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No. 1245249

You know the drill, this is basically the lolcow.farm chatroom.

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No. 1245254

File: 1656525159423.png (13.25 KB, 678x507, 1.png)

hahaha first

No. 1245258

Threadpic got me thinking… I know lolcow can be kooky crazy but I do love this place and I kinda hope a lot of us daily users keep using it into our old age and we'll just be a bunch of old, batty ladies laughing and ranting and joking around. Inb4 anyone asks, yes I have an irl social life and irl friends. I just love lolcow.

No. 1245259

File: 1656525282110.jpg (398.94 KB, 1226x1226, tumblr_fbd612e6d48ac1ec0a6ad88…)

Spotted lanternfly nymphs do be causing a ruckus

No. 1245262

My personal cow had a freakout over these american girl doll memes because she apparently started the joke herself kek.

No. 1245263

I was going through a thread and noticed that the janirators deleted one of my posts. It wasn't inflammatory and I know for a fact that it did successfully post. I wonder about that. I'm not mad, just horrendously assblasted fucking jannies

No. 1245281

Certified Detroit moment

No. 1245287

Omg thank you for using my picture OP!!

No. 1245290

File: 1656526429976.jpg (317.46 KB, 711x706, 1656524526645.jpg)

Look at what I found on AliExpress

No. 1245294

>using AliExpress plastic to store something you put in your mouth
no thanks

No. 1245296

File: 1656526579670.png (95.54 KB, 340x341, EjDKzXxUcAESHDT.png)


No. 1245300

File: 1656526674705.png (589.13 KB, 837x456, FC4C30EA-6046-4A92-ABAE-32619C…)

what a find

No. 1245304

File: 1656526799441.jpeg (39.09 KB, 636x611, 1637638553707.jpeg)

No. 1245310

no sonic

No. 1245323

That's not sonic that's blails

No. 1245324

File: 1656527873523.jpg (40.45 KB, 640x464, mikey_way___n___pete_wentz_by_…)

PETE WENTZ WAS NEVER IN LOVE WITH MIKEY WAY. I used to think Wentz was obsessed with Mikey Way in a borderline personality favorite person type way (definitely not in a gay way since Pete Wentz and Mikey Way are both straight) but I honestly think he just milked all that faux-homo type shit for publicity. All those blog posts were just for attention. He probably saw that Peterick was gaining steam and didn't want any fake homosexual shit with a coworker and so he drummed up all that shit with Mikey Way.

No. 1245327

shut up you up fucking shut quiet your mouth up don't up again shut yourself up up with your tongue between shut and your lips up the cessation of vibrations shutting up in your vocal cord area forever and shut up each ganglion up to silent

No. 1245332

Sorry nona but it is the truth. I also suspect that "What a Catch, Donnie" was written primarily to more or less satiate the Peterick fans. But that is just a tinfoil.

No. 1245334

Your have aluminum in your bloodstream you sweat blue

No. 1245340

File: 1656528734930.jpg (105.29 KB, 660x660, tin-foil-cats4.jpg)


No. 1245346

If you're so wise, O Swami, then why did you lose the game and why are you manually breathing?

No. 1245348

File: 1656529272590.jpg (45.08 KB, 750x741, 1655457207716.jpg)

Now you're just playing dirty. I wasn't prepared that time. Do it again and I'll win this time, I swear.

No. 1245351

i thought this was an old pic of pete and ashlee simpson lmfao

No. 1245354


stop thinking about an elephant I SAID STOP NONNUMS

No. 1245356

File: 1656529613376.gif (824.67 KB, 275x275, 1652134572706.gif)

Fall Out Boy may be all but completely disbanded but Pete Wentz still has enough money to conduct his FAUXMO GAYOPS I SEE! HMMM!!! YOU WILL NEVER STOP ME FROM SPREADING THE TRUTH! NEVER!

No. 1245357

Shit sorry random Noni, hopefully your scrolling the random spammer for Soyjaks and the Trad takes I think might be this random /pol and /r9k chick Tahlia. She got blasted over in a random thread on CC recently on /B I think. She got posted and the chimp outs stopped though which was interesting. She loves shitting up pro choice threads and using moid like insults though.
Forget to come back and rely info. Hope you see you this.

No. 1245358

It's not saturday though

No. 1245369

This is giving old Vans Warped tour vibes and fanfiction. All it needs is Gabe Saporta. Kek.

No. 1245372

i am going to see elvis again tomorrow even though i saw it two days ago, austin butler was mesmorising

No. 1245374

File: 1656530221405.jpg (37.19 KB, 400x400, Gabe-Saporta-Madison-WI-gabe-s…)

Did someone say Gaborta?

No. 1245381

It's always Saturday

No. 1245391

So I've basically been writing the same story with different characters and there's a point I want to get too, but I can never stick to the storyline. It's like Sims 4. I can't just play my family and say "Fuck everyone else".
If I see an ugly ass sim with potiental I go, "She could be my pretty best friend/ Wow maybe I can cheat on my sim husband with her, all I gotta do is spend 2 hours in CAS, then decorate her house, give her a back story-" and thats how it is.
I can't stick to one character, I can't get to that one point. I just can't. It drives me mad. Do I secretly think my main character is boring? Why do I need to flesh out every side character? Thing is I write for myself, so it's like my own little personal hell loop. Nobody knows when I zone out i'm thinking of my characters and what I can do next. They just think I have autism.

No. 1245397

File: 1656531311443.jpg (186.68 KB, 683x1024, 4964002171_9bdb6ccebf_b.jpg)

I love you nonita.

No. 1245405

File: 1656531680864.jpeg (168.73 KB, 1280x720, 346F89B6-2E58-4BCA-B8AE-D8CC9E…)

when will it be Friday

No. 1245421

In 2 days.

No. 1245442

I watched some youtube video essay authored by a middle aged, non-passing but making an effort MTF trans person with normal clothes, and the video subject was nothing on sexuality or gender and to be honest it was just all chill. And I realised that I've maybe never seen a trans person talk about something that isn't sex or gender based. Of course there's a bit of bias there, since I don't really seek out trans channels and maybe the only time they come into my vision is for some trans rights/hate JK thing.

I don't know, I feel like maybe there's 2 types, the type who just want to live their life another gender, and the type who are super obnoxious, I don't know how to describe it. Already super tall and deciding to pair that with high heels, an outfit that reads bimbo fetish and trying to catch eye contact with anyone, looking to challenge them. Also for some reason they also project their voice, and it just really reads as if they're trying to seek attention. But who knows what that youtuber's actually like. It's just that it hit me hard that with all the trans narrative and exposure these past few years it's my first time seeing something like that.

No. 1245462

Wheres the post where some dumbass said she was Irish because her great grandmother or someone was with an actual Irish person shutting them down and calling them a plastic paddy because I cant find it now lol

No. 1245484

There's this cat tumblr blog that I follow because it's run by two landwhale mtf trannies. The cat is obese as well. Every picture posted is just gross looking, there's always some trash in frame and the carpet always looks unvacuumed and ugh it's all just so fucking musty looking. They try really hard to get notes with their stupid LOLSORANDUM humor that it's just… embarrassing.

No. 1245489

Idk if this give me bad memories or good memories but I'm glad I ain't a teenager no more

No. 1245513

kek the majority of Americans who claim they are irish say so because their great great uncle and his dog were irish

No. 1245593

File: 1656541527032.jpg (24.13 KB, 612x398, suks2bu.jpg)

sorry about your condition

No. 1245649

What does england have to do with this?

No. 1245664

File: 1656546811331.jpeg (131.14 KB, 900x733, 37707337-2196-4741-9A96-DB4D54…)

I fucking SWEAR the nonnies here are connected to my brain, this is like the 3rd or 4th time I’ve been thinking about something for awhile and then I see someone else make a post about it, and it’s not even current event stuff just random shit. Well if anyone else here has been thinking about cockatiels a lot lately then I guess we’re brain sisters.

No. 1245665

File: 1656546824733.jpeg (22.69 KB, 612x408, images (2).jpeg)

I was supposed to be on my way to the US with in the next 2 weeks, but now everything is collapsing, we just had a 8 hour power shortage, yesterday it was 5 and I don't know what's gonna happen the nexy day, and we are the lucky one's cauee entire provinces have been without power for days now, plus terrorist attacks have been happening enmasse along with protests
I have been crying for so long how, my nation is devolving into civil war and likely gonna end up in a military dictatorship again, I'll kill myself when that happens, cause then I'll have no chance for freedom or peace, the world doesn't even seem to care

No. 1245687

Exactly what where those topics, nonnie?

No. 1245695

Maybe you had the same IP as someone who got banned? I also noticed a ton of posts (not mine tho) missing in the vent thread after I refreshed it after a while even though the OP of those posts didn't delete them (they were up for a few days, way past the 30 minute limit)

No. 1245696

A similar story idea, musing about a long dead celebrity and someone else sharing my paranoia. Theyre simple little things but i see the posts within a few days of me having those same thoughts and it is starting to weird me out. I’m not a tinfoil schizo chan I swear.

No. 1245742

Wonderful anon from the MTF thread, I wanted to keep talking to you but didn’t want to completely derail everyone else.

No. 1245748

I saw a post with no message in Shayna's thread, what does it mean?

No. 1245749

The stories say that when a post with no text shall appear in the Shay thread, anons will act bitchy and catty towards one another, and will insult the bodies of anonymous strangers, but no one can say for sure if the prophecies are true.

No. 1245755

The rich guy who lets his friend(s) stay in his apartment rent free because he’s lonely trope is real

No. 1245770

It's amazing how much of a difference vacuuming the floor can make. It doesn't even look that dirty. You vacuum and WHAM. You feel like a new woman in a nice ass house.

No. 1245787

I fucking love vacuuming and how amazing everything always feels after. I invested in those amazing cordless Dyson vacuums and it’s one of those things that make me happy even when the world is pretty bleak. I know a man who got one too and he is also obsessed with it lol. I have OCD so I try to chill with cleaning supplies, but that’s something that never fails to make me feel good. Might be the fumes I don’t care at this point. Cleaning is a mood stabilizer.

No. 1245802

i always thought i was a "cuddle me after sex" type of person but it turns out if you only fuck boyfriends that barely care about you you'll be desperate for any type of affection from them, and when you fuck someone that actually cares about you, you just wanna chill out after sex and relax in your own personal space lol

No. 1245827

After always dissing crop tops, I finally made a couple from old shirts to sleep in because it's so damn hot rn. They're not as bad as I thought after all.

No. 1245832

I just saw the trigger warning tag scopophobia on tumblr and had to look up what it meant. It means the fear of being stared at. The picture was just a generic character looking at the viewer, just like any other picture.
What the actual fuck. Trigger warnings get stupider by the moment. Is everyone really this fragile now?

No. 1245851

File: 1656565509328.jpg (42.83 KB, 700x991, e0b08ad0a3861a959c28be9f5b2913…)

that phobia is legit, but the trigger warning is weird, unless it was a creepy picture, then I get it.

No. 1245860

sometimes all I think about is her.

No. 1245861

nta but gosh I remember the caveman times of the Internet when this image was rumored to start moving when you stare at her too long. If I remember correctly, the Exorcist's music was playing in that Youtube video it was featured in. Man I am ancient

No. 1245878

girl you are not ancient at most you are like 30. calm down.

No. 1245887

I remember hearing that too, turns out it’s some concept art for some indie game.

No. 1245899

File: 1656570253660.jpg (228.22 KB, 684x915, 9347983664.jpg)


No. 1245901

Fucking kek i just reopened this tab and this is the first thing I see. Thanks nona

No. 1245907

haven't trigger warnings been this stupid for like 10 years now, like they were definitely already this stupid before the migration from tumblr to twitter

No. 1245908

Literally how is this "creepy" it's just a cartoon girl

No. 1245918

you had to be there and learn the lore in early 2010 to understand

No. 1245920

You wouldn’t get it

No. 1245940

File: 1656571519801.png (597.26 KB, 612x743, 324234423243243.png)

No. 1245943

spoiler this

No. 1245951

Literally why

No. 1245957

you wouldn't get it kekekekekek

No. 1245988

don't you know it's lolcow's version of a ##tw

No. 1245989

kek you're right, when someone says "spoiler this" it's just "tag this" but in lolcow speak. Lolcow truly is tumblr 2.0

No. 1245993

Oh duh, badumtish

No. 1246010

Lolcow sez: eat ur veggies to ward off ass cancer

No. 1246128

The English language is so stupid it doesn't differentiate between cherries and cherries

No. 1246132

that's so retarded imagine getting memed into shitting your pants over some cartoon girl because someone else added a "ScArY" caption to it

No. 1246133

kek i can turn this into a tranny parody anthem by only changing like 3 words

No. 1246135

Come now, surely we can be friends?
I know so much about you
I love you, look at everything I've done for you
You would be nothing without me
Why won't you answer me?
I bet you're busy talking to some fucking terf
Fucking skank
Is she more of a woman than me?
Would you fuck me?
Are you transphobic?

You blocked me on Twitter
And now you're going to die

No. 1246137

I just had a conversation about it today! Wanted to tell my english friend (i'm ESL) that I can't tell apart one kind from another visually and realized there's no actual word in english to differentiate them, which is crazy given how different they taste. Mixing them up could ruin someone's day

No. 1246138

you mean like sweet cherries and sour cherries?

No. 1246142

It does though? Sweet cherry (Prunus avium), bird berry (Prunus padus), sour/tart/montmorency cherry (Prunus cerasus). Are there even more ypes you want to differentiate between?

No. 1246143

what are the words in your language? mine are trešnje (sweet) and višnje (sour)

No. 1246150

NTA but your word for sour cherries is so similar to ours! However our word for the sweet cherries is closer to the English generic term and unsurprisingly it's even closer to the French, Spanish and Portuguese words. Cool how we use the Latin origin word for the sweet cherries and the Slavic origin word for the sour ones.

No. 1246163

have you guys ever considered that english typically doesn't differentiate between cherries because sour cherries should not even exist, let alone be acknowledged??? it is only good and right that we ignore them

No. 1246165

It's easier to avoid them if you are aware of their existence, you silly little Anglo.

No. 1246175

wrong, nonna, we don't even have them here except when jarred in syrups. i have never seen one fresh in my life. and the syruped ones are kind of hard to find, you have to go looking for them in specialty sections and only in certain grocery stores. i hope to keep it that way because even in syrup, they are absolutely demonic.

No. 1246205

opinions on worms in cherries I actually really like eating them

No. 1246218

mmm meat

No. 1246225

The thought of them being in there is mortifying but I love cherries too much to stop eating

No. 1246272

cherries are disgusting even without worms

No. 1246279

File: 1656601784452.jpg (44.54 KB, 1092x612, Screen_Shot_2018-12-12_at_1.02…)

there's .. worms.. in cherries?
I have never checked for one.

No. 1246289

There are so many fruits you could hate but why are cherries one of them

No. 1246297

1. Grapefruit
2. Tomatoes
3. Grapes

All bad fruits

No. 1246301

If you get them from the supermarket or whatever they shouldn't have worms because they're treated with anti-pestants. Cherries having worms should only be a concern if you're like getting them from some organic place, foraging them or picking them from your own yard.

No. 1246307

Woah, woah. Have you ever had a perfectly ripe garden tomato? Agree that supermarket tomatoes are crap, but that’s no reason to throw a perfectly good fruit/vegetable under the bus.

No. 1246338

I wish I could go outside in panties and a tshirt without getting shouted at or arrested or some bullshit. I just hate shorts man

No. 1246377

File: 1656610134687.gif (311.2 KB, 500x230, 77.gif)

I stg there's only 3 anons on the entire site

No. 1246399

I started some new antidepressants last week and they’re making my anxiety worse. I think it’s activation syndrome. I’m at work with a headache and a pounding heart and shortness of breath trying to breathe deeply and calm down because while I do have an emergency ativan in my purse, If I take it i’ll be a sleepy zombie and I need to get work done. I had no idea where to post this dumb blogpost, thank you for reading nonitas, I hope you’re having a good day

No. 1246414

File: 1656612470924.jpg (68.7 KB, 640x666, 3jgc5m0q5em71.jpg)

My pysop is that it's just me and my other personalities posting everything and starting infights to keep myself amused

No. 1246424

i used to be super scared of them and it would take me like 5 minutes to eat a single cherry because i would inspect it after every bite but they're not bad at all

No. 1246430

Sometimes I think so too lmao.

No. 1246435

File: 1656613452172.jpg (22.97 KB, 500x375, and me.jpg)

including me!

No. 1246441

the rest are bots like this guy made

No. 1246442

wait you guys actually eat the worms i thought everyone was joking. don't you get sick?

No. 1246446

Incorrect. Every single one of you is a tulpa of mine.

No. 1246461

anon what the fuck(don't take bait)

No. 1246462

File: 1656614798788.jpg (Spoiler Image, 134.47 KB, 640x480, Fly_maggots_over_cherry_(2).jp…)

i just googled it apparently they're fly larvae and no i don't get sick but i do get that extra protein to triple my gains

No. 1246474

We had a cherry tree in our yard and I remember eating so many of them as a kid and then once I found worms in them, it traumatized me and I never ate any again. The neighbors later said they stopped picking them because of worms too so fml but they were damn good. I don’t want to even think of how many worms I ate in my naivety

No. 1246479

When I was a teen, I browsed tumblr in school. One boy looked at my screen and was immediately like "I know this website, why are you looking at porn in school what the fuck is wrong with you" while all that was seen on my screen were funny text posts and very SFW animu bishies. It took me until the porn ban until I even knew that porn was the reason the majority of users used tumblr in the first place, and now that I think back on it, this interaction tells me a lot more about his tumblr habits than it told him about mine.

No. 1246504

Ew wtf I eat blackberries freshly picked and they will have little bugs crawling on them but these look like straight maggots that's disgusting. Never seen cherries with this in it that's why we have pesticides

No. 1246505

we had two (got cut down because a road needed expanding, fuck the EU) and they were also full of worms it was insane

No. 1246514

File: 1656617672376.jpg (112 KB, 1500x1467, download.jpg)

I need a mirror for when I'm shaving my pussy in my shower. I know they make shower mirrors, but those are flat and not good enough. I need one that has multiple sides and can hit all the angles like picrel. It should have lights on it too because it can be hard to see in the shower.

No. 1246518

File: 1656617805267.jpeg (35.17 KB, 466x432, 48F5AA9C-6E7A-4785-B850-85958E…)

No. 1246523

You don't just do it by feel?

No. 1246527

Yes I do. That's why I said I need a shower mirror, because I don't already have one. It would be easier if I could see.

No. 1246531

I was watching some lineart tutorial video and the guy made a joke where he "accidentally* played the wrong video and porn audio played for a second instead of art stuff. I really despise jokes like that, especially when theyre extremely out of place

No. 1246536

Same. At this point, porn jokes are an immediate unsub and dislike from me, even if I've watched their content for literal years.

No. 1246577

When I was a kid I had really bad dental hygiene, and I genuinely have no idea how I could go without brushing my teeth everyday

No. 1246587

File: 1656622156169.jpeg (26.81 KB, 289x177, 8C23D93C-A364-4B2C-A2C0-E64F34…)

Terri Strange then:
>no makeup, donning her mustache
>helping newly escaped prostitutes
>feminist Marxist activism
>reading feminist literature on her channel

Terri Strange now: picrel
Wtf nonnies she’s gone full egirl weeb pickme. I refuse to believe that this change can just be from the D, there has to be some kind of brain damage or tumor involved!

No. 1246591

Same, now I brush and floss every time I eat and it makes me feel disgusting to think about not doing it.

