do you have an article or something to recommend on this so I can fix it?

No. 1435597

Most third party keyboards are keyloggers in the literal sense that can be exploited in some way. G board is no exception. You can try an open source alternative, there are several. There are many discussions mulling over it on Reddit as well

No. 1435603

I hate black men
>black women are ugly and disgusting haha! I don’t want no sheboon I like WHITE and LATINA women only
>black woman does something she enjoys that isn’t pandering to them
I hate all men. They all have the same regarded thinking patterns. If they fuck a white woman their retarded brains will think he’s conquering racism, or he’s getting one over on white men because he’s fucking one of “their” women. If a black woman fucks a white man, well that can’t be allowed! Because the white man is fucking “THEIR” woman and that means he’s winning!

No. 1435641

Damn I feel bad, I made two unpopular opinions/stupid questions. I didn't mean to freak you out or make you feel sick.

No. 1435658

The taboo of critiquing products. Idc that it's too harsh, nitpicky or that it hasn't been released yet "so reserve your judgement". I'd rather sperg about it now so they maybe can fix it before release, than be stuck with something shitty later. Literally every brand, developer, franchise, or whatever ends up with this cult around it which will shout down any criticism. They act like they're gods and we should be grateful to be blessed with any products. Instead of realizing we're customers and decide the demand. Especially with games. How come modders can do a better job for free, or just look at the 90's? Meanwhile people act like the devs will quit like babies if you complain one too many times. Or tech. They keep releasing shit early full of bugs or mechanical issues with the excuse that it'll get better over time and it immediately gets implemented in all new phones, laptops, tablets what have you, but when it finally is great, they will come with something new shit and it'll start allover again. And if you complain, you get treated like someone who doesn't want to progress with the times, instead of just wanting better quality control.

No. 1435663

Somehow the "[brand] is your friend" marketing has worked massively and caused people to mindlessly defend and pander to companies. They should be working for you, the customer, restricting people from giving feedback on products is peak consoom.

No. 1435665

Racial preferences are stupid. I'm a racially ambiguous white girl and moids who would never look at me twice will happily simp for me if I tell them I'm Latina or Asian.

No. 1435666

What are you talking about anon?

No. 1435706

It's ignorant to put all the blame on the devs when buggy releases are investors fault.

No. 1435739

oh my god its the same for me, i can seriously just list off ethnicities and whichever one gets a reaction i can pretend i’m that and they froth it. i get asian/mediterranean/middle eastern/latina

No. 1435742

I hate the word "toasty", idk why but it grosses me out

No. 1435764

and if the game is too buggy on launch that they end up having lots of missed sales, stock price drops too, sometimes by nearly 50%. Just because the cult is okay with it and will even lie about it not being too buggy during testing, doesn't mean the average normie is going to be okay with it. The cult creates an emperor's new clothes situation which ends up with them being in an endless cycle of trying to release more shit to make up for the losses, and then getting more stockdrops because it's unpolished and buggy. Which isn't acknowledged by themselves, no the only thing that gets mentioned is that other titles were also released that month and there was too much competition.

No. 1435921

File: 1670428466825.jpg (125.57 KB, 1001x614, Screenshot_20221207-165214_Chr…)

The way trad women talk online, it'sso childish.

No. 1435923

I fucking hate winter.

No. 1435933

>Posts fully rendered, edited, watermarked artwork
"Here's a sketch/doodle hehe"

No. 1435988

>ending the life of a baby
Why do so many retards think abortion=murder? American education is in shambles.

No. 1435991

This is kinda cute. I would use this for my daily supplements of vitamin c, garlic pills, etc.

No. 1435993

What does this have to do with Americans?

No. 1435994

Adding I hate when they call an embryo or a fetus a baby. It’s not. It wasn’t. It was a clump of cells that couldn’t survive outside the uterus. It wasn’t a baby and it comes off like those stupid shitty prolife bill boards. Just reactionary morality that doesn’t mean shit and is probably used to overlook ways they're actually god awful people.

