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No. 1097102

Ask dumb questions, get dumber answers

Previously >>>/ot/1075996

No. 1097110

Is it true having a handsome boyfriend is a terrible experience? I’ve been told you’re constantly dealing with other girls flirting with him, giving you shit, trying to start fights with you, etc. even if he doesn’t have a flirty personaloty himself.

No. 1097122

I have a winter coat which I was wearing with my black leather backpack and consequently, it left black stains at the armpit area from rubbing against it all the time. I washed my coat with the washing machine and applied bile soap on the affected areas but none of these helped.
What can I use to remove these stains? Or should I just bring the coat to a professional cleaner?

No. 1097123

Whenever I'm hating on something for no reason, I realize it is almost always a thing present in me. Why do I hate it so vehemently for no reason then? I don't think I hate myself.

No. 1097130

Why does my cat want to eat my vine charcoal so badly?

No. 1097132

I didn't think so but then it depends on the circles you spend time in. One of my exes was really hot but he didn't use much social media, had a small circle of primarily male friends and we weren't big partiers. Female strangers occassionally flirted with him around me but it was through subtle, forgivable things (laughing more than necessary, fixing their hair, stealing glances). He'd occasionally get approached more brazenly at his work since he had a client-facing job but he'd tell me about it and we'd just joke about it together. He'd gently deflect or do a total shutdown if needed. Every time I hear about a woman feeling she needs to run security on her boyfriend it's usually because he's a social media addict who enjoys the attention, has poor boundaries, or enjoys triangulating women. Usually some combination of the three.

No. 1097133

File: 1647242666078.jpg (69.85 KB, 450x660, main-qimg-68bea4e6a603bfb0a021…)

sounds like classic projection, which is a common defense mechanism

No. 1097134

Is sublimation the only good one?

No. 1097137

I don't see how it is projecting, what exactly am I projecting? Like, I realize it is in me and I accept it but for someone else I have a lot of hate to give when they have the same personality or traits that I do. What am I defending against? I'm sorry if I sound stupid.
For example, I unnaturally have a lot of hate for people who are selfpitying, while I am selfpitying myself.

No. 1097140

>laughing more than necessary
t-there’s a limit?

No. 1097143

NTAYRT, but. Well, do you hold yourself above the standards you expect from others? Is it the self pitying you hate? Do you hate it when you pity yourself, or only when others do it?

No. 1097144

No, the table I posted doesn't cover all of them. On Wikipedia they list the following ones considered as mature defense mechanisms:

>Level 4: mature

These are commonly found among emotionally healthy adults and are considered mature, even though many have their origins in an immature stage of development. They are conscious processes, adapted through the years in order to optimise success in human society and relationships. The use of these defences enhances pleasure and feelings of control. These defences help to integrate conflicting emotions and thoughts, whilst still remaining effective. >Those who use these mechanisms are usually considered virtuous.[26] Mature defences include:

>Altruism: Constructive service to others that brings pleasure and personal satisfaction

>Anticipation: Realistic planning for future discomfort
>Humour: Overt expression of ideas and feelings (especially those that are unpleasant to focus on or too terrible to talk about directly) that gives pleasure to others. The thoughts retain a portion of their innate distress, but they are "skirted around" by witticism, for example, self-deprecation.
>Sublimation: Transformation of unhelpful emotions or instincts into healthy actions, behaviours, or emotions; for example, playing a heavy contact sport such as football or rugby can transform aggression into a game[29]
>Suppression: The conscious decision to delay paying attention to a thought, emotion, or need in order to cope with the present reality; making it possible later to access uncomfortable or distressing emotions whilst accepting them

Sorry I misunderstood you. Yes, since you're conscious of it, it cannot be projection, I guess it's just…plain old dislike/hate then? But tbh the fact that seeing that undesired quality in someone else conjures up such strong emotions, it suggests to me that you haven't fully accepted it within yourself? Because if you did, it would't bother you as much I think, and you could also feel empathy for that person. I guess the healthy thing to do would be to just work on it to overcome it

No. 1097147

My bf is decently good looking (mid 30s but has good skin/looks a little younger) and works somewhere he is interacting with older women who flirt/dote on him regularly and in this context I honestly don't mind. Makes me feel good when a 60 year old woman who has her shit together tells me my bf is a good man and that I'm very lucky. He's not social enough to hang out with other rando women lol

No. 1097155

You've never heard the exaggerated cackle and 'omg you're SO funny' some women do when a guy hasn't actually said anything humorous but she really wants him to know how impressed she is by his ability to form words?

No. 1097158

>and you could also feel empathy for that person.
This is a good point anon, it feels more that I don't even try to understand the other person. Just directly onto hate. You may be right it's probably I've not accepted it in myself which is why I hate when I'm… confronted with it?
Also thank you for the other part of your post, very interesting.
I'm not good at all with introspecting. But I think it is the selfpitying in this case that I hate, and how someone expresses it. I keep it all in, and if someone vocalizes their selfpitying, even if their thoughts are exactly the same as mine, it makes me hate them. This is actually a pattern with other things as well. Kind of makes sense with the confronting my own bad traits. Very fascinating… much to think about. Thank you a lot.

No. 1097173

File: 1647246346396.gif (836.89 KB, 414x316, tenor.gif)

Why do men get so butthurt when a woman has a type in men that deviates from what they think women should want? I've seen so many men get mad when a woman has a preference they don't approve of, like liking pretty boys or not liking roided out physiques for instance. When a woman says something like that men just have to chime in with how said woman is wrong and how all women ackshually like muscular chads and any woman who says otherwise is a liar or some stupid shit like "you'll grow out of it". Why are men like this? I've never seen women throwing a fit like this over men's preferences like this, yet it's common for men to try to gatekeep what women are attracted to.

No. 1097178

Because they want to be victims

No. 1097191

Men live lives of fantasy and believe there’s a way to be effortlessly irresistible to everyone. “Chad” represents the delusion that there is a female kryptonite and the only thing preventing them from fucking a bucket of women is lack of muscles. It also reinforces their evopsyche bullshit and aids their victim complexes. If women like a variety of things, then his actual personhood becomes the reason his dreams are dreams. Likewise, women specifically not reacting to the male power fantasy suggests the rest of their alpha cope is wrong. This also works inversely, where a lot of men already believe women secretly want them, so they work to convince themselves everyone who isn’t interested is just a suspiciously large group of endless minority outliers.

No. 1097219

Is it possible to stay the same weight but have a slimmer body?

I have gained a bit of a weight and everyone's complimenting on how great it looks on my face (and I agree, it has now the fullness that it didn't have before) but I hate the way it looks on my bod. Would it be possible to get a toned body by working out regularly but with my face staying plump and fullish?

No. 1097223

Yes, absolutely.

No. 1097230

Men get mad when they don't fit a woman's preferences, even if she likes traditionally masculine men because they think all women secretly want to fuck them. I've had guys chimp out on me when I told them I like strong jawlines or brunette men. Both are basic stuff but men hate the thought of women not wanting to be with them 24/7

No. 1097318

Would it be a stupid idea to try and buy an apartment after I move out instead of renting? I do live in one of the most expensive cities in the world, but I was looking at housing for fun and there does exist a small number of apartments within a doable price range for me (150k-200k). Some of them, with the mortage and maintenance fees combined, end up being around the cost of rent in my city, if not cheaper. I barely have enough for a down payment so it's not feasible right now, plus they were scarce and only a few in decent neighborhoods, but in the future, why not? Do any nonas own homes? What fees can I expect to pay on top of maintenance and mortgage?

I found a 1br for 150k in the heart of my city, good square footage, not run down as fuck, within walking distance to where I work and it would've been so doable for me but… there's like no supermarkets in the area or they're all crazy expensive since it's smack in the middle so kek fuck.

No. 1097322

help how do i get weight gain to fill out my face lol

No. 1097325

I have personally found that long and sound sleep fills out my face best. It has a bigger and better impact on how nice my face looks than weight itself.

No. 1097363

Always find my skin looks better and my face looks filled out in the right places when I am sleeping well too, I've had completely shit sleep for the last two weeks and my face looks sunken as hell right now

No. 1097429

Is there another website like ao3? It seems to be just for fanfics but what if I want to write a story that’s unaffiliated with anything?

No. 1097431

a03 has original content, I don't remember what label it's under, might actually be "original content". it's harder to find sprinkled among the fanfics but it's there

No. 1097432

You can publish a work under "original work"! That's what I do. Surprisingly its gotten some views lol

No. 1097441

How do people pay their taxes? I guess I'm a taxpayer, but I don't go anywhere to pay my taxes, they just get taken out of my paychecks. Is that what people mean when they say "I'm a taxpayer"? I know I sound underage but the wording has messed with my brain since I was little kek. I grew up thinking I'd go somewhere to pay my taxes but after growing up, I just go to work, get my paycheck, then get a tax refund once a year…? It's very confusing lol

No. 1097472

There are different types of taxes, if you own property you pay property tax, if you own a business you pay business tax, whatever the fuck you do a piece of it gets taken and your street still has potholes.

No. 1097483

its so frickin easy to drive around them and also your tires rubber absorbs nearly all the shock impact so its no big deal really

No. 1097485

File: 1647276396040.jpg (55.29 KB, 1280x1920, Jam-filled-cupcakes-3.jpg)

How can I decorate muffins/cupcakes without frosting and icing? I want to make muffins but I also want them to look nice. Thought of maybe sprinkling sprinkle chocolate pieces on them, or almond flakes/coconut flakes? They will have pieces of strawberries inside, and they will be similar to strawberry cheesecakes taste-wise. I don't want to buy a pipe for frostings.

I want to make them look nice because they are going to be a birthday gift around a lot of people! Picrel is random.

No. 1097488

being taxed should be a criminal offense penalized under the no strings attatched law

No. 1097518

Can you teach a dog to close the door behind itself when you have no experience training dogs? How would you go about that?

No. 1097528

You don’t need a store bought pipe, you can make your own at home, you won’t have the fancy tips to make flowers or the sorts, but it does the work.

No. 1097539

What do you guys do when you need a hairtie but don’t have one

No. 1097543

Sounds so stupid but I just tie my hair in an overhand knot, it's long enough to stay out of my face for a bit. If your hair isn't that long, perhaps a small braid that you could tie around your hair kinda like people do with dreadlocks?

No. 1097546

I braid it, it's long enough to stay like that for a while

No. 1097616

Does anyone have a crisis of consciousness wrt lolcows sometimes? I was reading Chibi/Aquana's thread on KF and got hit by a wave of sadness because man, shits depressing.

No. 1097660

Is inline skating very hard

No. 1097707

I picked it up a few months ago and I think it can be, but it's possible to learn! Always keep your knees bent and buy elbow/knee/wrist pads and a helmet to prevent serious injury/allow you to skate while feeling at least a little more protected. I learned as a kid so it might be my muscle memory kicking in after 20+ years, but I don't think learning basic striding is very hard. I still have trouble stopping though. Lots of resources on the internet/youtube, skatefresh asha has many popular tutorials! My only word is advice is to make sure your ankles don't bend inward, it's tempting because it makes you feel safer but it's bad for you in the long run.

I hope you'll pick up inline skating nonna! I still suck at it but I can't fully express how much joy it brings me to just skate in circles at my local park.

No. 1097727

SA Actually I think I just got hit by depression in general

No. 1097737

Also here's one of the videos I randomly watched of people picking up inline skating lol. It's encouraging to see total beginners with no knack for athletics pick it up and still succeed!

No. 1097745

Depends on where you live I guess. In my country it's just automatically deducted from your pay check and that's it.

No. 1097753

in my country it's weird, i pay income tax and church tax which is automatically deducted from my pay, but then i also have to do my taxes every year in hopes of getting money back. like for buying a monthly ticket for using public transport to get to work i can get a tax return. same for handing in proof of how much money i spend for gas to get from my home to my workplace.

No. 1097849

Cool. I take off one of my socks and tie it round my hair personally

No. 1097856

How is it possible for some people like ones with ADHD to forget to eat? Don't they get energy crashes?

No. 1097879

>>Which is your favorite thread on lolcow?

>>which thread do you dislike most?

>>What do you feel is the spergiest thread?

>>which thread do you feel has the most scrote posters?

>>whats your favorite cow?

No. 1097883

yes but sometimes when im focusing i cant really feel my body, like if im drawing or playing a game and im really into it all of a sudden ill just realize im about to piss myself.

No. 1097894

I used depilation cream for the first time in my life today, and stupidly didn't consider how paranoid I get about non-mechanical(??? is that the correct word) methods of grooming. It says to rinse well with cold water in the end. How good is well? Is water enough? Should I use soap afterwards again? Can I do it with my bare hand or should I use a sponge? If I can't smell the cream anymore, and the few hairs left aren't brittling off anymore, can I assume I got it off completely? Do I have to worry about the water that runs from my arm pits down to my cooch? Can I use my hands normally again or should I clean them thoroughly again, as the package says to not ingest anything? I'm a hypochondriac. heple.

No. 1097895

it sounds exhausting to be you, i can't imagine being this careful about my body, but that's a good thing ultimately for you. i'm just saying. you'll be fine. if you want, wash it off with body wash. i personally don't really care for those. there is one that is non-irritating for men in a powder form that is more economical and less irritating though.

No. 1097897

>>Which is your favorite thread on lolcow?
book thread, fakebois

>>which thread do you dislike most?

idk, i rarely have strong feelings about threads and hide the ones i don't care about.

>>What do you feel is the spergiest thread?

tinfoil and celebricows

>>which thread do you feel has the most scrote posters?

i'm notoriously bad at clocking scrotes unless they say "i, as a man," tbh

>>whats your favorite cow?

berry tsukasa was wild

i guess i'm just here to be terfy and mean.

No. 1097901

>>tinfoil and celebricows
lol i feel like a alot of anons here share the same sentiment when it comes to ot/ , id also add the russ vs ukraine thread too.

No. 1097904

tinfoil and the corona thread are the worst and the spergiest. at least the celebricow thread is enjoyable at times and it's not serious

No. 1097915

yeah i scroll through celebricows sometimes and it's fine for a few posts and then someone goes 'this stick thin anorexic celeb woman has thighs that are wider than her calves, GROSS OBESE HAMBEAST FATTIE' and i exit the thread again. as for tinfoils, it's just too much. my country has a huge problem with covid conspiracy theorists that actively foil every attempt to improve the situation and let us go back to normal, so seeing someone screech about how the world is ending because they have to get the jab to keep their health-care sector job is just too upsetting.

No. 1097936

the anons who shit up the celebricows thread with that are the boomers from the tinfoil thread.

No. 1097939

I don't know the details of how depilation creams work but it has something to do with changing the pH of the hair. As soon as you wash it with water, the wather changes the pH again basically deactivating the cream. So yeah, just water is enough. Google for details if you want to know how it works more precisely.

No. 1097953

celebricows has gone downhill thanks to all the lookist sperging, not that the milk has been very good the past couple years. the pandemic has really clogged up the pipes for celebrity retardation. i just want someone else significant to get metoo'd already fucking hell it's so boring

every time something milky is posted it's buried by someone derailing about how fat or ugly or badly aged a celeb is. we get it oh my god

No. 1097964

>>every time something milky is posted it's buried by someone derailing about how fat or ugly or badly aged a celeb is. we get it oh my god

lmao this anons will post celeb milk and it will maybe get two replies. But a anon posting some bait about a celeb being whore/fat/gay will get 5+ replies and the infighting will last for days.

No. 1097975

I really want some bombshell to happen that will have anons consider refocusing! I'm still waiting on some follow ups for blind items and allegations. It's just weird.

The most consistent actual milk the past couple threads have been about Elon Grimes and Kanye Kim Pete and those are among the more entertaining in recent gossip events, but it always has to relapse back into the same circlejerk

No. 1097986

It's really retarded question, but is there anyone who fall in love with their own made up character?
Please tell me that I'm not the only one.

No. 1097988

Does a minor character you almost fully developed with their own canon count?

No. 1097990

You are not the only one anonita, I make up characters I fall in love with too.

No. 1097994

Not really, I'm talking about character that you made from scratch (personality, looks, etc.).

Happy to hear that, I'm in love with one of my character for years now. It's embarassing but I want to manifest someone like my chara in real life.

No. 1097995

I kind of do, obviously not in a real love way though. I like to imagine a genderbent version of one my my husbandos. She's better than the real one I don't think it's weird to love your OCs, it's just like loving a character who someone else made up.

No. 1098000

yes exactly. it's so upsetting and retarded that it does give off a very scrotal energy, same with quite a few tinfoil thread posts. there are obviously women in there too but it just feels very sus to me that this many tinfoilers and anti-corona vaxxers all of a sudden came out of nowhere. the serious tinfoiling boomer-tier posters are at levels i've never seen anything like before.

No. 1098001

>I don't think it's weird to love your OCs, it's just like loving a character who someone else made up.
Well, maybe you're right. But I won't lie, it always felt super autistic/retarded to me. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself considering I've been very lonely most of my life.

No. 1098003

One time i used it and it after rinsing it burned my skin like splashing bleach, no redness at all it just burned terribly. Idk i threw it out

No. 1098017

Sometimes it is, thanks for acknowledging it. Maybe I'll look into it, thanks!
Knowing how they work actually really puts my mind at ease, thank you so much!
Nothing like that happened to me luckily. Sorry about you though.

No. 1098033

This is a pretty tarded one: do tv shows/movies/books exaggerage how often you say the name of the person ypu're having a conversation with? Have I just never had a regular conversation? When I hang out with friends I almost never say their names to their faces or address them by name usually (unless I have to get their attention or something) I'll say their name if I mention them to other people but that's pretty much it.

No. 1098036

Heavily exaggerate imho, it feels very unnatural to do so.

No. 1098037

You know this is something I've noticed with scrotes. I almost never use my friends' names as well unless I need to get their attention, but I have found quite a few guys will throw your name into a conversation particularly when they're talking down to you/mansplaining.
>Anon, you should know better than that.
>Don't you think that's a bad way of looking at it, anon?
>That's not true anon, you should look into the topic more.
It's so fucking obnoxious and literally out of the hundreds of people I've known it's always only been men awkwardly shoehorning my name into the conversation as if they're trying to explain something to a child. They always get flustered when I stop interacting with them afterwards, god forbid their fake appeal to authority doesn't pan out. You also get it with grimy salespeople, they know you for 2 minutes and are suddenly throwing your name into the conversation 5 times per sentence so you really feel they care and appreciate you kek.

No. 1098041

Is rash on my hands an allergic reaction? I had an orange and ended up getting rash on my hands. I'm allergic to orange but the allergic reaction usually shows on my mouth?

No. 1098048

I'm not a writer but I assume names are used more frequently for emphasis and clarity

I could've sworn using people's names more often was also one of those 'how to make friends and influence people'-esque tips. It's a very autistic, moidlike thing to do.

No. 1098052

what the fuck is a posh party and why do I keep getting invited to them

No. 1098056

i'm no weeb so i'm not familiar really, but i just get the feeling based on the anime i have seen that this is all anime's fault. they seem to repeat names needlessly.

No. 1098066

Ask whoever invited you nonna

No. 1098078

From the Poshmark website: "Posh Parties are real-time virtual shopping events where users can meet up in the Poshmark app to shop, share, and sell clothing, accessories, and select home goods."
Or maybe your friends want to wear pearls and get drunk, it's hard to say

No. 1098080

that sounds absolutely horrible

No. 1098104

Why was I fired in the restaurant?
>get sexually harassed
>verbally abused
>scolded at for faults that weren’t mine
>forgot my keys after my shift
>2 hours later I return (I dined at a fancy restaurant before to distract the fact I am being sexually harassed and harassed at work)
>i check in at the bar and announce why i have returned, and that I need the keys to the dressing room
>they tell me waiter turd has it
>he left the key on the door
>i enter the dressing room
>look for the keys
>can’t find it, break in a sweat
>he enters the dressing room and asks me what I’m doing
>I told him what I’m doing
>interrogates me
>he stresses me out with the questions so i ask him to kindly stop it because i really need to find what i’m looking for
>he says its ok he will wait til i leave
>found the key finally
>walk to home feeling worse
>i forgive them the next day and just pretend nothing has happened
>tables are turned and apparently i’m fired for being suspicious
What has happened? I didn’t even file a report over them sexually harassing me. Like I just wanted to learn to be a good cook. Why did they hate my guts so much? The waiter boy who told on me is a sad pathetic individual. But am I delusional? Did I do something wrong? Should I have just slept on the streets?

No. 1098124

yeah, like other anons said, needlessly saying someone's name is one of those 'how to make people like you' tips. i have noticed that men easily fall for that one, though. as in, they are easily manipulated into liking you when you say their names a few times. it's how i get favors out of them.

No. 1098189

This might be a weird and vague questions, but for the anons here that are religious: why? Also, were you raised religious or was it something you found later in life? I'm just curious. I'm agnostic so religion is kind of a hard concept for me to grasp, even though I'm not against or for it.

No. 1098200

qvc for over priced h&m? nice.

No. 1098208

Assuming you're American that's why. There's zero job security in America and places can legally fire you for no reason at all in most states, I've seen waiters be fired for obviously unstable Karens

No. 1098215

You probably had orange oil on your hands, which came from the rind.

No. 1098230

>>Which is your favorite thread on lolcow?
ridiculous photoshoppers and the personal cows thread, i like to keep it light hearted and of course the graphics thread on /m/

>>which thread do you dislike most?


>>What do you feel is the spergiest thread?


>>which thread do you feel has the most scrote posters?


>>whats your favorite cow?

momokun but shes kinda boring now. i also love luna and her physical inabilaty to ever change, i guess moo is like that too though.

No. 1098284

If I can still comfortably fit in my training bras from grade school, is that a sign my breasts didn't develop properly?

No. 1098302

Nonna's I need your advice. I finished high school last year and am taking a gap year currently. I don't know what to study, although I have some ideas I don't know if school is really for me. I had a retail job for half a year and hated it, should I just try applying for an internship this summer at someplace (it's an institution I'm actually passionate about) and see if I can move higher up the ladder there? I can go to college later if it doesn't work out. Should I just go for it? I feel a bit lost in life currently and don't want to go back to retail hell. I'm dying to learn something new again but that can both be done with an internship and with school, except with school it actually costs money. What am I to do?

No. 1098315

i think you just have small boobs anon, some girls arent even a cup size, it happens.

No. 1098338

why do green vegetables always fuck my stomach up?

No. 1098344

>should I just try applying for an internship
I don't see why not, I had two internships in college and both of them led to solid job opportunities, one of which I took and worked with for several years. I would just be clear with this institution that you're looking to transition into a paid position if everything goes well and ask if there's real potential for that. Typically they love hiring people who have proven themselves, and why not? Also if they give you something part-time you may be able to hold onto it while applying/going to college as well and they might give you some nice grants for not making a lot of cash (depends on your location of course)

No. 1098395

I think it's the fiber content, but am no expert. I experience the same, any kind of green vegetable I eat makes my stomach sound like a chorus of howling dogs

No. 1098403

Can someone Tl:dr me on Elizabeth Holmes? What did she do?

No. 1098412

She drops out of Standford at 19 with an idea for a blood testing machine, creates a startup, gets initial funding, engineers not capable of developping her machine because it is not feasible, she doesn't change her vision because she doesn't understand anything about blood testing and wants to be the new Steve Jobs, fake it until you make it culture, she shills her startup to dumb investors through lies and fraud, ten years later her company is valued at several billions despite her lab's testing machines not working so they have to use competitors' machines secretly, she attacks the whistleblowers in her team, journalist hears about it, it all comes crashing down.

No. 1098420

dae have a the batman link? i’d watch in theaters but i have covid. inb4 “just wait”

No. 1098429

File: 1647334532619.jpg (374 KB, 1920x1003, Screenshot_20220315_105500.jpg)

Bad news anon, that's a telltale sign of being sensitive to FODMAPs. If other healthy foods make you feel like shit you should look up the diet

No. 1098433

I recommend watching the HBO documentary

No. 1098437

Ask an Ye shall recieve:
You can download the video by playing it, right clicking, and choosing to save media as. Pretty shit quality though considering the movie was only just released.

No. 1098438

I am not in America and before i was raped i thought us women were protected by the police so the perpetrator could get his booty in jail, and then i thought we as a people were protected by the law to not get fired over false accusations of theft. The entire restaurant will now gossip about me that I’m a weird thief and I feel I should sue them.

No. 1098448

Can you contact someone in power and explain your situation? You can report the sexual harassment if you believe it'll help but you're not obligated to and most often than not, nothing will come out of it so it'd be smarter trying to get your job back first.