No. 1246592

I'm more disgusted than disappointed tbh kek, I never fully trusted her since she was a polilez. She called herself a lesbian and then went back to fucking men and didn't even apologize for pretending to be a lesbian kek

No. 1246595

File: 1656622477477.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 99.49 KB, 750x666, 2DCF89A0-6403-4C59-B9BC-55FB67…)

Men say women are unfunny when they love to repeat the same coomer joke over and over. It's pathetic, really.

No. 1246608

my dumbass cat tried to swat a queen bee but luckily he came out unscathed

No. 1246623

whoa what the hell this is so jarring I remember how militant she was years ago jfc…

No. 1246628

is she still pals with leah ?

No. 1246636

File: 1656624855536.jpg (8.21 KB, 275x275, 1654440558082.jpg)

kek some anons love peddling the idea that barely anyone is on here but the current Discord has like 1,600+ members, and the old server that Elaine had taken down had over 2,000 members.

No. 1246638

Theres a recent pic of Leah earlier this month on Terri’s insta so they must be friends. No idea how either of them justifies that kek.

No. 1246639

did leah actually start to calm down with the hop shit… I guess that makes sense I don't think that was sustainable

No. 1246644

i can see it

No. 1246648

To this day it still amazes me that so many people used Tumblr primarily for porn. Like you the stuff I was looking at was mostly innocent well that's not completely true, I used to read self insert smutty fanfics kek and I started using it in the first place for fandom reasons. Ofc I also looked at a lot of other stuff too but never porn, it never even crossed my mind. It's crazy how banning porn was enough to make Tumblr die.

No. 1246672

Doesn't this just prove even further that hardly anyone is on lc because they're all too busy on discord kek

No. 1246680

Anons here were talking about Lebanon, more than once. Because I'm not a native english speaker, I thought that anons were talking about a lesbian anon, and "lebanon" was a shortcut.
Fucking kill me.

No. 1246683

kek anon

No. 1246693

File: 1656628519595.jpeg (25.78 KB, 400x300, 5BE0E1CE-388F-4F79-9458-628AF1…)

He’s not as hot as I remember. Who else had a crush on this hunk of man meat?

No. 1246705

what's even worse is that the moid she ended up jumping to (is she with him?) was absolutely horrible and well known in portland for being a white trash piece of shit

No. 1246714

I was wondering that too, is she still even with the guy ? tragic

No. 1246719

>falls asleep
>wakes up with LC open
>scrolls through thread
>"why is there so much dumbass shit?"
>check where I am

No. 1246727

lebanon is for the lesbians now

No. 1246796

File: 1656637744072.png (30 KB, 485x419, 598205.png)

the more i post, the lonelier i feel, the more i get ignored. but when i post with no expectations and completely forget about my post i get like 100 replies

No. 1246840

Idk where to post this. I’ve been rereading mangas I liked as a teenager and god they are all awful. It all has misogyny and sexual violence / sexual themes. Like all the big cool mangas everyone praises. When you see this stuff you see it in everything and it makes it enjoyable. For me at least. I will be readjng some male revered manga and i will stop in the middle of it because it’s so moid centric and retarded

No. 1246842

*unenjoyable sorry am sleepy

No. 1246850

Ugh. Nona, please.

No. 1246856

You've never gotten 100 replies pendeja

No. 1246857

Me too

No. 1246858

She’s exaggerating
Read the room retardo

No. 1246870

Same. Never trust what moids like, don't listen to them and their shitty top ten best manga because they will always be moid-esque. Listen to your own heart instead. With nerdy male centric media it's always about how much you tolerate and how much are you willing to set aside to enjoy something

No. 1246878

you're right it's actually 1 trillion

No. 1246907

File: 1656644923942.jpg (59.41 KB, 1080x731, Picsart_22-06-30_23-02-47-520.…)


No. 1246910

shut the fuck up mi retrasada amiga

No. 1246916

Samefag now that I actually think about it it's probably because the nonnas who wanted to kill themselves genuinely did it. That's more understandable to me, discord is too shit for everyone to be hanging out there. Alternatively they left due to the raids.

No. 1246922

First time I watch this ad but he's cute
I hate scrotes
real life ones

No. 1246925

balding middle-aged jimmy neutron

No. 1246936

No. 1246939

File: 1656646722990.gif (2.4 MB, 250x188, kms.gif)

Has anynonny clogged the toilet at work

No. 1246942

Not my toilet. Not my bathtub. Not my problem.

No. 1246949

Clogged with what I hope it's not shit. Only fat people shit at work.

No. 1246950

I would sneak into the men's room to shit each time so the blame wouldn't be put on me if it did happen

No. 1246953

What kind of ana chan logic is this? As if a skinny person has never had IBS kek

No. 1246955

>Only fat people shit at work.

Very true, stuffing your mouth = stuffing your colon by proxy. Aka randomly running off to go potty like a cretin. Bonus is when you can hear their ass and intestines rumbling from across the room.

No. 1246956

It comes from years of experience.

No. 1246958

>Aka randomly running off to go potty like a cretin.
>Bonus is when you can hear their ass and intestines rumbling from across the room.
this is me and i'm a beanpole. happens even if i don't eat.

No. 1246959

why is there so much ana-chan bait lately, where did you come from. Did someone share this site in your shitty pro-ana servers?

No. 1246964

anti-fat =/= pro-ana
weight ain't binary

No. 1246968

I'm not pro Ana. I am Anti poop. Stop pooping.

No. 1246973

but how else will you release the bacteria waste

No. 1246974

you are very obvious, learn how to integrate or go back to your servers.

No. 1246976

Sure thing porkie

No. 1246978

lol not fat, maybe quit projecting, self-hating fattie.

No. 1246981

File: 1656648850881.jpg (60.55 KB, 736x736, ef10f6edd6736442f2b85ffc05abc0…)

>tfw neither I nor my noble steed ever need to ever poop

No. 1246982

Go clog a toilet will ya

No. 1246988

I bet you sound like a xylophone when you reach great speeds.

No. 1246991


what is this masterpiece(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1246992

Probably underage summerfags.

No. 1246993

what the fuck you autist, stop holding in your shits

No. 1246997

How many times a day do you shit anon

No. 1247004

that’s a very personal question nonnie

No. 1247005

Everyone should be at least once

No. 1247010

Oh so now that's too personal, but showing me your DIY duct-taped dildos wasn't

No. 1247011

You're supposed to shit at least two times a day or you're constipated, three times should be the ideal.

No. 1247012

how in the fuck

No. 1247015

i have a terrible pain in my lower back and its radiating in every direction, do i have the monkeypox

No. 1247016

No. 1247020

I am too having a lower back pain but I'm pretty sure that's only because I'm a fat fuck.

No. 1247025

File: 1656652657221.jpg (22.09 KB, 474x266, th-687213157.jpg)

Isn't ikemen a word reserved for handsome men like the Yakuza game guys? They feel very ikemen for me at least

No. 1247028

There is no men's room. There is only one toilet. It's a very small office. They (will) know I did it.
I'm slightly below average BMI, go outside, touch grass, eat food.

No. 1247029

Ur stupid and I'm on my way to clog your toilet

No. 1247034

File: 1656653210111.jpg (312 KB, 600x534, 40789500_p0_master1200.jpg)

Yes (well, I think it's a more specific kind of handsome man aesthetic), I don't know what kind of imbecile thought translating ikemen as "twink" was a good idea. You can report it as an inaccurate translation but I don't know what it takes for it to be changed to the correct word.

No. 1247036

It's even more stupid because Twink is a porn term. Whoever added that translation was a hentai addicted retard, probably

No. 1247045

Anyone with half a basic Japanese education knows that is translated wrong. I hate this

No. 1247056

assert dominance, why be ashamed of your shits anon, I know it’s not very feminine but it’s a perfectly normal bodily function (sorry now I’m just shitposting)

No. 1247072

Men (especially in my community) don't want to protect and provide anymore and it's actually kind of sad. They're babied now. They took women wanting equality as an invitation to start being lousy. They want us to fight for them. And the ones who still believe in protecting and providing are crazy, bigoted, and don't practice what they preach.

No. 1247074

Gayaboo fakebois too, they always have to call their bishie husbandos "twinks" because they think it makes them sound like Real Gays

No. 1247078

File: 1656655619353.jpg (105.47 KB, 1024x576, a4d62ff59cfdc13704819822497f8f…)

I'd say they would count as ikemen in their Yakuza 0 forms but their 1-7 selves, while still obviously handsome, are probably too old for this specific term? I don't rememeber ever seeing a character who was over 30 and looked the part being called ikemen. Correct me if I'm wrong please

No. 1247081

IDK why but gaypop stans calling 1.74 men(5'8) tall will forever be funny to me, now I'm not obesseded with height or anything, my bf is 5'9 but I just think I think its peak comedy seeing kpop stans go
>'omg look haechan IS tall all the other neos are just giants' and then there's a picture of him standing next to a girl whose 5'2

No. 1247082

File: 1656656045514.jpg (177.79 KB, 1080x1548, Screenshot_20220701-091153_Bra…)

At least it hasn't hit Yandex yet kek
Anyone more weeby than me can explain or link to an explanation for the nuances of each term? I know about top row middle being bishonen but the others?

No. 1247083

i swear i've seen this exact post before, word for word in a previous dumbass thread

No. 1247088

Idk what those anons are talking about. I'm not white but I have the thinnest lips on this site.

No. 1247103

Sucks for you kek. White people generally do tend to have thinner lips than other races but of course there are individual white people with full lips and individual non-white people with thin lips.

No. 1247107

…nobody was talking about lips? what is going on

No. 1247108

On /m/.

No. 1247110

idk who Haechan is but I guess je just looks tall? Some people are proportioned in a way that makes them look shorter or taller on camera than they actually are in real life. But kek even in South Korea 5'8-5'9 is literally just average.

No. 1247119

>white people with full lips
This phrase triggers me because I immediately think of my President

No. 1247120

File: 1656659003579.jpeg (111.93 KB, 750x745, 21834FFE-885E-40E2-BA68-E2F556…)

Kek shrunken head twinks

No. 1247128

it works though if you read it as that the homophobic dude looks like the shrunken head man

No. 1247140

File: 1656661307994.jpg (32.88 KB, 940x529, putin-russia.jpg)

No. 1247172

Think about it logically. Tiktok is basically instagram on steroids. Of course it is going to cause a wave of eating disorders in young women the likes of which has not been seen since golden tumblr era.

No. 1247174

Once again, I will never forgive you, Swell Entertainment.

No. 1247175

whatd she do

No. 1247177

Another YouTuber who made a video mentioning this site.

No. 1247178

Me too, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't the last thread but even earlier, why anonita keeps posting this? A mystery

No. 1247180

I managed to get 4 differents 5 stars characters in FEH EXCEPT the one I want, I swear I'm ready to take the plane to IS's office and beat up everyone involved in this shit if they don't give me my legendary Xander.

No. 1247184

Somehow I thought this was the radfem thread and was so confused why instead of milk theres hot men

No. 1247190

I read OP at first as "saturday…ending it", and it made me laugh out loud. Now I realized I can't read.

No. 1247191

No. 1247194

I really want some shitty pillsbury chocolate fudge frosting. Just a spoonful 'cause after that it's way too damn sweet. I can make a good Italian buttercream but my lizard brain wants the crap stuff. Fuck you period.

No. 1247198

No. 1247202

I’m so stuck on the anatomy in this drawing, I can’t seem to make the arms of the character work. I swear I’ve redrawn them ten times by now. It’s so annoying

No. 1247209

this video helped me better understand how the anatomy works them i hope you find it useful

No. 1247211

File: 1656675994835.jpeg (105.38 KB, 750x750, D89D49D1-0C4E-42D6-BAE9-1BEB9C…)

We know that’s why you called that fictional girl’s lips “pornified” because you don’t want to express how you really felt about it. We get it, you think women with big lips are slutty or some shit even if they’re completely natural. Women’s body parts shouldn’t even be seen as porn especially when it has nothing to do with anything sexual so it bothers me why you called that anime girl’s lips pornified when you’re just used to seeing anime girls with cartoon lips.

No. 1247214

Ahh Jolyne my love…if only I could smooch those green lips…
Sorry were you two arguing?

No. 1247220

No. 1247224

Who here is doing artfight this year? I need more cool people to follow

No. 1247229

File: 1656677267927.jpg (178.18 KB, 1080x828, Screenshot_20220701_140703.jpg)

wtf andrew

No. 1247231

oh my god I clicked on his video being excited and all and immediately the first protestor who opens her mouth says
>”people with wombs” or something
and just click off, what the hell did I even expect honestly? kek

No. 1247236

File: 1656677779631.jpeg (155.23 KB, 960x983, 1627315160226.jpeg)

Fucking men and their 0 effort bullshit, if you are going to larp as a woman atleast wear a fucking wig like woman would, if women had MALE pattern baldness. I can't believe they can just go out like that and get yasss queened while I have greasy hair walking my dog in rain and I am SO aware I am not at my best. Fuck men, fuck this shit.

No. 1247240

look at that mighty farquaad chin jutting out lmao. i think it’s dishonest to say there’s extreme sexual dimorphism in every group on this planet there are men and women who do look the same but like come on

No. 1247248

I wonder how many tweens and teenagers are lurking around here. I was lurking lolcow since I was around 14 years old and I'm 21 now. I hope they have the good sense to gtfo now and stay gone and socialize like a normal person because this site is only going to turn your brain into swiss cheese.

No. 1247250

It only does that if you're an underage retard who takes everything you see online seriously. There's a reason why this site is for adults.

No. 1247260

I fucking love high waisted granny panties

No. 1247270

Not always that extreme but 99% percent of the time it's really not difficult to distinguish between the sexes.

No. 1247271

>if you're an underage retard.
I don't know, take a look at the lolcow graduation thread and you'll see that it's not just the underage retards who take it seriously, but the of age retards as well.

No. 1247283

You're correct, but if these same adult anons used lc when they were just teenagers they would have been even worse off.

No. 1247285

I get paid 17 dollars and hour just to transfer calls. It's so brain dead even a monkey could do it and on top of that I work from home and just scroll on tiktok. I'm 30 and I've finally found my dream job.

No. 1247290

I take my tweezers from time to time and clean out the dead skin from my nipples. I don't how I even discovered it the first time, but I'm amazed at how many dead cells are stuck in the creases (dunno what to call them) of my nipples. I really don't know if this is standard practice.

No. 1247294

What do you mean dead skin in the creases? I'm having trouble trying to imagine what that would look like. I want to learn more.

No. 1247298

ikemen - bishounen - beautiful features
manly - handsome - a good man*
*This one's actually the hardest to get across properly, I feel like it's mostly about the ~vibe~ kek. The closest thing I could think of would maybe be "A man you're not ashamed to introduce your parents to"? lol

No. 1247309

File: 1656683371071.png (Spoiler Image, 4.75 MB, 1400x1400, nipple.png)

Hard to find a nipple closeup without porn flooding my image search, but I managed to find one. I just mean I go through the creases/folds in the nipple itself gently and all the buildup of dead skin comes out. I'm sure it has like zero health benefits or anything, I just find it intriguing.

No. 1247313

File: 1656683690943.png (Spoiler Image, 4.61 MB, 1400x1400, hghj.png)

NTA but I always tweeze those, and am both weirdly disgusted and weirdly proud if I get an especially long piece. This is purely about the white thingies and not the fine hairs that get pulled out along with them.

No. 1247335

just take a shower you disgusting freaks

No. 1247336

every time you shower there’s a lot of dead skin that comes off especially if you take showers with hot water, anon just needs one of those things every time she showers and dries herself those things that collect dead skin and moisturizer idk KEK

No. 1247339

Do you have a specific nipple wash regimen? Unless you do you probably have dead skin there too

No. 1247344

"Ii otoko" is what the protagonist in Kuso Miso Technique (the bara manga yaranaika comes from) said when he saw the other guy. So I guess that's what it means, a "good (-looking) man" in a manly way.
I'd describe the Yakuza guys after 0 as "otokomae" or "ii otoko". In Yakuza 0 they might be "hansamu". Don't ask me to explain, it's just a feeling I got from looking at dozens of those hot guy chart drawing memes on Pixiv lol
The Pixiv encyclopedia might have an explanation of each

No. 1247345

NTA but you must be nasty. The wrinkles aren’t deep I just checked. And mine are clean. Yes I wish my nips, my washcloth goes over my boobs, doesn’t yours??

No. 1247348

Is it my period? Is that it? I'm so stupid emotional all of a sudden. I'm watching Technoblade's final video, I've never watched any videos before this or even heard of him until his death, but watching the video and seeing people's comments is making me want to cry.

No. 1247351

I've found my people. Though I also tweeze the 3-10 dark hairs growing around my nipples. I wouldn't care about them being there, but tweezing them feels somehow satisfying.

And to the anons calling this gross, I bet your pores are full of dead skin but you just don't notice it bc you think showering frantically will wash it off.

No. 1247353

>nipple creases

No. 1247357

nipple cheese

No. 1247359

File: 1656687212470.png (310.57 KB, 450x504, tumblr_d7d2a99901573ac249a18d2…)

Thank you for being informative

No. 1247366

I used to be really excited to start well-revered/popular shows just to see what they're like but I quickly realize all those shows are only considered "good" because of waifushit or """"deep""" malethink. Lmao. Moids are too predictable when you spend a little time in their pathetic circles.

No. 1247380

>Durrdurr women can't get any build up anywhere in any parts of their body it means they don't shower durrr women are perfect clean little angels
Your penis is showing

No. 1247382

There are some eternal universally enjoyable classics, and I usually I guess got lucky picking out stuff. But I remember one of the highly praised manga of my teenage years was Gantz, so I checked it out now… I think you need to be a 13 year old male to be amazed by it, since you'll just be blown away by tits and gore and an "edgy" protag.

No. 1247383

PLEASE NO MORE NIPPLE CHEESE I barely found out I had something way deep in my belly button I can't take anymore body searching

No. 1247385

Embrace the disgusting being that is the human, nonnie. Reminds me that I came across a video about scalp cleaning, because apparently people even get their fair follicles cleaned.

No. 1247387

Oh god the urge to pick is strong.

No. 1247405

This is mind boggling to me kek. I've had nipple pimples (not sure if they were real pimples) and obviously I know hair can grow on them, but "nipple cheese" in "nipple creases"?

No. 1247407

File: 1656690804749.jpg (33.1 KB, 640x447, t4afrc.jpg)

Mmmmm nipple cheese

No. 1247410

My mom always told me it was like dried substance of what would have been milk secretions but idk if that's true and I'm not looking it up. I once picked them out but thought I wasn't supposed to. Tbh it kind of freaks me out so I just ignore it and leave them alone. It's like blackheads for you nips

No. 1247413

Very upset to have come across the creepy pictures thread on /m/. I know I can hide the thread but I browse here on incognito so I'll inevitably scroll past it and see it first if it's on the front page before hiding it. I also have the dumb urge to go in and look and stare at everything but I know it's going to fuel my paranoia and the images are gonna be burned into my mind and freak me the fuck out for the next few weeks UGH

No. 1247415

The "cheese" is discharge and it's normal. it happens when they get squeezed too.

No. 1247416

my dumbass thought this was a fortune cookie

No. 1247424

File: 1656691520486.jpg (54.15 KB, 500x737, lana_del_rey_by_celebrityweigh…)

I can't find an example rn but Lana Del Rey tries to skinwalk Marilyn Monroe's mannerisms in videos where she's talking about herself and it makes me want to a-log. That, and the interview in the trailer park where you can physically see her trying to think of poor people stuff to larp about the entire time.

No. 1247425

I'm not having fun on lolcow anymore, it's kinda boring honestly. Did I somehow grow up?

