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File: 1665804880381.jpg (66.89 KB, 564x741, a1fef78840d228114c16561d2b15ed…)

No. 1374929

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Thank you.

Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.

No. 1374930

File: 1665804999199.jpg (99.38 KB, 563x751, 65f35397210fda3c04179b695c5985…)

great, I made this thread because the other one was close to closing, I just wanted to say i hate this meme format with a burning passion and I wanted nonnas to join me in my contempt for dumb pick-mes who would ever care enough to make gamer scotes laugh.

No. 1374932

What even is the joke here?

No. 1374933

I didn't even have the decency to post the link to the previous thread. I am such a retard.

No. 1374954

Nta but the "punchline" is supposedly that the guy immediately went off to do x thing after climaxing I guess. There are so many unfunny meme formats but yeah, this is one of them.

No. 1374976

The implication being
>this guy I was extremely physically vulnerable and intimate with cares so little about me he used me and left asap to go do something mundane

tbh it goes beyond cringe, it's depressing af. I remember my shitty ex doing that to me back in the day, I was a dumb teen with no self awareness so I didn't get too upset at the time but these memes show these girls know exactly what he's doing and they choose to make a joke of it.

No. 1374979

Glad you're away from him, nonna.

No. 1375027

Weak tea and coffee. Be flavored or be normal water.

No. 1375038

Abhor leftist moids strategy to hide their pro-red pill manosphere status and at the same time upsurp women’s rights and equality via way of their troon bros, these men know their fellow trannies are a good way to access women and have more excuses for their rape and sexual predatory shit; or other deeds against women, so they cape hard for troons.

I know some RW redpill dudes online who have done troon-caping before, despite all their talk of gym and masculinity and “pink long-haired males are betas”, because they know troonism can destroy women’s safety and allow perving, which is what these incels want to do too, they secretly support it.

No. 1375132

File: 1665824697824.jpg (49.19 KB, 564x564, 51d2a7209ec7f077a94d6484fa3f00…)

I hate it when people bring their partners over to gatherings when it's clear that they're there only because the other either needs them as an emotional comfort blanket to chaperone them, or because the partner is possessive and jealous and want to be there to supervise the other one so that they don't slip up, or because the partner is just hopelessly socially retarded and has absolutely no other friends or contacts than the ones they can leech off the other. It's always immensely awkward because there's now a third wheel who barely speaks anything, only opens their mouth when the other asks them something and is clearly uncomfortable being there. I'm okay when I know both of them and the partner is as invested as the one who was invited but in many cases the dread I feel at the bottom of my stomach when an invitee says "by the way, x is coming too" makes me want to bury myself in a hole. In worst cases they'll be too busy performing constant intimate cuddling in front of everyone to even take part in the discussion just to show how "in love" they are with each other even when we're all in our late 20's/early 30's.

No. 1375153

Same. Last week some friend ruined our lunch at the restaurant because she brought her bf and our reservation couldn't be done, so we had to go somewhere else and she's bringing him again today. I hope he'll stfu this time instead of complaining again after being one whole hour late. Maybe he won't come at all though, I hope so.

No. 1375158

Yuck. You either have to start calling it ladies' lunch, ladies' night and similar in hope she takes the hint, or just tell her straight up not to bring her bf.

No. 1375166

It's so annoying because they often get mad when you ask them not to bring the boyfriend. Like I'm sorry the rest of us don't consider him essential to our well being and don't enjoy him just sitting there with his arms crossed clearly looking annoyed but just leave him home.

No. 1375168

NTA, but that behavior would be enough for me to drop a "friend".

No. 1375171

He wasn't complaining about the lunch or us, he was talking about his personal life and people who don't know despite us meeting him for the first time, which is even more awkward because we do not give a single fuck about this guy. Like, I don't give a fuck about your landlord making you late, don't even come to begin with, bitch.

We're slowly but surely doing this. She was already bringing random people with her without telling us before even having a bf but now that's enough.

No. 1375180

>She was already bringing random people with her without telling us
I seriously don't understand this behavior, I have had many friends who just say "is it okay if (her friend we have NEVER met) comes too???" 10 minutes before we're supposed to meet. What's wrong with these people? We're hitting up to meet each other, the people that we already know and feel comfortable with, and now you have to make it awkward by bringing someone we have NO idea about what they're like as a person. They must know it's not okay because they notify us about it at the last minute so sometimes I wonder if this is some sort of an assertion of dominance or some other mind games bullshit.

No. 1375182

Once I made a reservation and she brought one more person without telling anyone despite me telling her it's a TINY sushi restaurant and we had to cancel because of her and go to fucking mcdonalds.

No. 1375255

choosing an image to edit on faceapp and not being able to search by name so i have to scroll through several thousands of pictures to get to the one i want

No. 1375269

I thought we were done with heatwaves in Europe and hearing that one is coming in the middle of October makes me seriously consider XY genocide at this point.

Frankly, the only way to solve global warming issue is to resort to the mass killing of rich scrotes. There's no other option at this point.

No. 1375272

>is to resort to the mass killing of rich scrotes.
don't threaten me with a good time nonna, would be a lifelong dream to come true

No. 1375274

The only solution I'm proposing so far is culling moids from the womb by turning them into women when the first cell is formed.

That or hoping the next summer heatwave will make fertility drop till boomers finally get wiped out of the Earth at least.

No. 1375276

oh I was about to volunteer to help

No. 1375277

I'm still dealing with mosquitoes in the middle of October because the weather is just too warm for them to freeze to death. I hate summer and I especially hate prolonged summer.

No. 1375280

Genitals of fat people. I am fat and my vagina looks weird because of it.

No. 1375296

Ah moids already love killing people, why couldn't they just target other moids that could actually make a difference being dead?

No. 1375300


They will only target other moids if they feel said other moids are cockblocking them. For example, if they knew some scrote with a soft harem in their area was drawing all the local girls in town, they would form a group and try to mess with him.

Like with Justin Bieber and BTS, moids always call male singers or any male celeb who has women romanticising him “gay”.

No. 1375312

This summer might actually be one of the worst. It started earlier (circa April-May) and can't even fade away with a wet September. Wasps are still invading the bakeries I'm buying my bread at. God I hate summer and I can't see the rest of the year being better tbh.

I honestly don't want to die from a heat stroke in my 50s so I at least hope we can slow the madness down.

Moids are hypocritical and severely retarded when it comes to solve issues the hard way. Remember that white supremacist scrote who thought he could save the white race by shooting elders in a supermarket from the black neighborhood? They could very well kill corporates but they won't because
>They unironically believe the rich scrotes flying in a private jet fully deserve to fuck the planet over because they deserved it for being self-made gigachads
>They want to mooch out of their fortune themselves
Would be easier to use their ape-like tactics to wipe the rich out and build something else, but they don't want to become the conquerors themselves.

No. 1375325

File: 1665841493976.jpg (103.78 KB, 987x1280, D4XNUdbXsAE0bWS.jpg)

and let them have all the fun? no way jose

No. 1375905

People who want kids to suffer like them, but excuse it by saying it's normal or that young kids should just change their mindset. Basically expecting them to be mature about it like an adult and wanting them to fight adult's unnecessary battles. If you point out what behavioral problems this actually leads to, calling a spade a spade, that they expect kids to grow up way too fast, you get accused of actually advocating for that.

No. 1375906

I think you did a better job and describing why i hate this meme format more than I ever could, thank you.

No. 1375927


No. 1375931

Girl doing thing vs boy doing thing as a meme format. It can come in sports, games, or hobbies. They usually find a guy who's really good at that thing compared to a girl who's new at it or is only doing it for fun. I saw it in one game where it wasnt even applicable because the top 5 in the world is a woman around 19-22. Just another way for males to put women down from enjoying their hobbies or discouraging them from enjoying things men wants as only their hobby for their fragile egos.

No. 1375934

I especially hate the kinds where the girl is a normie and the boy is the weird/funny one. Hurdurr girls boring boys wacky and fun

No. 1376062

The biggest irony about people like this is that they do this so they have an excuse to perpetually act like children. Some of the dumbest people alive

No. 1376080

File: 1665897037316.png (282.27 KB, 564x508, 38FD8427-85D3-4061-8635-D7F636…)

I hate that dating around and sowing oats as a young person has been idealized so heavily. I really think it’s from older people who regretful they didn’t slut around enough before they settled down but the reality is is that casual stuff and situationships are just so fucking lame. I’ve dated quite a few moids and in hindsight all I learned from a majority of my relationships is that wasting all of my time with scrotes who are willing to sit in silence for an hour and a half before going home for the lamest sex ever is stupid. Most people will only do the bare minimum to get into your pants and then act like you’re crazy for trying to connect deeper. It’s fucking draining spending precious free time with people you have only a sexual connection with. I can confidently say that the two relationships where I actually emotionally connected with the other person taught me way more about what I wanted out of love than any of those other losers.

No. 1376095

Eww hairy fupa

No. 1376100

File: 1665898976899.jpeg (125.11 KB, 800x418, three fuckers.jpeg)

These shitheads. I've probably ranted about them before but their music is like a child screaming into my ears. Absolutely revolting. The music is so numbingly boring and the lyrics…oh my god the lyrics.

>Can you imagine no love, pride, deep-fried chicken?

>My heart is bound to beat right out of my untrimmed chest

>So gangster, I'm so thug

You're the only one I'm dreaming of

>Marry me

If I ever get the nerve to say Hello in this café

>Just a shy guy looking for a two-ply Hefty bag to hold my love When you move me everything is groovy They don't like it sue me Mmm the way you do me

Aaaand the entire song of 50 Ways To Say Goodbye. Worst part is I know all their radio hits thanks to my old food service job, the cringe and horrible lyrics are seared into my brain for all eternity. White bread blandness music, look like they shop at Ed Hardy on the regular, looking like divorced dads with 3 kids trying to relive their younger days, no lip having, I totally cheated on my wife energy dudes. I'm so glad they faded into obscurity, but I still can't get away thanks to department and grocery stores. Fuck Train.

No. 1376127

I never think about Train but you’ve just reminded me of some creep who wouldn’t leave my DMs in highschool, ‘cause he liked them.

No. 1376136

Mosh pits. I don't get what's so fun about a mass of people having a giant spergout together. And all the possible injuries too. Can't you dance to the beat like a regular person.

No. 1376169

Once I was enjoying the music and not paying attention to how close the mosh pit had moved to me, then the next moment my 100lb little ass was on the floor and a sweat guy more than twice my size had fallen on top of me. Luckily it was a metal show so some nice kids with weird hair made their way through the crowd to see if I was okay. I don’t hate mosh pits, but they can be fucking annoying.

No. 1376186

moshpits suck, but I also hate Germans who just stand around sipping their beer, with 0 enthusiasm on their face. Is this a festival or a funeral? Might've been a fluke tho

No. 1376188

I honestly think a lot of people just act on impulse in social situations and just don't even think before inviting someone to something because in their minds, the more the merrier. Alternatively, they are just plain selfish – it's all about who THEY are getting to spend time with, with no consideration for the group dynamic. I had an ex who told me I was welcome to come along on a weekend trip with his friends. Later he was complaining that one of his friends wanted to bring the girl he was dating without asking the rest of the group. I asked if HE ever asked them if he could bring ME, and watched him realize in real time that he hadn't.

No. 1376216

people (men) who try to 'fix' or change their partners under the guise of 'wanting them to improve' or '~become their best~' and other bullshit excuses to control someone and push their boundaries. why are you dating them if you don't already like them?

No. 1376219

File: 1665910779673.jpg (73.02 KB, 900x900, here-is-everything.jpg)

The Big Moon's latest album cover. I get that motherhood played a big part in the writing process for some of the songs but this feels so male gazey while under the guise of being quirky. There's a million other ways to centre motherhood on the cover without doing it in a way that feels cheap and sleazy. Idk maybe it's innocent and my brain is fried from manhating, but it just rubs the wrong way.

No. 1376227

Seems like women can't do anything right no matter what they do. Cover up? bad, you did that for men. Don't cover up? bad, you did that for men. Can't women just exist in their bodies for once without whatever they do or don't being related back to what men want or don't want?

No. 1376228

Oh god I hate people who bring beer into the crowd on a concert that's about to get heated (basically any kind of not slow music). You want to drink, buy a seat, otherwise it's always bound to spill on someone. And all of these plastic cups on the ground after you gotta try to not slip on, I just hate it so much

No. 1376229

In her case it's pure selfishness disguised as "the more the merrier". She thinks everyone has to get along perfectly because we're all HER friends. Once because of that shit she outed two girls as bisexual who used to date and broke up to us without their permissions at all because "bawww they don't want to hang out with me at the same time anymore after they messily broke up, they're sooo immature, right you guys? uwu, I don't get why they're ignoring each other all the time" I was shocked that she didn't for one second thought that there's a reason why we didn't know in the beginning, and that she shouldn't be outing people as gay or bi as if it's nothing. What if she said this to someone who's secretly homophobic? But nope, she wanted to vent over something that's not even her business. These two girls had no clue that we knew until they told us years later that they're bi.

Oh, and about yesterday's lunch at the restaurant with her bf? Turns out the reason why we have no topics in common and why he never says anything interesting, or anything at all, is because he's nearly a decade younger than us. My youngest sister is his age and I used to change her diapers, make her do her homework, bring her to school, make her meals and sign her school's paperwork when my parents couldn't do it. The fuck? Why the fuck did she bring him with her? No clue, but after that we're promptly ignoring her for our next plans and already made a reservation for a brunch without waiting for her approval.

I assume people who do this because "the more the merrier" are a bit more considerate and actually care about making plans fun for everyone. I don't expect to be correct on that one but at least the intentions are nicer.

>Later he was complaining that one of his friends wanted to bring the girl he was dating without asking the rest of the group. I asked if HE ever asked them if he could bring ME, and watched him realize in real time that he hadn't.

What an idiot. How did the weekend trip go? Was it awkward or fun?

No. 1376246

Who tells a woman who covers up that she's doing it for men

No. 1376248

There is a difference between "existing in your body" And doing budoir shots of your half naked pregnant body to show the entire world.

No. 1376259

I had customers in my old retail job shit talking me to my face for pretending to be "halal" for men just because my uniform was oversized and I was being polite in a corporate way. These people exist, you just don't know them.

No. 1376274

Why the fuck does that bother you so much? Some of you are so retarded that it’s infuriating. Boo fucking hoo, a woman exercising her choice to show her pregnant body. “B-but it’s fetishizing pregnancy!!!” Why? Why is it fetishizing pregnancy? Do you even realize that creating this repressed backwards rulebook and trying to govern womens bodies makes you the hypocrite?

No. 1376284

No use arguing with the anons here defending this shit, they're probably the type to defend promiscuity as feminist praxis too kek

No. 1376289

>it's all about who THEY are getting to spend time with, with no consideration for the group dynamic
Makes sense. Some of my friends definitely do it by suddenly saying "hey I'm bringing xyz with me" because they think that because xyz is their friend they must get along with their other friends as well without thinking over how uncomfortable it is for the others who were looking forward to meeting only familiar people. Just an utter lack of understanding for the social etiquette.

Small blog but my girlfriend once invited some of our mutual friends over and one of them announced like the moment they were arriving that they're also bringing a girl that I absolutely fucking hate (and who my gf didn't know) with them with no previous heads-up. Of course it soured the mood for me because this girl was a huge two faced tattle-tale BPD-chan and I didn't want to even participate in the discussion because I couldn't trust her to keep her mouth shut about personal things I would've been comfortable talking about with the other friends I knew to be reliable, but my girlfriend is way too naive about these things and she kept outing shit about me "as a joke" and it was the worst goddamn situation. Bottom line, don't bring people with you. We invited only the people we want to come over, and it's not your job to decide that for us.

No. 1376317

Taking ~sexy~ pregnancy pics is not even vaguely comparable to doing like, hardcore pregnancy porn or something. You are basically trying to create a chaste and repressed society by shaming women for something as benign as wanting to feel attractive and have something fun to look back on where they were celebrating their bodies as if it’s something wrong. The fact that you consider a woman taking “boudoir” shots while pregnant to be “promiscuous” says more about you than it does about us. You’re foul.

No. 1376507

You can feel attractive and celebrate your body without doing it in an overly lascivious way. Maybe think deeply about why so many women feel the need to pose half-naked kneeling in their underwear in order to "celebrate their bodies."

No. 1376514

I hate facebook. I hate that instead of just the things you post showing up on your profile, everything you're tagged in will be visible and will appear on your friends' timelines. It's pure nonsense, and I turned that feature off asap when I was forced to create my account, but the mere fact that this even exists to begin with is fucked up. Don't get me started on the whole "you have to use your real name or we'll suspend your account" shit. It makes normies so eager to post everything about you for everyone to see and there's barely anything you can do about it. Knowing that some friends of my friends posted pics where I'm visible on fb and insta just because they're retarded and we were in parties or in anime cons pisses me off so much, it scared me when my sister once asked me what I was doing with my friends at a specific event because one of them tagged me in a post, I always have to act paranoid even outside now because I have shit to hide from my family.

No. 1376518

Currently traveling right now and I hate how sexualized young girls' fashion is where I am. All the 12 year old girls here dress like they're prostitutes. What the fuck is wrong with this country.

No. 1376566

A good litmus test is "would men do that to ~celebrate their bodies~ and feel ~empowered~?" If the answer is no, then it's not empowering or body posi or whatever.

No. 1376572

this is a retarded take. who cares what men would choose to do.

No. 1376573

Nta but men walk around with shit on their asses so why the fuck would you want to use their behavior as a standard for yourself?

No. 1376574

Why have men become the standard for some of you?

No. 1376575

File: 1665940802846.jpg (14.02 KB, 275x206, 1660240217335.jpg)

You're right. Neurotic self-consciousness and obsession with self-commodification for the sake of male consumption pretty much is a bane among women. Moreover, it's not sustainable because age is a thing and I note this because I've seen "she's too old to that" as a take here on LC. Getting that much serotonin from something unsustainable and extremely nebulous is why so many weirdos, like cows, troons, etc, do it too and often have to be pumped up as hot and cute by lies too and end up cracking when reality doesn't measure up. Body neutrality is the real way.

No. 1376577

nta but men aren't fed beauty standards so the way they care about their appearance is the default

No. 1376580

I've seen plenty of guys doing this, and they're all terminally online gays who spend 90% of their free time seething because they've been told no fatties, no femmes, no asians, no blacks, only masc4masc on grindr once. So in a way the target audience is still the same: men.

No. 1376581

I'm not even talking about beauty standards necessarily, but I keep seeing anons say things like "but men do this! "but would a man do this!" and I don't understand why being like a man is the standard some of you want you hold yourselves to. Men aren't the default. I thought we all agreed that a lot of the things they do are bad and should be changed, so I'm not sure why you want to be like them.

No. 1376583

exactly. straight men put no effort for women, but women must always obsess over appearance over everything because "we're not like men!!" and "we're totally only doing it for ourselves really!!" (sure you live in a bubble, jan). no it doesn't mean we shouldn't wash our asses either, just stop embarrassing ourselves by overly concerning whether we are found attractive enough and also providing moids fap material in the process.

No. 1376585

are you a fucking idiot? this is both braindead reasoning and not even true. men have standards amongst themselves for eachother that don't relate to women at alk. men are not in a "default" way of thinking. that notion is absolutely insane.

No. 1376596

the point is that sexy pregancy photoshoots are dumb because why should it even matter whether you're sexy or not while pregnant or while or just after giving birth. you create(d) a life, that's already enough to celebrate (ofc considering that the baby is really actually wanted and loved). same for literally everything else, why does it matter so much if a woman is attractive enough compared to actual achievements? some woman could cure cancer and you'd still have most people commenting on how pretty she ~also~ is or is not enough, while men don't get that much scrutiny.

No. 1376615

it would've been cuter/cooler without the underboob and if she had just worn cute pajama shorts

No. 1376618

Why is a picture of a woman showing her bare pregnant belly, sexy or sexual to anyone in the first place? Are you all looking at women through the male gaze despite being women yourself? I would've understood the criticism if she was in sexy lingerie posing suggestively, but she's not. It's just a quirky picture of her and her pregnant belly, not everything is for the male gaze just because it might also unintentionally double for that. What's next, a woman with her hair in a high pony tail taking a selfie is also ~male gazey and cheap~ because that's a porn trope?

Stop looking at women through the eyes of men.

No. 1376620

this, why does everything need to be male-facing? also kek at >>1376317 for thinking this doesn't sexualize pregnancy. just because one thing is worse doesn't mean the other isn't bad.

No. 1376622

>underboob isn't sexual

No. 1376649

It isn’t. You’re fucking crazy.

No. 1376659

it doesn't have to be but in most cases it is intended to be. you're acting like she was caught cleaning around the house with underboob candidly

No. 1376718

Holy shit anon, I'm glad your group isn't inviting her to brunch. Hopefully getting left out of things will teach her a lesson but oftentimes in my experience it doesn't lol.

>What an idiot. How did the weekend trip go? Was it awkward or fun?

Thankfully it was fun, only a little awkward but I got along fine with his friends. It definitely stressed me out at the time though, and helped me see how socially dumb that ex was.

No. 1376807

File: 1665954164336.png (978.86 KB, 640x853, yarn barf.png)

Center yarn pulls. Fuck you and fuck yarn barf. Sometimes I wonder if having to untangle so much yarn is worth the convenience of not having your skein roll around everywhere.

No. 1376810

I've lost too many good skeins of yarn from attempting and failing to center pull. One time the yarn in question was discontinued and I had no way of getting any more of it. Since then i've bought a winder to help keep me from ruining my yarn on accident

No. 1376836

People screaming because of videogames. Why do they do that? These are just pixels. I get you are frustrated, but screaming and having a meltdown? Is there any study on this shit…

No. 1376873

sorry for being a retard i don't knit but how does it ruin the yarn? does it get all stretched out or something

No. 1376903

It doesn't ruin the yarn for me, but it can just take so long to detangle that I end up leaving projects unfinished for months because I don't want to deal with it. Most of the time I have to cut off the yarn from the project to detangle it.

No. 1376915

File: 1665961019942.jpg (84.27 KB, 640x998, n41462esc8u91.jpg)

this. what in the fucking world? I am vomit

No. 1376916

Nta but you end up having to unravel a good chunk of the yarn to get it to a nice ball and then suddenly you end up with a big tangled mess and you want to give up.

No. 1376933

if he gets in i have no hope for the united states government. marry me foreign nonas i want out.

No. 1377073

File: 1665974933570.jpeg (92.15 KB, 760x625, D77577BA-4152-4E2D-8720-AEE92F…)

No. 1377167

what is this supposed to mean? I don't know what political party that scrote is in but I'm pretty sure just by looking at him that he's a liberal (probably left-centrist)

No. 1377178

>You're just bitter because a man didn't pick you!
>Did your husband cheat on you?
>Did your man tell you that?
>You're just bad at vetting!
>You're obviously brainwashed by feminism
I feel like I'm going to get a brain aneurysm. Not everyone is obsessed with getting scrote attention like you, not everyone is attracted to scrotes, not everyone is in constant competition with other women over scrotes. Some of us hated men long before we've even heard the word "feminism" and long before puberty even kicked in.
Oh and scrote is a synonym for "man", it's not a particularly shitty kind of man, it's a word for all of them, because they're barely even human. "Man" stands for human, it used to be wifman and werman, which turned into woman and man. Calling them a scrote is correcting a linguistic mistake.

No. 1377186

File: 1665989812874.jpeg (57.26 KB, 560x337, B95E8A38-EC8D-4BE6-AC2F-AA4FC3…)

The worst one is when they assume you don’t have a father. Kek like who do they think was the one that warned me about predatory men bought me pepper spray? My father!
Scrotes stay mad and delusional

No. 1377197

File: 1665991394243.jpg (68.92 KB, 666x426, issues.jpg)

By their logic I should be hating women, not men, because my father got custody and didn't fuck off. However even me with my peabrain as a kid could tell that predatory scrotes were the reason for women's suffering, including my mother's. I don't mean for this meme to be misogynistic or NLOG, I'm really glad that Trisha is speaking out against sex work and is doing everything for her daughter, bless her

No. 1377213

Evan Peters being the new hot thing is proof that even the physical standards for men are literally in hell. He looks like some basic stoner who works in the service industry who's name is Chris ffs. Is it that hard for moids to not be fat and take a shower? Meanwhile you ask men their ideals and it's women who invest shit tons of time and money into their appearance and then insist they hate surgery, fillers, etc

No. 1377214

i though the love for Evans was mostly by TiFs

No. 1377217

nta but i thought he was already liked years before being a tif became trendy

No. 1377221

>"Hottest woman of 2022"
>Some golfer lady with big bolt ons and like 15% body fat with dyed blonde hair and obvious facial work
Of course

No. 1377226

It's by a lot of normie gen z and millennial women who never got over their lady boner when AHS came out when they were teenagers and Evan Peters was always depicted as the cute, caring mysterious lover boy, women are still grasping onto that character I believe since so many women lack basic love and care in their own relationships nowadays and it's hard finding media where the male character acts faithful, caring and takes the relationship seriously. I also believe this is why women gushed over Robert Pattinson in the Batman movie since many women are still associating him with the fact he was many women's celebrity crush when they were younger

No. 1377238

i hate that crossdressing guy from tokyo gegegay i wish he left they are perfect as 4

No. 1377268

Moids victimblaming a woman after she exposed her abusive husband on a stream is so fucking disturbing. They can't see the fault in the husband's behaviour apparantly. It's totally cool to basically pimp out your wife and threaten to kill her pets.

No. 1377269

They're desensitized to it since usually they do some sort of abuse to women themselves. Most moids were pissed she had a husband and it ruined the illusion that they had a chance with her. If a woman did this to a man they'd be rioting all while screaming "if the roles were reversed!!!" They want us to take abuse against men seriously when they can't even take abuse against women seriously

No. 1377271

They're angrier at the fact that she has a husband, even though she would've never fucked them even if she didn't, than about anything else.

No. 1377274

It's insane.

No. 1377283

I made the mistake of checking what they're saying and it's so fucking depressing. Blaming her for going through with her husband's orders to lie and whatnot because "she could've left him if she wanted to, being in an abusive relationship isn't an excuse". They're really incapable of feeling even an ounce of empathy for a woman, aren't they? I want nothing to do with men ever in my damn life.

No. 1377320

redditors always referring to their children as "kiddo" it drives me into a blind rage. it's never "my child" or "my kid" or even "my kiddo" it's always distanced like "the kiddo" or just Kiddo. no one on that godforsaken website will refer to their children as anything else. why does it bother me so much? it gives the vibe of trying to distance yourself from your child, or the "adultness" of having children. "im not like other parents, im no boring mom with kids, I'm a quirky gamer with a kiddo!" any anons who feel the same and are more articulate than me wanna chime in on why it's so annoying?

No. 1377369

I don't feel the same exactly, but I hate that "kiddo" became such a cringe and overused word. lol in college I said "sure thing, kiddo" to a male friend and the way he was taken aback was funny.

No. 1377395

Twitter people referring to their child by their age (e.g. 13 did x today, 9 loves reading books) only gives the same vibes, it's adults trying to look cool and not like the boring old fogey parents that they are

No. 1377400

I'm a lesbian and I also hate that people think that my sexuality makes me somehow exempt from male bullshit, like as if scrotes magically lost interest in giving me their shit just because I don't find them sexually attractive instead of, you know, treating me even worse. And when they accept that I can be non-straight but also a victim of misogyny they draw conclusions and decide that I must be a lesbian because I've had so many bad experiences with men and just need the right dick to fix me. I fucking WISH me being a dyke made them leave me the fuck alone from the start.

>Calling them a scrote is correcting a linguistic mistake.

based and true

No. 1377460

That one anon who doesn't know how to add a space after the post number.

No. 1377544

i hate the cringy libfeminism g-idle is pushing and how everyone glorifies them for that. they can't even understand the concept of a tomboy, why would you listen to them..

No. 1377558

Who are those g-idle people?

