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No. 1342270

Spooky black cat edition
Previous thread >>>/ot/1332126

No. 1342274

i couldn't take part in the weekend thread for my bday kms

No. 1342275

I don't know if it's because I'm on mobile right now but hoo wee is the site loading slowly for me. I had to remake this thread like 3 times because the page would be half loaded and something I typed in would disappear.

No. 1342277

Aww poor nonnie. I hope that you had a good birthday though regardless.

No. 1342278

The site is very slow right now. I think it’s up for right now and probably have downtime again

No. 1342279

Indian men are DDOSing along with keffals

No. 1342283

Stfu tranny

No. 1342286

If we go down again know that you're all great and special

No. 1342287

look at what they did to kiwifarms

No. 1342291

fuck off tranny lmao

No. 1342294

Life is so hard. I don't even want to gain fame or anything or money nor pleasure. A bit of recognition would be enough. I just want to spread a worthwhile message. Our society might end if we continue at this rate…

No. 1342306

yay we're back!!

No. 1342320

I'm sorry to inform you anon but I thought you said "Indian men are DDOSING with Kegels"

No. 1342324

File: 1663561266255.gif (1.89 MB, 527x368, 1654024544568.gif)

Lolcow is back I'm so happy (this is a happy vent)

No. 1342325

So good to see you nona

No. 1342327

I love this little cow

No. 1342328

File: 1663561478727.png (203.29 KB, 1280x720, i7ioxe5vvy591.png)

boyfriend was in charge of packing our belongings after a weekend trip and he left my laptop charger, phone charger, one of my textbooks, and my makeup bag at the hotel but made sure to triple check if he packed his video game bullshit im so pissed because he told me i should rebuy it instead of driving an hour and a half back to get it

No. 1342334

What an useless bag of shit, sorry nonny

No. 1342340

they were all in a neat pile on the bed I couldn't pack it myself because I was called into work and had to leave early to go back home it was like he just shoved my clothes into the suitcase and said fuck the rest bc the suitcase wasn't even zipped and the clothes were a mess

No. 1342342

I'm sorry but it's prob just downhill from here, men like that don't change and usually don't at all respect their partners' emotions or humanity.

No. 1342345

Holy fuck, you just know if it was his game that was left behind his monkey brain would be having a shit fit

No. 1342346

Wow, that is just straight negligence, he really doesn't give a single shit.

No. 1342379

swear to god the only time i ever get positive interactions on social media is when my mom posts pics of me to her FB, and all her friends comment and like

No. 1342381

That's so wholesome though

No. 1342407

Trying not to spiral out because my boyfriend hasn’t texted me yet. He’s been on a camping trip with no service for two days and I thought he’d be home by now. Most logical answer is that his phone was dead by the time he got home and he’s just conked out. Still terrified something bad happened cause bad things always happen to the people I care about.

No. 1342409

Happy the site is back not happy that my foot is itchy

No. 1342420

Apply foot fungus cream

No. 1342427

Does anyone know why leftcows is locked? I don’t feel like making a new thread so I’m assuming a farmhand would be

No. 1342434

there was a scorpion in my room
its now a dead scorpion
im spooked

No. 1342441

Oh my god, that little bastard got what it deserved. The scorpion has all of outside and you only have your home and he doesn't even have to pay rent.

No. 1342451

last time I keep my air conditioner off at night. Don't want those fuckers thinking my home is a safe warm place for them to squat in.
and just last week a wasp got into my kitchen two days in a row, I think it was the same wasp because the first time I managed to get it out the door and the second time I killed it, haven't had one show up again.

small house in the country is cute up until the bugs start showing up!

No. 1342456

One of my fav YouTubers has started splitting her channel with her boyfriend and it’s so fucking annoying. He’s alright I guess but I subscribed for her, not to listen to some scrote who thinks he’s funny ramble about shit for an hour. Just have him make a separate channel ffs

No. 1342462

Who is it?

No. 1342468


post the channel

No. 1342474

Fundie Fridays

No. 1342489

actually i like his videos better tbh

No. 1342513

>I'm Jen and on my channel I talk about different aspects of Christian fundamentalism

No. 1342541

thinking about having to do my coding assignments for uni fills me with dread
I hate vscode I hate C++ with a burning passion why did I not pick an easy major that I'm good at why did I convince myself learning to code would be fun
too late now I am stuck being a sad angry stemfag instead of a cool fun major like foreign language or fashion design

No. 1342592

Man I hate watching YT videos about security and privacy because it’s always some douchey bearded guy with a black office covered in blue leds posing for thumbnails in Guy Fawkes mask. I do not want to see a man in a guy fawkes mask unless he is fat. I need my cybersecurity expert to be Chinese or 100 pounds overweight.

No. 1342633

I wish i was good at something or i was pretty, i have nothing going on in my life and even if i try i always end up being mediocre at best

No. 1342637

File: 1663573079776.jpg (124.67 KB, 826x871, 1660698729103.jpg)

>my partner spent 150$ on a gift for me and i am angry and worried about it because we still don't know how much our bills are about to increase
>the govt only said that the gas prices will go up by 120% soon, in a tiny country where a minimum wage if 400-500eur.
i really refuse to 'treat' myself…

No. 1342642

what did he give you that it was worth 150$ wth?

No. 1342643

File: 1663573337138.gif (516.04 KB, 221x231, 1660399649014934.gif)

a new microphone and an audio interface for it. i am just a small audio nerd, i don't apisre to be a celeb or anything but i have a tiny community.

No. 1342645

samefag but i keep insisting on paying 100$ back so i would feel sane enough to think that the bills will be okay. the current economical situation is literally driving me insane.

No. 1342646

started my period last night which means that today is the most painful day of the week… pain crept up as i made my coffee and i realized i had no ibuprofene left, just the empty box like a dumbass. i hate this stupid cycle, why does my life have to stop and bend because of my hormones?! wanted to workout and be productive today…

i feel you nonna. right now really isn't the time to spend money on extra stuff. tell him you appreciate the gift very much but that it's going to be the last for a while

No. 1342649

take it as an investment, squeeze every penny of the moid simps, assuming you are a vtuber or cover singer

No. 1342682

I feel like the only popular vtubing content nowadays is just 'whoring' yourself out. The only popular vtubers on twitch that I see are
>either already popular streamers who just have an avatar as a bonus
>people with lewd avatars, lewd patreon, talking about period blood and sex, whatever

No. 1342694

File: 1663574985194.jpeg (207.8 KB, 700x700, A0CD024B-4BF3-464E-86A3-D11F87…)

Finally lost my virginity at 29 and now I’m dating the guy, I guess, and he pretty much only wants sex and it’s already become an annoying chore I have to get through that isn’t fun or pleasant at all. And I know I shouldn’t, but I feel really upset about not being a virgin anymore.
I’m glad lolcow had blackpilled me plenty about this, but it still sucks to find out for yourself.

No. 1342697

File: 1663575034220.jpeg (181.54 KB, 900x1200, c8feaf80e7b8dc1e31ddece877a661…)

nah there are vtubers that are pretty tame and chill. Selen is my favourite, she plays a lot of boomer shooters. She doesnt like getting lewded and her merch tends to be super tame too, she still attracts moids obviously but it's bound to happen if you are a female on the internet.

No. 1342711

break up nonna. some guys aren't this sexual and wouldn't want you to put yourself through it as a chore. hope you can feel better

No. 1342721

thank you nonny, you give me hope, even though selen became popular mainly because she works for a corpo, so it's a plus.
a lot of the indies on twitch i see are sexualizing themselves really badly, an artist who i used to look after (despite her being a severe mentally unstable woman in 30s, i joined her community when she was irl streamer with awesome artworks and work ethics) stopped being an artist altogether and all she does is has e-sex with her 'simps 5$ per message on her onlyfans. she actually permabanned me despite me talking to her for 3 years, all because i happened to dm her top donator who was feeling suicidal. she thought i would steal his money away when i just wanted to check up on a person.

No. 1342732

idk how long have you been together but i can imagine that situation as mentally draining in a long run, take care of yourself and drop that guy. wish you best nona.

No. 1342745

how do I get money out of simp moids while still keeping boundaries and not allowing them to drain me while still expressing my true self without getting their reddit tier opinions over everything? I have very strong beleifs too. In the end I think if you squeeze money out of mooids they will become your patrons

No. 1342750

I want to see a woman in a truly empowering artistic position of pure self expression and anger without her being sexualized. Like a female diogenes, joker, someone like a school shooter but female. Filled with anger and hatred that still expresses something genuine in a collapsing society.

No. 1342765

ew no, we are better than those worthless scrotes that prefeer to cry about life and tfw no gf instead of going to the gym and getting a job. I would however like more hyper autistic women that self indulge in their hobbies like irl Princess Jellyfish fujos

No. 1342784

nta but ew, kek. her idea is better.

No. 1342809

No. 1342812

File: 1663581559089.jpg (24.16 KB, 540x405, tumblr_0e89b6bcd84a802ccaed40a…)

>I would however like more hyper autistic women that self indulge in their hobbies like irl Princess Jellyfish fujos
All autistic women are angels nona

No. 1342817

File: 1663581786058.jpg (50.95 KB, 500x500, artworks-000380801082-uxlu7l-t…)

it's not crying over not having a boyfriend you stupid bitch. This isn't what I was talking about…I want to see brutal artistic expression in a woman that is not centered around men's desires, again a woman that expresses something serial killer like or intense anger and frustration but without the onlyfans and feminist or here, get some sexualization out of me shit. A female rapper/metal singer/writer that solely focuses on this idea and expresses this feeling of being stuck in a patriarchal system, a woman that expresses the same shit a male musician or artist expresses without being limited by being sexually exploited or pandering to males. I want a female school shooter archetype, but not a pick me that does it because scrote doesn't want to be with her, someone with more justifiable reasons to be angry at society rather than being sexless. Someone tired of being sexualized. Most radfems are tame as fuck and parrot the ideas of radical feminism without embodying the anger, isolation or disgust of continuously being seen as a sexual object. For nothing you jack of to fujo porn if no woman sets this powerful archetype in society of wanting to transcend sexualization or gender norms without being a tranny or some stupid modern leftist ideological shit. Most women are tame, if you show some agressivity or anger without presenting yourself as some bimbo femdom type you will become completely socially isolated. If you show any sort of anger without channeling it through a sexual medium or appearance. Autists are also supposed to be angry.

No. 1342819

calm down romania

No. 1342820

Makeup can cost so fucking much, what a piece of shit. Tbh if there’s one thing I’ve learned, that level of selfishness becomes innate in men. He won’t change.

No. 1342823


No. 1342825

Break up with him.
>And I know I shouldn’t, but I feel really upset about not being a virgin anymore.
I kinda feel this too because my first time was not pleasurable and a really pathetic experience. But I'm trying to see it just as if I was still a virgin, there's no real difference. My entire being didn't change when I lost my virginity. And sex isn't just about penetration so being a virgin doesn't prevent you from experiencing excitement during sex later in your life.

No. 1342826

File: 1663582319230.jpg (37.48 KB, 720x717, 305476696_818730552876851_4461…)

missed you too anon! hopefully we never have to do that again. and damn, it was on a weekend when it's notoriously dead and look at how many anons felt lost and like they couldn't live without LC? imagine if it happened on a weekday

No. 1342828

>you stupid bitch
chill out you autist

No. 1342831

uh you cant, they're literally defective. we've been through this. you'll have to compromise something in order to do so

No. 1342832


No. 1342834

i hate this "silicones don't cause you to break out!! stop being scared of silicones!!" technicality shit. i'm so tired of it. yes obviously it's not comedogenic in and of itself but being that it's difficult to get off, YES, it does make people break out. cannot find like ANY moisturizers without this shit in it. it's so annoying and it feels so fucking gross on my skin

No. 1342837

Jesus Christ how many different threads do we need in g for specific types of scrotes.

No. 1342839

I’m gaining weight because I stopped restricting. I wasn’t an unhealthily low weight to begin with but my old anorexic behaviours were creeping in so I decided to eat a bit more.
I feel so worthless and ugly now, though. My thighs touch now and the feeling is so uncomfortable and a constant reminder that I’m a “failure”. I’m scared and disgusted in myself because I don’t think that I could restrict again if I tried because I’m so hungry all the time now.

No. 1342857

File: 1663584187761.png (131.32 KB, 964x488, 079320743207923409723470970923…)

im so angry im so angry can fucking troons leave the women of my country in peace PLEASE

No. 1342861

File: 1663584450565.jpg (118.81 KB, 720x888, Daniel Quat, 1985 Cat on an Ol…)

I missed all of you too

No. 1342867

i had 3 job interviews. 2 wanted me but one didnt pay well enough with harsh covid bs to care about and the other pays well but its very stressful so i said let me get all my answers on friday. the 3rd job i really wanted made me do 2 interviews since they decided they wanted me at a different job under a different boss. he never told me his damn answer by friday so i followed up with the well paying stressful job that i'd take it. instead she asks "whos this? did we interview?" what the fuck!?!? i just wanted a god damn job by this week! now i have to spam resumes again for interviews next week. im so done i just wanna pay my bills and build some savings to leave this shitty overpriced town.

No. 1342887

File: 1663585667974.jpg (30.69 KB, 750x739, cac8064e609b19e29d97f6ed3a4b62…)

I'm trying to sleep rn but I just woke up from two nightmares. In the first one, one of my former male friends took nude pictures of me without my knowing and put them on 4chan, I only knew later because he showed me and laughed at me. In the second nightmare I was walking on a bridge and a guy hit on me, so I roughly told him no. Then later I walked by the same spot and he'd somehow cut his own head off and left it for me to find. I've only had two hours of sleep and I really need more but I'm on edge nonnas they might seem like silly dreams but in each one I started screaming and was so distressed, the feeling is still sort of there

No. 1342898

File: 1663586086241.jpg (72.97 KB, 563x707, 1661978709645.jpg)

still angry i'll never be able to have as much fun as the finnish seem to be having

No. 1342900

I'm really sorry nonnie, do you have some silly youtube videos that you could watch and focus on right now, something with only women in it (since all of your dreams involved scary men) ? Don't try to sleep without changing your thoughts first, wishing you good luck

No. 1342906

We are just here shitposting bc we arent having fun irl in our cold ass shithole of a country

No. 1342908

Thank you nonny, just hanging around this place is making me feel better but watching some silly videos is a good idea. I'm going to start with some cute rat videos. I love you all so much, I can't believe how real those dreams felt, so freaky I hate it

No. 1342918

File: 1663587063642.jpg (32.07 KB, 500x500, daebb67c008832261ed89b09b945e3…)

>It's not lymphoma!
>It's another condition with practically the same symptoms and similar treatment, worst case scenario is still a form of chemo
Ffs, I just hope I'll be one of the people for who it disappears within 5 years.

No. 1342919

This sucks Nonny. Keep us updated, how are you feeling?

No. 1342921

File: 1663587183437.jpg (19.78 KB, 496x277, 1660740647025.jpg)

sending you prayers and love nonnie. i'm sorry. i hope things get better and everything goes smoothly

No. 1342927

I just remembered the last time a man hit on me was when I was shopping downtown, looked for a coat for the winter in front of a semi-expensive department store, and a guy with yellow teeth and a receding hairline came up to me out of nowhere and "joked" about how sales haven't started yet and it pissed me off so much I told him to get the fuck out of my face. I legit thought he was insulting me and calling me poor or something like that but he was shocked by my reaction and left quickly. Why can't men act normally with me? Am I cursed? That was like over a year ago, I know I get promptly ignored when I'm hanging out with friends because I look busy when I'm not alone but still. I don't know, just thinking about it frustrates me a lot.

No. 1342933

where are you from? i think outside of america it's less common to be randomly hit on but in america it happens literally every day

No. 1342936

Very tired and weak, but considering how bad it could be, I'm doing absolutely great. Some people can still end up doing marathons decades after being diagnosed apparently. Others go blind or end up in a wheelchair. Seems extremely random. All things considered I'm grateful I have relatively mild symptoms. From some searching around, seems like I can get a prescription for Ritalin maybe for the fatigue. I'll see what the doctor suggests at the next appointment.
Thank you!

No. 1342938

File: 1663587833535.jpg (29.42 KB, 372x462, EReP0s2UYAEZOSX.jpg)

i feel so fucking stupid for only switching to brave now. chrome bloat made me rage too hard

No. 1342945

sending you a cute seal video nonnie, have some good rat videos and a good night sleep I hope

No. 1342947

I don't really mind MMOs that much, it's not my thing but I'm happy others can play and find their communities in them.
But the one big thing that fucking bothers me with them is how they fucking EAT PEOPLE UP, I have so many friends whose entire personalities have turned into being only about the MMO they've gotten attached to and they can't talk about anything else. I'll gladly listen because I know most people in my circles get bored of whatever games they get super into eventually, but it's still annoying that you can't talk with them without the conversation going back to their fucking game, especially when they know you don't play and still use in game terms as if they're common knowledge.

No. 1342950

File: 1663588197522.jpg (28.5 KB, 640x640, szd-fpniWpP8LzA4veMrQ_yOEUZsEK…)

Nonnie I wish you the best of luck, these things aren't simple but I know you'll be able to tackle it and overcome it. I believe in you and hope your health will get better and better as you start your treatment. Keep fighting and I hope you feel better as soon as possible

No. 1342956

Depression is starting again… It's highly somatic (is that the word?), so it's paired with many physical complaints. I can barely digest any foods. I don't have the energy to prepare healing meals, so I've just been barely eating lately. Can't concentrate whatsoever due to my hunger and lack of energy. I've been dealing with depression for so much of my life. It makes me hate myself

No. 1342958

break up, no exaggeration. There are so many way less sexual guys who would actually care about you. They're out there and you shouldn't be giving your time to this scrote that i can tell you don't even really like. It's simply a matter of time, best to just get it over with now.

No. 1342960

Not American. I'm in Europe. I've never put myself out there to be hit on by men, it only happened a few times out of nowhere outside when I'm doing errands and it's always a little awkward at best even when the guys happen to be hot. I never know how to react. Years ago a few guys around my age (mid 20s at the time) were hitting on me and THEN asked me in which high school I just started studying, and once I had a guy following me to my building in public transport to ask for my phone number and I yelled at him that I didn't have a phone with my phone in my hand and he looked sad and left. I'm not sure if I should be happy to be left alone now or be frustrated that I never have normal encounters with pleasant men my age who aren't this close to being predators.

No. 1342963

File: 1663588534216.gif (1.5 MB, 200x200, 1663377149164785.gif)

>mfw mention a new perfume I got and my dad goes "Isn't that what PROSTITUTES wear? Just kidding haha!"

No. 1342964

weird joke for a father to make but if it's candy scented he might have a point tbf

No. 1342993

did you post it in the perfume thread recently?

No. 1342995

No it's black opium extreme by ysl

No. 1342998

My mom loved that perfume and she wasn't a prostitute so I think your dad just made a very unfunny (sus?) joke

No. 1343023

Take medications noonie. If the idea of smoking a blunt makes you uncomfortable or even seem inaccessible, try herbal anti-depressants like St. Johns Wort.

No. 1343055

I’m not trying to jinx anything but I just want to pass away in my sleep or something. I’m so tired, I want a peaceful passing from my short life

No. 1343058

Tiktok now recommends me gendies from my country it's caught quite a bit. I saw some people recommending places that sell binders (which just look like crop top bras/sporty bras), some women going with themlet pronouns. I saw a tiktok video where I wasn't sure if the woman being serious or not (she was using some thirst-trap they/them sound) and one of the comments was telling her to watch the dumb "What is a woman" documentary. A few days ago my lesbian friend was ranting about how her homophobic mother sent her a video saying that trans people don't actually exist (I really wanted to ask her to send me that didn't want to come off as obsessive) and was linking that to her homosexuality which is fucking stupid but in the eyes of a standard anti-LGBTQ person it makes sense. Obviously I had to go along the reactions from our gathering showing how disgusted I felt because if I started debating I would have been eaten alive (ironically a few moments later my friend was spewing very radical terf talking points like referring to her vagina as a woman which upset a gendie)

GC content that appeals to gen z is practically non-existent. I really want to send some GC/terf tiktok videos to my gendie friend but I can't for the life of me find anything. The more I think about it the more annoyed I get because it seems like terfs never even tried to appeal to gen z. There is no lesbian GC on tiktok explaining why none of this makes any sense. Even outside of the sphere of tiktok I've seen more people recommending "what is a woman" over anything. I hope Reduxx makes a series of videos that is appropriate to send to friends.

I know I shouldn't be annoyed because I understand the ban hammers, censorship, and doxxing fears but I still hate how any gc or terf space is just hostile to normies to the point that "what is a woman" gets recommended. Seeing someone recommend and the typical "let people do what you want" argument from my language taking place in the tiktok comment section made me want to blow up brains out.

No. 1343060

He still hasn’t responded and I know he has work today so I’m starting to get really worried. ;-;

No. 1343065

no offense but if he was a decent bf he wouldn't go on a stupid camping trip knowing your anxieties and fears

No. 1343068

File: 1663594199337.jpg (9.01 KB, 276x204, 1655251672285.jpg)

Gendies keep growing in popularity outside of the US. They're associated with progressive values and appeal to LGB kids and allies, from their point of view it's just "LGBTQ+ everyone is valid and accepted" or "typical homophobic and trad conservative" any alternative view isn't allowed to exist because terfs are just thrown into the 2nd category and smeared as white women that want right wing men's attention.
Fucking clown world, nothing will get better this will keep getting worse. It's here to stay forever. Only two options exist for mainstream media "watch contrapoints to understand" or "watch what is a women" things are fucked.
Why the fuck did it leave the fucking USA.
I just want one determined "I don't care what happens" lesbian to make videos addressing this shit. Idk if it's possible to make a video about everything that has happened this huge lie and deception that gen z bought into but I would like to see an attempt.

I'm sorry for venting so much but tiktok triggered me.

No. 1343069

Going in a camping trip is normal you weirdo.

No. 1343070

it is, but if you have a partner that has persistent fear because they have a history of their loved ones being hurt going on a trip without service in the wilderness is pretty inconsiderate as a partner

No. 1343074

File: 1663594447357.png (120.98 KB, 680x252, 1597669560308.png)

there are already women doing artsy bullshit like that, i want women doing 2 hour long documentaries on why super bing bong wahoo 6 is the best game in the bing bong franchise or sperging about a crappy otome games ala AVGN

No. 1343085

My anxieties are much more broad than that as I’ve had several instances of extraordinarily bad things happening to the people I care about. If I kept him from doing everything that makes me anxious neither of us would go outside. I still worry though.

No. 1343086

and before someone says ''but….'' most women that do the essay shit are handmaidens and always sound bored, i want a legit spergs screaming at shitty games because they are crappy and not because ''its offensive to the moids in dresses''

No. 1343091

personally, i think camping in an area without service is a terrible and dangerous idea for anyone - anxiety or not, but i have similar issues with anxiety and i would break up with any guy that insisted on a camping trip where it's impossible for me to contact them or for them to contact anyone else. it's not like it's a necessity and it is legitimately dangerous. it's one thing if it's a totally irrational fear or a necessary outing but it's really not irrational, or necessary, at all.

No. 1343097

taiwan nonna are u okay?

No. 1343105

Thank god the board is back I've forgotten so many things I've wanted to say but I've got days off work and I'm here girlies let's chat

No. 1343106

men use the word “terf” to demean women and box them into a category so that they can silence them
i’m so sick of it. it feels like we’re outnumbered on every social media platform all because moids are vicious and absolutely hate women

No. 1343110

but at the same time i feel like when you log off, and go outside, these issues simply don’t exist. at least in my day to day. the only imposition these trannies have forced is their pronoun shit in academia
but now I guess they’ve realized forcing ppl to say their pronouns is counterintuitive

No. 1343123

you should read the femboy thread on thread there is a wannabe troon that spends his days sperging about women and terfs and then cries because despite wasting 30k+ on surgeries he still doesn't pass

No. 1343138

I'm ldr anon. I'm at the lowest point I felt in a very long time. This is even worse than how I felt when I went to visit her and she stood me up. She came clean. She cheated on me. She drunkenly made out with a friend on her couch and she told me it wasn't a big deal…but she didn't talk to me since July. She stopped talking to me in july..a week after my friend died and I was grieving…she was a demon to me. She told me terrible things she made me feel so ugly. I feel so ugly and unwanted. I wish I didnt love her anymore…im so traumatized by this. I trusted her so much. She never loved me and she only used me. I was never rspecial to her. I believed her when she said I was the only person she'd love and she'd marry.

She said she needs time to 'heal' and process this until the end of Sept. at that time I'm going to end it with her. I can't deal with jealousy, I can't deal with her protecting that other girl. This other girl isn't even lesbian. She is bicurious and with a boyfriend. My lesbian ex cheated on me with a bicurious girl with a boyfriend. I think they want to use her as a third if she allows it. I want no part in this anymore. I want someone who really finds me attractive or at least cares about me. I am at a low point. I have therapy tomorrow and I want to believe in love and that she gets help and I get help. I want to move on and feel better walking on my own two feet and learn to love myself more than anyone.

No. 1343139

let us know if you ge an update, anon. i totally understand you. i watched too many "trip gone wrong, stranded" type videos and i would be scared af like you are. if you knwo the camping area, maybe you should call some police etc? people do get lost while camping/hiking. not to alarm you, but better be safe.

No. 1343146

Did he say when he will come back? I guess because he has work he should be already back right? If he won't show up to work, call police anon.

No. 1343152

File: 1663598030099.jpeg (120.84 KB, 934x1022, 7E3BB638-C232-488A-BB75-CECB6E…)

That thing extremely, painfully, unwaveringly terminally online people do where they decide in their mind that everyone they don’t like (who they’re constantly cyberstalking and creating fictitious reasons and scenarios to hate them harder in their head anyways) have bpd or x trait they view as degrading has got to end. It’s never accurate either, it’s just a series of vitriolic projections cobbled together in the panopticon to make them feel like they’re #pwning them. Shut UP bitch.

No. 1343158

File: 1663598421286.jpeg (67.98 KB, 567x654, 0B54F5AD-6611-4A0A-A192-BD98BA…)

The thought that I could have potentially hurt anyone in severe delusional psychosis haunts me because that is never my intention as a person but like many schizoids I know I’ve been like. Extremely not lucid in the past. The thought that I could have hurt anyone bothers me—however all the men that have exploited me throughout my life can genuinely die and will have horrific experiences from God in the future. But to all the girlies that I could have had any sort of negative impact on when I was hurting, genuinely hope they thrive.

No. 1343160

I messaged him again and it finally woke him up, my initial theory of dead phone and passing out was correct. Thankful the worst didn’t happen but I’m gonna tell him he needs to at least send a text letting me know he’s okay. Ive had to report a family member missing before and I never want to do it again

No. 1343162

some radblr blogs repost funny gc tiktoks, you should try looking there

No. 1343170

I don't miss him so much as I had someone prioritising me to hang out. I'm so bored.

No. 1343171

Same. Love you.

No. 1343178

File: 1663599601598.jpg (14.76 KB, 692x607, 1598553955319.jpg)

I got covid and I have to skip two parties this week I was looking forward to rrrrrreeeeeee

No. 1343188

Why was I born in my shithole country? My life sucks.

No. 1343192

This but with my city. Way too much buildings, cars, people, noise. Fuck all that, I feel trapped as hell. I want to live in village.

No. 1343197

I know that feel, anona.

No. 1343220

Bro I am so fucking tired of every single piece of media I watch deliberately making female characters attractive to the audience. Their outfits are always designed to look sexually appealing even if they aren't necessarily half-naked while the male characters are dressed in baggy hideous shit. Camera angles are always from the perspective of watching the women. Knowing that there is nothing I can do about this because its been a thing since the beginning of time makes this feeling even worse.

No. 1343232

I can't unsee all this shit either. Knowing is suffering.

No. 1343235

Are you capable of talking about something without either bragging about what you've done/what you can do or bringing up your sob story? I get it, you're a jack of all trades and master of none, we get it.

No. 1343236

I legit don’t watch shit these days. There’s no point it’s just moid fap shit these days or trying to sell something.

No. 1343249

Same nonna, I’ve been here for 10 years waiting for other women to stop calling me crazy or sensitive and wake up to the obvious. When will women become based and reject most media?

No. 1343254

So much to vent about, not enough space so I'll just say this.

If you're ever involved in a minor fender bender and decide to harass who you think is the responsible party, fucking don't. I have a woman trying to extort her deductible amount from me directly but she didn't realize I used to work insurance and know exactly how the process works. Fucking assclown. Women should be nice to each other, not trying to fuck each other over every second of the day. I'm working with the insurance company to ensure she's taken care of and this BITCH comes at me with a threat and demands a check payable to her, FUCK. Just ruined what little faith in humanity I had left.

No. 1343255

Had such a scary nightmare that my mother went to my husband and told him a bunch of things about me/things she came up with and he ended up writing like a whole huge letter telling me he was leaving me, and I kept walking around the city trying to find him so I could ask him what there is I could do to keep him with me. I was like crying so much I couldn’t see anything and when I asked my mom why she did that to me she was like “well someone had to”?

No. 1343259

You want one of us to assassinate her for you she sounds like a real count

No. 1343270

God, I feel this so much.

Same. I just get so easily fed up these days since it's all so male-pandering or full of fake feminism that somehow always involves a woman being sexualized "because she likes it", barf.

No. 1343277

I feel like I don't deserve people being nice to me. I just waste away and others are so kind to me. I feel like I don't do much for anyone these days. I don't know how to cope properly, I get adrenalin rushes whenever I think about how I behaved and how I was just selfish. And I don't even know if I'm that bad, I just want to be kind to people I think. But I am also very selfish and have troubles with empathy I think. It's a whole mess and posting jangled garbage on Imageboards won't help.

No. 1343279

Get well soon nona! I hope there's more parties coming up for you

No. 1343287

i'm fine when i'm home, but when i go to work it seems my brain stops functioning. i really fucking hate that place.

No. 1343312

So stressed out I can feel it in my skin and even my hair, my scalp. Anyone else? It's like I can feel my skin aging or drying out, there's tension or something. Sounds like some meth user shit but yeah.

No. 1343353

I wish I could find more female fiction authors to read, I read almost only male writers but get sick of women being seen only from male POV. But every book written by a woman seems to either be too feminine (I can't relate) or boring feminist ranting and other woke tropes.

>Fucking clown world, nothing will get better this will keep getting worse. It's here to stay forever.

I've realized this as well and I wonder how long it will take for most anti-woke types to wake up to this. This is just the new normal and you see it most clearly by looking at young people, they are completely brainwashed. society doesn't just suddenly go back from this level of insanity. There isn't any "culture war", the left won decades ago and now it's just exercising the absolute power it has. No institutions remain unsubverted, it's completely impossible to try to fight this. It's better for your own mental health to stop caring and accept what is coming.

No. 1343361

oh fuck im happy that he's okay anon. he should be glad he has someone who cares as much as you. glad you can calm down now.
ngl i've been watching "i shouldnt have been alive", and so many people go on trips then just get trapped somewhere and cant tell anyone because they left their phones etc. i get the "no connection" thing but like i feel like you should at least give a roadmap to someone and a specific time to be at home, so people will know the second something goes wrong. its honestly scary.

No. 1343364

Oh nonnie you know exactly what to say… thank you. I think for now I have it handled, sent her a legal letter calling out her shit and telling her to back off. She sent a panicked message "look here's my claim number I'm talking to my agent now see see!!"

This was of course after I called the agency, spoke with a claims adjuster and her agent's manager to figure out what the actual hell was going on. Turns out this 31 year old woman made her daddy handle it all for her, and he told her to come after me in an effort to extort funds. Before she even officially filed a claim or police report.

Not today, cunt. Dunno why she thought I would just hand over a grand to her in three days OR ELSE. Fucking dumb sack of shit.

No. 1343365

i genuinely feel so bad for crystal cafe. they let us be refugees on their board while LC was down and now it’s being bombarded by the trannys we unintentionally lead to them..

they don’t have the support to deal with it either. don’t go on there btw, it’s real bad right now.

No. 1343369

>don’t go on there btw, it’s real bad right now.
what's happening? bbc spam? (it was here a few seconds ago)

No. 1343373

just saw a gif of someone fucking a turtle on /b/

No. 1343376

gore, bestiality, and probably cp but i got out pretty quick

No. 1343378

trannies were already well aware of cc but it's never been this bad.
normies really wonder why terfs exist.

No. 1343383

its the same gore that was posted here before months ago. thats one long-term butthurt tranny.