No. 1435997

I agree with you. It's a hard decision, but when your pet's quality of life is being blind and in diapers, it should be time to let them go. Also, people who complain about being broke but beg for money for their pet bills. Don't get a pet then.

No. 1436000

It's misinformation and so inaccurate. I know someone who works in a fertility clinic and pro-life people are the bane of her existence.

No. 1436003

I hate gay/bi men as well. No idea how anyone can cap for them. They're disgusting and spread diseases. I dont care if anyone thinks I'm homophobic myself, even though i'm a lesbian.

No. 1436005

Normie wannabes on lc, why don't they go back to Instagram or Facebook instead of sermonizing every retard they see? Its an imageboard, not saying everyone here is autistic, but "weirdness" is to be expected in these type of places. "Reeeee weebs/fujos/schizos/husbandofags/femcels/neets/etc" then fuck off

No. 1436044

Anond baiting in the advice/vent threads. Vile

No. 1436069

File: 1670434239833.jpeg (19.9 KB, 236x236, 6239D996-F2AB-4285-B09B-AB700B…)

exactly. if you're such a normie why are you even here? inb4 its the only place a woman can freely express herself, really ? there's twitter or reddit for you, idk. not even calling anyone a twitterfag or anything but why even complain about weeaboos on an imageboard like yeah, its an imageboard… im sick of people being like i miss when lc was chill like since when was lc ever chill? before everything this place was born for and out of gossip after pixyteri discussion was banned on /cgl/. that's why /pt/ is /pt/. there's forever going to be otakus infighters weirdos schizos etc because they were who made the site in the first place. this point is lighthearted but it shocked me to see how many normies were posting here when i visited the fashion thread for the first time, nothing wrong with that but i wasnt expecting it kek.
i miss when the userbase was majorly weebish but im glad there's a large anonymous female only space with way more freedom to express yourself in and that includes geeks sorry to say to normie wannabes.

No. 1436138

It's 2022, when are you going to realize normies have invaded every online space including image boards kek

No. 1436148

and why should we conform to them instead of the other way around? if they dont like it they can go live their normal life with regular people elsewhere instead of constantly complaining about something that was and is the norm kek before they even came around

No. 1436164

File: 1670437174292.jpeg (475.6 KB, 750x567, 515BF713-4AD2-4A23-B1A7-4F5892…)

There is no “peronality” or “genuine wants” there is only a e s t h e t i c

No. 1436194

Agree. LC and image board culture shouldnt change for them.
Gen z has no identity.

No. 1436287

Weaboos are the pioneers of imageboards including this one I’m always so surprised when new anons have no idea

No. 1436323

>Gen z has no identity.
No way. Maybe there are more of them doing stupid stuff because of tiktok, but I work with kids and they're as funny and goofy as kids were twenty years ago.

No. 1436344

Thank you, anon. That gives me hope. It just makes me sad at the ones who are terminally online and can barely speak a full sentence without using online terms and slang.

No. 1436466

this. if we change then we'll end up like mainstream social media sites, disinfected, woke and PC. preserving board culture is important to our freedom to speak openly and safely. ignore anyone saying otherwise.

No. 1436486

i feel that. i shared something on /cgl/ within the past few years and this guy who'd been stalking me figured out it was me. it was terrifying. it had been eight years since i blocked him. i just wanna share cute crafts…

No. 1437470

Sims CC with English or otherwise non-Simlish text on it.

No. 1437500

Deep cut!

No. 1437927

File: 1670540429006.jpg (200.91 KB, 980x481, moids.jpg)

I hate moids and I hate the patriarchy. They are literally indoctrinating girls to have bad visuospatial skills.
Men be manipulating.

No. 1437988

This is a weird one, but I hate when someone eats something with tomato/red sauce and it stains the corners of their mouths. Why is it staining your skin? Creepy. And it makes them look like children who can't eat properly.

No. 1438040

Normies are the moids of the internet. Or maybe moids are the normies of the world.

No. 1438044

I'm white and I've literally never had this problem, but my older brother always did growing up, it's fucking nasty. I always lick my lips/wipe with a napkin after every bite when eating messy food though.

