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No. 1075996

Ask away, fools

No. 1076010

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1051033

No. 1076017

Didn't want to ask this in g just in cause I misheard shit and am just confused and dumb,

Was watching a vlog, the woman in it said she bled through her clothing while out somewhere. Then she joked about ovulating in public. Do some women bleed at ovulation? And heavy enough to leak through clothes?

No. 1076061

I think she might have just mixed up ovulation and period? Possibly. Because I don't think it's common to bleed during ovulation

No. 1076093

Ovulation bleeding is a thing, but it's more like very minor spotting, if she bled through her clothing she either wore a paperthin white leggins or she has some medical issue

No. 1076398

doesn't this happen like every other thread

No. 1076403

I have asked it in the previous thread, but it was dead by the point.
My ex therapist has suggested that my psychological damage has started with my parents teaching me to call them by their names and not mom/dad. Apparently, it's not normal??? Is it truly harmful? She mentioned something like 'well, what do you think it says about your parents wanting to communicate with you as Annie and Brad'? I'm confused

No. 1076439

I'm not sure how harmful it is, but I'd say it's not really normal. Though there are some parents who do this, I think it's really weird and creates some distance, like calling your own parents Sir/Mam.

No. 1076446

Its pretty normal where I live in rural countryside, you would say they are mum/mam/mom (whatever your country says) outside or to other people, but call them by their names. Doing anything abnormal for your region is going to fuck you up socially, and most therapy only deals with social maladjustment really unless you're totally fucked, but you'd know that

No. 1076448

File: 1646087492291.jpeg (27.73 KB, 370x830, 6A673763-3DD6-4CA4-AE53-2F4CFF…)

Gymnonnas! I’m a weak rat who’s never been to a gym in her life. I used to do some exercises in my room but it’s too tiny. Now that I can finally almost afford it, I want to know how to get arms similar to picrel at the gym. Toned, strong, athletic, yet not overly buff. I want to be able to lift heavy stuff. Also, lose my stomach fat. Do I really have to give up sugar to do that? I don’t eat anything sweet, but I tried to give up black tea and failed. Have to have sugar in it.

No. 1076454

File: 1646087593262.gif (1.24 MB, 498x249, mom-i-am-your-mother.gif)

I think your therapist might've got C's in college tbh but she has a good point about why they might want you to call them by their first names. If they resented the words mom and dad then that hints to a lot of other maternal/paternal issues that might've fucked you up. But if it was some new age attempt at mutual, peer-like respect then why the hell not?

No. 1076456

It's not normal no. They're your parents, you're their child, calling them by their names is too formal and distant for a child-parent relationship. Sorry anon.

No. 1076478

I'm happy to have your opinions, nonas. I'm not exactly traumatized by it, just trying to re-examine my relationship with parents. I used to think everything was perfect, but now I don't think so.
I was thinking maybe the therapist was implying parentification, like I was treated like an adult…? I didn't realize it could be seen as distant instead of too close. IDK. Maybe my mom didn't want to have me to an extent. I remember one holiday we went with my cousin who was prettier, more outgoing and charming and I was horrified that she will steal my parents away (long story). In an attempt to desperately cling to them, I started actually saying mom instead of her name. She got majorly pissed and told me to stop, since she's on holiday and doesn't want to constantly feel like a mom/be reminded of it or whatever.
I was also blamed for feeling like shit in comparison to the cousin, who was also very sporty. When she challenged me to a race I couldn't win, I got criticized for being a quitter or something. I don't even know. I was like 8 or 9 back then.
Interesting! Especially being out of norm fucking me up. I always had to explain myself to other children…

No. 1076483

sorry to samefag, to tired to repost
>But if it was some new age attempt at mutual, peer-like respect then why the hell not?
I think it partially also may have been something like that, or at least I was made to believe it? My parents weren't really the wishy washy type, though

No. 1076560

Why do some people with tempers act like it's fine they have a temper? I'm talking about people who literally see red and spout shit before thinking. The type that get in your face and yells. I'm asking because I have a couple female relatives who do this.

No. 1076579

Because it feels natural to them I suppose?

No. 1076592

How's life in Russia like? The men, the food, the education, family, and the environment?

No. 1076593

File: 1646091869441.jpg (62.02 KB, 500x375, Silentduck.jpg)

What are your opinions on the sex act fisting?

No. 1076605

looks very painful and unnatural, I don't understand the appeal

No. 1076621

Is very distasteful, in my humble opinion.

No. 1076669

probably because they've been enabled to do so with little to no consequence to themselves

No. 1076684

File: 1646096133991.jpeg (96.16 KB, 853x480, F0C0D8CC-8833-4C69-9BDD-47CAEC…)

trying to get back to my weebfem roots, what's the anime in this picture?
I'm also trying to find that one (idol?) anime where there's that blonde girl with dyed pigtails

No. 1076691

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! It's the best

No. 1076695

thank you nonna!

No. 1076696

Is it rude to order take out but not tip if I’m picking up the order myself? Should I just cross out the tip line??

No. 1076701

Is Rue from Euphoria supposed to be a lesbian?

No. 1076758

Yes, its more implied but she has no interest in sex with men (aside from the tranny kek).

No. 1076784

File: 1646100028121.jpeg (113.43 KB, 1125x605, 0582F539-397F-4239-8810-DDDB5C…)

Better question is: why do they make a jock fall in love with a hook nosed weeb tranny? It’d be weird even if Jules was a real woman (us women can look even uglier than troons unfortunately)

No. 1076789

if i called my parents by their names id get my ass beat nonnie, they might be onto something

No. 1076792

File: 1646100598311.jpeg (31.48 KB, 800x450, 6C7AC2FF-38C8-486A-BA38-65BE06…)

>us women can look even uglier than troons unfortunately

No. 1076799

Nate is secretly bi/gay, they meet on a gay dating app

No. 1076801

Elliot describes her as “asexual” but yeah lesbian. I don’t think she ever has sex with the troon.

No. 1076802

Also rue herself says she cant get horny because shes high on heroin and everything else at the time so….

No. 1076805

I can't tell the difference in a lot of plastic surgery before and after pictures. Am I stupid?

No. 1076809

The pictures may be edited to look more natural

No. 1076814

Is there some form of autism where you don't actually have problems understanding emotions of others but are just a massive sperg?

No. 1076816

am i a boy or girl?

No. 1076817

that's just being a regular person, no need to pathologize every aspect of your personality.

No. 1076818

get out

No. 1076827

who is (c)rap? can someone link me their posts?

No. 1076839

The most clockable thing about him is the fact that they would never cast an actual woman with a nose that big.

No. 1076858

anon who spergs about hating rap music, you can usually tell who she is from her usage of the terms "subhuman" and "low iq", she's allegedly half black herself


No. 1077041

where do some anons get the idea that lucinda is hated by everyone? tbf i haven't checked her thread recently so idk if anything changed, maybe i'm wrong but last time i checked (and in the earlier threads too) most anons seem to like and sympathize with her besides one a-logger who usually got told to fuck off.

No. 1077261

How often do you guys eat chocolate? Is it bad to have a chocolate bar (e.g Mars bar) every day?

No. 1077310

Idk her but rap music is shit

No. 1077317

What are some LinkedIn Learning courses zhat are worth doing? My workplace pays for it and I'm allowed to do any course that I want

No. 1077318

By today standards if you consider a straight man dating a troon gay it’s homophobic/transphobic or whatever the fuck it is. Nate falling in love with Jules in their heads doesn’t make him gay, supposedly. That’s why I ask. I really want a handsome man like that to fuck me btw.

Also is Jacob Elordi gay/bi?

No. 1077328

2000s bubblegum pop is worse

No. 1077360

I eat a dark chocolate bar everyday but I know dark chocolate is better for you than milk chocolate, it's probably not the best but I'm addicted at this point

No. 1077370

File: 1646141324221.jpg (27.08 KB, 350x255, 13322187_276035026075909_46029…)

Almost everyday kek. But dark chocolate is way better for you, some might say even healthy. If you eat milk chocolate or bars with other shit in them like caramel then you might as well be shoving funnel cake into your face

No. 1077394

File: 1646142619316.jpeg (240.12 KB, 712x400, 14E36B9A-F6CD-410E-9D01-A2C1AE…)

Wait isn't it illegal for his tranny one to say his sex is F or am I stupid? Isn't that just straight up a lie? Why isn't it going by biological sex?

No. 1077397

Most days. Lately I look for anything that's new to me. So new seasonal choc like easter stuff or I look in the foreign foods section. I can't eat too much of the same type.

No. 1077416

Dark chocolate is super good for you. Also, check the back and make sure alkali isn't in the ingredients list. Not that it's bad for you, but the process removes some of the antioxidants.

No. 1077418

Are there certain brands of dark chocolate you would recommend? I want to understand how people enjoy it. I remember some anon talking about dark chocolate and sea salt ice-cream, and I've wanted to try it ever since.

No. 1077421

Not often. I really only eat chocolate if I'm making cookies, drinking hot chocolate, or eating a candy bar. That stuff only happens a couple times a month.

No. 1077441

nta but not a whole damn bar lol

No. 1077455

Chocolate bars are for kids. They're not worth it anyway, just one bar spikes your blood sugar and impacts your energy levels. Not to mention the crazy amount of calories in one small bar you could've spend on something tastier and larger in volume.

No. 1077468

what if someone just eats small portions of the bar in a time span of a few days, not all at once?

No. 1077481

that's a bit anachan of you

No. 1077507

It goes by your juristic sex, so if you have it changed then you're going to be marked as an female in documentation.

No. 1077525

I like a wafer bar or small kitkat with a cup of coffee. I never count calories but I bought a pack of white kitkats yesderday and the packaging is really loud about listing how the calories are just over 100. Well worth it to me. Maybe wafer with a thin layer of choc is the way to go if someone is really watching their intake.

No. 1077554

Can you mail a place about any potential job openings/internships when they haven't advertised any open positions recently?

No. 1077572

File: 1646146725511.jpg (27.32 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg-222.jpg)

What is the Chinese lolita community like? Western lolitas keep saying China is the biggest lolita market and brands cater to chinese lolitas and not us so i was just wondering what they're like, what kind of girl wears lolita, what styles are more popular etc

No. 1077589

yes, it never hurts to try! they might also appreciate you taking the initiative

No. 1077597

Thats kind of orthorexic and a myth, no one has watch-out worth sugar spike from eating a chocolate bar unless they have some metabolic disorder or diabetes.
Sugar spikes was a term used only to describe diabetes before some fitness quacks decided they could use it, the spike happens because they cant process sugar at all, if you have a working pancreas it aint going to happen.

No. 1077906

When cats follow their owners into the bathroom doesn't the smell bother them?

No. 1077957

considering i clean up her shit on the daily it would be pretty fucking rich of her to turn her nose up at just the scent of mine

No. 1077997

File: 1646158590832.jpeg (45.22 KB, 516x412, 0 (2).jpeg)

i don't really know about communities but the reason people say the chinese market is so big is because normie girls also like to wear reallly girly/borderline childish dresses, e.g. you will see random pop singers in ita dresses without them being seen as alt oe anything

No. 1078001

File: 1646158640271.jpeg (68.68 KB, 520x405, 0 (1).jpeg)

pic is an a-list actress

No. 1078007

are the concept of left and right brain hemispheres real or a myth?

No. 1078023

Have you ever read someones post on here and it's so similar to something you went through that it's almost creepy? Like details or a whole life story match up.

No. 1078031

So many times but one that stands out is I remember someone talking about their narc friend and what they put them through and I literally thought for a second that I wrote the post and forgot because it was so identical to what I experienced.

No. 1078033

Right and left brain hemisheres do process different things, but if you're not lobotomized they is suh a huge amount of connections between the two that they are constantly working together.

No. 1078034

File: 1646159806034.jpg (42.79 KB, 750x557, 3z4iyxpdaaq51.jpg)

How long do you wait for someone to reply until you give up and move on?

No. 1078055

I give them 15 minutes but I have bpd so I don't know, maybe an hour?

No. 1078064

How do you escape from the back of a van?

No. 1078072

Myth, your brain hemisphere's processes are constantly intertwined, you cannot state that certain activities belong only to the left or the right one

No. 1078113

…are you okay anon?

No. 1078188

Indeed, ive gotten kidnapped, but my first instinct was to sage my post, because i am a good lolcow user

No. 1078299

No. 1078437

Can you text from China to the US with no issues? Particularly, using Verizon as a mobile carrier? I have a scrote claiming he couldn't reach me via discord because of VPN issues, which is fine, but I never got a text from him either. I'm just wondering.

No. 1078441

does neural blender not work anymore?

No. 1078479

would it be retarded of me to post my elsie fanart on my main art accounts? would there be repercussions?

No. 1078490

I feel like that could potentially attract unwanted outsiders. Or you might end up like the seal anon kek.

No. 1078491

a fate worse than death

No. 1078514

yes. don't out yourself as a farmer.

No. 1078578

Can you name me some charismatic women? I need inspiraiton, it's sexism but I feel like men are often portayed as charismatic while women are either too stone cold or portrayed as light headed clutzes

No. 1078593

damn all this time i thought it was haikyuus yamaguchi and i skipped an episode or something

No. 1078612

Me girl

No. 1078619

If there are passenger seats in front of you try to break through them, if not then turn feet towards bumper of car at the back and look for anything that glows like a latch or anything you can pull, this is a required safety feature, pulling or flicking the switch or latch (depends on the van type) will open the back door or boot. Can't guarantee all vans have them but pull and flick all latches and anything that glows

No. 1078621

Assume you're not serious but good to know either way

No. 1078650

Are there legitimate sites/services (including tor links) where one can buy weed illegally? I had a contact that did it previously, but they've since moved out of the country. Discord links seem promising, but I've never had experience with them.

Miss me with the moralfagging

No. 1078660

Depends on what you define as charismatic honestly, can you give me some examples?

No. 1078665

Why do I always feel the need to pee after sex/masturbating

No. 1078672

I mean, you already seem to be under the impression that you don't know women to be charismatic.

No. 1078685

Small amounts of bodily fluids and lube can make their way into your urethra, whether you're having sex or masturbating. It slightly irritates your urethra which makes you feel the urge to pee. Foreign stuffs in the urethra can also give you a UTI, and peeing helps to flush it out, so stay hydrated and have yourself a nice pee after the deed.

No. 1078829

Does everyone also pee while taking a shit? I do everytime but someone told me that was weird

No. 1078873

Yeah, sometimes. I think pushing from your asshole and pushing from your vagina uses all the same muscles, that's why women can even poop during birth.

No. 1078876

I often pee, shit and cry at the same time, one time I pee shit cry and laugh at the same time and it was because of an edit to the kpop dog boy gif. That was a personal achievement and I am usually not easily amused.

No. 1078890

My moid relatives sometimes talk to me as if we felt the same about women because I'm a lesbian. Do they really believe I'm gonna have a positive reation one day or do they do it just to mess with me?

No. 1078906

All poopoo times are peepee times but not all peepee times are poopoo times

No. 1078929

I guess it depends? If he’s using discord then yeah the great fire wall does block it but regular text it would depend if you have international call/texts.

No. 1079044

So I understand the mxm/yaoi shipping aspect about the south park fandom, I get it, anything with a male cast will have that
however what I don't understand is the very large part of the fan-base that's into head cannoning the characters as asexual or suffering from depression or childhood neglect

I do not understand that at all, like it's a show made by 2 centrist gen-xers where 1/3rd of jokes in an episode are about farts, I mean how does anyone see anything more deep that that
like I can understand degernacy no matter how disgusting I find it, cause as awful as other yaoi fandoms can be, the conversations are always limited to sex or character traits related for sex but with south park its not even about that
like WTF is this

No. 1079102

Really dumb question I have an appointment today but I cannot make it, I have to move unexpectedly (probably will have to go to shitty hostel for while). I've sent an email yesterday to my professor but he hasn't replied, should I try to contact him more or is the email asking to postpone it enough?

No. 1079135

What’s an app that you can use to find guys who want to just cuddle and kiss but not have sex immediately? I tried tinder like a naive fool and it obviously failed

No. 1079141

I think the email should be enough but just in case i’d try another method of contact >>1079135
that doesn’t exist

No. 1079149

I almost feel like signing up for a sugar daddy app since then I’d at least get paid for the same type of shitty behavior

No. 1079198

I've been going braless on my days off for a couple weeks but I get chafing on my nipples, is there a way I can prevent it or should I just wear a bra again?

No. 1079210

Maybe you should call one of those professional cuddlers

No. 1079213

How do i make the best cappucino i can at home?

No. 1079224

File: 1646216604335.jpeg (62.17 KB, 408x612, 3AB02C8D-80CD-4733-B88C-AD0FDD…)

So I’d kick the corners?

No. 1079231

File: 1646217069902.jpeg (16.91 KB, 400x400, 72F98432-6655-409F-9707-60066A…)

Would anyone like a ‘long term goals’ thread in /g/? Like a thread where we express what we’d want to be/ where we want to be in our lives in 10-20 years. Or Do we already have something like that and I’ve just not noticed?

No. 1079233

that sounds like such a cute thread idea if we don’t have one already id love for it to be aged to /g/

No. 1079234

samefag, added*

No. 1079446

We had a similar thread at one point. It was about goals or self improvement or something like that

No. 1079458

Is it normal that the GPS on my phone randomly switches on and off during the day? Like even if I turn it off, at certain points during the day I notice that it has turned on, stays like that for a few seconds, then turns back off

No. 1079534

If all women became super fatsos over night would men leave us finally alone?

No. 1079549

File: 1646232240319.jpeg (52.67 KB, 739x415, C13EB15D-B3A7-456C-94E1-B0B50E…)

Why does this look bad to me

No. 1079550

No, they don’t care what they stick their dick into and no matter how much they say that they hate fatties, if they had no other choices, they would still go for it. Scrotes would still bother women.
Also there’s those guys that have a fat fetish and like over feeding people.

No. 1079551

Do you want us to dive into your brain and find out

No. 1079554

No. 1079558

Because it looks like a ps1 game?
It looks fine to me. I'm feeling nostalgic now.

No. 1079570

File: 1646233264957.jpeg (24.07 KB, 600x400, 77.jpeg)

seatbelts everyone!

No. 1079647

I'm super fat and men don't leave me alone so, no. They'd just complain even more.

No. 1079661

Even men who have a strong and very vocal preference for slim women will have the odd fap to fatty porn just coz. Their public preferences don't really mean shit.

No. 1079698

Has anyone here kabedon'd a guy? How did it go?

No. 1079738

I did once by accident on the train. He was standing by the door and facing me and I grabbed the handle that was next to him. Also we were around the same height so there was direct eye contact lol. We looked at each other awkwardly and then I continued to stand there because there was no where else I could go so we just ignored each other. Maybe he thought I was creep idk lol.

No. 1079764

I do it to my much taller bf and he giggles each time I do it. We both like it. Hehe

No. 1079787

you should've embraced it and intimidated the schlub.

based. thank you.

No. 1079890

is it dangerous to take 3 400mg ibuprofen pills 1-2 hours from each other?

No. 1079892

No. 1079921

Yes, actually it's a very popular suicide method. Stay safe nonnie and don't risk it

No. 1079925

When did the moon separate from the earth because if the moon controls the tides wtf was going on on earth before the moon or where we just gaseous before then

No. 1079928

what game is this from

No. 1079931

OMG did the moon bring the rain god bless

No. 1079935

nonnie the moon is a collection of rocks that entered the earths orbit its not a planet per say just like pluto isnt wer just got lucky with all the shit it does i guess

No. 1079937

Octopath traveler

No. 1079999

Does anyone else who was abused as a child have very blurry or almost no memories? I'm not sure what I will achieve with myself for asking this, but I guess I would just like to know if there's anyone who had similar experiences.

No. 1080010

Yep. I have like almost no childhood memories. What I know is more stored away as facts than actual memories.

No. 1080013

There's loads of good times I've probably forgotten too tbh. There's only so much shit my brain can handle it seems as I age although sometimes I get an unlocked memory and those are cool.

No. 1080020

it's funny you brought this up as it's something Ive been thinking of, though Im not sure if you could label my childhood "abusive" or if I was just a weirdly sensitive child. The very few memories prior to around the age of 12 and most of them are memories of being upset/anxious/being yelled at.

No. 1080023

is it ok to take mdma if i’ve been on fluoxetine and olanzapine? ik this question is autistic but im away from family and no longer repressed so

No. 1080042

Are you on olanz for moods or psychosis? If it's the latter def don't mess with it

No. 1080051

mood but now i mostly take it to regulate sleep

No. 1080053

don't do it, that sounds like a recipe for disaster

No. 1080065

File: 1646246863534.jpeg (109.21 KB, 649x624, C9A74D13-08FA-484E-B0C4-969396…)

This is from a homemade jewellery business. Where do you get the individual metal pieces? Are there artisans for that? Where do you contact them?

No. 1080070

File: 1646247058858.jpeg (71.19 KB, 558x550, 56C876A2-8B9C-45E2-9B6E-5A69D4…)

moar pics for clarification

No. 1080081

You can get the chains and beads and stuff at almost any hobby or craft supplier. The larger pieces I don't recognize, they might be made by the jewelry maker themselves or they might be purchased at the same type of store. You should be able to find a huge variety of similar pieces to make jewelry with at such a store. If you don't have any local craft shop, you can look for wholesale suppliers on Etsy. There are thousands of them.