No. 1247427

Love her in this pic

No. 1247428

I feel the same, in my case it's because all my favourite threads are either dead or full of infighting.

No. 1247429

Thirded, and I can't find any good old threads to dig into. I should go read a book

No. 1247431

I keep trying to start fun new conversations but they get ignored in favor of discussing the same shit over again.

No. 1247472

File: 1656695620933.gif (231.96 KB, 67x100, hte spagheti.gif)

american transvestite month is finally over now same sex attracteds can go back to living in peace without queerios waving their ugly ass flags in our faces

No. 1247473

Damn, what a coincidence, I just read about that guy's death a few minutes ago. Never heard of him before, either.
Maybe the video you watched would naturally make anyone sad. Or maybe you're right and you're a bit more sensitive than usual so knowing about that makes you emotional easily. IDK nonny, don't worry about it.

No. 1247474

>american transvestite month
Kek. Perfect.

No. 1247482

Same. I used to have such fun on here giggling and kicking my legs and the air while replying to anons. I feel like the environment here is a little bit more hostile than when I first came here, like I could be in the vent thread talking about how my grandma died and someone would reply and call me a retard.

No. 1247487

What kinda convos are you trying to start? Hit me.

No. 1247490

File: 1656696540926.jpg (603.37 KB, 1080x1360, jdjdjdjdj.jpg)

Who else here likes shitty pun jokes?

No. 1247504

Today is the international tell a joke day actually

No. 1247512

File: 1656697961051.jpg (21.34 KB, 727x127, bob.JPG)

everybody on my sm timeline today

No. 1247516

I’m laughing at the amount of buzzwords we have to use to describe homophobes and trannies

No. 1247518

something about the international threads feels more like LC than actual LC

No. 1247519

How many of them are actually same-sex attracted vs. spicy straight people?

No. 1247521

File: 1656698545865.jpg (245.51 KB, 1080x1294, joke.jpg)

Interesting. Had no idea that exists.

No. 1247523

did you edit her stomach? kek

No. 1247524

Should I eat another ice cream or not?

No. 1247525

It definitely feels like a new crowd has migrated here

No. 1247526

yes, I also discovered yesterday (fist time in a while I've interacted with several of the average local scrote) that I still have a scrotey sense of humor
judging by the filename, she got a random pic from google images but didn't notice it was a fat edit by an fat fetish dA account

No. 1247528

> I still have a scrotey sense of humor
Oh no, you're autistic.

No. 1247532

I just think a lot of the milk is drying up. I have fun sometimes in every other board but the boards about Cows.
I frequent Snow the most, I peep into PT maybe once every two week and only when I'm REALLY bored. I may check /w/ but thats only for Pixie/stefany and besides Stefany i'm not invested in Pixie that much. I just started going into /m/ and I barely go into /g/. Snow is the most interesting bored but also the most dead at the moment.

No. 1247536

anon is probably an anachan

No. 1247559

File: 1656700093816.png (64.34 KB, 1097x535, uw.png)

Whenever I check a cow's page and they haven't done anything interesting, these specific Nicki Minaj lyrics come to mind
>I came back, bitch's flow still boring
>I said "Damn, man, go back to whoring"

No. 1247563

It's still going strong here in Spurdo spördö land. Had to see that hideous troon-triangle-invading-the-rainbow-with-intersex-symbol-for-extra-woke-points flag at least ten times today just walking through the city.

No. 1247568

oof well at least across the gulf here in ex commieland it's just the regular trans flag but it still always is the ugliest motherfuckers wearing it

No. 1247573

Ma ei teadnud et siin on ka eestlasi, tervist! Kek sorry for my shitty Estonian, I studied years ago.

No. 1247581

Nta but I shower all the time and the nip cheese never leaves, not even when I rub a cloth over it. It's always stuck there unless I pull it out. (I'm assuming anons mean that stuff that looks like lactating milk but isn't, unless they mean something else?)

No. 1247588

I predicted this sometime ago, while her bf might have played some part in this, I think the main indicator that she'd end up like this was was just how much she was into tarot cards, there's a whole discourse about this on radblr, where radfems who are really into spiritualism and goddess worship often end up some level of tardthoT, the opposite version of this phenomenon are radfems are really into socialism/marxism and then becoming full on tankies and trying to excuse mass rape committed by the soviets, its fucking wild tbh

No. 1247593

uoooo hauskaa viikonloppua sisar! probably better than my shitty finnish kek. i lurk the suomillanka thread sometimes even though i understand like 30% of it at best

No. 1247605

Prbly bc the tarot/goddess shit pushed nowadays is all "mother nature your womb is powerful you're a healer" shit. It's so fucking cringey. I wonder if she knows that she's a laughing stock, an example of "this b*tch feminist was colonized and converted by the dyk". Nothing is more disgusting than a woman who understands what men are and still chooses to fuck/center/cater to them.

No. 1247606

nta but you can say siskoseni for that extra comraderie! teretulemast suomillangal!

No. 1247608

god am I over thinking shit or do even her mannerisms seem off/different

No. 1247633

File: 1656705919431.jpg (284.33 KB, 2656x560, 1650777407314.jpg)

it’s not just with raffems, many early 20s very online women in the radfem/gc/“not a radfem I just hate men” communities are constantly changing there political ideologies. hopping from niche to niche wherever someone will listen to their rants about whichever new edgy edge they have adopted
they can jump from pagan socialists to greek orthodox feminist to stalinist atheist 5 times a year, their talking points are a bag of alt-lite, pink-pill, FDS and obscure 20th century political theory, for e.g this specimen from the radfem thread
>men should be submissive around women
>simps for varg and wants to have babies
>self compliments her natural "thick" bodytype

No. 1247640

File: 1656706378541.jpg (114.32 KB, 720x1033, Screenshot_20220701-161306_You…)

These fishes are cute but ugly

No. 1247642

Most people in the lolcow discord are not regular posters or even regular readers. They just join the server for the sake of being in a discord server.

No. 1247643

I binge watch him every few months damn didn't expect to find out about this here (i'm also on my period so again maybe you're right but shit i'm feeling like shit now)

No. 1247644

File: 1656706512450.jpeg (4.23 KB, 280x158, download.jpeg)

No. 1247646

is this a special kind of goldfish or do those little plastic bag ones grow up to be this
sorry if it's obvious i'm retarded

No. 1247649

Lionhead gold fish

No. 1247650

Leah was never a actual radfem anyways, i kid you not she was a libfem and started this shit after being rejected by a trans man aka a woman.

Looking bad i actually feel embarrassed that i ever supported Terry (polilez) and Leah (who seems more angry at libfems than she does at men)

No. 1247651

they're very talented

No. 1247655

I started to love them when this guy I watched would hold them in his hand (they come to the surface because they want to be fed) and it was just so cute. I don't know if they kind being held or what.

No. 1247666

They always seemed batshit to me tbh I never understood radfems supporting them.

Also I thought Leah was straight ?

No. 1247683

File: 1656708265170.gif (9.15 MB, 406x720, GIF-220701_164052.gif)

No. 1247693

It seems like she just lost a bit of weight, stopped dying her hair and took a shower, honestly. No egirl/weeb/pickme or even tradthot shit there from what I can see, but it looks she's always been into tarot and occult stuff. People don't always stay the same

No. 1247696

I'm very sorry I was just taking the piss I had no idea calling belle a giantess as a joke would cause a shitty derailing

No. 1247701

There's no way Love Island plays every single day. Can't believe it.

No. 1247702

File: 1656709890156.jpg (1.77 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20220701_230911676.jpg)

I cant tell if this man is white or Asian. He reminds me of oli London.

No. 1247703

I seriously love ranchus

No. 1247704

anon…he's clearly white. Maybe a white guy with monolids, but he's definitely white

No. 1247705

Gay white man

No. 1247707

Pride month is over? It went by so fast, nothing crazy even happened. God bless the gays.

No. 1247708

You joking anon?

No. 1247712

Lol, Japanese believe it or not. Just horribly botched. He's the son of some baseball player. His name is Musashi Kuwata but goes by Matt.

No. 1247713

Oops, put video in the email by accident

No. 1247717

I'm asking because he showed up on my feed by vogue japan and is speaking Japanese which is why I'm confused. Its hard to tell what he is because he is so botched.
Aha ok thanks for the actual answer, I knew he wasn't white which is why I was confused thnx.
He reminds me of oli London lol.

No. 1247720

kek inverse oli london

No. 1247729

Wtf, he really is. It's like they morphed into the same (artificial) race

No. 1247732

File: 1656711123427.png (1.27 MB, 1127x680, sdf.png)

Leah Tverly kinda looks like him

No. 1247735

Fucking dano gtf off of my screen

imma kill you

No. 1247743

Go ahead, annihilate him

No. 1247756

he sounds like a huge westaboo kek

No. 1247760

KEK where are all the anons who drooled over the genderbend

No. 1247789

File: 1656714040088.png (3.7 MB, 1233x1125, The horror of being a ham.png)

In The Boys comic book, one of the supes had a hamster up his ass.

No. 1247803

She's almost perfect but it's not the same….

No. 1247804

Obscure gay kink

No. 1247808

Can’t be worse than a man up the dick hole

No. 1247809

I have a hamster so it's worse to me lmao

No. 1247814

A great adventure is waiting for you ahead.
Hurry onward Lemmiwinks, for you will soon be dead.
The journey before you may be long and filled with woe.
But you must escape the gay man's ass, or your tale can't be told.

Lemmiwinks, Lemmiwinks, Lemmiwinks, Lemmiwinks!

Lemmiwink's journey is distant, far and vast!
To find his way out of a gay man's ass!
The road ahead is filled with danger and fright!
But push onward Lemmiwinks with all of your might!

The Sparrow Prince lies somewhere way up ahead!
Don't look back Lemmiwinks, or you will soon be dead!
Lemmiwinks, Lemmiwinks, the time is growing late. Slow down now, and seal your fate.

Take the magic helmet-torch to help you light the way,
there's still a lot of ground to cross inside the man so gay!
Ahead of you lies adventure, and your strength still lies within!
Freedom from the ass of doom is the treasure you will win!

Lemmiwinks came to the stomach dark….
Near the depths of the lungs and heart…

Catatafish of the stomach's cove!

Catatafish's riddle will soon be told!

Lemmiwinks has made it out, his tale is nearly through!

Now that you're the Gerbil king has more adventures to go on!
Fly away to faraway lands and to the setting sun!
So many enemies and battles yet to fight!
For Lemmiwinks the Gerbil King's tale is told throughout the night!

Le-Le-Lemmiwinks Lemmiwinks Lemmi-Lemmiwinks Lemmiwinks, Lemm-Le-Lemmiwinks, Gerbil King.

No. 1247817

File: 1656715397536.png (263.31 KB, 533x403, Lemmiwinks is confuse.png)

No. 1247821


this is some scrote-tier type of humor.

No. 1247823

Oh lighten up nonna… it's a thread for dumbass shit. We are being dumbasses.

No. 1247830

South Park is girl coded you absolute baffoon

No. 1247838

No. 1247839

File: 1656716433298.jpeg (19.22 KB, 275x204, 1636837894578.jpeg)

Not funny to make light of animal cruelty. Ever.

No. 1247850

I unironically agree

No. 1247861

mmmmmmm dat ass

No. 1247866

May I spank it?

No. 1247873

Radfem is so meaningless. Anyway neither of them de female socialized so I can't take them seriously.

No. 1247874

File: 1656717675766.jpg (61.68 KB, 640x640, w6m1htewomi.jpg)

who will be the first femcel mass shooter?

No. 1247877

Kinda glowie in here

No. 1247883

Me lol

No. 1247885

What? You've never heard of Olga Hepnarová? She wasn't a shooter but she was a mass murderer.
>I am a loner. A destroyed woman. A woman destroyed by people … I have a choice – to kill myself or to kill others. I choose TO PAY BACK MY HATERS. It would be too easy to leave this world as an unknown suicide victim. Acta non verba. Society is too indifferent, rightly so. My verdict is: I, Olga Hepnarová, the victim of your bestiality, sentence you to death.
Letter to the press before the killing. She was a true and rare specimen.

No. 1247887

interesting, but i want to hear about women targetting men specifically

good luck, nonnie!

No. 1247888

Should have just killed herself. No better than scrotes.

No. 1247889

>targeting men specifically
Then she wouldn't be a mass shooter. The better way to do that is be a serial killer.

No. 1247892

btw, picrel is a russian woman who shot her father before entering a kindergarten and trying to kill boys. not sure how i feel about the targeting of children, though.

No. 1247893

Yes. But she is also fascinating because she is an exceedingly rare manifestation of female rage.

No. 1247894

File: 1656718925356.jpeg (72.8 KB, 728x546, FWm2OmbUIAEP_wP.jpeg)

Jeff Bezos having zero friends at Disneyland yesterday

No. 1247895

that's just me every day, nonnie

No. 1247898

maybe i should have worded this differently. but you can totally target a specific race/gender/religion in a mass shooting event. look at the montreal polytechnique massacre.

No. 1247900

any anemic anons suffering through their period like I am? I was mopping the floor and was already out of breath and I barely ate today

No. 1247905

I've been taking iron supplements daily and that honestly helps me so much with tiredness.

No. 1247908

it's 2022 just take some iron supplements. do you live in the desert?

No. 1247909

Been dealing with this for many years until I put an IUD in. Eat more meat when you are on your period + drink a LOT of water. For some reason being hidrated really helps me. Idk why.

No. 1247915

File: 1656720570165.png (23.07 KB, 536x182, file.png)

All this for access to illegal animu music…

No. 1247916

Nta but don't those cause stomach problems?

No. 1247920

File: 1656721105970.jpg (81.64 KB, 1165x1200, 52941149bfd467a1770adc54ed3302…)

I think I clicked a pishing link, but nothing has happened (i'm still logged in my account), my antivirus didn't detect anything, I downloaded a rar but I didn't open it. I deleted it a few minutes ago without opening it. Lmao, I'm so dumb, why did I click that link.
Tbh I checked if the website was safe on different websites blablabla and like, there was nothing dangerous according to them.
Maybe the virus/malware was inside the rar? Idk. Shit.

No. 1247921

the gag is, a robot would probably calculate this faster than most humans

No. 1247922

they can make you constipated, but trust me it's way better than having to put your life on pause for almost a week

No. 1247928

ntayrt but also anemic, but also have a pissing problem the week during and before my period, so drinking more water makes things worse since i already have to go every 5 minutes on those weeks

No. 1247933

I don't have much trouble with that personally. Just have to adjust your diet to eat more fiber

No. 1247934

This is fucking hilarious how awkward. He looks like every other dude so he could’ve blended in with other people easily instead of this sad display kek

No. 1247935

I guess I have an OC, it's just a dude I have been drawing for a long time who has some sort of a story in my head. I was searching stuff about ww1 and saw some veteran who looks exactly the way I think the oc dude would, it's bizarre.

No. 1247940

Sometimes there’s stories I want to tell on lolcow but even if they’re only a sentence or two long they’re extremely specific to me and anyone I’ve told the stories to IRL would absolutely know it was me.

No. 1247941

Damn I shouldn't have stopped taking those supplements I was given at the clinic… They've probably expired by now

That's pretty cool honestly, I would love to see my OCs as real people.

Just use nyaa

No. 1247948

speaking of OCs did someone make another OC thread in /m/ after it was nuked clean?

No. 1247956

No. 1247958

Words that often get misspelled because it kind of makes sense: harbinger, kindergarten, bestiality

No. 1248006

Not the cool shit thread, next

No. 1248010

I’m late but where can I read more

No. 1248097

Facebook did something good with their algorithm. Logged in to see what's up and my feed is flooded with suggestions for cat appreciation pages. I like it.

No. 1248125

OCs are fucking fun and great to make

No. 1248150

File: 1656734970958.gif (6.18 KB, 200x200, 7F025BA4-40D7-4C82-9472-9B7040…)

I drew something after months! I wasn't that good in the first place so I couldn't regress much kek.

No. 1248166

File: 1656735941047.gif (2.68 MB, 296x300, 60F10FE3-D70E-4610-A1DD-911056…)

There’s such an interesting tone to the edge mocking in some farmers. (They’re probably moids). Very funny disordered glass houses shit.

No. 1248179

File: 1656737132262.jpeg (16.99 KB, 360x232, F11A20A3-3012-4B68-8C69-CC89E4…)

Here's where we all wonder if this post was about us

No. 1248180

Congrats, that's the best feeling and don't sell yourself short! I'm proud of you.

No. 1248181

File: 1656737282863.jpg (49.41 KB, 640x640, c9448cb8e2eb695864f894df6273eb…)

Tired of people saying they look like ballsakcs…

No. 1248190

File: 1656737729396.jpeg (29.79 KB, 470x269, 28DE552C-D5EB-4EB7-B6AD-DDBE00…)

Am I the only person on the internet who kind of gets where the McDonald’s single mom is coming from? She could have handled the situation better but man, the internet is coming down SO hard on her.

No. 1248194

These cats are so cute. I really want to adopt one or two someday.

No. 1248196

Can you at least post some context instead of being vague af?

No. 1248197

the McWho?

No. 1248199

File: 1656737967529.jpg (35.28 KB, 563x703, a70d0664951e43481787a5ab513652…)

No. 1248200

File: 1656738001316.jpg (55.44 KB, 564x852, f4da2ee25c3098e7bc207cc6290793…)

No. 1248208

Sorry this has been super viral all over my neck of the internet, she made a response video as well clarifying her point: https://youtu.be/12UNMNvJ2Jo

No. 1248209

File: 1656738360879.gif (2.75 MB, 498x353, 0EF7263E-3C67-4D51-99D0-3E6079…)

sometimes this place makes me lose brain cells

No. 1248211

Nta, but I think anon is talking about a staged video where a man is bringing Mcdonalds for his son, and the mother (who has 4 kids, but remember that this was staged and later revealed to be a skit so I have no idea if she even has any real kids) was upset about him not bringing food for all of her children because she couldn't afford food at the time.
Before I found out that it was faked, I honestly thought it genuinely could have been fixed with some communication. In a real situation, the father should recognize that she's struggling but it would also go down a lot smoother if she had just asked for help.

No. 1248216

File: 1656738994654.jpg (373.88 KB, 1988x2704, f55203919a591ea8cda6368d85eaf2…)

Me too, the only reason I will probably never get one is because they're very high maintenance and I've heard that when they get eye crust and boogers, they shake their head to get it off so all of it ends up around your house. Like stuck on the walls, ceiling, random objects.

No. 1248227

Wow where was it proved that it was faked?

No. 1248233

No. 1248249

I hate being an artist husbandofag. I want to appreciate the beautiful coloring on this new illustration but god damn does his shoulder look weird

No. 1248271

My memory has been so bad and I have no idea if it's because of trauma or low iron or what. I had not being able to remember a lot and I'm terrified of getting dementia (especially early-onset dementia). I know it sounds dramatic, but I genuinely want to cry right now.

No. 1248272

I hope it's coming along now

No. 1248279

lolcow turned into a trauma dump now, how could you enjoy a site with threads about mental illness and relationship problems and body dysmorphia and how you hit the wall the day after 18 according to reddit men

No. 1248281

File: 1656748219643.jpg (128.63 KB, 720x1202, 23423432432234234234234.jpg)


No. 1248284

Same, for a lot of the reasons others have said. A lot of the threads are infighting and retarded derailing or the cows I followed just aren’t milky anymore. I mostly come onto /ot/ and /g/ and occasionally /m/ . I pop into movie nights though. Those are nice

No. 1248288

at least it was only 2 hours but anyway fuck janny lives

No. 1248294

fucking tranny janny losers

No. 1248297

i'm still here nona.

