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File: 1662061820002.jpg (495.46 KB, 1000x800, Seragaki.Aoba.full.1816280.jpg)

No. 1323436

Thread pic is the same anime faggot as anons requested
previous >>>/ot/1316468

No. 1323442

i hate this blue haired bicth

No. 1323443

Aoba kinda sucks but the games sex scenes are at least better than some others I've played, could still be more graphic imo

No. 1323448

Aoba is an omega fucking retard that can't do shit well but I think that's the charm he has for me. Not husbando tier, just relatable kek.

No. 1323455

Well there is a reason why he ends up as a sex slave in more than one ending.
Also why does it have to be so fucking hard to find translated dark yaoi games to download? I don't wanna pay for this shit.

No. 1323466

File: 1662063068398.jpg (149.65 KB, 1242x1222, 25fa6758ff09cb2b48c1b3cf55189d…)

I'll take komaeda over Aoba because all I can think about is his little bitch face when hes getting fucked from the anon who posted all the images.

No. 1323470

The sushi I ordered was a huge disappointment. My favourite sushi place is never delivering now for some reason, it always says they'll be open tomorrow but they never are.

I found one other good place, but after my first order they increased all their prices and now it's far too expensive.

No. 1323475

i have nothing against fujoshis but i seriously hate this faggot and game in general. the last thing i want to be reminded of is rape and bestiality fictional or not especially when im feeling upset

No. 1323483

Aoba will always remind me of my friend who cosplayed as him. I think it was either in middle school or high school, but it was years back. Man.

No. 1323486

This. I hate this op pic

No. 1323488

File: 1662064903132.jpeg (368.39 KB, 1280x718, 93CE040A-BFF6-4F0C-8D0D-0EFE53…)

Damn I was too late, I wanted to use this as an op pic kek

No. 1323494

My lower back is fucking aching killing destroying me I'M ONLY 23!!!!

No. 1323495

The only thing I hate about him is his stupid hair, would look much better if he didn't have that faggy mullet.

No. 1323499

Time to hide the vent thread until we get one with a better pic, kek.

No. 1323502

When I first used benzoyl peroxide I didn't feel it on my skin at all, which is weird because the information leaflet said a burning sensation is to be expected, most people experience it and it's nothing to panic over, but before that the only thing that has never burned on my skin was aloe vera, while even stuff like Nivea did. I don't really know how BP works, but I imagine it got through to where it really needs to because in the past few days it has started to burn and I feel uncomfortable. I'm so thankful for learning that short contact therapy works well too, because I can't wait for washing it finally off in five minutes.

No. 1323505

Weeding out the weak

No. 1323528

You might have anterior pelvic tilt nonnie, when was the last time you worked out your core muscles?

No. 1323533

OP thanks for the pic. I'm enjoying the butthurt, that's my vent kek

No. 1323535

Newfags don't know how to hide pics, point and laugh.

No. 1323536

If a guy lets me slap him on his face does that mean he loves me?

No. 1323537

I still love her deeply after everything she has done to me. I want to marry her…

No. 1323538

No. 1323540

It means he knows his worth.

No. 1323544


No. 1323547

Adults who regress into squabbling retards whenever they get together with their siblings genuinely disgust me, I lose respect somehow and I cannot deal with the childish voice and shrieking. You're fucking 30, stop being a brat. Maybe it's because I have always had a very distant relationhip to my sister and when we would fight, it would be serious and not some mindless bickering, I think you need some sort of intimacy to act a retard with siblings.

No. 1323551

you sound kinda bitter, just saying.

No. 1323553

File: 1662070493443.gif (272.36 KB, 200x200, 273164363_278735534447899_7803…)

would unironically do Aoba

No. 1323559

go on.

No. 1323563

No I totally can see why, but it's just very annoying to see and it would be okay if the person would be like lol we act like kids again but they insist they're acting very normal and not all childish. Good for them to have a relationships like those, but even as a kid it annoyed but I am very distant and in all honesty, kinda fucking autistic.

No. 1323569

I used it daily for months, never has any burning sensation, and also never had any improvement.

No. 1323573

File: 1662072755101.jpg (13.73 KB, 480x360, superaids.jpg)

Good luck

No. 1323588

having an intervention for my addict mother today n i’m shitting my pants waiting for the situation to hit the fan

No. 1323595

Holy shit, good luck anon, hope it goes well!

No. 1323601

Tell us how it goes later

No. 1323615

im sorry for introducing aoba to this thread nonna it was a moment of weakness

No. 1323621

you don't have to do the rape and bestiality if you don't want to, just fuck the robot guy or the green emo nerd (not the gay hair stylist guy he fucking sucks)

No. 1323637

Feeling sad and gross because I've been overeating/indulging in food the past few days because of family occasions/seeing friends. I haven't stepped on the scale but I am tempted but I know it will make me spiral. I don't want to go back to having an unhealthy relationship with food and my body, but I'm already teetering on the fence every day. It's so tiring.

No. 1323640

This except I hate fujoshis.

No. 1323641

if we can't avatarfag sonic then why are we allowed to avatarfag this blue haired fudgepacking woobie

No. 1323643

sonic was like 4 threads at once and didn't even try to make them applicable. the faggot in OP has been moaning and crying in every OP pic, suits both the thread and him.

No. 1323645

I fucking hate dissection lab and am tired of smelling formaldehyde. I still smell it even hours after I'm out of the lab. I hate that I'm doing this three days a week. I hate that I'll have another dissection lab next semester. AHHHHHHHHH

No. 1323647

It was my moms birthday today and she got super drunk, she ended up breaking the pull string bathroom light so we've just had to turn our power off. There's this big fuck off evil cunt of a spider roaming around my room and under my furniture, I'm deathly afraid so I had a panic attack to the point my body physically gave up, so I collapsed and threw up. All I wanna do is go to sleep but I don't want 8 little legs crawling up me, can't even sleep on the couch bc some hag is snoozing there. I can't take this right now nonnas

No. 1323648

Went shopping with my partner and I tried on some clothes in the fitting room and later on he told me an old lady who was standing outside fitting room with him said I'm pretty… it felt good at the moment but soon enough I became so anxious and paranoid at the fact that I'm not invisible and anyone can perceive me and form opinions about me. Idk maybe it's because I haven't interacted with anyone besides my partner for months and I didn't shower today and I looked pretty gross, idk… I really need to start exercising so I feel less conscious about my noodly body (can't do much about face except either learning to cope or saving up enough for rhinoplasty)

No. 1323657

I barely want kids, but the “35 year old box wine drunkard with no spouse who gets un-personed from society for the crime of not being a mommy” scare tactic is getting to me. Pathetic on my part because I have multiple successful “late” mother/childfree female relatives.

No. 1323676

I walked out of my shift tonight because they want me to do manager work for minimum wage. I told the manager THEY NEED TO BE HERE or i need to be compensated for filling in while being the only fucking server for 10 tables.
At the top of the rush; all tables sat i had the epiphany that its not worth it, at all. Even if these people are supposed to be family. I can run a restaurant and i am the only one with a lifetime of experience.
Fuck YOU pay ME.
Or not; i have a resume that will get me just about anywhere. Got me fucked up, thinking i would just take this shit.

No. 1323684


biology becky vs psychology stacy

No. 1323686

nobody likes me nobody likes me
eventually I just annoy everyone

No. 1323689

File: 1662085043882.jpeg (100.03 KB, 737x512, 6A5B2A6A-12CD-4E57-BB0A-9DEE08…)

I don’t even want kids at all, not even a little bit and it’s getting to me too. I don’t want to be lonely. Also every year past 30 I get more bitter and depressed and angry and hopeless. Not about moids—never had much hope there—just about how much being alive in general is a curse.
Also I hate anime/manga/weebshit. Kinda wish I could still enjoy it actually though, but after I turned 17 my brain flipped a switch and I despised it?

No. 1323690

PMDD is setting in. Feeling low today. I've wasted my life, and I don't think I'll ever be successful.

No. 1323691

I'm very proud of you for walking out Nona. That took real courage and you were 100% right to demand more for yourself. Good to see you know your worth. Hopefully this job shapes up and they compensate you, or you ditch them for greener pastures. Either way I'm sure things will turn out well for you! Cheering!

No. 1323692

For some reason I have no idea what the smell of formaldehyde is despite being a chemistry major

No. 1323693

Thanks i went from anger to sadness and i appreciate you sweet nonnita

No. 1323699

I'm such a freaking embarrassment. I shouldn't ever try to make jokes or be funny, or call attention to myself in a group. I'm literally the most shameful and boring, stupid person to ever exist.

No. 1323700

My best and closest friend had cut me off. I can't even try to talk to my other friends or make new friends because it's just not the fucking same. Socializing just makes me feel more alone and makes me miss her so much. I feel so lonely I don't know what to do

No. 1323702

I'm in a similar situation nonna. Good luck. I hope things get better for us.

No. 1323705

File: 1662086501122.jpg (45.92 KB, 828x824, FIzUP8gVkAAgEWb.jpg)

Recently I noticed that I'm a fan of being a fan, I often don't even care that much about the things I'm a fan of, I just love the connection, the part where I meet new people learn new inside jokes. I just love fixating itself, not the things I fixate on

No. 1323731

I don't like sad brown Flik it reminds of that part of the movie where he is exiled and I keep imagining the sad life he would have with the circus while the other ungrateful ants would probably be tortured by the grasshoppers because of his stupidity. Everytime I see this pic this is all I see, the sad circus life. We all know PT is an awful boss and Flik wouldn't be able to even rent a room with that salary if there is even one?? Not only that but the exile broke his soul, he wouldn't be able to invent anything else to ruin other bugs lives, and what would he say to the other bugs from the city? "I used to be from a colony but I ruined it so bad that they exiled me before some big ass massacre took part" I cannot imagine the pain of being an exiled ant. And then there is Atta who is incompetent what she is going to do after they BIG SPOILERS FROM 1998: smash the queen???? Thankfully that doesn't actually happen but what if it did??? Then what Atta?? Anyway that part of the movie legit made me cry when he was all sad in PT's cart. Thank God for Dot and her seed (which was actually a rock). She would've probably lead a rebellion against the grasshoppers if Flik was for real exiled, I'm sure, then Atta would be smashed next as Flik dies miserable in some can somewhere in Insectopia. Oh yeah, good movie.

No. 1323736

nonna i'm obsessed with you

No. 1323747

i just realized ive been greyrocking people since childhood, yet it still hasn't paid off. my brother is just twice as aggressive now.

No. 1323750

i have a meeting at 10 am, so like 11 hours from now, to talk about work i haven't even started yet that I had a whole week to do. wish me luck or whatever. im realizing that working from home unsupervised is really not for me but at this point i cant do anything about it and i want death

No. 1323753

File: 1662091249331.png (68.27 KB, 500x380, 1485330877241.png)

the guy I'm in a fake greencard marriage with was telling me about a girl he had sex with. we've known each other for like 3 years and he never talked about girls before. idk why because our "relationship" is totally platonic, but I feel kind of heartbroken and jealous?? I don't even have feelings for him either. I'm surprised he even got so into detail.

No. 1323757

dying to know more about the fake greencard marriage

No. 1323759

just don't have children. Every child of a green card marriage wishes that their mom had just stayed in her home country and been single and happy instead of having a child with a man they don't like. And they end up raising a child that's filled with guilt just for being born because their mom has given up so much for them and they need to succeed or it won't have been worth it. I mean haha do whatever you want

No. 1323766

Kinda sounds like he was testing the waters to see if you have feelings for him, to suddenly bring up a relationship to you even though his english isn't good. Is he cute?

No. 1323773

its another case of "the men in my country are irredeemably fugly and fat" again, like get a grip they're ugly and fat pretty much everywhere these days otherwise go find a unicorn in the sea of cockroaches because any attractive one will be rare but still mostly shit inside!

No. 1323778

File: 1662094184072.jpeg (134.8 KB, 720x1018, D533E908-8F19-4AB1-8DD6-D809DA…)

The only thing that's keeping me alive is my husbandos, they're the only therapy I can afford, I don't want to inconvenience anyone, I wish I was unhinged like the average person so I could just do whatever I want, I could wake up one day and just say fuck it, then I could grab someone's money and take a taxi to go to a psychologist or something.
I'm just so tired, I can't do anything without wishing I was dead or thinking that I want to kill myself, I workout, I have a healthy diet and I will graduate soon from uni, but I still spend the day wishing I was dead or that I could kill myself.
Everything makes me want to die, whatever I do, whatever I say, I just want to die, I've been like this for years already, I don't know what's making me think like this, I could be having a great time and I would still think of killing myself.

No. 1323781

File: 1662094559654.jpeg (2.61 MB, 1359x1997, A37D7B63-1797-4EA6-A305-86696D…)

Based. Keep waking up every day for cute anime boys

No. 1323797

I hate that my friends support troons. It almost never comes up but when someone brings up the topic I pretend to be clueless and I don't say anything. Yesterday a friend told me about girls she knows that I don't, about how one of them trooned out and dated a woman, how one of her bff since like middle school still keeps "misgendering" her and making small jokes about it and how she got told to knock it off in a very long text message by another girl like it was a good thing and not embarrassing. But my friend is so clueless about internet stuff that she's still a huge HP and JKR fan. Another one won't stop chastitizing us for liking HP because she saw a few clickbait headlines about JKR being supposedly transphobic. She never actually looked it up herself. I can't even escape that bs irl now.

No. 1323799

I can't stand it anymore? Anons putting question marks at the end of statements? They should kill themselves? Today?

No. 1323805

I'M SO BORED! Please, I need something interesting to happen!

No. 1323814

>I can't even escape that bs irl now.
you can, leave your shitty blue city

No. 1323815

My mom is flying out my way and seeing some family members she hasn't seen in 25 years. I'm not seeing her, I just can't forgive some things she's done to the point it makes me sick. They're throwing a huge party for her and I kinda feel like an attention seeking brat every time someone asks about it and I say I'm not going. Part of me wants to get wasted and put her on blast in front of everyone but part of me wants her to have a good trip because she's been through her fair share of shit too. Glad I'm getting out of the city this weekend when she gets here.

No. 1323823

My Ps5 controller just today started getting controller drift and it’s annoying as fuck, I just ordered a new one but I swear if it gets the same issue after a few months like some people say I’m going to lose my shit paying 70 bucks so I can play a fucking video game normally. It’s so scammy because I’ve had past controllers last forever that have gone through god knows how many fits of rage with no problem. Must be that marketing thing where they make shit shittier so they know people will have to keep replacing it.

No. 1323824

I'm not American, what are you talking about?

No. 1323827

File: 1662099701461.jpg (52.99 KB, 496x372, 90sPopUpAds.jpg)

God damn, are we really back to popup hell?
"SIGN UP FOR $5 OFF of orders over $50 but we won't tell you that until you sign up for our spam emails/texts"
It wasn't so long ago that adblock eliminated every single popup. I've tried installing browser extensions on my PC that eliminate all that shit but have yet to find one that actually works; I've given up trying to find something that works on mobile.
Unrelated but I hate when I'm typing a post on mobile and open another tab or two to look up something related to my post and come back to finish my post and it's fucking deleted reeee

No. 1323828

shitty blue/leftist/etc cities exist outside of america too

No. 1323829

My city isn't one of those as far as I know, or at least the left wong politicians care about actual left wing stuff like the environment/global warming, workers' rights, etc. It's not the city that's the issue anyway, more like my specific friends. Besides the troon thing I love them and we have so much in common. That's why it's so annoying, it's the only thing I can't tell them. The only people I know irl who actually hate troons are far right extremists who hate women, people who aren't white and the LGB, and since I'm a woman and not white, you can guess how I'd be treated by them. Or they're narrow-minded Muslims who would give me shit for being an ex-muslim.

No. 1323831

I was shopping online yesterday for the first time and so many stores had those stupid fucking SPIN THE WHEEL FOR YOUR DISCOUNT pop up multiple times like shut the fuck up im just trying to browse your shit

No. 1323849

I'm crushing on my coworker but I'm such a spaz I barely talk to him because I don't want him to notice and I'm scared of him in a way kek, today a small bird flew into our office and he wanted to catch it and I was the only person around so I helped him, we surrounded it from both sides next to a window, it was quite tired, I scared it from one side and it jumped right into the box my coworker prepared, and then he released it outside. It was so cute and I want to believe it symbolized something kek

No. 1323853

Idk what my grandma was doing trying to get me to agree my mom was a gross bad person because she was 16 when she got with my 38 year old dad (he's dead so all good.) He was an adult and her boss, she was her mother. To top it off she brought up the fact my mom's dad died when she was only 15 and that's probably why she wanted an older man while still blaming my mom for the whole thing. I hate getting older and realizing my family are all assholes kek

No. 1323858

Grandma is coping hard and trying to get you on her side so she feels better about failing to protect her teenage daugher. It really does suck realizing your family members can be terrible people.

No. 1323860

Haven't had a popup with uBlock Origin in years, exactly because Adblock started to not catch everything.

No. 1323868

I hope you managed to sleep, I hate spiders too (though I never threw up from it).

I bet that's not true. You're probably just overthinking.

No. 1323884

Jfc I am fucking raging!
Its 4am and I cant fucking sleep and this just put me threw the fucking roof. Ok, no more swearing.

My favorite video game gets a sequel. I, like any normal person, become completely obsessed with it. I fall in love with a pairing and end up finding a neat Discord that also loves the pairing. Great, funny people. Talk about the game as a whole. Reading wonderful fan fics. Having really interesting and in-depth conversations about characters and themes. Great. Perfect for someone that struggles talking to people.

Small problem. It is, of course, just a pretty SJW place. Never had much of a problem. Never had anyone yell at me for not including trans people every time I say male/female. You know the bullshit. It is like entirely bio women too. Couple of themies. Just have to look out for pronouns which are easy to find.

Now for why I am fucking losing it. They would tear someone apart for saying anything anti lgbt/trans or racist. But the great part is that they are like super cool with, idk, FUCKING RAPE FICTION. Some dumb piece of shit was bitching about someone elsewhere on the internet being upset that rape, grooming, and incest being on a smutty fic prompt calender. So I speak up and say, hey um that actually is super fucked up to be writing about people being raped. And, oh boy, did I get a talking to. Apparently, I am the monster here. I need to just not look at it. Its like free speech, you know. I need to be more accepting of everyone. Um, acktusally, rape victims use it for coping and healing, so kill yourself. I did give them an inch and said its a bit fucked to be into rape fantasies with consensual parties but I didnt care about that. No, no they were saying it is completely fine and healthy to be literally writing fan fiction about violent rape.

So that's neat.

No. 1323891

Have you played Sukisyo?

No. 1323894

Nta oh boy that anime brings memories

No. 1323900

Bleeding from both my butt and vagina

No. 1323914

File: 1662113652131.jpeg (16.95 KB, 639x480, images.jpeg)

Ruh roh?

No. 1323927

My company (game industry) is full of two-faced bugpeople. We market our stuff as being something by artists, for artists, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

First of all, the company leans heavily into AI vocals and music. We are starting to use AI to fulfil visual briefs. This technology we are using and shilling can and will eventually fuck up the lives and livelihoods of artists, including me, but no one in the team gives a shit aside from the handful of actually creative people in the design track. I feel surrounded and besieged by tech bros and woke HR/admin women.

If you're going to be woke, at least commit to it enough to realise that unregulated AI benefits the tech CEOs and punishes the workers, for fucks sake.

I'm literally supplying my creative labor to a company that doesn't respect that labour at all, but jobs are so hard to find and I can't just quit.

Over the past two days, I have had to listen to these dipshits actually laugh at stories of artists/illustrators/writers a) losing jobs and opportunities to AI and b) repeatedly call JK Rowling a transphobe because they regurgitate whatever pap comes out of the media.

I'm pissed and tired.

No. 1323931

I use Twitter for fanart/translated video game news and it made me hate troons. They’re insufferable, LARPing as lesbians and constantly crying about misogyny and muh wuhluhwuh. I’m starting to see them on other social media platforms too.

I thought this shit mainly happened with Genshin fans but its spread like a disease.

No. 1323934

Can we put up a picture of the cute robot next time? I love the cute robot.

No. 1323945

Which cute robot?

No. 1323951

I don't even like DMMD but I can't help but laugh at OP putting Aoba as the thread pic despite everyone having a meltdown at it in the previous thread kek, hilariously petty

As a Genshinfag I saw this happening years before it hit the Genshin fandom, it's just what goes down with every popular franchise now. Most of them don't even play the game/watch the anime and instead of just see a character they like and force their headcanon on it. With Genshin it's extra insufferable because the female characters are obvious coombait yet troons and the 15-year old wuhluhwuhs who will grow up into heterosexuals thinking that being gay is a phase just like they had are seriously claiming it's great lesbian rep and people thinking otherwise are misogynists.

No. 1323953

File: 1662118605660.jpeg (320.88 KB, 828x557, 9E799FB2-FED1-4930-A0D6-537CC1…)

>walked out of my job midshift after warning my boss Id quit if shit was not handled
>text owner of the business “if you want me to come back in, I am getting a raise.”
>no reply, but calls my friend to get them to tell me to come in for a meeting to discuss it.
My reply because I dont play mind games and dont deal indirectly;

No. 1323966

Man, business vernacular has really changed huh

No. 1323970

Not if youre referring to the restaurant business… thats tame

No. 1323980

anon gonna be CEO some day

No. 1323993

Theres a group of men who go around my small towns mainstreet in the summertime and they water a few flower baskets every morning. Afaik they're volunteers. Sounds wholesome? I always felt uneasy passing by them though. Last summer I really started to notice how they stand around (taking ages to do what should be a quick job) and they just gawk at passing women. Like really blatently watching women pass while standing doing nothing. Watching you walk away. They tend to be there at the same time alot of us are heading to work so it becomes this shitty routine that you have to pass them daily. One time in particular they were checking out a teenager in leggings. I did not get the feel that this girl was 18. She could've been 15/16 maybe but she sure had their attention. I've hated these fuckers on a new level ever since. You can't pass by them without the creep vibe hitting you. Even while volunteering.. men can't just be decent people.

Today I passed by them and a man old enough to be my dad made a big ott deal out of how he was making room for me to pass by. Then he says "May I bid you a good morning!" You what now? Spare me the faux gentleman act. If him talking to me today is going to be a new part of the routine.. I'm going to tell you to fuck off next time. I'm not doing this. I mean the kids went back to school today… why are you trying to flatter me when theres kids you could be oogling instead!

No. 1324004

File: 1662124029300.jpg (37.09 KB, 500x493, 43ef51c49439f467d0cb739fb5bf02…)

Are people so socially retarded these days that they can't seem to notice when someone doesn't want to be bothered? I've been really stressed and visibly angry lately yet people seem to be eager to chat with me/ask me out/ask me for things when all I want is to be left the fuck alone. I swear people never do that shit when I'm trying to socialize but oh noowwww everyone suddenly remembers that I exist.

No. 1324011

I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. I've spent a little time in the games industry myself and all these things stood out to me even within my short time there. It just seems filled to the brim with insufferable people and the field is way too competitive to boot. Plus, rather than being a dream job for creatives, it just seems soul-crushing for most of them.

No. 1324016

I sent my dad a birthday card a week ago and didn't hear from him. Sent him a text and never heard back. Tried to call. He lives 6 hours away so I checked the death notices just now to be sure. That's my relationship with my only living parent. He'll probably text me in about a week and tell me he was just on holiday with my brother and forgot to reply. That's happened before. He goes through phases where he wants me to be available but then he doesn't return that energy. I feel like a fool for even bothering. For rushing around to find a card that was meaningful.

No. 1324017

It only took me 6 ish years to finally see a doctor about my depression and during the entire appointment the guy feels dismissive and doubtful. I'm telling this guy I want to gut myself my chest is caving in constantly I have no contact with anyone outside of the family I live with for the last 4 years I sleep for 15 hours and he's like "mmmmm you might hab mild anxiety try joining clubs". I had to pester him for a counselling referral and medicine. If this is what speaking up to professionals feels like then I'm never doing this shit again. I'd rather suffer alone than embarrass myself like that. I don't even know if I want to see a therapist anymore.
I also really really really fucking regret telling him about my brther's schizophrenia I'm worried it will be used against me

No. 1324026

File: 1662126617659.jpg (38.32 KB, 720x960, 2c6caf654be842d13fb6d83acdac63…)

I sometimes wish it was easier for me to have friends, its always the same for me: I make a friend, we talk for a couple days and then they forget about me, I always thought that it was because I was just boring, but idk i just reread the conversation trying to find what i said that maybe was weird/boring but I just never find it.
Maybe im just totally autistic and lack self awareness /shrug but im so tired of being by myself and i wish i had someone to talk to

No. 1324039

It's some sad shit to see someone you were cool with turn into a deranged asshole, what the fuck happened?

No. 1324042

File: 1662127460329.jpeg (30.24 KB, 858x725, hateporn.jpeg)

My boyfriend think it's okay to watch porn because he only watches solo female masturbation. Am I insane or is that even worst than regular people having sex ? He's focusing his whole attention on a random hot girl while she's pleasuring herself I fucking hate it.

He knows I hate porn.

No. 1324048

If he were a single guy watching solo female masturbation scenes I would see his point but.. he's telling his gf that he watches other women masturbate. Not cool.

No. 1324049

I consider that cheating

No. 1324051

File: 1662127727481.jpg (97.48 KB, 592x888, 410d9d6ad4ddf3235f73707394bd5e…)

you know what to do anon…

No. 1324052

Nah you're right. Porn sucks and it WILL destroy his brain, males can't handle such an addiction

No. 1324053

break up with him. ew.

No. 1324055


I told him since he's focusing his whole sexual attention on random other women it felt like he's cheating on me, he looked at me likle I grew a second head.

No. 1324056


dump him nonnie hes not worth it

No. 1324059

Oh yeah, it’s weird how some people have all these official certificates and power over you, supposed to care for you when they haven’t gone through what you have. And male therapists are definitely not the best. Females can suck too, but the ones who understand and help the most are usually female, specifically older females. And yeah, I hate how they can access your medical records and whole life story. They can gaslight you, talk over you, put words in your mouth, and dismiss your words, as if you’re infantile. Honestly some therapists just suck ass, sorry nonna

No. 1324060

>somehow end up with FOUR FtM trannies in my class
>see one of them pop up on my social media timeline

No. 1324062

You should start talking about how attractive moid porn stars are (I know, but hear me out) and also make sure to mention how attractive their features are (make sure your moid does not have these features, so talk about how much you love their height or 6 pack or whatever, again make sure that if you do that your moid is short and doughy, etc). Neg the fuck out of him. Refuse sex more and more. Just make him fucking miserable. He deserves to feel it.

No. 1324064

File: 1662128227633.gif (8.27 MB, 640x640, 1801F4CA-5F13-4689-B2EE-281BFA…)

No. 1324065

men tell you how much they really feel about you and constantly say “fuck your feelings!” but women will continue to date them, truly astonishing

No. 1324066

If he's fantasizing about other women while being with you, and is aroused by women objectifying and degrading themselves, then yeah that's immoral and degenerate. You're being reasonable by being against that, so you should just leave.

No. 1324067

Having ARFID has made me loose all hope. Saw a reddit post on the support page for it about a guy’s 6 year relationship ending because she got sick of having to accomodate him.

I’m in bed crying and thinking about the day it happens to me/how it’s never gonna get better (I’ve failed treatment three times.)
I feel so alone.

No. 1324088

Me and my dad like all the same stuff and have so many tiny things in common but literally never speak. I also find him annoying to talk to, I get physically angry and annoyed with him. He talks like he has bad ping, there is a 5-10 second delay before he replies to you each time. And he interrupts me fucking constantly. And he has trouble dropping a subject and he likes to monologue. I used to think he was mean and didn't like me as a kid and now I see he is just lowkey kind of a weirdo

No. 1324089

I bet they don't brush their teeth

No. 1324105

I hate BTS fangirls so much. They're all so ugly, sad excuses for women. And I hate that I have to see them everywhere online. I hope they all choke on a boba and die(vpn hopping to sperg about kpop)

No. 1324108

An Indian guy moved in next door, and he likes to hang out outside my kitchen and bathroom windows while talking on the phone. I 100% don’t trust Indian guys because there is nothing they won’t rape and set on fire. I may have to throw a bucket of water out the window to scare him off

No. 1324114

>I hope they all choke on a boba and die

No. 1324129

i'm so tired of seeing performative woke posturing everywhere these days. it's so fucking exhausting. women aren't allowed to speak about anything that affects us. the gay community is overrun with braindead ~quirky~ heterosexuals and agp troons. how many more years of this shit?

No. 1324130

File: 1662132319749.jpg (69.7 KB, 667x651, 1659444908054.jpg)

um ok…

No. 1324136

I think women who hate other women for liking stupid shit have unusual internalized misogyny. Just say you don’t like koreans and go, McArthur

No. 1324138

its a vent thread, twitterfag. Just say hurr durr and go.

No. 1324141

that person doesn't really sound like a twitterfag but you do sound retarded and stuck in 2010

No. 1324154

File: 1662133109373.jpeg (106.82 KB, 851x677, E9644B7E-9BE3-44D0-BB2D-D59AD0…)

I’ve been speaking with a guy, super hot, touches grass, really thought I was punching above my weight here. Supposed to go on a date next week. Accidentally let it slip I’m a bit of a TERF, he says he doesn’t care what people do with themselves but then sends me long paragraph after paragraph telling me I’m wrong for thinking transwomen shouldn’t partake in women’s sport and how letting transwomen in female prisons is “so rare” I shouldn’t be worried about it.

This isn’t the issue.

I check out of interest who he is following on instagram to see if I’m his type, realise they are all tanned bleach blonde women with bolt ons, not like me at all… decides to google one of the women, it’s a chick with a dick. Notices a good portion of the women he follows are trannies. M’guy is a tranny chaser? Idk what to think, its funny but I feel grossed out.

No. 1324156

I used to cry and pray to God when I was younger that I wanted friends because I was so lonely but now the friends that I have are just so immature and drama fueled. My main friendship circle is falling apart and a part of me wishes that I never met any of them. I got really well with most of them, we had so many inside jokes and good memories especially during quarantine and I trusted them but after the equivalent of the world's worst Chinese whispers game I need better friends. How does one even make friends after university, should I reach out to other people that I didn't get super close by? I really will miss my main group because we had so much in common.
I guess never mix your friend groups or something idk.
How do people maintain friendships since school, it's not fair why was I bullied as a child how come my bullies get to stay friends together. Why couldn't I get along with people in my major.
Fuck this shit.

No. 1324158

I've been punching myself in the head lately. Whenever I get nervous or anxious I hit myself in the temple until it throbs. No bruises but my head aches now, even on the side that I only punched yesterday but not today… I wish I wasn't doing this. I used to just hit my legs and not that often anyway so this is a serious, sudden escalation. I used to be afraid of brain damage but I guess not anymore? Scary. I can't tell anybody or ask for help because I'll get locked up. I don't want to go to the hospital ever again.

No. 1324159

holy shit im so sorry for your loss anon. i wonder if he thinks them being trannies is a good excuse like a beard. i hope he isnt looking use you as a beard or trap you with kids then run off to be gay.

No. 1324160

nta but BTS are clearly uglier than regular koreans kek. they don't even look korean now, they're ayyliumfied

No. 1324164

I get what you mean. I started my fist online class today and when I saw my math assignment I began to start crying in anger and beat the upside of my head and arms with a febreeze can until my head throbbed and arms shake.

