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No. 1211056

Last thread >>1193579
Thread pic credit >>1201271 , >>1197133

>>1193584 Director Cary Fukunaga accused of inappropriate sexual advances by multiple young actresses.
>>1193621 Pete Davidson retiring from SNL.
>>1193690 a twitter thread showing half of the men who were exposed for being creeps during metoo still have thriving careers.
>>1193886 , >>1193918 , >>1194334 , >>1195416 Halsey and other singers say that their label is ''making'' them do tiktoks.
>>1193910 Marina goes indie and parts ways with her label.
>>1193982 , >>1193989 Kourtney Kardashian wedding.
>>1194019 , >>1194134 Florence Pugh broke up with Zach Braff and is seen hanging out with Will Poulter.
>>1194060 , >>1194322 , >>1194318 ,>>1195373 Liam Payne publicly cheating on his fiancée.
>>1194287 Jen Majura got fired from Evanescence.
>>1194424 Channing Tatum allegedly got mad at a group of people at a restaurant when he thought they were taking photos of him.
>>1195149 The man who attacked Dave Chappelle says why.
>>1195945 , >>1204734 , >>1204633 Lana Del Rey dating Courtney Love's ex Jack Donoghue.
>>1196114 , >>1196115 Die Antwoord releases a statement claiming Tokkie is lying and that their ''hyper-intelligent'' fans will believe them.
>>1196310 James Charles wtf is even that pic.
>>1196932 Khloe Kardashian claims she only had a nose job.
>>1196972 , >>1196996 Adriana Lima is pregnant.
>>1197131 , >>1197133 James Franco gets surprised and stutters when asked about his opinion on sexual misconduct because he is accused of sexual misconducts.
>>1197505 People asked the creator of Abbott Elementary to make a school shooting episode to raise awareness. She said they should put more pressure on politicians.
>>1197537 People are speculating that Britney Spears might appear in the Sam's(euphoria creator) new show ''Idol''.
>>1197762 , >>1197769 Kevin Spacey charged with more counts of sexual assault.
>>1197864 Andy Fletcher from Depeche Mode has died .
>>1198182 Madonna looks botched as always and releases a remix of her old song.
>>1198860 Josh Duggar (from that reality show) gets sent to prison.
>>1199855 , >>1199856 , >>1199859 Jennifer Aniston follows a hate account/page for Angelina Jolie and other actresses.
>>1200048 some person i never heard about.
>>1200071 Ray Liotta has died yesterday in his sleep.
>>1201049 Dominic Fike (actor on euphoria) says he fantasizes about amber heard beating him up.
>>1201271 , >>1201272 , >>1201293 Ariana looking botched.
>>1201432 , >>1201449 Camila Cabello performed at the Champions League final.
>>1201663 simone ashley dating jacob elordi.
>>1202758 Chloe Grace Moretz looks different.
>>1202987 , >>1202999 , >>1203026 , >>1203240 Jamie Lee Curtis's Son has a autistic weeb wedding.
>>1203501 Madonna spotted hanging out with Tory Lanez.
>>1203179 Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley are allegedly engaged.
>>1203710 Drake Instagram post.
>>1204058 Doja Cat weight loss.
>>1204798 Elon’s dating a 27 year old actress named Natasha Bassett.
>>1205002 , >>1205004 , >>1205012, >>1207201 Liam goes on logan pauls podcast and talks smack about his former one direction members. Also gets drunk at coachella and tries to fight people.
>>1205013 , >>1205015 BTS Appeared With Joe Biden At White House To Discuss Anti-Asian Hate Crimes.
>>1205588 Ellen Page is on the cover of Esquire.
>>1207556 , >>1207587 , >>1206224 bias in favor of Johhny by the court, the jury was also not sequestered.
>>1209865 Tillian from Dance Gavin Dance has allegedly sexually assaulted some fans.
>>1209984 Kim Kardashian gets rejected from attending some party.
>>1209994 Kim K says that she only wanted to hookup with Pete at first and got his number from snl but it turned into a relationship.
>>1210054 Shakira had an anxiety attack and needed ambulance after finding out Pique cheated on her.
>>1210937 The Weeknd played bella's old voicemails during coachella.

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No. 1211059

Honorable thread pic mentions that didnt make it:

No. 1211060

File: 1654354260420.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1126x1476, 2957B0B9-F83D-4297-885F-A46C30…)

The weeb wedding

No. 1211062

File: 1654354313481.jpg (411.61 KB, 1080x1279, BtKdMA4.jpg)

jennifer aniston following hate account for other actresses.

No. 1211063

File: 1654354360734.jpg (60.58 KB, 442x844, tKagFMP.jpg)

liam publicly cheating and his fiancee finding out through instagram.

No. 1211066

Well thats that, i hope you nonnies like it since i made it in a rush.

No. 1211071

File: 1654354733587.jpg (180.93 KB, 881x600, 79VClgc.jpg)

Shakira cleared things up about the anxiety attack rumors. The ambulance pics were from when her dad had a bad fall

No. 1211075

so she is going to be silent on the pique thing?

No. 1211076

File: 1654354901339.jpg (135.68 KB, 1060x811, 0v8CDUW.jpg)

no they confirmed that they are seperating

No. 1211083

Liam Payne imo was the hottest of One Direction. I feel like it's not talked about enough that he has a baby with Cheryl Cole. Cheryl Cole is a massive cow.

No. 1211085

File: 1654355314842.png (19.33 KB, 316x311, bear.png)

i did not know that and the funniest part is that the fucking child is called BEAR PAYNE but nonnie please love yourself we all know that zayn is the objectively hottest member

No. 1211086

No. I acknowledge Zayn, but I liked Liam. Cheryl plucked him too soon.

No. 1211087

liam hotter than zayn? pls anon…

No. 1211088

Late but this is the full video that the james franco stuttering clip was from. Was from 2018 actually

No. 1211089

They are all ugly.

No. 1211114

File: 1654357730690.jpeg (2.14 MB, 1620x1977, 3E781474-35BD-44D3-AA71-B51617…)

Aw the ginger genes are strong. Do people seem to hate Megan Markle because they think she’s an opportunist? I heard she was a yachter while acting on Suits but that’s about it.

No. 1211119

Don’t care at all about the royals, dislike her because she seems attention seeking and hypocritical. Still, sort of enjoy how much she annoys royalists though.

No. 1211122

I spent awhile looking into this a couple days ago and yeah, they seem to think she's a sociopath obsessed with diana who intentionally targeted him so she could be a princess or somethin'

No. 1211146

Aren't those same royalists the ones totally obsessed with Diana? Sounds like classical projection tbh.

No. 1211157

she gives me weird vibes, like her rich girl traumas have left her twisted beyond my conception. I wish she was gay and poor though, so I could have a chance with her

No. 1211181

File: 1654360781590.jpeg (143.31 KB, 1200x799, 62FB3706-27AF-4504-8E0E-F3F385…)

>>Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were booed at the platinum anniversary service
>>That smug smile, at long last, has been wiped off Meghan’s face. Actual tears, not her usual crocodile variety, welled up. She was visibly unnerved.
>>Makes sense. Like all malignant narcissists, Meghan is only capable of feeling sorry for herself. Lest we forget Meghan, the grand duchess, standing among impoverished, starving African children and griping — to a broadcast interviewer! — “Not many people have asked me if I’m OK.”
>>After two years of accusing the British royal family of everything from wishing Meghan would kill herself to being racist toward her unborn baby to being held literal prisoner by royal staffers to accusing Kate Middleton of making Meghan cry, while branding themselves as eco-warrior-humanitarian-mental-health-experts, motto, for real, “Be kind” these two get their comeuppance.
It’s exquisite.
So much venom for her and Harry kek. I was like damn did Piers Morgan write this?

No. 1211188

this is sort of creepy

No. 1211189

iirc she also has the same watch diana always wore and wore/wears diana's signature perfume

No. 1211191

Because Harry and William had fangirls. They want him to be with someone who they can self insert as and Meghan is too messy to be that kek.
Sure she's attention seeking but attention seeking is the least cowish thing you could be when it comes to royal families. Charles is worse for what he did to Diana. And Henry VIII's cow tendencies created a whole new religion

No. 1211194

and also…at first I thought she was wearing the exact pieces Lady Di did, like maybe she had access to her clothes because they were preserved after her death, but then I realized no, there are differences in the cut and color. So she consciously looked at Diana's outfits, sought out similar clothes and chose to wear them in publice. Creepy

No. 1211197

lots of plastic surgery+fillers

No. 1211201

File: 1654362011864.jpeg (271.17 KB, 1929x1170, 30A700F3-2287-49F0-97F9-A8FF5C…)

Repost because I accidentally saged but I can’t get over not only how unattractive she is now but also how different she looks from the face she had when she was still a human. Insane

No. 1211202

Imagine SWFing your mother-in-law JFC

No. 1211204

Okay that’s fucking creepy. Imagine your husband looked at photos of your father and then went out to buy clothes to twin with him? Weird and attention seeking kek

No. 1211211

Tbh she's doing a Liz Gillies impression here

No. 1211212

you sound like a delusional mumsnet user kek. she probably told her stylists to put together outfits that resemble those of diana, there is no way she did all that research herself when she has the money to pay someone. also, one could argue that the outfits are 'paying homage'.

don't get me wrong, i'm not a meghan fan at all. there is something very wrong with anyone who willingly gets romantically involved with anyone in the british royal family.

No. 1211213

omg she wore a white button down with jeans??? whata psycho copycat amirite nonnas??
half of those outfits arent any more similar than both being a dark-colored dress or OMG meghan wearing a hat at an event where royals are expected to wear hats. you could find pics of any celebrity and make this same collage

No. 1211218

I didn't think about her having a stylist, so that's a good point but I think it's one thing to pay homage to someone sometimes and consistently wearing clothes+jewellery+perfume to imitate your husband's dead mother

No. 1211228

File: 1654363347692.jpeg (743.32 KB, 1728x1314, 42D97887-0668-41A7-B672-A0CEB2…)

Piers Morgan is still butthurt

No. 1211229

more than half of these are a huge reach. they're almost all just basics.

No. 1211230

btw there's a general for royal discussions >>>/ot/757177
>implying most royalfags don't also copy kate and meghan's style as much as they can

No. 1211231

Apologies for being out of the loop, but what the fuck is Piers Morgan's deal? Every time I see something with him, he's talking shit about women? Does he literally do nothing else? Just a pissbaby moid?

No. 1211232

These are just classic colours and styles for royals and that class of people.

No. 1211233

Thanks for your efforts!

No. 1211237

He had meltdowns on TV whenever someone disagreed with him and was generally unpleasant to everyone

No. 1211238

It says a lot that people are targeting her and not Harry, and by weird I mean "a double standard." Wasn't Harry some kind of sex pest, like part of Epstein's rape club or something?

Even if Megan is some kind of gold digger/social climber, her husband is a way worse human being by merit of being a sexual predator. Also, he's ugly and he has a bald spot.

No. 1211239

Not that Kate didn't target William as well.
So did Kate.
They get dressed by a stylist for official occasions.

No. 1211256

part of the royal's problem with meghan is that she dresses incorrectly/in poor fits so i don't think that stands.

No. 1211264

i think a big think with her is that she is american. people love to say how she saved him frrom the royals and took him away from that life, but i think harry has always began to distance himself. it is not like he is really in line for the throne like william, so he doesn't have the responsibilites. so he was able to go to parties and dress as a nazi for fancy dress when he was young kek

No. 1211266

you know what always irritated me, was when burgers would say how she would be a princess. you have to be born a princess. diana is labelled as a princess as she was adored by the nation and known as the peoples princess. i think people and meghan herself expected her to be treated that way.
there have been rumours that she was rude to staff and stuff, which i can totally see. i believe she loved the attention, i only think she left the uk is because she wasn't liked by the majority and didn't get the positive press that she wanted. you can tell she likes the attention or why else would they do the tell all on oprah and netflix series stuff? (which i think has been cancelled?)

No. 1211268

kate and william went to uni together iirc. kate wasn't an actress or anything. i think that is why it is looked at different.

No. 1211271

she looks totally different in every photo i see of her recently

No. 1211283

KEK at john boyega in the thumbnail, i wonder where bogeyachan has gone

No. 1211303

Poor Jamie Lee Curtis did not deserve this.

No. 1211304

What a sweet photo. I hope her dad is recovering well.

Men deserve nothing. Imagine being with Shakira for 11 years.. and having kids with her but still wanting to separate. I hope she gets everything.

No. 1211306

Arigato must be deathly afraid of aging

No. 1211329

What is the milk from Cheryl Cole? I haven't heard that name since 2010 kek

No. 1211330

there is no milk, anon just jelly that she dated Lame payne.

No. 1211443

kek she was so famous here at one point. girls aloud are so nostalgic. i remember there were always calendars of her as she was like a sex symbol for moids and it was such a drama when Ashley Cole cheated on her.
but yeah no milk, i think I remember seeing how when Liam Payne auditioned when he was younger (before the year he was grouped as one direction) he was only 14 and she was the judge when he auditioned. but i think people like to grasp at straws and make drama out of nothing drama worthy

also iirc she was meant to be a judge on an american xfactor or whatever show with Simon cowell but burgers couldn't understand her geordie accent kek

No. 1211452

>I wish she was gay and poor though so I could have a chance with her
Are we going to start talking like the scrotes we always rant about hating now?


I love it because the more British people that seethe and vibrate with rage over something so retarded the happier it makes me

No. 1211462

> I love it because the more British people that seethe and vibrate with rage over something so retarded the happier it makes me
Go back to Twitter with your brit hating bs kek

No. 1211500

I’m not a twitterfag and anyone who is obsessed with royals is a sped

No. 1211518

it isn’t about the royals, it is just an excuse to hate the brits. which is just as annoying

No. 1211549

Nta but I'm tired of britbongs sperging about their boring rich inbred queen and princes and count Dracula or whatever. You SHOULD be discussing the true kings of England, Liam and Harry. They're fighting over the throne as we speak.

No. 1211551

Most of these outfits are basic enough that anyone can buy similar trousers and shirts anywhere on any budget. And tbh Harry has mommy issues so I bet he doesn't mind that at all anyway. Maybe Freud was a little bit right.

No. 1211555

>I didn't think about her having a stylist
iirc the royals have to follow rules concerning their clothes, there are some cuts, styles and colors they can't wear in certain circumstances so I bet they all have stylists who learned all these rules for that specific job.

No. 1211580

Right? They genuinely think it’s normal to be that obsessed with one family.

Nobody likes you I promise and it has nothing to do with the fact that you’re bri’ish

No. 1211599

This is ridiculous.

They are both rich public figures who wear dresses. Eventually you will find outfits that are similar cut/style/color. It does not mean Meghan is copying Lady Di at all. Take your meds.

No. 1211605

I mean. It's kinda weird that your country subsidizes the opulent lifestyle of a bunch of inbred racists just because they're related to some Norman dude from 1000 years ago. I get that they bring in more money than they cost because of tourism, but they don't have any actual worth as human beings.

What have these people contributed to society outside of their heritage? At least celebrities in other places get famous for doing something cool and/or profoundly retarded.

No. 1211634

The thing that confuses me about the Ninja and Yolandi statement is that they said “when he started taking drugs we put our feet down and stopped supporting him financially” but weren’t they giving him drugs kek? Yeah “hyper-intelligent” my ass

No. 1211636

>Are we going to start talking like the scrotes we always rant about hating now?
Men and women are different. Take your "people would be soooo mad if this was a man" pick me shit and "DAE HATE THE BRITS?" shit back to twitter, faggot. Dilate.

No. 1211637

I'm not british but if you're an American you are retarded. Your country subsides entire countries and gives them free education (Iraq)/healthcare (Israel) while your people literally can't read and die on the streets from preventable disease kek.

No. 1211670

> some person i never heard about

Kek.Good job, OP.

No. 1211673

Why Ariana is on the thread cover?

No. 1211679

>Maybe if britbongs weren’t such smug, holier than thou assholes, nobody would hate them.

No. 1211683

File: 1654391386941.webm (3.48 MB, 576x1024, QlOn72MmswKM3cFK.webm)

FKA Twigs releases Tiktok of her making out with Elite actor Aron piper, who is 9 years her Junior

No. 1211688

She's 34, I don't think 9 years is a huge deal considering they're both people well into adulthood. I just hope Twigs has fully healed after what Shia did to her. This also might be some kind of PR stunt or promotion for something, but if it's real I hope he treats her well and she's done with shitty scrotes.

No. 1211690

Black men will seethe again. I'm sure some Twitter pick-mes and weirdos who still hate her for dating Robert Pattinson will fake being shocked and concerned about the age gap while ignoring all their favorite moid celebrities doing the same thing (or having wider gaps), too. Anyway, I hope this guy isn't another druggie scrote who's going to abuse or neglect her

No. 1211693

Fucking hell, I only follow these threads casually and did a complete double take at the new thread pic. If only we could gaze into the future and marvel/cringe at Ariana's 60th face in 10 years' time.

No. 1211694

Specifically with Megan, he is bitter that she left him on read to go and hang out with Harry. Not even joking.

No. 1211697

They already are, I don't think non-black anons can understand the wierd sense of ownership black men have over mixed black women, even when your barely 1/8th black, black men will still try to claim you as their "preference" and get aboustetly shocked when we reject their advances

No. 1211704

File: 1654393066259.png (51.47 KB, 415x805, liampaynebothways.png)

Liam has always been extremely cringe and so has his "music"

No. 1211709

KEKK this is the way to be nonnie

No. 1211722

I love Megan because she makes britbongs seethe kek

No. 1211725

As a bong who wants to abolish the monarchy I don't really understand why so many people are so far up Meghan and Harry's anuses? It's not like they also want a republic, so why should I like them? Fuck them all tbh

No. 1211761

You just know that Megan expected to show up at Buckingham Palace like Anne Hathaway in the Princess Diaries and win the hearts of all those stuffy uptight British people and was so butthurt that all these old royal staffers did not give a shit about a nobody actress from a USA procedural

No. 1211763

Same, only rooting for her because the way she makes people go crazy for no reason is hilarious and she's pretty, can't help but wonder if that plays into the hate

No. 1211775

I like Meghan because she makes scrotes and pickmes mad.

No. 1211781

Samefag, but one thing I will never forget is how during her first pregnancy, people were tinfoiling about a fake belly because she was cradling her stomach and "coat flicking" kek

No. 1211790

It's one of the creepiest and most inexplicable things. I sorta wish mixed race and black women would keep their relationships private if they're with non-black men because it'd save them a lot of trouble and harassment.

No. 1211791

File: 1654402200062.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, C55D958B-4625-49E5-BE56-5DB662…)

Is she always using a filter her face looks blurry in everything

No. 1211792

Based and cougar pilled

No. 1211807

wasn’t he dating dua lipa or am I mistaken?

No. 1211808

God she's ugly. Her new face is terrible. I wish she didn't do it to herself.

No. 1211809

>it’s just an excuse to hate the brits
yes i hate british people and love discriminating them. got a problem fish and chips-anon?

No. 1211810

She's beautiful and no one cares the scrote is 9 years younger. Stay mad.

No. 1211815

It was a corny scrote-tier comment idc girl. Also not a twitterfag, royal-obsessed tards are pathetic and just as inbred as the royal family themselves.

No. 1211826

Very big reach, anon.

No. 1211832

Yeah I’m pretty sure she does, even on The Voice I don’t think we see her actual face. Like everything has some level of smoothing or it’s grainy enough that it looks like it was recorded on an old iPhone. I also think she still looks cute but staying that skinny while you age will eventually add to her looking even older than just what the plastic surgery will do to her.