No. 1438186

What thread is this from?

No. 1438279

File: 1670563733977.jpeg (808.99 KB, 1170x1124, 308F465C-2494-419A-B2FF-4992F8…)

I will never understand how any woman can deform herself like this. Injectors definitely have some responsibility in this shit too. Fucking what could ever possess a human to do this to another person??

No. 1438282

File: 1670564035081.jpg (31.99 KB, 720x445, aging-lips-rejuvenated-dermal-…)

IMO lip fillers should be reserved for women with actually unfortunate lips. Most cosmetic work in general should only really be reserved for this with unfortunate enough features that the work can make a huge difference. Meanwhile you have women who already had big lips getting lip fillers, already had big tits getting implants, were already skinny getting lipo, etc. it just creates an unrealistic standard to the point where women get bashed for having perfectly normal features just because plastic surgery warped everyone's views on how women's bodies look

No. 1438368

Go to LA if you wanna see some horrifying mouths,

No. 1438477

So you’re telling me those aren’t bisons? Then again this might be Izzzyzzz‘s kind of humor…

No. 1438478

Why can’t they give the main male characters NOT a potato nose? It’s not funny or fun to look at (maybe for a child but) they all look the same now. I hate how they make them generic or worse ugly

No. 1438479

Those lips are perfectly fine. They're not bad or anything, just thinner than the current fashion industry pushes on people.

>Most cosmetic work in general should only really be reserved for this with unfortunate enough features that the work can make a huge difference

Nobody should get plastic surgery done unless it is reconstructing after a disfigurement.

Please leave the maze.

No. 1438492

I hate that a protein snack I found a few months ago got jacked in price due to popularity and is never on sale.

No. 1438520

I hope a a gang of white girls with "unfortunate lips" gives you a Columbian necktie and defecates inside your prefrontal cortex. Lip filler should be reserved for men, fatty.(a-log)

No. 1438525

So quirky much nlog

No. 1438567

nta, that's the ideal, but let's be real
some women are suffering with features considered extremely out of the norm, and IMO it's too much like gaslighting to make their mindset the problem when society treats them like shit. the world is simply not going to change for them, and not everyone wants to be a constant warrior. some women grow up with extremely saggy breasts, and that's technically not a "disfigurement", just a natural state, but the way it impacts your life in most modern societies is significant. we can post about how it's all about "loving yourself", but real life isn't that simple

No. 1438568

I can agree with extremely asymmetrical or misshapen breasts, but I can't think of a case of a face where I would consider plastic surgery appropriate unless it was destroyed by disease or injury. Those things social media influencers care about so deeply are all things nobody I know would ever even notice much less value.

No. 1438570

Polyamory thread on /snow/ >>>/snow/1664422

No. 1438573

Religious people who lose their shit over someone saying 'oh my god' or 'goddamn'

No. 1438583

You understand some people feel the same way about a facial feature they have as you do about your breats? And breasts are hidden 99% of the time, a face is not. I'm not advocating for plastic surgery etc, but I do understand why some women feel they need it. It's unfortunate, but I understand. >>1438567 said it well imo

No. 1438585

Ugh my whole family is like this. Granted I talk to them like twice a year but it's so weird to filter myself so heavily. Even stuff like "jesus!" as an exclamation is bad

No. 1438586

> You understand some people feel the same way about a facial feature they have as you do about your breats?
Yes and they should seek mental health improvement instead of surgery. I singled out breasts because they do protrude from the body and can cause real material issues and inconveniences. I'm not saying I approve of surgery, just that I can see an argument being made.

>women are suffering with features considered extremely out of the norm, and IMO it's too much like gaslighting to make their mindset the problem when society treats them like shit

That's delusional, stop hanging out with 80IQ mean girls and this stops being an issue entirely, if it's not made up to begin with. I don't remember the last time I saw someone who was so ugly it was off-putting and even really ugly people have friends and partners and families.
Cluster B chans try to claim all their problems are society's fault but most of them are in their head (and the rest in their cluster B chan social circle).

