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No. 1200111

Thread to discuss or post information about the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Trial case.

Previous thread: >>1186012

No. 1200115

Ignore the male anons. Remember to report and ignore.

No. 1200118

Okay let's get this over with
I think that covers it

No. 1200119

goddamn, he is so ugly it's unreal. it's jarring every time i see his face. it's becoming more and more goblinesque

No. 1200121

File: 1653732573198.png (86.63 KB, 275x165, 1650749842980.png)

No. 1200123

Same, I don't follow these threads but each time I see him on the frontpage I'm like ugh.

No. 1200126

File: 1653732694031.gif (54.49 KB, 688x84, 1652313253643.gif)

No. 1200127

File: 1653732785231.jpg (82.16 KB, 680x702, FTSCKdxWUAEoEu9 (1).jpg)

No. 1200130

Some of the best memes coming from these threads, thank you nonnas.

No. 1200131

You already posted this since the creation of the first thread and no one cares and your still here after almost a month later, get a life scrote.

No. 1200133

wow she's beyond gorgeous

No. 1200135

Unlike Mr Depp's lel

No. 1200136

Stop responding to the male who has been here since the first thread (lmao how pathetic) and wait for him to get banned like he usually does.

No. 1200138

File: 1653733312876.jpg (75.97 KB, 1200x675, FS_i37kXwAAgY1w.jpg)

yw nonnie

No. 1200141

Lol i don’t know why scrotes think showing an actress’s naked body is humiliating or a gotcha moment. Testosterone induced brain worms

No. 1200143

File: 1653733615933.jpg (244.57 KB, 1188x1392, FSjZKzUXEAEqpD_.jpg)

posting another depp meme

No. 1200145

>You whores will literally believe anyone with a vagina evidently

No. 1200146

File: 1653733774255.jpg (2.13 MB, 1920x2156, FTY6856X0AEbcOp.jpg)

also, extremely simply put. maybe let your "progressive" friends know they're not being progressive at all with this meme by vilifying a clear victim and siding with an already adjudicated wife beater who has literal mountains of evidence against him

No. 1200148

You really shit the bed with this one, anon.

No. 1200149

I thought it was a pro-Amber post at first, showing how gorgeous she is compared to Depp.

No. 1200152

The previous thread still has 30 or more posts until it gets locked so please post there until it reaches over 1200.

No. 1200153

God, he’s such an ugly, greasy faggot.

No. 1200160

Nah it was the you whores autistic scrote

No. 1200179

File: 1653737826422.jpeg (260.08 KB, 960x1172, DA8879DC-F154-4F2B-AE32-6B0256…)

No. 1200218

Now we wait.

I thought Rottenborn did well for closing, Elaine was just okay. Camille reading a script I thought took away from the power of what she was saying, and Chew was just okay although I thought him getting choked up at one point was powerful. I want to know what all those sticky notes amber was writing were. She seems to like to be the boss of her legal team versus Johnny just sits there (pretty sure he's only half conscious most the time).

No. 1200237

Oh noooo, not a single negative meme about Vasquez when the entire rest of the internet is full of people yasss kweening her dipshit behavior and getting shirts and tattoos of her!

No. 1200242

File: 1653743076505.jpeg (27 KB, 225x225, CC8BF360-A613-464E-AD4E-41B17C…)

Puffins follows the adventures of a bunch of funny little birds, minions of the sly walrus Otto. Main characters of the series are five Puffins: Johnny Puff, two males, Tic and Tac, and two females, Didi and Pie. Coming 2022. Johnny Depp would probs be more interested in the children who watch this shit than the land whales who sit outside of court

No. 1200246

>Johnny Puff

No. 1200285

He has aids decay skin. We can only pray.

No. 1200289

So weird seeing the hate for Camille. Not because she was a bitch to Amber - it’s just so fucking funny seeing farmers say “Camille had no idea what she was doing in your closing”. I mean, are you blind/deaf? Or just stupid?

No. 1200305

>Not because she was a bitch to Amber
Most of the hate… is about her acting like an asshole though? Are you blind?

No. 1200306

I'm not keeping up with the case but can anyone tell me when we'll get the result of it?

No. 1200308

File: 1653747820852.jpeg (17.12 KB, 300x363, 8A4AFFCC-CCDA-4A05-907B-5ED597…)

Camillefags be like

No. 1200379

I think it really depends on how bad the psychological abuse is. If it’s just saying mean things, sure hitting seems way over the top. But I’ve seen some elaborate and crazy recounts of emotionally abuse that I don’t blame the women for hitting him over.

>ex kept soaking up dog piss with my towels, making me almost barf every time I showered but acted like I was batshit insane whenever I said there was something wrong or they were dirty

I didn’t hit him, but this is one example of the crazy shit moids will do, and that’s really tame compared to a lot of stories I’ve heard.

No. 1200380

The thing I don't get, even if you are dumb enough to not believe Amber, why do people think it is a good look to hate on someone in a domestic violence case? Don't they realise this is going to make it much harder for other victims to go to court? And why are so many supposed abuse victims themselves ok to join in with this?

No. 1200388

what fucking hate you scrote subhuman what hate? because three anons here MAXIMUM dare criticize that lawyer.
If camille was working on a more neutral viewed case or something that was private you know damn well she would never get hired again and everyone would be criticizing her Unprofessionalism.

No. 1200389

Does anyone else think Amber might be autistic? I don't mean this as an insult, just a neutral question and I'm on the spectrum myself.

I saw a thread on a pro-Amber sub about this and apparently Amber has ADHD which often present with autism. It would explain why she was able to be sucked into an abusive relationship and stayed so long (these things are more likely to have to autistic women - Holly Madison is also autistic and was in an abusive relationship with Hugh Hefner).

It would also explain some of the hate she is getting since autistic people are kind of uncanny valley for neurotypicals. I know Depp is using bots etc but a lot of the hate is also coming from regular people too and she's getting an overwhelming amount of it for reasons that don't really make sense. If google for photos of Amber at events, sometimes her smile seems slightly off which I've noticed in other female autistic women too.

Amber also dated Elon Musk who is on the spectrum and people on the spectrum are more likely to get on well together. Johnny Depp also has ADHD. It could also explain why she doesn't seem to have many close friends as socialising with neurotypicals can be difficult for people on the spectrum.

No. 1200402

>deppfags saying johnnys career isn't over
>His only recent role is a fucking puffin named Johnny Puff

No. 1200404

How do lawtubers keep being cows yet people keep taking them seriously? Didn’t Emily D Baker blame Breonna Taylor and just be racist in general and also favorable to trump? And an MLM hun? Embarrassing.

No. 1200408

People will support anyone as long as they agree with their opinions. Incel losers and ugly beckies love seeing them hate on amber, who represents the beautiful woman both group blames for their own failures.

No. 1200409


Johnny Depp
Johnny Deep
Johnny Debt
Johnny Weep
Johnny Wipe
Johnny Wept.
Johnny Creep
Johnny Sheep
Johnny Kelp
Johnny Hemp.
Johnny Kelp.

No. 1200413

Uh not sure if you’ve actually read the comments I’m talking about but I’m referencing Camille’s closing and her interrogation style. People talking out of their ass while claiming Elaine’s closing was amazing kek. If not for Rottenbaum doing the same thing to Johnny, I’m sure you’d have an aneurysm.
Not a scrote and the “hate” is obviously not literal. Chill tf out. Camille’s interrogation tactics are as effective as Rottenbaum’s - both cut their witnesses off, both add snide comments, both twist things as much as they can, both control what the witness says/doesn’t say. It IS effective and it’s transparent that the only reason Camille is getting any lash back is because she’s a woman who doesn’t believe Amber. Otherwise, you’d be pointing out Elaine as the most unprofessional lawyer in that court, if you knew anything about law. But you won’t because you’re full of shit. If you’re gonna call Camille a cunt, whatever, but what’s funny to me is reading people say “her closing was so bad!” kek just say you know nothing about law and move one

No. 1200417

Move ON*

No. 1200419

This is some lovely poetry, I really like how you rhymed kelp with kelp.

No. 1200420

Parody of deranged Depp fans

No. 1200426

Rottenborn wiped the fucking floor with Depp’s clown lawyers in closing, his was far and away the best. It was the most emotional and appealed to constitutionfags. Elaine’s was kind of meh. Camille sounded like jealous a 1950s victim blaming retard, especially when rottenborn directly responded to a bunch of her points.

No. 1200427

This has already been posted in a previous thread anon.

No. 1200430

Samefag, I don't mean the autism thread either, I mean literally in a past Depp/Heard thread.

No. 1200434

i never called her a cunt you schizophrenic and most anons here havent either and there have been anons on ambers side who have also shown criticism for her lawyers so whats your point.
Apparently unprofessional = cunt now?? lmao debt defenders sure are something and her closing was shit along with her doing things that dont align with the court of law.

She is facing the opposite of backlash , people are blindly supporting her just because she is mr debts lawyer.

No. 1200436

kek thnx

No. 1200440

He did fucking amazing and by far better than any other attorney on either side. Highly recommend anyone in the thread to watch it if you haven’t.
Honestly I agree with the people who said she bombed the closing. She looked really fucking stupid trying to pass off those text messages as “dark humor”… no one is going to buy that and I couldn’t take anything she said seriously in that closing after that. She needs to learn to read the room; it’s a domestic violence related defamation case, you have to at least try to appeal to the empathy of the jury.

No. 1200456

Hey so anons how do you think it will go with the jury?
The trial has officially ended yesterday and now we are waiting for the Jurys answer.

No. 1200460

It's male majority so what can you expect

No. 1200464

If they haven't decided yesterday, that means at least some of the jurors are on Amber's side, right? Let's hope one of them is like that one guy in 12 angry men who ended up convincing everyone else to let the boy go

No. 1200473

File: 1653757446888.jpg (309.83 KB, 1182x1740, 20220528_190155.jpg)

If there are any anons here with a tiktok acc I recommend this acc, it has alot of receipts and sources for what is going on.


No. 1200474

You whores will never get depps dick(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1200475

she could possibly have actual bpd or bipolar traits and just not want the disorder public, adhd also can present comorbid with those as well. she definitely has ptsd from the relationship and childhood trauma. sounds like debt reminded her of her alcoholic dad and she wanted to fix him.

No. 1200482

why did you reply to the scrote.
Dont you see he is unhinged creating new vpns everytime he gets banned, lets just hope he doesnt go around targeting people if amber wins. Since thats what all failed moids do.

No. 1200484

You're right. I'm sorry nona

No. 1200507

lol big mad

No. 1200511

They believe that women who lie about violence against them deserve all the hate in world, and more time jail than the men to commit violence against women.

Also that women commiting violence against men is more insedious hence them not usually caring about male victims as they're more often victimised by other men.

No. 1200521

File: 1653760252802.png (621.4 KB, 1204x943, ugly scrote plz die.png)

This trial should be a big wake-up call to all women about how little things actually have changed on levels that matter. But instead so many women are stoking the fires burning the witch. I don't know how she's even dealing with this.

No. 1200534

idk why people itt bring up chris brown when it's unironically rihanna's fault that he still has a career…? she went out and publicly forgave him for beating her face into a pulp. she's always had trash men and she gave the world permission to not cancel him.

No. 1200536

Chris Brown shouldn't be surpising. I feel like the rap/rnb community is even MORE uncaring about crimes agaisnt women then any other industry. It's out in the open. Chris Brown can beat Rihanna, stalk and harass his exe (Karruche Tran) and STILL have female fans. He's working with Lil baby. Kodak black is a convicted sexual harasser, yet he worked with Ed sheeran this year. He was on Kendrick Lamar's Album. R Kelly…I don't even need to say anything else about him. XXXTentacion, Tyga, Fablous knocked his baby mothers TEETH out and still has respect and rubs shoulders with important people in the industry. Da Baby slapped a woman etc. etc.

No. 1200538

youre retarded

No. 1200540

Don't want to interrupt your pick-me flow, but his other exes haven't forgiven him for beating them so what's your point? Abuse victims forgive and go back to their abusers all the time. I think the stats say it's 8 tries before they actually leave. Even if Rihanna forgives him it doesn't mean society has to.
Sadly men thinks there's nothing that reinforces their masculinity better than beating the shit out of a woman.

No. 1200541

Even if Rihanna never took him back or did any defending, CB would still be doing just as well. Lets not act like male rappers/singers who abuse women are cancelled if they make good enough music.
I can make a long list of rappers who are still successful who OPENLY had situations were they abused women. You'd get cancelled for being with a tranny or snitching before you get cancelling for abusing a woman in the rap/hip hop community.
People hate Tekashi 69 more for snitching then they do him basically making child porn and groping a 13 year old ON VIDEO.

No. 1200543

i forgot to add Trey Songs currently has multiple women accusing him of raping them.

No. 1200544

We already know how low the conviction rate is for actual rapes. That victims have to try and get as much evidence as they can while also not trying to instigate a new incident of violence. People on Instagram up the contrast on sunsets all the fucking times do I give a fuck if someone ups the contrast to highlight a 2 week old bruise do I fuck. Changing the contrast doesn't eliminate the sunset. Camille getting emotional over someone having their picture taken while curled up in the fetal position on the floor, give me a fucking break she needs to get a life. She didn't address any of Amber's witness testimony who were actually present during domestics. They had all that time left and did fuck all with it apart from please for dark humour, how dare someone be photographed sleeping and that if you retweet something and don't edit the published title of the article you're liable for it. So not only are victims being desensitised to justice, now we're all liable for sharing articles.

Johnny Debt is a violent drug addict that's in debt cause he can't maintain his career and studio's don't want to waste millions producing his movies that have been flopping.

No. 1200545

She probably forgave him so she could move on and heal and whatnot. Don't know why you're trying to act like she's in the wrong.
>she's always had trash men
That doesn't mean she chose to get beat up.

No. 1200549

Camile's doing it for the tiktoks which is the saddest thing i've ever seen. This grown woman has an education and this is what she chose to do with it kek

No. 1200550

Even though this thread was toxic because of constant bait and scrotes,Once the jury gives their answer and this is done I will miss the nonnies here and their based views and calling him Mr debt.

No. 1200552

So embarrassing hopefully the jury make the right decision and her and all her queer fans can fade off into the abyss. Imagine getting a tattoo or that cunt, that person just took them out of the running for a decent woman

No. 1200553

Most of them are boomer men and boymoms or dangerhair nlogs going through a mid life crisis.

No. 1200558

So insecure little freaks that get excited when it's popular to shit on a woman leagues above them. Colour me shocked, America the place with incels conducting mass shootings would be disparaging to women. At one point during the trail when there was an Amber alert I literally thought would someone shoot up the courthouse in the name of Johnny Debt. I fucking hate this case but I'm watching it because its important. Its just so fucking depressing.

No. 1200579

They tried to hijack that amber alert trending hashtag on twitter to make it about how evil Amber Heard is. Debt fans are literal scum

No. 1200599

the thing about emotional abuse is that men are masters at making it the worst possible thing before they lay a hand on the woman in order to bait her into hitting first, and then when she does, they can easily play victim all on their own and claim it was actually her that did wrong

they'll basically poison you, sabotage you, take all your money, expose you to STDs with cheating, destroy your things, they'll borderline murder you and then if you react back in violence then no one cares and it's all your fault

No. 1200606

had to bite my tongue so hard at work the other day when 2 of my coworkers were talking about the depp/heard trial. I didn't hear the whole conversation, only the end of it, but they were basically just calling amber crazy and then one of them was like "and she pooped in his bed!!" then the other one was like "yeah!!" I mean this whole trial and all of the accusations and everything and that seems to be the only thing people care about lmao. it's like they think because she allegedly pooped in his bed that means she CAN'T be an abuse victim, right. I don't understand the logic or why that's the only thing people care about in this case.

No. 1200616

File: 1653766023986.png (441.05 KB, 546x507, smugnbloated.png)

Let's pretend he didn't do it. This trial still showed us that Johnny Depp:
>regularly shits and pisses himself in bed
>thinks poop jokes are funny
>is a confirmed junkie and alcoholic
>a bad father
>a cheater
>a misogynist
>is predatory towards younger women
>looks like shit with his coke/alcohol bloat
>is unprofessional in serious settings
>is jealous and controlling of his romantic partners
>has the moral integrity of a teacup

Why he wanted this public is a mystery.

No. 1200618

She came out as a bisexual in 2010 and she said her parents didn't take it well. One of her coworkers from way back said she's a full-fledged lesbian and she uses moids for fame and money. Idk how accurate that is but I don't think she was attracted to Depp at all. I mean, he lost his looks a long time ago. Depp claims he met her on set and that their relationship was organic, I think it was a PR relationship and she got tired of pretending to be straight (especially for an ugly smelly moid like Depp) so she lashed out at him.

No. 1200622

Yes. It’s truly pathetic.

>so she lashed out at him
She lashed out at him because he’s an abusive pitiful alcoholic that was constantly playing mind games with her and trying to make her miserable. So?

No. 1200637

Wow. She abused him because you/her old corworker (which btw, source?) don't think bisexual people are real or something. That's a new one I hadn't seen before.
Women marry low quality men for money all the time, you don't need to drag sexual orientation into it to call her a gold digger

No. 1200639

File: 1653766964056.jpeg (319.03 KB, 1536x2048, F18E2EAE-905A-4EF1-AFB1-9FFEE0…)

Mental illness runs rampant

No. 1200645

i hadn't thought about this before but a lot of it does make sense! and to add to it, a lot of women with autism get accused of having BPD when they actually don't - they're autistic traits are just being skewed by others.

No. 1200671

she used him for so much fame and money that she declined the 32 million she was legally entitled to and settled for 7 which she decided to pledge to donate? how does that make sense. with 0 fighting she was entitled to 32 mil, with fighting she could've gotten more, even.

No. 1200672

possible but literally women can be called and diagnosed as BPD while displaying 0 BPD symptoms.

No. 1200683

I remember this being the popular conspiracy when she divorced Depp and rumours of her dating Elon started. She was due to take Musk for all he's worth and ride off into the sunset with her lesbian friends.

Didn't know there was anything behind it, and was just a baseless internet theory.

No. 1200693

File: 1653770432726.jpg (96.2 KB, 828x1134, FTGC4O2XoAEyVz5.jpg)

uhh she broke up with elon and he was notably "heartbroken". she stopped speaking to him on her own accord and broke up with him. he was the one chasing her. he said to like five outlets that he's severely depressed because he was so in love with her and she left him etc etc

No. 1200697

I wonder what he texted her that was so abhorrent she stopped talking to him right away

No. 1200709

Love it when a scrote is super confident he can control a woman and she just walks away kek

No. 1200717

They all look like trailer trash. You know what Debt is thinking when he looks at his supporters.

No. 1200727

I have to say amber seems kind of based, although I wish she took Johnny’s money lel. But apparently she’s really involved in volunteering aside from already donating a lot. Crazy how women who give so much are vilified more than worthless scrotes who never give a damn thing and abuse women and children.

No. 1200737

Me too. It sounds like her ghosting him was not out of left field at all even though he (and most men) act like it was when they put their foot in their mouth.

No. 1200781

He's not going to fuck you.

No. 1200785

If these texts are real, Musk could be the one to have tipped off TMZ abt the divorce filing

No. 1200796

Johnny had his assistant smear dog shit on the bed and made it into a childish joke maybe to make himself feel better about the countless times throughout the week that his team cleans the feces and piss from off his back and asshole because he can’t control himself

No. 1200818

File: 1653776614333.jpg (155.29 KB, 962x1360, xlp6wmip7cw81.jpg)

they're real, they were part of discovery

No. 1200848

Posted in the previous thread by mistake. The take posted that leans slightly on Amber's side and it's refreshing even tho it's sure gonna get blasted.

No. 1200872

I suspect the reason she took less money was to get to him to agree to sign the statement saying she never lied about the abuse. Apparently she asked for more money at one point, probably as a negotiation tactic.

