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File: 1666649210828.jpeg (816.56 KB, 3000x2000, im not funny, so no meme.jpeg)

No. 1385176

Board rules, no racebait. Ignore & report bait.

No. 1385179

I like it when cars driving past me are blasting music loudly.

No. 1385258

I love unhinged women, kpopers, dream stans, japanese idol fans, vtuber fans i am glad they make the life of the guy they obsses over so terrifying

No. 1385272

Same. The tumblrinas obsessed over tumblr sexymen too it's so funny that waifuism is considered the norm on the internet but whenever a teenage girl likes a male character people freak out and call her weird, hmmmm I wonder why

No. 1385304

None of these are unhinged, actual unhinged women online are yumejoshis, fujoshis, shotacons, borderlines and others alike. They always post the craziest stuff and make even other women uncomfortable with their autism, truly the sigmas of the xx chromosome.

No. 1385315

File: 1666659680704.png (880 KB, 1544x380, 1648479104883.png)

you must be new
weird transformation and feeder fetishes, they also make a bunch of horny mods for the sims
>dream stans
want to turn him into a chair, bullied him for not being blond with green eyes
>japanese idol fans
will kill their idols if they dare to not be pure virgins/gay
>vtuber fans
the most unhinged of them all, they are the closet ones to the moids so they make their life miserable by forcing them to pretend to be gay for a living

No. 1385421

The word 'clammy' is way more gross sounding than 'moist'

No. 1385447

I think the lesbian general is consistently one of the best threads in /g/ when it's not being shit in by troids looking to cause drama

No. 1385513

Despite how ultimately destructive these are to the environment and current standard of living, I still think single family homes are the superior form of housing and cars the superior form of transportation.

No. 1385524

I miss having a house so much due to having a backyard, garage, and no outside noise like a neighbor shouting at their kid above or under you in an apartment or one of those 2-4 split house things. I think we really need to make 1-3 small bedroom houses though considering people without kids who want an actual house but dont need the large price tag, large structure. Also just owning the property not renting per month.

No. 1385570

bicycles are the superior form of transportation and the sport cycling is cringe and full of assholes

No. 1385658

Agreed I live in the country in a cute home and I used to live in big cities. I value my personal space and will sacrifice the 20 minutes it takes to drive to town.

No. 1385659

File: 1666683478154.jpg (85.95 KB, 720x797, 1619232422357.jpg)

I respect christian bale as an actor, but I just don't get why studios just don't hire someone someone who already has the proper build, This doesn't seem healthy in the long term, I watched Vice sometime back and he gave phenomenal performance but at the same time I was thinking, why not just get someone whose already a fat guy

No. 1385663

Maybe he likes the challenge of being a method actor? Idk

No. 1385704

I think he looks best as a spoop

No. 1385729

Thats so unhealthy and clearly steroids usage too

No. 1385756

>lumping fujos and yumes with shotacons
go back

No. 1386087

Heterosexual men don't really exist, heterosexual women do. "Heterosexual" men when desperate enough will fuck anything that vaguely resembles a hole, including the pizza in OP pic and are all weirdly homoromantic. In the past "heterosexual" men didn't even exist, they just saw women for reproduction and men for fun (this was the case in several cultures). It was even seen as weird to love your wife and
>The 1901 Dorland’s Medical Dictionary defined heterosexuality as an “abnormal or perverted appetite toward the opposite sex.”
>It was expected and socially acceptable for a freeborn Roman man to want sex with both female and male partners, as long as he took the penetrative role.
>Young men specifically between the ages of 12 and 20 were seen as perfectly acceptable sexual partners for a Roman man, and to an extent, there was a cultural expectation for older Romans to seek these kinds of relationships. However, free Roman boys and young men were strictly off-limits. Essentially, class and status as markers of social difference were far more important factors in determining the viability of a sexual partner than was gender.
>It is not known how widespread the practice of raping defeated foes actually was, or if it existed before the advent of Christianity, but in other cultures which have had as strong an ethic of masculine aggression as existed among the Vikings, the rape of defeated foemen was obligatory.
>The Greeks did not conceive of sexual orientation in our terms (e.g., as straight or gay): Later in life, men would be expected to marry women and to raise families. In Athens and Sparta, homosexuality was practiced to various degrees, and its status was somewhat “complicated,” according to Plato's Pausanias.
>Ancient Iranian society had a tradition of polytheism and pederasty, which came into sharp conflict during the Achaemenid period. Iranian pederasty and its origins were debated even in ancient times – for example, Herodotus claimed they had learned it from the Greeks: "From the Greeks they have learned to lie with boys."
The difference between what is considered a bisexual and heterosexual man sleeping with a pre-op TiM, is that the "straight" one tries to ignore the genitals, just has sex for the hole and femininity performance, meanwhile the bisexual man pays attention to the genitals, Blanchard has studies about this. Heterosexual women on the other hand won't do such a thing, no matter how desperate they get, they can't go through with it, because they are actually heterosexual and also have no split attraction funny business.
Homosexual men are just being honest about their nature and are truly homosexual. No, I don't think they are into TiFs. They are probably less likely to get desperate and fuck weird things, because they can always find a guy who is up for it. However there are also many bi men who call themselves gay, because it's easier and there are pedo's who pretend to be gay, because they see themselves as the next civil rights cause and try to hitch a ride on the LGB, like the AGPs are doing.
Heterosexual men aren't like heterosexual women, men's sexuality doesn't work like that of women. You cannot apply your own feelings and how your sexuality works to them. When men say that all women are bicurious, it's projection. They are the ones who can't be straight, only straight women can be truly straight. "Heterosexual men" won't admit this though, because at this point in history it's an important part of their status to not be seen as anything other than straight. In the meantime they will watch the most fucked up porn, of not just women and probably not just adult humans and their wives will think they have found a true straight Nigel.

No. 1386105

I dont care if women are into incest/shota/yaoi/rape/guro or any other fucked up fetish, they earned the right to enjoy them for not being actual, irl creeps

No. 1386111

Not all women who are into that shit aren't actual irl creeps, there's a horrorcow on snow who keeps trying to subject her little sister, her cousin and other girls to her fetishes, has pedo thoughts, tries to buy CP and works at a daycare.

No. 1386133

Thats why i said shota, not loli. Loli is a moid fetish and women into it are pickmes and dont count.

No. 1386138

There are some female pedos into shota too though. One artist I followed online turned out to be one.

No. 1386151

who? this is really controversial but even if they are pedos, i truly dont care and hope they get mental help.The odds of women raping children is so rare(and most time encouraged by men) that i can give them the benefit of the doubt if its a coping mechanism or whatever. I think the ''its just cartoons'' cope of moids defending loli is laughable, but i get it if they are women, a real 14 year old moids can easily overpower a grown ass woman.

No. 1386160

She's pretty big on guro, not loli afaik and exposed her cousin to it, so the cousin started to make furry guro art and has a gore blog since the age of 10 and apparently made $200 a month off of it (think about which creeps she's selling it to and interacting with). She also keeps trying to show weird shit to other kids besides the cousin, including "newborn porn" from A Serbian Film. She also has admitted to compulsively thinking about molesting children, crushing animals and tried to buy CP for $70 because she thinks it's high art and is against the banning of CP

No. 1386162

samefag, forgot the weirdest detail, she's radblr adjacent and used to call herself a radfem all the time

No. 1386170

Who is this cow?

No. 1386185

This one >>>/snow/1189390 Blisters Wournos / fakeboitherottengirl

No. 1386392

White people bleaching their hair is the black equivalent of getting relaxers. Y’all be bald headed with two inches of burnt hair just to be blonde.

No. 1386404

Kek, why do i kind of agree with you.

No. 1386415

I don’t think this is unpopular. You know what goes really hard though? Black or Asian people with buzzed hair bleached platinum, no toner. It looks so good.

No. 1386420

I never had sex before but the thought of being on all fours, ass up and face on pillow while some dude fucks you from behind seems humiliating!

No. 1386423

besides cereal and mixing food with liquid in your mouth, solid food should'nt be inside liquid food. It's gross

No. 1386446

stew is delicious though

No. 1386450

You are WRONG. You are so wrong. You are so unbelievably sick and twisted and wrong. Soup is delicious.

No. 1386463

The lesbian incel trope is literally true in many cases. Now most of my friends are lesbians so don't get me wrong, I have no hatred towards them. But yes, some lesbians are fucking creeps and heaven forbid you notice this or else you're reinforcing the predatory lesbian stereotype. Personally I have experienced one lesbian who became obsessed with me and stalked me and many others who have been aggressive and weird in their attraction, pushing commitment way too fast and quickly becoming bitter when rejected. In many cases this bitterness makes them deeply unattractive, which pushes potential partners further away, which makes them more bitter. I know it comes from a place of loneliness and it's sad but it's still fucking weird to see the same pattern of creepy behavior over and over. I know I'm not the only one who's experienced this kek.

No. 1386467

I’m not around lesbians often but there are always those cases where you see really loud butch women 30+ in public with their girlfriends or whatever and they’re really obnoxious and talk about women really rudely and loudly while their girlfriends are like “hehe” or not even saying anything at all. Are they imitating men? Are they trying to assert some sort of strange fake dominance that only they care about? I witnessed this on two separate occasions very recently so it’s fresh in my mind. Do super butch women at that age and older think it’s attractive to be obnoxious or something?

No. 1386471

I think a certain amount of the population is just trashy and lesbians are included in that. but I have seen that dynamic before too. I wonder if maybe it's because older lesbians are more likely to have actually experienced homophobia, so maybe being obnoxious and overly sexual is just weird posturing.

No. 1386583

I wonder if it makes them feel comforted or something, like it’s to try to feel like they’re commanding or tough or something. On two separate occasions recently a friend and I encountered two lesbian couples that were like identical in dynamic and at least 35+, and the butch partner was super loud and rude and commenting on people throughout the small shops we were in. The first one was making weirdly sexual comments too while looking pretty similar to Boo from OITNB and I was just like ?? and their femme partners were very quiet. It seems like such a trope, encountering it not once but twice out in public within a couple weeks was weird.

No. 1386631

It does seem like many femmes actually expect it and are attracted to that behavior, when they do go for a butch. I had a date with a "traditional radfem femme" 10 years my senior and apparently "traditional" stood for actually wanting that behavior and she wasn't really a radfem (massive TRA). Being a softie weirdo who refuses to say misogynistic slurs is rarely appreciated by the women attracted to butches. It's a cycle where women expect that behavior from butches and the only ones who are still attracted are into that shit and the rest says they're afraid of butches because they assume we want some traditional roleplay and only top. There is no way to win, you're too hard or too soft, want too much commitment or you're literally fuckboi hitler for wanting to take it slow. Because we're such a hated minority, whatever one of us does, reflects on all of us. Like how men use the failing of one woman to shit on all of them. The butches who are softies or whatever, you'll never see or notice them, can also be incels, but have kinda given up. Like I'm literally more on the submissive side, but the only women showing interest go like "PLEASE STEP ON ME" and expect macho behavior when I'm a bit of a faggot.

No. 1386638

File: 1666767477857.jpg (63.73 KB, 540x509, tumblr_2f827aa36930067316111b9…)

btw before someone shits on me for going on a date with someone that much older, can you imagine how excited it was to see a woman put "radfem" in her bio front and center? Even if it didn't workout, could maybe be a good local friend! Hahaha yeah, no, I'm a retard and thought wrong

No. 1386666

Back in the day when it was easy to support yourself with a simple job, it was totally fine for American boomers to kick their kids out at 18. Different story now ofc.

No. 1386669

Thanks for answering earnestly. I wanted to post about it and ask when it happened a few weeks ago but I thought it would seem inflammatory or lesbophobic when I didn’t mean it that way, it’s just so obnoxious lol. Like I’m sorry baby but you are 4’10 and my mothers age, loudly proclaiming “ooo yeah I bet she loves to lick candy” about some 20 year old girl in a weeb shop looking at Japanese sweets is not asserting anything but making you look stupid. It’s actually really interesting to hear that older femmes expect that sort of thing. I just don’t see the appeal, it’s just as embarrassing when men do it.

No. 1386757

You're right and I most gay men are just bottoms and get off to being emasculated. The only reason they don't want women is because women are incapable of emasculation/penetration.
All "gay" tops are bisexuals.
"Gay" tops are the modern day pederasts and gay bottoms are bath boys.

No. 1386779

Hm I think it’s just the “any hole is a goal” thing. Sexuality is a Kinsey scale obvs and men have casual sex with other men much more easily, no frills no pretenses and no fear of pregnancy. Women have much higher defenses naturally, so even if they wanted to engage in casual sex many of them wouldn’t because it’s a much higher risk for them for a myriad of reasons. I think putting “gay” in quotation for tops is kind of retarded because a majority of gay identifying men have no sexual interest in women, and still obviously prefer the secondary sex characteristics of men. As far as bi and straight men go, they’re more opportunistic and have little problem using anyone as a fleshlight or cumsock with little thought of it.

No. 1386826

>Like I’m sorry baby but you are 4’10 and my mothers age, loudly proclaiming “ooo yeah I bet she loves to lick candy” about some 20 year old girl in a weeb shop looking at Japanese sweets is not asserting anything but making you look stupid.
Yeah that's messed up and it's ok to vent about it, but the silent majority isn't like that afaik. The most interaction I'd have with a woman I like in a weebshop would be complimenting her choices while dropping my mangas and running away in embarrassment.

No. 1387037

Soup Supremacy gang rise up. Soup is the queen of all foods. Salty, savoury, nourishment and hydration at the same time. Soup reigns soupreme.

No. 1387320

I don’t really understand the appeal of drinking as an adult who works full time. I drank quite a bit in college so I’m not opposed to it. But now my free time is limited and a hangover takes so much time away

No. 1387376

Agreed, I party very sparingly now and do a lot of prep work so I don’t flush my entire weekend away.

No. 1387422

It wasn’t even a pursuit, she was there with her partner who was really quiet and not saying much of anything while she loudly made commentary on young girls in the little shop. Like okay biginem we get it you eat pussy!!

No. 1387542

Just wondering, what do you in terms of prep work for partying?

No. 1387550

My social skills deteriorated when I started working full time so I still like drinking to be more outgoing and comfortable around other people. It's easy to bond if you have a fun night drinking together.

I still rarely ever drink though, hate the taste and the cost and the many ways it can potentially make me feel unwell.

No. 1387575

Basic stuff. Eating beforehand and during, drinking a lot of water in between drinks, having Pedialyte for the morning after. If I drink enough water during though I can usually get pretty fucked up without too terrible of a hangover.

No. 1387579

Thread pic looks delicious

No. 1387876

The way hormonal birth control is so normalized in the west honestly makes me uncomfortable. No, I don't mean for managing PCOS or other actual hormonal imbalances, but messing with your hormones just so a scrote doesn't have to wrap it up.

No. 1387885

I just don't like the taste, it never lowered my inhibitions or made me more social. Just lets the ocd out more. I prefer dancing in random places like a retard while on preworkout, dragging others to the gym with me. Or going to concerts and festivals, but I've never been to a club and never will.

No. 1387889

Colleen from love is blind is literally not at all that cute for her to be this season's hot commodity. She's cute obv but she has a flat face and looks like the moon emoji. Zainab is a million times more attractive.

No. 1388179

Being a woman is so powerful. Imagine if we all stopped being pick mes the power we would have. Even being a ugly woman holds a lot of power just because we have a pussy. Scrotes can talk shit all day how they’d use an ugly girl for pussy but think about it…women wouldn’t even think of using an ugly man for sex. Men are a slave to vagina.

No. 1388183

that doesnt make us powerful that make us preys

No. 1388186

I kinda miss how this site was like back in 2018-19 i felt like back then it was the perfect mix of pinkpill nonnies who didnt take it too far and actual discussions and most of the users there actually seemed to be women and knew how imageboards worked.

Lately with some of the posts it feels like this place is infested with males from other imageboards, forums, sites etc. The posts here since the beginning of 2022 give of a very obvious male boomer or male from pol or a incel forum. And some of the actual women that remained and did not leave (most of the userbase left this site in 2021 and in 2022 bunker times) tend to be some of the worst posters, spergs and infighters here that would have been permanently banned if it was 2019.

I believe the anon who did those gender statistics and it turns out that lolcows current posters have 60% males.

No. 1388187

I was reading an argument about abortion the other day. All the usual lines were getting thrown about. The classic male line
> If you don't want a baby then close your damn legs, just don't have sex, oh condoms and BC fail.. don't ever have sex then unless you're willing to have a baby
Guys ngl.. I hate you but at the same time I wish men were actually like.. yeah babe don't worry about penetrative sex and taking bc and all those worries. Lets just use our hands and mouths and never burden you with that risk. Doesn't exist! You only ever see that 'just live a sexless life babe' argument made by men online. They'd lose their minds if we all did that

No. 1388188

Probably because kiwifarms is up and down. I've seen some scrotes (and women who use the site) recommending it as a place to go when kiwifarms is down or if it goes.
I haven't seen that Blaine weirdo in while though

No. 1388189

>the perfect mix of pinkpill nonnies who didnt take it too far
You think increased manhate is a scrote thing?

No. 1388192

>Lets just use our hands and mouths and never burden you with that risk. Doesn't exist!
and if it does it's the woman who is expected to provide blowjobs and handjobs and sometimes even anal on demand with nothing in return, because piv is supposed to be the "reciprocation" that she "willingly gives up"

No. 1388193

I completely agree and I don't think this should be unpopular. Naturally I think BC should be available to women who need it and find that their periods or hormone issues are better while using it, but otherwise why the fuck are we handing out the pill like it's sweets to any woman or girl? It has a lot of negative side effects that many girls and women aren't even told about until it's too late.

Some of my friends have complained about being on the pill or on the implant before and I've just questioned "why are you taking that stuff if you don't have any hormonal issues, your scrote could just wear a condom and you wouldn't be depressed all the time or gain loads of weight" and they look at me like I have two heads when I tell them that it would be much easier for their boyfriends just to wear a fucking condom. Women are expected to put their own health at risk for the sake of moid's ability to coom and it's just seen as normal. There's really no excuse for it anymore especially considering you can get super thin condoms but moids are obsessed with having it their way all the time and never consider a woman's health or needs.

No. 1388195

yeah the admins idiocy has also lead to this place becoming a ghost town filled with moids the way they handled this site from late 2021 to mid 2022 was really bad, so many threads that caused us to get scrotes were allowed and the moderation was horrible and almost non-existent ,never gave a explanation for what happened to media, then they also autosaged the kiwi thread way too late when the damage was already done since most kiwiscrotes were here.

you know damn well what im talking about, difference between manhate and moid here making bait posts larping as radfems or every discussion here being about men, men and men.
A week ago a thread here which im guessing a retard like you would fall for, was talking about killing men and male children and then later that anon literally got redtexted for being a man who has spammed porn.

No. 1388197

I think a lot of people (in America) these days just don’t try hard enough to make friends and then complain they are lonely. I know a ton of people have jobs or other responsibilities that prevent them from socializing. Then there are a ton of people who do nothing but go on Reddit/TikTok and then wonder why they are lonely and blame it on society. A lot of the socializing opportunities of the past still exist. Join something like Elks/Rotary club or a church (and being conservative isn’t an excuse because there are a lot of pro LGBT churches out there). Or join a sports league.

Also I see a ton of people shitting on Facebook but imo it’s one of the best ways to find things to do in person. I recently moved out to a new city and found an event where I connected with the people attending. It’s only been a few months but I’ve been on multiple trips out of the city with them.

In any case friends/socializing don’t come out of nowhere and it takes time/effort to accomplish it

No. 1388198

There was a post lately where an anon who had just had a baby weeks ago was giving her bf 2 bjs a day to hold him over while she recovered from the birth. And he still turned violent within the month. Posts like that always stick with me afterwards.

No. 1388199

Scrotes larping is different from legitimate manhate posters who "take it too far" in your opinion. I don't like this line of reasoning, because this is the same which caused previous admin to kick out pinkpill nonnas and accused everyone of being newfags from Reddit.

No. 1388202

There was excellent moderation and communication with the previous admin. Something we dont see anymore.

Now whenever something happens to the site or it goes down we have to beg and plead the admin or mods to tell us something.

Have fun making your manhate posts in every single thread along with the 60% male userabse here being males which adds to the irony.

No. 1388213

>excellent moderation and communication
yeah like making polls, having everyone vote on it and then do whatever she wants anyways kek. This situation isn't ideal either with regards to the communication, but you have to admit that the moderation issue has been largely fixed. The farmhands are responding a lot faster, I don't know whether we have new ones, but they are sometimes on absolute sniping mode.
>Have fun making your manhate posts in every single thread along with the 60% male userabse here being males which adds to the irony.
are you complaining about misandry to get picked by the supposed 60%? There aren't exactly many online spaces where misandry or troon hating is even allowed.

No. 1388214

File: 1666881469088.jpg (229.6 KB, 1024x768, truenewyorker.jpg)

Cream cheese tastes fucking disgusting

No. 1388218

Alot of it is so mild that it reminds me of mayo.. as in it wets the food and helps it go down but it does it add much flavor?

No. 1388238

I can actually understand why you feel this way since I have somewhat of an aversion to most dairy products, but I disagree. Cream cheese is a really nice and extremely versatile base, that still adds flavor with that little tangy-ness. It's good for dips, pasta dishes, desserts, but it can still hold up on it's own on a bagel or even a sandwich.

No. 1388255

Anons who worship men like Shapiro or Walsh because they’re “based troon haters” are retarted.

No. 1388264

They’re usually moids trying to sway women into becoming trad pickmes tbh

No. 1388266

Plenty of men who hate twanswomen don't like real women all that much either. They like men and only men. Women who get wrapped in worshipping them are expected to steer us back to the good old days.. where men were men and woman were maids.

No. 1388270

I hate crystal cafe. It’s full of weak willed pickmes who wilt at any “negativity”. They’re extremely bitter about being unattractive and hate on stacies too. And of course are everywhere.
One example of their retardation was an obvious moid made a thread the other day about his fetish for giant women and the girls there were calling him cute and wishing he got his “big tall mommy gf”.
They’re so stupid I wanna strangle them. That entire website is just a failure idk how anyone stays.

No. 1388272

*of course troops are everywhere

No. 1388275

troons jfc

No. 1388277

it's actually /r9k/ with female sex characteristics kek

No. 1388278

It's full of moid posters, trannies, and underage e-daters. There are some nice anons but i often see either obvious bitter /pol/ trolls or an obviously underaged person.

No. 1388281

this, if you do it as extra protection because of major pregnancy paranoia or because unprotected sex is so important to you go off, its your risk. But it sucks that the standard is that the woman has to care for this and take the major compromise here. Also there are so many guys who whine about not wanting to use condoms “because it feels better without” and try to gaslight their girlfriends into it as if STDs arent a thing. Plus too much exposure to external fluids such as sperm can mess with your vaginal microflora.
>A week ago a thread here which im guessing a retard like you would fall for
I’ve seen a blatant increase in bait here lately on all of the boards, most of it is obviously trolling and fedposting but apparently some anons dont get it. really makes me wish for a hell month after the new website is done at the end of the year ( or so I hope)

No. 1388283

maybe your autocorrect wasn't completely retarded. Troops of troons?

No. 1388285

>They’re so stupid I wanna strangle them
They are largely retarded but this is unhinged

No. 1388295

Diff anon but I was always someone to double up on methods, if I'm going to take the pill and deal with all that then you can wear a condom. There was no legal abortion to fall back on where I was living att so I wasn't playing. The first time I ever had condom free sex was in a long term commited relationship after the guy got the snip.. Carefree sex at last? Turns out he was cheating, covering his tracks very well and then I found out I had one of the cancer causing strains of hpv and my cervix was near cancerous. Afaik hpv can still spread with a condom, or through foreplay. But it still sucked to think that was likely the source of it. When it comes to sex we take on alot more risk than men will ever appreciate.

No. 1388412

websites like that judge by content and language, so anons saying "male" and talking like normal humans every other post could skew the demographic measurement to register male. there just isn't any way to accurately measure an anonymous demographic without a poll. no idea why anons still cite the 60% moids thing as truth, they must extremely computer illiterate and paranoid to the point of borderline retardation.

No. 1388428

I suspect anons using imageboard lingo like kek and retard also contributes to that, since imageboards are stereotypically a male thing.

No. 1388497

Massage feels terrible unless you are doing it to yourself

No. 1388503

There are some algorithms that purport to tell gender from written text but they all come with caveats and a big one is that it's only "trained" with normal, natural writing which excludes both excessively informal text like imageboards and excessively formal text like technical writing, which tends to read male even when women are writing it. Women who are in male-dominated fields that involve writing tend to develop tendencies over time that confuse it, too. As for the site claiming the userbase is 60% male I doubt it's even that, probably just tries to correlate demographics like advertisers do, etc. and the imageboard nature of the site alone is going to confuse it.

No. 1388512

I don't understand people like >>1388485 that can be super invested in something and could lose all the interest if only it's a troon / genderspecial that made it. As long as the creator is inoffensively mentally ill (meaning no third party suffering), what difference does it make? Good content is a good content still and it's not like you're supporting a criminal

No. 1388522

No male troon is inoffensively mentally ill though along with the fact that there are women that would like to not support any male creators at all

No. 1388532

Abed from Community is a huge gary stu. I do know that this was partially Dan Harmon's self-insert character (the other one being Jeff - eugh), which just makes it even more embarrassing for him.

No. 1388536

I only watched snippets of like three episodes but I always assumed he's the Sheldon of Community. Was I wrong in that assumption? lol

No. 1388549

>he's the Sheldon of Community
You're not completely wrong, he has Asperger's like Sheldon, but he's written to be more likeable, and tbh he is. He just doesn't have any flaws, and his wrongdoings are brushed over because of the autism excuse or because the friends group find him too endearing not to forgive.

No. 1388555

Rather die than support anything related to a pornsick moid skinwalking women, cope and seethe

No. 1388561

Me throwing my megg mogg and owl comics in the dumpster

No. 1388569

File: 1666901252595.jpg (502.7 KB, 650x650, Photo_35265.jpg)

I mean

No. 1388571

I feel like he's a troll with it

No. 1388585

Did they not read the comics kek I love them but they’re super degenerate and gross. Idk how people can read the borderline edgelord musings of a creator and then be absolutely shocked when they’re weird in real life.

No. 1388595

Going to /g/ and seeing things like the astrology thread getting a lot of traffic makes me understand why some TIFs just want to roll their sleeves and go "Just inject all the T you've got, I want nothing to do with so-called femininity."

No. 1388598

It's not that serious. You're just as bad as the males who say exactly this, if you aren't one yourself. Calm down.

No. 1388610

the most current astrology thread hasn't maxed out replies in the 4 years since OP started it lmao it doesn't get a lot of traffic

No. 1388613

Gonna splurge on those Liz Greene books I was putting off buying just for you anon

No. 1388619

>Trooning out and using hormones that will permanently fuck your body cause muh astrology

No. 1388622

there's actually objectively harmful aspects of femininity and you decide to go get angry at an already unpopular thread

No. 1388623

Capricorn moment

No. 1388639

This is, ironically, the girliest, most handmaiden-socialized mindset I've ever seen. You think your average scrote sees his braindead violent coomer serial killer necrophilic incel-minded evopsych addict cult member MBTI sperg brothers and says "Omg I want like nothing to do with men or masculinity anymore!!! They're so stupid, give me the E"? No lol. Imagine taking personal responsibility for some fucking strangers lmao

No. 1388644

There's so much pseudo science shit in the world, and yet astrology is the one that gets so much flack just because women happen to be into it.