No. 1080086

jewelsmiths are probably able to handcraft those pieces through cutting or castig metal

No. 1080111

File: 1646248263453.jpg (41.92 KB, 424x424, 1623852199481.jpg)

I regularly taste my own vaginal fluids to see how I taste like. Do people women do that?

No. 1080127

>people women
Are you a small green alien or something? Why "people women"… are you posting from your spaceship rn? Also, no, I personally do not do that kek.

No. 1080131

As a person woman (human) (typing from my house on planet earth) I do it not to taste but to clean up quickly after I masturbate tbh. I think it tastes alright though…

No. 1080140

LOL omg i forgot to delete people, my bad.. forgive my stupidity ontop my grossness.
i notice if i dont smoke i taste way better. also eating lots of fruit improves my taste as well. one of my exes said i taste like nothing ever since i been quality checking.

No. 1080141

people women on lolcor do komaeda chan is name

No. 1080143

>forgot to delete people
please dont tell me you use "people with vaginas" on a regular

No. 1080145

komadea-discharge-chan: the sequel

No. 1080147

n-no i just thought people was unfitting since only women have vaginas anon im really high right now im, sorry

No. 1080149

File: 1646248886304.jpeg (354.52 KB, 1536x2048, E10FE7AF-DF8E-46C6-AE10-BC2E74…)

How are they standing? How are they made?

No. 1080150

Discharge-chan does (she's a people woman too btw). I've done it before while I was masturbating, but other than that I do not taste my vaginal fluids as I have no reason to.

No. 1080151

File: 1646248923235.png (328.24 KB, 1280x720, sketch-1646002055644.png)

ok I forgive you

No. 1080160

where can i speak to discharge-chan i think we could make real human female friends

No. 1080161

They probably have some type of diy metal skeleton inside, some puppets and toys do that to make them bendable. Or they might be superglued to the table

No. 1080163

File: 1646249124292.png (1.09 MB, 714x1500, More-Plush-Cow-Crochet-Ideas-2…)

That's amigurumi. I don't know enough about amigurumi to give you a definitive answer, but I think for most figures just stuffing it is enough to make it stand. If not, they probably add something inside to weigh the bottom part of the figure down. If you're interested in making figures like that, you have to learn how to crochet (which I definitely recommend).

No. 1080173

>How are they standing
Probably an internal armature, with the proportions of this doll in particular it most likely couldn't stand up on its own without one. Or if not then a doll stand that's been shopped out of the photo.

No. 1080179

I don't know what to believe kek thanks for replying though. I ended up only taking two because they finally kicked in

No. 1080197

I think they can stand on their own because they are not only supported by their legs but also by their hair

No. 1080210

Samefag, but It seems like if there is enough polyfill and the figure is balanced then some should be fine on their own, but some need wires or weights inside. Every amigurumi doll is gonna be different and you can't really say for sure how those particular ones were made unless you know the creator.
I don't want to attach the picture, but here is a link to someone who made a standing doll with wires.
Sorry for reposting, wasn't sure about my other answers

No. 1080244

I'm a super fatso and even last week I got a stranger creep in front of my door who said "I like you" and wouldn't leave me alone and then he came back the next day to ring the bell. My also fatso but intimidating brother had to come and scare him out for me

No. 1080246

This sounds like death so no

No. 1080314

Check in the husbando thread on g and post Komaeda

No. 1080321

Thank you so much for your answers nonnie, when I get into crochet myself one day I'll keep this in mind

No. 1080340

Someone on meta mentioned mods can see your cookies and othet information, is there proof of this? If so how much information can they see of someone?

No. 1080382

They used cookies to expose cows who posted here.
They can see what browser and device you use too.

No. 1080431

How often do you floss?

No. 1080450

Thank you for the info. Can they also track your information from the other websites you visit? I thought that was the case, if not it's not that serious.

No. 1080457

Would it be illegal to send someone’s nudes to other people if the nudes were already posted online somewhere by that person? What if I just sent them the link? Not gonna do it tho just curious

No. 1080458

Once a day at night, and I hate it more than anything.

No. 1080494

I know nothing about laws but wouldn’t that be considered revenge porn? Even if you’re concerned about that person, you don’t really need to send the nudes to someone else, just talk about it.
I mean, I doubt you would get in any trouble unless the person who took the nudes knows you personally and would like, get the police to search your phone or pc, and if that person is an adult, then it should be even less of a worry I guess.

No. 1080496

I know nothing about laws but wouldn’t that be considered revenge porn? Even if you’re concerned about that person, you don’t really need to send the nudes to someone else, just talk about it.
I mean, I doubt you would get in any trouble unless the person who took the nudes knows you personally and would like, get the police to search your phone or pc, and if that person is an adult, then it should be even less of a worry I guess.

No. 1080523

It depends, not if they were posted publically like a nsfw twitter or only fans, revenge porn applies to privately shared sexual content.

No. 1080562

File: 1646263965547.jpeg (590.43 KB, 993x1524, E7049BE8-55A6-4B21-AC66-BE08E4…)

Would it be hard to draw like this ? It doesnt look hard

No. 1080593

This style of drawing is meant to be quick and easy because it's for comics, probably a lot of action in said comic. I would say you'd need to learn the foundations of drawing before you can start drawing like this, so no I don't think it's easy

No. 1080789

This would not be easy nonnie, you can tell from the style that this is all free-handed, that takes intense practice.

No. 1080835

late response but I actually watched the show and he's only on the app to find Jules so he could blackmail them.

No. 1081215

Late reply but it's because it's a godawful combination of 2D and 3D in like three different styles. Plus the colors are muddy.

No. 1081306

I wonder how many difficult kids were just kids that knew their parents were dumb as shit and listening to them was a bad idea. I for sure didn't respect or listen to my parents, as I've known since I gained sentience as a toddler that they were complete idiots. Hard to take your mom serious when you knew at 5 years old that you were smarter than her. The little advice i listened to because I was supposed to listen to my parents, just made my life worse and made me get bullied, so I never did that again.

No. 1081482

Anons, do you have any tips on how to take care of self harm wounds to help them heal faster / better? Online tips seem to be only about the immediate care of very deep cuts. (thankfully not my case)
I'm thinking that maybe hydrating creams would be helpful but if you have any other ideas please share!

No. 1081757

Can you have an ED if you've never counted calories in your entire life?

No. 1081769

Yes nonnie there are many different forms of eating disorders.

No. 1081825

How long does it take prescribed vitamin d pills to work? If you take one pill a week, typically how long would you have to take them to have a healthy vitamin d level? I've been taking these pills for maybe… 2/3 months or so and I'm getting a little paranoid that I may have too much vitamin d in my system, but maybe it's just my brain being weird? Have any anons been through a round of prescribed vitamins? What was it like? Did they help? Did you take too much? Etc. Etc.???

No. 1081852

iirc over 100k ui of vitamin d a day is needed to overdose so if you take like 10k a week you are very much on the safe side nonnie

No. 1081857

Been quite a while for me but I used to use this stuff called 'bio oil' It was orange in color and designed to help with stretch marks, surgery scars, etc. I bought it after I had a mole removed but used it on cuts too and think it helped.

No. 1081870

I know which one you mean, will try it! Thanks a lot

No. 1081878

How can I gain weight as a vegan? I've been sick 3 times this year already and lost about 10 kilos. I look so skinny it's gross and my clothes don't fit anymore. Help me be a fattychan again

No. 1081879

Ahh, thank you very much anon! That makes me feel a lot better lol.

No. 1081893

I'm sending a letter out but I don't know how many stamps I need (there's some extra stuff in here so it's a little heavier than a regular letter I think). Can I just go up to the clerk and at my post office and pay for the postage to send it out?

No. 1081896

Eat nuts and seeds, they're very high cal, healthy and easy to eat away. You can eat them as snacks, o
top them on salads or yoghurt, put them in other dishes etc. But regardless you should gain the weight back if you eat like you ate before you got sick.

No. 1081901

Thanks nonna!

No. 1081912

What are the best places to shitpost on 4chan?

No. 1081947

What anon above said, but also stuff like avocado, nut butters, rice, beans, potatoes and bread (any bread that doesn't have any milk and eggs, obviously), quinoa, lentils, olive oil (and if you eat stuff like this, tempeh, soy protein and seitan also works). Keep high carb or high fat foods in mind cause those are usually pretty calorie-dense. If you continue to get sick after a while of trying to gain weight, you might have to see a doctor.

No. 1081956

Samefag, coconut oil also works and chia seeds have a surprising amount of calories.

No. 1081968

So my store gave a 60 euro compensation coupon for something. What should I buy?
>get an intuos S tablet for free
>get a fancy logitech mouse for free
>save it for something bigger

No. 1081969

No. 1081972

How long can you use it? If it doesn't expire, I'd say save it for when you really need something.

No. 1081976

buy a hooker, a sandwich, a pack of doritoes with sproke, a lottery ticket and a bag of laundry detergent

No. 1081982

Oh, I have like 3 years to use it but I want to give my sister a mouse for her laptop and I have an 8 year old drawing tablet so it might not be bad. The only catch is that you have to use the full coupon at once, can't split it.

No. 1082011

Lesbian and bi radfem (or just gc) anons how do you meet other women (for dating or just friendships) and connect with them when the majority of them are subscribing to liberal feminism and tra? I’m trying to figure myself out but I realised that’s absolutely not possible when I’m with libfems cause we have a completely different worldview and I’m noticing how I barely have anything in common with new women I met cause they all they’re all on that woke shit

No. 1082082

Do you like cherry/cherry flavor things?

No. 1082087

It's not my favorite, but I'll eat it. I don't like cooked cherries though, like cherry tarts or pie.

No. 1082091

i love cherry candy

No. 1082108

For the most part but sometimes the artificially flavored ones can taste like medicine. Yuck. I think strawberry is a better red fruit flavor.

No. 1082112

Are there actually straight women who pay for guys’ onlyfans? Those claims of female pornsickos seems like a weird porn industry psypo to me (aside from fujos).

No. 1082120

No way. Women are not that sick

No. 1082127

Probably, it's most likely just not that common (I doubt there are that many guys on onlyfans that aren't gay).

No. 1082135

I know some girls who had a few guys who posted porn on twitter bookmarked but no one who actually paid for porn.

No. 1082140

Where celebricows?

No. 1082142

Nvm found it

No. 1082143

The only time I saw this was when someone posted nikocado's onlyfans screenshot lmfao

No. 1082165

File: 1646329847548.gif (570.12 KB, 360x246, tumblr_inline_mqzwtr0csj1qegv2…)

I NEED some technical help right now because I feel like I will loose my mind!

1) How do I recover an uninstalled program in windows?
I wanted to "repair" a program but uninstalled one and I feel it was needed to solve the second problem I have.

2)I'm forever stuck in the loading screen of the creative cloud from adobe and I do not know what to do?? I tried the "repair" option and it did not work. I also tried to download it again and it did nothing. I have to use it so this sucks a lot.

No. 1082188

Yes there are. Proof is Jake Munro's simps from the alt cows thread. They're mostly lonely, older, below average attractiveness women.

No. 1082193

Can't you re-install it from the source you originally got it from? Are the installation files still in your downloads?

No. 1082199

File: 1646331084516.jpg (19.66 KB, 280x210, IMG_3459.JPG)


I mean, its no different than the mental illness/abusive parents/LGBT headcanons you see for any show liked by young people. Kids grow up watching these shows while going through their own difficult life experiences and sometimes project those onto fictional characters as a way to process them.

Also the show (being an adult cartoon) has actual gay people in it, and it certainly attracts the melodramatic fujo types lol. I stg a large amount of these people get off on imaging the characters having the saddest backstory ever (or largest collection of trendy mental illnesses for the woke points)

No. 1082240

why are we known as lolkikes on the arty

No. 1082257

yes yes please please please

No. 1082269

speak english

No. 1082271

No, it's my least favorite flavor of all. Real cherries are delicious though.

No. 1082478

File: 1646338326683.gif (613.23 KB, 112x112, 1629700789699.gif)

What happens in nightclubs?

I was underage during the first part of the lockdowns, and now I'm not, I can go to clubs, so I feel like I should, like as a rite of passage. But what happens in them? Is it like The Sims where townies gather around a speaker and start doing the macarena and then order drinks? Do you make friends with strangers? What does it look like on the inside, and what do you do inside?

What do you get out of clubbing? Are you supposed to go with people? Can you wear cosplay? (I want to go as Queen Bee from Miraculous Ladybug, I love bees and I like that Chloe is a funny bitch)

No. 1082486

Yes you can wear cosplay at the club! Queen bee sounds like a great idea.

No. 1082495

Go in a group. Wear going out clothes, mainly online stores filter clothes by this standard. You spend more time than you want queuing when you're younger since they like to go when the club just opens lol, when you're older and don't have to prove your old toy arrive later and walk in without hassle. There will be loud music so you spend the night shouting. There's a lot of people so if you venture on to the dance floor you'll start sweating soon enough. Getting a drink becomes a stand off with every other patron in the vicinity and you need to stare down the bar man if you want served. Seating is sparse so usually someone is designated bag lady or man and they form the base where you return to when you lose everyone. Most conversations of worth happen outside in the smoking area and that's where you can gather gossip or find out who has drugs lol

No. 1082519

Pretty much what >>1082495 said. Go with friends, dress appropriately and don't wear cosplay unless there's a theme or something.

No. 1082536

That sounds like so much fun. I love music and flashing lights and dancing, I have to wait for family weddings for that. But it does sound very 'peopley' >>1082519 I looked up 'going out clothes' and I don't want to dress like that. Most of all, my mum says there are men there and I don't like it when males look at me because they are not worthy. Are there clubs that have only women in them? If so, I would wear 'going out clothes' in those, maybe. Will I get told to leave if I wear cosplay or a tracksuit?

No. 1082551

Are you autistic or something?

No. 1082558

File: 1646339851072.jpg (48.7 KB, 860x1200, 1620656816863.jpg)

No. 1082569

Not wanting men to look at you is valid. You can wear baggy clothes that cover your body and avoid eye contact with men, if you wear cosplay shit you're only going to attract more attention. You do sound too young to be going to clubs though, it's fun to dance with your friends if you go with a group but you most likely won't be able to meet new people and there will be a lot of weird men.

No. 1082575

Well that explains a lot. You really shouldn't go in cosplay to a club. Clubs are often a place where people go to socialize with the opposite sex, besides drinking and dancing. If there are female-only clubs, I've never heard of them. You sound too young and naive to go clubbing but if you go, make sure to take girlfriends with you who will look out for you.

No. 1082578

I love you nonette, if you weren't so well-prepared yourself already I would have posted that pic in reference to you.

No. 1082588

I don't know if its a thing where she lives but maybe lesbian bars? Though I think it could be uncomfortable for her.

No. 1082600

Actually I want to ask hows the atmosphere in lesbian bars

No. 1082603

Honestly I'm surprised there are nonnies here that enjoy clubbing. Not that there's anything wrong with that, they just seem like the opposite of my thing and very non-image board usery.

No. 1082615

Dress code depends on the venue. I'd recommend going to a concert instead of a club. No clubs aren't just for flirting but singles at clubs are really annoying. They'll mostly leave you alone if you refuse to interact with them because they're looking for an easy lay, but some are persistent and require intervention. You're much more likely to be surrounded by people with the same intentions if you go to see a musician you like instead of hitting up a random club. Horny singles rarely go to concerts to mingle because they have to pay more and get rejected more often because most people are there just for the music. Also depending on the music genre cosplaying is more accepted. You will also get a way better light show at a concert.

No. 1082619

If you wanna cosplay why don't you go to a convention or something? You could also go to a concert like one anon said.

No. 1082626

If they let me in with baggy clothes on, I think I could go under the radar and have fun. And with a girl group, I hope. Everyone needs to jump up and down in flashing lights every once in a while.

They have a small lesbian bar in London and I've never been in. It is small, but it's there!

Thank you valid nonnie, I appreciate it ♥

Seconding this, I want to know.

Me too, it's like stacy.farm at this point. I'm impressed. I thought this place was mostly for beta/sigma females or women with fringe interests/political opinions.

I want to expend energy by dancing and jumping and be around flashing lights and stuff. I don't think a concert has that, plus, expensive. I just want to release energy. You know like that Black Eyed Peas song 'Let's Get Retarded'? I want to get retarded, to sweat and laugh and stuff, and see multicoloured lights, and talk to girls I don't know.

No. 1082633

>I want to expend energy by dancing and jumping and be around flashing lights and stuff
>I want to get retarded, to sweat and laugh and stuff, and see multicoloured lights, and talk to girls I don't know.
This is 100% what concerts are. Maybe not at the symphony but any pop, rock, metal, alternative, or edm concert is exactly like this. Clubs are more for getting drunk, having drinks spilled on you, and being hit on by random drunk dudes.

No. 1082639

What does it mean when someone tells me that my English is weird?

No. 1082642

They're not used to hearing English used in the way you use it. Hard to know more than that without specific examples.

No. 1082643

You probably use odd vocabulary or structure your sentences in a way that doesn't sound natural to native speakers. Are you esl?

No. 1082652

>beta/sigma females
my stupid question: when people use these terms are they being ironic or serious?

No. 1082653

it means they dont know how to slang words and are most likely gay

No. 1082660

I’d like to think that, but I’m afraid it probably means that I need to pick up a grammar book or hundred.
Yes, I’m ESL, but I’ve been introduced to English at the age of 2, so I would’ve never expected myself to be so bad at English to the point someone randomly tells me that it’s weird…if I have made any mistakes in this post I’ll damage control and blame it on my heightened sense of self consciousness. Shit.

No. 1082667

Weird doesn't mean that it's incomprehensible or bad. It probably just sounds different than they're used to. English sounds different depending on country or even region of the same country. I'm a southern burger and northern burger English sounds weird to me, but it's still English and not bad or wrong. Sounds like they couldn't pick out something specifically wrong about your English but there was something unfamiliar about it, so they just said it was weird.

No. 1082681

I'm being kind of ironic. Beta to me means girls who may have niche interests, autism, or are just awkward. Sigma is another way of putting beta, but in an ironic 'yeah im so cool haha' kind of way, like i think it's a little self deprecating and self aware.

No. 1082684

That’s a freaking relief to hear anon. Thanks. I’d still like to brush up my English skills regardless though and sound more standard american english or whatever the fuck it means.
i guess you might have been right all along after all.

No. 1082687

How is Null not in jail?

No. 1082712

If you really want to blend in more with native speakers, pick out a regional accent and try to be consistent with it. Generally speaking Midland accent tends to be recognized as the most neutral version of American English. One giveaway that you're ESL could be if you are mixing different regional traits together, likely because you learned from a wide range of English media. It's not really a bad thing though in my opinion. It makes you seem well-travelled, but it also has the effect of signaling that you're "not from around here" particularly from people who have lived in one region since birth. My fiance is from the west coast and still gets heckled by southerners from time to time.

No. 1082730

Clubs attract music lovers, music lovers spend time online finding music and communities, all the message boards I first joined where based around a music culture and they always had general sub boards

No. 1082800

If anyone's played VRchat here, how did you like it?

No. 1082828

File: 1646348204907.jpg (35.02 KB, 903x903, hkg.jpg)

What the fuck do I do after an AA?
I'm the only person in my family that made it past high school, so I went to community because money. I did really good and should be applying for graduation this year.
But I don't know what the fuck comes next.
I'm scheduling a meeting with a counselor but it takes weeks thanks to covid, and googling is like a word soup jumble.
I tried seeing if the local universities have BA's in what I'm getting my degree in (webdev) but it looks like that's not an option past the AA level?
idk, I'm really on my own on this one and appreciate anyone with answers.

No. 1082898

I just found this site.
I've noticed is very feminine.
Is the user base mostly female or is it gay men and trannies?(moid)

No. 1082909

Why can't you read the fucking rules retard

No. 1082910

Before I answer, what website did you come from?

No. 1082920

Kek anon, that was not a very warm welcome. No need to be so angry to her

No. 1082947


No. 1082965

Trans and gay men

No. 1083080

anon i…l m a o

No. 1083158

my attention span won't allow it



No. 1083161

Fuck off to whatever shithole you usually post in

No. 1083164

Yep, anon is right. Most of us are trans and/or gay.

No. 1083168

no,not really. we respect and welcome each an every gender here exempt what they look like

No. 1083174

he came from the sharty though

No. 1083178

File: 1646354568969.jpeg (153.03 KB, 750x733, 556926BB-EE6C-4CA5-A48F-DD1C48…)

All of the anons are right, we’re all a bunch of TiMs who are into girly things like complaining about misogyny and wishing death to all moids.

No. 1083181

which one of you retards is talking about lc on reddit

No. 1083186

File: 1646354703959.png (97.56 KB, 802x541, undefined - Imgur (5).png)

We're bio transgirls ofc

No. 1083189

>posting on Reddit at all
Anyone who uses Reddit unironically after one of the biggest mods being outed as a kidnapper pedo who tortured a little girl while wearing diapers should be deeply ashamed.

No. 1083190

File: 1646354767939.jpeg (13.56 KB, 236x236, 9DECBCB5-4C9F-4830-A5A9-68218B…)

Post the reddit thread you heard of lolcow from

No. 1083194

I mostly agree but it was the mod's father that did that, not the mod himself but the mod did defend his father or some shit

No. 1083207

Or a trishyland or creepshowfag

No. 1083222

I hate those threads for the damage they've done to the site.