No. 1200875

The Metoo organisation killed all credibility it had a few hours ago when they finally released a statement on the case and didn't acknowledge Amber at all and instead made it seem like they were the real victims. It's honestly shocking and would have been better if they had said nothing at all.

No. 1200893

If anyone needs a little pick me up, Amber was handed flowers on her way out of court and she looked so thankful.

No. 1200902

This is a fair view point even if I don’t agree. I think Rottenbaum was unfairly treated by the public and never should have had his business targeted. He’s a good lawyer.
You’re so fucking dumb holy shit I’m not talking about YOU specifically, I’m talking about the comments in GENERAL about Camille. Go search for it in the last thread. It’s not about personal attacks about Camille, it’s about various comments about her “professionalism” and her closing argument when there was already a lawyer in that court that was almost reprimanded by the judge due to unprofessionalism. I feel terrible for Elaine because Amber was probably an awful client without much to work with.
I also agree Rottenbaum is a powerhouse. But I entirely disagree with your “read the room” statement. The jury has been cracking up along various points of the trial. Not even just the gallery - the jury is. You can take it with a grain of salt what the lawtube lawyers have reported but you can also check out some reporters who are much more neutral. “Read the room” you mean the room that has become a spectacle and at times full of laughter? Yeah, I think Camille did fine considering what we’ve seen this entire trial.

No. 1200914

anon the second post you linked isn't the one you meant to and i was so confused why you were so angry at this fat girl from 5 years ago that was editing her pics kek

No. 1200918

Kek ignore that then shit

No. 1200919

Kek, I hate to sound like a boomer but most people are npc sheep with zero organic thoughts that can be molded by any old rag and tabloid.

No. 1200938

File: 1653784199624.jpeg (68.89 KB, 680x428, 548F6C7B-8698-4AC1-B516-FC6902…)

It looks like that same girl who was interviewed as one of the two supporters on Law and Crime. It actually makes me feel a little sad.

No. 1200950

The comments on those videos from years ago are still accessible. Look at how people defended him and blamed her. Saying what did she expect for slapping him around? But somehow justify beating up an woman to a pulp as a reaction to a slap or a hit or two. Rihanna is not american either so definitely raised to think its fully the woman’s fault. But sure, why did she forgive him

No. 1200952

NTA but Camille's closing argument was really bad. She listed names and then tried to claim the abuse only meant physical abuse and said that none of Amber's friends showed up for her because she is a terrible person. This was easily countered by pointing out that abuse actually includes emotional, sexual, etc. and that people showed up for Amber even when they had stopped being in contact years ago so they weren't doing because they were friends or on her pay roll, unlike Johnny's witnesses.

Camille also stumbled on the last day and said "You didn't expect to be facing your abuser".

No. 1200986

Agreed, I’m just going to wait for the verdict now. Hopefully the jury decides on Tuesday or Wednesday.

No. 1201016

I don’t get why JD smirked so much during the trial. He had a quiet yet eccentric softboy image prior to the trial and that’s been ruined now. Did someone tell him it would make Amber seem less credible and make better tiktok content? It would have been more on brand for him to act sad and wipe away fake tears, plus it would have made his male dv victim more credible. Such a weird choice.

No. 1201020

Has Amber actually lied about anything? Not what the Depp stans think but has anything she said been accepted by pro-Amber supporters as not true?

No. 1201031

She looked like she was about to cry. That was so sweet of that person

No. 1201034

legit someone help, Im ESL and I re-read it a bunch of times and it did NOT make any sense to me atall, like it went everywhere, it didnt say anything about supporting Amber (but quick to say privledged white celeb but despite that she still suffered so horribly) but we got gun violence though but no lead in for that, and I just donèt understand the front page about why it said Black, Indigeious but then brown but lowercase. Sorry to go offtopic here but as someone who is brown, why isnt that capitalized, no social power as a group in the states. But anyway, hope Depp bloated coke ass loses, and never has a career ever again

No. 1201037

he's just become a piece of shit over the years, that's all there is to it. it's kind of sad watching old interviews when he really was much more of a gentle soul.

No. 1201044

Aaw bless the girl who brought her those, one bit of light in all this insanity

No. 1201059

>better tiktok content
unironically this kek

No. 1201094

even ONTD called them out for the "privileged white" comment. It was totally unnecessary and added nothing.
he was never a gentle soul. He's always been a coke addicted narc who preys on teenagers.

No. 1201139

Nta but I've always thought there was a creepy vibe around him, he always looked like a druggie and I know some mentally ill women find that attractive but normal women don't.

No. 1201179

An ugly middle aged obese sex worker with a Johnny Depp tattoo is an accurate representation of his fanbase.

No. 1201295

No. 1201308

So she just happened to be dating a woman at the time and didn't seem interested in anyone else?

Also why do people keep bringing up her drug use as if it's a big shocking news, she's admitted to it, she just wasn't an addict ala Mr Depp who's suddenly teetotal.

No. 1201326

I'm neutral in this case but I'm afraid what will happen if he wins this case.
Manson is already suing his victim too and alot of depp supporters also support Manson.
I feel like more abusive men in Hollywood will feel empowered to sue their victims.

I dont think people are looking at the bigger picture and how bad this is for victims.

No. 1201328

Also there is so much proof against Manson and multiple women have come out against him, yet the fact there is a big number of depp supporters who also support Manson and other shitty men proves to me that is is way bigger than Johnny and Amber itself and that these people just want male abùsers to thrive in general and for their victims to shut up.
Its sad…

No. 1201343

File: 1653827718311.png (237.72 KB, 483x546, deranged.PNG)

his loser fans are just as abusive and desperate to hate women who push back against abuse that they're out here claiming amber supporters who have been raped and abused lied to put their rapists in prison and are attacking them for putting rapists behind bars. these people are fucking scum

No. 1201346

File: 1653827916524.webm (2.66 MB, 480x270, u7D7AXxKY3qCzbPT.webm)

also posting this that happened around the 23rd. depp fan(s?) attacked/beat up an amber supporter. they're just so fucking unhinged. it's the only way you'd want to support this guy is to be unhinged anyways

No. 1201357

Imagine being one of the women screaming atrocities at amber heard. All for a man. So embarrassing. These fatasses would cower and wouldn’t show up if a male celebrity who abused women with clear evidence was on his way to court.

No. 1201358

Depp supporters are the physichal embodiment of a obese trailer trash pickme addicted to drugs,with badly dyed hair and badly done tattoos who walks around with her asscrack and fupa hanging out and lets her new boyfriend of the week abuse her kids.

No. 1201372

that's so gross that this guy would be airing out gossip on her right now. i kinda understand people who want to "set the record straight" in the courtroom, but on some youtube channel you're going to gossip about Amber's sexuality and that she did some coke? what a loser.

I need to catch up on the Manson case, I just remember there being a video of a girl all happy he told her to call him back when she was legal. Is Manson going to go to trial with his makeup on?

>I don't think people are looking at the bigger picture and how bad this is for victims.

I don't think there should be a judgement in Amber's favor just because of the bigger picture, at least I hope the jurors aren't thinking that way. That's a dangerous direction. I think the jury instructions will prevent that to a degree though. Fact is, no matter what the jury comes back with, Amber is already guilty of enough lies that she'll never recover in the public eye. Even if she was abused physically and she didn't defame depp, she's been caught in so many lies during this trial that nobody will ever trust her again.

No. 1201381

File: 1653831837194.jpg (20.22 KB, 400x400, -oZvW4Vf_400x400.jpg)


No. 1201395

File: 1653833120465.jpg (415.23 KB, 1440x1477, 1653827198649.jpg)

No. 1201397

I don’t even care about this case anymore but anytime I see a twitter account like this I have to hope it’s not a sincere person and just an account used to troll. Or a government psyop.
Saged for irrelevance.

No. 1201418

yes this also very true!

No. 1201421

File: 1653836085652.gif (4.2 MB, 257x440, 43d172d1a8889d12279ceb273f5161…)

honestly they really are all pickme trailer trash. you know he absolutely fucking hates them, kek. they're jealous of amber but praise kate moss for her iconic shit model shit but love her bc she's silent. they just hate women and especially women who speak out against the men they dicklick for, particularly if they're pretty. they'll never be conventionally hot enough to be wanted by depp or possess amber's effortless beauty and strength, sorry ladies.
he also said "hopefully that cunt's rotting corpse is decomposing in the trunk of a fucking honda civic!!"

No. 1201437

I genuinely cannot fathom why AH fell for him in the first place? The moment he cracked a joke like that id be gone. Theres no forgiveness, no second chance.
>inb4 abuse
There was still a window where she had clarity, and she chose to “make it work”, why did it take so long for her to realize it wouldnt at all? Her own drug abuse?

No. 1201447

… I hope that's not a puppy play tattoo…

No. 1201458

what joke? the thing he said about hoping her corpse was rotting in the trunk of a honda civic was not a joke to her, it was a text sent to his friend about her. it was no joke. i don't care how much he or his friend tries to claim it's a joke, it's not a joke

No. 1201483

Im sorry, hold on i didnt word that right. What i mean is, at the very beginning of their relationship, when im sure his jokes were crude and pure shit, why didnt she just walk away? Or seek any help? Idk, alot of abuse victims dont have the means she has to seek therapy, laywers, etc, and she still stayed with him far too long.
As someone who didnt have the financial means growing up for therapy and such, i dont understand how an actor who makes millions and has so many connections stayed with a pos for so long.

No. 1201485

Afaik she was doing drugs and stuff too, when you're in that state of mind and your abuser is a man who can ruin your reputation, you can't find strength to leave.
I mean she did leave him in the end and he did end her career - or at least tried to. He's still trying to ruin her reputation and that's why he sued her twice knowing he couldn't win. This is just so he could, ironically, defame her.

No. 1201490

When you’re in an abusive relationship it can take a long time to leave even when you logically understand it’s not healthy. You still love the other person and want to make it work because you see the good in them and hope they can overcome the bad, and that’s usually compounded by unhealthier things like being made to feel you’re nothing without them. It’s a mix of emotional Stockholm syndrome, real affection and a slow erosion of self worth. It’s one of those scenarios that’s impossible to fully impress upon other people unless you’ve lived it.
I didn’t leave early on even when cracks started showing because my ex always seemed to have a rational explanation for his slips. He didn’t mean a cruel joke in the negative way I took it, I “misunderstood” his reasoning about why he criticized my choices when he really wanted the best for me, I needed to understand that some differences came down to opinion and it was wrong of me to take it so personally. If I had known about these sort of manipulations I would have left earlier, but I was certainly not taught any of that in school or by my family. I was otherwise externally successful with a good career, higher education and normal social life. Having a decent upbringing doesn’t necessarily prepare you for those devious things, and with celebrities they may be wealthy but are often surrounded by very unhealthy, enabling people who don’t give great advice. Just look at Amber’s sister who was a druggie and kept trying to “help” her and Johnny stay together even after massive clues that he was abusive.
t. an anon who was in an abusive relationship for 4 yrs

No. 1201498

had Amber been thick instead of pretty faced only she’d have a better looking husband or wife. This is NOT shitposting.

No. 1201518

Nta but what do you mean? Do you mean she's too thin?

No. 1201582

>neutral in this case
that's because you're a retard.

No. 1201588

for real if youre neutral/pro-depp in this case u need to get off of tiktok or whereever youre getting your news from. these are the same women that would stand and cheer when they burned witches because they are convinced theyre not the same as women like amber

No. 1201591

They watch the trial through wii music YouTube clip edits and tiktok lawyers

No. 1201592

so you just read the first two words and ignored everything else, braindead retard.

No. 1201598

Pickmes only learn when the man they gave everything for fucks them over. Warn them politely but ignore them if they don't listen. They only listen to men and assume any other woman is lying or tricking them, until a man calls them ugly, fat and cheats on them.

No. 1201599

depp isn't going to fuck you, fatty

No. 1201602

no you are seriously retarded or are you dyslexic that you cant read.

No. 1201605

>I'm neutral in this case
literally you.

No. 1201606

stop being nasty. that anon gave a thoughtful post and it's more interesting to hear a variety of ideas rather than just having your closed off hug box

No. 1201608

He'd probably call his fans blowfish or whatever nickname he has for his fans. Though that anon isn't supporting him afaik and sees that him and Manson share the same supporters. Hopefully she'll read this thread and perhaps support Amber.

No. 1201609

depp isnt going to fuck you, fats.

No. 1201611

back to twitter with you

No. 1201613

No. 1201617

i said i was neutral because i dont care about them, but i do want johnny to lose this trial and i do think he is a abuser. I said this in my first post, what made you so triggered about that, do you maybe need to take some meds or glasses or smthn.
I also make fun of depp supporters and have defended amber in real life something a cowardice loser like you will never do.

No. 1201619

NTA but I don't think being neutral in a domestic abuse rape case while admitting its similar to mansons case is really sensible. I do realize you might be sceptical about Amber's claims, considering how she's defamed on all social media platforms but it's still not right to think both sides are equal.
I'm quite sure this is a reaction to #metoo. Both these men got metood and now they're literally suing their victims simply for coming forward because it cut down their victim supply. Everyone is supporting them because they've been bottling up their misogyny and the chance to hate on a beautiful successful woman is one failed males and fialed females can't miss.

No. 1201620

big mad fat

No. 1201622

can you take your pick-me blog posts to livejounral thanks

No. 1201623

Ana-chan you're based for mocking deppwhores but that anon isn't supporting depp, she has stated above.

No. 1201624

Are you a moid pretending to be a amberfag.
Because you sure have been silent at the actual aggressive depp defenders here until now.

No. 1201626

nta but you are getting too worked up about shit posting

No. 1201629

i'm sorry but if you are neutral at all in this case you are on social media too much

No. 1201630

when will the jury give their answer?

No. 1201631

What do you mean? Because of all the Johnny propaganda? Every time I go on Instagram johnny ass licking reels are at the top of the page

No. 1201635

This is a moid. And even worse, a zoomer one

No. 1201637

I'm not any of those anons but why are you all accusing each other of being moids?

No. 1201638

because this is lolcow, retard.

No. 1201639

As a brown woman this is so sad. We finally get a representation and it's a weird ass pickme that literally no brown woman actually identifies with. Most brown women go through abuse and wouldn't defend or work with an abuser. I know this is twitter-tier but I don't know where else to bring this up.

No. 1201641

Sure you aren’t. Is that like your gotcha moment?

No. 1201644

i feel like its a lose-lose situation no matter the outcome.

If she wins i fear some unhinged mentally ill male(s) will go and attack innocent people.

If she loses, rich abusers will feel more empowered to sue their victims which is already starting to happen.

No. 1201654

Are you slow? I'm not those anons and they both called each other moids. Which one am I then?

No. 1201668

Can we get back to talking about this greasy wino toothless old retard? Thanks.

No. 1201673

>brown woman
As a brown woman I fucking hate when people use this term, sounds racist as fuck.

No. 1201678

Whenever the Jury either comes to a unanimous decision or give up and give in their result (Majority or Hung).

No. 1201684

This is how I feel.

If Amber wins, MRAs will use this as an example of how courts always favor women and we live in a gynocentric society or whatever.

If Johnny wins abusers will feel more empowered to sue their victims for "defamation" and make people less likely to speak up about abuse.

No. 1201716

I’d rather have the first than the latter. Men should be scared and walking on eggshells. Sorry, but better safe than sorry.

No. 1201719

You're using the same term. It's extra bad for a representation of a woman of color to be supporting an abuser when women her ethnicity get abused very often, if that makes sense. Most brown women know better than to defend an abuser wealthiest white man.

No. 1201720

I agree. If depp wins, it'll be the end of metoo era and men will be more proud of their misogyny like they used be in 2000-2010s when they shit on women and mocked feminists.

No. 1201724

Ethnicity and race are not the same thing fyi

No. 1201727

I used the same term because that anon used it KEK the autism and lack of comprehension in this thread, truly the worst of /ot/

No. 1201729

It's not but I dont think brown is a race so I said ethnicity. Though I don't think either terms really work in that sense, ethnicity is better imo.
Why are you nitpicking?
Everyone knows brown women know abuse firsthand either by experiencing or seeing a woman experience it right before their eyes and we mostly(aside from some brainwashed women who grew up up in such shitty homes they think it's a the norm) hate abusive men because we see how it hurts women in much more serious ways than most western women do. It's just disheartening to see a woman like her defending an abusive man just for money and how she gets applauded for it.

No. 1201731

>If depp wins, it'll be the end of metoo era and men will be more proud of their misogyny
That's already a thing and we're heading towards even worse thanks to this case. We already see so much mysoginy on reddit and twitter etc. They already hijacked the #metoo with #mentoo and generally being very "anti-sjw" etc. It never really took off.

No. 1201734

"Brown women" sounds like you're reducing women to a single trait: their skincolor. It's a degrading term itself. In spanish, saying something like "las mujeres cafés" would get you in so much shit for being racist.(race-sperging )

No. 1201736

When someone calls me brown woman I feel like I'm back in 1600s getting raped by a colonizer.

No. 1201739

How is it racist when I use it but not when you do it? Also how is it racist to state you dislike how you're being presented to the media? Brown women aren't pickmes but there's already men who think we are so this just makes it worse. I've heard white old men who married brown women from poor countries because they thought they could get away with treating those women badly. She'd doesn't owe anyone anything but to defend an abusive man and then to advertise herself as an empowered woman is stupid.

No. 1201742

You're nitpicking and also wtf >>1201736 wtf is this post.

No. 1201744

It's called mocking that anon, you're doing so many mental gymnastics right now. Sorry but I don't take baits.

No. 1201745

That's exactly how it feels though. It's degrading.

No. 1201746

What a reach. If it bothered you then you could have just ignored it. Anon used "brown woman" to refer to herself and because a lot of people have been pointing out that Camille is a Latina. It's really not anything to get offended by.

No. 1201748

>brown women from their countries
You can name the countries, you can name the nationalities, you can name their names even. I don't want to be called a color.

No. 1201749

>It's really not anything to get offended by.
I can chose to get offended if that's the word you're using against me. A latina.

No. 1201750

Good thing she was calling herself a brown woman and not you.

No. 1201753

This thread is infested with twitterthots. I can't fathom how you think me referring to myself and another woman as brown is similar to sexual assault or something. The woman I was critiquing was literally the one who chose to defend a rapist yet my words are what made you feel like you were being assaulted, ironic.

No. 1201756

I'm not nitpicking, I just thought I'd tell you because it's a common misconception (one I made in the past)

No. 1201757

Nta but where did you find this website?

No. 1201761

It's more twitterfaggish to say "brown women" imo.
One day in 2030 maybe you'll figure out lumping all women together from different rich cultures and lives with a single color will problably come off as racist. This term won't age well. And no I don't even use twitter.

No. 1201775

It's a racebaiter, report and ignore.

No. 1201777

You're probably right, sorry.

No. 1201781

You don't have to apologize, anon we all fall for bait. I thought it was genuine and replied until she(?) brought up the weird rape colonizer comparison.

No. 1201783

Tbh, bait is always the last thought in my mind unless it's super obvious. I always assume it's just a really retarded farmer.

No. 1201784

How could they let a male majority on a domestic violence case? Of course scrotoids think all women lie about abuse

No. 1201803

It's so obvious that they want the man to win.

No. 1201899

File: 1653860679805.png (75.53 KB, 814x454, ffffss.png)

thought to post this on her thread in snow but decided it would fit more here.

No. 1201932

Tila has always been the ultimate pick-me. Doesn't surprise me.

No. 1202122

No. 1202131

Based on this annoying scrote’s videos from the dramageddons I’m going to assume he is pro Depp and not click. If he is pro amber let me know tho I’d like to watch keke

No. 1202137

surprisingly he is pro Amber

No. 1202143

nta but I expected it, he knows his audience, mostly unhinged mentally ill women who would likely side with amber

No. 1202168

reeeeee this isn’t pro amber it’s middle of the road they’re both abusers bullshit

No. 1202170

the irony in the fact that they don't care about male victims of assault unless they're also vile misogynists. where is the anger towards kevin spacey for assaulting men and where's the outrage over how brendan fraser and other men were treated

No. 1202184

the debate is wether or not johnny is abusive, we know amber is.

