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File: 1663574706336.png (1.35 MB, 1280x1282, puter.png)

No. 1342679

Welcome back to Lolcow! edition
previous thread: >>>/ot/1334675

No. 1342684

File: 1663574811803.jpg (67.25 KB, 640x480, 37244180087f4d48fec876da33163e…)

what's the thing you most missed about lolcow? continuing from last thread

No. 1342691

I chose this thread because I don't wanna be nice lol

No. 1342695

Maybe you can't tell because your name is retard, but it's sarcastic

No. 1342696

It just needs the touch of meanie Lolcow terfs to be tuned up and drive away all the 4chan sex pest scrotes who don't even give a fuck about BL and are there to prey on women. And a mod team that gets shit done.

No. 1342699

definitely /ot/! but i hope i can scroll less now. my timezone is pretty much dead most of the day but i still end up waiting for new messages.

No. 1342700

I'm not even mad because I entered the mean thread, so I was prepared to be hoist with my own petard

No. 1342702

You steal my pic and you steal my thread, I'll never forgive this

No. 1342704

File: 1663575200742.png (573.05 KB, 828x1022, tumblr_51be28e7a49469b65fbae86…)

come and kill me then

No. 1342705

File: 1663575204361.png (43.93 KB, 254x252, 1472562022739.png)

I'm gonna spend the rest of the day finishing archiving /ot/.

No. 1342707

File: 1663575250005.png (1.43 MB, 3200x1393, ce29704.png)

Lmao I love memes like this

No. 1342708

Why would I waste my energy on filth like you, you're already dead on the inside

No. 1342709

please don't archive my retarded posts!!!

No. 1342710

I found a really disgustin necropedo troon and i was so angry i couldnt post it on the MtF thread

No. 1342712

What are you going to archive? vent threads? genuinely asking

No. 1342714

I kept reloading the webpage a bunch so I could finally make the new thread of a cow kek

No. 1342715

>necropedo troon

Any one of those three descriptors should be enough for a death sentence

No. 1342716


too late nonnacita. be retarded and proud

No. 1342722

Why are you archiving everything though? Will you do the same for other boards?

No. 1342723

File: 1663575752967.png (115.37 KB, 1098x362, gross.png)

this troon is definetly an imminent risk to women and girls and i am so angry i cant do anything to warm his future victim

No. 1342725

It's so we have something to read in the fallout shelters when it becomes illegal to access the internet without a Y chromosome

No. 1342727

File: 1663575890433.png (110.65 KB, 275x267, 1657853761607.png)

No. 1342728

Nice, based

No. 1342729

KEK, kisses for you archivist nonnie

No. 1342730

Damn that predator stare is something else. And when he eventually does murder some poor woman his heinous act will be recorded under female crime statistics, I love it here in hellworld

No. 1342731

Oh I'm not the archivist, I just have jokes

… hopefully jokes

No. 1342733

File: 1663576197004.png (231.33 KB, 1034x362, tranny owns guns.png)

honestly, at this point we should start scaring real women from committing crimes by showing them the type of psycho troons they will have to deal with if they go to jail, so that the troons just end up with eachother in prison raping their axewounds.

No. 1342734

I heard a tinfoil that once all these men that trooned out in their mid 20's realize that they basically went through chemical castration with HRT they'll be looking for more extreme highs to get off and finally proceed to become serial killers for sexual pleasure. A lot of serial killers have some sort of a sexual dysfunction and can't get an orgasm without strangling someone for example. It's legitimately scary to think about seeing how many trannies seem to get more degenerate by the minute.

No. 1342735

i deeply regret having looked this psycho's footprint up

No. 1342736

nonnie this is like… not even remotely the most concerning this he comments on. jesus fucking christ i hate men so much

No. 1342737

this is very plausible tinfoil honestly

No. 1342738

People will ask a rape victim what she was wearing when not even a violent death will make you exempt from male sexuality. There is truly no floor and no ceiling on their degeneracy.

No. 1342746

File: 1663576902188.png (83.95 KB, 1420x620, dawn.png)

could this be his instagram acc?
>tranime pfp
>genderspecial flag
>similar username
i dont even want to post the other stuff he comments on, him owning a gun is a gigantic red flag that he will definetly do something in the future

No. 1342774

Fuck, me too.
Other nonnies, if you can't handle very graphic anime gore, don't look at his gelbooru account.
This troon is definitely a future serial killer or mass shooter.

No. 1342805

i'd say most likely. request it if you have a throwaway, i really want to see what this sick fuck is saying tbh. could stop a slow moving trainwreck in real time

No. 1342810

Spent almost 30 minutes trying to buy a good conditioner for my hair at the store but got sidetracked by a new big bottle of a brand I used before that worked well. I end up buying that $8 bottle like a dumbass and didnt read it said SHAMPOO. MY HAIR NEEDS CONDITIONER ITS SO FRIZZY AND NASTY AAAAAAAA

No. 1342830

File: 1663582442979.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.63 MB, 4032x3024, 42093E76-866F-4AAD-B278-333E93…)

I think I broke my finger, are you supposed to go to a+e for it or do you just strap it to another one and get on with it?

No. 1342836

you THINK you broke your finger? go to a doctor, holy god. it depends on the type of fracture you sustain. that looks very bad

No. 1342840

While lc was down, I sinned. I read harry/ron fics.

No. 1342842

kek I hate when that happens
wtf? GO TO THE DOCTOR NOW. You're at risk of losing the tip of your finger, that shit looks like it has 0 circulation

No. 1342846

File: 1663583646578.png (108.35 KB, 773x717, 1662895082538.png)

I'm so happy we're back my nonners, even spouted a very audible and cringy "YAY!" while refreshing the page during pooptime this morning.
Miners were nice enough to let some of us crashed there when LCF was down but it wasn't the same. I wanted my little autistic place back.

You get on my nerves sometimes, but the mere thought of losing what's make LCF special (the doodles and art of Kikomi, Elsie and XX, the cow edits/memes, the based anons laughing at troons and sharing precious feminist ressources, my beloved Carrey-chan…) made me very sad.
Sorry for that corny post riddled with bad english but fuck, I missed you so much my sweet nonettes and just wanted to tell you.

No. 1342848

Thanks nonnies, I wasn’t sure because it’s just a finger. When my sister broke hers they just told her to splint it at home and suck it up kek
Anyway, I just tried to straighten it and I think the tip was dislocated, it looks a lot better now but still probably broken. I’ll call the non-emergency line and see what they say.

No. 1342851

again it depends on the type of fracture. not all breaks are treated the same way

No. 1342852

love you nonnie thats a sweet post

No. 1342860

What the fuck is this gay shit? This makes me cringe into orbit, I literally couldn't make it past 10 seconds. Smh Jesse Jo I thought you were kinda cool. She looks OK but what the fuck is this faggot she's dating? He can barely act out whatever the fuck this is. Wow. (Ps do you think she got some kind of surgery on her hips/abs? They look like the same shape as Bella Hadid and kinda like the Kardashians)

No. 1342862

File: 1663584553709.jpg (1.53 MB, 7195x1602, jjs.jpg)

Some pics of her body transformation:

No. 1342866

Fuck these are out of order, my bad. 1,2, and 4 are before pics.

No. 1342868

this retarded industry plant that has was on disney or some shit has been trying really hard for a few years now to become shocking and relevant. he's literally a little rich boy from disney. also this is giving very mgk and megan fox vibes. very bad

No. 1342873

Ikr, Jesse Jo comes from a very very rich family so I wonder if this is a pr relationship to promote her "horrific hillbilly" (her term) image. Gotta love wealthy-as-god-himself people larping as Poors. That being said I think she has really cool style. Rip

No. 1342881

File: 1663585455958.jpg (Spoiler Image, 566.75 KB, 581x4724, jessejo.jpg)

More of her amazing interchangeable build-a-hoe body

No. 1342884

if she got a bbl it's REALLY good and very impressive. idk check for more old pics because it's not clear. she appears to just have wide hip bones but idk

No. 1342891

I couldn’t access lolcow for 2-3 days, was this a global thang or nah

No. 1342892

Nonnas im solo at a diner trying to write; give me a prompt please

No. 1342895

yes it was down

No. 1342897

Ohh, why so?

No. 1342902

File: 1663586229226.jpeg (183.73 KB, 828x553, 1663540410463.jpeg)

No. 1342905

Because I love my lolcor in full. Also >>1342725 kek
And yes!

No. 1342907

I think I heard about this before, thank you !

No. 1342930

The poor single father Joe Biden is finally getting the best of his life, his dreams of becoming a politician are finally coming true, but an unexpected rival appears. The arrogant entrepreneur Donald Trump is going to put it all at risk or will Joe be able to show him how the poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids?

No. 1342939

File: 1663587853769.png (2.15 MB, 1125x1097, A8A0DB24-FA8F-4FB1-9167-FBC6FB…)

I like this pic of the spice girls

No. 1342940

same. tag yourself

No. 1342941

I’m Mel on the left

No. 1342944

File: 1663588104828.png (79.91 KB, 275x183, 1658274490876.png)

I'm going to be honest I thought that with the days we were down we would have an updated site now… or like, any news from shaymin

Or at least new banners

No. 1342955

File: 1663588318392.jpg (122.75 KB, 826x871, 1651948842980.jpg)

No. 1342957

File: 1663588369475.jpg (9.17 KB, 219x219, emopou.jpg)

I'm so happy now I can stop being emo

No. 1342959

I am ESL and just realised the other day that someone with a big forehead is called a fivehead because 4head and 5head. I don't know why it took me all these years to get it.

No. 1342962

Kek is that a pou

No. 1342972

File: 1663588948409.jpg (15.1 KB, 550x550, 99ee04e77e45bdf6950d07ab362585…)

I love shopping so much I'm going shopping tomorrow and I'm going to splurge and I'm going to do the same on Wednesday muehehehehehe I love shopping

No. 1342979

kinda concerns me and weirds me out when anons have very bad vents but the classic "my bf/guy friend is doing shitty thing I dont like I dont know if I can do this" gets all the responses.

No. 1342981

This was harder to look at than that Nona's bent pinky, is this what the youth are listening too now? It's unlistenable garbage, I feel old.

No. 1342982

Example on a vent that sticks out to you but to no one else? I feel like anons probably only respond to the things they have a common shared experience with

No. 1342983

File: 1663589530917.gif (2.15 MB, 200x112, 1611516392389.gif)

me when my violently puking catto just ended up having an allergy and not cancer or organ failure like I worried and panicked all weekend

No. 1342985

before the site went down some anon said she had lived with a guardian/adopted parent and his gf or something and they'd rape her almost daily to film cp in the past. there is also the anons who say they have a bad disease, almost homeless, or had some shit event that sucked down their savings. the amount of shitty anon bfs can usually just be broken up with and left provided they arent living together or financially dependent. the other vents suck way way more.

No. 1342987

I'm glad nonna. may your kitty get well soon and be healthy forever.

No. 1342988

Maybe some of those things are too heavy and they want to give the anon space? Imagine I told you my dad almost shoot my mother when I was a teen (true btw) would you be like "oh no poor you nonnie uwu" when it doesn't really do anything? I don't know if every vent post guarantees a reply, no offense. I just wouldn't know what to say to those anons that would in any way help and not worsen things, because those things are delicate enough for some retarded anon to just come and say "it'll all be okay!"

No. 1342989

Is the whole point to posting in the vent thread getting replies? I thought the vent thread was just about getting things off of your chest? Who cares about not getting replies unless the poster states that they would appreciate help or advice?

No. 1342994

i mean wtf do you say to that

No. 1342996

If they wanted space they wouldnt be posting on an imageboard

No. 1342999

tell that to romaniachan who spergs out and tells us to kill ourselves whenever we try to give her solid advice or talk to her because she says she just wants to yell into the void, kek

No. 1343002

Disagree, sometimes you just want to vent in an anonymous place to have things off your chest, and I know journals and personal blogs exist but it's different. No one knows you here, no one can find your blog or notebook after you die, it'll be buried threads upon threads down in the future but the relief of having said something that was on your mind is still there

No. 1343004

File: 1663591081836.jpg (55.04 KB, 736x736, cdf43298884953f64ab85e45a60696…)

Lolcow is back, praise the heavens! Now I can sperg again about my husbandos.
NGL though, I was expecting a complete revamp of the site, with new themes and banners, but alas

No. 1343011

I heard that the site will be going down again at the end of the week for new updates

No. 1343015

really? where? source?

No. 1343017

Just hearsay from a friend, I know if it's credible

No. 1343021

don't know*

No. 1343022

fake and gay

No. 1343026

no that’s so true lmao, I don’t know why anons get so angry that you’re honest that you want sympathetic replies lol

No. 1343030

nobody is angry

No. 1343031

I'm angry

No. 1343035

I was just thinking as I got into work "oh fuck lc is down?? what the fuck am I gonna use to procrastinate on my work with" BUT WE'RE BACK!!! I missed you ladies so much.

also checked twitter to see if anyone had said anything over the weekend and of course the few tweets I found were from fucking troons of all people.

No. 1343043

I'm also happy that lc is back. I'm ill and I'm too tired to do anything, I just want to shitpost on lc.

No. 1343047

autist playing m.a.s.h in the shitposting thread is embarrassing. none of the people here will ever be your “friend” they are all fake bitches you just talk to once in awhile to get your frustrations out and then come back another day. i walk a lonely road

No. 1343049


No. 1343050

>i walk a lonely road
you told on yourself

No. 1343052

File: 1663593254928.gif (4.77 MB, 498x271, paul-rudd-oh-shit.gif)

missed my nonnies!!

No. 1343053

Kek I can see why no one likes you

No. 1343057

File: 1663593505166.gif (379.03 KB, 400x400, BE5E7D09-5B8E-4C39-A029-86D0C3…)

x3 in my skin th3y crawl, th3s3 w0unds th3y will not h3al

No. 1343059


No. 1343064

File: 1663593814689.jpg (29.2 KB, 646x475, angy.jpg)

I deleted my facebook today and instagram, didn't even use any and had an email saying that someone unsuccessfuly tried to logon facebook around 4am, that just some days after I got some weird ass sms from facebook and changed my password because that shit was weird..
Anyway it is so damn hard to permanently delete instagram, I had to fucking google it, felt like a grandma using internet for the first time. The fact it was so difficult and they asked me if I was sure a bunch of times and only give me the "deactivate" option before I found the permanent deletion option made me sure I want to delete and never come back. They need to tone down the "are you sure" questions. Makes them look like desperate boyfriends who know you will find someone better but say "no one will ever love you like I do" nah, cry me a fucking river, instagram!

Also kek at the scammers on my old ass email: apparently there is a problem at my netflix subscription that I don't have, my apple services as an android user, my money on bank of america (I'm not even american!), got some job offers in the states too, the stuff I ordered at bestbuy and amazon, and some creepy stalker has a vid of me "pleasure myself as I was watching porn", that he will leak to everyone I know if I don't pay just 2k dollars in bitcoins which would convert in my countries money to an exorbitant amount that I don't have so I guess everyone saw me watching porn.. he also knows my old ass password with his k00l h4ck1ng 5k1llz. I wonder why he just didn't use all this knowledge to steal my money at the bank of america. I must've got lucky.

No. 1343067

ON GOD I MISSED YOU ALL, i hope every nonna have a nice day today, or at least a better day than yesterday

No. 1343095

Why does he feel the need to move his mouth like that

No. 1343100

Oh nonna, I got an email like that years ago, I just ignored it and nothing came of it. No one received any weird videos they claimed to have and actually I had totally forgotten about it until reading your post now kek. I did a bit of research and it’s happened to many people, just don’t respond and make sure you use different passwords and you’ll be fine. Would be good to cover the webcam/camera lens with a sticker though, just for the future and peace of mind.

No. 1343107

>I'm so happy we're back my nonners, even spouted a very audible and cringy "YAY!" while refreshing the page during pooptime this morning.
kek this is cute, I was also super happy to be able to read the autism on LC during my morning coffee. I love the little community we have here

No. 1343111

kek and all this time i thought it was because it's five fingers wide…

No. 1343114

File: 1663596338392.jpg (645.55 KB, 2048x1365, Tumblr_l_826035105599777.jpg)

what's your current wallpaper? i just changed mine to picrel on my mober phone, cropped so that the hammies are centered of course

No. 1343115

Cute is that a bug container?

No. 1343116

I use rotating wallpapers from my wallpaper folder

No. 1343119

File: 1663596500233.jpg (80.48 KB, 1080x559, 1644257068605.jpg)

No. 1343124

I love finding and following physical therapists on instagram kek. They aren't whole hog "fitness guru" aesthetic promoting protein shakes and unattainable physiques, but are usually of a normal body type (some are a bit more muscular) and usually have helpful, easy tips on small movements/stretches I can incorporate into my day to help alleviate some of my body pains.

No. 1343127

File: 1663596794433.jpg (600.49 KB, 2048x1365, Tumblr_l_826039790417952.jpg)

no clue, the other pics from the photoset are close-ups so you can't tell, but i see the mantis too, who knows, though to he right it doesn't seem like there's glass
kek amazing, saved

No. 1343135

File: 1663597314051.jpeg (359.79 KB, 1388x2048, FX3Qo9VaIAITN2f.jpeg)

Mine's picrel, I just really like the colours.

No. 1343144

I know nonna, the webcam part is exactly what tipped me off. I had no webcam when I got this email so it was kinda funny. I keep getting these emails but now they go to spam straight away. I just find weird the bank of america and job offers, they got their victims all wrong here. I'm being much more careful with what I click, could've fallen for the amazon and netflix ones if I used any of these.

No. 1343149

>and some creepy stalker has a vid of me "pleasure myself as I was watching porn"
kek I got the same email year ago, I was spooked at first but my brother explained it's a scam

No. 1343150

File: 1663597990103.jpeg (800.67 KB, 1638x2048, 5CE0EED4-ACAD-4283-AFA9-A60EC4…)

saved from a photographer on twitter; @ henriprestes. i just think it’s really pretty

No. 1343159

File: 1663598508661.jpg (2.13 MB, 3861x5784, davide-pietralunga-URS_Ont5GGo…)

No. 1343166

File: 1663599113486.png (13.53 KB, 462x367, 1624966036733.png)

Eating dinner without browsing lolcor has been torture

No. 1343179

File: 1663599663940.jpeg (42.22 KB, 500x500, 1C90E506-F53D-48E3-854A-CA1804…)

Meme I made

No. 1343215

I was talking in a discord chat during one of my favorite streamer's stream with other fans and it was fun and everyone was having a good time, but one person kept saying "chat is being so mean, I don't get why you're being so mean!" and kept defending his retardation (he didn't know to knead dough). Like… no one was actually mad at him or trying to be mean? He's always taking the piss and lightly arguing back and forth with his chat, and sometimes pulls shit like this specifically to rile his chat up. It's always done in good fun.

It's just annoying to see fans with a stick up their ass kek. His chat does it all the time and he doesn't shy away from telling people off when they cross the line, and clearly no one did because he just continued his back and forth with his like normal. Everyone had a good time watching and he had fun riling us all up.

Anyway I know I'm the retarded one for even getting annoyed at this lol. I did have a lot of fun participating in chat otherwise though, I usually don't participate at all.

No. 1343272

File: 1663604620877.jpg (158.88 KB, 1920x1080, wallpaperr.jpg)

No. 1343275

These last days I've been living off singularly off the energy of meeting and interacting with the most beautiful man I've seen. The problem is I met him in a class I'm not actually attending, and just joined to hide from the rain, so chances are I'll never see him again. Also for him it probably wasn't anything that cathartic as for me.

No. 1343284

File: 1663605231689.png (8.52 KB, 636x111, miner's plea.png)

from the 7th bunker thread

No. 1343286

ugh don't go there btw there's gore

No. 1343290

I can greentext it.

No. 1343299

People need to get romantic attention from ages 11-24 to be able to have normal relationships as an adult. I spent most of my young life being told I'm ugly and guys weren't into me but now as a woman in my 30s and men do want to date me now, I am so far removed from the relationship aspect of my life that I find sex and intimacy some what repulsive.

No. 1343306

You should of wrote this in the unpopular opinions thread. I was also told I was ugly when I was a teen and now? Nothing has changed, i never had a glow up and I just never naturally had the interest in moids to begin with. I think all this will do is pressure people into getting into relationships. What really needs to happen is that not ever being in a relationship needs to be normalised and accepted.

No. 1343307

Don’t stress about it nonny, say fuck it and be a spinster. Men are worthless anyway.

No. 1343309

I got romantic attention from elementary school to high school and all it did was make me afraid of intimacy and getting close to men.

No. 1343323

i get it nonnie, sometimes the same thing happens with other fans of my 3D husbando, where they take jokes too literally or get upset at other fans for simply acknowledging that his strange habits and features exist even when they're not insulting those things (those weird things about him are part of the appeal in the first place kek). i don't run into those fans super often but yeah it's annoying when they do show up.

