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File: 1663769549441.jpg (25.24 KB, 554x554, EmhQeJiW8AEXYn6.jpg)

No. 1346251

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Thank you.

Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.

Previous thread: >>1305519

No. 1346256

sad music, sad movies, sad books. i don't get it. why would you ever want to make yourself sad on purpose? i always want to be happy.

No. 1346263

i hate moid metabolism. i used to want it because i didn't like thinking about my weight at all and never exercised, but now i hate how it affects their lifestyle. it's such a turn-off. because they look like string beans until their 30's, they eat three frozen pizzas a day, never drink water and never exercise (unless they're involved in some kind of sport in college), then they have the gall to be shocked when they get fat and their GP tells them their health is compromised at 30-40 something. also realizing moids aren't attractive because they put in effort but literally only because of genetics. actors are the prime example: skinny, clear skin when they're young, then ugly slobs the second they turn 35.
but, really, how can you even find a moid attractive once you realize the toxic waste he puts inside his body just because he doesn't get fat? ew

No. 1346267


No. 1346274

moid behavior

No. 1346286

Anon you're not sending a telegram or writing a haiku, speak normally.

No. 1346287

File: 1663770885595.jpg (394.33 KB, 1000x563, Social-Media-Twitter-Facebook-…)

I am convinced that Big Tech and Hollywood are some of the most evil entities around. I lost so much respect for filmmakers after reading about the Roman Polanski petition and am convinced now that Hollywood is irredeemable. Big Tech of course is full of degenerates trying to control the narrative of all of society. Fuck them all.

No. 1346292

These things are the most basic, cliche, stereotypical villain shit is a kid's story, it amazes me that we collectively let these companies get too big to fail out of sheer ignorance. Especially Hollyweird, everyone knows it's full of degenerate rapists at worst and filthy rich hedonists at best and yet here we are a century later.

No. 1346293

the y chromosome is a disability indeed. On top of it males believe self care is gay so that's why they become ugly subhumans ridded with illnesses the second they stop being young. It's especially funny when they try to backpedal once it happens but there is no cream or diet or even spinny skirt that can fix 25 yrs of eating toxic waste and not washing your ass, so they look like revived corpses. Don't forget they're on deaths door by 40. All the males i know developed horrible lifestyle related diseases before 45, and have either the bowels or the knees of someone 20 yrs older.

No. 1346299

People burping out loud and making really nasty eating noises

No. 1346314

People who moan and groan while using a public restroom.

No. 1346318

i've never heard that ever luckliy, but KEK you need to tell them to to stfu

No. 1346320

I can’t remember the last time I encountered this, where are you peeing?

No. 1346321

If someone told me to quiet down in a public bathroom I'd make super loud fart sounds

No. 1346323

I hate it so much too, the restrooms for men and for women at my job are just seprarated by a very thin wall, I couldn't pee in peace and quiet the other day because a guy was moaning so loudly I had no idea if he was very constipated or jacking off at this point.

No. 1346329

also people who talk on the phone while in a public restroom really piss me off

No. 1346333

Agree. I used to suffer from anorexia, and I got so bad that I was fainting/had no period, etc. Was able to recover, slowly, because I realized that I didn't hate myself enough to make myself suffer anymore. Anorexic women who project their bs onto other, perfectly healthy women read as incredibly pathetic to me. Imagine wasting your healthy body on the inane, delusional goal of making yourself into a sex doll for ugly moids. Like imagine how "beautiful" you'll look when your skin loses its elasticity, your teeth begin to rot out of your mouth, and your hair falls out in clumps (not that "beauty" is even a goal worth pursuing). Do something valuable with your life. Exercise to become strong and competent. Get a job. lmfao

No. 1346346

The amount of a-logging on tumblr nowadays is insane and it makes me want to delete my blog again.

No. 1346379

You had anorexia yourself but dont see or choose to ignore the fact that there are several mental illnesses behind it? I dont think most of the girls who are at the stage where they lose hair, teeth, period etc. WANT to be there. They simply are (sometimes) too far gone and maybe even think they deserve it. Or even use this as a slow method to kill themselves. "Just get a job lmao" how insensitive… as if it is that simple. I guess to fit with the theme of the thread, i hate people who have no empathy and seem to be proud of it too.

No. 1346382

Anons point was actually really nice tbh and I’m not even the one who liked her response above. You’re projecting. You think they suffer worse than anyone else. It’s not them vs the world. That’s the point. They’re very self involved and need to focus on something other than their failing bodies.

No. 1346488

The way people record others in public minding their business. especially when it's a teenager doing stupid teenage shit. Acting all high and mighty in the comment sections of those videos, and trying to make it seem like they have done nothing "cringe" in their life.

No. 1346518

File: 1663780796086.jpg (113.09 KB, 532x551, Screenshot 2022-09-21 101913.j…)

I hate how prevalent crop tops are now. I have a bit of a tummy so it just looks gross and unflattering on me.

No. 1346523

I hate when you find a nice-looking shirt on the rack and then you pull it out and it’s a crop top. This is a sweater, why did you make it 6 inches long?

No. 1346539

I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling this way. When I go to the mall 90% of the girls there are wearing crops. That's not even an exaggeration. They look like copy-pasted clones, unfortunately. I used to think they were kind of a cute and unique piece to wear with high waisted pants or something but now they're just another trend, and another way for teenage girls to be indoctrinated into sexualizing themselves. So many of the girls look legitimately uncomfortable. If you watch them for a sec you'll see them try and instinctively pull the top down trying to cover their midriff because, surprise surprise, having your middle exposed in a sea of people isn't actually comfortable. And like >>1346523 mentioned, several times I think I've found a cute top and it ends up being a crop. My mom even bought me a top, it was just supposed to be a plain white top, and when she brought it over for me to try on it was like super cropped. One of those shirts that basically just covers your breasts. Of course it was also slightly sheer. I just wanted a plain white shirt…

No. 1346546

I wear crop tops and I got a bit of a tummy, as long as you get the right size they look super cute. Women's beauty standards die mad. I wear bodycon dresses too sometimes kek

No. 1346547

No one can have a bad day or mess up in public anymore because some loser has to whip out his phone for internet points. People will film addicts that are very obviously sick because they think it’s funny or record their slap fight with the drive thru cashier even though no one fucking cares. Not to be epically SJW but there’s also a ton of sexism and racism that gets perpetuated by these videos too.

No. 1346549

I'm samefagging from >>1346546 but I wanted to add after your comment that it's 100% cool if you don't feel comfortable wearing crop tops and don't want to wear them, especially as a teen. I'm just an overconfident older woman, I don't think liking different fashion makes you insecure or anything.

No. 1346552

I don't even think crops are bad, especially not for adult women, it's more of like the pressure that a trend puts on a teenage girl. I know I wore a lot of "sexy" stuff as a teen because I thought that it would make me popular and more attractive.

No. 1346569

File: 1663783449218.gif (4.71 MB, 640x640, big-snoopa-nose.gif)

YES my borzoi frens are back

No. 1346578

Looking back on the original post, it looks like I misinterpreted it so my bad. If we're talking "the pressure on teenage girls to sexualize themselves is what I hate"? Absolute agree without question. Female puberty is a million times more traumatic than male puberty and teen girls should be given space and privacy while they come to terms with womanhood, not thrown out into a spotlight semi-naked because that's what men want to see. This whole argument that it's empowering for them to dress like cam girls makes me grind my teeth. What power does being exploited as a teenager give you? Ugh. Some types of clothing just shouldn't come in children's sizes.

No. 1346612

crop tops are so funny, I'm terrified of wearing one myself because I do not have a flat stomach but then I go out in public and see 300lb women wearing just enough fabric to cover their nipples and I always wonder how they do it, not even in a judgemental way kek

No. 1346622

1. Realize your body will never be good enough for society so who cares
2. Buy clothes you want to wear and then put them on
3. ?????
4. Profit

No. 1346657

i fucking hate latin and the worst part i was supposed to have it easy because my language has the same number of verb padeži as latin and in general it is very similar but our professor had a mind bogglinngly retarded system that he enforced because he is dyslexic and was special ed and now we all had to suffer his way kek. still holding a grudge 5 years later you bald old man

No. 1346663

samefag but i just remembered how like 4 years ago he was going on some tangent and said he used to think trannies are weird but when he heard the 41% statistic he became accepting kek

No. 1346708

File: 1663791819850.jpeg (30.72 KB, 500x249, BBE98C3F-382E-4ED9-B34F-B248AE…)

I hate the “Bimbo” movement. It feeds into bimbofication fetishes and wearing playboy branded anything is supporting coombrained males who objectify women.

No. 1346712

Sociology majors.

No. 1346722

File: 1663792999656.jpeg (465.34 KB, 2893x958, 9ECC2D1F-7920-4BA4-8892-FF8797…)

this. i remember when i was a teen in the early 2010s these kind of outfits in picrel (a collage of outfit inspo at the time) were popular on blogs i saw on tumblr and among girls in my school and while they’re not as bad as now in the 2020s i wasn’t comfortable with how revealing a lot of similar outfits seemed, mainly the crop tops and too short denim shorts. it’s weird it almost seems more innocent than now, but then i also remember girls i knew at that time weren’t even really trying to do anything more than dress up in what they thought were cute outfits and didn’t go through puberty in a time that onlyfans and tiktok etc is now prevalent.

No. 1346745

I remember when I was a teenager a lot of girls would wear tanks and vnecks to show off their cleavage. My teacher at the time suggested I should do the same to be like my peers because it’s good to have some showing.

No. 1346799

File: 1663796899682.jpg (174.94 KB, 1920x1040, Tesla-Model-Y-Performance.jpg)

Mom just bought a Tesla and I have less than $1000 in my account. I wanted to ask her for some money for months but I fear she will ask about my money. I'm not uni and I recently got fired from my part time job. I'm a 25 year old recent NEET.

I grew up poor and was always relutant to ask for money, preferring to deplete my own money or borrow a loan instead of asking my family for help.

Mom was complaining about working too hard for months and I didn't want to ask for financial help from her for a while. But she told me the news about buying an 80K tesla and I want to vomit.

No. 1346815

Kek I'm working full time and I have less than $1000 in my account. Why you gotta ask your mom for money? Medical bills or something?

No. 1346823

It's not a medical bill but I just paid off a loan and I'm worried for next months rent. even $2000 would help me. I just feel bad about asking

No. 1346833

File: 1663798630742.jpeg (121.2 KB, 1080x1081, 14BED010-B6D6-4DDA-80F1-0AE8D0…)

I hate age gaps where the moid is more than 5 years older than the girl. Maximum is 8 or 7 but that already gives me the creeps. I don’t mind it when the ages are reversed as long as the woman has no authority over her partner and he’s at least 21-25, depending on maturity & autism levels on either sides.

I can’t have normal friendships with other girls anymore because most of the people I’ve met since high school and in uni are always like 18 year olds dating 26 year olds and it’s just so gross. Moids above the age of 20 shouldn’t be going after any teenager and the rest who are over 23 shouldn’t be going for women who hasn’t seen much of real life yet like gotten a regular job, dated boys her own age, or paid small bills. Of course, different circumstances calls for adjustments but this is usually the case. The dumber/more naive the better and it’s giving pedo without being pedo. Worse still when I try to explain this to close friends and they always pull out the “muh two consenting adults” card knowing a lot of women are infantilised and autistic to the point that I’d go as far as saying some of them don’t exhibit any signs of mental maturation and critical thinking/patriarchal deprogramming until after 30-32. Some never even do until they start showing wrinkles and men don’t see the point in jerking them around anymore. I feel so bad for them even though some have made quite a choice. I have sympathy for all my sisters no matter how old or dumb.

I know I sound deranged but I hate the idea of scrotes wanting girls as naive/pure as possible. I’d want to have a daughter someday but the idea of her youthful rebellion turning into psychological horror….. will make me Sylvia Plath myself so maybe when I retire I’ll just spend my effort and money for causes that protect the most vulnerable of our girls and women wronged by this armpit stain of a society.

No. 1346834

I have how I can smell projection through the screen here. It's stinky.

No. 1346835

Good luck with your job search, nonna. Work sucks but not as much as being a hobo

No. 1346836


No. 1346839

People who toss their used cigarette butts all over the place. I’m a smoker too but at least I have the courtesy to toss them in a trash can so the birds won’t eat them. On another similar note people who smoke in enclosed spaces like bathrooms, self explanatory.

No. 1346840

File: 1663798850916.jpg (39.12 KB, 1000x1000, deodorant.jpg)

use this

No. 1346842

When I was a highschooler, one of my friends had a boyfriend who was like 24. He used to somehow get into a closed campus highschool during lunch to bring her McDonald's and sit with us at our lunch table. We all thought she was super mature, but looking back on it I'm like what the fuck

No. 1346843

I'm an oldfag and this is surprising to me, when I was in high school (mid-2000s) crop tops weren't allowed, and we couldn't have any shoulder straps that were less than 1" wide or short shorts, or else you'd get "written up". Also, I feel like if I wanted to wear this stuff on the weekends, my parents wouldnt allow me to buy these, but then again that was back when I had to go shopping with my mom at the mall, teens can just order stuff online now.

No. 1346844

I’m the exact opposite. Fresh out of high school and in the past 3 years I would see girls as young as 14 with them on and the school doing jack shit. During anything that wasn’t the dead of winter I could count on my hands how many girls I’ve seen with a fully covering outfit most days of the week.

No. 1346852


I don't get it

No. 1346859


This is the tranny trying to start infights again.

No. 1346865

female anti-intellectualism is so demoralizing. Like women fought to be able to read, and learn and go to school and be educated. Why throw that away for nonsense?

No. 1346867

File: 1663799961951.png (1.57 MB, 1356x942, Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 6.25…)

i hate the way my ex-best friend's fiancé remodeled their kitchen in their new house. it looks like every other kitchen off hgtv and i've always despised the grey and white interior design trend, finding it soulless. i hate what they did to the wall between the counters and cabinets. i love that they can't open that one cabinet because they're too cheap for a counter-depth fridge. i hate hate hate the fluorescent lighting. they're in a nice house and they remodeled it into a run-of-the-mill luxury apartment kitchen.

i posted about it on my ig story like "it's giving sterile chemistry lab" and the aforementioned fiancé replied to it like "you fuckin serious?"

No. 1346869

File: 1663800014121.png (1.65 MB, 1354x940, Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 6.39…)

the before was very 90s.

No. 1346871


she has money for a tesla, I can ask her for one months help. Why is that a bad thing?

No. 1346873

Over half of the taxpayong functioning adult population in their 40s or older, which I'm assuming her mom is, have considerable savings to tide over incase of job loss or other situations. 2k isn't even enough for 2 months rent in many cities.

No. 1346875

maybe she should have gotten new appliances

No. 1346882

This is why I liked Vanessa Hudgens kitchen. She doesn't abide by the sterile aesthetic standards many middle class people think is chic.

No. 1346884

>i love that they can't open that one cabinet because they're too cheap for a counter-depth fridge.

Omg I laughed in real life when I saw it. You're right this is terrible

No. 1346902

Designing a sterile laboratory style kitchen with a cabinet you can't open does seem like exclusively white culture, I won't deny it

No. 1346921

It's not even the aesthetic that shit, those tiny little cupboards are awful. I don't understand why they don't just replace them woth wider more practical doors. It also looks like all they did was paint and do some tiling, they didn't care to think about the fridge proportions before buying it prior to the make over. This is a disaster.

No. 1346922

>woman works her butt off for months and finally gets to buy the car she’s always wanted
>her adult neet daughter asks “but what about me?
Yeah, a real tragedy, anon.

No. 1346928

what's with people not measuring / being delusional about their fridges/remodels? my neighbor had to return two fridges because they were too big to even bring up to her apartment

No. 1346933

Did your friend never move before?

No. 1346935

Tbf I probably wouldn’t be thinking about the staircase outside my house when ordering a fridge for my kitchen.

No. 1346943

ayrt, sorry if i sounded a bit misleading, my school wore uniforms but those kinds of things would be what my peers wore outside of school and it seemed pretty popular and trendy on tumblr too. even on days when we could wear what we wanted, there were still some guidelines on what we could and couldn’t wear.

but to me it does sound like over the years the rules may be becoming more lax, and while i believe women should be able to wear what they wish without being unfairly punished and boys shouldn’t act like entitled horny douchebags and they should be the ones facing consequences if they behave improperly, there’s something about young girls feeling pushed to sexualize themselves nowadays because it’s becoming normalized that does not sit right.

No. 1347139

File: 1663813586084.jpg (953.24 KB, 1421x2100, Tokkaido, Maisaka (1863).jpg)

men. Bump.

No. 1347146

File: 1663814227591.png (422.04 KB, 623x593, 1663808614014.png)

I hate men

No. 1347149

Why are you not living with your parents when you only have a part-time job and not in uni?

No. 1347187

It’s not great. It’s very “Home Depot”-stock. The two tone cabinets - the white is too striking. Agree with another comment that the appliances need to be updated. I also think the floors need to be lightened and the hardware should be swapped. Countertop is very bland. Looks more like an office kitchen with that backsplash.

That said, appliances are a huge cost, hardware for a jillion cabinets is a couple hundred, stone countertops are over $1k… This was a decent DIY for what I assume is the first time remodeling and on a very low budget. Basically, a face lift but not better looking, just different. If you’ve never done a kitchen remodel, the actual design and materials can get overwhelming quickly, there’s a lot to coordinate and a million options.

No. 1347197

Thanks for describing what was wrong with it because my autistic ass couldn't figure out what was so bad about the design.

No. 1347247

I think it's just a shoop.

No. 1347363

I hate it when people in group chats or discord servers etc don't ever take part in the discussion topic but barge in just to talk about themselves and their day, then disappear after dumping all that in the chat and never show any interest in other members. We're not your personal diary and/or audience for fuck's sake.

No. 1347367

what server?

No. 1347372

insidious anti-feminist backlash

No. 1347376

Seconding what server

No. 1347378

What what server? It's just a general pet peeve that happens almost everywhere. Do you think it's exclusive to a certain place or something?

No. 1347379

is it a lolcow server?

No. 1347380

No? Kek why are you so insistent about knowing "what server this happens in", it's like if I was complaining about my neighbors being loud and you asked for my address. What's up with that?

No. 1347384

Nta, it's because lots of us are in lolcow adjacent servers wondering if you mean one of us or someone we might know. It's a gossip site so was fair question, no one wants your address

No. 1347402

I hate the shock news in my country. I know every country does it when they don’t want to report on actual important issues or “boring” news, but for some reason the stories that get focused on here always involve young kids dying due to negligence. Last week it was non stop about a preschooler who got left on school bus by accident and overheated, this week it’s a kid who got killed by a go cart in front of a bunch of people. It’s not just on TV either, the same fucking new reels always get forced onto me in the YouTube suggestions, in the twitter trending, anywhere with location targeted bullshit. It makes me so fucking sick to hear about, but I don’t want to complain about being sick of it to my other friends because I feel like they’re all even more sensitive than me.

No. 1347407

Nta but Kek now i wanna know if there’s juicy gossip in one of these servers

No. 1347445

I feel you anon. I especially hate all of the tabloid tier portals that put a photo gallery of mauled body to accompany every article of this sort. I could maybe excuse one photo but the idea of - recent case - someone taking 10+photos of a child killed by a tram and his grandma fainted out of shock just next to it, like… how insensitive and shock-value obsessed can you be. It's inhuman.

No. 1347447

File: 1663842412461.png (29.85 KB, 540x450, 035E90F4-D2FC-44CF-9DEC-FF3B32…)

>see a fanfic woth an interesting blurb
>check the tags
>genderfluid character

No. 1347477

>most of the people I’ve met since high school and in uni are always like 18 year olds dating 26 year olds and it’s just so gross.
I try to be more patient because as women we are brainwashed into this shit, i remember being 14 and one of my friends was dating a 23yo and the only thing i saw as wrong was that he was "a bit controlling". But my god it’s the age of the internet smarten up if you didn’t grow up sheltered

No. 1347493

Agree. Tbh 5 is the utmost max. And even then I overheard my 31 y/o talk about a new girl he's talking to who is 26 and the way he was emphasising their age gap is "perfect" creeped me out so much. He's always looked down on women his own age which is why I don't trust moids who date even a couple years younger, I believe "younger" is always a "bonus" to them instead of a simple fact about their gfs.

No. 1347506

And we grew up in the age of stranger danger so why did you think the 23 wasn’t a creeper with a van? Because you were a teenager and innocent. Adults need to leave minors alone and be punished when they break the rules.

No. 1347510

Almost all 21-23-year old girls that I know have a boyfriend who's at least 6-7 years older and I just don't understand the appeal. It's never the other way around and that's really telling.

No. 1347511

Reading the discussion about minor-adult relationships makes me glad I was a very ugly and fat teenager in high school so got no moid attention. My sister got manipulated into a "relationship" with an adult when she was 13 and it really scarred her.

No. 1347521

File: 1663853773720.jpeg (200.18 KB, 1125x675, 8F9D42B6-87EC-47AB-8A43-2A3D3E…)

I thought this was funny at first but actually pointless in practice because it’s just infuriating. Instead, I start flexing my middle fingers and throwing casual expletives/insults to any old guy/fat moid (who is prolly 26 but looks 46) who looks at me for more than 2 seconds. My day is already ruined when I see them so why do they get to have a good day seeing me (presumptive, I know and idc. I know my worth).

No. 1347527

this but instead i am glad i was always an autistic husbandofag. Looking back at my teen years i was always being preyed on by older guys, a 14/15 yo when i was 13, and a bunch of 19-22 yo when i was 16, ew

No. 1347578

I agree, in now way am i blaming my friend, what i meant is we need to somehow open the eyes of these young women the original OP mentioned because scrotes are the way they are. It’s no fault of the women but it’s frustrating how they refuse to listen meanwhile the scrote is obviously using them

No. 1347587

they only look good on women with small boobs imo same with a lot of current fashion trends. big boobs are a curse

No. 1347590

no? i have small boobs (so this is not a cope or anything) and i think they look really cute on women with big boobs. i find crop tops to be uncomfortable, however

No. 1347594

You two should go on a date and both wear crop tops so you can appreciate each other's cuteness

No. 1347599

i hate seeing thrifted shirts cut off to be crop tops where they couldnt even be assed to sew up the raw edge. they could just lay it down and fold the part to show a possible crop and keep the option of a tucked in whole shirt.

No. 1347652

File: 1663863540760.jpg (166.01 KB, 1217x1088, Capture.JPG)

when people post bullshit and others fall in line unquestioningly

No. 1347669

I see this a lot on youtube, so many people don't even question it. It's so bizarre. Kek at being a lolita in the 70s,she doesn't look like she could have been even a teenager at that time nor did any of the major lolita brands exist and ship outside japan.

No. 1347720

I hate, hate HATE HAAAATEEEEEE Omegaverse. It's so unavoidable no matter what fandom I peer into. I wish it wasn't in style for young women's media for god knows what reason. I cannot muster any mental creative muscle to think of it as anything remotely sexy, it's a wildly disgusting scenario and my mind turns into self-preserving static when I have to read the words "mate" or "scent" a billion times. Bonus points to Hanasaki Disease or whatever the fuck it's called. Imagine dying because you're bitchless lmaooo

No. 1347728

Bohemian lolita.. what would that look like

No. 1347752

i saw a fic that had both omega and hanahaki bullshit recently. i think it had gendershit too. peak retardation

No. 1347761

omegaverse is absolute garbage and a gateaway drug for aidenism. before certain fujo spergs yell at me or anti-fujo spergs think i'm on their side, i'll say that i don't even mind BL as a whole, i actually can enjoy some, but ABO is a fandom-ruining cancer that needs to be purged

No. 1347780

It’s bleeding its way into straight ships too. As someone who almost exclusively seeks out m/f fics, I’ve seen it everywhere. Regardless of orientation, I cannot take a love story seriously if half of it sounds like an animal planet documentary narration. Absolutely cringe trope.

No. 1347793

yeah it's cringe in any sex combo, even more so in f/f where it's just an excuse to slap a dick onto half of the pairing because god forbid we have smut that doesn't revolve around penises! also it's funny seeing the aidens shart over m/f omegaverse being "appropriation"

No. 1347794

>scrote whose rich showing off expensive hobby, set ups or house
YouTube comments are nice 90% of the time.
>women whose rich/well off showing off expensive hobby,set up or house

"Ugh this is so tone deaf! Ugh tell me you are rich without saying you are rich" and a bunch of idiots whining. In fact I get sick of the "I'm poor and-" comments in general.Maybe don't click on a video about money or rent or some shit if you are going to cry about being poor?

No. 1347795

What the fuck hanahaki is retarded I'd much rather get it removed than suffer bullshit because I find some girl cute.

No. 1347796

I'm imagining her style as a sort of proto-mixture of Melora Creager and Strawberry Switchblade. That's if it was as cool as she tries to make it sound, and it probably wasn't.

I'm guessing thrift stores in the 70s probably had a lot of stuff from the 50/60s, and you can still find old drawers and petticoats in antique shops today so I presume it was the same back then.

No. 1347841

Nonnies, I know I am preaching to the choir, but damn I really hate moids. Will all the debate of the creepy tranny teacher I have to read leftist moids defending him saying that "there are women with breasts those size too" and using them as props to defend his fetish. Moids also use women with macromastia/gigantomastia as fetish props. I remember some saying how all women should have gigantomastia while this is a painful condition that can severely debilitate a woman or increase her risk of cancer. I don't want to a-log, but often O think the world would be better without men.

No. 1347844

I hate how woman are just generally expected to show more skin than men. Women's clothing is always cut with shorter sleeves or no sleeves, shorter hems on shirts and pants, lower necklines. And it's even girls clothing is cut to be less covering than boys.

No. 1347849

You could just buy jeans and tshirts if you wanna dress like a man so badly. None of mine are any shorter or have a lower neckline than they do on men and they're just normal highstreet purchases.

No. 1347852

I fucking hate dating today. I hate how people are so afraid of their emotions that they’d rather let a relationship die than face them head on. I hate that courting is so nebulous that it’s more often than not that you end up talking to someone for months without ever actually defining the relationship. I hate how asking for bigger commitments is always like pulling teeth because moids think that a large pool of dating choices is somehow better even though it’s just shallow and unsatisfying. I hate how even if you do find someone who treats you really well and has deep feelings for you they freak out and run away and leave you holding the bag. I hate how wanting to find someone and start a family feels almost impossible if you’re not some freak religious nut. I hate how people give up on relationships because the timing isn’t right even though with some work it’s not that hard. I hate how people have memes themselves into thinking that you HAVE to be alone to work on any problems you have despite the fact that leaning on others is always better than trying to do everything by yourself. I hate that two of the boyfriends I’ve loved the deepest reciprocated in almost every way until they got cold feet and ran. I hate that I want someone who is crazy about me and can be an actual partner but that’s always apparently too much to ask.