No. 1083228

File: 1646355494308.jpeg (137.31 KB, 712x712, 7B35EA57-237B-4B3C-97FD-5AD7E5…)

get your esl ass out of here you dumb turd

No. 1083257

No. 1083270

Stay on Reddit and leave here pls

No. 1083286

ill lurk more

No. 1083288

>it’s very feminine

jannies we’re TIRED of seeing this shit. you have enough time to ban people in the euro threads but not the post I am replying to right now. pretty please just ban these people on fucking sight already, goddamn did shayna-fag admin hire a bunch of oompa loompa trolls to moderate for her?

No. 1083289

Nta but no. Go away entirely.

No. 1083296

the new admin isn't even running the site yet, don't be stupid

No. 1083308

what are you on about, the farms been so live and more fun than ever before. if you want restrictions in "anonymous" websites where everybody is posting for fun, then u should post somewhere like 4kikes and not a off topic board(moid)

No. 1083316

File: 1646357055839.jpeg (17.17 KB, 464x279, C35A6D02-764A-4D72-8A28-5CF3C3…)

No. 1083323

What are you talking about we literally have rules and farmhands??

No. 1083330

What are some sites similar to lc that are fun to hang out on? I like forums, imageboards and gay sites that aren't infected with woke disorder

No. 1083387


No. 1083416

Do you believe a strong majority of men are hebephiles?

No. 1083426

Why isn't there a normal but sexual word for breasts… Tits, titties, boobs all just sound so childish and stupid.

No. 1083427

I believe a strong majority of them is brain damaged

No. 1083446

Not the majority, but still a lot. I think men are so obsessed with teenagers because taboo and because they like the idea of a young, naïve woman who is susceptible to their bullshit.

No. 1083477

Ana-chan anons; have y’all ever fucked a fat guy weighing 200-300lbs before? Did you ever feel like you’re being suffocated/crushed to death when doing so?

Was it anything like that goosh-goosh scene starting @ 16:59?

No. 1083483

File: 1646363701141.jpg (103.75 KB, 735x1095, 93f466f8db51f7e3fe0f1bfcd55214…)

I didn't get rich to drive shitty cars and I didn't get skinny to fuck fat men.

No. 1083487

I feel the same about vagina and its other names.

No. 1083495

This, but I also think porn worsens it because it drives men to view women even more sexually than they already would. To the point that their immediate thoughts are constantly sexualizing any woman who comes their way, for some of them, or sexualizing regular situations.

No. 1083636

Aside from the minority of men who seem to exclusively like mature women, yes.

I agree with anon. A lot of moids can be memed into finding stuff they would not find arousing in the normal world setting through porn simply because of the taboo nature of porn. Some moids will jack off to kiddie porn not because they find children attractive, but because the idea of watching something so awful makes their dicks hard.

No. 1083675

Euu not even if anybody paid me a million dollars
I'm only into buff men or skinny men and no one else, other male bodytypes don't deserve to exist

No. 1083760

Tfw you're a fat man with anorexia fetish

On a serious note most ana-chans judge everyone's weight and hate overweight people with a passion so wouldn't happen

No. 1083832

File: 1646381864432.jpeg (143.77 KB, 737x1022, 2F16976A-C8BC-4733-8C7F-11BE5A…)

True, but I was curious because of a certain commie couple’s body shape difference. How the fuck is she still even alive after doing…that?

No. 1083833

Freedom of speech laws probably

No. 1083837

File: 1646382052913.jpg (233.33 KB, 819x1218, 11.jpg)

I mean I'd be with some with normal male fat, if his stomach was flat at least
sorta like picrel, but I despise fat men with a passion and wish they would get genocided

No. 1083841

>I despise fat men with a passion and wish they would get genocided
Preach. They always go for thin women too it's hilarious.

No. 1083847

that and like on a genetic level it doesn't take much effort for them to get thin, I have seen it IRL
its fucking insane how insane male metabolism can be and the amount of weight they can lose with exercise is also insane

No. 1083850

Is drawing on a small tablet really bad for your wrist? Maybe it's because I can't sit for too long and take frequent breaks, but I didn't experience that yet

No. 1083864

Any drawing is bad for your wrist, big tablet / piece of paper / canvas or small. As long as you take regular breaks (or don't do it for too long and too frequently) and (ideally) do a little exercise you'll be ok.

No. 1083894

Yeah i made the mistake of dating an obese dude it really wasnt fun

No. 1083904

I'm not learning Japanese in any professional capacity and only plan to use it for fun and a trip in the (hopefully) near future: is Duolingo worth it? It's helped me with hiragana/katakana and there's a lot of revision but no explanation or vocab list. I'm having a good time though.

No. 1083981

Duolingo really doesn't do more than teaching you basic concepts and vocab. If you just want to learn Japanese for your trip, I'd say find a beginners program that focuses on practical use of the language and speaking skills. If you want to make most use of your time spent on Japanese, put that time elsewhere than Duolingo. You can use Duolingo on the side for fun but you should never solely rely on it when learning a language.

No. 1083999

I prefer Busuu over Duolingo

No. 1084710

Why do I get so horny whenever I've had a good sob

No. 1084871

Serious question: what is a good job for someone with ADHD? Like is there a job where making a lot of mistakes is not a problem?

No. 1085293

File: 1646440519988.jpg (376.8 KB, 1920x2400, 19jakp9qao241.jpg)

which hair colour is edgier?
white/blonde or black/brunette?

No. 1085307

if you find out, let me know

No. 1085309

Brown because a lot of girls hate their brown hair.

No. 1085330

No. 1085338

Bleach blonde is for tryhards and pickmes

No. 1085389

File: 1646443655997.jpeg (104.62 KB, 524x699, 2B8229E3-4CE3-4E9A-9D01-A8F8D1…)

I just got Qiqi, is she better at C0 than Diona at C6?

No. 1085409

Personally I almost always prefer Diona because you get the double bonus of damage mitigation and an energy battery, while Qiqi can constantly heal but is definitely not a battery bc her skill doesn't give you any energy particles. Qiqi could be worth considering if the team you'd be putting her on doesn't have any trouble getting bursts back on cooldown and you have some good attack% clam artifacts to build her with, but otherwise Diona all the way

No. 1085413

Thanks, nonnie! Then I will let Qiqi rest for a while, I honestly don’t have issues with cooldowns, but I kind of spent a bunch of mora and materials leveling up Diona while hoping to get Thoma.

No. 1085476

Why is it called birth control and not just pregnancy control? Birth control makes it sound like all women are constantly spitting out babies spontaneously and they need to put a stop to it or something

No. 1085485

Why do people hate Dasha Nekrasova and what did/does she do?

No. 1085489

Nah she's not. Diona can both shield and heal whereas Qiqi doesn't really do anything but heal. But for just healing I personally like Jean the best. It's up to you though nonna, try out both and see who you prefer using.

No. 1085567

Why do most country flags use the same colors? How am I supposed to remember all that red and blue shit. Be more creative, bitches.

No. 1085570

I feel like it's just ease of use. One syllable versus three

No. 1085584

File: 1646457812238.gif (451.1 KB, 400x400, C1675385-C83E-40E0-BFB2-22B06E…)

flags are so boring we need to start using glitter, neon colors, crazier designs and such so they’re truly representative of their countries

No. 1085688

Fuck yeah, all countries bring back Myspace right now

No. 1085690

Do you guys think 'home office' will remain to be a thing even after Covid ceases to be?

No. 1085706

I got my soft pretzel; thankyou to the kind anons in the last thread ♥

No. 1085707

File: 1646466225956.png (190.52 KB, 951x691, 6895070436.png)

I sure fucking hope so, but corporations love ruling over their employees' lives so I feel like there will be pressure to return to the office even when 99% of some people's roles could've been remote in the first place. It's already happening in the U.S.

No. 1085755

During a meeting with two managers and the rest of my team we've been told we'll probably have home office even after the pandemic but my managers are negotiating with their own managers. No idea if other companies will allow it too, but personally my job can be done from anywhere since my clients are everywhere except in my city.

No. 1085855

No. All people I know are strongly against it. It is very inconvenient for people with children.

No. 1085858

well they can go back to the office, let us people who need to work from home be

No. 1085861

Most people have kids, maybe you will too one day, it makes sense to cater to the majority.

No. 1085876

When illustrators want to find a job, do they use regular job sites like Indeed and LinkedIn? Or does that work differently in the creative field?

No. 1085879

I will not. I'm talking about giving your workers a choice, which is also something that happens in companies. A lot of predictions say that home office is here to stay. Hope so, since I plan to move somewhere else while going back to my old job

No. 1085892

I had a netflix subscription until somewhere at the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019 and cancelled it because I wasn't interested in any of the shows and wanted to save money. Now I try to renew my subscription and since then Netflix decided to delete my entire account so I looked it up and somewhere in 2020 they decided delete all the accounts or subscriptions that weren't used for a year. So I guess they don't have anymore data on me? When I tried to login in with my usual email address they ask me to enter all the data necessary instead of just asking which subscription I want directly.

No. 1085916

Is it time blindness to feel that it's sort of pointless to make plans for the weekend on a Monday because it feels so far away and unreal?

No. 1085922

No. Stop trying to pathologize every tiny quirk dammit
Kids these days

No. 1085924

Alright then

No. 1086005

why are protestants so boring aesthetic-wise compared to catholics and orthodox christians?

No. 1086014

They read the Bible literally, do you think the same retards could imagine a single image from the block of text they just memorized?

No. 1086024

Because they don't have to show out for God.

No. 1086043

Because they’re just plain christians and not bankrolled by mafioso

No. 1086067

Wtf even is time blindness. Is this the new hyperfixate

No. 1086078

Are we past the kpop trend now or do I just not see it anymore because I'm out of high school now?

No. 1086085

is the womxn option on her a good subtle terf signal or is it retarded?

No. 1086087

noo troons use it all the time

No. 1086129

Can someone explain to me why pronouns in bio would be a polite and good thing to do? I got into an argument with a friend because I don't like displaying pronouns (cuz it attracts those types) and they thought it was rude of me. Is it just some troon solidarity thing? I can't imagine getting bothered by this or thinking it's a necessity

No. 1086130

Class isn't water

No. 1086134

the logic is that it normalizes it so when trans people put their pronouns it doesn't immediately clock them as trans
some idiomatic expressions can't can't be translated literally my fellow anon(ita)

No. 1086139

That's pretty funny considering all they need is to have a profile picture of their faces and engage in their typical troon behavior to be clocked kek. I feel like troonery isn't even about stealth or passing anymore

No. 1086149


No. 1086166

they're still annoying bigoted shitheads (especially the American ones) but they also lack the swag.

No. 1086170

Are you retarded? Catholics and Orthodox had their aesthetic for thousands of years.

No. 1086177

I think the point of the boring is to be humble and modest or something.

No. 1086201

Time blindness isn't it's own thing, it's a symptom of adhd and is used as a way to describe why adhd people are always late to shit because they don't "feel" the passage of time when they hyperfixate.

No. 1086219

Ancientfag here, what is this manifesting that zoomers always talk about?? It's basically 'The Secret', isn't it?

No. 1086223

No. 1086284

According to The Secret, World Wars have happened because the entire humanity subconsciously wished for them. Thank every random faggot, including yourself, for Russia's bullshit.

No. 1086307


No. 1086366

It's victim blaming basically.

No. 1086369

Yeah but there's thousands of books that all say the same thing in slightly different wording, it gets popular in waves whenever a book does very well. Over a decade ago my mom was dying from stage 4 breast cancer and she had to end a lifelong friendship with someone because her friend read one of these books and would not shut up about her being responsible for her own cancer. Wouldn't let her vent about anything because 'negativity bad' She was already terminal at that point. It's too much when topics like cancer (often caused by brca genes) and shit like that is covered in the books.

If you look into it many people writing these 'groundbreaking' books are scammers who have their hands in other scammy shit like mlms and that. Theres a heavy overlap between the two.

No. 1086373

manifestation is the biggest bullshit in the world. According to it the 3D world or empirical world is created by your thoughts so everything that happens in your reality is a result of your thoughts which is simply untrue and schizo bullshit. According to the premise of manifestation if you're born in Africa with 0 resoruces and you cannot get out of there it is your fault because your thoughts create your reality. That's complete bullshit and it is actually quite the opposite. Your reality often times influences your thoughts, you psyche, everything.

No. 1086379

most channels with people guiding you on manifestation are made by insane sociopathic grifters that are selling a fake illusion to a desperate audience of poor or unlucky people. These gurus act as if their life was changed by manifestation, but it was literally changed by the fact that they began using desperate people to make money. Fuck these people.

No. 1086384

my ex's mom gave me The Secret as a christmas gift. Honestly it didn't make any sense. It's about the same as wishing on a star.

No. 1086420

Basically, your beliefs and assumptions create your reality. The Secret is bullshit because it pushes the idea that you can just wish for something and get it, but it's way more complicated than that. You don't get what you want, but you get what you are aware of being. It's about awareness and consciousness, not wishful thinking. Like how you're aware that you're on lolcow right now, how you're aware of your age and name, etc. If you can retain the awareness of having your desire (through meditation), then it will be reflected back to you in your daily life.
As for why people are born in unfortunate circumstances, I don't believe they attracted it to begin with, in that case it was just poor luck. But if they internalize those events there's a very high chance of them encountering those same patterns of misfortune over and over again.

No. 1086520

To explain a recent gap in my resume, would "I had Covid" be a bad or good excuse?

No. 1086538

I think it's valid

No. 1086555

So I ordered a hamburger from a fancy place where I ate before, they have high ratings and are popular. Suddenly I get the worst stomach issues ever and don't wanna risk it with them again, I usually eat normally but I wanted to be lazy on a weekend. Did that ever happen to you? Can it just be meat or some shitty sauce?

No. 1086571

How long is the gap? If the gap is more than a couple of weeks I'd opt for the "had to take care of an elderly family member" excuse

No. 1086574

File: 1646505919644.jpeg (42.37 KB, 622x470, C212C62B-C78A-4942-9FB6-445785…)

HR employees when they hear the “had to take care of my childless lonely terminally ill great-aunt” story for the 60th time from another socially inept woman

No. 1086577

I'm sure they'd tell me to go away if I tell them I lost a few years at uni due to cyst complications

No. 1086581

Anon don’t take me seriously! And good luck on your job hunt, hope it goes smooth

No. 1086585

That excuse's rarely used because the vast majority of people have either a valid excuse or no gap at all. Especially as a woman the lie is very believable, unpaid informal care always ends up on the shoulders of women and there's lots of it.

No. 1086586

Oh, NTA, and don't worry kek
I am just not sure what I'm gonna tell people during job hunting, maybe that I did online freelancing

No. 1086594

Are blue light glasses worth buying?

No. 1086600

Pretty sure that's a myth created to boost sales, like glasses with that greenish coating a few years ago. Nowadays PC monitors emit a LOT less blue light and there's been measures to reduce the impact on our eyes and make things more comfortable. Just get quality glasses.

No. 1086604

No. Turn on night light/mode in windows, or on your phone instead.

No. 1086612

nonas what is it like to experience mutual romantic love? lonely at 3am btw

No. 1086616

No, this:
Is exactly the reason why I don't want to use that excuse, it's the excuse everyone tells me to use and it just sounds like such a damn lie

No. 1086617

When you can feel the smile and happiness in his eyes when he looks at you and you have the same expression.

No. 1086618

If you're socially retarded and introverted and want to stay at home is the only job option for you programming or some shit?
Programming feels like the only job for socially inept introverts

No. 1086619

Like any drug, it's nice until you get withdrawals

No. 1086623

You don't write like a socially inept retard, sounds like you just lack confidence or struggle with anxiety.

No. 1086624

draw porn

No. 1086626

this >>1086623 Do yourself a favour and learn social skills and/or get confidence and get a job you actually like instead of one that gets you to stay at home. It's tough to overcome but you'll be happier like that in the long run.

No. 1086630

nooo what the heckin shitterino. not this. dont go outside lolkek

No. 1086638

Learning social skills won't change that I'll probably still hate being around the people I work with, I can fake being a normal and likeable person the problem is that I fucking hate faking it but I know there's no other option. Yes I really care about what Netflix show you watched with your Nigel and what shitty concert you went to, I promise.
The fuck

No. 1086664

Nta but it's called "satire." God forbid you attempt to genuinely get to know normies who often have a hundred times more depth and functional life experience just a hair's breadth under the small talk about Netflix shows they're using to extend an olive branch to you

No. 1086667

Ngl that sounds asocial. You listen to people sharing their stories to share emotions, you can't assume that you'll hate everyone at your workplace.

No. 1086687

That's the thing, I don't want to. I don't want to be forced to socialise with people I don't want to just because I want money to live. If I wanted to then why would I call myself an introvert? I know there's likely no other option for that than a stay at home programming job or something similar. I'm asking what jobs are there for people like me, I'm not asking how can I be a sociable person or your opinion on the precious feelings of normies. And your "satire" makes you sound like a scrote from /pol/. I wish they wouldn't try to extend any "branch" to me. You go to a job to make money, not friends. If you want friends you join a club. That's what I dislike about extroverts and what they never understand.
>You listen to people sharing their stories to share emotions
Again, I don't want friends I want a job because I want money. I want a non social job. I don't want to go to work to share emotions, I want to go to work to get paid.

No. 1086692

Nta but are you autistic? You could try male oriented jobs because they tend to be very autistic and less social, stuff like engineering maybe?

No. 1086696

theres only one heckin jobberino for you and thats lowcow.farming

No. 1086700

You sound like an edgy teenager

No. 1086702

deliver mail, you'll probably get some older people who were friendly with the previous person on your route but they'll leave you alone after enough awkward interactions

No. 1086705

everyone's gonna dogpile you for this but i strongly relate. lmk when there's a good answer kek

No. 1086709

Maybe a stocking job or something third-shift? I figure overnight work of some type would minimize interactions. Unfortunately, it's an outdated assumption that programmers can work in a silo. You either work on a team with other devs/qa devs, other tech teams, have to explain and discuss business requirements, even talking or giving presentations to clients as a programmer more often than not.

No. 1086717

You sound fucking autistic and retarded. Anyway, I suggest onlyfans.

No. 1086724

JFC why are polyamorous freaks so fucking ugly? You would expect someone so ugly to do something about their appearance once they notice the calibre of freaks that approaches them.

No. 1086729

Aren’t you supposed to be a social person on onlyfans and the sorts? Not talking to people is impossible.

No. 1086732

(freelance) translator. It doesn't make much but if you can break into the field you can stay home all day.

No. 1086733

>your "satire" makes you sound like a scrote from /pol/
I was nta, you were just missing their point. It's very common for people to try and be friendly and make connections at work. You may personally dislike it, but their intentions aren't bad.
>I don't want friends I want a job because I want money
You know what, fine. Believe it or not I'm an introvert as well and avoid "work friends" because I feel it could lead to drama. You just sounded autistic at first, maybe don't ask in the stupid questions thread if you're serious. Here are some suggestions
>Data entry
>Freelancing (copywriting, drawing, advertising, any of the sort of things you see on Fiverr)
>Making a website and monetizing it through ad networks and/or personal products and affiliate sales
>Editor or translator
>Social media management
>Tutoring (may require voice-based interaction but there are some text-based positions)
>Lab tech
>Personal assistant
>Online customer service (like the people that answer chat box questions on biz sites)
Also this >>1086709 getting a job stocking/fulfilling orders/doing shit in a warehouse typically requires very little interaction with people.

No. 1086735

Because they can only get ugly people like themselves but are still delusional they can find someone better so become poly just to be able to keep searching while keeping their partner as backup.

No. 1086742

Ngl the whole social isolation and work is for money sounds like a zoomer thing. You spend 8 hours of your day there, it would be bleak if you just stared at machines.

No. 1086752

Not OP but I'm a millennial and do the same thing, even at home.

No. 1086770

I was joking. Even then you would only have to post on social media, not talk face to face with people.

No. 1086778

I am, but I'm terrible at maths and I'm not sure if engineering would suit me because of that. I'm probably just straight up not smart enough for something like engineering.
Yes people are edgy teenagers because they don't want to be your work bestie. Get friends outside of work, some people are there not because they want to be but because they have to be and pressuring them to socialise will just make them hate their job more.
That's a good idea nonnie, thank you.
Well, I'm not wrong. Most people already don't want to do their likely shitty job, being expected to be friends with people that you have nothing in common with just because you work together is silly. I just want to do my silly little tasks and earn a living. Though I guess it depends on the job, if you're lucky enough to get a job that is a passion for you and an interest then I can understand being friends with your coworkers. But for most people it just isn't like that. Tell me why I should be friends with 40 year old John at work just because he's a coworker. Tell me why I can't just do what needs to be done, get paid and then go home.
I've considered overnight work before, my worry is that honestly I'm scared to take public transport at night, which I'd probably have to do if I worked night shifts. I wish more countries had women only train cars like Japan does. I don't live in a safe area.
You're right, so the ideal is to work a job in which you genuinely like and get along with your coworkers, but that's an ideal for a reason. Not talking to anyone for 8 hours isn't fun, but so is being forced to interact with people you don't want to for 8 hours. But work is for money and always has been for most people, would you work your job even if you didn't get paid? Probably not. Do you work your job just for social interaction? Probably not. If work isn't for money then what is it for?
Nonnie that's a man, probably from /fit/ since another farmer's question in this thread got posted on there
A warehouse seems like a good idea, as long as it wouldn't be too physically straining. I've seen serious questions get asked in these thread before. I don't think we really need another thread for 'serious questions'.

No. 1086799

don't mind the anons, they only have mental retardation. What are your interests and skills? If you can, try looking around your town for a store or business that does not have many clients. Here, there are clothing stores with almost no clients, so the interaction is limited.