No. 1248342

File: 1656756775791.jpg (1.61 MB, 4096x3072, btfo.jpg)

i have hundreds on trannies on twitter muted
If i see the flag its a instant mute, but if i see lily/alice/oliver/bug and a ugly picrew i check the profile and then mute
Twitter's mute is ideal and every platform should have it considering twitter retards obsessively check block lists
yes i am retarded

No. 1248346

I straight up block them so I can't call you a retard. I don't even want them to see my posts in the first place. I guess it doesn't matter because I barely have any followers but I'd rather not start having issues with hundreds of trannies and degenerates of all kinds with one tweet just because by some kind of miracle that one person with thousands of followers decide to rt it. I also block irrelevant American and Canadians blue checkmarks. The ones you see who have shit takes yet you have no clue who they are because they're not famous, they just happened to get their checkmark at that one time when anyone could get one just by asking a few years ago. I muted a bunch of words too.

No. 1248348

>I'm retarded
I think you mean based.

No. 1248354

I'll never get over how Azealia Banks ruined her perfect body with plastic surgery. I know you're reading this, get rid of the breast implants NOW.

No. 1248360


No. 1248378

File: 1656761471760.png (41.2 KB, 1013x240, Screenshot 65.png)

I was reading up about the Pinochet regime. and how the regime would torture and many times killed protesters they arrested, but if they were pregnant, they kept them alive and in good health until they gave birth. Then murdered the mothers and adopted the babies to Pinocheista generals' and politicians' families. imagine being raised by people who you think are your parents only to realize that your parents were protestors who were brutally tortured and murdered and the people who raised you were essentially collaborators


No. 1248399

No. 1248477

I wonder if that clinically retarded anon is still hanging out here or if she left after the depp v heard threads died.

No. 1248484

File: 1656767608161.gif (484.85 KB, 220x391, F10C4132-DE32-4E48-A8BC-645DEC…)

I’m drinking watermelon juice and it already made my throat and mouth tingle. If I die of asphyxiation or some shit, see you nonnas in hell <3

No. 1248487

if it gives too many tingles…stop. if it makes throat go closy uppy…enough. hopefully you have a tasty drink and do not die

No. 1248494

kek I don’t even think I’m fully allergic, I think it’s a latex/oral thing because the same thing happens with some bananas and other fruit

No. 1248498

Have any of you ever had a long term friend you knew online who you met up with in person and realised you didn’t click irl? I’ve never been close friends with someone I knew exclusively online so idk but always wondered how well online connections translate in person

No. 1248499

Do you have hayfever/seasonal allergies?

No. 1248501

I have no idea I have to get tested

No. 1248503

If you have hayfever than that might be why bc some people with hayfever also get oral allergy syndrome which would cause the tingling with fruits, it’s usually not a severe allergy though luckily https://www.ouh.nhs.uk/patient-guide/leaflets/files/5537Poralallergy.pdf

No. 1248506

you make an appointment with your doctor.

No. 1248507

I feel like you would know if you have hayfever though, I don’t think they usually test for it

No. 1248508

File: 1656770354020.jpg (6.97 KB, 176x287, download.jpg)

can't believe there's a lain skin for almost every game except for san andreas, even in 4 she would fit better. vice city one looks sick though

No. 1248510

File: 1656770670934.jpeg (319.34 KB, 1500x1668, B1BDE803-36A4-4BC1-AC41-3EA35F…)

Obsessed with the psychology of the people who say this kind of thing

No. 1248513

Something I've noticed over the years, all women named Olivia or Liv are nutjobs

No. 1248514

I love Lain. Lain is for women and about women.

No. 1248516

File: 1656771289631.png (Spoiler Image, 833.63 KB, 1280x720, EPgslY71bYPklNiw2KMCpwomCLhgJz…)

She's not crazy!!111!!

No. 1248524

This is so so true I’ve actually never met even a single Olivia who wasn’t like that, and it’s not even a particularly uncommon name

No. 1248529

For some reason I woke up today really wanting to wear a miniskirt
But no where to wear it

No. 1248572

Untrue, shut the fuck up, die

No. 1248576

I know an Olivia that gives off a Keira Knightley vibe. Let her be the example.

No. 1248578

Olivia is my favorite girl name and wanted to name my daughter that if I had one. Am I dooming her to an eternity of crazy?

No. 1248582

No, you're blessing her to an eternity of Stacy energy

No. 1248598

Listening to jordan petersons senile rant is making my own tits want to just hop off and abandon me

No. 1248600

I worked with an Olivia and she was my favorite coworker to talk to about pretty much anything. She had definitely been through some stuff but it was nice to be around someone I could talk to about women’s issues and family dynamics (besides lolcow heh).

No. 1248603

my mother's aunt asked me to crochet her a doily after i made one for my great grandmother's birthday. i am about 80% done and it's huge and has taken me months of work, would it be a dick move to ask her to pay me? the price would be nowhere near the actual value because i feel it's too much given i asked this late but would some compensation be fair?

No. 1248619

No, after such an amount of work I think that's fair. Alternatively you could ask your mom to tell your aunt like "nona spend months on this thing, maybe you should give her some money for it" if you'd prefer a more subtle route

No. 1248623

I always liked this twist, how she wasn't even teased on the trailers or anything was pretty good, I also knew about a female version of doc ock that existed in 2099 but I'm not sure if this is supposed to be the same character, then again doesn't she work at alchemax? 2099s big bad corp?

No. 1248665

File: 1656781735183.jpeg (306.77 KB, 750x834, 149FD273-A44A-43B3-B9E0-D023F5…)

I have been spending entirely too much time on lolcow lately. Like an obscene amount. But I don’t wanna miss your funny posts and there’s already so few people around i would feel guilty to leave entirely. I’ll just try to spend less time here.
Anyways some of my posts might be better suited to other threads but dumbass shit is my home now. I like to think of it as my miscellaneous dumping ground. Love you nonnies uwuwuwuwuwuwu I hope the anti love anon is seething and cringing.

No. 1248669

You have tripfag energy

No. 1248686


No. 1248688

I want a husbando to fully devote myself to

No. 1248691

>i want a husbando to fully devote himself to me
fixed it

No. 1248695

i've been posting very little lately so in a way it's like we balanced each other out! ily2 nonny

No. 1248697

In my defense I meant a fictional character, I realize that sounded very pickme-ish and it wasn’t my intention kek

No. 1248701

Same but that's because this week was boring at work so I had nothing else to do. I love you too anon!

No. 1248702

File: 1656783440565.gif (613 KB, 112x112, 1651749424132.gif)

No. 1248703

Pick one from a series that's already finished so you don't get surprises when you're already devoted

No. 1248706

You just deserve a manservant, nonnie

No. 1248707

jungkook farts
white teenagers everywhere: HE SAVED ME FROM DEPRESSION!!!!

No. 1248709

drumcook sharts

No. 1248757

I just realized that I’ve been permabanned on my original IP and if by chance I’m so paranoid that my stupid ass brother or whatever who hates women and people will come across this website. The unlikelihood of this happening is pretty high but they’re gonna see that I got banned for making a joke thread asking where the mods went.

No. 1248768

You were permabanned over a shitpost thread? Is it just me or does that sound a bit extreme??

No. 1248770

I think you can reset your IP if it really concerns you

No. 1248772

I was a repeatedly ban before that kek, but they rather permaban an anon that constantly infights than the scrotes who sneak on here constantly. I deserve it though it was just a thought I had

No. 1248773

how do you do that

No. 1248776

google it, it involves a bunch of steps I don't know on top of my head

No. 1248779

thank you for the tip nonnie, hope you don’t get banned for telling me kek

No. 1248819

I really hate talking to tech support. I already have a hard time recognizing words when someone is speaking, especially on the phone, and the accents make it worse. I just listen super hard to try and hear anything I can understand and respond to.

No. 1248830

File: 1656789575816.png (504.3 KB, 680x273, c07.png)

kek literally pic related
I don't understand how you can be a serious leftist and unironically simp for Varg.

No. 1248897

Hepnarova was an autistic, bullied lesbian who needed help and acceptance. What can we do for neuroatypical LGB women's mental health, so such situations do not happen anymore? How can we stop peer violence? Those are real questions that Czech people should have asked themselves. Hepnarova needed mental health and not death penalty.
What an complete miscarriage of justice.
Doesn't Lindsay Souvannarath kinda count? Though maybe not, since she could not pull it off. What a hideous beast. I recommend her thread(s) to you.

No. 1248917

iirc they did that in spain under franco too

No. 1248955

my gyoza wrappers are resting, and my filling is done. anynonny want some?

No. 1248991

yes please! I never had a chance to try these.

No. 1248994

what filling, nonny

No. 1249003

I hate the fujo fag who just exploded because of the stupid questions thread and made a gay porn thread. She literally admitted to imagining herself being a man and raping a gay guy? I actually can’t with this website right now

No. 1249017

I missed that. Was it a real gay porn thread?

No. 1249019

no, you replied to the mental ban evading anti-fujo sperg.

No. 1249024

ahh can i have some? gyoza is one of my favorite foods!

No. 1249039

they're super ugly, but i'm so proud nonas. i have to make more wrappers because i made too much filling.
ground beef, green onion, a small bit of kimchi, and ginger. i just mixed what sounded good.

No. 1249083

File: 1656801703618.png (208.91 KB, 298x398, faggot.PNG)

No. 1249087

Those are two different people. I know because I'm one of them. Schizo retard, touch grass

Nah it's just a dumb shitpost thread with hot muscley 2D demon guys.

No. 1249094

That's not a gay porn thread, what is that anon smoking?

No. 1249110

probably mad that no one replied to her shitty attempts at derailing the thread into unrelated fujo-hating.

No. 1249121

File: 1656804308979.jpg (127.61 KB, 521x900, FV2W0urXgAQUo07.jpg)

Men are NPCs

No. 1249126

all alpha men podcasters are just men with advanced CTE

No. 1249128

Men are schizos honestly

No. 1249130

File: 1656804523854.jpg (192.85 KB, 1000x500, Sebastian-The-Little-Mermaid.j…)

Remembered this while reading the reddit thread but I don't want to shit the thread up talking about my tard childhood

When I was a kid I remember not liking princess things at all. Not liking barbies. Not liking anything along those lines. No typical girly role model characters really appealed to me. But I'd watch a film and if there was an animal character I'd go on to crawl around and pretend to be that instead. I'm sure scrotes would be happy to hear about my lack of 'I'm a princess' entitlement from a young age. aww yeah

No. 1249131

tbh this sounds like a joke post. hopefully.

No. 1249134

File: 1656804954618.jpeg (62.03 KB, 675x900, ChlC8POUUAAMJsr.jpeg)

Dude, he looks like Boo Berry, you know, from the cereal?

No. 1249148

i keep having great ideas for stories but don't do anything with them. my preferred medium would be comics but those are hell to create. and i don't have confidence in my writing skills.

No. 1249153

Is that Ellen Page?

No. 1249159

No. 1249169

You can just tell some anons are newfags that are trying too hard.

No. 1249175

File: 1656809688713.gif (174.13 KB, 220x162, 9302FB55-06C7-4948-8EF5-AA5E85…)

Wonder how cousin-fucker anon is doing. HELLOO cousin-fucker ‘non you around??

No. 1249190

kek, true. CTE from what though? sitting on their fat asses shooting guns and eating shitty cuts of meat? they're just defective from birth. hilarious that they think their genes are so great

No. 1249194

File: 1656811610041.jpeg (50.45 KB, 615x767, 71F9E36D-54F0-44A4-9A3D-F00C76…)

it’s okay she can just say andrew tate

No. 1249198

it's more than just him though, all of them are similarly defective and retarded yet think they're the ubermensch

No. 1249217

I want to start writing again. I used to write every single day for years but I stopped about 5-6 years ago and have written basically nothing since then (not counting my journal). I've made a goal to write one short story in the next week. I hope I accomplish it.

No. 1249249

File: 1656815721377.jpg (10 KB, 275x275, 1652092240674.jpg)


No. 1249251

You better not be trolling

No. 1249252

Oh shit it’s real

No. 1249254


No. 1249257

File: 1656816280565.jpg (149.98 KB, 1083x1500, 71L7b LvfHS._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

Hell yeah! My girls are coming back! Holding you, nona.

No. 1249260

So nonnies I need some advice. I want to buy some men woven boxers to lounge/sleep in. What are the best ones that aren't going to break the bank?

No. 1249263

I had such a fun night out I drank and I danced my ass off in da club and I got high with some lovely people and now I'm going to sleep because I have a date in a few hours. I've been up for 22 hours and worked 9 of those. Who is she

No. 1249265

File: 1656817163988.jpg (65.7 KB, 750x750, Natural-Handmade-Woven-Straw-D…)

this ones from aliexpress. how big are the men.

No. 1249335


No. 1249337

kek anon, underrated post

No. 1249347

Wear it to brunch at Eggslut

No. 1249348

I love you, nona.

No. 1249355


No. 1249356

I want to hold hands with someone.

No. 1249359

I, personally, am very pro (c)rap-chan killing herself and always will be!

No. 1249361

File: 1656827925381.jpg (125.61 KB, 1300x1390, farmer-country-woman-hand-shak…)

Holds your hand

No. 1249362

marry romanianona, fuck pakichan, kill crapnoon xo

No. 1249363

File: 1656828000668.jpg (11.36 KB, 339x339, 685785764775.jpg)

Binch i'm here

No. 1249365

No. 1249367

File: 1656828530376.png (540.92 KB, 1192x576, 1652784484409.png)

reminded me of this

No. 1249369

File: 1656828607400.jpeg (40.37 KB, 602x401, main-qimg-a9a41931270adc6219ef…)

Yay! Thank you both. Give ya both a forehead kiss!

No. 1249385

File: 1656831344880.gif (4.21 MB, 377x289, 15580279-9EB3-47D9-BBB9-DAC376…)

oh my goddd I’m crying, I wanna watch Between the Lions when I get off work.

No. 1249402

Shut up shut up shut up my hands are like that fuck you I'm an immortal golden GOD

No. 1249407

I'm confused. Can someone elaborate, please?

No. 1249411

How new?

No. 1249417

Never seen this pic before. What the heck are the circles about?

No. 1249434


No. 1249439

Look close to spot the hidden amogus

No. 1249442

Love you more newfag

No. 1249445

That's not the quirky comeback you think it is

No. 1249447

File: 1656839402760.jpeg (311.38 KB, 828x834, 896E00E4-37B2-4EA0-B68E-0DD16B…)

>want pizza
>not dressed
>get up and get dressed
>get pizza
Why can’t it all be that easy

No. 1249454

File: 1656839816598.gif (293.09 KB, 500x313, original.gif)

No. 1249463

No. 1249532

it's probably some ana inspiration pic

No. 1249536

File: 1656848693146.png (334.18 KB, 457x348, bunyip.png)

how tf you do

No. 1249542

I find old men cute and endearing and some of my favorite instructors have been cool old guys. Not sexual at all, that's nasty. But then I think about Shayna's reply guys and how disgusting boomer men are online and realize they are probably like that in private too. Nothing is sacred

No. 1249557

File: 1656850851861.jpeg (13.95 KB, 150x150, E44C1E7E-C56E-4936-B62A-750BBE…)

don’t think about the hot nazi guy anon posted in /g/ a few days ago don’t let my own mind wander

No. 1249587

File: 1656854125685.png (992.02 KB, 724x1024, 1656852803245.png)

I'm not going to post in the Finnish thread as a non-Finnish-speaker but what the fuck? did he really say "my clitoris hurts" out loud in public as a tranny and expected to be taken seriously? is "my clitoris hurts" actually some Finnish vulgar idiom? the fuck.

No. 1249593

I think like this too nonna. Even an adorable
Seemingly innocent old man can be disgusting behind the scenes

No. 1249595

Yes the finnish og comic literally says "my clitoris hurts" lmao. And no it's not an idiom.

No. 1249597

I keep thinking about the "he got da diaper on" boyega chan exchange and now I say it whenever I see a guy with wide hips or bad BBLs on women and people think I'm weird but it's so funny to me

No. 1249598

And he just says that out loud in public and expects not to be made fun of? Trannies are wild.

No. 1249602

File: 1656855225175.gif (1.99 MB, 400x229, tumblr_882215525d2a2a6e3e8fafc…)

>lurk tumblr blog
>anon ask "you worship a serial killer wtf is wrong with you"
>actually it's about Aileen Wuornos

No. 1249603

Apparently, lol. I think it's related to his srs surgery he had

No. 1249604

Such a lack of situational awareness that he just says that in public. An actual woman wouldn't just say that to a man even if her actual clitoris did hurt.

No. 1249605

File: 1656855409390.jpg (190.96 KB, 1024x1536, 2380b4856859c0089f6e39b8c76bfb…)

Well, he is so autistic you can just see it radiating off him kek

No. 1249607

They love to talk about their genitals and boobs. Whenever MTFs go on about their FAT FUCKING TITTIES I want to tell them that literally no real female I know ever talks about her breasts, myself included

No. 1249609

I'm autistic and I still wouldn't even think of saying such things in public much less to men. Autism and male socialization really make quite a combo.

No. 1249610

>Autism and male socialization really make quite a combo.
It sure does nonna

No. 1249619

Nonna's I'm going to a new wave/post punk concert in a few hours and I'm going to be dancing a lot, should I wear thin baggy pants or a skirt? I'm having a fashion crisis help kek it's been so long since I've been to a concert.

No. 1249656

File: 1656859004939.png (791.42 KB, 502x864, bm.png)

>stumble upon YouTube short of black woman talking about how black men are trash
>like the video because all men are trash
>start getting similar recommendations more and more
>get vid related recommended
>Black Men Know How To Be Everything But Men
>comments are black women talking about how all men know how to do is be trannies, watch porn and hate women
>keep finding more videos with a bunch of based black women spreading man hate

I feel like I've found such a precious little hidden community. Black women get the worst treatment out of all of us so hopefully they keep spreading the truth.

No. 1249673

don't get your hopes us, only a small minority of us are pink-pilled, I'd argue that bw en-large are the biggest pick-me's on the planet, caping for men who fail at protecting and providing for us, but there's some hope, I'm seeing more and more zoomer black girls become pink-pilled and hopefully things can change

No. 1249693

lmao i'm not black but i always got her vids recommended, she's ruthless
what i don't like is that many of her viewers tend to worship non-black men too much

No. 1249699

Is the skirt comfortable enough? I would say pants. Have fun noni

No. 1249719

retard newfag

No. 1249721

I found a bunch but some of them focus so much on "divestment" as if white or other men are a guarantee to not be treated like shit. Otherwise they're solid.

No. 1249743

idk some "divested" black women really are like that but i've also seen many of them use the word "divested" to mean prioritizing themselves and other black women without any mention of men of other races

No. 1249749

Isn’t the rumored tranny hand poster? Nice collage.

No. 1249753

this one is gold

No. 1249757

I don't understand 75% of what's posted in the twitterfag thread and similiar threads because I don't keep up with the constantly new and changing woke gender/sexuality terms or whatever on social media but someone has to answer me this: >>>/ot/1249748 IS THIS ABOUT LITERAL CLOWNS OR NOT

No. 1249759

ok ana-chan, go eat burger

No. 1249760

Nta but stop fucking embarrassing yourself newfag. If you don’t recognise that hand then you need to either go back or lurk moar.

No. 1249762

It's about some cartoon OC that does look like a literal clown.

No. 1249763

mfw I've got at least 2 of the apparantly tranny-hand-signs

No. 1249764

triggered much ana-chan?

No. 1249768

thanks that makes it only a little less vague kek. I'm so glad I'm not on twitter

No. 1249769

Der Hot-zi?