No. 1377571

I've been mad at them and their abysmal lyrics for years and no one knew what I meant… thank you anon

No. 1377592

File: 1666032800809.jpg (73.6 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1629630277955.jpg)

I hate male leftists. Every male leftist I have met has been a sexual degenerate who has fucked 20+ women without a condom. I have no idea how they are popular with women? They repulse me once they show their true colours. They really look at women like public property but shove us under the bus once it's time to have solidarity with other moids. The world would be better without them tbh, I made the mistake of thinking I could be friends with them once but they are so emotionally vacant and physically repulsive even if they're conventionally attractive.

I can't describe it. It's like my cavewoman danger instinct kicks in when I see a Male Leftist akin to seeing a spotted venomous toad upon a log. I instantly feel hostile. Death to all of them.

No. 1377680

it's annoying, i agree. "i'm just a quirky young parent ehehe", like their child is a prop, a cartoon character

No. 1377685

File: 1666038440165.jpeg (218.89 KB, 1080x1080, DB9B1A13-92CA-43A0-ABC0-127DC6…)

Hayden William’s art. I understand his style is supposed to be based off of fashion illustrations but his rendering is so amateur and his figures look mediocre. It’s not stylized well at all but people eat it up because all of his work is based off of whatever’s trending.

No. 1377699

they're so stiff and those faces are nightmarish, and wtf is with the collarbones and cleavage. just plain unappealing to look at. made for instagram type art

No. 1377703

This is honestly baffling. He must have some kind of pre-established industry connections through his parents or something, it's all so uninspired and stiff there's no way all these celebs he worked with are actually doing it because they like what he does

No. 1377711

There's been zero growth with his art over the last decade. Still doing the same amateur work at 31 that he was doing at 21. Still stuck on the 2014-2016 Instagram 'baddie' look.

No. 1377850

hes running as independent, but im pretty sure hes liberal

No. 1378039

File: 1666066525216.jpeg (1.19 MB, 828x1477, 67CA8B42-8FD9-4656-AC13-89D188…)

The mentally ill gender specials on Pinterest
This is literally autism and I’m angry zoomers have infected pinterest with it

No. 1378047

Why do people hate fujos so much? They go rabid about it. I'm not a fujo and think it's kind of weird but you'd think fujos are serial killers or something with the amount of hate they get.

No. 1378050

wtf… why would someone want to ruin pintrest like this? this isn't even the point of the site,
it's not a site to virtue signal one just to save cute photos and make moodboards. Thank god the algorithm is actually decent on that site so as long as you don't go looking for that stuff or you don't click on it, it shouldn't invade your feed.
to children the world is still black and white so if it doesn't fit into their sense of "right" then obviously you're scum of the earth.

No. 1378067

where did you see them hating fujos, they just hate that awful "boyfriends" webseries

No. 1378077

The pinterest algorithm is immaculate because it allows you to manually turn off suggestions for stuff you don't want to see anymore, even if you did spend an hour looking at pictures of macrame or something.

No. 1378079

>forced a black dude who's uncomfortable to smile at the camera
>hazbin hotel character hates fujoshis!
and? er sorry I meant f4j0$h1t. why did they censor the u with a 4? it looks stupid. I hate gender specials and hazbin hotel. be like me fr

No. 1378081

Ngl, the webtoon is bad and whatever but the people spamming those pins are annoying. They talk so much about Boyfriends and the fujo creator but they'll never stand out the same way agaisnt an AGP doing the same with lesbians.
It's with those pictures about Kae Serinuma, probably one of the few fujo characters zoomers know about.

No. 1378085

What the fuck does any of this even mean

No. 1378097

I hate when people label themselves as feral, chaotic, a goblin, etc. Feels like it originated on Tumblr/Twitter and a bunch of zoomers started saying it all the time. Not the words themselves obviously but just the way that people use them to describe themselves in this lame wannabe edgy way. It's usually also always said by the most boring person you've ever met that would be too scared to send the food back if a waiter got their order wrong. Like "omg I'm such a chaotic feral bastard" - can say with 99% certainty you're just a doughy they/them with blue hair and the world's most annoying personality.

No. 1378101

I think weirdos with no hygiene typically use it so it absolutely tracks and it is their label to claim honestly.

No. 1378103

I just use it because nobody raised me and I wasn't properly socialized and have severe behavioral issues as a result. I've specifically asked the psychiatrist if it was possible to "reraise" someone or still socialize them later in life, but she couldn't confirm nor deny. I do indeed have the world's most annoying personality, I'm good at something.

No. 1378111

Based and agreed

No. 1378112

Was gonna reply but the following two basically covered it

Chaotic is almost meaningless now though, yeah. I don’t think we’re at over-saturation levels yet for the other two but we may be almost there to where it doesn’t mean anything. Not yet. Soon.

Goblin is gonna be the first. It has started to mean less and less. Feral I’m not sure about it has a pretty clear meaning and always has (to me)

No. 1378113

They become #leftists because they want pussy. It’s like how the typical daterape bro is trying to morph itself into a crop top/ nail polish wearing thing to prey on teenage girls. No actual attachment to it whatsoever, just mimicry in the name of personal satisfaction

No. 1378116

Didn’t he design Kiyomi from monster high?

No. 1378146

I hate how inconsistent sizes are for some pants. I have noticed that usually, a 26 waist is a size 4. I went and ordered some corduroy pants for fall in a 4 but I'm a tard and went to look at the size chart hours after I placed my order. The size chart says that their 4 is a 27 waist. WHY?

No. 1378151


Personal vent: I like Madewell jeans but their sizing is stupid. Why is a size 26 made for a 27 inch waist, why does the waist fit the vanity measurements but the hips do not (they run small so your ass is squoozed in) why do the calves come in so small even for larger hip measurements?

Whatever though. clothing sizes are always stupid. Mostly I’m mad their sizes are always one number off the appropriate inch measurement for no reason.

No. 1378153

Right-leaning males and male centrist are just as bad. Men overall are sub-par tbh nonnacita.

No. 1378272

Are there genuinely any men who struggle with hookups? I haven't met a man who didn't lose his virginity yet past 18. On the note of hideous liberal men you're right. I knew one who looked like he was literally held hostage (anorexic skinny with long nappy hair) most popular dude in my college dorm and got flirted with constantly… Why?

No. 1378284

Tiktoks where the intro will have a small amount of words and be like 90% of the video and then the last part will be a millisecond

No. 1378293

Girls my age who listen to Eminem even though he belongs to the millennials and is a misogynist. Can almost guarantee they will have an nlog complex.

No. 1378295

BDE anon, some people just "have it" and people flock to it, regardless of their looks. Or he has really good weed.

No. 1378302

nona no man is going to admit to being a virgin past 18

No. 1378311

I hate that so many female content creators getting a baby means they now make baby content either interoperated or instead of their regular content. Your baby is ugly and boring, idgaf about it. I see it irl too, it seems so sad that women lose all of their own interests and personality and only cares about their baby now. I get that they love them and natural instincts or whatever but it just makes me never want to have kids.

No. 1378409

There's an entire generation of kids right now with "content creator" parents, being used as a prop for the cameras. It's weird to think about. This used to be somewhat isolated to wannabe stage parents in LA or other big cities who had to drive their kids to auditions so they could "become a star!", but now with the internet it's just everywhere. I'm anticipating seeing some blowback and tell-alls from these kids in 15 years, they're going to need so much therapy.

No. 1378551

i was just thinking about this the other day, it's a shame since i used to love the word goblin. wouldn't use it much but just found it funny as a descriptor. as soon as ""goblincore"" became a thing i dipped. and you're right that these people are usually just boring and annoying. they probably have many impulsive/ridiculous thoughts that a lot of people get but don't realise that it's not unusual

No. 1378807

I put this in the wrong thread. But anyways vapes are ridiculous and just zoomer pacifiers. I love how they think they’re better or somehow less disgusting then people who smoke cigarettes. If you want to ingest nicotine you should have to suck down a nasty stinky cigarette like everyone else, these pussy little vanilla chai strawberry peach puff puff binkies have got to go.

No. 1378862

this reminded me of colleen and MAYBE trisha

No. 1378877

Tina Yong just had a baby and she still makes her usual content with only occasional baby-centric videos (which is understandable when the baby is so young imo). Her videos are comfy and her personality is cute so I'm hoping she doesn't change too much.

No. 1379034

File: 1666137568147.jpeg (387.6 KB, 1121x1464, 3C03F98B-16C8-4F6B-996E-C640F2…)

THIS WATCH, I hate this watch. What the hell fossil

No. 1379042

I hate watching those short, quick videos where people make food and then having them film themselves at the end of the video taking a bite and doing that annoying smirk and nod while chewing. Stop it. Just show the goddamn recipe. I don't want to see your stupid face at the end.

No. 1379043

It looks like it is made from the same cheap plastic that children's toys in the dollar store are made from.

No. 1379106

i cant imagine the cringe i would feel if i did this as a child, i am glad i drew south park yaoi instead, my ship became canon even by the sheer power of manifesting

No. 1379109

File: 1666141574448.jpg (206.52 KB, 800x1052, 4416839873_b3b7d96fd7_o.jpg)

>fashion illustrations
That's funny because in the old days fashion illustrations used to be BEAUTIFUL.

No. 1379115

drag queen fashion ruined a whole generation of women into fashion/make up

No. 1379116

Back from traveling and found out the country I went to has their consent age at 14. God I fucking hate men. And none of this "Romeo and Juliet laws" bullshit. A 14 year old girl wouldn't be having sex with anyone, period, if it weren't for a guy pressuring her. I love Europe but I want to bomb these backwards countries back into the stone age where they belong.

No. 1379119

Piggybacking onto this, I absolutely HATE how every "recipe" site is just a blog with some whitebread pickme with a white trash name with 4 kids in the corner (in a circular frameless portrait, of course, bonus points for polaroid-style lighting), with a million pages and pictures of useless shit because that's how the algorithm picks you up on Google nowadays. JUST GIVE ME THE FUCKING RECIPE, YOU DUMB CUNT.

No. 1379131


No. 1379141

Yup lol

No. 1379142

File: 1666144367422.jpeg (704.04 KB, 1814x3000, 64FBBA98-31A0-4EF3-85FD-72DFA3…)

I meant stuff like picrel. Really sketchy and loose but and are really only supposed to be used as concept art. You can still tell when an artist is strong artistically from quick sketches and Hayden has none of that kek.

No. 1379266

I fucking hate the new trend of narrations where everyone sounds monotone and uses uptalk with each line, it started with TikTok and I don’t know how else to describe it

No. 1379276

I hate the insane amount of ads and the long ass blog before you get to the recipe card all so they can keep you on their page longer.

No. 1379280

File: 1666157665851.jpg (240.74 KB, 1170x1766, FfYh3o5WIAAv23A.jpg)

this ugly ass makeup trend

No. 1379290

One of my fav youtubers rarely ever mentions her children and due still puts out dorky content I love her!

No. 1379294

File: 1666160812704.jpeg (99.3 KB, 496x669, C13BBF2E-4536-4CA4-ABF7-9D310F…)

I hate this image

No. 1379298

Idgaf that they vape but I hate how there's vape stores EVERYWHERE. there's like one on every block now. Who even bothers buying vape and vape accessories that often enough for these stores to run? At least mattress stores have the excuse that even if they sold a few mattresses a month then they still make enough for store rent

No. 1379311

Someone called it onlyfans warpaint

No. 1379312

>lesbian silence

No. 1379314

It looks like fossilized shit from a butt.

No. 1379327

I'm sure most people sharing this image have no idea who Mana is. And then there's those who do and headcanon Mana as MTF. Sad.

No. 1379334

Saying a dead person who didn’t actually identify as a woman in their personal life was transgender is so weird to me.

No. 1379338

mana's dead?

No. 1379340

Mana died? What?
People also headcanon him as MTF because of his silence in interviews so they think that allows them to project whatever onto him like he's an anime character since he barely says anything publicly.

No. 1379344

Belle Delphine and Hannahowo copy and pastes.

No. 1379351

It annoys me how any basic ayyden as taken frogs and snails as a symbol of gay culture - but by gay they mean ‘queer’ and by queer they mean “my bf wears nail polish”

No. 1379393

File: 1666172377481.jpg (196.96 KB, 2560x1572, 71VBzQm3sKL.jpg)

Advantage of that is that there's a looooot really cute frog related items from various small artists to get now, plushies, clothes, pins, figures… I've always loved frogs (and other small animals/insects/worms etc) and now I'm not constrained to only be able to get mass produced things like picrel

No. 1379395

It's just self-loathing.

No. 1379413

I think it's funny because I find snails repulsing. Their slime is their drool that they're constantly spewing out so they can use it to glide around in. I assume aydens like them because most snails are hermaphrodites, and they have deluded themselves into thinking they've changed sex/is both sexes like a snail?

No. 1379514

File: 1666185872820.gif (563.35 KB, 500x350, bc004c8c32d05630268c8ba199ab11…)

I hate how mothers and motherhood are a part of a massive fetish now. I hate how the word 'mom' and 'mommy' are a part of a sexual meme. Yes, there used to be creeps who would talk about how much they love MILF porn here and there, but now everyone and everyone's internet rotten little siblings go 'UOOH MOMMYYYY' and sexualize the fuck out of women like that. I am so tired.

No. 1379517

Unchecked mommy issues.

No. 1379519

I’ve even seen a woman refer to herself as “a milf without kids” which makes no fucking sense. Imagine being so desperate to not only to label yourself with a porn category but also to one that has nothing to do with you. she was dating a mtf troon too so it makes sense libfems I swear

No. 1379541

Try harder next time you make bait.
I just don't understand why everything has to be sexualized nowadays. Every time there's a normal mother in anime or any other media there are always retards who go 'mommy step on me' or all of these 'virtual youtubers' making dogshit 'mommy asmr'.

No. 1379554

I hate Taylor Swift advertising Midnights everywhere. Same with all other artists advertising to equal degree. The more they advertise the less I want to consume.

No. 1379557

I think anon ment the mommy sexualisers have mommy issues.

No. 1379563

My bad, sorry nonna. Been seeing too many infights and baits here lately…

No. 1379571

Yeah nona my bad the "It's" on my post didn't make it, but I think a lot of people have unchecked mommy issues like daddy fetishes stem usually from daddy issues.

No. 1379591

>Yes, there used to be creeps who would talk about how much they love MILF porn
The weird thing is that the mindset back then was different. At least to me, it seemed like some people just found mature women attractive. Zoomers just want a mommy figure to baby them, take care of them, and cater to their every whim. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1379604

oh my god you're right anon, in fact thats how i always interpreted milf. a 30-50 year old woman who is either the typical married with kids age or had them.

No. 1379611

I know this is the hate thread but I love this gif so much

No. 1379674

File: 1666198101566.jpg (409.51 KB, 2400x2400, 28452458-semino-rossi-25ec.jpg)

I hate the German music genre all old people for some reason love, but never grew up with. They all stop liking music from their youth and transition to shitty German "folk" songs which all sound the fucking same.

No. 1379677

samefag it's apparently called "Schlager", well it makes me want to "schlag" my head in

No. 1379695

Sis, Kami's dead, not Mana

No. 1379747

Germany too lol.

No. 1379794

So tired of losers obsessed with "comfy" games. If a game has a colorful aesthetic and is even slightly challenging, they'll cry about how it gave them 5 panic attacks in a row for expecting the bare minimum from them. Bitch, it's a game, if you can't handle making a mistake without bursting into treats then that's on you. I also have a limited time to play, and that's why I want to play something that is fun, challenging, and requires problem solving. I don't want to do fucking virtual chores.

No. 1379828

File: 1666208200751.png (61.93 KB, 284x438, Screenshot 2022-10-19 124623.p…)

Why do these exist? Who wears these? I have never seen someone irl rock these and I've frequented areas where influencers tend to mingle.

No. 1379830

rich people

No. 1379843

I know, but lower end fashion stores make dupes of these.

No. 1379847

File: 1666209433505.png (1.93 MB, 1329x992, spongebub.png)

No. 1379855

Rihanna could make them look good

No. 1380011

I hate that daddys little pork chop banner with all my heart. I want to buy this website just so I can delete it myself. I have to refresh each time!!! Who even is the cow in it anyway?????

No. 1380039

File: 1666218498044.png (141.88 KB, 752x469, Close-up-of-three-polishing-cu…)

Toothbrushes with these rubber parts in the middle make me want to vomit

No. 1380061


No. 1380064

i think it’s shanya? (not my auto correct making it say shamu instead)

No. 1380109

It's some /r9k/ tripfag who's not even relevant anymore.

No. 1380165

I hate Harley Quinn cosplayers. They’re obnoxious. Harley Quinn cosplayers DNI.

No. 1380167

I love them, it makes my teeth cleaner

No. 1380217

I fucking hate vegans. They are either insufferable moral grandstanders or have a poorly disguised ED. Extreme cult like mentality with some of these people.

No. 1380218

I hate that one and the one with PT and the super racist caricature. Farmers have been posting cites ones in /meta/ and I wish they’d use those

No. 1380226

Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing players, imagine paying 60 usd for a shittier The Sims

No. 1380231

But I like animal crossing's art style more, plus the conversations with the villagers. can characters in the sims even talk

No. 1380240

File: 1666232508208.png (569.5 KB, 928x522, 1321878-acnh-bikini-article_im…)

ok, furry

No. 1380243

File: 1666233126496.png (114.74 KB, 276x473, disgustang.png)

Anyone who sexualizes the characters needs their rights taken away.

No. 1380287

File: 1666238808542.png (291.49 KB, 603x768, aaslkdnnladbkjafb.png)


>can characters in the sims even talk
They can, actually

No. 1380288

>can characters in the sims even talk
How do you think they form relationships with other sims?

No. 1380359

>All trauma is valid
I keep seeing people online discuss how anything can be traumatic depending on how your brain processes it (or doesn't process it I guess) Like nothing is small enough that you can just write off someone else calling it a traumatic event for them. Sometimes I'm on the fence about it. In a way I get it. I'm not an ass but then.. every time it starts to make sense to me someone starts referring to the tiniest thing as 'a ptsd moment' and I feel like a fool for even buying into it. Its a slippery slope.

I was just watching a video where a woman was talking about how losing friendships is hard. Fair enough. But she goes on to talk about how she met these girls in a park, got chatting, they added each other on socials. She later tried to arrange to meet up for lunch and they turn it down. She then adds in the detail that they are 20 and she is 35.. and she calls it friendship ptsd to be blown off by them. Who in their right mind at 35 is offended that a couple of 20 year olds you met one time don't want lunch. I hate this shit.

I think the reason why I don't like writing it off is because I've seen examples where men claiming to be veterans will shit on women who've been either SA'd or DV'd because in their eyes only war can give you ptsd.. I hate both extremes. You don't need to go to war to have it but lets also not label the most mundane everyday disappointments as full on ptsd and trauma. Why does everything serious end up being watered down online until it comes off as nothing but a mockery.

No. 1380363

>she thinks animal crossing is the sims
>she plays a game that costs $60 +$500 of dlc necessary to make the game enjoyable that also ruins the game

No. 1380365

God I hate this too. Mental health has been simultaneously watered down and gatekept for so long that it’s impossible to truly wade through online self help without getting caught up in your own wallowing. Negative experiences are not trauma they’re a part of life, PTSD is not just a military condition and CPTSD is honestly more than likely what is actually keeping real traumatized people from living their lives but because it’s not in then DSM it can be hard to find professionals who take it seriously.

No. 1380368

I complained about this a long time ago too, why is it still up??
I hate everyone who enjoys and hyped up new horizons, it’s so boring I’ve been considering selling my switch.

No. 1380374

>She then adds in the detail that they are 20 and she is 35.. and she calls it friendship ptsd to be blown off by them. Who in their right mind at 35 is offended that a couple of 20 year olds you met one time don't want lunch. I hate this shit.
What the fuck. That's stupidly embarrassing for this woman to act like that's ptsd. Fuck these dumbshits for using buzzwords to describe being disappointed.
>I hate both extremes. You don't need to go to war to have it but lets also not label the most mundane everyday disappointments as full on ptsd and trauma. Why does everything serious end up being watered down online until it comes off as nothing but a mockery.
Unfortunately it boils down to attention. The nitwits larping/cosplaying these issues don't care how they are impacting actual people with these real issues. It's tragic. Some people live just to put their foot in your face and cry victim when you tell them to knock it off/do something about it. It also doesn't help that the internet celebrates these jokers and give them instant validation. At least before the internet there was more open mockery of these nitwits. Too bad everyone is afraid of having their life ruined by these nitwits and their online "armies".

No. 1380384

>she doesn't pirate The Sims 1, 2 and 3 (the objectively superior games)

No. 1380387

I hate the spoiler image as well

No. 1380395

I wish people who are obviously not poor at all would stop larping like they're in the middle of poverty with no way out. I know somebody who does that and constantly calls herself a poorfag (she literally owns 2 consoles and a gaming laptop) and when you try to humble her, she just plays victim

No. 1380399

I paid only 25Eur through my points on Nintendo e-shop, despite buying the console just because the game got announced and I am glad. This game is not worth more than 30 at worst. I am disappointed. I bet the new Disney game is better.

No. 1380404

when women use the word moid but are extreme pickmes in the same breath

No. 1380406

I agree, and it's so annoying because it's kind of a half-truth. Yes, there are many different things that COULD be traumatic for different individuals depending on how they process it, that IS true. But then most people who use it as an excuse/explanation to their behaviour are clearly NOT traumatized. These people need to learn that they are just over-sensitive as people and that's ok but they really should work on dealing with it for their own sake. Disappointment, sadness, taking offense, anger, confusion, hurt, jealousy… there are plenty of normal negative emotions and reactions, but they're not trauma.

No. 1380410

We live in a culture that idealizes victimhood and weakness and it's disgusting. When people say "triggered" they mean uncomfortable; not actually PTSD spiraling into bullshit.

No. 1380414

Being poor doesn't mean you have to live in an empty home surviving on tinned beans.. Obviously there's not enough context on what you're talking about but just saying "you can't be poor because you own some tech" doesn't really make sense

No. 1380415

agreed nona she should sell her consoles and laptop so she isn't poor anymore

No. 1380418

Reminds me of people saying that when Ukrainian refugees are dressed nicely and have a car they don't deserve help because they're rich lol

No. 1380419

Yeah, doesn’t she know that if she sells all her stuff she’ll stop being poor?

No. 1380435

If someone was poor, they wouldn't be able to afford to buy two consoles and a gaming laptop.
Nintendo Switch $350
PS5 $400
Gaming Laptop $700
Total $1450

I wouldn't call myself poor and I can't afford to spend nearly $1500 on luxury items. I need a laptop for bookkeeping and I use a 10 year old ThinkPad.

No. 1380438

You can save and buy things? Were these purchases made all at once, were they bought new? Again there's not enough context, if she's earning well and living comfortably then yes it's a larp but just purely owning these things doesn't exclude you from the possibility of being poor. This is like people attacking the homeless for owning phones.

No. 1380439

Samefag but current economic situation can take people from living comfortably to scraping by VERY quickly, could that be a possibility?

No. 1380444

What if she bought it when she was doing better? What good is it going to do her now to sell all of these items, one time cash infusion will not fix long term low income which is a reason for struggling

No. 1380446

I'm the anon who posted the original text and yes, she's living comfortably. Her parents buy her whatever she wants anytime. Whenever other people around her talk about how they're working their assess off to afford food and pay rent, she pitches in to talk about how the walls in her house are so thin. That's it. Obviously I'm not saying that poor people need to sell everything they own to stop being poor like some anons are acting, I'm just talking about how the larping is exhausting to tolerate especially as somebody whose financial situation isn't good at all. She doesn't have to worry about paying anything considering her parents spoil her endlessly, but the internet tricked her into believing she needs victim points for every single thing so she's convinced she's a poorfag.

No. 1380447

>Total $1450
$1,450 is well-off to you? kek

No. 1380448

Well, that clears it up. Your original post did come off a little bit like poorness gatekeeping but that was just a misunderstanding. People like this are annoying as hell, you know they couldn't cope at all with actually being poor. I've heard of rich people claiming to be working class because they have a job, and well, work. They don't even know what that term means.

No. 1380450

nta but owning multiple gaming consoles and a gaming laptop is definitely anything but being poor. an actual poorfag would have a hard time paying their bills, not own a gaming laptop that cost them 700+ dollars kek

No. 1380452

animal crossing players have been incredibly annoying since the release of new horizons, i'm sick of seeing things related to that game these days. never even played it myself, have just watched people play it and it looks soulless. wild world and new leaf are nice though

No. 1380453

File: 1666260042580.png (134.35 KB, 696x606, Screenshot 2022-10-20 at 09-58…)

you're right depending on how you qualify poor, but there are also reasons why people who are impoverished don't make better longterm financial decisions. if you think the future won't improve you stop planning for it

No. 1380454

File: 1666260217338.png (139.96 KB, 637x680, Screenshot 2022-10-20 at 10-03…)

No. 1380455

I would agree that everyone in the first world needs some form of computer and a mobile phone. A gaming console has no justification. Games can be played on the computer and can even be pirated unlike a console.

It's a lot of money to spend on unnecessary items when I've got bills, food, petrol and insurance to pay for.

No. 1380460

Maybe not the newest gen (yet) but you can homebrew consoles, anon. I think it's justified to own things for entertainment, especially since the kids can play on them too. You can watch dvds/stream media on consoles as well, it's a standard household item I would say.

No. 1380462

Games can absolutely be pirated on consoles, though, provided you mod your console first.

No. 1380471

File: 1666263176903.jpeg (591.82 KB, 1095x873, 93BBB4C2-DCFA-4D04-BFF2-D5AFD9…)

I really hate drew afuelo. Not only is she a fucking eyesore to look at she is also a handmaiden for Dylan mulvany. Her “roasts” suck ass and her humor gives me lily singh vibes. Her fans are just as fucking insufferable as her. And the way her fans tag her on videos criticizing her makes me cringe. I also really hate The YouTuber qweer kiwi. she’s your stereotypical, basic, white girl. A huge pick me for trannies and also a fucking eyesore to look at. She is one of those YouTubers who center their entire content around being gay. I also really hate harriyanna crook’s content. She had this really shitty take about turning reds black representation even though it’s a movie focusing on an Asian girl and her family. She gets unironically fucking racist towards the end too. Basically saying that all Asians are racist towards black people. She also has this video comparing the boondocks to miraculous ladybug. I can’t-

No. 1380492

Seeing the attractive men thread on /g/ kinda pisses me off because good looking men don't exist irl.

No. 1380683

File: 1666279888744.jpeg (33.06 KB, 500x301, 62.jpeg)

>can't even form a full conversation
yawn. i agree that new horizons is shit tho.

No. 1380719

I find her cringe and annoying too. The only redeeming quality she has is that she makes moids seriously seethe bc they can't handle her lame shitty jokes and insults

No. 1380774

File: 1666284806981.png (1.21 MB, 1440x1493, Screenshot_20221019-184034~2.p…)

I'm sorry I hate this try hard face so fuckin much. You just know she thought it looked like one of marilyn monroe's candid pictures. It looks retarded to me.

No. 1380798

I hate mechanical keyboards and everyone who uses them. I hear CLACK CLACK CLACKITY CLACK CLACK all day even when the volume on my headphones is turned up so loud it hurts my ears. There's no excuse for having a loud keyboard, people only buy them to be as annoying as possible.

No. 1380849

Bihet women who have boyfriends while at the same time talk about how she's sooo gay, reads yuri, and wants a girlfriend "just like my bf uwu" FUCK OFF. Just as annoying as troons who appropriate lesbian culture.

No. 1380856

She looks like a white Megan Thee Stallion.

No. 1380861

I hate mayo it's fucking nasty miracle whip is superior

No. 1380867

I don’t get out why does she think she’s the second coming of Marilyn. Her face is more childish than Marilyn’s so she doesn’t actually look like her. What would be the the equivalent of a weeaboo for Marilyn Monroe stans?