No. 1343390

i would read a 70k words slowburn fic of this

No. 1343408

Some of these English royals should give their future children old ass English names like Æthelstan or Æthelred just for the lulz. Way better than boring names like George or something.

No. 1343455

File: 1663611411770.png (2.86 KB, 228x215, harvest sprite.png)

For a moment I thought the troons had won and that lolcow was done for. I was so worried.

No. 1343499

I know having a pet is nothing like having a child but I can't help but think I'm getting a small taste of motherhood taking care of my disabled senior dog kek. There's so much that has to be done for her everyday, bringing her water, bringing her food, changing her diaper, changing her bedding, etc etc. But I never feel tired of it. I never wonder "how am I going to keep this up in the long term?", I just do it and I know I'll do it until I lay my girl to rest.

I don't want kids, but I wonder if this is how mothers feel taking care of their babies kek. Just going through all of this thankless trouble, every day, for no other reason other than the love you feel for this helpless being. I think this is the closest I'll ever get to being a mom, except worse because this is the end of a life instead of the beginning of one.

No. 1343506

I feel kinda bad saying this, but are you sure your dog's life is a life worth living anymore? I don't think a dog can be truly happy if it can't walk, run, play, eat and do general dog things like a healthy dog can. People obviously have a hard time letting go of their pets but it really is an act of love to put them to sleep when they're not super sick or old instead of prolonging their suffering. Same goes for stuff like wheelchairs or chemo for animals, it really is only prolonging their suffering in order to make the humans feel less bad.

No. 1343530

I actually have been thinking about this a lot in the past few months but obviously it's not something I can easily form into words my feelings about it. You are not wrong, but when I look at her… I guess the best way I can put it is that it's like she's young in the mind but old in the body. She's alert and her sassy self, so it just feels to some extent like I am putting her down when she doesn't deserve to be. But it's undeniable that she is physically disabled and can't enjoy walks or playing around with me anymore. It's hard. I don't really know what to do.

I took her to the vet recently to get some medication, and she said she thinks my dog is doing quite well (still got some spunk to be snappy with the vet kek) but if I feel like it's time then the office would be there for me. She said "you'll know" but I don't really know. My dog is also my family's dog, so it isn't my decision alone even though I'm her primary caretaker. She is clean and well fed and I try to keep her as comfortable as I can, but yes, there's only so much to her quality of life that I am in control over.

I guess it would be best to really start considering it and planning our lasts together.

No. 1343538

So did anyone else who searched lolcow on twitter while it was down notice that some of the profiles asking about it and/or calling others nonnies seemed kind of… unexpected? I wish I had taken caps at the time

No. 1343542

I was curious and browsed through cc's /nsfw/ board and wtf

No. 1343544

What do you mean? Some I saw were retarded like shitposting throwaway accounts. I also saw one that looked like she browses /g/ primarily

No. 1343551

What did you see?

No. 1343552

Scared that one day I'll say kek or lmao out loud in a conversation

No. 1343554

I only saw one from an eating disorder account.

No. 1343557

File: 1663616355896.jpg (32.28 KB, 391x600, d8tqhuy-b2c428db-be10-419b-b2c…)


No. 1343560

I saw one account that seemed to be run by a genuinely retarded girl.

No. 1343561

haha that was me

No. 1343567

Lmaoo I thought I was the only one. We really need to cut down on our screentime

No. 1343575

i accidentally texted kek instead of lol to my sister and i deleted immediately i didnt need her thinking i'm some 4channer or something

No. 1343578

it slipped out for me too today kek

No. 1343579

last week i actually had a dream/nightmare i actually responded to a client with something really catty like "kek learn2read"

No. 1343580

File: 1663617444947.gif (460.75 KB, 220x124, BC1F6C2A-3124-4388-94F7-F076F9…)

I’m so fucking grateful there isn’t kpopfags here holy shit. when lc was down I went on crystal cafe, I saw the kpop thread where I discovered choachan I was scrolling in disbelief like fuck they are actual serious retards they way they talk & interact was so unbelievably retarded
Thank you lolcow for not allowing the kpop freaks here

No. 1343581

No. 1343582

i dont know why but i have a new woman in my class that gives me the vibes of a lolcow user… she wore a cute leather bag with some kind of patterns, white metallic buffalo shoes and had red dyed curly hair with glasses and tattoos and said stuff like 'i hate men'kek

No. 1343585

No. 1343586

File: 1663617732592.png (470.47 KB, 1265x657, 1662856258668839.png)

You have to hide you power level

No. 1343589

File: 1663617863779.jpg (217.68 KB, 1190x1685, FTDImK3UUAAssfS.jpg)

Im horny and i want to make love to a hot guy who smells floral/nice/like vanilla, and who has pretty white long hair and green/amber/purple eyes and looks like a shoujo/yaoi character,
But a guy doesnt exist like that in real life but im so horny and idk if i should sell energy to a incubi. ah my puss-puss.

No. 1343592

>shitty soccer gif

No. 1343603

File: 1663618295242.png (869.02 KB, 599x604, 9295076F-3F05-426E-9ED7-1A32B1…)

LC going down gave me a small existential crisis tee bee aych

No. 1343604

Feels so good to be back. I missed you all so much and shit is weird over on Crystal Cafe

No. 1343608

Right? I'm allergic

No. 1343609

sorry I hate football fans too but I couldn’t find another good sujood gif

No. 1343610

i love this pic mob is my son

No. 1343612

If anyone saw me in public you'd have no idea I'm on here, kek. I'm the most basic normie-looking bitch IRL but it makes it easy to hide my powerlevel. Sometimes when I'm out and about I wonder if anyone else is a farmer

No. 1343614

Hate to break it to you nonna but that’s basically every 20something girl she could just be a tiktok zoomer

No. 1343616

File: 1663618856149.gif (1022.16 KB, 580x640, 78FF73C3-65C2-4603-853E-DA1852…)

Can we be his gay moms together because I also love him so much it's just unreal
Imagine if we unknowingly met irl and we were both farmers

No. 1343619

Yes nonny, he is our son. I have a plushie and keychain of him as well as like 3 mob psycho posters hahaha
What would the actual stereotypical look of a farmer even be? I'm latina (only saying that because there was some weird consensus a while ago about farmers mostly being euro and white) and look relatively normie as well. The only thing that would give me away is my sperginess about radfeminism kek

No. 1343624

I need mob merch so bad I'm bout to follow in your footsteps. need me that plushie

No. 1343671

File: 1663621794990.jpg (82.3 KB, 894x894, tufo2iahtng21.jpg)

Tbh I might be the 1 out of a 1000 women who will never have a guy hit on me irl, kek. I am used to it, but between being bullied constantly over how I look, having had a stranger scream that I am ugly and this being totally normal for me and feeling otherwise invisible, it just feels odd seeing so many other women have this universal experience of being given male attention.Is this a good thing for them? Not really, I don't envy it. But what I do envy is the idea of feeling comfortable in my own skin and not viscerally repulsing people. The idea that I can't relate to almost all women over something so ubiquitous will never not be weird to me.

No. 1343678

I just remembered that me and my two friends used to be in a "band" when we were 11 years old called the "spaghetti girls". No one knew how to play any instruments or did anything music related EVER we just watched music shows on tv

No. 1343679

mafia bf fantasies are just normie-tier hybristophilia

No. 1343681

This reminds me of the time someone here wrote a fanfic of an anon having Elsie as a new roommate. Can’t remember what thread it was. This was a bit ago, like maybe several months old, or maybe even a year old by this point.

No. 1343682

Oh and I don't mean to imply most women are comfortable in their bodies. It is just for me I wear a mask, hat, and sunglasses in public constantly bc when I don't people insult my face. I am treated at least with invisibility if I cover up. I feel so uncomfortable with living life that I am basically skipping out on basic experiences, going places, etc, because it is 100x more enjoyable to sit at home and rot than subject myself to being seen.

No. 1343687

maybe you will experience glow up nonna, don't lose hope!

No. 1343697

I love taking naps during the day. I find it easier to fall asleep for a nap than when I go to bed at night.

No. 1343757

is it really that good to put hope on something that is extremely unlikely though as if there isn't another way of living? I say that cuz I spent my early 20s feeling as if one day I'll have my time to shine and it ended up being really stupid and copey. I lost weight. Started working out. Cleaned up my diet. Tried fixing up my hair. Etc. I look like road kill. I look like a pack of wolves chewed up my face.

No. 1343760

I'm really sorry nonny. That must be painful and lonely, I hope there is a solution. Would you consider getting surgery if it's actually that extreme? Idk it makes me mad that that would even be necessary, that people treat you like that, you shouldn't have to. It's not fair. I hope you know that for every person that is an asshole to you there has to be quiet people who feel for you and don't think these awful things they do. I wish someone stood up for you but social pressure is powerful on humans. And when it comes to others' treatments of us and their opinions, the awful ones stick with us the longest and I can't blame you one bit for feeling this way but just know there's kind people out there too. I hope you find them.

No. 1343764

Doubleposting but honestly nonna maybe it's best to not chase after their standards (aside from being healthy and taking care of yourself, for your own sake). It's hard but some of the coolest people are those that embrace how they look or stand out, even if that ostracizes them, they turn it into art. Idk it seems difficult though and I hope this isn't tone deaf.

No. 1343826

I like this guy I'm talking to but he keeps moving too fast so I'm just hoping he dies KEK
Let me be alone in peace I just wanted someone to talk to sometimes

No. 1343833

Next time that happens maybe start growling and snarling ?

No. 1343865

Fuck it I'm gonna buy weeb shit online as self-care

No. 1343871

guys last night i swear i had a dream that i opened lolcow.farm and it was back up and i was happy. then this morning i woke up and it really was back up. i’m like an oracle

No. 1343872

File: 1663635081178.png (178.7 KB, 358x360, cat (2).png)

>tfw find a movie that might be nice to play in the movie room, but literally can't find a clear, non-grainy version of it anywhere

No. 1343875

which one? I could help

No. 1343885

You shouldn't worry yourself with it, but if you really want to look it's Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter.
I haven't seen it, but it was recommended on here and it sounds interesting. Plus it has a Japanese lead, I know how many farmers are weebs.

No. 1343904

I take back every sentiment I had about moidcats being the only good cats. All the female and neutered moidcats I’ve seen are so nice, but this little fluffy piece of shit keeps peeing on everything and humping the dishwasher handle.

No. 1343926

Found a tranny self aware enough to admit men have it easier but I guess not enough self awareness to admit his life will always be easy because he's seen as a man.
Lmao kek anon I'm sorry. I think male animals widely vary but for cats or dog I'd never get a male.

No. 1343933


No. 1343953

File: 1663640091480.jpeg (60.48 KB, 896x796, F9E61BB2-2197-478E-80A7-73836F…)

omg we’re back up..yay! I missed y’all

No. 1343960

File: 1663640355461.jpeg (38.03 KB, 576x458, DA4C2275-EECA-45B4-A2D9-554338…)

I’ve only ever had girl cats because male cats can be annoying from the ones I’ve come across. Their mating season yodels are the worst, I had a big orange cat stalking my little Siamese mix even when she wasn’t ready to have kittens yet. Fatass would literally sit at the window to my room and yell through the glass at 2 am for her. Sue I miss you…

No. 1343980

File: 1663641007326.png (72.95 KB, 275x248, 1663102275558.png)

Cats are individuals, if you discriminate against any cat because of their gender you're a deeply flawed human being and will never understand the true love of cats. Shame on you.

No. 1343993

Based tbh

No. 1344000

Hamanon are you now catanon??

No. 1344001

I found out a ''''portion'''(3 cookies) of Oreos is like 200 calories, i cant believe i have been eating half my daily intake of calories only from Oreos, these things are beyond toxic but also delicious NOMNOMNOM

No. 1344043

“Quirked up woman who only talks about her eating disorder in circles” has to be the worst genre of online humor alive. There’s a reason the only people who continually find it hilarious are insecure white gay men.

No. 1344048

They dont even taste that high calorie its insane

No. 1344050

it's so fucked up but i've always known this so i always keep my oreo consumption a minimum. you can buy oreo minies in the little container to space them out and make your consumption slower

No. 1344057

What does any of that even mean? In circles?

No. 1344061

it means like over and over again

No. 1344063

File: 1663648146534.jpg (72.46 KB, 513x440, polite-cat-.jpg)

Last time I went on a date with a moid he kept making fun of me and laughing at me because he said I looked like picrel. We were watching a performance at a bar and I was getting nervous because I didn't want the people performing to come up to us and also I'm just not an expressive person! Now whenever I see this meme of this dumb cat it pisses me off and hurts my feelings kek. The worst part is I know exactly what facial expression he was referring to.

No. 1344064

the cat is cute and i bet your facial expression was cute and funny

No. 1344084

You make a fair point I’ve remembered a fairly nice dark gray male cat I used to babysit. But this one is horrible he looks like a human male too skinny sloth neck and smells like his own piss. I discriminate against him specifically

No. 1344086

File: 1663649631437.jpg (33.47 KB, 470x459, 1662252680444.jpg)

please, all cats all beautiful and smart. it's not the same

No. 1344088

File: 1663649757832.jpeg (606.26 KB, 973x842, F87BA5F7-5CC4-4248-B941-A7F588…)

Fine. I’ll remain neutral on his muppet looking ass. He should pee less though

No. 1344089

why does leftypol have to be so pozzed with trannies when it otherwise has decent discussion

No. 1344093

because they're still misogynists/sexpests. unfortunate because it does have decent discussion from time to time but they're still mostly sicko men. i sometimes see them pushing back against troons though but those users quickly get banned

No. 1344095

he might have peepee problems. it's very common for male cats, they can actually die pretty easily because of the numerous problems their urinary systems have/how prone they are to them.

No. 1344097

true. i'm not really sure why i had any high expectations lol. i've seen some informative effortposts there and it bothers me most when otherwise intelligent-seeming people fall for the tranny meme. i guess it's a good filter though

No. 1344194

File: 1663656986092.jpg (78.72 KB, 750x1041, download.jpg)

>Lolcow goes down
>Anxiety and intrusive thoughts aren't as bad
>Lolcow comes back up and starts browsing again
>Anxiety suddenly gets worse again

No. 1344197

Didn't jill say something similar to this in her thread?

No. 1344205

I can’t believe I had a meltdown over something so dumb. I was questioning my whole life because whenever I come up with some harebrained idea it of course ends up a disaster, and then I think of all the many times I’ve been told I’m stupid, a retard, and unable to do shit myself. It probably was a bad idea to ask my friend to help order something for me with his credit card (I don’t have one at the moment). Yes, I know I’m a shut in with no life experiences and the shitfit I threw probably proved that (the order wasn’t going through kek). But all of that doesn’t matter any more because my hypnosismic doujins are finally being shipped let’s gooo nonnies.

No. 1344269

File: 1663665031705.jpg (89.58 KB, 700x640, funny-office-coworker-memes-90…)

don't worry nonnie, it's a relatable meme/joke

No. 1344270

ive never been attracted to tom felton before why is that the image that does it kek

No. 1344273

Based and true. I tried reading choachan once out of curiosity an it was literal schizoposting, like I was reading the scribblings of some institutionalized madman. Absolutely no intelligent discussion regarding the music or industry, just microshitposting gossip about the singers. There's a reason they got banned from here.

No. 1344274

where can we accesses these archives, also archive /m/(both current and pre-clearing) I think it matters just as much as /ot/

No. 1344296

File: 1663667266852.jpeg (155.21 KB, 952x1019, F4E3AA8C-B14B-40A9-8792-12AC41…)

Now, let’s hear what the fujophobes have to say about this.

No. 1344318

File: 1663668696242.png (216.63 KB, 720x1139, S7152724.png)

>now let's hear what transphobes have to say about this!

No. 1344321

File: 1663668898920.jpeg (294.93 KB, 1038x587, C8163296-39E1-4611-9B85-A34C49…)

No. 1344332

but it's true, there are people who transition to go up in the oppression olympics. They are social climbers who are willing to (attempt to) "change their sex". Just like the fish kek

No. 1344334

Humans aren't clownfish

No. 1344335

Just because a kind of fish in between plenty of types of fishes does it to survive the wild vast ocean full of predators doesn't mean porn addicted terminally online brain rotted apes should follow the example anon

No. 1344336

>Troons out to climb the social ladder to replace a woman to have control over the lower-ranking members
Yep, checks out

No. 1344341

I miss when lolcows were funny and not a threat to humanity, coomer moids in dresses or fat women. I have been laughing for an hour about KingCobra dying his hair black and becoming the Avatar

No. 1344344

File: 1663670557288.gif (2.4 MB, 246x246, 1663637581983.gif)

Even if I love my ugly nerd moid with all my heart, if men were suddenly to disappear en masse off the planet I would be very relieved

No. 1344349

i feel like this too but then i go and spend 4 hours of my life practicing dicks because i hate them but i also want to draw them fucking eachother

No. 1344373

File: 1663673101228.jpeg (20.68 KB, 350x350, FZMWkOsXgAARTo0.jpeg)

mfw my boyfriend who is a man acts like a man

No. 1344377

actually apparently kingcobra has some weird rape fetish and has jerked off on discord with his voicechat not off and is really fucking creepy behind closed doors. which totally makes sense with the super weird "anti rape" t shirts and "fuck sickos" and stuff. i still do think he is hilarious though but since i read that the other day i haven't been watching as much cobes content. the homeboy scotty catfish arc is fucking great though i watched a two hour video on that recently.

No. 1344382

damn it sucks, but until he violates his 4 points satanist moral code he will still be less creepy than 90% of modern cows. Do you have a link to that documentary?

No. 1344385

File: 1663673871378.jpg (52.11 KB, 827x368, Tumblr_l_54166558433238.jpg)

Got my hair cut shorter than I had mentally prepared myself for and I hate it. If he doesn't tell me he likes it and that it looks good on me I will commit murder suicide.

No. 1344387

i agree though, i think hes too much of a drunken boglim now to act on it. heres the video i was talking about! all of bitesizes "documentary" videos are great, i can't believe i won't watch a movie but i'll sit down and binge this shit.

No. 1344391

would you rather wake up being gorgeous or hilarious?

No. 1344394

Gorgeous, I'm already funny

No. 1344403

prove it, tell a joke

No. 1344416

The only correct way to respond if he doesn't like how short it is, is to give yourself a buzzcut. Speaking from experience, kek.

No. 1344417

why does his opinion matter so much?

No. 1344431

state of radfems here

No. 1344433

For the longest time I thought "radfem" just meant like… a rad woman. Like that woman is a rad fem, bro. What a beautiful world I once lived in.

No. 1344434

Femcuck. Imagine becoming this hysterical over a man not liking your haircut in a hypothetical scenario. Imagine caring about the length of your hair. Go invest in some stocks you lowlife nerd.

No. 1344448

At the beginning of covid I got deep into watching the backcatologue of content on him. This is retarded but it was lockdown and I got into the habit of daydrinking and laughing my ass off at these crazy long vids to pass all this spare time I suddenly had. The fact that he had a job and a gf and had regressed in both areas was fascinating to me. His life peaked at like 18. Then my drinking got to be too much… and his drinking also hit a point where it was too much to laugh at. He was passing out on lives alot of the time. I gave up the drink and I can't watch his shit anymore because it reminds me of the time I nearly turned alco too kek. The irony of me sitting at home isolated and drinking while watching him was just too much.

Hes been stewing in the same old issues for too long. But then thats true of alot of cows. He reminds me of herbs and alters in a weird way. Both tistic, both goth, both prone to addiction, seemed to be managing ok as young adults (as in socialising and working) but now they're older and constantly retelling the same handful of stories from when they were 18/19 and living more of an active life.

No. 1344476

i love your comparison to jen, he does remind me of her too… i also weirdly think him and shayna have similar vibes? i commented that she should date him in one of her threads and someone said hes unironically a tattooed goth dom like she keeps thirsting for and i can't stop saying that out loud. isn't wyoming close to washington, i think we could make this happen for them. they could day drink together and live stream!

No. 1344496

File: 1663679876901.jpeg (1.7 MB, 4032x1924, ADB9A882-34BC-46DB-8FC0-7B57AA…)

911 he is holding me down but i have to get ready for work

No. 1344500

anyone else would like to make youtube videos? i often daydream about becoming and youtuber but i know i am not funny nor intelligent enough to make good videos.

No. 1344502

god what a precious angel!!!

No. 1344503

Yeah, I mostly want to publish travel vlogs (without showing my face).

No. 1344507

that's no problem i can't even speak on camera properly and i'm filming anyways, there's always somebody who'll watch you. Besides, you can film all sorts of things that don't require you to be funny. I'm crossing my fingers for monetization i just need a lot of watchtime hours to make it.

