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File: 1653777423904.gif (855.22 KB, 360x203, RapidCheerfulAnt-max-1mb.gif)

No. 209665

No. 209669

I'm surprised a jerma thread hasn't been made yet. I'll post some jerma content in the meantime

No. 209670

File: 1653778148369.gif (9.52 MB, 498x424, jerma-jerma-music.gif)

I have to say that Jerma in his "laid-back soyboy with longer hair" era is my favorite Jerma era. I find him so cute like this kek.

No. 209671

File: 1653778294730.png (249.26 KB, 533x629, jerma.png)

No. 209676

We did have one, before the /m/asscure. Search the catalogue

No. 209699

Do you think Jerms is actually retiring soon?

No. 209701

I think it's been on the horizon for a little while now. He's pushing 40 and has mentioned kids before a few times and it makes me think he might be getting ready to settle down and start a family or something. I would not be surprised if he'd retire soon.

No. 209709

How wealthy do you guys think he is? He’s done elaborate skits for his streams with a high budget value, doesn’t seem to get any less popular, and remains as unproblematic as possible.

No. 209727

>wants kids now
Oh this will end well.

No. 209728

pushing 40? he's 36

No. 209731

He's in his late 30's. He's not in the mids anymore nonnie.

No. 209732

I came towards the end of the Kik saga but he seems to really like Holly. I could see him retiring or just simply doing more irl things. He seemed.to genuinely be excited to share his love for infomercials. I think he likes doing that kinda shit more then gaming now.
The irl tier list was fun as well. I hate that he has so many troons who can't post without posting the trans heart. I stopped going to pre steam chat because they'd do it there but it's easy to ignore.
I could see him retiring though or at the very least streaming when he wants. He seems to make a decent amount of money.

No. 209740

File: 1653797570704.jpg (17.39 KB, 407x422, d842513059847bed3afca3117d54fb…)

It's so fucked up how good he looked in the old warioware stream. Looking at this picture made me kind of crazy.

No. 209742

Early 30s = 31, 32, 33
Mid 30s = 34, 35, 36
Late 30s = 37, 38, 39

No. 209778

The old thread.

I'm just slowly going through his old archives on Youtube because I don't want to deal with chat and don't wan't to deal with live scedules.
I love how he can make boring stuff like house flipper and cooking simulator fun to watch with the voices and silly stories he can come up with.

No. 209810

Well he's going to be in his late 30's and pushing 40 VERY soon nona so get ready for the inevitable retirement stream.

No. 209813

Missed this thread, I didn't realise jermafagging was more than just a handful of us kek. So here's zerk off fancam

No. 209814

Does he have a job besides streaming? If not, then he might want to get a 'traditional job' that guarantees a stable, predictable income to support his kid if he were to start a family, which might be difficult since he's been streaming for years. Though he could maybe get a 'traditional job' involving social media or something. According to the twitch leaks he made $906,602 from August 2019 and October 2021, which is still a good source of income. So he may continue to stream even if he starts a family since it's a decent source of income

No. 209821

Successful streamers surely have financial advisors, I’m sure he has been investing his money and will be set for a long time, he probably owns real estate. Isn’t he a crypto bro as well. I don’t think Jeremy will ever have to work a 9-5 again.

No. 209839

it makes me so sad that so many twitter fags love jerma. not to sound like a hipster but i miss when he wasn't as known about and all these tranny kids didn't flood his chat with their retarded faggotry. I like jerma i just wish he would stop acknowledging/encouraging the trannies.

No. 209842

when has he mentioned kids? jerma has said before that he doesnt really wanna get married and that he doesnt see himself being able to be responsible for a childs life. he has some nephews but i do not think he wants kids of his own tbh.
to each their own.. but these fancams are so weird especially them being applied to someone like jerma its just strange

No. 209843

I feel you on that. He mentioned in one stream like maybe a month or two ago that "people on discord told him not to talk about [X]" I forgot what they said to not talk about and it was probably a joke but I have a hunch he has people that tell him not to mention controversial topics on stream kek. My tinfoil is that he probably, like many straight male adult liberals, doesn't really get the troon fad but is probably one of those live and let live kinds of people. Also I'm assuming that many of his donations come from smelly troons anyway so it'd be bad to discourage them or else he'd risk evoking their wrath.

No. 209844

God he really just let the trannies run wild now. They don’t fucking stop after he gave them leeway because trannies are fucking narcissistic.

No. 209961

Vargskelethor (Joel) has a furry or scalie mod, people who get upset about the "R-word" being used, but he doesn't have the troon problem (aka people spamming the pride emotes every five seconds). He basically ignores all of it. I don't know who it was, either Vinny or Joel, but there was a "trans rights" thing in a game, they just looked at it and kept it moving.
I think Joel, Vinny and Jerma are the types who genuinely come to have fun, they don't hate those types but don't fucking care. It's not relevant to the stream. Be who you want to be and don't cause a fuss. That's why I can tolerate them.
Meanwhile, Rev and Mike (especially mike) from vinesauce always give in to the troon shit, but apperently Mike talks about poltics now.
(He also hates JK Rowling). But whatever. I tend to close the chat when shit gets weird.
Yes I know, it's weak and weird. I just have a low tolerance for unwarrented bullshit I think most people annoyed by random pride emote spamming ignore it instead of whine or fight about it. Like what used to happen. I think thats best.

