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No. 1382007

Let's play a game where we ask each other stupid questions.

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No. 1382009

To start this thread off, I have an inaugural question.

If I'm applying to a seasonal, retail job, should I include my university education and my tech office job experience? I should be honest but is it worth it at the expense of not getting the job because I'm "overqualified"?

No. 1382013

why do you think so many western leftists are ignorant of the fact many socialist and communist movements in third world are often are very anti-LGBT or just straight up racist

the 3 largest left wing parties in my country for example are all based on racial exclusion and want to forcefully remove ethnic minorities from their provinces, one of the leaders(Asfandyar khan) advocated sterlizing anyone who wasn't a pure pashting from the kpk region

No. 1382017

What percentage of furries do you think are zoophiles or pedos? I feel so gaslite anytime I try to look into it because the overwhelming feedback I get is that the degen furries are a very small group who are vehemently shunned by the rest of the community. What about girls who are in the furry fandom? Are they more just autists who genuinely enjoy anthropomorphic animals?

No. 1382027

Not sure because I don't interact with any degens in general… I'm what you'd consider a furry and so are some of my friends, but we don't engage with it as a fandom. We just like anthropomorphic animals. So maybe it's a matter of actual fandom participation?

No. 1382032

Because they don't actually care about racism or people's well-being, certaintly not about people in countries they can't even name, it's all about moralfagging and controling others.

No. 1382035

How many baby carrots would turn you orange?

No. 1382042

What about your right wing parties in your country? I'm sure they're doing the same thing as the leftist groups, if not worse..

No. 1382043

Because nobody knows wtf the left or right means. Someone can be economically on the left but holds very moral conservatives views and vice versa.

No. 1382046

File: 1666379510255.jpg (56.8 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

all the right wing parties in my country are Islamists, they all want Shariah law, the only issue between is what type of Shariah law, currently the deobandis(same sect as the taliban) are fighting the barelvis(they also want sharaih law but they have a different view regarding the role of Muhammad in Islam, they think he was created in Heaven and has a divine nature similar to the Quran) so they kill each other over that
its a battle between two groups of inbred wierdos

No. 1382119

File: 1666382698281.jpeg (151.19 KB, 850x1148, 4FC76101-92FF-434B-AB7C-277B06…)

Was there a generally family-friendly carry on film? I think I remember watching a carry on film when I was a kid that didn’t have any implied or explicit sexual content that involve ruining a theatre production, though I might just be misremembering. Pic unrelated

No. 1382128

According to my extensive research with google university, “the average daily recommended intake of five servings of fruits and vegetables generally provides 6 to 8 milligrams of beta-carotene. For carotenosis to develop, you may need to regularly consume more than twice that amount.” So if you want to look like Ariana Grande does currently just do this.

No. 1382197

Op I've been eating like 15-20 baby carrots a day to get rid of them in the fridge, I should probably slow down then. Then again halloween is comin up that would be a good costume kek

No. 1382203

File: 1666386169354.png (8.53 KB, 567x71, a.PNG)

What does CP mean in japanese and korean artist circles/fandoms? I often see them mentioning it in their about page.

No. 1382210

It just means "couple", it's used to talk about shipping, pairings, that kind of stuff.

No. 1382212

I bought new winter shoes. Should I buy a second pair too? Some news article said you should have a couple pairs you rotate to keep them better longer

No. 1382215

Also, while looking around clothes stores for winter coats, the care instructions said ”no water washing, no chemical washing”. So you can’t wash the coat at all???

No. 1382217

well why are you applying? are you also working at your tech office job and want a side gig?

No. 1382224

Why do I have gross cringe BDSM tendencies if I've literally never watched porn? The only time I was ever sexually assaulted I was an adult and it was another woman, so there's also no underlying trauma. I just don't understand where this is coming from

No. 1382238

Yeah you should have two pairs. It’s better for your feet and the shoes to rotate pairs and let them dry out completely between uses, especially in winter when they get wet from snow. A boot dryer and good socks is a fine substitute if you really don’t want two pairs.

What do they want you to use, a brush and high power UV light???? I’ve never followed coat washing instructions. They get washed in water once a year unless they’re wool in which case they get dry cleaning.

No. 1382258

i've been on 5 dates with a girl and its been going pretty well, but the most (and only) physical contact we've had so far is our shoulders touching while we sat next to each other in a movie theatre. i got the impression she was somewhat touch averse/had sensory issues due to the tism, so was planning to let her be the one to initiate anything further when she felt comfortable. however she hasn't shown any kind of sign she would like to yet. nonnas would it be weird to just be blunt to ask her if i can hold her hand or something? or am i being too impatient

No. 1382259

Thank you nonna for justifying my late night online shopping

And idk man, maybe I’m supposed to drive away the dirt with good vibes and prayers

No. 1382262

Oh but if it’s a goretex coat absolutely don’t use fabric softener, destroys the water repellent properties

No. 1382263

Maybe she is assuming you don’t want to touch either? Anyway I think it would be good to discuss this stuff early on, conflicting desires (like the other wants sex and the other is asexual) can be very frustrating in the long run. I’m just saying because I used to cry myself to sleep because my ex gf did not want to touch me kek, I don’t wish that on anyone

No. 1382275

thanks for the advice, i have very limited relationship experience kek. i'm seeing her in a couple days so will maybe try raise it with her then

No. 1382279

Yeah, I think sex should be discussed in the start of a relationship because some like to wait or whichever. Don't be like me, my ex was never attracted to me just liked my attention.

No. 1382283

Want some spending money so my savings don't go as quickly. It's a government and unionized job so the pay and working conditions are pretty decent. No, my last day was today so it'll just be this seasonal job. I don't want to work in tech for at least four months, but want some money so this is a decent compromise.

No. 1382469

Can you know if someone likes you just based off how they look at you? This guy at work looks at me pretty intensely. Really it's just his eyes, nothing else. It could be how they're naturally set up gives off that vibe and doesn't mean anything, but I've never had this happen, where I question if someone likes me. He has normal brown eyes imo. He's cute, but when I really look, they're normal. So why does it look like they're communicating something? Maybe he has been staring, now that I think back, I have caught him looking at me. That's how I noticed his eyes, duh. Maybe I look weird. Answered my own question. On a semi related note, today he silently helped me with something and I was so awkward because having a bad day and he actually laughed at my nervousness, it seemed genuine but he prob doesn't like me anymore kek

No. 1382474

How do you apply your own CSS stylesheets to websites?

No. 1382475

They actually call couples/ships/pairings "couplings" but yeah that's what they mean by CP, a ship.

No. 1382480

I think you’re overthinking and he likes you. Try talking to him more and see if he’s receptive

No. 1382590

My grandma ate nothing but carrots for about three months and accodring to my aunt, she was orange by the end.

No. 1382609

How hard is it to get simps? Having human shields to prevent humiliations and shaming sounds like a nice idea.

No. 1382615

not hard at all. play an online game and on an uwu voice or persona and men start following you around instantly. sometimes you don't even have to do that, just have a clearly girl name and play a "girly" role and you have guys starting to try to talk to you.
you flirt back with them and make friendly with them, act like they're interesting and that you wanna hang out with them for while and then they'll do anything for you

No. 1382668

how much longer do we have to wait for that deathly virus that will attack the xys?

No. 1382673

How long do the farmnight tunedays usually last? And if I wanted to host for 6 hours would it be better to do it before or after?

No. 1382677

easy, i've gotten thousands from them and never even sent them pictures

No. 1382750

No idea where else to post this so : whatever happened to Himeka? Did she finally stop being a pedo and got a real job?

No. 1382782

File: 1666432308732.jpg (29.2 KB, 720x720, 1666210490506.jpg)

Is it normal your voice becomes deeper after you already had puberty? dunno if its just me but i always had a very high voice to the point people though i was 12yo through VC, lately i have been feeling it became more deep but dunno if its just me

No. 1382793

Has anyone ever had female stalkers? I have a couple intense stalkers that are way too invested in following all of my social media and giving me unsolicited advice or trying to copy the things I do. How do I scare them away? I don't like people.

No. 1382799

If they’re just looking at their socials they aren’t real stalkers. Anyone can look at your public media accounts. If they are gaining access to you or your personal information through illegal means or actually following you, then it’s stalking. Otherwise private your accounts or change your habits because it’s really not actually a crime to refresh your twitter account

No. 1382800

how the fuck do you not have one but multiple stalkers.

No. 1382802

She doesn’t she’s just dramatic

No. 1382803

If you don't like people, close your damn social media accounts. Easy fix.

No. 1382819

anon im not trying to be mean but if you dislike people so much why are you so active on social media? there is such a thing as lurking and having a minimal sm presence

No. 1382825

Heres the thing. I think what happened is some guy had a parasocial relationship with me and his girlfriend or somebody found out and he triangulated me with her. I've never dated this person ever but now I have both of them hate stalking me. The guy is a narcissist and delusional.

No. 1382863

What if pick-me’s are the smart ones? Playing the long game? I mean at some point they should be able to withdraw sex and the guy can’t do anything about it because she’ll divorce him for half his money, right? He could cheat but why should she care if she doesn’t care about him and has all the financial security? I suppose it’s more a matter of mental strength than smarts.

No. 1382865

Privatize your accounts?As long as they can find you and your accounts are public they will always stalk you

No. 1382881

are you a man or just super sheltered?

No. 1382890

Except they're not playing the long game. The only ones you could potentially consider to be playing the long game are women who go after obscenely rich scotes, especially if they're old and guaranteed to die within <20 years, and that's very few of them.

No. 1382956

What's the tea on Mads Mikkelsen? I've seen some nonnas here saying that he called Freddie's (from Hannibal) actress a bitch, and some other questionable (sexist?) stuff he appearantly did? Does anyone know more?

No. 1382957

Ah yes those “pickmes” who end up with brain damage from “consensual chocking” (see strangulation) they didn’t know about until their 40’s because you can talk and breathe and still get brain damage.

No. 1382958

He went to a Jordan Peterson rally and is secretly one of those types of dudes from what I hear

No. 1383031

how bad for your health is it to go on a thrill ride?

No. 1383053

What are some good, oil based color pencils that are easy to blend?

No. 1383056

do you think people who tut-tut taylor swift for working with an abusive director but then continue buying her music anyway are hypocrites? tbh i do but i'm curious about other anons opinions.

same goes for people paying for other celebs despite claiming to be against their actions

No. 1383059

good for it

No. 1383060

samefag, that sort of thing is bad for environemtna nd general society, but fine for the individual and has benefits, same as fast cars etc

No. 1383063

Is it weird that my 5 year old brother's favourite food is sushi? Asking because I never heard kids saying they love sushi, it's usually something like pizza, burgers, ice cream etc. He do first tried out sushi when he was just 2 years old. From then whenever I would order sushi, he would always eat one or two and then graduated to full on eating entire portions (8 pieces) and asking for more.

No. 1383065

I know a female stalker, european, she was a teenager at the time, not scary or posing ANY threat (she was my bff) but 100% a stalker and I nearly felt bad for the male because it lasted so long, a few years. She just gave up eventually and decided to (quote) "be the bigger person"

No. 1383068

samefag, lost the anon i was replying to sorry

No. 1383069

Yes. I side-eye people who shame lack of ethics but buy or engage with whatever they're tut-tutting, unless it's like necessary for survival.

No. 1383070

Nta but what kind of benefits? Ime it just makes me extremely lightheaded (like almost about to pass out levels) and makes me throw up

No. 1383071

Pretty sure the ones actually chiding her behavior probably pirate anyways, but yeah virtue signaling and pretending they care about it that sort of thing in only one small space while constantly consuming media of predators without question is retarded. At the end of the day they don’t really care, and the sort of filtering to would take to actually put their boycotting in practice for all the media they partake in would be exhausting. It’s just another excuse to argue and condescend on the tl. That said I don’t pretend to find her interesting so I have no idea what goes on in her little gay fandom.

No. 1383072

buy music? how do you do that in 2022?

No. 1383078

Stan tards buy tons of albums and merchandise to show their support. Or they steal the albums from stores and sell them online when they’re sold out. It’s an interesting type of autism.

No. 1383088

File: 1666457223048.jpg (176.2 KB, 1776x1776, Woodland_enc.jpg)

also, samefag, I saw these fancy looking Japanese colored pencils in an art store recently, has anyone tried them, are they good?

No. 1383108

these look so aesthetic nonna

No. 1383114

Ikr kek. Would buy them for just the packaging tbh

No. 1383156

File: 1666459797304.jpg (57.79 KB, 600x480, 6_yorkshirepudding_shutterstoc…)

Why's this called pudding

No. 1383160

It's technically pudding-y when it's raw

No. 1383172

because i'm pudding it in my mouf

No. 1383173

Idk but now I'm wondering why black (blood pudding) is called pudding too

No. 1383226

ayrt could you explain how it's good? I really enjoy going on them, but with the warnings plastered about, I always wonder whether it's harmful.

No. 1383249

How do I make a tortilla that doesn't become hardened like a cracker!

No. 1383252

Put it in a plastic bag before putting it in the microwave. Done.

No. 1383259

noooo I didn't see this lalalala

No. 1383266

if you're making flour tortillas, more lard. keep them covered in a warm area while you're preparing them and eat fresh.
for corn tortillas same thing but no lard obviously, and don't let them sit too long before you cook them because the water seems to evaporate out of the wet corn really fast. manufacturers add guar gum sometimes and I think added citric acid preserves it somewhat as well.

No. 1383351

I don't think so, I've always loved fish since I'm small too

No. 1383420

What does it mean for your significant other to challenge the negative aspects of yourself so you can learn and grow to be a better person? Is there a difference between that and being authentic to yourself so you are loved for who you are?

No. 1383427

File: 1666480749209.png (70.69 KB, 500x326, 1601598509360.png)

I'm not looking for concern or judgement here, I just can't get a straight answer from google
How much benadryl kills you?
I need to know because I am going to take exactly one less pill than that so maybe I can go the fuck to sleep tonight

No. 1383430

You're not gonna be able to sleep on a large dose of benadryl, you'll robotrip and see spiders everywhere instead

No. 1383435

what about tylenol pm?
melatonin does nothing to me

No. 1383441

Why does everyone on lc love The Sims so much to the point of mentioning it in nearly every thread? Idgi. I would almost understand the appeal of putting husbandos in it if the game's style wasn't so hideous and the characters could say more than a handful of generic phrases. It will never truly capture my husbando so there's no point.

No. 1383442

Do you have health insurance? Both Tylenol PM and Benedryl have the same ingredient, diphenhydramine, to make you sleepy.

No. 1383444

I can tell you are autistic just by the "handful of phrases" thing and the husbando mention.

No. 1383446

Well several anons said that's the reason why they play it, that's why I said it.

No. 1383450

okay well fuck
I do, I have a psychiatrist who refuses to give me any type of sleep aid until she gets "satisfactory" paperwork from a sleep study saying that I do not have sleep apnea. I took the fucking test, couldn't sleep either night, and so they just marked it as a fucking failure. I don't even snore, but this bitch says since they couldn't tell that I don't have sleep apnea, since I couldn't fall asleep, she's just not going to give me fucking anything
my gp says she can't supply me with anything neurological and just tells me to keep seeing the psychiatrist
things are not going so great over here

No. 1383451

The Sims is stupid. I never played with dolls maybe that's why I feel this way. I know I shouldn't, but I judge people who are obsessed with that game. Reminds me of disney people.

No. 1383472

Can someone please give me a link to an idiot's guide to PC VPNs? The retard fucking mods permabanned me for no reason and also do not answer appeals emails and I've tried multiple times to use a VPN on my PC, using guides, but every single time it fails. It's so easy on my phone… urghhh I'm so fucking annoyed. I 100% was permabanned as either a mistake, or idk tranny janny hates me? I don't break the rules or stir up shit here, not any more than other farmers.

No. 1383477

I would recommend a neurologist, anon - they actually treat the body, can get you tested, and can prescribe you meds to help.

No. 1383484

File: 1666483825261.jpg (92.65 KB, 664x456, animalhouse.jpg)

that's who administered the sleep study that resulted in a failure

No. 1383528

Why are school children so good at clocking closeted kids? I was a closeted homosexual growing up (now bi) and I got teased for seeming like a lesbian even though I was super feminine and denied my own sexuality to myself into my mid 20s.

No. 1383543

Maybe it was the way you reacted around girls? Like you protected them too much or hung around gay boys.

No. 1383549

Wouldn’t say I’m the best source on children but my guess is that since they have such limited world views that whenever some kid acts slightly out of the ordinary they’re able to laser focus on that.

No. 1383564

The Sims 4 base game went free this month, maybe that's why you're seeing it being mentioned much more recently (also people complaining about it who keep bringing it up).
You don't normally play The Sims to make your husbando and your self-insert have a relationship. People just like to play God and make their sims do funny shit or create stories, a lot of players don't even bother with the life simulation aspect and just design houses since that part of the game is huge.

I love every one of the games except for 4 (which I've never played) because I like creating different families and observing how their lives develop or guiding them towards a certain path, and I also love building houses for them and seeing how they interact with the stuff I give them or with the other sims I create. I don't use mods or custom content (CC) because I don't give a shit if sims look goofy (that's kind of the point for me) but a lot of more dedicated fans use CC that is specifically made to make sims look more like Instagram models which is what you'd want to do if you're planning on creating and playing with your husbando. Personally I wouldn't make my husbandos in The Sims if I wanted a super immersive experience, I'd only do it for the funny potential like when I made them in Tomodachi Life.
>and the characters could say more than a handful of generic phrases
But the dialogue is not the point in this game. If all you want is dialogue you could use AI Dungeon or something like that. I guess some nonnas find it cute to see their self-insert sims live in the same house with their husbandos, be married to them, play with them, kiss, and sleep with them? IMO that sounds fun enough.

Obviously not everyone likes life simulation games like The Sims so if you don't find that kind of game appealing then just don't play it.

No. 1383588

i don't think they are, i got accused of being a lesbian constantly despite being 100% straight and dressing feminine just because i didn't have male friends and didn't want to date

No. 1383602

Have any nonnas noticed they tend to talk themselves out of things they want? I know a lot of it has to do with trauma and not getting attached deeply to things but I do it with more mundane shit too. Finally got some piercings I had been putting off forever for reasons I was definitely making up so I could avoid pulling the trigger.

No. 1383605

I hope it doesn’t bother you though. All it takes is to be vaguely non-conforming for people to accuse you of being a lesbian lol. I think people just desperately wish to fit people into some sort of puzzle they’ve created in their heads at face-value.

No. 1383614

File: 1666497403636.png (1.17 MB, 707x937, I don't know.PNG)

What the fuck is this thing?
I live in my parents garage, because I'm trash, and when I woke up today, this thing was on top of the old well. Water bottle for scale
I have no fucking idea what it is, it's solid black and looks the same on both sides. There's no engraving, no writing, nothing.
My mom was crying when I went in the house.

No. 1383616

Are you trying to start an ARG?

No. 1383617

No, that's why I posted here, not /x/

No. 1383620

it's a piece of wood painted black

No. 1383621

It's for sure not wood, it feels like glass

No. 1383631

Is it hollow? Could it be an urn?

No. 1383634

It's solid, but it's flat, it's maybe like half an inch wide from the side view
It gives me that vibe too though, like some kind of memorial thing? To me it looked like a tiny tombstone for a gerbil or something at first

No. 1383647

Are the decorations part of the black thing as well?

No. 1383649

No, my mom just likes fairies and gnomes and shit, those are always there

No. 1383651

adding, I doubt it's relevant, but there was a birdbath there instead of the black thing until today

No. 1383656

So someone stole your birdbath? Maybe the mini-lith is some kind of forced barter kek

No. 1383658

lmfao I mean maybe, that's a better guess than mine

No. 1383682

Is it irrational to be wary of a male who always talks about his martial arts classes all the time and humble brags about him besting his (also male) acquaintances who don’t participate in martial arts? I know it sounds like a “boys will be boys” sort of thing to be roughhousing each other, but I just have a feeling that this guy will be the future perpetrator of domestic abuse or something.

No. 1383683

If he's acting like he's superior, and everyone else is weak, and it's so easy for him to get people in a vulnerable and submissive position, then yeah that would make me uncomfortable.

No. 1383714

He sounds deeply insecure.

No. 1383716

Why do I feel sick after eating cooked sushi? Like, i enjoy it and then minutes later I feel like puking? It makes no sense cause is not raw or anything

No. 1383717

I do! Even small pointless stuff that I can definitely afford. I don't think it's due to trauma in my case but I just get in a really weird anxious thinking loop. I have no idea why, I guess it's just another way my anxiety and overthinking manifests.

No. 1383724

NTA, but I used the Sims 2 to live out my lesbian fantasies while growing up. Same way how I was never into dolls, but when someone did try to give me dolls, I made them be intimate with each other.

No. 1383735

samefag since Nonna LEFT US HANGING, I had to look it up myself.
>Chances are, you've never thought about passing kidney stones while riding a roller coaster, but studies show that it might be worth thinking about. The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association found that the high speed jolting motion of a roller coaster can successfully dislodge a kidney stone from a patient — especially if they sit in a rear car.
>One theory as to why riding roller coasters is so enjoyable has to do with stress relief. Dr. Epstein, a psychologist at the University of Massachusetts, tells the New York Times that, "Being totally absorbed is in itself pleasurable. Complete concentration that blanks out everything else temporarily relieves you from all conflicts. Even if it's scary, its a way to drive out disturbing thoughts."
>f you've ever conquered a fear of heights or spiders before, chances are you felt pretty liberated afterwards. The same can be said for riding roller coasters. By overcoming your fear, you will become more confident and courageous in other walks of life too.
>Roller coasters (and other thrilling activities) are often accompanied by heavy breathing, but that doesn't mean that it's bad for asthmatics. In fact, a study reported by the US National Library of Medicine reports that asthma patients recorded more regular breathing while on and following their coaster ride. Still, if you have asthma, don't try this without talking to a doctor first, and make sure you have an inhaler on hand, just in case.
>You may know the feeling of your sinuses clearing as you ascend or descend in an airplane. This action can be simulated on a roller coaster on a smaller scale and without being in a pressurized cabin. The sharp up and down force can work to clear your sinuses and dislodge any blockages.
>It's the "being shook around" sensation of a roller coaster that helped a British woman detect a brain tumor she had no idea she had. According to Daily Mail, Sally Dare began suffering from headaches and dizziness following a roller coaster ride in Florida. As her condition worsened, she went to see a doctor and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The movements of the roller coaster likely loosened the tumor and allowed it to be detected early.
>When you experience an adrenaline rush, your whole body goes through a "fight or flight" response, which is an automatic reaction that will leave you feeling energized and exhilarated, especially if you're an adrenaline junkie. An adrenaline rush can help make minor aches and pains hurt less.

No. 1383760

>My mom was crying when I went in the house.
girl, did you ask your mom why she was crying?

I'm so bothered by your whole post in a way I can't describe. like I'm worried for you and confused by you.

No. 1383775

Maybe the sauce on it? Sometimes there's a weird oil in a sauce or it's not fresh and can easily make you sick.

No. 1383778

Can someone explain to me why people put t. in their post to indicate "source". What is the origin?? Ex: t. worked in retail

No. 1383790

it's from finnish, terveisin. means regards or whatever.

No. 1383799

Thank you!!!

No. 1383800

wow I never thought to ask this but I also did not know, I just guessed from context when it was added at the end of comments. I feel like it doesn't work when people use it as an insult, like [greentext] t. a fag but that was just my feeling
thank you

No. 1383878

Why is reality always leaning towards the negative and not the positive? Any nerd anons who can explain this?

No. 1383879

Once an anon said she thought it meant thincerely, and I have never read it any other way since

No. 1383884

Is a living room really necessary if I live alone, have a couch in my room too and only ever have close friends and family over?

