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File: 1661216229013.jpg (70.19 KB, 809x1200, baldn.jpg)

No. 1622886

Making a thread on incel pickme turned popstar because she meets the following criteria:
An unhealthy desire for attention
Failure to accept criticism
No willingness to improve upon their behavior
A documented history of bizarre behavior displayed online
Some sort of public presence outside of private circles, groups or irc channels.

This is my first time making a thread but I swear Amala is full of untapped milk. I apolagize for any spelling errors.

Doja Cat or Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, is a 26 year old American rapper and singer. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, she began making and releasing music on SoundCloud as a teenager after dropping out of high school. She would spend all hours of her day on forums like 4chan and online chatrooms. She has a reputation for throwing herself at older male rappers and makes peak daddy issues pick me anthems. She claims to regularly read about herself online so much so that her friends made her worry if she was a narcissist.

Social Media


A list of lolcow behaviors below

> Pick me who can’t refer to herself as a woman “because that’s cringe” facing sexism turned pseudo feminist for fame

>Alcoholic which is not bad in of itself except she’s always drunk on instagram live and ranting
> Gets drunk in chatrooms, strips for moids and speaks in a baby voice
>Serial cheater
>messages child actor at 3 am to help her cheat with his older costar
>Tries to sic fans on child actor for sharing the interaction on tik tok
>Makes cringy unfunny posts on instagram and twitter
>Mocks Amber Heard
>Posts cat vomit online
>Posts herself taking a dump online
>Bisexual but only sings about and dates ugly incel moids
>So self hating that she can’t call herself bisexual, acts like a 13 year old girl trying to come out to her friends. “You can kinda have sex with anyone right”
>Pedo panderer
>Sings about calling men daddy because hers left
>Ultimate pick-me. Defends twitter moid from “man hating” users
>Speaks like a valley girl in real life but puts on a fake accent for her raps
>Makes a music video set in a black church as a tribute to an Elvis Presley movie, never went to a black church and is agnostic
>Stole from 3 different small creators and mocked one after her death
>Tries to sic fans on small youtube creator
>Claims to be body positive and an inspiration to young women while calling said youtube creator a bitch and skeleton and women “refrigerator body ass bitches” and "terry jos"
>Body shames women she doesn’t like, but don’t you dare body-shame her
>Makes fun of random people’s looks, but don’t you dare make fun of hers
>Takes anger out on fans
>Admits to reading everything about her online and “lurking”
>Doesn’t wash her hands after pissing
>Pisses on Instagram live
>Shit hygiene in general
>Rage quits her job after siccing her USA fans on Paraguayan fans for sympathy
>Ignores the natural disastor in Paraguay to complain about her Paraguayan fans not meeting her outside her hotel
>Parties and takes pictures in her hotel while Paraguayans fans drown
>Complains about how hard it is taking pictures and hints at being overworked
>Gets angry if fans say she’s over worked in her defense
>Told by team to stay off Instagram live while drunk after she goes on multiple incoherent rants.
>Doesn’t listen and prevents her poor assistant from doing her job which is keeping her quiet on lives
>Overall acts like a toddler with her team
>Was trying to find moids to hook up with at the height of covid when lockdown just started
>Said covid wasn’t a big deal
>Got covid 3 times
>Attention whore
>Shaves head and eyebrows on instagram live and receives mainly positive reactions
>rants about no longer being "fuckable" to moids
>Does things for attention then complains when she gets attention

No. 1622889

Great we finally have a thread on her kek this bitch is a whole hot mess

No. 1622890

I'm going to post a compilation of her being "body positive". Give me one second

No. 1622895

I don't think you know what 'incel' means, anon

No. 1622897

File: 1661216699626.png (104.2 KB, 590x323, rollingray-e1660925856453.png)

Recently she's gotten heat for trademarking the term "It's giving" for her shit clothing line. The person who popularized the phrase called her out. He had just gotten out of a coma when she trademarked it.

No. 1622901

She's a pick me for incels is what I meant. She isn't a femcel because she hates women. She couldn't even say she was a victim of sexism without cringing.

No. 1622909

File: 1661217085815.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.06 KB, 204x200, 3938174-4314c6ba0a5604b892cbc6…)

Her clothing line

No. 1622918

>Pedo panderer

No. 1622922

We're all just mad because we can't be as quirky and free as her.

No. 1622924

Fellow ants, how do you feel about the line?

No. 1622931

File: 1661218179481.jpg (59.11 KB, 620x761, Doja-Cat-looks-scintillating-i…)

She's into the ddlg shit. Calls her boyfriends "daddy". Might be a nitpick

wrong file last time, my bad. I will have more milk tomorrow. I made this thread late

No. 1622939

No. 1622953

> Alcoholic which is not bad in of itself except she’s always drunk on instagram live and ranting
> Alcoholic which is not bad in of itself

No. 1622972

it's a bit of a nitpick. i'd say it just makes her a pickme if anything else. she's just doing what she thinks men would find sexy.

No. 1622984

This made me audibly laugh nonna kek

No. 1623000

Anachan Amala

>Says she's living in her skinniness

>Says she got fat eating marinara and bread
>Calls everyone ugly bitches

Such body positivity

No. 1623018

This bitch still got a bicycle seat for a face

No. 1623069

She was cuter chubby tbh? Had a cute pear shape and her face looked less horse-like. Her personality has always been trash tho.

No. 1623080

Aaand of course it just revolves into commentary on her appearance. Of course it does.

