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No. 1359526

board rules apply. no racebait. ignore & report bait
previous thread: >>1294155

No. 1359527

Kek I love the thread image, very accurate

No. 1359543

Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 are better that Super Mario 64, fuck you if you disagree.

No. 1359546

kek great job at the thread pic

No. 1359548

pets are not as important as people, i would brain your pet in a second if it meant saving a human life

No. 1359549

the only truely correct opinion

No. 1359552

I don't know why autism assessments take so long when they could just ask this question instead. I agree sonic is king..

No. 1359555

What is it about Sonic that draws in so many autists?

No. 1359564

I'm not an autist, I was just a kid when these games got released and I liked the chao garden a lot. I'd buy SA1 and 2 remasters on the Switch for the nostalgia though.

No. 1359565

There are humans whose lives are worth much less than animals. Personally, my pets are like family members to me, but even if it wasn't my pet, I'd kill a rapist scrote in 0.5 seconds to save a puppy or a kitten or literally any other animal.

No. 1359567

File: 1664634173331.jpg (13.85 KB, 300x300, baba.jpg)

I'm not one either, I just find the association between sonic and tism funny.

No. 1359574

hey hey now I said people, nothing about saving scrotes

No. 1359605

Based opinion!
Anthropomorphic and colorful characters, the concept of speed being a main factor in completing stages, and a selection of types of gameplay to chose from between games, SA2 gives you about 6 gameplay styles so that game itself lures in even more autists.
I do not think I'm autistic, but it's funny to observe my interests flooded with spergs.

No. 1359635

promiscuous women are bad

No. 1359642

>pic rel


No. 1359649

Nice thread pic kek

No. 1359650

but Nelly Furtado though?

No. 1359653

Cats are overrated animals and not that cute.

No. 1359654

Someone should really think about the children

No. 1359658

dogs are stinky and retarded and were never cute.

Cats = Hysteric women
Dogs = Retarded scrotes

Cat pee smells worse
Dogs just smell in general

No. 1359660

I can't help but feel that a lot of needlessly nasty posters on this site are probably just moids who are trying to act out their impression of how women are supposed to be catty.

No. 1359673

i believe the people who still believe in climate swindle and now started to complain about costs of living deserve this rough winter. it's what you cheered on, having taste of swindle who benefits only elite of 1%. i've read up about some dumb gen x woman who took part in exctinction rebellion protests and now whines about costs of living. that's what you wished for, bitch

No. 1359692

true the cutest are guinea pigs its not even a contest at this point

No. 1359705

climatism is just meme designed to rob working and middle class from their money and homes. europe is only in crisis due to classist and entitled bullshit of krautoids who want to vassalize every other EU country with their bullshit. de-growth bullshit is only about proritizing elite and these few that can have good paying jobs and people in the west can't have skilled jobs anymore. bringing back industry would make economies better, create jobs and cut amount of kilometers things have to make before they end in stores. bring back brick and mortar stores and regulate internet retail instead? maybe ban streaming, crypto shit and payment cards who need massive server farms to be afloat? maybe stop believing new left goofballs who hate nuclear power. de-carbonize just means "kill all life" so i guess they'd be better off with culling entirety of human population. fuck the elites and their useful idiots, fuck leftists and climate idiots, fuck anti-human retards

No. 1359711

additionally, EVs are massively polluting and prone to fires. solar panels are made from minerals from china mined in worst conditions for workers and they take all the space that could be used for housing or agriculture. wind turbines kill birds, are costly and generate shitty amounts of electricity.

No. 1359718

guess you can't wait until you'll live in the pod and eat bugs, idiot

No. 1359727

so you feel more enlightened now?

No. 1359757

If it was between my pet or a scrote I’m picking my pet 100% of the time to save

No. 1359765

If you plan on doing it for a moid i will kill you if you dare.

No. 1359798

This is the unpopular opinion thread, not the tinfoil thread.

No. 1359802

yes and sm64 actually kinda sux

No. 1359813

File: 1664645355369.jpeg (450.8 KB, 1600x1600, 183B63DF-4AAD-45EB-B3FB-FDF103…)

Return to what you are, anon, become podpilled and return to the mushrooms

No. 1359822

imagine wanting to live in a city

No. 1359832

poorfag crying cause they can’t afford to live in the city kek

No. 1359836

i prefer to grow my own vegetables and raise chickens. you probably rot in your soul sucking job to pay some shitty apartament in crime infested shithole

No. 1359837

I agree with you nonna but you know that one site is still accessible through the other domain. You just gotta search for it. Take your sperging there or to the tinfoil thread.

No. 1359839

nayrt but where do you live that the cities aren't majority poorfag wagies? over here wealthy people are fleeing to the country

No. 1359844

some of us have a life beyond planting turnips, hick-chan

No. 1359847

You will never make it on the stalk market nonnie

No. 1359848

everyone who romanticize both of these lifestyles are retarded and so are you, good luck growing your vegetables (probably aren’t in season, crops will get eaten alive by pests and disease and invading weeds, eaten by other animals because that’s their food, most seeds aren’t even technically the original vegetable or fruit because they needed to be genetically modified in order to resist pests and disease) and raising your own chickens, doesn’t matter where you go or where you live and how pious you think you are, this world is going to collapse everywhere you go kek

No. 1359852

Skunks and badgers love to eat the shit out of some chickens. They’ll be swarming your property.

No. 1359853

alright, eat your goyslop

No. 1359857

guys I think it's a lost moid

No. 1359861

Harry Styles is good

No. 1359863

i'm just autistic

No. 1359864

don’t forget about what happens in winter to these people and when they run out of rations they grew, what are they going to eat? just bread and sludge soup LOL?? they think that lifestyle is full of abundance, you are likely going to have to downsize with your consumption

No. 1359866

Residential areas should have at least one day a week where excess daytime noise isn't allowed. Krauts are insufferable 'splainers but at least their people get peace from power tools during Ruhezeit.
Sorry, I'm extra salty because the scrotes next door are hammering and shouting like retards like every other day

No. 1359867

bet you smell and need a shower, put down your yaoi and take a bath peeee-yewwwww

No. 1359869

i took a shower today and went out to work, idiot

No. 1359872

men disgust me and i couldn't look at drawn gay porn

No. 1359873

are you pakichan…

No. 1359876

i'm eastern european…

No. 1359880

what's up nonny

No. 1359889

shut up commie

No. 1359890

ok so a moid roleplaying as his ideal autist gf. go back

No. 1359892

my country isn't communist for 30 years already. communism was biggest disaster that met eastern europe
>women can't be autistic

No. 1359894

File: 1664647693341.jpeg (254.33 KB, 1000x778, 846C391E-E59B-49B7-946E-51E983…)

wants to grow vegetables and eat chicken but can’t even afford it cause you’re communists #OWNEDLIBS

No. 1359896

if you’re autistic why don’t you try just not being autistic? just stop being autistic

No. 1359899

ahhh I sure missed infighting general

No. 1359900

File: 1664647871482.png (27.23 KB, 500x500, baito.png)

No. 1359901

>she doesn't know autism is incurable
what the fuck you're talking about, westoid

No. 1359904

Hard fucking agree. I believe in climate change and would like to do something about it but it's clear that no government is going to do anything that actually helps and instead it's just performative punishment for the middle/lower class. Can't do shit about rich people taking a private jet everywhere, can't do shit about crypto and the shipping industry, what we CAN do is add an extra tax to normal people heating their homes in winter. Which won't even do shit because normies heating their home isn't even a fraction of the emissions that billionaires produce, even if every single normal person in my country just froze to death this winter for muh climate it would be a fraction of what one billionaire produces in their lifetime.

No. 1359906

thank you nonna
there's too much of idiots who ate up propaganda and can't see it. eu bailed out billionaries from paying for their private jet emissions. i stopped believing this entire propaganda and fearmongering, people now are scared of temperatures in summer that were same 10 or 20 years ago

No. 1359910

I'm glad we're finally talking about this nonnies

No. 1359911

Most men don’t want relationships and honestly I can see why. They have so many options out there and can get some young pick me to squirt out their baby when they are like 60. As a woman we have to just cling to the first decent guy we get because it’s less options. I can see why most women are desperate for a man and most men just want sex.

No. 1359918

Why would they have relationships with women when they just fuck trannies and gay men on the downlow? Tinfoil but most relationships between men and women aren’t real, it’s likely that these men use women as incubators while they are going around committing infidelity and getting AIDS while doing it. A lot of affluent people aren’t straight, so they are arranged into PR relationships

No. 1359929

or if a bare-minimum guy doesn't make you happy, just don't cling on to him? Just let dumb young pick-me's suffer the consequences of their actions. I don't see why it means you have to suffer too.

No. 1359932

It’s because dipshit moids think that having a bangmaid should fix all of their emotional problems when that’s just not possible, and then act like their inability to work on themselves is their partners fault. Most people would be way happier if they just took some time to self reflect but they refuse.

No. 1359935

It's disturbing that society doesn't shame old fathers. Their 60 year old sperm creates autists and schizos.

No. 1359939

i hate my mother for having kids with a man 23 years older than her

No. 1359944

This is why I support eugenics.

No. 1359946

No as women we should have high standards, not give away sex without and dump when needed so they're forced to be better men. But most women do the exact opposite so it's east for men to "hop" around while only taking and being pieces of shit.

No. 1359952

lmao what is this, do you really think the average broke/fat/bald 60 year old could have sex with a hot 20 year old woman? this sounds like it was written by a poltard.

No. 1359959

Autists come from the goddess herself nonna

No. 1359960

nta but honestly yes. And I mean just the 20 year old part. I don't know why you're equating youth with hotness. In comparison to the 60 year old man? Certainly. In any other context, no

No. 1359962

>But nonny!!! Women exclusively fuck chads and the bottom 80% of men are left alone
You're completely right though. I hate that men have a never ending stream of sex and it's still not enough for them. They all want ridiculous harems and question why women don't have respect for their cheating asses

No. 1360076

leftist ideologies and parties should be illegal and having leftist views should be punishable by death

No. 1360077

>Me reading this post knowing most guys get like 2 messages a month on dating sites if they don't interact first

Yes, men have so many options and aren't regarded as dangerous liabilities by most of society.

No. 1360081

Is this the slab cities guy from the grimes thread kek? You are so over-invested in your nonsensical theories about celebrities and relationships

No. 1360093

imagine voting for parties that want you miserable and robbed from everything to "help" some useless people who never worked

No. 1360147

>You are a capitalist
For having a job?

No. 1360171

You're such a sperg kekk. I'm not even that anon.

No. 1360180

Climate change is real and man-made and is absolutely going to fuck over low lying areas, poor countries, poor people in rich countries

And, the response to climate change is corporate driven bullshit.
1) Cap and trade is a scam that allows more pollution.
2) Corporations shifted the blame from them to regular people and try to make it the individuals responsibility, when climate change is driven by corporate behavior.
3) Corporations shifted environmentalism from being about stopping pollution and conserving the environment to bs methods to stop climate change.
4) Solar, wind, battery, electric vehicles and renewables in general are all terrible for the environment. They are being promoted because they are easy to do and not because they actually help. Nuclear is the best option to generate electricity and not fuck up the environment.

No. 1360185

Agreed nona and you basically described why I hate breadtubers so much. There's something so hypocritical on profiting off the concept of class struggle and selling leftism as an aesthetic while shamelessly participating in a decadent bourgeoise lifestyle. "Leftists" like Hasan and ContraPoints disgust me.

No. 1360199

You sound edgy as fuck. Are you a moid? Only moids can sound this spergy and angry.
>fake ass bitch
>you stupid whores
Yep, that confirms it.

No. 1360206

Nah my woman's intuition is always right and I can always tell when a poster is a scrote. Go back.

No. 1360216

The point is not your anger, it's the gendered insults that only scrotes would have in their vocabulary and obviously makes you sound like you just immigrated from KF.


I obviously misquoted the second post when I meant to quote the anon you were replying to.

No. 1360242

File: 1664662810055.jpg (34.43 KB, 500x499, you know that's not true.jpg)

>"whore" "bitch" are not gendered anymore

No. 1360255

Maybe it's used for men more often now, but it's still a gendered insult. Both of them are. I use "bitch" too but I'm not going to act like it's not.

No. 1360265

Well if you have to add "man" to it, wouldn't "whore" still be gendered against women?

No. 1360266

I'm glad we could agree nonna

No. 1360280

Promiscuity is gross and dangerous in general

No. 1360286

People being responsible for climate change is such corpo propaganda, it's huge companies that are responsible, a couple of people throwing a fit over fast fashion isn't a revolution. The real revolution that would change things is the one where all billionaires end up rotting in a mass grave, but that's never gonna happen.

No. 1360294

agreed, I think sluts should be shamed

No. 1360302

I don’t think we should be nice to women who prioritize men over herself and other women. I’m frankly tired of hearing about your expired sperm boyfriend and husband, no one gives a fuck that you plucked out of the trash and found a used glistening wrapper and thought it was the best out of the bunch. The more you are near them the more you adopt their values, attitudes, and overall negative energy that is toxic and harmful to me and other people. I almost detest women who like men, and I’m in the same boat as them. There is practically nothing to love about them but you justify your reasons as to being attracted to them? It makes no sense. You’re a hypocrite if you browse here and date, marry, fuck and give birth for these morons and have the gall to say you hate men. You enjoy the status you get becoming a cow for these men to generate even more property for the state and companies to use as eventual workers, more soldiers, more extracted labor. You don’t hate men as much as I do, surely, so shut the fuck up

No. 1360305

Kek this is some fun NLOGism.

No. 1360310

I agree with you nonna

No. 1360315

I hate the way you feel like you actually can’t talk shit about them anymore. You can’t respond to them, you’re practically told to stfu and let the mods “handle” it while he gets to do whatever the fuck he wants for minutes to hours, distressing people for no reason but the main people getting flack are the people who spam retarded sit back? It’s like a woman’s response to their behavior is 10x worse somehow, someone spamming Kpop is infinitely worse than a scrote calling us whores, posting gore and child porn is surely worse than what I’m saying to them. I’m tired of constantly being told to ignore it and being punished because how dare you actually talk shit back!!!

No. 1360319

Are you honestly bitching about why you can't respond to scrotes on this site? Seriously? I swear to god your retarded ass pops up every now and then. If you want to LE EPIC PWN moids, do it in real life and not on a fucking site where it is explicitly against the rules. Fucking kpoppies, you're all brain damaged.

No. 1360323

What are you talking about, that wasn’t me? I’m just talking about an observation I made >>1360319
No one here follows the rules strictly, that’s why everyone uses vpns because they always get banned for saying the slightest inflammatory shit about someone and it’s flagged as “infighting”, infighting in /ot/ where you can talk about anything… penalized for being mean on an imageboard, get your mind straight dumbass

No. 1360325

Gonna false report someone as a tranny because they said something you didn’t like now? Kek, that seems to be all that you cocksuckers know how to do apparently

No. 1360331

No. 1360337

that's it I'll say it, I don't care that you hurt your elbow

No. 1360345

We have many options for sex with broke losers. Not that many options for actually intelligent men with jobs and morals but this is easy for men to find when they want it.

No. 1360351

Climate change is real but it's not man made. The earth's climate has never been stable and has always changed depending on the current solar cycle. CO2 is what plants need to breathe and is not harmful. Less C02, less plants. The entire premise of man made climate change being caused by green house gases is pure bullshit.

Talking shit back to the schizo tranny moid is still giving him attention. Female attention is why he comes here. If you stop giving him that attention he will get bored and go looking for it somewhere else.

No. 1360360

30fps look better than 60fps

No. 1360364

File: 1664668954288.jpg (368.88 KB, 1500x1500, 81vaOIWJkcL.jpg)

I don't know if this is unpopular but I still love In The Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel. I know NMH and that album get memed to death because of annoying indiebros and because it's all about Anne Frank but I still fucking love the album and I don't think I will ever stop.

No. 1360367

Samefag; I've seen twitter "jews" (aka converted aidens) cancel it for "antisemitism" too but that seems really farfetched to me.

No. 1360368

climate change is a way to harvest billions in cash to do fuck all in exchange. id respect if they cleaned actual pollution or developed the plastic eating fungi they were talking about years ago

No. 1360371


No. 1360374

>Less CO2, less plants
This isn’t true lol has never been true plus plants literally emit CO2 during respiration. Idc about climate change politically but it’s probably better to know what you’re talking about if you’re going to have a hard opinion on it.

No. 1360375

Pink is a very strong, cool color

No. 1360382

Aiden converts always get to me. They don't know what it's actually like growing up jewish, they've never been told people can tell they're jewish cause of their nose (laugh, it's happened multiple times). Anti semitism (which believe it or not still exists everywhere) has never affected them much less their family. Noooo, being jewish must be great because of that sweet sweet minority status! Now you too can call out people for being mean to you! I get genuinely triggered when I think of convert aidens. I can't even follow convert lolcows because I get too angry when I see them acting as the self appointed figurehead for a ethnicity/religion they don't even belong to.

No. 1360392


>plants literally emit CO2 during respiration

Yes but it’s more like the CO2 they don’t use up is released back out. They don’t create more necessarily.


No. 1360421

I agree, and promiscuous men in particular should be shamed more, they're fucking disgusting and I wish out society didn't praise their behavior. Being community dick is nothing to be proud of.

No. 1360435

Yes that’s generally true minus lowlight aquatic plants and plants in places that see more darkness than sunlight. Not saying plants are polluters because like you said CO2 is generally harmless. But plants predate any form of man-made pollution and they got on just fine with natural CO2 sources like volcanos and natural wildfires plus what they produce. There’s like zero natural circumstance of an environment where there wouldn’t be enough CO2 to sustain xn number of plants. Especially nowadays with deforestation and dying kelp forests and what not.

No. 1360507

The "less CO2 less plants" was a criticism of the phrases such as carbon negative and the idea that CO2 needs to be removed from the atmosphere. If there was no CO2 there would be no life on earth.

No. 1360523

Water is wet.

No. 1360560

USA culture is cool and interesting

No. 1360587

If we define "wet" as the condition of a liquid sticking to a solid surface, such as water wetting our skin, then we cannot say that water is wet by itself, because it takes a liquid AND a solid to define the term "wet."

If we define "wet" as a sensation that we get when a liquid comes in contact with us, then yes, water is wet to us.

If we define "wet" as "made of liquid or moisture", then water is definitely wet because it is made of liquid, and in this sense, all liquids are wet because they are all made of liquids.

No. 1360598

As humans are the only species on Earth with language, and thus are the only ones who can ask "Is water wet?" I'm going to say "wet to us" is good enough.

No. 1360606

Also, "wet to us" was just sound cooler than "wet". So, it's not really some kind of statement about the universe and subjectivity.

Also, I stole this from another website and was too lazy to link it.

No. 1360609

Mentally ill women make the best music, besides one very special genre.

No. 1360610

Specific* special works, though

No. 1360693

Unpopular opinion, getting raped at a party is a crime where both parties have the same amount of responsibility.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1360698

women aren’t allowed to get drunk and have fun! it’s exhausting living in a world where you always have to take precautions, can’t Ben have a damn drink at a party because everyone is “strangers”. it’s like manners, etiquette, values, grace and morality is slowly slipping away and people being bare minimum trash is highly expected

No. 1360699

Unpopular opinion, anybody who responds to scrote bait needs a permaban

No. 1360700

Sleeping around is boring and unfulfilling and anyone who aspires to it is setting themselves up for massive disappointment. Especially if they ruin a good relationship to go fuck around and find out.

No. 1360702

Unpopular opinion anyone who tries to minimod needs a permaban(popular opinion: USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1360733

The only way to win is not to play, no one should get drunk because regardless of gender you do stupid shit and put yourself in danger.
My friends tell me I'm a prude and guys tell me I'm boring but at least I can say that I have never been drunk and I don't regret it.

No. 1360736

Based farmhand

No. 1360754

File: 1664691051941.jpg (107.01 KB, 564x811, 8fdc2fa80058560d3e886137e8118b…)

I hate modern mobile phones, i hate being tracked everywhere i go, i hate having to scan shitty QR codes instead of getting a menu, i hate apps, i hate not being able to just rip my favourite music to my phone and listen to it, i hate how you have to charge it at least once a day even if i barely use it because the 30 apps it comes with and i cant delete are always consuming battery, i hate having to have an email attached to it to use it, i hate how touch screen feels, i hate that you cant hang cute keychains from it, i hate that they all look the same just bigger and harder to grap, i hate that every fucking child has one and blasts peppa pig elsa spiderman fart compilations on the bus , i hate thay it gave retarded people easy access to the internet, i hate it and i wish could get a flip phone but sadly mobile phones are neccesary nowadays, which i also hate

No. 1360757

Same, nona. Fucking same.

No. 1360760

>i hate not being able to just rip my favourite music to my phone and listen to it,
You can do this one though.. Unless it's an iphone thing? I have android and I just recently ripped music from youtube. You can play them with spotify (local files) or any other music app. Or did you mean something else?

No. 1360761

File: 1664691511460.png (216.29 KB, 425x588, f6688a04ee0ebc22ac67c6e48475f7…)

honestly i am seriously thinking about becomig mobile-phoneless once i move, which is probably a shit move on my part but honestly i am tired of everyone being so dependant on it and its not like i go anywhere thats not the supermarket and back so i dont really need it.

No. 1360762

I could have written this. Give me a phone like the ones you posted with just emails and a reliable GPS and I would throw my smartphone in the trash right now.

No. 1360763

last i remember android killed its built in music player and thats when i stopped using my phone for music but idk maybe they made a replacement. Too late now, i went back to CD.

No. 1360764

nta but i use doubletwist for downloaded music off youtube. usually just download huge playlist 1 hr type stuff to make it easier. when i had a touch ipod it was way easier to get them on desktop apple music then send them all onto the ipod. probably the only thing i dislike about android.

No. 1360765

You can still buy little cheap phones that just do calls and texts, considering doing that and leaving my smartphone at home as purely an internet device in future. Like if you wanna simply call or text people, and generally have a life outdoors where you aren't always near a charger, having a phone with battery life of more than a day seems logical

No. 1360772

yeah i think i will, i wanna get rid of all my smart devices except my pc at some point

No. 1360898

File: 1664705009753.jpg (13.85 KB, 512x512, 004e5e54479555b4706f3be21c0ed7…)

No. 1360926

File: 1664708006586.png (8.69 MB, 1523x3619, Nokia_1280.png)

They are not. You can live with "normal" phone. I used this phone for 1,5 years after I broke previous one and had no money to buy new. It was okayish. There was no memory for music and pics too, so all my entertainment was from radio. You can try living like this, it may be an interesting experience.

No. 1360927

Yeah I still love it too

No. 1360929

>but sadly mobile phones are neccesary nowadays
In what way?

No. 1360930

More unpopular opinion: I like that my phone is so trackable. I left it in an uber and I used the tracking to watch where it went all night, making it ring until the driver looked at it and saw the lock screen message telling him his current location. Got that sucker back. But yes I also hate that this could be used against me one day and I had to give the driver a massive tip for returning the phone so popular opinion, I should be less retarded with my expensive CIA tracking device.

No. 1360937

Unpopular opinion that I share lol. I was so obsessed with privacy in my teens and now I am finally allowing all those geolocations and accesses because, why, are they going to steal my photos of trees? Or my mum's number? I am too poor to spend money mindlessly and buy targeted shit from ads. And finding my watch or smartphone is too convenient. Or counting steps. It may be weird but even google's obsession with data collection was somewhat useful to me.

No. 1360938

communication and reading those stupid QR menus mostly, but lately i have been asked by my medical insurrance to download their stupid app too, so i assume in a future we will NEED a bank/insurrance/employment app on out phones, lookdown was hell for me they made me download so many useless apps.
yeah planning to get one eventually, i used to have a very old phone until very recently but it broke and my mom bought me one even if i didnt want a new one.

No. 1360944

There's always going to be grannies and grandpas or people whose phone is dead in that very moment, or not the most modern model, so there's probably always going to be a physical menu or someone to tell you what to do if you can't access their self-made app for any reason. Like, I get your worries, but so far you're completely fine if you don't have a phone right now, and the more people actually pull through with their Gonna Get Rid Of My Phone For All Of Eternity thing, the less likely it is we'll be running into a future where they'll be completely necessary.

No. 1360949

music, trackability, and gps are the main reasons i keep my smartphone over the old phones. if something happens to me i want them to find me the closest they can. a teen girls phone helped figure out her murder because of the walking then running on her fitness app.

No. 1360962

>so i assume in a future we will NEED a bank/insurrance/employment app
I HATE having to use my bank app to make some online purchase because "muh safety", for some purchases, I'll enter my card's info, agree to pay, and the next screen will tell me to wait for my bank app's notification to validate the purchase. It fucked me over once because the app did this based on my phone number, I was at the other side of the planet trying to get a plane ticket to go back home because of covid fucking me over and I couldn't buy the plane ticket at all, I had to ask a family member to do it and to send them the money right after that. You can't even opt out of it. I hate this shit so much, it has some very convenient features but equally retarded ones.

No. 1360965

Doubleposting but in a few very popular restaurants where I live you have to use a QR code to check the menu AND to pay. If nobody can read that QR code in your table you're fucked. Since one of them is underground in a very old building it can be hard to use your data plan so you need a phone that can be connected to the restaurant's wifi. A shitshow.

No. 1360976

I'd love to read a review of contemporary dumb phones. I had a Samsung Galaxy A4 for a while and it was alright. I liked having to charge it once a week or something like that and how it was basically an indestructible brick

No. 1360994

There are a lot of them. Should probably read them all and do some extra research on cellphone forums and stuff since most of the reviews are likely to be bought and paid for.

No. 1361113

File: 1664723372029.jpeg (108.73 KB, 656x1120, 4E228FC4-D95F-41E6-B474-6EFA07…)

I will never understand the dudes at western Sanrio for shilling this character constantly despite him constantly ending up in the 60s range (out of 80) on the popularity poll
Does one of them just really want to fuck this cat in particular???