No. 1202186

Men are mostly victims of other men, that's why. They only ree about male victims if they want to stop women talking about being victims of overwhelmingly male violence.

No. 1202187

When is this shit going to end

No. 1202188

Why don't women shut men more and let them know MEN are the ones who do shit to other men? idgi. It's somehow our fault. Rule 1 of misogyny.

No. 1202191

In fact, he makes it clear that he thinks amber is worse and wasn’t really physically or sexually abused fuck you fuck you reeeeeeee
Silence retarda

No. 1202196

my guess: end of next week. maybe an answer on tuesday and then the rest of the week people will ree about it and then it'll taper off.

No. 1202204

per 5:40 in that video: if all amber has to do is show that johnny abused her emotionally, then there should be no way johnny wins, right? i mean even if she is lying about a lot or all of the physical abuse, he's on recording verbally abusing her. has anyone combed through what this jury instruction is? I can't seem to find a clear answer.

No. 1202211

Watch Rottenborn’s part of the closing statements, he lays it out very simply.

No. 1202220

i scrubbed through it and found the spot and that seems to be the case. if the jury follows the law neither one should win their defamation claim because they both abused each other either emotionally or physically. there is literally tape showing both of them doing it. ezpz.

No. 1202263

I feel bad because I think I'm the only person who noticed that Ambers team is from Virginia, i.e. where the trial is. For whatever reason, perhaps being broke, Amber didn't fly a team of high flying LA celebrity lawyers like Johnny's team are. They're local lawyers and they seem to only have had resources to get local experts as their witnesses.
So entirely putting aside the validity of any claims, I feel bad that for example Dr Spiegel has everyone in the world laughing at him for being so outclassed, because they assume he presented himself as being in that top-flite class. They expect these teams to be both super expensive. When really this is just some local guy who picked up the phone when asked, and never stood a chance

No. 1202275

yeah that guy was weird, not even just outclassed but just strange no-matter where he's from. that said, her worst witness was her damages "entertainment expert" that didn't even know the biggest movies comparable to Aquaman. that was hard to watch with johnny's lawyer asking her questions about those movies and her going "i u-ugh..i d-didn't s-see that o-one". she was literally some hack they got off the internet: theentertainmentexpert.com is her website.

i think she'll get cleared of paying him, but i think with some decent damage data she might have at least had a shot of winning her countersuit, but the 100M number was just batshit crazy and they didn't base the damages off real numbers.

No. 1202321

I think it's quite the opposite actually

No. 1202335

“We finally get a representation” Camille is literally from socal where Hispanic people are all over the place also “brown woman” is such a ridiculous term, embarrassing tbh

No. 1202339

Also this isn’t true. You’re capping or you’re in denial. Most “brown” as in Hispanic women in my family and in my community and around me that are actually off the boat or from those countries DO put up and enable abuse in ways you wouldn’t believe. Machismo is way more permissible, cheating is bad but old school wives will end up forgiving their husbands, bad shit happening to kids or teenagers gets buried under the rug, “everything that happens in the family stays in the family”, mental health/therapy stigma is insane, old men with young girls in super rural-type communities (talking about the many Central Americans where I live who don’t even speak Spanish and have antiquated ways of living). Like, this weird shit about brown women “standing up to abusers” or “knowing an abuser when they see one” in comparison to white women is retarded. Idk why people say stupid shit like this as if someone won’t call them out.(derailing)

No. 1202342

Are you retarded
What are you talking about

No. 1202343

Fuck off and kill yourself

No. 1202347

This argument ended hours ago, let it go already

No. 1202348

I think it's bait.

No. 1202372

>I don't understand the logic or why that's the only thing people care about in this case.

I would say that unlike most other crimes people have still have a very simplistic and incorrect understanding of what domestic violence is like.

People assume that its always a matter of one pure aggressor/abuser and one pure victim. So in their minds the way to solve the case is look at who best fits into these categories.

Accordingly when they see the good evidence for Amber being a dodgy person it is enough to make her guilty in their minds.

No. 1202387

Because they want to be misogynistic and that accusation is the only one that couldn't be proven wrong. Even if she did it, she still didn't deserve the abuse she got but some people are slow.

No. 1202435

Honestly if that happens again I'm just going to point blank be like "he said he wanted to burn her alive and fuck her burnt corpse, he also called her a cunt and a jizz dumpster" and see how they respond.

No. 1202500

you're right I didn't think about that>>1200616

No. 1202562

File: 1653912428018.webm (1.43 MB, 720x1280, Johnny depp entering court, da…)

No. 1202565

you can summarize almost all pro johnny videos using this one video.

No. 1202625

I really didn't expect such a based take from MeatCanyon, but he accurately summarizes most depp supporters as well as the general irrational hatred of amber

No. 1202641

Kek this video, and then the fucking comments full of Depp supporters who are too retarded to realize they are being made fun of.

No. 1202653

File: 1653920725796.png (288.02 KB, 900x499, Screenshot 55.png)

he's an edgy unfunny scrote but his caricatures are always on point

No. 1202660

File: 1653922069313.jpeg (44.79 KB, 426x600, D4E859A7-B0A6-474D-BB3E-7276EA…)

depp with his ugly morty ass tongue smells like fermented cigarettes teeth disgusting face bloated and pig disgusting from copious amounts of alcohol use smiles like ronald macdonald headass

No. 1202667

I can't believe Johnny Depp is from KENTUCKY. Why does he talk like he's got some euro accent? Is it the drugs and booze making him slur like an invalid or what the fuck is his problem?

No. 1202683

I don't think he has a euro accent, he speaks imo with a generic american standard accent, just with a weird speaking style, though for years I assumed he was british due to his roles

No. 1202689

Ayrt, I looked up why he has a weird accent (I have to disagree with you on the standard american accent, to me he sounds very strange and not like any american I know) and apparently he started speaking that way when he became pals with Hunter S. Thompson during production of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. He's just imitating Thompson. So he's just mental I guess.

No. 1202691

Definitely true. He spoke fairly normally before.

No. 1202696

samefag. Now he just sounds like an illiterate tard.

No. 1202699

he has an extremely unstable sense of self and changed his accent to match his roles. he started adapting more of a euro accent after he portrayed jack sparrow (who was based off keith richards).

in the tapes you can hear his voice isn't consistent and changes quite a bit, the southern side definitely comes out there. he wants to be a tortured artist and not white trash so bad

No. 1202744

I’m glad someone else mentioned this, I’ve always found it so annoying hearing him talk since Pirates. It’s almost like some weird unnatural faux-British accent.

No. 1202796

hunter s thompson had a normal almost southern accent. he's definitely changed after pirates. he lived in france but there's no excuse for a faux british/transatlantic accent when living in france.
he sounded so much cuter with a normal general american accent. not a depp fan but at least he sounds like a normal young man there and not a fucking BPD tier psycho. how come this man with 0 sense of self, drug addiction, self harm, violence, black and white thinking, splitting, isn't diagnosed and shamed for having BPD? i can think of only one reason.

No. 1202804

File: 1653929709219.webm (1.13 MB, 320x568, RToGyPrvFG7n8h9R.webm)

so APPARENTLY the only reason why all of those nasty texts and texts admitting to cutting off his finger, drug texts, alcohol texts, were released was because depp's legal team for the UK trial ACCIDENTALLY SENT THEM to the defense's lawyers, KEK. soooo fucking dumb and pathetic. he was trying to hide ALL OF THOSE nasty texts. thank god his team was incompetent. this is a must watch.

No. 1202822

>after he portrayed jack sparrow (who was based off keith richards).
In one of the DVD extras (lol) the costume designer told a story about JD coming in to try hats. JD picked the tricorn he wears in the movie and said "this is my hat" and refused to try on others.

Turns out the reason he knew he wanted that hat is because Jack Sparrow is clearly ripped off of Adam Ant. I don't know why he always says Keith Richards in interviews.

No. 1202825

It sounds like he has autism since autists always speak in weird mixed accents. A choice.

No. 1202839

What is that clip from? A documentary?

No. 1202845

yes, it's from the amber vs johnny documentary on discovery plus

No. 1202908

Didn't hunter a Thompson make snuff videos

No. 1202997

God knows what else could be hidden?

No. 1203001

How the hell do you accidentally send texts to the other team? Why did they even have their contact information in the first place? This is so retarded but hey, I'm glad they shot themselves in the foot.

No. 1203010

Let's not forget about this gem nonnies.

No. 1203016

samefag. skip to 2:20 to hear the drunk talk again.

No. 1203038

But maybe not.

No. 1203039

i guess they were trying to send them (presumably zipped thru email) to each other or something and accidentally sent it to the wrong email. it was 70,000 texts so. also like when you go through efile systems or communicate with attorneys the courts typically send out the information with a list of the attorneys (at least in the US) that are all on the case when the filing system is updated but more likely than not they'd been in contact regarding mediation or settling out of court or something already before

No. 1203040

maybe, maybe it was just a disgruntled member of their firm or something. whatever the case may be, deppfans are trying to act like he turned over his phone (he never did) because these texts were acquired and that's just apparently not how that happened. oh well, couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!

No. 1203043

I’d like to think that one of them had the sense to realize that it was wrong and purposely “accidentally” sent them.

No. 1203081

>most european news media sites are happy and this alabama spectacle is finally over
Ok but what’s the verdict?

No. 1203180

>enters the room with his coloring book

No. 1203186

>gay celeb drama
>domestic violence case that could set precedence for how women are allowed to talk about their own abuse in the future
>Manson already suing ERW under the same terms because he's seen how the backlash impacted amber

I love you dumb as shit anons that think you're being cool by coming into the containment thread and talking about how "above" celeb drama you are. Retard.

No. 1203190

this, sincerely. this is horrible for women and for actually, ironically, ANYONE who cares about "free speech". all these dipshit men and women whining about free speech should be supporting amber regardless of any bones to pick w her specifically

No. 1203198

anon you are so right and i've been making this point to scrotes for weeks. If you care about freeze peach you HAVE TO support Amber. Depp has texts where he admits to being violent towards her. The ones where he tells his assistent to "placate her as we always do" after kicking her in the back on the plane comes to mind. As Rottenborn said, it takes 1 incidence of violence for her op-ed to be true. Depp can write his own op-ed if he wants. But this was never about the op-ed, this was about humiliating her again and again in public.

No. 1203199

Anyone see the Mexican style saint johnny candles on TikTok? Trying to find them again but I'm considering compiling a Depp fan cringe comp

No. 1203206

File: 1653946463151.jpg (Spoiler Image, 164.34 KB, 511x955, Screenshot_20220530-163357.jpg)

Sage for ew

No. 1203212

They agree with his views and this of those threats as whoelsome jokes. Just ignore those people and let them learn themselves.

No. 1203222

File: 1653947774231.jpg (63.51 KB, 396x841, Screenshot_20220530-165601.jpg)

No. 1203227

It was me explaining to scrote about the actual libel case that made him think depps team are wankers. He doesn't like that you could be found liable for retweeting articles now because of the titles.

Plus he didn't know Johnny was found guilty of physical abuse in UK. He's the second scrote I've put money on the outcome. If Amber is found innocent I'm up £40 lol

No. 1203232

File: 1653948995040.png (114.24 KB, 480x623, c487e01fcb81ab762cf2d567a7daa5…)

>deppsfag unironically believe this counts as republishing an article

No. 1203243

kek they have to use old photos because even the deppford wives aren't in so deep as to find current his sack of potatoes look attractive

No. 1203271

File: 1653952450496.jpeg (165.77 KB, 1291x898, 595930B9-F699-471B-9F65-804F76…)

Apparently there’s a connection between Meghan Markle and Amber Heard haters. Spoiler they’re the same and just love to shit on women.

No. 1203299

Amber's hate is being funded by Depp. Who is funding Meghan's?

No. 1203308


No. 1203309

No. 1203310

American education in action kek

No. 1203343

take this 'british bad' shit back to tranny twitter

No. 1203756

File: 1654002658342.jpg (151.11 KB, 1242x829, FT7QrPDWAAEW3BP.jpg)

Praying for the jury to have some sense today (or tomorrow?). This was another extension of his abuse and it's shameful.

No. 1203759

Finally someone said it.

No. 1203763

This is being streamed because they're celebrities, nobody would be interested if it was John vs Jane Doe.

No. 1203765

no kidding, but the judge's decision to do so was ridiculous and didn't actually adhere to the statute. it doesn't matter though, celebrities, bigwigs, these are all people who attract media attention and the way their cases are treated by the media and by people affects the potential outcome of the case and affects normal people. this case and the way amber is being treated due to the fact that it is televised is affecting DV survivors en masse.

No. 1203769

Did the result of the OJ case "affect normal people"?

No. 1203777

when do you all think the jury will be in? i don't think it will be today.
nonnie i'm sorry but you're retarded

No. 1203779

I hope Amber and Meghan become best friends

No. 1203799

there is a clear connection between these two, and it's the fact that they're both vehemently despised by obese mouth breathing uglies.

No. 1203803

I don't see it happening. Meghan and Harry seem kind of performative in their activism these days and very money oriented. It's a pity because Meghan seemed very genuine before but now she is wearing thousands of dollars worth of designer clothing and jewellery while at charity events. They also claimed to want privacy will seeking out tons of media deals. It just seems very bad taste. I'm not a Meghan hater and I want the best for her (and she gets waaaay more hate than she deserves) but the more time she spends with Harry, the more out of touch she becomes. Harry has always been useless.

Amber at least still seems very down to earth and just wants to get on with her life. She pledged her divorce money that she didn't need to and her counter suit is long overdue for the harassment she's had to put up with. She seems more quiet and genuine in her activism.

No. 1203808

Dumbest anon in the thread goes to you

No. 1203862

File: 1654008942596.jpeg (283.32 KB, 960x947, 825C1989-2EE1-4AB3-97A3-84BFA6…)

I tried it and it’s real kek

No. 1203880

Specially the tabloids. Royals or anybody associated with them has always been the favourite punching bags of Rupert Murdoch and is lackeys.

No. 1203923

File: 1654012915839.jpeg (441.94 KB, 960x1282, B73DA12C-36BA-438B-B525-839C47…)

The fact that my pickme sister hates Meghan Markle and Amber speaks volumes.

No. 1203931

how do I convince my friend that Johnny was abusive?

No. 1203933

No. 1203939

I hate Meghan Markle too.

No. 1203942

Your sister has a couple extra chromosomes and should be checked for clinical retarded hivemind disease

No. 1203950

No. 1204094

What did Meghan do wrong?

No. 1204111

People hate her for marrying Prince Harry. They accuse her of being a manipulative snake and of being fake. What is their basis for this? Absolutely nothing. It's based entirely in racism and woman-hating. There was a whole thing about Piers Morgan hating on her obsessively and being called out live by his colleagues.

No. 1204123

This. They're upset prince harry actually likes her when most celebrity and royalty relationships are so staged and fake. Men hate her because she was an escort and is treated nicely by fucking prince harry without looking unrealistic or having some bizarre over achiever resume, women hate her because they're pickmes and know that regardless of how desperate they are men will never treat them like that

No. 1204137

This is hilarious because Adam Ant has always maintained that Johnny Depp stole his look for Jack Sparrow and everyone treated it as the ramblings of a crazy old man.

No. 1204147

>Men hate her because she was an escort
Is there actually any evidence of this? I feel like "yatching girl" gets thrown at any unpopular woman in the media. The men that visit prostitutes often save photos to relive memories (disgusting I know). If she had been an escort there would be photos, wayback machine posts, old ads, etc.

No. 1204260

Didn't she admit it and make speeches about it? I remember she use to help out escorts

No. 1204265

She helped a charity make lunches for prostitutes but that was a general royal duty. I don't recall anything else and google isn't showing anything.

I'm pretty sure the firm did a background check on her before they let them marry and this would not have been allowed.

No. 1204348

File: 1654029196504.jpeg (62.03 KB, 620x533, 46E190E1-3BD1-40AF-A88A-F2CAC7…)

It’s possible to both hate Meghan and piers and also think piers is creepily in love with her and masking it as hatred. Shes just fucking annoying and fake and wears bird poop dresses and gives her daughter a stupid name.
She was never a fucking escort. Stop saying that about every female celeb. She’s just trying to connect with zoomers by being like sex work is real work!

No. 1204359

there's really no reason to hate her.

No. 1204363

nta. I agree but I don't think her and Harry are very likeable these days.

No. 1204367

The concept of monarchy is stupid and it's legit to hate royals. People who obssessively hate on Meghan Markles are usually just misogynists tho

No. 1204368

File: 1654029719056.png (99.79 KB, 545x568, depp motion.PNG)

so anyways the losers in depp's camp recently filed a motion to strike "inappropriate argument" during closing statements because they know when rottenborn said that finding heard liable would have, essentially, chilling effects on DV survivors and people who speak out on basically anything, given how absolutely lukewarm and general, and already written under the advisement of an attorney her op-ed was, he was right and it is fucking scary and ridiculous. they're claiming
>Depp’s team says it improperly invites jury to focus on larger social issue.

they themselves know the trickle down effect that depp is causing for women or victims of anything, really, by filing this. they're so fucking scummy and the argument was in no way inappropriate.

No. 1204372

Who does everyone think will win? Obviously Amber should win but there is a high chance the jury are stupid and might favour Depp. The previous case was decided by a judge and not a jury.

No. 1204379

i really have no clue. there's really no way to ascertain which way the wind will blow but americans are retarded (i'm american) and lack foresight, plus the obvious depp astroturfing and pro-depp hysteria gives me the idea he might win. americans are really fucking stupid.

No. 1204395

File: 1654030500637.png (89.14 KB, 522x550, azacarte.PNG)

lmao rekt. the judge refused to hear the motion (not based on it being bullshit but because "it's in the jury's hands now"). depp attorneys are obviously getting nervous but idk what that means about how the jury is actually feeling.

No. 1204399

The British Royal family all support human trafficking (no one has called out Andrew). Both Harry and Megan are trashy. You guys sound no different than fatsy JD stans by implying that Megan is an alright person and that Harry's opinions on humans in his life are relevant.

No. 1204403

>It's based entirely in racism and woman-hating
Lol eat my entire fucking ass. You know nothing about any of us

No. 1204414

Many people hate Meghan because she is American. Also she named her daughter after the queen and still uses the Sussex titles, despite wanting to expose and cut off the royal family. She wants to have her cake and eat it. I think she expected to be the next Princess Diana. There are many reasons to dislike her yet people just think if you don't like her, you are racist. Nobody cares about them anymore anyway.

No. 1204418

open your own meghan hate thread, no one cares about the royala this much except pathetic autistic people

No. 1204424

This. Like why are you trying to shoehorn that she’s an escort when there’s never at any point been any actual proof of this.

No. 1204429

> It's based entirely in racism
hate to keep derailing but I hate the fact you can't dislike a black person without people pulling the you are racist card

No. 1204435

File: 1654031800298.png (418.34 KB, 537x527, cred.PNG)

and so it begins. best bud of johnny's and already admitted abuser Marilyn Manson's many cases of SA, domestic abuse, etc, are having difficulty sticking criminally due to "credibility issues" of the victims. this is fucking insane. depp supporters are legitimate demons for enabling and creating this. as soon as marilyn saw the backlash against amber he started suing, and now we're getting reports on criminal cases that the victims are not "credible"

No. 1204436

What's good about this jury is it has to be a unanimous decision. So if one person doesn't agree with the rest that's it. A lot of legal professionals think Amber will win. The recordings clearly allow us all to hear there were domestic incidents. Plus the verdict of the UK trial.

No. 1204440

I honestly believe they were both abusive and toxic as each other. But no matter what the verdict, Johnny has won in the court of public opinion and Amber has lost.