No. 1438601

People who randomly sing loudly on public, you're not Whitney Houston please stop, its so annoying and attention whorish

No. 1438604

Oh my god this

No. 1438634

Most of them are crazy people off their meds.

No. 1439033

I fucking hate being the child of parents who have a huge age gap. My dad was in his mid 50s when I was born and my mom was 20. It disgusts me to even think about it. Going anywhere with my parents made me want to off myself people thought my dad was my grandpa and my mom and I were sisters or she was his daughter. I hated ever introducing my friends to my dad because I hated having to explain that my dad was basically a senior citizen.

No. 1439057

+1 and also youtubers that break into singing when that's not relevant to their video content
Like, bitch, I'm to hear your dumb video essays, not you mediocre singing

No. 1439060

Anonita? Are you me?
My parents also have a huge age gap, 32 years, shit was awkward

No. 1439062

Damn your parents are worse than mine. They have a 15 years gap and my father looks young for his age as a result of being a manlet so people don't always notice.

No. 1439118

That my hamster is nocturnal and I am sleepy

No. 1439121

Sameferg, not because he keeps me up, but because I seldomly see him and I want to observe

No. 1439131

that's fucking disgusting, anon. How did you deal with it?

No. 1439137

Just count yourself lucky you arent retarded from his degraded sperm. What's wrong with these young women doing this to themselves. I'm really sorry you have to deal with that.

No. 1439139

Reminds me of the OG Panic! At the disco song I Write Sins, Not Tragedies. When they released it on MTV back in the day, it was censored because you couldnt say 'GODDAMN' on tv, I guess?? Religious people are annoying.

No. 1439141

>.t thin lipped woman

No. 1439149

Back when I first found them, I didn't know the offical version on YouTube is the censored version, so for years I sung "haven't you people ever heard closing the!–damn door?" and hearing the actual version sounds so wrong.

No. 1439151

File: 1670625779385.png (250.79 KB, 538x286, lips.PNG)

This is true. Of course no one needs to have fillers and it's not bad to have thin lips, but if you have regular lips then lip filler will just make them look bloated. However if you have really thin lips then I think lip filler can make them look really nice.

No. 1439158

>dOnT sAy tHe LoRdS nAmE iN vEin

No. 1439171

Nta, there's a total jackass I know who isn't religious but thinks he's better than everyone because he doesn't say god in vein. Doesn't believe in god but talks about tHe UnIvErSe. It'll never excuse his behavior currently or past, or the fact he cheated with a married woman when he was younger yet talks about it like it's no big deal. Fuck anyone who acts more superior because you said goddammit. Gtfo

No. 1439178

Yeah, I saw Panic! live back on 2015 and 2017. Hearing I Write Sins live is amazing, because people scream CLOSING THE GOD DAMN DOOR as loud as they can.

No. 1439671

File: 1670670267237.jpeg (133.38 KB, 1024x908, 1.Before-and-After-1024x908.jp…)

>Mfw Americans will spend thousands monthly and have to completely change their diet for months to years while they're teenagers over even the slightest crooked tooth as if anyone beside them is going to notice

>Will have mental breakdowns if you suggest someone very unfortunate features get life changing work done that can very well allow them to look more normal and make their self confidence skyrocket, and others will even notice them being more attractive and treat them better

I never understood this logic kek. Some Americans even act this way pertaining to skin and weight. Don't get your teenager a gym membership because they need to love themselves but hey let's take out a loan because Sally has a toothpick sized toothgap kek

No. 1439691

>t. britbong with janky crooked teeth
The way your teeth are spaced out effects your facial structure and your jawline. Getting braces can drastically change someone’s facial structure.

No. 1439694

unemployed people saying they're 'tired' or 'exhausted' tired from what? sitting on your lazy arse all day? fuck off

No. 1439695

Nice try but I'm American and had braces throughout my teen years, was suggested because of a tiny overbite no one, not even me noticed until my dentist pointed it out. My family spent tons of money but would completely neglect my wishes for decent skin care and I had to wait until I was 18 to join a gym. Any sort of plastic surgery would be extremely out of the question. It was painful, unnecessary, lasted for years, I lost weight and ended up being underweight when I had the rubber bands because I could eat anything and I was doing multiple sports at the time.