No. 1388651

NTA I'm just curious what would be an example of objectively harmful aspects?

No. 1388654

to the extent that "woman" is characterized as not-man and an object rather than a subject in her own right, our cultural understanding of womanhood and femininity is part of patriarchy

No. 1388656

I actually know a MtF tranny that trooned out because he started to get into feminism and the male statistics weighted so heavy on him that he decided he doesn't want to be a male anymore kek. Still a moron though, if he could think as far as he can spit he'd understand that he isn't any better than them and will die as the XY he was born as.

No. 1388661

>Imagine taking personal responsibility for some fucking strangers lmao

goddamn, torched her ass

No. 1388675

Go ahead, but tifs love astrology.

No. 1388679

As long as you're not a sperg about it there's nothing wrong with saying you don't like children.

No. 1388681

female NLOG = "treat me like a human being"
male NLOG = "treat me as if i'm not a threat"

No. 1388687

I believe every woman accusing a male, i distrust any male accused of crime. Sounds foolish? Not with those statics, rather risk it than letting another violent criminal get away with it, i automatically trust women if accusing a scrote

No. 1388706

You sound really miserable and pathetic!! I think astrology is stupid but it’s the autistic woman’s NFT so I don’t see anything wrong with letting them enjoy it.

No. 1388713

Agreed! It’s fun, who fucking cares. Most of them aren’t taking it seriously and the ones who do would just latch onto something else anyways.

No. 1388752

Corn ruins any dish it’s in. Elotes in a cup is the only acceptable way to eat corn.

No. 1388775

There was a point in time where a lot of, what seemed like, newly peaked women that were on the site, not adhering to site rules and derailing unrelated threads into infighting messes that were super off topic. I am pinkpilled but fuck, it was annoying when trying to read a cow thread and then this huge slapfight derailment about men clogs the thread. I firmly believe it was just normie women who had just peaked who refused to learn board culture and didn't grasp we were more than the manhate/PP/MTF threads. I think they just caused the problems for all the regular manhate anons, unfortunately. But it was definitely a real issue that made the boards clogged and a mess. Every thread should just stay on topic, that's the point of having separate threads for separate discussions, right?

No. 1388789

I didn't like Harry Potter that much. I remember reading it in middle school and being literally unable to force myself to finish it because it kept putting me to sleep. On top of that, I don't even really remember much about the plot, even the super major points. It's bland and unmemorable.
My other unpopular opinion is that I really liked human centipede and human centipede full sequence. I enjoyed every second of watching them, and wish that Tom Six made more centipede films. I've had dreams of there being novels about human centipede and I'd love for it to be real, I'd read it even if Miss Rowling wrote it.

No. 1388818

nona WHAT

No. 1388959

I think men will always look bad in any clothes they wear and their bodies are inherently unfashionable, they should go back to being barefoot and wearing pretty dresses- oops, I mean “manly togas and robes” or walking around barely naked.

No. 1388969

Women into teen boys isnt creepy/predatory like men into teen girls. Unlike old men into teen girls there isnt a huge physical gap between us, teen boys can easily overpower/rape/murder us, and most men fetishize older woman/teen relationships anyways. Women can rape men either. Men are also uglier than ever and getting bald younger, so if a woman were to date a 16yo i would say "based" and move on with my day. I draw the line at preteen/childs though.

No. 1388972

Agree with the first half but ew they should all be wearing a size 7XL potato sack. I do not want to see their pathetic forms I don't want to see even the barest outline of it.

No. 1388975

i also got put to sleep by harry potter. i only owned the first one and read it if i wasn’t able to fall asleep

No. 1388978

I love pineapple on pizza. Sweet and savory, it just blends together!

No. 1388984

corn tastes bland on its own but whenever it's added to a dish it somehow overpowers every other flavor. i don't understand how that works

No. 1389015

Same! I like pineapple, mushroom, and banana peppers.
Exactly. It must be sorcery.

No. 1389057

Yeah what this Nonna says. A big part of femininity was conceptualized by patriarchy and either harms us physically, mentally, keeps us docile and agreeable, weak, fragile etc. Scrotes decided to only wear practical shit at some point and sentenced women to "frivulousness" which can range from harmless fun, to permanently disfiguring or generally affecting health. It's fine if you have your own concept of femininity that isn't retarded, but the culturally and patriarchally constructed concept of femininity is a slave morality used to keep women oppressed. I resent the polilez for inventing cultural feminism and encouraging people to think everything feminine = good, which is how you ended up with libfems or choice feminism and articles about "bimbo feminism". While being gnc is seen as regressive or means you must be a man, because they have made the patriarchally constructed femininity inextricably linked with femaleness and a woman not being feminine is tantamount to evil. Astrology on the other hand, while silly, is quite harmless as long as not your whole life is led by it.

No. 1389068

It sounds like cope to me when people say modern audiences might not find Seinfeld funny because it was so original and funny all the other shows copied it, so it became cliche (the "Seinfeld is Unfunny" trope). There are other highly influential shows/movies from different eras that still hold up and are appreciated by modern audiences.

No. 1389072

I watched Seinfeld for the first time recently and I think it holds up super well. The imitators can copy the jokes but they’ll never recreate the chemistry.

No. 1389078

Watching Seinfeld rn myself kek

No. 1389108

I only watched Seinfeld as an adult and still found it hilarious. The first couple of seasons are pretty slow but I honestly thought it was great overall, especially if you’re from a Jewish family or grew up in NYC. Some of the jokes and characters are just sooo on point. Jerry Seinfeld himself seems super full of himself and very unlikeable as a person, but the show itself is well-made. I never really understood the Seinfeld is unfunny trope, I thought it aged great.

No. 1389110

nta but I wonder how many jokes flew over my head when I watched it while growing up, not being a burger nor Jewish and all

No. 1389135

Your description of the show reminds me of the nanny. Maybe I should give it a try someday.

No. 1389137

I'm not American and I watched Seinfeld for the first time ten years ago, loved it back then and still do, I often go watch clips on YouTube and constantly quote it.

No. 1389141

It definitely doesn’t translate well imo, a lot of the jokes rely on American culture much more than other burger shows. I can understand it not being popular in other countries tbh.

No. 1389142

I like a few episodes in the early seasons but not most of the later seasons. If someone says they don't like Seinfeld they get told they don't understand because they didn't see it in the 1990s when that style of humour was new. Even if other shows copied Seinfeld, the original should still be funny which it isn't to many people.

No. 1389188

Very interesting points raised re: negative feminine traits. I really want to offer a thought, apologies for the length. From my perspective:

I find that women obviously are less aggressive than men and more conflict-averse. Generally, they'll try to find a compromise when a problem flares up, or race to the rescue of whoever seems like the most vulnerable.

Clearly this behaviour is designed to enable us to better manage a family and build communities, which we do better than men and don't get any credit for. But I also think that this behaviour can sometimes get the best of us and cause problems if we lose objectivity.

The trans nonsense is a good example of this. Handmaidens are rushing to the defense of the crying and whining trannies because they are highly motivated to play the role of 'rescuer' of the poor, defenceless moid. Add to the fact that there is a lot of social status associated with playing this role, and you see how it goes.

In my experience, the most difficult work relationships I've had to navigate have been with women in HR and similar fields. They are very conscious about patrolling speech in order to foster a relentlessly happy and harmonious workplace, and they tend to do this with other women rather than men. Ultimately, when women operate on the value of kindness, rather than truth, it effectively neuters our ability to unpick a problem, because we can't speak truthfully.

Here's an example. This week I expressed, very diplomatically I thought, a concern with an idea proposed in my team. The HR woman basically sent me a novella about curbing my negativity and not discouraging junior staffers blah blah blah. You'll have to take my word for it, but there is very little doubt that she would ever chase me up for my two-sentence Slack message had I been a man.

Since I'm a woman, I have to be kind and inclusive, and if I'm not, I need to be corrected.

No. 1389213

Diplomatically, please do not space your posts like a Reddit male.

No. 1389234

I get grossed out watching gaunt looking people doing tasks, they look like they're about to snap, I think of chicken bones when I see their sinewy hands and wrists, their bowed legs with inches of space where you can see the entire outline of their vag or dick if it's a guy wearing tight pants. Its like the feeling of nails on a chalkboard when I see their bony joints sticking out looking sharp. I legitimately think they look gross and elderly, not waif-like, fragile or delicate, or any of the positive things anas associate with it. the way they move their body reminds me of that viral video of "the goddess princess" hobbling around. Both women and men with long, lean and sinewy limbs have zero sex appeal to me, but at least when dudes are skinny they know it's ugly and try to put on muscle, for some reason many women aspire to have the body fat ratio of a brittle-boned geriatric.
That being said I know some people genuinely can't gain weight, and that sucks for them but I just find it gross looking the same as obese people

No. 1389256

I'm not sure what the specific rules are for spacing because I just lurk and it just doesn't seem natural to me to write any other way. Must have touched a nerve though since you try to make fun of what I said

No. 1389260

File: 1666954847921.png (1.02 MB, 1160x686, i wouwd appweciwate.png)

Grammarly is fucking creepy. This is creepy.

No. 1389266


please do not

space your posts

like a Reddit male.

No. 1389269

haahaha no way, natal english speakers use grammarly? i used to use it because i am ESL but i stopped because the handiest options are pay only, i always thought it was aimed at ESLs

No. 1389281

Lmao, astrologyfags are easy to rile up.

No. 1389285

The tip system for the service industry in the US needs to be completely overhauled and federally regulated. Wages should not depend on someone’s mood or the physical location of tables

No. 1389359

twink and fit body types are the only valid male body types. Women into dadbods, skinnyfat, baras, femboys, etc deserve to be [redacted] for having such shit taste

No. 1389384

Well, it’s certainly unpopular. And wrong too. Bara men are superior in every way.

No. 1389386

your opinion is very correct nona

No. 1389391

>Bara men are superior in every way.
bara men are the grossest, imagine liking hairy faggots that inject themselves with oil to satisfy some other gross faggot fetish

No. 1389396

I don’t care about the opinon of a kissless virgin that burns her clit off to brittleboned twinks

No. 1389403

File: 1666965239937.jpg (28.37 KB, 564x717, 0bc995b571720bc3dcb46051a95da9…)

low self-steem is why you like ugly men, get well soon nonna

No. 1389407

This pic is female gazey to me

No. 1389422

He's cute

No. 1389431

>fukboi hitler
These are two words I didn’t expect to see together on this fine Friday afternoon

No. 1389603

twinks are only ok if they're still fit. spoops are just as gross
be honest, do you really mean bara or just fit but more on the bulky side?

No. 1389611

Women should never give ugly men a chance. Never feel bad about ghosting once you see a hideous face. They are worse than other kinds of men.

No. 1389615

What's the real difference between twink and femboy

No. 1389622

what many people call now twinks are just thin beautiful, maybe slightly effeminate men. femboys are retarded faggots who like to act like little anime girls for the coom. there is some overlap between the two but they're definitely not the same thing.

No. 1389675

PIV-abstinence-focused sex education for girls is a good thing as long as it actually explains the actual physical risks of sex for women and societal attitudes towards female sexuality and doesn't shy away from the topics of masturbation and homosexuality and non-penetrative sex in general instead of spouting asinine misogynistic religious shit about "purity".

No. 1389676

It's not a huge deal but I just want to say that not every single white person is racist. Some of us didn't even have to unlearn any racism either, we were just raised to be normal non-racist and anti-racism people. I understand that racism exists and it's obviously disgusting and wrong, but saying ALL white people are racist is literally not true and is insulting to normal white people who weren't raised or influenced that way. Maybe I'm just sensitive and silly about this

No. 1389682

Saying it doesn’t mean anything when you say something ignorant following it, which is exactly what they say when they claim they aren’t lmfao. Just stop trying to continue to the convo

No. 1389686

The length of a relationship isn’t an indication of its quality or how close the couple got in that time. I think a lot of people out there live very shallow and parallel lives and think that’s intimacy and then wonder why their six year long relationship crumbles at the first sign of trouble.

No. 1389697

You sound like you have wrist cankles.

No. 1389738

fat nigga season

No. 1389740

Yeah it seems like most people don't have deep discussions about their values and the things that are important to them and then they get blindsided of the red flags their partners have.

No. 1389742

It’s funny because I say the same thing about people like you

No. 1389745

No. 1389747

>You said something I don't like, shut up.

Nice one anon

No. 1389749

Agreed. I hated being a spoop and it makes me cringe to see severely underweight people. Personally I don't think being fragile or delicate even are positive things. One of the reasons I don't like left wing spaces (I'm not right wing), they always glorify either being obese or being super underweight and weak, yet constantly shit on being fit and strong, which is objectively the best thing. What do people have against a healthy body composition?

No. 1389821

not even going to agrue about it. I can think of 20 things on lolcow that we talk about that all come down to-
>>Thing bad, here's reasons why
And nobody gets as offensive as they do about the rap topic. A lot of conversations don't add value but won't say anything more. Maybe this just is'nt the place for that conversation.

No. 1389822

and no i'm not x, y or z chan,just someone who saw the conversation and wondered why it gets these kinds of responses. Guess I kind of understand better now

No. 1389832

File: 1666981639413.jpg (20.63 KB, 474x266, inb.jpg)

not a fan of the inbetweeners. too scrotey

No. 1389864

literally the most shit-tier humour ever. no idea why people (scrotes mostly so i guess that explains it) found this dogshit show funny.
back in the day, after moids in my school discovered it, they would not stop saying "im gonna fuck your fucking fanny off you twat" and it made me want to unalive even back then. it's just cringe, shit and relies too much on hahah silly english sarcastic humour ecksdee.

No. 1389918

File: 1666984904592.jpeg (55.8 KB, 640x639, 1665225351791.jpeg)

Cringe. Just say that you wanted to kill yourself. gobacktotictok

No. 1389930

Instead of women not shaving I'd much rather see men shave everything like women have to. I know it's natural yada yada but body hair grosses me out no matter if it's on a woman or a man and a man with armpit, chest and ballsack hair is probably the grossest of all. I don't wanna see that shit. Yuck.

No. 1389946

File: 1666985847974.jpg (11.8 KB, 275x275, 1666036570896.jpg)

Kiss you…MWAHHH!!!!

No. 1389965

Fandoms are dumb and the people who belong to them are obnoxious and lack any personality outside the media they consume.

No. 1389967

sorry nonnie it's fandoms forever on mr bone's wild ride. you're here forever

No. 1389985

File: 1666987043377.jpeg (41.91 KB, 700x525, 5ec79e13f34d05282f593a53.jpeg)

Unalive used to be a sadboy electric memes for depressed teens vaporwave engager word… where have the days gone

No. 1389989

my unpopular opinion is that I really like the word unalive and it brings me joy to see zoomers use it. I do not use it because I never picked it up (too old) but it's so much better than "an hero"

No. 1390011

im a zoomer and an hero is x10000 funnier than "unalive" or whatever other tiktok censorship lingo is used to say "kill myself" nowadays

No. 1390014

you weren't there for the cringe 4chan moids using it for literally everything, I never want to see it again!! reeeee

No. 1390017

Okay then if the rap conversation offends people (get ready for this revolutionary concept) then they can just click off the thread and not engage in it.

No. 1390024

Cringe take, sorry. An hero is funny and eternally egging on someone's typo. Giving into a company's censorship will always be cringe loser stuff.

No. 1390076

Thought the same, I never cared much for Seinfeld and actually always switched channels when it came on, but I absolutely adored the Nanny all my life. Maybe I'll leave it on the next time it's on TV lol.

No. 1390080

I see what you're trying to say but you sound like #NotAllWhites lmao

No. 1390082

I like this website for that exact reason lol 276 topics you should talk about before getting married

No. 1390162

i think halloween is lame, always have done, even as a kid i never wanted to go trick or treating. it's not even that i hate parties or dressing up which can be fun, but if you want a costume party, just have a costume party regardless of the day (most people don't even dress up as something scary for halloween anyway). kinda like how you don't need valentines day to go on a special date.

No. 1390654

I don’t feel bad for women who befriend scrotes then get upset when they inevitably try to fuck or date them. You played yourself lol

No. 1390658

this is also why i don't feel bad for people who make friends with bisexuals

No. 1390661

I think similar to alot of dating mistakes we fall into.. if you're young it sometimes takes being shat on once in order to learn. I'd only enter into thinking 'kek serves you right' if someone never learns.

No. 1390678

I do. When people say men and women can't be friends it's because men can't be friends with women, it doesn't go both ways. I'm not gonna blame a woman for not having a scrote mindset.

No. 1390679

I kinda like Halloween because I never got to go trick or treating as a kid. My parents had me handing out candy to other kids when I was like 7 or 8. I like seeing how happy kids are to dress up and get free candy from their neighbors. Probably because I wish I could've been them, but it's whatever as that ship has sailed.

No. 1390680

i think halloween sucks unless: you have a kid or someone's kid who can enjoy halloween, own a house to give out candy and decorate, or are going to an adults only party with costumes. where i live the halloween spirit feels dead and im wondering if it has to do with the only people owning houses are out of state rich people or genx-boomer that are bored. barely any townhouses, apartments, or houses decorated this year and i dont blame them if they're working like crazy to afford rent. no time to decorate, no extra $50-200 for a costume with once a year decorations.

No. 1390688

Maybe its a location thing but where I live theres no expectation that anyone over the age of 8 to 10 should be excited for halloween. And trick or treating hasn't been a thing on most streets I've lived on in recent years. Parents will throw lil parties instead. idk if thats for safety reasons. I used to buy candy just in case and I'd end up eating it myself when nobody knocked all night.

No. 1390716

smut writers who write mxm describing men as women/wives and calling their anatomy "vagina" or any synonym for it or just full on describing them as having female bodies should just write straight romances.
at that point what is the difference between that and 50 shades? they literally describing a woman in everything but maybe having a guy's name.

No. 1390729

Maybe when retarded pickme women stop judging fictional women in romance because they dont act like perfect angels…maybe then those writers will start writing straight romance.

No. 1390733

but they're basically writing trans guys, it's just a cringier version of pickmeism

No. 1390735

anon the go and watch actual gay porn made by gay men but try not to vomit.

No. 1390736

no woman wants to watch actual gay faggots. yaoi is just a way for women to be more creative with their stories or make darker stories that would be judged if they were female/straight, and thats why the uke they make is almost always smaller, thinner, bigger eyes, smaller and is feminine.

No. 1390738

reading about fakebois and their boypussys in "mxm" books already does the job. i'm just saying i would rather read a het book with a tomboy or even crossdresser. than a "yaoi" novel where i have to keep checking again if this is actually a guy they're talking about.
even men in normal romances aren't like actual guys. what i'm talking about isn't ukes or short guys, it's people writing mxm porn with vaginas giving me whiplash.

No. 1390748

File: 1667046948917.jpg (422.1 KB, 700x800, 61ca2ba2535c14a2025ef5be2d3640…)

god, this. Whenever a woman calls men's pecs ''big boobs/milkers'' i want to punch them for being so retarded. Why cant women sexualize men without treating them like women?

No. 1390749

also i hate how moids started calling men ass ''boipussy'' and retarded fujos instead of realizing how degrading that is for women just started using as well

No. 1390758

>calls men's pecs ''big boobs/milkers''
wtf kek

No. 1390763

Well they should listen to people when they tell them men can’t be friends with women

No. 1390783

God I hate when womens boobs are called milkers, but on males it doesnt even make sense.

No. 1390788

I hate Halloween more as an adult because it's just an excuse for manchildren and womanchildren to buy the entire big lots or dollar tree of decorations. Plus I'm trying to be more spiritual and like the saints day festivals more than the horror and gore bullshit. Always saw it as a blip between christmas and back to school sales as far as the retail calendar goes. At least Christmas is a real holiday and you get a day off.

No. 1390837

I'm not even a spiritual/religious person but I still agree with you on Halloween. Halloween decoration is so fugly even as a child I thought it was garish. Halloween season is even more painful as an adult because everyone is suddenly trying to prove how quirky they are. I know it's bitchy but I just find it so cringey.
I'm not a Christian but I like Christmas season because everyone is so happy and just talk about hoe much they look forward to seeing their families. Even though Christmas decoration is garish too but at least some people manage to make it tasteful. I have never seen Halloween decoration that didn't look stupid

No. 1390854

and male dilk probably tastes disgusting, yuck, like their disgusting spoiled milk cum. Why design them that way?

No. 1390864

Female husbandofags are just as cringe and weird as male waifufags.

No. 1390867

Nta but in an ideal world we'd all spread the word about red flags or our bad experiences with scrotes (both creepy male friends and bad bfs) and nobody would ever make the same mistake again. We'd be sorted. No need to learn it the hard way.. just learning through other peoples experiences. Come on. That's not reality.

No. 1390874

normienonnie hands typed this post

No. 1390875

You're dead inside

No. 1390880

File: 1667056903876.png (1.05 MB, 600x800, A54FE685-A5FF-4EB1-A9A8-06065E…)

Agreed. Maybe it’s because traditional Christmas decorations are things like a fresh-cut tree, glass ornaments, a house made of gingerbread etc. There’s no comparable traditional Halloween decorations besides carved pumpkins——the rest is plastic imitations of things that are Halloweeny but that you can’t truly decorate with, like real human skeletons, real bats, real spiderwebs. Even a high-budget Halloween display will still be (probably plastic) models of real things. This is why I infinitely prefer broad-spectrum fall decorations (hay bales, gourds and pumpkins, dried cornstalks, etc) because it’s not inherently tacky and ungenuine.

No. 1390886

That's impossible.

No. 1390891

File: 1667057276393.jpeg (134.06 KB, 1000x1000, 2BE407E5-8ABA-4A07-92D5-53E9CB…)

Samefag, and I’d say Halloween goes so far as to be resistant towards things that aren’t mass-produced and fake. Homemade, hand-decorated sugar cookies are very appreciated at Christmas, but giving out homemade candy on Halloween will get your house egged.

No. 1390892

And? Being a "normie" is not a bad thing, get over your 2000s alternative kid "normal people scare me" bullshit.

No. 1390896

wrong. husbandofags get cringy sometimes. waifufags are depraved misogynistic coomers. there's no comparison

No. 1390900

Nougats are so underrated, I should learn to make them myself.

No. 1390905

"Normies" follow mainstream politics like liberalism and tranny shit, of course they're a menace to niche sites like lolcow. Go back

No. 1390906

Sexually obsessing over lines on paper or pixels on a screen because of your neurotic hatred of the opposite sex in real life is equally creepy and coomerish regardless of who does it.

No. 1390910

No. 1390911

No. 1390914

"Anyone who says things I do not like must be a man! I am very intelligent."

No. 1390928

File: 1667058529142.jpg (285.8 KB, 1920x1921, re2_remake_leon__mr__x__pinup_…)

But what if they're sexy lines and pixels?

No. 1390929

why can't women love who they love? it's harmless, a scrote falls in love with an fake woman and they shoot up a fucking grocery store and troon out. A woman loves a drawing and she just smiles andblushes and talks about it on lolcow. I don't get it but at the same time i'm not going to shit on it

No. 1390930

It's a moid

No. 1390932

Trannies are no where near as influential in real life as both trannies and rabid tranny haters would like you to think. Most "normies" really don't give a shit, log off sometimes.

No. 1390934

>"log off"

No. 1390935

log in sometimes to real life idiot

No. 1390939

They also autistically screech at any woman who dares to mention having an actual boyfriend or husband, they're pitiful miserable individuals with a bad case of sour grapes just like their male counterparts.

No. 1390943

no they don't. I love fat mayo colored boys and nobody shat on me, doesn't matter. You just want to hate on what you don't understand. There's plenty of dick lovers on this site.

No. 1390945

>I don't get it but at the same time i'm not going to shit on it
Same. I can't get off to drawings or art. I'll probably never fully understand how some people do but it doesn't bother me either. The fact that I can only get off to irl men when the vast majority of men are uggo or about to be.. am I winning?

No. 1390948

That's not common at all, also you can like both 2D and irl people. I do.

No. 1390963

If you are able to form relationships with real life human beings then yes, in this context you are winning.

No. 1390964

And I assume you would prefer the latter like a healthy sane person.

No. 1390967

>Preferring unwashed 3D scrotes over a pretty anime boy

No. 1390968

Only because the thought of an ugly, smelly 3DPD moid is rightfully triggering to people with taste.

No. 1390970

>Thinking you can form actual relationships with moids
>"human beings"
Moids are not human

No. 1390980

I'm not a liberal but there's obviously a lot of liberal feminist women here that aren't whatever your definition of normie is. Piss off with your political sperging.

No. 1390981

What the hell are you talking about?

No. 1390983

Yes if it's a woman kek

No. 1390987

Maybe I’m just retarted but sometimes I see stories about people saying that they’ve ended relationships that they described as really great and perfect but they weren’t over their ex so they ended it and I just. Don’t get that? Like if the new relationship really is great why is working through your emotions on from the past going to ruin the present? Everyone has baggage and experiences from exes that probably did a number on them and I think just because old wounds come up it doesn’t mean you can’t be with someone new.

No. 1390988

Tbh I'm over 30 and while men are by far the more vocal ones when its comes to the age they think we 'peak' at and how important attraction is.. same struggle here. Dating men over 30.. its hard to find someone who is both decently attractive and not a shithead who other women dumped for good reason. You're left with the rejects, the commitment phobes, the cheats, the ones who have no idea how to stay within their league or what their league even is anymore. I'm not about to tell nonnies they're missing out on much.

No. 1390989

The cope is unreal.

No. 1390996

Ntas. Not into that stuff either but there's a never ending cycle on here of
> Women who date scrotes deserve everything bad that happens to them. I don't feel bad for you when he turns around and he treats you like shit. What tf did you expect?
Followed by
> Women who don't date and who look at pics instead are bitter coping losers
Date, don't date. The choice is yours.

No. 1391000

As if the 2Dfags don't say the first one to normal women all the time. They often blame us and say we deserve what we get for not being delusional and autistic enough to obsess over cartoons instead of seeking mutual connection with actual real life people.

No. 1391001

Both men and women over 30 are fine imo, the most common problem with men of 30+ I know are receding hairlines. My friends are male so I can observe them well. They are all singles in their 30s who barely ever had sex (save for one that has it few times a year) now but so far I couldn't find any particular reason why would have to be if they didn't wanted it, they just lack interest and are busy with work and hobbies. The hair is surely a problem, but if they cut it completely it wouldn't be bad. Can't see anything wrong with women of 30+ either.

In the end it depends on the particular person. I have seen people of both genders in their 30s that looked like 55 and many others that are 35 but look like 23 or something. Another important aspect is that they shouldn't be addicted to anything, be it tv, phones or alcohol. A lot of people older than 30 (I don't interact with the gen z so no idea how they live) I met are either addicted to television or youtube and have no (other) interests or they are divorced, in worst case with children, and this is usually both something making them unapproachable for many. I cannot stand listening to someone talking about their exes or kids and boring life all day and I don't befriend people for long that switch on the tv when you visit them instead of doing anything with you or talk.

No. 1391004

Is your nigel a good looking millionaire with long hair, slender body, who speaks 5+ languages, knows how to cook, likes both cats and dogs, knows how to color coordinate and is into japanese literature? Cause otherwise, I don't think there's anything for me to cope over.