No. 1086814

We have a truly enlightened and euphoric anon over here

No. 1086847

>work is for money sounds like a zoomer thing
What else do you think it is for?

No. 1086852


No. 1086860

Am I the only anon autistic enough to admit I'd love a lolcow make over thread? No negativity just make them overwork photoshop and then create an alternative universe where they weren't cows?
Or am I just bored and a idiot?

No. 1086867

What does that mean if someone who isn't bleeding smells like metal?

No. 1086883

that's a genius idea nonna wtf lmao that sounds so fun
but also i think we may be bored and idiots

No. 1086888

Did Insta remove the option to view a single post from an account when you don't have one? I'm able to view the profile and the posts are being shown for me but when I want to open them in a new tap it says that I need to log in.

No. 1086896

This would be hilarious. I'm sure it would be cringe as hell and the milk would def come from farmers itt kek

No. 1086910

I mean, nobody stops you from making a thread like that.

No. 1086912

please, I want to this this too!

No. 1086913

No, do it! We used to have threads like that mostly dedicated to PT way back on cgl and stamina rose times.

No. 1086916

Well my photoshopping and editing skills are stopping me, where would I put a thread like that? OT? /m/? What would I call it "alternative univerese cows" or some shit? Hmm let me download some apps…
Ngl I was hoping someone would like the idea and a talented creative anon would make the thread

No. 1086922

Apart from Guts and Casca, are there any other animanga couples where the woman is darker-skinned than the man?

No. 1086923

No. 1086924

Whoever starts that thread should post the first alt uni cow otherwise the thread will die quick

No. 1086925

Pirotess and Ashram, that shitty manga about a Stacy bullying a scrote (but she is tanned, I think?)

No. 1086928

no thats azumanga daioh

No. 1086936

Can i make a random Putin thread here? I think he's kinda a cow and I've been on a rabbithole of searching random information about him.

No. 1086948

I made the thread but it sucks, hope I did it right and don't get banned. >>1086940

No. 1086955

Please do so

No. 1086979

Is "pure-O" OCD actually real? It seems too normal to be a mental illness, I have upsetting intrusive thoughts about gross and disturbing things all the time. I assumed most people also have them to a certain extent. Am I wrong and this isn't normal?

No. 1086986

Why are there so many males in cc? Is it because it's a girlier website and anons are, allegedly, nicer?

No. 1087028

Various reasons. Off the top of my head:
>less active mods
>is known as the 'femcel site' on 4chan, especially on R9k, whereas many people forget the non-cow boards on LC exist and think it's just another KF
When I used to browse 4chan they mentioned CC a lot more than LC

No. 1087051

Do you think we'll get to a point where people start glorifying and self diagnosing themselves with shit like diabetes and high blood pressure? I never thought people would start self diagnosing as autistic but here we are.

No. 1087058

for real nona…
i know that the depression aesthetic tumblr girls started this whole 'self diagnosis/mental illness is my entire personality' shit, but i miss them!!! they were Way better than this fucking annoying ass 'i have autism so that means it's ok for me to have no fucking self control over what i say or do uwu' bullshit!! At least the depressed girlies served looks!

No. 1087088

why do some spaniards hate themselves/their country? espero que alguna anon de españa responda

No. 1087187

How do you all follow threads? Do you simply scroll through the main pages of each board? Do you bookmark threads? Have tabs open of all the threads you're participating in at that moment?

No. 1087196

File: 1646546174128.jpeg (12.41 KB, 218x231, BB11CD8C-8894-45B2-9B4F-EE3B6F…)

No. 1087207

File: 1646547016997.jpg (29.41 KB, 399x390, Screenshot 2022-03-05 221012.j…)

gotta blast

No. 1087209

what do i type into pinterest to find disheveled unfashionable borderline homeless guy tier clothes?

No. 1087211

"homeless chic"

No. 1087215

thank you it worked

No. 1087218

Do you drive with your left foot on the brake or just use your right foot for both pedals?

No. 1087219

yw I'm looking too so thanks for the inspo!
Wtf anon

No. 1087221

i want to make a thread in /snow/ since anons have expressed interest in the person and i’ve been collecting caps for a while. i’ve never written a thread before, what do i include? is just social media links and a summary of the person’s drama enough? do i dump the caps in the thread? do i make an imgur for them all? pls help i’m retarded

No. 1087224

>is just social media links and a summary of the person’s drama enough? do i dump the caps in the thread?
Sounds about right to me anon. As for the screencaps, as far as I've seen over the years, the thread creator adds relevant caps in successive posts right after the OP. I don't think you need imgur bc you can upload the photos directly from your computer. Use a VPN if you're nervous. LFG NONNIE

No. 1087259

thank u so much nonnie! this helped a lot

No. 1087290

Np! That looks like one hell of a cow.

No. 1087444

I got taught to only ever use the right foot when driving automatic. Left foot is only used on the thing on the very left that I don't know the name of in English.

No. 1087466

when your friends tell you "text me when you get home" does anyone actually do it?

No. 1087467

Left is for shifting gears, right for speeding up and brake

No. 1087468

No. 1087469

I don't go out with friends but my brother and mother always tell me that and they freak out if I don't so I have to text them

No. 1087482

No. 1087511

Why do some lc ban pages say you got perma banned for an unspecified reason? Is this a location ban someone else deserved and if not why is the reason not specified?

No. 1087521

Is YesStyle better than both ali sites in terms of quality or is it just as flimsy?

No. 1087529

Intrusive thoughts can be the result of trauma or a billion other mental illnesses other than OCD. Having an occasional intrusive thought every now and then is normal but having them all the time is definitely not.

No. 1087543

You get knockoffs

No. 1087545

It is the same quality as aliexpress but they charge more, there's no upside to using yesstyle unless you want to buy their jp or korean skincare

No. 1087573

Why was the cow makeover thread locked? I was looking forward to photoshopping some cows.

No. 1087626

How fragile are glass reusable water bottles? Anyone here have personal experience with them?

No. 1087638

Is Lady Emily a actual lady or a "lady". I wanna know before I click but I also wanna ask you nannies just in case there's some tea

No. 1087674

File: 1646583334361.gif (3.42 MB, 472x424, 1644137155278.gif)

so, this guy friend i have told me how he was home alone but only for one day, then said "unluckily for you" to me. Does that mean what I think it does?

No. 1087678

What do you think it means?

No. 1087828

Does anyone else have issues with their freezer packing it in on cold nights?

I looked it up lately and apparently it's a common issue where the low external temp fucks with its temperature guage but like.. what do people do then? I heat my house during the day but I can't afford to run heating all night just to keep the freezer going.

No. 1087858

Autism, not even once

No. 1087879

File: 1646590236802.jpg (41.77 KB, 458x452, 1639370788596.jpg)

actually scratch that
I'm not entirely sure what it means.
what did he mean by this nonnas?>>1087674

No. 1087893

I was gonna say he meant We can't fuck uninterrupted for more than one day but then I saw "friend" so maybe not.

No. 1088056

File: 1646600239490.jpeg (42.45 KB, 580x580, EBD196CC-97A8-40B4-A3C5-CE2063…)

Is it true that men’s balls are extremely sensitive? You can’t squeeze or twist them?

No. 1088067

kek hello there husbandononny
And yeah, you shouldn't squeeze them super hard or twist them, remember the best advice to make a man fall on the ground is kicking him on the balls, therefore this area is super sensitive. However kissing, cupping, sucking on, and gentling squishing and nibbling are OK. I like doing that to my guy lol

No. 1088081

i want cowboy boots with the horse thingies on the front than in the back they would be perfect for kicking men in the balls

No. 1088116

"that was an insult"
does that mean I didn't react how they expected me to orrrrrrrr

No. 1088127

why do men have nipples

No. 1088135

because the x chromosome is the default

No. 1088150

Where can I download BL dramas with English subtitles? Specifically looking for some Taiwanese series. Streaming them is too much of a hassle.

No. 1088158

File: 1646605657635.jpeg (806.7 KB, 828x797, 30B1BD41-36BD-479A-9F8E-087538…)

sorry if this has been discussed/asked but i’m genuinely curious as to why retarded is being shilled as so bad but words like moron, idiot, imbecile, cretin, dumb, slow, and (up until recently) simp/ simpleton are very common place. to my understanding all we’re used medically to describe those among us that titter on the lower end of the IQ scale. i actually think they were used to group and rank the different levels of retardation.

No. 1088169

why do men have bears and mustaches

No. 1088170

File: 1646606312284.jpeg (53.07 KB, 750x726, D7AAC059-E467-40EB-9597-EBAA5F…)

What’s this blouse called?

No. 1088172

Smart people are the reason for all of the world's problems. If it were up to me being dumb would be cherished instead of mocked.

No. 1088175

That much? I had the same reaction at first, but I think it can look nice when styled well. Like with riding boots and shoes or something.

No. 1088183

File: 1646606848636.jpg (293.24 KB, 1280x914, 7db.jpg)

my problem with it is to actually describe people with learning disabilities. even if you're not using it to their face. it just feels wrong. but people can do whatever they want i guess. however if we're talking insults, they are insults for a reason, they're meant to hurt. so if we're cancelling one, then where does it stop? what's an ''acceptable'' insult? wouldn't that be an oxymoron then, if an insult is acceptable then it's no longer insulting. maybe an acceptable insult would be one that is only at the cost of the insult- reciever. but then would that even be possible? if i insult you based on looks, there is some person out there that looks like you yet i don't mean to hurt them, if i insult you based on intellect there is also some poor soul that i don't mean to hurt but is nevertheless a dummy. also to answer your question about the other words mean to describe them i just think the word retard was used so much for autistic people and generally disatvantaged people so it's more easy to condemn. like there are also words like fruit and fanny that can describe gay men yet the word faggot was so prevalent, that it's the go to no-no word, the other two are just not as bad. all of those words are still insults tho. sorry for the wall of text.

No. 1088195

File: 1646607427634.jpg (56.42 KB, 570x570, 7549359403953.jpg)

The blouse is just a blouse, I'm assuming you're more interested in the capelet layered on top of it? They don't have to be so matchy-matchy and can be more elaborate

No. 1088200

File: 1646607686725.jpeg (34.88 KB, 360x360, E6072C1E-4BFD-4EF8-8360-9B4CE4…)

Mental health anons what’s wrong with me?
>very closed off, have a hard time connecting with people
>swing between deep emotional love for my friends and resenting and feeling alienated from them
>I want to be alone all the time but I still long for close friendships and people who care about me
>often feel alienated from the world and like there are rules and cues to life that I am always missing
>have a hard time speaking about my life with the people I care about
>feel not as close to people as others do (ie my siblings, my other friends friends) and feel shame and self-hatred for it
>feel pathetic and rejected when plans are cancelled/friends ignore me, which leads to me being angry and cutting them off in my mind
>feeling as if everyone in my life is ignoring me/punishing me when we go some time without speaking
>always feel like I drive people away and even my good friends will always leave me
>have big ideas that are never followed through on
>mostly balanced mood interrupted once every 1-2 months by feelings deep loneliness and shame that can last for days
>spiralling anxious thoughts that never seem to end
I’ve had a therapist suggest I have anxiety but this seems like more than that. I also did a few ASD screening tests online that suggest I’m on the spectrum. Any thoughts?

No. 1088206

That is beautiful! And yes, you’re right, I’m interested in capes and capelets. They’re so charming. Too bad they aren’t easy to find.

No. 1088210

coat version is referred to ulster coat or inverness cape, could try those search terms.

No. 1088214

File: 1646608265696.png (806.78 KB, 1148x489, peer.png)

Does anyone here follow Peter Caine? I used to genuinely like his outlandish content until he started bringing in young girls and going crazy old man mode.

Anyway, I haven't seen his newest girl (Destiny, 21-22) in his videos or at least the thumbnails (if she was around i assume hed have her half naked posing for the thumbnail as always) for 2 weeks now. im wondering if she finally left? its probably too good to be true, but since shes is entirely cut off from family i wonder how shed have friends in a totally new state unless shes been making them online?

her most recent post on instagram is from one week ago and since shes from florida and the photo is in the snow i assume shes still up north with peter.

i wish we had a thread on him i know one was suggested before but im trying to stay away from snow. the only reason i keep up to date with peter caine is due to a gripe i have with dirty old men dating girls my age.

No. 1088216

I don't know about any formal diagnosis nonny, but if I may be so bold it sounds like you just have run of the mill low self esteem and probably some level of depression. Both DBT and CBT can be helpful if you want to try some workbooks; I found them helpful since I could never afford therapy and probably would have found it too undirected anyway.

No. 1088219

i thought the ninth pic was a dick but its just a thumb

No. 1088328

No. 1088340

Shit taste

No. 1088366

I stopped watching after he started bringing young women to his place too, I'm also the same age range and it gives me the creeps and I can't appreciate his dog training content anymore. I think the guy's just desperate for fame since he got featured in a big youtuber's video laughing at him, that seems to be when the decline happened and he moves away from his old content

No. 1088400

File: 1646623024235.png (948.85 KB, 700x816, 1640707164688.png)

so i straight up asked him what he meant and it wasnt what i was wishfully thinking it was

so embarrassing…

No. 1088402

i'm going to stop being friends with him fuck it i' so ashamed

No. 1088427

Male friends are a liability anyway

No. 1088438

girl… the desperation.

No. 1088510

what did you want it to mean?

No. 1088548

Is thinking 'I wanna die' all the time while not wanting to actually die (more like just get outta somewhere and stop everything) normal? Or is that something I should go to a doctor with?

No. 1088553

I would say it's not uncommon but not healthy either. I wouldn't recommend a doctor though (unless it's to get a therapy rec), drugs are just a temporary bandaid for the larger issue of you not being happy with your life/circumstances.

No. 1088591

unless it really is a fucked up brain chemistry. usually meds + therapy is recommended, and I mean by psychiatrist. they don't pretend that pills are everything you need to get over your issues (if you have them).

No. 1088677

If you use your computer every second day, which is better for it after using it, switching it off completely or just putting it in sleep mode?

No. 1088688

File: 1646644504047.jpg (6.83 KB, 478x113, Screenshot_20220307-101108_Mes…)

What is the first icon after the time? Sometimes it appears for a short time then disappears

No. 1088689

someone is outside your window

No. 1088696

No. 1088749

i don't wear heels myself but I'm curious, how do other women wear them without snapping their ankles or hurting their feet in general? it just looks impossible

No. 1088757

Wear the ones that are chunky, it's in style now so you can buy them and men also dont fetishize them as they do to stilettos so win win.

No. 1088761

Oh fuck

No. 1088774

Can aromantic be considered a legit thing? I feel it applies to me but I keep associating it with the uwu mogwai Tumblr crowd, I don't even see it as an actual orientation, just a state of mind.

No. 1088775

When I have no other option but to wear stilettos, I basically walk on my tiptoes the whole day. But honestly it’s better to wear the chunky ones, even those chunky ones with platforms, they’re comfortable, make me seem taller than I am, and thus more threatening to manlets, and makes me feel like a cool character from a comic but without the coom.

No. 1088779

If it’s an “aromantic” moid, that means he’s too retarded to be in a relationship and should be considered a redflag, he only wants to hookup and keep different women pinning for him.
If it’s an “aromantic” woman, it means she either wants to avoid the hassle and sometimes danger of being in a relationship, she has some really bad traumas and/or hasn’t feel any sort of attraction for anyone in her life and at some point she may stop being aromantic.

No. 1088780

Based anon ruining manlets self esteem on the daily

No. 1088807

Anons with ADHD, what vitamins or supplements helped you?

No. 1088809

Has anyone with warm undertones found that golden jewellery actually makes them look sallow?

No. 1088967

Would a pregnant woman drinking alcohol very late into her pregnancy have any effect on the baby? Late being like, within a week of delivery or so.

No. 1088970

The later into pregnancy, the lesser the effect of teratogens will have on the baby's development. It can still be harmful though so you should discuss with a doctor

No. 1088974

No. 1088978

Thanks or the answer nona! I'm not pregnant or plan for it, but I was curious since it's widely known alcohol will have a negative effect at any point during pregnancy but if it's so late and the baby's pretty much ready to come out… I was curious what negative effect it could have so late in development.

No. 1088980

How far in advance do you guys plan your activities? If you plan at all.

No. 1089032

Depends, if it’s a trip to another country, it could be three months in advance. If it’s a trip to another estate, it could be a month or a week in advance. If it’s to meet with someone, either with a week in advance or three days maximum, so we can both make sure we can see each other and such, but specially in case something retarded happens and we have to change our plans.

No. 1089052

How do I fix my sleeping pattern?
I wake up at 4pm and go to sleep at 8am

No. 1089095

You have to stay up and then force yourself to go to sleep at the time that you want to actually sleep at. It takes a while to some people to manage to find the sleeping schedule that works for them, but to me I usually just knock myself out once with loratadine/cetirizine at the time that I would like to go to sleep and that’s it.

No. 1089157

Is it weird that I took a picture with my bf sleeping on me? He falls asleep with his head on my shoulder in bed sometimes, I think it's cute so I took a picture of us and he's sleeping in it. It's a private picture and I will never share it with anyone, I just think it's a nice memory since I had to go home after two weeks of us together. I feel like a weirdo over it now though

No. 1089214

In your experience what subgroup of the population tends to have the most tolerable males? I know I'm gonna get "all scrotes are evil" and I'm not denying it, just looking for some of the better experiences nonas have had. For me I'd say martial arts. It varies a lot depending on the gym but personally I've been at the same place for several years and it's truly one of the most supportive places I've ever been. The guys there are respectful, help push me to do more and don't look down on anyone. I've encountered a few assholes from time to time but they weren't the trainers/regulars, only visitors and their attitude wasn't tolerated. It's also a place where the male-female ratio isn't as heavily skewed as others which I think helps

No. 1089218

I've taken several pictures of my bf sleeping because I think he looks sweet all curled up. He makes fun of me for being a stalker on and off but it's all in good fun. You took a picture of a tender moment with your partner most people wouldn't be privileged to see, there's no harm in that.

No. 1089233

I do that with my cat sometimes… Not sure that answers your question.

No. 1089247

I've taken pictures of my husband sleeping with the cats laying on him, it's adorable, no big deal.

No. 1089308

File: 1646681504455.gif (124.38 KB, 480x480, giphy (9).gif)

Anons, I need assistance!!
What are good simple birthday gifts for young boys? My partner's 19yo brother is having a birthday next month and I don't even know what to gift him at all. I want to gift something but not sure what. I don't think that gifting a shower gel set is a good idea, same with shaving set. I thought as far as gifting a lot of…chocolate sets
.. but I don't know if that's stupid.

No. 1089311

Ask his brother does he want anything video game or sport related.

No. 1089313

Maybe a cool trinket that looks "grown up" I remember my brother got a tiny glass globe for his birthday once and I always thought that was cool. Or maybe just a scarf or gloves, something that everyone needs

No. 1089316

He is a videogames nerd and a weeb but he usually just plays the same games in his library in FPS genre cuz she prefers to play a few games instead

No. 1089326

Are there any anons here who work completely alone, without social interactions? What do you work and has it impacted your social skills?

No. 1089335

I'd get him a cool keychain

No. 1089345

File: 1646682830883.jpeg (135.33 KB, 1300x1300, 692C2941-5752-4578-B548-7FEF6B…)

Socks, everyone needs them, if they’re funky looking, better, his feet will appreciate it. Other than that, maybe those neat “brain teasers” which are 3D wooden puzzles, they look classy, they’re a game but they also look like a neat little decoration that doesn’t look childish like a fucking ugly funko pop.

No. 1089351

steam giftcard is probably safe

No. 1089359

Is my cycle considered irregular? Since 2020 it's been 27-27-30-35-31-33-30-30-33-30-28-28-27-30-28-31-34-29-29-32-32

No. 1089374

True Stupid Question

What's it called when someone disagrees with someone else for the simple fact they dislike that person?

>Person A believes that X is Y

>Person A is correct
>But Person B will disagree simply because they dislike Person A

No. 1089388

File: 1646684652422.jpg (46.05 KB, 1020x222, hydro-flask.jpg)

Seconding socks/scarf/gloves, but maybe also a nice metal/insulated thermos or travel mug.

If socks, I'd recommend a fun set like this: https://www.amazon.com/Hawaii-Italian-Pepperoni-Cotton-Socks/dp/B07NTP2DQJ I think the packaging and matching sock theme is fun.

No. 1089412


No. 1089434

so i asked my boyfriend something and he said he would try to find out through this "guy" he knew then paused and was like, "well, girl i know, [insert here rest of convo]"…. should I be worried?

No. 1089437

stubborn maybe

No. 1089447

If it had started with girl, no it wouldn't be weird. But also when I first read this I assumed it was a troon and he 'misgendered' them.

No. 1089456

yeah i think it's weird but idk why
>But also when I first read this I assumed it was a troon and he 'misgendered' them
nah he doesn't care about misgendering troons

No. 1089479

Who’s worse: (c)rap-chan or the people who thought donda was a good album

No. 1089481

No. 1089485

the donda kanyefags.
kanyefag spotted

No. 1089500

File: 1646687947307.png (702 KB, 688x924, 54654.PNG)

Nonnies and scrotes that lurk, how to repaint a ceilling like that? There was some spot where the paint would peel, how to paint over that shit now? Should I call a professional? (0 experience in home craft)

No. 1089505

i have no clue about homecraft either, just taking a wild guess

No. 1089540

You can sand the area yourself and patch it with the same paint color, but it will peel again. New paint does not adhere to old paint very well. That's probably the reason it's peeling in the first place. If you own the house, it's better to call a professional They will need to remove all the old paint from the ceiling and repaint it if you want the repair to last a long time. If you're renting, you can ask your landlord but they will probably recommend you to patch it.