No. 1204445

retard take

No. 1204450

I really don't think so. There was the UK trial and he was found guilty on 12 charges of physical abuse. He'll forever be a punchline now regardless of the outcome.

No. 1204452

if you say so kek

No. 1204455

He's won for now. But there will be a "reframing Amber" doc in a few years and stupid people will finally get it.

No. 1204547

How is hating traffickers bad? Stop comparing Amber to Megan you pervert.

No. 1204550

His career is over so he already lost, he's only bringing Amber down with him. Even the fat old white trash deppwhores use his old pictures to lust after him, even women he obviously wouldn't touch with a stick acknowledge his looks are gone. His looks were all he had. It's over.

No. 1204553

Has she proven to traffick? First you said she was an escort, then just annoying and fake. None of the anons above said they disliked her because she harmed women and you didn't provide proof either. If you're right I take my statement bacj but most of her haters are obviously racist jealous women and men.

No. 1204556

Show me proof Amber was abusive and I'll defend your (bad) take. If you haven't got any then maybe you should just admit you hate Amber Heard.

No. 1204563

Nta but anon is right because most misogynistic retards painted depp as the victim in such way a normie could believe. Not a normie man though, men are very much aware a weak woman can't abuse them but dumb women are getting tricked into coddling men more. They're literally acting like a victim coming out is trauma to the abuser. Makes no sense.

No. 1204567

It's interesting that a lot of women supporting Depp are trauma victims themselves. It's like they've formed a new trauma bond with Depp. They ignore all the abusive things they hear and only focus on the good to the point that it's ridiculous.

No. 1204571

They're not victims. A victim wouldn't make videos dancing to the sound of a woman describing their how she was raped with a bottle. They literally did that.
They're women who love to act misogynistic and shit on actual abused women and when someone calls them out, they bring up how their ex-bf or mother once called them ugly so now they totally know what's valid and what's not.
I've talked to some and they're the same redditor mindset that accuses anyone of being abusive the moment they didn't coddle them and validate their delusions.

No. 1204574

I don't mean they are all victims but I see a lot of comments along the lines of "I was in an abusive relationship and I didn't like Amber. She's lying!!!!"

No. 1204579

Yeah I get it but most of those women weren't in abusive relationships from what I've heard and read from their own posts. Anyone who went through a traumatic experience that would actually be a bit suspicious and they definitely wouldn't trust anything a man says like those deppwives do. They wouldn't mock women like that because they'd have experienced something similar.
There are a lot of mentally ill sadistic women and men and they love to make up sob stories just so they can continue attacking actual abuse victims. I bet none of those women were raped or beaten by their so called abusive boyfriends to the extent Amber was, they're just exaggerating so they seem more experienced and get away with mocking Amber.

No. 1204588

File: 1654037458505.jpeg (201.97 KB, 822x557, 98599FFE-5B7F-46DC-8179-BB804A…)

the worst type of pick-me

No. 1204595

this is not that bad, ive seen way worse.
I think the depp defenders who were saying they wanted johnny to rape them or who were also manson supporters were way worse.

No. 1204610

Not liking her style =/= having a legit reason to hate her

No. 1204748


Most women are victims, don't be stupid. Even the ones who sell you down the river. #MeToo

No. 1204750

these wowan are all lying maybe even bots i have seen the same sentence way too much

No. 1204751

who fucking cares. People do cringey dumb shit like this all the time and send it to their partners. Fuck off with this shit.

No. 1204752

he got a new vpn kek, he spams this in every amber johnny threads. Wait and he will get banned again.

No. 1204754

Men have the weirdest fucking worldview i swear… i imagine a bunch a FEMINIST DESTROYED meme sound effect playing in his mind as he posted that.

No. 1204756

lol he said that he was here since the first amber johnny threads in a post here when this thread was made, but based mods delete his posts.
The first thread was made a month ago so its kinda sad/pathetic that he has been camping here that long.

No. 1204757

Do anons think the dog made the shit almost the same size as itself?

No. 1204761

Yes I've had a yorkie

No. 1204764

vet says yorkie shat bed before, depp has shat bed before and been cleaned by his assistants after drug binges, texts entered into evidence show depp telling his assistant to shit on floor for amber to find and UK judge said it would make no sense for amber to shit the bed because she was the one staying there and would have only hurt herself. Shut the fuck up. Some of you play into abuser tricks so easily it's embaressing.

No. 1204766

Why do people take nudes in front of their pets? Leave the dog out of your debauchery, damn it.

No. 1204767

you sound unhinged

No. 1204772

>texts entered into evidence show depp telling his assistant to shit on floor for amber to find
I knew I saw that at some point! All this fuss about Amber shitting a bed when there was explicit evidence Depp told his assistant to do a gross prank like that. Do you happen to have a video that shows this segment or screenshot? I wanted to show someone a couple days ago but couldn’t find it again

No. 1204777

If Amber really is a full blown dyke that just makes her even more extremely based. Inshallah Debt loses this case and what's left of his decaying life force.

No. 1204784

I've been thinking the yorkie probably didn't even do it, it was probably Depp or his assistant.

No. 1204785

why are you posting this like it's an own when she is literally just referencing something he wrote? (that "I WANT. I NEED. I TAKE" cringe shit.) she even emulated his schizophrenic way of writing. big whoop, a woman under the sway of a manipulative violent narcissist who had yet to break out of the toxic relationship took a topless selfie with some words he himself said. total smoking gun, am i right ladies?

No. 1204820

So Amber… is lying?

No. 1204827

The yorkie is Amber's theory but nobody claims to have seen it poop. It was found by cleaning staff.

No. 1204834

can you post articles of this?

No. 1204835

depp isn't going to fuck you, fatty

No. 1204846

File: 1654057794631.jpg (119.28 KB, 1080x820, Screenshot_2022-05-31-23-27-25…)

The absolute brainrot

No. 1204860

can't belive people are shipping him with Johnny, like isn't she married to some other dude, must be tough for her husband seeing people make edits of Johnny depp fucking his wife

No. 1204870

>most women are vicrims
Lol no. Some women can be privileged enough to not have been a victim of physical and sexual abuse, not all women get abused severely. They're still victims of misogynistic society and misogyny but they're not domestic violence victims. That's not the same thing.

No. 1204873

Deppwhores have such brainrot they assume any woman won't wants to hear with him, this is disrespectful but I'm not surprised. Though I dont think husband would mind because his wife probably earnt a ton of money and fame because of this case.

No. 1204877

Men don't come forward because they'll be humiliated if they do. Most male victims are also gay or straight man who got assaulted by gay men. %99 men who get raped or severely physically abused are victims of other men, not women and honestly it further proves men are violent, even against each other.

No. 1204888

Oh god, here we go again. I almost cried watching Evan Rachel Wood choke back tears as she described the horrific shit Manson did to her. She doesn't deserve this.

No. 1204889

who fucking cares? Men only bring up male victims to derail female victims. Men have the power in society, so they have the power to help other men. It's not women's fault you guys like rape and violence so much

No. 1204897

What's with his scat obsession??

No. 1204900

easy way to humiliate a woman and kill her sex appeal. Like most men, Depp thinks being juvenile is funny. Also see: >>1204899

No. 1204903

File: 1654060831360.jpeg (86.9 KB, 859x859, 5F14B9F3-300A-4EDD-963D-F7B22B…)

I will never understand why people think this woman with her veneered horse-length teeth is attractive.

No. 1204905

she's not ugly or attractive either, she's unironically mid

No. 1204915

File: 1654061127077.jpeg (39.19 KB, 680x392, 093EDCEC-45AE-4F85-BA63-253A0D…)


No. 1204920

She's OK looking but even depp defender men admit Amber is more beautiful, they're only calling her pretty to make Amber feel bad as if a woman who's gotten abused would care if thr lawyer is cute or not, kek. Depp defenders all have self-image issues because they're all ugly so they think Amber will get upset at the same insults they do.
Men do get raped and it's quite often. I wish the retarded faggots came forward because men can only care for issues that can affect them, if men knew how rampant male on male rape of violence was, maybe they'd care more about rape victims because they'd realize there's a chance one day they'll become one. But noooo male victims would rather keep it a secret even though when they do that, it means there'll be future victims of their abusers.
Men will cry and scream to women and accuse them of being liars because we didn't go to the cops 5 minutes later the event but none of them are brave enough to report their own experiences. They're projecting.

No. 1204923

no one said men don't get raped. Stop worrying so much about them.

No. 1204925

weak ass bait

No. 1204927

What the fuck is wrong with you? Anon is right.

No. 1204928

Likely projecting from his insecurity of the fact that his team has to regularly clean up his feces like the pathetic alcoholic that he is

No. 1204930

samefag wk men elsewhere

No. 1204931

Why are you derailing this thread to harp on about male rape? No one here cares.

No. 1204934

I wasn’t that anon, but anon was literally just making a counterpoint to someone trying to say that only women get assaulted. Don’t act retarded when it’s relevant.

No. 1204936

I know, I'm just mad at them for not reporting and also blaming female rape victims for not taking actions when most male victims don't take action either.

No. 1204937

are you retarded? Where in >>1204889 does it say only women get raped? Deppfags are fully braindead.

No. 1204939

I'm the anon who made the long post and someone had mentioned male rape victims and I made my post for that. Most male victims are also victims of men although men like to pretend otherwise but the original post is deleted either by mod or the moid himself.

No. 1204942

I don’t see why they are flying off the handle about that. It was obvious to me that you weren’t a deppfag and it’s poignant that men also systemically carry out abuse against other men, especially when they are children. It doesn’t make you a handmaid to point out that men are too afraid to come forward when being abused for the exact system they themselves put in place and perpetuate.

No. 1204943

men everywhere thank you for this service

No. 1204948

Thank you anon. There was a male poster here a few minutes ago which is probably why anons are a bit tense and easy to assume you're a male or handmaiden. I made my post to point out that all abusers are males, even if the victim is male. Men act like women systemically abuse them which literally never happens, lol.

No. 1204949

>texts entered into evidence show depp telling his assistant to shit on floor for amber to find
Can someone post this?

No. 1204950

Do you seriously think men are unaware of the fact men rape other men? They are fully aware they just don't care. Men only care about things that impact their lives. They're not stupid children, they just act like it.

No. 1204952

Also, in the much lesser cases that women themselves are the abusers—I bet the authentic statistic would show that they were themselves violently abused as children. The cycle is perpetuated by males and we are all very aware of that here. I thought the point you were making was holding up a mirror—if you want to cry wolf at women you need to know what you yourselves as a gender have done and continue to contribute to by making a mockery out of victims etc

No. 1204956

Circle of abuse is a lie men tell, stop. Most women get abused in their childhood but become fully functioning adults, men use that logic to still accuse us abused women of being broken and potentially abusive when in reality, most abusive men have good or ok childhoods they're just aggressive and entitled. Your logic is so damaging to actual victims.

No. 1204989

It’s not a lie? No one is saying all women who are abused abuse others. If you would actually read my comment, I said in the small statistic of women who actually do carry out abuse. No one said it’s an all-encompassing thing. You need to relax.

No. 1204995

File: 1654064232661.png (223.23 KB, 570x354, 89038210938290.png)

Found it, it was in Depp's cross-examination

No. 1204997

This is so similar to what he accused her of it really makes me think one of his people planted it

No. 1205000

The fact that people purposefully ignore this like it wasn’t blatantly obvious that he did that to humiliate her and make him feel better about how pathetic he is

No. 1205003

File: 1654064570539.png (52.75 KB, 369x639, 5490385093485034.png)

I recommend this page for a massive list of Depp's confirmed issues and resources that cut through all the bullshit

No. 1205157

why are deppfags so terminally unhinged to only able to play connect the dots with ambers past? how can we be so eager to turn a 360 on the progress made regarding awareness of rampant corruption and coercion within the parameters of high society (epstein, weinstein etc etc)? amber literally testified that yes, she has seen people lie in order to protect those in positions of power, after all we've learnt how can you not believe her? granted the average joe is so low iq they simply cannot comprehend how the world can bend to those who have the ability to demand it do just as such. i feel so injusticed for amber and ive never EVER been able to sympathise with the rich and famous for said reasons. ot but this case has made it so obvious how collectively hated women still are, people genuinely blamed the body language/expression of jada pinkett smith for her moid making the decision to physically assault another person? are we truly going to pander to and infantilise men forever? its fucking over for women, its just fucking over

No. 1205176

men are fucking babies and their undying devotion to the idea they have it so so much harder than anyone else(!!!) is absolutely pitiful. i guarantee adult men would still nurse on the teet of their mothers if they could

No. 1205243

Her husband must be so proud she got fame champion for the rights of a herion addict to pass out and be destructive in private. She practically wept in her closing statement about the violation of take a photo of Depp while he was passed out then mocked someone's rape story. "love the way you hug that druggie in the courtroom love. It must be so hard for him now the party's over and everyone will be scrutinising his drug use in the future uwu"

No. 1205275

she looks better when she smiles bc you cant tell how much her teeth stick out and make her look ratty. not to be a petty bitch but she's an awful person so it's warranted

No. 1205281

If Amber had shit in his bed then, he should have found it funny and not abusive. He can't have it both ways.

No. 1205286

he was out of town anyways. the day before the dog was having bowel issues and actually shit on johnny accidentally. apparently the dog has had issues with their bowels for a long time. either way it makes no sense for amber to have done it because it was on her side of the bed and he was not even there to see it or sleep there, he was already out of town. at best, johnny and his moronic poop-centric humor would indicate he'd be the one to plant it, but realistically the dog probably just pooped on the bed like dogs do, especially when ill

No. 1205287

I absolutely don't believe it was Amber but Johnny can't defend his texts with his sense of humour and then pretend he was an abuse victim when it actually happened.

No. 1205288

This would be the obvious choice if he didn’t already conspire to accuse her of shitting like an animal via texts

No. 1205292

true, either way, amber isn't culpable but retards are gonna retard so hard that they won't acknowledge literally any of his communications or behaviors. he's remarkably pathetic in his 50s to be this obsessed with shit. honestly probably a scatfag or something the way he is so fucking hyperfixated on shit and thinks him shitting himself constantly is nbd

No. 1205298

so true and also male dv victims get humiliated by other men its male on male violence but they try to blame woman

No. 1205318

And when men do get raped by a woman, for example a female teacher, they make disgusting jokes about it, like "brooo where were teachers like this when I was in high school", etc. Men are terminally brain damaged and shouldn't be taken seriously. They only bring up male rape/DV victims when it's to bring down other women and dismiss their experiences.

No. 1205357

This. They think male child sex abuse victims are lucky if the abuse is female and faggots if the abuser is male. Men bully men the most and they only bring up male victims when they want to minimize a woman's abuse.

No. 1205414

lawtube can't figure out why the jury doesn't have any answer yet, they're like "it's so obvious johnny was wronged" lol. if they actually read the jury instructions they'd see a few of those questions take some debate

No. 1205421

I don't understand why people keep saying it's so oBvIouS. For them, it's ambiguous at best and in Amber's favour at worst. Or do they just hate her and think she's a bitch so much that it negates any and all evidence against him?

No. 1205425

File: 1654091818476.png (381.05 KB, 718x601, asmongold.PNG)

This sweaty rat-face scrote keeps coming up in my recommended and I keep having to "don't recommend this channel" him.

No. 1205435

My mother slut shamed me for getting molested as a kid. Once I was complaining to my dad about it and he told me that she got raped at gun point once and she moved on so I should too. Tbh I think minimum 60% of women are victims

No. 1205437

Hot take but this is why I genuinely think that men (straight ones at least) can't be raped by women. They can easily overpower one and always brag about it later, so it's not really rape.

No. 1205445

A literal spoiled brat. Depp has a lot of issues and it's clear as day, anyone who has had a relationship with someone like him will know how easily they turn abusive (and he has tons of money and personal assistants, so he feels even more in control). Deppfags are so delusional, they're still seriously drooling over him because of the pirate movies.

No. 1205446

kek i thought the people watching with xqc were bad but literally who wants this balding wow incel's opinion on anything

No. 1205485

The problem is that you can't separate physically violent rape and other rape types (because all rape by definition is violent and because it makes some rapes seem less bad than others). Most guys can't experience physically violent rape types in the same way women do because a woman fighting back does nothing but a man fighting back will very likely push her away (unless he freezes up mentally and can't move). Putting aside physical size, men can still be drugged, manipulated, tricked, have someone in a place of authority take advantage of them (e.g. teacher and teenager) or be victims of child abuse.

There's definitely a reason that women raping men is much rarer but it's not completely impossible. Men definitely act like it's a much more common issue than it is and ignore how common male on female rape is in comparison.

No. 1205516

This is true unless it's statutory rape like he's a minor or mentally retarded and the woman in question is raping him because he can't consent or too easy to overpower. %99,99 rapes against men are commited by other men.

No. 1205533

The biggest mystery to me about this whole thing is how I have not heard a single person mention the meat. There was a point in the trial when rottenborn brought up the time when depp tore up ambers clothes and tied the shreds around pieces of meat and left them everywhere. It had about 2 seconds of air time (although I only started watching the trial in the last week or two so idk if he already mentioned it before) but I had to pause the video to wtf about it for several minutes. Because seriously, what the fuck is that? And yet no one, not one person seems to have heard that but me. Why did he do that? It sounds like some kind of vague but insidious act of sexism, only I can’t suss out what the actual message is.

No. 1205537

I don't think it has to have a message, some people are just crazy.

No. 1205542

>It's based entirely in racism and woman-hating
congrats on regurgitating her PR team's campaign line, as if this must be the only explanation for people hating her as opposed to her being a proven liar and celebritizing herself as a woke uwu victim all while being a duchess.

No. 1205556

Never heard of it but found this clip (skip to 0:36).

No. 1205645

Most people should never be allowed to be parents. I'm sorry anon. Women are supposed to be the "empathetic" sex (I know it's a just a stereotype but still) but this case really revealed how many are mentally fucked up. As someone who was abused I really thoughts other survivors would rally around her, but it's been digusting to see so many take Depp's side.

No. 1205685

Anon, they both are lying cokeheads and they have both lost, neither will win. There will be never another case about this hopefully ever again, he has lost his career, she’s back to mediocre, nothing of value has been lost. Even the media hates them both and no sane person cares about johnny. I know this thread tries to cape for her and it’s good, but useless, as useless as johnny’s bloated corpse.

No. 1205700

apparently the verdict is going to be announced at 3pm EST. I’m nervous.

No. 1205713


No. 1205716

No. 1205800

Livestream, verdict in 35 mins

No. 1205804

I have no hope that she will win. The jury has been seeing John fans crowding the court every single day, they know what side public opinion is on. I just feel sick, this is going to make things worse for so many women.

No. 1205806

I won't be surprised if it turns out for the worst, but fingers crossed. Also kek at that image

No. 1205817

I think Junky Debt will win sadly, I hope I’m wrong. If he does, I’ll be praying for female survivors who are affected by this vile case.

No. 1205821

I have a bad feeling about it too. I hate juries as I don't trust the intelligence of the average person, especially in DV and celebrity cases where the stupidity is heightened.

No. 1205832

At the very least once this is over, it's over. Even if Amber loses she doesn't have to go to court for another day and keep dragging it out. Plus John aired so much of his own dirty laundry during this trial (including talking under oath about being fucked up on set) so it's not like his career can just bounce back, no matter what public opinion is.

No. 1205833

unless someone appeals

No. 1205839

File: 1654108922333.webm (149.14 KB, 480x480, ahhhhhhhh.webm)

Don't make me think about that please

No. 1205846

JD is not at the courthouse for the verdict kek him and his team on suicide watch

No. 1205849

Doesn't he have to be there within an hour of the verdict but not for the verdict being read?

Is he still in the UK?

No. 1205851


No. 1205852

No, only the lawyers need to be there

No. 1205856

i feel sick

No. 1205859


No. 1205861

Fingers crossed, ladies…

No. 1205862


No. 1205863

Why do I feel nervous lol

No. 1205864

I know she's going to lose because there's no justice in this world but god it hurts so bad to have to watch it happen.

