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No. 1213366

Ask 'em, but remember Google is also a tab away

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No. 1213367

can you work at a restaurant or bar after becoming a loyal customer? most good places hire based on who you know, so if i knew the staff they might become friends with me? i don't know how social stuff works, maybe it's a taboo. nonnies please help, should i do it, or would it be a waste of money?

No. 1213424

yes if you seem cool that can totally happen. but you still have to be a good employee after you get hired and restaurants kind of suck to work in.

No. 1213427

File: 1654482535649.gif (2.89 KB, 150x20, AAA.gif)

Is it immature to be disappointed and unfollow a female content creator you thought was cool only for them to embarrassingly vent about their undeserving bf or their pick meish activities with many men multiple times? Just sucks.

No. 1213430

Can you freeze ricotta? I wanna make some pasta with ricotta, but I need to save it for a future lasagna. Will it be watery or something?

No. 1213437

You can freeze lasagna itself, which has ricotta, so I don't see why not. Just prepare it against freezer burn and dehydration.

No. 1213460

Are there any songs that remind you of this or have similar vibes?

No. 1213467

Is it immature to not want to consume the content of immature people… girl we only have so much time in the day, choose your role models wisely and you do you boo

No. 1213471

is there a list of useless apps i should uninstall/delete off of windows 10 so that my computer can run faster? some of the ones already there, i'm not sure what they do so idk whether to keep them or not. and what to do with HP startup and support apps

No. 1213487

File: 1654488758404.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 473.52 KB, 828x1046, 046C12CC-C79B-467D-87F1-E6C891…)

My friend and I are trying to figure out whether this insect she found in her bathroom is a water bug or roach. I'm trying to keep her calm so I've been saying it's most likely a water bug . Any insect experts here?

No. 1213489

What does it feel like to be a chink that only dates out because they like being reduced to an interracial fetish? Do they realize they're only chosen because of anime? So many are pick me's, why are they always going after the bottom of the barrel white men? And why are hapa children always the most mental unstable? Asian-white relationships always go horribly but the bitch still stays to get her ass beat by a 5'5 manlet. I'm confused.(racebaiting)

No. 1213490



No. 1213491

Youre either a racebaiting scrote or a bitter pickme, so which one are you.

No. 1213492

That’s a roach, babe

No. 1213496

That's a roach anon. For every 1 roach, there's like 30 more somewhere.

No. 1213497

I ended up not opening it. Thank you though nonna.

No. 1213502

Samefag but that also looks like a German roach. They're super difficult to get rid of cause they eat everything and evolved to be resistant to a lot of stuff. Your friend should call an exterminator just in case it's not just a stray bug.

No. 1213504

File: 1654489773348.jpeg (20.16 KB, 436x436, A9874D65-7326-442C-8E2E-56606A…)

Accidentally spoilered the img..
It's been killed don't worry!
Ah fuck. Well, thank you, nonnies.

No. 1213506

It’s vaguely western, kinda reminds me of the Bastion soundtrack.

No. 1213519

not trying to freak you out but please tell me your friend didn’t crush it inside of the house, dead roach corpses release chemicals that attract more.

No. 1213542

NTA but if she did make sure to clean the area with a disinfectant, it'll get rid of the oleic acid released by the roach. Also other bugs release this when killed so make sure to keep those areas clean too.

No. 1213583

File: 1654497372876.jpg (161.5 KB, 800x800, IMG_9735-1232240906.jpg)

what does it mean to pick someone's brain, and why is it annoying?

>how would you guys start your business?

a friend once told me to not ask that question. he said it's picking people's brains, and it bad and rude. i did not know what it even meant and just wanted an interesting conversation. there were some creative people there and we had a class about business so i thought it wouldn't be out of line, but it was? then i saw a video about a woman saying it is bad ethiquette but i still don't get it

No. 1213600

>he said it's picking people's brains, and it bad and rude.
I guess he might've meant "stealing people's ideas" but it's bullshit, it's a perfectly normal subject of conversation especially in an educational setting.

No. 1213601

That's a fucking german roach. Get some sticky traps, don't keep trash over night, check the trashcan if its plastic for any gaps they can live in then throw it out if so, get the birth control insecticide packet to mix with water and spray on baseboards especially where you found it, buy raid/Bengal spray as a deterrent and killer, clear out all dishes from the sink/rooms, check the baking cupboard and under sinks, if any produce sitting out there too, dont leave any sitting water at all, wash the floor or vacuum carpet, eat only in one room and 100% put the dishes away in the washer with the trash taken out, close all shower or sink drains after use, tape over the hole on your sink for overfill if they're living in it

No. 1213608

I do a weird movement with my jaw. It's only on the right side. It's a chewing like motion but I extend my lower jaw more. I don't mash or grind my teeth in the process. It's anxiety based and I've been doing it since I can remember. Would it be considering clenching? Any insight would be great. I hate that I do it, and really hate when people point it out.

No. 1213623

Does it count as intermittent fasting if I only drink a cup of coffee in the morning for breakfast?

No. 1213633

As a burger, I don’t hear this phrase a lot, but I wouldn’t associate it with rudeness at all. What your friend said is very strange. Unless you’re trying to steal someone’s specific idea for a business, discussing other business topics isn’t rude.

No. 1213634

Sure, if you don't add milk or sugar to it. Black coffee is 0 calories.

No. 1213638

Tell her to buy boric acid, mix it with sugar and place small heaps of the mixture in the bathroom corners. The sugar attracts them and the boric acid dries them out from the inside. It's a roach btw for sure

No. 1213640

File: 1654504529461.jpg (42.92 KB, 720x530, 1591957557198.jpg)

I've directly put the folder of an illegally downloaded book in the documents folder of my kinddle. It worked but now it almost feels to good to be true kek! Is the amazon police going to catch me? I only see people talking about sending books through the email but my kinddle couldn't connect to my wifi for some reasons

No. 1213648

How much should you dress up for a first date with someone? Is wearing jeans acceptable?

No. 1213651

I've been putting illegally downloaded ebooks on my kindle for years with that method and nothing ever happened. That said mine is not connected to the internet and the device is not registered, maybe that has something to do with it.

No. 1213652

That's great! I will keep on doing it then kek, thank you nonnie

No. 1213653

Why is the secret board secret? I read once that outsiders could want to spam it if it was more public, which yeah I guess, but also the MTF & FTM threads already encourage gendies & scrotes to gorespam anyway. idk I just don’t feel so encouraged to go there if I know it’s not gonna have that much traffic & I also feel it could help people peak. What am I missing?

No. 1213655

unless its a nice food place i dont see why not considering the guy picking you up could show up in gym shorts and sandals. if it's a girl you could wear some nice earrings, lip tinted balm, and a necklace to be casual nice still.

No. 1213658

Why do renpy tutorials show cool shit that doesn't fucking work?? I've been staring at this code for two days and it's exactly the same as it is in several tutorials but it just doesn't work for me. Any anons savvy in renpy background animations?

No. 1213671

Do you guys think this massive kpop boom is gonna swing the pendlum back from "big boobs and butt" back to stick skinny again since that tends to be the ideal body in asia? if so the next mental health crisis for young girls after troonism is gonna be eating disorders again huh

No. 1213672

How normal is it to go to Starbucks, Prêt à Manger, and similar coffee shops just to order one or two drinks and stay there with you macbook (always a macbook kek) or a book to read? I always see people do that but I never stay long enough to know if they get kicked out at some point.

No. 1213673

It already has swung back to superskinny, current tiktok aesthetics reflect that.

No. 1213674

Seems normal enough, i've stayed for like an hour at coffee shops alone, even longer hanging out with friends. I'd feel bad doing it at a rush hour but as long as there are some free tables it shoule be fine

No. 1213675

Completely normal and common, longest I've stayed personally is something like 2h maybe? And I saw people who seemed to be staying even longer there. They wouldn't kick you out, after a longer while they may re-approach to ask if you want to order sth more, since I'm awkward I would usually order a small cake or something. But you could totally say no too.

No. 1213677

its too normal since the techbros (Shit or not) usually take up a whole couch with their 1 ass and a double or four person table otherwise. i just want a place to sit and talk with who im there with for 10-40 minutes max. ive sat next to guys to watch them get annoyed then leave because i wasnt going to just let them have a whole 2 couches with table space.

No. 1213680

I see, I've stay for a few hours at most sometimes but I was always surprised to see people who were there before me and my friends and who stayed there while we were about to leave regardless of the number of customers. I've been used to restaurants opening just for noon and evening telling us upfront that they were about to close the kitchen and that we should order fast. I was also wondering because I've seen some cafés where you pay for the number of hours you stay there and you can order anything you want after that, specifically for people who want to stay for a very long time to read a book or work on their laptops.

No. 1213681

I kind of feel like eating disorders are less of an evil. I've known a lot of women who had them but they've gotten better but women who troon out are a lost cause

No. 1213686

We're already in the middle of an eating disorder boom since the lockdowns. I even know a few adults who developed them. And there's a huge overlap between tranny shit and ED shit. So I think it's already happening.

No. 1213688

Yeah there's an overlap. A lot of proana forums are filled with fakebois and they/thems. They're hardcore pickmes too, I've seen a lot of fakebois cheer on Depp while trannied cheered on Amber. It's super funny weird how both ana-chans and fakebois always hate women with a passion. I've even heard one defend a trans identified male who bashed a woman in the head and say women deserve it, even though she's a woman herself lol.

No. 1213699

And because troons are the sacred cows of society right now, trooning out lets them live out their disorder safe from criticism. If a normal anorexic girl wanted to have her breasts cut off, it'd be considered a horrific self-mutilation, but if she's actually "a boy" (they always want to be boys for some reason, never men?) then that's encouraged. It's heartbreaking, but at the same time they're often so fucking mean spirited and misogynistic I don't have it in me to feel bad for them kek

No. 1213723

You're missing that a substantial number of users didn't want that board. The board is a compromise made to appease a certain subgroup of users.

No. 1213725

>(they always want to be boys for some reason, never men?)
men are old, ugly, hairy, smelly, gross and the type to sexualize these exact girls starting age 10 and earlier. they want to be the dreamy teenage boy they had a crush on in high school, that understands and protects them. teenage boys also tend to be tall, lanky and skinny, but they can eat whatever they want and never gain weight, and they're still stronger than women even without working out. all things these girls/women desire as well. add to that too much yaoi and an inability to perceive yourself as romantically and sexually desirable. their brains are rotten with yaoi coom so they only see relationships and sex between boiz as desirable, while heterosexual relationships (and lesbian ones as well, since many fakebois are self hating lesbians) are steeped in imbalanced power dynamics in favor of men.

i'm not the fujoshi hating anon that shits up threads all the time btw, but i used to be an enby they/them fujoshi with yaoi brainrot and i see my past issues paralleled in a lot of young women.

No. 1213731

This is a cope, lmao.

No. 1213737

It's hidden because it makes it less obvious to moids. I've never seen the board be spammed. Secondly, it's an IQ filter. To know of the board's existence you need to lurk the site and then you need a basic understanding of how image boards work to be able to access it.

No. 1213747

>self hating lesbians
I kinda don't like how people act like it's such a mystery why a butch lesbian would hate herself. That it's completely something which comes from inside, just made up delusions, her own fault. The worst kind of woman you can be, how to be at the bottom of the hierarchy, is to be a butch lesbian (it's even worse if you're black of course etc.). Even within the community, even by those who claim to be gender critical. Practically everyone thinks it's archaic, obsolete, roleplaying, man-lite, trying to be a man etc. The polilez definition of butch as being lazy and in your "natural state", just bars butches from being allowed to be masculine females, instead of just gender neutral, so no it doesn't count. Then when after a lifetime of getting shit from all sides, she's just a self hating lesbian and it's totally her own fault and she should just suck it up. Such a mystery where it all came from. Even radfems give men more of a break than butch lesbians. After all the misandry is said and done, feminine socialization still hits like a truck and men always get the benefit of doubt (you can see how AGP detrans men are welcomed and supported with open arms, even if they call women cunts, meanwhile detrans butch lesbians are forever treated like gender traitors, unless they sufficiently femme it up). NOT saying you're doing that specifically, but it's a lot more complicated than just "self hating lesbians" and it kinda implies that it's self inflicted. NOT saying that was your intention. The world hated butch lesbians before lesbians hated themselves. Butch lesbians pick looking like boys, because of not being attracted to men and despite everyone saying "hurr durr you want to be a man", most don't, even the trans ones don't. Passing as a boy also requires fewer (permanent) changes than trying to pass as a whole ass man. An elderly person might already mistake you for a boy without you being trans or really putting in any effort. We can also see which males are fawned over by women and it are Kpop dudes, Justin Bieber, boyband members, not Channing Tatum as much.

No. 1213750

File: 1654516723189.png (955.55 KB, 960x777, 1654508507759.png)

pic not rel but anyone else feel way less hungry on slow week-ends? i'm just staying home all day and eating sounds like a hassle. it's already 2 PM and i don't want to force myself to eat a salad because i simply shouldn't be hungry on my me-time. reeee

No. 1213753

I remember struggling with renpys transitions and motion effects until I just said fuck it and animated my logo manually as a video file. So it definitely isn't just a you problem. Maybe check for a video tutorial?

No. 1213775

I'm pretty thin, but have been trying to eat healthier. Yesterday I only had a salad with tuna, homemade vinaigrette dressing, cucumbers, tomatoes, and some olives, and I was full the entire day. The salad was probably a total of 500-600 calories (being generous) and I felt satiated the entire day. Normally I get hungry and eat every 2-3 hours. What black magic is this? I definitely didn't get enough calories or protein, why did my appetite completely nope out after that?

No. 1213818

I can't explain why but I felt the same when I've started a healthy diet; eventually the appetite should go back to relatively normal, starting out though you should make sure you eat smaller portions but at least these three meals a day to fill that bare minimum of calories.

No. 1213830

Is agate pronounced ah-get or a-gate?

No. 1213913

I think it's the tuna

No. 1213916

Ah get

No. 1213921

Kek I asked this before apparently it’s faggot without the f

No. 1213937

Yeah, videos seem to be easier. It's so frustrating though, every tutorial says that it's super simple and easy but it's not. I feel like an absolute idiot, like maybe I'm not seeing something obvious?? Did I forget something?

No. 1213965

Thanks aggots!

No. 1213966

I got permabanned immediately after posting a normal and saged reply. I use a VPN and maybe it was the same IP as a male? It didn't make sense because it was unspecified. I also had to clear my cache/data and then refresh my VPN. It didn't even have any past messages. Just immediately permabanned. Has this happened to anyone else?

No. 1213972

It wasn't your ban, you just got the same IP as someone else. I think at some point VPNs were not allowed, because I've seen ban messages for those before. Maybe that's why there was no ban reason or message.

No. 1213975

I don't use a VPN at home, only in school and I got permabanned on my at home IP for unspecified reasons. Before that, I got banned because a post a moid made with my same home IP. It sucks but I dont blame the mods. Usually you can send them a message and they'll unban you.

No. 1213976

Your vpn either switched ips and you got a banned ip or an anon using the same vpn got banned. I also randomly got permabanned once, I wrote an appeal asking whyyyy and they removed it one week later, lol. Sometimes the site is crazy.

No. 1214024

I think it is popular but not popular enough to make BBLs go out of style

No. 1214032

The KPop boom already happened.

No. 1214035

File: 1654535588271.jpeg (32.57 KB, 451x447, CCE67414-1072-4696-A469-A39780…)

is it just me or is time moving by way too fucking quickly. nothing feels real to me anymore

No. 1214044

Did shayna lose weight? I only visit the gossip boards when I'm really bored but I feel like she looks a bit slimmer than before

No. 1214289

Why do gay men always think that calling a woman ugly is the greatest dunk of all time and the perfect closing statement to any argument. Why are they just as obsessed with the way women look as straight men I do not get it.

No. 1214298

No it isn’t, she’s right kek

No. 1214407

The last MtF thread I kept up with was #42. Have manifesto-chan or kikomi-chan made any recent comebacks?

No. 1214412

Why does my urethra hurts after I fingered myself? Oh god help meeeee

No. 1214415

Because gay men have a very much looks based hierarchy themselves, think of twink death and look up how they are on their grindr or tinder bios. No fats, no blacks, no spice and all that type of shit.

No. 1214419

File: 1654548350975.png (483.73 KB, 1919x893, skills.PNG)

Picrel is what wikia/fandom looks like for me, no matter the page, no matter the wiki. What do? Please help.

No. 1214429

did you wash your hands before and pee after? Skipping either of those can lead to UTIs

No. 1214455

what is a normal amount of hate you should have for your job?
I'm "working" an internship at a kids day camp and I can't stand working with kids, they are so goddamn loud and every second f it im zoning out imagining myself as Andy Dufresne on the beach (though I think kids themselves are ok, 15 of them are a whole different beast). Everyone else i work with is much more enthusiastic but is probably the same amount of burnt-out, judging by my convos with them. I'm working 9 to 7, no pay and I hate it. Drinking liquor because i dont want tomorrow to happen.
Should I quit?

No. 1214458

>did you wash your hands before

No. 1214466

Nta but jesus fucking christ.

No. 1214469

If only you can, you should absolutely quit. Ideally one shouldn't hate their job at all.

No. 1214471

anon no….
pee if you can (flushes bacteria out of the urethra) and then wash gently with water. go to a doctor if you still hurt in a few hours, UTIs can get nasty quick.

No. 1214479


Who the fuck raised some of y'all? A grown woman has to be told to wash her hands before playing in her pussy? Jfc some farmers are worse than the cows when it comes to basic hygiene

No. 1214485

Are you studying to be a teacher or something? That sounds like hell, especially with the no pay part. I think you should quit too. Tbh you really need a special personality in order to stand large amounts of kids. I volunteered at a Pre-K for a semester during college. They're cute, but they're always crying and one of them peed on me.

Hence the only one semester of volunteering.

No. 1214486

You play with your pussy when you piss? Wtf nonna

No. 1214488

I'm not sure where you got that from, honestly.

No. 1214496

So you knew about the peeing part but not about the one to wash hands beforehand?

No. 1214497

How long is omicron supposed to last?

No. 1214513


For my mental sanity I'll assume she didn't know either. But if she did know to pee after sex but not know she's supposed to wash her hands before playing with herself… I want off this planet lol

No. 1214515

File: 1654552653703.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.75 KB, 640x735, b292cf7f8e6a61c7ab90b663abb8bc…)

I'm sorry to post a tweet but it really does apply to lolcow. It's ok though, I understand that some of you are genuine autists.

No. 1214518

You can speedrun it in like 2 hours

No. 1214554

File: 1654554638143.png (479.36 KB, 640x960, unknown.png)

How does this one make you feel

No. 1214555

Nurse, she's out again

No. 1214556

Ayrt, are you ESL anon? No offense to ESL farmers, I'm genuinely confused on how you (and that other anon, if that wasn't you) have such a hard time understanding these posts.

No. 1214568

At the retail store I used to work at, we had a very kind, funny, and patient customer that we helped with an issue. When she came by to do an interview at the store a couple weeks later everyone was thrilled that she applied and she got the job, I assume rather easily. It definitely works if you sense the people there like you. You don't even need to be a loyal frequent customer really but that might not hurt.

No. 1214570

No I'm genuinely asking how the pic makes you feel since it feels similar to yours

No. 1214580

Oooh kek sorry anon. I guess it's true, someone can have bad opinions on the internet but it doesn't necessarily make them a lolcow. Social media makes it so easy for people to spew out whatever comes to mind, but I think even people who post the most dumb shit ever can be normal IRL. I think what makes the people with threads here cows is that they consistently post bullshit and often do embarrassing, or even horrible, things in real life.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, posting bad takes doesn't make someone a lolcow but if a majority of their internet presence is bad takes, then they probably are. I hope this makes sense.

No. 1214583

I get you! Thanks for replying

No. 1214585

My brother and I had it for 7-8 days but the cough lasted for a few more weeks after that. Worst part was the first 4-5 days.

No. 1214669

File: 1654561819570.png (585.27 KB, 295x591, 621E2011-A545-423A-AB87-6866AF…)

Is it true that if you have really high cheekbones and little baby fat/chubby cheeks you age badly? I have really high cheekbones/hollow cheeks and since I started recently working out they became even more prominent. I don’t know if it’s because my family are pointing out more that I’m noticing it or what but it’s annoying me. Everybody used to call me Jigsaw after the jigsaw doll when I was younger because of it and I’m this close to getting violent.

No. 1214674

Maybe I'm confused what high cheekbones means, but I thought it's the opposite (see mads mikkelsen kek)

No. 1214676

you mean actually high cheekbones? like the actual bone being high, not just having plump apple cheeks?

No. 1214679

File: 1654563345474.jpeg (42.6 KB, 416x567, 4FB00D0B-336D-4AB5-9DD0-173B69…)

Mine are kinda like picrel? Like two lines across my cheeks, and they go up like Jigsaw when I smile kek. They’re kinda high yeah.

No. 1214712

File: 1654565781058.png (51.26 KB, 192x192, 42316.png)

What happened with spookybones from kiwifarms? Last I saw, spooky was well-loved mod of the janke threads, only to find out now they've been banned and were secretly a man?

I tried to figure it out from trawling that site but there is so much sockpuppeting and fart huffing that nothing can be discerned from threads there.

No. 1214719

I don't think it's true. Having high cheekbones can prevent your face from collapsing in on itself as you age. Anyway how you age is so subjective I don't think everyone with one trait will age poorly or well, it depends on the whole face/person.

No. 1214763

Anyone remember Kat Stacks? She was a groupie prostitute who exposed rappers. I wonder what happened to her.

No. 1214767

From what I can gather, spooky bones was a man larping as a married woman with 2 kids when in reality he was a junkie and liked prostitutes. I think he was involved in the lolcow discord but idk much about that.

No. 1214768

I remember her, idk what she's up to though. Never paid much attention to her.

No. 1214771

File: 1654572007866.png (96.25 KB, 800x947, Coat of arms of Granada.png)

He has an Lolcow.org page and sperges out there. Onionfarms, too. Basically, he has an interest history of being a junkie, deadbeat, and prostitute fucker for years, classic lolcow shit. He either LARPed as his wife or actually shared his account with her and she was perfectly fine with him being a loser with years of Internet footprint.

Even during the Janke, Spooky wasn't "well-loved" he was just the mod that handled things. Very quickly people got mad about the Discord gay ops he was doing and it eventually came to a head. He was in the LC Discord as well as Elaine's Elite. Also had a failed closed invitation-only girl gossip forum called something like Burn the Book. Good chance he will see this post.

Mostly goes by Regina. Whether it's really just him or he and his equally pathetic wife, I don't know. You'll find all the answers you want on Lolcow.org, Onionfarms, and there are even some threads about the situation on KF if you search for them.

No. 1214777

File: 1654572446176.jpg (19.58 KB, 319x319, A8fdcJz.jpg)

I also have high, prominent cheekbones and sometimes get mistaken for being younger than I am. Like >>1214719 said, it's all up to genetics. IMO high cheekbones can make an older person look very attractive (probably something to do with assortative mating), picrel of Dolores del Río when she was about 60 years old.

No. 1214786

yeah, i've seen people discuss the fact that there were "gay ops" happening in the discord server but I can't figure out what the heck it was. thanks though

No. 1214790

>Mostly goes by Regina
Nta, but does he go by Regina in the LC discord too? I remember someone with that name being a pretty prominent poster there.

No. 1214792

I have no idea about my sexuality. I want to make a tinder profile and put the settings to only get women but put in my bio that I just want to experiment and am not sure about my sexuality yet. To all the lesbian anons, would that be okay? If I disclose it clearly I feel like it's alright, don't know how other women feel about it though (and obviously I would say that I'm not looking for a serious relationship, at least not immediately).

No. 1214794

As long as you disclose you’re unsure of your sexuality and mostly looking to experiment it’s fine.

No. 1214836

this is an additionally retarded question but is it possible to have mid set cheekbones or is that not even a thing

No. 1214845

Nta but I think that Regina was a middle aged woman with kids who just liked drama. There's more info on discordcows thread.

No. 1214922

Why are anons on /g/ are called degenerates?