No. 1089560

I took melatonin for a while and kept waking up at 4am having a hard time falling asleep again. Now that ive stopped i am once again having long uninterrupted sleeps. Am i the only one

No. 1089578

dondafags, (c)rapperina is hilarious

No. 1089582

File: 1646691369324.jpeg (113.71 KB, 1192x1164, 1645746744961.jpeg)

mfw the cunts on this site will hound romanianon or pakianon just for talking about their experience but stan for (c)rapchan's generic self hating racist stormfront tier rants

No. 1089587

I haven't read all of her posts, but retardation like (c)rapper lips are hilarious to me.
Romani anon is an insufferable sperg, IDGAF

No. 1089591

(c)rapchan's retardation can be found on every inch of the internet as soon as a racial discussion is brought up. You are in fact, a basic bitch, and probably a white american woman who enjoys a mixed race woman being a self hating coon.

No. 1089592

I've heard about (c)rapper-chan several times now but don't think I ever encountered her. What are her usual threads?

No. 1089594


No. 1089595

celebricows but she's scattered herself around like herpes so you could find her presence in any given corner of the site if u look hard enough

No. 1089600

you okay there?

No. 1089601

Mostly celebricows but also the coquette thread defending that shitty "aesthetic"

No. 1089604

My tinfoil is that she’s actually white

No. 1089618

(c)rapchan is hilarious. Paki-chan is nice but makes me sad when she complains because I really feel for her. Romanianon is sad too but when she tells everyone to kys and says she's planning to shoot people or some shit she loses the sympathy people had for her.

No. 1089626

no need to talk in third person if you're going to seethe like this kek

No. 1089630

Why would a Romanian woman call people "coons"?

No. 1089633

She uses plenty of slang and also said racism doesn't exist kek

No. 1089643

Is romanianon shitting on (c)rapchan whats happenin

No. 1089656

Idk about that, the mention of coon and stormfront is definitely something only another american could understand not an eastern european.

No. 1089679

yes lol

nonsense, I'm european too and know what those mean and she also spent lots of time on 4chan

No. 1089681

(c)rapchan is funny and the other muslim anon isn't really annoying tbh. Romanianon is jealous

No. 1089683

Come on, anyone with internet access can find out what those things mean.

No. 1089687

I'm not romanianon, im a black american woman personally offended that you assholes find (c)rapchan's mean-spirited bigotry light-hearted but demonize romanianon and pakianon for excessively talking about their experiences in impoverished countries. No wonder there were blackanons racebaiting here saying that this site is full of racist white women lmao

No. 1089692

No one hates pakianon retard. She's a nice and sweet person.

No. 1089699

Nta, but speak for yourself

No. 1089702

File: 1646695423188.gif (4.53 MB, 268x306, Tumblr_l_1538144051916679.gif)

Tell these stupid bitches exactly what they need to hear

No. 1089706

Samefagging as >>1089687 but also I'm not even white or racist but crapanon is funny and sometimes right. Rap humiliates women and most of those black male rappers are racist themselves so I don't see how a woman venting out her frustrations is supposed to be seen as racist when she's simply struggling with her own culture just like pakianon and romanianon are.
Literally no one hates her. Some are annoyed she mentions same thing but she never gets hated on because she's just venting and she's allowed to do so.

No. 1089711

She literally used to complain about being half black and degrade the black community in vicious ways on here. Maybe you all weren't used to seeing her posts live back in 2017 - 2019…? I don't know if I could find them in archives though.

No. 1089714

File: 1646695681294.jpeg (13.58 KB, 200x243, F40507AB-17AC-4CF0-A890-C2C7DB…)

Why do I feel like a skinny legend after a few hours of exercising?

No. 1089716

File: 1646695732995.jpg (124.42 KB, 1071x798, 1634376001485.jpg)

>has the option to simply not reply
>starts another awful larp instead
please never change

No. 1089720

That fine but when I posted rap by a female artist without sexualized lyrics she still called me a retarded neanderthal, so it's not about feminism.

No. 1089721

Romanianon is not even racist, I've been talking with her for a while and she's very smart and passionate but has had an incredibly unfortunate life. I cannot believe that there are so many posts calling her a whore when she has actually been sexually trafficked. This place is starting to feel more like the average 4chan shithole that harasses women in vulnerable positions, but instead of incels we have upper middle class sociopathic women.

No. 1089722

my friend just posted about her dead cat in her ig story
idk how to react ?

No. 1089723

No. 1089724

No I wasn't here back then and I apologize for my ignorance. I only saw a few posts about her complaining about rap and assumed it was because of male rappers and their degrading lyrics. She might be a white woman larping but why would she make it last so long? It's either a moid or an actual mixed woman with internalized racism. Like I said above, I'm brown and struggle with the same issue myself and assumed her issues were self hatred rather than hatred towards other people. Again I apologize for misunderstanding her situation.

No. 1089725

No. 1089726

Ok this feels like romanianon. She was tricked into becoming a cam worker but she wasn't trafficked.

No. 1089727

who is (c)rapchan? like what has she said that is racist? screenshots? also its true there's lots of ugly useless racists on here

No. 1089728

Is it Romanianon? Kek im so confused

No. 1089729

shut up

No. 1089730

It’s just a bunch of retards or a samefagging retard trying to stir the pot yet again.
>inb4 le animal abuse that she committed when she was 4 years old
We know, we know, romanianon won’t fuck you.

No. 1089731

>2017 - 2019
I thought she was new, kek. Maybe you could find the old posts?

No. 1089732

(C)rapper anon where you at look what I'm posting

No. 1089733

ew you wanna fuck her?

No. 1089734

She sometimes comes to celebricows. I think shes a mixed woman but struggles with black culture and has a bit of internalized racism if it's not a larp. Sometimes she's kind of right sometimes racist. She's not liked. She obsesses over rap.

No. 1089737

No. 1089740

Steven is that you?

No. 1089742

She's probably already seen it, she's a rap megafan

No. 1089743

Mega hater

No. 1089744

List romanianon, crapchan and pakichan from best to worst.

No. 1089745

megahater fan

No. 1089748

I honestly haven’t even paid attention to crapchan, you guys get seriously autistic about the spergs that come here, shockingly, to sperg. Just ignore them and they will go away.

No. 1089750

is it bad i wish anons like them bodily harm? literally just spergs sperging about other spergs

No. 1089751

Her posts aren't as recognizable

No. 1089752

No. 1089753

>spergs sperging about other spergs


No. 1089754

do you hear how pathetic you sound?

No. 1089755

Yeah, outside of celebricows I don't see them either.


No. 1089756


No. 1089757

beat me to it

No. 1089758

No. 1089764

Contrary to the other anons advice, doing an all nighter doesn't work as well to fix your sleep schedule as going to sleep when you're tired and forcing yourself awake when you want to wake up. So in your case since you fall asleep at 8am, let yourself fall asleep then. If you want to try waking up in the morning set an alarm for 10am or whatever time you want to start waking up at. Forcing yourself awake at this time will eventually make your internal clock want to wake up around this time. And because you're only getting a couple hours of sleep you'll start getting tired earlier. This always helps me fix my schedule. Doing an all nighter and forcing yourself awake the whole time just makes things worse in my experience.

Forcing yourself to wake up is always easier than forcing yourself to fall asleep.

No. 1089768

Basically posts calling someone subhuman and low iq or posting random pictures of men while saying no one has her good standards or taste. Randomly hostile and overshares too much but unlike the other two it's over nothing but her own spergery.

No. 1089770

I still don't know if the wig throw was planned, but I'm glad she did it. That wig is enough to make me puke.

No. 1089773

I have a Siberian friend who is an artist and PayPal recently suspended their services in Russia in response to the Ukraine situation. Do any of you know of a PayPal alternative that hasn't black-listed Russia? This is her main form of income and has been for many years so I wanna help her.

No. 1089780

This. My opinion for this place is going down each day. 4channers have a lot more in common with this place than it seems so it's no wonder they keep invading it.

No. 1089781

it was on the very old vent threads

No. 1089782

Maybe she'd be able to use transferwise, though it's not exactly like paypal and basically a way to make bank transfers easier. Skrill is also another payment processor. Maybe also Google Wallet/Google pay? She could also use websites to list her art that allow wallet-like transfer of payments (user pays, it's displayed on the website and you can choose how you would like to be paid out) on the websites, like etsy, storenvy and vinted.

No. 1089783

And the obsession with ugly coquette aesthetics and 2000s lolita/anachan bimbo culture (fyi its a rule of thumb that anyone who unironically liked this subculture is as unintelligent and toxic as it was back then)

No. 1089784


No. 1089785

Thank you anon! I'll tell her right away.

No. 1089845

this isn't necessarily a stupid question but I was wondering if here is someone who knows more about patreon. I'd like to improve myself as an artist and sub to a good artist who does full length voice over tutorials, but I noticed she has 2 terms per month and it's 8 dollars per a term and that's too much for my budget.
Can I just pay it once and "grab what I need" and unsub? do new patrons have access to the old content?

No. 1089871

Does paying for a house in cash give you any sort of advantage over other potential buyers?

No. 1089907

I'm only subbed to one patreon who charges once a month but I did sub to someone once just for early access to their shop and yes you do get access to all their old content as long as you're subbed I believe. Just pay it, grab what you need, and be sure to cancel before it charges you again.

No. 1089914

check the coquette thread

No. 1089931

Not really. Faster closing, maybe. But in the end the buyer gets their money the same whether it's from you or a bank.

No. 1089952

How do I make shitty video edits? Like those 30 second witty clips with extreme face zoom ins and the audio blown out for emphasis. I wanna make a shitposting account but I don't know how to do this shit kek

No. 1089955

I asked this before but occasionally I keep getting these lumps not bumps that appear near my pelvic area and went you touch it feels like a squishy mass that’s growing inside the lodges of your skin. Could this be a hormonal thing? It’s so hard to explain, apparently it’s common with ethnic women

No. 1089994

Mess around with any video editing program ever and you'll figure it out. I started learning with a shitty phone app one called cutecut.

No. 1090036

Why are men so bad at realising when a picture of a woman is photoshopped and clocking trannies?
Is it because they genuinely don't see that many women irl?

No. 1090042

Is it a bigger insult to be called an American or to be called a Russian in the Russo-Ukranian war thread? Can't tell.

No. 1090058

depends whether you managed to piss off the putin stans or the autistic finn

No. 1090062

I have no idea who I pissed off, which of those likes burning books?

No. 1090075

Because they don't care if it makes their dick hard

No. 1090148

Actually; the Marilyn Manson thread needs to be revived ASAP, esp with Evan Rachel Wood’s HBO release imminent and the Ye stuff . PLS I NEED Hamson Milk

No. 1090154

What do Northern-European (Swedish, Finnish) and Netherlandish anons think about how weird American leftists seem to glorify your countries? Vid rel, for example

No. 1090173

File: 1646730502933.jpg (155.88 KB, 842x777, 8q47v098578.jpg)

Dutch prisons have become more Americanized the last decade, just like healthcare, welfare, economic policies etc. So whatever glorified view people have of the Netherlands, it's not justified. It's not Scandinavia. Panopticon prisons are also quite popular and are psychologically inhumane. They closed down nice prisons and just put more people into one cell, while pretending we closed prisons because we have such little crime. Never mind that women in prison are forced to sew cheap underwear for Dutch companies. If you don't do the work, you lose rights and privileges like outdoor time or being allowed to see your kids. Oh and you might have to share with a TiM too. Women are in there for killing rapists while in a flight of rage, even though there are exception grounds for such situations.

No. 1090190

Which is better for weight loss, skipping rope for 5 minutes every day or working out for at least 30 minutes 2x a week?

No. 1090239

Why do menstrual cups get so much hate in some circles? You mention them once and you get accused of propaganda (when you're not accused of being a radfem kek).

No. 1090241

It's because they can cause prolapses, but only from improper removal. Idk why it would get you accused of propaganda though.

No. 1090245

i think it's because cup users can be incredibly preachy and often shame women for using other period products, which is just an asshole move in my opinion. it's like with veganism, a ton of people are quiet about it, but nobody notices that because the loud and annoying vegans are so, well, loud and annoying.

No. 1090258

When your parents call you, do they udually ask what you're doing at the moment?

No. 1090259

They're hard to use in public restrooms which is where most women usually change their pads or tampons. There are also a shit ton of retarded men who berate women who use tampons or pads because they're expensive and produce waste and try to force them to use cups instead. Idc if women themselves advocate for them but making other women who can't use them for personal reasons like vaginismus, discomfort, hygiene issues, etc. isn't nice either.

No. 1090288

This is it. I try not to roll my eyes every time someone suggest the cup even AFTER saying that I can't eve use tampons. It's annoying as shit and being called dirty or immature for using pads isn't helping. I'm glad it works for other women but fuck it gets annoying fast. They're also expensive and not like you can return the item

No. 1090294

I've never seen moids complain about period products and the tards don't give a fuck about the environment or product waste. I think you need to get off the internet anon

No. 1090303

I agree.
It was one of the reasons I listed. There are other reasons and I also dislike it when women do it.

No. 1090337

Is it possible to develop lactose intolerance even if you didn't have it most of your life

No. 1090339

yeah, i suddenly got mine when i was 13 or 14.

No. 1090387

Fuckkkk I think I just got mine now. I mean at least I know what to avoid but one small bowl of cereal is absolutely wrecking me right now I am at war and dying

No. 1090531

File: 1646749211470.jpeg (57.03 KB, 720x660, C33BA7F6-9C95-4A25-8282-961F2E…)

Why do I keep sliding up my bed during the right? I wake up and my head is curled into my shoulder and squished against the headboard. I have to scoot down to straighten my neck.

No. 1090534

Your headboard had husbando energy that you must embrace in your sleep

No. 1090537

Are there jobs that aren't retail for people with just a high school diploma? I worked in retail for half a year as a cashier and god if I ever have to say the phrase 'do you have a customer pass?' again I'll go nuts. I'm going to college in september, I've been a NEET for about a month but I really miss having a job. I've completely lost my work ethic and I miss having money (I have some saved but I'm paranoid about spending it, plus my goal is to save obviously)

No. 1090541

Data entry maybe?

No. 1090542

Am I a zoophile if I love cat balls? They're just so cute and fuzzy

No. 1090543

I have a bachelor's in business admin and the funny thing is that my first two office jobs didn't require it. You could get a quick <2 year certificate at a community college, train on a few software (like Salesforce, MS Office, Excel) and get the same jobs. But they may not have advertised as "APPLY HERE EVEN IF YOU DONT HAVE A 4 YEAR DEGREE". Just apply anyway because the market is in your favor.

No. 1090546

When I was going to school I worked as a t-shirt screen printer for a small shop. There are a lot of jobs out there (esp right now).

No. 1090548

Are there any other nonnies that have no irl friends but are completely happy/satisfied? My mother keeps harping on the fact that I'm abnormal but I feel just fine and enjoy being alone..

No. 1090552

I have no friends with a similar mother and am content, but if my fantasy of a best friend who doesn't use me and wants to travel the world together came true I'd be quite pleased

No. 1090554

I do have irl friends but since the pandemic we only see each other maybe once every other month or so, and I’m kind of okay with it.

No. 1090616

The only people I feel a real bond with are my bf and my family tbh. I have no problem approaching people and I'd really like to talk about hobbies and go to coffee, but young people don't seem that interested like it's better to keep a distance at your job? At my previous job the managers wanted us all to have lunch together to boost team stuff and the older people were much more casual and friendly.

No. 1090682

Instagram keeps giving me notifications that I received likes on something, but whenever I go into the tab, nothing shows up, what gives? Also I have no posts on my ig so I'm not sure what I could possibly getting likes for. I did post a story but that's it.

No. 1090688

People can like your stories now and the notifications are giving a lot of people issues. Try refreshing your notifications tab in the app and see if anything appears. It'll look like "____ liked your story."

No. 1090690

Do you think if I work for enough years in a high department of a bank I can go back to the alps and have a farm? I miss my grandma's cows and pigs

No. 1090693

When you sit on the toilet and pee does your cat know that you’re peeing?

No. 1090704

No, my dumbass cat try to look inside the bowl while I was on it, they just stay for company I guess

No. 1090708

Well maybe she still knows… my cat got in the litter box while I was cleaning it, went nose to nose with me and took a shit while making intense eye contact

No. 1090715

She was asserting dominance. Stacy cat.

No. 1090756

uh guys wtf? My boyfriend told me I’m the type of person where he could be fucking me and I’d think he’s imagining someone else……….. That…. had never crossed my mind but now I don’t want to have sex with him ever again

No. 1090758

bruh. why would he say that unless….?

No. 1090760

Late reply but a handful of Patreons who do video tutorials post those videos to YouTube unlisted, since Patreon doesn’t host video content directly. If that’s the case for this artist you can go through and bookmark the links to the video (don’t add them to a playlist because the poster will see) so you can revisit later without needing to be subbed. If they use Vimeo this won’t work and you’ll need to download the videos.

No. 1090797

Definitely, she often goes in the litter too as soon as I sit on the toilet. My male cats just think I'm sitting on a chair though.

No. 1090801

The one time I subbed a patreon (for the same reason) I had access to the whole backlog.

No. 1090813

Is discord fucked for everyone or just me?

No. 1090814

File: 1646765613821.png (104.99 KB, 1206x1176, Screenshot 2022-03-08 at 20-53…)

No. 1090817

Thanks nonnie! Damn didn't realize you could like stories now lol. My app was super out of date so that's why haha

No. 1090818

Is Spotify fucked up for anyone else? It randomly logged me out and every time I keep trying to log in it tells me ‘error please try again.’ I finally managed to log in after like 10 minutes and then it immediately logged me out and I’m running into the same problem. I can’t log in through Facebook either because it just keeps telling me there’s an error. Really annoying ugh.

No. 1090820

Spotify, Discord and Facebook are all down ATM.

No. 1090837

It logged me out too. I haven't tried logging in again tho

No. 1090970

peanut butter sandwich goes with normal white bread or does it have to be toasted?

No. 1090973

File: 1646770734053.jpeg (60.77 KB, 500x500, BE324483-5DB7-41B0-953D-3B9FBD…)

>most websites crashing at least once a year now
>tumblr and Pinterest work perfectly fine 24/7
Tumblr/Pinterest supremacy for life

No. 1090982

I haven't been able to properly log into tumblr for over a year now, either because of my location, my browser version or both.

No. 1090988

I bought a hair steamer, how do I find a good table and chair position for me to rest all of my head in the dome? All of the tables in my house are somehow too tall or the chairs too short or vice-versa. Is there a way to lower the dome?

No. 1091006

I only kept Twitter and it's working so you can add that one to your list. At least for now.

No. 1091072

that's on your end tho

No. 1091077

Put a few books on the chair and sit on them kek

No. 1091082

What are some things I can brush my teeth with other than a toothbrush
Is there anyway I could brush my teeth with specialised gloves meant for brushing teeth

No. 1091084

File: 1646774933791.jpg (80.47 KB, 800x800, Hot-Selling-Super-Soft-Pet-Fin…)

They have this but it's for dogs kek

No. 1091088

Would it be okay for humans do you think
Yes I know I'm autistic

No. 1091091

i don't think you'll be able to clean your teeth properly with that. i think it'll leave behind a lot of food, anon. i would not recommend

No. 1091095

Once you toast the bread, it's peanut butter toast and it's totally difference. It's also superior, just eat the pieces separately instead of making it into a sandwich.

Peanut butter on untoasted bread is so gross to me, it's way too soft and sticky. PB&J is an unthinkable abomination to me.

No. 1091108

File: 1646775971723.jpg (100.13 KB, 748x1412, 612ZWjJFYeL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

They make these things but I'm not sure how well they work. This one vibrates but they make them on sticks too that you just slide back and forth. Search U shaped toothbrush.

No. 1091117

File: 1646776555347.jpg (109.32 KB, 1024x819, tagurgore.jpg)

What's the name of that famous novel again where a full class of middle school boys gets shipwrecked? Also, art nonas, did pomegranates used to symbolize something in paintings? They seem specialer than other fruits.

No. 1091125

Uuuhhhh Lord of the Flies and second question probably something related to sex as it always is

No. 1091128

NTA but these don't really work that great. I would just recommend an electric toothbrush since it involves minimal movement. I have an oral b and I just slow drag it along my gumline and lightly brush over the tops of my teeth instead of brushing back and forth all over. Minimal effort for maximum cleanliness. Sonicare would involve a little more brushing motion since their brushhead only vibrates and doesn't oscillate like oral b's does.

No. 1091143

They r very beautiful

No. 1091168

Everyone does

No. 1091172

They were fertility symbols (presumably cos of all the seeds)

No. 1091180

I don't like electric toothbrushes because I'm autistic and hate the feel of the vibrations kek. I just hoped there was some way to clean my teeth with gloves or something since it's more hands on and I have more control.

No. 1091204

I felt so sluggish these past three days… i usually do dancing every evening but it’s like i couldn’t move or didnt wanna make the effort… so weird. My diet isnt balanced at all so maybe im lacking something ? Vitamins ?

No. 1091208

How often do you nonnies see stars?
If often, where do you live?
I live in the UK and I never see them, probably because of the clouds.

