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File: 1619869492825.png (93.73 KB, 300x294, tumblr_otm3rqrLxv1vg9taro1_400…)

No. 182842

your kink is bad and you should feel bad

previous thread >>>/g/154272

No. 182870

I love mommyshit

No. 182879

File: 1619886331597.png (1.81 MB, 855x1569, 1618959229404.png)

Talking about mommyshit, this mommysuicide nonsense made me feel something that I'm not proud of. I get turned on by the thought of some useless incel committing self kill

No. 182893

i caved last night and listened to ddlg themed audios. i know it's disgusting but it gets me so wet. i'll find a seat with the other degenerates now…

No. 182910

You gotta be careful, confirmation like that to incels is just fuel to their crazy fire. You better hope this doesn’t get screencaped.

No. 182916

Careful about what? I want them to die. It’s only shameful because it’s bad taste to wish something like that upon another person.

No. 182920

I wanted to be on board with this but even I felt sad for them as I read the screencapped text. Loser virgins turn me on and I want to play with them but not torture them. I hate true incels though, they're monsters who deserve to die

No. 182939

File: 1619903423809.jpeg (37.77 KB, 474x315, 85E4B3C3-24D3-4CAF-AC0E-3B1C4B…)

No. 182943

File: 1619904822470.png (399.88 KB, 484x560, 58be760adb9492a37ccbf557791faf…)


No. 182945

…Is this going to be a camouflaged komaeda thread or??

No. 182953

I came here to post about my stupid ass kink I can't get enough of but got completely cockblocked by Komaeda and now I can't even talk about sex shit with his presence in the thread, fuck your hope man

No. 182962

No. 182999

File: 1619928965668.gif (123.54 KB, 1023x985, 136-1361543_picture-download-b…)

Corruption. The idea of an innocent dude transforming into a food, sex, and revenge obsessed demon, literally growing horns and shit, is super cute.
Bonus points if they're only kind to my thinly vield self insert.

No. 183009

the fuck is this boomer tier december 1999 gif

No. 183010

File: 1619933573822.gif (104.45 KB, 251x251, ScholarlyVioletAsiaticgreaterf…)

This thread is cursed with bad images
Would be funny though if everyone posted their shameful fetishes with a stupid, outdated pic

No. 183017

File: 1619938182648.gif (95.14 KB, 300x276, 05192808-AE1B-4CEE-84A0-986464…)

i have a huge thing for theatrical makeup/face paint.

No. 183019

File: 1619938765544.gif (17.92 KB, 175x160, balletlift.gif)

Being lifted and tossed around. My boyfriend even said once that he thinks is kinda disrespectful i mean he's right but he's kinda warming up to the idea now

No. 183083

File: 1619964467583.gif (22.15 KB, 94x144, dance_141.gif)

Super spies

No. 183087

what's a true incel? like a disabled or deformed guy?

No. 183112

no, true incels as in actual misogynist extremists and not just some average awkward nerd

No. 183122

Same haha.

No. 183142

ayrt yeah I meant those really psycho misogynists that shoot people because they can't find any women willing to put up with them

No. 183195

I'm VERY anti-prostitution but I have this reccurring fantasy where I have a very successfull and demanding carreer that made me rich and in power but I don't have time for dating so I hire male escorts. I legit use aidungeon to get myself off sometimes where I RP with myself the whole scenario and what I would ask them to do etc. I think that fantasy was triggered by some scenes in Miss Sloane but my fantasies vary a lot from the scenes in the movie.

No. 183197

File: 1619991640548.gif (66.34 KB, 760x570, a01cf104be26da90c74e804cbb722c…)

Just here to post shitty gifs

No. 183203

File: 1619993132444.gif (59.18 KB, 450x82, HOSburning1.gif)

The most shameful fetish

No. 183234

File: 1620006274200.gif (22.35 KB, 222x264, world1.gif)

Question, but do you guys have globalized fetishes? for those out of the loop its a fantasy where your fetish affects the entire world. Think of it as NSFW world building.
Havent seen it much in the other threads so I wanna ask. Itas also to small for its own thread

No. 183252

>tfw nearly every fantasy of mine involves this and am light enough for it but realistically it’s impossible for a guy to do so without it being awkward because I’m 5’8 with freakishly long legs
Everyday I’m suffering, bros

No. 183256

My kink is a komaeda boomer gif, where is one when you need it

No. 183267

File: 1620020493717.gif (11.96 KB, 198x214, giraffe01.gif)

Nonnie, guys that are 6'4 and taller exist, it's not impossible at all

No. 183268

I can get the appeal but no, for mine I prefer the scenes to be hidden from most people, with creepy secret societies or private islands/clubs, etc.

No. 183282

I found out I find it really hot when people dirty talk in a different language. I was watching a video where some dude was saying something aggressive with a whispering voice in Spanish and it made me feel… funny. I'm a beanerfag, barely know the language, but grew up around so many people who did. I think that's where it comes from.

Shit, jester makeup, and the costume, is so cool. I find it a turn on as well.

No. 183288

File: 1620029058997.gif (11.26 KB, 334x272, frop.gif)

People itt are just ashamed of being turned on by anything in general. Everything is shameful

No. 183305

this you?

No. 183441

Piss and wedgies. Both started from cartoons I watched as a kid, I’m pretty sure.

There was this cartoon called “What’s With Andy?”. It was about a boy who pulled pranks, but I only remember one episode. In it, he really had to pee, but he couldn’t get to the bathroom, and kept running into different inconveniences. It made me feel funny.

Wedgies were just in literally every kid’s show. The friction and teasing aspects are really hot.

No. 183460

File: 1620123211337.gif (2.93 MB, 540x250, c84fb9fcd06e193085ec531bab98b8…)

shit like picrel
never been a furfag, where did I go wrong anons

No. 183656

File: 1620193559605.gif (3.32 KB, 223x260, 350563B6-787D-4ED7-A826-35FBBF…)

I am pretty basic in that my biggest turn-on features in many romance novels and movies. Yet I am still ashamed since it is unhealthy to dream of.

Note for that reason, I know this should never happen irl. It's purely my fantasy. I just really get my kicks from those plots where the protagonist is held against her will, basically kidnapped by a guy who is intimidating and powerful. But instead of being a total lowlife and forcing himself on her though I won't lie at times I've fantasized that as well but then it isn't really the same as forcing since I'd want it? they slowly grow to care about each other instead. I guess my fetish is Stockholm syndrome lol, so you can see why I'd never seek that in real life. Stories like Beauty and the Beast and Phantom of the Opera are my absolute favorites and it's not entirely a fetish since there is the romance aspect. But still. Only in my dark fantasies will I indulge this idea of being stolen away and stuck somewhere (luxurious and not shitty lol) with a handsome broody bastard who only had eyes for me. Totally impossible in real life since 1) would be very unhealthy and dangerous and 2) a man like in the fantasy doesn't exist.

No. 183657

oh, adding to clarify that what makes it more of a fetish is the unbearable sexual tension and power discrepancy. Idk where liking that comes from especially when powerful selfish men disgust me in real life.

No. 183781

File: 1620241484825.gif (17.18 KB, 181x132, TN_toung.gif)

I think a lot of what makes a fetish is stuff you wouldn't necessarily like irl, but it's fun to fantasize about. Also having the control over every aspect of your fantasy and being able to turn the situations up or down.

Anyway, I'm not really into guys sexually but I wouldn't mind teasing one and edging him but never letting him get off. Wouldn't even touch his peen just scratch his face and body up. I think it's a power fantasy.

No. 183858

File: 1620271922155.png (121.32 KB, 570x680, tumblr_obz5yjOuwr1sd1xkuo1_640…)

I'm an anti-prostitution femsep, but I fantasize about hiring an escort. I don't have a fetish for escorts, I just want to pay for a service with guaranteed satisfaction, unlike "playing the game." It's astounding that in flirting with men for "consensual sex," they will press their luck to neg me, despite them being clearly interested the day before and damn well knowing I am much more attractive than they are (you can see it in their faces and in their tone of voice). You can already tell it's going to be selfish pornified sex in which it feels like nothing or is painful, on top of the emotional abuse you may need recovery time for if you accept that neg. Add the risk of injury or STDs that can be permanent or life-threatening. I like the idea of hiring a high-end gigolo for a weekend, enjoying a nice park stroll, amusement park, or just exploring the shops in a casino like Caesar's Palace and lounging at a bar or coffee shop afterwards. Everything's professional, so you have a genuine heart-to-heart -basically the therapy session that you always give to men who give nothing in return- and can get papers that guarantee he's clean without it ever being weird. He's fit and conventionally attractive because it's his job, you don't have to settle. I want a mutual, he gets paid, and I get laid. We both part ways and no hard emotions. I would never force him to do something if he felt uncomfortable or was genuinely repulsed by me. I want to make fuck-you money and have this reality. I work for it every day. Despite being conservative, I aspire to Hillary Clinton energy.

No. 183860

That's not a furfag thing, he's a demon

No. 183861

God the word escort triggers me so much, I wish we could hide posts in this god forsaken website.

No. 183864

I think the word is cringe too, but people know what I'm talking about when I use the it, so I'm sorry I scalded your eyes.

No. 183879

File: 1620282731794.gif (24.4 KB, 162x127, C6854377-A7C4-4AAA-84EB-C52E85…)

maybe her fetish is monster fucking.

I sometimes feel that and think devilman was hot too, but it's kinda not always right to call things a fetish. I can enjoy it every now and then but "fetish" seems to imply a more dedicated interest, when it really doesn't affect my life or make me obsess that much. just stating my thoughts because I could probably contribute to this thread with many interests, and yet none of it feels pathological enough to deem a full-blown Fetish? if that makes sense? does anyone relate? maybe this is just what normal people feel who are not coomers

No. 183899

I've read somewhere once it's a fetish as soon as you need it and can't do it without it

No. 183971

that sounds unhealthy tbh and concerning.

No. 184166

File: 1620408488550.gif (459.28 KB, 192x144, MRUu.gif)

gif almost completely unrelated, i had the most embarrassing but arousing sex dream last night. i dreamt that i paid one of my husbandos to wrestle me. he is canonically over a foot taller and more than twice my weight but looked even bigger in the dream. he didn't want to wrestle me at first because he doesn't fight women and i had to literally beg him. he gave in and gently pushed me but i still fell on the floor. i didn't get up so he took off his shoe, opened my legs with his foot and then rubbed my pussy with his toe/sole while he had this disgusted look on his face like "you're really getting off to this huh" and i actually was. manifesting that i see him again tonight and he eats me out

No. 184167

This reminds me of something that happened to me before with my male oneitis in highschool even down to the wrestling and disgust, I get where you are coming from and I like it

No. 184169

>gif almost completely unrelated
Sonics sweaty feet are what do it for you?

No. 184170

fortunately not sanic but still sega

No. 184171

Samefag, I suppose his toe could function as a vibrator.