No. 1205865

File: 1654109823110.jpg (131.91 KB, 1638x2048, 1204045.jpg)

Cast your spells! Summoning skinny lana!

No. 1205866


No. 1205867

Amber is there but Debt couldn't be arsed to come back even tho this whole trial was HIS idea. God I hope he loses and dies

No. 1205871

i want her to win if for no reason other than this

No. 1205874

Agree and also because I want all those deppfags who shat up my social media feeds to seethe.

No. 1205876

here we fucking goooo

No. 1205879

Inshallah, noni.
Lanas spells aren't strong. Didn't she hex Trump but he still manage to win?

No. 1205880

Reminder that Depp is a loser who likes frivolous lawsuits.


>Depp’s case centers largely on the claim that he was kept clueless until it was too late, despite the fact that, besides himself, the only person who had the power to authorize new expenditures was his sister Christi. The Mandels have produced a series of e-mails and notes that undermine Depp’s argument. In 2008, Depp was intent on purchasing a house adjacent to his property in the Hollywood Hills. Mandel suggested it wasn’t a great time to buy the house, but it could happen if other cuts were made. Depp wrote back, “We must buy this house.”

>In the same e-mail, he simultaneously chastised Mandel for sending him hefty packets with too much information and expressed complete confusion at how his finances were run.

>There are more signs Depp knew his situation was chronically precarious. Mandel wrote to him again in 2008, as the Great Recession was hitting, about his financial shortcomings. In the same e-mail where Depp insisted on buying the Hollywood Hills house, he said he would talk to his agent, and Bloom, his lawyer, and rectify things: “I will call Tracey and Jake and prepare them to make some ludicrous deals to refill the glass and make it fucking overflow.”

>A TMG staffer was tasked with trying to moderate Depp’s spending on his various homes. In January 2009, Depp contacted Mandel and demanded that the staffer be taken off his account immediately because he was restricting his spending. Later that year, according to Mandel’s notes submitted into evidence, Mandel suggested they meet to discuss his financial situation that had further deteriorated because Depp had taken much of the previous 12 months off. But Christi called Mandel back the next day

No. 1205881

They didn't complete the forms properly??

No. 1205883

Recess, jury are retarded and didn't fill form correctly. Sounds like they found defamatory statements though

No. 1205884

the jurors didn't fill out the compensatory or punitive damages, so they have to go back and fill it in
but that means one of them won

No. 1205889

that means one of them won aaaaaaaaaaaa i'm shitting bricks

No. 1205892

Did she claim he made defamatory statements? I mossed that part. I thought she was just countersuing for him basically stalking her

No. 1205894

Based hosts calling them both attention whores
Amber should be the one who should win though

No. 1205895

I remember hearing that he'd bought a loft apartment in a building near my old neighborhood in LA, but he never lived there. Weird shit.

No. 1205896

she sued him back for the organised defamation campain with the bots and shit

No. 1205897

Jury confirmed as dumb. Not looking good.

No. 1205898

She is alleging that Waldman made defamatory statements against and since he was Johnny's lawyer at the time, he was acting as his spokesperson

No. 1205899

why the fuck would anyone want this kind of attention? People are threatening to microwave her baby

No. 1205901

Maybe it was a cocaine apartment like John Mulaney's secret "writing" apartment separate from his wife's

No. 1205902

Maybe they didn't fill out the damages because they didn't find any lol

No. 1205904

One of them won??????

No. 1205906


No. 1205909


No. 1205910

who cares? the trial is about defamation not allegations of abuse. johnny did abuse her and is a shit bag, but she also did intentionally defame him (in b4 uwu she didn't name him, everyone knew who it was about) either way hope they both fall off the face of the earth ready for this dumbass trial to be over

No. 1205916

If he abused her it is not defamation tho??? It's defamation when the allegations (of abuse in this case) are lies

No. 1205917

There was no malice in her statements. She should be allowed to tell her own story. He was found guilty on 12 account of physical abuse in UK

No. 1205920

Not defamation if he actually abused her tardo

No. 1205922

In Virginia (where the case is taking place), you can sue someone for defamation by implication

No. 1205924

>if you're abused by a man at any point and it becomes public knowledge, you are not allowed to ever talk about being abused at any point in your life or you can be sued
Only big brin thoughts here

No. 1205926

Ok? the implication is that he abused her. he did. what are you on about

No. 1205928

VA has the most retarded SLAPP laws in the country which is why is lawyers picked there

No. 1205929

I feel sick and I'm not sure if it's because of that undercooked burger I ate earlier or worried for the future of feminism

No. 1205930

Maybe the jury didn’t fill out the forms right because amber won. I personally only thought they had to do it if Johnny won bc I swear that’s what I’ve been seeing/hearing everywhere. Or maybe I am sped too

No. 1205931

I meant that you can sue someone for defaming you without naming the person. I am not saying she was not abused, retard

No. 1205933


johnny depp is never going to fuck you

No. 1205934

Virginia was picked because it's where the servers of the Washington Post are located, it's where they published the article

No. 1205936

You were saying she defamed JD. If he abused her the op-ed was not defamation, by implication or otherwise.

No. 1205937

Kek this sent me that’s exactly what the voice in my head has been screaming all morning.

No. 1205938

Gg you managed to be more retarded than depp whores

No. 1205939

No. 1205940

File: 1654110896711.gif (1.07 MB, 220x175, cool-foldable-chair.gif)

Just here to see the results

No. 1205941

lose weight

No. 1205942

Uncooked burger is fine it’s just tartar. You’re worrying for the future of feminism.

No. 1205943

And it conveniently has easier defamation laws. He's not suing the post. Notably.

No. 1205944


No. 1205945

They are both shitflinging idiots and need a cocaine overdose but depp needs a bottle up his ass

No. 1205948

uncooked burger and tartar are not the same. tartar is chopped up steak. ground beef is actually riskier to eat underdone than steak tartar.

No. 1205950

How bad can it really be if she loses?

No. 1205951

What is wrong with having her as the face of feminism?

No. 1205952


you seem mad that defending a scrote online won't get you fucked. sad.

No. 1205954

One anon said that and everyone mocked her. We are worried about the repercussions on women and victims of abuse in the future.

No. 1205955


No. 1205957

Here we goooooooooo (pt. 2)

No. 1205958


You know, I wondered why WaPo wasn't sued as a part of this. Wouldn't get have some liability (civil suit wise) for being the platform that published the ~misinformation~?

No. 1205960

This, there is already report of women who are retracting their DV cases against their abusive exes because of this trial.

No. 1205962


It's going live now.

No. 1205963

I've been eating raw ground beef since I was little and never had any issues. Anon's fine as long as the meat is fresh.

No. 1205964

it's happening nonnies. so scared

No. 1205965

Thanks anon, I saw the other posts just as I hit "new reply" kek

No. 1205967

I wish I could do that to be honest, unfortunately where I live that make you go forward once you've reported it or else you get in trouble.

No. 1205968

She lost

No. 1205969

johnny won

No. 1205970

She lost the first statement

No. 1205971

cope and seethe

No. 1205972

he fucking won i wanna barf

No. 1205973

men will never like you

No. 1205974

Gay, thought this would happen. Praying for Amber-chan

No. 1205975

So I don't like the jury

No. 1205977

holy SHIT. watching live right now. i honestly did not think Amber would be proven guilty. We're not done yet but LOL I'm shocked (in a good way)

No. 1205978

we're never making it out the patriarchy

No. 1205979

Answer: Yes.

No. 1205980

she should appeal

No. 1205982

Look at the positives anons, regardless of who wins at least we'll never have to see this again

No. 1205983

I've lost £40, load of shite. Glad I'm not American they seem to really hate women

No. 1205985

File: 1654111386486.png (436.01 KB, 785x438, amber.png)

No. 1205986

i heard that Manson is already trying to sue after seeing this trial, idk if that’s true I know nothing about him. I do know that this case absolutely will embolden abusers to harass their victims with court and if everyone continues to believe Johnny victims will be fucked because most of them won’t have anything near the evidence heard does. It is already extremely hard to get abusers prosecuted even with photo evidence of bad physical abuse, if they are their sentences are usually laughably short, from mere days to just a few years.

It’s also just another awful blow alongside Roe v Wade

No. 1205987

I fucking hate living in America.

No. 1205988

She lost on everything

No. 1205989

did you forget about manson suing evan rachel wood? this is just gonna happen more and more

No. 1205990

How does it feel to hate women?

No. 1205991

smells like unwashed balls in here

No. 1205992

I'm not surprised but I'm still disappointed

No. 1205993

I hate this planet.

No. 1205994

I was joking about anon saying "Johnny will not fuck you".

No. 1205996

Justice is served

No. 1205997

Came to the thread to see anons talk about the veredict.
Did she lose? Not surprised but i feel
kind of bad for her…

No. 1205998

OJ won too and no one believes him now.

No. 1205999

This is horrid

No. 1206000

I hate this world but I love you anons

No. 1206001

i'm so done with society. just want to go live in the woods

No. 1206003

Well fuck. This is really disappointing. I’m scared for women.

No. 1206004

Michael Jackson won too

No. 1206005

nonnies this doesn't change the evidence. He still can't prove shit.

No. 1206006

File: 1654111513628.jpg (3.08 KB, 182x136, c1c7b30f230ff58c.jpg)

jury has been watching tiktoks

No. 1206009

5 million dollars in damages

No. 1206011

I don't feel sorry for BPD thots like Amber, she is just making things harder for women who are real victims, now she has made it easier for all men to get away with real domestic violence.

No. 1206012

If the bed has shit you must acquit

No. 1206014

Yeah, she did.

No. 1206015

people still worship the ground he walks on

No. 1206016

He's a man, of course he was going to win. The law hates abused women. Death to all wretched men.

No. 1206017

She was never going to win but that doesn’t make it any less disappointing. Just paving a red carpet for abusers to torment who they’ve abused some more.

No. 1206018

>celebrity trial

No. 1206019

This. Why did he only sue Amber Heard if it was about defamation?
Anyway, this verdict isn't surprising. Powerful Hollywood man succeeds in punishing woman for speaking out and not being a perfect victim, nothing new

No. 1206020

It's 15 mill

No. 1206021

typical bpd shit

No. 1206024

Exactly. Celebrities can win easier, especially if they manipulate public opinion (like OJ did). That doesn't mean they get away with no consequences forever.

No. 1206025

Happy World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day!

No. 1206027

wait wait are they saying she won her counter suit?

No. 1206028

Well, if justice looks like this then I'll never ever be with a moid again. I hate this.

No. 1206030

Why are you guys making this a gender thing? Female jury female judge

No. 1206031

She's winning this part

No. 1206032

I feel bad for all the women who can be sued now for vaguely alluding to having been abused

No. 1206035

You are a moron

No. 1206036

I still think they were as bad as each other. but this is going to make it even harder for women to be believed.

No. 1206037

fuck off

No. 1206038

I can't say I'm surprised but I am disappointed. We can't say anything against any man who has any power or fans because the simps and women who hate other women will always come to the rescue. I hate the world.

No. 1206039

you don't care about 'real victims' neither

No. 1206040

So now that it's over is the thread going to get locked or is it going to be open to discuss the aftermath?
Just wondering, since anons constantly talked about how this would affect future trials and stuff

No. 1206041

Can Amber declare bankruptcy and not pay?

No. 1206042

I wish JKR would say something supportive for Amber.

No. 1206043

Some of you sure love your victims to be perfect, huh

No. 1206044

I'm glad it is all over to be honest

No. 1206045

and all the domestic abuse victims who would like to be able to talk, even in vague terms, about what happened to them

No. 1206046

No. 1206047

Blaming her. You’re not very smart.

No. 1206049

Anyone else worried about her safety? Depp stans are clearly deranged. I hope she has somewhere safe to stay.

No. 1206051

It's not about Amber being such a horrible woman that it's difficult to believe other women. This verdict means that men can now sue women for vaguely alluding to having been abused.

No. 1206052

lol why jkr?

No. 1206053

Posting your metoo story online just got even more dangerous. This is tragic.

No. 1206054

Lololol she is so fucked for lying over and over again. Good thing she can always find another weird rapist Hollywood faggot to fuck

No. 1206055

You're angry at her for getting sued after vaguely complaining in some tabloid nobody gives a shit about?

No. 1206059

Here comes #mentoo

No. 1206061

Exactly. Guess we all have to sit down and shut up like it's the 1800s still. What a bleak ending.

No. 1206062

At this point I don’t care if the country burns and men should choke on their own blood. This will fuel in my quest to be as cold as possible to every man until the day they let me down into the ground for the last fucking time. I’ll put the fucking orange back up there and watch him get us nuked. No country for women no country for men either asshats. Look forward to the day I see the papers and Depp has od like the waste of space he is.

No. 1206063

File: 1654111953282.png (223.14 KB, 500x470, 1646418551096.png)

>xy chromosome

No. 1206064

Is Elon paying for child support?

No. 1206066

im not angry but i get why johnny did it. he lost over 50 million in roles

No. 1206067

Evan Rachel Wood is going to be next.

No. 1206068

So now can we sue every man who claims to be a victim of abuse

No. 1206070

Reported for scrote

No. 1206071

She lied.

No. 1206072

Maybe we’ll get the old women back who ask how heavy the problem is

No. 1206073

Coming soon: Moids posting cropped screenshots of angry text messages by their exes as "evidence" they never abused them, with "Remember Johnny Depp?" kek

No. 1206074

Not because of a tiny article nobody gave a shit about or knew of, until his lawyers decided to blow it up and say it's about Depp. He lost roles because he's an alcoholic drug addict who is impossible to work with.

No. 1206075

the jury had 5 men compared to 2 women retard

No. 1206077

No he lost them because he’s a piece of shit addict and he’s probably going to get rung out by Disney

No. 1206078

Johnny is a useless alcoholic faggot he wouldn't have had those roles anyway

No. 1206079

Well that sucks. I haven't paid attention to this entire thing but he's still guilty. But really, they're both psycho.
Hope with this wrap up the 4chan and kohl moids can fuck off back where they came from

No. 1206080

Yeah but I think the worst part is coming now. All the moids who now won't shut up about mAlE aBuSe VicTims and people will be dragging her even more and play the "haaa gotchaa" card and gloat about it. Regardless of how people feel about Amber, it's a sad day for feminism and female abuse victims.

No. 1206081

Onision is already saying he's exactly like Depp and trying to get sympathy

No. 1206082

your mixing things up. until the article he had contracts and lost them because of her

No. 1206085

At this point I hope the jury is investigated and if they find they were present on any social media platform before or during the trial it should be in violation of their oath.

No. 1206086

We should have never given them attention now e-scrotes think it will get us. Luckily nobody cares irl.

No. 1206088

This and tbh there is a very narrow type of roles that he's good at. He's very overhyped as an actor. Without his good looks he's nothing. I hope he celebrates his big win tonights and finally dies of an overdose while on stage with fucking jeff beck.

No. 1206089

Only after he blew up the article himself. Nobody knew it was about him until his lawyers said it was. He cancelled himself.

No. 1206091

Yes, but she defamed him more. He got labeled an abuser and lost lots of expensive movie roles.

No. 1206093

ya'll complaining about how this hurts feminism when real feminism is acknowledging that men do get abused too and women need to be treated equal when they do abuse
if anything compared to male abusers she's getting off easy

stay malding, cope, seethe, dialate, etc, she lost

No. 1206094

If you truly believe JD had nothing to do with ruining his own career and losing that money through his consistent substance abuse and lack of professionalism, and that Amber's vague article was responsible for it all, then I really don't know what to say to you

No. 1206095

Same way Johnny lost in the UK trial and then dragged it back up again in the US, couldn't/wouldn't Amber just drag it up again within a few years? They're basically 1:1 now, unless some want to argue that the only true verdicts come from the US kek

No. 1206096

of course he is lmao

No. 1206097

He cancelled himself, nobody knew it was about him until his lawyers said it was.

No. 1206098

I thought lolcow hated weird plastic surgery addicts who have bpd ( and she is borderline and histrionic lol )… Amber really fucked over those kids when she pledged millions and never gave them a cent….

No. 1206100

Ben Shapiro alone dropped thousands upon thousands in pushing pro Depp garbage because he say it radicalizing men to his side easier. This should worry everyone.

No. 1206101

fuck off libfem

No. 1206102

yeah no youre completely off the chart lol

No. 1206103

He lost them for being a violent drunk on set

No. 1206104

She had no fame without Depp in the first place, there was nothing to defame, she is no Zendeya, get over it you mayo bpt bitch worshipper

No. 1206106

She never named him in the article. His lawyers cancelled him, not Amber.

No. 1206107

Men can get abused. JD was not abused by Amber. You can hold more than one thought in your head you know.

No. 1206108

She has cheek implants who cares boo boo. She’s always been naturally beautiful. You people do not care about victims at all.

No. 1206109

The police did not give a rats ass about a moid raping me and this changes nothing. This wasn't some huge blow to women's right's, we never fucking had any. They don't believe real claims, and they sure as hell won't believe fake claims (from women)

No. 1206110

>men do get abused too
No they don't

No. 1206111

Go back to Twitter

No. 1206112

Go back to twitter faggot

No. 1206113

File: 1654112262413.jpg (22.04 KB, 400x400, image_400x400.jpg)

came to see the cascade of undercover scrotes swarming this thread revealing themselves and I'm getting it

No. 1206115

Kek. She should get off easy, nothing that she did can even compare to the abuse males do.

No. 1206116

According to the non board certified hack

No. 1206118

She was also accused of domestic violence multiple times, but nonnas here didn't care, they were stanning their bpd arian queen.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1206120

I'm not saying that I believe him, I'm explaining the reason why she lost. The jury thought Amber defamed him more.

No. 1206121

Now you can get sued for defamation if you complain about it online, so yes it is another blow

No. 1206122

Good. May he rot alone on his island like his teeth

No. 1206123

Men get abused by other men you absolute retard

No. 1206124

>everyone who disagrees with me must be a scrote
No, not everyone is a retarded whiteoid worshipping a bpd abuser, keep coping

No. 1206128

dickriding johnny will get you nowhere

No. 1206129

Right, victims like her ex wife, her own sister, her personal assistant, multiple people who have worked with her.. and yeah no, she botched her face lol, literally just cope.

No. 1206131

>muh tru feminism
>men get aboosed too see!!
Terrible fucking post girl
Did you even TRY to integrate? Back to reddit with your scrote support

No. 1206132

You should at least put on a dunce cap so we know you’re a drooling retard we have to protect from the men.

No. 1206134

No. 1206137

This kek, nonnas here deluded themselves with
>oh wow she so strong, she arguing and lying without blinking an eye, changing her testimony without a sweat

No. 1206139

No, you are the fucking stupid one. I'm explaining WHY she lost. It doesn't matter what you or I believe, what matters is what the jury believed. And they believed that Amber defamed Johnny more than he defamed her, and that he lost lots of money because of that.

No. 1206140

you must be blind? There are obvious scrotes talking about 'xy chads' kek

No. 1206141

Remember to report all racebait and other moid rage, nonnies

No. 1206142

File: 1654112455652.png (195.57 KB, 677x804, fff.PNG)

statement from Amber

No. 1206143

File: 1654112474987.jpg (91.66 KB, 1080x1080, FUMOEuCXwAAU9y2.jpg)

her twitter already

No. 1206145

Hope Amber can stay safe

No. 1206146

It's okay nonnies, now we know the law don't protect us so we can serve justice ourselves.

No. 1206147

>le free speech cope

No. 1206148

The jury I repeat again needs to be reviewed and investigated. With how depps team and right wing media sources were funneling in millions I’m sure the verdict doesn’t hold water.

No. 1206150

mountain of evidence actual lol she's delulu

No. 1206152

she did nothing wrong

No. 1206153

Johnny isn't going to wifebeat you no matter how much you suck up to him.