No. 1091217

That's probably it nonna. I see them everytime the night sky is clear except for a few instances in winter.

No. 1091232

How do I be less horny please please please please is there any foods I can eat or things I can take it's so distracting

No. 1091237

or light pollution

No. 1091244

eat something cold or take a very cold shower

No. 1091247

Thank you I will chew on an ice cube

No. 1091249

maybe not a completely stupid question but how do you tell the difference between pain in your stomach/gut and pain in your uterus? I've been having what I'd call a stomach ache since yesterday morning, it's dull ache but it also kind of spasms. it gets more intense at intervals, I went to the hospital tonight and they took my bloods, pee and blood pressue - all okay. a doctor felt my abdomen but didn't make much of it and sent me on my way to contact my GP tomorrow. I'm worried nonas about this unrelenting pain in my stomach but am also not sure if it is my 'stomach'. I could be pointing people in the wrong direction if I'm calling it stomach pain when it's really my uterus. any advice? I'm desperate

No. 1091252

Lol just get on SSRIs, duh.

No. 1091264

Uterine pain is usually felt closer to your lower back. Stomach pain is felt higher and more forward and gut pain more toward your lower front.

No. 1091267

When I’m too busy to think about being horny, I stop being horny, I’ve been so busy for so long, that I’m barely horny so I only feel horny every once in a month, which is honestly amazing.

No. 1091272

that's good to know, thanks for the info. I think it's my gut

No. 1091275

Runs the risk of her literalLy never being able to be horny again. PSSD doesn't have any surefire cure.

No. 1091282

Amateur astronomer so i star at them almost every night

No. 1091293

is "curvy" a polite way to say "fat"?
I'm reading fanfiction and a lot of the fics have tags like "curvy reader" or "chubby reader".

No. 1091294

Yes. It's really supposed to mean a woman who has bigger hips, butt or boobs, but overweight women kind of stole the term.

No. 1091317

Why when I get rubbed on my lower back/sides/butt can I feel it in my scalp? Is that what asmr tingles feel like?

No. 1091324

i think it means having all of those at the same time

No. 1091328

File: 1646785882775.png (367.92 KB, 573x429, Screenshot (815).png)

He was trying to say I'm very insecure
yes I'm insecure but not THAT much
now i'm even MORE insecure

No. 1091333

Why won’t men blow their noses? They whine about their nose being stuffed and say “it won’t help” when you tell them to blow it. When you make them it fixes their problem, obviously, but then they forget it and the next time it’s the same shit. Are all men literal five year olds?

No. 1091335

Hourglass, basically. Maybe they should start calling fat women “foldy” instead.

No. 1091337

File: 1646787060196.jpg (129.77 KB, 640x960, MV5BMTRhMjFkN2MtNjNjZi00YzYyLW…)

Is it a red flag when a moid says this character is relatable?

No. 1091343

No. 1091344

nta but why?

No. 1091345

kek foldy

No. 1091354

Why do some people say/type "folx"?

No. 1091363

to be inclusive to non-binary retard gender-pretenders.

No. 1091367

How is "folks" not inclusive to them?

No. 1091371

But it needs to have an x to be cool and punk instead of hillbilly

No. 1091377

Surprised it isn't fxlx or something since the letter o is male associated kek

No. 1091380

An IUD and some trauma did the trick for me

No. 1091388

Now I got a stupid question. Why is the letter o associated with males? It's not particularly phallic kek and also do you know which letter is for women?

No. 1091389

Can you make yourself like a flavor you really dislike if you just force yourself to keep tasting it?

No. 1091393

What do ovarian cysts feel like?

No. 1091395

Why, troon? So you can go ahead and lie about having those too?
Jokes aside, google it. Your experience will not be the same as others. It feels no different than a period cramp except one sided.

No. 1091396

No. 1091397

Oh i only ask because when i googled it, it gave me really general answers. I have this one sided pain on my lower left abdomen and back pain on my right side. It aches a lot but mostly on the left side.

No. 1091398

I see. Well, I get them pretty badly. It's a random shocking pain that makes you lurch over and then it slowly subsides. It's really hard to describe though, I might honestly be describing the big ones that burst.

No. 1091402

Well if you look at most romance languages, feminine forms of words end in -a, male with -o. Since a lot of things, neutral included, default to male anyway, you may get -o for that too. Hence why latino is the broad term for latin american origin. So that's why you have the latinx/latine movement, to remove gender from the word entirely.
Also you'll see this in English with words ending in -man. They wanna neuter that too, so that's why you'll see womxn and humxn and such.

No. 1091403

I see, thanks

No. 1091406

Autistic nonnies, does the acceptance and now widespread welcome of austism in online spaces make you feel better or no? I'm not autistic but I used to think it was looked down upon as a diagnosis but now it seems as widespread as everyone and their mom claiming depression/bpd (whether it's a self diagnosis or actual one) and it's another diagnosis people… want? Has value on the internet? Not sure how to word it lol

No. 1091407

Are you sexually active? I only discovered my tennis ball sized cyst after I first began having sex. I had this residual throbbing pain in my lower abdomen after the fact. I didn't have much pain on a day to day though. Had an ultrasound for my first gyno visit and it confirmed it. I had to get it lanced cuz it kept growing I don't have PCOS or anything afaik so cysts for those who do might be different

No. 1091410

Yeah im sexually active but i havent had any pain during sex or after. My gyno appointment is not until next week so im kinda worried because ive had on and off abdominal pain. Its kinda sharp at times and sometimes dull. All my lab work has come out normal so im afraid of finding out its much serious like hpv and endo.

No. 1091426

autism is now a useful bargaining chip for people who have their presence and full identity online/influencer types because they can use it as in the event they get cancelled or called out for something. so they can then go "actually i'm AUTISTIC so here's why this is excusable/not an issue and actually you're mean and ABLEIST". they can use it for any social mishap or drama. for other people that aren't those types, i think there's a fair amount of mental health anxiety, that is, worrying and preoccupation about whether you're "normal" and if you can fit into a diagnosis/have your problems explained neatly by some mental illness/neurodivergence. i'm not autistic but i get videos/ads shoved in my face all the time about "if you do THIS you're definitely autistic" and its always benign normal shit.
makes me feel bad for those with actual autism having to potentially deal with all of these people who don't have autism at all in their own spaces.

No. 1091432

Nta what are those abbreviations

No. 1091439

Nonas is drawing furry porn actually profitable or is it a meme

No. 1091442

is it a good idea to watch a movie if you cant even make it thru the trailer w/o crying? i dont want a repeat of the green mile again

No. 1091478

dialectical + cognitive behavioral therapy

No. 1091525

Acacia Kersey just used her brand new autism diagnosis to excuse plagiarism on her part kek

No. 1091543

File: 1646806246419.jpeg (81.08 KB, 882x260, BBE3161B-947C-448C-AD0A-1960B9…)

is this the same jacket or not? they look incredibly similar but it seems like the top lapel differs, there's a time difference between the two pictures so the jacket could have been altered

No. 1091545

>>1091543 jacket on the left as thinner stripes and the one on the left seem to have thicker stripes. Most likely that both of them is from the same brand

No. 1091547

there's like 20+ years between first pic and second pic. he's repeated similar outfits before and it's hard to tell with some of his other jackets as well

No. 1091563

nta but I'm also having this problem, the one I have is about 24 hours old and because it's a wider glass wound it keeps bleeding unless I keep a bandaid on it. how do I stop it from bleeding so much and avoid peeling the scabs off

No. 1091574

File: 1646813136328.jpg (446.08 KB, 1098x813, BUNNNYYY.jpg)

I tried catching it but too fast and I'm scared to stress it out, I know they're fragile and can die from stress. I called my landlord about it. The bunny is chilling in garden eating grass; In case it goes away, can pet bunnies do alright in the wild? Picrel is bun, it's not a dwarf, looks like a farm rabbit (kinda)

No. 1091576

No that’s definitely someone’s pet who probably escaped from their garden. Leave some lettuce out for him and post his picture on facebook groups/missing pet network of your city

No. 1091585

Agreeing. They can't live long in the wild themselves, definitely was someone's pet. Unfortunately a lot of people release rabbits into the wild not knowing they have lost the foraging skills of their wild brothers. Try contacting a rescue in your area. Leave out some leafy veggies and a bowl of water. Maybe a box or carrier for shelter.

No. 1091586

Will I get monstrous pimples from taking Vitamin B complex?

No. 1091630

What does "associate" in a job title mean? For example for an "associate graphic designer". I found some explanation saying it means lower seniority level, but why not say "junior" then? Or is it something else

No. 1091633

File: 1646823090209.jpg (65.32 KB, 751x690, nokia-3100-.jpg)

What was your first phone?
Mine was Nokia 3100, blue like picrel.

No. 1091636

File: 1646823261023.jpg (51.81 KB, 462x400, nokia_5510.jpg)

The red one. I resisted getting a mobile phone for so long, I was the last person I know to buy it. My mom made me get it.

No. 1091648

File: 1646824077732.jpg (1.5 MB, 1500x1096, stock-photo-samsung-c-rose-pin…)

It was pretty much like that, I would take picture of my anime posters for wallpaper kek. Sadly it got stolen the following year

No. 1091660

File: 1646824767109.png (54.86 KB, 120x259, 120px-Nokia_3310.png)

nokia 3310

No. 1091661

I don't remember my very first but I had the motorola razr and it was my favorite phone to this day. I miss flip phones so badly. I am yet to find a new one that also incorporates touchscreen and a physical keyboard that has a good android os.

No. 1091668

File: 1646825185771.jpg (15.21 KB, 488x488, ericsson-t28s-488x488.jpg)

Ericsson T28

No. 1091676

I can't find it because it was an obscure brand that barely supported anything (couldn't download ringtones, couldn't record sounds unlike every other brands…), I think my mom got it for me only for its design, it was glossy black flip phone with a rhinestone circle around the outside screen (the tiny one that only showed the time). I wish I could find it again, it was really shitty and only had its design as a pro.

No. 1091681

File: 1646826192482.jpg (22.92 KB, 300x332, 300px-CSIRO_ScienceImage_2936_…)

Nokia 5110 in yellow

No. 1091700

Wtf I didn’t know they could be yellow, it’s beautiful and I want one.

No. 1091710

File: 1646827846484.jpg (253.96 KB, 1200x900, Dy-Mww_XQAA2gQP.jpg)

They exist in many colors

No. 1091722

File: 1646829129966.jpeg (72.67 KB, 1099x1309, 38E5AA4E-C7B9-448D-A9BB-9CBCFA…)

They’re beautiful, it kind of sucks that my family would only get either gray, black or blue phones, I thought that the first colorful phones ever were the razrs, my first colorful phone was a lilac blackberry.

No. 1091748

How can I articulate my thoughts better when discussing a show or movie I like? I usually just say "I think the x and y were good" and generic praise and that's it. I can't be assed to list specific scenes as examples all the time cause there's usually so many or so much going on. I feel like it's easier to talk about things I don't like tbh.

No. 1091751

Is binge eating vegetables healthy?

No. 1091758

File: 1646831331615.jpg (60.1 KB, 270x455, originalpicture_26582973.jpg)

Found it, it was a VK Mobile phone, a South Korean company that went defunct in 2006, the same year I got it kek. I never saw anybody else with that brand.

No. 1091793

Are any of you nonnies on the r/girlgamers discord server and is it good? I know a server based on a subreddit is already a huge flag but I wanted to find a new gaming community.

No. 1091800

File: 1646834723261.jpg (46.56 KB, 450x450, 887ee651488739632a12451c1b2938…)

get on my level, bitches. i did a ratchet DIY blingout myself and it came out nice. not rich or spoiled, i just needed the internet bc i had a highly abusive father and needed decent internet and cam to document the abuse + it was a present for skipping a grade in school. still the best phone of all time ever

No. 1091827

File: 1646835881333.jpeg (80.74 KB, 808x808, 0020814_motorola-razr-v3_808.j…)

Motorola Razr. Absolutely loved this bitch. When they came out with the new one I was so tempted… but for that price tag?! Nah bitch, tons of other better phones for the same price or cheaper.

No. 1091918

they look like 2 totally different materials. right is definitely wool but idk about the left

No. 1092044

File: 1646847843330.jpeg (55.21 KB, 640x640, 7C097CCA-2EE7-4ED6-AC66-65AE5F…)

Why is there a general myth that massaging breasts will make them bigger? And where did it come from. It seems incredibly suspect

No. 1092057

From men of course

No. 1092075

File: 1646850309376.jpeg (53.07 KB, 763x403, download (24).jpeg)

it was a sony ericsson z310a, it had these awesome little led lights around the edges that you could customize and i loved it (until i hated it, bout a year and a half later)

No. 1092084

It depends on the company's structure. One company might use associate-junior-senior. Another night just use associate-senior or junior-senior or junior-(title only)-senior etc. But in general an associate is managed by someone and does not manage others.

No. 1092137

File: 1646853495764.jpg (58.83 KB, 750x730, tumblr_oqzg8qqsH31u4ltywo2_128…)

do cats really smell good or am i just thinking this because the smell is comforting to me due to me growing up with cats all my life

No. 1092143

Clean cats smell good yes.

No. 1092148

File: 1646853836347.jpg (38.93 KB, 1062x708, 5f8d4991ae8b8145fc75c797d6681.…)

Mine was pic related, it was released in 2011 but I got it in early 2012 in my last year of high school. I only used it for texts and calls, sometimes I took pictures but the quality wasn't that amazing. I didn't have a phone before that because my parents were poor and data plans were shit back then so I wouldn't have used it anyway, so everyone used MSN and then facebook to communicate after classes.

I got my first smartphone in 2014 because I needed internet access 100% of the time to not miss classes that were rescheduled last minute in university so I let my youngest sister use my first phone and she destroyed it not long after because she also wanted a smartphone despite still being in primary school, and that shit worked on my parents.

No. 1092162

File: 1646854290904.jpg (42.53 KB, 600x450, samsung-c3300-hello-kitty.jpg)

my middle school best friend had the same one when we met, we decided we were meant to be

No. 1092176

I always sniff my cats paws and belly when he’s napping. It smells like Doritos but cat flavor. Shut up it’s not creepy

No. 1092194

File: 1646855789847.jpg (158.47 KB, 1280x956, Flat_key_gaming_keyboard.jpg)

I have one key that's stuck-ish. How risky is it to pull it off to clean underneath it? It's a keyboard like picrel (not mine) with the "flat" keys.

No. 1092207

if it's not connected to a laptop it should be safe. i can remove mine with just my finger. google the manufacturer to be safe and check online. it should be easy enough to pull out with a flat butter knife or a pair of tweezers or something flat and plastic if you're scared to scratch the key/board. the flat keyboard style is caller ''low profile'' if that helps.

No. 1092231

File: 1646857427196.jpg (31.43 KB, 500x500, rosepink.jpg)

I had a similar one all through highschool, I loved it!

No. 1092258

How does one differentiate between a true and honest person with suicidal tendencies and a BPD/narc attention whoring?

My mother used to threaten suicide when i was a kid, and eventually i realised she was doing it for attention and guilt tripping. Due to that i honestly fucking despise cliche self-harmers and suicide baiting, and believe that the right answer to that kind of behaviour is "do it bitch".

But some psychologists i spoke to act like that cheap suicide baiting is to be valued as real, even by people who have a long history of baiting, and now i'm not sure if i could recognize someone who needs help from a manipulative shithead.

No. 1092264

Is it possible to be unable to enjoy any aspect of life but not being depressed?

No. 1092279

Well it's the keyboard of my laptop, I realize I worded it weirdly. But googling the manufacturer is a good idea, I'll do that. Thanks anon!

No. 1092284

Should i scrub my scalp when i shampoo,??

No. 1092287

Rub your scalp with your fingertips (not nails).

No. 1092308

People who are genuinely depressed tend not to talk about it much/at all and certainly don't showboat about it. They typically just fade out of deeper conversations, always say they're "fine" when you ask, and if they off themselves people will say they "never saw it coming" and that everything in their lives seemed great. If you know people who have continually whined about killing themselves yet never done it over the course of years, then yes, they're probably just attention-seeking BPDfags or narcs. It is good for people to reach out for help, but you don't do that by continually guilt tripping friends and family or to win favor on the internet among other people who make mental illness their sole identity and have no desire to get better.

No. 1092311

i'm too retarded to run your turn to die, where do i play it help yes its because of kai

No. 1092313

I'm not in it but having formerly hung around the sub itself for a couple years, I don't recommend them. They are very much troon supporters and libfems. There was a radfem girl gamer Discord I was part of for a while that I liked a lot, only left because I ended up too busy for gaming. Fewer people obviously but better quality. If you search around Ovarit you should be able to find the post and contact someone for an invite.

No. 1092317

Nah. You sound like one of those 13 year old kids who think they're edgy and mysterious for acting calm and fine, putting on a facade while they're dying inside or some shit. Most suicidal people actually reach out before they commit suicide, look it up. And just like that most depressed people try to reach out to their family and friends if they have any, even if they don't, anyone can tell they're depressed because depression can't be hidden. You can't act fine when your brain is all messed up and you can't function. Everyone's going to realize somethings wrong when someone stops caring, doesn't shower or wear clean clothes, isn't as attentive, do their work, socialize, etc.

No. 1092324

You clearly have no understanding of depression and have never experienced it yourself.
>Most suicidal people actually reach out before they commit suicide
Yes, but those asks are typically very understated. Someone may ask if they can talk with their friend about a personal topic, the friend says no, then they never ask again because they don't want to be a burden considering depression already makes you feel like a burden just for existing. If someone is making 20 posts about how much they want to die every day for years, surprise surprise, they're full of shit.
>You can't act fine when your brain is all messed up and you can't function.
You absolutely can, you are regurgitating the stereotype that a depressed person simply must look like a dysfunctional hobo yet there are millions of people who function perfectly well in their day to day but still go home and consider how they want to kill themselves in the evening. Explain why high-performing individuals like celebrities or musicians can withstand intense schedules, perform on stage, care for their appearance, spend time with friends and put on a happy face for fans for then suddenly implode and commit suicide "out of nowhere." It's because they hide it until they can't take it anymore.

No. 1092335

>depression can't be hidden
it can, specially in the first weeks/months. when people start showing external signs that something is wrong they have been fucked up mentally for quite a while.

No. 1092338

use the one with the zodiac killer edit

No. 1092341

should i? it looks more like a flattering cover art than funny edit.

No. 1092343

File: 1646863512548.jpeg (426.01 KB, 828x1229, B4E34F50-1F49-4E1E-9EAD-22203E…)

That’s a pretty broad brush to paint all depression and suicide ideation with. It’s also not even true for the majority of suicides. Plenty of people don’t reach out, so much so that psychs see a sudden uptick in mood in a clinically depressed person as a very serious warning sign. The depressed person feels euphoric when they finally decide to Jill themselves. But to their friends and family it looks like they’re getting better.

Regardless, the situation OP described is definitely BPD behavior. But even the biggest attention-seeking BPDfag in the world can accidentally cut too deep and it’s game over. That’s why psychs still take it seriously.

No. 1092394

why baby bangs make my head look like an egg but make my friend's face more harmonious?

No. 1092402

No. 1092435

forehead size difference (does she have a bigger forehead)?

No. 1092437

Does anyone know any funny pop culture/critic blogs

No. 1092509

Imagine you've been asked to create a new TV show to appeal to wokerinos. What do you make it about to make sure it's a hit? Your goal is to make it as successful and popular as possible while still appealing to a woke audience. It can be either a show with real actors or a cartoon. What show do you make?

No. 1092512

yes!! That might be it

No. 1092518

real actors, cartoons have mostly woke audience in the west but not all woke types watch cartoons regularly. shows with actors gain more attention from normies and hype, like Euphoria.

No. 1092526

A show like 90 day fiance, but for gendies moving in with their Twitter mutuals without ever meeting them in person.

No. 1092592

stupid question from a stupid person. when you are walking around do you judge other people (particularly women). i can't help thinking stuff sometimes but it makes me super self conscious because I wonder if they are doing it to me. it's hard to reassure myself like "they probably don't care" because it contradicts my own thinking. is this some anxiety bullshit.

for example I just notice that lots of girls wear that claw clip hairstyle. when I first saw it I thought it looked cute but now it just seems overused. fyi I don't dress femininly so it's not a "competitive" thing cos idc about that.

No. 1092598

Depends on whether someone catches my attention or not, if you don’t really create a contrast in the crowd I will probably if not surely ignore you.
I mostly end up noticing the pretty people I see and then I either imagine what would it be like to hangout with that person, create a whole relationship with that person in my mind, or think that their clothes are pretty and let it go.
I often sexualize the moids that I find cute.

No. 1092606

You can download or just play in your browser, even on phone. Vgperson is great.

No. 1092607

Real life actors, either a poly reality show or a telenovela of a poly relationship, I hate polygamy with a burning passion but I’m sure that will get you both wokerinos and shocked normies.
It’s honestly perfect, it’s degenerate, has toxic drama and “aw how cute” moments that will also make people feel like it’s weird, but hey, at least they stopped fighting!
Just pick some hot actors of different colors and maybe add some disabled character to, hell, fuck that shit, make the disabled character the main character who’s desired by all of the people in the poly relationship and who is insecure about the whole thing but the poly freaks are very pushy so they make the disabled main character go down the slippery slope of poly shit.

No. 1092617

i have a question.
is this a dumb question?