No. 1211833

File: 1654405341983.webm (4.86 MB, 320x568, 4903285034855.webm)

As she should. She's gorgeous and talented and had to deal with retarded abuser Shia. Men also age like garbage compared to us so women should date younger. That being said he seems like a zero talent fuckboy but hopefully it's just a fling. I always thought her and R Patz seemed great together since they're both eccentric but genuinely talented. Too bad he couldn't step up when she was getting harassed.

No. 1211836

please go back to lipstick alley no one gives a fuck about fka twigs being a high-value feminine goddess alpha woman who’s preying dating a vulnerable young boy. there is something seriously wrong with your mind if the only reason you like a human being is if why they really are the most “perfect, gorgeous, talented evar!!!!” like die. ban me for a-logging this shit had to be said i’m sorry kek(you said it)

No. 1211839

Your country colonized half of the world and in so doing easily caused exponentially more harm, death and long term conflicts than even burgers, and you're still on some "plz no bully" shit?

If it's anything like the Khloe swimsuit photo faux-scandal, she probably looks fine, just is pathologically insecure. I would love the opposite to be true tho, she deserves to be botched for more reasons than I can count.

No. 1211842

>boo hoo hoo the poor innocent boy who's making millions for smoking and yowling into a microphone
No one cares handmaiden

No. 1211846

Aron piper is 24. He is a grown man not a vulnerable young boy. Also why did you bring up lipstick alley lol no one mentioned anything of that sort. You’re crazy

No. 1211847

guarantee you no one in this thread knows who he is but you. i don’t give a shit about him either, don’t get mistaken dumbass

No. 1211849

because I know you go on LSA because that’s how every delusional “font” or stan on that website speaks, they think every celebrity is god’s gift to this earth and the only milk they can find is useless information about which drug addict or sex addict their fave is fucking now. go away

No. 1211850

your mental illness is showing, anon. calm the fuck down

No. 1211851

I literally spent like 2 minutes looking him up, amazing what the internet is capable of huh? You seem really invested in defending a random scrote because of your hateboner for Twigs though. I don't even know what lipstick alley is and you seem unhinged have fun with that

No. 1211853

this was never an adoration thread to begin with, every celebrity even victims of serious crimes are still cows in their own right

No. 1211854

You are projecting so hard right now. No one in this thread has used that slang and I don’t go in Lipstick Alley. Sorry Aaron is kissing Twigs and not your handmaiden ass.

No. 1211858

The way anons in this thread like to throw around the LSA shit makes me think it's actually all of you who need to go back. Not sure how you know so much about the userbase there if you're not one of them or don't at least browse there.

No. 1211859

File: 1654406744294.jpg (65.85 KB, 563x569, ari-evolutions.jpg)

it's crazy to me that she has fans who are in denial and will insist that she's never done anything to her face and that "make-up/puberty" is what changed her features over the years. anytime I look back at her old face(s) i'm flabbergasted, she hardly looks human now. not even 30 yet and her face has deteriorated so much…and it's probably only going to get worse with each passing year. i fear she might go full madonna face within the next five years

No. 1211861

File: 1654407139796.jpg (134.22 KB, 1000x1344, Aron piper.jpg)

based and spaniard-pilled, seriously our parents were lusting over buff ass spanish and viking men, while everybody in our generation is tryna eat the asses and suck the toes of kpop stars, we need to bring back the hot passionate Spaniard trope

No. 1211864

>our parents
>our generation
Who's our?

No. 1211866

I'm just saying its a general trope

No. 1211867

File: 1654407417013.jpeg (210.49 KB, 1242x1690, BC478ED2-4F36-49BA-996F-22DF91…)

She was beautiful, this is from 2013. Wtf is wrong with her mind

No. 1211870

Her real face was so cute and unique. Even after the first few surgeries it wasn’t that bad but she had to keep going and blow her lips up and fuck up the eyes more. Really sad, she must have bad insecurity issues

No. 1211871

Her smile and optimism: gone

No. 1211878

She's genuinely unrecognizable for me. Social media need to be made illegal, she shouldn't be allowed to spread harmful signalling, at least she should have to risk prison to do it.

I'm serious about this, all social media regulated into extinction, there's a billion ways that allow you to talk to your friends and not a single reason why you would do it in a space that is specifically designed to make people mentally ill and wreck their body.

No. 1211879

oh God on this pic it looks like someone's fetures have been randomly pasted on a flesh colored egg

No. 1211907

Oh you are insane insane. Also Twigs is currently getting a lot of hate for the colorism issue of her latest music video, but other than that pray tell what makes her so revolting to you…? Also much like amber heard, we are allowed to support twigs and find her beautiful. Just because you have some sort of kneejerk hatred for her doesn’t mean we are from LSA but you definitely must be. She was always lightyears out of Shias league. FUCK shia leobuff whatever his last name he should rot.

No. 1211946

it's one thing to simply not like her but what's there to even hate about twigs? she doesn't really do anything bad. also what other reasons should anyone like a celeb if not for whatever things they create, since that's the whole point of their job

No. 1211984

I'm dying to know how she looks in person right now.

No. 1211989

File: 1654417893782.jpeg (214.7 KB, 750x839, 13C227CE-7005-4D0F-B33C-9829D0…)

Damn I called it in the last thread. Good for her. Bye ratty

No. 1212006

Amazing. I also just saw the video of Boris Johnson arriving and you can hear the whole crowd booing, it’s hilarious

No. 1212026

I respect Meghan’s ability to piss off the Royal family and the British tabloid press, but other than that she’s a narcissistic social climber. As for Harry, he seems like the most “normal” of the Royals but Harry/Meghan deserve absolutely 0 praise for “leaving”. They want to retain the trappings of privilege and wealth whilst being able to duck out of all the “responsibilities” aka turning up to charities and pretending to look concerned about people using food banks. You could tell they were both bored stiff at all of these events and wanted out. I hate how they push this idea that we need to do something about climate change yet they fly about in private jets everywhere. I also viscerally cringed in this video of Harry trying to shill Meghan to the Disney CEO

No. 1212038

Why isn’t she allowed to be a narcissistic social climber though? So are the rest of them.

No. 1212071

File: 1654421033302.jpg (251.21 KB, 634x1024, 1024.Ryan.Gosling.Eva.Mendes.j…)

They remind me of Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, they have been married since 2011 and have a 7 year age difference, they only revealed they were married in 2016, their a cute, private couple, who mind their business

No. 1212093

please go back to lipstick alley no one gives a fuck about eva mendes being a high-value feminine goddess alpha woman who’s preying dating a vulnerable underage young boy like ryan gosling. there is something seriously wrong with your mind if the only reason you like a human being is if why they really are the most “perfect, gorgeous, talented evar!!!!” like die. ban me for a-logging this shit had to be said i’m sorry kek

No. 1212100

WTF did I say that was wrong, I think their a cute couple, that's it plus I've been to LSA and they don't like mixed girls and cape heavily for black moids, so I don't have any interest in it

No. 1212126

Sorry anon I thought you saw >>1211836

No. 1212150

You're chimping out so hard lmao, I knew the pick-mes were coming.
>Muh vulnerable young 25 year old scrote
"Licherally a minor in his 20s??" Fucking kek. And then you probably turn around and bash 24 year old female celebrities without a second thought. You will never be chosen, keep infantilizing these grown-ass men

No. 1212154

I think it’s a zoomie, they get really defensive out of jealousy. They had an entire campaign against Alexis Demie because she’s actually 30.

No. 1212179

Was it a "campaign"? I only ever saw people making fun of her, she and that show still seem to be popular.

No. 1212188

File: 1654425752167.jpg (31.92 KB, 480x480, jacob elordi alexa demie.jpg)

nta but people were unironically calling her a pedo when she was dating Jacob Elordi(who was 22-23 at the time) now I'm not an expert of attraction to minors but I'm pretty sure a female pedophile isn't interested a 6'6 brawny giant with hands bigger then a woman's head

No. 1212198


No. 1212201

File: 1654426185874.png (120.76 KB, 602x960, Screenshot 15.png)

the main comaplint seems to come from the fact that she mostly plays teenage characters and sometimes gets paired with actors who are minors and they make out and this is apparently akin to being a creepy pedophile

No. 1212203

Yeah on twitter there were whole spheres of them calling her a pedophile and a predator for giving a boy a light kiss in a movie.

No. 1212212

tbf i would be pissed if the sexes were reversed.

No. 1212219

I remember that from a previous thread, didn't she actually make out with him? I honestly did think it was weird and didn't understand why she would accept having to make out with a kid.

No. 1212227

File: 1654426924140.jpg (50.06 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

the reverse cases are impossible though, the number of men in their 30's who can convincingly pass as being actual teenagers are medical anomalies, what else can a young looking actress do for work

No. 1212228

if my choices were to make out with kids or find a new line of work, i'd find a new line of work.

No. 1212230

It was Mid-90s, Jonah Hill’s project. The point of her character was to be creepy and groom the kid. It was a roll she played, not who she is as a person by any stretch.

No. 1212234

I didn't say she's an actual predator, just that I thought it was weird.

No. 1212236

I just watched a clip of the scene, can only find it on twitter though. It’s very uncomfortable, but it’s meant to be uncomfortable and the kid looks very much not into it. I understand that was what Jonah Hill wanted or whatever but I really would like to know why he felt the need to include that graphically. Ew. It says the kid was 11 at the time and she was 22 but maybe she was older. I’m assuming she was desperate for a breakout role?

No. 1212238

that's fucking disgusting, both of her for doing it and pornsick jonah hill for even conceiving it. absolutely scrote brained and she's a handmaiden for going along with it.

No. 1212243

Ayrt and I absolutely agree. I have never seen the alleged makeout scene and I definitely don’t want to. I saw a clip on them uncomfortably sitting on a bed together and she was in her bra and panties. Now I can’t unsee him as a sick fuck.

No. 1212246

File: 1654427665595.jpg (119.93 KB, 1000x667, 1641988454965.jpg)

people weren't mad cause she was dating a 23 year old or had a romantic kiss with a 17 year old actor, people were mad cause she made out with an 11 year old boy in a creepy pedo arthouse film
you don't need to show a 11 year old having sex with an adult woman, also she was actually 27 at the time

No. 1212253

>I didn't think about her having a stylist
Imagine still thinking anything that any celebrity does isn't meticulously planned for them

No. 1212255

But they prefer the narrative that she is carefully curating everything she does to revolve around Diana

No. 1212258

i think that was anwar hadid

No. 1212259

No. 1212283

This is gross. He looks like a child in the face still.

No. 1212290

He really doesn't, you've just seen to many old hollywood scrotes being shilled as attractive

No. 1212291

File: 1654429559995.jpeg (85.8 KB, 1100x619, 7765A27C-B2DF-471F-B13A-F70BF8…)

We can rip into the Ellen/Elliot fiasco til the sun rises but regardless of transitioning they’ve literally always been like this. Awkward, neurotic, lost looking etc. I think it was easier to see as more charming before because it was “cute” and they wore makeup and stuff (yes I’m they/them-ing, feel free to ree at me and say I’m cringe.) When I saw those photoshoot pics I felt sad for them but one swipe through google for a few minutes reminded me that there has never been a time where they presented any other way except for events when they were styled and had to do pr. Same type of outfits, awkward caps, everything. A better haircut and some nutrition would work wonders, they were always sickly but feminine styling and cosmetics do a better job at hiding it. Watch any interview—same stuttery uncomfortable anxious vibe. You can look back at media from like 2010 and there were the same large trucker hats and button downs. Haircut, mastectomy, crunches. That’s truly all it is and yet we are all spiraling kek.

No. 1212292

Oh you’re nuts fyi

No. 1212297

what is your point

No. 1212299

Trooning out didn’t make Ellen Page any more self loathing or sickly looking then before

No. 1212300

kek black men can’t handle that a black/mixed woman prefer white men over them. Let them seethe. FKA twigs also dated Shia too? (Even though he is an abusive moid he was still white)

No. 1212302

kek true. i think this is what she and burgers expected in the first place

No. 1212303

Yeah, we can all agree on that. What’s dangerous, imo, is that she’s now claiming she’s so happy and so much better, when she still looks sickly and miserable. Those who support her support that without a critical analysis of the situation.

No. 1212304

exactly. if she was miserable before and she's miserable now, trooning out didn't help her.

No. 1212305

Absolute loser tinfoil here but I wonder if it wouldn’t be so memeable if they put on weight instead of looking like a withering Victorian ghost

No. 1212309

Because the boy actor was underaged. You know lolcow isn’t a woman’s club~ echo chamber where we defend pedophiles or creepy lolcows in hollywood just because they also have a vagina too right? A lot of women would throw you under the bus and a lot of women don’t care about you or other women, so why tf should I care about the integrity of some actress who decided to take a role where she kisses a young boy or some microceleb like fka twigs? It’s so cringe, just stop already she’s never going to read about how people are being mean to her online and she’s never going to read your praises because she does not care. I can say whatever the fuck I want about the both of them and you can’t stop me. No one is jealous, you’re just a nasty cougar who can’t date people their age like scrotes who date 21 year old girls. Claiming to be a mature woman who’s better than zoomers yet you still prize youthfulness as attractive and that’s your reason as to finding young men attractive. Do you even use your brain? This isn’t even moralfagging you are just scared to come to the realization that you are no better than a scrote. Die in hell, idiot

No. 1212310

>Die in hell, idiot

No. 1212312

zoomer burgers really thought Meghan to become this mixed race princess Diana-level of England and save Harry from his white colonising slave owning family. she loves the attention or else why would she continue to use the sussex titles? cry about it

No. 1212313

Who the fuck is they

No. 1212317

also remember when Zoe kravitz got cancelled I think over a will smith comment, and she was exposed saying stuff about jaden smith when he was underage and also how she dated Ezra miller when he was 17/18 and she was 22

No. 1212322

You're so jealous of FKA Twigs it's hilarious. Oh no, protect the little 25 year old boy, he's a literal child, an orphan! Omg. Fucking loser kek
I'm 20 before you start crying I'm a cougar

No. 1212323

no anon it doesn’t matter! because what about the million hollywood scrotes who also do it? that makes her actions justifiable now! i get that anons want to support retarded, useless women but there’s an extent where your support should be there tbh

No. 1212326

anyone who fucks with kids should be killed, period.

No. 1212329

>20 years old
>brain doesn’t fully develop until 25

that explains why you’re severely retarded and an edgelord, have a good day anon

No. 1212330

18 and 22 isn't a big deal at all. I don't know what she said about Jaden Smith, sad if she was actually creepy. What was the Will Smith comment?

No. 1212332

Sure, grandma. Glad you can admit the adult man dating FKA Twigs isn't a "vulnerable young boy" and has a developed brain, at least. Nothing edgy about what I'm saying, you're the one telling people to die because they're not seething about a woman celebrity not dating a shriveled 50 year old man to fulfill some gross coquette fantasy or whatever

No. 1212334

File: 1654432105797.jpeg (92.47 KB, 680x588, 1CF5DE0E-96EE-4837-9885-1DCB7C…)

No. 1212336

anons can’t get shit right that’s why they love this thread the misinformation and gossip enables their fanaticism for celebrities

No. 1212338

Sounds like what pick-mes trying to flatter moids say. "Omg you are so grown up (that's why I'm avoiding you, I totally have to check myself, you aren't annoying as shit because you smoked weed once and are already trying to "mansplain" like a typical scrote)"

No. 1212341

she doesn’t have to date a 50 year old man either, she can date someone her age that she can relate to and understand. obviously it’s going to be legal he’s 25 but age no matter how old you are age still matters, even the slightest age difference means different experiences, different life stages, different maturity, different ideas it doesn’t mean she’s a pedophile or deranged shota chaser but like come on now?

No. 1212344

Nope, Canada.

No. 1212346

>even the slightest age difference means different experiences, different life stages, different maturity, different ideas
Not really, it depends on the person. Western celebrities in their 30s act and reason like zoomers, look at Grimes, Ariana Grande or Cardi B. Hollywood pretty much rewards and hand-picks people for their immaturity, unless you're in their old boys club or you're working behind the scenes. They're both adults in the entertainment industry who haven't even reached their 40s yet, it's not like it's impossible for them to understand eachother. Making a big deal out of it is just so performative

No. 1212349

the depp trial showed us that western celebs never actually grow up.

No. 1212350

She's a woman, anon. you can head back to twitter anytime.
>a better haircut and nutrition
Yeah, it's obvious she needs both. She's mentally ill, that's why she left her wife and denounced being a lesbian to inject herself with hormones and larp as a man.

No. 1212352

anons i literally just googled zoe kravitz jaden smith tweet and found this image kek, it's not that deep!!

No. 1212353

Agree. She's always been depressed and instead of getting helped, she trooned out and now people are causing her brave and beautiful. She's going to either detrans or 41 percent in the next 5 years, mark my words.

No. 1212354

Nta but true

No. 1212355

no, you’re wrong, an idiot, a fucking poopoo head a straight up bozo and ur family doesn’t love you, fuck you

No. 1212356

>Dated Erza when he was 17/18
She got based peak 18 year old Erza? Lucky. Also she was 22. that isnt that bad.

No. 1212357

This isn't an age regression thread nona

No. 1212365

No. 1212366

did this sperging really start because a female celeb decided to date a 25 year old, i never see this type of energy shown for male celebs here, even ZACH Braff didnt make anons as angry as a female celeb dating someone 5-9 years younger.

No. 1212368

I'm just saying, it's the kind of thing you tell your parent's friends because you don't wanna sit with their kid(s) at gatherings but you can't be rude about it

No. 1212371

It's not anons. There are like one or two desperate pickmes with old rotting bfs who attack any woman that dates a guy her age or younger. I even saw one write that young guys would only use older women for money and sex. They're coping hard.

No. 1212379

File: 1654433964702.png (336.93 KB, 1041x673, EdTySktUMAASEoU.png)

she said this about the scene - it felt right for her to do it ew

No. 1212399

i am so jealous as an ezrafag

No. 1212410

This is gross

No. 1212412

Nah he really does. Idk dick about old hollywood moids either so

No. 1212414

The progression from actually smiling to looking smug and then miserable. All the ps made her unable to smile naturally.

No. 1212439

File: 1654436962443.jpg (102.04 KB, 768x1152, jakepick.jpg)

literally what reality do you live in where you this face and think "he looks like a little kid" he was like 22 years old during filming of Euphoria, he was a fully developed giant man, she's the one who looks like a little kid next to him

No. 1212441

no one can convince me that this bitch doesn't have severe bpd

No. 1212443

she anon, she's a woman.

No. 1212445

They probably kid themselves that the only men who look "really adult" are 45+ year old leather bags, and attack other women for disagreeing. It's also a way to try and lightly virtue signal when they say things like that, but it doesn't work because it's obviously not true

No. 1212446

That's stuff a grandma would say. Oh look at his baby face, handsome young man.Here you have 10 $ go buy you something nice for.

No. 1212447

why do you think that?

No. 1212449

How did she go from 2017 to 2020 like wtf. Surreal

No. 1212454

You're right that Ellen has always dressed that way in her personal life, been nervous and kinda dead-in-the-eyes (I assume because Hollywood is a literal hellhole) but
KEK. You are delusional if you think those muscles and that Adonis belt are natural. Yes, she does naturally tend to be quite lean and muscular and being an anachan makes her abs more visible but anyone who thinks that fucking 8 pack is for real is stupid and probably fat which is why they don't know any better.

No. 1212457

constantly changing her aesthetic, those ugly ass random tattoos on her, blatant body dysmorphia, dating mentally ill scrotes, tweets about dissociating, ptsd etc. i also think she was abused by dan schneider in some way or another which made her go bpd later in life

No. 1212461

The entire anglosphere stinks.

No. 1212465

i never noticed any signs of actual bpd in her, i think you are resorting to stereotypes, bpd is way more than changing your style lmao and almost all female celebs have body dysmorphia.

Her ex pete Davidson does have diagnosed bpd and its very obvious.