No. 1206154

What the jury believes isn't necessarily the truth and they probably got online or were constantly talked about the case to by people around them, so no wonder they've come to this verdict.

No. 1206155

This is the whole reason I cared about this case, it's not about stanning Amber it's about women's ability to speak about abuse and freedom of speech in general

No. 1206157

Yes, justice doesn't serve you when you have no medical records or photos depicting abuse you clime happened.

No. 1206158

This bitch on the Rekieta Law livestream is reading out Amber's twitter response in a sing-songy snotty voice to make fun of her. Fuck these people

No. 1206159

I hate him and the shit eating grin I know he’s wearing

No. 1206163

>my right as an american
>i had a trial in the UK before lol
this bitch istg

No. 1206164

Evan Rachel wood is going to be next and they're going to call her a BPD liar whore too.

No. 1206165

LOOL what does freedom of speech have to do with literally anything. She literally said everything she could possibly say and did everything she possibly could. I mean we do know she was the one that sent tmz edited footage and alerted them to what was happening actually funny

No. 1206172

I don't know how you can even stand to sit through his shit

No. 1206173

she is so strong, she is a true feminist

No. 1206174

File: 1654112677350.png (226.33 KB, 500x338, 48B2FABB-FFF0-4155-9688-9BCDA3…)

Me to anon , me too

No. 1206175

she didn't pick the UK, Johnny did

No. 1206177

she showed a lot of photos that were backed up by photo experts

No. 1206178

You misunderstand anon. They don’t want to be the wife. They want to be the mistress. >Look at me with the sexy old scrote, mommy told me this is where I’m supposed to be. I’m so much better and worth more than his mean old wife. That’s why he never hits me and I let him fuck me in the ass.
Then he either leaves or hits them and tells them they were a worthless hole too. They’re little girls who haven’t grown the fuck up.

No. 1206179

She didn't choose to be sued in the UK? Depp first went that route and then tried the US when that didn't work, because the tabloid was based in the UK.
You're the retarded disrespectful one. Nobody is going to believe you either, because people only want perfect ideal victims. Women are always assumed to be lying.

No. 1206180

Kill all males, withhold sex, abort male children, beat your sons.

No. 1206181


No. 1206182

I will riot

No. 1206183

Bruh now Camille is going to actually be rich and famous from retarded braindead lawyering.

No. 1206184

No. 1206185

the tmz guy didn't point and name amber, we don't know who sent it

No. 1206186

Is this really his face or is this a cropped picture of Jimmy Saville? Genuinely asking

No. 1206187

the same photo multiple times isn't a lot of photos nonnie

No. 1206188

Yes, I agree. But my reply was for the person that asked why he got awarded more when the jury decided they both defamed each other. Then a bunch of retards that can't read decided to go off on me.

No. 1206189

Life is not fair, but it's really that easy if you're willing to not care about morals and ethics.

No. 1206191

Regardless of the outcome of the trial, the jury wasn’t even fucking sequestered. Fuck tiktok, fuck the daily wire, fuck every single youtuber and streamer who profited off the trial. Celebritydom is absolute brainrot

No. 1206192

he sued amber in the us first but the trial was delayed because of covid

No. 1206193

Are you the retard that thought she submitted a legit identical photo because you don’t understand photography from a basic high school education?

No. 1206194

you deserve it

No. 1206195

I already had very little faith in the legal system, but what is the point of it anymore when everyone is this retarded?

No. 1206196

So, is this going to revive Johnny's career? It's not like he threw away the last bit of star power he had on a massive, embarrassing case that made both himself and his ex look like terrible people, especially not when there have already been stories going around about him attacking people on set and being a generally violent, insane drunk and a drug addict, right?
This is a win for sure, right?

No. 1206199

That right there should have this case lose all legal grounding

No. 1206200

unfathomably based

No. 1206201

I mean if revive his career you mean his face no feels me with disgust and I will never watch a movie featuring him again then sure it’s a revival.

No. 1206204

I thought those photos were proven to have the same timestamp

No. 1206206

>as an american
This is why i never cared about this bimbo. But man, she’s right about this whole regressing thing. When I watched the verdict I immediately thought “shit, we’re regressing back to a time when we were objects”.
They are in fact both liars with BPD, even the die hard amber fans and depp fans know thus, but the truth is, women in general get abused way more than men, so this case that was broadcasted and brought attention to so much really hurt us. AND had this old scrote cared about human rights, had johnny depp ignored her, he could have gotten his self-imagined justice in a better way than this horrible broadcasted case. He tried to save his dying career in such a scrote way and picked on a young woman.
If he cared about basic human rights he’d have just sticked to his penguin movies and enjoy his remaining money. I hope Amber comes back with a bigger shit to fling that brings them down both, for good.

No. 1206207

Praying that in his drug fueled fiesta tonight he shits himself

No. 1206210

Joke was made before on twitter, get new content.

No. 1206211

He's used to it from Amber

No. 1206212

How embarrassing for you.

No. 1206214

I think he will get a lot of short term fanfare and asslicking from the public which may revive his career briefly, but ultimately the biggest obstacle to his career is himself. He's just going to fuck himself over again, and then who will he blame?

No. 1206217

Can tell you’re a retard who hasn’t read any of the submitted evidence or the fact that it was reported Johnny’s team regularly cleans up his soiled feces like the decrepit invalid that he is

No. 1206218

Unironically. It has become even more dangerous for women in the US to date scrotes.
Jury has been bombarded with media, tiktoks and retards constantly talking to them about it. They have no experience with domestic violence cases or anything like that, they are just rando's pulled off the street. A judge has more experience and gets more training to come to a good decision. How would a scrote judge in the UK be biased in favor of an American woman?

No. 1206219

reminder that most mainstream media was on her side

No. 1206220

Personally I hope he gets the Peeta treatment from a fan, but they succeed

No. 1206224

The jury was only sequestered during their deliberations they had the entire rest of the trial to be influenced by the memes.

No. 1206225

It's retards like you that gives women a bad look.

No. 1206226

I mean just look at averages. You kill your moid in the states you’re looking at 20. He kills you it’s 6

No. 1206227

Real victims? Kek shut your fat amberlynn Reid mouth and go eat some ice cream and flick you fat bean to pirates of the Caribbean you are not the ambassador of women who’ve been domestically abused. You dumb fat bitch fuck off you are literally lacking in braincells I hate these hoes almost as much as the scrotes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1206228

they are, lmao

No. 1206231

Is this circus gonna start again when she appeals?

No. 1206232

no i dont stop posting

No. 1206233

Yeah like not saying that judges are great either, they come to misogynistic decisions all the time too (which is why it's ridiculous to suggest that a scrote judge would be biased in favor of a woman), but Murican juries seem especially misogynistic to me.

No. 1206234

go wash your balls

No. 1206235

He will probably find some other woman to get involved with during said fanfare, abuse her, blame her for his failure once she comes out and says what he did

No. 1206239

So women hate women almost as much as they do scrotes? I get it.
Fuck all of you sick female autists, you’re your mother’s shame, touch grass, and kiss my ass.

Y’all make me sick and none of you can ever sit in my courtroom again.

No. 1206241

She didn't do it, but all women should shit in the bed of their abusive husbands.

No. 1206243

These dumbasses are the ones that get stuck in abusive relationships and blame the women for not helping them enough. Don’t worry though they’ll come back and cry to us when they find the next “Nigel” when he calls them a fat cow.

No. 1206244

it was the dog you dumb scrote

No. 1206245

I just hope he dies in the most embarrassing way posssible

No. 1206248

And you’re sick too. You were already deemed sick in my book the moment you sent screencaps of a convo you’ve had with your sister. Do you have braindamage? Go to your sister, hug her and give her a kiss, amber will never do any of these to you, you dumb moron.

And the scrote trolls itt, kys

No. 1206249

Sorry but as someone who hasn't been very invested in this, I can't believe this shit is tearing families apart lol

No. 1206251

Agree but I hope he goes on a bender and OD's.

No. 1206254

Was going to check Deuxmoi but seems like they've gone private. Honestly smart considering the amount of shit in this thread already let alone there.

No. 1206256

your really talking about your sister like someone does to their tumblr mutual who's revealed to have gotten into drama

No. 1206257

File: 1654113404788.jpg (131.3 KB, 1024x1024, 7155622634796228336.jpg)

The VA judge concluded that the UK trial was unfair. The UK judge had an undisclosed conflict of interest.

No. 1206259

File: 1654113422957.jpg (156.07 KB, 868x488, cover3.jpg)


No. 1206260

Nah thats gonna be JD slinging shit cause what else do he have to offer sides coke and abuse to the masses?

No. 1206261

You know i thought shitting on the bed was vile, but after reviewing all the evidence… he deserved it and i would shit on it personally if i could. And i really thought it was disgusting but it made me change my mind. He is vile, but he didnt rape her with a bottle and all that made up shit. He is just a crap person, but not an abuser of that magnitude.

No. 1206263

Take your meds

No. 1206264

this is the only way forward

No. 1206266

this was disproven ages ago

No. 1206267

File: 1654113479470.jpg (58.67 KB, 634x602, 1559247350667.jpg)

calm down you fuckin psycho LOL. Amber is a lying sack of shit and the other anon you're screeching at is absolutely right. All Amber did was irreversibly damage ACTUAL victim credibility for any woman who would dare speak out about her assault experiences in the future. She is actual trash and so are you. Touch grass.

No. 1206268

Johnny died of a heart attack

No. 1206269

probably the next woman who unwisely decided to be with him lbr

No. 1206271

Take your schizo shit back to Pol.

No. 1206273

Amber's speech after the UK trial, maybe this will cheer up some nonnies

No. 1206274

why are you letting the issues of celebs tear your family apart? are you about to make a fucking callout post for your sister too? LOOOOL

No. 1206275

I'm begging 40 year old women to use their Canva skills for something more productive than this

No. 1206276

don't get my hopes up kek

No. 1206277

>touch grass
>twitter tier reaction image

No. 1206279

Reminder that Jonny couldn’t even stop himself from fat boy eating candy during the trial. The alcoholics liver will give before long and we can spit on his grave.

No. 1206280

File: 1654113606721.jpeg (541.54 KB, 1170x757, E4006969-2579-41EF-9750-5A33CD…)


No. 1206282

I feel for you anon but please get help lol this isn't worth losing your sibling over good lord

No. 1206283

I hope she can stay strong.

No. 1206284

Depp will just make another screw up. Hope Manson that shit leaves Rachel since she’s now getting dragged. He was found guilty by 12 assaults in Uk but sure everyone is going to ignore it.

No. 1206285

File: 1654113652471.jpeg (108.94 KB, 1242x1201, 1628913970244.jpeg)

gatekeeping a reaction image? you go touch grass too LMAOOOO

No. 1206286

Please stick to this, nona.

No. 1206287

I wish she had shit in his bed. You fucking retard

No. 1206288

>my courtroom
What? Kek

No. 1206289

It’s almost like mocking rape victims could impact peoples perception of you? Glad I dropped all the moids in my life before the trial. May they all porn addict themselves into the 41%

No. 1206290

inshallah his next round of whatever he's snorting gets something even worse mixed in

No. 1206292

that's not what gatekeeping is, retard

No. 1206293

This case forever be the one thing I disagree with nonnas. Probably the only thing but still. I knew this was going to happen and there wasn't a second I doubted it because Amber was so incredibly fake.


So a rich liar with bpd is more important to you than your own sister who's also a female? Interesting logic. I'd say the females close to us are the ones we support unconditionally because we quite literally know them from experience, not some stranger we've never talked to.

No. 1206296

Very feminist of you thank you

No. 1206297


No. 1206298

Good I'm glad you thought that because I am sick of her toxicity. Not just trial related but in general.
It is because she says does/awful things to me. I'm just at my breaking point.

No. 1206300

How much time does Amber have to appeal?

No. 1206301

Ignore all the cockflaps, ladies.

Who fucking cares about male victims? Someone needs to slap the dick out of your mouth, metaphorically.

No. 1206302

Holy shit twitter faggots are annoying. Can you at least try to integrate?

No. 1206303

big fucking same. the mental gymnastics performed here throughout the entire trial have been on an olympic level.

No. 1206305


>amber stansare racist

What a surprise

No. 1206307

NTA but I cut off a sister who repeatedly would pick abusive men over every women in her life including me. She put her own child at risk and I wasn’t going to sit there and watch it. Just because they’re your family doesn’t mean you have to keep them. If she wanted to be in my life she should have treated me with respect and been a positive influence. Sorry you’re so sheltered and young you don’t understand the big scary adult world yet. It will be okay little retard.

No. 1206308

For the love of god stop embarassing amber heard further.

No. 1206309

File: 1654113864475.jpg (172.16 KB, 1200x1800, revisiting-the-ideal-victim.jp…)

>my courtroom
take your meds
Stop victim blaming
Nobody supports women unconditionally, people will victim blame even women they know and ask them what they were wearing or if they did anything to provoke him. So shut the fuck up.

No. 1206310

How is that racist?

No. 1206312

So all is good then, no harm done??

No. 1206313

With bad technique and dirty tactics.

No. 1206314

File: 1654113927467.jpg (28.59 KB, 500x409, Tryn-Manning-Orange-is-New-Bla…)

Not to shit on anyone in this thread but for people like me who were fed up with hearing about this trial, I'm pretty glad it's over. I predict that people will keep talking about it for a couple days and then most will move on to the next big thing.

I usually like live-watching stuff with anons here, but everything about how everyone on social media was treating this case just completely turned me off from wanting to be interested in it. This probably shouldn't have been broadcasted.

No. 1206315

Not a fan of either of them but bot was Johnny a dumb dumb when he left Vanessa for Amber because you can see the crazy right on her face. Didn't she lie about giving away her divorce money to charity? He looks about one bottle of wine away from liver failure. They're both losers with long gone careers.

No. 1206316

What is racial in my response? Or are defensive and looking to deflect?

No. 1206317

your sister doesnt owe you kindness

No. 1206321

I hope she appeals this is ridiculous the jury was obviously influenced by depps pr campaign

No. 1206323

Cant wait for Depp to do some more moron shit and his rapid retarded fans support him. How tf can I trust a Jury who ignored what this trials was about and even can’t use their chimp brain to fill the paper properly. One of them has their wife texting them about Amber being psychotic. Jury should’ve gone under sequestration. Fuck this. Hope she appeals.

No. 1206324

i'm fucking crying did you misread nigel

No. 1206325

He called Vanessa a French extortionate cunt. He can't get along with any woman.

No. 1206326

i think there is more nonnas than you think who agree with you and they are just silent. She was very fake and i see that many people here miss the gut instinct to recognize fake people

No. 1206328

Because they’re clearly a butthurt Twitter retard who feels attacked and want to hide behind race I guess?

No. 1206329

. . . .(ban evasion)

No. 1206331

Moid alert.

No. 1206332

Don't worry nonas, Elon Musk will pay the 15 million for her

No. 1206333

Same. This shit attracted scrotes like flies, and I hated how it flooded my YT recommendations even though I didn't click on shit

No. 1206336

It's so obvious scrote Deppstans are posting in this thread, pretending to be nonnas, using humor and talking points from 2014.

No. 1206338

It's not 15 million, the jury were too dumb to understand the form

No. 1206339

It's understandable to cut her off if she's been treating you bad, but you kind of presented it as if you only cut her off because of this case and that was what came off a little weird. Nta.

No. 1206340

It’s because Depp and Shapiro sunk millions into socials like YouTube to “radicalize” young men. Shit was every where. Jury should have been sequestered.

No. 1206342

I'm 30 but thank you for the concern I guess. My sister also does bad decisions but when she's truly in need I support her because I know she needs me. I would assume that especially someone unstable who picks shitty men needs support and guidance from other women to stop it.

No. 1206343

Don’t beat sons, just abort them or better yet, get IVF so nary a scrotelet gets brought into existence to begin with.

For women who still want to date males, please be more measured in your vetting. Avoid males who are significantly older and have a history of violence (of any kind) and (as another anon stated) frivolous lawsuits! Ensure you have your own cash flow, never be financially or emotionally dependent on males and as such as possible, minimise the power that your boyfriend/husbands have over you. Of course, women ought to be doing this anyway.

No. 1206345

ntayrt but you have a valid reason for cutting off your sister as these were abusive men that were actually in your lives. it's weird for someone to feel that strongly to celebrity problems

No. 1206348

didn't say he could. Just said they're both trash. On to the next for the rest of the the world, who didn't give a shit about either of them anyway. I mean Johnny's been irrelevant since before 2010.

No. 1206349

What happen to filthy Americans and their boner for free speech? Technically should Depp go Sue Winona for defamation talking about how her first bf would smash everything?

No. 1206351

I'm the same as you anon, this case is a breaking point for me and my sister too. My sister always sides with my abusive parents and used to make me doubt my memories and feelings a lot. My sister sided with Michael Jackson and now Johnny Depp. She clearly has a thing for abusers and I don't want even low contact with her anymore.

No. 1206356

File: 1654114276040.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 30.71 KB, 519x407, D9C8C08E-BB17-4D41-BAB2-F80B7A…)


No. 1206358

How did the photographers knew which side was her bruise? I think one of Amber's friends was jealous of her and was sabotaging her. It would explain why she isn't close to that group anymore and how the kitchen cabinets got leaked.

No. 1206359

I literally only researched the trial because she kept talking about it. I knew Amber had to be innocent.

No. 1206360

This is the country that's about to ban abortion again kek, I dunno why people expected a fair outcome

No. 1206361

Read above the anon clarified there’s many reasons. No one is actually cutting family off from just this but everyone with families that are “good” even if there’s “problems” loves to come in waving a flag shaming and projecting their own relationships. Maybe the above retards should learn to listen instead of shaming women with their great high empathy skills?

No. 1206362

Pirates of the Caribbean actor is more important than muh freeze peach. But seriously the amount of people who actually know what the case was based on is slim to none. Majority of them think it was just payback for Heard ruining his career

No. 1206363

It's the latent autism that a lot of nonas here have. Unable to clock inauthentic behavior.

No. 1206364

I hate all the people who claim they saw the trial but all they did was rewatch tik toks all day.

No. 1206365

some of you nonnies strike me as very young and naive. slightly delusional too

No. 1206366

He took the court to a brain dead country and made it the Jury since it represents the majority of retarded population that even got Trump elected and abortions banned.

No. 1206367

it's time for you guys to join the husbandofag lifestyle. 3d men are irredeemable

No. 1206368

I’m not on Heards side but I’m absolutely against Depp. The math isn’t hard. He has police incidents as far back as 1977.

No. 1206369

Based and pinkpilled unironically


No. 1206370

Misandry is a rational response to male behaviour.

No. 1206371

Wow this thread it's getting a lot of moid spam and retarded non-farmer posts it's kind of weird to see a mix of like…4 opinions rather than the
>Fuck off scrote!
>You only believe her because shes female
>You're a handmaiden
>She's a bpd bitch!
>you're a pick-me!

No. 1206373

>YT recommendations even though I didn't click on shit
Holy fuck, same. This shit was everywhere. I think I briefly watched one video of Camilla, and it's like that was all that was on my youtube page.

No. 1206375

That what shocks me the most about this case since it already been provedn he abused her in UK so how tf?

No. 1206376

This is my tipping point I’m 100% devoted to my fictional husbandos going forward kek

No. 1206377

File: 1654114579107.jpeg (107.81 KB, 1242x1309, D73BC052-4242-4FBB-887E-3E9240…)

I still support Amber even if she is lying. What does that make me?

No. 1206378

You do realize sex and romantic relationships are actually not the point of life and there’s an entire world out there? Honestly cutting off all the men in my life had such a positive benefit to my mental health. I only see them at work or in public. It’s so nice and peaceful. It becomes really easy to see the Y chromosome as a defect.

No. 1206382

Actually, don't respond to it at all, retard.