No. 1383885

It's the abbreviated version of terveisin (Finnish for "regards", as if the thing that comes after t. is the person talking).
It was first used on imageboards when Finnish memes like dolan and spurdo spärde showed up on 4chan, and people started using it as a joke and it took off from there.

t. meme expert

No. 1383890

It's always so funny to see t. on an imageboard because in Finland literally everyone uses it. I get email from my university professors that end in "t. [name]" on a weekly basis. t. finnfag

No. 1383897

it's not negativity but chaos. look up entropy.

No. 1383940

I've had this weird issue since I was in middle school where I get incredibly sleepy if someone touches me softly. Like, someone accidentally bumping their knee against mine or their elbow touching me while standing close together. It's not with every touch, just gentle fleeting touches. What does this mean? Can anyone relate?

No. 1383942

No. 1383943

anon dont do it it's scary

No. 1383947

I relate to this a lot but it depends on the person. It's wierd because this usually happens with close friends only

No. 1383959

I missed out on clubbing as a teen and now I really want to go to one. Unfortunately I don't have any friends that would go with me and my friends from high school are all in different cities and we don't stay in touch anyway. How do I find someone to go with? I'm too nervous to go on my own.

No. 1383966

thats that oxytocin working its magic baby

No. 1383987

Where the fuck am I supposed to read my manga and korean webtoons for free now that the owl site is gone, help

No. 1383996

vyvy but they are less organized than owl and sometimes they post low quality scans.

No. 1383997

Was the clubbing era of 2009-2011 really that big and crazy?
Because looking at media from that time it all seems to be focused on partying or clubbing.

So im wondering if clubs back then were crazy or fun or was it just the way it was shown in the media

No. 1383998

finally going for my doc appointment tomorrow about adhd and i've already fucked it because i didn't mention that it was for adhd in the pre-screening. have no idea how to tell her i think it's adhd without her assuming i'm drug seeking. i have had horrible, horrible experiences in the past few years with mental health issues and doctors (even for mental issues that aren't related to drugseeking at all) so i am so scared and worried and anxious about this appointment i feel SICK. plus, even if she takes me seriously it's going to take months and months to get anywhere, but at least i'm willing to try.

other than that, does anyone have any advice at all on seeking a diagnosis/help for adhd or even just wrt being taken seriously for mental health/disability issues? (i'd post this on the adhd/autism thread but i've not properly been on LC for months and can't find it anymore, kek)

No. 1383999

thank you, I'm gonna try it out!

No. 1384059

how do i get rid of painful pimples on my neck? should i get checked for hormonal issues?

No. 1384098

Who watch her

No. 1384101

Did admin ever end up saying something about /m/ not getting restored?

No. 1384104

People go clubbing in their teens? I thought that only happened on Skins

No. 1384113

Yeah my friends did all the time but I was too depressed to join them back then. Our high school even held official club nights (I'm a eurofag if it matters)

No. 1384118

does dylan mulvaney have a thread here? i never got to see the kf one

No. 1384121

I went clubbing from 16 on.

No. 1384124

No. 1384128

File: 1666552914563.png (640.1 KB, 636x1270, Screenshot_2022-10-23-12-18-51…)

not that I have seen. we have just accepted /m/ is kill

No. 1384143

What's up with most zoomers not pirating stuff? I find it odd how it's almost controversial now to "steal" from rich musicians, moviemakers and game devs. Others just don't seem to consider it and I don't understand why not. Paying for every new album, movie and game you want is fucking ludicrous

No. 1384152

Actual autism, i'm a zoomer and i crack everything since the 10s i don't give a single fuck unless i is a small artist or something

No. 1384163

i legit think it comes from a lot of younger zoomers having access to everything they want on streaming services, and when something isn't available they dont even think to find it elsewhere. they never had to experience trawling the internet to find an upload of some obscure series and having to close a million porn pop-ups lmao. i also think in a lot of ways younger zoomers have less knowledge of how to navigate the internet bc again, everything is mega streamlined and curated for them on apps like tiktok

No. 1384166

yeah they legit see it as the equivalent of stealing a tv or something, I never thought those ads would work, but here we are kek

No. 1384167

I never heard of this? It must be a very small subsect of people. Unless you're referring to them buying subscriptions which in that case it's because it's more easily available on things like Roku and nobody has the time to figure things out. I feel like gen z do shoplift way more though

No. 1384168

What does alog stand for, if anything? I've gleaned what it means but my autism brain needs to know the origin.

No. 1384176

A-Log, short for Anthony Logatto, lolcow known for sending death threats to Chris-chan and saying he's worse than Hitler and Saddam combined (this was like back in the late 2000s way before the mother rape) despite A-Log himself being arguably just as milky. nowadays A-Log refers to people being disproportionately cruel towards cows, wishing actual harm upon them etc

No. 1384178


I just don't get streaming. I would hate relying on internet connection so heavily for music. It's so much easier having an MP3 player ready to go. Internet is more stable now in most places so it's not something most zoomers are prepped for, I guess. What I really don't get though is how streamers tolerate either ads in the middle of their albums or having to pay for them to be removed. Fuck that shit.

That ad was some bullshit. If I could get away with stealing a tv or a car like I get away with pirating media I absolutely would steal those things, kek.

No. 1384181

I think a lot of them genuinely don't know how to because their whole internet experience is centralized on and limited to like <10 platforms.

No. 1384191


I torrented a Godzilla movie for some zoomers once and they have treated me like I am a god since

No. 1384192

I personally use Youtube Vanced

No. 1384200

yeah i pirated the sims for my little sister and her friends and now they all think i'm some kind of hacker queen lmfao. it's bizarre. i swear i was more internet savvy as a little kid playing online games on dial up in 1999 than they are now despite having had the internet their whole lives. it's a very weird generational divide.

No. 1384213

Older people are computer illiterate because they didn't grow up with computers or other such electronic devices, while younger people are computer illiterate because they didn't grow up with computers but with smartphones or tablets.

No. 1384236

>they think he was created in Heaven and has a divine nature similar to the Quran)
….what isn’t that straight up blasphemy? I looked them up and they’re sunni?
I was pretty hostile towards streaming and just downloaded everything and threw it on a hard drive but having access to so much at my fingertips is appealing and eventually I gave in to streaming at some point because of my phone’s tiny storage.
It’s also just very flexible so honestly I get it
But I still want to go back to pirating music.
You’re being too generous. Most just use at most 5 platforms.
Specifically ios, that doesn’t allow for much pirating but I doubt that gen z that own android phones pirate on their samsung. Can you even do that nowadays?
Zoomers pay for albums? That sound sounds unbelievable don’t they just rely on spotify?
I think this sentiment is strongest with zoomers that want to be social media artists or enter the entertainment industry. The rest just seem oblivious because of streaming services.

No. 1384250

File: 1666561711337.jpg (29.76 KB, 487x448, 7abcac930861e200560727cab14943…)

When people tell me to loosen up, what exactly do they expect me to do?

No. 1384251

Smile more, laugh more and talk a lot about random things or yourself.

No. 1384252

Oh. I don't want to do any of those things tho.

No. 1384253

then be okay with yourself and dont, people dont owe you anything.

No. 1384259

i have indents on my skin from my underwear, how can i get rid of them?

No. 1384264

if someone told me to loosen up i'd tell them to fuck off, well maybe excluding my obgyn

No. 1384266

They perceive you maybe don't feel "at ease" in the group, they want you to trust them and to feel comfortable
And she doesn't owe them "smiles and te-hees" neither, calm down

No. 1384281

what is it about Sonic and that universe that attracts male autists?Even Chris Chan was obessed with Sonic more so the pikachu and the Pokemon world.
What is it about that blue sun of a gun?

No. 1384284

Not sure but possibly
>bright colors
>intensive lore
>babby's first video game
Here's my own question: if a male is really into Sonic is that indicative of Autism, like for sure?

No. 1384287

File: 1666563357151.jpg (18.89 KB, 400x300, a8xmbkezqyo01.jpg)

Why can I only get horny when I smoke weed?

No. 1384322

I think so. I really think there's some secret link between sonic and autism. Besides the Koopa guy people LOVE mario but not that I'm aware of, I don't see so many autists being sexually attracted to him or obessed with him like Sonic.
If so it's towards peach. I even came across a autistic guy who LOVED sonic and HATED Amy Rose. And another thing, what is it with Sonic and men who aren't clear or obessed with their sexuality?
Like the anti-Amy guy, hated their romance, had weird clingy relationships with his friends which he called "Forever friends".
Is it just a sympathom of autistic men being placed in front of a tv? Because like chris he ALSO made fan fictions but with Deadpool or other random movie characters.

No. 1384331

might be anxiety related. for me dissociating with weed helps me not feel guilty or anxious about being horny, idk. i think the body high that weed gives does a lot for setting the mood, also

No. 1384332

i saw like this magazine subscription or something where they send it by mail and send different themes each month or so about stuff for fun quick learning and what not. What's it called? the one I saw had a cool cover.

No. 1384343

Can anyone link to some of their favorite investigative articles? Or some really good exposé. I'll take reddit posts that shock you too.

No. 1384348

All I can think of is that old Highlights magazine for kids

No. 1384351

yeah no. It may have been by a mainstream news site or whatever? maybe

No. 1384357

Are there any religious men who aren't sexually deviant? like mormons or jews or amish or whatever?

and what is it about Christianity that attracts so many degens? is it the man or the religion itself that makes them like this? It's like they're such larpers or repressed

No. 1384358

samefag, I guess I can think of buddhists, or is there something i don't know about them? you never know with moids

No. 1384359

mormons tend to have multiple wives and some engage in incest as well, amish tend to have even more incest. idk enough about jews

No. 1384362

Mormons are especially bad. I lost my straight virginity to a Mormon sex addict pedo (he’s now in prison) and they seem weirdly common. After him and learning about the scrote Jodi Arias killed I’m convinced all Mormon men want to tie women to utility poles.

No. 1384364

there were talks about mushrooms for before, idk if this thread. anyways, where do I get mushrooms as someone who has never even smoked weed? sounded compelling

No. 1384365

just that the monks who live together are gay with eachother, not sure if that counts as "deviant"

No. 1384367

oh my god, thanks for ruining monks

No. 1384368

samfag, mushrooms for depression. ughh

No. 1384400

drug thread has some advice about getting/growing your own shroooms

No. 1384407

That's totally fine I mean there are people who are obsessed with making their sims look perfect and there are people who just don't give a shit and play out their fantasies anyway using their imagination a little (I don't know why so many people have a hard time doing this tbh it's not that complex)

No. 1384408

Do I move this cat off me so I can drink my fruit tea before it goes cold or leave him and let my tea go cold?

No. 1384409

Can I go to a yoga class in loose pants/sweatpants/basketball shorts?

No. 1384420

leave him

No. 1384426

Tea will always be there, and has been since ancient time. Cat is mortal. Cat only gets to sit in your lap so many time.

No. 1384431

I had a fantastic time during that era. I heard that zoomers don't really 'dance' or anything and that's so odd to me

No. 1384432


No. 1384436

I let him rest. He got up and I drank the cold tea, was pretty good still. Win win.

No. 1384442

File: 1666575593787.jpg (21.47 KB, 291x298, 1664373906920.jpg)

Google isn't giving me a straight answer, so…can food allergies make you feel sickly and fatigued without it really hurting your stomach that much? Stuff like onions makes me feel ill for many hours after eating it, among other stuff and I'm not really sure how much I'm imagining things.

I can say for sure that the few times I've ever felt ok in the recent years I had gone a while without eating.

No. 1384470

>That ad was some bullshit. If I could get away with stealing a tv or a car like I get away with pirating media I absolutely would steal those things, kek.
NTA. That ad is bullshit because you can create unlimited copies of digital media, something you can't do with real physical things like cars or TVs. It's not the same and I hate that digital piracy is called "stealing" when you're not depriving anyone of their music or movie when you make a copy of it for yourself.
Also, did you know? Piracy doesn't negatively impact sales in most cases, one of the exceptions being recently released blockbusters.
Like other anon said I would choose buying before pirating without a second thought if I wanted to support a small indie artist or developer. Otherwise, I don't think that big game company or super rich musician is going to starve if I choose to pirate their shit.

No. 1384552

Do asexual people still get sexual urges?

No. 1384557

no one really knows dick about shit when it comes to the immune system. doctors, professors, etc. its the same kind of deal with neurology. the best thing you can do is keep a food diary and review it like once a month. from there, you do exactly what an immunologist would prescribe- which is an exclusionary diet. start with something like the BRAT diet and see from there what foods trigger your symptoms. or you could not do that at all and just figure it out however you want to. either way, the best an MD is going to offer you are injections to desensitize you to environmental allergens or tell you to take zyrtec every day.

No. 1384573

What's the best way to respond to a cheesy but kind meme your older relative sends you? My aunt sends me these random videos about fall colours and how health is wealth in my mothertongue, but because my mothertongue is worse than English I don't know what to say.

No. 1384577

Yes, I went to get an allergy test done and I figured out why I always felt really tired and gross after eating fried rice. Among other things, was mildly allergic to rice, chicken, and more highly allergic to sesame seed/sesame oil. Boom.
You should go get an allergy test done (where they poke your skin 30 times with all kinds of shit and see how you react) asap!

No. 1384585

Send her a I love my aunt blingee. Or to be serious just respond with emojis. She's just thinking of you it's nbd

No. 1384593

File: 1666590537783.jpg (95.1 KB, 900x600, ElmsPnoXEAEh7P2.jpg)

do you think God gets tired of you picking good-for-nothing moids and downplaying warning flags and after a certain number he just lets you fend for yourself? just want to know if my "luck" of being able to see clear enough to get rid of garbage men in time is going to wane at some point

No. 1384637

God is not playing games or getting tired of anything, with the whole free will and all it's all in your hands nonna, the signs are always there and you have to work on being careful and seeing the patterns. You don't have to rely on yourself, if there's a struggle reach to someone who could be a guide, a friend, a therapist and so.

No. 1384638

get a bigger size of underwear?

No. 1384654

is this temporary, like you notice your skin has marks on it after a day of wearing clothes? if so, you are dehydrated and should drink more water. maybe massage the area a little to get the blood and fluids flowing.

if you mean you have a muffin top that's a different thing. your body can grow around your clothes if you always wear the exact same thing but it might also just be your shape, no way for me to know.

for either thing this post >>1384638 might be right, maybe buy the correct size underwear or a different cut underwear (bikini/brief/boyshort/high rise, whatever) or stop wearing tight pants over the underwear – something you wear is pressing into you at a specific spot and that can always be changed.

No. 1384663

I bought shredded pumkin at lidl because it was cheap and took over the place of berries that I was actually meaning to buy. Anyways, I never made anything with pumkin ever, any ideas how I can use it, got any tasty recipes? Should I make soup with it or make it with oats? No sweet recipes please.

No. 1384665

Pasta with creamy pumpkin puree sauce is delicious; there's a lot of recipes out there, I kinda improvise with mine so can't share anything specific

No. 1384670

Sounds good, I looked up some recipes really quickly and I think I have almost everything I need sans milk/creme cheese so that's nice. Thank you!

No. 1384723

Harry Styles is straight girl music right? I'm on the lesbian/bi side of tinder and can't help but notice that every girl who loves that ugly ass man must be the straightest of straight women.

No. 1384757

god is a moid

No. 1384758

is there a way I can delete all liked videos on a youtube account all at once ?

No. 1384768

Is it normal for a psych to say as a blanket rule they will not provide a diagnosis of any conditions but only find symptoms and prescribe treatment that suits those symptoms? Or is this just something they have to do now because so many people go looking for trendy diagnoses after using tiktok?

No. 1384774

it's normal but it's not a good thing. diagnoses open doors to official support and services, and shrinks are doing people a disservice by not providing official diagnoses. autism is one thing psychologists don't like handing out diagnoses for (especially if you're a woman)

No. 1384790

File: 1666625726753.jpg (29.83 KB, 700x465, cottage-cheese-and-strawberrie…)

For nonnies who like cottage cheese, how do you like to eat it? I'm looking for more savory ways to enjoy it than just eating it plain (which doesn't bother me, but feels boring).

No. 1384795

File: 1666625903313.jpeg (117.09 KB, 696x464, 8FA5DB55-240C-4BB3-BD03-AEEB6B…)

I thought this was strawberries and cream!!! It reminded me of when I used to go strawberry picking when I was young.

No. 1384801

99% of the time I eat it on its own only or like, as a side with soup or whatever but avocado goes pretty well with it, with some pepper on it too! But to be fair, I think the cottage cheese is way different where I'm from. The one pictured is very mushy looking.

No. 1384805

I really don’t like cottage cheese so take this with a grain of salt but it seems like it might be good with granola.

No. 1384809

I love it sweet so in pastries, swiss cakes, pancakes, buns, yum yum yum

No. 1384822

What’s the terminology for when something (like a tweet) has been deleted but is still on google?

No. 1384833


No. 1384845

I think unlisted is what I was looking for but ty

No. 1384888

Depends on what you mean by asexual. The old fashioned definition is a hard no. The current definition is vague (as all other lgbt+ definitions nowadays) but don’t torture yourself with labels. You can have low libido for months or years and then suddenly have sexual urges that’s totally normal.

No. 1384890

honestly he’s just for trending tiktok sounds. Considering how controversial he is in gay circles I don’t think his music is considered to be “gay music” and the carry on from his 1D days obviously won’t go away

No. 1385002

File: 1666638830610.jpeg (233.61 KB, 947x1140, FA6E777B-9429-4AE3-9BAE-E17CBF…)

Why do fat people roll their wrists like Fred Flintstone? I thought that shit was limited to cartoons

Yabba-dabba-doo motherfuckers!!!

No. 1385004

Wow. RICE? That's shocking. Yeah. I will probably steam the vegetable mix and just have it with salt, and see what happens after eating a massive amount of it on an empty stomach.
Also, what was the context of your test? Did you go to an allergist I have had a mild test done before and it's like only the typical allergens were tested. I did find out I have a moderate shrimp allergy, but it never tested for stuff like rice or chicken.

No. 1385011

what do you mean by this nona

No. 1385020

Peanut butter and lots of honey

No. 1385044

I used to eat it with fruit or jam but I tried it with everything bagel seasoning and now it's the only way I eat it

No. 1385048

Can someone explain the meme with Tifa and the Italian flag? I've seen mentions of Tifa and the Italian government and I have no idea what it means

No. 1385061

File: 1666641535467.jpg (72.6 KB, 564x808, 2dd23f5a4ddb4924095bb9a3ea67a9…)

Do other Nonnas like overnight oats? I don't want to be a NLON

No. 1385068

Mine always turn out gross

No. 1385070

NLON? Also I love overnight oats , easy and simple to make.

No. 1385071

For some reason I'm irked by overnight oats, even tho I like everything else with oats.

No. 1385078

I’ve seen fat guys irl roll their wrists like pic related

No. 1385081

Not like the other Nonnas, but luckily thanks to you I am like the other Nonnas.
Gross how? Too liquidy? Seems like they have gone bad?

No. 1385083

they've never been good when I try to make them tbh. I'm probably making them wrong. they never absorb enough liquid. If I want cold oatmeal I'll just have cook it ahead of time then toss it in the fridge.

No. 1385088

You mean the position of the wrist, I'm sorry I just saw this post and I still don't get it and am curious because I don't even remember much of flinstones or their movements

No. 1385091

I always use quite a lot of chia seeds and a scoop of protein powder or two, which is guaranteed to soak up all the moisture usually. I've also swapped out plantmilk for mainly yoghurt, only using just enough so you can actually mix the damn thing.

No. 1385092

I make mine in the morning nowadays but I made it overnight for today and it turned out way sweeter than yesterday. Maybe because the mashed banana had time to ripen a bit in the oats. And the texture overall was more moist than usual but then again, the frozen berries had time to defrost completely. I think it just depends on your taste tbh

No. 1385110

>Maybe because the mashed banana had time to ripen a bit in the oats.
Yeah and it ends up being absorbed by the oats more, because of the extra time.
>but then again, the frozen berries had time to defrost completely
It's something to take in account during assembly. I tend to also use very dry ingredients like cocoa powder or protein powder, which balances things out. You also might need to either add extra seeds or swap some parts of the milk for yogurt or quark.

No. 1385129

I get what you mean. I have never seen a woman bend her wrists like that and it's always either a fat boy or a fat adult dude who looks like he lives in front of the computer. Maybe some fat scrote tick some never grew out of?

No. 1385147

but how or what did op mean by "roll" wrist? I need a demonstration or something

No. 1385148

it's a good camping food if you use water or some shelf-stable "milk" like Rice Dreams, add some nuts and berries and voila breakfast is ready when you wake up. I started making it more often for that reason over the summer

No. 1385160

File: 1666647893707.jpeg (201.84 KB, 550x825, Burst-Tomato-Cottage-Cheese-Ca…)

I sprinkle some nutritional yeast on it. shredded nori is a pretty good addition too. a pinch of salt and some cucumber slices is nice.

cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes with fresh basil leaves is a great snack in the summer when basil and tomatoes are in season. add balsamic vinegar if you like, then it's kind of like a caprese salad. (tomatoes are cooked in pic rel which is also an option, I bet sundried tomatoes would be good too)

No. 1385163

File: 1666647965825.jpg (56.02 KB, 702x546, 86263472.jpg)

What does bleak mean? Suddenly everyone is using it and I feel put of touch

No. 1385167

i guess she could have use the word curl instead of roll but it's there in her picrel >>1385002

No. 1385181

it means whatever they're talking about makes them feel hopeless about life / the world. must be everyone going back to school or having their seasonal depression setting it, dunno

No. 1385186

It's a completely normal and common word anon, what a weird question. Bleak means something unpleasant, bland, lifeless.

No. 1385214

was thinking just this but was feeling too mean to reply to her earlier, would've caught an infighting bitch ban

No. 1385220

In my defense the thread is called stupid questions. Also I'm ESL and I have never heard or seen bleak used in casual conversation so I was confused why people would end their sentences with it

No. 1385226

a lot of nonnies underestimate the amount of ESLs on here

No. 1385234

>n my defense the thread is called stupid questions.
That's true, I'm sorry nonna.

No. 1385242

If I want to watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, where should I start? I'm not sure if I should start with the 1993 and 2000 OVAs or the 2012 adaptation.

No. 1385254

Kinda wish we could see all the countries Nonnas are from

No. 1385256

It quite honestly does not matter unless you care about repeating parts. If you don't want to repeat any parts, just watch the more recent series. If you are a die-hard part 3 fan then you can also watch the old OVAs if you want.

No. 1385277

File: 1666656838586.jpeg (16.56 KB, 259x194, DCF5F22A-B971-408A-9226-D71309…)

Is this bitch the real murderer or is this just some dumb chick cosplaying as the murderer? If it’s the real nevada, I thought she felt remorse? Like wtf

No. 1385280

This post actually fits this thread kek good job anon.

No. 1385282

Ok, I will just watch from the 2012 adaptation so I can avoid spoilers.

No. 1385290

Am I crazy if I go along with this guy who seems interested in me without knowing if I’m genuinely interested in him? I just want to see what happens because this might be the first time a truly normal and well-adjusted individual has expressed interest in me. He’s almost definitely not “the one” but he’s smart, pretty cute and we get on well (just got off a four-hour call with him at 1 in the morning…). He reminds me a lot of my ex, though, just smarter and more put together. Should I just see what happens or am I being a bit silly and setting myself up for extreme awkwardness? Sorry if this is too stupid for this thread, I’m just very inexperienced romantically (I’ve only ever dated people I knew as friends first, and this is the first time someone I don’t know well has ever treated me like this) and I don’t know if this is considered shitty or not.