No. 184172

File: 1620411913044.jpeg (135.95 KB, 1995x1125, 44DC98A2-220D-45DC-87F9-BF38D1…)

A sega franchise anon? If it’s rgg then you got god tier taste in men and dreams

No. 184174

yes. also today i ran garry's mod just to spawn a kiryu ragdoll to look at his feet. there is literally no hope for me

No. 184175

File: 1620413641986.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 265.13 KB, 1323x2048, 747CCDD9-6A4D-48E1-B325-72ED6E…)

there’s good mods and blender artists that use his model you don’t have to use garysmods just to look at his feet!!! Ily anon go look for @_vkr0_ for their mods and @eruda923 for their blender model pics on twt for your thirst

No. 184183

File: 1620414156024.jpg (54.75 KB, 500x278, wow-hot-a-what-baabhabhiat-yea…)

i… thank you anon

No. 184195

This is a ken doll

No. 184218

File: 1620426633587.gif (44.97 KB, 342x185, u know u do.gif)

I'm into this kind of thing too anon, the stockholm syndrome part especially. the idea of slowing warming more and more to my captor until I willingly sleep with him. though, like you I also sometimes fantasize that he also forces himself on me. I'm also turned on by palpable sexual tension and power imbalances

hot ngl

No. 184220

Why are these blessed images in shame thread?

No. 184241

I have a weird fetish for lap dances and always have. Idk why, but I find them so hot. Also grinding. Any time I have been in a situation where I am grinding on / giving a lap dance to a guy it makes me pretty horny but I think that I would prefer to have another girl do it to me.

I love my bf a lot but most of my sexual fantasies are myself with other women. It kinda sucks because I know he would probably understand and be okay with me experimenting, but it feels kind of homophobic and scrotey (he would not be as cool if i wanted to have sex with another man but le lesbians are hot) - and also i would not be ok with him 'experimenting' with others. if our relationship ends i definitely will seek out a female fwb

No. 184245

File: 1620439751476.jpg (105.67 KB, 900x900, shane.jpg)

I have a brap fetish I picked up from 4chan and lately I've been thinking a lot about what certain male celebrities' farts smell like. Some of them are very mainstream like Harry Styles but others are… controversial like picrel. Imagining One Direction all crammed together in a hot tour bus after a night out at an all you can eat buffet, each boy struggling to hold his braps out of fear of embarrassing himself… yep, it's hot.

No. 184251

I refuse to believe this is serious for my own mental well-being

No. 184253

I wouldn't admit something like this even to an anonymous forum. Where do you get the confidence?

No. 184254

File: 1620441603700.jpeg (39.57 KB, 640x377, 1DDD87B1-4A41-40AF-91E6-1333BB…)

I love one direction and absolutely fucking hate you

No. 184256

Ayrt, and literally why? Have you convinced yourself Harry doesn't fart or something? If I was ranking how smelly I imagine each of the 1D boys' farts Harry would be in third place if not second (behind Louis).

No. 184368

File: 1620540940918.png (137.68 KB, 500x362, 73CA644B-0937-4020-8828-0BD0F7…)

for the past year in my maladaptive dream universe, i’ve fantasizes about self insert is in a high ranking authoritarian government but all her mistresses (male) are like artsy capricious men whom she controls. and if she wants, she can off them at anytime and get away with it. i mostly use IRL guys from the past i don’t really like personally to get me off, her main male mistress is kinda a lennon/david foster wallace type.

idk if anyone remembers me but i’m the anon who loves sleazy 1970s men and women who wear big hats and kills the sexy men

No. 184379

damn the guy puts no effort in at all next to her. they never do

No. 184579

File: 1620642241317.gif (499.79 KB, 500x283, 15844cc4b7a7b8dfb82346aec8ae1f…)

monsterfucking is a past time activity…

No. 184586

File: 1620648551288.jpeg (21.74 KB, 739x415, images - 2021-05-10T200821.021…)

Ive grown a certain fondness for A/B/O trope and I cant stop thinking about getting claimed and knotted and bearing someone's babies help me

No. 184708

Hope this doesn't awaken anything in me

No. 184711

>people dying arouses me
Actually seek mental help, that's literal psycho territory

No. 184861

I thought that was Tetsuo from Akira for a second, kek

No. 184900

Idk if I would go so far as to call it a fetish, but the idea of a man slapping me in the face really turns me on. anytime a man hits a woman in a movie it turns me on. I don't think I could ever actually ask a man to do that though, because I don't think if a man really loved me or respected me he'd agree to do it.

I was never abused growing up, Idk why I'm like this. I feel disgusted by myself.

No. 184940

File: 1620739094154.gif (179.29 KB, 104x104, tenor.gif)

what have you done anon

No. 184949

Damn he sounds exactly like Steve Blum! I don't know whether to laugh or be turned on by that sexy ass deep voice

No. 184976

I was watching a local telenovela with my family. The female protagonist goes to prison for the plotline and the other female prisoners are hostile to her. At one point a gang of them snatch her while she’s only in a towel, string her up by her wrists, and whip her. I actually had to leave the room because I was so turned on and grossed out by myself. I hate particularly that the scene was most definitely written by a scrote with the intention of titillation. why am I like this

No. 185023

File: 1620757522298.jpg (40.39 KB, 400x400, nakedmartin.jpg)

For me? I love pervy middle aged men, by which I mean, men in their 40s-mid 60s who look like dirty boys, who have weird hobbies and obviously have gotten little female attention in their lives other than maybe an ugly wife. I'm quite attractive, and still young at 25, so i love giving them what they want. it started when I was 18 and the bald scrawny man next door (looks like pic related) though i hadn't seen him leaning over the garden fence to sniff the panties i had hung on the washing line. i knew he was doing it, and a few times left sopping wet panties for him to sniff, with juices over them. so since i've been all about these kinds of men. i've not had sex with any yet but probably will. there is a 40 something man down the street who handmakes his own gnomes, so I will probably put an order on with him of 2 gnomes having sex that look like me and him, then pay with sex.

No. 185098

File: 1620766364801.png (312.6 KB, 674x859, 1577292426823.png)

Scrote hands typed this post.
I refuse to believe this is an sincere post.

No. 185101

why would you make me read this

No. 185115

>there is a 40 something man down the street who handmakes his own gnomes, so I will probably put an order on with him of 2 gnomes having sex that look like me and him, then pay with sex.
Lmao c'mon nonnies, this is obvious trolling. Last line is hilarious tho, I love me some gnomes

No. 185129

whose da is this

No. 185163

File: 1620791393003.jpeg (109.68 KB, 612x612, 927B8DEE-3455-4354-8E30-1062D4…)

fetish you're ashamed of: gnomes

No. 185193

File: 1620808008672.png (22.29 KB, 128x126, 1580662466614.png)

>there is a 40 something man down the street who handmakes his own gnomes, so I will probably put an order on with him of 2 gnomes having sex that look like me and him, then pay with sex.

No. 185199

File: 1620811082409.jpg (43.23 KB, 820x429, nikidesaintphalleina2.jpg)

Oh yeah I remember you! You still have the best taste anon!

No. 185579

Gurochan and ryona has ruined my brain but I like to fantasize about beating the absolute shit out of someone while they desperately beg for mercy.

No. 185584

Does this turn you on anon?

No. 185913

based as f, love me some creepy cute smiley old farts

No. 186107

File: 1621215149469.jpg (9.47 KB, 235x207, vCyFjqb.jpg)

Is it normal to think ear licking is hot? And I’m so fucking retarded I swear this is fujo shit rotting my brain men’s gaping assholes and nipples and when they suck on them and have big pecks and asses and big nipples especially pale buff guys with pink puffy ones. And male ahegao unironically. I just want a really buff and ethereal high EQ low IQ kinky squirmy body builder. I don’t seek this in real life/3D because I hate 3D men and I hate myself. >>184708 this shit too.
Also athletic spandex and motorcyclists. I can’t expand on the motorcyclist part, it’s unexplainable. The bikes are hot and it’s easy to daydream about a biker.

I feel like compared to the rest of the thread my post is pretty prude, so I will add I read a doujin yesterday where the guy sniffed assholes and it was really hot. So I want my asshole sniffed too. Armpits too. This is getting less shameful and more embarrassing in an average way so I think I’ve covered everything.

No. 186177

I definitely remember you anon. Great taste.

No. 186337

File: 1621309269577.gif (2.32 MB, 250x168, tumblr_pghoynOfN81r5upv7o6_250…)

one time I read a misty day/cordelia foxx smut fic wherein cordelia uses an ovipositor toy on misty and it awakened something. the fact my ex at the time and I's dynamic wasn't unlike this particular pairing… idk I don't like the alien/bug dick look and am not even really into penetration but ugh

No. 186419

File: 1621350179227.png (1.63 MB, 834x958, imagem_2021-05-18_120304.png)

Monstruous/demonic looking creatures with humanoid features. I'm into occult practices and my dream is to be physically fucked by a daemon

No. 186423

If you figure it out, can you hmu? I've got some debts to the devil I'm sure I can pay off by giving the ol sloppy toy double succ 9000

No. 186435

File: 1621355790027.jpg (125.43 KB, 1920x1080, mgla-band-170907_1920x.jpg)

I thought that my kinks were too mild to fit here, but you nonnies seem to shy away from even more reachable stuff.

Come on, leave considerations about how it'll impact your relationship for a while and allow yourself to indulge a little in your fantasies! None are of these require too much continuous effort.

That I'm not ashamed of:

Face concealment. Balaclavas, bandanas, sunglasses, caps, and a combination thereof. Preferably on a strong man with dark/leather clothes as well.
When the pandemic started I actually started feeling tingly in public because of the masked guys. Light blue/light green/white surgical mask are a turnoff, though.

Outdoor sex, more specifically in forests and woodlands. When I had sex with my first boyfriend, back in highschool, it was in the woods including our first time. I guess this might have connected forests and sexuality together?

Guys shooting rifles. I think it's the idea of them being able to defend themselves and me.

These will tie up into the darker ones, the ones I keep hidden:

The idea of anonymous sex with said unidentifiable dudes.

A post-apocalyptic/wilderness fantasy of sorts? The idea of being trapped in a forest with a guy and having nowhere to escape from him (because there's no one nearby and the wilderness is dangerous), so me having to be his dutiful partner makes me feel a lot of things (not all of them strictly sexual, part of the thrill is certainly not).

I guess that this is a twist on the kidnapping fetish, just agoraphobic instead of claustrophobic. To hell if I know.

The idea of being impregnated, as well as of a caring father. The actual physical changes and newborns frighten me a little (as is normal, it ain't easy), but a guy talking dirty about how he'll plant his seed in me and make me a mommy… hnng.

This was all tied up when I stumbled upon a reality show about people living in the Alaskan wilderness. There was this carrying a calf by hand through the snow to his farm, eventually shooting a warning shot to scare away a black bear. After arriving he later was teaching his 10 y.o. son how to shoot a rifle. Guy was ugly and had crooked teeth, but it didn't stop me from fingering myself right there. I was just like "fill me with cum daddy, let's make another baby". Oh god, just thinking about it…

Forgive any bad english.

Pic loosely related

No. 186441

you really telling the first nonny to indulge in getting smacked around?

No. 186455

Not my cup of tea, but… yea, if it were, I certainly would not shy away from it.

No. 186458

>newborns frighten me a little
>teaching his 10 y.o. son how to shoot a rifle
>let's make another baby
Just a few of my fave quotes. That's a worrying amount of child and baby talk for a fetish post lol

No. 186462

seek help an get off the internet

No. 186472

that anons post wasnt even that bad kek

No. 186480

Even knowing the outcome?