No. 1347853


This post has Y chromosome energy. How have you not noticed that women's clothing is always lower cut, made from thinner fabric, pocket-less, or cropped compared to men's clothing. I buy a lot of men's clothing for that reason but it doesn't shake the fact that they way women's clothing is made is a reflection of how women are supposed to look.

No. 1347871

that other anon is a retard ur right. womens clothes are made so that we buy more and more stuff to make up for the shit quality. reminds me of a screenshot where a woman said our jeans have no pockets so they can sell us a purse.

No. 1347873

File: 1663874561539.jpg (16.56 KB, 355x354, 51xhoYyBD7L._SX355_.jpg)

I hate picrel so much. Especially when the parents decide to go inside a bus with it, which always ends up taking the entire space inside it, which then makes it impossible for handicapped people with wheelchair or elderly people to come in. And it also clogs up the sidewalk as well, no chance to bypass it.

No. 1347885

Very valid nonna, especially with the way dating apps and social media deluded moids and even girlies into thinking “they can always do better”. I don’t miss the societal norms but I miss the part where men would literally cut their foot off for the woman they love, lay out their best coat so their object of affection won’t have to walk on a puddle, and basically learn actual life skills and creative/competitive talents to get the girl. Even the peasants’ dating experience were no joke (although still as demoralising the way women were treated as family’s possession) where they actually have to be worth something to wed someone’s daughter, Princess Bride style (I ain’t seen the film, just the screenshots where the princess was commanding the blond peasant boy or whoever he is).

At this point, women should just focus on themselves and getting money if they can’t get a decent mate. I hate it when I hear another woman thinking she have to settle for security or whatever to bag a moid—and don’t get me started about women who do whole seminars and workshops into “keeping” a moid. Get a pet. Save tigers. I’d die being mauled by a wild animal than die old in a joyless marriage because I chose to settle. That’s no legacy to leave to children.

No. 1347889

This especially in terms of necklines. I like crop tops and are really digging the low rise comeback so I can show off my belly/abs (depending on my habits that month) but every crop top there is exposes everything if I so much as bend. When I started to get fit, it was only to fit in XS because I’m short and everything else is catered to Amazonian model body types/overweight American women standard, no in between. Now, I’m really loving the journey to get abs because it makes every average moid I come across consciously look towards their stomach after seeing my WIP 6-pack. It’s hilarious.

No. 1347893

>You could just buy jeans and tshirts
mfer, I do, but I actually have situations where jeans and tshirts are not going to fly, like, you know, my job. Do you know how hard it is to find a woman's polo with elbow length sleeves or even close to elbow length sleeves. Or a shirt sleeve button up shirt, in solid colors, with sleeves that extend at least two inches past the shoulder. Let alone made of decent material.
tl;dr cap sleeves are the devil's work

> None of mine are any shorter or have a lower neckline than they do on men

Doubt. In burgerland, women's tshirts have shorter sleeves and lower necklines than men's, so I end up buying men's tshirts so I don't have to hunt through the women's for ones I want.

No. 1347899

That's the weird thing. I had a moid recently declare love and tell me he would never dump me I'd never be rid of him he can't believe this I was a gift from God lol, I said I'm going to annoy you soon or upset you, he said I could never do that. Turns out a really minor thing set him off and I found out I was dumped because of his fb status. So much for love.

No. 1347906

I hate working

No. 1347913

File: 1663876520578.jpg (35.75 KB, 467x700, 1f21cbe494d7cf72ad39178ecc8377…)

Maybe something like this

No. 1347914

File: 1663876785777.png (373.38 KB, 473x600, 1663874160661.png)

The fact this scrote taped his eyes back and glued this wig to his head.

No. 1347917

I don't want to be a Debbie downer, but I really think that the few men who have souls get married to their first LTR, usually their college-era girlfriend. The "bad timing" and "cold feet" scrotes just don't have souls, they're only semi-sentient ambulatory nutsacks.
I just want to wear simple long sleeve crew neck t-shirts as everyday wear, and since 2020 they only come in oversize "women" sized brands, where the smallest size is fitted for a woman with a 30+ inch waist. It wouldn't be a problem if juniors brands carried them, but they don't.

No. 1347921

Typical male in Atlanta.

No. 1347922

Coward. Go get the actual surgery. Stupid faggot

No. 1347923

File: 1663877169196.jpeg (19.04 KB, 221x228, B51B17EE-9DA2-4D31-AC17-AF8CBD…)


Men are the lowest sentient being and we all knew this, we were just impressionable when we’re young and the serious FOMO in dating is a girl’s curse. But it’s not girls’ fault that even the people educating them reinforce this thinking.

I had a moid take care and woo me for a year, tried to follow me to a country in moving to and (claim to) develop a mental illness over me only to fuck over a poor 17yo girl when he was about 22. That whole thing also set off a series of questionable life choices I still would’ve been incredible/strong if they didn’t happen but I’m no longer embarrassed to say that was a real wake up call and 1/12 responsible for turning me into this ineffable being I am today. I’m still maturing but I realise I can be hot and wealthy and talented without moid’s approval because that literally costs nothing. I just still get bothered the way people will always view a moid’s opinion or vetting over mine but that’s something for me to work through.

No. 1347929


> I really think that the few men who have souls get married to their first LTR, usually their college-era girlfriend.

This. I used to try to make myself better by thinking my dating pool is like raffle entry where I have more choices but they’re literally all trash since the good ones who were decent bfs to their long terms end up jokerifying themselves anyway.
Good for those girls who win the pathetic lotto and get the mythical good man wherein hot girls throw themselves away to Dan Harmon looking guys all the time just because they had a shred of funny/intellect/talent.

No. 1347962

The title is slightly clickbait but I think that’s the point in getting loser men who think they’re alphas for being emotionally closed off to actually watch. Vidrel is a really good exploration on the topic and that men and notoriously terrible at actually having emotionally intimate friendships with each other, and thus end up putting a majority of the emotional burden on the women they date. It never works because they think that one person will cure all their emotional problems, they end up unsatisfied, then either cheat or end perfect fine relationships in the pursuit of filling a hole in all the wrong ways.

No. 1347965

File: 1663879353868.jpg (47.42 KB, 557x680, fcc8457938d3ee706e8f3f33d62274…)

this is the painful truth. even if you find the one who will start a family with you, its usually because he figures its time and performs the rituals to mark a milestone. men just "okay I guess" their way into being husbands and fathers, and the blackpill is that the vast majority of men don't put effort into their marriage or parenting. Even if you get the ring and kids, you will identify with r/breakingmom posters more than the happy, partnered mother some dream to become.

No. 1347967

It’s “hard” for them because they’ve been spoiled out of their minds for the last 10 thousand millennias with child brides that have no rights. When they have to pretend to have souls and try not to beat their female partners to death, they start squealing like piglets about how though they have it. Get used to it sluts! Your women don’t have to tolerate your shit anymore.

No. 1347977

Oh and also, the little faggot thought he did something with the line-up of musclepigs in the thumbnail. You can tell his teeny weenie jumps with excitement when he sees pecs. Males have always been testerical drama kangz, one woman will refuse to put up with his beer belly and he will develop a mental illness about it because they’re just that used to getting everything they want. They can be global pop sensations or marry supermodels looking like the ass of a baboon. Their physical appearance has no bearing on his quality of life, everyone expects everyone to look past men’s looks even though they souls are uglier than their faces. They are liars projecting, they will twist the truth backwards on its head. If you crack open this little faggot’s skull and look inside his dog brain, you can see 2 neurons humping each other’s legs to come up with the idea for the thumbnail.. “because we’re supposed to say the absolute opposite of truth since we are demons, let’s pretend MEN must compete with their kind for social success!”
What an absolute joke.

No. 1347981

I know you didn’t even both to watch it because this vid was made by a woman retard

No. 1347982

Nonna I'm in love with you

No. 1347987

She saw the video title and a thumbnail featuring ugly moids, don't chastise her for the kneejerk reaction that all women should have in such a scenario

No. 1347988

>Commercialising evolutionary psychology to profit off men
>Tinder's exploitation of men's wellbeing and best interests

shes a handmaiden which is as good as a faggot to me

No. 1347989

Yes, I didn’t because it looks stupid.

No. 1347993

File: 1663880425228.jpeg (41.88 KB, 1079x1065, received_1395544220975729.jpeg)


No. 1347997

This was why i was purposely avoiding this video. As a woman, it should be obvious why men are having their retarded little crisis. I also knew she was one of those fair and balanced women who don't want to hurt moids feelings. It's annoying that women have investment in this situation, the only answer is that moids have created a hell of their own making and have been coddled both by biology and by society for far too long. All these stupid apps, the porn industry, the lack of camaraderie they have towards each other, all of this shit was manufactured by moids. They choose to be this way and nothing or no one will ever change them. A lot of them believe there is some evil feminist agenda against them all whilst constantly proving every misandrist right every time they breathe. They deserve not a drop of sympathy and i wish women would learn to ignore males. They truly have little value outside fighting wars.

No. 1348001

Wars would not exist without them so they don’t have value at all

No. 1348009

File: 1663881678141.jpg (24.57 KB, 464x600, mouse.jpg)

I hate when people assume what I'm thinking or how I feel. Most of the time they're not right and why assume anyway?
In that same vein, I have resting sad face and I hate when people are like
>"What's wrong? Why are you so upset?"
Nothing, I just look like this. Move around.

No. 1348010

you sound extremely annoying to deal with

No. 1348011

File: 1663882001244.png (161.53 KB, 500x638, image_2022-09-22_162616496.png)

I hate that all online shopping is literally like this now

No. 1348043

File: 1663884205549.jpeg (324.36 KB, 1080x1080, AAD5BF9B-3AE9-48AE-AF2B-C3F37C…)

Sorry for being cringe and posting a Bible quote, but I don’t know a better way to explain it. Why can’t men ACTUALLY follow this? Why do they act like they physically cannot help themselves from leering at women? I hate it.

No. 1348054

yep. There was a book by a guy who did a lot of studies on why men get married, and it's basically that they get married when after they have been working for while and living independently. Then they decide it's time to get a wife. they are also more likely get married if their male friends get married and if they realize they are too old for clubs and other single hang out places.

Why Men Marry Some Women And Not Others

Most men will not consider marriage before they reach the age of commitment

For 80% of high school graduates, 23
For 80% of college graduates, 26
For college men, the high-commitment period is 28-33
For men who go to graduate school, 30-36
After the age of 37-38, the chances that he’ll commit drops dramatically. After 43, it drops even more
-Most men will not contemplate marriage until they have been working and living as independent adults for several years (hence the high-commitment periods)
-Men become likely to marry after they become uncomfortable with the singles scene
E.g. They realize that they’ve become the sleazy old guys who hang out at the bars and hit on younger girls

Men do have a biological clock, based on their desire to be an active father (especially to their sons)

Other key facts
-Men often marry women whose religion, politics, values, and socioeconomic status match theirs
-Men whose friends and siblings are married are more likely to marry
-60% of the newly married men reported that they had a friend who had married within the last year.
-Those men who didn’t have any married male friends were 2-3 times as likely to say that they weren’t ready to marry.
-The majority of men who had seen their friends get married said that if they met the right woman, they’d think seriously about getting married.

No. 1348060

If expressing that something annoys me in a Things You Hate thread means I'm difficult to "deal with", then so be it I guess.

No. 1348077


I’m printing this on a cute crop top shirt. Stole that idea from this girl I’m crushing on in my apartment who wears DIY “Kill ur local pedophile” and “Protect young girls” crop. Never talked on the elevator bc p sure she’s always with a tranny friend but I’m praying for her.

No. 1348088

File: 1663886500714.jpg (20.91 KB, 400x400, 7874ecf3cd9a18f41f26493bbd849a…)

>hot girls throw themselves away to Dan Harmon looking guys all the time just because they had a shred of funny/intellect/talent

Fucking kek, it's true and sad. And re: Dan Harmon himself, I cannot believe someone who looks like this dates beautiful women and treats them like shit. His whole saga with Erin McGathy and talking about making her cry was awful.

No. 1348092

File: 1663886905748.jpg (46.21 KB, 586x293, original.jpg)

>Hates pedophiles and wants to protect young girls
>Friends with a tranny

No. 1348093

File: 1663887020494.jpeg (215.2 KB, 479x774, 3892E4D2-C8D1-41E3-A5F7-3DCA13…)


You’ve burned my eyes but I always wonder how fun it would be to be a giant Ms. Bellum amazonian character and squish their beer bellies with the tip of my Louboutins…..

No. 1348103

I can relate. sounds like the other anon is guilty of doing those things kek.

No. 1348106

File: 1663887894650.gif (2.65 MB, 332x250, B897059B-5E77-4173-BED2-3B543B…)

A good idea, I will steal it no one will ever know

No. 1348212

Oh hell yeah this quote is on a fake million dollar bill I have

No. 1348222

File: 1663896555269.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.98 KB, 634x881, e7066173d38c3c4f6813fc54988012…)

Women are out there listening to podcasts about how to be a better communicator, how to give better sexual performances, how to be a good mother, how to look better, visualizing a better relationship and wanting to be loved.

Meanwhile men go to the club when they're getting bald and ugly, realize a 21 year old sneered at him and decided its time for a wife reluctantly. (Despite the fact that he looks like pic related and should be thankful immense societal constraints on women allow his mediocre genes to even propagate).

No. 1348227

God was absolutely trashed on meth when she invented moids, lmao

No. 1348257

Kek this, scrotes were clearly such a massive mistake how do you miss that hard

No. 1348284

Dont forget all their podcasts are the same bullshit self help rehashed many times saying they could be so successful but it's all 2deep5me self reflection using psychology and philosophy terms probably incorrectly to stroke their own egos.

No. 1348326

File: 1663903215193.jpg (148.67 KB, 1540x800, car.jpg)

I hate cars.
I hate seeing them, I hate smelling them, I hate walking past a recently parked car and feeling how much heat it radiates. I hate how much space is devoted to cars. I hate how wide the streets are, I hate how massive the parking lots are, I hate the front gardens of houses being blocked from view by their cars parked streetside. I hate riding in cars, I refuse to drive cars, I resent that cars are the only way to get around with any dignity or economy. I hate how much cars cost, I hate how many repairs they need, I hate hearing people whining about how much their car is costing them or all the work it needs done or has had done. I hate seeing stores devoted entirely to car parts and services. I hate drive-throughs. I hate that they spell it drive-thru. I hate looking up a map and seeing the inner urban highway cutting my city in two. I hate having to hit a beg button and wait watching dozens of obnoxiously large and stinking cars canter through the intersection before I get a crossing light to walk. I hate how many products are sold for cars and how many modifications people make to them. I hate cars in obnoxious colors and shapes. I hate hearing a street racer's engine booming and farting while I'm trying to sleep and having to get jolted awake to it. I hate garages. I hate parking garages. I hate that every house has 60% of its facade as a beige metal rectangle of a garage. I hate driveways. I hate that curbs have to wave up and down for driveways and street crossings. I hate that the vast majority of police and emergency services are utilized for traffic laws and car crashes. I hate reading about characters being injured or killed in car crashes. I hate reading about characters driving cars. I hate selfies taken in cars. I hate car chase scenes in movies. I hate that drivers licenses are the default ID. I hate how much space is eaten up by car sales and rental lots. I hate seeing the rotating displays that have a model car spinning slowly atop them at the corner of a sales lot. I hate going to a mall and seeing a car parked inside that they're awarding in a lottery game. I hate car commercials. I hate receiving spam mail about buying car insurance.

No. 1348338

I have no idea why, but it bugs me when anons use the word genuinely. "I genuinely don't know" "I am genuinely asking" Maybe because it sounds so eager. Shut the fuck up, genuinely. Kek

No. 1348345

those popups are driving me insane. I have JUST clicked into your blog/journal/site for the first time and I have 10 seconds to begin reading before a fucking email marketing popup covers the screen. No I don't want to subscribe for a weekly fucking email.
And I hate articles that insert an obnoxious misused meme gif every other paragraph like I'm an ADHD ferret who needs to be baited to keep reading. And I hate SEO style clickbait and how it's taken over. Their formulaic headlines "37 ways to peel a banana" are cancer.

No. 1348370

File: 1663906283993.png (229.83 KB, 680x450, dd0.png)

>Tfw you commented something super recently with with the word "genuinely" in it

No. 1348377

>I hate that every house has 60% of its facade as a beige metal rectangle of a garage.
this sickens and enrages me as well nonny, and might I add, I hate that everyone I care about could potentially be killed in a car accident, that really fucks me up.

No. 1348380

Is being eager bad

No. 1348438

AYRT good question, I can't come up with a good reason why the eagerness irks me

It's not you nonna, it's me kek

No. 1348440

File: 1663913359709.png (105.49 KB, 2000x2000, 9ak3nfftgjh81.png)

Nonbinaries bitching about grammatical gender. Especially if they're anglophones. Imagine being so narcissistic and entitled that you think a whole ass (another) language has to change to accommodate you, just because you think you're special and not like others. Is it really surprising that a communicative tool that evolved like 100,000 years ago or whatever, does not include neo-pronouns and does not take into account that some terminally online autists feel too special to be male or female?

No. 1348455

I am so scared I’ll be harassed by one of those retarded men who go up to you and ask questions. This one time a 16 year old kid came up to me and was like “kiss or diss?” Or something and I was like “how old are you?!” Like they have no boundaries coming up to a 22 year old asking retarded shit.

No. 1348801

Twitterfags coming onto IBs pretending like they're integrated, but they take everything personally, act bitchy and dramatic, and use twitter lingo

No. 1348816

File: 1663945286975.jpeg (308.08 KB, 1266x844, 27BF8890-D7A2-420F-8978-C552BB…)

I hate public transit. I hate how the tram in front of my house takes half an hour to arrive on most days. I hate the fact that I have to sit on a dirty bus with garbage on the seats. I hate that my travel companions are homeless people who scream to themselves and intimidate me. I hate that my trip can take up an entire afternoon. I hate that public transit is only open until a certain time of day. I hate the tram tracks in the middle of the road and having to stop because a car is parked on the line. I hate waiting at the bus stop by myself next to stranger who I don’t know wants to assault me. I hate how much money is being funded for “better” public transportation when we should all ride bikes or drive cars. I hate the designs of trains, trams and buses. They’re hideous. I hate bus life culture. I hate it all.

No. 1348852

Lately it's so hard to tolerate when someone is clearly in denial. And I don't mean some particular case when it's a defense mechanism to cope with certain hardship, I'm speaking in general, about grown-ups who choose it as a lifestyle - constantly being in denial and not even wanting to listen what others have to say if it somehow ruins this reality they've built for themselves. Even if it's clearly harmful for them. I guess I used to go along with it and didn't pay much attention, but after a certain point these things become so apparent to me and it's just impossible to play along or stay quiet out of "politeness" or something.

No. 1348855

I think this is a maturity thing because I’ve noticed a sharp downturn in my tolerance for maladaptive behaviors recently as well. I used to be a very enabling person because I didn’t want to pile onto people who are already struggling but now that I’m an adult that has actually been able to work through some shit I have no time for people who refuse to even start healing.

No. 1348858

I have a 50 year old woman that keeps picking on me now in work and she's so delusional idk if it's menopausal related because my mum was a fucking bitch during her menopause but I want to snap at her so bad. Thank god I'm off for a week

No. 1348896

family roads cost taxpayers more money than trains ever would have

No. 1348947

Public transit is mainly ruined by other people. I've lived in a few Asian countries and the trains and buses there can be really clean. If only Americans had a culture where they respected public spaces more. I moved to a big city a few months ago and have already seen way too much disgusting behavior on trains and buses. Smoking, spitting, blasting loud music, throwing food waste on the floor.. ugh.

No. 1349111

I hate whenever a doctor is fat. It's hard to respect them or anything they have to say.

No. 1349603

I hate yoga pants. Men bitch every autumn that yoga pants season is ending, like, sorry women have to exist without being eye candy to you. Women shouldn't walk around with their clothes clinging to their rears for everybody to look at. What happened to decency and self-respect?

No. 1349606

This explains why my work experience was miserable when all my coworkers were 45+

No. 1349608

People that eat placenta. Nasty.

No. 1349609

Everyone says theyre comfortable, but not for me , i dont get it. It clings to you, how is that comfy? I need loose clothing.

No. 1349614

I hate the fetishization of normal clothing that causes women to feel ashamed for daring to wear anything that may sexualize or demean them. My bf has noticed guys will look at my ass when I walk past them and it’s made me wear sweatpants and long shirts in public but leggings or other tight fitting garments are simply comfortable and that’s all, just because my body is viewed as an object doesn’t mean I don’t respect myself by daring to show my bodily existence.

No. 1349621

>What happened to decency and self-respect
Oh please anon lol. If anything this should be about the men.

No. 1349643

Same. I never got people who said they're comfortable.

No. 1349644

exactly wtf.
yoga pants that are cotton blends are very comfortable. most men COMPLAIN about women being comfortable and wearing yoga pants because they're apebrained retards. they paying you to be publicly retarded too? i couldn't give two shits about what men are excited or not excited for as long as i'm comfortable

No. 1349648

File: 1663974282111.png (637.01 KB, 452x708, yoga pant.PNG)

the ones that are full polyester and stick to your skin like a wetsuit are horrible, but the ones that are largely or partially cotton like picrel feel great. idk why they usually make them all flared legs but whatever

No. 1349654

Im busty but then smaller on bottom so for years I'd wear looser tops to play down my chest size but I'd wear black leggings thinking.. I've no ass to be staring at anyway. Nope, men have made leggings so much more sexual than they should be so I stopped wearing them after a couple of creepy interactions.

No. 1349672

Damn nonnie, spoiler this blatant hardcore pornography…

No. 1349686

"POV: You're an X doing Y" then the point of view isn't of "X"

No. 1349709

You need to be bashed in the head if you really think women need to sacrifice their comfort to make pick-mes like you and moids happy.

No. 1349744

Maybe… just maybe… some people are different from you?

No. 1349758

Sorry I'm going to wear my lululemon leggings when I work out

No. 1349766

File: 1663978390499.jpg (180.25 KB, 736x1104, a5c04399e1c1d5ff7e382eb0813568…)

Urban plague.

No. 1349770

It's true, men should be culled like vermin

No. 1349774

Well, yes, that too

No. 1349801

The week of my period there's nothing more comfortable than leggings. I don't wear them out because men ruin everything but around the house they're the comfiest option imo. Better than PJs or sweats. They hold you but not too much.

No. 1349861

Finding out a scrote that I thought was half decent dated a young woman 10 years younger than him recently.

Fucking gross when the age gap is > 6

Had a tiniest bit of a crush on him that was immediately quelled kek

No. 1349968

They shouldn't wear such tight cycling shorts if they don't want me to hit them with my car.

No. 1350098

No. 1350120

flared legs drive me into autistic rage. i can't even wear non-cuffed sweatpants.

No. 1350277

the flared ones are literally the only comfortable ones, or as close to comfortable pants can get

No. 1350356

omg i hate their dorky outfits so much

No. 1350367

I hate how dirty and disgusting every public area and public transit is in almost every major metropolitan city in the US. I hate that we have beautiful parks in my city, yet I can't even enjoy them and take a walk alone, play games with friends outside or have a picnic. Because there are always, ALWAYS, creepy, mentally ill, crackhead and/or junkie men (always men) camped out there, shambling up to you and yelling obscenities at all times. I just want to enjoy a fucking patch of grass outside without being bothered, is that too much to fucking ask?

No. 1350412

I hate being a woman with a small bladder going into the city because every fucking public restroom is:
>non-existent on transit stops except for maybe 2
>Blocked off/for customers only at fast food places to decrease risk of crackhead activity
No in between. Thanks assholes

No. 1350560

Tried "Bumble" as somewhere I read it was the slightly more decent option to online date.. it isn't really, but that's not even the point. It has an option to select plans for family, and I'm amazed at these 35+ kids that "want a kid someday" but boasts about being a party guy and spending all their money on tourist destinations. I'm not saying anyone's forced to have kids or have them young, but these guys have like 5 or if we're being really generous, like 10 good "child-making" years, they certainly won't give up their lifestyle to take care of kids and they won't have any energy for childcare at 45 anyway. And they say what women demand of the dating market is "unreasonable" or that we lack self-awareness

No. 1350564

I hate when girls on tumblr refer to a middle aged male actor as 'baby girl', or talk about babygirlificition of these grown ass men. I'm not completely sure what it means but it icks me out

No. 1350565

Men don't exert energy into parenting so to them having kids at 40 is no problem (even if their sperm makes downies and swims in circles at that age).

No. 1350567

ugh I hate that too. I always assume that when they imagine finally settling down it's with someone much younger too, a woman in her 20s or 30s and still in her prime years for parenthood. I hate men who do this, wait and then impregnate younger women with their 45+ year old crusty ass sperm

No. 1350568

Men piss in public here. They live so free.

No. 1350572

File: 1664022235435.jpg (82.06 KB, 736x926, df3bca377724903ebb2772e74736ca…)

I had a guy on bumble (nta) lie about his age (he was 43) and pics and tell me it's because "women in their 30s don't want kids so I need someone in their 20s" kek. I'm sure he could have had kids in his youth but chose to waste time pretending he's a desirable alpha.

I was also posting bait on 4chan and a thread came up about biggest regrets. Cue dozens of older males saying they regret fucking over the girls they dated in their 20s and how they never met women that treated them that well again. Several outright admitted dumping them because "she was too invested". One even posted a pic of her circa 2006ish and it made me smile knowing there was a woman out there who completely forgot about the guy who fucked her over while he's sitting alone on 4chan reminiscing about it, holding onto old pics.

No. 1350583

they're comfortable because the fabric is so stretchy and easy to move in, like a second skin

No. 1350603

Same. Tight clothing is the exact opposite of comfy, no matter what material it's made out of. Whether I was really skinny or when I started to get muscular thighs and calves, shit was always uncomfortable.

No. 1350607

Yoga pants are very comfortable.

No. 1350617

It's hilarious men's "self-help" channels and podcasts tell them they're desireable forever, effectively fucking them in the act.

No. 1350637

File: 1664026999518.jpg (237.41 KB, 1080x1307, why.jpg)

this and the fact so many of the women replying back saying it is an awesome idea like hooomygoddd

No. 1350648

the shilling of antiaging technique in anything. saw a woman post two sets of selfies with a long description of various needle work she got done in a fucking skincare thread. i kept staring at them wondering what was different. they barely looked different.

No. 1350887

bisexual headcanons, pointless except for "representation" virtue signaling or polyship degeneracy or an excuse for blatant homophobia.