No. 210056

fuck off back to twitter with your simping for this ugly tranny lover

No. 210171

Okay newfag larper

No. 210678

no one on this site likes jerma, tranny lover

No. 219985

I lurk Kiwifarms Jerma thread (I know) and there was a post that described how I feel. I hate how Jerma acts…confused about his fanbase and what they want. I've seen him do and say things, then act "Fake surpised" when Chat acts a certain way. When clearly he knows thats what they want.
I guess it's just him "Playing up" a joke or something. It's annoying though. I also find the thrist posting weird and not funny anymore. It goes without saying that Chat has gotten worse. He can't even dress up in a Harry Potter costume without the chat spamming "transrights" emotes.
I can't put my finger on it, but I don't know. I still love Jerma's streams, but even on games where I want to see him play, I'm not finishing vods/streams like I used too. Maybe it's me.He's still funny though.
I Also like how happy he seems with Holly, He mentions her every stream. Has he done that with Kim? I personally can see him "retiring" anyday now. Maybe starting a family or something.I never got that vibe from him, even when he was out for that long while. I feel that way all the time now.

No. 220196

>can't even dress up in a Harry Potter costume without the chat spamming "transrights" emotes
Really ruins my mood to be reminded of the sort of retarded children surrounding me. I don’t even open chat anymore which really degrades the enjoyment of the stream and by extension of jerma. It’s so awkward the way he pretends to be blind to weird ass shit like that, I can’t help but think of him as cowardly. Oh well we had a good run, he should retire soon, I don’t want good memories to be sullied.

No. 223686

he's been taking on sponsors to fund the next live action jermania iirc. I agree that ludwig is influencing him for the worse, he's been acting more like an attention whore. hopefully he stops collabing and pandering to ludwig so I can stop reading "haha femboy maid megamilk" jokes that ludwigs neanderthal ilk has only encouraged.

No. 226417

File: 1659514359058.jpeg (72.43 KB, 1200x992, 5B8F9D16-DA0A-48F6-99E1-4D0C48…)

i still refuse to believe this actually happened

No. 308246

Anyone watch his stream of house flipper with like 10 other streamers?
>my Ludwig hate is justified. His house was so boring and try hard. He also seemed to bring down the mood, idc if it's a "bit" or his humor, it wasn't funny. He also seemed to so salty. I just don't like him. I do not get why jerma is so in love with him.
>some scrote made a Jared from subway child molestation joke, I legit saw a "yall really think this is funny?" I do not get why he did it and jerma chat had a lot of complaining.
>everything that's blue or pink. Or any color close, jermas chat spams trans pride. Rtgames (troon defender) made a Barbie house(it was nice), of course it had pink and blue, jermas chat spammed the trans pride
Also why do they want to see jermas face so much? Like why?
His chat has no sense of humor, like everything is about gender. Retarded scrote makes a girls/boys room that's clearly satirical? Jermas chat, "this is pretty gendered. No non binary room" like there was a good section of his chat whining about the second Connor not making a non binary CHILD room. They started spamming it. Anything that's not "SpongeBob but curse words" humor is too much for his retarded fanbase.
It's also weird how two different scrotes made jokes about kids being abused. Ludwig made one based on a serial killer.
It was a weird stream, I assume those scrotes make edgy comments all the time. Jerma seemed genuinely uncomfortable by the last scrote who made a orphanage.
He officially has the most brain dead chat. Everything is about transgenders every single thing. These idiots expect a nonbinary room for a orphanage. That's the level of jermas chat, they can't even get a joke about ridiculous gender stereotypes, they legit thought, "girl room has barbies, boy room has transformers, so where is the non binary room???"
Everytime I watch him which isn't often, it's so jarring.

No. 308256

I actually haven't watched a recent stream of his, and if I do it's usually youtube archive. Does he actually respond to chat when they get like that? Cause you can hide chat.

No. 308306

Nah he doesn't but I'm a retard who loves to read chat whenever I watch anything on twitch, so it's really me whining, bitching but I won't watch twitch without Chat. Like any streamer, tbf I only watch Jerma so often now, I forget how shit his chat can be until I watch a new video and I'm like, "ohhhhh….. yeah".

No. 308687

I'm not actually a Jermafag but I just wanted to see what you nonnies thought of his recent House Flipper collab.
As one person in the comments of Vinny's video of this put it: There's so many different demographics here that you're guaranteed to hate at least one of the streamers.
I haven't finished watching it but so far, CDawgVA has been the most unfunny, kek. He and his audience (who provided the shitty images) seem to have that painfully unfunny, tryhard Twitter brand of humor. Jerma himself seems like an ok guy, moderately funny.

No. 308690

Oh I apologize, for some reason I did not realize the recent posts in this thread were about this exact stream.
>Everything is about transgenders every single thing
Funnily enough I saw a comment by a troon on the YouTube video that complained about his chat being so toxic. It seems everyone hates Jerma's chat, even some trannies. But you absolutely cannot complain about the most obvious problem which his chat which is the tranny spam.

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