No. 1344508

I finally moved him and got a hmph. Sorry sweet boy, must work for the good foods you love!

No. 1344545

I was just doing math studying for my course and my brain is fried. I don’t do good with numbers

No. 1344576

Seriously want to strangle nihilistic retards when they say morality is subjective, and nothing inherently matters.

No. 1344580

Kek nonny that’s good to know. It seemed a bit mean-spirited on his part (among other things he said) but to be fair I do make that facial expression all the time lol.

No. 1344627

If I'd go blind, I wonder how I'd browse lolcow

No. 1344630

text to speech

No. 1344632

everyone post alt text for your picrels for the blind nonnies uwu

No. 1344636

Is Alt text really useful for visually impaired people? Like for real blind no sight people? I understand if you can still see a little bit (my own mother has visual impairment but it’s come In the recent years so describing things to her helps because she can still see quite a bit)

No. 1344641

Samefag like i mean for people who have just never seen anything ever because they’re 100% blind

No. 1344651

honestly the non-cow boards would be pretty easy to browse on text to speech alone I think

No. 1344659

Well, let's put it this way - you can't see an image because it won't load on your phone so you ask your friend to describe what's on it because you're interested. It's the same thing, sometimes it helps you put things in context and understand what's being discussed.

No. 1344676

did you reply to the wrong post kek

No. 1344696

and I'd never have to see the raid spam again, unless they'd bother to put in alt text

No. 1344721

File: 1663688670418.jpg (83.94 KB, 554x554, 1657436946140.jpg)

Am I dumb for wanting to try out a product just because I saw it on Pinterest a couple of times and it looks pretty

No. 1344727

No but if you go out and buy it yes

No. 1344739

Depends, what's the product? Do you need it?

No. 1344740

File: 1663689652419.jpg (50.76 KB, 512x384, tumblr_94b73896f5d056cb15517b4…)

Reading the mtf thread used to be funny, but now it just makes me depressed. That disgusting girlhood fetishist is speaking for Forbes women and the giant fake nipples teacher is actually being supported. Pornsick moids are the new women, uterus-havers go sit in the corner and be quiet until we're needed for procreation or pornography. How have women's rights gone backwards like this. Why are women fine with this. Help

No. 1344745

I feel the same nonna. SCUM rise up

No. 1344747

Women are not fine with it. The issue is that whenever any woman speaks out, moids will go ape shit and start calling her names, sending her CP, gore, death threats, rape threats, she gets doxxed, she gets fired from her job, she gets expelled from the college where she's studying.
That's why it's harder to see anyone against that shit online.

No. 1344749

File: 1663689913202.jpeg (133.16 KB, 750x812, 9D9EEDD4-93B4-4B47-B224-729AA1…)

saved from the cc bunker threads

No. 1344751

She was a true and honest queen that knew what the world needed

No. 1344789

File: 1663690870557.jpg (320.5 KB, 2552x1720, 404593.jpg)

I use that wallpaper for my lock screen! This is my home screen

No. 1344817

I guess I was just trying to express my frustration with the handmaidens who support these monsters. Although, that's hypocritical because at one point when I was younger, it was me. This is all just so terrible

No. 1344825

it doesn't matter at all kek I just needed an ego boost

No. 1344845

went to the psych ward against my will sunday night but was let out 10 hrs later but anyway the cops got in touch with my bf to let him know what's up and they said i was combative LOL. i didn't know "if you're going to speak to me, don't use a patronizing tone" "i'd rather the woman pat me down" and "please let me feed me feed my cats before we leave" was combative. i also wouldn't unlock my phone maybe that was it.

No. 1344854

they wanted to see specific text messages and the other party ended up sending them anyway

No. 1344862

File: 1663693644839.gif (3.95 MB, 498x498, 1662196738758.gif)

i'm gonna quit my job and go full neet in 3 months, i'm looking forward to it

No. 1344870

My cat is watching me eat my soup and she keeps inching closer

No. 1344872

My friend told me how having sex with her 2m tall bf is like and I think I'd rather have an average guy instead of a guy whose shoulders I wouldn't even reach.

No. 1344873

I don't know nonna, I don't read her thread.

No. 1344895

this is so cute lol, if only that was the case

No. 1344896

i'm so envious nonna, enjoy the free time

No. 1344936

Tfw you have a crush on a classmate but she's Muslim, we can just be friends and that's fine but she's so pretty, sucks for me I guess.

No. 1344972

i did not know what a limmy was so I watched a video for the first time and realized i can only understand like 3 words in that accent

No. 1345018

File: 1663699347147.jpg (156.03 KB, 720x880, 5fdedc72e02dff6e2cf5fea9d5ef86…)

Which of you made this?

No. 1345023

My roommate bought these low-carb personal pizzas that have 60g of fiber in one serving. That sounds lethal. I'll just eat carbs every once in a while, thanks.

No. 1345047

not untrue

No. 1345053

one of my muslim friends irl is a closeted gay and vents to me sometimes about having a crush on a female classmate.. could it be..

No. 1345067

Ayrt, what continent are you from lol

No. 1345093

it's a perfume brand that sells perfumes with beautiful looking jars. Their full bottle perfumes ranges from $80-120. I'm thinking of going to one of their physical stores and seeing if I actually like how they smell

No. 1345098

Reading the soren threads again just to feel something

No. 1345101

There was one anon here a few threads ago who was talking about how her father made a fortune and became a millionaire in belfast in the 60s “even though” he had no connections, she insisted that the problem nowadays was that people wanted everything handed to them and don’t want to do any work, like it was the most groundbreaking thing that a white man in the 60s was able to succeed.
Anyways the thread got locked before I could reply, I wanted to say to that cunt if you’re reading this, fuck you I hope you choke on your silver spoon. never talk on poor people again

No. 1345105

I think you should at least warn her that she will shit her intestines out

No. 1345106

i always praise the anons who make the celebricow threads, as they have to sift through all the infighting to find milk kek

No. 1345127

how do i stop wasting mental energy hating trannies with every fibre of my being

No. 1345159

Take a break from image boards and get a new hobby. Unfortunately though once you've been redpilled on the troon menace you can never go back.

I was just getting mad earlier that people were shipping a trans character I liked with a girl because I couldn't take him potentially being an agp lmao

No. 1345229

i really liked the prequel to X , Pearl. idk if this is the right thread i couldn’t find like a movies thread but nonnies have any of you see it and what did you think. i know everyone is saying it but the monologue at the end was so fucking good

No. 1345340

No. 1345362

>i couldn’t find like a movies thread
psst >>>/m/186735

No. 1345473

File: 1663708902288.jpg (15.69 KB, 474x474, 1662048510561.jpg)

semper fi to all the nonnies posting yaoi and sexy anime men in the tranny pedo thread it was an honor fighting by your sides

No. 1345479

File: 1663709209290.jpg (15.61 KB, 500x432, f1d5a6a47cb339256aee66dcff5f6c…)

>semper fi
Should I report this?

No. 1345481

snails are funny and cute

No. 1345485

sniffles just say you hate the military

No. 1345497

File: 1663710740151.gif (878.84 KB, 400x300, bunny.gif)

Iiiii love to love you baby

No. 1345503

File: 1663711315616.jpg (2.13 MB, 3024x4032, sims.jpg)

>mfw I wait until the last minute to piss/eat/shower and imagine I'm a sim with a red bar being set back to green when I finally do it

No. 1345510

As a kid, my mother would get really angry at me for smiling and because of that I'm not very expressive and it's hard for me to physically show emotion. I try to, but it always feels unnatural. I can only really naturally emote when I feel something very extreme, like a lot of anger, pain, or grief. Sometimes when I'm really, really excited too.

No. 1345527

File: 1663712295067.jpg (43.57 KB, 735x913, 4f856581a7ad5bf67e45b8e59912aa…)

Hgnnn must buy this STUFFIE

No. 1345532

i hope you don't actually do that to piss, it will fuck up your bladder/kidneys.

No. 1345544

I did! But she doesn't care because according to her fiber cancels out carbs, the pizza's only 2 net carbs, blah blah. Atkins is the biggest fucking meme ever.

No. 1345591

File: 1663717043091.jpg (25.36 KB, 540x540, 1648334833341.jpg)

Besides Her where else can a girl find other ladies to smooch and appreciate? Asking for myself.

No. 1345592

File: 1663717122511.jpg (101.01 KB, 800x532, Pigeon-in-park387.jpg)

look around the park

No. 1345621

I may have drank disinfectant spray

No. 1345624

The antivax moms would be proud

No. 1345625

File: 1663719033153.png (45.1 KB, 249x600, E6789569-4E80-4649-A475-82575C…)

Yeeeeah, get that tasty clean juice nonnie

No. 1345645

Sometimes I go on Reddit and find these absolutely schizo, psychopathic posters and dig through post histories and they are absolutely unhinged, miserable people making dozens of posts crying about how they hate their life and want other people to suffer. I remember that there are people like that everywhere, even here, and to not take stuff people say online so seriously.

No. 1345647

I have no idea how I typo’s sage as zzsge, whatever, dumbass shit thread babes

No. 1345654

makes me think of when trisha drank dawn dish soap

No. 1345668

File: 1663721794384.jpg (176.83 KB, 1500x1500, k_archive_7d59bb08948b128c02f9…)

Brown butter is extremely overrated.

No. 1345672

Thinking about that non and her autistic lolcow abc’s in /meta/ and reminding myself that all of us are here because there is a little autism sprinkled in us

No. 1345676

I love lurking r/RBI for the gang stalking posters and the paranoid schizos in general. My FAVORITE post was that redditor who thought her upstairs neighbor was stalking her, somehow, because she said that there would be a loud thump directly above wherever she was in her own apartment. By the second post everyone was like right, you're a schizo, please seek help. Hopefully she got help but damn.

No. 1345693

this just reminded me of the guy who kept finding weird sticky notes all over his house and thought someone like his landlord was breaking in to fuck with him, so he posted on reddit where people were immediately like “bro check the CO levels” and sure enough, he was being poisoned https://www.reddit.com/r/legaladvice/comments/34l7vo/ma_postit_notes_left_in_apartment/

No. 1345699

Which do I drink first? Monster aussie lemonade or khaotic?

No. 1345735

Water you tart rank bitch

No. 1345745

I accidentally severed a tendon in my finger it's so weird trying to move it and nothing happens. Splint time for 8-10 weeks. Also surprisingly no pain, just a ton of blood

No. 1345753

Thank you mods for deleting the CP thread.

No. 1345756

if I were rich I’d hire someone to do comb my hair for me

No. 1345759

If Breaking Bad was made in Jaoan it would be a yaoi

No. 1345760

oh shit what happened, did the troon post cp again?

No. 1345765

I love you

No. 1345776

File: 1663728289197.jpg (89.27 KB, 602x713, main-qimg-799820cd58b89d20ffa7…)

The one on the left is literally so much hotter to me. I love when men inherit those neanthertal traits

No. 1345780

File: 1663728513535.jpg (77.92 KB, 1280x720, alt goth neanthertal bf.jpg)

i got the perfect man for you

No. 1345784

That looks like an obese rat in renfair clothes. Disgusting. How can you even think he's any close to hot cavemen perfection

No. 1345790

The king of the cobras in the wild? Kek

No. 1345791

File: 1663728944095.jpg (37.31 KB, 828x798, Cat.jpg)

No. 1345792

File: 1663728948356.jpeg (32.64 KB, 480x360, C93CF42C-AE62-4F12-B51C-EECE74…)

I raise you

No. 1345793

That kitten in need of a kiss

No. 1345799

File: 1663729376460.gif (877.3 KB, 260x195, IlliterateSociableCaribou-max-…)

YouTube shorts has made me obsessed with tortoise especially the baby ones.

No. 1345800

File: 1663729484241.jpeg (7.05 KB, 274x184, images.jpeg)

No. 1345803

File: 1663729613988.gif (714.42 KB, 350x264, turtle-scrub.gif)

No. 1345805

My feet hurtsies oweeeee

No. 1345806

File: 1663729821628.gif (410.32 KB, 220x220, 7D369EA0-A5CD-48D8-94FD-A54225…)

I love tortoises so much

No. 1345809

File: 1663730318732.jpg (25.36 KB, 600x600, 662ecfed1b1946ce62fa5bcc160e51…)

me every day

No. 1345819

File: 1663730887725.gif (4.88 MB, 1492x1464, yb20p3u9hq861.gif)

It's so sad when it gets really late at night and lolcow is slow because the only anons up are Europeans

No. 1345822

11:31pm where I am

No. 1345825

If you stay up late enough the euros start posting

No. 1345828

Right now both euros and americans are asleep, it's 10:34pm for central burgerland and 4:34am for bongland

No. 1345840

File: 1663731974014.jpg (186.5 KB, 790x1398, sleepy.jpg)

I consider myself a very unattractive woman but then one day I did a genderbent app thing that was dumb and basically the only thing it did was give me a very slightly stronger jaw and short hair, all other features the same, and I looked like Chad. It also doesn't help I'm 6 feet tall.
1% of me kind of understands women that want to larp as men now and I hate it.

No. 1345846

They sprout overnight and leave their mark for you to wake up to…like dainty foreign mushrooms. Euros I love you

No. 1345852

Damn, same but it made me look vaguely middle eastern. It creeped me out because despite being tall and ugly I think I’m quite feminine but I don’t think others perceive me as feminine at all.

No. 1345853

Kek, I know. No temptation. I'm mostly just annoyed because it goes to show how much lower beauty standards are for men.

No. 1345854

File: 1663732570106.jpg (48.45 KB, 640x640, download (4).jpg)

>Tfw pakichan posts another photo of a bunch of random Pakistani/Middle Eastern people

No. 1345861

>tfw I feel pity for Pakichan again and wish her a long life of celibacy and peace

No. 1345865

File: 1663733081114.webm (1.88 MB, 460x570, bestdog.webm)


No. 1345869

wtf lmao

No. 1345898

The one way for doctors to really take you seriously, is for your condition to give a surgeon blue balls apparently. Show up all scary on the scan, then hide when he looks inside. Suddenly they become captain Ahab on a mission. I unlocked dr House mode. Haven't heard the word psychosomatic or implication of it even once since then. In total it still takes a long ass time, but even if I go to my GP for something minor, the surgeon finds out about it and wants a scan that same day. Because maybe he'll catch the whale this time. Same with GI specialist now. Defy expectations with bloodtests and suddenly she wants scans constantly too. Are doctors bored or something? I don't even get the chance to blame anything on my lifestyle, she immediately shut me down. Is this a be careful what you wish for situation?

No. 1345899

I honestly think people who fuck someone that's in a relationship are pretty low and dirty

No. 1345904

Omg all these dogs are so adorable

No. 1345917

even the obviously villian one?

No. 1345924

I have a silly crush on a guy I just shaked hands with once and made me turn stalkerish, but all his internet content is 5-6 years old

No. 1345926

File: 1663738856258.png (403.96 KB, 631x627, 1644392715620.png)

I broke my glasses and its going to take until friday to get them fixed, i don't know what to do i am practically blind without them so i can't work/practice. I guess now is a good time to sit and try to think about life and all that stuff, maybe try to make a schedule and work on my anxiety

No. 1345936

File: 1663739938191.jpg (63.65 KB, 600x732, 1660119273437.jpg)

That's how I see NA posters. Love you too nonichka

No. 1346033

I feel like I see a lot of Marilyn Monroe hate due to people wanting to be contrarian. Aside from the fact that people who have to constantly shit on any woman who receives compliments and praise that they deem “too much” in order to appear subversive and edgy, it’s kind of funny to me that Marilyn was the original looksmaxxer. I think people who hate her are projecting heavily. Also when will Bettie Page get the flowers she deserves.

No. 1346039

the /co/ creation threads on 4chan seem like they would be fun if they weren't infested with scrotes. would a thread like that actually be active here? i don't wanna clog the catalog with more dead threads.

No. 1346043

What does that thread entail? It could go on /m/

No. 1346044

Check if there is a similar thread on /m/ already

No. 1346050

Anons share ideas for comics, characters, etc. and other people in the thread build on it from there. Sort of like group brainstorming. From the board:
>It works like a community toy chest. In the /coc/ threads you are free to post whatever ideas/settings/characters you want, but you have to be OK with other people playing with them (tweaking them, putting them in stories, using them for things, etc.)
The closest thing I can find are the Draw My OC threads, those died pretty fast though.

No. 1346090

As much as I love /co/ the waifu debates and 4chan scrote talk make me want to shoot my head. I like the random threads talking about the industry and laughing at twitter reactions, which we can have that here or on cc. The comics thread on /m/ isn't very active.

No. 1346094

He has the same shitty body type as the caveman on the left tho

No. 1346100

I have a professor who reminds me of Patrick Bateman. He always wears the best suits and has a lot of weird autistic opinions about all sorts of material things. He talks all the time about what kind of alcoholic beverages he prefers or any dishes that are considered high class. Last time he talked for an hour about the best kitchen appliances. He also always says that he has no feelings. I know at least 3 classmates who are in love with him even tho he is a walking red flag

No. 1346102

Let's see you come up with a counterargument tho

No. 1346112

If everyone in the world agrees that x thing is bad is that morality still subjective or the objective reality?

No. 1346201

Same, I fucking hate media with that dumb "nothing matters anyway :(" message. Like Ok Scrote, of course it doesn't to you, because you aren't human and can't see anything beyond your ego.

No. 1346204

NTA but I also hate the defeatist there’s nothing we can do about it too! No fuck you.

No. 1346208

This is hilarious kek. What subject does he teach? And how are you doing in the class, like is there enough teaching between the autistic rambling to get you your degree?

No. 1346215

i feel so sad about Paris hiltons dog going missing anons

No. 1346225

File: 1663767735044.jpg (83.06 KB, 680x509, 1663087307888221.jpg)

i got this rose body scrub and it smells like heaven. i'm practically huffing the bottle, this is insane.

No. 1346226

I cant stop laughing at moids getting tricked into joining an MLM because they think it makes them "alphas", i bet they laugh at single moms that fall for the scam but go e-suck some bald guys balls to join his "university".

No. 1346229

I dedicate this post to my anonymous internet gf, see you next month anon please have a good day

No. 1346241

The Sumner and Adam drama is a great example of how young women date older men then cry "grooming" when it goes to shit like everyone told them it would

No. 1346247

one of the professors at my old uni got #metoo'd and he also went on odd rants, but a little more relaxed and about his personal life, like a time he ate chocolate with cheese lmao. he wore stylish clothes for a small uni moid professor (the bar was on the floor tbf) and he was japanese so half the students had a crush on him. it's like a suit and the right ethnicity makes braindead students fall in love despite the redflags

No. 1346254

It's an economics class. Yeah there is enough teaching but when we are supposed to do assignments he just roams around the class and starts to ramble to random people about how he always buys all of the new apple products and that he would never drink instant coffee or some shit.
Yeah same thing here the bar for mens looks is on the floor and all of the other male professors are old and fat so all of the attention is on him kek

No. 1346295

>spending an hour talking about kitchen shit
I hate faggy teachers and professors like this. Either teach or get a podcast or better yet, throw yourself off the roof of the establishment. I hate bitches who waste my time. Teach me something useful or die.

No. 1346302

File: 1663771813091.jpg (185.89 KB, 788x1115, tumblr_755d09acb83e742655a3607…)

>be sad
>look at pretty art
>sad no more
thanks art

No. 1346303

Let me guess… You're not studying to become a chef, are you?

No. 1346328

Reminds me of how I took a religious studies class as an elective and had such a crush on the professor. His hair was always super messy and his eyes were so weird I can’t really explain it. He had a really crazy stare as if his eyes were always open really wide and huge circles under his eyes. Even my friend in the class joked with me that ‘he must be on something’ because of it. It was a really chill class and I stalked him on Facebook and found out that he was into nerdshit, which completely made sense. He was also from New Brunswick and sometimes made passive aggressive remarks about his relatives from there kek. He was exactly my type…

No. 1346334

The only time I had a really nerdy teacher in uni I wanted to beat the fuck out of him. Motherfucker gave me one of the shittiest grades I had in this subject and congratulated me and told me I had the best grade on that test. When a friend told me he had a panel on cinematography prepared for a local con I decided to not go until he fucked off to another city.

No. 1346343

File: 1663774408876.gif (547.46 KB, 220x220, FCC1ED6C-73FA-4EDC-8BBA-244715…)

Something I’ve learned from the sims 4 is that people can’t handle free will at all, I always have to turn their free will off in order to do things that I want them to

No. 1346347

File: 1663774494172.jpeg (181.42 KB, 828x821, 1663616031970.jpeg)

What's wrong with pic rel nona

No. 1346365

Nvm sorry nonna I thought your sim was hitting a moid with a chair

No. 1346387

Kek that isn’t my sims nonnie

No. 1346421

Kek that’s exactly it. I don’t exactly remember what his eyes looked like at this point since it was a few years ago, but they were definitely sanpaku eyes lol. Oh to have a nerdy bf with serial killer eyes and a PhD in a random, useless subject…

Lmao yeah sounds like a nerd alright. What class was he teaching? I feel for people who studied things related to STEM or management because it sounds like the profs just make things pointlessly hard.