No. 1214927

Why did I see some scrote’s ban notice when I went to make a reply on here? I checked the IP for the ban and it’s not even in my state. I’m not using a VPN or anything. Sorry I am an absolute cavewoman when it comes to technology.

No. 1214928

read the posts and you'll find out

No. 1214932

because even on lolcow some people uphold women to mysoginistic society standards and any woman talking about anything in a way that is not deemed feminine and moderate enough is considered a degenerate

No. 1214937

Yeah figured as much.

No. 1214947

Blah. Hybristophilia on /g/ is degeneracy, not because it's not feminine enough, but because it's batshit insane.

No. 1214959

ESL here, do the words "witch" and "wizard" not refer to the exact same thing but women, respectively men? Or is this just how they are defined in the Harry Potter series?

No. 1214960

yeah, a witch is a female version of a wizard

No. 1214964

Any burger anons still around at this hour? What does "contract associate" mean in a job title? Like "contract associate graphic designer", how would that be different from just "graphic designer"?

No. 1214965

I know that in Harry Potter witches and wizards are literally the same except for their sex. But in other media lore do witches and wizards make different kinds of magic?

No. 1214978

In my culture's folklore witches and witchers are different from sorceresses and sorcerers and they're just one of many types of magic characters. The male types of both are very rare, magic was a woman's thing. A witch is evil, while a sorceress can do both good and bad with her magic but primarily heals.

No. 1214984

I think it means you would work at that company for x amount of months or days. When I was hired at a school the work contract was for one school year and it specified how many days it would be.

No. 1214987

I see, thank you very much!

No. 1215022

That's the same Regina. Regina = Spookybones
I don't know what's up with him now. Is he/she still in the Discord?

During the height of the Janke shitstorm, Spookybones decided to take "fact finding" off the site. He would have people with potential dirt on Janke go to a special Discord he created for the purpose, and there's a lot that was hidden during that time. There was one especially bad event that really pissed of Null and the user base, when someone was clearly vaguetrolling as Janke and Spooky made a big announcement about it maybe being Janke or maybe being a troll and just kept dripfeeding endless bullshit while everyone on KF started to complain that there were no proofs.

So, people started to complain about Spooky and Spooky was associating with a lot of Janke-adjacent people on Discord, even frequently Jancke herself, and Spooky suddenly tried to change his name to Regina, the same name as the former LCF mod. Since Jancke was trolling on LCF at the time and he knew that Spooky was both unreliable at this point and in direct communication with Bella, he thought Spooky was doing some gayops against LCF, or being some kind of faggy double-agent to troll Bella and cowtip. That was the final straw and Null kicked Spooky/Regina.

No. 1215026

Yeah, in Discworld they're different for example. It all varies by culture/setting.
Sometimes the male equivalent will be like sorcerer or druid or something too.

No. 1215109

Is it really misogynistic to think people with weird fetishes are weird? Some of the anons there have admitted to being into scat, even eating it, some having necro fetishes, and one time there was a whole debate about fucking teenagers. Men into that shit are weird too.

No. 1215162

No, some of the /g/ posters are actually weirdos.

No. 1215164


>Some of the anons there have admitted to being into scat, even eating it

My God, when did /g/ go from hair makeup and skincare advice to fuckin 4chins degeneracy?

No. 1215168

is its possible to go to college and get a degree in something else while also working a 9-5 to job that also requires you to do some work when you are home too?

No. 1215173

Most adults in college work. Doing part time or online school is an option too.

No. 1215180

yes they do work but its part-time as you mentioned as advice. I mean actual adults with grueling jobs that cant afford to do part-time and not the 19 yr olds who work-part time and live with their parents or in a cheap dorm.

No. 1215202

tbf the fetish threads were always like that from the start but yeah..
there were more even long before those posts but can't be assed to look

No. 1215205

Part time school, not work. Electing to go to college as an adult (referring to actual adults not teens/young adults who went to college out of high school) often comes with having to make difficult decisions and compromise. If your grueling job is so inflexible that you can't attend classes, then you won't succeed at school. If your employer will allow you to work alternate hours or if your college offers online courses that follow a "work at your own pace" model its possible, but not easy.

No. 1215208

Don't act like /g/ isn't main target for scrote raids.

No. 1215215

You're making it sound like it's a super common thing or widely accepted but it's not. The one scat anon said she did it when she was young and starved for online attention and that she regretted it, for example.
I don't think /g/ users are that much more degenerate, but it's more that /ot/ users who have done similarly fucked up things or have weird fetishes would never admit to it here, because they know they'll be more harshly judged, whereas on /g/ there are threads specifically to confess those things (that most often they're ashamed of).
Also like >>1215208 said, scrotes do lurk and post there too.

I've also seen "warlock" being used as the male equivalent of witch

No. 1215221

It's worth noting that you can get a good amount of financial assistance as an adult who's attending college for the first time (at least in America). Your experience isn't going to be the "college experience" that young adults have, but if its important to you and you have a concrete end goal (i.e not going for an art degree but a career focused one, especially if your grueling job is already in your field of study) and work with an academic advisor, it's doable.

No. 1215225

True although usually scrote posts get banned or deleted so I'm guessing the posts left alone were from regular users, tbh I can't tell.

No. 1215251

I'm seeing scrote raids way more often on /ot/ than anywhere else

No. 1215252

File: 1654617486268.png (568.56 KB, 768x698, Muslim-Bridal-768x698.png)

Is it acceptable to call things as jewellery oriental? My friend hates me now and is upset. Sorry for the stupid question.

No. 1215263

Personally i think it’s fine. But i see why she’d be upset. The word oriental has a lot of dark history behind it, i don’t see the reason why someone would be upset at their friend for such a reason though.

No. 1215265

I mean if you go purely by the definition of Oriental, it's a correct usage of the word. I didn't know there's a stigma around using that word now.

No. 1215272

When it comes to inanimate objects and even non-human creatures it can be a mixed bag because of the history of it, like that one anon said. Some say it's fine, some say it isn't. Just never, ever use it to describe a human being, it's just not appropriate and it also makes you sound like a racist old man.

No. 1215278

No, it's weird and calls back to an othering ideology. Your friend getting super mad seems like an overreaction, as a south asian woman. Just be specific and that it is Indian bridal jewelry.

No. 1215284

Are Harry Potter books still popular among zoomer/alpha little kids like for millennials

No. 1215292

zoomer yes. I think alot of people are forgetting here that the oldest zoomer is someone born in 1997 so yes it is popular with zommers who are in their 20's or late teens.

No. 1215302

Thank you a lot. I just tried to explain to her what I saw in a store but I have no idea from which country it might be from. I try to be better now.

No. 1215313

Why do I look so much more attractive with freckles or even just a single mole?

No. 1215315

Maybe it's because the freckles/mole draw attention to your face? Or it acts as like, a garnish to a meal (idk how else to put it kek).

No. 1215320

Lmao stfu wanting to suck ugly misogynistic males and having gross fetishes are degenerate and a mental illness, common theme in /g/ most popular threads. I don’t believe all of it though, at least a third of them are lying just to one-up each other.

No. 1215346

lol I can actually kinda see that

No. 1215352

It's not that deep you absolute autismo, stop seething so much

No. 1215397

Yeah women wanting to have sex with men is so fucking disgusting, they should only be attracted to women or everything they do is wrong and bad

No. 1215419

This but unironically

No. 1215464

Yall are making the lesbians look bad with this fragile ew wucky yucky stwaight sex gwoss thing

No. 1215484

kys twitterfag and take your "yall" to the grave with you

No. 1215486

anon i once said the same thing and was told that anons who use y’all are simply from the south kek

No. 1215494

i mean, depends on if it's a regular guy or serial killer/pedo/incel type. at least saville-chan got over her crush, but i don't understand null simps and E;R fans

No. 1215534

Yall is not a twitterfag exclusive and never has been.

How about stop trying to fucking gatekeep what women want to talk about and manipulating them into thinking they should be ashamed for having a sex drive you freak

No. 1215557

>Only twitterfags say y'all
So retarded.

No. 1215582

Keep telling yourself that while the MtF and FtM threads are the fastest moving in /snow/

No. 1215584

File: 1654637299243.jpeg (132.55 KB, 563x549, EC08D261-6910-47FB-9845-54E24C…)

Anyone know how to get scrote cologne smell out of clothes? A relative died, the clothes are otherwise in awesome condition but the scent is so strong, vinegar did help a little but if anynonny has any suggestions, I’d appreciate it!

No. 1215586

What's a good gift for a 3 year old who already has a shitton of (plastic) toys? My girlfriend gave me the task of buying something for her nieces 3rd birthday because she doesn't have time to get anything (the birthday is on saturday) and I'm clueless. She's a girly girl and a brat tbh, but also literally 3. Pls help, I have no idea what's appropriate for that age

No. 1215587

This sounds like he died in these clothes, I inherited his shit and will be selling or keeping the clothes! Thank you

No. 1215608

3 year olds like interactive and sensory things- so maybe a book with different textures like crinkles or fluff on it, but generally picture books that are interactive/sensory/educational are a good idea.

No. 1215609

I'm sorry for your loss anon. Did you try baking soda with the vinegar too? Don't mix it, apply them separately since it defeats the purpose if you don't. Did you do a mix of vinegar and water or just straight vinegar?
I would also try some dish soap like Dawn or Palmolive oxy or ultra strength, if they're available where you live. Anything that is good at getting rid of oil could work.

No. 1215612

File: 1654638500832.jpeg (141.62 KB, 750x973, 1858D125-EA10-4382-9DB4-AF0EBE…)

Consumables. I recommend that stiff foam kids bath soap that comes in a can.

No. 1215615

I work full-time while going to college, and it’s hard. Last semester I would leave for work at 7am, leave by 3pm, go to classes at 4pm, and get home around 8pm. There were two days a week without classes that I would do homework on, and when my professor made assignments due on Saturday I pretty much lost one of my days off. Most of the classes I need for my degree are during the day, so my schedule doesn’t work well with the school. My final grades were good but it felt very mentally exhausting in the final weeks.

No. 1215623

Can I wear maternity pants if I'm not pregnant/fat or will that belly part be loose? They look comfy

No. 1215626

Are you one of the johnlennonfags, ezrafags, ramirezfags or what, who's your husbando

No. 1215637

oh those sound good, thanks nonnas!!
i like the bath foam idea, at least something like that wont sit and collect dust in an overcrowded play area

No. 1215641

No, not at all. I find them explicitly annoying. There’s just been this major uptick in any anon talking about her even most mundane, innocent male-related desires being replied with how disgusting sex with men is. It’s getting ridiculous. How can you claim to be feminists and then try to manipulate a woman-centric board into never talking about the fact that they desire companionship or sex. Fucking weird.

No. 1215653

Are first gen immigrants the first one to move to that country or the first ones to be born in that country?

No. 1215658

Thank you anon, it was expected so it’s not overtly tragic in a way. I tried washing vinegar but the rest I haven’t tried yet because I don’t wanna ruin shit and I’m gonna go shopping tomorrow, I usually avoid harsh stuff like oxianything but some of these are just wow. It feels like a bottle of cologne was dumped on these, i have been wearing a mask because it’s headache inducing.

No. 1215660

first to move. second gen are the first to be born in the new country.

No. 1215673

I'm in my first relationship and my bf saw me naked for the first time. Is it weird that I'm surprised he totally didn't mind I don't shave? I was scared because I read so much about men hating pubes on women but he was just as eager to touch me and said he doesn't care. I also had some small armpits hair and he also didn't care and he was actually caressing my pits and smiling at my embarrased reaction kek. I also want to admit he shaves his armpits and pubes so I thought he would be bothered by my hair. I was so scared of his reaction and I'm still so surprised by the fact he didn't care at all. Do men actually don't care or am I just lucky?

No. 1215678

/g/ is literally filled with threads about attraction to men and even on /ot/ there's plenty of talk about sex with men, I really can't see how discussions about straight sex are being suppressed the way you say they are. Vast majority of women here are attracted to men, a few lesbians making slightly mean jokes about dick being gross is really not that harmful.

No. 1215692


No. 1215699

"try to manipulate a woman-centric board into never talking about the fact that they desire companionship or sex."

You're being overdramatic, the majority of anons on here are straight/bisexual and as a result there are A LOT of threads here that allow those straight/bi anons to express their male-related desires. From BDSM fem-dom threads to boasting about how amazing their boyfriends are.

If anything the anons not allowed to express their desires are lesbian anons because some of the anons larping as radfems here think it's "scrote-like"

No. 1215701

Ah yes, the terrible threat of heterophobia

No. 1215704

Afaik most men don't care at all, the scrotiest of the scrotes I've been with actually liked a full bush

No. 1215705

Congrats your boyfriend is an everyday everyman

No. 1215714

I mean, basically all women in porn shave and basically all scrotes watch porn at some point in their lives so I thought they're heavily conditioned to only get turn on by bare pussies and child like features

No. 1215728

It doesn't necessarily have to be oxy, you just gotta strip those fragrance oils from the clothes. A quick Google search says that spraying the clothes with vodka and letting it dry, or hanging the clothes outside in direct sunlight for a few days until the smell is gone (I guess because it will sunbleach the fragrance) also works. It might take a few washes to get it off, I hope you have some luck though anon!

No. 1215735

do TIM and TIF not mean trans-identified male/female? i have only heard them used in that context but i saw a post by some tranny saying they are short for timothy and tiffany and were invented to to misgender trans people lmao?

No. 1215744

File: 1654645611438.jpg (60.83 KB, 563x839, 43cf11eaf7a90d9f787abe71a41f29…)

> be a bit modern and have red
this maybe ?

No. 1215759

It means trans-identified male/female. That tranny is just on some mentally ill tranny shit as they are wont to be.

No. 1215793

Ime the most normal guys I’ve had a relationship with dont mind pubic hair or find it hot. I’ve found guys who prefer shaved especially to the point where they’ll act grossed out about it are either super immature or creeps. Probably not people worth sleeping with.

No. 1215886

can i finish 4 essays in 3 days?

No. 1215891

Depends on what you have to do and what you've already done, but yes if you budget your time right. Pomodoro that shit and pull an all-nighter if you have to. If you start to lose steam on one then move to another. I believe in you anon!

No. 1215896

File: 1654658766305.jpg (51.6 KB, 800x800, ocstick1574-happy-heart-hr-01-…)

thank you nonnie! it is a diploma level course and i already did research for 1 on them. good idea to switch them around. thanks!!!

No. 1215935

Does soda/carbonation give anyone else back pain? I swear I don't drink it often but I had a little bit of a carbonated drink earlier and I feel like i have trapped gas in my back/kidneys? I think it had to have been from the drink it didn't start till after that. Wtf

No. 1215938

File: 1654662990710.jpg (120 KB, 900x550, the-10-worst-ways-to-die-in-a-…)

Why is it that I don't really think about people who are close to me and with whom I talk to every day but I get borderline obsessed with people I had limited interactions with?

No. 1215954

I am not being dramatic. I’ve been seeing it all over /ot/ specifically the past few months. I know I’m not being over-dramatic because I’m not one of the anon who makes sexually-charged or personal posts but I see how obnoxious it is because whenever I scroll there’s a major increase in anons being told they’re gross or disgusting for wanting sex or companionship with men. If they aren’t replying to the actual posts, they are passive aggressively complaining about them. I’m not referring to the funny banter or begrudging complaints about Danofags or something. Just femcel levels of clownery.

No. 1215955

lol, its so cute he thought your embarrassment was silly.

I'm in my first relationship too and we haven't done anything but I've been meticulously shaving every single day just in case anything happens that day. Your post makes me want to stop…

No. 1215958

Can someone explain the difference between fraternal and identical twins? I keep reading explanations but I still don't get it

No. 1215964

identical twin: one egg is fertilized by one sperm, the fertilized egg then splits in two.
fraternal twin: 2 seperate eggs are fertilized by 2 seperate sperm.

No. 1215972

You’re literally gaslighting lol the straights aren’t fucking oppressed because other straight women shit on you for having zero standards.
Not a real thing. You’re not blending in at all. Fuck off.

No. 1215976

Identical twins are clones, fraternal twins are regular siblings who just happen to be conceived and born are the same time.

No. 1215978

>anons being told they’re gross or disgusting for wanting sex or companionship with men
Link them. Let’s see what you’re talking about.

No. 1215995

>is desperately lusting after shitty men
>calls other women femcels when they don't share the same tastes
Girl what. It's not nasty to wanna fuck a hot dude but wanting to to fuck a man who's ugly as fuck is. Also most nasty comments are also made by straight women who aren't mentally ill enough to simp for ugly dudes.
Literally I've known so many girls who were obsessed with ugly obnoxious men and all of those girls I knew turned out violently mentally ill. No sane woman wants an ugly man.

No. 1216029

it might be a yeast infection from too much sugar in the drink. i get that one sometimes where it feels like i need to pee all the time, my lower back and stomach area are achy, and i get different discharge for a while afterwards. this has happened from sugar free sodas too, i guess my body doesn't like them.

No. 1216112

I drank tonight and just took Norco (I was in a bad car accident). I didn’t think twice before I did it… I’m going to be okay, right? Everything online is like “you’re going to overdose” but I have a hard time believing that seeing first hand what people mix. So again my dumbass question is I’m going to be alright, right ?

No. 1216115

How much did you drink and how much did you take? When you do plan on sleeping?

No. 1216120

I drank two glasses of white rum/juice mix. Last sip was a little over an hour ago. Wasn’t drunk. Took one Norco about 20 minutes ago. I have sleep problems outside of all this and don’t plan on falling asleep for another 3 to 4 hours (3:40 where I am currently).

No. 1216147

Call a doctor or the hospital to be safe, this isn't something you want to risk trusting an anonymous stranger about

No. 1216148

Go to the hospital anon.

No. 1216156

>>1215954 Cope. You’re whoring yourself out to ugly males for free, and you get mad when other women are worried for you. You’re going to come crying at us when your rape-ape gives you chlamydia and your birth control takes away your ability to cum.

No. 1216162

Whats it mean when your wisdom tooth feels anxious? If that makes sense at all. It is like an anxious sensation.

No. 1216165

That does not make any sense at all actually, do you mean like it wiggles a bit?

No. 1216166

No, it doesn't make sense at all. Try again

No. 1216168

Im dumb I meant pressure. It is a bit swollen.

No. 1216171

Can you see it with a mirror and a torchlight? If the gums look red and swollen it might be slightly infected

No. 1216191

You’ll be okay. Calling a doc is very good advice but from what you wrote, you’re not a high risk. Wouldn’t advise doing it again but overdosing takes a lot more than that.

No. 1216267

>take 1/3 antihistamine sleeping pill
>sleep 10 hours, feel like shit all day
>take 1 and 1/3 sleeping pills
>sleep 6 hours and feel fine, can’t go back to sleep even though I really want to

No. 1216328

File: 1654698631912.jpg (12.13 KB, 365x287, EBEZ3PaXoAA0gYT.jpg)

Is this possible to develop a defense mechanism to trauma that makes it look like I have a very watered down social disorder? I understand social cues but I just shut myself in my bubble to attenuate bullying, so I avoid eye contact a lot.

No. 1216354

File: 1654699779276.png (195.9 KB, 703x560, 445.png)

Is it normal for your face on your ID card photo to look entirely different from your face irl? I look 50 pounds overweight in the photo despite being thin irl and dead looking tiny eyes that look the complete opposite in mirrors. It looks like all my features were shrunken on a wide face lol

No. 1216358

Samefag the photo was not taken with a phone either, I forgot what type of camera though. It's the kind used at those places where people get their driver's license. DMV?

No. 1216361

File: 1654700007750.gif (1 MB, 800x800, 6301F0D3-A678-4364-AF93-434960…)

Yes, the focal length of cameras can significantly affect how your face turns out looking.

No. 1216362

theyre lying lmao

No. 1216366

There’s avoidant personality disorder but you could avpd coping tendencies and responses without having the personality disorder.

No. 1216390

Why isn’t anyone making a vent thread

No. 1216393

for the same reason you're not making a new one

No. 1216394

Wojacks it is, then

No. 1216408

Why do I get a weird giddy feeling in my chest when I see beautiful women? When I look at a picture of a really attractive woman I get a weird, excited feeling. I'm kind of autismo and can't identify feelings very well so I can't tell wtf is going on.

No. 1216445

File: 1654705046753.png (260.36 KB, 564x546, B395753E-0B57-416E-8DE5-1A876E…)

So no vent thread

No. 1216448

I lol'd thank you

No. 1216453

Go my sister in consciousness, vent your stressed heart out >>>/ot/1216451

No. 1216475

Nta but who is this? Or where is this picture from?

No. 1216491

Anyone know of an alternative to Pinterest where you can make vision boards?

No. 1216532

File: 1654708816104.jpg (412.93 KB, 1567x1175, 5d41f6370831e.image.jpg)

Why do people in so many parts of the US not lock their doors to their house? I understand that there are places where crime is nearly non existent, or you could live in a gated community with security/cameras/etc, but WHY not just lock your door? It makes me feel so much better to lock my doors, it's like a security blanket. If I was the last person on earth I'd probably still lock my door. I go to my cousins house and they live in a gated community and they once scolded me for locking the front door when I entered the house. They say I shouldn't make their kid worry about crime since it doesn't happen there, and that locking their doors made them feel like they lived in a dangerous place, but I just don't feel that way even remotely. Additionally, I listen to so much true crime where you always hear "they lived in a neighborhood where no one locked their doors", kek.

No. 1216537

I grew up in a house where we didn't lock the doors. We lived in the country and down a really long driveway so we would definitely hear someone crunching down the driveway with their car before we even saw them. When I moved into the city it was weird having to lock my doors and windows. Plus I have a big family so it was lots of coming and going nobody wants to bother with a housekey. It's really just a cultural difference

No. 1216543

I hadn't thought about a big family coming in and out and needing all the keys. It would still give me peace of mind to lock up at night, though. But you're right, it's just a cultural difference.

No. 1216544

It's Yerin Baek according to a google image search.

No. 1216572

Your cousin is a retard, I bet when anything bad happens to people he thinks "well I don't care, it only happens to others and not me!"

No. 1216574

Uh, what are you talking about? Most people I know lock their doors, I was always taught to make sure they're locked at night and we lived in a safe neighborhood. I don't think your cousins mentality is the majority.

No. 1216624

I live in a rural area and I don't lock my doors unless everyone in the house is going out. I never bother to lock the doors at night either. It's very different to when I lived in a city where it wasn't even safe to go outside alone after dark as a woman. Where I am now, I'm statistically more likely to die by being sat on by a cow than by being harmed by another person.

No. 1216626

>live in the country so we don’t lock doors
You guys never saw any horror movie? You’re isolated from your neighbors. It’s even more reason to lock doors. Country people do be wildin.

No. 1216629

Enjoy the psycho clowns entering your house at night

No. 1216632

She didn't say she doesn't lock her doors. Also, the country is safer than the city.

No. 1216634

nta but idk anon if you're on the country side with no neighbours in sight to spot you I don't think locks are going to stop people with ill intent.

No. 1216636

>I never bother to lock the doors at night
Yes she did?

No. 1216644

File: 1654713443285.jpg (117.12 KB, 800x800, 61347__08100.1583618254.jpg)

He is in your walls

No. 1216778

Where can I find a free website where I can upload two photos and create a gif of them blending into one another?

No. 1216866

File: 1654721884425.jpg (48.53 KB, 564x751, 1649950563621.jpg)

Does anybody know the artist?

Also, who are your favorite artists? Big names and instagram ones.

No. 1216868

No. 1216869

Nta, but thank you for that site rec.

No. 1216877

Would anyone humor me in giving mea breakdown of how they use their time on an average day? I am trying to better organize my own time and curious how others' days look

No. 1216881

What do yall enjoy doing when you're home for the day? Like, how do you guys unwind? I usually make a tea and play final fantasy 14 on my laptop.

No. 1216891

Drink tea then go outside, check on my garden, walk some.

No. 1216942

Pop an addy and scroll lolcow for 6 hours. I don’t choose to do this. Sometimes it just happens.

No. 1216952

>guy goes from ugly to actually handsome
Fugg maybe I'm not that ugly?