No. 1385293

No. 1385305

I would recommend that, I started there and was not confused and I enjoyed it a lot

No. 1385355

File: 1666661975018.jpeg (352.88 KB, 1280x1613, 88DA9D7A-723E-4BF2-BCAE-088AD4…)

astrology nerds what does it mean that my sun ascendant and venus are all in scorpio??? pic unrelated i’m just a monica bellucci stan

No. 1385358

I think that’s called a stellium or something

No. 1385359

There's an astrology thread in /g/ that might help. Monica defended Roman Polanski btw.

No. 1385366

The way you absolutely just had to ruin it omg

No. 1385374

File: 1666662988689.jpeg (29.77 KB, 599x567, 90.jpeg)

No. 1385400

nta but that's interesting, I've never heard of that I have like three stelliums in my chart

No. 1385402

Nta, but I'm surprised you didn't know before. I feel like I see something about the people who supported Roman Polanski every once and a while.

No. 1385432

why are new yorkers so weird, in a bad way?

No. 1385438

why are americans, in general, so weird? how the fuck did america manage to have 2000 serial killers, weird cults, MLMS, scienciology and create garfield in only 250 years of history.

No. 1385446

Cuz we're epic

No. 1385454

we’re the worst people from every country, that’s how. a big melting pot of awful.

No. 1385476

File: 1666667606721.png (1.59 MB, 1251x1402, how.png)

i like america actually, but it baffles me how weird of a country it is despite being so young, in comparison England is like 1000 years old and only has 166 serial killers lmao. America is living on every black mirror episode at once.

No. 1385492

this youtube video explains how to do it on mobile.

if you're on a desktop browser and signed into google, go to https://myactivity.google.com/page?utm_source=my-activity&hl=en&page=youtube_likes
select the three dots at the top of the screen and "Delete All" (you can also delete individual likes or days of activity)

I got there by going to youtube > settings > View or change your Google Account settings > data & privacy > youtube history > manage history > interactions > view likes and dislikes

No. 1385499

>Is this bitch the real murderer
Such a great question.

No, honey, that's not the real girl.

No. 1385516

thats just because America has higer ratio of police to citizens and tracks killings better. Theres impoverished people getting killed all over the world every hour of every day but they dont get collected in a serial killer victim database or anything. No one connects the dots or cares, its just written off as cartel/gang/random violence.

No. 1385551

this is the biggest cope i have read all day, amazing

No. 1385580

Hell yeah Nonna! Hope you had a nice time camping

No. 1385604

Not a burger and also i don't like them but all that England did was ship off their psychopaths all around the world, (even usa itself is a result of that kek) and since it happened overseas it doesn't count. Also after a few hundreds of years you can just rewrite the story, no one cares after all. Or you think we have the true and honest story of UK? lmao.

No. 1385612

Nah it's probably at least half true. China/India are huge and tons of poverty. And the governments would never publicize bad shit happening.

No. 1385668

does poshmark allow you to send offers to sellers? can the sellers send offers to you?

No. 1385682

What is your favorite fresh herb combo?

No. 1385695

The US is built on innumerable Indian graveyards and is haunted by Meso-American corn demons

No. 1385706

The game is rigged against us, men only value us for looks and youth, both of which fade eventually

No. 1385710

ASMR, I get it when someone touches my neck or behind my airs, or when someone’s doing my hair and they scoop some of my hair off of my neck. I want to hire a lady to put me to sleep every night.

No. 1385713

still fucking crazy that more developed countries with years of history dont even have HALF of the serial killers the USA has. I mean school shooting are pretty much an amurican thing, even when it does happen in other countries its like once in a life span, my coutry only has one school shooting despite being a shithole.

No. 1385716

The majority of men have no money and power so they are desperate any woman with a pulse. Pls don’t let the horrible shit you see online dictate your views. It’s true to an extent but only to a small percentage of wealthy powerful moids. Your average male works retail and is balding.

No. 1385727

That's part of it though, the US should be on the level of other developed countries but is instead much worse. Comparing it to India isn't the same

No. 1385872

Who is it then? I can’t distinguish them and not even they can.

No. 1385889

I have already tried and it didn't work

No. 1385911

is using whitening strips on my teeth really gonna make them sensitive? i want whiter teeth but I also want to be able to eat food without pain…

No. 1385928

Will me being 30 keep away the moids in the friend finder thread

No. 1385935

File: 1666714993230.jpg (183.71 KB, 1124x904, H4.jpg)

who was the one radfem who did an interview with a normie dude(it wasn't benjamin boyce btw) podcaster and talked about how radical feminism could free men, I think she posted her vid on ovait

pic unrelated

No. 1385988


Prob not tbh. They'll just try and gaslight you into thinking you'll die alone if you don't send them bob and vagine pictures.

No. 1385990

If my only possible symptom of thyroid disorder (the less active version) is thinning hair/hair loss, is it worth getting medicated? I haven't even asked a doctor to check yet, but my mom has hypothyroid and I guess it is genetic. The reason I'm not necessarily in a hurry to get medicated is because my mom was always kooky but once she started getting thyroid treatment she went off the fucking deep end, emotional highs and lows, constantly swinging between like manic insomnia and can't get out of bed shit. She wasn't as bad when she just had the inactive thyroid. So is it worth it, just to potentially have fuller hair again?

No. 1386043

Sad. Well, now I'm debating on how much tolerance I have to find at least one like-minded female friend

No. 1386044

Yes, it can make them sensitive. Everyone is different but it's a common side effect. However it is temporary. Unless you're constantly whitening your teeth the pain goes away when your micro tubules remineralize or something. I went to a dentistry site to look up the technical term, not sure I got it right lol. They said "In most cases, tooth sensitivity after teeth whitening is short-lived and will resolve within a few days after treatment," which matches my experience.

No. 1386056

File: 1666722505589.png (308.03 KB, 1584x582, yt likes.png)

weird. you can do it one-by-one on youtube as well (pic rel)

No. 1386062

ill be your friend Nona the friend finder thread is too intimidating for me to post in I don't want any men lurking getting bright ideas

No. 1386065

Thanks nonna! I think I’ll try it if it’s only temporary.

No. 1386075

Anon, are you sure your mom's emotional instability has to do with hypothyroidism treatment? I have it too and I was unstable before I got the diagnosis, but I also know people who have it and they're not like that at all. And without medication I feel really tired and can barely walk up the stairs, get a puffy face and gain weight. This thing is no trifle, anon, don't wait for nastier symptoms.

No. 1386142

I overspiced my pumpkin pie filling, it's bitter with how much spice. Should I add another can of pumpkin to it or just go to the store to get ingredients to remake the filling

No. 1386153

>can of pumpkin
I had no idea this existed

No. 1386191

Honestly your pie will probably turn out banging because pumpkin pie is usually too bland. Maybe sweeten it a little and see if that balances the pie out? You can definitely add more pumpkin to balance it, though.

No. 1386193

Your mom’s emotional issues are not due to taking Synthroid (levothyroxine) unless she was at a dose way too high for her. Even then, she’d exhibit symptoms of hyperthyroidism. It takes at least 6 weeks to build up in your system so it’s really not something where the levels can fluctuate throughout the day. The only way I can see this being due directly to medication is if she was taking Cytomel (liothyronine aka T3) and didn’t actually need it. Loads of doctors will dose to how a patient feels opposed to what their blood work says which can be okay unless the person winds up on unnecessary high doses of T3.

I started medication about a decade ago due to sub clinical hypothyroidism and kinda wish I hadn’t. Once you start taking thyroid hormones your thyroid glad stops making as much and you typically will need medication for life.

If the only symptom of hypothyroidism you’re having is hair thinning I would NOT go on medication unless your blood work indicates that it’s very necessary. Just from observation, hair thinning in people of all ages seems to have become very common in recent years and I highly suspect it’s due to shitty new preservatives is shampoos that loads of people become sensitized to.

Hair thinning is one of the main reasons I started medication when I did and I don’t think it did anything. Hair loss is literally a side effect of Synthroid (I don’t think it’s terribly common) so that’s worth considering. I’ve read studies where some women with hypothyroidism didn’t see improvement in hair growth until they started taking a zinc supplement in addition to their medication but I always forget to actually take it.

No. 1386227

How do showers at the gym look like in your countries? I was looking into getting a membership this winter for the first time in my life and apparently over here there are no dividers, not curtains, nothing. Separated by sex but otherwise everyone is standing naked next to complete strangers. Is this just how gyms are?

No. 1386231

In my country only pools are like what you're describing, gyms have separated, locked showers

No. 1386240

Does dying your hair leave as gross of a feeling as painting your nails does? If you don't know what I mean by gross feeling when painting your nails, I'm not asking you because apparently not everyone has it.

No. 1386241

Nah, stellia are 4+ placements, and it has to be two inner and two outer placements

No. 1386251

I know what you mean with the nails but I don't feel it on my hair; makes sense because the layer of paint on the nail is incomparably thicker than whatever is left on the hair

No. 1386270

Oh? Maybe I will post there soon then kek and you can reach out

No. 1386289

I saw a random Abby Shapiro video (it was a lookbook) and all the comments were saying 'yass slay lesbian queen!'. Does anyone know where this comes from, I never watch this woman and couldn't find a source. My guess is it's just trolling because she's an Orthodox Jew but who knows

No. 1386319

wouldnt surprise me if she larped as a lesbian for moid attention and to deflect criticism, she used to larp as a tard wife

No. 1386339

File: 1666743412482.jpg (41.98 KB, 480x477, 1605556579005.jpg)

my poo came out bright green. after looking up what the reason may be, the closest possible culprit is spinach. I have had it before in big amounts but my poo was never green. I had it in small amounts for the past three days and it wasn't green until today. And then I remembered, I took chelated calcium yesterday. I do some bit more searching and apparently chlorophyll, the pigment that gives spinach etc its green color, binds to magnesium. Seeing as my poo was green, does this mean all the magnesium I took was present in the poo and not actually absorbed like intended, evidenced by the chlorophyll binding to it and literally highlighting it? does it mean I took too much?

No. 1386341

samefag. i meant chelated calcium magnesium

No. 1386345

When you wear a thong bodysuit, are you supposed to wear underwear with it or not..
I do, but it feels weird when my underwear covers more than the thong leotard

No. 1386347

Anyone else think about how there are so many necessary jobs that I feel like kids in the future are just not going to pursue. Like we need coat hanger factories and people to build and maintain the highways and we need anesthesiologists but I feel like kids will think they're above making coat hangers or that it isn't worth going to school for 30 years to be a doctor and then we'll just have a drought.

No. 1386349

nonnie's i'm crying right now. I ordered something and the WEBSITE GLITCHED and changed the address. I always check the address, everytime, when I cancelled it (providing screenshots), I got an email saying, it's a "Charge Reversal" not a refund and "it'll be like the charge never happened"
I'm retarded, what the fuck does that mean? Does that mean I get my money back or not?? I'm broke as a joke and ever cent counts.

No. 1386353

Nobody really goes into those jobs as dream careers because they're not even known to exist to begin with. They find you, not the other way around.

No. 1386354

Anyone else's food simply hasn't been feeling filling lately? It seems like regardless of what I eat I never feel full. Apparently my fiance and therapist have been feeling the same way

No. 1386362

Yes and it also isn’t satisfying. Maybe that’s a sign we gotta switch it up

No. 1386368

Charge reversal should just mean they’ll reverse the charge. They may have not even charged you by the time you notified them, so they may be meaning that they’ll have never taken the money from your account

No. 1386373

i figured thank you so much nonnie and thanks for not calling me a dumb ass. I appereicate it

No. 1386430

Is black tea a little minty to anyone else?

No. 1386462

Idk how did England and Germany become the capital for Pedophilia

No. 1386486

How do I improve circulation to my feet. I have weird numb toes

No. 1386524

get your diabetes under control. or do some yoga. or take a hot shower that always makes my frigid feet warm up.

No. 1386534

Kek I have the same problem, and no I don’t have diabetes. It’s been this way since I was a kid. Being active, having a healthy weight, exercise, etc., nothing ever made a difference for my ice cube toes. I even went to the doctor for it and she also just said “exercise more” when I was already at a healthy weight and exercising regularly (gee thanks a lot). Heated socks help at least.

No. 1386577

B12 deficiency? Anemia?

No. 1386623

Same, my toes are usually purple lol. Compression socks really help.

No. 1386626


No. 1386688

What even is butch? Like what is the meaning to be butch aside from being a non-femme lesbian?

No. 1386695

How do I overcome executive dysfunction? I tried like every productivity app ever but nothing sticks

No. 1386696

How long do concerts last?

No. 1386697

Like 2 hours

No. 1386712

File: 1666776791841.jpeg (28.84 KB, 561x337, 2A7FD982-D8FF-480F-B804-020046…)

No. 1386714

depends on the concert, usually they have a set time to perform so you should be able to see it somewhere

No. 1386717

basically "masculine presenting" but naturally so, not in a trans way

No. 1386722

No. 1386742

It depends and there are whole books written about it (see Female Masculinity by Jack/Judith Halberstam)
you'd like LChat

No. 1386743

samefag and they're not all misogynistic obese macho assholes, many are softies who do poetry and like knitting, only keeping the positive aspects of masculinity (true chivalry, being practical etc.)

No. 1386744

I have written a novel that I want to post for free online. I have considered tumblr, but I can't find a theme I enjoy, plus I want the site to have more features so I can have an index for each chapter, an about page and similar to make it as easy as possible to navigate. Any nonnas have recommendations or ideas for sites where this can be done?

No. 1386747


No. 1386751

File: 1666780061231.jpg (73.08 KB, 623x821, E9yE2lZWYAEurrO.jpg)

if you had to choose, would you rather be a regular poster on 4chan's /b/ or /r9k/?

No. 1386752

Are you sure you can't customize your blog's code for this on Tumblr? I mean you have access to the HTML code, you could probably add links to each chapter.
Other than neocities I guess you could also try Wordpress or some other blog site.

No. 1386753

I would be a regular poster on /r9k/ annoying the fuck out of incels and possibly getting them to kts
I've heard /b/ is just porn dumps nowadays so what would be the point of posting there

No. 1386756

File: 1666780601496.jpg (37.52 KB, 520x433, Epf22P4XEAAvUIV.jpg)

yes that's the conclusion i've come to as well. i came of age on /b/ during the 2000s and would rather be there, but it's just not usable anymore. i don't want to sift through pornography just to shitpost. at least on /r9k/ i can cyberbully scrotes and tell demoralized incels to kys

No. 1386804

Why do gay men speak so weird? With the lisp and weird voice tone. I've seen people say they speak like women but they absolutely do not, I don't know a single woman who speaks 'catty' and lispy and screeches like this. Women speak in normal voice tones and with normal cadence. And so many gays speak like this even though they don't know each another, do they recreate gay stereotypes on purpose or what is going on??

No. 1386821

They speak in a feminine way and it's more jarring because you are used to women speaking that way.

No. 1386830

They are subconsciously imitating how women speak because they internalized liking men = feminine.

No. 1386847

I heard that when gay guys come out from anesthesia they don't put on the gay accent and it slowly comes back when they wake up. They are putting it on 100%

No. 1386853

No they speak in a clown way. I don't know a single normie non-influencer woman who speaks in that retarded way gay moids do.

No. 1386868

Ayrt and they definitely do not speak like women. I thought of this question when I heard a gay coworker talk with a few female coworkers. Women talked normally, in calm, silent voices. He made every syllable long, loud and whiny. Only American bimbo women would talk like this and we don't even have those in this country so I don't know where gays get this voice.

No. 1387010

I fucking hate that voice they put up. It's basically the way James Charles talks but slower, with weirdly pronounced vowels, lisp or really heavy "s" sound. Like why do you have to speak like a retard? It's not your natural accent, you don't have a speech inpediment so why the fuck do you do it? It makes me want to punch all those faggots in the face.

No. 1387177

Americans, do generally get time off on holidays or do you have to use up one of your days off?

No. 1387178

They are the pioneers of red scare vocal fry. I don’t understand why they purposely do a terrible intimation of a sexy baby voice when they just sound like their vocal cords are autotuned

No. 1387191

What's a good place to get transparant pngs/stock pics for free? Google image search isn't always great.

No. 1387196

I don't know how I ended up quoting another post, sorry.

No. 1387205

depends on the size of the business and the type of work you're doing and wether the business operates on holidays.

>legally, employers are not required to give their employees time off during federal holidays. Furthermore, employers are not required to pay their employees if they grant them the day off.

>Sadly, the law views holidays as just another business day, so whether or not you have to work is entirely up to your employer’s discretion if you work for a private company. Holidays like Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, New Year, Labor Day, Independence Day, Juneteenth, MLK Day, and Christmas are referred to as federal holidays precisely because they apply to employees of the federal government.

You have to check your employer's handbook in burgerland, there are no real laws unless you literally work for the federal government. you will get the day off if the business is closed, you will probably get paid time-and-a-half if the business is open and you have to work. you might get a paid day off, you might get a paid day off to put in the bank because you had to work the actual day lol.

No. 1387206

they're not born that way?

No. 1387207

I use Freepik a lot, but you probably know this one already

No. 1387209

Considering how some of them are capable of turning it off at certain times, I doubt it

No. 1387247

Gay voice is definitely a put on affectation. They’ll drop it in heated arguments and things like that.

No. 1387281

I really don't get the difference between tiny homes and trailer homes? Trailer homes are twice the size and half the price but tiny homes are glamorized. I'm genuinely trying to understand why they are a hot commodity. I've been watching videos on tiny homes and I'm super fascinated by the owners and their utilization of limited space and how nice they look but then I'm like okay but why am I fascinated by this but not trailer homes. It's literally the same concept. Also tiny homes cost so muchhh moneyyyyyyyyy which is weird because the whole purpose of them is to save. This one couple spent 200k on 2 tiny homes but like you could easily buy a house with that money. Also you still have to pay a parking fee of like 600 a month and pay for utility so legitimately what is the point unless you want to live in really expensive city like LA but want to own your home.

No. 1387292

your instincts are correct, it's a trailer home that costs more

No. 1387305

File: 1666813641136.jpg (2.3 MB, 3980x2654, 221007-bts-mb-1300-d504e3.jpg)

why is kpop so popular??

No. 1387317

Why can't my brain absorb audiobooks? Every time I try listening the words just don't stick. In one ear and out the other. Even if I focus solely on the audiobook I have to frequently rewind because I'm not absorbing anything at all.

No. 1387318


No. 1387323

What is up with these women coming out of the woodworks to unashamedly proclaim they like choking? Just a little while ago (10-15 years ago) it was seen as a fucked up, mysogynistic deviation in the male sexuality, and it was understood that no sane woman wanted that. Did women just get memed into liking this?

No. 1387331

File: 1666815044239.png (852.96 KB, 1510x1084, Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 13.0…)

conjunction between sun and mercury in your natal chart

No. 1387332

No. 1387334

women don't like this, it's all lies online

No. 1387337

Yes, they did. After Tumblr stopped banning nsfw the ddlg and whatever degens started using other social medias, and eventually the woketards started grooming normies into thinking that degrading women and choking them 'is hot and you just don't get it'.

No. 1387339

I think it's because western entertainment/hollywood doesn't provide teen girls with pretty boys who dance, groom and dress well more than once in a decade so they turn to kpop. And smart marketing of course. I wouldn't be surprised if the rabid fans it has created will equally be it's downfall.

No. 1387340

This. Westerns used to be obsessed with Jonas Brothers and One Direction, but I don't think there were any successful western boyband groups after that.

No. 1387342

>my parents have been divorced for decades. my half-sister (on father's side) who lives 20 minutes away throws a party, invites all siblings except for me. my father attends said party and calls me while there so I can say hi to some of the siblings who I haven't seen in years because they went overseas for college. one of them suggests we should hang out sometime soon.
it's been three weeks and I haven't contacted anyone who attended the party, including my father. am I being petty? I should also mention that none of them have contacted me since then either.

No. 1387345

kek I had a job interview at the Halloween store and the hiring manager said "by the way I'm gay, I'm not hitting on you" and I responded with "yeah, I can tell."

No. 1387351

File: 1666816429265.jpg (20.19 KB, 659x135, Untitled.jpg)

What the fuck! How did you call it so easy? I don't know anything about astrology (I'm kinda on the fence about it) but a couple of times people have guessed I'm a Sagittarius based solely on my behaviour and it weirds me out and makes me want to learn about it.

No. 1387352

Cute looking boys that that appeal to OSA women.
They also sell a fantasy to said group of women along with having different "looks", some are cute some are kind of edgy looking (in a butter knife kind of way)
Compared to western musicians they put a lot of effort into how they dress on stage

No. 1387359

What are OSA women?

No. 1387363

Is there a reason you weren't invited? family fued or something? I'd be reluctant too to contact them after deliberately not having been invited, but it might be worth it for the sake of your father? It sounds like he cares you have a good relationship with your siblings.

No. 1387371

same thing in my chart which I just happened to be looking at yesterday and I have the same audiobook listening problem you described.

truly I'm shocked you actually have that conjunction, I was kinda shitposting lmao

No. 1387375

anons, do you feel like an adult or do you still feel like you're lost in the world like a teen/child? i notice i see more men who act like manchildren that claim they "feel like an adult" more than women, and that they've felt like an adult since they were like 20. i don't buy it.

No. 1387382

You answered so confidently I thought you were some sort of imageboard oracle, kek.

No. 1387385

I was just thinking wouldn’t it be funny if I was right? haha

now I’m scared lol

No. 1387387

all men are children until they’re at least 31 and then even sometimes after that

I think I was 28 or 29 when I stopped feeling immature

No. 1387392

In some ways I feel more mature but in a lot of ways I’m still trying to figure a lot out. I’m in my mid 20’s and I do feel a lot more capable now than in my early 20’s though.

No. 1387394

What is an adult? Someone who pays their own bills imo and has the means to pay them. Idk.

All my friends deemed mature when I was a teen were the ones they stepped into the mother role or who looked out for others or was always the one watching the bags on nights out and making sure we all got home etc etc. I'm in my 30s, no kids. Live alone. Independent. Outside of work I just do whatever I want. See my boyfriend. Catch up with friends. Tell my family and people I don't want to see I'm always working. The mothers I work with make throwaway comments about how young and carefree I seem. I don't join in with conversations about motherhood etc I've no experience there. I moved out at 19 and have been put on my own for more than a decade. I deemed myself an adult the day I moved out of home, but then I did that as a teen.

No. 1387396

opposite sex attracted

No. 1387400

>I heard that when gay guys come out from anesthesia they don't put on the gay accent and it slowly comes back when they wake up. They are putting it on 100%

Please I need a source on this

No. 1387405

I didn't, thanks!

No. 1387407

Don't worry, I think it just means that we're anime protagonists about to go on a grand adventure where we defeat the forces of evil.

(and hopefully we're bestowed the power to listen to audiobooks, kek)

No. 1387418

Nta who asked the question but I think supporting yourself makes you functionally an adult but there’s a very real mental shift and maturation around your late twenties / early thirties regardless of the life you have been living

No. 1387480

Is there a way to find out who's on the Shinigami Eyes list without having to install it?

No. 1387499

I know nothing about coding but I don’t think it’s a list that’s manually updated it just has keywords and phrases it looks out for and then flags any account that interacts with that language. It’s not very accurate either.

No. 1387524

Is “chimp out” a racist 4chan saying?

No. 1387540

I would say pretty much yes

No. 1387546

File: 1666826727286.gif (78.88 KB, 200x150, Tomcruiseanimated.gif)

yes. sometimes people really don't know and they just use it to mean anyone who is freaking out, but I probably wouldn't give them the benefit of the doubt to be honest. in my mind it's in the same category as "porch monkey", a slightly obscure but kind of obviously racist term that sometimes gets used by people who don't know.