No. 1343387

Are you the same retard who complained about that before? Again: they knew about CC before, CC's been getting raids regularly before. Whenever there's gore or cp being posted here there's a large chance the spammer's over there too. How did you think they knew to check CC in the first place if they didn't know it existed and LC wasn't available to communicate it?

No. 1343391


They've always been there. It's less hostile than LC so ofc they raid it regularly. Then again I don't remember if CC is still cushy like it was 3 years ago or if it went full tranny/femoid

No. 1343392

what the actual fuck? I want these degenerate people to die. This can't be fucking real I can't even imagine how anyone would do attempt to do this. Men are inhumane, the XY is a mental disability, they will never have a soul.

No. 1343396

File: 1663609283397.jpeg (49.03 KB, 540x540, 1594358662491.jpeg)

Attacking our little sisters, why are moids so fucking depraved and horrible? I honestly don't want to hate them but they make it impossible not to.

No. 1343401

I don't know why the store I've been working at attracts so many TiMs. I see one almost weekly. It's not as if we sell programmer socks, we're more akin to a convenience store

No. 1343402

calm down, no i’ve never complained about it before and yes i know they’ve had raids in the past, you can tell by their past threads in meta, but like >>1343378 said it’s just never been this bad.

and LC going down around the same time as KF’s end made it hyper visible to trannies who were on a roll, and new trolls were finding CC through the LC discord or idiots blabbering about it on twitter (unfortunately)

No. 1343403

give in to the hatred sister, it will make you powerful

No. 1343406

File: 1663609538845.jpg (60.05 KB, 640x853, sidm973ev7g41.jpg)

>me thinking about the CC mods who have to look at gore and cp today just because there hasn't been a mass scrote extermination yet

No. 1343407

i'm so sorry, that broke my heart to read. it must have been torture for you waiting on her to finally own up to the shit she did all while grieving as well, thats just evil of her. She needs time to heal? From cheating on you? She's garbage nonnie i hope she suffers for what she did to you!
i understand how it feels though, my ex told me she never felt anything for me and now it feels like my only expectation in the future is someone who doesn't lie about loving me.

i'm glad you've already decided to end it with her. she's not worth your love and dedication.
you're not alone, keep looking forward and i hope therapy helps you heal from this! you're in my thoughts nonnie

No. 1343409


>Talking about lolcow and crystal cafe on huge public platforms like Twitter

God I miss when people were too embarrassed to admit to browsing forums and insisted they only used normie social media.

No. 1343410

i know this probably sounds retarded but us not being able to have ANYTHING is actually starting to get me down irl. i love CC and LC, but if this keeps up i worry for the future.

it’s funny how trannies keep proving their moidness everytime they react like this.

No. 1343413

This is good advice, I'm going to be extra cold to every moid I see today

No. 1343414

i saw CC and LC mentioned in large twitter keffal threads, i’m 99% sure that’s where the influx is coming from. i hope that lurker gets [redacted]

No. 1343415

It's hard to imagine what mods here and on cc have to look at, and they're doing it for free.

No. 1343416

There's the "I hate Mondays" girl.

No. 1343418

read the book “My year of rest and relaxation” you’ll probably like it

No. 1343422

honestly this has pushed me to apply for some kind of janny position , i care enough about these goddamn image boards and i’ve already seen the worst of it tbh, might as well spare someone else

No. 1343423

>I got a female brain everyone! That's why I've decided to barge into a female space and post disgusting porn everywhere, I am so feminine and a woman in a man's body teehee I have 20 terabytes of CP on my computer ready to go, just girl things. I only want to pee in peace why is everyone so twansphobic? Here look at a picture of a man raping an animal

No. 1343425


I encourage it. Nowadays I wear earbuds so I don't even have to acknowledge moids. One tried to compliment me, we made eye contact but I just ignored it and pretended I didn't hear him. I woke up and the next day and my skin got twenty percent clearer. I recommend it to everyone.


Trannies (moids) ruining everything again I see. I remember when lolcow for the most part respected pronouns which is the funny part. They peaked us with their bullshit and now they're mad.

No. 1343429

my best friend has started running in her neighborhood & has been catcalled three times in a week now. the 3rd time i was with her & we were outside her house washing her pet cage & some moid does donuts in her culdesac & hollers at her. the first time a moid apparently pulled over & asked if she needed help with her nipple piercings?? she wasn't wearing a bra but has since started.
why do men do this?? what do they stand to gain from intimidating us??

No. 1343431

Twitter isn't any less unhinged that some boards tho

No. 1343433

i hate being codependent but at least I’ve recognized it and am starting to live for myself more

No. 1343435

File: 1663610489378.jpeg (273.72 KB, 1242x1340, 0C938005-ED7D-418D-8F2A-9E1523…)

this fucking moid isn’t helping anything i hate TROONS

No. 1343438

You almost wonder if someone started tweeting his own past at him like keffals if he’d shut up since that’s what has his fetish panties in a twist. How’s his ddosing company working boyfriend doing?

No. 1343441

im cackling why does everyone think he runs this site
actually nvm josh moon runs this site totally keep going after josh moon

No. 1343445

lolcow.farm is seen as a "femcel 4chan im a nlog pickme if i use it the moids are gonna love me" sort of thing now honestly

No. 1343447

I have to do chores, but I just want to browse lc all day now that the site is back

No. 1343448

Because Josh has been desperate to run us and prove his coding skills for years and so many people in passing have seen him grift for admin access it’s just living in their sub conscious I guess kek

No. 1343450

I am in a very weird phase in life, a lot of changes and then lolcow suddenly disappeared. I rely on you bitches too much, but what the fuck. My ex friend who I still am mutuals with on ig just got married and got a new beautiful place with her wife and I am not only older than her but so far behind in life. It's insane, it's also stupid to compare but I am literally so freaking ashamed of myself.

No. 1343453

File: 1663611258857.jpg (220.05 KB, 998x998, 1662420558493246.jpg)

I had the bio-chan thread open to post art and i didn't know there was a raid happening, it caught me pretty off guard lmao, i'm pretty sure they will have to turn off the ability to post images again. Fucking annoying.

No. 1343454

I think it was always seen like that, that's why back in the day 4chan didn't understand when the majority of us didn't take their nlog waifu bait like the nlogs on /soc/ and /b/ did.

No. 1343457

/soc/ women are truly something else

No. 1343459

There is that one weirdo Blaine aswell that kept samefagging before, did he spam here too?

No. 1343460

morbid curiosity made me click, jesus. moids are such a disease. Poor miners

No. 1343468

I hope the miner girlies came here in turn. Well, except the one who said Adam Lanza is sexy and got banned here.

No. 1343487

One of my coworkers has the same birthday as me and keeps making it known to everyone and has implied she's trying to get me a gift. You can call me a bitch for this all you want, and I agree because this boils down to "friendliness is a pain in my ass" but I feel like I'm obligated to get her a gift as well and I really don't want to. I barely know this woman, but I know enough to know we wouldn't get along very well outside of work. Another coworker saw my birthday when I took out my ID at a bar sometime last year and mentioned it to her, I thought she would've forgotten about it by now but I guess not. It's making me really not look forward to my birthday and it's too late to schedule that day off (I work at one of those tight-knit "we're all family" places, they're going to make me come into work that day for sure). I'll still end up getting her something because I know I'll lose sleep over it if I don't but christ it's not something I want to be stressing over. Don't even get me started on how I didn't want anyone else to know my birthday was coming up. I wish I lived in a world where there was some social etiquette about revealing this sort of information about another person against their will. Excuse me for being dramatic.

No. 1343492

I understand noony. Honestly the easiest 'i don't know you but i -have- to give you a gift would be a beautiful box of chocolate or a candle set. Worst case a bouquet, but both of these options imply if you know if she is allergic to something. The box of chocolate doesn't even have to be expensive, just something that looks nice. You could always tell that you thought everyone loves candy or whatever.

No. 1343494

Why can’t I just buy a giant packet of broccoli cheese flavor and bring my own rice!!

No. 1343515

I came here to say the exact same thing. It's ironic actually, male hands commited those crimes, male hands photographed and uploaded those crimes, and male hands saved and spammed those crimes… They have a long way to go in their transition considering they aren't even human yet.

No. 1343520

File: 1663614562454.jpg (294.45 KB, 934x1130, 1657656341_1-flomaster-club-p-…)

Sweet nonny, sadly CC have always been raided quite often, more often than LC in fact. CC is a known board on 4chan esp around pornsick trannies because women's opinions hurt their feefees. Really can only hope they are okay now. It's the sadness of every women's space. Even back when there was another board A-something Garden, despite it being barely any active (!) but still known as bio women-only board, it had a whole lot of cp and gore raids from moids. They will make sure to attack any space that allows only us women.

No. 1343522

Where is this adorable cat from?

No. 1343526

these people know obscurity is how communities like this do well, so of course they want to keep blasting it and direct insufferable people here that won't integrate.

No. 1343527

I never ask for this but can nonnies keep my mom in your prayers? I'm with her getting a PET scan and I'm so scared and she's so amazing and based. You would all love her.

No. 1343533

i'll light incense for your mom nonna

No. 1343535

my 35 yo half brother said some shit about how he’d be “forever alone” because my mom mentioned my boyfriend in passing, and then he singled me out because I was the only family member who didn’t laugh. When I told my mom it made me really uncomfortable and I felt kind of bullied she said “he was just making a joke!!” um no, it was some incel tier attention seeking bullshit coming from an abusive manchild mama’s boy that I’m not going to entertain. I’m so sick of scrotes, why do they have to make everyone around them uncomfortable and all the women in their lives are just expected to acclimate to it?

No. 1343536

They can't leave us alone, their whole lives depend on us, what we think about them, were we go, if we validate them, even stuff like mgtows has to do with women, even gay moids obsess over how we dress and talk, it's incredible.

No. 1343539

theres a prayer request thread too nonna!!! i will keep her in my prayers though ♥

No. 1343543

File: 1663615695139.jpg (70.33 KB, 600x450, blob.jpg)

I went to CC and tried mass reporting a bunch of those threads whilst hiding the images each time. Some of them have been up for like 5 hours. What the fuck CC mods? And I thought our mods were lazy.

No. 1343545

they're understaffed and theres only 1 or 2 jannies i heard.

No. 1343546

File: 1663616014416.jpg (74.1 KB, 661x767, 53c33b5e9758144727b99d2bcc141b…)

Thank you so so much, anons. You have no idea what your posts mean to me.

No. 1343555


Be easy nonnie. It's a smaller board and they have a much smaller modstaff than us. Just try and bump only cute things on their threads to balance out the scrote energy

No. 1343556

Will also be hoping your momma will be okay nonita

No. 1343558

The conversation between me and her on that night completely destroyed me. She was so mean to me and horrible. She was so evil, she said she didn't regret it and she liked it she had fun and it was just shit happens. She talked as if she were possessed. She had never spoken to me that way. She told me she does not love the girl and she said she loved me. I thought that was so manipulative. She told me she still spends a lot of time with her. I'm glad she didn't tell me this in person because I don't know what I'd have done.

Your comment means a lot to me. I'm trying to regain the pieces of myself and move on…I am scared of confronting her anymore because she hurt me bad. I don't think i'll ever want to reach out or anything. How can she believe that we're ok? How can she believe that she still has a chance over what she did.

No. 1343576

my dad's memory loss is getting worse. he's not keeping track of the present sometimes. he had a lot of untreated concussions as a college athlete, & the issues are being exacerbated by my alcoholic mom waking him up with punches to the head. he's had tinnitus for months because of it, his hearing is getting worse too, it makes me so sick. i cant do anything, we cant force her into rehab, i cant force them to split up, i just have to hear about this shit all the time. its breaking my heart. if my dad's brain gets more fucked up because of this, i'll never forgive my mom, if my mom drinks herself to death the way her mom oxy'd herself to death, i'll never forgive her either. ive tried to 'intervene' so many times but they're both broken records. my friends say i should just worry about myself but it's hard because i just got out of an extremely abusive relationship, im at the very beginning of my 20s, i need them badly right now because i'm at square one, & they always rope me into coming over anyway, & they own the house i'm living in (i dont live with them but i might as well), i can't just worry about my life separately from them because at this point in time they're the backbone of my life & i owe them too much. i don't want to be in this position forever, never wanted to be, but i am right now. they've been mentally & emotionally abusive to me my whole life, & neglectful, yet here i am at their beck and call doing my best to 'gentle parent' them. they're obviously trying to make up for the first 18 years of my life in material ways, & i'm no ingrate, but the emotional labour is getting to be overwhelming. i mean, my ex ruined all my things, isolated me from all my loved ones, drained all my money, lived a whole double life, grabbed my throat, held me down, shrieked & spit in my face, dragged me across the floor by my collarbone leaving a scab, harrassed me for months, i dealt with the lowest rock bottom a person can really go for two full years of my short life, & i have to sit there listening to my mom bitch because my dad bought a boat that he could afford & he has a better relationship with her family because they help him with the boat, & it's because of this that she beats my dad in the fucking head, in the comfy nice house he pays for, & drunk on the wine he won't stop buying her/letting her buy with his money even though she's clearing 3 bottles a night & has caused serious injury to herself at least twice. im at my wits end with this, i am so worried all the time

No. 1343583

that Mr. Cruel picture sends chills down my spine every time I see it. It bothers me to no end that he raped so many little girls, and murdered AT LEAST one and was never caught.

No. 1343597

My dad insists that we can only use a shitty induction stove top in the garage because using a normal gas stove will make the house smell of food. I hate it so much, something that takes 5 minutes to cook now takes around 40 because the stove barely gets got enough to even fry an egg. I am currently starving myself out of spite.

No. 1343606

i don't know how much it means to you nona, but i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. the only thing i can suggest is maybe if you can somehow get him to live with you instead of your mother if that could be an option? like maybe frame it as you could help take care of him if he's in the sort of position where he needs a caretaker? it might not be ideal, but if you could convince your mom it'd be stress and a load taken off of her maybe she would be open to it? i obviously don't know them or their whole situation, but sometimes reverse psychology can work on those types of people. like convince her she would be better off living alone, but still allow them to see eachother ? i also don't know how old they are, but maybe consider getting adult protective services/elderly abuse involved? also write everything down that your mother does, dates, times, things she says. record her secretly if you can? what she is doing to your father is illegal, she could be arrested for hitting him, domestic violence is not okay. i know it might be hard, but sometimes getting the law involved is what you have to do.

No. 1343613

I'm so sorry. My mother was an alcoholic too, and watching her slowly kill herself was unbearable. Just know, now and forever, that no matter what happens it's not your fault. It's hard, so hard, but you'll get through it I promise, and what waits for you on the other side is happiness and freedom.

No. 1343626

File: 1663619578544.png (1.94 MB, 1200x1501, maidens.png)

my friends are questioning my hatred of moids and saying i have more sympathy for men just because i'm not ok with one of our friends hooking up/befriending a toxic married man, and it's kinda pissing me off.

they keep saying i shouldn't care, but the guy is emotionally abusive to his wife, and i just don't get how you can even get remotely horny for a guy like that??? also another woman is being harmed in all of this, why partake in it? if you still find him hot after all of that, i think you don't like women enough. im sick of meeting fellow radfems who hate men more than they love women.

No. 1343627

Started back at college, decided to try the debating club because it’s quite well known, said something stupid in a discussion because I was a bit too passionate & misinterpreted someone’s point, everyone laughed at me. First week back and I already want to kill myself.

No. 1343629

Experienced psychosis last night and now I'm in the hospital. Trashed my house, scared my cats, screamed that my bf was doing things he wasn't. Tried to calm down and cook and sliced my pinky to the tendon. Complete and dumb accident. Cops show up, see blood that's not stopping and take me in. Now I'm just sitting. They put a splint on my hand and gave me back my phone. I was cleared to go home tonight but psychiatrist told me to think about staying voluntarily.

No. 1343631

wait what ?

No. 1343632

I am currently doing a fast-paced course yet enrolled a week after they started, meaning I began with a week of backlog. Due to my lack of prior knowledge of the subject as well, I was truly struggling the first week. I didn't get any of my homework done and now I have a backlog of two weeks… My classes are MO-THUR… What do I do?? Please tips for working away my backlog! I had a whole plan written out but then distraction got in the way, so now I have to find a way to work away two weeks of backlog asap… which is four chapters (30 pages each) for every subject. I was thinking of making flash cards for the main info and to go through these whilst staying on track with the current hw. Then when I have free time to finish my hw from the first two weeks. Main thing is simply that I get the knowledge bc I have no clue what is going on when I am in class and the classes are 3hr long so it feels like a waste…

No. 1343640

hoping your confusion is on their actions and not my retarded grammar.
but yeah, apparently being a real femcel in their eyes is fucking whatever guy you want, even if he hates women.

No. 1343649

idk where i read this but 'it's the kind of tired sleep can't fix' has been the mood for the past week for no reason i hate it

No. 1343684

File: 1663622333956.jpeg (194.65 KB, 795x713, 8ADA815F-F411-4352-A2E0-09C666…)

>thought i was autistic
>”diagnosed” (idk if i can call it that but trauma therapist called it this) with cptsd
>looking up symptoms
>they kind of align with my traits that i thought might be ‘tism
>difficulty relating to people, controlling emotions, weird affect, numb, distant, hypersensitive to stimuli, might be stunted/childish, poor relationships

well either way im fucked. doesn’t explain my obsessive longterm interests with stupid shit, texture stuff, and a few other things but idk i don’t really care feelsbad either way. who knew being groomed and sexually taken advantage of by nasty men over and over since i was a kid could do that!

No. 1343685

wtf are you me

No. 1343690

warning, many women are diagnosed with either cptsd, bpd, or bd when they have autism. you can be both autistic and traumatized. in fact, predators go for obviously "weird" kids.

No. 1343716

A lot of autistic people also have ptsd for obvious reasons

No. 1343719

I studied like a month and a half for the exam I have tomorrow but it still wasn’t enough. It’s an oral exam, it’s the hardest one I’ve ever had to take in my life in med school and it’s just terrible, it’s so difficult and it’s such a big deal. It’s just so anxiety and fear inducing. I know I’m gonna fail and it’s gonna be so awkward, it’s gonna be traumatic and I might have nightmares about it later. I have two more tries luckily but I should have postponed it, it’s gonna be a wasted try. It’s sad how an actual third of med students in our country has depression and how like one in five of my classmates is hooked on antidepressants and even more take anxiety meds before the exam to calm down. I am not medicated but I honestly feel like maybe it’s easier to be so you won’t be as scarred. Maybe I’ll take some kratom before it, idk. The system is just broken. We all work in hospitals since were in our last year and it’s stressful, yeah, we’ve all seen people die or helped someone not die but these state oral exams we have are such an existential terror that can ruin your life, for me it’s somehow much worse than actually being in an emergency situations, I can always keep calm and think fast during those. I think the school system here is just broken when literally the third of students develops mental illness during living through it. And like I say, those people manage just fine and have good results after graduating, it’s not that they’re not cut out for the job. Our school even had a few suicide cases last year.

No. 1343731

I guess I'm one of the first of this generation's batch to be diagnosed and I have to go make my own memes. Just fuck all for it online, besides boomer forums and patient associations of course.

No. 1343761

fuck i hate school so much. i'm only taking 3 classes at a community college and my mental health is so tanked i don't feel like i can even get an associates degree. i have no motivation, struggling with my eating disorder, my fucking hair is starting to fall out and i can't sleep but i just wanna lay in bed. im such a goddamn failure. i can't even do online school and i've already taken way too many breaks. why should i have to be educated and throw all my money to get it just to be seen as valuable. i hate everything i hate myself, i don't want to die but i don't know what else to do

No. 1343762

File: 1663627184762.jpeg (57.19 KB, 1078x576, AF664142-37FC-404B-8D9C-756672…)

No. 1343767

File: 1663627407966.jpg (45.69 KB, 540x274, 20220919_174249.jpg)

Woman spends time and labour building an organizer for her boyfriends toy cars. Among tons of "shes a keeper!" And little boys bitching that she disorganized them, one guy says she deserves to get her cheeks clapped. That's his compliment. Revolting.

No. 1343777

I am just tired, no reason to freak out. Just go to sleep, its gonna be fine.

No. 1343778

I hate men so much it's unreal

No. 1343790

I am a failure. I am a mess that doesn't do shit. I don't deserve anything good. I am so dependant on my parents its not even funny. I fall into pieces when theres nobody there. I just want to be a good person. Why can't I be a good person anymore? I used to be so fun and energetic and now I can't do shit. I don't want to focus on anything, I don't care that much. I just want to lay in bed and sleep and do dumb shit all day. This sucks.

No. 1343796

my psychology professor is such a retard. we had to do this assessment test for resilience and then do some exercises about it after knowing our score. my score was a little less than 40, and i was very honest about how i wasn't surprised and didn't care, and how none of the exercises would help me gain sunshine fee-fees in a nice, class friendly way. i was the only one who got half credit, and she gave no reason or feedback.

No. 1343799

File: 1663630190769.jpeg (63.99 KB, 553x545, DD649C0D-E180-4B00-AF9B-CF8025…)

i was in love with my best friend in high school (still best friends) and i think she’s realizing it now too. we both joked about how we “probably had a crush on each other” recently and it was like a floodgate burst.

But now we’re both married to men and there are so many things I want to say but anytime i think about it i just cry. i truly wouldn’t have survived as a teen or in college without her, and i’d like to think it was reciprocal.

i really love my husband but something feels unresolved with her. i’m swimming in hindsight, and we both don’t want to acknowledge it. i feel like i’m drowning.

sorry to sapphicsperg, i’m yearning.

No. 1343800

Husband hat gotten a promotion a couple months ago. That's nice, cause now his position as staff is hight enough to ask for a transfer, and we have been planning to leave this polluted, catholic, mysoginist cesspool they call state. Well, that was until a couple of days ago. He tells me a friend of his that used to work with him left because he got a new job: as a fucking discord moderator for some gaming company, and his friend is asking him to join him on the new job. He then started speaking about how he would get a better pay, and that his really excited to work for a gaming company (is actually a subcontractor call center ffs) and going about how he wanted to get a house close to that workplace. I stopped him. What about moving states? I thought we were moving states, he told me we were moving states. He then answers that we can "do that anytime", and that if I really would hate it that bad living here, even if we "had a good house". I don't want a goddam "good house". I don't want to leave here, period. They are giving rights of life since conception to fucking embryos, they're making vape pens illegal because that's how fucked the brain worms on the people here are. Hell, the place is so polluted and invaded by factories we just had a MASSIVE drought and we didn't have waters for weeks, but you can bet those factories did. We have 9 femicides per day. And he asks why I don't want to live here. A fucking embryo has more rights than me. He kept going on about his family and friends, despite the fact he always complains about his family and claims he has no friends. I don't know, he says he will get sad if he doesn't get the job, I don't give a fuck and I honestly hope he doesn't get it. Working as a discord moderator? You're 30, Jesus Christ, aspire to something better. I'm just so disillusioned with him, I think that if he keeps refusing to move (the plan was to move next year) I might as well just divorce him and move by myself. I feel like and idiot for losing my opportunity of moving out of here with him to being a fucking discord moderator, somebody slap me please

No. 1343806

Please, for the love of God, tell me you don't have children in this mess.

No. 1343807

i'm sorry i have nothing to say to help but i'm in the same boat nonna. had a little whiplash thinking that this was written by me lol

No. 1343809

hold onto that feeling nonna, you deserve better. he doesn’t care about your literal rights being trampled on. a house doesn’t mean shit if you’re miserable in the literal city/state you live in.
and if you’re working a job too, then that’s double shitty.

No. 1343810

File: 1663631181588.jpg (138.53 KB, 1280x960, he's so me.jpg)

After years of mocking anachans on this website I think I'm becoming one myself. Near the end of lockdown I started fixating on my weight and how chubby I was and now I keep skipping meals deliberately, admiring myself in the mirror when I can visibly tell I've lost weight, checking calorie counts online etc.
I know logically I'm perfectly average (been told by doctors, and I'm a regular weight but my fat sits awfully at my stomach so I always look pudgy) but everytime I look in the mirror and don't have a flat stomach I just feel hopeless. I started skipping meals because I'm a poorfag and didn't want to waste food but it's gotten to a point where I'll feel sick from hunger and still be able to hold out for a few hours, thinking that I eat too much anyway.
Honestly I'm really scared nonas. I don't want to become sick but I just can't stand my body anymore. And it saves me money so why stop?

No. 1343813

thanks anon, it helps to know I'm not alone. but we're gonna make it, there's no other choice

No. 1343815

I'm feeling awful right now. I have work tomorrow but a load of social anxiety about it, I don't want to go I just wanna cry

No. 1343823

i'm sorry nona, wishing you all the best and sending a lot of energy for tomorrow

No. 1343824

I'm so, so, so fucking tired of this fucking scrote. He's a retarded pothead that can never shut the fuck up about sonic or dragon ball or world history. Oh, you think you're ALLOWED to sperg back to him? Yeah, good fucking luck with having to stop every three motherfucking seconds to explain shit to his anally retarded self. He doesn't know who fucking Ernest Hemingway is. He doesn't know who Halsey is. He doesn't know who David Cage is, despite being a supposed video game autist. He's never eaten a green bean in his life. He's a retarded picky eater. He doesn't get sarcasm. He doesn't get jokes. He's too fucking retarded and stoned to just shut the fuck up and let others speak. He's so fucking retarded that he will mention that he's "heard about XYZ" when YOU were the one to fucking tell it to him in the FUCKING FIRST PLACE. Holy fuck. I do not care about the fucking romans. I do not give a single FUCKING iota of a single FUCKING shit about sonic the retarded hedgehog or about dragon ball. I fucking hate hearing him sperg. It is like nails on a fucking chalk board. I want to claw his fucking eyes out when he makes any retarded sexual jokes. He is so fucking retarded, have I mentioned that yet? He is a fucking retard. I mean that 100% in the way that those tumblrtards reeeee and screech about. And by that I mean I am using it absolutely, one hundred percent in a derogatory way. When I call him retarded, I AM all for eugenics in his specific case. He's also on twitter so he's sipping the gendie koolaid. Wants me to paint his fucking ogre nails. Wants me to do his makeup. Personally, I want him to get struck by lightning fifteen times in succession. Always has to bring uo how TOTALLY SMOKING THIS ONE GIRL IS OMFG SHE'S SUCH A BABE. I do not give a single shit you retard and I know you couldn't score if you were the last two people on earth. He's getting incredibly attached to me. Said that he kept repeating my name to himself at work?? And how I'm in his "top 6 friends". God it's a fucking nightmare. It's fucking PAINFUL. I cannot fucking stand this retarded cunt. I have repeatedly ranted about how I will never date a man and that dating men is a waste of fucking time to him so he knows I would never get with him but once a man opens up to you, good fucking luck. Good fucking luck. God I want to fucking SCREAM.

No. 1343830

you'll have lots more energy and get a boost of dopamine if you swap fasting for working out. losing weight through excercise is slower but you also don't have to spend part of your day hungry, sluggish, and feeling like shit in general. and in the end you'll have a stronger, toned body instead of a frail doughy one. try to focus on orienting yourself towards healthier habits and not how you feel about how your body looks right now. i used to fast but now I feel a lot better doing 20-40 minutes of excercise a day. it feels rly good knowing every pound i lose comes from hard work that makes me stronger. hang in there and be nice to your body noni

No. 1343831

I'm sorry nona. I hope you'll come around and realize food and gaining weight and having fat on your body isn't the enemy. I'm in the exact same boat as you, down to the body type. I've restricted and binged before, I've hurt my body from over exercising, I've ruined so many things for myself because of my hyperfixation on my body. I don't really have any advice for you, because these are things I'm still trying to figure out myself, but I hope things will get better for you.

I've gotten better about things in recent months. I still body check regularly, but I've stopped stepping on the scale every day. I see the pudge on my body, but it doesn't bother me like it used to. I exercise on and off, but I don't feel the need to mentally berate myself all day if I opt for a good, long stretch or easy yoga day instead of a workout. I've been focusing more on my body as a tool. It carries me where I need to go, it does things for me, and I need to nourish it and take care of it. Finding healthy recipes can be fun and a nice challenge, and often can be cheaply made (chicken breast is my best friend now). Oatmeal? So versatile, cheap, and filling without being so high calorie.

Things to not have to be 0 or 100. You are allowed to eat, to enjoy food. I also think that society will never, ever be happy with how I look, but I am also not here to please society. It's a long, long mental journey. I hope you'll take care of yourself. It is not fun existing in such a state of obsession. It's sad and taxing and it feels like there is never any escape, because we exist in our bodies whether we like it or not, and food is around us, everywhere, whether we like it or not. We can exist in harmony with our bodies and food without demonizing it all.

No. 1343834

Already posted but also I hate having no one to vent to, and yet I don't want to. I didn't realize how long I've been bottling everything up only telling my family sometimes. I see a therapist but it's not enough and I hold things back. I don't want friends I don't want confidants because I'm only going to do something wrong or be selfish and waste their time. Maybe hurt them even. (You try so hard to be good to others but they inevitably get hurt even when you thought you did alright for once. Sounds awful but it's like everyone wants to be hurt, me included!) Ever since my only serious relationship ended I walled myself off from others and I can't undo it. I don't want to undo it, but at the same time I wish someone could help me. I will probably just tell my family again. My main coping mechanism is escapism but it doesn't always work. I have online friends but I'm far too averse to venting my feelings in depth. They all probably have issues with me anyways I don't know why I do anything at all. I mean maybe I should start a journal lol but I don't want any of this on paper

No. 1343835

Your post fills me with yearning too. I’m sorry anon, I hope you can get some therapy or perhaps even writing a letter to her…life is hard isn’t it? I sincerely hope this situation gets better. Out of curiosity, do you feel that you feel lacking with your husband since you feel a certain way about your friend?

No. 1343840

aside from a few differences i almost feel the exact same way anon even down to the journal thing so if it’s any comfort at all, i acknowledge it may not be, you’re not alone. i have people but i just can’t vent anymore. there are times i want to like i had in the past but it’s backfired so nowadays i just suppress everything and try to distract myself. wishing the best for you anon.

No. 1343855

Thank you so much, you too nona. Since you mentioned it, maybe online journals are worth trying in a private space, it'd be better than nothing for us.

No. 1343864

im spiraling so hard right now im in so much mental anguish i can't take it. i feel so ugly in my body. i hate how i look so much. im so hyper focused on losing weight. i keep skipping meals and fasting but i just can't shed these extra pounds. i obsessively weigh everything i eat and log it in a food diary i drink so much water i fast i don't eat any sugar or carbs i started avoiding dairy even cheese despite it being a final solace and i do cardio. i only fucking eat 800 calories a day what does my body want from me why can't i lose weight why can't i be pretty what is wrong with me i want to kill myself what's the point in living im so ugly and no one will ever truly love me im worthless and stupid and working a dead end job and taking classes that i don't care about

No. 1343874

it’s a good idea, i do personally feel more comfortable typing than writing on paper, though i don’t like looking back on bad or traumatic memories if i had to go back through past entries. on the other hand, i would remember more stuff because i’ve been forgetting a lot and the days feel like blurs. i’d use the notes app on my phone or maybe use a similar app that saves stuff locally but i’m honestly not very organized. i’ll find some way i hope. i really do hope you can find something that works but i understand a situation like this can feel crappy, isolating, and not the easiest to get out of if there’s already defence mechanisms in place to protect yourself. much love to you nonna.

No. 1343877

the weird thing is no, i feel like my relationship with my husband is perfect. i want to be with him, but i just wish i had a chance with her? like as in i wish we had even a fling for a moment so i can at least say our love was real even if temporary. things just feel so unsaid.

i’m monogamous and i don’t ever plan on changing that, so it’s all just a weird melancholy.

No. 1343880

i don't know anyone in /snow/ anymore. i miss the old cows..

No. 1343882

Why are there people that assign themselves the godlike role of giving others unsolicited advice or making digs at their looks/personality/routine. I didn't ask, I'm tryng to keep my life private, yet people always barge in to tell me how I can't do anything right and compare me to other people even sometimes hinting at those exact things in subtle ways. People should focus on their own self-improvement.

No. 1343889

>spent almost three hours next to some college moid coughing into the air every five minutes
Fml I already miss the masks

No. 1343890

File: 1663635959440.gif (837.03 KB, 640x360, 4D700D4E-A9EB-426A-AF9A-075EFD…)

I’m having the most uncomfortable painful period pains ever. I feel like I’m going to spit up fire and my pelvic area is squeezing lemon juice out of me.. I feel so guilty because I can’t bear getting myself up in the early morning to go to school because I’m in moderate pain and in my country women have to suck it up and go even though they are in tremendous pain it’s like no one fucking understands how much suffering this is. Should I stay home

No. 1343895

You should check for endometriosis, just for safety nona. Also stay home.