No. 1391005

Bitch he ain’t real

No. 1391008

That was my point. Each line was an annoyingly overbearing opinion that you see from the 2 sides. The worst examples. But both are retarded. Idc if nonnies don't want to date. I'll never be upset that they get their kicks alone. That's fine with me.

No. 1391009

And why would such a man be into someone like you? Both waifufags and husbandofags are so self-centered and delusional, this is why we don't like you.

No. 1391011

I am a 2D only fag and 30yo virgin myself I am fine with others having relationships it's not hard not being crazy I think. My friends were always male so I am cannot relate with the radicals either, everybody enjoys and relates to different things and people and humans have more than two types of personalities and personalities aren't solely based on gender either.

No. 1391012

But they don't really get their kicks, they're bitterly coping. They're not actually happy being alone. Many women are but husbandofags obviously are not, they wouldn't need to have imaginary boyfriends and lash out at women who do not if they were.

No. 1391013

Men are unable to love
Women deserve everything, men..nothing

No. 1391018

Then why not just actually date? Genuine question.

No. 1391019

Women are statistically happier and healthier when single, most women get killed by lovers and husbands, cope harder xy

No. 1391020

I'm impartial, but from the sidelines it looks like the husbandofags win yet again

No. 1391021

My unpopular opinion: Why does anyone care about what anyone does? Nonnies are arguing about husbandofags and 3D boyfriends when the world is literally turning into 1984 by the second. I rather live in the mountains and hunt for bucks than in a society ruled by mind-controlling glowies and their billionaire """"techbro"""" accomplices. Marriage is a scam and a waste of time. Sex is only good for producing children. Everyone is lying to you and you're better off on your own. Don't be fooled by the media and big pharma.

No. 1391022

Those happy healthy single women do not have imaginary boyfriends either.

No. 1391023

>My friends are male so I can observe them well. They are all singles in their 30s who barely ever had sex
Most over 30s that I know, male or female have like a whole marriage behind them, maybe a kid or relationships that they once thought were 'the long haul one' Big baggage. That or men who've been through a whole string of messy relationships because they've issues they refuse to work on. Ngl I could go for a slightly awkward and inexperienced guy rn but I feel like they tend to be introverted so they're hard to organically bump into.

No. 1391024

its a man and the ladies are deriving entertainment

No. 1391026

Kindergarten-tier "boys are icky" shit, that's how I know even you know I'm right.
They "win" much like pigeons "win" at chess.

No. 1391032

Men care because it means theres one less woman on earth willing to date them. And their dating options are already limited becuase they're a loser. That's my guess. They think lc is full of awkward women who'd be perfect dating material if they just dropped the cartoons for real dick.

I date irl but its not all roses and given how many women on here are kinda on the vulnerable side for various reasons.. I think it works out fine if some want to just totally opt out of dealing with men.

No. 1391033

Sure, and women are also totally angry and seething that waifufags prefer cartoons over "3DPD". Whatever helps you not cry yourself to sleep at night.

No. 1391035

They should just not respond. If someone is being incendiary about (not you specifically anon) your interests they're only looking to make you upset no matter how you try to argue or good points you make.
This is a good point, that a lot of anons here are vulnerable. I think if a man does not know a trade/have valuable skills, does not have good income, or cannot produce children, then there is no point in being with him. Of course he must be decent and not harm you, above all. Men are only as good as they are useful. Otherwise relationships and being compelled to deal with intimacy is purposeless.

No. 1391037

Idc about men or women who stay home and look at pics. Men who prefer that aren't my dating pool anyway. Its that easy.

No. 1391038

So you admit your nigel is ugly?

No. 1391041

After reading the post you responded to I definitely believe that it is a scrote attempting to troll/derail. Better to ignore so that they will go away

No. 1391042

Both waifufags and husbandofags are awkward people who could do decently romance-wise if they worked on actually improving themselves and getting more realistic standards instead of alternating between masturbating to cartoons and bashing "3DPD" of the opposite sex. Maybe they could even date each other and both would be happier for it.

No. 1391044

So you admit you're too ugly and not likable enough to date such a "nigel" in real life?

No. 1391045

I own a house but I haven't had a trick or treater in 5 years of living here. I thought at first it was because I'm new. That maybe kids only went around doors where they kinda know the person already. They know me by now so I guess its just not something they do around here.

Ngl I was looking forward to being that house that gives out the good stuff. Full size bars and none of that fun sized shit. Never even got a chance.

No. 1391046

When did men turn into such whiny little babies over being rejected? Women are always nice about it and go out of their way to try and preserve your feelings. Men will go on an entire smear campaign, post revenge porn, and do whatever it takes to make sure some poor woman feels abused and isolated from the world. Take the L and move on you absolute seething faggot.

No. 1391048

The only time a man has ever called me ugly was after I politely rejected him. There are so many guys that have tried and convinced other loser men they've dated me when we've never even hung out or talked more than once or twice. Having a crush on a character does not indicate ugliness, being turned down for a date does though sorry moid.

No. 1391050

>I guess its just not something they do around here
When I was younger, there were not many kids in my neighborhood, so if you wanted to get a good trick-or-treating experience you would either have to go to another neighborhood where there were lots of kids or go to the mall and trick-or-treat there.
On the contrary, I don't think you necessarily have to go out to enjoy Halloween. I just enjoy the vibes: the dark, cold weather, good Halloween/creepy movies and shows, sweet foods. Of course it's always better if you get to dress up and go outside though.

On the topic of holidays, I don't like Christmas very much.

No. 1391055

You're probably literally not ugly, I don't know or care what you really look like but you must definitely not be that great to attract a man like you described, if you were you'd be dating him for real, much like the average waifufag would definitely not be considered a catch by a woman like his waifu in real life so he copes by calling women shallow gold digging whores unlike his sweet pure waifu.

No. 1391057

I'm not her anon but its primarily men that get triggered when women have high standards. Sure most of these women will probably lower their standards a bit for the right guy but in general if I say I like something and a guy doesn't fit that mold he needs to get the fuck over it.

No. 1391067

most women are decent to great partners, but 90% of men are scum. Even if anons were the perfect tradwife you want it wouldn't guarantee a good male, hell, most women will die without seeing a worthy male on their timelines

No. 1391072

I dread xmas because its such a family thing. I've a deceased mom and a dad I would never willingly chose to travel to and stay with. Any other occasion you can tell people you sat at home and did nothing and thats fine but people have a pretty set expectation that everyone is travelling home for it. It gets awkward when workmates start asking about plans.

I've had quiet xmases with partners before which is a more socially acceptable answer to how I spent the holidays but its still this anticlimactic day. I try to buy and donate toys to those charity appeals at xmas. That's the one tradition I've started up that I get excited about.

No. 1391684

faggot men in denial invented the word femboy because they dont want to admit they like twinks(which is a gay term). But you can still be a twink and be masculine, they are just more ''prince'' like men.

No. 1391693

Dream is cute and I’d love to have a bf who looks like him

No. 1391702

anon i just wanna say you sound like the amazing house who only had their porch light on and no one was going to but i decided to try and this old 50-50 y/o couple greeted me with a few options of KING sized candy bars. i was the only one in my group who got to say they received a full bar. im never forgetting that.

No. 1391718

Imagine caping this hard for real life males. If you manage to find a decent boyfriend then good for you, but I don't get why you lot get so fucking triggered when someone says real moids are shit (most of them are and you know it) and that she prefers 2D men.
I rarely see you shitting on bisexual women who prefer dating women, because scrotes are shit, this hard.
>it's coomer and degenerate!!
Husbandofags who don't date real males have a sexuality just like any other woman and they have a right to coom to their fantasies about their husbandos just like you would coom to fantasies of your boyfriend. Do you think that just because they hate men irl they should be asexual puritans? Also coomer moids are much, much worse than coomer women on average, it's extremely disingenuous to compare them or say that women are just as worse because of the minority who gets off to to truly degenerate shit (for every one of those women, there are like 1000 scrotes).

If you mean those in the more serious husbandofag thread, they get mad because that thread is for women who decided to stop dating real men, it says so in the OP. They are way more lenient in the hornyposting thread if you mention a male partner. I've rarely seen husbandofags on here put the blame on the woman for being raped or abused by her boyfriend so you're just talking out of your ass. Also imagine thinking that men shitting on real women = women shitting on real men. Either an extreme case of pickmeism or an actual moid.

No. 1391750

Burlesque is cringe dorky LARPing

No. 1391754


No. 1391771

I don’t think people would be reacting so adversely to him if he hadn’t hyped it up and encouraged others to do so as well, and if he weren’t proven to be a shit person. I think those things compound into why everyone is tired of looking at him.

No. 1391814

More people should live abroad for awhile (if they can, obviously). I lived in China + Vietnam for several years after getting my degree (worked in art field) and although sometimes it was a rough ride, it really opened my eyes. There are some things that can't really be taught, you have to experience. I went from being part of the crowd - part of the majority group - to standing out big time. I appreciated the Chinese for their solidarity, blunt-talking and family focus. I envy their national push for excellence rather than individual happiness, and although I don't agree with what the government there does, I can say a lot of westerners focus on trivial bullshit way too much. They're all laughing in Beijing every time one of us troons out or we tear down statues, wish we could get our act together. The recent stats in my country for literacy/numerical skills actually make me angry. I've started seriously considering getting into politics in a few years, my platform being transforming the educational system and coming down hard on moid criminals who are shitting up the place. So yeah, go to another country, see what they do better, bring some of that home.(.)

No. 1391880

>I think if a man does not know a trade/have valuable skills, does not have good income, or cannot produce children, then there is no point in being with him.
This is 1,000,000% the truth, and something every girl should be told by every adult woman. Unless a man can and will provide you with a better life, in assets you can report on your tax papers, he's just a parasite. 99% of them aren't capable of love, they just keep you around to provide services, so make sure you get more services in return. Don't get stuck in millennial "50/50" bullshit where some scrote drains away your whole life while his life improves in every way.
I hate how "individualism" and "be yourself" in America have been reduced to ways to validate selfishness and turn yourself into a giant Hot Topic flavored cartoon character.

No. 1391915


Yup, feels like these days there is a cultural idea in the west "if it feels good, it must be good". Now we suffer through shit like porn addicts, fat acceptance movement, trannies and polyamorous "families" with the kids getting diddled by mommy's new "friend".

No. 1392650

not that unpopular, but black supremacists exist. try being the only white person among a big group of uneducated brown and black people and see for yourself how they treat you, even if you go out of your way to be helpful and friendly. stupid people bully, they have low eq, and if you add racial bias into it, they will use it to other you, all while seeming like the victim. i seen it happen many times working my way out at shitty jobs. the non-whites bond over the racism memes and try make you do 99% of the work while being proud of doing fuck all. team work and sociability means nothing to them if they see a white person. no matter how good you are, how hard you work, how much you have ever donated, how you have called out bigotry and racism in your life. they are seething with envy and want you to slave for them or get out. they think it's some form of racial justice to bully the 1-2 white people while outnumbering them.(Global rule 7, read the rules. Racebaiter.)

No. 1392776

My unpopular opinion is that having certain racebaity opinions is weird when you’re on a website that rightfully celebrates female supremacy

No. 1392779

>woe is me I was the only educated poor victimized white bitch among a sea of stupid blackies
God I wish you’d get a grip and shut the fuck UP. Just shut up!!

No. 1392780

what does either one have to do with the other?

No. 1392782

nta but

>opinion and anecdote i dont like REEEEEEEEE be silent


No. 1392784

cry harder, im close

No. 1392791

Yeah constantly trying to shoehorn how much you hate other races and are sooo victimized as a white person is an opinion that deserves to be bullied and silenced. You are pathetic and weak as an individual.

No. 1392795

What if said opinions strictly concern men and pickmes?

No. 1392796

Nta but where did they say they hated other races top kek

No. 1392798

This isn't even exclusive to blacks vs. whites. No matter how much we "celebrate diversity" it doesn't change innate behaviours that have been present throughout evolution. I saw a lot of it growing up in an area with a lot of immigrants. The majority group excludes the minority groups and sometimes there's a order of preference that's based on nationality, race and religion. It's a universal want to associate with those that look and think like you do.

No. 1392800

Men, maybe. Leave the pickmes alone!

No. 1392802

File: 1667179526483.jpg (20.29 KB, 480x429, 1651489114436.jpg)

Nevermind I read retardation above. It's so obvious they are full of shit because the actual enemy of black supremacists is black women and white men, they literally worship white women even if they pretend not to like them. Any black woman bullying a white woman over race shit is just a senseless pickme and probably seethes whenever she sees a black woman date a non-black woman and is jealous. Idk, at least if you are a white woman you can just ignore them, it's not so easy when you are a black woman and probably live with people like this day in and day out.

but nonna i want to make fun of their meaningless devotion to men that don't even like them!!!(global rule 7)

No. 1392803

>try being the only white person among a big group of uneducated brown and black people and see for yourself how they treat you, even if you go out of your way to be helpful and friendly
If you’re unable to read between the lines and use deductive reasoning given the amount of annoying racebait that keeps being thrown into every thread this week I don’t know what to tell you

No. 1392808

you can't read the rules? take your racebait to /pol. plus you sound like you have a bad case of main character syndrome. i highly doubt those "uneducated brown and black people" have given you more than 2 seconds of thought. get the fuck over yourself

No. 1393024

File: 1667198207336.gif (48.32 KB, 640x400, 76b1c161aed20ced080821c7012fd3…)

I hate real life beaches, they are so smelly, gross and filled by gross people that hide their dog's turd in the sand. The only way to enjoy the beach is through cute pictures.

No. 1393033

I dont like kdramas or jdramas that have the female main character end with her best guy friend over the rich nice guy. Usually she never cared for the male best friend until the ending and in some shows he tries to sabotage her being with the rich guy. It feels like sending girls, teens, women that they should "date within their means" as in not an attractive, sweet, and rich guy you could possibly divorce for some of the money if it goes there. If a moid is watching then it sends the message he has a chance at his friend who has never seen him romantically in the years of friendship. Of course in so so many shows it's fine when a male is dating a woman who could be his daughter but god forbid a woman date a man she actually desires or is slightly above her league.

No. 1393045

Why did this get redtexted

No. 1393109

File: 1667213734090.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1170x2035, D31E7ACC-6F37-4324-B02A-686D6F…)

Dying your hair a hard to maintain colour is probably the most feminine thing out there. You have to go to the hair salon or touch it up way a lot, in general you’re putting way more energy into your hair way way more than the average feminine woman would.

No. 1393126

IDK it's no different to any other dye job; you gotta fix up the roots every few months but that's it

No. 1393187

But people (especially women) that dye their hair in unnatural colors always act like they’re super unfeminine or gnc while getting into a style that forces you to be super conscious about your hair compared to most people

No. 1393205

The zoomer hate thread is just kinda retarded.
t. millenial

No. 1393209

Hmm, maybe that specific gnc subgroup (I've never encountered any to be honest) but the ones I know put more attention to their looks than most with makeup, accessories, well put together outfits and so on. And if we're talking about gncs online then "not paying attention to looks" is an obvious larp because they wouldn't be fishing for attention on social media if they really didn't care

No. 1393213

I agree, I just find disproportionate hate (like intergenerational hate) so fucking stupid.

No. 1393219

I'm a millennial too and tbh stunted millennials carrying on like teenagers is way weirder to me than anything actaul young people are doing right now. At least they have an excuse.

No. 1393220

Retarded and embarassing.

No. 1393253

zoomers deserve all they hate they get for ruining everything
t. zoomer

No. 1393271

Well yeah they should date within their means Anon irl no rich man is going to save you..believe me I've made that my plan b and it never quite worked out. I'd like to see more female leads in general date out of their league in looks though especially in American media they owe this to us after all the nerd gets the girl bullshit.

No. 1393275

Nah, zoomers are garbage. They are terminally online and make a lot of jokes about actual tragedies and horrible situations. Also, a lot of them are lazy.

No. 1393277

Maybe this. But this haircut aint it.

No. 1393283

t. also zoomer

No. 1393285

Half the stuff they complain about in that thread isn't a zoomer thing, many are actually millennial things. The other half I can't relate to cause I'm not a burger.

No. 1393303

because there's nothing unique about zoomers to hate. everything they did millennials on tumblr and twitter already did. they can't even come up with an original kind of cringeworthiness kek.

No. 1393335

anons finally saying what ive been thinking for a while

No. 1393354

I wanna go to a Hawaiian beach cause they look so cool. I've been to San Diego and the beach was so murky and greenish gray.

No. 1393362

beaches in hawaii are lovely, lots of little crabs in the sand going about their day and the water is super clear. every beach smells like a sunblock factory and the sand is like 110 fuckin degrees tho

No. 1393373

Yeah exactly I don’t like how they call themselves gnc but I guess alt isn’t that special and neo-emo sounds cringe I guess

No. 1393391

It should be illegal for men to be gynecologists.

No. 1393428

This isn't the objectively correct facts thread, anon.

No. 1393548

To this day I don't understand why men would even want to specifically become gynecologists. I don't know it's just weird, I can't 100% trust a man like that, and I doubt the whole "a family member of mine had breast cancer (or anything else related to gynecology) and it traumatized me and it made me want to become a doctor" is a very common occurrence.

No. 1393564

i think i remember sylvia federici saying something salient

No. 1393566

A lot of medical people chose their specialization based solely on practical things. Like, for instance, there might be a great need for gynecologists in an area, so a grant for scholarships for gynecology might be set up and aimless medical students will pick it because "I'll save a bunch on loans and in 6 years I can be making X per year in Miami" and that's it. Still probably a lot of moids who go into it for weird fetish reasons and they shouldn't be trusted if you can help it.

No. 1393591

Mean girls is a shitty, overhyped movie

No. 1393641

The number of people online that have adopted the mindset of the movie is disgusting. You will never be Regina George or a Stacey. You're just a mean loser who just wants to feel powerful online because you're that much of a retarded loser IRL

No. 1393665

I agree that men shouldn't do it, but it's one of the few specializations which has some fully healthy patients, who just come with good news over and over. Meanwhile other specializations are guaranteed or per definition deal with bad news and negative shit.

No. 1393678

I have to agree honestly.

No. 1393701

thank you for explaining this. i always wondered about doctors with really niche specialties who don't seem particularly interested in it or even seem annoyed by their patients. seems kind of obvious now but i didn't put it together.

No. 1393721

I don't think that's how it works in my country. Right now doctors are mostly in cities and are encouraged to go in rural areas more because of the lack of doctors there compared to the population but that's it. Same thing with vets but that's even worse since farms absolutely need vets and the few ones who are retiring aren't replaced at all. But I haven't noticed any differences between specializations and student loans and scholarships aren't nearly as high as in most common wealth countries.

No. 1393778

What are you doing on lolcow exactly…?

No. 1394213

I don’t like much of her music but it makes me happy to see Taylor Swift breaking records and being top 10 on billboard. Better her than Drake, it’s nice to see relatively wholesome music get so much attention and seeing the non-crazy fans enjoy her work. She was shit on sooooo much by the general population for a while and it was really undeserved.

No. 1394219

Halloween has been commercialised to the point that it has lost any cultural meaning and is just another day where people consoom plastic shit from China that will end up in a landfill once it's over.

No. 1394273

File: 1667290697017.png (77.07 KB, 256x256, Screenshot 2022-11-01 at 08-18…)

No. 1394326

Has it ever have any cultural meaning? Pagan celebrations it originates from had, but halloween itself as we know it has always been about spending money

No. 1394630

File: 1667320649665.jpg (112.12 KB, 1242x1212, 1666568874750.jpg)

I miss the days when Anime, visual novels and other japanese media weren't mainstream.
The cons are not enjoyable at all anymore, too many annoying and obnoxious people who only consume all of the trending shit
Every seasonal anime keeps copying one another and people keep consume it
Nendroids and figmas used to cost 30-40$ at worst but now its over 50$

You would think having more recently converted normies would make conventions and anime communities any less cringe, but no, it is so much worse now.

No. 1394640

I hate newfags trying to police anime. I understand lolishit is gross but japanese artists dont give a shit and screeching like a retard on twitter isnt going to change anything but make being an anime fan in the west insufferable, i am so tired of posting a cute anime pic and retards going "omg look at her she looks 5 years old its so creepy so gross" when its a generic moe character thats not even loli.

No. 1394651

I feel the same about all Asian media in general. Not to be a gatekeeper but everything was so much better 10+ years ago, the community was much smaller, mostly female and comfy. Now the anime and jpop/kpop community is full of the most obnoxious nasty zoomers imaginable, as well as endless troons and moids. I also hate how soulless Japanese and Korean music and fashion have become in the last decade. There used to be way more creativity and soul and freedom of expression, now everyone looks and dresses the same and the music all sounds the same (garbage).

No. 1394656

>Not to be a gatekeeper
Don't say that, gatekeeping is great and I've started to realize this now that fandoms turned to shit for the reasons anon listed.

No. 1394808

>Nendroids and figmas used to cost 30-40$ at worst but now its over 50$
It's because nerd culture in general has evolved into consumerism. It always was but it has gotten alot worse the last 10 years. Being a fan is about owning as much merch as possible now

No. 1394819

File: 1667333225150.jpg (3.61 MB, 3835x2558, 2ChocolateChipCookies.jpg)

These cookies are a massive lie! They aren't good, any of them! Even if your mamma does them, NOT GOOD. Gingerbread cookies on the other hand….

No. 1394846

To talk about how I much I hate men? God you're so STUPID, Karen

No. 1394868

modern pop culture is dead and that's why we are infested by reboots, every good story has been told already

No. 1394876

File: 1667336171272.gif (495.53 KB, 500x275, ursula.gif)

you puny fucking retard!!!! you do not understand the purity, the clarity, the incandescent combination of flavors and textures that is the proper chocolate chip cookie. it must be salty. it must be a tiny lil bit burnt on the edges. they must all be different sizes. you eat half of the dough before you bother to put it in the oven. they are perfect and you are TRASH. you have the tastebuds of a 35 year old man that insists on eating french fries at his OWN WEDDING. any grandmotherly love that has descended on your life has been a complete WASTE. you must cease your heresy and repent by making chewy chocolate chip cookies in your own home at once.

No. 1394885

Wtf. Salty chocolate chip cookies? I don't know nonnie

No. 1394902

Nta, but putting a little salt on sweet food is good. Like salted caramel.

No. 1394903

damn u right i would like french fries on my wedding

No. 1395026

Many of the people who keep saying "OMG the kardashians are getting skinny, heroin chic is back now, omg eating disorders are backkk" actually want it. They are attempting to manifest it.

No. 1395029

I agree and i don't blame them, being an skelly costs no money at all is far easier than getting a bbl. It's the one beauty standard that the vast majority of women actually have a chance in obtaining.

No. 1395183

File: 1667354121669.png (57.71 KB, 300x295, thumb_not-now-ow-sweaty-i-de-m…)

There is nothing wrong with kids saying shit like "adults shouldn't be in fandoms, go do your taxes". I don't agree with the statement but I did use to say similar stuff when I was a child, even back then I didn't agree with it either, it's literally just trolling. Even if the kids where being genuine when saying this: why care? Why are you even arguing with children on the internet in the first place just block them and move on. Kids are going to say stupid stuff and this is harmless. It's like going up to a teenager who said "adults are lame" after being grounded and then scold her for being ageist it's just not worth arguing and it's better to ignore

No. 1395185

please tell me you're joking, please tell me that the majority of people don't seriously think they're being bullied by literal children especially when they deserve it for being in a "fandom"

No. 1395190

Nta but the kind of adults who flock to fandom are the exact kind of people to believe they’re being mistreated due to muh agism

No. 1395198

You see many adults on tumblr with jobs and children get mad over this. It started because a bunch of 13-14 year olds started saying "go do your taxes" whenever they got in an argument with an adult

No. 1395200

People really get mad about this? That shit is just a part of life kek.

No. 1395201

>you see many people on Tumblr with children
I am going to kill myself.

No. 1395282

I hate kids

No. 1395302

Idk why anyone thought it was a good idea to let kids use the same websites as adults. Bring back flash games and shit, sometimes I'll read a retarded take online and have to take a step back and meditate on the fact that it was probably written by an actual 14 year old.

No. 1395333

I just resent brown or gold colored nails on anyone. The color reminds me too much of dirt or nail fungus that when I see someone with it in my peripheral vision it makes me want to gag. It does not look good on anyone.

No. 1395344

Brown is ok but gold screams ghetto and tacky. I'll add to this and say I don't like fake nails nor do I care about them. They all look like shit and dirty. No way anyone's wiping their ass properly with the really long ones and it also tells me they don't do chores.

No. 1395359

agreed. this and that foul corpse-colour momokun always uses

No. 1395374

Brown can be nice if it's used as a nude, as in the person is dark skinned, but I will stand by gold nail polish, I think it looks nice on me.

No. 1395398

I have no love for long nails but I am utterly bewildered by the amount of people who think it prevents them from wiping their ass. Do you stick your fingernails directly into your butthole??? I wipe with a flat palm and my fingernails don't face or go near my ass, they're completely out of the way regardless of length.

No. 1395412

Women who take the fds thing too seriously and have the “haha I’m so powerful that will show HIM who is boss” mentality are so foolish and embarrassing. You aren’t baiting and switching him. That man does not care about you. If you died tomorrow he will be ecstatic to use it as a personality trait for potential new pussy, something else to absorb into the persona he puts on to make women think he has the soul of a person and a tragic backstory. He do not give a fuck!!

No. 1395475

I think some people want that because the entertainment industry has felt stale these past few years and a new trend like that would shake it up

No. 1395526

Regardless of how you feel about kids, it's embarrassing being an adult who gets in fight with children over cartoons

No. 1395540

Not fds but meh. From what I've seen fds thrives on disappearing from men's lives without a trace and succeeding. Maybe the idea of rubbing their success in his face is a motivater but I don't see how it's different from kids using their bullies as motivators

No. 1395554

This. Why are kids even going to argue with adults online? Can they go on kids.com? When I was a kid on the internet, literally everyone would disregard anything you had to say if you weren't at least 15 or 16. Bring that shit back, no one should be entertaining babies.

No. 1395559

Thats also 100% fair

No. 1395574

i wish i could go back in time to a time period without smartphones

No. 1395578

God me too anon, being born into this shit time period sucks. Not that other time periods were amazing and without flaw, but I would have liked to be young in the 60s/70s/90s. Hearing the experiences of boomers always makes me jealous because they got to do stupid shit without a digital footprint following them everywhere, that's what I envy the most.

No. 1395580

Boomers like to pedal all of this shit too. My boomer parents act like I'm being buried in the back of some murderers house if I don't text back within minutes so I developed an anxiety to be without my phone simply because theyve called the cops on me multiple times for not responding
>Inb4 well not all boomers
Maybe not all but I've met plenty of people my age like this. Not to mention technology is forced on kids at school and you literally need a phone for most work schedules or apps nowadays. It just overcomplicates things

No. 1395581

Same anon. I always had problems with productivity but it got so much worse when I got a smartphone. I hate that it also expects you to always be available and forces you to always be working because your boss and colleagues can always contact you.
Smartphones also ruined internet culture since everyone can acces any site whenever they want.
I have so many thoughts about this but I don't know how to word them but essentially I agree with you

No. 1395584

Not to mention all the constant privacy violations that come with the devices that workplaces/schools hand out to people.

I hate that not answering a message is seen as me "ghosting" or ignoring people. To me I see reading messages like opening a mailbox, I do it every once in a while but I hate feeling like I'm under the obligation of answering right away because of that stupid feature that tells people when you've read the message. I hate that everything is recorded, I hate no privacy, I hate mass surveillance, I hate overstimulation, and I hate how social media trends ruin everything.