No. 1324165

I fucking hate shopping for fresh produce in supermarkets. Why is everything including a single vegetable wrapped in plastic? It's hugely wasteful and damaging to the environment and the vegetable starts rotting because it's sweating in plastic.

No. 1324166

Break it up with him, what the fuck

No. 1324170

wtf anons stop doing that, why

No. 1324173

You're either a scrote or a bitter pick-me. Why insult a women's appearance?

No. 1324174

I hate BTS fans because they are incredibly stupid women who are being taken advantage by companies whose only goal is to capitalize on their loneliness. You might think it's not that deep but I swear it is. Remember how in 2018 BTS did that survey to gauge what fans wanted to hear. Of course this survey found that BTS fans are losers who hate themselves, and then BTS put out a whole Love Yourself series right after, because they know they can get their insecure fanbase to buy into it. I hate how Kpop companies purposefully create obsessive fans. Like the type and amount of content they produce is there to make parasocial fans. Also the dating bans?? There is no other purpose for those other than to farm obsessive fans. And then the companies act shocked when their fans are obsessive losers lmao.

And I hate the women that fall for it. Have some more self respect. BTS does not know you they do not care about you. They only care about your money. That's all you are to them. They are profiting off lonely women. And their songs suck so bad. I cannot believe people actually argued that Dynamite deserved a Grammy. Please have some self respect I'm begging. BTS are literally a scam and it infuriates me to see so many women falling for it.

No. 1324176

Kill me without leaving a trace or make it look like an accident then?

No. 1324177

I look like garbage compared to this time last year. My hairdresser gave me a stupid angled bob and I feel middle aged. My ends are breaking off and my roots are pissy yellow. I got a Medusa piercing back in January to deter men but I just look dumb and crusty. I haven’t been looking after myself or grooming because I have been depressed. I’ve rubbed one of my eyebrows bald and picked holes in my face out of anxiety. I’ve gained weight from antipsychotics and a lack of self control, my body tone is akin to cottage cheese in a baggy condom despite working a physical job. Lithium therapy gave me what appears to be a permanent bulge in my throat from hyperparathyroidism. I’ve cut my arms up so badly this year that I can no longer straighten my left arm because of the tension in the scar tissue and it’s numb from the elbow down from the damage I’ve done. I can’t even tell when it’s being touched by something.
Everything just gets worse and it’s absolutely my fault. I just wanted to look like the character I kin but I look like their crackhead mother now. I can’t stand the sight of myself. Disgusting.

No. 1324178

The worst female alcoholics have children. “Wine mommy” culture exists for a reason.

No. 1324180

especially jimin. I swear the only girls that think he's good looking are yaoi bitches. His face looks like a farmers. Has the flattest nose and mouth ever. Probably walked into a wall as a child.

No. 1324186

The survey was made after the first installment of the Love Yourself series and Big Hit had been riding the uwu depressed softboi trying to get better since 2015 and the HYYH albums.

No. 1324190

True, I feel like that's how they got so big. Figuring out what lonely women want and giving it to them. Thats what the surveys are for no matter when they were done.

No. 1324203

is that really you're reasoning for saying they're ugly and that you hope they all die? people fall victim to predatory marketing that preys on their loneliness and psychological issues all of the time. why does this group of women who are just insecure deserve so much hate that you want them to all choke to death? bizarre

No. 1324204

I'm sorry things are so difficult for you nona. It sounds like you're trying to get help with therapy and meds and even trying a new haircut, plus you have a job too! so I'm really proud of you for trying to keep it together and do right by yourself even though it's not easy. Maybe you won't be able to have the exact haircut you want, but if you're unsatisfied with the way it is now then you can definitely get it cut again. Whoever your kin is, I'm sure you're the coolest/best/most canon one kek I hope that you have a good day and that things look up for you soon. Don't give up!

No. 1324206

This is a vent thread and you can go choke on a boba too

No. 1324210

your vent is retarded and should be shamed, and your second post was a poor attempt at a justification for your hatred for insecure women who have girlcrushes on popstars. go back to 4chan where you can shit on women for being too "ugly" to exist and having female interests

No. 1324212

I'd drop him instantly. Too many red flags especially with him sending paragraphs defending trannies and also being a coomer.

No. 1324214

everyday i sit at work and want to die. it's been like this for 3 years. i can't keep going on like this

No. 1324220

irredeemable. ghost him

No. 1324224

I posted yesterday saying my neighbors were screaming and that the guy had kicked the woman (and baby) out. I said that I fully expected this pattern would probably repeat a bunch of times.. the police are outside right now. They're escorting her as she collects the rest of her things. Please let this be it. They're only there a couple months and I'm sick of the aggro.

No. 1324226

Honestly I don't even hate all insecure women who have crushes on popstars. I just hate the ones who will go to bat for these ugly men online who are farming them for money. Whenever I see a cringe post about how BTS is someone's "shining light" or about how hard they are working, or showing how much money they've spent on useless BTS products. I hate the corporation and the men taking advantage of women way more than I hate the women who fall for it. This is literally a case of WOMEN being taken advantage of (financially) by MEN and you're telling me this isn't feminist? BTS are antifeminist and the fact that they were allowed to speak at the UN is insane. They are an enemy of women and feminism(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1324228

that's fine and i don't disagree about male popstars and korean scrotes and culture are pretty fucked but these women are just naive and insecure. not really something to hate them over for just liking pop groups they think are cute and whose music they enjoy

No. 1324232

File: 1662136794053.png (185.07 KB, 640x494, B8C17EC4-40D7-4EEC-90ED-D4FC18…)

Anon this made my whole week especially the kinnie part kek. Thank you so much, you are a kind sweet nonny and I wish you big happiness

No. 1324236

nice to see mods and jannies doing their job lately. I guess there's been an increased moderation with KF drama.

No. 1324237

nta but these same women are disgustingly misogynistic to just about any women those males they fawn over are seen with too. its disgusting. just weird all around.

No. 1324241

i can't tell if you misquoted me, misread my post or are making a joke about bts looking like women. i'm only the second post.

No. 1324251

It’s not 2019 anymore, kpop is dead stop sperging about it for fucks sake. Making fun of vtuber fans is the new hot shit

No. 1324260

What character nonna? From one depressed anon to another who isn't taking care of herself, I would like to listen more if you happen to still be here.

No. 1324262

File: 1662139542125.jpg (59.29 KB, 594x243, 1662139271516.jpg)

I've been comparing myself for years to pixielocks because I would like to see her as an example of what not to follow but this post in particular just hurt me the most right now. This is exactly what is happening to me. I can't hold a fucking job because I am afraid of going outside. I want to die, honestly.

No. 1324272

sorry mods I was just filled with rage momentarily but I'm over it now and I love you truly madly deeply <3(ban evasion)

No. 1324294

same here nona

No. 1324325

Lol get a job instead of raging over women

No. 1324329

File: 1662141986240.jpg (68.51 KB, 720x710, 1661003159327.jpg)

jannies becoming more based… ty jannies.

No. 1324331

File: 1662141996693.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 494.43 KB, 1546x1229, 13FB9561-FB6F-4AE9-9F29-321333…)

Ok don’t get grossed out at me for posting this but i bit through both sides of my tongue yesterday while I was having a seizure and this shit hurts so bad

No. 1324338

I thought you were a moid who was gore or porn posting but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what the fuck I was looking at.

Damn, I'm sorry though. Hope your tongue heals soon nona.

No. 1324342

Sorry for not spoilering >>1324331

>>1324338 Thank you!! My mom said tongues heal pretty well on their own so I’m hoping that’s true kek

No. 1324343

I thought this was some fucked up ear. Sorry about your seizures anon.

No. 1324346

Supposedly tongues are the fastest healing muscle / organ in the body but because of how much you have to fuck around and bend it to talk, it doesn't feel that way at all unfortunately. Are you okay aside from that? You didn't hit your head as you went down, etc? I wish you a fast recovery anon

No. 1324349

Thankfully I was in bed with my mom when it started! She just held me on my side but when she saw all the blood dripping out of my face she thought it was coming from my nose and that I was having an aneurysm, can’t imagine how scary that was for her.

I’ve been having seizures periodically for the last few years, but I’m hoping they die down soon kek. Thank you for the well wishes nonita!

No. 1324387

Truly, anon? Thank you so much. I’m sorry that you’re here in this horrid self-hating funk too. Do you want to share what’s going on with you at the moment?
My kin might be inappropriate to mention outright here but another anon posted him upthread. Are you kinnie trash too?

No. 1324427

I wish I could actually put myself in horny jail.

No. 1324432

File: 1662145733328.gif (1.65 MB, 265x200, 200.gif)

I took your advice and I said this to my manager and I tried to sound as dyplomatic as I could and she said you should never bring others when talking about yourself and compare yourself to others because that makes you sound stupid. I want to die. She also said she liked our first conversation better kek. I broke and I bringed something else she told me during our first talk (she basically said she's afraid that if she gives me a legit employment contract - now I'm working through an agency - and some more responsibility, I will break because I'm shy and anxious and she will have to find and excuse to fire me and she wouldn't want that). So I said I never ever took days off except when I had a terrible stomach flu and a high fever and I was always at work despite feeling terribly depressed and what she said is quite baseless and making up a hypothetical situation like that was quite offensive to me, and that if I ever had some kind of a mental breakdown that would prevent me from coming to work - which never happened before - I would just fire myself and go back to my home country and she wouldn't have to even think what to do with me. And she responded with saying that she can't rely on my promises and she can only think what's best for the company. So yeah that's it. She still said that I should give myself more time and "open up" more and I have a chance in the future. Fuck even my coworkers assume I'm getting a contract, one of them asked me today which team leader I will be assigned to when I get the contract, and I just lied I don't know yet. My manager told me she would prefer if I would not talk to anyone in our team about our conversation and the actual reasons why I'm not getting a contract. If any of my coworkers asked me about it, she said I can just say it was my own decision not to take it yet. Fuck I'm so sad I feel like a total fool

No. 1324433

Well the only anime boys in this thread are Aoba, Komaeda, and some guy from Genshin(?) so… could it really be…? Ko-chan?

No. 1324434

No. 1324440

nta, I didn’t even read the whole conversation until after I read this post and even before context all I could see was a woman who was totally spineless. Not job advice, but get some therapy and work on yourself so you can actually stand up for yourself. And by stand up for yourself I don’t mean this:
>hey boss I’m gonna stand up for myself
>oh ok let me get on the ground so you can walk all over me

No. 1324450

I was asked an opinion on strip clubs today, and I said they were degrading to women, and a pickme zoomer said that it was really empowering. Like, how can you say that when it falls right into the hands of the patriarchy under the false guise of "empowerment"?

No. 1324453

Dude I never worked among people before, I was homeschooled, autistic, I worked from home, this is my first time among people and I don't know how to behave. Yes I often feel like people are walking all over me but I have no idea how to change it. I have no time for therapy now tbh. I was in therapy for a few years in the past, I took various kinds of antidepressants and nothing helped me.

No. 1324458

I do this but I feel so disappointed when I leave no bruises

No. 1324508

my toenail is slowly breaking apart and falling off I am FREAKING OUT I cannot take my socks off because looking at it makes me disgusted and nauseous

No. 1324539

Do it anon. Never relax among all men.

No. 1324545

Hey anon, idk what country you're in but in most places you won't be hospitalized for self injury if it's not life threatening. I've known people who've gone to GPs with cuts that needed stitches while being open about it being self harm & still were able to go home after getting patched up. Something like head punching wouldn't get you institutionalized, if you can talk to a counselor about it please do.

No. 1324579

Holy shit I hate living here. I live with my family consisting of my parents, me and my siblings. They are all disgusting. I know the underlying issues are trauma and shit for us. But dear god, I live with hoarders who are jaded to their own filth. I have tried cleaning up after them but it has always been jsut me. I'm so tired of cleaning up after them.Theres so much mold and dog piss and shit because nobody but me would take him outside. I'm busy and trying my best to study and do work for school / trying to have a life so I can't always take him out but it shouldn't just be on me. I always have to clean it up. There's piss soaking the corners of walls that today I found small worms eating the soft wood. I'm so fucking tired of living here, I can't wait to finally graduate and get the fuck out of here I can't take it here anymore. It's so fucking disgusting and I'm tired of being a maid, even when I clean up after them they don't make an effort to help and just add on. It's so disgusting I hate it I hate it I hate it. I have a really normal nigel and I have oonly brought him over to my house a handful of times where I had to clean weeks ahead and stay on top of it. It makes me want to cry honestly, I can't have any friends over because of this, and I'm scared of making new friends who would want to come over and not believe the filth I live in. I'm so upset

No. 1324615

i know this is a few hours old but nonnie it's never too late.
i've had ARFID from a very young age, and failed treatment for over 20 years (in part bc my parents were negligent but irrelevant) until i started getting very ill. i had to commute to college. i never thought i would be able to leave home, but living alone in a new comfortable environment gave me the nerve to try to get better.
i'm nowhere near completely cured but i've made so much progress in a year, and you will too someday because i believe in you. the first steps are the hardest, i recommend trying to make the environment around you as comfortable as possible and try to avoid putting pressure on yourself.
side note, even if you like the taste of something you try, you may feel sick afterwards, because the new food is a shock to your microbiome. this goes away for me after trying something 5-7 times give or take.

No. 1324617

Good god the lesbian thread is full of whiners. Stop looking at Tumblr if it pisses you off. I shouldn't have to tell adults not to touch fire because it's hot

No. 1324628

Yeah. I don’t think anyone was under any illusion that I was an attractive person, but nonetheless it’s somewhat embarrassing to be a stereotypically ugly and unstable Koma obsessive.

No. 1324634

It's good to see you're still alive & kicking, even if things aren't going great for you right now. I've been getting into DR recently, I will definitely be thinking of you when I play the second one.

No. 1324644

Aw, I'm glad you're still here Ko-chan.

No. 1324666

>should never bring others when talking about yourself and compare yourself to others because that makes you sound stupid
Lol I hope you realize this is complete bullshit. It's just an excuse because you have a valid point and she has no way to refute it. I had a manager who was like this. Whenever you would point out some stupid decision he made, he would try to flip it over and make it seem like you're the one being stupid. Needless to say, nobody liked him very much.
She also wants you to keep quiet because she doesn't want others to find out she's fucking you over. If your coworkers found out, they wouldn't agree and this could cause problems for HER for being biased and unfair.
Anyway you have the power now. You can choose to expose her and make her look bad, maybe lose your job I guess, or shut up and keep your job. If you're gonna expose her remember to secretly record her.

No. 1324671

I want to love. I want to feel loved. But I'm too afraid that if I open up to someone bad things will happen.

No. 1324704

I promise you, opening up to the right person is worth it.

No. 1324713

We work with mobile phones and we're not allowed to bring our own phones in our department or any other electronic devices so recording her is not possible. I really want to tell about it at least one of my coworkers (the one who asked me about my team leader) but I'm afraid she won't keep it to herself even if I ask her. Right now I can't allow myself to lose this job. But even if one day my manager offers me the contract, my dream is to refuse and tell everyone what I really think about her and everything that happenned there, and then leave kek. I hope to have better alternatives until that time. For now I'm just saving my money.

No. 1324726

nonas im scared. and please dont make fun of me. im walking in my room right now and it feels like i am in an elevator, or im walking on stairs without the stepping element. i dont know how to explain, im still walking in circles right now and it feels like my floor is tilting or it has different levels yet i am walking on plain regular floor i have already circled through thousands of times if not millions and i can see right in front of me a normal floor. i thought it was my breathing making me think the floor is changing in altitudes(?) but its not. i think im going crazy. whats happening to me ? i dont have a fever either. im really scared

No. 1324730

File: 1662160222995.png (1.75 MB, 2284x1298, fixthisshitrightnow.png)

can someone tell me why my shits all backwards?

No. 1324731

You were permabanned.

No. 1324733

You've been temp banned, nona

No. 1324736

nonas what do you do when you do something really embarrassing but no one knows it was you but you know it was you and everyone keeps talking about it do i just come clean so they stop talking about it how long does it take everyone to forget i want to crawl in a hole

No. 1324742

My father in law tried to guilt me for quitting on the spot after 4 months of repeatedly asking for help. He told me you re dragging this family into failure
>severely under priced menu, so an entree costs us automatically-FOR MANY YEARS-

>not hiring people

>expecting one person to run the whole place each shift, without a title or raise
>wont hire people ive recommended based off applications received
I asked him if its me ruining his life, or the fact I asked for the menu to be repriced; showing how poorly managed it is in the first place
And he got so mad i didnt budge, lmao ok dude. Ohhhhh noooo the family will hate me for my self respect what will i do?!
OH NOOO your dumb ass son mismanaged your business and you let it happen; for YEARS

Your pwoor wittle fweelings

No. 1324743

>Father in law
Get out normie

No. 1324744

Did i hurt your fweelings too

No. 1324746

fuck off moron

No. 1324788

I don’t know what’s the point in anything. I feel so depressed because I just feel like the small bits of happiness I have last for such a tiny amount of time compared to every day life. I’m not happy with work, I don’t know why I’m working. I will never be able to afford a house let alone an apartment, just living in a cramped space with my family, hiding away and festering in my room while also feeling the stress of expectations from my mom who is disabled so she lives vicariously through me and hates any choice I make that she wouldn’t even like even if was something as simple as what I ate that day. I’m so tired and I feel like there is nothing I can get that will make me happy. Every day I just feel like rotting inside.

No. 1324791

Started working at a new job and I'm doing my absolute best to be good socially n I feel like I'm doing great and being very calm, outgoing n normal with people and from what I gather people seem to like me and not think I'm a complete weirdo but there's a few girls who seem to instinctively notice I'm a weird person which I often feel like due to years of social anxiety, embarrassing myself and being generally disliked for annoying/clingy/boring behavior (mucho autismo, I didn't use to realize I wasn't giving people space and used to intrude on my friends' conversations and they'd give me the look aaaaaaaa) I have a lot of self hatred that Im usually pretty good at hiding, I don't show im upset ever and im always laid back with people but Idk how to explain.. i get joked about, my manager will say things about me while talking to other girls the way she does with guys or younger people on our team (small innocent / polite jokes, but she'd tell them to other girls while looking at me and they'd smile at me but still feels weirddd) but with other girls she's more open and normal and it seems less like a manager/employee and more of a friendly one. It's the case for a few other girls who seem to look at me weird, have no interest in interacting with me specifically despite interacting with everyone else and despite me talking to them and being friendly from time to time. It sounds petty as hell but idk how to explain it aside from I get weird judgy or confused vibes. Like there's still some weirdness that I can't wash off. There's still something I don't get about being a normal adult and being perceived as a normal person you want to befriend and not someone to be wary of. Im worried it's my face.

Sorry this message isn't my best prose

No. 1324793

My childhood dog got put down today. It's alright because he was old and it was time but I'm still sad. He didn't suffer, just got a bad infection and he was too frail to survive it. He was very sweet. He liked being cuddled and he loved stuffed animals. He got cold easily and when I lived at home he'd sleep under the covers with me every winter. I knew he didn't have much time left, it's not unexpected but it still really sucks. And honestly this was the best way it could happen like he didn't suffer and it was over very quickly, from his perspective he just got a bad flu and then went to sleep. It's hitting me hard though. I'm more sad than I thought I'd be.

No. 1324801

I don't plan to do anything dangerous and damaging to my body. I restrain myself. But I keep imaging detailed pictures and scenes of hurting myself whenever I feel distressed or uncomfortable and that's disturbing.

No. 1324802

literally asked my fiance to fill out a 20 question worksheet for our fucking officiant to read at our wedding and he literally cannot do it. i did mine in under 20 minutes, hes taken over a day to do it. i'm so angry i can't see straight. if i ask him about he gets mad at ME, fucking ME. i didn't fucking do anything!? he's literally just scrolling on twitter as if writing a love letter for me is so fucking painful and like twitter is more important than our wedding. it's so fucking annoying i could die. i literally fucking hate him sometimes seriously. like i worry about our future, straight up, he couldn't even handle a cashier job, and now he can't even figure out a worksheet? can this actually get any worse? i don't wanna take care of a grown man forever, i put so much trust in him and get absolutely nothing for it, except a bunch of pouting when i say i don't wanna have sex on whatever night. i literally wanna kill myself.

No. 1324817

Komachan, you're not ugly, you're just going through a rough patch. I know taking care of ourselves is fucking difficult when we're depressed, but when you feel motivated again, please try taking care of yourself. You will be the most beautiful and valid komaeda out there, I promise.

No. 1324819

This is an omen… I'm scared for nonny

No. 1324821

My male co-worker wanted to squeeze behind me in a narrow gap and instead of asking me to move forward and give him more space he grabbed my hips, pushed his body snugly against my back (I could feel his crotch on my butt) and THEN squeezed by. I couldn't say anything at the time 'cause we were with a patient. I didn't really process it until I got home. I don't feel comfortable reporting him 'cause I know women are frequently punished for reporting and I really need this job.

The stupidest part of it all is that my first thought was that it was some kind of weird joke or that it was just an impulsive act that didn't have any sexual intentions. My brain wants to rationalize and excuse it 'cause I don't see myself as the kind of woman who's "gropeable" or whatever.

No. 1324822

divorce divorce divorce NOW

No. 1324824

Don't marry this useless moid?

No. 1324830

Anon get some self esteem. And just because your ugly doesn't mean that you need to be tolerating sexual harassment from scrotes. Next time a quick, "Excuse you?" To call him out should be placed has its direct enough but also subtle that should it ever happen again the moid will know and if he plays dumb thats your cue to never associate with that moid and to gossip about him

No. 1324833

File: 1662169819189.png (52.22 KB, 300x287, thumb_dank-spongebob-memes-ims…)

I just found out that one of my posts got deleted, I'm so mad.

No. 1324838

You're a fucking retard who doesn't know what real misogyny or issues look like and I hope some day you get your fucking face broken by a scrote since you're that fucking gullible.

No. 1324839

I never said I'm ugly and a quick "Excuse you?" wouldn't work on this particular scrote, but I get your point. I just wish I felt secure enough in my position at work to report him, but I don't.

No. 1324841

Tired of finding “females in technology” on Twitter who end up being a trans. And then they say that we should feel inspired by them because they show women in STEM succeed. Men are constantly telling us that we’re not good enough because our biology or genes means we want to take care of babies and nurture strangers instead of do serious technical work. I don’t think a male on estrogen has to deal with any of the same issues or history in the slightest. Having people sexually harassed you because you have HRT boobs and like wearing makeup isn’t the same as growing up hearing an entire industry telling you you are biologically inferior because you can get pregnant. I just want to find other cool women who love technology (not social media or ethics in computers, actual fucking hardcore programming).

No. 1324842

Im getting so many headaches but I can’t stop working. I need to make 6k by November. Whew.

No. 1324847

I hate when fatties try to interfere with my diet routine and give me unwanted advice when they clearly have no idea what they're talking about

No. 1324849

Malware Unicorn is a cisgender women who is works for cyber security. She recently had a baby and she's on Twitter and IG. Just an example I thought you might appreciate.

No. 1324862

Never, ever travel with your obese friends if you have any. I've learned my lesson. She just CAN'T keep up, she's slow as fuck to the point I have to force myself to walk at her pace and it hurts my knees and hips, she waddles or stomps everywhere she goes and her legs then hurt so we have to take breaks, everytime I want to take a picture she photobombs it so I have go secretly take another one, her snoring makes her seem like she's gonna die right in our hotel room anytime now and she has to turn on the fan despite the temperature not being high so sleeping is hard for me even with ear plugs, she eats way too much and doesn't even notice the proportions excessive despite looking to go on a diet, she wants to sit down all the time, she seems really annoyed when I tell her I could walk a lot more and visit a lot more things at the end of the afternoon so I have to waste a fuck ton of time doing the same visits I want to do in more days, etc. Never again. I looked forward to it and will never tell any of my friends I want to travel again until I made my reservations alone. I've learned my lesson.

No. 1324865

File: 1662174287364.jpg (47.15 KB, 750x744, 1660276191808.jpg)

shameful that all you girls disappear the minute it hits Friday night!!! board is so DEAD on the weekends despite you guys claiming to be such shut-ins. it's time you girls get on the actual level of those of us who don't utilize the weekend. it's pitiful. stop having lives and start shitposting goddamnit

No. 1324866

Sorry I was busy crying. I'll see you in the shitpost thread immediately.

No. 1324868

lmao its funny you say this because i feel like my next job i might ask for monday-wensday as my days off since everyone i know doesnt get the weekends off or doesnt care to hang out on them anyway.

No. 1324870

This. God I hate it so much, leave something for the hikki neet farmers I swear

No. 1324872

Why do you need to make so much until November?
I traveled with someone obese before as thier interpreter and was the worst experience of my life. They left the hotel in a disgusting manner and it was so awful. They left massive shitstains on the toilet and rags were left black.
I'm here just watching tarot videos to fuel my delusions of my love returning to me.

No. 1324876

Tarot videos used to be my strongest source of copium post breakup. The shuffling sounds were nice too. They made me feel a lot better

No. 1324880

I actually read tarot so it's mostly a good reminder of what cards mean and practice.

No. 1324894

"boymoms" or whatever this new buzzword is a legitimate phenomenon and they are absolutely pathetic and as the daughter of a mother who also had three sons i am always last priority. my mother will incessantly complain to me about my brothers and their lack of respect for her and when it eventually comes to a head and i defend her she falters and takes their side and scolds me for being "aggressive". it kills me inside because i will always have hope for female solidarity and i forget it will never exist for me

No. 1324896

I'm not even surprised by the rags when I see what my friend's shoes look like inside and out. She's kinda nasty too, sweats a lot and stains her clothes all the time because she cat move her arms freely, she bumps into me all the time too it's annoying. My friend takes daily showers though so I'm not too worried but still.

No. 1324902

Are trannys even real humans anymore

No. 1324903

I can't even enjoy the interests I used to like before because my ex, who is also into the same interests, has permanently ruined it for me. I can't do these activities without associating them with my ex. I hate it, I wish I could go back to the person I was before I met her. My only alternative is to get into new hobbies, hopefully make new friends that way and eventually forget about her. That will be the day.

No. 1324905

If you brute force through the emotions and stay with the hobby for a while, you'll regain it for yourself. It's hard at first since it'll have enormous emotional ties but if you are persistent, it'll just become a regular activity again

No. 1324917

File: 1662177635117.jpeg (156.45 KB, 1080x1080, 2828202.jpeg)

man my life is shit and i'm a miserable fuck who just makes things worse for myself

>extremely maladaptive daydreamer

>current maladaptive daydream is based on an ongoing toon and if it ends (i know it won't for as long it remains a cash cow) i might actually kms
>the only people i have to talk to semi-regularly are a fujo, a depressed mtf neet, and a guy who used to pursue me as a gf
(i love them for their kindness and i think they're better than i ever could be but maybe my attachment is because i know they won't ever leave me)
>isolated at work because i'm a borderline schizo and i'm sure everyone thinks i'm annoying
>isolated from my family because i mistake their compassion for contemptuous pity
>broke off from my former IRL bestie of 10+ years because she's a bitch who romanticizes melancholic solitude and i don't like seeing myself in others
>too retarded and too ugly to get anywhere in life

the only reason why i don't end it all is because i know it'll hurt my family bad. i want to think things will get better, but i keep regressing.

No. 1324920

i can't handle seeing inbred genetic abominations be paraded as cats and dogs anymore. those poor creatures are so repulsive i can't imagine someone owning them if they don't get off on having a deformed creature suffering in front of them. i have to lay off animal content online because you're bound to turn up some uneducated bitch with persian scottish folds or whatever

No. 1324924

anon i like your logic, but do you think i'd be like this if i actually could make new friends?

No. 1324927


Mine is the regular Waite deck but im looking for oracles and etc to give free readings in the tarot threads.

What type of hobbies did you both have? I'm not an 'ex' yet since my relationship is in limbo but I'm bracing any day for that text.

No. 1324933

I don’t know if you’re still here nona but my first thought is panic attack or some kind of inner ear problem. Hopefully things have calmed down a bit for you since you posted, but try stopping and focusing hard on one thing (look at a vase, note colour, texture, imagine touching it, etc.), try “box breathing” (inhale 4 secs, hold 4 secs, exhale 4 secs, hold 4 secs, repeat).
Are you eating enough? If you’re restricting, please reevaluate your intake. You might be low on some vits and mins.
Does it get worse the more you move your head? Please rest and contact a doctor if you can, and consider calling a friend or family member to help you for a little while in case it gets worse.
Hope you’re okay anon. You’re doing well you’re not crazy, just slow down and try to look after yourself.

No. 1324936

genuinely how? every time someone's nice to me i close myself off thinking they're doing it to make fun of me or because they'll end up rejecting me. it turns into a fulfilling prophecy.

No. 1324955

Nta but why would I be your friend (asking what you like)

No. 1324964

I was looking through my old pics from 2019 and I used to be so FUCKING HOT, wow I could literally get wet just looking at myself. I was so thin and I would actually wear makeup and regularly dye my hair and take care of my skin, and now I'm just fat. Water fasting should be easy right? well I have no self control. I wish I could lock myself in a room for 2 weeks with nothing but water and just let the weight come off that way.

No. 1324967

>The Miestro#2027

No. 1324974

do you like tarot

No. 1324975

ata, i'll try but i'm letting you know that i will constantly play 3d chess.

No. 1324976

do you like anime

No. 1324977


I actually heard the same thing, so people in my culture if they do tarot readings look for someone else that they trust a lot to do it to them. That's so interesting.

No. 1324980

What's wrong with your current friends?

No. 1324981

Nah, must be fake, I read for people and it's all good and fun (artist /g/ anon I will do yours soon I swear)
I only get tarot readings from people who know what they're doing tbh. I hate people pleasers

No. 1324982

File: 1662180707998.png (368.69 KB, 594x596, C5795292-2706-4DBC-BC01-93B3F5…)

I cannot do this anymore nonnas i need to scissor someone’s daughter right now or i’ll go insane

No. 1324984

Yeah, I try to clearly talk about what the cards say but after I give them negative news I always do another spread to seek advice/ guidance or a what should I do spread.

No. 1324986

>What type of hobbies did you both have?
Anime and video games. I associate those things with her because they were the two activities we both did together. I know that feeling of being in a "limbo". Best of luck to you, anon.

No. 1324997

they're great, but two of them live in different countries, and one of them lives in the same state but is kind of far so i can't go out and be mentally stable with them. and they tend to be too busy to talk to me as much as they used to nowadays.

No. 1324999

Just get new friends into anime and games, it will take sometime but you'll enjoy those things again by yourself.

No. 1325001

what anime do you like

No. 1325014

one of the friends OP mentioned is literally a troon anon kek. and the other tried to date her.

No. 1325040

File: 1662182047203.jpg (222.92 KB, 1460x2048, SHII595^^ on Twitter.jpg)

how tolerant of this type of art are you

No. 1325045

what's your goal in life and are you terfy?

No. 1325061

From 1 to 10, how much do you enjoy:
Learning about other cultures
And what timezone are you in

No. 1325071

File: 1662182698411.gif (6.42 MB, 774x691, ffffffff.gif)

i made plenty of posts in the shitpost thread but it's during the daytime i'm too tired at night. just scroll up and reply to them

No. 1325074

What are your 10/10 subjects?
kek nonna

No. 1325087

Post a picture that you like a lot (I posted one too so it's fair)

No. 1325104

Do you draw? and also, you're a woman, right?