No. 1346499

He was teaching business stuff like international marketing in English (as a foreign language). I often say that what made me want to study English long ago was literally just fanfics, American TV shows, songs, hobby related shit like that and thanks to this I became nearly fluent at the end of middle school. Now imagine this but 10000000 times worse. The guy fucking wrote a 800 pages long thesis on the evolution of scifi in movies, series and novels. Fuck this guy. Now he's teaching at one of the best unis in the countries so my slightly above average grades were actually excellent from that POV but since I went to a normal uni it fucked up my chances to do my masters somewhere else.

No. 1346553

File: 1663782497479.jpg (15.04 KB, 500x378, 20220704_020135.jpg)

I have a huge stupid crush on the guy that works at the gym i go to he's so cute and isn't a trashy bong scrote with a billion tattoos and fake tan, I think he is slavic or something but I have such an autistic crush on him I want to kms, and today he said my name and I nearly passed out.

No. 1346556

> literal lazy eye
> depth perception is off
No fucking shit lmao

No. 1346557

File: 1663782925912.jpg (113.42 KB, 960x960, 1660327390300.jpg)

I wish there was a way to keep track of the threads I posted in.

No. 1346558

Keep them open in tabs? Bookmark ones you use often?

No. 1346560

File: 1663783190440.jpg (24.65 KB, 598x460, FVr8eHgXwAAC8eY.jpg)

I am disappointed by the anons in the Nerdy guy crush thread. Not surprised, but disappointed

No. 1346561

File: 1663783207125.png (184.52 KB, 640x540, 01C54C8F-7257-4861-9F95-C4AB98…)

Anyone here listen to the new rina sawayama album..?
It was so so disappointing and faggy but as usual this is what happens when gays hijack female artists it happened with grimes, caroline polacheck, charli xcx etc
We need to stop gay men from ruining our music!!! it’s for girls only

No. 1346572

if you listen to rina sawayama and NOT marina who makes the same kind of cringe “wake up sheeple” music and has a decent catalog of it then wyd anon

No. 1346577

Her first album is RINA is so goood it’s one of my favorites but I haven’t listened to marina since 2014 though lol

No. 1346579

is pic related your nerdy crush? just post him

No. 1346583


smh i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw that clarence clarity co-produced most of the songs. the album completely lacks the typical punch and fun of his production. also mind-boggling that he did the songwriting for some of the absolute lamest snoozefests in there?? this hell and imagining were okay, everything else was shit. rina's voice gets grating after a while anyway so there's nothing to enjoy here. sad, because rina ep and sawayama were top-notch pop.

No. 1346584

Is this ellen page or a school shooter

No. 1346590

Every time I leave a public bathroom feeling disgusting and like I just caught an illness, I just remember that one time I had to stick my hand in a public toilet to fish my phone out and I was fine.

No. 1346591

>Using your phone on the toilet, especially a public toilet

Unless it somehow fell out of your bag or those tiny pockets in women's jeans betrayed you, you deserved your fate

No. 1346592

It was in my pocket. If I don't like public toilets why would I be pulling out my phone in there? Just use common sense.

No. 1346594

Why nona, do you know a guy?

Oh wow anon I’m sorry. Fuck that guy and I can’t believe you had one of the highest grades in that class and it still fucked you over. If you were competent enough to do well in that class (comparatively), then I’m sure you are going to do great in the future even if that class fucked you over in some ways. The prof I had a crush on was so laidback. We even had a group discussion in the weeks leading up to the final as to what questions we thought would be fair for him to put on the test. Nerdy profs who give unfair grades and don’t care about their students deserve to get tripped in public and have their books spill all over the floor.

No. 1346597

I have friends who will sit on their phones in public bathrooms, but freak out if there are no toilet seat covers. Cognitive dissonance is real

No. 1346599

Yeah but he wouldn't date someone maladjusted sooooooo sorry bout that

No. 1346607

I kept seeing this gif and I finally found it without the text over it. It's so cute

No. 1346608

File: 1663785865216.gif (729.82 KB, 220x255, rugocica-kickingcat.gif)

No. 1346609

late response but europe!

No. 1346617

Who is that he looks familiar

No. 1346631

File: 1663786826461.jpeg (1.59 MB, 3464x3464, 28AD473F-BD2C-4B5F-AAEE-76590B…)

Left or right

No. 1346635

No. 1346649

No. 1346652

Right, I think the colors suit me better

No. 1346654

No. 1346655

No. 1346658

Right has better colors but left has a better composition

No. 1346662

I decided to watch Code Geas after putting it off for 12 years since it aired on adult swim and came to the realization that even in alternate history, Japan is America’s bitch.

No. 1346665

this cat is very angry

No. 1346675

File: 1663789378061.png (894.3 KB, 1212x804, sleeves.PNG)

I don't get how people wearing long sleeve shirts just wash their hands without pushing up their shirts… You freaks, are you okay with having sopping wet sleeves?!

No. 1346678

how are you incapable of washing your hands without wetting your sleeves.

No. 1346679

I’m buzzing for the smutty doujins I have lined up for my pre-bedtime reading I’ve literally wasted the last couple of hours doing nothing because I can’t focus on anything but wanting it to be nighttime already. I need to kill a couple of more hours.

No. 1346682

I hate how my brain thinks up a hypothetical scenario and I end up getting mad at it. Just fuck off, brain.

No. 1346691

File: 1663790678796.png (77.83 KB, 275x257, cheek.png)

More like Code Gay Ass, am I right nonnie? Eyyyy. Am I right???

No. 1346692

Ayy lmao

No. 1346715

The batshit fans of the Royal family are so entertaining to me. Right now I'm looking through a tag called #MeghanMarkleBulliedCharlote and it's just them over-analyzing a photo. It's so psycho and crazy and insane, I love it.

No. 1346778

I fucking love lying down, oh my godddd I'm so happy it's my day off and I can lie down on the couch. Feels so good and comfy. If you haven't tried lying down yet you should 10/10 experience

No. 1346781

File: 1663795782439.png (281.83 KB, 392x360, tattoo.PNG)

I don't a thing about tattoos, but there's no way this is gonna heal and still look good right? The lines are so thin, it literally looks like an ink pen scribble.

No. 1346783

Samefag, but by heal I actually mean fade.

No. 1346786

yeah it'll probably fade fast as fuck since the lines are so, so thin, but at least it looks cool while it lasts

No. 1346788

lmao the bellybutton is like a mouth

No. 1346812

looks like a scratcher did this

No. 1346850

File: 1663799368121.gif (233.03 KB, 500x382, 739DFB74-DD96-4C4D-85AC-349EA7…)

I fucking love hey arnold.
I started rewatching it recently and arnold is a legend he’s so cool I should really be more like him, mellow and cool-headed with a funky room on top of that

No. 1346866

Does anybody else read their own posts over and over again? I do the same thing with text conversations actually. It just feels good to see my thoughts written down, but I don't obsess over my personal diary, it only seems to happen when it's something I've shared with others. Maybe I'm a bit self obsessed.

No. 1346868

I used to really not understand attention whores/people who try hard to be seen/remembered. But I realize that I stand out in most rooms by simply existing, so of course I wouldn't understand.

I wonder what it's like to have a generic face.

No. 1346870

I thought he wore a skirt for the longest time until that episode where that fashionista girl made a comment to him about his skirt and he told her "it's my shirt" kek

No. 1346874

File: 1663800066373.jpg (593.22 KB, 2448x3264, g5u43dbzucz31.jpg)

If you have a cool face like this, call me

No. 1346885

File: 1663800231268.jpg (177.25 KB, 1400x1400, 71tdaojeUkL._SL1400_.jpg)

Picrel is one of those albums I wish I could listen to again for the first time. That and The Family Jewels by Marina and The Diamonds. Electra Heart too.

No. 1346888

File: 1663800318020.jpeg (546.86 KB, 750x828, 3271D792-E751-486D-88A3-56A205…)

Being a tranny is such a quintessential male thing. A woman is made and tampered with like an object in their minds even though they are walking, full-fledged humans

No. 1346889

File: 1663800332170.jpeg (529.78 KB, 1280x720, 76FFE951-D693-4F19-8D83-31CEA9…)

Yeaah that was one of my favroite episodes I even found a “steal his look” meme and it’s actually really cute Id unironically wear this

No. 1346893

It's such a jump between the second and third pictures, it's just a nice visual presentation of male delusion

> cut off penises

> maybe you're OK
> ??? ← delusion machine
> u complete me
> Im a slave 4 u

No. 1346895

File: 1663800633050.jpg (187.59 KB, 670x867, 390894.jpg)

Saddens me a little they changed his design in the new movie and now it clearly looks like a shirt. I thought he was a cool kid wearing a skirt just because.

No. 1346897

Shoulders and lack of Adam's apple say woman to me. I just like her face structure, it's nifty

No. 1346898

not cool, just weird and unlike the general looks of the demographics around me.

No. 1346899

I thought you were talking about Arnold KEK

No. 1346901

File: 1663800888824.jpg (50.82 KB, 600x449, l.jpg)

So he's wearing it cholo style under a fitted shirt and then a jacket? that doesn't sound comfortable

No. 1346903

She looks cool I think she’d kill an amy winehouse cosplay

No. 1346908

tranny or not, blend your fuckin foundation

No. 1346909

idk about you but the cut off penises woman is such a vibe

No. 1346910

File: 1663801560762.png (640.12 KB, 640x480, 3689D3DE-808D-4486-BC44-768B18…)

bugs on the puter

No. 1346913

File: 1663801786041.jpg (86.7 KB, 1080x1378, 165194910_289900232531580_8464…)

>tfw you immediately delete your joke because you feel like it's too dumb, but then some anon responds to it in less than a second

No. 1346916

File: 1663801978411.jpg (25.17 KB, 615x409, millennium-stadium-mouse-23353…)

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

No. 1346917

nonnies animal pics are so cute

No. 1346918

File: 1663802171542.jpg (441.65 KB, 500x418, Tumblr_l_10426539599195.jpg)

Quick, into the portal!

No. 1346919

File: 1663802185043.jpg (88.71 KB, 736x880, 356cb613f86294c4dbbbff152adfb4…)

>tfw you make a typo and anons berate you for not deleting and reposting

>tfw you make a typo in your joke and repost it in less than a minute and an anon replies "it wasn't funny the first time"

No. 1346926

File: 1663802542453.jpg (70.98 KB, 500x418, IMG_20220921_162200.jpg)

No way I'm outta here

No. 1346930

I feel that about any 90s Memphis music. I remember when I found a burned cd of that shit it changed my life for the best. It was called 3-6-a-mix, what I would give to hear that for the first time again.

No. 1346932

Why is she barefoot tho

No. 1346934


No. 1346937

File: 1663802798571.jpeg (11.29 KB, 280x180, cawcaw.jpeg)

We will stop at nothing to find you
>cue Eagle and Crow, the series

No. 1346938

Or to even have it, I had it for so long and some pos scrote broke it in half to hurt me. He broke my nose too. Fuck all men.

No. 1346940

We can't put her in a skimpy outfit because she's a feminist stereotype, but we can find other ways to dehumanize her so our readers still know not to take her seriously

No. 1346942

Every day is significant and i am not moving through time because i am awake. I am not asleep ever, but it is one long blip before i return, if i grind my teeth i will remember my skeleton is there and that i have a mission here, and the part of me that doesn’t decay is what matters like i don’t remember how to find it but i feel near it when im in the snow when it’s dark and know that the cold could take me away and everything sparkles as it should be, i am not moving through time because i remember my dreams and am alone on this dimension of knowing but it’s ok because you all will join me soon. I will receive instructions if i do well and i think i can do it, no more music unless i am playing it, and trying to become the third person too, that would work. I tried it briefly, and i made myself like an antenna receiving signal and iridescent reflecting so i can meet people who are also on a mission too. I am a little scared to succeed but i will make it. And what is true? Not time. Love and truth are iridescent.

No. 1346947


No. 1346948

File: 1663803287164.jpg (43.71 KB, 564x564, 18aea3ed6bab44a21767cfc0f63b75…)

>me, looking at you, looking at me

No. 1346949

No. 1346950

File: 1663803351241.jpg (51.11 KB, 506x449, e02natjypto91.jpg)

No. 1346954

let the train pass and push the fat man afterwards

No. 1346956

> kill the fat man and threaten to expose that the body acceptance people are not fat themselves and are exploiting a vulnerable population for clout and then kill myself since this is a hypothetical

No. 1346971

You get it

No. 1346979

File: 1663804395074.jpg (302.44 KB, 2048x1152, 1658205919726.jpg)

Sorry about the late reply nona–and thank you for the sympathy.

I need jaw surgery for mostly functional reasons (it's hard for me to speak, causing me a lot of lightning-like pain - I also pronounce things worse than the girl that became a massive meme over how poorly she spoke - and I have about 6 different bite issues) but it's so expensive that I can't really imagine saving up enough for it ever so…I don't even really want to talk about it. Also, I don't know if it'd improve my looks.
And idk. My doomer take is because I can't really see myself getting to a point where I am able to make a genuine connection with someone. I am constantly exhausted, terrified of being seen, etc. This new flood of bad feelings came because my mom pointed at the gym being a good place to meet new people. And. God. I felt so goddamned guilty and ashamed. Because I hadn't had one good conversation IRL with anybody in years. I've been barely getting by. I practically faint the second I get home because of my fatigue. I feel so terrible just not being the daughter my mom would have wanted. I feel terrible at the idea that I could try to meet new people and there is no way I even could, being the way I am. Guess a part of me is mourning the fact that I'll never have a life besides trying to make money here and there.
Anyway, sorry about the blogpost. I am trying to take things one day at a time and not be a burden to my mom.

No. 1346982

I doubt a fat man can stop a trolley. I also doubt I have the strength to push a very fat man. Also why are fat acceptance activists in the trolley's way? Are they suicidal? Are they there against their will? Why is the fat man watching his saviours ready to die and doing nothing but letting a hard decision fall onto my hands? This is all very concerning. I would probably write here about a bunch of people dying by a trolley, but there are no trolleys where I live.

No. 1347018

File: 1663805838073.jpg (1.36 MB, 1452x1655, Tumblr_l_241665866332394.jpg)

Really proud of myself for jogging 20 miles this week. Immediately threw my progress out the window by getting home and drinking 4 glasses of whiskey god bless

No. 1347032

Omg nonas, we need a secret symbolic thing to wear to signal to other farmers of our power levels… like the ana bracelet shit but instead, a little cow charm you could wear as a necklace or bracelet.

No. 1347035

File: 1663806721159.png (404.18 KB, 826x804, download.png)

Not this time

No. 1347045

File: 1663807065014.png (251.16 KB, 540x400, 853.png)

Wish my brother wasn't such an autistic ragetard piece of shit, sometimes I even wonder if he has male BPD

No. 1347049

File: 1663807141198.jpg (159.3 KB, 1146x1509, 63f776aec9864233ba8dd26736930e…)

Mot over baby Yoda

No. 1347052

It's just BPD anon, and men likely have it at higher rates than women, they're just more antisocial and get a pass for their meltdowns because they're almost indistinguishable from regular moid meltdowns.

No. 1347069

>cant spam /tv/
>come to completely unrelated site
>copy paste
But why…

No. 1347077

Based AF

No. 1347099

I finally figured out the brand of tea McDonald’s brews for their iced tea and I am so excited to order it!

No. 1347110

I got hit on for the first time in my life today, and I don’t even feel happy lmao. I was just like, damn, I can pull bitches even in my sweatpants eh?

No. 1347118

For the amount of discourse about hook up culture and stuff I feel like it’s actually so difficult to find people who are not looking for any kind of serious relationship, even among people my own age (early/mid 20s). I’m not sure if it’s the people I specifically attract or that I mostly pursue things with other women but I feel like the vast majority of people I meet are generally pretty intense about looking for a long term relationship.

No. 1347119

share your secrets don't be greedy

No. 1347125

probably the lady thing. I'm bi and would like to date a woman but they mostly require intense emotional connection quickly and deeply and I'm just not built like that. and then since I'm bi it's a whole can of worms to want to keep things casual.

No. 1347129

Yes I think you’re probably right, like that seems to just be the presumed default when interacting with other women but I guess if I was looking for a man to have a ons with or something that probably wouldn’t be difficult

No. 1347130

File: 1663812816918.jpeg (39.43 KB, 640x546, B7CFD22A-AB52-40F8-B220-E72C87…)

Higgins & Burke Naturals orange pekoe! I’ve been asking on and off for years, finally!

No. 1347131

File: 1663812820367.png (793.17 KB, 720x1251, Screenshot_20220921-205936.png)

Why do reddit pickmes seem to think all of us were born yesterday and don't know how push up bras and tops work?
>Wears obvious push up bras and a cleavage shirt and asks for opinions
>People call her out for trying to get comments on her boobs
>Ummm??? Do you think I should wear a turtleneck or something? Stop being pervs
Everyone knows what push up bras look like in shirts vs naturally large breasts, what's the point of wearing a push up bra and shirt that shows cleavage if you freak out over boob comments?

No. 1347132

My senses of taste and smell are my weakest so idgaf about candles and restaurants. I like hearing, seeing, and touching and so I think it makes sense I gravitate to music, and visual and fiber arts.

I only eat when I'm hungry and for energy wish my foodie friends could respect that.

No. 1347136

Is it possible to have face blindness but mild or like does anyone else feel like they have this? Bc whenever I look up prosopagnosia it makes it seem so severe. I can obviously recognise my own face and close friends/family members faces, and after a while people at work, but even then like with people at work if I saw them in a different context like on the street I probably wouldn’t be able to

No. 1347141

That's normal nonnie.

No. 1347156

who cares
why are you getting mad at this woman

No. 1347167

>Everyone knows what push up bras look like in shirts vs naturally large breasts
No. I actually unironically don't. I don't have a large chest myself, how am I supposed to know? Ask my friends to showcase me their boobs in a push up bra? wtf.

No. 1347202

Idk if anyone remembers but I broke my finger a few days ago. I ended up straightening it out myself and strapping it up because A+E waits were eight hours plus. Just wanted to update that it’s healing really well.

No. 1347203

That's such a weird conclusion to come up with all because I said it's easy to tell the difference between natural boobs and push up bra boobs. Natural boobs in a normal bra have natural droop where as push up bras pull up and squish boobs together
Because it makes women look bad when we genuinely want people to not give us attention, I'm not necessarily mad I just think it's stupid to purposely enhance body parts you claim you don't want to draw any attention too. It's as stupid as if a moid started packing socks and crying about people talking about his dick

No. 1347211

Ehh, I believe that women should have higher classic consciousness, yes, but I also think women aren't a monolith.
You are acting like she makes all women look bad which…uhh. We don't know what she wants and you have ascribed onto her being some poster child of feminine hypocrisy regardless. We shouldn't give male logic so much credence.

Also, I feel like you might have a hang up on boobs in general. Just a feeling.

No. 1347212

anon, do you have small boobs? some people have closer boobs that look like that.

No. 1347213

I'm with you nonnie. If you need self confidence set a difficult goal for yourself and then accomplish it, don't post titty pics to one of the most coombrained spaces on the internet. She knows what she's doing

No. 1347215

Honestly that’s pretty mild imo. The top is cute and well-fitting, it’s not like she’s wearing a shirt that’s too small or something. Wearing clothes that fit and flatter your shape doesn’t mean you want a bunch of comments about your breasts.

No. 1347218

I’m glad it’s healing alright! That looked really painful.

No. 1347219

This is how I feel aswell. Women have cleavage all the time, that outfit is tame and acceptable.
>what's the point of wearing a push up bra and shirt that shows cleavage if you freak out over boob comments?
This comment is borderlining on the logic moids use to justify rape because "she wore xyz so she asked for it"

No. 1347223

File: 1663819580465.jpg (153.51 KB, 1080x1025, 264699751_1910336052500384_830…)

i cant work so i am going to spend all night playing ocarina of time

No. 1347231

I don’t play video games and never have but I am extremely familiar with Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask because by sister would literally throw tantrums and force me to watch her play lmao. Sometimes she’d take a Zelda break and we’d play mini games on Pokémon stadium

No. 1347232

File: 1663820063317.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 552.7 KB, 1125x2000, D2CFC8EC-B636-4DB2-A99D-D7F4AE…)

Thank you very much nonny ♥ it looked worse than it was. It didn’t feel much different to stubbing a toe or trapping a finger in a door.