No. 1350892

File: 1664040302900.jpg (105.45 KB, 786x398, Screenshot 2022-09-24 102439.j…)

>Urban plague.

No. 1350901

honestly i just pee wherever i feel like it. most of the public restrooms in parks etc are closed permanently because crackheads will OD and die in the toilets otherwise. so i just pee behind a tree like nature intended. they haven't left me with any choice.
we're so busy catering to drug addict men that women have lost our ability to live with dignity or decency.
i stopped paying fare because every time i go on the bus there's a crackhead trying to assault someone. i'll use this shit if i have to but i'll be damned if i'm paying for the privilege. my life has been put at risk multiple times because the city won't deal with the crackhead problem. i had a crackhead smoking meth on the train flipping around a butterfly knife who kicked me and then stared at me. i legitimately thought i was going to die. and the city expects me to PAY for this level of service. women keep getting assaulted in the city by the same handful of prolific criminal crackheads and the city defends the crackheads and tries to give them even MORE free money. the safety of women was sacrificed on the altar of wokeism so mentally ill men can use drugs and smash windows all day.

No. 1350903

Really? Don't they make sense if the character has canonly been interested in the opposite sex but you ship them with the same? Or vice versa (though I am not sure how common that is since it's seen as homophobic I think)?

No. 1350907

I went back to school in 2020 in another country but the whole pandemic happened. I lost my scholarship and I've been struggling to go back to school ever since. I know it's my fault but I feel stuck with little money and little opportunity. I refuse to even look at sex work. I've paid off most of credit and some of my school debt but I just need to finish a degree to get out

No. 1350913

Please don’t ever get into SW it will ruin your life

No. 1350917

closeted gay people exist, and yes the other way round it's just homophobia.

No. 1350926

I hate people who insist putting themselves down at every turn. I used to be like this and still have friends with this mindset. I am much healthier now and am realizing just how sad of a look it is. I have a friend who is a very kind person but whenever you try and say anything positive to him he just shuts it down. It’s exhausting to talk to him for extended period of time because of this. He can’t see how this attitude is feeding into his loneliness but trying to bring up the conversation is like talking to a brick wall
It’s even harder being in love with someone like this. You see them act like a kind and caring partner to you but do stupid shit that endangers themselves and ruins their life. They act like being upset about this stuff is a waste of time but I would be devastated if anything ever happened to him. It makes me so made seeing people self sabotage everything good on their life because they feel like they don’t deserve it but they do. It also makes me feel awful that I used to do this to the people I cared about and it’s no wonder I lost a lot of relationships along the way.

No. 1350937

you're welcome to move to Iran. I'm sure you'll love forced modesty over there(bait)

No. 1351038

I hate when I post a vent and then someone posts theirs seconds after me

No. 1351048

But so do bisexuals exist?

No. 1351563

FUCK I FUCKING HATE TOUCH SCREEN KEYBOARDS!!! Autocorrect is absolutely a cope for how shitty touchscreen keyboards are. Autocorrect fucking changes sentences and I have to delete + repost every fucking time, somehow even when I double check the post, because autocorrect does some stupid fucking thing.

No. 1351673

ok narcissist

No. 1351678

>um anon, you do know that bisexuals exist???? not shipping a canonly gay (or heavily implied gay) character in a straight ship is blatant biphobia and bisexual erasure, being in a straight relationship doesn't mean you can't be queer!!! why, as a pansexual genderfluid AFAB in a 10-year relationship with a nonbinary AMAB I should know what being gay is like so stop being a bigot!

No. 1351700

File: 1664101837712.png (347.39 KB, 500x626, Untitled-4.png)

Started watching Breaking Bad, IDK if how I feel about Jane overall yet but god I hate the trope; not only she has a mild "OC donut steal" with that edgy look and mysterious attitude but of course instead writing some normal and believable relationship as they do for every other character, they make her initiate sex with Jesse for literally zero reason after they barely interacted before, his relationship with that older prostitute was written more believeably than this. But of course attractive young woman has to be two dimensional for male viewers pleasure
sorry if i'm too autistic about that

No. 1351703

it's not real

No. 1351708

File: 1664103459770.png (63.6 KB, 1063x749, keyboard.png)

Just turn off auto-correct? You can still have some benefits of it while being in control. Turn on Show suggestion strip if you're on android/using gboard, it looks like picrel, it doesn't change the word unless you tap on it yourself. It changed my typing game tbh. Not sure about apple though, but I'm sure it has an equivalent

No. 1351710

File: 1664103736230.jpg (70.58 KB, 500x737, 10b6bffe2db24d0d35b6b17aec1a98…)

when people online complain about something that is clearly only an online thing but act like it applies to real life everywhere. saw a tiktok where someone was talking about how there are no fashion trends anymore because everything is trending at the same time, but of course there are still trends. go into multiple fast fashion shops today and take note of the clothes being highlighted and how similar they are. walk outside and look at how most young people dress. if you're not living in a busy & diverse city you'll see a lot of the same stuff. it's only online that it appears as though there are no trends anymore. i've just seen so many things like this where people forget that what they see online is not real life and start spreading useless untrue ideas. my biggest mistake is going on tiktok, every time

No. 1351711

Thats why i prefer BCS over BB, in BCS women are actually written normally instead of this soulless fanservice 2edgy4u crap.

No. 1351712

what does "oc donut steal" mean?

No. 1351716

No. 1351718

Kek no one said that

No. 1351721

Thanks nonna but the problems go beyond that. Although I did turn off auto-complete and it's slightly better, I still detest this stupid mechanism. Bring back physical keyboards!! Also your post doesn't have a question in it! No need for a question mark for gods sake.

No. 1351727

File: 1664106531081.jpg (57.17 KB, 588x489, blackberrypr.jpg)

I feel you, I feel you. There are some modern phones with a keyboard but they're too clunky. Like what the hell is up with picrel? Way too top heavy. Sidekick/N97 form factor should be brought back but meh, it's all about the sleek button-less design nowadays. kek sorry i meant it as an intonation thing as i felt the solution to your problem was simple

No. 1351733

these phones were soooo much better

No. 1351738

This is a recent one, I'm thinking of buying one like that if i ever have extra money

No. 1351743

I'm not sure about that one. I held out my 6'phone (which is considered small by todays standard) as if it had a keyboard below it like on that phone and the way my hands contorted to reach the imaginary keyboard, they resembled the mouth of The Predator and it was quite uncomfortable. Fxtec Pro1 looks way more comfy, but maybe it's just me.

No. 1351761

Oh I desperately miss physical keyboard phones, I've whined about it to anyone irl that will entertain the rant. I'm not sure they translate entirely well to modern phones but I'd be happy to give up some features to be able to flawlessly text again.

No. 1351780

>OC donut steal with that edgy look and mysterious attitude
Unironically love that trope tbh

No. 1351783

File: 1664111536236.png (38.71 KB, 595x347, 95843123145.PNG)

That's what you think nonny but the spicy straights are more delusional than you think

No. 1351787

but what if my husbando is canonically gay. gotta make him like me somehow

No. 1351788

samefag or what if i want to ship him with myself and male characters at the same time

No. 1351789

Nobody cares about what your novel is about anymore. It's all about the retarded shipping dynamics, "spice" a.k.a coomer shit, and how many blasian troons you can fit in it. Creative fields are heavily invested with troons. They scream like a fucking mandrake when somebody misgender their self-insert OC donut steel, and tend to make the most retarded cope or power-fantasy storyline. Imagine spending paragraphs on why your MC use they/them pronoun in the first page of your novel, eugh.

No. 1351790

Just gonna come out and say it, she looks like the writer's/director's high school altgirl crush that got away and what he will eventually troon out to kek.

No. 1351792

Ah, well that is retarded of course, but I think you can imagine a character to be bi without mental gymnastics like that kek

No. 1351793

Gonna be a big shocker as I'm the first to point this out but I hate narcissistic men. I hate them not because they're full of themselves I hate them because they're so obsessed with getting a reaction out of women, positive or negative. They have no empathy, they see you're tired or upset and they make fun of you about it instead of thinking "hm maybe I should leave this person going through a rough time the fuck alone they really need it". That's what makes them so insufferable, they care more about getting what they want out of you than they care about your mental health.

No. 1351794

then you're literally just the homophobe OP was talking about

No. 1351796

2D men =/= 3D men. people can imagine anything with them.

No. 1351797

>2D children =/= 3D children. people can imagine anything with them.
oh wait

No. 1351798

That's really not the same thing

No. 1351800

Children cannot consent to sex. Gay people cannot consent to heterosexual sex. Simple as that.

No. 1351801

not this shit again. fine i'll ask my husbando permission next time.
can my beefy drawings consent to anything at all

No. 1351802

Those drawings are representations of human beings, don't play dumb.

No. 1351803

Kek what, of course gay people can consent to heterosexual sex, consent does not mean enjoyment. Some gay people have tried to experiment while finding themselves.

No. 1351804

So you admit you're ok with gay men suffering so you get off.

No. 1351805

Nta but how dramatic. Which gay men are suffering?

No. 1351806

I'm not that husbando de/g/enerate, I'm just saying your comparison does not make sense. Also,
>caring about moid feelings

No. 1351807

goddamn stop replying to the bait

No. 1351809

True. We should go wank to some gay men's suffering instead.

No. 1351810

>getting off to corrective rape and compulsory heterosexuality is fine if the victims are "moids"
rope. now.

No. 1351811

no one's going to go after real life gay men tho
>inb4 lolicon comparison again
male weebs work differently
gay men literally don't care kek

No. 1351812

>gay men literally don't care kek
Exactly, they don't give a fuck.

No. 1351813

Wow, the tranny isn't even being subtle about it anymore. This bait is fucking weak as hell, you did the same thing two days ago on the fujo thread. Troons are so fucking retarded.

No. 1351814

You're literally replying to the resident tranny, just report and ignore him.

No. 1351821

He’s also currently coping, seething, and dilating on cc. Incel to troon pipeline is real kek.

No. 1351822

He chimped out in the pp thread about black people and muh special high iq inventor scrotes for hours.

No. 1351825

He has room temperature IQ, He's scum the only thing he is superior to is old gum stuck to the bottom of a city dwellers shoe. Incels are so delusional in thinking that they're worthy in anyway. A majority of white males (or males in general) need to be wiped out by a plague.

No. 1351827

Even the gum is superior, gum doesn’t go around spamming cp.

No. 1351866

File: 1664117621604.jpg (61.32 KB, 679x510, 1658196111801.jpg)

Troons and going to into women's spaces just to try and make the women there uncomfortable, name a more iconic duo

No. 1351895

Converse and dr martens. Fuck them. My feet hurt like hell while and after wearing these toture devices. Additionally, I hate my wide feet because it is so hard to find good looking and comfortable footwear.

No. 1351902

File: 1664120242364.gif (1.88 MB, 360x200, F83AEDCC-4CC6-4809-9199-14F6EA…)

Gay men are not suffering and will never suffer. They ruin everything for lesbians and bisexuals by being hypersexual catty weirdos

No. 1351923

Bisexual men are gay men in denial.

No. 1351926

it's really easy just don't be a faggot nonnie

No. 1351946

But what if a moid gets excited from both men and women? Isn't that bisexuality?

No. 1351995

I disagree. Moids will take the opportunity to fuck anything that moves when they can.

No. 1352005

Then he's just a whore. Remember that male sexuality doesn't exist and they will fuck anyone and anything, even corpses and animals.

No. 1352006

This is the correct take. They will even fuck things that don't and can't move.

No. 1352023

I wouldn't even be so bothered by the homophobic shit, if you didn't imply that the only reason you're okay with lesbians or bi women, is because you assume everyone is asexual or super duper wholesome.

No. 1352095

Who is it, nonnie? I need to see their autism

No. 1352270

>Don't they make sense if the character has canonly been interested in the opposite sex but you ship them with the same?
Nope. The way this was done before fandom got infested with fujos, wokies, enbies, spicy straights, etc was
1) Retcon it. the character has always been gay. Any hetero relationships are now just great friendships
2) Character didn't realize they were gay until they met love interest. They had always sensed something was missing in their straight relationships, but didn't realize their relationships weren't satisfying because they were gay until they fell in love with love interest.
3) Character is in denial and dealing with internalized homophobia.
4) Character is just in closet because they will lose family, friends, jobs, etc if they come out.

No. 1352325

True crime videos. I instantly distrust any person into them lol.

No. 1352335

This is why you get a gun and take a self-defense class to learn how to use it.

No. 1352340

Oh hey, Mass Effect 3

No. 1352342

Who gives a shit it's a fictional male. Are you retarded?

No. 1352348

Reminds me of a scene from "War and Peace" where Pierre was confused as to why Andrei was warning him about never getting married. Andrei tells him that he's never told anyone before, but he tells it to Pierre because of the affection he has for him. That passage made me think, "When's the last time I heard a man say anything close to that to another man?"

No. 1352351

File: 1664140884777.gif (2.17 MB, 640x320, cry-baby.gif)

No. 1352359

That and the soulmate shit. Or the "the first words your soulmate will say to you are tattooed somewhere on your body."

No. 1352413

>the soulmate shit.
Soulmate shit is annoying., but I really, really hate when they write some bs story where they have the soulmates murder and torture each other and shit. Bunch of degen coomers.

No. 1352422

ok but what if some do actually ship said character with different characters of both sexes?

No. 1352443

>-Most men will not contemplate marriage until they have been working and living as independent adults for several years
Some people try to sell this as men having "established" themselves first, but it's really just that they get tired of doing all their own chores and paying all their own bills. That's why most of them won't ever marry if the woman moves in before an engagement. I'm so glad that I turned down a shitty exbf who wanted me to finally move in in the final months of a 3.5 year relationshit. He got SO PRESSED about my refusal, even though he had been fine the first 3+ years, I literally didn't understand his sudden desperate need.

No. 1352498

File: 1664148421470.png (24.1 KB, 165x86, hologramnose.png)

I fucking hate when I can see people's highlighter, especially on the tip of the nose. I just stare at it the whole time, hating the person. What did you do, cut your coke with fairy dust? Fuck off.

No. 1352510

"Cut your coke with fairy dust" lmao that's grand.

I fucking HATE when people turn too wide into a lane. I nearly had my front end hit by some stupid 19 year old moid not paying any attention. Had to lay on my horn, he corrected last second, then had the fucking audacity to flip me the bird. I nearly chased down his shiny new Camry in my behemoth Yukon. I could have crushed his car like Bigfoot in a monster truck rally. FUCK I really wanted to.

No. 1352553

I've done that. I ship Peggy with Steve and Peggy with Dottie when I was in the MCU. She was gay af in the Peggy/Dottie fics and straight in Peggy/Steve. I only write characters as bisexual if I want their break up with the opposite sex bf/gf to play a role in the fic I'm writing. Swan Queen fic was always gay cause fuck their male love interests. Sometimes Quinn was bisexual if I had a good angsty way to deal Finn, in Santana/Quinn fic, but most of the time, just lesbian.

I'm not taking the absolutist stance of this anon >>1350887 and saying all bisexual headcanons are virtue signaling or homophobia. I'm saying 1) You don't need them to write a character in a same sex relationship and 2) If a person makes a big deal about their bi headcanons and questions people who don't have them, the headcanons are virtue signaling or homophobia, so, most of them.

No. 1352600

File: 1664154746961.jpg (550.78 KB, 1080x1812, Screenshot_20220925_195825_mh1…)

Idk where else to put this but I hate how JK Rowling lives rent free in these people's heads, it's so fucking hilarious. Imagine seething so hard about a woman speaking the truth that you gotta quickly write a lil fan fic and publish it as some sort of HP competitor. Of course on her storygraph profile (where this giveaway is hosted), Harry Potter is listed as one of her five-star reads. These people cannot tolerate that someone they disagree with wrote something they love. They just cannot handle it. It's so funny.

No. 1352757

I can't believe these retards starting Voldemorting her name

No. 1352773

Your turning hate is my hatred too! Even people in tiny clown cars take corners like they're driving a semi-trailer.

No. 1352777

I hate that the last reply on the dumbass shit thread when it reached max capacity was some fucking redditor-sounding "well actually" dickhead shitting on Middle Eastern women because they couldn't stand another anon appreciating the YPJ for a moment. Scrotes go back to hell, let us enjoy something.

No. 1352779

oops I meant >>1352510

No. 1352785

I love it. Isn't the plot in one of the later books about how Harry is told to shut the fuck up for saying Voldemort is alive and gets a bunch of lies and rumours spread about him because of it? It's funny how these people act exactly like the "villains" in this scenario.

No. 1352788

File: 1664178551921.jpeg (58.83 KB, 640x427, istock-458951553-640x427.jpeg)

I hate the pants and shoes combo they wear, so ugly.

No. 1352797

The reason why they're so busy cancelling Harry Potter is because of a female author and Harry Potter being mainly a female interest. They can deal with any old scrote coot dropping racist and misogynist takes and writing in rape as a constant plot device because ~an artist can be detached from the art~ but Rowling saying that female oppression shouldn't be erased? To the fire her books go, let's just replace them with our half assed attempt.

No. 1352803

File: 1664180289524.jpg (419.2 KB, 1072x804, vancouver-digital-screen-ads-2…)

those fucking things. imo they don't do a better job at advertising than classic posters to begin with, but the fact that the government is trying to tell us to consume less electricity (and other countries already have unis closing during winter, hours without electricity etc) while those fucking things run all day in the streets, subway and everywhere they're allowed makes me seethe like crazy.
tell all these companies to turn their lights off at night before you tell me to avoid cooking between 7 and 8PM. fuck you.

No. 1352805

These things probably have facial recognition cameras inside, I avoid getting close to them

No. 1352809

Also they're probably scanning you for other biometric data. Stuff like this is actually why I like having an RFID blocking wallet

No. 1352884

i could have saved a lot of heartache if i read this study in high school. blackpill if you want a meaningful and lasting relationship without being a christianfag. what's wild is scrotes would date forever without commitment if other scrotes did not compete them into it.

No. 1352894

I don't know if other countries are in the same boat atm but where I am electricity rates have soared lately and businesses and homes alike are preparing to be hit with some huge bills this coming winter.. makes me look back to all those times I've passed by offices on my way home from work and empty office buildings will be fully lit up overnight. Never understood why they do it.

No. 1352909

yeah, same. blogpost but a failed restaurant across my work just closed temporarily to get their shit together but instead of putting their menu on the window or even the goddamn name of the restaurant outside, they're leaving the neon sign behind the counter lit up 24/7. the owner is loaded (he nonchalantly ordered 2000 bucks worth of cutlery/glasses just for him and his food-tasting team lmao) but he does this stupid shit and wastes energy.

No. 1352918

it sounded like pakianon, she tends to sperg the most about things like that and knows all these specific differences between different tribes/groups/whatever

No. 1352947

File: 1664195252573.jpg (22.72 KB, 375x281, 191b8d4a8a63a67615bf62e2af5e02…)

I fucking hate modern female anime (including anime-esque games like JRPGs) characters so much. How come they were so much better when I was younger? Every time I think I'm just blinded by nostalgia I return back to the shit I liked as a teenager and nope, they're still great, memorable characters that had their own fully developed personalities and had likable voice actors. Now I try playing a game or watching an anime and the female characters are only there to be wish fulfilment for moids, to be a walking tit and labia stand that at best have the great honor of explaining plot exposition, gratuitous ass shots or being a manic pixie dream girl to a male character. Completely devoid of any distinct character sans being an instance of one of the predictable, unimaginative five male approved waifu tropes that exist. And the worst thing is that if you complain about them you get branded as a "NLOG with internal misogyny" even if your criticism is completely valid. It's no wonder that young weeb girls troon out in hordes when even the "girls club" series have a bigger middle aged male audience than young girls. I'm seething so fucking hard about this I just want to scream it from the rooftops. Even ree, if you will.

No. 1352949

Probably because they acted and talked more according to actual japanese culture, not animu japanese archetypes. Shoujo manga not being as popular anymore also probably plays a role.

No. 1352951

Probably because you are precisely watching anime made for men. Read more shoujo and josei manga, it's the only way to avoid this.

No. 1352953

I'm talking about mainstream anime. You never see masterpieces like the old anymore because everything has been made into a coomfest for men, while before there were bits and pieces of shitty fanservice it was never as blatant and constantly ongoing as it is now. Women serve no relevant purpose in modern anime, you don't even have to watch shounen/seinen to be victimized by this trend. Shoujo and josei are both equally braindead as well now, it's just longing for male attention and romance that doesn't exist instead of going on grand adventures. You don't have today's equivalent for a lot of CLAMP's greatest fantasy hits for example, the kind that would challenge its reader while also preserving the female narrative with relevant female characters. I'm stuck reading vintage manga and watching anime and playing games from decades ago to see characters that were born out of inspiration to tell a story, not just reimagining your self insert dating the anime crush you had at 17.

No. 1352974

Anon is right, stick to shojo and josei manga to not be exposed to garbage. The mere fact that you talk about anime instead of manga is proof enough that you're exposing yourself to trash. A shit ton of manga never get good anime adaptations, or even none at all, and some shojo and josei just get live action adaptations after all.

No. 1352982

Just what is so hard to understand about this? The context here is the mainstream media that undeniably defines the entire industry and its trends whether you like it or not, and the trend is "female characters should only exist to please male coomers, not to be relatable to women". Sure there are niche small budget indie series far and wide but they're being made harder and harder to find, and since they're not performing as well the creators give up and succumb to producing unimaginative shit. I've lost many artists that I follow to just dropping what they do and pandering to mainstream to pay the bills. And yes, I would like to see a big budget production with female characters that I actually like because it's more likely to reach young girls better than some obscure Pixiv publication. Now it's just telling them that women are boring, plastic and meant for male consumption.

No. 1353006

You're not contradicting me. Manga are WAY more mainstream than anime unless you're a clueless American who discovered DBZ in the late 2000s. If you want mainstream shit you read manga or watch long shonen anime like Naruto or Detective Conan, if you want to keep being disappointed by excessive fanservice then keep watching the same trashy anime that are broadcasted at 3am on TV in Japan.

>I would like to see a big budget production with female characters that I actually like because it's more likely to reach young girls better than some obscure Pixiv publication

Confirmed for being completely clueless, young girls are more likely to just buy cheap manga at Animate made specifically for them than buy crazy expensive BDs and merchs and stay up super late to watch anime.

No. 1353016

Fine, keep going for that 3AM trash anime cope and pretending as if badly written female characters and personality being given to male characters only isn't an acute problem in the entire industry since that's want you want to believe. I have no idea why you want to act like it's unheard of and it's just a "me problem" when it's a fact so well-known it's a constant topic of discussion and observed by multiple critics well versed in the anime industry but go for it I guess.

No. 1353136

You don't get it. I agree that today's anime is mostly trash and I stopped keeping up with new releases long ago as well. I'm telling you that since the anime industry sucks ass and most anime are manga adaptations, you can just find better stories in manga that aren't adapted into anime. And yes I never, ever saw an anime on TV when I lived in Japan, you're way more likely to see ads, live action tv shows and painfully unfunny talkshows than anime. And none of my roommates saw one during my stay either and they watched TV everyday and often all night long. I'm not pulling this out of nowhere.

No. 1353192

Same. Every girl needs to read this article yearly, starting in 5th grade at the latest. Love isn't real for most men, but they will happily pretend and derail your whole life.

No. 1353224

Because Japan realized that creepy middle-aged men spend more than little girls. Look at what happened with My Little Pony and how that spun out of control. Lauren Faust let down girls everywhere when she decided to pander to them.

No. 1353238

the truth about anime is that
female cast=made for moids
male cast=made for fujos

No. 1353253

>Young widowers without children are the most marriageable men on earth
I wish they'd explain why. Out of sheer curiousity, I have no intentions on marrying myself.

Honestly I don't see what's so bad about most of this. There were a few things that rubbed me the wrong way but overall I don't think there's anything there that would've deterred me from wanting to marry a man if I didn't look at marriage from a perspective of hating men which isn't most women.

No. 1353265

this cringe ass song. "punk rocker with flowers in my hair" the fuck??

No. 1353275

I fucking hated living through this song charting. Terrible.

No. 1353327

File: 1664216615676.jpg (85.71 KB, 863x1390, female-young-adult-pouting-DXC…)

I hate when people pout or make other stupid faces when they don't like something we're selling at the store. You're not forced to like everything, obviously, but acting like a literal child doesn't make you quirky or funny, just annoying and immature. Especially as I'm listing the ingredients and they literally interrupt me to make a grossed out face. I hope they have bad diarrhea later in the day.

No. 1353334

This pretty much lines up my speculations about my boyfriend and his circle of online friends.
Man surrounded by scrotes with absent or unsuccessful love lives is less likely to tell his friends about his relationship, because there's no competitive aspect in that area. He will act like he's not even cuddling with the same woman every night around these friends.
Everyone else though, friends and aquaintances he knows who are in relationships and even married and with kids, he'll refer to me as his girlfriend and talk to them about our future children and marriage.
One of the reasons why I hate patriarchal standards. Moids only mimick each other in proper settings, none of them really have a sense of self. There's rarely any actual individuality between them, or rather they don't want to express themselves or bring up a different or more serious topic because it's "irrelevant" or some shit. It's perfectly fine to include a part of your life your friends can't empathize with in discussion, which is probably why these guys come off as failures. Maybe they do "successful" things in their real life, but they're too much of a fag to bring it up to their friends, so all of them just act mentally 17 until one of them goes against the grain and they start to reveal more successes in their life.
It is really interesting to observe from an online friendship standpoint how much these moids upkeep a persona. I can't imagine how men do this with men they know in real life, it sounds insufferable.
My best friend's fiance notices the pattern of moids like that who only get the drive to marry because "everyone else is doing it" instead of actually taking their life seriously, doing these things without reassurance from their peers.
I'm sure your moid loves you, but he's way too attached to society to act on anything. He likely does have the desire to be a marry and be a parent, but he feels like he needs to compete with his other friends.

No. 1353336

i mean, some farmers still act shocked when they find out the anime aimed at virgin moids in fantasy setting where the mc reincarnates as a generic guy but with superpowers and gets a harem has fanservice and costumes that make no sense in real life. Just check the bad art thread.

No. 1353338

How do they interrupt you to make a face? Do they like… Announce it?