No. 1361127

File: 1664723825972.jpg (51.85 KB, 720x720, 0fdbf3a73c1e7a31d0c51d58112de7…)

I feel like Chococat used to be way more popular in the 2000s, especially when there used to be a Sanrio store in every major city in the US since his goods were often found there. Now he's fallen out of favor since there is not as much exposure to him and there are new, more exciting ones like Gudetama.

No. 1361140

Gudetama isn’t even that popular anymore (at least in japan), cogimyun took his place as the ‘food mascot’ character

No. 1361163

what is that monstrosity

No. 1361171

Bread flour

No. 1361182

The fight to be the number one kawaii mascot sure is tough.

No. 1361188

Cinnamoroll’s been dancing on everyone’s corpses for years in terms of popularity, with pompompurin usually in second (except when he dethroned cinnamon one time)

No. 1361259

kill yourself you’re probably a kuromifag

No. 1361266

File: 1664729831674.jpg (47.65 KB, 612x382, chammy kitty.jpg)

tbh I'm so desentitised to the main sanrio gang and now can't really find them cute anymore. I think Marumofubiyori, Winkipinki and Vaudeville Duo are cute though. I'm surprised how obscure Charmmykitty actually is since I grew up with stickers of her

No. 1361285

Charmmy Kitty gang!! As a little girl she seemed like the more mature Hello Kitty to me even though Charmmy was Kitty's pet cat lol. There needs to be more Charmmy representation.

No. 1361286

While you sanriofags are here, me and my sister once spent like an hour looking for an outfit she had when we were kids. We wee convinced it was Sanrio, but it was called “2000 kitty” or something and had a sun-type of white cat and said the year 2000 on it we think. It was a shirt and capri set but we can’t find it anywhere. Was it some sort of Sanrio knockoff then?

No. 1361291

File: 1664730401847.jpg (95.96 KB, 1024x1024, b0a04cee21b0558a121ca29be787c1…)

My boy deserves first place, I'm going to fist fight Cinnamoroll.

No. 1361294

File: 1664730537510.gif (29.76 KB, 237x180, tumblr_5bb6c4bf1005ad04b1814ca…)

Cinna is a little cuter, tbf.
sorry for the ant gif

No. 1361300

File: 1664730766789.jpg (84.21 KB, 800x800, japan-sanrio-plush-toy-cinnamo…)

Samefag, but actually I take that back. Cinnamaroll and Pompompurin's designs are incredibly similar so I guess which one you think is cuter depends on which color scheme you like.

No. 1361305

Pochacco is RIGHT THERE.

No. 1361335

celebricows is my favourite thread

No. 1361354

Baby skunks are cute as hell

No. 1361394

File: 1664734099451.png (383.25 KB, 608x398, wut.png)

omg they are

No. 1361405

File: 1664734665799.jpg (13.14 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

So are baby beavers

No. 1361420

I got rid of my smartphone over the summer and replaced it with one of the modern Nokia feature phones. It’s been completely doable so far (it even has a hotspot, maps and supports WhatsApp if you use that) and I’m glad I did it. (I use an old iPod touch with Apple Music for music). Definitely would recommend, it’s so freeing!

No. 1361422

flower , so cute!

No. 1361426

which model? i've been using a flip phone with a prepaid plan but it really seems to freak out my coworkers and boss who are really susupicious that i MUST be a drug dealer.

No. 1361430

Feminists always fight for the wrong shit. Like being able to go to wars or being a whore. I don’t want to go to war or for it to be acceptable to fuck randoms on tinder.

No. 1361450

that's liberal feminism nona. you new here?

No. 1361510

Cinnamoroll is fucking king and I love him forever. Pompom Purin is also amazing, but my hear belongs to Cinnamoroll. I honestly think it's his ambiguous rabbit appearance that makes people love him so much.

No. 1361513

but he dog

No. 1361524


No. 1361530

Based. Cinnamoroll is the only cute sanrio character and idk how tf he managed to get outshined by hello kitty. She has "I wear inflatable armbands when I walk in the rain so I don't drown on the sidewalk" retard vibes

No. 1361536

pompom purin and cinnamoroll are both adorable, but pompom has my heart. I have some cute merch of him. I recently bought a cute panty and bra set of cinnamoroll too.

No. 1361544

File: 1664742627186.jpeg (39.02 KB, 217x400, A7F03188-3CFC-4D9A-B609-899B1C…)

I love charmmy kitty! I’m so happy she’s not hit the tiktok audience yet like sugar bunnies so I can still buy her merch for relatively cheap (ie: won a picture frame for 400 yen)
I agree that she always came off marketing wise as the older audience’s version of hello kitty, her merch just has more of a ladylike touch to it, kind of like how wish me mell is meant for girls in their late teens to early 20s.

No. 1361548

File: 1664742928327.jpeg (146.09 KB, 742x767, 291A1507-FB62-4ACD-9092-56A775…)

>idk how tf he managed to get outshined by hello kitty
Mainly just because she’s been around since the 70s, cinnamoroll is the more popular character with fans and generally gets more merch than hello kitty in Japan these days.

No. 1361555

are you not tired of using the same bait every two weeks? kys

No. 1361564

File: 1664743920204.jpg (150.03 KB, 1024x1024, e83bccb71a10da881935eb664bcc93…)

I love Winkipinki & all the older sanrio characters, my favourite being MarronCream. I'm seeing a lot of newer merch for her come out which is exciting I hope they revive a few older characters because I see a lot of old merch of obscure characters go for way too much

No. 1361566

i think the sharp edges in her design and merch appeal to people sick of super-round samey-designs of the now. think about it, cinna/pusheen/adventure time/sr grafo those are four totally different things from all different countries but they all look the same

No. 1361567

At least Kuromi has a personality (and god tier character songs)

No. 1361576

I still love Kuromi IDGAF about tiktok zoomer BPDthots. They like her because her aesthetic feeds into their NLOGism, real fans like her because she's devious and yet goofy with a secret girly side. Simple as!

No. 1361581

I love Kuromi because she’s one of those few female characters who’s allowed to be the comedic relief while also having some depth granted most of it is just her being incredibly petty, but it makes her endearing to me.
She’s a huge bitch, but a bitch you enjoy because she’s just genuinely kinda dumb but cute.

No. 1361584

I truly wish the rest of the Onegai My Melo series was translated, I'd kill for such a thing.

No. 1361586

Same, though kiara was pretty poor tier from the few episodes that did get subbed i wish that sukkiri at least got properly subbed.

No. 1361618

File: 1664748880590.jpeg (154.36 KB, 1300x867, B83C784E-95B7-47E8-B4FA-AF7426…)

The best part of a cake is the crust.

No. 1361626

Fatties being really into clothes and make up is unfathomably r-slurred when they could lose 100lbs and look better in sweatpants and a hoodie.

No. 1361627

A lot of the time pick mes can be just as dangerous as men if they got a scrote they are trying to keep or are jealous of you. You really shouldn’t trust men or women because pick mes for sure are the majority.

No. 1361629

As a retard, this self-censorship is retarded.

No. 1361631

yeah why walk into an h&m and buy a cute shirt now, when you can just spend a year losing weight

No. 1361632

I just think r-slur/r-slurred is a cute little phrasing, that's all.

No. 1361635

It sounds retarded.

No. 1361645

>a year
a pound a week for a year = 52 pounds
anon i know which one i'd rather do. the one that removes THE WEIGHT OF A TWELVE YEAR OLD from fucking up my heart

No. 1361649

I think that's retarded, looking like shit and feeling depressed won't help anyone to lose weight.

No. 1361652


No. 1361653

File: 1664752201214.jpeg (3.88 MB, 7356x5209, 1664547630130.jpeg)

yeah! i understand that its cause they cope with makeup and clothes cause they can just consoom more and pretend contouring is going to actually make their face skinnier… but still weird

especially in college, i studied linguistics and it was 99% women. normally on the 7 am classes, most of us wouldnt wear makeup. it was always the fattest chick in the class that got there in full drag makeup and shit. it looked fucking ridiculous everytime.

No. 1361654

Nonna, you should know that generalizing like that doesn't work. I studied literature and the fattest girls would dress like shit and never wear makeup.

No. 1361659

and until you achieved that you shouldn't be allowed any fun?

No. 1361682

yes that's exactly what i said, thank you anon. all is black and white and extreme.
my unpopular opinion is that zoomers have zero reading comprehension.

No. 1361686

i study electronics and we ALL look like shit. even the prettiest women in my program are 5 years behind in fashion. they're still doing better than me though. i just wear a dress shirt and men's slacks every day.

No. 1361689

pickme is a stupid insult that's basically become karen for zoomers. ive seen girls get called pickmes for having typical male hobbies, wearing makeup, not wearing makeup, etc. there are some girls who really do act like that but it's so stupidly overused

No. 1361694

File: 1664755920602.jpg (36.47 KB, 540x540, h73veozni0c21.jpg)

Eh, maybe it goes too far sometimes but mostly I see it used accurately. We should be glad there's finally a popular term for male identified women, it needs to be called out because being a pickme is absolutely poisonous to both pickmes and women in general. Trendy slang is gonna be more effective in getting through to these girls than academic feminist language that gives them a knee jerk negative reaction to the ugly hairy feminazis.

No. 1361696

that's exactly what you said girl… why wear cute clothes and makeup instead of simply losing weight?
how do you know what she does the other 23.5 hours of her day? maybe she's already trying to lose weight or even already lost some? why should she have to dress ugly and not take care of her hair and face on top of having a bad body?
something tells me that overweight women not putting an effort into the way they present themselves would get you just as mad.

also, reeing about fatties clothes but also "i like using this cute little phrasing instead of the r-word teehee"? sounds slightly au-slur.

No. 1361701

Unpopular opinion, Santa inc wasn't a bad show and the Jewish elf girl protagonist is highly relatable.

No. 1361710

I actually like furries. Unironically they paid for my room and board throughout college, tipped 100+ tips for my commissions,
and continue to be loyal customers even now that I have my big girl career. I never understood the hate when the same bad shit happens in every other hobby community. The are one of the niche communities that actually still functions as a community. Legitimately helping each other. My sister got her first internship at Goldman Sachs because a furry friend networked for her to get a cushy position there.

No. 1361719

File: 1664758130358.jpg (44.93 KB, 736x736, o;afg].jpg)

On one hand I love him, but on the other he reads too much as a Snoopy clone. I say this with my Pochacco pen crying at the spiritual betrayal.

No. 1361720

Compared to cuckolds and pedophiles, two groups that shill their shit repetitively on forums and websites where they're not wanted, furries are pretty well behaved.

I think the 4chan hate for furries ten years ago was extremely hypocritical.

No. 1361725

ayrt. there is more than one person on this board. i didn't write "r slur" because i'm not retarded.

No. 1361779

Based eurofag. You're a dying breed.

No. 1361792

this is a horrible opinion that doesn't address the root of anything.

No. 1361793

I think the spanish language sounds ugly.

No. 1361796

what sounds better?

No. 1361801

It does, I'm a Mexican myself and everytime I hear something dubbed It just sounds way more aggressive, the Kick Buttowski cartoon is a good example of this, in the original language the main kid has a goofy voice and kinda sounds like sonic but in the Spanish dub, his voice is edgy as fuck and sounds like shadow the hedgehog instead.

No. 1361802

The best Sanrio character is little twin stars and you can argue with the wall.

No. 1361804

Nah. Well used it can be very poetic and sonorous. The problem with all romance languages ​is that all of them need a deep reform.

No. 1361805

portuguese cannot be redeemed, however

No. 1361807

hebrew sounds like a basket of delicious french fries that just came out of the fryer

No. 1361809

Back 4 blood is a good game

No. 1361811

I highly doubt that anon is european.


She might sound a bit spergy but she didn't say anything wrong.

No. 1361813

>deleted post

No. 1361818

You meant *french, anon.

No. 1361824

Mint ice cream is good, but only the first time you eat it in a long while.

No. 1361937

I know he is, that's why I said ambiguous rabbit. There are people to this day who think Cinnamoroll is a bunny

No. 1361953

Incels are obviously wrong about most things, but I do think they're right that being approached by butt ugly/spastic guys feels borderline insulting, but it's a thing most people would be uncomfortable talking about or admitting.

No. 1361961

I find it weird how they always fixate on the idea that if an ugly guy approaches you, compliments you etc it's creepy, but if a hot guy does it, it's welcome. Like, no shit? The difference between wanted and unwanted attention is how much you reciprocate their interest. If it's someone a woman would be attracted to then the chance of reciprocation goes up significantly. It's up to individuals to develop some self awareness and gauge how attractive they are relative to the person they want to hit on. If you're ugly, know your place and leave women alone.

No. 1361965

>hate that every fucking child has one and blasts peppa pig elsa spiderman fart compilations on the bus
It's not even the main point of your rant, but I feel homicidal over this. I can't sit down in a café, restaurant or even go into any service shop without there being a family that has their kid blast nursery rhymes on their phone at full volume, while the rest of the family is totally checked out, while everyone else shoots them annoyed or concerned glances. I don't know what this generation will be like when instead of having to learn behavior in public through discipline, they just get sedated through flashing lights and sounds constantly.

No. 1361967

Once that happened when watching q movie at the theater. It wa not a baby but a kid who couldn't have been older than 10, and I think it was pokemon detective pikachu with the English voice acting and subtitles in a non anglophone country so we had no clue why parents brought their kids to this movie very late at night to ruin it for others. I also keep seeing toddlers in strollers watching their parents' smartphones and the parents are scandalized when the kids just throw it on the ground suddenly.

No. 1361975

Snoopy will never have what Pochacco has

No. 1362026

i dont like other newfags but tif newfags are cute to me. i am happy themmies are escaping the mannosphere

No. 1362029

File: 1664786369096.gif (109.71 KB, 358x294, 4957AA8E-E4A5-4F7A-85AD-64D1C8…)

one day you all will see the light

No. 1362031

I know you touch on wanted and unwanted attention and self awareness but this is something I don't get why fugly guys can't get their heads around. Every time an ugly guy has hit on me the put on isn't because he's ugly (automatically) it's because they tend to touch you weirdly, ask super personal questions, think gross shit is funny, can't take no for an answer so forth.

I've had average looking guys hit on me and they automatically went up in attractiveness because they didn't act absolutely autistic and left me alone when I said no thanks.

As you said they need to know their place, not only in self awareness but because spreading their genes is just irresponsible.

No. 1362036

Finnish, I like how it’s pronounced.

No. 1362038

nta, ive been learning finnish in high school and i could never detect anything in audio exercises because my brain would think it's a background/tv noise sound. lol

No. 1362045

omg you recovered a memory nonna

No. 1362153

a lot of furries are pedos too tho, there's an overlap

No. 1362155

Furries literally have a web page to keep with all the criminals in the fandom. And isn't about weed or minor crimes, is a web page full of animal and kid fuckers because the animal control subforum in kf simply wasnt enough. I mean good for you for keeping away of pedos and zoos but people are wari for very good reasons. There it was a tranny grooming kids to become zoos in broad daylight and it wasnt until those very kids step down and made the case viral that the furry fandom started to cut ties with him.

No. 1362161

yeah have you seen how men chimp out when approached by an ugly girl? incels can stfu. they chimp out when a girl in their own league talks to them.

No. 1362170

I think you genuinely have to be on the autism spectrum to get super obsessed with some anime character. They all look the exact same to me. Anime characters are basically cartoon funko pops, there's really no individuality with them. Even anime characters lauded as DEEP and REAL and WELL WRITTEN always come off so fucking cringy and embarrassing to me. Like, I should expect that at this point but jesus, anime really is like designed specifically for autists most of the time, at least most of the shit coming out now. When I see people make edits of their little anime meow meows and blorbos I have to take a second a laugh a bit because god damn they always look like a million other boring anime characters but this one had their parents die in a fire that they started so they're deep and different top fucking kek.

No. 1362199

Most people are retarded and thats why the elites stay in control, most people will eat up 'news' without question.
The sheeple are our enemy, not the wolves. The wolves are too but we are being force fed to them by sheeple is my gripe.

No. 1362201

I remember in history/geography and literature classes in high school, my teachers were great and told us that the point of what they taught us wasn't just to know random facts on history or books you can find in wikipedia but to teach us media literacy and critical thinking skills and I'm grateful I met th because they did a great work. I'm always shocked when I see people on social media just learning the news through headlines, not reading and analyzing articles and never doing their own research. When you ask for sources for anything statement posted online now you're treated like a bigot or a weird conspiracy theorist, it's crazy.

No. 1362202

Welcome to what hating the group of the day has brought us all. Want to scapegoat something bad you did, have a ton of evidence it was you and even others know it was you? Blame a tranny and anyone on any right wing site(cope this is right wing)will eat it up. Left wing? Lightskinned or middle aged white Karen.
Literal insanity.

No. 1362205

People who answer questions without obviously reading what was written annoy the shit out of me.

For example some fat person wanted some recommendations for stores. Her question wasn't even that long it was "Does anyone have any recommendations for plus sized stores, but not ___ because I already shop there a lot" 80% of the comments recommended the very store she said not to. Of course she could've just googled but why answer a question if you clearly can't even read? I've seen this so many times it's not even funny. It wouldn't annoy me if it didn't happen so often, and it's not even online I've seen/heard it in person as well.

I used to think it was a joke in school when they made us read the question in exams before answering and but apparently not.

No. 1362208

We need to judge based off intellect already, it's the only true way to separate people.

No. 1362212

there are tifs on lolcow? im surprised they don't get immediately driven away considering how much the avg lolcow user shits on their entire existence

No. 1362217

Hunny the tif threads are hugboxes and the tim ones are the most vicious, there are tif oldfags even. Just look on this site with that in mind and you will see them literally everywhere.(male)

No. 1362229

you'd be surprised, i used to be a tif and i lurked regularly and posted occasionally before i desisted. i knew better than to announce it though lol

No. 1362231

I'm glad someone didn't announce it for you nonna

No. 1362234

Troon awake

No. 1362238

It's a common term for talking down in the south, I think you need some medication or to stop feeding into your paranoia.

No. 1362239

Future magic will make this post deleted

No. 1362241

Mass reporting someone for using southern slang will get it deleted*
Theres no magic to moderation and censorship

No. 1362243

You’re not slick when you immediately post to /meta/ about this

No. 1362244

Sug, I am more slick than you will ever know, report me and the other nonna all you want it won't bring your dad back lol

No. 1362246

There are plenty of ex-tifs around

No. 1362247

No. 1362248

There's literally a detrans thread in /g/ too.

No. 1362273

They’re absolutely flamed there. Maybe if there were more outright sex pests they’d become more vitriolic, but the mtf thread is currently consigning almost exclusively of white agps, agping, which is definitely going to attract more negative attention. If you’d like the ftm thread to be less of a “hugbox” perhaps you should scour the internet for ftm sex pests or maybe one that wears a giant cock and balls packer to teach their high school students

No. 1362315

My unpopular opinion is that tiffies are getting way too comfortable here. Their misogyny & homophobia stinks any containment thread they're. And they're adiccted to wk themselves.

No. 1362316

Somebody on ovarit linked an article calling out boy moms. This shit's going to blow up. Mommy's little prince is not like that!

No. 1362325

I saw one in the TIF thread talking about how the yaoi boys she wanks to aren't cis, so yeah.

No. 1362338

> Boy gets coddled to death
> puberty hit him like a bus
> Was werid as a kid, now he's werid and horny
> Never learned that women are human beings
> Troons out

A tale as old as time.

No. 1362342

Well what is your unpopular opinion?

No. 1362360

Mommy's little prince is like that.

No. 1362379

Boy mom's have XXY chromes and they may as well be 'intersex'.(tranny)

No. 1362396

No. 1362399

No I unironically think that one drop of Y should kill a guy(in this case woman but it didn't rhyme).

No. 1362452

Because they came from Reddit

No. 1362454


I'm like 82% sure thats not how that works

No. 1362457


Idk why they're acting confused. Boy mom's coddle their sons because they aren't getting the affection and attention they need from the fathers 9/10. That's her sweet prince and little surrogate husband.

No. 1362492

Unpopular opinion: working out glutes fuckin sucks, it's not healthy and everyone that does, probably only seeks scrote approval and attention.

No. 1362501

I like the burn and the knowledge that I'm using muscles. It's fun.

No. 1362506

I am not religious but I believe a reckoning is coming.

No. 1362507

wrong, glute workouts are fun and I do it to help my crippling lower back pain

No. 1362515

its correct and yet theres still anons saying their little boy would never turn out the same kek

No. 1362517

ISTG it's just like pitmommies. "It's not a bad breed, it's a bad OWNER!" They're so desperate to believe in adult male change, they quadruple down on trying to raise a "good one", but that's almost impossible, and they end up standing on the sidelines screeching in denial when their good boy does exactly what he wants to do.

No. 1362529

>> family travels to Japan
>> - Wah tah shee waah… Boi to mowshomimaasu. Yoroshiku oneeh gai shimasu. Akihabara wah dochee rah desu ka?
>> - <3 my sweet little intelligent boy

No. 1362532

Strong glutes and hamstrings were a lifesaver when recovering from abdominal surgery, because you can't exactly use your abs for a while. Secondly strong glutes help you kick and punch harder. Thirdly, I'm seeking female approval and attention. Finally, barbell hipthrusts are fun because you can go even heavier than with deadlift.

No. 1362533

I think this is a nuanced issue, however like many things online, people act like retards and can't seem to understand basic common sense, like yeah you shouldn't coddle your children and teach them restraints and responsibilities, I don't know why that's so hard for parents to understand

No. 1362538

File: 1664823841475.jpg (85.26 KB, 736x736, @xichdiemcotich.jpg)

fictional albino looking people are so pretty but real life albinos are kinda u…gly.

No. 1362540

Well rather unpopular opinion on Twitter. Agreed fact on here. The same faggots that had dropkiwifarms trending cause "no bullie", are the same faggots that have hes ugly and put the mask back on (over dream) trending.
Kys hypocrites.

No. 1362542

>is a dream stan

No. 1362546

Hardly, bully the ugly little scrote. Bully anyone you want on the internet. Just don't pick and choose your stance for popular points.

No. 1362548

i never did anon, this may surprise you but someone can hate both things, shocking right.

No. 1362551

No. That's what you should do.

No. 1362552

Thats the truth tbh. Every dramafag on Twitter is a sheep that jumps onto the most popular "right" side and would cancel their friend over any tiny thing. I can't stand the fact over how this kind of behavior is normal, as long as you support trannies. It's one thing actually calling out someone like Onision or other cows and another when twitterfags jump onto any drama train where someone gets doxxed by liking a random artwork or following a radfem account. I miss the days when twitter was barely an active place.

No. 1362555

how is this an unpopular opinion? like 99% of people like albinos IRL and in parts of Africa they are literally murdered and mutilated

No. 1362568

anon are you seriously comparing me finding irl albinos average/ugly to insane people who do dark money rituals and use albino bodies for black magic… are you forreal

No. 1362571

of course not, I was just putting it for emphasis, but like no one's think's albinos are good looking IRL, its not an unpopular opinion to think they are ugly

No. 1362591

File: 1664826678030.png (75.63 KB, 597x560, 1.png)

western feminists really need to stop appropriating the crimes against humanity women in the middle east face to further whatever twitter discourse they are trying to prove, its naïve but well meaning at best but majority of the time it is incredibly offensive, this tweet was in made reference to a suicide bomber bombing a Hazara a girls school, the Hazaras have been victims of ethnic cleansing for 300 years now and it is beyond fucked up to use that these people's suffering as a tool for their discourse


sidenote, I don't give a shit about misandry or anyone being mean to men online, I just dislike the appropriation of an international tragedy and making it about them instead of actually learning about it

No. 1362603

How is it making it about them? Even if op is a burger she didn't even mention the US. This is good imo, "feminists" in the US are ruining actual feminism by pushing this "men suffer too! let trannies into ur spaces and prioritize calling moids cute so they don't kill themselves instead of helping female victims!" bullshit to countries with extremely high rape and femicide rates and succeeding. Theyre sheltered retards who don't know any of the awful shit men do to us. It's refreshing to see this go viral instead of some retarded male positivity post as always.

No. 1362623

I dont understand? How is she 'making it about' western twitter issues? She's bringing attention to atrocities in other places while talking about how misogyny in general is a legitimate danger, unlike misandry. And she's correct. Maybe the 'we're being hunted' sounds a little dramatic when juxtaposed with women who are in much more danger than a twitter user presumably is, but femicide is real in western countries too.

No. 1362640

Women exist internationally

No. 1362666

she's right and i'm not even american, her point still stands

No. 1362678

Disney in particular dragged the intelligence of media for children down to hell. Too many "nerds" online have never experienced media made for educated adults, so they assume anything that wasn't made for literal babies is super deep and mature. I remember how people said for years that Gargoyles was deep and mature, so I finally got a chance to watch that as an adult. It was basically Ninja Turtles.

No. 1362700

File: 1664831850946.gif (1.46 MB, 280x210, goliatheliza.gif)

Kek. Gonna take this opportunity for my unpopular opinion that Goliath and Elisa are a way better monster x human couple than Belle and the Beast. No stockholm syndrome. No abusive temper tantrums. Goliath is actually honourable and respectful while the Beast is just a raging moid stuck in a teenager's mind.

No. 1362725

Agreed, also I love Keith David’s smooth as butter voice.

No. 1362742

Disney has given so many people so many toxic beliefs around relationships. It's like romcoms justifying boundary crossing behavior and being expected to give up everything you care about for someone you met just recently, but on steroids. Fairy tales used to be cautionary tales, now the result is that everyone thinks the person they are with is their true love and they have to give up their metaphorical fish tail for them. It hasn't even just affected straight people either. I don't want to hear millennials saying it's not that bad, they don't have to deal with having to date zoomers.