No. 1380869

but i like the clackity clack, makes me feel nostalgic

No. 1380910

File: 1666291167118.jpg (9.94 KB, 204x213, 4e4474b36bb7e42909407ee2edc1d2…)

The clackity clack feels good nonnie

No. 1380922

Bihet this, bihet that. It's always the same discussion on this site when it comes to bi women. It really boils down to considering them as lying untrustworthy whores kek. You know what I hate? There's not enough bi men hate in this world. People generally just see them as gay, but they're the reason chasers/trannies believe with all their heart like they can change a a man's sexuality. All these bi men in denial have progressed societies degeneracy.

No. 1380924

Just saying shit for shock value

No. 1380931

I grew up in a miracle whip only household so mayo is just greasy salty nothingness to me sorry if I triggered you

No. 1380949

the only good mayo is Belgian

No. 1380954

File: 1666293727181.jpg (76.81 KB, 900x892, judging.jpg)

>Miracle Whip enjoyer calling regular mayo "nothingness"

No. 1380955

Idk how anyone hates mayo. It has the most inoffensive taste? Probaly bland to alot of people but to hate it.. that's extreme. Your opinions are extreme.

No. 1380968

Closeted men hate mayo

No. 1381039

nta but it tastes kind of sourish to me and i hate the texture

No. 1381109

I know this is things you hate but I unironically love the thread pic

No. 1381202

She’s right. Mayo is disgusting.

No. 1381507

File: 1666330988502.png (69.48 KB, 602x376, 3678990.png)

I sincerely hope this is a tranny or creative writing. Like you're worried about women hearing you poop, but not about giving them tapeworms? I've never judged someone after hearing them poop, but if I found out someone knowingly gave me tapeworms, I'd pull one out of my ass and strangle them with it.

No. 1381521

This is scrote tier but I hate when you just want to play an online game with a friend but they invite their sister, bro, gf, bf who has never played that type of game or the specific one. If its player vs player you go through so many losses because they dont know what's going on and if it's something else you're still stuck trying to explain when all you wanted to do was fuck around with 1-2 experiences players after work.

No. 1381522

I need you all to stop reminding me that I had that interaction with that nasty bitch oh my god

No. 1381700

How is this scrote tier?

No. 1381773

Girls can't videos games duh

No. 1381793

I think it tastes like vinegar. Butter is far superior. I used to be an avid mayo hater but mcdonalds garlic mayo made me ease into it and now i don't sperg out if i buy something that has mayo on it. thank you mcdonald.

No. 1381835

Butter and mayo aren't used for the same things anon..

No. 1381848

File: 1666367576010.jpg (118.37 KB, 1290x726, 2m79ZBip6XQ72O1646320747.jpg)

NTA, but mayo is to make a patatje oorlog

No. 1381875

>patatje oorlog
idk why but this sounds like an alien dish

No. 1381878

It's just simlish.
Sul sul, anon!

No. 1381880

I don't know many Indian (?) dishes, but if the mayo is the stuff on top of the fries, that's just a regular use of mayo as a condiment. Mayo is an aioli and it tastes really different from butter, so most people don't use them as substitutes for each other at least not that I know of. I've only seen people substitute butter for mayo on a grilled cheese. Would you put butter on there instead of mayo? I guess what I'm trying to say is that anon saying "butter is superior" just confused me a little because I don't feel that they're similar lol

No. 1381888

Not even on the same continent kek.

No. 1381903

Idk where you live nonnie but average rent in my city is $1300. There are some apartments for around $900 but most of them are more than that. Also when renting places won't let you rent unless you make 2.5x the amount of rent. I have a switch and a laptop that I bought a year apart but I can't afford to move out of my parents house. Saving up for a one time purchase and being able the pay bills consistently are two different things. I don't even think of myself as poor but my salary is technically at the poverty line.

No. 1381913

My bad, never heard of patatje oorlog. It sounded Indian to me but now I see that it's Dutch.

No. 1381917

i meant on sandwiches and burgers and such.

No. 1381947

No worries, I didn't mean to imply you should've heard of it. I just thought it was funny you thought it was an Indian dish.

No. 1382113

That subset of lifestyle bloggers that try to relate to normal functional humans with phenomenons like baby fever and it almost instantaneously slips out of their mouth that they want material to vlog about and a baby is exactly something to put on their channel that grabs tons of views.

No. 1382134

I hate that people act like class isn't everything. A rich black woman is going to have a better life than a homeless white guy but people act like it has everything to do with skin color. I hate that people act like minorities can't be racist to white people. I literally got whipped by black kids when I was growing up because "neither if your parents are black" ummm okay sure you can't be racist to whites, sure….smh. and oh my god I am so sick of hearing about cultural appropriation. I associated dreadlocks with hippies more than black people growing up. Stupid fucking culture war.

No. 1382143

Please calm down Kiki Kannibal. Sorry that the very obvious racial disparity in America is allegedly effecting you so negatively but it doesn’t change the fact that black and brown people face violence and bigotry and have completely different fears than you have ever imagined. Instead of making it some theoretical argument about homeless white men you could just mind the business that pays you and stop trying to victimize yourself.

No. 1382153

Songs with a great intro, but the rest is mediocre and disappointing. See Crazy Train, Enter Sandman, Van Halen, The Cure - Push, and 50% of punk. This was sparked by Noi!se - Living for Today, the intro is best listened to with headphones and then you'll understand why I was disappointed.

No. 1382161

Oh this is so true. It's hurts when one specific part of a song is good but the rest is just ok or straight up sucks.

No. 1382193

People who cry "anti-intellectualism" when you suggest that perhaps going into massive debt so you can study at university to write navel gazing theories about films and/or video games is not the wisest decision one can make.

No. 1382214

Oh god same. Those kinds of people think the only way you can be intellectual is to pay your way through college. Kek

No. 1382216

I hate the racesperging going on in so many threads and I hate scrotes.

No. 1382220

I hate that ‘racesperg’ has become interchangeable with ‘anti-racism’ here

No. 1382225

It's not.

No. 1382233

File: 1666387410531.gif (144.96 KB, 350x350, 1646830406842.gif)

Female gaze movies, they are so fucking shit and its the reason why moids think we want to get raped/a bad boy who has a totes tragic story. Fuck that shit, get better taste for god's sake. I am happy that more women are starting to wake up and realize that a twink/himbo is way better than the generic bad boy that treats you like shit.

No. 1382235

What? Has someone been banned as a racesperg for not being racist?

No. 1382245

I'm so sorry I'm affecting your ability to feel like a victim poc nonna

No. 1382354

You’re wrong. Like entirely. I’m just not an idiot that cries about lacking attention, little miss ‘black people whipped me’. Pull your head out of your ass.

No. 1382445

Moids who spend their lives online in self pity groups whining that they can't get a decent paying job or a girlfriend when they don't even bother to shower or go outside.

No. 1382468

If anybody sees themselves as the ultimate victims, it's racist white women who like to antagonise non-white women because they think everyone is jealous of the special princess privilege they think they have, when all they are is bitter pick-mes who despise not being the centre of attention and can't understand why everyone hates them.

Why do you feel bad for a homeless white guy lmao. I don't believe your story for a second, sounds like bait.

No. 1382473

>sounds like bait.
I thought so too. "whipped by black kids" seems pretty on the nose plus all the recent racebait.

No. 1382491

Yeah, i am under the impression it was written by a scrote now that I think about it, along with the other comment i replied to.

No. 1382587

That's how I've been deeply feeling about this Fairy Tail ED ever since I'm like 11 lol. I'm periodically looking for instrumental re-arranges, because I'm apparently not the only one disappointed, judging by the comments, but so far to no avail.

No. 1382776

File: 1666431735092.jpeg (Spoiler Image,411.07 KB, 750x1036, 7FB6E9F7-32B6-44AF-816F-389A19…)

spoiler for rotten moldy potato face

No. 1382779


No. 1382786

I don't hate him or anything but I do think the weird crushes people have on him are bizarre, he's just a below average looking white guy that's it, I almost feel ethnicels are right

No. 1382788


No. 1382794

He has an attainable harmless look, that's it

No. 1382795

non-white Incels who blame their incel statue on being non-white

No. 1382797

He’s so de-sexualized that girls with low self esteem latch on to him with whatever weird maternal thing that causes them to look at pitiful men no one wants and say “aww I can take care of it”

No. 1382798

So sorry
>attainable harmless look
There are somewhat cuter guys you can achieve that with, he is absolutely bottom of the barrel pathetic. He looks like pillsbury dough boy abomination.

No. 1382801

Okay thanks I assumed it was more weird racebait

No. 1382804

I have read though the dano posting thread, you either want to him get robert pattinson or talk about how cute his belly is, its weird

No. 1382805

I think he's a cute human and good actor kinda like how a lot of woman are into Reviewbrah. I am glad nonnas are starting to like cuter boys, bad boys are such a retarded kind made by the media to force us to accept abusive men as attractive.

No. 1382808

The alternative to liking Dano isn’t liking abusive bad boys, what is that ‘logic’? He’s just straight up ugly, accept it.

No. 1382811

HE IS NOT CUTE, he is pudgy 4/10 man, the only thing he has going for him is his height and that's it

No. 1382817

I think Dano is cute in an ugly way. He looks cuter when he's a bit skinny.

No. 1382844

He's literally an ugly, below average moid. Patriarchy won once again

No. 1382848

If you think he's bottom of the barrel, you haven't suffered like I do being exposed to ugly men

No. 1382850

I guess he’s bottom of the barrel for hollywood men, I have no doubt average everyday y chromo failures are even more grotesque.

No. 1382992

His roles and acting, his voice, his personality, the fact that he seems like a normal guy who's not into degenerate shit nor a misogynist, etc. Also not all women find the same types attractive or cute, cope and seethe. Here's ugly to you but not to all his fans. I'm not even much of a Danofag but you all sound like annoying children when you shame women for having different taste, it's not like they're lusting after an abuser, rapist or criminal like Ezra

No. 1383027

I hate celebrities and fans who act like fame is a burden. Like the mountains of cash they have is somehow canceled out by having to deal with annoying fans.
>wehh it's so hard to be famous because stalkers
Everyone is at risk of this, when I worked retail a girl in my department was friendly to the wrong customer and ended up with an unhinged stalker. Only difference is celebrities have enough money to protect themselves and enough clout that the police will take them seriously.
>wehhhh we can't go out in public without being approached
Normies can't go on public transport or to the library anymore without being hassled by angry homeless crackheads. But yeah it must be so traumatizing to have someone approach you to ask for an autograph during your dinner.
>wehhhhh no privacy
Normies are expected to live in small apartments with 2-3 strangers, and if creeps are peeping through our windows police won't do shit unless they actually break in. Normie women get their nudes leaked all the time but are expected to just suck it up and deal with it.

It's not hard to be rich stfu.

No. 1383032

File: 1666453947874.jpg (214.73 KB, 1080x1021, ejhuqi7e7w461.jpg)

STEM moids, particularly of the programmer and software engineer variety. Take a man's emotional retardation, stubbornness, and multiply it by 100. Engineer mindset moids are the most insufferable personality types to encounter. Zero reasoning with them because they are so hyper-logic brained they will always think their way of thinking is right. No room for nuance whatsoever, and naturally no emotional depth. Don't care how much money they make, would never marry one unless it meant I divorce him and took his entire salary with me.

No. 1383034

I hate when people are moody in the morning like grow the fuck up we get it you're tired but you don't need to make everyone elses life a living hell because you feel a little sleepy.

No. 1383046

Not any of those nonnies, but is it more that he likely is a misogynist like the majority of Hollywood actors usually end up being? I remember a while back women using Jason Momoa's "good family man" status to prove women like good men and it was really odd considering his tattered history and the fact that even if he had worse PR, women would still like him–just like the majority of diehard fans would still stick on Dano even if evidence started coming out he was really that bad. A lot of it is more about liking someone in a paraphilia/parasocial type way. I find it really disturbing that the alternative to him is a "bad boy" as if it isn't extremely normal for all kinds of men that present in different ways to be questionable behind closed doors. I've seen female fans of "nice" seeming men that end up defending him even after proof comes out that his image is a facade.

Oh. About his looks, he looks ok to me. Like a cleancut pastry. I don't even understand why people think his voice is nice, though. He sounds like the net average of every math teacher ever.

No. 1383067

I hate when customers tell me what I should do with my money. "You need to do this!" "Save up and go to Disney!" "When you go on vacation…" Why are you assuming I can afford to do these things? Are you going to pay for me? No? Then shut up. I know they are just trying to make small talk but someone telling me I just NEED to experience this thing when I show no interest irritates me to no end.

No. 1383075

Praying for all nonas in STEM, especially Computer science, Engineering and Math related fields. I don't know how I got out of it alive. But now I'm a NEET due to mental fatigue of it all. It's such an isolating experience.

No. 1383095

It sure sounds like it anon, the work load on top of being alienated by insufferable males. I'm sorry you don't have a job right now but enjoy your time of NEETdom if you are able to comfortably.

No. 1383152

STEM nona reporting in. CompSci major.

I agree, it really does seem isolating. It feels like my college major has cheated me out of a college experience. You have no time to go out, no energy to hang out after you're done with work and no friends to go out with.
All the moids are STILL clustered together in no-girls-allowed hives just like they were in high school, there's rarely any girls,
I've become a NEET from this major as well. I'm completing an online degree because the stresses of campus life are just too unfulfilling and much to bear on top of getting the degree itself.

This, this, SO MUCH THIS. I feel a lot of pressure from my family and society to get a husband from college, but there's nothing there for me. STEM moids are the most callous, unsympathetic, demanding, arrogant excuses of human beings you can possibly imagine. They do nothing but criticize your every decision, even outside of college, do nothing on their end to be friends, and ironically cannot be reasoned with.
I'm sorry but I have to interact with people because of >u have to work on your social skills or >put urself out there, u need other people to be happy I'm just gonna stay a NEET completing my degree happily away from these creatures in the comfort of my own home.

No. 1383182

damn nona im in electrical engineering and it feels like i wrote the post. not only are they emotionally retarded, i swear these guys are 18-25 and they look 35. some of them smell and some just look dirty as fuck.

No. 1383198

I'm married to an engineer and main complaint would be that there are times where he does or says things that are insensitive or inappropriate. In certain situations he's more concerned with being logical than considering how someone else would feel. I do understand that sometimes what needs to be said must be said but there's ways of phrasing things and he does not understand this.

No. 1383200

Yup. It's great. Hopefully when I feel ready to work, I'd do something with customers. I always thought I should work in some shitty cubicle, isolated. But talking to people is so much more important. I didn't really learn anything from my STEM degree other than how much important it is to be surrounded by empathetic people.
Good luck. I completed my degree online due to the pandemic lockdowns. I'm glad. Honestly I don't feel any different other than my parents treating me nicer for finishing something because I was about to fail elementary school kek.

No. 1383221

>Zero reasoning with them because they are so hyper-logic brained they will always think their way of thinking is right.
The irony behind this is that they use a lot of “rational” lines of thinking to do the mental gymnastics to avoid their emotions. They’ve meme’d themselves into thinking they’re lone wolf types whose genius just can’t be fully appreciated by stupid femoids but in reality they’re just so unstable to be around they isolate themselves for the greater good kek.

No. 1383224

Yeah, I chose not to go in engineering field because of this. Now I'm in the S of STEM. It seems like more people in sciences, especially those who are involved in research, are more empathetic, patient, and kind based on my experience with classmates, colleagues and coworkers.

No. 1383257

What's in it for you, genuinely asking right now? The money? Is he good in bed? Are you an engineer too? I seriously wonder why women bother with men like this, no offense

No. 1383390

File: 1666478217359.jpg (260.77 KB, 1000x667, DSC09118-copy.jpg)

I know no one really makes or uses these, but the altoid tin watercolor palettes. This shit will rust, no doubt.

No. 1383416

lol. I wanted to say Animal Crossing and it's playerbase but then I saw that someone has already mentioned it.
I remember buying New Leaf after hearing how great it was for years and just thinking "wait, is this it?" I know that it's a game made for only playing a few minutes a day but all the things you can do and the mysteries you can uncover are just so boring.
I also hate that so many fans say shit like "AC is a girls' game because I don't have to think when I play it unlike those violent strategy games men play" it's fine that they enjoy the game but don't go and imply that women are too stupid to play games that aren't uwu simulations

No. 1383443

NAYRT, but I'm also with a le cold and le calculating engineer. In my case it's because my brain also works that way to some extent and I like having someone who gives pragmatic answers to my bitching over someone who is just an emotional support rag. Like the anon said though, it can be insensitive or inappropriate. I'm with him because he's extremely beautiful, good in bed, and has his life well figured out.

No. 1383751

When women wax poetically about how good scrotes still exist and how they are totally empathetic to you. Your father being nice to you is not necessarily for purely selfless reasons. They often see their children as extensions of themselves or there can be a different angle to it. Secondly, are you a very feminine, obviously straight, gender conforming woman, possibly very attractive leaving the race angle out of this bc don't want to be accused of racebait? Yeah, why are you surprised that scrotes are nice to you and will defend your honor? There's a reason people say to judge character based on how someone treats service personnel or generally women they don't want to fuck.

No. 1383768

Women like this are so clueless its painful, and it’s often ones that boast about how they’re so aware of everything that defend and infantilize these men. Like they genuinely don’t realize that the version of them they see is not who they actually are, and that they’re putting on an act for them because they’re women. If they really saw their true personality and what they say outside of their presence, particularly how they talk about women, they’d feel disgusted. This especially applies to women who act like gay men aren’t just as bad if not worse.

No. 1383781

File: 1666517539632.png (496.47 KB, 500x667, The_Riddler_(Arkham_Knight).pn…)

He might be the Riddler in the new batman movie, but he will never be the Riddler in my heart

No. 1383792

File: 1666521147914.jpg (925.91 KB, 1920x1080, cory-michael-smith-as-the-ridd…)

As if this alcoholic petty thief rat looking ass would be any better. Have some style, nonita.

No. 1383811

File: 1666524108304.jpeg (169.74 KB, 1200x856, 12D3DCB0-D10C-4FF5-8401-CD0D32…)

First place just for blowing up the batcave.

No. 1383834

This NLOG anthem, the sound doesn't even suit her and it's weird to talk about what a badass you are in comparison to other badass women. Bad choice of WWE. Yeah she's different because of her bodytype, that is true, but that doesn't excuse this retarded theme.

No. 1383856

i hate that bpd is synonymous for borderline personality and bipolar disorder. i never know if someone is talking about bpd or bpd so I have to read the whole fucking post (but 99.9% of the time they are talking about being cluster b kek)

No. 1383863

I've never heard anyone say bpd is for anything besides borderline.

No. 1383868

nta but many retards say bpd when they mean bipolar, usually they don't know about bpd though.

No. 1383979

Kek kinda off topic but there's one or two nonnies here who are clearly dyslexic, ESL, or not good at typing and I always see them write BDP and it pisses me off. I keep reading it as Bross Domestic Product

No. 1384090

File: 1666550461716.jpg (438.2 KB, 1080x780, 20221023_182123.jpg)

Someone recommended me this youtube channel as wholesome women in nature content but every time I see the thumbnails my hatred flares up, they're always just wearing swimsuits or mini dresses and it just feels so staged. Who would wear that working on a farm? I hate clickbait

No. 1384093

I hate how women just minding their business are still posed and dressed for the male gaze. I hate the fact that some women internalize this performance and partake in it even when they're alone. I also hate that meme that goes like "Me in my room not doing anything ugly in case my crush has cameras in my room"

No. 1384096

I think it's because we share some personality traits and where we differ it's complimentary. We've never had any serious arguments in the seven years we've been married, we rarely argue or disagree with each other at all. I suspect that I might be autistic so maybe that explains why we get on so well. He normally says what I'm thinking anyway, being male he has the confidence and/or lack of self awareness to say it where as I have higher emotional intelligence and know to stay quiet. He isn't malicious and genuinely thinks that what he's telling the other person is helpful or kind. There are times where I'm on the receiving end of it but I explain why what he's said to me is not appropriate instead of getting angry about.

No. 1384202

It's annoying when scrotes try to emphasize how much stronger they are than women. And then the women in the conversation feed their ego by mentioning the time when uwu they felt so small and helpless when their scrote wrestled them to the ground, or picked up something heavy they couldn't. Sure, there are strength differences, but too many people make it sound like the men can grind your skull into dust with his bare hands. It's like men are fetishizing they can harm women, and then women play into that. It's nasty.

No. 1384232

I'm fairly neutral on Taylor swift herself but swifties are the world's biggest retards. They really act like their idol invented metaphors

No. 1384248

File: 1666561661832.jpg (172.86 KB, 960x1280, 8b8ee8a830eca49d80ff620215fa47…)

I hate the ''gamer girl'' aesthetic and the women that partake in it, imagine paying so fucking much just to be a pickme and not even use your fucking NASA computer to play any decent games or learn any skill
>I also hate that so many fans say shit like "AC is a girls' game because I don't have to think when I play it unlike those violent strategy games men play" it's fine that they enjoy the game but don't go and imply that women are too stupid to play games that aren't uwu simulations
holy shit i hate this, i grew up playing strategy and city bulding games and ''gamur girlzzz'' posting their shitty pink set up with a 3k computers just to play the sims and stream lol annoy me so fucking much

No. 1384267

I have never personally played animal crossing but I’ve watched friends play and it always seemed boring besides the cute animal characters saying funny things. It’s literally something I would expect of a mobile game or those old Facebook games (FarmVille), not something you spend 60 bucks on. That’s the issue with non story games is I feel that they’re pointless and most people only play because of hype for a few weeks and then it sits abandoned.

No. 1384270

you sound really cool

No. 1384274

it's also ridiculous that people will actually en masse agree with scrotes that even a sedentary untrained loser is able to defeat someone like Cris Cyborg in a match and will turn her into dust. Those differences matter in cases like the Fallon Fox TiM, who does train. Or retarded shit like saying women cannot really gain muscle, or only in a feminine way, "toned". Like Jesus Christ they make being female sound thousand times worse than reality.

No. 1384288

File: 1666563489410.png (1.53 MB, 900x1335, l7ihoz8lfs561.png)

>tfw your pc is so shit you can't even unlock the metropolis milestone without the unlock all mod

No. 1384291

Uh streaming and/or playing Sims requires a good pc. Especially Sims with a lot of DLC and custom content. My computer struggles to run the base game even without cc and I can't imagine streaming at the same time. Would probably catch on fire.

No. 1384292

Based, i respect you

No. 1384299

It's pathetic, honestly. Having strong bones and being able to gain muscle (for manual labor) is the only thing they're good for. And even they don't do that right, 99% of men are skinnyfat uggos and they misuse their strength by wrestling and choking their gfs instead of protecting them.

No. 1384309

>just to play the sims and stream lol
You say this as if it's easy to play LoL or any of the Sims game with a shitty computer (especially if you stream while doing it). Who really cares what games someone decides to play with their setup anyway? It's not bad to have a nice computer, even if it's to play "easy" games. I don't know, I just don't really get this post.

No. 1384325

that i had to read autism of this level

No. 1384330

i just hate pickmes and coonsoomerism, moids do the same but at least they play better games that requiere a beefy PC.

No. 1384439

I also hate the "gamer girl" aesthetic, it's just looks so fake and artificial and it's always the same regardless of the streamer. I don't hate on women who like pink in general, but this specific aesthetic, why does it have to be so stereotypically girly but so empty at the same time? It's like they're trying way too hard to convince others that they're female or "look, I'm doing a good job at being a woman!!" it's so performative it kinda pisses me off. Even more so when they do it to appeal to a coomer audience.

I don't like juding other women for the games they play, though. However, I hate that women who play video games/"girl gamers" are associated so strongly with casual, "easy" games or "not real games" such as The Sims, and vice versa ("The Sims is a bad game because it's for women, women only play easy games" etc.). It's like both men and women who can't shut up about only liking easy games are reinforcing those ideas. There's plenty of women who enjoy games outside of that genre (I love RTS and fighting games, for example) but we're just invisible I guess.
But like others have pointed out, you need a good PC to be able to run TS4, and a really good one to stream even older games with good video quality.

No. 1384464

Those overly bright blue-white car headlights that blind everyone and don't even add visual range to your car.

No. 1384474

>I also hate the "gamer girl" aesthetic, it's just looks so fake and artificial and it's always the same regardless of the streamer. I don't hate on women who like pink in general, but this specific aesthetic, why does it have to be so stereotypically girly but so empty at the same time? It's like they're trying way too hard to convince others that they're female or "look, I'm doing a good job at being a woman!!" it's so performative it kinda pisses me off. Even more so when they do it to appeal to a coomer audience.
i think you put it perfectly, i wish they made ''girly'' gaming sutff in other colors, like pastel green/blue, but it's always the most obnoxious baby pink with cat ears.
>However, I hate that women who play video games/"girl gamers" are associated so strongly with casual, "easy" games or "not real games" such as The Sims, and vice versa ("The Sims is a bad game because it's for women, women only play easy games" etc.).It's like both men and women who can't shut up about only liking easy games are reinforcing those ideas.
I think this has to do with most women being too scared of being ''that girl'', you know, the butt of the joke, and moid gamers putting the reputation of the whole female gender in the hands of just one girl playing her first RTS/fightan/FPS, i feel like that's what filters most women from playing harder games, which sucks. ALso the lack of a female community in those genres.

No. 1384483

File: 1666579337694.jpeg (200.17 KB, 1242x930, 3987C8C8-818E-45AB-8343-F7F69F…)

Syntactic analysis sucks and it only makes the learning of a language even more confusing than it has to be. Fuck syntactic analysis, fuck that shit, it only gets more and more confusing the more you read about it, I hate having to teach this shit.

No. 1384490

I'm a linguist and I hate this shit too. I'm glad someone gets it. It confused me so much

No. 1384496

File: 1666580514026.gif (3.29 MB, 498x278, mobile-break.gif)

I hate hate hate using Twitter to browse art. Garbage layout, lack of tagging, etc. Which psycho was it who decided that twitter should be the primary place for artists to post and why did everyone agree with them?
I'm currently taking a language course in university and we just jumped straight to learning syntactic. It's really hard to keep track of when we haven't even gone trough vocabulary. It's so validating for me to see people criticise this learning method

No. 1384519

>I think this has to do with most women being too scared of being ''that girl'', you know, the butt of the joke, and moid gamers putting the reputation of the whole female gender in the hands of just one girl playing her first RTS/fightan/FPS, i feel like that's what filters most women from playing harder games, which sucks. ALso the lack of a female community in those genres.
Yeah I guess this also puts a huge ammount of pressure on the women who want to try something different or at least be open about liking other genres. This is very similar to the discrimination women in STEM face, only that's a lot more serious since it affects their career. I wish there were more female-only communities for women who play those sorts of video games and for women in STEM. That way less girls would be afraid of being ridiculed or making other girls look bad, and the women who know a lot could teach and help them improve instead of having to learn from a condescending mansplaining scrote.

No. 1384547

You sound just as autistic as the gamer moids who sperg about women who only play casual games. Not every woman takes gaming seriously and wants to invest 500 hours of their time gitting gud at some competitive FPS game. Why shame them for that?

>imagine paying so fucking much just to be a pickme

Do you know what a pickme means? She'd be a pickme if she was only into gaming to attract scrotes.

>i grew up playing strategy and city bulding games and ''gamur girlzzz'' posting their shitty pink set up with a 3k computers just to play the sims and stream lol annoy me so fucking much

NLOG moment.

No. 1384553

I do try some obscure games and it's beyond me why and how it's somehow gatekeepable. The Sims franchise is a good one with so many avenues for creativity, and a classic for a reason. It's so fun. That people insult liking it is so crazy to me.
I feel that. I got very used to not really discussing games over it and just quietly enjoying them, and I regret it. I wish I grew up having a group of girls to sperg out over games with and not really care at all about how I came across.

No. 1384566

Troons posting cropped womens photos in mtf thread and samefaging to try and bait. It never works, I seriously cannot get over the retard male ego thinking they could pass for pretty women without makeup. Scrotes truly are delusional kek.(male)

No. 1384567

>reputation of the whole female gender in the hands of just one girl playing her first RTS/fightan/FPS
This is soooo fucking annoying, holy shit. Any time you’re even a little bad or just new to a game, you get treated like the representative of womenkind in proving the point of “girls suck at video games” or whatever. It’s exhausting.