No. 1387563

That’s what I thought. I’ve mostly seen it not being referenced to race but it set off some alarm bells for me.

No. 1387581

Is there any way to get (You)s or a lil sound bloop notification when you get replies here? Not a newfag but always wondered.

No. 1387600

I saw a nonna reply to another nonna with "carecredit". What is that?

No. 1387649

How do tripcodes work?

No. 1387656

Do moids change after you break up with them? like will they be better or even completely good to their next partner? It makes me sadder to think that they won't change. Is there a way to increase the likelihood that they will? ghosting, or talking passively to try to reach them, or something else?

No. 1387657

A credit card you can charge medical related things on

No. 1387658

>will they be better or even completely good to their next partner?
If she's hotter or more of a doormat, yes.

No. 1387667

>I don't know a single woman who speaks 'catty' and lispy and screeches like this. Women speak in normal voice tones and with normal cadence.
Seriously? I know so many women who put on a "girl voice" when they speak to men. Women who put on baby voices, customer service voices, fake vocal fry. Similarly, gays put on their fag voice to scope out other men who might be fags.

No. 1387668

Really depends on the person. Why do you want them to change so badly?

No. 1387678

is it me or has reverse image searching tools gotten worse over the years?

No. 1387682

Internet searches in general have been on the decline. They all suck now

No. 1387696

It seems like the more of a doormat i was, the worse he became. Also doubt the hot thing.
Idk, because I don't want them to do the same to another woman maybe? thought this was a normal thing to want

No. 1387697

Especially YouTube searching. It's borderline unusable now

No. 1387706

Shit moids will keep you around longer the more of a doormat you become but they definitely won’t treat you better. It only gets worse

No. 1387707

Useless and filled with those stupid Youtube Shorts. Fuck I wish I could filter all of them out.

No. 1387710

Because you can’t control what he does? It’s not your responsibility. If he’s an abuser you can earn the next girl but chances are she won’t listen. If he’s just some emotionally unavailable sad sack you gotta just let him go.

No. 1387722

What should I bring for lunch tomorrow nonnies? Saltine crackers with canned sardines and diced onion, or greek yogurt with honey and nuts? For fruit, should I bring a nashi pear or a golden delicious apple?

No. 1387723

>bringing sardines and onion to work

No. 1387729

how do i lower my libido nonnas? i absolutely do not enjoy being horny 24/7 and find sex repulsive so hookups are out of question

No. 1387731

It’s ok I have my own little office room completely separate from the rest of the office and I brush my teeth after lunch anyway lol

No. 1387734

I think it’s powerful to be the theoretical person that bombs the office by microwaving a tuna fish sandwich

No. 1387774

>Is there a reason you weren't invited? family fued or something?
I have no clue why I wasn't invited. All I can really think of is maybe my half-sister (who hosted party) doesn't like me because of whatever drama happened between her mother and mine? My father is a messy slut and I'm pretty sure he was having on-and-off affair with my mom even after he remarried.
Otherwise, it's not like my half-sister and I have been in enough contact with each other to start a feud anyways. My father mentioned she was living abroad too for a while and recently moved back. I really don't know what her problem with me is.

No. 1387790

File: 1666842226496.jpg (23.47 KB, 476x333, 1660213640340.jpg)

How do I stop myself from eating fast food? not only because it's unhealthy but also because it gets costly? I take my own food to work but during my breaks I get this insatiable urge to get a burger from nearby. It probably doesn't help that I can see the place from across our lunchroom and parkinglot. If i don't eat the crappy food I feel like I didn't really eat

No. 1387795

Slowly taper yourself off. Going cold turkey will probably make you crave it more. I’d recommend indulging only in every other craving and slowly cut out more from there. Fill your non fast food meals with lots of vegetables and fruit as well and you’ll slowly start to crave them more.

No. 1387805

File: 1666843504500.jpg (70.93 KB, 684x1292, neutral-female-full-body-anato…)

What does it mean if the red areas always feel tight no matter how much I stretch? Can anyone recommend stretches?

No. 1387806

Tapering off is good, but don't forget you have to do the work. There's no easy fix, it will be uncomfortable and you will still crave fast food, but you have to consciously tell yourself no.

No. 1387846

File: 1666848047127.gif (3.6 MB, 720x480, 9E3A6C3F-8141-482F-AC7F-3847F1…)

What happens if I drink coffee or espresso and then take melatonin. Do they cancel each other out

No. 1387857

Does the green lantern actually have powers or is it all the ring?

No. 1387883

Not really. The current and long-standing canon has Green Lanterns chosen by a sort of alien police force; they give the power rings to those they deem worthy by having ~willpower~ and the ability to overcome their fear and shit, but the most notable Green Lanterns like John Stewart and Hal Jordan do not have traditional super powers.

tl;dr no

No. 1387886

How do you guys stop yourselves from self-harm or sabotaging of any kind? I have never self-harmed in my life but for some reason I have the desire to begin despite being in my 20's. It sounds so tempting to grab a box cutter and go to town lately (not to be graphic).

No. 1387901

The butchering yourself like meat to fitness pipeline. Only other option is becoming a fatty and I definitely don’t recommend that one. That’s like the only trifecta

No. 1387913

just write it off an an intrusive thought. you don't have to do everything that pops into your mind. I want to jump when I'm on the edge of a cliff but I wouldn't actually do it. don't get obsessive about it.

No. 1387926

I don't self harm, but I have the inclination and compulsion to do extremely stupid shit which could be considered self-sabotaging and I have to second >>1387901 fitness helps a lot.

No. 1387935

I used to SH. And although I haven’t in a while now, I still think about doing it. I dig my finger nails into my palm sometimes. I feel it is a relief and doesn’t leave scars or actual cuts. Also when I was at the peak of SHing I used to always wear an elastic band

No. 1387939

I have this issue but with sugar. If I can power through 3 days without it the craving starts to go down to like 20% of what it was before, but those 3 days are hard. After a week or so it gets surprisingly easy to stay off. Annoying thing is everyone knows me as the one who loves sugar so they keep being "nice" by giving it to me and I can't say no so I have to start over all the time lol

I find it helps if I know I have a small amount of the thing I crave already available, maybe you can add a few fast food items like fries or nuggets to your meal? That way at least for me my brain sees it as "I would need to go out of my way to get more of what I already have" and my laziness kicks in and I accept what I have without any effort instead lol

No. 1387946

ntayrt but (if I understand your phrasing) is it common to go from self-harming to fitness? I've heard of the self-harm-to-tattoo-enthusiast pipeline but not fitness.

No. 1387969

nta but it is common in anachans to go full orthorexic and overcompensate having to eat with excessive work outs

No. 1387973

It's called the thinking womans speedball.

No. 1387985

If you can, get a physiotherapy massage; if your muscles there were tensed up for a long, long time, just simple stretching you looked up online and do at home may not be enough to relax them; also you'll be able to ask for advice on how to properly stretch/exercise to help your particular case

No. 1388024

How can someone change their negative self-image and low self-esteem if they are already constantly challenging themselves and get out of their comfort zone on a regular basis but the critical inner voice and the bad self-image seems to stay regardless?

No. 1388044

I seriously don't. My slavic language doesn't really allow it much imo, women speak normally, they definitely don't have lisp and stuff. But gays still manage to do that weird cadence and lisp and it sounds so unnatural.

No. 1388222

Why does Keffals call Keemstar a pedophile? Not doubting Keemstar may be but I never saw anything like that about him, besides him dating a younger but legal woman

No. 1388236

What should i have for lunch today? I was thinking of getting some homophobic chicken, but then i remembered baos exist but the place i used to get them at closed, and they still have other locations but they are far out and really decreased in quality. What would you all nonnas like for lunch?

No. 1388249

you're making me want waffle fries. I want fries. But realistically I'll have ramen in my house.

No. 1388254

>homophobic chicken
I know this is probably autocorrect, but I cannot figure out what you must have typed to get "homophobic" kek

No. 1388260

She probably means chick fil a

No. 1388303

I have moodswings that take me from feeling neutral to hopelessness and crying for hours or days. I feel like the intensity and frequency of my moodswings aren't normal and it's affecting my education. Is this enough reason to see a doctor?

No. 1388316

does anyone have tips or easy dishes for starting to go vegetarian?

No. 1388322

Why are there SO MANY troons named Riley? I've noticed the name is popular with porn stars as well but not as much it seems

No. 1388331

I think it's so popular because most people are not getting choked that hard, or really at all. Any man who is not a degenerate will be too scared of hurting you or making a mistake to choke you that hard so it just feels like slight pressure, and then women start to associate having a hand on their neck with pleasure. I used to think I liked choking until I talked to a friend who was an actual degenerate who liked to be strangled until she almost passed out, and I realized the men who had "choked" me in the past had basically hugged my neck with their hands. Which does feel nice but it's not really choking at all.

No. 1388344

NTA but it’s also not chocking. Chocking is air cut off from the inside, no pressure outside. What they’re doing is strangulation. Full stop. “Chocking” let’s them nerf how fucked up it is. We also know strangulation causes brain damage and potential death without ever losing the ability to fully breathe or talk. It’s not a kink it’s violence promoted and branded against women groomed into it for self harm.

No. 1388346

It's called depression nonnie
The lord is with you

No. 1388358

Why and how do people mispell choking as "chocking".

No. 1388361

It makes me laugh

No. 1388375

Anyone else notice the scale at the doctor NEVER MATCHES your home scale. Like any home scale. I've weighed myself on multiple scales at friends and families houses and I weigh roughly the same. Then I go to the doctor and I weigh significantly more.

No. 1388377

Do you weigh yourself unclothed at home vs clothed at the doctor maybe?

No. 1388380

My Hispanic mother pronounced choking as “jchoking”

No. 1388381

Are you still eating eggs and dairy? I relied on eggs and cheese a lot when I started being vegetarian.

Breakfast for dinner is good when you're starting. Thai curries with coconut milk and tofu are something I started doing later on. Tex mex is very easy to make vegetarian without sacrificing any flavor (burritos, migas, enchiladas, nachos, etc.). A nice fresh loaf of bread and a big pot of white bean soup with herbs and olive oil is a great meal whether you're vegetarian or not, very easy to make.

No. 1388401

Twin anons, is the possibility of having been mixed up with your sister at some point during your early adolescence an actual worry that weighs on your mind or does this only happen in movies?

No. 1388408

I think the height thing is also wrong

No. 1388409

File: 1666892044390.jpeg (116.56 KB, 768x1024, sailor-moon-bathroom-scale-wei…)

yeah but I weigh myself unclothed early in the morning when I am the most dehydrated, ideally after shitting just to make sure I'm not holding any extra weight. (why do I do it this way? I don't know, it feels more like my "true" weight or something.) but when I'm at the doctor it's the middle of the day and I'm hydrated, fed, and wearing all my clothes so it's like 5-7 lbs more.

one of my friends has a scale I weigh 9lbs more on and I step on it just to go "oh nooo" and laugh because I don't actually have a reason to care

No. 1388424

nta I do the exact same thing, but usually they subtract some weight at the doctor's office, because they compare it to the weight I reported over the years

No. 1388485

Its vidrel a tranny? I've a pretty deep voice so i thought maybe it was just another woman like me, yet something about their voice and weird "lisp" is confusing and sounds…wrong, in its bio says "lesbian", "autistic" and "any pronouns" with some weird ass flag too

I was getting invested in this arg but i refuse to give plays to this channel if the freak behind it is a troon, they really are everywhere an i hate it, can't even chill and watch some videos

No. 1388505

can you recommend a lightweight (preferably portable) software to merge together two m4s files (one is audio the other one video)?

No. 1388514

leaning on tranny. Voice is too deep, plus the speech pace and cadence seems male.

No. 1388526

Sometimes they’re just inaccurate. An old office I used to go to with one of those big old mechanical scales used to always weigh me 5 pounds high but the new office I go to has huge digital scales that seem very accurate. They look like those huge platform scales you see on My 600 Pound Life lol. I weigh myself fully dressed at home right before leaving for any appointment so I can make sure my bathroom scale is still accurate. I highly recommend EatSmart brand scales. I’ve been using them over a decade and they’ve been excellent and have good customer service.

No. 1388546

Do himbos cheat?

No. 1388556

I feel its a tranny as well. mentally ill men everywhere

No. 1388557

If they're a good himbo, they won't. I've always thought they were too stupid or whipped to cheat.

No. 1388560

A true himbo would never cheat. But true himbos are very rare.

No. 1388572

How to get into pop culture? I read thread here and sometimes my friends feed bring me random info in feed but I have absolutely 0 idea what is popular rn, what to watch, what to listen, where to look for information about all this stuff.

No. 1388573

if he cheats he isn't a himbo

No. 1388576

on their diets? yes. Other wise their heads seem empty

No. 1388588

Don’t bother. It all looks retarded.

No. 1388592

modern pop culture sucks major donkey dick but if you want to know more about pop culture in general/throughout history, look up movies you enjoy and watch movies similar to them. Idk what to tell you, and honestly I really don't think you're missing out on much; i have a bunch of pop culture knowledge stored in my brain and i wish that storage was used for some kind of actually useful skill. Just figure out what resonates with you and what you like, and find more stuff like that.

No. 1388650

precisely because they're so dumb and don't use their brain alot, wouldn't that mean they let their dicks do the thinking more?

No. 1388662

The idea is that they don't overthink and don't plot anything behind anyone's back. Too dumb to lie and hide things; dedicated to the simplicity. Himbo in love only sees and and adores the woman he's with, it wouldn't even occur to him to consider other women romantically or sexually.

No. 1388664

One of my friends had a grandparent and two pets pass away recently and she is not doing so well. Before her pets died, I had invited her to a small Halloween get-together this weekend; however, I expect that she might want to cancel. That's OK with me, but I still need to know how much food to make. Should I gently ask her if she's still coming?

No. 1388703

You should make food for her anyway and not bother her. She may come, she may not. Very inconsiderate to gently ask her so that you know how much food to make. Bring her some food or something without her asking for it sometime this week, it’s a nice gesture when someone is grieving.

No. 1388728

How are you supposed to respond to “you’re being so quiet”? I had a coworker tell me this when I feel completely fine and normal, and I’m just like… huh? What am I supposed to say? My response was “uh, no I’m not” and she asked me if everything was ok. I don’t understand this comment

No. 1388731

I just ordered from uber eats. Right after they gave me the door I got a notification that ubereats cancelled my order but I recieved my order. I didnt cancel it or do anything. What's going going happen to me?

No. 1388732

*food not door

No. 1388739

just say 'yeah I'm like that'

No. 1388746

I get that a lot because I’m a quiet person and I’ve never found the perfect response or anything but usually I answer with a warm smile to show I’m not unhappy or sulking and whatever generic thing pops into my head (sorry I’m a quiet person/I get that a lot/oh I didn’t realize) and everything turns out ok. Like acting nonthreatening to a nervous animal kind of lol
You can say “do you want to chat about something?” afterwards because sometimes that’s what they want.

No. 1388757

Personally I just say 'oh' and go back to whatever I was doing. You're not going to bait me into wasting time speaking to you. Usually when people say "oh you're so quiet" it's the empty headed ones who always need to hear someone talking in order to feel comfortable with themselves. Not my problem. If I'm not talking to you it's for a reason.

No. 1388774

glitch maybe, you did your part so you're ok, no need to stress.

No. 1388787

sorry nonna but you're going to prison. hands where i can see them

No. 1388796

File: 1666913077878.jpeg (50.67 KB, 830x900, 857ACB68-C0D9-475C-91DB-F85E8F…)

What dishes can I make with spinach and bell peppers? Also is there a site that you could look up ingredients and it would show you dishes?

No. 1388798

Maybe some kind of pasta, or stuffed peppers. You could honestly put those in literally anything. Also, there's tons of sites that do that but here's one

No. 1388800

>You can say “do you want to chat about something?” afterwards because sometimes that’s what they want.
I actually did that one time and the person thought I was being super aggressive and was like "ummmm what!!" and it was awkward so I don't do it anymore

True it only seems to be extroverts who are nosey and needy that say this. The lady in question is honestly very sweet and nice but I had no clue how to respond

No. 1388804

Ty nonna!

No. 1388805

File: 1666913578982.png (49.5 KB, 400x282, 3F759626-BA69-4E8A-8D79-EBAEC1…)

Does that baking soda to determine pregnancy test work? I’ve been the whole month without my period I’m so spooked and I have no money for a pregnancy test right now. Wtf!

No. 1388806

I've seen them at the dollar store, there should be some cheap options but idk where you live. The baking soda stuff will be as accurate at ancient Egyptian grain pissing.

No. 1388809

100% a tranny. this sounds nothing like a woman LOL. not even one with a low voice.

No. 1388814

If you’re in the US they have them at the dollar store. They’re as accurate as any of the overpriced name brand tests.

No. 1388828

Thanks, will have to grab some from the dollar store then. peed on some baking soda and nothing happened anyway haha

No. 1388835

is lumify bad?

No. 1388846

Not unless you’re allergic to it or something. It’s used in a higher dose for glaucoma. I have no idea if it works any better for redness than Visine or whatever

No. 1388869

Does it say something about me if my exes have always said after we broke up that now we can never hang out privately because it will inevitably lead to sex? All of my exes have said this to me at some point after a break up. It makes me feel like they just assume I’ll be trying to have sex with them (aka an easy lay) which really fucks with my self esteem.

No. 1388870

It just an excuse not to deal with you anymore. No man would give up sex.

No. 1388873

Sorry that sounded harsh and I don’t want you to feel even worse. I’m sure you’re a hottie and cool af, I mean you’re here, but still. It’s bullshit n they don’t deserve you.

No. 1388895

how come i can stimulate my clitoris without touching it? like clenching my vagina. this sounds like a scrote question but i don’t get the anatomy of it

No. 1388900

Lol thanks anon. I think it’s more like they don’t trust themselves around me not to give in. Basically they would have sex with me or try to have sex in a private space. Like they couldn’t control themselves. Does that say something about me? It feels like they think I’m so easy?

No. 1388915

It says nothing about you. Never extrapolate off what an ex says. If they wanted just the sex they’d be cool with it because why not? Why wouldn’t you, as a man, want to fuck your ex whenever? They either don’t want to deal with you or think so lowly of you that even if they don’t want it you’d still be so succumbing to their prowess, only women have that but narcissism isn’t pretty, that it’ll happen anyways. It’s just an excuse not to be friends with you. Find some better ones. I know it’s hard, trust, but you deserve it and they don’t deserve you.

No. 1388919

Never extrapolate off what anyone says** rock you nonnnie.

No. 1388945

Ive been obsessivley scratching my scalp and accidentally pulling on some of the hairs on the itchy part and there's a little bald spot forming and im scared as fuck will the hairs there grow back?

No. 1388968

Is there a good like reverse search site but for phone numbers?

No. 1388976

unless you were sexually active during the month something else could be happening to you physically, if it turns out negative you should try visiting the gynecologist

No. 1388987

If you leave it alone, yes. If you continue to pick the hairs you could damage the follicles which would prevent hair growth.

No. 1388993

File: 1666924464741.jpeg (17.57 KB, 554x554, images - 2022-10-12T125216.612…)

Kay thanks nona time to strap my hands to my chest

No. 1389132

quiche, omelet, shakshuka… I think I might be craving eggs

No. 1389134

> it was awkward
bummer. that's always a potential outcome, yeah. I reserve it for the times people say "you're quiet" in a non-negative way

No. 1389136

File: 1666940299473.png (43.17 KB, 500x325, 1646369393810.png)

because the clitoris is actually rather large and parts are internal and the glands extend around your vaginal walls and can be stimulated by kegels or other pressure

No. 1389149

>not a show off

No. 1389152

why is it the Chad clitoris and not the Stacy clitoris

No. 1389153

File: 1666942414462.png (1003.14 KB, 1730x1020, Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 00.3…)

sorry, glans not glands and also wrong term for the inside part, my bad. see pic

No. 1389163

A scrote made it probably

No. 1389216

a based Australian gnc lesbian made it actually

No. 1389217

Seems ironic to me

No. 1389235

why are some slightly stronger meds rx only? like Codeine/paracetamol or sleeping meds? high fluoride toothpaste that could just be placed behind the counter with a 18+ ID?

No. 1389303

I just used the white crest strips for the first time and a bit of the gum between my two front teeth is now white wtf? Will this go away? It looks like food stuck on there but it’s my gum . Please tell me it goes away it looks so bad and dully hurts

No. 1389354

Because of abuse. Same reason why (at least here) you need to see the pharmacist to purchase gravol/dimenhydrinate even without RX.
For things like Codein/Paracet, despite the low dosage, the government doesn't want to fuck around with that shit for people who intentionally abuse or accidentally. While working at the lab in the pharmacy, I've seen people take 2000mg of Tylenol because it hurt really really bad.

No. 1389376

nta PharmaNonna, they told me up to 4000mg paracetamol a day is safe, are they lying?

No. 1389392

I've seen 1000mg prescribed every 8 hours, so it's normal, but it's usually after major trauma like surgery and it's prescribed along side with Codeine.
What I'm saying is I've had patients come in and tell me they've taken up to 2000mg multiple times a day which could lead to 8000mg. That's accidental abuse.

No. 1389395

What are some luxury things to buy for “self care” that aren’t just pumping money back into the beauty industry? All chasing eternal beauty does is damper your soul and drain your pockets, so bath bombs and Tata Harper and little face wands with lights on them are all trash. But silk is soft and feels nice, nice smells smell nice (including “luxury” perfumes I guess,) and expensive foods hopefully taste better. What else?

No. 1389698

Sorry for delete if you saw that, I was thinking about it and I would need more details to know if what I said was true. It should go away on its own within a couple days. If your gums start to hurt more or become inflamed then you should get your mouth checked but that's very unlikely to be necessary. The whitening solution got on your gums, it works on flesh/hair/clothes too. You could maybe be more careful with the placement next time? Make sure the strip is not laying on your gum at all if that was the case. You can also take a damp q-tip and nudge the strip away from your gum after you put it on if it's touching something it's not supposed to or bothering you.

No. 1389807

Self care isn’t something you buy it’s something you do.

No. 1389880

Thanks nona I appreciate it a lot.

No. 1389896

self care is doing something entirely for yourself because you usually spend all your time caring for a disabled partner/child, and if you don't have a break you'll smother them. go for a walk, listen to an album, watch a film, etc. something just for you where you are giving 0% of your energy or time to the usual obligation. it's nothing to do with makeup or beauty at all…

No. 1389910

No hate but luxury perfumes are the worst money sinks of anything you listed. Buy what you want but know perfumes are technically a huge rip off. It's spending money as a luxury for the sake of spending money, maybe also as a status symbol if you wear it around other people. Nice smells are abundant and don't have to cost $150 per ounce.

I think buying better tasting food is worth it if you can. Increased quality and freshness increases your enjoyment/happiness and possibly your health depending on what you're eating.

A silk pillowcase is actually good for your hair (less snags) but hard to wash so I don't think it's worth it. For clothes buying yourself nicer clothes can save money in the long run because they last longer but it's not really changing your life or anything, as long as you're protected from the elements anything works. However good shoes will improve your overall wellbeing because foot health is so important and can be such a horrible problem as you age.

No. 1389923

Buying self care is bs unless it's good food or workout equipment. Luxury industries must be laughing their arses off that they managed to convince a whole generation that ~self care~ is buying expensive shit instead of going for a walk or sleeping 8 hrs (you know free things)

No. 1389940

A fitness membership, whether that be for climbing, crossfit, yoga, lifting, etc

No. 1390001

The whole "The universe is giving me messages" thing. Do you believe in it? Do you experience it? Or do you worry about needing meds when you get that feeling?