No. 1212469

Is it really so hard to sage

No. 1212475

>be you
>go on lolcow.farm
>know that sageing is unnecessary on off topic boards
>read something you don't like
>accuse someone of not sageing
>walk away
>do a 360
>continue shitposting

No. 1212482

nta but you don't have to sage in /ot/.

No. 1212491

I agree with seeing signs of classic bpd in her and not here to armchair..I just feel it's really obvious but there's something about her personality that allows her to be like this and have no one in society call her out. Like no one. Maybe it's PTSD and she's really affected by the (probably) guilt she might hold for doing whatever she had to do to make it in Hollywood. She's gotta know things, seen things, she put her fucking foot in her mouth on camera for Dan Schneider's sick fantasies and pandering. She's probably thrown other actresses under the bus, done things that she was pressured to do by old men. She has a stage mom, it's not out if the question

No. 1212494

nta but its more about saging worthless posts to make it easier for the thread makers or people looking for milk since this is a cow thread even if its in ot/

No. 1212523


Women get called out so much harder for shit males usually do. It's like they are trying to prove that women are "as bad", so they call a woman dating a 23 year old a pedophile to show how woke they are for "also cancelling women". Pay attention to it, it's obvious.

No. 1212542

It's called sunk cost fallacy. She chopped her breasts off, put fake muscles on her stomach and has done the PR circle of "being a man". She can't go back now or else she would look awful, and the troons would probably start attacking her for ruining their image.

It's really sad. I wish she had the balls (lol) to admit she fucked up and detrans.

No. 1212552

You stink.

No. 1212556

again she's getting called not for dating a 23 year old, she's getting called a pedophile for this >>1212246

No. 1212565

when did sydney sweeney kiss a minor? genuine honest question

No. 1212602

And there was that time he dated Naomi Campbell. Scrote’s got a fetish for older women

No. 1212603

I thought it was Alexa Demie who made out with and pretended to felate a minor in Mid90s

No. 1212605

lol He started dating his fiancee when she was only 17 (weird how anons arent talking about this but then i remember the turbo pickmes here only go after women)

No. 1212606

people can't talk about things they don't know about. now that i know i can tell you i find it just as disgusting. jonah hill is the source of the problem with the alexa situation. it always goes back to scrotes.

No. 1212610

This, that's why they started off screeching about FKA Twigs. It's literally just a happy coincidence that Alexa Demie was in that one movie

No. 1212614

it was already mentioned thread before Liam Paynes fiancee used to be underage and everyone overlooked/ignored that.
But if it was someone like alexa they wouldnt.

No. 1212618

there are definitely handmaidens here which is disgusting. may lolcow convert them all to radfems and make them see the light.

No. 1212663

File: 1654446407967.jpg (485.78 KB, 2649x1438, LR.jpg)

she made out with an actress who was 13, while she was 21 in Everything Sucks(a dumb one season Netflix Teen series) also in the same series she makes out with an actor whose only 14 years old in a dream sequence, ngl I kinda fucking weird to make out with kids

No. 1212672

God, what the hell would make them think it's a good idea to say any of this? Celebrities are retarded as fuck.

No. 1212677

all adults making out with childern even in acting are disgusting regardless of gender. Especially all these "Dream sequences" written by scrotes were an adult kisses a child, it's weird how much that trope pops up. Gross.

No. 1212685

okay but she was playing a teenager in the show and she may have been closer to 20 and not 21

No. 1212689

this is gross af, weirdly enough this is my first time seeing this compared to the alexa stuff.

No. 1212692

I don't care. If she's of age kissing an underaged person for a role in a sexual way, it's gross.

No. 1212703

20 and 13 isn't a big difference from 21 and 13, honestly.

No. 1212706

>this is why I don't trust white women
Um… Is Alexa demie white? And how is this related to race? I fr feel like some of them are jealous because anyone who genuinely cared wouldn't use this opportunity to act a random group of women but rather talk about the alleged criminal activity instead.

No. 1212714

decided to look up the series and wow it is the most generic netflix teen drama I can imagine, also I thought the glasses boy looked older in the pic but he looks like a little kid(which I known he is) how the fuck can a sane adult think its okay for an actual adult to full make out with a kid

No. 1212739

Twitter is full of terminally online brown uggos, deep down they think white women are all that they are not and it makes them seethe(racebaiting )

No. 1212742

i just realized now that billie has Tourette syndrome.

No. 1212751

you can tell they just use situations like this as an excuse to hate white women, hate is always just a mask for jealousy in these cases.

No. 1212760

An ugly ass fuckin Frankenstein Neanderthal “kid”

No. 1212781

File: 1654451250356.jpeg (560.48 KB, 960x1483, BCF33768-12BC-49E6-B86B-A2DD39…)

Label said Jesy’s new music is shit so she’s gotta fix it

No. 1212789

literally who ?

No. 1212796

She was in Little Mix. If you don't know who they are then idk what horse you have in a celebrity gossip thread nonita

No. 1212797

The white girl that left girl group little mix

No. 1212798

again who, you act like people are aware of minor pop group

No. 1212799

And you talk like ESL. They're a pretty big pop group.

No. 1212801

well I haven't heard of them

No. 1212805

File: 1654451838880.jpg (167.71 KB, 1080x956, 8798800f5cda48195a85157c54f954…)

reminder that she is a full ass white woman, not even the least bit mixed

No. 1212809

The funny part? There's an actual mixed girl in the group who got bullied and harassed for not being white. This one doesn't say/do jack shit, and then she starts skinwalking her as soon as just being white isn't trendy anymore

No. 1212823

looks like a tanned white girl to me. Idk why you can't see the difference between a tan on white skin and brown skin.

No. 1212829

They are (were?) huge in the UK. Not anon's fault you can't wrap your head around anglos besides Americans using this website.

No. 1212833

File: 1654452743972.png (1.44 MB, 1516x852, i2.png)

That pic is mild kek, she made herself darker than Nicki Minaj

No. 1212839

Tbh they'd hate any woman who was pretty. I'd also understand if they shit on white men, who do much worse and actually take advantage of minority women, but they only attack women. It's not just white either, I've seen them hate asian and such women too and I'm not white either but even then I can see this is just a retarded twittard trying to racebait.
I'm brown too but some brown people are straight up mentally ill, especially ones who are spending too much time in online and end up in either twitter redditor or 4chan types of sites.
I know a lot of chronically online brown people actually believe in white supremacypakichan herself comes to mind, kek, and are jealous of whites but at some point it just gets sad. Like I don't wanna be offensive but at first sight, I also thought Alexa was brown and it's super weird to see them bring up race when talking about stuff like this. Sage because ot

No. 1212849

Ok bongoloid.

No. 1212861

Technically, she is a little mixed

No. 1212872

What in the absolute hell are you ranting about you goblin, it was one sentence. And yeah I’ll defend fka twigs for dating a 24 year old GROWN MAN you raging beast

You’re likely mentally handicapped if you think a 25 year old male deserves to be infantilized and protected by you. Go the fuck outside you sound like you don’t interact with real people.

No. 1212874

Not even a bongloid ameritard.

No. 1212875

Kek, clever

No. 1212879

wtf that's disgusting. This is why kids shouldn't be in pedowood.

No. 1212881

File: 1654454200638.jpeg (168.35 KB, 1200x900, 17E60487-D3E4-40ED-BCEF-1BE384…)

I always thought she was skinwalking Jade the other mixed girl in the group.

No. 1212884

What the hell- This bitch is definitely cat fishing like a mofo

No. 1212889

Perhaps I am delusional for thinking a scrawny sickly orthorexic could possibly not be injecting silicone or something and just obsessively trying to look ripped but I really don’t care kek. And no I’m not used to seeing abs on such a small human being so I’d expect it to look extremely weird and unnatural irregardless, I just thought it was like dedicated overcompensation.

Literally any excuse to use women as punching bags and sensationalize their every move like moids aren’t doing this thing by the hundreds in Hollywood and they rarely even get an honorable mention. Like what do you want us to do about it? Renounce their careers? Tinfoil with you that they’re pedophiles for doing the Hollywood thing?

No. 1212928

ok weirdo

No. 1212958

Why do some people get angry on the internet? Like actually angry.
I'm convinced that if you met anon you would physically attack her.

No. 1212961

Billie fakes her Tourettes bullshit

No. 1212963

Why do you think it's fake?

No. 1212967

Nta but that anon she's replying to would actually attack her, this
is insane

No. 1212972

The anon you're replying to is probably the same mental bitch samefagging. I don't understand how pickmes infantilaze 25 yo men but ignore it when an actor dates an underaged or barely legal woman. Are they coping because they're in the same situation stuck with an old musty dude? No idea.

No. 1212983

I wonder if the people mad about twig's relationship ever said anything when taylor swift dated an actual teenager and even dropped him off to school

No. 1212987

Of course not, kek

No. 1213020

Nta but it’s one of those “cool” diseases that TikTok zoomers fake . Wouldn’t be surprised if she was faking

No. 1213021

nonnies think every woman who acts even slightly out of the ordinary are BPD. You guys need to learn some other mental disorders to throw around kek
twitter clapped

No. 1213025

What? I don't think I've heard of this before

No. 1213026

i dont think so, she tries really hard to suppress her tics in interviews and she has been having having tic attacks way before she
said that she has Tourette's. I know some dont like billie but she does have tics.

No. 1213033

This, and having tourette's became cool AFTER she came out and said it. I think her having it influenced the disease becoming cool to have, not the other way around.

No. 1213043

File: 1654460158368.jpg (417.48 KB, 1658x1024, tayloy and connor.jpg)

she's been in 3 relationships with guys younger then her, 2/3 aren't that bad, she was dating Taylor Lautner when he was 17 and she was 20, and she dated Harry Styles when he was 19 and she was 23, however more kinda controversial thing was her dating 17 year old Conor Kennedy when she was 22
>In 2012, when she was 22 years old, she met a 17-year-old Conor Kennedy. Conor was a member of the popular and widely known Kennedy family, whom Taylor Swift was in awe of. Taylor Swift was close to Conor’s grandmother Ethel, and it was through her she ultimately met Conor. Conor’s mother had recently died from suicide when he had met Taylor Swift. It was one of the reasons she developed an attachment to Conor, as per J. Randy Taraborrelli’s biography
>When he turned 18, they started officially dating. At this point, Taylor Swift also bought a house next to his. Which many thought to be an impulsive move on Taylor’s part.

No. 1213074

The fact that you just completely ignored and glazed over that anons raging psychopathic posts to specifically tell me I would attack her for just barely matching an iota of her insane energy—can you read or is pearl clutching your only ability?
Wait nvm you’re just samefagging because being a victim is all you’re good at

No. 1213088

Literally not that bad anytime someone tries to demonize women for dating minors they’re like 21 when they date a 17 year old meanwhile dudes will be 39 getting caught messaging 14 year olds on Instagram

No. 1213099

it is if your over 21+ and your still dating high school aged minors it is weird.
Dont make those same excuses that 22 year old men make to date 16yr olds.

No. 1213101

Forget the "b-but a man wouldn't get away with it" for a second and let's admit the truth as we're all female here. It's different when women do it, it really is. It's far less predatory, if at all.

No. 1213102

I think she also enjoys larping as a man (even though that doesn't offset all of her issues and unhappiness) because she's taken out of the male gaze sphere. No man comments anymore how fuckable she is and if they do, it's over her old pictures, which she can mentally distance her current self from because "she's a man now". I don't respect it, I pity her, but considering the hella nervous person she is… I get it. But for her mental sake I hope she doesn't get the raw hot dog surgery cause that's really messed up and they are always straight out of a body horror nightmare.

No. 1213104

except no woman dates young guys because they're perverted and obsessed with purity and have toxic outlooks. she was basically a sheltered horsegirl tier woman for forever

No. 1213107

It's just funny to see one anon chimping out and basically calling a 25 year old man a child when FKA Twigs dates him, but going quiet as a church mouse when Taylor Swift dates an actual high schooler

No. 1213111

Hip hop producer Metro Boomin's Mother was murdered by her bf who killed himself afterwards. Every 5.5 hours does not discriminate.

No. 1213117

i just dont like anons making scrote-tier excuses. Because i had 23 year old scrote say something like this to me.
lol i was about to say the same thing, coquette-fags are silent when its their faves but then call women pedos for dating a 25 year old man kek.

No. 1213176

Kissing a 25 year old for music video is not scrote tier. Aron is dating Dua Lipa.

No. 1213177

i think you replied to the wrong anon?

No. 1213181

I did sorry nonny.

No. 1213213

same anon, the people in this thread are fucking nuts. there has never been a time she has "sought attention"??? like I've seen not even a shred of evidence, nor can anyone produce any. people are upset because they can't self insert. she's american, mixed, was a decently successful actress, and a divorcee. She just couldn't sell the fantasy, that was her flaw. Oh, and harry was the last "eligible" prince, millions of girls dreamed of being with him, but he got with an actress, not a "normal commoner" which is the edit that kate got…despite her being a part of high society.

No. 1213250

The English are obsessed with purity and class and think it’s some sort of personal fail of integrity that he didn’t choose some random Brit girl. Kate is their darling.

No. 1213263

Harry straight up said he wanted to date a woman who could handle fame since this was an issue in his past relationships. If anything, marrying a woman like Megan is just good for him as it is for her, they both stand to profit from this relationship.

No. 1213270

File: 1654469840915.jpg (30.7 KB, 443x284, th-3984321352.jpg)

Are they? I thought they all looked like this

No. 1213278

twitter is right for once, this scene was extremely weird

No. 1213279

this one is jonah hill's fault he wrote the scene

No. 1213286

And yet he isn't getting cancelled over it or nearly the same backlash as the woman. Don't agree with her either, because that shit is gross, but where is his backlash?

No. 1213292

File: 1654472320075.jpg (93.26 KB, 687x846, 0fIkyZl.jpg)

Azealia Banks is new look. She's enjoying the money she made off of bussy soap

No. 1213295

File: 1654472359854.jpg (153.76 KB, 721x841, tEcwAIK.jpg)

No. 1213297

I love it. Is she a gamine? She can pull off short hair really well

No. 1213300

If you meant Gemini, yes she is.

No. 1213301

KEK I love you anon

No. 1213302

File: 1654472658755.jpg (405.13 KB, 1365x2048, pJbZxZ3.jpg)

Bestdressed at the Crimes of the future NYC premiere. I forget that she was a film student.

No. 1213303

File: 1654472692547.jpg (371.68 KB, 2048x1366, Lgp72Co.jpg)

the cast, Kristen remembered to take a shower.

No. 1213304

I love love love this dress. not so much the gloves but this dress… what is it…

No. 1213306

File: 1654473105941.png (876.62 KB, 458x1422, Screen Shot 2022-06-05 at 7.51…)

camila cabello looks weirdly old

No. 1213309

has she shooped her eye weirdly big or am i going mad

No. 1213320

File: 1654474513530.jpeg (341.43 KB, 1365x2048, C39738C4-347C-414F-9195-BAABEB…)

MTV awards tonight and here’s Sydney Sweeney

No. 1213322

File: 1654474575973.jpeg (597.55 KB, 1365x2048, A4529985-1327-42B0-85F0-10D1B2…)

Snoop Dogg doing anything for cash

No. 1213323

I had classmates looking like this in high school so idk

No. 1213325

File: 1654474749262.jpeg (468.73 KB, 1464x2048, C7D8425D-A956-48C4-A1BC-729C2D…)

Olivia Rodrigo

No. 1213326

File: 1654474856287.jpeg (460.6 KB, 1365x2048, D32CDABC-EE73-41D4-BB75-9CD333…)

Sophia dimartino

No. 1213327

File: 1654474879843.jpeg (291.25 KB, 1561x1564, 17F93E72-34FB-4753-B995-88B2E8…)

No. 1213330

I could have sworn that this was the Olsen sister that plays Wanda.

No. 1213331

Once again putting her in something sexy but this time it actually looks really good on her

No. 1213333

File: 1654475147715.jpeg (185.82 KB, 900x1281, EB05776C-3EF0-4CA9-BC8E-FEDA99…)

Sofia Carson

No. 1213336

sofia needs to get a new stylist she's always overdressed

No. 1213337

File: 1654475219824.jpeg (118.44 KB, 900x670, DEAB62EC-6C8A-4A50-83F3-33BB30…)

Vanessa hudgens

No. 1213338

File: 1654475361547.jpg (246.84 KB, 2048x1365, 0PM6SKA.jpg)

i like this outfit she also wore

No. 1213343

Is this an Iris Van Herpen?

No. 1213351

almost thought this was bella hadid

No. 1213359

File: 1654477524628.jpeg (884.77 KB, 2048x2048, CE1E921D-9540-49B8-A2E8-5B42DE…)

Paris’s mom, Paris & friend, Aunt Kyle Richards, Jenna Ortega, Kristen from The Hills, Actress, Cazzie David, and Pablo Scrote.

No. 1213370

i love it, ngl. fits her perfectly

No. 1213376

paris and literal whos

No. 1213377

She looks super cute here. Love the haircut

No. 1213385

File: 1654479386656.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1161x1154, 0079941A-DCF3-49B1-A6D9-75DD7E…)

33 year old art director or random NYC hobo?

No. 1213394

He's so fucking plain it's like he doesn't even register as a person. He's like a blank piece of paper or like..a stick figure.

No. 1213396

Kind of normal to look that way in an unflattering unposed pap photo of you taken soaking wet with makeup melting off your eyes

No. 1213397

from the shit she has said and her "career" in general you can tell shes an airhead. but my god, she is so prettty, even in this ugly ass shit.

No. 1213404

File: 1654480766722.jpeg (108.25 KB, 470x798, 469A5E87-23ED-482E-8486-DC1BEB…)

He’s the definition of basic kek. Is he an anachan?

No. 1213429

They're both coke/amphetamine addicts, that's all.

No. 1213432

I love skinny men but holy shit he looks like he wears a waist trainer kek. Bella sweetie I’m so fucking sorry

No. 1213451

Who tf is this. Bella's new bf?

No. 1213480

paris giving gay vibes. love to see it

No. 1213482

oh god not this meme again

No. 1213486

File: 1654488613809.jpg (245.09 KB, 800x1066, bella-hadid-marc-kalman-swim-b…)

I thought it was shopped but nope, that's really his waist. Never seen a man with an hourglass figure before, what the fuck.

No. 1213505

Cazzie David is so cute. I love her face, it's unique

No. 1213512

File: 1654490721446.jpg (205.89 KB, 1200x1200, 1636707336761.jpg)

If anyone was wondering what he looked like now, well this is him at age 27 with his girlfriend, they look like they sells drugs in a white trash town but he's a Kennedy and dated Taylor Swift and she's the daughter of some influential rap producer

No. 1213521

It's like her depression has manifested itself as this guy and it won't leave her side.
It may be the selection of pics but she looks miserable.

No. 1213523

File: 1654492547825.png (420.59 KB, 427x534, paris.png)

Paris looks great here, especially for 41. I know, she's rich, has access to great dermatologists and most likely uses fillers too, but she does a good job at not looking uncanny valley.

No. 1213530

wow this is like the only outfit she's ever looked good in, she looks so much nicer refined and clean. she's got the body to wear whatever she wants and look good because she is well proportioned, no idea why thyere pushing this baby whore look on her so hard and honestly whoever is styling her is committing serious fashion atrocities against her

No. 1213532

Why the fuck would I be virtue signalling on an anonymous site retard.

No. 1213534

I think y'all being a little too harsh, he's plain looking but if he treats her right is a good person, I think that matters

No. 1213538

File: 1654493781968.jpg (Spoiler Image, 326.69 KB, 1257x1080, Chica_Official_Render.jpg)

She looks like picrel

No. 1213546

I actually really love this kek

She looks so good. I’m glad she knows her limits with filler and PS. Everyone in Hollywood looks so botched/overdone these days.