No. 1249774

Projecting hard as fuck, newfag. Fuck off back to Twitter

No. 1249787

>imagine to be this triggered because some anonymous person doesn't know about random ana-chan
kek also
>saging on ot
ok newfag, try harder next time

No. 1249789


No. 1249794

File: 1656867174514.jpeg (35.25 KB, 680x396, 612255F9-1D7A-4C3B-A45D-244B35…)

You’re a fucking moron kek

No. 1249800

Ah fuck you im so jealous, have fun nonnie

No. 1249822

File: 1656869091008.jpg (44.88 KB, 1200x643, 8e591d257ebd5874e73df45aa85d59…)


No. 1249825

Clown girls are the latest coomer fad. Apparently the person in that cap is complaining about "fake clownfuckers" and "trans clown girls".

No. 1249832

correction, he's not complaining about trans clown girls, he's saying the clown girl from that Ace Attorney 6 is "obviously" a tranny. Also I just googled "ace attorney clown" and it makes me so upset that Moe is no longer the first thing that people think about when they hear that. It looks like there was some controversy last week about the clown woman who non-AA fans think is hot and a lot of twitter AA fans are mad about it because she's a murderer and the clussy meme is "ruining the fandom" thanks to filthy casuals. I don't know and I don't care

No. 1249854

He talks just like Azealia kek

No. 1249864

I don't understand how posting the hand always delves into dumb infighting. It's the cursed tranny hand

No. 1249865

God you're trying so hard to blend in it's so sad

No. 1249869

I hate being bullied for my 23 inch waist

No. 1249875

File: 1656872687023.jpeg (287.39 KB, 733x455, 93E9A904-9133-46D2-A5A9-244C06…)

Underaged anons, you fail to come off as 18+.

No. 1249876

It's about an Ace Attorney character who's a girly looking clown with big boobs except, spoilers: they're fake boobs, she has balloons in her dress to look like she has big boobs, and she's a killer. Because of some faggots on twitter liking my tweets that are completely unrelated to that character I saw that apparently a recent Ace Attorney parody video shows her and Miles Edgeworth and people started sperging because "but she's a clown", she's a killer!", "Edgeworth is gay he would never fuck her!" or "Edgeworth is straight and Phoenix/Maya is canon!". I just hope that person was only talking about fiction, but they seem to be very autistic and retarded in general so I can already imagine that person stalking actual clowns after circus shows kek

No. 1249877

Its not that other men are better, its just our men are abject failures, no other race of women has to deal with the fact that 70% of our children are born out of wedlock, how we are the only group in history where the women out earn the men and financially support them, its a unique issue that only exists with in our communities, just wanting a guy with a 9-5 job and house is considered "wanting to be white"
for e.g this vid by a black leftist (which was supposed to a reply to Kevin Samuels, who does deserve to be critiqued) in it claims (at the 12:27 mark) that if a black woman expects a black man to "take care of her" that means she has absorbed white settler colonial narratives and then subtly tries to blame the issue of mass divorces in the black community on "white gender roles" tell me how would you even respond to that level of stupidy, but that type of thinking is sadly common in our communities

No. 1249879

sage for samefagging but fuck Moe and fuck 2-3. And fuck these fans who are complaining because they're the same retards who think reading the characters' profiles on wikipedia without even playing the games, and then shit out horrible art of their trans!Apollo or trans!Klavier headcanons all over the internet.

No. 1249884

>fuck Moe and fuck 2-3
What's wrong with them though

No. 1249915

I had a first kiss with someone I really like and then they said I was a good kisser and they can't take that back I heard it.

No. 1249916

Ok don't judge me anons, but does anyone else always sweat more from one pit than the other? And when I get BO, it's always mostly from one armpit.

No. 1249917

This case was pretty bad, and Moe won't shut the fuck up. The ventriloquist was worse though to be fair.

No. 1249919

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if African Americans were forcibly resettled in, say, Nigeria. Or Liberia. Do you think the men would shape up real quick or just continue to bitch and moan and be generally useless?

No. 1249926

So how do YOU girls feel about the minion theatre mosh shit that has happened? Personally, might make me seem like a square but it pisses me off. If I wanted a mosh pit, I'd go to a mosh pit.

No. 1249937

The what?

No. 1249954

My left one sweats much more than my right. I first noticed it a few years ago.. thought it might be some temporary thing but I still have it.

No. 1249977

i'm begging you to elaborate

No. 1249987

File: 1656880131093.jpg (107.52 KB, 667x1000, 74ea1ee8ecc9f79632c2ad8399c90b…)

curling straight hair is way harder than straightening curly hair and everyone talks about the plight of curly haired people but none about straight haired people's and I think that's sooooooooo fuckinggggggggggggg unfair

No. 1250036

I feel kind of bad when I report an anon and then I see that they got banned

No. 1250037

bask in the cyberkarenism nonnie

No. 1250042

What do you think reports are for nonnie? kek

No. 1250045

No. 1250048

It pleases me when mods do their job.

No. 1250055

the fact that this is what people with straight hair consider as curly…

No. 1250056

Sometimes when I'm bored I'll come to LC just to browse and report rule breaking anons.

No. 1250058

Omg its wavy, and gatekeeping hair curliness or straightness is braindead behaviour. Chill out.

No. 1250060

Thank you nonna's, I went with a maxi skirt and it was lovely! I danced my ass off, they were so much better than I expected. Met some people there too, I wasn't even looking forward to it too much but I had a great time ♥ it was Molchat Doma btw, they are seriously a great live band if they ever come near you just go, you won't regret it!

No. 1250067

try the babyliss miracurl, i have the type of hair you describe that's impossible to curl but it holds a curl for like 2-3 days with the miracurl. with a regular curling iron or straightener to curl i lose all my curls within 3 hours

No. 1250082

You've got hair that's naturally presentable, I can throw 10 products and techniques at my hair and it still won't look presentable, I think that's fucking unfair kek

No. 1250088

girls who are neither straight nor curly have it hardest, i have to straighten my hair everyday or it looks retarded.

No. 1250090

this and curly hair takes longer to comb through, gets knotted very easily, hurts the scalp when it's combed, (sometimes fucking breaks the comb kek) etc.

No. 1250093

is that like 1b/1c? i have that and it's extremely annoying, not at all presentable especially if your slight wave pattern looks retarded. i can't tell if i'm 1b or 1c because the pictures are different on every chart

No. 1250097

Who cares. It's not like having straight hair is socially unacceptable and is hard to maintain, so struggling once in a while because you want wavy or curly hair isn't the end of the world.

No. 1250098

>is that like 1b/1c?
i'm not actually sure. it dries, completely untouched, in an almost barely wavy pattern which just looks messy and dumb. i've tried to make it actually wavy with products and that didn't work, so i can only straighten it.

No. 1250101

I love the way Klorine cleaning supplies make my hands smell.

No. 1250112

That's just a pic of the "best" my hair can do
True i don't know why I haven't gotten around to purchasing one already

No. 1250129

you can get an open box or new in box one on ebay for like $50, it's definitely worth it, plus because it's an automatic curler, it saves your arms and time

No. 1250159

File: 1656892921132.png (13.05 KB, 659x167, wot.png)

was looking through old threads, this is madness

No. 1250161

anyone else relate to the postal dude?

No. 1250165

is it only 18 so the sociopath admin doesn’t have to get in legal trouble?

No. 1250167

File: 1656893459903.jpg (234.35 KB, 1280x720, 772465153_preview_201609302204…)

No. I relate to the dudette.

No. 1250171

no disrespect to the scrotey nonnas but only moids like postal. you need to go back

No. 1250173

File: 1656893668796.gif (1.89 MB, 220x220, 1656348901586.gif)

No. 1250175

No. 1250177

File: 1656893837862.jpg (246.58 KB, 1600x900, 1656375053790.jpg)

No. 1250179

File: 1656893874215.jpg (154.69 KB, 1280x720, DXxunPvWkAAK3D4.jpg)

She is going to send a catnado to your house. If you played the game you'd realize she would act much like a 2nd Aileen "Based Queen" Wuornos

No. 1250183

not you nonna it’s very obvious you’re not a scrote even if you like the game

No. 1250185

and how exactly does the postal game where you indulge in psycho male fantasies relate to you? explain please

No. 1250186

it just does

No. 1250188

bet you smell like doodoo anon

No. 1250190

File: 1656894300622.gif (1.64 MB, 356x243, 1547479531741.gif)

No. 1250191

I bet you smell like daisies

No. 1250193

>male fantasies
tranny logic. i relate to postal dude too.

No. 1250194

why are you so offended over someone liking a video game?

No. 1250195

do you want me to feed you your meds like a whittle baby? goo goo gaga open your fucking mouth you crazy weirdo

No. 1250197

no one is offended we just aren’t on the same vibe so you wouldn’t get that i’m not angry because this is the dumbass shit thread DUMBASS

No. 1250199

I know, but sometimes the red texts seem so harsh and I feel bad

No. 1250202

my hero the postal dude doesn't take his meds so I won't either nonners

No. 1250207

that was moidmin, right?

No. 1250208

Are you left-handed by chance? I'm right handed and my right armpit is the sweatier one. Google says it's because we use our dominant arms more, so it produces more sweat and odor.

No. 1250211

File: 1656895112266.jpg (56.31 KB, 828x675, Ejd9DtyU8AA5VO4.jpg)

Kek I can tell it's because I mentioned her

Group kissing begins in 10 minutes

No. 1250214

Omg I'll be there soon!!!

No. 1250232

What game is this? This looks fun

No. 1250234

I saw the cutest lesbian couple at a bar last night and I'm jealous. It was too cute, they looked so happy together.

No. 1250236

I saw excited lesbians at ikea and felt intensely jealous.

No. 1250245

I’m aware this is really stupid, but whenever someone’s tweet doesn’t fit in the character limit so they post it a screenshot, it awakens something in me that I imagine I guess is the same feeling as like the kid who did the homework no one else did that the teacher forgets to ask for, where I feel like they’re “getting away” with something and I genuinely resent them and anyone praising what they

No. 1250252

File: 1656898226283.jpg (21.19 KB, 229x106, C597A02C-4B0F-455A-A4EC-7F65D8…)

True, it's always something stupid too like "im sorry for raping those kids on epstein's island" like shut up im not reading all that

No. 1250264

File: 1656900190213.jpg (70.03 KB, 735x510, 03e012f4d53c7ae581a565cefc3acf…)

No. 1250271

kek I just had to clean my depression hovel in order to have girl's night so this really resonates with me

No. 1250280

File: 1656902640114.jpg (159.38 KB, 1280x720, 772465153_preview_201609302208…)

It's a genderbend mod for Postal 2, an edgy stereotype/political/surreal parody game. The shitty quality gives it more character kek

No. 1250291

We don't deserve them really. God, please get me a sweet girlfriend.

No. 1250298

What do you do at girls night? Wish I could have one #i swear I’m not a tranny#

No. 1250299

Kek I’m leaving it

No. 1250306

At girls night I like to cast hexes and play Mario kart.

No. 1250311

File: 1656906330470.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 53.8 KB, 1024x1024, wt.jpeg)

Wtf was just recommended to me in Pinterest ads kek

No. 1250314

the guy fawkes mask is the cherry on top

No. 1250317

I'd paint it to look like a parrot

No. 1250318

at least it isnt back to back pictures of saudi men.

No. 1250324

Kek anon, were you the one who made that post?

No. 1250325

File: 1656907780473.gif (240.64 KB, 600x600, 1631572865185.gif)

I know exactly what I want and who I want to be. I know exactly why I walk and talk like a machine. I'm now becoming my own self-fulfilled prophecy
Oh no
>Oh no
Oh no

No. 1250326

It makes me giggle sometimes.
Me too hehe

No. 1250329

How psychologically broken am I if I want to fuck Asmongold?

No. 1250331

can one of you go answer my question about big joel in the stupid questions thread. i'm feeling really gaslit

No. 1250347

File: 1656910294059.jpg (73.82 KB, 750x1051, DsUHENlX4AA4WlS.jpg)

She don't know that all her demons live in me

No. 1250348

File: 1656910328224.png (144.45 KB, 308x307, why.png)

A lot.

No. 1250381

That image nearly cured me of my shit taste, which I thank you for, but there's still something about that balding, unwashed NEET that I cannot resist

No. 1250387

The testicles are completely separated. Not accurate zero stars.

No. 1250401

>but there's still something about that balding, unwashed NEET that I cannot resist
You're too far gone.

No. 1250437

He likes strategy games, that alone should be a red flag for how uninteresting he is

No. 1250444

kek I know a guy who's into them and it's so true.

No. 1250472

>What do you do at girls night?
>Kek I’m leaving it
LMAO and same

No. 1250473

My uni's library has quite lax rules around lending books so I've been lending a lot this year, a lot for personal/private use. Like my loan count is like 25 books. Sometimes the staff writes my an e-mail about a book I reserved because it's like missing, or a more recent edition is available as well or whatever. They wrote me an e-mail AGAIN about some book I reserved that has to be shipped from another uni saying it's delayed for xyz reason and that it's available in the city's regular library as well and I should consider lending it there. I feel so emberassed they have to have taken notice I lend so much right?? I wanna keyboardsmash

No. 1250489

Why are feet such a memed on "cringe" fetish while actual harmful things like anal or choking are consiered "kinky" but in the cool edgy way? Even DDLG is not as memed on as feet. Why are most people much quicker to ~kinkshame~ things for being weird rather than being dangerous?

No. 1250503

File: 1656932444047.jpg (121.08 KB, 490x454, m1wmp.jpg)

I was in a grocery store today and I spotted they'd gotten these cuddly toys in stock. It's not a place that usually sells much outside of food so I had a look and took a liking to one in particular. Fuck it I'm buying myself a stuffed dog.

I do the rest of my shopping and eventually get to the self checkout. I scan it and I'm wondering to myself what breed it's meant to be. I suddenly hear the background music, Elvis " you ain't nothing but a hound dog" The plush is a hound. What are the chances?

No. 1250504

This would make me superstitious!

No. 1250507

I swear I was thinking about writing something exactly like this recently but ultimately forgot. I guess being into feet doesn't involve hurting or humiliating women and puts (most commonly) a man in a submissive position, therefore cringe. Pretty sad when you think about it from this perspective.

No. 1250509

could be. but also could be that it's just because they have a particularly vocal online footprint and make weird requests in normal situations that come off as cringe. they have a reputation for being very thirsty so i think that's part of it.

No. 1250517

Why are too many people focusing on the "cringe" part of fetishes and not the actually dangerous one? I don't hate furries because they're "cringe" I hate them because the community is rife with and actively enables actual sexual predators, child groomers and rapists of adult humans and children and animals. DDLG is only made fun of because the baby talk is cringe but if the "LG" is supposed to be a "nymphet" or "lolita" instead of a literal toddler sexualised incestuous rape becomes kinky and edgy.

No. 1250519

That's for sure too, but still there's something in the fact that fetish for foot - oh so weird how can you be into foot and fetish for choking - yeah logical you have fun out there.

No. 1250523

>thirsty man begs for feet pics
>lol cringe how can you even like feet
>thirsty man attempts to neg and groom woman into BDSM
>ummmm the BDSM community is so huge and varied you can't just generalize!!! a Real Dom would never act like that!!! (or Real Sub if it's a "submissive" man begging for a dominatrix)

No. 1250539

I used to think foot men were the freaky ones.. I'm now so sick to death of ass obsessed men (every man I meet, some attempt to hide it at first but it always gets obsessive later on) I'm rethinking my opinion. I fully despise ass men at this point. Pornsick, closeted, pushy, whiny fucks.

No. 1250592

Never reported anything in my life because I'm not a snitch

No. 1250594

I feel like a foot fetish is pretty classy. Appreciating a beautiful pair of feet isn't degenerate.

No. 1250603

Ah yes, a man wanting you to give him a footjob, and him fantasising on cumming on your feet is classy and not degrading and weird at all!

No. 1250605

Appreciation and moid fetish behaviour are two very different things.

No. 1250694

Someone sent me a bitmoji. It’s the year 2022 I thought we abolished those.

No. 1250705

A blowjob is degrading. A Footjob? nah, not convinced it is.

No. 1250709

trying not to devour this bag of roasted salted peanuts while I wait for my lasagna in the oven to finish…

No. 1250731

File: 1656952739573.jpeg (42.89 KB, 448x509, 66E6CB0C-916B-451C-9714-D2E941…)

Fuck me, I kind of want plumbella’s new shirt

No. 1250733

What sex acts do you see as non-degrading?

No. 1250753

Why does this video feel prohibited? https://www.instagram.com/reel/CfmG2oQD_H8/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Any halp appreciate

No. 1250757

I love the degrading sex act of chopping off his dick slowly with a butter knife except he dies from bleeding out and only I get the satisfaction.

No. 1250781

It's not shitty quality it is perfect for me

No. 1250799

shut the fuck up and kiss me I’m not arguing with a woman right now

No. 1250809

did your post not fit the character limit either?

No. 1250821

Back in 2012 they were rightfully hated on as they were the ones that kept asking (most of the time underage) users on sites like ask.fm and tumblr for foot pics because "what, i just thought itd be funny, no fetish stuff or something hahaha coloncapitaldcapitald". Nowadays you're right though, and if you get offended at someone suggesting you make an OF account you're an evil swerf.

No. 1250837

never seen a footfag act classy. half of them bother/harass women trying to go about their day (both irl and online) and some are straight up pedos. assfags, bdsm, ddlg, etc crowd are all shit too btw

No. 1250844

I'd like to think it just involves getting nice foot rubs all the time but.. rubbing a dick on a foot or cooming on a foot isn't as classy.

No. 1250863

TBH nothing that involves a dick is classy, even all the manhate aside, dicks just are way too ridiculous looking to be classy lmao

No. 1250886

Co-Signed that

No. 1250887

Have any of you anons saw another anon post a pic of themselves here? I was just on the plastic surgery thread and seeing that pic of the anon showing her side profile just made me wonder. I could never kek

No. 1250897

There's the thread where nonnies ask to know what their 'body type' is. I don't get the appeal. A scrote lately reposted one of the pics with an insult tacked on. She even had an ideal body tbh.

No. 1250906

the veronica anon from an old vent thread, some other anon who posted her whole face in an old /g/ thread about eyes. do faceless ones count? cause there's also the anon who posted her botched boobs in one of the surgery threads, a different anon who posted normal boobs in a confession thread (twice), and the foot poster who derailed an old dumbass shit thread because she wanted everyone to call her feet pretty

No. 1250908

samefag i guess almost all the eye posters in the eye thread i referred to could count too

No. 1250911

> and the foot poster who derailed an old dumbass shit thread because she wanted everyone to call her feet pretty
kek this site sometimes

No. 1250918

Since december I'm getting spam messages from a number that says it's from a college and their messages are very pushy about my "last chance" to get 100% discount if I enroll now, and have a weird ass link that supposedly redirects to the college website (didn't click on it), but the weirdest part is that they address me by a completely different name at least twice.. the fuck? Can't the corpos at least get my info right? Whats so hard about it

No. 1250929

Don't forget the girl that posted her fat hand then posted later "I'm losing weight now!!"

No. 1250937

Hating men on the whole but sometimes they can be genuinely funny

No. 1250949

I don't remember when I came here. I remember I found out about lc in like 2016 or '17 in one of the first artist salt threads and lurked some other threads but I can't remember if I stuck around since then or just remembered it during the pandemic. I know I lurked here sometimes but it went off the rails once everything shut down. Did I even lurk in 2019? I don't remember if I did but maybe I did. I was a PULLfag though kek, and I miss that damn website. There was so much retarded infighting and armchairing but I just thought it was kind of funny, and those Julia Zelg threads were actually milky and interesting to read through. Too bad her thread here never took off. I was so devastated when PULL shut down though kek, and the new version is shit. I miss some of the users on there, I remember one was getting married.