No. 1390016

I pretend like I don’t but sometimes the coincidences are too much. Last year I had a completely overwhelming feeling of doom for absolutely no reason that lasted for weeks then suddenly one of my parents died. I was in no contact with them too so I had no idea anything could’ve been wrong. They died very unexpectedly as well.

No. 1390041

I try not to focus on stuff like this because it makes me paranoid, I don't want to think any sudden feeling I have will be vindicated in the worst way possible (like parents dying)

No. 1390043

Tbf I get bad feelings a lot and while this particular one was stronger I’ve also had a lot of impending doom thoughts that went nowhere.

No. 1390044

Best way to dl yt vid from wayback machine?

No. 1390046

If I see a lot of repeating numbers I just take it as a sign that I'm on the right path.

No. 1390048

>tfw constantly see 666 and repeating 6's in general
am i doomed

No. 1390061

Thank you for saying that

No. 1390066

Happening too much to me right now but I'm also at a low point emotionally right now, I guess it's me being desperate for some foundation

No. 1390088

Don't know is there even is a right way. Just say it and people who know you will belive you, people who wont don't matter.

No. 1390092

they also start giving shit away to friends and family, like shit that's valuable in money and emotionally

No. 1390100

It usually happens to me with songs, i feel like some were made by destiny for me to hear them and they relate to some of my secrets. Slightly related to the topic of uviverse and the great consciousness, destiny…. i felt couple of times that it gave me a choise like i was at a crossroads and it was waiting what i will choose. For example when i was choising a cat in the shelter she jumped on my shoulder and lady said that the cat has chosen. I came for another cat and i had to decide. This decision had a big impact on my life, everything evolved by this decision. I only felt this a couple of times in my life but that shit is fascinating.

No. 1390118

No, I don't.

You're not seeing any more 666s than the average person, you're just subconciously focused on them so you take note of them. You live in a world with a very great amount of numbers and letters absolutely everywhere, so yeah you're going to come across and notice number combinations you feel mean something.

No. 1390126

Why is it that hanging out on 4chan just makes you edgy, while hanging out on lolcow automatically makes you a transphobe? Aren't both sites equally troon-despising?

No. 1390138

Because this site is for women, and women are the only people they attempt to hold accountable

No. 1390139

I've never really considered myself especially good looking or smart or anything more than average in all areas of life. Yet I attract really angry envious people that are always trying to hurt me or hold me back. I put on a brave face but because I have a history of trauma and bullying its still really difficult to deal with near constant bullying and not being able to tell what angle its coming from. How do I make these people face a mirror and really take a good look at themselves for the shitty people they are?

No. 1390142

I have a hard time grasping the dissonance… Aren't men the ones who are actively dangerous and violent? It just doesn't make sense to me and it frustrates me. Sorry for the vent.

No. 1390143

>Aren't both sites equally troon-despising?
Some 4chinners are actually trannies themselves, mostly the ones on /lgbt/, and others get off to them.

No. 1390147

more and more 4chan users troon out and the /lgbt/ board is 99% trannies (which is why it's often nicknamed /tttt/) so outside of maybe /pol/ not anymore really

No. 1390148

Makes sense. Disgusting.

No. 1390149

we can excuse misogyny and racism but we draw the line at twanzphobia!!

No. 1390150

>How do I make these people face a mirror and really take a good look at themselves for the shitty people they are?
you can't and thinking you can change other people makes you vulnerable. learn to gray rock, set boundaries, and lose their attention. if you were abused these kinds of abusive people may learn to pick up on behaviors that make it seem like you are an easy target. i am not victim blaming you for being targeted though. it's all on them.

No. 1390165

File: 1666996616800.jpg (13.51 KB, 275x275, 1662367173311.jpg)

Um, so, warning, gross post…so, does anyone get UTIs randomly? Is it possible for it to be chronic? I was tested randomly in an annual physical. Several irregularities were detected. I've felt a bit weird on/off for a very long time and I know many years ago early in college it was blatantly obvious I had an infection. Now? I don't really feel much down there…not perfect but I just feel sickly and fatigued otherwise pretty much constantly which I'm starting to think is normal for me.
Oh also I'm a virgin so no it's not a STD.

No. 1390236

Sometimes. I usually don't take it that seriously because I know it's probably bullshit. It's a "if it feels good do it" type of thing.

No. 1390260

Do you guys consider yourself attractive or not. Truly curious as to whether confident people spend time on here.

No. 1390262

Sometimes I think I look fantastic and other times I don't and really don't like how I look, which I think is normal.

No. 1390264

Yes it is, is mostly an hormonal issue though. I had my frist uti at 6 months old. Just drink enough water and learn to read the signs so you can foresee your next uti.

No. 1390265

I have a lot of features more attractive than most and others more hideous than most. It rounds out to about average.

No. 1390269

I consider myself pretty attractive tbh

No. 1390270

nope. have often been insulted for my looks irl and have facial features that most anons consider ugly

No. 1390275

Sometimes I think that I am ok looking, but overall, like 80% of time no. I was bullied in school and get 0 attention from males all my life, not even from elderly, alcoholics, or incels, so I don't really believe I am attractive in any way.

No. 1390276

I like how I look but I'm not really considered attractive. Can both be true?

No. 1390279

Sure, question was technically about whether you consider your appearance a bar to your lovability.

No. 1390281

Sort of related to this, do you nonnas think somebody can be objectively ugly but never in their life get called ugly to their knowledge?

Really wish there was a wya to know what the people close to me actually think of my appearance. I'd rather just know that I'm ugly than be told lies.

No. 1390284

When I look in the mirror or see pics of myself I think I am uggo most times but some days I think I look pretty cute — but it’s only ever cute at best. In reality I am an absolute Stacy, everyone constantly tells me I’m drop dead gorgeous even with no makeup and no did hair, I get hit on constantly, and regularly pull well of handsome guys. I usually dump them though because I can’t stand even an ounce of scrotery. I am pretty insecure but that’s not why I’m here, I’m here because I’m a bitter ass petty bitch and also I hate men.

No. 1390289

Honestly? Based, glad to have you.

No. 1390297

isn't it sometimes about juxtapositions? I've noticed girls and women with otherwise good bodies be roasted over things like flat boobs. I have flat boobs and a terrible body (no, not fat)–I've never heard a word about my chest. some women are completely invisible while others seem to really annoy people in spite of being technically better looking. Explains why I got negative attention when wearing sundresses while people are extremely friendly when I wear my oversized brown trucker jacket…which probably suits my rough look more. unfortunately.

No. 1390299

My body is skinny average, but my face literally looks melted to me, I don't know how to describe it. I feel like I look like I have down syndrome. I don't think that can be a comparison thing and I'm truly baffled that nobody's ever called me ugly to my face.

No. 1390309

Tbh it's probably because you're invisible then. Still not great but if you just have a droopy face (mouth breather phenotype?), it's likely you're not freaking people out or anything. Sorry if this isn't encouraging.

No. 1390311

TBH, thanks. I think that's probably it, and it's relieving to actually hear something concrete and honest. I feel weirdly at peace hearing this, kek

No. 1390313

yes, it happened to me. I felt the same way as you and so i used photofeeler for an objective rating and yep, ugly as sin. It was expected though, I was more just confused why no one made fun of me for being ugly. In my case I think it was just that my personality was infinitely more mockable than my looks so the bullies never even got to the appearance part since they had so much on their hands already.

No. 1390319

Photofeeler looks objectively unreliable and technologies like this are notoriously trained on populations inadequate in both size and diversity. I wouldn't put much stock into it.

Honestly, I think the best way is to straight out ask somebody, but I don't trust moids and I don't want female friends to misinterpret my question as gauging for interest since I'm a lesbian.

No. 1390329

If you say so kek, sounds like you tried it out and didn't like your result. I used some random google photos along with mine to test and I felt they got rated accurately so I'm confident in my ratings.
Straight out asking someone will NOT work, kek. No one is going to tell you you're butt-ugly to your face. I wouldn't tell anyone that even if it was true.

No. 1390332

You're welcome! Yeah, I just was hit by that rollercoaster years ago so I've thought way too much about this subject. I realized similar about myself–weird looking yet profoundly inoffensive. I felt worse when I was uncertain. Sucks, but the peace feels good too.

No. 1390346

whenever i've asked for opinions people either think i'm beautiful or hideous, i have severe bdd so it makes things a lot more confusing and frustrating kek

No. 1390349

It's advisable to look into the reliability of tech services before making an account with your personal info and face attached willy-nilly.

"Weird looking but profoundly inoffensive" is a good way to put it, haha. Hope you have a pleasant weekend, nonny.

No. 1390351

No. 1390354

Either bait or a very sad person.

No. 1390355

why would this be bait I genuinely dont even know what sounds baity

No. 1390369

Yeah, I don't get it either. Awkward.

No. 1390371

File: 1667009506127.jpg (237.23 KB, 1200x690, Inked06-10-06smile.jpg)

sorry nonna i didn't see your original post. It went away rather quickly, i posted before driving off to work and when I got there it was already back to normal so I didn't bother to check in here. I will be more careful next time though it's like if I want to get the entire length of my teeth, it's bound to touch a bit of the gums, picrel, hopefully my shitty mark up gets the point across. I will try your q-tip recommendation though and maybe it'll help. thanks for responding nonny

No. 1390379

Those teeth and gums look healthy and normal.

No. 1390383

Girls have bullied me harshly in the past but when I look back on the pictures of me from that time I was a bright and attractive girl. The only time a guy called me ugly was when I rejected him. You're probably not ugly. I feel ugly because my teeth are fucked up but if I got them fixed I would be exceptionally attractive maybe pick out your biggest flaw and find a way to fix it?

No. 1390390

awful advice in virtually every way, congratulations

No. 1390392

You're lucky anon. I have a cross, deep, under-bite and crowding issues.
Plus several teeth that never grew in (there's two gaps where adult teeth are missing). I wish I had teeth that normal…

No. 1390396

nonnies is it normal to faint during blood tests? I have had several before with 0 issues but this time…I almost passed out. The nausea, weakness, screaming/ringing in my ears, hot sweat, etc fell over me. I was sitting there with my head down being watched by a concerned nurse for half an hour. The mark on my forehead was even there for hours afterwards, sheesh.
It was such a shameful and scary experience.

I'm now a lower weight so I don't know if that matters.

No. 1390400

File: 1667011454722.jpg (6.93 KB, 259x194, 1660461026490.jpg)

ayrt how do i fix eyes like this

No. 1390405

I'm considered underweight, and this happens to me regularly. I have to make sure to drink a ton of water the day and get plenty of sleep leading up to it, and it usually helps a bit, but not totally.

No. 1390406

Could have been possible your blood pressure was at a lower level at that time. I don't remember if thet take blood pressure before you have it drawn though

No. 1390421

Hm, odd. Yeah. I've actually had super low blood pressure in the past consistently - always borderline abnormal - but that day it was actually tested to be much higher/normal for once before the appointment.
Oof. Not looking forward to it.

No. 1390423

But nonnie, you're why cavemen painted on walls

No. 1390430

I bought a sound dampening blanket off amazon to hang in front of my door as a privacy curtain (I live with my family), but now that I got it it has the California cancer warning thing on it, so it's probably a bad idea to hang it up on my door right?

No. 1390443

kek those arent mine, just a pic i got off google for my markup.
mine are healthy and "normal" but odd looking

No. 1390446

I'm autistic. I can't lie about someones attractiveness but I try to redirect into something more positive. If a friend has a problem with their weight (I never bring it up first) I ask them if they want to start working out. I don't try to be mean.

No. 1390447

I had to look this up as a britbong, so in the US they sell carcinogenic/can cause reproductive harm/birth defects products but in California they simply label them? I don't understand how a blanket could be carcinogenic in the first place, but if you hang it, air will pass through/by it and whatever is in the product will filter into the air. So probably not safe imo

No. 1390448

I think I'm alright. I have conventionally attractive features, but I'm overweight so i'm invisible to men. I have had girls admit to crushes before, and was in a lesbian relationship at one point. Maybe i'm brainwashed into thinking i need to experience having a relationship with a man by society, but i've always felt i'm missing out on something.

No. 1390453

Don't they just slap that shit on everything to avoid lawsuits? I remember vaguely skimming over something that said the warning was approved by law with good intentions of warning consumers but now it's just slapped on everything and anything that it's sort of watered down its purpose. I live on the opposite coast and I remember buying some shit with the warning on it but it seemed like a nonsensical thing to put on there.

No. 1390455

No. 1390456

the california cancer warnings are pretty liberally put on everything to the point that its a meme. they'll slap that warning on coffee and oxygen tanks. its for liability purposes against people trying to sue random companies when they get cancer, iirc?

No. 1390457

I am attractive but have an awful nerd brain, so I like to absorb lots of random information (usually via comments and real experiences) which lolcor is good for, plus I prefer to limit my online footprint and lolcow allows me to express myself without it being attached to my name and face forever. I generally don't shit on cow's appearances unless they're male in which case it's a free for all kek

No. 1390461

I'm painfully average. With a bit of make up and some good clothes I can look presentable and arguably on cute, but still not enough to turn heads or really stand out enough for anyone to notice. On a regular day I'm just an NPC who doesn't even offer a sidequest.

No. 1390464

I'm ugly and not proud

No. 1390498

File: 1667018569829.png (106.1 KB, 253x243, not okay.png)

My psychiatrist will only do telehealth over video calls.
Can this bitch have me re-committed to the psych ward over the phone?

No. 1390500

I went to Disneyland a while ago and they had a sign outside the gates with the cancer warning about the parks, pretty funny

No. 1390509

Because of covid still? It's been like 2 years. Are you in the UK or something?

No. 1390511

Oh yeah, they've been wringing the covid excuse dry for as long as fucking possible, but no, I am in the beshitted asshole of the Midwestern united states
I've never even met this cunt irl and she's not even a real psychiatrist, he left ,this heifer is just a PA

No. 1390512

It depends on whether you find buff small chested, tank shaped butch women attractive. I could use some braces though.

No. 1390518

Aww I'm sorry Nona, it's sad there not prioritizing mental health appointments better, therapy doesn't even work properly over webcam but over the phone is just pathetic on her end. I hope she can get you what you need regardless, it's like one of the basic requirements of a psychiatrists job, if she can't do that she shouldn't even be stepping into that role. I can't wait until the covid excuse is no longer valid, this shit is really getting old.

No. 1390528

honestly I don't care about them taking shitty care of me, this woman has made it clear she goes in assuming that all of her patients are drugs addicts; my psychiatrist had had me take xanax as needed for a year and that was working fine, and then she took over and said you can never have another xanax again for the rest of your life, and proceeded to try me on at least 6 different anti-psychotics, none of which helped, the one I'm on right now is making me fucking crazy
at my next appointment I want to just call her out on how fuckign poorly I'm doing and how in my notes she's been misquoting me and lying about my progress, and I'm wondering if she can have the police sent to my house to have me committed

No. 1390637

Nta and I'm generally a sceptical person. Been experiencing the number sequence thing for years. Mostly 11s. There's all sorts of online communities that try to attach meaning to it. Years ago it was a 'lightworker' thing. Now it's an angel message thing. I stay away from reading that stuff. I'm not someone who leans into attaching meaning to things like that but no matter how hard I try to remain sceptical I can't shake it. I'll never admit this to anyone in person but I've had some crazy synchronicities happen in my life whenever the number thing ramps up

I want to believe that it's just some OCD brain thing.

No. 1390647

What happens if I was exposed to asbestos for like 10 minutes? I was in an abandoned building

No. 1390648

you are in so much danger

No. 1390668

can you cancel all appointments with her and select a new person?
never good to get aggressive with a PA for so many reasons. just steer clear if you get a bad one.

No. 1390687

what is your favorite color and is it the color you wear the most?

No. 1390706

My favorite is pink! It's not the color I wear the most (that color is black) but it's slowly creeping it's way into my closet more and more.

No. 1390711

It's only dangerous if you inhale the fibers. You're probably fine.

No. 1390713

My clothes are nearly all black but I love gray, idk why people associate it with depression.

No. 1390730

Nonna's I used to drink hard liquor everyday (not much, maybe 2-3 shots to relax and get to sleep), back then I didn't have many issues with it. It lasted about 4 months and I fully quit drinking for 2 months, now I can drink on friday nights and not crave alcohol the next day. But no matter how little or much I drink, I wake up with heavy legs, a liver ache or both (even if it was just a beer or two). It disappears after a day. I don't want to see the doctor for no reason, is it possible I have done any permanent damage? I don't take any drugs or medications with it except weed sometimes.

No. 1390779

Purple, and no, black

No. 1390820

File: 1667052670074.jpeg (104.27 KB, 622x498, 62DE914F-9941-4B16-BF23-BDD645…)

If you met a farmer irl, what poster would you hope she would be, and what poster wouldn’t you want her to be?

No. 1390823

Go to the doctor.

No. 1390828

I want to meet husbandofags like Okabe-chan and Komaeda-chan and Kirdedeanon. I feel like we'd have lots to talk about. I don't want to meet celebricows posters though that's too normie for me

No. 1390832

Doctor, nona.

No. 1390840

It's not worth it.

No. 1390872

File: 1667056587029.jpg (191.35 KB, 1853x1042, 1stWorld.jpg)

how do i make the refresh button also scroll back up to the top of the page? i don't want to have to press both F5 and the home button :c(:c)

No. 1390883

Setup a keyboard shortcut that does it.
Haven’t done what you want specifically but I think it should work.

No. 1390889

Would want to meet: Fellow yumes and terves
Wouldn't want to meet: Those with internalized misogyny and retarded infighters

No. 1390902

Thanks nonna's, I don't have symptoms of liver damage (except the pain) but I should get it checked out. Going to stop drinking in the meantime in case it's something serious.

No. 1390942

File: 1667059210361.jpg (57.67 KB, 700x493, 2-62568415e8c99__700.jpg)

Is Shein pronounced as sheen or shine? I heard it being pronounced both ways

No. 1390952

so how has Twitter really changed?

No. 1390957

It used to be called she inside, so I pronounce it she-in

No. 1390976

File: 1667061119832.jpg (15.34 KB, 249x244, Tumblr_l_33490997392848.jpg)

Can you randomly start to develop tics? I'm starting to develop a facial tic. It happens every once in a while completely randomly but it usually only happens when I'm having an anxiety-inducing intruding thought. Is that normal?

No. 1390978


No. 1390985

the farmhand that perma banned me and then the farmhand that allowed me back on the site after I apologized.
I'd like to thank them both.

No. 1390990

Do non-iron deficient people also get more energy from taking iron supplements?

No. 1390992

I want to meet Manifesto-chan!!

No. 1390994

This is normal, I click my fingers whenever I am anxious.

No. 1391003

Are effeminate gay men hated in the gay male community to the point they become HSTSs? A lot of butch lesbians troon out because there's almost no support in the entire LGB community for them but I don't know if it's the same in the gay male circles, I only know that a lot of gay males develop severe body dysmorphia and eating disorders because there's an obsession to be super fit and ripped and past 25 the twink death becomes a thing. Is this related to them transing themselves?

No. 1391007

Feminine gay men are loved by a lot of people, but not by other gay men. Ever heard of "no fats, femmes or Asians"?

No. 1391010

You're right, forgot about that completely. I followed a pretty femme gay guy on youtube that had a story about going on literally steroids to get a muscular body only because his boyfriend pressured him into it so it got me thinking if there's anything similar to them feeling left out and bitter about being GNC like a lot of butch lesbians do.

No. 1391029

Would meet:
>my gf, romanian-chan
>anons in the amerifags thread
>fellow /m/ posters
Would not meet:
>the penis havers that lurk and post

No. 1391040

It’s possible something’s wrong but drinking every day for four months at such a low quantity really shouldn’t have done anything permanent to you to be honest. If I’m reading this right you only drank liquor for 4 months? two or three shots at most? That wouldn’t do anything to a normal healthy person. But I don’t know your general overall health or other issues or complications you might have so if you feel like it did something go to the doctor. If I felt regular pain in my abdomen I would go to the dr for sure.

No. 1391043

I would like to meet my fellow schizo tinfoilers, the other anon(s) with cancer that I've spoke to in the vent threads during my own battle, and that one anon who thinks Drake is an FTM because I think she's funny. Would not want to meet Shaynafags, husbandofags or any flavour of weeb.

No. 1391063

Damn I’m OP and that reminded me. As a diabetic I’d love to meet the other diabetic nonnies. I see your posts. ♥

No. 1391069

Seconding. Anyone?

No. 1391075

Are most gym bros and other men into fitness and stuff…. gay? bi?

No. 1391080

either that or narcissistic and straight

No. 1391082

Idk but there is a big subculture for gay/bi men to be really into fitness and bodybuilding

No. 1391088

Most I know are straight but very homoromantic, like even more so than the average male. Like >>1391082 said there is a big subculture for gay guys though. Honestly I'd say it's pretty mixed, 65/35 in favour of straight guys maybe. It depends on where you work out though, some gyms will naturally develop a mostly gay clientele through word of mouth while others will be full of stinky straight guys who are shaped like doritos because they skip leg day.

No. 1391093

>They have faced having their need to assert themselves blocked.
What does this sentence mean, I've read it a dozen times and I still don't understand it, I feel like either faced or blocked doesn't fit into it

No. 1391095

I pronounce it as Shane, like the Stardew Valley character

No. 1391102

She in. Like the other anon said, it used to be She Inside.

No. 1391104

If we rephrase it, it means that someone else has blocked their need to assert themselves, and that they have faced (i.e. confronted, encountered, or have to come to terms with) this.

I have no idea what it actually means since you didn't provide context (I'm confused as to what "block someone's need to assert themselves" means here) but I hope rearranging the sentence this way helps you understand

No. 1391106

This makes complete sense in context like that, thank you so much. I think I read it with the wrong intonation lol

No. 1391111

Np nonna

No. 1391117

They "mire" each other and send each other practically nudes while being "straight", but they really don't want to actually fuck each other and generally tend to be less grating than other scrotes somehow. They're head empty golden retriever enough that I convinced some that watching porn is cucking yourself and a real "Chad" wouldn't get off on women being raped on tape, besides other shit I memed them into, including glute training kek. I hope their girlfriends appreciate it. Felt really proud that they autonomously decided to bully other men out of watching porn too. As a lesbian I can only sign off for straight women on husbandos and some gymbros

No. 1391120

>convinced some that watching porn is cucking yourself
What do you do when they only watch lesbian or solo female stuff though? That's the one thing I don't have an argument for lol

No. 1391126

"watching other people having sex makes you a cuck, just go have sex with your girlfriend or fix yourself until you can get one" basically

No. 1391135

File: 1667071027380.jpg (99.42 KB, 1440x810, 93757675_549701252325381_42909…)

What is better in the long run a 100% silk muffler or 55% acrylic and 45% cotton blend one?

No. 1391136

Fellow boxer nona from the lesbian thread, that you? I agree though, they're actually not bad guys. Just a bit odd (to say the least kek). The main group of guys I talk to are no fappers who already knew about porn being harmful, I told them to go read the testimonies of ex-performers and they were shocked how bad the industry is. They're actually very in touch with their feelings, a couple of them cried looking at photos of my wedding, which was strangely endearing. Like I told my straight female friends, they're probably one of the safest type of guys to date; as long as they're not roiding.

No. 1391143

If you are going to expose it to the elements a lot and use it like a real muffler then get the acrylic/cotton blend, it won't get ruined by snow/rain/wind/sun as fast and will wash/dry easier without falling apart.

If you are going to treat it like a delicate fashion accessory then silk is better, it lasts a long time with care and looks/feels nice, kinder to your hair too.

No. 1391149

Lawrence of Arabia nonna. I feel like I will have a lot to sperg with her.