No. 1213562

I’m waiting for transgender elite conspiracy anon to come in nuts swinging about him being ftm

No. 1213565

oh dude, is she fucking yachting??
guess it HAS been a while since her last hit, but i thought she was doing pretty decent in latin america tho

No. 1213572

Assuming she’s yachting for that sole fact when she could just as easily be hanging out with friends ew

No. 1213576

she is a celebrity, nona, get real

No. 1213588

Your tinfoil that every single woman in Hollywood is a prostitute is lame and wrong

No. 1213609

Yeah I guess a nice dress is overdressed when other women are going in Brandy Melville >>1213320

No. 1213614

How is it obvious? Curious

No. 1213616

because he's diagnosed

No. 1213619

it's not Just the women nona, wake up

No. 1213630

he cheats on her most opportunities he gets though and they're known to have super explosive arguments that end in her forgiving him even though nothing changes

No. 1213641

Well yes of course but I thought maybe anon has examples of his behavior

No. 1213668

Because it'd be a retarded thing to do

No. 1213692

Why does everyone hate camilla? Shes not a model but she's not nearly as ugly as people try to make her out. Are they jealous of her bf?

No. 1213704

don't know why lc dislikes her but twitter hates her guts, cause some edgy racist comments on tumblr when she but the real hatred against her started when she ended up becoming the most marketable and successful member of Fifth Harmony and was the only one with a decent solo career and so their few fans all hate her, there's also a sub-section of pedophile and their faghahg followers who hate her cause they feel she stole Shawn Mendes for them. either way while I dislike her music, the people who hate her are far worse then she is

No. 1213709

Who really hates her, though? She's racist and people disliked that, but she seems pretty irrelevant these days, aside from that. The only time I see anyone besides the hardcore stans really talk about her is when dumpy photos of her body get posted. The ironic thing is the black girl she was racist toward (Normani) seems more well-liked and overall marketable in her solo career

No. 1213712

wasn't she racist toward Normani? also the people who don't like her feel her musical success is undeserved because of all those clips of her singing loud and wrong, lol. also her role as cinderella didn't help. she's like the face of everything wrong with the music industry and big labels blowing up a rando through marketing and luck

normani is more liked as an individual by pop stans + she's pretty so normies notice her, but she has like 3 songs so i'm not sure about the marketable part. her solo career isn't much of a "career"

No. 1213739

that looks like an outfit for pornhub awards or something

No. 1213740

File: 1654515944904.jpeg (145.14 KB, 750x1222, 6403464A-3B75-4266-9F88-195202…)

>she just said some racist edgy comments no biggie!
>even though she was in a girl group at the time with a black woman who felt uncomfortable once she saw her old tweets
>normani calls it shocking because she thought fifth harmony and their fandom was a safe-haven of sisterhood but instead admits that she was constantly bombarded with racist memes and emails made about her appearance and race, ex. a meme you can look up even if it’s fake slaps a picture of her face on to a gorilla
>even cupcakke, a very popular female rapper, says camilla is racist
>picrel not only were her tryhard edgy tweets dug up but a bunch of hackers found her private messages that called normani the n-word

just because there’s a bunch of crazy stans involved doesn’t mean the person being accused should be abdicated of their obvious guilt. she only apologized because she was caught by people who cared enough to dig through her past that she so obviously did not feel erasing herself or on her own did not come to the common sense conclusion that it was wrong. none of you morons do your fucking research or the very worse, none of you have much empathy left for women of color in hollywood or the music industry. why do I have to constantly show proof upon proof to prove something that even camilla did not deny doing? what makes you different from johnny depp fags who think every woman is lying about being raped or abused? you think every black person must be lying about racism. kill yourself

No. 1213743

File: 1654516168038.png (112.22 KB, 326x574, 21C5E804-69C8-482D-9E26-904821…)

samefag but proof and it’s not fake, she must have a PR management working hard even to this day to cover this up because I only was only able to find this from an article that was linked inside of an article

No. 1213745

File: 1654516354636.png (432.92 KB, 750x643, D60C8876-E4E0-4838-AC8C-E0BBE0…)

the gift that keeps on giving honestly. no anon, none of this is just no biggie, right gais?? kek

No. 1213748

i agree with everyone you say but i wonder why you put
>even cupcakke
is she known for not thinking things are racist? all i know about her is the gays love her and MY VAGINAAAAAA

No. 1213756

they hate her because she is "other" and doesn't fit in with royals. this happened with Diana too. there is a lot of protocol you 'have' to follow and IMO it's like this a lot in British society in general. if you don't follow the unspoken rules people will ostracize you.

it's only so bad with Megan (public joining in) because she is also black and not British, and British people are racist/classist and exclusionary

No. 1213760

File: 1654517306060.jpeg (395.25 KB, 750x483, 7ADA3877-FE84-41CB-8A60-B17958…)

megan is not black she’s around 25% black, but that honestly makes it worse that a woman who has both light-skinned parents and has a tan is enough to drive a britfag into racist insanity how do you think they treat darker-skinned african immigrant women there?

No. 1213765

>IMO it's like this a lot in British society in general
Getting flashbacks to Brits flipping their shit that they put up with so much of my bad behavior for so long and that I'm so horrible. What did I do? Apparently I enter shops in an annoying way. I still don't know what exactly I did wrong or how you can enter a shop annoyingly.

No. 1213787

File: 1654519301524.jpg (421.5 KB, 1080x1350, lenadunham.jpg)

Lena Dunham is looking worse than ever, she is only 36, it's hard to believe.

No. 1213791

I personally believe you've entered many places annoyingly anon

No. 1213792

kek the obsession with harry styles too as if even that ugly toad looking motherfucker would spare her a second glance. camilla is so pathetic and desperate for fame and everyone knows it. that shitty cinderella movie was cosmic justice for the horrrible things she's said

No. 1213796

i hate tattoos in general but when people have random ones spread out across their body it looks so awkward and weird to me. kinda ot and nitpicking but yeah

No. 1213798

> it's only so bad with Megan (public joining in) because she is also black and not British, and British people are racist/classist and exclusionary
i'm a britbong, and I would say it depends where in the uk you are from. but i can see a big part of why Meghan is disliked is because she is American. I think we find Americans very jarring, loud and obnoxious here.

No. 1213801

Agreed, it looks like she fell asleep at a frat party and they doodled all over her as a joke.

No. 1213822

What’s with the weird skin on her leg and armpit area?

No. 1213825

Looks like a bad sweat rash. Fat people who don't look after their folds well tend to get those.

No. 1213834

No. 1213861

nonnies, this is physical proof that you shouldn't get your uterus removed, she was overall way more slim and less sickly looking when she still had hers

No. 1213865

damn, she looks rough, I'm 36 myself and no way I look as old as she does. Guess this happens if karma hits you. And now I'm out, going for a walk, need to lose some weight so that look will never happen to me, kek.

No. 1213877

The resemblance to queen pt is uncanny

No. 1213880

36 here too. She probably has shit diet and doesnt work out on top of the fact she's also a freakin pedo rapist. I'm glad karma is catching up to her. may she rot.

No. 1213883

Go back.

No. 1213889

His body is disgusting. This is proof men need to eat and work out or they're worthless.

No. 1213890

What is all that bruising and mottling all over her skin???

No. 1213891

She’s so beautiful

No. 1213892

Why is she talking in all caps? What a crazy bitch. Also the unnecessary racism too. Why are all these crazy women obsessed with Harry styles?

No. 1213895

Obese people are not healthy. Despite what HAES tells women, obesity is unnatural and basically her poor diet is affecting her skin very visibly. She probably has weird patches from her internal organs suffering. The skin gets affected first with bad diet and health issues. It's how doctors determine what's wrong with you.

No. 1213896

pt never looked that rough, jesus christ. Just goes to show how being ugly on the inside eventually shows on the outside.

No. 1213900

Being very pale combined with bad circulation from being overweight and inactive. Looks like she's got bad genes too because she's already getting varicose veins on her legs. Her armpit looks more like spider veins than a rash to me but I'm scared to zoom in.

No. 1213902

The ugly ass bikini ain't helping here either. I think it even emphasizes how bad she looks here.

No. 1213925


No. 1213927

File: 1654530079883.jpeg (55.17 KB, 405x610, 4b6b490dd8edf920b6e0c6584b40cf…)

wow she's nearly unrecognizable

No. 1213929

not going to lie but lena looks like a lot of farmers here that are way younger than her, so what’s the problem? what would you prefer for her to be pumped full of plastic or to look like an average/below-average normal woman? i get she’s an awful human being but…

No. 1213932

Are you american? Nta but she's obese and that's why she looks older.

No. 1213934

she’s not obese she’s drastically overweight but that’s obese? kek anon she just needs to lose 50-80 pounds max all over

No. 1213936

That's literally obese though. Obese is a medical term for people who are fatter than just overweight and it's usually the point where your health gets affected by it. I don't mean it in an offensive term but you can't just look at her and say she's a bit chubby. Also 70-80 isn't a small amount unfortunately and it's hard to lose or gain weight for most people.

No. 1213938

>lena looks like a lot of farmers here
??? Proof?

No. 1213943

Maybe anon is overweight and got upset. Either way, women here wouldn't mock a random fat woman. They're mocking her because they already hate her. If any overweight anons get upset, please realize that no one would think these about you unless they hate you, and a vast majority hates this woman.

No. 1213949

File: 1654531674567.jpg (242.31 KB, 1071x1500, Shutterstock_11654632c.jpg)

Look at Paris' husband. That's a faggot, baby. And so is she. Sorry you can't handle the truth.

No. 1213950

she is definitely obese. god i fucking hate americans, you filth literally can't even recognise OBESITY when it's all over your nation.

No. 1213953

are we just always gonna have this same ass conversation in every fucking thread?? Just literally every single one??? lena dunham is fat and a degenerate piece of shit, what else is fucking new? Post actual milk pls!

No. 1213954

Who is white knighting I molested my own sister Lena? Ffs

No. 1213957

Holy fucking shit kek what happened

No. 1213958

Wait is Paris a lesbian? Idk what you're saying.

No. 1213959

If she isn't… Why would she marry a faggot? Explain that.

No. 1213960

File: 1654532263897.jpeg (44.63 KB, 680x383, MpM82rJL.jpeg)

Pete took Kim's son out to Cheesecake Factory kek

No. 1213961

It's a deranged Paris waifufag

No. 1213964

> > needs to lose 80 lbs over all
> > not obese
anon for your own health if you have 50 to 80 lbs to lose, you should do it. being overweight is a vanity thing, like 10 - 20 lbs. Lana del Rey is overweight, Demi Lovato was overweight. Lena Dunham is definitely fat to the point if it effecting her health.

No. 1213967

There are some lesbians in Lchat who conspire the straightest celebs are secret lesbos. The funniest one is Taylor swift. She seems like the type of girl so straight she only has male friends and can't stand not having a cute bf.

No. 1213983

Americans think women who suck cock are lesbians.

No. 1213985

File: 1654533795552.jpeg (130.76 KB, 634x712, A38919BC-EEC6-4D2F-ADE2-3A2D49…)

Is her secret lover Themi? Her husband does give me gay escort vibes.

No. 1214001

anon from before here, I have a shit diet, drink too much and don't work out, still, I look at least 10 years younger than her, kek. It must be karma, there is no other explanation for her appearance, maybe shitty genetics.

No. 1214006

even a drop is enough for British people.
signed, a non british person who lives in bongland

No. 1214009

File: 1654534696115.jpeg (635.16 KB, 3644x2735, D122E145-1330-4664-BB5B-CCCE36…)

Burgerfag here, these two in picrel would be seen as “overweight” by a good chunk of Americans. But they’re obese. Our idea of obese is 400lb or more, no mobility, etc. A decent amount of burgers think loosing weight and watching what you eat is liberal elitist crap. Another group think loosing weight is based in white supremacy and wanting to be a white waif of a woman.(fat derail)

No. 1214010

I'm american and have lived in the UK for about 12 years, it literally doesn't matter where you are from all British people dislike all immigrants. it's worse if you are black or brown because people can pick you out before you speak

No. 1214013

ew, man got no lips. He looks like he's in pain. This is why faggots should just come out of the closet.

No. 1214014

GIWTWM, I have wanted to be Paris' secret lover ever since I saw Pledge This when I was way too young.
Yeah he does have the face.

No. 1214017

Every time I see this photo, I think of the Stacy stride vs Goblina walk meme. kek

No. 1214021

She was so pretty when she was smaller. But I think she only got that "skinny" because she was addicted to benzos.

No. 1214023

what the fuck happened to america

No. 1214029

hard agree. hate it when people complain about doctors "gatekeeping" hysterectomies. everything else should be tried first, and new solutions need to be created for endo and other conditions.

No. 1214031

Amerishart confirmed. You got so many morbidly obese people that your perspective of what a healthy weight is is completely distorted. "She can still walk around Walmart and doesn't have to use a scootypuff, so she's barely overweight!" rofl

No. 1214038

This is a terminally online Amerifag opinion. The only fatties that have this stance are the other terminally online subgenre of woke pigs.

In regular America, we all know that this is unhealthy. In large cities it isn't prevalent. In suburbia it is definitely frowned upon and embarrassing, albeit a problem.

Stop using the internet as your thermometer for what is or isn't.

No. 1214039

50 pounds overweight is at least classified as class one obesity if not more

No. 1214041

File: 1654535844439.png (59.07 KB, 948x1440, 9781400069804_custom-dbb16a744…)

food engineered for shelf life and aesthetics, so produce is bland and not as nutritious. processed food and food in restaurants has a sugar salt fat ratio to hit dopamine receptors and be addictive, poor regulations so too much sugar in all baked and canned goods, everything is expensive so large portion sizes are expected, and so much more.

No. 1214042

It is nuts, I haven't followed her career since Girls ended but she ballooned up like crazy. People called her fat and ugly back then, but then she WAS just overweight. Like she was tubby and out of shape, but it was vanity pounds. Now she is straight up obese and it's kind of sad. I know everyone hates her and there are some good reasons but I thought Girls was a good show when it was airing, and she did well in it.

No. 1214046

File: 1654536082931.jpg (536.08 KB, 3000x1687, side-effects-hysterectomy.jpg)

she got a Hysterectomy(uterus removal) cause she didn't ever want to risk having children and even joked about not getting not having to deal with periods, however it causes massive hormonal problem, however the uterus is more then just baby maker, its a chunk of your body and regulates hormones, just removing it completely changes your internal chemistry

No. 1214049

his sucide-baiting, getting a tattoo of Kim's name and the initials of her kids names

No. 1214050

nta but I wonder if she takes HRT to compensate for negative side effects associated with lower estrogen levels due to the hysterectomy, I think that's would be advised for her as a young and presumably sexually active women.

No. 1214055

First look at Wednesday Addams

No. 1214057

That seems like a really extreme reaction to not wanting children, most doctors advise against choosing hysterectomies as a young woman for the reasons you mention. No matter what we do preventing pregnancy fucks with our hormones but this is a pretty dramatic choice when you could just take the pill or get an implant.

No. 1214061

I don’t know why eurofags love to rub horrible epidemics that happen to americans in our faces? We know we have an obesity epidemic and that people are pretty big but you don’t care because you truly care about amerifags, it’s the feeling of sadism and superiority you get when you see americans suffering like when little kids get shot in mass shootings. You’re an awful human being anon kek

No. 1214062

She has endometriosis, her procedure was medically necessary, she's just bullshitiing to be an edgelord.

No. 1214067

Nothing is ever going to be more perfect than this

No. 1214068

File: 1654537259623.jpg (27.51 KB, 480x360, aws.jpg)

is this based on that webseries from like a decade ago ? I liked it when I was a teen but it was very much a product of its era, I don't think an adult wednesday adams series could ever work right now, especially like an actual TV series, there's not enough substance to the character and without her family to interact with she just comes across as some snarky edgelord goth kid

No. 1214069

It's really just immaturity. That's all I think when I see comments like that.

No. 1214071

Why should I feel bad for fat americans who can't put the fork down? How do you even compare that to children getting murdered? Nobody is putting 5,000 calories a day in your mouth, that's your personal responsibility, fatty.

No. 1214072

File: 1654537393269.jpeg (15.83 KB, 380x306, 8278bbe554a4b9184a16dbe1de2a70…)

Girls is honestly an underrated show, and she is pretty based for writing herself a hot boyfriend.

No. 1214073

The school shooting jokes will never not be disgusting to me.

No. 1214075

Now you’re trying way too hard now. Is that supposed to hurt anyone? Kek

No. 1214076

A woman who molested her own sister will never be based. She’s just a perv.

No. 1214077

Rattle your bones elsewhere you sperg

No. 1214078

Facts that trigger fakebois/gendies

No. 1214081

File: 1654537732937.jpeg (385.26 KB, 828x594, 1090015E-61C3-42BE-BD01-9811AD…)

I feel like all the Brits who sperg about americafats non ironically watched the shit out of this show.

No. 1214082

No seriously. They act like it’s some kind of fucking gotcha when they just sound like a piece of shit.

No. 1214083

she said she had endometriosis, which in later stages can cause enough scar tissue to fuse to other organs in the body. so sometimes it is necessary, but it's replacing one major problem with some slightly less worse problems.

No. 1214084

NTA and wasn't mocking Americans, but I think it's kind of fucked to compare something like obesity to children being killed in a mass shooting. That's just fucking distasteful on all counts

No. 1214085

Didn’t she put rocks inside her baby sisters private areas and then write about it in her book like it was a normal thing for kids to do to each other?

No. 1214086

File: 1654537884652.png (271.97 KB, 539x619, Screenshot 61.png)

okay just looked up the plot
>The series will be a coming-of-age supernatural mystery comedy focusing on Wednesday Addams and her years as a high school student at Nevermore Academy, where she attempts to master her psychic powers, stop a monstrous killing spree of the town citizens, and solve the supernatural mystery that affected her family 25 years ago — all while navigating her new relationships.[3]

so this is like the winx club thing, where they are just making a generic netflix series(in this case a highschool teen drama and a murder mystery) but they slap on some semi well known IP but they change everything about it, also the casting for fucking Gomez

No. 1214089

his pecs are bigger than his head

No. 1214092

Are we just gonna forget about the times she was homophobic towards lesbians or..

No. 1214093

Fat bitches seething ITT right now, just stop eating so fucking much. Your children can't do anything to not get shot by crazy people with guns in your country, you can stop eating so many little Debbies snack cakes.(derailing)

No. 1214094

fellow burger here, I agree with you. But I wonder if regional differences play a part with the perception of obesity because that picture the other anon shared would definitely be considered obese and not overweight where I live (also there aren't a lot of straight up morbidly obese people here), and the obesity rates do vary by state. Since she claimed that losing weight and watching what you eat is considered "liberal elitist crap" I suspect she might be from somewhere like the south kek.

No. 1214095

I don't think anon was trying to say they're the same, just making a point of how people will make jokes about awful shit like school shootings just because it happens in America.

No. 1214096

I never said they were comparable learn to read, I was trying to make a comparison of what eurofags do when they hear about something unfortunate about Americans and they often do that whenever school shootings happen.

No. 1214099

Giving strong closet fat boy from Pennsylvania.

No. 1214100

I thought this was Him for a second.

No. 1214102

It's a shit comparison. You can stop being fat, a child can't stop themselves from being shot. Mocking the first isn't anywhere near as bad as mocking the second

No. 1214103

fuck off with the ameribait loser

No. 1214104

stop being a bootlicker omg europeans including brits would would sell your children as mashed chicken nugget meat in order to feel better than americans, they are always butthurt about america yet who are they always trying to copy? kek

No. 1214105

it’s definitely a scrote trying to get anons to reply just ignore him

No. 1214109

nona…it is..