No. 1092627


No. 1092635

Does restless leg syndrome really fuck with your life? I am constantly shaking one of my legs, but I never feel it messes me up from doing things. In fact I have to do it to sleep sometimes. Why do some people want to get rid of it?

No. 1092646

Maybe if it annoys anyone trying to share a bed or seat with them. It isn't really an issue besides that.

No. 1092673

I just notice features on women i wish i had usually like thicker hair, an effortless pretty style. I only judge parents who let their kid scream bloody murder and teens who are running around stores probably messing shit up that don't plan to buy anything just be loud.

No. 1092695

i don't pay enough attention to my surroundings at any given moment to judge others tbh. i only form thoughts about strangers when they come up to me and even then it's usually nothing negative

No. 1092721

I'll ask again, how do anons/people in general tell the difference between good and bad acting? i don't notice any difference unless it's blatantly over the top like in The Room.

No. 1092735

File: 1646891928915.jpg (56.81 KB, 547x952, ef47a8dfe9d591f251e9686717cb9b…)

Bad acting is like Mark Zuckerberg but in emotion and body language form

No. 1092783

thank you nonitas i think im just getting inside my own head too much lately

No. 1092788

Is the forest app worth buying?

No. 1092791

probably not
nature shouldnt cost money

No. 1092796

most times it's by how believable it is. it's a bit subjective, but it's very obvious to me when an actor is trying too hard or not trying hard enough to be convincing. often bad acting is like a caricature of the emotion the actor is supposed to be portraying, or there's a very clear disinterest in the role from them. or they might be taking themselves far too seriously, or the way they behave and speak feels "wooden". sometimes it's based more on how harmonious their acting feels with all other aspects of the film/show/etc. if it's not aiming for realism and has its own thing going on but one actor stands out like a sore thumb, to me it's just not good acting or directing.

No. 1092802

stupid fucking aylien i bet their blood is blue or some shit like a lobster NICE HAIRDO BOZO FUCK OFF TO UR ANUS

No. 1092804

I'm not good at telling either and I frankly don't care what others think is good or bad acting. I think it comes down to what you yourself considers good in the context of what's presented.
If someone's acting is literally making me think it's not believable for the story, or the acting pulls me out of the story in an unintended way I consider it bad acting.
"Exaggerated" acting is a bit infamous for being bad but actually makes sense in a lot of contexts; kids movies, comedies, stage plays.

No. 1092805

Any anons with add/adhd diagnosed what's it like?
I would struggle in school from staring off into nothing, getting distracted by sounds, lyrical music, pulling skin off my nails, and general fidgeting with whatever was on my desk as quietly as possible. I thought I moved passed it but lately when I'm talking to customers or coworkers I feel like I'm staring into a void rather than at them like I cant concentrate on them. I take forever to do shit once i get home because i just sit on the floor zoning out with music and whatever things I feel the need to look up until 1-5 hours has passed. Really starting to consider trying meds but not sure it's worth side effects.

No. 1092813

How is your memory? Try to get diagnosed if you can, see if you qualify. You will have to fill out a questionnaire that has like 60-100 questions (I don't remember). My shrink quizzed me on the answers to see if I wasn't bullshitting. It took like 3 sessions to get diagnosed, but it maybbe faster depending on your shrink and country. IMHO the side effects are only bad if you have underlying heart conditions. I kind of do it turns out and I'm praying atm that the new meds don't fuck me up because IDK how will I survive otherwise.

No. 1092829

why are some kindles so expensive compared to tablets when they have a fraction of the functions? Is the screen really that special? I'm talking about the €250+ ones

No. 1092833

e-reader screens are da bomb and cannot be compared to tablet screens. i used to read books on my phone for hours at night and wouldn't get sleepy, but with my e-reader i can fall asleep way easier. blue light, even with the filter thing on, is no joke. idk where you're from, but in my (euro) country, the big book chains have e-readers on display so you can try playing around with them and check out their screens for yourself. i paid 300 bucks for my e-reader and i don't regret it at all.

No. 1092855

File: 1646912294059.jpg (446.95 KB, 1270x714, 04deEuk7MKeDPNOqjkcleiJ-1.jpg)

Yes it is, though I imagine part of the high price is the branding. Ignoring my ebook reader, I own a freewrite traveller and it's so beautiful and pleasant to use it makes me want to cry every time I turn it on.

No. 1092865

i'm curious, what do you use this for? i see these on amazon sometimes and i'm always fascinated, but i have no idea what purpose it would serve in my life.

No. 1092885

Writing my novel mostly, I still have issues with time management (I didn't expect FT to be a magical fix for everything that’s wrong with me - I need a consistent schedule and probably regular meditation like David Lynch kek) but it's such a pleasure to type away. It's not really good for editing (it kind of hinders your ability to go back on your words, though it's possible) but great for rewriting. Also will probably type some diary entries (the kind that works better digitally). If I go back to uni, it will be a godsend for taking notes without retarded doodles everywhere or internet browsing. Well, if I will not be scared of someone stealing it.
It's very much an "extra" thing, but it does help with productivity and makes writing more enjoyable than wrestling with a word processor and a computer screen. I was lucky to get gift money and nab it for half price used (I was willing to get it full price after months of agonising, I've been wanting it for 3 years by then). I'm very interested in the digital notepads that came out recently that allow you to write normally while digitising everything (and possibly OCRing it? IDK). The technology is young though, so it's a good thing to wait.

No. 1092908

ohh, thank you for the explanation! i think if i was still writing i'd like something like that too, i tend to get distracted very easily and end up looking up one thing for my fic only to spend 2 hours on reddit reading threads about something related to the thing… i was also super into these digital notepads, i think they're called something like 'like paper'?? at least that's what i saw on ig. but my hand cramps easily when i write fast so i just brought my laptop to uni and then corona happened and now i've graduated so no need for extensive note taking outside of writing in my diary…

No. 1092918

Anon if you want a word processor get an alphasmart, they’re still $30-40, support USB cables and can even connect to smartphones

No. 1092926

Any anons here taken Prednisone before and have had a side effect of really bad leg cramping?? I am wondering if it’s normal or I should be concerned and bother the doctor, I’ve never been on steroids before and feel dumb.

No. 1092941

FT anon, just wanted to say that Alphasmart isnt that affordable for what it is if you aren't in the USA or UK, especially since it doesn't have special letters. I would have to pay over $100 total which is ridiculous for outdated technology (yes I realize the irony, as FT is even more expensive - bought mine for ~250)… Alphasmart is an absolutely great alternative if you are gonna be writing in English and either can buy it cheap or are prepared to shell out more than an Amerifag.
I had no idea they can connect to smartphones, is it some custom app? Only read about people hooking them up via USB and Alphasmart Neo retyping the text on computer.

No. 1092944

samefag but I wanted to say that I relate and that I wish we could be writing friends kek. Don't give up!
research is so fucking distracting, it's insane

No. 1092977

Prednisone is a stimulant and can fuck allll your shit up, so definitely tell your doctor about it, you probably need a lower dose or at least take it first thing in the morning. Last time I took it for a few days and couldn't sleep at all, and I'm usually fine with sleep. It fucks with your liver and kidneys too so make sure you're on as low a dose as possible and off it ASAP. Last time I was on it for an extended period it thinned my skin and changed my hair texture.

No. 1092998

Did aspiring driver nonny go to her driving classes? I hope they went smoothly and that she has a good instructor

No. 1093009

File: 1646925430700.jpg (29.92 KB, 500x333, fd7caa6e7097ae219a48d3d7f464d7…)

This might be about me (unless someone else posted about learning to drive recently too and I missed it) but I haven't started my lessons yet! I paid for my classes and my road test date has been set, but I don't start my lessons until next month because my driving school wanted me to not have any gaps between my lessons and road test date.

I was so anxious before signing up but now I'm super excited! I really want to enjoy driving. I've been watching lots of tutorial videos on youtube to help prepare myself a bit mentally (I overthink waaaay too much since I know absolutely nothing about how to drive) and it just adds to my excitement kek. I did take my pre-licensing course recently and I really don't know a lot! So I should really brush up on the rules of the road/what to do with my brain while driving too. I hope my instructor is good!! He's mentioned a bunch in their google reviews and many of his students have passed, fingers crossed that I become one of them!

No. 1093038

I have been social media free except for here for a month now, but noticed that I didn't have hobbies prior to that, does anyone know a set amount of guidelines I should follow before getting into a hobby without feeling the need to create an account to share it? I know creating an offline personal blog is one strategy but is there any mindset that I can look into so that I don't need to validate the things I do through others?

No. 1093047

DAE have this thing where you ace the job interview, and enjoy the initial period when the tasks are new but when the tasks become routine you get bored, start making mistakes and then eventually and inevitably get fired after a few months? And then rinse and repeat with next job

No. 1093050

Why do you need to tie social media to your hobby at all? Just go do it.

No. 1093051

Have you considered living in first person mode and not turning every experience into content for others to consoom

No. 1093052

Don't make a blog, even a private one. You're a step away from publishing it and getting back into that online mindset. Write in a paper journal if you really want to chronicle things. Or get a paper planner to plan out your activities and track your personal progress. Hobbies are for your own entertainment. You do not exist to entertain others. Don't involve your phone or computer unless it's essential for your hobby to use it.

No. 1093084

Depends on how much he relates to him. Many things about Satou are relatable and not a red flag, but some things about him are a red flag like him being a pedophile and how he treats Misaki imo. I guess you could ask how the moid specifically relates to him. He relates to him because he's also incredibly socially anxious? Satou's a relatable character for that. He relates to him because he's a perverted lolicon? Not good.

No. 1093085

Does your therapist know about lolcow? I felt especially crazy explaining it to my therapist.

"It's a website where I, a mentally ill person, gawk and talk shit about other mentally ill people"

No. 1093086

> I felt especially crazy explaining it to my therapist
Because you are, why would you do that??

No. 1093087

Anyone here have a private tumblr? How good is tumblr for recording down random thoughts and organising them by hashtags (if that makes sense)?
I want to sperg about video games in private and be able to search for specific spergs with hashtags so I was thinking maybe tumblr but I know barely anything about the site

NTA but I don't see the point in a therapist if you don't open up to them. Isn't that what they're for?

No. 1093089

Because I actually want to get better and part of that is utilizing my therapist. What's the point of paying to see one if you keep secrets?

No. 1093095

It's been a while since I've used tumblr but I would say pretty good. You have options for different types of posts (text, photo, video, etc) and can tag them whatever you want and easily sort through your tags (either through your blogs archive or using /tagged/x). You can also password protect your blog which is what I did with my private blogs. I don't think anything from a password protected blog makes it out to the greater tumblr world, even when tagged.

No. 1093098


You don't have to tell the therapist everything nonnie. Unless you feel like lolcow is a determent to your mental health or something.

No. 1093099

LOL keep secrets. You don't need to give them a run down of everything you have ever experienced. You tell them your issues and they should divulge info out of you. I had a therapist in my early 20s and thought you had to expose your secrets to them and it's just embarrassing. These people are still doing a job and will talk about you. I found out in a humiliating way. If I ever seek therapy again it won't be one local

No. 1093123

It’s not that it’s a secret, I just can’t imagine lolcow being relevant to my therapist or my personal issues. Like I’m having this issue where my cat’s eye is weepy and it makes brown spots on my sheets so I have to wash them more often, but I don’t tell my therapist about it, because what’s the point of that?

No. 1093144

File: 1646934419029.png (32.97 KB, 852x1045, wtf is this thing.png)

Here's an actual stupid question. What do you call these spinny you find on buildings sometimes and what would I use on google images to find a picture of one?
My shitty drawing of one picrel

No. 1093158

File: 1646935282950.jpg (15.74 KB, 425x425, 41C4LlDC2VS._SX425_.jpg)

i got "roof ventilator" when I googled it

No. 1093160

Thank you nonnie you are my hero. I felt so dumb not knowing this for ages kek

No. 1093169

Has anyone found that gaining weight was beneficial for their hair? When my BMI was 20, I just simply couldn't grow my hair below my shoulders and it was super thin. IMy BMI is 22 now and it's super long and looks so much healthier

No. 1093244

Isn’t that illegal for them to talk about you outside your sessions? I’m sorry that happened to you. They should lose their license for that.

No. 1093252

Yeah hair likes nutrition kek

No. 1093270

But I mean I wasn't underweight before

No. 1093275

were you malnourished or something? are you only eating more or are you eating healthier and drinking more water too?

No. 1093291

I don't think so. Also, if anything I am more unhealthy now because I eat more sweets than I used to

No. 1093292

Have any nonas bought anything off Amazon Renewed? Is it worth the risk? The item I'm looking at is like $20 cheaper if I get it refurbished/through renewed and the seller is the same seller who sells the item for brand new too.

No. 1093305

File: 1646944381190.jpeg (34.26 KB, 342x604, 0DF98EFE-E5A8-4CE4-8B0F-F2F896…)

Would ballet attire/leotards be suitable for weight-lifting or other forms of exercise? I know that it’s suitable for cardio like dancing and aerobics, but are there any other types of exercises it’s suitable for?

No. 1093306

File: 1646944406138.jpg (154.71 KB, 1200x676, Coca-Cola-Starlight.jpg)

Has anyone tried this yet? Ive heard people describe it like smores, graham crackers, vanilla, raspberries, earthy, etc. I also havent seen anyone really like it yet.

No. 1093307

File: 1646944411032.jpeg (57.91 KB, 592x596, 1909BCDC-2C9F-4DC7-B12B-FEB812…)

No. 1093312

it tastes like pure sugar, i really didn't like it, way too sweet. it didn't take at all like anything you mentioned to me except for raspberries, but only artificially.

No. 1093327

tasted like if you diluted raspberry coke and mixed it with cream soda, it was good but not as good as regular coke and not good enough for me to buy it more than twice

No. 1093330

File: 1646946340075.jpg (48.55 KB, 540x540, tumblr_p2o7o8Kqx31uoqu3po1_540…)


No. 1093332

File: 1646946348694.jpg (640.8 KB, 1000x667, weightlifting-form.jpg)

I don't think so anon, fabric too thin and the leotard for lack of better term will literally strangle your coochie.

No. 1093340

File: 1646946645667.png (68.55 KB, 300x300, 1DCC8C47-5379-4A9B-8BA1-BBB3B3…)

I submitted online job applications to some places (part time cashier jobs) and many weeks have passed, but they never got back to me. That probably means I am rejected, but in their system, the status still reads "under review." What's up with that? It's as though they hadn't decided yet even though it's been some time. Is there still a chance for me? Do they even check these? lol

No. 1093343

I've gotten calls back from jobs I applied to a year ago, sometimes even two years ago. So don't stop applying, but try to forget about it after you submit your application to keep the discouragement at bay.

No. 1093347

Some places have their online applications open even when they've already hired who they wanted. Either out of laziness (didn't close the request for applicants) or wanting to have a log of resumes in case other applicants don't work out. My advice would be to chose your favs and maybe give them a call just to ask if they've gotten a chance to see your resume, so that you are on their mind. It's been a while, so it wouldn't be bothersome to check in with them.

No. 1093376

nonas I'm having to do a demonstration speech for a class and I can't think of having any outstanding talents or skills that would work for it

It needs to be 5-7 minutes long and re structured into outline form, nothing to do with cooking. I suck at cooking

No. 1093378

Yeah of course, weightlifters in the 80s wore leotards all the time

No. 1093405

thank you for a second opinion it's hard to tell under the light and different photographic quality

i think it's just a similar style and as other anon said perhaps the same brand

No. 1093408

Part of your morning routine

No. 1093412

go into youtube and type in "how to"

then add one letter, keep changing that first letter until you find an interesting demo to act

No. 1093416

You might be surprised to learn that you know how to do things other people struggle with! Not that it's really needed for your assignment. Demonstrations are all about processes, activities that have steps and sometimes rules to do the task effectively. You do processes every day without realizing it. Think about some things you do in your everyday life that have some sort of process to them. Or just take a look at all the retarded wikiHow articles there are! Those all detail some sort of process. So even if you don't have a talent like cooking or playing an instrument or building a computer or whatever, just pick out something you know how to do, determine if there's any process to it, and then ask yourself if someone might have any questions about it. Let's say you chose packing a box for shipping. What kind of questions might someone have? I can think of a few: what materials do I need to get started? Should I ship this in a box or envelope? What kind of packing material should I use? What tape should I use and how much? How do I build a box? How can I be sure my package is sealed properly? How do I choose a shipping method? Where do I take my package to get it shipped? Then you have a starting point from which to write your outline. With this method I bet you could even work something as commonplace as doing your laundry into a 5-7 minute speech. Hopefully this helps you get started nona.

No. 1093418

The outstanding skill of manufacturing digital and meticulous presentations with any software of your preference and how interesting is it to do so.

No. 1093419

I've literally shipped boxes at work before that would actually be perfect.

No. 1093682

How do I stop using my eating disorder as a coping mechanism? If I’m ever insecure or emotional about anything or anyone I either don’t eat or throw up

No. 1093732

i swear when i smell my cat it must be what other women smell when they sniff babies heads

No. 1093742

My kitty smells like roasted peanuts

No. 1093758

What's your go-to piece of media when you feel sad? Whether it's a movie / book / series / youtube video / whatever. And do you also fall back on this when you're happy?

No. 1093764

Star Trek. I watched all episodes of all seasons multiple times. I love it's unbridled optimism.

No. 1093766

I always find myself looking for something new if I'm sad. It's a good way to distract myself.

No. 1093767

Star Trek is a pretty good one, but also Anne of Green Gables and 1995 Pride and Prejudice

No. 1093771

File: 1646977676804.png (151.51 KB, 192x354, Bossy_boots.png)

SpongeBob! It's my go-to when I'm on the rag because I get retarded mood swings. Watching it while snuggling in bed with my puppy always puts me back in a positive mindset. He's just so fucking cute! I can't get enough of it.

No. 1093774

Holy shit are you me? I fuckin love TNG. Worf is the best.

No. 1093778

This is my go-to "happy" song. I grew up listening to this and we normally reserve it for Christmas, but… damn it, I can't help it, it's just so fun and silly.

No. 1093783

My fav feel good song is This Must Be The Place by Talking Heads. Feel good show is KOTH

No. 1093786

Heidi: Girl of the Alps, it’s my favorite childhood show and never fails to make me feel happy despite it having very sad moments. Also Ghibli movies, even if it’s cliche.

No. 1093787

File: 1646978503419.jpg (232.43 KB, 1414x1084, brak-show~3.jpg)

The Brak Show, for sure. It never fails to make me laugh and the songs are so catchy. Brak is personified joy, and Zorak is personified chaos.

No. 1093788

Same here, TNG and Voyager I could watch over and over and over again.

No. 1093791

File: 1646978624721.jpg (24.17 KB, 236x245, 1624e4c3d71b5ce49c3d8403486e35…)

Reading or watching The Moomins is always comfy and warm

No. 1093795

File: 1646979043168.jpg (40.57 KB, 722x377, dog db.JPG)

is this real?? should I go gun down the puddle next door?? I'm so concerned because she barks constantly, I live in an apartment complex that has an open common hallway so the dog is sometimes barking outside my literal front door. Should I call animal control? the FBI? the fire department? my MOM???

No. 1093802

Yeah maybe if the dog is being left alone a lot outside the home you should consider calling animal control. Don't do it if you have kill shelters in your area, just even the slightest possibility that the dog could be taken only to be killed is just not fucking worth it, it's just some barks. The dog is the one in distress, not you.

No. 1093807

On that you are %100 right, she sounds in absolute despair. Sometimes it sounds like she is hyperventilating (I have no idea if that can happen to dogs), like her owner loves her to death but she is full on schizo is terrifying. Maybe I should call animal control after all.

No. 1093808

Hope that poor pooch gets help and you get some peace!

No. 1093810

Thanks anon, she is a very pretty dog tbh (curly white fur with some blonde splotches here and there), she is just in a bad relationship I guess.

No. 1093811

is it a new dog? If so, just give it time and it will stop. Separation anxiety can make dogs act like that and isn't uncommon.
If it's not new, only then I'd be worried.

No. 1093813

sadly she has been here for almost 11 months now, my first thought was that maybe she doesn't like strangers but she even growls at her owner so I'm just ??? what do I do, she bites her from time to time too, maybe that's connected?

No. 1093820

File: 1646980684958.jpg (40.37 KB, 425x584, 818Q7bRbUkL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

Is this stuff toxic if i get some in my mouth?

No. 1093826

>It contains camphor which is toxic if swallowed or absorbed into the body and the manufacturers do in fact warn that VapoRub should not be applied in or near the nostrils and not used on children under 2 years of age.
If it was just a tiny amount though I'm sure that you're fine anon

No. 1093828

Ty I'm putting it under my nose and the label on the jar was torn off

No. 1093883

File: 1646985615676.jpeg (43.26 KB, 739x415, seyma.jpeg)

Is this girl pretty? My friend passive aggressively said I looked like her and I'd end up like her.

No. 1093885

Samefag I kind of do but obviously don't have filled lips like her.

No. 1093888

She looks fine, she's definitely not ugly at all. I'm sure you look great nonna, please ignore the weirdo who told you that.

No. 1093890

She is yeah

No. 1093893

Thank you so much anon. I've cut her out a while ago but randomly remembered this today.

No. 1093895

Is reapplying sunscreen every 2-3 hours fr? Like, first you have to apply it everyday, then you gotta apply two fingers worth. Which is a lot. Now, you also have to reapply it?
Do they think money grows on trees or that I have an infinite amount of suncreen? If I do this, I'll be going through a tube a month.