No. 186482

this made me lol thanks

>A post-apocalyptic/wilderness fantasy of sorts? The idea of being trapped in a forest with a guy and having nowhere to escape from him (because there's no one nearby and the wilderness is dangerous)

heck yes.

> guy talking dirty about how he'll plant his seed in me and make me a mommy

yeah this does it for me too. I'm so turned on by the idea of guy (in the post apocalypic/wildness fantasy setting you outlined) trying to knock me up. hate the idea of acting ending up pregnant though

I've also seen some of those shows about the alaskan wilderness, that place breeds a different kind of man

yeah I've read far worse in these threads

No. 186489

I also have a impregnation/breeding kink even though it's not a fetish I'm ashamed of, and I have worse ones. I feel like it appeals to some kind of primal urge in our brain or some shit

No. 186507

same here nonny. i browse the cuties with an ouchie thread on /m/ religiously. ugh i just really like that stuff but it makes me feel like a pornsick scrote sometimes

No. 186570

File: 1621438576615.gif (1.57 MB, 500x209, uhoh.gif)

lord forgive me but picrel

No. 186579

You can buy fox dildos. Theyre similar to knotted dog dildos.. There's a thing I wish I didn't know.

No. 186581

the idea of using a guy as a sex toy with another woman, preferably one that I'm romantically into. if she likes riding then I'd love to watch her reverse cowgirl while kissing and touching her. I really mean it though when I say use in regards to the guy, I'd even be ok with covering his head.

No. 186607

You must like Beastars

No. 186611

im not really interested in the furry aspect as much as the pred/prey dynamic. just want someone overcome with lust to pin me down and fuck me savagely. lots of biting.
i haven't seen it cause that cg anime style annoys the fuck out of me ;-;

No. 186662

Read the Beastars manga. Some arcs are boring but overall a good read

No. 186743

File: 1621514408090.jpg (19.81 KB, 300x300, memeulous.jpg)

does this do anything for you, anon?

No. 186746

Gurochan and 4chan gave me a love for brap/scat/ EFRO . Only like watching other women though, male /troon stuff is disgusting.

No. 186750

What is brap?

No. 186751


No. 186752

No. 186847

I like the scene in Alien where Kane is lying prone on the medical table with the parasite having infected his face.

No. 186850

how do you feel about the zootopia abortion comic

No. 186852

File: 1621564534071.gif (753.55 KB, 500x459, giphy (2).gif)

Not a fetish, but probably the weirdest thing I ever got turned on by was the caterpillar from alice in wonderland

No. 186853

He's a literal penis anon.

No. 186854

Omg. I never even noticed that…. Subliminal messaging

No. 186859

File: 1621565478504.jpg (67.85 KB, 500x375, 61866511.jpg)

Have you guys never seen a caterpillar before? Like how could you possibly depict one without it looking slightly phallic?

No. 186863

No. 186865

File: 1621567992880.gif (990.77 KB, 500x282, Tumblr_l_57287975900696.gif)

Tate got me into snuff/strangulation for some reason

His voice kills me

No. 187299

File: 1621832100848.png (159.8 KB, 250x332, SSR_Goromi_Card.png)

i'm a terf but goromi can honestly get it

No. 187336

i don’t think ear licking is too weird. one time my girlfriend and i were both on our periods but we were craving intimacy (she doesn’t like to have sex on her period) so we just made out and licked each other’s ears and stuff. idk . it felt nice

No. 187351

Goromi isn't trans so it's all good sis, all good. Great taste

No. 187501

something about the art in the cuties with an ouchie thread on /m is so satisfying and sexy to me. i just want to take care of someone with some injuries when they’re cute and helpless

No. 187502

I have a low sex drive from depression, so this would be completely outside my nature. I guess that's what makes it hot.
Being extremely horny, to the point where I can't even focus on anything. Sitting in my online classes and drooling all over myself while I have a vibrator buzzing away at my clit and my holes filled. Not being able to function without randomly remembering something sexual and getting turned on, taking breaks from things to get off. That kind of thing, just complete horny brainrot.
Even better if there's someone around to play with me, either in a teasing, degrading way, or just being sweet and comforting.

No. 187817

File: 1621980513309.gif (25.23 KB, 400x350, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

Fat guys.

No. 187834

I have the same fantasy, and I also have a very low sex drive

No. 187879

File: 1622023157789.png (124.33 KB, 235x334, FaNwEJE6nH_v6WS2j08s.png)

noticed I have started having a thing for hairy, buff and fat guys and the average male in my country usually fits both of those fuck this shit

No. 187994

I'm in the same situation and have the same fantasy lmao hello twin

No. 188471

I know this is so porny and gross but I want someone to cum on my face, I really want some hot looking guys jizz all over my cheeks and mouth and it's so not girlpower of me but tha's exactly why I'm ashamed of this. It's so hot.

No. 188472

finding it hot for a guy to cum on your face isn't inherently degrading, that's due to porn and men seeing it as. the only lack of girlpower here is the shame and letting porn dictate what you think is hot. sure the reality is a lot of scrotes watch porn and have internalized the view of it as degrading but that's separate.

No. 189006

I'm pretty ashamed of this one. My interests in general are pretty morbid, and unfortunately that extends to my fantasies. I imagine myself being in fucked up scenarios, like being kidnapped, being taken advantage of in my sleep, or while drugged, being treated 'roughly' during it all, etc. The absolute worst one that gives me the most post nut shame is being a young person and being abused by a relative or teacher. Kill me. I don't know why I'm like this, especially because my irl sex/interests are very vanilla

No. 189173

Honestly, just rape. But it's worse because I really started fantasizing about it after I was raped myself.

No. 189305

Sounds like a coping mechanism.

No. 189494

please fucking kill me

No. 189551

my bf told me he was raped by a woman before and it turned me on. damaged soft males are hot. Im going to hell

No. 189554

Dont be ashamed of it. Im aroused when scrotes die and i masturbate to it too. incels dont deserve any empathy anyway

No. 189559


No. 189563

I can sadly relate to this
or having tiddies sucked in general, I have no mommy related kinks at all, eugh, I just have sensitive tiddies

No. 189590

As an adult? How is this even possible?

No. 189598

He was underage and she was an adult.

No. 189602

Toes. Not dirty, or clean, or anywhere near my vag, just how people scrunch them when they're really turned on.

No. 189604

Feeling a bit sorry for your bf now.

No. 189638

Underage meaning what? Like, before or after puberty? Not a pedo, just curious cause like how could a woman rape a man who isn’t a child?

No. 189654

knowing nothing else about your boyfriend other than that he has the same past as my ex, I advise you to run

No. 189655

nta but probably statutory rape? that's usually how it goes

No. 190521

File: 1623014839121.jpg (91.98 KB, 1280x720, Monocle.jpg)

prosthetics, eyepatches, scars, you name it.
I'm certain this is a manifestation of my chronic battle with mental illness.
there has always been a part of me afraid to admit this because of the possible misunderstandings this statement could lead to.

No. 190528


No. 190689

men cumming too quickly. the quicker the better tbh. ashamed mostly because it feels very rare (maybe i'm wrong?) — 99% of what people say about guys who don't last long is negative.

to me, though, it's hot because it's like he's sooo into you.. so turned on.. so horny.. feels so good.. that he can't help it and accidentally loses control. so hot.

No. 190710

File: 1623067018812.jpg (59.35 KB, 1200x676, ESdk2mRXYAAkGS1.jpg)

Scenes of these two in Castlevania…. god I just want to have a cute guy as a prisoner to mistreat, seduce and break his little heart

No. 190823

I can only feel aroused imagining my younger self being abused by an adult. Porn has fucked up my mind

No. 190832

being cared for by a cute awkward semidomme mommy or effeminate male with mommy characteristics who doesn't mind being mommy

No. 191008

File: 1623190340276.gif (172.02 KB, 165x272, ezgif-6-a75d3c5c2ccf.gif)


No. 191018

I couldn't handle it every time but yeah, super hot.

No. 191027

No. 191278

File: 1623324407463.jpg (22.85 KB, 261x359, help.JPG)

Not sure how ashamed I am but this is kind of cringe. also feels a little objectifying bc its like uniform shit and military is serious business

Also I've been searching for this type of shit for like 3 hours now and any time I search for military/tactical gear/mask porn its just men looking for women in uniform. If any anons know any content like this please share

No. 191280

Anon I feel you I have this exact kink lmao
Something about the obscured face and gloves gets me going.

All my fave characters are like this (Bloodhound, Mando, Acefrom R6S… the list goes on)

No. 191392

File: 1623368536780.jpg (180.96 KB, 1200x876, 254414930165345.jpg)

Same anon, military gear, uniforms, balaclavas and shooting gloves just really do it for me. Shame that most of the spicy content that I know of is weird dom stuff. When all I want is a nice tacticool bf to practice shooting with and go on cute camping dates together.
I think the reason why I'm personally ashamed of it is because I've been a firearms and military nerd since I was a kid and I think that if I told anyone that I find guys like that attractive, I'd probably be invalidated in my hobby and knowledge by scrotes. But honestly /k/ just really fried my brain as a teenager and I still haven't recovered.
Also what's the context of your pic? Tried reverse searching it but nothing came up.

No. 191699

File: 1623502688383.jpeg (80.57 KB, 482x427, 089E5F38-4592-408D-A9C9-1C0E12…)

been debating on whether to post this here or not for literal months now but fuck it here we go
blood. including menstrual blood. i want to eat a girl out while she’s on her period

No. 191702

File: 1623503467395.jpg (170.05 KB, 1242x1201, original.jpg)

Same! Sometimes I have fantasies of a girl eating me out on my period (and vice versa). Strangely enough, I never think about that stuff on my actual period.

No. 191703

Samefag, but I'm not ashamed of this tbh. I don't think it's that weird.

No. 191708

yay, i’m not alone on my weirdness!
>Strangely enough, I never think about that stuff on my actual period.
it’s the opposite for me. my horny levels are through the roof on the first two days of my cycle so maybe that’s a reason why i’m into period sex? dunno, but even when i’m not menstruating the thought crosses my mind sometimes and i’m still all for it

No. 191710

Having a girl being so horny she wants me to eat her while she's on her period is one of my fantasies

No. 191711

oh my god yes that is so hot. also i love the thought of getting ate out on my period by a cute girl and when she pulls away she’s just covered in blood. seriously turns me on like nothing else

No. 191717

I've never told anyone about this a it's a legit fetish I'm ashamed of. And it's not a fetish that I'm into because of the reasons one might think… And I swear I'm not a moid, I'm a female woman.

…I'm into transformation porn.
The first time I saw it was when that whole reverse bimbo image was super popular online. I jokingly searched it on deviantart and found a bunch of bimbofication of men turning into bimbos. Now listen, I don't like it because they're turning into women. It's solely the transformation aspect of their body changing sizes and growing things. I mainly like the fact that it's uncomfortable for them and they groan or have a difficult time coming to terms with the transformation.