No. 1384583

I have never seen a girl with a pink setup that wasnt an absolute pickme, to be honest. All of my friends just have normal setups because they realize paying 500 usd more for the pink cat headphones/gaming chair is an absolute waste of money and its not going to affect how they play videogames. Also i am complaing about the type of girl that consooms to no end and wastes money on a computer they dont need just because it has pretty rgb.

No. 1384612

this is why I never got into multiplayer. I just want to have fun. When I did find other women who do multiplayer, they only survived by being turbopickmes. Depressing. But finding lots of other women who just did singleplayer like me, at least they're sane enough to do multiplayer with.
yeah I play all sorts of games, mostly RPGs, turnbased strategy, city builders, horror survival, but sometimes The Sims is just comfy. Or Zoo/Rollercoaster Tycoon type games.

No. 1384620

I'm glad to see other linguists on lolcow, and I agree that syntax trees are absolute shit. I feel like generativist scrotes are so attached to them because shitting out a complex one makes them feel smart, "look, just like the maths!! We're a real science guys!"

No. 1384622

hate that blasting rap and country music here seems fine but the moment someone blasts EDM or rock/metal they can expect property management to be up their ass. i should be allowed to use my speaker in the common areas too if some other fuck can blast his rap for 1-4 hours.

No. 1384624

Which is hilarious considering all the males who are terrible at videogames or all the male casuals who only play easy mainstream shit. Those hardcore gamer scrotes always make fun of other scrotes who are bad at games, but if one woman who's a beginner makes a mistake then suddenly she represents all women and "GURLS CAN'T PLAY GAMES!! GTFO MY HOBBY REEEE".

No. 1384625

This reminds me, I hate when people blare loud rap music in public spaces.

No. 1384642

I hate that growing up I was taught only girls with big boobs will be sexually harassed and have tons of simps. Cue my B cup ass throughout high school and college getting constant sexual harassment and simps. Sucks I was actually excited for men to fuck off

No. 1384650

I hate it when I am not scheduled enough at my job and I hate it when they schedule me more. Everything feels like a personal attack at this point unless they give me the exact hours I wanted and don't make me do overtime. But it's always overtime and if I left as soon as my shift was supposed to end the lazy managers snitch instead of helping. I am nearly the only fit person there so I already do more hard work than these fatties and skeletons and then they dare to put more work on me because I took it up to become irreplaceable. But the fucking scheduler still will not give me the exact shifts I want. I hate my job.

No. 1384653

sexual harassment has less to do with sex than it does with keeping women in "their place." it's about letting you know where you are seated under patriarchy

No. 1384659

File: 1666604230817.jpg (20.58 KB, 622x336, 60eda577-a442-4164-ba60-cf98e4…)

it's just this shit all over again. it applies to everything.

No. 1384660

pls cupsize relates more to ribcage size than boob volume
t. E cup, but practically flat, just a massive wide ribcage

No. 1384666

>ALso the lack of a female community in those genres.
It was actually starting getting better until gender ideology came along and ruined it by pushing out all real women in favor of trans ones aka males. It's now impossible to have a women's only gaming group without including twanswomen, and since males are the majority of players in those genres (hence why the female group was needed in the first place…) and this particular group of men feels entitled and motivated to seek out the female-only spaces they ALWAYS flock to it and end up outnumbering the females. And no one can do or say anything without being permanently labelled as a transphobe, banned from all other gaming spaces and sent death and rape threats by the excluded twanswomen. All the female-only competitions get infested and taken over by twanswomen, all of the female spotlights and encouragement meant for girls and women get taken by them as well…

Not to mention these twanswomen are either aggressively male while acting like "I'm the no1 gurl gamer bitches, cis women could never be this good", or they act like they suck at games because "I'm just a dumb woman, woman bad at games tehe uwu".

No. 1384672

I fucking hate it so much nonnies… I hate it all FUCK THIS TROON EARTH

No. 1384676

When a man messes up in a game he is an everyman relatable guy. When a woman does it it's because she is low life female who's only purpose ia to be a housewife
yes. Men's end goal with sexual harassment is not to get sex. It's a display of dominance for them

No. 1384679

People who put massive inflatable dicks in their yard to celebrate the birth of a baby. The scrote nutted once and that's all he did, meanwhile she had to carry it around for 9 months and push it out.

No. 1384680

This is why i play as a male character and reveal my sex when i beat their ass

No. 1384688

It really sucks, I want female friend groups to game with desperately but I barely come across women in the games anyway… I really wish all female groups would make a resurgence

No. 1384689

I always assume 90% of female avatars in any game are male sexist gamers, half of them troons.

No. 1384695

they put fucking what in their yards

No. 1384700

Which country does that??

No. 1384701

Be the change you want to see. If LC can have it's own movie nights and it's own art board, why can't LC have it's own Steam group? You could even invite CC.

No. 1384716

I hate Berserk fanboys. I've read the manga and can say, that while the artstyle was nice, it wasn't anything groundbreaking. Limpwristed scrotes jerking themselves over how great of a masterpiece this manga supposedly is makes me cringe so bad. Many more amazing stories, even in the same manga format exist, why tf does this draw in so many moids? Is it the gratuitous explicit sexual violence? Kinda obvious that the author drew some panels with only one hand tbh.

No. 1384734

Honestly the art in Berserk is great sometimes, but some of the characters look weird, especially Guts. Something about his body looks very disproportionate.

No. 1384745

I don't know anything about Syntactic Analysis, but this pic is so funny

No. 1384806

Shouldn't it be the other way around? I thought cup size was the difference between ribcage and the fullest part of the bust?

No. 1384825

File: 1666627181222.jpg (95.93 KB, 1246x837, breast_root.jpg)

The cupsize is more related to the amount of surface area that needs to be covered (so how the breast is rooted), rather than the projection and volume. If you just measure it as the difference between the ribcage and the fullest part of the bust, you're probably going to end up with a bra that doesn't actually fit. If you'd see me, you'd assume I would need a massive bandsize and an A cup, like 90A or something. Which would end up with the wire being in the middle of my chest, and having skin with a little tissue fall out on all sides and it's not comfortable, since I have dense tissue. After properly measuring, it ended up being 70E and that was the first time in my life that I found a bra that fits. However I'm practically flat, so there's no point to wearing a bra besides a sportsbra. This is btw also why TiM AGPs brag about having DD cup after measuring properly, when really it just means they have a massive flat man chest.

No. 1384828

I'm a burgerfag so this number had me fucked up until I googled it. Here I was like 70" chest, nonny you are an absolute unit. kek

No. 1384829

File: 1666627566885.jpeg (137.14 KB, 750x486, D449898E-5F40-4A16-8381-1A7873…)

No. 1384853

File: 1666629072107.jpg (21.73 KB, 564x423, 5b118ce98dc155a9c3fe56d34ec550…)

My ribcage is bigger than 70cm, I'm still an unit kek, but when I actually wear the supposedly "correct" bandsize, the cup is always too narrow, while at the same time too big and leaves a massive gap. Moral of the story is that bra sizes make very little sense.

No. 1384862

Do you have body dysmorphia by chance?

No. 1384866

my BDD is more related to being worried about being too small, weak and frail, rather than the other way around

No. 1384867

File: 1666629784452.jpeg (94.76 KB, 495x389, turtle.jpeg)

i disagree that wide ribcage = wide rooted breasts necessarily. i have wide ribcage (75cm in skinnyfat ribs showing mode) and narrow rooted breasts. when i wore underwire bras still i would often get free space in the middle while my boob would fold unto itself instead of filling the cup, kek

No. 1384876

File: 1666630846652.jpg (61.4 KB, 563x546, fb0a2985cc2ee53ea8f421375cbd55…)

yeah that's fair, my main point is just that bra size isn't actually as easy as just measuring ribcage, measuring biggest part boob and looking at the difference. It's a 3D/4D thing somehow being boiled down to 2D measurements and it just doesn't make sense. I was dealing with 85-90cm when I was underweight spoopmode, but I look spoopy fast in general because of it. I don't mind it being big, it protects my organs very well and I have a great lung capacity, but I HATE seeing any boniness. I keep almost flipping my shit when doctors call me skinny. Nooo I worked so hard to gain that weight

No. 1384933

File: 1666635704704.jpg (62.34 KB, 682x650, gross.jpg)

The word "Tomboy", applying the word "Tomboy" to adult women, insisting on applying the word "Tomboy" to butch lesbians and all the "Tomboy supremacy" memes. It's infantilizing, gross, makes it sound like they hope she's straight and will grow out of it. If you use it, I will assume you're probably a lost /pol/tard doing some sort of psyop because you think butch women are just "brainwashed tomboys" who need to realize they desperately want to get knocked up by some neckbeard nazi scrote. Or that you're a straight woman who is afraid of "offending" a butch woman by calling her butch. It's only a very recent phenomenon to call ADULT WOMEN by a PREPUBESCENT or at best teenage term. You can just say androgynous, gender nonconforming, masc, whatever the fuck, but why use a term specifically meant for prepubescent androgyny, with such a loaded history, on adult women? Especially after all the retarded "Tomboy Supremacy" and "Tomboy Outback" memes? No wonder that so many women transition, when it seems like the only time adult female gender non conformity is accepted online, is when it's some sort of fetishized thing or reframed in a straight manner, with the hope and promise that you'll grow out of it.

No. 1384942

its not that deep, its just easier to say tomboy than gnc/androgynous/whatever, aydeens troon out because they are femcels that think if they cant get the cute gay anime think they will BECOME the anime twink, they have AGP and most of the time they used to be girly girls.

No. 1384944

You do realize that there are butches who are trooning out? Not all TiFs are straight women, the first wave of TiFs literally were lesbians.

No. 1384945

samefag to also point out that butch and gnc has fewer letters than "tomboy" and butch has only one syllable vs two for tomboy. So no, it's not "easier".

No. 1384949

Butch is associated with strictly lesbians and nobody except radfems know what gnc means

No. 1384950

isnt tomboy specifically for straight women though?

No. 1384954

Nta, but isn't butch only for lesbians whereas tomboy can be applied to all women? Also I think tomboy is just the more common, well-known term (again, since butch is for gay women).

No. 1384956

Tomboy has up until fairly recently always been used for prepubescent girls and teenagers, not for ADULT women. That only got really popular online after the retarded tomboy supremacy memes. Also I literally pointed out
>insisting on applying the word "Tomboy" to butch lesbians
Butch is not a dirty word.

No. 1384962

Moids and their unfunny jokes. This moid I know made a joke saying that he likes women who like it so rough that it's almost domestic violence. Please die

No. 1384965

i don't get it. is the joke he hits women? /s

No. 1384966

File: 1666637127637.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x2560, A1eVljovkwL._RI_.jpg)

Its mostly used in teens/kids because it tends to be a phase most straight women grow out. First time i heard of the term was with this movie and the protagonist is an adult

No. 1384970

Also moid "jokes" are often things they actually want. Beware of the creep.

No. 1384972

I'm playing Rimworld (not obscure nor actually that inaccessible) and honestly it gives major Sims vibes. It's the human elements and the stories you can read into them with the feelings of your colonists being from which much of the other gameplay builds off of. Creative, cool games. In the meantime, many, many…many games are out there with shallower, less intensive gameplay but with a veil of pretention that never gets any flack.
Oh boy. Reminds me when I tried engaging in a more normie community. Someone was excited over an announcement (Dragon's Dogma related I think), saying they had been starved for RPGs in recent years, and an anime girl pfp person said the OP was wrong about RPGs being scarce these days–mostly listing off pedobait JRPGs.
I looked. It was a MtF that also had been bashing the girls questioning the sexualization of girls in some games. Go figures.

No. 1384974

It's not just a phase most straight women grow out of, it's enforced that all women have to grow out of it and it has been that way since the Victorian Era. It's usually out of severe (peer and parental) pressure that it ends up being a phase.
Am I please allowed to hate it when that word is applied to me and other women who don't wish to be called that way? It are 99% of the time disgusting fetishizing scrotes doing it or straight women who are afraid of the word "butch", when you're obviously butch, repeatedly call yourself butch and you're not just a feminine woman holding a wrench.

No. 1384984

I heard a guy call something fat like his cock a few days ago. Imagine a woman saying something is tight like her pussy or huge like her boobs she'd be considered insane

No. 1384990

I make comments based on the state of my ovaries they're small, they'll recover in time though, but I'll say my ovaries aren't big enough for something, like how people use "ballsy"

No. 1384998

It's not a joke, he is confessing to wanting to beat up women. Stay away.

No. 1385005

"Tomboy" as a term been sexualized pretty recently, tomboys always got bullied by everyone, specifically boys who didn't find them "feminine enough" and it never meant something sexual until twitter moids started fetishizing it
>Butch is not a dirty word
We know, you're just using it incorrectly, if you call yourself butch and you aint gay you're going to confuse a bunch of people for obvious reasons

No. 1385006

having flashbacks to that time some anon called herself gnc and a whole fight broke out cause some other anon thought it was the same as enbie shit or something

No. 1385007

File: 1666639295981.png (721.29 KB, 1172x792, kek.PNG)

Honestly, let the haters hate. Everyone knows men are the pettiest messiest bitches on the planet anyway

No. 1385009

How am I using it incorrectly? I'm a lesbian, yet all sorts of people have a problem with the word "butch". They'd rather call me a transman, transmasc, "stud" (when I'm white), a tomboy, but anything but butch.

No. 1385010

Same, that was heated

No. 1385018

I hate they only focused on that one comment, cause she said so much other vite shit about women and racist shit about chinese people

No. 1385023

I get people got a problem with "butch" cause homophobia so they avoid saying it, but pretty much everyone recognizes it as an exclusive gay term
Yeah, she's very vile and a miserable person

No. 1385032

Okay and it applies to me more than any of those other terms, so I don't know how I'm using it incorrectly? I'm a lesbian (an adult human female homosexual) who other wise gets constantly labeled a tomboy, transmasc, "stud", so I think I can safely assume "butch" would apply. No?
>The word "Tomboy", applying the word "Tomboy" to adult women, insisting on applying the word "Tomboy" to butch lesbians and all the "Tomboy supremacy" memes.
Where did I say you HAVE to apply "butch" to straight women? Also it's not just because people have a problem with the word "butch" just due to homophobia. Since even with younger lgb people it's seen as an iffy word, outdated, gross, as if you're talking about Lea DeLaria exclusively. See LChat saying every ugly fat woman is butch and every gnc woman they want to fuck is a "tomboy". Or any other average lesbian space (online or irl) nowadays, "butch" is just seen as not done. It doesn't matter whether you're talking to straight homophobes, dealing with fetishizing scrotes or young lgb people, "butch" is too taboo.

No. 1385034

samefag to say that I actually look up to those "ugly fat women" LChat derides

No. 1385042

File: 1666640819552.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1268x1619, 777EF25B-733D-463A-9851-F44E7E…)

Balding moids who refuse to shave it off.

No. 1385043

Sorry, now i understand you're talking about your situation specifically

No. 1385047

At least they're touching grass?

No. 1385049

yeah about my situation and also when I see other lesbians who prefer to be called butch, constantly be labeled other wise by all sorts of people, since I know I'm not the only one who is getting sick and tired of people doing that. There's even a magazine about it.

No. 1385056

How fucking depressing is it that a female only social group centered around a shared hobby is now a thing of the past? I spent my youth a pickme surrounded by obnoxious scrotes, and I'm so completely done with them. I'm so tired of attention starved men who only want a personal cheerleader or therapist, who can't fucking tolerate disagreement or me succeeding in any way. They're leeches. Worthless soul sucking leeches that don't add anything worthwhile at all to my life and I'm so fucking angry it took me this long to realize it. I met my first real friend in ffxiv, and the thoughtfulness and consideration she has shown me shocks me to the core. I can't believe I lived my whole life thinking that constantly coddling some whiny scrotes ego was friendship.

No. 1385062

I've tried looking up what's so bad about this trend, but I just got confused why's everyone constantly just eating complete cakes, other sweet stuff or asian convenience store food. People show off and put sparkle emojis over "tonkatsu sandwhich" when eating breaded pork in a sandwhich is considered the least fabulous meal you can eat in Central Europe.

No. 1385064

File: 1666641588275.jpg (101.82 KB, 1920x1080, 1920x1080.jpg)

absolutely! I especially hate it when they have this tiny tiny island of hair in the middle of their forehead like picrel. Looks like pubic hair.

No. 1385073

Brown butter. Doesn't do shit. Tired of seeing it.

No. 1385082

I want to grab him and pin him down and force-shave his head

No. 1385099

brown butter has a totally different flavor than regular butter. it's for finishing dishes to add nuttiness. it's not going to do anything to most dishes though, it's for advanced cooking.

No. 1385111

nta but I've described myself as a butch before, then thought I probably shouldn't because some sjw type would call me out since I'm not a lesbian, just someone uninterested in having sex with anyone at all.

No. 1385150

File: 1666647533401.png (91.22 KB, 296x303, so original.png)

wannabe quirky horror games, specially with a western anime style, i am so fucking tired of them.

No. 1385274

Do you even need to ask?

No. 1385281

I hate those longwinded r/niceguys-type screencaps where some guy is clearly being an asshole and the poster keeps replying or doesn’t block them. Girl you’re not gonna convince him, block and move on. You think pointing out his hypocrisy or general assholeishness is gonna make a difference? He’s gonna realize “oh wow I was wrong”? It will never work. Stop giving attention to people who only want attention.

No. 1385284

File: 1666657188401.jpeg (12.53 KB, 250x200, 7ACB1254-1EBD-4958-94E3-2C48C8…)

No. 1385299

File: 1666657962947.jpg (86.93 KB, 576x768, VinesauceFace.jpg)

He's so fucking boring and unfunny. Also it's probably just my autism but he always sounds so passive aggressive and unpleasant to me, like he's streaming against his will. Based on the videos I've watched he comes off as a huge cunt when interacting with viewers. I honestly cannot see the appeal at all. Wig wearer.

No. 1385302

his voice is whiny and i don't find him interesting, in fact Joel is kinda rude as well. The only thing i give him credit for is that she doesn't pander. I find Vinny attractive but very boring and not funny. Joel's humor is immature, can be funny but too many bits. Jerma used to be my perfect mix but he plays so many boring ass games I don't like and tries to hard to make a moment or literally acts like a dumb bimbo on purpose. I still like them all though

No. 1385312

I hate when people give hint spoilers, when they don't directly spoiler something but they allude to what will happen like "don't get too attached to that character!" bad example but it's the only thing I can think of right now. Keep your mouth shut, ffs. Most of the time you can tell exactly what will happen and when. It's so much better to just see someone's genuine reaction to whatever happens than to indirectly spoiler it, anyway. I've been guilty of this to in the past, but I've changed my ways.

No. 1385313

Joel is the superior vinesauce

No. 1385321

I remember getting turned off of Jerma when he had a blow up that…wasn't really like the other times I've seen streamers get frustrated at people. Maybe I misremember or something, and wish I could remember what specifically it was.

No. 1385326

Jerma genuinely does not bother me in any way, and I can imagine the audience he consistently deals with is daunting. I don’t watch him and don’t really care about his content though. He’s chilling.

No. 1385327

Who the hell is even that

No. 1385336

I want to know more about the blow up, do you remember what it was about or what game he was playing? Tbh I stopped watching him a while ago but last few times I tried to watch his recent stuff he sounds tired and kind of annoyed with his audience.

No. 1385351

Joel is annoying a fuck

No. 1385381

Im sorry but Jerma getting mad at someone legits scares me, like what tone would he use? He's always so goofy and even when he does address things, he does so in a nice even tone. I hate his audience, but I can't even imagine him going on a rant. He seems to get quiet or something

No. 1385385

Anyone watch Tomato? I used too and I remember him banning someone I thought it was a joke but he was dead serious, Joel is good at telling people he's annoyed, but he can be mean and annoying. I saw a comment on kiwifarms of Vinny getting mad in a youtube comment because someone criticized his music taste, he was like, "I checked you history and your opinion checks out" or something.he didn't get really mad but it was like, "ohh".

No. 1385387

Yes, I think Joel is pretty rude too, but I respect him for lashing at retards though. That being said, I haven't watched a single twitch stream and years and I feel like my life is better for it, it's such a huge time sink.

No. 1385394

I used to be one of those people who got really into it. I'd camp out in Jerma's pre stream chat, but now I only watch Jerma and thats only when he plays something good. I rarely watch live. I've watched the clock tower playthrough like 5 times it's my favorite

No. 1385406

Hm, is Joel really that rude? Been watching him while working and he always seemed…idk…frank? Maybe there's a stream where it got really bad, I've just mostly seen him getting frustrated with that "one guy"–someone in chat that posts ridiculously misleading information about a game.

No. 1385439

Similar to this, I also hate when people justify spoiling media because it’s old, like “this movie is 37 years old, everyone who wanted to see it already did.” That’s such a dumb excuse. Just because something came out 10, 20, 60 years ago doesn’t mean everyone has seen it and wants to be spoiled. It’s so ridiculous to expect everyone to see every movie (or tv show, book, etc) just because it’s been out for a while, you can’t consume literally every piece of media.

No. 1385443

Cold calling in class. Like don't call on me if my hand isn't raised I was completely zoned out and not at all paying attention. It's not my fault no one else wanted to answer or participate. I literally participate once or twice a class that alone should make you leave me alone not see me as an easy way to break the silence.

No. 1385477

Speaking of Jerma, i came across a stream and it said, "With hasan piker" I think this is the second time he's had HP on. I don't know what the conetxt is but his audience is split. People who love hasan and those who hate him. I hate political people and hasan in random streams

No. 1385529

>I saw a comment on kiwifarms of Vinny getting mad in a youtube comment because someone criticized his music taste, he was like, "I checked you history and your opinion checks out" or something.
I wouldn't take that sort of comment very seriously. I mean we all react like that sometimes and we get over it soon after because it's not serious. I thought it'd be something musch worse lol

No. 1385533

who is this?
also i hate how streamers can make money by just talking about games, whining and playing
i tried watching some but they bore me
if i want parasocial relations i watch vlogs

No. 1385536

Vinny Vinesauce.

No. 1385546

That name alone should make him intolerable e

No. 1385550

how is vlogging better than talking about videogames, both are lazy content

No. 1385582

Wait, he's wearing a wig? Please tell me more. Personally it's been a while since I watched his videos because he's currently playing games I don't care about. He does sound like he's doing all of this as if he's forced sometimes but it's been like what, 10 years since he's started streaming? What else could he do at that point, does he have experience in something else? Shit like this is why I'd never want to be a full time streamer.

No. 1385583

File: 1666677392686.gif (3.76 MB, 224x318, fuck it.gif)

>men who throw around a ball = millions of dollarinos
>people who play video games = thousand to a million dollarinos
>people who vlog = thousands of dollarinos, maybe even a million
I fucking hate this country. How tf do they make more than my parents and I combined.

No. 1385587

lmao git gud

No. 1385589

It's not even because they do the things you've listed, it's because they can advertise crap to their fans/audience, it's the same reason why FB started as just a website for college students and became a monstruosity or why tv is unwatchable nowadays. I liked to watch le joueur du grenier's videos long ago but I don't anymore because they all start with some shitty mobage ads and he keeps adding unfunny, long skits.

No. 1385592

File: 1666678267844.gif (6.93 MB, 540x360, thequantumranger.gif)

Don't say that I work with the elderly and richfags on here will need us when they can't shitpost anymore, unless you all kys, but I doubt it.

No. 1385599

Is your facility as horrendously understaffed and fuck up as mine nonny?

No. 1385607

Sadly, yes. Is there a god?

No. 1385614

I agree nonna. It's extremely unfair. The people who are paid more should be those that put up with more bullshit at work and have to do more manual labor to manufacture stuff or something, not fucking sports or video game players (they're not nearly the same but it's stull absurd that both get paid so much more than regular jobs nonetheless).

No. 1385621

>le joueur du grenier
is that a french AVGN?
I also hate the stupid in-video ADS, i think Scott the woz is the only youtuber that has NEVER accepted a sponsorship, i love that autist.

No. 1385673

Yeah, more or less. Now I a
barely watch shit, it's either him or Vinny, and even then I tend to forget they exist to begin with, it's only occasional.

No. 1385760

not just that but even the few women that were already there are aidening out (because you're not a real woman if you don't have pink cat ears headphones and take your tits out on twitch for simps i guess?) and start acting like stereotypical misogynist edgelord moids (to "pass better" or something) but of course keep coddling mtfs, go figure.

No. 1385762

on a similar note i really hate all the moids in gender reveal videos who act visibly excited if it's a boy vs visibly disappointed if it's a girl, even worse when it's not the first child and the other kid(s), particularly daughter(s), are there to witness their father's blatant misogyny

No. 1385772

I think in the moment small kids think it's funny, but as they grow older they might reflect over it

No. 1385776

but it's so obvious their misogyny isn't limited to that one moment and those videos are just the cherry on top. moids like that consistently neglect their daughters for their son(s) if they have any or resent all of the girls if there is no son and make little to no effort to hide either

No. 1385778

While I agree and these people are definitely vastly overpaid, I still think there is value to them as "entertainers" who can entertain literally millions or even billions of people around the world. Most people can't do that, you know? I hate sports and would never watch it but I understand that others enjoy it and it does cross all cultural boundaries. People always say "you just play games/talk to a camera, that's not real work" while at the same time they simp for their favourite tv show hosts and movie actors, even though they're doing the same thing just with a higher budget and some other guy holding the camera.

No. 1385789

I wonder if Steam mods would ban a group full of TERFs

No. 1385791

Where I live, women sometimes say ovaries to replace "balls" in certain expressions like "to have the balls".

LMAO he looks like a cartoon character wtf

No. 1385882

Which language, French? I keep hearing girls saying "on s'en bat les ovaires" instead of "on s'en bat les couilles" or similar phrases.

No. 1385896

German too. "Das geht mir auf die Eierstöcke", it works because balls = eggs in German so you just add an extra word to feminize it into ovaries (egg stalks)

No. 1385925

File: 1666714615360.jpg (178.65 KB, 610x693, fuckssake.jpg)

Reading a book about autism and the author is apparantly a TIF who couldn't write a book about this subject without starting to whine about JK Rowling. For fuck's sake! They're all so obsessed with her!

No. 1385937

Is the book an autobiography?

No. 1385950

another reason to want to move to Germany, I love you Krauts and your sauerkraut

No. 1385952

File: 1666715411842.jpeg (61.5 KB, 740x740, 1665373875726.jpeg)

Trannies taking up conversation space. We should completely ignore them, theyre not remotely worth talking about. I just want to gush over fandom, and laugh at dumb shit. Let's go back to that.

No. 1385965

what autism book nonna?

No. 1385974

It's not an autobiography, it's called Unmasking autism. I got it because it had good reviews and the author has a doctor title. Thought it was serious not troon bullshit.

No. 1385975

anyone can get a doctor title nowadays

No. 1385981

Autistic people ARE, or they can be, unaware and easily manipulated. Someone who has a “disorder” characterized by difficulty understanding social conventions and the motivations of other people is inherently vulnerable to manipulation.

No. 1386032


No. 1386041

>Autistic people ARE, or they can be, unaware and easily manipulated
it works the other way too tbh. especially if neuronormies know you're autistic
t. special interest in trolling/deception

No. 1386049

as much as I fucking hate trannies too I hate how they are seeping into everything. even in all female servers tranny hate will come up. Not even trying to say anons are obsessed but we can't let them do more harm than they already do. We have threads to discuss how much we hate them and it should try to stay contained there.

No. 1386070

King Kong dies in the end

No. 1386092

File: 1666724263393.jpeg (55.98 KB, 512x474, 8657EBCB-08E7-42D8-8EA6-0C2015…)

I made the mistake of going on reddit skincare addiction the other week. There was a post asking how to get rid of the lines on their neck. Apparently there is a name for this, “tech neck”. I thought everyone had lines on their neck since you know… your neck bends so much. Women really being shamed into being insecure about being fucking mobile. Reminds me of when everyone was freaking out about “armpit fat” aka the flap of skin that is necessary to be able to lift your arms without ripping yourself open.