No. 1362756

I hate it when on websites like tumblr or twitter, or any feminine aligned website (apart from here) where users will call out the pettiest stuff, or whinge about the tiniest things, whilst pretending to be nice.
>yikes, that gesture actually belongs to the indigenous su%$# culture, i hope your not racist :) gets person cancelled*
>um…why was it necessary to mention that detail? that phrasing sounds outdated :) i hope you educate yourself
or they'll take the piss out of someone's natural facial features, because they have a different opinion, but still be like
>omg don't fatshame!!!1 don't slutshame! please be kinkpositive hunnies xoxo
I guess I hate social media platforms where snide people pick at petty stuff but pretend to be virtuous. What I like about this place is that no one pretends to be a beacon of social justice or excuses their behaviour. It's my fault for wasting time on faggy, effeminate social media platforms though. Probs should touch grass.

No. 1362761

Agree. They always zero in on other women super hard too. Men can do whatever and it doesn't matter. Azealia Banks said TWANSPHOBIC stuff, so now nobody on tumblr talks about her anymore. Oh no, Bjork said some dumb shit about the Iraq war a billion years ago, now nobody talks about her. But shit, they love Prince's totally epic transmasc swag even though he fucked teenage girls.

No. 1362762

She’s a queen

No. 1362763

Ayrt and exactly. Always women getting cancelled at the drop of a hat, and getting death threats for an opinion. Maybe society just hates women. Maybe some women like punching down and controlling other women as a form of social power

No. 1362766

Excessive and pointless sex scenes/ swearing drag down otherwise average adult animations, the results are cheap and juvenile

No. 1362778

I first noticed this with Rowling but people are def. eager to stomp down problematic women over problematic men, and even then it's easier for cancelled moids to be rehabilitated. And the way low status moids love dumping on cancelled women because they're "acceptable" is so gross.
>Maybe some women like punching down and controlling other women as a form of social power
Probably this. I don't see a problem with it though since it's just natural power hierarchy but it can get out of hand and feels bad when you're possibly on the receiving end of a punch down.

No. 1362784

why and when did you guys remove the long as fuck intro post

No. 1362796

This is nothing special. I could say the same for another bug fandom like the anime fandom .It has the exact same things and arguably has a bigger track record of awful shit happening. Same for every other fandom. I can’t think of one niche community that doesn’t have shit like this happening. My issue is I don’t think furries are some special case. Every other month there’s a big mangaka or anime community figure caught with CP of grooming children. Some fan murdering someone and was influenced by some anime media or a specific character. Nobody blankets all anime fans as pedophiles or incels waiting to snap while they wear cheap cosplay.

I simply don’t think they are any worse than other fandoms. If I were to use the same logic every any fan is a pedophile sex pest obsessed with a high likelihood of murdering me to live out their power fantasy.

No. 1362798

>Nobody blankets all anime fans as pedophiles
Yes they fucking do

No. 1362801

Songs in adult cartoons are super cringy and never funny. I actually feel uncomfortable watching them if I'm with someone but stay quiet and don't make any comments.

No. 1362804

Nobody seriously does that. Sure if a guy has a bunch of x rated anime posters or a girl does an ahegao face in cosplay someone will go “pffft fucking weebs” or “one of THOSE anime fans”. There’s a distinction. When someone mention furries there’s 0 distinction.

Nobody sees someone talk about their love of Ghibli and goes “fucking pedophile anime lover, shut up about your pedophile media”. We know anime fans like those probably have 0 interests in the sexual side of anime media. There’s furries that are just the same.

No. 1362807

File: 1664838134850.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1112x1839, FA5AB3F5-AAC3-46A0-BB45-C0C599…)

Bella hadid is losing her looks

No. 1362810

The lighting looks really unfavorable but her smoking and disordered eating contribute. She's looked 40 something for the past few years. Sad. I don't understand the hype.

No. 1362813

Yeah that’s what happens when you remove all that fat off your cheeks and mess with your face.

No. 1362814

>her(literally the troon himself.)

No. 1362833

I looked like that by the time I was 16–oh. I was also fat back then which makes it ridiculous. I don't know how to get over it because it seems like people, even the women here, truly think this is extremely repulsive.

No. 1362840

To be fair her eyebrows are also missing here. But did her nose collapse? I know she got work done but it looks more flat than is used to.

No. 1362841

>I could say the same for another big fandom like the anime fandom. It has the exact same things and arguably has a bigger track record of awful shit happening. Same for every other fandom.

Nice cope. Of course anime does because it's full of degen works which naturally attracts degenerates. Normal fandom does not have enough groomy pedophiles and bestiality enthusiasts in it that people need to make public watch lists. Like, HP? Nope. Marvel? Nah. Animal Crossing? Also, no. Normal ass fandom has to do deal with assholes, grifters, stalkers etc. but they are not full of pedos and animal rapists doing their best to prey on other fans.

No. 1362876

This. But I've noticed this is mainly (autistic) usamerican libfem behavior, women in hispanic side of social media aren't really like that. And if they are, it's because they're terminally online bilinguals who were brainwashed by usamerican
libfems, most likely because they wanted to fit into the english-speaking fandom spaces which have more content but also trannies and misogyny. I often find that women from countries besides the US are mostly reasonable to argue with, while usamerican women always side with and victimize scrotes no matter how vile they are and will harrass women for the slightest offense. And of course, there's women from all countries online, but usamericans are such a force to be reckoned with that I feel like everyone with common sense is being silenced into accepting the opinion of the majority. And they're clearly the majority online cause their piece of shit tard country is so huge.

No. 1362882

her body from the waist down is so botched. i can't believe someone would encourage their CHILD to get so many invasive surgeries. her face didn't need anything done to it either. she was born beautiful, just not exciting enough to be a runway model. if her mom wasn't fucking insane she would have been able to be happy with a volleyball player who got into fitness magazines.

No. 1363172

Furries always try the "Oh yeah? Well anime fandom has a ton of pedos too!" cope to divert all attention from their degeneracy, without ever realizing that the fandom for anime is way, way larger and covers an entire form of media while furries are just dependent on the content their relatively niche community creates, similar to a fandom of one anime franchise than all animes. It's like saying "well how about liking hollywood movies then" just because so many directors and producers in Hollywood are pedos, it has nothing to do with the community itself.

Furries have a huge problem with grooming and animal abuse because first of all you have to be autistic and mentally ill to even larp as a cartoon animal and secondly because the community would rather deflect all criticism until the end of times than do something about it. Every time a furry gets outed for raping a child or an animal the entire community starts dropping severe whataboutism about other groups. They think that because they're so "pure" with funny cartoon animal avatars they can't be held responsible, fuck even in the 90's all the "original furries" i.e. anthro enthusiasts left because all the degenerates wanted to make everything about sex and their fetishes.

No. 1363282

That's because these girls are educated a similar way, are told that they must be nice and not racist or homophobic because it's bad and you shouldn't do to others what you would want others to do to you. Meanwhile men don't get shit for saying or doing bad things so they don't give a shit either if some male singer or actor or athlete is a pedo or kills someone while driving drunk. It doesn't even cross their minds.

No. 1363322

It's literally little girls' playground bullying, they're just doing it to discredit anyone who disagrees with them/who they dislike.
Women care more about others and how they're perceived, so they will be more likely to respond/react. Men will usually ignore it because they don't care if they're offending someone and might act scary or chimp out at you if you push them too much, so women are always the easier alternative.

No. 1363380

Amusement park rides are literally stupid and you deserve it if you get injured or die on one. Like you stood in line for an hour for a few minutes of adrenaline why would anyone find that worth it to begin with? Low iq activity

No. 1363385

This isn’t unpopular it’s just fact

No. 1363389

>It has the exact same things and arguably has a bigger track record of awful shit happening.
Find me the anime zoosadist gangs or the people who run…idk, an anime onahole company wherein the owners are confirmed rapists/molesters who make/made live casts of victims for their toys.
The anime fandom does have fucked up shit, but I can't think of a single fandom that comes near the level of furries. Don't lie to yourself.

No. 1363395

Women cheating on men is funny and unlike men they have an understandable reason for it usually.

No. 1363407

I think people is entitled to hate their parents even if they did the bare minimun for them like put food on the table and a roof over their heads, no one pointed a gun at them to bring a child to this world

No. 1363542

I fucking hate autistic men and I get so fucking agro whenever I see “wholesome” stories about people giving them toy trucks and stuff. They don’t fucking deserve it. Most autistic men love trains more than their own mother even though she’s often wiping their arse well into her twilight years.

No. 1363571

I know its a personal thing where nobody can tell someone else whether their childhood sucked or not but.. If anything I feel like theres an annoying trend now of overly blaming parents for all your problems. And not getting help to address those problems afterwards. Just playing the blame game and then stewing in hate. Like hate them all you want, cut people off if needed but as an adult you sadly have to pick up the pieces and do some work to minimise the damage you're carrying around.

And I'm saying that as someone who had social workers step in after years of neglect/abuse. Recognizing your parents failures is only step one. It gets old when people use the shitty parent card to just stagnate and be bitter forever.

No. 1363621

Modern Japan sucks. Actually Japan just sucks in general.

No. 1363625

No it doesn't because I can buy junk food at the nearby conbini in my pjs at 3am and nobody gives a fuck.

No. 1363631

You can be trashy at 3am literally anywhere in the world kek

No. 1363632

I'm glad I can't do that because 24/7 economies suck the life out of people.

No. 1363638

where did the anime girl touch you nonna

No. 1363646

Losing a parent was to me the turning point. Grieving for an imperfect person is a headfuck. Hating and loving and grieving all at once opened me up to start healing.

No. 1363662

You never stop learning and maturing as you age. Each decade brings new problems and experiences, the problems you had in your 30s wont be the same problems you have at 50 etc. So for people to think as soon as you turn 25 you become this mature person who knows yourself is retarded.

No. 1363664

NTA, but some damage is literally permanent though. Or what if the worst happened before you even formed memories? You can't even properly recall that to work through the trauma, though it has an insane effect on the brain when acquired at that stage. Never mind if suffocation or physical head trauma is involved. I get that it's important to work on stuff, but I think people also go too far with it sometimes or put too much pressure. You can have seen mental health professionals on and off for over a decade, be told you should be proud of how far you've even gotten and they've spent ages trying to reassure you that the leftovers aren't inherently damaging to other people. Yet it's never enough nowadays, people are prescribing therapies like they think they're your psychiatrist. When the actual professional maybe only suggests measures to keep things stable and going well as it is for now and focus on just living life.
The first offending parent lost custody before I even formed memories, we met much much later in an office, I never received an apology. To me a complete stranger and for all I know already dead.

No. 1363702

dating autistic moids so i can emotionally manipulate them is top tier

No. 1363766

always start by creating a need of dependency- oh no moid, did something happen in your personal life? oh no let me help you fix it

No. 1363781

choosing to be with men you don't respect is stupid. what do you get out of it versus being single and not tied to some retard?

No. 1363784

imagine dating people that feel no sympathy for you and trying to paint it as a girlboss moment

No. 1363785

>Giving attention, time and affection to extremely low value men you don't even like just for some manipulative girlboss fantasy
>top tier
please be bait

No. 1363790

Emotional manipulation only works on women because they have empathy. You can't meaningfully manipulate an entire sex whose emotions only drive them to shoot up schools and jerk off to rape all day, unless you play to their deranged and perverted fantasies.

No. 1363824

Both of your are degenerate defending. True ouroboros in motion. Anime was created by a furry. Point fingers all you want but both are equally bad. Why are you both acting like there isn't japanese furries? No beastality from anime otakus, what are you smoking? Maybe in the the burgerland sphere but japanese definitely has beastiliy anime fans along side there accepting circle of pedophile apologists.Happily posting it on forums. The way furries are looked at in burgerland is how japanese citizens look at anime fans.Meanwhile you have otaku raping children from consuming lolicon and cannibalising them, and sharing photos of their mutilated bodies to the victims families. Gang rapists furries torturing puppies. Yet you both want to sit on some throne of morality. I can't either group seriously. Someone mentions the football field list of shit furries have done, and yeah anime isn't far off either no matter how you want to try to seperate yourself from it. Rules of thee but not for thee, "y-y-yeah we may have pedophiles and murderers but the furries have that AND beastality!" like the cleans you of your sins.

No. 1363829

>24/7 economies suck the life out of people.

I love you. hardly ever hear anyone say this. it's so true. stores should close.

No. 1363830

File: 1664911653528.jpg (669.93 KB, 2556x1862, 1478165979824.jpg)

fun fact anime started as a bambi fan comic

No. 1363832

is this a copypaste

No. 1363835

I love my parents but they're so immature, I've mentally outgrown them since I moved out and it feels sad and lonely. It sucks being a parent to your actual parents, being the "mom friend", being the rational and emotionally mature one everywhere you go. I have problems out the ass but I pay a guy to cry at once a week because nobody in my life can handle them, yet I handle everyone else's shit like a pro. Why? Where's my fucking shoulder to cry on? Where's someone to make me soup when I'm sick and tuck me in? And when I find that person, why do I feel guilty for having them do that for me? Hate it here.

No. 1363884

first of all not my anime second of all is that genderbent Sniff in the bottom right kekk

No. 1363893

no, its a t-rat

No. 1363898

what the fuck? This looks coomerish… is it suppose to be?

No. 1363900

nayrt but yes

No. 1363915

its furry porn before furry porn existed

No. 1363916

Love how I'm reading this right after scoring a two-for-one ticket for one of the biggest amusement parks in my country kek

No. 1363937

cars are better than trains and other public transport

No. 1363943

Sounds like a very popular opinion, driving a car in a city during rush hours sucks though

No. 1363946

doesn't have to be if you're living in a city that doesn't see people who don't have a car as 2nd class citizens.

No. 1363948

mommying a moid, sounds like a great idea.

No. 1363959

I don't think being thin will come back in full swing after thicc being in, even if kim k goes full anachan.

No. 1363998

not in lolcow

No. 1364037

I've had a pretty similar facial structure since I was a teenager too. I dont think she looks bad at all, people on these threads shit on celebrities and influencers in ways they wouldn't shit on irl women. I wouldn't worry about it, even Doja Cat got dragged for her appearance for being annoying and pretty much everyone considers her one of the hottest female celebrities.

No. 1364047

No. 1364048

I agree tbh

No. 1364067

shes not wrong at all but i understand your point as well because its missing the other factor of ethnicity and their discrimination. was the bomber of a different ethnic group?

No. 1364104

The people complaining about cars are predominately burgers who are unhappy about being forced to drive and shit infrastructure that prioritises cars far too much and makes things dangerous of pedestrians, not necessarily cars themselves.

I remember watching one of those plastic surgery analysis videos (not Lori Hill) and he pointed out that her nose looked like it was collapsing, so that's probably the case.

I just think it's the lack of eyebrows and considering she has naturally lower brows and a larger brow ridge(?) she really needs them. I just feel bad for her because she probably wouldn't feel the need to nerf her face fat just so she can become a good runway model considering there are more undeserving nepo babies who seem to be doing fine just looking plan as fuck.

Kek, would you rather people do drugs?

I don't understand what she did wrong? If anything i agree with this anon here >>1362603 , the men are victims too and sex positivity narrative ruined western feminism.

No. 1364111

Fat acceptance wasn't that bad of a movement.

No. 1364114

No fun allowed!

No. 1364115

File: 1664931398851.png (439.38 KB, 400x610, matt smith.PNG)

I feel bad for saying this because I genuinely do not think Bella is ugly (I even like no-eyebrow looks), but I saw this and immediately thought she looks like Matt Smith

No. 1364124

Same, what's up with the fattards having a meltdown over Kim K getting her BBL removed and tinfoiling that it's gonna result in anorexia making a comeback? First of all, what's the correlation? It's not like she was an anachan even before she got surgeries. And it's not like she was a plus size kween with the BBL either, she still got lipos. Second, are we really at the point where ass implants that make you look like a tranny/blow up doll are considered more feminist/"bodyposi" than being thin? Are burgers such fat retards that they'd rather all women expose themselves to dangerous surgeries that more often than not look botched as fuck than to lose weight?

No. 1364134

More europoors crying that they can’t afford delicious estrogen soy food and have to eat their flavorless indigenous meals

No. 1364135

British moids have it too good. I cannot believe this ugly creature was allowed on screen. Oh, just because he's got a gay accent and went to some prestigious school we're going to let him in front of the camera. Disgusting.

No. 1364139

>Bella’s losing her looks

She looks the same, do you really think these kinds of people age properly when you include the amount of work done they had to their faces and bodies? It accelerates their aging process, not to mention their very intense and short-term irregular diet regimens and stress caused by their attention whore careers that are taxing on their health. She has had more than what she has claimed and it’s obviously going to alter the natural ways her body should look. I’m so tired of this shit, a man can look like a beastly ugly piece of work but a woman who’s having a really bad year in her looks department is the end of the world and she’s no longer “attractive”. You’re fucking pathetic, shut the fuck up

No. 1364140

I don't get why people only want to see pretty people in every movie. It just makes them flat and boring like a TV soap opera if everyone is pretty, it's why the shittiest television always has the most pretty people in it.

No. 1364143

Ugly moids do not deserve the fame or financial security.

No. 1364149

What the fuck are you even sperging about lmao, did the burger really assume I'm european? The rest of the world thinks you're fat retards too, you know. But of course you don't know geography cause "muh poor education system they don't teach us anything! ;(" so the world to you guys is probably just the US, the UK and tacoland

No. 1364150

No no anon was right, I’m kind of tired of seeing constant pretty people because it means the writers are practically forced to make the writing very bad (riverdale ahem) just to market the likeability and attractiveness of the actors or make them have sex on screen every 5 minutes because the 50 year old jewish male producers are hellbent on making you want to see two 30 year old models actors playing as 16 year olds prostituting themselves and having sex. I think some ugly people fit well into their roles for multiple reasons, their talent/demeanor/charisma/typecasting yes that includes fat, ugly women as well. Seethe, it gets boring look at the same blonde/oppressed brunettes with anachan bodies with the occasional privileged fatty taking up space. It’s ugly girl autumn

No. 1364152

Trying to shift the sperging about americans even though you brought them up when it wasn’t needed. Typical europoor that can’t afford food, shut up marxist!

No. 1364154

File: 1664935326900.jpeg (469.26 KB, 750x1162, F91B01E7-1316-49CD-B733-09B9BF…)

Crying cause you can’t woman up and hop on a boat and head to the west illegally so you have to insult americans for no reason when we’re talking a model. Fatties exist all around the globe and they’re here to stay

No. 1364156

You're talking about women. I'm talking about fugly scrotes. Fugly scrotes deserve to face the wall. I don't care about ugly women on tv.

No. 1364157

File: 1664935491507.jpeg (450.91 KB, 750x1061, 909928A6-1B97-4806-B7BA-021B72…)

samefag but inb4 “kek i’m not middle eastern!!!” ok.

No. 1364160

Lmao fatty argentinians.

No. 1364164

You seem gross and unhinged.

No. 1364167

Stfu tranny

No. 1364169

Fuck off and go back. The only purpose an ugly moid has is to die in a war, wifeless and childless.

No. 1364188

>giving moids any sort of attention

No. 1364216

You're behaving like a caricature, you're clearly a LARPing tranny trying to fit in.

No. 1364286

From what I recall, she still has that bbl. Considering she is tiny now, that bbl is actually going to look 10x worse and more awkward than it already did. Imo, i don't give a shit how much she weighs, that bbl should be the only thing people should be bullying her for. Imagine seeing that shit irl? i'd scream.

No. 1364392

File: 1664955272161.gif (5.87 MB, 498x279, Tumblr_l_3803279752793224.gif)

No. 1364396

File: 1664955623834.jpeg (122.23 KB, 799x450, FD369C56-9671-4CDD-9E9D-892788…)

I am a turbo autist your value of human life means nothing to me compared to my little squishy face

No. 1364397

>Crying cause you can’t woman up and hop on a boat and head to the west illegally
Lmfao not even you "people" want to live in your tranny paradise shithole full of mentally challenged greaseballs.
>you have to insult americans for no reason
"No reason" KEK
All these statistics nobody asked for to prove the entire world is fat yet you're still the country rightfully known for being fat retards. Cope and seethe.

No. 1364647

File: 1664976139929.jpg (89.94 KB, 1200x1200, drink_this_newfag.jpg)

We need to go back to telling newfags to drink bleach.

No. 1364650

think I would've agreed with you in the past but it feels so pointless now. if someone's an obvious newfag you already know they are illiterate, being aggro with them just causes them to sperg out and shit up the site most of the time. might as well guide them and hope they integrate and start contributing sooner.

No. 1364710

Casual Japanese style of fashion is so much cuter than American casual style but honestly their clothes you really need to be skinny to wear it or else you risk looking pregnant or fat because the clothes are so baggy and box shaped

No. 1364713

Straight clothes suit japanese women because they aren't curvy.

No. 1364716

This isn't an unpopular opinion, it's a fucking fact. Japanese casual fashion is so much more stylish and cute but I could not pull it off because I'm not a 5 foot tall skinny Asian woman.

No. 1364725

I’ve seen non Asian women in Tokyo who look cute in it. The key is you unfortunately have to be underweight to look right.

No. 1364736

My friend is a petite, skinny 5 foot white girl and she looks fantastic in it because of that. I wish us western pigs with a BMI of over 15 could have cute clothes too.

No. 1364738

are japanese clothes shorter/good for short women?

No. 1364744

When I was 5’6 at 100 lbs I didn’t have any problems fitting clothes at the shops in Japan sometimes the stuff was even too big for me

No. 1364748

I’d assume anon is taking about short women with healthy bodies, not anorexic ones.

No. 1364750

is 5'6 considered short ? like I'm 5'6 1/2 and usually an inch taller then majority of the men in my asian country

No. 1364751

I misread that and thought she said would they only work for short women.

No. 1364753

In Japan the same rules for weight apply to tall women too. If you’re like 130 which is healthy for my height you’d still get called fat.
I misread that and thought she said would they only work for short women.

No. 1364775

In general, I'm really sick of some anons constantly undercutting and attacking women who aren't the same weight as them, accusing them of being anachan at random, etc.

No. 1364776

Women of any sexuality should be allowed to say fag(got). Men shouldn't say it regardless of sexuality.

No. 1364778

We're all suppose to be anonymous we is anyone taking anything personal. For all anyone knows I'm the hottest bitch around with my long legs, huge natural tits that refuse to sag, a tiny waist and perfect ass.

No. 1364779

If gay men keep saying "bitch", "hoe", "cunt", etc. then women should say "faggot" whenever the fuck we want. I'm sick of them treating us like pretty little accessories they can call names to look cool and edgy while making jokes like "are the straights ok??? lol" when reposting obvious cases of domestic violence against women. Fuck these fags.

No. 1364781

I'm in my 30s and I stopped caring about policing my language. I grow up in WWF Raw era. When I was talking in work about my ex I called him a faggot and people asked if I meant gay and I went no, I mean he's a pussy and they understood. I don't care

No. 1364783

I think women of any sexuality should be able to say fag(got) but no man of any sexuality should say bitch/cunt/whore etc.

No. 1364786

It's that if you ever state obesity isn't healthy or even just mention being less than a certain number in lbs, there's like a 40% chance someone will take it personally and have a meltdown over nothing kek

No. 1364791

I'm doomed to date moids of course I'm not OK

No. 1364794

Being obsessed with other people's weights (whether they are fat or skinny or inbetween) is a sign of insecurity. This insecurity usually comes with a large dose of pick meism, which is why weight obsessives are annoying to be around.

No. 1364802

People judge men for being fat too. It’s only pick meish if you hate on fat women but give fat men a pass.

No. 1364803

So you don't agree that fat men should be culled? I dunno if I can get down with that nona.

No. 1364806

I had sex with a fat man once and never again.

No. 1364809

The same thing happens when anons talk about EDs or underweight people anon, I don't know why you're acting like it doesn't.

No. 1364815

That's retarded, you're retarded.

No. 1364821

The problem is men, not their obesity. I don't see why skinny men should get a pass.

No. 1364822

They don't? Who said that they did? I really don't understand you nonas sometimes.

No. 1364826

Women are just as bitchy about weight as men. I wouldn’t even know my weight was a problem if not for female relatives, none of the dudes noticed.

No. 1364828

Some women have an unfortunate tendency to take out their own insecurities on other women.

No. 1364829

The only reason I decided to lose weight is because of other women and I definitely got praised by a lot of women when I got down to a dangerous weight(male)

No. 1364833

What do you mean? I've never seen anons randomly get called fat just for saying EDs are bad, or get sperged at for being fat if they say something like "When I was 180lbs (5'5), this didn't fit me" (and if they tried, everyone would rightfully call them out for being a seething ana lol)

No. 1364845

I am just sick of people in general being obsessed with their own or other's food plate and weight. There are a lot more issues to be worried about, i really don't give a single shit what is fat-chans weight or what is anyone else's weight too, i just want people to focus on themselves and stfu

No. 1364846

People who use hum and huh a lot need to learn how to talk. Like bitch just say what you have to say without saying hum 1 million times. Worst part about phone customer service

No. 1364873

I don't mind BDSM if the moid is the one being dominated, it's what they deserve anyway.

No. 1364880

>uses talk instead of speak to bitch about grammar
every fucking time

No. 1364885

question/not bait
I’m not even pro-life I’m just genuinely confused at how can semitics/hasids/jews be pro-abortion if their population was just demolished? Like weren’t a few million of you just removed don’t you want to like…replenish the lack of stock? I just had a flashback to the time I was on a walk and saw a banner that said “reproductive freedom is a jewish value” hence bore this question. Jewish nonichkas let’s hear it

No. 1364894

Exactly. Men of all age, religion, race, generations and sexual orientations need to shut the fuck up forever.

No. 1364897

I’m not bitching about grammar tho. I hate waiting for people to get to the point and they keep saying like they are nervous “hum” “uhhhhh”. If you’re to anxious to speak on the phone get your parents or spouse to call.

No. 1364909

Because abortion isn’t about population suppression.