No. 1395586

File: 1667389615434.gif (4.9 MB, 540x236, 5d077421146ccbd7d77a9dbf5bcf2c…)

same, it was so boring growing up in the 2010's. There was nothing new or interesting to do, the only big thing i remember was minecraft, lets players and fnaf, things that i didnt partake on and will never be nostalgic for me. And also, i am so tired of inviting friends over to watch a movie or do something and them just looking at their phones the whole time, i am pretty much the only person who isnt stuck to their mobile phone 24/7. It's so tiring, wish i could travel back in time.

No. 1395591

I just turn off my phone and throw it under my matress regularly (out of sight out of mind). Sometimes for a whole weekend, idgaf if it takes me hours or days to respond of messages, if I'm not getting paid you're not entitled to my time. Sometimes you just need to take matters in your own hands.

No. 1395593

i dont even use mine expect for when my mom calls me, i am just tired of everyone being stuck to their smartphones.

No. 1395596

File: 1667390236202.jpg (9.24 KB, 275x217, m-23.jpg)

Others have already bought up surveillance which I agree is a problem but also the fact that everyone has access to a camera now. One time when I was a teenager I was goofing around with my friends in public (we did nothing to bother people I swear) and then I saw this adult moid filming us. There are so many vines and tiktok that is only about filming strangers. That instagram account "subway hands" or whatever the fuck it's called is taking pictures of people without their consent and people praise it because "the human experience" or whatever.
I'm a very private person and I'm camera shy. Most of my family members don't even have pictures of me and yet I know that I exist on strangers photographs it's legit making me nauseous

No. 1395601

The worst are people getting into confrontations with others and whipping out a camera and shoving it in their face. Like, okay? Every single person on this EARTH has been with an argument with someone before. Multiple times, unless you live in some isolated area by yourself with no human contact. We don't need every heated moment on camera. (This doesn't apply to people who film their parents/SO being abusive for court purposes)

No. 1395605

This bothers me so much, but even with kids consensually filming each other. I did some stupid things as a young teenager which I imagine could totally be put online and seen by thousands nowadays on platforms like tiktok, and this kind of thing stays online forever. Growing up before smartphone era meant you'll be able to easily move on from your youth idiocy and there was no risk of being ridiculed on a global scale. Kids need this, not having their mistakes recorded and judged.
I do that too nowadays, but it took me years to realize how much constant smartphone use hurts me. For the longest time I felt like I couldn't live without being able to bury myself in scrolling the internet at any moment I want, I legitimately thought I need it to soothe my anxiety, especially around others. Being permanently online is a drug.

No. 1395619

The “burka vs naked” argument is one of the most retarded ones I’ve seen from people with this anti-nakedness stance, I also do agree that not everything is done for men or for the male gaze and that some women just want to wear stupid/cute shit for the fun it or how it makes her feel, there is nothing wrong with that just as how there would be nothing wrong with a woman dressing conservatively or in androgynous styles. I can understand being against burka/niqab/religious coverings but this whole entire thing screams “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”, women are always finger-wagged for nearly every fucking thing we do that it gets tiring, our lives are always policed which is the opposite of what feminists should be seeking, radfem or not. Men never have to make a moral decision about what they have to wear and how it affects other people when they wake up, so why the fuck should we? I also feel the burka vs naked argument is hypocritical as the woman who are all for women being able to wear whatever clothing you want are quick to judge the burka or even women who wear certain types of clothing but were the ones mysteriously there supporting the Norwegian women who were fined and basically policed for wearing “revealing” outfits that were entirely appropriate for the weather and intensity of the event. I just find that strange, why certain women are to be policed and judged for what they wear but others are not? A cute little dress a celebrity wears that shows her boobs is indicative of large-scale patriarchal values that dictates the choices women make, which is true in most circumstances, but it’s clear what type of woman is allowed these graces because it plays into purity politics. Whores are dirty and taint everything they touch, real women are strong women who like to get dirty, do sports, are tall and strong, like I’m seeing a heavy bias towards a demographic of women where feminism has always benefited them. This is so tiring and upsetting to bring up

No. 1395623

Chill out

No. 1395632

Are you referring to the celebrity cows thread? No one wanted women to cover up, they just said dressing in something nude-appearing was sexualized.

No. 1395637

i lowkey agree.

No. 1395657

File: 1667392866982.jpg (95.7 KB, 1280x756, f77f2a592197a1d21e1959361f5c3d…)

Seriously this. I like the celebricows thread, but sometimes, it gets weirdly hair-trigger and anons jump to insane conclusions. It's like Twitter

No. 1395660

Because celebricows is 90% twitterfags and there’s confirmed gay males in that thread

No. 1395667

Yes. Twitterfags are the epitome of jumping to conclusions. They literally want everything to be all samethink and don't understand the idea of the fact disagreeing with someone on one thing doesn't mean you are the complete opposite

I also feel like this is the reason why people have trouble forming friendships nowadays since no one understands the idea of disagreements without playing mental gymnastics and spazzing out

No. 1395713

>Nendroids and figmas used to cost 30-40$ at worst but now its over 50$
THIIIISS Why are nendroids so god-damn expensive!!!
I just want to buy cute figure of my husbando, for the love of god.

No. 1395721

>You would think having more recently converted normies would make conventions and anime communities any less cringe, but no, it is so much worse now.
It actually got worse once all the normies came in and tore down the sensible gatekeeping. Oldschool anime fans had their insane bad apples, of course, but normalfags are so much more unhinged and entitled than your generic geek who has generally been conditioned to be tolerant, analytical and respecting of the hobby. They say that the people you think are normal are the people you don't know that well and that applies to mainstream normies perfectly. Even the white supremacist thoughts were introduced to the video game community by opportunistic outsiders who didn't even give a shit about games but just wanted to manipulate a following for their own gain.

No. 1395738

Is that last sentence about gamergate soemthing else?

No. 1395739

I hate getting into things that have an active fandom because keeping up with all the new releases, fanart, news, memes, and assorted meta feels like drinking from a firehose. IDGAF about connecting with other fans, I'd rather just enjoy things at my own pace without feeling pressured to take part in things to stay relevant.

No. 1395757

it always blows my mind when i see weebs with entire walls of figurines, because they are not inexpensive!

No. 1395898

Nendos are ugly

No. 1395903

They’re as bad as funkos

No. 1395959

i don't like chibis in general

No. 1395965

Shut up i love mine, she's always smiling at me while i cry

No. 1395983

I used to go to anime cons in 2003-2013. The fanbase was very different compared to know where everyone is an IG thot or Nigiri clone. (Now belle clone, i suppose?) It was easier to meet people into niche anime. Now every hot topic, target and Walmart sells anime merch. Anime fans are openly degenderates. (look at people wearing fakku shirts ) when those types were at least in the shadows. Now zoomers post all kinds of nasty shit on twt and people applaud them. I do miss jrock, anime and even kpop from the 2005 era. what the fuck happened?

No. 1395988

Being a kid in the 90s was the best. I just rewatched Lost boys last weekend for Halloween. I think the best thing to do is find hobbies that dont involve smart phones like hiking or reading books. There is a lot to do out there. I have no issues turning off my phone once i'm off work and doing other things. I need my phone for work sadly, but life was better without smart phones.

No. 1396086

it's so crazy you brought this up and that so many anons feel the same. ive spent the last month in agonizing nostalgia for pre cellphone life and get lost binging on home footage from the 80s and 90s like vidrel. im tired of phones taking everyones attention, making them speak in retarded lingo, people recording everything, no peace no privacy just like all you anons. i identify as time period dysphoric and i demand the government comply with my transgeneration treatment plan (building an alternate reality where there are no phones and no HD TVs and no smart fridges and no surveillance cameras every 5 feet and)

No. 1396097

Online relationships shouldn't be called LDR.

No. 1396100

What's the difference to you anon?

No. 1396105

There's no distance to be crossed if you've never met. LDR should be reserved for people who met their lover abroad or partners who're forced to temporarily live apart because of a job or whatever.

No. 1396112

I was in high school in the early aughts and probably like 03/04 everyone was getting their first cell phones. I remember how bleak the future seemed after one time all my friends met up and most of the evening was spent playing snake on their Nokias. Then freshman year of college no one could enjoy the party because they were on their phones looking for a better/cooler party the whole time. I know this is just oldfag ramblings, but I wished back then that I was around when none of this existed. I truly don’t know how the 2010‘s kids do it.

No. 1396117

100% nona, it's always confusing to me when people refer to their online relationship as a long distance one. i guess it technically is but it's not what it traditionally means and there is a big difference between dating someone you know who lives away and dating someone you've never met. also it causes confusion, like people will say things like 'long distance relationships never work out' and when i bring up someone i know who was in a successful ldr with a guy she married they're always like 'oh i meant online relationships' okay just say that then. ugh.

No. 1396156

I feel like HD cameras also made us siuñer dysphoric you cant hide bad skin when everyone camera is 4k and can photograph every single pore

No. 1396161

As someone who actually did live my childhood and adolescence in the 90's without cell phones or internet, it's nice to reminiscence and be all "wow wouldn't that be so cool not to be so connected all the time", something that I also think about, but realistically back then you were also so very lonely. If you lived in a bumfuck nowhere town that was your entire world and it was much harder to get out. Now I can talk to all the nonnies around the world whenever I want and get to know lots of different people, find out information about better places to move to, just overall have the entire world's information resources in my hand.

>making them speak in retarded lingo

And now THIS you can't get away from in any period of time.

No. 1396163

People nowadays feel more lonely than ever though, yeah you can speak to thousands of people online but the relationship will never be as fullfilling as a real one, or meeting them through school/ a job/ a common hobby. I met alm my friends through the net and i feel so lonely, i never met someone who i truly connected with.

No. 1396175

I feel like the late 00's-early 10's had the best balance of tech and connectivity with real life.

No. 1396221

This is true, I’ve met so many cool people online, but I also feel like it’s somehow harder to foster online relationships now. We’re more connected now but it feels like we’re all getting further apart.

No. 1396248

You take some and you lose some. I would've quite literally roped if I didn't have my online friends I talked to with a shitty dial-up on the home computer while my parents were
(albeit rightfully) paranoid about predators on the internet. It was absolutely miserable to live in a world where my backwards city was all I had and some of those friends I made online are still my close friends 20 years later.

Of course everything being online has its cons but it has a lot of ups too compared to a time when in order to listen to music you just had to wait until your favourite song came on the radio and be ready to record it immediately. The good thing about that though is that entertainment was held at a higher value since it wasn't something you consoom endlessly for 10 bucks a month but on the other hand it's much easier and faster to find something you actually enjoy instead of crap that you're forced to settle with since there's nothing else. Or having to buy a whole ass CD just to own that one song you listened to again and again. Or if I want to learn a skill it's so much easier to just google tutorials and start practicing based on those. It's opened a lot of opportunities and there's a whole lot of internet outside of just social media.

No. 1396252

brow tinting + laminating is so ugly and i'm tired of people pretending it's not

No. 1396261

Brow tinting looks as unnatural as hair dye. Idk what brow laminating is but if you're talking about the glue stick look, that is the ugliest shit I've ever seen.

No. 1396263

You're right. Let's not go back to actually socializing face to face and let's let people become more anti social and socially awkward due to technology. Online friendships are useless and not stimulating enough for the human brain.

No. 1396286

Napster is from like 99‘ though and once Soulseek got big, you could find everything. The days of having to depend on the radio are more than 20 years ago. That being said no one needs insane access to music, it sure hasn’t increased the quality.

Everyone needs some hobby or something they like to make them feel special and the Internet just destroyed that so nothing ends up feeling special. So you end up with more degenerates and NPCs who are fuelled by self-righteousness. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve always existed, groupthink has always existed, but not to this degree. Maybe the Internet allows for more possibility, but not opportunity.

No. 1396325

It's still like this, arguably worse. When I first went out to lunch meeting new people in college (2019) they spent most of the time just staring at their phones instead of chatting. Even worse, we all posed for one of them to take a Boomerang (short recordings looped over and over instead of pictures, I don't really know) I'm sure to post to their Instagram stories and make it look like we had fun when that definitely wasn't the case it was boring as fuck. At least I certainly didn't.

No. 1396328

I mean that 100% is surveillance, we've just been memed into doing it to eachother now. Doorbell cameras, filming arguments, filming couples dancing on their balcony, all of these things work in tandem to make it seem more normal that YOU ARE BEING WATCHED 24/7. i hate how people use the dumbass "you're in public so expect to be filmed" argument, motherfucker being in public doesn't mean that people consent to being farmed for content and having their face plastered on everyones phone. FUCK THIS CLOWN WORLD.

No. 1396332

God the fucking boomerangs, they are unbearable. I know I'm going to sound like an NLOG but in general when I hang out with men I feel that they are less annoying with that shit and tend to live more in the moment, which probably has something to do with women being considered ornamental objects in society and thus being brainwashed into constantly putting themselves on display.

No. 1396382

File: 1667444795672.jpeg (60.89 KB, 400x497, 27521412-0219-49A4-BBA6-525B5D…)

I’m not trying to shit on the girls who like pegging in general, but I’m fucking sick of it being presented as the only radfeminist way to have sex on social media. I’m sorry, but larping as a male in a Greek bath is not le epic female power move irl. It’s annoying that there’s not more discourse on how to successfully channel yonic energy - I mean, a fucking dark mysterious chasm is much more powerful and evocative than a fucking pillar or stick. I think radfeminism is hampered by not being able to capture the same darkened feminine energy that the retarded coquette movement attracts, because as women we want to be empowered as WOMEN not as facsimiles of men. Honestly, maybe this is less of an unpopular opinion than an unhinged rant but still. I’m pretty dominant in my relationship irl but I wish there was some heterosexual aimed help for becoming the dominant partner in a way that didn’t encourage male larp

No. 1396385

File: 1667444943269.jpg (141.06 KB, 400x419, 1540872238528.jpg)

>I’m fucking sick of pegging being presented as the only radfeminist way to have sex on social media
what the fuck
I don't have any social media sites; where are you seeing this? Holy shit the zoomers are not alright

No. 1396388

File: 1667445495748.jpeg (150.44 KB, 640x832, 3A01F33C-80A1-46FF-9A37-79ECCD…)

AYRT maybe I’m just in the shittiest of tiktok fem spheres but I’ve seen it shilled a lot. I know people here are genuinely into it and I’m not trying to knock it but imo it is not a sex act that honors feminine mystique enough for me to engage in and it should not be shilled to young zoomies and gen alphas like it is online because that’s how you encourage male “feminization” that leads to trooning - females becoming surrogate males in the act of sex.
Idk. Maybe I’m psycho. I just want to create a conversation on sex acts that honor the infinite depth and power of the vagina rather than slap a microplastic shedding penis over it

No. 1396391

Happens in /g/ a lot too. If you don't want to dom a man and chain him up, suddenly you hate yourself and have ~internalized misogyny~. I personally am not attracted to moids who have strange flavor of the month fetishes or are whiny retards with no spine and want to suck mommy's tit or whatever the fuck is popular right now.

No. 1396426

File: 1667447709615.png (2.72 MB, 1275x900, 7988D052-9AED-4E63-A9EE-B1DE1B…)

yeah it’s fucking crazy to me. I don’t want to deny my womanhood to “dominate” a male. I want to dominate as a woman, with all that entails, good, bad, whatever. It’s not anti feminist to celebrate the yonic: the enveloping, world-destroying, primal, fearsome, sacrilegious, ego-destroying true female sexual power. Women are the earth, the water, the air… I’m not whipping on a fake dick just to cover all that shit up!

No. 1396431

File: 1667447913343.jpg (61.76 KB, 563x751, f6d92f51752b9f9a8140c91cf3cf61…)

I feel like these sandwiches would make an amazing struggle meal. Idaf, i know i could just eat cake, but i will make it anyways.

No. 1396432

File: 1667447979527.png (403.64 KB, 600x600, 1659233259155.png)

100% agree.

No. 1396434

Anyone who would shame a woman for not wanting to peg men are larpers.

No. 1396447

Yeah I'm pretty sure this tiktok pegging brainrot has very close ties to troon brainrot, of course males would promote sex a tranny male can do/sex which tends to put males on a slippery slope to trannydom. No woman is gonna be like "yeah this part of me perfectly designed for fucking? Nah, I would like to stick some plastic in your ass instead"

No. 1396485

Gatekeeping isn't necessarily a bad thing. There are places, practices, techniques, things, whatever in this world that should not be openly available for every person because not everything is for everyone. Sometimes gatekeeping is needed to keep some magic in this world.

No. 1396489

>sex acts that honor the infinite depth and power of the vagina

what would be an example of this

No. 1396492

you make the vagina sound like a Lovecraftian great old one

No. 1396498

There's a weird thing with men with sexual problems, is that they just -never- recover from those problems. Drug addicts somewhat have a shaky recovery but can crawl over the line, even if they become weirdo Evangelicals afterwards. But sexual problems? It just seems like it operates on a more fundamental part of the psyche and ties into the limbic system more. It's why "once a cheater, always a cheater" is a phrase. It's why homosexual moid coomers die of AIDS after 1000+ sexual partners. It's why that guy at the park flashing at people has been caught for the same crime five times before.

People talk about the porn problem for zoomer men like it's something they can recover from, but for most I think it's literally over for them. There's not going to be a wowie moment when they grow up, get their careers sorted and they get it under control once things are going right in life. No, they're going to be like those flashers at the park, they just won't be able to help themselves and will never get better. And even if they could get it under control short term, marrying one of those moids is going to mean he'll always be at risk of that easy access dopamine that satisfies all his cravings.

I guess my unpopular opinion here is that you can basically write off all of those men as a permanent lost cause. It's not an issue that can be treated or solved, once a moid is porn brained he's permanently porn brained.

That's why people used to go to church even though they were secretly atheist.

No. 1396508

Response is related. I think the very best people are a healthy mix of feminine and masculine. By themselves the feminine and masculine become weak and abused for power. For the same reason I think trooning out is weak indulgent hedonistic and ridiculously unattractive. Troons themselves will always be insanely unattractive to me no matter how good looking they are.

No. 1396510

There's the amazon sex position where you awkwardly fold your moids legs back and you sit on top. You can easily control all movements and if you're into that you can bully your moid by saying having his penis exposed like this allowing him to go in deeper is the only position where he can even properly fill you out

No. 1396515

pegging is cringe and i agree it's been overshilled lately and it usually leads to trooning on the male's part but wtf is "feminine mystique" lol
it's fucking cringe because the focus is still on the male even if the woman is supposedly dominant and it's not at all the same thing as a man fucking a woman in the ass because the pegged male still feels more pleasure than the pegging woman

No. 1396529

>it usually leads to trooning on the male's part
lol wut

No. 1396574

Anon you hit the nail on the head. I’m deep down the rabbithole about men with prn addictions and the attitudes within “mainstream culture” is chilling. EVERY single legitimate book written before the late 00’s about dangerous men will warn you about coomers. It’s not just about morals, their fucking brain chemistry goes through irreversible changes. They will permanently lose empathy for rape victims (if they even had one, then they will instead start believing she liked it) and no amount of repenting or detoxing can make him go back to the way he was before. I feel like everyone has gone crazy, this used to be common knowledge among normies. I’m a zoomer so I had to learn this from older women and legit books. I had no idea until I was 16. I was so apathetic about the women victims of prn trafficking too, but I’m naturally a kind person. It feels like mainstream culture groomed me. I’m glad I caught on but I’m scared for the girls of my generation.
And by the way, it’s illegal to conduct research on the affects of p*rnography addictions. Has been since the 90s, because you can’t put your test subjects in the way of permanent harm for any reason. The science KNOWS it’s irreversible. It’s open & free knowledge for decades now. We just choose to ignore it for our own comfort, knowing every single man you talk to daily has watched rape on tape and wanked to it is maddening information. It’s what some may call a “cognitohazard.”

First, they told us p*rn was just silly fun for all parties involved. Then we witnessed the radical increase in child on child rape or were a victim ourselves. Our boyfriends groomed us into replicating degrading acts from their rape shows. We no longer believed what we were told, but the cultural programming ran so deep we didn’t even realise what we knew. The wisdom lays dormant in the subconscious and it needs to be carefully fished out with education.

No. 1396666

File: 1667477658429.jpg (51.17 KB, 450x301, 28426575.jpg)

I noticed that when nonnies here talk about masculine women and feminine men they're only accepted and ok with each as long as they have certain genetics as opposed to how they present themselves and I wish it was the other way round. You can't control how you look except by undergoing extensive surgery which is stupid but you can control how you dress.
I also noticed that in other terf spaces which just idk defeats the whole purpose? "you can be a feminine man as long as you look like a twink anything else is a rapehon" or "no she doesn't look masc because she has a baby face she's obviously faking it for brownie points/trend" is another level of stupid.
I just want to find an online space that celebrates GNC people without being weird about it. I didn't even tough on the weird hang-ups that I noticed with masc women "she's betraying womanhood" type of shit.

No. 1396678

Tradfags masquerading as "gendercrits" are just as regressive as trannies, GNC is only accepted if you can pass as the opposite gender well enough in their books so that they don't have to be disturbed. I'll admit that it's uncanny and sometimes even funny when GNC men look like rapehons and GNC women look babyfaced but they should have full right to present however they want without being persecuted or being told to fix themselves to be more gender conforming. As long as they don't do what trannies do it shouldn't be anyone's business to tell them how masculine or feminine they should be.

>I didn't even tough on the weird hang-ups that I noticed with masc women "she's betraying womanhood" type of shit.

Don't forget that you're also a NLOG if you want to present more masculine and possibly even a pedophile if you wear sporty androgynous wear because you're obviously trying to look like a little boy!!!!!

No. 1396694

idk I feel masculine and feminine "activities" are 99% of arbitrary, kids like playing with toys, it doesn't matter if its trucks or dolls or action figure, kids are hyper active and will play physical games with each other

No. 1396698

where did you get this from?
ikr this ain't twitter

No. 1396700

maybe they just don't talk about their recovery because it's not as appropriate in their age group
zoomers have come up with "no nut november" and conspiracy theories about masturbation causing low testosterone. there are groups of young men who attempt no fap. maybe there is still hope.

can you link the studies?

No. 1396702

100% agree

you give off skinny pleiadian princess larper vibes

We often forget that, because the newer trannies are very different, but in earlier days, said tradfags being arguably worse than trannies contributed hugely to the popularization of handmaiden-ism. Even now trad-pretending-to-be-critical is what trannies and handmaidens think TERFs are, most "beware of the terves" posts are about it, handmaidens are taught that we are all secretly like this no matter what we say.

No. 1396703

>"she's betraying womanhood" type of shit.
which is annoying asf since this sets back the gender theories 20 years. even back then we knew a short hair girl who likes sports is a girl, she is just a tomboy. but today we have to say she is a boy, but only after asking and making sure that today, in fact, she had chosen to be a he/him boy.

No. 1396705

>once a moid is porn brained he's permanently porn brained.
Take with a grain of salt but wasn't there a study that showed that porn does indeed do (irrevirsible) damage/changes to the male brain?

No. 1396712

Those tradfags literally caused the troon epidemic. The first to transition were largely HSTS, spurred on by homophobic society and lack of acceptance for being really gnc (not just talking about modelesque androgyny). If it weren't for retarded tradfags telling boys and girls that they can't do or wear something because it's for the opposite sex, we would've never ended up with the concept of trans, because that's where the logic comes from. Big pharma just took advantage of a group of societal rejects, who were even rejected by rf's in the 70's in the case of butches. So couldn't even turn to feminism without being treated like a gender traitor and disgusting 'lifelong'. Read up on the polilez therapist Buck Angel had, who said Buck is "male-identified" and actually wanted Buck to fuck off out of womanhood for it. Before that every therapist said Buck is just a lesbian and didn't bring up transitioning. Many such cases, but just mentioning the most famous tru trans one, I know Buck is considered bi and thus was never a real butch or whatever.

No. 1396740

The absolute unhinged responses some anons have the second anyone mentions trans people is starting to get really grating. If I'm reading about a cow and someone used a passing
it's immediately like three or four posts going >she she she like holy shit we get it. I get I'm in a minority that I don't mind trannyism, but the way some nonitas go on and on about how they want to assault or murder trans people simply by virtue of being trans is fucking weird. Ooga booga tranny boogyman, kek

No. 1396754

File: 1667484081083.gif (162.21 KB, 220x220, 06DA93F4-FFA1-4FD0-8EAC-88423F…)

No. 1396756

>Read up on the polilez therapist Buck Angel had, who said Buck is "male-identified" and actually wanted Buck to fuck off out of womanhood for it.
What the fuck? Do you have any resources on this? Not doubting at all because it sounds absolutely plausible, but I'd love to read about it.

No. 1396757

The troon problem started with John Money. He was a jewish pedophile that used twin boys as an experiment for his theory on gender. Both boys would go on to kill themselves as adults.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1396758

I think, in all cases, the sex you were born as is perfectly okay. There is nothing that should be changed. What matters is your own growth and character. ♥

No. 1396760

Agreed. Also dog piles in general are obnoxious, but I guess that’s just muh iMaGeBoArD cUlTuRe.

No. 1396764

it started way before that you racebaiting retard.

No. 1396766

>but muh john money being the cause of all troonery
Literal /pol/faggot dogwhistle.

No. 1396767

>Money was born in Morrinsville, New Zealand, to a Protestant[6] family of English and Welsh descent.
Jewish where lol

No. 1396768

NTA but can you elaborate? Where did it start? The concept of gender identity reportedly spread because of him pushing it. I don't know where some people are getting that he was Jewish, but he's definitely a big cause of the shit we see today.

No. 1396770

NTA but he was proven wrong with his theory about gender identity being something you learn since his subject did end up identifying as a man either way, modern troons recognize him as a fraud and don't refer to him as someone who was right with his methodology. There's no one figure to point the figure at because the current status of the trans movement is the product of multiple different factors that were overlooked for decades. John Money is just something scrotes like to blame because they don't want to recognize the misogyny and homophobia playing a big part in why being trans became so mainstream and instead want an easy answer, preferably a """jewish""" quack brainwashing all the goyims into soycucks or whatever they fantasize about.

No. 1396771

i literally saw multiple anons making fun of gnc women in the tif thread and saying its ''not normal'' and NO one called those anons out…..idk it is weird.

There seems to be a certain demographic of tradthots that post in those threads and then they start leaking out into other threads too.

Also tradthots and CONservatives only slightly pretend to tolerate gnc or terfs because only we have active communities where we call out trannys. But other than tradthots that they despise radfems for feminists and despise gnc women for dressing masculine.

No. 1396773

If a woman is forced to give birth, infanticide is fine.

No. 1396783

Watch me put lil nigel in the microwave

No. 1396792

Anons who defend trannies kind of scare me because why aren’t you concerned about these fruity johns wearing fake boobs and a blonde wig who works at a school full of children. Even the trannies they think are attractive in /g/, literally how?