No. 1386098

Sad thing is how many women go down the troon route in their early twenties.. then only find out about their tism in their late twenties. Same thing happens with getting help for the lingering effects of csa. Women waste a few years barking up the wrong tree and end up still having to address the real issue afterwards. You're not like other girls.. yeah you are. You're like alot of autistic girls. Or alot of traumatized girls. We are failing women if transition is easier to acces than a diagnosis for tism or some therapy.

No. 1386104

I'm watching Buffy and this character who would always grope girls and sexually harass them came out as gay and it makes me mad whenever that happens people suddenly become idiots and think "uwu what a tragic character" cause he dies later on. It's so irritating

No. 1386106

stg people are gonna start looking like rubber gloves or raw chicken if they don't stop.

No. 1386110

It's seriously so damn sexist too. Instead of actually providing a safe space for these women they just get written off as troons and pumped full of hormones until they resemble a creepy uncle.

No. 1386116

There are steam groups of open pedophiles

No. 1386124

Other hand Willow what character was gay?

No. 1386126

Other than*

No. 1386130

Wait til you see r/skincareafter30

No. 1386144

I'm talking about the Larry the bully but apparently there's some other guy who's also gay who I haven't seen yet since I'm still not there but their gay rep isn't the best is it. I heard willow doesn't treat her gf the best either. I haven't gotten their yet either though.

No. 1386171

wait…my fat armpits are normal? I'm serious this is one of my biggest insecurities even though the rest of me is underweight

No. 1386175

File: 1666728353614.jpg (221.4 KB, 900x675, dcocs34-7d4da0e7-f651-4575-900…)

I used to like the pink gaming aesthetic but it's so samey and everyone uses the exact same equipment but so I understand the hate here but I also find it enduring in a way, I think a lot of nonas underestimate how much pink gaming equipment made gaming moids screech. I noticed that a lot of women in gaming communities basically adopt the pink gaming aesthetic to go against the dominant "black and red edgy and pointy" gaming aesthetic while making men seethe. I mostly blame how uncreative the options are in gaming and if you wanted to break the mold you have to pay a lot of money. Most of the pink stuff usually costs more than the standard black or white stuff.
I really don't like how people ITT are calling women "pickmes" for playing with a pink mouse instead of a black one. Streamers are going to cater to their biggest audience anyway. On that note, I really wish there were more non-male gazey female gaming content creators.
Honestly the way 4chan talks about tomboys is so foreign and weird. I think it's inspired by this one anime character which is why the "tomboy" archetype is usually tanned. Tomboys came in all forms the most important thing was their attitude and personality. My favourite tomboys in media wouldn't fit the 4chan coomer category
Butch on the other hand is very specific to lesbians and for most people leans heavily into masc terms of presentation.
I noticed that teen girls use "masc" to describe themselves anyway not "tomboy"

No. 1386176

Nta but yes, it's how we are deigned to be able to stretch.

No. 1386179

thank you, I had given up on trying to get rid of it but thought there must be some answer.

No. 1386202

I don't hate fujoshi anons but I'm so sick of just of seeing them mentioned. I don't care about weird fetishy interests. And yes it's contradictory to mention how I hate seeing the mentioned but omg it's fucking everywhere here.

No. 1386259

I mean /g/ also had a 25+/anti-aging thread, it seems like it hasn't been active for a while now. Even though the most unique thing about skincare over 30 is that you don't look 20 anymore

No. 1386260

notice how nearly all those tomboys are children? I don't think I'm completely insane to think it's gross how it's fetishized nowadays and it's not even real appreciation, but a conversion into submissive housewife fantasy, like back in the Victorian days when the concept/term was invented/popularized.
>I noticed that teen girls use "masc" to describe themselves anyway not "tomboy"
yeah there are many women and girls who don't feel comfortable with it, but people love to force it. It's like how "daddy" and "mommy" was ruined.

No. 1386267

File: 1666736443301.jpg (17.57 KB, 800x422, woman-girl-refused-alcohol-dri…)

Being expected to do a little bit of a harmful thing and if you don't want to, you're assumed to be a former addict or psycho. Can apply to drugs, alcohol, social media, porn, whatever. You don't have to have been an addict to understand it's not for you or just bad in general.

No. 1386594

i hate that every youtuber is doing those stupid >1 min short clips now
i like to watch/listen to long videos while eating or working and this spam i'm not gonna click on just clutters up my sub box

No. 1386614

And if they don't assume you're a former addict they'll say
>You're so boring
>You're so sheltered
>Grow up
Or something else passive aggressive because they think you're spiting them for having objective issues with whatever it is

No. 1386625

yeah I have so many addicts in my family, with my genetics, I'm not drinking or doing other shit with a high addiction potential. Or you could have health issues already. Trauma? Not wanting to affect your athletic performance? Maybe it just tastes disgusting to you or isn't fun? Nooo they have to think it's some roundabout way of shitting on them.

No. 1386640

I don't drink alcohol and I get all the usual comments about it, but the dumbest I ever got was from a scrote who blurted out "why, are you a rape victim?" when I said I didn't drink. Not sure if stupid or asshole. Probably both.

No. 1386643

best comeback probably would be "why, are you a rapist?"

No. 1386646

Well they’re kids because I wanted to show the difference in terms of what a tomboy meant to me when I was growing up vs the sexualised version of 4chan.

No. 1386647

Fuck, why wasn't I better at comebacks when it happened, kek.

No. 1386654

Yeah I think tomboy fits for children, but for adults it just reminds me too much of the rampant fetishization and it's like constantly calling an adult a little girl, but also it's sexualized and it just has an ick factor to me. It's like how a child saying daddy is normal, but when an adult says it, it's ruined by the connotations by now.
I'll put it on my friend resume "good at quick comebacks"

No. 1386659

alcohol is expensive, tastes like shit, makes me lose time, and makes me feel vulnerable if its in public. i hate the retarded comments of "youre boring or a prude" if its around coworkers. i would rather spend my money on 2 pints of my favorite ice cream than 1 drink i wouldnt enjoy nearly as much. if you're a burger or aussie it costs your server more money too because they have to give a cut of their tips to bartenders that are making bank anyway. servers wont get a cut for helping out bar though. fun fact for anons: order an Angel Shot or Angela from the bartender/server if your date feels unsafe or you're scared its a small code word to alert them.

No. 1386676

I’m a schizoid, alcohol makes me like Vietnam flash blackout to a family and life and dimension that DOES NOT EXIST. I’m tired of all the people in my life who have said they want to see me drunk. I will cry and pass out and wake up not knowing my age or the timeline I’m in leave me alone

No. 1386754

I think "tomboy" as a term is affecting you way more than it should, nobody sexualizes it besides imageboard users, in the rest of the world, tomboy retains the same connotations it always had

No. 1386762

yeah and it's still weird to use it for adults then imo, especially if you know you're talking to an adult butch lesbian. When it comes from straight people, I know it's because they are trying to not offend me and think it's progressive to not want to make assumptions, or they hope you'll still magically grow out of it. When it comes from lipstick lesbians showing interest for some reason (i.e. femme4femme), I know they're saying it because they want to say "you're not like the other butches" and I don't appreciate them putting down others for superficial reasons.

No. 1386765

Nah, I agree with her, tomboy as a word is ruined by fetishistic men.

No. 1386769

Now they just call them Greek towelboys

No. 1386771

I've never seen anyone but terminally online people talking about tomboys in a sexual manner, in fact, tomboys are ostracized in general for their lack of femininity worldwide

No. 1386777

it has leaked into irl and I notice a difference in how I'm treated by scrotes sometimes. Now they don't think I'm just a gross bulldyke, but they think I could potentially be their hecking manic pixie tomboy. I can't wait until I get older and lose the babyface and I fucking hate my lips because of it now.

No. 1386781

You can probably thank the internet for that, considering how “they/them pussy” has become such a joke among straight incels

No. 1386783

I went to a "queer" halloween party and I got hit on more by scrotes, meanwhile women were all disgusted by me actually being a lesbian, since many of the other gnc women were straight gaydens and didn't expect to come across lesbians at a "queer" party somehow. It's not like I was acting predatory or gross, if anything they were the weird ones talking about bdsm.

No. 1386786

How do you know they were disgusted by you

No. 1386788

When I miss my boyfriend, I love to write wholesome fan fiction with characters I like. Nothing too crazy, I want to feel comfy, couple buying plants, adopting pets, declaring their love, kissing, cuddling, a little bit of sex.

Sometimes I'm too lazy to write so I try reading wholesome fan fiction written by other women. But almost every time there is something abusive happening to the female character. I hate it so much. Women's standards are too low. It's depressing. It's as if they can't imagine being treated well by a man.

No. 1386791

File: 1666784653812.jpg (72.33 KB, 735x659, f64d8915440964b4e2826f7345fe59…)

I guess you have never seen the facial expression full of disgust of a straight gayden TiF when she comes into contact with the thing she hates the most and gets constantly compared to.

No. 1386793

he looks wall-eyed

No. 1386801

I'm so tired of gaydens and their "woke" homophobia combined with thinking they're better than other women

No. 1386806

Ten years ago, they would have all been annoying enlightened centrists. Feminism and lesbianism are both political.

No. 1386832

I remember reading women's opinions about a male character that was bubbly and sweet, and a lot of them were saying he was unrealistic. And I've met men like that in real life. Hell, my boyfriend is very similar, manly and energetic and adorable. It's almost as if women try to stick so hard to writing what they think are "realistic" men, so this obviously means they write men who are emotionally stunted and abusive, condescending, cruel.
Meanwhile, dudes will write their ideal woman as an 1000-year old oppai loli goddess maid who caters to their every whim. It's like men will write their ideal, women will write what they think they deserve or can get. Sad.

No. 1386838

NTAYRT but that's kind of weird because there's a lot of media for women and fanfiction where the guys are the opposite of "realistic" in the way you described it. And they're often too perfect to be real outside of just not hating women. I usually come across this in Japanese media.
Personally, I like making male characters that are realistic in that they have flaws and rich backstories based on the real world, the only thing you could call "unrealistic" is that they treat women with respect and aren't abusive. It's like a perfect mix of both for me.

No. 1386852

Even those "perfect" guys seem to treat the female MC as lesser/inferior. It's like they are only perfect in the sense that they're high status but not in the sense that they treat MC with respect and kindness. Then again, I don't really read fanfiction much, I'm mostly talking about media.
>Personally, I like making male characters that are realistic in that they have flaws and rich backstories based on the real world, the only thing you could call "unrealistic" is that they treat women with respect and aren't abusive.
Based. I like male characters whose flaws aren't "I treat the woman I love like shit.

No. 1386915

halloween season just ticks me off, still haven't figured out the exact reason. is it overcommercialization or just plain old autism?

No. 1386925

Me too and it's entirely because I'm sick of hearing the phrase "spooky season"

No. 1386929

I still love Halloween and autumn in general, but I absolute hate the way it's treated on the internet these days. So I can see how that could make someone hate Halloween season too.

No. 1386930

I still like halloween but 2 things are ruining it for me atm - people who make "living in halloween all year" their whole personality (very trendy rn) and people who make true crime/murder a halloween thing. my neighbours house is covered in crime tape as decor, why are you making murder into a "fun" decor thing? what happened to ghosts, zombies, and vampires? it's meant to be for kids.

No. 1386945

File: 1666795217732.jpg (425 KB, 4096x1548, 1661447566470.jpeg.jpg)

Late reply but there's a theory that Vinny wears a hairpiece. Considering he's known as a softboi streamer with mental health issues I bet the theory's true. I bet the reason why he perpetually sounds like he wants to kill himself is because he's bald.

No. 1386957

The holidays is when it's the Amazon affiliates time to shine. I hate seeing their constant push to go to their link in bio/description.

No. 1386958

I love Halloween but having to see the flood of posts every year from people who make it their personality always pisses in my cornflakes.

No. 1386979

kek, that pic. men balding is so funny

No. 1387195

I knew his hair looked too good to be true! I used to enjoy his content years back but he's turned into such a grumpy piss baby. I think he legitimately hates his fanbase, he created his own personal hell with the lolsorandumb humor kek.

No. 1387239

>too good to be true

No. 1387267

KEK it looks so sad

No. 1387293

Damn, rip to his hair I guess. Maybe it's the reverse and he got bald from stress? Who knows.

>but he's turned into such a grumpy piss baby
I would also turn into one if I were stuck into playing game corruptions on a daily basis for hours to pay bills and I'd have to deal with autistic underaged "fans" in my mid-30s

No. 1387311

Nta but can't he get a different job if he needs to pay the bills that badly

No. 1387312

you mean lazy eye? idk because wall eyed means something different here.

No. 1387325

No clue, depending on the job him streaming video games non stop for years could look like a gap in his resume. Depends on what he could see himself doing in the future.

No. 1387398

I hate how every male doll collector/artist make their dolls look like drag queens.

No. 1387440

i'm esl i meant he looks like he has strabismus

No. 1387477

The dark hair that starts growing on your chin and upper lip when you hit your thirties. I fucking hate them. There's always a new one that you've never noticed that is 1 inch long.

No. 1387548

ah ok. yeah where I live that's a lazy eye (I have a slight case of it) and wall eyed means the eyes are two different colors. my older sister had an appaloosa like that. he had one brown eye and one ice blue eye.

No. 1387907

File: 1666855700333.jpg (62.15 KB, 980x823, img.jpg)

interesting, everywhere i saw or heard this term it meant eyes looking in different directions like strabismus (iirc strabismus where the eyes look both oriented towards each other is cross-eyed like picrel), where are you from?

No. 1387931

>dudes will write their ideal woman as an 1000-year old oppai loli goddess maid who caters to their every whim
I honestly greatly prefer media without a single female in sight if it means I don't have to read about sexualized and/or abused women. I wanna consume media to escape the real world shit I deal with, I don't need fictional men to degrade me too.

No. 1387972

File: 1666862425669.jpeg (412.3 KB, 1170x1247, 8D952CF6-894B-4EF5-9986-5AAC4D…)

I’m having a brain aneurysm. Tiktok changes the meaning of things and memory holes other meanings and you’re just supposed to accept it as facf

No. 1387993

IS this about the trans flag? Because if so I'm down to change the meaning of the blue to mean pedophilia and pink to mean fetishist, it's just more accurate that way

No. 1387994

i hate zoomers so fucking much they see woman in a flannel tshirt and jeans and go '' are you a man or non binary uwu?'' they are worse than boomers

No. 1387998

Lesbian flag I would assume?

No. 1387999

File: 1666865486882.png (4.3 KB, 1094x660, Winning_Orange-Pink_Lesbian_Pr…)

it's about the pink and orange lesbian flag and honestly i wouldn't even be surprised, iirc the creator herself is a huge TRA and constantly had to remind everyone that this flag is INCLUSIVE OF TRANS AND NONBINARY LESBIANS NOT FOR TERFS (and some people still wanted to cancel her for not including asexuals and "bi lesbians" ffs)

No. 1388006

i though the creator of the flag was a terf and thats why people made the pastel version, or was it the other way around?

No. 1388013

I really like this flag, really nice combo of colors, very aesthetically pleasing

No. 1388016

File: 1666866495158.png (23.98 KB, 1280x768, Lesbian_pride_labrys_flag.svg.…)

well the original black and purple labrys flag(black and pruple) stopped being used by lesbian groups starting in the 90's and this push started lesbian activists themselves, the whole this came as a result of things being lost in translation
See the black triangle was used more as general symbol for "undesirable" people who didn't contribute to the Reich
These included homeless people, mental patients, beggars and a lot of Gypsies(In fact it was primarily Gypsies who had this badge put upon them)
the symbol's sole association with Lesbians started out as unique case of things being lost in translation and a long game of telephone, when more details about the Reich's were available, a lot of lesbian activists were horrified of the implications and gradually stopped using with the symbol


No. 1388019

I constantly lurk LSA because it’s the only website that caters to black women or as a female space and sometimes when the threads rightfully dunk on black men, the incels always constantly come out and prove OP right about her thoughts about them and start derailing everything pitting other women against us and assuming valid criticism is muh misandryyy wahh. I hate when they come out of the woodworks and ruin a perfect thread and never get banned for it, I wish they started banning men on that platform but they never will because there’s way more handmaidens on that site than this one

No. 1388046

Sadly I've never seen this flag used by lesbians, only transbians

No. 1388082

File: 1666872454428.png (913 B, 800x480, Lesbian_Pride_pink_flag.svg.pn…)

no, it's this one that used to be popular until it got canceled because "the creator is a terf!!" actually it was created by some blogger as the lipstick lesbian flag (even used to have a lipstick stain on it) and some tumblr user found it, removed the lipstick and advertised it as the "official lesbian flag" and it caught on until other tumblr users found the original blogger who made it and got mad she wasn't as PC as they thought she was (no, she wasn't even a terf as in radfem, just some normie lesbian who posted about not liking dick)

No. 1388087

yeah but many butches also didn't exactly feel comfortable with just using the lipstick lesbian flag as the standard lesbian flag, it wasn't just for terf reasons

No. 1388095

yeah there was also a butch counterpart with shades of orange and the newest apparently official one combines the two but anyone who still uses the pink flag will get yelled at because the creator is "problematic" first of all

No. 1388102

I hate it when TRAs are trying to get someone cancelled for twanzphobia so they exaggerate other casual -isms that person has showed to further demonize her or him as this evil hatemongering bigot but it's so obvious the other cases of "evil bigotry" are mere afterthoughts to make twanzphobia look like "real oppression" because they know most normies still don't take twanzphobia seriously on its own. See JKR, even before terfgate you had fans rightfully criticize tone deaf moments such as Cho Chang's name, but now that she's an ebil terve she is no longer just an ignorant but well meaning author with flawed but still valuable work, she has to be a white supremacist neo-nazi literal Hitler 2.0 but with troons instead of Jews (and she also hates Jews because reduction ad Hitlerium) because they know twanzphobia in itself isn't a bad thing so they have to combine it with actual bad things to make normies think it's bad.

No. 1388121

they did include the pink flag, the labrys flag and the sunset flag during the pride walking guide in in the capital, without too much judgement, so that's cool. I understand that everyone is uncomfortable with the labrys flag because of the black triangle, but I wish there was a badass flag like that again. I feel like all the different stripe variations are a bit unoriginal, no hate to the og creator of the lipstick lesbian flag.

No. 1388196

The comment section was so fucking stupid “gnc women? What do you think non-binary is” like my brain couldn’t comprehend this shit i had to put my phone down.
I know they’re stupid but i didn’t think they were that stupid

No. 1388250

Lumping gnc women and NBs together as one and the same.. not very 'respect my gender' of them.

No. 1388288

When I search for a character's fanarts and there's only ship stuff

No. 1388291

This flag is so ugly

No. 1388306

especially when it's overwhelmingly one ship that you already hate

No. 1388312

Isn’t it transphobic? Kek retards can’t even keep their own bullshit consistent

No. 1388313

southeast usa. but we say a lot of dumb shit, your definition certainly seems more commonly used after I googled it.

No. 1388314

the term non-binary basically means gnc to these people. it's just another word tbh. language evolves.

No. 1388318

Nonbinary implies you drink gender koolaid the word still has a clear meaning

No. 1388321

sure, if you say so anon. in your mind, but not in theirs.
I hate how people get caught up in language games, but I don't hate you nonnies out there.

No. 1388323

but I'm not "nonbinary", I'm obviously still sticking to some sort of binary aestheticswise, just not the straight one.

No. 1388332

okay, that's great for you anon. keep being yourself.

No. 1388352

fuck off retard

No. 1388356

It means gnc to them to the extent they unironically are so sexist they think you're nonbinary if you're gnc but no holy shit they are not the same. "language evolves" my ass, its about nlogs removing themselves from the category of "woman", why would they cry about how ridiculous terms like "uterus havers" and "birthing people" are supposedly necessary to describe them if they actually considered themselves to just be gnc women. Anyway the concept of being nonbinary is unironically a big factor in why women's class consciousness is so shit lately. Don't like female opression? Oh, lol just identify as nonbinary and pretend you don't experience sexism. "Language games" are important because the language you use directly affects how you can speak and think about things and someone being nonbinary vs gnc has vastly different implications. Just bc these people are too stupid to realize they're deeply sexist doesn't make them any less sexist

No. 1388425

No. 1388458

The opposite is one tard who thought "gnc" was a new gender identity/the same as non-binary, and had a meltdown calling butch lesbians and other GNC women "NLOGs" kek.

No. 1388472

People with nut allergies. How weak can you be? Fuck them.

No. 1388490

File: 1666896786064.jpg (461.75 KB, 904x1216, deer.jpg)

saw some absolutely horrifying taxidermy on etsy today. pic rel. absolutely disgusting. whoever did this is a certified psycho. this was a local NYC pickup item only for $700.

the shop is full of squirrels and pigeons that all look like shit I bet they don't even get the bodies from animal control, probably out there wringing squirrel necks by hand, there's just psycho energy emanating from every item lmao

No. 1388493

I don't think this is taxidermied well but there's something artistic about it to me that I think is aesthetically pleasing

No. 1388494

there was some research years ago that said something like people exposed to peanuts at earlier ages (like as a baby or toddler) were less likely to have peanut allergies, so it's probably the parents fault kek

No. 1388496

Link? i just know there's a least one scrote involved in this

No. 1388510

File: 1666898330739.jpeg (27.88 KB, 300x300, 1516778125679.jpeg)

I was just ranting because i hate it so much but you made me look up the name attached to the deer and this is the woman who did it.
mean of me to say but this is her linkedin photo and it's a jumpscare

No. 1388513

(ayrt) the fur swirl looks plush like it could be soft I guess? but the overall effect is horrifying to me

No. 1388520

That deer looks miserable. All the animals on her page look that way. This shit is awful. Don't care if a woman made it, may they have their comeuppance.

No. 1388529

I don't hate all taxidermy or anything but some taxidermy has a bad vibe and the vibes here are super fucked. a taxidermist chooses how to display the animal and it's like all of these are frozen in a moment of suffering. creepy.

No. 1388539

> I bet they don't even get the bodies from animal control, probably out there wringing squirrel necks by hand,
I’m cackling at your tone nonnie

No. 1388615

File: 1666903893485.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1170x1906, A354049F-7B67-448C-B059-37BFAD…)

I have no idea why, but I keep getting ads for ‘clean’ Mormon “comedy”. The entire ad doesn’t even play a joke, just a nanosecond of a girl in wedding dress saying a few words, and then these people talking about how important their comedy is to the world. I just know it’s gotta be the corniest shit ever

No. 1388616

I guess this is just a case of you only notice when it's bad, but manga artists switching to working digitally. It's so ugly and looks wrong…

No. 1388624

This happened to me years ago when I was on Reddit and found a “girl gamers” subreddit that was made for girls and women to find friends to play with without being bothered by moids. I was excited until I realized that the majority of the users there were troons, larping as uwu soft femme girls and I was so disheartened

No. 1388733

File: 1666910077696.png (1002.83 KB, 988x598, 000000000.png)

i like her content but HATE HER. she is so ugly, she's a libfem SJW and says PC shit, and she is genuinely dumb.
>"I didn't know Franz Ferdinand was a PERSON! I thought that was just a band!"

No. 1388742

ugh i forgot about that. yes, that too. the other day she was doing an ad for liquid IV and of course she had to bring that up. also i saw the way she is built in that ad and she has terrible genetics

No. 1388743

I run in a circle with a lot of self proclaimed socialists and I fucking hate how many of them are prison abolitionists. Some of the arguments I’ve heard is that governments should never have the power to punish citizens and that prison is useless because it does not rehabilitate people at all. They say that if someone is an abusive person that the answer isn’t to put them in jail because they’ll just go on to abuse people who are in jail, and that the answer is to actually have compassion and that they basically need therapy/12 step meetings type intervention. When I ask what should be done with pedos/murderers/other deplorable people they basically will just double down on the fact that these people should be rehabbed and that putting them in jail or prison is morally unjust and useless. It honestly hurts my brain. I can understand where they’re coming from and maybe I’m just an extremely vengeful person but I think some people (mostly moids) deserve life in prison.

No. 1388745

are they unaware of psychopaths? there are criminals who genuinely do not care about who they hurt, lie their way through the system and rehab, and hurt more people

No. 1388747

I got eaten alive on Twitter for this but, I do not care if prisoners suffer unless it's a minor offense or wrongful conviction. Murderers pedos and rapists deserve to be under the prison. People who have aggravated assault charges or sold hard drugs deserve whatever it is the prison industry puts them through most times. People who are all "prison reform!!!" Never had to interact with convicts that should still be in prison.

No. 1388748

These people have the privilege of saying that because they don't live in an area where they let unstable people out within a week. Let them live in New York and see how they like having violent mentally ill scotes back in the streets hurting women and going in crime sprees. They know they'll be out. No amount of rehab fixes a violent scrote.

No. 1388749

Like there's some bitch on Twitter calling for prison reform cuz her sister is doing hard time, and the bitch killed her child violently. Why should someone like that get any mercy? She should have gotten a lethal injection so taxpayers money isn't wasted on her

No. 1388750

The part where prison is legal slavery is the problem. Not everyone has a pure soul deep down or whatever and deserves love and rehabilitation, it’s a stupid argument. People get lost up on their moral high horse. Look at the facts and the money, prison is a fucked system in the US but not because we need to be nicer to criminals.

No. 1388755

utterly based. fuck twitterfags. and people who hurt children deserve to die, and i dont even like being around children so that is saying a lot

No. 1388760

How is prison being legal slavery a problem? After thinking they're above society rules it's only fair prisoners will actually have to contribute to something as retribution and not only sit there idly. Unless I'm misunderstanding you? But I've seen a lot of arguments on twitter how it's unfair prisoners have to work.

No. 1388770

How is it a problem lol? Look at the number of people in prison because of the profit/savings incentive silly goose. They’re not all murders and rapists.
It’s keeping the cost of labor down honestly, not beneficial to society the way it’s being done right now.

No. 1388771

i fucking hate kpop so much. the parasocial relationships, boring label manufactured music, focus on looks instead of any talent. like ever since my sister got into it it's all she talks about, listens to and she has our mom spend so much of her money on merch and shit. and ever since she started getting into the girl groups she's started eating a lot less like i don't know how anyone thinks this shit is good or healthy it feels like literal brainwashing.

No. 1388777

kpop is literally a korean psyop

No. 1388779

File: 1666912191605.jpeg (57.01 KB, 463x802, 9416B861-0CBC-4C63-83C3-420738…)

The anime-ification of Harry Potter in attempt to be hip with the zoomers

No. 1388780

From what I understand prisons who work have to voluntary sign up to do so. Only those that can be trusted and do not act up or cause a lot of problems can apply to work. Some prisoners sign up to work because it can benefit them by getting release on parole sooner than if they were not working and sitting on their ass all day.

No. 1388781

I don’t think I can explain well but it should be self evident why a mass slave labor system is bad I’m sorry

No. 1388795

Yeah i think what's good is to have murderers and rapist be paid from our taxes to be kept alive for years without them having to move a finger

No. 1388811

>"I didn't know Franz Ferdinand was a PERSON! I thought that was just a band!"
tbh i thought it was a band too

No. 1388812

Do Americans not learn in school how WWI started?

No. 1388813

No. 1388815

We do but zoomers/millennials are largely bad at history and most say it’s their least favorite subject next to math.

No. 1388816

all I remember learning about ww1 was that it was extremely convoluted and trench warfare bad

No. 1388823

This is finally happening in Portland. People are starting to move out because it’s getting so dangerous with all of the mentally ill crackheads roaming around and camping on residential streets. Violent crimes and rape has increased and it definitely doesn't feel like the same city I visited 10 years ago. Meanwhile my friends who live there are prison abolitionists and they’re starting to complain about the crime and wanting to move away

No. 1388844

So these people wreck a city with their retarded campaigning and then just move away when it has consequences? What about the people that can't move because they can't afford to or because they can't get jobs elsewhere?

The people that do this are sick in the head.

No. 1388845

People on the new york subreddit still go on about how mental health services and compassion will fix all of the unstable and violent men roaming about. At least most normal people don't feel this way, it's maddening to hear that an assault on the train hurt the assailant more than anything because he was failed by the system as a child.