No. 1206383

Amber has a police incident too for dv, but I still think she's innocent against Depp

No. 1206384

File: 1654114646400.jpeg (61.65 KB, 750x515, 9146F623-F541-4C8A-8128-56C5E6…)

No. 1206385

Jury also agreed that JD's lawyer defamed her by saying the abuse allegations were a hoax. It's literally "yes you were abused but saying he abused you was worse"

No. 1206387

I guess, but it's a statement that's so far from reality I wonder what the mindset of someone who posts it is. Anger at men, sure. But the suggestion is kinda useless since it will never happen.

No. 1206388

It's him when he was dressed for Black Mass not Saville

No. 1206389

Misandry is telling a man no. Macing him when he follows and attempts to grab you. Tipping women and not men because they make less and even pay a pink tax on houses. It’s getting up and leaving when scrotes cry. Misandry is simply existing without any consideration and care for every failed sperm on two legs out there. Misandry is existing as women and using your own brain cells.

No. 1206390

How can you say vile shit like this and claim to be feminists? What the fuck

No. 1206392

I observed way more anons who supported her but knew she was probably going to lose than anons who "genuinely thought Amber was going to win." And even without supporting Amber it's obvious Camille was acting unprofessional for her tiktot fans, come on, it was extremely cringe

No. 1206393

Depp has a rap sheet. Amber has one.

No. 1206394

File: 1654114823016.jpg (1.1 MB, 1024x1476, D5D322EDD991.jpg)

No. 1206395

MeatCanyon might be unironically right, all they care about is a next Pirates movie.

No. 1206396

It’s feminism not humanism. I care about women and women alone.

No. 1206398

A lot of anon in general are kinda hypocritical.

No. 1206400

I've been in a committed relationship for 12 years and married for 4. I don't have the fear of men or unhinged hate many of you do. I just think they are the inferior gender.

No. 1206402

good luck cause Disney is never going to work with Johnny unless there's a hell of a contract.

No. 1206403

I didn't expect her to win or even agreed with her side fully but It's absolutely not going to be just a few days. All mainstream sites are going to full of moids whining about MRA bullshit and shitting on female victims.

No. 1206405

NTA but it’s most likely a larping moid laughing. Calm down Noni. This is the Internet and people lie all the time also just because someone calls themselves a feminist doesn’t mean they hold the values. Plenty of people identify as intellectuals without the brain cells. We live in a identity world.

No. 1206408

Disney had talks about suing him over the drug and drinking use he had to disclose in court. Disney will take every cent of that winning before they hire him for anything big ever again.

No. 1206410

defamation precedent?

No. 1206412

Okay, great you have a Nigel and you've apparently managed to escape all the rape and sexual harassment your entire life. That's not the case for most other women. Hope he won't ever turn on you.

No. 1206416

Is he still single? 'Cause this won't help him land a gf lol

No. 1206417

Now scrotes can sue women for vaguely alluding to having been abused, without naming any names.

No. 1206418

Did you watch her actual clownery?

No. 1206419

This is an anonymous imageboard KEK

No. 1206420

Hopefully, there will be a lolsuit right after the one next month.

No. 1206421

He doesn’t even have too. The most likely place to be assaulted by a stranger is in grocery store parking lot. Hope Noni is confident in the men folk then. For fuck sake

No. 1206422

it only really works with public figures though. why would some literal who sue some other literal who for defamation if they lack any kind of public image

No. 1206424

Stop caping for XYs.

It’s not hypocritical at all. I don’t pretend or claim to have humanity for males. Their thoughts, feelings, opinions and lives as significant to me as the swatting of a fly. I only care for females.

No. 1206426

Nonnies. Confession. i do troll and pretend to like scrotes whenever I see radfems being too extreme with the whole “hurr i hate my sister” “durrr beat and molest your sons” stuff, but i talked to this scrote online just now ive known for years who randomly readded me on some chat app. I instinctively was pro amber to his face just to annoy him. But also irl i’m pro amber. Usually it’s the other way round with larper radfems. What’s wrong with me? Why am I so contrarian?

No. 1206428

Fuck it I’m adding any actor who supported Depp to my do not watch list.

No. 1206430

KEK this actually made me laugh out loud

No. 1206434

Glad it worked out for you, but this is so unnecessary. Why should I bother with that gamble just to get some mediocre dick

No. 1206435

File: 1654115376394.png (202.96 KB, 592x393, fuck.PNG)

Not just memes someone actually made DEPP crypto.

No. 1206438

Why are you booing her? She’s right

No. 1206439

this isnt about whether theyll actually proceed to court, scrote abusers can just threaten to sue their victims and the victim will probably back out because they can get even more backlash now for speaking out. lawyers are expensive and being in court is borderline traumatizing. a woman who got abused wont have the energy for that and would probably shut up for her own safety. a full circle

No. 1206441

Didn't keep up with the trial and i had no idea he got support
I think you should post the listo if You make one

No. 1206442

The actual brainrot of people celebrating the "win" of Depp who "joked" about burning and raping Amber's corpse. Many of them being people I respected and liked IRL. I hate to see what this case exposed, fucking bleak.

No. 1206444

Wasn't watching the livestream so idk if this was addressed in any way, but how can both of them win their respective claims? Is that not contradictory?

No. 1206445

No. 1206448

scrote abusers will just keep abusing. why tf would they threaten to sue the person they're abusing if they can just beat them?
you're dumb as fuck for thinking this celebrity trial has any bearing on real world abuse.

No. 1206449

Genuine question. Why is the US so misogynistic?

No. 1206450

>I think you should post the listo if You make one

No. 1206452

Yes. The jury is dumb as fuck. They filled out the form wrongly then awarded more than the maximum and then contradicted themselves, like you said.

No. 1206454

I haven't been following this trial and barely give a shit beyond being annoyed at all the Depp propaganda being flung at me on youtube. But I have to say, I'm enjoying reading the salt in this thread. You've all been obnoxious for the past month and I'm glad that this has ruined your day.

No. 1206455

name one country in this world that isn't

No. 1206456

. Let’s go to bed. This story ends.

No. 1206457

I think it is easier and quicker to list the actors who didn't support him. Not a deppfag, just saying he had both the public and more celeb support.

No. 1206459

Me too nonna kek. I'm so glad it's over

No. 1206460

I will seriously abort male fetuses if I ever get pregnant. I am not even joking about this.

No. 1206461

Go ndéana an diabhal dréimire de chnámh do dhroma ag piocadh úll i ngairdín Ifrinn!

No. 1206463

you know you can sue anyone for defamation right? you dont have to be a celebrity. this shows that even if you speak about abuse without mentioning the perpetrator, you can still be found guilty. abusers can continue to harass victims even if they're in a remote location and threaten them not to speak out because of this heavily publicized case. if you don't think that's dangerous idk what will convince you.

No. 1206464

Because feminism does not serve the interests of men, nor should it. It's on them to stop beating, raping, and murdering us in genocidal numbers. hth

No. 1206466

Don’t care. Looking up the list and adding them. They go so nicely next to the long list or rapists and abusers and JKR dog pilers. Save me a penny and I’ll probably find better organic content.

No. 1206467

>what violent men do to other violent men is no concern of women.

No. 1206469

Yes please post it!

No. 1206471

File: 1654115956341.gif (Spoiler Image, 531.29 KB, 245x283, tumblr_mmwmi2QnKW1rqumtdo1_250…)

I am so glad this is all over so everyone can shut the fuck up about it!!(avatarfagging)

No. 1206472

Inshallah Johnny Depp dies. Soon. Painfully and traumatically, with any luck.

No. 1206473

>Turd basically made it so that female victims will not be taken seriously in addition to making people dealing with mental illness even more of joke than it already is because the bitch larped having BPD
Fuck her

No. 1206474

I was shunned and my talismans censored but the sentiment remains. May this man rot in Sharknado hell, his only positive reinforcement being none but dickriding scrotes and middle aged heiffas with extremely red cheeks and pug breathing. Your precious Jack Sparrow is a bloated rotting carcass with nubs for teeth and he hasn’t seen his penis in years.

No. 1206475

Will do. Put my irritation into something positive.

No. 1206476

I meant how the fuck can you talk about other women like that, regardless of their opinion? I don't give a shit about Depp

No. 1206477

Keep your leprechaun hexes to yourself.

No. 1206478

A queen.

No. 1206479

You know this is a way to punish victims for leaving their abusers and talking about what happened? They can't beat them anymore, so now they have the option for daring to talk about it in vague terms.

No. 1206480

Ew stop speaking simlish

No. 1206483

Because feminism does not have to respect women who lay themselves down in the line of fire for men. hth

No. 1206485

dag dag!

No. 1206490

It's like everyone has a room temperature IQ and doesn't understand this sets precedent and means that scrotes can now sue women for having vaguely alluded to being abused in any way, shape or form. Evan Rachel Wood is going to be next. You think it's over? This is just the beginning. You know how many women spoke up during Me Too? Those are a whole bunch of lawsuits waiting to happen now.

No. 1206491

Okay, well I came to the conclusion she was unprofessional by talking about the trial with and asking questions of someone with a long career in law. We'll have to agree to disagree because I trust an actual professional over an alleged lawfag on lolcow

No. 1206492

The lives of abuse victims are just stories and dehumanizing them and reducing them to your own annoyance when you can literally just close the tab— has anyone told you you’re retarded recently? If not, why?

No. 1206493

>It’s not hypocritical at all. I don’t pretend or claim to have humanity for males. Their thoughts, feelings, opinions and lives as significant to me as the swatting of a fly. I only care for females.
I'm not talking about men, idiot. I'm talking about >>1206227 (which was tagged in the post I replied to) and all the other posts insulting women throughout all of these AH vs JD threads. I think it's disgusting to talk about women like that regardless of if I agree with them.

No. 1206495

Ok i’m an amberfAg but if you made this, you’re based. If someone else did, kys

No. 1206498

No, holy shit no. Feminism is for all women (no I do not mean MtFs), even if they disagree with you.

Some of you hate women so much and pretend to be woke about it

No. 1206500

this is such a dumb take. think of all the instances before this case where women weren't believed or taken seriously. it's not because of one person, it's because societies love to hate women.

No. 1206501

File: 1654116394750.jpeg (217.4 KB, 939x1200, 78345154-2C10-45AA-8182-036870…)

No. 1206502

I'm offended anyone would equate Amber with sweet and perfect Wendy.

No. 1206503

This is the magnum opus of the deppfag supporters. How does it feel to know that shit is regularly wiped from the crevices of your beloved dear Johnnys leathery folds by underpaid assistants biweekly? Why shit the bed when you can just shit your pants and let it fester while you slump over a melting double fudge pint of Ben and Jerry’s?

No. 1206506

You're right. I do hate women who slave away for men. They're victims, but they're not immune to responsibility. They contribute to the problem.

No. 1206508

I think that what he said is disgusting too.

No. 1206509

File: 1654116547503.jpeg (87.82 KB, 922x2048, 6F8961C3-CA07-414C-AEA7-E30EAB…)

No. 1206510

Thanks to the jannies who are doing their best to clean up this thread.

No. 1206511

Trust the man who is best friends with Marilyn Manson, the teen obsessed sexual torturer and rapist right!

No. 1206514

I have no idea why you keep replying with these. Do you think I support Depp or something?

No. 1206516

How does that relate to the post? I think Depp is disgusting and the shit he said and did is vile, but that does not make it ok for you to be wildly misogynist towards women who question Amber's side even slightly.

You honestly sound like a scrote

No. 1206517

NTAYRT but I'm genuinely curious, what did your acquaintance point out that they found especially unprofessional? I didn't watch her cross

No. 1206522


No. 1206524

I don't know how you haven't seen the hundreds upon hundreds of public disclosures by women who have said that they will no longer speak up about their abuse (and are actively dropping criminal charges) because of this case, because this trial has convinced them that no one will believe them. Women will fucking die because of this. They will stay silent and they will stay with these abusive men and those abusive men will kill some of them. That's the reality. Western culture and societal standards can't NOT be affected by something this huge and obstructive in our public discourse. Fucking doorknob.

No. 1206526

Do you know what site you're on, Mr. Cheeto-finger?

No. 1206527

Everyone who is not kissing Amber's ass or is slightly critical of calling women names for agreeing with you is a Deppfag pickme apparently

No. 1206532

Don't respond to males good lord

No. 1206534

Misandry sadly ain't real and you're a reason abortion should be legal dickcheesed fatherfucker

No. 1206536

I'm not the anon you're complaining about. I'm just saying that I do not believe that feminism needs to make excuses for women who protect the interests of violent men. YOU are coming off as a scrote.

No. 1206537

Misandry is a sign of true emotional intelligence

No. 1206538

So true sister. It makes me angry seeing leftist moids sell feminism to their male friends and followers because "pAtRiArChY hUrTs mEn tOo" as if they weren't the ones who created this fucked up society in the first place and benefit from it.

This. Men do not feel. Why should I feel anything for them?

No. 1206540

misandry doesn't exist

No. 1206541

penis possessor

No. 1206542

Do you know how to read, moid?

No. 1206543

>a raging misandrist
As if we would ever be ashamed of that

No. 1206545

So obvious that there are MRA scrotes in here whining about muh men's rights muh men's legal protection

No. 1206550

Misandry does exist and it’s awesome.

No. 1206552

thread should be useful for mods to remove some scrotes from the site. we needed a hell week.

No. 1206553

Perpetuating is the same thing. Just because your brain waves would come up as flatlined on a monitor doesn't mean you shouldn't try and understand something this basic.

No. 1206554

Stop responding to moids.

No. 1206555

Thankfully, mods are prepared and doing their jobs. Thank you mods.

No. 1206556

Ladies, please stop giving smegs the female attention that they don’t get in their personal lives.

No. 1206559

Oh my fucking god stopt replying to the moids they are jerking off to your responses

No. 1206560

It's just called having a common sense

No. 1206562

File: 1654117178256.jpeg (153.1 KB, 1488x1073, 8D8DA5B1-CDB2-431B-B958-328E83…)

You're right.

No. 1206563

you are a fat, ugly and most of all braindead zoomer cunt and i hope you never post again.(calm down)

No. 1206565

careful he's gonna sue you for defamation

No. 1206567


Women's protection orgs were already talking about it but it's about to get so much worse.(imageboard)

No. 1206571

File: 1654117479448.jpeg (897.17 KB, 1170x1874, 849D9023-4A71-4741-89D5-4DDA01…)

No. 1206572

this thread should just be locked and everyone move on. since the verdict there has been a swarm of retards who have obviously never been here before

No. 1206574

No. 1206575

Here’s the start of my list:
Vanessa Paradis
Penelope Cruz
Jk Rowling (at the original UK trial)
Javier Bardem
Kevin McNally
Paul Bettany
Winona Ryder
Eva Green
Dior (the brand)
Candace Owens
Joe Rogan
Jason Momoa
Chris Rock
Ireland Baldwin
Bill Burr
Jennifer Aniston
Kate Moss
Amanda de Cadenet
Laurie Holden
David Yates
Ricki Lake
Drew Barrymore
Paul McCartney
Audrey O’Day
Courtney Love
Robert Downey Junior
Sharon Osborne
Donald Trump
Naomi Campbell
Bill Maher
Bethenny Frankel
Greg Ellis
Kirstie Alley
Larry the cable guy
People who supported Depp.

No. 1206576

File: 1654117638219.png (680.48 KB, 1226x982, anet worth.PNG)

w-we got too cocky turdbros,..

https://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-celebrities/actors/amber-heard-net-worth/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1206578

They’ll get bored and move on to the next topic within a few hours, just like they do with everything else

No. 1206579

>Jk Rowling
Please say sike right now

No. 1206580

> Donald Trump
thanks, now I know to avoid Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

No. 1206581

Watch it or I’ll cut that ugly cockflap off. Unless you were already circumsized at birth, if so you’re already mangled enough smelly little worm kek.

No. 1206582

File: 1654117730031.jpeg (288.34 KB, 1242x1520, DF3B56C1-BFAF-496F-A64C-19A870…)

No. 1206584

Why would a woman risk her entire career to go against her cult-beloved seasoned actor worshiped ex husband, knowing fully that she would endure years of torment and humiliation. Fuck these idiots.

No. 1206585

Do you think the government would hire me to invent a bio weapon that specifically rots men dicks off? I’m feeling inspired.

No. 1206588

File: 1654117827155.jpg (60.16 KB, 1170x340, Screenshot 2022-06-01 171003.j…)

No. 1206591

I’m too busy raping moids loose assholes with broomsticks and broken glass bottles sorry little dude(responding to moids)

No. 1206592

File: 1654117877877.jpg (119.88 KB, 628x870, it_will_happen_again.jpg)

Pretty sure the next big celebrity trial is going to be related to Manson, considering nothing is sticking.
It's been well known that she has been supporting him from the very beginning?

No. 1206593

It will eat him alive. The loss in the uk will drive him mad. Like a ghost. He’s a narcissistic little baby who should have never crawled out of his mother. It will rot him from the inside out.

No. 1206594

n-no you see she did it b-because she, she, um, she, she just, she's evil and umm uhhhhh ummm i, well, th-there were reasons and ummmmm she has a p-personality disorder and umm uhhh i i need some time to think about it but th-there were r-reasons

No. 1206595

Please ignore it. Ignoring them is what hurts them the most.

No. 1206599

lol me too but then i look at some guys and im like nah keep it for me lol

No. 1206600

I'm not above acknowledging when a troon is right. Anyone who isn't braindead can see it.

No. 1206602

Don't reply to it. If you really must, send penis gore or rotten male corpses. Dont interact with further.(ignore and report them)

No. 1206603

Why do people act like this is something any woman in Hollywood would actually aspire for? She literally could have just quietly gone on to star in more films and make obscene money for some dumb new mermaid films. Why didn’t she then? Surely you don’t believe women who have already been through the Hollywood initiation think they would have any chance of being anything but ridiculed and hated in mobs? Nobody is saying she’s a hero, or that she isn’t flawed or is somehow perfect.

No. 1206604

This!! This is what I fucking mean, you try to help her and not call her a cunt whore cockpocket for disagreeing

No. 1206605

I'm not clicking that

No. 1206606

Stop replying to this dumb shit with more edgy dumb shit

No. 1206607

Inshallah you will buy me hearing aid cause that made me go deaf wtf.

No. 1206609

lmao retard

No. 1206610

I don't even care about her as a celebrity but I admire the way she stood up for herself despite being against the entire world. Now that it's over, at the very least I hope she can move on from this unlike her scrote ex-husband who's using every one of his last resources to cling onto her.

No. 1206611

We do help. But help doesn't mean we have to respect them when they do active damage to other women or that that help shouldn't be a harsh awakening to reality.

No. 1206612

JK Rowling defended his casting in Fantastic Beasts.

Nona, please stop replying to scrotums. Giving them the attention their mothers never gave only serves to incentivise their swarming, and we wouldn’t want that. Does anyone have those pictures of mutilated cocks to hand? Might drive them out or atleast make them squirm.


No. 1206615

Yes, but it does not make it ok to spout wild misogynist shit at women you dislike

No. 1206616

>she has a p-personality disorder
I do not believe the mentally ill

No. 1206617

Girl ok this isn't the vent thread you should just go out it'll be ok.

No. 1206618

>Why didn’t she then?
Some people have very strong convictions that allows them to do what is right despite the odds. I admire her for that reason alone.

No. 1206620

You don't have to respect them, but you shouldn't say vile shit either.

No. 1206621

>harsh awakening to reality
The reality that America is falling apart, attempting to take away womens body autonomy, and treating any woman that tries to push against abuse like a pariah for daring to exist?

No. 1206623

File: 1654118384831.jpeg (367.88 KB, 859x1230, 314C4E4D-433C-4767-82F9-E8B866…)

Gonna donate to a woman’s shelter to ease my nerves a little. How’s everyone feeling? I was fairly certain Amber wouldn’t win so I don’t feel particularly awful about it but I do feel strongly for her. It sets the tone for the month, in a way I find it motivating. I have to work harder to help women. Try to turn your pain into strength, ladies. Reposting this from /2X/.