The second time I saw it… I was at a theme park. At the theme park, they had videos displaying a theme for the Hulk ride. The videos were short 15 minute segments of regular people getting zapped and then getting transformed into the hulk with bulky muscles. Not sure why, I just got really excited about seeing their muscles pop and expand and them being overwhelmed. I remember spending a good few hours trying to find a full clip of this, but the vid I attached is one of the segments. What's wrong with me…..

No. 191845

It’s an odd fetish anon but I don’t think it’s anything you should be hella ashamed of, dont stress over it

No. 191879

I'm bi but never had sex with a woman and I fantasize about pegging so much. I'd never peg a dude because assholes are disgusting though

No. 192012

i like the idea of vomiting during/after oral sex, although in reality it would be scary and disgusting. in my fantasies the puke doesn't smell at all, it's just the act of getting fucked so hard, you have to throw up that turns me on. it's so weird.

No. 192107

I'm a girl and I have a huge mommy kink. I have this fantasy where an older woman will kidnap me and fuck me roughly and use me over and over until I'm nothing but a dumb little pet for her. I want her to abuse me and use me. I want to be objectified, humiliated, shown off and gang fucked by other women while she watches. I've had this fantasy ever since I was taken advantage of by a much older woman when I was around 15.

Also, for a lesbian I have a pretty big impregnation kink. I love the idea of being made pregnant by a woman… even though I know that's not possible. The thought of being possessed like that gets me wetter than anything else.

No. 192114


I also have a transformation fetish… it definitely started from childhood when I read those animorph books or whatever. Yeah it's a bit weird but it's not really anything to be ashamed of bc it has no application irl. I'm more into cowgirls and stuff LOL but yes I'm also a woman. Don't stress about it.

No. 192129

It's weird but I want to be in a relationship where we have consensual physical fights (not just pussy playfights, like actually punching).
I don't really care who has the upper hand lol

No. 192155

File: 1623704439049.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.9 KB, 640x1138, Z5FAmFEmzFitlwFEyfqbgvMuwo1je3…)

piercings. i want a guy with lots of piercings.

No. 192180

File: 1623713694266.jpg (235.8 KB, 350x489, shame.jpg)

Hypnosis kink and drugging (more specifically aphrodisiac) kink. Wouldn't do it to anyone else for moral reasons (don't believe anyone can consent when under the influence of a substance or deep meditation), so I just do it to myself. Been this way as long as I can remember. I blame myself and Totally Spies.

No. 192182

Aside from this looking horrendous to me, my vagina is clamping shut in terror. It seems like it would feel extremely uncomfortable if not outright painful. Have you ever actually fucked a guy with piercings? Was it tolerable?

No. 192209

i hate dicks and don't find them attractive or even want one irl (i also find "futa" hentai and shit like that annoying and creepy) but lately i've been fantasizing about having one and using it with a woman, it's probably an uncommon thing but my shame is that i 100% know this is a result of sexual trauma and internalized homophobia but oh well lmao

No. 192225

Same. Unironically think it was the fucking junglebook snake that started it for me.

No. 192238

How do you even jerk off at that point

No. 192325

haha you're one of those basic junglebook kids

No. 192329


No. 192349


Sometimes I feel like the only hypno-degenerate who WASN'T awoken by the Winnie-the-Pooh snake.

No. 192427

yeah the idea of a bunch of cold metal inside me does not sound appealing, not to mention the piercings must get nasty. lot of guys don’t even clean their ear piercings

No. 193044

File: 1624045866075.jpg (35.57 KB, 680x578, 1520191702_6c29b9bd7c41ca60024…)

I hate myself for this but I have a huge futanari fetish, I just simply can't stand men or looking at men in porn, it disgusts me, but I'm attracted to dick, I fantasize about having a girl with a dick fuck me (but in a way that it will never happen, I mean an actual girl with a dick if that was possible, I'm not into trannies, femboys or anything like that)

No. 193123

no further comment

No. 193126

File: 1624071697816.gif (161.03 KB, 500x419, preach it, sis.gif)

can't say what this is about, but the idea of girls eating each other on a dare. Im a straight woman, but if my friends dared me to eat them out, I would in a heartbeat.

kinda makes me feel like a scrote bc "woman sex hot, ooga booga" so im ashamed of it

No. 193139

congrats girl youre gay, i dare you to make out with a friend next time youre out for drinks

No. 193146

i’m a simple girl, i just wanna find a guy who’ll let me beat the shit out of him.

No. 193316

did anyone else have like, preferences for specific kinks/sex acts only happen while on your period? i hate penetration but the only time i would ever be open to it was during my period. my bucket list used to be to have a gf who would be open to strapping me during that time of the month

No. 193329

Definitely. I'm relatively vanilla but on my period I get a taste for rough sex with choking/spanking

No. 193487

File: 1624233765259.gif (27.5 KB, 200x200, gaslightgirlboss.gif)

maybe fucking a hairy fat scrote (i have a few guys that talk to me like that) and then being like "nope i would never fuck you.." when they bring it up afterwards and gaslight them.
but then with women i just want to be so nurturing, hugs, kisses, titty sucking, yknow, nice stuff. maybe even having a hot gf who fucks and gaslights sweaty incels w me.
so basically fucking over men with a hot girl i get to spend my life with and marry <3

No. 193663

File: 1624315279064.jpg (Spoiler Image, 139.59 KB, 529x503, 1609610559003.jpg)

Guro/blood and necro.

couldn't had been into boring missionary sex, noooooo I just HAD to have the fetish thats considered worst then pedos. Yay.

No. 193701

If it's any consolation, I still think pedoes are worse.

No. 193716

as long as you stay far away from live-action shit involving that it could be a lot worse

No. 193724

Aww anon you’re way better than pedos.
Sure you’re sorta gross but you’re not creeping outside the funeral home or perving on hospice patients either. Pedos actively seek children to harm. The dead can’t be harmed. Spooky and a little icky but miles above scum like pedos and rapists and even above the shit eating folks imo.

No. 193753

True, that's some fucked up shit, I hope you consider therapy.

No. 193875

Pedos are 1000% worse than necros (unless you're killing people to fuck their corpses but I'm gonna go ahead and assume that's not the case). It's still nasty though, I'd try to get therapy for that.

No. 194002

File: 1624485371971.png (258.86 KB, 1280x1817, hhhhh.png)

so im a chick right but i like the idea of being feminized by older, stronger women, or maybe even slutty women
if i told any woman about this she would probably bully me but i think i'd like that

No. 194003

>so im a chick right
Sure, anon.

No. 194004

see this is why i am ashamed of it

No. 194012

File: 1624488109664.jpg (44.42 KB, 300x518, d09161f649653d8b6bcbc9ab5ba315…)

Nice pic nonny. I have a similar fantasy where I fall in love with a narcissistic terminally online girl who is super femme and she gives me a makeover and we dress like twinsies and then we bone. Also, I would never, ever encourage my scrote into it or even suggest it for fear of troonery, but I like the fantasy of forcing a man to twin with me in a fancy women's cosplay and then we bone. I don't want either of them to look like we could actually be related, and I'm a tomboy that never wears cute girly shit, but god I wish someone would twin with me in cute girly outfits it would be so hot.

No. 194024

File: 1624491975182.jpg (15.54 KB, 333x500, 41FELiANbkL._AC_SY780_.jpg)

So I read this story in high school when I was a Fujo with a nazi fetish. I went looking for it out of curiosity and you can buy it on Amazon now.

I made the first thread and don't watch porn anymore and deleted my guro folder. But fuck, if I don't still get off to monster fucking and nazi erotica. My pornsick brain is slowly recovering. Happy to see these threads still going 4 years later, damn.

No. 194025

>I made the first thread and don't watch porn anymore and deleted my guro folder.
Congrats!!! that's very good improvement right there.

No. 194039

>monster fucking
You and me both anon

No. 194045

mutual respect

No. 194112

I'm so glad others feel this way lol. And thanks for the little list of characters

I get this exactly. The dom stuff is fine but I want normal content way more.
I'm convinced a lot of us here are the way we are because we used 4chan in our teens. Good times
It came up on my tiktok feed a few weeks ago, the user is @nafenmariotti. I liked this one video he made but the rest of his account puts a bad taste in my mouth for some reason
Thank you anons

No. 194126

Congrats on your recovery process anon!
It's possible to be a horny weirdo occasionally without being totally pornsick.

No. 194328

Male prostitution, escorting, gigolo, etc.
The idea of a up and proper type of dude needing to sell his body gets me going like nothing else.

No. 194470

File: 1624768715532.png (2.19 MB, 999x1037, IMG_7946.png)

Whole stockholm syndrome stuff. i wanna be kidnapped n forced to dress like a princess n be called disgusting pet names by a sickeningly sweeet, mentally unsound guy whos obsessed with me lol

No. 194471

I love the pic, what is it from?

No. 194472

I really like obscured faces. Like a man wearing a helmet or mask is so badass and sexy to me.

No. 194475

same but I'm maybe not as far along as you yet

No. 194485

The visual novel/otome amnesia has a route kind of like this it awakened something in me

No. 194491

File: 1624774957726.jpg (1.69 MB, 3840x5239, miguel-iglesias-spacepirate11-…)

I just couldn't agree more on this, except I'm very into the weird dom stuff too. MASKS FTW!

No. 194528

God yes, I live Yandere x reader stories for that exact reason.

Full disclosure, the first time I ever flicked the bean was at age 16 after reading a shitty watt pad erotica that followed this premise.

No. 194768

i don't know how you can get off to the dress like a princess part, are you imagining this weird ass moid to have good taste in dresses/women's fashion? because if he doesn't then my mind immediately thinks it's unsexy but if he does then I think it's distracting as well.

No. 196087

File: 1625418301360.webm (2.87 MB, 405x720, 1623528282681.webm)

I have a terrible thing for tall people (mostly men, admittedly). I used to think it's just a preference, but now I'm starting to think it might be a fetish.

I'm not even short ffs.

No. 196091

I've tried to date shorter men, I really have, but I need em tall.

No. 196097

Size differences are hawt as long as it's a normal one

No. 196109

i think size differences like 5'3 and 5'10 are cute or 5'6 and 6'2

But size differences like 4'11 and 6'0 or 5'0 and 7'0 are creepy.

No. 196112

File: 1625430551365.jpg (41.11 KB, 290x420, 1313010529_shaq-hoopz-290.jpg)

size differences like this are just weird af, like one of them looks like a midget or a child

No. 196120

File: 1625431942779.jpeg (77.46 KB, 356x512, 1C098355-F66D-448B-9202-379D07…)

I’m average burger height and I like manelts; they’re much easier to kiss and cuddle.

No. 196134

It is okay, more manlets for me and this >>196120 anon

No. 196160

aghggh me too anon
for me im pretty sure this comes from otome games and fanfic but theres nothing that makes me happier than thinking of a cute guy stalking and being obsessed with me
other than that, i have had a thing for teachers since i was a preteen. along with various crushes on teachers of mine it was always a thing i would daydream about, having a secret romance and tbh neither of these are hugely sexual and more romance based but eh they go hand in hand.
honestly sex wise i just want to be dominated (no pain or degrading tho) and be close and intimate and loving. not a porn person but i came across a video on twitter with a couple in missionary just hugging each other and being as loving and intimate as possible, and it really made my heart go badump

No. 196161

My mom is bish lmao

No. 196186

File: 1625443187430.jpg (Spoiler Image, 933.29 KB, 2560x1440, bish.jpg)

tell her i loved her in middle school!