No. 1353340

NTA and obviously this is generally true, but men/boys still get shounen/seinen action shit with casts majority male and with female characters relegated to being unimportant love interests. Fujos frequently watch these too, but they are absolutely not the target audience of them. I wish there could be lots of shounen-esque (in terms of fantasy plots with action) series intended for older female audiences and not just little girls (referring to most magical girl series). Obviously I know WHY these are not made (inb4 no profit), but it always pisses me off that there are plenty of female mangaka of shounenshit who sell out for the sake of more cash instead of telling stories primarily for themselves instead of men. The closest anime I've ever seen to what I would like was little witch academia and even that was made for scrotes, just with comparatively minimal pandering to other mostly female cast shows

No. 1353343

File: 1664217265205.png (590.32 KB, 1400x2000, atelier-of-witch-hat.png)

i get where you are going but sadly that's the reality, same for videogames at this point its tiring to just complain about it, the best you can do is start making your own manga/anime/games and hope you can inspire other women in the future.
Also, you should read pic related if you liked LWA

No. 1353345

Idk how some of y'all can have these (correct) takes on men and still take them seriously. Like I'm genuinely struggling because I am sexually attracted to men, but honestly I hate them.

No. 1353356

>Women with unrealistic expectations often remain single
>a. Much of the time, these expectations are imposed by others, who think that the men she brings home aren’t “good enough for her.”
>b. Give men a second chance—20% of brides to be said that they didn’t like their husband when they first met him.
I mean in the context of the book that someone picks up because she DOES want to get married, there's interesting stuff here, but I feel sorry for these 20% of women that didn't even get excited by their boyfriends and now are stuck picking up their undies. I hope all the women getting into "purely rational" marriages do actually get to meet their financial expectations.

No. 1353363

File: 1664218108541.png (1.08 MB, 1170x1907, notagain.png)

This fucking shit. Journalists are whores.

No. 1353369

File: 1664218362927.png (87.74 KB, 1253x421, hm.PNG)

At least they can say these women aren't entitled, and they're non-violent. It's still overall retarded though

No. 1353380

>Men often marry women whose religion, politics, values, and socioeconomic status match theres.
Pretty much the thing that attracted me and keeps me with my boyfriend. Simply, he's someone I'm compatible with. I want to have children and ain't no way I'm getting with a scrote who doesn't want to raise our children in a similar way, based on our experiences and backgrounds. And I'm not even gonna try raising a child on my own. I know there's the option of not having a child at all, but I like children.

No. 1353385

>posting on platforms they have designed for themselves
What platforms? I have literally never heard of a femcel platform and I dink around quite a bit.

No. 1353387

I was saved (or doomed, depending on the perspective I guess) by reading a local radfem's blog when I was around 18 and first dating. She herself was in a happy marriage but collected a lot of stories and presented male behavior in an engaging, literary way, which basically made the rose-tinted glasses shatter and see what marriages in my country were a few years in.
By now I reached a point where I'm sexually attracted to men, but I find it really hard to like them even on an individual basis.

No. 1353395

i've seen some posts like that on some subreddits, don't remember which, don't care. but after discovering the mtf thread/agps/troons now i just figure a lot of those posts were just written by men tbh

No. 1353397


Maybe they think lolcow is the femcel website. But it's prob some self loathing subreddit they're referring too.

No. 1353404

Women who want to fuck and date for money. Please just get a job and learn to budget.

No. 1353431

Sorry, I worded it badly. It's because it's usually accompanied by a disgusted sound/interjection. It's very annoying

No. 1353443

I hate when people talk about fictional characters and media like it’s real. Creepy shit. I don’t watch current television or play vidya or whatever so it always takes a minute for it to click that people are discussing someone who doesn’t actually exist.

No. 1353453

>male gamer: you are very tall!
>female interviewer: and you are very small!
now guess the comments…
why are moids so insufferable?

No. 1353456

I hate when people pout in general, especially children. What a retarded, ugly facial expression that takes so many muscles to make, you have to be a spoiled little baby to go so out of your way to show your displeasure. You know when a kid makes this face that their parents not once said "no" to them in their miserable little lives. I know it's unhinged but when someone makes this face I want to smack them.

No. 1353465

Nonny I think it might be just nostalgia talking. I distinctly remember female anime characters being fanservicey shit when I was a kid and I’m 27 now. I never had a favourite female character because they were just so shit. Yeah maybe there was anime or two that was better written but you can find a few good ones even now.

No. 1353466

File: 1664222811277.jpeg (58.17 KB, 640x640, 3FAA01F1-ADC1-444A-89A7-622FDB…)

Kek and they’re always bragging about the tackiest designer shit while their man looks like this

No. 1353468

File: 1664222947603.jpeg (379.02 KB, 828x1263, 5FB7B3C3-1463-46DC-8225-119C6B…)

re: the mention of public freakout videos the other day. really does make me feel like we're living in a surveillance state that you can't go anywhere without risking someone filming you and if you make a mistake it can be possibly immortalized out of context for the entire internet to mock at jeer at you.

>there are real people who get put into humiliating positions

>on a scale that is unfathomable to their everyday lives


No. 1353472

Some of this is true but he gives some really shitty advice for women.
>Time is running out—use time wisely in your search for the marrying man
>Give men a second chance—20% of brides to be said that they didn’t like their husband when they first met him.
>Send the message, “I love you, but I need marriage.” Don’t let them off the hook.
>73% of marrying women said that they put pressure on their man to propose
>The fact that your man doesn’t bring you roses, but instead plops on your couch to watch TV and takes you for granted is actually a natural stage and the hallmark of almost all serious relationships—not a deal-killer.
Like holy fuck, no wonder no many people get divorced. You should never have to pressure your partner to get married and he should never take you "for granted." Of course men always give the worst fucking dating advice.

No. 1353473

>their own "ugliness"
How the fuck is this different from someone with low self-esteem?

No. 1353474

No amount of anons claiming "She regrets it!" and "What was she supposed to do?" will ever change the pick-me shit she did and its consequences

No. 1353481

Oh, yeah, the man who wrote the book is a raging misogynist. Probably should have mentioned that. But it is an in depth, no bullshit look into why men marry that I haven't seen anywhere else.

No. 1353484

I think it's because once a man has married, he knows how much better his life is with a woman who takes care of him. So he is quite eager to get that back.

No. 1353485

It's so pathetic how they discontinued the infinite rainbow selection of real My Little Pony toys, and started to focus on hard figurines and only real toys for the half dozen TV show characters. Because stunted autists couldn't enjoy a random cute toy if they didn't masturbate to a cartoon of the character first. Tons and tons of that shit got dumped at discount stores in the last few years of the series, so scrotes didn't even buy it after they hijacked everything.

No. 1353489

There is a pinkpill website. Are pink pillers femcels? Never really sure on the exact distinctions between pinkpill, blackpill, femcel, etc.

No. 1353497

Femcel is a bullshit term to mean a woman who can't get a guy or whatever. Pinkpill or blackpill have nothing to do with it but afaik the admin for that website said that because a large percentage of their userbase came from like a "femcel" subreddit they just chose overall "pink pill". Idk why women are choosing to identify with the "femcel" term, it's retarded asf. That site is like all redditors, different from LC and CC pinkpillers.

No. 1353511

Simps. They're like little flies buzzing in and out of your peripheral. With each unprompted favor or dropping of everything to attend to your needs, you lose more and more respect while they blindly and frantically believe they are attaining it. They don't respect themselves enough to care that you don't like them. Nor do they acknowledge that they don't even actually like you- they just like that you are a girl. You brush them off, you don't have common interests, you don't go out of your way for them, and yet there they are, panting and waiting for your next command like a puppy; ready and willing to sacrifice hours of their life to mentor you, help you, try to make you laugh, buy you food, etc. I could be a stacy and just use them to get a lot of things I want, but their neediness grosses me out too much so I don't even let them.

No. 1353553

AYRT, agreed. God I hate her. Now we've got her and Rebecca Sugar as "role models" for animators.

No. 1353619

Restaurant or fast food workers who give you your food wrong or cold then get mad when they have to fix it. I’m not one of those people who are like “omg I don’t wanna be rude and have you fix something I paid for”, you’re remaking it bitch.

No. 1353646

>I’m not one of those people who are like “omg I don’t wanna be rude and have you fix something I paid for”, you’re remaking it bitch.
I wish I have you as a friend because I am exactly that person even though I want them to remake it lol

No. 1353657

given the differences between how women and men are treated by default, there shouldn't even be a term like femcel. the whole existence of femcel implies there is a female equivalent to an incel when incels are highly driven by masculine anger and misogyny. incelism should be reserved for scrotes and scrotes only

No. 1353694

File: 1664237648595.jpeg (57.93 KB, 500x318, CE0CC919-A19F-47AF-8891-860BE1…)

I hate how the Splatoon community has turned into this mass of troons and zoophiles. I’ve been playing since splat1 and it’s never been this bad. You can’t go a day on splat3 without seeing kink shit. Nintendo drew a female idol and slapped the nonbinary label onto her and they ate that shit up

No. 1353705

I'd never heard this song before and I'm glad I hadn't, was a UK thing or something? how annoying, kek.

No. 1353728

File: 1664239494731.png (1.39 MB, 888x1094, Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 5.38…)

Oh my gosh I just rewatched the original Sailor Moon again a few months ago! It's such a contrast to modern anime, it's genuinely funny and I love the character's expressions. Nowadays every anime is just creepy uwu pandering to men, I hate it. Even the difference in artwork between Sailor Moon and the 'new' Sailor Moon Crystal makes me seethe, the faces look so generic and soulless in comparison.

No. 1353731

Crystal was such an abomination. I can't believe there were people trying to defend it.

No. 1353738

Weebs and assorted anime people. They’re almost always immature and emotionally retarded.

No. 1353741

File: 1664241173920.jpg (75.92 KB, 540x752, 47eb9cb18ce96d3e70db46902f65f4…)

Oh man I thought it was just me. I hated everyone trying to justify the terrible art style with "Oh but it's like Naoko's manga!" Motherfuckers that doesn't look a damn thing like what the Naoko-style anime concepts looked like.

No. 1353742

same, anon. never "got" anime or weebshit, but have had many female weeb friends. unfortunate that even in so many alt-circles weebery dominates so many conversations and people's minds. i will never "get" anime.

No. 1353745

File: 1664241620774.png (471.93 KB, 766x360, Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 8.18…)

Fuck you you stupid pills that I spent two years of my life taking only to rapidly gain weight that refuses to shed even when I'm restricting to 700 calories a day. FUCK you for just making it impossible to cry or cum which are like my two only outlets for this shitty life. Fuck you for having the WORST withdrawal symptoms that I have to deal with for the next 3 months because I have to get off if I ever want to lose weight. FUCKKKKKKK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

No. 1353746

Exactly! Even here like every other thread in /m/ is about cartoons. I don’t follow pop culture and should be used to feeling completely out of the loop by now lol

No. 1353749

I can't really get into anime like weebs. I try to get into it because I like the style, especially stuff from the late 90s, but 99% of anime is degenerate BS. I can more comfortably watch a young child's anime, but it's really hit or miss.

No. 1353751

I got one word for you: Dogtato-kun.

No. 1353752

yeah, it's unfortunate there are really no large communities that are for slightly off-kilter people that don't end up revolving around anime to some degree. i really haven't met any people who were a little more odd or accepting of weirdness/were a little normal but weird or have unconventional lives, that weren't also into anime tbh.

No. 1353754

Oh that’s interesting! I personally dislike the style and how overly expressive facial expressions are drawn. Maybe I just dislike cartoons in general but did like Daria when I was younger.

No. 1353759

File: 1664242557000.jpg (110.9 KB, 1057x611, c33a0e539ufajk2df.jpg)

I never watched Crystal but everything about it looks awful compared to the original. And I hate this weird ass way they make every anime girl run in every modern anime.

No. 1353760

idk how people tolerate the bad acting, bad dialogue, ridiculous personalities… the bad voice acting for both japanese and english actors is so grating. it's not really something you can just put on and relax to imo. a lot of elements to it are pretty irritating. i generally have issues with voice acting though, not many voice actors aren't obnoxious, regardless of whether or not it's anime or video games or western cartoons.

No. 1353761

I can't watch anime anymore and like manga/ comics/web tools and watching it bores me to death. I think the artwork in comics are so detailed and also charming even if the drawings aren't great. There is a sense of style that I really like and only the author can convey compared to a production team.

No. 1353764

>It's such a contrast to modern anime
Honestly I have so many old anime I haven't gotten around to watching yet I see no reason to jump on the latest hot trash
She says without a hint of irony on one of the most obscure imageboards

No. 1353769

>She says without a hint of irony on one of the most obscure imageboards
kek, like clockwork. where else can women hang out anonymously without pandering to men or troons or becoming pointlessly embroiled in drama because of platform witch-hunting or general boredom? not a lot of places to comfortably hang out on the internet for women imo. i'd figure most people who are ambivalent about anime have learned to tolerate it mostly for the sake of finding communities to shittalk, because basically everyone is into it

No. 1353770

File: 1664243200406.jpg (367.83 KB, 891x1280, tumblr_ni2advNTta1r7smrxo3_128…)

the crystal designs are actually based on the original manga designs which were very samey

No. 1353772

I stg when people watch too much of it they start acting as obnoxious and inhuman as the characters.
Unfortunately there are no imageboards dedicated to my interests so here I am!

No. 1353776

Exactly, thank you. I’ve been here on and off since like 2017 and it’s not like I go into weeby discussions and shit on their interests. I don’t use social media or any other discussion websites. This is it for me so I just accept not totally fitting in.

No. 1353830

Waitaminute. There was a recent reddit troon screenshot where he explains how to walk like a girl; arms close to the body, elbows bent, palms facing forward. I had no idea what the fuck he was describing. It's this shit.
They wasted a huge opportunity to make a series of quality OAVs that could actually develop the characters the way the live action did. It was such a bizarre and stupid choice to remake the same exact scripts only with worse everything.

No. 1353856

man im so mad about what they did to shiver, and for some reason how anyone who hates frye is racist kek. sucks our community is full of pedotroons and children but same goes for most multiplayer games tbh

No. 1353886

Same I report all furry posts tbh. It's such a cute and fun game I wish more normal women were into it.

No. 1353887

Shiver isn't an enbie like people are saying, it's all just their big headcanon delusion.

No. 1353906

>There was a recent reddit troon screenshot where he explains how to walk like a girl; arms close to the body, elbows bent, palms facing forward. I had no idea what the fuck he was describing. It's this shit.
I was just scrolling by and as I was reading your post and imagining your description I was so confused too. Then I looked at the post you were replying to and I laughed my ass off. I wonder what the original post was like.

No. 1353929

you can totally see them doing this too. i would imagine a lot of troons probably run like this. grown, hulkbodied men with their remaining 6 grown-out head hairs left, in bright, cakey makeup and pleated shein skirts, running like this down the street thinking they look dainty and adorable

No. 1354113

When anons randomly ask who you're talking about when you're anonymously talking about someone you know. Do you really think I'll doxx myself here and give out names and locations that can be connected back to me? You most likely don't even know them because they're literal nobodies, why do you care so much? Is this newfag behavior or just stupidity? It even happened upthread kek

No. 1354124

The original Sailor Moon anime was so perfect and I love everything about it, the characters, the story, the soundtrack, the visuals etc. It's still the best shoujo anime to date. Crystal is literally just a cheap, shitty cash grab and no amount of "b-but it's trying to be faithful to the manga" cope will change it. They even realized they fucked up later on because they started making it more like original anime.

No. 1354129

I think theyre migrants from twitter who are used to joining in on ruining strangers' lives over shit that has nothing to do with them. or they really think the world is small enough the post could be about them or someone they know.

No. 1354131

Magnus Carlsen and other chessbros that worship him
It's like Elon Musk

No. 1354133

I totally get what you mean nona

No. 1354157

how wasteful most people are. i feel horrible wasting any food or drink, i do not throw food out even if i dislike it. i hate that people will just throw tons out of food out with no shame or sense of obligation to eat it. sometimes i have too much food that is given to me and i can't donate it to a shelter or get it to someone in need quick enough before it goes off, and all of my friends are more wasteful than i am, so they would just throw out whatever i gave them if they disliked it even a little. annoying.

No. 1354160

Same. can't even get into old series people worship either because even those have weird shit in it or at best has obnoxious characters.

No. 1354181

What if you get full and sick, or just aren't hungry, or you're trying to lose weight

No. 1354212

That's why I hate eating out since I have no control over portions. I did have to throw out a bit of noodles yesterday just because they gave me the portion of a teenage guy.

No. 1354231

Ask restaurants to give you the food you can't finish so you can eat the rest for diner.

No. 1354257

File: 1664287172832.png (343.15 KB, 748x675, Screenshot 2022-09-27 at 07-52…)

this is it

No. 1354258

what the actual fuck?

No. 1354259

Wonderful just what we need more normalization of choking as normal and fun. Yeah, so fun until you get killed and the scrote is saying you loved rough sex and it's not his fault

No. 1354275

Seriously I hate how moids managed to turn such a disgusting fetish into something normal by brainwashing women.
And these shock articles are just making people take sides, guess which side are the vulnerable, easy to manipulate women and the handful of pickmes choose?
I'm just even more disappointed now than ever, I thought serial killers were supposed to be seen as the pathetic sacks of shit they were, but now they're getting beautified by the media and turned into tragic characters that only existed in the fanfics of a handful of mentally ill women.
Like what's next? "Oh, I fell in love with my uncle who raped me and this is a tragic love story where I'm the 5 years old seductress and he's the innocent pedophile" or some shit like that?

No. 1354301

File: 1664289227118.jpg (135.95 KB, 554x1199, FdclZ5HX0AI7oCw.jpg)

No. 1354306

File: 1664289487101.jpg (75.03 KB, 554x1199, Fdf6M9uWYAAUL2S.jpg)

No. 1354308

This is repulsive, I actually want to a-log whoever made this so bad

No. 1354309

true crime and its consequences

No. 1354328

The lack of respect not only for themselves but the victims of the serial killer moids is staggering.

No. 1354331

I hate that friendships are seen as "less than" romantic relationships. All the deep shit a lot of people claim you can only find in romantic relationships, I've only found in friendships.

No. 1354504

Frye is so fucking ugly. Nintendo is the racist for doing the Indian squid wrong like that

No. 1354521

When adults talk shit about others kids, "that kid is so ugly" "her child doesn't like hugs/kisses" "they are so quiet" leave them alone, how pathetic can you be to gossip about a freaking child?

No. 1354535

Definitely, imo it feels kinda creepy, like why do they even care?

No. 1354536

reminds me of the time farmers were shitting on megan markle's and beyonce's kid in celebricows (the former being a literal baby kek)

No. 1354552

Reminding me about the things anons said about blue ivy and once again wishing ibs on them

No. 1354566

Because they hate difference. That's really all there is to it

No. 1354585

It's even worse when they talk about kids in third person when they're near and can hear them.

Adults would always make me feel like an alien with this sort of comments. Now I always feel like people dislike me by default.

No. 1354592

I hate that so much, especially seeing people try to talk smack about Britney Spears' children. They're older, but they're still children. All they know is from the messed up adults that raised them.

No. 1354611

People who try to act as if they're on some moral high ground when they butt into drama discussions saying "Guys let's not speculate! They are real people! This is going to negatively effect them in their real lives too!" are annoying as fuck. Bitch do not tell me you came into this subreddit not looking for drama to read yourself. If you want to act holier than thou, then leave! You do not have to partake in this discussion! Yes the people we are discussing are real human beings with actual feelings and lives, but guess what- you put so much of yourself out on the internet and build a living off of creating parasocial relationships, of course people will talk when shit hits the fan. I have sympathies, to some extent, but at the same time, I do not care. I am here for the drama, you don't have to be here if you think it's actively harming the people we're gossiping about. If you didn't want someone to talk about your life falling apart on the internet, maybe you should have considered 1) not doing said thing that ruined your life or 2) not making a living out of being a public figure on the internet.

No. 1354622

Nona I'm not referring to any part of LC being a subreddit kek I'm just browsing a specific subreddit for drama right now so I said subreddit

No. 1354628

Twitch streamers who don't talk to the audience. Especially if they're art streamers. Gets on my last nerve. Interact with your damn viewers!

No. 1354632

Wear high waisted skinny jeans

No. 1354634

Why not take home the left overs?

No. 1354636

i hate the super-long fake nails. to me they're the least feminist thing you can do - intentionally hobbling yourself to be attractive to males.
you can't play the saxophone/piano/guitar/clarinet/any intstrument, use a lathe, work with small electrical components, type over 50 words per minute on a keyboard, knit, work in a kitchen or butcher shop, play volleyball, do gymnastics, garden, fix your car, wear gloves in winter (therefore can't ski or snowboard), can't play hockey with them.
if you're already working a high-paying office sort of job, or are a rich actor, or older and have already made/saved a lot of money then fine, but i wonder what young women do all day and what kind of jobs and education they can do all day when they get them. all you can do is be a cashier or read textbooks with them. if you still have them outside of those situations, i think it's horrifying. it's like wearing stilettos to an archaeological dig. why would you ruin your ability to do…almost everything, just to look attractive to moids?

No. 1354645

A challenger appears

No. 1354648

>to be attractive to males
I don't think men like those, at all. It could be for aesthetic purposes

No. 1354655

they look unflattering on everyone except rail-thin 18-24 year olds and it is my personal conspiracy that they are only so prevalent because clothing companies want to use less fabric

No. 1354656

File: 1664306868704.png (1.21 MB, 950x713, 00_promo.png)

also sorry for autism but it's the same fucking horrible trend of the 90s-00s trying to show as much torso as possible but repackaged

No. 1354657

I think that's part of the appeal for some, it shows you're either rich or have a rich bf and you can spend hundreds on pretty nails because you don't use your hands for any hard tasks. Kind of the modern day equivalent of the fat pasty royals being seen as luxurious kek.

No. 1354659

i think shortish acrylics are super cute but also a signal that you are straight, unfortunately

No. 1354673

For some women there's a hobby aspect to it because there's a lot of quirky stuff you can come up with. But I don't know how they can stand them otherwise, I get annoyed if my nails grow just a bit long.

No. 1354683

I've seen actual small children wear them and It's honestly horrible. When I was their age it was in the early 2000's and my mom would never let us wear anything like that.

No. 1354685

I made the post in the mundane thread, and honestly didn't see that post before I made mine. Sorry if it looked like I was just posting that to be an asshole lol

No. 1354686

you can't do shit with 2 inch plastic halloween claws though. it shows you're stupid, moid-pandering, or unemployable.

No. 1354690

yah this is the worst, even if your stomach is nice, once you have boobs larger than a b-cup it looks like shit. i'm barely over 5ft so maybe biased, but i don't have a gut and any crop tops still look like shit because i have big fat boobs that only look bigger and fatter in short shirts

No. 1354691

ayrt and yes, if you are a nail artist or makeup artist then yeah i have no problem with them. basically anyone besides professional entertainers is a chump or retard for getting them though

No. 1354701

>just to look attractive to moids
Men are the ones who don't like long nails, honestly. Most of the time when I see someone saying they don't like it it's a man, and in my personal experience when I have long nails women are the ones who compliment me.
I will say I think a lot of the things people say about long nails are just them making assumptions. It's also weird because women who like having long nails don't care this much about how other people decide to do their nails but you'd think it would be the other way around.

No. 1354721

I let my natural nails grow out pretty long and it never really hindered me much, whether in office jobs or cleaning/physical labor. You learn to adapt and use the bottom of your finger instead of the tips. >>1354701
Moids always bitch about how ugly claw nails are and say how they’re unsanitary. There are so many Reddit posts about this that I’ve seen. Seems like projection because I’m able to more easily clean dirt under my nails when they’re longer and unlike the majority of men we actually wash our hands regularly lol.

No. 1354728

eh, they're still retarded. you look like an idiot and can't do any trades. so you can clean your house, wow great. no one's playing piano or roofing or installing windows and doors with them on. you're stuck in no-skill "i got my four year unrelated piece of paper" jobs. or dunk donuts cashier.
beyonce/margot robbie types exempt from my hatred, of course. glue whatever crazy shit you want to yourself if you're a performer.

No. 1354737

It's fine if you feel that way, you're entitled to your opinion and I probably wouldn't like some of your style choices either. However, I do still think you're just making assumptions because you don't like how long nails look rather than speaking from experience or the experience of women who actually do wear long nails.

No. 1354750

I never do trades and haven’t done any of that shit in my life, why are you assuming everyone needs to do trades and should style themselves as such kek, and I was a nightly cleaner for multiple buildings with two other girls who often had long acrylics. The only thing that changed is they wore larger gloves to fit their fingers. If I suddenly became an electrician then I could just get my nails trimmed.

No. 1354762

File: 1664312922237.jpg (173.54 KB, 1200x800, EPzb_KMXsAE96eB.jpg)

No. 1354765

File: 1664313541644.jpg (26.23 KB, 513x653, FB_IMG_1664152234127.jpg)

Adam Levine memes, so fucking unfunny

No. 1354771

Nta but
>I never do trades and haven’t done any of that shit in my life
Yeah, it shows. You don’t do anything even remotely physically demanding and that’s the only reason you can indulge in your nails like that

No. 1354776

*Porn and it's consequences
It goes deeper than just true crime in general.

No. 1354782

I have long natural nails and I keep them at a length to where I can do everything normally. If anything they're convenient tools. But I have seen girls with acrylics unable to open packages or count change efficiently so idk. Personally I loathe acrylics because of hygienic reasons. You can't clean between the nail bed and acrylic and it harbors bacteria. They actually linked some cases of food poisoning to grocery store workers with acrylics baking cakes. But at the root of it I guess I have to ask why so many women defend what is at the end of the day a retarded money sink that unfairly targets us just like anything in the beauty industry? Getting and maintaining acrylics still reinforces beauty standards whether moids hate it or not. You can be aware of this and still get them done ofc but I think it's good to sit and think about why we choose to do the things we do.

No. 1354789

well, the thread's called "things you hate" and not "respectful debate with chicks who want to look like pennywise" so die mad, claw-chans.
PS >>1354771 ILY and >>1354782 thank you for agreeing it's megatarded. i have high hopes for your future!

No. 1354791

>nightly cleaner
oh ok good, you can still do unskilled slave wage labour with your $200 halloween hands, excellent.

No. 1354792

You're right tbh. It's hitting close to home which is why nonas are on the defensive but that shit is unnatural and a symptom of this moid centered world

No. 1354793

ayrt nope, no judgement on anyone's fashion choices. voluntary hand-crippling isn't a style choice though, it's a sign of potato brain.

No. 1354794

Exactly very well said anon

No. 1354796

anons want to pretend they're above the internet/social media sickness, but they all look like the tiktok and insta cows they laugh at. break the cycle. get off shein and stop spending $2k a year on louise belcher's cruise manicure

No. 1354801

oh heavens no whatever will i do now that i can't roof a house or play piano. there are no other jobs or hobbies in the entire world. none as prestigious, well paying or important.

No. 1354803

File: 1664314952521.jpg (41.55 KB, 606x756, a0800c9a1c3a103d870387c0f429b6…)

are those long ass nails in the room with us?