I definitely did not "drastically change my facial structure" and I have never ever seen anyone's facial structure change like crazy because of braces and I went to a high school where vast majority of kids had to get braces. If we're all here for thousands to "drastically improve facial structure" why the fuck is everyone so opposed to someone turning FAS lips into normal lips or any other sorts of small improvements that can drastically improve ones looks if we're all on board with cosmetic procedures to improve appearances now?

No. 1439697

? those shits r yellow as FUCK the alignment was not the problem? girl get some crest strips

No. 1439699

She's like 12 anon, natural teeth aren't supposed to be super white plus pale peoples teeth look yellower than they actually are

No. 1439702

yes damage your teeth so they appear white, for absolutely no reason other than looks

No. 1439707

Same with streamers.
The color is fine, even by brushing them thrice a day and completely avoiding coffee and cigarettes they will never be marble white. I'm all for braces because teeth placement is actually important but the "American TV news anchor" dentition is unnatural, over the top and kinda creepy.

No. 1439714

Braces are fine if they're actually needed, but if you're going to support braces for minor teeth issues you should also other minor cosmetic that would make an actual difference as well

No. 1439744

File: 1670677282565.jpg (97.09 KB, 453x700, ugly pedo and victim.jpg)

>In the interview with Ksenia Sobchak, Julia Volkova told how Ivan asked her to masturbate in the bathroom in front of the camera. There were only two takes and the second one had to be done for real. Further, during the Show Me Love promo tour in >Japan, Julia imitated masturbation in front of an audience of thousands people right on the stage.

>Timestamp of video is Apr.5 2002

>Julia Volkova Born: February 20, 1985

>Ivan Shapovalov Born: May 28, 1966

Meaning a 35 year old moid asked a freshly turned 17 year old girl to masturbate in front of a camera for a music video. I'm not posting the video for obvious reasons but it's up on yt in 4 fucking K no less.

I reported it for sexual content including minors. Shit's sick.

No. 1439754

i loved t.a.t.u but i'm pretty sure the whole lesbian thing was just for show, too. no doubt this scrote was watching too much jailbait lesbian porn and wanted to act out his fantasy of two "lesbian" schoolgirls singing about loving women. i still love their music but it's gross knowing that all of it was pretty much just for this scrotanov and other perverted scrotes to jack off to.

No. 1439765

Yeah the lesbianism was all for show. Sucks to find out so many girls I looked up to and thought were so cool were barely adults themselves (or not even adults like in this case) getting used by predator moids.

No. 1439786

File: 1670680409562.jpg (339.73 KB, 1200x1183, iknowitsmeanttobeironicistilld…)

I can't wait until this 'dressing like a hobo but with expensive brands' trend goes away

No. 1439861

File: 1670686605495.jpeg (714.68 KB, 828x614, 8295422F-49EC-42AC-BDD3-671E7B…)

I hate the moids at my local Planet Fitness. None of them can just be normal, they all treat it as if it's an adult playground

No. 1439863

But planet fitness is an adult playground, with pizza

No. 1439865

Same nonna. I blast metal to drown them out. 2 bad we cant workout together, we could roast them

No. 1439867

Nonnie, you know very well that it will never go away.

No. 1439882

By having crippling social anxiety and an eating disorder.
I'm better after tons of therapy though.

No. 1440154

i hate that threads will get lost between board pages and take hours to get unstuck AAAAAAAAAAA

No. 1440175

that's what the catalog is for

No. 1440589

narcolepsy. I can't help it I'm sorry.