No. 1216963

Why are summerfags a thing? I don't understand how summertime brings in all these fucking retards.

No. 1216975

Summer vacation, school is almost over so kids have more time to spend here.

No. 1216977

That's when classes end for the college kids and highschoolers. Now they have all the free time in the world to shit up lolcow threads instead of doing homework and studying for tests and shit

No. 1216989

Because they’re stupid

No. 1217094

Is the birds of prey movie as good as the soundtrack?

inb4 I get roasted for my music taste, fuk a duck

No. 1217098

I personally loved it. It’s just the right amount of silly but still very actiony and stylish. And the soundtrack is great.

No. 1217116

Ok anons im a huge night owl and its really hard to stay on morning scheduals to the point I usually work night shift jobs. I have to go somewhere early in 2 days should I stay up a whole day to reset my schedual or take 2 sleeping pills and hope I dont sleep very late? I naturally can sleep 10-15 hours and sometimes through alarms.

No. 1217119

I bought two art prints that are 11"x17". I should buy frames that are also 11"x17" right? Or should I buy something slightly bigger so that it'll have that white edge around the print?

No. 1217128

How do you look at Tumblr search without an account, without the fucking dumbass "whoah there we need more data" uncloseable popup?

No. 1217153

I go to google images and search "site:tumblr.com tagged whatevertag"

No. 1217155

Sleeping pills. Skipping a night of sleep to try and 'reset' doesn't work, you just end up with massive sleep debt.

No. 1217173

It's up to your preference, but personally I only like the look of frame mat edges on smaller photos, so I say get the regular edges

No. 1217216

Is it true that doggy actually hits deeper and feels fuller?

No. 1217224

Thanks nona! The frames I was looking at didn't come with a mat, but the prints I have already have a small white border around them (about half an inch) and they frame the prints themselves nicely. I ended up getting thin 11"x17" frames, I think they'll go nicely with the prints!

No. 1217248

In my experience yes. I can't really enjoy sex unless it's doggy

No. 1217263

File: 1654742628788.png (6.59 MB, 2654x1545, 20220608222856.png)

how do people make collages like this? the way everything is overlapped, the little text, words, and effects, they all kind of look like a bunch of stickers put together or something like that. is there a certain app/program used or is it done the old-fashioned way like photoshop?

No. 1217274

Ugh I want to try it but the thought of someone seeing my anus and ass hairs makes me want to die

No. 1217281

Just do it with the lights off then?

No. 1217282

You can use an app like Picsart to make them, but you need lots of autism too, so you can create the micro-collages that there are. There’s usually lots of “stickers” you can add that are cropped pictures like that plankton or the anime characters, even the hearts and such.

No. 1217283

No. 1217285

File: 1654744083390.jpg (24.68 KB, 612x540, istockphoto-841902682-612x612.…)

I just recently discovered a tiny lump on my throat (located where the red dot is in pic). It's small and when I rub my fingers over it, there is slight pain. It doesn't hurt too bad but I haven't noticed it before. Can any nonas weigh in? Is this normal?

No. 1217287

Samefag; it's not really noticeable at all just looking at my neck, it's just a small lump that stands out only in texture compared to the rest of my neck (when I touch it).

No. 1217288

File: 1654744189391.jpg (39.29 KB, 750x492, twinkle-tush-jewel-cat-butt-hi…)

If only we had such a luxury

No. 1217291

Go to the doctor. wtf

No. 1217292

Kek you're right. Though upon closer inspection I'm pretty certain it's just some fucked up acne. Whoops.

No. 1217295

Sometimes its spontaneous though like when you’re just chilling on the couch

No. 1217296

It could be a lymph node. If it doesn't go down in a few days I would go see a Dr.

No. 1217301

Will never understand people who like fucking with the lights off

No. 1217305

We both have -7.00 vision what is the point

No. 1217306

also nta just thinking aloud

No. 1217318

Sensory deprivation and coyote ugly

No. 1217319

Likely a swollen node. If you have any picked at pimples or a even a toothache, it can cause that, as well as a plethora of other minor sicknesses or infections

No. 1217333

No. 1217338

People you know closely are open books to you. Strangers are people you can project fantasies onto.

No. 1217347

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen someone get away with in school?

No. 1217387

two kids in my econ class in high school shared a bottle of lean on the last day while we were watching a movie then passed out at their desks. the teacher did not notice. once class was over, their friends had to really roughly pull them up to get them out of the classroom. they were okay, though. i also once saw a guy steal an entire bag of jolly ranchers from a teacher by stuffing it under his shirt.

No. 1217390

Two male students literally throwing desks across a classroom because the teacher was a timid boomer lady super nice but probably realized she was in over her head who just let it happen. This was in my senior year of HS in a private school too. She seriously just kept trying to teach while these two were becoming absolutely unhinged with 0 repercussions. I can still hear her voice in my head to this day "M—moid…please settle down continues teaching marine bio"

No. 1217391

In my high school there was a girl who would, during out daily lunch period, go into the bathroom, take a massive shit, use a metric fuckton of toilet paper to wipe, then leave the shit in the toilet and throw the toilet paper on the ground out side of the stalls. She did this for maybe two weeks. There was an assembly with all of the girls in the school to talk about respecting the school property and how to wipe correctly, etc. Afaik, the actual girl never faced any consequences (we all knew who was doing it by the second week kek).

No. 1217392

not even trying to be mean, but was she developmentally disabled or something? Like, what motivates someone normal to do such a thing

No. 1217394

I think she may have been autistic but she didn't seem developmentally disabled or anything. She could have normal conversations and she seemed to function normally. I guess she just went through a weird poop phase or something? No other way to describe it. It was definitely very strange (and gross).

No. 1217395

Both cases in high school
>two girls were reading hentai behind me once and narrating everything and askong each other if they could do the positions in the manga because they were dating. The teacher let us do whatever we wanted for an hour because we had her class for two hours in a row and she was tired
>rich girl wants to go to the bathroom with her phone, another teacher won't let her and keeps her phone on her desk until the girl is done. Problem is, they both have the exact same phone. The girl takes her phone back as soon as she comes back and the teacher tells her no, probably because she took the wrong phone. The girl loses her shit and yells at her, another unrelated girl yells at her to stfu and get out even though she also won't stfu either in class, they start pushing or throwing chairs at each others, everyone films whatever is going on. The teacher just quietly lets the dean take the girl out of the class while the second one gets away with throwing furniture at someone because… because. We just don't know.
>autistic girl having meltdowns and beating up everyone all the time for no reason. She barely got her comeuppance because "she's autistic she can't help it uwu" except it's a prestigious private middle school where the kids were going because their parents wanted them to be as safe and coddled as possible so kek

No. 1217399

As a private school-fag, I had a similar experience. I even saw a boy slap our teacher when we were in primary school and she cried because he was obese and as big as her. Everyone did whatever they wanted and students wouldn't ever listen to any teacher. I remember we also cheated on every exam even in highschool.
Anyways the last part reminded of myself. I also beat a guy up repeatedly because he liked me, I think, and would keep harassing me, following me, trying to talk or touch me, writing his name on my books so it looked like I was the one who liked him while calling me cute. So pretty much getting me angry because that's the only time I wasn't ignoring him. I one day lost it and beat him so bad he got taken to the nurse crying. He deserved it for all the harassment tbh. He was very upset afterwards though but I kept bullying him because I had other issues and it was just a way to let out my anger.

No. 1217401

Are you even old enough to have sex…

No. 1217409

Hey if no one has suggested it please go get your thyroid checked

No. 1217410

samefag but thought of a better one- We had a student who was in all of the most advanced classes, president of the honor society, the whole 9 yards who was extremely well respected by students and teachers alike- and he was found out that he had cheated by using an ipod nano on a wrist strap to access cheat sheets during exams yes I'm old and this was before smart watches as we know them today existed. If I remember correctly he was "kicked out" for like 2 weeks, then just showed back up again one day like nothing happened. I do believe he lost his title as president of the honor society but it was rumored his family basically paid to make it all go away. My HS was pretty corrupt and it wasn't the first time a student who's family had money was allowed to stay after they had done something totally out of line. I totally forgot about the incident until now, but it was the hot lunch table gossip for a while kek. I just looked him up and he appears to be in a pretty high level position so good for him I guess.

No. 1217423

Yeah the thing about the students never listen is true. Only the really charismatic ones managed to make everyone shut up out of fear their report cards would be fucked up because it can influence the universities and schools they can get into later. I was a poorfag who went to middle school on a scholarship until it wasn't enough and my public high school was a very old and prestigious one, so I was studying by myself but the other kids had their own tutors after class thanks to their rich parents so they could afford to ruin lessons for everyone else by yelling and talking in class non stop. That shit made me fail math hard because my first high school math teacher was a quiet, calm newbie and she could barely talk with how noisy everyone was and I never managed to catch up with how tired I was because of health issues and how my own place made studying impossible.

No. 1217437

>This one isn't student related, but had a teacher freak out on a classmate. It was 7th grade and I think it was during religion class. One of the boys was having either allergy related issues or just a runny nose. He would quietly get up and get a tissue. He did this for a bit because he'd use up the tissue fast. Teacher got annoyed, yelled at him, and literally throw the tissue box at him. Me and the rest of the class got dead silent and stared at the teacher. It was bizarre.
>When I was freshmen at a all girl school, a girl I knew who went to the public elementary I did was in my class. My grade had a new English teacher fresh out of university. One day the teacher wanted us to do something and the girl I knew said no. The teacher said okay and we did something else. The girl was able to do this quite a bit during the year. I wonder if the teacher was just tired because we had English in 8th period.

No. 1217440

Why doesn't my Apple pencil work at a tilt anymore? It doesn't draw at all if I slightly angle it and even when it does the tilt sensitivity doesn't work so the brush paints as if I'm holding the pencil straight over the tablet.

No. 1217454

Thank you all for responding with stories, going to read them all now.

The lean boys remind me very much of the scene in ‘Waiting’ when the two bus boys get high off of coolwhip, pass out in the freezer, and hallucinate that they light their boss on fire. Also I stole a bag of candy from one of my teachers in 9th grade, he was an asshole and I don’t regret it. Didn’t even like the candy, just enjoyed seeing how angry he was. Never messed with teachers otherwise, their jobs are hard.

No. 1217456

In middle school there was some moid smearing shit on the stall he would shit in. It escalated to him smearing outside of it on the mirror-sink area. They had a whole announcement about it for the boys.

No. 1217466

I was friends with a really quiet ~*himbo*~ who got held back who just meandere around the halls half asleep. He’d come sit next to me and just fall asleep right on his binder every day. Turns out he was the one going into the bathroom, skeeting all over the brick wall, and leaving it there every single day for months before he was caught.

No. 1217489

I swear to god, this is a universal issue. Everyone I know remembers some boy who would shit on the bathroom floor. Once we had a phantom shitter in the girls locker room, turns out it was a boy sneaking in at recess.

No. 1217492

I opened a can of tuna on monday, is it still ok to eat?

No. 1217493

No. 1217495


No. 1217499


No. 1217521

My high school teacher used to playfully "bully" his students. He said he'd never do it to anyone he thought wouldn't be able to take it. So for me he used to call me by sexual nicknames… hated it but didn't want to be the one person to complain so I never said anything.
Other pranks involved him using a smelly substance in the classroom next door in the middle of their class (they couldn't use the classroom for a few days afterwards due to the smell), him going around during exams looking over students shoulders and laughing as to insinuate they were stupid and wrong, drawing dicks on the whiteboard

No. 1217571

Why don’t i buy oysters harvest their pearls and profit

No. 1217572

That "teacher" sounds like three students in a trenchcoat.

No. 1217582

>he'd never do it to anyone he thought wouldn't be able to take it
>he used to call me by sexual nicknames
And that, everyone, is how you identify a predator

No. 1217596

There was a notice at my workplace that there has been a dataleak due to our excessive use of air conditioning. How…does this work exactly? Wouldn't the hackers only be able to get data of the air conditioner? Or am I missing something?

No. 1217603

How long does it take to feel at home once you move to another place?

No. 1217604

Should I steal some office supplies from work?

No. 1217615

ALWAYS steal from work. Call it a bonus

No. 1217631

File: 1654775833166.jpg (213.45 KB, 935x935, employee-theft_resized.jpg)

Ahhh the answer I wanted to hear, ty

No. 1217661

If it's one of those smart A.Cs that can connect to wifi, a hacker could use it's weak security to access whatever else is on your network

No. 1217676

how did boy band fangirls go from "NOOO JUSTIN ISN'T GAY NOOOO" to "NOOO HARRY ISN'T STRAIGHT NOOOO"? i know rpf including for boy bands has been a thing for a long time, but Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC slash was quite a small and quiet niche back in the day compared to the One Direction or K-pop boy band fujos.

No. 1217731

What is this serial monogamy accusation that farmers enjoy throwing at cows? Are you expected to date only one parter in your lifetime now? Or they simply mean that these cows can't have any meaningful relationship with a moid, so they constantly swap them? But wouldn't it be simply hooking up in that case?
Sorry I don't understand shit about relationships.

No. 1217743

Do it. I have so many binder clips and shit that I steal from work kek.

No. 1217746

As I understand it, serial monogamy is when you repeatedly jump from one serious relationship to the next with little to no time in between. I don’t know how that applies to the cow boards though as I rarely visit them.

No. 1217768

Pls only hard working farmers can reply. I’m an ex-neet so ex neets please don’t give your take unless you actually have become japan-tier hard worker.
Basically I work in a restaurant where people are old and slow. I just do it because it’s easy work that doesn’t stress me out. It happens to be that I have to take their work over because even though I never perform at the speed I can have so I won’t bruise my fingers, get depressed etc.. and rather focus on the quality…I’m still faster than them. Even if my motions look slow. Suddenly this damn deaf grandma asks me if I have adhd just because I talk with my hands (I come from a culture where we do that lol) and she has accused me of being a slow worker even though she literally does nothing. No offense to her but I do all her work. She doesn’t thank me, she just sabotages me. I work as a cook but also I have cleaned all of the dishes as fast as I could. Like…that’s not even my responsibility yet I took it as mine.

Chef and manager are more than satisfied with me. However the old hoes not. Just because I couldn’t do their work in 30 seconds. I don’t get it. Is this normal?

No. 1217787

File: 1654785443581.jpg (62.56 KB, 640x640, aa3aabb609924c84.jpg)

The old fucks have learned to be slow on purpose. Why struggle, they will only then start to demand you work that pace 247. I've heard old construction worker dudes straight up tell young summer temps to slow down or the management will start to demand better performance kekkk. Absolutely based imo. I've always been the super fast worker missing breaks, working overtime, and climbing the corporate ladder. Ended up burning myself out fast, and for what? Nothing, the companies only ever demand more and more from you. Nothing is ever enough.

I'm a serial monogamist, and people dislike it because it often causes a lot of harm to parties involved, espacially if you start looking for the next person before even leaving the previous one. Serial monogamy also often tells you about the person being insecure of being on their own and afraid of abandonment. Take it from me, it's pretty often correct.

No. 1217789

short answer she's a bitch. long answer she thinks you make her look bad by getting so much work done that she wants to make you look bad by saying you don't do enough. probably also hopes you'll take on more of her tasks in an attempt to 'prove' you do a lot, then she can be even more lazy.

No. 1217800

Yeah. I’ll just be assertive in a smart, non-ratchet way because well I know I do my job good and the managers kiss my ass so that’s good enough for me lmfao.
Wish those hoes wouldn’t project this bs on me. I work slow because they are slow, but I still get the minimum done. I have a life outside the restaurant.

No. 1217842

Could someone help me understand as to what nonbinary means? Isn't it just gnc? From what I understand, it's like when you don't really conform with the gender norms of either feminine or masculine but the zoomer sexuality version. Is this right though? Why identify as nb when you can just say gnc though? Sorry for ESL

No. 1217844

i love that pic, cute rat.

No. 1217845

Nonbinary is not like the other girls/boys. They're usually not gnc but feel like they're too straight and white for twitter so call themselves nb to get that spice. Ignore them on sight.

No. 1217846

Because identifying as nonbinary earns you woke social capital on the internet and in the woke irl spaces. If you're just a gnc person, you have ""privilege"" over nonbinary people, who a lot of wokies consider to be transgender. There's also a level of misogyny present with female enbies (I like wearing button ups and having short hair… clearly I am NOT a woman!! Or, a woman can't enjoy the things that I do… clearly I'm not a woman!! Etc.)

No. 1217857

Thank you for the swift replies nonnettas! I don't use social media and my 9 year younger zoomer sister is convinced she's nb, I think, but she can't tell me what it means specifically. She's a good kid, but a little sheltered so I'm worried about her and how she heard that term to begin with

No. 1217860

Monitor her internet usage.

No. 1217868

I say kid out of habit, but she's just turned 17 recently kek. She's not the super "woke" type and we don't really have tranny propaganda in our country or really actually any "woke" type media that's mainstream. I know she's at a good independent age now, but we're pretty close and I don't want her to be confused about her identity, especially at a young age. I blame the internet, really.

No. 1217873

You wrote 9 year old in the last post though?

No. 1217880

I think anon meant that she is nine years older then her younger sister

No. 1217881

I wrote "9 years younger", but maybe it came across wrong? Sorry I meant she was born 9 years after me? Does this make sense sorry about my English..

No. 1217905

File: 1654790167723.png (2.68 MB, 996x705, ddk8uyu-7866f08b-306e-4c2f-93f…)

I looked into it and it clicked on a lot of things thank you so much! I'll def bring that up when I'll go to therapy mfw it's not autism after all

No. 1217916

You're making grandma look obsolete and she knows it.
But please bear in mind what other anons said about your hard work becoming the benchmark. IMO this isn't likely to happen because you are in the restaurant industry and seem to have a good relationship with the leadership that matters–also male leadership in general will go easier on you if you are young and attractive, it's sexism but it benefits you so utilize it. Also it helps to work for a small business where your work is more easily recognized.

This would not go your way in a larger business like an office environment, just a warning.
For one because it's easier for insecure and jealous coworkers to make up putdowns about you to make themselves seem better–this can negatively impact your reputation and set you back regarding promotions and annual reviews. Secondly, because leadership is severely detached from their workforce so if you went above and beyond your job description it would go unnoticed. Lastly, if your hard work was somehow acknowledged, you would be managed in such a way to be manipulated into taking on that extra work as a baseline, penalized when you fall short, and exploited in that they wouldn't adequately staff for headcount because it's easier to have you do the work of four employees minus the pay increase of course!

How do I know? Because I work in an office during the day and then supervise at a second job for a smaller company at night.
Guess which job treats me better.

No. 1218040

File: 1654794277814.jpeg (22.17 KB, 190x281, A02EE49E-3286-4354-AABD-B00C0C…)

Nonas was this documentary what is a woman discussed here? I recently watched it and thought it would fit here perfectly

No. 1218044

File: 1654794402954.jpeg (146.73 KB, 1080x1203, 8174E7BE-A8B3-42F5-8ADC-E6EF01…)

He’s come up in MTF and hidden board. Pic rel

No. 1218051

I just know this man is a rapist.

No. 1218078

i wish somebody kidnaps him, puts a melon in him and then do a c-section to get the melon out without any painkillers so he knows how that hurts. Anybody is free to get inspired just sayin…

No. 1218155

I dislike this person so much. I think it's because his beard is totally black, like it's been dyed that way. He looks like that guy Mary Winstead dumped for Ewan McGregor
Or maybe tweets like this I've seen lmao. I'm not an abortionist either but this isn't helping.

No. 1218168

My upper spine (starting right under my neck ending at my shoulderblades) and shoulders hurt like nobodies business. Anyone got tips/exercises to make it better? It feels like the bones are stuck, like fused together.

No. 1218175

He's more mad at pro abortion women than at the rapists who get women pregnant against their will.

No. 1218180

My knowledge of Matt Walsh comes from only that doc and the Dr Phil debate, and I can say that I would pay money to curbstomp his smug scroteish YouTube ""skeptic"" face. I hate that the doc starts out by stating the opinion that "women are a mystery" which only fuels the neurosexist myth thing further. Also hated that the only alternative to the "gender role conversion therapy for gnc kids" culture in the US and Europe was a literal Maasai tribe where they perform genital mutilation on girls. I get the point he was trying to make - gender theory is western pomo brainrot - but radfems DO have a very lengthy history with the TRA movement, and Matt Walsh didn't include anyone representing radfem views, for reasons you probably know. Untalented moid flooring hard on the road countless ostracized women helped pave, nothing new under the fucking sun these days.
I think supporting Kellie Newgent's org isn't a bad idea, tho, it stands for banning hormone blockers for kids under 18 in the us.

No. 1218328

is corona still a thing? do you still have to take tests/show vaccination certificate to travel by airplane?

No. 1218344

Depends on where you are in the world and where you're going dumbass

No. 1218350

real helpful answer, thanks, rude cunt

No. 1218407

There's literally not enough information in your post to answer your question retard. Where are you going? Are you traveling within your country? Depends on your local regulations. To Italy? No regulations. To Japan? Be prepared to spend your entire trip with a covid guide and a mask on after quarantining. Somewhere else? Who knows, you didn't say where you're taking a plane to. Or just google the covid regulations of your destination, it's not that hard I promise.

No. 1218412

File: 1654800394680.jpg (41.63 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-598135464-612x612.…)

You two rn, ILY anons

No. 1218526

How bad is it to have ants in your room? I found about a dozen of them throughout my day today. A dozen and one, as I found another one while typing this… The only trash can I have in my room is paper trash (and a died flower bouquet) and while I do eat in my room, I take my dishes with me immediately once I leave the room again. I vacuum often, especially the creeks in which dust seems to settle a lot. I accidentally squished one or two ants when taking them out, do I have to be worried about their smell luring in more ants? Could it be they're coming from outside? As long as I'm not sleeping, my window is open, so about eighteen hours a day. I'm going to buy some ant traps tomorrow. How long would it take for me to get rid of them all, when I found so many today already? can they crawl in my ears while i sleep Aaaand I found another one just now.

No. 1218529

I found five more and they're all running towards the cup I'm currently trapping them under, send help

No. 1218531

Anons, I am the same anon who fucked up bf's car and I feel like shit about it. He says it's fine but it still fucking sucks. Makes me sick to the core.
How does one go on searching for parts. I need a specific side mirror and I thought you can just walk into scrap yards and stuff, or call but is that not the case? I'd ask /o/ but they are shit and I would rather kms ty

No. 1218535

really hate that word, also you're in the wrong thread for questions about that

No. 1218537

You’re trapping them under a cup? I’m having ant problems too, I mixed soap and a bit of cayenne pepper and have been spraying them. I read they both work and will cover up their scent trails.

No. 1218539

Going to a funeral for a coworker tomorrow. It's a small office and the lady has always been really sweet and kind to me, so I feel like I should go to pay my respects, even if just for a little bit. Should I bring flowers? Obviously I'll go wearing all black. Anything else I should know?

No. 1218549

File: 1654804883657.png (184.53 KB, 817x587, dress.PNG)

I feel like I should clarify that my coworker isn't the one who died, it was her husband.

Is a dress similar to this inappropriate to wear because of the neckline? I'm very flat chested so there's nothing to see, and the dress I have is a bit more flowy and a longer length (with long sleeves). Would it be ok to wear? It's more of a business casual dress than a night out on the town dress.

No. 1218555

nvm my mother and me searched my room and found a hole in my wall, I'm going to buy two traps tomorrow and place them in the spot they were coming from and running to and hope for the best.
I only trapped them under there temporarily, because I was too lazy to get up literally every two minutes, throwing them from our balcony.

No. 1218560

If you ask if it is inappropriate I assume you wouldn´t feel comfortable in it. What keeps you from wearing a very thin shirt or a crop top underneath it?

No. 1218568

I think if you’re worried about it maybe throw an undershirt on. The dress doesn’t look inappropriate to me and I’ve been to a share of funerals. Flowers are nice but don’t do lilies or roses. Maybe some nice simple daises. Lilies are the death flower and she’s probably seen enough of them.

No. 1218571

I'd wear something underneath it to be safe, it doesn't hurt. You can bring flowers but don't feel obligated if you're not close.