No. 1396794

File: 1667489777207.jpg (1.8 MB, 3060x1892, Buck_story.jpg)

Above the line I put the story with the therapists, I misremembered a little, but they were basically useless. One just called Buck male identified and did the gender traitor spiel, the other actively encouraged Buck to transition, both claimed to be lesbians. Under the red line I put the history of Buck, obviously a BPD case with lots of cutting, addictions, being put in the psych ward from a young age etc. Buck's big awakening moment of "I'm a guy" also happened just after escaping being raped. I think dysphoria to a degree might even be real, not in the sense of "oh I should be a man", but more in the sense that you can feel uncomfortable having to perform femininity. Which that first lesbian therapist just called being 'male identified', instead of gender nonconforming or something which doesn't immediately link it to being a man. It's judgmental and chastising. I think language like that (which came from polilez iirc) also just spurred a lot of TiFs on, there's a reason we say TiF now and not MiF. Buck felt uncomfortable having to perform femininity while modelling, on top of the homophobia already dealt with and almost being raped. Boiling that down to being 'male identified' instead of you know, actually traumatized, big mistake. Never mind the next one who actually helped with the transitioning and just uncritically went 'okay'.

No. 1396799

Women can get clit simulation from pegging though. And most men don't get extreme pleasure from being pegged just because they have a prostate. Most of the time it's an uncomfortable experience (because it's anal, duh) for the dude and the pleasure is mostly mental/psychological, unless he's built in a very specific way. I can see why most people think pegging is cringe, but saying the woman gets no pleasure from it while the guy gets all the pleasure is just wrong.

No. 1396849

most men are unable to disassociate receiving penetration from womanhood and submission (exact same thing to them) so they think being penetrated by a woman means they're "more womanly" than the woman herself hence the trooning

No. 1396854

fourth term abortion!

No. 1396871

Two things:
1. It's woke Canadian r-slurs fault that that shit wasn't stopped immediately, in any case.
2. Everybody I talked to said it was some dude either trolling the wokes or trying to angle for monetary compensation from them (disability or something idk, maybe a discrimination lawsuit).

Anyways, I hadn't come on lolcow in a while but I want you all to know that this website is literally mumsnet. Thanks.

No. 1396876

Zoomers have no interest in opposing the rape trade. They view the victims as demons sucking up their holy man energy or something equally retarded. If there is any hope it's few and far between and only comes from girls. Samefag as the anon you're replying to. And no sorry I don't have any links rn

No. 1396878

True, also I hate when people seem to imply being GNC is some inherent trait some percent of the population naturally has while the rest does not. Sure, gender non-conformity in early life is often correlated to homosexuality, but not always. I'd say gay people being more likely to be very gender non-conforming as children is more from the way their homosexuality (actual innate and inherent trait even though sexuality in itself is obviously latent until at least puberty) impacts their internalization of gender dynamics since most gender norms are strongly tied to enforcing heterosexuality, gender norms worldwide follow the general equations of female = feminine (defined by the respective culture) = attracts and is attracted to (exclusively) males, respectively male = masculine (again defined by the respective culture) = attracts and is attracted to (exclusively) females. So for those for whom the last parts do not apply they are often bound to subconsciously internalize some mannerisms from the opposite gender norm to attract the same sex and/or repel the opposite sex. But that doesn't mean straight women (or any women at all) are "naturally feminine" and straight men (or any men at all) are "naturally masculine" so straight people do not have to be gender conforming either lest they "appropriate gay culture", although throwing gay people under the bus and becoming homophobic when you do get mistaken for a gay person as a GNC straight person really is not a good look either.
>you can be a feminine man as long as you look like a twink anything else is a rapehon
In this case there might often also be the matter of taste. A man doesn't have to look like a twink to be a "good" GNC man but he still has to look tasteful, adequately groomed and appropriately dressed like a well adjusted person.

No. 1396881

Admitting some trannies could have been attractive people had they never trooned does not equal endorsement of troonism.

No. 1396900

File: 1667495496497.jpg (189.92 KB, 640x400, Tumblr_l_314381252326173.jpg)

People on the Grimes/Elon thread are getting way too conspiracy "muh adrenochrome elite cabal" and it just makes them look schizo and retarded, this kind of thought is genuinely one of the dumbest things ive ever witnessed on the internet and the hallmark of stupid people who think they're smart.

No. 1396946

Nothing they said was wrong and deep down you know it. Would you rather have it turn into a nitpick cesspool about the blobfish woman’s declining looks from her botched surgeries or would you rather have schizos from the tinfoil thread actually talk about something interesting?

No. 1396963

File: 1667497887460.jpg (48.03 KB, 670x458, images.jpeg-404.jpg)

>Would you rather have it turn into a nitpick cesspool about the blobfish woman’s declining looks from her botched surgeries
Unironically yes if it meant not exposing impressionable autists to stupid fringe theories based on speculative fiction written by a drug addict with a vivid imagination, guess what the adrenochrome thing was invented for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson. For a fucking gonzo book. The genre itself is described as mixing reality with ludicrous lies.
But you schizophrenic idiots refuse to read upon anything and just regurgitate conspiracy theories you see on imageboards.

No. 1396986

Nothing schizos talk about is fucking interesting because to normal non-schizophrenics it is literally all just retarded conspiracy theories coming from the weird delusional autists that think they know what's what and everyone else is Le Sheeple. It's basically paranoid retard baby babble. Schizos think so highly of themselves and it's so funny.

No. 1397032

It’s kind of pathetic how racist K-pop idols are but can’t sing or dance after going through so much pain and stress to debut. Meanwhile some random black kid on TikTok dances better than them or some Filipina who just posts on YouTube can sing way better than them with no training.

No. 1397033

Wouldn't be surprised if its big gay Elon pushing these things about himself. He's just a man with a funny voice ugly face and body plus generational wealth. He's a venture capitalist and a moron.

No. 1397036

Hunter S Thompson filmed snuff videos and played them for private audiences.

No. 1397051

Nta but to be fair some conspiracies turn out to be true, I'm not talking about adrenochrome or whatever but Epstein, Weinstein, Dan Schneider, shady stuff the military has done, watergate, shady stuff the cia has done, political parties dumping memes onto social media to further their agenda, the government poisoning alcohol during the prohibition, police forces that have covered up crimes for their officers, major companies paying off the press to keep side effects of their products hidden. They all start with some random schizo tinfoiling about weird shit

No. 1397063

Thats a satanic panic theory peddled by scammers to Noreen Gosch because she couldnt cope with her son Johnny going missing and completely fake.
All written on a fucking shitty 90s era website to boot.
Not denying that some things are true but rich people are evil in the same way normal people are evil, Epstein is the loaded money version of a creepy uncle who pays prostitutes of dubious age to go in his dingy little middle age crisis yatch. Anything retarded like hunting children for their organs to make a youth serum is pure schizophrenia.

No. 1397153

I think it's a lot more technical than people think. Like I get called a tinfoiler for talking about hollywood coverups and the fact that there is a hierarchy of blackmail that trickles down. nobody listens. Fixers still exist in hollywoood and intimidate victims of powerful men. They never fucking stopped. I don't buy the baby blood shit but I also don't buy that there aren't more weinsteins out there. many of these predators are actors known and loved, and they're protected by lawyers, fixers, and studios for their business interest reasons.

Rich men are degenerate sure, but they're also self serving, greedy and will flatten anyone who blocks their path. People need to realize it's not about solidarity, or a coup, or a cabal, it's selfishness guiding them. They get off on the subjugation of women because it gratifies them. More than anything it's all about and always will be about, power. The only solidarity is the blackmail these men have on one another, less than some sort of cult or cabal

No. 1397156

Feminine bisexuals never go for other feminine lesbians because they perceive it as competition, I find it for this reason kinda impossible for a feminine lesbian to exist. They literally just want a non-abusive boyfriend, but little do they understand how fucked up they are in refusing to date someone who’s prettier than them.

No. 1397158

sounds like a you problem nona

No. 1397167

is this a projection? have you been rejected by a feminine bi girl? i hate when people generalise like this

No. 1397168

This seems very oddly specific.

No. 1397180

I don’t get all the hate for polyamory people. There are so many worse degenerate kinks I’d go after first. Polyamory is pretty mild to me.

No. 1397188

in theory probably it's probably not that bad but 99% of the time in real life it's some moid's thinly veiled harem or cuckold fetish

No. 1397189

Tbh i think it’s mostly because of the people who engage in poly. It’s always the ugliest and greasiest weirdos you’d ever imagine. Also people in poly always go on and on about how they’re sooo much better than monogamous couples and talk some bullshit about how humans aren’t naturally monogamous. Idk it’s really preachy and nobody wants the ugly fucker who hasn’t bathed in 5 years talking about how much better they are than everyone else kek. It also seems like many couples try to attempt poly once their relationship is clearly failing, or 1 person gets manipulated into it.

No. 1397194

>I don’t get all the hate for polyamory people.
They don't shut up about it.
They act like they are better than everyone else.
Polyamory clearly leads to dumpster fire relationships and they refuse to acknowledge this.
A lot of the time it's just an excuse for assholes to fuck other people and keep their SO from leaving them and the polyamory community likes to pretend that this is not the case and that its the SO's problem if they are jealous.
A lot polyamory is cope, like the concept of compersion, and they act their cope makes them better people.

No. 1397205

I hate it only cause it's typically very homely women with self-esteem issues coping over their scrote being a serial cheater. Bonus points when they pretend to be bi so they can convince themselves they're also into the women their scrote is into.

Show me the polycule where a decently attractive woman has several orbiters giving her everything and then I'd be more onboard. But alas.

No. 1397209

Only poly girl i've met was a pretty young blonde girl who had multiple people she fucked with but was closer to one of them.

I don't really get it either way. Seems like a non relationship to me but to each their own

No. 1397226

>I hate when people seem to imply being GNC is some inherent trait some percent of the population naturally has while the rest does not
One of the reasons for that is similar to why "born this way" got popular even before there was any evidence. People might finally accept homosexuality, but often still have a MASSIVE problem with gender nonconformity, or they are okay with either, but not combined. So they will say things like "I understand that you're a lesbian, but do you also have to look like THAT?". Sometimes straight people will even call butches the lesbophobic ones for being butch. It's this weird progressive larp where they think it's funny to throw shit like that back in your face, because they think they have caught you in something. Then it's easier to just say it's inherent, to get them to shut up, instead of trying to actually explain to them how it actually works, because they don't really care nor would they understand. Same thing when it comes to the femme4femme supremacy crowd (not shitting on all femme4femmes, just this specific demographic) who consider butches to be regressive and see us as the one thing standing in between their acceptance. They'll go on a spiel about how you weren't born gnc so "why can't you just look normal and PRETTY?" Saying something is inherent is just an easy way to get people to shut up, who wouldn't care about a longer and better explanation anyway.

No. 1397264

When I was younger I dipped my toes into various overlapping communities, kink, swinging, poly people. They all overlapped a lil. Ime people who just sleep around within the context of a party seemed to able to pull it off and it was all chill. People who were full on poly were walking trainwrecks who started drama or always had some sort of hate campaign going on against their exes. Condescending uppity hypocrites who rarely follow their own bullshit rules about respecting each other

No. 1397268

I don’t either and “because they’re ugly just doesn’t seem like an actual reason like…ok so what if they’re ugly?
I will say that from experience the people i know that that formed poly relationships (as in they were dating 2 people at once) should absolutely not be dating anyone period, they need fucking therapy.
I think it can work but you need to display a large level of maturity that most people in poly subreddits just do not have or you just have to be brutally honest and not lead people on especially someone looking for a same-sex relationship and I speak this from experience.
You also hear the worst relationship drama from them as a result.
I agree with everything you wrote. It’s so wild to see people acting like lesbians are just naturally masculine and gay men are naturally feminine especially in terf spaces, the way they talk about gnc people bothers me it might be a nothing burger but they’re the crowd that says “why can’t you just be a feminine man/masculine woman” then proceed to set strict expectations for gender-non conformity.

No. 1397299

this is an understandable angle but also self-identified "gender critical" people (particularly speaking about this crowd) should understand that it's not that simple and gender critical goes way deeper than just "trans bad", and "trans bad" is literally the opposite of gender criticism if the person actually means "(too much) gender nonconformity bad"

No. 1397368

Because polyamory is setting the relationship up for a disaster and has high chance of being abusive to at least one participant. It's different from an open relationship, it's supposed to be 2+ participants in a romantic affair and it just doesn't work that way. Someone always gets cucked and emotionally tortured in one way or another.

No. 1397573

just say retard, saying r-slur is retarded

No. 1397630

Polyamory is just the millennial term for swinging. I don't know why they've all run from the label swinging, maybe it's because the older people doing that degenerate shit are self aware about it being an indulgence they enjoy over a glass of wine in a hot tub, and don't make an identity of it.

No. 1397836

File: 1667555990189.png (485.16 KB, 590x590, laurenjoannabeauty-590x590.png)

The whole HD/IG brows trend looks ugly as fuck and always has. Sorry, it just looks like tranny makeup when you paint over your naturally fine brows into something 5 shades deeper with the shape of a slug.
It always makes the person look a bit caveman-esque afterwards, similar to when you see weaves or wigs and the person only has like 2 inches of forehead because it's set too low. I think bare natural brows look way better on everyone.

No. 1397848

Swinging is just sex with various partners, polyamory is these people trying to date each other long term

No. 1397873

Most young people don't want to be associated with weird old people sitting in someone's hot tub with chest hair out, olives in champagne glasses, talking about "Nice chicken breasts, Martha! The ones at home are a little lacking, hehe" with the eerie 2005-quality photos (flash on) of Bob and Macy at the bedbug-infested motel their kids don't know they're staying at. It's all a bit too weird (in the not-fun, creepy way). Same reason nudist communities are typically more full of old people than young ones, why perverted venues often let women in free, etc.
Poly still cringe though

No. 1397881

My friends parents were swingers and we were so clueless about it. I once was sleeping over at his house and we were in their home gym and found this crazy collection of gogo boots that were like six inches high and kept tripping around in them, everything they had was crazy nice, etc. and they always threw him huge parties. Then one day our other friend somehow stumbled upon their porn which consisted of his mom in their FAMILY CAR with the stick shift up her pussy, surrounded by a group of well-endowed men cucking his stepdad. They weren’t really attractive people either. Scarred us for years but made the best jokes for life.

No. 1397906

Autism doesn’t make you quirky. Elective cosmetic surgery does more harm than good. A healthy diet is cheaper than one full of crap. Excessive consumption does in fact affect everyone. People should be corrected on their spelling/grammar.

No. 1397913

i agree about these kinds of brows, really just don't find them flattering on anyone and it's so confusing to see people say these kinds of brows are perfect/gorgeous. they're just strange looking and much too neat, people are already cringing at 2016 instagram makeup and i imagine they'll cringe at these too. i don't think natural brows always look better though, sometimes a bit of eyebrow tint/pencil makes a big positive difference. it all depends on your face and the kind of brows you already have. a big issue with makeup and fashion these days is people applying whatever is popular to themselves instead of considering what works for them best, this goes for these brows too

No. 1397926

Love the thread image. It makes me hungry

No. 1397941

Same, I fight the urge to order hawaiian pizza every day because of it

No. 1397949

I'm not interested in gossip or lolcows.

No. 1397957

How did you end up here?

No. 1397958

I heard about it from crystal.cafe nonas.

No. 1397968

People these days throw around pedo too much. There’s a scandal going on where some 20 year old k idol said an 18 year old k idol is his ideal type and people are calling him a pedophile. Be fucking forreal lol

No. 1397996

Because words don’t have meanings, they’re just slogans and in words to delineate your in group. It’s easier to just use words however because words mean whatever you need them to mean in the moment you say them, you can even retroactively change what a word means because feelings trump effective communication.
It’s why everyone was a nazi, why man means man but woman means whatever, it’s why net neutrality can mean censorship and why the word groomer got banned. Because words are about signaling what groups and ideologies you align with and not effective clear communication. Welcome to the new world where we speak the same language but mean a myriad of different things depending on where on the political spectrum we fall, how old we are and what values we hold. And don’t dare say anything that might hurt someone’s feelings because that’s the greatest threat to their life.
So that dudes a pedo because that particular group has decided that’s what a pedo is and if you want to signal you’re part of that group and signal you hold their feelings and opinions in high regard then you better jump on board and start slinging that shit.

No. 1398198

We need category labels for autism. There is just too big a difference between some of us to fit under just one word.

We can come up with new and more accurate labels that aren't "discriminatory" or named after a nazi. But I don't want to be lumped in with sociopathic types and mommy-beaters, sorry. And other autists who are mostly harmless deserve better than that too. We're not some kind of evil oligarchy oppressing all the other autists or whatever.

Besides the discrimination happens regardless of whether we use the functioning labels or not.

No. 1398213

he's 27 and the girl just turned 18
tradthot who got groomed detected

No. 1398219

wish you nonnies would keep it at choachan, but i mostly wanna know who youre talking about

No. 1398222

People who go to college to study art are so fucking retarded, i had to help an artist friend paste triangles, circles and rectangles on to a paper for an assigment. I love art and drawing, but everyone i have met who went to college for something art related is so uncreative and bad at art.

No. 1398227

Yes please. They need a word for mid-functioning, or can function well but have high support needs autists too (that one nonverbal wheelchair autistic boy who wrote a book some years ago.) I at least want a separate label from both the mommy beaters and the "high functioning autistics" who wouldn't know a sensory meltdown if it scraped past them while wearing thick-seamed denim.
Midrange autists got thrown under the bus from both autism awareness generations because first everyone expected us to be Rain Man (nonverbal and barely functional savants) and now they expect us to be Sheldon Cooper (hyperintelligent divas who just need a butthole unclenching).

No. 1398253

Who is this??

No. 1398254

I caved just today

No. 1398268

These eyebrows were always ugly as fuck and trannie-tier, people just deluded themselves to fit in

No. 1398298

I have a lovely friend who did go to college for art and she is creative her art is just lacking. She needs to improve her anatomy and coloring style definition but I haven't had the heart to tell her yet

No. 1398307

God, absolutely. I'm so fucking tired of seeing people that would have previously been categorized specifically as having aspergers, but are now "on the autism spectrum" sperg out about "autism isn't a disability!!" or shaming mothers of low functioning autistic children for talking about their struggles. It's way too broad of a disorder to try and lump everyone under the same category

No. 1398325

I wish the "low functioning autistics" could just be called mentally retarded, because that's what they are.

No. 1398351

File: 1667595430976.jpg (100.32 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I do not think they make you looks like a caveman but I have always hated these disgusting fake eyebrows. It makes you look like a clown, they're uncanny. Why the fuck do they need to be so square

No. 1398356

its weird how the only women (from my experience, i am not generalising) who always did these eyebrows were the most massive pickmes that hate women, with the exact same makeup (maybe without an eyeshadow). Maybe there is a pattern.

No. 1398365

Dons cat used to be so cute and interesting now she’s just annoying

No. 1398370

True, and they were always so aggressive towards other women and their appearances, very unpleasant to be around

No. 1398397

Wish I could disagree but I used to attempt to wear my makeup like this and was an extremely insecure pickme so…

No. 1398412

i don't understand "it doesn't get easier, you just get better" and feel like people who say this are humblebragging or have a complex about working hard.
it's 100x easier to draw now that i have experience and practice and some pieces i'm proud of under my belt. hands don't cramp up or get sore, less anxiety, less time wasted overthinking, more hand dexterity and flexibility, less pressure and uncertainty about outcomes. maybe some people would continue these things to be part of getting "better," but to me they make the process physically, mentally, and emotionally much easier. it's not i get to coast but i'm wasting a lot less energy and i consider that ease

No. 1398473

kek i actually have an online friend who is a massive pickme and who does her makeup exactly like that. she calls every woman a pickme or a karen who needs to get fucked by her man already while also being a 30 year old woman who's still crying over her ex whom she dated since she was 13 but who suddenly broke up with her a few years ago.

No. 1398495

American women (exlcuding major cities like nyc and la) have shittier fashion compared to european women/ other anglo countries women. i feel like the clothes that r trendy in america r all so much more coomer tier and i know the climate is different etc etc but as an ausfag who deals w constant heat and humidity ive seen women here dress cute and fashionable w out resorting to shitty Y2K fast fashion i am gia esque crap. im personally a huge fan of Scandinavian fashion which is like functional and minimalist without being fucking boring (like Rick Owens shit or any other brand popular w moids). also on another note I feel like despite being incredibly diverse, average white women are worshipped far more in america then in other countries where it’s just commonplace to see white women and that interracial dating is like much more of a big deal. not many cross cultural friendships outside of major cities i feel like and the whole Greek life system really proves that

No. 1398503

Scandinavian woman here and honestly I'm not fond of the fashion here. I find a lot of it very unflattering to most body types. Though it does make it less sexualised and more practical so that's a good thing.
I do agree with you that it's less coomer-y. Many of my tumblr mutuals often talk about hoe sexual teenagers dress but the teenagers I see on the street msotly wear sweaters in the winter and loose tshirts in summer

No. 1398507

File: 1667604488307.png (670.47 KB, 834x1238, zankoku na eien no thesis.png)

Zankoku na tenshi no thesis is a weebs I Will Always Love You in the way that it's overplayed to death and everyone and their mother who can hold a key for longer than two seconds thinks this is the one song they should be coming back to when randomly deciding to belt one out, not taking into account that the only reason they didn't sound like a screeching cat when singing it all alone in private was because they sung it under the shower.

No. 1398519

File: 1667605412833.png (1.56 MB, 1124x1124, 1628281628280.png)

>me reading this when I literally sing this song almost every time in the fucking shower

No. 1398531

You sound like someone who would ask how Americans boil water without a kettle

No. 1398539

almost every insane mega bitch i’ve met has either been ugly OR above average in looks, but not hot

No. 1398596

if that’s meant to be some gotcha as to how out of touch with america and Americans I am I made those observations based on literally living there kek

No. 1398602

and both are masterpiece

No. 1398622

I think fashion in a lot of European cities is very boring. Every women wearing the same combat boots, same type of trenchcoat, straight leg jeans, same straight middle-parted hair. I think people really overrate how well French women dress especially. They're not as fashionable as people think they just all dress in a very neutral and safe way.

No. 1398722

Men pedal the "hot girls are crazy" idea since most of the time it's just them treating women they're attracted to badly and them just reacting to it instead of being a doormat

No. 1398845

Most people’s autism diagnosis is complete bullshit. It’s primarily a male disorder although I did grow up with a girl who was clearly autistic, i.e. she had no self awareness, which is the cornerstone of all autists who can talk. Women, especially young women love to gather labels when in reality we just live in a completely fucked up world so removed from what’s natural and since the world hates women, you’re gonna have a lot of fucked up people. It’s not autism. Maybe these women are fucked up for the myriad of medications mommy and daddy themselves took. Still not autism. Women don’t simply hide it better, lol. If you can hide autism you aren’t autistic, camouflaging is a normal human attribute. All these people are getting in the way of figuring out why male brains fuck up so easily. I can save psychologists tons of time on making a diagnosis, if you were potty trained at a normal age, you definitely don’t have autism. If you were still in diapers at 5, go check for that autism.

No. 1398849

I see a lot of women wear this type of fashion in Scandinavian countries and while I admit it's boring, I also kinda like how simplified and easy it is. Function over fashion and all that. Looks comfortable, but still professional.

No. 1398861

it annoys me because they're the same ones who will say they're totally gnc, when they're literally wearing the northern European woman uniform. Plus they still go "ew" at butch women. It's also incredibly difficult to find who you need, because everyone looks the exact fucking same, just slightly different hair tones. They also still get plastic surgery or at the very least injections, all wear the same make-up, so they also end up with sameface. Making it even more difficult to tell everyone apart. I get it, you get so much shit for looking slightly out of the ordinary, even the zoomer queers have their own uniform they don't deviate from.

No. 1398869

It's better to be decently put together in a boring/basic jeans and trenchcoat than to walk down the streets in yoga pants, sorry.

No. 1398876

Snitching is based especially if you don't have the tools to solve the problem on your own. Worked for me great

No. 1398882

I've snitched on retarded coworkers, I didn't care at all.

No. 1398905

Depends on what. Snitching on someone for stealing, harassment, etc is based. Snitching on a single parent who works their ass off to put food on the table for stupid shit like napping in the bathroom on break is just evil especially if you're in America where you can be fired for literally anything

No. 1398910

Literally where have you seen women who claim to be gnc while wearing the most basic outfit and getting plastic surgery AND going 'ew' at butches? You can just say you hate current fashion, no need to invent a dumb strawman to prove that all women who follow it are mean ebil bitches. I hate the beige trenchcoat trend too, but you sound like a massive nlog.

No. 1398915

Id rather some jeans and a trench coat over the hellish American fashion trends. I usually don't care what others wear but it's just so visually unappealing some of the outfits, especially the out of shape fat girls wearing clothes with their disgusting ass bodies hanging out

No. 1399068

I agree with you the athleisure trend is really tragic. I remember though going to Berlin in the winter and wearing pastels and feeling so out of place. What is the vendetta against color in some parts of Europe?

No. 1399322

File: 1667684100344.jpg (38.79 KB, 474x362, 1644350148431.jpg)

80s cartoons are pretty fun and underrated

No. 1399325

Berlin is a shithole though. All the miserable people have to blend in with one another otherwise the constant cope gets even harder and they are faced with the failure of living in Berlin. Please come back and wear all the colors.

No. 1399335

i moved to berlin over half a year ago and i hate this shithole so much. can't wait to find a new job and move away from here. i'm german though and not a rich expat from the us so maybe my experience is different.

No. 1399341

I live in a nordic capital and sometimes I count all the trench coats ft. dr martens or vagabonds I see on my commute, one day it was 15 in 25mins. I think it looks nice, but it's the same lob, some oaty haircolor, middle part, trench, straight jean or culotte thing. Not that I am any better or a vision in my mom jeans and leather jackets, but it's such a "oh we're in stockholm/helsinki/copenhagen now" thing

No. 1399347

This show was so unintentionally hilarious

No. 1399355

Aren’t mom jeans and leather jackets literally just the subtype of this? Lol

No. 1399368

File: 1667688494880.gif (368.77 KB, 470x351, 1644351786638.gif)

it was cringe but in a fun way, its my comfort show. I am so angry it got cancelled so soon while crappier 80s cartoons have like 80 episodes

No. 1399369

They see themselves as gnc because they don't wear skirts or dresses usually. They question why butches can't just dress like them, since they view their own style as pretty masc. There's a tendency to want to makeover anyone out of the ordinary and they view this as helpful. If you decline you just get interrogated and continuously pressured. It's culturally very important to conform, since the idea is if you're normal and conform, you're already crazy enough. They assume if you dress different it's an accident or retardation, so them trying to change others is meant well. Yeah I'm a bit of a nlog, like less than 5% is a lesbian? Sorry?

No. 1399374

I have no idea what show picrel is but I love that type of 80’s style. It’s so comforting and nostalgic.

No. 1399395

i know right? as much as i like 90s and onwards cartoons i really miss characters looking like humans and not some weird blobs

No. 1399419

I more of a sewer rat, not a sleek one but I guess yeah kek

No. 1399426

Love yourself. Don’t call yourself a sewer rat.

No. 1399450

I did it in a non derogatory way, despite it all I do vibe with myself quite a bit.

No. 1399455

I hate snitches, I worked with this ugly fat snitch who would just tell the bosses every unnecessary detail about everyone, she tried getting me in trouble for wearing ripped jeans when I worked at a gas station and she wore sweats spcause she was a porker. I hope she dies of betes fuck that bitch

No. 1399478

Nurses are not usually the mean girls in high school who grew up.