No. 1440715

I am a gym rat

No. 1440724

File: 1670736838287.jpg (162.4 KB, 1571x626, Capture.JPG)

whose 4chan dwelling nigel is this? married nonas I feel bad for you

No. 1440726

Obvious bait thread written by obese virgin larper

No. 1440763

something is so off here…I smell a lie. might be odd to say but I think a woman wrote it as a fetish role-play activity. good for her I guess, hope she's not actually coping with being cheated on or something.

No. 1440812

Why would any woman, even pickmes, show disgust at moids cheating but then start "joking about them getting a girlfriend"? Definitely larp.

On this subject - why can't these moids just date women who already want open relationships or something? What's their obsession with trying to change women to doing whatever they want when there's plenty of pickmes out there dying for their man to fuck other women?

No. 1440846

If you tried being a NEET for a bit you would notice you get tired from literally doing nothing. It's crazy. I study and work now, but there was a small period (couple months) where I was a NEET and I got nothing done, sat on my ass all day and could not even fill the dishwasher before my moid got home from work. Now that I am busy I get so much more done in a day

Yes it was, one of them is an anti gay activist these day kek

No. 1440866

I think this is the case for me. I worked full time and went to school full time and I was fine. I'm self employed and took two weeks off work for holidays now and constantly feel drained. It's no wonder boomers go work at fucking McDonalds or something even if they have good money

No. 1440868

depression. Though i dont get it either, NEETing was the most active and creative i ever was, miss those days

No. 1440871

same, I don't understand it myself really, but when I was a NEET I felt too lazy to do anything but sit infront of my computer all day but my current occupation demands actual work and moving around a lot and somehow I have more energy all day and much happier

No. 1440927

It was honestly the physical pain that drove me to get out of NEETdom, my body was always sore in someway and I just never felt happy, I took small steps by first bicycling to get my strength up and gradually and slowly I managed to get healthy enough to get a real job

No. 1440931

>Yes it was, one of them is an anti gay activist these day kek
I mean she'd fit it with LC, from what I've read in interviews she said female-female attraction is normal, because women are beautiful, but gay men are disgusting

No. 1440945


Yeah but at work you meet people. Working alone and at home all the time just fuels misery.

No. 1440946

File: 1670759539194.jpg (115.84 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Why do some social media couples give me such bad vibes? There were obvious ones like yumi and splenda when they were a thing, and then ofc that weird TikTok couple and it's some Latina girl with bolt ons and some ugly white guy bragging about cheating and stuff, the ace family, etc but idk why this couple in particular always give me a weird feelings

No. 1440954

You couldn't pay me to live this "lifestyle", poor girl looks so tired and glass eyed, women are in fact happier by themselves, the only ones benefiting from marriage and kids are men

No. 1440957

When wounded spergs get torn apart in one thread for their dumbass posts so they run over to another thread to start seething about how everyone called them a retard and ‘bullied’ them.

No. 1440976

Anon, I dunno who these people are but just from the thumbnail: exposing and monetizing their baby's image, exposing their own bodies in obvious sexualized manner while with the baby, obviously staged thumbnail, pulling an "oh I'm so exhausted" expression while in all this contrived bullshit. And 5h30 isn't even that early, do clickbait right.

No. 1440979

All the shitting on unmarried childless women is just a cope from women who are trapped in this horrific existence and moids who don't want to lose their bangmaids

No. 1440981

Maybe I just don't understand how children work, but why is he smushing the baby's face like that? Is that how you're supposed to hold babies?

No. 1440982

>exposing their own bodies in obvious sexualized manner while with the baby,
Yeah that's the part that really stuck with me. They both are pretty revealing, the girl kept wearing these massive push up bras and the guy always walks around shirtless. Not that I think people should dress like nuns but she would also "accidentally" show texts from her husband telling her how big her boobs are and when she started breastfeeding they would make every single short about her boobs pretty much.

No. 1440997

Babies have weak little necks so you have to hold their head, but still looks super weird.