No. 1354804

mmmm hot dogs

No. 1354805

kek of course, those two options are literally the only life goals i meant. excellent reading comprehension, broccoli top.

No. 1354808

I mean yeah it's the things you hate thread but anons are still allowed to disagree or point out where you're wrong.
Idk why you replied twice, but I genuinely don't understand why you're so mad anon. Yes, how you choose to do your nails is a style choice.

No. 1354809

>broccoli top
wtf kekk

No. 1354812

perhaps the disablement of a body part that is only done by women should not be a "style choice"
you guys are foot binding/FGMing and defending it with "feminism is about muh choice"
look how mouth foamingly you defend your habit. it's like you're addicted to drug that isn't even fun

No. 1354815

>long ass nails = foot binding/FGMing

No. 1354817

File: 1664315338992.jpg (67.4 KB, 671x1024, i'm talking about your generat…)

No. 1354818

it's true though

No. 1354819

How dare you compare actually disfiguring things like FGM and foot binding to having long nails. Moid ass behavior.

No. 1354820

guys she's pretty clearly just trying to get a reaction now. stop proving her right with ur outrage kek

No. 1354822

foot binding and fgm are extremely fucking painful, be for real

No. 1354823

i do dare. how dare you hold our gender back with the retardery of crippling your own HANDS?

No. 1354825

Only retarded western "feminists" would compare something like FOOT BINDING to something like having stupidly long nails.

No. 1354826

You're fucking psycho. At this point I feel like it's just the troon again.

No. 1354827

I shape my nails myself and it costs me 0 dollars except the few times a year I decide to paint them. You can dislike the style but trolling saying that people with long nails either have wage slave jobs or are useless is hilarious and a very clueless moid take. Get out in the real world. Almost every professional I know gets their nails done regularly whether it’s long acrylics or some normal polish. It’s not some crippling disability to have long nails unless you want to finger your asshole or something. Idk where this utilitarian argument even comes from, it’s like hating women who wear heels and saying they’re not able to have real jobs or do activities because their shoes cripple their feet permanently.

No. 1354828

File: 1664315599302.png (697.13 KB, 1228x1556, come on, nonas.png)

only a total retard needs a tutorial on how to wipe your ass. should this not be a wake up call?

No. 1354829

there is nothing wrong with "unskilled wage slave labor" classist

No. 1354830

>you guys are foot binding/FGMing and defending it with "feminism is about muh choice"

No. 1354833

I don't see any permanent disfigurements preventing these women from doing something as important as walking. Did you perhaps take too much of your meds today?

No. 1354834

forgive me if, as a woman in the military raised by women in the military, i really think it's insane to hold yourself back from typing, skiing, fishing, climbing, literally anything but running a cash register.

No. 1354836

ok THIS has to be the troon. unsaged plus twitter speak.

No. 1354837

It is 100%

No. 1354838

>fishing, skiing, climbing
Who gives a fuck kek

No. 1354839

>i show y'all how i wipe my ass
excellent choice, wow i feel so wrong for having judged
you really at no point question the decision to make your life like this?

No. 1354841

oh please you're literally dunking on normal people working essential jobs because they don't pay well enough how is that not classist

No. 1354842

i'm not the fucking troon. i saged and am right here, in my office, with my vagina. you really think no ambitious career women exist? you think no woman outside of the USA exists? i have strong opinions on how your minds have been poisoned by gender roles and liberal feminism. men don't have to think about whether or not to glue claws to their hands AT ALL. if you want to be a radical and dismantle the arbitrary system of gender roles that is actively hurting you, why not consider taking a break from insane manicures for a while?

No. 1354843

My entire job is typing, I type all day long going click clack with my long nails. If I enjoyed any of your personal hobbies I might feel differently but my idea of a good time is just going out on simple walks in the park.

No. 1354844

no one's dunking. i'm saying anons are permitted to aspire to more than being a janitor, and shouldn't let their job choices depend on their fashion choices.

No. 1354845

Post hand, tranny.

No. 1354847

No. 1354848

File: 1664316025939.jpg (74.29 KB, 1280x720, u are retard.jpg)

perhaps i should explain i am speaking about picrel or longer. not "just over the fingertip"

No. 1354849

>that reply
yup, report and ignore

No. 1354850

so hardline militant radical feminists don't exist? plenty of real women agree with me.

No. 1354852

Nta but tbf some women do sprain their ankles in heels, although that's much worse than whatever nails do.

No. 1354853

legit hating impractical manicures in a "things you hate" is grounds for being accused of moid or troon status now? very feminist, everyone. this is why lolcow is dying.

No. 1354856

it's called canada and i copied my mom, burger.

No. 1354858

Skinwalking a woman? 41%

No. 1354861

it's extremely sad to see such outrage and need for bizarre pointless fashion that puts us below men and reinforces our own oppression. i made the original i hate long nails post and you people are really disappointing.

No. 1354863

Heels actually can cripple you, though.

No. 1354864

i made the original nail hate post and if you ban me, the troon will still be here. he's unsaged.

No. 1354866

someone pls post the troon caution copypasta

No. 1354869

Regular women who aren't as online as you don't think this way. In fact, many and dare I say, most women, do not give two thoughts about what fashion choices oppress them. I'm not even memeing right now. They don't. In many ways I appreciate them because I just can't be fucked to think about how moids are supremely evil and how they will always oppress us. Just can't be assed to care a lot of the times because what am I even going to do about it. Nothing.

No. 1354871

i'm not very online. i don't have any social media. i strongly oppose retarded things though. and pointless halloween hands are v. retarded.

No. 1354872

what the fuck is going on with middle aged women lately, i swear i remember 10 years ago middle aged women were less pickmes but now almost every middle agged woman i meet has this fucked up pickme brainrot mind just like those grown women in that picture.

No. 1354874

I've been searching the original one for a while, it was the longest and went three whole posts.

No. 1354875

So much shit that humans do for self expression and fun is impractical. Long bangs are annoying as fuck, but no one is calling for the outlawing of curtain bangs because it hinders women's ability to see and rEiNfOrCeS oUr OppRession. Who fucking cares. You know who reinforces our oppression? MEN

No. 1354876

>on an imageboard
>i'm not online
Right. Anyway. The women around you with retarded halloween hands do not give a fuck kek they literally just think it's fun, like you think being in the military and fishing and hiking is fun!

No. 1354879

i hate everyone.

No. 1354883

People who engage in the whole "work spouse" thing. It annoys the fuck out of me. What is this, kindergarten recess? Are we playing house or something? Where are the misbehaving kids and the hyperactive dog? Huh? I thought this was playtime! No? You mean it's WORK? In the REAL WORLD? Fucking idiots.

No. 1354890

I just wish karma was real, how as an adult woman do you not see how horrendous it is to sexualize murderers and their methods of killing. People have no fucking empathy anymore. They’re not fucking fictional movie characters, they were real evil people with real victims, how hard is it to understand? Must have cushy privileged lives to never have dealt with violence and dangerous men.

No. 1354893

sorry zoomerchans but men don't seethe this hard at criticism of impractical manicures because they don't get them, or even have to think about getting them. you are choosing to spend money and time on something that makes you less employable and validates arbitrary gender bullshit. if you get 2 inch nails, you have a 2-digit IQ.

No. 1354894

ah, so fun to be a purely decorative being, to perform a made up duty that no male is ever pressured to do or judged for not doing. A+, great feminism.

No. 1354895

Go and volunteer at a women's shelter or better yet go and kill some pedophiles… unless you're not really a feminist?

No. 1354898

A work wife, another way to do emotional labor for men. Fuck that. I'm glad all the guys at my work are afraid of me and tense up when I enter the room. I'm not gonna be the Becky who's running to buy his kid birthday cards and serving him coffee. I make too much money for that.

No. 1354903

i'll kill some pedophiles, gimme the dox!

No. 1354905

based nonnnie.

No. 1354907

Too lazy to search up pedophiles on your own? The state of western feminism top kek.

No. 1354910

They always end up committing adultery at the end of it and causing drama and both parties play the victim.
Kek, exactly.
I love how feminism for some people is dragging women for things as benial as fucking nails. It's always the bitches slobbering on the most moid cock on their free time too.
True crime has essentially turned these horrible beings into rock stars. I wish they could all be nameless and faceless like the new zealand church shooter guy. Those women are fucked in the head. I tend to find that a lot of women seem to give too much of a free pass to pick-mes and i'd love to see some more push back on pick-mes starting with the ones who glorify bdsm.

No. 1354911

My nails are so short, how come I don't know how to play the piano?

No. 1354916

You don't get it anon. You might not have moid induced talons but the reason why you can't play piano or whatever else is because you are constantly thinking about moids. Everything a woman fails to do is because she's too busy thinking about moids and God and His angels forbid, fucking and sucking them, possibly. Yep. In fact, women aren't actually oppressed by men, it is all the FOID'S– OOPS HAHA I MEAN, the FELLOW WOMAN'S fault for being so cockhungry! Yep. Every foid– WOMAN is a pickme and a handmaiden except for me, a 100% authentic radfem.

No. 1354935

how is "not spending money on disabling my own hands" indicative of me being a heterosexual? i don't want to have sex with men. my post said your nails are stupid. those are literally different statements.

No. 1354938

File: 1664321648491.png (1.84 MB, 994x1642, troon psyop.png)

you're defending a life in which you need a long ass knife to open a can of club soda. you guys really don't see a problem with defending whatever the fuck looking and acting like this is? respect yourselves and your bodies, anons.

No. 1354944

This is extremely 2005 edgelord humor

No. 1354957

Does the not spending money on nails thing also give you humorless autism or what kek.

No. 1354960

i just think you're handicapping yourself like in that kurt vonnegut story. if you took those nails off, then all the extra energy you have to expend to be baseline functional could be used to achieve something.
also you spelled "humourless" wrong.

No. 1354961

this would only be maybe slightly "funny" if a male wore it. otherwise it's more self-oppression. don't normalize this shit.

No. 1354962

File: 1664324002371.jpg (142.43 KB, 1080x789, Screenshot_20220927_191248.jpg)

Anon are you seriously fucking autistic or what?

No. 1354964

no just not burgerese.

No. 1354965

Kek that was a seriously retarded maneuver you pulled, tardchan, but it makes sense someone so autistic would keep arguing over such banal shit. Why are you on the computer anyway, shouldn't you be fishing or skiing or some shit? You're acting like you've got some footbinding and acrylic nail duo. Are you a larping fatty or something? Post hand.

No. 1354991

you could be free too, anon. and yet even after i open the door of your cage, you spit on me from the confines of shackles you forged yourself. take my hand; emancipate yourself from moidal slavery. there is nothing to fear - you are strong - you can conquer the world without face paint or false claws. don't you want to see?

No. 1354994

begging you to stop replying to the tranny

No. 1355007

for fuck's sake, i'm not the tranny. you can literally see my IP is different from his posts. i think it's a bit sad that a woman encouraging other women to live life (in a way that billions of women do) without insane fake nails must be a moid. so telling other women that they are great just the way they were born means i'm a man? you don't think the clown makeup and halloween nails were pushed on you by males at all? this tinfoiling that any woman who can live without wearing a tiktok clown costume 24/7 must be a male is tranny thinking. your makeup and nails are not what make you a woman, and you don't need them.(this anon is not the troon)

No. 1355063

Idc they look fucking cute on me and i like being taller

No. 1355071

Related to the clusterfuck above, anons having meltdowns and accusing someone else for being an MRA for insanely delusional reasons like "only reddit males hate acrylic nails and think they're gross and pathetic" we've had dozens of anons bitch about long nails before and almost everyone had the same complaints and disgust. Ofc women that nitpick tacky sexworkers as a hobby are gonna find acrylic nasty, that doesn't make them mras you coping autists. anyway, what I hate is newfaggots that speak on the general population of the board and make accusations when arguements like this happen literally all the time. Also anons that resort to ad hominem and pretend to be unbothered, sad. Pray you develop some communicative skills soon.

No. 1355089

No one called that anon an MRA. Anons did call them a troon and that's because anon compared long nails to FGM and foot binding and shit up this thread for hours with weird bait-y posts.

No. 1355091

It's just a cheating tactic

No. 1355114

I had to look this up and now I'm disgusted. Any man who forms a relationship deeper than acquaintance with a woman other than his sister or mother is a major red flag.

No. 1355119

File: 1664337006295.jpg (102.06 KB, 617x486, tumblr_inline_pmhkavHkFN1qjvim…)

Weren't impractical nails a thing that happened along with foot binding? Because impractical nails showed you have servants who take care of you. How are acrylics not a continuation of the nail guard?

No. 1355135

it's called "things you hate" and i hate your nails and how you hinder yourselves with them. it's not bait to hate self-inflicted misogyny. i have hope for >>1355119 and perhaps someday the rest of you will choose freedom as well.

No. 1355141

samefag - i COMPARED the nails to foot binding and FGM. i did not EQUATE them. i used an analogy as an example to illustrate the motivation behind long nails that i find objectionable. praying for your reading comprehension.

No. 1355167

This pretty much
I hate them too tbh

No. 1355176

File: 1664340525763.jpg (49.49 KB, 741x741, db490039076fb589244fca9409ae95…)

Hope for me? No need.

No. 1355213

I hate the part of youtube where people make content telling you how to spot a narc. I mean in theory it sounds like a good thing to spread that info or have a place for people to discuss their experiences. In reality though it appears like alot of people are just fucked up from having regular old bad relationship experiences and they're spending too much time and energy learning about a problem that their ex/ex friend likely doesn't even have. Processing their breakup/falling out in a way that doesn't really serve them.

You can have a really shitty experience with someone and they're still just an ass and not a full blown narc. Obsessively learning about 'how narcs operate' isn't the way to handle most shitty break ups. It's like we're watering down the meaning of something as a cope for going through regular break ups now. What used to be a simple
> Girl he's an asshole, you can do better
Has become
> Girl he's a covert narc, heres 10 more videos on how narcs operate, you should study narcs now and start to look out for traits of it in everyone you meet
It's no better than when men go through a messy break up and decide post break up that their gf was a bpder because she had emotions and cried during arguments. There's usually a more mundane reason why people act the way they do.

No. 1355218

Fully agree. I've vented about an old boyfriend on here and got several replies about how was actually a terrible narcissist abuser and I almost died even though he was just an extremely immature college kid. I lived with an actual NPD mess and these people do not fully understand just how extreme the real personality disorder is.

No. 1355222

In what ways is it different?

No. 1355240

The Narc made me feel actually scared for my safety when standing up for myself versus my shitty ex who just made me feel ignored. There's a lot of differences but narcs aren't life ruining because they fuck with you emotionally, they actually take great strides to sabotage you.

No. 1355241

Ayrt KEK no nonny I was just being a silly goose

No. 1355243

>silly goose
I know who you are

No. 1355244

I’m with you long nails are retarded and really ugly. On pair with stiletto heels.

No. 1355252

File: 1664346065117.jpg (9.02 KB, 285x249, 1273710700873.jpg)

No. 1355269

That nonnie was right and I'm not sure why she got so much hate. A year ago I don't even thing she would have gotten so much pushback with that statement, I think this is good proof of being infested with newfag zoomers and twitterfags. It's not even controversial, you'll never see men inconveniencing themselves to absurd levels like this yet you'll have women defending these things like their life depends on it and swearing up and down it's their own choice while that doesn't hurt them in any way.

No. 1355284

Fuck you for resurrecting this memory

No. 1355286

Because the "go volunteer at women's shelters" like this one here >>1354895 is the go-to moid gotcha used to shut up any woman ranting about the trickles of misogyny that combine into a bigger problem because complaining about women's fashion being impractical and debilitating seems like such a petty first world problem out of context and allows them to manipulate the narrative into the "look at these western feminists being so whiny, they don't even get stoned for leaving the house". Whether it's an actual scrote or just a teenage pickme who hasn't blackpilled on men yet and takes everything as a personal offense (like seeing the critique of makeup industry as shaming them for wearing it) doesn't matter, it's still an issue kept fed by the patriarchy. Anyway long fake nails fucking suck and look ugly, tacky and painful as hell

No. 1355332

not me i have short tendons!

No. 1355346

>I'm not sure why she got so much hate
Because of what >>1355089 said. I don't care about long nails but they sounded like the troon with the weird wording, dragging it on for hours on end and bait insults in every post. The troon also popped up here avatarfagging the second that anon got accused of being him, but then he deleted those posts.

No. 1355443

Nasty camwhores advertising their onlyfans on youtube shorts. I report every single instance of it but there are hundreds of them. I just want to watch funny videos not see that shit

No. 1355459

I bet you haven't volunteered at any women's shelters though.

No. 1355494

File: 1664369711339.jpeg (509.97 KB, 1242x711, FE67AFC0-F74B-4D1E-8A3B-24EBCE…)

retarded shit like this in TikTok comment sections. Gen z kids think any kind of discipline or cleaning of a kids room is “abusive”. These kids have inspired me to whoop my future children and not give them social media.

No. 1355501

You do understand it’s not about cleaning, it’s managing other persons possessions, right?

No. 1355502

No i disagree with you. It's really messed up to randomly throw away tour childrens stuff without warning, it can potentially cause problems with hoarding and consumerism when they become adults.

No. 1355506

My parents used to go into my room whenever I wasn't home, go over my stuff with a fine-toothed comb, and confiscate/steal whatever they wanted to. Then they were totally offended when I did the exact same thing to them kek

No. 1355508

Retarded NPC women who say "I prefer older men because they're more mature". As if age is a sudden indication of maturity. Hilarious. I hate the irreparable brainwash moids have done to women.

No. 1355509

This kid should clean her own room if she has time to spend on tik tok, but throwing away shit is still pretty disrespectful. But then again, if the room is a dump and all her stuff is covered in food and shit, what is the mother supposed to do? Let her rot? I sure as hell am glad I'm not a parent

No. 1355511

You have short tendons BECAUSE you crippled yourself with heels, retard.

No. 1355512

I think it's more that a part of male socialization is being allowed to be immature for far longer than women, whereas we are expected to act in certain ways much earlier on

No. 1355515

I hate this kind of interaction between online adults and random kids. It feels so creepy, not even in a groomer way but more like the adult gets off to the idea that these kids like them more than they like their parents.

No. 1355517

Same. My father would go into my room and grab clothes, random stuff then give it to a random woman to sell. Now I have trust issues and trouble living with other people.

No. 1355519

I'm in my thirties but tbh I still remember coming home from school one day and finding my most sentimental possessions had been binned behind my back. Not junk but valued sentimental items gone from my already clean room. I get that it sucks in cases like that. Depends. Later on as a teen of 17/18 I knew my dad still rooted through my stuff regularly but I started collecting strap-ons and vibes anyway because I was dating my firts gf. He never confronted me but I know full well he had to have seen them during his snoops. I guess snooping just for the sake of snooping is the issue more so than actually cleaning up a junk pile.

No. 1355524

The post is about theft, not about tidying a room.

No. 1355525

What you said doesn't negate what I said

No. 1355527

hey hey i'm the anti-nail anon and i just want to thank you for bitching about heels because i don't have the time to complain about both.

No. 1355542

I hate it when I find a female youtuber who talks about obscure things I'm interested in, but can't tell if they're a tranny or not. I know some of them use voice changers and can get pretty close to sounding like a real woman. I tend to like anime-adjacent things and of course those communities are filled with troons. Even found a troon the other day talking about otome games. They are everywhere.

No. 1355549

Definitely not a Gen Z thing. I'm in my 30s, my mom would frequently berate me and intrude in my room claiming it was "dirty" but her main objective was to root around my possessions. One time she literally held me back while she read out loud from a diary I had written when I was very young, I was so humiliated that afterwards I tore out every page and flushed it down the toilet. Anything else she didn't like? Thrown away, or she just badgered me in a war of attrition until it was just easier to just toss the whatever away than put up with her relentless bitching about it. If I wanted to keep something sentimental I was called immature. Never had a door that closed shut completely and it certainly didn't lock. My room was almost never legitimately unclean or untidy. Then of course, the day I move out for college my mom drops off a box of two of my stuff that I had no room nor use for just because she didn't want to see my things in my room anymore–because the next narc parental fantasy is absorbing your room to do with it what they always wanted to for themselves.

If the kids cannot identify the parent's controlling behavior and cope with it, then they turn into overly sensitive people with no sense of security just like your picrel.

That response is equally cringe tho.
>Unfortunately being adults we forget how it is difficult being a kid
Lmao k tramp, let me throw out some stuff I "never see you use" under the guise that I was trying to help you, then let's see how upset you feel upon realizing your property is gone just because I deemed it necessary.

No. 1355550

When people are rude/ignorant of others. Example, I was waiting for my turn to get off a flight, I asked a row if they'd like to go before me because I needed to get my luggage ready to hand. After they left, 2 moids pushed past me, another would have too if i let them. Fucking arseholes. Also when in a high traffic area and someone decides to stop still in the middle of pedestrian traffic. Infuriating.

No. 1355551

Anon shared a thought, not an attempt to negate what you said. Not everything's an argument, you can have discussions here.

No. 1355557

Hitting kids is such a fucking retarded thing to do. Go see a therapist before having kids because you clearly need help. I bet you'd also be the type of ameritard parent that takes away their doors.

No. 1355559

>Also when in a high traffic area and someone decides to stop still in the middle of pedestrian traffic. Infuriating.
Walk on their cars. Fuck them. They're the same fags that accelerate when it's a red light for them instead of stopping and nearly bump into pedestrians.

No. 1355560

I have this for horror games. I have come across so many YouTubers who turned out to be troons. Either they started the channel as a man and randomly end up trooning out or you think you finally found a female YouTuber and it's a troon with a voice changer. Gab Smolders is like the only actual woman in that scene and I personally don't like her content for some reason.

No. 1355563

I have a pretty deep and probably sus sounding voice myself but I still find myself analysing voices of faceless female youtubers sometimes. I hate the time that we're living in. On the one hand I know regular women can have certain traits too but still.. you never know.

No. 1355566

it's crazy to think about because i felt this way about men when i was in my early teens, i assumed that older men were "better" because they'd be more mature than men in their 20s or so. it shouldn't take much to realise how wrong that is, and that it's not exactly "mature" to go after a woman much younger than you. young enough to be your daughter. it's pathetic and creepy. concerned for the grown women who still have this mindset

No. 1355568

You think someone would do that? Go online and start arguments for no reason?

No. 1355578

Yup, that seems like another niche thing that troons would overrun. It's so annoying.
The thing is, I'm able to clock a troon with a voice changer every time. Even if they have a high voice, there's just something… off about it. I've never thought a real woman with a deeper voice was a troon.

No. 1355579

Please get therapy instead of kids, otherwise Tiktok will be their smallest problem. Hitting your own children and throwing away their possessions as if you own them is peak mental illnesses.

No. 1355581

Men also speak monotonely which voice changers won’t help. Their grammar, the words they use, the way they describe things… it’s all completely alien.

No. 1355584

Man nonnies I feel you and I'm sorry you went through that. While the og post MAY be about some gen z kid who's just lazy, many parents feel like they have the right to take things the kids may hold dear (not trash, just things) and throw them away as they please. I grew up with a narc mom who would go through EVERYTHING I had. She'd look at every plushie, every notebook, every drawing (I learned to hide drawings very well as a kid because she would tear them up) and every toy. I was not allowed to keep things for myself aside from a few old toys and dolls, which she allowed because she herself liked dolls (but I didn't that much) and I wasn't allowed to put them on shelves in my room, only put them away somewhere she didn't have to see them. Actually I didn't even have a real room because I wasn't even allowed to pass time in privacy during the day. I was so jealous of my friends because they could keep things they liked in their rooms and show it off. She also had a jealousy issue and everything that she didn't buy me herself had to go or she would act visibly irritated if I used them (so I learned to accept having to throw away gifts from relatives or friends).
This had led me to be very attached to my possessions as an adult and I have an irrational fear of leaving things where other people can touch or see them. I feel the need to hide everything.

No. 1355589

I get you. I'm interested in a lot of media with a predominantly male autists and trannies fanbase so I'm always doubtful if I happen to come across a female sounding YouTuber in that scene. One time I did come across a youtube gamer that was indeed female and made content for an obscure game I was crazy about but they turned out to be the typical bisexual coomer pickme handmaiden, and their discord server and community is filled with male autists and their male-brained humour so this is just as worse as a tranny I guess.

No. 1355602

I remember growing up esentially being taught that young hormonal men are the risky ones. That they're the ones to watch out for. That older men aren't really as much of a threat. As if mens hormones or anger issues fade out that much or that automatically just with age. I think some women take that same flawed message in and have to learn otherwise the hard way.

The worst creeps I've encountered have always been older. Ime men who make it to a certain age without ever marryng or settling down are the biggest pests. Sick men only get sicker with age.

No. 1355605

I have a deeper / “”””tomboy””” voice but I’m glad I at least sound like an aiden trying to sound like an anime boy on tiktok over a straight up man voice lol

No. 1355612

>Lmao k tramp, let me throw out some stuff I "never see you use" under the guise that I was trying to help you, then let's see how upset you feel upon realizing your property is gone just because I deemed it necessary.
It seems like the reply she made was agreeing that it's wrong to throw away other people's belongings

No. 1355619

Anon it's patronizing as fuck. It's not a "being a kid is difficult" thing, adults would take issue with this happening to them as well.

No. 1355624

Agree to disagree I guess, to me it just seems like she was just trying to be nice. I don't think most people would understand how to respond to that, tbf.

No. 1355626

If this happened to an adult it would immediately be seen as something potentially illegal on top of being wildly disrespectful

No. 1355749

This happened to me too and now I'm a neurotic retard who hides my possessions from nobody in my own house and has a million locks and passwords for everything kek

No. 1355876

I hate that sometimes on Pinterest, when you click on a photo the photos underneath will be stuff that's related to what you usually save rather than stuff that's actually related to the photo you're looking at.

No. 1355890

kek try harder scrote. this is some of the worst acting i've seen so far.

No. 1355926

No, not a scrote sorry if my post was autistic and came off that way. I was just trying to relate over my voice being tomboyish sounding and trying to be funny

No. 1355930

i am so angry that the ''woman'' making RE analysis videos turned out to be a troon, i was sure it was just a very fucking ugly woman

No. 1355936

Scrote hands typed these posts

No. 1355941

Ah yeah relates to my point >>1355560 the horror niche is full of them.

No. 1355946

I’m not a scrote. Women can have deeper voices and my post was retarded jesus. jannies can see my post history

No. 1355955

I hate the smell of sweat and deoderamnt mixed together. I feel like sweat by itself somehow smells less offensive than a mixture of the two.

No. 1356107

I, too, had a narcissistic bitch of a mom.

No. 1356108

Are you talking about the hazel troon? I wanted to watch a video but decided to not give my click after finding out.