No. 1623087

Quit your wk. She has no problem shitting on people's looks.

No. 1623089

Her siccing her fans on a underage actor

No. 1623094

>Mocking Amber Heard's tik

That satisfied smirk she wears when she does it makes me want to a-log.

Couldn't find a video of just the clip

No. 1623095

But we're the ugly ones because we don't starve, put on pounds of makeup and formerly wigs to appeal to moids

No. 1623096

Oh shit i forgot about rolling ray lmao

No. 1623097

File: 1661230370415.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 59.81 KB, 509x680, Toiletpussy.jpeg)

No. 1623098

File: 1661230431367.jpg (84.49 KB, 827x919, Good thingsheshaved her head.j…)

No. 1623103

There’s nothing wrong with this kek

No. 1623106

Again, you are a retard and this is such a reach. Gluing cabochons to yourself is not pedo pandering, it's a common thing in a lot of fashion

No. 1623114

All of Doja's fans in here are just mad that OP actually made good points. How is calling your boyfriend "Daddy" and appealing to moids in chatrooms by talking to them in a tiny-pitched voice while acting like a child not pedo pandering? She's retarded and unfunny, not sure why anyone would defend her so hard unless they want to fuck her just like all the moids she lusts after because they remind her of her dad kek

No. 1623118

She’s really, really trying to push it. Annoying ass.

No. 1623119

Because most of us aren’t celebrity worshippers and do not give a fuck.

No. 1623130

Anonymous 1 minute ago No. 1623129

I tinfoiled for a while that she's trying to get dropped by her label hence the retard behavior but if she's moving forward with a clothing line I'm not so sure anymore. I guess she is genuinely retarded

No. 1623216

The only people defending her are the LSAfags from the celebricow thread who hate white women

No. 1623228

rants about being sexualized but she starred in the Dave episode where they mainly focused on her body. she is a pickme and a whore and shaving her head means nothing

No. 1623259

Her getting drunk and insulting lorry Hill while defending herself was too funny

sage for old milk

No. 1623266


This gave me whiplash. She supposedly cares about her body positive "brand" enough to rant on on instagram but not enough to stop throwing cheap shots at women's bodies.
She sounded so fucking dumb the whole time and O doubt her being sober would have e made her sound smarter

No. 1623268


I was moreso referring to the pigtails and lollipop but please keep sperging about how the pastel pink cartoon cabochons on her bikini isn't pedo pandering pedochan.

No. 1623271

File: 1661251193917.jpg (259.72 KB, 1058x894, Screenshot_20220823-063812_Twi…)


A lot of her stans vicariously live through her. She's gross unlikable and homely but rich and famous so that gives them hope. They don't realize that unless they're a maid, she doesn't like them. That's why she's always mocking them and cussing them out.

No. 1623272

File: 1661251225094.jpg (422.88 KB, 1080x1451, Screenshot_20220823-064003_Twi…)

Doja Sperg incoming

No. 1623273

File: 1661251258234.jpg (485.98 KB, 1079x1656, Screenshot_20220823-064018_Twi…)

Part 2

No. 1623276

File: 1661251453466.jpg (560.23 KB, 1079x1772, Screenshot_20220823-064039_Twi…)

Part 3

No. 1623281

I think she likely despises her fans, if she could have her I'm sure she'd prefer having a mostly normie straight white audience

No. 1623283

Imagine having this failed abortion call you stupid. Talking in a baby voice and barely forming a coherent sentence at 26 how quirky

No. 1623306

this is totally irrelevant by doja has ALWAYS given me myah alanna vibes. this is exactly how myah would act if she was actually famous

No. 1623372

File: 1661263759980.jpg (110.2 KB, 824x1024, Doja-Cat-and-Johnny-Utah-824x1…)

I'm sorry but where does "throwing herself at older male rappers" come from?
Pic related is her most known ex Jawny (formerly Johnny Utah) and if you took a minute to listen you'd know he is not a rapper. They're also the same age.
After that she was linked to Y2K, only like a year older.
This is her type of man, and she got a looot of shit for it.

Also, "baby voice"? are you serious? Lmao idk I've watched many of her lives and she just has kinda high pitched voice

And before someone comes at me, yeah I am a fan, though I accept she's a cow and cringe af. But be coherent and do your research

No. 1623378

File: 1661264143781.jpeg (15.6 KB, 540x136, AFFAE541-9B7B-457F-A70D-896D8F…)

i remember she was obsessed with joji to the point people thought they were dating. she was always tweeting him and he never replied and she even tweeted about him back when he was still filthy frank kek

No. 1623383

The best part of the thread is her ass being in snow instead of /pt/ or /OT/.


Idk wasn't this kind of normal behavior for the 3edgy5me crew back in the early YouTube days?


She's such a pickme my God. Sometimes I find her pretty but then I see her unfiltered and remember she looks like a lesser version of Tia or Tamara.

No. 1623389

Doja worshipper, I'm clearly not talking about the ugly moid she cheated on.
She's not going to fuck you

At time stamp :36

No. 1623390


And to add on how about you do your research or ask for clarifying information.

No. 1623394

File: 1661266338771.jpg (88.41 KB, 1079x370, Screenshot_20220823-105157_Twi…)


How low does your self esteem have to be to publicly throw yourself at a moid who's been ignoring you for over 5 years?