No. 1364910

I'm not jewish but up til age 30 I lived somewhere with no access to abortion. For religious reasons. Regardless of whatever is happening with whatever population you're a part of.. having a child is a huge personal commitment that shouldn't be forced, nudged or taken lightly. I don't agree with women having kids just to restock a population or to add to the overall numbers of a group. Nobody wins from that in the long run.

Catholics used to love the whole having a big family thing "Have as many kids as god will bless you with!" The more the better! The fallout from that is generations of trauma from neglect, parents who should've put more thought into having so many kids because they didn't have the means (not just talking about money) to really pull it off well.

No. 1364914

Howling at the janny’s redtexts. So quick to ban actual biological women but at least sometimes you guys are funny kek

No. 1364916

Jealous of my fat rolls nonna?

No. 1364924

Sorry if my question wasn’t clear but I’m pretty sure if you have jewish genetics and you join the majority of jewish women in making the decision to avoid passing on those genetics that sounds to me like population suppression. I can see how my question just loooks like it’s coming from a religious perspective sorry nona

I don’t mean for religious reasons specifically, I mean like keeping Jewish genetics in the world? Like why would you choose to vacuum your kid out of yourself if you’re part of the percentage of surviving families, that are definitely expected to reproduce the genetics that attempted to be exterminated?

No. 1364937

what part about some women not wanting to have a kid do you not understand?

No. 1364947

I learned plenty of lessons through trial and error between 25 and 30. Probably learnt more in those 5 years than the previous 5.

No. 1364955

You sound like those unhinged eugenicists that want to keep women as broodmares "for the good of the nation." Fuck off

No. 1364992

Ok but if they didn’t want kids they just wouldn’t have sex with disgusting ass scrotes and get themselves pregnant, but I guess we all have our hobbies?
I prefaced my post stating that it’s just a question and really I don’t give a shit about the jewish diaspora as a whole, but I was curious and I see now that there’s really no answer

No. 1365000

I don't go on rides but theres a whole side of youtube that covers amusement ride accidents and it's crazy how many people will sneak or force their way onto rides when they don't meet the height/weight limits. There was an accident years ago where a man with no legs bullied his way onto a ride. The restraints weren't designed for people with no legs. He'd been given a special leaflet for disabled visitors that went over all that. He screamed at the staff. Had a family member pick him up and place him in the ride and threatened to sue for 'discrimination' if he wasn't allowed ride. He was a veteran so screamed about that too. He refused to move. Lots of people witnessed this tantrum and were stuck waiting around on the ride during it. The staff were afraid to remove him and risk getting sued for handling him. In the end the ride goes ahead with him on it. Yeah he fell off, died and his family sued for millions. I've watched multiple vids on it and some don't tell the full story with the tantrum involved. He got what he wanted.

No. 1365072

Most people have sex because it feels physically good, not because they want kids.

No. 1365165

i wish the unabomber was never caught so he could have sent gifts to crypto farms

No. 1365189

Stop thirsting about Unabomber in various threads pls

No. 1365198

Why did you have to tell her? It would have been so funny…

No. 1365201

File: 1665004784035.jpg (54.63 KB, 695x695, 1646463740539.jpg)

No. 1365203

yes you are. you're complaining about filler words, which is grammar. those people would just use different filler words instead so it doesn't change anything.

No. 1365214

Well their filler words annoy me. I get irritated by shy stuttering people who repeat themselves and say hum hum. Instead of saying hum 1million times they could just say what they want or have their mom call.

No. 1365231

NTA, but you can also learn to pause when you would uhm?

No. 1365256

File: 1665006941913.jpeg (168.56 KB, 585x731, RRR-2022.jpeg)

as a south asian, I don't understand what Americans found so entertaining about this specific movie, its literally every other modern big budget south asian action film(single hero beating an entire army is so common that its lost its edge at this point), also it was such blatant Indian male power fantasy, defeating the britishers without any effort and dance battleling an English party and having all the white women ran away with them, its literally just a power fantasy but one stemming from deep insecurity

No. 1365257

File: 1665006991002.png (455.9 KB, 438x666, d5.png)

samefag they also they cast 2 actors to play real historical figures, who are far more naturally lighter skinned and taller then 99% of south Indians, who are often pure Dravidian, it would be the equivalent of a Japanese film casting a 6'2 blonde quarter Japanese dude to play oda nobunaga

No. 1365267

Paki-chan what are you doing now?

No. 1365269

I'm American and I haven't heard of this movie at all. Haven't heard anyone mention it, no tweets, no tumblr posts, no facebook posts. No youtube ads. No tv ads. No radio ads. Wtf are you talking about.

No. 1365273

I think that same anon posted something similar to that a while ago. All I could think was that I've literally never heard anyone talk about that movie, I'm not sure why she thinks it's popular here.

No. 1365279

i actually heard about for the first time last night. it was a movie review channel and they were reviewing another movie but praised this movie for like 10mins… but basically they were like "its not scared to be cheesy unlike american movies!!!" and i thought isnt that like every bollywood movie???
anyway it looks bad but yea apparently its getting buzz from film retards

No. 1365281

Neither of the anons you quoted, am burger, still never heard of this paki-chan.

No. 1365285

I follow a lot of movie people on social media and I haven't heard this movie mentioned once.

No. 1365331

i was a diff anon than >>1365256 but ok retard. random "film buff" fans are seeing it, cuz i think it was shown at film fests or something. im also burger.

No. 1365395

Are you autistic? Filler words are literally how you are supposed to speak. Most people aren't stuttering or anything, they're just speaking how they learnt to speak, which is intentionally breaking things up with filler words and avoiding deadspace when pausing for the benefit of the listener. Maybe you're too used to written language or something? Some languages are much more excessive in filler than English. Such as Japanese. Which also requires interjection from the listener that Englishspeakers find annoying.

No. 1365399

People like it because it's more free to be stylised and cinematic than American movies currently. People also fetishise anything foreign.

No. 1365411

super hero movies have always been and still are boring af

No. 1365425

Kinks are the ketchup of sex. It's what people drench on something they don't actually love on its own but feel a real need to consume.

No. 1365427

ur literally just an out of loop clown

No. 1365429

Nta but there is such a thing as too much filler naruto joke goes here and if you have to listen to people talk all day, especially with time per call KPIs, it starts to grate more than normally. I had a lecturer who said um every 3 words and I couldn't stand listening to his lectures at any speed. It ends up taking your brain more energy to weed out the ums and piece together the actual content.

No. 1365432

Damn, I made an anime joke for filler instead of taking the opportunity to shit on Grimes' cosmetic surgery. Why am I like this?

No. 1365479

lolcow poetry thread incoming

No. 1365489

File: 1665024220167.png (33.57 KB, 724x286, Untitled.png)

i cannot understand how parents with low-functioning autistic children do it. sometimes i watch videos of them and just don't get it. is the parental love really that strong? your child doesn't talk to you beyond basic words, must constantly be watched, has often daily meltdowns, often becomes physically violent, doesn't enjoy physical affection… why even keep them alive? they can't live without their parents' help 24/7 so what happens when the parents die? god it's all so fucked up.

No. 1365493

I’ll never understand how the fuck kids even become this autistic. You’d have to go through some kind of 9/11 level tragedy

No. 1365498

This is a doc from HBO called A Dangerous Son. I can't remember perfectly but about half of the boys in this seemed to be profoundly autistic. I really liked this doc because it focused on the parents and siblings who have to live with these kids and how difficult it is for the families to receive help.

No. 1365508

Autism isn't brought on by trauma, it's something that is inherently wrong with people's brains since birth.

No. 1365570

surprised no one came at you for this. i've expressed this and anons came after me, kek. totally agree.

No. 1365597

>is the parental love really that strong?
Hey nona! In most cases, it is. I've been working with autistic toddlers for months, and I get to see their parents pick them up from school sometimes. The joy and happiness they get from picking up their children is a beautiful thing to witness. Even with the extreme cases I've seen, where the child has the mental age and abilities of a 6 month old baby despite being 5 years old, they express love for their caretakers.
>they can't live without their parents' help 24/7 so what happens when the parents die?
That's why family is so important. I don't believe anybody should be completely independent, we all need others to survive, no man is an island and all of that. Education and special schools are important because we teach them basic skills and different ways to communicate, but in the end its mostly up to the parents to help their children. I've seen how a dedicated maternal or paternal figure can make the difference in the way a child communicates and behaves. I've seen unresponsive children become better and better as the year progresses, learning non-verbal ways to communicate their needs, and I've seen them do things on their own without needing assistance from others. It's very tiresome, but seeing a child learn to do something as small as picking up a spoon to feed themselves when months ago they couldn't even do that makes things feel more hopeful. Its little things like that. Teachers need to have hope, and parents need to have even more hope (and patience).

No. 1365599

The ones who came after you were mostly men

My unpopular opinion is half the posts here are made by men

No. 1365701

Yeah, I kinda expected to get shit for it, because last time I've expressed this that happened to me too. I don't even know if it was a scrote, honestly they came more across like a coping tradchan.

No. 1365731

The only time I ever did anything unfaithful was when I was in a relationship where the guy went ridiculously cold and distant. We were living together so it was me getting the silent treatment all of a sudden. I tried to ask what's up and he insisted nothing was up. Got real snappy with me if I tried to talk about it. Went on for months. If we weren't stuck in a lease I'd be gone already. It was awkward and miserable living with this either silent or snappy bs. I was isolated because I'd moved to a new area to be with this guy. I downloaded a messenger and started talking to a guy that I used to have a flirty thing with. I vented to him and also received some pics from him. I could rely on this guy to answer me. To acknowledge me. I felt invisible and unwanted at home.

Turns out my partner was 6 months into having an irl full on affair and he was planning on dumping me last minute when our lease was up and moving in with her. He wanted to leave me stranded rather than allowing me time to plan a move. Couldve just broken up months earlier and we could've made plans to just go our separate ways. I've been homeless before which adds to how shitty he was for trying to set me up for that again. He was too old to be putting someone through months of misery instead of confronting the issue. I'd done nothing in the lead up to that to warrant this weird vengeful plan. I don't feel bad.

No. 1365734

Samefag, as soon as I moved he started messaging me showing interest in how I'm doing. Asking how I'm getting on. Offering to buy me shit for my new place. Bizarre.

No. 1365746

i had the same situation happen to me. you weren't being unfaithful. there was no relationship to speak of atp.

No. 1365817

What about women cheating on other women? I feel that lesbians/ bi who do this are male brained.

No. 1365821

Moid tier opinion

No. 1365823

You sound retarded. I’m not a puritan and had sex pretty young but I couldn’t imagine judging someone else solely for not having sex in a serious context. I can understand if they’re a creepy hater incel or something, but a straight virgin isn’t any less average to a gay virgin. What they’re supposed to seek it out because they’re heterosexual, as opposed to gay people who are totes valid uwu for not having sex? Ok lol

No. 1365825

The weird breeder creampie glowie psyop continues

No. 1365827

AYRT, from what I've seen it has very little to do with being "male brained" when lesbians cheat and more to do with the kind of relationship. They'll move fast, driven by NRE, move in together, spend all their time together, stop hanging out with their friends, start controlling each other, one or both starts to feel suffocated and they end up cheating. Or the NRE wears off and they think that means it's over and they get another crush on a person and because they have these feelings they have to chase them for the sake of love and they move just as fast with the next person. My sort of ex (situationship/fwb) ended up cheating with me while she was in a new relationship, because she managed to get with an abusive polilez and we were dumb and young. I wouldn't consider her male brained at all, if anything she's such a people pleaser that she has trouble breaking things off.
I can't really comment on bi women. I've not seen enough bi women in a relationship with another woman, to really notice a trend personally.

No. 1365830

Tell this to those posters who are always insisting that straight women who sleep with men need to just live sexless lives instead. Or the anti abortion baiters who say we should all just be eternal virgins instead of needing family planning services. We can't win kek. Have sex! Wait don't have sex!

Personally, I probably could've done with staying a virgin for another handful of years. I was a sheltered teen and not prepared for the attachment aspect of sex. Got attached to a shithead in my naivety. An early twenties virgin doesn't stand out to me as being that odd. Hell opt out of sex if you want. Opt in or out, its your own choice.

No. 1365832

nta abut people will shit on your choice either way. You're either a whore or you're frigid. Someone will always object.

No. 1365835

There's no right amount of sex to be having. Not when posters pop up everyday sprouting that virgins are losers but women are also sluts and dummies for engaging in sex. Give it a rest.

No. 1365837

>just by going outside.
You mean rape?

No. 1365839

This is the unpopular opinions thread but for some reason I can’t load any of the threads. Anyone realize how slow this website has been? It seriously just can’t be me, it sometimes takes 10-15 times to reload the entire page and then click on the thread and it still doesn’t load. I keep being gaslit about my wifi or being a poorfag but I have a pretty fast internet connection. Must be something wrong internally with the website

No. 1365840

But why?

No. 1365843

I feel for mothers who end up alone raising severely autistic sons who outpower them and are violent. When higher functioning tists pop up and declare that tism is actually a great thing.. they really overlook how wide the spectrum is.

No. 1365844

Why would anyone do that?

No. 1365845

But i dont wanna cheat on my husbando nonna

No. 1365848

>but the truth is that celibacy and promiscuity are the opposite sides of the same sexually maladjusted coin

Risking your own health and happiness constantly fucking men who have no interest in establishing relationships because casual sex is entirely on the side of men and has always been for years versus choosing celibacy where you can focus on yourself, your own values, hobbies, etc. Yeah being a sex-addict versus a normal human being with an average sex drive or personal reasons why they don’t want to engage in sex is definitely on the same “sexually maladjusted” coin. You’re retarded. Have some self-control, women have unfortunately adopted the way men view sexuality which is to fuck anything that crawls and disregard that the thing they fucked was a person who is inevitably going to attach emotions and feelings, that same kind of logic is why people defend sex work their hardest. Sex being natural isn’t even a good argument, it’s not necessary for survival because it’s not like your brain sending signals to you heart in order for it to beat, it’s a behavior that is learned or unfortunately bashed into women because of their history of trauma and mistreatment that it turns into hypersexuality, which men take huge advantage of. There’s a huge difference when it comes to sex when it comes to the genders, there is no “extreme sides of the coin when sex is a worshipped cultural marker in many societies

No. 1365849

I dont care, i am happy without having to babysit some moid

No. 1365850

>could easily get someone to have sex with just by going outside.
That's not a relationship

No. 1365852

Nta and not a virgin but men who are worth sleeping with.. take a lil time to find. Who cares if women aren't leaping to have sex just because they're adults. The only people who care this much are male virgins who are desperate to nail down a gf and lose their own v card as soon as they can.

No. 1365854

Unpopular opinion: “high functioning” autists are just a dysfunctional as low functioning autists in different ways. Praising these disorders doesn’t matter, these disorders shouldn’t exist and there’s been a huge boom of this disorder and ADHD being increasingly diagnosed. It’s like a disorder that mentally handicaps you from necessary things you need to function as a human being, that’s why it’s a disability that becomes a pain in the ass for everyone involved. People not wanting autistic daughters or sons shouldn’t be blamed for being “eugenicists”, people want healthy children who don’t suffer, how fucking hard is it to understand that? Stop trying to push high functioning autism as some special category that makes them “as normal” as neurotypical people because in many ways high functioning ones (which probably isn’t an official term anyways kek) they only know how to understand basic things and barely can they even do it. All autists across the board are unfortunate consequences of poor reproduction

No. 1365855

Samefag but autistic people trying to manipulate others into thinking there’s a wide spectrum is laughably false. You are all fucked, you all exhibit the same mentally retarded symptoms and incapacity to feel empathy or emotions in real depth, it’s honestly how jarring it is that autism is close to sociopathy but saying that is a big no-no cause we can’t hurt spergs feefees. I’m tired of you people being sacred cows, autists are awful and male autists should be thrown in a care home far, far away from society.

No. 1365856

This is a pathetic incel trying to make shaming women who are virgins a "thing" to try and even the playing field for himself. That, or a pickme annoyed that not all women care about dick or think it's important lmao

No. 1365859

No, he wouldn't, my husbando is Osamu Dazai.

No. 1365861

>the moid projects when exposed
Go coom to an anime pillow, you will never get a virgin boyfriend-free imageboard gf

No. 1365863

Alot of the high functioning tists who like to lean into calling autism this cool thing are still reliant on parents to help out them as adults. They're neets that don't see how others are paying the bill for their issues. They just see it as cool that they can hyperfocus on hobbies. That's their superpower. Its like having blinders on. Autism even at the mild end of things isn't something to praise as being better than everyone else.

I mean I've known some fully functioning tists who are just quiet but they work and are independant.. they're never the ones calling tism the future or making it out to be a superpower. Its always the eternally online neets that celebrate it. Accepting your autism is fine but they take it to an extreme and then even demonize 'NTs' as being lesser.

No. 1365867

Ooo you’re mad

No. 1365868

I’ve noticed soo many male autists are trying really hard to deny or distance themselves from diagnosis and claim adhd when everything about their behavior points to autism instead. Like you don’t have OCD you are a socio kek

No. 1365869

Samefag but why did I say so many? I can only think of like 3. But in passing like everywhere you see men online who tick literally every box especially given their hobbies/the way they treat women/their obsession with morality policing although they’re terrible people themselves. Just walking autism and very conscious of trying really hard to seem like they aren’t.

No. 1365870

>sexually maladjusted.
Kek, the incel affirmative action scrotes are here kek.

No. 1365872

>you're no better than male incels!
Fuck off scrote. You fags cannot blend.

No. 1365874

There is a hell of a difference between drooling and mute parent-attacking autism and the higher functioning ones but at the same time yeah the higher functioning ones still overestimate their level of functioning alot of the time. To the point of holding these delusions that neurotypicals are the dummies and always the bad guys. Shit like
> Everywhere I go I have awkward interactions with people, gawd neurotypicals are so weird and don't know how to act around people

No. 1365876

Yeah, it's pretty obvious kek. With the whole:
>sexually maladjusted
>you guys are no better than male incels!
>reeee it's shameful to be a heterosexual virgin
And they think this shit works kek.

No. 1365877

Does the fbi really have nothing else to do omg

No. 1365878

Dick is abundant and of low value. Why would women want it as bad as failsons?

No. 1365879

And they’re always angry as fuck and trying to hurt other people. Like male brain on roids level of mental gymnastics.

No. 1365889

Also gotta love the “you are slut-shaming STRAIGHT women for having and enjoying sex!” no honey, you have been brainwashed into thinking that casual sex is beneficial and empowering for us when there’s many studies that it says it’s not, and even perpetuates misogyny and objectification even more. They don’t like lesbians for pointing out the truth either, they treat lesbians as an anomaly as if they aren’t women as well. Criticizing negative aspects of heterosexuality makes them seethe, I don’t think it was a scrote it’s probably a handmaiden that likes to go in the lolcow kiwifarms thread and cry about how the misandry on this website is out of control and too much, the truth burns when you’ve been deliberately ignoring how awful men are for so long.

No. 1365896

Its scrote and he'll be back tomorrow baiting by calling women sluts for having sex. Back and forth. Every day theres a 'too much sex' 'too little sex' bait post.

No. 1365904

i know we aren't supposed to acknowledge the spammer but i find it funny how he's looking at so, so many giant dicks to post and none of us are bothered. some of the dicks are even admirable. so this is just a guy subjecting himself to looking at dicks for hours for no payoff.

No. 1365913

Yeah but he just has a folder of dick pics, in a totally non gay way.

No. 1365916

i have seen this dude pop up on a MATI stream giving money to Jersh moon

No. 1365926

Nta but exactly. Scrotes ree about homos then spam their fucking bbc fap folder kek. Scrotes identify as heterosexual like men pretending to be women kek.

No. 1365937

The time period you were raised in or the area you live in is not an excuse to be racist,sexist,hate gays etcc. Most people are prejudiced not because they truly believe anything they are saying but because they want to keep their position of power or not be associated with groups that would bring down their social status.

No. 1365938

It's social pressure (a mother giving up their son is seen as an horrible sin in most phrases) but as >>1365597 said, if found early
there are at least something to do before giving up. About why they don't give up on adults, mostly because they're already traumatized beyond repair at that point. Autismo moms have no notion of self-care, self-awareness or physical integrity, and only live to care for their owergrown toddler. They even lost their identity permanently. it's patriarchy on steroids, and very hard to see. I've heard countless stories of moms of low-functioning autistic children being beated into a pulp by their 1,80cm+ animals in human skins, but not wainting to "give up" because "it could always get better". Hope, patience and (obsessive) parental love should have a clear expiration date and limits. I respect the hustle, somewhat, but things not always get better and at some point giving up it's the best option. i've also falled for the "evil boymoms of autismos" meme, and yes they can be incredibly frustrating but they don't choose to be this way. They're incredibly traumatized woman who were pretty much forced to play the role of mom until the last limits. An in this society where parenting is incredibly taxing on the mom side, this madness is reinforced by patriarchy.

No. 1365940

The man you date is a reflection of you. If your man is a piece of shit I don’t care how nice you seem I’m gonna assume you’re like him.

No. 1365941

Ooh the "autism and adhd is the same" meme, no they aren't, you're playing dumb and trying to opt for the most sympathetic diagnosis.

No. 1365948

this simply isn't true. not at all. especially with racism and sexism.

No. 1365951

The same people who act dumb like they don’t understand why racism and sexism is wrong seem to always magically understand it when it happens to them. People know when they are being evil they just like being better than people Or keeping their power.

No. 1365953

really not true at all. most people are just that stupid.

No. 1365954

And there’s no excuse to be stupid in 2022. With all the information we have now being ignorant is a choice.

No. 1365959

College is just a place you pay thousands to self teach

No. 1365962

Why stop at dates?
Come from a bad family? Piece of shit.
Friends are bad? Piece of shit.
Workplace is bad? Piece of shit.
If you have nothing? Piece of shit.
Guilty by association.

No. 1365964

You don’t choose your family. If you pick garbage friends or a garbage partner I’m gonna assume you’re garbage too. Unless you are in the situation where you are forced to be with him because of money or some backwards culture, if your bf is trash you are too.

No. 1365971

Takes trash to know it.

No. 1365973

Only if you can't sexually connect with your partner or get excited with them without the kinks. In most cases, it's just a poor substitute for emotional intimacy and connection during sex. Imo, the worst part is long term couples who get into kink to "spice things up." How much more blatant can it be you're bored of your partner?

No. 1365976

Andrew Tate has a gf whim he had a baby with and I need to know nothing about her to know she’s garbage. Pewdiepie has a wife and she seems sweet but I know she has to be as retarded and shallow as him to tolerate him for this long and be happy/inlove.

No. 1366012

I mean that is part of the point since it's gone from a place to learn and grow, to an institution that only values what job you can get with the degree afterward. The money is really just for access to the universities resources, including books and professionals in their field.

No. 1366052

so true.

No. 1366054

Try clearing your cookies or something

No. 1366059

>time period you were raised in
are we just talking about people alive today, or people from the past who are long dead too?

did you accidentally click "Hide saged posts for this thread" because I do that all the time and think the site is broken for a second because I can't see the posts lol

No. 1366066

People alive in the past as well. Even during times when racism and sexism was the norm not everyone treated minorities and women like shit. People deep down knew treating ppl like shit just because of how they were born was wrong but they just didn’t give a shit. It’s the same mentality bullies have. People shitty is just fun for them and if it wasn’t people with a different race/gender they’d be after someone else.

No. 1366069

>not everyone treated minorities and women like shit
sure, but most people did. anon, you have to bear in mind that society did not consider women and minorities as people. this is why women historically couldnt vote: its not because everyone secretly had a bullying mindset, but because it was engrained in cultural norms that a womans role was naturally to cook and clean and serve. most moids had no reason to question this mindset. theres stuff we take for granted today that people in the future will look back on as evil, bc moral values shift from generation to generation

No. 1366078

Most people are shitty. It had nothing to do with them not knowing any better. When slave owners would feed babies that slaves had to crocodiles did they not know it was wrong?sure they did. In Iran where the police rape and murder women for wearing a scarf properly not know that’s wrong/stupid?yes they know. They know it’s not right but they are in a time/place when they can get away with it.

No. 1366092

File: 1665074880369.png (229.83 KB, 461x596, male violence.png)

>Most MEN are shitty.
Fixed that for you nonny

No. 1366103

File: 1665075392606.png (518.06 KB, 1280x840, 3633829E-6F7C-4C18-98A7-36F8AB…)

OT but I love these sorts of posts. Found this one recently and love its addition to everything

No. 1366417

Beyoncé is creepy

No. 1366420

Samefag on why I feel that way. Recently every time I see her face it’s like they edit her to hell and back to never age, she rarely does interviews and since she’s got older she rarely does live preformances. It’s like a robot or some shit. It’s like she never shows her face unless it can be edited so she can preserve being young forever.

No. 1366441

wow thanks, perfectly put into words how i've felt about her since, almost forever now

No. 1366509

What's weird about Beyonce, to me, is that she never or almost never performs in pants. I'm not really a fan, filthy casual at best, so I first noticed it watching homecoming, and I've skipped through a lot of her concerts and it's always leotards, leotard like bottoms, short shorts or a dress. Same with her videos, almost never in pants. I just thought she didn't wear pants but in the behind the scenes documentary for Homecoming she was wearing pants all the time.

And Run the World (Girls) is libfem trash. I'm not surprised it was written by 5 men. She should be ashamed of herself for singing it.

No. 1366533

I get why she’s probably a bit unhinged considering she got stage daddied and she met her husband at 17 and he was 30. Beyoncé is probably extremely mentally ill in private.

No. 1366538

And people ask why she’s still with him despite his cheating….no shit she’s been groomed for decades. She doesn’t know anything else.

No. 1366588

Well anon, she does a lot of choreography, and dancing plus the stage lights has to make it pretty hot up there. Plus the leotards are kind of her "thing" when it comes to stage outfits. She wears jumpsuits and floor-length dresses sometimes when she's not really dancing.