No. 1399481

with all due respect, it's usually the dumb ones just based on my observation

No. 1399497

My mom is a nurse and she's the nicest, most caring person… maybe she's the dumb one then but i still love her

No. 1399503

Your mom didn't go to my school, I'm sure she's not dumb

No. 1399572

Posting videos of kids stealing halloween bowls online is so lame. Yeah stealing's not cool but it's candy who cares and it's weird to put children online like that.
TSA is the mean girl profession

No. 1399582

I see adults shaming 10 year olds on social media with millions of views for shit most kids do. Weirdos in the comments like to talk about how’d they’d theoretically beat the shut out of the kids too. It’s so fucking creepy to me

No. 1399665

I do think that there are people out there that treat the ones they love the most the worst but I feel like I can’t say that without the boomer tier implications that you just need to stand by them and love them enough to fix them. These people can’t be fixed by outside influences they need to do it themselves. But I think they exist

No. 1399669

For women, nurses have the highest rates of sociopathy out of any career. It's at 9% if I remember right.

No. 1399724

I think I understand what you're saying. My parents are the same boomer tier relationship though.

No. 1399854

For my school they are all either TikTok wives or make shitty Etsy shirts. I grew up in the boonies though. There's also a lot that flunked cosmetology school

No. 1399872

Reddit is flooded each year on nov 1st with doorbell camera vids of giant candy bowls sitting in perfect view, ready to be emptied. I swear they do this on purpose just to make a video for social media, yeah the kids are wrong to take it all but the house owners are worse for recording someone elses children and posting it online.

No. 1399876

I like Mitski, but this is still the most embarrassing music video I've ever seen in my life

No. 1399883

omg agreed, I had never seen that video before but wow the cringe is strong with that one

No. 1399908

Kek same. I hate how they have the ugliest designs too. Shit that will never be worn except for maybe pajama/lounge wear that will eventually end up at a thrift store in a couple years. I really wish they were at least creative and made different stuff, but I guess not many artists live near.

No. 1399997

>Reddit is flooded each year on nov 1st with doorbell camera vids of giant candy bowls sitting in perfect view, ready to be emptied
At this point, I blame the people who put out unattended candy bowls for the candy getting stolen. They know people steal candy from those bowls and yet they keep leaving them out. wtf.

But, I'm still on team "fuck those stealing kids" and don't care if their thieving asses get posted to the internet. And double fuck those stealing adults. I still can't believe grown ass adults will walk up and steal all the candy. goddamn, people are shitty.

No. 1400022

If someone steals from you it's your fault. It's your fault for not locking your door. It's your fault for not watching after your belongings in a crowd. It's your fault to put something outside and think no one will steal it.

No. 1400027

what is your next hot take? blaming women rape because of her clothes? tf

No. 1400031

LOL I wanted to say in my post I don't think the same if violence is involved but I thought people here are sane

No. 1400037

Kleptomania-induced post

No. 1400091

If someone steals from you it's your fault. It's your fault for not locking your door. It's your fault for not watching after your belongings in a crowd. It's your fault to put something outside and think no one will steal it.

This is an original post. I did not steal it.

No. 1400093

moid-tier post

No. 1400096

No. 1400098

"Ummm obviously she shouldn't have left her house unlocked if she didn't want me to loot it judge"
Lmfao get your entitled ass out. If you wanna steal go do it from Walmart or something where you're less likely to be caught, shot, or arrested.

No. 1400100

unwanted attention is real but there is a significant portion of women that literally will do anything to get random male attention and performatively get mad at it for a weird ego boost and to make themselves look attractive and desirable. like i don’t know why we have to pretend a lot of women don’t do this, it doesn’t make you an evil antifeminist to notice what’s right in front of you.

No. 1400103


No. 1400113

Women romanticizing/glamorizing boyfriend-stealing or getting with married men are the ultimate crusty pickmes. It's not a brag since moids in relationships are usually easier if not straight up creepier towards women but why would you be happy to be part of another woman's trauma? Of course "if he's gonna cheat he's gonna do it anyway" but why would you even want to involve yourself in all the nastiness? You're not the next Marilyn Monroe or marina and diamonds for fucking taken men you're just dumpy with a yeast infection and a $200 std test fucking around with skinny fat methheads and both of you work at Walmart

No. 1400118

Nobody's arguing against this happening. The issue is what makes them do it and degrade themselves for male attention and trying to treat the root cause.

No. 1400125

sex feels very humiliating for a woman.

No. 1400129

people do get mad when i point it out. i’m not talking about women doing things to get male attention like males they want to sleep with or whatever i mean dressing or acting or doing things to get creepy scrotes on the street or wherever to look at them or comment or catcall or whatever or for guys to flirt with them that they then can reject for social points.

No. 1400134

what anon described sounds pretty hot to me

No. 1400139

Sex isn't humiliating in general but how moids react to sex after is humiliating. They're really ruining it for everyone

No. 1400148

>guys to flirt with them that they then can reject for social points.
I don't disagree but it is based when women do this (if they don't dress slutty for moids to get off too). Only because moids do this all the time and lead women on to reject them and even do it to their own girlfriends just so they can get an ego high.imo it's worst when men do it since everyone believes men have it so hard and "men will say yes to anything just do the first move because it's rare for men to get led on" so it's especially a punch in the gut when society has convinced you a foolproof plan failed

No. 1400158

If you point it out with the "look at these dumb sluts whoring around for muh social points" tone instead of as what it is, a conditioned coping mechanism a lot of young women are raised to in a patriarchal world, of course it's going to cause a defensive reaction.

No. 1400172

Nta but that's bullshit, they could just stop dressing just to catch creepy attention on purpose, retard behavior

No. 1400189

Nose rings or piercings never look good on anyone, and are only a test to see how much you can mess up your face and still be considered attractive. I have never seen someone good looking BECAUSE they were wearing nose accessories, I've only seen people good looking DESPITE them.

No. 1400192

Yeah. It's so fucking weird to use the social thing since forever women are taught to dress modestly.its only been recently that women have been taught it's empowering to dress up like strippers by libfems. These same women complain about how men take sex for granted now since if they want to see boobs or ass they can just take a walk in the mall or something. Female bodies are no longer a special thing to see

No. 1400195

I really dislike it. I honestly view it in the same manner as I would someone listening to loud obnoxious music on speaker or even passing gas in a crowded space. Sure, you're allowed to do it, but is offensive to the senses and inconsiderate to the people around you.

No. 1400225

>dressing or acting or doing things to get creepy scrotes on the street or wherever to look at them or comment or catcall or whatever or for guys to flirt with them
How do you even define this though? Sure there are women who like the attention, we aren’t a monolith, but this type of thought leads to victim blaming just because a woman is wearing shorts or a tank top in the middle of summer. The real question should be is why is it so easy to get attention from random guys on the street?

No. 1400235

Dressing modestly has it's own set of negative consequences at the hands of men. As a woman you can't win as long as men are allowed to exist.

No. 1400238

Its not victim blaming, we are talking about women who do it on purpose for male attention aka pickmes, not the ones who are just chilling. Those same women often bully others for not conforming

No. 1400247

Yeah but how do you define that? How do you know who wants attention on purpose? The old tired meme is wearing makeup and any slightly revealing (non-nun) attire means you’re just begging to be noticed, but that isn’t true at all and it’s unfair. Why don’t we ever tell guys who hit on any woman that moves that they should value themselves more and not go after women walking on the street? No anon, I don’t like it one bit. But I respect this is the unpopular opinions thread and appreciate your view.

No. 1400271

Who honestly cares if they are doing it on purpose? If men weren’t so fucking easy to woo and grab their attention it wouldn’t be a problem. Blame the men who grab on to the bait, not the woman lmao

No. 1400442

I firmly believe straight women don't exist. I believe women are varying degrees of bisexual, with the rest being lesbians. I've seen several studies that show that even women who call themselves straight have the capacity to get excited by other women in a similar manner to bi women. My takeaway from the studies is bi seems to be sort of like "default" sexuality for us.

I think non-lesbian women as a whole are scattered across the Kinsey scale, with most having a preference for men.

Here's the studies in question:



No. 1400453

File: 1667772993753.jpeg (235.34 KB, 1017x1250, C3C80E40-E38D-468C-8814-5D146E…)

Lesbians aka female gays should claim the word feggot.

No. 1400455

I don't even believe any women are truly physically attracted to men full stop. The preference for men sounds more like preference for status and resources for reproductive and survival reasons, not the actual physical desire heterosexual men feel for women OR homosexual men feel for men.

No. 1400456

- I love raw sea urchins (is this actually unpopular or just not very common?)
- I generally prefer raw seafood, fish and meat or rare meat
- I love fireworks and -crackers of all kinds. Was scared as toddler but like everything I was scared of once it became a fetish, give me more BOOM BOOM (don't like christmas and other holidays though)
- That >>1385179 too
- Also agree with >>1387876. Don't feel pain or anything with my period but lose a lot of blood so docs recommended it to me but I I don't want to touch hormonal shit.
- I don't like families in the houses I lived, never met a silent and non-aggressive family. Depressive singles, homo couples and old couples are the best neighbours.
- I never liked parties (again not sure if this is popular or an unpopular opinion)
- I don't like french fries, nor any form of cheese. Although I tolerate some mozzarella on pizza
- Hate all forms of pies, cookies and cakes
- Mars of Destruction was an enjoyable anime

No. 1400459

Would you like to tell me the evolutionary reason for nature to make all females of a species homosexual

No. 1400462

I think this is a cope honestly, and people love to grasp at that weird theoretical of the .001 chance that you will ever meet a person outside of your sexuality that you would actually be attracted to. Like yeah, in theory it could happen but it’s such a slight chance that it means nothing. I have tried to force myself to like women in the past because on paper it’s ideal, but at the end of the day I am not attracted to them at all, in the off chance I met the “perfect woman” that I would develop an extreme attachment to I would still grow depressed and feel like I’m pretending, and even when I’ve watched porn with women every single time I was nearing climax I always thought of men, always, no exceptions. To me, saying this is no different than telling a lesbian woman “but you haven’t met the right man yet!”

No. 1400466

being "excited"/aroused by other women (particularly the sight of them in explicit contexts) doesn't inherently mean that a woman is not straight. women are sexualised by virtually everyone including ourselves, it makes sense that women (particularly in the age of porn, almost all of which is made to cater to the eyes of a man) would become excited by the sight of women in erotic contexts as that's what they know to be "sexy", women are made to be "sexy" to everyone. this doesn't mean the same woman would want to have sex with another woman or be able to see them in a romantic sense. or even feel comfortable kissing another woman. these kinds of takes always scream not being able to comprehend what a straight woman is purely because you aren't one.
the "preference for status and resources" shit sounds incelly and weird. would be a lot easier to let go of men if the former was true though!

No. 1400469

i'm sorry i know it's the unpopular opinion thread but i really hate this attitude and i think a lot of moids believe this which is why they think they can trick any women into liking them with money and power and think that they don't need to look presentable or have good hygiene. If you understand that gay men are aroused by other men, and that women are aroused by other women for reasons other than status and security, why is it so hard to understand that some of us are genuinely physically attracted to men ?
Of course many women are dishonest with themselves about why they like men but you're ignoring a huge portion of female experience if you think all hetero women are like that.

No. 1400473

They have the “capacity to be attracted to other women” in those studies because it is an evolutionary biological defense trait that has been theorized in many studies to come from rape. It’s to lubricate you and protect you from pain, so seeing any sort of sexual activity can stimulate it. This has been stated explicitly in the studies you mention as well.

No. 1400475

I agree, I think it’s creepy lol

No. 1400476

Not going to lie, this seems like serious cope.

No. 1400477

Well it uh… definitely belongs in this thread that’s for sure

No. 1400478

>the "preference for status and resources" shit sounds incelly and weird
How does it sound incelly? Incels are self hating bisexual and homosexual males who project their own lust for males onto women, they're the ones who think women are obsessed with Chads and bone structures and such autistic male claptrap.

No. 1400484

You're right. But at least you aren't entertaining scrotes dicks while they abuse you

No. 1400485

Male sexuality and female sexuality are fundamentally different from each other, males are about quantity (spreading themselves around), females are about quality (pair bonding) thus it would make sense for females to prefer to bond with each other as we truly understand each other better, female/female pair bonding would have been the natural way if the males hadn't hogged all the resources to force us to partner with them.

No. 1400489

it seems so medieval to me, as if women are somehow too simple for the prestigious accomplishment of arousal and therefore must only like men for more straightforward things like safety and social acceptance. Therefore it's perfectly justifiable and preferable to buy and sell women to the most competent moid and never address her sexual needs. /s Like do I really need to spell out that I become extremely horny from looking at certain men and climax thinking about them? to prove that I'm not lying about being straight?

some of them are like that but a lot of them assume chad is rich,well-liked,well-adjusted,strong etc and they take his handsomeness to be about little more than muh strong genes and good health. when they see the weird celeb crushes that women have they do mental gymnastics to explain that actually women only like him because he's a rich and famous actor, never explaining why all straight women don't like all rich and famous actors. they're terrified of being objectified by women so they reduce het female sexuality to an autistic little game about money and natural selection and they wouldn't know a man with genuine sex appeal from a coked up dork in a business suit.

No. 1400490

sorry not trying to start shit but I'm a lesbian and I would never ever get excited or aroused seeing a scrote in any setting, kinda finding it hard to think a 100% straight woman would feel that way about another woman.

No. 1400492

>males are about quantity (spreading themselves around), females are about quality (pair bonding)

i think this is why scrotes have a vast catalogue of women they would fuck but nothing more, whereas het women often prefer one or a few celeb crushes or husbandos etc. i also think it does explain why women seem to be more bi overall than men but it still doesn't mean all het women are lying about preferring men

No. 1400497

is it unpopular to disagree with people who think "addiction is never a choice" ???

cuz maybe it isn't but it doesn't absolve addicts from being pieces of shit and/ or very stupid idiots, and i shouldn't have to be made to feel guilty for being unable to sympathize with a lot of them and critical of them. i relate to some vague mental illness related extent but it often feels like a copout when people whine about it

No. 1400498

Men are projectors, they wish women objectified them but that will never actually happen because female sexuality just doesn't work that way.
>Therefore it's perfectly justifiable and preferable to buy and sell women to the most competent moid and never address her sexual needs
I never implied that, in fact I believe women and men should be kept away from each other unless for reproductive purposes.

No. 1400499

We are pretty much conditioned to find women sexy regardless of sexual orientation. I remember reading women find some underwear model from a magazine because they self insert as her, not necessarily because they want to have sex with her

No. 1400502

You sound insane. Female/female bonding is literally just friendship, it’s platonic in nature. Your female friends do not secretly want to kiss you or have a relationship with you. We are all aware it would be much easier to pursue relationships with women and it isn’t some ~super secret psyop to keep the ladies down~ it’s the simple fact that women are not dormant lesbians and bisexuals.

No. 1400503

you might have missed my point, men are not sexualised the same way, or the same amount at all, as women are. it's not something you can reverse and call the same, to everyone a woman is a more sexual "thing" because that's what many of us were raised to see and believe.

No. 1400504

I think you might enjoy islam!

No. 1400506

That's just from socialization though. Plenty of men who don't act like sheep are perfectly happy with one woman. Only brain dead coomers nude shit tons of porn and women

No. 1400507

>that will never actually happen because female sexuality just doesn't work that way.

i'm telling you for a lot of us it does and i don't understand why you don't believe that. i rolled my eyes when trisha paytas said something to the effect of "i like men in the way that a gay men likes men" but i guess it's because of people like you who think that being turned on by men is not the domain of women and only a gay man would understand.
female sexuality is nothing if not varied.

No. 1400508

*find some underwear model sexy

No. 1400509

Because you’re right. It’s literally just the reverse uno card of “well you just haven’t found the right man!!”

No. 1400514

samefag but in a way, people who say this stuff remind me a lot of the language and emotional policing that surrounds bpd, schizos, personality disorders etc on both sides. people get so weird about this stuff and their own personal good or bad life experience and project it onto everything related to it. they either think all bpd-chans are evil one-dimensional narcs (mostly women, hmm…) or they think that we should let all borderline ppl have a free pass when they've harmed someone. it's always the same people who think ppl with "good" disorders like autism have no ability to ever do bad. fucked up, coddling way of thinking on all ends of it. no fucking nuance whatsoever. basically, i need to gtfo of twitter

No. 1400515

Has anyone ever told you that you’re kind of creepy? Lol

No. 1400516

It’s purely projection. It’s people who have a god complex and believe that how they feel and perceive things is some sort of special door into human behavior that other people evidently don’t have and that they can speak for the entire population of the world. It’s based entirely in stupidity and self-centeredness. Just talking to hear the sound of their own voice.

No. 1400517

yeah I choose to believe that I'm right, too sleepy to think about it more and it doesn't really concern me if people are confused

No. 1400518

any anon denying that women can actually be attracted to men needs to trawl through /g/ for some days

No. 1400522

Kek, this

No. 1400523

Any anon denying that women are actually attracted to men are lesbians or deeply closeted and need to stop projecting their neuroses on to other women and mind their business

No. 1400525

come again?

No. 1400531

>they either think all bpd-chans are evil one-dimensional narcs (mostly women, hmm…) or they think that we should let all borderline ppl have a free pass when they've harmed someone

exactly. a lot of people can only process "mechanistic disease that targets random unsuspecting people and there's nothing you can do to stop it except seek medical attention" or "series of bad choices made by terrible people who know better."
is it really so hard to understand that many mental illnesses have some aspects that you can control and choose and some that beat down your defenses until you're unable to function?

i've often wondered why i feel a rush after posting my tastes there. it feels so immature, it's not like there's anything shocking or risky about an anonymous woman saying something sexual about some uglycute guy. but now i know it's because even today some people do still find it shocking and
impossible to believe kek

No. 1400534

Any anon denying that (straight or bisexual) women are actually attracted to men are lesbians or deeply closeted and need to stop projecting their neuroses on to other women and mind their business

No. 1400539

Are you the one fantasizing about Paul Dano? You belong in a facility

No. 1400541

/g/ is so notoriously fag infested it might as well stand for /g/ay

No. 1400542

no i find him lame and unfuckable but i have a soft spot for genuine danofags for this exact reason

No. 1400548

No it isn’t, you’re just in denial that women actually express sexuality

No. 1400552

notorious to who? the only thread im aware of on this side of the site that's confirmed to be filled with gays is the celebricows thread

No. 1400557

and you think they never step out that thread? Especially to talk about sex stuff?

No. 1400559

Gay men would have no interest in trawling through g, which consists of poop, vagina, hair, and relationship threads. They camp in celebricows so they can sperg about their special interest in female looks and nothing else. Anon is just refusing to accept that women have healthy sexual appetites and like having a small anonymous space to express them.

No. 1400560

You think gay men want to talk about sex with you? Please

No. 1400561

fujo thread had a shotafag inviting in gay men or something

No. 1400563

Not with me, I don't even go there, barely any actual women do.

No. 1400567

I think you’re just angry that it’s heterosexual women.

No. 1400568

There definitely probably are lurking scores there (and on all boards) but it's definitely not as many as anon is trying to make it out to be. It's a majority regular farmers like all the other boards. Some anons just accuse anything they don't like as being male or male infested.

No. 1400575

it's actually making me more sympathetic to gaydens. maybe they come from a world like nona's where being lustful towards men is something only a gay men could be capable of. they have no choice but to call themselves fags and hang out on grindr!

No. 1400580

I think the anons trying to peddle “women can’t be attracted to men” shit are just trying to spread their misery to other people. Women can no longer dream, fantasize, or even demand or suggest solutions on how we can make the opposite sex be motivated to change for the better on their own part. The complacency and piss poor childhoods is why these assholes go out and kill people, destroy, act like delinquents and sociopaths and are starting to embrace anti-woman beliefs, they were never given any sense of stability because they do not have any respect for authority, safety, and morals and boundaries. Years of feminism has been here and feminist parenting has done jack shit to change anything, even the most progressive parents coddle and give up on their sons who fail to pick up on social cues and proper socialization. The way we breed and choose are partners have been decided and planned for years, too much of these men exist, can’t do jack shit, we desperately need to guide them into our plans of nuclear families so we can make money off of property and happily keep them as slaves in our companies. Honestly I have no idea what the hell is wrong with men. I’m attracted to the best hardware, it’s the software that I’m extremely put off by. It’s not society failing these idiots because there’s plenty of resources going into igem, they just dont do anything with it. They never take the help. They never listen to the sad sap who is actually reaching out to their smelly unwashed scrotum hands. They love the idea of their struggle porn story when they know how untrue it is, they love the aws and moans about how mistreated they were like a 5 year old stunted child who can’t comprehend what’s wrong with him. He does not know how to serve others, others serve him. They have thousands of people rooting for these johns every day, thousands talking about how these morons go and blow their brains out because they can’t handle responsibility. Men combust when they are given responsibility, yet they are always spreading propaganda that they should be the ones to handle it all. Just my thoughts tbh because every time you suggest “what should we do?” it’s always fatalistic pink-pilled shit where we all separate, all run away while the problem continues to brew into a bigger one. We realistically don’t demand men of anything, we don’t force them, give them a reason “or else”, I’m always told even on here to ignore and always be conscious of what a man does even when I’m supposed to hate him, everything you do is always in accordance to what a man might do. I can’t post or make jokes or I’m mimicking a scrote, I can’t reply to trolls because the scrote might hypothetically be jerking off so please don’t! Don’t wear that shirt, it might make him go and violate you because you were practically asking for it! Don’t wear makeup! Don’t take care of yourself! Don’t do this, don’t do that, it starts to become about policing other women instead of bettering our options and finding solutions. I’m a radfem but some radfems are truly some miserable smelly bitches that need to stop using their beliefs as a way to control others and stop necessary change. Other women have convinced other women that they are powerless, and it honestly makes me sad as fuck seeing this on here, in real life and on other platforms.

No. 1400586

It’s funny and reductive to me because how could you claim to be a feminist and that you love women but then try to gatekeep women for expressing their sexuality outside of your own rigid constraints? “Oh I don’t objectify women like that so there’s no way women can objectify men like that!!!” Absolutely insane. Complete misery.

No. 1400589

I feel like I can't be attracted to what I'm attracted to without pissing someone off. If I like white men I'm racist. If I like fictional characters I'm a loser and need a real man. If I like a dead murderer OH NO VICTIMS DED. I just wanna jill off please. IN PEACE.

No. 1400592

It’s like holy fuck we can’t like anything. Why do they always go after the /g/tards who post real men but never the husbandofags who always post the same ugly dorito chinned fucktard with donutsteelOC hair? It’s screaming an agenda. People are going to like what they’re gonna like that and there’s nothing those anons will ever do about it, kek. They can seethe and fuck right off

No. 1400594

You had me until you said murderers girl be quiet

No. 1400595

It’s like they’re trying to reform lolcow into a lesbian-centric space when it never has been. Women have always lusted after, objectified, and talked about men here since it’s inception. Why is that an issue now?

No. 1400597

my preferences are not fucking political. leave me alone, and let me like cute guys in peace jfc.

exactly, i don't like anime guys and never will (no disrespect to 2dfags). men in general can't handle women admiring irl hot guys bc it reminds them of their inadequacy kek.

No. 1400598

Hahaha. I'm sorry but his eyes are just so pretty yeah I'm that simple I will totally disregard a persons character if they look good enough. Ok I'll shut up.

No. 1400602

this has been discussed before but there has been an influx of radfems from twitter/tumblr/wherever else who keep fingerwagging and moralfagging about everything and it's starting to become very grating. you can spot them right away with their constant political speeches and pearl clutching about what photos anons post and other shit like that.

No. 1400603

so true

No. 1400604

I’ve been sick of that shit all year. If you argue with them they dogpile and samefag you in attempt to make you feel bad for expressing any sort of normal opinion that we have been expressing here since 2014.

No. 1400605

now this is a woman who's just drawn to the status and resources and reproductive advantages of men, clearly

No. 1400606

Who gives a shit what I'm drawn to. I like what I like and its no ones business, if you're angry about it you must have some serious deep rooted issues.

No. 1400607

I agree with the principle, but we need to start shaming people into secrecy and quiet again. Tired of hearing about hybristophiles and true-crimefags.

No. 1400608

yep they pretend to be above the twitterfags but then proceed to have the exact same sjw-tier takes about literally anything else but the trans stuff. idk i would even consider myself radfem adjacent politically but the way these women act is just annoying as fuck and it's sucking all of the fun out of this basket weaving forum.

No. 1400610

I think they are genuinely lost, they aren’t the lesbian or bisexual anons because they usually stay in their containment thread and talk shit in there without interrupting the peace elsewhere, they know how to mind their business and know what they are and don’t have to put up a facade wherever they go because they are anonymous. They don’t have to announce to the world that they don’t like dick or don’t like the physical aspects of moids, they go and actually have productive personal discussions with each other in their threads unlike these newfags who waltz and scream icky, fat male ass, it will give you cooties! Like who the fuck cares?? Apparently liking that a man has a fat bubble ass is only for male fags. It’s all so tiresome, women can’t have nothing

No. 1400612

> Other women have convinced other women that they are powerless,
this gets me the most. if you say anything against this you get accused of denying that men will commit violence against women and women are right to be afraid of how powerful they are. the fuck? that's not what I said. I just think, like, you don't have to be afraid to walk outside alone at night without a man. am I not supposed to go outside because I'm a woman? this has us right back as square fucking one then, jesus christ.

No. 1400613

i honestly agree, you can acknowledge that someone is crazy and a danger to society but objectively good looking. just more pearl clutching, pay it no mind.

No. 1400618

i was being sarcastic in reference to this >>1400455 comment, i do not care what you're attracted to anon nor am i angry. it was just a funny way of saying that women can indeed be physically attracted to men, enough to disregard other aspects of them in favour of their looks. don't know how you pulled that i'm mad about it

No. 1400620

Women are attracted to men for more than just those resources but its usually one or the other. You either love someone with money or you work hard to be with a man that's extremely physically attractive.

No. 1400621

you’re so right, and it’s the fact it’s also specifically lesbian-centric too. you can tell these retards are straight from tumblr and twitter due to their ‘gold star lesbian, #1 dyke of all time’ circlejerking that absolutely zero normal, well-adjusted lesbians are interested in partaking in. while the vitriol they hold for bisexual women and the vitriol they hold for straight women are two separate experiences (‘straight women are traitors of the female class!’ versus ‘bisexual woman are the diseased whore tranny equivalent of the LGB community who exist only to trap poor brave dykes like us into relationships!’), they’re united in the fact that 1) they classify every woman attracted to men as nothing more than dick-obsessed brainlets with no other personality and 2) they make the retards seething about it look more obsessed with men than any bi/het on this site ever could be. it would be offensive if it wasn’t so obnoxious.
>inb4 offended kissless virgin lesbians-slash-self-proclaimed radfems who have no interest in actual feminism and only claim radical feminism as a way to sneed about women they don’t like and the pussy they aren’t getting try and pretend this is an organised attack against lesbians across the globe

No. 1400624

maybe they express their disgust towards men so strongly because they see female attraction to men as letting men win in a way. like men have treated women so horribly and having anything nice to say about them even if it's just horny is adding insult to injury. but i kind of see it as the opposite now. it's like you fuckers can't scare or shame me out of my own sexuality. my pussy dgaf about political theory or history one way or the other and i like that about her.