No. 1623396

File: 1661266556855.png (387.59 KB, 575x600, 1657396055960.png)

Also her homelife is interesting. I doubt her relationship with her mom is all that good because she mentioned living with boyfriends and when she was at home she would be in her room all day. I just can't imagine her mother not worrying about their kid or even letting them drop out of highschool at 17 in the first place.

No. 1623401

What am I supposed to see at the time stamp? She's just rambling about "woke" shit lol

No. 1623404


This is not lsa you stupid fag, if you can't take the time to watch the video then shut the fuck up and go back to the celbricow thread.

You've not contributed any milk or productive conversation.

No. 1623405

I watched the first 50 seconds of this and she must be mentally stunted because she acts like a child.

No. 1623407

She needs to give it up. Isn't he only into other Asians? Unless I'm wrong then kek

No. 1623417

>joji what you doing you doing?


No. 1623419

it's just her trying to be quirky anon, she obviously knows it's incorrect (or maybe she doesn't from all the drugs)

No. 1623420

No. 1623432

File: 1661269894364.jpeg (172.87 KB, 604x339, 7491BDA4-7E77-4DE6-9DA0-9CF7E5…)

At least amber heard doesn’t have to wear a wig this bitch is probably embarrassed of her natural hair

No. 1623434

nta but I have watched at 5 minutes worth of it and I don't see the part where she apparently sleeps with older male rappers

No. 1623437

File: 1661270271141.jpg (31.86 KB, 796x647, 23456789.jpg)

kek, also many times joji fans send her pics of him and she thirst replies

No. 1623455

LSA hates white women but worship white men like Chris Evans kek

No. 1623506

Based. How fucking stupid do you have to be to think that other women, also considered sub-human in society, are oppressing you just bc moids sexually favor them (deleted to sage my shit)

No. 1623509

NTA but I watched up to 11:20 or so (that's when it started glitching out). Where does she talk about older male rappers?

No. 1623522

What's wrong with her natural hair? Why would she have to wear a wig?
This thread is attracting some weird racist shit lmao

No. 1623538

I think they meant she's embarrassed to be black so she's probably embarrassed of her own black hair anon

No. 1623540

I think people on LSA hate her tho
The direction of this thread is predictable kek

No. 1623626

she has been known to suck up to literal white supremacists in the past, I really don’t feel like it’s reaching to suggest she might make an aesthetic decision that’s influenced by internalized racism

No. 1623644

loads of black women wear wigs, claiming they do it for racist reason is mad dumb

No. 1623663

Not sure why dollar store Azealia Banks is worth a thread but it's off to a great start. Can't wait to see the state of it in a couple of days.

No. 1623670


Watch from 36 minutes onward. So start at the 36:00 mark. I just realized I mistyped it. Kek

No. 1623682

File: 1661288285654.jpg (126.37 KB, 400x600, 20220424_140752.jpg)

How stupid do you have to be to not know that white women were also gasp racist to black women. So much so that the early Suffragettes like Susan b Anthony left black women out of their fight for voters rights and yes, white women also had black slaves. Learn history and stop derailing this thread. Her race is the least milky thing about her.

No. 1623694

I second that.

No. 1623697

Anon dont avatarfag, its obvious your the one newfag stan here
Anon dont be dense, it’s obvious that loads of women in the black community see Doja Cat as someone who is ashamed of being black. She doesnt know how to care for her hair properly and has been known to have “wonky wigs” because she just hangs out with white people that dont know how to style or put wigs on black hair. Stop capping for someone that wouldn’t even hang out with black people in the first place

No. 1623705

Agreed. It seems like some people just want to use this thread to air out some bitterness towards black American or biracial women, a few of the posts aren't even about Doja Cat. The "We need the LSA thread back" posters are suspicious, too, anyone who remembers that thread knows it was full of unironic /pol/tards and/or trannies.
I'm not against celebrity milk threads, but this one feels off. Not sure why

No. 1623711

prettyuglylittleliar-fication of lolcow. when are halsey and melanie martinez getting a thread?
>Agreed. It seems like some people just want to use this thread to air out some bitterness towards black American or biracial women
weird cos she's half south african and her american side is jewish.
don't have anything to offer except her manager/best friend quit after the paraguay chronicle. it's clear she's been spiraling from overworking and trying to push enough albums to get out of her contract.

No. 1623720

>>1623705 >>1623711
anons it isn't that serious.. not everything is some big race conspiracy, if that was the case why does azaelia banks not have a thread yet? it has nothing to do with race, it is just about her cowish and cringe behaviour

No. 1623726

Azealia Banks does have a thread, but it died long ago. No big conspiracy, this particular thread is just full of not so hidden racebaiters, sorry

No. 1623745

File: 1661292817626.jpg (838.18 KB, 1079x1488, Screenshot_20220823-181224_Ins…)

When I saw Dojas shaved look, my first thought was that she was trying to copy the model uglyworldwide

No. 1623753

Shit thread. I want names, not "child actor" and "small creator" how am I supposed to look into that?

No. 1623760


My bad it's my first time.