No. 1366642

Makes sense to me, leotards are easier to move in than pants. Than reason why gymnasts use them too.

No. 1366650

oh, right. that's also why kpop singers never wear pants.. please. and to compare gymnasts to the few wiggles she does on scene… beyonce has an entire career built on her body, that's the reason why she wears only leotards.

No. 1366693

You're comparing Beyonce, someone known to dance during her concerts, to kpop singers who don't know how to dance even if their lived depended on it.

No. 1366766

>beyonce has an entire career built on her body, that's the reason why she wears only leotards.
No shit anon, it's for both reasons. I feel like when I see any K-Pop artists they are wearing something short most of the time too. Bear in mind that most of Beyonce's performances are at her own concerts, but most K-Pop performances are from shows where they record a few songs.

No. 1366830

>the leotards are kind of her "thing" when it comes to stage outfits.
Ah, that makes sense. I had no idea it was some kind of Beyonce fashion statement.

>e does a lot of choreography, and dancing plus the stage lights has to make it pretty hot up there.

I think this is just rationalization on your part. See the female singers who dance who do where pants/jumpsuits/etc e.g Dua Lipa, Janet Jackson, Ciara, Britney Spears, Normani, All Saints.

Plus given that male singers who dance never perform in shorts or corsets or underwear repurposed as clothes, and could get away with doing their concerts shirtless and yet that doesn't happen, it's kind of impossible to untangle the pressure on female singers to show skin and be sexy from a dancers desire to wear less when dancing.

No. 1367629

Marilyn Monroe is a whore and would be a pickme if alive today. Don’t get my wrong I love her style but she is glorified for the wrong reasons, in that she is an innocent victim. People who hated the blonde movie said that it was in no way representing the actual MM, but this is incorrect. It very much is, she’s never been shown to acting like a normal adult woman. And all the mature more serious actresses side eyed her exactly because of this behaviour. Now is she a smart woman? She is the original childplay whore and managed to fuck the president so most definitely yes. But please, don’t victimize her into being a misunderstood woman. She’s a hollywood victim as in that she has a tragedy life but that’s covered in the movie, but don’t think she never used youth as a way to attract men. She fucking did. And she most definitely did have daddy issues which is what die hard fans constantly deny.

No. 1367634

Jesus christ if you aren't a moid, you should seriously reflect on your own view. You're in no position to call anyone a pickme if you go around calling women whores, defending an absolute and utter garbage movie like this and using daddy issues as anything but proof that men are trash.

No. 1367638

Nta anon but I worked in a nursing him in my early 20s and most of the patients who were women held the opinion that Marilyn Monroe was a dumb “whore” kek she definitely was more of a Kim k of her day than someone anyone admired

No. 1367639

Nursing home*

No. 1367640

File: 1665231993908.jpeg (91.51 KB, 1000x785, 46F8B787-7DA8-4D44-9E8D-12376A…)

Glad that I’m not the only one who feels like this post >>1367629 is moidy af. It’s alright to not not like Marilyn as a person, but calling her a ‘whore’ and mocking her for fucking the president (even though the president doesn’t get judged for having an affair at all…interesting). It’s probs Blaine jerking off about how he’s ‘getting everyone triggered’ or whatever, like what he did in the femdom thread

No. 1367641

Did you think this was a sensational take? Men and their housewives have been saying this about her for a long time. Just like every woman in Hollywood, of the time period, extensive brain damage by sexism is hardly avoidable. She’s not uniquely whorish and unstable more so than others, she’s just the most famous. People have always spin fairy tales about dead people, esp scandalous women whom everyone loves to have an opinion about.

No. 1367642

So far zero arguments, I guess it’s because I watched her movies, her interviews and someone else was just too busy reblogging her pictures.
She was smart because she managed to fuck the president, it makes him a perverted idiot and her a savy prostitute. The topic is not about him, it’s about her.

No. 1367643

File: 1665232221976.jpeg (67.13 KB, 640x639, 79BEA48E-7FDE-48C6-90A5-C487B3…)

Jackie Kennedy was ugly

No. 1367644

Kinda, because the amount of people who keep saying blonde is incorrect are living in a fantasy. It was so correct it’s painful. She’s a ditzy girl who had a painfully high EQ, but her fetishes are very real which needs to be discussed. I guess the only thing that was fantasy is the trio part, but her personality was spot on.

No. 1367645

How old was she in there? Are you the one who called me a moid? Fucking funny.

No. 1367647

>implying The Kardashians aren’t immensely loved and admired as well as hated
It’s hard to swallow but when those women have been dead and gone, they’ll make half truth romanticized movies about them too. You’ll be in the nursing home reeeeing about them being whores. Lmaooo

No. 1367649

>half truth
More like 75% truths, women like marilyn monroe and the kardashians were and are so full of drama and bullshit, it’s impossible to fabricate any gossip because it’s unnecessary.

No. 1367650

No lol y’all need to understand not everything is about you and not everyone is samefagging

No. 1367653

File: 1665232555012.webm (281.63 KB, 576x1024, ssstwitter.com_1663879865654.w…)

Video for u nonna

No. 1367654

Tbh, marilyn monroe before surgery was a potato head too.

No. 1367656

I think blonde was unrealistic. It made it seem like Marilyn Monroe was some docile little baby who got raped for all those roles. Honestly, considering how she’s very good at charming men, the time period, her love for older men etc I highly doubt she was retarded timid baby who didn’t know what’s up.

No. 1367664

OP here, I’m actually of opinion that in the very beginning she didn’t understand 100% what’s up, she was most definitely a victim despite it being somewhat consensual. She was very mentally ill and that’s why she couldn’t fully consent, imo. Considering she’s in her interviews very out of the world and somewhat psychotic I believe, she must have acted this way when she lured men as well. Half victim half seducer. Very lost. she had no family, had a very sad childhood, but the reason I find her disgusting is because of the kinks and the fact she even fucking used her body to get her way. For example selling nudes so elizabeth taylor wouldn’t get in the magazine. She’s gross in many ways, and because she died so random and tragically, was reasonably talented and extremely stylish, people decided to honor her as a feminist (LOL, the scripts where she shows girl power were written by men) and goddess. She kinda deserves it anyways just because she went through so much, but she is still a gross woman.

No. 1367714

Male sexuality is inherently fetishistic and paraphilic in nature. Moids are not attracted to human beings but to concepts, which is why they can be easily memed into cooming to anything.

No. 1367721

Just fact nonny

No. 1367729

The whole "what about young boys in otherwise feminist separatist spaces" debate is absolutely ridiculous when you realize it's all boymoms and other pick-mes getting angry over literal hypotheticals. No, male children don't belong and should not be allowed in actual feminist separatist communities at any age, but it's not like there really are many substantial separatist communities out there anymore and it's not like anyone has ever been obliged to join them. Domestic violence shelters are NOT inherently separatist or feminist, they're supposed to be for any woman seeking refuge from domestic abuse regardless of politics and hardly any domestic violence shelters still enforce a "no boys" rule anymore. Conflating the two is a bad faith argument from boymoms who seethe over the idea of their pweshus Nigel Jr being excluded from literally anything ever and conveniently refuse to even consider the angle of protecting girls who boys can and do always mistreat. It's also strange because absolutely all of us, with or without children of either sex, have been girls at some point and have had experiences of misogyny from both grown men as well as male peers.

No. 1367734

I definitely can't deny that she's wearing it for sex appeal, but I don't know. I still do believe that it's at least partially for practicality.
Anyway even though I like Beyonce, I do agree that she is a little creepy. Only because nowadays her eyes always have a kind of blank and lifeless look but honestly mine would too if I was married to Jay-Z and in the music industry since 16.

No. 1367745

I agree. Alot of the hand wringing over whether boys are allowed in separatist spaces isn't necessary because little boys are always with their moms regardless of what other women say about it. And there's always moms who think their sons are totes allies u guize even though as men they benefit from patriarchy by default and can still grow up to be absolute shit stains because boys don't hold their mothers in high esteem after a certain age. And they will absolutely be exposed to things like porn that make it clear how men and women are treated in society and they will take full advantage of that even if they aren't overtly malicious because all men benefit from us being second class citizens.
I am sympathetic to women with very young boys who would absolutely not be safe in a men's space by themselves, but as a woman who was assaulted by boys who were "too young to know better" when I too was young, I still don't like them being around little girls and think they should all be on a short leash if they're in an all female space, much less a feminist/separatist one.

No. 1367756

>n-not an argument
This isn't reddit or 4chan. There is no discussion, I said the way you talk about women is disgusting.

No. 1367768

I admire that men always look out for themselves and always put their best interests first. They will dump a woman who has been by their side for years helping him build his company as soon as he gets rich. It’s so fucked up but whenever I feel myself being too giving and I’m not having fun I always think “what would a scrote do”.

No. 1367770

>They will dump a woman who has been by their side for years helping him build his company as soon as he gets rich
There is nothing to admire about that.

No. 1367771

I admire their ability to only give a fuck about their own needs but I that doesn’t mean I think it’s right. I was raised around selfish scrotes who will take and take with no empathy, would even throw me under the bus if needed. Because of this I only do anything to benefit myself.

No. 1367772

Don’t associate ruthlessness with scrotes anon. Women have all the socialization to make great dark triad queens kek. Men only know clumsy animalistic apathy.

No. 1367832

WWSD completely disregard all other human life for their own retarded whims

No. 1367844

Most women disregard everyone’s lives,including their own to benefit scrotes though. At least it makes sense when men do it.

No. 1367849

>most women
Shut up male

No. 1367850

Not a scrote but it’s true. All my life I’ve seen most women let their bfs or husbands ruin their kids lives, women setting up other women for scrotes, women being jealous of their daughters,putting their sons before their daughters in unfair ways. Most women are raised to put scrotes first.

No. 1367861

>This woman who’s been dead for upwards of 60 years is a whore!!1!
Alert the media you sperg

No. 1367863

I feel like including this in your original post would put what you’re saying into better perspective. Yes women are conditioned to put the men in their lives first but that can be said as it’s written instead of “women disregard everyone’s lives but their own”

No. 1367868

I didn’t write that though. I said women disregard their own lives and others to benefit scrotes.

No. 1367875


>shaming a dead woman for no reason for her appearance

>haha so funny yes she is soo ugly.

>calling a dead woman a whore for being sexual or selling sex.

>you are a moid.

Also before any retarded goblin replies to me, i think both of those anons are retarded, i just hate the hypocrisy.

No. 1367879

Neither of those anons, but it's not shameful or a crime for a woman to be unattractive

No. 1367885

Was gonna respond to a post in another thread but feel a full sperg coming on that would shit up the thread. The netflix/dahmer cancellation. I watched an outraged gay guy lastnight who spent an hour repeating himself, contradicting himself non stop, stretching out the vid (and promising lots more vids on it soon!) It really was just cash grabbing faux outrage that made absolutely no sense. I was open minded going in but its too much.
> The makers of the dahmers series need to be sued!
> It is retraumatising to see a series be made on it
> Oh but you should contact the families of every victim that dahmer ever had and quiz them/get permission every time a new film/docu/series is made
> Yeah ring them up and hell even ask for more details because thats cool and wouldn't get old fast or affect them
> Its terrible that the same 3/4 victims always get the most coverage in these shows so you should get all the details from lesser known families
> That way you can depict their brutal murder in full detail too
> But don't depict murder, that's insensitive and it causes trauma
> Don't make shows about it
> Wait do make shows but reach out to the families
> Yeah constantly reach out, 30 years of producers directly contacting you about it is better than them just making the show
> You shouldn't be allowed to make money off of it but the victims should get money
> Make the shows for free and pass on every penny of profit to the families
> But also, stop making shows on it
The people making content out of raging about it are really no better. Stirring up drama about the same topic for views.

Its public knowledge. Shows have been made non stop for the last 30 years about it. Books, films, youtube vids, non stop coverage. It's nuts to think that producers need permission to cover publicly known events. No other series on true crime has invited this level of scrutiny about needing permission to cover it. Not the dahmer film from like 4 years ago. Not the series that had a hot actor playing bundy. You can't morally police content like that. It's never been done before and how the hell do you expect producers to get the details of all these families thirty years later. Should the police pass on their numbers? Should a team of investigators track them down to get the inside tea.. so respectful.

No. 1367889

They aren’t any better no, but the message is still right. They’re pests that claw the sentiments from black women on twitter and regurgitate it into a lengthy video for ad revenue, same shit different day. But it’s because of them that more negative attention and backlash is drawn to this sort of grotesque fetishistic content. I know that media has been extremely retarded lately but I think the backlash toward exploitation is good, just like the backlash toward mediocrity is good.

No. 1367893

Men love to fantasize about all women being prostitutes. Whether it’s out of some bitter jealousy or projection or the weird fantasy they have where they say if they were a girl they’d sell pussy, who knows. Either way, every single woman is a whore.

No. 1368189

millennials Are the hardest gen to troll

No. 1368196

LMAO nona millenials still fight about harry potter to this day. its a childrens book from like the 90s. legit only babies should care yet

No. 1368203

Agreed. This “this is re-traumatizing to the victims!!” Is retarded. We’re just living in a time where whining and pouting and being self righteous is everyone’s motivation. I’m sure the families of the victims are pissed and I understand that, but the amount of people refusing to watch it or bitching on twitter is retarded.

No. 1368211

Sorry if this feels like bait, but sometimes when women talk about weird scrotes who approach them and hit on them, they seem to be semi-bragging about it. I've caught on to this on r/l interactions, it kind of comes of a little as gas lighting because they do it specifically with women who are less attractive than them. I also feel this way about the anon who was confused about being hit on wearing loungewear and a messy bun, as it that suddenly makes you a 1/10. If anything, you are indicating to moids that they have all the time in the world to trying and get in your panties. I feel like is a lot of women who complain about mid scrotes (not ugly, agressive old men obviously) approaching them suddenly turned ugly they would probably seethe from the lack of attention since they think the attention they get is universal for all women or at least their experiences are the only one that matter because it's not "negative". I don't think they are aware of this need to moid attention and would probably get mad if you pointed it out.

No. 1368241

The only Harry Potter fighting I've seen is buttmad Troon goons mad because women still like it

No. 1368264

True crime isn't that interesting. I had a passing interest in true crime, but after a while they all were kinda samey.

>Middling IQ barely functional man in his mid to late thirties working menial jobs

>Abusive mother that always put him down
>retarded modus operandi, the archaic forensic science at the time being the only thing that prevents 90% of them from being caught after the first murder

Just what's there beyond this that requires an autistic in depth analysis and memorization of particular murders? And why the focus on the same cookie cutter western cases? The Latin American serial killers were more brutal and racked up a larger talley, due to the borderline anarchy in those countries at the time.

These people aren't at all that interesting. I just don't get it, and I'm someone that's sorta sympathetic to the genre.

No. 1368271

The thing about scrotes is that they pick out the most insecure and frumpy looking women to catcall and hit on. That is, except for the most socially oblivious special needs types who have absolutely zero awareness and impulse control. I'm somewhat well off and most guys don't approach me, the people that do just quite aren't there, there was one a few months ago that just stood in the bushes outside my work staring at me. Meanwhile I see less fortunate women have older perverts and insecure creeps trying their luck at parties once they have a few drinks in them. They suffer from catcalling the most, and it's not just a looks thing, if they look insecure they become a target.

If you see a woman bragging about the attention, just remember that it's chris chan type men approaching them more often than not. That puts it in perspective.

No. 1368288

Isn't this a strange generalization though? I'm insecure - with BDD as well - and frumpy. Not once in my entire life have I ever been hit on nor catcalled.

No. 1368292

I don’t think racebending stories that are being rebooted all the time are that big of a deal. I don’t think the story needs to justify having non white peoples as main characters through constantly exploring racial issues, they can just exist and have fun stories. Things like Scooby Doo and fairy tales are always going to be remade and I don’t care if they go in these directions. They’re not the pinnacle of good representation IMO but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t exist.

No. 1368293

Being catcalled really depends more on the area and whether other men or women are around because moids egg each other on and bond over degrading women. Women being around you makes it less likely to happen, which is why I always try to surround myself with female strangers if possible in public transit environments.
Being approached though? You’re absolutely right, men who are even within your league will stare at you but never approach. The only type of men that actually try their luck are up to no good (homeless leeching bums or scammers). I think men’s general social awkwardness and their laziness to try and pursue women is a result of internet echo chambers and porn consumption.

No. 1368450

I think it's bad to homeschool your children. I try to be reasonable about it and convince myself it can't always be bad and there must be special circumstances where it's the best thing for a child (like maybe the schools are really shit where they live? or maybe the child has special needs which the school can't meet!) but honestly I think bad people do it and it's bad for children and when they go out into the world as adults the lack of socializing will be a problem for them.

American opinion. I'm not sure it applies in other cultures, I would have to live there to see or speak to someone about it a lot which I don't do because I generally avoid the topic.

No. 1368460

>or maybe the child has special needs which the school can't meet
I agree with you and this is the main exception. Public schools just aren't suited for autistic kids, who should have specialized programs or be schooled in safe environments at home

No. 1368466

Alot of countries just don't accept homeschooling. They see it as a risk to the child if they're isolated. It allows vulnerable kids to slip through the cracks. I had problems with agoraphobia for years and I thought that maybe learning from home would eventually be accepted as a solution in my case. Given those circumstances. Turns out there's no such thing in my country. You can't access your exams without being actively in a school. And social workers have to get involved and stay involved if you're not physically attending a school.

I get it. It leaves the door wide open for kids to be abused at home without anyone noticing the signs. Ime that was their main concern. Part of me wishes I could've studied from home and still sat those exams but I'm glad social workers were sent out to monitor what was happening at home. If a kid isn't 'in the system' they're left vulnerable.

No. 1368468

If wish I never had autistic classmates, fuck them, they ruined classes all throughout middle school because their crazy parents thought putting them in a catholic school and forcing them to be vegetarian would cure them. I was one of the very few kids there on a scholarship and since I was too poor to have private tutors like the rest of my class it really fucked me over because of their meltdowns. These kids need to have their own schools or no school at all, idgaf anymore.

No. 1368476

File: 1665307264596.png (939.26 KB, 1300x875, 69d.png)

>If wish I never had autistic classmates, fuck them
I feel the same way about neuronormie classmates nonnie. They're basically unintelligent animals incapable of understanding difference except through psychological and physical violence

No. 1368477

Were you bullied in school? Or are you talking about the teachers?

No. 1368478

both tbh

No. 1368481

I see. I'm a "neuronormie" as you said and I'd say it really depends on people, the ones you described are usually the minority and will be equally horrible with mentally healthy, normie students who just happen to be a little different anyway. The two autistic classmates I had didn't give a shit about that, they'd be physically violent with anyone who just happened to be close enough during their meltdowns, and they were high functioning so it's not like they couldn't communicate at all. And by violent I'm talking about how once a kid passed out from being beaten up by the autistic girl because we were waiting for our teacher to open a classroom and he just happened to be next to her in the queue.

No. 1368490

As the pakichan, no she is not.

No. 1368492

Moid detected, opinion rejected.

No. 1368531

Shaving your pubic hair can help u smell less down there

No. 1368534

I never shave it, I'd say trimming it works too.

No. 1368536

Took me years to be sure but for me shaving leads to more utis. Which in itself ain't so fresh. A trim is enough.

No. 1368538

They are really pushing the psyop on you, ladies

No. 1368540

It really does tho. Especially if you wear pads. You don't need to shave all of it, I usually leave my bush alone and just shave the bottom, it makes a big difference for me.

No. 1368542

huh? just clean urself more frequently? buy wipes or use a cloth and clean ur vulva when you change the pad, you menace

No. 1368543

Yup, this. It's there for a reason.
Change your pads and take a shower, smelly. Pubic hair doesn't make that much of a difference unless you don't know how to wash yourself.

No. 1368545

Nta anon but I was stankin so much from sweating I though I had bv but then I shaved and the smell improved so much. I shower everyday.

No. 1368549

maybe u just had a smelly vag with bad hygiene regardless of the fact you "shower every day", so are u gonna keep shaving til ur 60 or is that when you'll decide it's acceptable to have a lil stank, stinky?

No. 1368551

It could be good if you take them to extracurricular activities throughout the week and get them to socialize with other children. And it's easier to make good friends through shared activities and hobbies, rather than school where you're forced to be there. At least through most of school all I had were friends of convenience, we just complained about how much school sucked and hung out out of boredom.

No. 1368552

If it’s my vagina why is it I no longer smell after I shaved? And no I won’t shave at 60. I’ll wax or get laser because I’m sure I won’t be broke then.

No. 1368553

cus you're dutty and need to learn how to clean yourself properly and more frequently, i assume. maybe if you pull ur ballsac tighter when u scrub ur taint it'll help with the smell, moid

No. 1368556

I used to just shave underneath and leave the rest alone but ime with pads.. they stick to you skin that way. Soon as you're the slightest bit wet or sweaty it just vacuum seals itself to your skin lol

No. 1368557

I feel like most men would smell better if they didn’t have so much body hair. Hair traps in odor imo.

No. 1368560

That's because most men don't know how to wash themselves properly. If your hygiene is bad, yes, more hair will exacerbate that. If you have good hygiene, it won't make a difference. Anyway, pubic hair in the case of women can prevent UTIs, yeast infections, STDs, etc. It's stupid to shave it away because you can't be assed to fix your hygiene.

No. 1368563

I disagree. Even my ex who had great hygiene smelt better after he started shaving. Yeah right after you get out the shower u don’t stank but after 8 hours of sweating etc the smell is so much better with no pubic hair or arm pit hair. I’m not worried about stds since I’m not fuckin anyway.

No. 1368565

Lmao calm down every body is different, some women smell like wonder even when unshaved, meanwhile i have the worst BO even if i take a bath before and after excercising so i gotta shave even if i normally wouldnt

No. 1368572

I'm pretty sure my pubes catch all the nastiness so I don't get UTI's or other infections. I can just shampoo and condition my pubes while showering everyday and wash my vulva with a washcloth two times a day (more if on period). Oh also I'm pretty picky with my underwear and don't wear anything tight or with shit like polyester, which can also affect smell.

No. 1368577

I agree. I was homeschooled for 12 years and it fucked me up. Saw it fuck up a bunch of other kids, too. At the very least there needs to be higher standards for who can homeschool, and more protections set in place for children so that they don't end up abused and neglected.

No. 1368580

>you can't be assed to fix your hygiene
I'm melting away in tropical heat, anon

No. 1368583

Idk about smell but on the rare occasions I did shave my vag in the past I was astounded how immediately more sweaty and swampy and gross it felt down there. I don't know how people can bare being so perpetually aware of the moisture that pubes are there to catch. Madness.

No. 1368590

The hair on our head collects sweat, oils and picks up smells from our enviroment but I don't see many women rushing to shave our heads in reaction to that. We're memed into buying into these categories of good hair and bad hair. Hair on your head that gets smelly/greasy.. wash it. Hair on your body that gets sweaty… wash it.

No. 1368593

The hair on your head is not exposed to the same kind of bacteria that is on our genitals, you really can't compare the two.

No. 1368595

I've gone back and forth on shaving and I feel like for me the wicking effect of hair does more good overall.

No. 1368608

>your head is not exposed to the same kind of bacteria
Stay innocent nonnies. Studying bacteria will lead to nightmares.

No. 1368611

Hatred for cats, dogs or any other animal is a massive red flag.

No. 1368614

Female friendships are overrated as hell, what is she gonna do for me? Yeah yeah I understand men are violent and dangerous and awful but like what should I even expect with female friendships? They do nothing for me because most women are unwillingly to even admit or realize how shit men are. It’s never going to change, you are ultimately alone in this world no matter what you do

No. 1368617

I learned friends are just people to go do stuff with and get dressed up to be pretty. Nothing deeper than that.

No. 1368620


No. 1368622

That’s exactly it, it’s just playing dress up and wasting your money to keep up appearances with them and your “social” life. It’s so cringe,people need better ways to contribute to their community

No. 1368626

Hope you find magical bff to accomplish all your goals and dreams with anon. A true female friend is like having four hands, two brains, and above all, two hearts to tackle the deep issues in your individual lives. Having female bff's doubles your lifespan, doubles the amount of shit you get done, doubles your joy

No. 1368627

Broke people shouldn’t have kids because they need to take into consideration that their child might not be healthy. They could possibly be disabled or handicapped in someway and will never be able to join the work force and will require a lot of money for treatments . People don’t take into consideration that their kid might not be healthy.

No. 1368628


No. 1368629

Samefag, we don't dress up, look pretty, or go anywhere with scrotes. It's the life

No. 1368630

Are you a mother? Yes they do, it's all you think about for nine months

No. 1368631

Finding a bff is the same as finding a decent scrote. Nearly impossible and requires luck.

No. 1368635

Ayrt, true, you win

No. 1368636

Well if you know there’s a possibility your kid could be disabled and you know you can’t afford it or know who’s gonna take care of them when youre dead then you are selfish

No. 1368638

I just ghosted all my friends because I don’t wanna waste money on gas going to restaurants just to take selfies etc

No. 1368639

I see the reddit scrote/gore and CP spamming tranny hasn't left. 41% as soon as possible

No. 1368640

i think bringing a child when you are poor should count as child abuse
shitbulls are breed to fight, it should be illegal to own them they are naturally violent and a menace to people and small animals

No. 1368641

Kek what the other anons said, that happens like once in a million years and you know. No one takes female loneliness seriously

No. 1368642

>female loneliness

Not to mention women don’t even value their friends. They’d let a scrote beat their ass, steal from them and cheat but give him chance after chance. I miss a planned dinner once and she’s ready to block me on every platform.

No. 1368643

>read "Hatred for animals is a massive red flag"
>start sperging and bringing up a specific breed of animal
People who do this sort of thing don't care about humans or other animals, they just want a type of animal to hate. All sane humans want pitbulls to either no longer be bred, be bred out, harsher punishment for those breeding/selling them and overall stricter regulation. They don't have apopleptic rage fits, fantasies about shooting dogs or screech about "shitbulls" daily.