No. 1343899

I usually never have this amount of pain, last time I had this pain was when I was in high school kek. I have an appointment to check my ovaries soon, thank you nonnie

No. 1343903

Sounds personal. Chill on the misguided anger at total strangers and focus on yourself for a while. You can't control other people just yourself.

No. 1344010

different anon but that book was very enjoyable and funny and I loved the characters love of Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act because I feel like the only person on the planet who’s seen Sister Act literally dozens of times ahhhhhh and all I do is sleep

No. 1344022

is deepthroating/facefucking (i feel gross even typing that) a mandatory part of bjs today? i've never had sex but i feel like everything i read/watch (even fanfic probably written by 14 year olds) has really violent fellatio.

No. 1344033

Absolutely not. If a man wants that it’s a sure sign he’s a pornsick pig. A lot of men say gentle bj’s are more pleasurable so I get the impression deepthroating is more about domination than pleasure.

No. 1344053

Sick of trannies ruining EVERY fucking online space I enjoy using. Even the "nice" ones I see every day in school are contributing to the problem in some way by enabling this bullshit. I wish every tranny would fucking just 41% themselves.

No. 1344112

I've been feeling so depressed. Nothing I used to like doing is fun anymore. Spending time on my hobbies and interests is too much energy. My free time now is just spent mindlessly browsing the internet or laying in bed staring into the ceiling. I'm not living as a person anymore, just a machine on autopilot. My room had become messy enough that it started to look like it belonged to a mentally ill person's room. So I started to tidy up in a pathetic attempt to regain some control. I started with organizing my closet but I haven't made much progress on it despite having the whole day to work on it. Even cleaning my room is too much.

No. 1344126

Everyone needs to stop giving them special treatment period especially the pedo perverted men in dresses. They are so emboldened because they know they can get away with it. Crocodile tears over a woman not letting a TiM use the lady's room? Bam she's fired, doxxed, and harassed by these freaks. The big businesses and big pharma love these freaks because they are useful idiots. None of these big corporations want to do anything because this is a goldmine. You are absolutely correct even the "nice" ones are contributing. The amount of medicine, pain pills, doctor's appointments, therapies, and other things they will need is a lifetime prison. Problem is by the time everyone else (read normal people) figures this simple fact out (stop giving them special treatment), there will be irreversible damage done.

No. 1344147

Trannies are like cockroaches, i hate that they have infested every hopbby i am into.

No. 1344148

I'm listening to the livestream with Joshua Moon and Mister Metokur right now and I've never seen or heard anything to do with Josh and had assumed he was probably the worst amalgamation of 4chan type scrotes but I'm actually shocked that he doesn't seem like that at all. He's really calm and well spoken, he referred to Keffals as a misogynist and mentioned tweets he had made about him wanting to be better than women. He then mentioned Matt Walsh's movie What Is A Woman and said that a lot of peoples view of what a women is now seems to a "bimbofied fetishistic" version of female stereotypes, like how women now are just broken down into traits like long hair, fake nails and tits. He mentions how women who can't have kids or don't want to have kids and don't fit into these stereotypes must feel sort of left out. The scrote host just laughs but Josh seems bothered by this. I don't doubt Josh has some bad qualities, I've never heard of him since the stuff with Keffals, I'm not a stan or anything I'm just surprised that he's not like the typical kiwifarms user

No. 1344151

he is, he's just pretending to be sane and normal

No. 1344157

Why do any actual women hate terfs? Oh no, a woman can plainly see you can't think yourself to be the other sex and mutilating your body isn't going to fix your broken mind. Fuck up

No. 1344158

Kiwifarms is pretty tame politcal-wise, the only common sentiment amongst KF users post Kerfafles is that troons should 41%, before that it was more divided between TERFS and the ''live and let live, just don't touch children'' crowd. I really enjoy the MATI streams, Jost has a nice voice and is good at not interrupting a stream with superchats and other stuff that breaks the flow of the stream. I recommend you to check his other streams specially the ones centered around different cows, they are fun.

No. 1344165

anon, are you serious? KF is politically tame? please go to the off topic boards where they (primarily men) discuss racially motivated shooters or anything to do with actual politics and read their posts. it's filled to the brim with extremely racist, misogynistic men. yes, i'm glad they're not banding with the trannies but let's not get ahead of ourselves here. they're pretty vile when it comes to talking about actual politics outside of troons or the horrible things some horrorcows do.

No. 1344166

the board isnt a monolith, that's what i am saying. For example 4chan is 100% right leaning while Twitter is Left leaning, in KF you can find TERFS, centrists and Right leaning weirdos all laughing at some fat trannies or joining forces to doxx people that get off from raping and torturing baby monkeys.

No. 1344167

Pretty sure the mentally retarded idiot is the one that thinks they need to emulate a biotechnic boner to have good mental health. Even the medical industry has decided to profiteer of you mentalists and provide costly useless cosmetic surgery that has a lifetime of aftercare

No. 1344169

But wouldn't he get more acceptance by his kiwifags following to not make any mention of the misogyny aspects? It kind of seems like kiwifarms doesn't care about that at all, and everytime I've been to kiwifarms they all seem extremely degrading to women. He literally brought up both points about misogyny without any provocation, he just immediately was calling keffals misogynistic and providing examples.

I'm still listening and about an hour in he's now just suddenly said why he feels bad for terfs and women right now because women only spaces keep getting co-opted by trannies. He's talking about blogs dedicated to ovarian cancer and womens issues getting hijacked by trannies. Maybe I just have low standards because of how men usually are but I'm becoming more of a stan as the stream goes on

No. 1344172

I feel sorry for Josh sometimes, he just wanted to make a forum to make fun of a fat autistic dud that showed sonichu charms into his ass and ended up fighting against a bunch of trannies for the right of calling them pedogroomers.

No. 1344174

If sex is what truly matters than accept the bits you were born with they're going to perform more optimally than a cosmetic sex organ. You're losing sensation and function for aesthetics. Don't talk to me about genuine anything you loon

No. 1344175

josh has been trying to get women to participate in his site for forever despite having been openly gross and always being extremely chummy with horrible men. the whole reason why they have the beauty parlor is to rip us off, not to mention him trying to take LC for forever, and it's not like he was a great person then either. i'm not saying that what he's doing isn't a net good or that he's wrong about keffals being a misogynist, but if keffals was just a regular right wing male like all his nasty internet streaming buddies, he wouldn't be saying anything to the contrary at all. idk, i'm under no illusion that josh is anything but a pretty typical right wing online male using "TERFs" (who are legitimately right) as a "free speech" cudgel against people pushing back against his site. tons of conservatives want to ally with women from across the aisle for this SINGLE issue, our other rights be damned. which is fine, whatever, i'm glad he's embracing the terves on there. but outside of him having a common goal with terves, i highly, highly doubt he gives even a solitary fuck about women or our autonomy.

that having been said, i am glad he's doing what he's doing for this one specific purpose.

No. 1344180

You just hate Josh because he gets the praise you will never get, if you had proof of Josh being a pedo you'd have shared it already.

No. 1344183

Then share it now, unless your lying like usual

No. 1344186

>but if keffals was just a regular right wing male like all his nasty internet streaming buddies
he doesn't talk about his political ideologies so how can you tell?

No. 1344188

He’s a misogynist himself. You definitely missed the gamergate/peak sjw tumblr era.” He made no attempts to curb or reprimand his users for being misogynistic, homophobic, and racist and if it weren’t for shared interests with terfs he seriously wouldn’t give two shits about them.

No. 1344190

But the rightwing men on kiwifarms aren't trying to co opt womens spaces, I'm going to choose to naively believe that if they were trying too he would be against them too. Also it would get him more liked to just admit to being a trad right wing male than to hide it, based on what most men his age are like nowadays. Plus he has a nice voice, and he's a Canadafag, and he's chubby and I like my men thicc, I'm stanning


"They" are a disgusting pedo troon who harasses us on the daily newfag, integrate before you cape for troons.

No. 1344196

go to sleep Blaine
Josh shares a lot in common with TERFs, outside of the hatred for troons he's also anti-porn and pedos, i think he said he's asexual or something related and doesn't believe in the ''good'' trannies either. He's a weird dude that's definetly right leaning but he's not an alt right like the pedotroon wants everyone to believe, he has talked against alt right streamers like the Ralphamale and the closeted mysoginistic fag thats dating a cat boy.

No. 1344199

Omg I love him even more now, the only time I'm ever genuinely interested in a moid they're unattainable. Most men are garbage, I want a weird but based terfy chubby anti porn moid with a nice voice like him, I'll never meet a guy like that in real life, I'm sad about it

No. 1344210

File: 1663659068006.jpg (43.62 KB, 640x640, 1617277485193.jpg)

All I want is to follow more women in this scrote filled hobby but they all have fucking onlyfans tied in!!!! I don't want your porn ads disguised as hobby posting!! No one is following you for your part in the community!!! I hate this!!!!

No. 1344212

File: 1663659148670.png (193.47 KB, 285x330, 0DEFDDC8-3749-46F4-A0E8-1949DC…)

i hate this job i hate that i need this job it's so shitty and soul crushing and not right for me but i really need it but i hate it so much

No. 1344221

what hobby

No. 1344228

My heart hurts so bad.

No. 1344229

Interacting with people who identify as nonbinaries or anything else on the tranny spectrum is so anxiety inducing. I'm now hyperaware of pronouns and even using the "correct" ones gives me anxiety, because what if they're not the correct ones after all? Talking about game characters and using their "correct pronouns" made me double check if I actually used the "correct" ones. This is awful. Being constantly afraid like this over such small shit is annoying but I don't want anyone lashing out at me. And using they for everyone at all times feels like I'm scared and pandering, walking on eggshells, which is probably what they want. I hate this.

No. 1344233

nonna i feel this. went to the vet for a yearly checkup for my dog. the nurse was named dylan and had that deep testosterone voice but also massive boobs and mascara and blush on. genuinely have no idea what she wanted to be called

No. 1344234

The absolutely worst kind of tranny handmaiden is the
>"Bisexual" (or "pansexual") but exclusively attracted to men and likes women only as substitute mommies, usually has a boyfriend
>Despite this acts as an authority on issues regarding homosexuality everywhere ("I'm bi myself and regarding lesbians..")
>Proudly declares that she would date a trans woman but everyone knows it would never happen and transbians don't bother her anyway because she's already been soiled by another man unlike the virginal lesbians they're after
>Willing to be critical of FTMs and often outright ridicules them with a clean conscience, but capes for MTFs unconditionally and forces everyone else to do so as well
>Unironically believes asexuality should be included in LGBT, often identifies as one herself despite being a borderline sex/porn addict
>Jumped on the "anti-NLOG" bandwagon so hard that they accuse you of being a "NLOG with internalized misogyny" for not liking the color pink or dresses
I try to remember that women are socialized to be this way and it's not their fault but this certain type of person really, really tries my patience.

No. 1344235

I get you, I always try my best to avoid referencing gender in any kind of way because I don't want to hear their dumbass unoriginal jokes or their shitty forced opinions on gender.

Me and an enby were looking at keyboards and he showed me a pink keyboard I thought looked fine (I tried to not show interest because he's an enby) but he then went on and on about how much he loves it and then reassured me that if he bought the keyboard for himself it won't be an attack on his masculinity because "Jojo I reject my masculinity". Like stfu you're pathetic you identify as an enby because "you're not like the other men" and want brownie points.

No. 1344258

card collecting

No. 1344262

File: 1663664268803.jpg (324.23 KB, 1024x1536, lingua_ignota.jpg)

>truly empowering artistic position of pure self expression and anger without her being sexualized
I actually agree with that, the only exemple of a women being like that that i know of (unapologetically and rightfuly angry) is Lingua Ignota. Does anyone have other exemples ?

No. 1344264

I got suspended in highschool for writing a hitlist, I was in the columbine fandom circa 2008 and yeah I was obsessed with natural born killers too. Lots of women exist like this but that behavior is shamed out of us by other women. There are no non-sexualized female characters but I really like Juliette Lewis in NBK and Reese Witherspoon in Freeway.

No. 1344271

File: 1663665214876.jpg (211.28 KB, 1280x859, dogpiss.jpg)

I'm going to lose it nonnies.

Back in 2020 my mom started talking about breeding one of our dogs. Everyone else in the house said it seemed like a bad idea and we didn't want to do it. We said having puppies would be stressful, and that they would keep everyone awake and make a mess of the house. We also noted she doesn't know anything about breeding dogs.

None of this mattered to her. Instead of taking no for an answer, she decided to wear everyone else down over the next year until we eventually said yes. Of course we were completely right. When one of our dogs gave birth to a litter, the puppies kept everyone awake, started shitting and pissing everywhere, and when one of them almost died it was the most emotional and dramatic shit imaginable. And not only was this stressful for the humans in the house, but we have an old dog who started refusing to be upstairs because the puppies stressed it out so much. But hey; as long as mom can churn out puppies every few years that mom can sell.

Fast forward to 2022 and my mom has decided she is the dog whisperer. OF course she's being retarded and doesn't know anything about dogs. She outright refuses to train them, and if you point this out instead of acknowledging it as an observable fact she takes it as a personal insult. But she does nothing to stop them from barking all the fucking time. And if you bring it up she just says it's because of their nature, and not the fact they receive absolutely zero negative reinforcement for their bad behaviour. Worse, she doesn't control them and they're aggressive; if you take them for walks they actually attack other dogs or people. It's nuts.

But I think what is perhaps the worse thing is the shit and piss. She refuses to bathroom train them, and instead just lets them defecate in the house. There are actually little piss and shit marks all around the house from this. So because mom wanted to start a puppy mill everyone else has to live in an unhygienic situation. I've even tried pointing out how she doesn't scold them and make them go outside when this happens, and she's outright said she's okay with them going inside so long as it gets cleaned up.

It's like mental illness. And she doesn't give a flying fuck about how its affecting other people

No. 1344277

>>1344262 >>1342750

Diamanda Galás maybe? I love the way she carries herself.

No. 1344286

Similar my mom bought my sister a male dog to breed with our female. He was a puppy and she was a few years old. She ended up never getting pregnant and instead the two of them refused to actually discipline him so he pissed on basically everything or shat. I couldnt leave my room without the door being closed in fear my room would end up like the rest of our house. My mom went on to be a hoarder until she died 2 years later so the house was awful. Our carpet was so damn disgusting I wore slippers all around the house. Couldnt set my shoes on the actual floor or my clothes anywhere. It got even worse when my retarded sister was high off her ass all the time so her picky male cat would piss on CLOTHES in the laundry room because his litter box wasnt good enough to him.

No. 1344291

>I couldnt leave my room without the door being closed in fear my room would end up like the rest of our house.
I'm doing this too. It's also great because I'm autistic, and when I wake up in the morning my sensory differences are particularly pronounced. So I awake to some sort of olfactory assault of my living area in the basement being covered in dog shit. And I can choose to fight through the gagging and clean it up myself, or just leave it and make mom clean it up. Obviously neither is a preferable choice

No. 1344322

Let me rant to you. I hate my company right now, I've tried so hard to make friends with them and what not but it's simply not possible, after a while you just get tired. They can't shut their mouth and they can't think. Idiots with no way in life. I hate going to public schools in stupid dumb fuck third world countries. I don't want to know anyone here, I hate these retards I hate them so much.

No. 1344339

That sounds like a nightmare scenario. When I was younger my mom adopted a (one!) dog and couldn't be assed to house train it, so it shat everywhere. It made me paranoid to leave my room because of the smell, plus I felt like there was shit residue on the floors from how often it happened. I was constantly stressed out knowing how unhygienic it was, especially when it shat in the kitchen. And this is just one dog. I couldn't fucking handle multiple dogs shitting and pissing everywhere. I feel for you nonnie, that is truly a disgusting and abhorrent situation.

No. 1344345

File: 1663670568787.jpg (77.65 KB, 750x750, 1662632528034221.jpg)

It's really only the tip of the proverbial iceberg too. I'd recently moved back in with them in my 30s while doing some school, and while I was undoubtedly a difficult teenager I'm realizing now that the majority of my gripes with them growing up were entirely valid. Both my mother and father are emotionally abusive alcoholics, habitual gaslighters, and I'm pretty sure they're also mentally ill with some sort of personality disorder! Their relationship is pure codependency, and they are profoundly psychologically unhealthy people

No. 1344351

I love this art, who is the artist?

No. 1344356

seconding the diamanda galas rec. she is so incredibly based

No. 1344359

Spent more time on YouTube while LC was down. First I went down the rabbit hole of straight males who become amberlynn/foodie beauty reaction channels and end up preying on their 95 percent female audience. Kept seeing the odd male commenter declaring that they don't really care about the creepy nude collecting behaviour, creeping on teens as a 40 year old, the shit they pull in the dms like blackmailing women and labelling them crazy to get away with it, but hitting another YouTuber with a copyright strike.. now that's immoral.

Then fell down the rabbit hole of hearing about Woodstock 99 and how many rapes or sexual assaults happened at it.. but males dont care. They think charging 4 bucks for bottled water was the bigger issue by far.

Such great displays of empathy from males.

No. 1344366

Males are a disease, I wish nlogs, pickmes and handmaidens understood this, but as long as they side with men then there's no chance for smart women to explain why men are a plague in this world and therefore not to be trusted

No. 1344410

File: 1663675069879.jpg (40.97 KB, 245x239, 1555394028303.jpg)

>go to professor's office hours
>show her my project
>"Wow, you went above and beyond with this one!"
>get a 90/100 with criticism she didn't even bring up earlier

No. 1344420

nta but you have really amazing mindset anon

No. 1344425

I wish I could just tell my classmate to shut the fuck up because her constant humble bragging is getting on my nerves. Nonnas how tf do I deal with her. She constantly has to tell me how smart she is and how x assignment is soo easy and how fast she finished something. Just shut up go tell someone else

No. 1344428

check out female punks

No. 1344429

Shut up you retarded fat bitch. You have no fucking idea what my situation is and the fact you had the audacity to call me selfish when I did the right thing for me is hilarious. You should get tossed back into a sped class or something. Bitch.

No. 1344430

File: 1663676271666.png (714.89 KB, 864x483, grawhgljd.png)

i hate my art!!!i hate my art it's so garbage!!! why do i spend several days on a stupid drawing when it turns out garbage anyway. this is so much lost time i could've used on something else to be more productive or at least have more fun with!! art is a scam i never want to draw again. everyone on the internet who is good at drawing is a psyop specifically for me to make me suffer

No. 1344441

Update: he spent over a FUCKING HOUR texting me about his plans to buy the entirety of a sonic action figure line holy fuck. I haven't responded back. How the fuck do I handle this. I think I'll just send back a "cool". Jesus christ shut the fuck UP you embarrassing autist.

No. 1344442

File: 1663676692333.jpg (Spoiler Image, 142.85 KB, 936x720, 1615621357806.jpg)

same, if i didnt have such an specific, niche fetish i like to draw i wouldn't have even picked up a pencil in the first place. Don't give up nonna, what do you like to draw? checking artists that draw similar stuff to what i would like to draw always encourages me to practice more.

No. 1344445

nta but this picture KEEEKKKKK

No. 1344447

>be in queue/on hold for an hour on phone
>get the most sudden explosive diahrrea out of no where
>its suddenly my turn
>have to hang up because i cant talk and grunt these shits out and I don’t want to traumatize whoever is at the end of the line doing their 9-5
>have to wait in the queue for another hour again

No. 1344449

Samefag, he said that if he sells ALL OF HIS FUNKOS he'll make around 300-400 dollars and will use that to buy the entirety of the sonic line. I want to fucking vomit hate this cunt so so so so so so so much.

No. 1344452

Damn that's one inspiring picture.

No. 1344456

File: 1663677432018.jpeg (21.06 KB, 739x415, 4E6124E9-5299-4BC5-8038-216A16…)

Kekking at this image, might actually go draw and study anatomy now

No. 1344459

No. 1344462

the amount of times I see tweets promoting andrew tate or some shit and I just think "unironically, kill yourself" is far too much

No. 1344474

now I need waifu version

No. 1344475

it's not rational but i really don't trust my new supervisor. she's some wokie who acts all soft voiced and uwu but i feel she's a fake
sucks. my previous boss was cool but my gut instincts tell me this one is no good

No. 1344480

>"the lecture notes will be available after class"

Except I don't want to have to go through your lecture a second time. Why don't you just teach better and actually give students time to take notes?

No. 1344481

does your professor not give you powerpoint/pdf slides of the lecture before it starts? the fuck.

No. 1344482

i hate balls, they’re so gross. i wish men just had dicks and nothing else.

No. 1344488

for me cocks look worse tbh

No. 1344489

That’s so funny, I’m sorry nonnie

No. 1344495

I wish all men were completely castrated

No. 1344498

I was legitimately so scared they already targeted the site ngl. I missed talking to people here, oh thank god

No. 1344499

Now that I'm older and finally making new friends I've realized how unhealthy and stupid most of my internet friendships have been. Most of them I didn't even have anything in common with besides feeling like a massive fuck up. All but two ended up making me so anxious I would shake uncontrollably seeing any notification at all. I wasted all my time feeling like I was too fucked up and normal people wouldn't be interested in getting to know me. I hate that I still end up believing I'm too sharp and in control to be abused. That's why I always take shit and internalize it. I consistently let retards think they're entitled to my love, respect and attention. There are never positives.

No. 1344504

I feel like I am the odd one in our group of students. They have travelled a lot, they are older than me and gave so mane experiences to share, while I am poor and socially handicapped. I don't even know what to talk about with people, bruh

No. 1344510

File: 1663680923240.jpg (396.53 KB, 1684x1420, 423.jpg)

did you all forget about his nasty rape fantasies or the fact that he's into femboys

No. 1344513

He was 17 when he made those comments in that chat. I can understand not trusting someone who grew up this socially maladjusted but it's been 15 years since he's made those posts. Teenagers are emotionally retarded and I've said some extremely edgy and angry shit myself when I was a teen.

No. 1344515

Once a degenerate, always a degenerate. His hellfire will be eternal.

No. 1344517

ayrt, i don't believe men are capable of change tbh. also i doubt he even actually cares about how women are treated in porn, he's most likely one of those "muh dick broke so now i'm against it" types

No. 1344524

File: 1663682098178.jpeg (91.3 KB, 1124x1555, FKlAoGjacAAZQe8.jpeg)

My dream is to learn nipponese well enough that I can rip high quality raws of classic shoujo/josei manga and translate them all. There's no proper josei/shoujo community and I think a large part of that is lack of accessibility/poor scans/translations while shounenshit gets everything from official publishers or passionate translation teams. Also doesn't help that a lot of whats being published these days in the magazines don't hold a candle to older works.

No. 1344525

ex friend lied to and cheated on her husband multiple times and im annoyed that i am keeping it in. cats probably out of the bag now tho

No. 1344526

What you said hurt and you really have no idea. Just say "thanks" next time. A little white lie won't kill anyone.

No. 1344530

Fair. I think his interest in women's issues is completely disingenuous. For instance, his only comment in regards of abortion I’ve seen is just a racist one to still appeal to the /pol/tards on his site.

No. 1344531

do we know the same person? fml

No. 1344535

My mom lashed out at me again, i feel bad for crying after it because i know how undesireable i am as a daughter i just wish i could be happy but i feel demotivated all the time, i just want it all to be over i will never get over my root problems

No. 1344540

lmao, you know what you gotta do girl, stop texting back and cease all contact. surround yourself with people who are not pathetic and enjoy life!

No. 1344567

File: 1663684346820.jpeg (59.33 KB, 465x660, CF48B0B8-07B2-42D6-8EEE-6BD699…)

godammit, i find myself having a big crush on this man that makes these really insightful videos online, but hes so damn old like half of his hair strands has lost its melanin. hes probably a dad or even a granddad. it seems to me like he keeps his online hobby and personal life separated and i feel like a massive creep for wanting to know more about him.

but at the same time, i'm kinda glad. i just got out of a long term relationship months ago which left me depressed, and i didnt know that i still have the ability of feeling romantic attraction.

No. 1344585

I can't take the responsibilities that come with adulthood. I'm lost. I'm useless.

No. 1344597

A girl I used to work with reached out inviting me out, we have never hung out outside of work but we used to take all our breaks together. Anyways, I responded to her message a little after bit bc I was cooking at the time…. now it's almost 11:00am next day and she hasn't responded but has seen my messages that I would love to hang out. Idk what happened, I thought I might actually have an irl friend but I guess ik just stupid.

No. 1344628

idk anon, do we? drop a hint lmao

No. 1344629

missed four weeks of schoolwork after having a mental breakdown and only attended class two of those weeks. i hate math and I'm seriously about to give up and drop the class, even though it's my last college course. I don't want to be behind another semester. I'm too cowardly to email the professor myself and tell him I had a mental breakdown due to life drama and started self harming, so I was going to go through the school disability office. it's been a long time since something like this has happened but it's such a low blow to me. I'm one semester from graduating, some drama ensues threatening to break me down, and I completely caved to the pressure. in the past I was able to work through what I felt was worse. i really don't want to be here another semester but if he won't give me grace and it's unlikely I'll pass the class I'm dropping it. last thing I wanted to do was have to admit to the school counseling people that I'm a self harmer or tried to commit suicide or that I mentally snapped and dissociated on the floor of my house for days on end, tried to take away the pain of my wounds by almost overdosing on painkillers, but here I am

No. 1344638

I don't have much advice to give, since I am in a similar boat. I can solely say you are not alone and in the long run, you will survive this. I know how horrible it feels, and I have sympathy. Wish I could hug you really tight and help you as you get back on your feet!

No. 1344652

flea anon here.. I think the fleas are gone
Now I’m just waiting for all of the bites to heal…

No. 1344736


No. 1344744

Except we're talking about a man here so you can't blindly trust or assume he's over his ~rebellious theen phase~.

No. 1344762

please go to the disability office! i don't know how they are at your school but at mine they were very generous with accommodations. worst case scenario though maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to take spring off and take the class in the summer, if they offer it?

No. 1344766

Hamsterchan is that you?

No. 1344776

Saw a promo pic for a gaming/tech convention near me, there’s a panel with UX and game designers speaking and among the sea of men, 3 out of the 5 “women” featured are troons, because of course. I hate it here

No. 1344813

Thank you nona, wish I could hug you too. It's so much pain to have the responsibilities of life disrupted by your own brain ravaging you.

I will go in on Thursday and give a couple days for recuperation. I hope it's not seen as manipulative that I cut or burn myself as a cope, I have to tell them that I forced myself to do 72+ hour "lockdowns" in my house because I have no insurance to hospitalize, self medicated to numb the wounds as well. I cut around my stomach area and it worsened my usual gastrointestinal aches, then taking too many painkillers quadrupled the pain. I think if I mention my lack of healthcare coverage right now disability will be a lot more understanding of my situation. It's gotten to the point where I'm too embarrassed to tell the professor himself (esp since it's a moid) and I need them to email him for me. I feel so weak admitting this vulnerable side of myself but it's better to try than to drop the class immediately

the backstory behind this is that I got roped into in some bullshit drama that I didn't start. even after I tried to escape it people have been harassing me because the drama tripped me into having an emotional breakdown. My moment of irrationality was used against me. I removed myself from the situation, it was the right thing to do, and I've been subject to mockery, threatened in the aftermath despite not even being present there anymore. It's been weeks of bitches beating the dead horse with no idea that they caused me real mental health repercussions. I really hope they fucking rot for this. Like I'm a real person with real problems and this somehow made life a billion times worse. Let me heal and flourish for fucking once please

No. 1344820

Men are fucking bizarre. Had a man pursue me for two weeks, set a date for tomorrow now he's acting all aloof and if he couldn't give a fuck. So I'm not looking forward to this now lol

No. 1344843

File: 1663692598864.jpeg (37.57 KB, 567x366, 609b997c11dcb135214dc9cd_567_3…)

I just tested positive for covid, and on saturday I hosted a bachelorette party and on sunday I had lunch with a couple of friends which one just got pregnant and the other two are going to Japan to study next week… Idk how to break it to everyone that they need to get tested without feeling like a complete ass, I didn't get sick until today anyway and I think it might be the person next to me on the train home from mentioned lunch that wouldn't stop coughing that is to blame so I didn't infect anyone, I feel so bad.
At least my symptoms are very mild so far and everyone have taken their shots.

No. 1344863

I passed gas and my supervisor might have heard it, because I had my back turned to the door and he was suddenly behind me. I kept thinking about this all day, kill me please.

No. 1344865

Maybe in 2020 it would’ve been embarrassing but it’s 2022. Everybody’s dealt with the process at least once by now, it’s just part of life when you participate in social interactions.

No. 1344868

Still mad about this and wonder if it would be a good idea to talk to my teacher about how misleading she was being and about wanting better critique next time.

No. 1344875

Tell them anyway, it's for their own well-being. And wear masks in public transport if you don't already do it, I stopped getting sick in general as opposed to before the pandemic when I'd get horribly sick every winter because of sick idiots coughing on everyone in the subway and bus.

No. 1344878

File: 1663694789967.jpeg (280.1 KB, 953x1420, E23371CB-F4EF-47CF-A074-3729C0…)

I’m sad that I get hypomanic phases despite being seemingly properly medicated and do stupid gross shit.
Like bruh why’d I show a trump voting coomer my tits on Omegle that’s psycho
And now I just feel buzzy and weird and funny restless, but I’ve cancelled obligations and extra things for the week cause I can’t but I can’t do nothing either but I am doing nothing

BRB crawling out of my skin, will leave it in a pile on the floor for to trip over later I deserve it

This is my first lolcow post I’m sorry if I’m doing it wrong

No. 1344881

I cannot stop worrying about being pregnant even though I'm on the pill. I had strange random mood swings yesterday and today which I only experienced before I started taking bc. I have no idea what else could be causing it and I'm freaking the fuck out

No. 1344883

You're fine. Please try not to do something like that again and just stay off places like Omegle. Low-IQ coomer moid attention isn't worth it.

No. 1344889

get help

No. 1344893

Shit, I'm really sorry nona

No. 1344903

been on the pill for years, Only thing that will f you up bad is some meds & antibiotics, grapefruit juice ( a lot of it), alcohol, and just not being consistent w/ it everyday. Otherwise just gotta roll the dice with the 1% opps it happened odds. Best way to avoid paranoia or worrying is to not have unprotected sex on top of bc.

No. 1344917

I always have a pregnancy test at home just so I don't have to additionally worry about having to go to a pharmacy and then wait for the morning to come since this is when they're the most effective. The more I let myself think that there's any chance of being pregnant the more "symptoms" of pregnancy appear, just because I'm paranoid and start spiraling. Taking a test helps a lot with not falling into that

No. 1344918

Had a man nod at me everytime he passed me on his bike so I gave him a nod back, one day he stopped and asked me "what are you doing this weekend" and I said I was busy. Next day he came on his bike with his girlfriend and was rubbing her up as he passed by me? I didn't even find this man attractive or say more than a sentence and yet? Men are disgusting and all the same, really.

No. 1344976

My mom is so hard to get along with. She drove down here and we went shopping. She annoys the fuck out of me so badly I lied that I wasn't hungry so we wouldn't go out for lunch and I could just go home early. She just says everything that comes to her head like she's 12 years old just yakyakyak like, "Ooh there's a doggy dog dog doggy woof haha there's the flooring store let's go buy flooring haha ooh what's that what's that" just constantly. And if you show any minor irritation and don't respond to absolutely everything she goes what's wrong what are you mad what's up are you ok? Today I was gritting my teeth so hard I felt like they would shatter in the car with her and she's like what's wrong? And I'm like I'm literally just sitting here I did nothing wrong. She's like yeah but I can tell by your body language. I'm like cool but I still didn't do or say anything negative or wrong. She's like what do you actually think that way about me. I'm like yes, I do, you want me to be angry so you can get mad at me and start a pseudo fight and I'm not here for it. Then the subject got changed. Finally home god I need a beer

No. 1344982

Afternoon bout of massive anxiety just dropped. I know about 50% of it is medication induced, but the paralyzing anxiety still suffocates.