No. 1214110

File: 1654538498907.jpg (37.47 KB, 612x408, FBWSfKIWYAEZt3E.jpg)

I think its hilarious when I see english people mocking americans, cause all the negative stereotypes about america are also applied towards Britain (except the school shooting jokes) for most europeans, we think British people are loud, fat, obnoxious, obesseded with sports and have this odd complex about never using the metric system, the joke is that your Europe's version of america

No. 1214114

I mean the uk literally had a show where they mad obese people and anachans swap diets because they’re worried about being America. Like that was the shows own dialogue.

No. 1214115

Aren't most (white) Americans just the same anglos who ran off to North America because "muh tea tax"? Same fucking people

No. 1214116

File: 1654538676898.jpeg (638.74 KB, 1773x1773, 85AF3F22-16EC-4961-9308-DA5C01…)

Thinking about Her again…

No. 1214117

Bongs vs Burgers battle royale? We would have to meet on American soil because the weight of all of us combined would sink Britain.

No. 1214122

most farmers are average to thin if the kibbe thread is anything to go by
it's unfunny and That Man is ugly

No. 1214123

No way…our local AD fanclub didn't tell us his body was that nice.

No. 1214125

The only reason this show exists is because nepotism

No. 1214126

imagine not casting Tony Dalton as Gomez????? what the fuck were they thinking

No. 1214130

fucking gross

No. 1214131

File: 1654539150918.jpeg (43.26 KB, 630x1200, D5DC0583-912A-48D5-8DC2-92C0E1…)

samefag but cmon dude he was literally born for gomez
the pander is so fuckin strong with that casting

No. 1214135

Good point nonna I don’t know why I didn’t think of that, they’re so ashamed of realizing that their god-forsaken people are the same as the white obese, aggressive, impulsive, sports-obsessed racist americans that we have here they just say “they’re just chavs!” it’s the same thing as a redneck even though there’s plenty of these fat britards walking around who have the nerve to insult and harass skinnier, healthier, and nicer ethnic immigrants that are in their country. It’s truly amazing, like get fucked you dumb snaggle-toothed yea-guzzler. Wonder how you’re going to defend yourself if they don’t allow guns to be owned kek, enjoy your butter knives because the only flavorful thing that comes out of England is your butter-filled, carb sugar-bomb baked treats. You have to be grateful that Indians and Pakistani people want to live in your country because you would be eating pig slop without them

No. 1214141

>casting a literal gorilla as Gomez

No. 1214142

Paying $1.7m on surrogates because you just can’t be bothered…

No. 1214143

So it goes for 80% of shows/movies created unfortunately

No. 1214145

>Oscar Isaac not being Gomez

No. 1214146

Is she really a celeb?

No. 1214159

>most farmers are average to thin if the kibbe thread is anything to go by

Nta but nah, I'd say most farmers are between average and overweight, judging by plently of them complaining about being heavier in the health/fitness, ana and vent threads.

True, I don't see much a difference.

No. 1214167

>ana thread
I don't think people with eating disorders have a good grasp on weight and how to recognize if they're overweight or not.

No. 1214186

He looks like orc fanart. He looks comedic, it's like he isn't a real person. Imagine a woman that looks like that being famous, you can't.

No. 1214237

Who is this?

No. 1214238

i would say it is the other way around, americans mocking the brits

No. 1214243

kek that show was supersize vs super skinny. where an fat person and a ana person would be put in a house together and eat each others meals. and they would show a video of an obese american who can't get out of bed like those 6000lb life or whatever it is called to scare the fat person into loosing weight

No. 1214262

Are Amerifats really so uneducated that they don't know that there are more countries than England in Europe? Your fat ass couldn't point to a non-english speaking country on a map because you're not just fat, you're also uneducated. All of Europe hates England, cope more.

No. 1214267

hating countries is stupid and such a twitterfag zoomer thing

No. 1214273

Remember when he was on Shameless kek

No. 1214274

Yeah she also wrote about masturbating in the same bed with her.

She used to trigger this extremely visceral disgust in me and I still think she’s gross but I also acknowledge that it’s very cool of her to have this superpower and not care.

>well at least we dun get shut up while dewin maffs in schewel

No. 1214276

Kristina Ozturk she’s this like bulgarian woman who adopted like 25 children under 1

No. 1214281

File: 1654543698392.jpeg (888.15 KB, 1242x1956, 0BF0DA53-1CAA-407F-A8CF-5EDDC2…)

> You have to be grateful that Indians and Pakistani people want to live in your country because you would be eating pig slop without them
Ah yes, we are so grateful these paki scrotes run our corner shops, serve us curry and sexually abuse, rape and exploit our young girls. The young men are all knife carrying chavs too.

I hate to derail with something like this but fuck off with that anon, those scrotes are nothing but scum but I guess we have their curry right?(racebait/ derail)

No. 1214300

She and her geriatric pedo husband used surrogates I believe, which makes this even worse. Everyone involved needs to be psychologically evaluated because this shit is abnormal on so many levels.

No. 1214315

Why do you anons think zendaya is so popular? I always see her as someone like Beyoncé, people like her because it is a trend to do so

No. 1214329

nepotism + money like every other celeb

No. 1214334

dont reply to derailing racebait.

No. 1214350

Yeah, sometimes anons hate their own white moids so much they forget how frankly awful moids of other nationalisties can be, that said Indians aren't that big of an issue, not as much as pakis and arabas whose religion endorses raping kafir women

No. 1214352

I'm confused, has Zendaya even been mentioned in this or the last thread?
She seems more popular than Anya Taylor-Joy, but I see them memed roughly the same amount. Beyonce seems actually famous, as in globally known (but I wouldn't call her "popular" today, more like she's transcended that and is a household name like The Beatles or something, not much need for PR or hype because everyone knows already, Celine Dion is the same), can't say the same about the others

No. 1214371

File: 1654546463063.jpg (142.88 KB, 730x677, azealia.jpg)

RZA tried to pimp out Azealia to Russel Crowe. Then Russel Crowe abused her.
And nobody talks about this…

No. 1214372

Idk about this one but one of her exes is very much gay, unless he got some religious therapy lol

No. 1214379

I think part of it is that a lot of zoomers have followed her since her disney channel days and cult of personality.

No. 1214388

She doesn't deserve a hot boyfriend. If she wasn't shitty i would be on board with this.

No. 1214390

because she's lying

No. 1214398

>And nobody talks about this
Well, did anyone know before? Either way, I can't be surprised at this.

No. 1214402

check the date on the first tweet

No. 1214411


No. 1214439

yet another instance of a disgusting scrote somehow pulling a gorgeous woman in media. everything is made for men.

No. 1214451

Whenever I see her like this I just think of how Adam Driver had to act in a show fuckin her and I wonder if he wakes up in the middle of the night, sweating, remembering that time period in his life

No. 1214524

Let me guess you call amber heard amber turd…

No. 1214527


No. 1214530

>hot boyfriend
Driver is fugly, I sure hope you're not talking about him.

No. 1214531

Did you just compare flavour of the month that isalready mostly forgotten about to beyoncé?

No. 1214535

Imagine caping for these worst of the worst scrotes, i'd literally take any other nationality over pakistani moids.

No. 1214536

Idk what exactly she said about lesbians, but it could’ve been that she was comphet or pretending to be homophobic to seem straight so she could maintain her image

No. 1214539

Piggy needs a tan and to laser off those disguting russian prison tattoos.

No. 1214540

Disney star + marvel

No. 1214542

I dunno but allegedly she's really pretty. And yeah, she's pretty for sure, but I don't understand why she's so praised for it. is she really THAT pretty? I have weird aesthetic taste and don't see why the "attractive" people are attractive.

No. 1214544

Neither of them convincingly pass for teenagers, it's gross sorry. Yes we all hate moids here but it doesn't mean women should be lowering ourselves to this pedo pandering/outright paedophilia mess.

No. 1214550

highly doubt it considering the other mean things she said, racism, and so on it wouldn't make sense to pretend just for that part. plus she barely seemed to like other women in general with those feuds and all, she seems turbo-straight.

No. 1214560

let me guess, you believe every ridiculous thing these celebrities say. fuck this thread attracts the worst kind of stupid people

No. 1214584

So many men think she's the hottest thing ever but I also always hear men insult women who are too skinny or whatever, she has a very athletic build so it surprises me that men like her so much.

No. 1214592

It's so funny seeing people say this cause Zendaya was always one of the (exceedingly small number of) celebs that I admired. When I was younger I thought she was much prettier than CeCe on Shake It Up. I still remember waiting ages for Z to release "Swag It Out" in like 2011. I find most celebs to be average/ugly looking or otherwise uninteresting, but I think my nostalgia for Zendaya is probably one of the reasons that I still like her. FWIW I am a zoomer (unfortunately)

No. 1214606

Guess I'm the only one who doesn't like it

No. 1214622

Ugly scrotes with hot women thread pic

No. 1214663

2022 everyone. 20 fucking 2
This is what woke media does. This is going to bomb with older fans.

No. 1214671

File: 1654562040072.jpg (184.59 KB, 300x300, bestcouple.jpg)

Wow, he would have actually been a good choice. What a waste. I mean, no one can replace Raul Julia or Anjelica Huston, but still.

No. 1214695

An actual ghoul

No. 1214702

File: 1654565254099.jpeg (166.33 KB, 1125x608, 3C5A7BE9-246B-4000-A239-2B2331…)

Alex, stop trying to make ‘Latinx’ happen, it’s not going to happen!


No. 1214718

White people stop trying to change other languages challenge. The term latinx is really fucking offensive and I don't know a single spanish speaker who uses it.

No. 1214751

File: 1654569380087.jpeg (783.61 KB, 1060x914, C68D3C9B-5B67-4A7B-A2A4-687032…)

Such a cute baby.

No. 1214778

Lilibet sounds like the name of a demon but she is cute.

No. 1214779

It does kek. They named her for Queen Elizabeth's nickname I think.

No. 1214780

they suck on that old bitch's titties so hard. I thought they didn't want to be involved with the royal family anymore

No. 1214788

KEK. Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor

No. 1214806

I'm sorry, but the baby is unfortunate looking at best

No. 1214829

That's her name?? Yikes

No. 1214839

File: 1654578989239.jpg (309.08 KB, 2149x897, 111.jpg)

she's a mestizo born in the US, doesn't speak spanish and is in a relationship with a tall white man, she is literally every stereotype about about liberal WOC

No. 1214842


No. 1214855

Thankfully the younger generation doesn't give a fuck about illiterate retard Beyonce

No. 1214859

Why does anyone give a fuck about this literal savage

No. 1214864

hmmm i smell heathenry, racist choice of words anon, i think she's funny and i rejoice in the fact she's an unhinged non comforming foghorn

No. 1214865

we are both shit at posting, this >>1214864 was for you

No. 1214889

This really works for her.

No. 1214903

File: 1654587081438.jpeg (182.7 KB, 1200x1800, CB541D47-76EA-442A-A254-6AA4BE…)

it isn't her stylist that hates her, it's her wanting to look older. god knows why she does this to herself, is it because she became famous for being that girl with the shaved head? does she think she has to make up for it?

No. 1214925

I watched enola holmes recently and she looks really cute in it, and definitely not older than her age at all. It's definitely the makeup and hair choices

No. 1214926

I'd assume it's a pretty simple reason
Because she's a young girl and young girls often want to look older and be taken more seriously
Especially these days when you have 13 year olds dressing and acting grown, there's more pressure

No. 1214933

Nona, please, Spanish is an European language. North and South Americans need to stop trying to change AND mix Spanish and English.

No. 1214934

Maybe it's a bit farfetched but maybe she also wants to be perceived as an adult and look as unchildlish as possible since showbusiness is so pedophilic and she's mostly associated with a role of a naive (pre)teen, which could attract all the wrong attention?

No. 1214942

That is simply not true.

No. 1214944

It may be this tbh. Didn't she talk about it in an interview? About how men started sexualizing her the moment she turned 18?
Personally I think that look is pretty good on her, but I'm not too fond of the makeup.

No. 1214948

> (fat derail)

No. 1214949

Lilibet was the queens nickname when she was young. But yes Meghan wants nothing to do with the royals yet names her daughter after the queen kek

No. 1214950

yeah she looked her age in enola holmes and ST, so it definetly is her hair/makeup/stylist that has made her look 20 years older

No. 1214954

Maybe your great-great-grampa shouldn't have raided ehrm colonized all those countries then they wouldn't have to take anyone involved in the Commonwealth?
That shit goes both ways.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1214958

kek are you trolling or simply retarded?

No. 1214962

She also had an episode with Patrick Wilson, fucking her.

No. 1214963

File: 1654598036883.jpg (70.04 KB, 540x832, eZVJ3gt.jpg)

Themi's new album cover. Goth Themi era

No. 1214970

Hahaha. I see you had a good time.

No. 1214981

damn who knew ginger genes could be so strong.

No. 1214983

Holy shit I’m a massive tonyfag how did I never think of this

No. 1214989

File: 1654599965702.jpeg (48.44 KB, 428x570, B44E8E84-5C46-471C-8B95-3E1739…)

Samefag and sage for derail but nonnie I am honestly astounded. He has the perfect mix of menacing charm and oddball energy to play gomez. I was so blinded by the Oscar Isaac propaganda that I couldn’t even see what was right in front of me. Damn it now I’m pissed that this isn’t happening.

No. 1215005

not racebait but that is the whitest baby i have seen, his genes have completely cancelled out hers kek

No. 1215007

What is wrong with you? Do you hate women? Why does that excuse young girls being raped by brown moids? Are you a brown moid?(racebaiting)

No. 1215034

File: 1654605192274.jpg (175.73 KB, 1200x1200, QCsJnPl.jpg)

Meghan's dad must've been a ginger. Her half brother was one.

No. 1215035

She looks good there for once

No. 1215038

I meant the way she has a chicken murder sacrificial closet off her kitchenette and enjoys boiling her beloved pets in her own home type of barbarity… Maybe you're a little you-know-what yourself if your first reaction to calling her a savage freak is to think of her skin color nonnie

No. 1215040

how is this racebaiting, and also why was this redtexted and not >>1214954

No. 1215064

I'm praying for her hairline.

No. 1215100

File: 1654611201251.jpg (129.57 KB, 1200x900, olivia_rodrigo_cathartic.jpg)

>picrel someone older than her
yeah its just the makeup that's super unfortunate
Sorry but how can you genuinely think that this makeup looks good? she looks like a slightly younger cher. There are a ton of ways you can make someone not look way older than their age, and this makeup artist just avoided all of them.

No. 1215101

nta, to be fair, savage is a racebait-y term for anyone not white, depending on who you talk to

No. 1215110

Mixed in the head kek

No. 1215114


That lighting is atrocious, wtf.

No. 1215135

Found an american. She is obese. Go observe a BMI calculator. You are probably obese, too.(let it go)

No. 1215245

File: 1654616977145.jpeg (70.67 KB, 416x726, 8E2D6D42-A7CC-45A6-BA33-4A4435…)

Dang tho

No. 1215254

carribean queen

No. 1215262

i don't like her but isn't she just using tan like 90% of this generation

No. 1215266

I mean the baby is mostly white…

No. 1215301

Anorexic plain face industry plant

No. 1215310

Wouldn’t call her an industry plant she’s a very obvious past Disney star

No. 1215312


Not kiss teenagers and go get a job elsewhere? Tf

No. 1215316

no, no one cared about her when she was in disney, her label or higher ups are now pushing her.

Actual disney starts would be someone like miley,demi or selena who were famous even before doing music.

No. 1215318

yeah i didn't even know she was from disney before that drivers licsense song, i thought she was some social media person

No. 1215321


Perhaps my young millennial ass is just too old to know of what show she was on Disney, but I didn't know she was a Disney kid until after the driver's license song. Was her show popular or did she or her mom suck someone off?

No. 1215324

File: 1654621770643.jpg (118.91 KB, 1200x720, screen-shot-2022-06-06-at-11-4…)

People are calling Lizzo predatory for being such a Harry Styles fag kek
>>“I don’t know who lied to that poor boy, but we all know he was not the frontman,” Lizzo said on TikTok, directly referring to Payne’s latest comment on his interview with Logan Paul, in which he said his solo debut had been the most successful in comparison to the rest of the former bandmembers.

No. 1215326

the show was barely popular, more people know about the show now than they did when the show would air.

No. 1215327

are people really saying or are you actually a lamefag.

No. 1215329

File: 1654621952184.png (890.22 KB, 1080x1846, Screenshot_20220607-121131-995…)

The title alone is terrible. A Victorious ripoff in a way.

No. 1215335

Why would it be predatory, I am pretty sure Lizzo is younger than Harry? Or maybe he just looks older because he aged like milk. Either way he's like a 35 year old man so it's not predatory.

No. 1215337

I mean I didnt know she was from disney either but I assumed her fan base was mostly kids who knew that, and it’s just what i found when i looked her up

No. 1215338

oh it was after my time so i just assumed the kids who follow her now were just viewers when she was on tv kek

No. 1215348

>literal highschool musical rip off
>"victorious rip off"
don't give Dan Schneider that much credit
if anything they should calling out lizzo on liking the 2nd most attractive 1D member
her song before sour seems to be popular. I didn't know about her before she blew but I've long grown out of paying attention to disney. It's obvious she's just another disney kid that was lucky enough to get a decent album like Selena, Themi, Miley and Ariana (I know she's nicklodeon but it's the same blueprint).

No. 1215357

File: 1654625168073.jpg (110.74 KB, 615x784, 3tsRKmw.jpg)

Andy Cohen says his kids can use remaining embryos when they are older

No. 1215362

Kek it’s giving me MySpace circa 2006 vicky vibes

No. 1215370

What confuses me about this is that Gomez Addams is canonically a Castillian or at least known to have a background. They mention it several times in the original 60s show. He didn't have to be white but tbh he didn't have to be black, they could have picked any flavour of Hispanic and got it more accurate

No. 1215375

Pretty sure he is Puerto Rican not black

No. 1215376


Hispanic is not a race, it's more of a cultural/linguistic label, you can be white or black or Native or mixed or even Asian and still be Hispanic. Pretty sure Gomez was originally meant to be a white Hispanic though, if not a literal Spaniard.

No. 1215381

Yea I get it, sloppy quick reply. I just meant he’s not African black. That anon said any form of Hispanic and not black. So I was just pointing out he is in fact Hispanic.

No. 1215386

Well he's Castilian I guess Hispanic in the literal sense. They should have chosen a Spanish person if not just cast a Castillian, I mean c'mon there has to be handful of them out their in Hollywood

No. 1215389

File: 1654626631451.png (466.37 KB, 532x600, 1654625894981.png)

Ryan Dickcrest and his 24 yo girlfriend

No. 1215390

File: 1654626670320.png (453.89 KB, 600x574, 1654625889842.png)

No. 1215398

Hideous haggard scrote

No. 1215399

File: 1654627327961.jpg (9.42 KB, 123x186, download.jpg)

Kek she was on a show before that
This discount iCarly flopped hard

No. 1215402

was'nt this the show with one of the boxing brothers? I can't remember his name.

No. 1215403

How is this predatory?

No. 1215404

Yep Jake Paul

No. 1215407

yes Jaku paulsen

No. 1215410

Big agree. That's an industry plant if I've ever seen one.

Wokes are so fucking retarded. They keep misusing and watering down terms until they loose all their meaning. Predatory? Seriously?

No. 1215414

I gotta issue, if someone is a industry plant? So what. Whats the big deal?

No. 1215417

File: 1654627768469.png (260.07 KB, 500x800, Gomez.png)

Seems like they're just making him more ugly and goofy looking like he was drawn originally by the cartoonist.