No. 1388858

>What about the people that can't move because they can't afford to or because they can't get jobs elsewhere?
they become homeless

No. 1388896

ayrt, dude I got a D in US history and even i remembered that

No. 1388898

>So these people wreck a city with their retarded campaigning and then just move away when it has consequences?


No. 1388901

Lmao I hate it when people talk about homeless people like this. You’re afraid of poor people. Homeless men aren’t roaming the streets raping women, get a fucking grip. It’s so insincere to pretend it’s a feminist safety issue — bitch the raped abused and traumatized women are the homeless people!!! You people need to volunteer at a soup kitchen or something.

No. 1388904

>Homeless men aren’t roaming the streets raping women

No. 1388906

anon no…homeless men are literally attacking women at train stations. It is a problem.
Homeless women being raped is also a problem.

No. 1388908

go downtown chicago sometime anon, you clearly don't go outside or live in a very safe area

No. 1388913

huh? where do you live?

No. 1388917

Wanna take a midnight stroll through skid row?

No. 1388922

If they're so safe then why don't you house them then?

No. 1388923

Yeah, this is the type of person I hate the most. Even when they're not trying to assault women they're stinking up the subways and robbing people/harassing them for spare change. I'm tired of taking the train and seeing one cab completely empty because a homeless person is sleeping there and everyone is afraid of them waking up and spazzing out. Tired of feeling like I gotta walk with my head down to avoid provoking a homeless scrote. They're a problem and before we start screaming for prison reform something should be done about the homeless population. Why release more unemployable mentally ill men on the streets and they have no where to go but back to whatever landed them in prison in the first place?

No. 1388925

Try living around homeless people before you write fanfics about them. Last year some fucking bum was hiding in my back yard at night, and came running across the yard like a zombie when I opened it to take out the trash. I guess he wanted to give me a hug. The cops picked him or his friend up a few nights later, when the neighbors saw them fucking with my window at 3AM.

No. 1388926

Also I'll see about 6 homeless men to like one or two homeless women, so the majority of them are men with mental health issues and possibly drug addictions. No one is scared of poor people, we are scared of mentally ill homless scrotes with nothing to lose, because spending a few nights in jail actually beats having to roam the streets. Three meals a day and a bed.

No. 1388932

Guys this is obvious bait, or an actual retard. Just don't even bother

No. 1388970

I literally live in north Portland, OR. I’m a woman, I go outside. Yes some of them are fucking crazy and I cross the street if I see someone having a freak out but they’re also the least fortunate people I feel no ill will towards them

I don’t understand how anyone can look at the homeless and feel hate. How do you not look at them and think that could just as easily be you living on the street?

No. 1388982

I’m so tired of how much of a void this website is. You post anywhere and then you magically forget where you posted when you’re lurking. I wish there was at least a time-sensitive “recently posted” section only for you to see so you can keep track of conversations because having a million tabs open is exhausting and not fun I can’t take this shit anymore

No. 1389001

idgaf what you think freak. i could not "easily" be homeless, i am not a burden or liability to my family or bf because of alcoholism or a drug addiction like most of them are. just think about why they are homeless. they were probably too insufferable for anyone to stand living with. one street solictor walked in front of my car when the light turned green and i yelled fuck you and flipped him off. it felt great. fuck off

No. 1389004

Well it's just swell your daily life is so free of violence you can never ever worry on the street. You've saved all women and homeless people everywhere and we love you so much.

No. 1389007

Homeless people and beggars are lumpenproletariat meaning they have no class consciousness and don't contribute to society. There's no need to defend homeless men who rape women, they're not completely innocent. Women already have to worry about being raped by non-homeless men or even their own male partners and friends, so it's not surprising that some women will fear homeless men the most, because they're both male and more prone to committing crime, probably mentally unstable as well. It's good that you worry about the poor but you shouldn't forget that they're still men and their situation makes them see things from a different perspective.
Though I do think the hate towards the homeless is disproportionate sometimes, since some people seem to use it as an excuse to shit on all poor and marginalized people because they don't understand how they become lumpens and think it's all because they were all naturally irresponsible since birth or some shit.

No. 1389009

Yeah. Employed homeless people who live in their cars but can't live anywhere because rents are too high are one thing. Homeless people who are too lazy/entitled to work are a whole other ballpark and then when they finally get money they don't go and shower, get their laundry washed, or invest in an apartment or healthy food they just blow it all on stupid shit or drugs. I wouldn't even consider car sleepers to be anywhere near the same tier as hobos

No. 1389010

File: 1666926411326.jpeg (40.36 KB, 720x687, received_1501290133632968.jpeg)

I feel so bad for them!

No. 1389022

I was on my city's reddit the other day and a mom and daughter were going to hand out care packs for the homeless. People in the comments had to warn them because you can't just go up to a schizoid scrote and give him something. Also shame on the mom for thinking it's a good idea to put her daughter in danger.

No. 1389029

thanks ronald regan

No. 1389042

Honestly? Not surprised that his ghost browses lolcow

No. 1389043

Oh yeah it's really fair to imprison a woman for killing her abusive husband or boyfriend in self defense and then make her make underwear for like 1 cent an hour and then sell them at Hema. This isn't even an US exclusive problem.

No. 1389071

Some people just memorize and then forget. My mom doesn't know who Archduke Franz Ferdinand was and then told me "who cares". There are some people who simply don't care because it doesn't affect them. Very sad.

No. 1389079

>How do you not look at them and think that could just as easily be you living on the street?
because i know that I'll never assault a woman no matter how bad things get

No. 1389104

There's some browser extensions that keep track of recent tabs like Session buddy, Recent Tabs and a bunch of others.

No. 1389119

I believe more men and fewer women should be in prison.

No. 1389126

Nta, but prison is pretty expensive and the legal system is bullshit anyway and doesn't function at all. How about abolish prison, women go free and for the rapist scrotes you can use your imagination? I didn't consent for my money to be used to keep them alive. Most of the women in prison leave within 2 years, because it's for some stupid small thing. The women who are in prison for longer usually killed their abusive boyfriend or husband in self defense, but since it's not in direct retaliation during a violent confrontation, but rather after the fact or when he's sleeping, it suddenly doesn't count as self defense anymore. Also it's often seen as disproportional violence, because women often have to use a weapon to defend themselves, meanwhile scrotes can use their bare hands easier to kill people. Unless you were currently being beaten and with all your strength crawled to the kitchen to grab a knife and you happen to go too far with that, there will be proof that you had the chance to change your mind or whatever and no lawyer will be able to keep you out of prison. Sorry, can't perform miracles. The law is rigged against women. Only a very small minority is in prison for genuinely reprehensible things, but usually those women did do it because of psychiatric problems and they're not getting the help they need in prison. The only ones who are truly beyond redemption are few and far between and can be dealt with on a case by case basis.

No. 1389128

no women go to prison and shitty scrotes die? even better!

No. 1389139

the way phone companies are trying to force wireless headphones on us. sorry my ears are slippery and i don't want to buy new headphones every month.

No. 1389146

I got the AirPod Pros as a gift and they don’t fit my ears at all, I felt so terrible. The sound quality is so good but they’re totally unusable to me since they just fall out with the slightest motion. I looked online and apparently a small amount of people just can’t wear them at all (and yes, the size of the silicone tips doesn’t matter, none of them fit my apparently freakish ears). I miss wired earphones so much.

No. 1389155

Traditional wired earbuds and bluetooth buds with neckwire/band are plenty, plenty available though.

No. 1389156

>I don’t understand how anyone can look at the homeless and feel hate.

You keep missing out the male part which is what nonnas hate. I empathise and will always try to help homeless women I see but homeless moids can fuck off tbh. They are schizoid and violent and are known to target women specifically to act out their violent crazed behaviour upon. Next time you decide to cope online and suck the dick of homeless scrotes consider what they are - yes, they're male. They do not care about you and see you as an object just like rich or middle class males do, you really aren't some sort of saviour or hero for saying you feel for them. It's embarrassing because they don't give a fuck about you and will still see you as either something to attack, rob or rape based on you simply being a woman.

No. 1389158

File: 1666943366123.png (22.18 KB, 320x273, cq5dam.web.320.320.png)

i swear i got big ear holes or something because the only way earbuds stay in is with the largest gel bit or the weird shaped ones like pic rel. i hate that people stare at me wearing over ear headphones but some dude not paying attention in his car or at the store could hit someone and people wouldnt understand why until seeing the tiny bits in his ears. at least you know to avoid me walking down an isle cause i cant hear you.

No. 1389159

really didn't seem that way from the comments.

No. 1389162

yeah but more and more newer phones are getting rid of the regular headphone jack

No. 1389167

The only homeless guy I couldn't bring myself to hate because he was friend with the whole neighborhood and was super nice despite being a schizo got murdered by other homeless guys, I don't trust any of them, fuck that shit. He was the exception and got beaten to death and dumped into a river and found dozens of kms away from where we lived. Homeless men who beg for money need to fuck off forever, they're way too aggressive and dangerous.

No. 1389169

>Homeless people and beggars are lumpenproletariat meaning they have no class consciousness and don't contribute to society.
Yeah and society is patriarchal and can suck it, "lumpen" is the same as the "asozial" category and that part comes straight from social Darwinism. I vehemently disagree that homeless women, women who are labeled criminals, disabled women etc. have no class consciousness. The only way you can come to that conclusion is with mental gymnastics like that only unions have "revolutionary potential" or the nebulous Party or that you should actually label someone's usefulness based on how useful they are to the capitalist patriarchal nation-state. How many homeless women have you talked to (btw the majority of homeless women are hidden and you won't come across them on the street)? How many women in prison have you talked to? "Crime" is a social construct, laws are made up. Stealing bread can mean you go to prison in one country, meanwhile in Italy as an example you wouldn't. A man can murder a woman with his bare hands and it can be seen as proportional and in self defense or "a crime of passion", which the French love to excuse so much. Meanwhile many legal systems all around the world don't take in account that women are more likely to need to use a weapon to defend themselves or that self defense might not immediately be possible right at that second, but that she will do something to get away later. The immediacy and proportionality requirements for a successful appeal to self defense in court are blatantly misogynistic. I swear the average woman in prison or homeless woman has more class consciousness than the average woman outside of the "lumpenproletariat".

No. 1389171

I hate that women and girls who grow disillusioned with the mainstream libfemmery bullshit, get pushed to the other side of the spectrum and basically become NLOGs and 'redpilled' trads. I discovered this YouTuber Misha Petrov and while she seems based on the trans stuff, it's obvious she's a a conservative in all other aspects. This is confirmed by pro life ads beings placed on her vids, and people replying to a self proclaimed 'gen z girl' to watch Jordan Peterson in the comments.

It seems like if the tide ever does turn, we'll come out with being told to go back to the kitchen once again. We just can't win.

No. 1389172

nanowrimo is next month

No. 1389179

I fucking hate wireless earbuds so bad. You want me to sit and wait while I charge my earbuds, rather than having them work for an unlimited amount of time at any point I want them without having to bring a charger everywhere I go? Oops dropped one, it's now in a puddle of dirty mud and can't be used - no wait I have regular wired earbuds so it just dangles freely in the air without getting dirty or damaged at all.

I also refuse to buy a phone without an earphone jack, it's retarded that they removed it. I can't charge my phone and listen to music at the same time, what is this, the middle ages?? "Just buy an adapter" and have yet another shitty tech item that can break at any time and I have to drag with me everywhere?

For anyone having trouble finding fitting earbuds, buy ones made of memory foam. The more they look like earplugs the better, avoid too short ones.

No. 1389181

Oh that's a good point, I forgot about that.

Personally I love wired bluetooth headphones, I just let them hang around my neck when I'm not using them.

No. 1389182

Not to be that person but they’re so bad for you too. I genuinely believe the stuff about the concentrated radiation right next to your eardrums being horrible, I would get bad random migraines and only correlated with my AirPods after reading about Bluetooth earbuds. I started to realize it only happened when I listened to music with them on after a period of time.

No. 1389199

Why would you buy new headphones every month? Bluetooth headphones last a lifetime.

No. 1389201

because they ears is slippery and headphone fall out, get lost. no more headphone. need to buy new.

No. 1389229

I hate this song so much. It annoys me beyond belief for some reason

No. 1389237

Fujos who don't understand the difference between liking a non-canon ship and it actually being real. Claiming characters are gay just because they like gay ships involving them. Claiming it's real "gay representation". No it's not. Don't conflate those things, it's delusional. I bet they wouldn't even care if the characters were canonically gay because then it wouldn't be fun to ship them.

No. 1389239

i agree this song sucks

No. 1389250

I hate all the instagram #vanlife types. They’re always smug middle class self congratulatory moronic white people with gross dreadlocks and acting like they’ve discovered something new and revolutionary by being a gyppo. They’re always into pronouns and polycule degenerate shit too.

No. 1389297

I think you're just a hater tbh, they seem happy and theyre not really hurting anyone so whats the big deal? I would rather hang with trustafarians who go on cool adventures (happy "morons") than with people who are gloomy all the time. My only annoyance would probably be them constantly documenting everything and not truly living in the moment. You also have to look at this trend in the context of the current housing market (people feeling trapped), even those "middle class moronic white people", and you'll find that this lifestyle's newfound popularity starts to make a lot more sense.

No. 1389304

The tide is already turning, and the rhetoric in some circles has turned into "why did le dumb feminists allow dis!!!111!!!?!!" or "where are the feminists now??!??!??". As usual, we get blamed for everything lol

No. 1389308

Its just so bad?? I listen to one or two girl groups when I'm in the mood for it but it really is the mcdonalds of music i dont understand how anyone can find artistic merit in this stuff let alone feel "connected" to the artists.

No. 1389310

>I think you’re just a hater

nta but do you know that this is the things you hate thread? don’t be retarded

No. 1389317

And? Am I not allowed to hate on the hate?

No. 1389320

Tbh the whole documenting everything seems pretty smart whether intentional or not. Lots of creeps who would find them vulnerable especially women ie. Gabby Petito.

No. 1389322

Lol anon

No. 1389323

You're not wrong actually. I get why they'd do it but it would still irritate me if my friends were constantly vlogging our interactions you get me

No. 1389324

it’s glorifying homelessness and women who actively participate in that lifestyle shouldn’t get sympathy because they know how dangerous that shit is for them especially. anon called it a moronic white middle class thing because that’s exactly what a financially stable suburbanite would do, willing cut off any benefits from the stability of property ownership and go on some delusional adventure or dream like they’re a smelly hippie from the 70s to “discover themselves”. it’s the narcissism flowing through these people, they had years of discovering themselves through simple mind contemplation and self-actualization they are just a bunch of dumbasses

No. 1389330

OK so you still havent really answered how exactly it impacts other people that some financially stable people want to smell bad and be cringe in a car. Nobody's glorifying homelessness since the entire point of a lot of these vloggers videos is to show off their pimped out ass van, which I'm sure most people can differentiate from living in a tent on skid row, or maybe I'm just overestimating everyone's media literacy skills.

No. 1389331

> it’s the narcissism flowing through these people, they had years of discovering themselves through simple mind contemplation and self-actualization they are just a bunch of dumbasses
I felt like you were being kinda harsh but I really agree with this point. I don’t really understand how people can go their whole lives without “knowing” themselves and then need some responsibility free self discovery journey to find out who they are. It’s nice to travel and have life experiences but do capsulated events outside of any meaning context actually do anything other than boost your ego?

No. 1389333

you’re going to go broke and homeless doing that lifestyle, that’s all I’m going to say kek, have some damn values for yourself and other people please

No. 1389334

They don’t pay housing property tax for emergency services and education etc but I’m sure if they need a firefighter they will call 911. There you go anon. NTA

No. 1389335

When did I ever say I wanted to live in a van? I get motion sick very easily and love my creature comforts so 'van life' is not for me, but that doesn't mean I have to shit on others who are happy to live that way. Typical twitter argument "assumption about you, another absurd assumption, shame on you!!!!!!!!!". What values should I have? Your blind nihilism?

No. 1389337

Because human beings default thinking is wishful delusional thinking. I blame media and books instilling these fantasies and symbols into peoples brains, there is never some hero journey or self-discovery hoisted on to people in reality it’s violently imposed on you once you legally turn an adult lmfao and you have to figure shit out on your own. Like mentioning the middle-class thing idk how middle class people are like in your eurofag/asian countries, but here in the US it’s not surprising that upper middle class people tend to do impulsive stupid shit like the “nomadic” lifestyle because these people’s childhoods we’re pretty much developed inside of a coddled bubble behind gates and whiny “concerned parent” groups. It’s like when mentally ill BPDettes implode and start dressing like how they are mentally or the cottagecore movement that intertwine with tradfags, it’s soft, inoffensive rebellion that does nothing and packs no punch because they have been taught that being civilized equals being a doormat and excusing the lowest behavior. This went off into the most autistic side rant ever but I had to say it kek, I know it’s harsh as fuck and probably not that deep but I’ve realized this about these movements and constant aesthetics these people declare are “real” and others are doing, they are the most disillusioned schizophrenic normies I’ve ever seen

No. 1389339

Yes but why would they pay a housing tax if they dont own land? How is that a misdeed on their part?

No. 1389343

I also want to austicaly rant about this so you’re fine. You’re very right though. Real character development and growth comes from learning how to navigate life’s changes and it’s usually very painful. Comfy road trips and backpacking in Europe are fun but they don’t really tell you who you are. Most people have a very shallow understanding of themselves and others and tend to freak out whenever you scratch through that surface. A lot of Gen Z kinda love to preach about collectivism and all that but their actions are always extremely individualistic while parroting vague self help quotes that really just stunt and isolate themselves.

No. 1389349

Okay, correct me if I'm wrong, but #vanlife from what I've seen isn't all retired and/or jobless bums moseying around the US. Some of what I've seen are people in their 20s who have jobs that live that life to save money. I don't think that is preferable, but I can understand it. I've seen videos on these people who explain how to do basic hygiene, etc. all while living out of a car, their setup, etc.

I also sometimes think people mistake #vanlife for some people who are just doing a cross country trip here and there.

That being said, if it is a genuine case of something living in a van, travelling nomadically, and not making money, yeah, it's unlikely that will end well.

No. 1389350

Housing tax is how we pay for things like the fire department. If you pay no property tax you don’t support those services in your community. Meaning just like the rich assholes in county islands you’re riding on the taxes of the working and middle class anon. You asked how it affects other people. That’s it.

No. 1389366

I’ve heard of a saying or opinion that if you’re constantly traveling, you’re definitely trying to run away from something and in this case it’s themselves kek. I agree with everything you said about Gen Z and it’s the best criticism against my own generation unlike the bitter millennialfags here who dunk on them for just breathing. Like those activities you listed are fun and perfectly acceptable but people like straining and complicating their lives too much, they just have to stop stretching it and making it seem like something it’s not and getting broke and poor and living in a sweltering van for months while doing it.

No. 1389367

Oh I get it, okay fair point but the number of wealthy people going full chris mccandless seems negligible, so I really dont think they're making that big of a negative impact (not talking about welqathy people who evade taxes in general, just vanlifers specifically).

No. 1389372

From my observations, almost all of the people I've seen hating on van life/trustafarians in general are gen z, I see way more millenials being part of the second demographic. Van life seems more like a millenial thing to me, gen z is too 'serious' to do stuff like that.

No. 1389378

You still pay property tax on a van and property isn’t the only tax that goes to fire departments. Sales do too, including the sales tax on gas. Plenty of people don’t own homes or even cars and aren’t excluded from the services that fire departments provide - which lets be real that’s a public safety concern. If something’s on fire that can quickly become everyone’s problem.

No. 1389390

also feels like crabs in a bucket mentality "why won't you want to be burdened with a subpar mortgage like meeee?" Peope pay more and more taxes with even less to show for it as time goes on and instead of getting angry at the government and the true rich, they seethe about people living in their fucking car or other alternatives, because there's like almost a worldwide housing crisis or some shit. Same retards who have some Victorian ass opinion like only landowners should be allowed to vote.

No. 1389414

This is exactly what I was trying to say with my original post. It's so interesting that you use the word victorian, because that's the exact impression that I get from these schoolmarmy "oh no you didnt!!!!!"/"if you do X you are …ist" takes I see everywhere online. Imo its just another part of the gen z obsession with moral purity, and the never ending human desire to control/bully people who stick out as weird.

No. 1389443

Calm down. No one is seething, other than you. My parents made me live and camp around the country in a mini van before this trend. I know how this dumb ass shit works. Remote job and all. It was child abuse. It’s ridiculous to see insecurity and putting yourself at risk as something ideal. We nearly died for no goddamn reason other than my father needed to find himself and thought he was “beating the system”.

No. 1389447

Samefag but the same can be said for the van lifers who “quit the system” rather than fight to change it with the rest of us in class solidarity. They’re so focused on cheating the man. They don’t care they inconvenience and fuck over the other working class people. It reminds me of the trans men that just try to identify out of oppression. Don’t buy the house. The rich will just raise gas prices.

No. 1389465

I'm >>1389297 this anon, but I agree with you that people with kids shouldn't be living in a van like that by choice. I keep seeing these videos of families living in reconverted minibuses or whatever the fuck with absolutely no personal space for the kids or parents and it just seems terrible.

No. 1389480

Anon go and live your live, go and live your smelly nomadic lifestyle sunning your genitals and living in a mobilized shack with mediocre plumbing and air conditioning/heating and live your life! Go be broke, poor, have no stability, nothing to look back on, nothing to call home, go live your life!! No one is trying to bring you down, go live your wildest dreams because no one cares go and do it! Fucking retard.

No. 1389482

AYRT and I don’t really have very strong opinions on #vanlife I was just talking in a more broad sense about how people try to find themselves in the wrong things.

No. 1389494

I don't live in a van. I'm poor even with a job everyone thinks you're automatically rich from. Still no stability thanks to the housing crisis, like literally everyone else of my generation. I don't see the point of getting angry at people who live in a van or go live in a trailer, or a tiny house or whatever the fuck else people decide to seethe about for no reason every other week. Muh stability this muh stability that, the economy and society isn't stable.

No. 1389508


No. 1389513

The rampant uninformed xenophobia I see on tiktok. I saw a tiktok of a middle eastern women "jokingly" shaming her 5 year old daughter's friend for putting ketchup on her spaghetti. The sound she used was "don't bring this Europe nonsense into my ethnic household" when…. spaghetti literally originated from Europe.
I see so many similar posts and I just.. have they ever opened a history book?? This goes for any race by the way, I just see this sort of thing used a lot against white people online.

No. 1389523

File: 1666970546037.gif (2.25 MB, 200x150, 1FBDE08F-0C7D-43E9-8548-7A1D36…)

>This goes for any race by the way, I just see this sort of thing used a lot against white people online.

It’s literally just spaghetti, they aren’t going to round you up and put you on boats calm down kek

No. 1389529

Me and that anon are going on a cross country road trip where we will smile and drink kombucha and have smelly hair, shit in a compost toilet, and go frolicking in the desert and corn fields. Thank you for your blessing, we couldn't have done it without you.

No. 1389535

nta but there is a weird and smug attitude towards westerners on social media, with constant posts about how "uncultured" white people are.

No. 1389536

It's more so people being stupid, ignorant, and SMUG about it that infuriates me

No. 1389537

a-are they wrong? i’m lost… lol

No. 1389543

No. 1389544

You've infiltrated lolcow now lol. Western culture has been running the world for the last several hundred years, it's just so ingrained that you fail to recognize it.

No. 1389546

Twitter is that way anon

No. 1389547

because westerners have never been dumb, ignorant and smug about other cultures, never!

No. 1389548

File: 1666971186546.jpg (73.82 KB, 468x480, f1e482433a37dbd562949b6aee5b1c…)

That does sound like a lot of fun nonna, I'm in. Also I always have a buzzcut in the summer, so no smelliness there.

No. 1389551

File: 1666971288070.jpeg (100.33 KB, 600x787, 631A61CD-F7DA-4DBF-9607-2B2C5B…)

And how do you think they were able to “run the world”? Do they just not teach history anymore to europoors??

No. 1389552

I suspect she enjoys ketchup on spaghetti and the tiktok hurt her feelings

No. 1389553

That's a great idea, we can have matching shaved heads.

No. 1389556

They will be dammed to season their food so think ketchup is the spiciest flavorful thing they ever had kekk. There’s ethnic food that uses ketchup with pasta/rice and tastes 10x better than how these eurofags just slap ketchup on to their bloody meat and grains like a toddler, absolutely palette less creatures and they get in their feelings when they’re told that

No. 1389557

What does this prove? Groups of people conquer each other. Also Europeans had the weaponry to do so.

No. 1389560

>see discussion about broader social phenomenon
>have no argument
>"they don't season their food"

No. 1389562

Just remember to be armed to the teeth. Always have a plan for extreme weather so it doesn’t kill you. Multiple sources of income. Be prepared to be wet, cold, and hungry at random. Roll with the punches. Yada yada. The only point is idolized van life isn’t real and isn’t really “fighting the power or saving the environment”. If you want to do it sure go ahead but it doesn’t give you character or make you special and you are taking a huge risk.
I don’t really care what individuals do. Someone asked a general question on how they cost regular people anything. That’s one way. That’s all. There’s multiple anons jumping in against it. One who’s being very mocking. That’s not me. A lot of these van lifers are also consumers that go to big chains and not local places in my exp. Tourism money doesn’t help the locals. Just the rich get richer. There’s little ways just like any group their impacting others. That’s fine. Just admit it and that’s okay. Things aren’t black and white. The kids thing though irritates the shit out of me. This isn’t specifically at you but your post made me think about it more.

No. 1389570

Yeah the kids thing pisses me off too, those kids miss out on a lot of important education milestones since they're 'homeschooled' and never get to make a real network of friends bc they're constantly moving around all the time.

No. 1389574

So don’t cry when no one defend you when you think someone calling you a Karen is a slur. Don’t cry when no other women defends you people kek, go and do your thing, be your ignorant self, but don’t be mad when other women don’t want solidarity with you for this exact reason we keep bringing up but you don’t wanna listen

No. 1389582

Letting ethnicity and culture get in the way of female solidarity is cringe.

No. 1389583

yes, they are. the smug attitude towards westerners is also mostly from twitterfags who will shill for and turn a blind eye towards their own backwards fucked up cultures but happily sperg about how le funny white karen doesn't season food

No. 1389586

So you're saying you call women Karens, cringe

No. 1389587

Just be direct and say you love twitter and are internally misogynistic anon.

No. 1389589

Ketchup on spaghetti does sound fucking disgusting though

No. 1389590

I hope you know that the men of your own demographic don't give a shit about you, they will sell you off and throw you under the bus in an instant if and when it benefits them.

No. 1389596

>they basically need therapy/12 step meetings type intervention.

kek do these "everyone needs help" type advocates not think for 5 seconds? Any kind of counseling/mental health care requires a lot of effort on the part of the patient. People who are depressed might be more inclined to try CBT because they'll get something out of it, and even then it doesn't always work. I highly doubt there's a murderer or pedo out there who actually wants to get "better" and stay that way. We'd be better off lobotomizing these people instead.

No. 1389601

Why would I let a white person talk shit or spread ignorant history about cultures that other women come from as well? It’s like we have to bargain what we are just to be seen as “civilized”. Twitter did not exist back then, you people are terminally online and so entrenched with internet terms and constantly getting upset and offended because you are fragile weirdos, yet you admit you had the cultural reign over society for thousands of years but when other people say it it’s twitterspeak? The cognitive dissonance is strong and no, I won’t trade who I am as a person because not every woman relates to each other or have the same experiences. It makes me smile and laugh when you people claim to be anti-male, claim that men are the real racists, but you also simultaneously bought into the centuries of lies that you’re men have been saying about these places and the people. Every place has positive and negatives, misogyny exists everywhere, violence exists everywhere, inequality, war, corruption, you don’t seem to understand that your men have been causing the unrest of these countries in the first place because of their greed and superiority complex. It’s not inherent in culture because of their race, women come from these cultures too and participate in it and contribute to it. You people are the very first to call everyone and every little thing woke but are suddenly unable to see the balances in everything, it’s amusing. I’m not caping for men but I’m not caping for ain’t shit women who get angry because they put ketchup on their spaghetti, you’re a nasty bitch(uhh... relax)

No. 1389604

I just want to let you know that I don’t care and all of that is none of your fucking business in the first place kek, I’m not going to have extremely low self-esteem like you

No. 1389608

When I sneeze and it makes my throat hurt

No. 1389609

Nta but Who is "talking shit or spreading ignorant history"? You can't possibly be stupid enough to demand respect and people to defend you for doing absolutely nothing but also demand everyone allow you to trash on other cultures and then play mental gymnastics as a reason why it's all justified right?