No. 1218572

I've had to host 3 funerals this dress is fine. What isnt fine is when my cousin and his then gf showed up in colorful shirt, shorts, and sneakers. Everyone else came in formal dark dark blue and black clothing. Also this should go without saying but I hate the weird pressure there is for family to give a speech, smile at all, and overall just not feel like a sad zombie. The whole death to funeral service happens so quickly and expensively it's like jet lag you'll be having for months if not up to two years with coping that your family/friend/love is now gone forever

No. 1218579

Nta but why not do roses? Rose has always been associated in my family as a get well and happy flower. Them and a variety of others were at our funerals.

No. 1218582

Funerals are very off base most of the time. They seem to have forgotten they’re for the living to mourn and come together. Not for the dead. It makes me sad.

No. 1218585

i think that is fine, maybe with black tights too? as long as you don't turn up in a mini dress like ariana grande

No. 1218591

what was that kpop imageboard called again?

No. 1218613

Funerals tend to have two types of flowers. Roses or lilies. Lilies are the death flower and are somber.
Roses are the flower of romance and while acceptable the coworkers husband died. IME it’s best to not bring freshly grieving widows roses because you risk reminding them of the deceased. So it’s easier to bring them something simple but happy.
There’s nothing in particular wrong with roses. I tend to be a worry wart and like to avoid accidentally upsetting people.

No. 1218615

No. 1218622

thx nona

No. 1218624

Does anyone have experience getting out of a speeding ticket? I don't want to end up paying 200 dollars because of my retarded mistake

No. 1218633


A black cami under this and some black stockings and you're fine. Maybe as a gift instead of flowers you can get her a gift card to a food place or a nice meal. She might not be eating, but you know her better than me.

No. 1218636

Do you have a ticket clinic in your area?

No. 1218647

How do I get this awful smell out of my leather jacket? I bought it 2nd hand. I've tried spritzing it with diluted vinegar multiple times before and I've also wrapped it into newspaper for a day but neither helped. I still get this overwhelming smell after I come home and enter the room I've been keeping it in, it's not normal leather smell.

No. 1218692

When I used to work with reused leather, we had a massive freezer we left the leather in for a day or two to freshen up. Vinegar and baking soda might not do the trick as it’s not leather only and quite thick, if you can, get a suit bag and toss in the freezer.

No. 1218706

Sounds good, I'm going to try it. Thanks!

No. 1218741

How do I act my age?
I’m 18 and I feel some of my family members think I seem immature for my age. I don’t want to wear makeup (no disrespect to those who chose it), I like baggy clothing, and I have lots of energy, I love parkour and dancing. Don’t date openly either as i am a homo. I think because of the way I dress and act some people think I’m younger.
But I feel like the women of my family want me to wear makeup and want to go shopping with them and be relatable. I’m not trying to nlog here. I just have more male hobbies and interests. I think they want me to act more like a woman.
I feel like if i were a boy i could goof off and not dress up and be supported in my interests. I could be just a person, i don’t have to act like a ‘woman’ from the age of 16, I’m allowed to be messy and enjoy life. You can be a kid for longer. Sometimes I despise the expectations of womanhood. I had friends who i could be like a feral wolf with, all the best weird girls to hang out with, i really miss them. A girl might not be sitting properly and the aunties will disapprove, a boy could set off firecrackers and the family will just laugh.
Anyway i guess i blog posted there, sorry. My question is
>should i try to act my age? If so, how?
>is it wrong to not want to wear makeup and to have lots of energy? Or am i an nlog?

No. 1218754

18 is still young, still a ‘teen’. A late teen but still a teen. Act how you feel, and do what makes you happy. You are so young and can experiment and do what makes you happy anon!

No. 1218765

The only one of these that could feasibly construed as “not acting your age” is the high energy thing, but your phrasing is too unclear to know for sure. Does high energy mean you like to get lots of exercise, explore town, participate in a variety of hobbies? Or does it mean that you’re obnoxious and your behavior grates on people? Etc.

No. 1218773

Do whatever makes you happy, you have the rest of your life to deal with shitty misogynistic gender roles, you're still young and can get away with more anyway. When I was 18 I wish I had done more dumb shit and cared less about pretending to act like an adult. 18 is still extremely young, and most 18 year olds are pretty immature anyway.

No. 1218787

don't u mean unnie

No. 1218789

Yeah, I always want to run, climb up or lift things and explore as I have a lot of energy. I am really popular with small children because I can keep up with their hyperactivity, so I used to be a good babysitter haha
You're right, they are misogynistic. Plus, I want a refund on the years lost to lockdown, so I'm going to enjoy this time regardless of what people think

No. 1218952

why do kids have imaginary friends

No. 1218970

who is rachel?

No. 1218973

idk but this just reminded me that as a kid I tried to force myself to have an imaginary friend. it was the kids from naruto. I made sure I was the only one in my seat so sasuke could sit next to me I only did it for like a day because it was too forced.

No. 1219023

File: 1654821269502.png (11.92 KB, 364x180, fresh meat.png)

literally what is the point of this?

No. 1219033

Why doesn't ShannyForChrist have a thread here?

No. 1219057

File: 1654823328784.png (46.04 KB, 1403x352, 1653477705983.png)

Is an adult woman taking baths with her 9 year old kid weird or not ? I have been arguing about this with my friend for hours now on this topic, I think its fucking weird personally

No. 1219061

I guess no farmers happen to follow her that closely

No. 1219062

Your image name is probably correct, Discord is owned by furry groomers, having a little icon that says you're brand new basically makes finding people to groom easier and more convenient.

No. 1219065

i would agree with you - nine years old is definitely too old for this sort of thing. there's got to be boundaries in place btwn parent n child n idk why celebs often think they're exempt LOL

No. 1219067

As a mom, yeah, I think it's weird too. My son is only 6, but I don't bathe with him anymore. It's about having boundaries. Children need them as they learn about the world.

No. 1219070

Yes it fucking is, a 9 year old boy is about to start puberty, and being that intimate with a young boy like that when they're just starting to develop sexual/romantic feelings is NOT GOOD. How could anyone not see the issue here?

No. 1219071

I like how we had the exact same thoughts on it at the exact same time, anon. lol

No. 1219073

File: 1654823727932.jpeg (6.64 KB, 272x185, nose.jpeg)

What do you think about noses like picrel? It's quite similar to my nose and I've wondered since a long time ago if it's fugly or just okay. It makes me feel so insecure and think that I would look a million times better if I had a nosejob.
Everytime I see the dumbass but persistent "femenine ideal" It saddens me because all those women considered beautiful have small noses. I know it's dumb, but I just feel this constant pressure to fit into the beauty standard, ugh.

No. 1219075

LOL love the hive brain - sending u love nona

No. 1219077

I know they're not the beauty standard but I find large noses on women to be beautiful, most women I've been attracted to have had similar noses. They make a face look regal and defined.

No. 1219079

That really sucks i think she's a decent horrorcow, the fights between her and jason… bleak to think about knowing her sons can probably every word of it

No. 1219083

Super cute. I'd rather see a natural nose in general than the same plastic surgery noses I see all over america and south korea. I'm so tired of seeing shitty nose jobs. they all look the same

No. 1219084

Why is his name Bear? Why is Liam Payne and Cheryl's son also named Bear? Why did at least two celebrity couples think it was a good name for a human baby?

No. 1219089

the same reason why some celebs name their kids Apple or Blue

No. 1219090

Alicia Silverstone is a weird celebmom, like she used to mouthfeed her kid when he was a toddler and now has him on a vegan only diet

No. 1219096

Are there multiple Apples or Blues among celebs though?

No. 1219104

Nonnie oof yikes poc problematic romania
>bleeding in three places
>don’t own medical first aid kit
Can i clean my wounds with hand sanitizer?
Sorry for sperg above, I’ve left my wounds for a while and feel like i should clean it really soon so need help ♥

No. 1219112

I’m samefagging (bleeding anon) but girl pls love that nose. I remember being drawn to this girl and couldn’t put my finger on it, and i remember that it was her strong nose like picrel that was like…la pièce de résistance, the icing on the cake. It was inexplicably cute. If you love yourself, people will catch those vibes and love you too. And you’re worthy of love.

No. 1219136

I wish I could give every woman my ability to not give a fuck about looks. Nonnie it’s boring for everyone to have the same ski slope/button nose, I think this nose looks great, prominent in a good way, and I like drawing these kinds of noses the most, the ridges are interesting and nice to look at.

No. 1219140

vegan only?? Why do parents do this shit? wow, way to malnourish and brain damage your kid.

No. 1219141

What kind of wound is it?

No. 1219142

File: 1654826336347.jpg (5.23 KB, 268x188, download.jpg)

We had this moid who everyone agreed if we lived in the US he'd become a school shooter. Constantly disruptive in class and looked like a sickly victorian child. Greentext to make it easier:
>be sitting next to him in math class
>ESL substitute teacher minding her business
>he starts being disruptive and sperging
>she tells him politely to stop
>he keeps going
>she's getting madder but clearly can't be bothered with him
>I'm sitting there trying to mind my own business but we're sharing a desk
>He continues, she tells him he needs to leave the class room
>"Miss, if you make me leave the classroom I'll stab myself with this pen"
>She is now frozen, unsure what to do because she needs to get him out but he's threatening to harm himself
>tells him they're going to go to the principal
>he keeps up with his threat, I start sweating
>she's telling him he needs to leave
>motherfucker actually does it
>Puts his hand on the desk and stabs himself hard in the arm
>pierces the skin
>I'm too frozen to get up away from the desk
>teacher comes right up and tells him he needs to go
>he gets removed from the classroom, but in the end suffered no repercussions

And I still think about it today

No. 1219144

File: 1654826365523.jpeg (180.87 KB, 1300x878, 587EF796-9522-4456-B133-706E39…)

>They make a face look regal and defined.
Yes! I truly have never understood the fuss over Barbara’s nose, it’s not even big? And I just LOVE the way it looks. Women with big noses I fucking love you!

No. 1219159

Barbara is gorgeous and her nose made her unique, just like Jennifer Grey from Dirty dancing. I was heart broken when I found out she got a nose job. she looks so awful now. Women, please stop getting nose jobs. The ski slope nose does not look right on most faces.

No. 1219167

I skinned my knee, one hand is grazed, the other has a flap of skin where the skin used to be one whole thing.

No. 1219170

File: 1654827331868.jpeg (25.33 KB, 550x550, 1c56f89866e54h323.jpeg)

if big pointy noses are regal then what are big piggy shrek noses

No. 1219185

What do you have on hand that isn't alcohol-based sanitizer? Also, that's going to hurt like a sonofabitch. Washing with soapy water on all 3, let the hand and knee form a scab. The other hand might need to be covered for a little while. Is it bad enough to need stitches?

No. 1219187

No. 1219201

There’s gin in the house. I don’t think I’ll need stitches on my hand. I might buy plasters tomorrow, thank you for your advice nonna

No. 1219234

what's the deal with American movies, and the grown child comes to the parents home to visit, and they have to stay in their old bedroom that's still 100% exactly the same since they moved out for college at 17. is that really a thing? you wouldn't update the decor at all? Never ever visited since you left??

No. 1219235

Moids are such attention whores

No. 1219237

Is /cgl/ dead? There's all these moid and tranny posts there. I stopped going there around covid because who cares about lolita during lockdowns and you can't get packages from Japan. Did they take over that board or something? I don't like seeing the last female board get absorbed by subhumans.

No. 1219238

It depends on how rich your parents are and how autistic you were
If your parents were rich then they wouldn’t change your bedroom after you left, and you’d leave at an early age like 18 to go live in a dorm at college.
If you’re normal or poor then your parents wouldn’t waste any time turning your bedroom into something else, like a room for another sibling who probably had to have a shared bedroom, or a a storage room or even a guest bedroom if they’re fancy
Most of the time it’s another siblings room or a storage room
The old silly decor is mostly a joke but can be real, I have a friend like this who’s room is still covered in Mario toys, it’s not everyone but it’s not unheard of

No. 1219240

That's very much a movie thing. In some homes they'll keep their child's former room somewhat similar to how it was left but not usually like some sort of perfect exhibit of how it was set up their whole childhood kek

No. 1219244

it always just reminds me of the crime shows where the parents of the missing child preserves their room in hope for their return kek.

it makes American parents look very psycho, especially when the grown child is successful and they have a decent relationship otherwise

No. 1219249

kek, hope he succeeds with his next suicide attempt

No. 1219250

Why would that be funny anon? Parents do that out of grief.

No. 1219253

NTA but I think she means its funny that movies make it seem like some normal thing when its not

No. 1219352

kek to the idea of parents with alive successful grown kids preserving the room like they died or disappeared. it's a little absurd.

No. 1219357

File: 1654837505834.jpg (78.27 KB, 775x499, 989a4c95-3a03-4ae5-9fad-aa2455…)

If you live in a state where marijuana isn't legalized but delta 8 is widely and available, and you have to take a drug test and they find THC… could you just say that it's delta 8 (when you've also been smoking weed) and face no repercussions???

No. 1219377

Its not really like that, I don’t think. At most parents will keep the kids room the same while the kid is in college in case they need to come stay at home.
Some parents, especially moms, do suffer from “empty nest syndrome” and get extremely depressed when their kids grow up, and for good reason, considering they probably thought it was their greatest calling in life and now it’s not only over- theyre much lonelier with only their husbands in the house as opposed to a house full of people (their kids)

No. 1219451

File: 1654843237584.png (1.21 MB, 985x889, Capture.PNG)

But really, why can't we have a news thread?

No. 1219460

do they not know that they could… flush?

No. 1219466

>to conceal Putin's ailments
yeah… sure Sergey… whatever I'm still kinkshaming

No. 1219520

Does anyone know how to get a girl to break up with her boyfriend? My sister is moving in with a guy, and I really don't approve of her being in a relationship with a scrote. He's even making her pay half of the rent. I'm afraid she's going to get raped or beaten.

No. 1219526

Low-grade bait.

No. 1219537

We already have “news stories that fuck with you” why don’t you just post it there?

No. 1219539

Why are so many black women radfems/radfems black women?

No. 1219543

Why wouldn't a black woman radfem be a black woman?

No. 1219544

I meant why are so many radfems black women/why are so many black women radfems, I just worded it awkwardly

No. 1219547

I don't really think there are more black radfems, honestly. Whenever I'm in any kind of radfem space there isn't a disproportionate amount of black women. Irl though, a lot of black women think trannies are weird. I think most average women of any race think that though. Sorry I can't answer your question nonna.

No. 1219551

More in online spaces, especially on Reddit, I see a prevalence of black women or posters claiming to be black women in radfem spaces. I don't know why that is, but I see a lot of similarities to lipstick alley and that culture sometimes. I agree that black women are more likely to view trannies (and gays sometimes) as "weird" and that's more the conservative/hypermasculine black culture I think, but then it wouldn't make sense that they'd be radfems then?

No. 1219589

Is dark green a good colour for a couch in a neutral room, and what colour accent pillows would you put on it

No. 1219599

File: 1654854643031.jpg (133.36 KB, 866x1390, modern-scandinavian-living-roo…)

Dark green is a very trendy color in interior design nowadays. What colors exactly are in the rest of the room? If it's warm and beigy I'd probably look for pillows in a similar color/warmth; also what looks good is simple patterns like picrel

No. 1219601

Thank you!
The wall behind the couch is warm beige, there's also some light warm wood tones around, but the rest of the room is a rather drab grey-black-white (which I'm looking to change bit by bit).

No. 1219608

Then I'd definitely go for beiges and warm pastel yellows with some subtle patterning! Sounds like you have a really nice flat nonna

No. 1219614

Is LC actually considered social media?

No. 1219618

All imageboards are social media

No. 1219629

How/Why do a lot of Asian people seem to buy and flaunt designer brands? How do the women stay so small but always post fancy meals? Maybe it’s just the Korean IG accounts I keep seeing but I’ve seen other Asian women make similar posts too

No. 1219634

Is it cultural appropriation and retarded to wear cowboy stuff when you're neither American nor in America?

No. 1219638

Not to sound 'woke' but I wouldn't go so far as to call it cultural appropriation. Westerns are a whole unique genre of fiction. It's more like being a reverse weeb. A westaboo, if you will

No. 1219639

File: 1654858480188.png (708.86 KB, 604x801, larp.PNG)

Made me think of this, is larping as poor americans cultural appropriation? lmao

No. 1219642

On one hand I can see why but it’s so far separated from the likes of instagram and TikTok it’s hard to consider it all the same

No. 1219645

This is fucking hilarious

No. 1219647

Cultural appropriation for the most (I’ll admit there’s some exceptions) is bullshit

But also, cowboys aren’t necessarily exclusive to the USA. Almost every continent has their version; here in Aus I spent years working with ‘drovers’ that are pretty similar.

If you want to put on an akubra hat, get severe sunburn and stain all your clothes with orange soil to LARP you have my permission kek

No. 1219648

I got recommended this just yesterday

No. 1219687

Why do people in warm continents like South America still eat hot meals often? I'm from Western Europe and though I like spicy warm food I'd rather neck myself than eat them on hot days (which is just the regular climate there, I consider 30 C a hot day kek)

No. 1219692

Is there a safe app to track instagram unfollowers? I was using Followmeter but it stopped working about a week ago and am wary to try random ones because it risks a ban. It's too hard to keep track of manually but I seriously hate when people unfollow after being mutuals for so long without removing me as a follower, which is petty but I mean it

No. 1219696

Hot meals / beverages make you sweat more which in turn has a cooling effect

No. 1219705

File: 1654864750310.jpeg (64.86 KB, 484x600, C80EED79-9568-46FF-B2B6-CC50B1…)

What are your least favorite recurring sperges that happen here?
Here are mine:
>fujo vs yumejoshi debates
>lesbian Fujo debates
>eye colour debates that’s just a convoluted way to racebait
>vitriol against butches
>pressuring straight women to become celibate

This is just some of the sperges that I see here sometimes

No. 1219708

I'm pretty sure some anons who bait about those topics look like your pic.

No. 1219719

Any time an anon states their opinion on a cow (especially when it's in a non-cow board) and aggressive cowfags dogpile them and accuse them of being the cow in question. It literally never goes anywhere.

No. 1219721

File: 1654865906277.jpg (75.48 KB, 1112x990, a60.jpg)

>anon finds a random animal/character to avatarfag with and fakes innocent about it when other people get annoyed
>complaining about the thread in the thread (constantly happens in the tinfoil thread)
>cow white knights that start accusing randoms of being jealous or fat (cough venus)
>the sperging about American chocolate and Americans in general randomly pic related

No. 1219722

Are you the lesbophobe anon?

No. 1219723

Why would she be?
>vitriol against butches

No. 1219727

Is there a currency that is inflation proof right now? Which should I convert my money to?

No. 1219729

With what kind of editing program are these made? I've been wanting to make shitty doomette video's for a long time maybe this should go in the confessions thread though kek because I really enjoy these. They seem simple enough too but I don't have a clue about animation, can any nonna tell me how a video like this would be made?

No. 1219731

Because they kept sperging about women not dating men today and kept trying to instigate infighting and samefagging when shit had been finished. As >>>/ot/1219110 said. They only try and make a distinction to avoid being called out while still reeing about not caping for moids on an anonymous forum. Anons would make fun of sex-posi stuff and she would reee that they are polilez and shouldn't shit on men. The anon they reed at were straight kek. They just came off as a moid reeeing about femcels.

No. 1219740

I have a small and straight nose and wish to have a gf with that kind of nose one day. I am sure you are fine nonny.

No. 1219758

I'm not the alleged polilez from the other thread but I'm %99 sure the lesbian hater on this site is the same dykehate-chan who keeps ban evading. She accuses everyone of being a lesbian and the lesbians of wanting to fuck all women, especially her.

No. 1219763

>inb4 it’s secretly Romanianons new arc

No. 1219764

Anons who do retail therapy, what do you buy for yourself? I can't go back to my old copes and I have cash to burn so fuck it

No. 1219765

I would do it in Photoshop and Premiere - first preparation of all the static images in Photoshop + videos; and all the actual animation seems to be nothing more than moving these around. I think if you go through few basic tutorials of Premiere you'll be good to go

No. 1219779

I fucking love noses like this, no joke. So attractive, especially on women.

No. 1219781

Anything about food

No. 1219788

Can someone explain investing/stocks/shares for me? Is it like a passive income where you buy an amount and then it brings in money every month?

No. 1219790

AGREE. They get so uppity and I'm sure they're just memeing to be funny (because they're getting so heated over food!! Lol!!) but it's fucking annoying to see post after post of whole paragraphs of reddit-tier hostile explanations of why oatmeal with almond milk is the only way to make oatmeal. Like damn just hang it tf up already.

No. 1219809

File: 1654870665323.png (35.13 KB, 721x469, share.png)

Once you buy few shares you own shares that are worth a certain amount of money, which is changing with the market. You gain money on them only when you sell them; so for example in case like picrel if you bought 10 shares on May 24th you'd spend 1041 USD (+ some small fee for investing) and if you sell all of them on June 2nd you'll get 1255 USD which means you made 214 USD profit (and there's always some tax taken off the profit). It's risky because you have to know when to sell, but even when you know a lot about market fluctuations and this specific company stockmarket history and so, something unexpected may still happen and you may have to wait for years for any profit if you'll miss the high point or the price will just continue to drop steadily (in which case it's possible you'll lose big part of money you've invested). Hope my explanation is not too convoluted?

No. 1219815

File: 1654870986489.jpg (62.73 KB, 960x720, 1612951319265.jpg)

All of these

Not all of the nonnas opposing the women hating straight women were lesbian haters though, they specifically said they love lesbians / believe the sperg was a polilez (=not an actual lesbian). PLEASE let's not continue this though, I'm just saying not everyone having a different view than you was the same person.

Investing can also mean you give money for a project you believe will make money, and they will in turn give some money back to you. I think some stocks might work this way too but idk, I've just watched Shark Tank kekk, some smarter nonnas can correct.

Thrifting for stupid little knick knacks, clothes, art supplies etc

No. 1219820

Nta, I've always been interested in stocks and the idea of a passive income but I don't have the 100s & 1000s to spend investing and then lose it all kek. Where are the poor person stocks at

No. 1219833

There's plenty of cheaper stocks, I bought shares of a few video game companies when they were worth something around 25-30 USD, if you're feeling brave you can buy shares of a company that just debuted on the stock market because these may be as cheap as $1. But of course that's a huge risk because you dont know if there's any potential of it going up at all.

No. 1219851

Thanks nonna! I hope to get it once I have a job again kek, I need to save my money right now but I applied to a few jobs. Sage 4 blog

No. 1219855

Just pirate it, Adobe doesn't deserve any more money than they already have. Good luck with job search ♥

No. 1219878

Thank you so much anon, I did it, I ordered a custom dark green couch with beige-yellowish rhomboid pattern accent pillows. I am very satisfied, I wish I could show you how awesome it looks but it will arrive IN THREE MONTHS. Oh well

No. 1219891

What do anons think of Temi Danso?

No. 1219910

I don’t like colored pencil art or just portraits of instagram pictures like this. She can emulate a picture sure, but if you look harder at her work it’s sort of wonky and stiff. That’s my personal opinion

No. 1219913

Should I learn Chinese from scratch or should I pick up more Japanese? I love the way Chinese sounds and it's infinitely more useful since I live in a Chinese area but I'm not sure how long that would take. I learned a lot of Japanese as a kid so I cannot forget the language, know a LOT of phrases, and have an impeccable accent. Picking up and understanding new phrases will be easier for me. Unfortunately, I hate weebs. What do nonas?

No. 1219918

Chinese. I think it's just more useful overall.

I'm Chinese but I was raised mainly speaking English and took Japanese lessons as a kid and as an adult so my Japanese is miles better than my canto, but I'm sad that I'm not more fluent in canto, if mainly just so my own life could be a bit easier in my neighborhood because I always get the "you LOOK chinese so why don't you speak it?" shit kek. Mandarin is more useful than canto but my family is canto so if I had a choice to learn I'd always pick canto lol.

No. 1219924

Yeah she doesn't have any love in her art, it's just dead and technical.