No. 1325117

File: 1662184266361.gif (328.11 KB, 100x100, 1656374130908.gif)

i don't mean literal shitposts in the shitpost thread. i need consistent anon sourced content of any kind on a regular basis friday through sunday. it's cruel to leave these sacred grounds barren and cold for so long, making it subject to dickposting deeply closeted homos and the tranny warthogs in polyester dresses just because you all have nonsensical things like "lives" and "obligations"

No. 1325120

Agreed. I just want my cheap lolcow nonny fun

No. 1325129

ahhhhHHHHH I can't fucking stand touch screen keyboards reeeee I finally relented by using auto-correct and it's terrible reeeee

No. 1325142

Don't worry I'm awake now and spamming every thread in /ot/ with my bullshit!

No. 1325145

File: 1662186193248.jpg (24.79 KB, 680x405, 20220829_210202.jpg)

I hate that my boyfriend is gaslighting me into letting him be friends with a female coworker because he would never cheat and just really wants to experience having friends because of his sob story of how he had 0 friends through high school. And I should stop being "insecure" and "overly jealous" since he allows me to check his phone also. I'm actually so fucking retarded. God please help me.

No. 1325146

Sorry I'm waiting until the new site is up and ready to go to regularly post again.

No. 1325148

He will flirt with her behind close doors and when you catch him he's going to say b-b-buh I didn't know she was flirting with me! I just wanted to be nice back… I can't be mean to my friend [sad face]

No. 1325150

He sounds like a huge faggot nonnie empower yourself to leave him now instead of later, don't let him shit up your life any further

No. 1325153

all the aoba hate itt as if he's not one of the more competent BL game protags out there lmao. the bars low ik but still, be nice to him anons

No. 1325155

see you in 50 years

No. 1325157

File: 1662186974583.jpeg (75.76 KB, 960x768, 9643w.jpeg)

dropped my pic

No. 1325158

he is?? holy fuck

No. 1325161

legit traitors. if you can't handle us at our worst, you don't deserve us at our best

No. 1325170

Sorry for asking to be spoonfed I wouldn't normally do this but what are you talking about? I know admin is allegedly working on some site changes, is it finally happening?
t. praying for a paywall

No. 1325171

File: 1662188296419.jpg (91.77 KB, 547x420, 1605838192072.jpg)

I didn't realize I had my camera on slow-mo instead of photo and just gave myself the most body dysmorphia inducing look at myself I've had in a long time jfc. The rational part of my mind knows about posing, focal lengths, and all that stuff but that is not helping the fact that what I just saw was clearly a monster

No. 1325178

My fucking niece doesn't text me back it hurts my feelings but I remember what it was like being 16 reeeeeee I wish my sister's piece of shit ex-husband didn't move their family states away when she was a toddler so I could have a closer relationship with her & she wouldn't feel awkward or shy with me.

No. 1325180

Oh cool, a scrote can see my post history, time to die

No. 1325184

So what do you know then? I call bs

No. 1325192

what the fuck is going on in this thread

No. 1325197


No. 1325209

File: 1662190731629.jpg (Spoiler Image, 169.26 KB, 1196x630, fw9lZ1zbHMw45v9jyklBASAvo0Z9on…)

Zelda from Pet Sematary lookin' ass

No. 1325210

My boss has severe senpaku eyes and it's another reason why I don't trust her, on top of being a shitty person

No. 1325215

Done and done!

No. 1325224

this schizo tranny says he also knows who admin is so I don’t think any of this is actually true kek

No. 1325233

damn i usually don't even know that it's weekend i work from home and work every day of the week

No. 1325252

I'm surrounded by 20-somethings that are convinced they look like fourteen year olds. You do not. You look like the adults that you are. Why do you want to look like children so bad.

No. 1325255

Post the proof then. I'll be waiting.

No. 1325271

This has been happening to me but with 30 year olds kek. "I look 20, I'm always getting ID'd!" Meanwhile the same store asks my 50 year old aunt for ID because they literally ID everyone.

No. 1325279

ntayrt but you're right. My bf is a bartender and says his boss tells him to ID no matter what the person looks like, so he does. I think he's mentioned a couple times about some women thinking he's flirting with them when he's just scared of getting fired kek.

No. 1325285

What if people literally tell me I look 15, not just at the store. It goes both ways, I have no idea how to present myself in order to be taken seriously

No. 1325294

File: 1662197204343.jpg (17.77 KB, 240x300, bfc9295c303c635dd639ab68da6e62…)

I'm so happy to have finished a project of mine that I've been working on for 7 months now but I'm so afraid of showing to people and doing the work to send it to festivals and stuff aaaaahh

No. 1325299

I would say it's probably your style then. You could be an outlier but most women look their age. Height and style are usually the culprit.

No. 1325307

I don't think I agree. Sure the right style and colours can make you look the best you can for your age but an obvious adult in teen clothes is still going to look like an adult in teen clothes. Anon's probably just very young looking in the face, like a small round face with babyfat.

Maybe look into a haircut that ages up your face.

No. 1325308

I started a new job a few months ago and for this I have to get a special insurance. Problem is, that said insurance is completely backwards in terms of mental health. I went to see a therapist last year because of a panic disorder and then stopped the treatment because my therapist started behaving inappropriately towards me. Now the stupid asshole insurance wants me to contact said therapist because they want details of my symptoms and treatment. I feel like as if a rope is being pulled tighter and tighter around my neck and I don't know what to do now. I want to just break off the entire insurance thing because there is no fucking way that I am going to contact this asshole again

No. 1325313

Haircut falls into style and I did say she could just literally look young. Dressing your age goes a long way with looking mature regardless.

No. 1325315

Happened like a week ago, was on the bus with my bf and ran into a mutual acquaintance. She was right across from us and she noticed us as well so I couldn't just ignore her. I don't really like her so after saying hello I put on my headphone while bf and acquaintance chatted. They chatted till she got off at her stop.
Idk why but this incident randomly came to mind just now and I want to beat the shit out of my bf who's sleeping soundly in the next room.

No. 1325334

I hate art block! It's 5:30AM and I've been trying to make a drawing I'm happy with since midnight.

No. 1325336

sounds like i'm your boss

No. 1325366

are you fat

No. 1325367

No. 1325372

File: 1662207133759.jpeg (15.6 KB, 541x566, images.jpeg)

Goddamnit I hate waking up during the night. This is like the third-ish(?) time this week what the fuck.

No. 1325378

It’d be fucking funny if aoba becomes a lolcow regular kek. Just claim him from the fujos and make him Elsie’s bitch.

No. 1325380

I woke up from a nightmare that my former crush was dating a themlet and a tranny at the same time when in reality he wouldn’t…

No. 1325386

one of my good friends trooned out. he got influenced by people from support group, now he is they them woman, he is quite dedicated to be trans, nail polish, dresses, make up. i am so sad. i am just very sad, how do i explain to him he can't decide he is a woman if he never had dysmorphia in his childhood and people preyed on his vulnerable state and got brainwashed to think once he lives as a woman his mental health problems will dissapear. i live too far away to do anything, i can only watch his deterioration.

No. 1325388

Rent free

No. 1325402

I haven't wanted to kill myself this bad in a very long time, don't know if it's just a quirky part of this depressive episode or if it has something to do with my period as well. I'm not going to do anything but fuck me I really don't want to be here

No. 1325404

I'm taking googles IT course and they keep replacing "it" with "she". Like when they're talking about computers or users, it just feels a lil bit too forced

No. 1325428

It’s part of the normal dehumanization and commodification of women. Look at the HER movie affect.

No. 1325432

I hate TiMs so fucking much, they all look like they stink.

No. 1325463

nta but scrote detected

No. 1325470

>gatekeeping femininity
lol what

No. 1325477

It’s the tilted troon. Don’t respond. He’s in that scrote things you love about yourself with the twerking gif too.

No. 1325483

I googled an unfamiliar term, which turned out to be some porn thing, and the very first link was some porn site. I know porn is disturbingly easy to find, but I didn't think it'd be a matter of simply googling a single word and then some website showing up as the very first result.

No. 1325508


Anon don't be afraid to get aggressive in these situations, I know just the kind of guy you're talking about, kind of person who wants attention through annoying people and gets some weird power kick from it. I'd personally physically stop him and firmly tell him "Just ask me to move next time" or "don't touch me again" at the risk of seeming like a feminazi or a stuck up girl, if I get a nasty reply I just reiterate what I said in a calm but firm way, don't allow them to disrespect you, grey-rock and act mature and they'll have nothing to say.

Show your anger but stay calm, it generally works with these types and if not at the very least you'll feel better than if you did nothing.

Much love though

No. 1325533

I have never in my life bought a superglue that works! What is the bloody point of that product? The one and only thing it ever glues together are your fingers and NOTHING ELSE EVER. The only thing super about it is how super disappointing it is. I fucking hate that it exists giving me false hope "here's a very useful thing, HAHA jk fool, fuck you and all you need fixing"

No. 1325538

My parents are so fucking annoying I hate them. They want to go on vacation together with a two-day notice. No wonder I went fucking insane having no structure as a child and now I have an anxiety disorder. When I was a kid we used to vacation on an island, take the boat to get there and then we would travel for hours by car on the island looking for a place to stay because we hadn't booked anything. They don't even have an unpredictable schedule, they vacation the same time every year, they are just sooo quirky and impulsive like they're still teenagers. They pull this shit and then they're like "well, if you're not coming we're not going".

No. 1325543

my parents did this too lul. Did they also overdraft their bank accounts a lot?

No. 1325556

I was in a park earlier, small town park. I'm sitting on a bench, coffee in hand, chill moment before I've to head to work. Soon there was a woman nearby on her phone, being loud as hell while her 2 little girls were playing. They were whipping a skipping rope around and it was getting way too close for comfort while mom is all distracted. I nearly get hit so I'm thinking about moving. The rest of the park was basically empty but before I could move the kids went very quiet and the mom asks what happened. They'd been playing with the rope and one of them put the rope in her mouth. The other ripped it out of her mouth and some teeth got ripped out aswell as her lip maybe being cut. The kid wasn't crying at first. She seemed to be in shock but there was blood everywhere. The mom starts screaming at the other girl and then that starts the injured girl off crying. They're standing around, her mouth is just free flowing with blood and mom isn't doing anything other than yelling.

I obviously feel real bad for the girl. But ngl I was already getting so sick of trying to find a secluded spot to chill in at like 8am.. and there always being something that plants itself 6 feet in front of me to make as much noise as possible. I'm going out of my way to find the quiet lil dead ends. Maybe I sound like a dick but I'm weeks into this daily mission to just get 10 mins of peace one morning while taking in the view.

I hope they were baby teeth. I can't get the image out of my mind.

No. 1325564

This reads like an opening scene to some horror film or book

No. 1325573

The condom tore apart during sex and neither me or my husband noticed. I'm going to take plan b, but my app tells my ovulation started. Even though it probably didn't since my cycle is like 50 days and it's only been a week since I got my period. Pray for me nonas. At least my husband started considering vasectomy for real kek. Fuck Durex.

No. 1325581

good luck hope plan b works fine. make him still do the snip though nonna

No. 1325591

She'll be okay. I had a best friend growing up who rode down a hill with a bike, lost control, and faceplanted onto the concrete. Mouth was bleeding, teeth was out, face was fucked. Nightmare, and of course her mom was screaming at her for being a dumbass. But it was all okay in the end because by the time I met her in middle school, she was cute and it was like nothing had ever happened like that in her childhood.

and then she ditched me when we were nineteen because she got too pretty to be around me and started clubbing with older men reeeeee

No. 1325607

Im moving across continents so i really need that amount for everything to go smoothly

No. 1325613

My dog died a few months ago from old age and I miss her so much

No. 1325644

why is it legal for stranger men to talk to women in the streets

No. 1325646

I feel like crying because everyone around me is getting married or is planning to get married or is already in a long term relationship. I'm a 33 year old kissless virgin who has not dated anyone at all. Thing is I'm happy that my siblings and friends are getting married, I'm just sad that I will be left behind because once people get married or found their bf/gf, they will focus on their family life/dating life. Since young, I've never felt the need to date or get married. I think I would not mind ending up single forever. But the pressure to get married is building up because everyone keeps pestering me about it. It also sucks that my culture view women who fail to get married as weirdo freaks. I wish there's a group or club for single ladies who don't plan on getting married that I could join.

No. 1325651

if you're not a lesbian or bisexual, literally thank your lucky stars you're not on the marriage pipeline

No. 1325655

I can't stand mindless browsing the internet anymore, yet at the same I don't have the energy to do anything useful

No. 1325660

You may not feel the need to date, but instead the need to be part of a family. That's why it sucks when all your friends and family are making new families.

You have to make your own. If that's with a boyfriend or girlfriend, fine. If not, that's also fine, your new family could be you and some close friends, or you and some non-human family members.

No. 1325661

Not a lesbian or bi. Actually, I'm not attracted to male or female but I don't wanna label myself as asexual because I'm hoping that maybe I haven't found the right person for me yet. I just feel like I have to get married or date someone somehow so that people would stop asking me about it.

No. 1325662

If it's any comfort, I'm 33, I already have a failed marriage behind me. I've lost all desire to ever go down that route again and I kinda feel like a shat out failure in 'the eyes of society' because a divorce is so much bigger than just a break up. It so common but still feels like theres a lil bit of stigma there.

Sometimes the people who look like they're ahead in life end up crashing into issues anyway. Anyone getting married right now stands a higher chance of divorcing than of lasting forever. That's the gamble.

No. 1325665

No. 1325669

File: 1662223059361.jpeg (137.54 KB, 900x1200, 3402DD5C-04F5-4EAB-B3CD-4BE518…)

a female """friend""" of my fwb is coming to our city and its obvious that is already over for me. you can't trust moids. but i don't want to be outplayed like this, i feel the urge to find another person as soon as possible, while at the same time im starting to miss the feeling of being loved, and i know im unlovable. anyways, fuck moids

No. 1325671

anon, don't delude yourself with dick. doubt your fwb loved you anyways, it's just a cheap distraction, plus it comes with disease. not worth it. find real love elsewhere

No. 1325672

You're right anon. It's the feeling of being a less important person in my siblings and friends' life that gets me down. I guess I have to start looking for new friends that are single like me or get a pet.


Oh dang. Sorry to hear that Anon. Yea, I guess marriage is a huge gamble in life. It works or it doesn't. Even if you think you know your partner 110%, shit can happen and everything falls apart. Yes, my culture also has a huge stigma with regard to divorce. They always blame women for it most of the time, which I hate. Thanks for sharing your perspective though Anon and I wish you all the happiness in life.

No. 1325673

any chance you can just invest in sex toys and listen to R-18 CD-dramas?

No. 1325691

>hand my bf’s lunch to some teenage girl at the front counter
>”Could you give this to [bf’s name]”?
>she says “sure”
>goes back
>”HEY, some LADY dropped this off for someone? Yeah some lady. Idk this LADY dropped it off”
>lady lady lady lady



I don’t know why this crushed me so hard today.

No. 1325692

I wish I had someone to go to the fair with.
I know I guess I could not go alone.
People always say “just go alone!”
But I feel so out of place, and the irony of it all makes me feel even sadder and lonelier.
I’m a little tired of doing things alone.

No. 1325694

Why? Are you in your twenties? At that age it can be awkward to call you a girl but also awkward to call you a woman.

No. 1325695

I can't judge you because I was in this same phase years ago. A few mins of cuddling after sex was a large part of what I was hooked on. More so than the sex in hindsight. I gave it up and settled into a life of toys and fantasy. After a while it started to press the same buttons and release the same faux love chemicals.

No. 1325699

I don’t know why I read this as “why are you in your twenties”

No. 1325701

What is wrong with 40-something year old scrotes randomly approaching me in the middle of the street and asking me out for a coffee? The audacity of old scrotes I swear. It happened again today and the guy was walking behind me for a while after I refused to him and I got a little paranoid he was following me

No. 1325702

I just turned 30 but for some reason it feels awful and wrong.
I just don’t like it.
I think I’ve been called lady the most now, idk if people refer to me as “girl” anymore

No. 1325704

Holy shit I turned back and he's still walking behind me and looking at me what the fuck. How the hell I'm not supposed to get paranoid when there's so much kidnaping in my area

No. 1325705

Call the cops now, he shouldnt be following you, thats a huge red flag, men who are rejected and civil will not follow you as its awkward.

No. 1325706

This happened to me a while back and I was near a police station so I headed there.

No. 1325708

t. am a man, idc about being banned call those fucking cops now!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1325712

They are so unaware I think they may genuinely be autistic.

No. 1325715

Autistic men would not follow after, they would be super awkward about not following, that is how a predator who can't take no for an answer acts nonnie.

No. 1325718

No. 1325725

just call the cops in case anon!

No. 1325726

I took the shortcut leading to my house, it's near the church, I lost him there and I waited for a while next to the church. When I came back on the main street I saw him passing my house, I was behing him so he didn't notice me. I really hope it was the first time he saw me and he doesn't know where I live

No. 1325732

Nonnies what’s up with older men thinking they have a free invitation to talk to me on public transport because I have a 4 year old daughter? Asking how old she is and how nice it must be to grow up bilingual because they’re eavesdropping. I wish I could tell them to fuck off but I’m scared that’ll escalate things.

No. 1325734

but what am I supposed to tell them? I'm a pole in a foreign country and I think the local police doesn't take the immigrants as seriously as the locals. You seriously think they're gonna send here someone because I told them I think someone was stalking me?

No. 1325737

are you in the UK? not a britfag but stayed there quite a bit and given the sentiment regarding polish people maybe you are right, the discrim is crazy stupid

No. 1325740

Man that does sound annoying and creepy I'm sure they're just looking for an invitation to talk to you despite most men hating single mothers (I dont know if you are just saying what they would assume). Anonmom is it bad I give a little wave and say "hi" to a baby-toddler that seems to stare at me? I try to ignore kids in public because I dont want them to suddenly cry or flip on me as the worker or waiting in line for stores.

No. 1325743

nta and not a mom but if you're a woman i don't think moms mind. it's the men that are a problem

No. 1325744

no i totally agree. just commenting on the stupidly ridiculous discrimination

No. 1325745

I feel like just blanking is the best option. It gives them nothing to react to. I've never experienced much escalation from it because they don't know your reason for blanking. You see the cogs turning in their brains as they try to workaround it but.. most give up. If they get heated in reaction to you doing nothing at all, they know that looks nuts.

No. 1325748

>TFW you almost get hit by a car because of your own stupidity and everybody in the street saw it

No. 1325749

Dzwoń na psy, even if they do nothing there will be record of previous harrassment if he continues this shit (which I hope it doesn't)

No. 1325750

I’m not a single mother, just usually on the go with her all over on the trains here. It’s totally fine if you wave at kids especially as a woman. Idgaf I am skeptical of men especially since they won’t leave us alone and I live in a ‘safer’ country. I usually don’t have a problem with others if my daughter is smiling at people or whatever and they interact, but she usually keeps to herself so idk why men target us constantly.


Me either because I’m scared they’ll harm us. It’s hard to raise a daughter because of this at times.

No. 1325751

No. 1325812

Broke down crying right now because I found out my ex has found someone to replace me, even telling this new friend things that she used to say to me that made me feel so special when I first met her. I just KNOW she's developing a crush on this girl even though this bislut is currently in a het relationship with some moid. She's just happily living her life while I'm still stuck getting over our relationship. The funny thing is this is the kind of behaviour she'd give me so much shit over each time we broke up, and now she's just being a hypocrite. The time of what would have been our anniversary is coming up this month and I bet she won't even be thinking about me. I feel so much jealousy, anger, betrayal, and regret. I want to tell her to go fuck herself but there's no use harassing her and I'd just look like an insane bad person. I'm so angry at myself for ever getting close to someone and letting them hurt me like this. Fuck her and I hope she eventually gets her feelings hurt by this bislut.

No. 1325822

File: 1662231543176.jpeg (64.77 KB, 548x337, 1656955734979 (1).jpeg)

Don't cha love it when bfs pick fights because you HAVE to be wrong after you call them out for something?
>woke up early am, went to laptop to window shop and browse around minding my own business
>bf waddles out of bedroom and comes to kiss me with his stinky morning breath
>know if I reject him he will act butthurt
>give him a quick peck and then put attention back on what I was doing
>"What kinda kiss was that? I want a better one!"
>oblidge but I am visibly annoyed, my ex did that shit and it's not cute
>he asks me what's wrong so I tell him
>"…I was only trying to playfully get another kiss from you…"
>k so just say that instead of insulting how I kiss to pest for more? but you still need to go brush your teeth.
>he's mad and mopey
>he takes a shower and comes out of the bathroom bringing up a bunch of legal shit about my ex that I was not in the mood to talk about
>don't even know why he's bringing it up
>clearly I'm not engaging with his wisdom in the way he wants so he gets a victim complex again
>"I'm only trying to give you advice…"
>I ignore bc seriously it's 5am dude and no one asked
>notices I am shopping for a skater dress on laptop and makes dumb comments
>show him what I'm looking at since he's hovering near me anyway
>"You already have a dress like that!"
>no I don't though?
>he proceeds to go into the closet and pulls a top and a full sleeve a line dress that he considers "the same"
>tell him they're not the same but that's ok bc guys are retarded about fashion (playfully, of course!)
>he isn't backing off which makes me irritated so I just start brushing him off bc he is being a faggot
>he turns this entire thing into a fucking argument bc he feels I belittled him and how dare I not consider his intentions except when I need to mindread when I should take things at face value and btw HIS TRAUMA THO!!!
>"So is this how things end? Is this the way it's gonna go?"

What the fuck! I literally did NOTHING and this fool found a way to spin me into some uncaring hag.

No. 1325832

Even women don’t talk about specific things like the child growing up bilingual, what the fuck. It’s “oh hi little child and it’s mother” and “(child’s name) say hi to stranger” and that’s IT. The audacity of men..

No. 1325834

Dump him lol

No. 1325851

nah this legit happens to me and my daughter lmfao? go be a handmaiden somewhere else

yeah they definitely just want to talk to me or her which is fucking creepy

No. 1325855

File: 1662232568601.jpeg (43.11 KB, 640x360, 1DF5BA9E-39D2-4E7B-96FB-A98BC3…)

My narcissistic grandmother is tainting the food she gives my mother and I. There's really no way it can't be, even my mother's boyfriend said once before that the stew veggies tasted bad. To me they tasted like they were stewed with dirty dishwater. It tastes how a dishcloth smells that's been left sitting wet without rinsing food out of it. We never said anything and just ate the meat but it happened again. She sent us a peach crisp saying passive aggressively that we "make sure we eat it" but after the first bite hit my tongue my mind was screaming NO NO Don't eat it! It tasted even stronger like dirty dishwater this time. I can't think of what we've done to deserve this but she doesn't really like us and has made it very very obvious that she dislikes me by acting put off by anything positive I say, reveling in bad luck, and pointing out negatives in situations and if there are none that are obvious you can tell she's taking a second to think of some. Legit feel like picrel what do I do nonnies? My mother is in denial and actually shares a lot of her traits so maybe she's in on it. Not sure yet but I'm not paranoid, probably just triangulated

No. 1325859

don't eat it and throw it away. Possibly send it to a lab if you suspect poison.

No. 1325860

Comes with the culture here sadly

No. 1325863

He’s demeaning you and being a manipulative toxic moid. That last question is intended to make you feel bad and make the expectation you need to fix his man tantrum. Leave

No. 1325864

This is reminding me of my last relationship. The amount of saturday morning arguments we'd have. Work all week and then I'd get to start my weekend with bickering about god knows what petty shit.

No. 1325865

He probably did it to ruin your weekend on purpose anon.

No. 1325885

don't apologize, anons are just drama queens about a blue haired meme bishie

No. 1325892

I'm so sorry anon. I felt scared reading your post because I'm on a so called 'break' from our relationship but I got the feeling she's with her bisexual friend who she recently met.

I understand how it feels like being stuck on someone who has moved on. It feels awful. I'm sorry.

No. 1325895

>you have evidence of her saying bislut makes her feel special?
No you might have misread. Just things she's saying to this new girl that she used to say to me. Things like "uwu we really are so alike". I can only imagine what their DMs are like. She's probably telling this new girl that she's "~sooo perfect~" the exact things she's said to me when we were just getting to know each other. I bet they are flirting with each other. What's even funny is that when we first met, she was going through a rough patch with her then gf at the time and I think that's why she developed such strong and fast attachment to me, telling me all these nice things that made me feel special. Hence, we got into a relationship. Now that we've gone through a rough patch of our own that lead to a breakup she's now developing a strong and fast attachment to this new girl. It's like a cycle that is repeating itself and I feel like I'm going through some kind of realization about her. Like BITCH, how can you know someone is "JUST LIKE YOU" or "IS SOO PERFECT" when you've only known them for 2 months??? I know she's not the type to be malicious so I think she's just naive and delusional. Either way, I can't help but feel betrayed and feel anger towards her. I know what I'm feeling is completely irrational from jealousy and I have never been the type to wish illwill on people but I sincerely wish she'd go fuck herself.

No. 1325898

Thank you, Nona ♥

No. 1325904

File: 1662235134938.jpg (272.78 KB, 1200x1700, FSpHmw5WAAMT2nF.jpg)

I'm sorry you're going through this as well anon. I hope things get better soon for the both of us.

No. 1325907

File: 1662235201464.jpeg (108.44 KB, 828x827, E5EAF722-2136-4472-805D-8C6674…)

Roomate had their pc set up in the spare bedroom but because the wifi signal was shit it’s all in the living room now
>”I…I…I increased the wifi and I’ll probably get a wifi router for the room!”
But I still have to live with a full on desktop pc on the coffee table blocking the TV for a week. It’s been one day and I’m over it. It’s a shared space girl go be autistic somewhere else. And she has the audacity to give me an attitude because the shit is in the way. Also she tried using my back brace and got stuck in it so I got woken up to help her take it off. I fucking hate hardcore gamers so much. I’m increasing her rent next month.

No. 1325949

File: 1662236757812.gif (52.16 KB, 220x159, gif.gif)

I hate the intrusive thoughts in my head. I hate how I uncontrollably cry in the wee hours of the morning. I hate waking up in a panic thinking my dream was real. I hate being depressed with suicide ideation. I hate that my parents try to live vicariously through me. I hate that my mother doesn't respect my boundaries and instead tells me that I hate touch or I don't have a "sense of humor". I hate that I get told I'm a bitch by my mother for not blindly simping for a guy she pretends is a great person/dad. I hate that if I'm not "smiley and watching my 'tone'" my parents think I'm being "cold". It's frustrating as hell and I'm tired of fighting the insanity. I'd rather just go insane because I already feel insane.

No. 1325973

My fiancé is at his surprise bachelor party now. I know that my fiancé wanted a "calm" bachelor party (some bowling or billiard or retro PC games or whatever) but before going out his best man mentioned strippers/prostitutes a few times. TMI but I suspect I might be autistic as I have a hard time recognizing jokes, everyone always thought I am a great person to pull pranks on as I pretty much believe everything I hear.

I have no idea what they are doing and I am losing my shit. I cried as soon as they left. I know my fiancé is a great guy but I have no idea how his best man is like and I am afraid there will be strippers there anyway.
Sorry for my English, this is too much and my brain is not working.
I feel like I am so fucking mental, insane walking red flag that I behave like this.

I cried so much this is making me feel so bad and insane I feel like I am having a mental breakdown.

No. 1325985

don't marry him if this bothers you because all men look at porn and enjoy strippers

No. 1325988

Only in the US is seeing strippers an acceptable behavior for a man that's going to get married. You are not insane for thinking this is awful, and that joke is very distasteful. You trust your fiance, so try to calm down and when you see him again ask him what happened. Trust your gut.

No. 1326000

Poor nonnie, you have been brainwashed into thinking your reaction to women being exploited and objectified is unnatural. Do not worry Nonna, your feelings are correct and what you are feeling is betrayal over the idea that someone you trust would pay to get a hard on. Men are losers nonnie. Use this energy to reconsider your morals and values before you were together and how you would stand for this if you weren't. Do not hesitate.

No. 1326038

It makes me genuinely mad that I just can't do whatever I want

No. 1326061

Oh man, this sucks so bad nonna I'm really sorry. I would end a relationship over this tbh

No. 1326070

File: 1662241608408.jpeg (59.85 KB, 490x554, F9F42E9D-98E5-490B-9C85-3D3CF3…)

Soo many men think they’re Don Draper when they’re not. Not even close. Lightyears away.

No. 1326074

>you have been brainwashed into thinking your reaction to women being exploited and objectified is unnatural.

A man going to strippers or watching porn in a relationship is cheating and I will die on that hill.

No. 1326083

Nta(s) but hard agree

No. 1326102

File: 1662242689949.jpeg (633.15 KB, 1125x643, 24FDBB5B-8D28-455B-84EE-3443D5…)

being a closeted atheist in a family of devoted muslims fucking sucks, i am sick and tired of pretending i believe in this bullshit religion, if i have to sit thru another preaching session i will kill myself

No. 1326107

I have a tinfoil that men intentionally sabotage other men's relationships out of jealousy, scrotefriend may have been lying about it. You are right to be upset, the idea of celebrating an upcoming marriage by leering at, touching or fucking strange women is absolutely retarded caveman thinking. Like starting a 'diet' with chocolate cake, the behavior itself suggests something which is doomed to fail. Hence my first line: male friend sabotage.

You can ask him or see photos or whatever afterwards and decide if you want to go ahead because crying and feeling you were/actually being cheated on, is not a good start to a marriage.

No. 1326115

File: 1662243319162.jpeg (2.68 MB, 4195x2437, fs9182znw0e61.jpeg)

relationships seem like such a waste tbh. I'm not even a femcel, I consider myself good looking and could get a bf/husband if I wanted, but .. why would I?
I can't imagine sharing a bed with someone, spending all your time with them, getting emotionally attached to the point where you are suicidal if they cheat on you (which many men would do if they think they can get away with it)
If I was religious I'd become a nun so I could live with other women and just pray/meditate/garden/volunteer/etc. I think I'll buy land to homestead in alaska (it's almost all pure nature) and build a nice cottage and travel and then become a hermit there in old age with books maybe. I tried to explain this on reddit to men and they're like "hurhur you're just gonna be a lonely cat lady". why is it that when men voluntarily turn to a life of celibacy, they're considered noble, but when women do it, we're the butt of jokes? and then the common trope is "yeah but if you're childless, how will you be remembered?" do these motherfuckers think their great grandchildren will give a fuck about them?

No. 1326118

Because they try to frighten, shame and manipulate women into being their lifepartners. That's literally it, they HATE women deliberately rejecting partnering with men and staying single because they realized that's the better option. Seriously, it's a 100% about shaming women into not choosing the single life.
>I think I'll buy land to homestead in alaska (it's almost all pure nature) and build a nice cottage and travel and then become a hermit there in old age with books maybe.
Sounds great, good luck if you go through with it.

No. 1326124

I feel this way too. especially since I become pretty unstable during a relationship and it's comfy being single. scrotes need to shut the fuck up

No. 1326125

I am tired of my boyfriend's avoidant behaviour, everytime I vent about him here, I am told to dump him but I can't get myself to do it because I am scared of being lonely. He may not be perfect or the way he used to be but atleast he is someone I have with whom I can share stuff at the end of the day.