No. 1215422

File: 1654627977783.gif (1.8 MB, 320x216, britney-spears-ryan.gif)

nasty scrote but sorry i can't help but think of gifrel

No. 1215456

File: 1654630441318.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1216x1554, 3BE9BF5E-8070-48F5-B32D-B607DF…)

No. 1215458

tbh almost all babies look kind of ugly. Very rarely are babies cute or pretty. She'll grow into her looks though

No. 1215459

What kind of Motley Crue 2009 Kat Von Dee Nikki Six tired ass aesthetic


No. 1215461

Also isn't being a disney singer actor girl make you from the industry anyway?
Like she's not pretending to be some indie artist

No. 1215466

I'm glad Harry decided to marry someone who isn't his like, 9th cousin.

No. 1215468

File: 1654631661063.png (23.24 KB, 708x325, lol incest.png)

but yeah this might not even be true and even if it is it's obviously a coincidence, no way Harry actually intended to marry his 15th or something cousin kek

No. 1215471

it isn't a big deal, some anons are just dramatic

No. 1215472

Kek, they can't escape incest no matter what.

No. 1215473

File: 1654632045109.jpg (42.77 KB, 600x450, c93d4980db699d7b46a3e8de300bbe…)

james franco's face in thread pic makes me laugh, god life is so sad.. he was so hot.. he is still hot but because of all the allegations and stuff ugh.. and i loved how he looked when he played james dean. i love that movie, his face was so angular.

No. 1215481

same kek, I loved him in the tobey maguire spidermans he was so damn cute

No. 1215483

can someone cancel Jared Leto already? I'm tired of his ugly face being in movies I might enjoy with a good actor.

Somehow I always disliked him, never found him attractive and had a bad feeling about him, after all, I was right.

No. 1215485

File: 1654632818750.gif (782.48 KB, 356x250, 7052650F-C1F4-4A4B-8C84-62C6C1…)

He was so cute in Spider-Man nonnie!

No. 1215489

that smile is so precious damn

No. 1215506

File: 1654634059104.jpg (123.97 KB, 828x1132, FUq1Kg7XEAIgE0_.jpg)

No. 1215508

He wants to be Jerma so fucking bad.

No. 1215510

This body belongs to an old lady.

No. 1215512

it's obviously shooped for funsies, nonnie

No. 1215514

This man zoinked af

No. 1215526

Is he the one that did the tumblr "social experiment"

No. 1215535

he sure is!

No. 1215537

i know it is edited but i actually feel a little queasy

No. 1215547

The illiterate Beyonce rumor is up there with "Ciara has a dick" and "Lil Kim had to get cum pumped out of her stomach"
These Hollywood dudes are using PS and surgery to get what John Boyega naturally has.

No. 1215549

Mental illness

No. 1215550

he actually looks attractive with facial hair, his (somewhat) natural hair colour even tho you can see his roots and grown out floppy hair

No. 1215551

kek anon, not all celebs have natural child bearing hips like boyega does

No. 1215566

File: 1654636456695.jpeg (107.24 KB, 1024x768, image.jpeg)

Is this true?

No. 1215570

is he having a quarter life crisis? this screams "look at me!"

No. 1215572

File: 1654636756043.jpg (59.82 KB, 615x821, 1_Harvey-Weinsteins-BAFTA-Afte…)

This gotta be random sims getting married kinda thing

No. 1215573


Meghan herself is only half black so yeah… The baby looks white because she is white. Also, I'm sure she's going to grow into her features and that's all I'm going to say.

No. 1215575

He's kind of cute in a scruffy druggy don't introduce him to your parents way. I'd do a line with him

No. 1215585

who are they?

No. 1215590

I don't wanna start another derail but can burgers stop writting Columbia and Columbian when they mean Colombian jfc

No. 1215592

Stephen fry 63 and his husband

No. 1215597

Lmao and people in the comments only complain that Catherine is too old. Like are you serious? She's gorgeous and next to that absolute goblin. That's what they say? I give up on scrotes, you can't ever win with them.

No. 1215600

only if you stop writing colour when you mean color

No. 1215618

are you retarded? color and colour are both correct whereas you can literally only spell the country of colombia one way: colombia

No. 1215624

why do you retards talk like America and other western countries don't also apply the one-drop rule? The tranny twitter sperging in this thread lately has been annoying af

No. 1215627

sorry youre fat

No. 1215631

this is literally the only time I've seen it with an o

No. 1215632

peak american education kek

No. 1215633

holy shit americans are actually mentally deficient

No. 1215638

This is the celebrities thread. You knew you were going to start a derail. You easily could’ve taken this to a more appropriate thread instead of continuing to shit up one that’s been massively derailed for two days now.

He gets very upset if he’s not receiving enough attention

No. 1215642

It's probably just old 1D fags trying to cope with the fact that their favorite smol bean "twink" is 28 and has aged like absolute shit.

No. 1215662

what happened to Stephen fry 1-62 and their husbands

No. 1215674

honestly, no one can replace Carolyn Jones and John Astin, still, Catherine Zeta-Jones is a nice choice, only that guy, nope, dislike it. Also not fond of the choice for Wednesday herself, but guess I might have to wait for the show to be aired and see for myself if I like it.

kek, Stephen Fry 1 to 62 got eaten by Stephen Fry 63.

No. 1215690

kek anon.. that is kinda retarded.. that is the british way of spelling. also i think canada uses the same spelling as the uk?

No. 1215691

But white women can be racist and literally hate one non-white women for real though. Don't act like being the global standard for beauty doesn't get to their heads, as seen here >>1212739
Most of these kinds of bitches will never be happy anyways because they are all fighting to be the queen of moids anyways.

No. 1215693

where are you from and why do you live here then anon? kek

No. 1215697

these celeb cow threads are destined to be derailed

No. 1215708

tbh sometimes the derails are more entertaining than the "milk" posted

No. 1215716

File: 1654643276481.jpeg (410.57 KB, 2000x1333, 38397CA8-FFEF-439E-9C03-D63167…)

>>”I do feel sorry for him [Prince Harry] because I think that there must be a huge part of him that regrets,” she said in reference to the pair’s decision to quit royal life.
>>Of the pair being shunned from the “Trooping the Colour” ceremony, Osbourne said, “I mean, can you imagine how he felt with the whole family in that procession and he would have normally been there on one of those horses with his uniform and everything.”
>>Osbourne sympathized with the Sussexes, suggesting Harry might have seen his brother and other family members gather on the balcony without him and his family, thinking, “My children are not going to grow up with their cousins.”
>>”It’s got to have an effect on you when they don’t have any cousins, aunts, uncles,” Osbourne added.
Damn, Sharon makes it sound like they’re dead to the entire family, kids included.

No. 1215722

What the hell, I don't remember her looking like that?

No. 1215727

Who the fuck is in that picture cause that sure as hell ain't Sharon.

No. 1215731

File: 1654644533042.jpeg (549.3 KB, 2048x2048, 954BB604-C69B-4094-9EC4-78911E…)

She got another facelift last October and it was botched.
>>TV personality Sharon Osbourne underwent another facelift - and the procedure took over five hours. Osbourne wasn’t pleased with the results, to say the least.
>>“I had a full facelift done in October and I looked like one of those f*cking mummies that they wrap,” the 69-year-old TV personality told the Sunday Times recently.
>>“It hurt like hell. You have no idea," she added. Osbourne felt she looked “horrendous” afterwards.
>>"You’ve got to be fcking joking. One eye was different from the other. I looked like a fcking Cyclops," recalled telling her surgeon.

No. 1215733

Wow they really stretched her nose out. It looks so painful. I feel bad for her. Hopefully a lesson learned but probably not.

No. 1215736

At least she's honest about it I guess. It looks better in the pic where she's talking about Prince Harry, so maybe it healed alright.

No. 1215743

File: 1654645572923.jpeg (831.99 KB, 1436x1000, EDF64044-B16F-4405-82EE-8D1546…)

Maybe getting fired from the talk made her spiral a little.

No. 1215750

File: 1654646330307.jpeg (733.16 KB, 2048x2048, 3D548F36-EFB9-4033-B504-D07131…)

Speaking of Sharon, Kelly Osbourne is pregnant by one of the members of Slipknot.

No. 1215756

remember when simon cowell outed him? kek

No. 1215760

>Sharon is 69
So what if she looks unnatural, still hot.

No. 1215762

I still don't get why this conventional feminine girly girl plant is made to act punk rawk and not pop

No. 1215768

she’s doing a pop punk revival bit.

No. 1215770


damn he should put the mask back on

No. 1215772

But why does the industry push her to do it? Literally the least fitting person. At least when they shilled billie they chose a person who looks and acts alt, but this girl? Pure sugar and not even a pinch of spice.

No. 1215833

Kelly Osborne is so cute.

No. 1215844

She's not mestiza, she's trigueña

No. 1215847

File: 1654654664803.png (5.35 MB, 1242x2688, 5A98356F-62EA-4654-A43F-CE733E…)

Priyanka did a bulgari photoshoot with lalisa from blackpink and anne hathaway. Shes slowly turning herself into a faceless doll…

No. 1215848

File: 1654654689292.jpeg (1 MB, 1200x800, C21259F3-DB92-4584-BB24-DE1F23…)

Timeline comparison

No. 1215851

She's still very pretty

No. 1215859

It just makes me sad shes erasing all her natural features. Her nose, eye shape, smile are all augmented when she was already so beautiful

No. 1215868

She needs to chill on the lip filler but otherwise she’s still very pretty. Treading water on the botched look tho. Hope she leaves her face alone.

No. 1215881

File: 1654657064599.jpg (284.51 KB, 1080x1848, IMG_20220608_082740.jpg)

Ngl she's kind of going overboard with lip filters despite having pretty great lips already.

But lets talk about how she recently liked a tweet which implied that the Depp-Heard defamation trial is equivalent to the false rape case from her film Aitraaz. I'm on neither of these people's side because both were just rich shitheads abusive towards each other (I didn't keep up with that case though, so don't kill me if I got it wrong nonnies kek), but all the women who are on that coke-pirate's side always give me 'pick me-ism at its peak' vibes.

No. 1215900

What the fuck is wrong with her eyes for the love ofgod why aren’t more people making fun of her to her face???

No. 1215909

I agree she's still beautiful but she just looks like a dime a dozen celebrity now. Hate it when plastic surgeons give everyone the same basic look that hides their natural beauty instead of amplifying them. No individuality allowed I guess.

No. 1215934

yeah she should have never touched her nose. i feel like so many girls ruin perfectly fine noses just because they're a hooked shape (which are cool and elegant and need to be loved more) and the end result offsets the natural unique facial harmony they used to have. her nose wasn't even big before and it's also not super botched or horrible now, but it was def better before. it just looks like someone stepped on her nose and smushed it flatter, like it literally looks wider from the front now when it used to look long and thin idgi

No. 1215943

I thought this was Paris Hilton in a Sharon costume

No. 1215947

photoshopped ass aside I think he looks really good here, this is the best he has looked in quite a while. He pulls off the facial hair imo.

No. 1215953

He looks like a hobo what are you on. This man has scraggly facial hair and unkempt bed hair, the bar is truly on the ground for men.

No. 1216004

File: 1654670829034.jpg (207.38 KB, 960x960, ezgif-2-9acbd1b488.jpg)

Erin Moriarty looks different but I can't spot what exactly she's had done

No. 1216005

Fillers and regular aging

No. 1216010

Omg ok I was just watching The Boys and I thought she looked different, I thought maybe she lost weight in her face or something

No. 1216011

The Tobey spiderman movies are the first thing I saw James Franco in and I had an instant crush. I hate that we can’t have nice things

No. 1216028

His face looks unrecognizable. He's aging like shit.

No. 1216030

She had a botched surgery to remove nasal polyps iirc, not a cosmetic rhinoplasty.

No. 1216047

Did he think that ass would look good? Or is that twitter photoshop to make him look silly? Male butts only look good when they're firm.

No. 1216049

I'm pretty sure it's a joke for attention, anon.

No. 1216050

i don't give a shit about the royal family, but megan and harry piss me off because they supposedly abdicated, but still expect the same treatment and to get paid for doing the same shit as before. you can't have it both ways.

No. 1216054

from now on i will call it kolumbän like they do in volapuk

No. 1216057

Why does that piss you off?

No. 1216058

It's not a surprising mistake when it's Kolumbia in most languages

No. 1216062


No. 1216065

Her arms look normal, not skelly arms

No. 1216070

It looks like her hairline has receded or her face has generally been elongated. she looks a lot older

No. 1216086

Nta but am British so will try to explain. Our Royal family is entrenched in our society and the traditions and even if we don't agree with a monachary somehow people still recognise the intricacies and culture and Harry and Meghan have been shown to upset the tradition. Essentially go against the tradition and culture yet want all the benefits. It gives off obnoxiousness and entitlement.

No. 1216088

Probably worth mentioning that you guys get a nice tourism boost from the "living monarchy" which is the only reason why the royals still live rent free, meanwhile Harry and Meghan want the same privileges while going against the hands that fed them.

No. 1216089

Bruh wearing the wrong nailpolish or denier tights is enough to upset your tradition.

No. 1216092

>surprised that privileged people want to play a stupid system of privilege and tight protocol

No. 1216094

I liked meghan and Harry at first and cried watching their wedding remarking on her beauty lol. It was Meghans dad and half siblings I thought were a bunch of cunts for trashing her in the American press. I was glad that British dj got sacked for the monkey comments about their son. However, Harry and Meghan have been acting like two obnoxious twats, wanting the benefit of the Royal family without having to do any royal duties.

No. 1216096

You can tell she’s full of drama and probably insufferable to be around. She tries to portray herself as a victim and she’s always popping up with her made up drama trying to get people to take her side. Claiming that Kate Middleton made her cry when multiple people said that never happened. Fake crying to talk show hosts. That’s why they call her MeAgain. I don’t care about the royal family or their “culture” I just think she’s such a fucking asshole and I can’t understand why wokies can’t see it. Just because she’s not white, I suppose.

No. 1216098

>wanting the benefit of the Royal family without having to do any royal duties
I'd want that too tbh.

No. 1216099

Yes, she's had a lot of stories bad mouthing the family and acting victimised for being misled into marrying one of the most famous Princes. Then it came out she's worked in capacity with the royals in charity work prior and would have been aware of what she was marrying into.

No. 1216101

Yea, but don't act victimised because you married into one of the wealthiest monarchs and have to follow protocol when meeting the public you reign over.

No. 1216116

Didn't know she claimed to have been misled. How would that even work?

No. 1216143

If you google Meghan Markle Australia you'll get a lot of information about their trip there, where she may or may not have thrown a cup of tea at an aide. And also made people bake banana bread multiple times and pretended she did it? She is type A and wack.

No. 1216181

actually flawless

No. 1216245

File: 1654692916723.jpeg (104.39 KB, 540x673, 1D054BCD-1E70-404B-82B0-1AE819…)

Cole Sprouse used to be so cute but he got fat over quarantine kek

No. 1216247

he doesn't look fat lmao

No. 1216251

File: 1654693517945.jpg (89.44 KB, 706x462, Turandot-movie-guan-xiaotong-d…)

when suite life on deck existed i always found cole to be the cute one but now i find dylan to be the cute one.

I remember anons last mentioning Dylan when he starred in a chinese film.

No. 1216268

Oh my god, stop. Just like most celebs needed to get nose jobs because of muh deviated septum.

No. 1216280

File: 1654695540539.jpg (8.57 KB, 354x250, nicki_minaj_super_bass_by_noo_…)

i know nonnies may not like her but its been 10 years and i still have Nicki Minaj's song ''super bass'' memorized in my head for some reason, it like this song left a imprint on me.

No. 1216283

But in the pic you posted they either badly shooped him or his face has an unfortunate shape

No. 1216284

wtf she's so naturally pretty. Why do women destroy themselves with plastic surgery and fillers??

No. 1216286

i swear some anons kek.. he does not look fat

No. 1216288

this looks like an ad for one of those raid shadow legends games

No. 1216294

Anon probably means towards the end of last year when he gained weight, there were some bad pics going around

No. 1216297

He was definitely my favorite green goblin jr.

No. 1216298

I didn't know about 90% of the "celebrities" at the mtv movie awards also why are so many celebrities ugly

No. 1216299

Forgot the link

No. 1216308

oof. a little johnny depp-y there, gotta admit

No. 1216310

File: 1654696764828.jpeg (977.69 KB, 831x1095, 8993209A-ACF9-4D54-805D-B410FD…)

He looks like this in the movie. Reminds me of Star Wars kek.

No. 1216320

dylan looks more old-hollywood and high fashion, cole is cuter though. but with age, men tend to gain face bloat so he has been looking more like johnny depp lately - he just needs to shave that stache

No. 1216325

He’s hot I know I have terrible taste but i just see the dude I used to think was so cute on the Disney channel 10/10 slurp that peen lick my bean yards I mmmmmmmm down

No. 1216330

They were minors when they were on the Disney channel you absolute weirdo

No. 1216333

I kek'd way too hard on this one lmao

No. 1216335

He and my brother look a lot alike, so I just can't find him or Dylan cute. They're ugly af to me and I always assumed that was the reason.

No. 1216336

ntayrt but you do realize she was most likely also a child when she had a crush on him? I’ve seen this on another thread to, a nonnie getting shamed for having a crush on a child when she was also a child, like how retarded can you be? Or are you like 80 or something so your first crush was Don Knotts or somethin?

No. 1216340

File: 1654699270619.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1087, Screenshot_20220608-093826-335…)

No. 1216344

I totally see young madonna in julia. good choice imo.

No. 1216346

Please can someone post that meme was so funny and I can't find it anywhere

No. 1216350

him and barbara palvin make a cute couple because they look so alike

No. 1216359

lmao this is such a classic, you can see her entire though process as it happens

No. 1216360

File: 1654699995573.jpg (431.3 KB, 2700x1800, Stacy stride vs Fat goblina wa…)

This one?

No. 1216364

thanks nonnie isn't there also a drawn one?

No. 1216365

why does miss stacy’s shirt say ouch is this some matt watson reference …

No. 1216372

Have you never seen the original meme or other variations?

No. 1216392

Underappreciated OC

No. 1216403

I have the same problem too but with “love in this club” by usher

No. 1216409

>don knotts
fucking kek

No. 1216410

Most of the whores from Euphoria had auditioned for this role and failed.

No. 1216414

She ain't wrong

No. 1216415

File: 1654703012674.jpg (160.52 KB, 1920x1080, vogueindia_barbara-palvin-and-…)

yeah, they are like a power, high-fashion couple

No. 1216417

It's Harry's own damn fault, he can suck it up

No. 1216419

Even their front teeth are the same, kek

No. 1216420

exactly kek, what do they expect? they left! they can't have their cake and eat it too

No. 1216429

really? do you have a source? imagine honter schafer playing madonna kek

No. 1216437

kek twitterfags would go wild for that

No. 1216441

Maybe? I couldn’t find it, sorry Nona.
No idea, it was edited. You can find the original picture here: >>>/ot/938445

No. 1216456

i think julia is so cute and unique looking. i hope she never changes her face. she was so good in ozark but i couldn't get through that movie of her playing the russian con artist.

No. 1216462

File: 1654705735943.png (934.92 KB, 1080x1182, Screenshot_20220608-112442-732…)

>>According to reports, Madonna initially was after Florence Pugh to portray her, but her team is still auditioning a number of names to see who can best pull off a “bad girl” attitude.
>>Via the Hollywood Reporter, other actresses being considered to play Madonna include Euphoria‘s Alexa Demie, Odessa Young (Mothering Sunday), and Emma Laird (Mayor Of Kingstown). Plus, musicians are reportedly auditioning, such as Bebe Rexha and Sky Ferreira.

No. 1216465

none of them even look remotely like young madonna, garner is definitely the best choice

No. 1216471

In what world could landwhale Ferreira play Madonna? Fucking delusional

No. 1216480

kek true

No. 1216494

I’m just wondering what Barbie thinks would have happened if she got the role, would she have lost weight for the production? She would not only have to crash diet like most actors but also have to work out a ton because Madonna has always been known for her dancing and her ripped body. Given how much Barbie’s brand is “body positivity” aka being obese, I think she would have thrown a fit over being told to lose weight and would have gone to twitter or Instagram to rant about the industry and how “fatphobic” they are kek.