> child actor from stranger things named Noah schnapp

> Doja Cat gets him to take the tok tok down and then goes on tik tok live to sic her fans after him
>says she felt like he, 17 yes old, took advantage of her
>says he's not cool
>fan page has to turn off comments due to backlash

No. 1623764


>Doja Cat goes on rant after watching small youtuber, Lorry Hill's plastic surgery analysis video

>Lorry Hill is a youtuber who teaches people about plastic surgery and does possible plastic surgery analysis videos
>Lorry started off the video by disclaiming that all her celebrity videos should not be taken as fact and is purely speculation
>Doja Cat messages Lorry Hill while drunk on live then rips into her for 40 minutes
>Tells Lorry in the live that "things aren't going to end well for you" in reference to the hate Doja has sent her way
>Most people take Lorry's side in a hilarious twist of events

No. 1623765

Lorry Hills video

No. 1623770

She’s an actual retard
Agreed, everyone who posts there is a cow
Anons are bitter towards LSAfags because they’re racists who openly hate white women while thirsting over white men

No. 1623775

File: 1661294824777.jpg (16.29 KB, 200x300, 3617742-4192883bde4d3d241701d0…)

I suspect that Amala's boyfriend broke up with her after finding out how she tried to cheat with Noah Schnapp's costar and that's why she was actually mad. She was dating this French moid.

No. 1623780


Her self esteem is truly low. This video of her hairstylist doing her hair had a sad undertone.

Towards the end she says she looks ugly or something and her hairstylist quickly tells her she doesn't. She seems like a draining person to be around.

No. 1623782

I made this thread Kek. I just don't want this cow to be wasted. She has the social intelligence of a frog. It's evident by how she tries to get her fans to cancel someone and it always backfires. Its like she doesn't live in reality.

No. 1623785

File: 1661295388828.jpg (907.18 KB, 1079x1377, Screenshot_20220823-185638_Twi…)


She posted this on the same day she went on tik tok live ranting about Noah.

No. 1623787

File: 1661295570684.jpg (763.12 KB, 1079x1746, Screenshot_20220823-190011_Ins…)


And she posted this on instagram which cause her to lose 400k followers

No. 1623797

Amala shaving her eyebrows off on instagram live

No. 1623800

Amala gets serious for 2 minutes and says she wasn't shaving her head because of mental illness.

It's ok, we all know it was for attention

No. 1623804

File: 1661296418493.jpg (67.59 KB, 862x862, Print-Large-JPG-Jared-Henderso…)

This is Doja Cat's hairstylist. A faggy moid who only stays around her because she pays him. He goes by Jay and is instagram handle is JayStayReady

No. 1623811

File: 1661296706879.jpg (62.26 KB, 854x480, EYvdRGaXsAIp8wu.jpg)


Her manager's name is Lydia Asret. She may have quit after Amala passed off all of Paraguay by being an annoying ungrateful americow.

No. 1623822

Lydia was slaving away for Amala since she was a no name z list celebrity. She would manage her tours, help her write music, go with her on all her shows etc. Amala couldn't even repay that kindness by being a decent client.

In this live Amala is arguing with her assistant because she wad tasked to watch Amala during lives. Amala was also drunk because of course she was.

Towards the end of the live Amala asks her assistant if "she", most likely her manager is mad.

Time stamps are

>3:00 This is where she says she made a pact with her team to not be an idiot on live

Then she promptly breaks it


>33:00 Acting like a petulant child passive aggressively complaining about having to shut the fuck up for her career

I apologize nonnas she has no friends so her lives are always hours long. There's a longer version where she asks if Lydia is mad

No. 1623824

File: 1661297978835.jpg (215.46 KB, 1170x1491, 20220823_193853.jpg)

This is her long time assistant that we was talking to on the live. I don't know her name but you can sometimes hear her in the background desperately trying to get Amala to do work.

No. 1623841

wow this woman hates that she is mixed so bad

No. 1623846


This girl is way prettier than her. She has a normal length chin and forehead. Doja has the head of a Troon. She's a true butterface

No. 1623857

Really? I think she loves it and milks it as much as possible

No. 1623865

>Doja Cat's hairstylist
>only stays around her because she pays him
uh yeah that's how that works? what is this thread does someone know?

No. 1623891

You do realize that shaving your head and bleaching it is extremely popular and has been for years right

No. 1623893

This thread is really suspicious.

No. 1623895


where did u hear hes into other asians?

No. 1623900

What's suspicious about it? Why so cryptic, come out and say it.

No. 1623912

Explains why she looked like shit. What is so hard about hiring a black woman?

No. 1623941

thanks for making this thread. I love Doja Cat, it's so sad to see that she has been struggling recently. She looks so pretty with a shaved head and zero filters.

No. 1623955

i doubt she’s on a relationship bc we’d know

No. 1623966

Go back to the celebrity thread or better yet LSA, this is Amala’s thread, not a place to sperg about how anons are racebaiting just because they don’t stan a low IQ mixed woman(racebaiting)

No. 1623969

i love you

No. 1624002

Saying "Go back to LSA" whenever anyone doesn't hugbox you is retarded. I don't even like Doja, the people who are invested in this thread are just a certain kind of strange. The Grimes thread doesn't have this sort of autism
>low IQ mixed woman
Oh nvm, it's (c)rap-chan, all your days are spent seething about non-coquettes lol. Carry on fattie

No. 1624077

Tinfoil Doja made this thread

No. 1624084

I see your tinfoil and raise you the tinfoil that azealia banks made this thread

No. 1624143

I don't think she necessarily deserves her own thread outside of celebricows but oh god, she's annoying. I like some of her songs, I observe her on Twitter and her content there is 99% arguing with fans. I can't understand being such a huge "star" and beefing with teenagers over trolling comments. Her management should get her come social media curator, she shouldn't use it on her own lol. She's so neurotic and paranoid she must be abusing some drugs. If not, then she's just proper mental

No. 1624154

I dont think shes particulary milky except for her very very obvious extremely low self esteem and pickme behavior. But I think thats most female celebrities

No. 1624216

honestly i like that her, ezra, elon, etc. have threads outside of celebricows. i'm tired of doja and ezra clogging up that thread.