No. 1326126

File: 1662244216710.png (678.05 KB, 1200x1200, 16569071466309.png)

i wish my dad would stop drinking and smoking. it's bad for his health and he fucking reeks. i want to clean the kitchen a bit or even start cooking more but he's always in the damn living room and is so unpleasant to be around.

No. 1326129

Also remember that goofy tumblr trend thing of calling your friends "qpp" (queer platonic partner)? In that framework it's stupid but I actually wish platonic female partnership was a thing, basically having a best friend who you commit to living with and facing life together. I guess that sounds like lesbianism but unfortunately I'm extremely straight leaning I just would rather have a comfy female partner than ever rely on a moid

No. 1326130

on this note tbh i also wish people would stop talking to him when he's drunk. what is the fun in listening to some old bastard ramble on about absolutely nothing interesting

No. 1326132

thank you, I am waging hard rn to afford all this, but I would love to come back and have this same convo with the same scrotes a few years down the line when I'm totally self sufficient, since they're always the ones larping as the home builders and whatnot despite living in cookie cutter suburban sprawl.
this made me realize how much better it is to be single lol, I haven't had a depressive episode in years since I don't trouble myself with men anymore.

No. 1326138

This sounds normal to me though. Both me and my friend have talked about living together and we don't view each other in a romantic way at all.

No. 1326139

I have severe (literally) combined ADHD. I found out at the age of 24 and I've always had horrible grades at school (barely graduated), poor job performance due to lack of concentration, people calling me stupid for being slower, arc.
I could technically apply for disability, but I haven't done because it's incredibly hard for anyone. I know people with severe mental illness or physical disabilities who barely managed to get it.
There are very little resources for it in my country and I haven't started meds yet because the legal process is super long. I waited a year for my 1st doctor visit, not all meds are legal, I'll have to go to group therapy or I will forever be banned from taking them. (Never had any drug issues and I don't even drink, it's just required by law for anyone).
I find it incredibly frustrating and I feel pessimistic because I feel like I will never get better. I'm scared that I will never be able to hold down a job and become fully independent due to my disability. My mental health has gotten worse since I received my diagnosis, because there's almost no help for ADHD adults. IDK what to do and finding a new jobs is scary to me because I've gotten body shamed, yelled at, insulted, etc in my other jobs. I've worked for free and only once had a salary but it was very low. Being an adult is super hard.

No. 1326140

nonna, how does your religious household work? i heard rumors about arranged marriages and hatred towards people from different nationalities or races. just curious about how different it is from reality.
i feel horrible that the media brainwashed people into believing that their only life goal is to find 'the one' and stick to him, whether the relationship is abusive or not. i met a lot of people who think that they cannot live without dating someone, it's tragic.

No. 1326142

good luck nona, add/adhd fucking suck

No. 1326145

I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved
I will never be loved

No. 1326146

It's the bachelor party anon

Thank you all for the replies nonnas, I admire how strong you all are! I never realise when I am being treated badly, I will only start to understand if someone tells me what is wrong specifically.
Your replies made me realise that it is not me being dramatic about this situation. When the best man was mentioning prostitutes I felt that I have no right to get upset and say anything because I will come off as someone who is not able to take a joke, too jealous etc… I do not really know what type of person the best man is. I was hoping that maybe it all was just a joke but I know that he has taken my fiance's phone away which feels concerning as at first I was told it would be a PC gaming party….
I will talk to my fiancé when he comes back tomorrow. Still, the suspense is killing me. We will probably see each other in 16+ hours? I don't know if I will be able to sleep tonight because of all the emotions.

I am so sorry I am so mentally exhausted from all this worrying I'm sorry if that does not make much sense, my mind just always serves me the worst scenarios in my head and I cannot stop worrying. I know that if I called my fiancé and asked him to come back he would do so, but what if the party is just harmless and I would just ruin the fun?

I never really had any concerns about trusting him but maybe that is because there were never any women that I would be worried about or anything. I am so nervous and I know that even if my fiancé would lie to me there is a 99% chance I would not sense it. I feel like even if the party was truly safe and he says so, I will still have concerns if he is not hiding anything because of the things his best man said today before them leaving.

I will be leaving for now because I only keep rambling more and more. I hope you will have a lovely day free of man problems nonnas. I cried a lot today so I am drinking electrolytes now and I recommend it to everyone crying too (but I hope you are not)

I know this is a vent thread but sorry for making such a long blog post

No. 1326148

Yes you will be loved
Yes you will be loved
Yes you will be loved
Yes you will be loved
Yes you will be loved

No. 1326149

I feel deeply ashamed because I'm not economically independent and I'm absolutely scared of getting abused by my boss or coworkers again. I know I have to get over it, and I'm currently looking for a new job. But I feel like I'm not good enough for anything. I think maybe if I managed my ADHD it would be better, but… Yeah.

No. 1326150

Thanks :) i guess I just need to be more open minded and positive. Lol

No. 1326153

Not true. I don't know you, but everyone can be loved and deserves to be loved, platonically or romantically. Fuck the people who told you otherwise, there's a 99% chance they're abusive cunts who have told that to other people.

No. 1326155

Nonnie stop apologizing for reasonable things. You can call him, who gives a fuck if his scrote friends think you're a bitch. You need to trust your intuition! How are you going to build a wholesome life with something like this in the back of your mind? It sounds like you know you're gullible and you even know what his lies will be before he's even said them but you're afraid to act on behalf of the voice in your head screaming NO. Listen to it, it's trying to protect you. Best of luck sweet nonnington

No. 1326160

i somehow managed to miss the massive adam's apple growing on my thyroid until yesterday and i'm so freaked out i can't stop touching it wtf

No. 1326166

What are you talking about? You'll always be loved.

No. 1326180

Fp is working more lately and not hanging out with me but talking to other friends and I wish I would die so I don't have to live in a world where she doesn't want me anymore. We used to talk all day everyday 24/7. What am I doing wrong? I guess she just got tired of me? Am I too annoying? maybe she likes everybody else better? If so that really hurts, but it's her decision to choose how to spend her time and who she has in her life. there's nothing I can do. I just want her to be happy and it's good to have fun with others so I'll try to get over it. Would it be unreasonable to ask her to tell me a definite yes or no if we're going to hang out? Or if she's mad?? Doesn't like me anymore? I feel so scared, I don't want to bother her or pester too much, but I also don't want her to feel like I don't miss her or notice she's gone. How do I find the right balance??? What am I doing wrong???????? At this point I feel like I'm willing to do anything if only she'd ask me.

No. 1326188

I think its okay to ask, just a short message letting her know where you stand can help a significantly sometimes

No. 1326189

the (catholic) church across the street from my window has been playing loud black gospel music on loudspeaker for HOURS everyday from 4pm-onwards, right now it's 730 and i still have to listen to some raspy meth voice smoking bitch screaming about jeebus, making it impossible for me to work or concentrate on anything. I don't understand how one church can so selfishly disregard the needs of every single residential unit on the street. They already play their horrible casio synth bells EVERY. HOUR. for 15 minutes each even though the whole apartment building of twelve floors petitioned them years ago to stop it, and all the crackheads in the neighborhood coagulate there at night and stare in ot my send floor window. Fuck all churchs, they don't do anything on value in the 21st century but at least the historical ones have artistic and historical value. All the modern ones built circa 1950s+ should be forced to pay local residencies a fee to put up with the noise and homeless. It's literally a burden to live near a church, no different then a prison or crackhouse

No. 1326191

Nothing stings like texting a friend and not getting a reply and days after seeing them post stories with their other friends on nights out

No. 1326194

Me and other anons are on the same boat Iavoidance? She won't even tell me she loves me anymore. I feel like an idiot. 7 years…
What if they are avoidant?

No. 1326196

>black church
damn they exist?
but yeah black/southern churches are always tacky to me, especially when they jump around and hump their air for jesus' sake. people make fun of boring white churches, but church should be quiet and thoughful.

No. 1326197

that's so obnoxious! I'm sorry you have to listen to that. I used to live across the street from a catholic church and they would play loud music on sunday mornings from time to time… There needs to be noise laws for churches. people being religious in 2022..seriously wtf. Hope they calm down soon, anon!

No. 1326199

This happened to me, and I dropped said friend. It was months and months without communication.

No. 1326209

I've never heard of a catholic church being this way in my life and I have been to catholic churches in Africa, they were just as boring as any white church.
>but church should be quiet and thoughtful
I agree, i know a lot of people i went to school with (a catholic school) who converted from evangelist to catholic because of this very reason.

No. 1326215

It's just two different ways of showing devotion to me. Growing up and going to one, it kinda seemed like they were celebrating him and there'd still be quiet moments and all that.

Even as a kid though, church was always boring and I mostly looked forward to all the grannies and aunties making food afterwards lol

No. 1326223

>a friend
that’s not a friend nonna

No. 1326230


Yes it is a douchey white people catholic church with big plaque on the front stating what year the pope came to visit them blah blah. And yes the music is your typical screechy PRAISE DAH LORD gospel music, I don't know, maybe they are trying to be "diverse" or some shit. This is in NYC.


I have no stake on how they conduct their services and whatever because I will never go there or any other church. I want them to stop literally raping my ears every hour with their shitty music and noice pollution, it's literally impossible not to hear it even with all my windows closed. If it was at least old church bells I would be probably cool with it, but it's literally some cellphone ringtone shit blasted out of huge loudspeakers.There have been several high profile old/historical churchs/synagouges catching fire in the last 10 years, why the fuck can't it happen here, or why can't the any of the luxury high rises sue them into oblivion for attracting crackheads into the same park area their precious babbees come at night to smoke weed and listen to shitty rap music (also under my window)

No. 1326234

It feels hopeless that I'll ever form healthy, wholesome relationships with people. Even when I've caused hurt to my friends and caused them to cut ties with me, I only feel sad for myself that I've lost them. That I've cried for only myself in self-pity, and not for them and the hurt that I've caused them. Guilt and empathy are fundamental human emotions and yet these do not come natural to me. Am I even human? Or am I just doomed to live in isolation forever, unloved and without connection to other people?

No. 1326235

>church should be quiet and thoughful.
Not even really religious but I think this is pretty stupid. Church doesn't have to be a certain way, like the other any said it's just two different ways of showing your devotion.

No. 1326236


same anon I forgot to mention there is also a old man that looks like charles manson/raspputin that walks randomly around the area waving a large orthodox church in the front of them with a bell hanging from waist ringing like it's the end times. again very weird as this is cleatly a catholic church and cross is clearly greek or russian orthodox style but according to the thread of hysterical karens on nextdoor.com that I browsed he is indeed a member of the church. I don't mind him AS much as he seems to inspire almost universal seething from the old anorexic hags and boomer dads that live here

No. 1326237

My bf is depressed and his libido is really low at the minute and obviously I'm sympathetic towards that, but at the same time I really need some physical intimacy

No. 1326242

there have literally been scientific studies done on people meditation or being deep in prayer, it basically slows your brain waves down and you are in total euphoria, and thus the feeling of being closer to god.
if you wanna jump around and twerk because the holy spirit is making you feel some type of way, like go for it, but don't drag christianity into it.

No. 1326245

So cuddle, then, you loser.

No. 1326246

All of the very religious people on this site lately creep me out.

No. 1326249

Farmers quite literally cannot go 2 seconds without talking about race.

No. 1326251

I found out my one and only childhood crush - a guy in high school I used to nerd out with and was my only male friend - who rejected me and then treated me with disgust afterwards, saying he liked the cute tiny cheerleader blond who was dating a guy actually on her level and that he only likes tiny girls…

now identifies as an incel. I was in complete and utter disbelief and out of morbid curiosity I dug deeper and he's been lying about shit. He's lied that no girl ever has liked him and all girls want tall men. Fuck. The list of shit goes on. He was half a foot shorter than me - I am a giant - but I thought he was the cutest guy at school, btw. I only learned years later that he was supposed to be unattractive because I am that dumb and sheltered.

Oh and yeah, I know the profile is him, his picture + some personal details I remember. I don't feel schadenfreude. I guess if anything, I feel relief at having dodged a bullet. Imagine if he was one of those "well at least she has the right holes" people. I am grateful he was at least honest so at least my body goes unviolated so…I thank him for that.

Looking back though, I wish I could comfort old me. I was so devastated after he reacted in disgust to my romantic interest.

No. 1326254

I feel schizo because I thought I noticed this too

No. 1326259

No. 1326260

File: 1662252680444.jpg (33.47 KB, 470x459, cheetos.jpg)

I've been doing good with my diet, but then these past few days I've been completely fucking up. And it's Fall now as well, which means my eating habits are going to get worse.
I honestly think I may be eating too little which may be leading me to overconsume.

No. 1326265

Literally not true

No. 1326266

I need a fucking friend that’s not fucking lost in the goddamn plot I can’t talk to my family especially my bro, my bf, I don’t even have any friends but I’m sure I couldn’t talk to them about it either fucking trans bs please god someone help this fucking earth I can’t cry or deal with this idiocy anymore I’m going to kms I hope this gay shit planet shrivels and dies

No. 1326282

Just ride it out nona, do not crack and come clean because you may regret it. They'll forget about it in time.

No. 1326285

File: 1662255634593.jpg (37.08 KB, 563x546, bed21efa06c327c2fcd03046e7e29a…)

God help me I've been so horny for the past two weeks and I'm yearning to touch someone and be touched but I don't want to have sex with a moid (masturbation doesn't feel the same, I want skin on skin contact, kissing and things like that). I've been staring at my coworker's arms for the past couple of days even though it's the only part of his body that I find even remotely attractive. Can't wait for when this is finally over omg.

No. 1326288

agree, they'll never forget you owned up anon

No. 1326308

File: 1662257436799.jpeg (70.73 KB, 750x703, 88158EB0-D856-4007-BFE5-8343C6…)

i just wanna emulate ps1 games but my fucking controller keeps disconnecting and (somehow) disconnecting EVERYTHING ELSE that I have plugged into my laptop I fucking hate the DualShock 4 so much please I just wanna play shitty minigame compilations

No. 1326312

I agree with you nona
>>The only thing super about it is how super disappointing it is.
This made me laugh though
I don't know what you're trying to fix, but that glue where you mix two tubes together is the only glue I've ever used which actually works. It's fiddly, but worth it.

No. 1326330

File: 1662258369404.jpeg (71.23 KB, 751x644, BE1E50E4-D881-4A68-99B5-D04CFF…)

I've been feeling mania creeping up on me the last few days and I am kinda scared because it's been almost a year since my last episode and I have no meds and no doctor because they always say I am doing so well, I am managing so well, such an ideal case wow!! I don't get frisky, or crazy but for me even spending a bit of money is reckless and I only bought stuff I needed today, but also ordered 2 makeup products, nothing too expensive, 30e total but I hate this. I try to keep all lights and noises down but it feels like an itch almost, I feel hot and I wanna talk to anyone who listen but even with me keeping it down, I can see people notice I am talking way too fast and usually I can filter the dumb shit like obscure history facts and seeing connections with dumb shit like a bad wikihole, now I can't filter to my liking. I wish any fucking doctor would take me seriously but as I don't drink or fuck around or think I can fly or shit like that, they don't even wanna try meds or therapy. I don't have any money for private therapy and it's all a bit too much, I haven't been sleeping a lot but I keep trying to drink and eat, I take my regular meds, I am trying. This shit fucking sucks I wanna know if it's just my head that was broken from the beginning or was it all the trauma and shit childhood like could there be a me that wasn't this messed up, like I would wanna feel relaxed just once, I am always 247 just doing my best to not be a bipolar cliché and always stay mellow and normal, the golden middle. I'm not call anywhere because I have a doctors appointment coming up and I am physically fucked, I need to focus on that, I can't call or go somewhere before that, that would mess up all my plans and all my energy would be gone before that appointments, and them shits are hard to get. Sorry for the absolute novel.

No. 1326347

bought some Ikea furniture to work from home properly and I think it's killing me. i put it together today and now it's 5 am, my nose has been running since I opened my furniture, i keep sneezing, my head hurts and I feel feverish. the worst is the sore throat, it's SO painful. it's definitely allergies because my sore throat tablets don't work at all. i also have asthma so this worries me even more.

has anyone else experienced this with Ikea furniture? i suspect the Alex chest of drawers under the desk is to blame. returning it will be a pain in the ass since I don't have a car so I have to call customer service to file a complaint…

No. 1326353

File: 1662260609768.jpeg (37.98 KB, 202x191, E7A9E98D-DFE3-4339-8EB4-6E3AFD…)


No. 1326354

im sorry nonna but being allergic to ikea furniture is just so funny. forgive me for laughing at your pain

No. 1326409

I dont even know what or how I’m feeling right now I am just so empty to the core and I just occasionally feel just complete irritability because its the only strong emotion i feel nowadays.

No. 1326411

Despite everything, I still love my ex.

No. 1326412

File: 1662263733958.jpeg (3.15 KB, 139x139, download.jpeg)

He would talk about wanting to have sex with other women, threesomes and his exes from the very beginning. He would bring them up when I didn't want to show him my body. I would come home after 10 hour shifts with my body in pain and some bruising and he would berate me while being in love with women I could never be. He was using me as his punching bag because I was never the girls he wanted. He lied to me the whole time and I believed him because I had no one else. I isolated myself further for him. I lost so much and he leaves whenever he wants. I always let him in no matter how hurt I feel. Everyone hated me and he was all I had. He would say things like "you think this is about you? It isn't," when talking about his ex. He denies it now. He lied about so much. He never calls and would ask me why I wouldn't text or call him. He thinks playing with me like that is a game.

No. 1326414

Nonnie, I hope you escape from that sick freak and can love your life in peace. You deserve so much better.

No. 1326417

The last time I had gotten genuinely upset over a news story was first finding out about that woman who was raped by a Stanford swimmer. And now, news stories don't anger or disturb me as much anymore even though it should. Have I gotten so apathetic over the injustices in this world? It feels like nothing fazes me anymore and I'm worried it's affected my sense of empathy towards other people's suffering.

No. 1326421

It's probably a defense mechanism, we're all just trying to live our lives the best we can after all. We can only worry about all the things so much.

No. 1326428

Same. I miss her so much even though she hasn't made it official…

No. 1326434

File: 1662266236915.jpg (77.88 KB, 750x920, flat,750x1000,075,f.u6[1].jpg)

>Be me
>Post on vent account
>Feeling really depressed
>Some unknown guy comments on my vent
>He comments a meme
>Reply back with another meme, trying to play along and be nice
>He gets defensive and doesn't understand the joke
>Try to explain it to him, again, just to be nice
>"That's a pretty cringe sense of humor"
Bitch, you were the one who began to joke around on my vent post. I'm sorry for not coming up with the best jokes while I'm sad.

No. 1326437

Same here, honestly since the Epstein news went mainstream yet nothing really became of it I’ve gone so apathetic to the news. It just feels like caring isn’t worth it, you’ll just be disappointed.

No. 1326458

File: 1662268663567.jpg (20.53 KB, 240x240, avatars-MzEys02MQpEZS6Py-rSxy0…)

i made a playlist for my friend and they ended up sharing it with a person they're hooking up with… it was part of a going away gift and i meant for it to be between us and now i can't even fucking listen to it. probably being too autistic about this but i feel really hurt. it's filled with gooey sappy songs. somehow i ended up third wheeling a playlist

No. 1326464

wow I hope they both die, this is the fucking worst(a-log)

No. 1326479

Men who say stuff like that are usually stuck in 2016-2019 humor. I wouldn't let him get to you.
That's so sad. I'm sorry, anon.

No. 1326501

File: 1662274041626.jpg (18.98 KB, 379x379, klwmShVo_400x400.jpg)

It's silly but I want to try actually celebrating my birthday, but I have no idea how. I really miss my family, not seen them in 3 years now and there is no way I can visit them because of the politics. I want to at least try making it feel a bit special, after all I have been doing nothing but trying to recover my health this whole year (and as far as i can tell, i am miserably failing, so bad that i am just going to ask for money to get a full health check-up).

No. 1326503

I'm sorry to hear that nonnie
some ppl are just so insensitive unless you directly tell them directly this is something personal and have a lot of meaning to you, they don't understand the importance

No. 1326517

just saw a troon in the comments of a video by one of my favorite artists. i'm gonna fucking puke. when i find a tranny liking the things i like the most it makes me die inside a little

No. 1326519

File: 1662276178624.gif (8.08 KB, 220x221, EF8DB996-F313-4B47-B993-D67A8C…)

kiwifarms hasn’t even been gone 24 hours and lolcow has already turned into their shit pen. threads are getting derailed more than usual, the site is so fucking slow because of all the extra traffic. I wish kiwifarmers would go be an invasive tumour in reddit or twitter or anywhere else but here. I am BEGGING you cancerous incels to fuck off

No. 1326521

File: 1662276258420.jpeg (42.14 KB, 380x512, 1646987582237.jpeg)

This is absolutely retarded but I feel """dysphoric""" about being in a relationship with a man. Seeing lesbians makes my chest feel tight remembering how it was with my ex gf and how much I miss her, and all the things I miss about being with a woman. I get a sense of dread and desperation this is my life now. My stomach hurts thinking about it. I like him well enough and he is good for a moid, I do care about him. I just hate feeling like this. Maybe it's just me wanting to feel like a speshul gay snowflake and being a boring straightie makes my inner attention whore hurt or something

No. 1326526

i completely understand this feeling but as a straight woman. it feels so wrong. i feel so fundamentally misunderstood. it's like being in a relationship with a tractor.

No. 1326535

>it's like being in a relationship with a tractor

No. 1326537

kek same. I'm also (mostly) straight and being in a relationship just doesn't feel like "me". It's such a weird feeling, even though I definitely experience sexual attraction and affection for my boyfriends. I think it's like dissociating.

No. 1326540

I'm straight but unironically wish I was bi/lesbian. At least then I'd have a chance at dating a human.

No. 1326559

File: 1662280254803.png (327.76 KB, 427x393, 1324967841272.png)

I put my hamster in my polly pocket town and he immediately blasted it with piss

No. 1326584

You should’ve known

No. 1326605

File: 1662284402297.png (35.68 KB, 232x86, bb.png)

Swear to god a woman will say some nasty shit like i want to suck the plaque off of x moid's teeth and people will be like omg yass based unhinged girlie speak your truth but if another alludes to anything beyond uwu sapphic handholding kissing OMG hehe about a woman there's always that one person or multiple like WTF YOU'RE SOOO WEIRD WTF WTF SO WOMEN ARE JUST OBJECTS OF SEXUAL GRATIFICATION TO YOU and then if its said on here ARE YOU A TRANNY ARE YOU A SCROTE MODS BAN THIS MOID XY DEFECT like i dont know about you nonnettes but when i say im a lesbian i mean i like boobs and vagina and having sex with a boobs ( optional ) and vagina haver ( obligatory ) and therefore i feel attraction to those who have these features. Like i mean in real life i get weird looks talking about my sexual attraction to women and people will look at me as if i got two heads made of poop but other women can say the craziest things about a guy and everybody laughs it off or agrees or encourages the behavior.
This sexual puritan crap is not even a zoomer thing but it is more prevalent within the generation i suppose. Like sorry im a lesbian? Obviously im going to feel horny for women and as an adult im free to express that.
And btw i have nothing against women saying nasty shit about moids in fact you can be even nastier if you want, its none of my business and it honestly does make me laugh, just wonder why its not acceptable for lesbians to say the same here or anywhere really. or if we are its always the same lame shit like zomg step on me queen !!!! like is this a buzzfeed article

No. 1326607

Yeah you’re just seeing what you want to see because any expression of horniness towards moids is met with the spray bottle. Not gonna bother reading this post because all I see is delusion and self-victimization right off the bat.

No. 1326611

Can mosquitoes fuck off? My blood must be #1 quality because I just keep feeling itchy and discovering another bite ughhhhhhh

No. 1326613

Death to mosquitoes! Blood for blood! Squish, swat, spray, yay!

No. 1326630

nta but imagine being one of the nonas who go to the vent thread just to give useless responses and outing that you do not care about context ie "not gonna read the rest"
LC aside, what anon mentions is a legitimate issue in alot of spheres cause people do have a weird reaction if you express actual sexual attraction to a woman without it being sanitized to hell and back cause if youre a woman who expresses that you have sexual urges for gasp other women youre treated like a predator whose one woman away from assault if you dont format it in "uwu hand holding princesses" speech.

No. 1326637

genuinely agree with this, from experience. I keep my mouth shut. men run a sick twisted monopoly on sexuality and I hate them a lot for it. to the point I SMELL a moid in my shop and I feel like invisible armor goes up. with women it melts away. we really are not the same, XY are mutants.
apparently if you eat bananas you attract them, or have low vitamin z? but some people attract them more, like bed bugs. one can move into a house where the other occupants were unaware of mosquitoes or bed bugs until the new tenant is ravaged. also only female mosquitoes bite apparently! supreme in the insect world, bless saint praying mantis amen

No. 1326641

>vitamin z
The what now?

No. 1326643

Whenever a story of a woman who goes missing, got murdered, or got attacked shows up on the news, I always wonder if she was one of us and I get sad. Not to sound fake lovey dovey, but no matter how many of you are retards to me I still want you all to be safe (not if you're an xy reading this).

No. 1326644

File: 1662289967999.jpg (96.81 KB, 1000x297, GIRAFFE-DZ-OOH3_o.jpg)

A hankering for the zoo

No. 1326655

File: 1662291889051.png (87.95 KB, 265x178, 265px-SpongeBob_SquarePants_S0…)

I am beyond mad, I am beyond seething and beyond giving moids the benefit of the doubt anymore. I'm cutting off any sort of friendship I have with moids and the ones that are exempt are always kept at arm's length - I cannot trust these degenerates.

I was at the gym the other day and the place was pretty much empty with plenty of space to work out but a disgusting moid came up right next to me (literally within breathing space) and started working out. Didn't say anything or touch me but started working out next to me for 5 minutes then left. I felt uncomfortable as shit, my instincts kicked in and I was like fuck this I am going to report it, there was absolutely no reason for him to be that close to me as I was in the corner of the gym on my own minding my business and whenever I'm in a space with moids I try my best to look and seem unapproachable. For so many fucking years I've just laughed off or ignored when men have done small things to make me feel uncomfortable but not anymore, thankfully the guy at the gym reception looked on cctv and said not to worry (as in I was right to feel uncomfortable) and to leave it with him. I always second guess my instincts because I'm fucking retarded and grew up around misogyny where none of your boundaries matter unless you were physically attacked but whatever I felt super proud of actually reporting a scrote for once.

So I get home and then mention it to a moid friend (not a friend anymore thankfully) and even send a pic - literal evidence of this guy literally right next to me with the context. I was just looking to vent and was like this is fucking annoying why do men do this. And he immediately just makes a joke saying "that was me lol im chillin" why the fuck would you joke about this when you already know it makes me uncomfortable? I told him that the guy had been reported and that tbh I hope he dies (why should we entertain creeps who ruin women's quality of life) and he starts crying saying that it's too far and that I need to chill because it's not acceptable to wish death on him bc all he did was "sit next to me". Bitch I bet if it was your mom or sister in the same situation you'd be puffing your chest out trying to act as if you'd fight him off but because it's just another female to you you don't give a fuck. If he stood right next to you in the urinals when there was space everywhere else then you'd fucking understand how it feels you fat balding scrote. "He should get called out but don't wish death upon him wah wah" ok then I'll wish death upon you considering you want to suck the dick of perverts so much.

I made it known that it's not funny to joke about shit like that and he didn't even bother to apologise, just told me to chill and then later on send some dogshit meme to me. Nah xy, you are fucking blocked and for all I care you can die alongside those creeps considering you want to defend them so much and act like it was too far to wish death upon a man that has now made me extremely hyper aware in the one place I thought I could feel comfortable in public. I cannot fucking stand it, spent my entire life trying to speak up about men treating me like shit and I always get told to chill or that "it's not that deep" because at least he didn't physically touch you!! I fucking hate moids, at least now I know not to bother befriending them anymore bc they just turn shit around on me and make jokes about other moids invading my personal space.

No. 1326658

We do anon, it's been months since we fucked though

No. 1326659

Literally unfit for living in civilisation.

No. 1326660

based nonnie I wanna be friends

No. 1326661

explain this or we will just assume you're a male

No. 1326672

File: 1662293861806.png (537.58 KB, 567x531, trdfd.png)

I was here last month to complain about my period pains, and I'm here this month again. Cheers.

No. 1326676

How so?

No. 1326677

shiet you okay nona? I'm on day two of full blown misery right there with you

No. 1326678

male detected

No. 1326694

hard to swallow truths

No. 1326698

are you a tall nonnie? I know this feel.

No. 1326707

That scrote never deserved you, nonnie. None of them do. Embrace your Amazonian stature and flex on moids. There is nothing more satisfying than than looking down your nose at them and smiling, in a predatory sense. Letting them know you're undaunted and could probably kick their ass. Watching them shrink a bit, the confusion in their eyes paired with a bit of panic…. delicious.

No. 1326715

File: 1662296946973.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 128.03 KB, 750x1248, DBB6206D-19FF-4BCB-9A75-E39472…)

Where tf do y’all buy essential clothes from? I need bras/panties and sweatpants, so I’ve looked at both Aerie and Pink and found troons on both of them. I don’t want to buy from them when they’re pushing this shit. Tired of seeing a tiny percentage of ugly, degenerate moids being catered to at the expense of women.

No. 1326716

I'm feeling so depressed. I'm having so many struggles with my relationships and friendships. Or maybe I should say, lack of struggles. I feel so alone. No one said life was supposed to be fair. So many people have actually shitty lives and horrible circumstances so I feel dumb for feeling sad my social circle isn't as robust as it could be. I hate that all my friends are in relationships and I'm the only single one. I hate that I get practically no matches on dating apps. I hate that I'm so affected by my FWB ending things last month when I knew it was inevitable and I didn't even want to be in a relationship with him because he's an alcoholic. I hate that I'm upset over these things because I don't even see myself getting married. I hate that I love solitude and spending time by myself but I'm getting these feelings anyway.
I am taking steps to try and preserve my friendships that I do have. Sometimes it just feels empty and that I'm always an afterthought.
Would things have been different if I didn't have a job that had me working Friday and Saturday nights for a year in my early 20's? Would things have been different if I didn't smoke so much weed and my idea of a perfect night was binge eating before I got on top of my sugar addiction?
I want to go downstairs and see my family right now but I don't want to cry in front of them. I don't know if I'm actually depressed or not but this shit sucks.

No. 1326717

that sucks I loved Aerie when I was younger

No. 1326719

I was about to buy undies from Aerie so your vent is appreciated nonny. I hope someone responds because it will help the both of us.

No. 1326735

My bf is annoying the fuck out of me. I'm in a new relationship like 2 months after being single for years and it's annoying tbh. I made a post ages ago about how being single isn't so bad because I'm my own master and I control my mood, and like I noticed coworkers would bring their relationship frustrations to work and today that was me. And the fact I can call myself out on it is pissing me off now. Fuck that queer cunt for upsetting me. He got mad at me over a miscommunication on Friday and ruined our Saturday my one day off. Now he's mad that I'm working and won't be off again for 4 days. That's why I just ignored him after he went off in a mood on Saturday and went to my friends. I just finished my shift today and I'm proud of what happened today at work, I'm progressing my career but now I'm home and he's still in a fucking mood and I cba. If he acts like this often I'm dumping him. What's going to happen if we actually have a real issue, we just ignore each other until someone breaks. Fuck that.