No. 1345000

File: 1663698785932.jpg (353.31 KB, 1280x1511, tumblr_pb5dhtbVun1rhz81io1_128…)

my cat got an abscess con his cheek a couple of days ago and I haven't been able to get any proper sleep ever since; This is the first cat I've ever cared for in my life and I'm scared shitless that this fucking thing will kill him. The vet told me he is doing just fine and that his wound will heal properly as long as we keep threating it as she instructed.
I'm just bracing for the worst to happen, and it makes me sick.
sorry for spering like this nonas, i've missed you all.

No. 1345005

>>1345000 treating it* imsorry

No. 1345007

I keep a random pregnancy test a friend gave me around in case I decide to start having sex again and need to check. For some reason.

No. 1345044

I want someone to solve my life for me. I'm so annoying. I drove away my boyfriend by being an annoying piece of shit and I'm driving away my friends too. It's such bullshit. Why don't I have any hobbies, why am I such a dumbass. I've gotta change

No. 1345052

Stop hating people and blaming others, fix yourself first.

No. 1345066

I finally met someone normal who likes anime and while we were talking about it I fucking froze up remembering things I watched and entire plots of stuff I mentioned…holy fuck it's not just normies anymore but even other weebs that I'm incapable of speaking to normally. What is wrong with my brain? Why can't I just be normal for once?

No. 1345077


Make them understand Bonnie, I've been saying this for the past month.
If Joshua Moon has been whitekgniting for terves is because he sees us as this weak vulnerable women that need to be saved, and we would be idiots if be believed he expect nothing in exchange. Kiwifarms is a ceespool full of reatrded moids, the kind that will shoot your workplace if you tell them "no". They hate trannies too? Good, doesn't mean they're on our side, nor that they respect us on the minimum.
Worst of all is that this is probably what they wanted "oh no who's gonna protect womyn now" and this bitches are eating it. Open your eyes nonas, if they ever got rid of troons, they would target lesbians, single moms, and childfree women next.

No. 1345080

How do I do that anon?

No. 1345107

you are correct, I get so awk with doctors in that it’s hard for me to say things are going anything other than fine when I do med checkups. The idea of telling a relative stranger about my sporadic hypersexuality and other similar hypo or depression phase issues makes me want to die it’s stupid and I need to fix that about myself stat
thank you anon that was sweet

No. 1345113

Back when I was sexually active and just relying the pill I made sure I had pregnancy tests in my drawer just in case I had one of these paranoid moments. Those tests that promise to tell you earlier than other tests.. put my mind at ease a couple times.

No. 1345115


We have one. Is kind of the reason of why I want to leave this place. Growing up here was hell, is like the bible belt on the USA: full of religious psychos with guns. I don't want my kid to experience that. My husband is usually really understanding, but here's why I'm concerned: I already had an abortion once, it depleted our savings, put us in debt for 3 years, and I had to travel to the other side of the country. I don't want to go through that again, it might never happen again, but I want to be on a state where I can have one by doing a 30 min drive just to be on the safe side. I never studied what I wanted cause there's a scarcity of universities here, the state where I wanted to move is famous for its universities, and I want my kid to be able to study whatever she wants without the ominous threat of being part of the femicide statistics here. Husband says he understands and that he worries about that too, but that he feels that if he got a better paying job our kid would get better oportunies in life. I kind of got frustrated explaining that while he might be getting offered a decent pay today, the economics of our state are so inestable that same amount might be worthless next year. And depending on how much longer we stay here, we would be forced to buy a house, and the house market is AWFUL here. On a side note, and that might also be why I'm so pressed about this, I'm an orphan. My mother died of cancer when I was a teen, and dad had a heart attack when I was barely an adult. None of them met my kid, they were both dead when I married. I literally have no ties here. But my husband does, and I'm scared he doesnt want to move because of that, cause it would mean hes putting is family on top of me, and I would really hate that. I don't know what to do nonas, I left some projects because I wasn't supposed to be long term on this state, and if we don't leave it would have all been for nothing. I'm scared that if we stay here we're going to doom our kid to stay here today, and she's going to have the same miserable childhood we had, I don't care if I am dirt poor on another state, or if I have to overwork myself to death to sustain her, at least she will have the stability of a nice house on a nice state.

No. 1345126


Holy fuck, this is making believe your just a moid defending him, no woman is that desperate to simp to Joshua Moon

No. 1345168

First world problems but I wish I could wear a headscarf without people thinking I'm religious. I wear them at home, on the train and when going out with friends but I wore one to school once and one of my classmates said 'cute hijab!', like a genuine compliment. It was very nice but explaining that I'm not a Muslim and I just like the look was so awkward. I hate what they represent but I love how they look. So flowy and feminine, pop of color, I love it. They always get mistaken for hijabs (even if I leave most of my hair out) and I don't want to represent any religion because my religion doesn't involve head coverings. I just like my head and neck warm is that too much to ask?

No. 1345178

>hes putting is family on top of me
Nonnie you ARE his family. You and your daughter are his family. He IS supposed to put you on top of the rest of his family. Otherwise, what is the point in getting married and have kids?
Anyway call center jobs are truly awful and they overwork/underpay you, even if you don't handle calls. I'm in one in Europe and it's fucking hell, I can't imagine how worse it must be in the US. You are also 100% replaceable. He should really think this through, would he really get paid better?

No. 1345185

Last week I saw a family driving past me slowly, and realised the daughter was a cripple with downs. They were listening to THE most retarded rural country music dedicated to a province I assume the father is from (I’m Middle Eastern, so I don’t mean the type of country music you’re thinking about) and I realised how much I fucking hate men. Imagine marrying your cousin because the idea makes your worm hard, producing a retard, then continuing to breed because you want a healthy manly-man son. Your 3 (I couldn’t exactly count the kids but there was at least 3) young children are already fucking miserable because their parents don’t have time to spend with them and the poor daughters have to be live-in caretakers for their cripple sister. You couldn’t care less because the responsibility of your disastrous home life falls entirely on your wife. Everyone is miserable except the father who finally got his “heir” and got his dick wet a whole bunch and is going to grill corn for his little nation because they’re now too poor to be able to afford meat in this economic climate. I can tell this is the case because it’s very common here, all of them looked alike and the cripple was a blonde, so it’s obvious that there’s a lot of inbreeding going on. None of this would’ve happened if women were free to reproduce with men they chose, we want genetic diversity and whatever is healthy for our children. But we can’t have that because mister scrote has the hots for his little cousin! They ruin everything, they’re the sole reason why women and children are fucking miserable. He made them poor, he made them mentally ill, he ruined the children’s livelihoods and the woman’s health by constantly impregnating her.
They’re nothing but parasites that will stop at nothing. Morality is a female concept.

No. 1345322

Non what sate you live in that is that bad? Tell me so I don’t come near it, please. I hope you get out soon wether it’s w the moid or not. And I’m sorry to hear about your situation growing up. I wish the best for you and your child!

No. 1345383

Just start hitting all the burger place drive thrus in your town searching for a dweeb who sounds like he's about to cry.

No. 1345386

I really feel for trans men, mostly because I feel like I went in the opposite direction and it's hell, but it's like, I haven't taken permanently altering hormones at least. It's no less depressing, though.

Leaning into the whole feminine sex object schtick is shit. I hate it I am like this and I wish I knew how people detransed because maybe it would help me get away from thinking that my only worth is as a sex object.

I am 25 and I am aware I'm going to look ugly and unfuckable soon. I feel too ugly so there are nearly zero existing photos of me. There are 2-4 existing photos of me and my bf because I feel so fucking ugly.

The funny thing is, it doesn't matter what you do. I have hobbies like art that I enjoy, I take hard math and science classes for fun at my cc, I work full-time in a relatively fulfilling job, I work out, I have a good relationship, but none of it beats sexual attention. I wish I could do OF, porn, or strip, but I am certain I'm too ugly to do it even though on paper I might be attractive. I get attention from others irl for my appearance, but it's like, all women get that treatment, so it means nothing.

I wish I could fix my damaged brain. I don't know how trans people fix theirs. I feel like I'm a trans women except I'm cis.

No. 1345399

>I’m 25
>going to be unfuckable soon
>reddit spacing
>”trans men”
Reported for scrote bait.

No. 1345411

I'm not a scrote, kek. I just call them trans men because it's quicker than call them a woman that thinks she's a man or trans or whatever.

No. 1345422

Reported for being annoying.

No. 1345426

Moids are retards I still get men in their 20s hitting on me that think I'm younger than them. I'm in my 30s. Men can't judge shit. The issue with men is their deceitful and selfish, changing your gender won't stop that.

No. 1345461

Yes, I'm the anon you responded to and some idiots really think I'm still a minor. But I still feel hideous. I feel like it doesn't mean anything to be pretty unless you can commodity it as "proof".

No. 1345463

Why do you need to commodity your looks if you make money already? Why do you need monetary proof that you're pretty? You already judge yourself attractive you must get validation to conclude that.

No. 1345468

>Why do you need to commodity your looks if you make money already?
I feel like you need to if you actually want to be attractive.
>Why do you need monetary proof that you're pretty?
I guess I feel like it would maybe actually convince me I'm attractive.
>You already judge yourself attractive you must get validation to conclude that.
If I feel attractive, I conclude that since it's from outside validation, it's trash. Men and people will call ugly people attractive. It doesn't mean anything in reality. I don't know how to solve this paradox. I don't truly feel validated, but I do in the moment. But it is meaningless. People like to think of themselves as attractive, so it is likely I'm delusional.

No. 1345475

aiden, tif, and ftm are much quicker

No. 1345477

File: 1663709094090.jpeg (207.69 KB, 640x936, 2A69FA1C-601E-46DB-B9F3-9D802F…)

I’m unsure if this is the right thread for this and I know this is a bit pathetic but today was the first day I have a friend text me first. I know it’s a small thing but it’s the first time this has happened for me and it’s nice to think that somebody is thinking of me. What was unusual is that I don’t talk to her that much, only talking to her once irl beforehand and texting her a few times. I’m still happy about this though

No. 1345486

Because of my autism it's really hard for me to not tell the truth when someone directly asks me about something. I just admitted to something embarassing for me to my coworker and now I'm scared she will tell others. Should I ask her tomorrow not to talk about it with anyone or just leave it? God I hate myself so much

No. 1345489

The problem isn't how you look, it's how much attention you're giving how you look. Chances are you look completely normal.
>If I feel attractive, I conclude that since it's from outside validation, it's trash
So what use is commodifying your looks? You already know that other people aren't an accurate measure of anything.
>So it is likely I'm delusional.
I think you're probably quite good at judging your own attractiveness but then your low self-esteem gets in the way. If you feel attractive it's because you're seeing yourself as you actually are before your brain steps in and sabotages your thinking

No. 1345492

first letter of the name is J for the cheater

No. 1345507

I can't wait to get old and wrinkly so men ignore me in public

No. 1345512

lmao no but someone else had fleas here? Nuoh my god

No. 1345517

My mom once dogsat for me and didn't tell me her cats had fleas so my dog came home with fleas. God what a fucking nightmare. I made him sleep in the mudroom until I could get him flea-free. Luckily they didn't really get into my house I can't imagine what you've been through. I was itching for weeks just psychosomatically

No. 1345518

I hate my moid friend. I used to think he was alright but the more time I spend around him, the more he turns my stomach. He's the epitome of nice guy male feminism - caping for enbies, OF girls, talking about how he was complaining about "eurgh, straight men" on a date with a girl despite being a straight man himself - whilst being weird and overfamiliar with me about how he watches Pornhub. I'm sooooo sick of him acting like he's the world's biggest authority on every fucking thing. He also apparently had a thing for me at some point, and went around telling people that he "shot his shot" with me and I rejected him when he never even asked me out. I mean, I'm glad he knows that I would've rejected him (saves me a job) but it's just fucking creepy. Now apparently he doesn't have my number and is getting a mutual friend to ask me questions on his behalf, even though he sees me at work every week and could just ask for it again if he'd lost it at some point. I hope he doesn't though. I can't wait for either of us to get a new job so I can extricate myself from this "friendship" and never see him again. Why did I ever think I could be friends with a moid ffs…

No. 1345530

I'm so fucking sad nonnas. I think of my future and it feels so bleak. I'm jobless, feel like I'm never going to get out of this fucking city, never going to be free. My room is so cluttered but I don't have the energy to clean it up and throw all the things I don't need away. I feel alone. I'm currently working out but I haven't seen the results I want to see. I feel ugly, my skin is shit, nothing I try works. I really struggle getting out of bed every morning. I feel hopeless idk, I don't trust myself. I'm my worst enemy.

No. 1345536

You live and you learn, moids do not make good friends. Too many women fall for the nice guy sjw larp too often.

No. 1345538

you can do it! today i opened up the curtains in the house and spent the day cleaning. my room feels extra comfy now. i believe in you!

No. 1345565

To be fair, I didn't know he was a full on sjw until we'd been friends for about a year, but you're right. I'm never making that mistake again.

No. 1345570

wait does the husband name start with an e? if so then yes we know same person

No. 1345600

File: 1663717485119.gif (1.96 MB, 500x295, tumblr_ea82159b8f7735a59fcb6e3…)

>busy being a new district manager for a business
>multiple bullshit calls a day esp at peak evening hour when I'm dealing with problem accounts
>ask live-in bf with a sleepy gov't job to please take my dog after work to the vet for vaccines
>mf cannot handle a simple task by himself
>calls me not once but TWICE to bother me with non-issues from the vet that he could have just communicated over text
>bc I was being bombarded with calls by his third call ending (juggling a call from my own boss) apparently I frustrated and said "Jesus Christ everyone be quiet!" before bf took me off speaker and hung up the phone
>called him back later to get the full story about the vet visit
>oops I need to go back there next weekend anyway bc broke joke bf couldn't afford to pay the vaccine cost
>"Oh and I apologized at the vet office for you and downplayed your attitude."
>"You yelled over the phone "JESUS CHRIST EVERYONE BE QUIET!" when I had you on speaker before you hung up which made you sound like a Karen but dw I told them you were in a new role and were very busy."

No. 1345607

I love Daisy so much

No. 1345616

File: 1663718134094.gif (3.87 MB, 624x640, 71D61CFF-74D7-48C2-A2AE-9E7680…)

>giving the task of taking care of a living being to a man and not to a reliable friend/family member


No. 1345617

like seriously why are you with someone who constantly demeans you, are you anons ever thinking right? clearly not

No. 1345620

I've read mommy forums on the internet about how their scrote baby daddies cannot even set and follow through with doctor appointments by themselves for their own kids.

>implying there is a Nigel out there who doesn't
It's bleak for straight women.
Either settle for the most demi-competent man who pisses you off the least, or confine your life to singledom and keep men at arm's length for the occassional wallet, human dildo, or ignore your needs to entertain none of em at all.

No. 1345639

It’s so hilarious. How am I going to empathize when you practically chose to be in a relationship with someone like that? Lmao

No. 1345641

I'm the anon from the top 2 posts you're replying too and now I'm very sad, thanks for showing me this though. I'm glad I saw this before I wasted any more time on his livestreams.

Not a moid or a simp just desperate to believe that not all men are garbage but men keep proving me wrong.

No. 1345673

God there is so much I could vent about. I started seeing a counselor recently, and after the initial introductory meeting I feel like shit. Telling them about my dysfunctional childhood and current home life just makes me think about how bad things are. They asked if I have friends and I said no, and I haven’t had any for years. It’s so easy to become isolated with an abusive home life and now I’m not used to having anything besides work relationships. When I’m at work and college everyone is so normal and nice, but I always get awkward in conversations or distance myself from people who get to get friendly. Going back home at the end of the day is like a descent into hell.

No. 1345675

>dating a broke mofo who insults you publicly
yikes, love yourself

No. 1345697

Your empathy isn't a prize and no one asked, you know less than you think.

No. 1345728

I just keep having issues with my suicide ideations, it's all of the time, no matter what I do. I'm sick of this I want to be normal, I don't want to think at all, I want to die already.
Whatever issue makes me want to kill myself, I don't have a bad life, but I want to die, I want to kill myself, I want to hang myself and stop breathing, I just want to die already.

No. 1345732

Who said she was asking for you empathy, narc?

No. 1345733

I was reading a post by someone I'm friends with about her fanfic pet peeves and she said she hated mpreg but went on to specify that troon TIF "mpreg" is okay. Hell world. If I can't be at least somewhat honest with fandom friends I've known for 10 years anymore then I'm not sure how to proceed. Any other anons know this feeling? Maybe it's just cause I'm having a bad day and I guess I'd call myself a desisted they/them anyway but I dunno, it made me sad and annoyed.

No. 1345736

Anyone here ever been in nursing school? Have a bunch of checkoffs tomorrow morning and I'm nervous as fuck, wish me luck

No. 1345743

if he gave even one solitary shit about you, he would never have done even half of what you just described. Would you ever fucking do that to him? No way, right? So then how must he feel about you if he's doing these things? Sleep on that and get back to us.

No. 1345746

Ah, the classic "why is my living fleshlight wasting time on a job and caring for a dog instead of tending to my every need? Must punish!"

No. 1345757

File: 1663726825998.jpeg (109.76 KB, 638x850, 85DDE4B8-318E-455C-92DC-9E0F01…)

Makes me want to cry thinking about all the times in the past I have taken out issues I have caused by MEN on women. Genuinely haunts me, genuinely upsets me. I know I’m not the only one either, why do we let the horrible things that men have done to us make us in turn lash out on other women instead. Why is this such a common issue? I refuse to entertain any sort of narrative like that anymore, and I obviously can’t go back and change things but I refuse to let that happen now. I think I stay here because for one, I don’t have to do the stupid social media song and dance but also because it really is one of the only places online where there is a major push for holding men accountable without the weird, sneaky, respectability politics and manipulative rituals that are on apps like twitter. I’m just glad I don’t feel that way anymore but I’m angry.

No. 1345762

I mean yeah he was petty at the vet office but no way this isn't a drop in the bucket compared to most serious relationship problems amirite? This is some bpd chan response lmao.

No. 1345764

>BF not respecting your time or your job or your social standing or your stress levels or your pet's health are minor problems
I truly shudder to imagine your moid, nonny

No. 1345766

Men just do dumb shit idk, tell us about your Nigel anon.

No. 1345768

If you look at this the other way it's kinda sad, you can't handle some phone calls and break down over them

No. 1345770

Lol why are you so desperate to be an asshole it's so sad.

No. 1345771

Taylor R looks really pretty lately. Her face is overfilled, but she still somehow looks really pretty and youthful in spite of it.

No. 1345772

it's a moid, nonny

No. 1345773

what kind of cards

No. 1345779

My brain is punishing myself again. I am punishing myself again. I just don't know man

No. 1345785

File: 1663728735874.gif (172.8 KB, 220x208, 6B371757-3D5B-4B32-9445-3AF4CE…)

I need to move out but only have $1.86 in the bank and $40 in my wallet. My mother is actually driving me insane. I can’t take it anymore.

No. 1345807

It's not hard to answer the phone

No. 1345810

In other news, I think I've become so mentally ill and out of touch with reality that I'm never going to be able to integrate with society. It's my fault though, so no.one to blaim but myself.

No. 1345815

nta but fuck off if you just come here to be a dick this is the vent thread you dumbass, it's for venting not scrote-like arguing

No. 1345820

what part of don't respond to moids is not clear to you anon

No. 1345826

how am I supposed to know it's a moid when half the commenters in this thread say the same fucking snarky bullshit?

No. 1345832

this anon is right tbh

No. 1345856

It's not hard to wash your ass and get a job, yet here you are.

No. 1345860

if you aren't autistic it's easy, see watch:
smells like ball sweat. close your eyes and you can catch a whiff.

No. 1345862

File: 1663732971558.jpeg (1.47 MB, 3185x2000, F771F5A0-C7E8-4931-88F6-FB1451…)

dealing with the reality that i am so emotionally broken that i am not heterosexual or anythingsexual, that i fear sex from the one man who has ever loved me gently, and that i am essentially leeching off of him and using him to feel safe because i can’t love him or anyone with my entire heart. i can’t tell anyone the reality of what i’m feeling or what i’ve been through because they’ll feel like they’ve failed me, so i relentlessly blogpost about it here. i am irreversibly damaged, living in a dream state, ready to crack at any second. i maintain the facade and smile and laugh and hold down an office job and cook and clean and coddle and fawn and do everything i am supposed to do except for physical intimacy and it kills me inside.

i can’t believe how much of the childhood sexual abuse i mental gymnastics’d myself into forgetting, i don’t understand how i’ve been raped this many times, i don’t understand it and i want to forget again. i’ve never truly been happy. i’m either numb or broken down. i tried to express it but was met with “i see you happy sometimes!” and of course you do because i try so hard to be kind and smiling and outwardly happy for you because i love you with the excuse of a heart i have left. you wouldn’t love me if i were the miserable broken woman i actually am. the small pieces that slip through are enough to disturb you, enough to make you angry and upset because it scares you, and it scares me too.

i truly believe that if i were alone i would shoot myself. i am so disgustingly selfish to waste his and everyone’s time like this when they could have had a normal girlfriend, a normal daughter, a normal sister. i need their help, i need to break down into tears and cry and be held, but i can’t do it because it would hurt them all too much.

tomorrow i’ll wake up at 7 AM and do it all over again. i’ll run downstairs and make breakfast before my 7:30 meeting. i’ll work. i’ll get stressed when someone asks me something or puts me on the spot. i’ll take my medicine when that happens. i’ll log off and make dinner. we’ll talk and laugh and watch a show, we’ll turn into bed, maybe i’ll read, i’ll comfort you while you talk about something that’s bothering you, we’ll cuddle, and then you’ll touch me, and i’ll flinch reflexively, and you’ll wish i wasn’t this way. you’ll get out of bed and take care of it yourself, and i’ll roll over and cry silently, like i am now, like i always do. i cry for both of us because i love you and i wish i wasn’t this way, either.

No. 1345863

not every post that you disagree with is made by a moid, and not every snarky anon is one either, cope

No. 1345873

my pulsatile tinnitus is driving me crazy I always hear it loudly in my left ear lately like this really annoying thumping noise and I can't stop fixating on it and letting it bother me
why has no cure for this been discovered yet it's annoying distracting and lowers my quality of life how am I supposed to listen to someone talk to me when I hear thump thump thump in my ears all the time

No. 1345905

File: 1663736390981.jpg (149.94 KB, 900x679, R.jpg)

ntarty but is it Magic? If not, venting for the same reasons.
The Magic community is a blighted beyond belief, I hate it. It's so hostile to women and has been for a long time. The only women who manage to have a following are literally all on OF and don't actually contribute anything to the hobby. Of course since they are on OF and have an army of white knights to drown out most of the usual nastiness from scrotes, they can wash their hands free of how the community treats other women. Almost every other woman who's who's made a sincere attempt to contribute to the hobby immediately gets shit on and eventually bullied out of creating content. "So when are you making an OF?" is pretty much the new "tits or gtfo." If women point out how sexist this is, they get far more ire from the OF girls (and their armies of coomers) for "shaming" them than they ever show towards the men who actually call them whores. If that doesn't have women leaving the hobby, it certainly pushes them into hiding. Hiding one's sex might prevent direct harassment, but it does nothing to hide the rampant sexism abound everywhere else, even in mainstream communities. It's so tiring.

The company that makes the game has even tried to create spaces for women which fail miserably every time. Pretty sure the last time WOTC attempted this, the discord got shut down within days because some troon mod doxxed a minor or something. Any space meant for women inevitably turns into being for lgbTQ+ (oh and women, oh and POCs). Those dumpsters get filled to the brim immediately by troons of the transbian and former incel sort. The notably excluded demographic, straight white men, then heap the bulk of their ire on women and non-whites for the "sexist and racist double standard" before the transians insert themselves into this cock slapping fight. The troons in this hobby are something else, but they and their own brand of sexism is a whole other topic.

I just wish it was easier to find other women who are into this and just have fun chats and whatever about it with without any moids in sight. I've been sorely tempted to make a thread in /m/ but I doubt there's enough interest here for that.

No. 1345911

File: 1663737578421.jpeg (121.92 KB, 1170x597, C10312CA-CF7C-45B8-ADDF-126992…)

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with women being interested in astrology but I do find it interesting that the only people I’ve ever seen really fixated on astrology are all autistic and view people as equations for them to dehumanize into cliche traits based upon their own narrative, every time without fail.

No. 1345913

in India astrology is very popular and dominated by men though

No. 1345914

File: 1663737854553.jpg (28.16 KB, 600x336, 1645230847439.jpg)

everytime i read the horoscope it says i, as a scorpio am sexual, wild, fearless, assertive and a natural leader when i real life i spend all day drawing my husbando, playing AoEII and i still sleep with the lights on because i get nightmares otherwise

No. 1345918

And my post only mentions gender at any point to state I don’t condemn or look down on women for liking it because that’s stupid

No. 1345919

I love when someone (aka only a handful of terminally online freaks who are unhealthily hyperfixated on me) would try to tell me I was evil because I’m a Scorpio and not because of years of abuse and CSA and neglected mental health—things you of course don’t normally divulge to strangers. Astrology is a cope that gives people an excuse to chalk human behavior up to something besides circumstance, upbringing, etc. I’m fine now and I don’t care about astrology at all but I’m amused that people only use it to be passive aggressive and talk shit. Nobody cares.

No. 1345927

Horoscopes are based on your rising sign and not sun sign, because the rising sign sets the transits for your houses so most people in the world aren't reading the right horoscope.

No. 1345929

I cancelled the date. He was showing interest then when I had some free time he went all weird. Cba

No. 1345932

I hate this house. I hate my life. I wish I were dead. The bad outweigh the good. I wish I wont wake up tomorrow. I hate how retarded I am. I wish I were smarter. I hate myself. I wish I wasn't born

No. 1345933

always thought scorpio was the cool one i will never understand why everyone acts like they are the boogeyman who oozes evil just for being born in a set date. if anything ive met more February or summer month birthdays who are cunts.

No. 1345937

People will encounter someone who has a personality disorder, childhood trauma, and zero healthy coping mechanisms and be like “it’s because they’re a Scorpio.” Most serial killers have mutable signs—Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo. People just want an excuse to shade people they don’t like.

No. 1345938

I'm so confused by a moid. We were dating and he was so into me, practically begged me to be his girlfriend. Called me his world said so much shit, talked about love, brought me round his siblings and dad's house. He is also a keyboard warrior I did not know this but I would see him fighting in fb comments always mouthing off and the one time I disagree with him and stand my ground he gets so offended and dumps me. Then goes on a spiel about how he will never take shit from a woman. I'm still so fucking confused. He didn't seem like such an insecure moid. I'm a year older I wonder if I've been dumped because I'm not some little doormat. He went from 1 to 100 as soon as I let him call me his girlfriend and it all falls apart over nothing what the fuck gives and why won't he fucking tell me but is still telling me about his day and sending me little inside jokes. Stop stringing me along and tell me why you're such a melt!!!

No. 1345939

You were lovebombed into a relationship and then discarded

No. 1345942

I don't even know why I was find having sex without the title. He stopped me during sex to give me a speech about how in love with me he was. I was giving up the goods without any of that shite, I'm so confused.

No. 1345949

I've never been depressed enough to have brain fog but I just dumped a bunch of unpopped popcorn kernels into my sink instead of the compost that was like three feet away and then just stared at the kernels trying to register what it was I was supposed to do and why it looked wrong. My brain is broken and I hate myself.

No. 1345951

Him saying that he "will never take shit from a woman" means he thinks of women as lesser, dump him hard and fast Nona

No. 1345953

>I wonder if I've been dumped because I'm not some little doormat
Yes. Inb4 his next girlfriend is as physically immature as he is emotionally.

No. 1345971

I woke up with a sore throat, stuffy nose and a migraine. Ffs it's not even winter yet.

No. 1345988

I'm sorry, nonny. Tinnitus is really strange and so damn annoying. Weirdest thing I learned was that in rare cases you could actually hear someone else's tinnitus. It's called objective tinnitus.

No. 1345996

we've got new coworkers a few weeks ago and they're so much more social than my other ones. they do small talk during breaks and ask me for movie recs and other random things. i liked how no one ever talked to me at work and i could go 8h without socialising. i don't even watch movies i only know anime why are you asking me these things please leave me alone

No. 1345999

You have no idea just how much I want to mark you up from top to bottom. To feel you, to see you under me. To claim you as mine.

Something about you makes me so possessive. You make me turn into a wild animal. I crave you. Let me devour you.

No. 1346000

I fucking can't stand the hypersexualisation of everything in the media, I can't even enjoy a horror movie now because every single one of them has to include rape scenes. I just want to watch one fucking movie without seeing women exploited or treated like garbage by men as if that's a plot device, no it's just fucking sad. Fuck this I just wanted to watch a psychological horror

No. 1346001

Ewww come the fuck on we all have eyes I feel like I was forced at gunpoint to read this.

No. 1346002

I can't help that I'm gay and crazy in love, okay? Jeez.

No. 1346003

Let the nonas hornypost as cringey and gross as it is

No. 1346004

there are barely any good movies for this reason

No. 1346007

No. That went beyond anything that should be acceptable here. That was John Green-tier. That was Netflix show You “I wolf you” tier. That belongs in the retarded shitpost thread.

No. 1346009

ah no the husband's name is different. Just too much drama in the world nonie stay strong kek

No. 1346015

i just wish moids were sexualized too, i feel like Japan is the only country that's ''fair'' about hypersexualisation

No. 1346030

True, I wouldn't be as put off by a horror movie if it were the male being sexually assaulted instead of the woman tbh, not that it wouldn't still make me kind of sad and uncomfortable it would be a nice change of pace than the usual. It's like the men making the movie see women and their mind jumps to sex right away, so if it's horror then it jumps to rape. It's so depressing.

I recently watched a movie with a male protagonist who was molested as a child and was dealing with the trauma in the form of a haunted puppet that followed him around everywhere. I actually really liked it and because there was no misogyny and female victims I could separate my emotions enough to get into it and enjoy the story. I'm sick of seeing women get treated in the media (and the world) like all we're "good for" is sex.

No. 1346037

It’s because these scenes are made by men for men, and any assault scene that you would see with a man would likely be to cater to gay men. It’s a lot creeper than normal people generally realize, because those scenes that are “strategic” about nudity are a vulnerable actress in front of at least 30 people, the majority of them men, doing take after take to appease the directors loins. Actresses are degraded by the director. It’s also why shows like AHS appealed more to girls—more sexualization of males, due to a gay director. You are viewing a directors fantasies basically. Any director who claims otherwise is probably full of shit. They want views, and they know what they deem one of the only ways to get them nowadays.

No. 1346045

This sounds scrotey and BPD as fuck, stop it

No. 1346046

Ew now I feel even worse about the few movies I did watch with rape scenes cause it feels like I was watching some disgusting scrotes fantasy. But your right, and that's interesting about AHS I didn't know it was directed by a gay man. I was thinking if there was a movie where a man was sexually assaulted by other men the gay community would probably be up in arms about how "homophobic" it is and that's probably why not many directors have done that yet.

Another movie I like but that has a very disturbing rape scene that I have to fast forward through each time is Revenge, because the protagonist goes on to brutally murder the men involved. I just looked up the writer and director and it's both written and directed by a woman, so I'm holding onto hope that there wasn't too many scrotes involved in that one because it's one of those "comfort" movies for me because the protagonist is such a bad bitch and it's so satisfying watching her completely dominate and mutilate men lol

No. 1346049

Nta but I think it’s pretty retarded to gatekeep strong emotions expressed in the vent thread.

No. 1346053

In AHS coven, Evan Peters character is raped by his mother. Really brings home the bullshit “women are ebil too” trope. I actually cannot even pull any other shows or movies that actually depict males being assaulted, unless it is to show that women can also be predatory.

No. 1346054

Nta but that was cringe as fuck and it isn’t gatekeeping to spray her with a spray bottle

No. 1346055

There is having strong emotions and then there is being a pervy creep

No. 1346057

Get a fucking life and let women express their strong and primal emotions. I’ll spray you with a spray bottle full of piss until you pick up your narrow definition of womanhood and fuck off back to Twitter.

No. 1346061

who is the husbando youre talking about

No. 1346063

I forgot about that, of course they portray a female rapist. I guess having an older gay male rapist wouldn't have been "woke" enough, but it would be more accurate to statistics. I just googled to see if there were movies depicting male on male rape and it seems very few and most of them are historical movies or documentaries of actual events.

No. 1346070

wait really? are you sure about this nona? i have watched AHS multiple times and i have no memory of jessica langes character literally raping him!? i just remember her kind of coddling the character? they did have patti lupone give that other guy a bleach enema tho.