No. 1098472

This table is legit all food to ever exist

No. 1098474

have my babies nona. thank you!

No. 1098485

I honestly think the "carnivore diet cured all my ailments" people are just FODMAP intolerant and have no critical thinking skills to make the connection

No. 1098489

How do I tell my mom I need antidepressants? I'm on her insurance so I kinda have to. I'm a pretty private person, and i am also treated as the "normal" one out of my siblings and I just feel super awkward asking about it. My mom's a drunk too so I know the rest of my family will hear about it but at this point I really need to make a positive change to my life so I have to get over my entire fam and extended fam hearing about it.

No. 1098539

Not sure what you're asking anon. Why can't you just tell her "Mom, I need antidepressants because I've been depressed" and let the chips fall where they may.
Or do you have to convince her? What's the worst case scenario, that she denies it on her insurance?

No. 1098559

Late reply but thank you nonna! I will try to email or call them tomorrow!

No. 1098576

File: 1647355001034.png (1012.62 KB, 1634x1223, 1645411195712.png)

which is more satisfactory, remaining calm when breaking up or being a total bitch? I remained calm last night but this morning I want to go back and being the biggest bitch in the world and really hurt his feelings. but maybe this whole buddha approach will be satisfying in the long run? rn I don't feel satisfied, there's a lot i wanna yell about and throw in his face

No. 1098578

File: 1647355214458.jpeg (247.37 KB, 1634x1223, 12B2DEFF-DC58-468A-93D8-B3BAED…)

Who felt the need to redraw her with more revealing clothes

No. 1098584

>shoulders are revealing

No. 1098586

nta but so you're telling that there are people out there who can eat garlic or broccoli without having painful gas?? And if I get on this diet, I could be one of those people?

No. 1098590


No. 1098591

You will still get painful gas, probably even more painful if it will be your regular item on the menu.

No. 1098602

File: 1647357138324.jpg (36.8 KB, 600x432, 1481592656898.jpg)

Is this the de facto thread for random questions now too?

On a related note, has anyone used trazodone for insomnia and/or physical and psychological issues that cause insomnia (e.g. muscle tension)? Did it work, and did it cause side effects? I got prescribed a small dose as needed but trying new prescription drugs always freaks me out.

No. 1098604

File: 1647357198985.jpg (111.29 KB, 1500x886, DAS-Air-Hardening-1.jpg)

Ya'll fighting about clothing but why is she clay coloured?

No. 1098605

same reason she's showing off her shoulder and her boobs are bigger; to look better

No. 1098668

Why did the old fuck I lost my virginity to call me a few days ago after like literal years?
I remember his number because I've written the numbers and socials of all those who have wronged me in a little diary. What does the fuck want?

No. 1098670

the fuck

No. 1098694

Can anyone recommend me some YouTube channels that make good longer videos (30 mins or more), like documentary style, on interesting topics that are NOT true crime related? Any other subject is fine, I just want something to listen to while I multitask that isn't about gruesome torture and murder.

No. 1098703

Sarah Z and Jenny Nicholson both make great videos on internet history and popculture, it's hours worth of very interesting deep dives into this kind of topics
In a bit similar, internet-related topic, The Right Opinion and j aubrey have super long videos about various internet dramas / personalities, but that would usually be a little bit darker tone than the other two I've mentioned

No. 1098706

It’s more of just me being embarrassed about it. We just aren’t close like that.

No. 1098719

lol ew

No. 1098721

You know exactly what he wants. All men are the same. Just block the fucking number and live your life.

No. 1098722

Thank you, this is great!

No. 1098724

You're damn right. Done did it. Thanks, I needed it.

No. 1098758

File: 1647367391758.jpeg (114.14 KB, 748x841, 2E19FAE3-0511-4389-B790-3E3F0A…)

Obviously Im not a scientist but this seems so strange to me. How could the recommended daily intake of sugar(or anything really) for a full grown woman be more comparable to a child than the recommended amt for a full grown man? Maybe it does make sense and Im just rejecting it because I want to eat more sugar lol

No. 1098759

someone explain anorectal violence anon to me I've seen so many references for what feels like months but never understood

No. 1098760

maybe the american heart association is secretly based and trying to kill scrotes faster

No. 1098772

maybe it's proportional to total food intake? women need less calories ie less of any food

No. 1098795

Anons, my mentally vunerable sister started dating a moid right after her ex kicked her out. I want to know what to expect from a man (that is much younger than her) who
>proudly self-proclaims to be a sociopath for edgy points and admits to using 'new IRL normie coworkers uwu'
>obsessed with everyones drama like a rat while being proud of it
>makes sister make-up shit too, such as she claimed that 'my therapist told me to not go to a Christmas gift exchange with my family', when we all know she doesn't visit any of the therapists but plays vidyas all day
>Elon Musk and JP fanboy
>Huge coomer, keeps talking about sex but its obvious my stupid sister made him lose his v-card. He travelled in the middle of nowhere to the country just to spend 2 weeks playing videogames and having sex. He looks like an obese nerdchild.

shes a desperate 28yo who kept trying to find 'exotic arabic man' because they are 'the manliest men' just to end up e-dating and throwing nudes at a 23yo videogame-addicted weirdo. she larps as tradthot but doesnt cook nor cleans at all. doesnt want to have any job cuz thats not feminine.

No. 1098807

Oh my god just slap her silly until she smartens up, how does any woman want anything to do with a guy like that???

No. 1098812

yes it’s caloric intake. meaning do not exceed more than 100 calories worth of sugar for women (6tsp) and 150 calories for men (9tsp).
this graphic must be outdated because the heart.org website doesn’t even have guidelines for children so they’re clearly not tacking them on with the women’s guidelines anymore. i wonder why they did it initially and why they subsequently changed it?

No. 1098838

Didn't you talk about her several times like months or years ago? I swear it's not the first time I see an anon complaining about her sister who's into retarded arab guys. Anyway I have no advice for you or her unfortunately, but good luck to her sister, hopefully she'll get standards soon and find a better guy.

No. 1098942

That's just due to the way the Japanese language works.

No. 1098950

File: 1647377635494.webm (435.95 KB, 576x476, 1646525441073.webm)

What app/program can be used to make edits like this? I've seen the images used in it before on their own, but obviously there's a 3D/pop-up effect
It's not TikTok, is it?

No. 1098968

I don't know but what song is this? I like it

No. 1098986

I swear I'm not a scrote, I just had bad sex education growing up

but your period is supposed to be a month from the end of your last period, right? I got my period on valentine's day last month and it lasted about a week, and I just got it again today. I feel like it's too soon.

No. 1098988

It's Pisse - Fahrradsattel

No. 1098989

Thank you anon <3

No. 1099004

nah it's that the whole cycle (eg from start of one period to start of the next period) lasts one month. So you sound pretty regular. You might want to get a period tracking app so you can chart it. I think a popular one is called flow? My pill stops my periods so I haven't had one since before there were apps for these sorts of things kek

No. 1099042

I got new glasses. My prescription only changed by -.25 in one eye, but my new glasses feel really weird and give me a headache.

Is it normal for new glasses to need adjusting even though the prescription is almost the same?
I tried on an older pair of glasses and they're just fuzzy, but don't give me the same fun house mirror effect my new glasses do. I'm scared they messed up on my lenses.

No. 1099046

nonna you are not alone. i had also a difference in only one eye and it made me dizzy when i took them off. i went back to my old glasses with equal prescription in each eye. much more comfortable

No. 1099049

no, as the other anon said it's one month (28 days on avg) from the start of your last period. if your cycle usually lasts five weeks then it's unusually long

No. 1099058

File: 1647382675088.jpeg (45.22 KB, 707x840, EED62CB3-EF0A-4F12-B7B1-9083EA…)

i took a women’s/gender studies class last semester and in one of my essays i wrote that trans women aren’t women and therefore haven’t contributed at all to feminism, but she told me that’s actually not true. anyone know what tf she was talking about? i think about this pretty often.

No. 1099063

She's not wrong. They contributed to it in a destructive sense

No. 1099078

She'd lose her job if she agreed with you, and she doesn't agree with you, because it is literally her job to contribute to and spread gender brainrot, so she is fully infected

No. 1099144

Sometimes I read posts like this and I'm glad that I wasn't born in America.

No. 1099192

your sister is a pedo and her boy is an incel
sounds like they deserve each other tbh

No. 1099198

hes 23..?

No. 1099202

the brain doesn't finish developing until 25
she's dating a child, don't defend that shit

No. 1099210

the fact that his brain is still developing doesnt make him a retarded child, hes just still growing and changing (hopefully). there are actual pedophiles out there, focus on them.

No. 1099215

>there are actual pedophiles out there, focus on them.
says the wrongun defending…an actual pedophile

No. 1099222

I don't think your sister is a pedo though she is dating a manchild. Since she's into 'manly' men, it sounds like maybe she's subscribed to more traditional beliefs of what the masculine ideal is, which is often synonymous with toxic traits. Not surprising though, if she wants to be a tradwife. I don't think there's really much you can do to help her since she's gotta learn herself how that shit actually isn't attractive… or maybe she's happy in her current relationship even if he's awful. Would love to hear more stories about them though, they sound kind of entertaining.

No. 1099225

whatever tard

No. 1099232

that doesn't mean what you think and it also is a theory not a fact. the studies only theorize that development stalls at age 25 and that the most used areas of your brain shift at that age. much of the studies suggest it's linked to things like why adults have a harder time learning certain things such as language, than children, not mental maturity.

No. 1099233

dont tell me you actually believe that science. its not like your skull gets any bigger after the end of puberty. i mean yeah sure there may be very minimal change but not enough to say "muh still developing" lole

No. 1099240

whatever freak

No. 1099242

>ackshually those ebul scientists made that up!
>here's why it's totally ok to take advantage of kids barely out of hs!
are we being raided? ffs this thread sure brought out the sickos in force lol

No. 1099243

Maybe the stupidest question of all, but… why do all these questions seem reasonable and not stupid?

No. 1099244

Men's brains stop developing at 15, this is common knowledge

No. 1099245

whatever clown

No. 1099247

>barely out of high school
come on now

No. 1099248

>are we being raided?
Literally no one on lc except you has ever considered a 23 year old man a "child"

No. 1099267

So you would consider 25 year old dating a 24 pedophilia? Do you even realize how retarded you sound?

No. 1099269

Can someone explain to me why it's "roast chicken" and "fresh baked cookies" instead of "roasted" and "freshly"? This makes no grammatical sense to me but I see this phrasing everywhere when describing these two things. I'm not even ESL but I feel dumb about this

No. 1099274

yall'd've never found that gramatical mistake

No. 1099279

It just rolls off the tongue better

No. 1099282

Because a roast chicken is in a covered roast pan. If you put chicken on a baking sheet, it would be baked chicken. Ya goof.

No. 1099286

Which would imply that it's roastED and not roast, wouldn't it? Am I missing something?

No. 1099290

i guess you would like someone standing in front of a rotisserie and say the name before placing it into your arms
your right though its false advertising

No. 1099302

It's the same shit in a different pile my beautiful sweet precious nonny

No. 1099327

File: 1647404098112.jpg (36.85 KB, 373x521, R2PitZVgPL2F.jpg)

How do I order stuff online without anyone knowing if I still live at home? I just want my figures without my family getting their hands on it

No. 1099328

Are you able to get a PO box where you live? Have any friends that live nearby that could be a middleman?

No. 1099330

Have them delivered to your local post office/pick up point if that's an available option.

No. 1099343

Nonny I can't tell if you're misreading my question or not but I wasn't asking about the difference between the food, but rather just why the food is phrased like that. Imagine calling grilled chicken or fried chicken "grill chicken" and "fry chicken" for example

No. 1099377

Is teriyaki sauce good on fried eggs? I can't imagine it would be gross but I've never had it.

No. 1099407

Idk about on eggs but I once run out of soy sauce and added teriyaki sauce in eggs instead and it was delicious

No. 1099408

File: 1647412744716.jpeg (107.57 KB, 504x632, 70E7CC11-0909-4AA5-9C28-5FD455…)

What is it like to have a really young step-parent? Especially if they and your real parent having kids of their own.

No. 1099409

Capcut does that fake 3d effect

No. 1099419

My step dad is 6 years younger than my mom and they had a baby when I was 13. People always assumed I was her mother when I would take her to store as a toddler. Its kind of weird because you are the designated baby sitter but my parents left me alone during my moody teen years which was probably for the best. I don't think it's a bad xp or anything, just has some weirdness.

No. 1099421

nta but how old was your mom and step-dad when they married

No. 1099425

Slightly OT but their relationship is creepy as hell. Idk why some anons on here defend it. Especially you know they wouldn’t if the genders were reversed.

No. 1099430

He was a legal adult at 18, also he was fucking huge back then

No. 1099438

She has those shinpaku eyes or whatever.

Agree. When I learned Bo Burnham was dating a woman like 12 years his senior it freaked me out. Imagine dating a 23 year old scrote as a 35 year old woman. I’m in my late 20s and the thought of dating a 23 year old makes me want to vomit. I don’t think all age gap relationships are necessarily abusive or anything but sometimes it’s just pathetic.

No. 1099441

imagine being this much of a pick-me, lmao

No. 1099446

A pick-me because I think fucking young retarded moids is pathetic? Fuck off back to FDS

No. 1099448

Does anyone know any websites that have free magazine scans? Preferable older ones but i’m not picky

No. 1099449

>men in their early 20s are stronger
>they have healthy sex drives and a peepee that works
>they look their best at this age
>a younger man will probably not die before you
>if they want to be the provider, they have longer time to do it during your companionship
>they still have a zest for life and some goals
>younger men are not yet bitter from divorce
>by taking the younger hotties while they still have potential we may train a generation of men to be of value, instead of squandering their life away on weed, videogames and porn

on the other hand there's not much an older man can offer a younger woman, I mean at most they can offer money but that's not a key for a healthy or meaningful relationship

No. 1099456

>by taking the younger hotties while they still have potential we may train a generation of men to be of value, instead of squandering their life away on weed, videogames and porn

why the fuck do we have to "train" them? there are plenty of men who aren't degenerate enough to spend all their time on retarded shit like weed and video games. just don't meet retards like that instead of trying to change them (which will never happen btw)

No. 1099457

Oh fuck you’ve really convinced me not to date a man closer to my age. Guess I’ll go stake out a high school for that High Value pimpled teen peen

No. 1099459

How's this one? I found it on the wayback machine.

No. 1099461

You have to be 18+ to post here.

No. 1099462

>They have peepees that work
Kek try that shit in a world full of ssri and porn addicted soyboys

No. 1099465

I don’t have a horse in this race because I don’t date men but I think it’s telling how everyone is freaking out over the mention of women dating younger men meanwhile men date younger women all the time and literally talk about women “hitting the wall at 20” and it’s seen as socially normal.

No. 1099466

Kek you must be new at life. Men don’t change.

No. 1099467

No. 1099469

this is perfect nonnie thank you so so so much!!!

No. 1099471

Yaaay, you're welcome!

No. 1099474

How do I masturbate without having to look at porn? Please I'm sick of having to look at it. I'm sick of feeling bad after touching myself. I'm tired and I hate this. Why the fuck is porn so normalized.

No. 1099475

just date a 21-23 year old young man and bag him up early

No. 1099476

Written erotica maybe?

No. 1099477

Here's how I fixed myself
(I was into really fucked up kinks) cause I had my own issues) and even when I tried quitting porn, It never worked long term
but I fixed myself by replacing my urges with Vanilla Porn
I'd go from periods of not watching porn at all(3 days) then mastrubate to my pre-downloaded vanilla porn once a day for 5 days total, then I'd stop watching for 9 days and repeated the same schedule with 5 days, even when I'd fail, I would still always use the vanilla porn
eventually 9 goes to 12, then to 15, to 20, then to 30, then 40 and finally after 45 I was finally recovered

No. 1099478

Daddy issues

No. 1099481

Nta but is maturbation itself unhealthy?

No. 1099482

you can read erotica if it's your thing. or just use your imagination, that's what I did and it worked from the beginning (I was never addicted to porn tho) but I still have trouble picturing realistic non-porny scenarios.. having sex irl and thinking about that probably works too idk I wouldn't know)

No. 1099485

It is but for us who were into fucked up content that's ruined our brains, we have to first replace our urges and then fix our general porn addictions

No. 1099487

Why? So I can be trapped when he develops paranoid schizophrenia at 24? No thanks

No. 1099491

If the genders were reversed everyone would be defending it like "she's an adult, she can make her own decisions! Love has no number!" Like they do when Leo DiCaprio who is what, 50? dates 19 yr olds, and Kylie dated that older guy when she was 17. Yet people won't stop crying at Aaron Taylor Johnson's relationship.

No. 1099492

I have tried written erotica before but it was all very porny and weird. I didn't like it. God I hate myself so much, I hate having porn brainrot

No. 1099494

Most normies would defend this if the genders were reversed.

No. 1099495

Maybe try those written by women?

No. 1099497

Idk, I'm not someone who reads that many books (even if I like books), so reading erotica feels like a no-no for me. Same with, lets say, dumb asmr (because I just find that cringe). I don't know what to do anymore.

No. 1099518

What are the chances of getting pregnant from precum?
Everyone says the chance is low but then it seems everyone I knows kids are from precum

No. 1099556

Yeah, chances are low but it's still a risk higher than when you'd use protection, are you willing to take it?

No. 1099562

Why is drinking Coke supposed to be good for an upset stomach? Like what's in it that supposedly helps?

No. 1099566

I think you can read them online. The physical ones are cringe imo.
I never heard of this?

No. 1099574

Sounds like a burger's old wives' tale.

No. 1099575

Not a burger but I've heard that too, always imagined it's because all the chemicals in cola are so strong, if they manage to remove rust from metal, they'll manage to cleanse your stomach from whatever upsets it too. But you'd be much better off with herbal teas in such case for sure

No. 1099577

not sure about upset stomach, but when I was a kid, coke was recommended for diarrhea because diarrhea dehydrates you and you naturally drink more when you like the liquid in question - and most kids love coke. also helps with low blood sugar.

No. 1099578

I'm central European

No. 1099579

The sugar content can cause more problems than help. Ginger ale (non-alcoholic) was recommended for us, or Sprite but that's just as bad as coke. The carbonation might help to move gas along. Like another anon was saying, I think people were mostly concerned about getting fluids in.

No. 1099581

Guys, it's just very old Coca Cola marketing that was so effective it became an old wives tale. It's a common marketing tactic to tout supposed health benefits of your product, coca cola was one of the pioneers of strong marketing and people didn't have the same critical thinking about advertising back then.
t. BA in marketing

No. 1099583


No. 1099585

No. 1099588

or this (2015 version): https://rarbg.to/torrent/r6tod4y
I also found this 2020 version on PirateBay (https://thepiratebay0.org/torrent/38141673/Autodesk_Maya_2020.4_(x64)_Multilanguage___Keygen_[SadeemPC]) but tbh I don't really trust them anymore, try it at your own risk. Lately there have been a lot of fake torrents there

No. 1099589

No. 1099616

I was on BC before but my horny ass keeps seeing my ldr and forgetting condoms/visaversa, I need to bring them but I'm paranoid I'm already pregnant oof

No. 1099618

It's because Coca Cola had cocaine in it long ago, hence the brand name, and that was at a time when people would use cocaine as a medication so I guess this reputation stuck and the brand doesn't need to disprove or approve it anyway.

No. 1099622

Is there a chance that the CP pictures that get posted here sometimes are computer generated/Photoshopped and are not really actual children? Please ease my fears I cannot fucking stand the idea of children existing out there who have to go through this much pain for moids' entertainment. Like I saw the picture that was posted a few minutes ago and I'm in actual tears. KAM.

No. 1099632

I really believe myself that the stuff that they post is all fake or 3D generated as theres some really 'real' 3D models that exist. I really want to believe that real CP is a lot harder to find. I'm so sorry you had to deal with that, it's so sad either way

Sick sick fucks

No. 1099634

I think so. I don’t exactly look at it for a long time and hide the thread image before reporting but the most serious ones always look uncanny and not quite real, photoshop and deep fake technology. The faces look like real children though which is incredibly disturbing.

No. 1099641

Me too anon, i feel heartbroken for that kid… i reported it and i briefly caught a grown man’s hand in the picture man… i wanna slice his fingers one by one

No. 1099659

idgi just use your imagination
ginger ale actually worked ime. sometimes tea is alright but sometimes it makes my nausea worse

No. 1099751

Is it normal to find some teenage boys cute? Or like, creepy and stop that right now

No. 1099781

Are there some straight women who can get off to thinking about women/looking at women? Like, no scrotes, just women? please help I'm very confused

No. 1099783

It depends what age they are and what age they look

No. 1099791

With how normalized sexualization of women's bodies is all around us you can totally be memed into being aroused by women even if you're mostly straight.

No. 1099795

How do I determine if I've been memed into find women attractive vs actually attracted to them? I know people say you never know unless you have sex/start dating around but I have issues with intimacy so I'd rather just be completely sure before wasting someone's time.

No. 1099796

File: 1647444506778.png (348.59 KB, 1400x1400, frakta0717976_pe731412_s5.png)

can you take picrel back in the store and reuse it? i don't wanna be hassled by the ikea employees that i haven't paid for the cart even though i bought it on an earlier trip.

No. 1099798

you have to start actually imagining yourself with someone when you masturbate. focus on YOUR fantasies, the acts that you like to give and receive, imagine someone you actually know and are attracted to. it's way more intimate this way. it's probably gonna be hard/awkward to do it the first few times because you're so used to just getting your brain stimulated by countless videos. but it's gonna help you quit porn and you'll feel more confident in the long run

No. 1099800

What's a very simple YouTube to mp3 website that won't give my computer viruses? All the programs I tried either seem suspicious or kill my laptop.

No. 1099805

Cute can mean different things. You can acknowledge that someone is conventionally attractive regardless of their age, but if you feel personally attracted to them then that is different, and yes it is weird/creepy. Knowing that they are a teenager should be an automatic "ew, no". Someone can also be cute in an adorable way (babies are cute, it's not creepy to say that) so it just depends on what you mean by "cute".

No. 1099808

If they're 16+ I think so because sometimes you can't tell them apart from 18-21 year olds and probably lose interest once you realize they're 16. As long as you don't date or flirt with minors you're fine.

No. 1099813

Some anons here feel a need to defend women just because they are women, but tbh I feel like it's strange and gross regardless of gender or what reasons both sides come up for it.

No. 1099821

nta, but yeah. sometimes i think i like teenage boys, but then i realize they're actually just young men in their 20s and are often cast as teenage boys in movies. actual teenage boys from your local high school are babies. liking tom holland or timothée chalamet (who are easily cast as 16 year olds in tv shows or movies) is fine.

No. 1099835

An older man can more easily take advantage of a young woman than vice versa.

No. 1099838

not really. younger men are generally stupid longer and normie women are raised to be more manipulative in general.

No. 1099840

I don't think you have to take advantage of a younger person to date them. It's creepy to me even if you don't. Like I said
>I feel like it's strange and gross regardless of gender or what reasons both sides come up for it.

No. 1099842

>normie women are raised to be more manipulative in general.

No. 1099860

How masturbation is unhealthy? I'm not talking about porn, but masturbating itself.
Masturbation is completely normal.

No. 1099865

Same, I would like to be sure before dating someone.
I'm into women but I have doubts sometimes.

No. 1099867

Do men's beards feel softer the longer they get like it is with body hair or do they stay prickly at all lengths?

No. 1099872

Does nicotine affect your bowels? Like if you don't have much of a tolerance can it upset your shit?

No. 1099883

Ime they're never as soft as you'd hope, there's still a roughness there

No. 1099886

I drive my car for 40 minutes every week, but if I miss a few days (10 days or so without driving) the battery just dies completely despite it being a few months since I got it replaced. Is this normal? I even got it checked out and they said the battery was healthy. How do other people maintain their car batteries?

No. 1099888

lol yes, can make you puke too
on a similar note, are vapes actually good for quitting smoking or at least saving money? mom's been talking about getting one but my parents can't afford it, so i'm thinking about getting one for her. they are already toeing the poverty line so i have to be careful.

No. 1099901

Damn that sucks. I'll just pretend my husbando's beard is nice and soft.

No. 1099903

It always feels like pubes

No. 1099907

I mean it in the babies way. Im not attracted to teenagers.

No. 1099910


No. 1099913

Ehh I feel like most people who go from smoking to vaping are just switching one addiction for another. For irregular smokers - just don’t start to vape, it’s actually easier to get addicted to do it, but if you’re a pack a day smoker then it might be worth to try. The prices depend on where you live. In my country it’s way more expensive to vape than to smoke because for some dumb reason vapes and e-juices are more regulated here. But if you’re from a country where a single pack of cigs costs like $10+ then vaping might actually save you money.