No. 1356196

Autism but I hate the term nonny. It's kind of cute but it feels like you're talking to a child. I prefer nonna, sounds much more like a nickname for an actual grown woman kek.

No. 1356394

File: 1664409150402.jpg (63.17 KB, 640x891, n4utc6qgs9e91.jpg)

Are you talking about the sphere hunter? I can't tell if it's a troon. The voice and appearance reads as a woman but the over sexualized anime avatar and voice screams TRANNY. The voice seems to pass but there is something about it that is just too perfectly manufactured.

No. 1356401

its a tranny he used to do tranny porn(obviously) and is algo HUGE in real life

No. 1356402

This is obviously a scrote, the face is undeniably scrote like, he just looks underaged. Anthony Cumia brought him horribly botched breasts after having an sexual relationship with him.

No. 1356408

That is definitely a wig. Also definitely a tranny.

No. 1356414

Things we know:
Obvious nosejob
Male typical femurs
Ugly wig
Hips that could be faked with padding

No. 1356415

>Wait wait wait, how do you know this?
his porn name was Sue Lightning

No. 1356416

Big thread on Kiwifarms. Anthony Cumia is not only a woman beater but a troon chaser, also took a picture with Mia Isabella a troon pornstar, he's friends with Jim Norton and out and proud troon chaser, who claimed he could'nt tell Blaire was trans.
I remember someone on 4chan saying that Pat from superbestfriend fucked Spherehunter, but I don't know if thats the truth. Also, if I'm remembering correctly, SH, used to do porn, was friends with that pornstar troon Contra likes, claimed he was sexually assulted by a well known male pornstar who fucks anything and quit.
All of this is information I got from Kiwifarms, years ago, though. Very old news. It's kind of sad, I don't know how old SPH is but it feels like he was groomed by older troons to get into the porn industry an d ugly chaser Anthony to get botched tits.

No. 1356418

Kek, sounds like an mlp OC from 2012. Autistic male typical language use never changes.

No. 1356419

Look here >>1356416

No. 1356422

File: 1664409846036.jpg (75.71 KB, 678x650, Untitled.jpg)

>bra sticking out of shirt

No. 1356424

If you are accusing Nonnie of being a trans porn watcher, then I don't think so, like I said, he has a thread, he was mentioned a FEW times when nonnies found out he was trans.
He also is connected to some known troons, plus Anthony Cumia, 4chan AND if you watched Superbestfriend, I think Pat recommended his channel once.

No. 1356425

File: 1664409895986.jpg (19.13 KB, 375x375, TYegXQAy_400x400.jpg)

anyway, 2 seconds of google

No. 1356427

Hard agree.

No. 1356428

File: 1664410049987.jpg (21.56 KB, 551x249, dies.jpg)

curiosity killed the cat

No. 1356430

its not a big secret, someone made a thread on his channel on /v/, everyone proceeded to call her a tranny, i got curious, searched the keywords, BOOM, tranny porn.

No. 1356431

Why are you looking up tranny porn.

No. 1356432

The bang thing is even more creepy because the troon who got him into porn also, wears his hair that way. I think it's Nicky Mars or whatever that scrote is that Contra was obessed with. He looks like yandere dev in a wig.

No. 1356433

because i wanted to confirm the alias, retard. it's the first google result. and lmao he's only doing porn with other trannies

No. 1356435

File: 1664410218300.jpeg (743.31 KB, 605x1760, 57A04856-71DE-4DC8-9E54-F15037…)

The male skeleton underneath.

No. 1356436

Why post it. You're probably one of the only anons around that didn't know he was a tranny that did tranny porn.

No. 1356438

all of this talk about SH makes me crawl for a good female youtuber that makes videogame content

No. 1356441

that's awesome anon, why are you so triggered?

No. 1356443

I genuinely can't think of one, even Girlfriend Review's scrote writes her shit, I heard. But I only watch a handful or gaming youtubers religiously and just click whatever is interesting, usually scrotes are what I end up with.

No. 1356449

Just report, anons.

No. 1356453

File: 1664410783566.jpg (119.54 KB, 720x480, 1646612702676.jpg)

I am legit thinking about just making my own gaming channel at this point, something like Ross game dungeon and sseth, without showing my face. But i am worried about being the only female doing this type of content.

No. 1356462

My body is like this and I’m a biological woman

No. 1356466

Those ratios are not possible on a biological woman. Women with large shoulders or narrow hips don't look like that. Most women aren't perfect hourglasses, but that doesn't mean they look like troons.

No. 1356470

Hello schizotroon. Did you fish out the hairballs out of your stinkditch today?

No. 1356471

KEK like he could afford the surgery.

No. 1356474


No. 1356483

Parents with ugly and or fat genes who get mad at u for looking like them. Bitch maybe you shove fucked a better lookin man.

No. 1356486

And when you find an actual female videogame content creator, they turn out to be a handmaiden coomer pickme that panders to their autistic male fanbase.

On a positive note, I am recommending this based grandma's youtube channel. She does unboxing videos and video game reviews.

No. 1356507

File: 1664413568509.jpg (110.92 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

My boyfriend had been watching this YouTuber called Veronica Explains because he's getting into Linux and it's so fucking obvious this is a troon, he was surprised to find an actual woman giving advice about nerd shit and not widely sexually harassed by their audience. I'm afraid to break the news to him kek. No woman on the internet would commonly call themselves a lady or an "x mom". Very few women use their first name as their username too, especially if they're trying to make themselves an internet personality.

No. 1356509

Checked out a few videos and she doesn't look like or sound like a troon to me.

No. 1356512


It's known in the Linux community that they are. I believe they also mentioned it on one of their socials.

No. 1356515

File: 1664414414366.png (174.7 KB, 1607x596, 1663761339861739.png)

It is indeed a troon

No. 1356524

Well I am confused.

No. 1356525

I looked them up and the first 10 seconds of their intro video I immediately clocked their voice.

No. 1356555

With how rare Female YouTubers are I was initially interested in seeing someone like me in the Linux scene… Honestly, it's no big deal to call someone by one set of pronouns or another if it's more convenient, especially because Veronica doesn't seem like an absolute degenerate to the public. It's off putting though because she didn't have to go through shit to get into Linux, didn't grow up being alienated by the community at large because of how she was raised and in what body, so although she's a woman legally, I don't relate to her at all. Misgendering every trans dude making tech videos on YouTube isn't something I do without thinking, but it's honestly as easy as seeing someone say they're Female making videos on these kind of topics to clock them. It's annoying how they say Reddit and Twitter are much better places for Linux discussion than 4Chan, so 4Chan should never be touched by anyone, but really, all of them use 4Chan, because they are not barred from that website because of how they were raised.
What's truly peaking is "If they say they're a woman, you're ordered to call them a woman or else!" because every trans person had to make a choice to be trans. It's like libfems don't know men generally can abuse this sort of thing.

No. 1356573

There really is nothing stopping Veronica from sperging out about his Linux knowledge. I'll be honest, I first saw him mention he was a lesbian (has a wife and a daughter) and I had to look more into it. Transbian. What's his purpose? To be a good role model for his daughter? The only geeky women that exist are actually male?

No. 1356576

what fi the daughter is also a troon? i cant imagine being raised by two troons, i would kill myself

No. 1356580

The mother I'm certain is a legit female. He belittles his wife as "just an artist"

No. 1356761

t. Anglo-Saxon peasant

No. 1356781

> It's off putting though because she didn't have to go through shit to get into Linux, didn't grow up being alienated by the community at large because of how she was raised and in what body, so although she's a woman legally, I don't relate to her at all.
Agreed, being alienated as a woman in a predominantly male field is such a unique experience and yet you cannot relate such a fundamentally female experience with someone supposedly calling themselves a woman. Transwomen never had to experience the sociological factors that's created the gender disparity in STEM fields and it's like they want to reap the title of calling themselves a woman without the hardships and oppression that come along with it. "Women In STEM" mean nothing anymore if you devalue the need that makes this type of representation necessary in the first place.

No. 1356793

Say "like" again, you wannabe faggot, my valley girl ass would curb stomp you into red paste.

No. 1356796

File: 1664427119051.jpg (56.21 KB, 424x565, 1273615820778.jpg)


No. 1356944

I hate how serial killers get movies made of them, I hate how they’re talked about in great length and detail, I hate how they’re analyzed, how their legacy lives on and they’re pretty much celebrities and their victims are just nameless props. Fuck that Dahmer movie.

No. 1357028

I hate the constant race sperging on the internet these days. Even here. Tons of it here.

No. 1357030

it's the /pol/ rejects (male and female) plus the kiwifags. it was never this bad on here and i maintain it's because oldmin kicked all of the based oldfags off lc and letting the floodgates open for racist weirdos. the racesperging was only this bad when the scrotes were setting up shop looking for girlfriends way back when

No. 1357032

You’re probably right. I’ve never looked at /pol/, and since there was only 1-2 threads in KF’s Beauty Parlor I’d read I assumed it was mostly coming from twitter. Could be a little of that too.

No. 1357044

Lisps, underbites, speech impediments, etc. Get that shit corrected. It's not cute when kids have them and it's pathetic when adults them. You can correct all that shit so do it.

No. 1357045

>Just stop being poor

No. 1357046

> Entire internet full of free resources

No. 1357049

File: 1664454009216.jpeg (11.09 KB, 171x186, 829A0862-4425-4D35-9566-F7CE1B…)

Correcth your futhing attituthe bithh

No. 1357050

Nta but you can learn how to fix a lisp from youtube videos

No. 1357051

Grimes is that you?

No. 1357052

It’s a shame they don’t have a YouTube tutorial on how to fix mental retardation such as yours.

No. 1357056

Projection much lol? You can get that speech problem fixed by July if you started now!

No. 1357057

Adult thumb suckers are next level retarded

No. 1357063

File: 1664454949280.jpeg (38.19 KB, 564x403, 045CF0FC-444C-4D4F-B3DB-862AF2…)

nonnieeee my m-my mymymy my my MY MY NONNSTASTASTATERRRRRRRRRRRR, sorry f-f-f-for th-that-thattt

No. 1357077

Oh my God this poor woman

No. 1357078

Imagine thinking wanting humans to speak properly and healthily is a mental retardation.

No. 1357099

>le internet
Is mostly for children’s speech therapy and most of that shit doesn’t work anyway. Why are you bothered by it anyway? Does a subversive kween’s voice rattle you that much?

No. 1357103

>a subversive kween’s

No. 1357104

lol I'm not the one that brought up the internet

No. 1357106

my garbage disposal has the same smile!

No. 1357107

You're right and they're already mad

No. 1357110

It’s true. The heteronormativity of able-voiced nonnies is coming through……

Okay? Now give me cash

No. 1357111

That’s how my dad cheated on my mom. He’d get “work spouses” and would take night shifts. The last woman he did that with is now his 3rd wife and keeps trying to cheat on her as well despite them both working together. Kek I’m that anon who said she was happy her dad got his ass beat at work. There was a reason for that.

No. 1357116

File: 1664459350824.jpeg (28.71 KB, 480x360, 02456788.jpeg)

All the people I have crushes on have one, I think it's super cute.

No. 1357124

Immoral moid behaviour aside, I don't understand how people have the energy to do these sorts of things

No. 1357147

I hate that my dad choose a stupid as fuck emotionally stunted woman to marry that viewed me as a rival at 12 years old. I'm in my 30s now, in my late 20s she went full psycho and turned up at my place and assaulted me screaming incoherent shit. She's got a plastic face and body and is still violently unpleasant to look at, even more so actually because she always looks in pain from her stretched nipped and tucked skin. Like what's the fucking deal with step mothers thinking their husbands want to fuck the daughter. Get a new boyfriend if you're that mental

No. 1357185

God yes! I report every damn one. I hate it when that shit pops up. And I see so many of them, which is annoying because I report and then hit don't recommend.

No. 1357202

Tell him. You can't have him telling other people that the troon is a real woman. Or thinking that Veronica's moid fans are actually decent people.

No. 1357205

>Honestly, it's no big deal to call someone by one set of pronouns or another if it's more convenient, especially because Veronica doesn't seem like an absolute degenerate to the public.

All troons are degenerates. If they weren't degenerate, they wouldn't be a troon. Some just hide it better than others. And coddling the ones who can hide is what lead to the situation women are in today.

No. 1357217

File: 1664466393457.jpeg (51.95 KB, 1300x795, 70.jpeg)

The mosquito that bit my asscrack. It's almost october shouldn't you bitches be gone by now? I haven't even left the house in months, intruders.

No. 1357233

Alot of dahmer vids are popping up on youtube atm to bank off of the popularity of the series. I was like, hey I'm gonna look into his victims backstories more than him.. I already know his part of things.

The guy who escaped from him and ended up getting dahmer caught.. yeah he went on to murder someone himself twenty years later.

No. 1357239

File: 1664467146670.jpg (109.3 KB, 1242x1199, ECDIFrqXYAAJGtq.jpg)


No. 1357244

>Almost twenty years to the day Dahmer was arrested, Tracy was charged with homicide in 2011. He was one of two men who were arrested on suspicion of throwing a man to his death from a bridge. Tracy spent a year and a half in prison, and two years of extended supervision, for his role in the death of Jonny Jordan.

No. 1357256

>He was seen standing on a bridge over the Milwaukee River with two other homeless men, Timothy Carr and Jonny Jordan. A witness at a gas station across the street saw Edwards and Carr push Jordan some 20 feet into the river below and called the cops, according to police reports. By the time cops arrived, Jordan had drowned, police said.
Honestly I think having trauma from his dahmer encounter propbably went some way to getting him a light sentance. He was a homeless drug addict for years before this

No. 1357261

Who was the 4th man?

No. 1357263

File: 1664468126010.jpg (138.22 KB, 863x617, 7456375.JPG)

hate this dumbass soy face

No. 1357264

The devil

No. 1357265

Dahmers spirit telling him to do it

No. 1357275

I don't think the witness was with them. At the time that tracy was with dahmer he was prostituting himself, he had been homeless, in and out of rehab and on drugs. Stayed like that for two decades afterwards and admitted to his role in the murder. I think people just have trouble accepting that you can be a hero in one circumstance and otherwise be a criminal too. He came across well at the trial and people want to remember him that way. As a hero. The experience can't have helped his substance abuse issues though. You'd want to escape the memories of it all.

No. 1357288

He was at a nearby gas station and saw it. The men involved plead guilty to it. I don't think its a set up. There's high enough rates of murders happening amongst homeless population, they rip each other off in drug deals or steal from each other and it escalates.

No. 1357304

I fucking hate loudmouths. Loud sneezers, loud talkers, loud laughers. Trying to watch the Harry Potter Musical for nostalgia and I forgot how fucking loud the audience is. Loud, fake-sounding laughter probably from some fat theater kids in the crowd. My hatred is immense for them

No. 1357374

The phrase "moral panic" because it's used to dismiss arguments without saying anything of substance and is being overused on the internet to the point of becoming meaningless

No. 1357408

File: 1664476923292.jpg (30.26 KB, 643x900, Slow-Walkers-643x900.jpg)

I hate slow walkers so much it's unreal. Stop clogging up narrow hallways, making me feel crowded, and get the fuck out of my way

No. 1357482

I moved to an area where the average age is on the older side. It has its pros but walking behind older people and trying not to be rude as I'm passing by is getting tiring. I'm not mad at them but it just sucks when you've somewhere to be. The worst is when they zig zag while they walk so you can't get around them. Its like should I try to politely ask to get past them or will they act spooked if I do.

No. 1357490

im a burger, i hate the giant truck drivers who will get on your ass while driving rather than go around in the other 1-3 lanes. i also hate when they decide to get in front of you finally or the lane next to you trapping you in from going around in a 2 lane road. you finally decide to go the speed limit instead of 60 on a 45 or 35 and of course wont allow others to get around your giant ego filled sack of shit vehicle. truly a moid moment. i also hate when you go to an isle for a specific item only for a fat moid and his kids, wife, mother, whoever to come down the isle expecting you to move so they can gawk not knowing what they want.

No. 1357500

File: 1664482490662.jpg (39.87 KB, 600x600, 1913716.jpg)

CAKE CONES!!!! Fuck these sorry styrofoam excuses as a vehicle for my ice cream!!!!!

No. 1357510

So many truck drivers are absolutely retarded. I have to work with them constantly. Not a day goes by where I don't get hit on at least once. The female truck drivers are pretty OK, I've met a couple who are ex crack addicts. They're so lazy, some will try to fight you because they don't want to get out of their truck to open up their trailers and I have to say I'll tell on them to their boss and they attempt to give me puppy dog eyes.
But man, on the road… Do they not even know how big and heavy their trucks are? And like you said they'll cut in back of you. What if you have to break? You're dead. I always make sure I'm furthest away from a truck driver while on the road. If I'm next to one, I speed up bc I'm not risking shit.

No. 1357514

Yes, nonnie, say it louder!!! Horrible texture when dry and soggy, no taste to speak of and where's the chocolate at the bottom I ask, wheeereeee

No. 1357543

I hate the positive discourse around sex dolls/robots. I can’t stand the “if it’s not hurting an actual living human how can it be bad? How is that my business?” shit that gets thrown around so often. It terrifies me how positively moids respond to giving pedophiles sex dolls that look like children. Or letting pedos live out their fantasies via VR. This is what scares me the most about tech is how it will allow moids to exploit women and children further the more advanced it gets.

No. 1357584

File: 1664487061728.jpeg (109.45 KB, 612x612, bbe40a50-5318-480e-9c08-a45c05…)

Waffle cones are better. Especially the frozen ones like picrel that have chocolate lining the inside of the cone, and then you get to the very last piece and it's like an explosion of chocolate or caramel.

No. 1357596

I hate the banner with that tweet for PT talking about how she hates Japan now with the really racist caricature on top of it. Feels so scrotey.

No. 1357606

They are both bad imo, just eating it out of the cup is better. I feel like I need to drink 2l of water after consuming the waffle cones.

No. 1357626

I just want to say I agree and to expand on that I'd like to say I think it would also reinforce these fantasies/desires. A bit off topic, but I was looking up on catharsis as a good way to release anger, however that theory doesn't hold up that well nowadays, not only have researchers found no emotional release in individuals after they let them punch a bag, they found higher anger levels in those that participated in punching the bag.
I don't think sexual deviance and anger are the same of course but there are similarities in how it manifests in that it's something to be released, if it is repressed

No. 1358012

I hate how slowly brits speak english. I feel like english compared to other languages is spoken pretty slowly to begin with, but the brits are just unbearably slow. I like the way burgers speak english, it's fast with lazy yet still is easy to understand the pronunciation.

No. 1358185

I really feel the autism peek out when I'm walking somewhere and people with bikes/prams/scooters/friends are just meandering and taking up as much space as possible, as well as their sweet time. It's not a pleasant stroll, you're not in a park, this is a fucking pedestrian crossing please just fucking walk (with haste!) from point a to point b.
Really wish there was a slow lane.

No. 1358305

I don't care. Anons who are paranoid about trannies ruined this place. Idgaf if the troon boogieman larped as a woman with bowel problems, woman in an abusive relationship, breastfeeding mother or some nonny that liked buff guys or some other dumb shit but you can't possibly think any one who posts about such is also a tranny without some sort of mental illness. Just let people post until they prove themselves to be a tranny then you can grab your pitchforks, you have to step on eggshells and watch your every word so you don't "sound like a troon" when anons seem to be completely blank on how this place was previously and 99% of shit posted until like 2020 would've made any anon scream moid until the cows came home.

>Inb4 just blow it off

I will until other anons blow off supposed troons too. Also not being able to post without anons crying troon over a good deal of things, it completely ruins the socialization aspect of this place. Now you can word a normal sentence weird and anons will foam at the mouth about how you're a tranny.

No. 1358314

I’m the anon that got accused of being a scrote for liking buff men and I will say I don’t really care and given that I’ve seen the sort of things these people say when they raid, whatever. They post cp and their posts are always complaining about women and talking about how disgusting they are. It looks unhinged since most of the posts are deleted but if they were still up, you’d probably get it.

No. 1358333

File: 1664541129003.jpg (180.26 KB, 2000x1258, original-c7a85a96316f6b7df9541…)

I hate that in my country bras are sized as simply small, medium, large, etc., instead of having band and cup measuring , it makes no sense. I have a large back but small breasts, I end up wearing medium but always feel a bit odd. I also hate the foam type cups so much, they just trap sweat and whenever I go shopping the saleswomen can't seem to get into their heads that I don't want them. Also, ads with models wearing the wrong size and the back of the band pulled too high trigger me.

No. 1358334

Sounds weird, where do you live anon?

No. 1358369

Tbh the militant tranny monitors are probably moids themselves. If replying to some random post with "you sound like a tranny" causes derailing and infighting of course trolls are going to take advantage of that and do it all the fucking time. Nobody on this site is capable of ignoring bait.

No. 1358375

Troon literally admitted to this and one of the KF was bragging in telegram about doing this too.

No. 1358475

It's because other anons will take other anons troon accusations so seriously too and then it just turns into a huge infight, some anons won't even bother reading the post that got called a tranny and will just gang up just because they believe there's no such thing as people getting accused of being a tranny over stupid shit here (remember that anon that sperged out about how she's not a troon until nudes were posted?). Everyone in general needs to stop crying tranny and just report

No. 1358491

I feel like I would have recognized you. This is a really distinct posting style.
I don't like the whole arguing-to-make-a-point deal, but I do see where you're coming from. I think we should all channel this energy into trying to be supportive of each other or dogpiling each other over generally bad opinions though.
Like, I never got the whole "this girl says she likes dudes who are stinky gross disgusting NEETs, that means she's a tranny" deal; I think bad opinions are totally compatible with being a woman because we live in a tumble dryer of day-to-day brainwashing in moidworld. She should get bullied anyway because maybe she will open her eyes before she acts on those takes- but bullied as the unfortunate woman she probably is. We need to keep our hearts and minds open so we can harass each other into being better people on level, honest ground, constructively and with love in our hearts.

No. 1358494

Schizotroon alert everybody.

No. 1358495

>I feel like I would have recognized you. This is a really distinct posting style.
I'm a writer so, it's super easy to switch up writing styles. I'd do it on combat roleplay sites to convey different characters, how they acted and thought. I won't call out my posts but a lot of the dumbass thread posts were mine lol.
>I don't like the whole arguing-to-make-a-point deal, but I do see where you're coming from. I think we should all channel this energy into trying to be supportive of each other or dogpiling each other over generally bad opinions though.
Debate to see why someone has a bad opinion will help more in changing their mind or understanding how that mindset works is where I stand there, so I do agree.
>Like, I never got the whole "this girl says she likes dudes who are stinky gross disgusting NEETs, that means she's a tranny" deal; I think bad opinions are totally compatible with being a woman because we live in a tumble dryer of day-to-day brainwashing in moidworld. She should get bullied anyway because maybe she will open her eyes before she acts on those takes- but bullied as the unfortunate woman she probably is.
See my thoughts above, we can fix her but not in the current way things go around here imo.
>We need to keep our hearts and minds open so we can harass each other into being better people on level, honest ground, constructively and with love in our hearts.
This mainly, I mean that's why I can't stand 95% of men, they just harass for any reason. Hazing is just them flirting with a new man in the friend group and they don't even register that because thinking about emotions is "evil bad girl stuff" so coming here and sometimes seeing the same was just so jarring.
Who are you telling? You're obviously the dumbest person here by now and we all know it.

No. 1358606

File: 1664559372809.jpg (40.01 KB, 369x581, 2024107309.jpg)

Film poster book covers. I'm so glad I found out The Remains Of The Day has a movie after I read the book, or else I would have had to imagine Anthony Hopkins mug for Stevens instead of the guy I was actually imagining him as.

No. 1358706

File: 1664563729465.jpg (175.61 KB, 1280x720, p22430618_b_h8_aa.jpg)

The new PLL
The forcefulness of being "woke", literally ZERO comedic relief or even just calming filler, it's just back to back drama. I don't think a single character smiled or laughed. Lighting and set up is god awful, in fact if it wasn't for modern clothes I'd assume it was a Victorian film. The new A sucks, they're just violent, they're not cunning and clever. Who's genius idea it was to give characters old lady names in the first place? Ugh over criticalness of TV and movies completely ruined our modern things, it's just all woke remakes now

No. 1358713

Nitpick to fucking hell but all these girls look the EXACT same to me. Did something happen to zoomers, why do they look the same kek.

No. 1358720

No, no, one has curly hair see! Ignore the fact they all try to look like androgynous men, zoomers have a keen sense of fitting in and looking like a herd, I mean, standing out as independent strong women.

No. 1358733

File: 1664564851479.png (1.2 MB, 907x682, Screenshot 2022-09-30 150718.p…)

I don't think any happened, imo they all the look the same in the sense that Victoria secrets models all look the same to me despite them being racially diverse, likely because they all share key features.

No. 1358741

Yeah, the new PLL girls all have giant eyes and two inch noses. They look like weird overgrown toddlers to me.

No. 1358771

>all try to look like androgynous men
Zoomer fashion now is all either hypersexual shit you'd probably see literal strippers wear (eurphoria) or clothes straight out of the men's section (new PLL/stranger things). There's just no in-between anymore where you can look feminine but not overly sexualized. I think it has to do with women being sexualized constantly so women who don't want to be sexualized don't dress like women and women who do want to be sexualized need to practically be naked since everyone is so desensitized from everything that clevage, midriff and even the shortest of shorts is considered a normal outfit now

No. 1358807

Honestly this is why I enjoyed 13 Reasons Why. Even if all the girls looked like they were perpetually dressed in American Eagle.

No. 1358869

you described modern fashion perfectly well, i can understand why some women become aidens when the only alternative to a aiden is the bbl bimbo or anachan coquette trend where you need to look perfect just to be treated human and date some ugly guy who will cheat and verbally abuse you.

No. 1358874

File: 1664570847441.jpg (13.18 KB, 470x460, 86d06013fac663ee9a86209d5f8126…)

the constant need for people to feel represented. why are people so obsessed with seeing carbon copies of themselves in fiction? isn't that super boring? i never saw a character and thought "holy shit, she's literally me" and i'm fine with that.

No. 1358890

>the constant need for people to feel represented. why are people so obsessed with seeing carbon copies of themselves in fiction?
wdym nona

No. 1358896

nta i think she means people who are unable to empathize with characters unless they are exactly from the same race/sexuality/etc as them

No. 1358902

Congratulations, your identity and being has been validated for all your life and you most likely sit with societal norms at least to a degree you don't feel othered or alienated. Too bad it left you devoid of empathy.

No. 1358904

Smells like twitter up in here.