No. 1368644

I like the idea of having a female bff, but I also want to have a husband. I don't want to have a female bff unless I can put her first. Wish I was gay so I could have my bff also be my life partner. Hope this doesn't sound like bait.

No. 1368647

But if her friend makes a mistake, she’s automatically going on the chopping block. Women withstand way too much bullshit from men but mistakes from their female friend and sipping “remove toxicity!!!111” narratives immediately. Trashhh

No. 1368655

>will never be able to join the work force and will require a lot of money
Where I live theres decent enough things in place for helping parents with health costs. Then also for 'taking over' when a disabled kid turns 18. In terms of social housing or them having support teams or nurses sent out. That or assisted living homes. I only had mental health shit going on but it was there since childhood and meant I never even got through schooling. While things were rough at home.. at 18 I was able to get on my feet with a bit of assistance to ease the transition. Alot of people here with things like intellectual disabilites are looked after by those systems more so than parents. They encourage people to avail of it rather than struggle alone.

Then again we also had no abortion for the longest time so it would be fucked if they failed on both ends and forced women to not just have a kid but to be forever struggling alone with that kid if it turned out to have a disability.

No. 1368665

As someone who was a nurse side. You don’t want to put your loved ones in assisted living, trust me lol

No. 1368670

Shitbulls are the men of dog breeds i am tired of pretending they are not, until everyone agrees they are a shit type of dog they wont stop breeding them

No. 1368671

I always found it hard making friends. In my early twenties I learnt the usual shit lesson that men befriending you just want to fuck you. So that was a fail. Then a few years later I was taking a course and started going out with two women from the course. We'd go out for drinks or hang out at each others places. I was like.. wow look at me experiencing normality for once. One night the 3 of us are hanging out and one of them says she's heading home early but that I should stay. The other woman then kept encouraging me to drink while she wasn't drinking. We're alone in her apt. She sits close and puts a hand on my leg. She confessed her love to me. I listened, played it real polite and made excuses to leave. It turned out I'd been set up for this weird declaration to happen that night. That they'd been discussing how she could go about telling me her feelings. Alone at her place while I'm drunk.. and I'm not even gay. I didn't cut them off right away (still had to see them daily at the course) but shit got awkward and I didn't trust them after it. Part of me felt like I was just being set up that night to get drunk and have sex with her. Normal friendship.. still waiting to experience that. Thought I had it for a while there.

No. 1368677

Men are always painfully obvious when they try to LARP as man-hating women to push their own autism on women. I've seen them try this with multiple things, not even just the weirdo dog sperging. My unpopular opinion is that once you've read one shitty scrote post, they're ridiculously easy to sniff out.

No. 1368678

I've worked in care roles before and ime younger disabled people were treated fine but the elderly arent.

No. 1368679


No. 1368684

The tranny who made a Twitter account pretending to be a radfem and saying little boys should be raped (all radfems want males to leave us the fuck alone, wishing rape on children is a certified male moment), (redacted) and his shitty psyops, including insisting he's our "pet", the scrote that came into this thread earlier insisting female virgins are "broken" or whatever, /pol/tards who shit up the MtF threads with racebait and start spamming ugly Wojaks whenever they get clocked, the list goes on.

No. 1368691

male and female socialization result in different communication styles, but it's only ever women who actually think about these things

No. 1368726

Is this Blaine again, raging at being exposed? I've made exactly two reports, I ignore all scrotes and jannies ban them eventually regardless, specifically because you're so obvious to anyone without a dick. Keep false-flagging and samefagging, though.
And no, literally no woman here would ever refer to you as "our pet" or say female virgins have anything wrong with them.

No. 1368745

Yes it is. The only way someone would know anything about the reports is if they are staff, and he has been larping about how he is a part of staff or will take over this site. Also, he keeps trying to create more discourse on this site.

No. 1368748

Pisces men are like geminis and are almost weirdly two-faced. I had to say it

No. 1368750

He never leaves to be honest, he's here 25/7 trying to blend in or bait then gets butthurt and spams porn when anons point out it's him.

No. 1368752

you are a retard, all of this sperging just because i said the breed of dog that murders children and women is shit. I didn't even say we should murder them all or anything violent, just that your precious "doggo that wouldnt hurt a fly" is actually a murder machine breed by moids to fight and that trying yo humanize it only makes people that doesn't know how yo handle big violent dogs want to adopt them more, and then we have to deal with our children and small pets getting mauled by those things.

No. 1368754

Why are moids like this?

No. 1368755

Holy shit I'm sorry your post attracted such spergs.

No. 1368762

File: 1665331307719.gif (2.98 MB, 600x338, D2CB2E33-64CF-49DA-A613-01DB71…)

>Trannies get it done

No. 1368763

The tramny is acting like he's leaving because he has le important things to do, get ready for a porn spam.

No. 1368765

How very “I’m unfollowing you now” vibes…. Kek

No. 1368770

File: 1665331529219.png (214.92 KB, 266x407, 1658615930792.png)

>Like I said before, pat yourself on the back all you want this is yet another example of cis women can't do shit and why trannies are replacing you. Trannies get it done, cis women bitch for men to do it.

No. 1368772

He's bragging about being in disability in /meta/ kek I can't believe this fucking loser

No. 1368774

anon I can’t… the terrible lip liner to make his nonexistent lips full, help me KEK

No. 1368781

File: 1665332012848.jpg (134.76 KB, 991x806, literally blaine.jpg)

Actual goblin

No. 1368783

I don't understand how you haven't killed yourself yet. This looks like a literal abomination, a proof that all caricatures are real.

No. 1368785

your makeup looks busted as fuck, your hair looks like burnt string cheese, you have a quagmire built face and jutted chin and a male brolic figure because you are a delusional useless man who loves to shit up a female imageboard with no prospects. you are eventually going to kill yourself once the narcissistic tranny delulu runs off, good riddance

No. 1368794

No. 1368798

No. 1368802

btw the tranny is a liar, there are no “other” CP posters besides the bot that comes because it was found by the mods that Blaine is the one that’s been spamming gore and CP, along with another delusional tranny that has been making those “why are you whores” threads that keep getting deleted, honestly those threads are probably made by him too. you are assmad that josh kicked your ass off of his website and scurried to the ex-kiwi troon haven Onion forums to conspire against him and now this website. you are schizophrenic, delusional, extremely dumb, arrogant, overconfident in your abilities and lack any form of self-awareness and possibly a pedophile who alogs as someone who is against pedos

No. 1368808

You are very badass and we're going to miss you so much when you finally leave us alone.

No. 1368810

He's mad, remember anons the tranny acts like big bad epic hacker here but when he's confronted by men he turns into a huge coward real quick.

No. 1368818

I'm pretty sure we all know that by now. He blamed about 20 different people (and a new one every other week) for his xy damaged spam so far.

No. 1368825

I will never consider people with ADHD "neurodivergent." You're just a normie that can't focus, that doesn't make you special or completely incapable of having meaningful relationships or interactions with others. This isn't like OCD (the real OCD, not the meme version) or autism or bipolar. I hate how ADHDfags try to push how they're so ND~~~ and the NTs~ are such bullies.

No. 1368826

He doesn't even enough money to buy a paid vpn, it's so fucking funny he larps as ebin doxxer haxxor ddoser.

No. 1368828

The you whores moid is definitely a different one but also showcased how unhinged and retarded the tranny is.
>was defending the poster to own le lolcow farmerz
>Sammy (girl whore moid always posts) is sooo cute
>whore moid says Sammy is terf
>farmer points out Sammy just turned 18
Disturbing shit

No. 1368845

called it

No. 1368853

4/10 nonnie

No. 1368878

what is neurodivergent then?

No. 1368920

You will always be normal

No. 1368960

I shave my head in the summer but not my pubes for extra chaos
Those are acquaintances. True friends are there for you in emergencies and you can tell them your deepest darkest secrets. >>1368631
I've not had too much difficulty finding one great female friend at a time, but it seems like all my life the universe only grants me 1 and that's it. A new one will pop up everytime the last one exits for whatever reason, but they rarely overlap.

No. 1369000

The scalp and vagina are not the same thing.

No. 1369008

How so?

No. 1369201

Infantile drawings are shit, be more strict with your kid and throw that shit in the trash.

No. 1369206

this worked on me, fucked my sister right up

No. 1369210

huh? since when? obvious scrotepost, everyone knows the clitoral fold is above the eyebrow

No. 1369230

You can get through all the required course material in about 2-3 hours a day when you homeschool your kid, and still have them perform better than the average public school student. I don't think people realize how little is done, how bad the average teacher is and how much time is wasted.

If you live in a big city you can network with other homeschooling families and do activities each day with the kids, and they'll get their socialization that way. Most homeschooling families aren't religious nutters and weirdos, most are actually upper class professionals who want the best for their kids.

No. 1369247

This. I vividly remember as a kid and teen sitting in class and just thinking "fuck, we've just been sitting here for over an hour going over the same shit again because 3 people didn't get it" or "9 hours wasted today just to learn half an hours worth of material I already read about at home". So much time was also wasted waiting. Just waiting. For students to settle down, for teachers to find their stuff, for the next bell, for this or that… 30 minutes each way on the bus. It was such a waste.

No. 1369250

Same. My teachers in primary school wanted me to skip a grade because I was bored in class because of it. I feel like I would have done way better in school if it weren't for this shit. And I'm taking into account the fact that I had health issues that fucked up my memory a bit back in middle and high school and that my parents would have never helped me study if I stayed at home.

No. 1369251

Feminism is too focussed on adult human females and not enough on the minor human females who are even in the most progressive western countries, practically and legally treated like property with fewer rights to safety than adults.

No. 1369252

Speaking from experience, you're right.

No. 1369255

Using a bra isn't bad and free the nipple is a scrote movement at heart.

No. 1369288

I tend to agree, girls and women do start experiencing misogyny right from birth, or even before. And we experience it not just from adults but also our male peers who are often defended because they're "too young to know better" but we are not too young to be victims, we never are. Related to this I do believe women with daughters should prioritize their daughters' safety and physical, mental and emotional well-being and especially keep them away from abusive males as much as possible, even male family members if necessary. Try to be a real role model for your daughter, but don't try to force her into being your mini-me. A daughter is still her own person and she should be loved and cherished and supported for that and needs to know at all times that she does have worth.

No. 1369292

I thought free the nipple was about showing tits on instagram, didn't know it had anything to do with bras

No. 1369293

Newborn puppies are cuter than newborn kittens, BUT adult cats are cuter than adult dogs.

No. 1369294

True, even as far as predators go, they're much more dangerous to teenage girls than any adult woman. It's insane how much creepy shit you'll experience between the ages 10-15, and it'll drop of exponentially in adulthood.

No. 1369311

I agree to an extent but also people have less empathy for women the older we get, men absolutely hate older women and think they're a burden on society, younger women and teenage girls have more power in some ways because people are more likely to listen and empathize with them

No. 1369318

Well sure, if you're rich a lot of doors open up for you and your children. Most people aren't rich.

I doubt you're right about the type of person most homeschoolers are but I'm just going of what I've seen so I would be curious to see actual numbers (don't think they exist due to poor oversight). If you're right I'll be a happier person!

School sucks. I get it. The whole thing makes you feel like there must be a better way.

The problem is homeschool is a great way to hide that you're abusing your children. Many people use it for that after their kid raises red flags at school; parents just pull them out of school after the first nosy teacher question or CPS visit, much easier than even telling your kid to keep their mouth shut. Fill out some paperwork (depends on the state but most are very lax with it) and the child won't see any friends or teachers or "outsiders" for a long long time. Until this giant crack in the system is sealed up and children stop falling through it I will hate homeschool lol. I know solving child abuse with rules is impossible but homeschool seems like something that could be improved.

Just curious, not sure if you're a parent or a child, but would you be willing to jump through extra hoops to homeschool if it was part of a system to prevent gross abuse? I feel like people fight that tooth and nail because they don't like interference in family matters from the government but maybe homeschoolers like you're talking about would not be against it

No. 1369321

if you overhear any scrote conversation about the topic you learn that they all love the movement and openly will talk about jerking off at home to the thought of some woman in public not wearing a bra. its fucking gross

No. 1369326

File: 1665355613635.jpeg (54.55 KB, 431x430, 2A05CC8A-E993-4A61-BB5E-3F3EE9…)

Jirai kei is better than Lolita

No. 1369328

Danny Devito is annoying and not funny!!!

No. 1369330

Samefag fuck him! Fr he plays the same type of person in everything just like the rock, a disgusting crabby small old man but he’s uglier, I was sort of ok with him in IASIP I hate seeing him in cartoons.

No. 1369334

"trad" people and conservatives protect and advocate for women more than libs

No. 1369338

File: 1665357158773.jpg (305.98 KB, 1287x755, dssffs.jpg)

idiots who think they're smart will always go for easy answers, (Jews running the world) (subjection of women) (great replacement) and general contrarianism

No. 1369340

I always feel "proud" of ex-pornstars when they speak out. I can't imagine having been in porn and trying to build a life after that. For those who were truly clueless and learned the truth about porn the hard way, I commend their bravery to step away and even speak up against it. I know it isn't easy and they have my support in trying to build a new life for themselves

No. 1369341

How is that an unpopular opinion?

No. 1369347

What is subjection of evil

No. 1369348

Subjection of women

No. 1369371


No. 1369378

damn you're so retarded you think the bra burning movement is the same as the topless free the nipple movement lmao

No. 1369517

AYRT, that hasn't been my experience. I've noticed that people assume girls are exaggerating, just too sensitive or lying. Before 18, you're allowed to be beaten to a pulp and police will just say it's not their problem. Moment you turn 18? Suddenly it counts as attempted murder. Girl gets molested and raped? "Oh you were just exploring, playing doctor!" it's literally seen as positive. As long as parents think it's okay, you can do whatever you want to kids, they have full discretion. If another female family member tries to help the kid, outside of the oh so sacred nuclear family, she's treated like an abusive kidnapper. And single fathers can literally get away with murder if they want to, idk what is wrong with pickmes working at cps.

No. 1369540

Youtubers dragging their spouses/partners in front of the camera is always awkward anda drop in quality. I don't just mean filming them in their private life, but doing "couple reacts" etc. content. Apparently this is unpopular because whenever it happens it becomes a regular thing because it will bring in a huge amount of viewers. But the dynamic on camera of a full-on youtuber persona and some man/woman that is under the pressure to say something meme-y is unpleasant

No. 1369568

Andrea Dworkin would have been a TRA fat rights activist if she was alive today, you know I'm right

No. 1369569

File: 1665392183994.jpg (12 KB, 300x250, 624a7018e7c81e8d0596d77e945fe4…)

I'm starring to doubt social anxiety as a disorder. Everyone I know who has it are really open and friendly. And the one's who aren't sociable offline are usually pretty socialble in online spaces and are active on social media and interact with a bunch of people over the globe.
I don't have any form for anxiety disorder but I really struggle with talking to people both offline and online. I will sometimes start crying in frontbof people because I suck so much at talking to people(pathetic I know). It's just suspicious that people who have social anxiety are coping much better with social situations than me, a person without social anxiety.
Not to mention I know plenty of people who use their anxiety as an excuse to avoid doing things. Like saying "anon could you order this or make this call? I can't do it because of anxiety" even though I have seen them do that thing plenty of time. This also fucking sucks because I struggle with this things do and end up hyperventilating when doing them but no one takes my needs into consideration because I don't have a disorder to justify my pathetic behavior it's just the way I am.
As cruel as it sounds I'm beginning to suspect that most people push their doctors to give them an anxiety diagnosis so they have an excuse to act all "uwu must be protected". Most people also get the diagnosis in their teen years which is dumb because everyone struggles with new environments and people in their teen years

No. 1369571

Based nonna. It does sound like you suffer from some sort of social anxiety though. I identify as someone with social anxiety but it's just a nicer way of saying I have low self-esteem and think everyone everywhere is negatively judging me and it makes me nervous. But everything you just outlined, using muh anxiety as an excuse not to do things thay are slightly uncomfortable or take a tiny but of effort is behavior that I've also noticed a lot of people exhibit and it's obnoxious. However it's also possible that people are suffering social anxiety in different ways that allow them to still be able to form friend ships off/online. I left this one really cool discord because the social aspect gave me so much nervousness that after a year I was like fuck this, and left kek. Also I'm sure that tonssss of people are self-diagnosing and hella generalizing, doctors do the latter as well in my experience.

No. 1369575

i read this as "pedopilled" and im gonna go to bed now for defacing your post

No. 1369583

i don't think anxiety is a disorder. more like a symptom if anything

No. 1369585

Even if it does help their content it just makes it depressing if they break up or awkward at best. This happened to a youtuber I liked, he got a hot and funny gf who then left & his content sucks now.

No. 1369588

I think a lot of people who have functional autism diagnosis are just way too comfortable and spoiled by living in a post scarcity society. They've never had to choose between shaping up or dying so they mould their lives around avoiding discomfort to a pathological degree. They get a diagnosis and it justifies the normal human urge to avoid discomfort, they abandon all discipline or challenge and label themselves with glass bones. Then their tolerance to discomfort goes down and down until they genuinely make themselves sick, and have a meltdown over something they could have coped with 5 years ago.
Obviously there is real autism out there but I'm talking about the #actuallyautistic Instagram people who would probably be better off never getting that label

No. 1369607

I was never officially diagnosed, but I'd consider I have some degree of social anxiety, because I'm extremely avoidant of social interactions and drawing attention to myself in any way, which lead to me almost being kicked out of school. I'm pretty sure it's a requirement for something to count as a disorder to cause problem with everyday functioning, which is something people disregard, and like you say, someone who can function well, but brings up anxiety disorder just because they feel even a bit of anxiety do not seem genuine. It's especially grating when people try to describe disorders as a personality trait.

No. 1369609

There's been some posters being retarded about feminist concepts lately, not sure if moid bait or not. In another thread, someone vehemently insisted "gender non-conforming" was actually a new gender identity and had a meltdown at anons for telling them it wasn't, shit was too dumb for words.

No. 1369610

I feel like some kids are diagnosed with autism as a cover up, to make it seem like they are just sensitive little shits who are completely irrational for not enjoying getting beaten to a pulp by alcoholic and drug addicted parents. It's a great label to permanently discredit someone and make them fair game for everything and so cps can ignore the situation. You've been raped? Good luck making anyone believe anything actually happened and you didn't just "misinterpret the situation due to autism", even though autistic women are 3 times more likely to get raped.

No. 1369624

I was diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder, although in my opinion it was a symptom of my later diagnosis of being on the autistic spectrum. I worked hard to try to overcome it through cbt and therapy and nothing ever worked, I'd sometimes have a breakdown and turn into a crying mess just over having to leave home. Not until I got the ASD diagnosis was I able to make some progress. I can confirm that most people with social anxiety I've met does not have it at a clinical level the way I had it. I would rather die than tell people irl I have a social anxiety disorder, it's embarrassing and gives me - you guessed it - too much anxiety.

As a certified autist I agree and #actuallyautistic is full almost exclusively of spoiled high functioning people (at best), but my theory is that most of them are misdiagnosed/larpers. It's socially contagious the way being trans is, every disorder is at this point. Pixilocks is a good example, she is just quirky and lazy and wants to justify it so she's larping DID and self-diagnosed as autistic and stays home smoking weed all day so she can avoid any hardships in life, and it all makes her mental state worse by the minute.

No. 1369730

I've never seen the type of thing you are describing happen in r/l at all. I am an unfortunate looking woman and i have never been hit on ever. I've always noticed it's the average looking women or the hot ones who do. This whole thing of narrative of ugly women getting hit on is a complete lie and i think you think that an average looking woman wearing sweats some how makes them ugly. Also, moids cannot tell if women are insecure of their looks from first sight, they all assume we all think we are hot shit. They also don't care. I don't think you understood my post at all, the women i am talking about aren't ugly at all.

No. 1369731

Not to handmaiden men but no some of them are very good at telling instantly and using that insecurity.

No. 1369735

I don't completely disagree, but imo irl friends are the biggest waste of time. I am satisfied just talking to people online for a couple of minutes a day. I also don't feel the need to meet then irl. I haven't has irl friends since i was 12, all the years i thought i was lonely were a scam, i was just painfully aware of how society condemns loners for refusing to fit in.

No. 1369739

I'm not going to contribute to my community because there are so many usless moids. You are a cuck if you try to "contribute" lmao

No. 1369742

If you are a woman and you don't have female friends, it's usually a sign you are pickme or you otherwise have a shit personality

No. 1369743

The way a lot of Asian chefs torture their food creeps me out,. Like can’t you kill the fish, octopus etc first before serving it up or cooking it.

No. 1369748

It tastes better without the fear chemicals being released so not only that but the asians who do that are making your food objectively worse.

No. 1369751

Straight hair will always look better than curly hair because you really have to style curls otherwise it looks ridiculous and childish

No. 1369752

Not everyone is white

No. 1369754

Men can absolutely tell when your self-esteem is shit. They don’t exist in a vacuum and it’s not like markers of low self-esteem are hard to pick up on through body language. They’re literally predators and insecure women act like prey. Can’t maintain eye contact, looking at the ground, arms crossed, dressing to not draw attention or dangerhair to ward predators off like a toxic frog, whatever. When I was too insecure to set boundaries I got hit on all the time. They know you won’t do shit if they harass you, get in your personal space, ask you inappropriate questions. Now that I’m a little more self-assured men leave me the fuck alone.

Also you don’t have to have shit self-esteem if you’re ugly. Seems like you’re pretty sure of yourself despite calling yourself unfortunate.

No. 1369755

I was watching this one Asian TikTok chef and she was taking such delight in ripping the crab she was going to cook to pieces while it was still alive lol

No. 1369769

Sorry nonna but this seems like such a cope

No. 1369773

Straight hair isn't exlusive to white people nor do white people exlusively have straight hair, your post is nonsensical.

No. 1369779

But I’m sure you weren’t thinking about races who have predominantly curly hair right? You were thinking about white peoples when you said that retarded shit.

No. 1369780

Thankyou should be one word. So much prettier that way

No. 1369789

Ayrt, I'm not that anon who said curly hair looks bad but your "me vs white people" mentality is stupid. For all you know she was talking from the perspective of a Chinese or Japanese person (you know they almost all have stick straight hair) but your mind immediately jumped to white people. It's like you're constantly in a one-sided battle with white people in your head.

No. 1369791

All time bad opinion! lol

No. 1369792

Yes, but it's my honest opinion.

I wasn't thinking about that because it doesn't matter. It's about how it looks and that's just what I think.

No. 1369794

So you think black people would look better with straight hair?

No. 1369799

File: 1665417502030.jpg (89.33 KB, 625x415, dbd81326d462c554097a8af593f917…)

NTA but I live in a small, majority white country, when I post shit takes, I don't even think about any other race as I have little to no exposure to them. I have no opinion race-specific beauty norms, other than that style with the licked downed baby hair looks awful, but it seems to be mostly an influencer/celebrity thing

No. 1369801

It’s fine if you are basing your opinions on white people but say that because as a mixed person straight hair just makes me look old lol

No. 1369803

That's not true and it doesn't have to do with anything, hair is just hair. I didn't think to deeply about it, it's as simple as disliking a style.

No. 1369805

People look best with the hair that grows out of their head naturally. This is why fake blondes and people who straighten their hair usually look like shit.

No. 1369806

white people can have natural curly hair too anon kek, it isn't just a black person thing

No. 1369807

Who said that post was talking about just black people?

No. 1369811

I vastly disagree with your opinion that straight hair looks better than curly hair but I see what you're saying and anons nitpicking just have race occupying their minds 24/7, it's borderline scary actually. How dare someone make a general statement about hair, that thing we all have, without thinking about or specifying race right? You'd think this is twitter.

No. 1369812

I don’t feel bad for actresses dealing with ageism. You had no problem dating older actors or staring in roles with men 20 years your senior but now that you’re old we are supposed to feel bad for you. You only crying now because you can’t benefit from your youth anymore.

No. 1369824

Thanks for understanding, I know it's quite a bad opinion to have, that's why I posted it here. It sounds harsh, but it's really not to be taken that seriously.
I agree with what you said.

No. 1369827

Anon, you act like women get to choose the age of their love interest in movies, the casting is out of their control. These young actresses often don't realize how messed up it all is until they're older. Dealing with aging as a woman is hard on all of us, the only difference is that they often have money to dry their tears with, kek.

No. 1369830

They could just not take the roles. Boycott the industry. They picked fake over morals.

No. 1369832

Picked fame*

No. 1369837

It's been like this since the inception of movies and it seems a little unrealistic for every single rising actress to boycott these roles, especially if she is desperate for a paying or breakout role. I totally wish it could happen too, but it's just wishful thinking.

No. 1369844

It’s harder to become an actress than it is to have a normal job, they don’t care about the money they want the fame. Plus, most actresses are nepo babies so they definitely have a choice. They aren’t stupid they know their looks and youth get them roles and if they want things to change they have to boycott.

No. 1369909

Same. Seeing comments under Mia Khalifas videos talking about the industry, saying she made her bed so she should lie in it and worse are always heartbreaking to see.

No. 1369950

I don't care about Dahmer or women complaining about how horrible true crime fans are. He's a fag who killed fags, couldn't give a shit.

No. 1369964

my unpopular opinion is that the homophobia directed towards gay men on LC recently is largely reactionary and not rooted in a feminist perspective. not to say they aren't misogynistic, because they are, but it rarely feels like an appropriate level of resentment. feels very overblown and actually pretty annoying/moid tier.

No. 1369972

My hot take is that it mostly comes from aidens and former aidens who are still salty that gay men didn't fuck them. It's very obvious because they always insert it in the most random discussions and threads. When it's a response for another anon's faghag behavior it's fine but aidens can't control themselves and whine about le evil fags in the most random moments.