No. 1219926

Thanks nona. Yeah my area is 50/50 cantonese (older gen) and mandarin (new gen) speaking so that makes it confusing on which one to learn first!

No. 1219929

Depends on why you want to study a language. First and foremost for fun? Choose what you like best. First and foremost to attain a useful skill? Chinese.

No. 1219932

File: 1654876091377.jpg (11.81 KB, 400x320, 0000852997_kd_lang_20.jpg)

I just really like the look of cowboy butches and I want to be one too

No. 1219937

So cute! Go for it!

No. 1219940

She will never kiss me, why bother living

No. 1219981

File: 1654879357174.jpeg (436.43 KB, 2048x1536, FU05hcbXwAQqMXf.jpeg)

What is this for? Is it a pride thing? If so how?

No. 1219987

it's pronouns. pronouns are queer

No. 1219989

File: 1654880049061.jpg (34.83 KB, 336x338, 1650057132790.jpg)

ayrt. I'm not that anon that speged about lesbians or whatever in the dumbass shit thread

No. 1219990

Chinese is really fun, listening comprehension for me was miles easier than FRENCH which drops so many letters in speaking, the tones in Chinese makes it a bit easier to recognise words. The writing system is hard to pick up but it's rewarding connecting the dots and seeing the logic in the language. I definitely think it's useful. Plus you will understand the characters in Japanese Kanji to a small degree, even if they're not entirely the same. Not a weeb, but I know many of you are weebs here so that may appeal lol

No. 1219994

I like this art

No. 1220001

reading the mtf threads and wtf is an am hole

No. 1220010

Yoshitaka Amano!

No. 1220012

those are actually the only infights i like because they seem less serious than the other ones

No. 1220029

those surgery "vaginas" that moid troons get. most are nsfl and sepsis waiting to happen.

No. 1220034

i see but what does am mean?

No. 1220036

No and no. There's no identity or updoots or followers here, literally the opposite of social media unless simply communicating in itself makes it "social media"

No. 1220044

From what I remember it came out at the same time they started trying to call vaginas front holes (we have urethra in front so that’s medically inaccurate on top of fucked up) and then neovaginas or rot pockets get called AM holes for A ManMade Hole. There was some tranny guide that started it from what I remember like ten plus years ago. I can’t find it now.

No. 1220051

You can't even tell if it's communication.
It could be just one very bored very schizophrenic Anonymous making all the posts here.
Are you sure you don't remember typing this?

No. 1220061

hol up, can people just reply to their own posts on here? feels like the world just opened up

No. 1220065

have you just got here? are you from twitter?

No. 1220066

it came from a popular kiwi farms cow kevin gibes. he’s an AGP coomer so he horny tweets a lot. well one day he tweeted “am hole” (implying he’s a fuck hole basically) and farmers started calling his neovagina his am hole.
his kf thread is a billion pages long but it’s super entertaining. he’s my favorite cow for sure

No. 1220076

no just not schizo enough to think to reply to my own posts, love the idea

No. 1220079

ntayrt but youve never seen a samefag?

No. 1220086

not unless they say 'samefag' i'm pretty bad at recognizing typing styles. didn't realize people replied to themselves on here pretending to be other anons. that's nuts i love it

No. 1220201

File: 1654890371791.jpg (157.61 KB, 1280x960, 19b76a43389h085p6352.jpg)

how come this past year every time i sleep on the right side of my bed i wake up feeling extra depressed, sometimes suicidal for no reason even when i felt fine earlier? it's always consistent so i don't think it's a coincidence, feels like it could be related to the brain? can't always sleep on the left side tho because my arm and leg will hurt after a while

No. 1220330

So did shoeonhead just delete everything or do nonnies just not care about her anymore

No. 1220342

Samefagging is such a common integral concept that there’s no way you aren’t a newfag

No. 1220457

I was gone for a while, wtf happened here while I was gone? Why is every thread 2 months old?

No. 1220464

i'm an american southerner that wears cowboy stuff regularly (assuming you mean like a hat, boots, bolo ties?) and no you'll be fine. anyone that cares too much about that is not anyone you need to concern yourself with. yeehaw on nonners.

No. 1220485

bump her thread then nona

No. 1220495

site got messed up and /g/ was the only board anyone could post on. then when they fixed the site all the old /m/ threads were gone or sth. so people had to make new ones.

No. 1220611

File: 1654911631585.png (1.02 MB, 2012x1230, biceps.png)

Does anyone know how to get an actual working coupon or promo code for Thriftbooks.com? All the sites I try are just worthless. I'm making a huge order and any percentage of saving would be very significant

No. 1220618

No way kek. That's awesome.
Anon, please go for it. I'm a Texan and I find it adorable.

No. 1220620

>missed the bunker threads and Kaitlyn Tiffany
Sad, it was some of the most entertaining lolcow I’ve seen in a long time

No. 1220628

Vore is when you wanna be eaten but what is the opposite, wanting to eat someone? I'm scared, someone close to me implied they have this fetish…

No. 1220644

i thought vore was just enjoying watching people eat other people or wanting to be eaten by someone too? i thought it was both

No. 1220664

What's wanting to eat someone though

No. 1220665


No. 1220752

What are some good gifts for a cat that are small enough to bring in a carry-on luggage? I already got her one of those sticks with pom poms and some bells on the end. Cute bowls? A blanket?

No. 1220764

Foldable or short feather play stick? Catnip or treats in a small container?

No. 1220769

File: 1654932565963.gif (620.75 KB, 440x247, siA7C-2662399349.gif)

Are there any sort of tips or tricks to make having misophonia not as fucking awful. I feel like such an autismo with how certain sounds get me so worked up. I'm not someone who's quick to anger but certain sounds people make honestly want to go apeshit. I feel bad because its usually not the person's fault and the people close to me are understanding enough and try to make their gross, wet mouth noises less noticeable but my fucking ears are still just too sensitive to them. I wish to be unbothered by such things.

No. 1220780

Soundproof headphones at dinner. The ones I have allow the sound of people talking close to me to be heard as a safety feature but I can filter out all background noise. It rules

No. 1220782

File: 1654933385004.gif (1.42 MB, 500x299, 35-6315-765-912268797900809.gi…)

Does anyone else constantly get mistaken for a literal retard irl? Or people thinking something is wrong with you in general. Sometimes I wonder if they're actually right or if it's cause I look a certain way but I don't think I stand out much. I guess I technically do have other issues but not the ones they think.

No. 1220788

What is breadtube and why is it called that?

No. 1220790

Name of the ones you use?

No. 1220814

If they do they don't typically tell me to my face, but I can see it in their body language when I notice it.

No. 1220820

Sweaty anons, which type of antiperspirant works the best, roll-ons, sprays or sticks? And can you recommend brands?

No. 1220826

File: 1654937207890.jpeg (131.08 KB, 1125x1408, 314FA6B9-7747-4EF3-A5AB-6D03CE…)

This one specifically- the crystal roll on- has been the best one in my experience. I’ve tried a bunch of the “heavy duty” deodorants and have found this one to be the most sufficient.

No. 1220892

Growing up I was always a bit shy and awkward but I feel like people around me (friends, classmates) knew that and didn't think I was a full blown tard. Once I got a part time job at a drugstore though, whole other story. A couple of workers, one of them younger than me, treated me like I had some kind of a disability just because I wasn't bubbly and outspoken all of the time I spent working there. The way they'd explain things to me was extremely condescending, coupled with constant infantilizing remarks. Since I was too lazy to talk back I'd just giggle at the shit they'd say and that just perpetuated the cycle. Right before quitting the job I stopped giving a shit and started giving them dirty looks every time they made a dumb comment and they finally left me alone, so lesson learned.

No. 1220900

would you kindly tl;dr me?

No. 1220901

>Be a stupid reporter for the Atlantic with great pieces like how the child sex trade isn’t real at the height of the Epstein stuff.
>Get told to write a piece of Femcels saying they’re as violent and dangerous as incels because men are getting too much heat.
>Post threads on OT, B on crystal.cafe etc
>immediately get roasted, memed, and shit on
>cry and drink and stew about those mean femcel bullies
>write a trash article full of no facts going so they told me to fuck off and femcels aren’t real but LIKE they totally are just trust me!!!
TLDR she a retard and the memes were lit, but her thread should have been deleted like CC so we didn’t get linked.

No. 1220907

I was once told that the person thought that I'm really cool and aloof when she's just met me but when we first spoke she realized I'm actually "really shy and incoherent", I'm pretty sure everyone that has ever interacted with me thinks I'm an autist of some sort.

No. 1220949

Do they hate you now?

I can't relate to everyone's obsession with "aloof" people. I love friendly people. (also NTA)

No. 1220979

It's friend of a friend so I don't really have opportunities to interact with her much, tbh havent seen her since covid. I agree with what you've said, the way she worded it made it sound like "aloof" is… well maybe not a compliment but not an insult, but I felt really bad hearing this, sucks to know I seem like that to some. Would love to be perceived as friendly and approachable but I guess I'm too stressed and retarded in public spaces lmao

No. 1221003

File: 1654952797913.jpeg (129.24 KB, 640x640, 28D5FD76-00D6-4DAE-AA45-85CF5E…)

what does polilez mean? I first thought it mean polyamorous lesbians or lesbian police officers

No. 1221007

What are some artists i can follow to stay in the loop? Like community artists on twitter etc and not professional industry working people

No. 1221009

political lesbians

No. 1221013

Im kinda a hypochondriac that flings into full panic mode when the slightest distress happens to my body. Recently I caught covid and now I am recovering, I think. Anyways I also have the biggest fear of choking. Swallowing pills is a nightmare because I am convinced I will choke and ironically the panic leads me to choking. I have this chunky phlegm stuck near the top of my throat and I cant manage to cough it out because I panic the moment I cant breathe so well because I am terrified at the idea of choking to death so I backtrack. How do I get over it and cough up my nasty ass phlegm? I just want it out.

No. 1221025

>coworker tells me i remind her of her daughter
>aww how sweet!
>turns out daughter is a 13 yo with diagnosed aspergers

listen, i'm just awkward. OK?

No. 1221028

The soundtrack is better than the movie, but the movie is pretty fun

No. 1221065

That's actually incredibly rude.

No. 1221087

What's up with the influx of posts and infighting the past day or two? Summerfags?

No. 1221127

File: 1654960020476.png (375.95 KB, 800x600, tumblr_ouqtdaFaEf1s7rf3bo1_128…)

I'm trying to download a 2GB file (The Sims Complete Collection) and the downloading has already failed once. Why? What can I do?

No. 1221141

Check your Internet connection and try again. If you have Wi-Fi you might try getting an ethernet cable to connect your router to your PC instead for a faster more stable connection, if possible.

No. 1221147

File: 1654960708181.jpg (22.71 KB, 540x404, cvs89xniii861.jpg)

What's the best way to let out feral energy without hurting other people?

No. 1221159

Honestly do good discord servers still exist? I found a lot of people on discord 4 years ago and had a great time now its so hard to make casual online friends. where should i even search??

No. 1221163

Weed and videogames

No. 1221176

They do but none of them are public. I'm only active in three servers (I'm also in other ones but only for emojis and they're all completely muted) and they are already tight-knit groups and we don't get new members very often. Maybe try to befriend people one on one through common interests and when you're close enough your friends can add you in servers they're in?

No. 1221182

Nonna's I used a really old (few years) eyeliner pencil yesterday that I usually don't use and my eyes are red, watery and I can't stop rubbing them. Is this a result of never wearing eye makeup to begin with or is my eyeliner pencil expired? I only use it to put on beauty marks usually and there's nothing wrong with the texture.

No. 1221184

I said "let out", not suppress or support.

No. 1221185

She probably didn't mean it in a rude way.

No. 1221195

Exercise. Find a punching back and go to town on it. Or flip one of those crossfit tires over and over till you can’t anymore.

No. 1221200

Could be either, could also be an allergy to one of the ingredients. Don’t use it again either way.

No. 1221210

Its expired

No. 1221212

Its complicated. Public discord servers are absolute trash and hotbeds of degeneracy. Discord of only okay if youre in a small server with friends. It can still get very ugly drama wise though. The worst part about discord is the constant grooming going on and its near impossible to avoid. Ive even given up on servers that strive to be female only because theres always moids that slip through the cracks or are tolerated by the mods for whatever reason

No. 1221219

>lesbian police officers
kek, i love you anon
I didnt know what i meant either, so I'm glad someone asked.

No. 1221231

Thanks nonna's. Thank god I don't wear eye makeup usually. I thought I'd do something to look hot and this is what I get kek.

No. 1221247

I tried again without the ethernet cable (I'm not at home right now) and luckily it has worked! Thanks, initially I wouldn't have guessed that it could be related to a problem with my wi-fi connection.

No. 1221264

File: 1654964446742.png (111.35 KB, 640x213, Relate genitally.png)

nta but to further explain "political lesbian" doesn't refer to actual lesbians who also happen to be into politics but a specific subset of feminists who think sexuality is inherently political and lesbianism is inherently feminist and all women should become lesbians to be better feminists. because a lot of these women are actually heterosexual they often try to separate lesbianism from actual sexuality and redefine it to make it more about "sisterhood" or something. Picrel is a Mary Daly quote for an egregious example.

No. 1221266

You're welcome and happy Simming!

No. 1221277

File: 1654965189864.png (711.24 KB, 622x843, Capture.PNG)

Is this shirt pretty or nah?

No. 1221284

Exercise 2x. I usually reach for the skipping rope and do 15 minutes

No. 1221286

Its a little dated to me, but it's not terrible. If you like it and can style it then I say go for it.

No. 1221319

and while they have a gender neutral uniform and critique feminine clothes, long hair and make-up, they also hate butches and think we're man-lite who oppress femmes. They don't like it if you try to dress nice while masc, they're against "masculine" hobbies, they're about as obsessed with agreeableness and feminine personalities as JBP, but they also consider it chauvinism when a butch gives another woman a tissue or holds the door open. Polilez nonconformity is very superficial, they project their straight ideas, internalized socialization and past relationships with men onto lesbians and lesbian relationships.

No. 1221323

looks scratchy and stiff, also dated but maybe with other bottoms and styling it could be decent on someone

No. 1221326

kek anon my boss said the same thing to me once, only her daughter was 7, all because my retard-passing ass wanted to know the reason behind performing a task.

No. 1221436

File: 1654971084419.png (1.8 MB, 1194x984, sub-buzz-12680-1496339726-4.pn…)

can someone who uses menstrual cups tell me what it's like? is the upkeep annoying? should i buy several so i can alternate them during my cycle or do you just need one cup?

i'm tired of buying tampons every month. i would look into reusable pads but i hate the feeling of like… sitting in blood. plus i always end up staining my underwear. and don't tell me to just wear ugly granny panties because those are my preferred undies all the time, they're comfy

No. 1221440

I use June cup and I like it. I sterlize it with boiling water every month and it isn't uncomfortable. Once you get the hang of using it (since every woman is different) it's easy to just wear it all day without discomfort. I like how it holds up, even though I am a heavy bleeder days 2-4. I can sleep with it on without wearing about leaks.

No. 1221442

You just need one. Its pretty easy, just you pop it out and rise in in the sink and back in again. Can be left for several hours without worrying about tss. More comfortable than a tampon and easier to place imo, no pulling a dry ass painful cotton wad out of your pussy at the end of your cycle.

As long as you're comfortable with your vagina and not squeamish its pretty easy.

No. 1221446

One is fine. I'm less of a fan than most. I find it a bit of a hassle to clean and change when I'm not home so I use tampons when I'm out, they're just easier and quicker. My regular size also holds less than tampons I find but I guess that depends on what size you buy.

No. 1221452

thank you! i'm not squeamish at all so i'll be fine on that front. i'm near the end of my cycle right now and just had that painful cotton wad experience and was like i straight up can't do this shit anymore

yeah, i was kind of wondering if i could wear it all day during class or work. it's not like i can wash it out in a public bathroom. and if i stay the night at a friend's i might feel weird washing my period blood out in the sink

thank you for the advice anons. i find firsthand experiences a lot more helpful than just googling

No. 1221558

My god, that meme, she's trying to pull a sneaky one on me, isn't she? That's what's going on! It's probably not over yet.

No. 1221564

I tried for a few months and really didnt like it. You rrally have to get your fingers all up in your vagina and it makes me paranoid about having to wash my hands really well first then make sure not to touch anything with that hand in the dirty public restroom. Then you have blood on your fingers. Also, I perceive the pressure against my bladder, it's barely there but I'm never unaware of it. At some point I asked myself why I kept forcing myself to do this. I was trying to save money and not waste resources, but you know what fuck it, I already make more effort than most people I know to avoid single use items and I didnt like the damn thing. I kept it for 2 years after I stopped using it feeling like I would start using it again and just 'need a break right now'. Threw it in the trash a couple weeks ago. Would not consider buying another.

No. 1221574

Not trying to pressure you but there’s also reusable pads, underwear too. They could be difficult if you don’t have access to your own washer though and live in a community. Please if you can afford to only buy cotton tampons and pads that haven’t been bleached. A lot of big companies do things like bleaching the pads with chlorine and it’s near a sensitive membrane.

No. 1221595

I thought about the reusable undies but I've been without a w/d for a couple years. Now I have one though. Still dunno if I would do it because I don't want to gross people out since I don't live alone. I would find it acceptable personally.

No. 1221599

I had a similar nose and got a nosejob, biggest regret. I feel like my big nose balanced my features. Please don't get it done.
I also exclusively find women with bigger noses prettier but only got it done because I was pressed by a family member sad

No. 1221605

Oh god nona, please don't get it done. The women I remember most passing by on the street are the ones that don't have the cookie cutter nose. Everyone is starting to look the same it's all a blur. I genuinely find these noses cute.

No. 1221606

I had period panties once and I bled through them at work. It was traumatizing. Reusable pads also are gross, they're just like reusable diapers, after washing them you can still smell the blood stink on them and they don't last long enough to be worth it. Personally I'd stick with the classic tampon + disposable pads combo, can't beat it.

No. 1221612

Ntayrt but if they still smelled like blood then you didn't clean them properly. I wash mine on the washing machine and they don't smell at all. I used to handwash them at the beginning and it takes longer but the results are pretty much the same with quality soap and warm/hot water.

No. 1221614

Yeah but same thing with reusable diapers, if you wash them too much they start to wear down and don't last as long. Idk they're just not worth it

No. 1221616

>I wash mine on the washing machine
I thought this was about cups and got ready to lecture you kek

No. 1221624

No. 1221700

How do you guys feel about the possibility of all non-cow boards being deleted, like suggested in /meta/?

No. 1221705

That would be shitty because LC is my main source of social interaction and I mostly browse off-topic boards. The cow boards are getting worse now too with shit like Rachel and kiwifags flooding in. It would just become a moid board

No. 1221715

Ironically moids flooding in is the exact reason the non-cow boards want to be removed

No. 1221722

I understand that moids will come here and spam CP and gore and we have to report it, and it sucks. We surely have a few moids in the relationship advice thread too. But surely cow related topics, especially stuff like egirls or those also big on KF would attract more moids here to regularly participate? Seems counter intuitive imo

No. 1221726

Dumb, and especially annoying when the anons who only browse cow boards act like they don't bring in their fair share of trash to this site. Just leave the boards alone, the problem with this site is the moderation and absent admin not any boards.

No. 1221728


No. 1221736

she didn't even fall for it, she knew it was falseflaggers. she's not that dumb. she acted in bad faith from the beginning and lied a shit ton, then used the falseflagging moids as a convenient excuse, pretending they were regular, sane posters when they were demonstrably insane and obviously falseflaggers.

No. 1221737

My bet on falseflagging moid for that one. I will never forgive oldmin for falling for this same shit tactic and actually closing 2X/pp/manhate threads despite the polls obviously showing that the complaints were just 1-3 samefagging trannies. Ever since succeeding with it back then, they try it again every few months with other threads (or in this case boards) that triggered their crippled Y chromosome l.

No. 1221742

I know this is the most obvious conclusion, but I still don't get why.

No. 1221800

We all know about the effects social media like tiktok and instagram have on our attention span, but does listening to music all the time while going have a negative effect, too? Please no "well its not as bad as xyz" because I'm not asking about xyz

No. 1221801

File: 1654988241221.gif (350.64 KB, 500x280, crying.gif)

why is https://archive.wakarimasen.moe/
showing me this gif of a crying anime person? does this mean its down? or

No. 1221803

Oldmin was a pickme who got more offended by trannyhate than misogyny.

No. 1221808

File: 1654988500000.jpg (173.72 KB, 941x1112, Trannyvoicess.jpg)

Is this anon in /meta/ admitting to being a tranny?

No. 1221809

What is this supposed to mean

No. 1221812

Yep, natal woman sounds like something a tranny would say

No. 1221816

What is this website

No. 1221818

No. 1221820

Thos tranny is probably the same one who's trying to get /ot/ shut down, kek.

No. 1221821

there's been a self-admitted troon posting there for the past few days, he came from one of the /snow/ threads

No. 1221822

I'd prefer the off topic boards getting hidden for a month or two, honestly. Such a long time seems drastic, but the site has been unbearable for the past few months, ever since the CP reveal I feel like, and not only because of males posting. Iirc some anons suggested to hide some boards for a while back then, too. I feel like this would weed out a lot of the most recent offenders who come here because lc currently seems to be trendy on both, twitter and tiktok and the Tiffany article.

No. 1221825

it's really not that bad. the CP raids were the worst but other than that, i can deal with the rest. it has been spotty in terms of quality because of these posters for forever. the lack of moderation is the only real issue and if we can't just get more mods, how are they going to implement that?

No. 1221826

Which thread did it come from and what's its name? Could it be the baiter who keeps saying trannies are indistinguishable etc?
Hasn't it always been like that? Getting it hidden means it'll never come back like whatever happened to 2x and this board would die. Don't let that happen.

No. 1221827

That's just going to make them think they won

No. 1221829

It'll mean they really won. Anons should stop being retarded as fuck and playing along male or tranny plans. Don't be like the pickme oldmin.

No. 1221833

>Which thread did it come from and what's its name?
from the rachel thread. sometimes he goes by 'tranny-kun' too

No. 1221834

Wouldn't hiding the boards take the work load off of jannies though? Traffic would slow down even more, but with how everythings going I think that's what they currently would need the most.
That's why I said only a month or two. Just until those who don't know this site and came here from less than desirable places think there's nothing to see here.
I wouldn't mind them thinking they've won if that means they'll back off, if at least for a while.

No. 1221837

Kek isn't he the 30 year old retard who keeps playing roblox obsessively and says it's totally because he's hunting pedos? Sure Jan.

No. 1221840

It'll never come back if it gets removed once. Also why do you want it to be removed so badly? If it triggers you this much just don't come here.

No. 1221859

Yes it is, as if the "at least trannies type like women" hasn't already given it away. I hate men, i really do.

No. 1221860

Yes it is, we've been talking about it in the conspiracy thread.

No. 1221912

File: 1654996116306.jpeg (378.16 KB, 828x1047, A9601646-F209-4302-8E89-D3D3A8…)

what the fuck is a super follower

No. 1221939

File: 1654998037462.jpg (241.11 KB, 828x1024, tumblr_51680de662809b517b0fe89…)

i recently had someone tell me they thought britney spears was british because she looks british, but more specifically, english, to them. this is an english person who said this. am i crazy for not seeing this? anyone can obviously deviate from prescriptive stereotypes and be from a certain area but what do english nonnies think? i don't even know how someone can exist in this world and not know britney is american.

No. 1221946

White Americans and White Brits do not look phenotypically that different from each other to me. Local fashion trends however are a whole another matter. Maybe it's because BRITney?

No. 1221948

Anglos do look pretty similar

No. 1221949

Britney has British grandparents iirc. She is American but looks similar to white britbongs because of this.

No. 1221951

anon if all your recent ancestors are from a small homogenous island and you emigrate to another country and keep breeding with people of similar ancestry, you're going to continue to look similar to your ancestors. she's anglo-american. is it the teeth that are throwing you off?

No. 1221952

Yeah, her Wikipedia page does seem to imply she's mostly Anglo (but also 1/16 Maltese lol)

No. 1221956

only her maternal grandmother was born in the UK. the rest were in louisiana.