No. 1624244

Surprised her song "dindu nuffin" hasn't been mentioned. She went from growing up in a White neighbourhood to getting brainfucked into becoming a kind of self-hating racist by some 4chan-tier chatroom to capitalising on being half black by pretending not to be half White at all. It's all a bit weird

No. 1624269

Dindu Nuffin isn't a racist or self-hating song from what I heard/read the lyrics of, she talked about how she used it because it was something used against her multiple times. If you're a non-white woman who uses imageboards or is familiar with their culture, it's pretty understandable to reclaim the things they use against you IMO. Also, why do you capitalize the "w" in "white" nona

No. 1624293

Never seen that, but I just thought it was weird that anon seems to capitalize the "w" in "white" consistently but not the "b" in "black". I've seen people capitalize the first letters for both at the same time tbf, but when it's just "white", it's usually something else going on

No. 1624328

Nay but maybe someone she knows has that as a last name? It’s not that deep.

She will never win the heart of a tinychat regular with that hair..

No. 1624360


I'm a non white woman and I dont use coomer slurs to reclaim them. She's just an edge lord freak who probably didn't think her career would ever take off.

She was just on live for 40 minutes. When will she get friends. I guess I will watch it to summarize and find some milk

No. 1624364


Same anon from before but ew why is she always barely clothed in these. She knows her audience is mainly teens and she comes out in lingere and a robe. And of course she's drinking. Sage because that's barely milk, just annoying.

No. 1624383

wasn't she going on and on about how men can fuck off because they think she isn't fuckable anymore bald or something, meanwhile she is half naked - she clearly lives for male attention, what a sad display

No. 1624489


she's been a trashy coke whore for years – sniffing lines and getting on IG live. love how her fans chalked it up to 'she's got ADHD' 'she's just drunk' 'she said she can't lie' lmao 'she said she doesn't do coke' best thing is, you can't find her cringy IG lives anywhere anymore. gg to her publicity team(lrn 2 embed)

No. 1624494

File: 1661363149688.jpeg (73.04 KB, 350x734, 88BFB4C0-208A-4F55-8157-C30217…)

No. 1624549


Remember to put videos in the youtube area so that it shows up as more than a link

No. 1624690

she seems really insecure about the weird shit stain mole above her eye that was "discovered" when she shaved her brows. she's constantly doing designs where she covers it.

she can pull off a shaved head but she looks fucking ghastly with no bros and that moley-moley-moley.

No. 1624828

Full stop. She’s unbearable in every video. Like I force myself to get at least 30 seconds through them but she’s either too obnoxious or I feel like I’m losing brain cells.

Her fans are retarded if they’re trying to pass shit off like this as adhd but dumbasses are gonna Stan dumbasses so it’s not all that surprising really.

No. 1625380

Sage for non-contribution kinda but didn’t Nardwar out her for lying about her dad? Nardwar gave her something to do with her dads musical career, and she tries to deny his fame and claim it was actually her brother. Idk what the motivation is here? Protecting her nepotism?(thats not how you sage....)

No. 1625423

Post the video. You didn’t sage, read the rules.

No. 1625434


Sorry anon. I tried, I refreshed the page and didn’t resage. Added YouTube link. Not a ton of milk here besides the dad thing. She does say she’s better at wearing wigs now which is hilarious

No. 1625471

New milk!
I know I'm late but she's so fucking annoying, I couldn't bare listening to her for 40 minutes. Watch the video for a couple keks.

>fan tells her that they used to like her music and she completely melts down

>curses fan out and goes on a rant about how she won't baby her fans

The way she conflates valid criticism of her behavior with being called ugly is bpd queen tier lmao.

No. 1625538

Remembering when she said she wanted to “rip out her pubic hair”…mixing African and European genetics always results in ridiculously mentally ill children kek I have no idea why people are still doing this dumb shit(racebait)

No. 1625540

>You don’t like my shitty music? ITS NOT MY JOB TO BABY YOU!
Yeah and it’s also not their job to pretend your shitty music is listenable to coddle your feelings.

No. 1625570

I get she's desensitized to sex from all her years of being a whore but Jesus christ. Who tells their young fans to suck a dick. Amala you've sucked plenty of OLD dick and you're still spazzing the fuck out every day. She also mentioned she was 70 days off vaping so she must be coping.

No. 1625599

She claimed she shaved her head because of men yet every time I go past this thread she's in very little/her tits is out. There was a argument about "how come MTS gets slack for being hypersexual but Doja doesn't " people were saying how Doja is "quirky" and her music isn't always about sex etc. However I don't see much of a difference. Doja has the same brand of MTS but In a "quickly NLOG" way, while MTS is more aggressive out front with what she's about. Doja honestly comes off like she puts on. She's literally that annoying mixed girl who eats milk and ketchup to get attention from the gross white boys at lunch.

No. 1625851

Ayrt I see YOUR tinfoil & tbh I don't know enough about Azealia to say one way or another but I know enough to admit…definitely possibly!

Here's another fun tinfoil: Noah Schnapp made this thread

No. 1625901

I'll add a tinfoil too: (c)rap-chan made this thread

No. 1625906

Bahahaha I did not know about (c)rap-chan but rather than ask to be spoonfed I FUCKING DID A SEARCH……yeah this is a solid tinfoil, Nonna. Kekekek!!