No. 1391154

I didn't have anyone in mind until you mentioned her. So true, I think I could listen to her talk about LoA forever.

No. 1391159

File: 1667072043286.png (1.24 MB, 1888x928, Screen Shot 2022-10-29 at 12.2…)

Saw this and wondered if it was a shitpost or a real newfag, looks like a shitpost to me but maybe not. Do normal people call it "CP"? I thought that was just something terminally online people did and normal people would not even know the abbreviation for child pornography.

No. 1391161

I think normies probably know it now cause of TikTok discussions and stuff.

No. 1391170

What even counts as normal people/normies these days? Everyone is terminally online so why wouldn't they know the abbreviation CP? Word about LC spreads through social media too so it wouldn't surprise me if it's a real newfag, but either way is plausible I guess.

No. 1391171

She probably is terminally online, just never used this site before. I don't see the issue

No. 1391182

Yes it's-a-me kek, they're really strange, but probably the easiest to get to act right with enough memeing and sending or suggesting resources like you said.
>They're actually very in touch with their feelings, a couple of them cried looking at photos of my wedding, which was strangely endearing.
I can believe that. I think fitness culture might be one of the few which allows for that to be cultivated I guess probably partially because of the gay history/adjacency? Just reminds me of vidrel, which isn't even really an exaggeration, because you will see them do that shit. The most actually emotional, not in the sense of being angry, type of men I've seen.

No. 1391193

Nonnies, do you believe in witchcraft? Have there be actual results in your prayers and offerings to mythical spirits? Or it more a peace of mind type of thing?

No. 1391204

this reminds me, does anyone have that vid of those two bros encouraging the girl as she lifts a heavy weight ?

No. 1391208

Thank you for answering me it was very helpful ♥

No. 1391209

You just made me watch someone shit out their own balls

No. 1391214

Ayyy, good to see you brosephine! I find it fascinating how gym bro culture has shifted in the past couple decades. They really did meme themselves into experiencing the full spectrum of human emotions, it's incredible. I think the adjacency to gay men does play a part as I've noticed a lot of gym bros are typically less homophobic than the average moid. Not pride parade attending "allies" (thank goodness), but "you do you, dude" kinda attitude. I recently got back into Stoicism (yes I am cringe but I am free) and it's crazy to be discussing Marcus Aurelius with a straight male who plucks my eyebrows for me and gives me skincare tips. Prior to getting into gym culture this man would be exactly the type of dude to call me a dyke and/or ask invasive sexual questions. Gym bros might just be the last hope for the XY creatures.

No. 1391216

File: 1667075289613.jpg (672.59 KB, 1080x2125, Screenshot_20221029_222429.jpg)

I know this is just spam, but that any US anons know what that SWRHA company is?

No. 1391226

nta but
>any kind of male
>caring about skincare and eyebrows
sounds made up tbh. i've never seen a single one with good skin and brows, gym types are no exception.

No. 1391231

NTA but yeah the gymbros (who aren't roidheads) are usually the safest guys I've met in my life and often most accepting of different people. Maybe because they've found a fulfilling hobby and a lot of them help each other out with the gym gear and techniques it doesn't leave any room for being a whiny incel loser demanding a woman to give them headpats and make them feel like a big man.

No. 1391245

AYRT, I've actually seen a few MRA/incel-ish type guys come to the gym where I work out and most of them never last longer than a couple months tops. They're selfish, they won't admit fault, they get very pissy when offered constructive criticism and you can't banter with them without them getting their ballsack in a twist. The few who do stick around tend to be loners and morph themselves into the aforementioned leg day skipping dorito shaped men, kek.

No. 1391266

Gay men are obsessed and I wish straight men would take note

No. 1391283

this could be a supremely retarded question but lesbian anons, do you usually get more aroused while ovulating? whenever ive talked about ovulation with another woman and she said she doesn't feel much different while ovulating, she was also someone who isn't attracted to men so i'm wondering if there's a pattern

No. 1391287

kinda yea, i get hornier and crave strap more when ovulating

No. 1391288

>They're selfish, they won't admit fault, they get very pissy when offered constructive criticism and you can't banter with them without them getting their ballsack in a twist

No. 1391355

Did anyone here try binaural beats, isochronic, rife frequencies for improving your health?

No snarky replies, this is the stupid questions thread for a reason.

No. 1391375

Whats a good excuse I can tell my moid for why I didn't call him for a week?

No. 1391380

played sims

No. 1391417

Why are there so many anons in the relationship thread who scoff at LDR and online relationships?

No. 1391420

Ldrs nowadays are nothing but a waste of time and just two people sharing the same mental illness. At the end of the day, ldr are not worth it because you wouldn't know how the person actually is irl until you start living with them, then here comes cultural differences and other kind of jazz.

No. 1391421

Because LDR, the ones where you haven't met up once instead of this just being a temporary thing after you already met in real life, anyways, and online relationships aren't actual relationships, you're just larping as being in one.

No. 1391436

Because with online long distance relationships in particular you barely know the person. Anyone can play a character online whenever they feel like it but seeing how they interact in everyday life more than once in a year gives you a much more realistic picture of them. You're setting yourself up for a heartbreak with online relationships.

No. 1391447

I guess there is that perception that online relationships don't feel real but you're also more likely to find someone who's right for you online than in real life where you have a limited dating pool.

But if you spend every night with them and videocall with them? Sure you can't go out to places but you still get to know them and understand their values, which not even offline relationships discuss until deep into the relationship.

No. 1391449

During video calls you just see them talking to you for a while. You don't see how they behave when their attention isn't solely on having a discussion with you. They could be lying out the ass about who they are, they could be dating someone else on the side and suddenly ghost you forever.

No. 1391451

Nonna, anons literally explained to you. People online can bullshit and hide the bad things about themselves as much as they want, imagine ldr being a never ending honeymoon phase just to irl get catfished with the persons actual traits that they've been hiding.

No. 1391453

If you're going to waste time in a directionless, half assed, pretend relationship it damn well better be so pleasant and smooth sailing that you don't need to post in the relationship thread in the first place. If it causes you even the tiniest bit of unhappiness or inconvenience you are playing yourself beyond comprehension and deserve to be roasted mercilessly.

No. 1391464

While I mostly agree, I find it weird it's ignored here how it has taken some women years to actually get to know their bf in person–only to be surprised by some behavior or another. Of course it's still better than online - you can at least verify some things - but bullshitting, hiding, two-faced behavior, etc, is extremely possible irl and common.

No. 1391491

NTA, this is true. I'm in an online relationship and I've never had issues. Personally I find dating online much more fun and "frugal" since I pirate games to play with my girlfriend. Online relationships should only be fun and if you're struggling and don't know how to get out of it, block them and send them an email.

No. 1391522

Yeah, it's ironic because most people irl barely know their partners. Online makes it harder to vet, but not impossible. I think with enough time talking and with some good intuition, you can see if they're bullshitting or not. Most people are pretty awful at judging character and grasping nuance, though.

No. 1391542

why not just tell him the truth? why do you need an excuse?

No. 1391553

What's the usual perception of someone who's quiet, either in your opinion or in your experience as a quiet person?

I always just assumed it was obvious that I'm shy but my last therapist tried to build trust by assuring me that she was eventually able to overcome her assumption that someone was only quiet because they were too much of a stuck-up bitch to have a proper conversation with her and even though I stopped seeing her it's made me paranoid that that's how I come across ever since kek

No. 1391554

People always assumed I'm either a huge bitch, literal retard, or just creepy.

No. 1391573

Does anyone have context for that video Britney Spears little sister posted because I CANNOT get it out of my head

No. 1391599

>"you do you, dude"
its not really a gym bro thing, my husband is fit but not a gym going type but that was his attitude towards most of the world as well, back when we were friends I liked him

No. 1391606

I personally don't get how you can even get to that conclusion in the first place at all, but I've also always been assumed a bitch just because I was quiet. I have memories of classmates complaining to teachers that they don't want to be put into the same group as me because I obviously think I'm better than everyone in class, else I would actually speak up for once, and that I'm just an arrogant bitch that shouldn't be putting up her nose so high lmao.

No. 1391611

tbh you might already know it, but your therapist sounds extremely stuck-up. someone that reads that much into someone just existing and not talking to them seems like a narcissist or something. I'd consider it a badge of honor if she really was that set off by you.

No. 1391615

This post has been bothering me for a week. Nona please explain why your mom was crying, or what the black thing ended up being. This post makes me so uncomfortable in so many ways

No. 1391616

File: 1667102315458.gif (2.5 MB, 166x200, oooooo.gif)

nonnies, my eyes are crepe-city. they constantly feel tired and I've always squinted but now? it's worst then ever. I can barely keep them open! is there anything I can do to give the area some more strength or no? I don't believe face yoga works at all but I did find an exercise for eyelids and while I just did it once, my eyes did feel substantially better for a bit afterwards. I'm not sure if I was imagining it.

No. 1391618

Anon, just what the fuck happened? What's that creepy thing?why was your mom crying?

No. 1391625

I viewed a lot of gore/beheading videos in the mid 2000s, and I still think about some of the things I saw. Am I fucked up forever or is this ok?

No. 1391628

She was just trying to make it sound spooky. Her mom was likely crying because her husband is a useless hack and her daughter lives in her garage, like most moms would. It looks like obsidian but it’s probably just some black plastic altar or prop.

No. 1391634

you're kind of a cunt

No. 1391637

Cry me a river, you fell for an obvious 4chan-esque Halloween spoop post.

No. 1391638

why are you so bitchy?

No. 1391646

I think some of you are underage because why are you this naive and sensitive on freaking Lolcow

No. 1391647

Your mom cries because she raised a bitch

No. 1391648

I don't think it's too late for you to heal from that trauma. I still think about those things too, sometimes, but forget about it quickly.

No. 1391660

The biggest event I remember wasn't actually online, but something that I saw irl as a kid (it was related to animals not humans tho). I don't think I'm less empathetic or anything for it, but when I read about current events (especially the war in Ukraine) I feel compelled to look for photos and such because I think I'm being ignorant otherwise.

No. 1391667

We are all crying because the world is so sad and soul crushing…

No. 1391674

What drug(s) was Miley Cyrus addicted to? Weed and alcohol aside.

No. 1391697

Tbh this really depends. Just being quiet doesn’t make me think someone is stuck up, it depends on their whole vibe. I used to work with a guy who was very quiet, but any time he did talk, it was something negative and judgey accompanied with an eye roll. Dude was just always negative and a huge downer. Another coworker was quiet but was super nice when we spoke one-on-one, he just felt awkward with a lot of people around. I think as long as you’re fairly positive when you do talk to people, nobody will think you’re a bitch or whatever (that’s their problem if they do).

No. 1391707

anyone got a link for sadam huseuin's death?

No. 1391821


No. 1391822

Oooooo le epic pwnage you whiny dork

No. 1391843

File: 1667125909903.jpg (87.91 KB, 1200x800, King_s_Tide__2271_.0.jpg)

Why are some adults are obsessed with The Owl House? This cartoon looks like shitty self-insert fanfic off Wattpad, what's so cool about it? The artstyle is hideous too.
I'd understand liking other small tv cartoons with actually interesting plotline, but this one seems like it was made by someone from tumblr. What's so special about it?

No. 1391847

>this one seems like it was made by someone from tumblr
Who do you think the main audience is=

No. 1391848

Nothing is special about it, just another tumblerettes wet dream of self inserting fiction coming true.
It's "forever stuck in age 16" people that refuse to grow up.
The Show became dull for me after the second episode, I would prefer if the show was just about Eda Clawthrone, King and her sister Lilith.

No. 1391905

What is art school like compared to a less creative major? I'm studying law and I absolutely hate it but I know it will guarantee me a job, the sole reason I never went to art school is because I knew it would lead me to nowhere.

No. 1391925

Eternal kek at people who think going to art school leads to nowhere. Why? Don't you see how many people are employed in creative industries? You've chosen a major you hate and after you finally survive the studies you'll have to compete with other graduates that will be actually really driven and passionate and guess who will law firms prefer to chose? No job is guaranteed.
To answer your question - everything depends on an art school but everywhere you'll find at least some professors that will have something very valuable to teach you, if you're willing to put effort; and it helps a lot to have a mentor and a direct feedback; as well as to be in a creative environment with like-minded people that will all motivate each other to do more and better. Art school is also an opportunity to get more familiar with the creative career paths to take, and an opportunity to network with people from creative industries you're looking to pursue a career in. If you know what you want to do specifically you can try learning by yourself without any school as well, since degree is not really that important in the art industry, but I think art schools have their benefit.

No. 1391991

for people with gummy smiles couldn't they just keep their lip lower while smiling? is it that their philtrum is too short and forcibly pulls it all the way up?

No. 1392004

Law just leads to depression and doesn't automatically make you rich. As long as human misery exists, you'll have a job, but well-paying is a big if. You'll still need to do networking, be a little creative and ironically enough my marital property law drawings put me on the map.

No. 1392028

Imagine trying to have fun but constantly having to think about controlling your mouth shape so god forbid no one sees your gums. Come on.

No. 1392041

Nonnies I want to read Lolita by Nobokov because it’s supposed to be good but I’m scared to get a book that’s too disgusting? It’s from the mans perspective right? But is it like a pedo self insert fanfic?? Because I’m not reading that shi

No. 1392062

I've tried to read it before but it was a bit hard for me to get through, Humbert is a monster. It's not a "pedo self insert fic" top kek. You are not meant to like Humbert, he's the antagonist. Also Nabokov was sexually abused as a child, just wanted to throw that out there.

No. 1392063

It is from a man's POV but he was intentionally written as an unreliable narrator who is actually a disgusting man the reader is supposed to hate.

No. 1392074

you sound like such a retard holy shit. "pedo self insert fic" i am begging you to go offline

No. 1392077

Who is Near??

No. 1392081

not who you're replying to but now i'm curious what kind of vibe am i giving off that makes people think not talking=special needs (multiple times people talking to me super slowly as if i couldn't understand words, and this one girl talking to other classmates once said "why doesn't anon ever talk? is she retarded or something?" lol.
and at other times people acting afraid of me. i don't say anything positive nor negative, basically only speak when someone asks me something.

No. 1392083

Thank you anons i think i will give it a try
I really didn’t know how to word it better sorry you feel offended

No. 1392291

The guy from Death Note?

No. 1392299

shut the fuck up, im tired of you moid-like bitches and wherever you came from recently. Fuck off to other imageboards and act like a piece of shit there.

No. 1392300

Any high quality body jewelers nonnas can recommend? Stuff that’s high quality but also really cute?

No. 1392302

NTA but the anon you replied to has a point.

No. 1392303

Nta, but it's not wrong to be cautious considering it was written by a man. You should calm down.

No. 1392305

What is it that compels the ezrafags to post their man in multiple threads instead of just one?

No. 1392309

File: 1667150510029.jpg (20.11 KB, 499x536, ezrahusbando.jpg)

No. 1392310

conventionally very good looking but heinous in his personality in actions, makes them feel edgy

No. 1392315

I'm going to go for root touch up in a couple hours and was wondering if I could ask them to do like an ombre? like roots fading into the rest? idk if my question makes sense so sorry in advance, am autistic and not experienced with hair coloring and stuff, it's my first time really paying attention to my hair and i do know it's damaged. I had a reddish color and it faded to a caramel color, i want to keep it as is so as to not damage it more, but i did really like that color so would like the roots to be reddish fading into my current color. idk if that's called ombre or not. would it not be a touch up anymore if i asked for that?

No. 1392326

File: 1667151533061.jpg (80.2 KB, 728x970, fq44ms40yd561.jpg)

It turned out to just be an extremely cruel prank or whatever you could call it my aunt played on my mom.
It's supposed to be a tombstone signifying the death of their relationship and it's unmarked because she no longer cares for my mom at all.
It was outside like that because my mom has always been bullied by that bitch and thinks she deserves it.
Nothing spooky about it, just fucking sad.

No. 1392330

That’s Michael Jackson

No. 1392337

Anons it's urgent, please help. Which sounds better, cream cheese icing filled donut holes covered in cinnamon sugar or cheesy potatoes with sour cream?

No. 1392339

Cheesy potatoes with sour cream

No. 1392342

File: 1667152540474.jpg (45.51 KB, 500x700, bce45c09ebc0da26589ba310ffdeda…)


No. 1392347

File: 1667152659461.jpg (414.46 KB, 535x808, 60565082.jpg)

Can any super smart nona that can cook tell me what I can make out of the things I have already that wouldn't cause me to hemorrhage out of the labor of making it? I have peas, green beans, dry pinto beans, rice, eggs, and chicken. I'm on bed rest and can't do much on my own, but I am hungry and got nobody else. Delivery food is out of the question because I am on a tight budget.

No. 1392350

mystery solved. was pretty eriee

No. 1392351

Michael Jackson

No. 1392354

File: 1667152842642.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.39 KB, 500x750, ad6211666cd9aa3f83bb335649f7e9…)

kek sorry

No. 1392359

Do you go to therapy? Does your therapist know you’re a farmer?

No. 1392361

all my therapist talks about is how I'll never feel better if I don't switch to the diet she's shilling where you eat nothing but raw meat and luna bars

No. 1392365

Really wish you and the other ezrafags were permabanned. Tired of seeing this pedophile

No. 1392368

>Do you go to therapy?
>Does your therapist know you’re a farmer?
No because I don't have a therapist.

No. 1392369

No, my GP can't find the right one to refer me to and there's a waitinglist for like 2 years anyway. However I can troon out immediately apparently or get access to some online resources which are very basic and condescending.

No. 1392370

Ok, I will acquire the potatoes. Thank you.

No. 1392375

File: 1667153537070.jpg (84.09 KB, 951x1252, 729c9f2a-34bd-46bd-86bf-57e555…)

no proof he is a pedo. There was enough evidence posted in celebricows when the tokata situation happened that her parents were caught in lies many times.

I get it he is violent and he should be called out for that but dont accuse people of serious things like you did.

also before you say something im not a ezrafag because hyunjin is my husbando.

No. 1392378

No. 1392380

I once told my therapist vaguely about asking for advice on women-only online space and she said I should be careful about putting too much value in words of strangers online given how mentally weak i am (not her words exactly, my interpretation) which is fair

No. 1392382

nta but why else would he kidnap a child (and also being weird with some other kid during that incident in germany with the coat and trying to get into the mom's house)

No. 1392383

Yes but I haven’t told her I come here. I always come here for advice but rarely follow it. I kinda just like knowing other people are reading my thoughts.
This is a very good point kek

No. 1392396

Why are kpopfags so insecure? you literally take every opportunity to post this literal whos face and for what? its like you're trying to convince everyone and yourself you like his plastic ass

No. 1392406

Should I have washed my hair before coming to the hair salon?….

No. 1392407

This is sad and cruel. I actually thought you were trying to start an arg or one of those old 2chan mysteries that get turned into YouTube videos on creepy YouTube! (Which I love)

No. 1392418

What in the bpdchan shit

No. 1392428

depends, are you bleaching?

No. 1392434

that seems illegal?

No. 1392448

File: 1667159328280.jpg (104.31 KB, 736x516, d8217b03e4848f5ce1f00516445fa0…)

Does anyone know any fashion brands that are available in Europe that isn't made with slave labour/poor conditions?

No. 1392449

Please explain; getting that fucking psycho thrown in jail would be a public service

No. 1392458

So. What the fuck do you do if a neighbor who lives in the same building as you do, suddenly starts hanging out on the stairs while looking at your apartment?
We have a dog and he's the kind that barks at thunder and at anyone who is just going in and out of their apartment. Which I know sounds annoying as fuck but as you can notice it's kind of needed now than ever.
The moid is from like the 5th floor and I live in the fucking 10th floor, my neighbors from this floor are like an old lady, an old man who tends to be outside of his house most of the time and a family with a kid. So yeah, none of them talk to this moid who seems to be either 20 something years old or 30 something years old.
I can't call the police because they never do shit about these sorts of things, and we will get a new door but still, the moid got me nervous as fuck because this shit isn't normal.
Should I just confront him? Tell him what the fuck he's doing up here? Maybe ask him to come inside when everyone is home and see if we can intimidate him? I don't know… I know I will tell my maid to be careful because she's an old lady though.

No. 1392459

nona please save your money and get a different therapist or at least stop going

No. 1392460

No. 1392476

>I will tell my maid
What the fuck bitch clean your own fucking apartment

No. 1392477

I only know of Birdsong (birdsong.london), but their prices aren't THAT expensive despite supposedly being made in London at living wages. Think like 40 euro for a shirt or 50-60 euro for a hoodie so I'm not sure how legit that is? Maybe the clothes aren't sewn by slave labour but the fabric itself is? You could also try Etsy and set the filter to Europe + handmade (but etsy is a bit of a dropshipping minefield these days so be careful with that)

No. 1392484

Why though? If I can pay someone to clean for me I don't have to do so. I'm not pointing at her with a gun or something, she eats nice things at my home, she gets the medicine that she needs from me, she gets nice clothes and she even gets paid vacations, holidays and so much more.
So either help me out or stay seething.

No. 1392541

Don't get why you're mad, it's not like there's any consequences for males being accused or even outed as pedos.

No. 1392566

How do I make myself look older in ways that don't involve make up?

No. 1392570

Hairstyle and colour, darker clothes or a more mature style. But if you have a baby face there's not a whole lot you can do.

No. 1392578

I noticed a long time ago that the "anonymous" on our posts have two different shades of green. Does this mean anything? Some are a bright green and others are a darker green and I can't figure out why

No. 1392580

lose weight, thinner face looks older

No. 1392585

there's only one shade of green for unsaged posts and a dark blue for saged, at least in the lolcow theme. can you post a screenshot of what you mean i'm curious

No. 1392586

It's to due with whether a post is saged or not. Non-saged posts are darker than saged posts.

No. 1392589

not OP but have the same issue: what if you're already skinny with a round face?

No. 1392591

saged posts, or any posts where the e-mail field was not left empty really, are dark blue, not green

No. 1392606

He is so beautiful. Why are we pretending just cause he's a coked out psychopath that makes him ugly? He is gorgeous, his face was carved by angels, doing bad things doesn't make someone that's beautiful less beautiful. People don't realize how shallow they sound when they're like "oh honey no this problematic person is not cute…" You're putting visual beauty on the same pedestal as having good morals. My god he's just breathtaking, the aqualine nose, the cheekbones, the eyes, the wide mouth. They don't make them like this anymore

No. 1392615

File: 1667168449323.gif (807.45 KB, 498x289, stop.gif)

No. 1392618

>People don't realize how shallow they sound

No. 1392619

Samefag but fuck him, kidnapping little native girls is NOT cool. Spitting in woman's faces is NOT cool, assaulting Hawaiians? I DO NOT CONDONE THAT he's deplorable and I hope karma is real and snaps at him in the hardest way. but I would still suck his dick tho, hypothetically

No. 1392628

nonna the last time he looked like that was when he was a teenager

No. 1392634

You are both cringe and not free.

No. 1392746

Exactly how much debt you would avoid by not having kids?

No. 1392750

He's going to hit the wall very soon like all moids do and you're going to feel silly for having typed this.

No. 1392754

okay but why are you moralfagging now? if you wanna fuck him just say that kek

No. 1392759

He's just "objectively" handsome, his horrible personality doesn't really negate that, its just a fact. If he robbed someone and police asked me how the criminal in question looked it would be detrimental to the investigation to say he's ugly as hell and unfortunate looking just because i don't like him
The primal instincts and feelings Erza's face tends to provoke are complex in their very nature, don't judge her anon

No. 1392762

i'm not bothered by her wanting to fuck him, lots of girls do, i'm bothered by the moralfagging.