No. 1099918

I tried to use vaping as a way to quit but now I’m just addicted to vaping.

No. 1099934

That's not creepy then, imo. I don't think they are cute in a babies way but I guess I can see how you may.

No. 1099940

Could someone explain to me why George Takei was cancelled for transphobia apparently? Wasn't he revered by the troons for dunking on le terves?

No. 1099942

i feel like vaping started as a way to quit smoking and now it’s become an alternative. i used to smoke but i vape now because i can do it basically anywhere, and i don’t really intend to quit. i think vaping could be affordable as long as you buy a refillable vape, not the disposables. i spend way more money on juul pods than i did on cigarettes. when i bought vape juice instead of just replacing the pod whenever i ran out i used the smok novo. smok products in general are mostly inexpensive, probs like $16-$30, and work well. you do have to replace the pod occasionally whenever the cotton burns and they’re around $5 iirc. some website says that one 30ml bottle of vape juice is equal to 2.5 cartons of cigarettes, and most 30ml bottles don’t cost more than $25.

No. 1099967

Is polyamory valid or just stupid bullshit people are pushing

No. 1099971

The redtext tells you all.

No. 1099972

It's stupid bullshit. I've never seen a healthy polyamourous relationship and I've also never met a mentally sound person who identifies as polyamourous.

No. 1099985

it’s either the new polite, cool way of saying that you’re interested in casual sex or it’s a way for horribly insecure people to preemptively dodge any commitment. which one usually depends on how hot the person claiming polyamory is.

No. 1099991

in my experience poly folxxx are either
-teenagers/very young adults who have no idea what love/a relationship is like so they assume every close online friends that they talk to on discord until 3 am on school nights is their queerplatonic datemate so they date their entire online clique
-extremely ugly people who somehow convinced people they were hot (usually by being into degen kinks) and because they know that they are ugly as sin they accept everyone into their weird poly relationship because who knows when they might find another person who wants to touch them without a hazmat suit on

No. 1100003

Every person I know irl that is in an open relationship or uses the term poly is an absolute mentalist or incredibly insecure and you're surprised they got a partner and then you hear they're poly and you just say oh. I knew Mormons growing up. Like you've got morons, mentalists and the morbidly insecure.

No. 1100009

Show me one poly couple that ain't ugly

No. 1100019

Me, you and OP.

No. 1100025

Tips for surviving while living with someone super toxic until you move out? They act like everything no matter how simple is too much work, and their filthy habits along with discouragement rubbed off on me more than I realized. Right now I’m trying to work on bringing my dishes to the sink as soon as I’m done, rinse them, and put them in the dishwasher. I got screamed at for suggesting we do this before, but I can at least do it for myself. Same with wiping the counter as soon as a small mess happens. Eating healthy/cooking is going to be a lot harder, and there’s a ton of other habits I need to get back into so I can live decently when I’m out

No. 1100031

Is not recognizing if someone's into you an autistic trait?

No. 1100040

For a few years a good portion of my social life was spent around poly people while not being poly myself.. batshit people tbh. Lots of 'cheating' because their own rules get broken so often, lots of jealousy that is poorly managed or just heavily denied and shamed. Women who are barely holding onto their sanity but who don't want to admit they were wrong for getting into it in the first place. Women who cry on your shoulder about sexual coercion the moment they break up.. after pretending shit was just perfect up until then. Messy people. Damaged to begin with and only further damaging each other with the lifestyle.

No. 1100063

Literally ignore it. Pay bad behaviour no attention, there's no fun for this person when he/she doesn't get a response. If you think you'll get in trouble for ignoring this person, just deadpan and say "ok" or something similiar short neutral.

No. 1100071

When the amount you poop isn't proportional to the amount you ate… where did it all go?? I'm talking like, a huge meal that leaves you bloated and stuffed and then pooping out the smallest amount after. Of course it's not 1:1 but all the time but damn what happens to all that food??

No. 1100079

Doesn't it get absorbed? I mean that's how you maintain, gain, or lose weight, it's proportional to how much you eat and what percentage is absorbed by your body based on your metabolism?

No. 1100084

Isn't that just being a lil constipated.

No. 1100090

kek thank you for the replies nonas. When I was young and impressionable was when polyam first started to kick up on tumblr and I did wonder about the whole "humans have always been polyam!!!" rhetoric, but opted to just believe than I am just a monogamous person instead of buying into flashy new trends (like I usually did).

One of my old college acquaintances announced she was in a poly relationship and I wasn't surprised to see that it composed of her and another girl (sorry, but pretty medicore) plus a neckbeard. I guess they broke up since she deleted all evidence of it kek.

No. 1100099

you poop what you don't/can't digest plus some other waste products. so if you are having small poops you are probably eating a lot of easily digestible food. might need some more fiber in your diet nonna! >>1100084 could also be right.
thanks! i don't foresee her being completely nicotine-free ever so i feel like even if it just means no cigarettes it's probably good enough. thanks for the smok rec, seems like it would be relatively easy for her to figure out.

No. 1100104

Is assisted suicide legal in canada

No. 1100105

? wasnt he ages ago for sexual assault

No. 1100106

You ever think about how much of food is water? Most of it.

No. 1100109

Is it normal for people in your suburban neighborhood to steal coins from your or other people's cars or rummage through it yet somehow not steal anything major when you're asleep? And on multiple occasions (not like everyday but often enough where there's a pattern). Idk who's doing it, heard that it could be druggies apparently.

No. 1100112

Like if he directly steals from your house then that's theft
Reminds me of a guy in our neighbourhood who takes discarded construction equipment and sometimes literal trash for his own workout tools
We literally have a local gym that's like 20 minutes away from our area and yet he no one has ever seen him there

No. 1100125

are you not locking your car? not uncommon for people to just walk through and pull on handles until they hit something.

No. 1100128

Based, I wouldn’t want to do a 40-minute commute every day just to exercise either.

No. 1100136

Good torrent site where I could download my weeb shit?
Last time I downloaded something from torrents was 10 years ago kek.

No. 1100143

Pirate Bay’s always good. These days I mostly just stream on kissanime though.

No. 1100145

what? how is he getting into people's cars?

No. 1100146

>Pirate Bay’s
I checked it but only have a few results and half of them are porn.
I'm searching for weeb music.

Any other good sites anons?

No. 1100161

Kickass.to was good for awhile but I'm not sure how their weeb content is

No. 1100164

Yes it iss (Bill C-14 permits medical) but it's very hard to pass and you can't have any mental illness as far as I know. I think it's only for chronically ill/pain sufferers.

No. 1100168

In my old neighborhood this happened a lot, people would go to the door handles and yank them to see who left them unlocked and shuffle through but not break or steal anything half the time.
Sometimes they're looking for important documents though to commit fraud instead of valuables. I dont know why but I guess locking your door isnt very common in my neighborhood despite crime.

They do this with peoples houses too, look for the unlocked and then leave without a trace.

No. 1100169

I went to this site but it only showed me a "funny" page.
Or maybe this page has a different spelling? I checked on google and saw torrent sites with similar names, but i'm not sure if i should click on them.

No. 1100187

nyaa si

No. 1100207

Thanks anon, this one is good!
But thank you anons for all your help!

No. 1100214

depending on the car, you can just hack the computer

No. 1100225

ik there's an art thread but is there a specific thread where anons can post stuff for critique? sorry for dumb post but genuinely confused

No. 1100227

I'm not sure if posting your art here is a good idea.

No. 1100233

Check /m/.

No. 1100241

not planning on it TBH i just want to lurk and stuff

No. 1100243

(also because i can't draw)

No. 1100252

I wonder what are some nice things men think about when they look at you. Like when my potential crush meets my gaze what is he thinking in that moment, I wish I was Edward Cullen do men think

No. 1100260

File: 1647470196861.jpeg (41 KB, 275x269, 1601302233676.jpeg)

>do men think
men are npcs and have no rich inner lives. it's why they only like a videogame, a sport and a vehicle. sometimes they like a beverage, usually coffee or some alcohol. if men like a thing, it's best to assume that they're only liking the thing in hopes of impressing a woman.

No. 1100262

File: 1647470308509.jpg (2.98 MB, 1494x1498, Tumblr_l_186498134406823.jpg)

>what are some nice things men think about when they look at you

Sex, fucking, breasts, ass, and whether or not you'll validate whatever bullshit is about to come out of their mouth

No. 1100264

What a useless question to ask on a website full of women. How Tf would we know
Car men are the absolute worst

No. 1100268

Image of female hits male retina. Stimulus hit brain. M-brain go:
>if beautiful: individual classified as female
>if not beautiful: individual classified as subhuman
scientifically proven

No. 1100275

I used to ask my boyfriends what they were thinking and they’d always say nothing. I thought they were just being shy and discouraged from talking about feelings, but I now believe that no, they were completely serious kek

No. 1100284

for me it's
sport men: acceptable if they also play the sport themselves
car men: alright if they actually are involved with cars, like work on them or something. extra embarrassing when they obsess over their mazda or prius.
videogame men: cringe, especially when it's fifa, egoshooters, gacha games and/or coomer games.

they have very pre-scripted dialogues in my experience. there's a scrote from college that i run into every few months and every interaction is always the same. when i first met him, i thought i was experiencing déjà-vus way too often and feared that i had brain damage or something.

No. 1100288

File: 1647471349643.gif (718.53 KB, 220x220, 1F73DB3F-6D51-47EB-8ED8-1D78C2…)

Why do they gay-code the best male love interests in tv shows and movies? They’re always the best but they end up being homosexual… answers?

No. 1100292

File: 1647471608398.jpg (63.88 KB, 630x1200, MV5BMjI5MTU0NTAzNF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

i know this is about jeff from superstore.

No. 1100298

File: 1647474030585.jpeg (141.07 KB, 910x666, B6428122-C2F7-445E-85FC-A1F1D9…)

Are there any woodfags here? I’m gonna build a keyboard tray for my desk and am wondering what the minimum thickness I can get away with is. It’s currently a drawer like picrel but having the drawer there makes the desktop too high for my arms to comfortably work all day. I took it out and replaced the drawer with an inch-thick piece of plywood and it works awesome. Only issue is that there’s just a little bit less hand space in there than I want, so thinner wood would be better for a real tray. Don’t want to break something if I’m using the tray extended, though.

No. 1100304

girl what the fuck

No. 1100305

Is it actually normal for women to ask men what they're thinking? I thought it was a tv based sexist stereotype. Moids are constantly posting smug PSAs about how
>akshually we're not thinking anything when you ask us what we're thinking, silly emotion driven gf who was clearly wanting to start a deep conversation and connect on a more intimate level
and I'm sick of it, but I never thought it was based in reality

No. 1100308

imagine being proud of having no thoughts

No. 1100319

>sport men: acceptable if they also play the sport themselves
They're usually competitive and narcissistic assholes who want to be right all the time and avoid responsibilities to go play their sport of choice, if they're gymbros they're definitely either violent and/or taking enhancement drugs that fucks them up even further. Car men can reach the ridiculous autism levels of a vidya player but they're usually docile enough not to be dangerous and due to spending their time with the car they have less time developing incel brainrot online. And it's convenient to have someone take care of car issues so that I don't have to.

No. 1100324

some people just like to stay active and have fun nonny

No. 1100371

File: 1647478622323.jpg (262.39 KB, 720x985, 1620938245870.jpg)

does using yassified reaction pics make me a faggot? I really like them, i think they're funny…

No. 1100375

I don't use them but this one is kind of cute ngl

No. 1100382

aaw thank u is one of my faves

No. 1100384

Who cares? If you like them, use them.

No. 1100400

how does the sonic totem thread work? i’ve never understood pleas wise nonnies explain

No. 1100402

Ask a question and last number on your post number is the answer in its picture so yours is 0, look at 0

No. 1100404

OH WOW thank you anon i didn’t even notice the numbers in the thread pic im truly mentally slow

No. 1100406

File: 1647480760724.jpg (429.99 KB, 1978x2560, fresh-berkshire-farmhouse-jess…)

the grout between my tiles in my bathroom is cracking and falling out and it's causing water leaking all over my bathroom. i need new tiles ON THE IMMEDIATE.

anons, please can you give reccs on what medium to large tiles/looks/colors you'd recommend for a small bath? i'm trying to minimize grout so while i like picrel, it's just too much grout to worry about

No. 1100407

How do you distinguish between wanting a relationship vs being lonely? Is there a difference?

No. 1100410

I think the difference is that when you’re lonely, you’re willing to date anyone that crosses your path, and that when you just want a relationship, you keep your standards high and expect them to be met.

No. 1100423

File: 1647482346785.jpeg (88.51 KB, 853x1024, 4EE58B1D-6D38-4819-B5EB-F2BDBA…)

Why does my dog act like he has gotten beaten and abused? He has been pampered by my family and I since we got him as a puppy from a veterinarian who took care of him and the rest of the litter until he was big enough to come home.
But he’s afraid of windshield wipers, tennis rackets, random sticks, pans, plates, water gallons and selfie sticks. Any of us could be holding those things casually and he will cower and sometimes bark with his tail between his legs. It makes me feel worried, I don’t want to stress him, he doesn’t need that.

No. 1100439

Thanks anon, that makes sense

No. 1100462

I’m a bi woman who’s never received any hate from lesbians that I know of. What’s wrong with me?

No. 1100465

maybe he has a doggy anxiety disorder, i think it would be a good idea to talk to a vet about it

No. 1100492

just mention that you have had sex with a male and see what happens

No. 1100498

File: 1647489159079.png (338.88 KB, 1366x1625, Non-Graphic-Smut - Archive of …)

What the fuck does this tag mean? Isn't all smut graphic by default?

No. 1100499

Witchanons, what is a herb I can burn for stability? Tomorrow is the full moon and I want some stability because last month was a rollercoaster

No. 1100533

Probably implied smut.

No. 1100600

learn to sage

No. 1100603

if you're making a joke sage isn't pronounced like the herb sage…

No. 1100605

nta but what, seriously?

No. 1100611

It just seems like someone who's too afraid to say the word sex since the more appropriate tag would be implied sex.

Anon you can't drop this then disappear, i feel like my whole world has changed.

No. 1100612

How are they pronounced differently?

No. 1100614

sage is short for sageru, it's from 2ch. sageru in japanese means to suppress, as in suppress the thread from being bumped. i just really hate dumb jokes people make about it being sage like the herb.

No. 1100615

And then they turn around and say we don’t give a fuck about their emotions or whatever. Or the worst of the incels claim that women have no internal dialogue at all.

No. 1100616

So is it pronounced in a way that rhymes with “badge” or like “sarjay”? I always just thought it was sage like the herb and never knew why it was that particular word we use to hide our irrelevant shitposts.

No. 1100617

NTA but "sage" comes from the japanese word "sageru", which means to lower. That's why the thread doesn't bump when you sage. It's pronounced "sah-geh". I speak japanese but I still pronounce it as the herb sage tbqh

No. 1100621

File: 1647498586540.jpeg (213.83 KB, 1411x1411, DFB75F9D-2081-492B-84AA-D38E84…)

I like to imagine I’m burning sage to clear the thread of my own personal demons

No. 1100627

ah makes sense i didn’t know it came from a japanese word, im still gonna pronounce it like the herb tho as well

No. 1100631

kek same

No. 1100648

File: 1647502232576.jpeg (140.37 KB, 524x962, 5AB8D0A2-1238-420B-934D-C5EF1E…)

does anyone have the site name/screencap of pic rel happening? It seems funny, like a lolcow-esque site for groupies and celebrity gossip. Hopefully it’s not one of those things that’s lost to time. Btw pic rel is from ‘A mar and furious master’ by rivers cuomo

No. 1100666

how do you objectively evaluate if you’re ugly? if you stare at your face long enough you’re probably noticing tiny details other people wouldn’t pick up on, but also people get plastic surgeries to fix the most minor details like evening out their nose by a few millimeters so clearly other people do notice to some extent if it’s worth paying tens of thousands of dollars to fix

No. 1100683

I FUCKED UP SO BADLY I FUCKED UP SO BADLY ok so i lied to my mom about getting a job and now its going to come bite me in the ass. I did work, but then I stopped and have been looking elsewhere because i didnt like the place. its been a month though and I never told her. think i finally found one but she's tired of asking when are they paying me so she's going to go to the workplace tomorrow to "stand up for me" and embarrass me before i got the chance to work in this new place and get paid and soothe her anxiousness FML!!!!!!!! wtf do I do now? I still havent picked up what they have to pay me bc it'll show i was only there for like, a week at most and shes going to be furious? what can i tell her? they'll pay me next week? a glitch in the system? maybe she wont be as mad if i give her all of that money? i'm too old to be pulling this shit quite frankly

No. 1100686

If you get hallucinations from smoking weed does that mean you're schizo and should avoid it?
Powerful question with powerful post number. I think ugly is not a face shape, but a place in society. The idea of objective beauty is a meme sold by plastic surgeons and Cosmetics companies. But subjective beauty can be almost perfectly overlaid with social caste judgements. Beauty is a shorthand for health, wealth and social power. That's why rich beautiful people get unnecessary surgeries just to prove they can afford to look like an alien (see: Hadids).
>how do I know I'm ugly
You don't know, you decide. Faces actually have very little to do with it. Good health, grooming, hair, clothes, posture, and attitude will make 99% of people think you're attractive, and the other 1% are trying to sell you something.

No. 1100688

i think its hard to tell as a woman, men neg us because they know they dont deserve us, and a lot of us are bullied for being ugly before we grow into our faces. i think im ugly but everyone always tells me im not, sometimes i think theyre lying, sometimes i think surely they cant all be, especially when i havent asked, but its just hard to believe. i think that most women are pretty, and i think spending too much time online distorts our perception of beauty. in my experience most people prefer more “plain” women, because thats just what most people look like, if youre not deformed in some way a lot of people probably find you pretty.

No. 1100691

yes nonny, please stop smoking. ive known people who have been able to go back to it, but its not worth developing actual psychosis or something. i know its hard, i just had to quit because it was making me lazy and more depressed, but after a week you start to feel better without it.

No. 1100695

what did you hallucinate and how much did you smoke?

No. 1100715

Okay so, I’ve inherited a wreck of a Nintendo switch from my brother. The controllers are busted, the card slot is busted, the sd slot is busted, and the possibly the hdmi of the base. It turns on. Theres that. What should i do with this. Repair it?

No. 1100719

I usually smoke equivalent of 1 joint, because I use a vape it's easy to have a bit too much. Maybe 1 in 5 times I smoke, this happens. This time I thought I hadn't pulled anything in the first inhale so I had another, so twice as much as usual, so it was more intense.
I was on the couch and felt like I was lucid dreaming, I could make my body float on clouds, turn myself into a cartoon or see through multiple universes where I was living different lives. My boyfriend was with me and I said ask me anything, he asked me my name, I hesitated and said that's a a trick question. Which worries me because I genuinely couldn't access that information, I didn't realize I was that far gone. I was still functional though, could get up and get myself something from the kitchen etc, so not like I felt paralyzed or anything.
It was perfectly pleasant to be honest, and it's happened often enough that I'm not confused or scared by it. But I know it's a slippery slope because I'm a very anxious person and this is the only way to truly take a holiday from my internal monologue. I used to smoke once in a blue moon but now it's every day, so my tolerance is building and I get these hallucination spells more often as I try to find the right dose to feel high. I tell myself it's just weed and that I never got a rebellious teen phase so why not enjoy this in the safety of my home, but idk, I don't want to drive myself crazy.

No. 1100736

are your carts legit? regardless of that though if you dont want to quit maybe just smoke flower?

No. 1100757

I don't use prefilled carts I use Rick Simpson Oil in a reusable vape. I've shared it with a few people and they never have adverse effects like I do. I think I'll switch to edibles for now because it's easier to control the dose, and try cut back to only getting high on weekends so I don't build a tolerance…
I hate that this experience has made me curious about other hallucinogens, I hate drug culture in general and my worst fear is trying something hard on a whim and becoming a real junkie. There is so much addiction in my family it feels like a foregone conclusion sometimes.

No. 1100764

I fucking hate leftists and feel like liberal leftism is absolutely fucking dead. They are disgusting trannies obsessed with sex and gender and with sexualities. This has whatsoever no correlation with the initial movement or what liberal leftism should stand for, they are also not communists. They are huge capitalists. On the other hand, I cannot be a right winger either because they promote sick shit for women and are inherently capitalistic. Fuck America. Thanks for destroying everything for us including political definitions.

No. 1100767


No. 1100774

You are right but this doesn't belong in this thread

No. 1100780

Is Last Night in Soho worth watching?

No. 1100781

That's by design anon. When shit changes companies have to adapt, so they make campaign donations to sway legislature to protect their interests. Best to never spend money when possible as protest.

No. 1100784

how do i get my nail polish to stop chipping after barely a day

No. 1100788

You buy a more expensive one. I found that chaper ones start chipping literally hours after application unfortunately

No. 1100810

No. 1100813

No, I don't think so anon. If a person is into you, they should just say it already. This isn't a game of chess.

No. 1100817

Get a good base and topcoat (transparant nailpolish doesn't count)

No. 1100825

Does anyone have the link to /m/'s movie threads? And the tv shows thread? Please.

No. 1100833

My dad is 9 years younger than my mom and afaik it was a non-issue for my half-siblings when they got together. My dad is a great guy compared to my moms ex husband so i think they were happy.

No. 1100834

Scroll down to the bottom of this page, click "search" and type in movie thread. Repeat for TV threads.

No. 1100836

File: 1647520104241.jpg (162.19 KB, 2048x2048, 20220316_213716.jpg)

I feel like my life is meaningless if I don't achieve something big in science. Is there a name for that kind of complex?

No. 1100859

damn, I didn't realize the shitty search function will finally be useful. Thank you!

No. 1100863

some sort of existential dread?

No. 1100870

has anyone dated or been friends with a reddit new atheist type? i'm curious to hear what it's like.

No. 1100876

I think you have a strong sense of destiny!

No. 1100891

would you consider a film/television adaptation of a historical figure a fictional husbando or irl husbando?

No. 1100897

Depends on how accurate it is, I suppose! But I would say for the most part, irl husbando.

No. 1100924

if you're specifically attracted to the movie portrayal and not the og character/historical figure then definitely irl husbando

No. 1100934

bump for gore

No. 1100937

I was school-acquaintances with one in high school. ie, we were in a drafting class together but the teacher was incompetent so we spent a lot of the time just playing multiplayer video games. He thought he was super clever though really he was mediocre at best, always asking me for help on our work. He knew I was religious and would frequently ask me questions about my beliefs, then would make a smug smirk hearing my answer.
We were also in a mythology class together—it was well known as the best class at the school and focused on classical and Norse mythology. At the beginning of the class we all had to sign (along with our parents) a disclosure document essentially saying we understand that religion and religious texts will be frequently discussed and read in the class. Anyway, later in the year we get to Norse mythology, and by the time Norse myths were written down they contained themes from Christianity. For instance, Odin’s favorite son Baldr was killed unjustly, but they take comfort in the fact that he will come back to life and return at the end of the world to rule over it peacefully. So naturally as we read all this stuff we’re not just looking at the Edda but bits from the Bible too. This dude comes up to me in our other class and tells me how furious he is that we’re looking at the Bible in class, how he’s gonna tell his parents and get the teacher fired, etc. I had to remind him that he was essentially in a religion class and that if he’d read the disclosure doc he’d know that it very clearly said, “AT TIMES THE BIBLE AND OTHER RELIGIOUS TEXTS WILL BE REFERENCED IN THIS CLASS. DON’T TAKE THE CLASS IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THAT.” He kind of mumbled his grievances but shut up after that.
Once in our drafting class he asked me if Jesus Christ is considered a myth. I told him that based on the definition we used in our mythology class (where essentially, myths are stories that are foundational to or based in human religion), yes. He did this big chortle and had a smug look on his face for the next ten minutes.
Towards the end of the year (this was senior year) I asked him where he’d applied to go to college. He said he didn’t apply to anywhere. This was well past submission deadlines; colleges had already sent out acceptance letters. I was a bit aghast at this and asked him what his plans were for after school. He said, “I dunno, I might go to [community college] or something.”
For maybe a year after graduating he’d occasionally send me emails asking questions about Minecraft mechanics or mods he couldn’t figure out. I’d answer them, and eventually those fizzled out too. No idea where he is now.