No. 1347233

File: 1663820126316.jpeg (264.8 KB, 619x935, 1642175559514.jpeg)


Reddit is a wholesomerino website!! If this woman wants to post an uncensored picture of her face and cleavage on Reddit it's definitely an empowering and good idea. Make some new friends, queen! It's the frontpage of the internet so it must be safe for women!

No. 1347235

File: 1663820272541.png (3.17 MB, 1080x1467, 1659122123874835.png)

i miss drawing so much nonnies i want to get over with my commissions aaaaaa


heck yes i played it for a bit as a child and it was fun but i didnt get too far, now i am trying to spend more times learning the mechanics
that's really adorable

No. 1347236

Damn, that’s quite the bruise. You’re tough! I’m glad it wasn’t as painful as it looked.

No. 1347239

That pic is so cute oh my god

No. 1347249

In social settings where it’s like my first time meeting someone it always makes me go into some kind of almost like literal manic state out of anxiety where I talk soooo much and barely even think about what I’m saying and after when I’m out of the situation and normal again it’s always so embarrassing in hindsight but I feel like physically unable to stop/think through what I’m doing and saying in the moment

No. 1347253

Nonny this looks painful but I'm happy you're doing better

No. 1347258

The Feminine Urge to put a question mark at the end of sentences ?

No. 1347273

it's so easy to tell when a post is made by a moid. Wish more nonnas had my super power, it makes me sad when they respond to an obvious moid and i can't tell them not to respond because it only feeds the troon more

No. 1347281

File: 1663825475485.jpeg (668.38 KB, 1242x1599, 43A70B9B-8A37-4CF1-9DF3-C2C010…)

I hate letterboxd users they gave this shit garbage ass movie a 3.5 and all of the top reviews are 5 stars with stupid unfunny one liners. Any other reviewers who write valid criticism get bombarded in the replies with retarded zoomers saying “oh so you hate fun??” Fuckkkkk this app and the people on it and fuck me for watching this movie

No. 1347287

Zoomers are the fucking plague of the internet, they really want everyone else to dumb down to their level. At least 2012's tumblr had insightful analysis posts, these people literally want to be stupid

No. 1347290

tiktok/twitter algorithm really did a number on their brain they’re unable to think for more than two seconds outside of memes/media. everything has to be a fun little inside joke they share online. no critical thoughts just recycled tweets

No. 1347301

Remember when using the internet was uncool? Kek

No. 1347305

I remember once trolling troons (one mtf, one ftm) on social media, saying that I was an afab transwoman. It was kinda hilarious how at first they were confused but still treading lightly, unsure whether this was the 'new thing' to be added to the LGBTQIA-whatever it is now soup. Using their own arguments against them and calling them transphobic bigots was so fucking funny and actually a bit cathartic. Too bad that by now they've caught onto the joke.

No. 1347308

Kek please explain more nonny, do you have caps? I wonder what they said about it

No. 1347310

File: 1663827887202.jpg (137.5 KB, 843x1200, fPeFHMJLXNdqi5QfcxPh54gHiq15QU…)

Dollskill is having a collaboration with pickle rick

No. 1347313

File: 1663828040089.jpg (110.51 KB, 843x1200, h6fWafaMdQjlrqk3RaToQULEzMKxKl…)

No. 1347314

My sides=in orbit

No. 1347316

I hate it and want that show to die.

No. 1347319

who styled this poor girl- an emo troon with a grandma fetish?

No. 1347323

File: 1663828389707.png (956.42 KB, 843x1200, why.png)

this is so tacky why

No. 1347331

File: 1663829537511.jpg (153.88 KB, 736x718, 1652840499802.jpg)

healthy snacks? i want to stop wolfing down oreos

No. 1347332

soury-sweet apples are my favorite snacks, but any fruit will do!

No. 1347333

do people still care about pickle rick??? thought it was only relevant in 2017-2018 and even then it was mostly moids

No. 1347334

personally i like applesauce, instead of reaching for something unhealthy i stop and grab an applesauce pack instead

No. 1347335

kek nonny i saw pickle rick while watching the new chip and dale movie (also its a nice one-time watch, i liked it)

No. 1347340

Apple slices with cinnamon, cut them vertical into uneven like chips. Mango, peel and blend it, stick in freezer for a few hours with cap on, it's like sorbet. Cotton candy grapes, dessert tea, sweet flavor gum could help cravings, make kale chips with your favorite seasonings, popcorn, cucumber sliced in containers, deviled eggs, if you're hungry in between a meal maybe roll 1-3 lunch meat with cheese slice (or fake chz if no dairy)

No. 1347344

I accidentally drooled on the syringe while doing my dupixent injection. Hope I don’t die!

No. 1347348

I just farted and I minimized my friend's chat window before doing so because I had this weird feeling like she'd be able to see or hear me even though we aren't even on voice and that would do nothing anyway. what the fuck

No. 1347388

File: 1663835016491.png (247.36 KB, 622x524, him.png)

thoughts about him?

No. 1347393

He seems like an asshole and his anatomy is all fucked up

No. 1347405

File: 1663836999461.png (234.26 KB, 460x516, him.png)

I've got more of that

No. 1347434

You there nonnie?

No. 1347436

Saw this earlier and still thinking the same thing. Looks like my moid's brother. Thanks for the daily reminder I chose the right one, kek

No. 1347444

>also its a nice one-time watch

No. 1347450

Why is he doing that

No. 1347453

File: 1663843953556.gif (809.26 KB, 500x225, 9F00433E-E600-4FD6-94A7-76D8F0…)

Just masturbated ferociously to Sam claflin in Snow White, I look like Kristen Stewart so it was a perfect self insert, new fav movie

No. 1347455

Posted in meta asking why pictures I'm trying to post won't load and someone answered that I probably have a computer virus if I can't open files on my computer. I thought I was unclear but I realized they're pretty retarded for thinking I went to meta to ask about random computer shit. I guess that's why they deleted their reply kek

No. 1347456

anon..that was the [redacted], that's why it got deleted. all his posts are

No. 1347466

The scene where Chris H kisses her to wake her up was my sexual awakening. I really need to rewatch that movie kek

No. 1347467

Well that explains the massive retardation then!

No. 1347470

Yessssss nonna I loved that
I’m not usually a Chris hemsworth type but I liked him a lot in it

No. 1347478

File: 1663847682165.jpg (289.15 KB, 581x705, d00.jpg)

I'm so stressed during my driving lesson, I'm sweating super hard and I'm griping the wheel like picrel because of the non stop fear of killing people because i'm too slow in the head.

No. 1347481

>How are you afab and transwoman at the same time?
>Sex is different than gender
>Just because you say you have experienced different struggles than other cis women, doesn't mean you are a trans woman! (lol the irony)
>anyone who says they're a trans woman is a trans woman, terf
>To be a trans woman you need to transition!
>I've taken measures to transition therefore I'm trans.

They basically just said I couldn't transition because 'transwoman' wasn't an identity (lol) and I that I couldn't transition because my sex and gender 'align', and I just copy and pasted arguments from Kikomi's (the afab transwoman biotrans girl troll) twitter in response. Even got one to say that not all identities are in fact valid and having a different opinion is not a hatecrime.

No. 1347483

Why the fuck do I keep lying to hairdressers whyyyyyyy

No. 1347485

Because lying to strangers is fun

No. 1347489

All hairdressers use their clients as conversation fodder. It's better to lie to them ime

No. 1347503

KEKKKK they're such hypocrites

No. 1347526

Do it but take a lil shit in there too, as a surprise.

No. 1347542

Sorry I deleted it nonna

No. 1347543

I think most of gen z's haterd of kids stems from the fact that it's no longer socially acceptable to be racist or homiphobic anymore so the younger gen needs a weaker group to hate for existing and the easiest target is kids and babies

No. 1347548

Im too smol uwu to push the fatso so I dont have to make that decision. (Ok actually Im big but still a weak piece of shit.)

No. 1347566

imagine the poor laborer who had to make this fucking atrocious thing, probably thinks the west has lost its mind

No. 1347573

i don't think gen-z really hates kids that much? i have a few gen-z friends with kids…

No. 1347593

I actually have large breasts, breasts can be naturally close together but they aren't going to be up and smashed together like they are in the pic, especially for someone with those sized breasts, the sideways shape is also a giveaway since natural breasts usually have a teardrop shaped instead of being outright a globe from the side

No. 1347600

But she's not an innocent woman who just dressed scantily clad to go out, she used an undergarment to push her breasts together, took a picture in a shirt where cleavage is obviously showing (even if it is "mild"), then posted it in a cesspool of coombrains who point out boobs in everything. I'm not even justifying creeps I'm justifying the commenters pointing out she wanted to draw attention to her breasts (most of the actual comments anyway)

No. 1347601

grow a pear - kesha

No. 1347605

ugh fuck if i had money to waste i would buy this just to make my husband roll his eyes lmao

No. 1347608

File: 1663860878607.jpg (58.77 KB, 725x500, 6ub63u.jpg)

I just pulled right in front of some country ass dude in a truck today. He was basically slowed to a stop because of traffic, and I thought he would be nice and let me in, but when he didn't I just decided to be aggressive and pulled in front of him. He was honking his horn like crazy but I don't give a fuck. I think I have radfem brain cancer, I just want to take up as much space as possible and inconvenience men every day. Get fucked truck man, I hope he tells his friends about how a crazy bitch in a Subaru almost got him in an accident today. I hope he knows I did it because I hate him

No. 1347610

i really don't understand what demo exactly they're trying to reach. this makes no sense and is very outdated.

No. 1347614

i love you radfem nonnie, God's work.

No. 1347616

File: 1663861040074.jpg (43.22 KB, 500x417, tumblr_nxm1ovmSQF1sktt22o1_500…)

No. 1347619

Based nona based

No. 1347640

> be on vacay
> chat up randos in bar
> cute 24 year old boy is nice, full head of hair, cute, recommends places to eat, draws me a picture
> oogly 38 yr old balding white scrote and 25 yr old asian gf
> scrote starts ranting about white women hitting the wall, Asian women are superior, and can't believe I'm 28.

I was genuinely upset the gf was with that loser, she was very nice. But writing it down . not mad anymore this shit was Lowkey funny

No. 1347641

File: 1663862734363.png (256.52 KB, 564x740, 1661726989596.png)

I swear I'm not actively trying to hate men, but every time I let go a little, my brain chips in with a thought like "when your mom got married, it was still legal to rape your wife" or "I wonder how those facial abuse women are doing today?" and I go into a fucking RAGE. How can people act like my hatred of men is unfounded? I appreciate you nonnas, this is the only place I can go to regain some sanity.

No. 1347646

No. 1347659

You got this nonna!!! I just learned to drive earlier this year and it was so nerve wracking! My instructor didn't speak any English and he just threw me off the deep end, but I got my license on the first try and I quite like driving now (but I will admit that I'm still no good by any means).

It's super scary but you got this! Are you using a driving school? Does your instructor have a brake pedal on their side of the car? Can you switch your lesson times to earlier in the day when there's less cars/people out? It's definitely information overload for new drivers when you're out on the road (it still is for me). Getting used to switching my foot to go to the pedal I wanted is a real struggle (would press on the gas/brake when I meant to switch) but I think it gets easier over time and it becomes muscle memory.

No. 1347733

Feeling particularly upset today at the fact that there are no attractive men around me, no eyecandy in sight, not one. What the fuck. Even college is full of absolute uglies. I am so appalled. I feel like crying, why is there no cute guy around…

No. 1347737

because it's rare that males are attractive

No. 1347747

I hate that this is true. Not one pretty guy, this is fucked up on another level. Truly. What a letdown. I'm tired of looking at ogres all the time. My taste isn't even all out there, it's typical, and yet here we are.

No. 1347757

how in the world did harry styles age so poorly in like 5 years? yes he was always hairfishing but his skin… wtf did he do?

No. 1347763

being bri'ish

No. 1347775

File: 1663869222473.png (19.87 KB, 256x256, 1592277044906.png)

Do you have a nice rabbit hole website that isn't reddit for quick/no brain reads when waiting or in public transports?

No. 1347777

Yes, still alive!

No. 1347797

list of wikipedia articles about crazy shit

No. 1347799

Everyday I become more aware of how soulless males are. I can't afford to put my energy into hate though, I just avoid them where possible. My uncle and Claude Debussy are exceptions.

No. 1347803

Skytopia, I haven't explored the whole thing but it looks neat

No. 1347807

I hate every man by default, unless he goes above and beyond to prove that he's got the genetic mutation that gives some of them actual empathy. This mindset has saved me from trouble countless times.

No. 1347809

File: 1663870623600.gif (5.44 MB, 640x480, chris-chan-curse-ye-hame-ha.gi…)

Everyone this is supposed to hit will know, the list is long. that annoying ass Troon that keeps fucking around here, I hope it hits you twice.

No. 1347822

File: 1663871259661.gif (1.99 MB, 441x302, Curse-ye-ha-me-ha-1417897085.g…)


No. 1347826

I feel so retarded for feeling nostalgic about a decade i wasnt even born yet but being a zoom zoom is such a fucking curse the 2010's were meh at best and the 2020's is just straight hell. I literally cant remember anything from the 2010's that's nostalgic.

No. 1347827

File: 1663871954592.jpeg (38.23 KB, 800x800, shirt-1532406955-2daa72baef9c0…)

I curse every mtf troon to never, ever be a woman, no matter what they do to themselves

Oh shit I'm magic, it worked nonas

No. 1347828

The 2010s aren't nostalgic because they're too recent to be nostalgic you dumbass. In 2012 no one thought the 2000s were nostalgic.

No. 1347830

I am in my 20's i should be feeling slightly nostalgic about my preteen years, it was sooo boring, millenials ruined the internet for us

No. 1347834

God, let's put this on the ol' "things I wish I could unsee" list in my head. The recent surge of men whining about women having too high of standards made me remember.

So, years ago I used to be on incel-adjacent servers out of morbid curiosity. Like you'd expect: they were obsessed with looks. They claimed their "match" was a 18 year old tiny white girl - or something very similar - then flipflopped and claimed it was the average woman while saying women over a certain age are expired in between saying women are hypergamous. Oh. Plot twist. Most of these people were grown adults. So. Yeah.
There was probably one or two ones that approached sentience and were revolutionary, so they posted women in their mid 20s as being their ideal and seemed to brag about how realistic it is.
Any time the actual true "average" woman was posted, she was universally hated and thought ugly, in between acting like it was justified because such women would never date her match in spite of endless proofs otherwise.
They'd always backtrack to one thing: that their loneliness is extremely captivating and valid because they'd literally fuck any woman, in between admitting they'd abuse their real match and base her value off of shallow things.
What is it that they say now? Rent fuckin' free.

No. 1347836

If the internet was the only thing you could potentially be nostalgic over the you deserve to not have any nostalgic memories.

No. 1347837

Where is the new celebricow thread!!!!

No. 1347838

File: 1663872601953.jpeg (818.29 KB, 1242x1211, 9B066E22-4FB4-4110-90A8-90F7C0…)

Because I have this saved on my camera roll and want to delete it kek

No. 1347839

holy cow that is the worst spacing I've ever done. My IQ dropped below sea level in the span of writing this shit up.
just so you know this is the nature of late-stage capitalism the more attention thing gets, the more it's commodified, cut up, curated, etc. The original soul decays. Depressing how transparent it is these days.

No. 1347846

It was millenials who started this whole genderspecial autism zoomer retards just followed it
I cant even remember what music was popular in the 2010's, or specific tv shows that shaped the decade, or even fashion, it was soooo bland. It sad that also the worst shit sticked and carried on in the 2020's like that shitty SU and western anime artstyle that zoomers use. Everything became so corporate tho, the thing i hate the most is westerners trying to make anime shit "hip" if i see another soundcloud rapper with anime aesthetic, i swear-

No. 1347851

hey im typically the celebricows maker but i was busy yesterday, i can make it now in a hour or something. So you can alos post that in celebricows.
I also have to think of what to name the thread.

No. 1347854

File: 1663873831788.gif (Spoiler Image, 528.04 KB, 500x249, 211340.gif)

What about Avatar the Last Airbender? Came to mind bc a friend said it's super fake and tries too hard to emulate anime.

No. 1347861

oh woops I forgot nostalgia can only be about mainstream media and consumer goods, my bad!!

No. 1347862

The "trying to emulate anime but also want muh style" aged this show like milk, the dumb expressions stolen from gintama also ruin the serious tone of the anime. Great job, but the weebiness wasnt needed.

No. 1347865

The fuck is it about then? Its suppossed to be about things that shaped your generation

No. 1347879

Wait, can you post evidence of the theft? I'm also a huge Gintama fan and I never knew this, nor that the silliness in some episodes ruin all of them.
Should Avatar have remained serious through the entire show or never tried doing silly expressions?

Maybe give an example of an animated western show that does it better.

No. 1347883

Sorry meant theft as in hesvily inspired by it. I think the silly expressions made the show hard to watch at time, they felt really forced when the characters were already expressive enough and didnt need to go full "raindrop on forehead" to explain things. I still think avatar is the only show with that style thats bearable the rest look god awful, yes even the castelvania show

No. 1347886

File: 1663875350165.jpeg (52.49 KB, 1440x748, 1644461358967.jpeg)

oo oo ah ah

No. 1347887

File: 1663875362417.jpeg (72.62 KB, 960x830, B4F2B7F9-06C2-451E-9D57-A05848…)

I just fixed the bug infestation in my bathroom by killing every single bug with my bare hands, and I’m deadly afraid of them normally! I sometimes experience this phenomenon I dubbed “silly mode” which helps me get over my inhibitions when I feel threatened. Does this mean my phobia of insects is fake? Who knows!

No. 1347888

omg i always have so much praise for anons who make the celebricow threads kek

No. 1347892

sorry but how can you allow somewhere to get so dirty for bugs to start infesting and stuff? idk I just cant imagine, it makes me shudder.

No. 1347894

it just happens in some places anon, unless you live in a hermetically sealed, temperature and humidity controlled environment, you have bugs.

No. 1347915

File: 1663876796088.jpg (94.08 KB, 873x582, 7017427418486853.jpg)

I regret looking up the workings behind catfish so much. I already suspected it worked the way it works, but having it confirmed took all the fun out of it. When I didn't know for sure, I still could tell myself I could be wrong.

No. 1347939

Ants are eating my walls. They are concrete walls but some shitty concrete, i'm infested every spring searching what new holes to seal. They come from the outside ground so there's no way to get rid of them without poisoning the whole lot. No matter how shiny my floors are they still come, sometimes you gotta live with nature

No. 1347945

I had roaches in my last apartment because my neighbor was a hardcore alcoholic who never cleaned his rotting food and just lived like a fucking pig. I could only keep sealed food in my fridge, and I put tape over every crack in the wall I could find, but those German roaches can flatten out like a piece of paper and I couldn't stop them. It was the only place I could afford when I lived in the city. If you've never had roaches consider yourself privileged nonna

No. 1347974

you mean the TV show or the workings of the actual fish?

No. 1347979

File: 1663880020895.png (22.85 KB, 300x250, S3H78kFzML-2.png)


No. 1347980

The show

No. 1347995

Think about your husbando being bullied and time gotta go fast fast fast fast gotta go faster fast faster

No. 1348005

When did Sonic have his masectomy

No. 1348007

in the latest Sonic the Hedgehog movie's post credits scene.

No. 1348031

File: 1663883130474.jpg (125.58 KB, 742x593, awkward.jpg)

talked to a new chatbot about games and he seemed to forget hes supposed to be a boy. i guess the bot is made from twitter and reddit comments kek


No. 1348032

I'm so tired of all these random people starting podcasts. I just saw two videos from podcasts, one of some people talking about why they shouldn't have to wash their hands after peeing and another of some parents saying they don't bathe their kids. Between this and all the MRA alpha male podcasts I just can't take it anymore. The market is over-saturated. No more podcasts where people are spouting out their horrendous takes. Please.

No. 1348048

The current things you hate thread (#22) pic looked like a tooth to me when I scrolled by fast

No. 1348059

File: 1663884867636.gif (1.3 MB, 640x360, mr-incredible-incredibles.gif)

>scrolling /g/
>pass by nerd guy thread
>seeing recent posts
>me, trying to have hope in my fellow non

No. 1348068

This past year I've been really loving my hair a lot more than usual and feeling confident about it. I still have my complaints because it's a 4C texture, but idk. I like how it looks and feels, even if it can be hard-ish to manage.

No. 1348080

That's awesome, it makes me feel happy that you're embracing your hair! I hope you find some cool ways to style it and love it even more.