No. 1392763

he already did if you look at his mugshot photos kek
nothing wrong with having morals

No. 1392770

What's the point of even bringing your "morals" if you was going to say you want Erza to screw you anyway? it just seems like a front or a coping mechanism kek

No. 1392786

They want to fix him.

No. 1392852

File: 1667183413750.jpg (45.01 KB, 848x477, pain.jpg)

How do you eat picrel?

No. 1392858

Take a big hard bite and pray the candy doesn't stab the inside of my mouth.

No. 1392863

lick the candy part until it becomes soft/melts

No. 1392874

It's just soft caramel. You hold the stick and take bites out of the apple. Use tongue to remove any caramel that sticks to teeth.

No. 1392922

candy apple =/= caramel apple, acksyully
the candy would tear your teeth out if you did that

No. 1392931

Cut with a knife then eat the slices. Also caramel > candy.

No. 1392934

File: 1667188819862.jpg (7.11 KB, 275x223, 1657681736991.jpg)

there's a tiny baby possum stuck in my tree and I don't really see the mom nearby. What do I do? Well. I guess nothing. I feel so bad.

No. 1392935

Ayrt, could it be you take a while to respond to people or you often seem a bit confused? I dunno why they’d think that let alone say it, that’s super rude.

No. 1392940

how long has it been there/since you've noticed it? don't give up hope on the mom returning just yet!

No. 1392947

about two hours ago. there's a cat in my yard and she was chilling nearby and the baby possum was near the front door and slowly climbed up the tree.

No. 1392993

How do I face the fear of rejection? Someone I know sent me a picture of a friend asking if I was interested/found him cute. I found him pretty cute but the idea of her showing a pic of me to him and him saying he's not interested terrifies me. My self-esteem can't deal.

No. 1392996

Just remember it doesn’t matter in the end. There are plenty of people out there, not all of them are gonna like you. That’s life. Maybe he likes you and you go on a cute date. Just go for it, we’re all gonna die anyway. Live your life, who cares.

No. 1393017

Rejection is nice because it’s closure. Being rejected is way easier to deal with than being strung along by someone who you’re not sure has any interest in you. Whenever you’re rejected (everyone inevitably is) remind yourself that it doesn’t mean you have some inherent flaw or need to change yourself, it literally just means that one individual didn’t like you. One person not liking you does not mean that no one will like you. You’re great!

No. 1393031

what would you do in a zombie apocalypse?

No. 1393034

Kill myself

No. 1393037

Exactly what I’m doing right now until I die. Nothing.

No. 1393040

I’d post on lolcow about it and make one last stupid meme in the shitposting thread or something

No. 1393091

Is it normal to get hairy tits out of nowhere? It was the only part of my body that wasnt hairy but now it had a peach fuzz and a few long, black hairs

No. 1393117

If you are around 18 and your hormones are not set yet and somebody in your family has hairy tits then it may be normal. But most likely no.

No. 1393139

i am 21, should i worry? i have no idea why i am so hairy, i am pretty small and have the voice of the squirrel yet i have the bodyhair of a 70's gay porn star

No. 1393148

you are becoming a werewolf nonnie

No. 1393358

File: 1667236114352.jpg (29.41 KB, 385x550, meganfoxtongue.jpg)

What am I supposed to understand if someone keeps making that face at me ? Does they want to punch me or fuck me ? It looks really sexual but also extremely agressive IMO.

No. 1393359

Creepy as fuck, I’d stay away if I were you

No. 1393379

No. 1393427

I thought males calm down when getting castrated, so how come trannies who get the snip are some of the most aggressive ones?

No. 1393431

Probably the emotional instability caused by HRT.

No. 1393437

Testosterone is also produced in the adrenals. After castration the adrenals will eventually start pumping out more testosterone in an attempt to compensate.
This too. They’re on insane doses of estrogen and I can’t imagine them not feeling totally unhinged and physically unwell.

No. 1393457

Anons who get drunk by themselves but not to run away from some problems, why do you do it? I don't want to judge, just want to hear someone else's perspective since I'm a person to only do it when I'm overwhelmed with some worries.

No. 1393472

I don’t drink frequently but I am always alone so I drink alone. I don’t drink to try to mask problems but to have a good time! Like I might get drunk while cleaning and listening to music or something retarded like that.

No. 1393509

no just constipation

No. 1393511

File: 1667246307439.png (90.54 KB, 647x647, moi.png)

nonnies this is what my hair looks like and i'm getting it cut on wednesday. what should i do with it? a bob? layers? i have a very large head if that makes a difference kek

No. 1393517

Just an idea but if you can pull it off get a pixie cut, it will feel so good after having super long hair. Get a Hepburn pixie if you like bangs.

No. 1393521

Because drinking makes me enjoy mundane shit like playing video games, listening to music, cleaning my apartment etc, more.

No. 1393526

File: 1667246950477.png (123.47 KB, 647x647, 1667246307439 - Copy.png)

layers? i can't tell if you have bangs or not but i gave you bangs too

No. 1393534

A bob sounds like a cute idea, i think in worst case you could outgrow bob and turn them into layers?

No. 1393536

No idea but what a beautiful self portrait! If you have a good stylist that’s familiar with you, maybe just ask her what she thinks will suit you?

No. 1393538

Big, volumeous hair matches a larger head so layers or else that creates volume would probably be good

No. 1393539

What do people mean when they tell a woman that she's not a real mom because she had a c-section?
My mom's sister would always tell her that while I was sitting with them and it was just confusing.
Like I get she was doing it to be hurtful, but what tf does it mean?

No. 1393541

Some women gatekeep childbirth and say one is not a real mother if she couldn't do it by herself but required help and a c-section. It's ridiculous though.

No. 1393542

Like it doesn't even make sense as just a shitty thing to say, like did I not exist? Was she not tucking me into bed and driving me to school? Admittedly, I'm pretty autistic, but I literally do not understand what these women think "mother" means

No. 1393555

Claiming she isn’t a real mom for not splitting her coochie in half lol

No. 1393560

I hate these comments so much, like c-sections are totally safe and easy and a cop out. It’s so ridiculous.

No. 1393563

It means your moms sister is one of those people who chips away at others self esteem with insults and nitpicks but she is too stupid to pick something that actually makes sense. Does she have kids?

No. 1393567

off topic but why are boomer women like this? Like, I swear, my mom, my aunts, their coworkers/friends constantly complain about, talk shit about and insult their friends and family members and then…still hang out with them? It's so weird and I feel like Gen X/Millennials/Zoomers don't do this

No. 1393568

Yeah like it was so much easier when they had to scoop my fucking organs out and put them on the god damn table next to me, super easy and safe and totally didn't cause irreparable damage.

No. 1393571

Oh yeah, she had two really fast births, she's very proud of them
She also thinks my mom's still-births don't count as children she lost
they're actually both gen-x

No. 1393573

If a women is having twins she has to get a C-section or the babies could die

No. 1393575

Because before the internet, they needed something to talk about. They continued the habit far into adulthood. They’d much rather speculate and shit on the people in their lives because they’re from a time before people generally just left and cut off contact from family that treated them poorly, so they think they can do or say whatever they want with no consequence. These are the same people that were probably molested by uncles, cousins, grandpas, etc and were taught that they still had to sit with them at reunions and keep their mouths shut. Family dynamics are changing.

No. 1393576

Jesus Christ, your aunt sounds horrible. I’m sorry she’s so cruel to your mom. What awful shit for her to say.

No. 1393582

It be like that tho
>Boomer/X relatives: let's hangout with the family's rapist and keep talking to that uncle who molested 6 of his nieces!!! We are also gonna shittalk everybody specially women!!
>Younger relatives: nah imma head out, see ya

No. 1393603

So true. I swear my boomer mom and her friends are worse than any group of Millennial/zoomer 'mean girls' I've seen

No. 1393615

Lol what, my mom had me naturally and I have a twin. It actually is easier because once the first kid passes out, it makes it easier for the second one to pass out of the vagina.

No. 1393642

same thing happened to me and i thought it was PCOS but my doctor told me it was normal and that sometimes we go through like a “second puberty”, i was 22 i think

No. 1393662

nta, fam I have never heard of that in my life, is this doctor a male? I would get a second opinion

No. 1393681

Any nona here that still goes on Crystal Cafe?

No. 1393692

how often do you think the average long term couple actually has sex? i feel like people only talk about the extremes to either show off or lament.

No. 1393696

Once to twice a week is average

No. 1393708

anon said ''long term'', not couples in their honeymoon phase.

No. 1393714

Depends on if they live with each other or not

No. 1393728

File: 1667259776021.jpg (111.44 KB, 736x981, crystalsnak.jpg)

Not me. I used it but I just didn't feel that safe there. the admin/mods were extremely absentee with 0 communication (yes, even compared to LC) with little sign of recruitment. I know people aren't that happy with the administration here but I think the modding is 10x more reliable.

No. 1393729

So, I never ever thought this would happen to me, but now that I've been in my relationship for 5 years, it's about once a month, maybe. But also, I had been taking an SSRI until a few months ago, which coincided with my sex drive disappearing. I think it might be returning back to normal, but I'm not sure. In my younger days I never would have expected this ("One day when I live with my boyfriend/husband, we're going to have sex EVERY DAY!") Haha yeah, nope.

No. 1393770

I only go there to check my thread periodically to see if someone has contributed something new

No. 1393828

File: 1667265775849.png (163.23 KB, 316x321, 4C41EF84-6B7A-4FE7-9795-55CCC9…)

What does it mean when you go through a break up and literally no one else seems attractive?

No. 1393835

You're not over it yet.

No. 1393837

It means you're still not over your ex nonnie.

No. 1393851

Nonny, what would you ask for Christmas? Trying to create a wishlist.

No. 1393909

Really and truly, i prefer just getting money so i can dress my BJD and my pullip. They are both nakey.

No. 1393925

Accessories, like earrings or necklaces, there's no such a thing as too many earrings. And purses or bags too, they're useful and if you don't really like the one you get you can just gift it to someone else, I particularly love purses because sometimes you just don't have the right one for the right occasion.
Another great thing is office stuff like notebooks, pretty pens, boxes of pencils or colored pencils and such.

No. 1393928

I wanted to ask that, but they think that giving money is 'soulless' despite my wanting to spend money in my niche foreign stores, so idk what to do here.

No. 1393935

File: 1667270334671.jpg (1.78 KB, 25x24, A22-107-12-03-252.jpg)

what's this all about? not my redtext, but still curious. the original post looked normal to me

No. 1393944

What is the context? it matters.

No. 1393950

It's been said for the last 5 years that it is filled with men and trannies. Didn't think it was relevant here at all anymore.

No. 1393964

File: 1667271673861.jpg (88.5 KB, 722x369, screenshot.jpg)

No. 1393974

So is lolcow

No. 1393980

Unsaged blogpost however because I don'y know what thread it is in I can't be sure

No. 1393982

it was in unpopular opinions, pretty sure sage isn't needed here

No. 1394007

You may need to take some time and focus on yourself, recover, do some soul searching. Do you feel you need a partner right now? if so, why?
sorry to armchair at you, but those are questions I found helpful for myself post breakup. Wishing you the best nona

No. 1394015

No I definitely need some soul searching. I’ve done a lot for reflection and I felt like I lost something really good. I’ve dated a lot before and the magnitude of this loss is much more intense than before. Other breakups I’d be upset but other cute guys would pique my interest pretty quick but even my old parasocial reliables just look like nothing. I feel so numb at the thought of anyone else holding me. Sucks

No. 1394020

I've always been fond of the idea that each year you were dating adds at least a month to the time it takes to recover from a breakup. It takes time for that zest for life to return, but it will and you'll have grown from the experience.
Breaking up is hard to do.

No. 1394042

What does it mean when girls voluntarily let me know they think I'm pretty but I never receive male attention…

No. 1394080

Have any anons successfully rekindled things with their ex? How did it happen?

No. 1394118

File: 1667281993837.jpg (134.33 KB, 500x334, tumblr_static_efsj7j7x2ps0s008…)

Do any anons know of any books that legit inspires or guides you towards becoming a better person? Maybe something like the bible that reminds you to be kind to others, etc

No. 1394142

where do I go to make friends online with other weeby or nerdy women who aren't genderspecials/handmaidens nor edgy 4channer pickmes? would joining one of the discord servers posted in the friend finder thread here be a bad idea?

No. 1394148

Honestly anon? Animated kids media. It sounds extremely silly and almost (very) autistic, but I enjoy having them on in the background while i start my day. Most come with basic lessons about mutual respect, love and compassion but without the self righteous writing of self help books and the bible. “Big City Greens” is a good one running right now and its the type of content that helps soften me up some mornings.

No. 1394159

I was actually considering watching childrens cartoons too since a lot of it seems so wholesome, but I know once I spill the beans to someone that that's what I'm watching I'll get insta mocked lol. Thank you for the recommendation! I'll check it out. I was also faintly considering watching "Oswald" thanks to the Luci threads kek. I might revisit them to pick up some other titles that may be mentioned

No. 1394167

That's really your only option imo. It sucks, but it is what it is.

No. 1394192

have you tried joining one from there before? I'm a bit hesitant but if it's my only option I guess I'll go for it

No. 1394203

Unironically, you're right. I was watching a video essay about Megamind, and one of the lessons the movie teaches is mutual love and respect. And it made me realize if I really did love my ex and respect her boundaries, I have to let her go… in the same way Megamind had to let go of Roxanne because he respected her kek

No. 1394446

Whats the best time to go running? I wanna go today but i dont know at which time, its currently 10am here

No. 1394448

Same, for me its craig of the creek its like KND but more modern aka more tame and chill, its fun

No. 1394453

Ooh I like that one. Nta

No. 1394478

How the hell did the tucutes win against the transmeds?
I more or less understand how the troon movement in general advanced and got normal people to feel bad for them ie suicide baiting, but how the hell did the tucutes become the actual definers of the movement, even in the way that traniness is presented to normies currently?
They even got the DSM changed because being neutrally told "wanting to kill yourself because you don't like the way you were born is not normal" hurt their feelings, but still would like for their surgeries to get paid by the state.
I'm not siding with the TRAs, but transmed views manage to be less contradictory than tucutes, so I don't understand how they lost the whole culture war.

No. 1394489

I know that you said that it's 10am where you are, but the early morning is the best time to go jogging imo. It's cooler outside, and once you've got it over with you'll feel better for the whole rest of your day. Also the early morning provides relative privacy. and the light outside makes it easier to spot/deter creeps. Just be careful! I'm sure you know to, but I've had some scary experiences while jogging.

No. 1394500

Ntayrt but after Eliza Fletcher was just murdered on her early morning run, I feel like no time is safe anymore to go on a jog. I hate men so much

No. 1394504

yeah and aisling murphy in Ireland was killed in broad daylight on her daily jog. KAM

No. 1394507

Just how much should we hold other women accountable for upholding and perpetuating mysogyny and patriarchy? Many say to just let women be and let them make mistakes, because we are all in this together, just trying to survive, and instead focus on hating men who are opressing and have power over us. Others say that no real progress can be done if we don't hold other women accountable and don't group together over certain issues without any gatekeeping (for example, letting women who regularly wear makeup, shave, etc, call themselves radfems) What are nonnies opinion on this?

No. 1394508

there was a woman who was also sexually assaulted in a small english town near me and she was going for a run in the morning. the scrote was only 21 years old and turns out he had 4 previous offences, it makes me sick to think about

No. 1394512

I can't see women who actively uphold patriarchal society standards as anything other than victims; to hold them accountable would be unfair. We can't expect everyone to be able to just toss entire life of female socialization aside, especially since there are consequences for doing so.

No. 1394513

My focus is and always had been on women's liberation. I don’t give a shit what another women's personal choices are. I’m working so that she access to the same choices and resources as everyone else regardless. If she chooses to make poor decisions with that freedom. Oh well the point was getting there. I don’t see how policing and harming other women in a system built to do so already is going to help liberate or empower them. People aren’t perfect so why should I expect women to be?

No. 1394516

if multiple approved weight loss drugs exist, why do they seem to be rarely prescribed to fat people?

No. 1394518

is it possible to turn a pick-me into a full-fledged man-hater? If so, how do you get through to them? it was easy for me to go from feminist to full-fledged male despiser from seeing what their reaction is to women wanting and suggesting basic decency, but it seems like it'd be an impossible jump for a woman who has never considered or even wanted it.

No. 1394523

Personally I don't think feminism should be for all women, it should be for women who genuinely desire female liberation. Plenty of women shave or wear makeup because life is hard enough already without also getting written up at work for being 'unkept'. Women who currently shave can still have feminist leanings and can still desire liberation. But feminism shouldn't waste time on tradthots or pickmes that openly cape for male supremacy. Women who hire surrogates for example should be gatekept, they have no interest in female liberation and in fact benefit from a system where 'lesser' females are marginalized.

No. 1394531

I think gatekeeping, accountability and set rules is necessary for radical feminism tbh or else it will quickly spiral into just another branch of libfem, but there needs to be nuance to it or else it just looks like a bunch of women demonizing other women because they don't fit an extremely specific mold. I guess the issue is that no one can really come to set rules for accountability - for example I've met the extreme end who believe that even if you are attracted to a man and decide to live with him then you will never be radfem even if you follow the other basic principles of it (anti prostitution and porn, anti beauty standards and female socialization etc). Then there's the loose end which basically is barely radfem at all and might as well be choice feminism. It's quite hard considering so many things we do, even minor everyday things, are influenced by misogyny, it's quite difficult to draw a clear line between accountability or just let it be.

>Others say that no real progress can be done if we don't hold other women accountable

I believe in this part but only in situations where there'd be no social consequences for stuff. For example, if you need to wear makeup or perform femininity for your job, or if you need to shave because you know people will comment on it otherwise, I understand that can't be helped and it's not your fault. But there's some instances where women actively choose to do detrimental things to them and no one is forcing them to - going out and engaging in casual sex with men when you know they treat you like shit and you aren't being pressured into it, watching and contributing to the porn industry when you know the harms of it, purposely bringing children either natural or surrogate (especially girls) into a shitty situation when you know fine well you shouldn't have and also have the resources education opportunities etc to just not have had a child.
If we start dismissing everything as "she is a victim don't hold her accountable" then ironically it paints us in a light where women have no sense of intelligence or agency to even dream of liberation, turning full circle back into misogynist bs.
Those examples I gave aren't just plucked from thin air either, they are examples from my own life or women I know, and we were only actually able to progress when we held our hands up and said yeah that shit was dumb and I'm not doing it anymore because I want better for myself and other women.
I'd still say that the above is very rare compared to the amount of cases where women are actually victims of female socialization and misogyny though. Regardless of if she makes a smart choice or a dumb one, I'm not going to say she doesn't deserve liberation because of it, but at the same time adult women still do need to hold themselves accountable and look within themselves and say "Is this a product of misogyny or did I just fuck up and need to improve it or else I'm actively choosing to contribute to patriarchal systems". This naturally speaks from a western standpoint as I ofc cannot speak for women in other countries and understand it's a different matter entirely. Forgive my sperg.

No. 1394532

ime showing them what happens to women who get "picked" tends to help. Let her see for herself that pick-mes get taken for granted by scrotes who then feel entitled to extra attention from women. Men ain't shit and pick-mes never prosper. If she internalizes that, hating moids is the next logical step.

No. 1394546

Yes, but it’s a them thing and not a you thing. They need to become independent and not need male validation or the validation of their peers. Their motivation has to change from extrinsic to intrinsic. That requires most of the time a lot of self work and therapy.
They’re going to have a to reprocess all of the sexism and trauma and harassment they’ve gone through with new eyes and they will have to grieve the world they thought existed. Because it’s not them. It’s the fucking men and the world is that bad.

No. 1394553

There has been a thread a few days ago on cc where a nona showed their voice and it was obviously female. There is still women there.

No. 1394556

In a lot of cases the consequences for not wearing makeup or shaving are not very bad. If you would actually get fired then sure, wear it, but otherwise you’re just making excuses for yourself. It’s ok for it to be a work in progress but making excuses not to do things just because it’s a little bit hard is not rad. Radical feminism is supposed to be hard and uncomfortable. On the other hand, if a hetero woman is celibate then I don’t give a damn how much makeup she wears she’s still doing way more than a hetero coupled woman with a bare face.

No. 1394558

my youtube used to have the translate comment to english button but now it's not english anymore but a different language, how can i change it back?

No. 1394591

Try this:
Go to your Account .
Tap Settings .
Tap Account .
Tap Language to choose a different language.
Tap Location to choose a different location.

No. 1394613

I tried it but it still doesn't change back. I also tried delete cache, history, log out then log in. It still doesn't work. I hate youtube

No. 1394641

>Radical feminism is supposed to be hard and uncomfortable
100% agree, it's in the name after all. The idea that we should just excuse everything because it might make us uncomfortable or face the harsh reality of life as a woman is the reason why libfem was created anyway: do whatever you want, it's an empowered choice sort of bullshit to distract from misogyny.

No. 1394713

what does it mean that only women hit on me? i don't look butch in the slightest, im thin, wear makeup, have long hair, etc. some men have had crushes on me but i nearly never get hit on. what gives? is it just because i dont use my customer service voice with men? i dont with women either kek but they dont seem to care. im slightly worried it's because women are less shallow and im ugly.

No. 1394715

You’re beautiful in ways moids can never understand. Foster that beauty Nona.

No. 1394716

It means you are insanely pretty because women have better taste than men

No. 1394719

slight ot but man every character in that show is so fucking annoying except for tilly

No. 1394720

From what I've read, it's literally just rich people in powerful positions and trans orgs lobbying for that change for many years. The medical/pharma industry financially benefits from it so of course this would happen as we live in a system that prioritizes profits over people's health (it's how we have so much obesity and so many starving people at the same time, after all), and the DSM was already kinda bullshit to begin with because psychology and psychiatry are still very new and there's a lot of things that we don't know about how the brain works. Research that supposedly shows the benefits of going through a costly transition can be easily faked and approved, especially when it's funded by said trans orgs and rich people.

No. 1394725

>In a lot of cases the consequences for not wearing makeup or shaving are not very bad
Where do you live?

No. 1394730

I have kind of the same problem, but I can never tell if my female friends are just being nice or if they actually mean it. Never had any guy like me, rarely ever get approached by men in public, so these days I'm just going with the assumption that I'm not that good looking and that the women who compliment me are just trying to flatter me. Such are the mysteries of life nonna.

No. 1394742

Take that back it’s comedy gold

No. 1394744

no. the main boy makes me want to a-log

No. 1394748

Because fatties never use those medications to their advantage. To become obese a person must eat when they’re not actually hungry. If a particular medication works by reducing appetite that might not do shit for the fat person because their intake isn’t directly correlated to appetite. Some fats do lose weight on stimulant medication but since they usually don’t address their overeating problem their likely to return to their overeating habits as soon as they go off the medication or build a tolerance to it. Topamax is also used for weight loss but the side effects can be severe and I can’t see it being tolerated by people who don’t truly need to take it for seizures or migraine prevention.

The only times I’ve seen someone lose weight and remain a healthy weight via meds is if they legitimately had ADHD and chose to start taking stimulant medication for it.

Medical weight loss clinics (essentially phentermine pill mills) still exist but I’m not sure how many people are long term results from that. I guess the tldr is that medication cannot change your behaviors. It can help but you still have to put in work and permanently change your eating habits.

No. 1394751

how many years is testicle-chopping? can you claim insanity and get off easier? U.S.

No. 1394775

In the US but Europe isn’t that bad either

No. 1394779

There's a huge difference between idk, Sweden-Europe and Belarus-Europe anon

No. 1394793

The weight loss surgeries are so damn stupid. Some people are literally willing to get their stomach insides cut instead of slowly working on themselves. And despite the surgery, they are still gonna be obese, just less.