No. 1216504

File: 1654707002089.jpg (964.64 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220608_114751.jpg)

Even smaller Barbie doesn't really give me Maddona. Hair and makeup would just look like a Halloween costume.

No. 1216508

I don't watch euphoria so I googled her and it's a bunch of almost nip-slip photos, eugh

No. 1216511

File: 1654707285371.jpeg (347.93 KB, 888x594, 20120107-pictures-madonna-sky-…)

These are from 2012 so, she's obviously 10 years older now…but Sky Ferreira would be a good choice, I think.

No. 1216516

Latefag but if someone gets a hysterectomy but keeps their ovaries would they still get such hormonal issues?

No. 1216518

she would be perfect!

No. 1216527

File: 1654708554255.jpg (25.38 KB, 300x300, 1795123_full.jpg)

nah, look at her

No. 1216529

whoever did that make up wanted to make her look like a wannabe goth kid

No. 1216535

But that's very different makeup, too. I think Garner is a great choice btw, but as a Sky Ferreira fan I would've liked to have seen her do it. Then again…she's not really an actress.

No. 1216541

damn that make-up is not flattering on her

No. 1216560

it's also a bad picture, she's making an awkward expression

No. 1216592

File: 1654711302885.png (1.33 MB, 1080x2068, Screenshot_20220608-125929-326…)

There are two more women who haven't confirmed if he's the father of their children, but I think Nick Canon is going to have 4 more kids this year. Sickening.

No. 1216600

No wonder he was begging at Mariahs feet not too long ago

No. 1216605

I think he's about to pass or he has some kind of diease, thats why he's doing this. I don't even think he's sleeping with these women, just giving the sperm in turkey basters.

No. 1216607

Someone needs to do something about this. This has to end. He's going to have a 100 kids eventually if we don't make him a eunuch.

No. 1216610

Isn't that his problem? Isn't he legally obliged to do some child support unless the women give up their right to it or he dies?

No. 1216620

File: 1654712109225.png (691.61 KB, 1080x1359, Screenshot_20220608-131152-505…)

So you're going to have more children you don't have time for? After he already admitted regretting not having as much time to spend with his dying child. Don't use the tragedy as an excuse to make more babies.

No. 1216628

This has to be mental illness, the fuck

No. 1216640

He had complained about being ‘Mr. Mariah Carey’ I think this is just a pathetic attempt to assert his masculinity

No. 1216651

they look like siblings

No. 1216656

I was thinking the same thing. I'd guess she had buccal fat removal and that's why she looks older/skinnier in the face

No. 1216679

File: 1654715856979.jpg (101.07 KB, 886x649, hpaRbYV.jpg)

Ezra Miller accused of grooming his then 12-year-old fan by her parents
>But that's very different makeup, too.
it's not the make up, it's the crack. they should find a broadway actress to play madonna.

No. 1216680

Christ almighty. This pic makes ME want to go for a run

No. 1216681

>it's not the make up, it's the crack
I don't doubt drugs but
>paleass emo foundation and powder
>bright red lipstick
>no eyebrows??
>eyes look extra sunken in because of the dark eyeshadow

No. 1216682

ugh god, doubt

No. 1216685

File: 1654716111241.jpg (79.95 KB, 1080x1350, O06S2OV.jpg)

the girls friends and family also message some accounts trying to speak out on ezra

No. 1216687

File: 1654716161051.jpg (94.58 KB, 1080x1350, v47VP9E.jpg)

btw this girl is a famous native american activist

No. 1216690

File: 1654716227571.jpg (52.87 KB, 1080x1346, AV8htWw.jpg)

he attacked the girl's mom.

No. 1216691

>we confronted ezra in person
When was this? Hasn't Ezra been in legal trouble for that shit in hawaii?

No. 1216692

he kidnapped someone? i am sorry but this sounds clout chasey

No. 1216693

Wtf is happening?

No. 1216695

File: 1654716274240.jpg (87.99 KB, 1080x1346, 0Ac3XVo.jpg)

No. 1216700

File: 1654716426390.jpg (85 KB, 1080x1346, jMPaN5a.jpg)

>he kidnapped someone? i am sorry but this sounds clout chasey
they are saying he's known her since she was 12
legitimate news websites are picking this up so we'll see how it goes. his other ex (mia solange) also called him abusive

No. 1216706

hell nah, so ezra miller kidnapped someone? wtf kinda timeline is this. thing is, it's totally plausible for a famous male to do this so i'm not even doubting it.

No. 1216710

Oh my god, yes. What the hell were they thinking? Luis Guzman is such a gross-looking curmudgeon. Morticia and Gomez were supposed to be sexy.

No. 1216713

No offense, I don't doubt that Ezra is a little shitweed, but those screencaps are kinda weird and randomly cropped. And both people are talking like they have 0 time, I get that one says her phone is dying but I'd have like a copypaste or photo with full info to send to multiple people in my notes.

No. 1216714

File: 1654716899239.jpg (78.54 KB, 946x715, Fge6bev.jpg)

Tokata Iron Eyes is family accused Ezra of grooming her and alienating her from her family. She is only 18 years old and always hangs out with Ezra Now they are seeking court protection.
I'm not surprised Ezra's "girlfriends" act like cult members

No. 1216720

i don't really know who she is/what she does but she looks smelly to me. idk she's got a weird long grinchmonkey face and that easter bell body like elon. she looks like the vaguely poop-smelling mean girl in 4th grade who pinches people a lot.

No. 1216722

File: 1654717209112.jpeg (155.64 KB, 801x905, Tokata_Iron_Eyes_at_Lakota_Peo…)


No. 1216729

wasn't that the same ex that quicky backtracked and only cared about everyone calling him they/them and respecting his pronouns kek
idk this all seems like a publicity thing for attention

No. 1216730

oh my god. is she an alcoholic?? she doesn't have drunk skin but like…her mom doesn't look this bad and neither does her sister. the fuck has she been smoking or drinking??

No. 1216731

>Morticia and Gomez were supposed to be sexy.
to be fair in the original source material (the comics/newspaper) they're meant to be ugly

No. 1216732

kek ew why her and not me?

No. 1216733

she looks like she doesn't use deodorant

No. 1216734

that show was weird and didn't make any sense to me, and i was the the target age and audience at the time. it was like some aliens cobbled together a documentary about "hipster culture" while on pcp. literal gibberish of a tv show.

No. 1216737

there's a fucking cure for being a fatass, retard

No. 1216738

File: 1654717552408.jpg (59.91 KB, 736x814, vTUwKkL.jpg)

how would ezra benefit from being accused of grooming a teenager? according to tmz they're saying he's got her on drugs
>According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Tokata Iron Eyes met a then-23-year-old Miller in 2016 – when she was just 12 – and the actor was visiting the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. From there, Tokata's parents say she and Ezra developed a friendship they believe puts Tokata at risk.
>Tokata's parents say Miller flew her to London in 2017 to visit the studio where "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" was filmed, as she was a big fan and Miller was a star in the movie. At the time of the trip, they say Tokata was 14 and Ezra was 25.
>As the friendship continued, Tokata's parents claim Ezra supplied their underage daughter with alcohol, marijuana and LSD.
>Not only that, they claim Ezra – best known as The Flash in the DC superhero films – disrupted Tokata's schooling at a private institute in Massachusetts so much, she dropped out in December 2021.

No. 1216741

i mean publicity/attention for her

No. 1216743

someone please castrate this man

No. 1216745

ezrafags btfo for life

No. 1216746

nah you're probably just a really dumb motherfucker and that's why they hate you

No. 1216748

He flew a 14 year old to London as an adult man and no one said anything?

No. 1216750

i don't know who that faggot in the middle is but he should shut the fuck up and stop smirking about women's bodies. fucking gay moids treating us like toys

No. 1216752

File: 1654717840172.jpg (176.62 KB, 1366x769, ByYtuBB.jpg)

tokata's instagram
i don't see how a family saying their daughter is in an abusive relationship and cut them off is good publicity. especially when she's not an actress, she's an activist and now has her family saying she drop out of highschool because of getting groomed + drugs.

No. 1216754

yeah well then maybe you lazy fuckers should vote once in a while and you could have some gun control. your retard country isn't the rest of the world's responsibility and at this point you're all complicit in killing those kids. solve your own problems if you want us to stop laughing at you.

No. 1216759

i don't understand why the parents allowed that to happen and are only NOW exposing it? pretty sus

No. 1216761

kek anon it isn't that serious

No. 1216762

>long grinchmonkey face
Kek what
Why are you trying to continue an infight from days ago

No. 1216763

>just because it happens in America
jfc reading comprehension, anon. you're not being mocked for being american. you're being mocked because america is the only country that regularly has mass shooting of schoolchildren. it's not "lol american kids died" it's "lol americans are so in love with guns that they let children die"

No. 1216764

Someone castrate this man with a bullet.

No. 1216767

File: 1654718147481.gif (Spoiler Image, 1021.3 KB, 500x550, 6edaa4bcccb61e1c33349265183260…)

we are born to suffer forever

No. 1216768

parents let fucked up things happen to their kids if they are getting any sort of benefit from it, or think they will.

No. 1216769

How? She's not a celebrity, and no one pays you for getting kidnapped or taken advantage of by a scrote. Sorry but it's always so ridiculous to me when people call accusations of abuse "publicity stunts". I remember that news article of a tranny molesting a girl in the bathroom and he tried to say it was the girl and her mother pulling a "publicity stunt", like fuck off

No. 1216771

Sounds like shitty parenting to me

No. 1216772

this is what i am referring too >>1216768
i mean why did the parents let this happen for years and only now are coming forward

No. 1216774

Because parents can be shit/irresponsible, doesn't mean they can never do anything about it after the fact

No. 1216779

she has fucked up stage parents so is probably doing the overly sexual/acting out/fake ultra-mature thing abused kids do

No. 1216780

Ezrafags, how we feeling

No. 1216781

You keep repeating yourself and no one cares. All the live action versions have had attractive Gomez and Morticia. No one wants to look at an ugly ape on screen as Gomez.

No. 1216783

So 23 year old Ezra who is a hollywood actor meets a child at a random reservation and decides to stay in contact with her?
How does he find the time for that? It seems super niche and creepy of him. How does his manager or whoever not mention him taking a kid to London?

I am not trying to discredit the story, but more baffled how nobody around Ezra said anything.

No. 1216785

File: 1654718734081.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.16 KB, 564x688, 295617d61d41e354ee96f2ccf4caf3…)

doubtful, disappointed but not surprised

No. 1216786

what the fuck is up with those boobs? what is wrong with LA, this woman looks perfectly fine without shit implants.

No. 1216788

>You keep repeating yourself
where? this was the only time i mentioned that

No. 1216790

he looks like a popular high school boy who's always relaly angry for some reason and sits in class internally raging that his gf doesn't want to fuck yet and loses track of the math lesson because he's imagining raping her

No. 1216791

Omg so he went to the rez to steal a little native girl … wtf that’s so weird #MMMIW

No. 1216794

wow i didn't know they still made gay men like that. that's a fucking oldass steretype god damn. stephen on his ronnie kray bullshit i guess

No. 1216795

regardless of sexuality men always want to fuck the youngest thing they can

No. 1216797

anon.. kek.. i think he looks adorable with that cute smile

No. 1216798

i wish he stole me instead

No. 1216799

This reminded me, a few years ago he had sexual assault allegations from a few women but of course it went nowhere. Had me wondering if he was actually bisexual or something, he always seemed gay to me until that incident.

No. 1216801

because of this >>1216088 you dumb idiot. they want free money and rent for NOT doing the thing that the royals supposedly to to earn that free money and rent.

No. 1216804

i always thought he was gay too, i don't even know much about him.. he isn't known here in the uk idk

No. 1216813

She looks like a middle aged woman that fucks her teenage son’s friends

No. 1216821

I thought the exact same, after only one year she looks different so it can't just be "aging", I think she did botox and/or something to her lips

No. 1216848

File: 1654721377559.jpeg (326.79 KB, 828x818, 113C1BA8-A5C8-4121-9CC6-B15FBA…)

Tokata made a statement denying being groomed and calling him Comrade Ezra lmao (1/4)

No. 1216853

File: 1654721560660.jpeg (251.48 KB, 828x761, 50373E6F-93D6-4CE4-9658-E0FFEB…)


No. 1216855

this is fully believable. if you're a coked up famous white hollywood guy, this tokata person is a very desirable accessory. he could be using sex stuff to lure her in, it's easy to do that to young frumpy girls. i've seen hot rich men take advantage of women for free work by leading them on. he wants this cool NDN activist sidekick and i can totally believe that he's grooming her to use as an accessory.

No. 1216858

This sounds so brainwashed, like she's trying to sound professional but it comes out as Jordan Peterson tier wordbabble
>there after
>a statement to acknowledge the tragedy that is the narrative - followed up by a simple "I dropped out of bard"

No. 1216859

File: 1654721681711.jpeg (273.56 KB, 828x766, 6178518C-C68A-453C-9CC6-030C77…)


No. 1216862

i think many anons don't read here every single day. i don't really have time to look at imageboards every workday, sorry

No. 1216863

File: 1654721785712.jpeg (170.75 KB, 828x746, 000CDA8B-DE6D-4A2F-B1A6-4A3FFD…)


No. 1216865

this makes it being a publicity stunt from her family even weirder.
she's calling her father transphobic for accusing Ezra. Her father is a politician involved with the democratics. You know how they feel about transphobes. If this was a publicity stunt from her family, I don't see her father getting labeled as a transphobe and being emotionally/psychologically manipulative to his daughter helps him.

No. 1216876

File: 1654722406424.jpeg (736.88 KB, 907x1255, CF681E45-7014-4E5B-B347-31A7D8…)

From her mom’s twitter.

No. 1216878

I believe the family, he's got schizo cult-leader-to-be vibes.

No. 1216884

holy fuck she looks like she's been awake for 5 days

No. 1216888

Who tf is the woman in the picture?

No. 1216893

he is so angular

No. 1216894

She looks miserable

No. 1216897

why would the mom allow this to happen in the first place!!!

No. 1216900

File: 1654722985117.jpeg (300.59 KB, 1152x518, A395635B-5D13-4488-B070-FA2FC5…)

I’m not sure. It’s not her mom though.

No. 1216903

kek now voodoo

No. 1216914

woman in the middle is an absolute mood

No. 1216928

File: 1654724017089.jpeg (875.87 KB, 1157x1081, A06FD522-067D-4E4A-B54E-0C257C…)

She’s got to overstate it because the “joy” looks like sickly clinical depression.

No. 1216937

hashtags on the fan account that reposted that pic suggest it's Ezra's mom??

No. 1216940

She's going to 41% soon. I hope she doesn't and gets help but this is only going worse.

No. 1216941

Well she does experience a massive amount of scrutiny for her transition. It’s pretty dishonest to say that the number one source of her misery is her transition process, it’s definitely other people on both sides

No. 1216948

No. 1216949

Girl you look like you’re about to kill yourself

No. 1216950

File: 1654724706541.jpg (108.98 KB, 835x1080, sad-cat-pets-of-character-vect…)

this is disappointing, i could excuse his tard rage since it was funny and he wasnt conscious due to drugs but this on the other hand is disgusting and i see him in a different way now.

Why do hollywood men gotta disappoint. Fuck you ezra, please donate your angular face to a better hollywood scrote.

it looks like her parents let her hang out with ezra and are now out for $$$$, the only victim in this situation is the girl whose parents let her hang out with a grown man.

No. 1216951

No matter how many times she says she's "happy", her dead eyes always out her. She needs real help, not fake performative crap.
I have the same feeling. I hope I'm wrong.

No. 1216953

This looks like an AIDS campaign.

No. 1216955

You will never be Magdalen Berns

No. 1216956

Assaulting women is pretty disgusting too anon..

No. 1216957

She needs to continue convincing herself that she's happy in order to continue feeding into her trans delusions bc the moment she cracks and realizes what she has done to herself she'll most likely go off the deep end and commit suicide. There is a reason why post-transition troons have higher rates of suicide once the euophoria dies down and they are forced to face the fact they fucked up irreversibly.

No. 1216960

There are people on twitter digging up things about the Tokata girl and that she is allegedly lesbian or bisexual and that her parents have attempted conversion therapy on her, i dont know how true it is though since the accounts spreading this all look suspicious.

No. 1216961


Wtaf. Is that the girl in the middle looking drugged up and the mom on the right on full humor mode? Looks like things went south and the enabling parents backed out.

No. 1216962

File: 1654725394135.png (828.4 KB, 946x808, wbezra.png)

No. 1216964

This whole thing looks shady as fuck
>random teenage girl hanging out with an adult and going with him to london
>her dropping out of school
>her looking dead as fuck in that pic with ezra
>weird way of talking and "comrades"
>parents sending people rushed messages now, sources reporting it are weird screencaps and missing info
The pics of her are facts enough to see that something is messed up

No. 1216969

Yeah even if her parents are clout chasing that still doesnt change the fact that ezra did have a strange close relationship with a underage girl….

I also agree with these twitter replies

>A lot of people when getting away from a shitty family run right into the arms of a shitty groomer. None of these issues are mutually exclusive.

>This. Lots we don't know about the situation, but what we do know about predators is they target vulnerable kids, esp those isolated or estranged from family.

Hope more things come out about this and hopefully this is fake or a fever dream.

No. 1216971

File: 1654725807266.jpeg (879.13 KB, 1286x1628, BA6A38BE-C2B6-4B33-A8A4-D2CDE5…)

So you finally admit it Page! This is so sad though.

No. 1216972

KEK I remember this, watching it back it feels so scripted. People used to claim Simon was gay too

Oh wow, THEY are so problematic! At least they're not an evil terf, that would be much worse than being a possible groomer

No. 1216983

Nah, he went to the rez to buy meth

No. 1216992

What do you think will be Ezra millers next crime?

No. 1216993

Human trafficking.

No. 1216994

He's already going to have a next crime? He's in the middle of one.

No. 1216995

Jesus christ, whoever edits these photos needs to do her a favor and use some color correction or add saturation on these photos, she always looks so dead and grey

No. 1216998

i mean once this one is over silly.

No. 1216999

Looks like he's in the process of human trafficking…

No. 1217001

>you dumb idiot
Actually I’m pretty confident I’m not the idiot in this situation given the fact that I’m not shoved so far up the royal family’s asshole that I treat them like reverent gods

She is a terrible choice and wouldn’t be able to do that amount of acting but I adore her.

This is odd to me. Why did he choose her? Were her parents selling or something? Or did she run a popular fanpage for him? We are missing a big piece of this puzzle

No. 1217003

He is allowed to like short fat girls, anon

No. 1217004

Nta but I said I’m okay with him as a choice as well, he’s funny as hell and I think he will add something to the character. I don’t care about him looking the way he does because I’m not a child anymore and I don’t have some sort of hyperfixation on the Addams Family. It’s not the end of the world.

No. 1217005

>he is allowed to like short fat girls anon
Projecting quite a bit here, I was referring to the steep age difference. You definitely revealed something about yourself though.

No. 1217006

sad life, didn't want to be a woman ageing

No. 1217009

>n-n-no i meant the age difference
Yes, we've established he is a groomer. And he likes to groom short fat girls.

No. 1217011

He chokeslammed a woman on video, but I guess that's "funny tard rage" to someone equally retarded like yourself

No. 1217015

Truly, how does someone, as an adult man, "meet" and develop a "friendship" with a random 12 y.o girl while visiting a reservation? Beyond weird and creepy. How the hell did this happen?

No. 1217018

Lets wait for more information to come out, for now there is no proof he did anything when she was underage.

It her cloutchasing parents words.