No. 1206626

Didn't depp practically ruin her career after they divorced? Isn't that what made her come forward? Regardless I'm a fan of hers, she spoke up and tried her hardest even though most people tried to bring her down.
Unrelated but most female majority sites defend amber, whether it be autistic imageboards or stupid chatrooms, lesbian sites, etc. Only pickmes pretend to defend Depp and as for men, only failed m*les who I wouldn't even consider real men.

No. 1206627

I don't say vile shit. Again, I am not the anon people were complaining about.

3 out of 3.

No. 1206628

I hope you nonas were wrong and this doesn't result in some ultra fucked up butterfly effect type shit but this definitely going to give ape-brained moids a confidence boost for sure.

No. 1206629

That’s what my point was. If she was faking it for some sort of power—well she wouldn’t, because that’s retarded and she knew she’d never succeed against him. It was never about notoriety or money or fame.

No. 1206631

Nta but I saw women on tiktok dancing sexually to Ambers rape voice recording. I don't respect those women and although I don't wish ill on them, I'll mock them and call them cheap and worthless because they presented themselves that way by getting turned on by another woman's literal sexual abuse.

No. 1206633

>I do not believe the mentally ill
How the hell do you put your shoes on and look in the mirror every day without gaslighting yourself?

No. 1206635

I hope so too but the prospects are extremely bleak. The ricochet effect on Me Too was always going to arrive. It was just a matter of when and how.

No. 1206636

Real women love and respect men actually.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1206637

American men are fucked. They're the most privileged class yet they think they were oppressed for not being able to get away with abuse, they'll try it now. I hope everyone here is safe.

No. 1206638

>I don't say vile shit. Again, I am not the anon people were complaining about.
I'm not saying that you were, anon. That wasn't what I was trying to say at all.

No. 1206640

Men aren’t lovable or loving, they aren’t respectful nor respectable.

No. 1206641

100%. Women do not get a jail out of free card when their behavior actively harms and contributes to the oppression of females.

No. 1206643

Please dont reply to the scrote. It's a scrote. Delete.

No. 1206644

Real women love and respect other women actually.

No. 1206645

Oh, apologies. I assumed it was a pick-me. I won’t reply anymore to this person but will leave my post up because it’s based and true.

No. 1206655

Same. I don't live in burgerland but I fear that this whole shit wil eventually move over to other countries too. I fear for those who won't be able to do shit about their abusers because of cases like this. It makes me so sad. I also fear for our abortion rights here too. It's often just a matter of time until similar things also become a topic of discussion here, even if it takes years. In the meantime, I'm gonna help the women here as much as I can.

No. 1206657

Aren't these the same tiktok women calling themselves "feminists"?

No. 1206664

Stop defending liars?

No. 1206665

His hair is slimey as hell

No. 1206666

Kys troon, don’t post gore here. That’s a scrote thing to do.

No. 1206673

Responding to a post that will be deleted in a couple minutes is pointless. The worst thing you can ever do to a male is not give him the attention he so desperately craves.

No. 1206674

I know it reminds them of the love they will never get from mommy

No. 1206676

>even the most vicious women
I want to agree but to what extent? I feel men are a lot more ruthless to their own gender.

No. 1206683

File: 1654119711926.jpeg (36.36 KB, 472x315, F23A776C-8B33-4D54-9D44-475CBB…)

Pics of borzois to cleanse the thread of the gore. Anyway, was it finally concluded that Amber’s statements of abuse were false? Why, considering the mountain of evidence?

No. 1206698

Unrelated to your content I have to say that those are scrote-fem and not in a mtf but a (sorry) dyke way kind of dogs. Ugly dogs. There are better dogs. My mind is just too blank to think of any. Not those anyhow. Post some cute maltesies or or something. What are their personalities like btw?

No. 1206702

nice. get fucked amber.
now we can finally move on from this circus, I hope.

No. 1206711

No. 1206712

from what I understood, the jury found her statements to be defamatory and therefore false, while somehow also finding JD's lawyer's claim that her statements were a "hoax" to be defamatory. this makes it sound like the jury is claiming both of their statements are false, which makes no sense since these claims contradict each other.

No. 1206713

She's getting off lighter than male abusers? Are you fucking nuts? Blogpost but I was beaten so bad I needed surgery and all he got was a $350 fine and some anger management classes. She's getting far worse than the average scrote gets. Men always get off so lightly, no one even thinks he's a bad person. Compare that to Amber's fines the absolute hate she's getting. I hate this shit.

No. 1206716

You’re ugly

No. 1206717

God, men are fucking disgusting. No wonder they cope so hard.

No. 1206718

I am woman, I can’t be ugly.

No. 1206722

Looks fine to me?

No. 1206723

Tranny man hands Typed this

No. 1206725

Male raiders confirmed to be poop loving faggots with AIDS

No. 1206726


No. 1206728

t. Shit taste in dogs
I am woman

No. 1206729

? With a stretched out faggot AIDS shit ass? are you nuts?

No. 1206734

No with me, I'm desperate.

No. 1206736

Now that case is over can all discourse about these two end now? I never want to here about this ever again unless it's to call out the retarded hate mob for amber.

No. 1206740

Then leave the thread?

No. 1206742

ISTG explains why they hate amber so hard and lust after depp kek.

No. 1206747

i dont really understand this but the jury was retarded anyway

No. 1206748

Sorry for asking to be spoonfed but I don't exactly understand. She lost? On what ground? This thread is honestly a mess, hope mods will ban all the scrotes soon. Don't reply to their bait.

No. 1206765

On the grounds of the jury being retards who didn’t actually follow the instructions and also made conflicting decisions. They decided that they both defamed each other which is literally impossible. And they awarded him much more in damages than her.

No. 1206800

They were bombarded with more pro depp wii music propaganda soundbites than Nazi germany

No. 1206801

File: 1654123230218.jpeg (112.04 KB, 828x1231, 27C24623-E9E3-48B1-BF86-75A16D…)

Johnny’s statement

No. 1206810

He’s going to be waddling around doing those stupid prayer hands for days. Fuck him and his fake typewriter ass Secret Window ass statement.

No. 1206812

This case has been good evidence for how gullible and susceptible to propaganda the majority of the internet are.

They see all these obviously paid for videos and posts and whatever that are all written in incel rhetoric bitch gets dunked on! vibes, fall for it hook line and sinker and fill Amber's quote tweets with their vile shit after she lost.
Just saw a promoted article about Johnny's career to skyrocket in a major UK newsrag, like how the fuck would they know that mere hous after the win. It's all so obviously paid for and it worked.
The same people saying believe victims are taking great pleasure attacking Amber. Fools, the lot of them.

No. 1206824

>my children
Is that why your own daughter wouldn't defend you? What a slimey manipulator

No. 1206826

File: 1654123778465.jpeg (497.16 KB, 960x1018, 5D49FF35-66DC-432A-B09F-2ACDE8…)

The clownery. Pug faced pickmes never prosper.

No. 1206832

On the grounds of Johnny’s evidence far outweighing Amber’s, Amber’s narrative reeking of lies, embellishments, and distortions, and the most likely true fact she ran her legal team into the ground.

In terms of evidence, if you haven’t been following the case, you need to research and rewatch on your own. In this thread, I’ve seen people mention Johnny’s insane text messages as a huge sign of his abuse (lol), so there’s just no point in even discussing it here.

Amber’s narrative speaks for itself. There were many times when it just didn’t make sense. No jury is going to believe that you didn’t sustain extreme injuries from being dragged over thick, curved glass shards or being raped with a handle and have absolutely no following medical record to show for. No jury is going to turn a blind eye to Amber mentioning Kate Moss, and then Kate Moss showing up explicitly to shut her down. No jury is going to believe that Amber’s only flaw was saying “nasty, horrible” things to Johnny or that she “only hit him to protect [my sister]” when there are several audio tapes of her admitting she hit him and Whitney’s testimony failing to adequately corroborate Amber’s. You think a jury is going to forgive Amber’s laughable attempt to conflate “pledge” and “donate”? What normal, middle class person in Virginia is going to believe that some rich, privileged actress was an angel behind close doors who only did drugs the times she specified, and at no point besides then? What the hell is the jury supposed to think when cops can’t back up Amber’s story, or when so many people would not appear for Amber? How is this not an obvious answer to people?

If I were an Amber supporter, I would probably want to scream at her because there is NO way Rottenborn and Elaine would have chosen this argument avenue for their client. They had to have known it would fail terribly. Why? Because they had an amazing shot at winning had they focused on a legalized argument, central to the first amendment. Had Amber toned her story down, and had they focused on freedom of speech rather than he-said-she-said, I believe Amber would have won. I strongly suspect she made Elaine head counsel instead of Rottenborn because Elaine seems more controllable than him, so she knew she could pass a bunch of fucking sticky notes around and coordinate the entire thing without a man telling her no.

I mean, what lawyer would recommend that their client be scrutinized by a shrink? Amber continuously claimed she had PTSD and opened the doors for a Dr. Curry figure to appear and look what happened: the whole world, whether true or not, thinks that Amber is a BPD histrionic nutcase.

Not only that, but the irony of Amber crying about her first amendment right but then ALSO suing for defamation kek. The jury isn’t going to make it make sense for Amber, and her entire counsel did a terrible job at presenting her story. Except I honestly believe it’s Amber’s fault because she was probably telling them, as their client, what to do.

Amber won the $2mil most likely due to a compromise verdict, in my opinion. I believe there was probably an Amber supporter on the jury who didn’t want to see her go without. I don’t have much to offer besides witness reports on the jury, but the fact they both received some money suggests that maybe they compromised in the verdict to make it unanimous.

No. 1206842

Shh nonnita, you'll just anger the heardsisters who can't think for themselves

No. 1206846

Anon: women get abused more than moids
Pickmes with sharpie eyeliner, orange foundation and emo hairstyles in 2022: nooooo you femcel

No. 1206851

why are you going so hard for a misogynistic scrote. personally i supported amber heard even when i thought she did beat his ass unprovoked. even then though common sense should tell you he's twice her height, twice her weight, and had triple the clout when they started dating. idk i could type more but i'll sum it up with this: you need to k

No. 1206853

kill yourself

No. 1206857

Hehe no I don’t think I will nonnie cry about it some more

No. 1206866

File: 1654125301581.jpeg (326.62 KB, 1170x1571, 41CA2920-9602-4040-B168-DACEFA…)

seeing shit like this makes me violently angry. scrotes are so retarded and deficient in basic human empathy. they get to go around the world blissfully ignorant of the reality of women’s lives under a regime of violence and exploitation by men then turn around and jerk themselves off over how smart they are. fuck them

No. 1206873

Johnny won.
The incels won.
The conservatives won.
The pickmes won.
The patriarchs won.

No. 1206877

ok johnny. enjoy court next month

No. 1206880

trannys always hate women, this isn't surprising

No. 1206884

>writes essay defending a crusty old man with a dead front tooth
oh man, the pick me in terminal in this one

No. 1206904

>a purple haired scene bitch in a tube top in 2022
Oh no my feelings are so hurt how will I ever recover from this

No. 1206910

can she fight the verdict?

No. 1206911

i am manifesting bodily harm to johnny depp.

No. 1206921

you even type fat

No. 1206924

Where’s the shit in the bed evidence? Like where were the photos kek if your spouse shit in your bed don’t you think you’d document it

No. 1206929

All you retards "well AKSTULLY AMBER BAD TOO" are the ultimate pick mes. Men absolutely never give a shit about womens issues. Do you think they're not aware Johnny beat her? They are. They don't care. You "two sides" morons play right into mens hands. This is why women struggle to get rights. Because some of you can't get over your need to coddle males, even the ones that are actively making jokes about raping and killing other women.

You ARE NOT different to Amber Heard. Men will not treat you better because you're nice to them and fight their fights. Retards like >>1206895 are going to learn the hard way once they take the cock out their mouth long enough to form an independant thought

No. 1206935

File: 1654127137346.jpg (19.69 KB, 400x400, depp.jpg)

the fetal alcohol syndrome made her brain slow

No. 1206948

who is this whale

No. 1206955

Is JKR still pro-Depp? Is this going to be her redemption arc with the libfems? kek

No. 1206957

Why do they all look the same?
>fetal alcohol face
>14yo makeup skills
>embarrassing hot topic tier fashion choices
>badly dyed hair
She only misses the tattoos

No. 1206970

File: 1654128182317.jpeg (705.38 KB, 1170x1426, 0C6A0113-8302-4728-B4EF-31A5B4…)

Imagine making content exclusively for men and only having men interact with your social media and thinking your opinion will have any value or effect on the feelings of the women who gather here.

No. 1206971

reactionaries have been sated,
fascism has been stalled,
sacrificial lamb nailed hollywood,
crucified for the conversation

No. 1206972

File: 1654128230319.jpeg (691.18 KB, 1170x1828, 07537362-B97C-4DFB-9F0E-B2A46D…)

Literally everyone who replied to that tweet is a smegmaproducer lol

No. 1206976

big oof

No. 1206977

>fat woman desperately pandering to men because it’s the only way she can get attention
every time.

No. 1206985

imagine trying to make a career off of catering to incels but broadly accusing other women of being femcels for rightfully hating men and not wanting to get on their hands and knees churning out content exclusively for cockhavers to validate their cockhaving female hating opinions. very sad. i hope one day she wakes up and realizes that she's driving herself headfirst off a cliff, but these types never do. kek

No. 1206988

>spooky weebtrash
her disgusting name speaks for itself

I feel like I'm going to die nonas I've been crying on and off all day. This case has brought me so much pain and I just wanted her to win. I hope he fucking dies, this is disgusting

No. 1207000

I'm glad that people are starting to realize that men can also be abuse victims but sad that incels will use this to invalidate female victims. I was never super invested in this tbh. Honestly Amber just seems kinda sus to me.

No. 1207001

This fat bitch has been tweeting about wanting lolcow attention for years btw. When I’m patrolling keywords she shows up.

No. 1207003

what does this mean?

No. 1207008

File: 1654129418383.jpeg (143.48 KB, 951x1170, F53780D1-DE78-42F6-B57F-0D742F…)


someone do a physiognomy analysis

No. 1207012

Aliexpress shoeonhead

No. 1207017

me too anon i woke up on the other side of the world an hour ago found out and actually shed a tear??????????? i feel fucking crazy, if amber had won no man would be so genuinely moved by the verdict because there is no worldwide repercussions for men following this case. once again, only women pay, and yes ill keep fucking crying, thanks for the reminder we are completely dehumanised by people we have no choice in sharing the world with

No. 1207018

johnny won the verdict, technically the jury said they were both at fault but offered johnny nore in damages so i guess that could be considered a win.

No. 1207020

File: 1654129965748.jpeg (21.55 KB, 480x640, images (43).jpeg)

What the fuck happened to this thread that is now being flooded with scrotes?

No. 1207024

americans: "yea, we going to give more money to men with unfathomable amounts"

No. 1207025

how much has amber paid into legal fees? or did she have an umbrella liability policy that is paying the legal fees?

No. 1207035

Idk why I have paranoia that Amber will be physically harmed by unhinged scrotes. I hope she stays safe.

No. 1207036

i think with or without this it wouldn't have made a difference… i have not been believed with a mark on my face cuz the scrote said i did it to myself

No. 1207037

not really that simple. the jury's verdict on his claims means that they found all ambers statments untrue.
they just also found that one of johnny's stamements about her conspiring with her friends one one occassion was also unconvincing.

No. 1207046

ewww she's so fucking ugly.

No. 1207048

Just because Amber lost, and literally the moment she did. I think it says a lot about this in itself.
There's a reason.

No. 1207060

File: 1654132459253.jpg (38.44 KB, 720x484, actions.jpg)

>Sell cropped video to TMZ to make yourself look good.
>Full video is shown to jury and it makes you look bad.
>Edit photos to make yourself look beaten.
>Photos are revealed to be edited to the jury
>Beat her ex-wife in front of police officers.
>After she cut his fingertip off.

I can't tell if it's scrotes or other narcissistic husband-beaters running defense for Amber right now.

What do we gain from Amber lying through her teeth?

An unhinged scrote would be the perfect life partner for her. Did you not hear the recordings from the trial?

No. 1207061

i think she'll be fine. she's not a "threat" to them, i think if she would have won i'd have been more worried. for now she'll just be called a smollett and mocked. i don't think she'll ever work again, unfortunately.

No. 1207071

File: 1654132869338.png (62.01 KB, 676x1002, Screenshot_20220601-211940_(1)…)

ContraPoints deleted the tweet but lol

No. 1207072

the finger cutting thing has been debunked a million times

No. 1207075

>>1207071 is contra pro amber?

No. 1207088

>Reddit spacing

No. 1207089

Is this nightmare over? Will her career survive? Who "won"? Btw I don't know shit but even if Amber was abusive I think she's based, thanks Amber for terrorizing ugly men, you're my queen now and forever

No. 1207090

yeah this thread is basically going to be now scrote central and filled with expired cheese. The thread is already autosaged which makes sense and will become inactive soon.

No. 1207092

>ifunny tier meme image
fuck off faggot

No. 1207093

No. 1207094

Yes and going through the twitter likes it seems Natalie is upset at how this case can impact future DV victims.

No. 1207097

can any of you stop replying to scrotes and just report.

No. 1207099

i hope contra can lead some misogynistic followers to amber's side…

No. 1207101

Amber >>>>>>> all the pro-depp unhinged bitches
I rather side with a woman like Amber than some fucking pickme like the johnny ass lickers

No. 1207104

Samefagging and sage for OT but CP's stance on this case doesn't seem surprising if the theory that PT raped CP, but is keeping quiet about it for fear of backlash is correct. Natalie probably empathizes with Amber and her situation.

No. 1207107

why does she look like a relative of honey boo boo

No. 1207108

who is pt?

No. 1207112


No. 1207113

Philosophy Tube. Recently trooned out and started skinwalking Natalie

No. 1207118

inbred hick phenotype

No. 1207119

No. 1207124

What? Surely not. This isn't child support or student loans

No. 1207133

Amber will have to pay 12 million.

No. 1207141

tbh i never cared about this case but i did look at the bigger picture and i knew that this would set a bad precedent for victims to be silenced even more by their abusers.
Seeing all the misogynist, alt-right men with their pickmes opely celebrating and everyone is okay with it.

No. 1207142

rose mcgowan once said "the only perfect victim is a dead one" and I'm starting to believe it

as someone who's dealt with family abuse and abuse from a partner before i tried not to watch this entire case for the sake of my own mental health, did, and now I've felt broken again by it. there is no perfect victim, if there were, then mens money and power wouldn't be able to win and defame women like this

the r/deuxmoi sub just closed and started restricting their comments because of the influx of users, many who came to harass and argue with Heard supporters since it was the "safe space" for them. feel bad for the mods of that sub tbh

No. 1207149

more deets on this?

No. 1207154

>kat dennings
>raven symone
>aly and aj

No. 1207161

its been long known that men can be fucking abuse victims, its just conservative self proclaimed alpha men who think its humiliating for a man to get abused. everyone immediately started supporting depp in this case too, its not like they dont know. stop fooling yourself anon this case isnt doing any good for society

No. 1207162

If we all do this at once we can plunge him into the multiverse and hurl him into a humanless Mars

No. 1207165

this isnt tiktok

No. 1207166

We aren't on tiktok also you have to be 18 to post

No. 1207171

File: 1654135648377.png (14.34 KB, 380x212, w.png)

No. 1207175

File: 1654135835433.jpg (38.01 KB, 400x376, tumblr_5332a647bbb27301bffa7f0…)

No. 1207180

File: 1654135967749.jpg (44.15 KB, 400x381, tumblr_6ddfd48281a9d2f7277f004…)

No. 1207181

File: 1654136038016.jpg (40.28 KB, 400x281, tumblr_cd8d9d8e11a1ca43617c4bf…)