No. 1358931

yeah exactly that. like there needs to be a kweer label on anything and every character is some flavor of kweer and people are like "omg it feels so good to finally be represented, as a person who only feels attracted during gemini season and when it rains and humidity is below 80% it just feels so refreshing to see myself in fiction!" i don't know. i see parts of myself in many people/characters because unlike a fictional character i'm a complex human being, just like every other human being. if there was a character exactly like me, i'd feel really weirded out. there are barely any characters i could never, ever relate to, because there's always something you can relate to, even if it's just a tiny thing, an action, a thought, an emotion. i think all humans like to relate to people.

i don't need other people to tell me that my hashtag identity is hashtag hecking valid. needing outside validation from netflix shows or disney movies is tranny tier thinking.

No. 1358939

i kind of get them (personally i'd kill for more media with the exact weird romantic dynamic i like, and i refuse to read mainstream romance because i can't relate to it) but they've got to accept that they will only see certain parts of themselves reflected in different characters, and to demand perfect copies is stupid considering how multifaceted humans are.

No. 1358955

What's the dynamic nonnie.

No. 1359005

whatever tickles my savior complex at the moment but mainly emotionally repressed sexually sadistic woman + subservient villain who tries to manipulate her but also fears her? ideally with all the fucking replaced with violence (inflicted on the man). it can be written as realistically toxic or romanticized i don't care. does this make sense.

to make the post more on topic, i despise traditional het bdsm dynamics, even if the writer doesn't use those particular words the vibes are still there, like even if the woman is written as slightly submissive it makes me want to crawl out of my skin through my asshole. inb4 i can't judge them because i need psychiatric help as well.

No. 1359021

I personally don't care if the character is black, white, gay or wiccan or disabled or whatever, my issue is that they water down these characters to be nothing but that race. I vaguely remember in the OG pll I could easily describe all the characters and their personalities in great detail. The new one? Their entire personality is just that they're black/Mexican/have gay parents/are pregnant. Euphoria is basically just a porno with extra steps too. I feel bad for gen z since shows are simply no longer enjoyable

No. 1359025

idk i'd probably notice if it was. but hey i'll be stalking all the horny threads in case you wanna to drop some recs for me!

No. 1359034

that sounds pretty good as well actually. i'll owe u my life, thx. i was starting to read gay fanfiction out of desperation so i'm not picky lol

No. 1359045

I think a lot of people are just overhyping being represented because it's popular to talk about for attention whoring and it'll eventually go away as "discourse."
Plus you describe something entirely different, a fantasy you want versus a random fictional character representing a specific in-group you happen belong to.

No. 1359050

Some weird channel that keeps getting in my recommended and just puts "stan twitter" in it's titles and keeps uploading cartoon porn. Hate fags so much i swear.

No. 1359151

The thing where people who have disconnected from their opinions on other people to be seen as virtuous and sound of mind have to talk about the most absent-minded aspects of those around them to express a dislike. None of you care about media literacy or people who don't smile at kids! You're not a paragon of goodness for avoiding saying I think those around me are retards! You're real and you're here and you can complain and disrupt your sunlight academia homemaker trance! God fuck

No. 1359207

File: 1664599963390.png (110.72 KB, 720x650, Screenshot_20220930-235145.png)

>Euphoria is basically just a porno with extra steps too
Words can't describe how much I hate euphoria, it's basically game of thrones but instead they just portray all high schoolers to be constantly naked and sexual. Just another show for moids to rate women's breasts. Note I also said rate and not enjoy. What's even the point of begging to see women naked if you just act like a critic instead of a straight man? Why do women even bother barring their bodies anymore when they know it's not for art it's for moids to critic?
Pic rel: moid shit

No. 1359520

wow i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it

No. 1359591

I hate women bodies being regarded as trends, to be either 'in' or 'out'. Also the dumb bitches who propogate this bs too with 'omg finally being skinny is back in!' Please log off of TikTok for a second, or social media in general. I try not let this foolery get to me, since I don't follow any fashion or TikTok trends, and generally am a bit behind compared to my fellow gen z in terms of social media, but I do visit mostly female spaces (like lc) so it inevitably comes up and makes my blood boil at just how stupid and unaware some women can be.
Either dying from a botched BBL, or starving, to attain the body that's currently 'in', it's all the same. Why do we allow this to have power over ourselves?

No. 1359661

true, sorry nonna, i just didn't expect to see a porn website today

No. 1360007

File: 1664652102629.jpg (29.6 KB, 826x292, 309576874_537291664777123_8147…)

THIS SHIT GOT RECOMMENDED TO ME and I have no idea why!! I don't watch any coomer shit or anything even remotely degenerate related. I'm thinking maybe watching tik tok cringe comps has opened this hell portal or something
it's fucking weird that youtube allows this shit, even if it's just the thumbnail

No. 1360272

Kek sorry that happened to you nonnie
>it's fucking weird that youtube allows this shit, even if it's just the thumbnail
I mean yeah putting unrelated content/nsfw in thumbnails was actually against the rules iirc

No. 1360496

In burger land you can donate blood but not sell it even though you can sell plasma for the cost of a sweater while the hospital is still going to charge $$ for the blood you donated free of charge, regardless of how rare you are. In other words actual blood money that sick but rich people can keep using up from low class-middle class (probably women or teens) who donated out of their own generosity.

No. 1360543

Burgerland uses women’s blood for blood based medications and men’s blood for transfusions.

No. 1360648

i had a speech impediment when i was a kid and went to speech therapy through my school for free. it was the easiest shit ever and it definitely worked. occasionally when i’m excited or very tired my lisp will come back but it’s kind of rare for that to happen. there’s really no excuse to not get it fixed as an adult especially

No. 1360669

File: 1664686565582.jpg (36.51 KB, 380x316, Screenshot 2022-10-01 214349.j…)

I hate seeing videos recommended from this channel where this woman basically wakes up at the crack of dawn to do house chores so her husband can have the privilege of taking a fresh hot lunch to work and then come home to a clean looking house and a nice dinner. I'm sure the woman enjoys doing this type of work and homemaking is hard, underappreciated work but I just can't help but feel like the husband doesn't deserve any of these at all kek

No. 1360672

this seems like such a miserable existence to me, literally psychological horror tier

No. 1360677

That is a job and sis probably makes a lot off waking up at 5am to play housewife

Those homemaking videos are kinda comfy but I lose interest the moment they have a man living there, I only like the living alone ones kek

No. 1360678

same, i keep getting recommended these and it's so damn creepy. not to tinfoil here but i'm honestly thinking maybe it's a propaganda thing since south korea has really low birthrates and women seem to be noping out of traditional het marriages.

No. 1360731

Yeah I do find it comfy but the man just ruins it for me.

I didn't notice at first she's from Korea. 99% of men there are pieces of shit so highly likely the scrote is worthless and doesn't deserve any of the things the wife does for him.

No. 1360738

i feel like this video is a brainwashing strategy for people in general, same for google always showing women hijab and muslim shill in youtube shorts.
I am SAH and living like that deep down IS miserable. Being stuck in 4 walls doing the same chores over and over again without at least a 'thank you' is just exhausting. When you spend over 4 hours cleaning and also cooking its both physically and emotionally draining. Everytime I meet tradthots irl, they always end up being the women who live with their parents and don't do shit but crave for male attention and it says something imo.

No. 1360742

I enjoy her videos. I feel like I shouldn't because of the trad vibes, but I guess I'm just jealous people are diligent and strict with their routine. I've never been good at that.

No. 1360753

I feel like she does this to keep herself busy. My mom has struggled ever since we got old enough to take care of ourselves, and she never had a wide social circle or was the type of person who liked to have lots of hobbies or interests. She's now an alcoholic with my dad and they are basically shut ins. I told myself I'd never be like that if I have children.

No. 1360776

why are you living like that if you hate it and your moid doesn't even say thank you? get tf out girl wtf

No. 1360827

i hate the amount of pedochans there are here holy shit it makes my skin crawl. i dont want to hear it about women dont hurt as much as men i know that but its not a competition, i know already and its not the point. it just makes me sick and want to barf. anybody who wants to take advantage of children seriously makes me sick to my stomach, both here and in real life i cant take it when somebody expresses attraction to little boys. im all for misandry and all in fact i fear men i have a borderline phobia of them hence why im a neet but my god that is not an excuse just leave kids alone and yes i know male children hurt girls of their age but thats not the point. the point is there are creepy women here who think prepubescent boys are sexy. i mean wtf? its not a one time thing i keep seeing it both on here and ive seen it in crystal cafe and elsewhere, isnt there a shotacon bord on fujochan? with porn threads. the excuse i read for those is dont like it dont look at it which is legitimately the exact same excuse lolicons make. its sickening

No. 1360831

On which threads are you coming across these types? I thought the average farmer was massively anti-pedo,as one should be.

No. 1360832

> isnt there a shotacon bord on fujochan?
There is, which is why I don’t use fujochan despite liking the idea of it.

No. 1360833

literally where, if anything nonnas here are scared to like any young chacters. I just saw a nonna saying Link its their guilty pleasure because he's canonically 17 and dont want to be labeled a pedo for finding a cartoon elf boy cute.

No. 1360836

I use fujochan but avoid the shota board.

No. 1360868

nta but a few days ago a bunch of anons were defending and even saying shotacon was “based” in the fujo thread and even using moid tier excuses like “it’s not real life” to justify it

No. 1360869

a bunch of days ago, you mean like when we got invaded by troons? sounds like gayops to me

No. 1360875

>in the fujo thread
Sigh, it's always the fujos isn't.

No. 1360901

File: 1664705191123.jpg (8.55 KB, 236x384, 87db30a320f3450566c5bbb271c520…)

Men/Troons.I hate them. Bump for cp.

No. 1361057

It was a tranny baiting. Many anons were against it.

No. 1361288

People not saging comments in /snow/. Especially radblr escapees not saging their manifestos in the MtF thread, I know men are shit I just want to laugh at uggo trannies

Alternatively, people telling you to sage in non-cow boards

No. 1361349

The way "himbos" are supposed to be "heckin' wholesome" while bimbo is still a porn archetype at worst and an unlikable "mean girl" stereotype at best for most people. In fact "bimbo" was originally used for men to describe stupid and overly aggressive moids, don't know where the "heckin' wholesome kind himbo" shit started from and it sucks.

No. 1361360

How about you take your literally hateboner for fujos elsewhere? You're shitting up threads with fujos this fujos that for no fucking reason. No one cares. Work on your womb envy.

No. 1361372

You all better shut the fuck up before I throw this grenade in your general direction and blow you all to smithereens

No. 1361374

File: 1664733719489.gif (982.67 KB, 375x281, salem.gif)

I hate music videos and animatics where they have a scene playing out, and even though the characters weren't talking before, they're suddenly shown mouthing the song's lyrics for a sentence or two. Even worse if the character's gender doesn't match the singer's voice. It's so corny. I hate it.

I also hate TV shows and series or any sort of media or even real life where someone will take the lyrics of a song and monolouge it like a poem. Back in high school a girl in the theatre class decided to turn the song "Frozen" into a dramatic monolouge for her third year exam performance and I still have brain damage from having to watch that shit.

No. 1361377

This was meant for the argument I didn’t realize it sounded like some sort of terroristic threat without being a reply

No. 1361378

>You all
Go on, say it right. Y'ALL

No. 1361380

Courageous and brave

No. 1361382

I hate theater kids and I'm so glad I'm not American because if I saw those in real life when I was high school I would have definitely bullied at least one of those.

No. 1361383

It was a joke I wasn’t a part of it and I absolutely will you are all being so annoying today

No. 1361389

Do not worry I have already devised a maze of Saw traps for each and every last one of you

No. 1361390

so you hate Gorillaz

No. 1361399

Not their music, just their videos.

No. 1361400

This seems like a very pointed and direct insult to Noodle from Gorillaz. You’re a hater.

No. 1361415

You remind me I hated sitting through the artsy free dancing my school did because I wanted some extra credit. One girl had a solo where she dances off beat to a gay males annoying song. Felt enough embarassmemt to just look away.

No. 1361441

plastic surgery is fully normalized and also WAY cheaper than it was ten years ago. girls start getting non-surgical procedures at 18-19, or 16-17 in upperclass communities. it's just the same fitting in young people always did, except instead of clothes and makeup they go directly to altering the body now. it's insanely affordable, to a scary degree. with the money i made as a kkds hockey referee in high school, if that was nowadays i could have been buying myself injections and shit every few months and all i'd need was a parent's signature until grade twelve.

No. 1361443

anon that's how we all looked when that was made kek
how old are you

No. 1361446

ok so is noodle dead or what? i just want answers ok

No. 1361449

wasn't she replaced by a robot version of herself? haven't kept up with the lore in many many years

No. 1361453

She was replaced by Cyborg Noodle for a while, but she's back now

No. 1361454


No. 1361456

File: 1664737799977.jpeg (36.59 KB, 720x720, 595AD93B-A0CB-4213-A1E5-D2B756…)

i hate people who hate people who like weed. even though i'm a person who hates weed. this kind of person will brag about not being in their parents basement high all day as if anyone is impressed by that. congratulations, you are better than the literal lowest contributor to society. please talk more about how you hate it when weed is someone's entire personality. everyone finds it so fascinating.

No. 1361461

Almond milk. Tastes disgusting, like water mixed with unrefined sunflower oil.

No. 1361462

I feel the same way about anyone who spregs about any topic like that, not just weed but also alcohol, soda, some people go as far as try seeming like a superior rooster by claiming they "dont eat x-meat", its stupid. I never care about anyones hobbies or what they like eating or drinking because its their life and as long as they dont harm anyone, its ok.

No. 1361464

Ugh, I love almond milk. I honestly can't drink cow's milk and I don't really like other plant milks.

No. 1361469

Diff anon but a while back there was an anti caffeine nonnie. Hated coffee drinkers wth a passion. Coffee shamer.

No. 1361479

People who spend their time claiming how superior they are for not eating or drinking something are insecure and got no hobbies. What kind of a sad person do you have to be to always try belittling people for eating or drinking something that you don't…

No. 1361482

I like oat and coconut. But almond? Almond milk is product made in hell. Sweetened or unsweetened, vanilla or flavourless, barista or normal, regardless of manufacturer and price it tastes and smells like shit. Even buckwheat milk tastes good compared to almond and I hate buckwheat with all my soul.

No. 1361486

there are legit reasons to dislike people who do weed and alcohol though.

No. 1361489

File: 1664739321692.jpeg (42.03 KB, 300x250, BDF605FA-848C-4B75-A45E-812362…)

I hate men's presence on the internet, there is something so dark about their behavior across the board. Women can be psychotic online sure but this is different. It's so hard to describe but I realized there is no male space that isn't a blackpill for how inhuman they are. Guarantee there is just horrifying shit going on in their heads that they have no qualms expressing. The closest thing to empathy they'll show is only for each other and it's not about true suffering or abuse but rather being upset at not getting what they want, it's about themselves. Find a woman acting up online and it sucks but you can tell she's just an unhinged person or has the wrong ideals, meanwhile men's regular online habits will make you lose sleep at night and never trust again. Everything they say and do has this sense of darkness, selfishness, not a glimmer of good will in it anywhere. They're genuinely demons

No. 1361491

I forgot to specify it's not just the extreme dark shit they do that unsettles me. Even the most innocuous post of theirs reads so weirdly like it was written by an animal that is trying to learn to act human but failing and also has severe autism.

No. 1361494

kek this is how i feel about the loud, RAGING, sanctimonious fat ppl haters. I hate 500 pound people too, but the guys making speeches about how offensive and unhealthy it is to be a fatass are cringe as hell. it's like…the same shit as being a heroin addict, we all know it's unhealthy, why does it offend you on a personal level so much? it's also never a skinny dude who spergs like that.
chikara the bodybuilder is sad too. like, you're totally ripped and healthy and supposedly happy, what is accomplished by this "Activism" where all you do is state the obvious? super weird imo.

No. 1361496

File: 1664739651210.png (200.86 KB, 500x500, 0004182000009.png)

Nta but if I get coffee at a shop and then only have oatmilk or almond I always get almond because oatmilk breaks me out like hell. Almond breaks me out to a lesser extent and doesnt over power the coffee like coconut. It's all retarded though because pic related is a great non dairy (I think) nut free alternative for foam milk. Used it as a barista before.

No. 1361497

yeah, this. There’s something deeply off about them. Like some other creature impersonating a human.

No. 1361498

How mental health issues only matter when they impact people around you. How well-behaved mentally ill people are punished by a system that can only afford to provide service to people who are a public hazard. In middle school I stopped eating lunch, stopped speaking, stopped showering and brushing my hair, my grades went from top of the glass to almost failing, had visible self-harm scars and wounds. Nobody gave a shit. Some moidlet threw a desk during class and within a month he's on an IEP with a personal attendant. Some other moidlet beats a kid half to death and he gets sent to a rehabilitative alt school where they have small class sizes and fucking therapy dogs. In high school all the moids with a history of aggression and suspensions got to be in a pilot program where they had access to therapists and instead of normal classes they learn trades so they can work right after graduation. None of these kids had rich parents. They just benefited from these amazing publicly funded government programs. Programs I would have done anything to have access to but they were only available to violent monsters.

Even as an adult my area's public mental health services funnel everyone into shitty group therapy and then anyone who chimps out and screams at someone during session gets 1-on-1 therapy and individual attention because they "need it". If you commit a violent crime in my country you get access to rehabilitative therapy, rehabilitative job training, constant fucking rehabilitative coddling while the victims are told to get over it and go back to work. I hate that violence is rewarded.

No. 1361506

this opinion is so misguided…

No. 1361509

No it's not.

No. 1361515

yes it is. anon is literally seething that people who injure innocent people get help to prevent themselves from doing so and that she doesn't get help when she probably didn't ask for it.

No. 1361522

Throwing a desk at someone because you can't control your moid rage isn't "asking for help" though. That's the whole point. It's being a violent chimp and being rewarded for your violent chimp bullshit.

No. 1361523

and protecting others isn't a a reward either, retard. women who are mentally ill also do violent shit and "get rewarded" but anon explicitly mentioned men to rile people up. unfortunately if we throw all mentally ill men into cages, women would also get treated that way. if you look at it objectively anon is mad no one was looking out for her, which has nothing to do with mental health care.
>inb4 mentally ill women don't do that
yes, they do.

No. 1361529

I hate how many males are ruining these boards lately.

No. 1361531

>That picture
Men (emoji)

No. 1361541

>that emoji

No. 1361543

>if you look at it objectively anon is mad no one was looking out for her, which has nothing to do with mental health care.
It does though because mental health care is a limited resource that is allocated mainly to people who chimp out publicly. That's the problem. If a school has a limited budget, they prioritize the kids who are causing issues for other people and let the harmless ones fall through the cracks. That's not right.

No. 1361552

>Wait for something bad to happen THEN get help instead of just recognizing signs and helping them there before something unpredictable happens
Is this why Americans have so many school shootings?

No. 1361554

File: 1664743455108.jpg (726.99 KB, 1363x722, 1f00ce597555abee86a99641558955…)

(disclaimer: i like to watch consoomer youtubers to curb my cravings for needless consooming)

i hate that fucking blowup doll face hopescope makes in all her thumbnails so much. that combined with that trashy blond/pink hair makes her look so trashy. it's sad because i think she's fun and i like that she's open about body image issues/feeling more comfortable when at the higher end of the healthy bmi range, but god. that fucking face.

No. 1361557

Don't know who this is, but I like her hair.

No. 1361560

I thought this about azzyland too

No. 1361562

I hate when youtubers have the exact same facial expression in almost all their thumbnails, it's disturbing.

No. 1361569

i hate thumbnails. it's a guarantee that any video with a thumbnail is too long, unfunny, badly edited, and the person talking is 90% "ummm" "and it uhhhhhh" "and i……[long pause][long pause][long pause]"
i honestly don't know why people use them, can't they see that it means your video sucks ass?

No. 1361570

samefag *still use them

No. 1361588

The "autistic person" vs "person with autism" debate. As an autistic person with autism and also ESL it just smacks me of Anglophone virtue signaling nitpicking.

No. 1361590

True, but instead of the long pauses I expect someone editing their videos in a way where the video is cut between every single word they say. This shit is now so common and headache inducing I don't even bother watching this shit.

No. 1361591

Actually Western "disability activism" as a whole is a fucking joke taken over by attention seeking munchies who would rather yell at people for saying "stupid" or "crazy" or for not wanting to deal with NPDs or ASPDs or for questioning the legitimacy of some tiktok kid's Sans and Reigen alters. And of course the very convenient sidelining of physical disabilities, unless they're easily fakeable by said munchies.

No. 1361595

File: 1664746379383.png (268 KB, 638x361, 1640873819712.png)

The absolute FAGGOT that keeps posting Tamers12345 in The bad art thread! FUCK YOU!

No. 1361599

The new Marilyn Monroe movie. Similar to euphoria it was just an excuse to make porn, but the anti choice propaganda, the actual naked child in the beginning (ofc "they couldn't see anything" but there's still a nude child that was most likely running around in front of a bunch of grown men as well as the fact they also put an adult nude woman in the scene) it's so gross and could've easily done without

No. 1361600

I would never post it in the BAD ART THREAD because I'm not a FAGGOT LOSER!

No. 1361604

File: 1664747115203.png (67.11 KB, 480x270, foucault powerknowledge.png)

It's really not about the choice of words at all; it's about power. "Autistic person" is generally preferred by autistic people who support the concept of neurodiversity, whereas "person with autism" is used by those who subscribe to the disease model of autism. In the case of the latter, this discourse is deployed to support a larger economic body which has a vested interest in controlling the narrative surrounding autism. (E.g. Autism Speaks)

Pic related

No. 1361688

the fact that such a travesty got a 14 minute standing ovation at venice proves hollyweird is not living on the same astral plane as the rest of us

No. 1361692

The internet is honestly a game changer in how women can develop an understanding of men. We've always known about their violence and misogyny, but most felt comfortable assuming it was only a minority of psychos and most men are decent. Now? We have complete and unfettered access to men's private thoughts, whether they're normies or basement dwellers. We can see 'locker room talk' for ourselves, the horrific things they say about women and sex and relationships that they would never admit to our faces or maybe in person at all. The porn addictions, the radicalization, the sheer hatred of women is so self evident at this point you have to bury your head in the sand to keep up the illusion that we're even remotely compatible with moids.

No. 1361741

i don't know what the other anon is chimping out about, this is absolutely something that happens. you can literally be going into psychosis but as long as you're quiet about it no one gives a shit, even if you seek out help people will still treat whatever problems you have as non-urgent and diminish them unless you throw public tantrums. the moids that usually throw those tantrums terrify everyone else and often times are abusive, yet they're still coddled and their actions are endlessly excused because look! obviously he can't help it! protect the poor mentally ill baby!

No. 1361855

File: 1664768663461.png (336.49 KB, 397x280, hate.PNG)

Holy fuck nonnies I hate sportsfags. It's the start of the season and I live near the stadium. We live downtown in our city for work and because we didn't have a car until recently. Every Sunday in the fall there's insanely loud tailgates outside our apartment, people everywhere, traffic is held up for over an hour and multiple streets are closed. I can't complain on local pages because all sportsfags say is "huuurrrr don't live downtown we're a sports city, get over it" or "you're so entitled you should move away". I hope the stadium gets moved to a shitty suburb in the city and everyone fucks off. This has made me hate football way more than I used to. The fact that I have to plan my Sundays so I avoid the commotion downtown entirely is asinine.

No. 1361963

File: 1664781551619.gif (1.17 MB, 500x281, 2-152b05-83e1.gif)

I know it's not the weekend anymore as of now but I'm still extremely mad that the weekend thread was locked several hours earlier before Sunday ended. Didn't even get to say goodbye to everyone. I'll be seething over this for the rest of my life it actually ruined my day. Am also still mad several months later at farmhands for banning the leon poster.

No. 1361966

Cutting my toe nails. Hands are fine, but with my feet it's half an acrobatic performance and I also always end up poking the neighbouring toe.

No. 1361971

Just wait until it becomes more mainstream how men use tech to stalk women. Hubris will ultimately be what destroys them from all angles.

No. 1362018

It's very interesting to see the dichotomy of what males and females think of each other.

No. 1362033

File: 1664786563936.jpg (38.63 KB, 564x752, 195-A423-E79-I0.jpg)

When I finally think of a reply to a post almost half a year later since the post was made. If I don't reply to your post just remember that my brain is slow.
Also hate having to shit right after taking a shower (and it's usually diarrhea)

No. 1362172

I sometimes remember I didn't thank this anon or that anon for giving me advice some months ago, and then I start to wonder if it'd be weird just bringing this up months later.

No. 1362516

I hate the word gubernatorial

No. 1362520

When I wake up with one of my titties out of my shirt. Even worse when both have escaped in the night.

No. 1362547

"my mutuals are my friends uwu" socially maladjusted tumblr and twitter tards who think liking and/or sharing a few posts (usually those too shared from other users) is inherently meaningful and unfollowing is betrayal. if you're a legal adult and you act like this you seriously need to go actually interact with humans in real life.

No. 1362549

i hate this. ill sleep like shit and then wake up and see its from my shirt riding up. sometimes i take my clothes off in my sleep because it pisses me off so much and then I'm confused when I wake up naked lmao

No. 1363019

When I try to make bread but I let it rest for too long so it tastes like alcohol

No. 1363023

I feel like most people nowadays are super socially stunted especially after the pandemic was over. Everyone is either too clingy or thinks any social interaction outside of your already existing group is creepy

No. 1363071

People have definitely gotten way ruder as well

No. 1363110

File: 1664860656580.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1899, 9283DFB2-66F8-43EB-ABCE-EA28A1…)

Please go read the replies to this article. It’s mainly Boomers/Gen-Xers literally going “kids dumb all they do smoke weed and watch phone.”
It’s not one or two students, it’s an entire class failing and they somehow turn it into blaming the kids. Not to mention, the professor is 84 and who was previously retired, he clearly has lost his teaching abilities/skills or wasn’t able to adapt into online blended courses. Besides, students were shocked to find out he was fired, they didn’t petition or ask for that.
I hate the way older generations are so dismissive of any problems regarding young people, they’re so horribly judgmental and generalize all valid issues with their own personal vendettas. I hope I’m not as bitter as them when I’m older.