No. 1217020

French ezrafag gtfo.

No. 1217022

bruh what.

No. 1217023

Clout chasing? Their daughter is missing. Log off

No. 1217026

We should wait for more details before we jump to conclusions this could be the same situation of his ex who turned out to be a cloutchaser.
Her parents have allegedly tried conversion therapy on her, lets wait for more info.

No. 1217028

What clout? Are they rappers? For fuck's sake
I swear "that" trial has been a disaster for certain populations

No. 1217029

>We should wait for more details before we jump to conclusions this could be the same situation of his ex who turned out to be a cloutchaser.
how did his ex turn out to be a cloutchaser? because she deleted her social medias after ezra's fans started harassing her online? be serious nonnie.

No. 1217030

NTA but this thing stinks of the parents shitting and enabling him. I don’t doubt the girl was groomed or kidnapped but I doubt the parents were this vigilant from day 1… This has happened before like Steven Tyler’s monstrous ass gaining parental rights to a 15 year old, some people shouldn’t even be parents. It’s so weird cause native women are the most trafficked people in the US.

No. 1217031

Lmfao, you sound so desperate Ezrafag.
Nothing can explain why a rich adult white man is hanging out with a teenage native american girl.

No. 1217035

because she claimed he was abusive because he didnt call her by her preferred pronouns moron, did you read the article where she calls ezra abusive just because he didnt call her a ''they'' or marry her.

Try to tell me how thats not cloutchasing.

No. 1217036

Ezrafags are mentally ill. This retard sped has been terrorizing people and assaulting women non-stop. Their "b-b-b-but let's wait to see!" Bullshit is pathetic.

No. 1217038

He was abusive in multiple other ways, regardless, if you checked the actual account. Did you forget Ezra is a pronoun sperg too, or is it somehow not cringe when you want to fuck the person?

No. 1217040

Her skin looks fucking grey she looks so fucking unwell. Wow.

No. 1217043

How does anyone look at this and think "Wow, what a happy, healthy-looking person"? Or what, do they just think "This brave man must be facing so much transphobia. I hope he pulls through"?

No. 1217044

even with the pronouns there are still valid accusations
>Solange went on to say that the actor called her a “retard” and schizophrenic, and purposely ignored their chosen pronouns.
>“We were having sex one time and he knows I use them pronouns and still stroked my hair and said ‘good girl’.”
>In another post Solange posted a photo of bruising on her leg, however, they didn’t detail if it was the Flash actor that caused the physical abuse to them.
verbal/emotional abuse:
>Solange went on to say that the actor called her a “retard” and schizophrenic
physical abuse
>In another post Solange posted a photo of bruising on her leg, however, they didn’t detail if it was the Flash actor that caused the physical abuse to them.
but it doesn't count because was sad about pronouns like the person we're talking about here doesn't walk around calling himself they/them.

No. 1217045

>i-i-imaginary backtracking
You’re so weird. Not once did I defend him, relax.

Nobody is stuttering. There is one single anon who is saying to wait and see. I simply want to know what his motivations were for befriending a 12 year old girl, like there’s always context. When I wonder what the parents are hiding, I’m not absolving him of guilt—I genuinely would just like to know what exactly made her that appealing to him, seeing as he only surrounds himself with people he can use. No one is trying to attack or vilify fat little girls?

No. 1217046

Every single man who has intentions of befriending a 12 year old girl is definitely a pedophile.

No. 1217048

Yeah. Admittedly I found him attractive passively, I don’t think I ever posted about it. But every time I hear about him I just get more and more unnerved. Does anyone else think actors convince themselves they are the roles they’ve played?Like Johnny depp doing raceplay with AH even though he’s like welsh he was pretending to be a native man, comes to mind. Wasn’t Ezra calling himself the flash in real life? I don’t know these drugged up Scrotes are very weird. I hope he goes to jail, this isn’t the first time a famous man has picked up a little girl randomly, I think nonas calling her fat are especially disgusting and come across as jealous. I don’t want to repeat myself but Nativ Americans are trafficked a lot and people doubting stories of them going missing is a thing.

No. 1217050

I always thought he was gay, so I don’t have any context or horse in this race clearly. Such a weird thing for her parents to enable though.

No. 1217051

he's a wannabe hippie who's into new age spirituality, polygamy and native american "activism". him "befriending" a native teen who is into activism is self explanatory.
her parents are at the least gullible though if it took them this long to connect the dots.

No. 1217053

>befriending a Native American child for res cred
Well we know no adults would tolerate his bullshit

No. 1217054

Why are you so against blaming him, kek?

No. 1217055

>I simply want to know what his motivations were for befriending a 12 year old girl, like there’s always context.
The Nonas itt are something else

No. 1217056

He’s a they/them straight dude

No. 1217059

On a site made for women, Nonnies can look past a themlet hitting women because they think he's attractive. So attractive that even though he's shown violent fucked up ways & there's valid concerns, they'll still go, "but he's hot and we don't know everything, something must be up…"
I always hated Ezrafags.

No. 1217060

This sounds similar to how Ezra spoke to the police in that last video, he probably wrote it

No. 1217063

my list of "public figures" I will fight grows ever longer by the day. at least her kidnapping made news. stop murdering our women and children, white fags

No. 1217064

Girl what

No. 1217069

He has had hookups with women before. If he's not straight he's at least bi.

No. 1217072

File: 1654729461937.jpeg (917.77 KB, 1165x1635, 1861E3FE-D000-487D-ABC4-6FF5BA…)

I think he wrote her instagram caption too. The mom’s a doctor.

No. 1217074

For now we have no proof except for her parents ''words'' , the same parents who tried conversion therapy on their child and now their child wants nothing to do with them.

No. 1217077

is she really 18, i thought she was 45.

No. 1217078

Holy fuck, Ezra's publicist is still itt!

No. 1217079


No. 1217082

Can you at least post some direct reference the girl has made to conversion therapy

No. 1217084

It's common for kids from shitty families to end up with groomers, plus it's possible that Ezra had a role in her statement and telling her what to say.

No. 1217089

Perhaps you really do have to sell your soul to Satan & he's come to collect

No. 1217090

File: 1654730184795.jpg (189.6 KB, 1645x748, wLw14Fr.jpg)

she's 18, the drugs + stress is showing.
exactly, so if her parents are shitty and tried to send her to conversion therapy. is that supposed to make ezra befriending her and taking her everywhere less weird?

No. 1217091

if it was the drugs i dont think she would be that weight, no offense.

No. 1217104

You are possessed.

No. 1217105

Honestly, I still don't understand why her parents let her build a relationship with him in the first place, only now to expose it all so publicly too.. kinda sus, awful parenting. Don't condone his actions either. i can't stop being an ezrafag sorry

No. 1217106

if that is really ezras publicist tell him and his angular face can come and kidnap me please!!

No. 1217107

>Ok fine, he may have groomed a 12 year old, but like, it was her parents' fault anyway?? Idk, it's really sus….

No. 1217108

Her father worked with Ezra in 2012, years before he met her.


Full 9 min documentary: https://vimeo.com/53404606

No. 1217111

I said I condemn what he did/does, I just don't get why her parents are suddenly coming forward when they claim this has been happening for years?

No. 1217114

If this is true, it's likely that the parents trusted him as a colleague/family friend before he went off the rails

No. 1217117

If he's not letting her have access to a phone or other methods of contact, and is refusing to have her returned home after they've tried to reach him privately, why wouldn't they say something?
It's not like it's out of nowhere. There's a track record of him being abusive and violent

No. 1217120

It is so weird how people online are all saying she looks so happy and smiles now and finally living life blah blah, yet I think she still looks fragile and lost.. it is all sad really

No. 1217125

File: 1654731817428.jpg (120.14 KB, 877x688, pWFCEZg.jpg)

they're neglectful or naive. this tweet makes it sound like they only caught on in 2021.

No. 1217144

So why not get authorities or relevant charities involved rather than just scoop her away to live with a man much older than her.
She seems like an educated and articulate person, why did she need specifically Ezra to get her out of a fucked up home life.

No. 1217161

The way they seem to be talking about it doesn't sit very well with me. I'm not saying that he didn't and isn't doing what is being alleged, because at this point who the hell knows? But if her father worked with him in 2012, but Ezra met her in 2016 when he was visiting the rez, it was likely because they were all friendly and he was paying a visit to them, which seems like important information. He didn't just show up one day, randomly meet her, and it took off from there. So it's also likely that "he flew her to London in 2017" with the knowledge of her parents. The wording of the information seems to downplay their own involvement with Ezra. They knew him, they were friendly with him, and it seems reasonable that to some degree they may have fostered this friendship between them (intergenerational friendships can be healthy and important.)

Maybe they're trying to avoid too much heat falling on them for "allowing" this to happen. I'm not sure what the end-game result for Ezra grooming the young daughter of his friends/colleagues and kidnapping her is, but there's no guarantee that he's thinking that far ahead. Either he masterfully danced around her parents and they were truly too naive to pick up on it for five years, or something else is going on.

Chase Iron Eyes has advocated for same-sex marriage and LGBT protection on tribal land, so I'm not entirely sure I buy the conversion therapy or transphobia that Tokata - or whoever posted as her - has accused her parents of, but it could be a "gay for thee but not for me" situation.

No. 1217177

File: 1654735227869.jpeg (501.64 KB, 1306x809, 6F6B045B-1BEC-498A-A1E6-C3D447…)

He payed for her college through some foundation apparently. And she says she’s non-binary transgender…

No. 1217180

Since there is not even direct evidence that she said she got conversion therapy, let alone physical evidence, who wants to guess that the floating theory about the abusive conversion therapy is just her parents telling her she isn't a tranny

No. 1217185

Didn't think I'd live to see the day the twink from We Need to Talk About Kevin would be running a violent tranny cult in Hawaii, but it's happening.

No. 1217218

File: 1654738516492.jpeg (387.99 KB, 869x2075, D8894EAA-E4F2-49BB-AE6E-D34A4F…)

No. 1217220

File: 1654738634485.jpeg (239.46 KB, 1167x877, 26F68F9F-A05A-405C-B441-67FC55…)

No. 1217221

… so he's a tranny groomer…

No. 1217223

Interesting, removing the idea of being gay from her identity means that she could have sex with creepy old Ezra Miller without betraying her identity! Ezrafags, hand in your TERF badges.

No. 1217249

File: 1654741243018.jpeg (849.99 KB, 1556x2212, F307D54E-53B5-4033-9C4C-0B3184…)

I found the guy from the picture that works for Ezra. I can’t figure out if the parents are actually mad she’s gay or they just don’t believe in the tranny stuff.

No. 1217252

Holyshit. Bitch really said it. There goes the sexist excuse we've been waiting to hear. She's in for a real surprise when she finds out what T will do to her body.

No. 1217253

Wait what- you’re putting words in my mouth kek. I’m not an ezrafag and I think he’s vile. It’s a two-way street though, who lets their child fly off to be with a grown man? It’s not victim blaming when I’m questioning the parents, not the kid. I understand why anons are so jumpy since there’s some weird Ezra stans but I am absolutely not one of them, I’m just perplexed as to why the hell the parents would ever allow this in the first place. In no way am I saying a kid is at fault?

No. 1217254

Ewwww this whole time I thought he was a belligerent queen. Why do people like him again? Is it so #based to constantly attack and assault women?

No. 1217257

i hate both the couple and the monarchy. i hate that harry and megan "quit" but still seem to think they are somehow magically better/entitled due to being "royal" which is just some made up quality.

No. 1217258

Nta but you’re being pedantic. Two things can be right at once. The parents are just as much as fault as he is. It is their responsibility to protect their child, that’s what parenting is. She was 12 not 18. We can say Ezra is a guilty piece of shit without also absolving her parents of their negligence.

No. 1217270

You always call them white, but…

No. 1217272

they think he's the only man in hollywood with an *~angular face~*

No. 1217284

Anytime there's a powerful or famous guy grooming kids, chances are they have enabling money-and-fame-hungry parents. Seems like these ones are only just now starting to regret it since it's been taken out of their hands.

No. 1217286

oh god not to tinfoil but what the fuck is that gesture ezra's making?

No. 1217289

I bet it's some dumb meth-induced new age bullshit. Or he's just being a retard.

No. 1217294

Not this shit again parappanon

No. 1217313

>upwards triangle
>downwards triangle
is how it looks to me, if so he's definitely into the occult. noticed them on his face makeup too upthread. the specific meaning to whatever group he's involved himself in may vary but you can find info on all this stuff easily online. likely referring to the seal of solomon and concepts around it, which you can actually relate to tranny stuff (joining opposite forces)— anyway I'll drop it since it's more suited for our tinfoil thread.

No. 1217323

Pretentious and searching to garner some shock value attention. Why in the world would any secure societies indict this moron

No. 1217325

I hope you ladies recover from being such pick-mes. Til then enjoy licking dirty scrote asshole, definitely seem to enjoy the taste lmao

No. 1217328

Ezra fags kys, I'd take boyega-chan anyday over you bitches. Her worst crime is loving a man with child bearing hips. Imagine stanning for a tranny & proven misogynist abuser. Pathetic

No. 1217334

He's exactly the type of person that gets into that stuff. Your average person doesn't know where to start finding what that means and overlooks it like most of this thread, so it doesn't matter if he flaunts it. Anyway, we've all met weirdo new age types who are just as pretentious and flashy, it wouldn't be any different the higher you go.

No. 1217340

Boyegachan is funny because it’s the most random choice of moid but it isn’t beaten into the ground and her quips are usually earnest and cute. Ezra Miller is a failed experiment terrorizing women around the world and scraping his bare toenails across the earth like forks.

No. 1217351

did you watch your first illuminati video on tiktok bby

No. 1217360

Likely. Anyone who believes they’d add this tard into the mix is a fool

No. 1217384

kek neither of you know what you're talking about. I never said anything about the illuminati, only a possible meaning behind his hand symbols since anon asked and he pretty obviously holds new agey beliefs. this shit has been developed by well known figures throughout history, nothing far-fetched. you can read generalized versions on wikipedia even. It's not that important anyway, unless he really is dragging this girl into some cult but who knows.

No. 1217398

Nta. Shut up twitterfag

No. 1217428

>I could not picture myself as a woman ageing
Bet this bitch gets jealous of male-patterned baldness kek.

No. 1217431

they could just scroll through the thread, the bans from the fight are pretty obvious kek

No. 1217464

Erzafags should be gassed

No. 1217470

Why did I miss everything interesting while I was sleeping?

No. 1217474

too lazy to check, but didn't Ezra meet that ex gf who accused him on TikTok at Standing Rock or some rez also?

No. 1217477


No. 1217479

What's his deal? Does he have a fetish for native American girls or does he target them just because they're easy targets? Is he equally creepy with guys? iirc he's bi so that's why I ask.

No. 1217481

Boyegachan is nowhere near as obnoxious. Ezrafags spam his weird bee sting face all over the site. Boyega is at least a nice guy even if he is built like the sexy cartoon hippo from Madagascar.

No. 1217503

It’s easy to get amphetamines on rez for one, so I’m assuming he thought he was cool for just hanging around in these communities and two birds one stone he got to score because it’s a rampant issue unfortunately

No. 1217545

wait can someone explain this to me. an embryo is a not-yet-baby, right? can you keep those things on ice or something? whose embryos? are they andy cohens wife's? why would his kids want to 'use' them? how do you even 'use' an embryo? so many questions

same. he was one of my first celeb crushes in spiderman

No. 1217548

I laughed

please get help

why did they let their 14 y/o daughter fly across the world with a 25 y/o man? yes I agree it's very suspicious of them to only now see issue with that

Ia. the leaving neverland documentary was a prime example of parents like this

No. 1217586

File: 1654772703796.jpg (124.24 KB, 972x828, 20220609_130132.jpg)

Fans in some discord server knew about this a month before it even became news.
One of Ezras alleged stalkers (ET) has also been in contact with Tokatas parents and was trying to get them to say something.

This situation keeps getting weirder and weirder, dont know what to believe.

No. 1217590

honestly, these women need to get some self respect.

No. 1217605

File: 1654774110315.jpg (79.96 KB, 1090x841, 2kZvt82.jpg)

they're cultish fan girls

No. 1217606

File: 1654774209221.jpeg (81.93 KB, 1096x909, FUxQ8QqVEAA81gZ.jpeg)

you need higher res images if you want to show the discord messages of these unhinged ezrafags

No. 1217607

Sorry nonna, I thought you were the anon who was calling his ex and the girl's parents "cloutchasers"

No. 1217610

File: 1654774494015.jpeg (84.03 KB, 1141x881, FUxQ-QKUcAAChMG.jpeg)

No. 1217611

Sorry nonna, I thought you were the anon who was calling his ex and the girl's parents "cloutchasers"

No. 1217614

File: 1654774621449.jpeg (76.47 KB, 1001x921, FUxRBcMUYAA-ovx.jpeg)

No. 1217616

Delete your doubleposts retard.

No. 1217617

File: 1654774834139.jpg (227.18 KB, 1050x913, 20220609_133857.jpg)

The plot thickens not in the parents favor though.

No. 1217619

File: 1654775119645.jpeg (37.48 KB, 536x536, rectangle.jpeg)

fact is if this guy would be considered ugly, he would have been canceled yesterday. even if the family is now chasing $ and their 15 minutes, he has a repsheet of behaviour that isn't appropriate so the chances that he infected the then minor's mind with his trans-bait isn't off the table

No. 1217620

File: 1654775176877.jpg (363.15 KB, 1920x826, 20220609_134432.jpg)

No. 1217621

kek sus

No. 1217622

File: 1654775286405.jpg (225.12 KB, 902x1055, 20220609_134742.jpg)

what's going on at this point.

No. 1217624

Why the name whitney pointing to a grown ass man

No. 1217630

why are the people defending Ezra blatantly spreading misinformation?
>January 2022
this pic is from 2021, it was posted here
>fans spreading misinformation to make people's case against a celeb less credible
i've heard this song before.

No. 1217633

The other pics are from January 2022, see >>1217620 . Spoonfeeder.

No. 1217634

samefag do they think the family friend turned groomer is a better narrative kek? because the way their spinning it is that tokata's family sucked and then ezra took her in. do they think a grown man would look good with them saying he took in a vulnerable teen from an abusive family?

No. 1217635

Whitney can be a male's name, I think it's actually one of those names that was traditionally male and slowly trended into people naming daughters Whitney. Ashley, Lindsay, Lauren, all used to be male names for example.

No. 1217637

they're not talking about other pics they are referring to that specific pic which is from 2021
>yet then here they all are chummy as can be in january.

No. 1217642

that tweet was a quote reply to the Whitney person and they mention dec 2021 hence the picture, the other pictures before the quote tweet are from january >>1217620

No. 1217643

>their spinning it is that tokata's family sucked and then ezra took her in.
with new info coming out it doesn't even look that way because it seems like those parents made/faked the whole kidnapping thing up. Waiting for more info though.

Ezra and those parents can both get fucked though, even if this turns out to be fake (which may be) he is still a woman beater.

No. 1217650

File: 1654776874534.jpg (245.23 KB, 1912x781, xBrxAzb.jpg)

anon can you not see that the pictures were taken at the same time and restaurant on 31/12/2021? the restaurant just posted it a day later.

No. 1217651

sorry nonnie, i have never heard of whitney for a man before. the mtf thread has messed up my mind.

this situation is so confusing and fucked from all sides

No. 1217653

> it seems like those parents made/faked the whole kidnapping thing up
that is how it is looking right now

No. 1217733

So fucking sick of the "he is a poor troubled softboi" excuse.

No. 1217736

File: 1654782685210.png (97.7 KB, 750x750, YPY5esO.png)

I will never understand the appeal. There is a point where it's too much jaw, and this male has reached it times 100

No. 1217835

i found more milk about the ezra situation will post it once im done eating.