No. 1221958

How do I navigate mean girls at work who clearly dislike me because Im making more tips serving? Im not showing off but I think the manager talks about how great my shifts have been to the other servers.
(Ex.last night i made 180 in tips and the server left without the usual small talk during shift exchange)

No. 1221964

Am I a salty bitch if my neighbors right next to me (condo) are having a party at night and are being as noisy as fucking possible? One of the stupid bitches keeps screaming her head off, laughing as loud as possible like a monkey-witch, and constantly swearing like a moron.

No. 1221965

File: 1654999500658.jpg (230.11 KB, 1500x1000, image (2).jpg)

i think it's her skintone. she's always been pretty tan, even moreso than christina. i just don't see britney as having an "english" look necessarily that would look more english than american. billie eilish, i could see, because she's very fair skinned with pinkish undertones.

No. 1221968

Girl what. Not all Americans have British ancestry. Anon's friend sounds like a moron because she doesn't look even remotely British.

No. 1221972

I mean it's the weekend so kind of. Weekend party noise is not a big deal. Some people like to party at home and your neighbors really chose the best possible day of the week to host one.

No. 1221991

>is it the teeth that are throwing you off?
why do Americans keep saying this shit? Do you think we don't know you guys pull your own teeth out because it costs $1000 to get it fixed and you guys make $5 an hour?

No. 1222010

lol americans are simply the masters of deflection

No. 1222013

File: 1655002909930.jpg (62.18 KB, 724x407, 3pq3wDJrFGmKpEGZnVF7XC.jpg)

What kind of dog is this?

No. 1222015

is this not a dachshund?

No. 1222017

That's not a dog, that's male genitalia. What are you smoking, anon.

No. 1222021

Not that knowledgeable of dog breeds but googling them it does seem to be one.

No. 1222022

Fat dachshund.

No. 1222032


No. 1222044

homophobic dog

No. 1222054

Hmm? Did someone call me?

No. 1222064

Yes, I did. You're cute. Continue being homophobic towards your gay owners.

No. 1222067

Fucking kek

No. 1222071

>Not all Americans have British ancestry.
But Britney does, and so do all Anglo-Americans (Anglo means English), which is why they look more similar to British people than white Americans with Eastern European or Iberian ancestry. You don't stop resembling you ancestors just because you're a third or fourth generation American, especially with the way WASPs isolate and reproduce amongst themselves.

No. 1222072

Britney looks german I don’t know what it is

No. 1222074

WOW holy shit I was the one joking about that anon sounding like a tranny. They are so fucking blatant now.

No. 1222077

I'm not a racetard so I'm not going to get into the phenotypes in Britain and why they look they way they look due to their history… but did you know the royal family is German? They only changed their name to Windsor after WWI for obvious reasons.

No. 1222083

Why do men like to brag about having no empathy or emotional intelligence like it’s some sort of badge of honor. It’s very autistic.

No. 1222086

>i'm not a racetard
noooo i'm not either but i just can imagine her in a dirndl kek.
>royal family is german

No. 1222089

File: 1655012403641.jpeg (32.01 KB, 410x395, E0FB8BE2-F947-40EF-9474-6FF0F6…)

Art anons, what's a lifestyle/environment most conducive to productivity? For instance, getting distracted on the internet can be bad if it keeps you from creating art instead, so it would be best to limit time online in that case. What are the ways you keep yourself productive, motivated, and inspired, if any?

No. 1222092

>what environment is best for productivity
Unironically the one where you go to therapy

No. 1222099

Im not sure what you mean exactly but i think i get it. When you can’t draw it’s most likely a mental health issue you’re not considering. I’ve been in denial for the past few years and just treated my art as my therapy. It’s therapeutic sure but not an alternative to neglect your issues and mental health, it’s supposed to be fun. Therapy was a big help to me. When you are clear minded and not stressed you can do everything especially things you love like art. OP can ignore if she doesn’t relate but this is for the troubled artfags with shitty circumstances if you’re reading

No. 1222105

I stopped waiting for an ideal environment to be productive when it comes to art, because then it always comes with excuses to not do things if the conditions aren't perfect. You really just have to fucking do it, choose a time and decide how long, then draw. Don't think about posting it online later, just focus on what you're doing at the moment even if it sucks and push through it. Internet/phone is always more of a distraction than it is helpful, so if I want to reference something I make a save folder so I can turn off my wifi. Also, don't spend so much time finding inspiration/planning something out that you spend too little time on the actual thing.

No. 1222113

kek, I am, but…
This sounds about right. The problem is excuses and finding that balance where you don't drive yourself away from doing it in the end.

No. 1222117

Is it bad if a parent thinks their infant child has a disorder, but doesn't push for a diagnosis because they don't want to "label" the child?

No. 1222125

Idk people with certain diagnoses get treated like shit by school staff and doctors alike so it depends on the disorder I guess

No. 1222128

Depends on the disorder and how uncommon/unmanageable without intervention it is.

No. 1222135

I think so, yes. Without that “label” the child might not be able to access the things that could aid in their development. You can get answers, treat your child appropriately and not turn their diagnosis into their core characteristic.

No. 1222138

File: 1655015987795.jpg (97.28 KB, 771x952, mfw.jpg)

>get chinese takeout
>eat one of their fried chickens
>one bite in and suddenly the taste is super disgusting and kind of strong/weird, tastes nothing like chicken, felt like i was gonna puke
>immediately spit it out
>notice the part i bit is black (not burnt, like a small part of the chicken itself is black inside)
am i going to be ok? this never happened all the other times i ordered it

No. 1222144

samefag i mean part of the meat has an inky color to it. idk if i'm describing right.

No. 1222149

anyone seen this interview? why is she one of us????

No. 1222153

samefag but i meant "one of us" as in farmers

No. 1222171

It's just cheap meat, wont kill you. It sometimes happens in fastfood meals, especially anything involving nuggets.

No. 1222212

It's a 4chan archive site for a bunch of boards, including /biz/, /vp/, /jp/, /gif/ (good riddance) and others.

According to a thread on archived.moe's /talk/, it's maintenance (not sure about this though, but I don't feel like looking through /g/ threads to find a proper explanation). Apparently, it's still archiving images, it's just the frontend that's inaccessible.

No. 1222316

Please forgive me for the possibly gross question.

I found a spider very close to my makeup brushes and now I'm worried they're unsanitary to use if the spider touched them.
I've already ordered some new ones, which I needed anyway, but do you anons think it would be dangerous to use the makeup brushes on myself now?
I'm going somewhere early tomorrow that I wanted to wear makeup to, so I don't think I have the time to clean and dry them. Should I just avoid using them?
It's not the biggest deal and I don't mind going makeupless, but it still sucks.

No. 1222320

Just wash the brush off, spiders aren't that unsanitary

No. 1222321

Do you come from a distant planet?

No. 1222326

Mars, but not that far away. Come over sometime. We can go to the gooliboipot.

No. 1222372

File: 1655039866785.jpg (218.32 KB, 1080x1006, IMG_20220612_161554.jpg)

Anyone else get a rash like this from bras? I wash mine every few days, these were taken fresh off the drying rack when I put them on today. Theres like small pimples on the red skin areas

No. 1222374

So I got prescribed the pill by my gyno to regulate my irregular period. She gave a rundown of how it works but my ADHD brain forgot. My placebo week is coming up, is that when I'm supposed to get my period, right? And what if I don't?

No. 1222380

The "period" you get while on bc isn't a real period. You don't have to have it, just skip it altogether if you want.

No. 1222381

Yeah, I always got this right under my boobs, too.

No. 1222382

It's not from anything infecting your skin, it's from friction/pressure. Maybe the bra is too tight or you're wearing it too often. Try taking it off when you're not in public or loosening it

No. 1222383

ohhh I see. So I won't get it at all? But the placebo pills have to be taken, right?

No. 1222386

You'll get the "period" but it's not your actual period. Bc completely erodes your normal cycle and the period is a culmination of that cycle. You don't have to take the placebo pills, they're nothing and are only there to remind you to take pills again next month.

No. 1222426

File: 1655042122536.png (1.63 MB, 1648x631, same old shit same old fucking…)

Why does this type of youtubers think thumbnails like picrel is ok and not super repetitive and annoying?

No. 1222455

How can I download a Youtube video (a movie) that is age restricted? I can watch it when I sign in, but I want to download it to a USB stick and watch it on my TV instead of the commputer. I tried several 'Download Youtube videos' websites but I get an error message

No. 1222464

the alghorithm loves it anon

No. 1222476

Anon just rinse the brushes under the sink with some dishsoap (if you don't have any proper brush cleaner on hand), doing that once won't hurt them and then dry them on a microfiber towel, that way you can use them tomorrow morning.

No. 1222503

File: 1655044103341.jpg (340.16 KB, 1379x767, simsie.jpg)

oh she's not even the worst offender. I hate the gasping/shocking thumbnails more. pic related. no hate to the youtuber but I will refuse to click on videos with this annoying style of thumbnail.

No. 1222510

FUCKING LILSIMSIE and her sim saves filled with trannies lmao

No. 1222540

File: 1655044734096.jpg (329.81 KB, 1387x745, deligacy.jpg)

lmao is it? I don't even mind trans people to be honest, but that's funny. all I knew was that she gave every family a cat or dog.
anyway, this other one's thumbnails grind my gears too. I know why they do it but not why it fills me with rage.

No. 1222561

This girl is cute who is she, or where is she from?

No. 1222584

>a clear woman

No. 1222604

maybe she refers to youtubers with obnoxious thumbnails in general and not just her? i hope

No. 1222638


No. 1222642

These thumbnails are extremely irritating, but apparently videos with faces in the thumbnail perform better, so I can't blame Youtubers for this

No. 1222689

Well now you ruined it, I got all worked up about a Wrong Opinion and all! Damn you nonna!

No. 1222774

File: 1655051514489.png (1.04 MB, 640x1138, kunzf9go0pu51.png)

Hi girls, got a medical question
>get into trouble two evenings ago
>have to run a long way in the dark for reasons, including hiding on other people's property to avoid getting shanked by said source of danger
>fall and acquire three wounds, and a leg that feels unbendy
>leave them for hours until I've got out of danger, showered etc
>biggest wound i left half heartedly for a day or two before putting a plaster on, but started cleaning recently
>when i woke up today it was covered in green slime and smelled bad. also it stings randomly and has yellow liquid coming from it sometimes, it's quite hot
>i scraped the slime off 'slough', cleaned, and put a plaster back on. hurts quite a bit

Is it infected? Am I going to get sepsis? I am thinking of going to A&E but I have two A level exams on Tuesday and am not waiting around for hours in A&E when I need to study, A&E in England means you will basically have to camp out waiting. So I'm thinking of keeping it clean and then seeing someone on Tuesday, as soon as my exams are over for this week. Is this a good idea? What would you do?

No. 1222776

I wouldn't wait, could you study in A&E? Your health is more important than education anon and that sounds pretty badly infected. Whatever wounded you might've even given you tetanus? You should go to the doctor for sure.

No. 1222779

How do I find my "style"? I love too many types of conflicting looks. I love expensive designer logos, I love the elegant muted preppy look, and I love the scumbag alternative skater look. I dress like a 90s skater kid (baggy jeans n a shirt just with darker clothing) but my accessories are always extremely expensive and never changing. I was lucky enough to obtain a real diamond necklace and a few expensive designer bags so I always sport them, yes even with the skater look lol. I used to invest in muted colored elegant stuff that I could wear to work but I got bored and switched to designer brands with logos and more casual clothing. How can I find my true style?

No. 1222783

You make a valid point. I just feel like…I probably won't die, so I'll see how it is tomorrow and will consider trying to study in A&E.

No. 1222787

How big is the wound? I’m inclined to say you should go to a&e because if sounds like a nasty infection. It probably won’t take very long and they’ll give you antibiotics. Your studies aren’t worth an amputated limb or worse. If you refuse to go to a&e then at least go get some antibiotic ointment over the counter.

No. 1222793

the infected, gunky weepy part of the bigger wound is the size of a tin of vaseline, it's not that big. I already used antiseptic liquid on it after removing the slough, so I think I should be ok. I will take it more seriously now and see if it gets worse.

No. 1222797

Nonna your wound is infected. Very terribly so. Go to the doctor before you get sick. You may need some sort of antibiotic. You don’t want pathogens in your blood. Are there long waiting lists? If so, book an appointment quickly.

No. 1222804

it’s normal for your stomach to make liquid-sounding (like sloshing?) noises when you push on it right?

No. 1222818

Go to a&e and bring your laptop if you want to study or put the notes on your phone.

No. 1222819

Why limit yourself? Enjoy all different kinds of styles if you can afford to.

No. 1222821

Nona this sounds like a bad infection. You're at serious risk.
Besides, if you ignore it you might end up at a&e on your exam day instead. Or mess up your exam because you' re too unwell to concentrate. You definitely should not wait.

No. 1222869

File: 1655056665080.png (488.28 KB, 573x855, 1650392523873.png)

Are my coping mechanism okay, or are they bad long term?
-venting on the internet
-complaining verbally
-crying and then going about my day as normal

No. 1222872

Can anyone recommend me books I can use for drawing reference? Something with a lot of faces

No. 1222881

why don't use pinterest, you know, like a normal person? half joking, but really, there's so much material there.

No. 1222884

no. also you sound underage

No. 1222892

I work in front of a computer all day long and would like a source that is offline so my eyeballs wont fry

No. 1222929

File: 1655059097950.jpg (130.2 KB, 800x1000, Bald_Eagle_Portrait.jpg)

Why are they called bald? They're obviously not bald.

No. 1222933

print the ones you like then, boom!

No. 1222937

Their head is white and their body is brown. It's like they have a pasty bald head lol. They are cool though I like them. They deserve a better name. It's fucked up that people call them bald.

No. 1222938

they just remind me of America and patriotism. they also have a pathetic squeal and have to be dubbed over

No. 1222943

File: 1655059646355.jpg (449.47 KB, 1800x1350, 1800.jpg)

I'm ESL and in my language the literal translation of "bald eagle" refers to a completely different bird, the griffon, which does indeed look closer to bald. The actual bald eagle is called "white-headed eagle" in my language, which can often cause mistranslations between my language and English. American jingoism aside I do think bald eagles are cute and cool.

No. 1222944

They are dubbed with a red tailed hawk's scream. It's funny because when I was little I saw some bald eagles and was extremely confused why their screams sounded pathetic.

No. 1222945

I remember hearing that "bald" meant white in old English but don't quote me on that

No. 1222949

which a-levels are you taking?

No. 1222954

You're right I just googled it kek. I made up my explanation. Still think they should have a cooler name. S'mores eagle or something.

No. 1222955

go to a&e anon, the thought of sepsis scares me. on Eastenders one of the characters cut her back on glass and didn't get it checked and she got sepsis. just go for your peace of mind anon, I would

No. 1222979

Yeah! Sounds like you're good at addressing the pain and then carrying on. I too, hope to live with pain like that. Keeping a dairy was the best choice i ever made but i cba to keep coming back to it

No. 1223003

I was wondering if they're an immature response and if I needed to grow from them. Obviously if there’s a problem you can solve, you should try to seek active solutions, but I’m talking about stuff that you need to deal with/you have no choice over. ‘Crying’ might be a decent self-soothing behaviour if controlled, but it might also be a mix of acting out and adaptive coping, which is a mix of an unhealthy and healthy mechanisms I think. The 'venting' and 'complaining' might be acting out, which are unhealthy, though I think I mix that with adaptive coping too. The idea of sublimation seems alien to me, so I’ll try to keep on working on adaptive coping

No. 1223016

How do you comfort friends about their kids that have health conditions? I really feel for a new friend but it just sounds so hollow when I can't really offer anything when she tells me about how hard things are for her. We're work friends and she lives far away, and she has a really full on schedule. I want to be able to say thoughtful good things instead of things like "aw I'm sorry to hear that" or "hope it turns out well". Life can be so mean

No. 1223020

mate you type incredibly intellectual…i'm guessing you're a troubled genius or something. I like talking to myself in isolated places…hits different. It sounds like you're going through a lot so I would recommend, I always switch language to French though just in case somebody hears me whinging

No. 1223030

What is the social aspect of smoking? How does smoking help you socialize? I see lots of people saying this but I don’t understand. People want to talk to you more when you smoke?

No. 1223039

Nta but I regularly refer to people as they whether male or female it doesn’t have to have anything to do with she/theys so

No. 1223042

You gotta go outside to smoke wherever you are, so you end up meeting other smokers when doing that. People take smoke breaks together. On a night out you end up talking to other smokers when you step outside. And so on. My mom's a lifelong smoker and that's how I always understood it.

No. 1223048

I guess it's kind of the cultural aspect of taking a cig break, as in some people would take a break from work, go outside to smoke and others may tag along and start smoking too at some point. The nicotine rush may also help you relax around other people, bonus point if you're an autist who doesn't know what to do with her hands

No. 1223071

Let's say you're working. A smoke break brings together all the coworkers who smoke and this gives you a chance to all hang out and discuss non-work stuff

No. 1223153

How to resist a very charismatic man? Please I need help asap I can't do this no more

No. 1223157

If all cows were actresses who would play you in a movie?

No. 1223161

Update on manky wound: it tingles very much and my heartbeat has gone irregular n weird. If i die, please put used tampons through the letterboxes of 1) my work manager 2) my enemy 3) whoever designed my maths a level paper 4) every talk show and male podcast host. It was great shitposting with you all. Sayonara maybe.

No. 1223172

Go see a doctor asap so you can be healthy enough to put used tampons in letterboxes yourself.

No. 1223177

It’s 11pm fam but I’m definitely seeing the doctor tomorrow

No. 1223178

nope, go to the ER NOW

No. 1223185


No. 1223192

I second >>1223178 go to ER anon, this is serious

No. 1223199

Thirding, go fucking now. You probably have an infection. You say that you'll go tomorrow, but tomorrow you might be too sick to even get there. ERs and Urgent Care are open 24/7 for a reason. Next time you get a wound please don't half-ass the care. Being lazy about cleaning them is not worth this.

No. 1223201

I specifically have always loved this actress' nose!

No. 1223202

Lol nonas this is bait. No one is this dumb. If its real youre gonna die of sepsis see you in hell

No. 1223218

How the fuck do i delete cemu files on my computer? I downloaded the emulator like a year ago and each time i try to get rid of the files they come back a few days later on my desktop

No. 1223247


Nonny, call 111 before you go to A&E and they basically book you an appointment there and you don't have to wait as long because they have all your info and they're expecting you.

No. 1223269

Who the fuck is “lesbianchan who skinwalks Brendan Fraser” I feel like I cannot keep up with these obscure anon avatarfags

No. 1223275

just check the brendan fraser thread on /g/. tl;dr lesbian anon who wants the same haircut as him and likes that actress who was in The Mummy with him

No. 1223278

samefag, this one

No. 1223330

Got it. Thank you so much for your help. The heart arrhythmia has subsided and I feel kind of high, but i am taking this seriously now

No. 1223352

File: 1655085254520.gif (121.67 KB, 300x300, 3C7EAC28-86D3-4E7F-BCCD-983545…)

If someone only experienced BPD symptoms during romantic relationships, it isn't true BPD, right? I was so unhealthy back then but I was still in my teens and now I've been single for years with minimal social contact in general tbh. If I'm doing alright with no BPD symptoms, just run of the mill depression/anxiety (that's been improving) then could that all have been temporary? Something else? I'm scared if I ever have a relationship again, that they'll resurface. I acted so horrible and ugly. I also wonder if you can have BPD without the extreme scary traits like risk-taking and self-harm. Sometimes I notice myself buttering specific people up in an almost idealizing way that makes me nervous, but I'm just trying to make friends. I try to avoid worrying about diagnoses since anxiety and depression covers everything imo, but for the past few years I've been more human-averse than anything, with little interest in social interaction. That isn't how a person with BPD would feel, right? Unless I'm suppressing everything

Repost because I forgot to add that when I bring up my concerns to my therapist, she says I don't have it. I also had a psych assessment a while back that said I don't have it either. It's just unsettling to me how my experience in those relationships was BPD-ish, it was so scary and I hope I've improved. I never want to bring that pain to anyone again.

No. 1223367

I've used DDG for years but I don't want to use it anymore seeing vidrel. Any browsers left that don't fucking spy on your every move? Or should I just pull a Ted Kaczynski, throw my laptop out the window and move to the countryside spending my days fishing and waiting for my corn to grow?

If it was in your teens I doubt it's BPD. Any 15 year old would be diagnosed with BPD kek, it's why they have an age limit to only diagnose people over 18 (which is still wrong imo, shouldn't it be 23?). The idealizing people is probably a desire for people to like you (thus have more friends and social interaction). Don't be scared to start a new relationship nonna, every teenager is an unmanageable retard and the fact that in your post you can reflect well on your past behavior and not throw some pity party I think says enough. You're fine ♥

No. 1223375

remind yourself that the charismatic man is incapable of being innocent in intention. good luck anon

No. 1223380

>>1223352 nonnie if you were a teen (-20) bpd-lite behaviors are literally normal kek. All teens behave bpd-like, mostly because their frontal lobe isn't developed enough. Bpd is a disorder born of childhood trauma, not something you can catch like a cold. If it was only a thing in your adolescence and your personal history doesn't match up then there is no way. Idealization is also normal especially if you're lonely. A good rule of thumb is that ""normal"" individuals can have 1 or 2 pathological behaviors, that is why criteria of the dsm ask for at least 5 of 9 related symptoms for a bpd diagnosis. You genuinely seem ok, but i think that you need to talk about this particular anxiety of hurting people with your therapist. Good luck ♥

No. 1223387

Thank you nonnies. Idk though because I behaved so erratically and got extremely jealous, paranoid that I was going to lose my bf that was my big fear. The thing I regret the most is that back then my depression was ten times worse and when he was out I got pills and told him how I felt so he rushed back. I feel so fucking sick thinking I behaved that way that tbh I may just be celibate for the rest of my life. I don't think that is normal but like I said I don't have BPD symptoms anymore. It's just, I'm single. And I kinda suspect my mom has a personality disorder that did cause some mild trauma for me, so my childhood's not entirely clean. Seriously hoping it is not the case. If I ever get near that kind of behavior again though, relationship or not I'm backing out and flooring it I'd rather be alone and harmless

No. 1223394

You should face the fact that you fucked up and move on. Luckily you were a teenager so you can brush it off and its not the end of the world

No. 1223396

Nonna please don't stop giving yourself a chance just because. you did stupid things in the past. We all live and learn, we all have our bad qualities. Depression can cause fear of abandonment if that person is the 'light in your life', nothing weird. And I agree with >>1223380 , you should consider talking with your therapist about this fear of hurting people. Thinking about every thing you say, every move you make is no way to live. I hope you one day find more confidence in yourself, you don't sound like a BPDfag at all. You're doing yourself a disservice really, by staying away. I hope you feel better in the future ♥

No. 1223402

I'll take your advice, thanks much nonnas. Next time I see my therapist I'll tell her how it's still bugging me. I also found stuff about "Quiet BPD" which is worrying me since it fits but, ultimately you both are right that I should keep calm and try to move forward. I greatly appreciate your replies

No. 1223417

Did you go to the hospital?? Hope you are alright.

No. 1223420

File: 1655092864438.jpg (297.45 KB, 1908x1146, 40E856CA00000578-0-image-a-19_…)

Do cats with smushed noses (like Persians, British Shorthair and Ragdolls) have it as bad as pugs and bulldogs? I know they have more trouble breathing but non-smushed cats still have short snouts compared to dogs, so I was wondering if the difference between brachycephalic cats and normal cats is as drastic as brachycephalic dogs and normal dogs.

No. 1223492

How can someone be 'bad' at kissing? Maybe I'm lucky, but I've never kissed anyone and thought "wow, they're bad at this" or anything so I never really got it

No. 1223498

File: 1655102544561.jpg (167.66 KB, 800x1090, flat-faced-cats.jpg)

No. 1223500

When should one worry about neurologic function? What I mean is that I feel like the last month, I've gotten tongue-tied - speaking so I have to back up and start over since my words stop because I'm thinking so fast the words escape me , or I forget the name of a regular word. My boyfriend says it's just stress or that I'm noticing it and I've always done it. But idk. It feels new. When is it a problem? I'm only 25.