No. 1363118

If a whole class fails because of one teacher you know they’re an asshole

No. 1363121

File: 1664861386318.jpeg (674.41 KB, 2048x1666, 4E62F46C-7CA7-40E1-B0D5-8B926D…)

The troonification of Jessie Pinkman
He does not deserve this

No. 1363128

Really? I think it’s hilarious

No. 1363139

File: 1664862542848.jpg (44.91 KB, 475x409, ghoul.jpg)

Yeah that prof had to go. There's nothing honorable about making one's class so unreachable that little to nobody can pass it, then waste young people's precious time and money to sate the ego. Even if zoomers really are that stupid due to covid or whatever, a great educator can still find a way to break things down and train for the basics–not to expect A students–but so they can at least pass and understand.
It says he recorded some lectures but so fucking what? Definitely not hands on, more like he was trying to dodge answering questions or being asked to elaborate. It doesn't mean he teaches well or that his pedagogy isn't all cobwebs. Also lol @ the little kissass TA defending this shit "but but the resources!" hahahaha. Workloads for classes have tripled, students now need to be working at least part-time to afford some food and toiletries, and all so they can start post-grad with thousands in debt right off the bat–but sure, let's also pretend all students have several hours of spare time a day per class to ebb and weave into pages of resources just to find one (likely incorrect) vague explanation of something only part-relevant to what they were originally searching for.

Every college department has profs like these. They mistake their lack of talent to teach as legitimate gatekeeping of higher academia. I had my fair lot of profs like these, always willing to dish out bad grades on a whim and act superior for it. This was over ten years ago.
Gen X and boomers also hated these types of profs when they were younger too, the difference is now they side with the behavior because it's more convenient for older gen to be lazy assholes and look down on anybody who doesn't agree.

No. 1363151

>dress like a man
Why are troons so sexist

No. 1363152

it's honestly fucking annoying why do tifs keep attaching themselves to media they would otherwise find problematic

No. 1363156

They think it makes them "edgy" and "interesting" but it doesn't work when they still act just as retarded as the average mid 2010s Steven Universe fan.

No. 1363157

some people should have just stayed steven universe fans tbh, at least they were contained within their own autism sphere

No. 1363159

There is a PG-13 version of that called Not Even Bones. It is a trilogy fantasy series with two murderous manipulative assholes with fucked-up tendencies. They are teens, so no sexual content, but the emotional abuse and fight scenes are satisfying.

No. 1363178

File: 1664868636194.jpeg (5 KB, 306x165, images.jpeg)

I hate how I can't see Halle Bailey as the Little Mermaid and not for the reasons you think. The woman looks like the creature from Splice

No. 1363181

same, also reminds me of the succubus from vhs whos forehead splits open lel. i cant watch anything with her or anya taylor joy, its too distracting

No. 1363182

i think it's fitting since she's playing a fish. the animated version had wonky eyes too.

No. 1363192

Yeah this is literally the reason why women with autism and ADHD go underdiagnosed, I'm not even kidding. Previously it was thought that those disorders mostly affected men but surprise, turns out that women are just as likely but because they're conditioned not to act out they internalize and cope and go without help for literally decades as the average age for getting an autism diagnosis for a woman is closer to 30 when they've already been traumatized, isolated and ruined by years of depression, anxiety and lacking proper methods to take care of themselves. Because male patients throw violent tard rages and harm others they're much more likely to receive treatment, understanding and accommodation. Meanwhile women just suffer in silence and go through their lives not understanding what's wrong with them and blaming themselves for things out of their reach.

No. 1363217

>the average age for getting an autism diagnosis for a woman is closer to 30 when they've already been traumatized, isolated and ruined by years of depression, anxiety and lacking proper methods to take care of themselves.

Literally me. I am diagnosed with ADD but I also think I might have some very slight autism. The person who diagnosed me ruled it out because he was using the criteria for a male child when I'm a 20something female. Also, I live in a small town in a 3rd world country and doctors here are absolutely dogshit. I've tried to get medicated but it seems they don't even believe in ADHD/ADD and think it's just an American thing. I'm losing years of my life to this and don't know what to do anymore.

No. 1363225

Same here. I was diagnosed with ASD not too long ago and it all fucking made sense.
Growing up I had few friends, got made fun of for being weird, mum didn't give much of a fuck until I started getting regular panic attacks and then she started coddling me and treating me like an inept retard whereas my dad blamed me for my own bullying because he "wanted to be fair and objective". I felt like the whole world was mocking me and the people who were supposed to care missed the mark by a longshot. I'm also from a 3rd world country and was poor even by local standards, now I'm doing alright financially but I'm so fucking lonely and keep ruining my romantic relationships because I don't feel like I'm good enough for anyone and feel deep shame for just existing.
Every interaction with another human being now is like being sent back in time to when girls laughed at me on the playground for "running weird" and then telling me to stop being an NLOG because I'm not special or worth talking about when I confronted them and told them to stop laughing behind my back. I go to therapy and keep being asked why it matters to me what others think. It matters because all my life it mattered and I'm scared of getting ostracised, betrayed and bullied even at my old ass age.

No. 1363228

You reminded me of when my cousin from a 3rd world country tried to kill his first wife (she's doing ok and divorced asap) and himself because of schizophrenia and the only reason he got diagnosed and takes meds is because my uncle has enough money to take him to a private mental hospital. Yet nobody told his current wife that he's a potentially dangerous schizo because it would bring shame to the family. As if she doesn't need to know she could be murdered in her sleep if he keeps not taking his meds. And as a result their son has some undiagnosed mental retardation and my family abroad thinks he's just a little stupid.

No. 1363387

I fucking hate cheating and people who actively try to seduce people in a relationship and then say it's not their fault bc they don't have any obligation to that person's partner.

No. 1363404

The director legitimately liked her voice though and casted her based on that after seeing her perform at an event.

No. 1363546

File: 1664900189418.gif (2.02 MB, 498x371, squidward-daring-today.gif)

>oh i just never really FELT like a woman you know i'm just like a PERSON who's not like confined by gender stereotypes cause like i cut my hair short

No. 1363964

File: 1664919027094.jpg (159.41 KB, 800x716, comic1.jpg)

Gender euphoria. What the hell does it even mean? Every "meaning" I find is a stupid word salad that just screams accept my delusions or else. All it tells me is how much these people are obsessed with stereotypes. Pathetic

No. 1364341

I hate English speaking pkmn fans, fuck them and their bullshit.

No. 1364350

months having different lenghts. there is absolutely no logical reason for it.

No. 1364356

yes, ofc I use metric like a normal person

No. 1364359

the fact that 6' is 183cm and not 180cm. it's so idiotic it triggers my autism

No. 1364365

So true it pissed me off so bad when I found out it wasn’t 180cm. This is why the metric system is superior

No. 1364368

This, also the Fahrenheit system fucks with my brain because for Celsius the point 0 is the freezing temperature of water which is logical and easy to interpret, but Fahrenheit? Makes no fucking sense. 0 degrees celsius is 32 fahrenheit degrees? 10 degrees celsius is 50f? What a broken scale, it pisses me the fuck off and I hate having to convert for my burger friends.

No. 1364372

Exactly. I’ve seen a few burgers try to defend the Fahrenheit system by saying that when it’s 80F that means it’s 80% hot I was dumbfounded at how stupid that is it doesn’t make any sense
80F = 26C how is that 80% hot?!?

No. 1364391

>tfw live in a country with the metric system and am a big fan of it but still can't figure out heights in cm

Feet and inches is the only measurement that helps with visualizing height, and it doesn't work with measuring anything else. Oh except dicks, inches only.

No. 1364568

File: 1664972182613.jpeg (257.97 KB, 1242x701, 44322C32-6DCC-4E1E-8261-7A593C…)

I hate pickmes.

No. 1364578

A few years ago I started a new medication where constipation was a side effect. A week into taking it I'm getting pretty uncomfortable. I'm drinking strong coffee and hoping to get things moving. Tmi but it was one of those situations where you know the poop is right there but it won't budge. I ask my (then) bf what I should try and he offers anal as the solution..

No. 1364581

the fact that she got more likes, ew

No. 1364596

My jaw dropped. I can’t believe men are real what a bunch of disgusting porn-sick moids you were in pain and uncomfortable and he still managed to think about his own sexual desires. Even as a joke, it’s gross and inconsiderate. Thank god you dumped him I hope he’s miserable

No. 1364608

He wanted shit on his dick???

No. 1364660

I hate that whenever I see some funny post on reddit and click on it there’s always someone in the top replies trying to be witty or make clever jokes, they are never funny and they try too hard
I hate you redditors

No. 1364868

File: 1664989432420.jpeg (78.86 KB, 557x551, images (7).jpeg)

Future funk. A moid made me listen to it. He obnoxiously banged his head to a generic uguu beat and went "this is really good music." In the middle of the listening, (tolerating) I heard an anime girl moan or screech somewhere in the beat. What Ive heard and saw that day was so repulsive and cringe.
pic rel

No. 1364869

hope this cleanses your mind

No. 1364872

Oh my god, same. It's so fucking dorky and you can tell they're some kind of wiseass. Any kind of banter on reddit is always so cheesy and unfunny. Even more annoying if there was some sexual undertone. Everything about that site disgusts me.

No. 1364891

Manga that is "This cute girl looks like X but is actually Y?!?" it's such a lame and cope-tier premise for easily threatened moids with extreme modnna whore complexes who want their cake and eat it too. Especially if it's some garbage that depicts a woman who's mature, sexual, self-assured, assertive and confident and goes don't worry reader, that's all a front. She's actually a super young, shy, submissive, naive, non-threatening, low self esteem, inexperienced, virgin who blushes and melts at the mere touch from the MC who has the looks and personality of a saltine cracker, she just happens to act and look like a slutty porn archetype. It's just so shitty and infuriating to see this be the norm, and be heralded as the peak of romantic manga.
I also hate that other than Super Baby there are no manga featuring gyaru outside of highschool.

No. 1365010

You just described My Dress-Up Darling and why I hate it, even more so because it's done by a woman and marketed as a josei romance manga.

No. 1365049

Deadass saw aidens post the part where Jessie says “heil hitler bitch” and get into an unironic argument about whether Pinkman is problematic

Breaking bad becoming a meme has been a blessing and a damn curse

No. 1365102

I hate when anons announce that they showed a cow to their boyfriend. No one cares what your Nigel thinks about cows.

No. 1365111

i hate that breaking bad became a meme, zoomers arent funny and run jokes to the ground i am so angry they made hank's death a meme

No. 1365131

Kek, exactly. To me it's a subtle way of trying to say "not all". Outside that, i think it's fucking disrespectful to insert your boyfriend when hanging out with women, i can't stand it. I'd say it's worse irl when you can tell that their bf hates us all and blatantly feel uncomfortable being around women he doesn't want to fuck. I am sure most nonnas bfs would hate a lot of us here. I wonder of they show us hating on moids too and try to convince them we aren't talking about them.

No. 1365134

Omg spoiler alert. I am in the middle of watching it and i don't use social media. Jeez..

No. 1365141

Or when anons brag about their BFs not finding cows fuckable… time and a place ffs. A female only imageboard should be a reliable place to go to not see male preferences being lauded as something important.

No. 1365183

Holy shit do people still do this? I remember when I was more into following weeb cows and PULLfag refugees would always blog about how ugly their boyfriend finds the cow. Good god that's originally why men were banned from lolcow, because they kept posting about how fuckable they find each woman like we gave a shit.

No. 1365199

I hate when anons announce that they "peaked" their Nigel and that he's a "based terf". I don't mind if it's a story about a female family member or friend, but no your Nigel isn't special, not gc nor a radfem.

No. 1365200

Yeah making everything about sex is just weird, creepy behavior.

No. 1365263

i hate when someone posts a screenshot and a million anons are like "yew didn't crop out your pfp" "omgzzbbq your pfp is SHOWING, nonna"
90% of the time it's someone else's crop they're reposting. this isn't a website exclusively for retards so generally you can assume a pfp isn't the girl who posted the cap.

No. 1365275

How long does it take to use paint to blot out one part of an image? C'mon.

No. 1365276

i showed my mom that rodrigues family where the mom starves the kids and she yelled at me
it really scared her.

No. 1365277

Many times there have been anons who accidently posted their profile picture. It's not bad to at least tell them it's in the photo in case it actually is them.

No. 1365311

it is annoying when everyone assumes it's the nona's pfp. saw it recently next to a link to the literal twitter post/user they got the jpeg from who was posting caps. couldn't have been cleared it wasn't the poster's pfp

No. 1365386

No. 1365408

Second anon you tagged, I'm not sure what the point is. Like I said, it's not bad to assume and let them know because many anons have left their actual profile pictures in screenshots.

No. 1365447

you know what i really fucking hate, its the damn circles for hands. yeah i know its supposed to be cutesy and a visual shortcut like halfmoons for ears but the circles for hands make me froth at the mouth

No. 1365616

File: 1665034500993.jpg (60.25 KB, 1024x576, Fortuna-1024x576.jpg)

I am tired of anime moms looking like some schoogirls. I wish popular anime actually put effort into drawing mothers. I loved Spy X Family manga back in the days, but watching the anime I am feeling so tired of seeing the way how much of a "uwu perfect moeblob" Yor is. I guess its that hard to draw mature characters. Picrel is mother from Re Zero.

No. 1365626

ntayrt, haha its true it probably warranted a spoiler, but also kek nona the show ended almost 10 years ago

No. 1365993

I hate troons claiming that trans existed since the stone age, by bringing up evidence of scientists discovering an 'obviously' male skeleton buried with women's jewelry or some bs about discovering that men drank women's urine and claiming that it was 'obviously used like HRT' and why someone would be retarted enough to bring that up as evidence is beyond me. Though there were probably mentally ill perverts even in the cavemen times, I'll give you that.

No. 1365997

This artstyle looks like shit. I feel like I'm going insane when I look at newer anime because it all looks so fucking bad and wobbly and off-center and like such shit. How do people subject their retinas to this? Can people seriously ignore the shit design? Do they just not care? It's so beyond me.

No. 1365999

The worst is when they claim that female warriors and women who dressed in masculine clothing were trans. See: Jeanne D'Arc

No. 1366173

I redownloaded Facebook just to see check up on some old friends I don't have on other social media and I'm already annoyed by it doing shit like autoplaying videos when I have it set to off (also despise autoplay of videos while scrolling) and always pausing external audio while it's open so I can't even listen to music if I want to go through the app. Fuck that social media platform and fuck Zuck.

No. 1366289

It's not though, it's published in Young Gangan, which is a seinen magazine. That it got a horde of female fans is just the same phenomenon as it is with all the popular seasonal coomer shit.

No. 1366352

I hate people who are overly naive and gullible as adults.

No. 1366499

that fucking song that pixielocks has been putting in her videos for the past decade, god i hate it

No. 1366513

When men say gender euphoria they mean they are turned on. Since troons deny agp exists, they came up with this bs term to describe their sexual arousal at thinking of themselves as women.

When nbs or ftms say it, they just mean really happy or someone validated my delusion.

No. 1366522

i've sperged about this in one of the mtf threads but i also fucking hate this. I used to do research in bioarchaeology and people in my research group would suggest hypotheses like this. and like yeah, you want to throw all suggestions out there when there is no written evidence. but they would hang onto it like it was the only explanation. sometimes humans do shit just for the sake of doing shit, that can be seen in a lot of prehistoric archaeology.

sage for sperg

No. 1366525

Several years ago, I was in lobby waiting for a play to start and my mind drifted to trans women. I was thinking, "I hate them so much, they aren't women, they'll never be women, I don't understand why other people think they can be women…but they aren't doing anything wrong. They aren't hurting anyone. They are just living their lives. Maybe I'm just prejudiced. Maybe I should work on that. Maybe I should try to be more accepting." And then I like was "Nope. Fuck them all. I'm just going to be an unrepentant bigot until I die because a man can never be a woman."

Of course as the years went on, I learned that troons are actually dangerous and hurting people, but that's not why I hate them.

Anyway, long story short, I don't have any gendie to show and I am so sorry for giving the impression that I did.

No. 1366555

unfathomably based

No. 1366714

File: 1665134801703.jpeg (180.48 KB, 828x1792, 1462E2A8-B50F-4144-BE56-A3F856…)

I hate taylor swifts bangs

No. 1366729

It's not even bigotry to believe in reality. Furthermore they could all be perfectly innocent and harmless but it would still be untrue to say that they are or could ever become women. Even simply just allowing people to deny reality and make up untrue things en masse is extremely dangerous in the long run. They ARE hurting women by insisting men can stop being oppressors(men), and instead become oppressed(trans women) by the very people they oppress(women). It doesn't matter if they don't mean to do that or if they're generally a nice person living their life, what they are doing IS still harmful. To say they're not is like saying a nazi "isn't hurting anyone" because he isn't out actively murdering people and is just walking around in his swastika printed tshirt, the ideas he promotes are still harmful and people who see him may know what it represents are justifiably become unnerved and scared.

No. 1366731

File: 1665136532903.png (903.63 KB, 882x1323, Taylorswift .png)

Big agree. She cuts them way too thick and wide. It looks weird and too much of the volume of her hair is going to her bangs. Look how tiny these braids are. Her hair used to look so thick. Not even saying that because it was curly. Even when she straightened it, you could tell she had a lot of hair and it looked amazing. Now it all goes to her bangs and it doesn't suit her at all imo. Wispier bangs would look so much better

No. 1366732

I wish these fucking nerds would stop whining about the mario kart movie literally who cares who gives a fuck its a movie about a nintendo game omg grow up this movie wasn’t made for you it’s a kids movie you’re 35

No. 1366739

Maybe its not as thick because she’s going more “natural” because she used extensions before and took them out? That’s the only explanation I can think of besides being an anachan which she was for a while.

No. 1366745

That's true. I didn't consider that. She was super tiny for a while and her hair definitely would've fallen out at least a little from being that underweight. I think that was right around when she cut it short during the 1989 era, which makes sense now in retrospect. I don't think thinner hair would look bad on her if the bangs were less wonky looking

No. 1366759

it's annoying too because with many of the examples they give of transgender people in other cultures they usually identify as and are perceived as a "third gender" (typically just men acting as women) rather than there being a push to see them as actual women because that's just delusional. but this is conveniently ignored. it's also irritating when they use trans people in countries where homosexuality is illegal as a way of proving the validity of "transness". essentially, this kind of transgenderism is very new. it's uniquely narcissistic and denying of reality. and it's especially retarded to compare it to being gay. sexuality is something that concerns another, it is about an attraction to an external person. it makes sense for it to be innate and diverse, and it is not an "error". to be transgender only concerns oneself and one's own perception of gender, which is bound to change with culture and time. just insane how people don't give much thought to it

No. 1366771

The thick bangs with the skinny braids makes her head look really big at the top. I'm sure it looks nicer when it's all out though.

No. 1366878

>mario kart movie

No. 1366962

I hate when a woman does something or acts in a way that nonnas don't like and she gets labeled a pickme. I saw someone telling a woman to get vocal lessons because they didn't like their voice and though she was faking it/was conditiones to speak like that. You are just giving more power to men.

No. 1366970

Is it just a high/girly voice?

No. 1366975

it's on the youtube thread, it just sounds like a normal voice to me it's such a dumb nitpick

No. 1367003

File: 1665165421830.jpg (8.24 KB, 258x252, download (2).jpg)

Sunscreens with a white cast. All sunscreens should be white cast-less by default.

No. 1367086

Films and tv series where they have disgusting cheesy music that’s supposed to get you all emotional but is too heavy handed playing over what are supposed to be important moments. It can be done right if it’s not overbearing, but 99% of the time it’s absolute shit and makes the film unwatchable. And I’m not talking about just any kind of music, music is generally a great way to set an atmosphere but that fucking specific type of music just ruins the film for me every single time. It’s even worse when there are never really any silent moments and they just have that shit running in the background constantly.

How the fuck am I supposed to take something that’s supposed to be impactful seriously when there’s some annoying fucking cheesy, faux sentimental piece going on in the background.

No. 1367140

You know who's giving more power to men? Women who put on an act to appease them instead of being themselves.

No. 1367175

File: 1665180039653.jpeg (67.08 KB, 736x736, 50A67E6D-4F6D-4D51-A40A-7C35D9…)

Hate when I look up skincare videos and this dr dray lady’s videos pop up. I am not taking advice from someone who looks like this

No. 1367178

NTA and I know that anon wasn't even referring to that but who is to say that women who don't fall in line with being traditionally feminine are automatically appeasing men? It's like you all forget GNC women exist

No. 1367179

I wonder how hard she'd cope and implode with the studies saying people who get sun have longer life expectancy than those who get minimal sun exposure. To the point that even smoking takes less off your life

She also seems like the type who bathes with her mom

No. 1367184


No. 1367185

why does she even care about life expectancy? her severe anorexia and other mental issues are gonna take her out soon

No. 1367189

File: 1665181090775.png (394.12 KB, 700x420, 99BA3645-2588-4F85-A71A-7B455F…)

side note what causes some anorexics to have that weird shaped boney chin & jawline with a comically big ass head? is it from bulimia?

No. 1367191

File: 1665181285647.jpeg (149.74 KB, 750x592, 0F22F8D0-57E4-4F7C-AF8B-B8C432…)

I also hate whenever I look up anything related to hair and this fag comes up. He looks so awful, whyy do women take advice from gay men?

No. 1367192

Nona, it's the shape of their skull.

No. 1367194

anon thats just the face shape they are born with. Its square so when they reach underweight it looks even more pronounced/square.
I noticed that being underweight looks really bad on square-faced people.
They should probably get some jaw shaving or jaw botox.

No. 1367196

>They should probably get some jaw shaving or jaw botox.
Or be healthy? Get help.

No. 1367198

File: 1665181732112.jpg (22.9 KB, 512x512, 6c666bfcbbc29a8825a18f432e0dce…)

Buzz lightyear
Be there or be square

No. 1367202

File: 1665181909258.png (40.41 KB, 420x420, Png.png)

Square faced people are disgusting lmao. Real life roblox faces with hypertrophy masseters

No. 1367205

When I was skelly due to an illness, not an ED, I had a disproportionally big head compared to my body like that just because I just lost so much muscle and fat. It's just how bodies look without a healthy amount of tissue on top of the bones.

No. 1367214

I hate men who go to easy-target Discord servers to troll girls as young as 12 ranting about BBC or Serbia or whatever flavor 4chan shit of the month. I hate seeing the server at large react with confusion and ignorance at what the moid spews from their keyboard and refuse to talk about what happened afterwards. It traumatizes girls and no one says a damn thing.
In one large server I'm in, even the moderation team is completely ignorant and thinks that the moids deserve "chances" and only complain when they say mean words and slurs, completely ignoring every red flag they give out as soon as they enter. I understand I know nothing about moderation but asking to someone who could easily be 12 "Do you like BBC?" should be an immediate ban. Is this normal now? I'm hardly an adult but I feel like I'm clutching pearls trying to scream at youngsters about the children. Friends who are girls some years younger than me, in person, say off hand how they were once "groomed on Discord" and get dick pics. I hate these people with a passion. My day was going so well until I got reminded they exist and Discord servers are full of ignorant young people who don't know even remotely what happens in /pol/.

No. 1367217

File: 1665184175796.jpg (Spoiler Image, 208.54 KB, 1824x1368, jawbonefrenchfries.jpg)

>jaw shaving
really anon? i'm sensing some kpoopies ITT

No. 1367226

Plastic surgery is evil but I desperately want an excuse to own pieces of peoples jawbones ngl

No. 1367232

Women who are pro-religion, pro-gender roles, anti-abortion, pretending that they are in any way feminists just because they hate trannies, or make misandrist jokes once in a blue moon. I’m sick of them trying to water down the definition of feminism so that they can call themselves one despite being the complete opposite of one. If I have to hear them shill being a housewife as ‘empowering’ or the bible as ‘pro-woman’ one more time, I am going to lose it.

No. 1367236

File: 1665185698099.jpg (23.11 KB, 540x360, boneposting.jpg)

Don't blow my cover, anon!

No. 1367245


No. 1367265

this. something related that bugs me - i’ve seen glimpses of some international dramas and for some reason i’ve noticed that some cheesy emotional sad music will play over some tragic scene and then randomly get cut off when it cuts to the next scene elsewhere. it’s jarring for me, who makes these decisions?

No. 1367295

that's the point, how do you know a woman is putting on an act for men? associating everything you don't like in a woman to pickme-like behaviours is just feeding into men's ego.

No. 1367316

Man I've watched many of his videos but I've never seen him work a real client like how Guy Tang did. Just makes tiktok and ANTM commentary (thats always watered down). Wonder if he secretly sucks ass at hair and just uses YouTube as a way to check out and cash out.

No. 1367461

The difference in connotation for himbo and bimbo. Himbo shouldn't mean "heckin wholesomerino doggo-like moid" it should mean a retarded manslut who's easy and dresses sparesly, I hate how one is inherently good while the other is bad. Hell, it's this difference in connotation that people unironically say "herbo" as the female equivalent to himbo.

No. 1367462

File: 1665202898351.png (450.49 KB, 1439x1523, Screenshot_20221008-061709.png)

Imagine you get Alzheimer's and your Nigel just cannot live with the fact that his pp not getting wet and he jus NEEDS a side piece…. Til death do us part unless my lil worm ain't satisfied.

Moids: not even once.

No. 1367470

how fucking pathetic is it that the bar is SO low, 6 feet under, that by the time I finished reading I thought "well at least he isn't discussing raping her as an option ". i was convinced that's where this was going.j

No. 1367473

big blog but this is literally happening in my family. my sister's grandma is dating a man who is married to a woman with alzheimers

No. 1367477

>wilton manors
of course…

No. 1367538

I think it's just difference in how women and men perceive things. Men will dehumanize bimbos for being slutty, while women will humanize a man who does the same. If women were into bimbos, they'd probably humanize them all the same.

No. 1367635

They do, why do you think the self-aware bimbo aesthetic is trending right now? lol

No. 1367938

File: 1665256151835.gif (1.39 MB, 432x242, 3452853ac841a85fc594782a0cf273…)

I hate mosquitoes so fucking much. What purpose do they serve but spread diseases and leave you itchy as hell? Sneaky annoying pests. Wish they go extinct.

No. 1368068

This actually happened very publicly with B. Smith, she was well-known for modeling and her cookbooks. Her husband did a big interview and got a bunch of sympathy when he had a much younger “girlfriend” living with him and his dementia-ridden wife who died shortly after her diagnosis. Like wtf, how is that not shitty as fuck? How is that acceptable? Alzheimer’s is tragic and it’s tough being a caregiver, but how is it acceptable to get a side piece because your spouse has a disease? Gross.

No. 1368069

People say they’re useless and they are to us but they’re a main part of a diet for many creatures. If we got rid of them it would fuck up the whole ecosystem

No. 1368077

my itchy asscrack is more important than the ecosystem so fuck them. they sometimes spread diseases anyway.

No. 1368145

when anons on this site assume a group of us or people on a thread function as some sort of hivemind or monolith. just because i just joined the conversation and slightly agree with some other nonnie does not mean i feel the exact same as a prior anon or that we’re even the same person. sweeping statements lumping a bunch of us together as if we are is just annoying.

No. 1368154

We live in the ecosystem dumdum

No. 1368171