No. 1100968

File: 1647531309884.jpg (120.92 KB, 485x629, race and ethnicity of donors i…)

I hope you guys are ready for the stupidest question that may have ever been posted here (I get to it at the bottom)

2.7% of whites in the bone marrow donor registry, despite being 63% of population. By comparison

3.9% of native americans in the bone marrow donor registry despite being 2% of the population

1.1% of native hawaiians in the bone marrow donor registry despite being 0.15% of the population

3.9% of asians in the bone marrow donor registry despite being 5% of the population

1.6% of blacks in the bone marrow donor registry despite being 12.3% of the population

and 1.6% of hispanics in the bone marrow donor registry despite being 17% of the population.

These numbers have increased since 2012 and somehow there's still "not enough minority" marrow to go around so much so that they keep urging non-whites to donate to this day? It would make sense if european-americans where the LEAST likely to need a bone marrow transplant, but they actually are the most likely to need it.

What's more, 0.4% of french people are registered, similar population size to that of black and hispanics in 2012, and yet it is the country that has the HIGHEST successful bone marrow transplants. The narrative here is that blacks/hispanics and other minorities don't have as much people in the registry as white people hence the lower rate of finding matches. But, if having as much people in the registry as possible has an effect on how likely it is you find a donor as is implied, then how do the french manage to have such high rate of matches despite it? If it doesn't, then why is there a need for practically all minorities to be on the registry to be able to increase the likelihood they find a match?

This is without getting into the fact that 30% of people needing a bone marrow transplant will find a match through a relative. of the people needing unrelated marrow, I could not find a break down for each race or who needs it the most anywhere, only that 35%(1,900) of hispanics will need it. That is 0.2% of 860,000 donors. Most likely less now.

What am I missing here?

I used pic rel and referenced population at the time to get my percentages.
https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/GAOREPORTS-PEMD-94-10/html/GAOREPORTS-PEMD-94-10.htm ctrl+f france (4/52)

No. 1100971

I tried to access an old thread from /m/ and the url started with original.lolcow.farm/m/blablabla. Does that mean they're working to fix it?

No. 1100975

No. 1100979

thank you for sharing, too bad many of them are adults and don't have youth as an excuse.

did you look into the science of how people have matching human leukocyte antigen (HLA) types or not by ethnicity? maybe for minority populations in the west, there is a wide variety of ethnicities in each major racial category so they have differing HLA types or something. I don't know much about this but good luck, hopefully you can find some good articles that aren't too bogged down in details.

No. 1100985

oh i hadnt thought about that, maybe the tissues are more complex?
Thank you

No. 1101019

What is a spiritiual virgin?

No. 1101060

Have there been more CP and gore raids lately or is it just me? I thankfully never catch them when they do happen

No. 1101086

Is everyone on the site Asian, is everyone a just weeb, or do only Asians post in the food threads for some mysterious reason?

No. 1101088

I’ve been here for 5 years, I don’t remember seeing posts warning about CP or gore ever really, if so then extremely rarely. It started happening more often in the last year or two. I still never saw it, only people bumping threads to hide it… until the last couple of months where it seems to be constant and I have now seen 2 gore posts

No. 1101096

Think it's because trannies are mad about le evul terves on lolcow.

No. 1101108

Probably a volcel or just someone who isn't a virgin but hasn't had sex in a long time. Are you talking about the bingo sheet?

No. 1101113

Yes, from the femcel bingo.
Also what does femcel even mean if it includes voluntary celibacy?

No. 1101116

Is Stardew Valley really worth it? I never got into it when it first came out, but now I'm considering buying it. Is it one of those games where you run out of things to do after a while?

No. 1101121

Won't say where but I've seen some TRAs online bragging about "sticking it to the TERFs" by posting shit here. They subscribe to the "death to TERFs" philosophy.

No. 1101124

imo it's worth it, it is quite cheap. I've put over 400 hours on it at this point and I still have stuff to do. It's not like ACNH where you run out of things to do the moment you finish building your island and then you're left with basically nothing to do but run around. If you play on PC there's sooo many mods to make the game more immersive and cozy.
I pirated it to try it out and liked it so much I ended up buying it on different platforms kek

No. 1101126

Hi nonnies, could you guys tell me what you currently watch/listen to in the following categories? Specific titles/artists appreciated! Thanks!

>TV and Streaming

>Concerts or events

No. 1101128

Kek what a way to show it. Watch them get arrested for CP possession

No. 1101132

femcel honestly just means any women who has somewhat of a distaste for male behaviour regardless of how mild the detain is at this point. It used to be about women who were scorned by scrotes one time or they were the nerdy girl at school and can't get over it.

It's still worth it imo.

but can't you see anon, trannies use cp to better understand female trauma and ease their dysphoria!

No. 1101137

Fully worth its low price. It has a great gaming loop and it's a lot of fun to play co-op. It also runs about any computer.

No. 1101168

>TV and streaming
>Concerts or events
Hope this helps

No. 1101171

kek at least give me some artist names nonna

No. 1101177

>TV and Streaming
Serial Experiments Lain
Made in Abyss
girl in red and Vomir mainly

No. 1101191

Yes, Renaissance, King Crimson, Soft Machine, Gong, Magma, Van der Graaf Generator, Camel, Alan Parsons Project, ELP, ELO, Klaatu, Karfagen, Cast, Brian Eno

No. 1101242

I've been lurking and posting on imageboards for years but I can't into greentext. Nonnas, how do you it? I want to share my sperg thoughts in beautiful green

No. 1101245

Just add > at the beginning of a line

no >
> with >

No. 1101257

File: 1647545648878.jpeg (38.78 KB, 275x225, 207D2937-1B64-4D8F-A136-E491FD…)

Alright nonnies!!! What’s the real consensus on Turning Red? I wasn’t interested in watching it because I hate weebshit, but the controversy is interesting and I can’t find any real reviews that aren’t done by wokies or scrotes.

I don’t have a problem with a kids movie addressing discovering your sexuality, but it’s weird that she twerks and turns into a catgirl. I just know weeb pedo scrotes will love this movie.

You can post your hesitations about the movie, but please indicate whether or not you’ve actually seen it in your post!!

No. 1101258

Turning Red is a cute movie and the faggot alphabet community are ruining it by trying to make everything queer because they're developmentally arrested adults who cant grasp that childrens media is aimed at kids and therefore does not want to centre everything around being a queer

No. 1101259

I haven't seen it, but I don't really want to because I saw the trailer and it made me cringe, mostly in a harmless "oh god it feels like I'm watching myself when I was growing up" way kek.

No. 1101260

it ugly

No. 1101270

Dynasty (The remake one. It's my new guilty pleasure show), GOT, Gentleman Jack and The Gilded Age right now
I plan to watch Nightmare Alley. Also whatever is playing during movie nights.
Whatever is playing during Tunesdays kek. Right now I'm jamming to some Irish music.

No. 1101274

Just finished watching it 5 mins ago and it's pretty good. It's harmless and the outrage behind it is stupid.

No. 1101280

What is the drama? All I've seen is stuff about how a band from that movie isn't realistic.

No. 1101281

Is moving out really that easy as other anon's say it is?

No. 1101282

Depends on your own personal circumstances and stability.

No. 1101283

NTA but not sure if you count parents and religious retards freaking out about the twerking and drawing boys shirtless as controversy but there’s that

No. 1101288

I liked it. I didn't like the art style, but it had some funny/heartwarming moments, and was pretty relatable. I know for a fact that some furries and shit sexualize it (and that the creators are/were more than aware of this), but pretty much all animated content, even the classic Disney stuff, is made by sexual degenerates so whatever

No. 1101298

How tf do you go out (at night or even during the day) with just a little handbag? Usually i have to carry a tote that can at least hold a water bottle because I get thirsty…

No. 1101309

File: 1647548933148.png (1.93 MB, 1334x2150, girl groups.png)

>tfw I haven't seen any actual outrage just people talking about the outrage
I'm seeing people fawn over the actual fictional boyband which is hilarious to me.
That aside, I haven't seen it yet but I do like that this movie has that "outcast" girl type friend group even if it's stereotypical. I also like they they are showing the actual maxi pads and shit.

No. 1101314

I have seen so mant Twitter posts about how straight white men hate this movie and its making them seethe, but I personally haven't even seen men talking about it

No. 1101316

tbh I don't think moids even care, but now I'm wondering if trannies are talking about how they can't see this movie because the pads make them dysphoric.

No. 1101317

me too, i always carry a bunch of shit around with me so i just take my kanken everywhere because i also like having bag space to put things.

No. 1101333

Have you seen the god damn needle they use to take that shit out? I am never ever signing up for it

No. 1101336

>tfw if you mix these three groups of friends you get my high school group of friends.

No. 1101350

I think it’s cute, I couldn’t relate to mc because I have a different relationship with my family, but it was a silly movie.
The fact that they talk about periods was honestly nice, I can’t remember a single kid’s movie from my childhood that talks about them.
I also liked the main character and her friends, they are just normal kids doing dumb kid’s shit and being cringy, I seriously related to the girl with the pink overalls, I was as retarded and loud as her.
At first I thought the anime reactions would only happen a few times, and thought it was okay, but seeing them over and over again was awkward.
I feel like they really went for the nostalgia trip with the notebook doodles, I felt that because I’ve done that with friends and it was kind of cute to see something like that in a movie.
The art was okay, I’m not a big fan of the bean mouths but it could’ve been more cursed like in Luca.

No. 1101358

File: 1647552326601.jpg (14.15 KB, 338x295, Braceface_title_card.jpg)

>The fact that they talk about periods was honestly nice, I can’t remember a single kid’s movie from my childhood that talks about them.
i remember watching braceface and being surprised that they actually had a period episode in it. like they talk about this in live action tv shows for young teens maybe, but that was the first time i saw it mentioned in a cartoon.

No. 1101364

The only thing I remember from this show is that one episode where she buys a push up bra to impress a guy that ends up exploding.. I thought it was weird as a 9 year old or so watching that, that must've been fetish shit right?

No. 1101365

i just finished watching an episode of brace face, wtf

No. 1101371

>she twerks and turns into a catgirl.
first PPG then this, i don't get this shit. even my teenage family members think it's weird.

No. 1101388

LOL but anon they say it's painless

No. 1101390

Was twerking even a thing in 2002?

No. 1101392

meant the PPG reboot

No. 1101401

Yeah sorry I was referring to Turning Red, which was set in 2002

No. 1101457

So when you delete messages on discord, does the other person see that it’s deleted? Like does it delete for everyone?

No. 1101466

iv had this before
its from chronic mastication

No. 1101476

yes it’s erased from both ends

No. 1101477

File: 1647561156539.jpeg (249.09 KB, 1536x2048, 8403681E-0358-4F5F-8048-6EC212…)

If you have a job you enjoy:
>what is the job
>how did you get it
>how do you travel to it
pls tell me I'm a retarded neet and want more insight, here I posted cute cat now tellme

No. 1101479

How is it weebshit

No. 1101493

just finished it, cried so much!

No. 1101501

I bake stuff, I got it by applying online and beefing up my resume with things that may or may not be truuue kek (but I'm very, very good at the job despite not having as much experience as I state) and I get driven by my husband. I used to work at a craft store that I also love being at, I applied through their website. I used to get up at 4am every day and bike for 40 minutes in the dark to get there before we had a car.

No. 1101510

anons.. please…

No. 1101513

Some retarded scrote spammed a post about anorectal violence awareness and how it's bad.

No. 1101517

Have you seen the trailer? It’s got turbo autist anime expressions, movements, etc

No. 1101529

How long are the emoji bans?

No. 1101543

Use one and find out, anon.

No. 1101550

52 weeks

No. 1101655

Is there even such a thing like a sex scene in a book/movie/series that could be considered important for the plot? Why are they sprinkled on series/movies/books so much?

No. 1101663

The movie teeth?

No. 1101677

Indulgence and fantasy. I do think that they happen way too often, especially in movies. Sex scenes in books at least take thought to make them appealing.

No. 1101759

practicing speaking at home - or speaking to yourself, as an autist, does it help? i am afraid my family will hear me, so i could pretend i am in a voicecall. i am so socially awkward i fumble my words and stutter, but when i regularly socialized this didn't happen.
>inb4 socialize with your family
they're autistic too, it doesn't help
coronavirus removed my social skills. i must think very hard about conversation topics that aren't trending on the internet.

No. 1101767

File: 1647577709566.jpg (104.66 KB, 736x607, tahlia_stanton.jpg)

does being a (good) artist make people want to be your friend?

No. 1101795

In my experience no. It might make you more interesting at first, but in the end it's about your personality. Non-artists oftentimes don't care anyway, a lot of people can't tell good from bad when it comes to art. Not even being an artist and popular online will make people want to approach you, followers don't care about the person making the pieces. Why are you asking though? Are you considering getting into art to find friends?

No. 1101803

Yes, but very rarely will it be genuine or someone you can actually connect with, more than anything it's just annoying to be honest, but that's because (unfortunately) some of the stuff I draw appeals to egirls and animecore emo zoomers or whatever. Normies I've met don't give a fuck, though, so this is mostly online and if your art appeals to a younger/weeby audience, I think.

No. 1101814

because i can draw but can barely socialize. i make people laugh and validate them and i am genuinely interested in them, which i read are good things for a friendship. but i feel insecure that the social awkwardness puts them off. people want some sort of social status from one another to appreciate the bond? so me showing an actual skill that they could potentially brag with or receive as gifts could outweigh my awkwardness

No. 1101823

if people now talk about me it's probably "the one with the weird accent" or "the shy girl" and that's not really enticing in the adult world. yes, i'm autistic, and no, i don't talk like how i type, lol.

No. 1101829

AYRT (>>1101803) and oh nonnie, I want to give you a hug. You don't have to have a skill they can brag about or gifts or social status(?) to make friends, if anything I'd reckon the friends you may make in this manner are shallow at best and will likely not stick around. Do you want/have any art friends? Making people laugh and validating them works, but it would be even better if you had a genuine common interest (like art) that you could talk and share about. Could you possibly make art friends by taking classes or joining hobby groups and meeting them online? It seems unlikely but I've made some new connections this way, not good friends persay but people I can have conversations with without awkwardness (and I'm usually retardedly awkward too) because we are passionate about the same subjects.

No. 1101871

thank you anon!! i should join a zoom class or discord club. many of my problems with this are from past experiences where i was not self aware, but my brain still thinks the outcome will be the same as back then. i wouldn't even mind shallow friends at this point because i became so lonely during these past 2 years i watch youtubers for parasocial reasons.

No. 1101906

Maybe a good place to start could be the /g/ friend finder thread? I found a couple of likeminded friends off lolcow that way, also from hanging out in the movie night room occasionally. Almost everyone I've met off lolcow draws, so you're in good company! Good luck with your friend finding path anon, perhaps with luck we will cross paths again. Have a virtual hug from me.

No. 1101955

File: 1647584284279.jpg (219.42 KB, 1024x735, Maria_Stahl,_Diane_Siegal,_Rob…)

how did game development shift so heavily male ? from what I've researched during the early history of game development, women played a more proportionate role in the industry, it was only the Japanese Industry that was 99% male
In fact one could argue that women have influenced video games more than men. Jane Jensen, Roberta Williams, Kim Swift, Corrinne Yu, Carol Shaw, Jade Raymond, Amy Hennig, I mean Roberta Williams single handedly(with some help from her husband) revolutionized and created a new genre of gaming while she was a housewife

No. 1102054

I wish I could give a better response nonnie but I feel like it has something to do that most men"s first crushes are (usually over sexualized) women, then they get into making games, they start sexualizing women characters, women feel uncomfortable and feel unable to joine the gate-keeped community of moids, cycle continues.
Look at Nier or Bayonetta, they're designed to appeal to men.

I also would go to video game tournaments (ssbm) and a lot of the same men were in tech or game revs who would hit on me as a (known fact) I was 14/15. I hate to derail but I think many men in those fields just ward off women one way or another, the normal ones were always the creepiest 1:1.

No. 1102057

Reminds me of hearing the same about computers in general. Women start off these things and for that time it's looked down upon, they aren't paid much. Then somehow men get into it and the pay goes up, the respect goes up, and they crowd women out with hostile environments.

No. 1102058

Same reason they flocked to software dev when it was mostly done by women in the beginning: Money and prestige. They wanted in when the industry became lucrative and now they pretend that they were there to begin with

No. 1102063

Anons people keep asking me if I have an accent but I've never left my city. Pls help.
>people ask me where I'm from
>people ask where I'm /really/ from
>"you have an accent anon? where are your parents from?"
>"no anon, you have an accent, did you live with your immigrant grandparents?"
>"I like your accent anon"

I look mixed irl and people have a hard time nailing down my ethnicity so maybe it's that? I was never diagnosed or suspected a lisp. I also went/graded in advanced English classes in school and love public speaking. People never seem to have ill intent when asking tho but only tell me "dont worry about it" when I ask why. I also wasn't raised to have a second language either. My recordings sound fine.

Is it possible that my tones on words when I speak could make them think that?
Or could they be referring to when I have pressured speech?

No. 1102071

Hm, do you have some sort of teeth misalignment that could affect your proounciation? I used to have one tooth on my lower jaw that was further in and it gave me a bit of a lisp and people kept telling me too that I seem to have an accent. I got braces and now it's fixed

No. 1102077

Thank you nonny but my teeth are decently straight enough that my dentist actually turned me down when I said I wanted braces (they're a little wobbly at the tips of my bottom teeth but still aligned if that makes sense?)

I think I might have a slight stutter? I tend to prolongate and pause between words quite a bit when I reflect more. Oh well lol, if someone asks me again ill push more and update yall !

No. 1102206

File: 1647609805174.jpg (158.37 KB, 1024x1018, 3-Babette-1024x1018.jpg)

How do you escape from assumptions people make about you?

I have attention problems and sometimes I have to be told something several times and this makes people think I'm profoundly stupid and sometimes they decide that I don't know anything and I have to be explained everything from the very basics.

Example: the accountant at my workplace assumed that I know nothing about taxes for some reason and went on a monologue about how taxes work. I didn't want to be rude and tell her I already know these things so I didn't interrupt her. But I wonder, should I have had?

Or another example is that because I don't talk about my dating life (it just feels…intrusive when people ask about it) people assume I must be lesbian and sometimes they allude to it in a mocking way (like they ask me if I ever go to a certain bar - which is known to be a gay bar - and things like that). It's just super annoying

No. 1102213

Where did the mei thread go? Am i blind? I can't find it in the catalog

No. 1102215

>what is the job
News researcher.

>how did you get it

Pure dumb luck. I went to school for International Relations, graduated and worked retail because fuck politics. Quit retail because fuck retail too and got a temp job as a receptionist at a news company through a recruiter. Tried to interview for a permanent open position they had at one of the departments but the head of that department didn't want to interview me. My contract ended, worked receptionist at another place, lady back at the news company said "hey X quit, do you want to interview for his position?" I knew almost everyone from every department since I was the receptionist, including my boss's predecessor, but I had never met my boss since he came in after I left. I came in for my interview, and landed the job. My boss told me after I got hired that he had gone around and asked about me… which is terrifying to hear, but thankfully everyone had nothing but good things to say! I consider myself very, very lucky. It can be hectic and I really dread it at times since I don't have the proper background for it, but 95% of the time I'm very happy here.

>how do you travel to it

I take the subway to work. The commute is thankfully super quick and easy from home.

Good luck nona! I hope you will be able to leave neetdom and have a fulfilling life. Even though my job is related to my field, it's not my passion, and that lack of passion helps me keep a healthy work-life balance. It's just a good enough job that suits my needs (good hours, good benefits, relatively laid back because my company is small) but doesn't take away from what makes living enjoyable to me (i.e. everything I do outside of work). Some people live to work, some people work to live. No shame in being one or the other, but I don't like sacrificing my life for work/money kek.

No. 1102224

You dropped your glasses nonna, here you go >>>/snow/91973

No. 1102242

Maybe they assume you're stupid because you're fucking stupid

No. 1102251

I'm not, though. Maybe that's the problem kek

No. 1102275

Could it be that you have really low self esteem and assume that the world sees you in the same negative light that you view yourself? Maybe the accountant thought you were an idiot, or maybe she just likes to ramble about her field. I get how it could be seen as patronizing if it's basic stuff you already know, but it's possible that as an accountant she's encountered people, even 'smart'/high ranking ones, who didn't know shit about taxes and she's just used to having to explain it to all sorts of people. When you're already insecure it's easy to take everything as a slight against yourself, but not everyone has negative intentions behind their actions.

No. 1102310

some retards think periods are "too mature" for a kids movie, and twitter moids are comparing it to little boys masturbating. can't find the screenshot sorry

No. 1102322

thank u mate

No. 1102339

nona what came out of this i need to know

No. 1102382

File: 1647616566899.jpeg (76.8 KB, 851x851, 46BF32E4-5048-444B-A89E-4D171F…)

What did you do today
What should I do today

No. 1102384

File: 1647616624996.jpg (255.64 KB, 2000x1333, euphoria-maddy-nate.jpg)

Why some women are so obsessed about male height? Looking at the discussion in the vent thread, 170 cm (5'7 I guess?) is completely normal so the ridicule is kinda bizarre. What the difference really does it make if a man is the same height as a woman or even a little shorter? I imagine it's a problem when there's, idk, 50cm difference but that would work both ways, for smaller and taller. Otherwise no idea what purpose tall men serve, looking like a stereotypical straight couple is not that cool or worth pursuing

No. 1102387

I don't get it myself, I actually prefer guys to be only 2-3 inches taller then me and that's as far as it goes, If a guy is too tall or short, then sex and making out becomes too uncomeatable for me

No. 1102391

I drank apple juice and leftover pizza for breakfast.

No. 1102394

>completely normal
Depends on where you live nona. 1,70m is comically short for a man where I am.

No. 1102395

The nonnas in that thread are just shitposting. I mean, if you want to make fun a man you either target his height or penis size, kek. The women who are genuinely obsessed with height usually want to be treated like a ragdoll during sex which is disgusting.

No. 1102396

It’s just a preference, some people likes their moids short, others around the same height as they are, and others wants to pretend they’re fucking their sexy ass alien robot husbando who is taller than your average moid.

No. 1102400

No disgusting human moid could ever come close to my alien robot husbando, wtf are you on. Ill never touch a man

No. 1102405

I worked out, showered, and wrote in my journal. You should too nonna! At least take a walk if the weather is nice where you are. Eat a nice hearty breakfast too.

No. 1102406

i think tall skinny guys are attractive, but i'm also 1,60m and i was friends with a 2m moid and i hated it because my neck always hurt and i was constantly out of breath because one of his steps was 2.5 steps of mine so i was always half running when trying to keep up with him. at this point i prefer moids between 1,70m and 1,80m +/- a few centimeters.

No. 1102409

I woke up way too late, ate a cheese and butter sandwich, greeted my boyfriend after work, drank iced coffee and now im scrolling with you ladies. You should make yourself an iced coffee and go for a walk if the weather is nice. If not you should do a hobby if u have one. Maybe drink some wine and eat crackers. Hope this helps.

No. 1102411

I was sleeping. It is definitely an activity (passivity?) I reccommend.

No. 1102413

I actually think a height difference like pic related looks embarrasing. Like, are you a ddlg fetishist? Are you so insecure in your femininity you actually enjoy looking like a child with your man? I like men my height (5'9), ideal for kissing and fun sex positions and also looking like a normal couple.

No. 1102415

I’m trying to write my report of yesterday so I can send it before Sunday and fighting the urge to play videogames and do this at night. You should drink some water for me and have some fruits, preferable and orange, oranges are so nice, I love them, eat an orange for me, nonnie and maybe also do the laundry, change the sheets of your bed and take a really nice shower with some nicely scented shower gel, I’ve always wanted to try some green tea scented shower gel, I love green tea, it’s so nice and relaxing, or maybe some orange shower gel, I love those too, they’re energizing, pick something depending on what you need, nonnie.

No. 1102417

let women be attracted to what they want to. I only see men get butthurt when a woman is attracted to tall men.

Also males typically tend to have a long-torso,short-legs body type so they look really bad when they are short. Tall mens bodies look more proportionate.

No. 1102418

hmmm I didn't think of this. You might be right. Thank you, you gave some food for thought

No. 1102421

No. 1102424

I think people want their partners to be taller because of how much media has influenced it to be "goals" and whatever. Some people are just obsessed w being the tall person in a relationship, THINKING it'd make them "more dominant". Idgaf about all of that personally because it's not like you can magically change your height. It's stupid

No. 1102433

My country is almost on top of the list with average male height (180cm) so it can't be so different in yours? 1,7 is shorter but being 176 myself and knowing a few men around me that are 170 or even a bit less it really doesn't feel that extreme IRL, I don't have to look so far down on them or anything.