No. 196252

File: 1625507711602.jpg (41.91 KB, 640x640, sittin'.jpg)

Are you sure you don't just want affection and unconditional love?

No. 196257

can you say more about this? as prosaic as you'd like. just, in lieu of fixing it please tell me how to make this my kink. the partners i've had are really active and attentive but "i" (according to them, lightheartedly) have that strange effect. as long as i'm being tended to, it's flattering. but i'm running out of things to say

No. 196326

File: 1625528061467.jpg (8.38 KB, 260x194, thirsty.jpg)

I'm ashamed because it feels scrote tier, but tit sucking/nipple licking. Giving and/or receiving. Hers don't have to be a specific size and I'm not into any mommydom shit necessarily. I'll admit that I'm touch starved/thirsty/horny atm to the point that I'd easily deal with that stuff for a hook up or even fwb. It's definitely a fetish tier interest, because it would genuinely be a relationship deal breaker to me if it's not a fairly enthusiastic option or if she's got numb nipples and/or is a 'doesn't ever touch/do anything back' type.

No. 196332

i have this too, they're always super sensitive for no reason i can get off just by nippleplay, i think this kink is more common in women than ppl think

No. 196333

I don't think that's scrote/fetish tier nonny, if you're attracted to women of course you're gonna want some titty.

I'm also not into the mommy stuff really but I'd do anything for a woman to cuddle up in my arms and fall asleep sucking and playing with my boobs

No. 196344

Is this really a fetish? I thought this was part of standard vanilla sex kek

No. 196345

Why would licking a nip be scrote tier???? Finding nipples attractive is super normal imo

No. 196362

I cannot wrap my head around the concept of getting off just from your nipples. To me that’s like saying you can get off just from someone massaging your thumb… I believe you because you have no reason to lie about this, however I am baffled.

No. 196380

I was talking to an old high school friend and he said this phrase:
>"I'll eat anything."
and I'm not into feederism or vore, but there was something so oddly powerful and sexual about that phrase.

No. 196387

File: 1625559252669.gif (1.65 MB, 470x498, the_eternal_struggle.gif)


I've heard that in other cultures, tits aren't seen as sexual at all in that way. Even with it being cultural, I don't think I could change it at this point tho. Not sure if I'd even want to change, my love for tits is greater than the amount of brain cells I have. I feel like I'm a quite hypocritical feminist, since I'm aware that many women aren't comfortable with the sexualization of tits at all. Meanwhile the moment an even vaguely attractive woman complains that her boyfriend or society thinks her tits are too small, big, saggy, etc. 9/10 times I white knight/simp for her in my head. Tits are amazing, it's so ungrateful, but further fetishization isn't good either.
pls marry me

A little is probably seen as normal, but for me sex could literally just mean that and also the length of time I could keep it up is much longer. I think I could potentially orgasm not just from receiving, but also giving, I've gotten close a couple times before. I'd also do things for it, which I'd usually never do, like actually considering hooking up with bicurious/experimenting women, despite having sworn that off. There's also not the mental barrier of std risk, compared to letting a stranger sit on my face (even with dental dam).

No. 196433

Basically I have several kinks/fetishes and they can be devided into two sides.

On one side I really like the thick mommy type, making me feel "small" and litteraly calling her mommy. Her dominating me around, making me do things.

On the other side I'm a rough looking 6'+ tall man with a beard who mainly attracts girls with daddy issues and does enjoy ddlg stuff as well. The part I enjoy here is really the degrading stuff they will do just for me, that really gets me off.

Getting to know someone who could be both is kind of hard to say the least.

Some/most of these interests/kinks/fetishes comes from me dating (as well as e-dating) a lot of women with mental issues. I'm used to it so much, these women would fall head over heels for me. Now I'm avoiding those types but I can't really hold a decent conversation with women who don't have mental issues.

Sorry if the later part is a bit off-topic but on a side note I'm curious to see if there's people here who had a similair experience to mine.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 196434

Fuck off, scrotum.

No. 196437

they're like erect naturally so there might be more nerve endings or sth im making it up idk, but i used to detest touching my nipples while masturbating they would hurt because my touch would feel super coarse and intense also i dont like going braless cuz the fabric feels to harsh on my nipples, i thought it was common maybe i have a hormonal imbalance or sensory issues

No. 196441

File: 1625577193040.jpg (89.48 KB, 820x328, great_news.jpg)

1/3 women potentially being able to orgasm from nipple play is quite common imo. A lot of women just don't know they can. There's nothing wrong with you.

No. 196514

Same, and I'm so glad I've never had children to breastfeed. Look, I understand that evolution had to make breastfeeding feel good for anyone to want to do it, but I don't like that it's sexually good. Sex and infants don't mix, no, no.
That many, huh. A lot of them will breastfeed. Ew? How? Sorry for derail, this has just bothers me whenever I think about it.

No. 196548

kek. i don't think most women receive pleasure when breastfeeding. your nipples actually get pretty chapped and as the kid's teeth develop i thought it could be painful if they latch on too hard.

No. 196600

This is so bizarre to me. How do you have an orgasm (location: vagina) from nipple play only (location: nowhere near vagina or connected to it in any way)? I’m so fucking lost. Are you saying you have an orgasm inside your boobs? Or do you fiddle your nipples and then your vagina just picks up the phone and starts breakdancing? I’m not saging this because I need answers or else I will lay awake at night tormented by these questions.

No. 196602

Yes, for mothers it's an involuntary response. 1/3 to 1/2 does experience arousal from it and 1/4 of the group that experiences arousal feels guilty about it. I know it seems gross, but with so many mothers dealing with this, it's kinda retarded how taboo it is to even acknowledge it. Next y'all are going to be shocked that some women unironically involuntarily orgasm while giving birth. Shit just happens.
Clit, cervix, vagina and nipples are linked to genital sensory cortex, so the brain seems to process stimulation of either very similarly. The orgasm still comes from downstairs in the end. It does take some concentration to still get to that point, squeezing thighs together helps too.

No. 196639

lets go bae

No. 196739

I had no idea this was a thing. My mom and my aunt both told me it was very painful for them

No. 196770

i love you anon but your head is absolutely hollow

No. 196779

I’m going to have a fucking aneurysm

No. 196835

>1/4 of the group that experiences arousal feels guilty about it
This would have been me and I would have bottlefed. Probably what many end up doing. Thanks for the info, this is definitely not something I felt comfortable asking people irl.

No. 197692

File: 1626203608193.jpg (63.99 KB, 400x491, 7524781c03fb680d0c919334600e7f…)

Vanilla as hell but military dress uniforms and military shit in general

No. 198027

how are you ashamed?

No. 198034

anon's awakening might have been nazi uniforms, thus why she's feeling like ass about it

No. 198038

This is really weird but the thought of a guy peeing their pants is so sexy to me. Just thinking about the desperation slowly building up and him starting to squirm. It gets to a point where he literally can't concentrate or sit still. Then he just can't hold it anymore and explodes in his pants and he's in such a humiliated state.

I don't think guy will like doing this for me though. I've had this fetish since I was 5 and it never went away. I finally accepted it several years ago. This probably sound unhealthy but I NEED this as part of my sex life. Not as a regular thing but it has to be in there somewhere.

No. 198040

that's very common.

No. 198259

I don't beat myself up over it but I also wouldn't admit this to anyone in real life. I think somebody already mentioned something similar upthread but basically I have an interest in all things military and military history, and I feel like if people found out they would think that the only reason I'm interested is because of my fetish, when it's actually the other way around.

Surprisingly no. Their uniforms were nice looking but never my favorite.

No. 198333

File: 1626563250126.jpg (41.88 KB, 800x816, 1z9vwi.jpg)

i'm bisexual and have only been with men sexually but lean much more heavily towards lesbian attraction especially when it comes to sex… my biggest fetish/fantasy is lesbians peeing on each other. i don't know why. i'm not some coomer freak, i don't watch porn, and i don't like any other weird kink/bdsm shit so i'm pretty "vanilla." but girls squirting or pissing on each other is so hot to me and yes, i am ashamed.

also whenever a guy goes down on me i close my eyes and picture the girls i've had crushes on and made out/flirted but never went all the way with going down on me instead.

No. 198341

it's not rocket science, "nipple orgasm" (or any body part tbh) doesn't "orgasm from the nipple", it means an orgasm that was caused by nipple stimulation.

No. 198344

i'm a fujoshi. i've tried watching normal porn, but it does not turn me on. it's always shot from the guys pov and i'm not into womens bodies. if i'm being honest i think it's super weird when straight women watch hetero porn. it just seems gay to me

No. 198355

File: 1626581056150.jpg (81.68 KB, 600x800, GPzpXoZ.jpg)

Big size/height difference

No. 198356

File: 1626581158340.png (127.75 KB, 3157x3439, f841cf7772325.png)

No. 198360


No. 198362

based piss anons. Also it’s interesting you mention having the fetish since early childhood, because that’s true for me too. NOTE: the following is NO LONGER AROUSING IN ANY WAY TO ME but my first sexual(????) fantasy was imagining a building that was like filled to waist level with pee and someone had to wade through it….I was like 7 or something. Wtf. I’ve heard some people say that they think they’re into piss because they were bedwetters/peed themselves accidentally a lot but that was never the case for me so idfk why I’m like this

No. 198381

I don't have a piss fetish thankfully but my first sexual (?) fantasy (in kindergarten) was imagining a guy trapped in a tank full off pee kek

No. 198442

ayrt, WTF that is so crazy, it’s so similar to mine and at a similar age, is it maybe a more common phenomenon than we think?

No. 198460

So my theory is that as children we didn't really know what sex was but we knew instinctively it had something to do with genitals, so by association we connected pee to it.
As a kid I remember also imagining feces had something to do with sex, and I know other people who did as well (none of us have scat fetishes currently afaik) so it probably is more common than you'd think. I imagine some kids fantasize about it way more than others and they're the ones who end up having that fetish as adults

No. 198469

This seems accurate. I remember before we all got old enough for sex-ed kids would always tell me that a woman gets pregnant when a man pees inside her. Or that childbirth happens when the woman pees/poops out the baby.

No. 198494

that's a really interesting theory! before i had no guesses whatsoever why i'm like this but i think that makes a lot of sense

No. 198727

File: 1626847677471.jpg (78.03 KB, 735x753, 8c1df4fdd6877f2bfc992e41e1b142…)

Whenever an anon say shit like "well he's just gonna use you as a fleshlight" I get slightly turned on and feel bad for it

No. 199629

File: 1627386088943.png (161.65 KB, 695x467, F4CC0274-5A18-4C7F-94DE-E73DD8…)

I’ve had a fat fetish since before puberty and I absolutely fucking hate it but it’s the one thing that I can get off to and orgasm with constantly. Doesn’t help that I’ve been anachan in the past so it’s really added this taboo self loathing element to being forced by someone to completely change my figure, berated and teased about it but being helplessly addicted all the same. Another scrote tier kink i have is bimboification… essentially I think I like being controlled to the point of completely changing myself and my body for someone and that deepening the power dynamics between us. I used to play games with my childhood friend where she’d stuff my clothes with plushies and pillows and I’d pretend to have gained weight and then she’d tell me that I was just a dumb little piggy who couldn’t speak, so i think that’s the start. I would never tell anyone about this in real life because it just sickens me lmao

No. 199680

File: 1627408678853.png (Spoiler Image, 35.46 KB, 496x105, milk.png)

I'm a sinner

No. 199682

Excellent taste anon nothing to be sinned about. Especially if they're crying (year of joy or other kinds, doesn't matter).