No. 1346075

>fuck off back to twitter
This is hilarious because you’re the one being a reply guy to a post that would most definitely been called cringe and made fun of even at the beginning of lolcows inception. Stop being such a baby.

I’m talking about the jock that dies in the bus crash. His mom is a creepy pothead that raped him, because we totally needed that scenario represented.

No. 1346076

Oh Christ thanks for reminding me about the bleach enema, something that a woman would totally do to her son and not something born out of a creepy old homosexual’s brain.

No. 1346077

that is so weird, I can't even imagine how hearing someone else's would work

No. 1346079

In general I agree with you nonna, but autism moms are (unfortunately) a thing

No. 1346080

I'm so tired of pro-troon moid friends. They literally think no one would ever fake being trans and that everyone who says they are trans are therefore 100% the gender they claim to be. "It's so hard to be trans, they get so much hate, and surgeries are scary! No one would just pretend to be the other gender because it's SO hard for them" Please use your brain, i am begging you

No. 1346083

oh my god my half asleep brain combined murder house and coven you're so right

No. 1346088

not in their live action media

No. 1346097

It's hilarious but also infinitely frustrating how gendies complain that they are supposedly persecuted 25/8 but still has the audacity to act holier-than-thou or that they are above everyone. Maybe you wouldn't feel like everyone are actively attacking you if you got your narcissism in check Aiden.

No. 1346101

All I want is to talk to IRL people who don’t believe in gender nonsense. This radfem group is just not letting me join them and they won’t even tell me why. I even resorted to emailing them under my professional email address that uses my real name, address, and has links to my portfolio, something I would normally never do. Why the FUCK won’t they let me join? Was it because I sounded a bit too aggressive with my disdain towards sex work and trannies? Was it because I mentioned my struggles with internalized misogyny growing up? What the fuck? It makes me not want to care about feminism if I am being rejected like this. What’s the point of me caring if I don’t even have a community where I feel like I can make a difference?

No. 1346106

The more I read on these threads the more I feel like I do all the shitty, unempathetic behaviors people complain about here. I know my inner narc is showing by thinking all these posts relate to me but I don't know what else to do.

No. 1346110

Sorry nona, I also wish I had more sane people to talk to. It's insane that gender nonsense got this far, like these girls actually expect me to refer to their bearded moid boyfriends as "she" and pretend that him following us into female restrooms isn't gross and creepy? And that I think the girl who was sexually abused as a child and now hates her body should be allowed to sterilize and mutilate herself medically because she's totally actually a boy? I would have wanted them both in therapy to sort things out, but now therapy just pushes them further into being brainwashed until it's too late for them to get out unharmed.

The group might have struggled with aggressive undercover troons/TRA trying to join, or they only let in close friends of people who are already members for safety reasons etc

No. 1346114

I started excercising, got a small group of friends, got a job, but i still want to die. At this point i am convinced i was ensembled wrong and i am just prone to depression from birth, or i was right all along and the problem wasn't me but the fact that i was born in the wrong country. I just want it all to end, every day feels like such a struggle and it feels like now i am "better" i actually feel worse, before i could be lazy without guilt, i could find my strange moments on happiness from finishing a good game or finding a new movie to watch, now that i have less time for myself i feel worse, i just want to be alone and do my things but i have to force myself to talk with my friends, work, etc. I am considering becoming really mean and bitchy to my friends so they stop wanting to hang out with me and i can go back to being alone.

No. 1346117

That sounds utterly maddening to deal with. I have to deal with classmates and an academic medical program that are pushing gender ideology nonsense. It’s awful how medicine of all things has been tainted so much by this stupidity.

I understand that they’re cautious which is why I felt I needed to basically dox myself to prove that I am serious about joining. I guess I shouldn’t take it too personally that they’re not that responsive since anything openly radfem is prone to attracting death threats and crazy trannies.

No. 1346118

You could be right actually, depression can be genetic. Hormonal issues may play a part as well, or any other unadressed / repressed emotional issues. Do you have the means to seek professional help?

No. 1346123

I went to a psychologist my whole life actually, as young as 8 years old. I stopped when i was either 18 or 19 because it felt like a waste of time and i never got diagnosed anything other than depression and anxiety.
>one chance at life
>born 2 be sad

No. 1346125

File: 1663760855717.jpg (80.85 KB, 800x534, flat,800x800,075,f.u1.jpg)

>born 2 be sad
this is 2 real nonnie

No. 1346127

File: 1663761466043.jpg (35.9 KB, 552x630, 805b3fc499c2e492e4cdb17e95e5c4…)

>tfw the only reason why i haven't off'd myself is because i love my husbando
I am truly beyond repair

No. 1346128

I’m so sick of women hating other women. It’s mostly online I see this, but I’m tired. Its always under the guise of “being a good and fair person” but its complete bullshit, especially when you’re out here prioritizing a man’s “feelings” when he hasn’t done the same to her.

No. 1346130

>tell my mother i can't wait until she dies so i can try killing myself again
>"yeah, yeah, whatever"
I think i broke her somehow, it's like she got tired of having to deal with me and doesn't want me anymore. If only i knew she wouldn't turn me into a vegetable i would try hanging myself again, it's all so tiring.

No. 1346132

It’s never going to stop anon, most women are not outwardly transparent about their hatred for other women they show it in their horrible dating choices and the way they nitpick a woman’s appearance for simply existing. It sucks being a woman unironically wish I was a man sometimes so I would get more respect and actually have my opinions and ideas be heard.

No. 1346141

nonny, rest assured, your cat is doing fine. just follow the instructions and the problem will be gone in no time! those procedures don't take long, promise!

source: my cat had the same problem last week. healing nicely now.

No. 1346142

If you're a vegetable you're as good as dead, so what's the difference?
More seriously though, what are you trying to achieve telling your mother something this insane? You're clearly hoping for some kind of reaction, but what is it? Why not just have a honest conversation about what you want from her and relationship between you two? Get help anon.

No. 1346145

File: 1663763338489.jpeg (17.51 KB, 207x204, 90A37196-21C1-43B5-A34A-A77B7E…)

I am not a pickme im lesbian manhater but I feel so deeply the desire to be chosen. in the past I have worked really really hard to earn love and attention from my favourite person at that time. I would make myself always available to them and their needs, bear the brunt of emotional outbursts, purchase gifts not just that they'd asked for but at random too, to show them I was always thinking of them. I would prioritise these people above my own health and sanity, rush to their aide in the middle of the night if they called for me. And it was never enough. Never. The worst part is that they always seemed to have someone they preferred over me, someone else whose attention they were more interested in. A lot of the time they'd come back to me where I'd been waiting so patiently to gush positives about this amazing person, or vent about how they were being mistreated by them. I think by being so acquiescing and available and tolerant of abuse, I showed these people that they could treat me however they liked and I would still stick around. No need to love me or even afford me common decency, because I'll stay no matter what. When they rejected me I couldn't sleep or eat. I'd be in complete despair wanting them back despite having nightmares and panic attacks over them, convinced that's what love looked like. I'd be so jealous of any time they spent with others, any affection they gave to someone who "hadn't earned it" the way I had. It was soul crushing. I hate that I spent so many years like this.
And now that I've built some boundaries and understood my role in that toxic cycle, I'm hoping to do better next time. I desperately desperately want someone nice to come into my life and love me just for who I am, so I don't have to destroy myself working to earn it. And I want to be the favourite. I want to be the most important person in her life where she will always pick me and hold me as her top priority. At this point I don't think I can settle for anything less than complete devotion and commitment because I've been hurt so many times before. It's not even that I want to exploit that power or take on the abuser role in the cycle. I could never ever do what others have done to me, and I feel so ashamed and angry when people compare my codependent behaviours to the abuse I suffered. Yeah my actions have not been ideal and I don't think they're good and I'm trying to change, to be less self centered and impulsive, and more mindful of others, which already means it can't be equated to the actual psychological torture I endured.
But anyway I suppose I'm just very lonely. I don't think I've ever had a real romance because it was always so fucked up. I just want someone kind to see me and fall for me and decide there's no way she could ever let me go. I'll feel the same way about her. And we'll live happily ever after…….

No. 1346147

I don't do it on purpose, we are fighting, she says something hurtful, and i say something hurtful back, like ping pong to see who hurts the other more. I have tried talking to her, she's convinced i have autism, but despite that stills wants me to behave normally when she knows leaving my room is absolutely painful to me and i need at least get a day of anticipation to get mentally ready.

No. 1346153

Get help and stop being a bpd attention whore

No. 1346154

I see, it's tough. This kind of thing usually can be best solved by putting distance between you two, hopefully there would be a way for you to move away and live on your own. If not, I hope you somehow find a way to communicate - maybe it would be easier to write a letter and not talk to avoid argument? Still yeah, if she's not willing to meet you halfway there can be no compromise. If you can get out of this situation - be it by mediation or just physical distance - I'm sure you'd start doing noticeably better mental health-wise.

No. 1346156

I choose you let's be anonymous internet gfs, I'll dedicate a post to you once a month

No. 1346162

File: 1663764470630.jpeg (343.98 KB, 1421x1080, 9F5B1B52-D85E-4709-A429-A9DCD7…)

I just need a hug anons. It’s just one of those days- it’s raining, I’m pre period and I feel like shit, anxiety through the roof.

Home alone rn. Would a hug cure it? No, but it’d help. I’d give one to everyone in this thread if I could

No. 1346163

Thanks i am currently trying to get a better job to afford moving out. Rn the only thing that helped is me waking up when she's asleep, it's probably going to give me serious health problems in the long run but i can't stand being awake at the same time as her. Thanks for understanding, i have no one else to talk to.

No. 1346166

File: 1663764671945.gif (264.78 KB, 498x498, hugs-sending-virtual-hugs.gif)

Same, i wish i had a friend to cry with and then laugh at eachother for being such crybabies. hugs hope everything gets better.

No. 1346176

Nonny I was literally having a mental breakdown today thinking about how this has always been my life I'm a lesbian too. Like you literally described my experiences right down to being the person always having to listen to the people I love gush about someone else. So I don't know what to say other than that there are people who suffer the same fate so maybe that makes you feel a bit less lonely. I became bitter after being exploited so much and learned to set boundaries, but now it's impossible for me to let people be emotionally close to me since I'm afraid of being roped into toxic mindgames and one sided relationships once again. I feel like I'm the type of person only to be used and never appreciated.
>At this point I don't think I can settle for anything less than complete devotion and commitment because I've been hurt so many times before.
This resonates with my feelings a lot. I know it's not healthy but I find myself thinking "Why shouldn't I get back some of what I've given for all these years?" like the world owed me for my effort. Imagining myself in a balanced relationship seems as possible as imagining myself walking on the moon to be honest.

No. 1346179

Good luck, make moving out absolutely highest priority in your life as what you have now is no way to live. Consider having a flatmate if you don't have enough money to live alone, as that will almost definitely still be an improvement, and a step forward.

No. 1346188

If only I could just have some fucking time to do shit I enjoy.

No. 1346191

I'm so sorry you've been put through the ringer too. I do feel less lonely but maybe a bit more sad, knowing you're suffering the same way I am. I don't think its unreasonable to want to experience the kind of love you worked so hard to give. Maybe this is uninformed of me but I think that kind of devotion and commitment is necessary for a healthy, balanced relationship. Not the "setting myself on fire to keep you warm" thing but the mutual awareness of exclusive allyship. It's all about priorities right? So I think it's perfectly natural and healthy and beneficial for a strong couple to prioritise each other most.
I wish you the best Nona. I hope you find love someday and are able to open up with a kind, sincere woman who would never dream of hurting you.
The fact that I immediately got super excited, wanted to discuss dog whistles we could use to signal each other and which threads to post in, and seriously considered writing posts to/for/about you in various parts of the farms on a special day every month, despite knowing nothing about you except that you responded kindly to my whiny vent post… Thank you very much Anon (even if you were just joking) but it looks like I'm still too desperate.

No. 1346193

File: 1663765731626.jpg (5.63 KB, 124x124, 9k7TRcOn_400x400.jpg)

That's why i gave up befriending normie women. I always ended up having my heart broken because they would always prefer to pander to men, acting as if their life depends on male attention. I might not have irl friends, but at least I have a few nice female friends online, despite both of them being very far so the chance to ever meet them is extremely unlikely. I also stopped playing overwatch or similar games because I would often get a 'nlog' person trying to talk shit about me in front of her friends for picking her champion or whatever, despite not being in a ranked queue. It hurts me so much whenever a woman would talk shit about another, but with men i really don't give a single damn what they tell me.

No. 1346196

Good fucking god, I'm so sorry for daring to be a woman who wants something. Not everyone can be as prude as you two. Desiring someone sexually and expressing such is cringe now, got it.

I just don't get it. Something like this happened recently too; I posted something, last time it was a 5 word long and non-sexual post, and someone attacked me over it. I would like to be able to vent in the vent thread just like everyone else.

No. 1346216

All of you aren't alone, I have the same experiences and opinions about love. Are we living the same lives kek? I'm glad all of you exist it gives me hope for the future, maybe there is someone else for me who won't cheat.

No. 1346219

Take it to the sexual desires thread on g then and stop being the Internet equivalent of an old male flashing. Ib4 NTA

No. 1346227

No. 1346228

Based nona. Keep on venting your desires.

No. 1346230

if i have to read women lusting after ugly mens dicks all over /ot/ then nonny can say whatever tf she wants about her girlcrush

No. 1346234

They should also take it to the right thread anon.

No. 1346236

lol chill out. anon did nothing wrong. this isn't a fucking nunnery

No. 1346268

I stopped watching that Reboot show- 10 minutes in the main actress has her tits out "caught changing" in the show. On fucking Hulu

No. 1346285

Here's an idea: can you drop it?

No. 1346361

File: 1663775350581.jpg (18.6 KB, 334x466, a55jt.jpg)

My grandfather died yesterday. I honestly feel absolutely nothing. I'm only stressed if I have to go to the funeral and see my family after months and months.

No. 1346395

A chronically ill person I'm close to always gets mad when I (very carefully) suggest a healthy diet, exercise and actually drinking water.

I usually listen to all their woes without saying anything. I have empathy and know their pain is real. But I cannot for the life of me understand not trying a healthy lifestyle. I make it very clear I don't think it'll cure them, but that it MIGHT relieve a few symptoms or give them more energy. It's so frustrating, and if you look into forums or whatever for chronically ill people a lot of them say the same thing. How they get sooo furious that normies who don't understand would recommend, god forbid, not drinking soda like it's water and eating vegetables once in a while. How are these people sick for decades and more without ever giving it a chance? If I had an illness that pretty much ruined my quality of life and someone said not eating my favorite food might help I might not believe it but I would at least give it a try. It would suck ass but I would TRY out of desperation and wanting to get better.

No. 1346407

i fell for the "guys like pure virgin girls" meme and now i'm 22 and have never even kissed anybody or done anything ever while all the men around me lust after bpd goth sluts

No. 1346430

I just masturbated before my job interview that I have in an hour. Lmao I’m so tired now. You just know I’m gonna fuck up today

No. 1346434

Men aren't even human so I don't know why you feel bad that they don't want you kek.

No. 1346476

Same. It’s especially bad in male-dominated fields and hobbies but even female-dominated groups aren’t safe. I’m in several hobby communities that are overwhelmingly “cis” women (in one case we have a single female enby and that’s it) and even there women will tear each other apart over purely hypothetical men’s feelings. Oh my god you can’t still like Harry Potter, what if a translaydee comes across your personal blog with like five followers and feels unsafe? You can’t say men suck! You have to say CIS men suck, and only if they’re straight and white and able-bodied and at least middle class. Otherwise “cis” women are definitely privileged over them and who are we to ever complain about anything, really?
All this handwringing over men who aren’t even there. I don’t expect every woman I meet to be a radfem but it would be nice to talk about my interests with other women without constantly having to center men.

No. 1346502

i don't know whats wrong with today but everybody is was so fucking negative. Like fine, you don't like my work, move on, i don't need you to guilt trip me over some dead moss. Or motherfucker just telling me i should be experimented on like a lab animal because i happen to have a skin disorder… the fuck? What makes people want to ruin a random stranger their day? I wish i could just teleport there and kick the shit out of them, i hate people like that so much. All i want to do is chill, my whole life and it's like it's a lot of people's life mission to ruin everybody's chill. And it's little jabs but it adds up at the end of the day.

No. 1346521

my bf broke up with me 3 days ago because I came to him crying finding out that my family in ukraine got killed and he told me I 'need to deal with this shit on my own' and basically yelled at me and told me to leave. I already rarely come to him with any problems because he often treats me as an inconvenience for him whenever I have any kind of issues at all, and expects me to drop everything for his issues. I know I shouldn't give a shit about someone as awful as him to leave me, but I can't help but feel so fucking sad and alone. Right now all I have is my family and I really can't rely on them right now because my mom is in such a worse state than me that I can't come to them. I hate therapy but I asked my work for a leave of absence for a few days to try to deal with this mentally. I just can't stop fucking crying. I just want to be able to stop feeling so fucking miserable. Please nonas, anyone, just tell me things will get fucking better, please.

No. 1346527

Your ex boyfriend is an ass and you deserve so much better. I’m sorry anon. You’re still here and you’re strong and you’re surviving and that’s what you do. You keep going. You’re strong and you’ll get through this. Crying doesn’t mean you aren’t. As time goes on the ache will get easier and you will move forward.

No. 1346542

I'm sorry anon, that's really tough. At the least from the outside perspective it seems you've rid yourself of something bad rather than something good with your boyfriend which means there'll be space for something or someone better. My condolences for your family.

No. 1346551

It will get better. It doesn’t feel like it now but this guy was a shithead and you deserve someone who cares about you. You’re going through an extremely traumatic time and him flipping shit is a massive red flag. You’re better off without him and my condolences to your and your family.

No. 1346554

Holy shit your ex boyfriend deserves to rot in hell. Men are actual scum and I'm so sorry for your loss nonnie. I hope you the best and it will get better and heal with time, just keep going forward. We're here for you and feel free to vent whenever you need to.

No. 1346555

>he often treats me as an inconvenience
honestly nonny that was your first mistake. i pray for you and hope you will be okay, and may you learn on this moid and pick a normal person next time.
Honestly, it's insane how BAD men are at comforting women. Every time I would vent to a male friend he would act like an idiot, and i am not sure if these are genes or the way men were raised.

No. 1346568

My condolences. Don't worry it will get better, you will come to a realization and clarity that he is not worth your time or effort or love. He is cruel.

No. 1346581

I've been getting depressed. I'm so bored. I hate being around people. I hate having to look them in the eye. I hate when they look at me. I just want to stay home. I just can't be assed to care. My friends will tell me that if I ever need to vent that they're there for me. I sent a friend a vent about being fucking bored and feeling nothing at all and he got back to me and was giving me advice. I can't be assed to respond. I know I should but I just don't care. I didn't even care to send the vent, it's just that they all say that they are there if I need to vent. So I sent it. But I shouldn't have because I don't care about the response, I don't care about any advice, I don't care if they try to make me feel better, I just don't care. I don't care to hear about their day, I don't care about their lives. I have kind of always felt that way, not just with the depression. And it's like, what is the fucking point of even trying anymore? When I have never truly given a fuck about the people around me? I'm just not interested. I have struggled with this my whole fucking life. Indifference and boredom and not caring about people.
It's getting hard to get up in the morning. Now my alarm rings three times before I can get up. I just don't want to do anything. I don't want to be around my family, or my friends, or my coworkers, or anybody at all. There is something deeply wrong with me. I want something fucked to happen. I want something big and bad to happen. I want to get struck by lightning, I want a giant meteor to crash into me, I want to go up in flames in a giant barn fire. I'm just so. Fucking. Bored. Everything is so fucking dull and pointless. Everything. The only emotions I can clearly identify feeling are frustration (at being bored) and annoyance (at other people) and that is fucking it. I'm just bored and occasionally frustrated and annoyed. There is something fucking wrong with me. I thought that maybe I just had to grow up but I'm so scared that this is just who I am.
So fucking bored.

No. 1346593

Men truly are psychopaths.

No. 1346595

Doesn't even have to be over men, ime. Whenever I see any kind of discussion over a scenario or topic everyone is always so quick to blame the woman for not being the "bigger" person or how dare she complain or vent about something when she hasn't done x, y, or z.
People always expect us to be more mature, take more accountability, be more responsible, blah blah blah.

I see it on lolcow allll the time but at least I can say it's probably Kiwigees or trannies.

No. 1346596

No offence but you're so retarded

No. 1346603

File: 1663785549627.jpg (51.97 KB, 1024x551, D_paejsXYAAMrzg.jpg)

The voices just keep going and I've had it up to here with them. I talked to my doctor today but she prescribed me Topamax instead of another antipsychotic. I've looked it up online but I haven't seen anything about it being used to treat psychosis. Here's to another month of this shit.

No. 1346606

File: 1663785748226.gif (841.57 KB, 350x206, A5E5CB06-359C-4778-A401-FE53E5…)

I finally got my ultrasound and I’m sad not because I might have PCOS but the fact that they might have to put me on birth control and I don’t want to be extremely overweight like I was when I was on psych meds. I think mine is a mild case but holy fuck, I just can’t gain weight I can’t handle much more of my body issues kek. Rude people outside and my hormones are going to make me want to cry but I won’t because it’s been a decent, stress free day

No. 1346610

Anon… why is your doctor prescribing a seizure medication documented to cause hallucinations in women?

No. 1346611

thanks nonas… I set some time up with a therapist this week, even though I'm pretty sure it'll be unproductive as all my therapy sessions. I am having some really bad survivor basis right now and trying to figure out a way to like cope with this emptiness. I hate that my ex is a fucking massive asshole but I fucking miss him, jfc. I really REALLY fucking hope I'll get over him soon because my family is so much more important than that retard but my brain is a mess right now. If anyone has any suggestions on any good women centric anime/manga or short cute games please help a nona out and post em. Thank you again for your condolences…

No. 1346614

Everyone on this site needs state mandated therapy dw

No. 1346615

I have no idea. She wants me to lose weight and Topamax helps with weight loss. She told me that she couldn't think of an antipsychotic that doesn't cause weight gain but I'm also on Prozac and Wellbutrin which are documented to help with weight loss so idk why she couldn't just increase my dosages of that or something.

No. 1346620

I think my mental health should take priority though.

No. 1346621

I can't stop skipping classes, I know it's only going to harm me but how do I find the motivation to drive 30 minutes to listen to the professor read word for word off a powerpoint she already posted online? Or like today, I went in for an exam but then skipped my next class because the assignment was online.
When I started college I figured I should do in-person instead of online because I'm unmotivated and lazy and wouldn't be able to concentrate at home on my computer but now I'm thinking the opposite is true. I need to get it together before I get dropped for too many absences tho
Also in most of my classes I have some sort of smelly moid sitting next to me, why do all these moids smell like dried cum and BO. One of them spent all of class yesterday watching a hot tub twitch streamer

No. 1346623

File: 1663786559726.jpg (88.77 KB, 1050x591, eizouken-ni-wa-te-wo-dasu-na-w…)

Nta but I'm so sorry for your loss nonnie, I know words means nothing right now but please take time for yourself
>any suggestions on any good women centric anime/manga or short cute games
have you ever watched Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken ? It's reallly nice and it's about female friendship.

No. 1346624

Is she aware it causes hallucinations? I’d bring it up anon. Did you have voices before the Wellbutrin or is it new?

No. 1346625

Ignore the troll and I agree.

No. 1346626

no I havent, but that's exactly what I need right now, thank you for that suggestion, I'll check it out right now.

No. 1346632

I started hearing voices before the Wellbutrin, the medication has nothing to do with it. I'll try to ask her about it the next time I see her but the good thing is that I'm going to be seeing a different NP in about a week from now so I'll ask her for another antipsychotic and see where it goes from there.

No. 1346634

If you're hearing voices, it's kind of fucked up that your doctor is prioritizing weight loss over your mental health. Unless you're literally My 600 lb Life material seems like there are more pressing matters to attend to

No. 1346638

That’s fair. Good luck anon. I hope it gets better

No. 1346653

this is such a stupid vent but do any other nonnies like alice glass?
i used to love her in cc and she was a huge inspiration to me. don't get me wrong i'm very happy for her that she's free from that abusive scrote, but i don't like her new music. the egirl core is so cringe and she's touring with a tranny too. her dancing is goofy during her live performances now. she came off as so badass and strong before and now i'm just lowkey cringing at her newer stuff. i feel bad because like i said, cc was a bad time for her but it had her best lyrical content too. like the lyrics in her new work are highschool tier garbage. idk

No. 1346669

I can't even read normal f/f fanfic anymore without encountering gross tranny shit. Or idk, dickgirl fetish. This series is full of women but that still doesn't discourage the creeps with their fetishes. The author didn't even label it or I'd never have clicked. I suspect the author's probably an actual woman, too - god how I hate all these fucked up coombrained little freaks. That's what I get for trying to read a sexy fanfic but damn, I really wasn't expecting dickgirl garbage out of nowhere. And what's worse, is they did it to the butch lesbian. They wrote a butch with a full-on penis. How fucking gross are these people?! I really can't stand trans people and their fetishizers, all of them are gross and push their fetish onto to the rest of us. I just know the author must enjoy exposing unsuspecting readers to dickgirl stuff and if anyone says anything, they get to admonish us for twansphobiaaa. Absolutely vomitous.

No. 1346670

After becoming socially isolated i started to pick up my mother’s accent (she’s from a village where i’m from and it’s very strong) and it’s embarrassing when i get judged in public around people my age. I promise i’m a city girl.

No. 1346673

I feel exactly the same way. CC was my favourite band when I was younger and nobody else was making music like them. Now she's doing the same hyperpop shit that every other insufferable egirl is and it's embarrassing. She used to be so cool. I wanted to support her new music but I haven't replayed her album once. Vidrel is a war crime

No. 1346676

sad lonely stressed. just the classics

No. 1346688

File: 1663790448112.jpeg (237 KB, 1121x1291, F884EABA-15A4-4568-B6B5-27A35F…)

Feeling shame because I have a crush on my professor and he's 23 years older than me. Why must I be attracted to nerds nonnies

No. 1346689

No. 1346693

Yuck, I'm trying to eat.

No. 1346703

i want to pretend the centipede said this

No. 1346723

Are you the anon who has a crush on your professor who likes bugs and roaches??? KEK

No. 1346728

Yes kekkkk

Even the centipede is judging me!

No. 1346730

I think we are all guilty of doing this at one or two moments. It happens, sadly. Dont beat yourself up. Try to turn that around and be extra kind to women. i compliment women on the daily and it makes me feel good too. Men like to take us down, dont go to their level.

No. 1346733

I dunno what you current job situation is, but i worked 2- (sometimes 3 jobs to pile the money and get out.) I believe in your, anon!!

No. 1346737


No. 1346738

I can't stand Alice glass. I am happy she got away from the abusive scrote as well, but she should focus on art and painting or something. Her music is bad– and it's sad but ethan is the one who did all the music. Alice cant write her own shit and now she's pretending to be woke and drinking the tranny juice because she wants young followers to like her. She's around my age, so this behavior is even more embarrassing. I miss old CC from time to time.

No. 1346742

File: 1663793868082.jpg (41.25 KB, 524x441, Screenshot_20220921-090704_Ama…)

My baby has had emergency brain surgery twice this week and needs another operation and we'll be here for at least another week and a half. I just want him to be okay and healthy and I just want us to go home. I miss my husband and daughter, I miss our everyday routine. What if this third surgery doesn't work either? I want to go back to last week before anything was wrong. This sucks and my family keeps telling me how well we're handling everything but I don't have a choice!! I hate this and want it to be okay again!!!!!

No. 1346749

I feel kinda guilty that I'm more concerned with how I'm discriminated against as a woman than as a black person. Idk. When I hear about black issues I obviously feel sad/disappointed but I don't get as worked up and passionate and hurt about these things compared to when the situation is a woman issue. The latter I feel deeply in my bones. I'm not sure if the reasoning is because a lot of online problems are centered around Americans and I'm not a burger, or maybe I faced more discrimination based on my gender? I dunno. I do feel guilty though if anything I should be concerned about both equally.

No. 1346750

Sending you nothing but positive vibes, nonnie. I'm so sorry. Praying they wont need anymore surgery after this..

No. 1346755

I'm literally so obsessed with my ex, it makes me so insane. I wish she'd make a decision already whether we can try to be friends again and patch things up between us. I can't handle this feeling of being stuck in a limbo. She's only been saying a few words to me so I have no idea what she's thinking.

No. 1346758

She's messing with you on purpose, distance yourself

No. 1346765

I live with a family that doesn't g8ve a single fuck about my privacy. My mentally challenged sister would steal my fucking shit all the time. She's 11 years older than me and would steal my toys, my school supplies, my books. She cleans my fucking room. My fucking room, a TWENTY TWO year old woman's room. She has always done this fucking shit ever since I was a kid. She "cleans" it which translates to shoving fucking everything in my drawers with no fucking thought to how I FUCKING ORGANIZE MY FUCKING SHIT, just doesn't give it a second thought. Throws everything into the fucking drawers and then steals whatever she fucking wants. And EVER SINCE I WAS A FUCKING CHILD, IF I COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS ADULT MENTALLY CHALLENGED WOMAN GOING INTO MY FUCKING ROOM AND STEALING MY SHIT I WOULD GET REPRIMANDED BY MY PARENTS. "She's just trying to help you" god shit the fuck up retard number 1. My entire family is fucking retarded, I swear. I genuinely, honest to fucking god think that if I had been born into a family that WASN'T RETARDED then I wouldn't have struggled with depression or acting out. I know this sounds fucking spoiled but holy fuck. And now even though I'm poorer than my friends I do not have that generous poorfag bone. I do not want to share a single fucking thing with my friends. I do not want to fucking pay for any of their shit. Thanks to my retarded sister. Thanks once again, retard sister.

No. 1346789

I'm so glad others feel the same way thank you nonnas
I wanna forget about that song because she shilled it so fucking hard. I was shocked when we saw her face for the first time in awhile and it looked like she got a ton of filler? she looks like the average botox addict with the puffy face now. this egirl aesthetic doesn't look good on her at all
you made me think, it makes me really wonder how much control she
truly had over the writing because the difference is insane. I know she said he wanted her to be vague in them for the aesthetic but omg. i didn't expect such a massive drop in quality

No. 1346790

i'm so sorry nona, that must be so so difficult. i really hope everything works out for you and your baby

No. 1346791

File: 1663796106460.jpg (102.77 KB, 750x576, end of my rope tuesday.jpg)

my older sister is not only an insufferable narcissist but she also sucked up all the good genes from my mom and left me looking dusty and low IQ. i got so fucked up from our wholesome childhood sibling relationship turning into merciless bullying and harassment because she was embarrassed of and disgusted by me that now i bizarrely seem to make friends with girls who look and act exactly like her (narcissistic tendencies and obviously way more attractive than me) and they keep hurting my feelings and abandoning me again and again. what do i even do

same nonna.. at least it motivates me to show up

No. 1346800

I was once infatuated with my professor too, he's 24 years older. It was platonic though, I didn't think about him in a sexual way, but it was pretty strong and tbh kind of nice, I like to recall those times. It was useful too, because it gave me so much motivation to be the best in his subject lol.
Just don't take it too seriously nonna. Professors are the perfect objects for our projections.

No. 1346802

I feel so stupid and pathetic but I finally had to admit I have a shopping addiction/"problem" (addiction just sounds like such a strong word, but I guess that's what it technically is). It's gotten bad recently because I'm going through a lot of stressful shit and my impulse is to spend spend spend. My old therapist dismissed my concern about my shopping habits because "it's not like you're buying drugs and you're not draining your bank account." Yeah but I have zero self control?? When I was in my early twenties I'd skip meals to be able to afford makeup or clothes. I don't wear makeup anymore and rarely buy new clothes, it's mostly books that I buy, and mostly secondhand. But I can't go a week without spazzing out and needing to drive to every book store in a 50mi radius to see if there's something new, something collectible, a good deal. I don't lie about my spending but sometimes I withhold where I went during the day to my husband so he doesn't ask me how much I've spent. So many of the books I buy are on an impulse and I end up giving them right back to goodwill. I bargain with myself all the fucking time, even right now, I'm saying "oh it's fine, drive out to that bookstore tomorrow, but after that we'll be good, after that we'll stop". It's literally "just one hit" but with fucking spending. I tell myself "oh but it could be so much worse, you're buying secondhand!" while I'm frantically buying books I don't even want I just think they look cool. I had to uninstall eBay from my phone and I'm going to have to block it on chrome on my phone somehow too because I'm just…unhinged. It's so embarrassing. I feel like some of it is a symptom of my OCD but like who has a shopping addiction towards vintage paperbacks? I bought a journal to get my feelings out and it's helping a bit but today I spazzed out and hyperfocused for probably two hours to find a good deal on this old horror book I wanted and I bought it. My husband has asked if we need to take away my cards, if that would make me feel better and help me make progress. I can't use Instagram because if I see other book collectors with books I don't have I feel like I have to have them now now now I gotta spend spend spend. I feel like such a fucking loser and I disappoint myself so much.