No. 1102453

The average height of a man in my country is 1,83m, how is a difference of 13!!!! cm with the male average not laughable? I have a guy in my uni class who's 1,72 (according to him) and he's shorter than every single girl in our class.

No. 1102483

Why is lychee pronounced wrong in British English? That Billie Eilish industry plant knock-off in the Tumblr ads says it LIE-chee, and Google says that's just how britbongs say it. But the Chinese word 荔枝 is pronounced LEE-zhi.

No. 1102488

>Why do Brits pronounce things wrong
'Cause they need to feel special

No. 1102494

TBH I think all manlets should be killed or at least castrated before they can pass their genes.

No. 1102496

dating a very tall or just 6ft+ man comes with the fact that he's going to use his height as a personality trait the same as how some short women have the uwu im so smal im baby dumb shit going on.
i know we love to shit on manlets on lc but i've actually had a much more enjoyable time dating short men who are just comfortable with the fact they're short. there isn't any napoleon complex nor big tall daddy dom complex going on, they're just chilling and you don't have to break your neck to kiss them.

No. 1102497

It's called biology. I had a short bf before, who was barely my height and I used to cope so hard. Muh personality (pretending like browsing retarded memes should be the building block of a relationship). But every time we walked past a really tall guy in public I instantly walked more upstraight, more trying to look cute and just generally feeling very excited. Very happy that I don't have to cope no more and have a 198cm husband now.

No. 1102523

Did JKR ever donate to Terf/ idk transphobe organizations? Or is this just a conspiracy TRAs make up?

No. 1102549

Does anyone know about books that explores the psychology behind drag or just generally men’s obsession with femininity and womanhood?

No. 1102551

The worst thing about short men is their obsession/complex over the fact that they’re short men. Big turnoff. Just be comfortable with yourself, it’s not that hard.

No. 1102558

i think one time she bought something from an etsy store that also sold terf stuff.

No. 1102559

nta, I prefer men to be taller then me but with in reason
I'd like a guy to 2-4 inches taller, a 10+ inch size difference is uncomfortable asf

No. 1102571

Funny enough every tall guy I've ever dated would always in some way talk about his height compared to mine "anon ur like a doll" "I can use you like an armrest" "lol ur so short". I get it ur taller than me. And they would always move me around like a ragdoll even though I would protest and they'd be like "ur like a small dog barking when u get mad lol". Not mention the absolutely annoying thing they'd do where they'd just grab something of yours and hold it up knowing you can't get it away from them. Short guys might have issues too but at least he can't intimidate me with his height.

No. 1102579

Is radfeminism inherently intersectional (helps all kinds of women)? If not, then who is radfeminism for? I'm very confused and every time I ask someone they give me a different answer

No. 1102588

File: 1647626505444.png (77.88 KB, 640x630, tumblr_eb5cd10f91f97707d060cf2…)

No. 1102589

radfeminism is for white women to create a community and just talk continously and criticize others without helping anyone

No. 1102592

Feminism struggled with intersectionality in the past. It improved with the second wave but it wasn’t perfect, and even still there are racist people who otherwise fit into radfem ideology.

> 'I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.'

Audre Lorde was one critic of the second wave, and a womanist, which is a black led feminist movement. Womanism is even less well known. I would like to think that by now, intersectionality is well accepted as integral to the majority of radical feminists. However, you probably won’t be seeing real radical feminist discourse on lolcow or tumblr kek

No. 1102594

This post is about feminism as a whole, not radfem specifically

No. 1102598

Andrea Dworkin

No. 1102601

It is, but tradthots who failed at life call themselves radfems now and muddy the waters lol

No. 1102607

But why would tradthots call themselves radfems? Isn't that contradictory?

No. 1102609

How does that make any sense? Is that another salty jebaiter

No. 1102614

tradthots and normie women think they're radfems just because they dislike porn and troons

No. 1102616

i think i remember reading somewhere that tradthots confuse radical feminism with radical femininity.

No. 1102620

If I have a shit posture and my shoulder hurts from sitting too long, what should I do to fix it? Gym, sports, ballet…? I want to protect my back.

No. 1102622

They just see radical feminism as "feminist but they hate trannies and pornography" and just ignore all the parts that are contradictory to male /pol/tard shit. They feel subversive and "cool" calling themselves "radfems", even though they still obsess over being accepted/liked by men and don't subscribe to any of its tenets. "terfdavidicke"/"radfemhitler" is one of those types. I remember her followers sometimes came here to racebait and sperg out

What's a "jebaiter"?

No. 1102625

swimming is great and there are also exercises for good posture on Youtube

No. 1102626

I see, now I understand why some of them got really contradictory arguments, are weirdly racist/misogynist and admit to date actual nazis and alt-right dudes without an once of shame, what a shitshow

No. 1102629

a lot of radfems are fucking hypocritical and waste their time and resources doing dumb shit and date mysoginistic moids or contribute to mysoginy indirectly. The movement has lost its meaning and simply attracts women that are not alligned with mainstream culture. Only I know the types of lolcow women that call themselves radfem

No. 1102636

These people are an enigma to me, are they unaware of the cognitive dissonance? How are you a "radical feminist" and dating a misogynist, far-right moid? Jfc how do they even date people like that? I would be miserable if I was fucking someone that I know damn well sees me as a second class citizen wtf

No. 1102640

it's not only right wingers, the average radfems do it too although they are not in bad financial situations. I've been involved with lolcow radfems and not ALL but some of them are really fucking hypocritical and they don't care about feminism, they use the movement as a way to integrate themselves in a social group. Some are ok and alligned with their values, but some are not. I understand doing pick me shit in the past or doing shady stuff if you're in a bad/stresful situation but a handful of them are rich/well off and still willingfully choose to fuck/date shit moids that possess the qualities they criticize in other men or they give their money to sick industries that hurt women or base their identity around mysoginistic stuff although they are AWARE of radfem theory and have enough resources to allign themselves with their beliefs. I'm not even talking about right wing radfem, just the average tumblr/lolcow radfem, of course not talking on the behalf of everyone. A lot of them also lack nuance in thinking or the ability to observe circumstance

No. 1102642

People can call themselves anything these days. Now men call themselves women, anything's possible.

No. 1102665

i have discussed this with you in the past, while i agree with you, we shouldn't be considering them radfems. they're just not. don't even dignify their self-declarations, it's as delusional as TIMs are.

No. 1102680

Posture is mainly about developing the muscles we didn't use so when slouching so it can feel uncomfortable developing them. My job is standing for hours so I really had to fix my posture because I noticed others would slouch and get stuck like that.
Something that helped me was running in a gym or beside a mirror in your house and actively fixing your posture when you notice you start to lean forward. (I say running because eventually people start to lean forward as they work their muscles)
Another trick is wearing overalls comfortable on the straps when standing straight, but when you slouch it will start to feel tight, forcing you to shoulders down + back
I don't do squats (weights) but I heard that helps, also stretching eases the pain but once you start reminding yourself it gets a lot easier
Also walking in high heels (even just around your house to practice the posture)

No. 1102706

Any anons here give me some tips on how to transfer sketches of building plans (apartment blocks etc) into something more technical? I have 0 background in architecture or construction but I want to see if my plans work in 3D ‘reality’.

No. 1102715

File: 1647633860473.jpg (19.81 KB, 163x163, eh.JPG)

I'm watching movies/series on Divicast but there's a pop-up ads page on everything I click. Is there a way to stop that? (adblock and malwarebyte used as extension) Should Brave work or I habe to bear with it?

No. 1102793

Sims? lol

No. 1103062

I've eaten taco bell like, 50 times in my life. I've never once gotten diarrhea or even an unset stomach from it. Why is it always a common joke that it gives you the shits? Even if I eat healthy for a week and then have taco bell as a weekend treat I'm fine. Are people okay?

No. 1103068

Junkfood doesn't give me the shits anymore, that's how bad my diet is

No. 1103073

Taco Bell is my favorite. It's delicious and the beef isn't much worse than anything else available at other fast food restaurants.
I also don't understand when people say spicy food makes them poop or makes pooping painful. Am I just lucky?

No. 1103077

same but some people just have super sensitive stomachs

No. 1103078

ublock origin is better btw

No. 1103084

how do i motivate myself to engage in my hobbies without an adderall script? i hate getting really into something for a couple weeks and then just completely losing interest, i feel like i just need to suck it up and force myself but its so hard sometimes. any adhdtard anons have tips?

No. 1103089

File: 1647654125046.png (405.29 KB, 609x477, D1r1l2yW0AAVdI1.png)

Has anyone here left mean comments to anyone with a throwaway account aka "cyberbullying"? And, do you think that's a bad thing?

No. 1103090

Not true. There's plenty of women besides white ones who believe in radical feminism. It's intersectional.

No. 1103091

I've seen that around. I hate them so much. Wish we could gatekeep that shit, otherwise people who hate radical feminism will "feel like they were right all along" etc.

No. 1103146

If you had worked almost 24/7 and let your apartment fall to the wayside, what would you wish someone could do for you/areas that get neglected/ways to make an old house look cleaner? Trying to do something for my mom. Thanks nonas. Sorry for no sage.

No. 1103147

Shower scrubbing, a really intensive mopping, and/or if there is a huge backload of laundry, that would be something good to start first so it can run while you do other chores. Also maybe changing the beddding, it's not always the most dire thing but it will always go appreciated

No. 1103149

How many cows with threads in here have died? I’m still so shocked because of LilBoweep’s death even though I didn’t follow her threads.

No. 1103151

Quite a few now. Off the top of my head besides LBW there's been Lil Peep, Amanda Briggs, Soren, Kaydee, that dude who ran bestgore I think(?), one of the people involved with the cheating scandal on Holly/Projared's thread. I swear there are more but I'm braindead right now if anyone wants to add. We can tally at the end kek

No. 1103152

File: 1647659872816.png (74.25 KB, 440x377, 85e57477b29d5c2cae558c3659bda3…)

Ok, I'm downloading it now! I hope it's as good as I've heard, I don't know too much about the game but I think it will be fun and very relaxing. I love a game that can be played continuously.

No. 1103159

>dude who ran bestgore
Are you thinking of Lowtax or did the creator of bestgore really die?

No. 1103165

I'm thinking of Lowtax! Thank you. tbqh just based on the name of the website he ran, my brain just randomly catagorized it as a gore website. I just googled the rundown now, boy am I stupid. Thank you for understanding through my cloud of ignorance!

No. 1103172

so many unfamous people have passed away as well.
rest in paradise.
many prayers and blessings

No. 1103173

Why should I take my pills at the same time everyday? I have an alarm but always forget about it, so then I forget to take my pill of the day and either wait for the next day or just take it when I remember to do so, it’s a cycle, but seriously, is taking a pill everyday at a different time each day a bad thing? They’re just for controlling my sugar levels or something like that.

No. 1103177

How is that even close to the same thing? Periods happen to all women of a certain age. It's a literal natural thing our body does. Men are so fucking retarded.

No. 1103178

Is it really better to be alone and lonely than to be dating someone who doesn’t truly empathise with or respect you?

No. 1103182

Yes. Dating someone because you’re lonely only brings unnecessary drama at best or gets you killed at worst.

No. 1103191

How are crocs clogs supposed to fit? How are they not just kicked off with every step? It looks like they would easily come off like flip flops, but without the bit of the flip flop that you grip with your toes to keep it from flying off. I’m looking to buy these croc clogs but they’re about 1-2 cm too big, would it be okay or would they really just fly off my feet with every step?

No. 1103192

You know you’re allowed to have friends, right?

No. 1103193

Absolutely. I think you can learn to enjoy your own company and be happy with that, if not fill the loneliness with friends and people who love you, than to be with someone who belittles you and wears down your self worth. It’s a shitty internal intrusive thought, vs a physical version of that that you cannot control. I get sad that I’m single sometimes and wish I wasn’t alone, but I can’t sacrifice my emotional and mental wellbeing to be with someone just to be with someone. Fish would be nicer company.

No. 1103195

no i thought i was supposed to be frendless forever

No. 1103196

I don't know but I wear them every day, they just work.

No. 1103198

Has anyone purposely gotten into a casual relationship with someone? Not accidentally getting into a situationship, but I mean purposely choosing to not pursue a serious relationship — why did you do it and what were the benefits vs a serious relationship?

No. 1103199

kek I love the Dynasty reboot, I think this season is going to be better than the last (hopefully)
I also went on a date a month ago with one of the actors in it hehe

No. 1103200

Samefag, they've lasted years in the house and garden mostly, I wear "real" shoes for walking or hiking or what have you

No. 1103204

Are you suspected/diagnosed autistic? I was watching a dating show about autists once (love on the spectrum) and one girl in an episode was talking about how people often assume she has an accent when she doesn't, and the guy responded "oh yeah, that's just the autism accent"
I felt so called out lol, because I've had this too. People ask me if I'm "from" somewhere because I sound different but I genuinely think it's just the tism

No. 1103207

heckin awesome

No. 1103208

nonnas who have done a day session for a tattoo, how was it? i have one approaching fast and am freaking out a little bit, especially because i otherwise only have one super dinky tattoo

No. 1103230

I'm scared to call women hot/sexy because I'm scared of sexualizing them like a moid. I can't even being myself to say a woman's hot out loud. My question: this isn't normal, right? What's my problem and how do I solve it?

No. 1103242

Why do memes that come from imageboards have more impact and staying power then one's originating from mainstream sites like twitter or redddit
I mean twitter "memes" are just dumb reaction pics or screenshots about dumb takes that are midlkly funny and then forgotten in about 2 weeks, reddit memes last a little longer but they get so overused that their site starts to mock them "wholesome 100" "

yet memems originating from 4chan have lasted for over decades now and have had real world impact, how does that happen just by pure numbers it makes no sense

No. 1103244


No. 1103291

because the people making them spend eternity online

No. 1103293

Pepe, the term zooomer which almost everyone uses, Qanon, online renewal interests in the of Sopranos

No. 1103294

because God and Hitler will always win. All mainstream controlled sites are hugboxes full of censorship and only calling out truth is funny and hashtag so true.

No. 1103296

What would classify a woman as Stacy is it her looks, her demeanor, other factors?

No. 1103301

if she's bimbopilled and doesn't get played by boys but instead plays them

No. 1103344

It's whether I personally think she's cool or not

No. 1103350

What the hell does it mean when my phone keeps giving me weather updates for a place I haven't been in weeks as if my location is there. I wonder if a person knows my passwords for my Google account I've had alerts someone that a device from this location has tried to log into my fb.

No. 1103358

You're lucky. I was able to tolerate extremely spicy food up until I was around 22 I'd say. Nowadays if I eat something too spicy I'll have burning diarrhea next day and I really hate it. My mouth can tolerate spice but my ass can't.

No. 1103380

How would you describe British humor for someone who knows nothing about it?

No. 1103382

can covid make your face bloat or am i just a fattychan

No. 1103383

Witty and absurdist

No. 1103385

When she doesn't refer to people as normies, stacies, cows and other imageboard terminology

No. 1103461

Are houses for single people a thing?

No. 1103476

If you can afford it? What do you mean?

No. 1103483

I was asking in terms of size, if small houses that are fit for one person exist or if we have to live in an apartment.

No. 1103488

tiny houses are a thing

No. 1103494

File: 1647690402771.jpg (115.28 KB, 850x850, tumblr_8c6ad0962ca326435f37a90…)

In true monkeybrain fashion, I have eaten 7 bananas in a row. Did someone here also overdosed on bananas before and could possibly tell me what is going to happen to me please ?

No. 1103499

Don't eat anymore or you will die.

No. 1103508

It’s too late. You’re going to experience a banana overdose and die. RIP anon. You will be missed.

No. 1103516

Please give us a status update, banana anon.

No. 1103527

File: 1647693900591.jpeg (159.26 KB, 1170x1272, bat_banana.jpeg)

pray for me nonnies I will die doing something I loved at least, I've been googling hyperkalemia like a crazy women for the past hour and getting (probably, I hope) placebo shortness of breath as a result kek

No. 1103534

File: 1647694585018.jpg (187.06 KB, 530x434, Adolf-Fredrik-semlor-fettisdag…)

Alas poor anon, leaving this earth too early because of bananas like King Adolf Fredrik and his semlor.

No. 1103539

How do you deal with friends/family members who act like they know everything and lecture people in a condescending way (either intentionally or accidentally) and give unsolicited advice to everyone around them?

No. 1103546

be passive aggressive

No. 1103548

No. 1103588

Don't give them extra details or bring up problems in your life around them. When they give advice just say "thanks" then change the subject.

No. 1103626

Dumb question: is it normal to like the smell of your own sweat? It's kinda gross and I know it's not a good smell but it's addicting kek

No. 1103658

Any other anon on here who's never had a single crush in their lives? Never met someone they wanted to pursue romantically? Not as a teen and, not as an adult either?
Do you feel weird about it?

No. 1103673

Britbongs, have your everyday lives changed since Brexit?

No. 1103676

I don't know if I necessarily 'like' it but I do like to smell myself after a good workout and see how sweaty I can get.
My EX lol. I made the mistake of hitting on him and he did start to like me (pathetic yes I know). But he told me that he had never had a crush on anyone, never wanted to have sex, no sexual or romantic feelings before. I think he could've been autistic overall ngl but at some point he thought he was asexual. (Met in highschool). Even now we chat and he still says he doesn't like, lust or want anyone. He admitted to trying to hookup at a party because a girl kept hitting on him but he couldn't get into it or keep it up. He didn't find her attractive or anything at all. Even when we were dating he was not a big kisser (he said lips touching felt weird). His attachment style was avoidant(mines anxious) and he was an ISTP.

No. 1103678

Crushless anon here. It was fine when I was a little girl ppl assumed I'd grow out of that phase. But by high school I still never felt attraction to anyone around me. I used to think something was wrong with me when my girlfriends would go after me for not liking a guy they found cute and eventually ppl started saying I was a lesbian (I'm straight). I had alot of male friends and acquaintances and never found interest in any of them no matter how good of dating material they supposedly were. Now I'm in my 30s and I've never been in a relationship and at this point I'm ok with it. I'm happy with my animals and my garden. Hopefully when I'm old I'll be the witchy old neighborhood lady who lives with cats.

No. 1103689

What an interesting dude, he seems like a bad partner though, I'm sorry. I have sexual feelings, or like don't hate sex but I guess I'd be completely fine with never dating or having sex.
My experience is very similar to yours.
>Hopefully when I'm old I'll be the witchy old neighborhood lady who lives with cats.
Sounds like a plan, hehe.

No. 1103691

Yeah that's me. My childhood sucked because of my parent's fucked marriage though so I think that part of me may just be unconciously blocked or something. My mom has always been upfront about how marrying my father is her biggest life's mistake and I don't want to repeat it.

No. 1103701

here's a truly dumb question

Should I attend University of Toledo, Ohio or Louisiana State University for a PhD in chemistry?

No. 1103708

Your ex sounds like a fag.

No. 1103709

Go to the one with the least troons but good job prospects.

No. 1103732

Weigh the pros and cons and research the schools and areas. Ohio may be better…I guess. But I've never been to Louisiana or Ohio.

No. 1103737

How do you find people based on just their icon showing in a screenshot on here? Like how do you find that person's Instagram when their icon is barely a few pixels in the entire screenshot? I can't wrap my brain around it

No. 1103740

educated guess

No. 1103752

i saw an anon on here say that they scroll through the followers of whoever/whatever is being screenshotted and look for the pic.

No. 1103757

I've had silly crushes in school but besides that, I've never felt a desire for romance or intimacy either. It makes me uncomfortable to imagine myself with someone that way, I can't see it. And I do feel weird about it because I believe it's a clear sign that I have social issues and insecurities tbh.

No. 1103759

No. COVID has affected daily things like food and fuel prices/provision way more.

No. 1103766

I feel like binging on something sweet but I can't decide what. Ice cream or cake?

No. 1103796

Neither, go on a walk

No. 1103803

sometimes you can upscale a picture with those AI websites and backwards image search

No. 1103805

File: 1647712535425.jpg (178.65 KB, 1300x866, 150565247-.jpg)

These are so bingable

No. 1103806

I want to make videos being honest about subjects that Im interested in like sex work and politics and I will show my face

No. 1103808

Healthy anon making the smart choices, we don't deserve you

No. 1103846

what type of cake and what type of ice cream are you considering!! cake is generally based but it depends.

No. 1103861

this is probably the least dumb question that has ever been asked here

No. 1103865

File: 1647716233589.jpg (107.4 KB, 1000x1000, dt_zoom.jpg)

kek sorry I couldn't wait for the answers so I ordered ice cream

No. 1103882

File: 1647717111006.jpg (62.62 KB, 564x752, 17b541ec6a3759749711857ee8bbdf…)

i suddenly really want a relationship. i have never been in a real one (only e-dating like ten years ago) but i just want to experience irl love for once. but i also don't feel confident "putting myself out there" (idk how and where and what and huh) because i'm very overweight (30 kilos too much to be precise) and my weight loss has stalled for the past six months because of a lot of irl stress. i also never had a relationship, kissed, held hands, had sex, naturally i never bothered getting any kind of BC either so i would have to find a gyno first too, but i'm also terrified of getting pregnant and from masturbation alone i can say that penetration is boring. i turn 30 in two months. should i even bother? love and sex is such an abstract concept for me at this point and the idea of ever being in a romantic, sexual relationship myself is like imagining myself turning into a bird or something. i just can't comprehend it.

No. 1103885

There were times where I thought I had crushes on some guys but in retrospect I never really found them attractive or wanted to do anything romantic/sexual things, they were just some guys I appreciated and could see myself with, I was probably trying to convince myself to crush on them to feel like a normal person. I don't think it's "normal" like you asked because we are supposed to want to find partners because of biology or whatever, but in the end who cares, it's not harmful.

No. 1103891

It's worth giving it a shot, just be careful if you use dating apps - ultimately it's better to try and opt out if you continue feeling like it's not for you after all than regret you didn't try!

No. 1103894

looks tasty, enjoy nonnacita. i just got back from the grocery store where i bought almond chocolate, twinsies

No. 1103895

yeah i was always against dating apps because i'm not looking for hookups, but idk how else i would meet people. i work in a mostly female office, i don't do any group activities outside of work because i only have like 2 hours of free time a day, i'm also not on any social media or in fandom spaces (where most of my female friends found their bfs)… i'm just so confused. how do normal, overworked people find their partners??

No. 1103903

File: 1647718276616.jpg (111.76 KB, 1000x1000, 3.jpg)

Swedes, does any of you actually likes and eats this on a regular basis?

No. 1103906

My mom and my bf love this stuff.

No. 1103913

Mind boggling. I'm open-minded in the culinary sense but this is so bizarre to me, smells like gingerbread and tastes like sugar and salt. Do they eat it with bread?

No. 1103917

I'm someone who always had bad constipation and would poop twice an week but a few weeks ago I used my moids buttplug during sex and now I've been pooping multiple times a day. It's possible his poop particles have colonized my asshole, like in those poop transplants?

No. 1103919

File: 1647719032777.jpg (23.32 KB, 480x477, 1617844159777.jpg)

>I used my moids buttplug during sex

No. 1103920

Most of them use dating apps I'm afraid… For me it was at work, but I work in male dominated industry. IRL speed dating events are still a thing (at least in my country) so you could look this up, it's definitely very straightforward about the intention; otherwise if you'd be willing, some kind of volunteering activity? Though there it will be most likely female-dominated like your office is, still, a chance to meet genuine, well meaning people.
Ultimately, as I think most of the people, I know some (specifically, two) marriages that started out as tinder dates so it's not impossible to get it through that route but I know I wouldn't want to try it myself, so I understand where you're coming from. Maybe if you warmed up to the idea some anons on dating apps thread in /g/ could help you with maybe how to come up with a description strong enough to discourage people looking for hookups?

No. 1103921

please say this is bait and you're not actually this retarded

No. 1103936

i guess in the end i'll have no choice but to go for dating apps… one of my friends found her bf through tinder and they recently moved in together so i guess there are normal guys there too. the last few times i went on dating apps just to check out if anyone would even contact me, my pms were just filled with fat pakistani and indian men.

No. 1103958

File: 1647721964478.jpg (32.94 KB, 567x393, 87.jpg)

>used my moids buttplug

No. 1103966

Sorry for this TMI but I had a similar effect from anal. I think some people have a kinked lower colon and it has some sort of temporary widening/straightening effect.

No. 1103972

how do i write a restraining order(s) for my unborn child?