No. 1394828

That this conversation usually veers towards other women wearing makeup versus the way women groom and mold their daughters and young girls to fit patriarchal expectations embarrasses me. Makeup and its effects is a serious feminist issue, but online radical feminists do a poor job tying it to beauty culture like cosmetic surgery and convincing makeup users why it's not to their benefit.

Probably means men don't see you as vulnerable or easy to approach/take advantage of which is good. You may come off as more masculine/less GNC in personality or other behavior, which might lead SSA women to pick up on cues they see in other SSA women. Doesn't mean you are ugly or unattractive. Male sexuality is easily memed and they fetishize big boobs/ass hot and neoteny.

No. 1394843

File: 1667334565873.jpeg (58.03 KB, 535x905, E2A027E1-6C3F-46C2-BB05-41829A…)

I’m buying the 25th anniversary Hello Kitty build a bear..what should I name it

No. 1394849

sweet alyssum

No. 1394850

Hello Kitty

No. 1394854

she looks so ugly why did they choose such a boring color palette

No. 1394855

Prima Ballerina because it looks like a ballet dancer

No. 1394860

I lost a really cute second hand book a girl I barely know lent me (I was stupid and brought it out with me one evening because I wanted something to read while I was waiting for my friends to arrive). I managed to find the exact copy on eBay and I've ordered it as a replacement – is this alright do you think? I feel like the least I can do is replace it but I still feel really bad. It was her favourite book and she was so excited to share it with me.

No. 1394862

Unless that particular copy had sentimental value, it's probably fine. Maybe add some chocolate or candy or something,

No. 1394869

Shit happens. I think she will appreciate that you found a copy that looks like the old one. I second >>1394862 that maybe also give her small gift like candy to show that you are truly sorry

No. 1394898

File: 1667336975107.jpg (23.34 KB, 176x700, marvis-the-mints-jasmin-fogkre…)

Has anyone tried picrel toothpaste? Is it worth the price?

No. 1394913

Thanks nonnas – I was thinking about buying her some sweets or something anyway so I'll definitely do that. I just hope she isn't too annoyed.

No. 1394918

How does a consultation at the hospital for anesthesia usually go? I'll have an appointment for next week and I'll get surgery at the end of the month. Does it take long? Am I going to be asked questions about my health or will I have to be examined too?

No. 1394946

once in the 2000s when they sold it at anthropologie kek. i remember it being very thick and strong tasting and didn't get any jasmine flavor. i don't think it's worth it personally. if you want something more natural tasting i would do tom's or himalayan

No. 1394948

Don't remember how long it was. Each of the three times I had to do it, I got informed about possible complications and instructions on what to do before surgery, like don't eat or drink anything for X hours before, no alcohol etc, and got to ask questions if there are any worries. They will be asking you about your weight, and you've really got to be honest about it unless you wanna wake up during surgery. If you gotta lie, rather add a pound or two lmao. I think gingers get higher doses of anesthesia because it often won't work at average doses for them or something? Not a ginger, so I can't really say much, but that's what I've heard from my colleague who worked for in-patient surgery for about a decade. They'll be asking about medication, too, and if you take blood thinners for example, or anything else that could interfer during the procedure, you'll likely have stop taking them some days before. Not sure if that was the surgeon/doctor I got the referral from or the actual anesthetist, but you'll get asked if you've got anything like HIV, Hep C or anything like that, as there are certain precautions for the surgeon and nurses to take if that's the case. Also, in case you get the option to choose, chose the second or third appointment for the day, not the very first one lol.

No. 1394950

we're most likely from different countries but mine just checked my spine, mouth and just some movement in my back. I got an endoscopic surgery but we thought I would have maybe needed an epidural if it ended up being an open surgery, I also got a sleep apnea thing done at home, chest xrays and bloods duh but that was prior to the anesthesiologist appointment.

No. 1394953

Most people only meet the anesthesiologist right before they put them under so consider yourself lucky! I had a consult appointment before having an unfortunately necessary septoplasty specifically because I have health issues that can directly affect intubation and the anesthesiologist wanted to look at me before the day of my surgery. More than likely the anesthesiologist will do a very quick exam, look in your mouth to see your airway, and ask you about any concerns or if you’ve had prior issues being put under. If your surgeon for some reason hasn’t ordered pre-surgery bloodwork that might be done, too. God luck with your surgery!

No. 1394955

oh shit and of course they ask about your weight, allergies and all that and they will go through all the steps that will happen during the surgery, anesthesiologists are usually very chill and if you lie about not smoking or about your weight, you'll be making it harder for them to keep you alive.

No. 1394971

File: 1667340694458.jpeg (77.25 KB, 639x791, 1661083233160.jpeg)

What does the following mean? how does it happen?

you find something of someone's akin to a dairy. They say stuff that makes you go awww, what a great person with the same belief system as me. But then they do the exact opposite of what's in there? how??????????? why would they lie if they are sure no one's reading?

No. 1394985

Thanks a lot. But please don't tell me there are idiots who lie about weight to their doctors of all people. I refuse to believe it.

My gynecologist told me that appointement was mandatory before getting surgery, I had no clue that was a thing that could happen days or weeks before the actual surgery.
>If your surgeon for some reason hasn’t ordered pre-surgery bloodwork that might be done, too
She wanted to make me do some bloodwork to make sure I'm not pregnant but I told her I'm a virgin and won't have sex until way after the surgery, I will have to get a covid test 2 days before surgery though, so that would be too early.

Since you're not the only one talking about weight, why don't they just measure your weight with a scale at their office directly? Wouldn't that cause less potential issues?

No. 1395034

Idk if this is exactly what you meant but it sounds like this person has a pretty big disconnect between their real thoughts and how they present themselves. Is wherever you found this stuff from a public blog or like something that no one else should technically have access to?

No. 1395046

Is there an equivalent to google drive? I want to be google-free and move all my shit out of there

No. 1395053

they usually do have a scale but they usually also ask first

No. 1395054

Is that a mental illness? I've only seen the opposite, someone having bad thoughts and posting them online and presenting as a good person IRL. But the opposite is baffling and I don't know what to make of it. Makes me sad, angry, scared, have many questions. They don't know I know, and I should have no way of knowing. I'm sorry nonna I don't wanna elaborate further and if it doesn't help, but i guess a blog is closer than a dairy. yes online, but not a blog.

No. 1395056

Dropbox is probably the biggest alternative to Google Drive.

No. 1395059

samefag but it's also not something where they get followers. they're literally not trying to impress anyone

No. 1395142

Can cats be mentally challenged? My cat seems pretty retarded for most normal cat behaviors.

No. 1395145

How inappropriate is to ask about someone's orientation (anonymously in dms)?

No. 1395196

File: 1667354937750.jpeg (764.83 KB, 828x1648, 2EB78866-CB30-4110-A356-CE1E59…)

Do lesbians really do this stuff

No. 1395317

very much so. my nigels' roommate's cat is literally retarded. it growls when you walk even near it
look up "part feral cat" and see if it checks the boxes.

No. 1395329

How problematic are strip clubs compared to porn and prostitution??

No. 1395346

just as

No. 1395347

is feral the "inbred" version of cats?

No. 1395362

sheer fucking evil

No. 1395415

Do any nonnies have this thing where you just prefer one on one friendships with certain people rather than a group setting? Like with some people, I just think "damn… you with your friends kinda suck." Like the person on their own is fine and all, but the group is just not your kind of crowd. Is this normal to experience?

No. 1395420

I also dislike group settings most of the time. I tend to like most people one-on-one, I try to see the good in most everyone, but someone whose personality is already a bit abrasive tends to be 1000x more annoying in a group setting where they’re feeding off other annoying people’s energy. Hard to explain, but I think I get what you mean.

No. 1395421

I've thought this about many friends including my ex best friend who was a moid. He ends up caring more about the males in the group, they go on about games I've never played. It's why after a while I decided to not have anymore group activities. Another girl seemed fine on her own but acted like a retarded pick me when around her group of friends or males. She would go from normal to fake laughs at moid jokes and half screeching about some top, bottom, or weeb shit. A random guy even stepped in before and asked if she could chill out. She pretended she was always this way. Then she trooned out on T so I'm glad that dumpster fire ended. On girl in middle school was really cool about WoW but around her friends they got into weed, smoking, drinking, I left.

No. 1395427

I feel a lot more comforted by your responses, thank you! Was starting to wonder if I was just an unfriendly person or if I really was a stuck-up person due to my dislike/aversion to a "circle of friends." I mean, I guess I dream of having a circle of friends whom I could be honest with but I feel like that's unrealistic.

>someone whose personality is already a bit abrasive tends to be 1000x more annoying in a group setting where they’re feeding off other annoying people’s energy

I didn't think about that! People tend to do certain things just for a reaction, don't they.
Just makes me wonder about these friends of mine, like who are they really? Are they genuinely themselves when they hang out with me individually?

No. 1395436

>On girl in middle school was really cool about WoW but around her friends they got into weed, smoking, drinking, I left.

No. 1395440

I feel like people are more themselves when talking one-on-one. Peer pressure and trying to appear more like a normie comes into play whenever we're in a group setting. Like I found out that everyone in my project group (all women) back in college was being awkward and passive aggressive, because they all thought they secretly hated each other and were worried about being judged for some atpyical nerdy hobbies each one of them had, so they all put up an icy cold front in group settings. Was really silly.

No. 1395638

Ayrt, I think it’s ugly as fuck but I need it for some reason

No. 1395654

based beyond belief

No. 1395658

Nayrt but this is me I really hate group settings with a passion but I LOVE one on one time with friends. We both get to be ourselves

No. 1395685

File: 1667394834696.jpg (76.68 KB, 1080x859, Screenshot_20221102-101050_Mer…)

Is this product good to finally get rid of my blackheads? I am so fucking tired of my shitty skin

No. 1395691

It depends on your relationship, if you're close, it's okay to ask directly but if you're not that close I'd try and find it out through indirect questions

No. 1395696

Why do people post "test"

No. 1395700

Possibly but I would rec Cosrx BHA over it, it's more effective.

No. 1395701

do you mind posting a pic of it? I cant find it

No. 1395705

File: 1667396241059.jpg (166.83 KB, 1080x1195, Screenshot_20221102-103711_Mer…)

Sorry samefagging this one?

No. 1395709

NO. That is the absolute last thing a beginner to acids should use. I'm talking about COSRX Blackhead Power Liquid. It's a BHA.

No. 1395710

Thanks i have 0 idea about products i am so glad i asked

No. 1395711

Nonna learn to read and google before you destroy your skin.

No. 1395712

Damn its so expensive is there a cheaper alternative? I swear i have tried watching videos but i dont understand them… they always reccomend like a million products and i dont know which one to choose…

No. 1395717

Google better. Search for simple skincare routines on reddit and yt. All you need is a cleanser, moisturizer, acid and sunscreen. The Ordinary Glycolic Acid toner is good, and beginner friendly.

No. 1395720

Thanks i already use cleanser and moisturizer but while my acne kinds stopped i still have tons of annoying blackheads, its just so oberwhelming i just want to get rid of them

No. 1395731

File: 1667398113456.jpeg (118.22 KB, 748x470, A73FE8A4-3662-434D-88D2-B0B28F…)

What purchases do you make on a credit card? I’m planning on opening one soon and I kind of get how it works, I’m still researching how to use it properly

No. 1395735

Calm down, jesus christ it's just blackheads. If you plan on using acids, get a sunscreen and wear it every day. Deep breaths anon.

No. 1395736

Look for a card with an incentive back. Mine is 2% on groceries, gas, and pharmacy. So I make my normal shop purchases for things like that and then pay it off with my next check. I get 2% back in rewards for those items. I think I also now get travel points so if for some reason I needed a plane or train ticket I would probably buy it on my cc first for the points.

No. 1395737

Samefag but keep it under 30% on the day your bank reports it to the credit bureaus but not at zero if you can. It will give you the best slow build to your credit score over time and show good credit history patterns if you later try to get a home or car loan.

No. 1395740

probably testing their vpn/internet

No. 1395743

I test sometimes to see if I'm banned or if I'm still banned lol

No. 1395744

No. 1395769

>its just blackheads
If only, i honestly prefeered having acne, blackheads are the fucking worst they make me look 50yo i fucking hate them and i am tired of them i just want a fucking solution

No. 1395816

What's the etiquette around having exposed self-harm scars in public? Mine are a decade old so very faded but some of them are words so obviously self inflicted. I'm really paranoid about making people uncomfortable but summers keep getting hotter and I was miserable wearing long sleeves this year.

No. 1395837

Is it worth going to University after getting your GED? I simply wish to work for the government, preferably writing reports and such.

No. 1395846

I love korean and japanese kitchen, so I was wondering what kind of kitchen 'tool' i could buy myself for Christmas.
I also love tea a lot (herbal one) in general, maybe some nonna has a suggestion?
To mix these two interests of mine I was thinking of buying matcha set, sadly I have never tried it before other than matcha x green tea mix in teabags, but i'd assume its different. The closest 'matcha' thing that i had was KitKat with matcha, and I didn't like the taste, so I wonder what is so good about matcha? I heard it gives you happiness hormone and some people even might get high off it…

No. 1395852

Im burgerfag, if I need to get an abortion and my state band abortions how fucked am I?

No. 1395855

If you have money to spend you could get a Japanese kitchen knife. Some of them are made for specific uses (chicken only, fish only, vegetables only, etc.) but there are knives made specifically for everything and I'm considering getting one too. I assume Korean knives are similar.

No. 1395860

depends if you can afford travelling out of state

No. 1395870

I think I could I have emergency savings

No. 1395878

Look up A Womb Of Ones Own pdf

No. 1395911

There's no etiquette really, you need to do what you're comfortable with yourself. Some people may stare if they notice at all, but then again, some people would always stare - and some of them judgmentally - at anything that is not a regular, "plain" body/skin - surgery scars, birthmarks, freckles, bruises… if you're ok with that, just have it out in the open and don't really think twice of it.
Anecdotal, but this summer I've seen a girl who had her entire arms covered with old but visible SH scars, she was wearing a sleeveless dress and looked happy, for me that was really beautiful to see; whatever was happening in the past she overcame it and doesn't let it hold her back in any way now. Of course not everyone has to have her confidence, but I just wanted to say, for me as a person who saw her it was positive feelings only.

No. 1395937

I just use it for everyday essentials, like groceries and gas, and pay it off quickly. The purpose of having a credit card should be to build your credit score so that you have a good track record when you need it down the road (renting a house, buying a house, buying a car). It shouldn’t be used to buy day-to-day or superfluous things you don’t already have enough money in the bank to afford.
My sister didn’t get a credit card until after college because she “didn’t need one,” only to struggle to find a landlord that would rent to her because she had no credit.

No. 1395941

File: 1667414214282.jpg (35.17 KB, 640x353, 844ec9f466e4a34e396a987ec475a5…)

what do you think would be ben shapiros reaction if you started manhandling him or surprise pegging? I feel like he would leave a loud yelp and then cry tears while he cvumming.

No. 1395950

I have a feeling you might not be American if that's the case look up skin care groups or ~ influencers ~ from your country either from tiktok or instagram and eventually you'll get an idea for what BHAs are good or recommended

No. 1395951

Depends on where you live probably. My job ostensibly fits your description but my coworkers and I all have masters or PhDs.
Actually now that I think about it more, I don’t really know what government would hire someone without a college education as a writer. Mindless data entry maybe, but that’s a soul-sucking job.

No. 1395986

i think there would be momentary shock followed by a yelp as you said, but afterwards i think he would assume his place

No. 1395998

File: 1667417065408.jpg (139.03 KB, 1024x682, IMG_1684-1024x682.jpg)

Anons who ordered from AmiAmi this year, how long did it take your order to actually start being shipped?
My order is still in 'Processing Shipping (Paid)' state. Air parcel shipping if that helps. I heard they don't have enough staff at the moment?

No. 1396011

Why do people like those murdersim dating games? And why make OCs for them. I don't have any negative opinions about these games or the community. I just don't understand why people want to play a game or create a OC where they're going to be raped and/or brutally murdered.

I know these games are meant to thrill, but I don't understand what makes it fun or appealing. I don't like being powerless in games.

No. 1396034

Do some vape juice make thicker/harsher smoke when smoked?

No. 1396041

Is coin laundry cheaper?

No. 1396063

i wore long sleeves for over 10 yrs due to really obvious SH scars. tbh, people stare hard and treat you differently. you have ti be steely enough to handle the looks of disgust and do what you want regardless. im pretty tough but ill be honest, many times that i bucked the long sleeves for freedom i often ended up putting them back on. people claim they are woke and understanding abt this stuff now but even "understanding" people stare and kinda treat you differently. finally i got a coverup tattoo that mostly camoflauges it (though it isn't invisible by any means) so i can go without long sleeves. usually no one looks hard enough to see the hidden scars but it gets awkward when they ask to see my tattoo lol.

No. 1396120

I personally see friendships as much more 'intimate' than romantic relationships because to me it's much more casual and you can pretty much say what you want, but everyone around me thinks the opposite and it confuses me. I'm a massive autist but I honestly don't understand it, can someone explain it to me? I would take my friends over any boyfriend any day, no question.

No. 1396125

Good relationships will allow two people to have the transparency and fun friends have while elevating it with things like romance, emotional support, and spending a lot more time together than you would other friends. A lot of people, especially if they’re inexperienced in dating, fall into the constantly putting on a facade in relationships and tend to unintentionally wall the other person out. It is much better to be single than to waste time with people like this though.

No. 1396169

Thanks nonna, I understand a little better now. I'm only 19 and definitely not ready for a steady relationship. I think I have been so close with my best friend for 5 years, there is no one who would know or understand me better and I nearly always have it in the back of my mind which is why I keep the rest at a distance. I know she will always be there for me and I'll always be there for her. I have trouble connecting with people especially if I don't know them well, I have to know someone inside and out before saying I love or hate them. I've had relationships but barely good memories from them, guess that has something to do with it as well.

No. 1396396

Can someone explain to me the white snow dolly slavic aesthetic that zoomers are into right now? What's so appealing about pretending to be a slav standing in snow and stereotypically wearing white fuzzy ushankas? Asking that as a slav myself. It's like being a weeaboo but with slavic women? Who tf thought of this and why do these children like it

No. 1396419

Maybe they just like wearing fuzzy hats in the winter. They're not gonna skin a slav and wear their flesh.

No. 1396422

they can feel the nuclear winter coming

No. 1396443

You sound clueless because that's literally what happens in that aesthetic.

No. 1396457

fashion got a lot more dangerous since I last was in style

No. 1396478

File: 1667455457433.jpg (65.51 KB, 911x771, RPG.jpg)

I was wondering whether my taste in games was scroteish or too NLOG. I have a scroteish taste in music apparently and other stuff, but I think my taste in games is pretty normal. So I looked up female gaming statistics and found that apparently medieval fantasy RPGs are the most popular. Does that sound right, or are the Polish biased because of the Witcher? Survival horror, turn based strategy, city builder and simulator rank pretty low apparently, but still around half like them so got that going for me. The most popular game mechanics are Arcade and Immersive journey. Apparently Polish women are also massive weebs (18% of female gamers) is this true kek? Oh and in other studies which include the category 'nonbinary', they actually ironically enough played the most stereotypically feminine games, even more so than just regular women. Though idk now whether the statistics are fucked because of TiMs.

No. 1396481

I've always found RTS and turn based strategy to be filled with trannies, surprised simulation is as low on the list as it is with the popularity of the Sims. RPGs especially the Bioware brand are very popular among women, all you have to do is go to tumblr/twitter and see all the content with everyone shipping their OC with whatever RPG companion exists out there. Bioware RPGs are basically dating sims now anyways. I'm guessing the medieval fantasy genre is most popular due to it generally being an easy RPG genre to make by aping tabletop rules - you've got Dragon Age, Baldur's Gate, Divinity, Tyranny, Pillars of Eternity, Pathfinder, Neverwinter Nights, etc etc etc.

JRPGs I feel like are split between scrote and female interest depending on how waifu hentai poisoned they are.

Just my experience tho, a lot of single player genres I like are scrote poisoned so I just don't engage with the communities at all.

No. 1396490

I wouldn’t worry about that anon, a lot of women don’t get into certain genres because the communities are simply so damn hostile to women. It’s not NLOG-y to like racing or shooting games as long as you don’t say you’re sooo cool and chill for playing CSGO.

No. 1396491

File: 1667458417309.gif (4.68 MB, 250x351, Cosmic_Cow.gif)

Yeah my main ones are Cities Skylines, Endless Legend/space, Civ, Tropico, Anno, Planet Zoo/Coaster, CK3, XCOM, Total War etc. As a teen I played Dragon Age, Oblivion, Persona, SMT, Assassins Creed, The Witcher, Fallout, Mass Effect, KOTOR, The Sims 2 etc, but as an adult I feel like I don't have time for games you kinda need to immerse yourself for a longer period of time for. Never got into multiplayer or joined communities really due to misogyny I already encountered while playing Halo back in the day. So I'm generally not in any community, had no idea TBS and RTS is full of troons.
Besides Need for Speed every PS2 seemingly came with, I don't think I ever got into racing kek. I think I'm very cool for my lolcow theme park I made one time though.

No. 1396493

Both of the scrotes I know IRL who trooned out absolutely LOVE medieval/fantasy games and RPGs

No. 1396496

I don’t know how to explain it, but something about the aesthetic is very 2000s and is inherently popular because of that too

No. 1396497

File: 1667459700883.jpeg (95.24 KB, 735x728, C7FCB84A-2518-448D-85AD-E428A8…)

I love how, only on this website, have I ever seen several different users collectively want to sexually bully Ben Shapiro

No. 1396503

I don’t find him attractive at all I can just tell he desperately needs dick in his hole and throat and then he’d transform into a beam of light and ascend and we’d never have to see him complain again

No. 1396520

Did anyone else experience drastic boob size change after losing weight? wtf I want my boobs back nobody warned me about this

No. 1396524

File: 1667467015154.gif (3.44 MB, 640x640, cat.gif)

Did anyone have like an anime phase but are now totally over it?

Like I can't bring myself to watch it anymore, not even Stone Ocean and I like(d) JJBA, or anything else no matter how much people talk it up.

No. 1396526

It depends on how much your breasts are glands vs fat. Mine are mostly glands so even if I'm a low weight I have a decent size compared to my body. Did you actually lose your breasts or are they medium sized which is like the new flat chest?

No. 1396530

i’ve recently moved in with a family friend and her place is kinda dirty ? mainly there’s a lot of dog hair and dust everywhere because she works a lot so i guess she doesn’t have time to clean. do you think she’d be offended if i started cleaning her place? i’ve already cleaned my room a bit but i’m thinking i should clean the living room and kitchen floors/countertops

No. 1396533

yes. honestly i'm watching the jojo anime with a friend after having read the manga almost 8 years ago and it's excruciating at times. so much repetition, yelling, goofy proportions and stupid logic, it would be actually unwatchable alone imo. at this point, if i spot an anime cliché i get so annoyed i drop the entire anime

No. 1396535

I completely lost them. I used to wear a C cup now I’m barely A but the weird thing is I didn’t lose the weight at once it was very slow & gradual it happened over the course of my teenage years so mainly baby fat.. I just can’t figure out why they completely disappeared on me I feel cheated

No. 1396540

I think there is a small chance she'd be offended…depending on when you moved in. I'd give it a couple weeks before doing things like dusting and vaccuming common areas but 100% do the dishes, fold/launder towels, cook dinner, daily/weekly stuff like that. Then when you have established yourself after a few weeks move on to the tasks like vaccum/dust/deeper cleaning. If it were me I would feel shame if a person who just moved in immediately cleaned the life buildup dirt reguardless if it was needed or not kek