No. 1326741

Ew, what the fuck I will not be shopping at Aerie anymore. Sucks because I want(ed) the Down to Earth Hoodie. RIP

No. 1326743

Don't know why I am trying to do all that beauty staff when I am still a dog.

No. 1326744

>2 months
>already annoying

girl just break up lmao

No. 1326757

i just tried to fucking post in the ausfag thread for the first time ever and got banned LITERALLY WHY why dont we have an active thread and why if I post in the old one do I get banned? where are my ausfags this is bullshit

No. 1326758

Been through similar before and god knows how I ended up moving in and sticking it out for years even though the signs started in month 2. Run now, the fact that you're even hanging on for now.. that's a slippery slope. Be smarter than me.

No. 1326759

NTA but I agree. Home boy can’t pass the honey mood period without fucking it up? Sounds like home boy is single now then.

No. 1326762

um hello are the farmhands here actually braindead or just very biased and hypocritical? cause why the fuck can't I necro the ausfag thread, they will not give a single fucking good reason. there is a literal TIME DIFFERENCE BITCH THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE EXISTS fucking necro my ass, we are always here just in everyone elses threads. not fair, not cool. I want my ausfag thread and my ban reversed.

No. 1326764

Sounds unfair, you should take it to /meta/ nonny

No. 1326769

I've had two major relationships before, one engagement. We could have had a stupid fight over nothing but I choose to disengage which is probably part of his mood, I thought we resolved this shit yesterday after I checked in with him once I got back from my mates and was getting ready for work the next morning. He's just being off again today. I'm willing to see how he is in person midweek before I call it quits. I do agree 2 months in and him being a bitch is gay af tho

No. 1326770

Not sure but maybe the problem is that that thread doesn't meet the /snow/ rules? I'd try opening an Ausfag thread in /ot/

No. 1326771

I did, there's no reason besides necro. but I was posting aus relevant it was the only place to post it? like it wouldn't fit anywhere else? I said sorry to necro but and posted something relevant and new? like farmhands fucked up I didnt fuck around what the fuck

No. 1326779

File: 1662301297425.jpg (56.13 KB, 744x495, 324642356.jpg)

Ohhh it was in /snow/? All other country threads are in /ot/, locally produced milk is dicussed in them too. I would make a new one here and link the /snow/ one

No. 1326780

File: 1662301318404.png (28.11 KB, 700x630, 688CBF91-C4BC-4025-9D78-F83C90…)

Not to suicide bait but I thought about ending it too many times. Because my brain is fucked. Sometimes my life feels unbearable and I’m in a lot of pain I just cry and cry and cry. It’s just in my mind though. I can be quite content with my life and making plans how to be better in the future and accepting that I’m fucked up but that it’s ok. And then something happens that upsets me and the same life feels so bad that it’d be best to throw it away. I’m astonished that I managed to have a few friends despite being like that. But still it’s like why keep trying it will get bad again and someday I’m maybe not able to keep myself from killing me. Those feelings and thoughts are so overwhelming I forget every good thing I have. I’m tired nonas…

No. 1326782


Kek they might’ve deleted it. I definitely remember there was a troon on their Instagram recently cause I remember going and creeping on his page to confirm but I can’t find it now… they do have the latest rendition of the pride flag on their Instagram but that’s the worst I can find atm. Perhaps disregard what I said since I can’t find proof… I might try to convince myself that I imagined it so I can buy from them lol

No. 1326787

ah fuck nona, I know it doesnt mean shit but you aren't alone in feeling this way. why do you think your brain is fucked? have you tried any sort of therapy or anything?

No. 1326791

My parents are crying because of me and I guess it's partly my fault but why am I under so much pressure from them? I ask for so little (to be fed, watered and allowed to attend university in peace) and I just want to be left alone but they have all of these expectations for me. I get that I'm a failure with no friends or a job but I'm trying my best with my limited capacity for handling stress. They just want me to fake being excited and bubbly and childish 24/7 so they can pretend I'm happy, and if I dare show my real emotions for a single day they break out in tears like two retarded children.

No. 1326795

>take antidepressant for the first time
>all of a sudden i’m confident on my daily walks, no overthinking about random strangers and passing cars, have a spring in my step and random smiles on my face
So, like, why didn’t anyone tell me this shit works like magic? Would’ve saved me 6 years of brain fog

No. 1326804

I feel like it must be my brain being broken because when I start to feel bad my whole consciousness is different. My feelings, thoughts and how I see things are different and no sane thought comes through. I’m in a different world and it’s very scary. I’m trying therapy in a few month, it’s not easy to get it where I live.

No. 1326806

My dad sent me a photo of when I was 11, and I told him how strung out, lifeless, and gross literally like a barrel with a head I look in it. The one thing I resent my parents for is that they thought it was ok for me to be prescribed a ton of different ssris and shit as a child when they severely fucked my mind and body up from extreme weight gain than before I was on them. I'm so unrecognizable compared to now (but still kind of fat) it makes me so mad they allowed doctors to do that to me.

No. 1326817

why were you put on ssris?

No. 1326820

They thought I was depressed probably. I honestly have no real idea because one day after school they took me to a psychologist without saying anything beforehand. Tbh mental illness does run in my family, but I'm a middle child who acted out a bit sometimes to get attention. I don't remember ever feeling depressed. My mom denies it all, and my dad did apologize to me about it.

No. 1326834

Keep me posted. I still don't want to buy anything from a place that supports trooms.

No. 1326841

You'll still go through with the wedding and you will regret it in a few years. My god, some of you just blatantly ignore this type of stuff. Respect yourself and your time.

No. 1326845

I was put on them at that age too. I don't even talk to my dad as an adult. The lack of emotional availability from him was a large part of the issue. I ruminate over it alot now but I feel like being on them stopped me from even processing my own feelings. It just stalled me for years.

No. 1326849

Wish I had thick hair like so many women. I've tried so many things over the years and I'm convinced I'm just stuck with less strands. My siblings have amazing lion manes of hair but I dont. They've even told me to cut my hair short which cut deep. I've had long and short hair but the thickness wont change. I thought I finally had some success with a shampoo but it gave my skin acne. It was beautiful until the acne…and now I've accidentally over used dandriff shampoo that seems to cause more shedding. I lost all the progress I could feel building up around my neck. My skin is clear but the thicker hair I felt is gone.

No. 1326851

File: 1662307972529.png (366.22 KB, 719x555, 1592316448340.png)

I'm a little jealous of those who are part of discord groups. My dashboard is so barren and inactive. I wish I had online buddies. kek i'm so lonely

No. 1326858

If shampoo's giving you acne, are you sure you're rinsing it off well? If not, you could try draping a towel across your shoulder/chest (assuming that's where you get the acne) while washing your hair to prevent it from touching your skin? No idea if thst works but just an idea that might be worth trying.

No. 1326862

File: 1662308488602.jpeg (135.59 KB, 600x600, EE0C9BFA-D55C-4D26-A605-821376…)

No. 1326864

Same, I miss the feeling of being in an online circle of friends. I deleted my discord because the only friend I talk on there had cut ties with me.

No. 1326866

What shampoo you use?

No. 1326869

It gave me acne on my forehead, chin, and near my ears despite keeping my head back while wasing. I was trying a new one for 2 months with the softest my hair had ever been but it had 2 acne ingredients I didnt know about. My previous one wasnt as hydrating but didnt really contribute to acne with 1 bad ingredient. I found a very basic unscented hair set I'll be trying with the dandruff shampoo only once a week now.
Its nizoral shampoo, amazing for my acne not so much my hair.

No. 1326885

File: 1662310320977.gif (8.85 MB, 498x498, sad-cry.gif)

I'd be your friend, nona. I've found that I prefer one-on-one communication rather than group anyway.

No. 1326890

File: 1662310660826.png (271.06 KB, 511x563, tumblr_c0cd71955adadb41ea8411b…)

I almost got chased by a group of men all because I went to a store to buy two cans of alcohol and a snack.
>standing in a cashier behind them
>they keep looking at me, notice my phone got turned off
>they start trying to have a convo with me, I just say that I don't understand their language (which is bs but whatever), then start ignoring them and taking a few steps away from them
>they start staring at me from behind to see if i am going to the same exit as them, i am the only person left in a store
>kept staring at me at a parking lot when im the only person here
>i had to go from a different exit
>end up running across a road and then run tf home
If that is not a motivation to get stronger and fitter then I do not know what else. I can't even open a bottle of ketchup without help. I don't want to go to a grocery store anymore at least for a week, i am scared as hell.
The worst thing is that i tried blaming myself for the way i am dressed when I am wearing a long-sleeved dress and braids with ribbons. Fuck this fucking crap. I just wanted to grab a drink after a stressful meetup.

No. 1326893

I'm really sorry nonnie, you did nothing wrong, what time of the day was it ?

No. 1326894

Why are moids so irritating? You should be able to dress nicely and not get harassed. Dressing up is not an open invitation.

No. 1326900

It's 6PM, that's when people usually come back from work here, but I guess considering it's the weekend, eh… Thank you nonny.
Thank you nonny. I think the other terrible part about it is they looked like they were close to 40s when I am 22. It's disgusting.

No. 1326901

Of course they were in their 40s. I wish you luck in finding the optimal shopping times.

No. 1326907

File: 1662311867110.gif (2.46 MB, 640x640, cat-kiss.gif)

Aww nonnie come here and give me a kiss

No. 1326934

I’m genuinely almost at that point. I was lulled into this because he is a hard worker and makes plenty of money but he can only do contracting work. When he had to take a couple months off from it he tried to subelement the rest of his pay he didn’t get from workers comp/unemployment with a cashier job and he was struggling to count his drawer. TEENAGERS CAN DO THAT. he couldn’t so I that was my first like “whoa….” Like ‘holy shit’ moment I had in our 3 years of dating but we were already engaged. He does have unmedicated ADHD but even since he stopped using his medication (because he doesn’t have insurance because of his age) he really changed a lot. It terrifies me but we both agreed last night that he needs help and when we do get married he will start using medication again but he’s so like anti-medication and it drives me so insane because I have narcolepsy and I have to take meds daily so I find it extremely insulting that he thinks medication makes people “weak” or lesser. I’m still so mad and confused and now scared for our future which was never a thought in my mind. Just proves you never know anyone.

No. 1326940

Why am I so shit at memorizing coronary arteries and veins? I fucking hate it

No. 1326943

got a little too heated by something i saw today

I live in a predominantly immigrant area and went to the corner store to buy some fruit and inside there are like 10 clearly first year PASSION 4 FASHION students having a photoshoot of their god awful what I assume to be assignments on one another. All white, all adults, classic pink mullet type vibes, filming each other film each other, taking up the entire fucking shop, giving looks to people who 'get in the way'. I take my sweet ass time and really try to ruin every shot, but maybe that adds to their weird sense of 'authenticity'.

One bitch takes a pair of purple plastic sunglasses and arranges them on some bottles of olive oil, a woman who's actually shopping has to wait for this ARTIST to finish taking a photo before getting her bottle.

Wow eThNiC grocers, so unique and different, so edgy and diverse! Fuck outta here, you look like a joke, you're taking up space, every single person that actually uses this shop as intended hates you. I thought this trend of 'im in da hood! take a photo but quick before we get jumped teehee' died a while back?? Also you'd think the special little girls and boys of the art world were 'woke' enough to realize how garrish and corny they look using normal immigrant life as a prop?

No. 1326947

You should have said something. Even just a mean-ass excuse me. You should have stared and made them uncomfortable. Start coughing all wet around them. Be a nuisance back. I hate people who don't give a fuck about being polite. I definitely understand Hannibal Lector. I'd cook their asses up if I were him top fucking kek.

No. 1326949

I cannot get treatment for depression because it could risk my new status and job as a civil servant

No. 1326951

what the FUCK, he looks like he was picked straight off of discord. his fucking hair is greasy!!! VS models need to be hot as shit but this guy can roll up with 13 lbs of grease in his hair

No. 1326978

How can you tell greasy hair?

No. 1326980

yeah all i managed was glaring and standing in the way, god willing it never happens again but if it does I'll channel your rage.

No. 1326999

I'm ugly stupid boring dumb empty hollow I want to die I want to DIE, I hate being lonely but I feel vulnerable around other people, I'm disposable to everyone. I'm ok on the surface but when they get close they see how empty and soulless I am and leave. Who wouldn't? I hate being alive, hate having been born. I've always hated it. I'm old and decrepit, and so so so so lonely. I'm so fucking lonely. I wish I didn't care about being lonely. I wish I had the courage to kill myself but what if I fail and I'm bedridden for the rest of my very long and miserable life? If I had access to a gun I would have blown my brain out already.

Im sorry for r writing this and that you had to read it, but I need to vent. I'm crying rn. I'm definitely one of those people who will die in their apartment and no one will notice until my corpse starts putrefying because no one cares. It's not othe rpeoples fault either, I'm just fundamentally broken and useless, joyless, retarded, uninteresting, abrasive, annoying. I hate myself.

No. 1327028

I ghostwrote this

No. 1327038

File: 1662317912514.jpeg (128.23 KB, 1230x1230, D0E245C1-1191-448C-88CA-E56A08…)

Sorry you are feeling like that. You are not alone, I wish I could do something to comfort you just a little bit.

No. 1327045

I feel like this very often. I think it's important to understand that life is continuously going from okay (you are stable with moments of happiness) to a complete disaster. When you realize that, it's very easy to take yourself out of that situation and realize that soon you will feel okay. You will still have a lot of work to do to make your life better but emotionally level you won't be feeling this bad in a couple of weeks.

No. 1327048

omg are you me because same

No. 1327055

i am going to go CRAZY, it's partially my fault for letting it drag on, but i'm done with moids and i'm done with my sister
>3 or 4 years ago, random moid adds me on snapchat
>claims I gave him my snapchat on tinder but I literally don't remember his face or name at all
>he also once said he got my @ on a boba shop wall or something. so which is it?
>flirted and sent my nudes ONCE, it was the peak of my hoe phase, since then I have literally not been interested in men at all and have been volcel for 3-ish years
>he still has my 1 nude that kind of shows my face, albeit very grainy
>agreed to meet once but he stood me up, this is partially because I wanted to know who I was interacting with for years and it was a public space
>this is all very sketchy
>block his snap but he has my number and spammed my phone, getting a new number every single time I blocked him. fortunately I explained this to my service provider and they let me change my number for free.
>he's still adding my snap with different accounts, except for some reason his new snapchat is MY FULL NAME, FIRST AND LAST
>???? how ????
>ask him wtf is going on and that I'm willing to be his friend but he needs to chill out and stop asking to fuck me and just be normal, no weird shit
>it's normal for a while
>he goes back to being an obnoxious coomer
>still haven't met btw
>try to do my own research and look him up on linkedin, using the name and job that he gave me
>the guy on linkedin doesn't look like him AT ALL (he sent me 2 selfies)
>also the linkedin guy is WAYYYY too hot to be obsessed with me, and he actually has a life based on his instagram, so he doesn't strike me as the type to come up with hundred burners all to stalk me for years
the worst part
>the fucking psychotic moid messaged my sister on facebook via a fake account asking for my number, I ask my sister to block him, and she fucking won't for some reason. my sister has always been a bitch to me, but wtf? how hard is it to block a random person? her ex-bf once tried messaging me but I immediately blocked him and also never brought it up, because I didn't want to embarrass her. meanwhile she is telling my parents that my "boyfriend" is trying to get in touch with me.

i'm so fucking angry rn, sorry for the wall of text, pls don't ban

No. 1327057

also I know he's impersonating THAT specific linkedin moid because he gave me a very uncommon, foreign name, which the linkedin moid has, and also literally the same school and workplace.

No. 1327061

Hey queens it’s tonguechan update! My tongue still feels like absolute shit and hasn’t healed at all <3

No. 1327062

this guy seems fucking insane and his behavior could escalate. this is how women get murdered by their stalkers. you need to cut all contact, go to the police and tell your family and friends that you have a crazy moid who is obsessed with you.
it's just as well that your sister is talking to him so when he throws your lifeless body into a ditch the police will have a lead to follow.

No. 1327070

i thought about going to the police, but honestly idk what they can do, since all the information I have on him is really just him pretending to be the linkedin guy
I thought about messaging the linkedin guy (i found his insta) and showing him a picture of the moid (that I think is real), and asking if he knows him. best case scenario, he knows him and he has information that can help me, worst case scenario he either doesn't know him OR he will go back to his friend, the insane moid, and the insane moid will try to ruin my life further

No. 1327107

File: 1662322829799.png (749.99 KB, 640x853, 2grm0ms5pp451.png)

>Suspect I have ADHD after thinking about it since highschool
>Dropped out of that hs, started another online
>Procrastinated for months and completed all assignments in about a month after being confronted+ the consequences
>Just scrolled YT and internet mindlessly for 99% of those months bc I felt guilty if I played games
>Pretend to apply for jobs for 2 years, apply successfully but don't get it bc "Dad" doesn't help me find bus routes/ plan what times he can take me
>"You don't have to work just stay close to me!" Meanwhile he fights with me almost every day
>Covid hits, don't work 1st job until late 2021 for less than 1 1/2 weeks
This Year:
>Spend days mostly mindlessly scrolling YT and the internet again
>Enroll in Community College!!!
>Enroll late, classes start in 3 days,still not registered because money needs to be processed
>Don't have my books yet, emailed teachers asking if I can use earlier ebook editions (pirated pdf's kek)
>Talked a week ago with sister how I can't focus, feel in a daze, get headaches and overwhelmed by noise
>She thinks she might have ADHD too
>Talk with mom about it, tell her everything, how it might really help me
>"No, you were just being lazy. I feel disorganized too sometimes! I have depression, not ADHD. No teacher/counsellor ever told me you might have it! You said even if you get pills, you won't use them anyway!"
Because little freshman year me was scared and I'm still scared of being called insane or crazy. I know my dad and other sister will make fun of me and use it against me eventually. I said I would prefer not to get pills or whatever because I literally can not take pills without shoving it down my throat and gagging.
I have no idea what to do because I get resistance every time I try to ask for help and have no money. I've felt like I have to try and kill myself like my sister to get help like she does for years, but I'm too paranoid of things going wrong and fucking dying. I guess all I can do now is keep leeching off them until I get myself and finances settled in 5/10/20/100+ years.

No. 1327114

>Finally find bluetooth in-ears with a single charge battery life of 20+ hrs
>It's a sports design with awful ear hooks
WHY. Why would you give a pair of earbuds designed for excersise sich a long battery life. I need one for daily use!!

No. 1327123

I think the depression is creeping in, thank god

No. 1327124

I use ones with hooks because nothing else stays in my ears, if they're comfortable, why not get them? I enjoy being able to fuck around and not having them budge

No. 1327134

my mom has a very comfortable life and it annoys me how she wants me to be a wage slave and demand more hours
I work an 8-5, but I work far away so I'm basically out of the house from 7am/6pm. I'm off on fri/sat/sun, but she's all "anon why aren't you working more???" like bitch you don't even work AT ALL. I tried to lightly say this to her, and then she complains about how hard SHE has it, which is absurd to me. she stopped working in her early 40's and collects disability. she wakes up at like 12 pm, will walk the dog at 2 pm, make dinner (by make dinner, I mean boiling pasta and sauce lmao), and lurk facebook until bedtime. This is her life, fine, but wtf how is someone like THAT going to demand more hours from me?
I know I am grateful that I still get to live with her instead of being thrown on the street, but I'm working rn to get away from her. I haven't spent any of the money I earned, only in rent.

No. 1327162

Had a horrible trauma based nightmare where I snapped at my abuser and told him to get the fuck out chasing him outside and telling him to leave my family alone. I always dream about this “person” but this time was the first I chased it away like that and stood my ground, I’m proud of dream me but also I’m violently shaking and my heart is racing, god,

No. 1327166

>my whole life on the internet have been lying about my name and my existence
>Never had a FB with my proper name, nor twitter instagram etc etc
>Never see face or things relating to me when searching my name
>Looking for Software Dev jobs
>They are all on linkedin
>My linkedIn is not under my name either
Wtf do I do, I liked having 0 innanet foot print and not being searchable but I need to fucking work, urgh.

No. 1327168

Just fix up your linkedin and you'll be fine. I'm also a software dev, also mostly unsearchable except for linkedin, and it turned out ok.

No. 1327176

try using applesauce to swallow pills

No. 1327187

it's limp nonnie

No. 1327201

linkedin is hell
>horrible userbase culture
>tells on you when you visit someones page
>tons of emails
>invasive as fuck
>you can be easely search by a simple google search unless you go in the parameters
>for some reason my city is still visible from google by everyone even when I deleted the parameter for it
>rare name so everyone can find me super easely without any doubts
>people repost the most random and obscure and boring article

fuck it I want to kill it with fire! I understand your pain nonnie

No. 1327234

I saw an Indian YouTuber called Hamza, he made this video about hating people who play videogames and I saw a lot of me when he began talking about the cons of playing videogames, I now feel like shit because people might think of that about me.
Fuck, im worse than a drunk driver.

No. 1327305

Opinion disregarded

No. 1327310

why are you still talking to him wtf love yourself a little

No. 1327319

babe you're being literally stalked holy shit. contact law enforcement if you can. please stay safe what the actual fuck
(p.s. your sister is an asshole)

No. 1327349

File: 1662339887249.jpeg (64.24 KB, 750x1091, 18F97856-25E8-4429-B690-836A7F…)

If I’m to suppose there are really women on lolcow I gotta say that it’s a sad state of affairs
Because I am so tired of people calling each other and masculine looking women “trannies”. Masculine looking women exist.
Tomboys are still a thing
It makes me think there’s just a bunch of insecure self hating bitches that have taken up the most active posting and the obsession with transgender people makes every single thread a slog to scroll through

I hope that if newer generations fill up LC it is filled with women who aren’t utterly obsessed to the point that they’re misogynists. Yeah, I know, what did I expect going on an anonymous forum. But if we were just here to pick on masculine women, there wouldn’t be a point to this site. My favorite threads and developments in LCs have nothing to do with gender and ironically the people who are vocal about “genderspecials” shit up every fucking thread with petty ass dry criticisms of how a bitch looks. Yes, I do hide the saged posts, but sometimes I actually like to look at discussions.

No. 1327358

File: 1662341702402.jpeg (63.79 KB, 567x691, 5BB6016A-0CE7-45EA-B0C9-B19327…)

Every selfie I take is so fucking creepy. I didn't realize it until going back through. I take them to privately have as reference since I'm still figuring out what look to go for, but, I look like I am not mentally present. A friend once compared the look to a frightened animal or a ghost. To me it's like I bum adderall off high schoolers or whatever it was kirdedeanon said. The roasts are endless. How do you even clean that up when it's mainly your face and expression? I sincerely hope I don't look like this in real life and it's just because I suck at selfies or I'm gonna cry nonas

No. 1327362

anon maybe this wont make you feel better but i think you probably look cute with how you described it, it seems unique

No. 1327364

I really don't feel comfortable going to my doctor no more, he twitted some vile, misogynistic shit, which is very disappointing to say the least. Living as a woman in this shithole is awful, I feel bad for the girl on that tweet, she was clearly young and attractive yet that's not enough, everyone just assumes she's a worthless whore which is unsettling. I hope she is safe, at least. I fucking hate men here, bunch of gross, brute assholes, they deserve no sympathy

No. 1327370

Shut up, tranny.

No. 1327371

Your sister sounds like a retarded cunt, my condolences

No. 1327375

File: 1662343219889.jpeg (216.99 KB, 960x960, 61D96D6D-691A-431C-BA12-C0623C…)

as media has undoubtedly been regressing socially for women in the past 15 years or so (as noted by critics, media watchdogs, older feminists, and those with a brain) i’m starting to think that the gen z influence that’s been entering this board over the past two years in particular has aided in the open internally misogynistic posting i keep seeing.

don’t get me wrong, shit posters have always been shitting, but something lately has felt so much more… genuinely dumb?

like these girls are motivated by male approval to their entire core and i genuinely feel bad for them. they can’t maintain friends, every girl is a potentially enemy, they can’t criticize a woman without criticizing her for things only a man would care about and some of them openly comment about how they think it’s normal that they’ve never experienced the unadulterated joy of feminine proximity and intuitive bonding.

when i see the anime rec list from the average 15 year old girl and half of it is male centered or coomer romance shounen. while the 15 yo girls i knew all watched nana, tokyo mew mew, Cardcaptor Sakura, Kodacha, or other based shows/mangas FOR AND ABOUT GIRLS! Hell, even american campy comedy romance movies have died! we will never get something as amazing as legally blonde again !!!

these youngins annoy me, but i feel sad for them first and foremost. i didn’t grow up with social media during middle school, i was allowed to be a weird kid. now even being a weird kid can be a perfected aesthetic… if ur a girl.

No. 1327380

your sister is part of this generation right here >>1327055

speaking as a stalking victim, document EVERYTHING, and save everything. people like this are not ok in the head. you might get to take him to civil court one day and get money out of it like i did kek.

younger girls i feel like will let their own blood suffer for moids. i’d go silent on her/stonewall her because she needs to suffer consequences in life. you don’t get a rosy relationship with your big sis if you refuse to block her stalker and then lie and call him a bf. im sorry nonna

No. 1327381

File: 1662343671147.png (503.52 KB, 500x696, A2A0D100-3336-4066-A5A6-1118CB…)

what did you expect from kids that grew up with porn, everything is pornified and male gaze based now.

No. 1327383

Thanks nona, I'm not sure if it's truly that way since most people wouldn't see that, but I just realized maybe I can lean into a spooky style and therefore it will look less weird

No. 1327409

Recently I've been panic attacks about dying. It happened when I was a teenager and I thought it was a phase but I randomly get those terrifying thoughts again. They make me feel horrible like I can't breathe and I don't know what I can do to stop thinking and crying about it. I just want to go back to living my life and enjoying it without randomly feeling like this.

No. 1327417

Spent three hours crying on the phone to my mom and now I feel like I’ve wasted the evening and also made my mom worried about my mental health and I know she’s going to keep checking in on me now asking ‘are you okay?’ when that question only makes me feel worse because I’m never okay I just push through because what else can I do. Also my head really hurts from crying. Fuck I’m so mad at myself right now

No. 1327419


i wish I had a wife instead of a husband, men are so fucking stupid. I must love the daily emotional torment.

No. 1327422

Oh boy I feel that. But I feel as if things aren't really getting better for multiple reasons. And being completely honest, there's actually been a massive explosion of hatred for conventionally unattractive women because beauty standards seem to be getting worse. Not really sure what to do about it.

No. 1327423

I went through something like this several times in my life. You may continue to have relapses but, I suggest therapy. I went to therapy and they helped go through with me techniques to help anxiety. Not only that, but during that time I realized what set that trigger off and the reason why I had thoughts like that. I was unhappy with my life and I wanted to change it but I felt I had no control and I was scared of everything. Does this sound like something you should consider and take a closer look at your life to see what is the true cause? It is inevitable we will all die, but it seems you're choosing to focus on this because it is something you can't change.
I'm sorry thats going on anon. Why do you feel so bad? It's good you told your mom.

No. 1327432

I've been really stressed out because of my job. It's all my life revolves around right now and I feel as if I have nothing to look forward to and I'm afraid this is how the rest of my life is going to be. I'm not usually a crier, but I think it was the combination of talking to my mom and the frustration that even though she tries to console me she often misses the mark lol. I don't blame her because there's a generational and cultural difference, but it was frustrating when I just wanted to vent about my feelings (which I wouldn't have done except she could hear I was crying and asked why I was crying). She was either offering solutions about changing my mindset (which is something I have been working on myself) or trying to tell me about other people's kids she knew who were going through the same thing or had it worse than me. It was like from her perspective I either had to accept that this is how my life is going to be and that one day I'll look back on this as a good memory or it means things are too stressful and I should quit my job. I was trying to explain to her that I know I can handle it, but I'm just really stressed and other things in my life are also adding to my depression (not having many friends, no motivation for hobbies so all I think about it work, etc.) I don't feel much better after talking to her, but I know she was trying her best to help. I really appreciate that she said she would listen to me any time I needed to talk to her to complain about things, but I really don't think I want to do that because I don't feel better about things at all.

No. 1327433

sorry samefag. But an example of something she said that was frustrating was how she said she thinks I only feel this way because I got my job pretty easy (I interned there in graduate school and then they offered me a fulltime position once I graduated). She said when both she and my brother were unemployed and looking for jobs, they were both so depressed and stressed out and so when they were employed again everything about it was exciting for them even though they were stressed because they were so thankful to have a job. I remember those times for both of them and of course I'm thankful for my job, but I think I'm also allowed to be stressed and upset without having to think "well at least I'm not unemployed!!" I don't know…

No. 1327436

Ah, I understand. I think loneliness in adults who are working is a silent killer and so prevalent in out generation. There are so many people out there that wish they had friends to share thier life with but I argue that people who have less friends are actually because they prefer to choose thier friends carefully, so in a way you're doing this in a smart way.
It sounds like you just wanted to vent because you were overwhelmed.i hope you can destress by walking in a park or by even taking a few minutes to feel beautiful by wearing a different lipstick or doing your hair differently. The small things turn out to be the biggest things. I'm sorry I can't offer more.

No. 1327452

I hate ugly bitches. I genuinely used to never judge people by their looks until people started judging me by mine. Ugly cunts will be cruel to me no matter what out of jealousy so at a certain point I just learn to expect it. From sabotage attempts from ugly and obese girls at my previous job who literally admitted jealousy, to getting banned from websites for “posting edited photos” when the photos are not edited. Being told I’m wearing contacts and my eyes look fake. Women are vile creatures and men aren’t any better since they only want to fuck. But at the end of the day I wouldn’t choose to be ugly because I still know it’s better to deal with all this bullshit as an attractive woman than be unattractive, but I question it sometimes. People have to find something negative to point out about you, but if you do the same and point out their 20 ugly features you’d be evil. You are expected to be a Disney princess and always be kind and pure hearted or you don’t deserve your beauty and are a witch. In some way things were easier when I was younger and insecure. “You don’t know you’re beautiful, that’s what makes you beautiful” fuck that shit. And I’m the level of pretty where I’m still not quite model-tier (and not interested in starving myself again) so I don’t really get any benefits, it’s not like I make money off my looks, nor do I want to do onlyfans or something.