No. 1400627

>They have the “capacity to be attracted to other women” in those studies because it is an evolutionary biological defense trait that has been theorized in many studies to come from rape.
But… rape is caused by penises, not other vaginas… so doesn't that actually mean all heterosexual attraction is an adaptive rape defense trait? Kek

No. 1400628

>inb4 offended kissless virgin lesbians-slash-self-proclaimed radfems who have no interest in actual feminism and only claim radical feminism as a way to sneed about women they don’t like and the pussy they aren’t getting try and pretend this is an organised attack against lesbians across the globe


No. 1400630

Agree, as a lesbian I'm repulsed by the thought of a male touching me and all the straight women I've met are most certainly not sexually aroused by other women and openly state so. The bihets who coomditioned themselves into being "aroused" by women are more aroused by thinking of being in that woman's place as an object of desire, they would absolutely not touch a titty when push comes to shove. And some women actually are repressed lesbians or bisexuals, it is a real thing.

No. 1400632

i think that has more to do with the state of moids than women. women are forced to make sacrifices and scrutinize their priorities more than they would if most moids were just…balanced.

No. 1400633

maybe but i still like hot guys cope and sneed about it lalalalalalalala

No. 1400634

What if I like men but I'm super cautious about who I'm intimate with? I've been made fun of and called a lesbian but I know I like men.

No. 1400636

Damn anon. You right tho.

No. 1400639

>>inb4 offended kissless virgin lesbians-slash-self-proclaimed radfems who have no interest in actual feminism and only claim radical feminism as a way to sneed about women they don’t like and the pussy they aren’t getting try and pretend this is an organised attack against lesbians across the globe
Reading extremely specific, insecure spergouts like this makes me think someone has a big chip on her shoulder and is projecting a lot with this "tumblr radfem community migrants" cope. Absolutely fascinating.

No. 1400641

I hate this mentality too. The people that say this that I know never even went outside, I am outside at night a lot of times, even on the technically worst places in my city that is know as the gotham city of my country (not true though, my country is generally rather chill) and nobody will talk to you because everybody is hanging around with friends they drink with and talk to and have fun with, just as I do sometimes with my friends when we aren't in hookah bars.

Even if there were issues the solution wouldn't be to force all women to hide, the opposite would need to happen. Women would have to show more presence so that humanity accepts it as a normal thing and doesn't assume there was anything wrong with a woman at night or that it meant she was weak and scared. I hate how it's always women that try to tell other women they were weak and should accept their victim status.

No. 1400642

nta but how is it a cope? it's an observable phenomenon, and they are annoying as shiet

No. 1400643

I'm an anthropologist of straight women at this point with all the mental gymnastics they use to constantly shit on/project on lesbians because they're insecure about the fact that they're attracted to moids yet hate them and complain about them constantly. Biggest copers of all time

No. 1400644

i couldn't think of anything more normal am i missing something?

No. 1400647

boohoo i like men go reeeee about it to andrea dworkin's ghost

No. 1400649

Your defensive spergery makes you really recognizable in this thread tbh, maybe you should take a break

No. 1400650

Wasn't Dworkin straight too kek

No. 1400651

I think she was polilez.

No. 1400653

Yes and also literally straight and not actually interested in women romantically or sexually.

No. 1400654

Yeah the anti-straight air in here is stifling sometimes. Hot lesbians don't care about shitposting on an imageboard about themselves, they just do their thing, so I must assume the anally-pained lesbos here are on the ugly hag side. They truly believe that every straight couple is as miserable as they are

No. 1400655

Yes, that's what polilez is lol. I was just saying because I think that's why anon brought up Andrea Dworkin.

No. 1400657

File: 1667780828955.jpeg (92.71 KB, 630x1200, 2655802D-839A-4DFF-8F87-6FEEFC…)

I think Jim Carrey has a nice, sizeable dick. I honestly see the appeal now

No. 1400658

Oh how long it's been since I've seen a wild Carreyfag

No. 1400660

For real. I think the anon saying that all women are bisexual is as wrong and misguided as one could be, but the fact that it literally drives these women so over the edge just to suggest that they would ever be non-straight on even a theoretical level is both hilarious and concerning because I'm always left speechless witnessing them go on these tirades about how lesbians are plotting against them and calling them disgusting cockbreaths for being into men while also clearly treating homosexual traits like it was some degenerate perversion. I guess I'm sorry you saw a 15-year on twitter tell a straight people joke but I can assure you lesbians live a much more miserable life than you do and we don't sit around thinking about how much we hate le hetties except when you come around calling us slurs and projecting like a home cinema. We don't have any societal influence over you anyway.

No. 1400662

I firmly believe you are a massive retard

No. 1400663

File: 1667781012667.gif (3.39 MB, 500x375, 2E73919B-BDB1-4E92-8888-0C9E01…)

They were practically asking for it

No. 1400667

That is actually so ridiculous kek. I would never eat pussy or love a woman, they need to stop

No. 1400668

I'm starting to think most people are selfish and want validation and supply but don't actually fall in love with anyone. At least I love a dead guy very deeply in my fantasy world.

No. 1400670

No lmao the only thing you guys do is latch onto attractive straight women who you try to guiltrip or gaslight into being gay, then getting mad when they're not interested in you. It's not offensive just obnoxious hun

No. 1400673

I remember seeing those studies and realizing why the "bisexual phase" for women is so common because I used to think I was bi despite never being able to be romantically involved with women. So I do think a lot more women than we think have the capacity to be sexually attracted to other women even when they see themselves as straight, but the "I firmly believe straight women do not exist" is refuted in those studies you linked because there were some women who only got aroused by men and not women.

No. 1400674

right, gangs of lesbians are prowling the streets looking fir innocent hetties to corrupt, it's a wonder there are any straight women left at all
fucking retard

No. 1400676

>yes woman, never get scrotes to improve
>never get scrotes to wash their ass
>never get scrotes to eat well
>never get scrotes to participate in their community in healthy and productive ways
>never teach your toddler scrotes to clean, wash, instill gender neutral chores and behaviors that are helpful for themselves and other people
>never get scrotes to actually be apart of their child’s life
>never get scrotes to actually learn how to emotionally, spiritually, romantically fulfill their partners
>never do anything, just let the scrotes run around raping, killing, bullying, harassing, and let it all happen, they can’t help it it’s just boys being boys and since boys are boys then we girls have to be magically bisexual/lesbian

I agree that sexuality for many people is not easily defined, but this shit is just ridiculous. You don’t always have to explain why you find this thing attractive, it just is

No. 1400678

I didn't say roving gangs or moral corruption. You're not arguing with a conservative on twitter. Absolutely seething

No. 1400679

Absolute schizopost

No. 1400683

why can’t we just like penis and man boobs in peace without it turning into moralfagging for a great political cause?

No. 1400684

I don’t like how people try to age you up the older you get. Like someone claimed I’m
Almost 40 and I’m 31. Imagine how dumb I’d sound saying a 21 year old is almost 31.

No. 1400685

Nta but nice try, nobody is claiming all lesbians are predators, just pointing out a glaring current issue on lolcow with a very small group of lonely lesbians seething that this isn’t a lesbian-centric board, and constantly trying to complain about it

No. 1400686

What are you even trying to say

No. 1400687

damn right i'm seething, i get enough homophobia from moids, i don't need to see it from anons too. i guarantee no lesbo wants your pickme ass

No. 1400689

Buffed and muscular women look miserable, especially if their looks were made in a gym. Their muscles don't make them look scarier or less vurnelable. Their looks are like smooth rings used in a street fight instead of the brass knuckles. 0 practical use, just another way of self-fetishizaion.

No. 1400690

>>never do anything, just let the scrotes run around raping, killing, bullying, harassing, and let it all happen, they can’t help it it’s just boys being boys and since boys are boys then we girls have to be magically bisexual/lesbian
Are you implying that bisexual or lesbian women are only that bi or lesbian because they "gave up" on scrotes? Autism aside, women of all sexualities aren't men's mothers and we don't have to tame them and don't owe them or you anything, including feigning sexual attraction so they'll "behave" or whatever, fuck off. I've never been attracted to scrotes in my life but for any bisexual woman who prefers to be with women because of how shitty scrotes are, that's not "giving up" because women don't owe men anything.

No. 1400692

peeling grapes and eating the skin then eating the flesh itself makes the grape taste so much better

No. 1400697

You're retarded AND a lesbian, wow I'm a little sorry for you. Since you didn't have the reading comprehension to understand my comment properly, I'll make it explicit: I've rejected dozens of lesbos who proceeded to become either harassing or creepy when told no. You gals don't quit.

No. 1400699

What does this mean?
No way anon. I love a good beefy woman, and I think it does make them a little more intimidating (in a hot way). Especially if they have a nice back and arms. Oh the arms…

No. 1400700

Close the tab. Talk to a friend. Seek out relationships with women who desire the company and companionship of other women. Don’t try to force it on an imageboard that was made to shit on women, not forge feminist camaraderie.

No. 1400702

We’re war criminals for craving the touch of men, yet again we are to blame for their own neuroses

No. 1400704

You are correct

No. 1400705

Sitting in your apartment in your PJs watching the same movies and tv series over and over. You know nothing of traditional female friendship and community, only sexuality learned on the internet and through your own social niche.

No. 1400706

I'm not single? HAHAHAH try again dear!!

No. 1400707

No. 1400708

Why is this @ me, schizochan? I don’t crave the companionship of women nor do I try to guilt other women on a niche female imageboard for being attracted to men. If that was supposed to be an own, I’m pretty sure you were just describing yourself. You talk too much, take up knitting or something.

No. 1400709

Are you writing open letters to all your unrequited crushes or something

No. 1400712

You are so conceited about your own identity, that when faced with the reality that a woman might not be attracted to other women, including you, you deflect and pretend that I'm actually hiding my ~~crushes~~ on a girl. Exactly what I said in my first comment. I'd deal with a hundred smelly moids over one obnoxious lesbo

No. 1400716

> a little more intimidating (in a hot way)
Whispers Fetish. That's what I am talking about. No practical application, just looks.

No. 1400717

yep, smells like pickme

No. 1400718

Not following the conversation properly above, just sounds like anons hate lesbians very much, but ngl, the idea of female hetrosexuality being filled with cope honestly sounds extremely accurate even when you remove any "extraneous variables" from the equation, kek.

No. 1400719

We should abort this thread and try again, maybe the next one won’t be so retarded.

No. 1400721

>You know nothing of traditional female friendship and community

NTA but this doesn’t exist. Women don’t give the slightest fuck about other women, thought this was obvious

No. 1400739

Gently, I was not that anon. I’m a completely different anon. I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you that you’re projecting all sorts of delusions here and none of them are sticking.

No. 1400740

Agreed, at this point they are just dog piling lesbo-anon for no reason. Many anons here have said they liked muscular women and nobody has ever said anything, but apparently liking physical traits is bad? To those anons, i'm sorry women are just awful horrible people, maybe just stick to exclusively interacting with your nigel and leave this poor thread alone? I'm sure he's due for his hourly hand job.

No. 1400743

Lolcow isn’t anti-lesbian, the issue is that there is a minority of lesbians, and it very well maybe just be one, that comes on here and says creepy shit like the manifesto above and expects us to agree with it or something. You’re not going to manipulate the entire imageboard into agreeing with you just because you want everything to be a feminist utopia, you know?

No. 1400745

Get off LC and stop being so miserable.

No. 1400746

Anon isn’t being dogpiled because she’s a lesbian, she’s being dogpiled because she’s a psycho

No. 1400749

Well yeah I'm talking about how I percieve buff women (buff people in general, tbh), but Why do you think they wouldn't be able to use their strength? Most people, men and women, who exercise are doing it for looks but that doesn't mean it has no practical use. Muscle is muscle, so it will make you stronger regardless of your actual reason for exercising.
Also, me being attracted to muscular people isn't a fetish.

No. 1400754

RIP Aaron Carter. Idk why child stars are always so miserable but you made my childhood really comfy. Wish something or someone could have got you clean.

No. 1400755

it helps with many jobs and activities to be stronger than average. a lot of buff moids never see any physical combat either. have you seriously never struggled with something at work or life in general and thought it would be helpful to be a bit stronger? that's the practical application of being buff lol

No. 1400759

Oh, i don't agree with the notion women are bisexual by default in the slightest but i also that the desire for a partner is also one that needs to be managed and controlled and people shouldn't allow themselves to be slaves to it, hence my comment about hetrosexuality in women being a cope >>1400718
, but a lot of the responses to her are also psychotic too, such as anons proclaiming female companionship as worthless and saying liking muscles is a fetish when fit bodies are generally always going to be appealing to most people, that is my point. That's why i just kind of dismissed everyone here.

No. 1400760

Unpopular opinion: just let people be, stop judging, let other women breathe in peace, that's it

No. 1400763

>but a lot of the responses to her
>saying liking muscles is a fetish
I think you're confused anon, those are different conversations. I'm the anon who got the "fetish" post in reply and I'm not a lesbian nor am I any of those anons lol

No. 1400765

BOO! penis kek

No. 1400767

No. 1400769

I secretly wish some guy in highschool that crushed on me would reach out to me. I need this to feel good about myself.

No. 1400780

Porn and masturbation is way better than sex with a real life man and idc if that makes me sound like s coomer

No. 1400784

both sexes have homoerotic tendencies that gets culturally expressed (and repressed) I dont think its outlandish to suggest a good portion of both sexes might have homoerotic tendencies.
for men its expressed through pedastry, desiring male genitals on a female body, fetishizing femininity over femaleness, feminizing a male through sex, ect. but for women its expressions like desiring males with female faces and bodies but male genitals (ie femboy art), making statements like "women are aesthetically more beautiful", women experiencing lack of attraction and sex drive toward a male partner they chose for themselves, "straight" women expressing they want a wife, ect. i dont think its black and white but I do think a quarter percent or more of all women rest on the kinsey spectrum, leaning towards male sexual preference. a lot of women here love the idea of a majority of presentations of bisexuality in women being a trend for male attention and a result of pornography but there are obvious expressions of same sex preference beyond plutonic behavior all over if you just listen to women and don't dismiss every expression as a byproduct of misogyny.

No. 1400785

Offended gay scrote detected lol. No one would be speculating on it if you guys stayed on your own male sites, why do you have this need to follow women everywhere?

No. 1400786

me too anon, no guys have ever had a crush on me (to my knowledge) and i wish i could cope and say that they were just nervous or something but i feel like guys are very forward when they actually like a girl. there is obviously something wrong with me but i wish someone could just spell it out for me lol.

No. 1400788

The thought of being called forbidden fruit like I'm some sort of option at a disgusting buffet makes me want to give myself a diy hysterectomy. I just want a jock from highschool to remember I'm alive.

No. 1400789

>at this point they are just dog piling lesbo-anon for no reason.
I think we need to abort it because of her.

No. 1400794

They hated anon for speaking the truth

No. 1400796

I wanted to say we should just make it about unpopular opinions about food but them I remember how much food posts can make me rage and get banned on 4chan, especially if someone mentions shit like ketchup so I think it's better for my sanity if I stay here and just ignore the shizo anon(s).

No. 1400797

File: 1667788226618.jpeg (518.69 KB, 1536x2048, 6ECA1F32-4ACE-453C-9C4F-CF374E…)

The PA guy who ate a rotisserie chicken 41 days in a row? Would.

No. 1400798

No. 1400800

That is called repressed homosexuality or homosexual desire. That’s for bi or gay people. Anon was claiming all women are bi lmao

No. 1400801

Make his eyes prettier, his hair lighter, make him have no friends thus easier to control and I'll take him.

No. 1400802

Finally someone who understands…

No. 1400803

based tbh, most women don't even cum from men so might as well do it yourself

No. 1400804

Fuck him or eat the rotisserie chicken for 41 days? Pretty sure I could do the latter.

No. 1400813

People who give unsolicited advice. I don't it please fuck off. You're not concerned you're nosy and annoying.

No. 1400818

This may sound shallow, but people who master the friend-zone are some of the most powerful in the world. I feel too gross about it to manipulate people, but it feels like in today's day and age there are so many touch starved and lonely people out there that you could easily surround yourself with people willing to do anything for you. The great irony of the patriarchy is that through focusing so much on what men wants, you know exactly what to dangle in front of them to control most of them.

No. 1400827

Maybe i am confused. I am glad the conversation has moved on beyond that fiasco upthread, i don't care to understand.

Idk about porn because most of it is ick, but as somebody who has never had sex and has relatively short masturbation sessions, i just know sex will be extremely underwhelming, painful and annoying. I just see sexual shit as something to get out of the way, the faster you get an orgasm the better, having an extra person would be really unproductive to me. I don't really care about getting hugged or physical touch either.

No. 1400829

I want a bf who loves me and I want him to look exactly like my unreal one.

No. 1400836

men friendzone themselves, its always with naive women who actually think males are capable of being platonic friends who care about you.

No. 1400837

I honestly can't remember the last time a man asked me if I was ok. I felt like I was just there to make them feel good about themselves. But women friends kind of bore me…its a conundrum. I want to surround myself with people who care about me yet I'm used to seeking out male attention but none of those men even like me.

No. 1400842

The only downside is the possibility that your beta orbiter rises up and assults you. I mean this on the kindest way possible, i also had a low self sterm and i thought that any male attention was good and even ugly shy guys could offer me something (like frienship). I thought the fact that they weren't trying to take off my panties immediately and going for the slow nice-guy aproach made them non-threathing and fine, and i could go with that pretty much forever as long as they didnt say something explicit. But then i realized that said non threathing ugly loser was 20 cm taller and weighed twice as much as me and if one day the monkey brain won I would have a serious problem (and the monkey brain was winning). Touch starved losers are ticking time bombs and if you're sure that you would never fuck them please don't try. There is oh so much you can dangle in front of them before it actually gets dangerous.

No. 1400844

Who can you trust? I feel like my male friends have turned on me, female friends left me in the dust. I have no one that cares because I'm on non-speaking terms with my family.

No. 1400847

I don't like any of those. Hugging or cuddling for me is the best.

No. 1400877

Most guys don’t wanna cuddle or hug without sex so there’s that

No. 1400880

this is what female twitch streamer-types do and they end up with stalkers

No. 1400886


t. skinnyfat maudlin bitch

No. 1400903

I feel bad having male friends now. I don't want them to simp for me. I feel a lot of guilt. What should I do? I know my standards are evil but its what I like…

No. 1400913

I don't get why men have to feel like they have the upper hand long after a breakup by claiming they rejected you. I don't even know who you are but you're obsessed with me trying to say you're rejecting me. Let it go…I'm already thinking about other people.

No. 1400917

Guess I'm lucky then for my low libido/borderline asexual moid.

No. 1400921

It's because they rarely have the opportunity to reject anyone, it gives them a powerrush.

No. 1400927

Men think I'm joking when I say no or I'm into one thing or another and covertly try to manipulate me. I can't deal with it. I can't have male friends period. I may be bored but I'd rather stay bored unless I find one worth having that either is totally fine having a platonic friendship or we're both so physically attracted to each other we want the physical part too.

No. 1400928

This is a miserable existence jesus.
I'm going to take this as an admission to being male.
nta but I have completely abandoned the notion of having irl friends. Sometimes you need to accept being friendless. I just find most irl friendships are based on lies, asslicking and people pleasing and it's all a load of bullshit. I like talking to my online friends and anons here and honestly that's enough for me. Trust no one anon.

No. 1400929

Elon Musk buying twitter was worth it for the milk.

No. 1400945

I want to live my comfy life without people trying to manipulate me.

No. 1400997

>such as anons proclaiming female companionship as worthless
Yeah straight women are truly straight, straighter than straight men. However it's concerning that female companionship, which can be just friends, is equated to lesbianism a la polilez. Excusing it with 'Hurr durr this place was created to shit on womem', doesn't excuse this actual pickme nlog tier behavior. They're against female friends? Why? Too much drama? Afraid they're all lesbians because they want to be friends? Or are there no women who would even want to be friends with them? Throwing the baby with the bathwater out tier.

No. 1400999

One miserable comment from one miserable anon does not speak for the majority, just as one psycho delusional lesbian does not speak for all lesbians. Why are you even continuing this?

No. 1401011

Men will fuck their whole lives up just to be on the quest to becoming some alpha male figure. I can't blame younger guys I'm not even interested in for dating around but when not even a single guy my age takes life seriously I'm starting to question things..

No. 1401024

To the women who encourage the manipulating men for money stuff. I get you. I understand. But you can end up in some pretty dangerous situations. Consider a middle class job and taking what you can get without using manipulation tactics. The 48 laws of power is bullshit and you'd have a lot more power if you kept your head down and involved yourself with as little people as possible.

No. 1401028

>The people that say this that I know never even went outside
this is so true

No. 1401035

Men do not think about how their current actions will effect their future in any way. They will do the most fucked up shit with full confidence that nothing bad will happen to them. Literally the dumbest invalids alive.

No. 1401055

I don't really want to have to prove my worth to anyone anymore. I just want someone to actually love me. It seems like I can't get close to anyone without having issues so fuck it.

No. 1401080

How I Met Your Mother was a nice show and scrotes ruined it by thinking they could somehow be Ted Mosbys and Barney Stinsons in real life.

No. 1401084

Thank you for saying that. It’s a sick world and contributing to it is in no way a good thing

No. 1401087

farting is hilarious and women should embrace that we fart more often and danker than men do. we should weaponise this and end the shitting in gas station bathroom instead of at the dudes your dating meme.

rip ass and if he can't deal it's his chair his problem that's what I say

No. 1401089

I don't (logically) understand why for some people, it'd be considered okay to do fucked up, unnecessarily cruel things to animals, but not humans. Both are very wrong IMO, and I don't see why humans (as a group) should inherently take precedent over animals when it comes to minimizing suffering. I get it from a purely selfish, anthropocentric standpoint, but when people try to make it sound like it's a sensible net positive for the whole world, or even morally justified, it doesn't stack up to me.
I'm also not a vegan, but I do agree animals should be treated better than they are (including the ones we eat to survive).

No. 1401090

Power hungriness only ends in losing everything. Men who want more or better women then they deserve and women who want to feel like powerful rich queens are people destined to fail.

No. 1401091

Oh and if you're a guy with aspergers who so obviously looks like the annoying dork who corrected everyone and got shoved into lockers…maybe don't make fun of people for also struggling with similar issues. You're only popular for one thing and its a thing people want to use you for. You're so desperate to be accepted its sick.

No. 1401096

Sounds like he deserves what is coming for him

No. 1401097

Ew anon. No one, regardless of gender, wants to smell or hear your gross farts.

No. 1401098

So you're a man who wants easy sex with as many women as possible but they're the problem if they're upset by it and you're just a guy everyone loves…dude you're fucking boring and peaked ages ago. You're not rejecting anyone people just know you're untrustworthy. Nobody actually wants you.

No. 1401102

File: 1667815914554.jpg (26.13 KB, 275x275, 1659871267276.jpg)

but they're FUNNY and men deserve to be tilted.

No. 1401103

You will never weasel your way into my life. I will never have sex with you. Nobody likes you just accept it. I'm not mad because you rejected me I'm mad because you think you have a right to spy on me and get me involved in the bullshit drama of your life. Take responsibility for your actions and leave me out of it. I don't like you or anyone you know.

No. 1401105

Go ahead and use the "crazy" excuse in court against multiple people and see how that works out in your favor. You're a pervert and absolutely no one matters to you not even your family. Nothing is sacred to you, you will hurt anyone to get your kicks.(take your meds )

No. 1401108

did you mean to reply to me? I'm just laughing about toots my dude. tell me if you hear someone bend over in public and accidentally fart it isn't hilarious.

No. 1401112

Jodi did nothing wrong.

No. 1401116

Based pic and post

No. 1401117

What the fuck does this have to do with unpopular opinions you weird ass bitch

No. 1401119

Oh god stalker chan is back, fuck she's annoying and dramatic

No. 1401120

I am still not entirely convinced schizochan is a real woman and not a male troll trying to sow discourse and make actual stalking victims look retarded.

No. 1401132

yeah some of these belligerent replies reek of bollock sweat

No. 1401136

I’m calling it now. An anon mentioned that there’s a host of moids remotely stalking women for bitcoin on tor like they’re trading Pokémon cards and then suddenly we have a belligerent nonsensical schizo replying to her and anyone else’s posts warning anons and sounding comically, almost theatrically unhinged and just acting like an asshole for no reason to start arguments. It’s so classically male that it’s kind of obvious.

No. 1401175

People who act horribly offended at people who don't use their real name the internet are stupid

No. 1401178

I consider an argument online between anyone done when one side brings up having "no profile pic" or a "blank account". Like hello everyone should have burner accounts you fucking retard. Attaching your real name, age, phone number, and picture online is dumb as hell.

No. 1401183

that sounds annoying as hell, why do people even get offended by that?

No. 1401198

fb told people to use their real id online, normies eat that shit up and think you have to be a turbo loser if you want to preserve your private life online. They don't think by themselves, they think that because that what they've been told. That's why they're always so angry.

No. 1401207

Every time I scroll by this threadpic it makes me hungry

No. 1401210

Oh I wish someone was charged for farting (extremely unlikely kek). Imagine the jokes you can put in the brief. Making a judge laugh at fart jokes would be the highlight of a career.

No. 1401218

I had coworkers complain they couldnt find me on social media. I dont use my real name or profile pic for any social media. If anyone gets mad at this, they probably work for facebook.

No. 1401253

Where do people even do that I only have only ever seen 60yo rightoid politicians whining about this whenever some YagamiLight69 insults them.

No. 1401255

Semi-related but I hate that you will be ostracized in some jobs if you have no account because the retards there won't talk to you unless they know you online too.

But I refuse to do it. The only social media account I ever had was one on twitter and I use it to post gay robots.

No. 1401260

transformers or daft punk?

No. 1401271

That's why you have separate professional and private accounts

No. 1401299

Lmao I had white trash people demand me to tell them their name right then and there in Facebook or else they were going to call the cops on me. Like??? Who the hell cares? Everyone has the right to anonymity on the internet, even if it bothers you

No. 1401357

Any man who bitches about sex he's having or has sex with a woman is sexual assault is 100% lying. Moids can barely get hard or finish to their own girlfriends if it's not "right". They cant possibly convince us they had arousal then reached orgasm for an experience they hated right?

And if it was that simple as just jerking it and cumming then why don't sperm banks just have jerk and go machines? Why do they provide porn if men just randomly and easily got aroused and came as much as they claim?

No. 1401372

I think it’s only sexual assault if it’s a woman and a underaged boy. Your body can be aroused by something and your brain still knows it’s not right.

No. 1401381

Should I be concerned if my boyfriend likes jack Harlow or however you spell it’s name? Worst music I have ever heard in my life and he swears it’s sooooo good

No. 1401414

your boyfriend has a sub zero iq

No. 1401421

>But women friends kind of bore me…its a conundrum

anon i know you will probably be called a pickme but i think i relate. idk i like hangoing out with girls but women tend to be more PC and prioritise group cohesion more so it's harder to find other women who just want to fuck around and have debates and make stupid jokes. however, i have met a few women with a similar mindset to mine and there was never a dull moment, so it's just a matter of finding girls to hang out with that are less 'uptight' so to speak (you probably get what i mean).

No. 1401424

You're right. I've seen so many anons in relationships thread talk about how their boyfriends claim to have not enjoyed sex, only did it for her, etc. How could they even get aroused if they don't want to have sex?makes no sense

No. 1401426

U mad bro?

No. 1401430

> we fart more often and danker than men do
Fart fetish erotica.. on my lc

No. 1401573

Someone having a full bush because "bushes are hot" is on the same level as a woman shaving because being shaved is hot. Bushes can be impractical if you're a lesbian, wear certain clothes and it's also annoying for discharge/period blood to get stuck to the hair throughout the day. A well groomed landing strip/ triangle is the best option.