No. 1250963

File: 1656963642740.png (647 KB, 680x569, F1D329B3-E6FF-48BC-9174-03C561…)

I bought eyebrow razors a long time ago so I can shave my pubes into a heart, I just keep forgetting to do it and also have been feeling gross about my body. Has anyone attempted this before? I think I’ll finally do it on my next day off.

No. 1250964

I reckon this will look awful unless you are HELLA hairy. But I mean try it for fun, why not?

No. 1250965

I thought they were an old band and was surprised they were still together but they formed in 2017, they emulate the 80s sound so well. Glad you had a good time! I really love their music.

No. 1250966

File: 1656964117072.jpg (72.95 KB, 564x846, 6e5c98d89b67d5dda6eb7d388d5bd8…)

kek nonnie, I also have no precise memory of how I got here in the first place and I also use to be a PULLfag. I'm so afraid the site would dissapear just like it appeared into my life, I swear it's like a weird fever dream

No. 1250968

File: 1656964274689.gif (211.54 KB, 253x179, 809C9B23-8D1B-46B0-8AEC-095120…)

I hope every scrote that likes this gets brutally shot to death

No. 1250973

I blame the fanfiction-tier Steven Universe Spinel character for this shit.

No. 1250975

File: 1656964494521.png (Spoiler Image, 191.16 KB, 321x420, 4F71F1B0-E58C-4C55-9301-E26564…)

I don’t like her design, too much pink, the pink of her hair and clothes look terrible together and the only thing that signifies she’s a clown is the nose, shit character.

No. 1250979

File: 1656964963223.jpeg (484.09 KB, 750x858, A12FB83F-068F-47A8-98F3-AD1638…)

I blame whatever this thing is and otaku culture for attracting manchildren in the first place. This makes me want to go outside and punch men in the dick for having shit taste for the 1000th time.
She looks like an OC made by a tranny. The only character I wish they would headcanon so it would stop being hot to moids

No. 1250988

Me too nonna, hope lc never dies. I can't go on crystal cafe I just can't. Fast forward to me reading the old Luna threads on waybackmachine kek. I miss PULL though, wish that retarded owner just kept it up. Some people on there were genuinely nice, even if some threads were complete dumpsterfires. I remember accidentally being mean to someone on there, I apologized in private message and she was so sweet lol.

No. 1250989

>it would stop being hot to moids
sorry anon but that's just… not entirely true

No. 1251005

This sounds super cute, do it!

No. 1251012

File: 1656966700896.jpg (347.99 KB, 850x1850, 96c55c_5578996.jpg)

Rewatching Metalocalypse and just watched Fanklok ep. Wow just wow.

No. 1251015

I know what you mean, for some reason crystal cafe doesn't hit the same way that lc et pull do/did. Maybe it's because it's not as much populated by a majority of women ? But yeah, I miss pull too, it was a fun mess!

No. 1251020

yeah I find the amount of hate weird considering how much worse the other shit that's being peddled is. I understand that it's a turn off to most people, and that men with foot fetishes tend to have other fetishes or kinks as well, but a foot fetish alone doesn't seem that bad to me. I'd like to see this amount of hate get directed towards men who do shit like choking (which can fucking cause brain damage and even death), slapping, BDSM, etc. Some of these men even do this shit unprompted, it's scary how many stories I've seen of women saying that a man she was having sex with started choking her without warning.

No. 1251033

this scene always makes me laugh

No. 1251038

File: 1656967926878.jpg (76.39 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I've been playing a chef in the sims and she's getting so chubby. I've been trying to make her exercise but I don't think it's even helping.

No. 1251048

Apparently all the fanart sources are on the Metalocalypse wiki

No. 1251049

I was just playing and I swear I was always able to rotate the camera in any direction by right clicking but it doesn’t work anymore and I seriously feel insane. I hate the update a while ago that changed the way the menu looks it’s so ugly I wish I had never updated. EA suck my ass challenge.

No. 1251050

I think it's because it's pretty new, there's no real socialization like on older websites. Also it's full of trannies kek, doesn't help

No. 1251061

Maybe check if you have the sims 3 camera mode enabled or not

No. 1251084

It does work but your fatty sim has to stop eating all the time. It’s so easy to overfeed your sims who just want to eat all day and rush to the television/tv like an average person, get them on your personal diet and make them work out until they almost die from fatigue.

No. 1251087

p*ssy tight possy clean possie fresh possum gat full of flesh

No. 1251088

on pull you couldn't open a thread without 10 blogposts idk don't be blinded by nostalgis

No. 1251094

Well jeez anon, I just want her to lose weight not be miserable

No. 1251096

This guy lied on the stand for men who don't even shower nooo I can't deal with this.

No. 1251109

Now that I think about it the reason why I learned about lc was indirectly because of tumblr. I started using tumblr in 2011, saw that people where talking about dashcon right when it was happening on /cgl/ because someone posted a link to its first thread on tumblr, I thought it was hilarious and kept lurking /cgl/ and occasionally posted, and someone mentioned lc to tell an anon to go back to lc if they wanted to post their personal cow/vendetta about emily hu and how terrible she looked in some cosplay. But he thread is dead and the other cows I found interesting at first aren't active online anymore, have dead threads, or are dead themselves, so here I am.

She's meant to look ridiculous, so I guess by your reaction it worked.

No. 1251113

One of my moid friends thought we were dating wtf he got mad when I brought up another guy and then told me he thought i was his gf KEK
never have ever implied I liked him btw

No. 1251117

this has happened to me twice in my life and I don't understand how.. moids are genuinely so retarded, what even goes through their brains when they decide things like this? like they didn't even ask me out.

No. 1251118

he also openly checked out girls infront of me im so fucking confused KEK
So he thought I was his gf, and talked about how pretty certain girls are, and then gets mad at me for mentioning a guy? My fucking head hurts

No. 1251119

Men lack so much self-awareness it's fucking insane

No. 1251124

When anons post about stupid men they know I always imagine that they're talking to genuinely intellectually disabled retards because I don't understand how men can be so fucking idiotic without an actual reason.

No. 1251136

File: 1656971937334.jpg (44.16 KB, 1200x600, Maya-Ibuki-Cancer.jpg)

Girls on Tumblr can't be real when they gush over beer bellies right, like no way they think Fat Greg Lake is hot. I just don't understand, is it to be woke? Nobody asked you to swoon over fat men on your blog. I'm so worried for them.

No. 1251137

you made me think about the rebuilds
i hope you get dirt and greease underneath your fingernails

No. 1251142

I probably will, asshole. That's why I cut them earlier. YOu're so mean!!!!!!

No. 1251143

File: 1656972253872.jpg (44.69 KB, 542x521, chinatown disgusted.jpg)

you didn't need to be rude about it

No. 1251145

you're the one who fucking told me to get dirt and "greease" under my fingernails; by the way it is spelled grease.

No. 1251151

File: 1656972696894.png (333.48 KB, 610x540, 148.png)

ha pranked you i was only pretending to be retarded
i do hope you get enough soil in there to grow a watermelon vine in the matrix of your fingernails

No. 1251155

File: 1656972813506.jpg (181.64 KB, 970x2048, Tumblr_l_366739896748501.jpg)

You reminded me that someone posted this, along with comments of girls lusting, to say men can't complain about body representation and everyone was obviously tiptoeing around calling him ugly. Just call him ugly. The fat men won't weep.

No. 1251156

That man is ugly and fat but I would

No. 1251163

I love blocking people I derive power from the interaction

No. 1251165

File: 1656973100897.jpg (318.05 KB, 500x515, MY FACE WHEN.jpg)

>dad bod
They keep calling it that!!! That is not a dad bod. For one, you can only achieve a real dad bod by being a father, being a fat lazy cumscrambler with a gunt is not having a dad bod. I am sick of this uwu tummy bewwy worship being done to MALES!!!!!!

No. 1251175

I genuinely don't understand how skidmarks could ever be a thing. Underwear doesn't touch your butthole or the inside of your cheeks, so your ass has to be super dirty for that to happen.

No. 1251180

Fucking kek

No. 1251191

>you can only achieve a real dad bod by being a father

False. Men have no pregnancies or hormonal shifts. They should have ab definition especially if they are a father. Men are built for labor and service. Fat men are an affront to the dignity of the human race and cannot be depended upon in the worst of times (cant exercise and would eat your food reserves).

No. 1251204

Dad bod isn't necessarily fat. I hate fat men!!!!!!!!! I like skinny/fit men!!!!!!!! But everywhere I go I am bombarded with girls idolizing fat male bodies because, surprise surprise, these girls are TIF-types or nonbinary and are fat themselves so they think idolizing fat men will somehow make them feel better? MEN SHOULD NOT BE FAT.

No. 1251211

>Underwear doesn't touch your butthole or the inside of your cheeks
sometimes it can if you get a wedgie or have a deep asscrack (mine is still clean tho)

No. 1251212

>these girls are TIF-types or nonbinary and are fat themselves
I'm thin, not a themlet, and I like chubby men. They're cute.

No. 1251217

File: 1656975317244.png (250.15 KB, 561x581, 1652442218393.png)

No. 1251235

Why believe in demons? Seema pretty boring to me.

No. 1251237


No. 1251240

no leave it, i want to read your post in a Mario voice

No. 1251244

File: 1656976405215.png (980.18 KB, 930x1068, joeyramone.png)

I almost didn't leave the house yesterday because my hair looked like picrel, but then the grocery store check out boy told me he 'really liked my hair' and it elevated my mood considerably but also confused me. I'm sure he had no idea I'm a 31 year old hag but still, thank you, angelic looking blonde grocery store boy. Unless you were subtly mocking me, in which case fuck you.

No. 1251246

File: 1656976476734.jpg (51.79 KB, 767x959, DdLR9t3UwAAPCRU.jpg)

I fuckin knew that joke was coming.

No. 1251259

File: 1656976953326.png (1.78 MB, 742x1221, Aunt Flo comic book.png)

What even are comic books anymore

No. 1251260


This is what patriarchy does to a bitch

No. 1251270

kek I was being facetious nonnie, but thank you for speaking truth to power

No. 1251272

File: 1656977933869.jpg (282.93 KB, 1080x1634, 1654836218456.jpg)

I at least hope you aren't telling them that. No one should let a fat man's ego get big for the rest of our sakes.

No. 1251281

Yw, just sense checking my fellow nonnie queens.

No. 1251282

File: 1656978409972.png (555.38 KB, 1019x712, 1fa.png)

He's a gonna kicka your assa for this posta!

No. 1251286

A man in a sportscar was sat next to me in traffic and he kept revving and looking over in my direction and I couldn't help but think of how much that car costs yet he can't take his eyes off my tiny Toyota. What's up moneybags, don't stare at what you can't buy!

No. 1251288

My ex and I would yell "SMAAAALL PEEEPEEEE" when douchebags would rev their cars in the road. Fun times.

Small peepee indeed.

No. 1251291

My library has jkr's other pen name books, hope they're good

No. 1251296

File: 1656979433495.gif (631.1 KB, 200x200, 200w.gif)

kek I looked up this guy's account and he's obsessed with having a "dad bod" and showing off his chub. And believe it or not he's 19. I don't understand how a man that age can be built like that and be proud of it.

No. 1251301

oh nonono he hit the wall so fucking hard

No. 1251317

It’s pure pickmeism and wanting to be “the cool girl”

No. 1251320

I still don't get it, though. I can understand wanting to be the "cool girl" for a guy who's actually attractive. Why the fat neckbeards? Is this just some hyper-hetero thing some women have where they want validation from literally anyone with a dick?

No. 1251323

it's low confidence/poor self image on the part of the women who cape for these neckbeards.

No. 1251331

Lol I don't know if they want to seem cool, stupid posts like that get popular on Tumblr though the pick-me-isms make sense because who the fuck cares about fat men, this weird stupid woke content seeps over into what I'm looking at because of the annoying, fringe tifs. I do not want to see post-wall musician gunts!!!!!!!

No. 1251362

find the original artist first

No. 1251401

nonnie who mentioned devil may cry reminded me of this stupid song that became a meme and I keep playing it on repeat. nothing has ever felt relatable to the female experience until I listened to this

No. 1251418

>Stupid song
The DMC soundtrack unironically rules what are you smoking anon

No. 1251429

I love the way pills smell. I'm huffing a container of pain meds right now.

No. 1251436

Believe it or not, yes, there are women who have a beer belly fetish. I know one artist in particular like that. To be fair I think it comes from pickmeism and spending too much time on places like 4chan even if they're not pickmes now

No. 1251443

Nice. Thanks nona!

No. 1251450

File: 1656994172399.png (496.17 KB, 425x476, virgil.PNG)

Damn Virgil looks like THAT?

No. 1251462

One of the very few things I can agree with Anna Khachiyan on is "Previously, the sadism was (mostly gay) designers humiliating the female form. Today, the sadism is (mostly gay) designers humiliating the feminine or effeminate psyche of both genders". Delusional anachans will always seethe about this being pointed out, though

No. 1251533

File: 1656998560239.jpeg (612.35 KB, 750x1167, EEE21C5B-225C-4865-ADFE-3F0E2D…)

KEK he kind of looks like that monster from death note too

No. 1251655

finding nonnies in the strangest of places but not knowing if it's the same nonnies you've found there before…

No. 1251662

What do you mean who was it

No. 1251689

My diabetic cat woke me up an hour early and since then I’ve been half asleep ruminating about what the price of insulin on Neopets would be. I definitely have real problems in my life so idk why I’m so anxious about this. I don’t even play Neopets.

No. 1251711

I don't play Genshit and don't plan to but I saw on twitter that new characters were released, and a bunch of people are complaining that the characters aren't dark skinned enough, that the outfits aren't accurate representations of traditional clothes from like North Africa and almost half of Asia, and I was curious enough when they mentioned that a specific girl from that game is based on North African culture and guess what? She's a fucking cat girl. Where are my fucking kawaii moe uguu cat ears then if this is "accurate" Amazigh representation? God, gacha games really is brain rotting.

No. 1251720

i hate that i'm average looking at best, ugly probably to a few. I wanna fuck and be in romantic relationship with attractive people and its unfair.

No. 1251727

Oh god I love this song and it's pretentious lyrics, I aaaam the stoooorm that is aaaproooaching

No. 1251729

get fit, get a nice haircut, wear stylish clothes, maybe some makeup. There's a lot you can do if you want it badly enough.

No. 1251736

File: 1657012978532.jpeg (48.08 KB, 630x630, 1650471677872.jpeg)

I didn't know pink sparkles posts here!
I refuse to believe there is another woman on this planet who can find asmongold attractive.

No. 1251766

He is a porn-sick manchild who would do anything for money, nonnie.

No. 1251782

File: 1657019806370.jpeg (72.82 KB, 624x648, C175FFAF-57BE-46FE-B1D5-ED2422…)

Came across a YT short about ‘what if women did stuff like fetishized virginity, tattoos etc like men’ and I thought the idea of this comment is kind of hot. Too bad that the majority of cashiers are ugly guys

No. 1251783

Kek you remind me of that woman who used to be a TIF but detransitioned because she read the Eltingville club and realised she wanted to rape misogynistic nerds

No. 1251785

Looking at that old post your eyes thread gives a glimpse at what some farmers look like

No. 1251800

File: 1657022845109.png (2.45 MB, 898x11941, 1603244118242.png)

i do miss this.
>tfw no pitbull admin to save us

No. 1251809

was this a twitter artist? i think i knew who you're talking about

No. 1251820

Do people not remember Alex from target?

No. 1251822

Singular guy who rose to fame while women doing the same job are harassed daily and nothing positive comes from it?

No. 1251866

Summerfags from years ago, mostly. That thread was called retarded and the time too.

No. 1251878

Littlefoot in a sexy choker

No. 1251909

Someone needs to make yassified land before time characters

No. 1251910

Peanut butter and jelly is so good I could eat it for the rest of my life and never get tired of it

This is my favorite thing kek

No. 1252143

File: 1657048171403.jpg (547.45 KB, 1000x750, Mango_ATAULFO_TOMMY_ATKINS_Asi…)

Ataulfo/honey mango > the red and green kind

No. 1252151

argyle was such a good side character in stranger things 4, wish the actor got more interviews/videos like the rest of the cast. he doesn't need to be a main character, he probably won't even be returning for season 5, but still. he had a lot of screen time in s4 for a side character so he deserves at least more interviews i think.

No. 1252157

For me, one of the craziest things about modern life is how there are prisoners running youtube, instagram and tiktok pages from jail and you can follow them

No. 1252161

They're allowed internet in jail?

No. 1252177


No. 1252203

is Pitbull a confirmed terf?

No. 1252225

I used to be addicted to smoking for 2 years but now I quit for half a year and can smoke every once in a while without having any cravings after muhahaha

No. 1252232

File: 1657054408009.jpeg (50.79 KB, 720x566, 94AACF01-0B82-4324-BBE4-56FBFB…)

Genuinely want to beat him to death
I also hate the women that enable these men

No. 1252233

We didn't know how good we had it. It was kinda shit, but I'd take that then what we have right now.

No. 1252239

I’m disappointed, your reply made me think it would be funny. I feel duped.

No. 1252242

He looks like he'd be hot if he had a fit looking body.

No. 1252246

File: 1657055083306.jpeg (519.73 KB, 828x1158, C3E039FD-0641-4458-8F61-E853CA…)

It's very funny to me

No. 1252247

His body is fine. His face, unkempt hair, and neckbeard are gross. So are the trashy skin scribbles and jewelry. And most of all, the fact that he has a tiktok.

No. 1252249

If he didn’t have the stupid tattoos and more body hair I would

No. 1252265

File: 1657056087259.jpg (118.02 KB, 1215x717, sivir-warrior-princess.jpg)

I feel some 2006 nostalgia about this skin splashart. It's so Anime-esque. I love it. I cannot even find the artist for it…

No. 1252266

Samefag posting because her boobs do look weird, but I seriously just am in AWE. I don't even play Sivir.

No. 1252284

no, his body is gross, along with everything else too

No. 1252285

File: 1657058772521.jpeg (1.4 MB, 3464x3464, 21828284-A004-45E9-966E-E03CBB…)

i don't get it

No. 1252287

File: 1657058882191.jpeg (27.33 KB, 570x442, 1629414515962.jpeg)


No. 1252289

Nonnies can I please get some positive energy or prayers or whatever you believe in?
I'm waiting for a final exam's results and it's the difference between graduating in 2 weeks or in december

No. 1252290

Every time a beautiful girl is a handmaid a fairy somewhere dies

No. 1252291

She's pretty. Don't care about the bullshit text

No. 1252304

File: 1657059971101.gif (3.2 MB, 498x498, B75092AE-218B-484A-88C3-B28F0F…)

your parents are going to grow old one day and become dust in the wind…

No. 1252320

Am I missing something? The way she's phrased it is awkward but it sounds like she's saying working towards liberation from the patriarchy is real feminism, not 'equality' or performative gestures. That's typical radfem stuff.

Unless she's being totally literal about the things you shouldn't do, and is trying to say men and women aren't equal, incels deserve kindness, you shouldn't support women or criticize disney, etc. But that wouldn't make sense for someone who believes in dismantling the patriarchy.

No. 1252370

File: 1657063033821.jpeg (548.57 KB, 828x813, 797450BB-8D36-401D-A418-C854EB…)

Wtf this is from 2020. Ignoring the ugly zoomer haircut he looked ok.

No. 1252400

I know and already got over it.