No. 1625907

Samefag tinfoil (c)rap-chan is doja

No. 1626049

just because you decide to wear a robe that means you want male attention?

No. 1626234

File: 1661518923877.jpg (37.64 KB, 634x748, 28850418-8358911-image-m-13_15…)


Doja stans fuck off.

No. 1626264

>I apolagize for any spelling errors
I love you, OP. Never change

No. 1627344

Doja looks cute here

No. 1627704

She was pretending to be cat valentine for her moid friends to jerk off to

No. 1627705

File: 1661652322219.jpg (301.6 KB, 1079x1346, Screenshot_20220827-220519_Twi…)

Amala Ratna aka Doja Cat is still being a cow. Thinks being laughed at is a gotcha to everyone but herself

No. 1627715

Literally a self-own and she doesn’t even see it

No. 1627723

LSA don't give a fuck about doja, they were the ones who gathered all the shit about tinychat and had to close down their registration because her fans were running amok on the site.

No. 1627730

Non-black nonnies don't realise how standard wigs are for biracial and black women. You can't really be changing your natural hair a million times like you see with straight textures without completely destroying it. It really isn't a big deal imo, nobody here makes such a demand to Megan the Stallion or Nicki Minaj, although they seem very comfortable with showing their natural hair from time to time. HOWEVER, i do think she upset about not having the "good" hair aka loose 3a curls common associated with biracial black/white people and probably feels like it hinders her ability to pander to white moids.

No. 1627870

It’s ok to be racist to Doja Cat(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1627879

No. 1627943

File: 1661666521446.jpg (77.37 KB, 1000x1000, pp,840x830-pad,1000x1000,f8f8f…)

Doja cat on live

No. 1628067

fucking dead KEK

No. 1628324

Agree but also with the pic you posted, I feel like every image of her always has like cheap looking styling and bruises on her legs that could be easily covered with body makeup or whatever that always make them read very “Trisha Paytas book cover”, she must be able to afford a better glam team at this point?

No. 1632410

kek based

No. 1633667

this b is rich and famous, why does she care so much about what random people say on twitter? at this level of success she shouldn't be replying to twitter comments or filming dumb lives looking like a fool… it's giving me cardi b vibes who also instead of enjoying her bag, was always on the shade room clapping back. tacky… i miss the previous era where celebrities kept their mystic and weren't so accessible to the public

No. 1633670

btw who did she cheat? has she had high profile relationships? I don't follow her much but never heard about boyfriends

No. 1633671

>Bisexual but only sings about and dates ugly incel moids
>So self hating that she can’t call herself bisexual, acts like a 13 year old girl trying to come out to her friends. “You can kinda have sex with anyone right”

what you mean?

No. 1633991


there was speculation about her shaving her hair due to hating her "black" hair and not knowing how to take care of it I think

No. 1646976

File: 1663070080537.jpeg (265.38 KB, 1080x1926, B1EE7672-4707-459C-B8CB-A3C1C9…)

This is the real reason

No. 1647002

God I have such a crush on Mei

No. 1647250

noah schnapp RUINED her. the whole joseph quinn never responding completely broke this woman to a britney-style public breakdown.

she is a just a pathetic cope addict now.

No. 1647509

Bpdfag steals identity of popular make-up artist. Checks out.

No. 1647522

Holy shit this killed me

Wtf is a "Terry Jo"?

I've definitely suspected this chick of being an Internet addicted sperg. Funny to see a thread on her, consider it bookmarked.

No. 1647862

i think doja’s doing just fine.

No. 1650690

File: 1663608336893.png (498.43 KB, 857x721, Captura.PNG)

Mei doesn't seem to think the same
Meant to post this days ago but the site was down

No. 1651027

I think what anon meant is that alcoholism isn't necessarily milky alone. The fact that she's constantly getting drunk and going on live to rant makes it milky.

No. 1651489

The fact that she decided to recreate the look says alot. I guarantee Doja just showed photos of her to the moid makeup artist and he used whichever design he had on had that was most similar

No. 1652819


honestly Mei gives the vibe of clout chaser too, probably why she didn't notice the obvious rip of her makeup looks and instead just copied Doja to try and get some more looks/followers as if she doesn't have enough already.

No. 1655003

Celebrities have always been obsessive attention whores who flip out when people are slightly critical of them. If Twitter was around during the golden age of Hollywood, you'd see a lot worse than nowadays

No. 1658116

File: 1664167383327.png (72.72 KB, 632x806, dojacow.png)

kek she's a confirmed lurker! hi doja!(hi cow)

No. 1658118

I came here to say, “ugly hoe.”(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1658125

She never changed lmao

No. 1658126

>upset people
Who's upset? About what?

No. 1658142

Praying for Doja to stay here and become based

No. 1658147

doja if you read this please come post on /ot/ you can become cool if you do

No. 1658166

I hope she reads a few MTF threads

No. 1658169

She needs to stay off of social media and keep singing her shitty pickme anthem "he likes dis pussy" ass music.

No. 1658194


doja I love you but you're doing too much, us chronically online people need breaks too

come to /ot/ it's chill there(hi cow)

No. 1658204

Agreed on her hanging out on /ot/, /ot/ is a great place for women. As long as she stays away from the celebricow thread she'd have fun and actually be cool/learn a thing or two

No. 1658259

Send her to Crystal Cafe

No. 1658262

kek i just asked her about it on a tiktok live, she confirmed she read a couple of other peoples thread too(don’t cowtip, retard)

No. 1658264

You have a screenshot or a webm? I'm so curious.