No. 1401575

It's dumb to care about what other women are doing with their vagina unless you have a sexual relationship with them. They can weigh the pros and cons of how they decide to groom by themselves.

No. 1401583

I only judge women who purposely hurt themselves or give themselves uncomfortable styles because of what some dirtbag moid they're only in a situationship likes. Moids can barely be asked to groom properly why should you give yourself shave rashes for them?

No. 1401624

Bushes are useless in a straight relationship too. What am I gonna do put pubes all over my partner's mouth? Bad idea all round. Plus pubes are itchy.

No. 1401629

>we fart more often and danker than men do
This is a lie created by males just like the "womens public toilets are totally nastier than mens!!"

No. 1401633

>more often and danker than men do
what… what are you basing that on kek. I'm no biology major but I don't think we magically have more trashgas to dispose of than men kek

No. 1401642

AYRT in my personal experience if the male is not a loser then friendship is possible because he can cope with not having sex. But it's a case-by-case basis. But anyways anon was talking about being "Friends" with lonely losers because they're easy manipulated but unless you sleep with a gun under your pillow or you're the daughter of some dangerous male that scares other men away, that's an one-way ticket to being assulted. "manipulate" loser males it's not worth the risk, that was my point

No. 1401643

I think narcissism is just a form of high functioning autism. Every autistic person i've met has been narcissistic unless they're too mentally challenged to be cruel or has an amzing support system and been kept in line, and every narsisstic person i've met has acted autistic as fuck.

No. 1401647

Bushes aren’t that much of an issue and never have been to me, sure hair might get on your face when you’re eating but you can move it aside and it’s not like hair grows inside the vagina. And having the hair grow back after shaving is 10000% more itchy and prickly than it just being there normally. Pubes protect your genitalia, it’s not just a happenstance place for hair to be.

No. 1401657

80% of autistic people you don't meet after school because they become reclusive weirdos. They're just that guy with the backpack watching insect videos at the library by himself, or the girl playing animal crossing at her grandmas house and occasionally helping in the garden. The ones you do meet ARE the few shitty narcissistic ones like Chris Chan who bumble around making an ass of themselves.

No. 1401666

I'm too lazy. It's either a bush or it's shaven. Ain't no body got time to be making pube shapes in the shower, tried it during my younger years and I could not keep up.

No. 1401671

I think people who say shit like this and think people should adapt to them are projecting kek

No. 1401674

having to pause sex and fish hair out of my teeth is the worst, and you usually have to do it several times a session so it drives me fucking nuts. also its just more comfortable to not have hair poking at my labia and clit, ill take one or two ingrown hairs a month to not have hair needles jamming at my cunt all day. Also FUCK period blood getting stuck to pubes its so fucking painful and pully ugghhhhh

No. 1401675

Agreed kek. Also people who think anyone who is self centered has NPD are stupid as shit and only growing in number.

No. 1401687

what even if the point of having shit like landing strips? Anyways, there is actually an inbetween to being bald and having a bush and that just trimming the pubes down with a razer. No more having to do a military routine to keep everything smoothe and nothing stuck in the pubes.

No. 1401690

File: 1667856076365.gif (1.08 MB, 640x480, 100196DF-A799-4658-89C0-4F5E0F…)

Or how about you just shut the fuck up and let women grow hair down there? Get a damn life anon.

No. 1401694

Nta but do you realise what thread you are in. It literally has opinions in the name kek and this is hers

No. 1401699

I’m allowed to have an unpopular opinion that she has the dumbest opinion alive

No. 1401711

I shave mine. I like the smooth silky feeling afterwards. I know some anons start frothing at the mouth when you say you don’t have a bush kek. But each to her own!!

No. 1401716

i don't feel any sympathy for moids who cry about having "crazy bpd" gfs/exes. most of the time the gf isn't even diagnosed with anything and just doesn't want the moid to watch porn or look at half nude instagram models all day, and in the rare event their gf actually is a bpdchan or some other variety of mentally ill it always turns out that they sexualize women being "crazy" and intentionally do things to upset them, in which case any misery the gf causes them is deserved

No. 1401722

Same nonny. I shave my pussy, wear heels and wear makeup and I love the feeling and none of these bitches will stop me

No. 1401726

That's makes more sense than the OP and I agree that no one should choose how to groom their vagina based off of what a man thinks, but I still can't bother to be so invested in other ladies vaginas. Love and let live, I say.

No. 1401727

sorry i struck a nerve aspiechans

No. 1401758

Meanwhile they’re the ones who told me to never share personal information on the internet

No. 1401767

I think eating pussy, looking at pussy, trying to “dissect” or finding it arousing to look at makes me highly uncomfortable. I’ve never thought it was hot or attractive to think about someone eating me out and I’ve always wondered why other women would want to have their partner pretend to find the ugliest part about you as arousing. I swear I’m going to sound like a scrote but personally I just can’t stand the way my vagina looks, the blood, the tissue, constant pain, the constant comparison I see because it’s not a porn pussy, it’s the last thing I want to even think about during an intimate moment.

No. 1401768

This isn’t an opinion so much as it is an admission that you hate yourself.

No. 1401769

based nona

No. 1401770

Same. I wear liners sometimes and getting hair stuck in them is less than fun.

No. 1401772

How do you view dick?

No. 1401773

That’s just being straight/asexual with low self-esteem

No. 1401775

Isn’t it so funny that women are conditioned to hate themselves even the most basic functioning part of themselves that literally creates life but the most issue a man has with his penis is that it’s too small. LOL

No. 1401778

1. you're just straight
2. love yourself

No. 1401781

I think penises are ugly as shit too. I’m tired of being told “love myself”, you don’t have to love or hate anything you were given and I was given a strange monster fleshy vagina that I did not want. I can already imagine the way a scrote would look at it and it already feels traumatizing.

No. 1401784

But in the greater scheme of things, your opinion is the popular opinion. Women choosing to self-commodify themselves is pretty much the goal of the majority of society/corporations. It's still whatever, we live in a society, etc. Though it's always a laugh that people choose what is actually the most socially incentivized option and thinks it's actually notably transgressive.

No. 1401786

Why go out of your way to think about that? We were all born into bodies we don’t want. It is what it is. Agonizing over your genitalia is just going to eat away at you for no reason. Pick up a hobby or something.

No. 1401787

This is such a sad way to think about yourself.

No. 1401789

Nonna…people don’t have sex because it looks good, they have sex because it feels good.

No. 1401798

I was just about to say this lol surely most people, female and male, find genitalia kind of gross but no one actually cares during the deed because feeling matters most

No. 1401799

then just be neutral towards her jfc
>monster fleshy vagina
and do you really think that moids are as picky irl as they're on 4chan reddit or wherever your idea of moid comes from?

No. 1401801

Crop tops are fucking stupid and just a way to get women to show skin

No. 1401803

Same. Or if he says "all my exes cheated" it just means he was a shit emotionally neglectful partner and she had to seek it elsewhere or he is ultra paranoid of cheating to the point of constantly backfooting and being passive aggressive and they probably didn't even cheat in the first place

No. 1401808

Having just come back from Europe I can assure you that no, this couldn't be further from the truth. I've never seen people dress stupider than when I was passing through Charles de Gaule and into my destination country.

No. 1401813

>What am I gonna do put pubes all over my partner's mouth?
If a moid can't handle eating a woman out when she's unshaved he doesn't deserve to have sex with her.
>Bushes are useless in a straight relationship too.
Your moid is useless too but that doesn't stop you from keeping him around.

No. 1401818

not to be a dick but cdg is a mjor transit hub so it's likely lot of the women you saw there aren't french

No. 1401826

It’s okay npdchan

No. 1401836

It took a while for me to get over my insecurity over my vagina/vulva and actually enjoy sex and let my partner perform oral without feeling ashamed of my looks. I think it feels like a bigger deal to us because porn is so normalized and we always hear about pretty pink flat “tight” pussies as if the look on the outside affects the inside. Doesn’t help that girls with conventional features brag about it too. It’s not as big a deal to others as you’re making it to yourself, a little extra flesh shouldn’t scare away or repulse a man unless they’re already a raging incel/misogynist who wants to put you down. Normal people just want you to cum and aren’t judging you as a sexual object. But as someone who’s hated their vulva since childhood wondering if I could just cut them off with scissors and deal with the aftermath, I understand your feelings too well.

No. 1401839

Women should be the only ones working safe tip jobs like server and barista. Bartender too if there is security. Giving men another way to make high hourly while taking that away from women who need the job are disgusting. They should be off doing physical labor that they're meant for. I dont give a damn for some scrotes sob story when many women have their own trauma while dealing with their job, school, and others problems who think women should always be a free therapist.

No. 1401843

Sex doesn't even feel like anything. It's not good or bad, it's the same as rubbing your arm when you bump it against something.
No one actually thinks anyone is attractive, they just know everyone is supposed to be "attracted" to certain people.
Sexual arousal is a physical state, no one actually gets "horny" like a state of mind.
New Leaf was better than New Horizons.

No. 1401847

The elusive actual asexualchan

No. 1401850

File: 1667864854951.jpg (214.57 KB, 960x958, 1534566992660.jpg)

No. 1401854

Sex doesn't feel good to you? It only felt like that for me when I was with my dickhead ex that I hated. I decided after that no guy is ever allowed to have me not enjoying sex more than once. So if he's a shitty lover or pulls some scrote shit that turns me off he gets kicked to the curb. I'd wonder if you're asexual or just wasting time on loser scrotes (or women tbh some women are bad lovers too)

No. 1401866

tbh I think I might have accidentally learned something about myself
no, it doesn't feel like anything, it literally feels like rubbing against any other body part

No. 1401867

Figuring out you're asexual on lolcow.farm is wild I'm so sorry for laughing nonnie someone put this in the lolcaps thread

No. 1401870

File: 1667866285299.png (111.7 KB, 275x273, E07CCF60-33F2-4E2F-8A24-4A8712…)

Glad I could help kek. You do you nonna

No. 1401871

tbh I clocked you asexual at the animal crossing thing

No. 1401880

>Sexual arousal is a physical state, no one actually gets "horny" like a state of mind.

nona what….if anything i think the opposite is more common. a lot of people are frequently horny in a more cerebral based way before they figure out any of the mechanisms of their physical arousal. and tbh if arousal was only a physical state i probably wouldn't have sex anymore. being horny is the interesting part to me it's like an altered state

No. 1401914

All the adults I know who are legitimate sufferers of depression are also drinkers. Maybe not full-blown alcoholics, but still, they all drink several times a week. If they were to never touch the booze again, I swear to god they would be able to manage it. Problem is, nobody wants to admit that their beloved fizzy piss water or red mommy juice is contributing to their mental woes. They just pretend it is a totally separate thing that has no bearing on their overall mental health. It's retarded.

No. 1401941

They’re like those tradthots who go on and
on about how ~transgressive~ and ~rebellious~ they are for being a housewife and having children.

No. 1401959

1 drop of period blood has more worth than 3.5 billion men. I could slaughter every single one of them like thanksgiving turkeys and the resulting bloodbath still couldn’t be the equivalent of my 1 used rag. Pussy is god, I’m sorry you’re a self hating coward. Get well soon faggot

No. 1402033

I don't give a shit about Aaron Carter

No. 1402099

That linebreak annoyed me

No. 1402122

I agree, but I don't drink and I'm still depressed. My only addiction is caffeine, but everyone has that.
Sexual arousal is overwhelming for me, it's like being hit by a wave of warmth and tingles all over. As if I've just taken drugs or something. Like calm down it's just some perfume or a nice voice, wtf. I wasn't taught that I have to be aroused by random stuff from other women, rather the opposite. Then my mind starts racing a million miles an hour, with a lot of shame involved and I turn into a bumbling idiot. I also can think my way into an orgasm sometimes. For me it's just both cerebral and physical. I wish I could dial it down somehow, it makes me the opposite of a don juan.

No. 1402144

Small dick is better than pencil dick.

No. 1402150

True, but both are inferior to larger-than-average dick.
Ideal dick size goes like this:
Micropenis > pencil = small > beer can > very big > average > above average
Small dick will always be inferior to nearly every other size. I don’t care how good he is at eating pussy or fingering. 9 times out of 10 the small dick scrotes who claim to “Make up for it in other ways” are being lied to so they don’t kill themselves.

My unpopular opinions are that obese and chubby men are just as gross as extremely skinny men and that bulldykes fuck better than most straight dudes.

No. 1402154

I don't like Studio Ghibli and I always hated how the characters' hair fluffs out. I think making Ghibli fanart is the low hanging fruit of fanart. People who list "Ghibli movies" in their likes for about me stuff seem so boring.

No. 1402158

Ghiblifags are just weeb Disney adults.

No. 1402170

You absolutely used > incorrectly kek. Also I think there are chubby men that are really cute and carry it well.

If it’s small and fat it will hit that spot much better than girthless iktr

No. 1402508

anons post bad takes im bored

No. 1402513

most lolcow users are insane and radical feminism is retarded

No. 1402520

File: 1668033851196.png (86.74 KB, 856x530, hmm.png)

well i 100% agree on the 1st part, elaborate on the 2nd

No. 1402521

First part absolutely second part disagree.

No. 1402652

I got a real controversial one for you anon, get ready for this
Dipping pancakes in syrup is better than pouring it over

No. 1402658

thats just the hard truth tbh
also mini pancakes > full sized pancakes

No. 1402686

i don't think that's a bad take at all, it just makes sense.

No. 1402696

as if IVF hasn't been discussed 4732919456 times in this thread already

No. 1402699

File: 1668044363687.jpg (76.31 KB, 960x666, KTTDFSUWOJJ7FPHHDBHXFL54YU.jpg)

I can't find much sympathy for Brittney Griner. Even if it really was by accident that she "smuggled" drugs (however little, even if it was "just weed", countries have different laws), everyone knows to be careful when traveling and she clearly thought herself above the law. And then has the nerve to try to try to avail herself of the protection of being American after having shat on the national anthem, etc. I have no use for it, it's spoiled, privileged nonsense, and she's not a victim. What's happening to her sucks and I can sympathize on some human level with the fact that it sucks, but play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1402786

Going by russian law, the amount she was carrying (~1 gram) only warrants a fine or a few days in jail for russian citizens (anything less than 6g has very light sentencing). 9 years in a forced labor camp is overkill.

No. 1402802

>play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1402805

It sucks a lot but im more upset Biden wants to trade a mass gun murderer for her. Like wtf. She is just some athlete. I emphasize, but letting a mass murderer loose in Russia when they are at war with Ukraine is sick.

No. 1402810

What's the words in that picture say? New something?

No. 1402846

I agree, I fucking hate that dumb catchphrase. Probably because I've seen so many boomer rightoids use it.

No. 1402851

I don't understand why a lesbian leave America and play basketball in a homophobic country just because they offer to pay more. I can only conclude that she cared more about money than she did her personal safety, her wife and her kids.

No. 1402852

nta but it's true tho, idk why she would travel with weed on her when that can be career ending for an athlete. maybe boomer rightoids are onto something. still kind of feel bad for her bc i find her attractive kek no i am not gay

No. 1402853

sure, Ill share my unpopular opinon. its only a shame she got caught, moid laws are retarded and being obedient doesnt make you moral. she didnt get what she deserved, as she deserves freedom, also fuck any countries anthem kek that has no bearing on your status as a citizen or your views towards your country.

No. 1402855

yes, this is in fact the epitome of "play stupid games, win stupid prizes." it's not even just traveling with weed, it's traveling to a place known to be harsh with drug policy (has she never seen Brokedown Palace or even Locked Up Abroad?) in a heightened moment of international tension. it's the sheer arrogance of it that gets me, it's Ugly-Americanism at it's worst. well, maybe not worst, scrote athletes do way worse on a regular basis, but it's embarrassing nonetheless.

No. 1402856

same fag.. but knowing the consequences of one's actions under male supremacy, and undertaking them despite that ≠ deserved

No. 1402859

File: 1668054559391.jpeg (192.55 KB, 828x567, 139E288B-ED03-4483-B7C9-F4D01D…)

Very ot but she’s 6’9”

No. 1402867

I like SpongeBob as much as the next woman, but everytime I see a SpongeBob reaction image I am forever reminded that the current user base are just twitter migrants and the golden age of the internet is well behind us.

No. 1402869

I agree with the last part about the golden age of the internet being gone but Spongebob is simply just incredibly popular in America to the point where one line out of context will be recognized by nearly everyone in the room. and has nothing to do with twitter. If you aren't American then I get why you might think this. My bf is european and he doesn't know jack shit about spongebob.

No. 1402870

retarded as fuck take wtf

No. 1402874

If you only know SpongeBob because of the Internet and not TV, you’re a phony.

No. 1402875

I have never used Twitter in my life but I’ll use a SpongeBob gif here and there. I think millennial women are just kind of corny.

No. 1402877

File: 1668056158967.png (644.31 KB, 734x526, squidward.png)

god me too nonnie. spongebob is kino but i can't help but observe the way that this site is rotting away from its very core. it's okay, just smile and laugh through it all, just smile and laugh.

No. 1402878

Feel like a retard cause picrel is actually kinda creeping me out kek

No. 1402880

File: 1668056452968.png (396.88 KB, 492x538, spongebob.png)

ok sorry here is one to make you laugh

No. 1402881

File: 1668056558757.png (74.55 KB, 275x263, 99574323-2C25-4D78-9500-61F577…)

No. 1402882

File: 1668056616770.png (445.24 KB, 528x524, squidward1.png)

No. 1402883

File: 1668056624987.jpg (68.64 KB, 600x338, Lestat-and-Louis-interview-wit…)

I don't get why people sexualize vampires. I feel like you'd have to be fucking retarded to sexualize vampires. Like seriously what is the appeal? They drink blood, which first of all is gross. Secondly they don't need to reproduce by having sex, they create more of their kind by biting/feeding (depending on the book/movie) so there's no point in having sex anyway. It especially makes no sense to sexualize the Anne Rice vampires as it is specifically said that they can't have sex and don't have bodily fluids. Also they are often described as being cold and having no heart beat. You want to fuck some cold dead guy? No thanks. Tom Cruise was fine as fuck, though.

No. 1402884

File: 1668056949070.png (463.5 KB, 498x526, nom.png)

do you even vampire bro? vampires are inherently sexual because the swapping of vital fluids is a metaphor for sex, hence why a lot of vampires are depicted as being seductive creatures of the night. anyways
>tfw no vampire bf

No. 1402885

Because it's fantasy and fantasy is hot. They're way hotter than human moids who end up spilling your blood anyway instead of drinking it kek

No. 1402888

>you want to fuck some cold dead guy?
you won't like my answer anon

No. 1402889

>Metaphor for sex

Not sure why you'd need a metaphor in the first place but most vampire books/movies etc these days the vampires just have regular sex so that doesn't even make sense really

No. 1402891

I'm on your side nonnie, vampirism should be depicted as a horrible curse or illness and not something that makes you cool and fuckable.

No. 1402895

vampires have existed in fiction for hundreds of years, hence the vampire trope still having sexual connotations today. the sensual symbolism of biting the neck is pretty damn obvious to me, bloodlust=sexual lust. it's funny though because vampires originally were linked to plagues and rats but have now evolved into being spooky sex symbols, go figure.

No. 1402897

A lot of the vampire stuff is about repressed sexuality, the stories and erotically charged attack scenes and "losing control" appeal to people with repressed urges (not exclusively but in general).
Someone has probably written a long essay on how some of the biggest vampire fiction authors (Stephenie Meyer, Charlaine Harris, Anne Rice) are conservative christians and why that's not a coincidence. (RIP Anne Rice you are missed.)
It does not appeal to me either but it's pretty easy to understand. The rare freak who is into it because they literally want to be immortal and have magic powers worries me though lol
sorry I misspelled the author names horribly, had to delete

No. 1402898

there is no "should" with fiction, each creator will have his/her own interpretation of the trope.

No. 1402899

Fucking a ghost is sexier than fucking a vampire. Imagine getting your coochie dipped and smothered in ectoplasm

No. 1402900

so true

No. 1402901

it's fine if it just doesn't do it for you but you're taking it so literally nona lol. there's vampire symbolism for almost every aspect of sexuality. to the point that i think the literary version was invented to give repressed people in the old days a way to talk about their sexual fears and fantasies. it's the definition of erotic. you couldn't just peddle a smut book in the victorian era but you could make a killing by peddling the same book but with every sex act replaced by something that's supposed to scare you

No. 1402907

I do this too, but I don’t really love it, it’s more like I feel obligated to and if I don’t I am disgusting. I feel like you guys got memed by those ~ totally empowering ~ shaving and makeup ads

No. 1403034

File: 1668068266691.jpg (130.36 KB, 750x826, tumblr_nyr2fxtYxM1spe4pno1_640…)

Real unpopular opinion but I think picrel was right, young teenagers are watching porn and they get introduced to a lot of fucked up shit, I do think there should be sex education that has fit but average looking people showing how to have enjoyable sex without any kink shit

No. 1403039

Anon sake sike right now

No. 1403046

This would only make sense in a hypothetical world where somehow teenagers only have access to that porn and not the rest? Otherwise the issue of teens being exposed to hardcore pornography would still exist, it's not like you can funnel them to your softcore site only. Also softcore porn already exists, the teens who are disturbed by the crazy shit will turn it off and find something else, and the teens who want to watch the hardcore stuff will continue watching it whether or not a site exists for "softcore porn for teens".

No. 1403047

This makes 0000000000000 sense. For this to work they should have no access to regular porn but if that's possible you really should ban them from watching porn all together!

No. 1403053

If you make it harder for teens accesses real hardcore porn, then majority will stick with the vanilla stuff for the sake of simple convivence

No. 1403054

…Liz Bruenig?

No. 1403062

No. 1403066

Plus, soft core porn already exists.

No. 1403068

if you make it harder for teens to access porn then you might as well make it as inaccessible as possible. Also, how anyway?

No. 1403094

besides the actual idea of porn for minors being gross to begin with… You missed something here and it's the implication that "hardcore" porn is okay in the first place/that there's no problem with it being so easily accessible to adults as well

alas this is the Internet era and there's pretty much nothing we can do besides trying to spread anti-porn memes, but I wish we could go back to when most moids just had a few magazines or a tape hidden somewhere in their house

No. 1403097

NTA, I wasn't sure how to put it in words but you said it well. This implication that non-violent sex is something for teenagers as opposed to non-con violent porn for adults is honestly chilling.

No. 1403103

interesting how retards like that women in your pic will make up any shit instead of actual stuff that works which is parents monitoring their childrens tech and parental control.

Parents will literally shove a phone/laptop/ipad in their kids face and let their child be on the internet all day and not even care what their child is doing at all as long as the child doesnt bother those parents.
Just monitor what your child does and put a parental lock on their stuff and you literally reduce the chances of them seeing shit by 60%.

i literally have so many health issues because i was raised on the internet.

One of my parents literally got me addicted to tech because they used that as a way so i can leave them alone so they can relax all day, and now i am a failure of a human being who is LITERALLY addicted to my tech and internet and i cant go a minute without it which has lead to me having no friends, no boyfriend and doing poorly when it comes to work and uni.

I also stumbled upon soft-core sexual content at 8 and then stumbled upon actual porn at 10. And the thing was i wasn't even looking for that type of stuff and i still ended up seeing those sites.

Monitor your kids, use a site blocker and parental control.

No. 1403150

>spread anti-porn memes
You need to shame them IRL. I make sure that the men I know are perfectly aware of my opinion of porn and what I think of the men that get off to it.

No. 1403453

This is probably a very common opinion but women seem to be afraid of getting lynched by angry mobs for saying it out loud. Brown men are so fucking ugly.
The features that look good on brown women (strong noses, sharp hunter eyes, beautiful big lips… I’m brown myself kek) become hideous when combined with excessive testosterone poisoning. I hate how it’s trendy to cast them in movies as “hot guys” now, there’s this massive elephant in the room none of the women will dare to acknowledge. I know you think he’s ugly, and you know I know.
What also exacerbated this repulsion was the brown dick spammer. Why are they so tiny like a child’s but hairy like a 40 year old man’s? Simply hideous. It doesn’t help they’re so violent too. The moment you admit they’re less than ideal they will call you slurs and threaten you with rape. You’re betraying your own people, you’re racist blah blah blah. It’s funny because I’m also into african guys, so I know it’s not true. I didn’t commit a racist wrongthink. They’re the ones calling people n*ggers. I see this happen to white women all the time, and it works on them too because they’re afraid of being labelled as racists. The same men with purple testicles will insist that they deserve “pink pussy women.” (Ew.)
When will we learn that no one, including racial minorities, is owed pity pussy?(racebait)

No. 1403456

Repressed memories are not a real psychological phenomenon. The fact people actually believe that our brain is just so uwu protective of itself that it just won’t allow you to remember a traumatic event sounds beyond retarded to me.

No. 1403461

I partly agree though I don't have a problem with vaginas. But I HATE human feed and a few other parts and nobody will ever convince me otherwise, I don't touch my feed directly either, I grab a towel when I have to hold them kek. Not a fan of tits either but mine a so small that I learned to ignore it. Think real dicks are ugly too, I am okay with drawn ones though.

No. 1403464

Interesting, my husband is Latino and he's stated he just can't find latina women attractive and I'm the same way with white men, being white myself. I think you are biased as i find some brown men extremely attractive - my boyfriend has large, protruding, prominent eyes, a nicely shaped but largish nose, and very thick, full lips, all traits you mentioned, but I think they look great on him. He is very thin, 130lbs at 5'11' so maybe that is why it suits him, I think men are just used to being fat and not keeping themselves fit.

Personally, I think white men are hideous, I don't understand how they're so desirable when they all look like trash to me. I live in a huge city, so it's not like I live in the middle of nowhere either

No. 1403465

I genuinely think blood sucking and throat kisses/sex is hot.
Sure it would make no sense for vampires to desire actual sex, but I am borderline asexual too and think the same but still consider some practices hot, sex doesn't just have to be dick in hole. And even if vampires should be 100% asex biologically speaking it's not weird, people sexualise what they consider attractive. There are thousands of women getting wet for Megatron who is a robot that transforms into a tank or gun.

No. 1403467

I would have never enjoyed actual porn as kid, what I enjoyed and still enjoy was well drawn yaoi with hot anime or alien guys.

No. 1403471

I thought they were just things you sort of forgot because there was so much other shit going on that certain details fell to the background. Like the other day I was reading someone’s post about chronic illness and being deprived of sleep and I suddenly remembered some shit that my mom pulled on me before I was diagnosed that blocked me from sleeping more than a few hours a week for months and my condition way worse. If you had asked me straight up ways that I was abused for my chronic illness I wouldn’t have remembered that even if I thought about it for hours on end

No. 1403476

Everyone and their mother is now claiming they're abused because they think they were "too sexual" as a kid. Guess what, media has been very, very sexualized since the 89s-90s, there is your answer. I think it's more dubious when they claim this was a pattern of abuse and they can't remember. Like, you must be a special individual to forget stuff like that.

No. 1403489

This doesn't work. When I was a child, I was so heavily restricted from accessing the internet that it made me seek it out far more than average. All my siblings are addicted to tech because of this.

No. 1403501

What kind of brown men are you talking about? Personally I find a lot of middle eastern male features pretty like strong noses, big eyelashes and the big droopy eyes etc

No. 1403508

Eh, I partly agree about some maybe but it depends on what you mean with brown there are