No fucking way this is the same person

No. 1252403

Kek both you and I were thinking of the same person >>1251436
Now I wonder if she's not posting here with us

No. 1252405

File: 1657065365850.png (377.47 KB, 562x659, Screenshot 2022-07-05 7.55.06 …)

they are so good!
picrel is what i think of when i think quintessential dadbod

No. 1252407

File: 1657065537049.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.79 KB, 612x612, lkjhg.jpg)

Goddamit now I'm too mad to play Persona 4

No. 1252412

Men are so fucking hideous.

No. 1252444

Yeah, I think what she's saying makes sense. I don't think she's saying that you shouldn't do shit like making fun of incels, but that doing that kind of stuff doesn't make you a feminist. And the rest of the points she made just seem like "actions speak louder than words". I don't know why the other anons are dismissing what she said, if you take all the awkward terms out it sounds like your average radfem post on here and other radfem communities.

No. 1252458

File: 1657070432601.jpg (74.89 KB, 720x628, c7fd2999da7bd059f2a51eb4179fc3…)

I'm so tired of our psyochopathic overlords and their stupid 99999999D chess plans, we should all just stop working and start exchanging stuff again but bully the previously insanely rich out of any trade.

No. 1252465

Negging is such a pathetic male trait omg

No. 1252467

that thumb in the momokun thread is a scrote thumb

No. 1252469

File: 1657072699342.jpg (69.43 KB, 1024x838, bH5m03N.jpg)

cats, man. freakin cats

No. 1252472

Obviously. Emperor Kuzco ass hands.

No. 1252516

Spoiler for disgusting bug talk I whacked a big ass fly that was buzzing around my room with a big fan I use as a fly swatter. I caught it on the very edge of the fan and used the fan to basically cut it in half and then it fell off from my window because I got another fly earlier the same way but it didn't actually die. I saw gross guts on my fan so I was like 'oh let me clean this off' and as I go to wipe it off I see that shit wiggling. FUCKING MAGGOTS. I grabbed a napkin on my table out of panic but even after smushing it, I opened it to check and they were still wiggling. Couldn't flush it down the toilet for fear of clogging the toilet since it wasn't tp, so I just soaked the napkin in water and threw it in the bin. Found the fly thankfully, and all its fucking nasty babies everywhere, and wiped it up with tp and properly disposed of it by flushing that shit down the toilet.

I fucking hate summer and now the apartment board is telling us we can't have fucking screens in the window because 'muh violations' so it's either leave the windows closed all summer and fucking die/pay out the ass to use AC all summer, or open it up and let the bugs in. My biggest worry is a wasp getting in, because that happened once. I used to see them around but haven't seen them in this year or the past two years though thankfully.

No. 1252541

Ziploc bag in the window in the sun. Fill with water put a shiny penny or copper piece in the corner. Will deter bees, flies, and wasps fucks with their eyes. Will help

No. 1252546

>I don't know why the other anons are dismissing what she said
They feel called out kek

No. 1252547

My brain tells me this is a dumb idea but honestly it would cost me no effort or money to try so I'm gonna try this out kek

No. 1252553

This probably works. NTA but thanks for the tip.
Look up other ways to keep bugs out of your home too. I'm sure there are a few other methods out there that also work.

No. 1252562

You can buy collapsible and portable screens online or create one out of mosquito net and tape it over the window

No. 1252586

Some of you are truly, wholly convinced you are extremely intelligent with very worldly, fleshed-out, wise opinions and beliefs when you are really one of the most retarded people alive.

No. 1252587

Not me anon, I'm truly, wholly convinced I'm extremely retarded

No. 1252595

Just respond to the post(s) you're talking about kek.

No. 1252602

Nah, don’t feel like watching someone go in circles

No. 1252608

It's storming very hard outside. I've been downloading CC and I'm about to curl up in a blanket and do some ghetto shit in the sims.

No. 1252612

please don't sexualize ryuk

No. 1252629

No. 1252644

Rob a neighbor for me, anon

No. 1252700

TND posted a pic outside of this bar I go to often, wonder if I'll run into her sometime kek

No. 1252727

File: 1657097119151.jpg (281.31 KB, 620x754, Screenshot_2022-07-06-09-43-07…)

Shes got a point

No. 1252732

Where is the lie

No. 1252772

We have a removable one but our board told us we aren’t allowed to have it. They don’t provide installed screens so it’s fucking annoying as hell. My city doesn’t require landlords provide an installed one either.

No. 1252775

Someone make this woman the us president.

No. 1252776

plus she just TERFed out on twitter. hope she doesn't back down. she's legit

No. 1252780

I haven't slept in 3 days. Hmpf

No. 1252806

That's what was always so annoying about Leah, she is/was more hostile towards hops than towards men. I think she's absolutely hilarious and I still watch her from time to time, I just wish she would be more reasonable and not blame women for internalized misogyny all the time.

Btw, is it documented somewhere that she was rejected by a transidentified woman? Sounds milky even if it's old milk.

No. 1252812

/pt/ is literally dead other than half a dozen active threads, even /snow/ is more active with a dozen active threads max… does anyone even care about cows anymore?

No. 1252815

File: 1657110215210.jpg (62.11 KB, 1280x720, 1650097799384.jpg)

Going to go on a date with a guy soon. He's a bit younger than me and he was the first guy in my life to say that I was cute. He's cute imho but he doesn't seems to thinks so, which I kind of understand since he looks like a morph between Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

No. 1252817

I don't even know why but my heart races whenever my phone rings and it's a number I don't know. I got a call just now and I pretty much went into a panic going over all the worst case scenarios it could be. I didn't pick up.

Looked up the country code and its Moldova. I couldn't even tell you where moldova is. Fuck you scammers. Don't you know I have an anxiety problem , gawd

No. 1252828

i only go into threads that deal with groups of cowish people at this point can't bring myself to care about a single person

No. 1252831

Not nearly as much as I used to. My favorite cows aren't as milky anymore and I don't find new ones that are discussed - I have some personal lolcows no one cares about.

No. 1252836

Most of them don't do anything milky anymore. Remember when the worst thing a cow could do was shoop and maybe scam people? Now that's almost every person with a bit more followers on instagram or tiktok

No. 1252853

i barely browse /pt/ anymore, or even /snow/ that much.. some threads are so dry that most of the replies are just nitpicky and non milk.

No. 1252866

Could be the same thing with how no one really cares about “influencers” that much. It’s become over saturated perhaps

No. 1252892

Behold nonnies, my favourite video has resurfaced.
Friendly reminder
'ate troons
'ate moids
'ate coomers

No. 1252894

I thought this was the Stuart character kek
I was also thinking last night how relevant this entire episode is now.
While looking for it I even got some angry video essays kek

No. 1252896

I was walking behind a guy today and could not stop judging him. He'd these dated looking pale skinny jeans on that were a couple sizes too small and then a belt that was cutting into him like crazy. He was fat but not super fat.. and yet he's waddling along because he is that squeezed into his clothing. I feel like men usually have it so easy with clothing that doesn't highlight every pound they gain.. why push so hard against that? YOU ARE WADDLING SIR

No. 1252900

he's just trans-skinny you bigot

No. 1252912

A fat case of reverse body dysmorphia

No. 1252960

Will The Woman King be good or will it have male gaze sex scenes?

No. 1252971

File: 1657126541716.jpeg (102.98 KB, 828x828, A6AA11B0-F807-4CA7-B21C-5FBD95…)

What is up with people getting instantly triggered because you decided not to have kids? Any time I discuss being sterilized or a child free meme pops up the comments are flooded with moms and dads yanking their clits n dicks to the fact that they gave birth and shaming people who didn’t for being selfish. It’s kinda weird because the first argument I hear every time for having kids is “who will take care of you when you’re older?” like that isn’t one of the most selfish thing you can do to a person who literally had no choice in the matter. Child free people can be cringe af, but moms and dads who get mad at people for making the choice not to have kids are over the top. Like a moral high ground or some shit. Idk just random Wednesday musings.

No. 1252974

It's directed and produced by women so chances of it not being male gaze-y are definitely much higher than for any other movie

No. 1252979

A lot of these people won’t ever admit that having kids drastically decreased their quality of life and they want other people to be struggling to get by just like them.

No. 1252983

I'll never understand the "not having kids is selfish" argument. How so? How is it selfish to not bring a kid to this horrible world? How is it selfish to admit you probably don't have the mental strength and/or monetary means to raise a kid so you don't even try cause that would fuck the kid up?

No. 1252993

I tell people that with my mental health issues I can just about take care of myself. That I don't think I'm cut out for motherhood. Anyone who argues after hearing that clearly doesn't give a fuck about kids.

No. 1253064

Because you’re a women and supposed to sacrifice yourself or you’re one of those evil women who don’t prioritize men and you threaten our society! (They assume children will be sons and men)

No. 1253067

looks like a throuple, i will be heading to ao3 after this movie comes out

No. 1253081

if a vampire sucks the blood of a person with a highly drunk person do they also become drunk as well? important question my husband is a vampire and i need to know

No. 1253086

no, the wine just adds flavor.

No. 1253088

Hopefully yes imagine how sexy it would be, add this to your fanfic rn

No. 1253090

According to Buffy logic it works for LSD according to Spike so why not for alcohol

No. 1253106

that's how it worked in the witcher game

No. 1253107

Like boeuf bourguignon then?

No. 1253132

Okay everyone, remember to always do a double check before throwing your white laundry into the washing machine or else you might end up accidentally putting in a red beret that dyes your only 5 white items pink. Not that I'm speaking from recent experience. I would never.

Speaking of something completely unrelated I just got 4 new pink shirts and a pink bra, what a coincidence

No. 1253134

For What We Do in the Shadows movies and series, yeah, the vampire would get drunk/high

No. 1253148

why the fuck do gay dudes have to come out as themlets to use makeup, how does wearing shit makeup change your gender lmao wonky eyeliner having ass

No. 1253157

if you wanna get sterilised then get sterilised already and quit yanking YOUR clit about it. i don't know when or even if i'll ever have kids but what's more annoying that those parents getting annoyed is when "child free" people never actually take any initiative in being child free, such as doing the sterilisation they love to talk about so much, but instead spend all their time just talking about it like it's some desperate plea for attention from strung out parents. just go make yourself unable to conceive and live your life as happily as you claim to be, god.

No. 1253159

Had a guy in my circles recently come out as "genderqueer", as in he responds to any and all pronouns so you can still call him he/him… so nothing really changed except him being a spicy straight. Kinda made me sad though because I thought it was nice to see an otherwise pretty normal guy being gender nonconforming by occasionally using makeup without making it a big deal, but of course he had to go and do this.

No. 1253161

Samefag but fuck forgot to both sage and quote when I corrected my post, I'm retarded

No. 1253162

All my clothes are black, everything. I'm not goth. I'm just smart.

No. 1253177

a modern scrote is seemingly incapable of putting on makeup without declaring a new set of extra pronouns. My cousin is a metal head who wears the occasional black nail and some eyemakeup and he always keeps making jokes about how he must be queer now.

No. 1253180

I went through a slightly more butch phase a few years back and one day while shopping a mother told her kid "hey watch out for the lady" The kid looked at me and loudly announced "Thats not a lady!"

The mom was mortified. I insisted the kid was correct. In short, I'm a genderqueer. That's where the bar is set. If you wouldn't beat up a small child for using any old pronouns towards you then you're a genderqueer too. That's how that works and you need to throw an announcement party.

No. 1253182

File: 1657141284696.gif (794.4 KB, 220x201, 1655146690938.gif)

No. 1253185

So are you coming to my party or not?

No. 1253188

File: 1657141541621.gif (5.29 MB, 175x219, 1645302542349.gif)

No. 1253189

File: 1657141737073.jpg (47.32 KB, 696x684, 3f2k7j.jpg)

No. 1253190

File: 1657141752363.gif (153.71 KB, 400x300, 43E44575-A7C8-4669-8E35-165D2C…)

An attempt was made, I think it looks enough like a heart.
You were kinda right, the hair just isn’t dense enough, it would look better if it was. It was fun to use my hair as a canvas though!
Seriously I know this is a silly thing but it was a nice way to connect to my body. 10/10 would recommend

No. 1253195

>ladies can’t be butch
Get this Twitter-grade misogyny off my lolcow. Seriously, get out of here, we don’t want you.

No. 1253196

I hope you're joking seeing as you're responding to a joke post.. right?

No. 1253201

nta but I was about to report it too, kek. You never know nowadays.

No. 1253203

>If you wouldn't beat up a small child for using any old pronouns towards you then you're a genderqueer
We're reaching a new level of collective tism if this isnt registering as jokey lol

No. 1253211

File: 1657143651263.jpeg (79.32 KB, 1050x784, 3C26200E-FE4F-49BD-A9D3-712CB3…)

I am sterilized tho? That’s what gets them mad in the first place. They see you’re a woman over 25 and they immediately ask the kids question like it’s not weird af to ask someone when they want a guy to nut in them. I say I got my tubes removed and they lose it.

No. 1253224

yeah no nta but it was obvious, you just weren't paying attention, or are retarded

No. 1253277

tfw my male friend added he/they pronouns (we speak a gender neutral language kek) to his instagram account and once when we got drunk he joked about taking estrogen and growing boobs and now i noticed he had shared one of those egg irl memes about some creepy tranny shit like staring at girls because you envy how they look…..hell naw

No. 1253284

>gender neutral language
Finnish? Estonian ?

No. 1253289


No. 1253298

gendie shit is strong there I have noticed

No. 1253464

When I can't find a receipt I really need

No. 1253479

File: 1657160917815.png (759.23 KB, 512x875, download.png)

Coomers are legitimately braindead. Look at the size of her head kek

No. 1253492

Why are men so boring? I just got out of a long relationship and I'm trying to meet new guys but they're all the fucking same. I'm only 19 btw it's not even because they're old.

No. 1253493

Men don't even actually find this shit attractive they only see these stupid proportions as a trophy to show off to other men. They can't even be attracted to women without doing it with other men in mind

No. 1253496

Which just proves they're secretly gay.

No. 1253504

I just realized I posted this in the wrong thread, oops.

No. 1253505

File: 1657165399858.jpeg (222.42 KB, 740x987, tumblr_m1kbr5d9rh1r7u137o1_128…)

No. 1253507


No. 1253513

File: 1657167891720.jpg (24.95 KB, 500x563, 4rpqjjm.jpg)

No. 1253520

I just spent $107 on slime

No. 1253521

File: 1657168989437.png (85.33 KB, 616x683, slime.PNG)


No. 1253525

File: 1657169719645.webm (895.52 KB, 720x720, redscare.webm)

I just found out that Elizabeth Olsen unironically listens to Redscare and I don't know how to process that.

No. 1253526

You have to be 18 to post here nonny.
Jk lol the brown sugar one sounds… dare I say… delicious

No. 1253527

but why

No. 1253535

Read all starting from here >>>/ot/1004939 and begin the healing process.

No. 1253537

Anon, do they last forever…?

No. 1253540

KEK she came up on my explore and I couldn't help myself because I was obsessed with it when I was in highschool but I had no money to get all the ones I wanted, so I splurged today
My birthday is in three days and I just got paid so I'm excusing it with that…treating myself to special goo
My mom let me get one when I was 15 (19 now) and it's still good so they last a pretty long time surprisingly

No. 1253549

File: 1657173942973.gif (6.94 MB, 450x450, 929377F5-1A9B-48BF-9812-90B04A…)

now eat it

No. 1253550

Her slimes do look pretty nice, nonny..

No. 1253572

those prices aren't bad for how nice those look

No. 1253605

Isn't this just glue and baking soda? Girl the recession is coming save your money

No. 1253608

when is the best time to invest in bitcoin? yasterday
when is the best time to invest in slime?

No. 1253653

>don't act like I told you what I told you!

Yeah, fat chance

No. 1253655

File: 1657191849349.jpg (112.13 KB, 1080x1080, puffs.jpg)

These remind me of pokepuffs, you spent wisely

No. 1253659

I still don't get it tbh. What can you actually do with slime besides squish it, it seems boring. not worth more than 2 cents really

No. 1253664

File: 1657195283673.jpg (30.56 KB, 828x714, 1644984552428.jpg)

The truth is, the truth is the truth

No. 1253669

scandalous, please spoiler next time

No. 1253671

pov you're listening to this and you are transported back to 2004, everything feels normal and somewhat strange, because it's been so long since things haven't been as peaked as they are now

No. 1253677

Nona!!! Very late but I have this same thing- bananas, mango, pineapple, avocados, watermelon, and other various fruits / veggies make my throat and mouth swell up. I also have a latex allergy- I have never met anyone else who experiences this too

No. 1253701

I really hate anime and video game male character designs where they are wearing sandals or exposing their feet/toes. I just think about irl moid feet and how disgusting and ugly they are and if the characters were real people, they would have ugly disgusting feet too

No. 1253739

No, i was 4

No. 1253744

File: 1657204904582.gif (7.68 KB, 150x223, WK-AK224_BOOKS2_20071011174112…)

>giuze the search function totally works!
>search for the copypasta thread
>type the exact thread title the way it is (copypasta palace)
>add quotes on each side so the exact result should show up
i ended up finding it with the slow ass catalog but it's still annoying. this happens when i search for other threads too tho not all the time. it's kind of inconsistent with which ones show up and which ones don't.

No. 1253747


No. 1253763

File: 1657206727206.png (1.33 MB, 1200x630, mother-bear-cubs-animal-parent…)

I think it's really cool to see how other animals have maternal instincts. Like bears, big cats/domestic cats, even that elephant that killed a lady and crashed her funeral apparently did it for her babies.

No. 1253772

I really hate anime and video game character designs where the women's feet are shown but not the men's. Smells like male fetishist.

No. 1253773

File: 1657208051565.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.9 KB, 563x899, 707927948e18ee62f4792ee419ed61…)

You're talking about this fine guy right? (trigger warning)
That goes for exposed flesh in general too.

No. 1253780

File: 1657208527770.jpg (150.2 KB, 649x587, d45y0d0-b906e5e8-42d9-4878-a61…)

V is so sexy goddamn
>That goes for exposed flesh in general too.
Yep. Imagine defending picrel as "not sexist" because "women have nicer bodies anyway!!" Just have men and women of the same class equally (un)covered.

No. 1253790

I just always think about how cold and uncomfortable the girls' outfits must be. Putting female characters in big beautiful armor is just better all around. Nobody wants to go to war in a thong and a bra that only covers the nipples. It's so stupid. One bad move away from being completely naked. It's so retarded. It always makes me feel uncomfortable just imagining how cold and uncomfortable it must be to fight people naked and have to pick your wedgie and readjust your ill fitting bra in case your nipple slips, which shouldn't be a big deal, because you're practically naked anyway! So stupid. Where's the capes? The greaves? The beautiful emblazoned armor? So stupid. No, just put her in a bathing suit BUT she has a REALLY BIG SWORD so it's worth it.
I am sick of it.

No. 1253797

File: 1657210098867.jpg (29.44 KB, 474x657, travesty.jpg)

High battle heels on the female characters is my biggest annoyance. They trigger me more than any sandal.

No. 1253803

Is she meant to be a fighter? She's like… a sexy nun. I guess I like her hat and sleeves.

No. 1253810

Same, I fucking hate feet in general, I think they're disgusting, and men's feet especially, obviously
Same reason why I can't stop hating foot fetish despite it being pretty tame and harmless compared to other fetishes, I just have this enormous aversion to feet
I hate the search function too. Even googling it is more effective at finding the threads you're looking for sometimes.

No. 1253811

But nonnas, you forgot one thing

No. 1253817

But I could coom easier to a fully dressed and beautiful woman

No. 1253822

This is why moids should be banned from creating female videogame characters.