No. 1348084

i have the thread hidden for that reason kek

No. 1348099

other than the ted poster it's pretty tame compared to some of the guys in the unconventional thread

No. 1348102

kek I love how nerdfuckers immediately surpassed danofags in terms of cringe

No. 1348114

I'm op of the post and I even think some nerd moids can look cute but some of the choices have me wanting to pat a nonna on the shoulder and tell her that she deserves better

No. 1348116

File: 1663888807098.jpeg (39.03 KB, 275x275, 1663611222446.jpeg)

There's a community of women I loved but I got suspicious because the administration is constantly quiet (yes, more so than lolcow's) and hasn't said anything for months. I don't know if I'm paranoid for not wanting to participate anymore.

No. 1348118

File: 1663889055733.jpg (65.55 KB, 1080x1021, FB_IMG_1663776379334.jpg)

I met a moid at my job, he talked casually about a book he was writing and asked me if I wanted to read it. I was too dumb to say no so I gave him my email. The "book" is nothing but his random thoughts about his life as a college student 15 years ago. It literally sounds like he was using speech to text to write it, that's how horrible it sounds. Anyway he wrote about this girl he was fooling around with, and when he saw she had blonde pubes he immediately "pissed semen" onto her stomach (his words). When I read this I literally YELLED and stopped reading, I actually felt nauseous. Why did he think I would want to read this?? I feel extra gross because he talks about his love for blondes in the "book" and I'm blonde… was he wondering what my pubes look like? idk nonnas. puke

No. 1348121

I have never smoked but god I wish I had a cigarette right now. I ran over my fucking toe with the large recycling bin trying to avoid the spiders.

No. 1348122

I'm not in a good mood right now, but I couldn't help but laugh when I read "pissed semen" that guy is a total creep I'm so sorry

No. 1348123

he definetely thought you would appreciate him cooming for blondes. There's no other way, I think he might be retarded

No. 1348125

which one anon? maybe you're thinking the same will happen to that group as it has been happening here

No. 1348128

what's the brand

No. 1348141

I've never in my life seen a couple where the man was the more attractive partner

No. 1348143

I'm glad I made your bad day a bit better, reading it made my day objectively worse kek
he's definitely retarded, the man is at least 30 and in the book he goes on and on about how he "could've made it" playing hockey

No. 1348160

File: 1663892796171.jpeg (100.32 KB, 700x627, FC05EB88-5519-4706-8DF5-7DC4B2…)

I wish that some network had snatched this up and made it onto a cartoon back in the day. I was so obsessed with these designs and would’ve gotten my parents to shill out a ton of money for them kek

No. 1348168

Same anon I loved them. I wish people could crowdfund around this or her other canned series to make it a web series or something. I hate how the animation industry works. Lauren has made so many cute designs to never set the light of day and I hate it

No. 1348169

I'm still obsessed and often rage to myself about how it will most likely never happen, and if it did, it would be with the "modernized, body positive" redesigns rather than this nostalgic stylized design. Galaxy Girls and Toil and Trouble are right up there with PT/Silent Hills on my list of painful losses.

No. 1348185

I would've had a crush on probably the sad all-white one she would've been my type as a kid (I love the sad ones). Maybe the goth one too. I love monochromatic characters.

No. 1348192

Based taste anon, I think my big crush would be on the hippie chick, Jupiter

No. 1348201

File: 1663895371673.jpg (36.61 KB, 1280x720, cb1.jpg)

i kind of want to call off work tomorrow bc i ordered some expensive shoes online, meant to come tomorrow, and my package was stolen last time so now im paranoid

No. 1348204

File: 1663895484661.png (61.98 KB, 250x239, Milky_Way_and_the_Galaxy_Girls…)

mercury for me

No. 1348217

Same; she gives very much Buttercup vibes so that's probably why. Love how cool and chic she looks.
I also find Jupiter adorable. Don't understand why the redesign got rid of her bell bottom pants.

No. 1348219

Definitely up there for me she'd be one of my faves probably, I love her design it's a really good Mercury. Usually people dont care about that little planet
I love hippy characters
What's the goth one represent? The night sky?

No. 1348237

Pluto, since the god Pluto was the ruler of the underworld

No. 1348266

File: 1663898503613.png (101.95 KB, 223x447, Imageedit_62_6738780263.png)

i dont like most of the redesigns but this one is super cute

No. 1348273

Eh she was cuter before. And not because of the body type change, her original costume and pose were just 1000 times more zappy

No. 1348274

i do miss the fuzzy boa but this one feels a little more cohesive

No. 1348280

Agree to disagree, the funky colors and textures are what made it fun to me. I love Lauren's character designs so much

No. 1348287

I wouldve loved milky, Pluto, moon, and neptune.

No. 1348288

File: 1663900408176.jpeg (926.62 KB, 2789x1814, 6ABBDF96-5726-41D2-A52E-74D6EA…)

Randomly saw this girl on IG who got all the typical surgeries Koreans get to “be prettier” but keeps acting like they were medically necessary lmao
Ptosis = double eyelid surgery for bigger eyes
TMJ jaw issues = jaw bone shaving for V line
Deviated septum = got a nose implant for a higher bridge

Also she looked better before.

No. 1348290

Wtf her before was beautiful, this is sad

No. 1348291

Her before was cuter…and wtf they want their nose bridges bigger? That's a total opposite of most women in the world

No. 1348293

I have bad tmj and the only thing recommended to me is botox, not hacking off my jawline…

No. 1348300

I think they ideally would want a tall but slim bridge, but the implants probably have to be thicker to work? I’m not really sure, I just know most nose implants I’ve seen look thick and weird like hers, could be a case of we only notice the bad surgeries though

No. 1348310

Right like if that were true they'd offer double jaw, vline only cuts the bone. Also I'm pretty sure Dr. Oh is a notorious doctor who has ruined lives and uses promoters to cover it up. But it may be a different one since Koreans have so few surnames

No. 1348375

File: 1663906628108.jpg (30.39 KB, 400x396, 64b9064a4d81e29667cfaabc6998bb…)

I was having crazy writers block, but now I'm having a happy time writing about my Skyrim fan characters. Sure it's not an original universe, and it's a romance of sub-Twilight quality, but I really love coming home and making up more adventures for them. Soon they're gonna get married

Pic not related, I just love it too

No. 1348378

that is cute noni, sounds very cozy

No. 1348397

File: 1663908037365.png (134.67 KB, 1080x608, sims-4-default-loading-screen-…)

Beyonce was right when she said you're not supposed to put blue lights on a black girl
>t. looked in the mirror while sitting in front of the Sims 4 loading screen

No. 1348403

I really love that anon! I too have a skyrim OC, i think one day i write about her.

No. 1348410

I guess I self harmed tonight for the first time. This was stupid. I like body mods and it didn't really hurt so I'm nervous I opened up a window into something bad. I love what I did and it looks beautiful to me.
I love body mods and I think they look so cool. Scars are beautiful

No. 1348415

You should! It's so nice. I just open a notepad file on my computer and write whatever adventure I want. I have a whole folder full of nonsense that doesn't even connect, and reading it just makes me feel so warm and good for some reason. I bet our characters would be friends!

Aw thank you

No. 1348460

I hooked up (I know I know) with a guy who told me he likes to bite during sex, I was like yeah okay sure go ahead but I didn't realize he'd literally try to rip chunks of my flesh off. That's how it felt. I'm covered in bite marks now and they are actually pretty painful. We dirty talked for days before actually meeting up and he seemed to share all of my kinks etc, I thought the sex was going to be amazing but it was just a giant disappointment in every way plus the fucking biting. Such a shame cause he was super sweet and hot otherwise.

No. 1348464

Michael phelps is built like a yaoi man huge shoulders and comparatively tiny head

No. 1348472

Swimmers in genera

No. 1348479

It has been 385 days since I began working in “big tech”, after hanging up my heels as a stripper. Money was good and I made lots for little and lies, but the pandemic fucked up my grifting. What’s a woman devoted to scheming to do? While pondering at my local Starbies, I overheard some guys talking about leetcode “hards” and ask them Wtf is that? Turns out it’s some website with coding puzzles on it that tech companies use to terrorize college idiots with. And the answers were right there. I used to make websites with JavaScript as a kid, so I mass applied to thousands of companies, and cheated on every interview. I got an offer. Turns out corpos coddle their little engies, the work is a joke, and my weekly tasks are done in like 3 hours. What to do with all the free company time? So I started bullying random men by talking about how easy programming is. I can’t believe they think it’s hard at all. They get very defensive when you suggest they couldn’t hack a job outside software, he just wouldn’t make it! I rave about lumberjacks all the time. Men become furious with each other when I am already taken for lunch. A guy shaved his head after I told a group that bald is sexy (It’s not lol). They miss deadlines, I snicker in standup. Any document or code they write, I knitpick. My webcam is on in every meeting, I always look hot. I call random men from the work directory on wfh days and we talk for hours. I “accidentally” send messages to the wrong man, they always fall for it and become intrigued. The men don’t know I’m here to cause chaos. I have 6 simps so far. I’m trying to convince some to kiss each other. I’ve stolen 2 trezor wallets.

No. 1348482

Immediately started reading this in Carrie Bradshaws voice you need to switch up your typing style immediately

No. 1348484

This reads like shitty satire and no woman would ever be able to do this in tech without being stalked and sexploited sorry

No. 1348485

Disregard my previous post >>1348484
I thought I was in the vent thread oh my god

No. 1348495


This is a dumbass safe space i forgive you anon

No. 1348497

I was gonna say congratulations at the first sentence but this whole story sounds like a copypasta

No. 1348499

Thank you anon, that's very kind!

No. 1348513

File: 1663919273683.jpg (310.58 KB, 1500x1000, 1804347993.jpg)

I saw this "lumberjack cold process soap" with a design of the tranny flag but no mention of trans or gender shit on the description of the product page.
Is this a psyop or just some confused person that makes soaps?

No. 1348522

Just went into both the fujo thread and the bad art thread. That's enough bad content for me today.

No. 1348535

File: 1663922091159.jpg (55.59 KB, 564x944, 00fa5e8d4fe9e585528b8caffcaf79…)

oh god nonnie, what the hell, can you outwardly say to him that it is absolutely stupid and disgusting or will you loose your job ?

No. 1348541

Would avoid. That’s very deliberate and weird. Also as a PoB (person of blondness) does anyone else have like blonde pubes around the vulva but then brown on the groin, like a wig? Or do i just have a goofy ahh crotch
>misdemeanour and felony
sounds about right

No. 1348619

i got the same two-tone thing with my pubes. think its kinda fun instead of having one color

No. 1348623

Jesus christ there is literally a thread called "boy love" in /m/. Disgusting. The OP clarifies it is for admiring grown men but come on…

No. 1348630

"boys love" is a term to describe a particular kind of Japanese story/comic about dudes in love…

No. 1348633

I see. It's also a way I've heard to classify pedophiles and what pedos who prefer boys call their… tastes.

No. 1348635

Well words have more than one meaning and it is literally just the word "boy" so maybe don't tinfoil about anons being pedophiles when you said yourself the thread specifies its about men and the art is clearly of men.

No. 1348639

Maybe unhand the grabs Puritanism has on you for just a minute so you can breathe a little

No. 1348665

Oh no, how dare Japanese girls in the 70s make a tiny little grammatical/etymology mistake in English when named a genre they came up with? Anon can you hear yourself? It's on the same level of a grown woman calling herself a girl in a casual sentence that's part of a normal conversation. Soon you'll say the title The Golden Girls is false advertisment because the main characters are old ladies.

No. 1348677

Mad >>1348522 didn't get any responses? lmao

No. 1348680

File: 1663935418939.jpg (112.71 KB, 735x990, 9e76c06306fd29f4346bb7a90b5a49…)

why are glasses made for women always so small? do girls normally have narrow child-sized heads? or am i just a monster with a big head that male glasses fit better? tried on a few female pairs and instantly felt like just my head was obese i wish they'd make frames for big headed girls that didn't make you look so chunky? my head isn't even that big because a lot of hats fit me well

No. 1348683

You don't get yours measured out?

No. 1348684

File: 1663935703739.jpg (136.68 KB, 926x926, babi.jpg)

I wish I had brown eyes

No. 1348686

Never forget that men will fuck donkeys and then literally catch rabies because they shared bodily fluids with a rabid animal. It happens exponentially more than you would think in the 3rd world. Just so you know what sort of creatures we are dealing with

No. 1348688

File: 1663935908531.gif (2.23 MB, 498x280, spider-walk-crawling-backwards…)

What if we're not done yet evolving our way of walking? We went from walking on all fours, but what if we used to walk on all fours in the wrong direction and are in the middle stage of turning it around into the right?

No. 1348689

they measured me after i tried a few one that i liked, but it's hard for me to visualize what the glasses would look like after adjusted for size if they look teeny tiny when i tried them on, usually someone else would pick glasses out for me because i can't see without glasses being on to tell if it looks good.. the clerk helped a little but i ended up getting a 'unisex' pair that didn't look like it was being eaten by my huge head

No. 1348690

My mom told me when i was in kindergarten that my eyes are brown (rest of family blue or green) because I am “full of shit”
Thanks bpd mom no foreseeable damage there

No. 1348693

Well tell your mom she's wrong then, because I'm constantly constipated and my eyes are blue

No. 1348696

Kekkk you deserve good things.

No. 1348704

I had the same issue when I started wearing glasses, the womens section was full of tiny frames, they were all coloured or had tacky fake rhinestones on them which I'm really not into. Got walked over to the male section which had all the dark, smart frames. Why are glasses frames gendered anyway?

No. 1348708

because they know women will pay more for decals over functionality. glasses aren't an accessory they're a medical device but pink tax

No. 1348721

so many women's pairs are some ugly tortoiseshell color that looks like barf or bright uncoordinatable colors and 90% of them are made out of fucking plastic so they break fucking instantly. unless they're the Tumblry harry potter glasses which makes almost every woman look like she has a moon face and the frames always have fucking tiny ass wires that break asap. All the practical glasses are all either fucking tiny sexy secretary glasses or massive unflattering cateye shapes!! i just buy giant metal programmer glasses from the male section every time so I dont have to CONSTANTLY CRANE MY FUCKING NECK to adjust my glasses to see like I do with typical those sexy slim frames. DO NOT GET ME FUCKING STARTED ON HAVING RHINESTONES ON THE FUCKING LENSES. my grandma got me those as a kid and I fucking couldn't see for shit EVER. sorry for the sperg i hate being a foureyes

No. 1348722

Oh so we can call 20 year old women “girls” but 20 year old males can’t be boys?

No. 1348725

Ayrt i will try to think of it as fun instead of weird. PARTY CROTCH WOO

No. 1348726

It’s your pussy acid bleaching the hair! It happens.

No. 1348728

i don't wanna be a fuckin fashionista i want to be able to walk 3 feet without feeling like im on a tightrope with how blind i am!!! hopefully the ones I picked will look as good as i think they do when I saw them when I was squinting through them but if I look like the unabomber then that's fine too!

No. 1348730

People will jump kneel and crawl through broken glass to protect twinks

No. 1348736

Do you even know what is happening here?? What are you talking about?

No. 1348737

I could run a twink over with my Honda Civic no problem.

No. 1348741

Based, get em

No. 1348745

Am I on Reddit

No. 1348756

My fucking car looks like the pretty princess points picture right now.

No. 1348757

ntayrt my pussy biome is making me a bleach blonde? thats pretty damm cool

No. 1348765

File: 1663940806793.png (216.77 KB, 355x804, wat.PNG)

Why does this lolcow screencap have 31k notes on tumblr

No. 1348767

I thought it's called beach blonde…

No. 1348768

I don't care about the why, I just hope they think it's 4chan instead of come flooding here

No. 1348771

To be completely honest those series of posts are structured in a way that would make it big on tumblr. It's just got a tumblr feel to it. The "pal", the shitting on Canada, the jokingly insistent stupidity. Yeah. It's funny, but it definitely has that tumblr aroma to it.

No. 1348778

File: 1663941799848.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 561.63 KB, 828x633, 6BD17849-B5DC-4533-B956-2606E8…)


No. 1348782

I hoped so too but the username is famercaps

No. 1348786

honestly I don't think you blame her for jumping to conclusions when NAMBLA literally has 'boy love' in their title

No. 1348788

They're two different colors and vibes, both are a thing

No. 1348795

When the site was down I looked up lolcow on Twitter to see if it had gone the way of KF. I saw someone tweeting about it being down and missing posting here. Why are twitfag zoomers like this? Outing yourself as a farmer seems like a bad idea

No. 1348796

File: 1663944038579.jpg (15.6 KB, 770x433, cat_1200x768.jpeg.jpg)

I've got the baby fever again. My little girl is asking for siblings (at two years old… seriously) and her adorable requests are kicking my urges to have another baby into overdrive. I want to be a proud warrior mama with her brood close by, ready to fuck shit up at a moment's notice. Raise my little ones to be better than what came before them. I also just want to snuggle them ceaselessly but hey I love my babies. Also want to say I'm not promoting that everynonnie needs to have babies, I just like my own and everynonnie has her choice. Babies or no, you're amazing and beautiful. Live your life to your standards and no one else's. Okay I'm done with my dumbass sperg.

No. 1348800

They do think it's 4chan

No. 1348802

I stand nonnie with you but isn't 2yrs is a little bit too young? Idk how it was your pregnancy but the late months with a 2yrs old running around you sounds rough, maybe when she starts kindergarten and it's a bit more independent? Where i live 3-4 yrs between kids is ideal.

No. 1348804

File: 1663944569713.jpg (489.62 KB, 2219x2975, b9m1cuaodn841.jpg)

This is really cute. As someone who loves children but doesn't feel the need to give birth to any, I fully support you and wish nothing but health any happiness for you and your warrior brood. Blessings to the mothers of the human race

No. 1348806

speaking of the site going down, it's apparently supposed to happen again this weekend

No. 1348807

They're retarded. Anyone who outs herself as a farmer or promotes lc isn't a nonnie for me, just a plain retard.

No. 1348809

One of the accounts on twitter that tweeted about lc being down was an anachan account so it makes sense

No. 1348812

File: 1663945074293.jpg (30.69 KB, 750x739, cac8064e609b19e29d97f6ed3a4b62…)

No. 1348814

Nonnies I work in the back of a thrift store pricing clothes and there was a high end perfume in one of the donation bags and I am so fucking tempted to take it home with me. Should I? I'm trying to come up with ways to nab it… they have cameras in the back but all of the clothing pricers have taken and kept shit (think knick knacks, body sprays, etc) they've found in their donations… and they haven't been reprimanded or fired….fuck it's tempting. Sometimes they even eat food they find in donations kek (of course you know, if it's sealed and the exp date is okay).

No. 1348815

I did false nails for the first time and I’m freaking out, how am I supposed to masturbate

No. 1348819

I used to feel such a connection to the userbase but it feels like something has changed (even prior to kiwifarms getting merked).

No. 1348829

I feel like it’s younger people, twitter fags, PULLtards, people who came from creepshow, etc. I mean it’s a lot of things, and also low moderation. In my opinion. LC’s regulations and culture hasn’t been enforced this year too much

No. 1348838

If you enjoy it or need the money yeah. A lot of donation places are corrupt and holding money anyway.

No. 1348840

File: 1663946629987.jpg (102.72 KB, 1225x680, EYzDKdCXQAAYt3s.jpg)

i am nerdfucker and even i think some of the nonnas have shit taste but i dont wanna tell them because i aint better than them

No. 1348845

if she's a 2 then i must be a -5

No. 1348847

cry about it lmao

No. 1348850

Are you the bundy poster

No. 1348856

no but i don't judge her(bait)

No. 1348867

Omg…my vagina is so powerful…alexa play woman by dona cat

No. 1348869

Why not? You have to be sick in the head to think serial murderers are sexy in any way. I shouldn't even have to tell you this.

No. 1348871

Your hair texture is beautiful and genetically superior to fine, thin, easy to manage hair in every way.

No. 1348873

Bitch please die. Better yet please accept a ride from a stinky unibrowed weirdo with no door handle inside the passenger seat of his car so you can experience the horror of every one of his victims, who he raped and murdered. Shut the fuck up you dumb ho.

No. 1348901

File: 1663949777131.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.67 KB, 632x474, Regina-Kay-Walters.jpg)

Male serial killers are all limp-dicked dead-eyed animals. There is nothing sexy about a moid who victimizes people weaker than him just because nobody stopped him from killing cats as a kid and he got addicted to being a demon. If you simp for serial killers you have an empathy-deficient scrote brain. Picrel, look into her eyes and tell her how hot serial murderers are. God I fucking hate edgy kids who think real life is like the movies. That other nonna is 100% right

No. 1348902

File: 1663949822872.jpeg (24.79 KB, 290x627, 5FCDFE20-D3CD-41AD-BE7D-A044EE…)

>especially itchy mosquito bites
>go to store
>see picrel
>taking benadryl helps the bites, so surely benadryl topically would be good?
>apply to bites
>works great
>annoying giant pimple from a sugar binge
>it destroyed the bite inflammation so maybe…
>pimple is significantly less inflamed the next morning and can be covered with makeup easily
TLDR use this as a spot treatment if you don’t want to bring a pimple to a head using retinol. It actually works pretty well.