No. 1327454


No. 1327457

I get what your saying anon. I will say that I hyper focus on people shitting on masculine or unfeminine women because I don’t dress particularly feminine and I wasn’t raised that way. There’s nothing wrong with that, however. Honestly this all came from the stupid ass nitpicking about cows. It’s already annoying to see people criticizing stupid ass shit like Shayna’s boob or Jill hunched over in a 1 second out of focus screenshot and people going KEK GOLEM and not the shit that actually made them applicable to the board. I know I can’t do anything about it besides bitch but I wish that people understand how fucking stupid it makes them look. I’m no longer focusing on the BPD DID saga or the horrifying record of a decade long decline of a sex worker that hates sex, I’m focusing on these Nelson-types whose only comments can be internalized by people that legit look like Shayna or Jill. It wouldn’t be as unbearable at times if it didn’t seem so hypocritical. I thought lolcow was refuge from maleposting and instead I just see comments that make me picture an unkempt incel jerking off to the women he rages about

No. 1327459

Absolute hot girl energy. So glad someone agrees

No. 1327460

I want to stop seeing my therapist but I'm worried I won't be able to continue the ADHD medicine that's been helping me if I quit. I'm meeting with my GP to ask about it this week. I just feel insane. She seemed nice at first but she forgets or misunderstands half of what I say, she gives me packets or sometimes entire books of CBT worksheets and then dismisses them as unhelpful when I bring them back to go over with her or ask questions, she keeps reminding me that she can't wave a magic wand for me and only I can change myself… but I told her at the very beginning that I'm at a point where I have good insight into my issues but need help on forming strategies for dealing with them because I recognize my perception is warped. She's diagnosed me with schizoid personality disorder but always talks about BPD like they're interchangeable, constantly argues that I'm not actually experiencing emotional numbness or difficulty connecting with people because I have a long-term partner and a job despite me detailing how difficult both of those have been for me to maintain. I'm always paranoid and suspicious of people's intentions so therapy is already hard for me. I keep convincing myself that maybe she's intentionally pretending to forget things to force me to advocate for myself or maybe she's trying to test my ability to manage people playing into my insecurities, but I know deep down I'm just her lowest priority client. I keep waiting for some debrief that never comes. She's told me multiple times I'm not as bad as other clients, which I know is meant to be a reassurance because other therapists have said the same, but it's impossible not to feel like it just means she's annoyed I can't figure shit out for myself. I don't know. I know the idea of therapy being someone that listens to your childhood experiences and current struggles and helps you process stuff and gives you concrete strategies is a fairytale, but I guess it's one I'm having a hard time letting go of.

No. 1327465

in this society if someone’s ugly it means they have no respect for themselves bc most people would look average and even attractive with just weight loss, basic hygiene and a good haircut. when someone looks so utterly pathetic and ugly i just know they have no discipline and they also don’t respect themselves, and will probably be bitter with inferiority complex. trying to bring others down instead of lifting themselves up

No. 1327469

I just had a comment from my dad that "my teeth looks like it's decaying" and when I checked on the mirror I noticed that my top front teeth is looking transparent. Apparently this is due to enamel corrosion. I don't even drink soda or consume acidic beverages. The only things that might have been the cause of this are drinking coffee (which I only do once or twice a day) and brushing my teeth right after I eat breakfast in the morning. Still, I doubt that such small things can cause that much corrosion. Great, as if I didn't have a million things I'm already trying to fix about myself.

No. 1327471

File: 1662354378532.png (400.61 KB, 556x502, Screenshot_76.png)

i wish i could know what it's like to be an enjoyable person for someone (that isn't either of my parents). i'm either ignored or disliked. it gets really lonely.

No. 1327475

I don't judge for natural features but when you smell like shit so you need two showers a day, when you have barely wavy hair and use products for curly hair that makes your hair look greasy and messy constantly, when you don't cut you fingernails for hands AND feet, when you're morbidly obese and keep eating for two people to the point walking straight is impossible and your legs are starting to be deformed, when you can't even groom yourself correctly so you epilate your eyebrows too much and now you're eyebrows are way too far apart, you don't get to talk. And I'm talking about only one person I know irl and all she can think about as a solution is makeup and maybe a lipo. Don't get me started with ugly gay men who are getting a beee gut and lose their hair in their early 30s and still think they're hot shit and try to start shit with women constantly, they're the most openly jealous. I used to be the opposite of judgemental and I stopped caring after being treated like an inferior by mediocre former classmates and coworkers for being a woman or not being white so fuck it.

No. 1327479

I like you nonny, you'll find someone who likes you irl as well

No. 1327485

I need professional help. No self injury today (that I remember…) and I actually kept it together pretty well but I'm so sick of feeling like going 12 hours without crying is an achievement. I need help I need to process my trauma and go through all that hurt so I can finally be free of it. I can't do it alone… Therapy can't start fast enough. I need to go to bed before I get further into this self pity spiral…

No. 1327491

what about skinny uggos who already do those things to look better? some people just can't be salvaged without surgery

No. 1327514

you seem like a sweet person nonna and i’m sure you’re okay. if i wasn’t so bad at socializing kek i’d be your friend

No. 1327517

I'm sure your lovely personality has absolutely nothing to do with why people are mean to you.

No. 1327528

Bro I'm implying I get discriminated at uni and then at work on the sole basis of my race before I even open my mouth to the point I lost a shit ton of opportunities as soon as I graduated and your conclusion is that my personality is the problem. How would people know my personality if they don't even see me more than 5 seconds? If people can prevent me from getting jobs just based on my race, I don't see why I should feel ashamed I find them ugly.

No. 1327538

Sorry, is "sis" alright? I'm too ESL for this and I'm trying to say "bitch" too often now.

No. 1327539

Yeah kek. I’m totally sure it’s all just jealousy. Definitely.

No. 1327540

It’s like when trannies seethe about ugly women still being considered women. Always sus when they seethe how hot they are and that’s why people hate them, like troons saying terfs exist just because men are so much hotter than their middle aged selves.

No. 1327541

No, not really. What a reach.

No. 1327542

Cope. I’m not the one posting I hate ugly people because they are judgemental while being judgemental.

No. 1327545

ayrt, that's a weirdly apt comparison. I guess it fits since it all comes from misogyny in the end.

No. 1327546

The first and only guy I ever dated and sexted hates women and cusses them out. Looking at his pictures literally make me want to shoot myself.

No. 1327550

File: 1662363682634.jpg (42.83 KB, 700x701, bait.jpg)


No. 1327551

Fucking clocked of course the retard is the troon who’s also currently posting in the Keffals/Lucas thread.
Men cannot fucking blend in kek.

No. 1327552

I hate ugly guys too, I said it in my post.

Sorry for being ESL I guess.

No. 1327556

File: 1662364116466.jpg (7.11 KB, 355x236, 0b34ec7419c551e3f8a28bebd56669…)

Excuse the moid language but using Paypal feels like getting cucked. I am currently paying 15 dollars in transaction fees, just so they can hold my money hostage for 3 weeks and use it to invest and fund their loans. I have been their customer for over 8 years and they still hold almost any payment over 50 Euros.
I wish nothing but tanking stocks for their shitty scammer business.

No. 1327558

File: 1662364583366.gif (334.7 KB, 500x375, TQyjZr1.gif)

I feel like I'll never truly fit in anywhere. I'm too weird for my normie friends, too straight for my stoner friends, too introverted for my friends who go out clubbing, too novice for my friends in my university classes, too normie for my friends in the local gothic/alternative scene… The interests and hobbies I'm really into aren't shared by any of my friends, and I can't get into any of their hobbies or interests on a deep level. I've never been able to engage in online communities either so internet friends aren't really a thing for me. It's like my whole life exists just on a surface level. Idk it's probably just imposter syndrome and I am still young but I really can't ever see myself connecting with anyone and will probably die alone via drug-induced suicide out of sheer boredom

No. 1327566

Fuck paypal, it’s the most snotty, useless and redundant business ever. I was relieved when places like depop started talking bank transfer so I don’t have to deal with their bullshit. I also hope they go bust and bankrupt and I hope the door hits them on the way out. Just like whoever invented Skype, I wish them nothing but misery.

No. 1327568

File: 1662365789808.jpeg (80.65 KB, 800x575, 99FD4BE4-A063-4B79-8B21-5F36B4…)

>a beee gut
They need to stop guzzling so much nectar

No. 1327570

No I'm sorry I meant beer guts, bees are cute and beautiful.

No. 1327572

>I am still young
No shit. That’s why you’re surrounded by friends and still screaming and crying about ~ not fitting in!~ because they don’t share every single thought that enters your head.

No. 1327573

File: 1662366210475.jpeg (72.46 KB, 750x734, 9F651521-1D03-4E80-A082-B1FD7E…)

“People” who hate cats are retards. I wish I could crush the skeletons of those who wish harm on a kot.

No. 1327585

File: 1662367640470.jpg (58.11 KB, 470x700, 9b17cb58703669db01ca50a2530199…)

Same. Long live the kets. "people" who unironically hate cats to a degree are usually entitled and have no patience for the cats they encounter to get used to them. Plus, I cant deal with people who tell me about their hatred for cats and then describe ways on how they wish to inflict harm on them. It's so unhinged.

No. 1327586

I hate phone appointments, they should've called me an hour ago.

No. 1327595

File: 1662370516562.jpeg (68.39 KB, 750x700, A9D1474F-C459-4B5D-95C1-1B76C1…)

Tbh NLOGS who openly support predators and abusers despite knowing what they’re doing and genuinely brainwash themselves into thinking it is ever in any way justifiable are just as bad as they are. Not to mention that they’re always very delusional and condescending people and never the meek “they knew no better” trope they’re often sold as.

No. 1327597

My friend got raped by her husband Saturday night.. Tried getting an appointment at the gyn today.. Woman on the phone literally went "you should've come sooner! Why didn't you?" I never lost my shit on someone this quick. Asked for her name. She told me to go to a different hospital then. Asked for her name again. She hung up. I've never, ever gone Karen before. But I did just now. Called the hospital, got myself connected to higher ups. Told them the story and that she hung up on me, wouldn't tell me her name and told me to go a different hospital. Fuck you, you insensitive monster of a person. May they send you to every sensitivity training on this earth.

No. 1327601

Did you get her name? Fuck that piece of shit, you’re an amazing friend and I hope she’ll do okay

No. 1327603

I think it’s really sad that we’ve reduced wanting to be treated with basic respect by professionals as “karening out”

No. 1327604

They didn't know either, but promised to talk to her. She can be damn fucking happy I am going to the other hospital and am not at hers, hunting her down. Let's see if she can match my fucking wrath today. The whole "literally shaking". I have been all day like a fucking wet chihuahua. My rage is barely contained in this vessel. Anyone dares getting in my way today— I pity them.

No. 1327609

You're a good friend, really sorry to hear about the absolute oxygen thief your friend is married to. I hope everything will be ok for her (health and everything else-wise)

No. 1327611

If I was, I would've made sure he wouldn't have been able to waste anymore oxygen the time he first hit her. She wanted to make it work. I should've made sure he couldn't do it again.. I let her go back. I'll carry that, but never again. I have five appointments lined up with lawyers, women helps, even the fucking church. Already know how I can fuck up his bikes, already getting the keys copied for some cold revenge. I will plaster the whole village with his face, I will call every possible employer— apparently he likes looking at kids too. I want him to look over his shoulder every single day. Wonder if people know, if they're talking about him behind his back. If they cross the street to avoid him. I have one enemy, and too much autism.

No. 1327613

File: 1662372248880.jpg (213.19 KB, 1238x884, 20210412_064258.jpg)

I wanna get into the actual fandom of Godzilla/kaiju/tonktatsu but it's been a little over a year since I started being an autist about it all and I don't wanna integrate into tranny shit and this fandom seems rife with it. what do? just search out female, feminist themed fandom circles?

No. 1327624

Calm down uggo schizochan, the posts you replied to were from different people only one was me lmfao

No. 1327625

Samefag you literally proved my point lol you’re not allowed to even vent on an anon image board otherwise you “must have a horrible personality” get the fuck off your high horse you’re on lolcow

No. 1327634

the day celebricow posters learn how to scroll and ctrl+f is the day i become a billionaire

No. 1327638

I have bought 10 sessions of laser hair removal. I have white skin and vitiligo on my face and they saw it on the consultation day. And now clinic refuses to do sessions because I have vitiligo. Laser hair removal was the only thing that I have wanted. I don't care if I'll turn fucking white I don't care I don't care I have fucking excessive hair everyehre and now I can't get the only thing I have ever wanted please kill me I don't need any other procedure I just want to ne normal and stop hurtimg my skin with wax or razors

No. 1327654

I read this and my first reaction was, wait you have all these friends? But I guess this is what they mean when they say you can feel lonelier in a room full of people than just being fully alone. Back when I had a few friends I used to wonder how I was never anyones best friend. There was a depth that I never seemed to reach.

No. 1327656

No. 1327671

That anon is right, I was one of the anons who replied and got told off for saying "bro" because apparently that's forbidden here now.

No. 1327672

When has saying bro or bruh ever not been considered cringe here tho

No. 1327674

Sorry but the entire post was bullshit. Total fabrication, just wanting to victimize herself. I have never seen anyone simp a moid without multiple replies flaming them. This is an imageboard built on the back of gossip and pointing and laughing at delusional behavior so if you make an entire post dedicated to your delusional behavior yeah, you’ll probably get a reply or two telling you to get a grip.

No. 1327681

why would they refuse because you have vitiligo? you better get a refund at least. i'm sorry nonny. i can relate due to my own, different experience wanting a cosmetic procedure. it's so hard to fixate on something so much and be unable to get it fixed.

my completely unrelated vent? i feel so disgusted and heartbroken witnessing the erosion of free speech & thought on the internet, in real time. browsing the kiwi vs keffals thread, it gives me a bit of hope that i'm not so alone, many nonas seem to realize the ramifications of this autistic slapfight. it's not about protecting racist scrotes. it's not about the insufferable troons. i do wanna believe the common person will wake up & realize the govt is literally funding the mutilation of children now, but IMO, it's 50/50. the propaganda - it's so much. & not only in regards to the troonshit. the MSM obfuscates the truth, and outright lies all the time now. journalism has 0 integrity. i don't know who to trust with the truth, so i just don't trust any news. it's a very isolating existence. and soon, nowhere will we be able to gather and voice our dissent.

No. 1327685

Based that thread leaves me feeling so powerless and worried for the future

No. 1327689

They told it may cause additional depigmentation. As if I don't already have it on my face, ass, legs, arms and like literally on every part of my body and I care. I'll try in another one, if they refuse to do laser too they also offer electrolysis and if it hurts and leaves scars then let it be. Idc. I would rather be scarred than hairy and in hot bloodied dots and scratches.

No. 1327690

I really hate the power imbalance that comes with being the less-socially successful friend. Also people with a lot of friends have a tendency to just bring people along without telling you and that pisses me off. Also they won't confirm plans until the last second because they hope something better will come up, it's so transparent and grosses me out

No. 1327694

I seriously hate how when you agree to hang out with someone, you're actually agreeing to possibly hang out with five people. Great. Awesome. Never in my fucking life have I ever been asked to hang out or asked a friend to hang out thinking I sure hope they bring along maybe three or four random mutual friends oh boy I sure hope so! and YET. The fucking walk of shame to their car when they pick you up.
>Ah, no, anon, don't sit on that side because someone's already sitting there, sit on the other side, with all the garbage and trash and finished joints
>and no, I will never ever clean this fucking car just in case I invite other people to this 1v1 friend hangout again, bitch, so start shoving
It genuinely makes my blood boil. When I get in that beat up fucking car I'm not quiet because MUH ANXIETY, I'm quiet because I am hoping and praying that a giant fucking meteor crashes into the car and sets us all ablaze and we all die screaming in agony.
I'm angry about it, is what I'm saying.

No. 1327699

You’re wasting your time. Just keep your finances in order and be willing to immediately leave this guy if you find someone better. Even if it’s a coworker

No. 1327703

File: 1662386387033.jpg (680.46 KB, 640x640, 20220823_181157.jpg)

My uncle is going crazy in a dangerous way and no one else in my family thinks it's a problem. My uncle, who I haven't seen since before the pandemic came over last Sunday morning, more like bardged in. He had a bible in his hand and said that he came to see my sister (and me by extension because I opened the door) he demanded that I be "saved". I was making breakfast at the time but that didn't matter to him. He makes me read two passages then, admit that I'm a sinner and swore my allegiance to Jesus. Kept calling me an unbaptized sinner the whole time (I was baptized as a child, though I'm not religious now). The whole situation freaked me out so I yesanded him until he left. I talk to my sister about it and she thinks that I'm crazy for questioning this. All she tells me is that he's trying to save as many people as he can and that he's been a little weird since his heart attack. She sees it as him making amends and becoming a good person.

As some backstory, my uncle spent most of his life as an irresponsible player. Gambling, drinking, fucking around, being a shitty father to my cousin who is now in jail. This is a complete 180 and the fact that he's being so demanding and aggressive about saving people is worrying. I don't doubt that this will escalate. If he wanted to be a good person, just be a good person. Don't go around to others, make them admit how bad they are theyn 'save them'. Its bullshit and sounds like he's projecting.

I don't know what to do incase he comes around again. No one else sees this as strange

No. 1327706

I love how people like you can turn everything into a pity party. I'm really sorry I pointed out your bitter, misogynist way of thinking.

No. 1327708

Seems like the the heart attack took a toil on him. He won't go killing anyone but now he'll be an insufferable christian. I'd stay away until he tones it down.

No. 1327713

Considering what his life was like and how aggressive and insulting he was acting, while Jesus is forgiving and loving just shows how far away from God he actually is. Fuck this ego faggot. Maybe your family is supporting this because it's better than his previous, destructive behavior but they should at least acknowledge how much of a phony cope this all is. Especially since he's being outright rude, coming uninvited and doing literal holier-than-thou bullshit.

No. 1327717

Let me be cringe once in a while, I'm on holidays.

No. 1327724

Get her

No. 1327727

I gave some rando guy on the internet feedback about his game and I get the pissy response of "lol, lmao". Like fuck off man, fine, its your game, make it however you want, but how about be a grownup for two seconds and gimme a proper response. Sorry it wasn't like the rest of the ass-kissing comments on the game's page.

No. 1327736

My cat scratched himself next to my bowl of cereal and I didn’t notice all his little hairs in my bowl until I was finished with the cereal

He is my son so whatever I guess

No. 1327739

I got molested by someone I thought a friend and now he’s upset I told our friends (some) because they don’t want to talk to him anymore.
Moids really think they can get away with anything.

No. 1327743

No matter how much I distract nyself I still think about my ex to the point of obsession. I even have dreams about her. Will I ever move on and get over her? It seems impossible. I can't get thoughts of her out of my mind.

No. 1327752


No. 1327757

i meticulously weighed and tracked, followed my macros, and went to the training sessions. my trainers said i did good bc my body scan said i lost fat and gained muscle, but i gained 1kg so still feel like a fat mess.

tired of this crap

No. 1327764

Three friends cut ties with me at the same time for the pettiest reasons that make no sense but I still can't help but blame myself. My other friends confirmed that I didn't do anything wrong but three at the same time feels like too much of a coincidence. Idk. There must be something wrong with me or my behavior that pushes people away. Then again I have multiple healthy long term friendships with 0 drama in 15 years so I must not be entirely rotten, right? I don't know I just feel hurt and abandoned.

No. 1327769

His projecting his personal issues and insecurities on others. A lot of born again male christians or muslims are like this once their middle aged, they lived a good life being non-believers, committing petty crimes, treating their family members and friends like garbage, being selfish or even dangerous, until something midly traumatic happens and reminds them that they're not gonna be young forever. Then they think that everyone has the same potential of being "sinful" as them because they're very self-centered, so they harass people just like your uncle did with you and they think it's a nice gesture.

No. 1327775

File: 1662391257803.jpg (42.43 KB, 686x660, 1656939789462.jpg)

Just spent an hour scrubbing the floor and cleaning the bathroom. Really made me think about why I am so unhappy and what the fuck am i doing with my life.

No. 1327778

There’s this lesbian girl in my uni that I really wanted to get to know to cause I found it really brave of her to be so openly and unapologetically butch, given that we’re not in the west. I found her socials through mutual friends and found out that we have some similar interests and she has some radfem opinions but then I saw her posting gender identity crap and how oppressed poor troons are and was disappointed but not surprised. But a while back she reposted some really disgusting post by a troon scrote and that made me lose interest all together. Yesterday we kinda got to say a few words to each other because of our mutual friend and she seemed really nice. It made me so sad that moids have divided us more than ever with their fetish. It made me even sadder because she’s a lesbian and actually the one who’s oppressed and not the scrotes she’s capping for. Im sure she’d think I’m an evil bigot if she knew I was heavily rad leaning. Makes me think of all these female friendships lost or friendship opportunities missed because of this degeneracy….

No. 1327783

File: 1662391837177.png (635.23 KB, 944x960, 844.png)

My room is a cluttered mess. At this point I just want to throw everything out. I have a uniform for work and I barely wear anything more than hoodies and leggings. Everything else needs to go. I feel like it adds to my depression.

No. 1327784

I've had such a shit day. I was in a horrible mood at work because I let a man upset me, and then everyone kept asking what's wrong because it's so out of character and that made me feel more sad and low. The past year I've been single and dedicated to my career, then I met someone and I thought everything was falling into place, but 3 months in and he's a nightmare. Too full on emotionally that I'm closing up and it's hard to navigate because he's pushing one thing and I'm literally trying to get to know him. Then he's jealous of how much I work as if I pick my own hours, then mopes if I want to see my friends. Yet won't actually meet them. We broke up right after I left work because he's been texting me shit all day. I was going to see him tonight but he's wanting to fight and no. I'm exhausted and I was happier when I was single, but now I'm home and I'm sad. So embarrassing. He kept pushing to make us official, and meet all his relatives and plastered it all over fb when I keep everything low-key and now it's over and ugh. All the ones in work will see it and then they'll all be gossiping about it, and then when I go back on Friday I'll have to go over it all. And literally a week before I was staying over at his and telling everyone how its going to be manageable and we broke up because he couldn't handle I have to work weekends.

No. 1327786

Why did they cut ties with you?

No. 1327787

donate that shit, it will set you free.

No. 1327790

Sell or donate things you're 100% sure you don't want to keep. Put the clothes that make you hesitate aside and give yourself some time to see what you want to keep this way.

No. 1327811

I'm just so lonely nonnies. I've been used as a therapist all my life and now I don't have friends lol. I've always been supportive and kind and that led me to being miserable and alone.

No. 1327815

File: 1662394274221.png (233.34 KB, 500x389, 81BF8755-431C-4967-872D-7E3FD5…)

There are no cute bags in my country, everything is so expensive and I can’t afford anything remotely nice. If I started making more money I still couldn’t afford them because inflation would keep getting worse anyway. Everything I own is ugly. I can’t have anything beautiful to compensate for the misogyny I face… like what’s the point of being a woman if I’m not even allowed to own a cute bag to make up for the fact I will never be paid as much as my male coworkers even when I put my big girl pants on and stop being a neet. I’m literally in hell, except in hell there is peace in utter helplessness. I live my life knowing I had the freedom to escape from this shithole but didn’t. The little free will I have is my prison.

No. 1327816

Wrote to another clinic. They need stupid confirmation from a doctor that I can undergo laser hair removal because, again, for unknown reasons vitiligo is contraindication. I wish I was not born at all than be this defective. I am so tired from life in this body and everyday fights with it. So tired.

No. 1327847

One thought I was ignoring her at an event when I didn't notice her walk by and accused me of lying when I told her I didn't see her. One I used to date but later became just friends with, he got salty when I mentioned another guy. One got a girlfriend and can't hang out with me anymore because he wants to fuck me and feels like even being platonic friends is cheating. I'm not crazy in thinking that these are really stupid reasons to cut ties with someone, right?

No. 1327853

File: 1662396209562.jpeg (218.48 KB, 688x914, 820FAB8D-AF08-47E4-BDFE-E0004A…)

I feel like the easiest distinction between a zoomer and millennial online, specifically the millennials that got very self-important on tumblr as teens, is the way gen z does not care if they are perceived as cool but millennials have to make a thousand posts justifying why their fakealoof-complicated-performanceart-irony style is just sooo carefully crafted but like artfully tongue in cheek. It’s such loser behavior. So many millennials that thought they were going to one day be celebrities when they were blogging are now doing the exact same things they did as teens just in a new format on twitter. If you “dgaf” you wouldn’t constantly be trying to drop hints via tweet that you’re so aloof and not-caring and effortlessly dry etc. at least zoomers are weird and retarded with zero explanation or justification, no the ex tumblr bedroom socialites have to constantly allude to how they’re ahead of everyone else while being the opposite. Like shut up. At least the cringe unicorn mermaid so random don’t speak to me til I had my coffee girlies aren’t cunts that spend their entire day in their own head reacting to anything and everything like it’s a tiktok reel and pretending they aren’t terminally online just because they limit their archives to appear far more well-adjusted than they actually are. Like not a single person thinks you’re cooler for being annoying and retarded on purpose ironically. Nobody thinks you’re admirable or funny for being tactless and rude. What is the point, you aren’t avant garde you’re just autistic.

No. 1327861

Oh my God, what takes people so long to rate a purchase? I sold something on Mercari, and it's already going on day 2 since the package arrived. You were so bubbly and excited when I accepted your offer, now there's silence. I need to be rated in order to be paid on this app too, which is why I'm irritated. She's a seller too, so come on.

No. 1327872


You're right. Most of the clothes are from impulse buying. Once the rush was over, I barely touches any of it.It's best to get rid of the junk

No. 1327874

First one sounds like a petty cunt.
For the last two moid friends you had, the trash just took itself out and I'm sure you're better off without them.

No. 1327885

My depression got so bad that I can't be arsed anymore to go to the gym or go grocery shopping

No. 1327896

>convince myself i was extremely ill like a fucking hypochondriac
>had a huge mental toll on me
>started a wave of other hard to process thoughts like grief, existentialism, what's the point of anything etc when there really was no fucking reason for any of this to occur
>realise i'm not sick but these thoughts took a toll and it's hard getting back to my normal self that doesn't feel somewhat paralysed by depressing thoughts
it's actually funny how absolutely stupid i am

No. 1327905

You're right anon, it just sucks because I really thought of these people as my friends.

No. 1327908

File: 1662399555104.jpeg (53.33 KB, 475x700, cats.jpeg)

Last week I found an abandoned kitten and I am taking care of it until its completely weaned and ready for adoption.
That being said, its making me crazy. The kitten is insanely desperate for comfort all the time and it's make me overwhelmed. He can't be alone for 2 minutes, cries like crazy when not handled.
I am counting the days for him to be weaned and gtfo into his forever home. Hope I am not evil for this.
I think he's 4w old going to 5w

No. 1327912

Aw poor baby, it’s understandable why you’re annoyed nonny but just hang in there for a few more weeks and I’m sure he’ll find a lovely home

No. 1327919

File: 1662400494148.jpg (41.28 KB, 587x265, 1649698470690.jpg)

I swear to god I have almost been memed into wanting a wolf cut because I keep getting recommended videos about it. It's not even that great of a hairstyle, they just named the hairstyle all the former emos and scene kids had when they were starting to grow out their super layered hair and phase into hipsters/indie poppers idk maybe I'm mad because I expected something more fun and wild with a name like WOLF CUT

No. 1327922

i hate kiwifafms i hate kiwifarms i hate all men on the internet i hate trannies and i dont want to be around them

No. 1327929

No. 1327972

No. 1328000

I do my best to go to work every day and function and have done for years but I just could not suppress a panic attack today and just clocked tf out and went home. I don’t care that I’ll get written up or worse, I don’t care that my shift will be (justifiably) pissed off, all I care about is that I’m not in that room anymore. What kind of fucking idiot has nothing to live for but keeps showing up to work. I think I should just stop going, spend the rest of my money doing whatever for a couple months and then blow my brains out

No. 1328002

File: 1662405264352.jpg (148.3 KB, 787x1011, 1661500364179.jpg)

Two weekends ago I showed how crazy I am to my bf calling him drunk and crying after a silly fight (I was very sad that day) and now I'm feeling like a failure for showing that awful part of me which I hate BTW.
Also I feel like he loves me like you love a pet? Idk

No. 1328004

And the worst part is I’m too fucking old for this. I got better and better til I hit like 29 a couple years agoand it’s like a switch flipped and I feel like a psycho. I want to die.

No. 1328013

The best thing to do is withdraw a bit and play it cool and dont mention the event. Faded Effect Bias will be on your side.

No. 1328023

How did both of you break up?

No. 1328052

Im likely being evicted because my auto pay was wiped, so the apt never got the money. They sent an automated email to pay within the business hours or I will be evicted. Problem is today is labor day so management isn't working today nor is the office open. Though the payment is all online, I don't know if my payment will go through. My specific apt gives 3 days to leave once on eviction notice. Im also pregnant and im trying my hardest to not stress out. It's not a good day and I don't know what else to do.

No. 1328055

Men love “messy” women so if you’re worried about that, don’t lol

No. 1328057

I'm sorry I don't have anything smart to say but I feel this, and I see you anon. It's perfectly okay to feel fucked up in a fucked situation and I'm glad you took off to shield your mind a bit.

No. 1328058

eviction takes months. if you got a notice to quit or something, you can just call them and explain the situation tomorrow.

No. 1328059

If this was your first time missing rent and you've been living there for a while, it's honestly way less hassle to just hear you out and get the money ASAP than to evict you. I'm pretty sure you can talk your way out of this one, fingers crossed for you and the baby.

No. 1328064

Was this your first time being late on rent?
If the email said business hours, typically holidays aren't considered business hours. Sent them an email with a timestamp of the transaction that you did process online and say it should be processed tomorrow. If you have any documentation showing your autopay was wiped, give them to that as well.
You'll be fine as long as this is your first time being late on rent. If you were late before, good luck sista.

No. 1328066

Well why do you want to drop it? If this keeps happening then it sounds like there's a deeper issue that you need to resolve.

No. 1328067

How bad is it nonny? or why do you want to drop it? I'd say, endure it if not taking the class would fuck your academic plan up

No. 1328073

File: 1662408621909.gif (1.05 MB, 400x400, b1183d65f21dbf206804c1bcb82dda…)

Thank you nonas. This is my first time my rent bill was late.

No. 1328079

It’s an online class and there’s so much work due all at the same time and I already had my stupid ass nearly fail the first exam for a 60%. The assignments are so confusing and the asshole professor doesn’t allow retakes and doesn’t even offer extra credit. It’s a professor rated pretty low anyways but I had no choice because the deadline for getting my classes paid with a voucher was coming too soon and I was out of the country for a few days after that. I would feel like such a failure because U feel immense pressure to complete community college in a short amount of time even though I failed to do so this semester. I’m just so tired and burnt out from back to back courses and it makes me frustrated that these classes unrelated to my degree that are standing in my way when I came so far.

No. 1328080

I had this same problem until recently. Would you say you are doing this because of stress, you have no clear vision for the future or depression? Trying to tackle these or at least keep them under control will solve your problem.

No. 1328085

File: 1662409413730.png (298.45 KB, 400x491, 17CADA3C-C6B7-4CFA-8D31-6CA7F6…)

Everything was so much easier when I stayed isolated. I didnt have to worry about who likes me, who has time for me, who's going to leave me and when. There was security in knowing for sure that I was already completely alone, instead of this limbo state where I constantly fear abandonment. I cannot control who cares about me, how much, or in what ways, and regardless nothing ever feels like it's enough, nobody ever does it "right". Starting to feel everyone would be better off without me, and I without them. I won't do anything rash but I want to run away again. I wish I lived somewhere quieter too. Fuck it is way too loud…

No. 1328089

File: 1662409659965.jpeg (579.88 KB, 1280x1051, 216D9D44-BE5A-41F6-B53F-0E7426…)

My coworkers… I tried really hard to make friends but they don’t like or respect me. I think a big part of that is my mental illness and self harm, I had to reveal it because of our summer uniform. They said at the time that they had my back but they talk shit about me for it constantly, to the point that I think I’m being bullied.
I know my self harm is my fault, and I can’t control how they react to it. I just hate myself trusting them with something so tender.
I regret being honest and open about who I am and my feelings and my past. I can never take it back now. It hurts to be rejected for who you really are.