No. 1103975

Fucking kek. Funniest shit I've read all day.

No. 1103979

File: 1647723365544.jpeg (77.94 KB, 1150x879, A70C2737-30CA-4C5D-80A2-6CA0AE…)

No. 1103983

No. 1104012

what would happen if i just cut off the very top layer of my straight hair super short, just the hairs that are all weird and curly and jagged and causing me to look like a frizzy mess? will that make it worse?

No. 1104046

It would probably stick up?

No. 1104061

File: 1647729138597.png (329.54 KB, 602x924, goblin.png)

When and how did that happen that any goblin-related thing is equaled to antisemitism now? Is it just american thing or have any other Euranons seen their said by other europeans? I keep seeing that a lot lately and I'm completely baffled, since goblins (and "goblin stealing child" myth) exist in pretty much every european folklore and has nothing to do with Jewish people or antisemitism. I think it was appropriated a bit later and used by some to actually spread anti-semitic messages but I don't think it became synonymous with antisemitism still? Do you think it's just a few genZ woketards thing or is this a legit stance people have on this nowadays?

No. 1104063

It's fucking dumb and there have been myths about goblin-like creatures since ancient times.

No. 1104067

File: 1647729393959.jpg (50.89 KB, 800x450, agree.jpg)

>I went and looked at the trailer (I can't sit thru the whole thing lol)
so you admit it? you admit that you actually don't check anything that's deemed problematic and never form your own opinions and just blindly believe what the woke twitter hivemind tells you to believe? you actually admit it?

No. 1104070

What job do i get if i wanna go to a bunch of hotels on the company’s dime

No. 1104075

Hotel reviewer

No. 1104091

This shit circles back around and is itself fucking antisemitic. Like maybe it's just a fictional story about goblins and you're associating it with a real group of humans and that is FUCKED.

No. 1104094

you could be an inspector, we used to have inspectors stay for days in my old job and they would even get to eat for free at all the outlets in the hotel

No. 1104101

Thought the same, how come you see goblins stealing children and your brain instantly connects it to Jews? Feels like regular non racist person wouldn't jump on that connection

No. 1104127

File: 1647733476609.jpg (214.39 KB, 1500x1079, 71TXHYjWqlL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

Was there a name for those photoshoots you took at the mall in like 2002 with your friends that had ridiculous backdrops like picrel and you'd hand the pictures out to your other friends with cute notes on the other side?

No. 1104132

purikura? or photobooths.

No. 1104134

1 hour photos?

No. 1104140

That's it thanks!

No. 1104145

I saw someone mention somewhere about the Try Guys having personal assistants. Does anyone have any source information about that? Tried to google but nothing comes up.

No. 1104157

How do you show an online crush you're interested in them? How could I develop a closer relationship to them without being weird. I'm too autistic for this. Please anons

No. 1104159

What does bozo mean

No. 1104176

Like a clown or a foolish person

No. 1104191

There's nothing super nasty in it. There's some creepy murder scenes however in my opinion they're not horrible, but ymmv.

No. 1104211

Kpop nonnies, who is the group/artist that all the newer groups are inspired by? Like an older artist who has had major influence on the genre. I think of a lot of vkei bands who always say that Luna Sea, but I don't really know what the kpop equivalent is.

No. 1104227

my bias groups always had shinee as their bias

No. 1104229

File: 1647741823549.jpg (299.55 KB, 2048x1426, merlin_146914890_3e2b450f-94bf…)

Which shock celebrity deaths do you think will happen in the next 5 years?

No. 1104232

someone gonna post kanye

No. 1104234

Pete could die first (assassinated for being too annoying to live). Kim is basically a robot so she'll live forever.

No. 1104235

What if Kanye assassinated someone (doenst have to be Pete, but could be)

No. 1104240


No. 1104249

can someone tell the conspiracy containment that not everyone who disagrees with their schizoid sperging is a glowie or is it impossible to rationalize with them

i put forth the tinfoil that at least one of them is a cdan boomer infected by qanon worms

No. 1104253

File: 1647743818679.gif (27.49 KB, 220x219, 2DC1ED1E-B98D-41CF-BB09-AA0810…)

Let us be schizo ok?

No. 1104257

the problem is the more I deny being an FBI agent the more you're going to think I'm an FBI agent

I see your game

No. 1104258

File: 1647744226452.jpg (19.65 KB, 680x384, 4c2.jpg)

No. 1104264

File: 1647744386580.jpeg (1.3 MB, 3840x2160, C4257C7C-EF59-493B-8D56-385696…)

No. 1104265

Kek, I actually agree with you that glowie accusations are annoying I only replied this way on principle

No. 1104276

File: 1647745004120.jpg (287.48 KB, 1280x1463, 1614491442199.jpg)

I want to start making vector drawings/doodles. Like flat colors with lines. I heard procreate is a good tool.
>Would i be able to draw them with the apple pencil?
>are there any windows alternatives for hand drawing vectors? (Illustrator clicking dots confused me 15 years ago lol)
>if apple iPad/pencil are best options, is ebay a good place to buy?
Thank you in advance kek sorry im a boomer and dont know where to even start

No. 1104286


No. 1104287

File: 1647746590331.gif (5.42 MB, 350x201, BC5F02D1-F4A7-4057-A63F-A90C13…)

Will I ever find my lolcow browsing artist girlfriend who will draw with me as we play games and talk about all the latest drama? the “people” on the Her dating app have made lose faith.

No. 1104288

File: 1647746659065.jpg (1.07 MB, 4488x2250, Nate and Luke.jpg)

Left or right ?

No. 1104292

Both look gay and ugly and are male

No. 1104293

i need this too, nonnie… every dating app i try is full of troons and regular scrotes, i don't know how to cope

No. 1104295


No. 1104296

I am right here nonna

No. 1104300

how is lil peep dead and still releasing music??

No. 1104301

Would you be mad at me if I ate a cookie?…

No. 1104304

Right here nonna, But the things I draw are often looked down upon.

No. 1104308

wait…FOR or AGAINST?

No. 1104318

I’m eating a cookie! You should eat one too. Then we will be eating a cookie together in spirit.

Dating apps are so grim… I’m sorry you’re facing this issue too, nonnie. It’s so disheartening, but I believe we’ll all find love. I mean, we’re all here sharing the same sentiment, right? I wish you luck in your search… I truly believe there’s someone who isn’t a painfully boring normie scrote or a troon out there for us. I believe in you! (I sometimes wish that there was a dating app aimed towards this demographic, but it would inevitably invite trouble.)

If I ever run into you nonnies on my adventures in dating-app-land, and I pray one day I am that lucky, I’ll whip up drawings of us all day.

No. 1104319

unreleased tracks
didn't similar happen with amy winehouse, mac miller, juice wrld, and the xxx guy

the weirdest recent instance I can think of this is combining aaliyahs vocals with modern artists

No. 1104448

File: 1647765558500.jpg (21.06 KB, 187x613, dress.JPG)

if I show up to the club like this will the girls think I'm a straight girl looking for some "experimenting"?

No. 1104488

File: 1647768548140.jpg (37.71 KB, 600x467, CCySxgbWAAA-BUQ.jpg)

there's cp in ot

No. 1104491

Lol why would they its the plainest dress ive ever seen

No. 1104493

I think it's a simple, nice dress. Idk why they'd think that

No. 1104510

Why do moids spam cp here? Do they report the website afterwards and hope it gets banned? Why aren't they caught yet?

No. 1104512

I think its a scrote/tranny. No woman would look at a basic short black dress and think of experimental lesbianism.

No. 1104513

i think its some bot

No. 1104518

Yeah but someone set it up. What for? Is this a part of the fbi tinfoil where this is supposed to be a honeypot? Idk

No. 1104519

This >>1104510, also some are honeypots

No. 1104521

Sorry I was quoting >>1104513

No. 1104524

I hope it's a honeypot but most of those don't really post cp or use it as bait they post on normal sites, imo because it's just distribution at this point. It also sometimes gets posted when there are moids wandering, which makes me think it's more likely an angry moid spamming this shit and reporting the website. A russian anon said lc was banned in her country for cp because some scrote actually did this.

No. 1104556

Men really hate when women have spaces

No. 1104563

What do you draw?

No. 1104564

File: 1647773617333.png (148.44 KB, 566x261, vect9or.PNG)

>I want to start making vector drawings/doodles. Like flat colors with lines. I heard procreate is a good tool.
I don't have a lot of experience with procreate but from what I got to try out thanks to my friends who own ipads I think it would be a huge waste of money to buy one (or apple pencil) just for that app. If you haven't tried Illustrator in the last 3 years or so, you really should give it another shot! It became so much more intuitive and easy to use, better with every new version coming out. I wouldn't switch to any other program. And considering how much of a ripoff Adobe is, pirating it is a morally good choice too, so not only you're gonna save a whole lot of money you'd spend on ipad/apple pencil, but also you'll get a better and more versatile.
When it comes to alternatives I've heard very good things about Affinity Designer too but can't say much myself since I haven't tried it yet. But it seems like it's just as good as Illustrator and mostly chosen by people just to steer away from Adobe & because it's license is incomparably cheaper. Overall, good luck!

No. 1104565

please drop your favorite fun sans serifs i am in need of new fonts! grotesks appreciated

No. 1104567

They really do. That's why they're spamming illegal shit and trying to get this website closed down. It's the same thing scrotes do to subreddits they dont approve of.

No. 1104576

File: 1647774787437.png (437.87 KB, 1856x936, sans.png)

These would be mine! Peace Sans, Brandon Grotesque and Proxima Nova are my go to for headlines and Lato is just the most versatile and most pleasant to read one out there.

No. 1104616

How do anons who’ve seen the CP on here cope with having seen it? I didn’t even see it fully but I already knew it was a kid. I felt sick to my stomach.

No. 1104627

Procreate isn’t for vector files, you’d have to use the app Inkpad

No. 1104642

I live in a shithole where lots of kids get sexually abused and trafficked and sometimes tapes and pics are posted on social media/Whatsapp until they're finally taken down, this is not the first time I've seen shit like this

No. 1104645

i’m sorry you had to see that too nona. i play tetris or wordle for 30min, it legit helps removing traumatic experiences.

No. 1104647

by fantasizing about violently murdering whoever posted it as well as whoever originally took the photo. probably not the healthiest but definitely the most effective

No. 1104648

My mind goes blank and my vision unfocus anytime it happens, also my phone is a potato and internet connection sucks, so the images don't appear immediately, and if I see a suspicious thread I close the page immediately. Also use the catalog view mode only.

No. 1104658

I don’t deal with it. My stomach drops and my skin prickles. I hide the thread image. I report it a dozen times. I spam cute pictures and then I log off and go for a long walk in the fresh air, go spend time with friends and family, anything to get away from it.
The weird thing is I don’t feel the same when i see gore. I’m somewhat fascinated by gore and will stare at it, as well as report it. When i see CP it makes me feel like im a sicko as well, like why am I using this site in the first place? It feels like I’ve abused the child myself. Idk it’s meant to cause us fear and distress and it works. Congratulations scrotes who post here, you’ve achieved your goal of upsetting women by posting child abuse images. I hope they find you and lock you up.

No. 1104659

I report it and hid the pics/thread asap and try not to think about it beyond that.

No. 1104662

checking /meta/ before going to any other boards also helps a lot, thank you nonnies who post warnings there whenever there's a raid

No. 1104664

i do this too tbh

No. 1104666

File: 1647780357066.jpg (12.4 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

I have missed them every time thankfully, but I fear my pc has some of it hidden in temp files somewhere. Makes me feel sick & also fear it could have some legal repercussions for technically having CP in my puter

No. 1104680

Your computer only creates files if you actually interact with the image (save/download it, upload it, etc).

t. saved the Hunter Biden laptop files to my computer to analyse them for photoshop, got visited by the police for it

No. 1104681

I already have ptsd from being exposed to it as a minor. I report, warn others and focus on something else. If I don't think about something else I feel so awful for not being able to help those kids, wherever they are now.

No. 1104688

What were the hunter biden files? are you serious?

No. 1104692

What?? How did that happen, details please

No. 1104694

I feel my stomach drop, I hide the picture and mass report it, I also try to find a way to delete it but nothing has worked so far, focusing on trying to delete the picture helps me forget about it. I’ve tried typing the number of the post as the password and typing different possible passwords, nothing has worked but I’m trying to help I guess.
I also just look for another thread or focus on some different app or just anything else that keeps me busy mentally and visually, sometimes I try to start an infight, post some annoying unpopular opinion or say that Shayna is fucking disgusting or that I hope trannies 41%.
Last time I created a random account to type baits on Reddit and see if they fall for them but since I never log in it’s impossible to get some updoots.
I also like to go on Pinterest and report gendercult posts.
And honestly, gore also makes me feel disgusted, but it’s somehow not that shocking? I try to pretend that the CP pictures are fake, and that the girls got saved and the pedos got murdered. I just want all pedos to die after getting stabbed in the eyes with a rusty, illness ridden needle.

No. 1104728

>And honestly, gore also makes me feel disgusted, but it’s somehow not that shocking?
It's the reverse for me, with CP I feel like anons post warning a bit more often so the few times I see it I manage to not see the entire picture by not scrolling down far enough and I just report it, but gore pictures always catch me by surprise, make me want to throw up on the spot and give me nightmares for several days in a row.

No. 1104731

It's awful, but after the first time I saw it I disabled images/webms/videos so I wouldn't accidentally stumble upon it anymore. Sucks that you have to do that on an imageboard, but it also makes it easier for me to report it since I don't have to look at it either.

No. 1104767

I've seen anons mention before they hide all images on lc, I assume through a google chrome extension(?) but can you do that on phone aswell?

No. 1104772

Files that were apparently from Hunter Biden’s laptop. Downloaded a zip, then uploaded them to online software to check for digital manipulation. Turns out most of it was standard stuff like films of him having sex and smoking crack, but two were seriously questionable (but not gory/explicit, so not obviously illegal) images of children. The site reported me to the police for those two images. Seriously stupid amateur sleuth mistake that could have landed me in prison.

No. 1104785

i use the ublock addon on firefox. it's an ad blocker and comes with a setting to block all media over a certain size. i set it at everything over 0 KB.
some browsers let you block images directly in their settings.

No. 1104787

who tf is shayna clifford and why does she have 100+ threads on /snow/?

No. 1104791

samefag, it's actually ublock origin

No. 1104792

She's just a fat online sex worker that doesn't know how to dress for her size and body shape and also makes disgusting porn and tweets out retarded fetish scenarios.

No. 1104797

That’s pretty scary, anon. I think I saw one of the questionable images posted on Twitter from some random account posting about the Hunter Biden laptop and it’s really stuck in my head. I was hoping it was fake but I don’t know. Any tiny piece of CP gets stuck in my head in a loop and I hate it. Especially as a victim of CSA who knows there’s CP of me out there somewhere, I’m always terrified it’s going to be a picture of me and even typing this out is making me ill What was the police visit like, if you don’t mind me asking? Did they just ask questions?

No. 1104812

I’m so sorry to hear that, anon. Child abusers and people that make/share CP should all be tortured to death.

It was actually terrifying, ngl. Three officers turned up to my house to ascertain who had uploaded the two illegal images and enact an arrest. I only got away with it because a) what sort of child abuser uploads illegal material to a website checking for photoshop, and b) I fully cooperated with the investigation and proved that I (obviously) had no other illegal material hanging around. They told me I was very lucky though, as they didn’t usually care for asking questions prior to making an arrest for that type of offence. Still took 4 months between the report being made by the site and the police coming to my house, though…

No. 1104844

girls how do i make myself lose interest? this girl i was seeing made out with my roommate, has said things to hurt my feelings purposefully, and is generally not a nice person. but she's hot and i want to continue having sex w her bc it's the best sex i've ever had.
also she said she likes my eyes because they remind her of her fucking dad's. like what is wrong w me

No. 1104846

Does anyone else find that men are much more manipulative than women?
I was always told growing up that since we have higher emotional intelligence, we tend to be more manipulative but I always found the opposite. Men will say and do a LOT of things just to get what they want

No. 1104857

Get busy, start hanging out with other people (preferably non-toxic ones). The more activities you do away from her, the less attached you'll be

No. 1104939

At some point I realized that men always accuse women of emotional manipulation when they get upset or cry because that is what men do. They literally only cry or act like their feelings are hurt as manipulation.

No. 1104970

Won’t lie, I’m curious too.

I agree with >>1104939 , men accuse women of the manipulative tricks they themselves use because they are unable to empathize and simultaneously terrified of their shortcomings, so they project their own feelings and emotions and methodologies onto women. They can’t understand anything outside of themselves, so all they can do is try to knock women down a peg by trying to make us look equally unstable. Men are highly manipulative, especially because they think women can’t get anything of their own merit, that anything good they gain must be via manipulation, another projection. Men have to manipulate and connive to get what they want, and they hate that about themselves, and they read into a women’s actions deeply because they want her to display those same negative traits so they feel don’t feel inferior.

No. 1105011

On that note, “withholding sex” is a test all women should run if they insist on being with a scrote. Deny him sex for a week or two. Make up a reason about not feeling well or wanting to work some relationship problem out first. They will either chimp out and start abusing you and begging/coercing you or watch a bunch of prom, be passive aggressive and maybe dump you. A lot of women won’t do this under the guise of withholding sex being “abusive” or “mean” but really deep down they know that it’s true that moids only pretend to care about them for sex.

No. 1105030

yes, totally. i've only ever been manipulated by one woman in my life (my narcissist mom) but i cannot even count the amount of times i've been guilt tripped, coerced and persuaded, blackmailed or just overall made to feel like shit at the hands of males, whether that be previous boyfriends, male relatives, male "friends" or just male co-workers who talk down to me.
There's a reason they pin women as the only "emotional manipulators" and it's to shift the blame away from them and on to us. Historically women are viewed as snakes, two-faced, jezebels and temptresses or just people who lead a "good" man astray, yet if you look at any of those situations objectively you'll see that most of the time it's just the feeble, weak-minded male choosing infidelity, choosing to betray his friends etc. Males have always had much, much more choice than us and they know this, so they shift the responsibility in order to make us seem like the evil hags at fault.

I echo what another nona said about the consequences of 'withholding' sex from a male. It really is the true test that separates the good men from the terrible ones. Men's nature is inherently manipulative based on how they're brought up and how they come to view women: to most of them, we're just a receptacle to fuck, and they'll keep us around when we're convenient, whether that be for sex, cleaning or attention and feeding their egos. I think the madonna-whore complex is a super fitting example of how a lot of men see us.

No. 1105045

Is there a place where I can pirate genuine vintage sewing patterns? Buying is not an option at the moment.

No. 1105049

Do homosexuals in general consume news from specialized news outlets? With the recent events i found out gay people around me knew way more about homophobia and activism in russia and cases i hadn’t ever heard of

No. 1105052

Withholding sex as a term is stupid when in reality, women should only have sex when they trust their partner and only when they desire to do so. Moids will act rude and straight up mean to their wives and then accuse her of "withholding sex" even though it's because the dumb scrote ruined the relationship. Again, with relationships men want to sleep with women on the first night and accuse her of withholding sex if she doesn't comply but then their ape brain makes them think of her as a whore and it doesn't work out. They blame the women either way so it's better not to put yourself in a vulnerable situation, not to test him but to save yourself of the damage.

No. 1105067

Hard to say about "in general" but yeah, you have websites for LGBT communities which provide news specifically about what's happening in relation to their communities worldwide, so naturally people who use these sites have more info on that than non-gay person would without researching the topic.

No. 1105069

nta but agree with withholding sex being a stupid term because 'withholding' implies that sex is something that women owe men

No. 1105070

Here is a collection I've found on an old blog, they have it sorted by year in their navigation menu!
Also I've read that the vintage pattern wiki has information on over 80,000 patterns or something, and a lot of those include sources. If you're looking for a specific style, you may be able to find a free downloadable source on one of those wiki pages. Hope this helps!

No. 1105075

All that discussion in the confession thread confused me. If I don't watch porn at all but I'm turned on by breasts and vagina despite not wanting to get in a relationship with a woman is it gay? For example I can't see ever eating out a woman I'd find attractive but I think I would be ok with fingering one. Keep in mind that I'm into guys, for context, and I'm a virgin but not by choice.

No. 1105084

I don’t think it’s gay but more like bi-curious. Gay would be wanting to be in a relationship with a woman -because she’s a woman- and also wanting to have sex with her -because she’s a woman-.
But not in the “oh man, I’m sure so queer and cool now” way but in the “wow I really love, appreciate and find women really sexy, I can’t wait to date a pretty woman who will love and respect me as much as I love and respect her forever” kind of way.

No. 1105085

straight af.

No. 1105086

>For example I can't see ever eating out a woman I'd find attractive but I think I would be ok with fingering one.
Yeah, you're hetero.

No. 1105087

Imagine a man saying this about other men, would you call him hetero?

No. 1105092

yes because sex acts aren’t something you’re meant to simply “be ok with”

No. 1105093

If it's the nona from the other thread she went on about being turned on by vaginas and wanting to do things to naked women when she saw one.

No. 1105095

It's different because men aren't depicted as objects of sexual desire everywhere, all the time. Plus, dudes do gayer shit all the time being straight.
Kek, more straight than the anon in the other thread insisting she's totez straight.

No. 1105096

I'm ESL so I'm not sure I used the right words for it. It's more that I don't see myself initiating anything with anyone in general but if the opportunity ever presented itself very unlikely I'd do it.

No. 1105097

What's with the unwarranted selfdepreciation for no reason? We get it, you're a loser virgin with no chance. Don't gotta ham it up.

No. 1105103

I'm not being self-depreciative here, it's just that I've never had opportunities like that due to personal stuff, I'd be too scared of being honor killed for doing literally anything with anyone out of wedlock as long as I live in the same city as the rest of my family.

No. 1105104

That’s true, tbh, I feel like because there’s so much porn made to cater men, that’s literally everywhere, it makes some women feel confused about such things.

No. 1105115

It must be difficult to know what your true sexuality is if you're not allowed to have a sexuality and certainly not be bi or lesbian.

The male gaze everywhere fucks us up mentally too.

No. 1105117

Thank you so much, nonna!

No. 1105137

Ntayrt, but I have a question about this. I've heard straight women talk about how gross penises are and I've heard some straight women talk about how blowjobs are gross and how they won't ever give their boyfriend/husband blowjobs. My question is why are straight women able to dislike giving blowjobs but if a woman says she doesn't want to perform oral sex on another woman it means she's straight? This is a genuine question and I'm not looking to start an infight, I really would like insight on this.

I'll rephrase since I typed it out kind of clunky: Why can a straight woman dislike and refuse to give blowjobs without her sexuality called into question (generally speaking) but if a woman (who is questioning her sexuality or already knows she's bi or lesbian) dislikes and refuses to eat out other women, it is assumed she's straight? Again, genuine question because I don't understand. Also, I get that the ayrt phrased things in a way that does not imply actual desire, I'm not really talking about her I'm just speaking in general.

No. 1105155

This is something I don't get as a straight woman. I enjoy giving head but I'm not going to talk about it, but I do have other straight friends that say the penis is gross and so is giving head. Whereas I'm definitely more cautious of my own vagina in respect of appreciating it. I can masturbate but if I'm being honest I cannot understand how anyone could find a vagina sexy. They scare me and I have one.

No. 1105160

i don’t want to go back to reddit so i hope someone here has an answer and that this is the right thread. so is it a bad idea to take mushrooms alone when my mom died like six months ago? i have no friends that i trust enough to trip with, but i’m afraid i might start thinking about it too much and go insane or have a panic attack if i take them alone. i’m very depressed and anxious so i always worry i’ll have a bad trip but it’s never happened. my friend broke up with her internet boyfriend and threatened to jump off a balcony the first time i took acid, great trip. almost drowned the second time, great trip. the one time i took shrooms my sister literally tied me and my friend up, and it was the best trip out of the three. shrooms practically cured my anxiety and depression for two months, so i’m thinking about taking them again for that reason. a friend of mine said i should be fine as long as i have a distraction, like music or a movie, but i’m not sure. will i enter a permanent psychosis?

No. 1105163

I don't understand how anyone can find vags and/or dicks sexy. I have sex but I find them all ugly and kinda gross honestly.

No. 1105165

Every time you take psychedelics you risk losing it permanently. You’re taking a real gamble with your mental health by doing it. Maybe spend the time finding something more productive to do that helps your depression and anxiety.