No. 1346809

File: 1663797228602.gif (174.62 KB, 192x200, 0D4F8CD8-3092-43C9-80F5-CF1C60…)


What u feel is very valid, Nona. Intersectionality/identity politics really screws up the way you see yourself and the world around you, as well as how the rest of the world sees you. It’s literally a skin pigment that people are waging wars about and many gloss over other factors. I’m concerned about your safety as a woman, sweet Nona and being Black makes it all the less safe so please take extra care of yourself and take caution. Idk if this helps and I will never validate anyone of any gender or color who feels like they can disregard somebody just because they’re Black but the best way to protect yourself (when it’s clear who the people around you will side with) is distance yourself from aggressors. I know Black people don’t have to do anything in the slightest that’s considered “threatening” to warrant stupid suspicion (even young kids!) but I just want you safe. I’m sorry if it’s race that even I emphasise here but I also live in America and even other people, yellow, Brown (middle eastern a) whatever, they all move the same as white people sometimes and the only reassurance is some of them may “go easy” on you just because you’re a woman but stay vigilant anyway. Don’t see it as an inconvenience that’s only going to distress you but please see it as a strength even though I wish there will come a day that you don’t have to be strong and just be. Sending you love and I’m sorry again if I come off as tone deaf. I hope you have a good Autumn start and some hot cocoa.

No. 1346813


same. Praying for nonnie and I hope she gets help, especially if she’s some 19-29 year old lusting over some ancient intellectual scrote

No. 1346826

i got off the bus right now and on my walk home there was a white dove, laid out on the grass next to the sidewalk, dead. it looked like it had been impaled with something, just a dark red round hole in the center of its chest, wings spread out and it’s eyelids were closed

literally looked like a crime scene like someone had murdered this dove. i’m so freaked out and trying to tell myself it must’ve been an animal that did it but there’s no way. wtf wtf does it mean
i feel like it’s bad luck for me to have seen it too i’m freaking out

No. 1346832

I thought the same thing when I saw a dead rabbit that looked like it had been posed by the trail, but that was a long time ago and I haven't had any abnormal bad luck from it. Just say a quick prayer for the poor bird and keep moving nonna. Sorry you had to see that

No. 1346837

it was probably another predator bird anon, the breast is the meatiest part so they start there.

No. 1346851

Thank you anon this is very sweet, ily. I hope you have a nice autumn too!

No. 1346876

you think? sometimes there’s hawks around here. i’m just gonna believe you and go with that

No. 1346900

feeling deflated because ive been apartment hunting in the area to move out of my parents, but the more i look the more i realize its pretty impossible right now. fell in love with a unit i was viewing today but after taking home the paperwork and reviewing it realized ill be denied due to not making 4x the rent - and that was pretty much the cheapest rate around. dont know if its better to search for roommates now, but i've done it more than once now and i hate the whole idea of finding another set of strangers to live with. maybe i was delulu, but i was really excited to be independent again. its not terrible living with my parents but moved back with my parents who live in a real small town and i already feel like im falling behind in social relationships and what not due to being a 22 y/o living at home single girl. yea yea story of every 22 y/o ever, but i cant deny im frustrated right now. all of my friends are in relationships, some looking towards marriage. i think ill be in my parents house for minimum another two years. i know its a temporary situation, but i want to scream right now.

No. 1346911

god nonna are you me. This is my exact situation almost. It really is so hard to get a place here too, you need to be at least be making 19$ an hour for 40 hours a week (full time) to be able to have a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom house here. It’s so suffocating

No. 1346927

so depressed right now i think i’m going to eat an entire pizza

No. 1347043

I miss my grandma. I can't believe she's already been gone since 1 1/2 years. I just want to talk to her again, hug her and hold her hand. I miss her, I miss her.

No. 1347083

File: 1663808782680.jpg (385.81 KB, 1125x1118, Tumblr_l_152918885743082.jpg)

bump because of moid spam. sorry for the inconvenience ladies

No. 1347108

File: 1663811083388.jpg (335.95 KB, 1920x1080, gondola_at_the_end_of_history.…)

3k apartments? It's the same around here, studios are starting at 2k a month in complete shithole areas. I wish living alone wasn't so pricey :/

No. 1347120

Reeeeee I just finished writing a short fanfic where the protag is getting dicked by a character the character a projection at this point of the canon and now I don't want to finish it.

No. 1347123

Samefag I mean I was close to finishing the fic but my autism compels me to rewrite it so the character is in his real form…but I have to rework the set up if so. This is too much effort for a fapfic

No. 1347127

File: 1663812579485.gif (3.63 MB, 268x200, Miwasad.gif)

I want to be an untouchable doll. I wish nothing more than to unabashedly wear my frills and ribbons in peace. I'll let a few tears out, but I'll tuck away the rest of my sadness for tonight.

No. 1347133

wish my mom didn't think she was better than me and treat me like shit while hating herself. makes everything feel so much worse. like I'm not asking you to mirror me, I'm asking you to accept me. im not asking you to wait for me to finish talking or take one part of what I said and reply to that instead of my point. or act like I'm being unreasonable all the time. if two people act like people pleasers all the time nothing is ever said or done correctly and I get even more angry. I just try to live according to my truth. I wish I could know how to be fake for her. that's impossible for some reason. every time I try she breaks me again

No. 1347147

I hate having mommy issues. It was so much easier to cope when I just had anxiety issues as a young child.

No. 1347152

File: 1663814838381.gif (1.67 MB, 498x280, cocaina.gif)

>be me
>finally get to talk to bf after us both being busy all week
>he's drunk
>try to play game
>suddenly start having trouble
>can't cope between him trying to have a conversation and my poor skills
>he's apologizing now
>he keeps blaming himself
>i still keep playing for some fucking reason
>can't focus
>get frustrated and raise my voice at him
>end up finishing call in a bad mood and him continuing to apologize

it's only wednesday and i wanna blow my brains out

No. 1347154

body dysmorphia go away
boy dysmorphia go away
body dysmorphia you’re fake and gay
body dysmorphia i SAID YOURE FAKE AND GAY

No. 1347157

I love ParaKiss and its fashion so much. Makes me want to get a sewing machine.

No. 1347158

Wow I hate the Dahmer series on netflix. Beyond basic obvious points, Evan Peters as Dahmer also looks like one of my ex’s who literally chased my car out of downtown LA after I dumped him.
God why did I date such a loser why did I do it.

No. 1347163

I seriously fucking hate being around people and being seen by people and having to acknowledge them and looking them in the eye fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off. They don't interest me, I don't care about their lives, I don't care about what they have to say, I don't care to hear about their opinions, I do not care. If I could pick the way to be around and observe people and society I would do it Jane Goodall style and watch from afar. Just keep and eye on them.

No. 1347164

Someone corrected me on their pronouns today at work.

No. 1347166

>its not terrible living with my parents but moved back with my parents who live in a real small town and i already feel like im falling behind in social relationships and what not due to being a 22 y/o living at home single girl.
I feel this so much nona. I'm grateful that I have a roof over my head and supportive parents who can provide for my basic needs but god is it really suffocating that you're not living your best life. Being so far away from places and not having much opportunity to make friends makes me feel like I've wasted a lot of my youth and I haven't grown at all as a person. I wish you the best of luck nona, we will get there someday.

No. 1347172

Ignore them and explicitly call them by only their name. Preferably the dead name. I do that at work lmfaoo

No. 1347189

I mean the solution seems simple and obvious: put a lock on your door. It's not that hard or expensive to do that yourself.

No. 1347237

i feel my prefrontal cortex finishing its development and it scares me. i want to keep my imagination, wonder and curiosity about the world/universe. i feel like im losing it rapidly and becoming pessimistic and dreary like most adults i know

No. 1347255

Am I misreading this post or is some TRA seriously trying to imply only people with poorly paid jobs can get away with deadnaming? Nice classism first of all (something that's actually offensive unlike ~deadnaming~ lmao) but fast food and thrift stores are most likely filled with woke zoomers so it doesn't even make sense.

No. 1347260

Wtf? Topamax isn’t even effective as a mood stabilizer let alone as an antipsychotic. I’ve been on it over a decade for migraine and headache prevention and it’s been a miracle for me but the side effects can be rough while you adjust to it.

No. 1347267

Samefag to add that it IS used to help combat serious weight gain due to antipsychotics but it definitely is not an antipsychotic. Another anon mentioned it being associated with hallucinations but I’ve never heard of that and it appears to be extremely uncommon. It can contribute to sucidality but that is also quite rare.

No. 1347271

nonnie nonnie, I'm the same but for vintage fabric and notions. i also have ocd, so i get caught up in those fomo thought loops too. the amount of money I've spent on fabric is insane and i tried to justify it by telling myself it's okay because it's secondhand. it only ramped up through covid and after escaping a violent relationship. i got so caught up in people posting their aesthetic looking stashes on social media and the fomo around it. i have so much fabric and big dreams for each piece but my disability makes it hard for me to finish projects, so it's just all sitting there. which makes me feel worse.

the best thing is definitely to block and uninstall any shopping apps. and if quitting outright is hard, you could limit it to "x" amount of books per month or even do a sticker chart! put down all the most important things that you need doing in the next 2-4 weeks, or monthly habits etc and if you hit them all you can get a book. having your partner take your cards could be a good option but I'd use it as a last one as you can so you can retain your independence. you're not alone.

No. 1347279

File: 1663825298883.png (11.19 MB, 1170x2532, D663634C-654F-4B5E-8052-8B3AC2…)

idc what any of y’all say NONE of you can complain about ur looks ever again

No. 1347286

Are people proud of having large fabric stashes? I’ve always felt embarrassed about the fact that I have a fabric stash since it means I buy more than I can make, and family and friends reinforce this by shaming me whenever I buy new fabric. None of them sew or craft, though.

No. 1347289

Aw this is mean nonna

No. 1347297

I wish the fashion thread was more populated. I love talking about style.

No. 1347303

on reddit (i know) the main sewing sub seems to be almost entirely photos of people's fabric stashes/hoards or somebody impulse buying a piece of fabric without knowing what they want to make with it. Everyone praises it and turns it into a circlejerk. the same thing happens over in sewing spheres on instagram too, which sucks. personally, while I'm ashamed, i am also a little proud of my stash because it's all beautiful wools, velvets, linens etc and that makes me happy as I'm a historical costumer/milliner. it wasn't until i had my flatmates mention how much I'd brought before i realised i had a problem. I've managed to stop buying things now and I'm slowly getting through my projects as quickly as my body will allow me too. i have enough fabric to last years, so my goal is to only use what i have until it's gone, that's going to take a long time but I'm okay with it.

No. 1347309

File: 1663827869982.jpg (52.3 KB, 700x699, 1643317362693.jpg)

I made a list(i love lists) of all the things i need to fix to be less uggo, i never realized how i got the worst genetics out of all my relativies, it's like i got the bingo for all of the bad ones while my cousins inherited at least one good thing from their parents.

No. 1347318

I'm a failure. 31, lonely af, unemployed, nothing brings me joy. God I hate myself so much. Please let me die in my sleep, or maybe some freak accident, final destination style.

No. 1347324

Realizing I'm unconsciously repeating my traumatic childhood memories over and over again, I wish I could be free of this curse, I can't even love peacefully

No. 1347336

i feel really triggered and bothered by adnan syed getting released, everyone on reddit saying he's innocent or that he was just 17 when he killed her so he's served his time anyways. its so fucking infuriating, he is so obviously guilty, it is a routine domestic violence murder of a woman by a man who was abusive to the point that she hid from during school, and who had just found out that she had a new boyfriend. i was stalked by a man with a similar background and just hearing about it and seeing his smug smile as he is leaving the courtroom is making me angry and sick and triggered. no one cares about women.

No. 1347357

my retarded professor gave me a 0 on my assignment and on the rubric all he wrote is "did not turn in" but I fucking did turn it in, is he blind? I already had to email him for something else recently so it feels awkward to email him again telling him I did in fact turn my assignment in and asking him to correct my grade
ugh I hate college so much

No. 1347373

I just wanna cry. I fucked it up so bad. What was I doing back then? I'm so mad at myself. I don't know what I was thinking. I'm so sorry. I need to tell you…

No. 1347374

File: 1663834019520.gif (1.14 MB, 498x278, pop-team-epic-stop-me.gif)

WHO in their sane mind lets their old cat hang out with a person who suffers from covid while also having a 81 year old living with them??? what the fuck, THANK YOU SO MUCH for possibly giving us COVID too

No. 1347395

Nta but I left the sewing sub long ago because every time a man posted his projects everyone was shitting all over themselves praising the fuck out of his ugly tacky garment and women barely got any comments or upvotes.

No. 1347396

I'm slipping back into avoidant habits again and I feel so pathetic. Too nervous to email places. Too nervous to stand up for myself. Just know the answer is going to be no each time or I'll lose so it's best to not bother. I can't afford to just sit and do nothing in life but I really want to to avoid the pain of dealing with others and being reminded I'm a loser

No. 1347423

File: 1663839466121.jpeg (39.57 KB, 275x275, 6C7AD9D6-E2DB-48EC-80A8-6AAD8D…)

My ex gave me a big ol speech about how much he loves being with me but can’t fully commit because he’s not over his last ex. It’s been a year since they broke up the last year they were together was apparently awful, on top of an already very codependent relationship that started when they were teenagers. He kept using phrases like he wasn’t ‘smart enough’ to work through his hangups and that he just ‘can’t move on’ by claiming he’s emotionally immature but he’s not, and he wouldn’t listen to me when I kept trying to tell him that people become emotionally mature by making healthy decisions in moments like these but he just chose the path of cowardness and broke up with me REEEEEEEEEE He said he needed alone time but I can almost guarantee he’s gonna end up banging some girls from his work and then spiral even harder and continue to martyr himself

No. 1347425

I'm so tired of my bootcamp mentor. The program is supposed to be for women who don't live in major cities, are single moms, vulnerable women etc.

Some of them are unemployed and I HATE that they keep dictating the pace to fit them and how they keep praising them for how hard they're working. They have no job, what the fuck else do they have to do?? Even with daily chores they still have plenty of time to study and pass.

Meanwhile those of us who work get luke warm comments how we're doing "ok, but should put in a bit more work". I work from 12pm to 11pm and have 1, max 2 days off per week, fuck off

No. 1347427

let him go

No. 1347431

File: 1663840407767.jpeg (217.62 KB, 677x432, 6F9BD173-FF68-49B8-9007-30AF7E…)

I met this great guy while he was here on vacation for a few weeks, we had a real spark and he wants me to come visit him when I go travelling next year. The thing is, I’m not going until June, and since I live at the ass-end of the world it would be an extra $800 at least just to fly to his city, and that price goes up every day I don’t book my tickets. It’s also a long time to cross my fingers and hope that he (or I) doesn’t get into a serious relationship between now and then and that I don’t have to end up third wheeling him and his gf or finding somewhere else to stay.

No. 1347433

I will but this all happened a few hours ago and I’m still angy about it.

No. 1347440

Hope you're okay soon anon, he sounds like a self-interested wanker and it's okay to be pissed about your wasted time and emotional investment. Hope you never think of him again!

No. 1347443

Feel like I'm going insane. I'm having insane stress at my workplace where I constantly need to work overtime not because there's so much work but because I'm shit at self-management. I also feel super hormonal lately and cannot get rid of the idea of being pregnant even though I'm on the pill. I did a pregnancy test recently and it only had a single line but recently read a Reddit post where someone posted their positive pregnancy test where the second line was barely visible and now I'm freaking out that I misread my test and it actually had two lines. I'm literally crying every day and I hate myself and want someone to shoot me in the head

No. 1347448

he sounds lame

No. 1347487

Wait, I remember listening to this one podcast that discussed him for my online "critical thinking" or whatever class. I completely forgot about him. Jesus, he's finally out?

No. 1347530

holy hell i just want the job i had but somewhere else or an office job that will at least keep me even on my bill amounts. im not asking for a million dollars. im grateful for the interviews i had but im also so sick of showing up in my nice office clothes with basic make up to be ghosted or told no. seriously fuck off im just looking for a basic full time job stop wasting my damn time!! the next one im just going to blow so much steam up my own ass on my qualifications. ive met so many retarded ego filled coworkers at my other jobs if they can get in then so can i!

No. 1347538

So my sister finally came back from her roadtrip with her moid "friends". The entire time my sister refused to answer my texts. Apparently the whole time while she was in New Orleans she was drunk off her mind and/or doing ecstacy. I really shudder to think about what happened to her. She probably got raped by her "friends" and didn't even know it.

I just feel so annoyed for having a sister like this. Where did things go wrong? I feel tempted to tell about my sister's drug exploits to my parents so they will finally do something about her.

No. 1347545

woke up feeling suicidal and like a total failure, made myself coffee, spilt my coffee all over my bedroom floor. i feel like vidrel

No. 1347547

She came back alright, probably had fun, you fantasize about her getting raped. Wow. Must be tough to be so bitter and jealous, I feel bad for her to have such an evil gremlin as a sister.

No. 1347551

Why should I “live at let live” everyone else and not be allowed to live and insult stupid people? That makes no sense. I will be openly spiteful and reply with “live and let live” to everyone else.

No. 1347560

You do you, nona. It's your life, and you spit on those dummies.

No. 1347570

i'm in my mid twenties and attending a ~real~ university for the first time and i actually can't believe how fucking stupid these kids are…. they are so incredibly fortunate to have the parents they have and the ability to study at this school but they all are completely devoid of any real personality and interest in academics and it makes me so mad because i'm struggling just to afford the gas to commute there. I went to a community college before this and i honestly think the kids there wanted it (education and stability and better prospects) far more than the upper middle class kids here. i'm just losing my mind and i know i'm envious of how easy so many of these kids have it when i've been struggling to survive since i was their age but i thought i was so lucky to come here and make it this far but seeing how immature and how little these kids care about their education makes me like…….. damn i sold my soul for this?? i feel like crying and giving up sometimes just because of how Out Of Place i feel among these people like i feel old and poor and weird and isolated bc i can't relate to these people because they're all young and i can't relate to people my age bc they aren't here or are in an entirely different place in their life. i came here for the opportunity to learn in an environment that fosters the type of education i've always wanted but god at what Cost. why is minding my own business so hard lmao. also this is the most unintelligible thing i've ever written but i'm Feeling It sorry!

No. 1347571

Oh my God shut the fuck up

No. 1347574

File: 1663858972066.jpg (86.1 KB, 540x360, Tumblr_l_6229336675138.jpg)

>tfw grandma was a child bride baby factory to a moid twice her age
>Live in poverty metal shack house for years before moving to murica
>Died by slipping and falling in bath before ever getting to meet her
>Learn depression is genetic in moms side of family
Gee I wonder why. My life would not exist if tribal ooga booga tradishun married off girls to males at the first sign of period blood, or she either got groomed and raped by him. Mom wouldn't have the same job, shitty racist husband, verbally abused children (me and siblings), genetic depression, siblings 20+ years older than her, no hobbies or interests, threatening to stab me for having emotions and wondering why I stay in my room all day, sleep on the couch,teen pregnancy and forced marriage, timid nonconfrontational personality she passed on to us because she wouldn't fucking exist in the first place!

No. 1347576

im so tired of being nauseous like can the show go on body? we're all waiting to not fucking die of dehydration everyday.

No. 1347581

File: 1663859571078.gif (896.91 KB, 400x400, 18592831e9146d6906922c1036c4b7…)

Just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to these nonnies that comforted me while I was at the PET scan facility by keeping my mom in their thoughts and prayers. The PET-CT scan came back negative and she's healthy!!!! Love you girls! Thank you again!

No. 1347598

File: 1663860523565.jpg (69 KB, 1125x801, Tumblr_l_18908888730599.jpg)

Samefag I have a lot of problems but I am taking back my personality and confidence bit by bit. I am attracted to men's bodies, voices,and "role of protector" we grow up believing in, but ever since I learned the full scope of men's degeneracy I see them more and more as a tool to be used. My moid friend paid for things until I fell for the "strong women pay for their selves!" when it was my parents money. I make my own now and will never spend a dime on a male unless it's a non expensive birthday or anniversary gift. I still blush and get nervous but can talk to people and men more easily. I am still a virgin waiting for an attractive, funny woman or male to come along. I started exercising 30 minutes a day to build up muscles and stamina. I am eating healthier but don't fall for ana tricks. If I don't find someone by 35 I'm picking a sperm donor and becoming a mom with no deadweight. I'm kicking college's ass and refining my wardrobe, skills, female friendships, dehoarding, getting an official diagnosis and possibly medication. I have no limits besides my own paranoid, discouraging mind and the disgusting male plague infecting this planet.

No. 1347603

i think you're taking this a bit far now. i do agree though that i don't think women should go on all male trips with the intention of getting drunk and doing drugs. they aren't trustworthy at all. i wouldn't try to essentially blackmail her to your parents though to stop her behavior, she's an adult and not a super young one either, so it's kind of pointless. kind of shitty though that she refused to answer your texts if you made it clear you were concerned. a lot of things could have gone wrong. she got lucky nothing happened because women literally go out jogging during the daytime completely sober and end up raped and murdered.

No. 1347613

I think lolcow should have a world news thread. I am so tired of reading scrotes opinions over them. I want to read nonas' insights and opinions instead

No. 1347617

File: 1663861083875.jpg (22.63 KB, 367x367, yjWQpYM8_400x400.jpg)

I just took photos with my body showing for the first time all year, nearly had an autistic ragie meltdown, waited a few hours, and typed out some deranged self-pitying rant fully expecting nonas to rip me to shreds. Before posting it, I took another look at the photos, reread my rant and felt so embarrassed. It's not even that bad, I just need to exercise a little bit. I'm tired of having brain worms

No. 1347627

I’m also in my mid 20s newly attending “real university” from a small college and I totally get what you mean. I try not to hold it against them for going out on the piss every night and screwing around since most of them are away from their parents for the first time, but it really does make you think about how easy it is for people to take education for granted. Just remember that you’re there to get your qualification and improve your life. In a few years’ time you probably won’t see any of your classmates anymore but you’ll have your achievement. Your younger classmates might be at the same institution as you, but they still have to put the effort in to pass and get a good grade and the fact you had to work to get here means you’ll take it seriously where others might take it for granted.
I feel a bit old and weird and out of place sometimes too, but then I remember I don’t give a fuck if teenagers find me cool, teenagers have shit taste a lot of the time anyway. As long as you’re polite to people nobody really cares what you do generally.
Sorry for writing a bunch of word vomit but I’ve been struggling with this weird double standard where I think other mature students are really cool but when it comes to myself I just feel pathetic and like I should’ve finished this shit years ago, so I’m not sure if what I’m saying is any help but it sucks and I know how you’re feeling and I hope you feel better soon.

No. 1347636

I'm caught between 2 moids right now and I don't know what to do. One is older, more stable, makes a lot of money, has a long sentimental history with me, but is cold to me, stupid, and has little in common with me. The other is my age, brilliant, self-made and hard working, creative and passionate, but he's in the same career as me and we make no money, plus he's covered in tattoos which my parents wouldn't approve of. I don't think the older guy will ever be compatible with me but he seems like the "responsible" choice. I don't know what to do nonas, I know which one of them I truly like better but something is making me hesitate. I'm too old for this.

No. 1347637

The more responsible thing to do is to go after the guy you actually like. Picking a moid purely for financial reasons is one of the worst things a woman can do to herself.

No. 1347639

Don’t be with someone who is cold to you, even if they have financial stability. You won’t find happiness that way. Wishing you luck, nona

No. 1347642

No. 1347644

There's a study on how women (apparently not men if I remember right) with emotionally distant/cold spouses have substantially worse mental health than single women.
You don't have to consider that scripture but I'm getting across that having a cold man is probably a bad thing.

No. 1347645

Nona, this is good. You've given it time, let the initial reaction pass, realized things are not so bad, you're much stronger than your brain worms. Some people get stuck in the autistic rage phase forever

No. 1347647

File: 1663863064136.png (320.81 KB, 750x704, Výstřižek1.PNG)

My gf is upset bc yesterday i told her that i was going to hang out with a friend for a bit, left at 7 pm, came home at 11:30 pm and didnt text her in the meantime that i would be coming home late… She didnt want to talk to me, sleep in the same room with me or talk about it today, just told me that she's angry and upset…
I feel… bad. Like ok, i could have texted her but at the same time she knew what i was doing, who i was with and she could have texted me what time would i be coming home or something. I thought we were on the same page. I dont want to invalidate her feelings but at the same time i dont think i deserve this treatment.

No. 1347649

11:30 isn't even that late, especially leaving at 7pm. You're a grown woman. And just as you said, she could have texted you as well, but chose not to out of passive aggression. I don't think you deserve this treatment either and maybe she should reflect on how she dealt with the situation.

No. 1347655

You don't deserve this treatment. You told her what you were doing and who you were with. If she worried about when you're coming home she could have just texted you to make sure you're safe. She's being immature. Could also be that there's another issue that she's not ready to talk about, so she's taking out her anger on this minor event instead, which is also childish.

No. 1347663

Really think I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life. Dating apps suck, can’t meet people through work because of the nature of my job, and I have solitary hobbies. I know I’m probably better off single, but it’s frustrating sometimes to always be on my own. I do have friends but they always end up moving away for one reason or another. And of course I could just settle, but I can’t bring myself to do that. My perfect guy would be introverted and independent like me (because extroverted guys always seem to judge me), but every guy I’ve met who is introverted and independent is so fucking boring and spineless. I think I just need to get comfy with the fact that I’m just going to be like this forever.

No. 1347666

File: 1663864388583.jpeg (57.68 KB, 750x481, 5C83674D-584E-4A35-BBE3-5C3C4B…)

i am very tired of being unmedicated bipolar i am very tired of self mutilating i am very tired of living in this disgusting nasty house and for me there is no easy way out of this. last night i was bleeding and crying on the floor alone and i think about what i could've done with those wasted two hours

nobody and nothing will save me, no matter how much i fantasize about it, i cant write draw or shove my way out of it, i lack the ambition, and if i am unlucky someone will offer me all the solace and security one day only to strip away my rights and kill me slowly. i am an battered piece of shit woman to the core who never should have been conceived, I will leave no impact, and i will die miserably and unable to weave my pain into something good. fuck what this world has done

No. 1347668

You really never know anon. I'm a lot like you, and I don't really go anywhere or do anything outside of my home besides working or shopping. I met my now husband completely by chance on a bus ride. I complimented his hair and it kind of went from there, we just clicked. I know at the time I had completely given up on meeting anyone, and was ready to live a lonely life, but it just happened and I could have never seen it coming. So yeah, you never know. In the meantime, remember to treat yourself well. Be your own best friend. Never forget that you're awesome.

No. 1347679

Thank you nona, you're right. I'm glad the feeling passed

No. 1347682

Why do I keep encountering people with the emotional intelligence of a peanut? Including women, surprisingly. Also, can you stop talking about yourself?

No. 1347686

I’m being pressured and scared into getting a job and it’s true I really need to but the entire process makes me feel nauseous and shitty I wish one would just fall into my lap through someone I know or something
Or just money

No. 1347710

Thanks anon, that’s really kind. It’s easy after being alone for a while to compare yourself to others and feel like there’s something wrong with you. That kind of chance encounter is really cool. Just have to work on being happy with myself again. I was at one point- just have to get back there somehow.

No. 1347729

You're dumb as hell

No. 1347753

My threshold for bullshit is so low I can barely find anybody tolerable these days

No. 1347758

i just broke my foot after swearing to myself that i'd use this website less and exercise more because i could tell being sedentary was affecting my mental health. plus it's fall which is my favorite time to go for hikes/walks.

No. 1347762

I'm so lonely and desperately want friends.

No. 1347765

Please come to the movie room and hang out with us

No. 1347769

I know nona, but it's not the kind of close friendships I desperately crave.

No. 1347770

Nayrt but I have been wanting to join…keep missing it due to timezones and forgetfullness but how active is it? Is there like a chat/video chat thing? Sorry, I am shy and keep talking myself out of it kek

No. 1347774

It depends on the event but it's usually pretty active, but in a very chill way. There is no video chat, just the chat box. We're about to watch Twilight in less than 10 minutes, if you're into that! Should be a really fun and hilarious time. The chat is always cozy, everyone is always kind, and no one is obligated to chat if they don't wanna.

No. 1347776

it depends on what's playing but today should be pretty active (it's in like 10 min today). twilight is playing so i bet lots of nonnies are going to be there for it

No. 1347785

I mean, you don't really know that. I've made legitimate best friends though the movie room I talk to literally every single day.

No. 1347786

Tbh I always hated twighlight haha but…I might give it another go. I happen to be doing desk work/basically nothing right now anyway sooo….. maybe I will here in a few. Crazy timing. Always seem to miss it. I can be happy that twighlight makes other nonnas happy.

No. 1347790

I got my next week schedule and once again my days off are not one after the other. It's been like that for a month while all my colleagues all have their regular two days together. I am sick of that shit. I am so tired. I only sleep during my days off cause I have no energy to do anything else. I hate that job. I have to train someone on Sunday when it's supposed to be the managers job to do so. I hate training people, I am not good at it and it's not even my job to do so anyway.

No. 1347791

Trust me nona, I am not a Twilight fan kekk I am here to dunk on it. Lovingly.

No. 1347792

I mean, yeah. But what makes you say that?

No. 1347804

I agree. It was so wrong of her to not answer my texts. I hate how I have a shitty sister. And I don't think nothing happened to her. I really think she got raped and just couldn't remember it. Never go to New Orleans with moids

No. 1347805

How does spending time getting fucked up with moids sound like having "fun"? You sound retarded

No. 1347808

You are such a schizo

No. 1347814

Nta, but you're honestly insane anon. Instead of being happy that she's safe, it sounds like you're hoping she was raped to prove some kind of point. It really doesn't seem like you actually care about her at all.

No. 1347817

Samefag, I just remembered anon said in the stupid questions thread that she was hoping the men her sister was with would hurt her. I don't know if it's bait at this point but what the fuck?

No. 1347820

Tattling on your sister to your parents is so lame, what the hell? I’d hate my sister if she did that and wouldn’t tell her any secrets again.

No. 1347823

This. I was just thinking this. With the way she was wording it, it's like she wanted something bad to happen so she could be right about her point. Some nonas are absolutely unhinged.

No. 1347825

Something is wrong with you. It's you who are the shitty sister.

No. 1347831

You really like to think about your sister getting raped, huh…I mean, you talk about it a lot. Almost too much…kind of like how a creepy scrote would…

No. 1347845

You're just baiting at this point. You know last time this started a 3 day infight, you're baiting.

No. 1347857

I'm just waiting for my inevitable shit to get kicked in by my family I can't even relax when they're not here because all I think about is how much it'll hurt and the excuses I'll make when they come home in a few hours

No. 1347860

I can't I have no one and I need a home

No. 1347868


fuck off tranny

No. 1347874

Please get to any kind of shelter anon. Does your family have any guns? I would suggest for your to get a bat or a taser (if legal where you live), but if they have any weapons like that then it might put you in more danger. If you can, try to record anything they do to you.

No. 1347875

I second recording. Please have evidence and if you have ANY friends please try to go to their place at least. I'm so sorry

No. 1347877

my godparents are moving to another state. i have to move in with my mother, sister, her two kids, and 3 cats in a 900 sq ft 2bd apartment. i have a week to pack and move. all while starting a new job at a hospital and starting a new quarter of really hard classes. i am losing my mind.
i need a really good show or movie suggestions while i pack so i dont just sob the whole day.

No. 1347882

Nonnie I want to cry, thank you for responding. I feel so alone and silly. Even my best friends don't see the problem and one blatantly encourages me (mostly because she had to get rid of her book collection so I think she's living vicariously through me). It's definitely worse when the things are usable like fabric or books, it feels more "justified" than idk a moid collecting Funko's. And when it's vintage I always feel like oh jeez when will I EVER see this again?! I got into it really bad with my mother recently who I'm trying to go no-contact with so going out and bringing home tons of books to look at and organize on my shelf is just so soothing.