No. 1328095

You could always look up how to make one and go from there, anon. Remember that you stem from thousands of women who had to make do with less than you have. Summon up the blood!

No. 1328096

Then maybe it's for the best you drop it. Hang in there nonny.

No. 1328118

nonnies. shit is getting worse and worse and the only thing that holds me back from suicide is the thought of my mom finding my body and having to worry about funeral and stuff. i do not want to traumatize her. nothing is fun anymore. it all started when i was 11 and i didn't found happiness since then. i feel unworthy of living, like a piece of shit. i just, i don't know what to do. i feel unfixable.

No. 1328130

Talk to me, what's wrong? I'm here to listen

No. 1328134

>nothing is fun anymore. it all started when i was 11 and i didn't found happiness since then.
Nonny I feel exactly the same things you're feeling, but we need to continue going. You're not unfixable and you're not unworthy of living. You must keep living, happiness are nice little moments that one can achieve, and this feeling of sadness will eventually pass. You don't have to be alone in this, I want you to know you deserve to be alive and I wouldn't want you to kill yourself ever. I want you to be okay and remember nothing is ever a lost cause

No. 1328145

I feel you but idk, I feel like there is gonna be something cool still to happen. It also sucks to find dead loved ones and have that place cleaned, not to be crude, your reason has been the same as mine for years. Hope you'll feel better soon anon, hope we all do

No. 1328153

You can still find happiness as long as you're alive, please give it a try I promise you it's worth it

No. 1328155

my family was poor so my parents left me and my barely adult sister alone. it was only for a year or two but being alone, bullied at school really fucked me up. i started getting attention from older guys so i started dating them, ended in sa when i was 15 (age of consent in my country). life is nothing but dissapointment for me, never had real friends, i always feel like i annoy people and i can't even fucking hide my feelings. i still go to school but i hide in toilets and cry. i feel pathetic, like an attention whore, because i show that i am sad. its just that… no one really cares about me.

No. 1328159

i was going to therapy for about a year, therapist told me that i may have adhd. psychiatrist never got me any meds just "uhh eat nuts those are good for staying focused!"
left because all my feelings felt invalid.

No. 1328165

You're not an attention whore, you clearly need help, love, and understanding. I don't think you should kill yourself for having these emotions, people are shit and you deserve better

No. 1328167

people i talk to in school also have problems and i am jealous that thhey can just laugh it off and make jokes and not cry. everything hurts.

No. 1328168

fujos need to be publically flogged istg

No. 1328171

Sounds like depressive ADHD tbh nonnie

No. 1328175

Honestly more likely that he's a repper, chaser don't usually give that much of a fuck

No. 1328177

You can learn to do that too I guess? Nonny your feelings are valid. I wish I could help more, the truth is I don't know what to do. But I want you to be alive and well. Please do not die.

No. 1328181

File: 1662413964688.jpg (21.65 KB, 712x453, 983294.jpg)

Nonny please don't hurt yourself, showing your emotions is okay and is a way to heal,sending love your way.

No. 1328182

File: 1662414013677.jpeg (368.93 KB, 1280x1726, FB687378-8903-44A3-9912-AA09AF…)

All of my drawings are obnoxiously horny and I have to show them to a counsellor soon. Nothing explicit, but something about the way shirts clench on pecs is enough to let everyone know a deeply horny person created them. The subject of the drawing doesn’t matter either, I’m giving that 82 year old veteran chloe cherry lips and I can’t be stopped. I literally just fucking can’t. My weak orgasm chasing psyche reeks onto the paper, so so transparent. I will be doing the equivalent of a show & tell where I point to the meticulous crosshatching work in a picture of a man showing the viewer his puffy hole with my dad present. I wish I could care but I have absolutely no shame left in my anymore. The only reason I’m writing this here is to pretend I care a little bit at least, but I don’t. I just think it’s funny.

No. 1328184

that's just me on my monthly hypomanic episode, shit sucks lol

No. 1328189

I have a suspicion that I might have BPD or ASD because of my failure to be empathetic to my friends' suffering and emotional needs. After a falling out, I did not feel guilty nor accepted the blame for a long time that I've hurt my friends until I truly realized the consequences. But then again I do not have other traits for BPD or ASD so I might just be a shitty person.

No. 1328193

Yea of fucking course most men in power are abusive and or also pedos. Dont gaslight me, you're ready to jump on your political fight over a clear creep?
I know you're not that naive

No. 1328197

No. 1328203

But why do you have to do that?

No. 1328204

>a man showing the viewer his puffy hole
this better not be what I think it is

No. 1328213

Ngl, i am kind of like this too, albeit i am pretty good at pretending to be sympathetic because I am so scared of looking like an asshole and have gotten into a lot of trouble when I was young for not being empathetic enough or accidently being a cunt. I think it's worth looking into. Right I am waiting to do a full mental evaluations, maybe you can try and get one yourself. Ngl, it's probably going to be a long wait or possibly hard to get.

No. 1328260

I snapped at my mom because I’m tired of her being so supportive of my sister’s third baby daddy.
At least twice today she said “they’re getting along so good! They’re really just like a perfect little family!” Referring to my sister, her previous kids and her new baby daddy.
Like just shut up,
Baby daddy number three has been here less than a YEAR, they shouldn’t be moving in together, getting pregnant and playing house .
Fuck him and I half hope the kids don’t get attached to him at all, considering how short lived their other father figures have been
I don’t want them to “be a happy little family” it’s wrong to teach kids that you can just hop i to a new relationship that fast

No. 1328266

I wish I could say something simple and straight forward without people assuming shit about me and trying to convince me to do or think like them. Like, I'll just say "I don't celebrate Christmas" if someone asks me why I chose the following week for my paid leave and most people's reaction is "oh is it because you're Muslim? It's ok you can definitely celebrate Christmas, it's just a commercial holidays now, nobody actually goes to mass, don't feel constrained or ashamed" etc. Like no, dumbass, I just said I don't celebrate Christmas, not anything about my religion or other habits. Fuck off. Or I'll say I don't want pictures of me being taken and posted online and people, friends included, will say inevitably "no don't say that! you don't have to be embarrassed! You're sure you don't want me to take a (very unflattering) picture of you? Really? I personally love being photographed haha. You're really sure?" and they keep insisting again and again after I say no 10 times. So annoying. I feel like people project their personal habits, tastes or problems into me when I say I like or dislike something just because I like or dislike it.

No. 1328269

I got called out today by a really genuine sweet guy. My mask is slipping. I really can't be bothered putting on airs when frustrated. I've a very sharp tongue. I have genuine anger issues but I hate therapy. I probably will die alone, he said that to me and fair.

No. 1328285

urgh, i want to be a uber driver for woman only. make money while driving to my classes because why not? my school offers carpooling to which i can do, but no one lives on this side of the island lol. i'd bring little old ladies to work and run over trannies and moids… the dream

No. 1328287

Stupid motherfucker threatens me and picks a fight with me about talking with friends about grievances about him or stuff that make me happy.

He always says "Trust me, it'll be suffering" and I'm supposed to not take it as a threat??? Fuck off.

No. 1328307

Just found out that one of my relatives left a dog to bleed/choke to death when it tried to jump on the fence and it got stuck hanging there. Made me so furious and sad. I'm still thinking about the way it died, how a painful death it must have been, and how it must have been suffering in its final moments while it cried out for help. Why do I come from a family of such psychopaths, sadists, and people with mental illnesses. Makes me worried about myself.

No. 1328308

Unable to sleep because I can't stop thinking about how much I don't want to be alive. I'm not suicidal, I'm just tired and sad. If I could, I'd spend the rest of my life quietly enjoying my solitude in a nice, cosy apartment with my cats, but I can't even afford that. I keep losing jobs due to inflation. Being let go by companies who were already underpaying me. Living with a scrote because I can't afford living alone, constantly trying to get out, only for opportunities to slip through my fingers. I've been trying to get out for years, and nothing is getting better. If I'm gonna live like this forever I'll never stop crying myself to sleep. All this effort. No doors will open.

No. 1328311

File: 1662424912934.jpeg (870.23 KB, 1125x1171, 9DABA9C6-87A7-4651-BEAA-C9A0BE…)

Tomorrow is going to be crazy. It was already going to be crazy, but it’s been raining all day and it’s not expected to stop for almost 24 hours. At first I was worried about my quiz after work but now I’m most concerned about driving to work in the morning, the roads are going to be awful

No. 1328323

Uuggghh I’m so hungry I just need to get out of bed and wash this pot and boil some pasta. Please I just need enough energy to make pasta I’ve been lying here for six hours

No. 1328328

The 3 day weekend is over for me, and it's back to wageslaving. Well, it isn't so bad considering the fact that I like my coworkers. I just feel slightly disappointed in not doing more during the break. I think my period is making me a bit gloomy. Silly.

No. 1328335


Are you happy to see me?
I wrapped my (your) new coat tight
Against biting wind, and your words
the backseat of my mind blinked a light
(it’s like you)

I tug through my blonde dolly hair
So maybe you’ll pick me up briefly
go liquid limp to my own heartbeat
cling onto your pearly words sweetly
(think im a piece of shit)

You kindly found me shiny things
Pulled them over my silly dolly head
Now i can be your favourite toy
Not the bygone model instead
(stuck to your shoe)

My cold water eyes are glazed over
Plastic, so i don’t really remember
When you wanted to see whether
Plastic is hard enough to be thrown but
I do
(I’m so tired)

Other newer dollies, a vibrant melange
Line your shelves, stand to attention
Your gaze like rays of forgiving sun
We all want to be your favourite one
(of you)

But even me, waxy, and janky limbed
My dress sparkles with the tears
From our childhood, when they sinned
Against you, the sweetest girl there is
(so this is)

So you’ll choose me? I was there
I let you cry your pain into my hair
Bejewelled by bruises i took for you
And we laugh and dance to the same tune

I think you’re getting old for dolls
And me, I feel myself gather mould
It’s black, and chokes each breath i take
off the shelf i will step before i flake
(i love you)

No. 1328337

I've had my current friend group for a while, we all play video games together and it's generally chill. Slowly, one by one, the men of the group have come out as trannies over the years, to the point where 4/6 of them have trooned out now. I literally can't even talk to them any more because all they wanna talk about is their horsepiss pill induced "boobs". Even worse, my boyfriend has started being a ~sooper supportive ally~ despite being very anti trans when we first met. I'm so scared I'm going to lose him. I know I'm stupid, I know I should have left already, but I swear these people uses to be normal.
I don't know what to do, over the past 2 years I've watched my friend group go from a bunch of nerdy couples to a bunch of mentally ill AGPS and their handmaiden girlfriends. It happened so suddenly too. If it comes to it I'd rather break up with my boyfriend and drop everyone rather than become one of those sad tranny wives but god I'm not looking forward to having to start my social life all over again from scratch.

No. 1328345

Being dumped by someone I considered the love of my life/soulmate legitimately makes me feel like killing myself lmao

No. 1328354

My country has the second highest statistic on infanticide in our continent, child abuse is quite prevalent here. That said, once again I wish every motherfucker that hurts a kid, rapes a girl or hits a child a painful, slow, cruel death, you will rot in hell. Fuck pedophiles, fuck scrotes, words cannot describe the wrath i feel, worthless, failed hellhole.

No. 1328377

Thanks for making me feel so shitty. It’s so kind and lovely of you. Now I want to Shrek to roundhouse kick my skull.

No. 1328379

i'm an ayrt and if you live in a big apartment sometimes the notices are generated automatically. my old place didn't care at all when i was late and the leasing agent straight up told me to ignore the notices if i was going to pay during that month.

No. 1328381

I was playing an mmo with friends and I did so poorly that I started crying afterwards. I'm mostly upset that I embarrassed them by being such a useless piece of shit who can't do anything right

No. 1328385

Damn, if worst comes to worst, you can always make up some plausible excuse of falling into a deep depression which caused you to cut them off. You know, in case they start going after and attacking you, etc. etc. My condolences on the issue.

No. 1328395

Holy shit anon get the fuck out of that group and ditch that bf NOW.

No. 1328400

your bf probably stole your underwear and masturbated in them at some point already, it's too late now. troonery spreads fast. get well soon nonna

No. 1328407

Tbh there’s a lot of anons here with body dysmorphia and comparing themselves to other women. It only screams troon because they want to look like young girls and are jealous of them

No. 1328413

>he was anti-trans when we first met

He’s definitely gay/exploring, just dump him and explain you’re not very happy with how the relationship is going and that you want to focus on yourself and leave it at that stand your ground and don’t explain any further it’s none of his business. Don’t be autistic and explicitly say why you’re really dumping him and ghosting the rest of those losers or you’re going to have a really bad year if you make yourself a target, these trannies are willing to fuck your shit up if you tell them they’re delusional male porn-addicts. I really wish anons would stop financially entangling themselves with moids, it’s the one thing that makes getting away from them harder, hope he also isn’t on your lease/mortgage and doesn’t know any personal info kek. I would also watch out for any sketchy behavior of you finally put on your big girl pants and dump his ass and be wary of your surroundings, men are getting even more aggressive and violent.

No. 1328414

I’m a young woman myself. If that last sentence surprises you and you find it strange, then you need to look around you. Some of you have gotten so neurotic on this fucking site.

No. 1328417

You have to be 18+ to join this site or the mods are gonna figure it out and ban you lol. Being an anachan is dumb, food is yummy, beauty is temporary

No. 1328422

>> Being an anachan is dumb, food is yummy, beauty is temporary
I’ll try to remember that.

No. 1328423

I'm not dating men who are mentally ill anymore. Fucking guy keeps insisting he's god and has enemies who will get fucked over by "his people"

No. 1328442

File: 1662435762635.jpg (19.13 KB, 275x248, 1589923185034.jpg)

I don't hate being biologically female but being a women on this planet is suffering, I'm constantly paranoid and looking over my shoulder, keeping my blinds shut and double checking my locks, looking at my new male neighbor with suspicion. My sister's home got broken into recently and its made me all the more paranoid, I remember seeing a case about this teenage girl being ATTACKED IN THE BREAK ROOM AT HER JOB all because she decided to reject some creepy ass guy who was hitting on her, and when she went to her management about it, surprise they did jack shit, her blood is on their hands as far as I'm concerned! It's so bleak, I will never marry a man and the only boyfriend I've had, I broke up with was abusive. Maybe It's my daddy issues talking but interacting with men isn't worth the risk, I'll stick with my cat.

No. 1328486

Want to kill myself

No. 1328493

sorry I have nowhere else but here to vent about this tranny I encountered in the wild kek
I went to a rammstein concert the other day and came across this huge 6'6ish linebacker troon - he had ugly fried bleached hair, massive shoulders and arms, a tiny black leather miniskirt, shitty looking makeup, an obviously male face and jawline, and huge cheap looking platform heels one of which had broken, and he was screeching in an annoying nasally moid voice about his broken shoe heel
I had to try so hard to hold in my laughter or else he'd probably attack me or something
there were quite a few troons walking around at the rammstein concert I saw but he was definitely the worst - literally looked like one of the hulking reddit agp ones
now it's ruined metal concerts for me because I don't want to be assaulted in a mosh pit by one of these freaks nor get stuck sitting next to one who tries to talk to me during a show

No. 1328501

rekindled a friendship w this scrote i stopped talking to years ago. it was going really well, i was hoping to even hook up with him. hes pretty submissive and gave me good advice, we have similar interests etc. the topic came down to feminism and the first time around he deflected everything i said, implying its not as unbalanced as that and then apologized. this time he said date rape drugs are not as common, and that "women use them on men too". then he had the nerve to tell me im fearmongering.
what am i fearmongering for? that time i got groomed by an adult at 17 and coerced to blow him, to live w sexual trauma? that time i got stalked at 14 and had creepy men call me at home and at school? what about all those times i got groped in the street as a minor?
im so furious because this time he simply left me on read. considers himself a jesus bleeding heart type too, the kind that goes on multiple lsd trips a month to experience a modicum of empathy. cannot fucking believe this shit im still so furious.

No. 1328503

do not

No. 1328504

are you going to learn from this or are you going to keep deluding yourself that men are capable of having empathy for women or that they even give a shit about you? Stop trying to befriends scrotes.

No. 1328505

im stupid and thought i could save him but hes too fucking retarded. his twitter is just porn i shouldve known better.

No. 1328506

i have realized that most people in today's society don't value good friendships anymore and/or they don't bother putting effort into new friendships because it doesn't give them the instant gratification they so desperately need. it's good that they stopped talking to you cause you deserve the best! and never settle for less!!

No. 1328510

I’m really fucking tired of having to explain myself in detail over every little thing each time my mom questions me about something. “Where’d this come from? How? Why?” WHY ARE YOU SO CONFRONTATIONAL WOMAN??

No. 1328516

I doubt they are holding it against you, they are happier to have gotten to spend some time with you than winning the game. Trust me.

No. 1328535

I still hold hope for Kiwifarms to go back again, but I'm getting worried.

No. 1328536

I don't think it will. A lot of IT prominent people have been tweeting about it going down and it staying down due to the Russian server. They might be looking at other sites next..

No. 1328538

holy shit, are you me from a few months ago? i went through 7 therapists the last 4 years. i kept dropping them cause they treated me the exact same: giving me "homework" and then either forgetting about it or just disregarding it and making me feel like i am their lowest priority patient. i currently am with a therapist from a different organization and she's kinda okay, but then again, the bar is very low. she remembers stuff about me and is also honest with me. i just feel that she only knows basic psychology, so i feel that she can't go into the nitty gritty parts of my brain. she is always giving me compliments on how self-aware i am, but then usually gives very basic and predictable coping strategies. i have gained some more awareness and insights with her though which is already more than what all those other 7 therapists combined have done for me, and i feel like she also legitimately wants to help and doesn't make me feel like i am overreacting.

my advice would be to drop your therapist (if you can) and look for someone else. at least find someone that you have a stable foundation with, who can take criticism, is adaptive, and is kind and understanding. i would also suggest to not take a therapist who is specialized in CBT because they always suck. i wish you luck with your therapy journey, nonna<3

No. 1328545

I don't get why their scrote can't just find another host. There are many that host more questionable content than just being mean to trannies.

No. 1328557

got raped by a troon, might have a disease, fuck this gay earth etc

No. 1328580

I hate trannies but also fuck kiwifarms. I cheered for people I disliked getting doxxed until it was me, and it sucks lmao

not defending him, but strongly hope kf is finally purged

No. 1328583

It's so weird to me to see farmers shitting on KF because "we don't doxx", um yes we do. The whole Corpse Husband thing was very very creepy.

No. 1328584

A guy with a dead mum who, got caught lying and then said he swears on her memory (he is genuinely lying) and I said why would you disrespect her like that and now he's wrote a fb post about how immoral I am. Dude, your mum probably sides with me and is mortified you use her to gaslight people. Fuck off

No. 1328585

lol you are a lolcow

No. 1328586

that happened on twitter

No. 1328587

No, it went down here on /snow/
Mods did delete it as it's against the rules, but not before it was seen and spread elsewhere

No. 1328589

I hate admitting this, because it feels like a trope or a stereotype for women but I realised today I dislike my dad and do not want a relationship with him, nothing new has happened for this to be the case. I have just worked really hard to tolerate him because I'm scared if I do not then he will not have anyone, but he's genuinely not nice, he has tantrums, breaks stuff and terrifies his girlfriend, makes her think he's going to kill himself, refuses to deal with his emotions via therapy and instead does this over and over. He has never hit anyone but he throws stuff at her, and probably did the same to me as a child, I never feel like its enough to call him abusive, but its enough to be on guard at all times when near him.

Atop the extreme stuff like him doing this to the people in his life, he's just incredibly annoying. He chews with his mouth open, he is really pushy and a bit shitty towards animals (ignores their boundaries, pushes their buttons, does weird shit like fold their ears even if they show they dislike it, but never outright hurts them) he is loud and has 0 manners, never cleans up after himself (he very obviously delays it when told to clean until someone else gets irritated and cleans for him), fat shames his girlfriend a LOT while himself eating nothing but junk, and so-on.

I do not have to have a relationship with him, I live a long way away from him so we do not need to see each other, but I feel obliged anyway, and it really drains me. I want to cut him off but I worry he will kill himself if I do, so I just try to turn off my emotions when I visit.

No. 1328597

I'm just so tired. I'm managing an over 50+ client case load. Everyday I'm told things that I can't stop to consider because if I do I'll buckle and will burn out. Why can't you understand that? I get that you're going through some things but how am I supposed to help you when I can't even help myself? Your emotional development is present, but it's way behind what it's supposed to be. I used to love that you hadn't changed since high school but now I'm seeing my other friends being able to clearly communicate and manage their feelings and you're stuck talking in riddles, asking me to chase your tail as if it's a flirtatious game. I don't want to play. I can't play. I'm too tired. I need to work on preserving myself. I'm not immune from the effects of distancing myself from you. I know that when the storm blows over I'll likely regret it, but right now I have no other choice. I'm. Just. So. Tired.

No. 1328598

All this doxxing and tranny drama makes me want to step away from the internet forever. Basically it’s a war between crusty neo nazis with too much time on their hands defending their right to doxx, and on the other side, tranny groomers. Both sides are disgusting imo.

No. 1328600

>inb4 kiwi farms isn’t full of neo nazis

No. 1328604

The wildest thing about this shitshow is that the terminally-online participants think it's somehow important. They're genuinely confused how come nobody cares.

No. 1328605

Apparently the doctor is ill herself, but she still might call, so I have another day of anxiously clinging to my phone to not miss the call. I hate that people will let it like ring twice, then hang up, so you end up missing the call even though you have your phone on you.

No. 1328624

>have covid
>can't sleep due to stuffy nose
>take nasal decongestant
>now have awful anxiety
>can't sleep due to constant anxiety
great. i just wanted to sleep!

No. 1328696


This whole sorry saga has made me fucking furious. Scotland appoints a 'period dignity officer' because they're the first country in Europe to make period products free. The period dignity officer is a man, someone who will never ever experience a period, because of course. Women complain and now, rather than give the job to an actual woman, they just scrap the role entirely.

For fuck's sake, Scotland, this is why no one fucking respects you. Enjoy being England's hat.

No. 1328730

I mean Scotland is the one that got all the way to letting men become women in law before they realized they needed proof to confirm these “males feelings” and “trust me bro” isn’t good enough. I don’t think anyone is respecting Scotland anytime soon.

No. 1328765

File: 1662471259295.png (86.36 KB, 344x298, me rn.png)

>be me
>look Middle-Eastern
>live in a country with a lot of Middle-Eastern immigrants
>White people barely look at me, Middle-Eastern people are really friendly until they find out I'm white
Granted I'm not the most sociable but this is so annoying. People judge me for what I'm not, the people who don't judge me end up judging me for what I am. Add that I can't start a conversation, rip me.

No. 1328781

It's a raining thunderstorm today which is perfect weather for my maladaptive daydreaming, time to waste the day away

No. 1328784

Men would rather abolish institutions than give women any power in them.

No. 1328786

Anon that’s straight up abuse..

No. 1328787

Men need to die, why the fuck am I always approached in public in the middle of the fucking day. I've always been told I give off intimidating vibes but that's clearly not true.
>be me, walking my dog minding my business
>pass by 2 scrotes and a woman
>the men try getting my attention
>hEey girl can we ask you a question you there cmon hey
>can't yank my dog fast enough to gtfo
>turn to them, thinking maybe just maybe they're tourists and need directions and have a genuine question
>"we wanna know how old are you"
>roll my eyes and turn away
>the woman yells behind me that it's just a bet
>i shout that I dont give a shit
>they loudly debate if I'm 25 or 23 as I am walking away
And this is just one of the dozen retarded interactions I had in the last few weeks.

No. 1328788

File: 1662473961098.png (95.7 KB, 1120x414, Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 7.19…)

im so fucking sick of theses goddamn spam emails im cc'd or bcc'd on. neither of these emails are even mine so i don't know how the fuck these emails are getting in my inbox and bypassing the spam filter.
legit one just woke me up right now from my phone. i'm so fucking mad

No. 1328797

Thank you anon

No. 1328800

just tell them 17 kek.

No. 1328804

kek but men. watch them try and get her attention harder if she claims to be "jailbait"

No. 1328805

I'm in a similar situation. I also live far from mine. I used to keep contact by text and now I'm pretty much down to just cards on his birthday and xmas. His last birthday he didn't even acknowledge the card I sent so I guess I'll see if I get a card back on mine. He has no room to be annoyed with me at this stage. I've given him more effort and grace than hes owed.

I hate that I tiptoe around the fact that.. I really wish I had just cut him off entirely a decade ago. He brings nothing to my life but a reminder of how shit things were growing up. Its pointless

No. 1328813

I've learnt that any man who doesn't just come out with the question straight away (normal questions like wanting directions) is not worth engaging with. Any time a man has to get your attention first and lead up to it with "hey can you come over here for a minute" or "hey can I ask a question" Theres a reason why they want you to engage before they come out with their request. I get alot of it when I walk alone.

No. 1328814

File: 1662475585212.jpg (4 KB, 103x120, 20220904_115919.jpg)

>met a nice woman online who doesn't give a shit about stereotypes, she's really strong and a smart person to be around
>finally glad to get to know a woman who doesn't pander to men
>later comes out as a ftm
>ruins her beautiful voice into sounding like a teen going through puberty
>keeps being aggressive at everyone and everything for no reason whatsoever
>reveals that shes a divorced lesbian who still cant get over her ex cheating on her with a man after she came out as a nb
>is currently wasting her time living with mom and made porn addiction and alcoholism her entire personality
>whenever shes extra aggressive she blames it on "no tranny pill days"
She's in her 30s…

No. 1328815

That's the power of mento illness.

No. 1328816

No. 1328823

>whenever shes extra aggressive she blames it on "no tranny pill days"
I don't get this part. Testosterone is an injection.. and shes on it already?

No. 1328829

I'm very clearly an adult but >>1328804 is right, I don't think that would deter them at all.
That is true most of the time, but people ask about my dog occasionally and I don't want to appear psycho. Just recently someone had an actual normal question but I immediately told them to fuck off and felt really bad after.

No. 1328831

These are injections and she takes them but she is also taking some other MtF pills.
I feel horrible because she could have been an amazing woman, but in the end shes out there trying to hide the fact that shes a ftm around her new friend circle (which are porn addicted coomers who jerk off to anime girls on Twitch and throw money at them, hoping a streamer would date them). I do not understand how you can bethat miserable with yourself. The same person always talked about body acceptance with our mutual, a woman who felt insecure about her chest size. The more i think about people who she surrounds herself with, the more i realise its a damn freakshow.

No. 1328836

I haven't been here in a while and I can tell this thread was made by a child.

No. 1328840

If she claims she's taking male hormones and then taking mtf pills on top then honestly.. I'd question if she's lying to people online. That's not how that works.

No. 1328842

>I don't want to appear psycho
>I immediately told them to fuck off and felt really bad
Just blanking people is the sweet spot. You can always claim poor hearing if they turn out to be asking a normal question after all.

No. 1328866

I am losing so so much hair- I mention it to people and they are all like, oh it still looks nice, it looks fine.. but that's not really the point? I'm not necessarily looking for reassurance, I'm looking for honesty. I had a lot of hair before so I still have enough to cover it up but I don't have that much left to loose before it starts being evident and that makes me really sad. I really liked my hair! it's my favourite feature.

incidentally, yarn crafts when you're loosing a lot of hair become a lot less fun when you're constantly snagging loose hairs and knotting up your yarn.

No. 1328869

I hate that one of my good friends constantly brings up this stupid rude ass enby bitch I had the misfortune of meeting. Dumb bitch is in an "ethnical non monogamous" relationship and the embodiment of terminally online and mentally ill insufferable tranny.

No. 1328875

Going through the same thing nona, you aren't alone. My hair has gotten so thin at this point that I can't wait to buzz it off and be done with it. Just remember that you are wonderful you, even if you are losing hair. Even if you lost it all, you're still you and you are still great and amazing and worthy of love. Hope this isn't too corny! Cheers nonnie.

No. 1328888

I posted in a different thread a while ago about it but this guy I used to have sex with is selling even more toys now on Reddit. One of them is those detailed fleshlights (gag) and a strap on dildo. Wtf. A man on a sabbatical from a job becomes a fucking degenerate in his free time, huh.

No. 1328930

File: 1662481804566.jpg (7.04 KB, 275x210, 892312856.jpg)

Once again my dumb ass bought tickets to a concert a 4 hour drive away because I thought "I'll be fine that day lol" I AM NOT FINE I AM TIRED I WANT TO REST

No. 1328936

i love weddings but i don't want a ceremonial wedding bc i have no friends or close family other than my mom rip

No. 1328940

If you care for your hair, the loss might come from stress or maybe hormones? Check your health nonnie, everything will be fine!

No. 1328946



No. 1328959

Maybe try Rogaine?

No. 1329040

thank you! it's just protein strings hanging off my head that i've become overly attached to lol. but that's such a nice thing to say!

No. 1329098

File: 1662492683346.png (54.92 KB, 266x275, 1656050110155.png)

I am so incredibly dumbfounded by the fact that my MIL is a grown as NLOG with the personality of a blue haired enby DND tenderqueer teenager, despite being a gen Xer. She even has short purple hair. I thought she would be really cool, but she actually just wants to be seen as the smartest person in the room at the expense of someone else.

She is incredibly nihilistic in the most scrotish way possible and loves caitlin doughty of all people. She read her book and saw nothing wrong with it. Her media literacy is ABYSMAL too, she never catches the messages in movies/tv shows and interprets it in the most male way possible. I usually instinctually get on with older women, but she's truly the first i've felt slightly repelled by. I actually get along well with my DIL surprisingly, he treats people like they have feelings/a brain. He mentioned once how he was excited to start reading the book i recommended him, and when she heard which book she laughed and mentioned that it would be best he used an audio book since she knew it would be "too hard" with his dyslexia. I had never felt more embarrassed for another individual in my life. He looked like he wanted to escape but he just smiled and said "yeah you're probably right."

She is generally nice to me, and we are totally civil (in fact I doubt she even thinks I dislike her, and i know she likes me) but her politics are SO shitty and she thinks being condescending to other women is some kind of libfem move. i don't get how she managed to have a very empathetic child and doting husband. neither of them see her cruelness, they just always mention how bad they feel that she had a narc mom growing up.

No. 1329102

did you recently give birth/get pregnant? Or are you at an age where it's potentially normal?

I went through a similar episode and turned out I developed alopecia. Luckily i don't have major flare ups anymore, but it happened as an autoimmune response after a virus. I hope you go to a doctor and get some answers anon, you're not alone!

No. 1329113

File: 1662493517517.jpeg (24.77 KB, 552x555, 0DCC8116-10A8-4448-B3D5-8AF8D1…)


No. 1329116

mine was because of a vitamin deficiency, please get bloodwork done asap

No. 1329120

i know it's normally pretty concerning to lose a lot of hair but i do actually know the cause (i have lupus and RA) so you saying it is an autoimmune response was right on the money- i've lost a bit of hair from it before but this time is much worse so am feeling a bit more upset about it than usual. but thank you all for your concern!