No. 1105177

yeah you’re right. my mom was psychotic for most of her life, probably drug induced, and i’m terrified it will happen to me because i’m getting close to the age that it starts for most people. i’ll probably hold off on it, at least until i find some good friends who will take them with me. would i be facing the same risk if i tried microdosing instead?

No. 1105188

Why don't I want to get better? Everybody is practically screaming at me to go see a therapist and I feel it would be useless.

No. 1105189

You don’t want to, that’s all, forcing yourself to change won’t make you change.

No. 1105193

uhh, it actually would. though

No. 1105197

Nta but I didn't get better until I started wanting to, it's why therapy doesn't work for a lot of people because they have to want to be there and put in some effort. Otherwise it's in one ear and out the other

No. 1105215

Because people don't believe women are really able of loving each other

No. 1105217

In some way, you find a benefit from being sad all the time. Or maybe it’s more simple to be miserable and you don’t care to find a solution, as your current state is in some way “working for you”. I’ve been there too, but please believe me when I say that you want to try to get help before people ditch you. It’s alienating behavior, to be sad all the time and in need of comfort but having no desire to change. It will drive people away, and you’ll find any benefit you got from it is gone. Your friends want you to be happy. Please listen to your them before you lose them.

No. 1105231

It can be internalized misogyny. When I found out I liked women, I thought it couldn't be true because I was repulsed by oral sex. But as time went on, I realized that this thinking was influenced by the way society shames the female body. Nowadays I don't feel uncomfortable by vulvas anymore.

No. 1105258

As I said, you risk your mental stability whenever you dabble in drugs. I’m diagnosed bipolar and quitting drugs forever has improved my MH no end. Don’t make your mum’s mistakes, anon x

No. 1105259

That’s exactly what makes you change lol. Who else is going to make you?

No. 1105264

Your own will to change, otherwise the process of changing turns tedious and you will end up stopping halfway.

No. 1105294

Do tweens know/care about Polaroid cameras? I know they're popular again rn, but are they popular with everyone or only 30 y/o millenials?

No. 1105312

I know those Instax cameras are popular with kids now, not sure about specifically Polaroids though.

No. 1105320

Polaroids are kinda expensive so that would explain why people in their 30s would be more into them than tweens since they can afford them. Interestingly enough I was researching film cameras recently and plenty of material related to using these, mostly the disposable ones, came from people seemingly still in high school or so, so that seems to be a thing.

No. 1105342


Thanks! I guess a kid would recognise one if they saw it.

No. 1105346

how do i relearn how to talk to other people? i almost had it down at one point but i forgot how to make friends. i kinda don’t say much when i’m with someone because i’m scared they won’t like me, but i used to not give a fuck.

No. 1105349

What's the "list" of negative effects from taking estrogen as a man and testosterone as a woman? A man I know wants to go on hormones and I'm hoping bringing it up will at least discourage my friends. Like tims have raised risk of heart disease and tifs have a loss in bone density?

No. 1105365

File: 1647817906353.jpg (36.45 KB, 600x315, estrogen-danger.jpg)

Complications of feminizing hormone therapy might include:

>A blood clot in a deep vein (deep vein thrombosis) or in a lung (pulmonary embolism)

>High triglycerides, a type of fat (lipid) in your blood
>Weight gain
>High potassium (hyperkalemia)
>High blood pressure (hypertension)
>Type 2 diabetes
>Cardiovascular disease
>Excessive prolactin in your blood (hyperprolactinemia)
>Nipple discharge
>Increased risk of breast cancer

No. 1105369

Complications of masculinizing hormone therapy include:

>Producing too many red blood cells (polycythemia)

>Weight gain
>Developing male-pattern baldness
>Sleep apnea
>Developing an abnormal level of cholesterol and other lipids, which may increase cardiovascular risk (dyslipidemia)
>High blood pressure (hypertension)
>Type 2 diabetes
>Deep vein thrombosis and/or pulmonary embolism (venous thromboembolism)
>A condition where the lining of the vagina becomes drier and thinner (atrophic vaginitis)
>Pelvic pain
>Clitoral discomfort

No. 1105373

No. 1105382

Np nonny, thanks for trying to save them from impending doom. I couldn't discourage my tif friend from taking testosterone and now she's a hairy acne monster with chronic headaches.

No. 1105385

After walking my dog I feel lightheaded/faint, but not exactly exhausted, why is this? I'm trying to drink electrolytes but not sure it's helping, I haven't had this feeling after the other times. Kind of out of breath & weak too but it's now been 30 mins or more since I got back, this is new.

No. 1105388

wait I'm also on my period but I've been taking iron so I'm still confused

No. 1105389

It may be just because of period; first thought that came to me was diet though, have you been eating worse lately? Not as much in terms of quality but maybe regularity of it

No. 1105393

Yeah I have been eating less meals, thanks nonna I should've tried that first but I had eaten right before the walk so I didn't think of it. I'll go see if it helps!

No. 1105398


No. 1105406

You dare mock me

No. 1105408

Is it normal to continuously talk to friends?

I’ve been getting closer to someone online and she always starts a conversation or extends a conversation with something that feels a bit forced? But the thing is she isn’t one of those online 24/7 people who replies immediately and needs you to do it back ASAP, she takes her time with replies and she doesn’t mind when I do too. The problem is that when a conversation ends in a few days she’ll randomly bring up a topic or question that can’t really sustain a conversation and I don’t know what to say to keep it alive. Is this normal? I’d rather we talk when there’s something to talk about. I haven’t had friends in a few years so I don’t know if I’m the issue or if she’s odd.

No. 1105417

You’re the weird one I think, friendships take some amount of work. She’s just showing interest in you

No. 1105424

It's still almost unfathomable to me how a person can willingly choose this. I'm having faith and hoping knowing the risks no one focuses can make them at least doubt.

No. 1105446

File: 1647824856608.jpg (30.08 KB, 618x578, 1646186164861.jpg)

What it's like, dating a sociopath??

No. 1105451

where all my ex's at? pull up to answer this question

No. 1105452

1/10 would not recommend even for thrills

No. 1105594

like dating an immature, obnoxious, self-obssessed child

No. 1105603

anon…… Eugine is gay you won't be able to fuck him

No. 1105608

Men saying we're more manipulative is just cope for the fact they never learned how to fully express their emotions so when they watch us do it they're not capable of understanding what's going on

No. 1105633

pretty much what >>1105594 said. All that charm on the surface leaves as soon as the two of you are alone. They never have an off switch, it feels like their entire personality is a LARP but they have nothing beneath the surface. No real personality, or depth to them.

No. 1105710

Euroanon I saw your question and it interested me what you noticed, but I wasn't understanding what that was exactly. Although I'm basically celibate and can't relate to my peers, so I wouldn't have a good perspective to offer. Hope you figure it out and maybe share your perspective sometime, very interesting. Personally I feel like we have been and are actively being poisoned culturally by our media.

No. 1105717

No. 1105718

how do you stay working on your body and hobbies without hating yourself?
- an artist that goes to the gym

No. 1105727

Is it feasible to make ends meet solely from passive income?

No. 1105821

Has anynonnie increased their spice tolerance for food from zero? How long does it takes to be able to tolerate… let’s say… average Korean or Indian food?

No. 1105823

Should pass with time, and if it doesn't then you should maybe see a therapist?
t. another artist that (sometimes) goes to the gym

No. 1105830

It's a long, long process. Maybe seeing a therapist is worth it, but I've been regularly doing light workouts for about 2 years now. I started just doing stretches before moving onto yoga/power yoga, to doing bodyweight workouts and playing Ring Fit Adventure. It's a constantly push and pull between "I'm just doing this for the sake of myself" and "I need to make my body look better" and struggling to not scream at myself when I opt to do an easier workout like yoga over a more intense bodyweight/RFA one. It's easier for me to power through my thoughts now than it was before, but they are still there (and I'm currently struggling a bit now).

I think what helps is building a routine. I would dedicate time everyday to stretch, to the point where my mornings felt off if I didn't stretch. It was the equivalent of having a cup of coffee in the morning or something, just had to do it. It no longer became about becoming more flexible or whatever, just about doing it. Then I already had time set aside every morning and eased my way into working out, slowly upping the intensity. I'm currently taking a break from RFA/bodyweight to focus on yoga and core building exercises because I struggle with low back pain. My mind is currently between "you're not doing enough, you're a slacker" and "I have to do this or else I will be in crippling pain, I can't power through workouts because it will just make everything worse." I also opt for at home workouts because I don't like having to set aside time to get to/from the gym when I can just work out at home. Before doing RFA I would also follow workouts on youtube.

That's just my two cents and what has worked for me. I've struggled with my body image for years and will probably continue to for years to come. But I've definitely come a long way from when I first started. I think there's a very delicate balance between being kind to yourself but also having self discipline.

No. 1105929

File: 1647880126180.jpeg (109.94 KB, 1536x1024, fromage-d-affinois.jpeg)

Is a whole wheel of cheese a weird/risky graduation gift? One of my friends is finishing up her masters program, and she's having a graduation party soon. I was talking to her about this cheese I liked before and she said she wanted to try it, and said I'd bring some to her party, but should I just buy a whole wheel instead of precut slabs (which is how they normally sell them at my cheese shop)? Or would it be risky since she's never had it before? She likes brie, but this cheese isn't brie. It's similar but the milk undergoes ultrafiltration so it's a much more milder taste than brie. Or should I just buy multiple different types of cheeses to bring to her? But since I said I'd bring it anyway, should I just get a gift separate from the cheese…? Now I'm overthinking it kek

No. 1105942

Yes kek that’s weird. Don’t get someone a huge volume of food they’ve never tried before.

No. 1105945

Samefag, it does depend on the size of the wheel. A wheel she could throw away without really feeling bad about is ok.

No. 1105948

Is it weird to feel weird when you see dogs fucking infront of you and like joined together and stuff? I feel weird for feeling weird about it.

No. 1105949

i'd say go for an entire cheese platter with different kinds of cheese. it sounds like an amazing gift.

No. 1105950

Don't gift her a whole wheel of cheese silly loll

No. 1105972

File: 1647884122294.jpeg (72.13 KB, 960x1128, PjyeisD.jpeg)

I really really hope this doesn't sound like a humblebrag but I have to ask somewhere. Should I ask my boyfriend for money with the following in mind? and how do I get over the fear?

Ok basically he seems to want me to ask him for money? to the point i'm starting to become paranoid that if I don't do it soon he'll leave me or something. But idk i've never been given money and have been taught to get things for myself and idk i just don't feel comfortable asking for money and I just don't want his money. If I needed it I would ask but at the moment I don't. Anyways, every time I tell him I need to ask him something or whatever he immediately goes "is it money?" and looks… amused? and then i swear he looks disappointed when I say no. He also loves flaunting his money. And he'll send me memes were the wife is like using her husband as an atm. wtf? I'm almost scared this isn't him just wanting to be a provider and instead it's a fetish! seriously idk what to do or how to bring it up or if i should just finally ask for money and see how he reacts.

No. 1105979

File: 1647884431527.jpg (174.04 KB, 640x862, 640px-Chrissy_Metz_3.jpg)

chrissy metz reminds me of someone but idk who. my first thought was suzy berhow, but i'm not sure anymore. thoughts?

No. 1105983

Turbofat version of Melissa McCarthy?

No. 1105986

A fat Bjork maybe?

No. 1105992

Thank you anons! This helps

No. 1105994

File: 1647885219165.jpeg (167.56 KB, 800x800, s515632643165600672_p3810_i7_w…)

kek you guys are right. I saw the shop actually sells little 6.5oz wheels of it too so maybe I'll get that and a variety of other cheeses and put together a little gift basket for her!

No. 1105995

Rosie O'Donnell? The fat news reporter girl from Nickelodeon's All That?

No. 1106069

Late but ty anon!!

No. 1106091

is it a bad idea to bring a gram of weed in my carry on? i’m going to the airport soon, flying from a state where it’s semi-legal to one where it’s not at all. i have my medical card for the state i’m leaving but i think it’s expired idk. i put the gram inside of a tampon wrapper, put that in a ziploc, put that ziploc into a bigger bag with toiletries, and wrapped it in a jacket. should i just mail it to myself or am i worrying too much?

No. 1106097

If the risk of getting arrested for a federal crime is worth a gram of weed to you then go for it.

No. 1106128

yeaahh i know people who have done it with no problem but i’ll probably have a panic attack while i’m waiting in line.

No. 1106137

Might ask in the consoom thread but what's a good site for reselling more alternative clothing that's like fairy kei adjacent and pastel crap (stuff like myviolet)?. Feel like I wouldn't have many bites on Poshmark but more lolita centered sites seem like they care about burando the most. Also want one that doesn't take a huge margin and easy to use.

No. 1106160

It'd be way weirder if you weren't weirded out or disturbed by it.

No. 1106166

Why so many websites and people allow hard NSFW but not gore? Aren’t they the same thing in intensity of emotional reaction? I’d think anything with penetration in it should be in the same category as gore. Both degenerate

No. 1106178

is a kitkat a cookie or a chocolate bar?

No. 1106183

It's considered a chocolate wafer

No. 1106190

he's into findom obviously and if you don't take all of his money right now he's going to go behind your back and give it ALL to some OTHER woman instead of YOU.

No. 1106193

Is brie cheese worth it?

No. 1106196

I say yes but it's different for everyone, just buy a wedge and try it out.

No. 1106197

File: 1647903145114.jpg (56.81 KB, 547x952, ef47a8dfe9d591f251e9686717cb9b…)

The rind make me vomit. the french are good actors for pretending to like hardened cum around their cheese

No. 1106214

me and my mom love it but my boyfriend hates it, i like to bake it so it gets browned and the bread can soak up the oil, and whenever i do my boyfriend says it smells like burning plastic. i definitely think you should try it if you’re interested, its not too stinky in my opinion, but you should buy a small piece in case you dont like it.

No. 1106223

I'm gonna buy some and try it out. I'm really curious as to what it tastes like.

No. 1106232

If a guy stays up for a few extra hours to talk with me through the phone about the most mundane things, does it mean he "likes" likes me?

No. 1106235

maybe but men also just really love attention but he probably does like you because in my experience men dont really put effort into getting to know me unless they want me even if they know they cant have me

No. 1106236

No. 1106239

Why are weed smokers so desperate and brainless? kek

No. 1106250

File: 1647908252767.jpg (44.18 KB, 480x252, PRC_146040824.jpg)

Real question, not clickbait. What
do you actually like about men?
Besides being physically attracted to them, what about moid behavior makes it worth sticking around them?

I think I can handle being friendly with moids in small doses (I unfortunately share some of my interest in very male dominated activities) Some of favorite characters happen to be moids. But I don't think I could be around them 24/7 or live with one. They almost always have some gross aspect to them, whether it's watching fucked up porn/fetish shit and not having a problem with it, terrible political ideas, or hygiene issues.

No. 1106254

dude weed lmao

No. 1106256

Samefag, the brie cheese that I am currently trying right now has a mildly mushroomy flavor. It's also a bit salty. All in all I'm glad I gave it a try. Also the rind isn't at all offensive imo.

No. 1106258

File: 1647908701109.jpg (30.84 KB, 596x589, E0VQHN-XEAUEC_6.jpg)

how do i induce my period without doing something potentially dangerous

plz help im going fucking crazy here and no im not pregnate its impossible but i just wnat my PERIOD !!!!!!!

No. 1106259

why would you want it are you crazy count yourself lucky

No. 1106260

Go to a gyno, i had 2 cysts that were causing me to not get my period. Now i gotta wait till they go away which takes sometimes months. Everything else is just a myth nothing works amiga. Unless..?

No. 1106261

i have severe pms and my period is the only thing that alleviates it or else i get stuck in zombie mode. i can always take painkillers for cramps but i cant do shit about pms fatigue or moodswings

was it cysts on your ovaries nonny?

No. 1106266

Drinking cinnamon tea and exercising helps me

No. 1106267

drink OJ or soda, or do a ton of exercise

No. 1106270

Why does my vision go dark/get dizzy whenever I tilt my head back to gargle in the morning?

No. 1106271

Sounds like iron deficiency
T. Anemic bitch

No. 1106280

You can get them surgically removed too. It's a common procedure

No. 1106377

How the fuck do I get to the terf board??? I tried a bunch of URLs but nothing worked!

No. 1106380

Instead of /ot/ at the end of the url use /2X/

No. 1106381

Oooh it's case sensitive

No. 1106387

File: 1647923293509.jpg (148.07 KB, 1500x1500, 81BBrlS5TuS._SL1500_.jpg)

how long will it take me to detox from refined sugar?
I literally ate an entire box of these and I feel ill as fuck, but I end up going back to sugar the next day. I want this to be over for good.

No. 1106449

eat red meat and garlic
ginger and vitamin c helps

No. 1106454

Sometimes taking a large dose of Vitamin C (1000 mgs) helps me to kickstart it. I know the feeling btw, finally getting your period after a longer than usual PMS induces an almost euphoria-like state for me, it relieves all the tension (probably has something to do with the hormones)

No. 1106455

Straight anons, would you ever date a moid who regularly lucid dreams about sex? In this scenario he is or is close to your personal 10/10 and doesn't cheat.

No. 1106466

lucid dreaming just means you can control yourself in the dream, it doesn't let you change what's happening.

No. 1106493

Can you get better at something that you feel really ambivalent about?

I'm a shut-in with no social skills and social anxiety but sometimes I really crave human contact. I'm thinking about forcing myself to go on meetups and stuff like that every now and then but I'm afraid that my stupid relationship patterns will just continue (I'll be social for a while and keep in touch with people, then eventually self-isolate, lose people, then reach out again, and the cycle continues) since I feel very love-hatey about people in general

No. 1106515

Nonnys is there an app to visually plan? I’m trying to plan outfits or things i want to get and i want to collect them in pictures

No. 1106516

A really good site for outfit planning specifically is shoplook.io, you can make little collages of clothes, the library is huge. You can also add stuff yourself from basically any site.

No. 1106529

File: 1647938953808.jpg (24.97 KB, 300x177, schizo.jpg)

do normies fear schizos will murder them?

it's so stupid. their whole concept of schizophrenia comes from horror movie villains or that one mid-psychotic breakdown meth-head hurling at a lamp post. i know schizos and they're a bit spacey sometimes, and like to go hermit mode but they are not violent.

No. 1106531

My shizo neighbour threw a huge box-type TV out of his window and into our communal yard during daytime. I wouldn't say i go out of my way to be scared, I still say hi to him and he's usually very timid. But I don't consider him harmless. He's the only volatie shizo I know though so. I'm more scared of junkies, and certain types of men in general.

No. 1106537

yeah, males of any type of mental illness or disorder are more dangerous. junkies are certainly a whole genre. the only schizophrenic man i remember though locked himself in his room for weeks and pooped there too. that's disgusting and i can't imagine doing that even in the middle of psychosis. there is a neighbor i also suspect of having the schizms, and she walks about a lot, asking people for their phones, lol. i am only scared she would run off with it.

No. 1106543

Where do you guys live?
I've never met any schizos.

No. 1106547

the netherlands has lots because casual stonerism is used as an escape from boring rural life and boring sameish society. i am a poorfag migrant though so i live near social housing. the care is still good from what i hear.

No. 1106549

also, you might have, but like autism, it is on a scale. i only know some of my neighbors got it because i interact with them regularly. it's only noticeable if they are off drugs hallucinating or in psychosis.

No. 1106550

I’m 21 they made a comeback back in 2017 when i was in hs but quickly died

No. 1106554

about 1/300 people worldwide have schizophrenia so it's likely you've interacted with someone with it at some point. theres a huge variety in symptoms and severity though as >>1106549 said. they're far more likely to be a risk to themselves than to others.

No. 1106555

File: 1647943358935.png (84.02 KB, 502x700, 2ECB9A96-421D-46B5-8F55-769289…)

Wow thanks nonny! Here is my first template

No. 1106556

when reading 'anon', do you say 'AY-non' or 'ah-NON' (like how its pronounced at the beginning of anonymous)?

No. 1106560

I go through a similar cycle. I've found that if I treat it kind of like having a work schedule, like having specific days to meet up with or call people, helps. I meet up with my Dad for coffee every Sunday, I call my close friend every Monday evening, every time I go to the supermarket I make sure to drop in to see my friend that lives near there etc. It doesn't always work and I sometimes end up isolating anyway, but at this point my friends accept it as part of how I am and don't take it personally. idk. As long as you let them know it's not due to anything they've done, I think it's entirely possible to maintain friendships whilst going through periods of isolation.

No. 1106563

Second one

No. 1106568

YAY that's cute as fuck

No. 1106588

Is camwhoring while you are in a relationship and the partner doesn't know about it, cheating?
Like, if my friend does stuff like that while having a boyfriend and he doesn't know about it, is it cheating? She of course doesn't do it all the time and it's not even a career, and she is really trying to quit plus her actual studies and work is going fine… it's like an impulsion that gets the best of her sometimes, when she is feeling particularly unhinged. She isn't like, getting off to it all, it is just slipping back into old habits from when she was a young teen, and only rarely, when her mental health is nosediving and she doesn't let it go too far. Is it cheating? She loves her partner a lot and would never actually cheat on him, the act doesn't bring her sexual gratification. What if your partner was doing this behind your back and you found out?

No. 1106589


No. 1106592

I didn't start from zero but it took me maybe a month to go from medium spice levels to high/regular. According to google it should take about a week if you eat something spicy every day.

No. 1106593

This is so cute anon you seem great. Gimme a kiss…

No. 1106599

I don't like men as a group but my nigel doesn't have the moid problems you mentioned. The behavior that makes me stick around is that he's funny, sexy, does housework, pays bills and isn't a coomer.

No. 1106602

Honestly no. Its a job. She doesnt fuck them. Being a sugar baby is cheating but camwhoring is fine imo. If she doesnt tell her boyfriend then just leave it be. Its best to not mess around with peoples relationships

No. 1106608

Not cheating. Not healthy but it's not not cheating and you shouldn't tell her or him anything because if it blows up, they'll blame you. If you think of it as cheating and it makes you uncomfortable, distance yourself from her.

No. 1106614

>treat it kind of like having a work schedule, like having specific days to meet up with or call people
Ooh I really like this idea!! I'm gonna try it, thank you

No. 1106661

before my current partner of about 4 years i really think i only pursued men because of comphet/easy validation. i'm bi but much prefer women, like, literally 99.9% prefer women and i think my (sigh, using this term for the first time so bare with me) nigel is that 0.1% that keeps me from identifying as a lesbian because I've literally sat here for like five minutes trying to think of what makes men redeemable/interesting/attractive and the only traits i thought of are either exceptions that most men don't exhibit or things that women/lesbians do way better.
I guess their physical strength/bigger frames can be nice at times, but then again, I'd rather be with a tall broad-shouldered woman than tolerate the shit most moids put women through.

ngl anon this kinda sounds like its something you're doing and passing off as your friend instead to avoid criticism. no judgment here, it just gives off that energy.
as someone who has done similar borderline things in a relationship before - yes i consider it cheating. anything you're intentionally hiding from your partner is at least a gateway to cheating. it's lying at the very least if not cheating, and unfaithful even if it's a trauma response or for money/whatever else. if you're doing something questionable and your partner doesn't know about it/consent to it happening, it's cheating in my opinion.

No. 1106705

>is camwhoring cheating
>is whoring cheating

Do nonnies really say no? If i was dating a male who had a secret onlyfans for faggots to look at his asshole and he spent time cultivating that following id want nothing to do with him

No. 1106722

She doesn't spend time 'cultivating an audience' and she doesn't have an OF. It's more sporadic than that. Like she would have months of normalcy but then one night, she'd go off the rails like that then remove trace of it in the morning to come or whatever. But even so, I understand where you are coming from. Honestly, if my dude was doing that, I'd be very curious, scrotes don't usually do this type of stuff.

No. 1106780

in your walls

No. 1106876

I complained about my imposter syndrome at my internship in the ot bunker threads. Turns out they ended up offering me a salaried position there once I finish school! I'm thinking of accepting it. This will be my first actual job that isn't just part-time retail work and I'm really new to budgeting and all that. Is there a general rule of thumb for what portion of my salary I should be spending on rent, what portion I should be saving, what portion I should use for myself, etc? I'm a dumb, sheltered idiot so this is all very new to me.

No. 1106887

How long did it take for you to find a job after getting fired/resigning?

No. 1106905

A few months but I’m teaching so it probably doesn’t count. If you’re really short on money and you’re desperate but not prone to lash out on kids, find your city’s smallest school and try in there, schools are often desperate to hire absolutely anyone to teach, specially if you know other languages.

No. 1106920

Shes doing a job to get money. Why are you concerned? Dont get involved in her relationship. Making money off moids online is based

No. 1106923

??? Am I still on lolcow?