No. 1223501

Wtf they look horrific. I'm sorry cats

No. 1223504

I think a lot of it depends on what style of kissing people prefer tbh. I was (emphasis on was) once with a moid who would constantly always try to use tongue even in public/situations where it wasn't appropriate and it felt fucking disgusting, and like he didn't know how to kiss respectfully.

No. 1223515

sounds like me when a migraine is looming over or when I'm stressed. I've had that shit since I was a kid though, any changes like that in later ages would freak me out a bit tbh, I'd get it checked out If possible.

No. 1223534

I went on a date with a guy on the weekend and he…pretty much swallowed my face. There was saliva on the tip of my nose. He was doing this thing where he opened his mouth as big as possible (think dentist's visit, lips forming 'O') and then proceeded to wiggle his tongue left and right

No. 1223537

File: 1655107197118.jpg (10.12 KB, 250x166, Alien1979.jpg)

No. 1223538

I'm worried I'm a bad kisser, but then I remember >>1223534 those people exist. I don't like tongue in the first place, so I'm probably okay.

No. 1223568

KEK yeah that's what it felt like

No. 1223610

because i have nothing better to do i started to think about the oddities in the DID lore and what got me confused (in addition to… everything else) was if the alters are conscious about being alters before the host becomes aware of them and the syndrome. like do the alters know they are alters of a specific host? how much do they know about the host? wouldn't it raise suspicion if an alter is fronting while the host isn't conscious and they run into an old friend and they don't recognize said friend? what if you switch seconds before a family dinner and suddenly have no idea who these people are? how is that a "covert" syndrome if everyone and their uncle knows something is off, especially since all the totes real examples of switching i have seen remind me more of being possessed than of dissociating?

please enlighten me if you know enough about the DID lore since this really has started bothering me

No. 1223645

File: 1655120642501.jpg (97.23 KB, 1280x720, clothes-not-getting-clean-wash…)

My washing machine broke in the mid cycle. What the heck do i do with my clothing now? Its all wet

No. 1223648

Press them between towels to remove excess water, don't wring them or twist them or anything though. That sucks

No. 1223649

rinse it out in the tub/sink?

No. 1223739

Do you guys have savings? How much of your salary do/can you save every month?

No. 1223740

yup! i get paid biweekly and at the bare minimum try to save at least $200 every 2wks or $400 a month, but recently been doing a savings challenge to try to maximize how much of my savings I deposit each month just to see how little I can live off of/how much I can save.

No. 1223752

Yes. I make a shit 35k a year but over the years I've managed to scrounge up 10k in savings in my main bank account for emergencies. I have my bank's autosave feature on, and every week $75 gets taken out, split between an external high yield checkings account, an external high yield savings account, and an investment portfolio. The money in the two external accounts is for my little monkey brain who is extremely paranoid kek. I also have 3% of my salary automatically deducted for my 401k. I used to save up a lot more (usually half of each paycheck) but this year has been a little rough. I did max out my roth ira for the year though so not all hope's lost for me.

Autosave is my best friend. I just have it set to the $75 each week for now, but I used to have it set to automatically saving half my paycheck. It's easy to set it and forget it. When I'm a bit more cushioned again I'll probably bump up how much get taken out for savings. I also live at home and don't pay rent which is why I could afford to save such a huge chunk of my paycheck.

No. 1223761

Do all thread request go through the thread pinned in /pt/? Or is that only cow threads? Idk but i really want an MCR Thread to contain my and others emo sperging

No. 1223776

I only get paid about 1400 dollars a month and have 900 dollars with of actual bills/food, and I have to save 200-300 a month for taxes. It’s hard. At least there is usually a little left over after taxes

No. 1223785

If you want a thread for cows in the MCR fandom and do not feel like compiling milk yourself, then you can request a thread in /pt/. If you just want a thread for yourself and fellow farmers to talk about MCR and other emo bands you can just make one in /m/.

No. 1223787

I think it would be nice to have emo bands (fob mcr and patd) general thread in /m

No. 1223788

Then make one.

No. 1223790

I second this! If its made, please let us know!

No. 1223792

Thank you for explaining it!

No. 1223794

I have saved up 10k in around 2 years. I still live at home with my family and work a bullshit warehouse job and I never spend my tax refunds, I just put them straight into savings. i spend far too much on food and I am working on trying to lower it so I can save around 150 every week.

No. 1223804

File: 1655132816330.jpg (55.83 KB, 550x733, Lempicka-2.jpg)

Would you anons be interested in an Extra Income/Finances thread? We could discuss investing, passive income methods, side hustles, etc.

No. 1223809

that art is so beautiful

No. 1223822

File: 1655133834234.jpeg (78.8 KB, 588x1230, 1652920357571.jpeg)

what messaging app is this?

No. 1223824

File: 1655134011912.jpg (40.04 KB, 735x429, 1649164739125.jpg)

Can people see if you visit their twitter repeatedly (while logged in)? If yes, can they also see what country that visitor is from?

No. 1223826

There's a personal finance thread here that I think you can talk about side hustles on instead of making a separate thread for it >>>/ot/734134

No. 1223833

1. Bakeries not in a grocery store usually have old breads at discount
2. If you pass through farming land there's usually veg & fruit carts that are cheaper priced and healthier than store bought
3. Beans can become delicious if you make them with broth from leftover bones & veg and add some ethnic spice mix
4. You can grow some veg like bokchoy/beans/radish/salad/herbs that can grow anywhere are easy to maintain and have a high yield
5. "Undesirable" cuts like fish heads are cheap meat and can be made into a soup
6. Do you buy food from a recipe list and not just what's cheapest?
7. Asian supermarkets have cheap meats
8. Having someone who has a Costco card buy your dried foods helps
9. Some stores have an about to be expired shelf for fruit and veg, you can buy the almost expired apples to make yummy apple pie/tart
Hope those help nonnie

No. 1223847

I think Whatsapp

No. 1223869

That's definitely not whatsapp, it doesn't have icons with every bubble and the name above not below the bubble.

No. 1223876

If two people have a highly processed beige diet but one of them is eating vegetarian options (I can't believe it's not chicken) instead of say real chicken tendies or fish sticks etc.. which works out worse health wise?

No. 1223900

If I had to take a guess, I think the one eating vegetarian options. Both are processed but the vegetarian stuff is like, double processed since it has to be processed from tofu or whatever else into the fake meat. I don't really know though, I think it's just a slight edge over the other kek.

No. 1223926

Ok nonnies please be absolutely honest, should I feel bad for doing (or rather, thinking) the thing I did in my dream? Like, is it right of me to hold myself morally responsible for that? The guilt is eating me away lmao

No. 1223933

No. Your dreams are just random assortments of pictures that your subconscious brain spits back up at you, they have no baring on your real thoughts, opinions or actions.

No. 1223934

God no nonnie, you're fine.

No. 1223939

No especially not if you have trauma or OCD tendencies

No. 1223949

Why are psych students always so completely incompetent at realizing their own behavior? I know a few and they're not stupid. They can analyze others pretty well but are always fucked in the head in some type of way and don't realize it. I'm talking about overlabeling themselves, troonism, extreme/radical beliefs, etc. How can you look at others and tell everything that's wrong with them and why, but not step away from yourself for 5 seconds? You'd think they'd recognize certain behavior patterns in themselves better but I have yet to meet one that isn't worse at it than even the average person. A friend of mine works at a hardware store fulltime and is better at recognizing his own ways better than they are.

No. 1223953

Just wear whatever you want, you're not a cartoon character

No. 1223977

So do the nonnies here just think every woman that has sex with men is a pick me? Do you really expect all straight women to remain celibate?

No. 1223986

No. 1223989

Baits are so tiring, no they're dumb if they have sex while there's an abortion ban.

No. 1224000

Why do mostly gay men get the monkey pox?

No. 1224002

File: 1655142103518.jpg (59.23 KB, 560x564, 1598553501349.jpg)

No, it's some couple unhinged anons and maybe a couple baiters or even moids. Being straight is ok nonna, just be smart and cautious.

No. 1224006

Anal sex has a higher chance of causing micro tears in skin, AIDS and monkey AIDS are blood transferred diseases

No. 1224017

i'm genuinely looking into selling feet pics now and i was wondering if anyone here knows of a good place to get started
there was a video on tiktok before that gave you the low down but it got removed (ofc), but i could really use the extra cash and feet pic are so low effort

No. 1224018

Sticking to one specific style is so boring, make your style as multi-faceted as you are as a person.

No. 1224021

I think there is a sex work thread on /g/

No. 1224026

Make sure you’re confident and dominant. Foot scrotes are pathetic little simps if you make them behave. What kind of content. Pictures or videos and pictures? How much advice do you need anon?

No. 1224034

I hope you're aware you'll have to e-whore yourself out properly to make any money. It's the same with findom shit.

No. 1224038

Do Chinese, Japanese and Korean people really have drastically different phenotypes from each other? Is it really ignorant or even racist not to be able to tell if someone is Chinese, Japanese or Korean based on facial features alone? I cannot even accurately tell if someone is French or Russian or Danish or even my own people (for example) solely based on facial features most of the time and I'm literally European born and raised, does it make me some sort of faceblind autist?

No. 1224054

/soc/ and you may not even have to use your own photos, i used to scam moids on there all the time. just make sure you have an anonymous way to get paid

No. 1224057

Holy shit, for real? BASED

No. 1224062

no, because first of all, asians are much more ethnically mixed than they would want you to believe, second of all, there's such a broad range of characteristics in each of those groups (particularly the Chinese) you would never be able to perfectly tell them all east asians apart based on facial features alone

No. 1224064

Are men encouraged to go to an urologist regularly the same way women are with their gynecologist? Also, what do they even do at urologists? Besides vasectomies.

No. 1224067

Talk about pp not working because he watches too much porn

No. 1224071

Not really, I don't see how you could distinguish them based on phenotype alone when they're closely related. I had a teacher in uni who taught in a Japanese uni before who told me some Korean students born and raised in Japan would sometimes tell him secretly that they're actually Korean and not to tell anyone else because they don't want to suffer from discrimination, so they can hide that just with a simple name change. If you told me you could distinguish between French and British people based on phenotype alone I'd laugh at you all the same tbh. But depending on the age range I'm sure you could distinguish between Koreans and Japanese people based on things like fashion trends.

No. 1224080

>you could distinguish between Koreans and Japanese people based on things like fashion trends
Actually that's how I do it with Europeans and (white) Americans. That also reminds me of that "chav or Slav" game, Anglos in Adidas tracksuits can be mistaken for Slavs.

No. 1224126

>I'm sure you could distinguish between Koreans and Japanese people based on things like fashion trends
Fashion and maybe even make up is the biggest and easiest tell but otherwise it's hard to tell imo.

I work at a Japanese company and one of my coworkers is Chinese, although she moved to Japan when she was 16 and I would've never known if she hadn't said anything. I'm also Chinese but studied in Japan for a little bit and people always thought I was Japanese so I always got confused looks when people realized that I didn't speak the language that well.

No. 1224149

>people always thought I was Japanese so I always got confused looks when people realized that I didn't speak the language that well.
That's not very surprising, they assume anyone by themselves who's Asian in Japan is Japanese. A friend of mine visited Japan for a month and she's Asian, but very dark skinned because of where she's from so she doesn't look Japanese at all but Japanese people legit thought she was one of them and expected her to speak Japanese perfectly. Maybe they thought she was a hafu or something but according to her and another friend that wasn't even the case most of the time. In Japan I had a Taiwanese roommate and she used a Japanese name for herself based on the kanji used in Chinese for her name and I only noticed she wasn't Japanese because of her accent and she confirmed it very soon after we met anyway.

No. 1224218

How am I supposed to refer to my new primary care provider? She's a family nurse practitioner so I guess saying "Dr. __" isn't really appropriate because she isn't technically a doctor? I found her linkedin because I was curious since she seems very young (she's only around 4 years older than me!) and she doesn't have a phd. Should I just say Mrs. ___? Nurse ___?

No. 1224221

Address her in the way that she introduces herself.

No. 1224222

This is wild to me, where I'm from we never tend to use that stuff, if I absolutely must, I just use their last name tbh

No. 1224232

File: 1655152302899.jpg (79.21 KB, 768x734, cat-skulls2-768x734.jpg)

Thank you anon. I guess the difference is pretty big when you look at the skulls. Some of them are pretty awful like picrel. I don't like to call any animals ugly, but I have to have moment of honesty and say I don't understand why people want pets like Persians or Pugs. They go through an immense amount of suffering (especially the ones with tiny nostrils) just because humans want them to have a look that isn't very cute at all. It's very cruel. The only cute brachycephalic pets I can think of are Ragdolls and some Frenchies.

No. 1224357

nonnas, how likely is it to contract hiv or herpes? i've only ever received oral sex and i don't know if the person was possibly infected but now i'm paranoid. i don't remember noticing any major symptoms and i've read that the risk is low but i'm still afraid that it might be asymptomatic

No. 1224366

where's the ugly husbando thread, was there ever one, i need to post

or husbando general, i'm unclean and need to be shamed

No. 1224374

I need an update on sepsis-chan, did you live?

No. 1224380

How do other anons feel about man-titties?

No. 1224384

tbh depends on the areola size
i don't like a man with big areolas

No. 1224385

Disgusting, revolting even, the whole xy thing too.

No. 1224386

they are hideous. next question.

No. 1224389

Is there a secret site out there that lets you warn other women in your or his area of your ex? He's an annoying coomer that is a huge momma's boy. Wouldn't want other women to get trapped.

No. 1224396

Since she only quoted two posts from the first 20 in the thread and she is a lazy good for nothing loser, the sad truth is she probably didn't even spend more than five minutes in the thread. And I hate her for that.

No. 1224410

why does it take a billion years for the shitposting thread to finish loading compared to other threads? i don't think it's the amount of posts cause other big threads load normally.

No. 1224430

Its got the most feds and fed bots lurking and taking down your IP, biometrics, contents of your meme folders being rapidly analyzed. The LOLCOR retarded shitposting thread is the edge of the abyss.

No. 1224431

If you're a government agent for the United Stats of America please consider the following:


If you're from another country, I'll be satisfied with just your self-harming.

Thank you.

No. 1224438

Serious answer: those threads tend to have a higher amount of images than most /ot/ threads. A smaller thread with lots of images loads slower than even a bigger thread that is mostly text.

No. 1224441

What are waifus and husbandos even called in Japanese-language fandom spaces? Do they use the same words?

No. 1224445

I don’t think so, i think it came from fans in general calling their favorite characters husband or wife. Weebs added “o” as a suffix because japanese sounding. Idk if japanese fanbases do the same

No. 1224448

I mostly see japanese people refer to their “oshi”s, which just means favorite character or idol, so not exactly the same, but often seemingly used similarly to husbando or waifu

No. 1224450

Usually I see them use oshi or tantou

No. 1224464

Ancientfag weeb here. Waifu started because of the creepy teacher in azumanga daioh

No. 1224513

I used to see the Japanese word for wife (yome) a lot, but the newer trend is to just use "oshi" like other anons mentioned.

No. 1224561

Does admiring another woman’s beauty make you gay? I’ve been accused of being a les by my sisters for doing so in the past, at least my mom knows I’m straight for the most part.

No. 1224562

Not really, I think you can admire someone's attractiveness without necessarily finding them romantically or sexually attractive.

No. 1224601

I used to draw every day for about 7 years, then stopped completely for a while and somewhat recently (half a year ago) got back into it. I have always used ink with watercolor, never shied away from it except for the occasional acrylic painting (I don't like it much, I use acrylics more for portrait studies than anything), and I'm so bored. I have been watching a lot of animated music videos recently and want to try animating because I'd be able to get my point across better (I make a lot of politics-focused art). I would not know what other medium to switch to, I used to do some digital art using my trackpad but that's just too hard with animation. I want to make animations but the equipment (drawing tablet and animation program) would set me back 100+ euros. Is it worth it? I could try animating with traditional art and it would cost me much less. I can not find many tutorials on this though, neither do I have a scanner or good quality camera so I'm not sure how to approach it.

No. 1224628

File: 1655182668494.jpeg (241.8 KB, 586x849, IMG_9654.jpeg)

How many inches long do these heels look?

No. 1224634

No. 1224698

Go to pick and pull. If he likes cars you could invite him because car guys like the pick and pull. My boyfriend enjoyed it when I tagged along with him.

No. 1224699

What questions could I ask myself to check if I am ready for university? And what could I do to still pursue education, if I've been rejected from the few numerus fixus (no ensured admission) studies I've applied to? What are the alternatives other than junior/community college in the USA? I really really wanted to pursue the studies I applied to. Don't know what to do next but I can't take another gap year.

No. 1224734

File: 1655194772224.jpg (1.3 MB, 857x834, almondeyes.jpg)

I still don't know what the fuck "almond eyes" means. Some say it's distinctly asian eyes, and then some say it's having pointy inner corners, some say it's a rounded inner corner. Picrel is eyes listed as almond vs not-almond. I don't fucking get it.

No. 1224760

How do farmers find other farmers on Instagram based on tiny profile pictures? Do they browse through cow's comments or followed by list (is that even a thing)? Where the fuck do you even start with this lmfao

No. 1224762

File: 1655198115788.png (543.41 KB, 660x645, supergluestick.png)

did anyone else experience during school as a child or teenager, that the male teachers who had a reputation for being the "cool/fun teacher" were actually assholes? or maybe they were just like that to me idk. one of them in particular would get so pissed at me for not speaking up loud enough and yelled at me for it but then went back to acting chipper minutes later. while the regular male teachers seemed sort of nicer or at least neutral.

No. 1224763

I had a cool fun teacher I thought was cool because he wouldn't only let you talk the entire way through his class he'd get involved and gossip too. He was like an old hippy and said he couldn't even remember his age. One day close to exams I was talking and he snapped and went "miss anon, if you keep talking I'll come back there and rape you" I stopped speaking in that class. Everyone was kind of dumbfounded I was 14. He letter got sacked cause he shaved a girls head for charity.

No. 1224784

Where did the name Nigel even come from? Was an anons boyfriend actually called Nigel and that’s how it all started?

No. 1224795

You can give flipbook animations a shot nonna! These are really cheap, you can get a very satisfying result relatively easily and will help you make up your mind on whether this is something you want to pursue further or not; at which point spending money on a tablet / scanner would be more justified. Youtube channel I linked has a lot of great examples what can be done.

No. 1224805

Do you actually need sex to live? A coworker and I were talking about it, I'm a perma virgin so I've never really felt the desire for sex, and she said that it must be important because it's ranked second on that pyramid of needs and that you'd probably go insane without it. I think it's extremely stupid, you don't need sex like you need food or sleep, and if it's all about that dopamine release just masturbating seems fine.

No. 1224807

What the fuck

No. 1224809

You absolutely do not need sex to live

No. 1224812

Imo, you don't. I'm in a happy relationship of 6 years now but I went through longer periods of long distance and frankly sex was the thing I missed the least. I do yearn for physical intimacy of some kind though, but sex isn't a must for me or my boyfriend shockingly enough.

No. 1224815

no but i had atleast 3 male teachers (they all either had girlfriends or were married) who tried to groom me when i was in high school.

No. 1224816

As a sometimes horny sex haver no you do not lmao

No. 1224817

personally i include a part of sex as a orgasm too, and considering how the majority of women dating men never orgasm or get pleasured by their men i think its very weird that they shill sex as the most important thing and judge virgins, almost like they are trying to force other women to also have sad mediocre sex with men just like they do.

No. 1224818

No you don't, however scrotes are a different thing. Because their whole purpose of existing revolves around reproducing, they often go insane without sex. They are terminal coomers.

>sex isn't a must for me or my boyfriend
>my boyfriend
I guess he jacks off to porn very often.

No. 1224819

I had one who basically gave me an assigned table of cool kids and let their verbal harassment continue until my mom called the school to directly tell him I needed a new table. Had one who gave extra credit to his favorites for "spirit week" aka dressing up in a theme so even though I took the effort of wearing 50s style he tried to say it wasnt good enough while a guy in a white tank top with jeans not caring got the full 50 points as a greaser. Had another in his 50s-60s that blurted out his political beliefs and was fine with saying every slur for history lessons but was regarded as a cool hippie guy. He was a government teacher.

No. 1224820

Yes and no. There's definitely something wrong with you if you don't get a desire for sex, simply because it's a natural part of going through puberty and becoming an adult. Our biology as humans is intended to reproduce. If you're healthy, you're going to become horny. Health is related to a lot of things, so it's not inexplicable that people nowadays would experience no desire for sex. But it's definitely unhealthy and abnormal.

No. 1224822

>There's definitely something wrong with you if you don't get a desire for sex

Please stop with this bullshit.

No. 1224823

>I guess he jacks off to porn very often.
Most likely yes, but there ARE asexual men too. Very few of them, but they do exist.

I see asexuality as a biological "error", same as homosexuality. Are you the same anon that was on the Finnish thread calling asexuality a mental illness? Some tumblr asexuals are annoying as fuck but not fucking anyone is perfectly ok.

No. 1224833

This post kinda smells like balls nonnas

No. 1224835

Eh, could be but they can also be just stupid

No. 1224836

…are you trying to say that being lesbian is an "error"?

No. 1224837

I agree. It's basically a health issue. It's not harmful per se at all, but whatever caused it (hormonal disbalance, unhealthy habits etc) should probably be addressed.

No. 1224845

NTA, I agree with you anons too that asexuality definitely seems like a dysfunction but given it's so harmless to the outside word, unless it's interfering with the person's wellbeing (as in, being part of other mental issues, trauma ond so on), people shouldn't feel the need or be encouraged to address and/or heal it.

No. 1224848

It's just a symptom anyway. What should be addressed are the underlying causes.

No. 1224853

File: 1655207605198.png (3.25 MB, 1996x2382, create-photo-album-2.png)

Do you guys ever look back at the photos you've taken with your phone?

No. 1224854

Most things that cause asexuality/low libido are associated with bad health, like depression, malnourishment, thyroid dysfunction, or basically any other physical illness that exhausts your body. On the contrary, becoming healthier, with balanced hormones, nourished body, energised, almost always leads to higher libido. It just makes sense biologically. If you're a human being with no desire to reproduce, which has allowed us to survive and evolve since the very beginning of our existence, then there is something unhealthy about you causing it. It's just extremely common to be unhealthy nowadays, that it isn't strange or out of the ordinary. I wouldn't shame anyone for it because it usually isn't the individuals fault. But it's not true to act like it's just part of being a healthy human.

No. 1224855

I don't take photos.
I wanna be in Dubrovnik now

No. 1224860

I dont agree only because I think society in general is so hypersexualized that asexuality would only be a natural reaction to that for a good portion of people. Weve been conditioned and exposed to sexual content since we were all children.. I've only known less than a handful of asexual people and when I started asking them questions about it, it really comes across as almost an aversion to our sex crazed society. You literally cannot escape it the way its pushed down your throat all the time even in advertisements for dumb shit like burgers or body spray. I'm not speaking for all asexual people though and we can agree to disagree. Just my two cents i don't think being asexual is so out of the ordinary when you consider just how abnormally sexual our society is for literally no reason

No. 1224865

nobody was even talking about health also didnt you literally say that homosexual and asexual people are a biological error.

No. 1224867

So by what you described coomer neet men are peak health by your standards

No. 1224870

Yeah! usually if I'm bored and have no internet I'll go back through them. I make folders of special events (like vacations) so I can find the photos easier.

No. 1224875

I don't understand how humans entertain that other humans are asexual. If you have crushes you're a sexual person. End of

No. 1224877

Anachans are genuinely asexual. They simply do not produce the needed hormones.
You should have seen nourisht0flourish when she finally gained some weight, she started acting like an animal in heat lol

No. 1224878

I can still agree with that post because the vast majority of coomers don’t even want to have sex when they have actual real life women around, they prefer jerking off because it’s not actually libido, just dopamine addiction, hence why women are always saying how their coomer boyfriends and husbands completely ignore them. Coomers will look at a real woman in front of them and feel nothing, plus they have no desire to put in any effort and actually engage in sexual activity. Honestly similar to the amount of so called asexual women who still jerk off to fanfic or whatever but want nothing to do with real human beings.