No. 1348906

would The Hat Man crawl into my pussy if I fucked myself with the Benadryl stick?

No. 1348916

I'm the second anon and I didn't even make that post kek

No. 1348944

The Hatman is asexual, nona

No. 1348954

I don't know what the lolcow word is for saying I'm the OP but I'm the OP of the pubes post, I'm anonymus here so whatever, my pubes are blonde/white and they get brown at the tips. Definitely not the "bright blonde" the coomer described.
It's ok! he only showed up for a few days and then stopped coming. I work in a pretty large store and I was careful not to tell him about what times I work.

No. 1348964

File: 1663952478807.jpg (178.5 KB, 857x1200, mindset.jpg)

>come home
>reach for the door knob of the bathroom
>continue fumbling it like i never opened a door in my life
conclusion: if you ever feel like you should be really good at something like drawing just because you've been doing it a long time, save yourself the pain. sometimes you just have a bad door-opening day and that's alright

No. 1348970

Absolute rookie mistake giving a man your email, I am in awe at your insolence

No. 1348971


What do you call it when all of your crushes are fictional 2d boys and historical moids but you find yourself checking out 3d girls more often in real life???? this is srs

No. 1348976

Date a woman?

No. 1348978

I agree nonnie, but at least it was my email rather than my number

No. 1348983

androcentric bisexual

No. 1348987

If you can't imagine yourself with a man in real life, you're a lesbian. Fictional guys are nothing like the real thing lol

No. 1348988

Why ugly husbandos make nonnas fight so much kek

No. 1348993

she said historical moids too tho, which are real

No. 1349012

i think its ironic shitposting but in clothes

No. 1349019

File: 1663954054389.jpeg (106.95 KB, 750x999, 2BD29974-C31F-4315-AECB-FC718E…)

No. 1349020


No. 1349021

Historical moids? Like George Washington or something? Lmfao

If it isn't someone she's met, it's an idealized version and therefore not real. Sexual orientation is all about who you want to bang irl

No. 1349023

“Lesbian” fujo cope

No. 1349024

if you get off on the idea of moids, penis, or any combination of the two, you're not lesbian.

No. 1349032

Gently going to remind you that a cartoon is nothing like an actual human being and many fujos pick the most feminine soy 2D because they are gay. It’s fine.

No. 1349035

You’re lucky I’m in class right now (college not high school kek) otherwise I’d start hornyposting all of my 3d historical husbandos from 1840-1950
Then I’d have less time for lc! That’s unacceptable

No. 1349039

If you get off to penises, fictional or not, you are not a lesbian

No. 1349041

Girl you’re burning your clit off to the founding fathers? Men in powdered wigs?

No. 1349043

Listen you angry gatekeeping autist, they aren’t thinking about the penis. The flat, dimensionless, fake, 2D penis. Stop being deliberately obtuse

No. 1349045

>pick the most feminine soy 2D
As a fujo this is such an untrue generalization

No. 1349048

Founding fathers? Powdered wigs? In 1840??? Tell me you didn’t pay attention in history class without telling me you didn’t pay attention in history class

No. 1349049

I am not talking about #allfujos relax, I’m talking about lesbians

No. 1349051

would you say the same about a straight guy doing something equivalent to that? no. and dont come here with UMMM ACTUALLY I WOULD AKSHUALLY because you wont, and that is okay. its like that other anon said if you get off to penis then you are not a lesbian "nothing like the real thing" please… there's nothing wrong with being bisexual you know, as much as people want you to think there is.

No. 1349053

>they aren’t thinking about the penis
Idk anon if it's a smut doujin/fanart I'm pretty sure it's normal to think about the penises being drawn

No. 1349054

fujos cope with the shame of being accused by other retards of "fetishising gay relationships" by claiming they're lesbians. stop perpetuating "fujos are gay women actually" tumblr meme and admit you're bi (or het.)

No. 1349055

You’re damn right I didn’t. I do not care about no 1890 pip pip cheerio throwing their shit out the front shutters cobbled streets men. They didn’t even wipe. They had no deodorant. They had fleas. Not interested.

No. 1349056

but they're not characters and look exactly the same as real men, i don't think she's imagining an invisible dick from a realistic painting of like napoleon or something. that's like saying someone who wants to fuck a male celeb is 'asexual' just because they're a virgin who hasn't fucked anyone irl yet

No. 1349058

No one is saying all fujos are gay but anon literally said she only fantasized about 3D women stop being a trite bitch for five seconds

No. 1349061

Not fantasizing about 3D men isn't a lesbian exclusive trait once you're even slightly aware of male horrors and casual misogyny in men

No. 1349064

Using this retarded logic I gues moids into lolibabas aren't pedos either

No. 1349065

>george washington
Yeah i'd hope she;'d have better taste than that

No. 1349067

>What do you call it when all of your crushes are fictional 2d boys and historical moids but you find yourself checking out 3d girls more often in real life???? this is srs
>fictional 2d boys
>historical moids

it's bisexuality (at best) and autism, and you know she flicks it to the 2ds butt fucking each other with their penises 99% of the time

No. 1349071

Versus buttfucking each other without penises? What if it's more about the buttfucking than the penis. What if it's about the helpless man's asshole being pounded as he grips the sheets- sorry.

No. 1349074

File: 1663955112726.jpg (972.42 KB, 1491x2242, YxRzU2e.jpg)

I’m warning you

No. 1349076

is this the "definitely a lesbian" from the confessions thread again?

No. 1349079

historical men are still 3DPD, only difference is they're dead kek. like how many lesbians are into >>1349074

No. 1349080

No I am not

No. 1349081

No. 1349082

Kek I feel so bad that you caused all this drama anon. I would say you're bi, but honestly no one can really tell you who you are because we don't know you and can't look in your head. If you're not sure then you don't need to rush to put a name to your sexuality. You have to figure it out for yourself.

No. 1349085


No. 1349086

I guess lc just attracts a special type of self hating hetero who doesn't know how to sage

No. 1349088

Nah this is pretty funny tbh

No. 1349089

She said she is only attracted to 3D women I don’t understand what isn’t clicking for you

No. 1349090

>sageing in the dumbass shit thread

No. 1349091

You don’t have to sage on ot newfag

No. 1349093

nta but you dont have to sage on non cow boards

No. 1349094

>hating hetero
The site was literally founded by hating heteros. The entire premise of lc is hating heteros. Where have you been.

No. 1349097

The fuck you talking about

No. 1349099

>but you find yourself checking out 3d girls more often
>more often
Use your head a little. The historical figure thing nips this conversation in the bud anyway

No. 1349101

File: 1663955537930.jpg (37.99 KB, 355x599, 355px-Buster_Keaton_WWI.jpg)

>not wanting a man born in the 1890s

No. 1349103

File: 1663955565295.gif (17.67 KB, 220x220, bunny (2).gif)

My new glasses are ready for me to get them and I just took my little vitamin gummies. My anxiety isn't kicking my ass so far. Today is a good day. I even went a little crazy and took an extra gummy.

No. 1349104

>extra gummy
why would you willingly poison yourself

No. 1349105

Sheldon cooper looking mofo

No. 1349106

because she also she wants to fuck george washington. 2+2=5.

No. 1349109

Hey it's me, you wanna fight tranny? Lmao

No. 1349112

File: 1663955775882.png (1.03 MB, 1024x1024, latest-3888052745.png)

Young George was pretty cute though

No. 1349114

No anon, where have you been? What are you talking about?

No. 1349118

>vitamin gummies

No. 1349119

Lesbian icon Buster Keaton

No. 1349122

if you take 2 you are overdosing on certain nutrients, be wary

No. 1349126

ok dont come crying to me when you're dying of vitamin c overdose

No. 1349130

You don't even know the serving size or what vitamins it is.

No. 1349133

leans in and gives your hair a sniff

No. 1349135

drinking lots of cacao milk makes me really itchy

No. 1349136

This is a woman

No. 1349140

Young George Washington was a bishie

No. 1349142

Please for the love of god’s can you not talk like you’re replying to a tumblr post and have some weird username like ratlover85

No. 1349144

That is a woman

No. 1349145

File: 1663956311943.jpg (101.52 KB, 793x600, jEnZZj8.jpg)

This one is from 1847. Hnnng~

No. 1349147

File: 1663956343132.png (1.54 MB, 1020x1488, BF688725-A248-4048-BBA9-0CD78A…)

Apparently most people should be taking vitamins and supplements because modern vegetables and food products don’t provide as much nutritional value as it used to years ago.

No. 1349148

me cleaning my room and eating veggies and telling myself my husbando would be proud

No. 1349152

oofums, ssowwy

No. 1349153

its a young guy men should be stuck at 19

No. 1349154

that is NOT George Washington SOURCE CHECKER: 123456 12456… SYSTEM PROCESSING.. ANON IS A DUMBASS

No. 1349162

File: 1663956575964.jpeg (3.58 KB, 201x251, download.jpeg)

George W for all the nonnas

No. 1349163

No. 1349165

cry troon

No. 1349166

File: 1663956625246.jpg (181.53 KB, 711x1026, hTuKs3A.jpg)

1940. UNF

No. 1349170

18-25, for males who are lucky to not be bald by then

No. 1349171

File: 1663956684337.jpg (40.78 KB, 1290x861, 116574347_130756552044604_4636…)

If you're still here fucker, know that I'll always identify as a lesbian and you can't stop me. I might get off to imagining men having their noses broken, but dicks are disgusting and I'll never touch a man as long as I live. You're a coward who deletes your comments anyway. You can never throw down against my 30+ year old virgin wizard powers. Call the cops, they can't save you

No. 1349172

Men back then were actually pretty handsome, even if they're not really my type. I see why anon likes historical men.

No. 1349173

Bless this man, I love peanut butter it's the happiness nut butter around.

No. 1349176

Where the fuck do you guys keep meeting all these people with BPD. Like there can’t be that many of you some of you are lying.

No. 1349177

25 is too much men speedrun hitting the wall

No. 1349178

File: 1663956762733.jpeg (788.72 KB, 828x821, D08DF921-5926-4DE3-ACF5-86E65E…)

Why do some of you type “unalive” and “off” in reference to killing. This isn’t twitter or TikTok kek Be urself..

No. 1349180

You are the backbone of society

No. 1349181

File: 1663956810155.jpg (60.99 KB, 812x633, 14516u.preview.jpg)

men from history are literally the only men worth simping for

No. 1349182

It’s called a joke. Post ironic. Having fun. Being silly. Look it up.

No. 1349184

File: 1663956850015.jpg (140.37 KB, 501x650, 4zd2vwt.jpg)

1930s 3d husbando

No. 1349186

No. 1349187

I’m crying so bad KEK

No. 1349188

This is like a sun beaten 16 year old that looked like a warped leather hide by 19 and perished in war at 20

No. 1349191

Zoomerism is a very serious disease
Get well soon

No. 1349193

18 year olds look like children to me where are you guys seeing attractive 18 year old males

No. 1349194


No. 1349196

They don’t make em like they used to sighs

No. 1349197

Nowhere tbh

No. 1349198

1930s rapists and misogynists

No. 1349199

Not a zoomer just have a sense of humor. I don’t understand why unalive yourself bothers you anyways, it gets redtexted less than the traditional ‘kill yourself’ and I read it as sarcasm, which anons use here frequently anyways

No. 1349201

Fertility wise it makes no sense that my sex drive peak every month is meer hours before I start my period. Its like my body knows that I don't want a baby so it plays along with me. Good body.

No. 1349202

oh damn you're right I'd rather have a pasty 21st century scrote that never stops masturbating

No. 1349205

summoning napoleon anon

No. 1349206

File: 1663957269355.jpg (79.28 KB, 616x820, cat drinking milk.jpg)

>tfw looking at a vegan/vegetarian recipe video with a meat substitute and there's comments from meat-eaters complaining about it
Why are you even here. Clearly it's not for you.

No. 1349207

Man in picrel would beat you to the ICU for not baking him a peach pie with the pot roast on a Tuesday evening

No. 1349208

i love cat they always look like cartoons

No. 1349211

Nta but men still do that today, it's only that the men in the past look good looking and the ones today look like goblins.

No. 1349220

You bitches that glamorize men from the age where they beat and raped their lobotomized wives every night are something else

No. 1349222

I feel like the anons saying men look attractive at 18 are 30 year old women

No. 1349224

Men are exactly the same no matter what era, it's just that the ones today will sexually assault you then gas-light you into staying.

No. 1349225

Unlike the civilized modern men, who beat and rape their girlfriends every night and then cut off their own dicks

No. 1349226

I agree. Overcompensating or something. I’m getting there but I don’t find barely legal boys attractive because most of them still look like teens…

No. 1349227

Pretending society now is anything like it was when your husband drank and beat the shit out of you and you were lobotomized for showing emotion and didn’t have any personal agency at all in any sense is interesting

No. 1349229

File: 1663957816570.jpg (71.79 KB, 828x810, cat but he's cubes.jpg)

Have another cat since it seems like we may be getting raided (and because these idiots are infighting now, shaking my head.)

No. 1349230

I'm 23 and even if an 18 year old is 'cute' or handsome he's still just a kid to me, idk. Especially in this year a lot of them are so immature at 18.

No. 1349231

Eh you're right actually, I take it back. Men might be the same hideous creatures in every era, but we at least have more laws protecting women nowadays. Thanks for the reality check nonna

No. 1349232

Men are already trying to take away personal agency by getting rid of abortion right now, All men are shit but at least the ones in the past were eyecandy.

No. 1349233

File: 1663957866362.jpg (40.33 KB, 720x630, 271785239_897579630929575_2706…)

i am 21, men just age like crap and i am not looking forward to dating someone and seeing them rot

No. 1349234

minecraft gato

No. 1349235

It’s very weird. I understand they say it because of the double standard, a man can swoop in right into the bird’s nest and take an 18 year old but the reverse is called out even though it’s equally creepy. Men of all ages suck ass but there is something about 18-30 year old men that act like demonic chimpanzees

No. 1349236

You’re perhaps crazy, like genuinely. Anyone who unironically glamorizes that era is 50 shades of retarded.

No. 1349239

Joking and shitposting is fun so if you’re kidding sorry I just think of all of the very real women who were tortured and it makes me sad

No. 1349240

I don’t know how they can care about all women when they dump after scrotes who likely raping and genociding women and the people they come from

No. 1349241

Are you having a stroke

No. 1349242

Why are you putting words in my mouth, Saying that men looked better in the past is not glamorization it's the truth. Men of today are still garbage with just a woke coat of paint, and saying that past men are hot is not being supportive of the shitty things men did in the past.

No. 1349243

>it’s equally creepy.
it's not, you cant mentally, physically and financially abuse a young moid it's not the same power dynamic.

No. 1349244

Is true, men of the past looked better because of the healthier diet and lifestyle it isn't some crazy out there opinion

No. 1349245

Their faces looked like California raisins but their bodies were snatched I will give you that

No. 1349249

It looks fun to have a husbando. But I can’t fake attraction to them. How do you find your husbando?

No. 1349250

No, you were 100% right to correct me. Shit posting is all well and good, but I never want to trivialize what my grandmothers went through. If we just act bullheaded all the time and don't consider that we might occasionally be wrong, we're no better than the moids.

Okay we'd still be better, but not by enough.

No. 1349254

kek probably

No. 1349256

he choosed me

No. 1349260

I just recently read an article in the news stories that fucked with us thread I believe about a smart young woman in college in Chicago who had mild mental health issues and was taken into the system, experimented on, and lobotomized to the point of disability. Things like that stick with me.

No. 1349261

i found my husbando because he is cute and his personality is sweet. You would have to be okay with being a retard with 2d husbando brainrot tho

No. 1349262

File: 1663958701398.jpeg (113.22 KB, 896x1579, 0727A931-005B-46D3-B447-40A2AC…)

Aaron Taylor Johnson fancam insert

No. 1349264

As they should. Lobotomies were absolutely a tool used by men to control and silence women. When my friends poke fun at me for a feminist, sometimes I tell them that I'm the same age as the federal law that made it illegal to rape your spouse. They make this stuff sound far away, but it was within a couple generations that women were considered the property of their fathers, and then their husbands. That's what we're fighting against, we can never forget.

No. 1349267

Thought that was Robert DeNiro. Is he wearing concealer?

No. 1349269

File: 1663958838972.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.25 KB, 499x599, 346839846738479.jpg)


No. 1349270

Spoiler your ugly hairy ape ffs

No. 1349272

The fuck is this nasty shit

No. 1349274

I replied to that anon and I'm 23

No. 1349275

File: 1663958898366.jpeg (108.74 KB, 1281x1598, ED93A918-5AA7-4BE0-AFEA-03AFCF…)

No. 1349277

that's guy fieri lmao

No. 1349279

Cute bird

No. 1349281


No. 1349282

lmao nonna

No. 1349283

File: 1663959024660.gif (Spoiler Image, 279.3 KB, 275x155, CE66819B-24B6-4643-8BF5-536C57…)

No. 1349284

If you wanna do this you can count on me because he was HOT

No. 1349285

No. 1349288


No. 1349291

Ok I’m sorry I have to ask who is the dogboy? I’m thinking he is kind of cute, but perhaps it is Stockholm syndrome because he gets posted so much

No. 1349292

whats the story behind this cursed gif?

No. 1349293

rumor says anorectal chan has stuck a vibrator up his butthole and it still vibrates to this day

No. 1349298

No. 1349304

>his butthole
also chan can be used for men if you want to be extra endearing and/or condescending

No. 1349311

its jake from enhypen.

No. 1349313

File: 1663959960693.jpg (24.26 KB, 370x408, IAsw2RD.jpg)

Sorry nonna, here’s my historical scrote-murdering waifu from the 1860s

No. 1349315

wow who is she

No. 1349316

No. 1349317

Paula Angel ♥

No. 1349329

get well soon xo

No. 1349335

unalive yourself xo

No. 1349361

I know this fight is over but I have to say that it's unfathomably fucking stupid to think that internet era males are somehow less misognystic than the ones from last century.

No. 1349370

They're likely worse

No. 1349374

Which soap2day is the "legit" one?

No. 1349376

Top two are fine just don’t be stupid

No. 1349378

It’s unfathomably stupid to not factor in the fact that men got to literally ship their wives off the funny farm to get part of their brain removed with no repercussions and the effects that would have on how they treated the women in their lives

No. 1349379

>just don’t be stupid
Like doing what? I just want to watch a show

No. 1349380

Go to soapgate.org It's a page of all of their domains.

No. 1349382

Thanks. This is the best site to watch TV shows btw, right? My brother cancelled all our subs so it's been a while since I pirated I'm out of touch with the market

No. 1349383

noooo nonnerino don't you know that every man born before 1940 personally lobotomized at least ten women in his lifetime??

No. 1349386

As the dutch collected the hands of cambodians so did western males collect the frontal lobes of women smh

No. 1349387

Yes, that or moviecrumbs.net are what I always use. Just remember that the search thing on soap2day is kinda bad, so instead of searching a full title it's better to search for one word.

No. 1349389

You are seriously retarded if you think men back then were any better just because the extent of their crimes weren’t documented on social media

No. 1349400

I don't think anyone is saying they're not misogynistic but just that men of the past were pretty horrifically misogynistic. It was also easier for them to get away with hurting women. We do have it better now.

No. 1349404

I’m >>1348971 yeah I know historical moids are usually misogynists and whatever but I want them to join my boy harem and become homosexual sex slaves not my wedded equals I hope this ends the infight now kekekek

No. 1349407

We have it much better and entirely glazing over what would be an actual nightmare for us is just weird to me. Who the hell is saying you have to like moids now? At least now you aren’t forced to marry one and be his breedsow and cook him 3 meals a day while he gets drunk and punches you in the stomach six times for not making the bed

No. 1349417

I just know George Washington would've treated me right

No. 1349420

He'd give you peanuts

No. 1349421

I want George to handfeed me peanuts like I'm a cute little squirrel…

No. 1349422

Makes me sad to think about how many cute scrotes might’ve existed throughout history but we don’t have photos of them

No. 1349430

I feel like genuinely every first date I go on is bad. Even if there’s such a good dynamic talking beforehand they’re never the same way meeting irl and I just don’t feel that spark in person

No. 1349454

I hope when you went into work today you smacked him in the face without saying a word

No. 1349466

Is there a reason why Skylar White is over a decade younger than Walter or was it just a moid decision? Only on season 1 but I don't mind spoilers

No. 1349472

Art is only pretentious when it expresses the same message over and over again.