No. 199718

Oh my god anon, I feel you so bad. I'm a lesbian and I'm pretty vanilla, could say I only like intimate/loving sex but women and pee are a fantasy that I could never get rid off. I don't like things related to ingesting piss but the entire full bladder sex concept has me so worked up (and ashamed).
Also, I've never had sex with men but when I was younger and before I accepted my sexuality I'd change my memories of the boys I kissed to girls and only then it became interesting kek

No. 199723

File: 1627432008072.jpeg (153.78 KB, 1501x1000, 38956210-0402-45B4-9177-59A4A3…)

they could take turns, or go one after another. Helmets stay on, and no talking.

I’ve fantasized about it soooo many times

No. 199727

I like when women do ahegao faces. Sue me. Actually do it because this one’s pretty embarrassing and I would take a legal fine.

No. 199736

Tbh I thought making weird faces is normal during orgasm? Why wouldn't ppl like seeing the woman enjoying herself. Or are we supposed to look like perfect o mouthed goddesses.

No. 199751

ahegaos are a hentai thing anon..and it's from mindbreak shit half the time.

No. 199766

It's a specific face, anon. I like that they look overwhelmed with pleasure.

It's not really about the mindbreak thing for me, except just a little. Honestly, it's mostly about having the tongue out and drooling.

No. 199970

tell me you watch too much porn without telling me you watch too much porn…

No. 200010

File: 1627609393582.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 58.1 KB, 630x464, 4AEEEF00-89C4-4759-8E3B-DE73E2…)

Anyone else like weird porn?

I like clown porn specifically, where the girl is fucked by a clown. Unfortunately it’s really hard to find ones where the clown is actually hot, because there’s a lot of overlap with the “women getting fucked by hideous men” fetish

No. 200021

niche porn is cute for a lark with regular people but if thats all you focus on then youre a degenerate and thats in every way haram. heal yourself sister

No. 200025

Her kink is very vanilla compared to some shit in this thread tho

No. 200028

have you seen this post's gif? mashallah.

No. 200031

Jesus christ nonny you can do better.

No. 200042

>it's hard to find one where the clown is actually hot

I love that you fetishize clowns but you still have standards for them

No. 200898

So what does a hot clown look like? Their entire thing is looking dumb.

No. 200913

File: 1628198400242.jpg (375.26 KB, 2500x1406, 1cce881f3a3a0500d3992d63c8b51b…)

i'd let him call me the hard r while we fuck. yes he is canonically racist

No. 200930

Mb she meant they shouldn't look hideous? Like made intentionally repulsive, not just clownly ridiculous.

No. 200931

Basically the same shit as >>194470. But not only I imagine myself being kidnapped by a (handsome) dude, I also imagine myself being the dude. Like its a form of selfcest where my mind is the dude, but my body is the kidnapped person. Tldr I imagine kidnapping, keeping and fucking myself with a male body

No. 200932

who's this?

No. 200940

File: 1628218074152.jpg (57.38 KB, 1280x720, eji4gi.jpg)

it's ryo aoki/masato arakawa from yakuza: like a dragon

No. 201075

Weight gain, but only with really proper, sheltered, upstanding and well-to-do types. There's something about some sheltered, uptight giving into the vice of gluttony and turning into some slovenly pig.

No. 201139

File: 1628379137176.jpg (91.34 KB, 453x989, aust_db_collector_NS06156_B.jp…)

oh me too anon!! love a good "yandere kidnaps you" erotic audio.

you might enjoy The Collector (1965), it's pretty tame & no gooey nicknames but it's about a reclusive young man who kidnaps a young art student and tries to keep her in the basement of his remote mansion

No. 201483

not a zoomer at all (one of my greatest prides is that i’ve never gotten off to porn) but this night i hid in the bathroom to find the piss site i accidentally stumbled upon when i was 11 while my boyfriend slept in my bed. i don’t think i’m into women in reality, but throughout my 24 years of life, nothing has had a hold on me like imagining other girls wetting themselves. imagining it is literally the only way i can cum. i’m terrified i’ll never have a normal erotic experience, it’s not even piss in general, i’ve tried having boyfriends do pee stuff and it does nothing for me, i feel like i’m stuck in this weird prepubescent understanding of sex wherein girls peeing=girls cumming=me cumming. i always feel like such a nasty scrote when it’s what i rely on to get off, but truly nothing else works

No. 201609

Being a slutty stripper that gets hired for a party and the one I'm dancing on is a shy virgin type that is forced into it. I tease him in front of all the other guys in the room and eventually rape him while he cries and is blushing hard being watched by everyone. The other guys are cheering and hold him down while I fuck him.

No. 201651

I have a huge fetish for medical procedures, like being examined, injections, measuring, samples collected, blood tests etc., generally being treated as a patient. Like it turns me on immediately and I've been into it since puberty or even before that. The more clinical the better, like actual medical stuff and not some play pretend porno movie bullshit.

No. 201655

>damaged soft males are hot.

I developed something similar lately, I fantasize about having a shy guy desperate for love to fall for me and adore me like a goddess or something.
Something about making a guy desperate for you that I kinda never cared before.

No. 201656

Same girl. Having my BP measured or having my blood drawn should not be arousing and yet it is. Having a doctor/nurse listen to my lungs with a stethoscope is probably my favorite. 10/10 experience, would do again anytime.

No. 201696

I'm turned on by the weird aggro anons on lc. I feel things when they say things like: "he is using you as a fleshlight", "typical straight girl wanting to chug cum. What's wrong with hets?" etc. It feels like they are talking dirty to me

No. 201697

>he is using you as a fleshlight
That's not aggression, it's someone telling you your partner is egoistical.

No. 201703

KEK anon same… or when someone says "your boyfriend is watching some woman get gangbanged by 10 dicks"… I hate porn now but years of watching it as a teenager basically shaped my sexuality

No. 201838

interesting, from an outsider perspective maybe the reason you imagine girls is because it's what you're familiar with so trying to imagine someone you'd be attracted to (ex. a man) would be too hard to imagine?

No. 201841

idk nonny… getting turned on by women saying things to you… kinda gay ngl!

No. 201940

I'm only early 20s but I REALLY like the idea of being an older woman with an older partner in a fetish-driven marriage. I enjoy porn featuring 40+ year old BDSM/latex couples who clearly have lots in common. Would not mind living out this point in my life in a vanilla way, and then entering some kind of long-term master-slave, latex or petplay arrangement when I hit my late 30s and start ageing properly. I don't know why I find this so hot but omg it really is…

No. 201997

Degen men are hot

No. 202031

I wish I could induce lactation but I don't think my bf would be into it

No. 202034

im a lesbian, but honestly a fantasy of mine is an attractive man being mean to me but also having eyes only for me. it’s hotter in my head

No. 202044

for those that didn't know, gurochan is back :D

No. 202046

thank you for the good news nonna!

No. 202053

I like gore but I don't understand the appeal of like 90% of the shit posted there, it's all scroteshit/women being tortured.

No. 202070

>I like gore but I don't understand
ok coomer

No. 202128

i feel like recently it’s just been men posted in the guro thread

No. 202175

I literally just described how I don't understand the coomershit retard

No. 202181

I masturbate to thoughts about my manager/boss, sometimes even ugly coworkers. Does anyone else have that, and does it make work awkward?

also grandad and brother fetish :(

No. 202185

I think I might be developing a thing for blood. Not wounds and cutting or anything or even pain, just blood. A month ago I had period sex with with my bf, I thought it would be uncomfortable and a mood killer but when he pulled out and I saw blood all over his dick I got super turned on. I've thought of blood while masturbating a few times since. Then today I was making out with my bf and he started taking my pants off, I told him we couldn't do PIV because I was on my period again and I didn't think we would have time after to properly clean up before work. I straddled him and started jerking him off instead and as he started getting closer he started panting and thrusting into my hand and begging for me to let him penetrate me – then out of nowhere he says "I wanna be stained with your blood" and I got so unbelievably horny at that I'm amazed I had the self-control to not pull my tampon out right then. We hadn't put a towel down so it's good we didn't but I kinda feel it would've been worth it.

No. 202399

im completely stuck on cumflation
cant get it out of my head anons. fucking sucks its nearly the only thing i can cum to, its so scrote tier
the worst thing is my favourite cumflation artist who hits all the right spots like uncontrollable horniness, sweat, huge distortion, no anal, huge cock, etc etc also constantly does fucking incest and shota/pedoshit. killing myself posthaste

No. 202437

File: 1629321023826.png (162.92 KB, 325x380, Kim-Dracula.png)

Okay so this is a schizo fantasy I conjured up very recently and I’ll try to explain it the best I can because it has a lot of personal associations.

The YouTube algorithm recommended me a cover of Paparazzi by an alt TokTok star called Kim Dracula (I don’t know anything about TikTok so I don’t know if he’s a cow or what). Usually I wouldn’t bat an eye but he’s a spitting image of someone I used to talk to – not just in the face but in his style, mannerisms etc. This made me reminisce about my past feelings for my person and made me drawn to him. When I looked up his history, it says his mom is a vocal coach and she probably thought him how to sing, do death growls etc.

The sexual fantasy I developed out of nowhere is a secret incest scenario where I am the successful mother/momager of someone like that (in my mind I used his face/persona). An alternative Corpse Husband tier e-boy whose beloved by hundreds of cringy Zoomer fangirls online who flick their beans to him and will say shit like “omg they are such a queer icon uwu” but in reality he is neither queer nor will ever look at them twice and just wants to stay with mommy and pounds her every night. I’m a few years older than both my person and this TikToker and my person used to call me “mommy” when he was fucking around being silly so the seeds were already there.

With apologies to Kim Dracula for fetishizing him and his mom lol

No. 202438

File: 1629322820104.jpg (31.68 KB, 500x500, BLOOD AESTHETIC - Part 1.jpg)

>I wanna be stained with your blood
omfg anon I would have completely lost it if someone told me that

I came here to post about blood too there's something so sexy about a boy covered in blood. I thought it was some stupid edgy teenager obsession but I still haven't gotten over it help

No. 202480

I ate my partner out on her period the other day, it was nearly the end of her period so it wasn't crazy bloody or anything but holy shit did I enjoy it, I felt like a wild animal in heat. When I saw my face in the mirror after it got me going all over again and we had sex in the shower. God forgive me but I'm looking forward to her next period. I get a pass for this though because I have anaemia, the extra iron is good for me!

No. 202814

My fetish is the final scene of hannibal season 3. Never has anything (tv show, porn or anything) made me so horny. Wish I had a murder husband to fall off a cliff with

No. 202833

Every single one of my preferences, sexual or not. I am ridden with embarrassment and it is difficult to deal with. The shame is warranted but the need remains and is clearly important to my fulfillment.