Thank you for the ideas, I really like the idea of having a graph where if I do X amount of things I can have a book. I think for right now my compromise with myself is I may go to my local goodwill (no driving 40 miles to the "good" ones anymore) and look once a week, usually because I know there's not much good stuff there and their books are only a dollar so I can't go apeshit. No more eBay, for sure, and I try to remind myself that a ton of books I've bought recently on eBay came in worse condition than advertised, like reeking of cigarette smoke, so that will discourage me. I journaled for two hours about it yesterday and it helped a lot. We are both stronger than our silly little compulsions nonnie, may we get even stronger still.

No. 1347908

File: 1663876298976.jpeg (194.22 KB, 640x480, 6EE8BB65-5977-4088-B07E-EB5DEB…)

Talk to a helpline and actually listen to what they’re saying. Helps most if it is a woman. They’re not giving you everything you need but you need to find a ground to stand on. I won’t dictate what you do with your life but if you want to see it through the end, let the moids anhero themselves and you just focus on you. It’s going to be long and arduous and even if you start to get better, it won’t be the end of it but channel your girl strength and keep pushing anyway. Out of spite, out of anger, just do it.
Make lists even if they’re not all doable. Make more lists and keep doing, keep fucking up as long as you’re doing something. You are helpless right now and I’m sorry for being frank but something I know is you have it in you, you’re just in too much pain to see it. I don’t promise you sunshines and rainbows but at least something other than that. Woman up and keep going since manning up means k-ing ys really and it’s your choice but you’re better than that. I don’t know you but I know you’re better than that, anon. You are mentally ill and it may mean crazy but I hope you’re also crazy enough to think it’s possible to flip your life and someday maybe be there for another girl with bipolar issues and who knows how else you can find ways to live on.

No. 1347910

im going to become a streamer and milk moids dry of their stupid wallets. ill save the twitch girlies dw

No. 1347912

I don’t wanna go to work I’m already tired and my stupid bf always fights with me before I go in and makes up at the last minute I have no friends and I should kill my self

No. 1347916

Goodwill pulls a lot of their good books to send off to Amazon. Try local thrift shops or book drives anon.

No. 1347935

File: 1663877693715.jpg (48.08 KB, 800x450, DyqSKoaX4AATc2G.jpg)

Why the fuck did i think everything was going to be okay half a year ago? I can't even say anything snarky about this, my bf might get sent to the front line in Ukraine because Putin needs more bodies to throw at a problem he helped cause. There is no reason anyone should ever live in Russia. It's a shitty place. I dont want to give my loved ones to the meat grinder of war to fuel some oligarch kid's Oxford tuition. I just want to live in a normal fucking country that doesn't CONSTANTLY LIE TO MY FACE and doesnt squeeze me dry of my lifeforce and will to live. Please.
I dont even have any words right now, I'm just majorly pissed and extremely tired.

No. 1347940

If someone ever asks for your piss for their drug test, don't give it to them.

No. 1347948

everytime i think about how serena and venus williams were treated for simply being the best i get so fucking pissed. they would get questioned on drug use (despite NEVER testing positive and being randomly tested routinely) more than the people who actually DID test positive (i.e. maria sharapova).

they were called aggressive for sometimes shouting in matches, when the top male tennis players literally break their rackets almost every other game out of rage.

now that Serena's career is closing since she's older now, i still feel like she hasn't been given her do flowers. she's hated on by literally EVERYONE because she's the fucking best, and it's fucking irritating. i played tennis for 9 years and i feel like i had to fight to defend why i loved one of the best tennis players in human history.

No. 1347952

you mean due, just letting you know

No. 1347955

kek you're right, im esl

i wish there were multiple fashion threads, i want threads from other sites to come here where i actually agree with ppl usually

No. 1347956

For all its talk, society loses its absolute shit whenever a black woman succeeds on her own merit.

No. 1347957

My college advisor keeps on pointing out that my over-animated expressions are probably facial tics, and it keeps on making me wonder if I should get an autism diagnosis. She has a background in inpatient mental health institutions, so I trust her impressions for the most part. Hell, even my own family thinks I'm autistic, but they avoided a diagnosis because they didn't want me to get put in special education (even though I'm quite high-functioning).

No. 1347958

File: 1663879005193.jpg (146.02 KB, 1500x1000, serena-williams-6c1061f8e03e45…)

serena got a lot of hate for other reasons too, luckily they both seem to have a good life

No. 1347961

the video of maria sharapova admitting to her dope use (the blonde pretty player that the entire european press was pushing to beat serena, AND she made derisive comments about serena) only has 70k views…she was forgiven so fast.

No. 1347964

Idk anything about sports in general, but is she still allowed to compete?

No. 1347970

she looks really boring

No. 1347973

why not

No. 1347984

are you talking about someone else?

she was only banned for 15 months, despite the fact that she was doping for 10 years. the drug was only added to the ban list her 9th year of using it, but it was clear she was using for doping purposes (she claimed it was for a familial history of diabetes, but her reports show she was never even pre-diabetic).

No. 1347996

>over-animated expressions are probably facial tics

Okay, at this point I'm like 90% sure I got damn autism kek
Had no idea those could be tics

No. 1348013

i thought autists were known for being unexpressive instead

No. 1348014

serena is a guy(bait)

No. 1348061

No. 1348085

I am sick of my misogynistic manager that speaks to me as if I was dumb just because I am woman. He never listens to a thing I have to say and always replies with something totally unrelated. He spent his day doing nothing at all while I did all the job that had to be done. He has been doing nothing at all since he came back from his vacation last Monday. I can't wait for him to retire.

No. 1348090

File: 1663886626809.jpeg (42.36 KB, 600x338, A4C09EB7-0A31-4541-81CE-DF1D24…)


In the way you’ve typed that, it seems like you already know who you’re picking and you already know what the nona council will advise so I don’t know what else to tell you except to keep your head and hurt safe.

choose neither

No. 1348107

i feel so ashamed of myself, i feel as if i've artifically induced a moid's cognition into my own mind. i've always been too curious for my own good but i feel like sometimes i go too far with the things i delve into, i haven't yet entered pornsick territory or anything of the sort, unless reading fanfictions counts as that lol (plus no sick deviantart-tier topics! i hope it stays like that), but i feel like i'm entertaining desires that are in no way tribal if that makes sense, it's just weird modern brain brainrot shit. all because i'm looking for some way to stimulate my mind, i think i have truly damaged my brain in the past 2 years with tiktok, twitter, etc. but i feel so lonely that i need to keep up with it so that i have a false sense of companion lol. i just want to have normal interests again, or treat my more normal interests in a less weird way.

No. 1348120

I think I’m an alcoholic and I hate it. I wish I could just have a drink or 2 like normal people and stop, instead of going overboard every time and having a stomachache the next day. I’m scared for my liver and my ass hurts from diarrhea today.

No. 1348130

Do you drink everyday? Have you hit an all time low and make stupid decisions based on alcohol? If yes then yes…you're an alcoholic.

No. 1348134

Boyfriend tried to not all men me over trannies. Well it’s going to be cozy reading heavy winter with my cats. The quiet will be nice. Yes all men. They all disappoint you.

No. 1348137

File: 1663891298759.jpeg (143.34 KB, 749x611, 6012AD45-BD0E-44BA-9DCC-1436FC…)

I've talked to some friends. I don't trust that a helpline isn't going to call the cops on me or forcibly drag me to the hospital. I have no insurance and I cannot even afford a 72hour psych hold right now. I feel better after having vented out and talked to people. Everytime I have another relapse or breakdown I wall myself in the house for 24-72 hours with the exception of work or necessities. The only "responsible adult" who knows I'm going through this is my boss, my family is abusive as shit and I'm far beyond the age of grown ass woman to be cutting and burning. what an ugly, embarrassing habit to try and break when it resurged as a trauma response

it seemed like my life was on the up and then something came about that tore me down again. this is the most rock bottom I've been since april. I really wanted to make a difference in the world one day, but it's seeming impossible. something always bombs my plans into smithereens, it's starting to seem deliberate and I'm weaker and weaker. it's like god doesn't want me to be happy, then why am I here on this earth

No. 1348140

Nta and I'm not caught up on your posts, but helplines aren't going to phone you in. At least not where I'm from. They are there to talk you down out of a crisis. I've told the person on the other end of the phone that I was planning it out and they helped me calm down and reflect on things. If you're about to actively harm yourself, hotlines aren't who you should be calling and you should go to the hospital.

No. 1348142

Ok I spammed about it in the stupid questions thread, and this whole victim complex topic is keeping me up at night. To avoid getting called autist/anxious, I’ll just keep it straight to the point: is it possible for a narc/bad person to turn tables around and use tiktok buzzwords like victim complex and gaslighting to accuse someone with?

No. 1348147

Short answer: yes.

No. 1348148

The younger ones do it all the time.

No. 1348149

What are the god damn signs anon? I’m really scared of being the person my “roomie” is accusing me of. If I have npd and if I’m a gaslighter, I’m basically screwed for life. I’ve had a terrible childhood and now a terrible adulthood because I’ve grown up to be an asshole. Imagine being a sick pos and not even aware of being one. Wait, no, I’m actually aware I’m one, but not for the reasons my “roomie” mentioned.

No. 1348150

i'm sorry if this is inappropriate but you have a really outstanding way with words.

No. 1348151

Yes, they'll go lengths to be the victim. They are master manipulators.

No. 1348152

How old is young? 22? Or whatever her age is?

No. 1348159

Spill the deets anon. Sounds like there's something more going on here.

No. 1348162

Like I’m a terrible person I’ve done so many sins but I never hurt her. She felt very precious to me because of similar interests. I failed one of my courses and apparently her boyfriend’s mother used to “teach me” (i mean she was always “sick” or late during corona). 2 days later after meeting the teacher in the halls after being seemingly very good friends with common interests she ignored me. She did name a couple of things that apparently made me a bad person, but none true or even reasonable to ignore me.

No. 1348171

What are these "sins"?

No. 1348172

File: 1663893329389.jpg (141.54 KB, 1600x1155, businessmen-businesswomen-meet…)

We had this special lunch at the office today. We have it on every new iPhone launch. I mean that's nice and all but I hate capitalism and I hate this job and I feel like a fucking clown. Everyone is like OH MY GAAAWD NEW IPHONE! OUR CUSTOMERS ARE CONSOOOMING! AND WE'RE SO GOOD AT SENDING PRODUCTS TO CONSOOOM YAAYYYY! NOW EAT THIS STUPID CRAB SANDWICH AND DRINK THIS ORGANIC JUICE AND BE THANKFUL FOR THIS DRAINING, MINIMAL WAGE JOB and everyone is like clap clap clap… I can't socialize with my coworkers but on top of that I really despise apple and consooming and I despise myself for not being able to move on to a more inspiring job. Like, how pathetic I must be, to take part in something I absolutely despise? Everyone was chit chating and making jokes and smiling and I was just sitting there totally silent, with 1000 yard stare, questioning my life choices, asking myself why I'm not doing art or why I'm not working as an archeologist and spending my days on some fucking desert sniffing dust from old bones. I have nothing but contempt for myself

No. 1348180

I haven't had sex in a long while and forgot I'm sensitive to latex
I'm itchy and suffering
I want to scream

No. 1348182

do you work at an apple store?

No. 1348184

Tomorrow would have been my cat's birthday. He would have been very old and may have not survived this long anyway, but I wish he could have. He died younger because of sudden health problems and I should have taken better care of him to prevent it. I wish we could have hung out more all these years. I miss him so damn much. He was the best cat ever and I hope I can see him again some day

No. 1348187

no, I work for vodafone, but the majority of the devices we send to stores are from apple

No. 1348203

File: 1663895456606.png (1.93 MB, 852x1021, 28617B62-BDA4-4C0F-9A29-AE321A…)

Nona I won’t entertain anymore self-pitying because let’s call a spade a spade. You know what you’re capable of but I’m sure there’s too much that’s getting in the way. We as women have so many “want to dos” and “have to dos” until it piles up because regular shit gets too much on top of things that get in the way since the world is actively trying to harm us because we’re women. Why do you think some FtM trans think masculinizing themselves will solve their problems? It’s a cope. Now I’m not sure what you stand on with gender but the harsh reality is you can self-soothe and that’s okay but the only way really is THROUGH. You venting shows that you do try to get some form of help and it’s nice that you recognise that venting helps but you can’t control how people respond and you know one of these days they’ll respond to you in a way that’s so unkind it will fuck your brain up into thinking you can’t trust anyone.
If that’s how you want to see it then good, maybe you shouldn’t trust anyone to protect yourself but take solace in the way you’ve been holding it together ever since. You’re not ashamed to say you’ve gone through adulthood no matter how miserable it is but you are still going through it. Don’t think about social status right now because what you need is something to stand on. A firm belief in yourself. It sounds corny but if you don’t believe in anything, I don’t see anything to keep you grasping but it’s good that you still try to.

I was also scared to call my first helpline because I also was afraid they’ll lock me up. I couldn’t afford a psych stay either although where I am, I can access free ones although I’m thankful enough to have a family like you who may also be just as neglectful but they at least got tired enough to leave me alone to sort it out. I still am but I can say my situation is identical to you (I’m not gonna say worse even though it might as well be because I don’t wish to invalidate your experiences). What you should expect from a helpline is they’ll want to calm you down when you start crying. It’s important to memorise breathing and grounding techniques because these are things that help regulate you even for a moment. They will direct you to resources. They all sound corny but you must at least give one a try, especially CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I’m not gonna ask you to put your whole faith in these suggestions I give or they’ll give but just make sure you do do something. It’s important to make lists, take notes, and just feel something even anger that makes you want to pace and tire out that manic energy that bipolar disorder tends to give. The important things is consistency. But consistency doesn’t mean everyday the same routine nor does it mean you should let yourself linger in self-soothing. Let yourself rest.

I don’t know what else to tell you because I still fucking struggle and fight everyday but I was also sick of the same limbo and I didn’t want to kill myself that badly. My first excuse? I haven’t tried mushrooms or acid yet. My second excuse? I’ve never had defined abs. What’s my excuse now? I haven’t made all the art I said I was going to do, I haven’t read all the books I wanted and was too depressed to read. Im still scared because bipolar disorder is lifelong and there’s no guarantee I won’t want to anhero myself even in old age but the manic energy I have is now directed into the next day as I take it each at a time. I know I’ll still have depressive episodes but since I started doing shit, those thoughts aren’t as intrusive anymore.

If that’s TL; DR - cheat off me: I researched basics of health/daily nutrient needs/diet/running basics and prevention of injury and I started running with a news/podcast on everyday. That regulates mood. When my body hurts too much to do it, I smoke weed before or after as a reward. Running helped my mood enough for me to think clearly and losing fat and building muscles made me feel good enough to keep doing it everyday and find confidence to walk around my city. I drink wine on rest days and read about bipolar disorder (I can’t afford therapy and don’t trust the free ones available). I save up so i can order research chemicals in Canada (lsd) bc I want to micro dose it when I’m well enough to go job hunting. As alternate to antidepressants. I’m still not at my best but I no longer feel sorry for myself. I choose hedonism and self-betterment. Now if there’s a pill that will help me tolerate men I encounter on public transit everyday that’s not laced with fentanyl, I might just unlock new autist powers. DISCLAIMER not encouraging you to have a substance abuse issue, I just want you to keep going even if you fuck up. Love u

No. 1348205

File: 1663895571457.png (86.65 KB, 261x275, B214A3CC-6FC2-4712-9D48-CB5B24…)

Okay I’m still pissed so I need to add this on but ANOTHER THING why the hell would you break up with me by saying you needed to be alone but then keep begging me to stay once it’s been said? Like once it was out in the open I kept telling him that I should leave but he kept asking me not to go so we just sat in silence. He was also cracking jokes and laughing with me while we had the lead up conversation? He also kept trying to hold my hand and comfort me physically but I kept pulling away. He asked me for one last hug but I said no. We just stood in silence while tearing up and he would say he didn’t want to be with me but can’t seem to accept that I want to leave after hearing this? He just stood next to his car and watched me drive away I’m sick of the wishy washiness and the self pity and I think he knows what he wants but he’s too much of a pussy to put in the effort to make a mature relationship happen.

No. 1348207

>Honestly I did more stuff that are bad but they’re all similar things like that.

No. 1348215


If ur so scared, emphasize that you’re currently not a threat to yourself or others but you do have suicidal IDEATIONS. It’s the thin line between being suicidal and being plain old depressed that will keep their fingers from going 911 on u.

No. 1348216

Deleted because I’m paranoid as fuck what are you trying to do

No. 1348221

hate holding back on my moid hate irl. my friend just got in her first fight with her bf and im trying to hear her, but it's just such a typical m.o of scrotes. in the end i dont see him building her up, just eating at her until she eventually breaks, but i can't tell her that bc she's not receptive to that kind of information. she doesn't have a lot of experience with men, and is convinced this one is the love of her life bc of cryptic dreams her sister's had, but i think it's just a set up for failure; or rather a set up for taking on more male bullshit than ever needed bc men are uwu protectors and rocks and its ok that they're emotionless and closed off bc he had a tuff uwu childhood. so do most women that i know, yet most women also work so hard on self improvement and are so strong and overcome anything, yet men continue to cry and cry abt their shortcomings and do nothing to change anything. sorry for the moid rage but i hate how men live life on easy mode yet they're convinced its the other way around, and incidentally make life so much harder for everyone.
tldr; leave him sis

No. 1348229

Cue Taylor Swift's "we are never ever getting back together" because that is what's going to happen with my ex, probably. Wish she'd say something to me already instead of leaving me on read. It's been a week since I sent my last text, not sure if I should send her another text message again asking something like "hey I guess that's a no, then?" or if I should continue to give her some space. She hasn't blocked me, but she hasn't been saying anything, so I don't know what to think.

No. 1348233

Don’t text her, I know you’re hurting but it’s just going to make you look worse in her eyes. If she asked for space then you truly need to give her space and act like you aren’t even bothered than you’re not talking.

No. 1348254

She hasn't specifically asked for space. Or maybe the fact that she left me on read means she wants space? I can't figure it out. I want to text her "I don't know what you're thinking, if I should give you space to decide or if I should give up and end it". Maybe even just sending her a message is bad?

> it’s just going to make you look worse in her eyes

How so? Because I'm pushing her boundary?

No. 1348259

Absolutely loathe that they’re making another glamorized dramatization about a serial killer, of course this one being so Ryan Murphy can get his rocks off—but I am so suspicious of people who complain about the fact that misguided teenage girls “stan” serial killers like they’re some sort of entity responsible for this grotesque issue rather than instead being annoyed by the fact that it’s about a psychopath murdering and exploiting black people. Like oh no, those awful teenage girls.

No. 1348275

Don’t text that. It will come off manipulative and co-dependent. You’re putting the burden of your decision on her and removing your agency which is unfair. I know that’s not what you mean and you’re hurting, but it will make it worse. Give her some time. Maybe in two weeks or a month reach out and ask if she’s okay gently if you don’t hear then.

No. 1348289

Being left on read is a clear sign. She doesn't want to talk right now, sorry. It sucks that people won't go out and say things directly but you have a pretty clear message there. Trying to bait her into replying will only make it worse

No. 1348294

People normally want space after a breakup. People also usually tend to romanticize things once they’re truly alone. If you send her stuff like this you’ll break that illusion and reinforce whatever negatives probably ended the relationship. Wait some time to send another text and make sure to keep it positive. In the meantime focus on yourself and try and accept that she may not respond even if you give her time.

No. 1348295

OP's sister is clearly really troubled and needs help

No. 1348296

Thank you for your insight nonas. There were probably a lot of times I had come off as manipulative and co-dependent in my interactions so hearing a second opinion is something I truly appreciate. I'll distance myself for now but I'll reach out to her in a few weeks if I don't hear anything back.

Also what would have been our anniversary is coming up this week, so I guess I just feel sentimental over the memories we used to have and I'm craving to be like that again. It must have been selfish to push her like this.

No. 1348299

Man anons here are retarded to think it’s stupid to get worried. If I have a daughter she won’t ever be allowed to go on roadtrips with men. You do this shit before she goes on the roadtrip to prevent it. Ratting her out to her parents now does fucking nothing but more problems between the two of you.

No. 1348301

How come male serial killers always get documentaries where they're dignified and glamorized, but Marilyn Monroe over here is desecrated and debased more and more with each biopic that comes out?

No. 1348302

File: 1663901577006.jpg (112.75 KB, 1024x683, zlug2r01izp41.jpg)

Don't beat yourself up, nona. Relationships are tricky to navigate with all the emotions involved. You can't help feeling the way you feel. Spend some time on yourself this week, have a nice bath, get a new book, try a new hairstyle. It feels bad now but I promise the worst will pass soon

No. 1348303

>Wait some time to send another text and make sure to keep it positive.
How can I word my next text to be positive?

No. 1348305

Just something like ‘Hey, how are you?’ will suffice. Shows you’re still interested in them as a person but since it’s such basic small talk most people feel comfortable answering. Don’t do anything more intense than that.

No. 1348314

well in this case I'm a burger with no insurance. I cant go to the hospital. the wounds I have thus far are pretty non lethal but you have to understand that I can't go to the hospital or else I'll be paying off the bills for the next ten years without insurance. I was still twined for my parents until I was 26 and then it expired out. I cant afford a plan for myself. this has always been a problem for me

I don't think my legs are going to fall off from the conditions of my wounds right now, but my limbs do hurt. That's probably just the combo of stress and them being fresh

I cant go to a hospital hospital. I have work tomorrow. I have to talk to the college about being excessively behind in my work. I thought it would get better but half a week later things are just exacerbating my pain. either way after tonight I'm going to try my best not to pick up the glass, throw it away, and list what I need to do. I talked to some friends and I do feel better, just… sad. Literally and figuratively ripped apart

No. 1348320

File: 1663902959853.jpg (52.18 KB, 500x547, 5b3srx.jpg)

I work at an electronics store, and I recently got a part time job at the corporate office for the same company. It's better money and easy work, but when I come back to the store, I'm paranoid that people are treating me differently and thinking I have a big head now. So when people at the store asked me how the new job was going, I'd make a point to tell them at people at the office are a bit stuffy and self-important and I feel much more at home with my old friends at the store. Now I feel like a fucking idiot because I'm worried that I told that to too many people and it's going to somehow make its way back up to the office. God I'm so fucking stupid, this has been so stressful and I just want everyone to like me. Hopefully I can just shut the fuck up now and no damage was done. Aughhh this is really hard, I'm so bad at navigating new social situations and I always mess everything up

No. 1348322

my autism is so embarrassing both for myself and the people close to me (friends/family)
tonight my mom made me go to a concert with her for a band I don't like, and normally I would've been ok sitting through it but the annoying people behind me kept screaming and trying to imitate the sounds of the instruments very loudly nonstop the whole concert
that combined with the loud music and crowd and I got a sensory overload and just sat there freaking out and started crying and trying to cover my ears
it was horrible, I wish I could be normal sometimes

No. 1348324

there was a weird vibe between me and the Male opposite me on the double date I went on (in other words, the dude that wasn't my date). I was confused by his reaction to me so I did a tarot spread for fun and it blew my mind a little. any tarot-coded anons who wanna interject just ask for more specifics but what I drew re: our energy was two of wands two of pentacles and then the lovers lol

No. 1348360

There’s male vibes on this entire website this thread included

No. 1348367

File: 1663906146189.jpg (25.6 KB, 353x257, IMG_20220922_210850.jpg)

If it body-shames unfairly, it's a moid! If it posts a lot of racebait, it's a moid! If it tries to start a fight, corrects your posts when you are right, if it talks just like a tranny, it's a moid!

No. 1348368

inverse or upright? it kinda seems divisive, almost adulterous but highly sexually compatible. might be a fun fling

No. 1348382

wtf this cat is so talented i love her

No. 1348386

File: 1663907596866.png (599.49 KB, 600x750, sad2.png)

It sucks being the ugly sibling. My older sister and younger sister got all the beautiful genes and I'm left looking like a fucking ogre. Even my younger brother looks better than me. My sisters always got admirers and dates when they were younger. Handsome ones too. They were also super popular at school and have lots of friends. I was a weirdo with only two friends who only got bullied by girls and boys at school. The only people I attract are disgusting moids who are uglier than me. My sisters also receive lots of compliments from family members and strangers about how good looking they are while my own parents have never said I'm pretty or even cute. Fast forward to now, my older sister is happily married to a handsome dude and now has 2.5 kids, my younger sis is going to get engage to a good looking foreigner soon and my little brother got himself a new gf. Then there's me, an ugly loser in her 30s who has never dated at all. Fuck I hate being the ugly one. The only thing I have is a good relationship with my 2D husbandos.

No. 1348388

No. 1348392

I mean you must have good looking features somewhere, maybe you could focus on them and try to negate the other features

No. 1348393

Start working out so if they think they're better than you… you remind them you can beat up each of their husbands

No. 1348395

File: 1663907954928.jpg (56.51 KB, 1018x558, digust.jpg)

A friend of mine has been into some guy recently and was hyping up about how he acts like a decent human being (lol) and that he's really tall. She finally shared a pic of him with me and I really couldn't say anything other than "wow he's tall" because my face was like picrel. I can't tell if I'm just vain or if nonnies have influenced me to be a bit more judgmental on the appearance of moids.

No. 1348402

File: 1663908481162.jpg (56.73 KB, 730x666, 84a5d0ff4e9ca82602c94140d90c99…)

Most men are really ugly at least you didn't lie to her. Most of the time they want validation that the guy they're seeing isn't too fucking ugly and you should never participate in joint delusion like that.

No. 1348405

No most straight women I know have terrible taste and fangirl over the most plain or outright ugly men (look at some threads here for example kek). Most guys are just unremarkable and I’m betting his height plays a big role in her being attracted to him.

No. 1348408

you can't do a lot about your face, but you can choose to become fit as fuck and that's attractive too. Few people are genuinely ugly with a fit body and clothes and a hairstyle that brings out their best features.

No. 1348416

Schizophrenia lite


No. 1348417

I am sick of your bullshit posts

No. 1348418

You know exactly why.

No. 1348420

Burnt out and being very lax on very overdue stuff at work but I can't get myself to care. I'm dying to resign but there are things I need to sort out before I hand in my two weeks. Fuck shitty managers and fuck HR. Fuck all of them.

No. 1348422

The way I see men treating/talking/crudely satirizing about women online lately keeps reminding me of an old post I completely forgot about that is now haunting me a little bit. A girl that did the sugar baby thing (I’ve never actually done but I used to follow out of curiosity, I’m nosy) went on a ‘date’ with a man who proceeded to drug, rape her, dig shit out of her ass and put it in her open mouth, and write degrading things on her forehead. He took pictures and attached the screenshots of his messages with her online and spread it everywhere. I don’t remember specifics but she was really confident and apparently that upset him a lot. She said something like men pay me for my time because I’m a gorgeous and a pleasure to be around, you know laying it on a little thick but that’s kind of to be expected with the profession. Anyways, he drugged and raped her, put actual shit in her mouth, photographed it, posted it all over online, and it was considered hilarious and moids loved it. I can’t remember what year this was but it’s really sad to me that it got any sort of positive traction and I feel so bad for her. The fact that men are so obsessed with voyeuring and degrading women that this was seen as acceptable or in any way okay, let alone funny. I genuinely cannot remember what year this was but it was only like 6 or 7 years ago I think?? I wonder if men even realize how creepy they actually sound or if being a gross predator is so natural to them that they don’t even realize they’re the ones that deserve to be shot like old yeller.

No. 1348424


My body is also busted. I have the god awful apple shape body with long torso and stumpy legs while my sisters are both the popular and ideal pear shape. The only thing I like about myself is my hands.


You know what anon, you're right. I should start working out. Even if I'm ugly forever, at least I can kick ass and defend myself.


Another anon that suggest to become fit as fuck. I guess this is a sign. Thanks!

No. 1348431

forget about her. shes a lost cause and not worth the stress

No. 1348433

"joint delusion" kek.
You're both right though, I embarrassingly recall doing the same thing with another friend when I was in the same situation but she was actually honest with me that the dude was ugly.

Is this just the way life is then? I don't know if it was because I was female socialized, but I feel like women in general aren't ugly? Or at least not as ugly as moids. If a girl was ugly, she'd have to be really, really ugly.

No. 1348435

Women are expected to take care of ourselves a lot more than moids. Even if you’re not some gigastacy with E cups most women put effort into their skin and hair, and probably wear some form of makeup. Men tend to look much worse because they expect everything to come naturally to them.

No. 1348436

wtf. not to sound gross or moidy but do you remember where you read about that? that's insane.

No. 1348441

I'm so fucking sick of the incompetent retards I work with. I wish so badly I could have my old boss back

No. 1348444

awwww yeee take it away babey

No. 1348445

File: 1663914370909.jpeg (254.71 KB, 2000x1566, FcEMxpuX0AUhLyp.jpeg)

Failed my driving test again. Stupid bus was in the way when I'm trying to make a right turn and I got the same moid instructor. Fuck my local DMV. I'm planning on going to different one where I passed my permit test and has very little traffic. This shit shouldn't be hard yet I'm still struggling.

No. 1348469

They were screenshots and I honestly can’t remember, maybe they were posted on Reddit. She was Caucasian and had brown hair? maybe and instead of people questioning it they mocked the fact that she had small boobs instead. I think she was English but I could be wrong. It was really graphic though. I honestly wish I could remember myself because I want to know if that man ever got what he deserved.

No. 1348493

RIP to your bf. Looks like Russians are getting absolutely decimated by the western tech.

No. 1348502

good luck anon i failed mine like five times

No. 1348511

It’s ok you’ll get it eventually, I had to switch locations for mine because I fucked up in the city confused by all the signage and shitty streets and the grumpy old man instructor said I was going to kill everyone in the car and then I cried.

No. 1348528

nta but they narc if they get caught

No. 1348579

Such a haunting read, scrote casual depravity will never stop being shocking to me. How can one be so emotionally lacking? And it comes so naturally to them

No. 1348604

You don't deserve it at all and you should put a stop to it before it gets out of hand. My possessive ex girlfriend did this all the fucking time, I told her I'd be out late having dinner with my friend's and she'd pout and give me the silent treatment when I came back home because I was supposed to be there at her back and call at all times. It was exhausting and when I realized I was refusing outings with my dear friends because I didn't feel like dealing with the drama I called it quits.

No. 1348618

Yes, I hate how many anons here are retarded. I wouldn't allow my daughter to go on roadtrips with men either. I would cancel their college tuition before I allow that. I hate how people here are enabling my shitty sister. I feel like my sister is an idiot and I will have to cut her off eventually because I can't stand dealing with her stupid shit(get help)

No. 1348620

Yeah you'd rather wish rape on her than just be happy she's home safe, real rational thinking. You're really proving a point there. Way to respect autonomy, very nice.

No. 1348621

My wounds stink and my nerve damage is likely permanent. I’ll be on tonnes of tablets for the rest of my life. I can’t think about it too much or I’ll cry.

No. 1348626

Nta but uh, is your sister reading this thread? Don't blame her dumbassery on us

>She probably got raped by her "friends" and didn't even know it.
Touch grass Jesus christ. You sound jealous.

No. 1348629

Oh my God anon, I'm so sorry

No. 1348636

File: 1663933420775.gif (352.41 KB, 220x220, 4546B24D-B2F5-4998-946F-1BD4A7…)

The biggest blackpill is that no one cares about your art or what you create unless you attract other autistic retards who are obsessed with a weirdo who draws video game characters from a game they haven’t even played since they were a child. Or you have to draw ugly men because even the nerd ass women are obsessed with their existence only in cartoon form now. Does it look like I’m a nerd? This is why I barely draw anymore, it’s like the entire craft is filled with these female and scrote autists with no taste whatsoever but are suspiciously quick to shut down people with actual technical skill but give leeway to chicken scratch shit made by their personal cow because they relate to them because they’re an FtM. There are no normal, tasteful people who enjoy or like to discuss other people’s art anymore, they get to avatarfag because they love to see someone on the same level as they are not someone who can potentially get better or be better. My art is always deliberately overlooked. It’s not even that hideous either and I’ve always wondered why

No. 1348638

Are they pimping her out or what?

No. 1348641

Go away

It’s a man, ignore

No. 1348643

LMAOO your heckin’ Nigelerino is about to get assraped by ukrainians

No. 1348644

I was into idea of nice nerdy guys thread, but it turned into a shit. Ted Bundy? Seriously?