No. 1329123

Damn, I had one ear infection once and it was fucking miserable, I'm so sorry, nona. Hope you can heal soon

No. 1329133

I am so tired of my dad lately. I'm fucking 20 and he still lays on me. I didn't like it when I was younger either, but now he's 200 pounds. He puts his entire body weight on me, and he uses my hip to crack his back? literally every time he's about to do it I say "no" and "stop" but he just laughs and does it anyway. Him rocking his whole body weight on me hurts, so I just lay on my back so I can't do it. I don't know how normal this is, but I guess it's not because I've never heard of anyone else's dad doing this. at least he stopped trying to spank my ass. Fuck my retarded dad

No. 1329137


No. 1329145

anon wtf

No. 1329146

what the fuck anon that's NOT normal, can't you walk the fuck away? Like lock yourself in your bedroom if you have to.

No. 1329149

My nigel fucked a prostitute. My friend is being raped by her husband.

All that fucking glass I work with, is looking mighty nice to dig into my bones right now. I don't believe I have a spine. Maybe I should go looking.

No. 1329153

Can you and your friend leave your husbands and stay with each other?

No. 1329154

my dad used to make me and my brother as kids walk on his back for massage, but i've never heard of that anon. thats weird af

No. 1329160

I keep offering but she's scared. I get it. After all she's going through, anyone would have some trust issues.

No. 1329167

I always knew my sister was a bit narcissistic and possibly even dumb but today she saw me for the first time since I lost weight
>looks like we lost the same amount!
>she lost 13kg
>I lost 50kg
these are interesting mind games or she is dumb

No. 1329168

That’s fucked up

No. 1329169

I miss reading kf threads about fatties and trannies in the morning like it's the newspaper…

No. 1329170

That’s not normal at all wtf nonna I hope you can get away from him. That’s incestual

No. 1329172

Same, it's cathartic with my morning coffee and shit. On tor it isn't the same..

No. 1329178

I could lock my door when I'm in my room, but that would really piss him off and he'd probably try and find some other way to harass me when I'm not in my room. But I'll try it. A mantra of his is "I own this house, therefore I can do whatever I want to you1!!"
Whenever I stand up to him lately he keeps threatening not to drive me to college, I need him to for the next few days because I can't drive yet and I have heavy art supplies to carry in.
It's a really hard pill to swallow for me, it's so hard to wrap my head around. But he used to sexually harass me when I was younger. I feel like such shit for saying this because he provides for us and all that, he used to literally slap or pet my ass when I was like 14 and would ignore every demand to stop. Thankfully I'm getting out of here next June. The more I'm aware of how abnormal it is for him to be like this, the more it's becoming impossible to live in this house. I can't fucking stand him anymore

No. 1329180

Yeah, at some point I wanted to reread some threads thanks to the new features where you can skip to the most relevant posts directly because a lot of threads got very long, but now it's too late. I'm not gonna use tor though, it might be a sign that I need to take a break from the internet.

No. 1329181

File: 1662498568172.jpg (7.13 KB, 234x224, c2e69f172319240d5b26f9bfe3be39…)

I hate that influencers ever became a thing. I don't even know why I bothered but I clicked on this vlog by a woman who just moved out to another city on her own and I was thinking hey, maybe she has interesting thoughts while going through the process. The title was something like "all alone/moving out/productive week in my life" but it was just footage of her going to café's/ having lunch/dinner with friends, going to parks, museums, buying expensive things and networking. I get that they want to show the interesting stuff but there was no mention of other "work" she did. Just a lil influencer in her aesthetic influencer apartment. Her morning routine is as long as the time I need to get ready and commute to work. I don't mind her living her "best life" but the video was also filled with quotes about ~growing up~, ~realising things~, really cliché and maybe I am just bitter while I'm breaking my back trying to make a living while someone like this lives a life many dream of while thinkin they have it oh so hard. Yeah, yeah, "not everything that glitters is gold" and she could be going through stuff behind the scenes but I dislike how these influencers act like they're like us plebs, basically.

No. 1329188

Some vloggers are more realistic (maybe try Yoora Jung?). The video you watched was probably a "productive" vlog. The goal of those is not to be realistic, but to motivate the watcher by showing them aesthetic and pleasing scenarios of someone living a productive life.

No. 1329198

shout out to my nonnies who work in schools and have to pretend to be an aggressively abnormally unproblematic robot-person just to help some kids learn (and get that sweet sweet summer vacation)

No. 1329200

get well soon that sounds like hell

No. 1329204

I’m so sorry I had it on one side and that was sooo bad. I got antibiotics and it started helping right away like a day after. Feel better soon!

No. 1329207

Guess I'm not the right target audience for such videos then. Thanks! I liked some of the vlogs I've watched by Yoora! Haven't watched them in a while.

No. 1329210

Glad I'm not alone in this. I feel really autistic for actually missing the site (being stable at least) because it was part of my daily routine.

No. 1329222

i keep coming here writing paragraphs upon paragraphs then deleting them both out of shame and because by the end im always like wait a minute nobody gives a shit, not even me

No. 1329228

I give a shit nonny. I love reading vents.

No. 1329234

Nobody wants me. I don't even want me. I'm so tired of living like this, feeling afraid and insecure 24/7. I want to get better and heal from all this but part of me is so hopeless anything can change, why not just spiral and ruin everything on purpose. At least then when everything falls apart, it will be my own doing, so I'm not at the mercy of others who will never feel for me the way I feel for them. Moral of the story ladies…. don't get infatuated and codependent.

No. 1329237

I usually read mostly the long ones and try to reply if I have anything worth of posting to say.

No. 1329256

I gotta stop napping after eating because my stomach has been hurting lately. Friend said it might be GERD but I don't feel the burn in the oesophagus though so I'm not sure…

No. 1329270

I haven't been able to make and keep friends since elementary school. Sometimes I look up those friends names to see what they are doing now. Well lo and behold, I see that my childhood friend is doing onlyfans. And she isn't even making money off it, she's doing it for free. So she isn't doing it to earn an income. Her posts gain little to no attention. I feel bad for her and I really wonder what led her to make this decision. I hope she's ok, but I doubt it.

No. 1329272

i wish my "friends" cared about me more than what services i can provide them. none of them can ever be arsed to remember my birthday but suddenly they need a place to stay for a visit or need me to spot them for dinner or whatever, luckily thanks to therapy i have been able to put my foot down more and not be a doormat but now they dont even converse with me. feels shitty

No. 1329290

anon i just watched a video of a woman that was basically showing all her expensive products in aesthetic ways when all she really did is drink water, meditate, do her hair, make up, get dressed, and then make bagel sandwiches for her husband or roommate. all of this took 2 hours. the rest was sitting down drawing basic doodles on an ipad. i knew something was up the moment she showed marvis tooth paste, the over priced coffee kettle, aesop hand soap, and 1k expresso machine. not at all most workers normal morning because shes probably a well off married woman.

No. 1329302

I have oral thrush and it hurts like hell!!!!!!! It’s been happening for 2 weeks and now I have to wait 4 more days to see my doctor and I just got my period I’m going to have a meltdown. I can barely eat

No. 1329309

Same, nonny. I'm glad therapy helped you setting boundaries. I know it's painful to realize that you put more effort in than your "friends". I hope you'll find people who appreciate you soon.

No. 1329347

You're not bitter you're just seeing the truth that these "influencer" goons are fucking worthless and don't do shit besides act as parasocial shills to get their fans to consoom. They have to embalm themselves with the copium that their work is hard or else face the uncomfortable truth that they live rather meaninglessly albeit with low effort because they are products.

I find them all patronizing at best with their ivory tower perspectives and advice. They're graduated adult toddlers being enabled to play house cause they're real good at selling idiots on disposable plastic goods.

No. 1329354

File: 1662508172289.jpeg (20.03 KB, 252x200, 7C300FB1-4BA0-4264-86AF-B840F9…)

whats the big deal if i cut myself holy shit i literally cant wrap my head around it. like so i have them doesnt mean i deserve to be put on suicide watch. i neither did them for attention nor "feel teh pain i am so numb". i just do it because i like it it and it relaxes me and makes me feel better instantly. sometimes i just do it for fun and laughs ive rarely ever done it while crying wtf kek it just gives me the right kind of rush. possibly comparable to say, when people drink or do drugs, its retarded but it works in making you feel a lot better. at least shredding myself is free and additionally does not hurt anybody at all because realistically whats a cut going to do besides scar? i have literal hundreds of fat as shit huge disgusting keloids all over me idgaf i already know whats going to happen. unlike the others this is never doing to kill me unless i decide to which is never.
not my problem they peeped on me and saw something they didnt like on me. i am always so covered up i may as well be a burqa wearing islamist extremist next. wasnt like i was ever showing the scars off at any moment as my skin apart from hands and neck has not seen the sun in a literal decade for reasons completely unrelated to my scars.
im already damaged goods there's no prevention to be had here. its literally the only thing that makes me feel better and im not allowed to do it else ill be thrown in prison or the looney bin which is even worse than prison because im a thirdie and its unregulated with actual real insane or dangerous mentally handicapped people that cant understand and comprehend what theyre doing. like leave me alone. damn.
>wahhh you're being ungrateful
ok idc fuck off i actually liked it more when they didnt pretend to be concerned and made fun of me. i mean they still do and call me disgusting damaged unloveable etc but with this suicide watch bullshit stop fucking watching me all the time. jesus.

No. 1329355

File: 1662508185990.png (2.93 MB, 1198x1138, 1624555858341.png)

I triple texted a scrote. Put me down like the sick dog that I am. I crave a lethal injection.

No. 1329369

File: 1662509467197.jpg (302.7 KB, 800x436, 1569225968990.jpg)

I know I'm bisexual but I'd rather die than tell others irl about it. I've never met any people more obnoxious than those tik tok rainbow wearing chicks in my acquaintance group. Every discussion with them revolved around sex, drugs, dildos and cocks and it was just fucking weird. Received lots of sexual harassment too- kept getting my ass groped. I feel like the current day LGBT community isn't for me. I don't have many friends to hang out with tho.

No. 1329370

this happened to me too; it's bittersweet.

No. 1329374

File: 1662510416772.jpg (11.56 KB, 300x250, cat buffering.jpg)

I called a crisis line and they told me I should go to hospital after work tomorrow because I'm in a bad place. I don't feel that I'm in enough danger to merit an inpatient stay but I also think a suicide hotline knows what would merit that vs what wouldn't. Idk what to think really. I don't want to go all the way up there and inevitably wait several hours to get seen if I'm just going to be sent off again because I'm not bad enough to need a bed. And I have no idea what I'd do if I actually had to go into inpatient. I wish I could just switch off mental illness.

No. 1329375

So my crazy ass is finally getting into therapy. I have an intake appointment in a couple days. I haven't met him yet, but the psych is a dude with marvel posters on the door of his office and that alone is making me anxious. Like maybe I'm being irrational but I really don't want to be analyzed or scrutinized by a man who has marvel posters and funkos in his office. How can I take him seriously? Will he take me seriously? I want to get my shit together but how tf can i trust someone like this with a proper mental health diagnosis… what in the fresh fuck…I feel like he's gonna talk at me about his MTG commander deck for 45 minutes and then diagnose me with BPD. I can practically hear the patronizing tone he'll use when he asks me about things I wrote on my form. I'm so uncomfortable around nerdmen I wanna McDie

No. 1329380

My parent’s neighbor died near the beginning of this year and today I found her 10+ year old cat sitting on the house’s doorstep in the pouring rain. He’s pretty fat so we’re not sure if he’s been there this entire time, or if her ex dropped him back off while they’re trying to sell the house. I’m so annoyed because the cat is extremely mellow, he literally walked with me into my parents house when he realized we were trying to help him. By some freak luck my workplace decided to close tomorrow so I’m planning on taking him to the vet to shave some of the back fur that got super matted from the rain.

No. 1329391

brains are fucking weird, two weeks ago i was at my lowest emotional state and was seriously considering a suicide bombing a oil refinery or whatever i thought at the moment was the leading culprit for the declining climate

No. 1329400

It sucks that you're going to have to see this guy, already knowing you'll be unable to respect him. Normally I would say try to keep an open mind, but all moid therapists are terrifible and this one seems even worse than most. If anything try to use him as a stepping stone to a different, more professional doctor who can actually help you. Like milk him for whatever assistance he can provide and then move on. That said if at any point he's acting weird or condescending or anything like that, that is NOT okay and you have the right to protest any bad treatment and ultimately drop him if he refuses to respect you. Be safe Nona and I'm really proud of you for seeking help. Hopefully I can get into treatment soon too. Here's to hoping we can both heal

No. 1329411

File: 1662514941864.jpg (36.29 KB, 445x528, 1647628243955.jpg)

I was in a really low state about the climate a couple of weeks ago as well, I sobbed randomly about it more than once even. must have been a culmination of online news that particular week that got overwhelming. can't talk to anyone about this irl where I live or I'd be mocked. I really believe these are the end times but I'm holding it together better this week. All I can do is pretend it isn't happening and continue my earthly pursuits. do you have hope for the future?

No. 1329416

I particularly don't. But I try to force myself to be less pessimistic kek

No. 1329417

idk why I’m spending my last few moments with my phone here before I check myself into the psych ed but wish me luck i guess. I can’t stand to tell anyone irl so I’m telling you

No. 1329419

thinking about how i didn't lose my virginity as a teen makes me want to kermit

No. 1329420

literally why

No. 1329421

File: 1662515573087.png (1.1 MB, 1366x768, 1657650513864.png)

good luck, anon. please stay strong and stay healthy. sending you love.

No. 1329426

Way too many people bringing up lc thanks to this kf nonsense

No. 1329428

I do this thing again and again where I latch on to the first person who shows me interest and affection, and it's wonderful! but then a few months go by and I get ignored and replaced. but the rejection only makes me cling harder and obsess even more. I can't keep crying over this and freaking out it's not healthy. I just want to run away from everything and ghost everybody and disappear like I always do… but that's so immature and unhealthy and I want to be better. I want to break the cycle and actually be good to myself for once but I don't know how.

No. 1329442

I don't know if you'll see this, but good luck nonna. You're really brave to do this, and you should feel proud of yourself for being strong enough to seek help. See you when you get out.

No. 1329444

Ily anon. I hope your stay is as pleasant as it can be and you come out feeling better

No. 1329445

Zoomers are the generation of people who can't handle criticism, I swear to christ

No. 1329447

Why? Because social media and tv shows/movies tell you this?
What happened?

No. 1329449

Proud of you! Glad you realized you needed help. Good luck, nonnette!

No. 1329451

Gave some random guy constructive criticism on something he'd made and got the pissy response of "lol, lmao". And other commenters rushing to his defense saying no, I was wrong, what you've made is perfect, good job dude. This guy's 21 years old, he's a fucking adult and can't accept criticism. (Plus I don't think he knows I'm a woman and to me, a guy who acts like that is a fucking manchild.) He won't survive the industry with an attitude like that.

No. 1329461

Wow jesus ADD much, me? I wrote this shit already. >>1327727 But I'm still fuming about it. Even though I shouldn't be.

No. 1329465

The life lesson in this is: never try to help a man.

No. 1329467

What a fragile ego. Let him stay in his hugbox where he'll never improve and lose a lot of his ass-kissers until he is left with a few.

No. 1329481

File: 1662520548951.jpg (173.6 KB, 1638x2048, 20220905_060859.jpg)

I'm starting to lose hope that this 'break' or 'space' im giving her will ever end and she just told me that because she wants to actually dump me to let time pass.
This person told me she wanted to marry, called me pet names and strung me along since 2015. I feel like I have to rework my entire future now after she hurt me so much. I don't think she ever loved me and I feel so bad.
I know I will be fine after this hump and I can move on. But I do worry about her. I feel so dumb especially because I believed everything she ever told me. She's probably having lots of fun and having other women when I was faithful and loyal to her.
My dream was to have a house or rent one where I would have a flexible job as an interpreter and I can cook and clean because she was a very career oriented woman. She loved working and was such a workaholic. I don't think she ever saw me more than just a pillow she could cry on when she needed me. I was with her for years when she had no job and encouraged her to apply even though her family didn't support her. As soon as she got her new job she just decided that I could be replaced and started hanging around this bicurious girl who was having issues with her bf. I hope this girl hurts her like she hurt me. I gave her all of my twenties and I was so committed to her and ready to grow old with her. I came out to everyone the moment I had a solid relationship with her. I think I loved her more than she loved me. This picture represents the warm love I had for her and still do unfortunetly. I want to stop loving someone who doesn't love me. It hurts.
I am already focusing on myself and going to the gym and also studying and reading my favorite books. I'm reading Don Quijote again.

No. 1329485

I'm still madly in love with you.

No. 1329487


No. 1329489

Wtf is wronggg with meee. I'm hung up on a guy I never dated and only spoke to for 3 weeks. He was extremely persistent which I liked. He gave me a million icks and had no charisma whatsoever and looking back at our texts only makes me laugh because I think IM the funny one. He randomly decided he wasnt ready to be in a relationship and cut me off and even though the things I liked about it were extremely fabricated in my own (I created a version of him that doesn't exist) I still think about him! He didn't even have a stable job and he sucked at spelling and said the N word and justified it because he's arab. WHY THE FUCK DO I STILL THINK ABOUT HIM. I liked the attention not him.

No. 1329495

Anon, I don't know if you've posted a similar vent like this before as a lot of nonas are also going through a breakup with their gfs but just know I have you in my mind. I'm sorry it did not work out with her and the fantasies you had with her will no longer come true, but if it turned out like this, then it was probably for the best and she was not the right person for you. You deserve someone so much better who will return the same amount of love for you as much as you give them. I know you will find someone like that someday, and you two will have a perfect life together that you've always dreamed of but right now all you can really do is heal. Focus on yourself, your needs, and don't let anyone else use you or take your love for granted. It is hard but I hope you can move on from this eventually and it's good you're taking the first steps already.

Also, as someone who's going through a breakup and focusing on myself as well I relate so much to your post. I've had Don Quixote for the longest time when I bought it from a thrift store, maybe I'll read it alongside you kek

No. 1329499

being with her made me miserable and she was miserable with me too, but we can't stop talking to eachother. we could fight worse than anything but we still keep talking the next day, unbothered. i think we both keep wanting for idealized versions of eachother, and we're hanging on expecting them to suddenly manifest and overtake our current selves. maybe we were meant to love eachother in our next lives, and the us in the now just can't get over that. what i know for sure is that i still love her, and she still loves me, but us being together just doesn't work. i hate it. maybe next time, sunshine.

No. 1329501

File: 1662523399062.png (165.39 KB, 400x386, 1657707268223(1).png)

It's my first day of community college tomorrow. It's only two classes and one class on one day but it's my first time doing this!!!!! I pirated 3/4 books I needed IF ANY PROFESSOR TRIES TO GIVE ME SHIT FOR THAT OR NOT HAVING A PHYSICAL COPY I'M GONNA REMIND THEM HOW I ENROLLED LATE AND HOW COVID HAS AFFECTED SHIPPING FROM JAPAN. What can they reasonably expect me to do, magically transport it without waiting? I don't even have my ID yet, I have to get it an hour before class starts. I can and will be using a PDF editor and they can not stop me. They will see my messy beginner nail art and deal with it. I will act the role of a girlboss to deal with my anxiety. Cheer me on and wish me luck nonitabitas!!!!!!!!!

No. 1329505

good luck tomorrow I hope your classes go well!

No. 1329506

File: 1662523655896.jpg (31.25 KB, 510x680, 20220705_135313.jpg)

Thank you very much for your kind words. I think im still stuck on her because she hasn't officially broken it off. I still think she's my soulmate…but I want to have hope for myself that I'll see the light and see this connection for what it truly was so I can move on.

You should definently read it. Lots of life lessons and I'm reading it in Spanish too.
Is it so bad that I want you guys to work out?

No. 1329508

Constantly torn between the desire to have a normal relationship with food and the desire to be a thin, immaculate angel

No. 1329511

File: 1662524259383.jpg (249.75 KB, 882x870, Screenshot_20220118-130237_Fir…)

Good luck, nonnie, study hard!

No. 1329544

File: 1662530681431.jpg (13.07 KB, 278x130, tumblr_545686c66a2630598248ff6…)

i just horrifically injured my nail
this is why you should trim your long nails. dont be like me

No. 1329550

My old coworker who used to loudly talk about how much she wanted to kill all men now has a tall extremely hot athlete boyfriend who just took her on an expensive weeks long vacation overseas…girl I'm sorry for ever doubting you I am taking notes…

No. 1329551

This is probably going to sound pathetic because I'm terminally online, but this is the vent thread and that's what I'm going to do.
Troon vs. Moon is causing me to spiral into hopelessness. I fucking hate most sections of KF, but it has served a purpose. I was never really active beyond a lurker, as LCF will always be my home and fuck moids. But the blatant lies in the media are really getting to me. I always knew that they were full of shit, but never so much as I do now. I guess watching the situation unwind while I know the truth made it really set in for me. Any person, ESPECIALLY woman who dares to speak out against these absolute monsters is evil in the eyes of so many. We are nothing to them and I'm starting to truly feel like nothing.
The precedence that Troon vs. Moon sets really does scare me. Scrubbing archives??? Holy shit. I can't even show proof of what Keffals did to all the retards defending him because that fucker got it all scrubbed. I know I don't owe any redditards anything (and they will just deny the truth anyway) but it'd be nice to not have to pull a >trustmebro.
This is incoherent but I guess I'm just scared something will happen to this place. I don't really have a life and need to work on that, but even if I make friends and find hobbies, the likelihood that I will be able to freely express myself is slim to none. That's why this place and others where you can speak your mind are so important to me.
I don't want the battle against these horrid defective humans to be lost. This is so depressing and maybe it feels like a nothingburger to some, but I'm really feeling it hard. That is all. Love all you nonnies

No. 1329559

I desperately wish, with all my heart, that my ex will forgive me one day after hurting her so badly. Otherwise, I'll live with this guilt forever because I can only forgive myself if she does.

No. 1329560

File: 1662532116122.jpeg (58.05 KB, 642x539, 04B3749F-BC96-4599-B39E-5370DB…)

oh nonna, i'm going through the same though not nearly as long as a relationship. this doesn't stop the hurt. she told me she never felt anything for me, possibly the worst gut punch i've ever experienced.

people often tell me i deserve better, she told me i deserve better. its hard to think that when what you want is them, when you've already poured your heart into them why would you want anyone else. it's rough for us who are committed and loyal, all we can do is hurt and heal over time. and over time we'll find something new.
i thought she was my soulmate too, she was the one who put so many dreams into our future together and i was strung along. Our dream was to travel the world together, eventually get a place and a dog, her words never held any truth though.
She told me she met at a very lonely time in. her life. now that she has more friends she doesnt need me anymore i guess.

you're in my thoughts and i'll cry with you in spirit. it still hurts but i hope our hearts recover soon!

No. 1329563

girl me too, I'm feeling it hard and worried for the future of the internet at large. I'm going to sound like such a boomer but truly the golden age of the internet is over, and it makes me sad to think it went from being so free and open to being like it is now relatively quickly. I'm by no means a libertarian but I feel like the internet was at it's best when there was less moderation and censoring. It makes me so sad to know there's no putting this genie back in the bottle, trannies truly are a fucking pox.

No. 1329577

File: 1662532807325.gif (45.35 KB, 116x128, 1662476736511.gif)

I want to kms I will never achieve my dreams and I'll die fucking poor

No. 1329580

Same, I really hope they won't manage to take LC down. I love this site and the nonnies here. It's helped me so much in terms of character development and even though we're all strangers here, it's the only place where I feel "safe" enough to vent and talk about any type of topic. There is nothing like LC anywehere else on the web.

No. 1329581

File: 1662533124880.jpeg (154.28 KB, 712x749, B11AC072-AEFA-4028-BFAD-F46EC2…)

My cat has fleas. He’s an indoor cat. My cat has fleas and I love him. My cat has fleas and I now can ascertain it wasn’t mosquito bites from walks, it was fleas. My cat has fleas and tomorrow I am consulting the vet about reapplying frontline after the first time I completely fucked it up and had to scrub it off him. My cat has fleas and he is sleeping cutely on my bed, and I am taking sleeping pills so I can sleep and not ravenously claw at myself with imagined and real fits of itchiness

No. 1329584

That's a nightmare

No. 1329590

in addition to this.
my dad also spanks my and my sisters ass sometimes and I find it so weird. i guess it is more normalized in our culture?? idk if its a culture thing or exclusive to my dad, but yeah i hate it. i know he has no bad intend but im 22 now. he doesnt do it as much now but he did it a lot when i was in high school.

No. 1329594

File: 1662534748298.jpg (38.39 KB, 285x248, 1658401251995.jpg)

I'm gonna be honest… I think it's time to dip out of the farms. Especially for those who aren't from America or Canada and still want to get a Visa. If they target our website we're all going to a list if you know what I mean

No. 1329598

I might be naive but I think for an average user that's not going to be an issue. I guess it depends on your country but people who frequent much worse anonymous sites still have freedom of movement in the world (with some exceptions, obviously.)

No. 1329601

NTA but I agree. No one's gonna care to background check a random person and put them on a list for being edgy or saying "I hate men/troons". Calm down, sweet >>1329594 nonny.

No. 1329603

Idk, but I'm paranoid as fuck though

also they banned me for posting that kek sorry farmhands I'm just a poorfag from a 3rd world country being concerned about shit, didn't mean to be retarded

No. 1329630

Why do middle aged men love to stare down women? Especially younger women? My neighbor who’s a grown wrinkly ass moid with a whole family stares me down in a threatening way every time i leave the house (he does this to my sister and other women too) i’ve had multiple instances of this stare down happen to me throughout my life the moment i became a teenager. It’s not even sexual, i’m not a pretty woman or someone whose appearance or mannerisms are loud either. Very weird. I guess i’m venting cause it makes my blood boil, who do you think you are? This makes me 100% moids have npd and they start acting out this way the moment they hit old age.

No. 1329632

men are socially retarded. my moid looks angry but if i ask him he responds softly. resting rapist face

No. 1329647

I don't know why older women are stuck with the stereotype of being nosy old gossips when ime it's older male neighbors who stand around and stare as people go about their day. Passing judgement as you come and go from your house doing nothing of interest anyway.

No. 1329673

my roommate/ex friend wants to kick me out bc he wants to “cut out the ppl who don't boost you up type shit fr fr” and bc he is “in school I have a career to build I don't have time for ppl who don't have their bearing + are obstructing my home environment” and has my other roommate fully onboard. I’m not suicidal over something so retarded but I’m offended they don’t think I could see what was happening. this was so underhanded, the quotes are from my ex friend to our other roommate through snooping on his laptop because I knew something was wrong. I’m so over trusting anyone. watch this space nonnas cuz I’m confident I’ll be ranting about this bullshit for weeks.

No. 1329674

I’m pissed because I’m too lazy/not prepared to find housing in the city since I work 27 days out of the month and I don’t want to move back to my hometown with my abusive mom and sleeping in the living room. I also don’t want to be seen as a failure either. I’m glad I have other friends here so some support system but this is so embarrassing. fuck

No. 1329677

does he want to fuck you and you won't let him or something?

No. 1329679

File: 1662546755990.jpeg (285.08 KB, 828x628, F2A451E8-64BD-4741-A5A9-3ED82B…)

seeing my other roommate be svengalied into kicking me out for clout purposes then try to pull back while also calling me “a weird little guy” in the process is so affirming. they talked about making a craigslist ad for roommates after oct 1st a couple weeks before this exchange and I don’t see any listings. I’ll wait tho.

No. 1329680

I honestly don’t know. he’s been avoiding me for like a month now. he used to make creepy offhand comments about my body once in a while but he’s never explicitly or indirectly asked for sex. could be my lack of experience tho

No. 1329683

stay safe; moids are evil. It's probably better in hindsight to move out despite it being obnoxious now. I hope you have other friends to move in with or possibly a women's shelter if you have nowhere else to go. You're not a failure. You can do this!

No. 1329684

If you're working 27 days a month then it's bs for him to nitpick whether you have your 'bearings' or not. Men are the biggest bitches.

No. 1329685

thanks nonnie. I was up for a couple hours thinking about how I should confront them. I know it’s avoidant but I don’t even think it’s worth it. they’ve made up their minds I’m not going to beg to stay where I’m not wanted.

I don’t have any friends with open rooms and I’m not open to couch sitting quite yet. but housing is cheap and relatively abundant here so it’s just a thorn in my side until I can wrap up some business I guess.

aside but I found out thru the texts that his multi millionaire grandma who funds his life thinks like him romantically and was advising him on what to do. telling him to say to me “it’s not working out” and end it at that so I can’t make excuses or anything.

No. 1329687

yea exactly. and I know it’s because I don’t go to art school, go to gallery openings or parties every weekend, not actively making art, and I’m not trying to boost my “career” and not trying to get attention from people with <1k followers on fucking instagram.

No. 1329688

Samefag to add, it's not a roommates job to lift you up either. I used to feel like I was missing out because I only ever had near strangers for roommates but they minded their own business.

No. 1329689

true. I think I would prefer stranger roommates to this. less expectations and baggage.

No. 1329692

I feel like I just now understand how to be empathetic and it makes me kinda sad. I feel like I wasted so much time being a stupid young girl who only looked out for herself while I could have just just been a better person. I want to better myself but it's hard and I hope people will be kind and understanding with me.

No. 1329706

I get why people hate critics now. I've been warned about people like these but, i mean, it's been DAYS since I've been hired and this uppity tweed twat wants to "train" me to be a competition-level barista apparently, if you can count complaining as training. Every time I make an espresso (imagine drinking that shit from a small dgaf coffee shop) for him, he HAS to give his uneducated non-coffee-making-ass opinion on it. I don't even understand the mindset of people like him. If you want something done right, DO IT YOURSELF, right? Peak moid entitlement to being absolutely coddled.
This wouldn't be even close to an annoyance if he didn't come 3 times a day with his gf and try to explain to me differences between whiskey and scotch. Every time I say SOMETHING this goober mayonnaise sandwich of a warm body turns around, and with a sly, evil-toddler grin hums "Actually…" to the pitch of a male whose mom verbally sucked him off with musings of him being a genius one day. Worst part is, I HAVE to pretend i like this snot-nosed ponce because i need (well, want) the sales cash AND he's a friend of all of my coworkers. And i mean sure, in any case if she's happy with him (it looks like she is), there should be no complaints from others, but I can't imagine kissing this guy on the mouth. I hope she just closes her eyes and thinks of James Hoffman.
Like, come on, he dresses like a limp-wristed attempt of your granddad going to work as a paperboy in the 20's, quite late to the bad male vintage hipster trend of the 10's. If you're going for that look I'd rather you just not put in the effort at all.
I don't care if I sound crazy or just as much of a snob as him, he managed to ignite a fire of hatred inside of me in a few days where i have to write paragraphs of text on this thread. If nothing else, that's pretty impressive.

No. 1329718

What is the job you are supposed to be doing? Why is this guy bringing up whiskey and shit at random?

No. 1329721

Anon wtf….i tought i was just dealing with one of these weeks but reading that you also went through that…I think that what led me through that spiral was seeing the video of the enviromental scientist crying from impotence that we are past our time to stop this and no one is doing anything, imho if someone's x told me "I have all you need to stop the operations of this company for at least what it takes them to renew their factory/refinery" I would totally do it, cause sadly ceoc's are like cockroach and no matter how much you kill they will still pop up one after the other.

Anyway I really am not trying to be edgy here, I genuinely think that our only hope is to push back because those in the higher ups are already fantasising on leaving us to die here while they travel to mars or whatever other silly dream they think they can achieve in one lifetime.

No. 1329725

just a barista, but he hangs out for hours so there's a lot of conversation going on