No. 202844

im so ashamed i want to look like a bimbo. Please help me anons

No. 202848

same, I'm kinda into your pic character for that reason, unfortunately I also developed a tiny thing for his uh… other quality…

No. 202851

File: 1629678671391.jpg (Spoiler Image, 172.16 KB, 894x1390, 6543234567.jpg)

I want this so bad. I feel like a degenerate scrote but period sex seems so hot. I have a bit of a thing for blood because I was an edgy vampire lover as a teen but anything involving pain or guro or actually hurting someone turns me off immediately.

No. 202857

The thing that no one ever talks about regarding period sex: isn't touching someone else's blood putting yourself at great risk of some kinds of contamination/illness? Isn't that what happened with HIV/AIDs because of microtears during anal sex? I know you already are up in someone's business touching fluids in any kind of sex but I thought it's even worse than that with blood. Maybe not though, correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 202858

double post, I meant *greater maybe the risk isn't that high but if it became more normalized I can see it rising. This is why I don't think it's fair to blame scrotes not wanting to touch our blood. Honestly, revulsion to blood is probably a natural way of protecting ourselves from contamination. I don't think it comes from misogyny although it manifests that way when people make symbolic associations with women and our menstrual cycles making us "unclean" in every way, which isn't true of course. But yeah, blood is unclean.

No. 202860

If you don't have any bloodborne diseases I'd think it'd be fine?? I don't actually know tho kek I'm no doctor.

No. 202907

File: 1629754765989.jpg (19.8 KB, 250x296, 250px-Pinhead-Hellraiser-b[1].…)

I just want the hell priest to rail me so bad I don't care if I end up in pieces. I just want it, completely obsessed, losing my mind. I'm very mentally ill but I never thought I'd be this mentally ill

No. 202909

File: 1629758132481.jpg (20.87 KB, 360x450, Hellraiser_035.jpg)

if that's mental illness I need to be put away for life

No. 202910

lmao anon you get me. I love you

No. 202922

File: 1629761920533.jpg (22.52 KB, 400x484, cf256a7a7f196a7ef2cddd3042138e…)

i feel like this should go in the husbando thread but im gonna riff off this and just mention my weird priest fetish because my entire childhood i had a weird obsession with male youth pastors and i kind of feel like there must be some repressed memory there that made that so integral in my upbringing but literally every single time i see a dude in one of these getups with the collar and shit the parasites in my brain go fucking apeshit. i want to be dee in the first season of IASIP where she destroys crickets life because he gave up the church for her its insanely hot

No. 202963

lol I feel this nonnie

I've had a weight gain fetish since I was a kid. The few cartoons where you'd see characters grow and gain weight (thanks totally spies) are definitely to blame. I'd draw comics, coom senselessly to it for ages on end. For some reason the thought of getting big and letting go of all your inhibitions, giving in totally to gluttony just made me really turned on. Could be that I'm pretty fit, have always been slim and a pressure to keep it that way, that I feel I can fully immerse myself in a world where I didn't have to care.

Thankfully I think I might be growing out of it though, and turning more towards femdom.

No. 202992

File: 1629808692794.jpg (Spoiler Image, 201 KB, 1200x798, Eb6yF8CWsAExDmH[1].jpg)

I get this, I'm a bitch for eroticism mixed in with religion, love everything involving priests, nuns etc but I'm very embarrassed about it. I grew up Catholic so I can relate. Top tier fantasy nona

No. 203284

File: 1630017227267.gif (9.91 MB, 540x380, tumblr_4f2d9b82013f24331556eb8…)

I've been watching this tv show called the terror about the people who tried to find the north west passage in the 1800s and fantasising about being aboard the ship with all those men. it turns me on to imagine being kept by captain crozier as a companion he keeps in his quarters and fucks after a hard day of toil and stress. there's this one character who is traumatised and depressed and I want nothing more than to ease this seaman's worries and take his mind of things for a while using my pussy.

that isn't what I'm ashamed of though. what I'm really ashamed of is that fact that I love their facial hair on the show, specifically the muttonchops.

No. 203289

File: 1630019204774.jpeg (59.37 KB, 615x697, 8C9AA2B6-79CD-4543-A6F6-D26054…)

My go-to recently has been mmf threesomes, but without dp because ass stuff is gross. I think it comes from a lifelong need to be the centre of attention, but I just imagine having two gorgeous men devoted to making me feel good, one of them holding me, kissing my neck/arms/face and whispering in my ear while the other one fucks me, and them taking turns doing that until we’ve all cum and then falling asleep in the warm press between their bodies.
I’ve actually been hooking up with a fine as fuck male dancer for the past few months and I might try and convince him to invite another guy from his group at some point lol.

No. 203305

I think I have a feeder fetish. Watching guys eat is a major turn on for me nowadays.

No. 203309

File: 1630031951824.jpeg (122.97 KB, 640x571, B163DC78-9BFE-4570-8D1E-FC934C…)

are you me anon. i want this but between two very specific type of guys who would eat me out at the same time and also do drugs with me

ideally this happens in a sleazy 1970s scenario with the two men being ugly-hot

No. 203345

File: 1630070323251.jpg (202.41 KB, 2048x1152, b70c5239d88d25cfefe1a4d6712f30…)

Ok so hear me out: I'm not sure if this counts as a fetish, but it's a recurring fantasy and it centers around a very specific cuckholding scenario.
I basically find the idea of cucking a
>manipulative, deranged, powerful, tall and emotionally screwed bastard with status to maintain
with a
<soft, kind, kinda shy, secretly freaky pretty guy who's shorter than me, sort of frail looking, perky butt, the works
It gets better because the soft boy has been this tall scrote's bullying victim and God knows what else behind the scenes because of their personal history together. So the tiny guy fucks me good and this big dude is all tied up under us and gets to lick and suck off whatever spills. We'd ultimately be a source of excitement for him, because after all, his extreme curiosity for masochism would pretty much take him there. He'd never ever be bored or lonely again, because we'd keep him on his toes forever and he gets to keep us both as long as we make his every day interesting. Sometimes it'd be ambiguous as to who's servicing who, because the soft dude would get a power trip from cooming his toxic guy friend's girl, but on the other hand the bastard actually likes it and he's emotionally tied to staying with me. And I'd imagine it'd take a lot out of me channeling domme constantly to these two desperate fuckers.

Picrel. I'm fucked in the head and I need to stop. Getting it out of my system like this sort of helps, there's nowhere else a place where I want to air this horrendous bs.

No. 203346

samefag now I realized this might've fit better into the husbando/retarded hornyposting thread but oh well, I have made my bed, now I will lie in it

I'm very gomennasorrymasen for this

No. 203353

Didn't this kinda happen in Sadistic Beauty lmao

No. 203383

a-artist please?

No. 203385

Do either of you watch fleabag? You may be interested in season 2.

No. 203561

File: 1630302786251.png (105.92 KB, 300x206, police01_a_18.png)

I just want a buff police officer to fuck me in his police box. No taking off the clothes, he just needs to unbotton his pants and I'll pull up my skirt. Why are uniforms so hot?

No. 203592

File: 1630338357112.jpg (7.6 KB, 275x183, oink.jpg)

No. 203658

this is giving me komaeda-chan vibes what even is this lol
is the priest fucked either literally or metaphorically bc if not i have no interest. AHS asylum was way too much of a tease with it and too fucked up in other ways for my brain to justify ever rewatching that shit just because seducing a priest & turning him away from god is an S-tier fetish

No. 203664

ntayart but yeah she does actually have sex with the priest

No. 203974

The amount of weight gain anons I've seen in the thread almost makes me feel less embarassed about mine… But I've developed a thing for it, specifically belly inflation and pregnancy lesser-so. Developed a fear of weight gain years before this started due to family pressure, and somehow it morphed into finding stories online to be a degenerate with.

Also developed a slight padding fetish by simulating said belly-gaining. I'd do it more often if I didn't live with family.

No. 205212

Quarantine forcing people to stay inside and not exercising - weight gain - boom a lot of people adopt it as a fetish

No. 206671

File: 1632385395517.png (35.9 KB, 682x253, good.PNG)

I'm super into fight-fucking, or any sort of sex where foreplay includes grappling.

When I was 15 my school sent us to elective self denfense jiu jitsu classes. For a demo the instructor had me lie on my back and has his cute early-20s assistant lean in between my legs and pin my arms above my head, and then told me how to push my hips up at an angle to throw him off. I'm pretty sure that was my sexual awakening. Now I beg my partners to pin my wrists above my head and I've even dated guys who do martial arts with the hopes that one day I'll have the courage to ask them to demo a move on me haha

No. 206758

Jesus christ it's been a while since i've seen that cringe-ass copypasta

No. 206833

I love gangbangs

No. 206845

Reading about other people being victimized. I wouldn't call it a fetish but I do get turned on reading about it. Only reading and only if it's text. I once read a post on reddit about someone's awful experience and it turned me on, when not too long before that I had read a doujin that was extremely similar to what the reddit person had went through and it was a tough read that made me feel ill. Sure I was seeing it drawn out, but there wasn't real people involved so I don't really understand why that one disgusted me when the other one didn't. I'm 100% ashamed of this, it feels amoral.

No. 206851

I get this too, not into it as a fetish but it's more like a compulsive turn on. I blame fanfic.

No. 207264

So I have an absolutely abhorrent fetish/fantasy where I birth a son and have him GROW UP (be an adult) and be in love with me and obsessed with me and want to be in a relationship with me and we have a relationship together. I love mother/son dynamics and incest to me feels like the closest bond you can get with someone. I have been obsessed with incest since I was very young. If I could be in an incestuous relationship (not with my immediate family but with a cousin or something) I 100% would be.

No. 207265

Samefag but also I don't ever want to have kids anyway

No. 207269

jesus christ you better be ashamed

No. 207270

it totally is

No. 207271

isabella? is that you?

No. 207280

File: 1632827724164.jpg (19.32 KB, 567x526, 0fed5060.jpg)

get well soon nonnie because that's some sex weirdo tier illness of the soul if I ever saw some holy shit

No. 207281

I think it's completely undestandable e if you think about it, cause mother/son is the strongest and sacrest bond you can have with someone.
btw once my bf started sucking on my tits and it didnt seem completely sexual for a moment, Idk, I mean it was sexual as some prepubescent boy discovering masturbation and feeling confused excitement towards his mom's body. I imagined he was my son, touching me in that state of mind and it felt weirdly good and liberating. Maybe it was the fuckeduppery of it all. Sometimes sexual fintasy NEED to be shameless and fucked up.

No. 207285

omg anon I remember feeling funny as a child when I watched this scene from batman lol

No. 207296

i'm not ashamed but i know i'm fucked in the head

No. 207298

>cause mother/son is the strongest and sacrest bond you can have with someone

definitely. the strong bond is what makes it hot

sorry for shitting up the thread

No. 207308

Yeah no, both of you are fucked in the head still

No. 207313

yeah well it's "fetishes you're ashamed of" for a reason. I guess rape fantasies are totally ok with you. it's just a fantasy, relax

No. 207346

I have a breeding fetish….im not proud of this

No. 207349

Trust me compared to the other anons itt that is not that bad.

I think it's kind of hot too tbh, or someone fucking me just to get me pregnant. I guess a breeding fetish is one of the only fetishes that actually makes sense.