No. 1369996

it wouldn't surprise me if it comes from some leftover kiwitards

No. 1370054

The people with autism that do push themselves end up in mental health wards and age into Diogenes syndrome. A good portion of the homeless people you see on the street have autism, it's not some meme disorder for most of them, it's a debilitating disorder and even the functional ones live isolated, lonely lives most of the time.

No. 1370064

I think Reddit is way worse than 4chan

No. 1370066

How edgy of you.

No. 1370067

This and all of the racebaiting recently. Smells scrotey.

No. 1370071

Yeah the males are bored and trying to make us squee

No. 1370072

honestly i don't even know if it's scrotal in nature, though some probably is. i think some anons are just retarded.

No. 1370074

I think some nonnas do it specifically because they know some faggots are lurking and posting here and because they hate all men in general.

No. 1370077

I agree that we have massive retards but given the raids and the fact that there’s only fluxes of it at one time that waxes and wanes it’s definitely the males trying to shit on everybody. It’s always pol-tier.

No. 1370079

Maybe I’m just being optimistic and want to believe regular anons don’t genuinely believe that it doesn’t matter what Jeffrey Dahmer did like it didn’t harm whole families and groups of people…

No. 1370084

I'm not that anon but I generally don't really care when men kill each other either, except that it's often extremely cruel.

No. 1370089

One of his victims was a 14 year old boy. He drilled a hole in a 14 year old boys skull, poured acid in it, and then was still able to get him back in his apartment to brutalize and murder him despite the kid outside naked and shivering in front of cops. If you’re too edgy to care that racism allowed a man to get away with being a brutal rapist and serial killer then you’re emotionally bankrupt and should take a break from the internet.

No. 1370091

Again, I am not that Dahmer anon.

No. 1370097

I’m just ranting don’t mind me

No. 1370136

Though they get a lot of grief here from time to time on this board, I personally looooove Twitch "boobie steamers"/parasocial pretty girl streamers–you know, the Pokimane types. I used to hate them during my NLOG phase ("they're not true gamer girls!!!1!1! they make us TRUE and HONEST gamer girls look bad!!!!!111) but now I look at them more positively. There's nothing more based in this world than squeezing out every penny from desperado failmales. The seething moids direct towards them is also delicious, because you know the reason they hate them is because they want them and can't have them. Claude Frollo shit.

No. 1370155

I would like hem too if they weren't shameless pickmes themselves

No. 1370158

I haven't saw that show but after reading this I definitely won't be. I hate shows that essentially glorify these murderers. Imo documentaries on cunts like Dahmer should only be shown if those cases were directly responsible for fixing whatever shortcomings were evidenced. I'm sick of how sadistic pop culture is

No. 1370171

Maybe I'm naively optimistic, but I think that pickmeism is just all for show so that they can be more appealing to their (male) audience. More appeal = more cha-ching.

But then again I'm not really well-versed in streamer dramarama so I dunno.

No. 1370199

there is no such thing a a straight male.
Most men are bisexual and the minority of men are gay, but actual straight men are rare.

No. 1370203

I don't think it's genuine bisexuality but prison gay is real. t4t is the most obvious modern example of it - they desperately want cis lesbians but can't get one, so they cope with their fellow male trannies.

No. 1370209

i own a dog and she is my whole world, but it makes my skin fucking crawl when people call themselves “dog mom” and especially “dog dad.” double down on the cringe when they make it their whole personality. so many people own pets, you’re not fucking important or special kek.

No. 1370237

my unpopular opinion, people not being able seperate actors like marilyn from the characters they get typecast or media persona they project are the behind the rise of celebrity idol worship.
once you start psychoanalyzing them based on some characters they played, you're no different than the people who think reality tv is real.

No. 1370246

All men are homoromantic, they seek the attention of other men because scrotes control most resources/they envy their position of power and ability to bastardise nature and fulfil coom. It's why scrotes will seethe when women are attracted to men who men do not consider high value themselves (young and nice and handsome aka womens ideal vs mens hyper masculine alpha ideal).

No. 1370248

Interesting, I believe the opposite. Bisexual men don't exist, they're just spicy gays. It's easy for the rational part of their brain to "like" women by default. Because compared to men, women are pretty, good natured, hygienic, and are functional adults who know how to manage their homes. Men are uglier, tend to be chisdish and prone to violence, often have bad hygiene, and most of them can't cook or clean or fend for themselves to save their own lives. You have to really reaaallly like men in order to overlook all that shit.
So it's not that a bisexual man actually likes women, it's more that his rational brain knows that women are better for him, but his body and soul crave dick in spite of everything. Cause he's gay.

No. 1370252

Men having shit taste in women is tried and true. I remember a while back an anon posted about how a male friend was bragging about his gf being blonde with big tits and then pulled out a picture of a woman who looked like morbidly obese trailer trash that let a 5 yr old dye her hair. I can completely understand straight women being unkept now but why do straight women even put in so much effort for their appearance knowing damn well that most straight men would say an objectively out of shape, trashy and gross looking women is more attractive than most models or women who put in effort to look clean and classy?

No. 1370262

Why can't a man brag about his fat blonde girlfriend if he thinks she's hot shit? I don't see the issue. I also don't get why some women get mad at men's standards, like if he likes women you don't find attractive who cares? What if she's a nice person? What if he genuinely finds her attractive? Like unless the standard is someone shitty like Shayna in personality, I don't get why another woman would care about a man she's not interested in standard for looks. He doesn't deserve or less. He deserves what he seeks out

No. 1370265

this take starts decently and then gets weirder and moidish

No. 1370267

I recently learned about intrasexual competition and it really made me realize just how much it isn't just men that deeply loathe it when conventionally ugly women are adored–it's a lot of women, too. With that said, I do agree with one thing…that men are sometimes crazy about the dumbest things (like blond hair).

No. 1370271

Because you know damn well he's just encouraging her obesity. I don't see why we can't call men out for sexualizing unhealthy body types or just simply mocking them for liking ugly women then complaining about how ugly women get laid

No. 1370276

I don't see why we have to mock ugly women or scrotes liking ugly women. Instead of just mocking scrotes, like scrotes mocking ugly women for getting laid is shitty. But women mocking ugly women scrotes like to sleep with is also shitty. A woman is getting mocked because a scrote

No. 1370279

Yep as a ugly woman, I don't get it. Already some people don't see is as "competition" or "important " yet, some women feel just as inclined to be shitty to or about ugly women, because a scrote likes us or we're dating or living. Like okay, I get it. I'm fat and ugly, but whats it to you if I can find someone to love me or like me?

No. 1370284

There's nothing wrong with ugly women but it's fun to point out the irony since they scream about how easy it is for women to get laid regardless of appearance then sexualize ugly women. Not to mention they'll do things like sexualize obesity or anorexia which is harmful. The issue is the fact when they are with the ugly women they'll either encourage her shitty habits or emotionally abuse her regarding her looks or use them as an example to bring down attractive women they know are out of their league appearance wise. It's not as simple as just liking an ugly woman and then that's the end of it

No. 1370290

>it isn't just men that deeply loathe it when conventionally ugly women are adored–it's a lot of women, too
This is so fucking crazy to me bc seeing unconventional women "make it" in the world gives me such a sense of security and happiness. Like the world isn't 100% rigged to shit.

No. 1370296

kek preach

No. 1370332

No, black/mixed women do this irl too. It's definitely not as dramatic is the examples you posted. I will not judge you for your opinion because this baby hairs thing is actually a hot topic amongst black women, a lot of black women hate this trend with a burning passion and think it's just a way to fight your hair texture or to appear more racially ambiguous.

I've been thinking about this, and I agree with you a lot. I used to think i have social anxiety disorder too, but at least i am more extreme irl with my aversion to socialising and being around certain people. Being with people doesn't make me nervous or anxious, i just hate being around them because irl conversations are boring imo and i feel like i can't give them the interaction/attention they want so it's annoying and frustrating. I never understood how some people can have so bad anxiety but still manage to post their wholes lives online, have many friends, go out all the time and the more baffling part is having a partner, especially when it's a man who claims to have anxiety. Anyways, back to making this about me, apparently it's more likely i have a full on personality disorder or autism according to psychiatrists and other mental health professionals i talked to and I have to wait to actually know the out come out of this, i am not diagnosing myself btw. In my experience, being dismissed as having social anxiety has halted me from getting proper help.

I feel this way about some people diagnosed with adhd tbh, especially when you start shoving medication down children throats without helping them manage their adhd symptoms because adhd medication is very limited in how much it can help a person.

No. 1370338

>a hot topic amongst black women
Where do you live? I've personally never seen this be a hot topic.

No. 1370343

You probably should specify next time, although i've seen my fair share of white women who had curly hair absolutely destroy their beautiful curls from straightening. Not to mention straight hair is really ugly when you have thin hair.

No. 1370344

I have mainly seen it online, just women saying they are sick of the trend and that it's too much/ugly. Presuming you are a black woman too, i'm surprised you have never seen anybody say anything.

No. 1370346

That's so interesting, idk how I haven't come across it.

No. 1370350

>I'm starring to doubt social anxiety as a disorder. I don't have any form for anxiety disorder but I really struggle with talking to people both offline and online.
>I was never officially diagnosed, but I'd consider I have some degree of social anxiety, because I'm extremely avoidant of social interactions and drawing attention to myself in any way, which lead to me almost being kicked out of school.

Have you heard of avoidant personality disorder? I was diagnosed with that. It's like social anxiety disorder on steroids and meth.

As I understand it social anxiety disorder is more about being worried about the psychical feelings of anxiety that occur when interacting with people. Avoidant personality disorder is a deep, pervasive fear of rejection and driven by intense feelings of worthlessness and shame about yourself.

No. 1370361

Nta, I watched this instead of watching online class, this doctor is so good at explaining things and I feel like I might be with a shitty psychiatrist and psychologist.

No. 1370362

If you’re black,sea or Indian you really shouldn’t spend a dime on K-pop. They don’t deserve your money.

No. 1370392

Fat/feeder fetishes are creepy, talking about your fetishes in public is creepy, end of story.

No. 1370407

Nta but thanks for sharing, is this very common? Seems like it must be

No. 1370449

Most males are bi and that's what makes them so disgusting. They could opt out and leave women alone yet here we are. Maybe pinkpill-chan has a point and it all boils down to a parasite that cannot feed on another parasite.
That's why also i don't undestrand homophobia. True and honest homos don't care about women because as males they can't bother to care about anything they don't want to fuck. And less males pesting women is a net good, no matter how you put it. I also believe that all the "fags" that torment young girls and make ed propaganda are actually bi.

No. 1370453

It's gross and toxic to women, feeders prey on vulnerable and insecure women while destroying their health by either encouraging her to get fatter and fatter or simply just not doing anything about her weight. If the reverse happened for anorexia more often then people would actually do something instead of just laughing it off or pull the whole "it's consent and she's just stupid" thing

No. 1370455

>If the reverse happened for anorexia more often then people would actually do something
Lmao certainly not because food and exercise control already happens by men in het relationships, it's even a fetish. Other women in families often endorse and enable it. People go with it because bottom line they expect women to be thinner and view the subserviance to what a man wants as a perk.

Feederism is only called out because fat women=ugly and men need to browbeat to remind us of what they conventionally want. Nobody gives a shit about our health and spirits.

No. 1370457

Agree. Grown ass adults using their big person language talking about they have the response to stimuli of a moody 5 yrs old. It's werid, to say the least. Autism is both a language and processing disorder, and yeah it can be present in different ways but i immediately suspect of people who casually has only the processing part and none of the language/symbolic content part. It's very pixielocks, so your autism makes you eat chicken tendies all day, need special accommodation for work/college (that always ends up being just less work) and you can randomly snap at people for "overstimulation" but yet you never had any problems with word and language processing, and can undestrand symbolic/abstract concepts (social rules, for example) just fine? Either these people have a diferent disorder, or are just lying.

No. 1370460

I mean in the extreme that people take feederism.
>Lmao certainly not because food and exercise control already happens by men in het relationships
It is called out what the hell are you talking about? You seriously think if a skinny woman said her boyfriend restricted her food outright people wouldn't care? There was a massive uproar when Splenda did this to yumi, not just by lolcow but others

>It's even a fetish

It is but feederism or just fetishizing chubby women in general is a lot more common
>Other women in families often endorse and enable it.
And people still call it out for the most part, also let's not pretend like in other cultures there's an obsession with wanting young girls to "put meat on their bones"
>People go with it because bottom line they expect women to be thinner and view the subserviance to what a man wants as a perk.
What are you talking about?

>Feederism is only called out because fat women=ugly

People call out anorexia fetishists ALL THE TIME, just because you don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Just look at what people are doing to Eugenia Cooney followers. When it comes to feeder or chubby fetishists then everyone wants to "mind their own business" or pull the "if they're happy and it's consensual wellllllll" unless the one being manipulated into weight gain is a man (nikocado avocado for example)

No. 1370461

File: 1665471223914.jpg (42.72 KB, 680x503, 20221011_085156.jpg)

They should have made The Hex Girls spin-off instead of a self-insert trash that Velma is going to be. But with the way the internet is now, I bet they would put some stupid troonery and other headcanons.

No. 1370479

Men do not care about a woman’s health period
Men are completely content to let anorexics wither away but lose their shit at a fat woman on a magazine under the guise of “obesity is unhealthy !!!” it’s so hilariously transparent

No. 1370481

Anything that makes a man’s pp hard will be lauded in our society by the majority, no matter how many women suffer to attain it, and anything which does not serve the purpose of gratifying a man’s ego or dick will be dismissed or degraded, end of story

No. 1370486

It's either or, they're either fetishizing unhealthy body types while bashing the polar opposite

Also - can you give an example of a man "letting anorexics wither away"? Without being bashed for fetishizing anorexia ofc

No. 1370495

File: 1665475439870.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.93 KB, 800x450, proxy-imagee.jpg)

Do you guys think extreme anorexia is not ugly as well, especially by conventional/mainstream standards, or?
Anorexia fetishists don't just like "pretty" skinny bodies, same way feeders don't just like women who are "pretty" and thick

No. 1370515

some anons are more concerned with reeing about men than actually being logical. and it's obvious a lot of anons think of anorexia like in teen dramas where some girl who's average weight skips like 3 meals and not living skeletons who have complex mental disorders.

No. 1370522

Nta but an extremely obvious example is the modeling industry as a whole. It fetishizes women that are underweight and have to eat very little/over exercise to maintain that. Men literally do not care about health and are only mad because most of them don't like women that are fat. They could not care less about obesity or health, they just can't jerk off to fat women (except when they do).

No. 1370534

Mandarin, German, Arabic and Navajo sound really gross and harsh.

No. 1370541

Kiwifarms is a litmus test for a persons stance on free speech and the way the media has handled the topic so far is deplorable

No. 1370557

Majority of men aren't model managers though and the fashion industry is made up of gay men and women, the average vogue model looks vastly different from the average sports illustrated model

No. 1370599

Y’all gotta stop acting like women are huge babies who can’t think for themselves. If they are grown ass women letting a man ruin their health it’s on them or they probably are turned on by it as well. If they pick ruining their health to get a scrote off they are a retarded.

No. 1370617

Yup, can confirm. Abusive dad had a fixation on skinny women and would control me and my mom’s weight. She was 47-48 kg at 164 cm even in her forties. I was called fat for being on the low end of my normal BMI range. He told me he would never sleep with a woman like me, I probably avoided a full rape thanks to being “fat”..

No. 1370651

> bragging about his gf being blonde with big tits and then pulled out a picture of a woman who looked like morbidly obese trailer trash that let a 5 yr old dye her hair
When I was 18 to 20 I went through that phase where you use cheap box dyes to fry your hair but you don't know how shit it looks. Went blonde for about 6 months. Looking back now I know I did a terrible job, didn't know what toner was even. It also didn't suit my skintone, washed me out and drew attention to my anemic tone. I cringe thinking back to it but.. never got more attention from men than I did in those few months. It was weird. Just gets weirder once I realized how bad I looked.

I had a roommate who had never been creepy til I bleached it. Then he started talking to me about his gf and about how 'she doesn't look after herself anymore' 'she doesn't make an effort' 'she's too comfortable' I'm stood there with a yellow fried head of hair being told he wishes she would make an effort like I do. What.

No. 1370659

I don’t think men care how fried your hair is aslong as it’s blonde

No. 1370665

This is absolutely true. Same thing happened to me. When I had long blonde hair I got approached by men just about every time I went out. Even though it really didn't look that good. As soon as I dyed it dark and cut it about shoulder length, that all dried up and I rarely got approached. Nothing else about my appearance changed. I was shocked at just how stark and abrupt the change was

No. 1370667

why the hell are men this obsessed with blonde hair

No. 1370676

I remember seeing TikTok’s talking about how when you go to college as a brunette you won’t be hit up as much as the blonde women

No. 1370681

Kpop stans are all losers, pathetic, cringe, etc

No. 1370686

Seemingly everyone is. I know damn well that when I had long hair it literally looked like thin limp straw, but people seem to remember it as lushious and luxurious, because blonde.

No. 1370688

its simple cause those features are very rare, especially in non-western countries, my brother has naturally light brown hair and green eyes in our mostly black haired and brownish country and random people constantly try to get close with him, ask him questions and try to take pictures with him, it got the point my mother was considering dying his hair black so people would stop following him but he's young(12) and we hope his hair will darken naturally as he grows older

No. 1370693

Yeah it's rare and associated with the western standard of beauty. In lots American movies the pretty popular girl is usually blonde. Could be youthful associations too since a lot of brown haired adults were blonde as children. It's also associated with promiscuity for some reason so maybe they think they have more of a chance sleeping with blonde women in their deluded minds

No. 1370694

>they think they have more of a chance sleeping with blonde women in their deluded minds
I have spoken about this before but this is an aspect to it, a lot people here truly believes that western white women are hypersexual nymphos who will sleep anything and have no morals

No. 1370696


That's how society has portrayed us since at least the 80s.

No. 1370701

yeah american sex comedy films and such, I'd say many south asian and MENA men have issues sexual frustration due to the way our societies are, it leads to unnatural behaviors such as very pederasty being a very common issue

No. 1370705

I'm western and from a country where it's not that rare, yet people still think blondes automatically look better, no matter how shit the hair is. Especially fash are retarded about it.

No. 1370708

even in western countries I'd say blondes are still rarer though

No. 1370710

The internet should be banned for anyone under the age of 16. Imagine how much nicer it would be if there where no 12 year old boys shitting all over the entire internet? Spewing misogyny in every corner of the web? Imagine paedophiles no longer have young victims to manipulate? No longer have teenagers dancing on tiktok to gawp over? Get teen girls off the internet for their own safety, get scrotelings off the internet for everyone else’s sanity.

No. 1370718

>spreading hate
Its the grown men like Andrew Tate doing that though

No. 1370722

NTA but The grown men are creating the content, the kids are spreading it. All his followers are young impressionable teens 13-17. I have a 14 y/o brother who watches him. Coincidentally my brother also grew up without a father

No. 1370724

Troons wouldn't even exist at the numbers they do nowadays

No. 1370837

i agree. Also I feel that it's never really talked about enough how women & even young girls drool at any given moment to tear apart another young girl in the spotlight, even worse if she's the 'star' amongst her peers. For example, looking back the way Millie Bobby Brown was picked apart was so crazy, people concocting this fantasy that she's some cocky bitch with an ego the size of the universe.. calling her weird, annoying thinking her co-workers hate her ass and the amount of people that were so pissed off just because she faked washing her face when promoting her skin-care brand was so unnecessary. she was like 12 years old ffs.

No. 1370841

I don't remember anyone taking about Milly about this, all I remember was gay men(and faghags) making her part of her elaborate offensive jokes

No. 1370877

Ngl I feel like society isn't ready to talk about blondephobia. We're not ready for that conversation yet. We're the butt of the jokes about dumb, whorish women, but it's brunettes that have soul and are worthy of commitment. We're the archetype of 'the other girls', mean, basic, thoughtless.
I will add that, at least in England, most natural pale blondes I've seen are a little masculine looking, and that's ok, it's just not the beauty standard. idk what genes they are but we have less eyebrows, and slightly more manly facial features, and generally, more height. The ones people actually like are bottle blonde, because they have eyebrows.

You're right nonnie, I saw another nonna mention the comparison between how society/the crowd treat say, Notch vs JK Rowling. Men can say whatever, people will call it problematic, women can have an opinion and their race, age, whatever will be an excuse for them to be told to be quiet, and they will receive threats all in the name of 'fighting bigotry'. Fricking unfair. Karens are a thing, but most older women I've met are super cool and have something to say, and confidence in themselves, ofc society has to keep the, down. It's often other women enforcing our suffering. I don't know why. Are we cruel? Is that it? Or are we punching down?

Tbh we're all going to be ugly and old one day. The women obsessed with their looks are going to have a horrible time dealing with aging, as the beauty standard is very ageist. When I used to be ugly I felt other women saw me as a pet or a pity case, now a lot of them are nicer to me, and yeah, some of them do see you as competition, even if you don't even like men.

No. 1370880

samefagging but why tf are gay men so mean

No. 1370883

They don't care about how awful x thing looks as long as they sexualize it. They don't care about how horrible, saggy large breasts look as long as if they sexualize it either, they don't care if an Asian woman is ugly as sin as long as if they sexualize it, they don't care about if a woman has a big floppy disgusting square ass as long as if she has a big butt, they'll date teenagers uglier than the depts of hell just because the girl is 19 and have the nerve to bash other men for their taste. Actual straight women and gay men could probably pick out more objectively attractive women than straight men

No. 1370905

This just comes off more hateful towards women who have these features because men like them.like some women have saggy boobs and nothing but surgery can fix them. Some men/women like them. Some women have big huge sqaure asses, some men/women like them. Some women are considered ugly, some men/women think they are pretty. Gay men standards for women are fucking shitty. You are literally saying only people who aren't attracted to women (straight women and gay men) know what an attractive woman looks like when attractiveness is subjective. Why does it piss off people so much that some people find "flaws" in women attractive?
Who cares if men find saggy tits. Or square asses attractive? Just don't date men that find those thing attractive. Like I said before this type of comments come off more of an attack on woman with these features because some men like them. Who cares?

No. 1370917

If you don't care about what people find attractive then why does it bother you that I point out mens shitty taste, men laughing at men jerking it to uggos isn't going to make them stop finding you attractive lmao. The issue is that people completely throw themselves away and become puke inducing just because men find stupid things attractive. Frying the shit out of their hair but it's hot because men like blondes, downing McDonald's but it's okay because men like big tits and ass, those are just a couple of examples, all while people who actually make an effort to look good are being shat on because they don't look like they crawled out of a sewer trying to mimic porn fetishes

No. 1370921

>Inb4 well they're stupid if they hurt themselves trying to please men
You're right but I don't see why we can't make men shouldn't be responsible for encouraging healthy behaviors in women. You know damn well there's probably tons of men at this very moment going up to their gorgeous gf and complaining about how she doesnt have the breasts/ass of the obese crackhead down the street or isn't blonde like the fried haired woman he knows. Men can't be mentally stable about their attractions in the first place and use it as a big competition, encouraging women to destroy themselves to be attractive is extremely harmful

No. 1370922

>all while people who actually make an effort to look good are being shat on because they don't look like they crawled out of a sewer trying to mimic porn fetishes
So you're just jealous and seething because men aren't paying enough attention to you?

No. 1370926

You can do that without bitching about how gross saggy breasts looks and "ugly" Asians women. It comes off weird. Plus praising gay men for knowing what a attractive woman looks like, like come on. We see how gay men dress,make up and talk about women.

No. 1370927

I noticed men seem to hit on me more now that I’m like 10ths away from being fat. Still trying to lose weight tho.

No. 1370931

You should see what people see about attractive healthy women in /snow/ if you think that is bad. Gay men are shitty but straight men have sub par taste and use it an excuse to emotionally abuse their gfs.
Don't act like men wouldn't simp for anything that walks. The issue lies in the fact that men will use objectively ugly and unhealthy things to compare to attractive and healthy women to bring them down

No. 1370933

Same men are fucking retarded. When I was like 50 lbs less I was a flat sickly thing now I'm heavier I'm suddenly a curvy busty goddess even though my butt and boob size barely changed. Men are retarded but I shouldn't have to maintain an unhealthy weight for men to praise me

No. 1370935

Maybe they aren’t comparing, they might genuinely find them hot. If a man finds something hot he’s gonna say that, he’s not doing it to make you jealous because you put in more effort. Maybe you aesthetic just isn’t appealing to the scrotes around you.

No. 1370948

i’m sorry but nothing in the world can make me dislike lana del rey. you’ll have to pry her out of my cold dead hands i love that woman someone was talking about how blue banisters wasn’t good in the celebricow thread and i’m just like…. no…. like yes there are kinda corny lyrics but i weirdly love it she’s a millennial but nectar of the gods is heart-wrenching and genuinely just a good song. cherry blossom is also so fucking good like her music is always so comforting to me i’ve been listening to her since 2012 and like i just love her plain and simple and also let her be fat she never dressed good but i love her sense of style she’s silly and i simply just love her

No. 1370950

You give men too much credit if you think that's the case. They always have malicious intent when dating women. They don't go for unattractive women with something they sexualize just because they're pure and innocent and genuinely find them attractive. They don't see these women as an individual with their own attractiveness they're either just a) a bragging point to their friends or b) a fetish. This also includes the fact the man will happily dump your ass as soon as you're no longer the fetish (aging out, hair changing colors, losing weight, etc) so a lot of women feel manipulated in order to stay said thing but sure let's act like it's bitter old me just big mad men like uggos

No. 1370954

Most men don’t pick women based on a fetish. Even though you do put more effort into your look your aesthetic just might not be appealing to men in your area. Based on how you dress or do your hair men I might just think you look weird even tho it’s be hot somewhere else.