No. 1106925

>sex work is based

No. 1106926

not everyone has the same opinions on lolcow anon. I dont get why someone wouldnt stay out of their friends relationship. Youll only destroy your friendship kek

No. 1106927

making money online off of moids is based. If a moid is willing to pay to see a woman talk or touch herself then who gives a shit. Its her business and shes not fucking any guys.

No. 1106928

no one is defending that. and only idiots believe demeaning yourself to moids to give them monetary control over you is "based"

No. 1106929

maybe she should advise her friend to seek help instead of sexually degrading herself in front of men that throw a few coins at her
getting money off moids for sexually degrading yourself in front of them is not based

No. 1106931

No. 1106932

Sure anon. If you think camwhoring is anything like being a prostitute then youre retarded. Its not a big deal kek
If someone can make money off pictures then good for them. Its funny to see how desperate moids are anyway

No. 1106933

Okay camwhore, nobody with a brain is going to agree with you.

No. 1106934

I was under the impression that the general consensus of the site is to not give moids what they want.

No. 1106935

Masturbation is normal anon. If you can get money for it then who cares? I dont get why anons think all sex work are the same kek
Camwhoring is nothing compared to being a sugar baby or a prostitute on the street. If i met a guy who had an OF i wouldnt care but id just think hes gay

No. 1106937

they are all the same because they comoditize women. just because you personally are safe doesn't mean shit. you contribute to the idea that men are entitled to something sexual from women to money. but ya, just dumb simps right?

No. 1106938

Youre acting as if women cant make decisions on their own kek. Anyone who doesnt agree with you isnt a camwhore. I just think its lame to judge women for what they do.
Maybe just stop caring about moids? Moids love whores and women who hate whores. Moids will literally get turned by a woman breathing.

No. 1106940

>I dont get why anons think all sex work are the same kek
If you remove the danger aspects of prostitution and sugaring it is all the same. You're demeaning and degrading yourself for moidbux while the moids jack off to you. It's retarded to even think it's cool or based kek you're an idiot.

No. 1106942

Men will always act entitled regardless if a woman is a camwhore or not.

No. 1106943

It can jeopardize your future. Women are still held to high regards in society in most aspects. Also, depending on the extent it can be as degrading as prostitution, not as dangerous but camwhoring can range from getting stripped in your lingerie to showing your asshole on camera. Which vary in degradation and repercussions. I also don't get the initial anon asking that. It sounded like she was asking it for herself. As a good friend she should have been worried her friend's mental health is so bad she ends up camwhoring not if we consider she's cheating.

masturbation is normal by yourself, not when broadcasted to hundreds of strangers

No. 1106944

no one is talking about "acting" but keep walking it back.

No. 1106945

Moids jack off to you anyway. Theres no difference. If you think masturbating is degrading then thats on you. Theres so many layers on sex work and thats why anons who ree about it sound retarded. A woman getting paid to touch herself or have nudes is not the same as a woman making aggressive porn in which shes getting punched.

No. 1106946

No. 1106947

moids will always be entitled to women no matter what you do anon. You do realize men fetishize women who are against sex work too?

No. 1106948

Yeah, moids also love convincing women to take their clothes off online. You know they'll be taking screen caps, right? There are plenty of other ways to make money, why are you trying to push the narrative that it's 'based' for a woman to expose herself to the lowest scum for easy pennies?

No. 1106949

>there's no difference between enabling scrotes to continue the culture of comoditizing women and rubbing one out at home
well i guess we should all kill ourselves

No. 1106950

So by your logic, my very existence is sexualized, therefore all sex work is fine and doesn't matter because moids will be moids? That's not the gotcha you think it is.

No. 1106951

We get it you show your asshole for pennies.

No. 1106952

Im aware and thats why i believe women shouldnt be shamed for sex work. I just think shes a grown woman and if this what she wants then we cant do anything about it.
My point is if you tell a friend to not do something then theyll still do it. Then again we have no idea about the person. I just think its weird to meddle into peoples relationships.

No. 1106953

Don't be angry with her, it's not her fault, she's been mislead by other information and other people's influences

No. 1106954

theres nothing wrong with the female body. A woman being naked and getting money for it doesnt make her a worthless whore. Who cares? Its not that deep anon

No. 1106955

yes it is her fault, don't infantilize her.

No. 1106956

It's about the commodification and the continued objectification of all women's bodies. Sex work is not okay.

No. 1106957

File: 1647961281146.jpg (38.19 KB, 600x600, Jew_basic.jpg)

No. 1106958

She's really arguing in favor of camming on lolcow. She should take it to the sex work thread because she's not going to convince any anons kek. And she shouldn't, lolcow should not become a libfem hangout. She should go back.

No. 1106959

What's calling her a whore going to do for her? You think having compassion for someone is infantilizing? Who's mind are you changing?

No. 1106961

Okay but I didn't call her a whore, it's clear she cams and I called it out. She certainly wouldn't think I called her a whore since she thinks showing your asshole for moidpennies is empowering and based.

No. 1106962

Lolcow isnt a place for feminism kek online libfem and radfem are useless.
Shes a grown woman who gets money for her body. Its not that deep anon. Reeing about SW is retarded. At the end of the day she made her choice

No. 1106964

Ok, you got me. I was asking for myself… I didn't mean for this to devolve into an argument. I don't feel good doing it at all, I hate it. I think this anon understands >>1106661 how I feel. It is not about the money, it is because I used to do it as an underaged girl and I don't know why I still get the impulse to do it now, it's some compulsion. I need to probably just break up with him, maybe.

No. 1106965

it's not compassionate to excuse her(you) for drinking libfem koolaid.

No. 1106966

What do I have to do with it??? I'm on your side, retard!

No. 1106967

you said you have money and a career so go to therapy.

No. 1106969

She made her choice and we can make fun of it since this is lolcow.

No. 1106970

What's original.lolcow.farm
Why is original.lolcow.farm

No. 1106971

If you make fun of sex workers then dont try to moral fag about how sw is wrong and how you supposedly care about women being seen as sex objects then

No. 1106972

Making fun because it's lolcow, what a loser mentality. How about you talk to her because she's another person, if you want to make fun of someone go make fun of cows on the cow boards, this is /ot/. >>1106965
Imagine that, not hating another woman because she's exposed herself to disgusting perverts online. What a libfem ideal. I hate the scrotes, not her. I don't want her to do it, that doesn't mean I have to degrade her along with the men.

No. 1106973

Actually, I can make fun of the retarded libfems who think it's empowering. She didn't even say she was a cammer?

No. 1106974

this this this

No. 1106975

You're not even reading all of the posts

No. 1106976

I dont know whats happening to this thread kek
Anon said her friend is camming and i simply told her if she meddles into her friends relationship then she will lose her friendship and from what she said, she does camwork so im assuming getting paid for either nudes or touching herself.
No where does it say shes having sex with guys or doing extreme things (like shitty stuff like submissive shit or getting spat on idk) so i told her she made her choice and we shouldnt shame her for it. Now anons claim to care about how evil the sex work industry is but by bashing sex workers youre siding with moids who see them as worthless holes.
Can we have some nuanced conversations? Why does everything have to be about liberal feminism or radical feminism?

No. 1106977

I don't have that much money, I'm an undergrad. I am gonna go cold turkey anyways like, soon because I have gotten better. And also because, if I got found out I would get possibly actually killed, if not cut off from family and disowned, because I live in a muslim country so that motivates me as well. I just didn't want the added guilt of cheating on my boyfriend like that, but I have to face it I guess. I lied to him.

No. 1106980

She used to do it as an uderaged girl and still gets the urge to do it, is that right? Then she needs fucking therapy and not to defend camming on lolcow, a place notorious for making fun of camgirls. What the fuck.

No. 1106985

hello nonna im >>1106976
Is it possible for you to find a part time job even if its just a cashier? Do you make a lot of money camming right now? Are you planning to save up the money? You could try making money on youtube instead. Do you like make up or videogames? If you make a lot of money then please save it and quit if its messing with your relationship. Sorry anons are judging you.
Id be scared to say it to your boyfriend because you dont know how he will react and whether he will tell it to your family. Please be safe nonna

No. 1106987

Okay, you're still not reading properly. She is not the one defending it. She came here asking if it was cheating to do so, she is confused and if you actually read the posts you would notice she said she doesn't feel good about it or like it. There are other anons defending camming, I am not one of those anons. The problem I have with you, is you getting mad at someone who was obviously groomed into online sex work instead of being mad at the people who pushed her into it and the fucked up world we live in that normalizes it. Be mad at the anons who are defending it, but don't get mad at her.

No. 1106988

anon came here for advice, not for you to turn it into a libfem vs radfem war

No. 1106994

I told her to go to therapy, how is that pitting le libfems and radfems against eachother.
I got confused, I thought I was talking about the retarded anons going "lel it's actually empowering", anyway I tend to zone out when people start defending sexwork. Anyway anon should stop any and all camming nonsense not because it's cheating but because she is painting a target on her back and even though she probably doesn't show her face she always runs the risk of being found out/doxxed. Moids on cam sites are degenerates.

No. 1106996

No one said its empowering. No one even used that word. You just get triggered when anons dont have a rageing hate boner for sex workers.

No. 1106997

I am working part time, and I also freelance. It's not about the money at all. I make barely any from it because I do it very sporadically when I feel really crazy and then I delete those accounts, vow to never do it again and then the cycle repeats, so I don't have a consistent routine, that is how it has been since I was 15. I want to quit, I really, really do. It's just so hard. I cannot share this with anyone in my life. All I will face is hostility or violence. If it goes to my family, I'm unironically donezo, fr. I just started seeing a guy recently and my conscience is making me feel horrible. For good reason.

No. 1106999

See this, retard >>1106927 . Clearly you're the one who isn't reading.

No. 1107002

File: 1647963413280.png (1.58 MB, 828x842, unknown-91.png)

Can any UKnonnies give me some advice on picking between two unis? I've looked for advice elsewhere but I trust the farms implicitly.
I'm stuck between Exeter and Durham. I'm so worried that I'll get stuck living with a bunch of druggies and alkies who just want to party; I don't drink and parties are the bane of my existence so it sounds like a fate worse than death. Out of my friends already at uni, the ones with the best flatmates are also those fortunate enough to afford the most expensive accomodation, but I'm poor as shit so I'd have to work my ass off this summer to be able to do that. I know that there's shitty people at every uni but I want to give myself the best chance to fit in, make some real friends and actually enjoy myself instead of hating every minute and wanting to throw myself on the train tracks.
I'm leaning towards Durham because it has such a good academic reputation but Exeter seems like the nicer place to live. Any advice at all would be welcome!!! Please help!

No. 1107004

She said its based. No one used the word empowering anon

No. 1107008

This is retardes but does anyone else buy branded makeup brushes or panties on aliexpress?
Im convinced its the same warehouse kek
My brushes have all the correct logos (mac, bobbi brown, tom ford etc) and theyre very soft.
As for panties and robes, i get shit with the victoria secret logo. Why? Because its a lot less expensive and makes it feel like im spoiling myself. Is this retarded? Maybe, but im too broke to buy a 80$ vs robe and 90$ makeup brushes so oh well kek

No. 1107010

I live with one

No. 1107015

Wtf yes lol the fact that you even have to ask…

No. 1107016

How can it be based and not empowering? It's based and it's dehumanizing and demeaning? Hmm… that doesn't seem right!

No. 1107019

Do you do it for attention then? Is it just a habit? You could try distracting yourself so you dont do it. Its definitely not safe to do it in your situation. Please be careful nonna. You could just take nude pictures of yourself and never send them to anyone. Does it make you confident when you do it? We need more details nonna. Since you dont do it for the money then please distract yourself so you dont do it. I dont want you to end up dead or harmed. Are you doing it as a way to rebel against how women have to be “pure”?

No. 1107042

Why do you guys engage romani anon

No. 1107044

please dont summon her here. She was in vent

No. 1107045

It's like a weird destructive habit. I guess it makes me feel good in the moment, but after the moment passes I hate myself more than before, and the money I do make, doesn't feel good. You are right, distraction is the answer and I am usually able to distract myself easily with studies and work. I slipped up once, a week ago, for the first time after entering this relationship, and it's been on my mind ever since. I don't want to be a cheater, but how can I face him now? I don't know what to do with my boyfriend, it is my first legit relationship and I have fucked it up.
>Are you doing it as a way to rebel against how women have to be “pure”?
Not at all, I so wish I was 'pure' just a normal muslim girl, and not how I actually am. I know why it is… daddy issues and csa, it is so typical, it's funny. But don't worry about me nona, and thank you for listening to me blabber…. my initial plan of making it about a friend kinda went to bust, kek. Have a good day, nona.

No. 1107049

Not british but durham seems better than exeter in general according to the internet
More importantly, can’t you go to a more relevant city at all?

No. 1107067

Romani/Roma and Romanian are two distinctly different things

No. 1107070

No. 1107073

take your meds

No. 1107083

File: 1647969900597.gif (99.1 KB, 500x500, 1647270841342.gif)

What bands do you think everyone should listen to once? I feel like I either meet people who don't listen to music at all, or people who are total experts and listened to a gajillion songs.

Stuff I grew up with was classical music, the beatles, abba, boney m, the rolling stones, queen, britney spears etc. etc. but I have absolutely no idea about most rock and metal bands.

No. 1107085

Nonna just know the whole “pure” thing is bullshit bc you deserve the same love and kindness as girls who dont do sex work. I also have csa so i get having destructive habits (mine is self harming). I hope you will heal nonna and just remember you have me if you ever feel horrible. Take care nonna

No. 1107092

The problem is calling her Romanianon people’s first thought is Romani + anon. I thought I saw anons saying there’s a Romani anon and a Romanian anon. I vote that we call any romani anons romaninonny and romanian anons romanianon.

No. 1107093

Wish I could give you a hug nona, hope we can both heal and be happy and kinder to ourselves. You have me, too! Wish you the best

No. 1107108

I know someone that lives with a schizo family member that refuses to medicate and it's fucking awful. She's afraid of showering so she stink likes hell and always wears the same clothes. Constant word repeating and talking in circles, not understanding anything you tell her. Not to mention the outbursts, random yelling, getting upset over random shit, being in zombie mode. Not allowed to do certain things in the house like simple chores or she'll get triggered. It's maddening and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

No. 1107114

i have two cysts on my chin, right next to each other. the kind that is just two angry red bumps with no white head like a pimple. what do i do about it? i know don't touch it etc. but is there anything to support the healing process or something? usually i'd just leave it alone but i start a new job next week and the last time i head one of those things i carried it around for 6 weeks and felt overly aware of it all the time.

No. 1107119

File: 1647973455571.jpeg (761.78 KB, 3000x3000, 6F986885-2130-4587-8AC0-FB007F…)

I put on some of pic related for like a week and they disappeared

No. 1107138

Try retinol in squalene from the ordinary

No. 1107148

Are straight women really as horny for men as some posts here suggest?

No. 1107149

>afraid of showering

No. 1107165

yes unfortunately in my case and i hate myself for it

No. 1107173

Not really, I'm more horny for myself getting pleasured by men.

No. 1107176

I am straight and I am only horny for men in books, on magazine covers, movies and tv series. IRL men disgust me and their penises disgust me even more. Men shouldn't be allowed to exist in real life because 90% of them are all ugly, useless and dumb.

No. 1107179

why do i feel disgusted after sex? right when my partner finishes i start gagging and feel super ill, i have to close my eyes or look away so i can feel better. tf is wrong with me? is this sexual aversion?
it’s not just with my partner this has happened to me with other people too. i went a couple years without having sex and i still have this problem.

No. 1107181

Are your sexual partners men or women? Did you grew up in a very religious household? Do your partners care about your pleasures when having sex? Do you have a sexual trauma?

No. 1107185

>Are your sexual partners men or women?
>Did you grew up in a very religious household?
Nope luckily
>Do your partners care about your pleasures when having sex?
My current partner does, my past ones didn’t
>Do you have a sexual trauma?
Not exactly, but sex with one of my exes was really gross, he was repulsive

No. 1107209

Yes, but definitely more so around ovulation.

No. 1107243

i accidentally swallowed a very small amount of tiny sand sized pieces of glass in a bite of my food and it didnt register in my brain it was glass until after i already swallowed it, i tried to throw up but im not sure if all of it came back up but got some of it out. i ate a ton of bread now and a cotton ball and im keeping hydrated is there anything else i should do or did i already do all i can?? i cant afford to go to the ER unless i actually need to. literally feel like such a retard rn its a small amount and not any large shards but i still feel like im going to die just because im stupid

No. 1107298

Are newscasters as friendly in person as they look on tv?

No. 1107301

How do you set the standard for what you want in your boyfriend?
I mean it more in a how do you define your type, because i've seen lots of anons say that they have very specific standards when looking for a partner. Do you just set the basics and then like…your IDEAL stuff?

No. 1107302

I know, and i guarantee you she’s romani.

No. 1107327

as a bisexual woman I can confirm I'm just as horny, but maybe that's the bipolarity talkin'

No. 1107330

How do record companies account for gow many spins I've played of my Crash vinyl, I feel guilty when she keeps saying to stream crash but my record player and sound system is better thanks

No. 1107331


No. 1107347

Nonnies, is it possible that some people just can't tan at all?

Im white and come from a pretty easily tanned family but I'm like the only one who is very pale/Celtic and has never been able to hold a tan. I remember just burning when I was younger and no tan came of it, recently I went on vacation and used the exact same sunscreen as my bf. He's quite pale too but he tanned in like 2 days and I didn't even get burnt or tanned at all? I stayed ghostly pale the entire holiday.

How does this work? I'm not ginger but I do have light eyes and mousy brown hair, does that make me a Type 1 or 2 skin tone or something? Idk I'm confused but people were telling me I'd tan after a few hours in the sun but I was in the sun for a week and nothing changed.

No. 1107351

Yes this is true.

No. 1107367

I watch dramas on kissasian.li on my phone. This time I want to watch it on my computer, but my browser is blocking this website because it is dangerous.
Is this site safe?

No. 1107382

File: 1647994363891.png (228.96 KB, 1786x1462, uni.png)

I mean, Durham is a far better uni so I think of those two it's definitely the better choice. A more academic uni will attract more academic people who are less likely to party loads. Quite a few people I knew from school went to Exeter, and they were very basic sporty party girls, but fairly academic. I don't know anyone at Durham so I can't make a case for it really. I always hated the idea of a campus uni personally, so in my opinion Exeter is absolutely a nicer place to live, but the best way to decide is to go to the open days and spend a day wandering around to assess the vibes. I'm sure you have your reasons, but if your grades are good enough for Durham why don't you consider some other city universities that are higher up the league table than Exeter?

You're absolutely right that there will be shitty people at every uni, but you will only have to be in halls for one year. Sorry to say this, but I know very very few people who enjoyed halls; I absolutely hated it, made no friends there, and moved in with friends from my course and societies instead. Do make sure to read reviews for the halls; they give a good overview of what to expect.

No. 1107394

File: 1647994890843.png (62.43 KB, 1024x576, 817EFDA1-F941-42B7-8E7B-A921AC…)

>I ate a cotton ball

No. 1107475

File: 1648001041155.jpg (37.11 KB, 828x762, IMG-20210310-WA0003.jpg)

Thank you for your replies nonnas I love you
Durham definitely has a better outward reputation than Exeter, but it's also really far away from home for me (I live in a tiny bumfuck village only an hour or so from Exeter, should have mentioned that). Both unis have similar reputations for being full of rude rich people.
As for why I haven't applied to city unis, I explicitly avoided cities because I find them scary and dangerous. They're just not my thing! For reference my first choice was Oxford (got rejected last year, reapplied after getting perfect grades and worked my ass off only to be rejected again. it was my lifelong dream to go there so my self-esteem and motivation and my life in general have completely collapsed, but I'm doing my best to move forward and find a new reason to exist lol. It's not easy but I'm trying!) At this point even if I wanted to change my uni choices, I'm pretty sure I can't because it's past the deadline.

Thank you sm for your advice about researching the halls, that's really useful nonna and something I didn't consider!
You're right that Durham probably has less party types, I've seen so many people complain about the lack of night life there and taken that as a positive lol.
I'm definitely going to try and visit to get the vibe of the unis, I'm finding it so hard to decide just from online information so I think that'll be the only thing to let me definitively make a choice!
The fact that I'll only have to be in halls for a year is something I need to realise, I think I'm putting too much importance because most of my friends are currently in halls, but it is only 1/3 of the course. Would you say it's easy to make friends who are 'on your wavelength' at uni so you can get nice housemates? Most of my friends say it's very easy but they're very agreeable, outgoing people, so I don't know what to think. I'm not antisocial or a freak but I didn't have many friends in Sixth Form because I spent all my time studying (and considering it was all for nothing, I wish I could go back and strangle myself!) and most people find me boring anyway because I don't drink. What happens if you don't find anyone who wants to be your housemate? Or is that super rare and I'm just overthinking things?

No. 1107517

File: 1648006094601.jpeg (129.12 KB, 1100x655, iu-109.jpeg)

I found a secondhand dvd of Perfect Blue for 25 euros secondhand. It's one of my favorite movies, but I'm a NEET right now and it seems like a stupid investment. I never found it anywhere though, and I collect dvd's (only of my favorite movies though, I have about ten in my collection). Should I get it? I have the money, it just seems like a dumb investment considering I don't have an income right now. I am very lucky to live with my parents rent free and have enough money in my account, should I just take the plunge? I could never find it for a reasonable price before (although this is still outrageous for a dvd imo) and have loved it to bits for years now. tl;dr: I hate spending money

No. 1107523

Do it, but I will advise you that you can find this movie easily on YouTube/online in general.

No. 1107528

Thanks nonna! I know, I've watched it very often on random anime sites and usually watch movies online before purchasing them. Dvd's have something special about them though, I love looking at the cover art irl, reading the summary on the back, I love the selecting screen at the beginning and being able to select certain scenes, even the buzzing noise my dvd player makes adds something lol. I'm not a consoomer but if I really love something I'll spend the extra money to get a physical copy. I will think about it for another week or so, but I probably will. I'm just used to spending 50 cents at most on dvd's so it seems like a huge investment for me kek, I watch it quite often anyway so I think I will get a lot of use out of it.

No. 1107581

File: 1648013621607.png (1.27 MB, 2048x958, 33.png)

I'm a product of miscegenation. Particularly belarussian and palestinian, would I be considered white ?

No. 1107588

Fun fact, many corporations as well as the US government consider people of north African and middle eastern ancestry to be white.

No. 1107589

File: 1648014187829.jpg (141.98 KB, 1227x1543, c.jpg)

I mean if you consider Italians and Spaniards white then north africans are almost the exact same skin tone should be either

No. 1107626

Moonspeaking nonas, what’s the word used when fans stay around after the end of a concert to see the band leave the venue? Aisatsu??

No. 1107627

Where I'm from, both of these are considered white unless ofc you happen to be black/asian/whatever and your nationality is x lol

No. 1107628

The only reason some middle easterners aren't considered white is because of their religion, imo.

No. 1107636

File: 1648019407516.jpg (68.72 KB, 736x861, i.jpg)

No, it's because some of them look like picrel.

No. 1107640

nta but obviously when anon said some she meant the light skinned ones

No. 1107644

File: 1648019883707.jpg (161.99 KB, 1247x821, hires20600679-largejpg_sajh.12…)

>North africans are almost exactly the same skintone
as an italian not really, some italians are very tan and im sure some North africans are very light but on average they're very easy to distinguish from each other and North africans are treated as foreign. picrel is mixed egyptian/italian next to a full italian

No. 1107649

Middle East isn't just one country, though. That's like generalizing the whole Europe, asia or africa, imo.

No. 1107651

File: 1648020373889.jpg (113.09 KB, 687x630, 8dca907770ac23c457df990bacf778…)

these are also north africans, there isn't just one look for these people

No. 1107655

Yeah, that's what I meant. Some people generalize whole continents if they've never met anyone from a country before. I've seen this very often in americans

No. 1107674

Nta but some americans always seem like they would lose their mind seeing someone black say they're finnish for example, as if they don't scream about being 'talian because their great x 5 grandpa fucked in rome one time.

No. 1107675

fr, and euros get so triggered when you make the continent out to be one place or whatever and don't distinguish between western or eastern euro. while some talk about asia as a whole or the middle east as a whole.

No. 1107677

ik anon that's why I said on average

No. 1107685

The US is fucked in the head, they treat white Latinos as POC but native Africans are treated as white? How does that work?

No. 1107704

US is obsessed with race politics.