No. 1389610

Um, okay. Didn't read all of that, but good for you or sorry about your feelings or whatever.

No. 1389614

>thousands of years
Sounds like you're the historically illiterate one.

No. 1389616

Btw are you that anon who told a woman's baby to drown because she said white people can be colorist? Your best defense is because "white people only do it because it's about getting laid" as if other cultures aren't colorist for the purpose of getting laid as well? Kek

No. 1389619

Man you're so triggered, that was a lot of text just to say nothing.

Here's a scientific fact: race is a societal construct. Biologically it can't and hasn't been proven because it is always in a state of change. People like to put things into boxes and label them because of evolutionary biases but humans think, act, and aspire to the same goals as one another. The fact that all humans are inherently xenophobic proves that.

No. 1389620

No one made fun of any cultures except for "eurofags [that] just slap ketchup on to their bloody meat and grains like a toddler, absolutely palette less creatures". Learn2read the thread before giving an impassioned naruto tier speech.

No. 1389624

Speaking of things I hate, the internet was so much better before people brought race and politics into everything. It gets people so heated and emotional and distracts us from the real problem. Corporations that are stealing our data, keeping us from unionizing while we're all fighting against eachother. Not to mention? It's the dream marketing tool. Racial outrage sells unfortunately.

No. 1389628

I'm sorry that Jessica in 2nd grade called you a slur, but that doesn't mean you need to label an entire group of people evil colonizers. I've had different groups of people make fun of my culture, doesn't mean I think every single one of them is the same.

No. 1389636

I share the same sentiment anon its so sad to see what the internet has become thanks to carefully trained algorithms and ragebait.

No. 1389641

I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt this way. Ketchup on spaghetti sounds nasty as hell too

No. 1389642

I do wonder if the outrage is calculated though. During the pandemic reddit, Facebook, and Twitter were intense. the front page was full of racial and political battle and now it's mostly back to normal. I'm a programmer and reddit is one of the easiest platforms to inject "like" and "comment" bots though.

No. 1389644

I don't get people who attach a whole feeling of superiority to what they eat versus what someone else eats. Like I'm not a fussy eater but people get mad at others for liking bland food. How insecure do you have to be to compare diets with someone and make it into a competition?

No. 1389647

I think most people feel that way. They were saying it was a European thing, when spaghetti is a European invention lol. You can be proud of your culture without bringing down others.

No. 1389655

Yeah I think OP was a little over-dramatic if I'm being honest.

No. 1389661

I never felt personally victimized lmao just mega frustrated at the state of historical education these days

No. 1389663

Oh for sure, it's all for engagement, more angry people = more clicks and time spent on the platform = more ad money. But don't worry, its all for the greater good and you're fighting the good fight LOL

No. 1389667

It also makes people feel a sense of importance, they think they're actually making a difference when they're just sitting on a phone reciting the same rhetoric they saw on a post minutes before

No. 1389670

As a programmer, are you a proponent of the dead internet theory?

>"Large proportions of the supposedly human-produced content on the internet are actually generated by artificial intelligence networks in conjunction with paid secret media influencers in order to manufacture consumers for an increasing range of newly-normalised cultural products."

No. 1389674

Okay but who is putting ketchup on spaghetti besides the supposed 5 year old that was yelled at, and super poor people.

No. 1389677

Yeah and the hyper-simplified infographics don't help, it all just a big game of telephone with no sources.

No. 1389679

or maybe, just maybe, that companies and industries take advantage of real social issues and try to make controversies out it for profit/PR? it’s not that deep, people do care about these issues that impact real people’s lives everyday

No. 1389694

I think it's much more fragmented and incidental than that as an entire conspiracy would be very difficult to orchestrate.

However, the more of a monopoly a corporation has over the market the, the larger their sphere of influence. There are definitely Bad actors and corporations who purposefully cause chaos independently of one another based on their own self interest. Like Jeff bozos who has said he is against unionization, do you think he would have anything to gain from sowing dissent among different groups? He's certainly not the only one but a good example. It's something to think about.

No. 1389713

Also, the johnny depp trial case was the biggest misinformation campaign I've ever seen on the internet other than covid. A game of telephone is the perfect anology. I and others saw what were clearly bots mimicking the same script, liked by other bots. As soon as it became the mainstream opinion, people adopted it. Everyone who I talked to was extremely uninformed about the trial, so much so that I honestly think most of them didn't even watch it. I imagine they just saw clips with paid views, bots, and likes because no one has a goddamn attention span anymore to sit through an actual trial.

No. 1389739

Ayrt I'm of a similar opinion, I don't 100% believe in that theory for the reasons you mentioned, but I have seen bots before that just comment the same political statement/meme/joke over and over again and its very uncanny and honestly terrifying. The Depp trial is a great example you brought up, it was absolutely insane to watch the same people who were chastising me about educating myself fall for the most blatant minsinformation campaign in the history of all media campaigns lmao. Most people, from what I've gathered, got their info on it from instagram reels or tiktok, which explains the huge discrepancies between the facts of the case and the popular mythos of Johnny VS Amber.

No. 1389753

File: 1666977955348.jpg (116.78 KB, 1200x900, what-is-wolfhome.jpg)

I miss pretending to be 18 years old and a wolf on wolfhome dot come

No. 1389762

Watching people justify misogyny based on the most backwards racial logic has been a wild ride. "Karen is an insult against WHITE women so it's not really misogynstic and you shouldn't be mad" was an actual opinion I saw on reddit.
Are people getting dumber or is it just more visible now with the internet being a free for all?

No. 1389772

The amount of women hating on amber? Absolutely shameful. Jumping on the ~women hating~ ~not like other girls~ bandwagon won't save you from the same treatment in the future. What are you gonna do when it's you on the pire and you alienated your fellow sisters?

No. 1389779

it's a big thing in the philippines. although it's banana ketchup not tomato ketchup (but banana ketchup is just a wartime tomato shortage invention, and british ketchup used to be made from mushrooms so like who is keeping track, it's all ketchup)
no hate, I'd absolutely eat pinoy spaghetti and probably like it but I'm american white trash and will eat anything with cut up hot dogs in it.

No. 1389786

Fuckboys. I don't think they get enough hate, the psychological and sometimes physical damage they cause to women infuriates me, using them as toys and then ditching them the moment they get bored, manipulating even multiple girls at the same time on the same facility, treating us like fucking dildos. They're soulless, corny and pathetic

No. 1389792

File: 1666979054938.jpeg (95.69 KB, 889x500, solving racism.jpeg)

I hate it when I forget to include the image with my comment

No. 1389795

So true we need to all just eat ketchup and be happy someone call the NAACP i think we just ended racism

No. 1389802

male homosexuals using female exclusive terms and turning them into slang. “she’s so cunt” “she’s mother” shut the fuck up.

No. 1389904

File: 1666984491729.jpg (26.12 KB, 300x300, p170313_p_v13_at.jpg)

That old moids are allowed to be mysterious, jaded, cool and have epic classic stories written about them but nothing of the sort is allowed for older women

No. 1389922

Can we talk about how retarded it is to get rid of earbud jacks? Now you gotta use your charging slot to use wired earbuds so you can’t listen and charge, unless you use a wireless charger. Wireless chargers are retarded too, if you wanna use it you gotta have a magnetic one and then it’s literally the same as a wired charger but shittier. Also lightning earbuds don’t work the same as a jack earbuds, so you can plug it it and start playing something but it didn’t recognize that it was plugged in until you pause and replay what you’re listening to so you accidentally blast your private tard music loudly in public. God I fucking hate “innovation”

No. 1389938

>you accidentally blast your private tard music loudly in public.
yes! the fear I feel after one too many times doing this

No. 1389970

FUCK those retards, they are so fucking annoying and self aggrandizing. they're always white liberal hippie types who come from well off families and i feel like they are like "omg let's play poor heehee!" it's cringe and they post it all over SM as if anybody fuckin cares.

No. 1389988

while ketchup on spaghetti is abhorrent, i don't understand the whole "white people food" meme… my mom is a good cook, so am i, and other white people i know… it's called looking up a recipe (plenty of people have blogs dedicated to showing how to make food from their culture), going to grocery stores that carry special ingredients, hell you can even buy a lot of shit online. there's no "magic genetic secret" one can only know if they are FROM a culture otherwise you somehow can't make a good dish… and so many people on youtube love sharing cultural dishes with everyone. it's this weird tribalist mindset or some shit. "white people eat baked chicken with pepper and boiled vegetables and mashed potatoes" is bullshit lol. what are white professional chefs then?

No. 1389991

while white american culture is just "consoom work porn buy buy buy celebrity gossip $$$", but gee i guess that also means any white european country sure has no history, culture, or traditions like festivities, food, or traditional clothing…. nope none at all!

No. 1389996

>twitterfag that has never DEIGNED to eat with a white person
majority of people i interact with are white and it's definitely seen as a white trash thing to dip anything in ketchup that isn't a fast food item, which isn't consumed often unless they are a fatty. the ketchup bottle in my fridge has been there for YEARS.

No. 1390031

become the mysterious, jaded and cool old lady you want to see in the world anon

No. 1390040

i've got too many posts in my instagram feed with retards using the word "cunt" and i'm so tired of seeing it it sounds gross

No. 1390055

>while white american culture is just "consoom work porn buy buy buy celebrity gossip $$$"

not a white american but this isn't entirely true, white americans do have their own culture. think bluegrass music/folk, you get the picture, thats all part of their cultural heritage, and other groups of americans have a more direct european lineage. i suppose many white americans are cut off from their cultural heritage because suburbia and chasing corporate interests, but a big part of the hippie movement, mentioned earlier in this thread, was a return to the nomadic settler lifestyle of earlier americans who were traveling west, with the revival of folk music during this era also signaling that it was intended as a return to the "roots of america", whatever that is (hotly debated).

No. 1390059

File: 1666990229482.jpeg (21.67 KB, 273x275, 97BDD384-C7FD-49FC-B316-232402…)

People who by default will twist any positive message into something negative or so literal that yes, obviously it wouldn’t work but that’s obviously not the intention. Just because you’re miserable and don’t want to be confronted as to WHY doesn’t mean everyone has to be.

No. 1390060

Don't know how they had it but me and all europeans i know who put ketchup on spaghetti do it because we ate it as kids for poverty reasons. It just makes me sad that people can be rude about it but i understand that they don't get it. Some of us still put the ketchup in for nostalgia taste kek.

No. 1390070

File: 1666990787191.jpg (54.88 KB, 800x800, spaghetti-toast-24439853.jpg)

My childhood summed up in a pic

No. 1390081

bloody hell thats a bri'ish picture

No. 1390083

>Take the real life story of a horrible person
>Turn it into an almost a fable, a fictional and romanticized portrayal
>Cast an attractive male lead
>Do all in your power to make it attractive to young women
>Act surprised when it becomes popular and write think pieces asking "W-What's wrong with women, why are you sick bitches lusting after serial killers??? This is why you get murdered!!!"
I personally think it's ultimately immoral to create series around Dahmer and Bundy to make them into teenage heartthrobs when they were both people who deserve no idolization, but it often feels like some 4d chess psyop setting traps for women just to shame them for falling for it. Some 15-year old isn't going to fully comprehend the extent of the horror they did and people should instead be mad at the showrunners for purposefully glorifying them.

No. 1390084

No. 1390085

I really hate discussing with other people on how I grew up poor and literally ate rice with cut up hotdogs or with butter and ketchup, bread with jam or minimal whipped cream, spaghetti with minimal sauce and meat or leftovers that my mum brought home from her work as a chef at a kindergarten.

No. 1390086

Lmao you just reminded me of the time my friend and I got sandwiches downtown, and my friend bought an extra sandwich to give to the homeless guy sitting outside on the street. As we were walking away feeling pretty good about ourselves, the guy yelled something and before we could turn around, he had thrown the sandwich and it hit her in the back of the head, kek

No. 1390089

This picture gave me chills and made my eyes water. I grew up poor too but fuck, that's nasty.

No. 1390090

tortellini pasta with nothing was also a staple food growing up. one summer we only had macaroni and cheese I ended up giving that to my younger brother and settled on eating bread and what ever else was available.

No. 1390136

you should watch the Midnight Diner butter rice episode (season 1 episode 5)

No. 1390140

i hate that files are .jfif whatever the fuck that means and I cannot use those files on lolcow. I'm actually happy when I get a jpeg so I don't have to convert it. Am I the only one?

No. 1390178

Lol women's kindness is really wasted on worthless moids

No. 1390183

This is me every time I go to save a pic and it's .webp instead of jpeg. Then I have to take a screenshot and it's a whole 'thing'

No. 1390210

Yeah. Southern/ Dixie culture, mountain culture, new York culture, etc. if you're used to it or just want to be ignorant you wouldn't know it in the first place. The only thing they have is that most cultures are technically older but like who cares

No. 1390245

People that are addicted to pity.

There are so many of them out there and I just can't understand why they crave people to feel sorry for them so much. You ask them about their day and it's never anything good, it's always whining about how traffic was bad, and how they're so stressed out and underappreciated at work, and how they have so many health problems and just struggle on.

It has gone on for years in my professional and personal life with some people, it's incessant with many people, and now I just find myself alogging to keep it away from me. Like, if they cry about having health problems and being close to the breaking point at work all the time, or struggling, I'll just bring it around to them being selfish for working when they're clearly incapable of emotionally handling it, which forces their problems on others.

It also just seems sad that they're giving up all appreciation of life for crumbs of pity. They can't be happy when they're always looking for excuses to whine and be miserable.

No. 1390256

>I'll just bring it around to them being selfish for working when they're clearly incapable of emotionally handling it, which forces their problems on others.
wat. people work even when they can't handle it because they need money to live somewhere and eat..or am i misunderstanding this post

No. 1390427

File: 1667013281789.jpg (49.91 KB, 912x649, E864E21XMAIVg92.jpg)

Work dreams.

No. 1390440

women like this, god i despise them

No. 1390467

One of my Jewish guy friends went on a whole campaign making fun of me out of a jealous rage because I told him I preferred Nordic guys, another Mexican guy got enraged because I stated again I like nordic guys. This is why you can't have male friends. I'm my own person I don't owe you constant gratification and I am not responsible for your self-esteem. Point is I hate having male friends because they'll always view you as a surrogate gf ALWAYS. I'm not interested in any of you assholes..the German guy though…no I'm taken actually so its a big no to everyone.

No. 1390497

German guys are great, as long as they're not the white guilt soyboy type that looks down on Americans.
My thing I hate is a lack of German men in media to ogle. I need more strong-chinned Blondies over 6 ft 2.

No. 1390522

Fuck I hate dreaming about work. It stresses me and makes hate living and then invades my consciousness again during the only fleeting hours you have to forget about it

No. 1390530

I think you have to look per culture. There is no white people culture really, despite what far right fatsos will claim kek. Italians cook different from French, from Spanish, from Croatian, from German, from Dutch, from English, from Scottish etc. I do think Scandinavian food is a bit questionable, but that's just me, idk which one it was, but rotten shark, REALLY?! Even Southern US food sometimes looks interesting, oh and the pies. Plus not every poor white trash person is a horrible cook. My grandma always managed to make good spaghetti on a budget, without ever reaching for the ketchup bottle. Couldn't say the same of the neighbor. Some cultures are admittedly more spice adverse than others, usually the more northern you go, the worse it gets and idk why exactly.

No. 1390531

When girls go through their bf's phone and find a girl he talked to before he was even in a relationship with her and then stalk said girl and make fun of her. You are an insecure psycho and when men complain about women being crazy this kind of behavior makes me sympathetic to that. This is different from cheating while in an actual relationship, this girl doesn't even know you exist or that you guys have a relationship so what the hell is wrong with you?

No. 1390540

I love these types of women. Men usually don't get put under enough restrictions in a relationship and most of them cheat, if it's not cheating they get on a high horse and creep out other women. A woman having a psychotic breakdown over relationship jealousy is a necessary evil so men can take a good hard look at the fact their cheating isn't going to just be blown off

No. 1390544

But they don't take it out on just their bf anon..they find some girl he had a conversation with that either didn't know he had a relationship or just casually talked to and hate on her. Its not healthy…its one thing if he continues talking to girls while in a relationship but if he isn't then who cares what kind of girls he talked to in the past?

No. 1390557

Dude I hate this so much. I have listened to so many guys blather on about their ridiculously long list of “preferences” for women that are borderline fantasy, but if you say something like “I like tall guys” then they get all butthurt and you’re suddenly a shallow terrible person.

No. 1390609

Sucks when you see a dude who ruined you living his best life. Not even a stained reputation, maybe it boosts them cause being a whore is a good thing if you’re a guy,”he’s such a player!”

No. 1390610

>You are an insecure psycho and when men complain about women being crazy this kind of behavior makes me sympathetic to that
pick me behaviour

No. 1390615

I am not an insecure psycho I am just curious…

No. 1390618

You think its perfectably acceptable to stalk down some girl a guy had a convo with that never even lead up to anything BEFORE he entered a relationship and rage at her? That's insane behavior. I'm not talking about being rightfully angry if a guy you're in a relationship with is talking to multiple girls and being mad at the guy anon…I'm talking about looking for reasons to be mad where there aren't any and dragging a total stranger into the mess its psychotic.

No. 1390622

99% of the time men complaining about their psycho or crazy ex are just projecting and gaslighting. the trope of the hysterical woman is old

No. 1390633

Yeah. The guy probably said coomery stuff to bait the woman into spazzing out at other women. Women don't just get insanely jealous out of nowhere it's always men's manipulation that leads them there

No. 1390636

I just really don't want to be involved and I never want to help a guy cheat either. But it hurts when they use the opportunity to say mean things about me its really hurtful. Instead of making negative comments or harassing/stalking the girl confront the guy and worry about him.

No. 1390955

File: 1667059820773.png (683.57 KB, 447x369, download20221003034128.png)

If you were wearing crocs people made fun of you beacause it was ugly but comfortable and only poor people wore them so you stop wearing them. Now a couple years later it is apparently a high fashion item. What the fuck I always knew that that the rich would take something poor people used and alter it a bit to make it a high class item but this is just too much,

No. 1391015

I know what you're saying, anon. I also hate when a girl who bashes their bf's ex(es) on social media. Tt's weird and embarrassing as hell. "They're ugly hahaha" Guess what, uglee, that must mean your bf has a type and/or he's willing to fuck anything with a hole.

No. 1391274

Crocs were always expensive though weren't they? A decade ago I saw a Croc store in my city and their prices shocked me.

No. 1391293

I might have had knock off crocs? I just remember that my mother bought these shoes for the five of us when we were relatively poor either that or when there was a sale because she was rather thrifty. This was years ago though and these shoes weren't really popular in country.

No. 1391298

yes. anon has no idea what she's talking about.

No. 1391310

Apparently Tom's were a poor people shoe or the style of shoe that Tom's are.
I remember when toms were popular my mom who grew up in the 70s 80s said that kids were made fun of wearing the toms/canvas style shoes and they typically were poor.
Just like holey jeans and jacket patches.

No. 1391320

Sounds like you didn't have actual crocs but a pair of sandals that look very similar. You know, these shoes that nurses wear at the hospital because they're comfortable. Because in the store I talked about a very basic pair was like 40€ so even on sale it wouldn't have been exactly cheap.

No. 1391333

File: 1667083040058.png (527.32 KB, 497x626, 29 222003.png)

picrel and tattered tops/jumpers homeless chic was extremely popular in my teens in my country despite the fact that we didn't really have the climate suited to it. I greatly disliked it because I grew up with well worn clothing that was patched up, with holes or just too large on me. When this trend started I didn´t say anything since it would be rude to before I saw my classmate had deliberately ripped up her jeans to be on trend which just baffled me since I have literally cried when my jeans got caught on a chicken wire and managed to rip a small hole into them.
Might be since the country that I live in didn't have a lot of brand name stores as it does now. A lot of brand name things would have been imported with a big retailer or be in outlets.

No. 1391402

Some people are too stupid/caught up in hyping that they will buy something just because it's expensive

No. 1391424

Yes. When Crocs first came out, my rich aunt and uncle got me a pair as a kid. They even got me a flower charm for the shoes. Weirdly got teased for having them (not badly) but I grew out of them fast and donated them afterwards.

No. 1391430

Posts that end in or contain:

No. 1391499

but why ??????!!!!!,,,,,

No. 1391516

right? maybe this is cucked of me but i prefer when my man's exes are pretty because it makes me feel like i have good taste.

i think the resurgence of crocs is still somewhat ironic and a joke even if people won't admit it. somehow i think it's related to poptimism, people feeling guilty for ever having a judgmental thought in their lives and fawning over mediocre or sucky things

No. 1391536

File: 1667096071250.png (208.55 KB, 720x1063, Screenshot_20221029-211301.png)

On a post about giving someone a small portion if they didn't help pay for food. The person didn't even say if the person they were serving was their boyfriend or not smh. Moids be making every excuse in the book to not provide the bare minimum of what should be expected in a relationship. Over not getting a bigger portion of food ffs

No. 1391562

I just watched Dahmer, and went into it wondering if people were overreacting. But holy shit, there are a million lingering shots of his abs, and long shots of him shirtless and working out while covered in beads of sweat. It's SO sexualized

No. 1391572

dafuq? did we watch the same show? the only "lingering shots of his abs" are scenes where he is working out to emphasize the fact that he was getting mad gains as a part of his sick and twisted murder/control fetish (and also to allude to how physically imposing and scary he probably was irl). weightlifting was a big hobby of his, and serves as a visual metaphor for his transformation into the monster we all know today, so its relevant to the story imo.

No. 1391576

Because it’s just Ryan Murphy filling his spank bank so he can jerk off at the end of every days shooting

No. 1391577

Nta but your defense is discarded immediately seeing as I’ve seen multiple anons say they watched the show twice and fangirling over Evan Peters in it.

No. 1391593

Okay but retards were already gushing over dahmer before this show even existed. The hybristophiles have always been there, they just latched onto this tv show, that doesn't mean that the intention of the show was to create sexual content for said hybristophiles. Dahmer was a somewhat conventionally attractive male so of course they're not gonna cast some uggo to play him, the real debate is whether or not fictional depictions of real life crimes should exist, which I'm sure would yield interesting takes.

No. 1391609

>Dahmer was a somewhat conventionally attractive male so of course they're not gonna cast some uggo to play him
Ntayrt but I always thought he looked average/plain, idgi. other types of killers at least stand out a little

No. 1391612

Except Ryan Murphy is known for fetishizing and exploiting real murderers and victims constantly for no real reason. Happens in every season of American horror story and he even sexualized Richard Ramirez in one of the recent ones. He has a history of doing this and it must be a fetish for him to cast attractive men in these exploitative roles and bank off the fame of those cases as entertainment value.

No. 1391619

>that doesn’t mean that the intention of the show was to create sexual content for said hybristophiles.
It’s by Ryan Murphy you dumb broad

No. 1391620

I can't comment on that because I've only seen the first season of ahs, so I'm basing my opinion off of my viewing of the Dahmer series. A lot of the outrage around this show is just funny to me because the general population is happy to eat popcorn and watch extremely sensationalised documentaries and youtube videos about real people getting brutally murdered as entertainment but the second someone tries to make a fictional series exploring the potential motive for one of the most notorious killers of all time everyone gets pissed off. Just watch the movie Natural Born Killers and you'll get what I'm saying, all of this is fucked.

No. 1391621

Like I give a shit? I don't know anything about this guy except for as stated in the post above, season 1 of ahs with the kawaii school shooter. I'm just giving my subjective opinion about the Dahmer tv show.

No. 1391623

Yeah I'm sick of psychopaths being glorified in movies and shows. They do it here too with all those shows about drug lords. I've always hated this phenomenon. It's disgusting.

No. 1391629

And your opinion is either rooted in bias or ignorance because it was just another trash sensationalized piece by Ryan Murphy where he jerks off to the male leads. You are clearly biased because you made a claim about how deep and significant it was to put shots of his abs to show how he used exercise to overpower people. You obviously know more than the average person about this stupid Netflix show, so idk why you’re pretending you dgaf now.

No. 1391630

>get a girlfriend that will act as your personal therapist and prostitute
>go out for dinner with her
>girlfriend asks you to share a bit of your meal with her
>time to have sex with another woman behind her back and destroy her feelings and your relationship
Moid logic

No. 1391640

This isn't the first post like this either. Posts about women gaining weight, not having sex daily, not cooking or cleaning while working and taking care of children. Moids would kill themselves in mass if women ever jumped through hoops to encourage other women to cheat if their partner isn't a perfect little robots. Why is is to hard for them to be faithful? Why should women over perform in order to ask for the basics of what should be expected from a relationship?

No. 1391642

Wdym I'm biased? Of course I'm biased, we all are when consuming media. If you read my posts, you'll see that I am emphasizing that I care about the show, rather than its creator, I'm not trying to act like I don't give a shit about the topic in general. I don't know anything more than the average netflix viewer about the show and its creation, I'm just someone who likes to read between the lines when Im watching movies and tv shows, maybe thats just the obnoxious filmbro in me. I gather that you did not appreciate his depiction of Dahmer but I don't see how this show in particular was any more sensationalised than the million other movies and documentaries and fucking mukbangs/do my makeup with me/"true crime" videos where people recount the grisly and horrific deaths of innocent people.

No. 1391644

Because they do not view women as their equal and do not respect their relationships with them

No. 1391645

>I care about the show, rather than it’s creator
Shit taste, likely a hybrisotophile, being deliberately facetious, not reading all of that

No. 1391650

Now you're just arguing in bad faith, I literally pointed out how retarded hybristophilia was right here >>1391593. Of course you're "not gonna read all of that", your attention span isn't large enough, hence your inability to pick up on nuance in the things that you watch.

No. 1391675

zoomers stealling millenials aesthetics and being so tryhard because they ruined their own by making it all about politics and pronouns

No. 1391686

I hate how webcomics switch to halloween mode for the entirety of October. It's not cute or funny when literally EVERY comic does it.

No. 1391711

Hey, I hadn't noticed this. They're actually stealing their aesthetics from a decade or two in the past because they started to dislike their modern aesthetics and ideas, and since those were created before fake wokeism took over everything, they can use that as an excuse to not be criticized since everything new you create now is highly objectionable due to woke nitpicking. So they can say "it's a product of its time" to avoid having to worry about not inserting certain topics in what they create and just relax and enjoy.
I don't care about the politics though as long as they have nothing to do with idpol and isn't used as an excuse to start witch hunts over trivial shit, politics is important after all but being obsessed ruins everyone's fun

No. 1391717

I've noticed this a lot, especially an increasing amount recently, and it's really started to make me absolutely hate zoomers. Like seething hatred kek I truly cannot stand them.

No. 1391749

File: 1667117828641.jpeg (334.06 KB, 1242x1743, 56EF62E4-0DD1-4242-8F8D-BD7D15…)

Kinktards who unnecessarily capitalize "doms'" pronouns, "subs" who use lowercase I, "dom/sub" couples who refer to themselves as "W/we", drives me up the wall seeing anyone typing like this. The "BDSM community" in general is the cringiest shit ever.