No. 207352

This but I also like the idea of the guy servicing me throughout the pregnancy and becoming super possessive

I hate that I have fantasized about this

No. 207377

why? that's normal

No. 207386

File: 1632932535887.jpg (45.58 KB, 740x761, Only-the-truth-killing-eve-4.j…)

I want Eve Polastri. Not specifically her, but someone who accepts what I am, but also has a spine and can assert her boundaries, but also accepts/understands my weird controlling ways of showing love, but also inspires me to be a better person. Sadly enough I mainly attract people with bpd who would let me waltz over all her boundaries to avoid abandonment, which is a massive turn off and annoying. I also need alone time.
I don't exactly want to get stabbed either, but I'm not going to deny that it was hot in Killing Eve. I'm not exactly ashamed, more just aware that it's socially unacceptable, toxic and a pipedream. Anyone with a spine wouldn't put up with my toxic way of showing love. I'm controlling and while I convince myself that I'd be helping them by engineering situations in such a way that she'd be able to be her best self (imo) and follow her passions, I'm aware it's unhealthy. I convince myself that the scrotes in her life would be harmful, maybe it's true, but it's not good to isolate someone.
Yes I'd love some therapy. No I don't watch porn and never got into it. Also all the women drooling over Vilanelle disturb me and tend to be bpd fags who think they are so much more special than Eve, but they just don't get it. Enabling and being a doormat doesn't make you better. There was once a woman who did trust games with me and I was convincing her to divorce her scrote, take his money so she could use it to fulfill her dreams, but she cut me off. Understandable and I don't blame her. I hope she still divorces him. Call me an edgelord if you want.

No. 207402

Anons are sperging about omegaverse (as is always the case) in ot made me come here to confess that I fucking love omegaverse. It's all of my degenerate kinks in one place- breeding, pregnancy, noncon/dubcon, knotting, power imbalances in relationships, etc. No, I'm not going to think about ass babies, I never go as far as to think about what the birthing process would be bc I'm here for the filthy sex not childbirth that sucks both in reality and in fiction. Omegaverse where consent and respect is heavily emphasized fucking sucks, it ruins the best part about it lol.

No. 207404

I guess wanting a guy to suck on your pregnant tiddies is normal too?

No. 207410

don't say tiddies, it makes you sound like a tranny

No. 207415

I hate that I adapted stupid coomer internet speak but it is a funny word to me and softens the blow of my humiliation

No. 207435

I believe the shame from this stems from me being bisexual and being monogamous in my relationships, and I mentally couldn’t handle a threesome with someone I love.

But I fantasise about a ffm where we are eating each other out in the 69 position and the guy is fucking me on top- dirty talking about how he’s fucking me right in front of her face, making her taste me on him, me eating her out while it’s happening. Also fantasies about being in the bottom position making her come while she’s getting fucked, feeling his balls hit my face, tasting her on him. Thinking about this position drives me crazy.

No. 207506

I have the exact same kink(s). I've been ashamed of it for a very long time (now not as much). I don't think it's bad or wrong. It's just fantasy, at least women know better than to confuse it with reality.

No. 207509

Anything relating to murder, i have beaten people up before (specifically my sisters) and the rush to my vagina is amazing. I have always been sadistic but i've never been truthful about the fact that it excited me sexually as well. I would honestly really enjoy seeing 90% of humans die in front of me.

No. 207510

I feel sorry for your siblings. Get help.

No. 207511

don't worry, it's never undeserved or one-sided. i'm not actively looking for fights and mostly asexual, but i had to admit to the fact it actually makes my pussy throb in the moment

No. 207512

File: 1633023046159.jpeg (55.21 KB, 343x360, 1606286404729.jpeg)

I'm tempted to name the woman you remind us all of but I won't, the horse at this point is decomposed. If you know you know.

No. 207513

ow the edge

No. 207514

File: 1633023569731.png (252.22 KB, 640x321, stop_it.png)

Why would you ever want to be sadistic or abusive towards women?

No. 207515

i'm really into the idea of like, sexual wrestling. i don't think its that weird but i imagine i'd be too embarrassed to actually ask anyone to do it with me kek

No. 207518

I have way more empathy towards women tbh my sisters are just super cunty. It's like men in womens bodies, and i've been way worse to the men in my life.

No. 207532

Stop making excuses and rationalizing beating women. They aren't men in women's bodies, you are just using it as an excuse to step over your own imagined boundary/limit. It's really not that difficult to just NOT beat women. Men are more often annoying, frustrating, so of course they give more often a reason to beat the shit out of them. They also have no excuse to be so frustrating. Considering you have ended up the way you are, you should give your sisters some slack, because it sounds like your entire family is fucked up, they do have an excuse. Also you obviously got no shame.

No. 207557

How about you don't beat up your family members you utter trash.

No. 207883

I sometimes fantasize about an underground "hotel" owned by older women called "The Pigpen", and it's filled with cells of young handsome men chained by the neck to the floor. Women come and pay a fee to use these men for their services, obviously. Usually they'd just sit on their faces or use them as live dildos. Someimes the older women come and shove some oats down their throats and splash them with water to keep them alive.
I'm not really ashamed of this one since I'm the last person to actually make this enterpirse into a real thing, but it does sound very scrote-ish.

No. 207899

You get horny…from beating your siblings? Am I weird for thinking this is weird (aside from the obvious other fucked up stuff going on in that post)?

No. 207901

File: 1633306691036.jpg (55.57 KB, 765x728, 973bc011bb45e6ff4abe6134086f4c…)

Reminds me of deviantart journals from 2006

No. 207906

No if she has brothers she should definitely beat them up, it’s criminal to beat up her sisters she should go for her brothers and beat them up tbh

No. 207936

No you're normal, what anon wrote is sick and incestuous.
I hope some of these posts are larps.

No. 208612

I like feeling pain, not in a BDSM kind of way but I want actual violence and torture afflicted upon me

No. 208910

File: 1633851393371.png (Spoiler Image, 5.5 MB, 4093x2894, 85172171_p0.png)

No explanation needed Nonna, the pic says it all and Im sorry.

No. 208931

wow I was worried to say I wanted to get dominated by my 65 year old psychologist but some of you are posting about getting wet from beating your sibling damn lolcow never change

No. 208939

based as fuck

No. 208955

File: 1633886485196.jpeg (307.18 KB, 1740x2047, EtaLVrtU0AEvQhk.jpeg)

I wish male lactation was possible or more common irl. I just want to suck and drink nutritious man milkies.

No. 208972

File: 1633891750800.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 181.5 KB, 702x1198, E85D854E-2689-4DFD-920E-EC0ED9…)

i’m unfortunately extremely attracted to this body type. spoilered for gross thirst trap.

No. 209013

is this a self post?

No. 209036

tell me this is a gucking joke

No. 209070

anon if this is serious you need to seriously start loving yourself

No. 209071

nah it’s some random gay scrote from tumblr

No. 209097

File: 1633983238055.jpg (62.11 KB, 620x861, f1b08_rXL0yj07FJ-4fhXZ8ibv26y6…)

My love of giant, masked, mute, retarded slashers has gone too far. I never thought I'd be bookmarking Leatherface fanfics. Or writing them.

No. 209408

I have a cucking fetish. almost every time I masturbate I think about walking in on my nonexistent boyfriend/husband fucking another woman who is better and prettier than me, or just a threesome. it's one of the only things that still turns me on.

my last relationship was short lived but he was really into porn which bothered me. I bought into the whole "being jealous your partner watches porn is insecurity/possessiveness" bullshit. he also liked to tell me what kind of girls he wanted to fuck. I tried to force myself to be okay with it. I never had this fetish before and I'm 100% sure it came from that relationship.

No. 209418

I don’t have a foot fetish though I am into men who have foot fetishes. My feet are cute and I would like it if a partner was turned on by my feet. The only reason why I am ashamed of it is because it was an actor that very randomly complimented my feet first and got me into it kek

No. 209470

Same fetish different reason. I think watching hentai when I was a kid fucked me up. I really want to tease a man for liking my feet and make him take photos of them in cute socks kek.

No. 209473

I blame that totally Spies Patty episode

No. 209475

it's the thrill of bodily destruction

No. 209484

Same, although I also have a teeny foot fetish myself as well

No. 209734

under what circumstances did an actor compliment your feet? lmao who was it

I wish I had a bf with a foot fetish. I want to jerk someone off with my feet and have my feet played with, massaged and adored constantly. I want to use my feet to rub at a guy's crotch through his trousers. it turns me on thinking how turned on a footfag would get over something so simple

No. 209841

File: 1634496679977.jpg (59.49 KB, 640x640, tumblr_edaf01e9e4b3ad0df8d1f67…)

since we are on the topic on that:

ik this is prolly "tame" compared to murder but im more embarrassed of it than if i had a thing for murdering people lmao

socks that smell bad
preferably mens
especially if they are way taller than me and a bit beefy with big feet

i had it since i was a child (god knows why honestly) , my boyfriend found out by accident and teases me with it, when I annoy him he threatens to put me down and presses his socks in my face
I don't want to like smell them like some flower field, I wanna be forced to, be emberassed and humiliated too, made fun off that I get wet from it and prolly edged while at it
he's into humiliation so its a big win for him
I dont like bare feet and I dont want them in my mouth either, its just this specific aspect of it

there is no porn for it either, only gay porn, femdom or lesbians who lick feet like its ice cream, all is bad

No. 210208

My ftm phase has given me a forced feminization fetish. It's weird as fuck but literally can't stop thinking about scenarios where men discover that I am female and teasing me for it and just them being aware that I have a pussy in my pants and that they can fuck me and breed me and eventually doing that and they telling me how much of pretty and cute woman I am as they make love to me. I dropped the troon shit a while ago but I still present pretty masculine so it makes me so horny whenever I have to tell men that I'm actually a woman.

This makes me very ashamed because it makes me feel like a mtf degen. I basically went full circle. Such is life

No. 210213

I want a man to open up all of my excoriation wounds and make him caress it so all of the blood ends up on my face and his hands while we make out

No. 210269

literally came here to post exactly this, thank you nonnie

No. 210315

It's basic and dumb to say but lately I've been finding like cock bulges a invasive thought or a sort of face sitting, smothering idea involving them.

Hate these degen thoughts.

No. 210343

This is cute/hot to me too, I think it's from anime because the 'she's actually a girl!' trope is pretty common in shoujo

No. 210721

reverse forced oral (as in forcing someone to receive oral) and specifically male on female

No. 210785

I have found I have a thing for parent/child incest, exclusively if they spent years separated and got to know each other when the child is an adult. Specifically if a daughter falls in love with her father and is pushy with her feelings towards her unwilling father who is confused and trying his best to be responsible and decline his daughter's advances but eventually gives up just a little bit (just doing innocent things like hugging and kissing in secret) to make his daughter happy.

I want to die
I have a dad and he is not the most important figure in my life (he was there but I never really bonded with him, mom was more special for me) and the thought of fucking him makes me beyond nauseous because as I said the fantasy only works out if the child grew separated from the parent. I only like this as a voyeuristic fantasy. I like mother/son incest a little bit too but nothing makes me cum faster than the scenario I presented. I'm saging out of shame

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