No. 1370962

You do seem big mad that men like women you think are ugly and that you put in effort. You been whining about how women who are out together are treated badly, meanwhile you've done nothing but shit on women you think are uggos. >>1370931
There's very few healthy attractive women discussed on snow. So I don't know what you are talking about. A lot of the women on snow are sex workers whose whole thing IS THIER looks. If they aren't physically unhealthy they are mentally unhealthy. So who are you talking about?

No. 1370971

You really think men don't date women based on fetishes pedaled by porn? I have no problem finding men attracted to me it's just gross when they pedal a fetish and then date women for that fetish just to drop them when it's no longer a thing for them. Women are just shiney toys to them.
Plenty of women such as June when she was more popular or even Billie when she was still dating Onision was constantly bashed for her appearance despite being objectively attractive and healthy.
>women who are out together are treated badly,
What are you talking about here?
Anyway - my point isn't that men are attracted to ugly women, if they were just attracted to ugly women that would be fine and that would be the end of that but you know it's because they see them as insecure and easy to manipulate or see them as objects if they suit a fantasy - in fact I've seen many farmers actually ADMIT men prey on ugly women because they're usually insecure and therefore more vulnerable and now it's gross when I say it? Right

No. 1370972

In Utah Bella hadid would be considered mid if she weren’t famous because skinny blondes with blue eyes are popular there. In Japan/Korea Megan the stallion and Beyoncé would be considered obese but thic baddies somewhere else. What men gravitate towards depends on the area. You might not get much attention because you don’t fit the standard of where you’re at and the bleach blonde with big tits does.

No. 1370980

I get that but that's not the point, my point is men dating someone they consider nothing but a porn category just to realize the person is actually unattractive when they either change the feature or the man grows out of the fetish, this does happen to attractive women to though if the man simply just fetishizes something else. If we had a basis of what's attractive and what's not and a list of standards that were easy for women to obtain healthily (healthy BMI, nice shiney hair, well shaped eyebrows, etc) these issues simply wouldn't exist but no we have women refusing to lose weight because they're scared their neckbeards bf will dump them if they lose their tits and ass and women frying their hair to maintain blonde or red hair and women killing themselves whether it be tanning or making their skin paler

No. 1370988

>>objectively attractive
That's your opinion. Most women on lolcow get nitpicks about their looks. You said plenty but named two. It.legit comes off like you just hate women you don't find attractive get scrote attention and you are pretending to care for those women. But you don't. Referring to them as ugly and acting like any woman who doesn't fit what YOU find attractive cannot be found attractive or its a fetish.

No. 1370989

Most women I’m the USA are fat which means these men probably don’t even see these women as fat because that’s what they are used to seeing. In their eyes their gf just looks thick and healthy. Also, it’s not the man’s fault if his gf is fat and refuses to lose weight to keep a man, maybe she shouldn’t be a pick me.

No. 1370996

>Also, it’s not the man’s fault if his gf is fat and refuses to lose weight to keep a man,
It kinda is. Men should be held accountable for the unhealthy standards they push on women. It is kinda the woman's fault but men should also be responsible for encouraging it. I'd love to live in a world where all women are smart enough to not get with men who encourages them to have an unhealthy body type but that's not reality and men are also people who should know right from wrong - this includes the fact they enforce unhealthy shit on women
That's my point, women get nitpicked here all the time and now you're shocked you're seeing it come from me? trying to make up what you think "my actual intentions are" won't help, I don't hate ugly women but I won't lie to them and say they're attractive, in fact it seems like you hate women you find ugly since you seem to think saying someone is attractive or not or saying men have shit standards means I hate them as a person. Someone having people attracted to them or not doesn't mean I hate them.

No. 1370999

she sounds like someone that would be a shoe0nhead stan tbh

No. 1371006

If a woman is grown and knows she’s fat and doesn’t wanna be fat but stays fat to keep a man it’s no one’s fault but her own for being desperate

No. 1371007

I don't like June as a person but I don't think she's the ugly fat beast anons make her out to be lmao. Saying someone isn't ugly doesn't make someone a stan. I also don't think younger Shayna was ugly does that make me a stan to?

No. 1371010

>Stupid women! Men aren't held accountable for pressuring and manipulating women for destroying their bodies!!!
You sound like a scrote who thinks men are never at fault and it's always the woman's fault for not leaving

No. 1371011

People called shoe a ugly fat beast?? Like multiple people not one nonnie

No. 1371014

June used to think she was stylish and put effort into her looks but looked like she shopped on yes style and buys those cheap Mormon dresses they have on there

No. 1371015

Do you not remember the old thread pictures that were drawings of her?

No. 1371016

Someone dressing in cheap shit doesn't make them genetically fucked lmao

No. 1371017

no, it's literally all of your other posts ragging on women for being unconventional and your disbelief that men could ever be even remotely attracted to them because you think they're "objectively" lesser. then mentioning shoe0nhead specifically, because that's the kind of thing her and her fans pull.
no, anons usually said stuff like she's not as cute as she thinks she is, because she spent all of her time shitting on women for being normal weight and praising her self for being 96 lbs and a real life loli etc

No. 1371020

This hypothetical woman can’t control the desires of scrotes but as a grown ass woman she can control her own life. It’s on her if she looks a certain way to keep a man.

No. 1371021

if shoe0nhead didn't spend literally like 15 years of her life doing nothing but shitting on normal and attractive women and spreading anti-feminist mra propaganda, she wouldn't have been clowned on for trying to act like every woman was stupid and ugly and she was the only one who was hot, youthful, skinny and that women who weren't willing to debase themselves for men were stupid and ugly

No. 1371022

Again - saying someone is unattractive doesn't mean they're less worthy as a person. There's plenty of people I think are unattractive that have importance in my life but however I would mock men and question men if they'd rather fuck my old aunt Bertha over Megan fox

No. 1371028

There should be responsibility from both parties then, shitty men aren't NPCs who don't know what they're doing wrong, they know damn well what they're doing, women should leave yes but this doesn't remove the fact we should also heavily bash men for encouraging women to be fat

No. 1371030

>but however I would mock men and question men if they'd rather fuck my old aunt Bertha over Megan fox
get a life jesus christ

No. 1371037

There should be responsibility on both sides but the woman in this situation is more responsible because it’s her life and her body. She is responsible for letting people who treat her like shit stay in her life.

No. 1371043

Yeah but being a doormat is less of a sin than I don't know MANIPULATING SOMEONE TO KILLING THEIR BODY

No. 1371045

It's just an opinion, it's not like it's consuming my entire life.

No. 1371049

So you mean to tell me if there was an unkept obese woman vs a model, and men choose the obese woman over the model no one would even question it at all or even think something is weird? At all? Not even for a second? And if they do they're a loser who's letting a few second opinion consume their life?

No. 1371052

Nta but it sounds to me like a guy you found attractive picked a girl you find unattractive and now you’re mad

No. 1371057

I don't see how it's "consuming my life" simply because I just think men have bad taste and it's not something I would personally pick
Well I don't date men so

No. 1371061

File: 1665520564882.jpg (17.79 KB, 275x155, 1648516636299.jpg)

You are projecting. Yours is the most "Pickme" comment there is because it is a page ripped out of the "blaming women for being cheated on/mistreated" book (and let's be honest, a guy will rarely leave even if he no longer finds her attractive) because it gives too much validity and credence to mens' actions.

You actually seem like a very neurotic anachan that is extremely bitter over not constantly getting worshipped by men t b h. Maybe you lost weight and found other, cuter women getting more attention. Maybe you have BDD and maybe trauma related to your looks, leading to you being compulsive about this subject.
I think you're leaning into the small % of men that actually want women to be fat and actually accept it because it's the most "correct" method you have of artificially making your obsession with womens' bodies righteous and justified, inventing extremely autistic, hyperspecific shit like >>1371022 which I assume is probably you. Almost no man would do such a thing but apparently this is an important value to you and you'd even harass men for not doing what you want them to do because you're controlling. You make a strawman then weaponize it into a "well if you don't agree with me reducing good v. bad taste between a super model and a normal chubby woman then you're wack." Disingenuous little snake, kek. I've seen similar tactics from incels, funnily enough. Usually they invent something to scapegoat like weight when in reality there were deeper issues with how they perceived women beneath the surface…they key being this: making it seem just reasonable enough to dismantle any doubt while justifying their bullying about looks. Seeing this behavior from a supposed woman is a trip, but still not a surprise.

No. 1371067

Do you not know how to keep up with a reply chain?

No. 1371076

I doubt a scrote thinks like I do, but personally I'd be afraid of picking the model, because who the fuck do I think I am? Do I deserve a model? Fuck no.

No. 1371083

Well they suck at it since they're replying to two different anons who were fighting each other claiming they're the same person

No. 1371092

Yours is from low confidence lol, scrotes unfortunately don't have that and would choose the obese woman for more malicious reasons

No. 1371102

Naturally as a scrote you'd know.(tranny)

No. 1371107

Have you ever seen a scrote post here? They're always defending themselves and their actions regardless. If anything the scrote posters are the ones trying to blame women who get emotionally abused and manipulated(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1371111


No. 1371129

I hate tipping and I wish restaurants had a more self serve style. Like I go up and grab my plate when the food is done and get my own drinks. I don’t really need wait staff they are often too slow and stupid anyway.

No. 1371140

Really? Damn, they seemed so similar. Glad it was derailed anyway.

No. 1371152

I agree with you, plus eating out has become so expensive that it's not even worth it anymore.

No. 1371191

i know some places that do give you a little item after ordering that starts vibrating and flashing when your food is done so you can go pick it up, but i've only ever seen it in pubs or larger gaming/gambling establishments tbh

No. 1371223

File: 1665527441346.jpg (34.46 KB, 480x360, 1665527227968.jpg)

flamin hot cheetos
I don't get the appeal
My friends think I'm insane because they were scientifically made to be delicious. No thanks, pass

No. 1371224

I used to LOOOOOOOOVE these when I was younger. It gave me so much acne kek. I can't really eat them anymore because they just taste so gross and artifical

No. 1371229

There's something about them, if I have a pack i'll eat some, realize they're really not good, put the pack away and few minutes later I cannot stop myself from having a little more. Thankfully they're very hard to get in my country

No. 1371236

I hear this a lot. A lot of people think they're gross but can't stop themselves when they see them. I guess science did their job
Except for me, you can't pay me to eat one

No. 1371240

It don't get the hype either. Maybe it's because I don't care for spicy food.

No. 1371241

I don't think it's the spice. I personally love spicy food. Maybe because flammin cheetos aren't actually food and just crunchy chemicals

No. 1371245

File: 1665528563073.jpg (262.31 KB, 1024x768, 4998358905_aa557aea8c_b.jpg)

I like spiciness but I definitely like the hot fries more

No. 1371255

File: 1665529219462.jpg (167.29 KB, 800x1037, TpiD4gi.jpg)

there is no such thing as pretty privelage because men do not treat the women they find attractive well. society has a double standard because while they place beauty as a woman's most important trait they also go out of their way to associate beauty with negative traits.
this can be seen in the way people dismiss attractive women as dumb or vapid.
And honestly men are disgusting to women they find attractive. they talk about them like animals and objectify them.
no you can always tell when someone straightens regardless of race. the hair just looks dead, let the natural mane run free

No. 1371262

Pretty privilege absolutely does exist. It's a double-edged sword for women when it comes to treatment from men, but everyone is nicer to attractive people. You're more likely to be hired and people will rate attractive people as being more intelligent on average. Even babies respond more favorably to attractive faces. Lots of traits you have will be viewed with a more favorable lens. An ugly person might be seen as awkward, creepy, or untrustworthy. But that'll shift to being quirky, mysterious, and competent if they're good looking.
There are studies that show this and I also have personal experience as someone who's lost a lot of weight and became more skilled with makeup, hair, fashion, etc. The difference is night and day. Pretty women absolutely have to deal with their own brand of misogyny directed at them but I'd take it any day over being treated as an ugly woman.

No. 1371267

>here is no such thing as pretty privelage because men do not treat the women they find attractive well
it does exist, there are several cases of attractive women being treated better by juries, and there is always the media treating attractive women commiting crimes better too.

No. 1371271

I hate spicy food, sometimes eve. Pepperoni on pizza is too spicy for me

No. 1371274

you sound really cute nonny and i dont even mean that in a condescending way

No. 1371278

Which studies are these? Majority of women in high job positions are average like most people.
Does this matter when most crimes are committed by scrotes?
I don't see how these things trump getting sexualized and harassed by scrotes. Or not advancing in their goals because people either think they slept their way to the top or treat them like they do. Whatever wins men give attractive women, they either treat them like court jesters at best and sex objects at worst.

No. 1371279

Damn. Sorry that happened. So scary when fathers start telling you what’s attractive in a woman. Like you reach a certain age and they think they’re doing you a favor (or they’re abusive psychos) meanwhile you’re mentally taking notes on how to not be that thing ever because it’s so creepy.

No. 1371296

File: 1665533020597.jpg (13.47 KB, 275x201, 1648334730109.jpg)

Question: do you care about looks? Have you said this before? What makes you so invested in acting like someone's outcomes are the exact same whether or not they're ugly or beautiful? No one said beautiful people don't automatically live life on easy mode.

Speaking as someone who grew up with a deformity and suffered trauma over it, I am very interested in how you'll explain it all away.

No. 1371300

>Does this matter when most crimes are committed by scrotes?
same thing happens to scrotes really, attractive people are perceived as more trustworthy

No. 1371305

Pretty privilege is real. A lot of women only want to be friends with women they think are cute.

No. 1371310

attractiveness is a bell curve most people are in the middle and majority of those living successful lives are overwhelmingly in the middle aka average. those who stray too much from it by either being too close to what society celebrates or too far start to gain negative attention
pretty privileges revolves around scrotes trying to convince women that them getting sexualized by men makes their lives easier. majority of the time they back it up with dating app/porn stats or bring up things like actrecesses, models, celebs or influencers getting money thanks to their looks.
what they always intentionally leave out is both cases revolve around sexual exploitation of women. it's duping women into thinking they can get an easy life thanks to male attention.

No. 1371315

You focus too much on scrotes when it comes to pretty privilege. You’d have to ask pretty women who are actually smart and self aware on how pretty privilege has helped them. You don’t need to be super model pretty to benefit from pretty privilege just being white and cute is enough sometimes.

No. 1371316

not everything revolves around scrotes, self steem is hugely important in how you face life and sadly, we evolved to see certain things as more attractive than others.

No. 1371319

This. They want to pretend that being given things with the unspoken belief that you will fuck the scrote providing thins is somehow a privilege and not being treated like a prostitute, like scrotes think scrotes buying women drinks to get laid is a privilege. Real privilege would be being bought a drink with no desire to receive sex in exchange, no strings attached, but that’s never why their brought, only to try and weasel in for attention. Not being considered sexually desireable is not oppression no matter how much scrotes try to push it, only when you can’t get a job because the employer scrote doesn’t want to look at you or you are treated as less a person for being ugly, like scrotes who support troons thinking ugly women aren’t women, then maybe.

No. 1371321

Self esteem isn't about being attractive, it's about being raised in a healthy environment. You can look any kind of way and have low self esteem.
Of course I focus on scrotes because the whole concept of pretty privilege is that being attractive makes life easier. Peak incel/scrote logic.
>just being white and cute is enough sometimes
That's just regular degular racism

No. 1371322

Being purchased a drink isn’t pretty privilege though because ugly and average women get those too by scrotes trying to smash.

No. 1371323

We all know race can effect how people rate your attractiveness but on the flip side being a very attractive woman of color will makes people be LESS racist towards you. This isn’t a conversation you are intelligent enough to have because pretty privilege goes so much deeper than what you’re on about.

No. 1371324

those who reee about "pretty privilege" have the same mentality as incel scrotes who say that life is easier for women because we can get sex more easily than them

No. 1371325

Saying pretty privilege isn’t a privilege is not the same as saying pretty people are treated better. Just that it comes with cost like harassment and expectations, like being treated better in hopes of receiving something, and not being treated better purely for being believed to be superior like actual privilege

No. 1371327

And pray tell, where does this data on which races are considered attractive come from again? I'd be surprised if it doesn't go back to dating app, models and porn categories. All centered around sexual exploitation.

No. 1371329

* pretty people aren’t treated better

No. 1371331

If you wanna play dumb do that but I don’t need some mod screeching about race baiting lol all I’m going to say is you know how real life works.
Getting a free drink isn’t pretty privilege imo. Pretty privilege would be something like family treating the prettier sister nicer than the less attractive sister which happens all the time, girls wanting you in their friends group because you look good etc

No. 1371332

>Just that it comes with cost like harassment and expectations, like being treated better in hopes of receiving something, and not being treated better purely for being believed to be superior like actual privilege
Other privelages like having generational wealth do not come with a pay off of having to take harassment. In most cases the "pay off" is that others had to get hurt/take the cost. But with pretty "privelage" it's the opposite.
You take getting harassed in exchange for few good thibgs. Not that far off from sex work logic.

No. 1371334

Yeah kek.

No. 1371336

Like moids who say homeless men have it worse than homeless women because the women can prostitute themselves to escape poverty.

No. 1371342

Handsome Men get pretty privilege too. They probably get pretty privilege more than women do actually kek

No. 1371349

I love how you responded to me but didn't at all answer any of my questions. It's like you did come here to argue because you have some sort of creepy agenda.

No. 1371351

Oh my fucking god

No. 1371352

Nothing quite like being raped and discarded like trash am I right ladies

No. 1371362

People who say pretty privilege isn’t real are just ugly people trying to cope. They don’t want to believe that “attractive people”do get treated better. Even cute babies and children get treated better by teachers and other adults in their life.

No. 1371370

They 100% get more pretty privilege than attractive women, both due to the fact there are straight up less attractive men than women, and the fact that being a man negates the vast majority of the downsides attractiveness can have. Excessive attention from men is naturally a double edged sword but attention from women is almost exclusively an upside

No. 1371374

No one is saying that pretty women don't still get treated like shit by men sometimes. You all keep focusing on the scrote aspect of this and how they treat pretty women they want to fuck. But what about everyone else in your life? If given the choice to be beautiful or ugly, can you honestly say you'd choose ugly? If you would, I'm sorry but I just don't believe you. You've either never experienced what's it like to be truly ugly or you're lying to make some contrarian point. Pretty women are still subject to misogyny, but that's because they are women not because they are pretty. And the abuse that ugly women face societally is so much worse. It's like when scrotes complain about some of the more negative aspects of being male. It doesn't negate all the other overwhelming perks that ultimately make it a huge privilege. Like punching someone in the face and complaining that your hand hurts.
Yes I think it's dumb when people use getting free drinks as an example of pretty privilege. But it affects so many other aspects of your life other than sex and romance. Juries will take less pity on you, you'll get longer sentences for crimes, teachers will pay less attention to you in school, you'll be less likely to be hired for jobs, you'll be more likely to be bullied by your peers growing up, people will cite your ugliness as a point of criticism in an argument against you, your content will not be promoted on apps like TikTok even if it's not beauty related, people will view you as less trustworthy and competent, you'll earn less money on average…I could go on.
I disagree. I think most of the people claiming that it doesn't exist are average looking or above average and have never faced significant hardship for their looks

No. 1371381

Y'all are forgetting that there's actual examples of "pretty privilege" that exist in media. Remember Jeremy Meeks? Or any celebrity caught in crime?

No. 1371382

Pretty privilege seether is the troon coping about “cis” women being privileged over troons kek.

No. 1371387

Not all women are pretty though. Most trannys when transitioning think about being hot women, they don’t even consider ugly women exist.

No. 1371388

the negative aspects of being a scrote doesn't include sexual harassment/violence. no amount of overwhelming perks are going to negate that. it sucks that people get treated bad for being unattractive but it doesn't turn being attractive into privelage if the cons include sexualization
the guy who turned himself into a model/gigolo and got a rich woman keeping him as a kept man? Might as well bring up Anna Nicole Smith.

No. 1371390

Samefag also why is the pretty privilege conversation so focused on what scrotes like and pretty women? Do we just forget good looking men get pretty privilege too?

No. 1371391

How is it the troon if she's saying facts about misogyny no troon would ever experience or know about? If anything you're probably the troon probably trying to cause infighting.

No. 1371392

You have the scrote mentality that being good looking some how means you’ll get sexually harassed more and ugly women don’t.

No. 1371393

because whatever privileges good looking men get it's not enough get them into actual positions of power. most of the richest men and most powerful heads of states are not attractive.

No. 1371394

White women are heavily sexualized, especially among certain other ethnic groups. Does this mean that white privilege does not exist? Your point makes no sense. The sexualization is an extension of misogyny. And ugly women are sexualized as well though often in a more mean spirited and degrading way, as though they should be grateful it's being done to them at all.
I've asked this multiple points and yet no one has addressed it

No. 1371397

Honestly it actually gives vibes to those school 2000s films which framed a super cute talented girl as some sort of downtrodden, ugly geek and suggesting that she represents all girls that don't feel like they fit in. It takes someone really dense to argue that these two parties experience the same thing or that the halo effect doesn't sometimes result in higher social mobility or social gains beyond being sexualized. It's crazy to me that people pretend looking good is only about being sexualized because sometimes it's as visceral as people humanizing a cute puppy more than a monk fish. Not everyone gains from it, but some do.

Beautiful women aren't the only ones sexualized or harassed, you dense dummy. Holy shit.

No. 1371400

As far as privileges go, “pretty” is a rabbit’s foot to get rich. There’s my two cents for the slap fight.

No. 1371401

File: 1665537809885.gif (2.56 MB, 275x211, 1649050939531.gif)

Nope, it's over for everyone here.

No. 1371402

i think pretty privelege isn't real because it's a scam used to bait women into thinking the harassment they face at work has a pay off, or women can gain a good life easily through sex work.
i don't believe only pretty women get harassed but any of the examples people use to prove pretty privelege e.g. a convict turned model getting success. will involve sex work or be sex work adjacent e.g. the modeling industry.

No. 1371411

Since being pretty is apparently such a burden to some of you, then you wouldn't mind getting disfigured in a way that most people would consider you ugly right? Provided it's not physically painful. If that would bother you, maybe ask yourself why. Because you know your life would be a lot worse

No. 1371414

Just because there are some potential bad aspects of being pretty doesn’t mean pretty privilege doesn’t exist. Not all pretty people get sexually harassed.

No. 1371415

Speaking from experience as an ugly person, I rarely get sexually harassed, I get harassed based on being ugly and undesirable. The times I have been are when a scrote is drunk enough to find me pretty. I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I've been catcalled in my life and i'm 30. Partiarchy bases my worth over being fuckable, I've internalized this. At times I've felt my problems would go away if I were more fuckable, but I know it would breed other ones. Different problems, same coin. It's all traumatic. I'm still not getting free drinks or strangers paying for my groceries or whatever though but it is what it is. Now we can stop armchairing.

No. 1371416

As someone who actually has been there if it is bait, it's very poignant bait. There's a difference between disfigured and average/plain/unattractive.

No. 1371417

You're still here, prettyprivelegechan? It's been days. Weeks, perhaps. All I know is i'm struggling to remember a time before your constant sperging on /ot/. Maybe one day those days will come again. It's all we can do to hope.

No. 1371423

Are you sure you aren't thinking multiple anons are the same person?
I got annoyed with the initial "pretty privilege is a myth" person wherever she is now so I'm not surprised people went off on her.

No. 1371424

Today is the first time I've posted about it so you must be thinking of someone else. I probably agree with her though.
Not intended to be bait. I'm fully serious. It's different as far as severity, but the reason disfigured people are treated poorly is because they are ugly

No. 1371427

You sure are dedicated to this particular infight. Not even gonna bother correcting you since other anons can clearly see you're gaslighting. This is a genuine plea for you to go find any other hobby, this can't be healthy.

No. 1371430

You accuse me of gaslighting when I just noticed there was more than one person - including me - participating. >>1371426 isn't me. Are you trying to just rake up more drama?

No. 1371432

I like being pretty tbh. I’m sure for other people it sucks but being upper middle class and pretty has been fun for me and I say this as someone who used to be ugly. People acted like everything I said and did was annoying back when I was ugly. Like me existing got on their nerves kek

No. 1371435

File: 1665539378599.jpg (155.58 KB, 1080x1620, someone disagreed with me.jpg)

Please look up the definition of gaslighting

No. 1371436

File: 1665539405881.png (854.38 KB, 615x592, image-4.png)

Oh look! Shiny
no u

No. 1371441

I don't even care if it's bait. I have a similar experience and completely agree. I'll gladly taking being pretty and all the cons that come with it over ever being ugly again

No. 1371442

Why would saying I like being pretty be bad? I got into an accident that fucked my teeth up pretty badly as a kid(missing two front teeth and couldn’t afford replacements or dentures)and I was too skinny. In my teen years my family got money and was able to fix my problems. I’ve experienced being “deformed” and pretty so I know life from both perspectives.

No. 1371446

I was never able to express any kind of emotion when I was ugly it felt like. If people felt I looked too happy or was enjoying myself too much they always felt like they had to remind me I’m not attractive. Some people actually get annoyed seeing unattractive people just being happy and not hiding like a scared rat.

No. 1371449

I like regular cheetos and puffed cheetos but don't like spicy food so I have zero interest in flaming hot cheetos.

No. 1371450

File: 1665539881385.png (17.52 KB, 719x682, kjkkmk.png)

No. 1371460

That's my experience too. I was disfigured, and also looked 40, somehow. I looked like bronze goblin with a hunch back and the body of an chubby old man in spite of not being medically obese, nasty pockmarks all over my face. I got 100s of insults randomly from strangers. I also got so used to people cringing and insulting me each time I smiled or laughed - even if others were doing the same around me - so I just stopped overtime and it turned out I had a better time when I just existed as opposed to trying to live. I did improve my looks a little but I'm not really sure if life improved because now I just wear hats, sunglasses, and masks everywhere.

No. 1371463

I don't feel sympathy for homeless men. They're all massive creeps and menaces. I ignore them and do not give them any help and hope they die soon in a ditch for the good of all women walking down the street.

No. 1371465