No. 1391757

When something niche I've liked for years suddenly becomes popular. I don't care if it makes me a toxic hipster I feel like it's happened to me with shit my whole life. Like where were all you people a decade ago

No. 1391760

Same tbh, I hate meme culture, even though I enjoy shitty mainstream meme-based humor sometimes. Can we go back to before rage comics started being translated into my language and reposted on Facebook please

No. 1391788

i hate that so many "aesthetic" things i enjoyed which were considered granny-tier are now bought up used or thrifted and driven up very badly. it became cottagecore, librarian, whatever some zoomer-millenial who has a job but lives at home or dad/bf's credit card to run with no problem. i took a leather backpack to work, backpacks became everyone's bag. i finally start buying long skirts or pinafores, cottagecore or renaissance fucks buy them up. i wear scrunchies for years because they were cheap but held my hair in a bun, people drove up large-xl scrunchie prices and now cost PER not in a PACK. i collect cheap keychains of a mascot i liked, then it fell into kawaii shit so the prices went nuts. collected geode pieces as a kid when going to museums, suddenly everyone wants to be a witch that needs charged crystals by moonlight or something. things that i got called weird for are now super cool in college. it even happens with food items im so damn sick of it. find a really good non dairy creamer? its sold out for a week, that breakfast item for $2? sold out until 2 weeks later, all shit i had been buying for a while. one was an allergy friendly food that went from $3 to almost $8 over 2 months and sold out so I couldnt even purchase more before the surge. if im some trend setter i dont want to be. let me have my few things. even a car i want which is average suddenly got super popular. my town is being gentrified because its cute, affordable to others. hate this.

No. 1391791

I feel this way about girly stuff and being goth. For YEARS coolgirls and pickmes bashed anything girly, including makeup, dance/ballet or other "girly" sports, girly movies and TV. Now when mean girl quotes, balletcore or whatever "core" is cool now then it's okay when those same people were sprouting "I don't do that stupid girly shit". Reminds me of when twilight had the biggest fanbase in the 2000s that magically turned to "twilight is shit and for stupid girls

No. 1391805

I feel that way about guilty gear. Last time I tried to talk about it with someone he called it a no-name game no one cares about. But right now after strive and bridget everyone cares so much about the iconic guilty gear series. Don't even let me start about bridget being #1 troon representation. The only thing he has been is #1 trap representation on imageboards and meme culture for 10 years. Those mfs just flocked to the newly found transgirl and his retconed backstory (in og games bridget never really cared about his "masculinity" or whatever his trapness was more like a character gimmick than a serious issue) and then started parading as oldfags and lecturing actual oldfags on bridget lore. God I hate it so much. Also strive is a trashy game with the worst soundtrack in the entire series.

No. 1391811

Thrifting in general going mainstream pisses me off. Yeah it's good to not constantly buy new shit unnecessarily, it's great to find a good deal, the consumerist globalist capitalist system is bad blablabla. However, what was a place for poorfags to find some decent clothes, a cheap stroller, affordable furniture etc. is now filled with zoomers and millennials looking to "upcycle" and they use the thriftshop in the same way they use Shein or Forever21, they still keep buying shit over and over and over until only the donated Shein shit is leftover. Meanwhile those are the same people who bullied the poorfag kids while growing up, for wearing thrifted shit and hand-me-downs.

No. 1391827

i was so angry when zoomers found out Moral Orel and turned clay puppington into a tumblr sexy man and completly misunderstood the tone of the show to the point they were transing the goth girl, i fucking hate them they have no respect for anything and will ruin everything for 5 seconds of serotonin

No. 1391829

They aren’t even really thrifting for themselves, they’re buying loads of clothes and selling them at ridiculous prices online. You used to be able to get a lot of vintage designer on eBay for amazing prices and now everything is marked up so far beyond it’s worth. Zoomers try to monetize everything, even the most retarded things.

No. 1391830

they did this with videogames too, reselling culture is the fucking worst and consooming becoming a personality for zoomers ruined the fun in collecting things

No. 1391832

furniture at chain thrift stores are out of hand. they're priced at 50-200/piece which is the same as a new ikea or possibly smaller local warehouse. i also hate and cannot stand girls who do thrifting with reprices of 50-300/item who message you selling your own used clothing "can i get this for lower and include shipping?" even more hate if the idiot messaging specifically buys up stuff to have a monopoly so they can sell all the items at that $$$ price tag. they get blocked and i increase the price if that happens.

No. 1391834

oh and also FUCK people buying anime figures of things they dont even fucking watch because ''anime girl pink uwu cute #animecore''.

No. 1391838

I understand that they feel desperate for a hustle but it’s infuriating that they take such low value items and resell at a markup most hobbyists can’t afford. Once again, having fashion as a hobby isn’t accessible to people who have a genuine interest unless they want to pay $80 for a shredding skirt bought at goodwill for $5. Archival was even more affordable ten years ago, nobody cared about vintage Dior or Versace. Now you’d be lucky ti find any of these items that haven’t already been swiped from thrift stores and listed online at 175% markup.

No. 1391844

You used to be able to furnish your whole living room for 200 with antique hardwood thrifted furniture, while the (upper) middle class looked down on you for it. Now you can go pay that same amount indeed per piece, for Ikea tier quality.
I don't think they have ruined my book collecting hobby yet at least, though I am worried they'll get on that soon too, buy them all up just to resell them for more.

No. 1391853

Incessant e-begging is embarrassing. No I’m not jealous or being a hater and I’m happy for people who reach their gfm funds and stuff like that, I’m talking specifically about people who constantly beg for money they should already have and take advantage of their audience and manipulate them constantly by pretending it’s dire when their financial scares are all created by mismanagement and not actual crisis. Again no I’m not shitting on people who ask for money occasionally I’m talking about grifters. But what I really casually dislike is when someone posts an underwhelming picture or story about some product and tags the company like “you should sponsor me” “you should send me something” like that is top-tier entitlement. Ain’t nobody moved by your post or thinks you deserve free stuff you ain’t built like that. Opportunistic begging like that is ridiculous.

No. 1391878

File: 1667130126399.jpeg (209.15 KB, 960x973, FE593A3E-AD39-483B-89DE-91894D…)

Whoever made this is fat,

No. 1391892

And probably shittalks fat women too.

No. 1391899

How can they not see the fucking difference between a physique that you can obtain from working out and being healthy that has been the male ideal since forever VS impossible standards that change every 5 years that cannot be obtained without dangerous surgeries and torturous beauty rituals.

No. 1391904

why do moids love to play victim so much. some of the men in those examples are just natty and actually had the resources and discipline to work out for a while - working out has always been a man's world too. this is nothing in comparison to the fact that most cosmetic surgery clients are female and that our beauty standards keep flipflopping every 5-10 years between anachan and impossibly edited photoshopped fat ass/thighs with the waist of an anachan. they don't get it and they never fucking will, they don't realise how lucky they are for their beauty standard to JUST be about training and being muscular - any moid can achieve this, and you don't have to be on gear despite what they want to cry about. They will never look in the mirror and cry or be judged because they have a wide ribcage or narrow hips or slightly gnc features like women will because our standards are so fucking rigid. they aren't the ones who were forced into foot binding or corsets or bbl surgery or dangerous breast implants. they can all go to hell for all i care.

there's also so much privilege as a man being able to be obese, or a bit overweight, or just a bit out of shape and still not be completely reduced to your looks. you can still dress comfortably and go about your day knowing that people still see you as a full human regardless of what you look like. that does not apply to women and never has. every time i step out i have to be introspective and consider how i look to others and whether it will attract negative attention, men literally walk around in musty dirty 3-day old work clothes stinking of sweat and it's not even a big deal.

No. 1391908

As a zoomer you hit the nail on the head, a lot of us find older stuff cooler because it didn't emerge from a homogenous blob of thought and came from a time when people could actually understand subtext. That and the fact that we have unprecedented access to archives of the past thanks to the internet, but honestly it's just because most of the shit being shilled today is lame. Even if they pretend to be super left wing, nobody actually thinks the "all poc woc lead queer punk rock band" (example of the absurdity of this shit) being pushed by a record label in full on "hello my fellow kids" mode is cool, they're just too afraid to speak their mind.

No. 1391924

Also I feel like most women don't even like this body type irl that much? In my experience the average girl likes lean/fit looking guys, not these horrific gymbro steroid monsters I keep seeing online. I can't speak for all women, but I get the impression that the average girl just wants a guy with a decent body, not some creatine huffing zyzz wannabe (although some women do love beefcakes, which i fully support).

No. 1391933

Not to mention these are just a few superhero type characters picked while in general Hollywood allows any type of male to play a lead, including really ugly and unkempt ones that have never seen a gym in their life; while you never see an actual ugly woman on a screen, especially in a role that is supposed to be regarded as romantically appealing to another characters. But it's no surprise moid who made that meme has zero understanding what "unrealistic standards created by hollywood" actually means if the only thing he consumes is capeshit.

No. 1391935

the left is the male ideal according to men anyways
exactly is made by men for men, and whenever i see a woman with a guy that looks like that she's also super fit and muscular so i think a lot of them go for guys like that because they have similar lifestyles not just because they like the aesthetics
also not saying women can't like that body type i just think they're in the minority, personally i do like musclular guys but with a higher body fat than the picrel, nattys that eat look good and that includes women

No. 1391936

Exactly. I shut up a moid who was on about this the other day because I pointed out that it's more convenient to have standards for a body type that's attainable through working out and a high protein diet instead of women where the biggest critiques on our body are things that are out of our control like boob size/perkiness, bone structure (not having a wide body), etc. Not to mention, for the average woman's metabolism, in order to meet Hollywood or porns definition of skinny you literally need to starve. Just look at Anna Nicole smith's diet. Most famous women who have ideal body types likely need to starve to look that way. very little women can be super skinny just by eating healthy, fulfilling and regular meals

No. 1391942

Yes, women have very diverse tastes and most of them don't require men to have plastic surgery or anything like what most men want in women.

No. 1391944

Every straight woman deserves to experience a beefcake first hand. It will change your life. Can’t go back to the skellies. Men should be bullied more, hunks and himbos are too rare.

No. 1391945

Yeah not to mention a lot of women's standards for "buff" is literally just like an average fit guys body. I remember some girls at my workplace were going on about how the new guy is some hot buff guy covered in tattoos then I meet him and he's just averagely toned. Not even large or anything, the type of body you'd get from going to the gym 4 days a week with a 30 minute workout

No. 1391947

This just makes me think of how the whole 'dad bod' thing has changed over the years. When it first started the examples shown were male celebs who weren't gym goers but maybe ran a bit and stayed semi in shape. An easy physique to maintain. Now its morphed into pudge bellies being hot.

Being within a healthy weight range is all I really care about. Muscles don't do anything for me but beer belleis certainly dont either. I don't know many women who hold super high standards in that area. Having any standards is a crime though..

No. 1391949

Idk personally I prefer the middle of the road willowy but still lean and toned kind of guys, but I agree that skellies are just embarassing they make me look fat next to them kek.

No. 1391952

We literally do not, it's only gay men who shill this body type and straight men thinking that's what women want.

No. 1391954

>Reminds me of when twilight had the biggest fanbase in the 2000s that magically turned to "twilight is shit and for stupid girls
Lol this is nostalgic. The twilight series made billions and no one had a bad thing to say about it back in the day, even moids enjoyed it. Now everyone pretends they hated twilight all along or they'll pull the "my friends dragged me" excuse while desperately hiding their team Jacob merch. Pathetic.

No. 1391956

Where are you anons from? It's true twilight fanbase was huge but - at least where I'm from - it was heavily mocked by everyone else at it's prime and only now I see predominantly positive narrative about it, people admitting they actually liked it but were ashamed to admit to a guilty pleasure and so on.

No. 1391960

File: 1667136007609.jpeg (623.93 KB, 828x813, 5AE7F57F-7C2C-44DE-8830-AC6661…)

I hate complimenting moids that aren’t my bf. I’m so scared they’ll assume I’m in love with them and what’s worse if you’re a retard like me and you compliment a guy that knew you used to have crush on him and now thinks you’re still into him, despite moving on from said crush and just agreeing to be friends.
I’m just a mega autist who has a retard compulsion to be honest about good qualities of people so they don’t have low self esteem forever.

No. 1391961

I like slim tbh. At my age and living in a country where the average man downs pints of beer all weekend long.. its hard to even find that without dating younger.

No. 1391965

Why would a woman want a man who could easily be able to snap her in half? What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 1391966

I'm from the US but I lived in a college town which could be why. I was mostly around teen girls and soccer moms which could also be why. There's flaws in it for sure but idk why people act like everything needs to be written like a classic work of literature in order to be enjoyable. Some people just want things to relate too and some cute awkward girl in a relationship with a guy who is controlling but also enjoys ignoring her is a good example of most relationships young girls are in

No. 1391968

Girl I hate to break it to you but even lean guys can easily beat the shit out of a lot of women.

No. 1391970

I feel this. Men are so fucking autistic about compliments and wonder why they never get them. If it's a woman they're not interested in/playing the weird manipulative game of "I'm not interested" they'll just be a douche about it and complain to their bros about how you dare thought you had a chance with them. If they want someone's pants to get it they'll just assume the woman wants their dick and won't stop bothering you

No. 1391975

From what I've seen a lot of male friend groups are endless circlejerks of compliments, they just mean that they want women to give them compliments and soothe their egos, no matter how mediocre they are. It's not fucking rocket science, if you look and dress like every other boring reddit bro and have a shitty crew cut like 90% of other guys, you will not get compliments. I'm a woman and can count on one hand the amount of genuine compliments on my appearance I've received over the course of my life, because I'm not making a particular effort to stand out from other girls and there is nothing special to compliment me on. Not saying this in a self pitying way, I'm just stating the facts here, I hate this crybaby bullshit.

No. 1391982

nah a lot of women don't because even the healthy natty muscular men quickly go from "i'm happy with my body and will never do gear" to injecting tren up their asshole before the gym. even if they don't, they soon make it their entire personality and most of them get too big to a point where they just look fat and bloated.
it's great to want to look after your body and be strong of course, but men don't care about healthy limits even if it affects others around them, it's a huge part of gymbro culture. i knew a moid who lost a lot of fat and achieved quite a nice slim but muscular attainable body and he has now went through so many bulks you can't even see muscle anymore, he just looks fucking huge like he'd devour the food off your plate before you even had a chance to eat it. it has also inflated his ego 100x over as if he wasn't already narcissistic enough.

i do personally like a naturally muscular man because it shows discipline and structured habits in working out, then again I also lift weights and also want a disciplined lifestyle so that makes sense to me. however men are deluded in thinking the average woman wants some sort of 5% body fat rippling veins aggressive roided freak - it's a myth created by men for men to give them an excuse to indulge in their disgusting hgh gut and whey fart never-trains-legs lifestyle.

No. 1391986

File: 1667137982754.png (1.55 MB, 1280x960, then-and-now.png)

The problem with men with big muscles is that only lasts while their in 20s and early 30s. I met my husband at the gym. At the time his physique was perfection for me. Now he's in his mid 30s he's becoming increasingly bloated and more gorilla like.


No. 1391987

>creatine huffing zyzz wannabe
if creatine was all he did, then he would've still been alive kek. Creatine can add a couple reps per session, which can add up over time and increase strength, it can also help with recovery etc. Scrotes just have to be careful because it can increase dht and make their balding process go faster. It's not a PED, in the sense that caffeine isn't considered one either.
>They will never look in the mirror and cry or be judged because they have a wide ribcage or narrow hips or slightly gnc features like women will because our standards are so fucking rigid.
I assume everyone is just jealous of my lung capacity and sturdiness. There are TiFs out there who would kill for my body. I can't even talk about my features without it being assumed it's self deprecating, because it's seen as inherently a bad thing by everyone.

No. 1391989

>i do personally like a naturally muscular man because it shows discipline and structured habits in working out

That's exactly it, to me the ideal is someone who looks like they are physically active but just the normal amount for a health conscious guy, not the bulging veins meathead look.

No. 1391994

Ayrt, yes I am aware that creatine is not the same as steroids kek I was just being hyperbolic.

No. 1391995

kek I remember when internet feminists mocked it for enforcing traditional gender roles or whatever. Twilight was one of the last monolithically popular things everyone discussed so it attracted a fair amount of dissenters as much as fans.

No. 1391996

I hate how we're living in the age of ULTRA 4K HIGH DEFINITION like I do not want to see the individual hairs on an actor's face or see how laughably out of place their BRIGHT WHITE LED headlight veneers look. We should all go back to watching fuzzy shit on tiny CRT tvs.

No. 1392002

Unironically agree, it’s some weird shit when what’s on TV looks more realistic than real life.

No. 1392006

Yeah I'm just mentioning it, because a lot of people do genuinely believe that still and might not be able to tell you're just being hyperbolic kek

No. 1392007

Feminists pretending it's about gender roles, NLOG just parroting what moids say and then ofc the mad moids who were just pissed about their girlfriend drooling to the hot shirtless guys finally being shown in a movie instead of naked women either being murdered or dating some old gross man. It was nice to have a drama movie be catered towards the female sexuality though, made by and for women, instead of just naked girls with breast implants left and right or stupid himbo douchebag characters of what moids think women like

No. 1392014

Wasn't it criticized for it's stalkery male love interest, not for gender roles?

No. 1392018

>I don't think they have ruined my book collecting hobby yet at least, though I am worried they'll get on that soon too, buy them all up just to resell them for more.
Oh, they've been doing that for years. Buying books at thrift stores, library sales, used book stores and trying to sell them for more on amazon. There is a whole small industry around it. It's called "book arbitrage" or "book flipping". I'm glad they haven't spread to the books you are into.

No. 1392020

It was criticized by feminists because Edward is some 100 year old vampire stalking and being a weirdo with some 17 year old girl. Also did you all forget the pedophilic mormon shit with Jacob and Renesmee. Ms. Meyer was smoking crack.

No. 1392037

>It was criticized by feminists because Edward is some 100 year old vampire stalking and being a weirdo with some 17 year old girl. Also did you all forget the pedophilic mormon shit with Jacob and Renesmee. Ms. Meyer was smoking crack.
Fuck, yes. I will never understand this whole "Twilight was fine, actually" bs. Twilight is sexist trash. Edward was literally a stalker.

I will never understand why women enjoy romance with controlling, stalkery, assholes who treat the female main character, like a child at best, and often like shit. Goddamn, women, get some self respect.

No. 1392040

Women have such shit taste in fiction? I hated shojo as a child because all the male love interests were so fucking abusive and boring

No. 1392046

Same. It's weird how popular such stories are.

No. 1392048

Literally every man I've seen in my life having body image issues has been fat. Fat as in clinically obese. But the women I've witnessed hating their bodies for not conforming to the expectations have been thin, skinny, normal weight, just a bit overweight/chubby but not in an unhealthy way, practically everyone who shouldn't even be concerned with how they look. And that's because like >>1391899 said the majority of beauty ideals for women are first of all changing all the time and secondly impossible to reach without surgeries or destructive life habits, sometimes even not then due to genetics and body composition like the thigh gap trend. Men love to push this retarded "b-but muh hollywood superheroes" shit to victimize themselves but they purposefully ignore the fact that there's a way longer list of allowed and represented body types for men than there are for women. And no woman ever shamed their man to get ripped only to be more attractive to her but you can bet anyone can name a couple from their immediate vicinity that has had the male comment on the woman gaining weight or not having some bodily feature the moid finds attractive starting from bigger breasts ending to the shape of her pussy lips.

No. 1392051

I believe women were memed into it

No. 1392067

I also go to library sales, thrift stores, university sales (the best ones tbh), antiquarian shops etc. I buy all sorts of books, it won't be long until I have my own official personal library. Got several history sections based on geography, lesbian history, feminist history, several politics, philosophy, health, biology, chemistry, biotech, geology, home DIY, cookbooks, woodworking, foraging/plant identification, language learning, theology, fairytales (ordered by continent), economics/investing, permaculture/agriculture, US/UK/and my own country's law, scifi, horror, Russian fiction, historical fiction, feminist fiction etc. I just sit on them like a dragon on its hoard, would never sell them. I do lend them out to friends. When the internet goes down and I won't have any electronic devices, I'll be set. Plus it's one of the few possessions which are considered actual personal property, to the point that even if I'd go bankrupt ever in my life, it's one of the few things they're not allowed to take away.

No. 1392071

Lol and teenage girls have never ever fantasized about being with mythological beings? Twilight itself just reads like Meyer just found her old journal inserts from when she was 12 or something. There's a lot of things that are problematic about it but twilight definitely proved how movies and books can still make bank even if they cater to female interests instead of movies traditionally catering to male interests
>Attractive men who often have shirtless scenes
>Two hot guys fighting over a girl who is completely obtainable. No crazy proportions, expensive wardrobe, ivy league education, beauty treatments that cost thousands per month
>Neither of these guys cheat, gawk or show interest in other women
>The men are able to provide but also dedicate time to Bella instead of flopping on the couch and pretending like their comfy 9-5 job was a literal war they just came home from and need 3 beers and 6 hours of porn and vidya to recover
It's not that these men aren't shitty, it's that most women are so use to men being so shitty regularly that having more than two desirable traits is straight up fantasy and most women simply don't know what a healthy relationship looks like

No. 1392078

Funny how the female gaze is being stalked and pursued and creeped on by a man.

No. 1392082

Let me repeat it for you
>It's not that these men aren't shitty, it's that most women are so use to men being so shitty regularly that having more than two desirable traits is straight up fantasy and most women simply don't know what a healthy relationship looks like
It does suck that women idealize abusive relationships but abusive relationships are the norm for women so women often think that being in an abusive relationship with features they desire in men (attractiveness, faithfulness, affection, etc) is the best thing they can get when in reality they should have been asking for a lot more.

No. 1392088

Okay, and it was criticized by feminists for that exact reason.

No. 1392090

I've always seen the "stalking" part of twilight the horror part of it, Bella didn't like it after all so it wasn't really the "relationship goals" part of the story. What was supposed to be romantic is that Bella was this soulmate to Edward and he never loved anyone before, only had eyes for Bella and cared for her safety, even her safety from himself. IDK, Twilight has a lot of fucked up stuff in it but not every part of the book was presented as "this is how things should be" and it's core of "two beautiful men loving only me and putting my safety above all" is kinda a teenage girl fantasy, and not really an unhealthy one.

No. 1392091

Ayrt, thank you for your very informative post gymanon. Wishing you even greater gains in the future.

No. 1392099

Teengirls liked Twilight because Twilight was about a myserious, cool guy that only ever loved that girl and gave her his full dedication and it was widely made fun of, not criticized, but made fun of because people hate it when teenage girls get media they fawn over. It's not that complicated.

No. 1392102

>defending the book series with the pedo mormon werewolf

No. 1392105

NTA but idk if you know what the word cope means. Did you just think throwing it out there was a good defensive because someone dissected something further than "hmm this bad okay"?

No. 1392108

Idk at the time you had Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf that had similar themes and same teen girl demographic and those shows were not made fun of to that extent. Twillight had a lot of memeable moments, Bella's and Edward's expressions were forced and funny and let's not forget the "This is the skin of a killer" and then the mf starts sparkling in the sun.

No. 1392112

You did not "dissect" anything. You're parroting what every other dorky YA obsessed terminally online woman has said in defence of twilight for like the past 5 years. Twilight sucks shit, it's weird and of course there's the pedophilia (it's totally okay because um um ummm she's 7 but LOOKS 17 so it's fine!). Cope.

No. 1392114

i hated it as a teen for trying to hoist romantic pro-life narratives on impressionable teenage girls tbh

No. 1392116

I agree, but when twilight was being criticized not a single person talked about the stalking or pedophilia until recently. It was always
>But women think the characters are hot therefore it's bad!
>Asking for men to actually act like they like women they're in a relationship with for once is way to much to ask for from men!
Then people just word vomited about the shitty writing, Edwards weird constipation face, etc. IMO twilight just revealed how much women are use to abuse, high physical standards, etc
Twilight guys were considered ideal simply because they actually acted like they wanted to be in a relationship with bella

No. 1392117

Nta but how is he a pedo? Because he is hundreds of years old? I only watched the movies once so idk but is that what you mean when you say he is a pedo kek?

No. 1392121

nta, but the writer released Twilight written from Edward's perspective and he keeps calling her a "kid", he sees her as a child, which makes the whole being more than a hundred years older thing weird.

No. 1392122

shes talking about the grown man that mate bonds with bellas baby

No. 1392123

I never heard anything I've ever stated be mentioned in YA type shit. Also if you think the teen girl with a vampire bf niche is the same thing as neckbeards trying to get away with their pedo fantasies by saying the 7 yr old is actually 70s or something you're delusional.

No. 1392125

Not for or against twilight. But it is literally a book/movie about vampires and werewolves kek. It isn’t that serious

No. 1392126

nta and i haven't seen the movies in years and i have the same question. if its because hes 100, do people not take into account the fact that vampire lifespans are probably the same as human ones, just stretched out? bella and edward would be in a similar age range in vampire years, right?

No. 1392127

The werewolf wasn't actually attracted to Bella, he was drawn towards her because of the baby (Renesmee) she was going to have with Edward. When the half-human half-vampire baby shows up he's like weirdly drawn to the baby and in love with her and something something something he "imprinted" himself on the baby or some shit and because she's half-vampire she ages twice as fast but stops aging at like 18 (of course) and so she's 7 years old but she looks 17 and of course she's meant to be with Jacob since her conception. Didn't read the books but I watched the retarded movies so, yeah.

No. 1392130

kek sorry anons but I can’t be angry about a book with mythical creatures.

No. 1392134

Its explained that as bella ages when she's human, Edward is basically eternally a teen/young adult. Ofc people also the fantasy side of it. Young girls aren't going to go date old men because they saw a movie about a teen girl with a vampire boyfriend. As for the baby thing, it's weird for sure but plenty of male authors have wrote so much worse that's been swept under the rug

No. 1392135

Doesn't work since Stephanie Meyer already released Twilight from his perspective (midnight sun), so you get to read his thoughts during the same events that happened during Twilight and he sees her blatantly as a child in comparison to himself.

No. 1392139

>agree, but when twilight was being criticized not a single person talked about the stalking or pedophilia until recently.
That's exactly how i remember it too, when it was at its peak popularity it was hated because "it's for stupid girls" and "these are not proper vampires because they sparkle" lmao

No. 1392140

Yeah I think it would be more unnerving if the characters weren’t vampires and werewolves

No. 1392141

Can you give an example of quotes? I call people who are only a year younger than me kid, kid doesn't always mean you see them as an actual prepubescent child just immature or inexperienced

No. 1392143

File: 1667143445037.jpg (43.29 KB, 500x375, 9ab8a1a7-3b92-4158-a86c-2cea03…)

it was a nasty plotline. the books pitied incel jacob so much like shut the fuck up

No. 1392145

It's almost like Stephanie Meyer wanted to be a child bride or something. Mormonism should be eradicated.

No. 1392146

File: 1667143550876.jpg (53.51 KB, 1257x262, classroom_stinky_scene.jpg)

No, he didn't say "kid", he said "children".

No. 1392147

I realize I wasn't clear but you're misunderstanding what I'm saying. Here's what I meant: Anons are saying teens who liked Twilight were idealizing abusive relationships. I disagree, that's not what they liked about the Bella x Edward dynamic, they were just self-inserting in a story about a girl who fell in love with a guy who gave his all to her. Anons are also saying it got critized because it was about a 100 y/o man dating a minor (among other reasons). I also disagree with that one, it was by far and large just made fun of because teengirls got catered to with a cheesy lovestory. I'm not saying Twilight didn't get (rightfully) critized at all but that kind of criticism wasn't the leading voice against Twilight, especially not when only the first movie was out.

People just hate it when girls get media catered to them, you can see the exact same phenomen in music aswell: Everyone hated Justin Bieber and he got widely made fun of when the girls were fawning over him but when he rebranded suddenly he was cool shit. Same thing happened with One Direction.

No. 1392148

No1curr stop spamming this thread with twilight being Mormonism

No. 1392149

This is the "things you hate" thread, tardo. I hate twilight and mormonism. And this is the perfect thread to talk about it.

No. 1392152

File: 1667143830982.gif (4.18 MB, 588x250, TediousHelplessAcornweevil-siz…)

samefag, these thoughts accompany this scene, for reference

No. 1392154

NTA but these redditoid-esque oneliner gotchas purposefully missing the point are tiring. I hat