No. 1441009

The Ariana Grande Christmas song that has been playing everywhere. Her annunciation is so poor she sounds and notes are all over place. She's just yelling and moaning vowel sounds. Every syllable just rolls into the other and it doesn't sound good. It sounds babyish.
I hate that I'm going to hear it so many more times too. Even worse, everyone who I've talked to liked or didn't mind the song. I hope to god this isn't the next All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey…

No. 1441025

I hate that stupid ugly bug from the princess and the frog

No. 1441034

This is gonna be mega retarded because it's such a nitpick but I've noticed it and I have no one else to share this except here so I'm just gonna put this out here. I hate how everyone almost exclusively uses he/him pronouns for animals/creatures
>what an adorable little guy
>he's so cute!
All nouns are gendered in my language so I only notice this on the internet. Since when is male the default gender? Oh right since always. Moving on

No. 1441046

People do it more with large breeds too. Like a german shepard is seen as male by default but if its a poodle people will stop and consider that it might be female?

No. 1441055

Because men are animals, it's only natural we refer to all animals as male by default.
The real problem is when people use "she" to describe an object, like a ship, car, computer, etc.

No. 1441078

Finally someone says it. I cannot stand her voice. Almost every single one of her songs sounds the same, they are boring and she just moans or yells in a high pitched way most of the time. Her songs have more similarities than her face in instagram pictures of different years. If I had to drink a beer every time she does that "yuh" sound I would've already died of alcohol poisoning.

No. 1441097

because their monetizing their lives for the entertainment of the masses

No. 1441127

Ok I love using this website and everything but someone needs to actually do something about all the child porn that’s getting posted here. I’m at the point where I’d honestly be relieved if I woke up one morning and saw that the site was destroyed or deleted because then the fucking troons and pedophiles wouldn’t have a place to post links and pictures anymore. Janitors would rather crunch on their chicken bones or dominoes pizza, mouth breathing at their computer screen watching Ouran High School Host Club than do your fucking job of keeping this website a clean and safe space for women. Delete the CP threads immediately. Do what’s fucking expected of you if you’re really not gonna put in the energy of accepting new janny/mod applications or have another hellweek.

No. 1441160

I get where you're coming from but
>Do what’s fucking expected of you if you’re really not gonna put in the energy of accepting new janny/mod applications or have another hellweek.
I'm pretty sure the jannies aren't the ones who can open up applications nor are they responsible for the staff shortage and admin has been absent as fuck.

No. 1441181

When customers at work make stupid jokes expecting me to laugh. You're not funny.

No. 1441186

My country is in the EU and I hope politicians won't get the idea to try to reform the language to include gended neutral forms (especially while gay marriage is illegal). You just can't modify a language that has gendered verbs and a dozen gendered conjugations.

I know I'm preaching to the choir at lolcow, but I just want people to realize how trivial it is, I don't refer to doctors by their formal title outside of work either.

No. 1441187

Oh I didn’t know that part. I’m sorry if it’s out of their control, is admin dead or something? I haven’t even seen them be mentioned in actual months…

No. 1441194

What country do you live in that it'd be at risk of reforming the language in favour of gender politics but not legalizing gay marriage? Aren't all countries that still haven't legalized gay marriage right-leaning and conservative as fuck?

Sometimes I forget how much of a wildly different bunch of countries in the EU really is. You've got the first legalizers of gay marriage and ones still opposed to it in 2022.

No. 1441195

That Oakland by Lloyd isn't even a real song (or at least not one that's been released)

No. 1441209

I might live in a homophobic shithole in Europe, but at least our language has no gender. I'm happy I don't have to accomodate they/them bullshit from young college kids

No. 1441239

You Americans have been segregated by the ocean from a lot of the land mass on earth, humans have been roaming about settling Europe and Asia for a very long time in respect to americas modern formation.

No. 1441403

Countries that want to join Europe and apear progressive in text only. Germany didn't have legal gay marriage for ages so that's passable.

No. 1441405

>You Americans
ayrt. I am European born and raised. What are you even trying to get at anyway? Your whole post, in context of a response to mine, is non sensical.

No. 1441411

oo which threads

No. 1441437

Calling an adult "cute" to describe them physically, I hate it, it's a word only for children and animals imo, even as a teenager I hated being seen as cute.