No. 1253837

File: 1657211746564.jpg (580.13 KB, 1665x2560, 91hFNMtLSvL.jpg)

I once read this blog post about false equivalence in video game character sexualization. Even as a young pickme, I knew they were right. I think the post explained it perfectly, with comparisons and all. Although most of the time, when it happens to males, they're not sexualized as much as the female characters, so even when there's definitely sexualized men it's usually mild compared to the women, and not many people talk about this part.

It's ridiculous when moids try to justify skimpy armor on the women with "b-b-but it's not supposed to be realistic!!1" like OK why does it ALWAYS have to be sexy outfits and not, say, impossbibly large/cool armor like the stuff the men wear? Of course women in most video games/anime/comics practically mainly exist as sex objects or love interests (usually sexualized) because the only purpose of women in the minds of scrotes is to be fuckable, and vice-versa, women can only ever look good in a sexualized """"feminine"""" way like >>1253797.
And it's even more ridiculous when someone claims that shirtless men like picrel are being sexualized just as much as the women just because they're shirtless (a lot of women might like it, but that's not the same as it being specifically designed in a sexual manner as is the case of female characters). lole

No. 1253839

The only threads that exist to me anymore are this thread, shitposting, and the movie and doodle threads. I was trying to push back against it and deny it, but this place has legitimately changed for the worse and it's depressing the fuck out of me. Idk if it's the underage posters/summerfags but I just don't have any of the same affection I did before. This post is just a dumb complaint and is in no way a quality post to improve the issue, it's just me being a whiney bitch and I think it's pretty sad that it's gotten to the point where I don't even want to try to post anymore. Bleh. Blah blah blah. Pee pee poo poo, etc.

No. 1253841

File: 1657211936105.jpg (222.92 KB, 1080x1080, 1651602390255.jpg)

Behold, a truly equivalent coomer design of the opposite sex. AFAIK the designer/artist is female, too.

No. 1253842

I pretty much stick to OT as this point. Even the MTF is dumbasses linked from Ovarit and newfags. They think it’s a place for intense discussions and derailing and repost the same shit we’ve already seen because I can’t possibly be assed to read previous threads! I’m so uwu special you need to validate me just like the annoying trannies.

No. 1253843

>even that elephant that killed a lady and crashed her funeral apparently did it for her babies.
wat. give me the story

No. 1253845

Damn even this guy wears more practical shoes than her!

No. 1253868

Source of pic?

No. 1253869

>wahh wahh this place sucks and it’s full of retards, heterosexual women and bitter oldfags and newfags

We know already anon, we know…

No. 1253870

It's that yaoi game that got popular recently. I forgot what it's called

No. 1253891

Nta but how did you interpret her post like that kek. no one even mentioned heterosexuals

No. 1253895

Ayrt why did you mention straight women? I have no problems with straight women.

No. 1253899


because it’s funny

No. 1253906

It really isn't nona. Not even a little bit. Unfortunately.

No. 1253908

What was what you've appreciated about other threads in the past that is gone now? If you even can and care to specify, I'm just curious

No. 1253918

what’s wrong with making fun of heterosexual women and their shit choices in men again? i’m lost kek

No. 1253920

N…not even a wittle bit?

No. 1253923

Yesterday (or was it two days ago?) right as I was about to take a nap, I came up with an awesome idea for my OCs that I was going to add to their bio (on my phone) after waking up, but of course I forgot what it was, in fact I only just remembered that happened at all. What a retard, I never learn from this mistake. But I was so sleepy I didn't want to use my phone!

No. 1253927

Things just felt more positive and silly on /ot/ I guess. There has always been infighting, for sure, but it's like there is an increasing amount of anons who push infights on purpose. It's like they're looking to be offended, even at the most innocuous things. Maybe it's an influx of users from Twitter, but I mean having new users is just inevitable and a culture shift is bound to happen. Everyone seems so angry and uncomfortable and defensive all the time. This could all just be personal perception, to other anons maybe things aren't different or unpleasant at all. Maybe I'm the one changing and LC is the same, I can't know that for sure. I don't want to leave, because having a female only space is a blessing, but at the same time I feel sort of burnt out and don't find myself reading anons posts with as much affection or interest. I've also seen multiple posts lately of anons literally begging for attention, "why won't anyone reply to me, I'm invisible, they only reply to stupid shit" and that bs is so childish, I can't stand it. Users feeling like they are owed interaction or validation on an anonymous imageboard. It makes me uncomfortable.

No. 1253928

File: 1657215663369.jpg (14.55 KB, 294x300, 120ccb67a6820d0ff776f2d4caa332…)

Well maybe a teensy weensy bit nonners

No. 1253929

I keep having hypnagogic hallucinations of spiders. I wake up randomly at night, open my eyes and see a spider somewhere close to my face. I panic and squish it and sometimes I even feel the dead spider against my skin as I wipe it away but there's nothing there when I start looking for it.

No. 1253931

Keep a journal under your pillow maybe, anon?

No. 1253933

Your hatred for other women has nothing to do with me. It's not funny.

No. 1253935

File: 1657216000056.png (195.55 KB, 1080x742, A3EFDB09-2208-48FE-B364-87F335…)

No. 1253938

I get you. Other anons say the board culture is no different from, say, four years ago, when reading those threads, but I feel a clear difference with all the things you've mentioned. I think it started with the CSA drama last year and just got bigger and bigger. I've been slowly trying to move to other female ibs, but crystal cafe is a hellscape, I've outgrown ccc, AG is gone (and was dead anyways) and fujochan seems to niche of an interest to get the same atmosphere as lc's /ot/ started. At this point I'm just reading old threads I didn't have a chance to back when they were new lol.

No. 1253940

I use my phone notes as a journal of sorts precisely because I'm too lazy to write all of my ideas by hand. And also because I want my OC notes to be on my Google Drive so I never lose them or to be able to read and add to them, on several devices and in any place…

No. 1253941

What's the ship?

No. 1253942

yes it does because I hate you as well, unless you’re not a woman…. suspicious

No. 1253947

File: 1657216625460.jpg (137.48 KB, 867x1291, IMG_20220707_195627.jpg)

>tfw your favorite fanfic authors never returned from the war

No. 1253948

File: 1657216625506.jpg (118.73 KB, 1000x667, Eyb_ujLVoAATYk5.jpg)

I used to be like this but now I love 2d feet. They can be drawn really erotically. Obviously irl feet can never look this delicious.

No. 1253949

You're part of the problem nona.

No. 1253950

how am I apart from the problem? universal dick game is trash that’s why there’s an anon above us talking about finding fictional feet sexy, are you really surprised

No. 1253951

Actually my feet are pretty sexy, so

No. 1253954

File: 1657216888580.jpg (25.95 KB, 638x430, sad cat.jpg)

>tfw it stopped before the first sex scene she had promised
>last update 5 years ago

No. 1253956

>I've also seen multiple posts lately of anons literally begging for attention
tbf the site has been extra slow lately so I can't blame them. sometimes it feels like there's only 3 people around.

No. 1253958

I actually quite like male 3D feet. Gotta be clean though.

No. 1253961

Sometimes I get paranoid I will get a (get a life) redtext when I bump like 4 threads in a row for like spam or something but then I feel no guilt when it starts more convos

No. 1253962

Many of the posts I see on /ot/ lately are made by lesbians referring specifically to being a lesbian or talking about being gnc. Which is fine. But idk why you’re trying to pretend otherwise. You’re annoying.

No. 1253965

NTA I just don’t want to respond to negative, whiny shit. There’s a lot of sheltered anons trying to whine how emotional abuse is definitely violence, or wanting to shit on lesbians or straight women, or think their catchy comebacks to clear moid bait is important it’s boring and it’s why people IRL ignore them too. Have a conversation and stop trying to entertain its cringy and a turn off

No. 1253971

But what if someone does try to have a normal conversation and still gets ignored

No. 1253972

It’s kind of disgusting because at least one of them constantly insists upon putting women down for being attracted to men which is bizarre and hypocritical. You aren’t going to “convert” any anons here or “peak” them from being hetero or bisexual. Pretending you can through constant insults about how disgusting it is for them to have sex with men or desire contact with them is such a moid tactic.

No. 1253976

they’re whining for attention because this site is slow asf, no one wants to post when there’s a possibility they’ll stumble into CP/gore that takes the mods hours to clean up

No. 1253979

holy shit shut the fuck you offended pansy, something I said must have been way too personal for you to give that much of a shit about an obvious cheeky joke

No. 1253982

So bump other threads. Spam some cute dogs and cats in the right threads. Go look at memes and bring the ones you like. I get it. I do but you can’t be horrible to talk to and get mad when people don’t want to talk to you. Sorry anon

No. 1253983

>bump threads on an already dead board

you’re like so smart and intelligent anon, never thought of that ever!!!

No. 1253986

File: 1657217885106.png (100.31 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-3473101957.png)

STOP FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1253987

You’re right the board is totally dead. You’re talking to a ghost right now boooooo so spooky. My point still stands I won’t respond to negative stuff that makes my day negative. You want responses start a conversation. You don’t? Then keep complaining how it’s dead.

No. 1253990

File: 1657218020891.jpeg (178.58 KB, 962x962, 08EC530E-ADCD-47B8-81E7-01D8E4…)

Are we fighting? I’m not trying to genuinely. Just chatting. Take a piggie to diffuse

No. 1253991

I had the same horse, but it was black, its mane was black and the saddle and face thingy was red. I lost the blanket. At some point the felt got scatched off at some parts, mainly the legs and stomach, and it was some light black underneath it.

No. 1253994

File: 1657218136066.jpeg (795.4 KB, 1170x1133, 85431964-511F-45E4-A96F-017EE7…)

Yuu bihches are so annoyinh

No. 1253997

Based piggie enjoyer.

No. 1253998

My horse was a purple one with a matted light blue mane and a glowing horn. It played music. So majestic. Our horses could have been friends. Horse friends.

No. 1254001

Nta but why won't you address >>1253971
I do all of these things too

No. 1254002

File: 1657218312301.jpeg (147.29 KB, 1200x1121, XTp7HlM.jpeg)

I miss the personality tests on OkCupid. I wish I could look at what mine was

No. 1254003

File: 1657218350006.jpeg (96.85 KB, 1080x797, 84118559-D153-42A0-B700-697231…)

It’ll be okay. Deep breathes anon. We love you anyway.

No. 1254004

I hope a seagull finds its way from the beach and drops the most toxic, smellly liquidy shit on your hair that would take you weeks to clean out. Hate you el stupido!

No. 1254005

I think I had one too, it looks familiar. I think mien was brown or maybe the same as picrel, I don't know, I must have been young. I kinda want one now.

No. 1254007

Because I am one person with a life scrolling anon. I can’t respond to everyone. Not every conversation is interesting to every person and sometimes… I have other shit to do? I come back and if it’s slow will respond to older posts from a few hours. Image boards should be fun before anything else and honestly shouldn’t be your only social contact if you’re this invested in responses from anons you probably don’t fit here. It’s okay.

No. 1254011

File: 1657218735883.gif (1.96 MB, 480x360, be9.gif)

NO!!! this is the only time we get to talk
>just start a conversation!11

No. 1254012

I know I’m talking to you Noni! I see you!
With a human tongue or a cat one?

No. 1254016

no one was asking you to respond to everyone ms. important. a conversation/infighting is a group effort that needs great commitment, it’s like no one wants to hate or cause chaos anymore they just want to spam their stupid animal memes and fake-pretend to like the bitch that replies to you

No. 1254018

Human tongue specifically mine.

No. 1254021

Where Noni? These are important questions.

No. 1254028

File: 1657219355229.jpeg (80.58 KB, 600x800, this is us btw.jpeg)

I highly doubt you're that busy if you're able to respond to simple posts tbh.

No. 1254031

No. 1254033

why do these two look like drake and josh?

No. 1254034

I shudder to think about it. Ugh do you clean your tongue Noni? Are you part cat or werewolf?

No. 1254036

I clean my tongue all the time and no, I am a human

No. 1254038

You get a Drake and Josh and you get a drake and Josh.

No. 1254040

File: 1657219861322.jpeg (7.68 KB, 308x164, 87666.jpeg)

because you're face blind nonneterella

No. 1254042

i hate how i fucking love them so much, this show was so good. i wish light turned gay for L and then died

No. 1254044


No. 1254047

I loved it till L died. Near was weird to me and mellow was obnoxious.

No. 1254072

Again, anon?

No. 1254073

You are home alone, browsing lolcow. Your phone rings (yes you have a landline, irl I have one) and just as you reach for the phone someone's hands touches yours as you grab the phone. Someone you've never seen before is in your house, trying to answer your phone.
How does he look?

No. 1254075

*la estúpida

No. 1254078

who cares how he looks, why is he in my house????

No. 1254080

I don’t know but his fingers are very very long

No. 1254086

His long fingers graze yours, you don't move. You both stare at eachother. You've never seen this scrote before but his (Insert Eye color here) eyes are staring into your soul. You open your mouth to speak,
what do you say?

No. 1254092

It's Light Yagami! (whoever that is), he's still holding the phone, which is still ringing. You finally snap out of it and look at Light. You have no idea why he's here or how he got in your house. All you know is that he should'nt be here.
What do you ask?

No. 1254124

The first thing I notice are his black aviator sunglasses, no doubt a designer brand. After all, he is the type of man to invest in expensive pieces. His beaming smile is a little crooked but all the more charming, perhaps resembling the Nike logo. As he removes his glasses (revealing his squinting ocean-blue eyes) i feel his grip on my hand tighten. His hand is shaking. Could it be parkinson's? It wouldn't surprise you, he looks like he could collapse any second. His old age is unmistakable even though his face is suspiciously smooth.
"Mr. President, what are you doing here?!" you exclaim. His grip tightens evermore. Joe looks deep into your eyes and sighs. "Nonna….I have a favor to ask of you."You know, there’s a uh, during World War II, uh, you know, where Roosevelt came up with a thing uh, that uh, you know, was totally different than a, than the, the, it’s called, he called it the, you know, the World War II, he had the war – the War Production Board…Yes tha-" But alas! he could not finish the sentence as he collapsed right in front of you. You urgently call the ambulance and try to comfort the old man, whose words have been reduced to mindless bumbling, but to you have sounded just like his normal words. Half an hour later the ambulance rushes in and takes him away. You never saw Joe again…

No. 1254136

can some kind anon give me a list of common names trannies give themselves? tif and tim included. i mostly know ones like kai and ash and such.

No. 1254137

Light looks at you and sighs, "What are you doing in MY house?" he says sounding annoyed but also as confused as you. You look around and suddenly realize that the room has changed. You are no longer in your living room and Light Yagmi is nowhere to be found. Instead of a phone, you are holding a snake. The snake looks up at you and says, "Hello my sweet Nonnie" before biting you. Everything fades to black.
Time of death- 3:45pm.

No. 1254143

Oliver/Ollie Alex Jamie Lots of spelling of aiden
anything ending in -en really Sparrow Jayden Tyler Hunter

tim: Emily Luna Zoey Sarah Chole Alice Ashely Lily Sophia

No. 1254145

samefag but i've also seen a lot of Skylers

No. 1254146

Off top of my head
Aiden, Kasey, Casey, Caleb, Aaron, Elliot, Oliver, Brennon
Lilith, Lily, Athena, Jade, Elizabeth, Sophia/Sophie, Lacey
I keep going if you want more

No. 1254274

thank you!
keep em coming.

No. 1254290

Chris, Lance, Your Good Buddy Sam of course, Ash, Chase, Cole, greyson, Lucas, will, skyler, Tate
Luna, Sarah, Emily, Lena, Charlotte, April
For some more

No. 1254300

I miss the 2010's so bad nonas, please take me back.

No. 1254306

I got covid and lost my sense of smell for the last two days, but I kind of enjoy it. I get migraines easily from strong smells, so cleaning the bathroom today was great because I didn't smell the chemical I used to clean with. I also hate cigarette smoke, but didn't smell it when my neighbour smoked outside my window today. A bit sour that I can't smell the food I'm making and other pleasant smells at the moment, but in waiting for it to return I shall focus on the positives.

No. 1254321

Same, when I find a way to go back I'll pick you up and away we go

No. 1254332

2010s?? What was good in the 2010s?Take me back to the year 2000 chump.

No. 1254340

early to mid 2010s was right before shit hit the fan and we entered this hellscape reality timeline

No. 1254341

I'm reading the Phoebe Tickner threads and I think it's kind of crazy how she has the face just counting facial structure, not her fatness that Dove Cameron wishes she started out with.

No. 1254343

File: 1657239330538.jpeg (186.69 KB, 1090x1280, chirRP.jpeg)

i'm angy i jsut want to eat jUNK FOOD and speak with ALIENS and start myself pon fire with some ANJEO ok

No. 1254348

File: 1657239902914.jpg (47.16 KB, 600x600, nilesyy-nilez.jpg)

I haven't taken a single photo of anything that happened to me in the last 8 months and IDK if I just changed as a person and it's not my thing anymore or it's still that need to remove any proof of my existence stemming from a lingering depressive episode and I'll regret it later when/if I go back to normal

No. 1254354

the hellscape started during 2007 imo. everything in life suddenly went to shit, from media to my own life

No. 1254363

Perhaps. I was only five years old in 2007 so I wouldn't really know. Sorry about your life though nona.

No. 1254366

File: 1657240676455.jpeg (94.07 KB, 749x518, F55EF36D-2F30-4177-9EA9-89F766…)

I am always afraid to click on the celebricows thread and I just did and every time I’m never wrong. What an absolute entertaining cesspool wish the LSAfags would stop gushing over every irrelevant celebrity though lmao

No. 1254367

It’s ok to choose to NOT document your life online. Why do you think you would regret it later?

No. 1254375

No no, I know no online presence is more than fine, I mean taking photos in general just for myself; from trips, events, things like that

No. 1254378

i never took a photo for myself in my whole life

No. 1254381

TBH it's kinda cool. There's definitely a peer pressure to have pictures of yourself, have it ever weighted on you in some way or you just don't care about it completely?

No. 1254387

i just never cared

No. 1254389

I love henlon hair. It's cheap as fuck, it gets smooth when your blowdry it for a bit and then you can make a ponytail, tie the fake hair around it, braid it and have a thick braid down to your knees with little to no effort or time. I'm rediscovering my love for hairpieces and I'm so glad about it, this hairstyle keeps my hair out of my neck and is so cute and versatile. God bless fake hair.

No. 1254391

I had to look that up to see what type of hair it was and im curious, whats the difference between henlon and kanekalon hair?? Are they basically the same? I love kanekalon its so fun!!

No. 1254396

wow it’s very interesting how anon said “not everyone can reply to you” but there sure is a lot of people replying to each other BUT ME. why was I born so unlucky or something? an anon could say something clearly unfunny to lighten the mood and everyone pretends it’s funny, why can’t that happen with me for a change?

No. 1254398

here you whiny bitch

No. 1254401

I like what facial features Ryan gosling has, big nose and blonde hair is my favorite male phenotype I just wish i had the better lingo to ID what i like about his face

No. 1254408

his fucked up too close to together eyes maybe?

No. 1254410

Once I get a job I'm going to splurge on some new eyeshadow, I'm eyeing some revolution palettes right now. I want to look fun again, I'm done with my unintentional normie larp. Fun colors and freaky outfits for the win!

It's like kanekalon but smoother (better for braids, especially once you put some heat on it). The result is basically the same but I like to leave some loose ends on my braid(s) and it looks a lot more natural than kanekalon. It's much easier to deal with too, it's not as frizzy and less tangly than kanekalon which makes it easier to braid. Give it a try nonna, one pack is 2 euros so not much to lose!

No. 1254418

wanna kiss babe

No. 1254420