No. 1093897

Just do it nonners, it only costs 5 bucks a tube. I bet you could buy a three pack for a good deal. Us who burn gotta look out for ourselves.

No. 1093909

Afaik you only have to reapply chemical sunscreens, not the physical ones

No. 1093910

Why do people assume that I’m a virgin? I feel stupid and pathetic. I’ve been raped many times and in some instances I’ve been pushed over to have sex consensually so I think I’m qualified to not call myself a virgin even though no man wants me. So why? I don’t care that I’m a virgin or not but the reasons why people assume I’m a virgin is offensive. I think it’s because I’m weird and ugly.

No. 1093915

People keep talking about male cells in a mother’s bloodstream after giving birth to a boy, but how would you know it’s not the same with daughters, since the cells are the same?

No. 1093918

Hey little flipperzappers, how do I post images from around the web without saving anything to my phone or making an imgur account?

No. 1093921

No, in my experience people often assume that if you come off as shy and unsure of yourself. Try appearing more confident

No. 1093930

Do clowns still exist?

I don't mean like a concept, cuz they obviously do, I mean as a service.
Can you still hire a clown?
Did the clown industry suffer from getting labeled as scary by media?
Where is Ronald McDonald and what did they do to him?

No. 1093933

You're not weird and ugly but probably come off as a prude or disinterested in sexual stuff.

No. 1093939

Those big party stores usually rent clowns and balloon artists

No. 1093943

With microchimerism? It's sort of a complicated concept, and when PUA and men's rights activists start quoting shit about it, they go full on retarded usually by citing references on a study done of microchimerism in wasps. Wasps aren't even the same fucking species, but I'm getting OT.
The y-chromosome is just an easy marker to detect. It can happen with both.

No. 1093951

my old next door neighbors uncle is a clown but clowns went through some shit in what was it 2016? when there was that scary clown thing where people would dress up as clowns and fuck with people so i imagine that a lot of them may have quit but if you look hard enough theyre out there

No. 1093954

>there was that scary clown thing where people would dress up as clowns and fuck with people
I cant believe that back then, we thought that the world has achieved peak insanity. Oh if only we knew what's in store.

No. 1093955

It is. Baby's cells can be found in mothers bloodstream and there are even tests that use those cells to test genetic illnesses in the baby

No. 1093957

first think of the long-term repercussions, especially for purging. ofc it’s hard to do that in the moment but once you recognize it you’ll realize only more stress will come from it to make you feel worse. do you have any other hobbies or possible distractions anon? in general, try not to be alone when you feel that way, not just for accountability but for comfort.

No. 1093959

File: 1646990749117.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.31 KB, 600x634, IMG_20220311_022429.jpg)

Is it possible to get milk blebs despite not being pregnant? Because I have a white bump on my nipple that looks exactly like pic rel. I noticed it last week, it hasn't changed in appearance at all, and it's not painful.

No. 1093968

Aren't these normal to have either when you're not pregnant? I've literally always had these and gynos never said anything about them either

No. 1094019

When you anons were young, and you were asked what was your dream job or what do you want to be when you grow up. What was your answer? Are you doing that job now?

No. 1094020

I grew up in a household where my dad refused to have any pets in the home. I wanted to be a vet. Probably just because I was that desperate to pet animals lol

I'm not a vet but I finally owned some some small pets in my twenties and twas nice.

No. 1094021

I think this question is for the Random Questions thread. But anyway I didn't know what I wanted to be so I made things up just so I would have an answer, I said I wanted to be a postman, then I wanted to be an cryptozoologist (I read about it in a kids magazine and then I decided if they study animals that don't exist they don't study anything so you don't really have to do anything at your job you just say you are a cryptozoologist) then I wanted to be an archaeologist, like Lara Croft, then I wanted to be an architect. But I didn't really want to be any of those

No. 1094023

I wanted to be a doctor ever since I was 3, am in med school. It's not as great as I envisioned though, doctors in my country earn very little, almost as much as a fastfood worker and get attacked and beaten up very often.

No. 1094024

Is there like, an rule against vegans here? I see a lot of anons talking about meat and milk but logically this is a female imageboard so there would be a lot more vegans than on other forums. Yet i dont see them engaging in debate?

No. 1094026

Idk but I'm one of those anons that complained about milk smelling weird sometimes and I'm not a vegan or even vegetarian. I smell and tasted things really well so some stuff that wouldn't bother other people sometimes bother me.

No. 1094028

"logically there should be more vegans in female community", only a man who never interacts with more than one woman could've typed this

No. 1094029

I said soldier. By the way, the teacher shouted at me for saying that. Anyway I did two years of military service and it wasn’t really for me, though it was educational.

No. 1094031

Uhhhhh ive known way more female vegans than men vegans and i live in a large city. Plus how is that even a negative thing to say? The way I see it men lack the empathy to care about the possible suffering of living things that aren’t themselves

No. 1094040

What do you mean, there's a thread about veganism in /g/ and /ot/ has infighting about veganism regularly.

No. 1094041

>Plus how is that even a negative thing to say?
Nta but it sort of implies you view women as a hivemind who can only ever be sweet, caring people which is sorta sexist. I know you probably didn't mean it that way but eh

No. 1094043

kek anon just because they're vegans doesn't mean they have to be constantly engaging in debate. Not every vegan is a militant sperg
t. not vegan

No. 1094047

No i dont mean it that way but saying men and women have same emotional intelligence is not true. When i was in high school there was a presentation about slaughter houses and animal violence. Asking a week later two thirds of girls in the class decided to be vegetarian. Not a single boy did, in fact one or two of them said "well now I’m really hungry for a pork sandwich" right after the presentation

No. 1094051

Do you know equal amount of men and women though? I live in a big city too, working for a company where most employees are male and because of that experiece I could say that more men are vegan that woman, but I know I have cognitive bias here. Out of my female friends though none of them are vegans and I really don't think it's that gender-specific, even though self-proclaimed macho men are more triggered by the concept of veganism than women, that's true

No. 1094067

My Immortal, specifically this dramatic reading, it still makes me laugh so hard even after all those years. I tend to skip the first 10 chapters because they are really boring compared to the hysteria of the rest of the fanfic.

No. 1094072

I'm vegan! There's a vegan/vegetarian thread on /g/. Being vegan isn't my entire personality though, so it's not like I bring it into every conversation. Most of the time that wouldn't make sense. I'm sure other vegans feel the same.

No. 1094080

How do i stop clenching my jaw as i sleep? It hurts so bad…

No. 1094107

it's absolutely largely gender specific. most vegetarians and vegans are women. 79% of vegetarians are women

No. 1094109

I genuinely dont want to see this debate here. There is so much of it elsewhere on the internet and I dont feel like being annoyed on that front as well. Besides, egging on ""debate"" is just wanting infighting. Theres a thread already for discussing that topic, what more could you want.

No. 1094114

You need to visit a dentist/orthodontist and/or go directly to a maxilofacial surgeon so they tell you what is it that you need, maybe some massages and exercises could help but you may need to get a jaw surgery, so it’s better to visit a doctor.
I tried the exercises and they did nothing to me because of my recessive jaw, so I need the surgery and the therapies whether I like it or not.

No. 1094115

I liked the dramatic reading by the internet historian, the visuals make it even better.

No. 1094118

Is it possible to have executive dysfunction just on its own, without ADHD or autism?

No. 1094124

Do I have toxoplasmosis or is my cat just really fucking cute??????

No. 1094126

No. 1094127

According to www.medicalnewstoday.com:

"The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) does not recognize executive function disorder as a specific mental health condition. Instead, executive function issues are symptomatic of other neurological, mental health, and behavioral disorders."

True. kek

No. 1094128

Why is Luna Slater a legacy cow when she only has 35 threads?

No. 1094154

Why is youtube so broken, like why did it work better ten years ago? Why can't they just revert all changes and go back? I'm so tired of bad changes to every facet of life. I'm so tired.

No. 1094163

Yeah I think they changed the algorythm again because I can't find shit. Like the other I wanted to find a specific workout video and I entered the name of the Youtuber who had these workout sessions as well as the type of the workout I wanted and pretty much everything showed up except what I was looking for

No. 1094172

I have plain instant oats. Would it be better to just drop in some little pieces of chocolate, or should I mix in some swiss miss mix in to make chocolatey oatmeal?

No. 1094173

No. 1094176

Both work! Hot chocolate will make the whole thing chocolatey and chips will make it more gooey like a chocolate chip. I do cocoa powder and Splenda personally.

No. 1094192

At what age does actively using Discord become too embarrassing?

No. 1094194

No. 1094196

18. Everyone who is on there is either a child or a pedo, or found one of the extremely rare adult only servers that’s full of 30+. I fucking hate that I even have to use it for goddamn work

No. 1094198

Thanks nonnies I knew this was the truth. I hope your workplace grows a brain kek

No. 1094199

Kek your workplace uses Discord? Might as well do their video conferencing over Twitch too.

No. 1094201

Imagining a serious boardroom meeting rn with a chat filled with men in suits spamming pogchamp

No. 1094207

They got tired of google meets fuckery and it’s tech so of course they all already have a discord…

No. 1094213

theyre all probably on porn servers with the same account they post work updates on

No. 1094264

That even happens with Zoom, I've read cases of scrotes confusing work meetings with some degenerate shit and getting on camera naked

No. 1094385

Are there any subtle signs on dating app profiles that indicate whether a lesbian is a terf? I want to make more friends but I don't want to run into any TRA types. I assume no pronouns in bio might be one?

No. 1094431

Why have I started getting a strong nicotine rush again? I've been smoking for like a year. Could it be because I'm really anxious at the moment? Or a side effect of some health issue?

No. 1094432

I swear I have seen this exact post word-for-word before.

No. 1094440

Anons post that a lot in the sexuality threads

No. 1094443

i see a lot of gc women say that they indicate that they love harry potter/jkr to signal terfiness.

No. 1094447

I wanted to be in the entertainment industry as talent, a model, an actress, something incredibly vain, I amended it to a veterinarian later on. I still want to be in the entertainment industry, or in media, but doing behind the scenes stuff. I realized med was not for me. Cant do basic math

No. 1094463

umm what does the greentext “anonymous” mean? like, when it’s not highlighting a self poster.

No. 1094465

it changes to blue when you sage, so if it's green that just means your post is unsaged

No. 1094477

File: 1647029902587.jpg (31.8 KB, 381x382, huh owo.jpg)

you know how certain words get highlighted when using certain words like nonny, triggered, et cetera? what other keywords does that happen to?

No. 1094485

My ex and I talked again because she wanted to - we've been talking on and off for about a year - and she mentioned there was another woman at her workplace (predominantly male). She didn't say much else about her other than that she will be working with her for a bit.

I'd been kinda hinting at not being interested in rekindling things with her in previous conversations. What would be a plausible reason why she mentioned this woman during this call?

No. 1094498

If we call LC-tan Elsie, can we call 2X-tan Twix?

No. 1094503

ohh. thanks, anon.

No. 1094505

abuse abusive nonnie nonny oof toxic valid terf victim victims triggered triggers triggering

No. 1094508

Could have sworn abuse was one of them!

No. 1094513

Problematic woc

No. 1094514

No. 1094515

Rate and WWYD?

No. 1094522

I'd follow him outside and beat his ass and show him I am in fact that guy, pal

No. 1094541

I don't understand why everyone in the comments likes him kek am I autstic? anyone getting in strangers' faces like that is an uncivilized retard in my book

No. 1094550

Inspired by the LOLCOR pasta, if zoomers created a "lolcore" fashion "aesthetic" based on lolcow (maybe you would need subsets like "farmercore" and "cowcore") what do you think it would look like?

No. 1094586

Is there some kind of outdoorsy bitch thread? My searching didn't go well. I want to talk about camping and foraging and whatever neature gear and experiences without the insufferable scrotes.

No. 1094620

This is probably closest to what you're looking for >>>/ot/879593

No. 1094672

Where did that LOLCOR copypasta come from?

No. 1094674

File: 1647039953868.png (5.83 KB, 393x105, cowcore.png)


No. 1094676

Adding this concept to my mood board list

No. 1094702

This is the earliest post when I search it on the site

No. 1094717

I have a feeling like someone already talked about this but I don't remember when

No. 1094730

it came from one of the bunker threads in /g/ when /ot and /m were down. Idk which one was the original but it was reposted multiple times in those threads

No. 1094739


I think this is the og one >>>/g/239956 and nonnies took it and rephrased differently every time

No. 1094761

Someone sent me $5 on Venmo, a person I don't know and who's name I've never come across in my life. The only message was the :venmo_dollar: emoji and that was it. Should I give a shit or just ignore it and keep the $5?

No. 1094766

i bought leave in conditioner instead of regular conditioner. can I use it like regular conditioner? I

No. 1094786

I don't use Venmo but it's a good idea not to interact with any unknown transactions because you might be sending them personal info that they could use. If Venmo doesn't require you to approve it or something then just keep it.
You can use a little less than you would regular conditioner and don't rinse it out. Usually you apply it on damp hair and comb through, but check directions on the packaging. Yes you can use it in place of a rinse out one.

No. 1094804

I've always had super thick hair from childhood and in the last month it's become more than half as full. It feels freakishly thin and brittle. What could cause this? Am I balding?

No. 1094811

If you had to choose one or the other, which is cuter, kitties or ponies?
Brittle implies damage. Could be heat, lack of moisture, chemical processes, shitty shampoo, etc. As far as balding, have you noticed an excess of hairfall lately? Part your hair in various areas, can you see a lot more of your scalp in some parts? Balding can be caused by age, traction, stress, malnutrition, hormones, etc.

No. 1094812

Lacking nutrients. Too much of other nutrients. You eating enough fish? Enough oily fats? I don't know if that actually affects hair growth but better safe than sorry.

No. 1094815

I eat a balanced diet but I overindulge in alcohol. But this hair loss is recent. I DO have sensitive skin but I've been using the same cheapo shampoo for years without issue. I have had the same part for over a decade and it does look sparser. My hair literally has 50% the amount of hair it used to. I just recently noticed it. It's weird. I don't really heat style at all. However I am extremely stressed
I rarely eat fish I will consider that thanks

No. 1094818

It's possible to reverse hair loss depending on the cause of it. I recommend seeing a doctor about it as well as doing whatever you can to reduce stress. Easier said than done I know but try working relaxation activities into your daily routine as a start.

No. 1094821

Does hair break a good costume? A conversation got me thinking about halloween and all the things I'd like to be this year are far out of my realm once hair is involved.

No. 1094823

Is getting a wig not an option?

No. 1094825

Not for halloween, no. Maybe for cosplay if the character doesn't have a particularly unique outfit.

No. 1094830

What brand of CBD oil is good? Also full vs broad which is better? My mother wants some (to help for sleep would be nice). I don't know much but I don't want her buying something because someone on telegram shilled it. Any help is great.

No. 1094831

I'll try depending on what I choose but my hair is very big and hard to contain in any wig I've tried. Which is two wigs, but still.

No. 1094840

Try doing french braids pigtails and then wrapping them under and over your head to make it look as even as possible under the wig if you want to go the wig route! Also there's lots of wigmakers now who make wigs for big heads so it might be able to contain all your hair, although they are expensive (I'm thinking mainly Arda)

No. 1094867

idrk about cbd oil but my mom makes topical out of RSO and dissolves it in a carrier oil bc its much cheaper than buying cbd oil. it works really well for achy joints or pulled muscles and chronic pain.

No. 1094912

who the fuck is this "elaine" character? i don't use discord because i'm not a retard wishing for more problems in my life

No. 1094939

she tried to take down lolcow, got the discord nuked at one point, threatened to tell admin's university that admin is actually a lesbian (not sure how that is even a threat) and she also kept spamming CP. there's also more stuff with her involving null/kiwifarms, although I have barely kept up with it all. she has 2 threads on /snow/ each of which were pinned at one point and there was also a lot of discussion about her on /meta/. I'm guessing you're new to have missed all this

No. 1094942

no, been here since the beginning. i just left for a year and a half or so and i hardly check cow threads anymore. everything involved with lolcow's discord has been uninteresting to me from its inception, constant shit slinging and cliques, underage behavior, and so i figured it was just more of the same

No. 1094945

it's not just about the discord though, she was spamming CP on /ot/ and making posts in /meta/ and other places

No. 1094950

no, i get that now. i'm saying i hadn't checked into the further discord drama and its periphery because of how stupid it all usually is, and i was not here for like almost two years so. but yeah she sounds like a POS bizzaro. thank you for spoonfeeding me though, anon

No. 1094958

It would be like cottagecore since Elsie and we're a 'farm' but with terf shit added in.

No. 1094959

how do most posters dress?

No. 1094964

No. 1095044

File: 1647073199602.jpg (81.13 KB, 985x1114, 20220311_192212.jpg)

I feel like I frequently go through a cycle where for some time it's like I have a sugar rush, everything is fun and I enjoy it and then I get completely depressed and don't feel like doing anything and just want to sleep. Even if it's a hormonal thing, I feel like it doesn't follow a consistent pattern. How do you handle that?

No. 1095056

could be a hormonal imbalance, i thought i had bpd as a teen because my emotional state was such a wreck from it, but theres also a really high chance that its a mental illness. does anyone in your family have a history of bipolar, or any women in your family with high estrogen?

No. 1095059

Well, I do have endometriosis and take birth control so that could be contributing, the docs told me that I do have really high estrogen

No. 1095088

and they didnt prescribe you progesterone? what the fuck?? my doctor (a woman, and she actually cares so i trust her a lot) said that it doesnt matter what the actual hormone levels are they just need to be balanced, this was years ago so im paraphrasing, but what the fuck.

No. 1095090

samefagging to say that if youre on progesterone only bc it should be okay but you absolutely should not be on anything with estrogen in it, youre already at a higher risk of blood clots, and it would make your emotional issues worse.

No. 1095100

what does it mean when I feel my stomach turning, dizzy, muscle tremble, and nauseous and overall not good?
I was hit by this feeling after listening to a voice note a guy sent to me talking about his day.
my jaw is clenching getting ready for a barf, help

No. 1095111

Thanksa bunch nonnie! The bc I take is based on etinilestradiol so I'll tell my doc to do a blood test and prescribe different ones.

No. 1095135

circulatory failure

No. 1095159

Cowcore would be exclusively aliexpress cosplay

No. 1095161

Acute allergic reaction, stick your epipen in his throat

No. 1095162

Where did most ghost stories, folklore and fairy tales originate from?

No. 1095164

Depends. Mostly central Europe and the middle East. Stuff like vampires originates from eastern europe.

No. 1095167

File: 1647085082822.jpg (15.95 KB, 612x612, istockphoto-857606040-612x612.…)

How do you imagine a modern witch? No tik-tok wiccacore bs, but movie and book examples are fun.

Would they be pharmacists or scientists? Radfem terfs? Shitposters on image boards?

No. 1095174

Non-human sadistic creatures who use human greed to their advantage. Make potions, and other things, for extremely high prices, and hidden consequences. Get fortune but you will lose all your family members in order up to those you love most.

No. 1095176

File: 1647087798380.jpg (21.15 KB, 638x200, pogo_shiny_rockruff_lycanroc_m…)

I have a shiny rockruff, I have a regular rockruff, which one should I evolve and should I do the day evolve or night?

No. 1095180

Shiny day, regular night
Then they'd be Sonic and Knuckles

No. 1095182

File: 1647088675905.png (849.77 KB, 1206x1161, 4941AF1F-CFB8-4FC6-A054-75B5B7…)

A sadist who believes that without love it cannot be seen.

No. 1095186

god what is with the fucking scrote invasion rn

No. 1095191

Have you seen the debate that's shitting up the relationship advice thread? Every weekend it starts up again right on queue.

No. 1095209

And /g/ falls for it every fucking time.

No. 1095220

yes, what a shame. at this point it's just like cc: moids arguing with each other and posting screenshots to 4scrote

No. 1095227

Is it normal that when drawing in Photoshop my penstrokes always show up with a bit of a delay even when the smoothing is set to 0%? This doesn't happen in Paint Tool SAI

No. 1095239

This happens to me with pirated versions of programs sometimes.
Could also be you don’t have enough RAM. I suggest at least 8 GB

No. 1095243

I have 16 GB RAM. Also set the drawing mode to basic, cache level to 1, etc.

No. 1095255

samefag, I fiddled around with the settings a bit, turned off the graphics processor option and the lag decreased noticeably, although SAI still wins

No. 1095262

cp below

No. 1095324

File: 1647101313413.jpeg (21.69 KB, 300x300, A82B26B1-CD3B-47BB-8624-14E05D…)

Is it possible to make pie crust with salty crackers?

No. 1095326

Gosh I hope so, that sounds like it might be successful. But also you might end up w an n2f abomination. Good luck.

No. 1095327

You're a retard

No. 1095335

Hey, nonnie, I just found a recipe, which means it’s possible! I want to make a pie for lunch someday, maybe a mushroom pie with onions and maybe some ham or bacon on top.

No. 1095424

How do you manage your decisions when you KNOW they’re being influenced by hormones? Where once a month your Myer Briggs changes from T to F and it’s not a matter of “good/bad” decisions, it’s just decided differently from what you would choose 3/4 of the time.

No. 1095443

Why does it feel like you can't ask men to do the simplest tasks without making everything so complicated? Even manual labor which they claim to be so good at. They can't even hang curtains ffs and young male mechanics are fucking retarded, I've had one attempt to convince me I need to fork out 4k for a brand new bumper because of a tiny scratch because "the scratch will cause the foam under it to rot out and fall off"