No. 1658266

I appreciate her not naming the site and bringing undue attention to it. Some posters will seethe about this, but she's more like the average user on this site than most of your faves lol

No. 1658267

I would have screen recorded but i honestly didn't expect her to answer, she just brought up the bicycle seat thing again and something about her mole looking like a poop. Said she spent 2 hours on here reading through threads.

No. 1658269

does that mean she might be a secret transphobe? i hope she is.

No. 1658299

File: 1664193963774.gif (8.74 MB, 628x640, doja-cat-tanked.gif)

Doja since you are here, can you go back to making good music instead of acting like a retard and getting in drama with other celeb and fans. And yeah you are shaped like a chihuahua + bicycle seat.(hi cow)

No. 1658303

it wouldn't be shocking considering she's a sucker for chan-adjacent scrotes and probably has some experience with imageboards/internet culture. could really go either way. i'm rooting for doja to be a terf queen but if she ever spoke to those beliefs publicly she'd be crucified. her and azaelia are friends, she likely knows better than to ever speak on it

No. 1658317

kek, thank you for repelling cows from lurking

No. 1658318

Doja, come hang out with us on /m/ and /ot/, also I hope that your label will live you in peace soon

When was the live ? Maybe someone automatically save every live from her.(hi cow)

No. 1658331

File: 1664196898584.jpeg (128.27 KB, 515x609, 459B21B9-FA5B-42C9-964C-B697A2…)

hey doja
i know you’re mad bc youre oh so quirky and different but all your loving and adoring fans are normie bitches :,(
sucks to be wildly successful when all you really want is to be not like the other girls. hope you eventually find your ‘daddy’ to make you feel special!!(:’()

No. 1658333

doja youre cute and make fun music, stop lurking here, for fucks sake it is embarrassing to admit to something like this.(hi cow)

No. 1658334

kinda based! hey doja. enjoy your stay xx(hi cow)

No. 1658335

I posted that right afterwards so whatever tiktok live she was on ~2hours ago

No. 1658356

Doja i just want you to know that everytime i go to this website i listen to MOOO!

Ok but for real i did not expect her to actually read her thread kek. Why do people do that, seems bad for there mental health(hi cow)

No. 1658363


She's so fuckin annoying my God. If her shitpost song never went viral and some other tragic mulatto got put on, Doja would definitely be calling her a ugly niggress for NLOG points.

Doja girl, just embrace your 5chins roots. You know you're a Britney venti kinda girl.

No. 1658364

curiosity killed the doja cat

No. 1658367

She's an attention whore before she's an artist, that's why.

No. 1658369

Hi mod, you’re a fucking retard.(thank you for your feedback)

No. 1658370

"hi cowing" will result in extended bans, ban evasion may result in a permaban. Do not risk it.

No. 1658385

All the anons hi cowing to suck her clit because she's famous are embarrassing. Farmhand is based.

No. 1658396

This "I'm reading hate comments but I'm going to pretend like I don't care even though I actually care and this is all a facade" act is getting old real fast

No. 1658410

Confirmed 4chan incel

No. 1658448

File: 1664205426642.jpeg (156.69 KB, 1280x1280, 17E82BC9-2322-4897-81CD-A50E84…)

Can someone shoop doja’s face on a bike seat?

No. 1658484

Oh my goodness I had no idea she did all these 40 minute long rants and live streams, why would you be doing that let alone lurking lolcow, why not go and be an elusive pop superstar or is that just not possible in today's industry?

No. 1658487

File: 1664208764051.png (75.64 KB, 422x422, dojabicycle.png)

No. 1658488

i wish i could sit on her face ngl(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1658545

File: 1664210987623.jpeg (59.15 KB, 1287x228, FFE601A1-98A4-4363-A67F-6BB422…)

she is.

No. 1658560

File: 1664211286955.jpeg (266.6 KB, 1278x538, C737A73E-1FB3-407B-BE26-E21609…)

doja cat is a TERF confirmed

No. 1658602

I bet Doją was responsible for the celebricows whiteknights and stans 1,5 year ago

No. 1658618

Sage for incoming TERF rant. Literally what the do they expect? when you're trans that is exactly what you are, TRANS. you cant have your cake and eat it, stupid. You cant just cry and piss and the nice doctor man will give you a uterus and make you feel better.

Asking troons what they feel about periods is a valid question. a delusional man who is ~medically transitioning~ could just say "I dont know anything about that, I'm transitioning" and move the fuck on. But no, they need every women's issue to revolve around them. Them and their supporters/TRA's need to fuck right off imo.

I'm here for TERF doja cat, maybe people will start actually using their brains and critical thinking skills. But probably not because it's so embedded in for profit medical systems at this point. Sad

No. 1658633

>is that just not possible in today's industry?
That's not possible, especially with the audience she has. She's too late for that, now celebrities have to market themselves online all the time to stay relevant, but since she's terminally online she somehow manages to take it too far.

No. 1658634

>I'm here for TERF doja cat
honestly i highly doubt it could happen, at best she could be one of those "lol trannies are cringe" (which is still true ofc) but definitely nowhere near actual radfem lol

No. 1658654

Yeah there's no way doja will ever be a based radfem, she's too pathetic kek she'll only be transphobic if she's getting 4channer moid attention from it. She'll never be a 4chan queen!