No. 1224881

OP here and I didn't think my question would lead to an umpteenth asexuality debate lol, I'm not even asexual, I just don't want to share my bodily fluids with another person and I don't even want children, who cares about reproduction. I just don't get why some people get so upset when you say you don't have sex, it doesn't hurt anybody around (aside for the aforementioned coomers in relationships) and sexlessness doesn't lead to spontaneous combustion.

No. 1224882

coomer men after a while only get attracted to the extremely plastic porn or cartoon porn women they fap to, which is why they lose attraction to real life women but they are still attracted to those weird waifu women that they only see in videos so they are not asexual (which means lack of attraction to everything), and dont compare a moid jacking off to the most obscene vile shit to a woman looking at fanfics

No. 1224893

I'm asexual and I agree with this. It's obviously fine to be asexual or to abstain for whatever reason you want, but I think it's highly likely something is medically "different" (one could say "wrong") if you like me have no sexual drive at all. Not in a femcel happy to read smut for myself way, I have no interest in even masturbating, ever. I stared developing some sort of sexual attraction in the early stages of puberty, then depression hit me like a train and follow me for 10+ years, I became less and less interested in anything sexual. There are real studies on how depression physically changes your brain, so I honestly think it may be related. If it's true it would be great if we could localize what does it exactly to force sex offenders and pedos do lose their sex drive all together.
I've never had a doctor look into it because it's embarrassing and the one time I mentioned it to a therapist she said something along the lines of "oh not yet huh, it will come one day when you grow up" lady i'm already a grown ass adult lmao

No. 1224904

>I just don't get why some people get so upset when you say you don't have sex, it doesn't hurt anybody around (aside for the aforementioned coomers in relationships) and sexlessness doesn't lead to spontaneous combustion.
It's like saying to a hardcore religious person you don't believe in their god. I'm convinced way more people than reported have a sex addiction with how much they think and consume content about it. Though normies usually chimp out when they encounter someone not following the script.

No. 1224920

Thank you nonna, I will check it out!

No. 1224932

Is there a DIY way to stop periods? I'm practically underweight and pretty sure that I have PCOS,but even those odd three periods that I get yearly are too much for me to handle. Are there any pills I could get my hands on? Is microdosing T the only way?

No. 1224936

Does anyone have any all female music, books, or movies? No man involved. No man in it. No male characters. No man involved in the creation process.

No. 1224944

You're going to get osteoporosis (and a bunch of weird shit with your uterus probably). Don't.

No. 1224946

Tbh I'm of the opinion that the "allos" (as in allosexual, as in people people who experience a great desire to have sex with other individuals, as in sexual attraction) are the ones with a larger health problem right now. At least where I live (Burgerland). Society is is so obsessed with sex that I'm growing concerned. Call me a prude if you want, but being so fixated of sex is less than beneficial to humanity.

No. 1224962

I swear the nonnies here are connected to my brain. I’ve been fantasizing about making a movie with only women in it and only woman made music. idk about books and movies, but it should be easy to find women only bands. Does anyone else notice that if something has only men in it no one bats an eye, but if it were to have only women it would be labeled as crazy feminist fantasy? Males are so obsessed with themselves i want them to die.

No. 1224964

An IUD is the best option imo

No. 1224969

A crush is not inherently sexual though.

No. 1224970

Starvation and/or an inhuman amount of stress at my workplace (also not sleeping for days) did it for me, cannot recommend either of these though

No. 1224974

>If you're a human being with no desire to reproduce, which has allowed us to survive and evolve since the very beginning of our existence, then there is something unhealthy about you causing it.
what if someone's simply not interested in raising kids. there's more of an overpopulation issue currently if anything

No. 1224986

File: 1655219618408.jpg (131.44 KB, 1024x947, FUt3tg8aUAEocPi.jpg)

How do you deal with the feeling of having 50 books/shows/games in your backlog and simultaneously wanting to read them all and none of them?

No. 1224990

I’m at the point all my future published writing isn’t going to include men and I’m sick of seeing them anywhere. I have some indie artists and writers but I was wondering if nonnies have any more. Women separate media unite. Kek

No. 1224991

Stop thinking like a moid. Women are superior and capable of distinguishing romantic love and sexual desire.

No. 1224993

Birth rates in the west (especially of white people) have been absolutely plummeting, wtf are you talking about?

No. 1224996


No. 1225001

Most of women still bleed with IUD, in some cases (one of the most common side effects actually) it's even more intense than before.
Technically you can take contraception without making a break for placebo pills, there are a lot of studies saying it makes no difference; in which case it's common for period to stop altogether. I did it a few times to kinda "reschedule" the period but I get too paranoid not having any bleeding so went back to taking placebos inbetween but just can confirm that at least for me it worked.

No. 1225004

Be careful with that if you ovulate and don’t properly menstruate tissue or blood could become septic in the uterus and make you very sick. It’s one of the reason you need the arm implants out and replaced. Women were suddenly hemorrhaging at 5 years after no period.

No. 1225009

Can this happen with birth control? My bleeding is very weak since I'm taking it

No. 1225015

Isn't it just the copper IUD that intensifies period symptoms/cramps/bleeding? I've only ever seen the opposite effects for hormonal iud (lighter periods/cramps)

No. 1225024

Oh yeah should have specified hormonal IUD. Though some women also have bleeding issues with those too, like continous bleeding. Most lose their periods almost completely I think though.

>Women were suddenly hemorrhaging at 5 years after no period.

No. 1225045

What would be your opinion on a man that has the spongebob flowers tatted on his chest above his nipple? You'd think he was a retarded manchild, right?

No. 1225046

Depends. Does he have a well toned swimmer body and shave his chest hair? Then it's perfectly fine.

No. 1225049

He can't grow chest hair, and he's got a semi-toned runner's body. I'm torn.

No. 1225088

Cartoon tattoos are a red flag especially SpongeBob, it reeks of lulz so random humor.

No. 1225095

The only opinion I could have here is that you have been engaging in premarital nipple inspecting! Shameful! xx(newfag)

No. 1225103

Yes, retarded manchild

No. 1225104

It depends is it the only cartoon tattoo he has? The flowers aren’t to me super alarming and they’re almost a tone down way to embrace something that was maybe important to his childhood?

No. 1225105

Oh shit it's puritanical Susan here.

No. 1225120

stop being a little shit and choose one or a couple to start and finish. maybe try one of the shorter ones. or, if you can, juggle content from different media at once so if one is currently a slog you can take a break and come back to it later. you could cut down your list as well.

No. 1225132

No. 1225139

What does "egg" mean in the trans context?

No. 1225141

A person that has yet to realize they're trans. Iirc a person who realizes they're trans is called a cracked egg, or maybe the action of realizing is called "cracking the egg", I can't remember.

No. 1225142

I think it means a person who hasn't ""realized"" they're trans, hence "cracking the egg" means starting the process of transitioning
something something

No. 1225169

Both answers are correct but I'll have to add that the word "egg" was specifically chosen because "when an egg hatches a chick comes out" so it would only "make sense" for mtf trannies, not aidens or themlets even though it has become more of a general troon meme

No. 1225176

I'm pretty sure I first saw it on old radical feminist wordpress blogs way before it gained traction on lolcow, not named after a particular man but standing for Nicest Guy who Ever Lived

No. 1225182

Yeah it’s this ^^ it’s for when you’re complaining about men and they go
>>well not all men my NIGEL (Nicest guy to ever live) BF would never!!!

No. 1225204

I remember anons who would vent about their no porn bfs jerking off behinf their backs. Men re sociopaths and retards

No. 1225208

Pretty sure that was a joke made up after the fact, people just call them Nigels because of the pickme old British ladies who say “oh, my Nigel is coming to pick me up” and Nigel is just a common name

No. 1225217

No anon. It’s not. It’s literally nicest guy to ever live. NIGEL

No. 1225256

When is the clock changing next? I'm fucking sick to death of 9pm sunlight

No. 1225274

Say you wanted to see someone's private twitter but they only allow mutuals to follow… is there anyway to go about seeing their account without needing them to approve your follow request?

No. 1225287

No. 1225294

Do cats purr involuntarily?

No. 1225312

It changes every November but the thing is that they approved an act to make more sunlight permanent starting November 2023. It makes me suicidal to think about.

No. 1225313

I'm not sure but sometimes I think so.

No. 1225314

god i literally thought it was like 6pm until i read this post and checked the time

clocks change back on october 30th

No. 1225329

I wish they had chosen to keep standard time instead, apparently it's better for your sleep cycles than DST and I hate dark mornings.

No. 1225348

I need a free and decent sound cut program or website. Any recs?

No. 1225370

What do you mean by sound cut?

No. 1225381

moving my questions to the /g/ thread, ty tho
ty nonita, gonna ask there

No. 1225384

I bought a bunch of these technical drawing pens 2nd hand, soaked them in warm water and soap overnight, cleaned them as far as I can tell, bought new ink but I still can't get the ink to flow steadily. Any ideas?

No. 1225385

File: 1655237567361.jpg (42.75 KB, 1500x1500, STAEDTLER® Mars® matic 700.jpg)

Forgot to attach pic

No. 1225393

What lolcow color scheme do you use? I use darkcow.

No. 1225401

No. 1225402


No. 1225403

>they approved an act to make more sunlight permanent starting November 2023.
How is this possible the sunlight is nature??

No. 1225404

File: 1655238618214.jpg (305.42 KB, 1080x1373, IMG_20220615_020030.jpg)

Most of the time I'm too lazy to change it so I just use the default one. But I really like 'Notsuba' it reminds me of Halloween.

No. 1225408


No. 1225412

hehe me too.

No. 1225413

maybe try an alkaline cleaner (ammonia based)?

No. 1225416

God this is so cute I think I’m converting, I love pink and red color schemes
I used to use this one
>sunlight is nature??
this made me lol

No. 1225431

Girltalk forever

No. 1225433

I have my first ever gynecologist appointment this week, but I’m scared because I’m a virgin and my hymen is still intact. Since it’s my first appointment, will they use a speculum and do a full exam? Will my hymen be torn? I’m so afraid of the pain and honestly don’t want to experience that with a doctor. Like, it feels too personal. I’m so nervous and don’t even know how to prepare. Do I get waxed? Just shave? Will it just be an initial appointment without an exam? Just getting to know the doctor and getting blood work or something? I’m anxious as fuck.

No. 1225436

If you're not sexually active you probably don't need a smear yet.

No. 1225439

Your hymen is probably gone by now, most women don't even lose it during sex but during exercise or straining or anything. Don't shave because nobody gives a shit and shaving pubes is horrible because the hair growing back feels like a cactus.

No. 1225448

Don't worry anon! Just share your concerns with the gyno before examination begins and I'm sure they will help you feeling more comfortable. Every gyno I've been to, even though I go for checkups regularly, always explained to me what exactly are they about to do before doing so, so no surprises. Also, don't shave! There's no need whatsoever to do that. You're exposed to less risk if you're not sexually active but it's still good to do a smear, so while you have the opportunity, don't pass on it.

No. 1225453

Yeah but they forget to tell you that you'll bleed afterwards lol

No. 1225455

Never happened to me so I suppose it depends on a woman. It may be like this, or it may not.

No. 1225457

I always imagine it as them physically smashing an egg so the baby chick inside it dies. It's more accurate to how they act.

No. 1225476

I'm not into make up and never have been so sometimes I'll be watching say a youtuber and I'll notice that shiny lil dab of (highlighter?) on the tip of their nose and it's just.. distracting as hell because I can't figure out what it's meant to do? What does it enhance?

No. 1225499

It’s meant to slim the nose or give it more of a pixie look

No. 1225509

They say weed drops your blood pressure is it true?
For reference my blood pressure is super low and now I'm lowkey scared lol

No. 1225513

How you get candle wax out of carpet? Asking for me

No. 1225533

I just started using Instagram again, are there any crypto terf feminist accounts I can follow?

No. 1225536

File: 1655244148117.jpg (60.69 KB, 748x594, 20220614_135015.jpg)

I'm struggling to drop an online friend because on one hand, she gives me "fake niceness" vibes and I don't feel relaxed around her, she seems much more interested in herself and other people. On the other hand maybe I'm crazy or a shitty rude friend.

No. 1225538

I think people forget that the US tried permanent DST in the 1970s, but stopped it after a year because everyone realized having dark winter mornings sucks way more than they thought it would.

No. 1225549

How long have you both been talking?

No. 1225590

who is it
is it me

No. 1225595

no im sure its me

she HATES ME i knew it

No. 1225597

kek nonnie I also started to think that it was about me and I felt so bad

No. 1225599

SAME I was like "oh no what did I do wrong" lmao

No. 1225606

File: 1655247126173.jpg (45.38 KB, 665x574, hwat.jpg)

why is it that it's sometimes okay to post nsfw art on a thread, but when other people do it (in the same thread) they get banned??? like, I get that nsfw stuff is against the rules, but some people get away with it and others do not.

No. 1225608

It's because they don't spoiler it

No. 1225609

they are all spoilered tho?

No. 1225621

I am also wondering about this relating to irl stuff. Porn of cows gets posted all the time but I was banned for posting a screencap of a hideous tranny doing porn with his neowound. Terrible pics of axe wounds gets posted all the time though. All examples and my post spoilered of course.

No. 1225640

Just eat sugary things for your glucose levels. I went blind in Amsterdam and came round when the dude at the cafe gave me sugar water.

No. 1225642

I think it has to do with if the mods think it's a scrote posting, some of the nsfw stuff is very obviously male catered

No. 1225714

Anons who have spaced out lighting sources rather than 1 overhead lighting are the electric bills more?

No. 1225732

it really depends on the kind of lights you have installed. LED recessed lighting spaced out doesn't really expend much energy

No. 1225744

Why do news articles feel the need to list the specific method when an artist or public figure has comitted suicide? I remember reading about a woman who hung herself in a specific way when I was about 11 or 12, it has stuck with me to this day and I even attempted it, I think once or even twice as a young teen. It's so harmful, but this might as well be a rhetorical question because news reporters and the people who write the scripts don't actually give a shit about people. They report on mass murders like it's just another stupid day, 'oh well let's get to the weather'.

No. 1225764

File: 1655257574851.gif (45.75 KB, 220x216, AE2B5121-404A-4B5B-B11B-908A71…)

What are some good cozy places i can find communities on the internet. Specifically 18+ and female dominated. Like how tumblr was for example… should i just stick with tumblr. I’m starved for a like minded chat buddy

No. 1225770

your post lead me to acknowledge how the unorthodox suicide method of a particular famous woman has now devolved into me ruminating on it's viability every time my suicidal ideation resurfaces. i wonder if it is the same woman?

No. 1225788

If you had the chance to change your sexual orientation, would you? And if so what would you change it to and why?

No. 1225796

Huh, I don't know but I'm glad you posted this because it changed my opinion on those articles. I started getting annoyed when they wouldn't include cause of death but in retrospect that was pretty fucking gross and entitled of me. Guessing there's your answer, people are morbidly curious and don't think about the possible consequences of including that info. They just wanna know.

No. 1225798

I need names

No. 1225799

I sometimes feel I would tolerate men better if I was attracted to them but no thanks, I would keep what I have now.

No. 1225800

File: 1655260046004.jpg (82.2 KB, 474x381, th-2164499952.jpg)

Sounds like a bad idea in the context.

No. 1225802

Sometimes I wish I were a lesbian. I hate feeling a "need" for a scrote and logic goes out the window if I like one. They are all so awful it sucks.

No. 1225819

Should I get games for my laptop if I don't know if it can handle them? For reference I have a Lenovo laptop and it can run Maya ONLY if no other programs are running, I don't want to invest in a steam library of games if my laptop can't handle them. I don't really have the urge to build a PC specifically for gaming either

No. 1225823

I am now curious, who was it, was it a designer?

No. 1225829

yes, it is her
https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri there's a little widget on this website that scans your device and lets you know!

No. 1225836

When do you stop being a newfag? Do you just go immediately from newfag to oldfag? Is there no mid tier, a fagfag?

No. 1225839

When you stop saying lame shit “omfg I love you nonnies I wish we could all bake a cake of rainbows and butterflies and chill together” because that’s literally the lolcow equivalent of “omg I love 4chans ex dee leet haxxers troll face we are anonymous” and just reply to posts like a (kind of) regular person

No. 1225840

not you again

No. 1225844

Her husband comitted suicide (I think he was a musician) and after witnessing his body she did too. I think this was in about 2015 or 2016, it was by hanging but I don't want to elaborate obviously. The idea has stuck in my head for all those years, just because I came across it somehow. We don't have any pipes or things you could hang yourself on in my parents' house so it seemed perfect. Sounds gross typing it out, but I felt peaceful thinking about it. You might know who I'm talking about, I sadly don't remember her name.

I do not remember, sorry nonna. It was a long time ago.

Don't be ashamed nonna, people have morbid curiosities. Human nature, look at how popular of a genre true crime is. I don't like to watch true crime much because it makes me sad, but occasionally I do watch videos about cults or Dr. Todd Grande. I understand the curiosity anon, don't be ashamed it's quite normal especially if you're into true crime etc. But remember when 13 reasons why came out? There were so many copycat suicides, truly saddening. I watched that awful show and it was way too graphic, also the way they treated her suicide. Hannah was disliked by most until she passed, then they suddenly felt bad for her and I can imagine it is pretty appealing to have people mourn over you, idealizing you and feeling bad for what they did. I watched it and just thought she was a bitch, but also watching it as a teenager I remember thinking how nice it would be. No more pain ever again, everyone remembering me as a great person, my bullies feeing guilty for the first time in their lives. Nothing entitled about it though, don't feel bad. It's normal to want to know the gory details I guess, especially if it's about someone in particular or someone you liked.

No. 1225845

oh my god shut up. i've been here since the beginning and this mentality is obnoxious. go back to kiwifarms or 4chan, or wherever you want to do your alienating edgeposting.

No. 1225852

I said reply like a normal human not a-log and threaten to bust their kneecaps with a croquette mallet

No. 1225855

on the contrary i also find the unnecessary love bombing replies completely tone deaf and contrived

No. 1225859

i want it

No. 1225864

They are. No one is saying you should be vitriolic instead—it’s just a supplement for being unable to actually communicate and continue a genuine conversation. You can banter and have fun without doing something so juvenile as proclaiming your love for complete strangers. I regularly joke and lightly shitpost but I don’t alog, use inflammatory slurs, etc and have no interest in it. You can find a happy medium and enjoy talking with anons without forcing that.

No. 1225881

File: 1655264271308.jpeg (150.93 KB, 720x514, 83218F7F-F48A-4363-BED9-425026…)

Takarazuka Revue = all women

No. 1225891

can you guys give an example of "love bombing" replies? i don't think "i love you guys" is "love bombing", just an expression of appreciation for the community. if you take it like those people literally love everyone on here, that's a little autistic. just in general "love" is used as a "i sincerely enjoy this/your company", not literally loving.

No. 1225894

NTA but I enjoy it in some instances because it's how women interact sometimes. I like the reminder that we are all women and despite our disagreements there can be friendliness between us. It can get out of hand but I vastly prefer it to retarded infighting instead.

No. 1225905

The easiest way to express your appreciation for the community is to just contribute to it without being obnoxious. It’s so disingenuous and just fills threads up with filler that doesn’t actually contribute anything to any thread— just countless “I wish I could hang out with you” “I love you so much nonnie” “I want to meet you nonnies irl” etc. because you’re still in a phase of enchantment for whatever reason. If you want to “show your appreciation” literally all you have to do is share anything that isn’t just a copy paste greeting card or friendship bracelet endnote. Nobody is telling you to start a-logging anons or treating people like shit. You don’t have to be one extreme or the other, both are so unnatural.

No. 1225907

you think "i want to hang out with you guys irl" is "lovebomb"-y? that's not even weird. there's a shared community here and it's reasonable that anons would want to hang out with similarly minded women, especially if there are few that they feel are within their area.

No. 1225913

also just a little autistic for you to deduce i am taking it literally, no one's doing that, and this reply is actually totally obnoxious lol

No. 1225917

I don't think it's disingenuous, since many anons are asocial NEETs starved for affection. Haven't seen threads get genuinely derailed by it, it's usually confined to a few posts. Pretty easy to ignore.

No. 1225920

Ntayrt and I agree it’s so manipulative to say that anons are autistic for not thinking constantly telling them they love them is a normal mode of communication

No. 1225921

what? that's not even what was said. do you guys have any idea how women communicate irl? there's a lot of "love you!!!" in general. that's being mirrored on here. that's not to say they genuinely don't have fond feelings irl, but female socialization is just like that irl and is present on here as well. what's autistic is that you guys don't realize how female communication works irl and is now translating to a small section of a female imageboard where women are vulnerable with each other.

No. 1225927

Only partially related but asocial neets starved of affection are perfectly capable of learning that you can have comradarie on an anonymous imageboard without only being able to express themselves in a way that immediately shows that they’re completely starved of affection. It’s unhealthy too.

No. 1225929

Oh yeah this reminds me, what does love bombing even mean? I keep seeing the term everywhere recently and I think I get the basic premise but it's still confusing to me.

No. 1225931

this is so unhinged and crazy girl this board was literally made to shit on women. anons do not owe you the painfully fake politeness they are forced to use irl and they don’t have to interpret yours as some sort of blessing when it’s obnoxious as hell.

No. 1225938

if you're going to ignore the fact that /ot/ is heavily separated from /snow/ and /pt/, there's no point in engaging with you further. there was a literal whole site-war waged by admin about the fact that she was salty that /ot/ users rarely visited cow boards either at all, or anymore.

No. 1225944

damn nonnie chill the fuck out, I love you

No. 1225946

Guess we can agree to disagree, I just think you're taking it too seriously. I agree with >>1225921 and also I assumed that anons doing that are dropping the usual way of talking only for the moment. Highly doubt every post of theirs contains that, so they aren't incapable.
Has anyone said you have to do it too? No one said it's owed, it's only some anons who like to do it of their free will. If you don't respond to them that's fine. I'll admit there are some newfags who get huffy if an anon sounds "like a scrote" but I thought that's a different matter, usually when someone's being aggressive (which they should be allowed to be, if it's not actual infighting)

No. 1225956

there's 0 possibility anons are saying in every post "love you, nonnies!!", that's just a offhanded occasional thing, very clearly. it's nowhere near common enough for anons to be complaining the way they are. they act like they pepper every single post with a proclamation of love. dramatic as hell.

No. 1225961

this tangent about board seperatism is barely legitimate and like completely insufficient grounds to just stonewall the argument lol. i'm sorry anon but you sound naive and insecure

No. 1225963

And that’s because it’s full of newfags and the userbase has become so disjointed that it doesn’t make any sense anymore. You’re basically giving it a whole new purpose which is odd because if you’re going to be a part of a board that was created for the sole purpose of shitting on and gossiping about people you have no right or reason to moralfag about how women should be treating eachother. I’m just pointing out the lack of logic in your post, I don’t care if you want to write loveletters to anons but if you can’t accept where you are and what this site is meant for then why are you here? It seems to completely go against the morale of /ot/ anons that profusely try to separate themselves. Saying this doesn’t mean I co-sign aggression or a-logging either btw, >>1225921 was just so contradictory to lolcow

Thanks bae I’m chilling, I can debate another anon without being upset kek

No. 1225965

in what sense is it barely legitimate? you think separate boards can't have separate users that abstain from other boards?

No. 1225966

have you browsed /ot/ lately girl they so do

No. 1225969

Nobody even answered my question why have my innocuous posts been starting fights stop being so autistic

No. 1225971

File: 1655266688504.jpeg (17.83 KB, 180x280, E0707682-7E8B-4FCE-A885-0DFEF8…)

Then start reporting them for not integrating, kill their love and zeal

No. 1225972

who ever said a whole site has to be completely cohesive? there is no other popular female imageboard that is neutral and not just about fujo shit or kpoppies. crystal cafe is dead, so how is it any surprise people take advantage of the anonymity and community present on /ot/ and /g/ to discuss female issues without being muzzled and with a community of largely like minded women?