No. 1348647

true crime and its consequences

No. 1348648

If you draw to gain attention then no wonder you're tired. Draw for yourself.

No. 1348651

Why are you making art for other people instead of making it for yourself? Who gives a fuck what's popular. If you make what you want to make and do it with passion people will notice. I've been able to sell out of my art consistently with only a couple thousand followers because I keep making it and love making it regardless of how many likes I get or how many autists sperg about it. No offense but you sound bitter and jealous, I know that sounds harsh, but it's the vibe you're giving off. Learn to create for the sake of creating, if you really love art.

No. 1348652

Feel like shit when no one interacts with me on social media. I just want friends like everyone else.

No. 1348654

Please come to Tunesday in the movie room today!

No. 1348658

I seriously don't know how the whole "I find this man who killed and raped women and children hot lol" came to be. Are people that obsessed with getting their rocks off that they ignore the heinous shit those people have done? Do they think it's quirky? It's crazy how that doesn't make someone look like fucking walking garbage.

No. 1348660

Good idea, thanks nona I will today

No. 1348664

Awesome, see you there!

No. 1348675

I swear to god if I got murdered and it turned into some popcorn entertainment for middle class white people or anyone at all to gawk at that would be worse than having been killed in the first place. I always feel so gross hearing about true crime even though I’ve been interested in criminology since childhood and I hate that it’s become some spooky stories by the campfire thing.

No. 1348679

Actually I think the “true crime grwm chit chat” videos are particularly vile. Watch me put on my makeup and talk about a woman brutally murdered hehe

No. 1348681

Ugh that shit makes my blood boil. My mom watches Bailey Sarian and doesn't see what's wrong with it.

No. 1348682

Those are especially disconnected from the subject, stupid YouTube personality shit is cancer as is without some girl using drag memes and Twitter lingo while recounting horrific events that actually happened to someone less fortunate that doesn’t have the ability to sit in front of a camera joking around for an audience. I don’t even know how people like hearing about things like that, it’s fucking bleak.

No. 1348687

KEKKK, I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt and say it’s an anon just like the one who was attracted to the columbine shooters, it’s definitely not a scrote there’s shit loads of handmaidens into murderers and rapists

No. 1348692

thank you nonnas

No. 1348698

File: 1663936277009.gif (485.07 KB, 220x212, hugh-hug.gif)

I hope you can get back to drawing soon!

No. 1348707

omg those chunky cats are so adorable I couldn’t help it I had to say it

No. 1348709

They are! Glad it made you smile anon

No. 1348719

I desperately need another movie or something that's similar to the craft but the women don't get punished for wanting to gain control of their lives and getting back at shitty men and the awful things that happen to them.

No. 1348733

Baffling to me that it’s been pushed as a life lesson that as a woman you should be punished for wanting the people who hurt you to get their due consequences. Like they aren’t picking randoms here let them thrive.

No. 1348748

You've probably seen it but you'd probably like the arcs involving Willow in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

No. 1348749

have you seen practical magic? idk if thats the kind of stuff you're looking for but the ending makes me cri every time

No. 1348753

Guys… My muscles are really weak from years of being a shut-in but there's a warehouse job available that pays well with good hours and is pretty much guaranteed for anyone who applies since its nearing Christmas time so they need workers. I really want this job. My only fear is that they emphasize that you'll be pushing 200kg trolleys and lifting 10kg packages and I don't know if I have the strength for that. Should I still bulldoze ahead and say I can do it and hope I gain some strength/help while working or should I not risk it? My desperation for this job is really high so I really want to bullshit but not at the risk of hurting myself in the long term or being hated by my co-workers.

When I get an income I do plan on going to the gym but I obviously don't have money for that now. I do daily walks for now.

No. 1348758

Thank you. It’s fucking me up, my injuries happened in hospital because of the staff mishandling me when I was in a coma. When I was waking up and confused, a guard tackled me so hard that he ripped my catheter out and I nearly needed surgery. Now I find out he’s permanently crippled me from damaging my spine, too. I am so full of sadness and hatred nonny and I don’t know what to do with it all.

No. 1348761

Do you have a condition or are you just not fit right now? It could be good to build your muscles up, but if it’s a warehouse job they’re gonna want the work to be done with a big volume and fast pace. I was really weak before starting my retail job in produce, and it helped make me stronger over time haha. I definitely pushed myself hard unnecessarily though. I think you could try it but be aware of what they want in a warehouse job, and be aware of your limits when you start out. I believe you could do it! Just don’t push yourself hard.

No. 1348764

Samefag as>>1348761
But also maybe start doing some muscle building workouts rn in your house, do you have anything slightly heavy you can use? There’s YouTube videos about being fitter and building strength without using any weights too! Get your job nonna!

No. 1348766

you'll have to at least build your muscle through body weight excercises and intensive cardio if you don't want to get injured taking on the job. The package weight sounds okay to lift on the regular but the trolley sounds quite heavy and you could easily hurt your back or tear a muscle if you go at it without some general strength built up. you can look up high intensity cardio you can do at home and find back/arm oriented excercises.

No. 1348769

Moids will really let you down. No matter what. They all fucking lie then play victim. I just can’t anymore.

No. 1348770

File: 1663941308243.jpg (71.27 KB, 620x613, heeez.jpg)

I'm never going to open up to anyone ever again. This year I promised myself to change some of my unhealthy habits and finally "grow" as a person and to stop pushing people away and trying to connect with them. Well, I became friends with this one girl and we became really close and I finally felt comfortable enough to open up to someone for the first time in a decade. We met another girl a few weeks ago and my friend and this new girl got off on a wrong foot but were cordial towards one another. My friend confided in me that she doesn't really "feel" that other girl's "vibes" but that she was okay with us being friends, since we weren't that close to her anyway. Fast forward to last week and it seems like they've talked it out .. and are super close now.I was meant to meet my close friend twice already this week but she sorta cancelled on me both times for the other girl (well she told me I could "still come" but I wasn't gonna third wheel, honestly) and it just hurts so much. I feel so invisible when I'm with them now because they keep talking about their topics and I'm just "there". My friend doesn't even text me much anymore but she keeps mentioning that her and our new friend talked about so many things through text and how much they relate to each other. Neither of them cares much about what I'm up to. I feel exactly like I've felt when I was a kid and tried to make friends. Always being "replaced", made to feel like I'm a burden and pushed aside. It hurts so much. I really thought things wouldn't be like this again because I'm an adult now. Why do people tell me how much they trust me and how much they enjoy talking to me but treat me like this? Am I really this unworthy? "Just reach out to people" and for what? So that the exact shit that caused me to close myself off in the first place happens again?

No. 1348772

It's just me being unfit, no health conditions. Whenever I do housechores I can feel my arms get tired since I don't go out at all (besides walking) and all my classes were online up until this semester. Like you and >>1348766 suggested, I'll start doing home strength training while I wait for them to get back at me! Really hope they accept me so I can actually afford a gym + leave my home regularly. Thanks guys.

No. 1348777

File: 1663941778879.png (5.67 KB, 253x243, 1597816479079.png)

I started talking to this girl recently and things seem to be going well but I'm scared she won't like me if we decide to start dating. I have become so emotionally exhausted over the past year that while I want to form close relations with other people I am afraid that I'll hurt them by not seeming invested enough. How can I possibly communicate that I am just a burnt out introvert and I don't hate her? I feel like I'm doomed to shooting myself in the foot by unintentionally pushing people away.

No. 1348780

>>anon it makes me sad you don’t want kids with me
You shouldn’t have said rapists belonged in our bathrooms then moid and told me not be upset because you’re mothers a real women and she’s not. I’m waiting for our lease to be up you just don’t realize it yet. No we won’t work through this. You smashed the rose tinted glasses you’re just another defective xy and you’ll defend the penis havers like the worthless one you are. Go away.

No. 1348787

No one should be jealous of being on a road trip with fucking moids. You sound retarded

No. 1348789

File: 1663943265997.gif (3.61 MB, 384x288, 70D37F4F-A139-4C8A-B494-78C2CB…)

I’m so glad my mom is going to therapy but I feel like some of her worst traits are more obvious now. Not to mention that she’s projecting her insecurities and fucked up relationship with my dad onto me and my bf, causing her to find reasons to argue with him or call him names. I’m glad to be moving across the country because it might chill her out but I’m worried it might make her worse at the same time.

No. 1348797

Why are you comparing the art of Twitter-addicted adolescents who are looking to have fun with other weird kids like them, to the work of serious adult artists with their own communities? Everybody knows Twitter and other social media are terrible for getting noticed unless you draw what's popular or are a professional artist who is already popular. Social media is for selling (mostly generic shit). Go to art forums or something if you want to share your progress with other artists who care about skill. Like Crimson Daggers.

No. 1348805

Correct choice nona gtfo of there

No. 1348808

sick of all my friends spamming about helping puerto rico and ranting about "PUERTO RICO IS DEVASTATED AND YOU'RE POSTING ABOUT YOUR OUTFITS!". like dude puerto rico is in the hurricane zone and everyone's everything gets destroyed each year. it's uninhabitable. constantly funneling them money (which goes to corrupt officials instead of citizens) is like building the little pig's straw house each time it gets blown down by the wind. stop spazzing and trying to guilt people for not caring anymore

No. 1348813

File: 1663945164314.jpg (64.84 KB, 900x900, angry_pepe.jpg)

My brother cheats on his gf constantly and it drives me insane. Spends all day on dating sites. Fucks his ex gf. Spends all day texting other women.

They've been dating for only a month but are apparently 'in love' while he is doing all this shit behind her back.

If I say anything to her, I know she is the type of girl to live in denial because he's nice to her. And I could risk my relationship with my brother.

It bothers the fuck out of me.

No. 1348817

There's a lot of unfortunate things that we can't prevent. While having empathy is good, dedicating your whole life to crying over every tragedy is not. So yeah, you should be allowed to live your own life, it's not like you have the power to save Puerto Ricans (like you're implying, those corrupt officials are the ones who should be doing something). It's not just normal people who guilt trip others over not being all sad and serious while people elsewhere are dying, it's the media that tells them to because they're bombarded with biased news all the time (they show you what they want you to focus on). I doubt your friends stop posting about their family vacations when children are massacred in the Middle East, or when a natural disaster hits a South East Asian country that they've never heard about.

No. 1348823

I wish I had been born a man. Not because I wanna be a tranny, but because if I had been born male my life might have been better. I wouldn't have gotten molested by some scrote, I wouldn't care so much about my body and appearance and being thin, I wouldn't have all these appearance related self esteem issues, I wouldn't have gotten an uti that left me with chronic vaginal pain, I wouldn't have to date men, I wouldn't have to go through the horrors of childbirth for a baby. Truly wish I could just die and have everybody forget I ever existed.

No. 1348825

I went to sleep while thinking of something without writing it in a note on my phone, and I forgot what it was again. I'm fucking seething right now because I can't remember. And I thought it would be hard to forget. I hate it so much when it happens, it makes me feel worse than it should, I think.

No. 1348826


No. 1348827

Thanks anon. ♥ working on it.

No. 1348833

I totally 100% get how you feel nona

No. 1348837

i had a cold more than a month ago, well i say cold, but it was the same time my mom caught covid–and so i think my body was fighting off infection. i already had it earlier in the year.
anyway, i went to the doctor they told me it was a cold, my lymph nodes were swollen, i was fighting off infection. sometime after that i noticed under my neck, right side there was a little lump which i assumed was my lymph node, still swollen.
weeks pass, i woke up today and took a shower and noticed another small bump behind my ear, which feels similar to the first one i felt under my neck (still there btw).
but then i felt this pain whenever moved my neck around and noticed an even larger lump less than an inch above the small lump behind my ear.
all of these lumps are on the right side of my skull, and even the neck one is on the right side. but now i'm really freaking out because i didnt notice this large lump until this morning. this one doesnt feel at all like the small ones and is much harder–its like i got hit in that spot and a lump swelled up, and its sore. but i didn't have anything happen. im really freaking out.
my dad thinks its a bug bite since all of us have been getting bitten by mosquitos lately, but theres no way a mosquito would have bitten me when my scalp is literally covered with hair.

No. 1348844

So I've been babysitting my best friends kids while she is at school for a couple weeks now. The girl is 7 and the boy is 5 (her almost 3 year old is at daycare until she gets off, then she picks them up and comes home). The 5 year old I believe is severely autistic. At least that's what I thought. He would have these tantrums where when he would get in trouble I would take him to his room and sit with him. He would immediately begin screaming and crying and repeating the same phrase over and over again. I have explained to him constantly that actions have consequences and that my intentions aren't to make him feel bad but I can't just let him hit his sister/throw things/etc without there being something done on my end. When I try to talk to him during these tantrums you can tell that nothing gets through to him. Sometimes it takes over an hour before he calms down. He has stimulation issues. Really quickly his behavior started getting a little better, I had hope he could become better. Well…Tuesday after school and I can tell something is off. He immediately comes in the door and says he wants to do his homework. He usually does really well with it and flies through it. We sat down. I'm explaining to him the questions like always. Normally there is no issue, but he would write an answer and scribble all over the paper. Purposely write wrong answers. Inattentive. So I let him go play with his sister for a bit and said we would have to get back to it. He ate some applesauce during this time and at one point I asked him to throw away his trash. He said no over and over and I calmly stated the TV would have to be turned off then as it was the punishment he had picked the week before since going to his room didn't seem to be something he liked. The screaming and crying began. I sighed and tried explaining why this was happening…again. I turn for one second and hear the girl screaming. The 5 year old is coming at him with a pair of scissors!! Time slows for me, I grab the scissors and scream "NO!" He sits in the lazy boy and when I am stressing how scissors can kill people when you do stuff like that he is literally I am not sitting you smiling at me. Says he doesn't care if his sister is dead or that his dad is dead (he died of an overdose earlier this year). I am disturbed and let that be but say its time to calm down and we all get on my friends big bed together. During this period he is literally trying to smother his sister. I have to block him off from her because it won't stop. He begins hitting/punching/jumping at me. Trying to run around the bed to hit his sister. I tell him he is hurting us and to please stop. He begins jumping on the bed so hard it breaks the bedframe. I have to move the sister to the closet so he can't get her. He begins beating me with a broom, throwing objects at me. I just try to remain calm and call my friend. She is rushing home and I tell him this and he is still smiling, running to the window, asking when she will be back. Coming back to hit more. I've known these kids for a long time and have never seen anything like this from him. The next day his behavior wasn't any better. Idk what to do nonnas. How can a 5 year old even have this kind of mentality? Something is not right.

No. 1348853

Losing your dad to something like an overdose would really fuck up any kid. Maybe something happened at school and it triggered some pent up feelings and he just lost it. Completely unacceptable behavior of course, but hes young enough where intervention now can really prevent a massive spiral. Sorry you had to go through this nonnie.

No. 1348859

File: 1663947343443.jpeg (116.83 KB, 989x742, 54DB4577-5F83-4907-84CC-1179E2…)

I miss my younger brother so much. I think about him all of the time and it’s so frustrating. It’s really hard when you lose someone you share so many core memories with. I don’t even know how to describe and I’m not sure there’s any point in thinking about it beyond that. We both had different dads than our other siblings growing up so we took a major brunt end of physical and verbal abuse at the time that we couldn’t understand, and we weren’t able to really stick up for ourselves. I get angry when I think about it, and how we both spent a lot of our childhood being told there was something wrong with the two of us over and over to a crippling point. It’s not that I want to talk about it or want people to know about it, it just feels so lonely not having a space to bring him to life again. My siblings and I still can’t really talk about it for long without getting inconsolable, and we know to tiptoe around it to our parents because they directly contributed to the events that lead to his passing. I mostly just miss one of my best friends. I miss us ‘fixing’ our bikes and fishing and spending most of our time outside doing the stupidest redneck shit imaginable. I miss his sense of humor and how he wasn’t afraid to say anything. All the time I wonder what kind of person he would be now and what his opinion would be on a lot of things, and I know he’d support me and none of the things that happened the last few years would have happened. Sometimes I have dreams about when he was a toddler, he had the cutest eyes and hair, and he’d just be there with me again and it would make me feel so happy. I feel so stupid even trying to say it, like I’m not supposed to. And it feels unfair to me, for him, that we can’t talk about it or him without all of us going back to exactly the way it was the week it happened. I truly believe that he has visited me in dreams as himself, not recently but in the past, because the things he says and does are just not something I think I could ever conjure up myself in sleep. I know this is cringe and doesn’t make any sense really I’m just upset. And I’m tired of feeling like the only way you make the grief “better” over time is to just forget about the person that is so important to you. He didn’t deserve what happened to him and I would give anything for him to be here again, and I’m tired of people thinking grief and loss is funny and edgy just because they’ve never experienced it at a degree beyond losing a grandparent or pet or something. It never personally upsets me because why would I let ugly people get to me about something so intrinsic to my life, but it’s weird to me that someone would think it’s cool to attempt to ‘trigger’ someone over something like losing a sibling or loved one in a tragic and terrible way. I think it shows as a whole how disconnected and sociopathic terminally online men are as a whole. Now I’m just schizoid ranting but something in the weather change keeps reminding me of all the time I’d spend with my brother and how much he means to me and it’s just making me wish he was here.

No. 1348860

When they were in Wyoming I know he severely beat my friend and tried kidnapping the kids several times. When they moved down here the start of this year I had to help my friend get an injunction because he tried to stay her. Who knows what all else they have witnessed. I stress constantly to my friend that he needs help from a psych, therapist, anything. But she is afraid because she used to spank them (she since stopped when she saw my reaction) and doesn't want CPS to show up. I'm at my wits end and everyone is telling me to quit babysitting, but if I do that there will be no one there for the kids. And ty

No. 1348862

Also every time it rains I think about when we’d go outside and get soaked and he’d stomp his feet and sing umbrella by rihanna like what the fuck I loved that boy so much. I want my best friend back.

No. 1348866

File: 1663947688537.jpg (140.21 KB, 1024x761, IMG_20220923_084051.jpg)

I saw this a while ago, and it changed the way I think about my anxiety (please ignore the retarded Twitter verbiage). Still, my anxiety pisses me off. Every time I try to do something new and fun, my brain freaks the fuck out and desperately searches for ways it could possibly kill me. Chill the fuck out, brain. I just want to be cool and try new things without worrying all the time. Like I got new cute earrings, and now I'm thinking they're going to somehow cause an infection in my ears or get caught on something and rip the lobes out. Can I stop trying to sabotage myself for even one moment?? It's just new earrings! Fuck me, this brain is a factory defect

No. 1348877

File: 1663948382367.gif (1.25 MB, 244x166, raccoon-cat.gif)

Anon, it's heartbreaking. I'm so sorry. Wish you all the best.

No. 1348886

File: 1663948749251.jpeg (55.58 KB, 1034x582, 8F0B6D37-2921-4382-AA76-38169D…)

Thank you I’m not a victim (you know everyone wants women to be the perfect victim in order to exist) I just miss him dearly. I hate delving into it cause it just makes people cry or makes things awkward, and that’s not what I want at all. In all sincerity his stupid ass would be annoying me and we’d be fighting about a lot of inane things as well and I miss that too! He was both funny and stupid as hell. I wish I could share anecdotes but they’re too specific and I don’t want to out myself to potential family. But either way he used to look over my shoulder when I was on LC on my laptop in 2014?15? and call it “vaginer 4chan”.

No. 1348907

Stupid Boomers/Gen Xers clung so hard onto societal norms that they wasted themselves away trying to keep up appearances in all aspects of their lives and stupid Millennials/Gen Zers were so twamatized by their parents divorce that now they think that any and all conflict is a sign of ‘toxicity’ and jump ship as soon as they hit roadblocks.
I want a nice guy who won’t jump ship as soon as everything is sunshine and daisies is that so much to ask??

No. 1348915

File: 1663950510163.jpg (109.32 KB, 1280x719, maxresdefault.jpg)

My boss has been ordering lunch for me and him because we've been working OT for a special project, and I've been super grateful because free lunch hehe. But today we ordered from a Japanese place across the street (convenient location, they have a good relationship with my company because my company often frequents there, price is not a factor because we're paying with the company card) and my boss wanted kaarage… and it didn't come with any rice?! You're telling me you charge $25 for 6 pieces of kaarage but don't include rice?! The menu didn't say whether it did or not… but we ordered tonkatsu from here the other night for dinner and (aside from the pitifully sized 6 little fucking tonktatsu discs instead of a whole proper cut up fillet- but that's another vent), it did come with rice. Is it so mad of us to assume it came with rice?!?!

I put lunch out and went to wash my hands and when I came back he was already digging into it and said it wasn't a big deal even though I was ready to call them up and ask what the fuck. Also the portions are small!!! I know we put it on the company card but god I would be so fucking livid if I spent my own money on this place. Yeah the food is good, but it's not difficult to find other Japanese places that are just as good and are cheaper/give me better portions for the price.

No. 1348943

File: 1663951546936.jpeg (125.26 KB, 1000x561, 5FE47959-7DC3-49AE-BA78-84AA8B…)

I hate sounding like a terrible person and a friend but I’m so tired. It took me 5 years to build my life together and even though I still suffer from ED and Bipolar, the circumstances of my life keep me from having a proper depressed episode where I can just lie down. I’m 21 now and live alone, although I can say I’m not as suicidal and helpless as before, I know if I just took a day off or miss a day of my wellness routine, I’ll lose so much progress since that can possibly make me homeless. I have a friend in her late 20s who has BPD/Bipolar and is still living at home with her parents. Her parents are somehow supportive but she at least gets to stay with no rent and focus on her mental health and school. I’m practically the only friend she still hasn’t cut off because I am there for her when I’m not working or keeping my own mental wellness in check. I worry for her but I’m also frustrated because she’s the type to just vent and ask me what to do then turn around and do the exact opposite. I know I have no control over what she does but I still want to see her well. I don’t mind the negativity and how she’s just sorry for herself all the time but I’m at the end of my ropes too. I want to be there for her but it feels more and more like my time is wasted whenever she uses me as a talking tissue box and then takes out my battery when convenient. I want nothing more to see her well but it’s taking a toll on me too. In my dark moments, I can’t help but think if I had parents that care enough like hers do, I would at least have a chance to be a more functioning and well-adjusted person. I’m barely just surviving right now but it was so important to me that I felt like I have someone I can be there for in my journey and vice-versa. I feel terrible but I started questioning why I’m still friends with her. I remember her listening to me all night when I was assaulted three years ago and I think I always use that memory to keep strong when I feel myself pulling myself from her. I still haven’t healed fully but I’m doing everything I can to cultivate a life that’s got nothing to do with all the ways people wronged me. I really hate as if I’m making her sound like an inconvenience but it’s really upsetting me how If I’m not working, I’d drop everything for her and prepare all the resources she might need to start a sense of recovery too but she never really actively tries. Now she’s asking me what to do because she started drinking and burning her arms again but I’m already going to work with a fever and I don’t think I have the energy to stay and make an action plan for her that she won’t do. I really hate sounding like I expect her to do what I say or as if her problems don’t matter. I’m just tired and know if I let myself break down, I’ll lose all my progress and livelihood. I’d never try to invalidate her but sometimes, I wish I can also be in school and have the chance to take a semester off to rest and just be sad. In all my years with her I can see we’ve stuck together because of shared trauma but I really feel bad when I sometimes think the main difference between us is how badly I fight to keep myself alive psychologically and in terms of surviving the real world of bills and taxes. I can’t afford to not try to get better even when it kills me to see people my age everyday just living. I’m really just tired and I wish she’d take as much time she spends venting to listen to me so we can get better together. I sound like a fake friend because this is something I can’t even say to her.

No. 1348949

i think it would improve my life to cut out all male friends from my life beyond surface level conversations. they can be funny but i hate having to hear about the 1000th unsuccessful date rant, passive aggressive comments when they feel low but i am doing well, randomly revealed sexist and ignorant attitudes, and fearing that they secretly want to date me. all male friendships with straight men from the past have naturally flaked off, or they became resentful that i rejected them. it's bullshit, draining, boring, adds nothing of depth and value in a friendship to talk to a male being with a penis.

No. 1348952

I know I have to be patient but I hate feeling like I'm in purgatory..
Day one of no drinking lol

No. 1348969

would have went through a whole lot less trauma if i was born a scrote. my parents might have actually given a shit about me to begin with. i know how you feel.

No. 1348972

Meanwhile had you ordered Chinese you’d have at least four boxes of rice no questions asked packed to the brim

No. 1348995

You make me wish I was in a coma, so maybe then I'll won't have be trauma dumped on the all the time with bullshit that you refuse to fix. i feel like I don't have time to manage my own mental issuses since apparently I have to deal with yours 24/7, and if I don't then I'm a bad sister. You never respect my boundaries. I don't have anyone to talk to, but YOU do. Why can't you go to them and give me a break. YOUR FUCKING BPD IS DRIVING ME INSANE

No. 1348998

Your friend is a fake friend who is only using you and you are getting rightfully fed up with her.
It sounds like you need to cut her off, like all the other people she sucked the life out of did, so she can no longer leech yours.

You can't make your "friend" not be a terrible person, but you are not forced to suffer her. Get a pet if you want to take care of something, a pet will actually love you back.

No. 1349006

Then get in a coma damn

No. 1349138

File: 1663956189076.png (1.64 MB, 1280x1281, CB1A16C3-6D71-4704-8C45-41CC2A…)

I want to smack the stupid out of my ex so bad. I felt like he very unfairly compared his previous codependent relationship to ours and it was our ultimate downfall. I wanted to scream whenever we had conversations about this because he would say shit like ‘We were the same person’ and ‘She was so easy to talk to’ but would then say it was an extremely codependent bond that began while they were still teenagers and that he came out of it with no sense of self. He would talk about how “great” it was (no actually specifics as to why though) until the last year when it apparently got absolutely awful. He said they spent almost all of their time together, had the same major, worked at the same places, did the same extracurriculars, and were basically inseparable. He even admitted to me that during the good years he didn’t really see a future with her and his mind only changed once things started to go sour. He didn’t tell me this but I heard from others who were in the same program as them that it got so bad they were having public screaming matches at school. I tried not to butt in my thoughts too much as I think it would’ve made me seem like the jealous new girlfriend but it seemed so obvious to me that whatever compatibility hey had was completely manufactured and things got so bad because they couldn’t keep up the facade anymore. Everyone thought they were the perfect symbiotic couple but I think it’s obvious it was just them feeding into each other’s insecurities to the extreme.
I’ve been with enough moids to know when one is just faking for attention/pussy or going with the flow snd I really didn’t feel that with him. There’s a lot of stuff he did that I feel like someone just trying to get over their ex wouldn’t. It makes me so frustrated because I really did love him and I felt he loved me but has such a skewed view of what love actually is that he can’t really see it.
When he broke up with me I kept telling him I needed to leave but he would keep asking me to stay. I think he maybe wanted me to try and slap some sense into him but I held my tongue because I’m not going to tolerate playing with my emotions like this because of his own insecurities. I love him so much but I’m giving up on him because this isn’t fair to me at all and if he wants to keep ruining his life chasing the highs of shit relationships then I can’t stop him.

No. 1349141

Why do you continue to hang out with the bitch you cheated on me with?! Do you have any self respect? She has a boyfriend, she doesn't fucking love you you said so yourself shes straight. You're just a toy to her, a fake boyfriend because youre just a woman to her. She loves your attention, she loves your money, she loves that you drive her around, but she doesn't love you.
I hope she teaches you a lesson. I hope you never come back begging for me. Don't even dare.

No. 1349149

Samefag but I forgot to mention that she was a year younger than him and that he originally had a major in a completely different field than her and only switched once she got to college. He’s going down that career path now and he’s had a lot of second thoughts about it because of this. This was my biggest clue into how I think a lot of this symbiosis was just fake.

No. 1349164

File: 1663956610614.jpg (3.13 KB, 150x150, 49su9f.jpg)

I've crushed on my friend for a while but didn't pursue it because we both had Nigels, I broke up with mine but she's engaged to hers. He's a typical mid-tier scrote who looks like Shrek and has weird behaviors like constantly checking her location and she never let me come over to hers when he was gonna be home. I feel like she has never been given an orgasm by this scrote, I just want to convince her not to do this. She's only 24 and has her whole life ahead of her yet wants to be tied down to this ugly scrote for some fucking reason. She is so beautiful and I feel absolutely creepy with how much I wish I could tell her she could try dating me instead and be happier than he could ever make her, fml. I will not do this of course but I almost don't want to hang out with her around/after the wedding because I won't be able to hold back that I think this is stupid and a mistake. If I wasn't attracted to her in any way I would say the same just as a woman wanting to keep their friend from being legally shackled to a scrote at 24. She's so fucking cute, not in a way a lot of XYs would notice but I notice. I wish I could just say something but she already had the venue and dress by the time we started getting close, it's over Nonnas

No. 1349168

Sure. I'll do you one better. I'll just off myself instead. Been meaning to for awhile anyway

No. 1349200

Girl cut the drama and go take a nap or eat a sandwich

No. 1349209

I didn't mean to be dramatic i was answering honestly, but it's whatever. I'll leave it this. Since I don't want to derail this thread any further.

No. 1349212

A peanut butter sandwich with some apple juice and then a nap

No. 1349221

Every time I try the friend finder thread, it's a 90% chance its a tranny. If it isn't a tranny then it is a one time conversation that never gets picked up again even if you try. What is the point of posting if you're not going to reply? Even when I have posted my own contact, I add everyone back and they never reply. Why is it so hard to make friendships with other women who aren't flat out normie or liberal? Im tired of the fact that only scrotes want to talk to me at all.

No. 1349228

Do not try to make friends on lolcow.

No. 1349238

I hate when a fabric or yarn is advertised as “wool (mix)” or “linen (mix)” and the wool or linen component is like 10% with the remaining 90% being polyester. Today I came across a winter coat fabric advertised as just wool that was 60% polyester, 35% polyacryl and 5% wool. What’s the point?

No. 1349246

File: 1663958246988.jpg (15.75 KB, 300x300, 1595155948200.jpg)

A game I play got censored, and I don't care about the censorship itself because no content I personally care for got erased (it was Project Sekai, global version removed an event with jungle inspired outfits because of "cultural appropriation").Anyway, while I don't care about the censorship, I am really irritated by the zoomer on twitter gleefully rejoicing about it and I'm trying to collect my thoughts about it.

I think I developed some sort of bias because from all my experiences that kind of hyper woke twitter zoomer is from a much richer country than mine, they never heard of my country or it's troubled history, they never touched grass and don't know about real issues going on in the world right now. I know it's "whataboutism" and doesn't apply to the issue that happened (a silly game got censored), but that type of person just enrages me as a third worlder. Maybe it's because they only use the struggles of other nationalities to put other people down and cancel them, but never do something positive and helpful.

No. 1349252

can you post the outfit? this sounds utterly dumb we should have gatekeeped animu and weeb culture more

No. 1349253

I went on a female hair subreddit and apparently hair fetish creeps are such a common thing that the rules have specifically stated it was not allowed and made a ban list of such creeps.
So gross, why the fuck do men always sexualize everything, even right down to something as simple as hair. Imagine having such a small monkey pea brain driven only by the whims of your dick that you can't help but coom at the sight of a bunch of protein strands. I hate males so much, it's unreal. Also I hate how the most popular post right now is of an attentionwhoring tranny with more than 100 comments while women asking for advice get at most 5-10 comments or even none at all. Another bleak reminder that I hate living in such a male dominated world.

No. 1349257

men will literally jerk off to anything, they jerk off to your disgust at them, they jerk off to you ignoring them, they jerk off to just the sight of you in not even tight clothes. It's frustrating and retarded

No. 1349258

Because I'm lesbian I assumed that I wouldn't have to wonder if my partner was faithful or not but women are just as bad as men in terms to cheating. I was so stupid and I thought I wouldn't have to worry about it. I want to trust others again, I want to learn how to love another woman freely without fear of getting hurt. I don't want her to change me.

No. 1349259

File: 1663958581403.png (3.12 MB, 2048x1261, Ju-Ju-Ju-Juuump!_T.png)

The story of the event is a theatre play, some characters play the bad guys some play the natives (kind of a pocahontas, princess mononoke thing). The bad guys call the natives "savage people" and that offended twitter.

No. 1349263

this looked so cute, i bet all of the offended are the whitest, most cum-skined americans living in California lmao

No. 1349273

I can't take americans seriously, they live in first world country, learn shit like "cultural appropriation" and cancel everything.
Seriously they don't have problems if shit like that makes them offended. There are bigger problems in the world.