No. 1658664

>she’ll never be a 4chan queen
It’d be funny tho if the 4chan queen was a black Jewish woman

No. 1658732

File: 1664222868134.png (334.55 KB, 1170x736, Capture d’écran 2022-09-26 à 2…)

god fucking damn it why couldnt she just kept that shit for herself, the twittards are already making an investigation of it

No. 1658736


No. 1658738

Linking lolcow on twitter doesn't work but that still won't stop her fans from googling "lolcow doja cat" to find this thread.

No. 1658747

Kek, based actually

No. 1658750

Read upthread she has already given hints she's a terven. She'll never be able to say it in this climate now that she's this famous vs 2016 but given she grew up on the chans with enough label distancing she might in future

No. 1658754

>acknowledge MY VALID complaint
What did she mean by this?

No. 1658765

She was probably crying to Doja about some bullshit and is salty she's trawling gossip imageboards instead of responding to her

No. 1658792

"Doja's a terf! Doja a terf!" based on what? That tweet from years ago and whats the context?
Doja Cat has rubbed shoulders with, Nikita "transwomen are the blueprint!" Dragun. Where's all this terf shit she's doing currently?

No. 1658803

It’s just anons retarded headcanons

No. 1658903

she craves attention on trisha paytas levels.

No. 1658921

did she have a KF thread? wouldnt shock me if the tranny drama led her here because she was lurking her shit over there.

No. 1658924

No, Azealia had a thread though and it gained her some unlikely new fans kek. Someone mentioned Nikita Dragun who also had a thread in Beauty Parlor but I don't remember Doja being mentioned in a dedicated thread.

No. 1659302

Sing about popping your ass and pussy. For empowerment of course and liberation and expressing yourself.

No. 1659305

File: 1664276339347.jpeg (323.19 KB, 1211x737, FE5007A8-6791-4C7A-9973-1885DF…)

Samefag. This is extremely accurate because bald

No. 1660777

File: 1664382275558.jpg (77.75 KB, 600x532, IMG_20220928_164211.jpg)

Lsa finally made a thread on Doja name dropping and someone there also called her a bicycle seat head ass

No. 1661263


This nonnie >>1658267 watched the live when Doja was talking about and said she mention the bicycle seat head >>1623018 and that we said her mole looked like actual shit which matches this comment >>1624690 Doja even said its lipstick alley adjacent 4chan shit >>1658116 so LSA can eat my ass trying to claim the victory when Doja was clearly on the farm.

No. 1662900

but i think she said the opposite, the bicycle seat joke made her "throw her phone" she's literally gagged at this shit

No. 1665695

nothing too see here just some jewess pushing 30 crying about how she wants to be a incel princess but makes songs trying to be something she hates being a part of

No. 1684885

File: 1666746141140.jpg (152.92 KB, 1080x710, Screenshot_20221025-210104_Tum…)

Oh look, it's doja scat

No. 1730374

Several months ago the British drill rapper Central Cee made a song where he mentions wanting to seduce Doja.

No. 1733192

File: 1672237878853.jpg (117.53 KB, 1605x864, x4cjOrx.jpg)

she's back on the chatrooms and now she's moderating. according to deuxmoi she wants to get a natural boob job kek

No. 1733195

File: 1672238156799.jpg (79.79 KB, 1893x599, gKg7XMP.jpg)

samefagging, she's a mean mod kek

No. 1756679

The thing about doja is she's just fucking weird??? She's just cringy and trashy as shit and no amount of money fixes that. She's not attractive unless she slathers a pound of makeup on her face, her natural hair is dry and unkempt because she keeps slapping on the worst tackiest wigs possible, she lost all her weight which emphasized her Troon horse face and she looks manly, she's just not cute. On top of that she's a major bitch to her fans or anyone that isn't always "oUr qUeeEn wE sTaN yOU!!!!1!1!1!1" 24/7. She's classic trailer park trash always drunk, and all her stupid little antics are for attention because lord knows she can't get it from just being hot or having talent

No. 1757099

I wonder how she’ll be the uwu not like other girls to the moids with that bald ass head

No. 1759033

Idk how anyone genuinely likes her after watching a single Instagram live or reading her tweets, she's so mean spirited to her fans

No. 1759036

Don't get how people acted like she was the sexist woman since Monroe, she looks hungry, she's bald and before that rocked crooked wigs, and only is tolerable to the eye after an hour in the makeup chair

No. 1779419

Did yall ser her little rant on her Instagram live about how she hates everyone

No. 1779423

Did yall ser her little rant on her Instagram live about how she hates everyone

No. 1779425

Did yall ser her little rant on her Instagram live about how she hates everyone

No. 1869019

I'm currently locked our of Twitter so I can't post screenshots but there is huge drama involving doja cat on Twitter currently and some of the tweets against her have been reaching over 100 thousand likes.

Basically victims of her current boyfriend have been reaching out to doja and people have been exposing her boyfriend for being a predator so she made a angry post saying how she doesn't care , then she started privately messaging people on twitter and threatening them that she would send cyber security after those people. She has been going crazy threatening and blocking anyone speaking out about her boyfriend which has made people even more mad.

No. 1869914

New video of doja flirting with her pedo-boyfriend on a twitch stream, this is geniunely one of the most uncomfortable watches i’ve had to sit through


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