No. 1349478

Fate isn’t real, there are no main characters, there is no guarantee of reward at the end of great suffering. The sanctity of life is a meme. The ones at the top don’t let us die because they keep us like cattle. Breeders perpetuate the structure of society, a steady supply of bodies for factories and battlefields. The only meaningful choice I can make in this world is to kill myself and waste all my potential. Fuck the health service, it’s an apparatus of the state to police your body aka company property.

No. 1349480

last season and they havent explained it, waltuh looks like 60 too so it stands out a lot

No. 1349481

its almost october Nonnas, have you achieved your yearly goals yet?

No. 1349482

File: 1663965793657.jpg (123.93 KB, 1600x1158, hairless-cat-taking-bath-sink-…)

I started using a gentle face cleanser on my vagina and I like it.
Also why is this cat being washed in the sink

No. 1349484

do you also like infections

No. 1349489

My birthday is 3 days into libra season I consider this the start of the year and I've got my body goals down so idgaf about the rest of the year happy birthday to moi!!!

No. 1349491

I'm sure I will be perfectly fine but if I do get an infection then I'll just stop using it.

No. 1349493

Happy birthday!

No. 1349495

Hbd gorgeous!

No. 1349501

And happy equinox to you gorgeous ladies, enjoy the skies during libra season they're beautiful

No. 1349524

No one posted Ted Bundy in the nerd thread kek. Are you talking about Ted Kaczynski? And all of his victims were men.

No. 1349525

it's the response camping for me. it's giving insecurity vibes. it's not it chief, no cap. deadass

No. 1349529

I accidentally used vaginal wash in my hair recent and it made it really silky.
And before this turns into a vagina washing sperg out, it's the kind used on your outer parts.

No. 1349531

Ted Bundy killed exclusively women. You're thinking of Jeffery Dahmer

No. 1349536

It's to show how even when women have a decade less of life experience than scrotes, we're still infinitely more mature and reasonable

Tbh it was probably just to spare moids the harrowing fate of looking at an older actress

No. 1349537

I meant that Ted Kaczynski was posted in the nerd thread (not Ted Bundy) and that all of Ted Kaczynski's victims were men. Sorry, I realize my wording was shitty on that post

No. 1349542

Yess me too! Two toned pubes! Or ombré pube. I thought mine were weird

No. 1349549

One of my friends from highschool texted our group chat last night asking if anyone else got a message about a reunion some people are planning for next year… God damn I can't believe I graduated high school almost 10 years ago kek. I'm not doing anything super amazing, I work as an admin and I get to do some cool stuff but my pay is mediocre, but I can't complain too much because I think my life is pretty swell since I'm no longer a self sabotaging, mentally ill wreck. I'm kind of curious to see what everyone is up to but I know it'll probably be a dick measuring contest shitshow because my highschool had a focus on preparing students for premed so I have a feeling everyone who did go to medical school will look down on everyone who didn't. Anyway, I'm still really good friends with my close friends from high school and it's not like I need a reunion to see them.

Also think it's funny that my dog, who I've had since I was in elementary school, has been with me since I entered and left high school, and is still around for people to be talking about a fucking reunion kek.

No. 1349571

i just got a shiver up my spine remembering a few men i used to crush on when my self esteem was terribly low. these days i could never see them as physically attractive or even somewhat cute. they were often assholes in some way too. how my standards have raised ever since i started loving myself

No. 1349583

File: 1663971338531.webm (9.22 MB, 576x1024, 6YZ_EkLTi8sGSqDX.webm)

Damm I used to think that emotional incest and mother son/husband relationships existed only in South Asia and The Middle east, didn't realize they happened in the west as well(its so fucking messed up and cringe to witness IRL),

No. 1349588

AYRT I waited for my ban to expire… I don't know how (I was probably tired and needed sleep) but when I replied to that post I forgot who that scrote was, yes I'm kinda retarded. So when I got the ban I checked the post I replied to again and realized my mistake. Just for the record I do judge whoever posted him.

No. 1349592

>so do you want her to be short, tall, skinny
>i want her to be my age
>you want her to be skinny, thicc, fat?
>what do you consider mommy
KEK this is awful

No. 1349601

My heater is on for the first time this season. I'm snuggled under a blanket, brought some snacks to binge eat, and weed to smoke.
Life is good.

No. 1349634

If we didn't eat and talk with our mouths do you think they would be wrinkle free

No. 1349646

No. 1349655

no because gravity is a bitch

No. 1349663

File: 1663974850179.png (265.58 KB, 418x317, Capture.PNG)

How does fondant taste? My issue with Fondant cakes is I see people putting all kinds of shit, powders and tastes and it doesn't seem like they care about the taste of the cake, when they add random edible things so they can make the cake. Like say someone is making a strawberry Shortcake, but the theme of the cake is like Alligater. So they'll use like Coco Powder or something tp paint on the hunks of fondont.

No. 1349664

File: 1663975029191.jpg (97.51 KB, 720x540, 1f6ce9e1fb0685841dad4c5cdd8f97…)

Frogs vs. Toads, Crocadiles vs. Alligators, Turtles vs. Tortise, Mice vs. Rats…I don't know something about how all these animals have similar bigger sisters weird me out.

No. 1349668

Depends on the fondant brand and if people used some kind of flavored one or the marshmallows in microwave method. But it's usually just a sugary, sticky and sometimes dry paste. It's not pleasant for me and many other people, hence why many customers are going back to buttercream icing cakes. The fondant cakes were mostly a thing of the 2010's to make ~wow crazy~ decorations in cakes, people eventually figured out there's no point in having a pretty cake if the taste isn't even that good.

No. 1349674

Like ass. It's gummy and tastes like you mixed flavorless powder with water to make a paste. Cake decorators who rely primarily on fondant are lazy. If you get a piece of cake covered in fondant, peel that shit off or refuse the cake because there's probably only a crumb coating on the outside underneath and thin layer of filling between layers.

No. 1349685

I'm twenty years into having periods. Only twenty more years to go.

No. 1349687

Yep I notice that as well. They don't do shit to the inside and there's barely any frosting or anything. It's all about the pounds of clay doh basically being formed to look like something like a Cat or something. I watch a youtuber (shorts really), who makes "realistic cakes" and 90% of it is just fondont, with green butter creme and chocolate cake.Though I assume she doesn't make the cakes to be "edible" really, but for her channel. Also there's a big youtuber like "How to cake that".

No. 1349688


No. 1349706

File: 1663976789958.jpeg (194.75 KB, 1500x828, 67628180-A3F4-4967-90A9-813C49…)

Screw fondant cake, make me a marzipan covered cake.
Wait why isn’t anyone making marzipan covered cakes?

No. 1349736

Oh those are good

No. 1349787

is this my great grandma posting?? young people enjoying fruit marzipans in 2022????? i won't accept this

No. 1349813

File: 1663979241482.gif (444.8 KB, 200x200, 200w.gif)

There's so much infighting going on in different threads and I cannot keep up

No. 1349821

It's the same moid that's shitting up cc threads I think. He has nothing to do on the night before his birthday.

No. 1349835

Dont be silly. Fruit marzipan is gorgeous. It’s like play dough but you’re allowed to eat it ♥ you just need to try the right marzipan and you will be converted

No. 1349843

If someone says kids should be SA'd you'd better believe I'm gonna fight them, I don't care if it's nonny on nonny violence, the other nonny is a nonce, nonna

No. 1349872

i also do, and have you never had marzipan in chocolate? marzipan is like my favorite candy. i love any almond paste based sweet. macarons, almond croissant. come join us, anon!

No. 1349888

i'm sorry nonnies but i can't stand for this. marzipan is horrible but i don't know what exactly makes it so bad to me. i will, however, forever defend and love turrón de Jijona, which is similar in ingredients but somehow a million times better?

No. 1349896

you probably just didn't have good marzipan. sorry bb.

No. 1349955

I just had some of those the other day!!! Might try to make my own marzipan soon, I'll put it on a cake in your honor anon

No. 1349959

I’m really desperate to distract myself right now so I decided to check on gurugossiper and apparently I’m permabanned despite never having an account? Kek

No. 1350000

>It’s like play dough but you’re allowed to eat it
That sounds like fondant honestly

No. 1350012

Whenever I’m about to sleep in complete silence with no white noise (like a fan or some video with rain or something) I notice I hear faint, constant ringing. I just realized I have tinnitus and I’ve had it forever now, weird.

No. 1350013

I miss being a resort owner in the Sims 3

No. 1350014

That's normal, it's the sound of your neurons

No. 1350018

It's ok I did too

No. 1350024

Wait really

No. 1350028

I wish you guys could hear the chavvy accent I put on when I sing along to YOU'RE SUCH A FUGITIVE BUT YOU DON'T KNOW what you're runnin from you can't kid us and you couldn't trick anyone Houdini luv you don't know what you're running away from~

No. 1350031

use vocaroo

No. 1350036

when I do something retarded like accidentally ask a question when it has already been answered I don't go on lolcow for a week out of embarrassment

No. 1350038

More people should do this

No. 1350040

I wish all moids in their loud cars driving by tonight would get shot or shoot themselves. Annoying pricks.

No. 1350050

You’re me

No. 1350054

kek you're cute

No. 1350087


No. 1350089

I hate how much time it can take to prepare to make a meal that will last 5-20 minutes (maybe a lil more depending on what it is). I love to cook and I love to eat but it feels like a scam sometimes.

No. 1350116

have you considered hello fresh or the like?

No. 1350122

File: 1663988225386.jpg (Spoiler Image, 861.82 KB, 1080x2163, Screenshot_20220923-195637_Red…)

Men are fucking deranged.

No. 1350126

the fact that men can do shit like this and not be pariahs shows how little we've progressed as a society

No. 1350128

Idk about other countries besides Burgerland but you can also find a private chef to meal prep for you. I know "private chef" sounds daunting or expensive af but it's regular people making food in their kitchens and delivering it to you or you can pick it up. I would suggest making sure they have sanitary practices or rent a commercial kitchen etc.

No. 1350130

Thank you for the suggestions anons, but it's not cooking or prepping that bothers me lol. I was really just ranting about how fast it can be to eat (at least for me). I realize my OP sounds confusing

No. 1350131

It doesn't even show how little society has progressed, it shows how much it's degraded. Males are a failed experiment.

No. 1350132

no? when was it good? there was never a time in which it was good.

No. 1350139

File: 1663988944101.jpg (516.41 KB, 1080x1506, Screenshot_20220923-200612_Fir…)

Ohh I see. Yeah I totally know what you mean, it does suck. It takes like an hour to prep a lot of times & it's worth it in the end but I went through the same lamentation as you. You can try prepping common ingredients on the weekend or whatev and keep them in airtight containers (Sorry I know yr just venting & not necessarily looking for suggestions per se). Related: I want picrel. The only thing about that is what happens when the blades get dull?

No. 1350142

File: 1663989062921.jpg (Spoiler Image, 646.49 KB, 1080x2162, Screenshot_20220923-193949_Chr…)

Men are deranged: pt II

No. 1350143

Thank you anon, I do appreciate it!
>The only thing about that is what happens when the blades get dull?
I've heard foil can sharpen blades

No. 1350149

Noticing how abusive people LOVE to use the word abuse sarcastically.

No. 1350150

I've been getting Queen's Blade ads on Twitter and on my phone non stop and I have no idea why

No. 1350158

Never see regular people doing this btw. It’s always really nasty awful people who hate women how funny is that!

No. 1350195

File: 1663992499202.jpg (Spoiler Image, 152.66 KB, 593x900, boooo.jpg)

ok, this is probably just a sign of some deep defect on my part…but I literally don't understand the concept of crushing or fantasizing about anyone I don't know extremely well. Even when I was 12 I was terrified at the concept of being let down so I basically solely idealized fictional characters, not even celebrities, and to this day I've never really felt sexually attracted to anyone real. I can't believe I can be so weird yet so wonderbread bland at the same time.

No. 1350196

A lot of abusive people have adopted the language either to 1. Undermine the meanings or 2. Overcompensate and pretend they’re so in tune. They’re always so transparent about it though.

No. 1350200

I have genuinely never, ever seen a normal person be like “omg ya I’m sooooo abusive” or make satirical references to abuse outside of the basic “When your enbie roomie sock says you’re abusive for making them do the dishes” routine. However I can count four people in the last like month who are genuinely abusers on paper that keep making overcompensation tweets like “omg I’m suu abusive eye roll emoji” and it’s glaringly transparent.

No. 1350205

I don’t think that’s weird. Don’t most people have to actually know someone to have a crush on them? Like if you don’t know the person quite well you just find them attractive or like the idea of them. I personally can’t feel attracted to characters but have only had crushes on people I already knew were interested in me lol

No. 1350211

File: 1663993259262.png (1.05 MB, 1480x1093, 833010F6-8784-4DDF-9A80-9EC1C0…)

You love throwing stones in glass houses. In fact it seems like it’s your special skill!! You excel at it at such an impressive level.

No. 1350301

nta but does that mean "celebrity crushes" aren't really crushes since no one actually knows them? tho that's the term everyone uses. but then where do fictional characters fall into

No. 1350324

That’s my opinion, yes.

No. 1350333

I am actually autistic which makes me lag on a few things but looking back it is funny now to realize how angry men got at me when I blew off their manipulation tactics and didn't react the way they wanted me too, how hard they would try is hilarious. Srs why can't men just be open about their emotions?

No. 1350334

File: 1664001435150.jpg (136.84 KB, 971x700, tlc.jpg)

I'm not a funko pop person but I just saw that they have TLC ones and oh my gosh they're so cute!

No. 1350335

I don't know why I don't want to befriend women. I don't think less of other women, but even when I'm lonely or think about how it'd help a lot to network I just visualize talking to guys. I've only had female friends all my life, although they were.mostly just held together by circumstances. And yet I'm more terrified of women than men.

No. 1350337

Who's this about

No. 1350352


No. 1350355

File: 1664004122671.png (2.77 KB, 350x217, img34-567.png)

No. 1350400

Being a woman in your early or mid 20s is weird because you still feel like a teenager sometimes but then you also see that all the grown male celebrities you were following as a teen are now dating women (and sometimes men) your age or younger. It just shows how men set no limits for themselves. The only limit is the law. Meanwhile I can’t even imagine dating someone who’s 20 when I myself am 24. What got me thinking about this was the fact that I was an avid frank ocean listener as a teen and now he’s allegedly dating a man my age. Maybe i feel weird because I associate him with my childhood and stuff, but still, this keeps happening a lot. I really am disgusted by men’s entitlement to young people. I’m strongly opposed to age gap relationships because 9 out 10 times it benefits men.

No. 1350418

It is another quality most men share that creeps me the fuck out. That's why I hate online dating apps too, because I know men have their filters set from the minimum to like their own age. They think women fear "competition", but what I fear is that men that look for relationships would have no problem fucking a recent high school graduate between two dates with "the one that makes me delete this app". If I knowingly hit on a 18-19 year old, I couldn't look into the mirror.

No. 1350422

File: 1664009971768.jpeg (70.63 KB, 750x717, 6023C4D8-6678-4364-91EE-B91B87…)

i did my boyfreinds makeup and somehow he turned out looking like my sister

No. 1350426

couples who look like siblings creep me out

No. 1350437

I never had one. I've been thinking about playing Sims 3 again for the past few days, maybe I'll do this.

No. 1350441

no he didn't, males can never look female, he already somewhat looked like you and the make up likely just highlighted those features

No. 1350469

I noticed lately that more tattoo pics on insta (shared by artists) will show a lil bit of bikini line hair or you'll see that a woman with a leg tattoo only shaved the area that's getting tatted. I think it's cool. I respect it but the amount of men who freak out about how it would hypothetically be disgusting if they went down on her. Dude she's not offering. Stop having imaginary sex with women and your lil problem fixes itself.

No. 1350486

File: 1664015631023.png (91.95 KB, 275x266, 1656784960874.png)

Tfw you thought you were straight but you have a crush on this woman and don't want to scare her off and

Ayrt, me too.. What twist of fate is this, I hope we're talking about the same person kek.

No. 1350635

Has anyone ever tried a pistachio baklava? I’m eating one rn and its making me nauseous

No. 1350709

Why are you being so "well actually!" about that post, anon.

No. 1350738

late, sorry, but I majorly need to get new glasses/eyes checked again. my eyes aren’t too bad but they’re worse than before and my previous pair broke. when I was shopping for them online (EyeBuyDirect maybe? Something cheap) the ones I got were the only style that was modeled on an elderly man. and they’re just like…big wire framed glasses? l maybe you’d call it a large aviator frame. Anyway, they were cuter on me than the elderly man model.

No. 1350753

May you be blessed for sharing this information

No. 1350782

File: 1664033805728.png (566.5 KB, 640x491, elsie.png)

With the recent announcement of HM:AWL getting a switch remake I got nostalgic and got my GameCube out to replay it. I wanted to ask you guys what I should call my first cow, but while typing I realized that Elsie is the most obivous, and only, choice.

No. 1350784

I've always named my first cow Bean since I was a kid

No. 1350787

For me it's always horses named Megan.

No. 1350789

Lately I’ve been having fun destroying the ego of hot guys, especially when they know they’re hot and they act a bit cocky. We’ll be making out and they start putting on their little shows. They perform their “sexy” moves and talk dirty and they’re so sure of themselves and that I’m super into it. I let them try to work me up for a few minutes, they fail, and then I make a disgusted face push them off of me and say “EW you have sex like a porn addict!”. Their fucking faces fall a thousand feet and their self confidence shatters kek. They immediately switch to “o-oh do you really think it’s porn? Wait please I want to do better for you please tell me what’s good what do you like?? Please let me pleasure you…” Then I make them take me home and they keep messaging me for weeks “you’re one in a million, you tell me like it is not just what I want to hear. You’re such a sweetheart I really like you, can we hang out again soon? I just want to see you again I like spending time with you! I haven’t been watching porn lately…” etc fucking kek

No. 1350791

File: 1664034165393.jpeg (351.71 KB, 750x846, F84E9EB9-BDF0-42CF-8E71-750D2D…)

guess who’s anon’s boyfriend this is

No. 1350794

fake and gayest story ever. which schizo wandered out of the vent thread this time?

No. 1350795

omfg nooooooo

No. 1350796

Huh. I knew a horse girl named Megan as a wee lass

No. 1350797

And this is the diary entry you buff your clit off to every night isn’t it

No. 1350799

File: 1664034350294.jpg (182.57 KB, 1600x900, l-intro-1629905887.jpg)

It was because I watched picrel in the background when I got my first horse in HM:FoMT.

No. 1350800

You should try it nonny. Unless you’re based enough to be completely celibate or lesbian.

No. 1350802

Why does everyone have to be a terminally online influencer now why can't you just be a faceless person who posts silly little videos or artworks completely seperate from your actual real life

No. 1350805

you don’t want money anon?
stealing their cash and wallets >>> insulting scrotes which would feed into their future dominatrix fetish

No. 1350807

Now that I think about it, I also always name the male protagonists I have in Harvest Moon either Josh or Joshua. This one hasn't got anything to do with Drake and Josh, I've just always liked the name.

No. 1350814

i love this origin story

No. 1350823

Yea but then you go to jail which is not based as it’s run by men

No. 1350824

Do I make coffee cake or carrot cake?

No. 1350826

Carrot cake, the fuck

No. 1350832

Coffee cake

No. 1350835

Most moids would be able to peak at like35 if they actually put into a modicum of effort into their appearance

No. 1350839

Coffee cake!

No. 1350847

Well half of them can't really outplay shit hair genes. Although I know some people like bald men, for me the biggest tragedy in trying to find attractive men in their 30's is all the hatfishing.

No. 1350850


No. 1350856

Sometimes I really appreciate being vegetarian because I feel like it opened me up to foods and meals I would have never thought to try. Also made me more conscious of nutrition.

No. 1350873

Not for my hobbies no. I hate how everything is commercialized on the internet now. Even some artists I like switched to drawing patreon nsfw art of animu girls instead of drawing what they used to be passionate about because it doesnt make money

No. 1350934

Living in America is kinda of insane. Why is Walmart allowed to provide medical services?

No. 1350943

? why not, dont poor people deserve glasses too?

No. 1350949

nta but don't poor people deserve accesible professional healthcare?

No. 1350952

Walmart has good glasses, contacts too

No. 1350954

Sure. I'll stick to the opinion people shouldn't have to resort to Walmart in the first place.

No. 1350959

Of course, it just feels crazy that there are doctor's offices in Walmart kek

No. 1350963

There are check-ups available in places like CVS and Rite Aid too

No. 1350983

I fear the nerdy men thread broke something inside me. Nerdy men being bullied is all I can think about these days. How do I get free, this is worse than getting brainwashed into liking paul dano